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[ 3 1833 01276 7502 




A Quarterly Mauazink of (iknkaloxgcal, 

Antiquarian, TWographiual, and 

Hkraldrj khbearch. 



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Of the Middle Temple, Jinrrislir-id-Luo. 







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The Genealogist has recently lost two of its most al'l'e 
and constant snpporters — Sir Edmund Rewley and General 
Wrottesley. The former was known to me only as a frequent 
and most courteous correspondent, from whom on questions 
relating to Irish genealogy I had long been accustomed to 
receive valuable assistance and advice. After a distinguished 
career at Trinity College, Dublin, at the Irish Bar and on 
the Judicial Bench, he devoted the close of his useful life 
mainly to genealogical and antiquarian studies, and his loss 
will be most keenly felt by his fellow workers. His 
additional note on the descent of the Fleetwood family, 
which appears in this volume, was I believe the last article 
which he wrote, and thus acquires an added interest. 
General Wrottesley was a contributor to this Magazine for 
over twenty years, and was one of the first to welcome 
me when I became Editor ; thu friendship with him which 
followed will always be among my most pleasurable 
memories. An appreciative memoir from the pen of one 
well acquainted with his antiquarian labours will appear 
in the July number, and I have thought that no more 
fitting frontispiece to this volume could be selected than 
a portrait of one who Was so weir known to, and so 
great a favourite with, the subscribers. 

Good wine needs no bush, and I need not enlarge upon 

the man}' excellent articles contained in this volume, which 

are, it will I think he admitted, fully uj) to the high 
standard of former years. 

Mr. If. J. T. Wood desires me to express his regret that 
he has for a time been prevented by the pressure of other 
work from going on with his Pedigrees from the ])e Banco 
Rolls tamp. Henry VII, but he trusts very shortly to be 
able to continue them. 

I am glad to be able to announce that in the next 
volume a new Supplement will be commenced, consisting of 
the Administrations in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury 
from their commencement to at least the close of the 
sixteenth century, and perhaps to a later period, to be 
contributed by Mr. Reginald M. Glencross, to whom the 
cordial thanks of the subscribers are due. These Adminis- 
trations were not included by Mr. J. Challenor Smith in 
his invaluable list of Wills published by the British Record 
Society, and the want of a dependable transcript of them 
has long been felt. I trust that our readers will kindly 
bring this Supplement to the notice of their friends, and 
that we may thus obtain many new subscribers. 




Ncvill of Habrugh, Bigby and Hale. By the Rev. W. 0. Masstngberd .. 1 

Some Material for a Pedigree of Dr. Edmond Halley. My Fugene F. McPike S 

Notes on Kenrjck Families. By W. F. Carter ..• .. 15, 120, 175, 213 

A Further .\ T ote on an Irish Branch of the Fleetwood Family. By the late 

Sir Edmund T. Bewley, LL.I)., F.N. A. .. .. .. 21 

Dugdale's Visitation of Yorkshire, with Additions. Edited by J, \V. Clay, 

F.S.A. .. .. .. .. .. 23, 103, IH2, 223 

Pedigrees from the Do Banco Rolls, temp. Henry VII. liy II. J. T. Wood, 37, K4.M50 
The Huguenot Refugee Family of Rarnouin. By Henry Wagnek, F.S.A. . . I! 

.Marriage Licences of Salisbury. Edited by the IlBV. Edmund Nevill, 

M.A. .. .. .. .. .. 40, 94, 107, 233 

Licences to pass from England beyond the Seas. Contributed by Gerald 

Fothebgill .. .. .. ..52, 9 ( J, 172, 2f>7 

A Roll of Arms, 1073. By Arthur Schombero .. .. no, 12(>, 240 

Grants and Certificates of Arms (Rayney to Skinner). Contributed by 

Arthur J. , Lowers .. .. .. ..59.133,198,248 

Impiisitiones Post Mortem, temp. Henry VI 1 1 to Charles I 

(Fynes to Glascock) .. .. .. .. 85, 137, 2l>7 

Note on the Family of Butler, afterwards Earls of Ormonde. By Hamilton 

Mall, F.S.A. .. .. .. .. ..73 

Some Notes on the Parentage of Dionysia de Tye. By F. H. Suckling . . 7* 

Some Examination of the Grounds for the Decision of the Lords in the case of 

the Earldom of Norfolk. By the Hon. Vioary Gibb.s . . . . S3 

Huguenot Refugee Family of Gaily. By Henry Wagner, F.S.A. . . 93 
Grant of Arms and Crest to John Bazely, Esq., Captain R.N., t> August, 1784. 

Contributed by the Rev. W. G. 1). Fletcher, M.A., F.S.A. .. Il!l 

" The Chesters of Chicheley." Some Additions and Corrections. By the 

Rev. \V. O. I). Fletcher, M.A., -F.S.A. .. .. .. 143 

The Carews, Baronets of Antony, eo, Cornwall. (Additional Notes.) By 

Reginald M. Glenckoss .. .. .. .. 154 

Sluhbs of Slam ford and Nassinglon. By G. (). Bku.kwes .. .. |."»7 

John do Verdun. By G. W. Wats. in .. .. .. I'lo 

Fragmentary Pedigree of iMulccare de Pratviel. By Henrv Wagner, F.S.A. l!t(> 
The Parentage of Sir William Wheler, Knight and Baronet, By Bower 

Marsh .. .. .. .. .. .. 200 

Pedigree of the Huguenot Refugee Family of Lacaux. By Henry Wagner, 

F.S.A. .. .. .. ., .. ..240 



The Outfit of a Naval Cadet in the Reign of fleorge II. Contributed by 

Keith \V. Murray, F.S.A. .. .. .. .. 2(>4 

Further Notes on the Family of Glynn. Contributed by F. C. Bbazlky, 

F.S.A. .. .. .. .. .. .. 200 

Notices of Hooks : — 

Parish Register Society of Dublin. Vol. ii — The Registers of the Cathe- 
dral Church of St. Patrick, Dublin, l<>77 to 1800. Vol. iii— The 
Registers of the Church of St. Michan, Dublin, 1636—1085. Vol. iv- 
The Register of Provost Winter (Trinity College, Dublin), 1650— 
1660, and the Register of the Liberties of Cashel (co. Tipperary), 
1654 to Hif)7 .. .. .. .. ..70 

Ass.icialion lor the Preservation of the .Memorials of the Dead, Ireland. 

Journal for (he Near l'.107. Vol vii. No. 1 and No. 2 of Pail i .. 71 

Collections for u History of Slallordshirc, edited hy the William 
Salt Arcii/Eolooical Society, Vol. xi. New Series. Including 
a History of the Bagot Family, by THE Hon. 
(iiooRQio Wrottesley .. .. .. ..139 

Notes on the Earlier History of Barton-on-H umber. By ROBERT 
Brown, F.S.A. Vol. ii, A.I). llf>4— 1377 .. ..141 

Biographical last of Hoys Educated at King Edward VI Free Grammar 
School, Bury St. Edmunds, from 1550 to 1!>0<>. Suffolk Green 
Hooks, No. xiii .. .. .. .. ..142 

The Genealogists' Pocket Library. (1) Chancery Proceedings, by 
George F. '1'. Siikrwood ; (2) Royal Descents, by the Rev. W. (J. D. 

FLETCHER; and The Scottish Records, by .1. BoLAM Johnson .. 142 
The Scots Peerage. F.dited by Sir James .Balfour Paul, LL.D., 

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Memorial Kings, Charles the Second to William the Fourth, in the 

possession of Frederick Arthur ('Rise .. .. .. 2o3 

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of (heat Britain, Ireland and America. Compiled by the Rev. 

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Pedigree of the Cochranes of Cochrane, Lord Cochrane of Dundonald, 

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Wiltshire Notes and Queries. An Illustrated Quarterly Antiquarian 

and Genealogical Magazine. Vol. v. 1905— 1907 .. •• 20(> 

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in-F.lmel, co. Vork. Edited by Georok Df.nison Lumii. F.S.A. . 
Kerry Archaeological Magazine, No. 1. October. I'.KIS .. 
The Planlagenet Roll of (he Blood Royal, being a Complete Table of all 
the Descendants now living of Edward 111. By the Marquis of 
Ruvigny and Raineval. The Isabel of Essex Volume .. 2(58 

Visitation of England and Wales. Edited by Frederick Arthur 

Crisp. Vol. xv. .. .. . . 270 



Not I cbs of Books -continued. i-ai.k 

The Norfolk Antiquarian Miscellany (Second Series). Part iii. Kdiled 

by Waltkb Byk .. .. '.. .. .. 270 

Some Royal Descents of the Families of Fleetwood, Berry and Etonian- 

Mulock. Fdited by tlie late Sir Ko.muno T. 


Notes and Queries: — 

Bathurst Baronetcy 

Nevill of Bigby and Hale 

Pedigree of l>r. Kdmond II alloy 

YoungluislKind Family 

Wills Family, of co. Somerset 

rlalley, Hawley, Whalley Families .. 

William Ferrers of Taplow 

llassal, Longsdon, Mi I ward and Jackson Families 

Frances, daughter of the Lord Seymour wf Trowbrulf 

Baronotcy of Livesey 



143, 271 



Illustrations : — 

Portrait of the late Major-General the Hon. George Wrot 
Anns of Yarburgh of Uoncaster . . . . • 

,, ,, Pennyman of Ormesby 

,, „ Croston of Thirsk 

,, ,, Spenser of Leeds 

,, ,, Harrison of Aeaster 

,, ,, Metham of Metham 

,, ,, Moyser of Beverley 
„ Wyvell of Osgodby 

„ ,, Constable of CatfosBe 

„ ,, Ferrand of Flashy 

,, ,, Gascoigne of Barnbow 

,, ,, Ayscough, or Askwith, of York 

,, ,, Bosvile of Warmsworth . . 

,, ,, Bosvile of Braithwcll 

,, ,, Bradford of Arksey 

„ ,, Crcssy of Birkin 

,, ,, Homo of Moxborougli 

teslev Frond 

s piece 




jHrtitiagc H^ucnccs .in lite piocrsc of ulilh and eilclU. 

Edited by Arthur J. Jkwkrs. 

Index of Persona . . . . . . . . . . 273 

Index of Places .. .. .. .. .. 2!U 



Pago t)K, lino 17, for, Gasciogue, read Gascoigne. 

141, „ 30, for £42 19s. }&, read £4U VJ$d. 

Cfjr <@riu<ilo0tot. 


It see 1 1 is to mo impossible to read Dugdale's account of the early 
Nevills in his Baronage, or the lives of the two Hugh de Nevills, 
said to he father and son, in the " Dictionary of National Biography," 
without being convinced of the great difficulty of rightly distinguish- 
ing between the various Hugh de Nevills, who lived in the first 
half of the thirteenth century, and held considerable estates in 
Lincolnshire. And yet I think with our present opportunities 
something can be done. Mr. Guiseppi's pedigree of the Essex 
Nevills, given us by Mr. E. Nevill in The Genealogist for July, 
1907, 1 is a great help. Hugh de Nevill le Gras, of Grimsthorpe, 
is proved by a charter at .Salisbury, Mr. E. Nevill has kindly 
bold me of, to have been the son of Hervey de Nevill, and in 
1229 Hugh's son, Ernisius, 2 paid a fine for his relief, 3 and it was 
clearly Hugh de Nevill le Gras who married Desiderata, daughter 
and heir of Stephen de Camera, for Ernisius has her lands and 
is described as her son in 1235. 4 And some Harleian Charters, 
with the help of other documents, give us a great deal of informa- 
tion about a branch of the family, which, as far as I know, has 
not yet been adequately dealt with. I transcribe the charters 
from the British Museum Catalogue, and venture to add a 

Harleian Charters. 

45. F 43. Carta qua Willelmus de Albene, custos Hugonis filii 
Henrici de Nevilla, testatur ae presentasse Alanum de Haverbeige 
capellanum ad quinque marcas annuas recipiendas de catallis domus 
de Neuhus, et dictum Hugonem juravisse coram Roberto de Hayles 
archidiaeono Lincoln quod nunquam molestiam inferet domui de 
Neuhus super predicta presentatione. Testibus, Magistro Roberto 
de Brinckol, Boborto de Howell deeano, John Gentil decano civitatis 
Line, Alexandre decano de Stanford, Alexandra de Beseby. 

Circa 1223-38. 

54. B 8. Carta qua Hugo de Neville de Bekebi dat canonicis 
S. Edmundi de Elesham servicium Andreas de Neville de una bovata 
terre in ICerningtun. Testibus, Willelmo capellano de Haburg, 
Ernisio, Henrico, et Nicolao filiis ejusdem Hugonis, et aliis. 

Temp. John vel Henry ITT. 

54. B 9. Littene domino Hugoni Episcopo Line, directse quibus 
Hugo de Neville quietam clamat abbati R. et conventui de 

1 N.S., vol. xxiii, p. 145. 

2 The Christian name Krnisius has always puzzled me. Can it be Eruisius, 
otherwise Uervisius = Hervey? The father of Ilu^h Nevill le Gras was 
certainly Jlervey, Mr. Drumniond calls him Ervisius: Huph's sou is called 
Ernisius, should it be Eruisius? Eruisius de Nevill of Charter 54 1510 is 
called Hervey on the Tarboro' Roll, Line. Notes and Queries, vii, 23. 

3 Excerpta, ii, 203. 

* Cal. of Charier Rolls, i, 214. 



Nt'heuH totam ealumpniam quam liabuit ad versus cos de eeclesia 
do Kirningtone. Testibus, Akard' abbate tic IJerl', Willelnio prion; 
de ICUesli', Henrico dr Ncvilla, el aliis. 

Circa I l!)(l 1200. 

54. B 10. Carta qua Hernisius de Ncvilla dat canonieis 8. 
Marcialis de Neuhus bovatam fcerre in Hahurh neenon et unum 
mura' cum salina in marcscis loci predicti. Testibus, Hugone de 
Neville, fratre suo, Willclmo de Basingbam, Willelmo capellano suo, 
et aliis. 

Temp. J oil 1 1 vcl Henry III. 

5k B II. Carta qua Hugo filius Ernisii dc Neville confirmat 
iratribus ecelesie S. Marcialis dc Nehus buvataiu tern; et salinam 
in Haburgli quas pater suns illis dedit, reddendo vj d vel una 
calcaria deargcntata. Testibus, Roberto, Thoma, capellanis, Waltero 

de Ncvilla, Willelnio Hansclin. 
Temp. Edw. T. 

54. 1) 17. Seriptum quo Hugo de Ncvilla quietam clamat 
"totam ealumpniam dc eeclesia dc Haburch qua) videtur pertinere 

ad terrain illaui quam habeo ex donalione regis in eadein villa," 
et ilhun confirmat abbati et canonieis S. Marcialis do Neidius. 
Testibus, liicardo abbate de Welleford, Willelnio abbate de Crokest', 
Ada abbate de Wellebec, et aliis. 
Circa 1206-16. 

54. B l« s . Carta qua Henrieus de Ncvilla liliu.s Hugonis dc 
Ncvilla coneedit abbati et canonieis do Neuhus quod ipsi lirinent 
et cxaltent slagnuin Nort h-iuolendini suf, et habeant liberuill in- 
troitmn et exitum in campis tie Habure et Iternington. Testibus, 
lladulfo de Rowelle decano, Willelnio capellano de Habure, Benedicto 
filio Kadulii, et aliis. 

Karly Henry III. 

54. B 24. Carta qua Willelmus do Ncvilla filius Hugonis de 
Ncvilla confirmat abbati et eonventui de Neulius inetlictatein tofti 
in Kyrningtone quam liabuerunl tie dona Ilogcri lilii Cerardi de 
eadein. Testibus, Roberto tunc decano el vicario de Kyrningtone, 
Nicbolao de Neyilla, Jolianne dc Keleby, ct aliis. 

Temp. Henry II T. vel Edw. t. 

54. B 25. Seriptum quo Galt'ridus de Nevile filius doniini 
Hugonis de Nevile cunccdit domino Bernardo de' Nevile quondam 
rectori ecelesie de Hyntone terras qiue fuerunt doniini Petri de 
Nevile avunculi patris sui. Testibus, Calfrido dc Nevile, Thoma 
Baudevin, et aliis. 

Temp. Henry III vel Edw, T. 

51. B 33. Carta qua Hugo de Ncvilla de Hale coneedit abbati 
el eonventui de Neuhus toituin in Kyrmingtona. Testibus, domino 
Waltero de Kvlvingholnie militc, Henrico de Castria, Willelnio de 
llaudhenbi, et aliis. 

Temp, llcnrv Ml vel Edw. I. 

51. B .'55. Carta qua Hugo dc Ncvilla filius Heniici dc Ncvilla 
de Hal confirmat abbati et eonventui de Neuhus terrain in 


Kyrmingfona <piam habuerunt ex dono Hern ici filii Willelmi de 
Castria. Testiluis, domino Waltero lie Kylvingholm, Kad[ulfo] de 
Wyhu[m], Stephano de Grafham, et aliis. 
Temp. Edw. I. 

Hugh do Nevill, d. 1199. 

L , 

Henry tie Nevill, d. 1221. Peter. 


I ' * 1 

Hugh de Nevill, son and h. William de Nevill. 

I 1 ' 1 1 1 1 

William do Ernisius de Nevill, jttenry. Geoffrey. Hugh. Nicholas. 

Nevill. brother and h. 

Hugh de Nevill. =f Matilda. — Thomas de Kaseu. 


Thomas do Nevill, sou and h. 1281. 

I do not set out the above pedigree as proved throughout beyond 
the possibility of a doubt, and shall ho very glad of additional 
information, and, where necessary, correction. 

A very useful document, which appears to be the original report 
of the jurors for the Wapentake of Yarborough in Lincolnshire, 
from which the "Hundred Rolls" were compiled, tells us 5 that 
King Henry II gave to Hugh de Nevill, his " bachelarius," 4 
carucates of land in Kirmington, and 2 carucates in Habrough 
as 1 fee without a charter, that King Richard T gave him a 
charter, and King John confirmed the gift. The same document 
tells us that Hugh de Nevill, grandson of the abovesaid Hugh, 
gave to Herbert de Saltllethy a rent in Keelby fifteen years since 
(c. 1200). The first of these Hughs was dead in 1199, when 
Henry, his son, gave £100 to have his lands. In 1221 Henry was 
dead, and the King gave the custody of Hugh, his son and heir, 
to William de Albiniaco," his lands being in Habrough, Kirming- 
ton and Hale. In 1243 Hugh de Nevill held 20 librates of land 
in Kirmington ami Habrough of the King for 1 fee, 8 | fee in 
Hale of William de Dyve, who held of G. de Gaunt, 9 and 1 fee 
in Bigby of Robert de Nevill, who held of the Bishop of Lincoln. 10 
So far the pedigree seems sufficiently proved, and William son of 
Henry de Nevill is mentioned on a Patent Roll in 1218. Then 
to the charter (54, B 8) of Hugh de Nevill of Bigby three of 
his sons are witnesses, Ernisius, Henry and ' Nicholas ; and charter 
(54, B 25) mentions his son Geoffrey, and Peter, his father's uncle; 
and a son William is mentioned in another charter (51, B 21). 
It seems that this William obtained the fee in Habrough anil 

a Line. Notes and Queries, vii, 21. 

Rot. de Oblatia (Hardy), p. 11. 

7 Testa do Nevill, p. 348. Kxeerpta, i, G2, 00. 

M Testa de Nevill, |». ;tlG. 

,J Ibid., p. 821. 

'" ibid., |». 3lf>. 


Kirmington, for the Yarborough Roll, already quoted, tells us that 
Ernisius, brother and heir of William de Nevill, after William's 
death, gave it to Herbert de Saltfletby. Krnisius had a son, Hugh 
(54, B 11), who by his wife Matilda had a son and heir, Thomas, 
under age in l'-'Sl when Matilda demanded dower from lands in 
Hale which had belonged to her late hushand Hugh de Nevill. 11 
In 1303 the HabrOUgli and Hale fees had passed away from the 
family, but Thomas de Nevill and Thomas de Rasen held the fee 
in IJigbVj which Hugh de Nevill formerly held. 12 

T cannot carry the descent further, but I claim to have proved 
that there was a family of Nevills owning land early in the 
thirteenth century at Hahrough, Kirmington, Bigby and Hale, 
distinct from, though doubtless related to, the Nevills of Essex, or 
Grimsthorpe, or Laceby. When Hugh de Nevill held in 1243 his 
fees in Habrough, Bigby and Hale, Hugh de Nevill le Graa was 
dead, and his son Ernisius had succeeded to his estates ; 12 and it 
was John de Nevill, the forester, son of Hugh de Nevill, who at 
that time held the Essex property and the fees in Lincolnshire, 
which came to him through his mother Joan de Cornhill. 14 Then 
it can be proved that the father of Hugh de Nevill of Essex, was 
Ralph, 1 '' and the father of Hugh de Nevill le Gras Hervey, 18 facts 
which distinguish both from the Hugh de Nevills of Habrough 
and Hale. 

The first portion of Mr. Drummond's pedigree of the Nevills in 
his " Noble British Families " may, with some notes, now help to 
show what progress has been made in unravelling the tangle, for 
it will be seen that we now have fairly good descents from five 
brothers and their uncle. 

Gilbert de Nevill. 



Gilbert de Nevill. Jolhin de Nevill, ancestor of the Rivalry, 

Rolleston, Thorney and Grove families. 

I ~l rn 1 1 1 1 

Gilbert do Alan de Geoffrey. William. Ervisius. Hugh, Walter. 

Nevill, Nevill, Hubert, ancestor — 

founder of ancestor Huijli le of the Cecily 

Tupbolm, of the Gras, an- Rigby Creve- 

iineestorof Laceby, cestor of and Ha- quer. 

the Raby Appleby, theGrims- brou^h 

Nevills. etc., thorpe . Nevills. Red- 

Nevills. Nevills. bourn 


W. O. Massingbekd. 

11 Line. Assize Boll, 4X5, n 

11 Feudal Aids, iii, 140. 

la L'xcerpta, i, [82. 

" Testa de Nevill, p. 308. 

ls Qeneuluyist, July, 11)07. 

,e $eo above. 


John Aubrey records that Dr. Halley's father belonged to " the 
Halleys of Derbyshire, — a gOO(l family," and gives the coat 
armorial: "Sable, a fret and a canton argent." 1 Searches made 
at London and Oxford for a manuscript account of the Halley 
family have been unfruitful,- and, unless such a document exists 
in private possession, it would appear that no complete pedigree 
of the famous second Astronomer Royal has ever been compiled. 
The College of Arms has no record of any grant having been 
made to any person bearing the surname Halley, :i but the assertion 
that the coat : " Sa, fretty and a canton arg." was borne by the 
families of Hales, Hauley, co. Dtwon ; Hawleys," 4 has been deemed 
suggestive of a possible relationship between the Plalley and Hawley 
families. 5 Tn fact, some examples were discovered of the two 
spellings having been used indifferently in one family. An 
illustration of this is afforded by the name of Elizabeth Hawley, 
daughter of Peter Hawley, son of Robert Hawley and Elizabeth 
Ividdell, his wife, who are severally recorded under " Steward of 
Pattishall," in the published " Visitations of Northamptonshire, made 
in 1561 and 1618-19. " 6 Robert Hawley is described as "of 
Wittering" in Harleian MS. 1553, folio 205, while the will of 
Elizabeth Halley, of AVhittering, is indexed as of record between 
the years 1520-26, in the "Calendar of Wills . . . Northampton 
and Rutland," edited by W. P. AV. Phillimore, M.A., B.C.L. 7 
The village of Wittering, or Whittering, is situate about six miles 
west of Peterborough, in which latter place William Halley, an 
uncle of Dr. Halley, is known to have resided, circa 1673. 

Amongst the wills and administrations recorded at Lichfield are 
twenty one under the surname Halley. 5 In seven instances the 
place of residence is named, and out of these seven, five are in 
Derbyshire. It follows, therefore, that of the total, probably about 
fifteen relate to the latter county, between the years 1533 and 

1 Aubrey's " Brief Lives," Clark, vol. i, p. 282; Oxford, 1898. 

2 Notes and Queries, London, 10th Ser., vol. ix, p. 218. 
:t Ibid., 10th Ser., vol. vi, p. 308. 

4 "An Alphabetical Diet, of Coats of Arms," Papworth and Morant ; vol. 
ii, p. 884 ; London, 1874. * 

s Notes <ind Queries, 10th Scr., vii, pp. 2(53-204. 

" Edited by W. C. Metealfe, F.S.A., London, 1887, p. 197. 

7 Published by The Index Society, London. 1888, p. 9. 

s " Calendars of wills and administrations in the Consistory Court of the 
Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry, 1510 to 1052," ed. by W. P. W. 
Phillimore, M.A., B.C.L., London; British Record Society. 1892. Sec Index 

(> noma ree of dk. edmond halley. 

1G30. From this collection the six entries next below arc ex- 
tracted : — 

Will of Thomas Halley, Elmeton, 1533 (page 48). 

,, ,, Henry Halley, Youlgreave, 1536 (page 49). 

,, ,, liichard Halley, Ash borne, 1552 (page 54). 

,, ,, Robert Halley, Youlgreave, 1558 (page 57). 

„ ,, Robert Halley, Youlgreave, 1559 (page 58). 
Adra. of Humphrey and Margaret Halley, 1597 (page 241). 

Many of the early wills are unregistered. The last-named 
Humphrey Halley may have been the grandfather or grand-uncle 
of his namesake, an abstract of whose will now follows : 

" Humphrey Halley, the elder, formerly citizen and vintner of 
London, now of Alconbury, Hunts. Whereas I had a lease from 
the city of London, of land in Candlewich Street, in the parish 
of Kastcheap, assigned to son Humphrey, Apr. 25, 1669. Lease 
from the company of fishmongers, of ground known by name of the 
sign of the Unicorn, in parish of All Hallows, Lombard Street, 
assigned to son William, Apr. 25, 1669. To son William, house 
in Fore Street, More Land and Purse Alley, in parish of St. Giles, 
Cripplegate. 40s./- to poor of parish of Alconbury. Daughter 
Elizabeth Cawthorne, sole executrix ; residue to her. Dated May 7, 
1672. Witnesses: Ambrose Cooker, Henery Aubrey, the mark of 
Kdw. Phillips, Anne Morte. Codicil same date (and same witnesses) ; 
daughter Elizabeth to administer only for debts for which 1 have' 
given security since Mar. 24, 1664. William Halley to administer 
for obligations incurred before that date. Item : I give to my son 
Edmond Halley, having formerly had and received of me, a full 
filial or child's portion, the sum of i'5. Proved Oct. 23, 1672, by 
both executors. (P.C.C., reg. Eure, 122.)" 

The year 1663 seems to mark the first purchase of land in 
Alconbury by Humphrey Halley, 9 but it is not clear whether the 
purchaser was the abovenamed testator or his son Humphrey, who 
appears to have been buried at Alconbury, May 26th, 1676.' u It 
seems reasonably, though not positively," certain, however, that 
Humphrey Halley, vintner (who, in his will, describes himself as 
" very aged ") married Katherine Mewce, daughter of Nicholas 
Mewce and Elizabeth Morant, his wife. 11 In the parish records 
of Alconbury, is the entry of the burial of Katherine Halley, wife 
of Humphrey, September 12th, 1668. Elizabeth Morant was a 
daughter of Edmond Morant of London. Here we find the probable 
origin of the astronomer's Christian name, Edmond, which he 
always spelt thus, 12 when he did not abbreviate it into " Edm.," 
as was his usual practice. The pedigree of Mewce of Holdenby,' 13 

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tracing from John Mewce of Calais, 14 is especially interesting 
in tliis connection, for it gives a plausible explanation of the 
names Francis, Elizabeth and [Catherine, as well as Ldmond, in 
the Halley family. Francis Mewce, a brother of Katherine, married, 
2G May, 1015, Elizabeth Washington, daughter of Lawrence 
Washington, of Sulgrave. 1 * 

Of the three sons of Humphrey Halley, vintner, William and 
Humphrey, junior, made their wills as follows : — 

" William Halley of the city of Peterborough. To son Francis 
Halley, brick-built houses in Fanchurch Street in the OCCup'n of 
John Hay ton and William Warrington, and to the hay res of his 
body, and for want of such hayres, to my wife for tier natural] 
life and after her decease to the hayres or assigns of loving wife 
Ann Halley. To poor of Peterborough £5. To brothers Humphrey 
and Edmund Halle}' £10 a piece To wife, her heires or assigns, 
all houses in Moire Lane, Purs Alley and Fore Street, in Cripple 
gate. Residue to wife. Wife sole executrix Dated Jan. 30, 1673. 
Proved by Ann Halley, Mar. 6, 1674-5. (P.C.C., reg. Dycer, 
fo. 146.)" 

" Humfrev Halley, of London, gent. To two kinsmen Edmund 
Halley and Humfrev Halley £100 a piece. To kinswoman Catherine 
Cawthorne £60. To kinswoman Ann Cawthorne £100. To Ann 
Partridge of Aleonbury and her two daughters, Elizabeth Partridge 
and Anne Monke £5 a piece. To kinsman Humfrey Cawthorne 
£50. To Elizabeth Goodwin, wife of Joseph Goodwin, citizen and 
goldsmith of London £30. To Elizabeth, daughter of above named, 
£20. To Sarah Robson of London 40s/- per annum for life. Also 
£o to Sarah Robson. To Susan Sandwith, widow, of Aleonbury, 
£3 per annum for life. To John Kersey £5. To Samuel Trott 
40s/-. Is/ a piece to the rest of nay near relations (not in this 
my will named) to be paid to him, her or them when he, she or 
they, each, every or any of them shall come and demand the same 
of my ex'ors, and not before. The rest and residue 1 do with a 
free heart wholly give and bequeath to my loving and well beloved 
brother, Edmund Halley, Citizen and Salter of London and I do 
hereby make and ordaine him, my said loving brother, my sole 
ex'or. Dated Feb. 23, 1674-5. Witnesses : John Payne, John 
Plomer, Thomas Mewce. Proved by Edmund Halley, June 3, 1676. 
(P.C.C., reg. Bence, fo. 66.)" 

The fact that one Thomas Mewce was a witness to the will of 
Humfrey Halley is significant. Elizabeth Cawthorne, wife of John, 
was buried at Aleonbury, Sept. 28, 1673, according to the parish- 
register. She must have been identical with the elder Humphrey 
1 Eal ley's daughter, whose death, presumably, took place between 
October, 1672, when she proved her father's will, and February, 
1671-5, when her brother, Humfrey Halley, made his will. 

" "Visitations of Northamptonshire," London, I8S7, |>. IN. 
'•' Nates and (Ju-rirs, 10th Nor., vii, 2U3-204. 


