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Full text of "Genealogies of an Aberdeen family, 1540-1913"

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Aberdeen University 
Studies : No. 63 

Genealogies of an Aberdeen Family 

University of Aberdeen. 

Convener : Professor JAMES W. H. TRAIL, F.R.S., Curator of the Library. 

General Editor: P. J. ANDERSON, LL.B., Librarian to the University. 

1900. No. i. Roll of A littnni in Arts of King's College, 1596-1860. P.J.Anderson. 

No. 2. Records of Old Aberdeen, 1157-1891. A. M. Munro, F.S.A. Scot. Vol. I. 

No. 3. Place Names of West Aberdeenshire. James Macdonald, F.S.A. Scot. 

1901. No. 4. Family of Burnett of Leys. George Burnett, LL.D., Lyon King of Arms. 
No. 5. Records of Imercauld, 1547-1828. Rev. J. G. Michie, M.A. 

1902. No. 6. Rectorial Addresses in the Universities of Aberdeen, 1835-1900. P. J. Anderson. 
No. 7. Albemarle Papers, 1746-48. Professor C. S. Terry, M.A. 

1903. No. 8. House of Gordon. I. M. Bulloch, M.A. Vol. I. 

No. 9. Records of Elgin. William Cramond, LL.D. Vol. I. 

1904. No. 10. A vogadro and Dalton. A. N. Meldrum, D.Sc. 

No. ii. Records of the Sheriff Court of Aberdeenshire. David Littlejohn, LL.D. Vol.1. 

No. 12. Proceedings of the Anatomical and Anthropological Society, 1902-04. 

1905. No. 13. Report on Alcyonaria. Professor J. Arthur Thomson, M.A., and others. 
No. 14. Researches in Organic Chemistry. Prof. F. R. Japp, F.R.S., and others. 

No. 15. Meminisse Juvat : with Appendix of Alakeia. Alexander Shewan, M.A. 

No. 16. Blackhalls of that Ilk and Barra. Alexander Morison, M.D. 

1906. No. 17. Records of the Scots Colleges. Vol.1. P. ]. Anderson. 

No. i%.Roll of the Graduates, 1860-1900. Colonel William Johnston, C.B., M.D., LL.D. 

No. 19. Studies in the History of the University. P. J. Anderson and others. 

No. 20. Studies in the History and A rt of the Eastern Provinces of the Roman Empire. 

Professor Sir W. M. Ramsay, D.C.L., and pupils. 

No. 21. Studies in Pathology. William Bulloch, M.D., and others. 

,, No. 22. Proceedings of the Anatomical and Anthropological Society, 1904-06. 

,, No. 23. Subject Catalogues of the Science Library and the Law Library. P.J.Anderson. 

No. 24. Records of the Sheriff Court of Aberdeenshire. David Littlejohn, LL.D. Vol.11. 

1907. No. 25. Studies on Alcyonarians and Antipatharians. Prof. Thomson, M.A., and others. 
No. 26. Surgical Instruments in Greek and Roman Times. J. S. Milne, M.A., M.D. 

No. 27. Records of the Sheriff Court of Aberdeenshire. David Littlejohn, LL.D. Vol. III. 

No. 28. Flosculi Graeci Boreales. Ser. II. Professor John Harrower, M.A. 

No. 29. Record of the Quatercentcnary, 1906. P. J. Anderson. 

No. 30. House of Gordon. J. M. Bulloch, M.A. Vol.11. 

1908. No. 31. Miscellany of the New Spalding Club. Vol.11. 

No. 32. Religious Teachers of Greece. James Adam, Litt.D. (Gifford Lectures, 1904-06.) 

No. 33. Science and Philosophy of the Organism. Hans Driesch, Ph.D. (Giff. Lect., 1907.) 

No. 34. Proceedings of the Anatomical and Anthropological Society, 1906-08. 

No. 35. Records of Elgin. Vol.11. Rev. S. Ree, B.D. 

No. 36. Pigmentation Survey of School Children. J. F. Tocher, B.Sc. 

1909. No. 37. Science and Philosophy of Orgfinism. Hans Driesch, Ph.D. Vol.11. (Giff. Lect., 1908.) 
No. 38. Studies on Alcyonarians and Hydroids. Prof. Thomson, M. A., and others. Ser. III. 
No. 39. Publications of Scottish Clubs. Professor C. S. Terry, M.A. 

No. 40. Aberdeen Friars : Red, Black, White, Grey. P. J. Anderson. 

,, No. 41. Studies on Alcyonarians. Professor Thomson, M.A. , and others. Ser. IV. 

No. 42. Records of Old A berdeen. A. M. Munro. Vol. II. 

1910. No. 43. Musa, Latina Aberdomnsis : Poetae .Minores. W. K. Leask, M.A. 

No. 44. Bulletins of the A berdeen and North of Scotland College of Agriculture. Nos. 1-14. 

1911. No. 45. Records of Inverness. W. Mackay and H. C. Boyd. Vol. I. 

No. 46. Zoological Studies. Professor Thomson and others. Ser. V. 

No. tf.Stibject Catalogue of the Phillips Library. 

No. 48. Zoological Studies. Professor Thomson and others. Ser. VI. 

No. 49. A nacreontic Poetry of Germany. John Lees. D.Litt. 

No. 50. Creeds and Confessions of Faith. Professor W. A. Curtis, D.Litt. 

No. 51. Aberdeen Alumni at Other Universities. Part I. Professor J. Harrower, LL.D. 

1912. No. 52. Royal Fishery Companies. J. R. Elder, M.A. 

No. 53. Zoological Studies. Professor Thomson and others. Ser. VII. 

No. 54. Flora of Banffshire. W. G. Craib, M.A. 

No. 55. Catalogue of Anthropological Museum. Professor R. W. Reid, M.D. 

,, No. 56. Physical Geology of Dec Valley. Alexander Bremner, M.A., B.Sc. 

No. 57. Flora of Siam. W. G. Craib, M.A. 

No. 58. Notes vn Academic Theses. P.J.Anderson. 

No. 59. Gordons under Arms. C. O. Skelton and 1. M. Bulloch, M.A. 

No. 60. Society of Advocates in Aberdeen. J. A. Henderson, F.S.A Scot. 

1913. No. 61. Flora of Siam : Monocotyledones. W. G. Craib, M.A. 
No. 62. Aberdeen University Library Bulletin. Vol.1. 

No. 63. Genealogies of an Aberdeen Family, 1540-1913. The Rev. James Smith, B.D. 

Chaplain-Colonel The Rev. JAMES SMITH, B.D., T.D., 

F.R.G.S., F.S.A. Scot. 
Minister of St. George's-in-the-West Parish of St. Nicholas, Aberdeen 


of an 

Aberdeen Family 


The Rev. James Smith, B.D, 


Printed for the University 



IT has been a labour of love to prepare the following pages for 
publication. They by no means exhaust the subject to which they 
refer ; but they do bring to light some interesting particulars regarding 
the families whose genealogies are recorded. I offer them to my 
relatives and friends, with the hope that they will generously forgive 
any omissions or errors. I may say, that the Volume had its origin in 
an idea that occurred to me, while collecting and arranging the 
extensive and interesting Diaries and Correspondence of my mother's 
five brothers, mentioned at pages 12-14, and at page 125. Some 
Letters appended to the Genealogies will show what kind of additional 
material might have been included in this book. 

Four names deserve mention for the ready help they have given, 
and for the kindly interest they have shown. My life-long friend, the 
Rev. Stephen Ree, B.D., Minister of Boharm, revised the proofs and 
compiled the Index; P. J. Anderson, Esq., M.A., LL.B., Librarian of 
the University, whose friendship also I have enjoyed for nearly as many 
years as I have lived, greatly encouraged as well as advised me in the 
progress of the book ; and to John A. Henderson, Esq., Cults, and to 
the late A. M. Munro, Esq., City Chamberlain, whose early death so 
many lament, I am indebted for helpful aid in producing the work. 
The limitation of the issue to 200 copies will make the volume 
increasingly valuable. 




Preface - v. 

Additions and Corrections viii. 

Abbreviations ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... x. 

Family of CASSIE (Aberdeen, 1550) 3 

CHALMERS (Aberdeen, 1680) 7 

DONALDSON (Aberdeen, 1540) 15 

ELMSLIE (Aberdeen, 1620) 16 

., ELSDON (Whitley, 1630) 18 

., GRANT (Aberlour, 1680) 19 

GREEN (Aberlour, 1685) 22 

HILL (St. Cyrus, 1686) 23 

,. HOPPER (Tynemouth, 1665) ... ... ... ... ... 25 

IRONSIDE (New Deer, 1660) 28 

JAMSON (Whitley, 1720) 29 

KER (Kildrummy, 1650) ... ... ... ... ... 37 

., KINNEAR (Glamis, 1665) ... ... ... ... ... 42 

MILNE (New Deer, 1660) 43 

,, ORMOND (Inverarity, 1736) 44 

Ross (Glamis, 1745) ... 45 

,. Ross (New Deer, 1660), 45 

., SMITH (Belhelvie, 1590) 46 

., SPALDING (Inverarity, 1674) 61 

,, ,, THOMSON (Aberdeen, 1610) 65 

., WALLACE (New Deer, 1660) 79 

ANDERSON (Rathen, 1680) ... 82 

,, FERGUSON (Aberdeen, 1715) 85 

.. HAY (Aberdeen, 1746) 87 

., LAMB (Aberdeen, 1630) 90 

., SIMPSON (Strichen, 1682) 95 

., ., TYTLER (Midmar, 1606) 98 

,, GERARD (Midmar, 1765) 106 

WALKER (Aberdeen. 1745) m 

WALKER (Strathdon, 1734) ... ... ... ... n6 

The Wreck of the Oscar 121 

Letters from India during the Mutiny ... ... ... ... ... 125 

India Office Record of Lieut. John Chalmers, M.A 135 

Index 136 




The Rev. James Smith Facing title-page 

(The Well of Spa, Aberdeen v) 

Plan of Aberdeen in 1661 x. 

Three Great- Grandmothers 3 

Professor William Chalmers. M.D. 7 

Family of Alexander Wallace Chalmers ... ... ... ... ... \ 2 

The Rev. Professor Kidd, D.D I5 

Castle Street (New Inn, Prison, Townhouse) and Marischal College ... 19 

Lewis Smith ,., ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 32 

Colonel Charles James Johnston, V.D., D.L. ... ... ... ... 29 

Bridewell and Gordon's Hospital 34 

Robert Fergusson ^ 

St. Nicholas Church and Grammar School 40 

Four Daughters and Two Sons of Lewis Smith 47 

Seven of Lewis Smith's Sons ... ... ... ... ... ,3 

Mrs. Alexander Walker ... .. ... ... ... ... - r 

James Smith ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .- 

Mrs. James Smith and Four Daughters ... ... ... ... c6 

James Spalding .. ... ... ... ... ... ... g 2 

Colonel Thomson, C.B., and Family 6- 

General Sir Alexander Taylor, G.C.B 6- 

Alexander Thomson, of Banchory ... ... ... ... ... 5- 

St. Machar Cathedral and King's College ... ... ... gg 

George Archibald Simpson ... ... ... ... .- 

Three Old Tombstones ... - g 

Walter Alexander Reid go 

The Rev. Alexander Simpson ... .. ... ... ... ... g* 

William Tytler, W.S '" 1O3 

Lord Woodhouselee ... ... ... ... ... IO - 

The Rev. Alexander Gerard, LL.D IO , 

Robert Gerard IO 

William Walker and Two Sons tll 

Robert Walker, LL.D ... ' m " m ' 

The Rev. Alexander Walker 

The Rev. Henry Walker [ * 

Sir T. Gordon Walker, K.C.I.E., C.S.I., LL.D. ... ... II9 

The Wreck of the Oscar I2I 

Badge of the 39th Bengal Native Infantry I2S 

Attock on the Indus in 1852 _ 

(The Well in the Green ... '.'.'. '.'.'. '.'.'. 



James Cardno, Merchant, Fraserburgh, who married Elizabeth 
Chalmers (page 12), Maternal Aunt of Rev. James Smith, had numerous 
nephews and nieces, including the following: 

I. Children of his brother, Alexander Cardno, Farmer, Fordafourie, 

1. Mrs. Ann Smith Cardno or Pittendrigh, Newseat, Fraser- 


2. Alexander Smith Cardno, M.B,, Fordafourie, Fraserburgh. 

3. Robert Catto Cardno, Chemist, Woodside, Aberdeen. 

4. Mrs. Stella Dagmar Cardno or Morris, Dyce. 

5. Shewan John Cardno, and 6. Thomas Cardno, Fordafourie. 

7. Mrs. Melita Victoria Cardno or Whyte, Camperdown, Natal. 

8. Mrs. Ethel Gertrude Cardno or Lee, Whitestripe, Strichen. 
II. Children of his sister, Mrs. Ann Cardno or Reid, New York: 

i. William. 2. Ann. 3. John. 

III. Children of his sister, Mrs. Elspet Cardno or Ragg. She 

married Francis Ragg, Merchant, Canada, Uncle of John 
Lyall Grant, Tea Merchant, Aberdeen. 

IV. Children of his sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Cardno or Smith, wife of 

the Rev. Farquhar Smith, Rector of Arpafeelie, Inverness, 
and Hon. Canon of Inverness Cathedral : 

1. William Alexander Smith, Insurance Agent, New South 


2. Mrs. Elizabeth Chalmers Cardno Smith or Blackball, Union 

Bank House, Fraserburgh. 

3. Mrs. Elspet Marjory Smith or Macbean, Ardross Terrace, 


4. The Very Rev. Charles Pressley Smith, M.A., Dean of Argyll 

and the Isles, Oban. 

5. Mrs. Jemima Cardno Smith or Temperley, Ardross Terrace, 


V. Children of his sister, Mrs. Isabella Cardno or Massie, Fraser- 



His son, James Farquhar Cardno, had a son, James Farquhar 
Cardno, b. 25th May, 1912. 

Other relations of James Cardno are Miss Elsie Forrest, Ludquharn, 
Longside, now the wife of the Right Hon. Thomas Shaw, Baron Shaw 
of Dunfermline, and of Craigmyle, near Aberdeen, P.C., K.C., LL.B., 
D.L., one of the Lords of Appeal ; and the following members of a 
New Deer family, viz., Professor A. F. Murison, LL.D., Professor of 
Jurisprudence and Roman Law, University College, London Rev. 
G. R. Murison, M.A., Minister of Stenness, Orkney, and Clerk of the 
Synod of Orkney and of the Presbytery of Cairston and J. F. Murison, 
M.D., Glasgow. 

Page 4, read aoth for 4th May as date of Marriage of Beatrice Donaldson. 
,, 7, under II. John Chalmers, line 2, for "only" read "elder." 
,, 10, under (i) William Leslie, read that his marriage took place at Mel- 
bourne, 2nd May, 1856, to Mary Amelia, daughter of William Best, 
Surgeon, Wednesbury, Staffordshire. 

,, n, under (6) John Sheed, read that his daughter Marjorie Amey married 
ist June, 1912, James Gray Kyd, Actuary, Dublin, son of the late 
Thomas Kyd, Manager, Northern Assurance Co., Aberdeen, of which 
her grandfather, William Chalmers, was the first Manager. They had 
a daughter born 25th March, 1913, and named Patricia Mary Kyd. 
12, under V., add "Alexander Wallace Chalmers was the author of the 
article 'Bridewell,' in the account of 'Aberdeen' in the New Statistical 
Account of Aberdeenshire, During his Governorship of Bridewell, the 
following culprits were hanged : 

i6th Nov.. 1827 Malcolm Gillespie, for forgery. 

8th Oct., 1830 Mrs. Humphrey, for the murder of her husband. 

2 2nd May, 1848 James Burnett, for the murder of his wife. 

i6th Oct., 1849 James Robb, for murder and rape. 

1 3th Jan., 1852 George Christie, for the murder of a woman and 

her grandchild, at Kittybrewster. 

2ist Oct., 1857 John Booth, for the murder of a woman." 
Since the last date, nobody has been hanged at Aberdeen. 
35, another daughter of Captain William Macgregor is Christian Macgregor, 
b. 5th Nov., 1819, who resides with her niece, Mrs. Walker, at 25 
Marischal Street, Aberdeen, and is now in her 94th year, hale and strong. 
36, under (4) delete the last sentence. 

,, 39, next last line, Georgina (which should read Mary Georgina) Gordon, 



died at Boulogne, 24th Nov., 1912. The Aberdeen Free Press, of 4th 

Dec.,. 1912, has an important article on the family by J. M. Bulloch, 

Editor of The Graphic. 

Page 46, under IV. i. add " Farmer in Drumhead ; d. after 1750." 
,, 55, under (i) Lewis, b. "4th Nov." read " 4th April." 
,, 55, under (2) read Margaret Heddell Greig. 
,, 59, Rev. William Metcalfe married Alice Mary Mann, Broughty-Ferry, on 

25th June, 1913. 
,, 59, Rev. Alexander Boyd married Effie Hamilton Shaw, Glasgow, on 4th 

June, 1913. 

59, Rev. Francis Cantlie Donald is now Minister of Lumphanan. 
59, Rev. W. D. Frater died roth May, 1913. 
,, 59, Rev. A. B. Harper is new Assistant, St. Mary's, Dumfries. 
,, 59, Rev. Henry Coulter is now Minister of Newport, Fife. 
,, 65, on plate opposite, read " i6th Regiment" for " i6th Lancers." 
69, under V. read that Colonel George Thomson, C.B., of Fairley, was 

made an Honorary Burgess of Aberdeen, ryth Dec., 1841, "In 

testimony of the sense entertained by the Magistrates and Council of 

his gallant services." 
,, 70, under viii. read : 'His only son is Colonel Charles Thomson, late 7th 


79, under IV., read "George Milne " for " George Ross." 
88. under (4) read that the Rev. G. J. Chree was on i5th April, 1913, 

elected Minister of Kirriemuir. 

98, under 3, read that Mrs. Margaret Forsyth died 28th May, 1880. 
,, in, read that Alexander Edmond died i7th March, 1913. 
,, 112, under 3, read " 3rd April " for " 3rd March." 
115, under 12, read that Mrs. George Walker died i3th May, 1913. 

Translation of the Latin Epitaph on Mural Monument to Professor William 
Chalmers, M.D., on the south wall of St. Machar Churchyard (page 79) : 
"Sacred to the memory of William Chalmers, M.D. , Professor of Medicine in 
King's College, Aberdeen, sharer of the tomb of the daughters of John Innes of 
Tillyfour, who died i4th December, 1792, aged 45 years. Also his eldest 
daughter Mary who, being attacked by a painful disease, died deeply lamented 
on 6th January, 1812, aged 24. A sorrowing widow and mother erected this 


b. born. m. married, d. died. c. or circa, about. (A R.), Aberdeen 
Registers. (O.R.), Oldmachar Registers. 


The "Newlotm or 


^DEEN, 1661 


The proper stitdy of mankind is Man!' 


O 7 

t * ^O 03 





>J '-V 2 

j <n ^ 

r- 1 ^ 



< 00* 

^ A.1 



pH r ^ S 



S ^r^ 



OH "~ 




a ^. 























(ABERDEEN, c. 1550- ). 

"The XXV. day of October the yeir of God 1576 yeirs the raid day 
Alexander Casse and Margratt Trail! had ane sone baptist in Aberdeen 
be Mr Walter Cullen reader gotten in marriage callit Johne. Andro 
Garioche, Alex Edward, Gelis Traill, witnesses to the same." 

Mr. David Anderson, Session Clerk, thus records the earliest entry 
in the Baptismal Register of Aberdeen about the Aberdeen Family 
whose Chronicles this volume contains. John seems to have been an 
only child, whose parents may be supposed to have been born about 
A.D. 1550. The first entry in the oldest Register of Indentures of 
Apprentices in the Burgh of Aberdeen supplies the only other reference 
found concerning John Casse. It is as follows : 

" 1622 Febry 9 Richard Cassie son to umqll John Cassie in Hazel- 
heid prenticed to John Paterson wobster for 8 years as prentice and 2 
years for meet and fee." 

This shows that prior to 1622 JOHN CASSIE had died, leaving 
behind him a fatherless boy RICHARD, of whose career more can be 
gathered than of his father's, and who seems also to have been an only 
child. The Cassie Family thus so far as known consisted of: 
I. ALEXANDER CASSIE (1550 after 1576). 
II. JOHN CASSIE (1576 before 1622). 
III. RICHARD CASSIE (1610-1670). 

It is probable that Richard Cassie was born about 1610, thus allowing 
him to be 12 years of age when apprenticed. On reaching manhood 
he married twice 1st, Isobele Dick, who on 2gth May, 1650, was 
interred in Oldmachar Burial Ground, leaving no family; and 2nd 
Janet Cruickshank. Of the latter, Oldrnachar Marriage Register says: 

" 23rd December, 1650. Richard Cassie in Gilcomston and Janet 
Cruickshank there gave up their banns of marriage. Andro Cuper at 



the Barkmilne cautioner for the man, Wm Stevine elder in Kingswalls 
cautioner for the woman and were married the day of 1651." 

Their family consisted of : 

1. ALEXANDER, b. 28th Dec., 1651 ; m. 2Oth May, 1675, Beatrix 

Donaldson, daughter of William Donaldson, Farmer in 
Barkmiln, Aberdeen, of whom hereafter. 

2. John, b. 9th June, 1656, and buried 23rd March, 1657. 

3. A child buried 2nd April, 1657, born evidently after John. 

4. William, b. 2?th Jan., 1658; m. 5th Sept., 1698, Elspet 

Anderson. He was a Horse-hirer. 

5. Margaret, 6. 6th Oct., 1661 ; m. 22nd Sept., 1705, William Touch 

6. Isobell, b. I5th May, 1666, and buried loth Nov., 1666. 
Finally, on 2nd May, 1670, RICHARD CASSIE, then at Well of Spaw, 
was interred in Oldmachar Churchyard, but nothing further is known 
as to his second spouse, Janet Cruickshank. 

IV. ALEXANDER CASSIE (1651-1696). 

Alexander Cassie, b. 28th Dec., 1651 ; m. 4th May, 1675, Beatrice 
Donaldson, of whom hereafter ; d. gth Jan., 1696. 

" 28th December 1651. The said day Ritchard Cassie in Gilcom- 
stone ane sone called Alexr. Alexr Howiesone, Mr Alexr Burnet, Andro 
Burnet, Patrick Watsone, witness." (Oldmachar Baptismal Register). 

"3 Apryll 1675. Compeared Alexander Cassie and Beatrix Donald- 
son both in this Congregation and contracted marriage according lo 
order, Adam Smart in Gilcomstone ca[utione]r for the man and 
William Donaldson yr cationer for the woman, proclaimed the 4 April, 
married the 20 May." 

The above entry appears in the Marriage Register of Oldmachar, 
while the St. Nicholas Register reads 

" Alexr Cassie and Beatrix Donaldson was mareit in the old town 
the 2oth May, 1675." 

No family was born to them till 1682, when the Oldmachar Baptismal 
Register says : 

i. "3rd Jany 1682. Alexander Cassie at the Casiend a son 

call fed"] Alexander. Alexr Leith, Alexr Huttone, witnesses." 


This son was buried in the family burial-place at Oldmachar, loth 
Sept., 1696. The other children were 

2. Robert, b. iyth Aug., 1684 ; m. 27th Jan., 1722, Jean, daughter 

of John Murray, Weaver. He was a Farmer and Post. 

3. Marjorie, 6. ist May, 1687 ; m. nth Feb., 1714, Robert Murray, 

Farmer, Cassiend (who was buried at Oldmachar, 6th July, 
1749), and was herself buried there 6th Jan., 1763. 

4. ELSPET, b. I5th March, 1691, of whom hereafter. 

"15 March 1691. Alexr Cassie at Cassiend a daughter call[ed] 
Elspet. William Donaldson, William Duncan, Alexr Leith, elder and 
younger, witts." (O.R.) 

The Cassie family were members of St. Machar Cathedral, Old 
Aberdeen, but the Thomsons, with whom they intermarried, were 
members of St. Nicholas, Aberdeen. 


Elspet Cassie, b, i$th March, 1691 ; m. 24th Jan., 1717, Alexander 
Thomson, Farmer, Monthillie, Aberdeen, of whom hereafter; d. 2ist 
Oct., 1749, and was buried in St. Peter's Cemetery, Aberdeen, in 
Lair 3 T 9 - 

"Anno 1717, January ffyfth. Compeared Alexr Thomson in 
Aberdeen and Elspet Cassie in this Parish and contracted marriage 
according to order. They consigned pledges ffor yr civil behaviour, John 
Seatoun ffarmer in Spittel caunr ffor the man Robert Cassie Post in 
Aberdeen ffor the woman. They were orderly proclaimed and married 
January twenty ffourth Seventeen Hundred and Seventeen years by 
Alexr Mitchell Minr," (O.R.} 

Their family consisted of : 

1. Janet, b. 24th Nov., 1717. 

2. Margaret, 6. 3Oth Dec., 1718 ; d. 29th Oct., 1748. 

3. Alexander, b. 22nd Jan., 1721 ; d. an infant. 

4. JAMES, b. 24th March, 1723, of whom hereafter. 

5. Alexander, b. 5th Dec., 1725, of whom hereafter. 

6. Elspet, b. nth July, 1728 ; m. 8th Oct., 1750, James Christie (b. 

I2th June, 1715 ; d. 2?th July, 1808), Farmer and Horsehirer, 
Aberdeen; d. 2Oth May, 1793. Their family consisted of: 
(i) Elizabeth, 6. 2ist Aug., 1751. 



(2) Alexander, b. i/th Dec., 1753. 

(3) James, b. 6th Dec., 1755; m. Isabel Black; d. 2Oth Oct., 

1832. He was a Farmer. 

(4) William, b. 5th Feb., 1759. 

(5) Robert, b. 4th Sept., 1761. 

(6) John, b. 4th Sept., 1761, twin. 

(7) Elspeth, 6. 6th Sept., 1764. 

(8) Janet, b. 5th June, 1767. 

Mr. James Christie, who died at the ripe age of 93, and was 
interred on 3Oth July, 1808, in St. Peter's Cemetery, 
Aberdeen, farmed on the land of Mr. George Moir, of 
Scotstown, for 50 years. He had three successive leases, 
and just survived the expiry of his third lease. 
Robert, b. 27th April, 1731 ; m. 2ist Jan., 1751, Jane Christie : 

d. about 1782. He was a Farmer at Gallowgatehead, 

Aberdeen. Their family consisted of: 

(1) James, b. 29th Feb. 1752. 

(2) Alexander, 6. 2ist Nov., 1753 ; m. 23rd Oct., 1779, Jean Gill 

(d. 7th June, 1793) ; d- i6th Dec., 1802. He was a Farmer. 

(3) Robert, b. 29th April, 1756. 

(4) James, b. 5th Feb., 1758. 

(5) John, 6. 7th March, 1760. 

(6) George, b. 8th April, 1763. He was a Cartwright. 

(7) Andrew, b. i$th Oct., 1765. He was a Hairdresser. 

VI. JAMES THOMSON (1723-1779). 
SMITH (the surviving members of this generation). 


Professor of Medicine, King's College, Aberdeen 

(Caricature from Kay's Portraits^ 



(ABERDEEN, c. 1680- ). 

I. GEORGE CHALMERS (c. 1680 after 1714). 

George Chalmers, 6. about 1680 ; m. 22nd Sept. k 1707, Jean Gellan 
(b. I2th Aug., 1672), daughter of John Gellan, Flesher, Burgess of 
Guild, I2th Aug., 1663, and grand-daughter of Robert Gellan, Flesher, 
and Burgess of Guild, 23rd Feb., 1648, for his services during the Plague 
of 1647; d. after 1714. He was a Burgess, Flesher, and Tradesman, 
Aberdeen. Their family consisted of: 

1. JOHN, b. 7th Nov., 1708, of whom hereafter. 

2. Jean, b. I4th Jan., 1711. 

3. William, b. I5th June, 1714. 

II. JOHN CHALMERS (1708-1748). 

John Chalmers, b. 7th Nov., 1708; m., in 1741, Jean Kerr (b. 8th 
Jan., 1710; d. 23rd Aug., 1776), only daughter of George Kerr, 
Farmer, Drumnahive, Kildrummy, of whom hereafter ; d. 28th Feb , 
1748. He was a Wright in Aberdeen. He became a Freeman of the 
Trades, 2oth April, 1739, and was admitted a Burgess of Guild, 26th 
Aug., 1740, William Chalmers, Merchant, being his cautioner. Their 
family consisted of: 

1. John, b. 28th Feb., 1742 ; d. 2Jth May, 1746. 

2. Robert, b. 5th May, 1743 ; d. I3th Feb., 1770. He was a 

Wright in Aberdeen. Burgess of Guild, iQth Aug., 1769. 

3. Alexander, b. 3ist Dec., 1744 ; d. 6th March, 1746. 

4. WILLIAM, b. 2nd Oct., 1746, of whom hereafter. 


William Chalmers, b. 2nd Oct., 1746; d. i4th Dec., 1792. By 
Christian Hill, elder daughter of Hercules Hill, Aberdeen, he had a son 
SAMUEL, b. 1770, of whom hereafter. He was an M.D. of Paris and 
Aberdeen, and was educated there and at Edinburgh. Honorary 
Burgess of Guild, 25th July, 1771. In 1782 he was appointed Professor 
of Medicine, King's College, Aberdeen, which office he held till his 
death. He married on 8th Aug., 1785, Jean Shewan, of Monymusk (b. 
1768 ; d. 25th Jan., -1854). [On 2ist Nov., 1806, Mrs. Chalmers became 
the third wife of the Rev. William McKenzie, M.A. (b. 1737 ; d. 3Ist 



Aug., 1812), retired First Chaplain of the 78th Regiment (Seaforths) 
later the 72nd Regiment of Foot. He was commissioned I4th Sept., 
1778, and went to India with the Regiment, after its remarkable mutiny 
at Edinburgh. By his wife he had, in his 7lst year (i) a daughter, Sophia 
Jane (6. 4th April, 1808 ; d. I5th March, 1842) who married (1st) on 
I7th Oct., 1826, the Rev. Hugh McKenzie, M.A., M.D., Minister of 
Killin, Perthshire, by whom she had a son and a daughter ; and (2nd) 
on 8th Aug., 1837, the Rev. William Campbell, M.A., Minister of Coull, 
Aberdeenshire, by whom she had two daughters and (2) Alexander 
Francis (b. 26th June, 1811 ; d. l6th Sept., 1813). Mr. and Mrs. 
McKenzie and their infant son are buried in Oldmachar Churchyard, 
Lair G, 234.] Their family consisted of: 

1. Mary, b. 24th Aug., 1787 ; d, 6th Jan., 1812. 

2. Wilhelmina, b. i6th April, 1793 ; nt. 4th June, 1815, Henry 

Walker of Castle Stuart, Inverness, Captain and Adjutant, 
loth British Militia (b. 24th May, 1784 ; d. 2nd Jan., 1845) : 
d. 2oth Jan., 1849. Their family consisted of: 

(1) William, b. 8th Nov., 1817 ; d. 4th Oct., 1876. 

(2) Henry, b. 24th May, 1819 ; d. 5th March, 1884. 

(3) Jane,.3istjan., 1821; m.gth Oct., 1850, William Ray(. igth 

Nov., 1822; d. I2th Dec., 1882), Farmer, Sunbank, Elgin ; 
d. 3 1 st. Dec., 1894. Their family consisted of: 

i. Wilhelmina Chalmers, b. 26th Sept., 1854 ; d. 2oth 

Aug., 1879. 

ii. Margaret Donaldson, Matron, Surrey County Asylum, 
iii. Robert, now in Jersey, 
iv. Sarah Jane, now at Pedmore. 

v, Mary Elizabeth Ann, Matron, King's College Hospital, 

(4) Alexander, b. 2Oth Aug., 1823. He is dead. 

(5) John, b. 22nd April, 1825 ; d. I3th July, 1865. 

(6) Mary Elspet, m.gth Sept., 1862, Charles McGregor. 

(7) Elizabeth Sophia, b. 26th May, 1829; m - Iltn Dec., 1850, 

Colin McKenzie, M.A., Minister of Petty (1843-1852), and 
afterwards of Contin (b. 1816 ; d. i2th Nov., 1862) ; d. I3th 
July, 1893. Their family consisted of: - 


i. Elizabeth Fairbairn, b. gth June, 1853; d. i6th 

Sept., 1872. 

ii. Wilhelmina Chalmers, who lives at Lossiemouth. 
iii. Henrietta Walker, b. 4th March, 1858; d. 25th 

June, 1876. 

Rev. Colin McKenzie was a son of Rev. John 
McKenzie, Minister of Lochcarron, and his 
brothers were the Very Rev. Dr. Peter McKenzie, 
Minister of Urquhart and Logie - Wester, 
Moderator of the General Assembly of the 
Church of Scotland, 1884, and Rev. Kenneth 
Alexander McKenzie, LL.D., Minister of 
Kingussie and Inch, Of his four sisters, Eliza 
married Rev. Colin Mackenzie, M.A., Minister 
of Ardclach (1850-1882). 

(8) George, 6. 1832. 

(9) Ann, m. 4th Aug., 1858, William Stephen, Farmer, 

Inchbroom, Elgin (d. /th April, 1867). They had two 
sons who were Doctors of Medicine, and died young : 
i. John Stephen, b. 2$rd April, 1860 ; m. 26th March, 
1896, Emmie Campbell Hett ; d. 6th Aug. 1897, 
at Reigate, leaving a son, John. 

ii. William Henry George, b. 4th Jan., 1862 ; d. Ilth 
Sept., 1886, at Karlsbad, unmarried. 

(10) Hugh, b. nth Nov., 1836, and now in Australia. 

(11) Helen Wilhelmina., b. 5th Nov., 1838 ; d. 4th Oct., 1886. 

IV. SAMUEL CHALMERS (1770-1819). 

Samuel Chalmers, b. 1770 ; m. 1st July, 1798, Elspet Wallace (. 31 st 

Oct., 1777 ; d. 2ist Dec., 1853), elder daughter of Convener John 

Wallace, Baker, Aberdeen ; d. 2gth Dec., 1819. He was a Clothier, and 

Clerk and Treasurer of Aberdeen Police Commissioners from 7th Jan., 

1809, to 29th Dec., 1819, and was a member of Greyfriars Parish 

Church. Burgess of Guild, nth Sept., 1792. He was President of the 

St. Andrew's Society, Aberdeen, in 1800. Their family consisted of: 

i. John, b. 3Oth Aug., 1799 ; d. nth March, 1823. He was a 

Clothier along with his father in Broad Street, and was 

elected Clerk and Treasurer of Police, 3rd Jan., 1820, which he 

continued to be till his death. Burgess of Guild, 3ist Jan., 1821. 



2. ALEXANDER WALLACE, b. loth Jan., 1801, of whom hereafter. 

3. William, b. ist July, 1802 ; m. 25th Oct., 1826, Jane Cruickshank 

(b. 22nd April, 1805 ; d. 4th Aug., 1879), eldest daughter of 
Leslie Cruickshank, of Deemount, Merchant, Aberdeen ; 
d. 27th Oct., 1872. He was Clerk and Treasurer of 
Police, Aberdeen, in succession to his father and eldest 
brother from 1822 to 1836, when he was appointed Manager 
of the North of Scotland Fire and Life Assurance Company, 
now the Northern Assurance Company. Burgess of Guild, 
i6th Feb., 1828. In 1828 he was ordained an Elder in 
Greyfriars Parish Church by the Rev. Abercromby Lockhart 
Gordon, M.A., with whom he joined the Free Church in 
1843. He was President of the St. Andrew's ^Society, 
Aberdeen, in 1840. Their family consisted of: 

(1) William Leslie, b. 23rd July, 1828 ; m. Mary Amelia Best ; 
d. 2oth December, 1905. He was an Insurance Agent in 
Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. Their family consisted of: 

i. Emily ; ii. William Leslie ; iii. James Cruickshank ; 
iv. Alec; v. Jeannie. 

(2) Christian Elspet, b. igth July, 1830; m. i$th Nov., 1854. 

Norris William Best, M.D., Wednesbury, Staffordshire (b. 
igth Oct., 1819; d. i2th March, 1873); d. i ith July, 1870. 
Their family consisted of: 

i. William Chalmers, b. I4th Dec., 1855 ; d. 22nd Aug., 
1879. He was in the Firm of Messrs. Grindley 
& Co., Commission Agents, Calcutta, 
ii. Jane Amelia Best, in. 3oth June, 1881, Mitchell 
Leslie Stoddart McLaren, of Fernielee, Murtle, 
Commission Merchant, Aberdeen (b. i6th Feb., 
1843 ; d. 7th June, 1904). Their family 
consisted of: 

(i.) Ian Malcolm, b. loth Jan., 1883. 
(ii.) Marion Leslie, (iii.) Dorothy Isobel. 
(iv.) Colin Arthur, b. i6th Aug., 1893. 
iii. Arthur Alexander, b. ist March, 1862 ; m. 2oth Sept , 
1892, Christian Catto (d. 24th Feb., 1894), eldest 


daughter of Robert Catto, Merchant and Ship- 
owner, Aberdeen ; d. 9th April, 1894. He was 
a Fruit Rancher in Ontario, California. Their 
family consisted of: 
(i) Dorothy Jean. 

(3) Alexander Samuel, b. i6th Sept., 1831 ; d. in June, 1855. 

He was killed at sea by falling from aloft the ship 
" Archibald Gracie " on the passage from Sydney to San 

(4) Mitchell, b. 26th Dec., 1832; d. in Melbourne. He was 
married, but had no family. 

(5) James Cruickshank, b. 22nd April, 1834. He was married, 

and had a family, of which a daughter was born at Orrong 
Road, Melbourne, Australia, i6th July, 1867. He is dead. 

(6) John Sheed, b. 5th Sept., 1837 ; m. 22nd Sept., 1881, Mary 

Elizabeth, daughter of James Catto, Shipowner, Liver- 
pool ; d. 26th Sept., 1901. He was a Shipping Agent 
at Aberdeen. Their family consisted of: 
i. Marjorie Amey. 

ii. William Hamish, b. loth Sept., 1889. 

iii. John Leslie, b. 28th Dec., 1891. 

(7) Leslie Cruickshank, b. i6th April, 1839; d. 6th July, 1870. 

He was in the Pacific Steam Navigation Company's 
service on the West Coast of South America. 

(8) Jane Elizabeth, m. gth Sept., 1873, John Charles Hirsch- 

field, M.D., Banff, who died 3ist Aug.. 1880, aged 33 years. 

Their family consisted of : 

i. Philip Charles, b. I2th Dec., 1876; d. 315! Aug., 
1880. He and his father were drowned in Banff 
Bay by the capsizing of a boat in a sudden squall. 

4. Christian, b. igth Aug., 1804 ; d. 2gth Nov., 1844. She was 

Matron of the Aberdeen Asylum for the Blind, from loth 
May, 1843, to her death. 

5. George, b. 25th Oct., 1806 ; d. 2gth June, 1808. 

6. Elspet, b. 2Oth April, 1810; d. 7th Nov., 1853. She was 

Matron of the East Prison, Aberdeen, from 1848 to her death. 



7. Margaret, b. ist May, 1813; d. I3th July, 1895. She was 
Matron of the Institution for the Deaf and Dumb from 8th 
June, 1858, to 1862 ; and after that was a lady companion. 

Alexander Wallace Chalmers, b. loth Jan., 1801 ; m. 24th March, 
1825, Mary Jamson (b. 2ist Sept., 1795; d. 3rd Aug., 1878), eldest 
daughter of Richard Jarnson, Shipmaster, Aberdeen ; d. 2oth June, 1862; 
He was Governor of the Aberdeen Prisons Bridewell and the East 
Prison from 27th Jan., 1825, to his death by drowning at Aberdeen 
Beach. Burgess of Guild, 5th Oct., 1829. On IQ th Feb., 1833, he was 
ordained by the Rev. Robert Smith, D.D., of Oldmachar,inthe Cathedral, 
to be an Elder in Gilcomston Church for the famous Rev. Professor 
Kidd, D.D., Minister (1801-34) and Professor of Oriental Languages in 
Marischal College, who baptised all his family except John, the 
youngest. He joined the Gilcomston Free Church after 1843, and was 
both Elder and Treasurer of it under Rev. Dr. James Bryce (1834-54) 
and Rev. Dr. Walter Macgilvray. Their family consisted of: 

1. CHRISTIAN, b. 7th Aug., 1826 ; m. gth Aug., 1849, James Smith, 

Wholesale Bookseller and Stationer, Aberdeen (b. I5th Jan., 
1826 ; d. loth July, 1863) ; d. 2Oth May, 1876. Their family 
consisted of seven daughters and two sons, of whom hereafter. 

2. Elizabeth, b. igth April, 1828; ;//. loth June, 1856, James 

Cardno, Merchant, Fraserburgh (b. 25th April, 1817; d. 
2Oth May, 1895) ; d. 28th Jan., 1903. Their family consisted 

(1) James Farquhar, b. 24th May, 1865; m. i6th Nov., 1901, 

Ethel Mary Skinner, second daughter of Alexander Skinner, 
Farmer and Fishcurer, Fraserburgh. He is a Commis- 
sion Agent and Merchant in Fraserburgh. Their family 
consists of: 

(i) Mary Elizabeth. 

(2) Alexander Chalmers, b. 9th Dec., 1867 ; d. 2jth Oct., 1882, 

at The College, Inverness, where he was being educated. 
He was a youth of much promise and amiability. 

3. Richard, b. 7th July, 1829; d. aoth Dec., 1852. He was a 

Civil Engineer, and was engaged on the Survey of the Great 



Chief Engineer, Royal' Navy 


(Mrs.James Smith) 


Telegraphist to General Nicholson 





Assistant Surgeon, 1st Royals 


(Mrs. James Cardno; 


Lieut., 39th Bengal Native Infantry 

Governor of Aberdeen Prisons, 1825-1862 

(His eldest son, Richard Chalmers, 1829-1852. was a Civil Engineer) 


North of Scotland Railway, from Aberdeen to Huntly, in 
1847. He a l so served the Glasgow and South Western Rail- 
way, at Kilmarnock, from 1850 to 1852. He died at Aber- 
deen of inflammation of the brain, and was interred in the 
family grave in St. Nicholas Churchyard, Lair D, 766. 

4. Alexander Wallace, b. gth April, 1801 ; d. 22nd Aug., 1868. 

He was a Chief Engineer, R.N., and obtained the Medal for 
the Crimean War, 1854-6 (Blockade of the Baltic, under Sir 
Charles Napier), and for the China War, 1857-8, with a clasp 
for the Capture of Canton. He was at that time Chief 
Engineer of H.M.G.B. " Drake." He was invalided from 
the Royal Navy on a pension in 1865, and died in Aberdeen 
of phthisis. 

5. Samuel, b. 8th Feb., 1833; d- M** 1 A U -> 1858. He was a 

Druggist in Aberdeen, and later joined the Honble. East 
India Company's Army, from which he passed to the Indian 
Electric Telegraph Service. He was attached to the 52nd 
Regiment, and later accompanied, as Telegraphist, Sir John 
Nicholson's Relief Column, with which he entered Delhi., 
I4th Sept., 1857. He was awarded the India Mutiny Medal, 
with a clasp for Delhi. He died at Calcutta of fever, and 
was interred in Bhowanipore Military Cemetery. 

6. William, b. loth Nov., 1834; d. 2Oth Jan., 1863. He studied 

Medicine at Marischal College, Aberdeen. He was an 
L.R.C.S.E., and was Assistant Surgeon, first, in the i7th 
Regiment, 2nd Battalion; and second, in the ist Royals, 
with whom he served in India. He was invalided home, in 
1862, and died in Aberdeen of phthisis. 

7. JOHN, b. Qth Oct., 1836; d. loth Aug., 1861. He studied at 

Marischal College, Aberdeen, of which he iecame M,A., 
1855, and Boxill Mathematical Scholar. In 1855 he gained 
a Cadetship in the H.E.I.C.S., gifted by Colonel Sykes, 
M. P. for Aberdeen, to the most distinguished student of the 
year, and was gazetted Ensign in the Company's Army. 
Thereafter he was posted to the 3gth Bengal Native Infantry 



Regiment, and became Lieutenant. During his service, and 
while stationed at Dera Ismail Khan, the India Mutiny broke 
out, and he was severely wounded in the wrist and side in 
attempting to capture, with a small force, a body of furious 
mutineers, of the gth Irregular Cavalry, near Jhung. He 
was thereafter transferred to the i;th Irregular Cavalry, his 
regiment having peaceably been disbanded, but his health 
was shattered. Revisited Murree and Cashmere in hopes of 
recovery, but finding military service beyond his powers, 
Lord Canning, the Governor-General of India, created him 
an Assistant Commissioner for the Punjab. There he gave 
distinguished service, and was honoured by entertaining 
Lords Canning and Clyde at Attock in 1860. In Nov., 
1860, he left India, and after a short attempt at con- 
valescence at Torquay he returned to Aberdeen, where he 
died, aged 25, amidst universal regret, as a young officer of 
great promise and of most distinguished service. In appear- 
ance he was very handsome and distinguished-looking, 'and 
very tall. He was awarded the India Mutiny Medal and 
a special Wound Pension of 100 a year. 

The five sons of Alexander Wallace Chalmers, his brother 
John, his brother William with his six sons, and his father 
Samuel were all educated at Aberdeen Grammar School. 
Lord Byron, who was also a Grammar School pupil from 
1796-98, shared along with his mother, in St. Paul's Episcopal 
Church, Aberdeen, the pew occupied by Captain Richard 
Jamson, their grandfather. 



(ABERDEEN, 1540- ). 

I. DUNCAN DONALDSON (1540-1591). 

Duncan Donaldson, 6. about 1540; m. 24th Jan., 1575, Kathrin 
Artoure ; d. 8th March, 1591. 

" The banns of marriage betwixt Duncan Donaldsone and Kathrin 
Artoure was thrice lawfully proclaimed by me Walter Cullen, reader, 
and nae impediment shawing nor finding for the time the saides pairties 
marritt in Abd. be Maister John Craig, Minister, the xxiiii. day of Januar, 
the yeir of God, 1575 yeirs." (A.R.) 

Duncan Donaldson was admitted a Burgess of Guild, 28th April, 
I 559- Their family consisted of : 

1. Thomas, b. 28th March, 1577. 

2. Christian, b. 22nd May, 1578. 

3. Isobell, b. I3th Aug., 1581. 

4. Duncan, b. 26th Jan., 1583; admitted a Pupil Burgess of 

Guild, 23rd Feb., 1591 ; d. I2th June, 1602. 

5. WILLIAM, b. 24th Sept., 1587, and baptised before witnesses 

Edward Donaldson, William Alshoner, Margaret Lyndsay. 

The elder Duncan Donaldson, d. 8th March, 1591, was buried in 
St. Nicholas Churchyard, as was also his wife, Kathrin Arthour, i4th 
Feb., 1611. Of her nothing further is known. 


William Donaldson, 6. 24th Sept., 1587; m. about 1617, Marjory 
Carngill ; d. 2oth April, 1641. Their family consisted of: 

1. Elspet, b. loth March, 1618. 

2. Thomas, b. 4th May, 1620. 

3. WILLIAM, b. 8th Aug., 1622; m. Margaret Mitchell, of whom 

nothing is known. 

4. Janet, b. I9th Jan., 1624. 



III. WILLIAM DONALDSON (1622 after 1695). 
William Donaldson, b. 8th Aug., 1622 ; m. before 1651 ; d. after 
1695. He resided in Barkmill, Aberdeen, and had by his wife, Margaret 
Mitchell (b. about 1622 ; d. 22nd May, 1695), one child 

I. BEATRIX, b. about 1651 ; m. 2Oth May, 1675, Alexander 

Cassie, Farmer, in Casiend, of whom before. 

He was present at the baptism of Marjorie Cassie, ist May, 1687, 
and of Elspet Cassie, I5th March, 1 691, and survived his spouse 
Margaret Mitchell. Nothing further is known of either of them. 

IV. BEATRIX DONALDSON or CASSIE (c. 165 1 -after 1691). 
V. ELSPET CASSIE or THOMSON (1691-1749). 
VI. JAMES THOMSON (1723-1779) 

(ABERDEEN, c. 1620- ). 

I. THOMAS ELMSLIE (c. 1620-1654). 

Thomas Elmslie, b. about 1620; m. about 1644 ; d. 9th Jan., 1654. 
The family of Thomas Elmslie, who resided in the Spital, Aberdeen, 
consisted of: 

1. Thomas, b. 2oth March, 1645. 

2. Marjory, b. 2nd Feb., 1651. 

3. JOHN, b. 27th April, 1653: m. I7th July, 1674, Isobel Hill, 

daughter of James Hill, of whom hereafter. 

II. JOHN ELMSLIE (i653-after 1691). 

John Elmslie, b. 27th April, 1653 ; m. I7th July, 1674, Isobel Hill ; 
d. after 1691. 

" 5 June, 1674. Compeared John Elmslie and Isobel Hill, both in 
this Congregation and contracted marriage according to order. John 
Elmslie in Spittel, cautioner for .the man, and James Hill for the 
woman. Proclaimed June nth; married July I7th." (O.R.). 



She was buried in Oldmachar Churchyard, 2nd Nov., 1691. Their 
family consisted of: 

1. Marjorie, b. 24th Jan., 1675. 

2. Anna, b. 8th June, 1677. 

3. Isobel, b. 1 3th Jan., 1678. 

4. John, b. 2gth Nov., 1679. 

5. Margaret, b. nth Oct., 1680. 

6. John, b. gth Sept., 1683. 

7. ROBERT, b. iSth Nov., 1688, of whom hereafter. 

8. Elspet, b. nth Oct., 1691 ; d. igth Nov., 1692, and was buried 

in Oldmachar Churchyard. 
Two children of John Elmslie died ist Dec., 1679; and 7th May, 1685. 

III. ROBERT ELMSLIE (1688-1764). 

Robert Elmslie, b. i8th Nov., 1688; m. 25th May, 1714, Margaret 
Ross (b. ist Aug., 1690; d. 2ist Nov., 1718); d. 2ist Jan., 
1764, and was buried in St. Nicholas Churchyard. He was 
a Shoemaker in Aberdeen. 

" 1714, April 26. Robert Elmslie, lawful son of the deceased John 
Elmslie in Oldmachar, and Margaret Ross, lawful daughter to the 
deceased James Ross, Farmer, sometime in Aberdeen, were contracted 
[in marriage]. Cautioner for the man, Alexander Lyell, Shoemaker, 
and for the woman, James Still, Seaman." (A.R.) 

" 1714, May 25th. Robert Elmsly and Margaret Ross being 
married at twelve o'clock payed two lib. Scots." (A.R.) 
Their family consisted of : 

1. Janet, b. 2cth April, 1715 ; d. 23rd Jan., 1717. 

2. ELIZABETH, b. i4th Jan., 1717; m. 7th Dec., 1747, James 

Thomson (b. 24th March, 1723 ; d. I7th April, 1779, of 
whom hereafter) ; d. 2 ist Jan. 1788. 

3. Mary, b. I3th Nov., 1718; d. 5th April, 1724, and was buried 

in St. Nicholas Churchyard. 

V. ELSPET THOMSON or WALLACE (1750-1784). 





I. WILLIAM ELSDON (1630-1714). 

William Elsdon, b. 1630; m. about 1656; d. 6th June, 1714, and 
was buried in Tynemouth Churchyard. His family consisted of: 

1. William, b. about 1657; m ' before 1687; d. after 1687. His 

family consisted of:- 
(i) Edward, b. aist Aug., 1687 ; d. i6th Feb., 1690. 

2. ANTHONY, b. about 1660, of whom hereafter. 

II. ANTHONY ELSDON (1660- after 1706). 

Anthony Elsdon, b. 1660; in. nth June, 1689, Anne Robinson; d. 
after 1706. He lived at Whitley. Their family consisted of: 

1. William, b. 3oth March, 1690. 

2. Ellinor, b. loth July, 1692. 

3. Thomas, b. 8th Oct., 1695. 

4. Robert, b. 1st Aug., 1698. The Register of Tynemouth gives 

the death of George Elsdon, son of Robert Elsdon, of 
Whitley, on 22nd July, 1733. 

5. Anthony, b. nth April, 1701. 

6. John, b. nth April, 1701, twin. 

7. MARY, b. i6th Nov., 1702, of whom hereafter. 

8. Jane, b. i$th April, 1706; d. 6th Feb., 1707, and was buried at 

Spitle, Northumberland. 

III. MARY ELSDON or ADDIE (1702 after 1722.) 
Mary Elsdon, 6 i6th Nov., 1702; m. 3oth May, 1721, Richard 
Addie (b. i6th Oct., 1702; d. after 1722); d. after 1722. 
Their family consisted of: 

i. MARY, b. 1722 ; m. 8th Dec., 1745, Andrew Jamson, Farmer, of 
Whitley, of whom hereafter. 

IV. MARY ADDIE or JAMSON (1722 after 1762). 

V. RICHARD JAMSON (1759-1836). 

VI. MARY JAMSON or CHALMERS (1795-1878). 



AEBJ C MAIL (0) L ll IE 


(ABERLOUR, 1680- ). 

I. AARON GRANT (1680 after 1718). 

Aaron Grant, b. 1680; m. before 1718; d. after 1718. He was a 
Farmer at Alachie, Aberlour. His family consisted of : 

1. Robert, b. i2th March, 1717. 

2. JOHN, b. i $th April, 1718, of whom hereafter. 

3. James, b. isth March, 1719. 

4. Jean, b. i6th Feb., 1721 ; d. 1st Sept., 1752. 

5. Alexander, b. 25th June, 1723 ; d. a6th May, 1741. 

6. Lillias, b, 3rd Sept., 1725. 

7. Janet, b. 7th July, 1727. 

8. Elspet, b. 7th April, 1730 ; d. 2oth Sept., 1752. 

II. JOHN GRANT (1718 after 1740). 

John Grant, b. i$th April, 1718; m. 3ist August, 1738, Isobel Green, 
daughter of William Green, Kirktovvn, Aberlour, of whom hereafter ; 
d. after 1740. He was a Farmer at Beloin, Aberlour. Their family 
consisted of: 

i. WILLIAM, b. loth Dec., 1740, of whom hereafter. 

III. WILLIAM GRANT (i74oafter 1780). 

William Grant, b. loth Dec., 1740; m. before 1759; d. after 1780. 
He was a Farmer at Beloin, Aberlour. He removed at an early age 
from Aberlour along with many others who, subsequent to the troublous 
times of " the '45," left Speyside for Deeside, and settled on the beautiful 
slopes of Mortlich, Aboyne, at the farm of Mickle Tillylair. His family 
consisted of: 

1. Robert, 6. 2ist Jan., 1759, 

2. William, b. I4th Jan., 1762. 

3. George, b. 4th April, 1766; ;#. before 1802, Ann Forbes (b. 

*773 ; d. i6th June, 1845); <* l6 th Jan., 1820. He was a 

Farmer at Old Town, Aboyne. Their family consisted of: 

(i) Joseph, b. 26th Dec., 1802; m. Margaret Cook. He was a 

House Carpenter, and was for many years in the service of 

the Marquis of Huntly at Aboyne Castle. Their family 

consisted of: 



i. John, who was married and had a family. He died 

at Kingston-on-Thames, about 1882. 
ii. Robert, 6. 1844, who was a Druggist ; d. i$th Jan., 

1889, at Aberdeen. 

iii. Margaret, and iv. George, who are dead, 
v. Joseph, who is married and is a Farmer at Lacota, 

U.S.A. His family consists of : (i.) Annie, (ii.) 

Mary, ! ,iii.) Nelly, (iv.) Joseph. 

(2) Robert, b. 7th May, 1805 > m - Mar Y Grant (b. 1829 ; d. 26th 
March, 1852) ; d. 6th March, 1860, and buried at Kirktown 
of Aboyne, He was a Farmer at Old Town, Aboyne. Their 
family consisted of: 

i. Mary, m. 1 2th Jan., 1869, William Adams, third son 

of William Adams, Farmer, Auchenhove, 

Lumphanan. He was a Merchant at Torphins, 

Aberdeenshire. Their family consisted of : 

(i.) Robert, 6. 2ist Oct., 1869 ; d. 29th June, 1901. 

He was a Merchant at Torphins. 
(ii.) Margaret, m. 7th Feb., 1897, Joseph Orchardson 
Dickie, Manufacturer, Aberdeen. Their 
family consists of: 

a. Katherine Elizabeth, b. 2oth April, 1899; d. 

23rd Dec., 1905. 

b. Robert Grant Adams, b. 6th May, 1901. 

c. Mary Louise. 

d. Francis Orchardson, 6. I7th Jan., 1906. 

(iii.) Mary,m. 24th June, 1 908, Alexander Gray, eldest 
son of Thomas Gray, Shipmaster, Aberdeen. 
He is Manager to Messrs. Farquhar & Gill, 
Colour Manufacturers, Aberdeen. 

(iv.) William, b. 5th Aug., 1874 ; d. 7th Dec., 1907. 
He was a Merchant in Aberdeen. 

(3) Catherine, b. 3oth Nov., 1808 ; d. 22nd Aug., 1834. 

(4) George, b. 9th Jan., 1810; d. i7th Jan., 1868. He was a 

Millwright at Craigmyle. 


4. JANET, b. I5th June, 1769: m. (1st) 4th May, 1803, James 

Smith (2nd) 22nd June, 1808, George Cruickshank; d. 
ipth Nov., 1854, of whom hereafter. 

5. Lewis, b. 2nd Aug., 1772. 6. Elspet, b. I2th Aug., 1775. 

7. Joseph, b. 3rd Jan., 17/9 ; m. Elizabeth Grant. He was for 
many years Minister's Man at Newmachar Manse. Their 
family consisted of: 

(i) Joseph; m. i8th Jan, 1853, Margaret Greig (d. 1899), 
daughter of James Greig, Builder, Hillhead of Tarves, 
and a cousin of Rev. Francis Knox, M.A., Minister of 
Tarves ; d. 1 862. He was a Farm Overseer at Keith-hall, 
Inverurie. Their family consisted of: 
i. Maggie, . 1854; d. 1857. 

ii. Joseph, b. 30th Jan., 1856; m. I7th Nov., 1892, 
Georgina Poison, fifth daughter of George 
Poison (younger brother of Robert Poison, 
M.D., Old Aberdeen), Farmer, Tillycairn, 
Cluny, and Ann Thomson, only daughter of 
Charles Thomson, Farmer, Kingsford, Auchter- 
less. M. A., Aberdeen University, 1882. He is 
Schoolmaster of Midmar, Aberdeenshire. Their 
family consists of: 

(i.) Joseph, b. 26th Sept., 1893. He is a Banker, 
(ii.) Ian, b. 7th Aug., 1895. He is an Engineer, 
(iii.) George, b. igth Sept., 1896. He is a Banker. 
(iv.) Anna, (v.) Kathleen. 

iii. John, b. 26th Sept., 1858; m. 3oth March, 1 888, 
Margaret Marshall, younger daughter of James 
Marshall, Farmer, Cruden, He is a Watch- 
maker and Jeweller in Aberdeen. Their family 
consists of: 

(i.) Maggie. She is a Teacher in Aberdeen, 
(ii.) John, b. 6th Aug., 1 889. He is a Watchmaker 

in Aberdeen. 

(iii.) Nellie, b, 22nd May, 1891 ; d. loth April, 1899. 
(iv.) Grace Poison, (v.) Annie Davidson. 



(vi.) Norman Marshall, b. 8th Oct., 1896. 

(vii.) Robert Forgan, 6. i8th Dec., 1898. 

(viii.) Marjorie Agnes Davidson. 
(2) John, and (3) Jane ; d. in infancy. 
(4) Elizabeth, and (5) John, who is dead. 

IV. JANET GRANT or SMITH (1769-1854). 

V. LEWIS SMITH (1804-1880;. 

VI. JAMES SMITH (1826-1863). 


(ABERLOUR, 1685- ). 

I. WILLIAM GREEN (1685-1760). 

William Green, b. about 1685 > m * before 1708 ; d. 8th June, 
1760. He resided at Kirktown, Aberlour. His family consisted of: 

1. Janet, b. 9th Nov., 1708. 

2. Margaret, b. 3rd May, 1710; d. an infant. 

3. William, b. I5th Feb., 1716. 

4. James, b. 3Oth May, 1718. 

5. ISOBEL, b. 2nd Oct., 1720; ;//. 3ist Aug., 1738, John Grant, 

Farmer, Beloin, Aberlour ; d. after 1740, of whom hereafter. 

6. Alexander, b. 7th Jan., 1725. 

7. Margaret, 6. 7th Nov., 1727; d. loth April, 1739. 

II. ISOBEL GREEN or GRANT (1720 after 1740). 

Isobel Green, b. 2nd Oct., 1720; m. 3ist Aug., 1738, John Grant, 
Farmer, Beloin, Aberlour, of whom before ; d. after 1740. Their family 
consisted of: 

i. WILLIAM, 6. loth Dec., 1740, of whom before, 

III. WILLIAM GRANT (i74o-after 1780). 

IV. JANET GRANT or SMITH (1769-1854). 
V. LEWIS SMITH (1804-1880). 

VI. JAMES SMITH (1826-1863). 




Born at Newburgh, iSth Apnl, 1804 
Died at Aberdeen, 24ih October, 1880 


(Sr CYRUS, 1686- ). 

I. WILLIAM HILL (1686-1756). 

William Hill, 6. about 1686; m. 7th June, 1709, Christian George 
(b. 1686; d. I4th April, 1754) ; d. 7th April, 1756. 

" Aprile 29, 1709. William Hill and Christian George were 
contracted in order to marriage and gave bond of continency." 

"June 7, 1709. William Hill and Christian George were married." 
{St. Cyrus Registers}. 

William Hill was Farmer at Stone of Morphie, St. Cyrus, his wife 
apparently belonging to the same district, as the name George re- 
peatedly occurs in the oldest registers at Stone of Morphie. Before 
1723 he removed to Scotstown of Kirksyde, where his three youngest 
children were born. The family consisted of: 

1. HERCULES, b. 26th March, 1710, of whom hereafter. 

2. Margaret, b. 23rd Feb., 1713. 

3. Christian, b. 1714. 

4. John, b. 20th April, 1715. 

5. Alexander, b. 27th May, 1716. 

6. James, b. 25th May, 1718. 

7. Isabel, b. 24th May, 1719. 

8. Robert, b. i5th Dec., 1723 ; m. loth June, 1750, Helen Kemlo. 

9. Janet, b. 3Oth Jan., 1726. 
10. Joseph, b. 23rd June, 1728. 

The family grave is in the Lower Churchyard of St. Cyrus, where a 
handsomely engraved stone records that William Hill died April the 
7th, 1756, aged 70 years, and that Christian George died April the 
I4th, 1754, aged 68 years. No trace has been found of the future of 
the family except the eldest, nor can the family of George be traced. 

II. HERCULES HILL (1710 before 1798,). 

Hercules Hill, b. 26th March, 1710; m. before 1750, Christian 
Mopcur (b. 1710; d. after 1755) ; d. before 1798, 



" 20 August, 1750. Hercules Hill, Wool-comber, had Christian. 
(Dunnottar Register} . 

The foregoing baptismal entry shows that Hercules Hill had left 
St. Cyrus and found his way to Stonehaven as a Wool-comber. He had 
married, before 1750, Christian Moncur (of whom nothing further is 
known), who bore him : 

1. CHRISTIAN, b. 2oth Aug., 1750, of whom hereafter. 

2. Mary, b. 7th Aug., 1753. 

3. Hercules, b. 24th Sept., 1755 ; m. before 1794; d. I3th Oct., 1818. 
The latter names appear in the Registers of St. Paul's Episcopal 

Chapel, Aberdeen, the children being baptised by Rev. Thomas Moses 
Mary in presence of Alexander Chalmers, Tailor, and John Durward, 
Mason; and Hercules in presence of John Nicol, Wool-comber, and 
John Donald, Gardener. Hercules Hill was buried in St. Nicholas 
Churchyard, i3th Oct., 1818, and had at least two children born to 
him by his wife, whose name is unknown 

(1) Catherine, b. 1794; m. William Smith, Inspector of Excise 

(b. 1785 ; d. I3th June, 1854, at Edinburgh, and was 
interred in St. Cuthbert's Churchyard) ; d, 5th Sept., 1848. 

(2) Samuel, b. 1799 ; m. I7th Jan., 1819, Janet Grant (b. 1797 ; 
d. igth June, 1863, and was interred in St. Peter's 
Cemetery, Aberdeen), daughter of Sergeant John Grant, 
Pensioner, 53rd Regiment of Foot; d. 24th Aug., 1849. 
He was a Clerk at Aberdeen Gas Works. Their family 
consisted of: 

i. Christian Chalmers, 6, I2th May, 1821. 
ii. John Grant, b. I5th Aug., 1823. 
iii, Samuel, b. i9th Feb., 1825. 

III. CHRISTIAN HILL (1750-1836). 

Christian Hill, b. aoth Aug., 1750; m. ist April, 1798; d. roth 
Aug., 1836. 

In 1770, Christian Hill gave birth to Samuel Chalmers, whose 
father was William Chalmers, M.D., a distinguished young physician 
in Aberdeen, who became in 1782 Professor of Medicine in King's 
College, Aberdeen, and died in 1792, of whom before. On ist April 1798, 



Christian Hill was married by Rev. John Bryce, Minister of Belmont 
Chapel of Ease, to, and became the second wife of, Mr. John Lamb, 
Wright and Elder, Aberdeen, who was born i/th Feb., 1737, and died 
on 24th March, 1823, at the great age of 86. From Mr. Lamb, by his 
first marriage, is descended Mr. Walter A. Reid, C.A., Aberdeen, who 
is Mr. Lamb's great-grandson. Mrs. Lamb survived till roth Aug., 
1836, when also at the age of 86 she was interred in St. Nicholas 
Churchyard, Aberdeen, in Lair D. 764, beside Mr. Lamb and the 
relatives of his first wife, Janet Ferguson, who died 22nd April, 1797, 
of whom hereafter. 

IV. SAMUEL CHALMERS (1770-1819). 


(TYNEMOUTH, 1665- ) 

I. ALEXANDER HOPPER (1665-1726). 

Alexander Hopper, b. 1665; m. before 1690, Jane (b. 1665; 

d. 6th April, 1707) ; d. ist May, 1726, and was interred in Tynemouth 
Churchyard beside his wife. 

In the Register of Tynemouth, the only detail given is " of 
Tinmouth," where his wife Jane died, 6th April, 1707. They had a 
son : 

i. CUTHBERT, b. i4th Jan., 1690, of whom hereafter. 

The Hoppers are a numerous family in the district of Newcastle, 
and in the county of Northumberland. 

II. CUTHBERT HOPPER (1690-1769). 

Cuthbert Hopper, b. I4th Jan., 1690 ; m. about 1732, Elizabeth 
(b. 1690; d. i5th April, 1774); d. 3rd April, 1769. He was a 

Farmer at Tynemouth. Their family consisted of : 

i. Jacob, b. ist July, 1734; m. 5th May, 1766, Ann Kilpatrick (b. 
about 1734 ; d. I3th Dec., 1829, aged 95) ; d. 22nd Nov., 
1778. He was a Farmer at Tynemouth. Their family 
consisted of: 



(1) John, b. 3rd May, 1767 ; m. about 1790, Susanna 

(b. 1766 ; d. 7th March, 1844) ; d. before 1844. 

(2) Dorothy, b. i6th April, 1769. 

(3) Jacob, 6. 6th Feb., 1771 ; d. an infant. 

(4) Jacob, b. 1 3th Dec., 1772. 

(5) Jane, b. i$th Nov., 1774; d. 2gth Nov., 1781. 

(6) Anne, b. 23rd Feb., 1777 ; d. 2nd April, 1823. 

2. CUTHBERT, b. 2nd Aug., 1737; m. 6th Feb., 1766, Mary Cams; 

d. 3rd Oct., 1819, of whom hereafter. 

3. Alexander, 6. 28th Tune, 1739. 

4. Ann, b. 2jth Oct., 1740 ; d. an infant. 

5. Ann, b. 2nd Aug., 1743. 

III. CUTHBERT HOPPER (1737-1819). 

Cuthbert Hopper, b. 2nd Aug., 1737 ; m. 6th Feb., 1766, Mary Cams 
(6. about 1737; d. after 1782) ; d. 3rd Oct., 1819. He was a Farmer 
on the Duke of Northumberland's estate. In 1766 he farmed about 48 
acres at Huxter's Flatt, North Cross Close, South Cross Close, and West 
Marsh or Hopper's Marsh. In North Cross Close stands the famous old 
sculptured stone called the " Monk's Stone," or " The Cross of Seaton," 
with its quaint legend. Cuthbert Hopper and Jacob Hopper, his elder 
brother, were also joint-owners of pew 80 in the Parish Church. Down 
at least to 1805, the Hoppers held lands at Tynemouth. Their family 
consisted of: 

1. Cuthbert, 6. I2th Oct., 1766; m. before 1794, Dinah Orton, of 

Chester-le-Street, near Durham (b. 1770; d. 2Oth Oct., 1821), 
He was a Farmer. Their family consisted of: 

(1) Cuthbert, b. 9th March, 1794; d. 1st Jan., 1797. 

(2) Elizabeth, 6. ist May, 1796. 

(3) Dinah, 6. 26th Dec., 1797. 

(4) Mary, b. 23rd Dec., 1798 ; d. nth July, 1800. 

(5) Eleanor, b. 5th May, 1803 ; d. I7th July, 1808. 

(6) Hannah, b. 6th March, 1805 ; d. 2$th July, 1808. 

(7) Cuthbert, b. 9th Nov., 1808; m. Ann (b. iSll ; 

d. 22nd April, 1838); d. I4th April, 1839. 

2. Jane, b. 27th Nov., 1768 ; d. 28th April, 1769. 



3. ELIZABETH, b. 8th April, 1770; m. ist Oct., 1792, Richard 

Jamson, Shipmaster, of whom hereafter; d. 28th April, 1830. 

4. Thomas, b. 8th March, 1772 ; m. 26th Aug., 1794, Ann Codling 

(b. about 1772 ; d. after 1813), of Cramlington, near New- 
castle; d. after 1813. He was a Farmer. Their family 
consisted of: 

(1) Mary, b. 22nd Feb., 1795. 

(2) Ralph, b. 4th June, 1797; m - Isabel . He was a 


(3) Isabella, 6. 26th April, 1799. 

(4) Anne, b. and Oct., 1801. 

(5) Elizabeth, b. i2th Aug., 1803. 

(6) Eleanor, &. 4th Sept., 1805. 

(7) Cuthbert, b. 2ist Oct., 1806. 

(8) Thomas, 6. 3Oth April, 1808 ; m. before 1837, Jane . 

Their family consisted of: 

i. William, b. loth June, 1837; d. zoth June, 1839. 

(9) John, b. 5th Feb., 1813 ; d. 8th June, 1814. 

5. Edward, 6. 28th Nov., 1773; d. 3ist March, 1774. 

6. Mary, b. i6th July, 1775 ; d. 2ist March, 1776. 

7. Robert, 6. i6th Feb., 1777 ; m. Jane Booth, of Bishop Auckland 

(6. 1772; d. nth Aug., 1843); d. 1 8th Oct., 1848. They 
occupied a farm at Tynemouth, and had seven children : 

(1) Robert, b. 2ist May, 1801 ; d. 3rd Jan., 1841. He was a 

Master Mariner. 

(2) Mary, 6. 1803 ; d. i6th April, 1806. 

(3) William, 6. 8th Sept., 1804; d. ijth Sept., 1829. He was 

a Mariner. 

(4) Cuthbert, b. 2ist Oct., 1806; d. i8th April, 1838. He was 

a Master Mariner. 

(5) Thomas, 6. 22nd Oct., 1808. He was a Farmer. 

(6) Ann, b. gth Nov., 1810. 

(7) Richard, b. 22nd Dec., 1813 ; d. I2th Aug., 1835. He was a 

Most of these are interred in the family grave in Tynemouth 
Priory Churchyard, where a stone records their names. 


8. Margaret, b, 28th March, 1779; d. 25th Dec., 1781. 

9. Eleanor, b. 2oth Jan., 1782. 

V. MARY JAMSON or CHALMERS (1795-1878). 

NEW DEER (c. 1660- ). 

I. ELSPET IRONSIDE (c. 1660 after 1696). 

Elspet Ironside, b. about 1660 ; m. about 1688, Alexander Wallace, 
Farmer, Auchmaledy, New Deer. Their family consisted of: 

1. ALEXANDER, b. i6th March, 1690 ; m. about 1725, Isobel Milne 

(b. ist April, 1692 ; d. after 1749) daughter of George Milne, 
Farmer, Rottencairns, New Deer, of whom hereafter; 
d. after 1749. 

2. William, b. 13th Feb., 1696. 

II. ALEXANDER WALLACE (1690 after 1749). 

III. JOHN WALLACE (1749-1813). 



of Lesmurdie, Elgin 



I. ANDREW JAMSON (1720-1774). 

" 8th Dec., 1745. Andrew Jamson and Mary Addie. 3/6." (Tyne- 
mouth Marriage Register.} 

Andrew Jamson, born about 1720, was a Farmer at Whitley, a small 
fishing village now a fashionable watering place on the Northumber- 
land Coast, 2\ miles N. of Tynemouth. On 8th Dec., 1745, he married, 
at Tynemouth Parish Church, Mary Addie (b. about 1720), daughter of 
Richard Addie, of Tynemouth (b. i6th Oct., 1702; m. 3Oth May, 1721, 
Mary Elsdon, b. i6th Nov., 1702, daughter of Anthony Elsdon, of Whitley). 
Andrew Jamson died 8th March, 1774. Their family consisted of : 
i. John, 6, I7th April, 1748; m. 3rd Jan., 1774, Anne Thompson ; 
d. 7th Jan., 1784. He was a Mariner at Cullercoats, near 
Newcastle, and had four of a family 

(i) Andrew, b. nth Dec., 1774; m. I2th Feb., 1803, Margaret 
Stephenson (b. I3th Jan., 1782; d. 23rd Dec., 1864), fifth 
daughter of Anthony Stephenson, Shipowner, North 
Shields; d. loth May, 1811. He was a Shipmaster at 
Aberdeen, and engaged in whale-fishing at Greenland, 
where he died. His body was brought to Aberdeen on his 
ship, " The Jane," and buried amid universal respect and 
regret at his early death, in the Old Churchyard at Nigg. 
The Aberdeen Journal of I4th Aug., 1811., thus refers to his 
death : "On Saturday arrived the 'Jane' of this port from 
Greenland, with 14 fish, about 120 tons. It is with great 
concern we state that Captain Andrew Jamson of the 'Jane' 
died at Greenland of a fever on the loth of May, after ten 
days' illness. Cut off in the prime of life, Captain Jamson 
is sincerely regretted by the extensive circle of his friends 
and acquaintances, by whom he will be long remembered ; 
and while those more immediately connected with him in 
business pay a just tribute to his memory by expressing 
their sense of the integrity, zeal, and activity which dis- 


tinguished his character in the discharge of the various 
duties of his situation, they cordially unite in lamenting his 
loss, which to his disconsolate widow and young family 
must be irreparable." Their family consisted of: 
i. Mary Ann, b. 8th July, 1806 ; d. I2th July, 1813. 
ii. Margaret, b. iyth April, 1809 ; m. loth Nov., 1838, 
Edward Mortimer (b. 1802 ; d. ipth May, 1864), 
Solicitor, Banff; d. 24th Sept., 1875. Their 
family consisted of: 

(i.) Edward, b. 5th March, 1847; d. 8th Feb., 1871. 
Mrs. Andrew Jamson became, on gth Nov., 1816, the second 
wife of James Nicol, Collector of Customs, Banff (b. 
25th April, 1767; m. 1789, Helen Barclay, eldest 
daughter of George Barclay, Builder, Aberdeen ; d. 
24th April, 1849). Mr. James Nicol, by his first 
marriage, had a family of two: (i) William Nicol (b. 
I5th Sept., 1790; m. 4th Jan., 1822, Margaret Dyce 
Nicol b. 25th July, 1799; d. 8th August, 1860 d. 
28th July, 1879), Merchant, Bombay, and also M.P. for 
Dover, 1859-1865. (2) James, b. loth June, 1796; 
d. 7th Oct., 1820, on his passage to Bombay. 
[Mr. James Nicol's elder brother was William Nicol, 
M.D., Stonehaven, late Surgeon. R.N.,one of whose sons, 
Mr. James Dyce Nicol of Ballogie and Badentoy, was 
M.P. for Kincardineshire, 1865-72, also D.L. and J.P., 
whose eldest son, Mr. William Edward Nicol, D.L. 
and J.P., succeeded him as Proprietor, and has written 
a history of the Nicol Family (Kincardineshire 
Branch), Lond., 1909, privately printed.} 

By his second marriage with Mrs. Andrew Jamson, Mr. 
James Nicol had a family of three : 

(i) Helen, 6. i gth Jan., 1818; m. aothjuly, 1843, 
James Crosbie (b. 1809 ; d. 7th April, 1870), 
Banker, Banff; d. 3oth July, 1903. Mr. 
Crosbie had a family of four : 


a. Margaret Nicol, m. John Andrew Maitland, 

Merchant, China. 

b. Mary, m. loth Feb., 1870, Colonel Charles 

James Johnston, V.D., D.L., J.P., of 
Lesmurdie, Manufacturer, Elgin. Their 
family consists of: 

(a) William James, 6. nth Dec., 1870; m. 

Florence Neame, of Faversham, Kent. 
He is a Major in the Royal En- 
gineers. Their family consists of: 
Charles Percy Ronald, & loth June, 

Kenneth Arthur William, 6. 2nd 

Feb., 1906. 
Florence Marjory. 

(b) Charles Ernest, b. i8th Dec., 1871 ; m. 

23rd Feb., 1909, Irene Schultz, of Gate- 
house, Kent. He served in the South 
African War, 19001, and is Hon. 
Captain in the Army and Major in the 
Scottish Horse Imperial Yeomanry 
(retired). Their family consists of 
Barbara Carol. 

(c) Leonard Crosbie, b. 5th June, 1875 ; d. 

3rd June, 1901. 

(d) Colin Macandrew, b. 3rd October, 1880. 

(e) Norman Nicol, b. 2nd June, 1885. 

c. Jamesina Nicol, m. William Kidner, Archi- 

tect, London, and has a family of Percy 
and Helen. 

d. William Nicol, b. 1853; d - 29th Dec., 1886, 

in Ceylon. 

(2) Andrew, b. 3oth Dec., 1819 ; m. 1856, Jane 
Stronach, daughter of John Stronach, of 
Muiryfold, Banffshire; d. 2yd June, 1889. 


He was a Coffee Planter in Ceylon, and a 
Member of Ceylon Legislative Council. 
They had a family of five daughters : 
a. Mary Frances, tn. 1883, Augustus Thorne, 
D.L., Merchant, London, and Barrister- 
at-Law, Middle Temple, and had a family 
of two sons and four daughters. 
6. Blanche, m. 1888, James Allan, Solicitor, 
Elgin, and had a family of three sons 
and two daughters. 

c. Margaret Dyce, m. 1889, Ernest Francis 

Messervy, Coffee Planter, Ceylon, and 
had three sons and one daughter. 

d. Alice Joanna Stronach, m. 1887, James 

Roydon Hughes, Coffee Planter, Ceylon, 
and had one daughter. 

e. Constance Isobel Lumsden, m. 1896, David 

Francis Nedham Farquharson, Manu- 
facturer, Birmingham. 
(3) James, 6. 2Oth April, 1823. It is believed he 

died in Australia. 

iii. Isobel, b. gth Oct., 1811 ; m. 2ist Jan., 1839, Francis 
Garden Sangster (b. 1807; d. I3th Sept., 1850), 
Solicitor and Bank Agent, Banff; d. 25th April, 
1881. Their family consisted of: 
(i.) Elizabeth Smith, 
(ii.) Alexander A. 
(iii.) Margaret Mary. 
(iv.) James Andrew, 6. I4th May, 1845 ; d. 2jtb 

Oct., 1846. 

(v.) Francis, 6. i6th March, 1847. 
(vi.) Edward Mortimer, 6. i8th July, 1849. 
(vii.) Henrietta Milne. 

(2) Elizabeth, 6. I2th Oct., 1777 ; d. 2nd Dec., 1778. 

(3) William, b. ig\h Dec., 1779; m. 5th Dec., 1801, Mary 

Stephenson (6. ist Sept., 1776; d. i6th Feb., 1856), fourth 


daughter of Anthony Stephenson, Shipowner, North 
Shields; d. I7th June, 1803. He was also a Shipmaster 
at Aberdeen, and engaged in whale-fishing at Greenland. 
He was Master of the ship " Fortune," of Liverpool. He 
died at Davis Strait, and was buried in Whalefish Island. 
Their family consisted of: 

i. Ann, b. 1803 ; d. 22nd May, 1868. 
(4) Mary, b. 23rd Sept., 1781. 

2. William, b. zoth Feb., 1751 ; ;#. I2th July, 1773, Margaret Sadler 

(b. 1736; d. 24th Jan., 1799); d. i6th June, 1802. He was a 
Master Mariner at Cullercoats and Whitley. They had one 
(i) Mary, b. 3ist July, 1774; d. 8th Dec., 1776. 

3. Andrew, b. 6th Jan., 1753 ; m. 2Oth Sept., 1778, Esther Swallow ; 

d. 22nd Dec., 1830. He was a Mariner at North Shields. 
They had a family of four : 

(1) Mary, b. 6th May, 1782. 

(2) Sarah, b. 6th Sept., 1784. 

(3) Margaret, b. 22nd Aug., 1790. 

(4) Hannah Esther, b. 2nd Aug., 1793 ; d. 1st Feb., 1838. 

4. Matthew (mis-named "Martha" in the Register), b. i8th Jan., 

1756; m. 24th Nov., 1774, Jane Buckham ; d. 9th May, 1787. 
He was an Innkeeper at North Shields. They had a family 
of two : 

(1) Mary, b. ist Oct., 1775. 

(2) Thomasin, b. ist June, 1777; m. 2 ist April, 1800, William 

Honeyman, Shipowner, North Shields (b. 1772 ; d. 2Oth 
July, 1818). Their family consisted of: 
i. Elizabeth, 
ii. Henry Jamson. 
iii. John. 

iv. Alice. She died 6th Dec., 1850, and was buried in 
Tynemouth Priory Churchyard. 

5. Joseph, b. 9th July, 1758, of whom nothing more is known. 

6. RICHARD, b. ist. Nov., 1759, of whom hereafter. 

7. Thomas, b, 3 ist Oct., 1762; d. 3rd Jan., 1794. He was a 

Waterman at Cullercoats. 



II. RICHARD JAMSON (1759-1836). 

Richard Jamson, b. ist Nov., 1759, at Whitley, near Newcastle; 
Tynemouth, on ist Oct., 1792, Elizabeth Hopper, in presence of Dorothy 
Hopper and Cuthbert Hopper; d. at Aberdeen, 24th Dec., 1836. 
Burgess of Guild, nth Feb., 1813. He was a Shipmaster at Tyne- 
mouth and later at Aberdeen, from which he sailed to Greenland to 
prosecute the whale-fishing. During the prosperous years he amassed 
a large fortune and retired from the sea, only to be deprived later of all 
he had when the fisheries failed. In his early life, in North Shields, he 
was pursued by a press-gang, and only escaped capture by hiding under 
a bed on which lay a corpse. Later he was caught, and served at sea 
during the American War (1776-83). Another thrilling experience in 
his life was when the whaler "Oscar" was wrecked at Greyhope Bay, near 
Girdleness, Aberdeen, on Ist April, 1813, and all her crew of 44 perished, 
except John Jamson, First Mate and Harpooner, and James Venus, 
Boatsteerer. Captain Jamson, on hearing of the wreck, crossed the Dee 
to render help, and seeing something (which he took to be the ship's 
dog) drifting inwards, put out his staff and drew it ashore. It turned 
out to be his own nephew, John Jamson. They had a family of 
twelve : 

1. Richard, b. 22nd Aug., 1793; d. 2Oth May, 1794, and was in- 

terred in the family grave in the Old Churchyard of Nigg. 

2. MARY, 6. 2ist Sept., 1795; in. 24th March, 1825, Alexander 

Wallace Chalmers, Governor of the Aberdeen Prisons of 
whom before ; d. 3rd Aug., 1878. 

3. Elizabeth, b. 2nd Oct., 1797; d. i6th April, 1867. She was 

for 25 years Matron of Robert Gordon's Hospital, Aberdeen. 

4. Eleanor, b. 5th May, 1799; d. i6th April, 1817. 

5. William, b. 2?th April, 1801 ; d. 23rd Aug., 1819. He was a 

Ship's Mate, and died at Kingston, Jamaica, of yellow fever. 

6. Richard, b. 28th June, 1803; m. 4th May, 1830, Jane Geering, 

of Jersey; d. I3th March, 1835. He was a Shipmaster, and 
died on a voyage from the West Indies, three days out from 
Barbadoes, and was buried at sea. 

7. Margaret, b. 7th June, 1805 ; d. i?th August, 1842. 





8. Cuthbert, b. nth April, 1807; m. I3th March, 1834, 

Margaret Sinclair, daughter of Laurence Sinclair, Ship- 
master, Aberdeen; d. i$th Feb., 1836. He was a Ship- 
master, and was drowned at sea with all his crew by the 
foundering of his vessel, "The Braemar," on the Goodwin 
Sands. Their family consisted of: 

(1) Margaret, b. 1835 ; d. 24th Nov., 1875, at Birmingham. 

She was a Governess in Aberdeen and elsewhere. 

(2) Elizabeth Mary, b. June, 1836; d. a week old. 
The next two children of Richard Jamson were twin. 

9. John, b. jpth July, 1809; m* 2 8th Nov., 1834, Margaret Mac- 

gregor (b. 26th Aug., 1814 ; d. I4th Nov., 1863), second 
daughter of William Macgregor, Shipmaster, Aberdeen, who 
in his time commanded the u Perseverance," " Resolution," 
" Jack Tar," " Caledonia," "Margaret Ann," and "Europa," 
all of Aberdeen ; d. 25th Sept., 1875. He was a Shipmaster 
at Aberdeen, commanding the ship " Orient." On a voyage 
from London to Aberdeen, in March, 1858, he was frost- 
bitten during a severe gale and lost the use of both his feet. 
He then retired from the sea. Their family consisted of: 

(1) Frances, b. 2nd April, 1836; d. nth June, 1837. 

(2) Elizabeth Willox, b. 2 1st Feb., 1839 ; d. 24th Feb., 1844. 

(3) Mary Chalmers, b. I9th March, 1842 ; m. i5th Sept., 1868, 
James Walker (b. 26th Jan., 1842), Shipmaster, Aberdeen. 
Captain Walker sailed from New York, on loth June, 1890, 
on board the full-rigged ship " The Ravenshall," of London, 
bound for Calcutta with a cargo of oil. The vessel was 
spoken in July off the River Plate, but was never again 
heard of. They had two daughters : 

i. Mary Jamson. She is a Teacher of Modern Languages. 
She was Town Council Gold Medallist, 1896, at 
Aberdeen High School for Girls, and is an LL.A. of 
St. Andrews University. 

ii. Christina Macgregor. She is a Teacher of Modern 
Languages. She graduated M.A., with Honours in 
Modern Languages, at Aberdeen University, 1911. 



(4) William Richard, b. I7th Oct., 1844 ; d. apth Nov., 1874. 
He was a Shipmaster, and was lost in a great gale in the 
Bay of Biscay when sailing as Second Officer of the steamship 
" La Plata," bound for Brazil with a telegraph cable. Of 
the crew of 75, only 15 were saved. A brass tablet in St. 
Paul's Cathedral, London, commemorates the disaster. 

10. Jane, b. ipth July, 1809 ; d. I4th Sept., 1810. 

11. Thomasin, b. 28th May, 1811 ; d. 22nd Aug., 1898. She was a 

Lady Companion, and went out to India with Miss Harriet 
Boycott Forbes, of N ewe, Aberdeenshire. Later, she entered 
the household of General Sir Thomas Macmahon, Bart., G.C.B., 
Commander-in-Chief of the Bombay Army, with whom she 
remained till Lady Macmahon's death in 1866. Thereafter, 
she was in the service of Lady Clayton East of Hall Place, 
Berks, till 1876. Advancing age led her to return to Aberdeen, 
where she died at the age of 87 years. 

12. Jane, 6. 8th April, 1813; m. 23rd April, 1834, William Drysdale 

(b. pth Sept., 1801; d. 6th March, 1838), Shipmaster, Kin- 

cardine-on-Forth; d. 24th Sept., 1866. After her husband's 

death Mrs. Drysdale became Housekeeper to Lieutenant- 

General Lord Saltoun, K.C.B., K.T., at Philorth, Fraserburgh, 

and later was for some years Housekeeper to His Grace the 

Archbishop of Canterbury (Dr. Sumner), at Lambeth Palace, 

London. She was also for a time in the household of Lord 

Mayo, who was assassinated in 1872, by a convict in the 

Andaman Islands, while Viceroy of India. They had one son, 

(i) William Richard, b. 26th Aug., 1835; m * J 9 tn March, 1868, 

Susan Newby, eighth daughter of Charles and Rebecca 

Newby, Ice Merchant, City of London : d. 8th March, 

1895, and was buried in Kensal Green Cemetery, London. 

He was educated at Robert Gordon's Hospital, Aberdeen, 

and was a Shipbroker in London. 

III. MARY JAMSON or CHALMERS (1795-1878). 





Born 5th September, 1750 
Died i6th October, 1774 



(KlLDRUMMY, about 1650- ). 

I. ALEXANDER KER (1650 after 1696). 

Alexander Ker, b. about 1650; m. before 1674, Anna Gordon; d. 
after 1696. 

In the " List of Tollable Persons within the Shire of Aberdeen, 
1696," occur the following entries under the Parish of Kildrummy : 


" Alexander Ker, tennent ther, and Anna Gordon his spouse, poll, 
3 I2s. od. 

" Alexander, James, and Arthur Kers, his sons, their generall poll is 

o 1 8s. od. 

" Sophia, Elizabeth, and Margaret Kers, his daughters, their generall 
poll is 01 8s. od." 

If the conjecture is correct that George Ker (of whom hereafter) 
was also a son of Alexander Ker, but absent from home when the poll 
was taken, then the family of the gentleman and tenant of Drumna- 
hoove (now called Drumnahive), consisted of: 

1. GEORGE, b. about 1674, of whom hereafter. 

2. Alexander, 6. about 1676, Farmer, in Culsh of Kildrummy, who 

was alive in 1734. 

3. Sophia, b. about 1678, who married in 1704, John Forbes, of 

Templeton, Kildrummy (b. 24th Jan., 1680). Their family 
consisted of: 

(1) Barbara, b. 28th June, 1709. 

(2) John, 6. Qth Aug., 1711. 

(3) Elizabeth, b. 6th March, 1714; m. 1741, William Fergusson, 
of Tarland) Aberdeenshire (b. 1714; d. ijth May, 1767); 
d. 1 9th April, 1782. Their family consisted of: 

i. Hary, 6. 1742 ; ii. Barbara, b. 1744; Hi. John, b. 1746. 
iv. ROBERT, b. 5th Sept., 1750; d. i6th Oct., 1774. 
Robert Fergusson will ever be remembered as one 
of the greatest of Scottish Poets, whose highest dis- 
tinction was that he inspired Robert Burns, Scot- 


land's greatest poet. The latter, in gratitude for 
his gifts and in regret for Fergusson's early and 
untimely death, erected at his own expense in the 
Canongate Churchyard, Edinburgh not far from 
the grave of Adam Smith, the author of " The 
Wealth of Nations " a handsome tombstone thus 
inscribed : 

Here lies 

Born September 5th, 1750. 
Died October i6th, 1774. 