Kdraond ITalley, Baiter, who was the father of Dr. E. Halley, was 
twice married, and died intestate, in April, 1684. M Letters of ad- 
ministration of his estate were; granted 30th June, 16H4, to Sir John 
Buckworth and Richard Young, " in utum et beneficium Joannae 
Halley relictae dicti defuueti et Edmundi H alley > Jilii dicti <U- 
fuitcti." 17 Richard Young was the nominee of the widow, while Sir 
John Buckworth was appointed by the astronomer to represent his 
interests, as is shown by some Chancery proceedings, " Young vs. 
Halley," in the Public Record Office, 1G9.V* The will of Sir John 
Buckworth, as of the parish of St. Peter le Poer (1668, reg. Exton, 
folio 2), makes no mention of Edmond Halley, and the document 
affords no evidence of any relationship having existed between 

In the " Biographia Britannica " one finds concerning Edmond 
Halley, Salter, these meagre remarks : — 

" Possessed of an estate of a thousand pounds a year in houses, 
before the lire of London, yet as he was a great sufferer by that 
lire, so entriug into an imprudent second marriage he became 
unable to renew the leases of his houses when the old ones expired, 
whence it came to pass, that his fortune mouldring away by degrees, 
sunk at last into a low ebb." lu 

Among his possessions in 1666 was a house containing nine hearths, 
in Finsbury, St. Giles, Cripplegate. 20 

Respecting the birth of Dr. Edmond Halley, the astronomer, we 
have this record made by his contemporary, John Aubrey : — 

"Mr. Edmund Hally, astronomer, born October I'D, 1656, London — 
this nativity I had from Mr. Hally himself . . . He was born in 
Shoreditch parish, at a place called llaggerston, the backside of 
Hogsdon." 21 

A confirmatory and, in some respects, complementary, statement 
appears in the " Biographia Britannica " : — 

" Edmund Halley was born near London, October 29, 1656, in 
the paiish of St. Leonard, Shoreditch, at a place called llaggerston, 
which then consisted of little more besides a country-house belonging 
to his father, Edmund Halley, who was a Citizen and Soapboiler 
in 'Winchester Street." '-- 

As there is no record in the parish of Shoreditch of the baptism 
of Dr. Halley, during the three months subsequent to his birth, 23 
it seems possible that he may have been baptised in the parish of 

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M " Biog. Brit." iv, 2494. (This birth-date is equivalent to Nov. 8, 1050, N.S.) 
n Magazine of History, N.Y., iii, 230. 


St. Giles, Cripplegato, the church of which, by the way, is said 
to bo in oiui of the most interesting parts of London. On that 
spot Oliver Crouiwoll took unto himself a wife, and there also, 
\v;is laid to rest all that was not immortal of John Mil ton. 

The name of Dr. Halley's mother, the first wife of his father, 
has not been discovered. This is most unfortunate, for it lias justly 
been remarked that the pedigree of a genius is quite incomplete 
without some record of his maternal ancestry. The astronomer has 
been described as an only child,- 1 but .lohn Aubrey calls him "the 
eldest son," '-■' and we now know that he had a younger brother, 
Humphrey, who died circa 1684. 2<s 

Edmond Halley early turned his attention and his mental energies 
to science. Before attaining his twentieth year, he had published a 
very learned essay, in Latin, on " A Direct and Geometrical Method 
for Finding the Aphelia and Eccentricity of Planets." '-'" It is impossible 
and unnecessary here to comment upon his many achievements. He 
travelled extensively, on both land and sea, and, among many other 
journeys, he left England 1st December, 1 680, to make "the Grand 
Tour" of the Continent, according to John Aubrey,'-' 8 who adds that 
" He returned into England, Jan. 24, 1681-2. "-' J Tt is said that 
shortly after returning to his native land, Halley was married, in 
1682, to Miss Mary Tooke, 30 who was a daughter of Christopher 
Tooke, Auditor of the Exchequer, and Margaret Kinder, his wife. yl 
Sir David Brewster remarks that " Halley lived harmoniously with 
his wife for fifty-five years," 3 - truly a delightful picture of conjugal 
felicity, but one that contains an error of a year, for which the 
eminent Sir David is not primarily responsible.*' Mrs. Halley was 
buried at Lee, 1 1th February, 1735-6, 84 which was about fifty-four 
years after her marriage. 

Halley took up his residence at Islington, in 1682, 35 and later 
removed to a house in Golden Lion Court, Aldersgate Street, 
London.'" 3 The latter thoroughfare (a court on the east side of 
Aldersgate Street, a few yards north of the existing Falcon Street) 
has, seemingly, passed into forgotten history, but there is a biblio- 
graphical reminder of its former existence, for the second edition 
of Milton's " Paradise Lost," was " printed by S. Simmons, next 
door to the Golden Lion, in Aldersgate Street, 1674." It is stated 
that Halley had several children," and Sir David Brewster under- 

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takes tp say, M bath suns and daughters, some of whom died in 
infancy." aa Possibly, this is true, but no other authority has been 
discovered for more than one son. The Parish Register of St. 
.Mary's, Islington, contains an entry of the baptism of Katharin 
Hally, daughter of Edmond and Alary, 27th .March, 1683-4, 39 hut 
she was, undoubtedly, among the children who died in infancy, 
because Dr. Halley's two surviving daughters, Margaret and 
Kathenne, named in his will, were both horn circa Hi.SN. 4 " Yet 
we are told that "from lh\S±, Ids family was increasing apace." 41 
Among other entries found at Islington" an: these two burials : — 
Hadly, Kathern, Feb. 29, 1683-4; Hally, Mary, daught. of Edward, 
June 8, IGSG. The Register of St. Mary's, Islington, yields no 
record of the marriage of Dr. Halley, in 1682. Some further 
facts might, possibly, he recovered from the records of St. l'.otolph, 
Aldersgate Street. We now come to the will of the astronomer:— 

"In the name of God, I Edmond llallev, Doctor of Laws and 
Astronomer in the royal Observatory in Greenwich [so in ihe 

Register | park being in good health of body, as well as of perfect 
and sound mind and memory, considering I he certainly of death 
and uncertainty of (he time of il, in order when it shall happen, 
to leave behind me my family in peace, Do therefore male: and 
Declare this my last Will and Testament in manner and form 
following; rmprimis: i recommend my Soul to the Mercv of 
Almighty God, And as to my Body; my Will and Desire is' that 
it may he Interred in the same grave with that of my Dear 
Wife lately deceased, in the Churchyard of Lee in Kent/ Next, 
since my son Edmond is in actual possession of the best part of 
the Real Estate of the Itamily and may Inherit the rest after my 
Decease, the whole being of greater Value than the personal! 
Estate I have to leave my two daughters Margaret Halley and 
kathenne now wife to -Mr. Henry Price, Ami besides he being 
retained in the Service of the Crown as a Surgeon seems to be 
sufficiently provided for, ray Desire is that he mav therewith he 
Contented ami accept of Twenty pounds for mourning. As for 
my personal Estate consisting in the remainder of a Lease of a' 
House in Cannon St., London, now in the occupation of Mis. Mary 
Camm or her Assigns, as likewise in Goods, ready Money, Plate, 
Rooks, etc., I give them to my said two Daughters Margaret and 
Kathenne to be equally divided between them, hoping that the 
division may be made amicably. Lastly T hereby constitute and 
appoint my said Two Daughters joint Exeeutiices of this my last 
Will and Testament which is written with my own hand Sii/ned' 
Edmond Halley Dated 18th June, 173G. Witnesses: James 
Bradley, Ellener Simpson. Proved 9th February, 1711-2, by 
Margaret Halley, spinster, and Katherine the wife of Henry Price 
(P.C.C., reg. Trenley, fo. 53.)" 

w " Ini|>. Did. Univ. Hio^.," ii, 7SS. 

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Dr. Hallcy died 1-lth January, 174P8** 2 that is, 25th January, 
1742, N.S., 43 and was buried six days later 41 in the churchyard 
at Lee, where a handsome tomb was erected by his two daughters 
the following year.* 5 His tomb-stone was, however, removed to 
Greenwich, in I854. 4ti "lie was of a happy constitution and pre- 
served his memory and judgment to the last, as he did also that 
particular cheerfulness of spirit for which he was remarkable. 
In his person, he was of a middle stature inclining to tallness, of 
a thin habit of body and a fair complexion, and always spoke as 
well as acted with an uncommon degree of spright liness and 
vivacity." i: A concensus of opinion would place him very near, 
if not second, to Sir Isaac Newton, amongst the world's geniuses 4 * 
One cannot refrain from expressing, at this point, the hope that 
the preparation and publication of a biography of that illustrious 
astronomer will not lie much longer postponed ; his career certainly 
contained all that is necessary to make a fascinating and instinctive 
narrative for both scientist and general reader alike. 

Several portraits of Halley are in existence, and lists thereof 
have been published <'•' One "done exactly like him, by Mr. Tho. 
Murray, who gave it," was placed in the' gallery of the Bodleian 
Library at Oxford shortly before Kith November, 1 7 1 3. "> Another, 
ascribed to Dahl, in the possession of the Royal Society, was 
engraved for the "imperial Dictionary of Universal Biography," to 
accompany Brewster's sketch of Halley. The latter copy appeals 
also in Knight's "Gallery of Portraits wijk Memoirs" (1833) and 
elsewhere, and is, perhaps, after the picture that hung, it is said, 
in the antechamber of the Royal Society's house, in 17G8/' 1 At 
the same epoch, however, that learned body possessed also another 
portrait of Halley, which was on the staircase, 61 "left as a legacy, 
1,764, by his daughter," Mrs. Catherine Price," It would, indeech 
be interesting to learn if the last mentioned picture is 'identical 
with the one that, in 1757, was in the possession of the astronomer's 
son-in-law, Mr. Henry Price, and in which, we are told, Halley 
"is presented, by his own direction, holding in his hand, a scroll." 53 

Halley '« elder surviving daughter, Margaret, who never married 
died 13th October, 1713, in the fifty-fifth year of her age, 5 * and 
was buried at Lee the 20th of the same month, "in linuen and 

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the penalty pavd." 88 She is described as "late of the parish of 
St. Bridget, otherwise Brides, London, spinster," in the Letters of 
administration of her estate which were granted, in November, 
1743, to her sister, (Catherine. The latter, who seems to have 
adopted the spelling Catherine, married, first, -rid October, 17 — 1, 
Richard Bntler, of St Martin's le-Grand, widower, whose will has 
not been found. Mis. Butler married, second, Mr. Henry Price, 
who made his will, as of St. Andrew's, Holborn, May 31, 1755, 
proved 20th January, 1 704 (P.C.C, reg. Simpson, fo. 25), making his 
wife his sole heir. Mrs. Catherine Price's will, as of St. Mary 
Woolnoth, London, dated 8th July. 17G4, proved 11th November, 
1765 (P.C.C, reg. Rush worth, fo. 423), indicates that she died 
without issue.-'' 7 Her death occurred 10th November, 1765, 88 and 
her remains were interred at Lee. 89 

The real estate mentioned by Dr. Halley in his will, as being 
in the actual possession of his son, Surgeon Halley, in 1730, had 
been inherited by the latter from his mother a few months , 
previously. 611 The other real estate owned by the astronomer, in 
173G, may have been sold by him before his own death in 1742, 
but as to this there seems to be a reasonable doubt. Possibly, it 
was among the unidentified properties mentioned in the will of 
Mrs. C. Price. 111 Surgeon Halley, born circa (!) 170U, '-' entered the 
Royal Navy as a Surgeon in 1732; the last official entry in the 
Admiralty archives, of his service, is 8th August, 1740, ,i:; but it 
appears that he died early in February 1740-1, perhaps at Ports- 
mouth." 1 A careful examination of -the log-books of H.M.S. 
" Dursley " and "Bristol" (1739-1740), on which he is said to have 
served, did not reveal an entry of his name. His will and that 
of his wife follow : — 

"I, Edmund Halley, Surgeon of his Majesty's ship the Bristol, 
Capt. Wm, Chambers, without any further form or ceremony do 
give and bequeath unto my welbeloved wife Sybilla Halley all 
such Moneys, (loods, Chatties, Lands, Tenements, ifec, that I now 
possess or may be posses'd of, by what Right or Title soever, 
leaving her my abovesaid Wife Sybilla Halley at my decease my 
sole Heir anil Executrix to this my last Will and Testainent. 
Dated 8th Nov., 1739. Witnesses: Jno. Poynter, E. Bradston. 
Proved 12th Feb., 1740-1, by Sybilla Halley. (P.C.C, reg. Spur- 
way, fo. 39.)" 

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"Sybilla Halley of the parish of East Greenwich, in the county 
of Kent, widow. To grand-daughter Sybilla Parry, all wearing 
apparel. To good friend Catherine Beaumont, wife of John Beau- 
mont of East Greenwich, lighterman, a ring. Remainder of estate, 
real and personal, equally to grand daughters Sybilla Parry and 
Sarah Parry (Sarah Parry under age;. Sybilla Parry and Catherine 
Beaumont executriees. Dated Ma)' 1, 1771. Witnesses: Thomas 
Friend, John Woodllam, William Mmiro. Proved Nov. 1:5, 1772, 
by Sybilla Parry, power being reserved to Catherine Beaumont. 
(P.C.C., reg. Taverner, fo. 406.)" 

The Index to Register bpurway contains after the name of Surgeon 
Halley, the word "Kent" and, in the margin, " pts ," which may 
indicate, first, that his legal domicile was in Kent, and, second that he 
died upon the high seas. It has been thought a little strange that 
Dr. llalley, the astronomer, made no change in his will after bis 
son's death.'' 5 Further than the entry of the burial of Mrs Sybilla 
Halley, surgeon's widow, at Greenwich, 22nd May, 1772, there is 
no mention of her or N her husband in the parish records of Green- 
wich. She seems to have been a widow when she married Surgeon 
Hal ley. <* 

The evidence above presented indicates that the astronomer had 
only one son, Surgeon Halley, who attained years of maturity. If 
any descendants of the latter are now living, that fact has not 
been confirmed by documentary proof. There are traditions, how- 
ever, which seem to imply that that he had at least one child, a 
daughter, who married a Pyke, rircn 1750; Long after these 
traditions were recorded,'' 7 it was discovered that (as shall presently 
be shown) a relationship between the llalley and Pyke families 
did exist, circa I (>*J-S 1 7 IS, and it is not at all certain that it 
was not continued or renewed by subsequent intermarriage, circa 

The only two remaining llalley descendants of Humphrey llalley, 
vintner, appear to have been Francis Halley, sen., and Francis 
Halley, Jan., whose wills are as follows: — 

"Francis Halley of London, gent. To sonne Francis Halley and 
his heirs forever all my two messuages or residences in Minein 
Lane (and) in Fenchurch St., and in case my sonne die without 
issue, to my sister Mary Ward wife of John Ward, for life, then 
to Nicholas Wright of the parish of St. Giles, Cripplegate. £10 
to sister Mary Ward. To my cousin Edmond Halley and Mary 
his wife and to their daughters, Margaret and Katherine, to my 
good friend David Grice and John Colson, to my father and 

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mother Richard Pyke and Eleanor Pyke, to my brothers Thomas 
Pyke and William Pyke and Eld ward Day, and to my sisters 
Jane Day and Susan Pyke, each a guinea of gold to buy them 
rings. (Josen Edmund Halley and Richard Pyke, guardians of my 
said son Francis Halley until lie sliall attain the age of 21, and 
executors. Dated June 28, 1G9.S. witnesses: David Grice, Thomas 
Carr, Win. Dean, Lau. Kerby, clerks to Mr. Can-. Proved by 
Edinond Halley and Richard Pyke) Sept. 8, 1702. (P.C.C., reg. 
Marlboro, fo. 126.)" 

•' Francis Halley, son of Francis Halley, late of London, gent., 
deceased. Cousin Mary Day j£2F> and a gold ring and £10 for 
mourning ; cousin Jane Day ,£25 and ( a ring. Cousin Richard 
Day the same. Cousin Catherine Halley £50 and a ring. Cousin 
Edmund Halley silver watch to be put into his mother's hands 
and she to give it him when she thinks fitt. Cousin Richard 
Jones, son of John Jones, my scrutore and all my books. Grand- 
father Richard Pyke £\0 to him and to my grandmother a ring, 
to her £\0 for mourning. Uncle William Pyke £10 and a 
ring. Cousin Edmund Halley sen'r £10 and a ring, his wife 
Mary. £10. Residue to Uncle William Pyke. Grandfather Richard 
Pyke and uncle William Pyke, executors. Dated Oct. 22, 1717. 
Witnesses : Win Cooke, Sam. Hilman, John Hodgkins. Proved 
Aug. 5, 1718, by William Pyke, power reserved to Richard Pyke. 
(Commissary Court of London.)" 

Personal research by the writer, on this subject, during the last 
ten years, has been confined chiefly to the four principal libraries 
of Chicago which, fortunately, possess large and growing treasure- 
stores for the student. To the many British genealogists and others, 
who, attracted by the magic name of Halley, have taken a personal 
interest in this quest and who have courteously and promptly 
responded to the numerous inquiries submitted to them, the writer 
wishes to express his sincerest thanks. An especial grateful 
acknowledgment is made to Ml. Ralph J. Beevor, M.A., of St. 
Albans, whose original discoveries and whose generous collaboration, 
during several years, in the pursuit of many clues, both far and 
near, have rendered possible a sketch that could not otherwise 
have been put into its present form. 

Eugene F. McPike. 



By W. I*. Cautkk. 
(Coi,ti„nrd from Vol XXIV, p. 249.) 

I now return to the Iteveiend John Kenrick, whose wife's 
ancestry hay necessarily been dealt with more briefly" than 
I could have wished. He died, us already stated, in 17 1;"), 
and his widow (of whom i have given' full particulars in the 
account of the Hamilton family), survived him for more than 
thirty years. She left an interesting will, of which the following 
is an abstract : — , 

iMus. SARAH Kknrick, widow of the Beverend John Konrick, dated 
28 April 1770. 

" Whereas my late husband by his will dated 17 July 1742, did bequeath 

his estate to me with power to charge the purchased estates with any sum 
not exceeding i'200 for the benefit of our younger children, and did appoint 
me sole executrix." She leaves to her eldest son John, " Henry's first volume 
on the Bible, Dr. Baxter's Works, one volume each of Dr. Man ton's and Dr. 
Evans' Sermons, and Mr. Philip Henry's Life." Her son Archibald being 
dead, and his daughter Sarah living, she leaves to the latter £50, at the age 
ol 21, and a silver watch, a silver spoon, a set of china, Mr. Henry's secotid 
volume on the Bible, Mr. Matthew Henry's Life, the Life of (Jol. (iardiner, the 
Christian Oratory of Mr. Bemiet, and White's Power of Godliness. If Sarah 
dies under age, the £50 is to be divided equally between Testatrix's three 
younger sons Samuel. William and Kdward. 

'1 o son Samuel Kenrick two silver spoons, one large silver cup, one silver 
candlestick ami a pair of snuffers To grand-daughter Mary Kenrick the 
picture of my father and mother. To son William, silver, and Mr. Henry's 
fourth volume 81 and the other books not disposed of. To son Kdward 
Kenrick a silver porringer, a silver cup, two large silver spoons, Mr. Henry's 
fifth volume, one volume of Dr. Manion's Sermons, Fleming's Fulfilling of the 
Scripture, one volume of the l!,. v . Mr. Howe, one volume of the Rev. Mr. 
Baxter, "and any other book he has a mind ol." Son William Kenrick to 
have all the linen. Grandchildren John, James, Timothy and Martha to 
have . . .guineas each to buy Bibles. My son John Kenrick to give the 
sum ot £6 l'Js. 2d„ due to me from him for goods in the house at Ituabon 
to his daughter Sarah and son Archibald to buy Bibles and other good books. 
The residue of my estate to sons William and Kdward, and they executors. 

Witnesses— John Brerelou and John Adderley. 

The Keverend John Kenrick ami Sarah, his wife, had the following 
issue, seven children ; - 

1. John Kenrick, of Wynrt Hall, of whom hereafter. 

'J. Archibald Kenrick, named evidently after his maternal grand- 
father, lie was horn L'.'Jrd .June 17-7, and was an 

"If the abstract is not at fault, it seems that the testatrix forgot to 
specially dispose of Henry's third volume. I have noted at least one other 
case in which a lestator has divided up this set of ponderous tomes. Mrs. 
Kenrick, i! will be seen, divides up other sets also. 


apothecary of Tower Hill, Wrexham. 04 " He died in a 
fever taken in his attendance upon a Patient," 04 12th May 
1762,** 5 and was buried <m the I 1th as "Mr. Archihald 
Kenrick, Apothecary and Surgeon," at the Presbyterian 
burial ground, Wrexham. He married 00 at Wrexham 
Church 5tll December 1757, Margaret Wilkinson, spinster, 
(called " Mary " in the family pedigree), and they had 
issue, an only child : — 

Sarah Kenrick, baptised at the Presbyterian Chapel, 
Wrexham, 5th November 1759, as "daughter of Mr. 
Arch. Kenrick, Apothecary, by his wife Margaret." 
Her grandmother's bequests to her have already been 
mentioned. She married, '^ at some date after 1777, 
John Stevenson, of Tipton, Staffordshire,, and their 
daughter Sarah Stevenson (who died 1 1th December 
1871') married in 1818 her second cousin Ceorge Smith 
Kenrick [see Pedigree (5 b) of the Kenricks of Bir- 
mingham and West Bromwieh]. I cannot say whether 
John and Sarah Stevenson had other issue besides 

3. Samuel Kenrick, of whom it is said, 06 "Tour of Europe," 

meaning 1 suppose, that he wrote an account of such a 
tour. He was born in 1728, and was a Banker at Bewdley, 
Worcestershire, 05 that town being then an important trade 
centre. It was, in fact, the highest port on the Severn 
up to which shipping of any size could come, and was 
therefore the point of contact for much of the trade 
between Bristol and the Staffordshire Iron District. Hunter 
states that Ken rick's Bank was one of the first Country 
Banks established in England. Samuel Kenrick died 
6th October 18.ll. 6 * 5 He married 00 Elizabeth Smith, 
daughter of a Scottish Minister of Mayholl, Ayrshire, by 
whom he had issue : — ^ 

Mary Kenrick, who died unmarried in 1812. 

4. William Kenrick, born 10th March, 1729/30. He carried 

on the business of a Brazier at Wrexham, apparently at 
the premises formerly occupied by his uncle Daniel. He 
died the 22nd, and was buried at the Presbyterian Burial 
Ground on the 25th May 1793. 00 He appears to have 
died unmarried. 

5. Edward Kenrick (see pedigree " C " hereafter). 

G. Daniel Kenrick, born and died 1730. Of him there is a note 
in his father's handwriting in Mrs. Kenrick's memorandum 

w Epitaph, copied by Mr. Palmer. 
03 Family Pedigree. 
68 Mr. Palmer's Notes. 


book: — "173G. My dear child Daniel Kenrick died of 
the small-pox oil Thursday the 28th of October 173G, being 
the eleventh day uf his sickness, anil the ninth month of 
his aye." 

1. Sarah Kenrick, who was buried as "daughter of the late 
Rev. Mr. John Kenrick " at the Presbyterian Burial 
Ground 28th May 17n7, her age being stated as 23. 

John Kenrick (son of the Rev. John, son of Samuel, son of 
Edward) succeeded, as eldest son, to the Wynn Mall estate. I 
have little information concerning him, but he was evidently born 
about 1725. lie married Mary Quarrell, daughter of Timothy 
Quarrell, 67 of Llanfyllvn, Montgomeryshire, their marriage licence 
being dated 18th December 17f)0. Of her, says the Family Pedigree, 
" it is known that she had a sister Dorothy Quarrell ;" but if that 
refers to one of the two persons mentioned in the epitaph below, 08 
it will be seen that Dorothy can hardly have been her sister, 
though she might well be her mother or aunt. Martha Quarrell, 
whose death is also recorded in the epitaph, is called " widow " 
in the Chapel Register, which also describes both ladies as " lately 

67 This extremely rare name, of which one would gladly learn more, is 
derived, I suppose, from some " Quarr Hill," whoso whereabouts I have been 
unable to find. Although the earliest reference I have discovered to the 
Quarrell s discloses a family of them at Norwich in the fourteenth or fifteenth 
century, I think thai they sprang from Herefordshire or the surrounding 
district. At any rate, about 148(1—1493, Harry Quarcll, brother and heir 
to John Quarcll, brought mi action in Chancery (Marly Chancery Proceedings, 
Bundle 10(1, No. 61) against Thomas and David Qmircll concerning a messuage 
and lands ill Wronbriggo (? Wormbridge), Herefordshire ; while at the 1634 
Heralds' Visitation of that county, John (Quarrell of Didley (in St. Devereux, 
near Wormbridge), was "disclaimed." In the seventeenth century I find 
Thomas Quarrell, gentleman, of Taunton, a testator in 105:! (P.C.C. Wootton, 
2-t), and William Quarrell of Roxton in Bedfordshire a testator in 1053 (P.C.C. 
Wootton, 38), while in James Quarrell, who, with Timothy Thomas, is mentioned 
in 1657 as a "minister of the gospel" in the will (P.C.C. Wootton, 79) 
of Philip ap Uichard, a Shropshire yeoman, of Measbury (Maesbury, three 
miles S.E. of Oswestry), we may perhaps have an ancestor of John Kenrick's 
wife. In the latter end of the eighteenth century there were a William U . . . s 
Quarrell, Esq., and Alice his wife, of Jamaica (Mis. Gen. and Her., 2nd Ser. i, 
115), and in 1870 Henry John Quarrell, second sou of the Rev. Richard 
Quarrell, of Weston-super-Mare, matriculated at Worcester College, Oxford. 
Mr. Thomas Chance Quarrell, of Worcester, represents, I understand, a family 
which has held land in Leigh, near Malvern, since about 1570, and there are 
several tombstones in memory of this or another Quarrell family at Fladbury, 
in Worcestershire. As I have stated, John Quarrell, of Didley, was "dis- 
claimed" in 1634, but Burke's all-embracing "Armoury" assigns Argent, a 
chevron between tliree oak leaves sable as the arms of some Quarrell, whose 
habitation, period, and Christian name are left in splendid obscurity. [I am 
indebted to the courtesy of the Editor of The Genealogist for the identifica- 
tion of " Wormbridge," " Didley," anil " Measbury."] 

m On a gravestone in the Dissenters' Grave Yard, Rhosd.du, near Wrex- 
ham : — "Here lyeth the bod} - of Dorothy Quarrell, who departed this life 
July the 24th, I7t>7, aged 80. And also Marl hit Quarrell, who departed this 
life August 17th, 1707, aged 80." 


of Llanfylling." John Kenriek lived to the age of 78, Mid was 
buried in the Presbyterian Burial Ground, Wrexlmm, on the 
IStli July 1803, being described in the register as "of Wynn Hall 
in the parish of lihuahon." John and Mary Kenriek had issue: — 

1. John Kenriek, who was baptised at the Presbyterian Chapel, 
Wrexham, 9th October 1753. He married Sarah Savage, 
eldest daughter of Samuel Savage, of Clay Hill, Enfield, 
Middlesex, who was the son of a John Savage, whose 
parentage has apparently not been ascertained. Catherine, 
mother of Samuel and (second) wife of John, was the 
daughter of another John Savage, of Wrenbury, by . . . , 
eldest daughter of the well-known Puritan divine, Philip 
Henry. John ami Sarah Kenriek spent the greater part 
of their early married life at or near Whitchurch, Salop, 
but he succeeded to Wynn Hall on the death of his 
father. He died in 1823, having had twelve children, 
five sons and seven daughters. The youngest son Edward 
Kenriek, born 10th February 1801, married Phoebe Ellen 
Hopkins, by whom he had two daughters ; he emigrated to 
the United States. The fourth son and tenth child, 

William Kenriek, was born 24th July 1798, and 
eventually succeeded to the Wynn Hall estate. 
He married Sarah, daughter of James Edmondson, 
of Lancaster, and died in 18G5, having had 
issue : — 

(1) William Wynne Kenriek, who married Mary 

Ann James (daughter of John James, 
Town Clerk of Wrexham), by whom he 
left issue. He died in 1892, aged f>4, in 
British Guiana, where he was Commis- 
sioner of Mines. 

(2) John Kenriek, of Wynne Hall, married 

Henedicta, daughter of John Eoulkes, of 
Khosddu Lodge, near Wrexham, and died 

(3) Arthur Hamilton Kenriek, of Tonbridge, 

Kent, now living. 

(4) Llewelyn Kenriek, now living unmarried at 

Wynn Hall, 69 Clerk to the Justices of 
Denbighshire, and County Coroner. 

(5) Herbert Archibald Kenriek. 

d ' J I liiivc almost complete particulars of tlio Wynn Hall Kun ricks, descended 
"from John (who died 1823), hut fortunately a member of the family is 
interested in the subject, and will, I hope, ileal with their history more 
thoroughly ami satisfactorily than would be possible for a stranger. 


(1) Sarah Savage Kenrick. Married at Chester 
Street Chapel, Wrexham, 18th July 18GG, 
Thomas Edward Minshall, son of Thomas 
Minshall, of Oswestry, and died in . . . 
leaving issue. 

2. James Kenrick, who was baptised at Chester Street Chapel, 

Wrexham, 13th May 1 7 T> 7 . He was a hanker, carrying on 
business at Hope Street, Wrexham, and dying "of a 
fall from his gig at Park Gate" (M.I.), 26th September 
1824, was buried in the Presbyterian Burial Ground, 
Wrexham, on the 1th of October, the register stating that 
the burial service was taken by the Reverend John 
Kenrick, of York. 

3. Timothy Kenrick, who was baptised at Chester Street Chapel, 

Wrexham, (Jth February 1759. He became a notable 
Presbyterian or Unitarian 70 Minister at Exeter, and was 
a theological writer of repute, his principal work being an 
" Exposition of the Historical Writings of the New 
Testament," which though soon rendered obsolete by the 
rapid advance of the seience of Biblical Criticism, was 
, well abreast or rather ahead of the learning of his day. 
There is a good account of him in "The Dictionary of 
National Biography,'' but the following particulars concern- 
ing him and his descendants are taken almost entirely from 
the " Family Pedigree." He married first Mary Way mouth 
(daughter of John Waymouth, of Exeter), who was the 
mother of his children, ami died in 1793; second Elizabeth 
Belsham, who died in 1819, and was sister of the Reverend 
Thomas Belsham, 71 Minister (1805 — 1825) of the Essex 
Street Chapel, London. Mr. Timothy Kenrick died 
22nd August 1801, having had the following issue: — 

(1) John Kenrick, the well-known scholar and antiquary, 
who was born 1th February 1788. He was a 
man of quite extraordinary intellectual powers. 
A theologian with a consummate grasp of classical 
learning and literature ; a profound Hebrew 
scholar, declared by Dean Stanley to be " in 
the same line with Blomfield and Thirlwall ;" and 
an admitted expert in primitive and classical 
archaeology ; he was content to remain as Minister 
of the comparatively unimportant Chapel of St. 
Saviourgate, York, and to give the world the 
benefit of his learning. And some will think it 

?° The two were at this date often indistinguishable, a state of things 
which caused much unpleasantness, and a whole host of lawsuits. 8ft' T. S. 
James's " History of Legislation on Presbyterian Chapels." 

71 See " Dictionary of National Biography," which gives particulars of hie 
interesting career and of Ins descent from tlio families of Wingale, and I'aget 
of Hnaudcscrl. 


not the least of his .services that he was chiefly 
responsible for "the admirable condition of the 
Museum at York in its department of Antiquities." 
He married in August 1821 Letitia Well beloved, 
eldest daughter of the Reverend Charles Well- 
beloved, 7 ? but by her (who died in 1879) had no 
issue. Mr; Kenrick died 7th March 1877. There 
is a full account of him in the " Dictionary of 
Rational Biography," and a delightful " Tn 
Memoriam " study of his character and life was 
written by the late Dr. Martineau. 

(2) Samuel Kenrick. Horn 11th January 1700, and 

succeeded to his uncle James Ken rick's banking 
business. Married 23rd September 1822 his first 
cousin Mary Anne Kenrick, daughter of his uncle 
Archibald Kenrick, but by her (who died . . January 
1888) had no issue. Mr. Samuel Kenrick died 
. . December 1851. 

(3) George Kenrick (The Rev.). Born at Exeter 1792, 

and was successively Presbyterian Minister at 
Chesterfield, Hull, Maidstone and Hampstead. 
He married three times : — First, in 1817, Mary 
Hodgson, daughter of the Rev. Richard Hodgson, 
of Doncaster, and by her had a daughter Marianne, 
who married in 1849 Abraham Champion, of 
Bristol, engineer, and died in 1898 ; second, 
11th October 1822, Margaret Bowring, daughter 
of Charles Bowring, of Exeter. She died without 
issue, September 1821, and was buried at riveter ; 
third, in May 1818, . . . daughter of . . . Walters. 
The Bev. George Kenrick died in 1874. He was 
a man of some eminence in his calling, and is 
briefly noticed in the " Dictionary of National 
Biography." Hunter notes that he was living 
at Clifton, Bristol, in 1821. 