No Sculptured Marble here nor pompous lay, 

No Storied Urn nor animated Bust, 
This simple Stone directs Pale Scotia's way 

To pour her Sorrows o'er her Poet's Dust. 

The reverse is inscribed : 

By special grant of the Managers to 

Robert Burns, who erected this 

Stone, this Burial place is to remain for 

Ever sacred to the memory of 

Robert Fergusson. 
[The erroneous date 1751 is given on the stone], 

v. Margaret, 6. 1753 ; m. Alexander Duval, who was a 

Purser in the Royal Navy. 
After her husband's death in 1767, Mrs. William Fergusson 

married Alexander Davidson, Bookseller, Edinburgh. 
4. Elizabeth, 6. about 1680; m. about 1702, Rev. Andrew Ker, 
M.A. (d. 3rd March, 1751), fourth son of Rev. Alexander 
Ker, M.A., Minister of Grange; d. 26th Oct., 1736. He was 
elected Schoolmaster of Grange, 26th April, 1691, and con- 
tinued to teach till Sept., 1694. He was, in 1701, ordained and 
inducted to the Parish of Walls and Flotta, Orkney, from which, 
on 2nd March, 1704, he was translated to the Second Charge of 
Kirkwall the famous Cathedral. On 5th March, 1706, he 
was re-translated to Walls and Flotta, but never inducted, 
owing to the poverty of the stipend. Finally, on 5th Dec., 
1722, he was translated to Rathven, Banffshire, where he died 
on 3rd March, 1751. His family consisted of: 



(1) William. 

(2) Isobel, b, 23rd July, 1706. 

(3) Andrew, 6. I7th March, 1709. 

(4) George, b. 8th Feb., 1712. 

(5) Elizabeth, b. after 1712; m. 5th Feb., 1729, Rev. Walter 

Morison, M.A. (6. 1692 ; d. igth Jan., 1780), Minister of 
Deskford, Banffshire. Their family consisted of: 
i. Elizabeth, b. 29th April, 1731. 
ii. Janet, b. i7th July, 1732. 

iii. Sarabella, 6. I4th Aug., 1733; m. (ist) 2ist Dec., 
1754, Rev. Harie Gordon, Minister of Ardersier 
(d. 15th March, 1764) ; d. 3rd Jan., 1811. Their 
family consisted of:-- 
(i.) Alexander, d. in Tobago, aged 26. 
(ii.) George, Barrister, London. 

(iii.) Abercromby, b. 1758 ; m. 23rd Dec., 1793, Janet 
Dunbar (b. 1764; d. 28th May, 1824), daughter 
of William Dunbar, of Nether Buckie; d. I2th 
March, 1821. He was Minister of Banff, 1793- 
1821. Their family consisted of : 
a. Sarabella, 6. 2oth Sept., 1798; d. igth July, 

1857, at Bath - 

6. William, 6. 5th Aug.. 1800 ; d. 23rd April, 
1831, at London, aged 29, in consequence of 
a fall from his horse. 

c. Henry George, b. 2^th Dec., 1801; m. Mary 
Ann Alexander (d. 1 890), daughter of Provost 
George Alexander, Banff; d. at Boulogne, 
7th June, 1883. He was Governor and 
Chief Manager of the Oriental Bank, London, 
and proprietor of Killiechassie, Perth. He 
had one son, Henry Panmure Gordon (1837- 
1902), the well-known Stockbroker, and one 
daughter, Georgina, b. in India, 28th Nov., 



d. Abercromby Lockhart, 6. 1 80 1; m. (1st), 28th 

Oct., 1833, his first cousin, Belinda Jane 
Dunbar (d. 1840), daughter of Major H. 
Dunbar, of Burn, Portsoy ; d. 1 7th March, 
1873. He was Minister of Greyfriars Parish, 
Aberdeen, 1826-1843, when he joined the 
Free Church. He married (2nd), 2oth Dec., 
1842, Ann Brougham (d. 1874), widow of 
John Edwards Vivian. 

e. Margaret, b. 1st May, 1805 ; d. 9th April, 

1849, at Newington, Edinburgh. 
/. Janet, 6. 3Oth April, 1807 ; d. 1873. 
(iv.) Pryse Lockhart, b. 23rd April, 1762 ; m. (1st), in 
1787, Eliza Browne (d. 1794), daughter of 
Colonel John Browne, of the Marines ; m. (2nd), 
28th Jan., 1800, Margaret Fairs (d. 1850), 
widow of Captain Thomas Gorges ; d. 2nd 
Sept., 1845, at Cheltenham. He was a Major 
in the North British Fencible Regiment. He 
published two books, "Personal Memoirs," 2 
vols., London, 1830, and u Belgium and Hol- 
land," 2 vols., London, 1834, describing his 
travels and experiences there. His family 
consisted of: 

a. William Abercromby, Lieutenant, Royal Artil- 

lery; d. 30th Sept., 1808, at Cheltenham. 

b. George Huntly, Amanuensis to Sir Walter 

Scott ; d. 27th Dec., 1 868, at Inverness, 
leaving an only son, Huntly Pryse, in the 
Madras Civil Service, who married, in 1862, 
Hester Elizabeth Perrin, of Kildare Lodge, 
Athy, and niece of Mr. Justice Perrin, who 
bore him George Huntly, Huntly Pryse, and 
Kathleen Hester Gordon. 

c. Bella. 



1^4 TjrJ.Swaa Gill, 



d. Jane Maxwell, m. loth Sept., 1818, Edward 

Coxwell, of Ablington House, Gloucester, 
(v.) A daughter. 

Mrs. Sarabella Gordon tn. (2nd), I4th June, 1785, Rev. 
Walter Chalmers, Minister of Deskford (6. 1744; 
d. 20th Dec., 1828) ; d. 3rd Jan., 1811. 
iv. Colin, b. 1 8th Jan., 1735. M.A., King's College, 2nd 

April, 1752. He was an Artist in Rome, 
v. Theodore, b. 25th Feb., 1737. 
vi. Alexander, 6. I3th June, 1738. 
vii. Walter, b. I5th Aug., 1739. 
viii. Patrick, 6. 3oth March, 1741. 

5. Margaret, 6. i6th Oct., 1682. 

6. James, b. 22nd Aug., 1683; m. 1704, Jean Alexander, daughter 

of Rev. John Alexander, Minister of Kildrummy. The latter 
was an M.A. of St. Andrews, 27th July, 1661. On i6th Jan., 
1668, Mr. Alexander (having been licensed 2ist May, 1666, 
by George, Bishop of Edinburgh, after studying at St. Salva- 
tor's College, St. Andrews) was ordained to the Parish of 
Creich. On 28th May, 1682, he was translated to Kildrummy, 
but deposed by the Presbytery of Alford, 3rd April, 1717, for 
praying for the Pretender and joining the Jacobite rebels. 
He died, Aug., 1717, aged about 76. A son, John, born to 
him by his wife Anna Gordon, studied at Marischal College, 
1706-1710, was Milne Bursar, 1707-1710, and took the degree 
of M.A. He was a Presbyter at Alloa, and was consecrated 
Non-Juring Bishop of Dunkeld, gth Aug., 1743. 

James Ker, whose father, Alexander Ker, had been an Elder 
in Kildrummy before 1 680, was a Farmer at Mains of 
Kildrummy,and died in 1734. His family consisted of: 

(1) Anna, 6. 2ist May, 1705 ; d. May, 1724. 

(2) Jean, b. i$th Jan., 1707 ; d. an infant. 

After the death of Mr. James Ker, his widow married 

Alexander Tower. 
7. Arthur, b. 8th Sept., 1685 5 1709; d. 1734. He was a Farmer 

at Wester Clova, Kildrummy. Their family consisted of : 
(i) Margaret, b. 9th May, 1710; d. an infant. 



(2) Isobel, 6. 1 5th Nov., 1711 ; d. after 1734. 

(3) Jean, 6. aoth May, 1713 ; d. an infant. 
^4) Anna, 6. ipth June, 1714 ; d. an infant. 

III. GEORGE KER (c. 1674 before 1724). 

George Ker, 6. about 1674; m - before 1710, Agnes Anderson 
(d. about 1745) ; d. before 1724. He was a Farmer at Drumnahive 
Kildrummy. Their family consisted of: 

1. JEAN, b. 8th Jan., 1710 ; m. about 1740, John Chalmers, Wright, 

Aberdeen, of whom before (page 7) ; d. 23rd Aug., 1776. 

2. Alexander, b. ijth Oct., 1711, and who was alive in 1724. 

3. Margaret, b. 3rd July, 1713, and who was alive in 1745. 

About 1724, Mrs. George Ker was married to Robert Lumsden, 
Drumnahive, Kildrummy, and seems to have died about 1745. On 
27th June, 1745, Factory was granted in Aberdeen Sheriff Court to 
John Chalmers to uplift Margaret's bairn's gear from Robert Lumsden, 
whose last spouse was " Ann Adamson " should read " Agnes 

IV. JEAN KER or CHALMERS (1710-1776). 
V. WILLIAM CHALMERS (1746-1792). 
VI. SAMUEL CHALMERS (1770-1819). 


(GLAMIS, c. 1665 ). 

I. JOHN KINNKAR (c. 1665 after 1697). 

John Kinnear, /'.about 1665; m. before 1689; Rafter 1697. He 
was a Farmer in Hatton of the Glen, Glamis, Forfarshire. His family 
consisted of: 

1. Margaret, b. 24th April, 1689 J m > Mth Aug., 1713, John Dewchar. 

2. John, b. 2nd Nov., 1690 ; 3. David, b. 24th Feb., 1693. 

4. James, b. 3Oth Sept., 1694. 

5. ISOBELL, b. 1 4th Dec., 1697, of whom hereafter. 



II. ISOBELL KINNHAR (1697 after 1736). 

Isobell Kinnear, b. I4th Dec., 1697; m. 2nd June, 1725, John 
Spalding (b. 1699; */. loth May, 1768), Wright, Gallowfauld, Inverarity, 
Forfarshire. Their family consisted of: 

i. Janet, b. 25th March, 1726; 2. John, b. 26th Dec., 1727. 

3. Ann, b. 2Oth July, 1730 ; m. 2Oth Aug., 1765, Andrew Cook. 

4. Alexander, b. 26th April, 1732. 

5. JAMES, b. 28th Nov., 1736; m. \g\\\ Aug., 1762, Jean Ormond 

(b. about 1736; d. after 1778) ; d. after 1778, of whom hereafter. 

III. JAMES SPALDING (1736 after 1778). 

IV. JAMES SPALDING (1766-1851). 

V. MARY SPALDING or SMITH (1806-1882). 
VI. JAMES SMITH (1826-1863). 

(NEW DEER, c. 1660- ). 

I. GEORGE MILNE (c. 1660-1695). 

George Milne, b. about 1660 ; m. about 1683, Margaret Ross 
(b. about 1660; d. after 1700), of whom hereafter; */.*26th Nov. 1695, 
and buried at New Deer. He was a Farmer in Rottencairns, New 
Deer. Their family consisted of: 

i. George, b. i6th Aug., 1684; 2 - William, b. i8th Feb., 1688. 
3. Elspet, b. 3Oth March, 1690; 4. Janet, b. 2ist March, 1691. 
5. ISOBELL, b. ist April, 1692 ; m. about 1725, Alexander Wallace 
(b. i6th March, 1690 ; d. after 1749), Farmer in Whytstones, 
New Deer; d. after 1749, of whom hereafter. 

II. ISOBELL MILNE or WALLACE (1692 after 1749). 

Isobell Milne, b. ist April, 1692 ; m. about 1725, Alexander Wallace, 
Farmer, Whytstones, New Deer, of whom hereafter ; d. after 1749. 

" ist April, 1692. George Milln in Rottencairns had a daughter 
brought forth be Margaret Ross, his wife, and was baptised upon the 
5th day of April, named ISOBELL. Isobell Ross in tyrrie parish and 



Isobell Milln in Ellon ; John Bruce at the New Milne and William 
Bannerman at Mill of Cairnbanno witnesses." (New Deer Register). 

III. JOHN WALLACE (1749-1813). 




(INVERARITY, c. 1736- ), 

I. JEAN ORMOND (c. 1736 after 1778). 

Jean Ormond, b. about 1736; m. ipth Aug., 1762, James 
Spalding (b. 28th Nov., 1736 ; d. after 1778), Farmer, Gallovvfauld, 
Inverarity ; d. after 1778. Their family consisted of: 

i. Agnes, b. 3rd Aug., 1762; 2. Isobel, b. I7th Aug., 1764. 
3. JAMES, b. 28th Oct., 1766 ; m. ist June, 1790, Maria Lyon Ross 
(b. 22nd Sept., 1771; d. 24th Jan., 1855), daughter of James 
Ross, Farmer, Balnamoon, Glamis ; d. I4th Aug., 1851, of 
whom hereafter. 

II. JAMES SPALDING (1766-1851). 
III. MARY SPALDING or SMITH (1806-1882). 
IV. JAMES SMITH (1826-1863). 


(ABERDEEN, (c. 1665- ). 

I. JAMES Ross (c. 1665 after 1690). 

James Ross, b. about 1665 ; in. about 1689; d. after 1690. He was 
a Farmer in Aberdeen. His family consisted of: 

i. MARGARET, b. ist Aug., 1690; m. 26th April, 1714, Robert 
Elmslie -(b. 1 8th Nov., 1688; d. 2ist Jan,, 1764) ; //.after 1718, 
of whom before (page 1 7). 
II. MARGARET Ross or ELMSLIE (1690 after 1718). 








(GLAMIS, C. 1745- ) 

I. JAMES Ross (c. 1745 after 1771). 

fames Ross, 6. about 1745; in. before 1769; d. after 1771. He 
was a Farmer in Balnamoon, Glamis. His family consisted of: 

1. David, b. 7th Nov., 1769. 

2. MARIA LYON, b. 22nd Sept., 1771 ; m. ist June, 1790, James 

Spalding (b. 28th Oct., 1766; d. I4th Aug., 1851), Ironfounder, 
Inverarity ; d. 24th Jan., 1855, of whom hereafter. 

II. MARIA LYON Ross or SPALDING (1771-1855). 

III. MARY SPALDING or SMITH (1806-1882). 

IV. JAMES SMITH (1826-1863). 


(NEW DEER, c. 1660- ). 

I. MARGARET Ross (c. 1660 after 1700). 

Margaret Ross, b. about 1660 ; m. about 1683, George Milne 
(6. about 1660 ; d. 26th Nov., 1695), Farmer in Rottencairns, New Deer ; 
d. after 1700. Their family consisted of: 

i. George, b. i6th Aug., 1684; 2. William, 6. i8th Feb., 1688. 

3. Elspet, b. 3oth March, 1690; 4. Janet, b. 2ist March, 1691. 

5. ISOBELL, b. ist April, 1692; m. about 1725, Alexander Wallace 
(b. i6th March, 1690; d. after 1749), Farmer, Whytstones, New Deer, 
of whom hereafter; d. after 1749. 

II. ISOBELL Ross or WALLACE (1692 after 1749). 

III. JOHN WALLACE (1749-1813). 







(BELHELVIE, c. 1590- ). 

I. THOMAS SMITH (c. 1590 after 1615). 

Thomas Smith, b. about 1590; m. about 1613 ; d. after 1615. He 
was a Farmer at Laingseat, Belhelvie, Aberdeenshire. His family 
consisted of: 

i. JAMES, b. about 1615, of whom hereafter. 

II. JAMES SMITH (c. 1615 after 1640). 

James Smith, b. about 1615 ; m. 12th March, 1637, Marjorie Mill(^. 
after 1640), daughter of Thomas Mill, Farmer at Leuchlands, Belhelvie ; 
d. after 1640. He was a Farmer at Laingseat, Belhelvie. 

" March 12, 1637. Quhilk day in presence of Master David Lindsay, 
Parsone of Belhelvie, compeared James Smith, sonne lawful to Thomas 
Smith in Laingseat, and was contracted in marriage with Marjorie 
Mill, daughter to Thomas Mill sometime in Leuchlands, and they both 
obliged themselves to accomplish their marriage within 40 days after 
proclamation of their bands no impediment being found, and in the 
meantime to abstain from carnal dealings and not to have a penny 
bridell under the pain of ten pounds. Thomas Smith cautioner for the 
man, and Patrick Mill cautioner for the woman." (Belhelvie Register). 
Their family consisted of : 

i. JOHN, b. about 1640, of whom hereafter. 

III. JOHN SMITH (c. 1640-1717). 

John Smith, b. about 1640; m. about 1670; d. 24th Oct., 1717. 
He was a Farmer at Laingseat, Belhelvie. His family consisted of: 
i. ALEXANDER, b. about 1675, of whom hereafter. 

IV. ALEXANDER SMITH (c. 1675-1735). 

Alexander Smith, b. about 1671; ; m. before 1696 ; d. 4th Oct., 1735. 
He was a Farmer at Laingseat, Belhelvie. In the Poll-Book of 1696, 
the general poll on the estate of the Earl of Panmure of himself and 
wife is given at ias. His family consisted of: 

i. George, b. 25th Jan., 1702 ; 2. Margaret, b. 27th Feb., 1707. 

3. WILLIAM, /;. ipth June, 1709, of whom hereafter. 

4. Jean, b. I4th June, 1712. 


Mrs. James Hobb Hay 



Mrs. Alexander Walker 






(1841-1883) (1827-1905) Mrs. Gray or Cowie 



V. WILLIAM SMITH (1709-1750). 

William Smith, b. igth June, 1709 ; m. 2Oth July, 1738, Elizabeth 
Ferguson (d. after 1750) ; d. 8th June, 1750. He was a Farmer at 
Laingseat, Belhelvie. Their family consisted of: 
J. William, b. 3oth Sept., 1739; ^ an infant. 

2. Elizabeth, b. 5th April, 1741. 

3. ALEXANDER, b. 8th May, 1743, of whom hereafter. 

4. John, b. 12th May, 1745 ; 5. Barbara, b. 2Oth Dec., 1747. 

6. William, b. 5th Aug., 1750. "The said day Elizabeth Ferguson 
in Laingseat, her husband being dead, had a son baptised 
called William. George Smith in Drumhead, brother to the de- 
ceased William Smith, became sponsor." (Belhelvie Register}. 

VI. ALEXANDER SMITH (1743-1773). 

Alexander Smith, b. 8th May, 1743 ; m. 26th Aug., 1764, Elspet 
Muire, Foveran (6. about 1742; d. after 1770); d. 28th Oct., 1773. 
He was a Farmer at Leyton, Belhelvie, on the estate of Menie. Their 
family consisted of: 

1. JAMES, b. 4th Nov., 1766, of whom hereafter. 

2. William 6. i;th Sept., 1768 ; d. 9th Feb., 1809. 

3. Margaret, b. 6th June, 1770: d. 2nd June, 1773. 

VII. JAMES SMITH (1766-1808). 

James Smith, 6. 4th Nov., 1766 ; m. I4th May, 1803, Janet Grant 
(6. 1 5th June, 1769 ; d. igth Nov., 1854), elder daughter of William 
Grant, Farmer, Mickle Tillylair, Aboyne, of whom before ; d. 7th May, 
1808, and was buried at Belhelvie. He was a Tailor and Clothier at 
Newburgh, and at Bridge of Don. Their family consisted of: 

1. LEWIS, 6. i8th April, 1804, of whom hereafter. 

2. James, 6. 30th March, 1806, and baptised at Bridge of Don by 

the Rev. James Templeton, M.A., Minister of the Anti- 
burgher Congregation in Aberdeen, before Alexander Smith, 
his grandfather, and George Sangster, witnesses ; d. 28th 
March, 1807, and was buried at Belhelvie. After the death 
of her husband, Mrs. James Smith married, 22nd June, 
1808, George Cruickshank (b. 27th Dec., 1762 ; d. 4th Aug., 
1813), Wright, Aberdeen, and a native of Belhelvie, by 



whom she had no family, and whom she survived. He was 
buried at Belhelvie, and she was buried in Nellfield Cemetery, 
in the family grave bought there by her son, Lewis Smith. 

VIII. LEWIS SMITH (1804-1880). 

Lewis Smith, b. i8th April, 1804, at Mill of Newburgh, Foveran, 
and baptised by the Rev. William Duff, M.A., Minister of Foveranf 
7/2. 6th Oct., 1823, within the upper room in the South Porch of St. 
Machar Cathedral, by the Rev. Dr. Skene Ogilvy, to Mary Spalding 
(6. I4th Nov., 1806 ; d. 2nd May, 1882), third daughter of James 
Spalding, Ironfounder, Grandholm, of whom hereafter ; d. 24th Oct., 
1880. He was apprenticed in his tenth year to Mr. David Wyllie, 
Bookseller and Stationer, Aberdeen, and in his eighteenth year he set 
up business on his own account at the shop adjoining the gate of 
Marischal College. His shop became the rendezvous of most of the 
eminent men of Aberdeen and the North, and he became intimate with 
the Proprietors, Clergy, Doctors, and Schoolmasters of the surrounding 
counties. Dr. John Hill Burton, Dr. Joseph Robertson, Dr. Kilgour, 
the Principals and Professors of King's and Marischal Colleges were 
among his patrons ; and he published many local books and pamphlets. 
Among the many works published by Lewis Smith, his eldest son 
James and his youngest son Isaac both of whom were at 
different times his partners may be named the following : 

'The Aberdeen Censor" (1825); "The Deeside Guide" (1829^); "The Aberdeen 
Magazine" (1831); " Jamie Fleeman " (1835) ; " Dunnottar Castle " ( 1835) ; "The 
Book of Bon- Accord " (1839) ; "The Donside Guide" (1844); " Pratt 's Buchan " 
(1858) ; " Speyside" (1860) ; " The Aberdeen Saturday Post and Northern Counties 
Chronicle " (1861) a newspaper which lived 15 weeks, published by James Smith, 
eldest son and partner of Lewis Smith; "Legends of the Braes O' Mar "(1861); 
"The Druids" (1861); "Tamlane" and "John O' Arnha' " (1862); "Peter 
Williamson " (1865) ; " Aberdeen Fifty Years Ago (1869) ; " Shetland " (1871) ; 
"The Northern Psalter " (1872) ; " Hclenore " (1874); "New History of Aber- 
deenshire," 2 vols. (1875), Pocket Map of City of Aberdeen ; Wall Map of Aber- 
deenshire ; "Past and Present of Aberdeenshire " (1881) ; "Waifs of Rhyme" 
(1887) ; " Tourist Guide to the Athole and Breadalbane Highlands of Perthshire 
"(1890); "Benachie" (1890); "Strath- spey" (1902); "The Popular Dream 
Book "(1905). 

Burgess of Guild, 23rd Jan., 1827. He bought the estate of Marybank, 
Maryculter, and built the mansion-house there. On ist Nov., 1836, he 
entered the Town Council, being elected for the First Ward, and 








(1847-1865) (1850-1902) 

(William Leith Smith, his fifth son, was born in 1833 and died in 1865) 


defeating Mr. Middleton Rettie, Jeweller. He took an active share in 
Municipal affairs (1836-77), and filled all the Council offices except the 
Lord Provostship, which he declined. Master of Guild Brethren's 
Hospital, 1837-8, and 1850-3 ; Master of Mortifications, 1838-9 ; Fourth 
Baillie, 1853-4 ; Second Baillie, 1854-5, and 1856-7 ; Third Baillie, 
1855-6; First Baillie, 1857-8; Councillor, 7th Sept., to ist Dec., 1868, 
in room of a Councillor resigned ; Dean of Guild, 1871-3 ; Fifth Baillie, 
1873-4 J Treasurer, 1874-7. He was a Commissioner to the Conven- 
tion of Royal Burghs, 1875-7. He interested himself in the educational 
and philanthropic work of the city, as well as in politics. An intimate 
friend of Mr. John Farley Leith, M.P., he did much to assist his return 
as a Liberal. His devotion to business was equalled only by his love 
for the city, whose prosperity and fame he did so much to advance. 
His portrait, an oil-painting, by Sir George Reid, late P.R.S.A., and 
presented to him by his fellow-citizens, hangs in the Council Chamber. 
At his death he was awarded a public funeral, attended by the Lcrd 
Provost and Magistrates and a great concourse of leading citizens, and 
was interred in the family grave in Nellfield Cemetery. Their family 
consisted of : 

I. Mary, b. 4th Aug., 1824 > m ' 3 r ^ Sept., 1846, James Hobb Hay 
(6. 1822 ; d. 2nd Nov. 1882), of the firm of J. & J. Hay, 
Carvers and Gilders to Her Majesty Queen Victoria ; d. 8th 
Dec., 1894. Their family consisted of: 
(i) Mary Ann, m. loth Sept., 1863, George Miller Robertson 
(b. gth Nov., 1842), son of Samuel Robertson, Currie. near 
Edinburgh, and now a Contractor in Melbourne. Their 
family consists of : 

i. Samuel Lewis, Architect, London, who is married to 
Annie Austey, of Lincoln. They have a family 
of Angus and Marie. 

ii. George, Merchant, Perth, Western Australia, who 
is married to Minnie Wardle, of New York. 
They have a family of Evelyn. 

iii. Mary Smith, m. 24th July, 1895, Andrew Gordon, 
Solicitor, Edinburgh, son of Alexander Gordon, 
Farmer, Oldtown, Roseisle, Duffus, and Jane 


Brown, daughter of William Brown, Burghead, 
Morayshire. He is Quarter-Master and Hon. 
Captain in the gth Battalion The Royal Scots 
(Lothian Regiment;. Their family consists of: 
(i.) William Finlay, b. i5th July, 1896. 
(ii.) Stanley Alexander, b. gth Feb., 1903. 
(iii.) Hilda Mary. 

iv. Elizabeth Laura, m. Clarence Cole, Banker, Mel- 
bourne. They have a family of James (d. an 
infant), Basil and George. 

v. Annie Mitchell. 

vi. Henry Hay, b. 22nd March, 1878, Accountant, 
Western Australia. He is married, and has 
three children. 

vii. Stanley Gladstone, who is an Ironmonger. 

(2) Elizabeth Brodie, b. 27th July, 1849; m. 3rd June, 1870, 

Charles Walker, Merchant, Aberdeen, a younger brother 

of Lord Provost James Walker, D.L., of Richmondhill, 

Aberdeen ; d. i ith Oct., 1 899. Their family consisted of: 

i. Mary Hay, m. Joseph Coutts, retired Banker, Kaim 

Park, Bathgate. Their family consists of: 
(i.) Mary. 

Mrs. Charles Walker married, as her second husband, 
Angus Macdonald, Merchant, Trinity, Edinburgh. 

(3) Henry Smith, b. 26th March, 1857 '> m * Cecilia Grapes, 

London. He is a Slate Merchant in London. Their 
family consists of: 

i. Dorothy ; ii, Raymond ; iii. Brodie. 

(4) Helen, m. Edward Charles Symons, of Chat Moss, Bexhill- 

on-Sea, Sussex. He has a Boarding House there. 

(5) Janet, m. Clement Green, Mill Overseer, Snowtown, 

Kapunda, South Australia. 

2. JAMES, b. i5th Jan., 1826, of whom hereafter. 

3. John Rae, b. i4th Nov., 1827; m. 23rd Aug., 1855, Isabella 

Fiddes (b. 1834; d. 8th Sept., 1897), eldest daughter of 
William Fiddes, M.D., Overhill, Belhelvie, and Elspet Barbara 


Painted by Sir Georye field, V./l.S.A 


(Mrs. Alexander Walker) 

Born at Aberdeen, I7th March, 1835 
Died at Aberdeen, 17th February, 1899 


Mitchell, and niece of David Mitchell, Advocate, Aberdeen ; 
d. 28th Aug., 1905. He was a Bookseller and Stationer in 
Aberdeen. Burgess of Guild, 2nd Nov., 1868. Their 
family consisted of: (i) Isabella. (2) Maria Mitchell, d. 
3rd Jan., 1904, aged 46 years. (3) Jane Elsy. (4) William 
Fiddes ; he is a Stationer in Aberdeen. (5) John Rae ; he 
is a Stationer in Aberdeen. (6) Eleanor. (7) Lewis, d. 28th 
May, 1866, aged 3 months. (8) Francis George ; he is an 
Insurance Clerk. (9) Jessie Fiddes, d. 6th Aug., 1868, aged 
7 days. (10) Edward; he is an Accountant in Middles- 
borough, Yorkshire, (n) Norman, d. 3rd Sept., 1873, a S e d 
15 months. (12) Richard: he is a Bookseller in Aberdeen. 
(13) Walter, d. 25th July, 1877, aged 3 months. (14) Alfred, 
d. 1 2th Aug., 1879, aged u weeks. 

4. Lewis, 6. 3rd Sept., 1829 ; d. 8th Dec., 1909. He was a Book- 

seller in Aberdeen, but was in weak health from his 
eighteenth year to his death. 

5. Henry Constable, b. 23rd May, 1831 ; m. Eliza Denbigh,. 

daughter of Alexander John Denbigh, Merchant, London ; 
d. 28th May, 1907. He was a Linen Merchant in London. 
Burgess of Guild, 2nd May, 1875. Their family consisted 
of: (i) Clara Mary. (2) Henry Vagliano ; he is a Linen 
Merchant in London, was married to a Miss Sayers (now 
dead), of London, and has one daughter. (3) Eliza Fernie- 
(4) Kathleen Agnes Denbigh. (5) Julia Rowlett. (6) Lewis 
Valentine. He is married, and has two children. He went out 
to Vladivostock, Siberia, where he is engaged in the Tea 
Trade with his uncle, Mr. Denbigh. (7) Margaret, who is 

6. William Leith, 6. 1st April, 1833, and baptised by, as well as 

named after, the Rev. William Leith, M.A., Minister of the 
South Parish (1825-32) ; d. 8th Dec., 1865. He was a 
Merchant in Aberdeen. 

7. Jean Thomson, 6. i7th March, 1835; m - 2 ^th Aug., 1861, 

Alexander Walker (b. 3rd April, 1825 ; d. loth Feb., 1903), 
Merchant in Aberdeen ; d. I7th Feb., 1899. 



Alexander Walker was the second son of William 
Walker, Wine and Tea Merchant, Aberdeen. A pupil of 
Aberdeen Grammar School, under the famous Rector, Dr. 
James Melvin. Burgess of Guild, 3rd Jan., 1854. Dean of 
Guild, 4th Nov., 1873, to 2n ^ Nov., 1880, succeeding Lewis 
Smith, his father-in-law. F.S.A. Scot., 1874. LL.D., 
Aberdeen University, 1895. Elder, West Parish Church, 
1869. An intimate friend of Sir George Reid, late P.R.S.A., 
and one of his earliest patrons. A lover of Art, Literature, 
Education, and Philanthropy, and a devoted citizen. His 
portrait, drawn at a single sitting by the famous Legros, 
hangs in Aberdeen Art Gallery. In politics, an enthusiastic 
Unionist. Among the numerous institutions he served were 
Aberdeen Public Library, Mechanics' Institute (President), 
Robert Gordon's College, Savings' Bank, Educational Trust 
and School of Domestic Economy ^Chairman, 1891-1903), 
Aberdeen Royal Infirmary (1877-94), Royal Asylum (Chair- 
man, 1890-94), Soup Kitchen, United Coal Fund, Sick Man's 
Friend Society, Pauper Lunatic Fund, Aberdeen Dispensary, 
Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor, Aber- 
deen School Board (1876-82), St. Nicholas Parochial Board, 
and many other minor benevolent agencies. Altogether, he 
was one of the best citizens Aberdeen has ever had. His 
last public appearance was on 26th June, 1902, when he laid 
the Memorial Stone of the new Parish Buildings at St. 
George's-in-the-West Parish Church, of which he was the 
Senior Trustee, and sole-surviving original Trustee, and of 
which his nephew, Rev. Jarries Smith, is the First Minister. 

Dr. Walker wielded a facile and graphic pen, and was a 
voluminous contributor to the press. He wrote on many 
topics, conveying in a style all his own what he had to say. 
As a lecturer to local societies he was greatly esteemed. No 
man ever had a warmer heart nor a more generous hand. 
Among his chief literary productions are the following : 

" The Selected Writings of John Ramsay" (1871) ; " How we Manage at Oar 
Board" (1872) ; " Sum Notabil Thinges Aboot Abirdene Hospitales" (1873) ; 



" List of the Deans of Guild of Aberdeen, 1436-1875" (1875) ; " Robert 
Gordon, 1665-1731" (1876); "The Paroch Kirk of St. Nicholas, 1860- 
76" (1876); "Ten days out of harness" (1878); "In Memoriam : 
Lewis Smith" (1880); Selections from the Writings of William Forsyth" 
(1882) ; On some Church Relics shown at the Seabury Centenary Meeting" 
(1884); "Disblair, 1634-1884" (1884); "History of the Workhouse or 
Poors' Hospital of Aberdeen" (1885) ; "On a Bronze Pot" (1886) ; "Robert 
Gordon, 1665-1731, and his Hospital, 1732-1882, and College, 1882" 
(1886); "Mary Queen of Scots" (1887); "The Templar Knights" 
(1887); "John Craig, 1512-1600" (1889); "Address to Ancient Order of 
Shepherds" (1890); "Aberdeen and its Famous Printers" (1890); "The 
Aberdeen Educational Trust" (1891); "Peer Men, or The Light of Other 
Days" (1891); "The Al>erdeen Soup Kitchen, 1800-92" (1892); "The 
Commonty of Perwinnes" (1893) ; " Thoughts on Theine" (1893) ; " Our 
Current Coins" (1895); "Aberdeen Educational Trust: What is it?' 
(1896) ; " The Tapestries of the Church of St. Nicholas" (1897) ; " Robert 
Gordon, 1665-1731, and his Hospital, 1750-1876" (1897); "From the 
Mither Kirk" (1898); "Mrs. Emslie and her Female Orphan Asylum" 
(1898) ; and " Some Facts about the Estate and Castle of Muchalls" (1902). 

He was interred in Allenvale Cemetery amid tokens of wide- 
spread regret and respect, his obsequies being attended by a 
great assemblage of his fellow-citizens and friends. 

Dr. Walker's services to the city of his birth will not soon 
be forgotten. On every enterprise with which he was 
associated, whether literary, artistic, benevolent, political or 
commercial, he left his mark; and there are not a few persons 
to be found in the city and elsewhere, who owe much of their 
success in life to his words of kindly encouragement and to 
his deeds of generous assistance. 
Their family consisted of : 
(i) Mary Spalding. She is Principal of Roan School for 

Girls, Greenwich. (2) A son. 

(3) Alexander, b. 6th April, 1867; in. ist July, 1896, Minnie 
Mackenzie, eldest daughter of James Mackenzie, Merchant 
in Aberdeen. He is a Merchant in Aberdeen. Burgess of 
Guild, 7th Oct., 1895. Their family consists of: 
i. Elizabeth Martin. 

ii. Alexander William, 6. ist Pec., 1898. 
iii. Jean Thomson. 



(4) Jane Smith. (5) George Robert, b. 2Qth Dec., 1873. 

8. George Boyd, b. 23rd Feb., 1837 ; d. gth June, 1876. He was a 


9. Alexander Philip, b. 3rd June, 1839; m. 4th Nov., 1871, Lucy 

Dudley Rowlett (6. I3th Nov., 1845; il - 7th Sept., 1886), 
elder daughter of William Rowlett, of London ; d. 2Oth 
March, 1901. He was in the Head Office of the Bank of 
England, Threadneedle Street, London. Their family con- 
sisted of: 

(1) Sydney Hastings, b. ist Aug., 1872 ; m. I4th March, 1901, 
Antoinette Mary Hames, eldest daughter of Charles 
William Hames, Tailor, Clapham, London. He is a Clerk 
in the Head Office of the Bank of England, London, and 
resides at Wimbledon. 

(2) Alexander Philip, 6. nth Jan., 1877. He is a Merchant in 


10. Elizabeth, 6. 7th March, 1841 ; d. i3th Dec., 1883. 

IT. Frederick, b. 3Oth May, 1843 5 d. 27th Dec., 1906. He was a 
Bookseller, but was in weak health the most of his life. 

12, Janet, m. (ist) I4th July, 1864, George Henry Gray (b. 1833; 
d. 7th April, 1867), Iron Merchant in Aberdeen, and nephew 
of Lord Provost Henry. They had no family. She married 
(2nd) 25th Nov., 1869, Robert Cowie, M.A., M.D., of 
Lervvick (6. ist Feb., 1842 ; d. ist May, 1874), author of 
"A Guide to Shetland," and son of Dr. John Cowie (b. 1813 ; 
d. 26th Aug., 1866), also a well-known Medical Practitioner 
in Lerwick. Their family consisted of : 

(i) Mary Spalding, m. 3ist March, 1897, John Westwick 
Christie, Captain in the Merchant Service, Bristol, a son 
of James Christie, Commission Agent, Liverpool, and a 
relation of the Very Rev. Dr. William Walker, late Dean 
of Aberdeen and Orkney. Their family consists of: 

i. Janet Smith, ii Elizabeth Mary, 
iii. John Westwick, 6. nth June, 1902. 



Born at Aberdeen, I5th January, 1826 
Died at Aberdeen, lothjuly, 1863 


iv. Robert Cowie, b. 1 8th April, 1 904 ; d. 2Oth April, 1 906. 
v. James Maclaren, b. 29th May, 1907. 

(2) Margaret Heddell Gray. 

(3) Elizabeth Smith, d. 1 2th July, 1874; and (4) Roberta twin. 

13. Charles, b. 5th July, 1847; d. 23rd April, 1865, of phthisis, at 

Aberdeen. He was a Bookseller in his father's warehouse. 

14. Isaac Forsyth, b. 2nd Feb., 1850 : m. (ist) 4th June, 1879, Jane 

Dickson (b. 4th June, 1853 ; d. gth June, 1894), only daughter 
of John Dickson, Merchant, Edinburgh. He was a Whole- 
sale Bookseller and Stationer in Aberdeen (Lewis Smith & 
Son), and resided at Heathcot, near Aberdeen. Burgess of 
Guild, 2nd Aug., 1875. Their family consisted of: 

(1) Lewis, b. 4th Nov., 1880 ; m. 2gth Jan., 1907, by his cousin, 
the Rev. James Smith, B.D., Minister of St. George's-in- 
the-West Parish, of St. Nicholas, Aberdeen, to Jessie 
Stephen Greig, fourth daughter of Charles Greig, Tobac- 
conist, Aberdeen. He is a Wholesale Bookseller and 
Stationer in Aberdeen, and a Lieutenant in the City of 
Aberdeen (Fortress) Royal Engineers. Their family 
consists of: 

i. Margaret Evelyn, baptised by Rev. James Smith, 
ii. Jane, baptised by Rev. James Smith. 

(2) Margaret Ethel, m. 2Oth April, 1910, George Fraser, 

Engineer, Colombo, Ceylon. Their family consists of : 
i. Margaret Ethel. 

(3) Jane Dickson ; and (4) Mary Eveline. 

After the death of his first wife, Isaac Forsyth Smith married (2nd) 
nth Aug., 1897, Petrina Stewart Currie (b. 1863; d. 8th Sept., 1906), 
second daughter of Andrew Currie, of Glassmount, Fife. 

IX. JAMES SMITH (1826-1863). 

James, b. I5th Jan., 1826 ; m. 9th Aug., 1849, in Bridewell, Aber- 
deen, by Rev. James Bryce, D.D., Gilcomston Free Church, to Christian 
Chalmers (b. 7th Aug., 1826; d. 2Oth May, 1876), elder daughter of 
Alexander Wallace Chalmers, Governor of Aberdeen Prisons, of whom 
before ; d. loth July, 1863, and interred in Nellfield Cemetery. 



" 25th January, 1826. Lewis Smith, Bookseller, and his spouse 
Mary Spalding had a son born named JAMES, baptized by the Rev. Mr. 
Stirling, in presence of James and William Spalding." (A.R.) 

" August 7, 1826. Alexander Wallace Chalmers, Governor of Bride- 
well, and his spouse Mary Jamson, had a daughter born named 
CHRISTIAN, baptized by the Rev. Dr. Kidd. Witness, Richard Jamson, 
late Shipmaster in Aberdeen, and William Chalmers, Clerk of Police, 
Aberdeen." (O.K.) 

"July 29, 1849. Mr. James Smith, Bookseller, residing in Belmont 
Street, Aberdeen, Parish of St. Nicholas, and Miss Christian Chalmers, 
eldest daughter of Alexander Wallace Chalmers, Esq., Rose Street, in 
this parish, signified their purpose of marriage by Mr. Alexander Stables, 
Elder, and being thrice proclaimed they were married on the gth of 
August, 1849, by the Rev. James Bryce, Minister of the Free Church, 
Gilcomston." (O.R.} 

He was a Wholesale Bookseller and Stationer in Aberdeen, and 
was a partner of the firm of Lewis and James Smith, 1852-1863. He 
was reputed to be one of the finest violinists Aberdeen ever produced, 
and was an intimate friend of many musicians. Burgess of Guild, 3rd 
Jan., 1854. He was a remarkably "elegant penman, and was also 
possessed of a ready wit. Their family consisted of nine children. 


The family of James Smith and Christian Chalmers consisted of: 

1. MARY CHALMERS, b. 24th Dec., 1850, and baptised by the Rev. 

Simon Mclntosh, D.D., Minister of the East Parish of St. 
Nicholas, Aberdeen. She was a Governess in London and 
Brighton, and was one of the first to pass in 1874 the Cam- 
bridge University Examination for Women. She also gained 
the Certificate of the London School of Art for Freehand 
and Model Drawing. She became an invalid in 1879. 

2. Christian, b. 23rd Oct., 1852, and baptised by the Rev. Simon 

Mclntosh, D.D. ; d. i2th Oct., 1872, of phthisis. 

3. Alice, b. 2nd July, 1854, an< ^ baptised by the Rev. William 

Ogilvie, M.A., of the East Parish, afterwards of Fintray 
d. 23rd Aug., 1855. 




Christian Chalmers 







JAMES, b. 27th Nov., 1 855, and baptised during a vacancy in the East 
Parish, by the Rev. James Eraser, D.D., of St. Clement's Parish, 
Aberdeen. Educated at Michie's (Silver Street) Academy, 
Aberdeen, and at Smith's Academy, Fordyce (1863-70), 
under the Rev. James Largue, M.A., Rector of that famous 
School, 1845-82. Liddell Bursar, Aberdeen University, 1870. 
M.A., 1874. B.D., 1877. Licensed 2nd May, 1877, by Aber- 
deen Presbytery. Tutor in the family of John Paton Watson, 
of Blackford, Aberdeenshire ; to H. W. Knight-Erskine, of 
Pittodrie ; and to Duncan Vernon Pirie at Scotstown, now M.P, 
for North Aberdeen. Assistant, University Library, 1876-8. 
Assistant, West Parish of St. Nicholas, Aberdeen, 4th Nov., 
1877, to 5th Jan., 1879. Ordained and Inducted 2oth Feb., 
1879, First Minister of St. George's-in-the-West Parish, the 
northern half of the West Parish, disjoined and erected into 
a separate charge. Interim Chaplain, Aberdeen Prison, 
February to September, 1879. Gazetted, 7th June, 1889, 
First Commissioned Chaplain of the Volunteer Medical Staff 
Corps, and posted to the 7th Division, in connection with 
the Medical Faculty, Aberdeen University. Promoted nth 
Oct., 1909, First-Class Chaplain, ranking as Colonel, and 
awarded the Territorial Officers Decoration. Chairman of 
Class Re-Union Committee, and Joint-Editor of the Class 
Record, 1870-74. Member of Council and Executive Com- 
mittee, New Spalding Club, Aberdeen Musical Festival, and 
of Business Committee, Aberdeen University General Council. 
Visited Palestine, Egypt, and Italy, 1893-4. Lecturer in 
Scotland for Palestine Exploration Fund (and Local Hon. 
Secretary), and for Egypt Exploration Fund. Presented to 
King George V. at Holyrood, i8th July, igii, by the General 
Officer Commanding-in-Chief in Scotland, Lieut-General 
Sir Bruce Hamilton, K.C.B., K.C.V.O., on transfer to Terri- 
torial Force as Chaplain of 1st and 2nd Highland Field 
Ambulances and 1st Scottish General Hospital. Fellow of 
the Royal Geographical Society, London, and of the Society of 
Antiquaries of Scotland. Member of Aberdeen School Board, 



from 1903. Convener of High Schools Committee (Aberdeen 
Grammar School and Aberdeen High School for Girls), 
1903-11, and of Administration Committee, igii. Member 
of Burgh Committee on Secondary Education, from 1903, and 
of Provincial Committee on the Training of Teachers, from 
1905. Lecturer on Religious Knowledge, Aberdeen Training 
College, from 1 908. Director of Aberdeen Royal Infirmary and 
Royal Lunatic Asylum, 1891, and of Aberdeen Dispensary, 
from 1894. Life Manager, Morningfield Hospital. Director 
of Aberdeen Victoria Lodging- House, and of Deaf and Dumb 
Benevolent Society. Chairman of Aberdeen Maternity 
Hospital, 1912. President, Christian Literature Society for 
China (Aberdeen Branch). Member of General Assembly 
Committees on Home Mission, Christian Life and Work, 
Psalmody and Hymns, Army and Navy Chaplains, Religious 
Instruction of the Young, Statistics, Correspondence with 
Foreign Churches, Education, Benefice Register, and Scott's 
Fasti Revision Committee (Joint-Editor for Northern 
Synods). Local Treasurer, Church Service Society. Member 
of Committee of Management, St. Andrew's Ambulance 
Association (Aberdeen Branch). 

During his ministry a Congregation has been raised, 
numbering 1690 Communicants at the end of the year 1911 ; 
while the Sunday Schools contained 91 teachers and 805 
children. An Organ and large Church Hall and Parish 
Buildings have been erected, and the Church decorated twice 
and lighted by electricity. The liberality of the Congregation 
from 1878 to 1911 amounts to 20,000. The Poor Fund 
consists of 550. Since the opening of the Church on 8th 
Sept., 1878. to the end of 1911, there have been admitted by 
Certificate 2204, and as Young Communicants 2375. The 
Baptisms number 3931, the Marriages 1232, and the Deaths 
1866. Among the Church agencies are Guilds for Men, 
Women, and Children; Bible Classes, a Fellowship and a 
Mutual Improvement Association, a Ladies' Work Party and 
a Visiting Association, a Flower Guild, a Sayings Bank, a 
Library, a Mothers' Meeting and a Girls' Industrial Class. 



The following list contains his principal literary productions, 
apart from frequent contributions he has made to the 
Press : 

" St. George's-in-the-West Congregational Reports" (1882- ) ; " The Church 
and Amusements" (1887); "Christianity and Benevolent Patriotism" 
(1889) ; ' ' The Story of the Medical Staff Corps " (1891) ; " The Book of 
St. George's-in-the- West " (1892) ; "A Pilgrimage to Palestine" (1895), 
illus. ; "A Pilgrimage to Egypt" (1897), illus. ; "A Pilgrimage to 
Italy " (1899), illus. ; " The Signs of the Times " (1899) ; " Twenty-One 
Years' History of St. George's-in-the-West Parish " (1900), illus. ; " In 
Memoriam : Queen Victoria" (1901); "Spiritual Independence: What 
is it? "(1904); " Twenty-five Years' History of St. George's-in-the-West 
Parish" (1904), illus. ; "The Soul and Knowledge "(1906) ; "Against 
Cruelty to Dumb Animals "(1907); "Patriotism" (1908); "Faith in 
God " (1908) ; " In Memoriam : King Edward VII." (1910) ; " Christian 
Manliness," and "The Social Problem " (1912). 

In the work of his parish he has been assisted by those whose 
aames follow : 1882, Alexander Black, M.A., now Minister at 
Blackhill; 1883, James Black, M.A., at Inverurie; 1885, 
William Grant, B.D., at Drumblade; 1887, James 
Coutts, M.A., at (I) Ardallie, and (2) Wormit ; 1890, Alex- 
ander Ross, B.D., at Pulteneytown ; 1894, Peter Smith 
Bisset, B.D., at (i) Oyne, and (2) Craig; 1897, Daniel Dewar 
Macdonald, B.D., at Fairmuir, Dundee; 1900, Robert 
Maitland Souter, B.D., at Birsay; 1903, William Fraser, 
at (i) St. Stephen's, Inverness, and (2) Shurrery; 1904, 
Alexander Boyd, M.A., at South Uist ; 1904, Robert 
Davidson, M.A., at Fisherton, Ayr; 1906, William Metcalfe, 
B.D, ; 1908, William Duncan Frater, M.A., late of Maud; 
1908, James Alexander Stephen, at Orphir; 1909, Angus 
Boyd, M.A., at Kilchoman ; 1909, Francis Cantlie Donald, 
M.A., Assistant, Huntly; 1910, Alexander Bain Harper, 
B.D., Assistant, West Parish, Aberdeen; 1911, Henry 
Coulter, B. A, B.D., Assistant, Broughty-Ferry ; and 1912, 
George Alexander Mackeggie, M.A. 

Elizabeth, b. 25th April, 1857, and baptised by the Rev. John 
Marshall Lang, afterwards the Very Rev. J. Marshall Lang, 
C.V.O., LL.D., D.D., Principal of Aberdeen University, 



(1900-9); d. ist Dec, 1875, in London, ofphthisis, and was buried 
in Highgate Cemetery, there, She was a Governess in Aber- 
deen and in Cologne, from which she came to London to die. 

6. ALICE, b. gth Feb., 1859, and baptised by the Rev. Robert Flint, 

M.A., LL.D., D.D., F.R.S.E., afterwards Professor of Moral 
Philosophy in St. Andrews University, and thereafter Pro- 
fessor of Divinity in Edinburgh University, one of the most 
voluminous and learned Divines the Church of Scotland has 
produced. She was a Governess in the family of Admiral 
Sir John D. Hay, Bart., General Brcndon, Count Grafen von 
Gamier, of Turawa, Silesia, and of Sir Charles Shelley, Bart, 
(nephew of the poet), and also in London, Berlin, and Paris. 
She became an invalid in 1893. She is an accomplished 
Artist, Linguist, and Musician. 

7. A daughter, b. 23rd April, 1860; d. 24th April, 1860. 

8. Louisa, b. i7th July, 1861, and baptised by the Rev. Robert 

Flint ; d. i8th August, 1866. 

9. Alexander Wallace, b. gth March, 1863, and baptised by the 

Rev. Colin McCulloch, M.A., of the East Parish, and after- 
wards in Australia ; d. 26th June, 1863. 

The descendants of Lewis Smith number 103 of whom 10 are 
sons and 4 daughters ; 20 grandsons and 30 grand-daughters ; 1 1 great- 
grandsons and 15 great-grand-daughters; and 8 great-great-grandsons 
and 5 great great-grand-daughters. 

Isaac Forsyth Smith (page 55), his youngest son, died at Heathcot, 
Aberdeen, lath Jan., 1902, aged 52 years, and was interred in Allenvale 
Cemetery, Aberdeen. His second wife, Miss Currie, was a niece of the 
Rev. Bruce B. Begg, D.D., Minister of Abbotshall, Kirkcaldy, and of 
the Rev. John Wilson, D.D., Minister of Methven, 1850-1904, whose 
successor in that charge was the Rev. James Robertson, D.D., D.S.O., 
the distinguished Army Chaplain, and a former schoolfellow of the 
Rev. James Smith, B.D., of St. George's-in-the-West Parish, Aberdeen, 
at Fordyce, Banffshire. 

Additional works published by Lewis Smith (page 48) were : 

" Sacred Harmony by James Morgan, Auchindoir " (1833) ; " Davie's Music of the 
Church of Scotland " (1842) ; and " The People's Tune-Book " (1844, &c.). 




(INVERARITY, 1674- ). 

I. JOHN SPALDING (1674 c. 1730). 

The family of John Spalding, who was probably born about 1674, 
and was a Wright, at Gallowfauld, Inverarity, Forfarshire, consisted of: 

1. JOHN, b. about 1699 5 in * 2n d June, 1725, Isobel Kinnear (b. I4th 

Dec., 1697) ; d. loth May, 1768. 

2. George, b. 2oth April, 1718. 

II. JOHN SPALDING (1699-1768). 

John Spalding, Wright, Gallowfauld, Inverarity, b. about 1699; 
m. 2nd June, 1725, Isobel Kinnear (b. I4th Dec., 1697 ; d. after 1736); 
d. loth May, 1768. The entries in the Register of Inverarity follow : 

"May, 2nd, 1725. John Spalding in this parish and Isobel 
Kinnear in Glamis, were contracted in order to marriage in that parish, 
and were this day proclaimed here for the first time." 

"May 9th, 1725. John Spalding and Isobel Kinnear were pro- 
claimed the second time." 

" May i6th, 1725. John Spalding and Isobel Kinnear were pro- 
claimed the third time." 

"June 2, 1725. The said John Spalding and Isobel Kinnear were 

The family born of this marriage is thus registered : 

1. "March 25th, 1726, Janet, daughter to John Spalding, Galow- 

folds, was baptised." 

2. " Dec. 26th, 1727, John, son to John Spalding, younger, was 


3. "July 2oth, 1730, Anne, daughter to John Spalding, was 


4. "Aprile 28th, 1732, Alexander, son to John Spalding was 


5. " Nov. 28th, 1736, JAMES, son to John Spalden, was baptised." 
As regards Janet and Alexander, nothing is known. John was 

buried I3th Jan., 1752. On 3Oth Aug., 1765, Ann married Andrew 
Cook, and JAMES chose, iglli Aug., 1762, JEAN ORMOND for his bride. 



III. JAMES SPALDING (1736-1780). 

James Spalding, Wright, Gallowfauld, Inverarity, b. 28th Nov., 1736, 
and Jean Ormond, b. about 1736, were proclaimed nth July, i8th July, 
and ist Aug., 1762; and married on igth August, 1762. They both 
died after 1778. They had a family of eight : 

1. Agnes, b. 3rd Aug., 1763. 

2. Isobel, b. I7th Aug., 1764. 

3. JAMES, b. 28th Oct., 1766, of whom hereafter. 

4. Jean, b. 3ist Dec., 1770. 

5. William (wrongly called Andrew in the Register), b. 6th Sept., 

1775 ; m. ijth Nov., 1799, Mary Ferguson (b. 24th April, 
1769; d. 27th Jan., 1865, aged 96 years), daughter of John 
Ferguson, Blacksmith, Aberdeen ; d. 23rd Jan., 1833. 

6. Alexander, b. 3oth Sept., 1778 ; and 7. Andrew, b. 3oth Sept., 

1778 twin. 

IV. JAMES SPALDING (1766-1851). 

James Spalding, Wright, was born at Gallowfauld, 28th Oct., 1766. 
He seems to have removed early to Dundee, where, on ist June, 1790, 
he married Maria Lyon Ross (b. 23rd Sept., 1771), of whom before. 

" Contracted April 29, 1790, James Spalding, Wright, and Maria 
Lyon Ross, daughter of James Ross, both in this parish. Married 
ist June." (Dundee Register). 

He died I4th Aug., 1851, she on 24th Jan., 1855 \ an d they were 
both buried in the family grave at the north-west side of the Church- 
yard, St. Machar Cathedral, Aberdeen. Their family consisted of : 

1. Jane, b. 25th Dec., 1791 ; m. 6th Sept., 1809, James Thomson, 

94th Regiment of Foot; d. I4th Aug., 1864. 

2. Anne, b. 2nd Oct., 1793 ; d. 7th Nov., 1874. 

3. James, 6. 8th Aug., 1795 ; m. igth June, 1819, Margaret Lawson 

(6. 1798 ; d. i6th July, 1869) ; d. 26th Sept., 1866. He was 

an Ironfounder at Grandholm. Their family consisted of : 

(i) James, 6. 2nd Oct., 1819; m. 1845, Barbara Findlay 

(d. 29th Jan., 1858) ;'</. 9th Jan., 1886. He was long in 

Hong- Kong, as an Engineer. Their family consisted of: 



Born at Inverarity, 28th October, 1766 
Died at Aberdeen, I4th August, 1851 


i. James Findlay, b. loth June, 1846 ; d. an infant, 
ii. Margaret Lawson, b. i$th May, 1848; m. 3oth Nov., 
1879, Mr. Morgan (6. 23rd July, 1855; d. igth 
Feb., 1903). 

iii. Thomas Findlay, b. loth July, 1850; d. 1864. 
iv. Barbara Marshall, b. 7th Feb., 1852 ; m. 23rd Nov., 
1 896, Mr. Taylor, a widower; d. 5th March, 1901. 
(2; Andrew, 6. 24th Feb., 1821 ; d. loth Oct., 1824. 

(3) Jane, b. 2oth Aug., 1824; m. 1st May, 1846, George 

Dunbar (b. ist March, 1825; d. gih Sept. 1889); d. i6th 
May, 1904. Their family consisted of: 

i. George, b. 3rd May, 1846; m. igtb July, 1878, 
Isabella Craig, eldest sister of Thomas Craig, 
Music Publisher, Aberdeen. Their family con- 
sists of : 

(i.) Jane, and (ii.) James. 

ii. Margaret, 6. Qth Feb., 1850; m. 1 5th Sept., 1893, 
Edward Tait (b. 6th Oct., 1851), Printer, Aber- 
deen ; d. nth Dec., 1910. Their family con- 
sisted of: 

(i.) Edward George, b. 1 2th Sept., 1897. 
iii. William, 6. 12th June, 1853 ; d. I2th May, 1854. 
iv. James, &. and May, 1857. He is married to Mayme 
Marrington, in Vancouver, and has two of a 

v. John Joss, b. 2Oth Dec., 1858 ; d. 7th June, 1860. 
vi. Henry, 6. 2nd Nov., 1 86 1 ; d. 29th Oct., 1870. 
vii. Andrew, 6. i8th May, 1863 ; d. 1 5th May, 1864. 
viii. Jeannie, 6. 4th Feb., 1868 ; d. 26th Dec., 1883. 

(4) Margaret, b. 20th Sept., 1827 ; d. 25th March, 1900. She 

was long resident in Holland. 

(5) Maria Lyon Ross, b. 26th March, 1832 ; m. John Joss, and 
had four of a family ; d. 22nd Jan., 1889. 

(6) Eleonora Ross, b. 8th Ma}', 1835 J d - J une l86 9 She 
also lived in Holland, and was buried in Amblasserdam, 
near Dordrecht, Holland. 



(7) Anne, b. I5th Jan., 1842 ; m. 1st July, 1870, Thomas 
Leask Mitchell, Contractor, Liverpool (b. 2yd Nov., 1841 ; 
d. 1 8th Nov., 1906) ; d. 8th Sept., 1906. 

4. William, b. I5th May, 1797 ; d. 3Oth March, 1798. 

5. John, b. 3rd Feb., 1799 ; d. 4th Jan., 1876. 

6. Andrew, b. I2th May, 1801 ; d. 1 7th Dec., 1870. 

7. Alexander, b. 8th Aug., 1803; m. (1st) on 2 1st April, 1828, 

Janet McDonald (b. 1809 > d. 24th Nov., 1870), and m. (2nd) on 
2oth Dec., 1875, Robina Ingram (b. 1820 ; d. 29th Dec., 1 898), 
widow of John Anderson, Peterhead ; d. 26th Nov. 1889. 
He was an Ironfounder at Aberdeen and Peterhead. He 
had by Janet McDonald a family of: 

(1) Andrew, b. 2 1st July, 1829. He was an Engineer at a 
Sugar Mill abroad. 

(2) Ann Murray, 6. 6th May 1831 ; d. an infant. 

(3) Alexander, d. an infant. 

8. MARY, b. I4th Nov., 1806; m. 6th Oct., 1823, Lewis Smith; 

d. 2nd May, 1 882, of whom before (page 48). 

9. William, 6. 2 1st Oct., 1808 ; d. 27th Oct., 1810. 

10. George, b. 24th Jan., 1812 ; m. 28th Dec., 1832, Helen Smith. 

He was an Overseer in Perth. They had a family of George, 
6. 1 3th Sept., 1840. 

11. David, b. I9th Aug., 1815 ; d. 1 4th July, 1844. 

V. MARY SPALDING or SMITH (1806-1882). 
VI. JAMES SMITH (1826-1863). 

6 4 


Major-General, Madras Staff Corps 


of Fail-ley 


The Hero of Ghn/.nee 


G.C.H., R F. 

(1826 1912) 

Hero of the Slew of Delhi 


Captain, i6th (Queen's) Lancers 


Anna Diner wall 


of Hanchnry 


Benefactor of Free Church College, Aberdeen 


(ABERDEEN, 1610- ) 

The genealogy of this family, which has been numerously repre- 
sented in Aberdeen as far back as the Registers record, has not been 
easy to unraveh Like that of many other families, it doubtless com- 
bines fact and fiction. It is only possible, therefore, to give here such 
information as to the origin of this branch of the Thomson Family as 
has come from earlier seekers after the truth, whose correspondence 
follows : 

The late Major-General Hugh Gordon Thomson, of the Madras 
Staff Corps, who resided at Bath, and was a great -great-grandson of 
the author's great-great-great-great-grandfather, Alexander Thomson, 
Farmer in Monthillie, Aberdeen, found in the repositories of his father, 
Colonel George Thomson, C.B., of Fairley, Newhills, Aberdeen, these 
notes : 

" The Thomsons held land in Eskdale, and were a strong Border 
Clan in the i6th century, but unfortunately then became ' broken,' that 
is, had no chief of sufficient power or influence to be security for the 
whole Clan, and make good any stolen cattle traced to their lands, and 
follow them into the next Clan's grounds. Their cattle were, therefore, 
seized by any one strong enough to do so, who raised a claim against 
them. This power was used by the Scotts of Buccleuch so tyranni- 
cally that the Thomsons, Beatsons, and some other broken Clans sought 
refuge in England, leaving their lands to the Scotts, who hold them to 
this day. 

"When Henry VIII. sent an army under Sir Ralph Gour and Sir 
Brian Lawton to invade Scotland in 1545, these leaders obliged the 
Scotch Clans, who had sought refuge in England, to join their army, 
but at the Battle of Ancrum Moor (or Lillyards Edge), on I7th 
February, 1545, the Borderers turned against the English, who were 
defeated with great slaughter. 

" The Thomsons evidently hoped that this patriotic treachery would 
have given them a claim on their countrymen ; but they were rejected 
with scorn, and as England was now shut against them they dispersed 
northwards. One settled in Aberdeenshire, holding land near Seaton, 
Aberdeen, latterly from the Middletons (descendants of Cromwell's 
General Middleton), the last of whom befriended my father and grand- 


father, giving the former letters of introduction to influential people in 
London, when he left Aberdeen after the death of Magdalene Dingwall 
in 1779 (a daughter of Baillie John Dingwall of Rannieston, near 
Aberdeen, whose daughter Agnes married, in 1794, Colonel Thomson's 
father, George Thomson)." 

" In the great Civil Wars of 1645, Alexander Thomson (1610-1717) 
sought the protection of General Middleton of Seaton, who was left in 
command in the North of Scotland by General Monk when he marched 
South, and held land from him, which was sold about 1793 by George 

It is evident, that whatever reliance may be placed on the migratory 
movements of the Thomsons, some of them were located in and around 
Aberdeen ; and there is no reason to doubt the genuineness of that. 

I. ALEXANDER THOMSON (1610-1717). 

Alexander Thomson, b. 1610; m. about 1639; d, 1717. His family 
consisted of: 

i. JOHN, b. about 1640, of whom hereafter. 

According to Colonel Thomson, this Alexander, a man of extra- 
ordinary strength, lived to a great age, and was thrice married. He 
held from Colonel Middleton the lands of Mount Heilie and Cotton 
the former just outside the ancient Gallowgate Port of Aberdeen, and 
the latter near what is now the suburb of Woodside, Aberdeen. 

II. JOHN THOMSON (i640-after 1664). 

John Thomson, b. 1640; m. about 1660; d. after 1664. His family 
consisted of: 

1. ALEXANDER, b. 27th Oct., 1661, of whom hereafter. 

2. John, b. 2nd Feb., 1664 ; d, i6th April, 1669, and was buried in 

Oldmachar Churchyard. 

Alexander Thomson, b. 27th Oct., 1661 ; m. 24th Jan., 1717, Elspet 

Cassie (b. i$th March, 1691 ; d. 2ist Oct., 1749), younger daughter of 
Alexander Cassie, Farmer, Cassiend, of whom before - s d. gth Nov., 
1747, an d was interred in St. Peters Cemetery, Lair \ 9 . He served on 
the Fiars' Court Jury, in 1708. 



" 27 Oct. 1661. Johne Tamsone in Cottone ane sone called Alex- 
ander. Alex. Atkine, Alex. Tamsone, Alex. Moir, witnesses." (O.K.) 

This is the .Baptismal Register entry of the son of No. II., and 
grandson of No. I., both of whose names appear in the notice, and it 
seems to confirm beyond question the general facts already advanced. 

"Anno 1717, January ffyfth, Compeared Alexander Thomson in 
Aberdeen, and Elspet Cassie in this parish, and contracted marriage 
according to order. They consigned pledges ffor their civil behaviour, 
John Seatoun, ffermer in Spittel, cautioner ffor the man, Robert Cassie, 
Post in Aberdeen, ffor the woman. They were orderly proclaimed and 
married, January twenty-ffourth, Seventeen hundred and seventeen 
years, by Mr. Alexander Mitchell, Minister." (O.K.) 

Alexander Thomson, Farmer, Mounthillie (now called Mounthooly), 
but spelt at various times in the Registers and elsewhere Mount 
Heilie, Monthilly, Munthillie, Mount Hooly the origin and mean- 
ing of which have not yet been settled became through his spouse 
Elspet Cassie (of whom before), the parent of a family of seven. 
These were 

1. Janet, b. 24th Nov., 1717, and baptised by Rev. Colin Campbell 

(Minister of the West Parish, Aberdeen, 1702-28, and father 
of the celebrated Rev. George Campbell, D.D., Minister of 
the Second Charge of Aberdeen, 1757-71, and Professor of 
Divinity and Principal of Marischal College, 1771-96, and 
Minister of Greyfriars), before Sir John Johnston, Bart, of 
Caskieben, and Robert Cuming, Merchant. She appears to 
have died an infant. 

2. Margaret, b. 3Oth Dec., 1718, and baptised by Rev. John 

Osborn (Minister of the Third Charge, Aberdeen, 1716-48), 
before Sir John Johnston, Bart., and John Gordon, Litster; 
d. 2gth October, 1748. 

3. Alexander, 6. 22nd Jan., 1721, and baptised by Rev. John 

Osborn, before Alexander Watson, Merchant, Alexander 
Smith, late Convener of the Trades, and Alexander Aberdein, 
Cooper ; d. an infant. 

4. JAMES, 6. 2gth March, 1723, and baptised by Rev. Colin 

Campbell, before James Davidson, Burgess and Maltman, 
and James Troup, Burgess and Maltman, of whom hereafter. 



5. Alexander, b. 5th Dec., 1725, and baptised by Rev. Colin 
Campbell, before Alexander Martin, Burgess and Merchant, 
and Alexander Watson, late Treasurer ; m. about 1750, Anna 
Williamson (b. I2th Aug., 1719; d. 30th Oct., 1799), younger 
daughter of James Williamson, of Seggieden, Skene, and 
Marjorie Craik (d. 28th April, 1728) ; d. loth Dec., 1787. 
He was a Fanner at Mounthillie, Aberdeen. Their family 
consisted of: 

(1) James, b. 9th Sept., 1751 ; d. 2nd Nov., 1779. 

(2) George, b. 1752; m. i6th July, 1794, Agnes Dingwall 

(b. 23rd July, 1764; d. 25th Jan., 1850), fifth daughter of 
Baillie John Dingwall of Rannieston, Stocking Manufacturer 
in Aberdeen, who married (ist) Mary Lumsden, daughter 
of Rev. James Lumsden, M.A., of CoFrachrie, and Minister 
of Towie ; and (2nd) Mary Syme, daughter of Rev. Walter 
Syme, M.A., Minister of Tullynessle and Forbes, and had a 
family of ten sons and six daughters. From Margaret 
Syme, another daughter of Rev. Walter Syme (their great- 
grandfather) are descended Major-General Sir A. J. F. Reid, 
K.C.B., M.A., LL.D., Colonel 29th Punjabis; Robert 
William Reid, M.D., F.R.C.S., Professor of Anatomy, Aber- 
deen University; and William Reid, M.D., Medical Superin- 
tendent, Royal Asylum, Aberdeen, whose sister, Elizabeth, 
married the late Rev. George Pirie, M.A,, LL.D., Professor 
of Mathematics, Aberdeen University, 1878-1904, and son 
of the Very Rev. Principal Pirie, D.D., LL.D., Aberdeen 
University. George Thomson was a Merchant in Aberdeen, 
and at one time a Captain in the Merchant Service, and 
proprietor of Fairley, Newhills. Burgess of Guild, 22nd 
Sept., 1780. George Thomson died 24th Dec., 1817, and 
was buried in St. Nicholas Churchyard, Aberdeen. Their 
family consisted of: 

i. Alexander, b. 6th Aug., 1795 : d. 1825. 

ii. Mary, 6. 6th July, 1796; d. an infant. 

iii. John, 6. 27th July, 1797 ; d. an infant. 

iv. Anna, b. 29th Nov., 1798 ; d. an infant. 


.' ". ; 




v. George, b. I2th Dec., 1799 ; m. 4th Feb., 1830, Anna 
Dingwall (b. 1809; d. 1900, at Bath), sixth daughter 
of Alexander Dingwall of Rannieston and Spring 
Garden House, Postmaster of Aberdeen, and Janet 
Abercrombie, daughter of Provost John Aber- 
crombie ; d. loth Feb., 1886, and was buried in 
Mount Jerome Cemetery, Harold's Cross, Dublin. 
Mrs. Thomson had ten sisters, of whom, Janet, 
was mother of the late Colonel Allardyce, LL.D.; 
Margaret married Lieut.-Colonel Carruthers, C.B., 
2nd Regt. ; Agnes married Lord Provost Sir 
Thomas Blaikie ; Elizabeth married Major John 
Anderson, Bengal Engineers; Jane married (ist) 
Andrew G. Stuart, M.D., of Inchbreck, and (2nd) 
Charles Thomson, Advocate, and later Merchant, 
Liverpool, her cousin ; Sarah married Lieut. Henry 
Curling, 52nd Regiment; and the others Katherine, 
Mary, and Magdalen died unmarried, and Jessy 
in infancy. The sisters were famous beauties. 
He was a Colonel in the Bengal Engineers and a 
C.B. He was a most distinguished officer, and 
acquired special distinction in blowing up the 
Kabul Gate of Ghuznee in the Afghan War of 
1839 with Dost Mohammed. Burgess of Aber- 
deen, 1 7th Dec., 1841. Their family consisted of: 
(i.) Hugh Gordon, b. 2ist Nov., 1830; m. 15th June, 
1861, Mary Rothney Taylor ; d. 23rd May, 
1910. He was a Major-General, Madras 
Staff Corps, and served on the Mysore 
Commission. Their family consisted of: 
Frances Beresford, and George Lewis, 
(ii.) George, b. 24th Dec., 1834; d. I3th Dec., 1840. 
(iii.) Elizabeth Dingwall, b. 9th May, 1837; d. 9th 

March, 1844. 
(iv.) Alexander Dingwall, b. 9th April, 1839 ; m. i7th 



Aug., 1864, Mary Ann Duffus ; d. 27th, 
April, 1872, at Halifax, Nova Scotia. He 
was a Captain, i6th (Queen's) Lancers, had 
two sons, and was later a Farmer. 
(v.) Anna, b. i6th Feb., 1842; d. 2gth March, 1842. 
(vi.) Anna Sophia, b. 27th Dec., 1845; d. 1 5th May, 1850. 
(vii.) Caroline, m. 23rd May, 1870, Kenelm Digby 
Murray, Colonel, Royal Irish Fusiliers, and 
second son of Lieiit.-Colonel Sir John Digby 
Murray, Bart., of Blackbarony, Peeblesshire. 
He served on the Staff in Egypt from 1882-6, 
and was Assistant Adjutant-General of the 
Frontier Field Force under General Grenfell, 
as also in India, 1889-94. He fought at Tel- 
el-Kebir, and received promotion and decora- 
tions for Egypt, 1882, Medal with Clasp and 
Bronze Star ; 4th Class Osmanieh ; Soudan, 
Ginnis, 1885-86; D.S.O. Their family con- 
sists of : Frances Anna, Constance Digby, 
Archibald Digby (b. 3oth April, 1878), and 
Kenelm Digby Bold (b. 3Oth Oct., 1879), who 
is a Captain in the 59th Scinde Rifles, Indian 
Army Frontier Force. 

(viii.) Amyjane,6. 23rd Nov., 1849 ; if. 28th Dec., 1850. 
vi. John, 6. I7th Feb., 1801 ; d. I2th Aug., 1840. 
vii. Anna, b. 2fth July, 1802 ; ;. I3th July, 1821, George 
Taylor, of Lissonfield, Dublin (6. 3Oth Oct., 1793 ; 
d. 7th Aug., 1841), who through his second wife 
Elizabeth Fogarty was grandfather of George 
Archibald Simpson, M.A., Advocate, Aberdeen ; 
d. 28th June, 1825. 

viii. William, b. 3rd April, 1804 '> m - Mary Baddeley. He 
was a Surgeon on the Bengal Establishment, 
H.E.I.C.S., and rose to be a Deputy Inspector- 
General, Indian Medical Service. M.A., Marischal 
College, 1822. 


ix. James, b. 22nd Sept., 1805 ; d. aoth May, 1838. He 

was a Merchant in Liverpool. 

x. Charles, b. 9th Dec.. 1807; m. isth July, 1845, his 
cousin, Jane Dingwall (b. iQth Sept., 1810; 
d. 1884), ninth daughter of Alexander Dingwall of 
Rannieston, Postmaster of Aberdeen. She had 
been previously married, 1st Aug., 1834, to Andrew 
George Stuart, M.D., H.E.I.C.S., of Inchbreck, 
? Kincardineshire, and son of John Stuart, Pro- 

fessor of Greek in Marischal College, Aberdeen, 
1782, by whom she had no family. Charles 
Thomson was an Advocate in Aberdeen till 1832, 
when he became a Merchant in Liverpool, where 
he died. 

(3) Barbara, 6. nth July, 1755 ; m. 22nd Aug., 1784, by Rev. 
George Abercrombie, M.A., to George Taylor (b. nth 
June, 1748; d. 6th May, 1836), Captain in the Duke of 
Cumberland's Regiment, and tecond son of Alexander 
Taylor, Farmer, Oldtown of Atherb, New Deer. 
Captain George Taylor, who resided at Annfield, 
Aberdeen, and afterwards at Dublin, draughted the New 
Plan of the City of Aberdeen, 1773. He planned and 
superintended the Aberdeen and Inverurie Canal, and 
Howth Harbour. Other works were a Survey and Maps 
of the Roads of Scotland and Ireland, 1778; and a Plan 
of Charleston Harbour, America, 1780. Captain in the 
Guides, and Surveyor to Sir Henry Clinton, 1781 ; Cap- 
tain in Duke of Cumberland's Regiment in the West 
Indies, 24th Sept., 1783. Burgess of Aberdeen, loth 
March, 1788. Captain in Aberdeen Volunteers, 27th Aug., 
1794. He removed later to Dublin, where, with his 
brother, he had control of Dublin Streets. Their family 
consisted of: 

i. Ann, b. 27th July, 1787 ; m. John Dingwall (b. 22nd 
Sept., 1761 ; d. 29th March, 1836), of Rannieston 
and Ardo, Lord Provost of Aberdeen, 1799-1801, 

7 1 


Merchant in Aberdeen, whose third wife she be- 
came ; d. 28th April, 1860, in Edinburgh, 
ii. Mary, b. 23rd Oct., 1789 ; m. John Taylor, of Black 
House, Ayrshire, son of John Taylor, W.S.. whose 
father the Rev. William Taylor, M.A., and brother 
the Rev. Hugh Taylor, M.A., were Ministers of 
New Deer, 1737-97, and 1773-1831. 
iii. Barbara, b. 2oth March, 1791 ; d. an infant, 
iv. George, b. soth Oct., 1793 ; m. (ist), ijth July, 1821, 
Anna Thomson (b. 27th July, 1802 ; d. 28th June, 
1828), third daughter of George Thomson of 
Fairley, Aberdeen; d. 7th Aug., 1841. He was 
Commissioner of Paving and Lighting in Dublin. 
Their family consisted of: 
(i.) George, b. 2 1st Dec., 1822 ; d. 9th Sept., 1843. 
(ii.) Alexander, b. 1824; d. 22nd Nov., 1 888. He 
was a Medical Practitioner in Dublin, and 
M.A., Trinity College, 1852. 

George Taylor m. (2nd), 1 8th March, 1830, Elizabeth 
Fogarty (b. 1808; d. 1 5th April, 1872), daughter 
of John Edward Fogarty, M.D, Their family 
consisted of: 

(i.) Edward, (ii.) Francis J., Chief Clerk, Educa- 
tional Department, Toronto, 
(iii.) Archibald, Planter, Ceylon, (iv.) Frederick. 
(v.) Jane, m. 28th Sept., 1855, Alexander Simpson 
(b. 27th Dec., 1822; d. 1 7th Feb., 1900), 
second son of the Rev. Alexander Simpson, 
M.A., Minister of Strichen, 1807-52, and 
Advocate in Aberdeen, whose elder sister, 
Agnes (b. ist Feb., 1815 ; d. 28th Jan., 1896), 
married David Kerr, M.D., Aberdeen, and 
whose younger sister, Margaret (b. 29th Dec., 
1818 ; d. 28th May, 1 880), married 2 ist Aug., 
1855, as ms second wife, the Rev. James 
Forsyth, D.D. (b. 25th Feb., 1796; d. 2pth 



Advocate, Aberdeen 


Jan., 1879), Minister of the West Parish of 
St. Nicholas, Aberdeen, 1 843-79. Alexander 
Simpson was an alumnus of Marischal 
College, and was admitted an Advocate, 1848. 
Their family consisted of: 

a. Elizabeth, b. 1 3th Oct., 1 856 : d. i6th April, 1 857. 

b. Arthur, b. 6th Feb., 1858 ; d. 1 7th Feb., 1874. 

He was a Student of Arts at Aberdeen 
University, 1873-4, and gained the 1 5th 
Bursary at the age of 15. 

c. Alexander Taylor, b. igth Oct., 1861 ; d. 26th 

Oct., 1862. 

d. Agnes Margaret. She resides in Edinburgh 

with her mother. 

e. George Archibald, b. 2?th April, 1864; in. 3rd 

July, 1901, Barbara Walker Milne, second 
daughter of Alexander Milne. M.A. Aber- 
deen University, 1884. Admitted an Advo- 
cate, 1890. Captain, 1st V.B.G.H., 1892. 
Elder and Session-Clerk, West Parish Church, 
Aberdeen. Their family consists of : 

(a) George Taylor, b. 2Oth March. 1903. 

(b) Barbara Jean. 

/. Alexander Youngson, 6. 24th Aug., 1 866; d. 
4th March, 1 867. 

g. Amy Jane, m. 3rd Sept., 1889, the Hon. 
Sydney Cuthbert, Merchant, Belize, British 
Honduras, a Member of the Legislative 
Council of British Honduras, and a nephew 
of Sir Theodore Martin, K.C.B., K.C.V.O., 
the eminent Parliamentary Agent, and 
author of many notable works, including 
the Life of the Prince Consort. Their 
family consists of: 
(a) Jean Margaret; (b) Amy Helen. 

(c) Alice Frances. 



(d) Sydney Alexander, 6. igth May, 1904. 
(<?) John Rozel, b. nth Jan., 1907. 
(/) Agnes Mary, b. gth Jan., 1892 ; d. June, 1892. 
//. Frederick Taylor, b. 1 2th April, 1 869. Some- 
time in the Hong-Kong and Shanghai Bank 
in Hong-Kong, and afterwards in the Stand- 
ard Bank of South Africa in Cape Town 
and Buluwayo. Joined Colonel Plumer's 
Rhodesian Frontier Force, 1899. He was 
wounded at Gaberones in a skirmish with a 
Boer Force, and was taken prisoner, to 
Pretoria, whence he was later released, but 
died of his wounds, much lamented by all 
who knew him, I4th Feb., 1900. 
i. Francis Douglas, b. 1 3th Oct., 1870; m. gth 
June, 1908, Ethel Lightfoot, younger 
daughter of J. Lightfoot. M.A., Aberdeen 
University, 1890, with 1st Class Honours in 
Mental Philosophy and 2nd Class Honours in 
Classics, the Hutton Prize and Seafield Gold 
Medal in English. Exhibitioner of Exeter 
College, Oxford, 1890-3. Entered the Indian 
Civil Service, 5th, in 1893, and is stationed 
at Gorakhpore, United Provinces of India. 
Their family consists of: 
(a) Margaret, and (b} Mary. 

(vi.) Mary, m. loth Feb., 1853, John Edward 
Chamney (b. i3th May, 1820, at Drogheda; 
d. 3 ist Dec., 1857, at Dublin). She lives in 

(vii.) Elizabeth, m. (ist) James Young, Dundee; 
m. (2nd) John R. Poignand, Jersey. She 
lives in Jersey. 

(viii.) Sophia, m. Edward Johnson. 
v. Archibald George. He was a Major, 
vi. Alexander, d. an infant. 



vii. William, Secretary to the Great Southern and Western 
Railway of Ireland, and father of Sir Alexander 
Taylor, G.C.B., R.E. (b. 2?th Jan., 1826 ; m. 1 860, 
Lydia Munn, daughter of Rev. John R. Munn ; 
d. 2$th Feb., 1912), President of Cooper's Hill 
Engineering College (1880-96), Director of Siege 
Works at the Siege of Delhi (1857), and of whom 
the great General Nicholson said on his death- 
bed : " If I live through this, the world 
shall know that Aleck Taylor took Delhi." 
He also served in the ist and 2nd Sikh 
Campaigns ; India Mutiny ; and Umbeyla Cam- 
paign. Sir Alexander Taylor had four children : 
Alicia, a writer, in collaboration with Dr. 
Jean Paul Richter, on classic Christian art and 
kindred subjects ; Alexander, now commanding 
the I st Batt. Queen's (Royal West Surrey) Regi- 
ment ; Neville, who died shortly after the Boer 
War, during which he served as Adjutant of 
Lumsden's Horse, being Brevet-Major in the I4th 
Bengal Lancers at the time of his death ; and 
Mildred, who married Mr. R. Woods, a Fellow of 
Cooper's Hill College. 

6. Elspet, b. nth July, 1728, and baptised by Rev. James Osborn, 

before Robert Cassie, Post, and Robert Elmslie, Shoemaker ; 
m. 8th Oct., 1750, James Christie (b. I2th June, 1715; d. 27th 
July, 1808); d. 3Oth May, 1793, of whom before (page 5). 

7. Robert, b. 27th April, 1731, and baptised by Rev. James 

Ogilvie, before Robert Thomson, Town Clerk, and Robert 
Cassie, Post; m. 2 1st Jan., 1751, Jane Christie; d. about 1782. 

IV. JAMES THOMSON (1723-1779). 

James Thomson, b. 24th March, 1723 ; m. 7th Dec., 1747, Elspet 
Elmslie (6. I4th Jan., 1717; d. 2ist Jan., 1788), of whom before; 
d. I7th April, 1779. He was a Farmer at Mounthooly and Gallowgate- 
head, Aberdeen. 

" March 24, 1723. Alexander Thomson, farmer, and Elspet Cassie, 



his spouse, had a son called JAMES, baptised by Mr. Campbell. Wit- 
nesses James Davidson, burgess and maltman, and James Troup, 
burgess and maltman." (A.R.) 

"7th December, 1747. Last Saturday James Thomson, farmer, 
Aberdeen, and Elspeth Elmslie. James Legg, maltster, and George 
Elmslie, merchant, 6." (Aberdeen Marriage Contracts.) 

Their family consisted of: 

1. ELSPET, b. ist April, 1750, of whom hereafter. 

2. James, b. 24th March, 1756; Rafter 1785. He was a Farmer 

and Horsehirer at Gallowgatehead. 


Elspet Thomson, b. ist April, 1750; m. nth Sept., 1776, John 
Wallace (b. ist July, 1749 ; d. 27th May, 1813), Baker in Aberdeen, and 
Convener of the Trades (1790-1), of whom hereafter; d. i$th July, 1784. 

" ist April, 1750. James Thomson, horse-hirer, and Elizabeth 
Elmslie, his spouse, had Daur baptised Elizabeth by Mr. Ogilvie. 
Witnesses James Legg, maltster, and Alexander Thomson, farmer." 

" Upon the Eleventh Day of December One Thousand Seven 
Hundred and Seventy-six years, by the Rev. Mr. Thomas Forbes, one 
of the Ministers of this city, were lawfully married in the bride's house 
after due proclamation of banns, John Wallace, baker in Aberdeen, 
and Elspeth Thomson, lawful daughter to James Thomson, farmer 
there, in presence of these witnesses, James Thomson and James 
Thomson, junior, farmers in Aberdeen." (A.R.) 

Their family consisted of : 

1. ELSPET, b. 3 ist Oct., 1777. 

2. John, b. 20th April, 1779. 

3. Alexander Thomson, b. 25th Nov., 1782. 

4. Jean, b. 2Jth May, 1784, of all of whom herea f ter. 


This family of Thomson is related to most of the same name in 
Aberdeen, some of whose names appear as witnesses at baptisms, &c. 


Among these are Alexander Thomson, of Cults, Advocate in Aberdeen, 
and Sheriff-Depute of Aberdeenshire, 1629-56; and Alexander Thom- 
son, of Portlethen, his youngest son, Advocate in Aberdeen, Town Clerk, 
1694-1727, and Sheriff-Substitute of Aberdeenshire, 1713 and 1722-7, 
who married Helen Gregory, eldest daughter of James Gregory, Professor 
of Mathematics, St. Andrews University. Of their family, James, their 
eldest son, succeeded to Portlethen ; Helen married George Skene of 
Rubislaw ; Robert, Advocate in Aberdeen, inherited Portlethen, and 
was Town Clerk of Aberdeen, 1724-67; Mary married James Carnegie, 
Litster, whose son, Alexander Carnegie, was Town Clerk, 1767-1806 ; 
and Andrew Thomson, of Crawton, Advocate in Aberdeen, was Sheriff- 
Substitute of Aberdeenshire, 1763-6. Andrew Thomson, eldest son of 
the last-named, Laird of Crawton, Carronshore, and Rannieston, and an 
Advocate in Aberdeen, married Helen Hamilton, second daughter of 
Professor Robert Hamilton, Marischal College, Aberdeen ; and their 
eldest son, Alexander (who married Jessie Fraser, eldest daughter of 
Alexander Fraser, Lord Provost of Aberdeen, 1815-16), was last Laird 
of Banchory, now the property of ex-Lord Provost Sir David Stewart, 
LL.D., D.L., and of Lady Stewart, eldest daughter of the late Very 
Rev. David Brown, D.D., LL.D., Principal of the Free Church College, 
Aberdeen, 1876-1897. 

Alexander Thomson, b. 2ist June, 1798; m. I4th Feb., 1825, Jessie 
Fraser (b. I4th Feb., 1799 ; d. 8th Aug., 1870); d. 2oth May, 1868. He 
was an Advocate in Aberdeen, and was frequently Lord Rector's 
Assessor in the University Court of Marischal College. One of the 
greatest distinctions and joys of his life was this, that when the British 
Association visited Aberdeen in 1859, he had the high honour of enter- 
taining at Banchory House, on I4th and I5th September, His Royal 
Highness the Prince Consort, President for the year. Mr. Thomson, 
it may be added, claimed kinship with John Knox, as is set forth in 
Smeaton's Memoir of Alexander Thomson of Banchory, pp. 2-3 : "John 
Knox, the celebrated Reformer, left three daughters, one of whom was 
married to a Mr. Baillie, of the Jerviswoode family, and by him had a 
daughter who was married to a Mr. Kirkton, of Edinburgh. By this 
marriage Mr. Kirkton had a daughter, Margaret, who was married to 
Dr, Andrew Skene of Aberdeen. Dr. Skene left several children, the 



eldest of whom, Dr. Andrew Skene, had by his wife, Miss Lumsden of 
Cushnie, several sons and daughters. One of these, Mary, was married 
to Andrew Thomson of Banchory, who had issue by her, Margaret, 
Andrew, and Alexander. Andrew married Miss Hamilton, daughter of 
Dr. Hamilton, of Marischal College, Aberdeen, and by her had issue 
Alexander, born June 21, 1798, and present proprietor of Banchory." 
An heirloom treasured in the family was an antique watch, said to 
have been presented to the great Reformer by Mary, Queen of Scots, 
to gain his favour for some royal proposal. In those days watches were 
owned only by princes or nobles. Being childless he disentailed Banchory, 
and at his death bequeathed his extensive means and library to the Free 
Church College, Aberdeen, and to Aberdeen University. But for this dis- 
entail the estate would have fallen to Colonel George Thomson, C.B., of 
Fairley (page 69). 

Fuller details as to the Thomson Families and as to their inter- 
marriages with the chief City and County Families will be found in The 
Family Record of the Name of Dingwall Fordyce, 2 vols., 1885. So 
also, interesting references to Colonel George Thomson, C.B.,the Hero 
of Ghuznee, will be found from the pen of Sir Henry Yule in the Royal 
Engineers' Joutnal, 1886, and in Sir Edward Thackeray's Bengal 


>\ tenner In Memory of her Hi/(band lohnSpaigfn 


(NEW DEER, c. 1660- ) 

I. ALEXANDER WALLACE (c. 1660 after 1696). 
Alexander Wallace, b. about 1660 ; m. about 1688, Elspet Ironside ; 

d. after 1696. He was a Farmer in Auchmaledie, New Deer. Their 
family consisted of : 

1. ALEXANDER, b. i6th March, 1690, of whom hereafter. 

2. William, b. I3th Feb., 1696. 

II. ALEXANDER WALLACE (1690 after 1749). 
Alexander Wallace, b. i6th March, 1690; m. about 1725, Isobel 

Milne (b. ist April, 1692), third daughter of George Ross, Farmer, 
Rottencairns, New Deer; d. after 1749. He was a Farmer in Auchma- 
ledie, and afterwards in Culsh, New Deer. 

" March i6th, 1690 years. 

" The sd day Allexr. Wallac in Auchmaledy heed a sone brought 
forth be Elspett Ironsyd, his wyf, and was baptised upon the 21 day 
named Allexr. Godfathers Allexr. Low in Auchmaledy and Andro 
Ironsyd in Stonnyfold." (New Deer Register.) 
Their family consisted of : 

1. Andrew, 6. I3th Aug., 1726; m. i8th Aug., 1768, Janet Kilo. 

2. William, b. i7th May, 1729 ; m. Jean Smith ; d. 8th March, 1806. 

Their family consisted of : 

(1) Elizabeth, b. loth Sept., 1775. 

(2) A son, b. 4th Sept., 1778. 

3. Isobel, b. 5th Nov., 1734. 

4. Alexander, b. 24th April, 1737 ; d, I3th April, 1817. 

5. Thomas, b. 4th Oct., 1740. 

6. John, b. 27th March, 1747 ; d. an infant. 

7. JOHN, b. ist July, 1749, of whom hereafter. 

III. JOHN WALLACE (1749-1813). 

John Wallace, b. ist July, 1749 ; m. nth Dec., 1776, Elspet Thomson 
(b. ist April, 1750; d. i5th July, 1784), daughter of James Thomson, 
Farmer, at Mounthooly and Gallowgatehead, Aberdeen, of whom before ; 
d. 27th May, 1813, and interred in St. Peter's Cemetery, Lair 3 T 9 . 