(1) Lucy Kenrick. Born 27th March 1786. Married 

26th November 1831 Timothy Smith, who died 
hi 1834. She died in 1877. 

(2) Mary Kenrick. Born May 1791. Married in 1813 
Thomas Whitehead Reid. 



i. lit. ..v.... .-.. v.i vjv/i..i i. iv.. ill KJl MtUlllUUU^r, .1 I L v v «l S ?v Ltlll t. U Lilt 

of Scott. ITiese Scotts owned land at Groat Barr, Stafford's! 
have been unite u distinct family from the Scotts, B&sone 
Sefl Rut'kp's " ('uii.iiioih.ts," iii, (i('>7, where there is a <;ood ]>e 
ninny references to the Hyland, Addycs, Kettle, and Taylor 
Known in Hie di-irui round Birmingham. 


Archibald Ken rick, ancestor of the Kenricks of West Brom- 
wieh and Birmingham. See Pedigree 5 b. 

Mary Kenrick. Baptised at Chester Street Chapel, Wrexham, 

19th November 175.1. Living 7(h February 1773. Died 

Martha Kenrick. Bern 1702. Baptised at Chester Street 
Chapel. Wrexham, 18 June 1702. Married the Rev. .James 
Parry, of Wrexham, afterward of Chester, where she died 
2nd August 1853, but was buried at Wrexham. 

Sarah Kenrick. Born 25th February 1777. Married Ralph 
Eddowes, of Chester, son of John Eddowes of a well- 
known family at Whitchurch, Salop. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph 
Eddowes emigrated to the United States, where she died 
at Uopley, near Philadelphia, 30th January 1815, having 
had at least thirteen children, lie died in 1833. 

(To be continual.) 


Hv Sin Edmund T. Bkwtjky,, F.S.A. 

In an article on this subject in the last number of The 
Genealogist l it was asserted with some confidence, for the reasons 
there stated, that Thomas Fleetwood, who was Sherill' of West- 
meath in 1625—1626, and again in 1 026—- 1627, must have been 
the same person as Thomas Fleetwood, brother of Lady Lamhart, 
and that the latter probably came originally to Ireland " to 
discharge the duties of Seneschal of the Manor of Ivilbeggan, . . . 
or to act in some other capacity in the management of the extensive 
Lamhart estates." The correctness of these conclusions has now 
been established by evidence recently discovered. 

There are in the Public Record Ollice at Dublin somewhat more 
than 13,000 Chancery Bills filed prior to September 1634, which are 
still unindexed. A good many years ago a Calendar or Chronological 
Catalogue of these Bills was compiled, giving the dates of the 
filing and the names of the parties, but it has hitherto remained 
unbound and not accessible to the general public. This list 
has been carefully examined by Mr. Tenison Croves, an experienced 
Record agent, well known to all workers in the Public Record 
Office at Dublin, and he very kindly noted for mo all Bills to 
which a Fleetwood was a party. These proved to bj eight in 
number; but two referred to the Fleetwoods of Munster, and two 
others to some litigation between Sir Miles Fleetwood and Lord 
(-avan ; in tho remaining four the first Thomas Fleetwood, of 
Kilbeggan, was a defendant. Of these latter, one was of no 
importance, being concerned merely with a claim against Thomas 

1 N.S., vol. xxiv, p. 217. 


Fleetwood on foot of a Mill of Exchange, but throe proved to 
be of considerable interest. On 9 th May 1 6 2 12 , Maltby Mrabazon, 
William O'Molloy, and Robert Ware, Esquires, filed their Mill 
against the Right Honourable Lady Lambart, Baroness of Cavan, 
and Thomas Fleetwood, stating that the plaintiffs were sureties 
for George Maltby, who was indebted to Lady Lambart in the 
sum of £600, and that before they entered into the security 
required, Thomas Fleetwood " being brother and agent of the 
said Lady Maroness, and pretending himself to have authority to 
receive the rents and dispose of the lands of the said George 
Maltby" promised if they became sureties to get directions and 
authority to the under-tenants to pay £lie said rents to the 
plaintiffs, but that he had not only failed to obtain the promised 
warrant or authority, but had charged the under-tenants not to 
pay the said rents to the plaintiffs, and had recovered judgment 
against the plaintiffs in an action in the Common Pleas on a 
bond for the penal sum of £1,1200 entered into by the plaintiffs 
with the said Thomas Fleetwood as a trustee for Lady Lambart. 

On 21st June 1G27, a Bill in Chancery was filed by Melchior 
Vanloere, of Dublin, against James Large and Thomas Fleetwood, 
alleging that by a bond dated 4th July 1C26, the Right 
Honourable Dame Hester Lambart, Lady Baroness of Cavan, 
became bound to the plaintiff' in the sum of one hundred and 
thirty-two pounds sterling to secure the payment of three score 
and seven pounds sterling. The sum not having been paid, the 
plaintiff went to England to make application to Lady Lambart, 
and she wrote her letters to James Large, of Tullocullin, in the 
county of Cavan, gent., steward unto the said lady and receiver 
of her rents in this kingdom, authorising him to see the plaintiff 
satisfied out of the rents of her estates, and also sent directions 
"unto Thomas Fleetwood, of Kilbeggan, in the county of West- 
meath, Esquire, who is likewise agent and receiver for the said 
lady in this kingdom." That Large and Fleetwood had promised 
to pay, but had retained the letters and made no payment. 

These two Mills clearly establish the facts that the first Thomas 
Fleetwood, of Kilbeggan, was the brother of Lady Lambart and 
acted as her agent in the management of the Lambart estates. 

A Bill in Chancery was filed on 30th April 1629, by Dame 
Alice Fettiplace, the relict of Sir Edmund Fettiplace, Knight, 
against Thomas Fleetwood, Christopher Burned, and Edniond 
O'Bronane, which stated that a judgment had boon obtained 
against the plaintiff for £30 12s. 6d., whereon execution was 
issued " about Whitsuntide last to Thomas Fleetwood, Esquire, 
High Sheriff of the County of Westmeath," and that though 
the debt had been paid, possession of certain lands taken in 
execution had been wrongfully retained by Fleetwood and the 
other defendants. This proves that Thomas Fleetwood had served 
as Sheriff of the County for a third time in 1628. An examination 
of the 1'ipo Molls For the period shows that this was so. 


fluq&alr's JTisttattoii of ttorhsbtrt, 


(Continued fn,»i I'nl . .V.V/I", /.. 2(10. ) 

DunociBter 14 Sept. 1005. 

Doncastkr Borough. 



Arms:— Per pale Argent, and Azure, a chevron between three chaplets, all 


bp. at Snaitb 22 July 1623, d. 30 Nov., bur. 2 Dec. 1097 
at Campsall. Will G Doc. 1694, pr. II Mar. 1697-8; mar. 
first Anna, dauyhter of Thomas Ellys, of NotthiU, in co. 
lied/., Esq'., (I. s.p., bur. at Campsall II July 1682. M.T. 
Mar. secondly Mary, tlau. of Edmund Watson, of llaigh 
Mali, in South Kirk-by (rvnrnr. Kcriiy Curivr; Esq., of 
Kildwick), l.ur. at Oanipsall 27 Nov. ' 1 7;«>. They had 

Thomas (J I). 

Edmund, Barrister-at-Law and Bencher of Gray's Inn, 

bp. at Campsall 15 July 1688, d. unmar. 1764. 
William, bp. at Campsall 12 Aug. 1689, bur. there 

17 Nov. 1690. 
Henry, D.D., Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge, 
Rector of Tewin, co. Hertf., bp. at Campsall 
8 June 1691, bur. there 1 Dec. 1774. Will 
12 May 1773, pr. at York (cxviii, 423). 
Nicholas, bred a merchant, bp. at Campsall 18 July 

1693, d. unmar., bur. there 27 Nov. 1731. 
Francis, Principal of B rase nose College, Oxford, Rector 
of Aynho, co. Northampton, bp. at Campsall Mar. 
1691, d. unmar. 2f) Apr., bur. there II May 1770 
M.I. J 

24 duodalk's visitation ok yorkshirk. 

II. THOMAS YARUUltGH, of Campsmount, bp. at Campsall 
23 May 1G87, bur. there 9 Sept. 177?, M.I.; mar. Joanna, 
third dan. of Tobias Harvey, Esq., of Woinersley, 8 Feb. 
1718-19, bur. at Campsall 7 Mar. 1762. They bad issue— 

1. Thomas, bp. at Campsall 13, bur. there 15 Apr. 


2. Thomas, bp. at Campsall 3 July, bur. there 5 Aug. 


1. Mary, bp. at Campsall 2 Jan. 1719-20, bur. there 

19 Mar. 1762. 

2. Joanna, bp. at Campsall 19 Aug. 1723, bur. there 

4 Aug. 1765. 

3. Dorothy, bp. at Campsall 9, bur. there 18 Nov. 1725. 

4. Anne, bp. at Campsall 21 May 1728, d. unmar. 

27 Apr. 1793, bur. at Campsall. 

5. Elizabeth, bp. at Campsall 30 Oct. 1729, d. unmar. 

23 Nov. 1801, bur. at Campsall. 

6. Bridget, bp. at Campsall 16 Nov. 1731, bur. there 

6 Oct, 1712. 

7. Sarah, bp. at Campsall 27 June 1734, bur. there 

7 June 1735. 

Mr. Hunter says the two Miss Yarburghs, Anne and Elizabeth, 
who were become the only remaining descendants of Mr. Yarburgh, 
the first settler at Campsall, all their uncles having died unmarried, 
selected for their heir one of their nearest relations on their mother's 
side, Geo. Cooke, Esq., of Streetthorpe, whose mother was another 
of the daughters of Tobias Harvey, of Womersley, to take the name 
and arms of Yarburgh, for which he received the royal permission 
5 July 1802. He was ancestor of the present owner. 


I. EDMUND YARBURGH, of Dohcabter, D". of Phisick (third 
son of Edmund Yarburgh, Esq., of Maine Hall, and Sarah, 
daughter and coheir of Thomas Wormeley, see Genealogist, 
N.S., vol. xxiv, p. 257), cet. 40 annorum 14 Sept. 1665, bp. at 
Snaith 7 June 1625, bur. at Doncaster 19 May 1699, admon. 
at York 22 June 1699 ; mar. Anne, daughter of Thomas 
Stanhope, of Stotfold, in com. A'bor., S' 1 son of S r John 
Stanhope, of Mdivood, in com. Line. They had issue — 

Thomas, a:t. 4 mensium 14 Sept. 1665, bp. at Doncaster 

18 May 1665, bur., there 7 Feb. 1669-70. 
Edmund, bp. at Doncaster 1 May 1667, bur. there 

23 Apr. 1668. 
John, bp. at Doncaster II Mir. 1668-9. 
Nicholas, bp. kit Doncaster 28 Sept. 1671, bur. there 

15 May 1671. 
Stanhope, of Hotherham, bp. at Doncaster 14 July 
1674; (1) mar. and had issue — 

John, bur. at Kotherham 28 Aim. 1701. 



Henry (Tl). 

Willi. un, 1)|>. at Doncaster 23 Jan. 1676-7, bur. there 

17 Apr. 1077. 
Gerard, bp. 9 July 1678; mar. 16 Feb. 1695-6 at 

VVadworth, Ann Ealy. 

II. HENRY YARBURGH, of Barnhy Don, bp. at Doncaster 
19 Aug. 1675 ; mar. Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Farmer, 
Esq., relict of Armstrong Gregory, Esq., at Barnhy Don, 
18 Dec. 1701. They had issue- 
John, bp. at Barnby Don 13 Oct. 1702. 
Edmund, bp at Barnby Don 1 Mav 1704, bur. there 

23 Apr. 1705. 
Thomas, bp. at Barnby Don 30 Oct. 1711. , 

Langbakg Wapkntakk. 

Yorkc. 21 Mart. 1665. 



Akms : — Gules, a chevron Ermine between three half spears with broken staves 
Or, headed Argent, on an inescutcheon the badge of a Baronet of 

Crest : — Out of a mural coronet Gules a lion's head erased Or, pierced through 
the neck with a broken spear as in the Arms. 

I. THOMAS PENNYMAN, of Stokesley, mar. Ann, daughter 
to . . . Gatonby. They had issue — 
Ralph (II). 
Thomas, d. s.p. 
George, d. s.p. 

IT. RALPH PENNYMAN; mar. Jane, dau. of . . . Salt marsh. 
They had issue — 

Hubert (III). 


III. ROBERT PENNYMAN, ESQ'., of Stokesley. Will 28 Dec 
15?3, ,„•. at York 11 Mar 15.33-1, t«, be bur. at Stokesley 
(vol. xj, 6»); mar. Margaret, tUu. of John Saver, of 
W orsall. They had issue— 

William (IV). 

James, iiained in his father's will. 

Robert hanged at York for joining the rebellion of 

Jane, 1 , . 

Mai-erie, ) ,iainofl "» their father's will. 

TV. WILUM PEN NY MAN, of Ormesby, in com. Ebor., E, r . ; 
mar. Ann, dau. of Thomas Cleasby, of Cleasby. They had 
issue — 

Jakis (V). 

William, of Stokesley. Will 26 Mar. 1588, pr. at 
York 12 Dec. 1595, to be bur. in Ormaby Church 
(vol. xxvi, 204). 
Mary, \ 

Margaret, named in their brother William's will. 

Averell, j 


V. JAMES PENNY MAN, of Ormesby, in com. Ebor., Emf 
unto whom IVu/'m Sey m Eso>., Novroy k'imj of Amies, by 
hts Instruvient nude* the Scale of his offlce, bear in,/ date 
I May „<- 1699, yrauted the Crest here depicted in his coate 
of amies, bur. at Ormesby 20 Nov. 1624. Admon. at York 
5 May 1625. 

He had a son, commonly said to have been illegitimate, named, 
Will. Penuyman, E.s (/ '., one of the six Clerks in 

Chancery, of St. Albans. Will 21 Feb. 1G25-6 

|»r. at York 2 Get, 1628 (vol. xli, 87 a); mar. 

Anne, da. of Robert Aske, of Auyhton, in com. 

Ebor., Est/'. They had issue — 

S r WUliam Pennyman, 11'., Governour of 
Oxford a" 161,5, died without issue, b. circa 
1607, matric. at Christ Chuch, Oxford, 
31 Oct. 1623, set. sixteen, admitted at 
Inner Temple, M.P. for Richmond 1610, 
a Royalist and fought at Edgehill, cr. a 
Baronet 22 Aug. 1628, d. s.p. 23 Aug. 1643, 
bur. in Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford. 
M.I., admon. 1619 in London (see Diet, of 
Nat. Riog.) ; mar. Anne, da. and sole 
heire. of Will'm Atterton (Atherton), by 
Katherine, hi* wi/e, da. and coheir of 
Christopher, L" Conyers, of Hornby Castle, 
in com. Ebor., d. 13 July 1644, bur. at 
Oxford with her husband. 


Afar. Anne or Agnes, daughter of Robert Burnet, of Ary- 
holme, in Cleveland, in com. Ebor., bur. at Ormesby 28 May 
1605, Tlu-y had issue — 
/. James (VI). 

Reginald, \ 
Thomas, , 

Robert, i°' K 8 ' l ,roh 

Jo hi 
2. Will'm Pennyman, 

Ellen, wife of Alan (Jertain Of Sail on, oj Red Can; 

in co. Ebor., bur. at Ormesby IS Feb. 1GG3-4. 
Mary, wife of Thomas Pilley, of Skeldersheui/h, in co. 

Anne, wife of Henry Yoivard, oj Westerdale, in co. 

Eliz., wife of Straiu/icayes Eradshdn; of Upsall, in co. 

Ebor., Ho. 1599. 

VI. JAMES PEN NY MAN, of Ormesby, Es<f , died on S. Luke's 
day a" 1055, bur. at Ormesby 1<J Oct. 1655. Will 29 June 
1655, or. at York 2 Jan. L655-6 (Abs. York. llec. Ser., ix, 
89) ; m<ir. Cath., da. of W'dtm K'uujuley, of Canterbury, 
I wife, at Ormesby 19 Sept. 1603. ' They bad issue— 

1. S r James (VM). 

2. Thomas Pennyman, />. in Divinity, now Rector of 

the Parish Church of Stokesley in com. Eborum, 
bp. at Ormesby 10 Apr. 1614, bur. at Stokesley 
2.J Oct. 1688; mar. first at Kirklcatham Sarah, 
dau. of John Tumor, Esq., of Kirkleatham, 23 Oct. 
1631, bur. there 29 June 1652. 
Mar. secondly . . . They had issue - 

Ann, ljp. at Stokesley 27 May 1661, bur. 

there 9 Jan. 1661-2. 
Sara, bp. at Stokesley 5 Oct. 1662. 
Marmaduke, bp. at Stokesley 20 Oct. 1663, 

bur. there 11 Feb. 1661-5. 
Mary, bp. at Stokesley 20 Oct. 1663, bur. 

there 27 May 1667. 
Thomas, bp. at Stokesley 11 Feb. 166-1-5, 

bur. there 22 Mar. 1669-70. 
Jolt*, bp. at Stokesley 8 Mar. 1G65-G. 
Edward, bp. at Stokesley 27 July, bur. 

1 Oct. 1667. 
Richard, bp. at Stokesley 19 Nov. 1668. 
Robert, bp. at Stokesley 8 Feb. 16G9-70. 
Mary, bp. at Stokesley ' 2 1 Feb. 1670-1. 
Mar. secondly Joane, da. of . . . Smith, Citizen of Loudon, 
bur. at Ormosby II Apr. 1657. Tlu-y had issuo-- 

Wilfm Pennyman, oj Ormesby, bp. at Ormesby, 
(1)2 Sept. 1621, bur. at Ormesby 21 Sept. 1659. 
Will 20 Sept. 1659, pr. at London' 11 Sept. 1660 


(Abs. York. Rec. Ser., ix, 1(*>7) ; mar. Joaw', 
damjhter of . . . Tocketts, of ■ . . in Kent, bur. at 
Ormesby 18 Aug. 1659. They had issue 

James, of Mutton Loweross, bp. at Ormesby 

10 Au-. [652. Will 21 Nov. 1698, pr. 

at York (vol. Ixii, -10); mar. firs! Elinor 

Lee, at Guisborough, 2 1 June 1077, bur. 

there .'5 July 1689. They had issue — 

Thomas, (I) if bp. at Stokesley 2 Apr. 

1078, .sole executor of his father's 


James, bp. at Guisborough 15 Feb. 

1680-1, named in his father's will. 
John, named in his father's will. 
Elizabeth, bp. at Guisborough 27 May 

107D, bur. 21 May' 1081. 
Catherine, bp. at Guisborough 12 May 

1085, named in her father's will. 
Franee.s, bp. at Guisborough 9 Dee. 1080, 
named in her father's will. 
Mar. secondly Elizabeth (?) Saunders. They 
had issue — 

William, bp. at Guisborough 7 Mar. 

1690-1, named in his father's will. 
Richard, bp. at Guisborough 29 Sept. 

1095, named in his father's will. 
Edward, (Oof London, saddler, bp. at 
Guisborough 9 Mai-. 1090-7, named 
in his father's will. 
Esther, bp. at Guisborough 7 Mar. 
1090-1, named in her father's will. 
Will 21 Mar., pr. at York Aug. 1758 
(vol. eii, 82). 
Elizabeth, bp. at Guisborough 3 Nov. 
William, of Norman by j bp. at Eston 16 Dec. 
1058, had £1,200 i'n his father's will, bur. 
at Eston 12 Dec. 1718. Will 30 July 
1717, pr. al York (vol. lxxiv, 475); mar. 
Annabella, dau: of Sir Richard Browne, 
Bart., of Debden, eo. Essex, bur. at 
Belfreys 10 Jan. 1721-2. Will 29 Apr. 
1721, pr. at York 17 Jan. 1721-2 (vol. 
lxxvi, 111). They had issue — 

Richard, bp. at Belfreys 21 May 168-1, 

bur. at Eston 22 Mar. 1719-20. 
William, bp. at Belfreys 23 July 1688. 
John, bp. at Belfreys 1, bur. there 

3 Mar. 1089-90. 
Edward, bp. at Eston 28 Feb. 1693-4, 
bur. there 21 May 1091. 


Ann&bella, bp. at BelfreyB 25 June 
L685 1 mar. ;it St. < Have's, York, 
•I Sept. 1721 Nicholas Mosley. 
Elizabeth, mar. at Eston Rev. William 

Consett, 17 Oct. 1712. 
Johanna, mar. at Eaton Capt. Matthew 

Consett 17 Mar. 1722-.'}. 

Frances, bur. at Eaton 20 Jan. 1702-3. 

Joan, had £1,000 in her father's will, l.p. at 

Ol'inesby -1 Sept. 1651 ; mar there William 

Davison, Esq. 

Prances, had £1,000 in her father's will, bp. 

at Orineshy 2:5 Feb. 1653-4. 

Elizabeth, hail £1,000 in her father's will, 

bp. at Ormcsby II Sept. 1 G5f> ; mar. there 

1 May IC'.U John Norland. 

John IVhui/hhm, of London, woollen draper; mar. 

three times; bur. at Bunhill Fields ( .) July 1706 

(sec his life in Diet. Nat. IJiog.). lie had issue. 

Godfrey, bp. 26 Nov. 1629, but. 12 Ffefc 1631-2 at 

Bradshaw, bp. at Ormeshy 28 Feb. 1634-5. 
Joane, wife unto John Gybson, of Welbume, in co. 
Ebor. t bp. 17 Oct. 1632 at Orineshy ; mar. there 
3 Sept, 1650. 
Ann, bp. 1!) Dec. 1625, bur. 2 Nov. 1626 at Ormeshy. 
Audrey, bp, 1 'J June, hur. 9 Nov. 1627 at Ormeshy. 
Joan, i). and hur. 8 Sept. 1631. 

VII. .S v JAMES PENNY MAN, of Ormesby, Knt. <fc Bart., mac le 
Kit 1 , by l\. Charles if t H find /lor', by King (J har!es the 2j y 
iet. 58 (tun. :.'l Martij. IVUo, bp. at Ormeshy 6 Mar. 1 607-8, 
hur. there 24 Apr. 1679, :et. seventy-one, admon. at York 
1079 ; mar, ATiV, da. <£• coheir of Stephen Nordifte, of 
Vorke, at St. Marv's, Castle-ate, York, 26 Dec. 1632, bp. 
21 Oct. 1612, hur. at Ormeshy 8 Apr. 1678. They had 


1. William, bp. and hur. Mar. 1632-3 at Ormeshy. 

2. James, bp. at St. Mary's, Durham, 7 Apr. 1637, hur. 

there 13 Apr. 1638. 

3. Thomas (VI II). 

VIII. SIR THOMAS PENNYMANy son and heire, tel. H 
an nor urn M" Martij a° D. 1G6~>, second Baronet, High 
Sheriff 1703, lip. at St. Mary, South Bailey, Durham, 
29 Aug. 164-J, hur. at Orineshy 3 Aug. 1708. Will 6 Dec. 
1700, pr. at York Oct. 1 70S (vol. lxv, 5) ; mar, circa 
Hit - . I {''ratios, damjhtrr of S> John I.otr/ha; of I.otrlher, 
in eo. W'e.ihnor/ond, liar*. They had issue — 

1. James (IX). 

•J. John, itt. It ami. 1605. 


Thomas, named in his father's will. 
William, bp. at Stokeslcy 28 Nov. IG67. 

Charles, executor of his father. 

Henry, of Grantham, co. Line, bur. at Ponton Parva 
29 Aug. 1754 1 mar. Elizabeth, dau. oi . . . Daye, 
bur. at Ponton Parva 27 Mar. 1750. They bad 
issue — 

James, of Ponton Parva, bur. there G Nov. 
I7G4 ; mar. Dorothy . . . , bur. at 
Ponton Parva 13 Jan. 1810. They had 
issue — 

James, bp. at Ponton Parva 28 Sept. 

1747, bur. there 12 Dec. 1718. 
William, bp. at Ponton Parva 18 .Sept. 

1704, bur. there 22 July 1806. 
John Henry, Major of the Cimjue Port 
Dragoons, bp. at Ponton Parva 19 Mar. 
175G, bur. there 25 Nov. 1795. 
Elizabeth, bp. at Stokesley 17 Dee. 1668. 
Catherine, bp. at Stokesley 8 July 1G72; mar. Alan 
Catchpole, of London. 

TX. SIR JAMES PENNYMAN, of Ormesby, int. 4 ami. 21 March 
1065, third Baronet, d. 17 Dee. 174"), vat. eighty-four, bur. 
at Stainton 24 Dec. 1745. Will 24 Apr. 1743, pr. at York 
21 Jan. 1 745 G (vol. lxxxix, 375); mar. Mary, dau. of 
Michael Warton, sister and coheir of Sir Michael Warton, 
of Beverley, 7 Nov. 1692, at St. Ciles'-in-the-Fields. They 
had issue — 

1. James Pennyman, Es<[., of Ormesby, bp. 17 Jan. 

1693-1, at Coney Street, York, d. s.p. v. p. 23 Dec. 
1743; mar. Dorothy, dau. of William Wake, 
Archbishop of Canterbury, d. 2 Dec. 1754, bur. 
at Croydon. Will I Aug. 1753, pr. at York 
1755 (xcix, 65). 

2. Sir William Pennyman, fourth Baronet, High Sheriff 

1750, d. unmar. 1G Apr. 17G8, tet. seventy-three, 
bur. at Stainton, M.I. Will 21 Jan. 17G3, pr. at 

3. Thomas, of Bishop Burton, Esq., d. 30 July 1759. 

Will 8 Apr. 1755, pr. at York 25 Aug. 1759 
(vol. ciii, 213). 

4. Sir Warton Pennyman, fifth Baronet, assumed name 

of Warton, bp. at Stainton 1 July 1700, d. s.p.m. 
14 Jan. 1770, bur. at P.cvorley, ALL Will 1 Jan., 
pr. at York 30 Jan. 1770 (vol. cxiv, 12); mar. 
Charlotte, dau. of Sir Charles Hotham, 31 Mar. 
1725, d. 7, bur. 14 June 1771 at Holy Trinity, 
Alieklegate, York. Will 18 Aug. 1770, pr. at 
York 25 (Feb. 1771 (vol. cxv, 48). They had 
issue • 


James, Major Queen's Dragoons, bp. -4 Jan. 

1 725-6, d. s p., v. p. 
Charles, bp. at Beverley 1 73 §, bur. at St. 

Crux 3 Aug. 1738. 
Mary, mar. William Berry, Esq., of Bristol, 

d. 19 Apr. 1789, bur. at Beverley. M.I. 
Margaret, mar. Henry Maistcr, Es<j. 
Dorothy, bp. at St. Martin's, Micklegate, 

York, US May 1734. 
Philippa, d. uiiniar. 
Gertrude, d. uninar. 
Harriet, mar. Henry Stupleton, Esq., of 

W'ighill, at St. Mary's, Beverley, 26 Feb. 

Caroline, mar. Roger Gee, Esq., of Bishop 


Diana, mar. General George llolham. 
Charlotte, mar. Krancis Boy 1 1 ton, Esq., of 
5. Kalph (X). 

Maria or Mareia, bur. 14 Apr. 1711 at Stainton. M.I. 

X. RALPH PENNYMAN, ESQ., of Beverley, d. 10 Aug. 17G8, 
bur. at St. Mary's, Beverley, M.T. ; mar. Bridget, dau. of 
Thomas Gee, of Bishop Burton (relict of John Taylor) at 
St. Mary's, Beverley, 9 Nov. 1732, d. 7 June 1711, bur. 
at Beverley. M.I. They had issue — 
Sir James (XI). 

Mary, bp. at Belfreys 1 Feb. 1733-4, d. uninar. 
Charlotte, bp. at St. Crux 3 Nov. 1735; mar. William 

Bethell, Esq., d. s.p. 
Dorothy, bp. at St. Mary's, Bevtrley, G Feb. 1738-9, 
d. 14 Nov. 1811, bur. at Beverley Minster; mar. 
Kev. James Worsley, Rector of Stonegrave. They 
were grand-parents of James White Worsley, who 
succeeded to the estates on death of the seventh 

XI. SIR JAMES PENNYMAN, of Ormesby, sixth Baronet, 
M.P. for Scarborough 1770-4 and Beverley 1774-96, bp. at 
Beverley 6 Dec. 1736, d. 27 Mar. 1808, bur. at Stainton, 
M.T. ; mar. first Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Henry Grey, Bart., 
of Howick. They had issue — 

Sir William Henry (XII). 



Henry Grey, ,, , 

/ii l >all d. s.p 





Hannah, d. 10 June 183(5, tet. sixty three. M.I. at 

Stain tun. 
Charlotte, mar. first Charles Robinson ; secondly John 

Watson ; thirdly, .1. C Boss. 
Frances Harriet, mar. first Charles John Berkeley, 

M.J). ; secondly J. W. C. Robinson, Esq., d. s.p. 
Mai', secondly Mary Maleham. 

of Ormesby, bp. 21 Jan. 1761 at St. Mary's, Beverley, d. 
s.p. 9 'May 1852, set. eighty -eight, bur. at Beverley Minster. 
Will 30 May 1848, pr. 28 June, 1852, leaving the estates 
to his sister Frances Harriet Robinson for life, and after 
her decease, without issue, to his heir James White 
Worsley. He mar. Charlotte, dau. of Bethel] Robinson, 
Esq.* of Oatwick, who died 3 May 1848, set. eighty-two, 
bur. at Beverley Minster. M.I. 

Authorities — Pennyman Records, privately printed— Parish Registers 
—York Wills. 


Threske, 23 Aug. 1G65. 



©brrsta (Ollnrsk). 

Aumh :— Azure, a cross puttee litchec fit the foot Or, on a chief of the- second 
three tleurs-de-lis of the held. 

T. GEORGE GROSTON, of Heath-Gharnock, in com. Lane, 
descended from (he Grostons of Groston, in com. Lane. ; 
nutr. . . . daughter of ... . H olden. They had issue — 

11. JOHN GROSTON, of Berry and Heath Ghamock, in co. 
Lane, died in a" Wl/V ; mar. Sarah, daughter of' Jeremy 
W aterhousc, of GrussehiU, neer Halifax, in com. Ebor. 
l'li»*< hud issue 



/. George Crostoitj an Utter- liarister of Graves June, 

died without issue. 
'2. Richard Croslon, of Heat h-Char nock, in co. Lane, 

of wfiovie in/-: issue remayiies. 
S. John Crostou, oj ileuth-Charnock, of whome hoc issue 

.!/. Edward Crostoit, of Killock and Herri/, in com. Lane. 
5. Jeremy (111). 

III. JEREMY CUOSTON, of Thresh: (Thirsk) in com. Ebor., 
at. J/Jf ami. 23 Ana. [.665; mar. Elizabeth le J'layl, a 
french woman, servant to Chariot, C'ouutcsse of Derby. 
They had issue — 

James Crostou, alatin 6 ann. f}3 Aug. 1665, bp. at 
Thirsk 30 June 1659. 
1. Chariot. 
'J. Mary, bp. at Thirsk 24 Sept. 1663. 

Jeremiah, bp. at Thirsk 11 Feb. 1656-7, bur. there 

30 Mar. 1660. 
Elizabeth, bp. at Thirsk 1 11 Feb. 1656-7, bur. there 
G Mar. 1G5G-7. 

The Bokrodoh of Lkkdks. 

Loodcs, II Aug. 1(305. 


Akms :— Argent, two bars gemclles botwoon throo sea-mows displayed Sable. 

It appoares tlrnt the grant of the Arnica was to S r John Spencer, L d Mayor, 
and his descendants, therefore these have no right to them. 