"Anno 1749, July ist. Alexander Wallace in Culsh had a son 
brought forth by his wife, Isobel Milne, baptised named John. Witnesses, 



George Milne and Thomas Beaton, both in Cullerna." (New Deer Register.) 
He was a Baker in Broad Street, Aberdeen, in the large house at the 
S.E. corner of Ragg's Lane, where one of his tenants was Peter Gill, 
Watchmaker (who died 26th Jan., 1850, at the great age of 93), grand- 
father of Sir David Gill, K.C.B., F.R.S., late Astronomer Royal at the 
Cape. He was Convener of the Trades, 1790-1. Burgess of Trade, 
28th Aug., 1777, and of Guild, I2th Sept., 1799. Between 1791 and 
1809, he served on the Fiars' Court Jury thirteen times. In the affairs 
of the City as well as of the Trades, he took an active and warm 
interest. Boxmaster of the Baker Incorporation, 1780 and 1781, and 
Deacon in 1782, 1791, 1792, and 1797- Elected a Trades' Councillor 
in 1783 and in 1792. Treasurer of the Narrow Wynd Society, 1791, 
and an Assistant in 1794, 1801, and 1803. Treasurer of the Shiprow 
Society, 1792; Assessor in 1793 and 1799; and an Assistant in 1803. 
Director of the Poors' Hospital, 1792. Manager of St. Andrew's 
Society, 1792, 1799, 1801, and 1807; Vice-President, 1793; and Presi- 
dent in 1794. Manager of the Royal Infirmary. 1794 and 1796. 
Assistant of the Gallowgate Society, 1797. Factor to Trades' Widows' 
Fund, 1799 and 1801. Manager of Dr. Grant's Dispensary, 1802 and 
1805 ; and elected a Director of Aberdeen Dispensary, 1807. He 
attended along with his son-in-law, Samuel Chalmers, the famous 
Head Court, described in Vol. I., pp. 437-8, of Kennedy's Annals of 
Aberdeen. His last years were clouded with financial disaster, for on 
8th Oct., 1808, his property in Broad Street was sold for ^"1200 to 
Charles Walker, Merchant, by the Trustee on his estate, Alexander 
Brebner, of Learney, twice Lord Provost of Aberdeen, and grandfather 
of Colonel Innes, C.V.O., LL.D., of Learney, who died I2th Nov., 
1912, in his ggth year. Their family consisted of: 

1. ELSPET, 6. 3ist Oct., 1777; m. 29th June, 1798, Samuel Chalmers, 

Clothier, Aberdeen, and Clerk of the Police Commissioners, 
of whom before (page 9) ; d. 2ist Dec., 1853. 

2. John, 6. 2Oth April, 1779 ; m. 24th Dec., 1812, Barbara Imray (6. 

I4th July, 1784), elder daughter of Celia Donald, second wife of 
John Imray (6. 1754; m. 26th Aug., 1777, Barbara Tytler, fourth 
daughter of Hary Tytler, Merchant, Milltown of Corsindae, 
Midmar, whose descendants are still at Muirtown of Corsindae ; 



d. ist Sept., 1806), of whom hereafter; d. after 1815. 
Burgess of Guild, I2th Sept., 1799. Their family con- 
sisted of : 
(i) Celia, b. 25th Jan., 1813. (2) John, 6. 29th Aug., 1815. 

3. Alexander Thomson, b. 25th Nov., 1782 ; d. 9th Nov., 1815. 

Educated at Aberdeen Grammar School, and a Prizeman in 
5th Class, 1795. He was* in 1796, Silver Penman at Marischal 
College, Aberdeen, and graduated M.A. in 1799. Burgess of 
Guild, 7th Aug., 1805. He was a Merchant in Aberdeen. 

4. Jean, b. 27th May, 1784 ; d. an infant. 

John Wallace, Senior, had a niece, Janet (b. 1762 ; d. 2ist Jan., 
1832), who married James Taylor (b. 1754; d. 7th June, 1801), 
Umbrella Maker, Aberdeen. Their family consisted of: 

1. John, b. 24th July, 1783 ; d. 7th March, 1790. 

2. Jane, b. 2gth Jan., 1785 ; m. I3th June, 1827, Thomas Innes 

(b. igth April, 1778 ; m. (ist) 26th Dec., 1799, Margaret 
Andrew ; d. 3Oth April, 1830, at Inverurie), Shipmaster, New- 
burgh, and younger brother of John Innes (b. 28th Nov., 1769 ; 
m. Ann Mitchell, who died i6th Nov., 1828, aged 68 years), 
Captain of the whaler " Oscar," lost at Aberdeen, ist April, 
1813, with 42 of her crew (page 34) ; d. gth Jan., 1871, and 
buried in her father's grave in St. Peter's Cemetery, Aberdeen. 
After her husband's death, she kept lodgers in Broad Street, 
Crown Street, and Dee Street, one of her most respected 
lodgers being Samuel Martin (b. 1814; d. 7th Jan., 1888), 
Hatter to the People. 

3. James, b. 1787; d. 5th April, 1790. 

4. Alexander, b. 1789 ; d. I3th Jan., 1790. 

5. Elizabeth, b. 3 1st May, 1792 ; d. I2th July, 1822. 

6. Margaret, b. igih Feb., 1795; d. i6th Dec., 1816; and 

7. Alexander twin. 
8. John, b. 7th Jan., 1797 ; d. igth Jan., 1814. 







(RATHEN, c. 1680- ) 

[This Family is related to Alexander Thomson (page 68), younger brother of 
James Thomson, Great-Great-Great-Grandfather of Rev. James Smith.] 

I. JAMES ANDERSON (c. 1680-1741). 

James Anderson, b. about 1680 ; m. about 1704 ; d. before 28th 
Dec., 1740. M.A., Marischal College, 1698. Licensed by Presbytery 
of Garioch, 26th Nov., 1701, and ordained Minister of Rathen, near 
Fraserburgh, nth March, 1703. Their family consisted of: 

1. James, b. loth Dec., 1705 ; m. Elizabeth Gordon (d. after 1741), 

daughter of Dr. Thomas Gordon, of Craigelly ; d. 1740. 
Schoolmaster of Rathen, 1735-38. Licensed by Presbytery 
of Deer, 2Oth July, 1737, and ordained colleague and suc- 
cessor, 6th Dec., 1738, to his father, whom he predeceased, 
before 28th Dec., 1740. 

2. John, 6. 5th Dec., 1706. 

3. Margaret, 6. i8th March, 1708; m. George Ogilvie (d. after igth 

Feb., 1741) ; d. after igth Feb., 1741. 

4. THOMAS, b. 29th Jan., 1710, of whom hereafter. 

5. Charles, 6. 29th Dec., 1711 ; d. an infant. 

6. Marie, and 7. Ann twin, 6. 4th Feb., 1716. 

8. Charles, b. 29th, Feb., 1720. 

9. Elizabeth, b. I3th Aug., 1724. 
10. Alexander, b. 3ist Jan., 1727. 

II. THOMAS ANDERSON (1710-1765). 

Thomas Anderson, b. 29th Jan., 1710; m. 28th Nov., 1734, Agnes 
Auchinleck (6. 1711; d. 3rd May, 1786), daughter of Rev. Alexander 
Auchinleck, Minister of Fraserburgh, 4th Feb., 1707-1753, at whose 
settlement there was a riot, suppressed by soldiery, and of Elizabeth 
Fraser, daughter of Mr Fraser, of Tyrie, and grand-daughter of Colonel 
John Fullarton, of Dudwick, and Elizabeth Preston, widow of Sir 
Robert Douglas. They had a family, of whom Agnes married Mr. 
Fraser of Tyrie, another married Mr. Niven Stewart, and a third 



married Mr. Udny, of Udny and Auchterellon. Lady Tyrie's daughter, 
Elizabeth, married Rev. Alexander Auchinleck, of Fraserburgh. Rev. 
Thomas Anderson died i6th Nov., 1765. M.A., King's College, 1728. 
Licensed by Presbytery of Deer, igth June, 1733. Ordained Minister 
of Aberdour, 24th April, 1734. Their family consisted of: 

1. James, b. pth Nov., 1735 ; d. i3th Feb., 1759, at St Croix. 

2. Elizabeth, b. 3ist Dec., 1736; d. i4th Oct., 1759. 

3. Anne, b. 2jrd Feb., 1738 ; d. 26th June, 1755. 

4. Margaret, b. I2th Dec., 1739; d. 3rd Nov., 1777. 

5. Mary, b. igth April, 1741. 

6. Alexander, b. Sth July, 1742 ; d. 2$th Jan., 1744. 

7. Samuel, 6. 2$th Feb., 1744 ; d. 3rd June, 1745. 

8. Thomas, b. 3Oth April, 1745 ; d. 2oth Feb., 1746. 

9. William, b. 9th Nov., 1746; m. (ist) a lady, at Evie, where she 

died ; m. (2nd) 1 9th Dec., 1 789, Mary Groat (b. 1 757 ; d. 25th 
Sept., 1819), daughter of Robert Groat, M.D., of Newhall ; 
d. 5th March, 1823. M.A., Marischal College, 1767. 
Licensed by Aberdeen Presbytery, 1 77 I. Ordained Assist- 
ant and Successor, Evie and Rendall, Orkney, 1780. Minister 
of Holm, 1 797-1798. Minister of St. Fergus, 1798-1823. No 
family then alive, in 1798. 

10. AGNES, b. 4th April, 1750, of whom hereafter. 

1 1. Christian, 6. 7th April, 1752 ; d. 28th Jan., I 753. 

12. Magdalene, b. loth Aug., 1753 ; d. nth April, 1756. 

III. AGNES ANDERSON (1750-1825). 

Agnes Anderson, b. 4th April, 1750 ; m. 2Oth Feb., 1780, Rev. 
Andrew Youngson, M.A. [6. 1743; m. (ist) i$th May, 1764, Mary 
Taylor (d. 2 ist May, 1770), daughter of the Rev. William Taylor, M.A., 
Minister of New Deer, 1737-97]; d. 22nd May, 1825. Rev. Andrew 
Youngson was a native of New Deer. M.A., King's College, Aberdeen, 
nth March, 1747. Licensed by Presbytery of Deer, 2Oth Feb., 1754. 
Ordained Missionary at Enzie, 6th May, 1761. Minister of Aberdour, 
2nd July, 1766-1 5th June, 1809, when he died in his S$rd year. For 
the last thirty years of his life he suffered from a grievous affection of 



the throat, which he bore with cheerful resignation, piety and fortitude. 
By his first wife, his family consisted of : 

1. Christian, b. iyth May, 1765. 

2. Alexander, b. I5th April, 1766. 

3. William, b. ist Jan., 1768 ; d. loth March, 1785. 

By his second wife, Agnes Anderson, he had a family of: 

1. James, 6. 4th Dec., 1780. 

2. Agnes Margaret, b. I7th Feb., 1783; in. ist Aug., 1811, Rev. 

Alexander Simpson, M.A., Minister of Strichen, of whom 
hereafter ; d. 22nd Dec., 1 874. 

3. Thomas, b. 28th Aug., 1784 ; tn. 22nd July, 1828, Christina 

Milne (b. 1793 ; d. $th April, 1877), daughter of William 
Milne, Rosehearty, Fraserburgh; d. 26th Oct., 1839. He 
was a Major, 48th Regt. Madras Infantry. Their family 
consisted of: 

(i) Thomas Alexander William Andrew, b. 23rd Nov., 1832, 
at Harthill, Keig, Aberdeenshire ; m. 3 ist Oct., 1871, 
Margaret Forbes Pirie, third daughter of the Very Rev. 
W. R. Pirie, D.D., Principal of Aberdeen University ; 
d. 1 3th May, 1912. Educated at Grammar School and 
West-End Academy, Aberdeen. M.A., Marischal College, 
1851. Admitted an Advocate, 6th June 1857. Sometime 
Factor for Bishop's Hospital and Collyhill Trust. A 
Founder and Manager of Aberdeen Poors' Association. 
Manager, Aberdeen Savings Bank ; Deaf and Dumb 
Institution; and Morningfield Hospital. Session-Clerk, 
Gilcomston Parish Church, 1865-1901, and Clerk to the 
Trustees, 1866-1890. J.P. for Aberdeenshire. Author of 
Marischal College Class Record, 1847-51. Lieutenant 
Aberdeenshire Artillery Vols., 23rd Sept., 1861, and retired 
as Colonel, 24th June, 1893. V.D. Their family con- 
sisted of: 

i. Thomas William, Captain, King's Own Scottish 
Borderers. Served throughout South African 
War, 1899-1902. 

ii. Isabella Agnes Allan, and iii. Margaret Louise twin. 


(2) Isabella Agnes, b. 1834; ' loth July, 1856, Robert D. D. 
Allan, M.D., Assistant Surgeon, Bengal Army. They 
were massacred at Cawnpore. " Killed in the massacre 
at Cawnpore, on the 2nd of July, Dr. Robert D. D. Allan, 
formerly in the 23rd and 48th Regiments, Bengal Native 
Infantry ; and at the same time his beloved wife Isabella 
Agnes Youngson. Dr. Allan saw much service in the 
Punjab was present at Aliwal,Mooltan, andGoojerat, for 
two of which he carried medals, and earned the high 
approbation of all his superior officers. His presence at 
Cawnpore was accidental, as he was there on his way 
from Calcutta, on the expiry of his furlough to join the 
33rd Regiment, B.N.I., at Hushyarpore. Having served 
under Sir Hugh Wheeler on the Sutlej, in the 48th Regi- 
ment, it appears as if he had been put on Sir Hugh's 
Staff at Cawnpore, and sailed in the same boat with him 
at the attempted escape." (Aberdeen Journal, 4th Nov.. 

4. Andrew, b. 4th July, 1786. 


(ABERDEEN, 1715- ) 

[This Family is related to the Family of Chalmers (page 7), through 
Christian Hill, mother of Samuel Chalmers and second wife of John Lamb.] 

THOMAS FERGUSON (1715-1790). 

Thomas Ferguson, b. 1715 ; m. i8th June, 1744, Janet Davidson 
(b. 1716; d. 22nd April, 1799), second daughter of James Davidson, 
Shoemaker, Inverurie, and Jean Mearns, whose eldest daughter Eliza- 
beth was the wife of John Alexander, Schoolmaster, Inverurie ; d. 3ist 
Dec., 1790. He was a Wright in Aberdeen. Their family consisted 

i. Helen, b. 1746; m. John Davidson (b. 1750; d. 7th Jan., 1824), 
Advocate in Aberdeen and Laird of Kebbaty, Midmar, son 
of John Davidson (b. 1711 ; d. 3Oth July, 1781), Farmer, 
Footie, Kincardine O'Neil, and Janet Ettershank (b. 1713; 
d. 23rd Feb., 1790); d. i$th Sept., 1794. They had two 


sons, John and Thomas. John Davidson married, i;th 
March, 1796, as his second wife, Jane, second daughter of 
Baillie Alexander Farquhar, Kintore, whose elder daughter 
Margaret married Rev. James Shand, M.A., of Greyfriars, 

2. JANET, 6. 1749; m. 3rd Dec., 1771, John Lamb, Wright, of 

whom hereafter ; d. 22nd April, 1797. 

3. Elizabeth, 6. 3<Dth March, 1752; m. 3rd Sept., 1776, Alexander 

Smith (b. 1745; d. 3Oth Jan., 1801), Chairmaker, London; 
d. 24th Feb., 1801. Their family consisted of: 
(i) Elizabeth, m. 24th Oct., 1801, Alexander Paterson (b. 1773; 
d. 6th Aug., 1809), Minister of the Relief Church, Dundee, 
eldest son of Alexander Paterson (b. 1745 ; in. ist Dec., 
1770; d. 3Oth May, 1745), Shoemaker, Aberdeen, and 
Elizabeth Morgan, and eldest brother of Dr. Joseph 
Paterson (b. I7th Jan., 1779; m * 6th June, 1804, 
Janet Hunter 6. 1781; d. I4th Sept., 1854, daughter of 
Robert Hunter, Dundee), Minister of Montrose, 1811-1871. 
Dr. Paterson at times took the place of his brother John, 
who was Tutor to Lord Byron, when a pupil of Aberdeen 
Grammar School, where they were all educated. John 
Paterson was First Bursar, Marischal College, 1797, and 
M.A., 1800. Alexander Paterson was M.A., Marischal 
College, 1793. Rev. Alexander Paterson was interred in the 
Howff, Dundee, where his congregation erected a Monu- 
ment (now removed) to his memory, bearing these words: 
" He resigned his body, worn with constant labour, and is 
now gone to the peaceful mansions of everlasting bliss. 
His last sermon was from Psalm Ixxxix. and ist, ' I will 
sing of the mercies of the Lord for ever.' " 
" He lived to die and died to five, 
And died to die no more ; 
And now he lives and reigns with Christ, 
His Lord and Saviour dear" 
Their family consisted of: 

i. Alexander Smith, b. 6th Jan., 1803; d. I2th Sept., 
1828. Educated at Aberdeen Grammar School. 


1812-1817. M.A., Marischal College, 1821. 
Student of Divinity, 1821-27. Author of ** Pater- 
son's Shorter Catechism," which is a most able 
treatise; "History of the Church from the ist to 
the i/th Century" (prepared for the examination 
for license by the Presbytery of Aberdeen), and 
of a " Concordance of the Scriptures." He was 
interred in the family grave, D. 764, in St. 
Nicholas Churchyard, Aberdeen. 

ii. John, 6. isth Aug., 1804; d. i8th Aug., 1823. 

iii. Helen Smith, b. 5th July, 1807. 

iv. Elizabeth Morgan, 6. 7th June, 1809. 
(2) Helen. (3) William. (4) Robert. 

(ABERDEEN, 1746- ) 

[This Family is related to the Family of Smith (page 49), through James 
Hobb Hay, who married Mary Smith.] 

I. CHARLES HAY (1746-1844). 

Charles Hay, 6. 1746; m. before 1789, Ann Panton (d. before 1857); 
d. 1844. He was a Builder in Woodside, Aberdeen. A fine painting 
of him, in his 98th year, by John Phillip, R.A., is extant. Their family 
consisted of: 

1. JOHN, b. 4th Jan., 1789, of whom hereafter. 

2. Alexander, m. Jane Smith. He was a Japanner in Aberdeen, 

and had a son John, b. 2gth Dec., 1826, and three daughters 
Ann, Magdalene (who married Robert Livingstone, Hotel- 
keeper, Echt), and Jeannie, who died in Australia. 

3. Elizabeth, m. John Lochiel, Aberdeen, and had a large family. 

One of her daughters m. William McLean, of the Customs, 

II. JOHN HAY (1789-1857). 

John, b. 4th Jan., 1789 ; m. 8th Jan., 1820, Ann Hobb (6. April, 
1800 ; d. 23rd Oct., 1844), daughter of James Hobb, Farmer, Smiddyhill, 
Forfar ; d. 2nd Nov., 1857. He was a Carver and Gilder in Aberdeen, 


and built the house at 73 Union Street, now occupied by his grand- 
son, Robert W. L. Hay. Their family consisted of : 

1. James Hobb, b. 27th Feb., 1822; m. 3rd Sept., 1846, Mary 

Smith (b. 4th Aug., 1824 ; d. 8th Dec., 1894), eldest daughter 
of Lewis Smith, Wholesale Bookseller and Stationer, Aber- 
deen, of whom before (page 49) ; d. 2nd Nov., 1882. 

2. JOHN, b. 4th June, 1825, of whom hereafter. 

3. Ann, b. 8th Jan., 1830; d. 2$rd Aug., 1831. 

4. Helen, b. gth April, 1835 ; m. 7th Dec., 1859, William Forsyth 

Arthur (6. 23rd Sept., 1825; d. i$th May, 1899), School- 
master, Kirkcaldy, son of Richard Arthur, Farmer, and 
Margaret Forsyth, Falkland. Their family consisted of: 

(1) Annie Hay, 6. i6th Sept., 1860; d. i6th Feb., 1862. 

(2) Margaret Forsyth, 6. gth July, 1862 ; d. I7th Nov.. 1866. 

(3) Richard, b. 22nd Feb., 1863. He is a Chemist in America, 

and is married. 

(4) Helen Robertson Hay, m. I4th Aug., 1889, Rev. George 
Johnstone Chree, B.D. (b. I4th July, 1864), Presidency 
Senior Chaplain, Bengal, second son of George Chree, M.A., 
Schoolmaster, Keig, Aberdeenshire, and Helen Johnstone, 
eldest daughter of George Johnstone, Farmer, Mains of 
Inkhorn, Auchnagatt, Aberdeenshire. Their family con- 
sists of: 

i. Helen Hay Arthur Johnstone. 
ii. George William Johnstone, b. gth Sept., 1893. He 

is a Cadet at Sandhurst Military College, 
iii. Mary Arthur. 

(5) Agnes Mary. She resides with her mother, in Great 

Western Road, Aberdeen. 

(6) John Hay, b. 7th July, 1868 ; m. 22nd Dec., 1898, Florence 

Smith, daughter of John Smith, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Derby- 
shire. He is a Solicitor and Bank Agent in Dornoch. 
Their family consists of : 

i. William Hay, b. gth Nov., 1899. 

ii. John Hay, b. 23rd May, 190 1. 
iii. Florence Mary. 


(7) WilliamForsyth, 6. 28th July, 1870; d. i#h Jan., 1871. 

(8) William Hay, b. 8th Feb., 1872 ; m. July, 1895, Florence 

Armstrong, youngest daughter of Thomas Armstrong, 
Sheep Farmer, Saucy Creek, Bombala, N.S.W. He is a 
Sheep Farmer. Their family consists of: 

i. Edith Irene Helen Hay. 

ii. Bruce Forsyth Arthur, b. gth May, 1896. 

(9) Margaret Ann. She resides with her mother. 

III. JOHN HAY (1825-1896). 

John, b. 4th June, 1825; m. 2nd Aug., 1849, Ann Lyail (b. nth 
June, 1826; d. ist Feb., 1908), only daughter of David Lyall, Farmer, 
Little Tullo, Edzell ; d. i8th Oct., 1896. He was a Carver and Gilder in 
Aberdeen to Her Majesty Queen Victoria. Their family consisted of : 

1. John, b. I3th Aug., 1850; d. i6th Dec., 1879, at Auckland, 

New Zealand. He was a Bank Clerk. 

2. David, b. 27th Feb., 1853. He is in Australia. 

3. Lindsay, b. 3rd Nov., 1856; ;. i4th Sept., 1887, Cecilia Louise 

Parker; d. July, 1910. He was a Captain in the Orient Line. 
Their family consisted of: 

(i) Gladys Lyall, ;. Cyril Goodacre, Liverpool, and had a son 

4. Alice Arthur, m. nth June, 1889, David Clunie Miller, Calico 

Printer, Manchester. Their,family consists of: 
(i^ Colin Hay, b. 23rd July, 1890. He is a Rubber Pl?nter in 

5. Robert Watson Lyall, b. 26th Sept., 1868; m. nth July, 1900, 

Agnes Hunter Doig, elder daughter of William Doig, 
Farmer, Carcary, Brechin. He is a Carver and Gilder in 
Aberdeen to Their Majesties the King and Queen and to 
Her Majesty Queen Alexandra, as to former Royalties. 
Their family consists of: 
(i) Dorothy Elizabeth Lyall, and (2) Muriel Lindsay. 


(ABERDEEN, c. 1630 ) 

[This Family is related to the Family of Chalmers (page 8), through Christian 
Hill, mother of Samuel Chalmers, and second wife of John Lamb.] 

I. WILLIAM LAMB (c. 1630 after 1660). 

William Lamb, 6. about 1630 ; ;. about 1656 ; d. after 1660. He 
was a Farmer in Tarves, and had at least a family of: 
i. WILLIAM, b. about 1660, of whom hereafter. 

II. WILLIAM LAMB (c. 1660 after 1726). 

William Lamb, b. about 1660; m. I3th June, 1706, Elspet Davidson 
(b. about 1680), daughter of George Davidson, Farmer, Aberdeen. He 
was a Wright in Aberdeen. Their family consisted of : 

1. Jean, b. zjth March, 1707. 

2. JAMES, 6. 6th June, 1708, of whom hereafter. 

3. Alexander, b. 5th March, 1721 ; d. an infant. 

4. Alexander, b. 2Oth May, 1722. 

5. Anna, b. 28th June, 1726. 

III. JAMES LAMB (1708-1782). 

James Lamb, b. 6th June, 1708 ; m. about 1731, Margaret Elmslie 
(d. after 1745) ; d. 6th Nov., 1782. He was a Tailor in Hardgate, 
Aberdeen, and was admitted an Elder for the Crooked Quarter of St. 
Nicholas Parish, Aberdeen, 24th July, 1780. Burgess of Guild, 4th 
Sept., 1761. Their family consisted of: 

1. James, 6. 20th May, 1732; m. Sophia Mitchell (b. about 1732; 

d. 28th April, 1822) ; d. 3oth May, 1818. He was a Tailor. 

2. Janet, b. 24th Nov., 1734; m. 9th Oct., 1766, William Harper, 

Farmer, Bridge of Dee. 

3. JOHN, b. i7th Feb., 1737, of whom hereafter. 

4. Alexander, b. i$th April, 1740 ; in. 3Oth April, 1764, Elspet Sim, 

(6. about 1740; d. 5th Jan., 1781), daughter of John Sim, 
Farmer, Peterhead ; d. i8th Dec., 1774. Their family 
consisted of: 

(i) Christian, 6. 1 9th Feb., 1765; m. 28th March, 1782, John 
Taylor (b. about 1750; d. 23rd Sept., 1830), Tailor, and 

Chartered Accountant, Aberdeen 


Church Warden and Elder, 1795, Aberdeen ; d. ist March, 
1822. Their family consisted of : 

i. Helen, b. 3ist Jan., 1784, and baptised by Rev. Dr. 

Shaw (one of the Ministers of St. Nicholas, 

1783-94, and Moderator of the General Assembly, 

1786), before John Lamb, Wright, and John 

Davidson, Advocate; d. 8th May, 1827. 

ii John, b. igth May, 1788, and baptised by Rev. 

George Abercrombie, M.A. (one of the Ministers 

of St. Nicholas, 1772-90), before James Clark, 

late Convener, and John Lamb, both Tailors. 

iii. Elizabeth, b. 1791 ; in. David Anderson, Shipmaster; 

d. 1 2th Dec., 1820. 

iv. Janet, b. gih March, 1793, and baptised by Rev. Dr. 
Shirrefs (one of the Ministers of St. Nicholas, 
1779-1814, Moderator of the General Assembly, 
1807, and great-grandfather of Emeritus-Professor 
Sir Alexander Ogston, K.C.V.O., M.D., LL.D., 
D.L.,of Glendavan, and of Mrs. Cowan, wife of the 
Rev. Professor Cowan, D.D., D.C.L., who was 
himself in the ministry of the West Parish of St. 
Nicholas, 1869-73), before Robert Leask and 
William Dawson, Tailors; d. 25th Feb., 1854. 
v. Euphemia, b. 2Oth March, 1795, and baptised by 
Rev. Robert Doig (one of the Ministers of St. 
Nicholas, 1812-24), before William Sang, Baker, 
and William Copland, Turner. 

vi. Margaret, b. 24th May, I797 and baptised by Rev. 
Robert Doig, before William Sang, Baker, and 
Alexander Ross, Merchant, 
vii. Jane, b. 1799; d. 7th May, 1876. 
viii. Christian, b. 1804 ; m. William Stewart, Engineer ; 
d. igth June, 1861, at Southampton. Their family 
consisted of: 

(i.) Rachel Todd, and (ii.) Robert Simmie, who 
died in infancy. 



(2) James, b. 2gth Sept., 1766. 

(3) John, b. i6th June, 1768. (4) Alexander, b. loth July, 1770. 
5. George, b. 3rd Feb., 1745; m. 2ist Aug., 1770, Isobel Burnet. 

He was a Farmer at Foulmuir, Oldmachar. 

IV. JOHN LAMB (1737-1823). 

John Lamb, b. ifth Feb., 1737; m. (ist) 3rd Dec., 1771, Janet 
Ferguson (b. 1749; <* 22n d April, 1797), second daughter of Thomas 
Ferguson, Wright and Elder, Putachyside, Aberdeen, of whom before 
(page 85) ; m. (2nd; ist April, 1798, Christian Hill (b. 2Oth Aug., 
1750) ; d. loth Aug., 1836), elder daughter of Hercules Hill, Wool- 
comber, Aberdeen, and great-great-grandmother of Rev. James Smith, 
of whom before (page 23); d. 24th March, 1823. He was a Wright, 
and an Elder (1798-1823) in St. Nicholas Parish, first with Rev. John 
Bryce, M.A., of Belmont Chapel of Ease, and afterwards in the South 
Parish Church, Aberdeen. Burgess of Guild, 3rd Nov., 1770. His 
family, all by his first marriage, consisted of: 

1. Thomas, b. 3Oth Sept., 1772. 

2. James, b. 2gth Aug., 1774. Student in Tertian Class, Marischal 

College, 1791-2. 

3. John, &. 8th June, 1776. 4. Alexander, b. 3rd May, 1778. 

5. Bryce Andrew, b. 25th May, 1780; d. 3 ist Dec., 1781. 

6. Bryce Andrew Adam, b. 27th April, 1782. Student in Tertian 

Class, Marischal College, 1798-9. 

7. George, b. gth Oct., 1784; d. 1830, at Ballarim, East Indies. 

Educated at Aberdeen Grammar School in the class with 
Lord Byron, 1796-7. M.A., Marischal College, 1801, and 
M.D., 1824. He was a Superintending Surgeon in the 
H.E.I.C.S., and amassed a fortune of 30,000, which he lost, 
all but 6000, on the failure of the Allahabad Bank, of which 
he was a Director. He made his nephew and niece, George 
and Jane Lamb, his heirs. 

8. Helen, b. 3rd Jan., 1787; m. (ist) isth June, 1805, John Walker, 

Shipmaster, Aberdeen ; m. (2nd) John Case, of Sheerness ; 
d. Sept. 1825. 

9. Elizabeth, b. i8th May, 1789. 



10. DAVIDSON FERGUSON JOSEPH FRANCIS, 6. i9th Sept., 1793, of 
whom hereafter. 

Davidson Ferguson Joseph Francis Lamb, b. igthSept, 1793; m. 27th 
Dec., 1820, Jane Cooper (b. 1801 ; d. 9th June, 1836), daughter of 
Adam Cooper, Farmer, West Craigton, Peterculter ; d. loth Oct., 1861. 
He was a Wright and House Proprietor in Aberdeen. Their family 
consisted of: 

1. Christian, b. 27th Oct., 1821 ; m. Alexander Adam, Slater, 

Aberdeen ; d. 3rd Dec., 1845, 

2. Agnes, 6. igth Jan., 1823; & X 8th Dec., 1837. 

3. JANE, b. 9th Sept., 1833; * 28th Dec., 1852, Walter Reid, 

(b. 6th Jan., 1827; d. 2ist July, 1908), Merchant and 
Farmer, Portsoy ; d. I5th June, 1878, of whom hereafter. 

4. George, b. 29th Jan., 1836 ; m. Agnes Law, daughter of Rev. 

William Law, Minister of Portlethen Parish, who died nth 
Jan., 1870, in his 73rd year; d. 25th Dec., 1910. He was 
educated at Robert Gordon's Hospital, at Dunkeld, at Old 
Aberdeen Gymnasium, and at King's College. He was an 
Accountant abroad and in Aberdeen. Their family consisted 
of George, who died a youth. 

VI. JANE LAMB OR REID (1833-1878). 

Jane Lamb, b. gth Sept., 1833; m. 28th Dec., 1852, Walter Reid 
(6. 6th Jan., 1827 ; d. 2ist July, 1908), Merchant and Farmer, Portsoy ; 
d. 1 5th June, 1878. He was born at Swailend, Deskford. He was in 
the Exchequer Office, Edinburgh, and later became a General Merchant, 
Portsoy. Inspector of Poor and Elder, Fordyce Parish. Elder in 
John Knox Parish, Aberdeen. Their family consisted of: 

1. Joseph Ferguson Lamb, b. 3rd Sept., 1854; m. August, 1884, 

Kate, daughter of William Wyatt, C.E., Ellsmere, Salop. 
He is a Warehouseman (retired), New Jersey, U.S.A. Their 
family consists of four sons and two daughters. 

2. John, 6. 20th Aug., 1856. M.A., 1877, and M.D., 1886, Aberdeen 

University. He is in practice, in London. 



3. WALTER ALEXANDER, b. i4th April, 1859, of whom hereafter. 

4. Adam, b. igth Feb., 1861 ; m. Jessie, daughter of Mr. Roberts, 

Farmer, Victoria; d. 2ist Aug., 1912. He was a Cabinet- 
maker, Melbourne. His family consists of one son and two 

5. Robert Smith, b, 28th Feb., 1862 ; m. Elsie, daughter of 

Alexander Watt, Farmer, Lintmill, Portsoy. He is a 
Merchant in Trinidad, and owns Plantations in Tobago, 
British West Indies. Their family consists of: 

(1) Kenneth, 6. i5th Sept., 1892. 

(2) Dorothy. (3) Alan, b. 4th Jan., 1897. 

6. William Alexander, b. I4th Feb., 1864; m ' 2 4 tn Sept., 1894, 

Jane, daughter of James Hay, Farmer, South Ythsie, Tarves, 
and niece of Sir John Hay, K.C.M.G., LL.D., Speaker of the 
Legislative Assembly, New South Wales, 1862-5, and 
President, 1873-92, who died 2Oth Jan., 1892. M.A., 1885, 
Aberdeen University. Minister of the Presbyterian Church, 
Port Dalhousie, Canada. Missionary of the Church of Scot- 
land, Poona, India, 1904. Minister of West May bole, 1905. 
Minister of Greenhill Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, 
U.S.A., 1911. Author of "Christian Prayer " (1905) ; "In 
the Clutches of the Cardinal" (1911), &c. 

7. George Lamb, b. i8th Sept., 1865; d. 22nd June, 1867. 

8. James, b. 4th Oct., 1 867 ; d. an infant. 

9. Alexander, b. 23rd Sept., 1869; m. 29th April, 1896, Edith 

Mary, only daughter of Robert Harrison, Farmer, Plas Coch, 
Wrexham. Member of the Institute of Mining Engineers, 
and of the Institute of Civil Engineers. Fellow of the 
Geological Society, London. He is in practice in London. 

10. James George Smith, b. 25th April, 1873; d. 22nd Sept., 1876. 

1 1. David, 6. and d. 2 ist Aug., 1876. 

12. Herbert William Bell, b. 2oth Jan., and d. 2Oth May, 1878. 


Walter Alexander Reid, 6. I4th April, 1859; m. 24th Oct., 1888, 
Jessie Emslie Cook, eldest daughter of Charles Cook, Merchant, Aber- 


Minister of Strichen, 1807-52 


deen. He is a C.A., F.F.A., and J.P., Aberdeen, and resides at 
Woodbank, Cults. Elder, West Parish Church. Their family consists 

1. Charles, b. i6th December, 1889. M.A., Aberdeen University, 

1 909. He is a Chartered Accountant. 

2. James Meston, b. loth Feb., 1891. He studied at Aberdeen 


3. Walter Alexander, 6. 3Oth Oct., 1892. He studied Agriculture 

at Aberdeen University. 

4. Stephen, 6. igth June, 1894 ; d. 10th Aug., 1895. 

5. Edward Birnie, 6. 1 4th Sept., 1896. He is at Aberdeen 

Grammar School. 

Mrs. Reid's sisters are married as follows : Mary Maggie, now Mrs. 
John Reid, Monaltrie, Alford ; Elsie Jane, now Mrs. Patrick Strachan. 
Easttown, Tarland; Helen Agnes (now deceased) was Mrs. John 
Reid, Cromley Bank, Ellon ; Alice Maud, now Mrs. Alfred Reid, Hili- 
head, Ellon; and Eliza Euphemia, now the wife of Major Harry 
Forbes, D.S.O., Greystone, Tullynessle, Alford. Her brothers are 
Charles (now deceased); Thomas Nicol, Waterside of Slains, New- 
burgh ; John Nicol, and Robert Sellar, of the Firm of Barry, Henry, 
& Co., Ironfounders, Aberdeen and London. 


(STRICKEN, 1682- ) 

[This Family is related to the Family of Thomson (page 71), through 
Barbara Thomson, daughter of Alexander Thomson, whose Great-Great-Grand- 
daughter, Jane Taylor, married Alexander Simpson, Advocate, Aberdeen.] 

I. JOHN SIMPSON (1682-1761). 

John Simpson, b. 1682 ; m. loth July, 1733, Isobel Morrice (6. 171 1 ; 
d. i8th March, 1742), daughter of Arthur Morrice, Farmer, Hawkhill, 
Strichen, and an Elder; d. 3ist March, 1761. He was a Farmer at 
Mains of Kindrought, Strichen, 1720-61, and an Elder in Strichen, 
1748-61. Their family consisted of: 

1. ARTHUR, b. 26th July, 1734, of whom hereafter. 

2. Margaret, 6. 9th July, 1737 ; d. 8th Dec., 1808. 



II. ARTHUR SIMPSON (1734-1815). 

Arthur Simpson, b. 26th July, 1734; ;w. February, 1763, Margaret 
Farquhar (6. 3 1st March, 1735 ; d. 2 1st March, 1821), younger daughter 
of John Farquhar, Farmer, Auchoch, New Deer, and Janet Reid, and 
formerly Fanner in Denend, Strichen ; d. 3rd March, 1815. He was a 
Farmer at Mains of Kindrought, Strichen, and an Elder in Strichen for 
33 years. Their family consisted of: 

1. William, b. 1 6th June, 1764. He was a Farmer at Mains of 


2. Jean, b. 5th March, 1767 ; d. 24th March, 1807. 

3. Margaret, b. 2oth May, 1769 ; d. I7th Nov., 1815. 

4. John, b. 24th May, 1771. He was a Farmer at Elrick, Deer. 

5. Isobel, 6. 1 3th March, 1773; m. James Trail, Farmer, Mill of 

Bruxie ; d. I st Sept., 1 827. Her epitaph in Strichen Church- 
yard contains these lines : 

" / hope to sing without a sob 

The anthem ever new, 
1 gladly bid the dusty globe 
And vain delights adieu" 

6. Janet, b. 1st June, 1775; m > William Murray (b. 1770; d. i7th 

July, 1858), Farmer, Mill of Bruxie, Old Deer; d. 3rd March, 
1854. Their family consisted of : 

(1) Margaret, b. 1810; d. 24th Jan, 1883. 

(2) John, b. 1812 ; d. 5th Jan., 1895. 

(3) Agnes, b. 1816; d. I4th June, 1896. 

(4) William, b. 1819; d. 9th Feb., 1897. 

7. ALEXANDER, b. i6th April, 1778, of whom hereafter. 

Other members of John Farquhar's family, besides Margaret 
above named, were William Farquhar (b. 1 743 ; m. 22nd Aug., 1 776, 
Margaret Johnston afterwards wife of Rev. William Paterson of 
Slains sister of Rev. William Johnston, of Monquhitter, 1727-53, who 
died I4th May, 1778), who was Schoolmaster of Monquhitter, Auchter- 
less and Elgin, Minister of Skene, 1775-6, and Minister of the West 
Parish, Aberdeen, 1776-8, as Colleague to Principal George Campbell, 
D.D. Her nephew, Rev. Alexander Farquhar, M.A., was Minister of 



Pitsligo, 1803-34, whose daughter Ann was married to James B. Spottis- 
wood, of Muiresk, Advocate, and whose son, Rev. William Farquhar, was 
Minister of Forglen, 1843-45, while his daughter Elizabeth Farquhar, 
married Major James Craigie, H.E.I.C.S., and other three of his sons 
were Thomas Farquhar, M.D., H.E.I.C.S., Alexander Farquhar, a 
Surgeon, and Robert Spottiswood Farquhar, an Advocate in Aberdeen. 
The above John Farquhar had also a cousin, John Farquhar, who was a 
Proctor in Doctor's Commons, London, who was for 16 years M.P. for 
the Burghs of Aberdeen, Bervie, Montrose, etc., and who bought the 
Estates of Inverbervie and Johnston, Kincardineshire. John Farquhar's 
only sister, Rachel Susan, was mother of Alexander Gibbon, Advocate, 


Alexander Simpson, b. i6th April, 1778 ; m. 1st Aug., 1811, Agnes 
Margaret Youngson (b. 1 7th Feb., 1785 ; d. 22nd Dec., 1874), daughter 
of the Rev. Andrew Youngson, M.A.. Minister of Aberdour, Aberdeen- 
shire, 1766-1809, and Agnes Anderson, of whom before (page 83) ; 
d. 3rd May, 1852. M.A., Marischal College, 1797. Schoolmaster 
(locum tenens), Strichen, 1794-6, and at Stonehaven, June, 1801 May, 
1802. Master in Robert Gordon's Hospital, 1802-7. Minister of 
Strichen, 1807-52. Their family consisted of: 

1. Arthur, b. 8th June, 1813 ; d. loth Feb., 1838. M.A., Marischal 

College, 1830. Student of Divinity, 1830-5. Master in 
Robert Gordon's Hospital, 1831-8. He was a young man of 
great promise. 

2. Agnes, 6. 1st Feb., 1815 ; m. I7th Jan., 1843, David Kerr, M.D. 

(b. 28th June, 1805 ; d. 3rd Jan., 1878), son of William Kerr, 
Farmer, Glenbervie ; d. 28th Jan., 1896. Dr. Kerr was M.A., 
Marischal College, 1826; M.D., King's College, Aberdeen, 
1841, and Surgeon, and Lecturer on Clinical Surgery, Aberdeen 
Royal Infirmary. He was an Elder, West Parish Church. 
Their family consisted of : 

(i) David Arthur, b. igth Nov., 1843; d - 5th Aug., 1875. 
M.B., C.M., Aberdeen University, 1865. Assistant 
Surgeon, Indian Medical Service (Madras), 1st April, 


1867; resigned 3 1st March, 1868. Accidentally drowned 
at Millport, Island of Greater Cumbrae, Buteshire. 

(2) Alexander, b. 24th May, 1845 ; d. 3rd June, 1872. He was 

a Clergyman of the Church of England, and died at Rock- 
ferry, Cheshire. 

(3) Agnes Margaret, b. 24th Oct., 1846; d. 25th Aug., 1864. 

(4) George William, b. 4th May, 1848 ; d. igth July, 1894. 

(5) Robert Forbes, b. 2ist Feb., 1850. 

(6) Emily, b. 23rd Aug., 1851; d. I7th Dec., 1852. 

(7) James Robertson, 6. 4th March, 1853 ; d. 4th July, 1910. 

(8) Emily Elizabeth. She resides at Torphins. 

(9) Alice Helen, b. 2 1st Oct., 1855; d. 3rd July, 1856. 

3. Margaret, . 29th Dec., 18 1 8; m. 2 1st Aug., 1855, Rev. James For- 

syth, D.D. (b. 25th Feb., 1796 ; d. 2gth Jan., 1879), Minister of 
the West Parish of St. Nicholas, Aberdeen, 1843-79, as his 
second wife. Dr. Forsyth was married (1st) to Elizabeth 
Brown (b. 1808 ; d. 28th Jan., 1854), by whom he had a family 
consisting of four sons and two daughters. 

4. Andrew, b. ist Sept., 1820; d. Feb., 1821. 

5. ALEXANDER, b. 27th Dec., 1822, of whom hereafter. 


Alexander Simpson, b, 27th Dec., 1822 ; m. 28th Sept.. I 855, Jane, 
Taylor; d. 1 7th Feb., 1900, of whom before (page 72). 


(MlDMAR, l6o6- ) 

[This Family is related to the Family of Wallace (page 80), through John 
Imray, who married Barbara Tytler.] 

I. ALEXANDER TYTLER (1606-1690). 

Alexander Tytler, b. 1606; m. before 1646, Margaret Martin 
(b. about 1606; d. i6th June, 1681) ; d. 25th March, 1690. He was a 
Farmer at Milltown of Corsindae, Midmar, Aberdeenshire. Their 
family consisted of : 

i . JAMES, b. 1646, of whom hereafter. 



II. JAMES TYTLER (1646-1736). 

James Tytler, b. 1646; m. about 1679, Jean Middleton (b. 1654; 
d. i7th Feb., 1727); d. 2oth Feb., 1736. He was a Farmer at Mill- 
town of Corsindae. Their family consisted of: 

i. John, b. 1680; m. igth May, 1701, Barbara Skene (b. 4th July, 
1676 ; d. 22nd Nov., 1723), fifth daughter of John Skene 
(1656-80), Laird of Skene, and Jean Burnett, grand- 
daughter of Sir Thomas Burnett, Bart., of Leys ; d. 23rd 
Jan., 1762. He was a Merchant in Aberdeen, and later a 
Farmer at Milltown of Corsindae and in Gallery, Midmar. 
Burgess of Guild, Aberdeen, I7th Sept., 1700. Their family 
consisted of: 

(1) Alexander b. I5th Jan., 1702, and baptised by Rev. Thomas 

Blackwell, D.D., one of the Ministers of Aberdeen, 1 700-1 1, 
and later Professor of Divinity in Marischal College, be- 
fore Sir Alexander Skene of that Ilk, Alexander Orem 
present Baillie, Alexander Caddell younger of Aswanly, 
Alexander Ker of Menie, late Baillie, and James Tytler in 
Milltown of Corsindae, presenter of the child Godfathers. 

(2) James, b. 1 6th Aug., 1703, and baptised by Rev. William Blair, 

D.D., one of the Ministers of Aberdeen, 1680-1716, before 
James Burnett of Monboddo, Mr. James Moir, Regent in 
Marischal College, James Fyffe, Merchant, Mr. Andrew 
Burnet, one of the Ministers of Aberdeen, Alexander Ker 
of Menie, late Baillie, and John Strachan younger, 
Merchant, present Master of the Guild Hospital God- 
fathers. He was a Farmer at Milltown of Corsindae, 
and was alive I2th April, 1754, when he signed an 

(3) John, b. 1712 ; d. 2oth Sept., 1728. 

(4) HARY, b. 1715, of whom hereafter. 

(5) William, b. 27th May, 1720; m. before 1759, Helen Christie 

(b. about 1725; d. 2Qth Jan., 1788); d. gth Feb., 1794. 
He was a Farmer at Seats and at Kincraigie, Tough. 
Their family consisted of: 


i. William, b. loth July, 1759 ; m. Elizabeth Mackay 
(b. 1766 ; d. 1 9th May, 1842) ; d. 3oth Jan., 1836. 
He was a Farmer at Knockando, Leochel-Cushnie, 
Aberdeenshire. Their family consisted of: 
(i.) Robert, (ii.) Helen, (iii.) Margaret. (iv.)Ann. 
ii. Robert, b. 25th Oct., 1761. 
iii. Helen, b. 8th May, 1766. 

iv. Margaret, b. I3th Feb., 1768 ; d. nth April, 1792. 
William, b. 1690; /. nth Aug., 1722, Elizabeth Clark (b. 1694; 
d. 24th Nov., 1765) ; d. 28th March, 1758. He was a Farmer 
at Little Corsindae, Carnday, and last at Waulkmill of 
Corsindae. Their family consisted of: 

(1) John, b. nth July, 1723 ; m. before 1775 ; d. 7th July, 1797. 
He was a Farmer at Pittenkerie, Tough. Their family 
consisted of: 

i. Barbara, b. 1775 ; d. 20th Jan., 1802. 

(2) Alexander, b. 3rd Oct.. 1725. 

(3) Helen, b. 1 6th May, 1728. 

(4) Jean, b. 5th Aug., 1 730 ; m. 2nd Dec , 1 753, Charles Law. 

(5) Agnes, b. 2oth March, 1 733. 

James Tytler, b, 1697; ;/z. before 1719, Mary Smith (d. after 
1 724) ; d. 2nd April, 1 758. He was a Farmer at Milltown 
of Corsindae. Their family consisted of: 

(1) Elizabeth, b. 5th May, 1719. 

(2) William, b. gth Feb., 1 722. 

(3) Arthur, b. 3Oth April, 1 724 ; m. I st Nov., i 755, Jean Barren, 

Skene (d. after i 732) ; d. after i 732. He was a Farmer at 
Mains and later at Milltown of Corsindae, and an Elder in 
Midmar, 1775-1797. Their family consisted of; 

i. George, b. 22nd March, I 757 ; m. before 1 802, Isabella 
Gerard (6. 1770; d. 24th April, I 842), sister of 
the Rev. John Gerard (b. 1 2th Sept., 1765; 
d. gth Oct., I 850), Minister of South Ronaldshay, 
i 815-1 850, of whom hereafter ; d. I st June, 1 832, 
the same day and at the very hour his son John 


was buried. He was a Farmer at Milltown of 
Corsindae. Their family consisted of : 
(i.) William, b. 28th May, 1807; ' 1 2th March, 1846, 
Elizabeth Leith (b. 1817 ; d. 5th April, 1878), 
daughter of Peter Leith (b. 1788; d. 28th Jan., 
1866), Farmer, Kirkhill, Midmar, and Jean 
Gellan (b. 1792; d. 24th March, 1854); d. 2nd 
Jan., 1874. He was a Farmer at Milltown of 
Corsindae, and was admitted an Elder, 27th 
April, 1851, and Treasurer, I4th May, 1854. 
Their family consisted of: 

a. George, b. 25th March, 1847 ; d. 6th April, 1895. 

He was a Farmer at Muirtown of Corsindae, 
and was admitted an Elder, I5th July, 1883. 

b. Peter, b. 1 7th Feb., 1850; m. I 2th June, 1889, 

Emily Neeld, daughter of John Neeld, Lich- 
field. M.B., C.M., Aberdeen University, 1 872, 
with Highest Academical Honours. He is a 
Medical Practitioner in Manchester and has 
been on the staff of the Ancoats Hospital since 
1876. He contributes occasional articles to 
Medical Journals. 

c. Jane. She is tenant of Muirtown of Corsindae. 
if. Elizabeth, m. 8th Aug., 1878, James Moir, 

Farmer, East Banteith, Midmarr Their 
family consists of: (a) Elizabeth Leith. 
(b) James, (c) Mary Florence, (d) John. 
(e) Jane. (/) Christian Leith. 
(ii.) George, b. 29th June, 1809; m. 27th Aug., 1854, 
Mary Cruickshank (b. 1815; d. 23rd Jan., 
1890), daughter of Alexander Cruickshank, 
Engineer, Aberdeen ; d. 3oth April, 1 880. He 
was a Farmer at Muirtown of Corsindae. 
(iii.) Isabella, b. 1 8th April, l8ll ; d. 5th July, 1884. 
(iv.) John, b. 1 2th Jan., 1813 ; <* 2 7 tn M a y> 1832. 
ii. Robert, b. i gth April, 1 759. 


iii. Jean, b. 8th March, 1 76 1. iv. William, b. 2/th April, 1766. 
(4) Mary, 6. aoth April, 1727. (5) Adam, b. 26th April, 1729, 
(6) Robert, b. I 2th Jan., 1732; m. 2jth June, 1765, Barbara 
Tytler (d. 27th Feb., 1811); d. 23rd Jan., 1779. M.A., 
King's College, Aberdeen, 2nd April, 1752. Minister of 
Stronsay and Eday, 1764. Their family consisted of: 
i. George, b. 2gth March, I 767. 

4. Robert, b. 1/05; ;//. 1726, Jean Crombie ; d. 3rd Dec., 1767. 

He was a Farmer at Corsindae, and later at Milltown of 
Learney. Their family consisted of: 

(1) Helen, b. 26th March, 1727. 

(2) Christian, b. 22nd May, 1731; m. 2 1st June, 1760, John 

Davidson, Farmer in Kincardine O'Neil parish. 

5. Helen. 

III. HARY TYTLER (1715-1779). 

Hary Tytler, b. 1715; m. 25th Nov., 1750, Anne Gordon, daughter 
of Arthur Gordon of Carnousie, Marnoch, another of whose daughters, 
Katherine (who died in 1753), married William Duff, of Corsindae; d. nth 
May, 1779. Burgess of Guild, Aberdeen, I3th March, 1742. He was 
Merchant and Farmer at Milltown of Corsindae. His epitaph in Midmar 
Churchyard reads : " While he lived he maintained the amiable char- 
acter of an honest man, sincere friend, and affectionate husband, an 
indulgent parent, and by the blessing of Providence upon his honest 
application to his business, he attained a competent fortune, the inheri- 
tors of which deem it their duty to dedicate this to his memory." Their 
family consisted of: 

1. Katharine, b, i 4th Dec., 1751 ; d. an infant. 

2. Margaret, b. 1 6th Aug., 1 753 ; m. William Robertson, Mason, 

Aberdeen. 3. Jean, b. 3ist March, 1755 ; d. an infant. 
4. Barbara, 6. loth July, 1757; /. 26th Aug., 1777, John Imray 
(b. 1754; d' * s* Sept., 1806). Baker, Aberdeen, Burgess of 
Guild, gth Sept., 1 777, and Deacon of the Baker Incorpora- 
tion, 1788 ; d. 27th April, 1782. Their family consisted of: 

(1) George, b. 2?th June, 1778. 

(2) Christian, b. 2gth Sept., 1779; w. John Birnie, Farmer, 

New Mills. (3) John, b. 8th June, 1781. 



Scottish Historian and Critic 



Lord Woodhouselee 


Mathematical Master, Gordon's Hospital 


(l82O.- 191 2) 

Silk Mercer 


After the death of his first wife, John Imray married (2nd), 
1 6th Aug., 1783, Celia Donald (d. 25th Jan., 1744). 
daughter of Mr. Donald, of Brownhill, Kintore, by whom 
he had the following family : 

(1) Barbara, b. I4th July, 1784; m. 24th Dec., 1 812, John 

Wallace (b. aoth April, 1779), Baker, Aberdeen, of whom 
before (page 81), and great-grand-uncle of Rev. James 
Smith, B.D., of St. George's-in-the-West Parish, Aberdeen. 
Their family consisted of: 

i. Celia, b. 25th Jan., 1813. ii. John, b. 2gth Aug., 1815, 

(2) Robert, b. I4th Jan., 1786; d. I2th Jan., 1787. 

(3) Jean, i6th July, 1788 ; d. 24th Feb., 1812. 

(4) William, b. 1 6th Feb., 1793. 

(5) Ann, b. 1799; in. 28th June, 1821. George Simpson, 
Druggist, Aberdeen, son of Peter Simpson, Merchant, and 
Burgess of Guild, 1792; d. 7th July, 1826, at Kebbaty, 
Midmar. George Simpson, who was a Burgess of Guild, 
1814, had a brother William, who died I 2th Dec., 1 844, in 
St. John's, Newfoundland, and who was formerly Pre- 
centor in the West Parish Church, and Music Master in 
Gordon's Hospital, the masters and scholars of which 
worshipped then in the West Gallery of the West Church. 
The latter was a Burgess of Guild, I 82 I. 

5. Jean, b. 3 1st March, I 762 ; d. an infant. 

6. George, b. i ith July, 1 763 ; d. an infant. 

7. James, & 24th July, 1765 ; d. an infant. 

This family of Tytler seems to have been a prominent and prolific 
family, not in Midmar only, but elsewhere. According to Alexander 
Tytler (father of William Tytler, the eminent Scottish Historian), who 
wrote a Memorandum of the Family in 1728, his grandfather, who died 
in 1690, aged 84 years, had it from his father that the family surname 
was formerly Seaton, and that they lived on the lands of Lord George 
Seaton, a predecessor of the Earls of Winton. 

"Mention is made particularly of three brothers says Alexander 
Tytler, one of whom as being related to the family was by the above 



Lord George made his Chaplain, and with him all the three brothers 
went out to the Battle of Flodden, gth Sept., 1513. Two of them were 
slain along with Lord George, but the clergyman escaped, and lurking 
for some time about the English Border had the good fortune to be 
there provided with a Living ; but unhappily contracting an acquaint- 
anceship with a gentleman of the name of Gray, and being by him 
invited to a Hunting Match, a difference arose between them and he 
killed Gray. 

" After this accident, being apprehensive of his danger, he withdrew 
to France, and concealing his name of Seaton, took that of Tytler, 
which appears to have been a surname at that time ; and indeed many 
ages before, as is evident from a Charter extant of Robert, Earl of 
Strathern, Steward of Scotland, in the first year of David Bruce, 
bearing the date 1364 years, which among witnesses is subscribed by 
one John de Tytloure, Esquyre. The above Seaton, when he fled to 
France, probably took the name of Tytler as being related or allied 
with some of the original name and family of the Tytlers, but it is not 
from them but from Seaton that the present Tytlers of our family are 

" Seaton the Clergyman, now Tytler, after staying some time near 
Paris, was by the interest of some Scotchmen there provided in a 
Living, which he enjoyed but a short time, as he lost it by marrying a 
French woman, by whom he got some money, and retiring to Calais he 
there had several sons and daughters. 

"In the year 1561, two of his sons came to Scotland attending 
Queen Mary, in one of the ships that conveyed her to Leith, and con- 
tinuing firm to her cause were engaged in the skirmish that happened 
at Corrichie between the Earls of Moray and Huntly, where the latter 
was killed and his two sons Lord Gordon and his brother Adam 
taken prisoners, and Lord Gordon was afterwards beheaded at Aberdeen. 

" At the above-mentioned skirmish at Corrichie, one of the Tytlers 
was killed. The other retired to a place called Learney, near Kin- 
cardine O'Neil, about 15 or 1 6 miles west of Aberdeen, where he 
settled and married and had several children, who after living for some 
time in that country removed to Carsonday (Corsindae), where the 
name multiplied pretty much, and in that country a good many are yet 



extant. It is from that Tytler that my father and grandfather are 
lineally descended." (Alexander Tytler, Edinburgh, 1728.) 

The following are some other members of the Tytler Family, but 
the facts do not support the above Memorandum in suggesting that 
Alexander Tytler was a son of John Tytler and Barbara Skene. Their 
son Alexander was born in 1702, and not in 1678. 

Alexander Tytler, b. ist Jan., 1678; m. 22nd Nov., 1703, Jane, 
daughter of William Leslie (b. 1 7th Jan., 1642), Merchant, Aberdeen, 
and great-grand-daughter of Sir Patrick Leslie, of Iden, King-Edward, 
Lord Provost of Aberdeen, 1634, who was knighted in 1651 by Charles 
II. on his visit to Aberdeen, and who was M.P. for Aberdeen in several 
Scottish Parliaments. Laird of Woodhouselee, near Edinburgh. He 
was said to be (but was not) a grandson of Alexander Tytler (l 606-1690), 
of Milltown of Corsindae (page 98), and was a W.S., Edinburgh. Their 
family consisted of twelve children, of whom only four reached maturity. 

William Tytler (son of Alexander Tytler, before mentioned), 6. 1 2th 
Oct., 1711; in. Sept., 1745, Anne, daughter of James Craig, W.S., of 
Costerton, Midlothian; d. I2th Sept., 1792. He was the eighth child 
of his parents. Educated at High School and University of Edinburgh. 
W.S., 1744. His portrait was painted by Raeburn. He was an 
eminent Scottish Historian and Critic, and an acute vindicator of Mary, 
Queen of Scots. Dr. Johnson visited him and associated with him in 
Edinburgh in 1773, during his Tour to the Hebrides with Boswell. He 
had a family of eight children, of whom four predeceased him. 

Alexander Fraser Tytler (son of William Tytler, before mentioned), 
b. 4th Oct., 1747 ; nt. 1776, Anne, eldest daughter of William Fraser, of 
Balnain ; d. 5th Jan., 1813. Advocate, 1770. Professor of Civil 
History, Edinburgh University, 1780. Judge Advocate of Scotland, 
1790. Lord of Session Lord Woodhouselee, 2nd Feb., 1802. Judge 
of the Justiciary Court, 181 1. An eminent Author and Judge. 

Patrick Fraser Tytler (youngest son of Lord Woodhouselee), b. 3oth 
Aug., 1791; m. (1st) soth March, 1826, Rachel Elizabeth, second 
daughter of Thomas Hog, of Kirkliston, who died 1 5th April, 1835 ; 
m. (2nd) 1 2th Aug., 1845, Anastasia, daughter of Thomas Bonar, of 
Camden Place, Kent ; d. 24th Dec., 1 849, and buried in the family vault 
in Greyfriars Churchyard, Edinburgh. Eminent Scottish Historian, 



and friend of Sir Walter Scott. The Fraser Tytlers of Aldourie, Inver- 
ness, are members of this family. Further details of the Tytlers will 
be found in the Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, 1796, to 
which Sir Henry Mackenzie (Author of The Man of Feeling), contri 
buted a Memoir of William Tytler, and in Burgon's Memoir of Patrick 
Fraser Tytler, 1859. 


The Rev. John Gerard, b. i.2th Sept., 1765; 
m. Jane Craig (6. 1764; d. 3Oth Jan., 1837), sister 
of Peter Craig, M.D., of West Indies; d. gth Oct., 
1850. He was the son, by a second marriage, of 
John Gerard, Farmer, Midmar and Crossley, Fetter- 
esso (d* Sept., 1791), and Jane Jamieson (d. I7th 
Aug., 1814). John Gerard's family by his first 
marriage consisted of: 

1. Alexander, b. 1758; m. Jane Affleck (d. about 

Dec., 1833); d. 9th Sept., 1833, at Cotbank, 
Glenbervie. He was a Farmer. Their 
family consisted of Janet and Jane. 

2. James, m. Sarah Blackball (d. 17th Feb., 1816); 

d. March 1801. He was a Farmer, Tillyboy, 
Echt. Their family consisted of Margaret 
(Mrs. Shewan, Skene, who had a daughter), 
James (d. May, 1801), and Isabel (b. April, 

3. Jane, d. 9th Sept., 1779, at Crossley, Fetteresso. 
By his second marriage, his family consisted of: 

1. John, 6. I2th Sept., 1765, of whom before and 


2. George, d, Sept., 1832. 

3. Isabella, b. 1770 ; m. before 1802, George 

Tytler, Farmer, Milltown of Corsindae, of 
whom before (page 100). 
1 06 


4. William, b. 1771 ; d. 2;th Nov., 1861. He was 

a Brewer at Devanha, Aberdeen. 
Cousins of the Rev. John Gerard, were the 
family of Robert Gerard, Farmer at Pityot and later 
at Tewel, Fetteresso, and then at Shannaburn, 
Maryculter, and Jean Lyall, of Mill of Glenbervie, 
whose family consisted of: 

1. Margaret, b. loth Aug., 1809; m. 6th Sept 

1855, Rev. Robert Fiddes, M.A. (b. 1800; m 
(ist) i6th Oct., 1834, Janet Reith, youngest 
daughter of David Reith, Loirston, Nigg, 
who was born 1806, and died i8th Aug., 
i^SS); d. gist Jan., 1889. He was Minister 
of Kinellar, 1833-99, and Uncle of Mrs. John 
Rae Smith (page 50), and died ist July, 1902. 
His family by his first wife consisted of: 
(i) William and (2) Helen Ann, d. both in 

(3) Janet Gerard, b. 1835; d. 2oth Nov., 1851. 

(4) Robert Elphinstone, b. 1837 ; d. loth May, 


(5) Alexander, b. 1839; d. 8th July, 1859. 

(6) Helen Ann, b. 1844; d. 23rd Nov., 1861. 

2. Alexander, b. i2th Aug., 1811 ; d. 23rd March, 

1880. M.A., Marischal College, 1829. 
Licensed by Presbytery of Aberdeen, 6th 
Oct., 1835. Teacher of English in Robert 
Gordon's Hospital, Aberdeen, 1834, and of 
Arithmetic, 1838. " Having qualified," says 
Robert Anderson in his History of Robert 
Gordon's Hospital, " as a Naval Instructor, he 
left the Hospital in April, 1841; he served 
over a couple of years on men-of-war, going 
on a cruise to the Mediterranean in one of 
them ; and he returned to Aberdeen in the 
end of 1843, when he was re-appointed 


Arithmetic Teacher in the Hospital, the post 
being vacant at the time. He continued to 
be Mathematical Teacher till 1878, when he 
retired on account of increasing years and 
failing strength. He received the degree of 
LL.D. from Aberdeen University in 1875, and, 
on his retirement from the Hospital in 1878, 
he was presented by a number of his old 
pupils and a few personal friends with his 
portrait, painted by Sir George Reid, 
/>.R.S.A." As Mathematical Master, he suc- 
ceeded the Rev. John Ogilvie, LL.D., Editor 
of the famous Imperial Dictionary ; 1850, and 
Uncle of the celebrated quartette of brothers, 
all LL.D.'s, viz., George Ogilvie, Headmaster 
of George Watson's College, Edinburgh ; Rev. 
Alexander Ogilvie, Headmaster of Gordon's 
Hospital ; Joseph Ogilvie, Rector of Aberdeen 
Training College for Teachers; and Robert 
Ogilvie, H.M.C.I.S. Dr. Gerard was a man 
of considerable scientific skill, of musical 
ability, and of charming personality, and an 
attached and devoted friend of Alexander 
Cruickshank, LL.D., the accomplished son 
of John Cruickshank, LL.D., Professor of 
Mathematics in Marischal College, 1817-1860. 

Jean, b. 29th June, 1813. 

John. He was an Estate Manager, and died 
at Montago Bay, Jamaica, in 1848. 

Robert, b. soth Jan., 1820; m. 2nd Aug., 1853, 
Helen Catherine Fullarton (b. I2th March, 
1830: d. 8th March, 1899), daughter of 
William Fullarton, Dundee; d. 1 2th Dec., 
1912. He was a Silk Mercer in Aberdeen 
(George Lyall & Co.), succeeding his Uncle, 
Mr. Lyall. Elder, West Parish Church, 1 86 1. 
1 08 


A most courteous and gentlemanly man. 

Their family consisted of: 

(i) John, b. 2nd March, 1859; /. loth April, 

1893, Kate Walker, Aberdeen; d. 8th April, 

1902. M.A., Aberdeen University, 1 880, 

with Honours in Science ; M.B., C.M., 1883, 

with Honours; and M.D., 1887 ; M.R.C.P. 

He was Physician, North London Hospital 

for Consumption. The family consisted 


i. Robert John Leslie, b. 2$th Jan., 1894. 

He gained a Scholarship at Harrow, 

and is now at Cambridge University. 

6. George, 6. 22nd Nov., 1822; d. gth May, 1900. 

He was a Merchant in New Zealand, and 


The Rev. John Gerard was an Alumnus of 
Marischal College, Aberdeen, 1787-91. Schoolmaster 
of Durris, 1787. Licensed by Aberdeen Presbytery, 
8th April, 1800. Assistant to Rev. Dr. Shirrefs. 
West Parish Church, Aberdeen, and Locum Tenens 
in Trinity Chapel. Ordained by Presbytery of 
North Isles as Assistant to Rev. Walter Traill, of 
Ladykirk, and to Sanday, 4th Sept., 1806. Minister 
of South Ronaldshay, St. Mary's, and Burray, 28th 
Sept., 1815 gth Oct., 1850. He was a very re- 
markable man. Many interesting letters descriptive 
of his life in the North are in the possession of his 
grand-niece, Miss Tytler, of Muirtown of Corsindae, 
Midmar ; and not a few striking illustrations of his 
life and character will be found in Mackintosh's 
Around tJte Orkney Peat Fires, Kirkivall, 1905. His 
family consisted of: 

i. John, b. 2ist April, 1799; d. I2th May, 1865. 
He studied at Marischal College, Aberdeen, 
1815-9, was a Licentiate of the Church of 


Scotland in 1824, and frequently assisted his 
father, especially in his later years. 

Jane, b. about 1800; m. 4th Jan., 1825, 
David Sutherland, Farmer, South Ronald- 
shay, and had 13 children: Jane, Mary, 
Harriet, Margaret, who all died unmarried 
Susan, now Mrs. Morgan, Edinburgh and 
William, John, James, David, who all died in 
Australia William and Annie, who died in 
infancy and George, who died recently in 
Edinburgh. A child, Peter, was born 7th 
July and died i8th July, 1835, of small-pox, 
which then swept the Island. 

Sophia. 4. Mary, m. Dr. William Ballanden, 
Stromness, Orkney, and are both dead. 

Susan, m. i8th Oct., 1827, Rev. James 
Anderson (b. 1773 5 d* Iotn July, 1845), son 
of Thomas Anderson, Rafford, and Minister 
of Orphir, Orkney. Studied at Marischal 
College, Aberdeen, 1791-5. Master of Kirkwall 
Grammar School. Licensed by Presbytery of 
Kirkwall, 26th March, 1 80 1. Ordained Assist- 
ant at Orphir, 24th Sept., 1807, and admitted 
Assistant and Successor to Rev. Francis 
Liddell, 23rd April, 1818. Her husband 
died after 1836. Their family consisted of: 

(1) Jane, b. 3 1st July, 1828. 

(2) Margaret, 6. 7th Nov., 1829. 

(3) James, b. 6th; Aug., 1831 ; d. 7th July, 1852. 

(4) Susan Gerard, . I3th Dec., 1832; d. i8th 

May, 1853. 

(5) Jessie Sutherland, b. i6th Aug., 1834. 

(6) John Gerard, b. I2th Feb., 1836; d. lyih 

Oct., 1911. He was M.A., King's College, 
1854. I.S.O. Under-Secretary for Public 
Instruction, Queensland, 










i *. 



(ABERDEEN, 1745- ) 

I. JAMES WALKER (1745-1824) 

James Walker, &. about 1745 at Strathdon ; m. before 1792, Catherine 
Sutherland (b. about 1755 ; d. 24th March, 1835), a native of Caithness ; 
d. Oct., 1824. Burgess of Guild, Old Aberdeen, April, 1820. He was a 
Weaver in Old Aberdeen. Their family consisted of : 

1. James, 6. 8th Dec., 1792 ; d. 1818. 

2. Alexander. 

3. WILLIAM, b. 28th May, 1798, of whom hereafter. 

II. WILLIAM WALKER (1798-1868). 

William Walker, b. 28th May, 1798 ; m. 1820, Amelia Duthie (b. i8th 
Feb., 1800; d. igth Sept., 1855); d. 1st Nov., 1868. He was a Wine 
and Tea Merchant, in George Street, and afterwards in Union Street, 
Aberdeen. Burgess of Old Aberdeen, 20th Oct., 1820, and of Aber- 
deen, 2Oth May, 1830. Elder, West Parish Church. Along with James 
Edmond, Advocate, father of late Alexander Edmond, Advocate, also a 
West Church Elder, William Walker shared the honour of being the 
only two West Church Elders who did not leave the Church of Scotland 
in 1843. Their family consisted of: 

i. Catherine, b 2nd May, 1821; m. I4th June, 1855, Rev. James 
Rose Sutherland, M.A. (6. I7th March, 1811 ; d. i6th Feb., 
1891), a native of Drainie, Morayshire, and Minister of Wood- 
side, Aberdeen, 1846-49, and of Northmaven, Shetland, 
1849-91 ; d. 1 6th March, 1888. Their family consisted of: 
(i) Amelia Duthie, b. 4th Jan., 1859; m - I 5 t ^ 1 J une > 1880, Rev. 
John Low Brown (6. I5th June, 1852), second son of 
James Brown, Farmer, Greystone, Keith-hall, Aberdeen- 
shire, and Minister of Dallas, Morayshire ; d. 4th Sept., 
1901. Their family consisted of: 

i. James Sutherland, 6. 2nd May, 1881. He is in the 

Public Works Department, Northern Nigeria, 
i. Ian Alexander, 6. I2th Jan. 1883 ; in. 7th Oct., 1911, 
Margaret McCorquindale, of Glasgow. He is in 
an Insurance Office in Birmingham. 


Hi. Elizabeth Katherine, b. 2ist May, 1884; d. 2Oth July, 


iv. Isobel Anne Walker, 
v. Robert Walker, b. 4th Jan. 1886. He is a Medical 

vi. George Gordon, b. ipth Aug., 1890. He is in the 

Rubber Trade in Travancore. 
vii. Margaret Ballantyne. 

viii. Magnus, b. 28th Oct., 1894. He is a Student, 
ix. Dorothy Sophia, x. Sutherland, b. 29th Aug., 1901. 
(2) Margaret Rose, 6. T3th April, 1861 ; m. 2ist May, 1890, 
James Ballantyne, Insurance Manager, London, and son of 
Thomas Ballantyne, retired Teacher, Melrose ; cL 2Qth Sept., 
1891. They have a son. 

2. William Mackie, 6. 28th Oct., 1822 ; d. igth Aug., 1824. 

3. Alexander, b. 3rd March, 1825 ; m. 28th Aug., 1861, Jean Thom- 

son Smith ; d. loth Feb., 1903, of whom before (page 52). 

4. Isabel Anne. She resides with her brother, Dr. Robert Walker. 

5. James, b. 6th July, 1829,; d. I9th Jan., 1895. Educated at 

Aberdeen Grammar School. He was a Merchant in Aber- 
deen. Burgess of Guild, Aberdeen, 3rd Jan., 1854, and of 
Old Aberdeen, 25th March, 1868. A patron of Art and 
Music, a loyal and liberal-handed citizen, and a devoted 
friend. He bequeathed to Aberdeen Public Library a fine 
and extensive collection of Works upon Music and of John 
Ruskin's Works ; and to Aberdeen Art Gallery four fine 
paintings, masterpieces of Sir George Reid, /YK.S.A., Herd- 
man, Artz, and Mollinger. Author of " Form, Colour, 
Sound" (1875); "On Just Intonation in Song and in 
Speech" (1876) ; " Regarding the Proposed Municipal Band " 
(1878) ; and "On Pianos and Foreign Teachers" (1884). 

6. A boy, who died an infant. 

7. William, b. 28th Nov., 1832 ; m. I3th July, 1861, Jane Elizabeth 

Parke (6. I9th April, 1837 ; d. I2th April, 1905), youngest 
daughter of Major George Parke, 6ist Regiment, Commissary- 
General of Ceylon ; d. loth Oct., 1893. Educated at Aberdeen 

I M 


Grammar School. M.A. Marischal College, Aberdeen, 1853; 
M.D. 1855, and LL.D., Aberdeen University, 1885. F.R.C.S. 
Inspector-General of Civil Hospitals, N.W.P. and Oudh, 1871 ; 
Deputy-Surgeon General, Bengal Medical Service, 1882: 
Honorary Physician to Queen Victoria, 1890. Awarded Good 
Service Pension, 1887. Their family consisted of : 

(1) Amy Vivian, 6. i8th May, 1862 ; d. i8th Oct., 1866. 

(2) William George, b. 28th May, 1863; m. February, 1907, 

Margaret Alice Elaine Molesworth, daughter of Judge H. 
Molesvvorth, Melbourne. Entered the Army, 1885 ; Captain, 
1896; Major and Brevet Lieut.-Colonel, 1904. Served 
Miranzai, 1891 (Medal with Clasp), and Waziristan, 1894-5 
(Clasp). He is now Colonel, ist Battalion 4th Gurkha 
Rifles, Indian Army. He gained the Victoria Cross, 1903, 
while Commanding the Bikanir Camel Corps in Somaliland, 
with which he served, 1902-4 (Medal with two Clasps). 

The following is an account of how Colonel Walker 
gained his Victoria Cross: -"He was associated with 
Captain Rolland, V.C., in an act of conspicuous devotion 
and courage in saving the body of Captain Bruce during the 
fight at Daratoleh in the Somaliland Campaign on April 22, 
1903. During the return of Major Cough's column to Danop, 
the rear-guard was left behind the rest of the column, and 
Captain Bruce was mortally wounded. They were almost 
surrounded by the enemy who were swarming in the bush, 
very thick at this part, and while a heavy fire was kept up 
against them, Captains Rolland and Walker (V.C.), with two 
men of the King's African Rifles, one Sikh, and one Somali 
of the Camel Corps, stood by the wounded officer to save 
him from falling into the enemy's hands, and from mutilation 
by the savages." (Wtlkin's History of the Victoria Cross.} 

Their family consists of: 

i. George Anthony Gilbert, b. 7th March, 1909. 

(3) Herbert Sutherland, 6. 29th Sept., 1864 ; m. I3th Jan., 1908, ' 
Josephine Freeman, eldest daughter of his cousin, Mrs. 
Freeman, Murtle Den, Aberdeen. Lieutenant-Colonel (re- 
tired), Scottish Rifles, and now Chief Constable of Wor- 
cestershire. He served in two West African Campaigns, 



the Capture of Benin, and in Gold Coast Hinterland. For 
the first he received a Medal and for the second a Clasp, and 
a Brevet for each Campaign. Their family consists of: 
i. Sybil Vivian, and ii. Richard, b. 8th April, 1911. 

(4) Janie Spicer. She is Hon. Secretary, Fresh Air and Medical 

Department, Church Army Headquarters, London. 

(5) Amy Vivian, m. I2th July, 1900, Gilbert Alexander 

Bannatyne, M.D., Bath. 

8. Helen, m. I3th Nov., 1856, William Dunn, of Murtle, Advocate 

in Aberdeen, and son of John Dunn, Merchant, Aberdeen. 
Their family consists of: 
(i) Anne Farquharson Carr, m. 27th Sept., 1882, William 

Robert Freeman, of Murtle Den, Aberdeen. Their family 

consists of six sons and two daughters. 

9. John, b. 25th Oct., 1835 ; m. i6th Dec., 1854, Mary Ball 

Plummer (6. 28th May, 1835 ; d. I4th July, 1903), only 
daughter of Charles Plummer, Contractor, Melbourne. Edu- 
cated at Aberdeen Grammar School. Burgess of Guild, 1876. 
He was a Mining and Railway Contractor. Their family 
consisted of : 

(1) Amelia Mary. She lives in London. 

(2) Mary. She lives in Durban, Natal. 

(3) Isabel Anne, m. 6th Jan., 1881, Rev. Charles Stobie, M.A. 

(fifth son of Rev. Robert Stobie, M.A., Minister of Keiss, 
Caithness, and Lilias Thompson), Minister of Whalsay and 
the Skerries, Shetland, 1878-1910; Chaplain, Aberdeen 
Royal Infirmary and Asylum, 1910. Their family consists 
'' i. Mary Lilias. 

ii. Charles Walker, b. i$th May, 1886. M. A., Edinburgh 
University, 1910. He is a Student of Divinity, 

iii. John Francis Robert, b. 1 3th July, 1894. He is an 
Arts Student, Aberdeen. 

(4) Catharine Sutherland, 6. i$th April, 1860; d. I2th March, 1874. 

(5) Helen Dunn. She resides with her father in Aberdeen. 


Registrar of Aberdeen University 


(6) Jane Smith, b. 9th Feb., 1864; d. 5th Jan., 1 880. 

(7) Janie Parke, 6. 2/th July, 1865 ; m. 1 7th Sept., 1891, Rev. 

John Stephen Maver, M.A. (6. loth Jan., 1853), Minister of 
the United Free High Church, Paisley, and son of David 
Maver, M.A., Teacher, Aberdeen ; d. 3 1st Oct., 1895. Their 
family consisted of: 

i. Mary, 6. 25th July, 1892; d. an infant. 

(8) Janet Smith Gray Emily Lawrence Lee Octavia, ;. I st Nov., 

1904, Rev. Philip Lathan Phelps, M.A., Cambridge, Vicar 
of Newlyn, Cornwall. 

(9) William, 6. 1 7th Sept., 1 868; d. 1 3th Jan., 1869. 

(10) John, 6. 3Oth Oct., 1870 ; ;. loth Oct., 1893, Bessie Collard, 
Capetown. He is an Agent in London. Their family 
consists of: 

i. John, 6. gth Aug., 1894. 
ii. Cameron Gordon, 6. 2 1st May, 1898. 

(11) Thomas Mouat Cameron, 6. 25th Sept., 1873 ; m. 1 8th June, 

1901, Kate Cleghorn, of Capetown. He is a Manager in 
Bloemfontein. Their family consists of: 
i. Kathleen Mavis. 

ii. Derek Cameron, 6. 1 8th Jan., 1910. 
iii. Keith Alexander, 6. 3Oth July, 1912. 

(12) Caroline Ball Agnes Elizabeth Jessie. She lives in Durban. 

10. Amelia, 6. 1st Jan., 1838 ; d. nth Jan., 1856. She was a young 

lady of great beauty and of most winsome disposition. 

1 1. Adam Buchan, 6. i6th April, 1840; d. 2nd Feb., 1841. 

12. George, 6. l8th Feb., 1842 ; m. 24th Sept., 1885, Mary Murdoch, 

second daughter of William Murdoch, Solicitor, Huntly. 
Educated at Aberdeen Grammar School. M.A., 1 86 1, Aber- 
deen University, and B.D., 1867, Edinburgh University. 
Minister of Castle-Douglas Parish, and Clerk to the Presbytery 
of Kirkcudbright. Their family consists of: 
(i) George Robert, 6. 3Oth Jan., 1887. He is a Lawyer. 

13. Robert, 6. iSth Feb., 1842, Educated at Aberdeen Grammar 

School. M.A., 1861, and LL.D., 1907, Aberdeen University. 
B.A. (1 5th Wrangler), Cambridge University, 1865; M.A., 



1868. F.R.S.E., 1873. Fellow of Clare College, Cambridge, 
1866-78. Examiner in Mathematics in Universities of Edin- 
burgh, 1872-75, and Aberdeen, 1877-80. University Librarian, 
Aberdeen, 1 877-93. Secretary, University Court, and Registrar 
and Clerk of the General Council, 1877-1907. 



[This Family is related to the Family of Chalmers (page 8), through 
Wilhelmina Chalmers, who married Captain Henry Walker, fourth son of 
William Walker.] 

I. WILLIAM WALKER (1734-1815). 

William Walker, b. 1734; m. before 1768, Elspet Ross ; d. 1st May, 
1815. He was a Farmer at Tamachloun, Strathdon, and after I 785 at 
Mains of Glenbuchat. Their family consisted of: 

1. James, b. 2Sth Aug., 1768. 

2. John, b. 8th Feb., 1777; d. 25th April, 1805. 

3. Alexander, b. I3th Jan., 1779; in. 6th Jan., 1807, Eliza 

Grant (d. nth Jan., 1855), sister of Captain James Grant 
Duff, of Eden, Banffshire ; d. 28th Jan., 1847. M.A., 
Marischal College, Aberdeen, 1798. Licensed by Presby- 
tery of Fordyce, 26th Dec., 1804. Minister of Oldmachar, 
Second Charge, 1805-11. Translated 4th April, 1811, to 
Urquhart, Morayshire, by presentation of James, fifth Earl 
Fife, whose Tutor he had been. Translated to Elgin, 
Junior Charge, 6th Jan. 1825, becoming Senior Minister, 
T9th Sept., 1837. Re-translated to Urquhart, 23rd Sept., 
1841. Their family consisted of: 

(1) Margaret Helen, b. 1st. Jan., 1 808; m. John Lawson, of 
Chapelton, Drumblade. Their family consisted of: 

i. Eliza, who married James Ross, M.D., Elgin, and is 

dead. They had a family. 
ii. Margaret, and iii. Isabella, who both died unmarried. 

(2) William, b. igth Oct., 1809; # 25th April, 1843. He was 

a Planter in Berbice. 



(3) Alexander, b. 2 1st Jan., I8li; m. Eliza Coull, daughter of 
Dr. James Coull, Ashgrove, Elgin, and grand-daughter of 
the Rev. Alexander Coull, Minister of Edinkillie, 1754-90; 
d. 5th Sept., 1850. He was a Surgeon, H.E.I.C.S., and 
died in India, at Bolarum, of a fall from his horse. He 
was attached to the army of H.H. The Nizam. Their 
family consisted of: 
i. William, d, an infant. 

ii. Alexander, b. 1838; ;;/. 1869, Anne Y. L. Smail, 
daughter of Commander Smail, R.N. ; d. 1905. 
He joined the Bengal (now Royal) Artillery, 1856, 
and served in suppressing the India Mutiny 
(Medal). Transferred to Punjaub Frontier Force, 
and served in Waziri and Bhotan Campaigns 
(Medal and two Clasps). Later served in Ord- 
nance Department. Inspector-General, Bengal. 
Director-General of Ordnance for all India, 
1890-7. Major-General 1894; C.S.I., 1893. 
Colonel Commandant, Royal Artillery, 1900. 
Their family consisted of: 
(i.) Coull, in the Indian Civil Service, 
(ii.) William, Captain, Indian Army, 
(iii.) Lewis, M.R.C.S. (iv.) Arthur, Lieutenant, R.E. 
(v.) Agatha, in. R. Sykes, F.C.S., and has a family, 
iii. Jean Eliza Sutherland. 

iv. James Grant Duff, b. 4th Sept., 1 842 ; m. Frances 
Rose Beeching (eldest daughter of Mr. Beeching, 
Solicitor, Tunbridge Wells), who died 1st Sept., 
1912. Entered the Army as Cornet, 6th Madras 
Cavalry, 4th Oct., 1 858, and served in suppressing 
the India Mutiny, being present at the reduction 
of Bunderland, under Brigadier-General Wheeler. 
Commanded the 4th Cavalry, Hyderabad Con- 
tingent (now the 3Oth Lancers), in Upper Burmah 
in the operations, 1887-9 (Medal and Clasp). 
Major- General, 1897. He resides at Bournemouth. 


His family consists of Henry Edward Archibald, 

M.D., Edinburgh University, and four daughters. 

v. Eliza Dunbar. M.D. of Zurich ; LL.M., and K.Q. 

of College of Physicians, Ireland. One of the 

first Lady Doctors, and now in practice in Clifton. 

vi. Archibald Dunbar, C.M., M.D., Edinburgh, and now 

in practice in London. Author of " Egypt as a 

Health Resort ". He married Florence, daughter 

of Mr. Kitchen, Manor House, Hampton, and has 

four of a family : 

(i.) Norman, Captain, R.A.M.C., who is married and 

has two daughters, 
(ii.) Reginald, Captain, R.E. 
(iii.) Oswald, Captain, R.A. 
(iv.) Lionel, Barrister, Chancery Division, London. 

(4) Eliza, b. 8th July, 1812; m. Alexander Cruickshank, M.D., 

Elgin, son of Rev. John Cruickshank, M.A., Minister of 
Glass. He was M.A., King's College, 1828; M.R.C.S., 
1829; M.D., King's College, 1836. Their family consisted 

i. John. He was a Medical Practitioner in Sarawak, 
and is dead. 

(5) John, 6. 4th May, 1816; m. 1 4th April, 1840, Anne Duff 
(b. 6th Aug., 1817 ; d. 1 6th Sept., 1896), daughter of Major 
Robert Duff, H.E.I.C.S., Ladyhill, Elgin; d. 8th Jan., 
1866. M. A. King's College, 1833. Licensed by Elgin 
Presbytery, 5th May, 1837. Ordained Minister of St. 
Andrews-Lhanbryd, 5th Sept., 1839. Their family 
consisted of: 

i. Catherine Marjor)',^. l^thjan., 1841; d.$\}\ July, 1849. 
ii. Alexander George, b. I 5th Nov., 1842 ; d. 24th Aug., 


iii. Alexander George, b. 24th June, 1 844 ; d. 1 9th Dec., 1 866. 
iv. Robert Duff, b. I5th March, 1846 ; d. 29th Dec., 1888, 

in Australia. 

v John, b. 4th Dec., 1 847 ; d. i oth Sept., 1 893, in Tasmania. 



vi. Eliza Katherine, b. 2Oth Dec., 1 849 : in. Mr. Duff, 

Kerrera, New Zealand. 
vii. Anne Eleonora, b. 25th Nov., 1851; m. Mr. Shaw, 

viii. Henry William, b. 26th Dec., 1854; d. 23rd Nov., 

i 888, in India. 

ix. Charles Emilius, b. 26th Feb., 1 859 ; d. 29th April, 1 864. 
(6) Henry, b. 8th Jan., 1821; m. 5th March, 1845, Eleonora 
Frances Julian Gordon (b. 1827; d. 1895), daughter of 
Thomas Gordon, of Park; d. 3oth June, 1859. MA., 
King's College, 1839. Minister of Ordiquhill, 1844-7; 
and of Urquhart, Morayshire, 1 847-59. in succession to his 
father. Their family consisted of: 

i. Alexander, b. 25th Dec., 1845. He went to New 


ii. Joanna Maria, m. 1876, Michael S. Dooley (d. 1884)) 
Executive Engineer, Public Works Department, 
India. They had a family of two daughters. 
iii. Thomas Gordon, b. I4th Sept., 1849; m. I5th April, 
1 879, Adela, daughter of the Rev. A. Irvvin, Rector 
of Napton, Warwick. Educated at the Gym- 
nasium, Old Aberdeen. Alumnus of Aberdeen 
University. Entered the Indian Civil Service, 
1 870. Settlement Officer at Ludhiana, 1 878 ; 
Registrar of Chief Court, 1884 ; Commissioner of 
Excise, 1888; and after holding other offices 
appointed a Judge of the Chief Court in 1898. 
Commissioner of Delhi, 1901-5; Member of 
Viceroy's and Provincial Legislative Councils, 
1903-7; Financial Commissioner, Punjab, 1905; 
Lieutenant-Governor, Punjab, 1907-8. Created 
C.S.I., 1903, and Knight Commander of the 
Indian Empire, 1907. LL.D., Aberdeen Uni- 
versity, 1910. He resides at Pynecroft, Wey- 
bridge. Their family consists of : 



(i.) Alan Lachlan Gordon, b. 20th Jan. 1883. He 
is married and has two sons. He is in the 
Indian Civil Service (Punjab), 
(ii.) Robin Ernest Gordon, b. 4th April, 1886. He 
is married. He is in the Colonial Civil 
Service (Federated Malay States). 
(7) James Fife, d. 1842. He was a Planter in Berbice. 

4. Elspet, b. 1 4th Aug.. 1780. 

5. Hary or Henry, b. 24th May, 1784; in. 4th June, 1815, 

Wilhelmina Chalmers (b. 1 6th April, 1 793 ; d. 3oth Jan., 
1849), younger daughter of William Chalmers, M.D., Pro- 
fessor of Medicine, King's College, Aberdeen, 1782-92, 
great-great-grandfather of Rev. James Smith, B.D., St. 
George's -in-the-West Parish, Aberdeen ; d. 2nd Jan., 1 845, 
of whom before (page 8). 






O 2 


Oil ~ 









ist April, 1813. 

The wreck of the Greenland whaler, 
Oscar, at Grey Hope Bay, near the Short 
Ness at Aberdeen, on Thursday, 1st April, 
1813, is one of the greatest (if not the 
greatest) maritime disasters that ever took 
place at Aberdeen. So much did it im- 
press the popular imagination that for more 
than half a century events were dated by 
it, and spoken of as having happened "so 
many years before " or "so maory yeaTs 
after " the Oscar was lost. In later years 
there has been no shipping disaster to 
parallel it at Aberdeen until this year, 
when quite close to where the Oscar was 
battered to pieces the Danish s.s. G. Kooh 
was driven ashore on Sunday, 12th 
January, 1913, at the point of the Girdle- 
ness, and seven of her craw found a watery 
grave in the raging surf. In the following 
account there has been gathered together 
tihe story of the Oscar as told at the time 
in the " Aberdeen Journal," and as it was 
further related in the Burial-books of Nigg 
and Newboirgh, Foveran, and Aberdeen. 


" Aberdeen Journal," Wednesday, 

7th April, 1813. 