T. WILLIAM SPENSER, of ... , neer Stamford, in com. 
Line., cosen german to S r John Spenser, late L d Mayor of 
London; mar. . . . They had issue — 

1 These bcqiii to bo all the entries in the Thirsk Registers, 

34 duodalk'n visitation ok yokksiukk. 

/. Robert (II). 

2. John Spenser, of Enfield, in com. Midd. 

S. Oliver Spinner, of Enfield, in com. Midd. 

11. ROBERT SPENDER, citizen (did icK.c. chandler of London, 
note /icing J I" tiny. a a WG5 ; mar. Elizabeth, daughter of' 
Edtvard Pitt, <>r Houghton, in com. lleref. They hud 

issue — 

HI. RALPH SPElfSERov SPENCER, of Ilolm'a Hull, Llunsdet, 
Leeds, avid-chant in Leedes, at. 33 an. II" Aug. 1605, d. 10, 
bur. at Leeds 12 .May 1705, set. seventy-three. * Will |() .Jam 
17015, pr. at York (vol. Ixiii, 79) ; mar. Mary, daughter of 
Edmund Ogden, of Rochedale, in com. Lane, draper, bur. 
at Leeds 9 Sept. 1707. They had issue — 
Robert (IV). 
John, i>p. at. Leeds 17 .Jan. 166L a. sailer in London 

1 7 1 2. 
Ralph, d. 21 Nov. lt!77, ret. live, bur. at Leeds. M.I. 
. Edmund, bp. at Leeds 1 1 July 1672. 
William, bp. at Leeds 6 Apr. 1676, a merchant at 

Rotterdam (Thoreshy). 
Ebenezer, bp at Leeds 31 Oct. 1G83, a merchant at 

Rotterdam (Thoreshy). 
Elizabeth, bur. at Leeds 9 Apr. 1683. MI. 
Ralph, merchant at Leeds 1712 (Thoreshy); mar. 
Ann, dan. of Austin Qreenwuud, of Laneasler. 
They had issue — 

Austin, set. one year 1712. 
Mary, mar. .Samuel, son of Captain John Hatfield, uf 

IV. ROBERT SPENCUR, of Leeds, merchant, at. 2 an. 11 Aug. 
a" Hltli, bp. at Leeds 19 Aug. Kit').'!, d. v. p., bur. there 
27 Mar. 174)1, M.I.; mar. Abigail, dan. and h. of Andrew 
Taylor, of York, merchant, by Abigail, dan. of Thomas 
Bourchier. They had issue — 

An infant, bur. 11 Oct. lGiSN. 

A child, bur. 30 Deo. 1G93. 


Thomas, an officer in Col. Web's regiment (Thore.sby). 

Ralph, a Marine. 



X 714781 


Thb County of THK (Jitty of Yukkb. Yorko, 13 Sept. 1(505. 



Akms : — Azuro, threo (loini-lions rampant erased Or, a canton Argont. 

Ckkst : — A tloini-lion rampant Or, holding in his paws a laurel wreath 

7' HO MAS HARRISON, sometime L d Mayor of y Citty of 
Yorke, 1575 and 1592, innholder, bur. 13 Jan. 1G04-5 at 
St. Martin's, Micklegate, York. Will 22 Dec. 1603, pr. at 
York 28 Jan. 160-1-5 (vol. xxix, 192); mar. Julian . . . , 
bur. G Oct. 1595, at St. Martin's, Micklegate. They had 
issue — 

Thomas Harrison, sou and heire (a quo Harrison of 

John (II). 

Robert (a quo Harrison of Allerthorpe). 
Mary, mar. Thomas Herbert, of York, at St. Martin's, 

Micklegate, I 1 Sept. 1579. 
Frances, mar. William Kohinson, merchant at York, 
bur. at St. Crux 1 Mar. 15934. 

II. JOHN HARRISON, IJ Mayor of Yorke, a« W12 } merchant, 
Lord of Lhc Manor of Acaster Selby, had arms granted 
2 Aug. 1592, bur. 3 Oct. 1(125 at St. Martin's, Micklegate. 
Will 17 Feb. 102-1-5, pr. at York 1(5 Feb. 1625-G (xxxix, 
336) ; mar. Isabel, dau. and coheir of . . . Fryer, li Sept. 
1579, bur. 2 Dec. 1G30 at St. Martin's, Micklegate. Will 
last Feb. 1629-30, pr. at York 25 Nov. 1631 (xli, 5G2). 
They had issue — 
/. Thomas (111). 

%. John Harr'ison, a /)' of Rliis'wk, admitted at Gonville 
and Cains College, Cambridge, 30 Aug. 1612, bur. 
at Uell'irys 30 July 1632. Will 2H July 1G32, 
pr, at York 3 Apr'. 1633 (vol, ,\lii, 20 1). 

36 ihjcdalk's visitation ok yorkshiuk. 

3. Stephen Harrison, of Yorke, named in his mother's 

Jf. Robert, named in liia father's will. 
Anne, wife of . . . Freeman, of . . . 
Ursula, bur. at St. Martin's, Micklegate, 1 Jan. 1622-3 

Mary, mar. Roger Catterall. 
Agnes, mar. John Wyldon, gent., at St. Martin's, 

Micklegate, 24 Jan. 1618-9. 
Elizabeth, mar. . . . Constable. 
Isabel, mar. Tliomas Askwith. 

III. THO.UAS HARRISON, of Acaster, in the County of the 

(Jittij of Yorke, died a? 1624, r 't circa. Will 24 June 
HilMi, jjr. ;it York .'51 Jan. l(JliG-7 (xxxix, 53 1 ) J mar. Jo/tan, 
duuy/i. of Adam Haperton, of Haperton, in com Ebor. '1 hey 
hail issue — 

1. Cuthbert (IV). 

Robert, named in his father's will. 

John Harrison, of Acaster, mar}-. Anne, daughter of 

1. Isabel, wife of Walter Holmes, of . . . 

2. Alice, the wife of John Smithson, of . . . 

8. Elizabeth, wife of Christoph r Anuetstc.d, a Divine. 
Jt. Dorothy, wife of Peter Wilson, of Hamutherby 

( Amotherby), in co. Ebor. 

IV. CUTIIJiKRT HARRISON, of Acaster, a Cap* of Eoote 
■under Col. Henry Sl'nujsby, in the Service, of A'. Charles 
y* First, at. J f auuorum IS Sept. a" 1UU5, d. 20, bur. 
1'4 Apr. 1G99 at Stillinglleet, a:t. eighty-one, M.I., admon. 
to his daughter 6 June 1699, mar. Lennox, dantjh. of 
Manna, lake, l.<< Laiujdale, d. 6, bur. cS Feb. 1688-9 at 
Stillinglleet, M.I. They had issue— 

Lennox, at. C ana. I,! Sept. 1(J(>5, b. (i Feb. 1658-9; 
mar. first George, son of Sir Jeremiah Smith, of 
Osgodby '22 Oct. 1674, in Petergate, York, secondly 
Sir Lyon Pilkington, Bait., of Stanley; she d. 
17, bur. 22 July 170G at Ilemingborough, admon. 
22 Apr. 1707 to Sir Lyon Pilkington (see Raine's 
1 leiningborough, 281 ). 


^rtiigrrrs from tljc Be Banco Bolls, trmp. li?cnru U£L 

Uy II. J. T. Wool). 
(Continued from Vol. XXIV, p. 21W.) 

[336] Easter. 8 II en. VII. m. 156. 

Northants. See [215]. Richard Huleote sues George Ingleton and 
John Dyne for the manor of Huleote which John Khotesbroko 
temp. Henry V I gave to Uiyhard Pekke and Kli/.abeth his wife 
for life with remainder to John liulcote son of John Liulcote jun. 
son of John liulcote sen. in tail male with remainder to the right 
heirs of the said John liulcote sen. 

Richard Wydevyll of Grafton temp. Edw. IN gave the manor to 

Pulk do liulcote. ^pAgnos. 

r J 

The said John liulcote, -p.. . 


Richard IIuleoto.=f=. 


Richard liulcote, 

Tho said Richard Wydevyll.= 







Richard Wydovyll, lato 
Karl Uivora. 



f337] Easter. 8 ff*%. K//. m. 201. 

IlWc. — Writ to Sheriff to issue ;i prccepl to Thomas Aynes and 
.Joyce his wife to give to Humphrey Blike land in Kydcrmyster 
which William Fililode Lord of Asteley gave to 

...=f-Katheriiu: Fililode, his 
I daughter. 

L -i 

Richard, s. and h.=p... 

Richard, s. and h.=p... 

1 1 uni|iliri'v Hliki", H. and It., 


|338J Easter. 8 Hen. VII. mm. 203d., 204. 

Dorset and Somerset. — Recovery by John Smyethe against John 
Oalowo of the manors of Deuelessh, Last l'tdham and I hmteryssh 
and lands in Bokeland, llelton and M ilhonrnc St. Andrew co. I )orsct 
and the manor of Lstcoket co. Somerset. 

Henry Smyotho, temp.=j=... 
K.Uv. 111. 

Thomas, a. and h.-^ -... 

John Smyethe, s. and h., 

[339] Easter. 8 Hen. VII. m. 265. 

Cornwall. — As [311]. John Cheyndut arm. Lord of Bodamian 
10 lien. V gaVo the manors of Lodamian Canta Tremore Trewolek 
Treweythian Treweres and St. Mauduyt to Richard Cheyndut his 
son in tail, with remainder to Johanna sister of the said Richard in 
tail, with remainder to Walter llungerfonl K lit. and Catherine his 
wife and the heirs of the said Catherine, remainder to William 
Lord of IJotreaux in tail, remainder to King Hen. V. 


Iioncdicfc Uorklo.T=... 


L — l 
Thomas, son of William , Margaret. 

( !ho\ nihil. 


Tim Bail! John Choytnliifc. \ ... 

r ^ n 

Kit-hard Chcyudut, s.p. ...=f Johanna. 

John Pengelly, s. and h. 


John Pfuifjfflly, h. niul 

[340] Boater. 8 Hen. VII. m. 277. 
York.— As [234]. 
Judgment for plaintiff in default of appearance. 

[341] Easter. 8 Hen. VII. m. 316. 

York. — Iticliard Benet and Agues his wife and Brian Palmer sue 
Isabella W'illcsthoi p for partition of the manors of (Sanutoti 
Potterbromplon Staxton and Kirksmeton and of lands in G ami ton 
Fottei'brompton Staxton Stieirburfi Willciby Itouclif juxta Burgh- 
bryg Mynskyp Alilburgh (Jrafton Kirksmeton Norton and Wont- 

William Wiliest horp.=F . .. 

Mellaril— Atones, it. 
lieuet, ami coh. 

lirian Palmer, -p Anastasia, il. anil 


coh., deceased. 

Isabella, d. and 
coh., defendant. 

Anna l'ulmer. 

[312] Easter. 8 lien. VII. m. 318. 
Devon.— An [257]. 

Judgment for Thomas Marquess of Dorset and Cecily his wife 

by consent. 


[343] Trin. H Hen. VII. m. 65. 

Devon. — Leonard GilFard sues Johanna Lygha of Haldesworthy for 
waste at Thornerton on land demised by Gilbert Denya son and 
heir of Thomas Denys of Bradford, grandfather of the said Leonard, 
whose heir he is. 

[344] Trin. 8 lien. VII. m. 112. 

Somerset. — John Sydenham and Elizabeth Ins wife sue John Courtenay 
and Elizabeth his wife for the manors of Torneston and Sandford 
Bret and rent in Wechet, which were settled 11 Edw. flT, by fine 
made between William son of Adam le Bret and William Moyonn 
chaplain and John Moyonn, part of the premises being then held 
for life by Edmund de Sannford and Alice his wife. 

i 1 1 ~r , , , i .. , . 

The said William, Adam le Matilda 1 -do Bdmnnd, 1 a.=p .. Joint's, of John 
B.of AdaiuTeBret, Uret, s.p. Soyiit Quyn- of Edmund de Soynt Quyn- 

s.p. tyno, s.p. deSaunford. | tyno. 



... -t- Johanna, (I. and h. 

John, s. and h 


■Margaret, d. and 




John. s. and 1 

John Sydenham==Elixaboth, d. and h., 

[3-15] Trin. 8 Tien. VII. m. 1 17. 

Somerset.— John Trote sues William Seymour arm. for land in Ilton. 
Richard Trpte, Hon. VI. 


Henry, s. and h.-p. 




Jolin Trotc, s. and li 


Judgment for defendant, the phiiufilV beifig proved a bastard. 

1 Probably uterine brothers ami sinter of William, son of Adam In lint. — Kd. 



[310] Trin. 8 Hen. VII. m. 257 d. 

Notts. — Writ to Sheriff to issue a precept to William Parnell and 
I sot his wife to ^ive to William Gmnnger land in Bgmanton wliich 
Richard do Shirhoarn Hector of Egmunton gave to 

Adam Cufniain.=F... 


...^Margery, <i. and li. 


William, s. and h 


Jolin, h. and li. 



. .. y Alice, d. and h. 

— "" ' 
, .,=j=Emma, d. and h. 

William Granger, a. and h. 

[347] Trin. 8 Hen. VII. m. 267. 
Ox/ai r ~£\wmi\» Males iii Mast. 6 lien. VII sued Aioise Manntell 

widow for the manor of Ifylettes and laud in Henley on Thames 
and Asshendou of which Richard Mannyon temp. Edw. I V disseised 
William Males father of the said Thomas whose heir he is. 

Henry Doget. 


Robert Pygot.=Isabella, d. 

and coli. 

William Thornehill. =f Juliana, d. 
and coli. 

Plaintiff recovers. 

William Thoniehill. 

[318] Trin. 8 II en. VII. m. 271. 

Kent. — .John Manynghsim Knt. was summoned to answer Roger Gille 
for illegal distress at a place called N T et hei ly Held ill Bromley. 
William Crossewyke of London and others demised the manor of 
Sumliisshe and lands in Broiiiley, (Jhexelherst ami liekvnhani to 
Andrew Pykman Citizen and Fishmonger of London and Johanna 
his wife for life, with remainder to 

John Sybill, Citizen— 
of London. 

A ndrow, H.p 



liaiiulpli I "... i !<• 



Itolicil Itotlie, who demised l.o Haid linger. 



[349] Trin. 8 Hen. VII. m. 309. 

Nor/. — Leonard (Jasfell arm. was summoned to answer John Klanhowe 
for illegal dis! rcss at a place called Fjongeroft in liedyn^ham. 


Nicholas Castell. 


Humphrey Castel), a. and h 


Leonard Castoll, h. and It., 

[350] Trin. 8 Hen. VII. m. 323 3. 

dornio. — John Pen pons sues John Adam chaplain for land in Trevylly 
Gweyfchenvoge Gwoythendolfyn Ptmspren Pytcors St. Austell and 
Carvoar to which said John Adam lias no entry but by Emanuel 
Assanis former husband of Amisia grandmother of the said .John 

[351] Trin. 8 Hen. VII. m. 335. 

Devon. — John Crukern sues John Gil herd for a moiety of (he manor 
of Clovcley and of the advow.son of the Church of Cloveley which 
I Inland le L ? itz Kaulf temp. Kdw. HI gave to 

John Staunton, junr/.T 5 .. 


John, s. and h.-p . .. 


...=pAlico, d. and h. 

John, B. iiinl h. 



Richard, s. and h 


John Onikern, s. and h., 

Judgment for plaintiff by consent. 

[352] Trin. 8 Hen. VII. m. 350. 


Essex.— Mathew Pake of Leyndon husbandman was attached to 
answer John Grigges and Agnes his wife for unlawful entry oil land 
in Magna Burstcd. 



Thomas Attewode, s. and h, 



John Qrigges, — Agues, d. 11114I h., 

[.353] Trin. 8 Hen, VII. m. 357. 

Ww.— William Scot, George Scot, Hugh Scot, .loin, Scot, all of 
London gentlemen and others were attached to answer William Capell 

Kut for trespass at West lianyfeld and Southaii) feld. 

William Scut, Arm. 5 


John Wawton, Citizen and=f Hli/.ahctl 
Clothier of London. 

John Scot. 

A^ncs, now living. 
Judgment for pJaintiff, writ of error afterwards issued. 

[351] Trin. 8 Hen. VII. m. 358. 

Kent. — riiomas Godyng was summoned to answer John Godyin* for 
illegal distress at a place called 1 la wekenvsfeld at Kst pekham." 

Thomas Godyng, of London, : 



-A "•lies. 

Thomas (Joilyn 

... -p.M argory, 

Thomas (iodyu 



Thomas Godyng, defendant. 

(To /hi nail t mi, ;l.) 













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T3 00 „ 

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E cs o 3 ? 


u ° o a 

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a pi 
o ■' . ^ 

T> « o V 
h 01 *° a 

<L> r- .' ... >~ O 

i-3 3 S ^ c 
.. — fl g o 

rt o S~ ^ 

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P Ph CO iO 

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rt ' <z rz 

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to . H RJ 

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<\ a ' 7j 

1.-5 - -a 

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-° e ^ ^ a 

•*„ 1- a, H ^ 

2 _ w E "* 

E^ w o 

rt T3 K „' 
m bt! g. p OJ 

-J jr pn a 

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rt c fc 9 

1-5 i-H .5 C rt 

bo 5, 

13 >H >, 

rt co rt 

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1 (3 .J o a 

2 =r x ' '3 


















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]j OJ H J 

jq -q 3 a. 


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1 «u a 

p. <u a . 

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U; >-• 0< I — 

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P P ■" rt 

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n .2 * » ^ 

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■•-■a) <-; ,y ' 

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7 t« 1 


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2i ci , 

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us S 2 m 
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P . — 

S D >0 "S 

%'3l "A 


2 t. 

S».g e 


S-^^ g 

t. ^ 2 


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OLi-a t, 




— >■• -z .~ 

rt m 

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.; i t3 2 

k T c — ^q 
£ rt ~ 

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p ■ ' o a- 
B"5A a. "n 
Rf h O J3 *h 

S ? 2 ^ 2 
dq c -P "r *• 

— r'* a; 
m rt 'O T3 
13 <-• 3 3 

W pq s rt 



Kditcil l»y tlio Kiov. Edmund Nkvii.i,, K.A. 
(Continued from Vol. XXIV, p. 280. ; 


Candy, William, of Linley in Tislmry, yeoraati, 25, and Mario 

Harris; of Tislmry, 25. 16 March. 
NasII, Edward, of Kasterton, Wilts yeoman, 34. and Joano Gkannt, 

of Earlstoke, sp., 34. Bdman. John Nash, of Rdington. 16 war. 
Pknny, Bartholomew, of Stop in Fontnill Grifford, yeoman, 29, and 

Matgei'ie Candy, of Linley in Tisbury, up., 30. Bdman. William 

Candy, hro. of Margefie. 17 Mar. 
1 Iui.iikkt, John, of Corsham, Wilts, yeoman, 35, and iJnrathc 

JoYNicit, of Melksham, wid., 2 1. 20 Mar. 
Lawkknck, John, of Etchilhampton, Wilts, yeoman, 19, and Marie 

Dorchester of the same, wid., 33. 21 Mar. 
Butler, Richard, of Clatforde in Preshute, Wilts, yeoman, 24, and 

Anne Lei.ande. of Fifield, Wilts, sp., 22. Fifield Ch. Bdman. 

John I.elande, brother. 23 Mar. 
Buhoes, Thomas, of St. Peter's, Marlborough, tiler, 30, and Margerie 

Smith, of Poulton, sp., 24. St, Peter's Ch. 23 Mai. 

Hoi.dkm, Robert of Collingborne, Wilts, hush., 25, and Elizabeth, 

d. of John Bom', of North Tedworth, 21. Bdman. John lloby. 

25 Mar. 
LoVKLf., (labriell, of Malmeshury, wid., and Avise BitoWN, of 

liullavingtoii, sp., 30. 1 Ap. Bdman. Tlios. Piekeringe, of 

Cost, Henry, of Charford, eo. South., yeoman, 27, and Margaret 

Pom;, vt Odstouk, Wilis, sp., 27. i Mar. {sic, I Apr.). 
LoNCJK; John, of Bulkin^ton ill Keevil. yeoman, wid., and 

Elizabeth, d. of Ann LoNGE, wid., of Chiverell Parva (Little 

Cheverell), Wilts. Bdinen. John Longe and Thomas Longe. 

7 Ap. 
Nevill, llohert, of Elcombe in Wroughton, Wilts, and Emme 

Elhorowe, of Purton, Wilts, wid., 10. Bdman. John Parker of 

Elcombe. 7 Ap. 
Hamblen, Edward, of Tilehurst, in Berks, yeoman, 30, and Suzan, 

d. of Mr William Gunteh, of Milton, 23. Bdman. Richard 

Rifle, servant of Mr. Win. (Winter. 7 Ap. 
Howard, Abraham, of Sarum, taylor, 26, and Annis Ruddle, of 

IJurgate, eo. South., sp., 32. St. Kdmund's Ch., Sarum. 13 Ap. 
CiiAi'i-r.u., Ambrose, of North Bradley, Wills, yeoman, 26, and 

Kllinor DuNINOE of the same, sp., 3D, d of Win. Duninge, of 

Buckingdon (*? Beckington), eo. Somerset, yeoman. North Bradley 

Ch 14 A p. 


Taylor, Thomas, pf Laugley Bun-ell, in Kington St. Michael, .'50, 

and Bridgett Flkint, of Garsdon, wit]., 23 Bdman William 

1 Icniott, apparitor. Kingston St. Micliael Cli. II Ap. 
LIowden, John, of Steeple Langfortl, yeoman, 25, and Marie MusgBLL, 

of Sarum, sp., 20. St Edmund's CIl, Sarum. 15 Ap 
Jacoh, Salomon, of St Martin's Sarum, and KHz. Garret, of Barford 

St. Martin's, 26. Baifonl Si. Martin's Cli. IS Ap. 
Sadler, Thomas, a. <>f William Sadler, of Woottan Bassott, Wilts, 

yeoman, 25, and Agnes, d. «>f William Jepp'kriks, of Bremliill, 

Wilts, 22. Brenthill Ph. 30 Ap. 
HnvjirocK, John, of Brinkworth, Wilts, yeoman, 50, and Alice 

LrEWEN of the same, sp., 25. Brinkwort li Ch. 1 May. 
Tuckkk, William, of Upton Sctidamore, Wilts, miller, .'SO, ami Alice 

liuMUiKiK, of Warminsler, sp., 22. Warminster Oh. H May. 
Mille~R, John, of Sherston Magna, Wilts, 40, and Ann Culjlimore, of 

Sopworth, sp., 22. Sherston Ch. 8 May. 
Browne, Edward, s. of William Browne, pf Ellingtlon alias 

Wroughton, I'll, and Jane HayWARD, of Canning, sp., 2-1. 

Bdman. Robert Norris, of Bishop's Canning. Ellington Ch. 

9 May. 
Ambrose, John, of Donhead St. Mary, Wilts, 30, and Elioner 

Govord, of Semley, d. of John Govord, sp., 23. Bdman. 

Richard Ambrose, of Knovle Odierne (West Knovle). 9 May. 
Grannt, Daniel, of Bradford, Wilts, glovier, 30, and Franncis Lovkll 

of the same, sp. Bradford Oh. 11 May. 
Kingk, William, of Imber; Wilts, yeoman, 32, and Ann, d. of Robert 

Noble, of Lacoek, sp., 21. Lacock Ch. 12 May. 
Emm, John, of Sutton Veny, Wilts, yeoman, 40, and Agnes Sims, of 

North Bavent, Wilts, wid. 18 May. 
IIaydon, Nicholas, of Hanging Langford, in Stec|)le Langford, Wilts, 

shepherd, 35, and Amy Ford of the same, sp., 30. Steeple 

Langford Ch. 25 May. ' 
Dole, William, of Earlstoke, Wilts, shepherd, 22, and Amies Davis, 

of Ilevtesbnrv, Wilts, sp., 32. Earlstoke Ch. 25 May. 
Bolinu, John, of Wolf hall; in Bedwyn Magna, 2fi, yeoman, and Mary 

Scandavkk, of West Lodge, in Savernake, in Presluite, 20. 

Breshute Ch. 28 May. 
Langkild, Edmund, of Ilomingsham, Wilts, 23, Imsb., and Marie 

IIawokins, of Westbnry, Wilts, sp., 22. Westbury or Dilton 

Chapel. 29 May. 
Crooke, Nicholas, of LTrchfont, Wilts, carpenter, 27, and Lettis 

Starke, of Mam, Wilts, sp., 27. Urchfont Ch. or Ham. 1 June. 
Clark alias Hiller, TJtomas, of Mureock (Murcott), in Crudwell, 

yeoman, 21, and Bridget Partindger, <1. of John Partindger, of 

Latton, sp.', 21. Bdman. John Bowie, of Bodborne. yeoman. 

3 , 1 nne. 
Smittkn, Robert, of Rarum, blacksmith, 32, and Elizabeth Kingk, d. 

of Thomas Kinge, of Bongbridge Dcverill, sp., :$(), ,'5 June. 
TiiM'Kii, Jefferv, witloWOr, and Alice Jaooii, of Token ham, widow. 

Bdman. William, s. of Jeil'ery Tipper. Tokcnham Ch. 8 June. 


WiiX, Gregory, of Garsdon, husb., widower, ;in<l Mary Kinkton, of 
Aldciton, s|)., over 21. Bdman. John Twining, of Brinkwmrth. 

10 June. 
Baker, Richard, of Winoaunton, Somerset, barber, 27, and Susan 

Browne, of Rcniley, Wilts, sp., 20. Semley Ch. 13 June. 
Tugqwell, Richard, of Castle Eaton, Wilts, yeoman, 33, and Joane 

Prior of the same, wid., 32. 1-1 .June. 
Tamperd, Thomas, of Chitterhe, All Saints', Wilts, husb., 22, and 

Efirior Wise of the same, sp., 22. 14 June. • 
llopuoon, Richard, of LattOn, yeoman, 47, and Jane, d. of Michaell 

Bright, of Latton; 20. Bdman. Michael Bright. 10 June. 
UOMPTON, William, 23, s. of John Conipton, of Fisherton Anger, 

Wills, innholder, and Joane BOLDB, of Woodford Parva, sp., 23. 

l(i J line. 
Lawrence, John, of Alborne, Wilts, 27, and Alice Bulges, of 

Lambornc, Berks, 21. 17 June. 
Guam, Thomas, of Wauborough, widower, and Ann Langsone of the 

same, widow. Bdman. Henry Hunger ford, Esq. 17 June. 
Trowhridge, Nicholas of Wishford Manila, Wilts, brewer, and 

Dorathe Mills of the same, sp., 32. 5 July. 
[Blank page.] 
Smith, Georue, of East Knoyle, Wilts, taylor, 24-, and Elizabeth 

Whitk, of Fonthill CirTord,' sp., 22. Fonthill Ch. 7 July. 
Rkade, John, of Purton, Wilts, 27, yeoman, and Alice Skinner, of 

Castle Eaton, sp., 24. W. William Reade, yeoman. Either Ch. 

8 July. 
Rose, Steven, of Amesbury, Wilts, yeoman, 50, and Dorathe, d. of 

Richard Carpenter of the same, 30. 13 July. 
Coknisiie, Sainiicll, of Weslbury (under the Plaync), 2.3, haberdasher, 

and Susan I'assiiion of the same, sp., 20. 13 July. 
Vizer, Richard, of The Close, Saruin, yeoman, 22, and Ann Sadler, 

of Corshain, 20. (This entry in the folio occurs between 20 and 

21 Mar. 1C.I7.) 14 July. 
Neast, William, of Marlborough, Gent., 32, and Margaret Francklin 

of the same, sp., 20. Mr. Phillip Francklin, fa., consents. 14 July. 

(Desires licence to be granted to the Vicar of Stanton St. 

Eyrks, Thomas, of Chippenhamslade (Chapmanslade) Corsley, Wilts, 

32, wheeler, and Alice Holloway, wid. (Signs " Ayres.") 

15 July. 
Chalk, Edward, of Barford St. Martin's, Wilts, husb., 20, and Jane 

Frik of the same, sp., 29. 16 July. 
Bennett, Walter, of Great Gerrardstone, in Broadchalke, and 

Svsselley Haylock, Sp. Broadchalk Ch. Bdman. Henry Havlock, 

fa. 20 July. 
Vincent, Robert, of Povington, in the Isle of Purbeck, Dorset, gent., 

20, and Agnes Grove, sp., 20. Bdman. William drove, of 

Gerrardstone, gent., fa. 20 Jul)-. (July 23. Agnes Grove 

appears in answer to a caveat and asserts that she is not 

otherwise engaged.) Broadchalke Ch. 


Thurne, William, of Motson (Mottiatono), <•<>. South., widower, 40, 
and Ellenor Porter, of Whiteparish, Wilts, widow, JO. White- 
parish Gh. 24 July. 
Stokks, Anthonie, of Shercot, in Pewsey, Wilts, widower, and Mary 

Weston, of the same, sp., 26. W. Mathew Chandler. 3 Aug. 
Tanner, Christopher, of Little Cheverell, Wilts, yeoman, 50, and 
Joane Samshukie, d. of John Samsburie, of Eastcot, in Urchfont, 
sp., 24. Little Cheverell Ch. W. Ussula Weekes. 3 Aug. 
Rattewi:, James, of Amesbury, Wilts, Gent., s. of John Kattcwe, 
Oent., 20, and Elizabeth Streete of the same, sp., 22. Thomas 
Wheeler, fat her-indaw of Eliz., consents. 5 Aug. 
Looker, William, of Woodlands, in Mildenhall, 26, and Agnes 

Kemiu.i:, of Stratum St. Margaret's, sp., 20. 7 Aug. 
t'LAUKE, Samuell, of Si. Mary's, Devizes, Wilts, bookbinder, widower, 
36. and Alice Uancocke, of Hqrtpn, in Bishops Cannings, sp., 35. 
Bdmcn. Samuel Clarke and John Haneocke. St. Mary's, Devizes 
Ch. 7 Aug. 
Drew, John, of Devizes Green, Cent., 35, and Joane, d. of William 
Adi.inciton, 22. Bdinan. John Streete, of Amesbury, Gent. 
17 Aug. 
ItAWLENCK, William, of Wileot, Wilts, yeoman, 28, and Margcrie, d. 

of John Smith, of the same, sp., 18. 21 Aug. 
Tanner, Richard, of Kington St. Michael, Wilts, widower, 52, and 
Elizabeth Seale, of Great Somerford, widow, 46. Kington Ch. 
21 Aug. 
Bird, Antony, of Wileot, Wilts, husb., 55, widower, and Alice Deere 

of the same, sp., 28. W. Edward Bird. 23 Aug. 
Watson, John, of St. Edmund's, Sarum, taylor, 23, and Anne 
Newman, of the same, sp., 18. St. Edmund's Ch., Sarum. 29 Aug. 
Saulee, Richard, of Wroughton, Wilts, Gent., 30, and Grace Ducke, 

of the same, wid., 30. Wroughton Ch. 1 Sep. 
Stoakes, Wdliain, of Seend, Melksham, yeoman, 20, and Ellinor 
Nq YES, of Klchilhamptou alias Ashlingtou, in Alhannings. 
lid man. William Stokes. Etchilhampton Chapel. 11 Sep. 
Bi'ii.kk, Robert, s. of Robert Butler, of Hackston, in Fittleton, .and 
Ann, d. of George Goodwin, of St. Mary Bourne, dio. Winton. 
Bdinan. Robert Butler, fa.; son signs also. 15 Sep. 
Spaceman, .bones, of Coatow, in Wroughton', 38, and Rose Patie 
alias Wiielek, of the same, 21. (Spackman's father married her 
mother-indaw.) 16 Sep. 
Chamherline, Simon, of St. Martin's, Sarum, 25, feltmaker, and Em 
('hip, of the same, sp., 30. One brother Thomas Chip living in 
Gloucestershire. 20 Sep. 
IV.rky, Thomas, of Little Cheverell, Wilts, husb., 30, and Edith 

Cakie, of the same, sp., 28. 21 Sep. 
Bishop, Thomas, of Guernego, eo. Montgomery, Gent., 29, and Mary, 

d. of hidmund Lono, of Lyneham, Wilts, Ksq., 25. 21 Sep. 
ClIAYNKT, Thomas, of Oare, in Wileot, Wilts, veoinan, 30, and Ann 
STANMKR, of I'reshute, s|)., 27. Bduutn. John M\'les. I'reshute 
Ch. 21 Sep. 