On Thursday last, after a tract of the 
mildest weather known for many years, one 
of the most sudden and violent storms, for 
its short duration, was experienced here, 
which ie, recollected by the oldest inhabitant; 
and attended with one of the most melancholy 
and distressing events that ever happened at 
this place. In the morning, the wind, which 
had been westerly during the night, veered 

round to the south-eastward, with snow, blow- 
ing strong, but shifted soon after to the north- 
eastward. At the time five of the whaling 
ships belonging to this port, viz., the Her- 
cules, Allison; Latona, Ayre; Middieton, 
Todd; St Andrew, Reid; and Osoar, Innes 
which had. sailed early in the morning, wero 
riding at anchor in the 'bay ; and the weather 
being still unsettled, and having the appear- 
ance of an impending storm, the two larger 
about 5 o'clock weighed and stood out to sea. 

A boat from the Osoar having gone ashore 
for some of the crew who were absent, that 
vessel put about, stood into the bay, and suc- 
ceeded in getting the last of her hands on 
board. By this time she was far inshore, and 
a fatal calm, with a heavy rolling sea ana 
strong flood tide coming on, rendered it im- 
practicable to clear the Girdleneas. The vessel 
continuing to fall to the leeward was again 
under the necessity of bringing up at the foot 
of the rocky shore within the Ness. Soon after 
which, the great violence of the gale which 
commenced from the north-east, with thick 
snow, rendered her situation perilous in the 
extreme, and filled Ijhe minds of the people on 
shore with the most painful apprehension. 
About half -past eleven o'clock a.m., the Oscar, 
after dragging her anchor, was seen to go ashore 
in the Grey Hope, near the Short Ness. A 
considerable number of people succeeded in 
getting across by the Ferry, and hastened to 
the spot, in order to render such assistance as 
might be found in their power. The heart- 
rending scene, which however now presented 
itself, made it too apparent that all human. 
effort for the preservation of the unfortunate 
ship and crew must be unary-ailing. 

The vessel lay among large rooks, and from 
the tremendous sea which went over her was 
already breaking up. At this time an attempt 
was made by the crew to form a sort of bridge 
to the nearest rocks by cutting away the main 
mast, which unfortunately fell alongside the 
ship instead of towards the shore as they bad 
fondly expected. Many of tihe men 
who had clung to the rigging, were now 
plunged into the sea by the falling of tihe fore 
and mizen masts, and disappeared in the merci- 
less ocean ; aud most of the remainder, having 



nothing to hold by, were swept off the wreck, 
and eank in sight of those on shore, who coiild 
render them no assistance, although the dis- 
tance (between them and the unfortunate sea- 
men was such as to admit of inter'-oammiunica- 
tion of sentiment, even by the countenanoe- 

The fate of others seemed no less hard, for 
after having nearly gained the shore, they 
were swept off by the iheavy ewf, or bonne 
down by the casks and other wreck with which 
they were surrounded. The forecastle of the 
Oscar still remaining about water, 5 men were 
observed, and among them Captain limes was 
distinctly seen making signals for that assist- 
ance which could not possibly be afforded ; 
and after clinging long to the wreck and 
struggling hard for life, they shared 
the fate of their unfortunate companions, 
the vessel having soon gone to pieces. About 
this time Mr John Jamson, first mate, and 
James Venus, a, seaman belonging to Shields, 
were with difficulty saved, being the only sur- 
vivors of this sad catastrophe, out of a crew 
of 44- persons. 

Thus perished the Oscar, wihich but a few 
hours before had sailed with the fairest pro- 
spect, and being very complete in all her 
equipments, might be valued at 10,000; and 
thus was lost one of the finest crews which 
could go to sea, men who so lately set out 
full of Ibope and expectation, and were in one 
fatal hour out off, many of them now leaving 
by their untimely fate their widows and 
numerous families in that anguish and distress, 
towards the alleviation of whi'oh we trust a 
generous and benevolent public will with 
their wonted liberality contribute in this 
trying period of their affliction. 

A subscription has been set on foot for the 
relief of the widows, orphans, and other re- 
latives who were dependent on the unfortunate 
sufferers, the most of whom were married, and 
many of them have left very large families. The 
sums subscribed are intended to be disposed of 
for their relief by a committee to be appointed 
for that purpose by the principal subscribers. 

Subscription papers are left ftt the 
Athenaeum, the bank offices, Mr Bwen's. Oastle 
Street; Mr Brown's, bookseller, Broad Street; 
Messrs Angus and Son, booksellers. Union 
Street ; The Circulating Library Broad Street ; 
and the News Boom, Netherkirkgate, where 
the smallest sum will be thankfully received. 


John Innes, master, drowned. 
John Jamson, first mate and harpooner, and 
James Venus, boatsteerer, saved. 


Jonathan Rogers, spectioneer and haxpooner ; 
Matthew Elsdon, harpooner; George Buchan, 

do. ; Alexander Buchan, do. ; Robert Rich 
mond, boateteerer ; James Sinclair, do. ; 
Thomas Smith, do. ; John Goldie, cooper aud 
boatsteerer; Robert Morgan, line manager; 
William Roberts, do. ; John Henderson, do. ; 
John Coutts, do. ; Alexander Mitchell, surgeon ; 
William Livie, seaman ; James Short, do. ; 
James Sangster, do. ; Thomas Sangster, do. ; 
William Ogston, do. ; James Christie, do. ; 
John Buchan, do. ; Andrew Peddie, do. ; James 
Catto, do. ; Alexander Gordon, do. ; John 
Bruce, do. ; William Davidson, do. ; Alexander 
Buchan (2nd), do. ; William Dunn, do. ; Daniel 
Alcook, do. ; Thomas Greig, do. ; John Tait 
Sim, cook ; George Lawrence, carpenter ; John 
Stewart, landsman ; John Anderson, do. ; 
William Anderson, do. ; William Walker, do. ; 
George M'Donald, do. ; Alexander Riddel 
apprentice ; Robert Riddell, do. ; John Palmer, 
do. ; Robert Ronald, do. ; Charles Sim, do. 

Soon after the Oscar struck, the St Andrew, 
which rode about a cable length to the wind- 
ward, cut from both anchors in the face of the 
rocks which had just proved so fatal, and when 
there scarcely remained a hope of her safety. 
The ahip was, however, got tinder way with 
the staysails and mizen; and with the greatest 
alacrity, the fore and main topsail being set, 
she beat to the windward along this rugged 
part of the coast, while horror was painted in 
the countenance of every beholder, who 
momentarily expected that the ship and crew 
must share the melancholy fate of the Oscar, 
which seemed inevitable. Never, under Divine 
Providence, was seamanship and exertion more 
successfully displayed; and never was a ship 
seen to escape greater or more im- 
minent peril. In a manner truly 
astonishing, she surmounted the breakers, 
and weathered this tremendous part of 
the coast, to tho inexpressible joy of the many 
anxious spectators assembled, gaining' the port 
in safety. 

The .Middleton and Latona had previously 
out from their anchors, and after barely clear- 
ing the North Pier, got safely into the har- 
bour ; but we regret to state that the Hercules 
was not alike fortunate, for after drag-ging her 
anchor almost to the Pierhead, she knocked off 
her rudder to the northward of the pier, and 
was immediately driven ashore on the beach. 
The crew were all fortunately saved, and the 
vessel was on Sunday got off without any 
material danger. Thirty-eight of the bodies of 
the Oscar's late unfortunate crew, and among 
them that of Captain Innes, have been oast 
ashore, and it was a truly mournful spectacle, 
the sight of so many v.'eeping relatives en- 
deavouring to recognise the features of their 
departed and lamented friends. A consider- 
able number halve been claimed; and such as 



.have not, have been attended to and decently 


The same issue of the ''Aberdeen Journal" 

also contains the following letter to the editor 
Sir, If the following irregular verses, 
written the day after, and under the awful 
depression produced by the melancholy event 
of the let of April, be deemed worthy of a 
corner in your journal, they are much at your 
service. I am, sir, your most obedient, 



What sounds are those that strike my listen- 
ing ear, 

In the dread pauses of the furious blast; 
Which, with the speed of lightning, does career 
Across the darkened sky? Methinks, I hear 
The mournful cry 
Of death and hopeless misery. 

Yes, April! though thou'rt wont, like the 

world's guile, 
To gild with sunny smile 
The cloud, which nurses in its breast 
The rattling hail or chilly shower, 
To blast the opening bud and flower; 
Yet now thou comest, borne on December's car, 
Urged on thy way by the rude blustering storm, 
And, with the fury of the winter's war. 
Sweepest the raging eea 
The messenger of God, charged with His dread 


The gallant ship, prepared to brave 
The northern ocean's mighty wave, 
Her jovial crew, with thoughtless glee, 
Draining the parting cup right merrily, 
Last setting sun beheld; 
Yet never more, on ship or men, 
The setting sun shall look again 

In sight of home, how hard to die, 

In sight of home to raise the cry 

Of wild despair, and friends so nigh ! 

April ! full many a widow's moan and orphan's 


For the lost spouse and father dear; 
Full many a mother's breaking heart 
Shall rue thy morning's awful rage, 
And mark, with anguish keen thy name in 

memory's page. 

Further references to the disaster occur in the 
pages of the "Aberdeen Journal" of 1813 

1. On 28th April, when it is said "The 
female domestic servants in the city are collect- 
ing for the Oscar sufferers." 

2. On 5th May, when it is said " On Thurs- 
day morning, 22nd ult., the body of James 

Short and that of another seaman, both of the 
Oscar's late unfortunate crew, the latter much 
mangled, were caet ashore near the fatal spot 
where the ship was wrecked, and were decently 
interred, the former by the friends by whom 
it was recognised." 

3. On 12th May, when it is said" On Sun- 
day last, the body of the late carpenter's mate 
of the whale-fishing ship Oscar was cast ashore 
in a mangled state, and decently interred." 


The rescue of John Jamson from the wreck 
was effected under singular circumstances. His 
uncle, Captain Richard Jamson, a retired 
whaling captain, had gone out from his home 
in James Street to bring back from a ball his 
eldest daughter, Mary Jamson (afterwards Mrs 
Chaimers, of Bridewell, and grandmother of 
the Rev. James Smith, B.D., of St George's-in- 
the-West Parish, Aberdeen), and, hearing of the 
disaster to the Oscar, hurried over to the 
Girdleness to do what he could to aid the sea- 
men. While so engaged, something was washed 
inshore, which, supposing it to be the ship's 
dog, he proceeded to pull ashore with his 
staff. To his consternation and glad surprise, 
he found he had rescued from the jaws of death 
his own nephew, John Jamson. 

Mrs Chalmers' husband, Alexander Wallace 
Chatlmers, governor of Bridewell, had a cousin 
who was married to Captain Thomas Innes, a 
brother of the captain of the Oscar. The oil- 
painting from which the picture of the Oscar 
is taken belonged at one time to Captain Innes, 
and is now the property of another relation of 
the Innes family viz., Captain Crombie, 
harbour master of Aberdeen. 


The Burial Registers of Newburgh, Foveran, 
Nigig, and Aberdeen, furnish some interest- 
ing particulars relating to the calamity. 


Epitaph of Captain Innes. 
" Sacred to the memory of Captain John 
Innes, aged 42 years, who was wrecked in the 
ship Oscar, near Aberdeen, the 1st April, 1813. 
This stone is erected by his disconsolate widow, 
Ann Mitchell, as a grateful tribute of her re- 
gard and affection for his departed worth. 
Their son, Thomas, who died in infancy, is also 
interred here." 

Though Boreas' blasts and Neptune's waves 

Have tossed me to and fro, 

In spite of both, by God's decree, 

I harbour here below. 



Here at an anchor I do lie, 
With many of our fleet; 
Until again we must set sail- 
OUT Admiral, Christ, to meet. 

"Also his spouse, Ann Mitchell, died 16th 
November, 1828, aged 68 yeare." 

The Sexton thus quaintly records the burial 
of Captain Innes and three others: 

" 1813 Aprel the 4 Buried John Inmes Ship- 
master from Aberdeen hie leys in the South 
Sead of his father's Lorston. Buried John 
Inues and 3 of his men who drouned of the 
Osker of Aberdeen." 

One of these men was John Henderson, line 
manager, whose epitaph there reads: "Erected 
by Rev. Thomas Henderson, Demenatoa, West 
Indies, in memory of his father, John Hender- 
son,, who was lost off the Osoar, 1st April, 1813, 
aged 21 years." 


The Burial Book contains the following 
notice : 

" April 1st. 1813. Jonathan Rogers, from 
South Shields, speotioneer and harpooner on 
board the Oscar, Greenland ship, of Aberdeen 
(John Innes, captain), was drowned in a storrn 
and cast ashore in iJbe Greyhope of this parish, 
and. was interred! next day in the Churchyard 
of Nigg, aged, about 34 years. 

' 'The Oscar left the harbour with seevral other 
Greenland' ships very early in the morning, but 
about 10 o'clock a.m., the weather gloomy and 
hovering, a, most dreadful hurricane from the 
north-east arose, dirove the Oscar ashore on 
the Short Ness, and all her crew, 44, except 
two persons, perished. On the same day from 
this ship were drowned, and as oast ashore, 
buried in the Churchyard of Nigg, the follow- 
ing persons Matthew Elaton, harpooner, 
from North Shields, aged about 35 years; 
Robert Richmond, boatsteerer, from Sunder - 
land, aged about 25 vicars; James Sinclair; 
boatsteerer, from Aberdeen, aged about 23 
years; William Li vie, seaman, from Eraser - 
burgh, aged about 21 years; James Sang-ster, 
seaman, from Peterhead, and his twin brother, 
Thomas, also a seaman, aged about 19 years; 
William Ogiston, seaman, from parish of New 
Deer, aged albout 20 years; James Christie, 
seaman, from Peterheadi, aged about 21 years ; 
John Buchan, seaman, from parish of Inver- 
alloohy, aiged about 45 years; Andrew Peddie, 
seaman, from Porteoy, aged about 19 years; 
Alexander Gordon, seaman, from Fraeer- 
burgh, aged about 30 years; William David- 
son, seaman, from Fraserburgh, aged about 
21 years; Alexander Buchan (second 1 ), seaman, 
from [parish of Inverallochy, aged about 
28 years; John Anderson, lands- 

man, from the country of Spey- 
aide, aged about 23 yeare; William Anderson, 
landsman, from the parish of Raffan, aged about 
24 yeare; George M 'Donald, landsman, f<romthi> 
parish of Peterhead, aged about 27 yeare; 
Robert Riddel, apprentice, from Aberdeen, aged 
about 15 years. 

"From the same ship were drowned, but car- 
ried to other places where no burial registers 
are kept, and there interred, the following per- 
sons: George Bucha,n, harpooner, from Peter- 
head, aged about 29 years ; Alexander Buchan, 
first harpooner, his brother, aged about 25 years ; 
Thomas Smith, boatsteerer, from Aberdeen, 
aged about 23 years; John Goldie, cooper and 
boatsteerer, from Aberdeen, aged about 53 
years ; Robert Morgan, line manager, from 
Aberdeen, aged about 21 years; William 
Roberts, line manager, from Aberdeen, aged 
about 21 years ; John Henderson, line manager, 
from Newburgh, aged about 22 years; John 
Ooutts, line manager, from Aberdeen, aged 
about 19 years; Alexander Marshall, surgeon, 
from Dundee, aged about 18 years; James 
Stuart, seaman, from Old Aberdeen, aged about 
19 years; John Bruce, seaman, from Fraser- 
burgh, aged about 19 yeare; William Dunn, 
seaman, from the parish of Raffan, aged about 
31 years; Daniel Aloock, seaman, from Aber- 
deen, aged about 25 yeans ; John Tait Sun, 
cook, from parish of Gruden, aged about 24 
years; John Stewart, carpenter, from Aber- 
deen, aged about 30 years ; Alexander Riddel, 
apprentice, from Aberdeen, aged about 19 years ; 
John Palmer, apprentice, from Aberdeen, aged 
about 15 years ; Forbes Ronald, apprentice, from 
Aberdeen, aged about 16 years ; Charles Sim, 
apprentice, from parish of Oruden, aged about 
19 years. 

" From tho same ship were also drowned, 
according to evidence from the Custom 
House Books of Aberdeen, but either their 
bodies cast ashore, or near by, or not to be dis- 
tinguished on account of their mutilated state, 
the following persons James Catto, seaman, 
from Peterhead, aged about 18 years ; Thomas 
Greig, seaman, from Peterhead, aged about 23 
yeare ; George Lawrence, carpenter, from Foot- 
dee, by Aberdeen, aged albout 25 years ; William 
Walker, landsman, from Aberdeen, aged about 
21 years. John Innes, captain of the Oscar, 
from the fishing village of Newburgh, being 
drowned and cast ashore, was buried according 
to evidence in the Churchyard of Newburgh, 
aged 42 years." 



4th April, 1813. John Coutfcs, seaman, aged 18 
years, who was drowned in the Oscar, was 
buried in Lair E. 9. 


As worn by Lieutenant John Chalmers, M.A., in 1855 



The Author regrets that he can include in this volume only a few of 
the many interesting letters he possesses, written by his mother's five 
brothers named at pages 12-14. Treasured by their devoted and 
bereaved mother, who outlived them all, these letters now fill eleven 
closely-written volumes, and contain much well worthy of publication. 

describe his work on the Survey of the Great North of Scotland and 
Caledonian Railways, and in the Service of the Glasgow and South- 
western Railway at Kilmarnock. I Vol. 

Engineer, Royal Navy, 1848-68. These describe his life in the Navy 
from 1852, in the following ships : Magicienne, Hogue, Valorous, Pike, 
Desperate (which in May, 1853, helped to tow the Franklin Relief 
Expedition to the edge of the ice, and with which he joined the 
Blockade of the Baltic, 1854-5, under Sir Charles Napier, K.C.B.), 
Pylades, Fisgard, Hastings, Swinger, Blenheim, Drake (with which he 
served, 1857-8, in the China War and at the Siege of Canton), 
Sanspareil, Hannibal, Falcon (with which he served on the Gold Coast, 
suppressing the slave trade, 1859-61), and Asia, 1863-4. 3 Vols. 

III. LETTERS OF SAMUEL CHALMERS, Indian Electric Telegraphs, 
attached to the 52nd Regiment (which at Waterloo broke Napoleon's 
Old Guard), and Telegraphist to Brigadier-General John Nicholson, 
C.B., at Delhi, 1854-8. These describe his life as a Telegraphist at 
Beoura, Seepree, Agra, Urnballa, Jullundur, and finally his experiences 
after joining the Moveable Column at Phillour, on the Sutlej, under 
Nicholson, i8th June, 1857, an d his march thence to Jullundur, 
Umritser, and Delhi. I Vol. 


Surgeon, ist Royals and 2nd Batt. lyth Regiment, 1853-62. These 
describe his life in the Army at Stoke Devonport, Aldershot, Shorn- 
cliffe, Pembroke Dock, Penally, Calcutta, Benares, Allahabad, Sultan- 
pore, Madras, Trimulgharry, and London. 3 Vols. 

3gth Bengal Native Infantry, and I7th Irregular Cavalry, and after- 
wards Assistant Commissioner for the Punjab, 1855-61. These 
describe his life in the Bengal Army, the Mutiny, a Tour in Cashmere, 
his experiences as a Commissioner, and at Hoti-Murdan in Yusafzai 
(where he was associated with the famous soldier, Lumsden of the 
Guides, a native of Belhelvie, near Aberdeen), and last of all his return 
to Aberdeen an invalid and his early death at the age of 25. 3 Vols. 



(His first reference to the Mutiny.} 

Jhelum, Punjab, 

24th March, 1857. 

" The igth Native Infantry have mutinied at 
Berhampore, about the new cartridges. The ist 
Irregulars have left this for Mooltan. I wonder 
when we shall go." 

Jhelum, 2gth April, 1857, 
"... The igth Native Infantry has been dis- 
banded for mutiny. The Jemadar of the guard 
from the 34th N.I., who would not assist the 
Adjutant when he was fired at by a Sepoy, has 
also been hanged. The Sepoy who fired at him 
has been hanged. Some bungalows and a barrack 
have been burned down at Umballa. Our Regi- 
ment is all right." 

Jhelum, I4th May, 1857. 
" There has been a row among the Sepoys at 
Meerut and Delhi ; a slight spirit of disaffection 
has shown itself among the Native Sepoys. Our 

Regiment two hours ago received Orders from the 
General at Peshawar to march to a certain point 
on the Indus. The carriage is coming in fast, and 
we expect to start to-morrow night or the next 
morning. We go first to Shahpore, then West. 
Don't be surprised if you get no letter next Mail. 
There has not been the slightest symptom of dis- 
affection among the men here." 

Dera Ismail Khan, 

8th June, 1857. 

" About the nth of May, I saw in one of the 
papers, that 85 Troopers of the 3rd Cavalry at 
Meerut had been sentenced to hard labour on the 
roads for refusing to receive the cartridges they 
had always had. On going down to our Mess to 
tiffin on the afternoon of the I4th, I noticed some 
of the Officers whispering together about some- 
thing. One of them took me aside and told me, 
that news had just come from Lahore by telegraph, 
that the 3rd Cavalry and the Native Troops at 
Meerut had broken into open mutiny on Sunday, 
the i ith, and after killing all the Europeans they 
could find had set off for Delhi. No exact account 



can be given of what took place there, but it is 
supposed that, when the mutineers from Meerut 
reached Delhi, the Officers of the 54th Regiment 
N.I., which was stationed in the city, called upon 
their men to fire upon them, the men turned 
round and ahot their Officers. Then commenced 
an indiscriminate massacre of all the Europeans, 
men, women, and children in fact, everyone 
professing Christianity ; the Bank was robbed, 
the Manager and his family murdered. The 
Cantonment is about 2 miles from the city. The 
Europeans there hearing of the row mostly all 
managed to escape. The 45th and 57th N.I., at 
Ferozepore mutinied almost on the same day ; the 
loth Native Cavalry stood true, and along with the 
6ist Queen's cut the 45th Regiment nearly to 
pieces. Most of the 57th gave up their arms ; the 
rest escaped to the jungle, where they were after- 
wards captured by the Police. Hearing of these 
things, Reid, Cotton, Chamberlain, and Nicholson 
met in Council of War at Peshawar, and deter- 
mined that General Reid should assume {he 
chief command in the Punjab ; that a Moveable 
Column of European Troops should be assembled 
at Jhelum, to move on any point of the Punjab 
where mutiny might show itself. We received 
the news of thU from Pindi on the I5th. The 
same dawk brought a letter from the Brigadier 
there, saying they were very anxious about us, as 
there were no Irregulars at Jhelum to keep the 
two Regiments of the Line in awe. He also sent 
an Order for the 39th Regiment to march at once 
to Dera Ismail Khan on the Indus, via Shahpore. 
This Order came in on the evening of the I5th 
on the morning of Sunday, the 1 7th, having got 
together some 200 camels to carry our baggage, 
we started on our march and arrived here all safe 
yesterday. . . . The European and Irregular 
Force marching on Delhi was expected to be 
there yesterday, and we hope soon to hear a good 
account of it. General Anson, the Commander- 
in-Chtef, died at Kurnaul on the 27th ult. The 
Native Troops at Lahore have been disarmed, 
also all at Peshawar, except the 2 1st N.I. The 
55th from Nowahera mutinied and was cut to 

pieces. The 35th Regiment (Watson's) was be- 
having well, and by last accounts was along with 
the 52nd Queen's at Goojranwalla forming part of 
the Moveable Column. It is said that 10,000 
Sikhs were enlisted at Lahore in 4 or 5 days. 
Our men behaved most exemplarily on the march, 
and continue fully trusted by Government. We 
must have 50,000 Europeans out here immediately. 
The Europeans at Hansi were all massacred. The 
Officer commanding the Sappers at Rootkee was 
shot by his own men, who were pursued and cut 
to pieces by the European Dragoons and Artillery. 
The district of Delhi is under martial law. Any- 
one found resisting the Government is at once 
shot Wherever the telegraph wire is found cut, 
the Headman of the village is hanged. Fifty 
Europeans, who had concealed themselves in 
Delhi at the first massacre, were taken out the 
Sunday after and all murdered in cold blood. 
Lieut. Willoughby, when his magazine at Delhi 
was broken into by the mutineers, blew himself 
up with 300 of them. Two days ago the Subadar 
Major of the 5 1st at Peshawar was hanged for 
desertion. India never had such a stirring up 
before. Do reassure Mamma that there is no 
immediate fear of either of her sons." 

Dera Ismail Khan, 

Friday, 26th June, 1857. 

"I had a letter from Sam (his brother) yester- 
day, from a very safe place, the strong Fort of 
Phillour on the Sutlej. ... By the time you 
receive this letter, you will have heard of the 
dreadful atrocities at Meerut, Delhi, and Bareilly 
I will endeavour to give you some account of what 
has occurred. In the month of January last, 
schools for the instruction of the native soldiers in 
the use of the Enfield rifle were established at 
Dum-Dum, Umballa, and Sialkot. A party of 
seven or eight Non-Commissioned Officers and 
men under a European Officer from every native 
regiment in the country was attached to one of 
these depots, to receive instructions in the use of 
the rifle, which they were afterwards to com. 
municate to the meu of their respective Corps. 



About the middle of March, frequent notices 
appeared in the newspapers of Officers' bungalows 
being nightly set fire to at Barrackpore, the large 
Cantonment near Calcutta and close to Dum-Dum. 
High rewards were offered, but it was never dis- 
covered who was the incendiary. In consequence 
of this, the Sepoy Guards who had been set to 
watch began to be themselves suspected. About 
the same time, a report was spread among the 
Sepoys at Barrackpore and other stations, that the 
new cartridges, which for the rifle differ from the 
old cartridges in having a little grease at one end, 
were made up with pig's and cow's fat, and that it 
was the intention of Government to convert the 
whole of the native soldiers by making them bite 
there greased cartridges, as a Mahommedan would 
at once lose caste by touching pig's fat and a 
Hindoo by coming in contact with cow's. A 
state of great excitement now prevailed throughout 
the Native Army on this greased cartridge question. 
An Order was then issued, first, that the cartridges 
should not be bitten but torn with the hand, and 
soon after that they should not be served out to 
the Native Troops at all. The excitement about 
the cartridges was greatest in Bengal and the 
Lower Provinces, where it appears to have 
originated. The Sepoys there now began to 
examine the old cartridges (which they had been 
using all along) before they would take them. 
The 1 9th N.I. was stationed at Berhampore in 
the Calcutta Division. One day in the end of 
March, they received notice that there would be 
a parade of the regiment next morning, at which 
blank ammunition consisting of part of the old 
cartridges which they had always been using would 
be served out. About 10 o'clock that night, the 
Regiment mutinied and rushed to the places 
where their arms are locked up at night under 
sentries. These they broke open, and taking out 
their muskets loaded with ball. On hearing of 
this, the Officer commanding the Station brought 
the ilth Irregular Cavalry and a Battery of 
Artillery down on them, at the sight of whom 
they gave up their arms. For this mutiny the 
1 9th was marched to Barrackpore, and there dis- 

banded in presence of all the troops. Incendiary 
fires still continued to occur at Barrackpore. One 
day, a Sepoy of the 34th N.I. at Barrackpore, 
named Mungul Pandy, went out in front of the 
Quarter Guard of his regiment armed with a 
musket and sword, and called upon the men to 
mutiny. The Adjutant, Lieut. Baugh, went out 
with the Sergeant -Major to apprehend him. The 
Sepoy shot the Sergeant, and wounded the 
Adjutant, but was at last apprehended. This 
took place a few yards from a guard of 24 Sepoys 
under a Native Officer. Neither they nor the 
men of the 34th came to the assistance of the 
Adjutant. For this, the Native Officer command- 
ing the guard was tried and hanged ; the men of 
the guard were transported for life ; and the 34th 
disbanded. The Sepoy, Mungul Pandy, wai 
hanged. One of the Oude Irregular Regiments 
at Lucknow next refused the old cartridges, but 
on the appearance of troops to coerce them they 
laid down their arms, and fled to the jungles. 
About ist May, Colonel Smyth, of the 3rd 
Cavalry at Meerut, ordered a parade of 90 men 
for Light Infantry drill at which they were to use 
the old blank ammunition. When paraded in the 
morning, 85 men refused to take the cartridges. 
For this they were placed in confinement to await 
a Court Martial. Some Native Officers were sent 
for from Delhi to act as members of the Court, so 
that the circumstances of the case must have been 
well known to the Native Troops at Delhi. The 
result was anxiously looked for by all. At last, 
on 9th May, the sentence of the Court was pro- 
mulgated, that the 85 Troopers were to undergo 
10 years labour in chains on the roads. They 
were accordingly removed to gaol. On the evening 
of Sunday, 10th May, just as the European Troops 
were preparing to go to Church, the 3rd Cavalry, 
Uth and 2Oth N.I. stationed at Meerut broke into 
open mutiny, rushed to the gaol, and set free the 
85 Troopers, and forthwith began murdering every 
white face they came across. At Meerut were 
the Headquarters of European Artillery, the 6oth 
Queen's, and the Carabineers. These drove the 
mutineers out of Meerut, who took the road Jo 


Delhi. Brigadier Hewitt commanding at Meerut 
was an old incompetent as5, and if still alive will 
most likely be tried by Court Martial and shot ; 
but it is reported he has shot himself, lie ought 
at once to have sent half his European Force in 
pursuit of the mutineers to Delhi. He merely 
sent news to the authorities at Delhi that the 
mutineers were coming to attack them. The 
Cantonment of Delhi is about 2 miles from the 
city. There were no European Troops there, 
only a Native Battery, the 38th, 54th, and 74th 
Regiments N.I. On hearing in the morning that 
the mutineers were coming over from Meerut, the 
Officer commanding at Delhi, ordered the 54lh 
with two guns into the city to prevent the 
mutineers from crossing the bridge of boats over 
the Jumna. On the bank of the river is an 
immense block of buildings called the " Palace," 
where the old pensioned King of Delhi resides. 
He has Palace Guards of his own, who were com- 
manded by a Captain Douglas. The bridge over 
the Jumna is close to the Palace. Well, just as 
the 54th reached the Palace, the mutineers from 
Meerut crossed the bridge and entered the city. 
Simon Fraser, the Magistrate, was coming along 
in his buggy. The mutineers wounded him, but 
he escaped into the Palace ; but the Native Guard 
having opened the gate and joined the mutineers 
rushed into the Palace, and killed Fraser, Captain 
Douglas, Miss Jennings, and Miss Clifford. They 
now proceeded to murder every white face they 
could find Beresford of the Bank and his family, 
the Chaplain, the Editor of the Delhi Gazette and 
assistants, and Mr. Tod of the Telegraphs. The 
men of the 54th now joined them, and showed 
their sympathy by shooting down their European 
Officers, only one or two of whom escaped. The 
men of the 38th and 74th wavered for some time, 
but at last joined the mutineers and took part in 
the butchery. The surviving Europeans now 
determined to retreat on Kumaul and Meerut, 
which places some of them did reach after the 
most miraculous escapes, but many were murdered 
on the road with awful barbarity. Lieutenant 
\Yilloughby, who had charge of the Magazine, 

defended it until overpowered, when he blew it 
up and sent 300 of the Mutineers to the Devil. 
He himself escaped by a miracle, but is supposed 
to have been afterwards murdered on the road 
from Delhi. Listen to some of the atrocities of 
these fiends, and let your blood boil for your 
countrywomen. One lady was, along with her 
husband, stripped and ravished in the presence of 
her husband by ten of these bnttes. Another was 
ripped up by a butcher of the Meerut Bazaar, the 
child torn out, and hung round her own neck. 

Miss J , the belle of Delhi, was stripped by 

the brutes, and made to run up and down the 
Bazaar, while these wretches cut at her with 
swords and spears, until they killed her, On 
Sunday, the I7th, 50 Europeans who had been 
found hiding were brought out and murdered 
with every barbarity, children being tossed on 
bayonets, and women hacked to pieces, after 
which the bodies were put on a cart and thrown 
down outside the city. The avenging force from 
Umballa has found on the road to Delhi traces of 
the most frightful atrocities. In one place, the 
Headman of a village violated a lady, and then 
cut off her breasts, hands, and feet. Did you 
ever hear of such damnable fiends ? In one place, 
the Europeans found a pair of child's shoes with 
the feet cut oft at the ankles sticking in them. 
The Europeans can scarcely be kept from murder- 
ing every native they meet. On the I2th or I3th, 
the 45th and 57th mutinied at Ferozepore, and 
attempted to seize the Fort there. They scaled it, 
but a volley from a few men of H.M. 6ist Regi- 
ment stopped them. The Europeans then drove 
them out of the Fort. The loth Cavalry stood 
true to us, and along with the Europeans cut the 
45th to pieces. The 57th escaped to the Jungle, 
but afterwards came and gave up their arms and 
were disbanded. 

On hearing of these mutinies, General Reid, 
Brigadiers Cotton, Edwards, Chamberlain, and 
Nicholson met in Council of War at Peshawar. 
They at once disarmed the native troops at 
Lahore. General Reid took supreme command 
in the Punjab, and a Moveable Column c/f 



European and Irregular Troops was ordered to 
assemble at Jhelum. Our Regiment was ordered 
to march at once to Dera Ismail Khan, and the 
55th from Nowshera to Hoti-Murdan. There 
they mutinied. A Force of Europeans and 
Irregulars was sent in pursuit from Peshawar. 
They killed IOD of the 55th, and took 140 
prisoners. These were brought to Peshawar, and 
blown away from guns in batches of tens. Those 
who have escaped into the Swat Country were 
circumcised by the Hill Tribes, who are bigoted 
Mohammedans. There has been some hard 
fighting in front of Delhi, and European Troops 
are pouring in from all quarters. But we must 
have at least 20,000. The Troops going to China 
are coming here. The Regiments who have 
joined the mutineers are the 3rd, 5th, Qth, loth, 
nth, ijth, I5th, i8th, 2Oth, 28th, 29th, soth, 
3Sth, 44th, 45th, 48th, 54th, 55th, 57th, 6oth, 
6lst, 68th, 7ist, 74th N.I., and 3rd and 6th 
Cavalry. At Bareilly, most of the Officers were 
murdered, also a Judge, and two civilians hanged. 
Report just come in of the massacre of Europeans 
by the 28th at Shahjehanpore. Lucknow is said 
to be burned down, but no news from Calcutta 
since z8th May. My Regiment is all right, the 
drills and parades going on here. All sleep here 
with loaded revolvers under their pillows, and 
carry them always about them. All the ladies of 
our Regiment are safe at Murree. I saw 700 of 
the new Cavalry Levies here to-day. Tell 
Mamma not to be afraid, Sam ami I are all 

Dera Ismail Khan, 

nth July, 1857. 

" Fighting goes on daily before Delhi. The 
23rd of June was the Centenary Anniversary of 
the Battle of Plassey, and the commencement of 
our Raj in India ; it was also the new moon (a 
most lucky day to Hindoos), and some festival 
very auspicious for the Mohammedans. This 
strange coincidence was strongly impressed upon 
the ' Pandies ' by their pundits and soothsayers, 

who assured them that the British Raj had been 
destined to continue loo years, and having fulfilled 
its destiny would that day be destroyed. Accord- 
ingly, they came out well primed with bhang, an 
intoxicating extract of hemp, in three columns at 
4 a.m. Their left column coming up on our right 
was trying to take possession of the Kurnaul 
Road, by which a reinforcement of troops from 
Umballah was that day expected to join us. The 
object of this movement was seen through by 
Norman of the Staff, who galloped towards 
Kurnaul, and brought up the convoy. They 
fought from 4 a.m. to 7 p.m., to make true the 
oracle of their pundit, but it was no go. A 
handful of British bayonets, assisted by their 
brothers the Sikhs, Goorkhas, and Pathans, 
showed them that the British Raj was not yet 
over. They drove them back into the city with 
a loss of 800 killed. ... All quiet in the Punjab, 
hanging and blowing away from guns going on as 
usual. General Wheeler with 4 European Regi- 
ments had pursued the mutineers from Cawnpore 
to near Agra, inflicting frightful losa. General 
Patrick Grant from Madras had reached Benares 
with more Europeans. All native troops in 
Bengal disarmed : the Press to be gagged. The 
Gwalior Contingent have all mutinied ; Proctor 
of my Regiment killed. All depends upon the 
Fall of Delhi. 

I2th July, 1857. We have just heard of the 
disarming of the 58th at Pindi, and the I4th at 
Jhelum. They had up to this been allowed to 
retain their arras. The 58th quietly gave up 
theirs. A wing of the 24th Queen's with Horae 
Artillery guns came down to Jhelum to disarm the 
I4th. They resisted, and after a long fight were 
utterly destroyed by the Europeans. All Regi- 
ments have now been disarmed Except ours, the 

Then follow several letters graphically 
describing the progress of the Mutiny, 
especially about Delhi. 



Deia Ismail Khan, 

I4th Sept., 1857. 

" I heard from Sam a short time ago. He was 
close to Delhi with General Nicholson's force. 
We have got to within 300 yards of the walls of 
Delhi. One battery at 450 paces is well armed 
to play on the Cashmere Gate, and Moree bastions. 
The place, if not already smashed, must be so in 
a few clays. The 5ist at Peshawar broke out on 
2gth August, I think. They numbered 875. Of 
these 781 were killed the same day. One batch 
of 190, after being tried by drum head Court 
Martial, were drawn up in line facing as many 
Europeans, and all at one word of command were 
shot dead. On the 27th, we heard of a con- 
spiracy to deliver up the Fort and arms here to 
our disarmed men. There has been a Court ou 
the subject, but nothing of importance has come 
out of it. We were all to have had our throats 
cut at 8 p m., but heard of it at II a.m." 

Mooltan, I2th Oct., 1857. 
(To his brother Samuel.} 

" Got yours of aoth and 26th to day. In 
destroying a party of the gth Irregular Cavalry 
near Jhung on 2gth ult. I was shot through the 
tight side, and in the wrist. I am doing well, 
but cannot write. For this affair, I am to be 
appointed to the I7th Irregular Cavalry. Write 
home I am nearly well." 

Mooltan, 2ist Oct., 1857. 

Dr. Macintire's Bungalow. 
(To fits brother.'} 

" My dear Willie, 

... I must now account or my being 
at Mooltan. On 2jrd Sept-, an express reached 
Dera Ismail Khan with intelligence, that some 20 
or 30 sowars of the 9th Irregular Cavalry had 
mutinied near Kalabaugh, after firing on their 
Officers. A Party of 150 of New Horse Levies 

was ordered across to Bukkur, in case these 
mutineers should attempt to get to Leiah, where 
were some of the I7th Irregular Cavalry, sup- 
posed to be disaffected. Mr. Cowan, a civilian, 
was to command the Party. I obtained permission 
to accompany him. We started two hours after 
l he express arrived, and got to Bukkur that night. 
Here we left 83 of our men, and with the remain- 
ing 70 proceeded straight towards Jhung, across 
a sandy desert, as we expected tho mutineers 
would try to make for the Chenab, and we hoped to 
intercept them. . . . We started from here at 
sunrise to track them with guides, and followed 
their trail till noon, when we came to a well 
where two hours before they had watered their 
horses. We followed them up and came in tight 
of them in about half an hour. They were ready 
for us, for they had taken up their position in a 
clump of trees with their carbines presented. 
Cowan gave the word, our fellows drew their 
swords with a delightful yell. I thought it was 
all right, and that we were going to polish off the 
whole of them, but on seeing the carbines our 
fellows turned right and left, leaving Cowan, 
myself, the Rassildar, and a Pathan to go in at 
them alone. The Pathan was killed dead. After 
I had two shots at them, I got one in return 
through the fleshy part of the right side, which 
lodged in the right arm a little above the wrist. 
On looking for our men, we found them hiding 
behind the bushes. We tried to make them 
charge again, but they flatly refused. We there- 
fore fell back to the nearest village, where we 
were luckily joined by Captain Hankin with some 
60 sowars of the I7th Irregulars. His party with 
ours started after the mutineers about 3 p.m , and 
returned about 8 p.m. to the village where I was 
lying, with the pleasing intelligence that they had 
killed all the mutineers. After two days I and 
Mr. Thomson (Captain Hankin's second-in- 
command, who had received some 12 sword-cuts) 
were sent down to Mooltan, where we have been 
most kindly treated by Dr. Macintire, Civil 
Surgeon, there. The wound in my side has 
healed up, and that in the arm doing well." 


Letters to Lieut. John Chalmers' Father, 
from Captain Powlett, late 58th Regiment, 
Bengal Native Infantry, afterwards Assist- 
ant Commissioner for the Punjab, and who 
died 1 5th July, 1910. He was present at 
the Siege, Relief, and Capture of Lucknow 
(Medal with two clasps); also in the 
actions of Allygurh, Agra, and Kanonj, 
and against the Gwalior Contingent. He 
became Colonel in 1881 ; C.S.I., 1891; 
and C.B., 1907. 

I. Letter from Peshawar, Sept. 23rd, 1861. 

" My dear Sir, 

It is with the deepest regret that I have 
just read the announcement of your son's death 
on lOth August, in the Home News ; and I trust 
I shall not be thought intrusive in now addressing 
the father of my dear friend, to express my heart- 
felt sorrow and sympathy for his loss. I think it 
will not be unpleasant for you to know that 
Lieut. Chalmers' death is really felt and mourned 
by some of those with whom he was associated 
during his brief Indian career of 5 years. None 
will feel it more than myself, for we were warm 
friends ; and I look back with sad pleasure to the 
periods we were together, first at Murree, where 
we were both on sick leave in 1858, and lived in 
the same house, and again here in 1859. His 
intellectual and moral superiority (both to myself 
and to most of those I have met in this country) 
rendered intercourse with him as profitable as it 
was agreeable, and I am sure I owe him much for 
the influence his earnestness for self- improvement, 
and his craving for what is good and true, has had 
upon me. His manly, genial disposition made 
him generally liked, but he was often troubled 
with doubts and difficulties (and who is not?) 
which harassed him a good deal and must, I 
think, sometimes have coloured his correspond- 
ence Being, too, of rather a sensitive nature he 
felt more than most would some little official 
vexations ; but, though he may at times have 

thought the contrary, he was thoroughly appre- 
ciated by the higher authorities as the enclosed 
extract from a Punjab Report will show you. I 
know the Lieutenant Governor, Sir Robert Mont- 
gomery, K.C.B., thought highly of him, and I 
have heard the Judicial Commissioner, Mr. 
Roberts, speak of him as " a very promising 
officer," and not long ago General Chamberlain 
was asking with much interest about him, his 
interest having been occasioned by hearing him 
spoken of most highly in the Derajat. My own 
impression is that he was the most premising of 
the younger Civil Officers in the Commission, for 
to his superior education he added a zeal and a 
conscientiousness that few possess. 

All this would be nothing now, would not be 
worth recording, but that it must be comforting to 
know that your pains and anxious thought were 
not bestowed in vain, and that your son though so 
early cut off had already given promise of being 
all that parent could wish. 

Yours very truly, 


II. Letter from Umritser, jist Jan., 186*. 
1 ' My dear Sir, 

I thank you very much indeed for the 
most interesting and consoling account you have 
so kindly sent me of the last moments on earth of 
my dear friend. After learning how happily he 
terminated his earthly career and how glorious a 
future he felt to be before him, I feel with you it 
is not right to mourn for what is his ' great gain.' 
I enclose the extracts from the Punjab Reports 
referred to in my last letter." 

Report by the Judicial Commissioner on the 
Administration of Criminal Justice in the Punjab 
and its Dependencies. 

"The Deputy-Commissioner of Rawul Pindi 
pronounces Lieut. Chalmers to have exhibited 
good judgment in his decisions, while he has been 
successful in improving the Police of the Attock 
Sub- Division of which he has charge." (For the 
year, 1859.) 



" Lieut. Chalmers was transferred early in the 
year to Dera Ismail Khan. He is an officer of ; 
great promise, and I regret that ill-health has ; 
necessitated his return to England." (Far tlu \ 
year 1860.) 

Extract from the Report on the Revenue 
Administration for the year, 1859-60. 

"Captain Dwyer (officiating Depnty-Commis- ; 
sioner, of Rawul Pindi, and just arrived there) ! 
has not recorded any opinion of Lieut. Chalmers, ] 
an omission I feel quite able to supply. He is an 
excellent officer, and afforded me great assistance 
in the Revenue Department, during the 5 months 
I was in charge of the Rawul Pindi District. 
Few officers that I have been associated with have 
so thoroughly devoted themselves to their work ; 
his judgment is very good and his energy untiring. 
I regret exceedingly that ill-health has obliged 
him to take 6 months sick leave, and that his 
transfer to Dera Ismail Khan prevented his 
appearing before the Divisional Examination." 

(Lieut. Chalmers died at the early age of 25 
years, at Aberdeen, and was interred in St. Nicholas 
Churchyard in the grave of his ancestors. ) 

Letter to his father from The Palace, Delhi. 
iSthOct., 1857. 

" I reached Delhi on I4th August, and have 
been here ever since, and witnessed the grand 
assault on tho morning of I4th September, and 
had the pleasure to see the British flag once more 
hoisted on the Cashmere Gate. Many hours of 
suspense passed over all of us up to that morning. 
Our army was small, cholera was raging, and 
many other things had we to contend with. I 
used to spend hours and days at our batteries on 
the hill above Delhi ; and although it was not 
always prudent, yet fear was dispelled by the 
gratifying fact, that what I witnessed was for my 
own and others good. 

I cannot describe to you the scenes I have been 
an eye-witness of during the last five months, the 

account furnished in newspapers is a mere shadow 
of the reality. I came inside the city on the i7th, 
three days after the attack, but it was not to view 
the Delhi I saw last year ; it was to cast my eyes 
on a heap of ruins, deserted houses, starving 
inhabitants, and putrid corpses of man and beast. 
Misery was the watchword. Plundering went on 
to a terrible extent, shops and goods of all descrip- 
ions blocked up the roads, and here and there 
dead Sepoys. Not a European house is fit to be 
occupied, they were burned to the ground Shall 
I reveal to you the horrors of the 8th, roth, and 
nth of June ? Ladies butchered at the breakfast 
table, children torn from their mother's arms and 
dashed upon the flags, husbands tied to the wall 
and saw their wives ravished, spat upon, vivi- 
sected, and had their throats cut, maddened 
Sepoys rushing here and there and calling for the 
Europeans to come out to be tortured. Oh ! 
God, I cannot, I will not go further. In Cawn- 
pore their treachery to General Wheeler and his 
party, and the murder of the harmless women and 
children have excited a spirit of retaliation that 
time can never erase. Lucknow Garrison was 
relieved by General Havelock on 25th September. 
We completely drove the brutes out of Delhi and 
have followed them up to Agra via Allyghur, 
where they were completely routed and cut up. 
At Agra 500 men were despatched after two good 
fights It is expected they will now be joined by 
the Gwalior mutineers. Agra is still unsafe, all 
the inhabitants are in the Fort still. Our Sappers 
left this morning for Agra. 

The Palace is a fine place on the brink of the 
Jumna, but is out of repair. Two of the Princes 
were shot like dogs the other day. Hanging, 
&c., are so common now, that it appears a pastime 
to go and see a dozen or two knocked off 
(the villains !). 

The Church is all battered to pieces nearly, 
what remains is used as an Hospital. The 1st 
Fusiliers suffered very much, and the Rifles too. 
Funerals are very frequent. The villains broke 
the tablets on the tombs just to vex us, and made 
a bull's eye of the gilt ball on the dome of the 



Church. Provisions are pretty dear and no 
selection. We lived in mosques, faqueefs houses, 
&c., for days, and if I were sure of settling here I 
could furnish a house gratis. I have succeeded in 
doing the prize agent out of the following My 
own Loot: A palkee Gharee, alias one of Dr. 
Campbell's (founder of Campbells Limited, Aber- 
deen) best cabs, four wheels and new ; a 
mahogany bedstead with cane bottom, almost 
new ; three elegant chandeliers, one I made a pre- 
sent of to a young man on his birthday, thirty six 
yards fine calico, twenty yards coarse, Neck-ties, 
Puggries, which came out of the Palace Harem, 
a huge box with brass nails, excellent be;lding, 
looking-glasses, wine glasses, lamp chimneys, a 
bhuggy, 2 reams of paper, pens, ink, ammunition, 
2 small silver rings, vases, plates, tureens, cups, 
saucers, spoons, and an endless lot of things from 
Delhi, ruined Delhi, and a musical box. You 
just get a coolie and walk them off coolly ! I 
could find no money, though a Sikh and I looked 
hard. All is now quiet and order being restored 
in the city. 

Last week, business called me away about 30 
miles from here for 4 or 5 days, and on my return 
I happened to take up the paper and found to my 
astonishment and grief that poor Johnnie (his 
brother) had been wounded severely, along with 
two other officials. I have sent you the paper by 
this post, and also enclose a letter from Jack 
himself. He is doing well, and I hope will soon 

be better. I expect to be in Meerut soon. I 
have a Golgotha at last, on the spot where 
Colonel Chester fell, four miles from this." (He 
was Adjutant-General of the Army, and was shot 
down on 8th June, at the Battle of Badli-ki-Sarai, 
6 miles from Delhi.) 

Your loving Son, 

Letter to Rev. Dr. McGilvray, Gilcom- 
ston Free Church, Aberdeen. 
Murree Hills, 

Sunday, 5th Sept., 1858. 
" My dear Dr. McGilvray, 

You have lately suffered deep affliction in 
your own family, and I earnestly pray that God 
may direct you in breaking to my poor old father 
and mother the intelligence of the death of my 
brother Samuel at Calcutta, on I4th August, 
which I have just this minute received from Rev 
Mr. Gardiner (afterwards Minister of Old Aber- 
deen Free Church.) You are God's servant ; 
may He direct you, for I cannot tell my father of 

Yours affectionately, 

Lieut. 39th Regt.,N.I. 

(He was buried in the Bhowanipore Military 
Cemetery, Calcutta, and a Monument erected 
to his memory by his brother John.) 







Statement of the services of Lieut. John Chalmers, late 3gth Regi- 
ment Bengal Native Infantry, and Assistant Commissioner in the 
Punjab, proceeding on sick leave to Europe. Dated Rawul Pindi, 8th 
Oct., 1860. 

" Lieutenant John Chalmers entered the Indian Army on 5th Aug., 
1855, at the age of 18, landed at Calcutta, on 7th Dec., 1855, and joined 
the 3Qth Regiment B.N.I., as Ensign at Jhelum, i$th Jan., 1856. He 
continued to do duty with his regiment up to the breaking out of the 
mutinies. On ijth May, 1857, he proceeded with the 3gth Regiment 
B.N.I, to Dera Ismail Khan, was present at its disarming about i$th 
July, 1857, and continued to do duty up to 23rd Sept., 1857, when 
information being received that the gth Irregular Cavalry had mutinied 
at Mianwali, on the left bank of the Indus, 100 miles north of Dera 
Ismail Khan, Ensign Chalmers volunteered and was permitted by the 
Officer Commanding at Dera Ismail Khan, to proceed in pursuit with a 
party of Irregular Horse. He overtook and attacked the mutineers 
near the village of Boota Dalset in the Leia District on zgth Sept., 
1857, was himself very severely wounded in six places, shot through the 
side, and his right forearm shattered. On 6th Oct., 1857, he was 
appointed to do duty with the I7th Irregular Cavalry, but did not join 
till 23rd Jan., 1858, when the Indian Officers pronounced him unfit for 
duty from the unhealed state of his wounds. From ist May, 1858, he 
went on six months' sick leave to Murree. On 26th Oct., 1858, he was 
appointed an Assistant Commissioner in the Punjab, joined at Jhelum 
on 3oth October, 1858, and up to loth May, 1860, acted as Assistant 
Commissioner at Shahpore, Peshawar, Attock, and Dera Ismail Khan. 
He has been on sick leave since loth May, 1860. He has never been 
tried by Court Martial, nor has his conduct ever been the subject of a 
Court of Inquiry. He has passed in Hindoostanee, and the Civil 
Examinations for the Lower Standard. True Statement. He is entitled 
to the Indian Medal" 

This Medal he never received, but his nephew, Rev. James Smith, 
recovered it, in 1905, along with an India Mutiny Medal with a clasp for 
Delhi, owing also to his brother Samuel Chalmers, who died in 1858. 
John Chalmers had been recommended to the H.E.I.C. Service by 
Colonel Sykes, M.P., fcr Aberdeen, who gave him the Indian Appoint- 
ment as a prize to the best student at Marischal College, Aberdeen, 
that year. 


AUERCROMBIE, Rev. George . 

,, John ... 

,, or Dingwall, Janet . 

Aberdeen Grammar School, 14, 80, 84, 

95, 112, 114, 115. 
Aberdein, Alex. .... 

Adam, Alex 
Adams, Robert 

,, William .... 

,, or Dickie, Margaret . 

,, or Gray, Mary .. 

Addie, Richard . . . . 

,, or Jamson, Mary .. 
Alexander, George ... 


,, Rev. John .. 

,, or Gordon, Mary A. . 

,, or Ker or Tower, Jean 

Affleck or Gerard, Jane . . 

Allan, James .... 

Robert, D.D 

Allardyce, Col. James ... 
Alshoner, William . . . 


,, David 

Capt. David . . . 
Rev. James, Orphir . 
Rev. James, Rathen . 
John . .. 

Major John ... 
John G 
Peter J 
Thomas . . . . 

Rev. Thomas .. 

Rev. William .. 

or Cassie, Elspet .. 
or Ker or Lumsden, Agnes 
or Ogilvie, Margaret . 
or Youngson, Agnes . 
Andrew or Innes, Margaret . 

Armstrong, Thomas ... 
,, or Arthur, Florence . 

Arthur, Agnes M 

John H. . ... . 


Margaret A. . . . 


Richard, junior .. 
William F 
\Villiam H 

or Chree, Helen R. H. . 
Auchinlcck, Rev. Alex. .. 

,, or Anderson, Agnes 

71, 91 
. 69 
. 69 
86, 92, 

. 67 



. 20 
. 20 
. 20 
18, 29 
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. 41 
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. 15 



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83, 97 
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. 89 

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. 88 
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. 82 

BADDELEY or Thomson, Mary 
Ballanden, Wm. 
Ballantyne, James 

,, Thomas 

Bannatyne, George S. . 
Bannerman, William 
Barclay, George 

,, or Nicol, Helen 
Barron or Tytler, Jean 
Beaton, Thomas 
Begg, Rev. Bruce B. 
Becching or Walker, Frances R. 
Best, Arthur A. ... 
Dorothy J. . . . 
Norris W. 
William C. . 
or Chalmers, Mary A. 
or McLaren, Jane A. . 
Birnie, John .... 
Bisset, Rev. Peter S. . 
Black, Rev. Alex. . 
,, Rev. James 
,, or Christie, Isobel . 
Blackball or Gerard, Sarah . 
Black\vell, Rev. Thomas 
Blaikie, Sir Thomas 
Blair, Rev. William 
Bonar, Thomas 

,, or Tytler, Anastasia . 
Booth or Hopper, Jane 
Boyd, Rev. Alex. 

,, Rev. Angus 
Brebner, Lord Provost Alex. 
Brougham or Vivian or Gordon, 
Brown, Rev. David 
Dorothy S. 
George G. 

Ian A. ... 

Isobel A. ... 
James S. 
Rev. John L. 
Margaret B. 
Robert W. 

or Forsyth, Elizabeth 
or Gordon, Jane 
Browne, John 

,, or Gordon, Eliza . 
Bruce, John .... 

















ix., 10 








. 69 



. 105 

x., 59 



. 9* 






Bryce, Rev. James 

,, Rev. John 
Buckham or Jamson, Jane . 
Bulloch, John M. . 
Burnet, Alex. 

,, Andrew 

,, Rev. Andrew . 

,, James 

,, or Lamb, Isobel 
Burnett, Sir Thomas 

,, or Skene, Jean 
Burns, Robert .... 
Burton, John H. 
Byron, Lord 

Campbell, Rev. Colin 
,, Rev. George 

,, Rev. William 

Canning, Lord 
Canterbury, Archbishop of 
Cardno, Alex. 

Alex. C. . . . 
Alex. S. . . . 
James F. . 
Robert S. 
Shewan J. 

or Lee, Ethel G. 
or Massie, Isabella . 
or Morris, Stella D. 
or Pittendrigh, Ann 
or Ragg, Elspet 
or Reid, Ann . 
or Smith, Elizabeth 
or Whyte, Melita V. 
Carnegie, Alex 
,, James 

Carngill or Donaldson, Marjory 
Cams or Hopper, Mary 
Carruthers, Lieut. -Col. 
Case, John .... 


,, Alex 

,, Alex., Cassiend 
,, John .... 
,, Richard 
,, Robert 
,, William 

,, or Murray, Marjorie . 
,, or Thomson, Elspet 
,, or Touch, Margaret . 
Catto, James 
,, Robert 
,, or Best, Christian 


I2 > 55> 56 i Catto, or Chalmers, Mary E. . . ii 

25, 92 Chalmers 7-14 

33 | Alex 24 

x. j ,, Alex. S ii 

4 i ,, Alex. Wallace, 6, 10, 12-4, 16, 17, 25, 

4 28, 34, 42, 44, 45, 55-6, 76, 81 

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92 ,, Elspet . . . . . n 

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99 I ,, James C. . . . . 11 

37, 3 8 I " J hn 9 

48 ] ,, John, M.A. . . 13-4, 126, 135 

14, 86, 92 | ,, John, wright . . . ix., 7, 42 

,, John S. .... ii 

Leslie C. . . . . u 

Margaret . . . . 12 

Mitchell . . . . ii 

Richard . . . 12, 125 

Robert 7 

Samuel, 7, 9, 14, 24-5, 42, 80, 85, 90 


67-8, 76 

. 67 

. 8 


. 36 




viii., 12 

ix., 12 

. viii. 

. viii. 



. viii. 

. viii. 

. viii. 

. viii. 

. viii. 

. viii. 

. viii. 



. 15 

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Samuel, H.E.I.C.S. . 13, 125 

Rev. Walter . . . . 41 

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William, L.R.C.S.E. . 13, 125 

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17, 18, 22, 25, 28, 36, 42, 43, 44, 
55-6, 76, Si. 


4-5, i 6, 66 


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5, i 6, 66-7 


1 1 

,, or Walker, Wilhelmina . 8, 120 

Chamney, John E. .... 74 

Chree, George ..... 88 

,, Rev. George J x., 88 

George W. J 88 

Christie, Alex 6 

Elizabeth . . . . 5 

Elspeth ..... 6 

James .... 5-6, 75 
James, junior ... 6 

James, Liverpool ... 54 

Janet 6 

John 6 

John W. - .... 54 

Robert 6 

William .... 6 

or Thomson, Elspet . . 5, 75 
or Tyller, Helen ... 99 

Clark, James 91 

,, or Tytler, Elizabeth . . 100 
Cleghorn or Walker, Kate . . .115 
Clyde, Lord 14 




Codling or Hopper, Ann 
Cole, Clarence 
Collard or Walker, Bessie 
Cook, Andrew 
John N. 
Robert S. . 
Thomas N. 
or Forbes, Eliza E. 
or Grant, Margaret 
or Reid, Alice M. 
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or Reid, Jessie E. 
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or Strachan, Elsie J. 
Cooper, Adam 

,, or Lamb, 
Copland, William 
Coull, Rev. Alex. 

,, James .... 

,, or Walker, Eliza 
Coulter, Rev. Henry 
Coutts, Rev. James 

,, Joseph .... 
Cowan, Rev. Henry 
Cowie, John .... 

,, Robert .... 
,, or Christie, Mary S. 
Cox well, Edward 
Craig, James .... 

,, Rev. John . . . 

,, Peter .... 

,, Thomas .... 
,, or Dunbar, Isabella 
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Craigie, James .... 
Craik or Williamson, Marjoric 
Crombie or Tytler, Jean 
Crosbie, James .... 
,, or Johnston, Mary 
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Cruickshank, Alex., LL.D. . 
Alex., M.D. 
Prof. John 
Rev. John 

or Cassie, Janet 
or Chalmers, Jane 
Walter .... 
Gumming, Robert 
Cuper, Andrew .... 
Curling, Henry .... 
Ciirrie, Andrew , 







9 1 


1 06 



1 06 







3 T 




21, 47 






> 3 

. 67 




Currie, or Smith, Petrina S. . 55, 60 

Cuthbert, Sydney 73 

DAVIDSON, Alex 38 

George .... 90 
James . . . 67, 76 

James, Inverurie . . 8^ 

John 85 

John, of Kebbaty . 85, 91 

John, Kincardine O'Neil . 102 

Rev. Robert S9 

or Alexander, Elizabeth . 85 

or Ferguson, Janet . . 85 

or Lamb, Elspct . . 90 

Dawson, William . . . . 91 

Denbigh, Alex. J. . . . . 51 

,, or Smith, Eliza . . . 51 

Dewchar, John 42 

Dick or Cassie, Isobel ... 3 

Dickie, Joseph O. . . . . . 20 

Dickson, John ..... 55 

,, or Smith, Jane . . . 55 

Dingwall, Alex 69 

John 68 

Lord Provost John . . 71 

or Allardyce, Janet . . 69 

or Anderson, Elizabeth . 69 

or Blaikie, Agnes . . 69 

or Carruthers, Margaret . 69 

or Curling, Sarah . . 69 
or Stuart or Thomson, Jane 69, 71 

or Thomson, Agnes . . 68 

or Thomson, Anna . . 69 

Doig Rev. Robert . . . . 91 

,, William 89 

,, or Hay, Agnes H. ... 89 
Donald, Rev. Francis C. . . . x., 59 

,, John 24 

,, or Imray, Celia . . 80, 103 

Donaldson 15-6 

,, Duncan . . . . 15 

,, William .... 15 

,, William, Barkmiln . 4-5, 16 

,, or Cassie, Beatrix . ix., 4, 16 

Dooley, Michael S. . . . .119 

Douglas, Sir Robert .... 82 

Drysdale, William 35 

,, William R 35 

Duff, Mr 119 

James Grant . . . . 116 

Robert 118 

Rev. William . . . . 48 

William 102 

or Walker, Anne . . . 118 

Dunbar, George 63 

,, Major H. .... 40 



Dunbar, James 

,, William 

,, or Gordon, Belinda J. 

,, or Gordon, Janet 

,, or Tait, Margaret 
Duncan, William . 
Dunn, John .... 
,, William 

or Freeman, Anne F. C. 
Duthie or Walker, Amelia 
Duval, Alex. 
Durward, John 

EDMOND, Alex. 

,, James 
Edward, Alex. 

,, George 

,, John .... 

John, Spital 

,, Thomas 

,, or Lamb, Margaret . 

,, or Thomson, Elspet . 

,, Anthony 


,, or Addie, Mary 
Ettershank or Davidson, Janet 
Executions at Aberdeen 




63 . 



FAIRS or Gorges or Gordon . 
Farquhar, Alex 

,, Alex., surgeon 

,, Rev. Alex. 

,, John .... 
John, M.P. 

,, Robert S. 

,, Thomas 

Rev. William, Aberdeen 
Rev. William, Forglen 
or Craigie, Elizabeth . 
or Davidson, Jane 
or Gibbon, Rachel S. 
or Shand, Margaret 
or Simpson, Margaret 
or Spottiswood, Ann 

,, John .... 

,, Thomas 

,, or Davidson, Helen 

,, or Lamb, Janet 

,, or Smith, Elizabeth 

1 1 


X., Ill 


, 16-7 

. 16-7 


44. 75 

44, 75 

18, 29 

18, 29 









85. 92 


86, 92 
46, 86 

Ferguson or Spalding, Mary 
Fergusson, Robert . 

William . . . . 

,, or Duval, Margaret 

Fiddes, Alex. . 

Helen A 

Rev. Robert . 

Robert E 

William . 

or Smith, Isabella . . 5 
Findlay or Spalding, Barbara 
Flint, Rev. Robert . . . . 

Fogarty, John E. . . . . 

,, or Taylor, Elizabeth 

Forbes, Harry 


,, Rev. Thomas . 

,, or Fergusson or Davidson, 

Elizabeth . 
,, or Grant, Ann 
Forrest or Shaw, Elsie . 
Forsyth, Rev. James 

,, or Arthur, Margaret 

Franklin, Sir John 

Fraser, Lord Provost Alex. . 

,, George 

,, James, of Tyrie 
,, Rev. James . . . . 
,, William, of Balnain . 
,, Rev. William . . . . 
,, or Auchinleck, Elizabeth . 
,, or Thomson, Jessie . 
,, or Tytler, Anne 
Frater, Rev. William D. 

Freeman, William R 

,, or Walker, Josephine F. 
Fullarton, John .... 
,, William . 
,, or. Fraser, Agnes 
,, or Gerard, Helen C. 
Fyffe, James 

GARIOCH, Andrew 
Geering or Jamson, Jane 
Gellan, John 

,, or Chalmers, Jean 

,, or Leith, Jean 
George, Christian . - . 

,, Alex. 

Alex., LL.D. . 

,, George 

,, James 

,, John 

,, John, M.D. 



100, I06-IO 


Gerard, Rev. John 

Rev. John, junior 
Robert .... 
Robert, junior . 
Robert J. L. 

William .... 
or Anderson, Susan . 
or Ballanden, Mary 
or Fiddes, Margaret 
or Shewan, Margaret 
or Sutherland, Jane 
or Tytler, Isabella . 
Gibbon, Alex. .... 
Gill, Sir David .... 

,, Peter 

., or Thomson, Jean 
Goodacre, Cyril .... 
Gordon, Rev. Abercromby 

Rev. Abercromby L. 


Alex., Tobago 

Andrew .... 

Arthur .... 

George .... 

George H. 

Rev. Harie 

Henry G. ... 

Henry P. ... 

Huntly P. ... 

John .... 

Mary G 

Pryse L 

Thomas, of Craigellie 
Thomas, of Park 
William A. ... 
or Alexander, Anna 
or Anderson, Elizabeth . 
or Coxwell, Jane M. 
or Duff, Kathcrinc . 
or Ker, Anna 
or Tytler, Anne 
or Walker, Eleonora V. J. 
Gordon's Hospital, 34, 36, 52, 93, 97, 103, 107, 108 
Gorges, Thomas 40 


. 107 
100, 106 





10, 40 









1 02 








Sergeant John 

John L. 





Rev. William 

. 19-22 

. 19, 2O, 21 


19, 20, 21, 22 


. 19, 2O, 21 

19. 47 

Grant Grant or Adams, Mary 
,, or Grant, Elizabeth 
,, or Hill, Janet 
,, or Smith or Cruickshank 
,, or Walker, Eliza 
Grapes or Hay, Cecilia 

Gray, Alex 

,, George H. . 
,, Thomas 

Green ..... 
,, Clement 
,, William 
,, or Grant, Isobel 
Gregory, James 

,, or Thomson, Helen 
Greig, Charles 
,, James 
,, or Grant 
,, or Smith, Jessie S. 
Grcnfell, General 
Groat, Robert 

,, or Anderson, Mary 

HAMES, William 

,, or Smith, Antoinette M. 
Hamilton, Robert 

,, or Thomson, Helen 
Harper, Rev. Alex. B. 

,, William 
Harrison, Robert . 

or Reid, Edith M. 

* 2 



David .... 

Henry S. 

James .... 

James H. 

John .... 

John, junior . 

John, New Zealand 

Sir J. D 

Sir John . . . . . 
Lindsay . . . . . 

Robert W. I 

or Arthur, Helen 
or Goodacre, Gladys L. 
or Green, Janet . 
or Livingstone, Magdalene . 

or Lochiel, Elizabeth 
or Miller, Alice A. 
or Reid, Jane . 
or Robertson, Mary A. 
or Symons, Helen 
or Walker or Macdonald. Eliza- 
beth B. . 


21-2, 47 

. 116 






19, 22 
19, 22 







x., 59 



. 87-9 
. 87 
. 87 
. 89 



49, 87, 88 
. 87 
. 89 
. 89 



88, 80 



Henderson, John A. 
Henry, Lord Provost 
Hett or Stephen. Emmie C. 



or Elmslie, Isobel 
or Lamb, Christian 
or Smith, Catherine 
Hirschfield, John C." . 
Philip C. . 
Hobb, James 

,, or Hay, Ann 
Hog, Thomas 

or Tytler, Rachel E. 
Honeyman, William 

Alex. . 

or Jamson, Elizabeth 
Howiesone, Alex. 
Hughes, James R. 
Hunter or Paterson, 
Hutton, Alex. 



IMRAY, John .... 
,, or Birnie, Christian 
,, or Simpson, Ann 
,, or Wallace, Barbara . 
Ingram or Anderson or Spalding, 
Innes, John . . . 
,, Thomas 
,, Col. Thomas 
Ironside .... 

,, Andrew 

,, or Wallace, Elspet . 
Irwin, Rev. A. ... 
,, or Walker, Adela 

JAMIBSON or Gerard, Jane 
Jamson . 


Andrew, Aberdeen . 

Andrew, N. Shields 

Cuthbert . 

John, Aberdeen 


, 24, 85, 90 

7. 23-4. 92 

2 3 

, 85, 90, 92 

. 87 
. 87 
. 105 
. 105 


. 25-8 


26, 34 
26, 34 



. 27-8, 34 




80, 102-3 


. 103 

80, IO3 

Robina 64 


28. 79 

. 119 




18, 29 





Jamson, John, Cullercoats ... 29 

John 34 

,, Matthew .... 33 

Richard . 12, 14, 18, 27, 33, 34, 56 

,, William ..... 32 

,, William, Cullercoats . . 33 

,, or Chalmers, Mary 12, 28, 34, 36, 55 

,, or Drysdale, Jane ... 36 

,, or Honeyman, Thomasin . 33 

,, or Mortimer, Margaret . . 30 

,, or Sangster, Isobel ... 32 

,, or Walker, Mary C. 35 

Johnson, Edward .... 74 

,, Dr. Samuel .... 105 

Johnston, Charles E 31 

Charles J 31 

Sir John .... 67 

Rev. William ... 96 

William J 31 

or Farquhar or Paterson, 

Margaret .... 96 

Johnstone, George .... 88 

or Chree, Helen ... 88 

Joss, John 63 

KEMLO or Hill, Helen .... 23 

Ker, 37-42 

Alex 37 

,, Alex., of Menie .... 99 

,, Rev. Alex 38 

,, Rev. Andrew .... 38 
,, George . . . . 7, 37, 41 

,, James 41 

,, or Chalmers, Jean . . . 7, 42 

,, or Forbes, Sophia 37 

,, or Ker, Elizabeth ... 38 

,, or Morison. Elizabeth ... 39 

Kerr, Rev. Alex 98 

,, David 72, 97 

,, David A 97 

,, Emily E. ..... 98 

,, William 97 

Kidd, Rev. James . . . 12, 56 

Kidner, William 31 

Kilgour, Alexander .... 48 

Kilo or Wallace, Janet .... 79 

Kilpatrick or Hopper, Ann ... 25 

King George V. . . . . . $7 

Kinnear 4-3 

,, John 42 

,, or Dewchar, Margaret . . 42 

,. or Spalding, Isobcll . 43, 61 

Kitchen. Mr. 118 

,. or Walker, Florence . . 118 

Knox, Rev. Francis . . . . 21 

,, Rev. John 77 



25, 85, 

Kyd, James G. 
,, Patricia Mary 

LAMB .... 

Davidson F. J. F. 

George, M.D. 

James, junior 

John, wright 

William, wright 
or Adam, Christian 
or Harper, Janet 
or Reid, Jane 
or Taylor, Christian . 
or Walker or Case, Helen 
Lang, Rev. John M. 
Largue, Rev. James 
Law, Charles 

Rev. William 
,, or Lamb, Agnes 
Lavvson, John 

,, or Ross, Eliza 
,, or Spalding, Margaret 
Leask, Robert 
Lcgg, James 

Leith, Alex 

,, John F. 


,, Rev. William 
,, or Tytler, Elizabeth . 
Leslie, Sir Patrick 
,, William 
,, or Tytler, Jane . 
Liddell, Rev. Francis 
Lightfoot, J. ... 

,, or Simpson, Ethel 
Lindsay, Rev. David 

,, Margaret 
Livingstone, Robert 
Lochiel, John 
Low, Alex. . . . 
Lumsden, Rev. James . 
,, Robert 

,, or Dingwall, Mary 
Lyall, David .... 
,, George 
,, or Gerard, Jean 
,, or Hay, Ann 
Lyell, Alex 







90, 91, 92 





. 116 


4. 5 






. 105 

1 IO 


. 46 

. 87 

. 89 

. 107 
. 89 

McCoRQuiNDALE or Brown, Margaret 
McCulloch, Rev. Colin ... 
Macdonald, Angus ... 

,, Rev. Daniel D. 

,, or Spalding, Janet . 

Macgilvray, Rev. Walter . . 
McGregor, Charles ... 

,, Christian 

,, William . . . 

,, or Jamson, Margaret 
Mclntosh, Rev. Simon ... 
Mackay or Tytler, Elizabeth . 

Mackeggie, George A. .. 

McKenzie, Rev. Colin, Ardclach . 
Rev. Colin, Contin . 
Elizabeth F. .. 

Henrietta W. .. 
Rev. Hugh ... 

Rev. John ... 
Rev. Kenneth A. .. 
Rev. Peter ... 
Wilhelmina C. . . 
Rev. William .. 
or McKenzie, Eliza . 
or McKenzie or Campbell 

Sophia J. .. 

,, or Walker, Minnie . 
McLaren, Mitchell L. S. 
McLean, William . . . . . 

Macmahon, Sir Thomas ... 
Maitland, John A. .... 

Marrington or Dunbar, Mayme . . 
Marshall, James . . . . . 

,, or Grant, Margaret . . 
Martin, Alex. ..... 

,, Samuel ..... 

,, Sir Theodore .... 

or Tytler, Margaret . . 

Maver, David ..... 

Rev. John S ..... 

Mayo, Lord ...... 

Mearns or Davidson, Jean ... 
Messervy, Ernest F ..... 

Metcalfe, Rev. William . . . 

Middleton, General ... 

,. or Tytler, Jean ... 

Mill, Patrick . ..... 

,, Thomas . . . .. . 

,, or Smith, Marjorie . . . 
Miller, Colin H. . . .... 

David C ...... 

Milne . . . ...... 

Alex ...... . 

George . x., 28, 43, -45, 

,, Isobel ..... 

. in 
. 60 
. 50 

. 64 
12, 134 
. 8 


ix., 35 
. 35 
. 56 
. 100 
. 59 
. 9 

. 8-9 
. 9 

. 9 

. 8 


. 9 

. 9 

. 9 

. 9 

. 7 

. 9 


. 8 

. 53 

. 87 

jx., 59 
65, 66 

, 46 

79, So 



Milne, William .... 
,, or Simpson, Barbara W. 
,, or Wallace, Isobel . 28, 43 
,, or Youngson, Christina 
Mitchell, Rev. Alex. 

,, David .... 
,, Thomas L. . 
,, or Donaldson, Margaret 
,, or Fiddes, Elspet B. 
,, or Innes, Ann 
,, or Lamb, Sophia . 
Mohammed, Dost .... 
Moir, James ..... 
,, James, M.A. 

Moles worth, H 

,, or Walker, Margaret A. E. 
Moncur or Hill, Christian 
Morgan, Mr. 

,, or Paterson, Elizabeth 
Morison, Alex. 

,, Elizabeth 
,, Janet 

Patrick . 
,, Theodore 
Walter . 
Rev. Walter . 
,, or Gordon or Chalmers, Sara- 

Morrice, Arthur .... 

,, or Simpson, Isobel 
Mortimer, Edward 
Moses, Rev. Thomas 


Muire or Smith, Elspet . 
Munn, Rev. John R. 
,, or Taylor, Lydia 

Munro, Alex. M 

Murdoch, William .... 

,, or Walker, Mary . 
Murison, A. F. 

Rev. G. R. . 

., J- F 

Murray, John 

Kenelm D. 

Robert .... 
,, William 
,, or Cassie, Jean 
Mutiny, The India . 13, 14, 

NAPIER, Sir Charles 

Neame or Johntson, Florence 

Neeld, John 

,, or Tytler, Emily 
Newby, Charles .... 

,, or Drysdale, Susan . 



. 84 

Nicholson, Sir John . . 13, 

75. I2 5 


Nicol, Andrew .... 

3 1 

. 45. 79 

James .... 


. 84 

James Dyce 


5- 67 

John .... 


5 1 

\VilIiam .... 



William, M.D. . 


. 15-6 

William E. ... 


. 50-1 

or Allan, Blanche 


or Crosbie, Helen 



or Farquharson, Constance I. 

L. 3' 

. 69 

or Hughes, Alice J. S. 

3 2 


or Messervy, Margaret D. 

3 2 


or Nicol, Margaret D. 



or Thome, Mary F. . 


:. 113 

Northumberland, Duke of 



63, i 10 




George .... 


4 1 

George, LL.D. 


4 1 

Rev. James 

- 75-6 


Rev. John 



Joseph .... 


4 1 

Robert .... 

. 108 

4 1 

Rev. \Villiam 


4 1 

Ogilvy, Rev. Skene 

. 48 


Ogston, Sir Alex 





39. 4i 

,, or Spalding, Jean . 

43-4- 62 


Orton or Hopper, Dinah 



Osborn, Rev. James 



,, Rev. John 

. 67 

. 67 

Oscar, Wreck of the . . 34, 

81, 121 



PANTOS or Hay, Ann 

. 87 


Parke, George .... 



,, or Walker, Jane E. . 

I 12 


Parker or Hay, Cecilia 

. 8 9 


Paterson, Alex 



Rev. Alex. . 



Alex. S. 



John .... 



John, M.A. 



Rev. Joseph 



Rev. William 

. 96 


Perrin or Gordon, Hester E. . 



Phelps, Rev. Philip L. 


17. I2 5 

Phillip, John, R.A. 

. 87 

Pirie, Duncan V 


J 3. I2 5 

,, Prof. George .... 


3 1 

,, Principal W. R. 

68, 84 


or Youngson, Margaret F. 

. 84 


Plummer, Charles 



,, or Walker, Mary B. 

. 114 

. 36 

Poignand, John R. 




Poison, George 21 

,, Robert 21 

,, or Grant, Georgina . . . 21 

Powlett, Colonel 132 

Preston or Douglas or Fullarton, Elizabeth 82 
Prince Consort, The ... . . 77 

QUEEN Alexandra 89 

Victoria 89 

RAGG, Francis .... 
Ray, Margaret D. ... 

,, Mary E. A 

,, Robert 

,, Sarah J. .... 
Wilhelmina C. 
,, William .... 

Ree, Rev. Stephen 

Reid, Adam 


Sir Alex. J. F. . 

,, Alfred .... 

,, Charles .... 

Edward B 

,, Sir George . . 49, 52, 

,, James M 

,, John, Ellon 
John, M.D. 
,, John, Monaltrie . 
Joseph F. L. 

Robert S 

,, Robert W 

,, Walter .... 

,, Walter A 

Walter A., junior 
William .... 
Rev. William A. 
or Farquhar, Janet 
or Pirie, Elizabeth 
Reith, David .... 

,, or Fiddes, Janet . 
Rettie, Middleton .... 

Richter, Jean P 

Roberts or Reid, Jessie 
Robertson, George 

George M. . 
Henry H. . . . 
Rev. James 
Joseph . . 

Samuel L. 
Stanley G. 

or Cole, Elizabeth L. 
or Gordon, Mary S. . 
Robinson or Elsdon, Anne 















108, 112 



25. 94 


. 96 

. 107 
. 107 


. 4 8 




Ross, Alex 

Rev. Alex. . . . - . 


James, Aberdeen . ,' 

James, Glamis . . . ' 

James, M.D. 

or Elmslie, Margaret . 

or Milne, Margaret 

or Spalding, Maria L. 

or Walker, Elspet 
Rowlett, William .... 
,, or Smith, Lucy D. . 

SADLER or Jamson, Margaret 
Saltoun, Lord .... 

Sang, William .... 
Sangster, Francis G. 

,, George .... 
Schultz or Johnston, Irene 
Scott, Sir Walter . 
Seaton, Lord George 

,, John .... 

Shand, Rev. James 

Shaw, Mr 

,, Rev. Duncan 
,, Lord Thomas 
Shelley, Sir Charles 
Shevvan, Isabel .... 
,, James .... 
,, or Chalmers or McKenzie 
Shirrefs, Rev. James . . ' ., 

Sim, John 

,, or Lamb, Elspet . 


,, Agnes M. ... 


,, Rev. Alex. 

,, Arthur .... 

Arthur, M.A. . 
,, Francis D. 
,, Frederick T. . . . 
,, George .... 
,, George A. ... 
,, John .... 

Peter .... 

William .... 
,, or Cuthbert, Amy J. 
,, or Forsyth, Margaret 
,, or Kerr, Agnes 
,, or Murray, Janet 
,, or Trail, Isobel . ... 
Sinclair, Laurence 

,, or Jamson, Margaret 
Skene, Sir Alex. . . . . 
,, Andrew . . ,' 

,, George . . . .' 



i". 44 

44-5. 62 

. 116 

J 7. 44 

43. 45 

44-5. 62 


v 54 



. 3* 

3 1 


5- 67 


. 119 

, Jean 7 

91, 109 





72. 95. 98 

72, 84, 97 

. 96 



. 103 

7. 73 


. 103 
. 103 

x., 72, 98 

7 2 . 97 
. 96 








Skene, John 99 

,, or Thomson, Mary ... 77 
,, or Tytler, Barbara . . 99, 105 

Skinner, Alex. 12 

,, or Cardno, Ethel M. . . 12 

Smart, Adam 4 

Smith 46-60 

., Adam 38 

,, Alex., Laingseat ... 46 

,, Alex., Ley ton .... 47 
,, Alex., London .... 86 

,, Convener Alex 67 

,, Alex. P 54 

,, Alice, 6, 14, 16, 17, 18, 22, 25, 28, 36, 
42, 43, 44, 45, 60, 64, 76, 8t. 

Rev. Charles P viii. 

,, Rev. Farquhar .... viii. 

,, George x., 47 

,, Henry C 51 

,, Isaac F. . . . . 55, 60 

,, James, bookseller, 12, 22, 43, 44, 45, 

55-6, 6 4 . 

,, James, Laingseat ... 46 

,, James, Newburgh . . 21, 47 

,, Rev. James, 6, 14, 16, 17, 18, 22, 25, 

28, 36, 42, 43, 44, 45, 57-9, 64, 76, 

t, 82, 92, 103, 120. 

,, John ...... 46 

,, John, Derbyshire ... 88 

,, John Rae .... 50-1, 107 

,, Lewis . . . 22, 48-60, 64, 88 

,, Lewis, junior 55 

,, Mary Chalmers, 6, 14, 16, 17, 18, 22, 

25, 28, 36, 42, 43, 44, 45, 56, 64, 

76, Si. 

Rev. Robert . . . . 12 

,, Sydney H 54 

,, Thomas 46 

,, William, Edinburgh ... 24 
,, William, Laingseat ... 47 
,, William A. . . . . . viii. 

,, or Arthur, Florence ... 88 
,, or Blackball , Elizabeth C. C. . viii. 
,, or Fraser, Margaret E. . . 55 
,, or Gray or Cowie, Janet . . 54 
,, or Hay, Mary . . .49, 87, 88 
,, or Macbean, Elspet M. . . viii. 
,, or Paterson, Elizabeth . . 86 
,, or Spalding, Helen ... 64 
,, or Temperley, Jemima C. . . viii. 
,, or Tytler, Mary .... 100 

,, or Walker, Jean T. . . 51, 112 

,, or Wallace, Jean ... 79 

Souter, Rev. Robert M. 59 

Spalding 61-4 

,, Alex. ..... 64 

Spalding, r.eorge 64 

James . . . .43, 44, 62 
James, junior . 43, 44, 45, 62 

James, Grandholm . 48, 62 

James, Hong-Kong . . 62 

John 61 

John, junior . . . 43, 61 
William .... 62 

or Cook, Ann 61 

or Dunbar, Jane ... 63 
or Joss, Maria L. R. . . 63 
or Mitchell, Anne ... 64 
or Morgan, Margaret L. . 63 
or Smith, Mary 43, 44, 45, 48, 6\ 
or Taylor, Barbara M. . . 63 
or Thomson, Jane ... 62 

Spottiswood, James B 97 

Stables, Alex. 56 

Stephen, Rev. James A. 59 

,, John 9 

,, William 9 

William H. G. ... 9 

Stephenson, Anthony ... 29, 33 

,, or Jamson or Nicol, Margaret . 29-30 

,, or Jamson, Mary ... 32 

Stevine, Wm. 4 

Stewart, Sir David .... 77 

,, Niven 82 

William 9 1 

Still, James . . . . . . 17 

Stirling, Rev. James .... 56 

Stobie, Rev. Charles . . . .114 

Charles W. . . . "4 

John F. R 114 

Mary L 114 

,, Rev. Robert . . . .114 

Strachan, John 99 

Patrick 95 

Stronach, John 31 

or Nicol, Jane ... 31 

Stuart, Andrew G. ... 69, 71 

,, John 7 1 

Sutherland, David . . . n 

Rev. James R. . . . in 

,, or Ballantyne, Margaret R. 112 

,, or Brown, Amelia D. . in 

,, or Morgan, Susan . . no 

Swallow or Jamson, Esther ... 33 

Sykes, Colonel .... 13, 135 

R 117 

Syme, Margaret 68 

Rev. Walter .... 68 

,, or Dingwall, Mary ... 68 

Symons, Edward C 50 

TAIT, Edward 63 



Taylor, Mr 63 

Alex. 71 

Alex., M.D 72 

Col. Alex. .... 75 

Sir Alex 75 

Alicia 75 

Archibald .... 72 

Archibald G 74 

Edward 72 

Francis J. . . . . 72 

Frederick .... 72 

George .... 70, 7: 
Capt. George . . . . 71 
Rev. Hugh .... 72 

James 81 

John 72 

John, tailor .... 90 

John, W.S 72 

Neville 75 

William 75 

Rev. William . . . 72, 83 
or Anderson, Elizabeth . . 91 
or Chamney, Mary . . 74 

or Dingwall, Ann ... 71 
or Innes, Jane 81 

or Johnson, Sophia . . 74 

or Simpson, Jane . . 72, 75, 98 
or Stewart, Christian . . 91 
or Taylor, Mary ... 72 
or Thomson, Mary R. . . 69 
or Woods, Mildred . . 75 

or Young or Poignand, Elizabeth 74 
or Youngson, Mary . . 83 

Templeton, Rev. James ... 47 

Thompson or Jamson, Anne . . 29 
,, or Stobie, Lilias . . .114 

Thomson 65-78 



of Banchory 
of Cults 
of Portlethcn 


Andrew, of Banchory 
Andrew, of Crnwton 
Charles, advocate . 
Charles, Auchterless 
Col. Charles . 
Capt. George 
Col. George . 
Hugh G. 

5-6, 66-75 
68-75, 76, 82, 95 


69, 71 



68, 72 
x., 69 

James 5, 6, 17, 67, 75-6, 79, 82 

James, g.-jth Foot ... 62 

James, of Portlethen . . 77 

John 66 


Thomson, Robert 6, 75 

Robert, of Portlethen . 75, 77 
William .... 70 

or Carnegie, Mary . . 77 

or Christie, Elspet . . 5, 75 

or Murray, Caroline . . 70 
or Poison, Ann . . . 21 
or Slcene, Helen . . . 4 /7 
or Taylor, Anna . . 70, 72 
or Taylor, Barbara . 71, 95 
or Wallace, Elspet 6, 17, 44, 76, 79 
Thome, Augustus .... 32 

Touch, William 4 

Tower, Alex. 41 

Trail, James 96 

Traill, Gelis 3 

,, Rev. Walter .... 109 

,, or Cassie, Margaret . . 3 

Troup, James .... 67, 76 

Tytler 98-106 

,, Alex. .... 98, 105 

,, Alex., W.S. . . . 103, 105-6 
,, Alex. Fraser . . . .105 

,, Arthur 100 

,, George .... 100, 106 
George, Muirtown . . . 101 
Hary . . . 80, 99, 102 

James 99 

James, junior .... 100 
James, youngest ... 99 
Jane .... 101, ioq 

John .... 99, 105 

John, Tough .... 100 
Patrick Fraser . . . .105 
Peter . . . . 101 

Robert 102 

Rev. Robert .... 102 
William, Carnday . . . 100 
William, Kincraigie . . qq 

William, Knockando . . 100 

William, Milltown . . 101 

William, W.S. . . 103, 105 

or Davidson, Christian . . 102 
or Imray, Barbara . . 80, 102 
or Law, Jean .... 100 
or Moir, Elizabeth . . . 101 
or Robertson, Margaret . . 102 
or Tytler, Barbara . . . 102 
Tytloure, John de . . . .104 

UDNY of Udny, Mr 83 

VIVIAN, John E 40 

WALKER 111-20 

,, Alan L. G 120 

Alex 8 

Alex., H.E.I.C.S. ... 117 



Walker, Alex., LL.D. . 
Alex. , merchant 
Alex., New Zealand 
Col. Alex. 
Rev. Alex. 
Amelia M. 
Archibald D. . 

Caroline B. A. E. J. 
Christina M. 

Eliza D. . 
Rev. George 
George A. G. . 
George R. 
Helen D. 
Helen W. 

Capt. Henry 
Rev. Henry 
Henry E. A. 
Henry W. 
Herbert S. 
Isabel A. 

James, Old Aberdeen 
James, merchant 
Capt. James 
Lord Provost James 
James F. 
James G. D. 
Jane S. . . . 
Janie S. 
Jean E. S. 

John, contractor 
John, London . 
John, Tasmania 
Capt. John 
Rev. John 

Mary J. . 
Mary S. . . . 
Robert D. 
Robert E. G. . 
Sir T.iomas G. 
Thomas M. C. 
William, Berbice 

Walker, William, Glenbuchat 
,, William, merchant . 

William, M.D. 
,, Capt. William . 
,, Rev. William . 
,, William G. 
,, or Bannatyne, Amy V. 
,, or Coutts, Mary H. 
,, or Cruickshank, Eliza 
,, or Dooley, Joanna M. 
or Duff, Eliza K. 
,, or Dunn, Helen 
or Gerard, Kate 
or Lawson, Margaret H. 
or McGregor, Mary E. . 
or McKenzie, Elizabeth S. 
or Maver, Janie P. . 
or Phelps, Janet S. G. E 

L. O 

,, or Ray, Jane . 

,, or Shaw, Anne E. . 

,, or Stephen, Ann 

or Stobic, Isabel A. 

,, or Sutherland, Catherine 

,, or Sykes, Agatha 



,, Alex., junior 

Alex. T 

,, Andrew .... 
,, John 9, 44, 45, 76, 

,, John, junior 
,, William .... 
,, or Chalmers, Elspet, 6, 9, 

44. 45. 76, 80-1. 
,, or Taylor, Janet 
Watson, Alex. .... 
,, Patrick . 

Watt, Alex 

,, or Reid, Elsie 
Wheeler, Sir Hugh 
Williamson, James 

,, or Thomson, Anna . 

Wilson, Rev. John 

Woods, R 

Wyatt, William .... 

,, or Reid, Kate 
Wvllie, David . 

YOUNG, James 
Youngson, Rev. Andrew 


Thomas A. W. A. 

Thomas W. 

or Allan, Isabella A. 

















28, 79 

28, 43, 79 



79-81, 103 

16, 17, 28, 

. 67-8 



. 48 


83-4. 97 
. 84 
. 84 
. 84 

or Simpson, Agnes M. 84, 97 





CS Smith, James 

479 Genealogies of an Aberdeen 

864. family