CAllimork, Mr. William, clerk, Curate of North Tidworth, Wilts, 
28, and Dorothy Bur ford, of Clyflc Pypard, sp., 28. Bchnan. 

Francis Burlord, brother. 2(i 8*^p. 
Hall, Thomas, of Enborne, Berks, yeoman, 10, and Amu; Batcheller, 
of Kinirscleore, Somerset (sic, ? Hants), sp., 24. Enborne Ch. 
28 Sep. 

L^ngdon, John, of St. Peter's, Marlborough, Gent.. 23, and Joane 
Hyde, of Preshute, wid., 60. 4 Oct. 

Baily, Edward, of St. John's, Devizes, yeoman, -10, and Elizabeth, d. 

of Francis Read, of Devizes, yeoman, 17. St. John's Ch., 

Devizes. Oi . 1. 
Porter, William, of Maiden Bradley, Wilts, yeoman, 35, and Marie 

Davkks, of the same, sp., 33. Maiden Bradley Ch. 7 Oct. 
Etsall, Valentine, of Breamore, co. South., yeoman, 50, and Agnes 

EvERED, of Downton, Wilts, wid., 50. Downton Ch. JO Oct. 
Cabble, John, of Trowbridge, dier, 28, and Presilla Moor, of the 

same, sp., 21. Bdman. Jolm Earle, of Trowbridge, J 3 Oct. 
Braffill, Edward, of St. Edmund's, Sarum, broad weaver, 27, and 

Catherine Baker, of (iussage All Saints', Dorset, sp., 22. 13 Oct. 
Booth, Thomas, of Purton, Wilts, yeoman, 30, and Jane Browne, 

of the same, sp., 26. 15 Oct. 
Hewes, Mathewe, of Wilton, baker, 20, and Fiances Reade, of the 

same, baker, 21. Wilton Ch Ifi Oct. 
Book, William, of I'otterne, Wilts, yeoman, 20, and Anne Shard, of 

Devizes, sp., 27. I(i ( )ct. 
Hutchins, John, of Aderbitrie (Aiderbury), Wilts, yeoman, 25, and 

Alice Burrowe, of the same, sp., 20. 17 Oct. 
Hancocke, Robert, of Sarum, clothier. 25, and Francis Sansome, of 

Tarrant (lUAville, Dorset, S[)., 18. 17 Oct. 
Ax FORD j Henry,, of Karlstoke, Wilts, yeoman. 34, and Joane 

Dawckins, sp., 22, d. of Robert Dawckins, of North Biircombe. 

North Burcombe Ch. 26 Oct. 
ITellier. Oeorue, of Fisherton Anger, Wilts, 30, and Jane Holmes, 

of Fijdieldean, sp., 22. Bdman. John Holmes, fa. of Jane. 

26 Oct. 
LAMER, John, of Clifford, in Stourton, veoman, 30, and Aves, d: of 

Andrew Wilson of the same, sp., 21. 28 Oct. . 
Mf.riewetuek, Christopher, of Hilperton, Wilts, 25, and Bethsheba 

Hobbs, of Loilgbridge Deverill, sp., 24. 29 Oct. 
Look, Ambrose, of Chilton Folliat, husb., and Mar} 7 Poore, of the 

same, sp., 22. Bdinen.Will'in Perse, father-in-law of Mary {( step- 
father) and Richard Poor, brother. 2 Nov. 
Hauius, JoliM, of Wlnleparish, Wilts, yi ;iu, IS, and Mary WoOLLK.s, 

of the same, sp., IS. Rdmen. John Jewell, uncle and guardian of 

John, and Richard Woolles. fa. of Mary. 9 Nov. 
Prater, Augustine, of New Sarum. Wilts, matter, 2(1, and Susan 

Maiuiimhnt, of tlii! same, sp., 24. St. Thomas' Ch., Sarum. 

10 Nov. 
Williams. John, of Newton Tony, Wilts, raylor, 21, ami Susan 

Constable, of the same, sp., 21. Newton Tony Oil. I 1 Nov. 


IIuklk, George, of Murkot Lavington, Wilts, tavlor, 30, and Agnes 

Fitsall, (»f the same, wid. 15 Nov. 
Smith, Briant, of Wood borough, Wilts, hush., 25, and Anne Browne, 

of the same, sp., 30. 16 Nov. Wood borough Ch. 
Strange, Roger, of Buckington (Bulkington), in Kecvil, Wilts, hush., 

24, and Mildred Harris, of the same, sp., 20. Keevil Ch, 17 Nov. 
Shadwell, Walter, of Hungerford Parke, co. Berks, 2(>, shepherd, 

and Christian CheVINGE alias CHESHEIRE, of 11am, Wilta sp 24 

Hani Ch. 18 Nov. 
Clarke, John, of Damerham', Wilts, yeoman, 24, and Eliz: Snelgar, 

of Downton, Wilts, sp., 27. Damerham Ch. 21 Nov. 
Thorpe, Thomas, of Broughton, co. South., 30, and Mary Merricke, 

of Stanton St. Quintin, Wilts, sp., 22. 24 Nov. 
HoUNSELL, Thomas, Curate of Upton Lovell, Wilts, clerke, .'35, and 

Dorothie Tompson, of Westbury, sp., 21. Upton Lovell Ch 

25 Nov. 
Lordk, Thomas, of New Sarum, Gent., 33, and Joane Dye, of the 

same, wid. 2(5 Nov. 
Tilly, Richard, of Gorton, in Boyton, Wilts, 30, and Anne Carde, of 

the same, sp., 20. 29 Nov. 
Francklin, Richard, of Kinott (E. Kennet), Wilts, 28, and Alice 

Winchcombe, of the same, sp., 23. 30 Nov. 
Awdley, Owen, of North Newnton, Wilts, 30, and Jane Tooker, of 

Stanton St. Bernard, sp., 30. 30 Nov. 
Crabb, Walter, of Easton, Wilts, yeoman, 23, and Joane Carre, of 

Melton (? Milton), sp., 21. Easton Ch. 1 Dec 
Bevington, Edmond, of Downton, 22. and Joane Fulpord, of the 

same, sp., 22. 5 Dec. 
Coward, Nicholas, of Downton, Wilts, 30, and Joane Evans, of the 

same, 36. 5 Dec. 
White, Moisefi, of St. Edmund's, New Sarum, matter, widower, and 

Ann Barnes, of Stanton St. Bernard, widow. 7 Dee. 
Kellowe, William, of Winterhorne Stoke, Wilts, husb., 38,and Agnes 

Kelson, of Maddington, sp., 25. 8 Dec. 
Pinckny, William, of Rushall, Wilts, Gent., s. of William Pinckney, 

Gent., 29, and Mary Carpenter, of North Newton (? Newnton) 

Wilts, sp., 22. Rushall Ch. (Torn) Dec. 
Hiscocke alias Chapman, Richard, of Sutton Vehy, yeoman, 18, and 

Jane Long, of the same, sp., 18. Bdman. Stephen Long, fa. of 

Jane. 14 Dec. 
Flower, John, of Potterne, Wilts, Gent., 23, and Frances Longe, of 

Coate, in Bishops Cannings, sp., 27. Potterne Ch. (Date lost.) 
Benkt, Thos.. of Norton Bavent, WilU, Gent,, 21, and Susan White, 

of Bromham, sp., 22. Bdman. Thos. White, brother. 10 Dee. 
Cooke, Edward, of Shercot, in Pewsey, 27, and Cecily Smith, sp. 

Bdman. Bobt. Smith, bro. (Much torn, .late lost.) 
Cohi.kk, Christopher, of Devizes, (10, and (...). da. of Thomas 

Painter, of Devizes. (Torn, and date gone.) 
Smith, Thos., of Sarum, yeowjan, 25, and Joane Wixi;, of the same, 

sp., 24. 18 Dec, 


Uoddarh, Richard, of St. Edmund's, Sarum, widower, 27, and Marie 

JIackson of 1 he same, widow. St. Edmund's Ch., Sarum. 26 Dot-. 
Hurlb, Thomas, of Rushall, Wilts, 20, and Penenua Pinckney, of 

the same, sp., 18. (Date destroyed.) 
Trkwman, Aubrv, of Manningfofd Bohitu, in Willesford, blacksmith, 

30, and Margaret Hiller, of Majiningford Abbas, sp., 30. Bdmau. 

Timothy Hillef. 26 Dec. 
llu . . . , Thos., of Stratum St. Margaret's, Wilts, yeoman, 18, and 

Anne, d. of Henry EDWARDS, of the same, yeoman, so., 18. 

29 Dec. 

1618/9. \ 

Parsons alias Frewe. Cutbert, of fmber, Wilts, yeoman, .'52, and 

Anne FLOWER, of West Lavington, sp., 28. 9 Jan. LaviiiL'ton 

Flower, Richard, of West. Lavington, Wilts, yeoman, 26; and Marie 

Winne, of Melksham, wid., 30. Lavington Ch. 9 Jan. 
Lauder, Francis, of Damerham, Wilts, carp., 30, and Jane Dyer, of 

the same, sp., 23. 9 Jan. 
Filkes, John, of Allcannings, Wilts, husb., 29, and Judith Huntelte, 

of C'hitterne St. Mary's, sp., 21. 11 Jan. 
DewE, John, of Upton Scudamore, and Marie Elbkight, of the same. 

Upton Scudamore Ch. 

End of Folio 11. 

(To be continued.) 


Contributed by Gkrat.d Fotheouu.l. 

{UiiHuiutt j'nm Yul. .\'.\7I'., p. 275.) 

Browne, Joan, 33, wife of Mi", Browne, resident at the Hague, to 

tiie same. 

I May 1021 

Boi.i.inok.k, .lohan, 22, wife of IVter Ballanger, resident in Dort, 
with her maidservants, viz., Alice. Davies, I (i, and Mary 

Williams, It, to Dort. 
"B . . ., Alexander, 12, servant t<> Mr. David Kumscy . . . the 

Brinee and one hid ward ... 18, to Marling. 
Williams, . . ., .'in, wife of (iiles Williams, resident in I hilborough, 

to same 


Hi . ham, . . ., 55, resident iii I'oi isiuuuth, and wife, 53, bo 
llol I rii lam 

Lr.MON, Samuel, .'{<>, resident in Itnsomariu Lane, to Zehenter in 
Cleveland, about e'ten his all'aires. 

7 May 1624. 

CANADINK, Tymotltie, 53, & daughter Mary, 1:5, dwelling in 

Amsterdam, to the same. 
Smith, Grace, 28, wydowe, dwelling at ITaslcam in Berkshire, to 

Vlishing, about e'ten her affaires. 
HoLloway, Katherine, G.'i, dwelling in the Brill, £o 1 1 ir; same. 
Duivku, tsaekj GO, dwelling at Kington in Hereford, .V daughter, 

Svbell Driver, 20', to Suriokseas, about e'ten their affaires. 
Bknnktt, Alice, 25, wife .of .lames Bennett, dwelling in Husden, to 

the .same. 
Oookk, Marv, . - >-'b wife of Tho. Cooke, resident in Katcliffe, to 

Vlishing, about e'ten her affaires. 

S May 1624. 

BoWYER, Kdward, 33, resident at the Hague, it Ins servant, named 

Jao. Sturropp, . . sears old, to the same., Oswald, 21, servant to one Mr. Ben. Webb, dwelling in 

Kingswood, near Gloucester, to Amsterdam, A- to return. 
WATSON, Kli/.abeth, 20, dwelling in Dunhague , servant 

to Sir Edward Vere, in the Netherlands, with her sucking child. 
llnaiiss, Ann. I'.), daughter of Robert lliggins, resident in Vlishing, 

to the same. 
Flute, Zacharia, 24, resident in the house of one Mr, Hill, 

dwelling in St. [Catherine's, to Middlebrough. 
Sampson, -lane, 30, wife of Wm. Sampson, resident in Limehouse, 

it her maid servant, named M . . . 1011, 20, with her daughter, 

named Ann Sampson, G, it one Marie Humfrey, 50, resident 

in Shadwiek, to Vlishing, 21 April 1624. 
C'oi.K, William, IS, dwelling at Whitecrosstreet, to Amsterdam, 

about e'ten his affaires. 
Litlk, James, GO, resident in Doit, it wife Elizabeth, 40, to the 

Bromley, Thomas, resident in house of Tho. Monke, without 

Bishoppsgate, to Amsterdam, about e'ten his affaires. 

11 May 1624. 

HARPER, Kli/.abeth, 27, wife of James Harper, resident at Wapping 

Wall, to Amsterdam. 
Jay, William, 55, resident in Middlebrough, it wife Tsbell, 32, to 

the same. 
Kknk, Marie, 53, wife of J no. Kene, resident in Wyndsore, it 

daughter Kli/.abeth Kene, 12, to Delft. 
Osiiounk, Sara, 44, wife of Kdward Osborne, resident at the Brill, 

it her servant, Hen. Kbbs, 36, to the same. 


Daviks, . . ., II, son u f ,j| 1() . Davies, dwelling at St. [Catherine'*, 

to Middlebrough. 
Harwakd, . . is, •_' I, resident in Amsterdam, A: her kinswoman, 

named [shell Medcalf. 
Van Hasskvhxt, Daniel, 5, Adam, 2, Ann, 3, children of Mr. 

rlasselvelt, resident in Buttolph Lane, with one Hester King, 

10, (laughter to John King, dwelling in Augusten Friers, to 

DOMKLAW, John, aged 10, a chaundler, resident in Limehouse, to 

Vlishing, & so to return. 
Hacklkv, John, 24, late servant to Mr. Thurlbie. grocer, dwelling 

on London Bridge, ^o the Hague. 
Bkalk, Nicholas, 24, resident in St. Martin's F.ane, A: daughter 

Marie, a year old, with their maid servant named Ann Clark', 

17, to Vlishing. 
Nki.son, Home, 30, resident in Vlishing, to th« same. 

13 May 1624. 

Yqujno, Andrew, 3',\, resident at Sterli ... in Scotland, to Middleb . . ., 

about certen his . . . 
Wintlkv, Henry, 28, resident at (Lime Street or Lime House;, to 

Young, J no., 60, resident in Rotterdam, to the same. 
Clay, Jno., 3G, it wife, 21, to Amsterdam. 
Carhick, Marie, 22, and . . . years old, servants to one Cant. 

... in Holland, to the same. 
(Jatks, Elizabeth, 30, . . to 1 J ... . 
Kauuib, Ann, L'G, Suzan Labrie, L'O, resident at Newington Creene, 

with one Ann Treeton, to Vlishinjr. 
JoiiNKS, Anne, 10, wife of Itobert lirowne, resident in Brgfla, to 

the same. 
JollNKS, William, 1.'?, servant to one Monsieur le Do wee, alien 

lesident in Paris, to the same. 
M.vriiKws, Ann, ID, daughter of Baldwin Mill hew es, resident in 

Si. (ieorge's Lane, to Harhim. 
NKwr.Axn, Grace, 48, resident in Rochester, A her son James 

Johnson, 1 <i, to Amsterdam, about certen her affaires. 
Kouinson, Robert, 18, and Will"" Itohinson, 16, kinsmen, to Ham- 
burgh, to remain theie with there unkle, named Leonard 


(To he continue,!.) 


A IK) hh V A K.MS, I (17 3 

By Airmen St'floMRKMQj 

(Continued from Vol. XXIV, p. 263.) 

196. Argent, on a bend xable three angles (lis- John Ernie, of Buriton, Kt. 

played (20) ^ 

197. Sable, a chevron ermine between three lions Mullen Keyines, of lleymea 

rain pant, crescent for difference Weddon, Colonel. 

198. On a bend three leopard's fares, a bordure Robert Cokor, of Maypow- 

engrailed der, Esq. 

199. BuYBmiAN (157), label for difference Orlando Brydgman, of Wi- 

thibrouk, Esq. 

200. Kky.mks ( 197), without difference ... William K. •vines, of Over- 

strand, Esq. 

201. Quarterly, over all a bend ... ... George Langton, of Lang- 

ton, Ksi|. 

202. Barry of eight, on n chief a grey hound collared Thomas Skipwith, of Gran- 

couraut, crescent for difference thani, Es<|. 

2n;i. A pale between two eagles displayed, crescent Richard Woodward, of Avon 

for difference Dassett, Gent. 

204. Onffl less a lleiir-de-lys between two crescents, Kraucis < ioodriek,of Manby, 

in chief and in base a lion passant. Kt. 

2<>.~>. On a bond three mullets ... ... Robert Shafto, of Whit- 

worth, Kt. 

206. SKIPWITH (202), badge of Ulster, without Fulwar Skipwith, of New- 

difference bolt Hall, Mt. 

207. A bend engrailed cotisod, badge of Ulster... John Fortescue, of Saldon, 

Kt. and Mt. 
2nS. On h cross live fers-de-inoline ... ... John Turner, of Kirk- 


209. A chevron between three crosses bottony, Ed will Mich, of Mulbarton, 

crescent for difference Kt. 

210. I'or chevron sable and argent, badge of Ulster Willoughby Aston, of Aston, 


211. I and 1. Argent, a bull passant, a bordure John Cecil, of Deepdene, 

sable be/.auty ; 2 dud ii. (?) J i:u.\t v.\ (10) Kt., Master in Chancery. 

212. Quarterly ermine and gules ... ... John Staudhope, of Elvas- 

ton, Es(p 

213. A chevron between three owls ... ... Samuel Sleigh, of Etwall, 


214. A chevron between three lion's heads erased, Matthew Pindar, of Middle- 

crowned sex, Esq. 

215. Ermine, on a cross live bezants ... ... Edward Abney.of Willcsley, 

210. A lion rampant crowned ... ... Francis Dayrell, of Castle 

Camps, Kt. 

217. A chevron sable between three leopard's Francis Newport, Lord 

laces Newport, etc. 

218. Ermine, three lozenges conjoined in less ... Richatd 1'igott, of City of 

Loudon, Kt. 
-211). On a less three neurs-de-lys ... ... (iervnso Disney, of Norton 

Disney, Esq. 
220. Turneu (208) ... ... ... William Turner, Kt., late 

Lord Mayor. 

:")(> A ROLL OK AKMS, 1673. 

221, A eiliqiiel'oil, on a chief 11 ilcini- lion rani |ill nL William Weltdeii, of Thorn- 

l.y, (I. in. 

222. Per pale argeutaud sable a che\ nm engrailed William I'ln-.-lrr. (if Ka-t 

bei wseu l hree rs iu'h heads erased nil count er- H addon, Ksq. 
changed, u bordure engrailed . . . hczanty, 
crescent, lor difference 
2215. Per chevron sable and argent three elephant 's Ambrose Saunders, of Sib- 
heads erased eountcrchangcd berlofl, Ksq. 

224. FAIRFAX (133) ... ... ... William Fairfax, of Sled- 

inire, Ksq ., a ( lent leinan 


225. A cross tau surmounted by a crescent ... Andrew Wan ley, of Byford, 

22(J. Three wolf's heads copped borne on the breast Paul Methwen, of London 

of an imperial eagle and Bradford, (lent. 

227. A liun passant guardant ... ... William Thomson, of Mid- 

dle Temple, Ksq. 

228. A sal tire engrailed between four roses, eres- Richard Napier, of (Ireat 

cent for difference Lini'ord, Kt. 

220. Napikb (228), without difference, badge of John Napier, of Luton How, 
Ulster III. 

230. Grusilly titchy, a lion rampant ... ... Hojton, co. Gloucester. 

231. Quarterly, over all a bend vaire ... ... Thomas Saekevill, of Lewis, 


232. Argent three bars sable in chiel as many Thomas Hludwort b, Kt.,and 

torteaux, a bordure ermine Alderman. 

233. Ou a bend wavy three anchors ... ... (ieorgo l'ley, of Wey inoiit h, 


234. Argent, a fret sable ... ... ... John Vernon, of Sudbury, 


235. A foss between three shelldrakes ... Joseph Sheldon, Kt., and 

A hlerman. 

236. A less wavy between six cinqucfoils, crescent William Davison, of Thorn- 

for difference by, lisq. 

237. Three goats salient, crescent for difference ... diaries Thorold, of City of 

London, Esq. 

238. Two ehevronels a bordure engrailed ... John Tvrell, of Heron, Kt. 
230. A bend bet ween two escallops ... ... William Petre, of Stanford, 


240. Wkluos (221) ... ... ... George Weldon, of Warley 

Magna, B.l). 

211. Per chevron three lions passant guardant John Cutlin, of Harpden, 


242. Two swords in saltire points in base ... Nicholas Towsc. of Brcnt- 

woud, Ph. I). 

213. On a bend three square buckles .. ... Samuel Starling, of Stop- 

sly, Kt., and Alderman. 

244. Ermine, on a chevron three fox's heads Stephen Fox, of Water 

erased, on a canton a lleur-de-lys Baton, Kt., Pay inaster- 


245. On a ehii-f three doves ... ... John Frederick, Ki., and 

A Ideiniaii. 

210. A. chevron ermine between three herons ... Nathaniel Heine, of Lou- 
don, Ksq. 

217. A cross quarterly on a canton an eagle William Webb, of Pains- 
displayed wick, Gent. 

248. Three lozenges conjoined in less ... Keininei Prcciuuit, of Glou- 

cester, ( lent . 

210. A lion rain pan I in chief three escallops ... Thomas t'lui lerbuek. of Lip- 

piatt, Gent. 

250. Per saltire a lion rampant ... ... John Could, of Broad ne- 

mel l, (lent . 

A ROLL <>K ARMS, 1673. 57 

2.">l. On a cross between four frets a castle .. .lolm Hence, of Aldboroilgh, 


252. A Hum rampant, nil a chief a mullet between (John Smith, <>f Rother- 

I wo toitcanx liylli'-. Kt. ami Alderman. 

•J."),"!. 1 and 4. An orlo between eight billet* j 2 ami Robert Vallop, of Bow- 

;i. In base and on a cliief a cross crosslet thorpc Mall, Kt. 

(itchy ami a lion's head erased, over all a 

bend charged with three ein<|uefoils 

2.">4. Cheeky on a bend three lions passant .. John ( iHlord, of Frampton, 

2/>5. A clievron between three falcon's heads Robert Cordell, of Mot ford 

erased, badge of Uktor Hall, Bt. 

2,">l>. Three dolphins haurient . . . . Peter Vandeput, of City of 

} London, gent. 

2~>7. A chevron ermine between three lozenges .lolm Shaw, of Eltliam, Kt. 
each charged with four ermine spots, badge and Bt. 

of Ulster' 
2")8. Fucminu (I2f>) .. .. .. Edward Fleming, of InBtow, 

2;>D. A chevron between three lleurs-dedys . . Leoline Jenkins, Judge of 

the Admiralty, Kt., etc. 
2ti0. A lion rampant, in dexter quarter a pheon. . Willium Petit, of Inner 

■Temple, Esq. 
261. Three torteanx, badge of Ulster . . William Courtney, of Pow- 

derham, Bt. 
2f>2. A chevron engrailed between three trefoils Joseph Williamson, of Mel- 
slipt beck Hall, Kt., Clerk of 

the Papers, etc. 
2(KS. A chevron between three mullets . . Walter Chetwynd, of In- 

gestre, E^q. 
2U4. On a f ess dance tty three estoiles, on a canton William Thompson, of City 
a sun in splendour of London, and Wotton, 


2(i.~). I and I. Quarterly crenelly, in tirst quarter John Robinson, of Ncwn- 

on a tower a lion passant ; 2 and 8. A ham Courtacy, Kt. and 

buck trippant, an orlc of trefoils, badge of Bt., Lieutenant of the 

Ulster Tower. 

2(>t>. Sable, a pale gutty de sang . . . . Thomas Player, of Hackney 

Kt.. Chamberlain of the 
City of London. 
2l'>7. Two bars . . . . . . Richard Yenables. of Ag- 

den, Esq. 
2iW. A chevron between three owls .. .. William Hewitt, of Brinul- 

ley, (lent. 
2l>!>. Sable, a chevron argent between three John Bourne, of Kileot, 
falcon's heads erased Esq. 

270. Three bars and a canton .. .. Francis Fuller, of Stebbimr, 


271. A lion rampant .. .. .. Edmotid Reddish, of Maid- 

en Bradley. 

272. A chevron between three escallops . . Henry Bebeathland, of 

27.'5. On a cross five lioncels . . . . Thomas Wall, of Bristol, 

274. 1 and 4. A fess dancctty between three Jeffrey Thomas, of City of 
birds; 2 and ',1. Lozengv, on a fess a lion London, and Highgate, 

passant Esq. 

27">. Quarterly, in the fust quarter a lion |utssaut, Richard Mascic, of Sail, 

crescent for di (Terence Esq 

270. A fess between three ciuipiefoils .. John PoW troll, id West 

llallam, Esq. 
277. A cross between four pellets . . . . Robert Clayton, of London, 

Kt., late Sheriff. 

58 A ROLL OF ARMS, H573. 

278. A lion rampant, on a chief three escallops. . William Russell, of New 

Southampton Buildings, 

27!). Three laurel leaves slipped, badge of Ulster. . David Foulis, of Inglcby 

.Manor, lit 

280. 1 and 4. Paly of six ; 2 anil :i. A uocka- Koircr Langtey, of Shcritl 

trice, badge of Ulster II tit tun, Bt. 

281. On a chevron between three mullets as many Edward Blackett. of New- 

esuallop* castle, Merchant. 

2S2. On a chevron between three fieurs-de-lys as George Reve, of Thwayte, 
many pheon-s, badge of Ulster lit. anil Bt. 

283. Hairy wavy of six, on a chief three bezants. . Kicbard Astry, of Hunting- 

ton, Uent. 

284. Davison (2:ji>), without difference .. Timothy Davison, of New- 

castle, .Merchant. 

285. Three bougets .. .. .. William Lilburne, of New- 

castle, Esq. 

286. Un a bend between three birds as many William Carr, of Newcastle, 

leopard's heads couped Hsu. 

287. Per fess gules and argent, six martlets . . Tristant Fen wick, of Ken- 

Ion. Cent. 

248. A chevron between three falcon's heads Culhbcrt Ellison, of North 
erased, crescent for difference ilobborne, Gent. 

281). On a chief three martlets . . . . John Watson, of New- 

castle, Merchant. 

290. Ermine, on a fess a lion passant guardant . . Peter Proby, of City of 

London, Merchant. 

281. On a bend cotised between six lioncels three Christopher Boone, of City 
escallops of London, Merchant. 

21)2. Thomson (204) .. .. .. John Thomson, of llavcr- 

sliam, h'sq. 

293. On a chevron between three owls as many William Haslewood, of 

lozenges, on a chief as many hazel leaves Maidwell, Kt. 


294. Haslewood (2U3), crescent for difference .. Anthony Haslewood, of Ti- 

verton, Ksq. 

295. On a chevron between three lion's heads William PeaUe, of London, 

erased as many crosses crosslet Kt. 

2 ( .)ti. On a cross live pinions .. .. Richard Harrison, of Balls, 

2!>7. A cross hottony, on a chief a lion passant Henry CHianeey, of Yard- 

guardant leybury, Esq. 

298. On a bend between three pellets as many Francis Clarke, of London, 

swans Kt. 

2U!t. Per fess three lions rampant a bordure Thomas Willys, of Ditton, 

ermine, badge of Ulster Bt. 

300. A compound cross of crosses crosslet (ton- Richard Oleg<re, of Stone 

joined in the centre between four acorns House, near Clegge Hall, 

slipped M.A., Vicar of Kerkham. 

301. 1 and 4. A bend between three boar's William Wall, of Preston, 

heads erect couped ; 2 and 3. A chevron Cent, 

between three roundels 
302 A less . . . . . . James Rurkin, of City of 

London, Captain. 
:iU.'S. A less between three elephant's heads John Eountayne, of Melton- 
erased super- Mon lei n. 
304. Four maseles in cross . . . . Edward Meller, of Bredy 

Parva, Ksq. 

(7'o he continued.) 



( ImitribuLei] by Akthuk J. Jbwkkb, 

(Continued from Vol. .V.\7l r , p. 283.) 

Rayney, William, of London, s. of John Rayney, of London, s. of 
Roger, s. iif .Toll i», s. and li. or William Rayney, of co. York, gent., 
who died 21 lien. VII. as appears by an In<|iiisit ion post mortem. 
Conl. l()20. (in. two wings conjoined in lure points down Erin. 
Crest — From a mural coronet Gu. a lion's head Or, semee of 
ogresses. Stowe MSS. 70G and 707 ; Harl MS. (5,095. 

I! aynolds, John, of Aileburgh (? Aldborough), co. Norf., gent., and 
to his brother, Henry Raynolds. (!r. by R. Cook, Clar., 14 Oct. 
157(5. Or, on a chief Vert, three : lions ramp, of the first. Crest — 
A lion couch ant gard, Arg., collared and line Or. Harl. MS. 

Rica, Richard ami John, sons of John Rea, of London, s. of Richard 
Rea, of Kidderminster, co. Wore. I and IV, A/, a bezant betw. 
three, crescents Arg. ; II and III, Or, on a bend eotised Sa. three 
crescents Arg. Crest From a mural coronet Ariz, a dragon's 
head Az. Hail. MS. 5,8(i9. 

Rkad, William and Thomas, sons of John or William [sic), of Wick- 
lord, co. lv-scx. Conl. bv Sir K. Bvsshe, Carter, 20 Jan. 1653. 
Az. a griiTin aegr. and a canton Or. Crest — A griffin's head 
erased Az., beak and ears Or. Add. MS. 20,758. 

Rkadk, Thomas, of Barton, co. Berks. On. a saltire betw. four garbs 
Or. Crest — On a staff ragulee fessways Vert, a falcon rising 
ppr., beak and hells Or. Hail. MS. 1, 359. 

Reanaldes, .sec Reynolds. 

Redding (or Reding), Geokge, of London, descended from Redding, 
of Reddinghail, co. Hereford. Conf. 9 Nov. 1(509, by W. Camden. 
Clar. Arg. a pheon On. betw. three hoars' heads erased Sa.. 
armed Or. Stowe MS. 70(5; Harl. MS. (5,095. 

Rede, Sir Richard, of , Acton, co. Middlesex. Or. by Sir C. Barker, 
Carter. Arg. on a cross Az. two lions ramp, in pale and two 
others pass, in fess Or, betw. in chief two hurts each charged with 
an eagle close of the field, and in hase two Cornish choughs Sa. 
heak and legs Cn. Crest -A lunde's head conped Az., frctty and 
the horns Or. a ring through the nose of the last. Stowe MS. 

Rede, Robert, of Chiddingstone, Kent, Chief Justice of the King's 
Bench. Or. of crest by Tho. Wriothesley, Carter, 6 Aug. 1518. A 
shoveller bendy of six Arg. and Sa., heak ami leys Or. Stowe MS. 


Kkdhkad, lloi'.Kur, Provost Marshal at Oetend. Gr. by \V. Dethick, 
Garter, 10 May 40 Kli/. 8a. a bend cng. Or, i-otised plain Arg.; 
for augmentation- on a canton <>f the third a saltire (in. Crest — 
An arm in armour Or, the gauntlet grasping a sword point down 
Argk, lult and pommel Sa. Stowe M8, <">7(>. 

Rkdino, Ghorc.k, see Redding. 

Kkuman, Thomas, Procurator <>f the Court of Arches of the Archbishop 
of Canterbury, and RlCHARD (or John). Conf. by W. Dethick, 
Carter, and \V. Camden, Clar., 9 July 1599. Or, on a fess cotised 
Az. three cushions Erm. tasselled of the first. Crest — From a 
coronet A/, a cubit arm erect ppr., round the wrist a bracelet 
Or, stones of the lirst, in the hand a baton of the third. Stowe 
MS. (i7(i ; Add. MS. 14,295. 

Kkdman, William, D.IK, liisliop of Norwich. Conf. (»f Arms and 
gr. of Crest by R. Lee, Clar., 1 May 1595. (in. a cross Arg. betw. 
tour cushions Era*, tasselled Or. Crest — From a mural coronet 
Or, a horse's head Arg., mane (In. Add. MS. 14,295; Hail. MS. 

Kkkd, William, of . . . Gr. by T. llawley. Clar., 10 Nov. 1510. Gu. 
a chev. Erm. betw. three escallop shells Or, in chief a greyhound 
courant Arg., over all on a chief of the third three mascles of the 
field. Crest— -A demi greyhound Erm. collared with line tied in a 
hank behind Gu., on the shoulder a mascle of the last, Harl. 
MS. 1,105. 

Rkkpks (or Krppk.s), Hknry, s. and h. of John, second s. of Henry 
lleepes. Cpnf. by L. Dalton, Norroy. 30 Nov. 1560. Erin, 
three chevronels Sa., on the upper one a mullet for diflf. Crest — 
Krom a coronet Or, a plume of four ostrich feathers Arg., quills 
of the first, betw. two wings of the last. Harl. MS. 1,359. 

Kkkvk, or Ricavk, Anthony, of Brede, co. Sussex. (ir i*g. 

on a chev. eng. betw. three escallop shells Az. as many eagles 
displ. Or. Crest — A dragon's head erased Arg., on the neck three 
escallop shells Az. one and two. Add. MS. 12,1^5. 

Rkevk, Francis, of Maldon, in Essex. Pat. 1590. Gu. a chev. 
vair Or and Az. betw. three roses Arg. Crest — A tiger's head 
erased Arg. tusked, tufted and gorged bv two bars, all Or. Harl. 
MS. 1,359 ; Stowe MS. G70. 

Kkionoli>s, spe Rkynold.s. 

Rknku, Phtkr, of London, merchant, and to his brother, Hillary 
Reneu (who died leaving issue a dan. only). Gr. bv Sir H. St. 
Oeorgc, Garter, and Sir J. Yanbrugh, ( 'lar., 14 April 1715. Or, a 
chev. (Ju. betw*. in chief two doves respecting and in base a snake 
nowed all ppr., on a chief of the second three wings Arg. Crest - 
On a mount Vert, a snake nowed with a dove standing thereon 
both ppr. Add. MS. I4.N.H); Stowe MS. 711. 

Rkvku,, Roiskrt, of Shorton Legge {tic), co. Derby, and to John Revell, 
(, l • • •. «'<>. Derby. Conf. of arms and gr. of crest by VV. Flower, 
Norroy, in July 37 Hen. VIM. Arg. on a chev. tin. three 
trefoils Kim., a bord. eng. Sa. Crest -An arm emb. in armour, 


the gauntlet graspim: a dagger point down all ppr. garnished Or, 
betw. two dragons' wings Gu., ribbed of the second. (Sec ViaiC. 
of Derbyshire.) Harl. MS. 1115; Stowe MS. 706; Add. MS. 
4,9<><i ; Egerton MS. 996. 

Rewse, Simon, of Haggerston, eo. Middlesex. Gr. by Rir W. Segar, 
Garter, 1 April 1(>32, " from the original grant brought to Mr. 
Shiers' ollice 18 May 1736." Sa. a fess da met tee Erm. betw. 
three crescents Or. Crest — A demi-lion ramp. Erm., armed 
and lang. Gu., in its mouth a branch of laurel ppr. Add. MS. 

REYNALDS, . . ., of London, descended out of Shropshire. Erm. two 
lions pass. gard. Gu., crowned Or. Crest — A wyvern Arg. holding 
a Sword erect in the dexter claw ppr. Harl. MS. 1,441. 

Reynardson, Ralph, of Farnham, Surrey, s. of Thomas, who died 
seized of the manor of Farnham, s. of Thomas Raynardson, of 
Southampton. A confirmation. Gu. a less vaire betw. three water 
spaniels Arg. each holding in its month a bird bolt Or, feathered 
of the third. Crest — A spaniel Gu., ear Or, in the month a bird 
bolt, of the second, feathered Arg. Add. MS. 12,225. 

Reynardson, see Raynardson. 

Reyner, William, of Overton, Hants, 1588. Erm. on a chief Az. 
two estoiles Or. Crest -On a mount Vert a dog pass. Arg., spotted 
Sa. Harl. MS. 1,1559. 

Reynks, Thomas, of llainpstead, eo. Midw, gent. Gr. by Sir G. 
Dethick, Garter, 2 and 3 Phil, and Mary. Chequee Or and Gu. 
a canton Erm. ; over all on a bend Az. a grillin's head erased of the 
first betw. two doves Arg. Crest — A dove Arg., beak and legs 
Gu., in the beak a pansv flower purp. slipped and leaved Vert. 
Harl. MS. 1,359. 

Reynolds, Anthony, of Loudon, Esq., fined for Sheriff 17( 0. and to 
his nephews Anthony ami John Reynolds. Or. by Sir H. St. 
George, Garter, and Sir J. Vanbrugh, Clar., 22 May 1714. Per 
fess Or and Az., in chief three lions ramp, Vert. Crest — On a 
mount Vert a panther couchant gard. Arg., spotted various, fire 
from the mouth and ears ppr., collar and line Gil., ring Or. Add. 
MS. 14,830. 

Reynolds, Henry, of Belstead, in Suffolk, s. of Robert of the same 
place. Conf. of arms with an alteration and gr. of crest by R. 
Cooke, Clar., 1584. Sa. on a chief Arg. three mullets of the field, 
pierced of the second. Crest— A wolf's head erased Sa., charged 
with three guttes d'or betw. two barrulets Or. Add. MS. 
14 295 ; Stowe MS. 670; Harl. MS. 1,359. 

Reynolds and Payne. Gr. to Elizabeth Payne, wid. of Henry 
Reignolds (Reynolds), of Denbigh, in Wales. "by Sir W. Dethiek, 
Garter, June 1588. l'er bend Or and Az. six roundels, two, two 
and two, in pale eounteivhanged. Crest — All otter's head and 
neck erased ppr., gorged with a crest eoronel and chained Or, in 
the mouth a branch of palm Vert. These for Payne. Eor 
Henry Reignolds these: Gu. a cross Or, betw. four pome- 


granatcs, slipped and leaved of the second, seeded ppr. 
Crest— On top of a tower Arg. a martlet volant Or. 

II on 17 Reynolds,-, Elizabeth Payne, wid. of Henry 
of Denbigh, in I Reynolds, and dan, of John L'tiyne, 
WaleB, of Denbigh, cent. 

(1> Thomas. (2) John. 

(See also Payne, ante, vol. xxiii, p. 260.) Stowe MS. 670. 

Reynolds (or Reanaldes), . . . , one of the Clerks of the Privy 
Seal. Pat. gr. in April 1607. Arg. a ehev. chequee Az. and Gu., 
betw. three cross-crosslets fitchee of the second. Crest — From a 
mural coronet Arg. a talbot's head couped Az., eared and guttee 
Or. Stowe MSS. 706 and 707 ; Hail. MS. 6,095. 

Rhodes, . . . , of . . . , in Derbyshire. Certif. by R. Browne, 
Blucmantle. Arg. a lion pass. gard. Gu., betw. two acorns Az. 
in bend, enclosed by two bendlets ftrms. Stowe MS. 677. 

Rice, Richard, of Preston, co. Suffolk. Exemp. by . . . Rouge 
Orois, 1586. 1 and 4, Arg. three spear heads and a chief Az. 
2 and 3, Per bend Arg. and Sa.. a bend ragulee eounterchanged. 
Crests — First, A merlin's head erased ppr. Second, Two staves 
ragulee in saltire, entiled by a crest coronet, all Or ('? the staves 
Sa.). Stowe MS. 670. 

Rich, Edward, of Hprndon on the Hill, co. Essex. Conf. of arms 
and gr. of crest by R. Cook, Clar., 30 May 1571). 1 and i, 
Gu. a chev. betw. three cross-crosslets Or. 2 ami 3, Arg. a chev. 
betw. three lozenges Erins. (Shaw). Crest— On a mount Vert a 
cockatrice displ, Arg. Harl. MS. 1,359. 

Richards, Edmond, of Fringe, co. Norfolk. Gr. by W. Camden, 
Clar., 16 13. Or, two bars Gu., on each two fleurs-de-lis of the 
first. Crest — A fleur-dedis per pale Erm. and Gu. Harl. MS 

Richards, Charles, of Hecke, co. York. Conf. by Sir R. St. George, 
Norroy, 11 Aug. 1(512. Gu. a bend vaire betw. two garbs Or. 
Crest — Two arms counter embowed, vested Az., garnished Or, 
supporting in the hands ppr. a leopard's face Arg. Stowe MS. 

Richards, Henry, of Hammersmith, and his younger brothers John, 
George and James, petition for a grant and the Earl Marshal's 
warrant for the granting a coat and crest, dated 7 Aug. 1703, are 
given, but not the arms. This descent :— 

8ll\ liilm Kiehards, sometime rt-f^lury, dim. and yule h. 
procurator in Lbe Ecclesiastical I of Mr. Henry Garland, 
Courts ut Exotar. of Ohuppcl Marsh, co. 



(I) Mr. Henry (2) Mr. John (H) M r. ( ieor-e (4) Mr. James 

Richards, of Kiehards, of Richards, of Richards, of 

Hamniersinitli, Warniwell and Litton and Knighton, co. 

co. Middlesex. Lewcll, eo. hong Bredy, Dorset. 

Dors. cu. Dorset. 


Richardson alias IIkphornk, see Hkpkorne ante, vol. xvii, p. l'75. 
Harl. MS. 6,059. 

Richardson, Ferdinando, of oo. Gloucester. Pat. by R. Cook, 
Clar., 1588. Arg. on a chief Sa. three lions' heads erased of the 
first. Crest — A rubit arm erect, vested Sa., cufT Arg., the hand 
ppr. brandishing a broken falchion of the last. liar!. MS. 1,359. 

RiDER, Anthony, s. of John, of Newbury, co. Berks, Physician to 
K. Ch. I in the Rebellion ; and to John Rider, elder brother of 
the said Anthony. (Jr. by Sir Edw. Walker, Garter, 10 July 
1062. Per chev. Arg. and Sa. three crescents counterchanged. 
Crest — A crescent betw. two wings all Sa. Add. MS. 14,294; 
Hail. MSS. 1,172 and 1,441. 

Rldout, Reyden or Rye-en alias Rydout, of . . . , co. Somerset. 
Certif. by Robert Browne, Bluemantle. Per pale Arg. and Gu. a 
griffin segr. connterohanged, within a bord. eng. Or. Crest— A 
horse's head erased Arg., on the neck an ogress. Stowe MS. 677. 

Rigby, Alexander, of Wigan, co. Lane. Per K. St. George, Norrov. 
Arg. on a cross fieury Sa. five mullets Or. Crest — An antelope's 
head erased Or, guttee de sang. Add. MS. 5,524. 

Riogs, WILLIAM, of Clerkenwell, co. Middlesex, one of the King's 
Auditors. Gr. by Sir C. Barker, Garter. Gu. a fess Erin. betv. 
three water spaniels pass. Arg., in the mouth of each a bird bolt 
Or, feathered of the third. Crest — The head of a water spaniel 
couped Arg. guttee Az., in the month a bird-bolt Or, feathered of 
the first. Stowe MS. 692. 

Riley, . . . , of London. Or, a fess betw. three crosses formi'e Vert. 
Crest — A dragon's head erased Gu. bezantt'e. Add. MS. 12,225. 

Rippon, William, Coachmaker to Queen Elizabeth. Arms granted 
1590, proved by deed temp. Kdw. Ill, and attested by It. Browne. 
Bluemantle, to ... . Rippon, of ... , co. Lane. Are. a chev. 
betw. three crosses patee fitchee Sa. Crest — A lion sej. gard. 
Arg., gorged by a coronet Or, and supporting with the dexter 
paw a cross patee fitchee Sa. Stowe MSS. C90 and 677. 

Rivers, Sir John, Lord Mayor of London 1573, and mar. Llizabeth, 
dail. of Sir George Barne, of London. Issue :— George, s. and 
h. ; 2, John; 3, Henry: 4, Richard ; 5, William; (i. Kdward ; 
also Alice, Elizabeth and Dorothy. Az. a less eng. Arg., sur- 
mounted by another plain (111., charged with three roses of the 
second. Crest -Out of a hank of weeds Vert a demi-swan. wings 
expanded Arg., gorged with a coronet Or. (This was altered as in 
following entry.) Harl. MS. 1,463. 

Rivers, Sir John, of London. Pat. 1583 by W. Glover, Somerset. 

1 and 4, Az. two bars indent. Or, and in chief three bezants. 

2 and 3, Az. a fess engr. Arg.. charged with another plain Gu., 
thereon three roses of the second, all betw. three demi-swans of 
the last. Crest — On a mount Vert a hull pass. Arg., horns, hoofs, 
collar and line Or. Stowe MS. 070 ; Hail. MS. 1 ,359. 

Robrins, John, of Dover, a Captain. Gr. by L. Dal ton, Norrov, 
19 Dec.. I Eliz. Barry wavy of six, Sa. and Az.. in chief three 
fleurs-de-lis Arg., on a canton Or, a bend Gu., charged with a 


crescent of the thifd. Crest— A cubit arm erect, vested bendy 
sinister wavy Or and Az., cuff Arg., (he hand ppr. grasping by 
the beard a man's head aft'rontee ppr. Hail. MS. 1,359. 

Kobkkts, John, of St. Dunstan, at Stepney, Middlesex, s. of Edmund 
Roberts, of co. Radnor, and grandson of John Roberts of the 
same county. Gr. by John Anstis, Garter, and Sir J. Vanbrugh, 
Olar., 25 Jnly 1720. Or, a lion ramp, regard. Sa., on a chief 
wavy A/, three ostrich feathers erect Arg. (Vest. — A dragon sej., 
wings uddorsed Gu., the dexter claw supporting an anchor Or. 
Add. MS. 14,830. 

Robkrts, Richard, Esq., s. and h. of John Roberts, late of Truro, 
Cornwall, s. of Richard Roberts. Pat. 2 Jan. 1614. Az. on a 
chev. Arg. three mullets Sa., pierced of the second. Crest — A 
demidion ramp. Az., in the dexter paw a mullet Arg., pierced of 
the first. Stowe MSS. 706 and 707. 

Roberts, Thomas, of Little Braxted, Essex, Gent., s. of Thomas, 
who mar. Alice, dan. and coh. of Thomas Hobson, of Shipley, 
Sussex. Conf. by Sir VV. Segar, Carter, in 1626. 1 and IV, Arg. 
three pheons Sa., on a chief of the last a greyhound courr. of 
the first. II and III. Arg. a rhev. befw. three leopards' faces Az., 
for Hobson. (Vest — From a mural coronet Or, a demi-greyhound 
Sa. Hail. MS. 6,1-10; Add. MSS. 12,225 and 14,293. 

Robicrts, William, of Sutton Cheney, co. Leicester. Pat. May 1614. 
Per pale Arg. and Gu. a lion ramp. Sa. Crest — An antelope's 
head erased per less Arg. and Gu Hail. MS. 6,059 ; Stowe MSS. 
700 ft nd 707. 

Robins, Elisiia, of London, mercer, entered Mi.'S.'i. Gu. four demi- 
lleurs-dedis issuing from the top, bottom and sides of the shield 
Arg. Crest — A spaniel's head, couped Arg. Harl. MS. 5,809. 

Robins. John, of Netherhall, in Stoketon, co. Worcester. Gr. by Sir 
0. Barker, Garter. Per pale Sa. and Arg. two Haunches and three 
lleurs-dedis in fess counterchanged. Crest — A lleur-dedis per pale 
Arg. and Sa., betw. two dolphins haUl'ICIl! regardant counter- 
changed. Stowo MS. (i!»2. 

Robinson, Sir John, of London, Bart. Grant of Augmentation to 
the Right Hon. Sir John Robinson, Knt. and Bart., Lord Mayor 
of London, and Lieutenant of the Tower of London (nephew of 
the late Dr. William Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury), for his 
services in the late Civil Wars, and his arms otherwise varied 
from those formerly used by him. The warrant dated f3 Oct. 
1663. Grant signed by Sir E. Walker, Carter, dated 20 Oct. 
1663. Quartei'lv — For Augmentation, I and I, Per cross emb. Gu. 
and Or, in the iirst and fourth, a tower Arg., on the battlements 
a lion of England. 2 and ',), Vert, a buck tripp. within an orle of 
trefoils Or. (Vest — A buck tripp. ppr., horned, hoofed and 
collared Or, oil its side three trefoils Stowe MS. 677: 
Add. MSS 1-1,291. 

(To be i-mitiiincil.i 


Enqutctttones Post Jflortrm. 

(Continued from N.8., Vol. XIX, p. 136.) 

Fynks, Thomas, Knt,, s. it h. app, of Thomas Fynes, Knt,, Lord 

Dacre; ob. 26 Oct. 20 Hen. 8 — Inq. at Donington in Holland 

26 Aug. 21 Hen. 8. — Lincoln — Thomas Fynes, s. &, h., is aet. 1 I. 
Fynett, Robert, of the town A port of Dover; will 'J Feb. 1582, oh. 

there I Feb.- -Inq. at Maidstone 18 July 25 Kliz.— Kent 1. .John, 

s. Si h. ; 2. Richard. 
Fynkux, John, Knt., ob. 17 Nov. 17 lien. S.— Inq. 16 Jan. 19 Hen. 8. 

— Dorset — William, s. A h., aet. 1G. 
Fynkux, John, Knt., will 11 Aug.j oh. 17 Nov. 17 Hen. 8.— Inq. at 

Canterbury 29 Sept. IS Hen. 8.— Kent— William, s. ft h., aet, 14, 

married to FredesiHda . . . ; 2. John, a priest ; Joan. 
FVNYS, John, will 12 Nov. U 5 Ph. & Mary; oh. 30 Nov. same 

year — Inq. at Lincoln ult. Feb. I «fc 5 Ph. &, Mary — Lincoln, Notts, 

Yorks — Ralph, s. & h., act. 7 ; 1 other sons. 
Fvston, Robert, oh. (i Oct. 6 lien. 8.— Inq. at West Bretton June 

7 lien. 8.— York*— George, a. <& h., aet. DO. 
Fytcii, Thomas, oh. 29 Nov. ult. — Inq. at Stratford Langthorne 

29 Jan. 31 Fliz. — Essex— William, s. <fc h., aet. J. 
Fytcii, William, Knt., will G Oct. 14 Car. I.; oh. 4 Feb. 15 Car. L — 

Tnq. at Stratford Langthorne 2 May 16 Car. I. — Essex — Charles, s. 

& h., aet. 13, 3 Oct. 1639 ; Dorothy; Katherine. 
Fytton, Mary, widow, oh. 13 Dec. ult.- -Tnq. at Lewes 30 Ap. 3 i 4 

Ph. it Mary — Sussex — Edward Fitton, Knt., is now her s. X- h., 

aet. 25. 
Gagr, Edward, will 1 March 1613, ob. 11 March— Inq.- at Petworth 

5 Marcli 1G Jac. L— Sussex, Wilts, Kent— 

r 1 -1 1 

Margaret, 1 dan.— Geo. Smith. Mildred Beltun, 2 Philippa Beulves, 

and eoli. aet. 42. dan. & coh., aet. widow, 3 dan. & 

•10. coh., aet. 38. 

Urith, 4=-p... Alctick. Maria, =rJohn Elizabeth,=j=Anthony Skynner, 

dau. S dap.. I Crispe. 6 dau. I Esq. 

1 J r— ' H 

Edward, a. & h. >v cons. William, b. <y h. & cons. William, s. .1- h. & cons. 

A coh. of Kdw. Cage, ael. A coh. of Kdw. Gnj,'fi, & Coh. of l-.liv. Gage, 

21. acl. It). aot. II. 

Gagk, Edward, Knt., oh. 2G Dec. 11 Kliz. — Inq. at Lewes 23 March 

II Eli/. — Sussex, Surrey, Suffolk— John, 3. i& h., aet. 30, married to 

Margaret Copley ; 7 oilier sons & 1 daughters. 
Gage, Kdward, of Bentley in Framiield, co. Sussex, Esq., oh. 19 Sept. 

I Car. F. — Inq. 20 Jan. I Car. 1. —Sussex, Kent, Had nor, Wows. — 

William, s. A h., aot. 1 'J yrs. & 10 mo. 
Gagk, George, will !> June l. r ). r )7, ob. 'J.June ult. — Tnq. ai Northampton 

2i Sept. I A- ."» Ph. it Mary -Northampton - Homy, s. & h., aet, IS 

yrs. L'2 Sept. 


GA(iK, John, Bart., ob. 4 Oct. 1633; inarr. Penelope, d. of the Lord 

Rivers Iik|. at Fast Grinstead Hi Jan. 19 <'ar. I.- Sussex — I. 

Thomas Oiyy, ., s. Si h., ad. II ; 2. John; divers 

daughters (.*/<•). 
Gauis, John, K.G., Chum)arins llutpit. /i<:</., ob. is Apr. ult. I"nq. at 

Horsham 29 .July .'5 »t I l'h. it Mary -Sussex lOdward Cage, K tit., 

s. it h., net. 53. 
GAGE, .John, gent., ob. 20 Oct, ult. —Inq. at Shrewsbury 17 Mar. 

39 Eli/,. —Salop - Edward, s. & h., act. l(i. 
Qaue, Robert, of foiling, Esq., ob. 20 Oct. 29 Bliss. -Inq. at Croydon 

1(1 Jan. 30 Eliz. -Surrey- John, s. Ji h., aet. 24. 
Gaill, George, oh. 20 July ult. — inq. at York Castle 7 June 3 A 4 l'h. 

& Mary— Ebor. — Francis, s. it li., aet. 30. 
GALLOPPE, John, of Netherbury, ob. 26 July 25 Hen. 8.— Inq. at 

Lyme Regis 13 Oct. 4 Eliz. — Dorset — Tho. G. of Bowood, s. & h., 

aet. 42 yrs. 
Galloway, William, gent., will 3 Jan. 160'.), bur. in Bourne Church, 

ob. said 3 Jan. — Inq. at Sleaford 29 .Mar. 8 Jac. I. — Lincoln — 

Robert, s. it h., aet. 26. 
Gam AGE, William, ob. 10 Apr. 2 Jac 1.— Inq. at York Castle 1 Aug. 

3 Jac. I. — Ebor. — Antony, s. it h , aet. 17. 
Gamble, John, will G May 1640, ob. 9 Mar. 1640-1— Inq. at York 

8 Apr. 17 Car. L— Ebor.— Thomas, s. it h., aet. 18; 2. Robert; 4 

Gamks, John [bro. it h. of Edward G., will 17 May 1634, ob. IS May 

1634], ob. 23 July 1634— Inq. at Brecon 20 Mar." 10 Car. L— Brecon 

—Rod C., s. it h., aet. 10i yrs. 
Gannock, William, of Sibsey, gent., will . . Feb. 1596, ob. 7 Feb. 

1596— Inq. at Sleaford 15 Apr. 38 Eliz. — Lincoln— 1. John, s. it h., 

aet. 14 ; 2. William. 
Gannok, Robert, of Stickney, gent., will 10 Oct. 1 Mary, ob. 15 Oct. 

ult. - Jnq. at Lincoln Castle 23 Mar. 1 it 2 Phi & Mary -Lincoln- 
William, s. it h., aet. 40, itc. ; Thomas; Richard ; 'Robert. 
GAPE, John, ob. 19 Nov. 1625— Inq. at St, Albans 19 Mar. 11 Car. L — 

Herts. — John, s. and h., aet. 1. 
GARBETT, Margaret, ob. 20 May 1632— Inq. at Palam 12 Jan. 

13 Car. I.— Montgy — John, a. & h., born 17 Dec. 1619. 
Garden ek, Rich., ob, 18 Apr. ult. — Iinp at City of Wore 1 " 21 June 

37 Eliz. —Worcester— John, s. & h., aet. 27 ; 3 daughters. 
Gardiner, John, will 24 July 1628, ob. same day— Inq. at Salop 

19 June 9 Car. L — Salop — Thomas, s. it h , aet. 11. 
Gardiner, Tho., Knt., ob. 10 Aug. 7 Car. I. 1631— Inq. at Croydon 

13 Jan. 9 Car. T.- Surrey— 

1. William Gardiner, Knt., 1st son, ob. v.p.rpPrances. 2. Thomas. 

({(Mir^D, h. A li . i'i cipiis. i-i L of his rtiumII'hi her, Tlioiiian. Anno 

act. 12 yrs. 7 niu, 


(Jaiidskk, Henry, of Loin Ion, fishmonger, ob. there 1 I July 5 Si 6 Ph. 

* Mary I ■ i . t . at Ilerti'. 28 Apr. H Khz. — Henry, s. Si )i., aet. 16. 
(Iakdynkk, Henry, gent., will 6 June 7 Eclw. VI, ob. 28 Apr. 1 Mary 
lin|. at Lincoln ('astir 17 Mar. I Mai'V Lincoln I . Thomas, s. 

k |i., aet. 30 ; 2. Hubert ; 3. HJenry ; L William ; 5. Philip. 

(iARDYNKK, William, Esq., ob. 12 JllM. 8 Car. I. 1632- Imp at South- 
ward 18 Eel.. 8 Car. I. Surrey William, s. A li., act. I. 

GaKFKIU), Benjamin, -cut., will 1 1 Sept. 1630, oh. If) Oct. 6 Car. I. — 
1 m.j at High Hulburn (I) 31 Jan. 6 Car. L, (2) 19 .Mar. (J Car. I.— 
Middx.— Benjamin, s. Si h., act. 1 (i. 20 Mar. ult. 

(i \Ki.o\i), John, s. A It. of John G., will 28 Apr. 22 Hen. 8, bar. in 
St. Mich, of Morewooil, oh. 27 Feb. 22 Hen. 8. In<|. at Exon. 
12 Oct 23 lien. 8. Devon - 


Itichaid, s. &=\l'uhanna, tl. Hugh 2. fi Award. Elizabeth. 

li., iu't. is. V,. (1 . »en. — 

3. lticliard. Johanna. 

(i'aki.ond, John, will 28 Apr., ob. 17 Sept. 22 Hen. 8, bur. at More 
wood -hi, 1 12 Oct. 23 Hen. ,S. -Devon —Kichard, s. &> h., aet. 18 
yrs., mar. to Johan, ,i. of [(Hugh Yeo, ufj Fayerclyneh, gent.; 
2. Edward ; 3. Kichard ; 1. Elizabeth ; 2. Johanna. 

(lAUMSHK, Thomas, Esq., oh. at Kenton, co. SutK, 22 Dec. 9 Eliz. — 
lu,|. at Swall'ham Market 16 Eliz. Norf. Eliz., d. & h., aet. 11. 

(Jahhako, William, ob. 12 Jan. 38 Hen. 8, s.p.— Inq. at the Guildhall 

> 28 Feb. 1 Edw. G.— London. 

Gakkahd, William, Knt., oh. 17 Nov. 5 Jac. I. — Incj. at Chipping 
Wycombe 1(5 Aug. 7 Jac. L- Bucks — Kent — 

TIioiiiuh, h. Si h., iHst. 21. ^Dorothea, dan. William Clarke, Knt. 

(lAKUAun, William, ob. 23 Aug. 7 Jac. I, 1609 — imp at Finsbury 

21 Aug. 7 Jac. I.— Middx.— Gilbert, s. cv h., aet. 21. 
li m;ki:t, Tlio., will 20 Aug. 162-1, 6b. 16 Sept. 162") -Inq. at Guildhall 

I Nov, II Car. I. London, Middx., Surrey — Thomas, s. «fc h., 

act. |S. 
liAHliki-i', Andrew, gent., ob. ult. July ult. — I mp at Guildhall 26 Oct. 

.'ID Eliz. London -Hubert, s. & h., aet, 3. 
(jAKKKTT, Rich., ob. 16 June 1 Car. T. — Imp at Nuneaton 3 Sept. 

1 I Car. I. Warwick Sara, only dau. & h., act. 5 mo. 
Gaukktt, Stephen, ob, 26 Oct. ult. "in. |. at Louth 12 Nov. 27 Eliz. — 

Lincoln -William, s. Si In, act. 24. 
Cakuktt, Stephen, of rfeekington, ob. 26 Oct, ult. -hup 12 Nov. 

27 Eliz. —Lincoln — William, s. & h., aet. 2-1. 
Gaktii, Rich., will 21 Nov. 1639, ob. 23 Nov.— [1 ux. Dorothy Style, 

2 ux. Beatrix] — In, |. at Soulhwaik 22 Apr. 16 Car. L— Surrey, 
Southton, Middx.— George, s. ,v li , not. 16, 22 Mar. 1639. 

Cakton, Eianeis, oh. 21 Jan. ult. In.|. at Arundel 12 Apr. 2 Jac. L — 

Sussex- John Ballet, cons. Si h., aet. 13. 
GautoK, Henry, oh. 30 Oct. Kill IHq. at Petwurth 22 Mar. 1 7 Car. I. 

— Sussex -William, s. it h., aet. 5 mo. 


Gaktox, Peter, Kut., will 17 Aug. I Jac. I, ob. 21 Aug. — Inq. at East 

Grinstead 23 Sept. I .Jac. I. Sussex — I. Tho. G., Esq., s. it li.| 

act. 11; 2. Giles; 3. Henry ; I. Peter. 
Gauton, Tho., Kut., ob. 22 Nov. IG18, aet. 22 — Inq. at Petworth 

8 Apr. 17 Jac. [.—Sussex— Itobert G., bro. it h., aet. 21. 
Gasookjne, George, will 17 Sept. KJ19, pb. lb Sept. 1620 — Inq. at 

Cirencester (i Oct. 13 Car. I. — Glouc, Wilts— 

John, l&L son.-y- 

John, h. & h., cous. A h. of Uia grandfather, act. 24 yrs., 16 Aug. l(i:57. 

Gascoigne, Henry, gent., ob. "2(> Mar. 19 Hen. 8. — [nq. at York Castle 

8 Oct. 20 Uen." 8.— Ebor. — Francis, 8. & h., aet. 14. 
Gascoigne, John, ob. 20 Nov. ult. — [nq. at Sherburn 28 Jan. 4 & 5 

I'll, tic Mary — Ebor. — Thomas, s. it h., aet. 35. 
Gascoigne, John, of Clee, CO. Line, gent., 6b. 11 Nov. ult. — [nq. at 

Sherburn 18 Mar. 9 Eliz.— Ebor.-— William, s. & h., aet. 13 yrs. 

.5 mo. 
( Jakciogne, Rafe, of Burnby, Esq., ob. 22 Sept. 1556 — Inq. at Leeds 

12 May 3 & I Ph. it Mary— Ebor.— John, s. it h., aet. 17. 
Gascoigne, Rich., ob. 27 Feb. ult. — hup at Richmond 25 Sept. 2 Jac. I. 

— Ebor. --William, s. & h., aet. 30. 
Gascoigne, Tho., of Burghwallis, Esq., ob. 5 Mar. ult. — -Imp at Leeds 

ult. Sept. 2 it 3 Ph. & Mary— Ebor. — Will. G., of Shipley, h., 

aet. 41. 
Gascoigne, Tho., of Langcroft, Esq., ob. 19 Jan. ult. — Inq. at Sherburn 

3 Apr. 8 Eliz.— Ebor. — Richard G., of Settle, bro. it h., aet. 48., 
Gascoigne, William, Esq., of Gawthorpe, ob. 2G May 9 Eliz., s.p. — 

Inq. at York City 8 Jan. 10 Eliz. — Ebor. — Francis, bro. it h., 

aet. 40. 
Gaston, Elizabeth, idiata—lm\. at East Grins toad 22 Jan. 8 Eliz.-- 

Sussex George (I., of Buleombe, cons. & li. 
( ! \si itKi.i,, Peregrin, ub. 19 Jan. IlKHi Inq. at Abingdon II Sept . 

13 Car. I.- Berks Henry, s. & h., aet. 5, 11 Feb. ult. 
Gatcomue, Christopher, fatuus et idiottis, ob. 2H July ult. -Imp at 

Ross 2 Jan. 31 Eliz. — Hereford — 


Anna ux. . . . Bellamy, 1 dau.=f= Tacea, 2 dan., A cons. A coh: of 

her fat her, aet. 50. 

ChrijsLoplier, s. & h., cutis. A coh. of his grandfather, aet. -10. 

Gate, Henry, Kut., ob. 7 Apr. 31 Eliz.- [nq. at York Castle 17 July 

31 Eliz.- Ebor. Edward, s. & h., aet. 40. 
Gatkwaim), Henry, ul>. I July ult.- Inq. at Cambridge Iti Sept. G KHz. 

— Cambridgeshire — John, s. it h., act. L'l!. 
Ga'ITON, HumFrey, ob. 7 June ult. — Inq. at Chelmsford 7 Nov. 

12 Hen. 8. Essex— William, s. it h., aet. 19. 

iNQUisrrioNus post mohtbm. 


Gavkll, Francis, Esq., ob. 28 Jan. 1632— Inq. at Southwark 30 May 

•J Car. [.—Surrey— 1. Vincent, s. k h., aet. 15; 2. Henry; 3. 

Francis ; 4. Robert, 
(Javkll, Robert, gent., ob. 22 July ult. - Inq. at KingHton-on-Thaniea 

■1 Aug. .'w Eliz. — Surrey — Francis, s. k h., aet. 30. 
(Javi'.i.l, Vincent, will 10 Mar. l9Car. t, ob. same day — Inq. at South- 

wark 6 Mai-. 20 Car. [. — Surrey —Hubert, s. k h., aet. 1. 
(Javkkock, Richard, of Foorde, gent., a. k h. (*<<;), ob. s.p., in ward of 

the Queen 4 yrs., ob. 20 May ult. — Inq. G July G Eli/.. — Devon — 

Elizabeth, aet. 11 ; Alice, aet. 8 ; Susana, aet. 7 ; sisters & eoli. & 

in ward of the Queens 
C.wviiKH, John, ob. 2 1 Aug. ult. — ln<|. at Southwark 18 Nov. 3 J as. I. 

—Surrey— Margaret, d. Jk h., aet. 'J. 
(Iawiuk, Bassingborne, ob. 1 Sept. 1G32 — Inq. at Diss 18 Apr. 

10 Car. I. -Norfolk — John, s. k h., aet. 7 yrs., 23 Aug. 1633. 
(i\\vi)K(>N, J ol in, uh. *J Oct. ult. —Inq. at Norwich 8 Jan. 11 Car. J. 

— Norfolk -Thomas, s it h., aet. 'J mo. 

GaWDRON, Tho., ob. inf. s.p., G Aug. 12 Car. 1, 1636 — Inq. at Norwich 

13 Jan. 12 Car. I. — Norfolk- Jane, Margaret, sisters k coh. 
G'AWDY, Eassingborn, Kut., ob. 17 May 1 Jac. I, 1G0G — Inq. at 

Wymondham 12 June 4 Jac. I. —Norfolk — Framlingham, s. k h., 

aet. 17. 
Gawijy, Charles, Knt., ob. 13 Dee. 1629— Ihq. at Bury St. Edmunds 

17 Mar. 5 Car. !.— Suit". - Charles, s. SJ h., aet. 17, 2G Dec. 1629. 
Gawdy, Thomas, Knt., will 1 Nov. 30 Eli/.., ob. 5 Nov. 30 Eliz. — 

[nq. at Loddou 'J Aug. 31 Eli/. — Norf., Sufi'., 1 Jerks— Henry, s. k 

li., aet. 3G. 
Gawkx, Alan, ob. 12 Sept. 1G32 — Inq. 'at East Grinstead 17 Jan. 

8 Car. [.— Su.ssex — George, s. k h., aet. 2. 
Gawhn, Edmund, gent,, ob. ult. Oct. G Eliz.— Inq. at Shaftou ult. 

J une -Dorset -Ann, d. k h., aet. 30, nupt. John Fantlaroy, gent. 
Gawujitox, William, of Southwark, tinctor, ob. 20 June 35 Eliz. — 

Inq. at Leigate 1 l J Fel). 38 Eliz. - Surrey - -William G., s. k h., 

aet. 30. 
Cawsku., Richard, Esq., ob. 31 May 30 lien. 8. —Inq. at Lynn Regis 

4 Nov. 3U lieu. 8* Norfolk John, s. k h., aet. G. 
Gayk, Thomas, of Castle Dodington [ .'Donington ], }>tre ob. ib'm 

12 Feb. 1564 —Inq. at town of Leicester 21 Alar. 7 Eliz. — Leicester 

— Thomas, s. it h., aet. 13 yrs., 17 June ult. 

Gayk, William, ob. I lien. 8." -Inq. at Great Cotton ult. Oct. 1 Hen. 8. 

— Devon -John. s. k h., aet. 2. 

Gaymku, Henry, ob. G Apr. 38 Eliz.— Inq. at. East Crinstead 14 July 

38 Eliz. — Sussex.— Robert, s. k h., aet. 35. 
Gaynksfouo, John, gent., idlut., aet. 18 — Inq. at Southwark 18 Apr., 

1 Mary — Surrey — Ann, sister k h., aet. 15. 

(To be continued.') 


ilottrrs of Hooks. 

Parish Register Society of Dublin. — Vol. ii. The Registers 
of the Cathedral Church of St. Patrick, Dublin, 1677 to 
1800, transcribed by C. II. P. Price, B.D., and edited by the 
Very Rev. J. II. Bernard, DA)., D.C.L., Dean of St. Patrick's.— 
Vol iii. The Registers of the Church of St. Miciian, Dublin, 
1(136 to 1685, edited by Henry V. Berry, I.S.O., .M.K.I. A. - 
Vol. iv. The Register of Provost Winter (Trinity College, 

DUBLIN), I6D0 to 1660, edited by the Rev. Canon Hugh Jackson 
Lawlor, D. D.; and Tiie Reoistkr of the Liberties of Cashbl 
(co. TlPFERARV), 1654 to 1657, edited by -lames Mills, [.S.O. 

The issue of no less than tour registers ill one year is an 
achievement ot" which any Society may be proud, and we hope that 
the Parish Register Society of Dublin will receive the due reward 
of its labours in a largely Increased number of subscribers. 

The Registers of St. Patrick's Cathedral do not begin before 
1077, but in an Appendix to the Volume the Editor has added a 
long list of persons known to have been interred in the Cathedral 
itself, or in the adjoining Churchyard, previous to the commence- 
ment of the Registers. This list has heen compiled from various 
sources, including the funeral entries in Ulster's Office, and will 
be of the greatest interest to historians as well as to genealogists. 
For some reason difficult to fathom all names in this Appendix 
of persons buried before 1677 have been omitted from the Index 
to the Volume. It will be remembered that tire Memorial Inscrip- 
tions existing in the Cathedral wen; recently contributed by 
Dr. Bernard to vol. vi of The Publications of the Association of 
the Memorials of the head, Ireland No. 3, part i, pp. 520-549). 
The Registers contain the burial of at least eight temporal peers 
ot* Ireland, and of the celebrated Duke of Sehomberg, who was 
killed at the Boy ne in K> ( J0. There were also interred at St. 
Patrick's many peeresses, including Prances Jennings, Countess 
of Tyrconnell, sister of Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough ; several 
dignitaries of the Church of Ireland, and numerous other persons 
of eminence, such as the Lady l.ere.sford of tin; famous ghost story, 
and above all Dean Swift and Hester Johnson, known as Stella. 

A glance at the list of pew-holders in the year 1686 given by 
Mr. Berry in his excellent Introduction is sufficient to show what 
an important district of Dublin St. Michan's was during the period 
covered by this transcript of the Registers. The fact that the 
"King's Inns" are situate within its confines brought not a few 
distinguished Irish judges to reside within the parish, and many 
particulars concerning them and their families are to be found here 
recorded. Numerous entries also relate to soldiers serving in Ireland, 
some of whom were of English origin. To the long list of interesting 


names given in the Preface, the following may be added; in 1653 
appears the marriage of Colonel Henry [ngoldesby to Anne, daughter 
(.f Sir Hardresse Waller; on 24 April 1662 occurs the burial of 
the Countess of Clancarty (Clou Carty), and there are several entries 
relating to Captain James Stopphorth or Stopford, who muH have 
belonged to honl Courtowu's family. Mr. Berry gives a welcome 
explanation of certain curious trade names such as slaymaker, 
translater, gabbertman, cleave carrier or cleeve man, sneesing maker 
and heyler. 

It is satisfactory to learn that the remaining portion of this 
Register down to 1099 is in type, and, together with a much needed 
Index, is shortly to he published. 

Samuel Winter, the puritan Provost of Trinity College, Dublin, 
1651 — 1660, kept a most careful record of all the baptisms and 
marriages celebrated by him in the different districts of Ireland 
which he visited during his resilience in the country, together with 
some others not performed by himself. His Register is specially 
valuable to genealogists, for not only is the maiden name of the 
mother given in every baptism, hut also the godparents or sureties. 
The most interesting entry is the baptism of a child of Henry 
Cromwell in Christ Church Cathedral in 1656. Among other well- 
known Anglo-Trisli names which occur are those of Blennerhassett 
and Loftus. 

The Register of the so-called Liberties of Cashel was compiled in 
compliance! with the provisions of the Statute of 1653, which enacted 
that all marriages should take place before a .Justice of the Peace, 
and lie duly registered by an ollieer, appointed for the purpose, Tt 
contains no baptisms or burials. The names here are more dis- 
tinctively Irish than in the other Registers hitherto printed by the 
Society, and there are few descendants of English settlers recorded. 
The persons married were nearly all dwellers within the baronies of 
Middlethird, Clanwilliam, Kilnamanagli and Ikerrin, in co. Tipperary. 

Association fob the Preservation ok the Memorials of the 
Dead, Trei.and. Journal for the year hM>7. Vol. VII. No. 1 
ami No. 2 of Part 1. 

It is impossible to take up one of the Journals of this Association 
without admiring the energy and public spirit of those who are 
combining to rescue from oblivion and destruction the memorials 
of past ages, and without a strong feeling of regret that a similar 
Society is no longer in existence in England. The Association 
owes much to its editor, Lord Walter Fitzgerald, who has been 
indefatigable in promoting its objects, and who has contributed a 
considerable proportion of the inscriptions contained in this volume. 
Among so many interesting monuments it is ditlicult to make a 
selection, and we have space to mention only a Few, but the Dermont 
slab now in the Roman Catholic Church at Lusk ; the tomb of 
Maud Plunketl in Malahide Churchyard, with the well-executed 
illustration accompanying it ; and the inscriptions from Trinity 


College, Dublin, are Jill worthy of special mention. At p. 35 appears 
the inscription on a tablet in Glasnevin Churchyard to Dr. Delany, 
Dean of Down, husband of the witty and talented Mrs. Delany, 
and on p. 17, we notice the monument erected by Chief Justice 
Keatinge to his wife Grace, whose first husband Sir Richard 
Shuck-burgh, of Shuckburgh, CO, Warwick, was a valiant cavalier. 
As a Supplement to the Journal, with a separate pagination, some 
Irish Funeral Entries are in this volume commenced, and should 
prove a great attraction to subscribers. These have been copied 
from a manuscript now in the British Museum, hut formerly 
belonging to the Office of Arms, Dublin Castle. It is curious that 
a few of these certificates relate to English people who resided chiefly 
in Norfolk and Suffolk, and whose connection with Ireland is not 

We have also received: — Notks on the Kakuer IIistokv ok 
Barton-on-Humrkr, by Robert Brown, F.S.A. Vol. ii.— Collections 
for a History of Staffordshire, edited by the William Salt 
Archaeological Society, New Series, Vol. xi — and Tin-: Scots Peerage, 
Vol. v, all of which, together with some other publications, will he 
duly noticed in the October number. 

ilotrs and (Querns. 

Bathurst Ra,Ronetcy. — Sir Francis Bathurst, Bart., was horn at 
Lechlade, co. Gloucester, in 1675, and somewhere between the years 
lOOT) and 171.5 he married his cousin Frances, daughter uf the 
\{\W. \\ illinm I'eacock, Vicar of I'liiimor, co. Oxoii. This marriage 
is not recorded either at Lechlade or Cumnor. Their eldest son, 
Lawrence, was horn in 1713. Sir J'Vancis went to Georgia in 
1735. According to Wotton, Burke and the Complete Baronetage 
by G. E. C, Sir Francis Bathurst died in Georgia about 173*8, 
being succeeded by his son, Sir Lawrence Bathurst, who died s.p., 
when the title is said to have become extinct. I am willing to 
pay a reward for satisfactory legal evidence of the date and place 
of the marriage of Sir Francis Bathurst and the above mentioned 
Frances Peacock, and \ shall also be obliged for any information as 
to the authority of the Baronetages for the statements that (a) Ladv 
Bathurst died in Georgia 1736 ; (/>) Sir Francis Bathurst died there 
1738 ; (c) Sir Lawrence Bathurst died without issue. 

La whence Bathurst. 
137, Maida Vale, London, W. 


NOTE on the family of butler, afterwards 


I!y Hamilton Ham., F.S.A. 

Tho ordinary works of reference do not .state the pedigree of ■ 
this distinguished house with sufficient accuracy l>y a confusion 
easily pardonable where five successive Butlers bore the one name 
of Theobald. 

The first Theobald went to Ireland, it is stated, in 1185. In 
tlie " Calendar of Documents relating to Ireland " we find him 
styled butler in an inquisition of Novel Disseisin against him by 
Manser Arsic in 1199 \JOS, 109], and this is the earliest reference 
therein either to himself or to his function. This year is also the 
first for which there are any records of Irish matters, properly so 
to be called, the entries during tho reign of Henry TT being mere 
returns by sheriffs and others of payments made in England for 
supplies, munitions, transport, wages and. allowances in support of 
the forces in Ireland ; and during the reign of Richard there is 
nothing. Under the county of Lancaster Theobald owed two palfreys 
for licence to go to Ireland in 1203-1204 [193] \ in liquidation of 
which debt he paid ten marks the year following [24$]. Against 
him John de Penris takes a writ of Mort d'Ancestor 20 December 
1205 [280] touching the third part of a cantred in " Arclo." He 
was a witness to the undated charter granted by John as Earl of 
Morton to John archbishop of Dublin [1787], and he was dead 
3 April 1206, when the justiciary is commanded to take into the 
King's hand all the lands which belonged to Theobald Walter 
" when lie left Ireland " [288] ; from whose lands nothing is to be 
removed, etc. [292]. Under the date 24 August 1214 it is recorded 
that the castles of Dories, Roskere (Roscrea), Loske (Lusk), Armolen 
and Kakaulis had belonged to Theobald Walter, and seisin of 
them is to be given to Reginald Pons [51£]. Dories and Rokerell 
had been in the custody of Geoffrey de Marisco [516] ; Robert 
de Mariscis was seneschal of Theobald's heir at Michaelmas 1219 

The wife of Theobald I was Maud daughter and heir of Robert 
le Vavasour. She had restoration of her whole dower 20 July 1207, 
and Robert her father is to have possession of her thirds in Ireland 
of Theobald's lands [882]. Tn the same year the said Robert 
makes u line of 1200 murks and two palfreys for her marriage and 
dower and for possession of the fret; tenements of her late husband 
as well in England as in Ireland [333, S67, 370]. She remarried 
Fulke FitzWarine, who had mandate for possession of her dower 
1 October 1207 [886]. 

Theobald II, born in or about the year 1200, is called Theobald 
Walter 2 July 1221, when he was of jige and was to have seisin 
[!>'.K r )]. He is called Theobald Pincerna IS .July 1222, when ho 
was again to have seisin of certain of his lands of inheritance 
[1048]. He is grantee of the custody of the castle of Roscrea 


5 February and 27 March 1224 [7/flf, //7/]. On the King's 
Her vice in Ireland October 1224, he had respite for scutage till 
Master 1225 [1220] j an<l respite for debts of Theobald his father 
8 January 122543 [1341]. He was still in Ireland on the King's 

service 14 Jiint: 1226 [1379']. Two months later, however, namely 

"about August" 1226 [L' t ' r '>\, he is subject of ail adverse report 
by Geoffrey dc MarisCo the justiciary, whereby the King is advised 
that Theobald is assenting to the opposition of William Earl of 
Pembroke the Karl Marshal, and has fortified the castle of Dublin 
against the King, and so forth ; in response to which letter 
Theobald is commanded 21 September 1226 to deliver the castle 
of Rose ray to Geoffrey [1446]. Theobald is one of the sureties 
admitted by the King, that on the King's acceptance of Geoffrey's 
resignation of the olhee of justiciary, Geoffrey shall deliver the 
King's castles to Richard de Burgh, to whom is committed the 
office of justiciary, 13 February 1227-8 [1572]. Theobald is plaintiff 
against the prior of the Isle of St. Patrick touching a carucate 
of land in Balligossan, which prior has respite (.luring his absence, 
etc., 10 July 1229 [1705], this suit being still undetermined 
24 April I I'M [MOD'}. The disafforested region of Glendalough is 
described, M Novemlier 1229, as bordering, inter alia, upon Theobald's 
land of Arklow [1757, /7(H)}. Theobald is on the King's service 
Over sea I June 1230 [1834]; and there he died PJ July 1230, as 
will presently appear. 

• When Geoffrey advised the King that Theobald was a rebel, he 
also professed a determination to do his duty against Theobald 
although he had married Geoffrey's daughter and had a son born 
of her. This letter is dated "about August" 1226, therefore 
Geoffrey must needs be speaking of Theobald's heir who was born 
by 11 June 1223, inasmuch as be had done homage for his lands 
and was to have seisin accordingly by 11 June 1211 [2686] j at 
which date he was therefore of full age. Theobald 111 was plainly 
deemed legitimate, since Kichard Kail of Cornwall the King's brother, 
notwithstanding his Oliormous wealth, considered the wardship and 
marriage of this Theobald III worth securing; and more directly 
to the point, Kichard de Burgh the justiciary of Ireland thought 
these worth buying at a large price in order to the advancement of 
his daughter. There is thus no reason whatever for doubting the 
general accuracy of Geoffrey's statement that Theobald has married his 
daughter. This Theobald 11 died, by the King's statement, on Friday 
before St. Mary Magdalene, namely Friday 19 July 1230 [1848], 
manifestly in Poitou, for on the same day mandate issues at Pont for 
Roesia who was the wife of Theobald Walter deceased to have dower 
assigned to her out of his lands [1845] ; ll,1 d still on the same day 
Ih6 King grants to Richard Earl of Cornwall the custody of 
Theobald's lands and heirs and the marriage of the heirs [1847, 
1840]. Four days later, 23 July, the King being at or before the 
castle of Mirebeau, mandate issues to the justiciary directing him 
to "restote" to the Fail of Cornwall the issues of the said lands, if 
any such had been received by him, since Theobald's death [1848]. 
The seneschal of Leinster is commanded to </ive seisin to the Earl 


of Cornwall of the lands which Theobald hold in capite [in Leinster 
within the bailiwick] of William Marl Marshal 11 April 1231 [7<S7fJ. 
The Earl of Cornwall sold the custody and marriage of the heirs 
to Richard do Burgh, who has confirmation thereof 21 June 1232 

The above named Uoesia is usually called Roesia do Verdun, 
who on 'j;{ October 1231 \_1923\ upon the death of Nicholas do 
Verdun her father, whose heir she is, makes a fine of 700 marks 
for her relief, and to have seisin of her father's lands, and that 
sho shall not bo constrained to marry. The; obvious inference is 
that she was then a singlcwoman of full age; and the superficial 
deduction is that she was not the widow of Theobald TT, now 
fifteen months dead. Roesia de Verdun however had certainly one 
son John de Verdun her heir [287J.] ; which John was of full 
age by 3 May 1247, when he makes a fine to have seisin of her 
lands; his fine, for seisin only, is 1300 marks. lie was also of 
full age by 11 May 12-11 \26(W] j for on that date mandate issues 
that he and Margaret his wife shall have seisin of their as yet 
undivided moiety of the lands of bur grandfather Walter de Lacy. 
It is therefore clear that he was born by May 1223, if no earlier; 
in other words he was of the same age with, if not older than, 
the sou borne to Theobald 1 1 by the daughter of Geoffrey de 
Marisco. The same Theobald 1 1 is usually called the father of 
this .John de Verdun, but that is most improbable As John was 
certainly born by 1231 when his mother makes her fine to protect 
herself against any marriage the Crown might seek to thrust upon 
her, then she was by that date a widow if John was legitimate. 

Though the declaration that Roesia is entitled to dower in the 
lands of Theobald 11 does amount to a constructive statement that 
she was his wife and is his widow, it does not iii any way suggest 
her to be the same person who is so uniformly described as Roesia 
de Verdun. That identification appears otherwise. Lynch (p. 81) 
alleges that "in 1225 Henry Til wrote a special letter to Roesia 
de Verdun requesting her to marry his beloved Theobald le 
Botillcr and afterwards addressed another letter to her father 
Nicholas de Verdun on the same subject." Lynch quotes his 
authority "Close Roll TL. !) II. 3, p. 2." That reference is 
presumably accurate ; the letter is in Sir T. 1). Hardy's Close 
Rolls [Rot.. Lilt. Clans., vol. II, p. (JO], whereat it appears the 
date of this letter is Windsor 4 September 1225, and it is there 
followed by mandate to Nicholas to induce Roesia to accept 
Theobald. Superficially there is a sort of inconsistency between 
this precise command of the Close Roll and the phraseology of 
Geoffrey, but this may plausibly be explained by the limitations of 
an abstract. There is no absolute conflict of statement, and there 
is apparently no escape from the conclusion that having previously 
married a daughter of Geoffrey de Marisco, called Joane "sister 
and heir," or " coheir," of John de Marisco, which daughter 
was mother of Theobald's heir and was presumably dead by 
September 1225, Theobald II soon after that date remarried Roesia 
daughter of Nicholas de Verdun, and by that remarriage became 


merely st ci>f;it Iut of her son ami Insii' John do Verdun. Roesia 
was dead 22 February 1246-7; then, as usually if nut always, 

called Roesia de Verdun, when her lands are to be taken into 
the King's hand [280 f ,\, in ease she might he indebted to the 
King [2808], wherein may In- more than meets the; eye. 

Without presuming to declare the alliliation of John de Verdun 
an historic doubt, one must confess to personal ignorance, and to 
but tht! vaguest impressions concerning the identity of John's 
father. This however appears clear, that if he was but lately of 
age when he bad seisin of Margaret's lands in May 1 lit 4, then 
be was at least two and a half years old when his mother Roesia 
was directed to marry Theobald in September 1225; and be may 
then have been anything in reason upwards. One has not met 
with any record suggesting that by grace he had this seisin in 
his nonage ; nor with any evidence shewing bis age at any time ; 
nor with an)' clear record as to his father's name; nor with mention 
of any dower of Roesia, save what she took by the precipitate 
mandates on the death of Theobald ; and one does not know 
that John held either anything derived from Theobald, or anything 
whatever coming to him otherwise than by bis mother or by his 
wife. Towards the filling of this void of ignorance it is needless 
to say any contributions will be acknowledged with unafl'ected 
gratitude; and if John can be proved a son of Theobald in any 
other than a canonical or colloquial sense, solutions of the problems 
thereby raised will also be heartily welcome. 

Theobald TIT, it has been argued already, was born by 11 June 
1223; his wardship and marriage were purchased in 1232 by 
Richard de Burgh [18^7, 1849, 1874, 1877, 1878, 1902] ; and 
Theobald had done homage to the King for his lands by 11 June 
12-14, when mandate issues that he is to have seisin thereof 
accordingly [2686], He was thus some seven years of age when 
his father died in 1230 ; and he was himself dead by 3 August 
124.S [29.58]. Custody of bis castles and lands is committed to 
Peter de Reriningham 5 November following \2975~\. John Fitz- 
(leoll'rey (Fit/Tiers) the justiciary for a line of 3000 marks is to 
have custody of Theobald's lands and heirs and marriage of the 
heirs, 21 January 1250-1 [3100, 3101, 3108]; and be is to pay 
the said fine by instalments of 500 marks per annum. It appears 
by an inspeximus of 26 November 1279 [//, 1018], that in 1247 
Theobald held in Kilkenny Ralligaveran, by the service of four 
knight's fees, of Richard de Clare as one of the heirs of the Earl 
Marshal. It again appeals, in 1253 | //, 1<J3, 20',], that he hail held 
certain lands of Walter de buy. It. is very natural that this 
Theobald, dying at the early age of t went y live years or less, should 
frequently have been confused with his father who died at the age 
of thirty or thereabouts in 1230; but the interval of some eighteen 
years between their deaths seems to be an established fact. 

Theobald ITT married Margaret miscalled "eldest" daughter of 
Kichard de Burgh, who had purchased this heir's wardship and 
marriage. She is to have her dower 3 August 1218, and 2 July 
1219, after giving security not to marry without the King's 


licence [2958, :.".>»(>]. She had made a fine of 500 marks to 
marry whom she would [8041, .)()' r \\ by 27 April 1250. 

The next heir was Theobald IV, |<j Puller, who is stated to have 
heen six years of age at the death of his father in 1248. These 
calendars do not, shew his age then, or at any other time; but 
the tact is doubtless well supported bv evidence elsewhere. He 
is alleged to be the grantee of the prisage of wines in Ireland, 
evidence of which one would have expected to find in these Irish 
documents, but one does not find it; though there is direct 
continuation | ///, (i!.'\ that he had the prisage, it seems hi; 
wan not the first to enjoy this franchise, for at the reference 
given the petitioner asserts (hat this Theobald and "his" ancestors 
enjoyed the right. Tin; payments from John Kit/t Voll'rey for his 
wardship for three years to come are assigned to Peter of Savoy, 
about to join the crusade, 1 8 April 1253 and other dales, in part 
payment of the sum which the king has engaged to give to Peter 
[// 180, /si, /,v.;, /9s, 201, 254]'; and in the event 2000 marks of 
the sum John Kil /( ieoilrey had agreed to give are remitted, 10 July 
1253 [2.M, ■-'/•''!•• Geoffrey de Uyenvillo is to have the custody 
of the lands which Theobald's father Theobald (III) held of Walter 
de Lacy, 2 June 1253 [195, 2H4], Theobald has licence to go to 
Ireland' II May L276 [1221]; ami in 1278 the justiciary urgently 
begs for the return to Ireland of Sir Theobald whose absence 
may be calamitous f 1510] ; he is serving with his forces against 
the kings enemies in Thomoud (co. Clare) in 12.S0, and has 
payments for his expenses, Midsummer and November 1281 and 
Hilary 1282 [1885, I860, 1S0>, III, 160]. lie died in his castle 
of Arklow 26 September 1285, having attained the relatively mature 
age of forty-three or thereby ; and in July 1288 it is declared [408] 
that Nicholas de Clare should answer for his chattels. 

Theobald I V married Joane daughter of John Fit/John Fitz- 
Geoffiey, the granddaughter of John FitzGeofl'rey who hail bought 
the wardship and marriage of Theobald, sister and coheir of 
Richard FitzJuhn, who had died s.p. in France in the year 1297 
[IV, 457, 688]. Joane is mother of the heir Edmund [V, 198, 415]. 
She has letters of attorney 10 December 1285, and IS April 1286, 
while she was remaining by licence ill Ireland [III, 178, 219]. 
She has letters of attorney 2G July 1280 for three years since she 
is remaining by licence in England [260] together with Matilda, 
who has letters for the same period for the same attorneys, which 
Matilda is called daughter of Theobald, but is not called daughter 
of Joane. Joane is remaining in Ireland 21 August 1 2 ( J0 [767], 
and is returning to Ireland 12 September 1291 [952]. At 
Michaelmas 1 2!)7 she makes a payment for Pray of twenty 
shillings of service for le Combre [IV, 44'.']. Her purparty of 
her brother's Irish lands was extended at six and three-quarter 
villatae in the can tied of the Isles (barony of Islands) in Thomond, 
21 November 1 2D!), for which she had done homage \H!K>). Pv 
.licence remaining in Knglaud 30 September 1301 |iS\„'.'J|, the 

just ioim y is e manded, I ;i October 1301,, to allow her hid li lis to 

carry to England money of her Irish lands [S8<)\. She has letters 


p£ attorney l(i May 1302 | I', X'o'j. Slic was dead l'J September 
1303, when John de Tany her executor lias letters of attorney 
[277, 278]: and Kdmund le liutler i.s her heir 13 January L 303-4 

riiough at the death of Ins mothei' Edmund was Joaue'ti heir, 
at the death of his father in 1280 the heir was Edmund's elder 
brother Theobald V, who had done his homage 22 February I 2r' , J- ( J0 
[III, 622], and the justiciary is to give him seisin after he shall 
have proved Ids age, and he proved himself of full age on the 
said 22 Febrkltll'y [80S, (J J J]. lie petitions for the prisage of 
wines in April I -JO® [tiVff] ; and the eseheator admits ihut Ids 
father (Theobald IV) died seised of this franchise, hut hy what 
warrant the eseheator knows not. Theohald is remaining in Ireland 

1 June 1298 [IV, J f S:J}. Distraint for sums due from him for his 
seisin and for wines received has not produced the required amounts, 
21 January 129&-9 [oi>2\ Relative hereto a payment, is made 

2 May 1299 [013] ) as again on 17 August following [687, of. 682]. 
He died however, hy an imp p.m., on II May that year ; and Fdmund 
his next brother and heir does homage, at Caerlaverock, 30 August 
1300, for all the lands his brother had held in capite [759], This 
Edmund, grantee of the mysterious dignity which as Mr. Round 
has shewn was not in reality an earldom of Car.riek Macdriilin, 
survived till 1 September 1321; when he was succeeded by his son 
James, seventh Hutler, who was a minor in 1-325. James hail a 
confirmation of the priaage grant. 1 May 1326, and on 2 November 
1328 he was advanced to the dignity of the Earldom of Ormonde. 


I5y F. II. Suck r.ixo. 

►Since the publication in 'J'he Genealogist for 1D05-G 1 of some notes 
on Barsham juxta Beceles, a very interesting discovery has been 
made as to the parentage of Jbonysia de lye, who died lady of 
the manor of Marshall! in 49 Edw. III. 

From her will, proved at Norwich 1st August 1375,- it has 
always been supposed that she was a daughter of John de iloo. 
Also that it, was for the repose of the souls of her father and 
mother thai she directed her executors to sell her "manor of lloo 
(and other lands) to purchase the patronage of some church . . . 
and to appropriate the same ... to find two chaplains to celebrate 
for the souls of John de Hoc, Dyonisia his wife, and their son 
William." It is now, however, considered almost) certain that she 

1 N.S., vols. x\i nnil xxii. 

5 Q.Q. Norwich, Iti'ipHlor lliiyilon, I'... 114 II. Proved by hor hum Sir llobort 
do Tye. Power ivmtvihI to the other executor, John lie lloo (monk). 


was the wife and nut the daughter of John de I loo, and that it 
was for lier own husband and tor herself that she intended these 
prayers should he said. Also, that she was by birth a Welyngton, and 
that the manor of Barsham descended to her through that family. 
She is thought to have been daughter of (possibly Roger) de 
Welyngton, and to have heen married first to .John de I Loo, secondly 
to Edward Charles of Kettleburgh, Suffolk, and thirdly to Sir Peter 
de Tye, whom she survived ; that her son William de Hoo pre- 
deceased her; that his brother John de lloo was a monk; that 
her eldest son by Edward Charles predeceased her, and his brother 
Edward as a Carmelite monk was disqualified, so that Sir Robert 
de Tye, her "sou and heir," succeeded her. There are two reasons 
for these suppositions : first, that the later owners of Barsham 
quartered Welyugtou with Tye, and also that her seal is still pre- 
served on a ii(\'i\ which, in the year 1884, was in the possession of 
Mi'. Alfred T. Everitt of Portsmouth, and by him then sent to the 
Society of Antiquaries for exhibition, its description being after- 
wards published in their proceedings. By Mr. Everitt's kindness 
1 am able to quote here Dr. Spencer Perceval's original note on 
this deed and a release executed at the same time by Dionysia's 
son Uohert de Tye. 

" l.'UID. Grant by hionisia de Ty to .John At tedamesendo of 
North Ehnhain ' and Thomas Altobriggo of the same, draper, of 
three messuages, viz., I hinhainstede, Thornew elle, and le Hil, and three 
fold ages in North Elmham, and all her lands, tenements, etc., in North 
Ehnhain, Betele, and (Jatele, in fee. In witness, etc., Thomas Deye, 
.John D.ankyn, William and John Aniz (or Aviz), etc. Given at 
North Elmham, May 2.'5, R> Edward lid. Seal in brown wax. 
Circular, one inch diameter. In three lobed panel a shield 
Crusillv il tehee a bend, dimidiated by a bend engrailed between 
two cotises. 1 Leg. 'Sigillum dioh . . . lye.'" 

" 1 309. Same date as last. Release by Robert son of Peter 
de Tye, bit., of the same parcells. Seal antique a bull. Sigillum 
S(ocrcti). Both printed in Carthew's History of Lauitdilch, Norwich, 
1872, part i, p. 289, from original charters from the muniment 
room at Elmham I lall." 

The coat fust described is clearly intended for that of Tye- — a 
bend between six cross crosslets fitchde. The arms of Welyngton 
were, Sable, a bend enyrctiled between tiro cotises Or, 5 and this 
coat impaled by Tye was, says Blomefield, in the chancel window 

3 In tin) Hundred of ban ml itch, Norfolk. 

* Garl how, in describing iliis sen! says:— "The Sua] has an armorial .shield 
bearing a liend between six litclu'o, Tye, impaling, a bend engrailed 

between two colisos, encircled by a garter, on which, in old cliaracters, 
' Nigilhim Dion . . . do Tpyu,'" darlhow nlao givtw the >\rc>\ by which Roliort, 
Hon of I'clcr (In Tye, Kill.., releases all his right in llie same messuages, 
etc., wliicli the said John Attcdniticscndc and 't'liomas Atlebrigge have of the 
grant " J)no Dionisio d'e Ty malris mer," and adds this nolo, " These t wo Inst 
charters are annexed together, and have) this endorsement : ' Tho Lady Attyos 
dedo with n release,' (also) "' Deedes releases & a rentall of ye Manner of 
Thoi •nwell.' " 

' Metcalfe's I'Uitiltlon (if tin (full; J nl |i. 7, I llennerhassel I ijiiarlcrs Tye and 
Welyngton, and ill p. lit, llopton (juaiters I've and Welynglon. 


of Weston Church, Norfolk, where Sir Peter de Tye hold lands. 6 
According to Suckling, the family of Welyngton 7 were of ancient 
descent, and were long .seated at I'.ar.shain in Suffolk, where they 
held tlit! third pari of that manor so early as ( J lidw. II. On the 
19th of Novem her 1325, a fine 8 was made at Westminster between 
Ltohert do llarsham and Henry son of Itoger 9 de Wellington the 
object of this fine being probably to convey to Henry the entire 
manor and advowson of Barsham. Mow long he retained this manor 
does not appear, but according to Davy, " In the church -lass are 
the arms of Norwich and Wellington, Sable, on a bend em/railed 
urgent cotised Or, a mullet of the Jimt." 10 Suckling, who was Hector 
of Barsham in IS.'Mi, makes no mention of these arms, merely saying 
that the windows in the church contain here and there a fragment 
of ancient painted glass; but he says that "ill the Church of St. 
George, South Klinham, 11 was anciently much stained glass with the 
arms of Welington, Ull'ord, and Norwich." Carthew mentions a Sir 
Henry tie Welyngton's marriage to Margaret, daughter of Sir Alex- 
ander de Freville, who, according to the latter and also to Blomefield, 
was lord of the manors of Netherhall and Litcharii, in the Hundred 
of Launditch in Norfolk, where Sir Alexander succeeded his 
brother Baldwin in \'288. It is noteworthy that in the nave 
of the Church of St. James, South Elmham, was anciently a 
brass plate, five inches long and two wide, inscribed " Edmund 
Ffryvll, Esquier." That Sir Emeric de Welyngton had some right 
in the Manor of Barsham is evident by the will of his nephew, 
Sir Robert de Tye, 1 - who desired that "the meadow called the 
Park in Barsham should be given a Monsieur Roberd Charles or 
Ins heirs in the manner as it was ordained by the feoffees of 
Monsieur Emery de Welyngton, uncle to the ' said Roberd." la 
Also, that after the sale of all his manors, lands, etc. (under 
certain contingencies), he desired there be given to the right heirs 
of Sir Emeri de Welyngton 100 marks. It is also significant 
that there are bequests in this will to the Rector of Barsham, 
John Bray; and to William Marsh, Vicar of Sotterley, where 
according to Suckling, 11 llervey has recorded this inscription, now 
lost . :--" Monsieur Oilier de Welyngton, et Dame JIawes, sa femme." 

I Blomoliold's Norfolk, vul. viii, p. 2U1. 

7 Suckling's Antiquities of Suffolk, vol. i, p. 27. 
H Printed in The Genealogist, N.S., vol. xxi, pp. 12o\ 127. 
u In 1299, Roger de Wellington hold lands at Gisleham (see. Colo's MSS., 
vol. xxxv). 

Iu Add. MS. 19,112. 

II Vol. i. Thomas do Welyngton was Rector of South Elmham from 13(14 
to 1307. Ami Alicia do Welyngton presented Kentengoinde do Welyngton 
to the Church of Kushmere in 1328. South Elmham is near Barsham and 
iu Suffolk. 

'-' Haled at liarnham the Wednesday next liefoFO the least of Si. (leorgo 
13N2 (13881'), proved at Norwich 21th August 1383, " by Elizabeth, tho relict, 
anil John de lloo, brother of tho deceased." (C.C. Norwich, Komster Ilevdon 
fo. 210.) J 

13 Sir Emery would bo uncle to Sir Hubert de 'I've, and also to Robert 
.Charles (horn 1330, died 1359), ' son of Dionysiu by Edward Charles of 
Kctllchurgh (who deceased 1337), presumably her second husband 

" Vol. i, p. 92. 


Also, on the same authorities, the most ancient brass in Sotterley 
Church, of a knight in armour (without arms or inscription), 
bclongccJ to Sir Itolairt do Tyo, buried there on the 8th of 
October 1415, who is said to have been u posthumous sou of 
Sir Robert de Tye beforenamed. " Emricus do Welyngton Miles," 
in 1317, was patron of the Church of St. George, South Elmham, 1 * 
when he presented Joes Long Strattou." Sir Emeric de Welyngton 
was Patron of the Church of Great Ityburgh, Norfolk, together with 
William, Rector of rngoldisthorpo, U56. All this leads to the 
supposition that Sir Emery de Welyngton was surviving in 13oG, 
and that ho was dead in 1375, when Ids .sister, Dionysia, made 
her will and desired to be buried before the entrance of the 
Holy Trinity Church of Barsham, where she gave "twenty 
sh'Jfings to the making or repairing of the chapel where the 
bodies of my father and mother rest in peace." The foundations 
of this '-chapel" or north aisle art) supposed at the present time 
to be literally unearthed by the workmen who are engaged in 
digging for the re-building of the Catherine Chapel to be erected 
mi tlie north side of Rarsham Church to the memory of all 
Catherines, especially with regard to Catherine Suckling, mother 
of Horatio Viscount Nelson, baptised at Harsham in May 1725. 
In a fetter dated January 1908, the present Rector, the Kev. 
Allan Coates, says: "1 have long had a suspicion that the pillar 
which supports the two arches, now Hush with the north wall of 
the Nave, and the responds to that pillar were not Perpendicular 
work, or at any rate so late a date as Sir KM ward Rchingham's 
will (15.18), but, either very Marly Perpendicular or Decorated, and 
about 200 years (or more) earlier in date. The architect and a 
professional friend corroborate n.c entirely, and I feel sure that 
the portion we have called the Catherine Chapel was in existence 
at least as early as 1330, and possibly earlier. In view of this, 
1 read the will of Sir Kdward Hchingham to provide a Chapel to 
St. Catherine to be built at the east end of the then cxistin" 
north aisle of Rarsham Church." 

It. would he interesting to know at what date Davy wrote as 
to Rarsham Church, and if after his visit the old east window <dass 
disappeared' The "North aisle or chapel" is said, by Suckling" 
who wrote in 1846, "to have been taken down about sixty years 

The endorsement at the back of the line (1325) which gave 
Rarsham absolutely to Henry de Welyngton, bears the names 
together with others, of John de I Jggethale '« and Ague* 
Cokerel. With regard to this name of Uggethale, or I loo, Blome- 
<ield,'-» under the Manor of Hoe in Shelfhanger (Norfolk) says, that 
"Huehne de llugethale (or LTggeshale), so called from the place of 
bis habitation, whose son Roger was sirnamed de Hoe for the sa 


» 'Sucklings Suffolk vol. i, ,,. 211. l„ 133-1 Robert ,1c Btrntton was Rector 
■ I St. Jiuiikh, South hlmlmm, hihvihhUhI in i:t;|{j Ui JuVs il.i II, n. 
"' momolicW'H N.trf.M 

17 Vtll. i, |l. ||. 

w thnmtutjist, M.S., vol. xxi, ,, J 27 
13 Vol. i, p. 117. 



reason, and IVter, son of liogor, .... lived about ll'JG. His 
descendant, linger du Ho, in I .'507, upon marrying Agnes (sur- 
named Norwich, probably, for William de Norwieo, clerk, was 
deforciant in llie line), settled it on them and on their heirs." 
The pedigrees of tic iloo in Bloiucficld, under Seaming, - u ami in 
Davy,- 1 are too late for the John de Iloo named in the will of 
Dionysia de Tye, as they begin with Sir William de Iloo, Knt., 
whose wife Alice, died in 1373. Indeed the latter authority makes 
Dionysia herself to be daughter of Eleanor Wingfield, and grand- 
daughter of Alice and William aforesaid, and this has hitherto been 
very misleading. In Dionysia de Tye's will, she bequeaths a covered 
cup to John Hoo and "twenty pounds left him by his late brother, 
William de Iloo, Ivt. To my son Edward Charles a hundred shillings 
for life out of Kessingland Manor." And hen; again Page, in his 
Suffolk /'r<i vrJ It r, misleads, for Dionysia's husband, Edward Charles, 
was probably a younger son of Edward Charles of Kettleburgh 
(ob. 1329), the said Edward, the elder, being succeeded by his son 
Edmund Charles, born l,'U)f>, and aged twenty-four at his father's 
death. This Edmund was in his turn succeeded, in 1359 or 1360, 
by his son Edward, a nephew of |)ionysia's husband. An fnq., 
after death of the latter, was taken at Wickham on the 1'lst of 
November 1337, in which year his widow Dionysia was licenced 
to marry whom she pleased. I'.efoie the year I .'5 1 G she married 
Sir Peter tie Tye, and as his widow made the so often discussed will. 
The following tentative pedigree has mainly been compiled from 
Inquisitions Post Mortem : — 

Edward Charles; Inq. P.M. taken at Kettleburgh 27 Apral^p... 

1329 ; another at Unroll St. Peter 3 May following j and 
another in Yorkshire. II is heir found to he his son Kdinund. 

Kdinund Charles, 
a-e.l 2 1 at father's 
deal h, ami so born 
c. 1305, ln<|. l'.M. 
taken at Kettle- 

iHii-jjli 13fin. iiis 

heir t'omul I 
son Kitwan 


Edward Charles.lini.P.M. , DiOnysia (Pdau.of ...doWol- 

I akeii at Wickham 2 1 Nov. 
1 337, ill Which he is called 
" Edward son of Edward 
Charles deceased." An- 
other I in j. l'.M. taken at 
WirUiani II Dee. l;t:<7. 

II is heir found to he his 
son Robert. 

button, sister of Sir I lenry do 
Wellington, and widow of John 
du Iloo). She had licence to 
marry whom she would 20 
Dec. 1337, and in 13 \i\ was 
wife of Sir 1'eterde 'I've. Kilt., 
by whom she left issue. 

Sir Edward pharles,=j=... Robert Charles, 

Kiit.,aged2f>at fa I tier's 
death and SO born <\ 
1331 lliu>. l'.M. taken 
ai Richmond, co. Viu'k, 
2ti Sept. 1:17.") ; anol her 
taken at I pswioh same 
month. Died U S.-j.t. 
1375. His heir found 
to ho his sou Robert. 

a-ed 2, Nov. 1337, 
anil so born 133f>. 
Died .Ian. I3B&-U 
lm|. l'.M. taken al 
Kelllebur-h, 12 
.Inly 1351). llisheir 
found lo bi- his 
uncle Kilumud 
Charles, i Iipii atred 
f>(> and more. 

Edward Charles, born c. 133G; 
a Carmelite monk ; called " my 
son Kdw ard Charles " in the 
will of Dame Dionysia de Tye, 
proved 1375.; " brother Edward 
Charles" in I he will of Sir Robert 

de 'I've i:ts;; ; and " brother Ed- 
ward Charles of the Carmelito 
Order" in the will of Dame 
Kli/aheih relict of Sir Robert 
do Tye, proved 2o Sept. 1383. 

Robert Charles, ii}jod 22 years at tattler's 
deal h, and so horn i°. 1353. 

'-'" Vol. x, |>. Ml. 

« Add MS 111,130, f. 



It may not be without interest to consider whether the reasons 
which actuated the highest tribunal in unanimously declining to 
recognise the present Kurd Mowbray as Karl of Norfolk are 
historically sound. 

In L90G lie claimed the Karldom of Norfolk as senior coheir, 
under a charter in 1 .'5 1 '1 granting the Earldom to Thomas de 
Brotherton, which Karldom had been surrendered to the Crown 
in 13Q2 by Roger le Bygod. The Lords rejected the claim on 
the ground that though the claimant had undoubtedly proved his 
descent, yi't the fatal blot in his case was that the surrender on 
which he relied was invalid in law. That is to say their Lordships 
took the view that the resolutions of the Lords in the Grey de 
Ruthyn case I till), and in the Purheck case 1(578, which laid down 
that no such surrender was valid, not only settled the law then 
and for the future hut also declared what it always had been 
since parliamentary institutions were established. Such a doctrine, 
though commending itself to lawyers, is eminently unsatisfactory' to 
the historian, as tending to produce a complete divorce between 
the law and the fact. 

Undoubtedly various surrenders did take take place before 1640 
and were at the time effective and undisputed (a good example 
being that by Michael de la Polo of the Dukedom and Manpiessate 
of Sull'olk to tin; Crown, in 1493; he being accordingly summoned 
to Parliament in L495, as Earl of Somerset). Yet as to these 
Lord Ashbourne remarks in his judgment that such precedents in 
the Purheck case " were brushed aside, as having passed mb xileiUio 
and without contest." Surely, however, a practice that passes 
"without contest" for some 3o0 years has a j/rifrkl fflcie appearance 
of legality. Of course there is nothing to prevent the peers from 
resolving that any peerage conferred on a man with ted hair is 
invalid, and "brushing aside" auv precedents on the ground that 
such creations had "passed sub nilfHtio and without contest." 

The unanimous judgment of the Lords in 190U amounts to this, 
that though the King thought, he had created, and the Lords 
summoned, Thomas de I'.rot herton, and Thomas sat as Earl of 
Norfolk, yet he and all his contemporaries were under a delusion 
in supposing him to have been Karl of Norfolk: because I he 
grant to Thomas only purported to transfer to him the resigned 
Earldom, and because resolutions of the Lords centuries later 
justified the view that that Earldom having been illegally 
surrendered belonged to the heir of the resigner whoever he 
might lie. Yet the most that this could show appears to be 
that there might be a Mygod and a Lrotherton Earldom 
exist ing simultaneously. 

The doctrine that what W Peerage Law always has been so, 
is, it is submitted, mischievous and conducive to error; c.y., the 
Lords have over and over again committed themselves to the 


view, that a summons by writ, from the earliest days of Parliament, 
it' accompanied l»v evidence of sitting, conferred an hereditary 
Barony, descendible to and through female as well as male heirs. 
Nevertheless the historical student remains doubtful as to whether 

any one of these propositions was originally true. 

It is, of course, one thing to venture to criticise their Lordships' 
ratio decidendi and quite another to maintain that Lord Mowbray 
as senior coheir was entitled, as of rii/kt, to the Earldom. Indeed 
it would appear that the Lords caught eagerly at the point of the 
supposed illegal surrender in 1302, so as to avoid pronouncing on 
the difficult prolilem whether an Larldom when the holder died 
leaving only female issue — 

(1) Reverted to the Crown; 

('J) Descended to the senior coheir as a Scotch title of Peerage 
would do ; 

(.'{) Fell into abeyance between tin; coheirs, as would be the 
case with an Lnglish Barony by writ. 

This judgment affords a very good example of the different point 

of view from which lawyers and genealogists regard a question of 
peerage law, ami, in the estimate of the latter, very great legal 
luminaries, such as Lord Mansfield, appear to have been singularly 
incompetent for this branch of their work; indeed the first Lord 
Redesdale is one of the few great lawyers to whom historical 
students would he prepared to give unqualified praise. 

Vio.Mtv (Jmns. 

|)roifjirrs from tljr Dr Banco Bolls, trinp. lljniry FH\ 

Uy II. J. T. Wood. 
(CoilfiuufH from |f. \.\.) 

[355] Mich. 9 Hen. VII. m. 2d. 

Wore. — Writ to sheriff to issue a precept to Richard Arche of 
Chaddesley to give to Richard (sic) Arche land in Harnyuton in 
the parish of Chaddesley which Johanna Arche of Harnynton 
gave to 

Roger Afclie.T. . 

Robert, a. and li.-F... 





Kudu 1 1' Aiclio, 


[356] Mich. 9 Hen. VII. m. GO. 

Devon. —William Courtenay Knt. sues Elizabeth Oedwode widow 
for waste of land in Powdcrham which Philip Courtenay Knt. 
grandfather of Llie said William whose heir he is demised to said 
Elizabeth for her life. 

[357] Mich. 9 Hen. VII. m. 118. 

York.- — Writ to sheriff to issue a precept to Richard Clifford 
arm. to give to Henry Clifford Lord Clifford and of Westmoreland 
the manors of Lomiesburgh and VVyghfcon which John Masselyn 
parson of Ludeshelne and John Follebury chaplain gave to 

Edward de St. John, =5=,., 

J Margaret, d. und li. 

Henry, 8. and h.=f ... 


...'Y Margaret, d. and b. 


Henry Clifford, s. and li 

[358] Mich. 9 Hen. VII. m. 123. 

Kent. — John Evering of Alkham gent, sues John Baker of 
Heine, Richard Simile of Heme and Richard Paramore of Heme 
for land in Heme which John Isaak and John Yong temp. 
Hen. VI. gave to 

Nicholas Evering.^ Isabel la. 

I ' 



John Evering, plaintiff. 
Judgment for plaintiff, Trin. 9 Hen. VII. m. 433. 

[359] Mich. 9 Hen. VII. m. Uid. 

Devon, — Lewis Lollard and John Kyrton sue Walter Coplestou 
arm. for land in Torrebryan. 



: Marjory Gaunt. 

Jolm.T ... 



•... jAlicc. 

.John Wythypole, junr., whom 
de fondant culls to warranty. 

Hit. 9 Hen. VII. in. 143, the plaintiffs recover. 

[360] Mich. 9 Hen. VII. m. 260. 

Somerset. — As [3-1 1], The defendants plead that Adam le Bret 
brother of Matilda de Soynt Quyutyno, whom the plaintiff stated 
died a. p., h.iil issue as follows : — 

Said Adam In liivi 


Simon. np. ■ ■ 


:J ... 

)IIII.-T- . , . 




r "" 

Alexander, now livin 

Result illegible. 

1 3611 Mich. 9 Hen. VII. m. 298 d. 

Line. — As [280]. Defendant calls to warranty Richard Bollys son 
and heir of John Bollys. 


[362] Mich, 9 lien.' VI I. m. 32$ d. 

n,v>»t. — As [322]. 

Said Reginald Strode^Florenco, 

| " I 

John Strode, Bonr. . John Strode, juur. 

Judgment for plaintiff by consent. 


[363] Mich. 9 //en. 17/. m. 353. 

Writ to Sheriff to bring up record of York Assizes where 
Christopher Laseelles and John Lascellea recovered against William 
Layton and Margery his wife, John Walworth <>f Kaventoft and 
Thomas Chace land in Newesom next Ivyrkebywysk. 

Henry Newesom. =p... 

I 1 1 1 1 

Thomas, =f... Agues, Amice, ...=f Matilda. John Blawserout.TfCecily. 

s. and h. 



of Newesom. 


John Laton, of Newesom^f Amico. William Newesom, of William 15la\v.s-- r ... 
on Wysk. Coventry, 2-1 Hen. VI. erout. 

John, s.p. 

John Blawserout. 

[36-1] Mich. 9 Hen. VII. m. 358. 

Writ, to bring up record of (iloueester Assizes, where llobert 
Poyntz Knt. recovered against John Sloughter land in Wynston. 

Nicholas Poyntz 


John Poyntz, a. ami h.-p. 

Said Robert Poyntz, Knt., s. and ll 

[365] M%c%. 9 Hen. VII. m. 415. 
York.— Ah [311], but Palmes not Palmer. 

88 PEDIGREES FROM 111 1*: 

[366] Mick. 9 Hen. VII. m. 420. 

Essex. — Thomas, Abbot of St. Nicholas of Bileigh was attached to 
answer Johanna UoWe widow for trespass at Curley in the parish 
of Wodehamwater on land which Crist ina Colling gave to 

Jiilm Hour. =7= ... 

• J 

Thomas Bouro, s. and li 

I ~ 

Johanna Gose, plaintiff. 



A similar suit on m. 437, the Abbot being described as of 
St. Mary and St. Nicholas of Bylegll. 

[367] Mich. 9 lien. VII. m. 427. 

Plea 38 Edw TTT between Peter de Montfort Knt. and the then 
Prior of Newark (Novo Loco) as to a tine 45 Hen. TTI between 
Mathew de Mara, John la Warre and Reginald de Montenger 
against Richard then Prior of Newark as to the perpetual 
sustentation of three chaplains to celebrate in the Chapel of 
Estede for the souls of Henry de Mara his ancestors and heirs. 

1 1 (jury de Mara.=f ... 


Mathow. =r... 


.. =p M:it ihln. 




Said I'dldl' ild M.mll'ort. 

Thomas Ferrers Knt., Henry Wyllughby Knt., John Norbury 
Knt., John Aston arm. and Kdward Helknap arm. are the kins- 
men and heirs of the said Peter. 


See [375]. 

[368] Mich. 9 Hen. VII. m. 429 d. 
York.— Fine 6 Hen. TV. between Radulph de Stansfeld and John 
Briggs and Johanna his wife as to land in Waddesworth and 

Said Radulph de Btansfeld.j . . . 


John, b. and li.-p... 


Radulph de Stansfeld, 8. and h. 


I>K ItANOO liou.s, TKMI*. IIKNltY VII. Hi) 

[3<>9| Mick. 9 lien, VII. m. 433. 

Salop. — Humphry Blyke sues Thomas Aynes and Joyce his wife 
as to land in Alveley and Asteley held of him as of his manor 
of Asteley. 

Richard Blyk.=j= Margaret. 

r- L . _, 

Humphry Gatakyr.=pElena. 

•-i llmnpliry liatak yr.T=JEiiei 

Humphry Blyke, Thomas Aynos, "Joyce, 

plaintiff, defendants. 


[370] Hilary. 9 Hen. VII. m. 126 d. 

Warw. — Easter 8 Hen. VII, Thomas Dalby sued Alice who was 
the wife of Thomas Yerdley for land in Stodeley which William 
F3eoley temp. Edw. IV gave to 

Thomas Dalby. ^F Margaret. 


Thomas Dalby, plaintiff, 
s. ami li. 

[371] Hilary 9 Hen. VII. m. 129 c/. 

York. — Edward Kedmayn of Harewod arm. was attached to answer 
John Sayvylo Kiit. for forging a deed as to the next presentation 
to the Church of Thornhill. 

Jubn Sayvyle, Knt. 

John Sayvylo, An 



John Sayvylo, Knt., plaintiff. 

The plaintiff pleads that he is related to Marmaduke Constable 
Knt. sheriff of the county and the coroners are directed to summon 
the jury. 

, j 

• ■•-r Alice. ...=f Agnes. 

iiiii.-T-... itobcrt.T= 
I I ' 


John.=f... Robert. 1 

John Sayvylo, Knt., Marmoduko Constable, Knt. 

pluintiff. Sheriff. 


( .)<) 


[372] Hilary. 9 lien. VII. m. IWd. 

II (inc. Simon Monntfort Knt. was summoned to answer Humphrey 
Seymour and Ann lii.s wife to warrant the manor of Monkyspathe 
and land in Mblyngton <-o. Warwick aud land in llidcote Bartram 
ci). Gloucester. 

Simon Monutl'oil, Kilt., 5 ? 

Richard llarecouit,=r. 

I 2 | 1 3 

John Monntl'ort, married=j=Ann, plaintiff. — . . . Lord— Humphrey Seymour, 
19 Edw. IV. de Say. plaint iff. 



[373] Hilary. 9 Hen. VII. m. 243. 

Cornwall. -T\ion\iiti Buttoksyde sues John Pensonn for a moiety 
of jand in Trelulla and Rodman the whole of which Roger Calewey 
temp. Ric. II gave to Nicholas Tresulgam for the life of said 
Roger and Pentecost his wife, with remainder to said Roger in 

Said Roger Calewoy. 5 ? 8 .'. 

. -T-Jolianna. d. and col 



d. and coh. 


,t= Johanna, d. and h. 

Robert . s. anil h 

(illicit , s. ami h.-T- 

as Buttoksyi 

Judgment for plaintiff by consent 

Thomas Buttoksyde, plaintiff, 
s, and h. 

[374] Hilary. 9 Hen. VII. m. 245 {and see mm. 249, 362, 363). 

London. — Henry Colyn of Worthy Regis co. Southants husbandman 
was summoned to answer Thomas Osmonderlawe for arrears of 
rent of land in Worth)' Regis. 

Thomas Chaworth Knt. and Richard Hill gave the manor of 
Kingsworthy to 


John la SoUChO. 3 ?... 



Elizabeth, d. and h. 

John Dunham, — Elizabeth, d. and coh., 

disseised by plaintiff. 

Margaret Uhoworth, 
(I. and coll., s.p. 

[375 J Hilary. 9. Hen. VII. m. 328 d. 
Surrey— Am [3G7J. 

Suiil Peter do 
Montfort, s.p. 

.. =F Elizabeth, sister 
and coh. 




... =Fr.nzauein. ■■■T 

H i 

Thomas Robert. 5 ?.., 


1 1 

Margaret. ■ t Joyce. 

..=P Matilda, sister 
and coh. 

: Johanna. 
Thomas. 2 ?. .. 




Henry Willughby. 



jit. -p. 





...=f Johanna. 


Henry. -p.. . 

Juhn Aston. 
Writ of error issued. 

i r~ 

John Norbury. Edward Belknap. 

[37(5] Hilary. 9 Hen. VII. m. 335 d. 

Lincoln. — Peter Assheton and Constance his wife sue John Moll 
and Richard Kechin clerk for the advowson of the Church of 
Casthorp and Braghton. 

Henry Retford, Knt., held the manor : 
of Casthorp and Braghton to winch 
the advowson is appendant and other 
manors in t.ho said county. 

I 1 "7 

Ilonry Retford, KnL, Elizabeth, sister 

s. and h., S.p. and coh. 

: Eleanor, sistor 
and coh. 

Peter Assheton,=Constance, d. and h., 



[377] Hilary. ( .» Ilcn. VII. m. 336. 

Derby. — J >«*nis Bedford gent, and others were attached to answer 
John Sapurton for trespass at Boilston. 

-^r- ^ 

X " 

Ii)lm.=F ... Roeer.^... 

IUII1, -j- 


Thomas.^?.., Roger. =^... 

r J 

Thomas, Roger. -p.. . 

I J L n 

John Sapurton, William Venour,=Elizaboth, 

plaintiff. held manor of Boylston. 


[378] Easter. 9 Hen. VII. m. 90. 

York. — John More of Austhovp was attached to answer Thomas 
Lang ton arm. for trespass at Huddylston. 

William. =f ... 

I 1 

William. =j=v:. ...=t= Elizabeth. 

^ U 

...*=p Agues. Robert. -p.. . 

r - 1 " n r J 

John. Thomas Langton. Marmaduke Constable, 

Kut., Sheriff. 

[The plaintiff' was prohably son, not brother, of John. — H.J.T.W.] 

(To be continued.) 



CVX> g 

o -t o ^ 
rt i- Oh t; 

1-5 r-i > 



a ti. 
'O "5 _« 

C^ 3 

o 2 



























T3 -fj 
fee * 



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2 ^ ~ ~ 
«o rt" .2 


a i— i 

o .2 

( w 



s IS 

— i- - 

£8 gg jf 

: Ph o 
IPm i-i 5 



3 O '■'. 

| .J. | - « 

H ja &m jj c-i 

C o i rt 

S 3 = 5 

C3 l> 

O •< 


® a s 

M 3h 


W S 

O rt 

t I- 



a> . 

pq a 


x R 

- c 

- o 


13 O O 

S ceJ 

5 ..fc 

<-• I-- 

rt . &, 

•o c ^ is 

-C CB- 


T3 C 


•• -1 

(S CD "g 

3 ^ J O 

— <M >° 

rH 3 -a 
<« W tc 
1~ 3 


u 7 « 

c ^ 

rt"= p 

t| rt '" 



• \£ 


h^ a 

-; 'a a 


. rt ,3 

ui u. 

M if, 

J- O 

^ C 5 

W rt - « « 

■5 a 3 o 

a x x 
35 t«' ~ 3 

J= 5 

SS .a o 
a) Q< 

3 Tt 5 

-2 * o 

? a 1 — 

a l ^ 

>~? T3 " 

- & C 

5_! c 


a a 

^ tn^ 

— I IS >* 

A * K 

j J "5* § 



Edited by the 1'kv. Edmund Nkvii.i., B.A. 

(Continued from j>. 52J 

Folio [II. 1G18-22. 

(132 pages paper, one half page blank, first four pages torn out 
.... Chandler signs page 2, torn.) 


Goodman, John, of Christian Malford, Wilts, weaver, 24, and 

Grace Palm Kit, 1 of Steeple Ashtun, with 21 Jan. 
(...), of Donhead St. . . . (rest gone)- 26 Jan. 
GaRLICKE, Robert, of BroadtOWil, in Civile Pypard, yeoman, 34, 

and Christian Sa»LKR, of I! . . ., in Broad 1 Linton, sp., ."30. 

27 Jan. 
Hoodk, Willno., of Bromham, Wilts, 18, and Anne Bint), of the 

same, sp., 25. 30 Jan. 
VERLIE, Thos., of Ashmore, Dorset, yeoman, 22, and Martha, d. 

of John HARRIS, of Martin, Wilts, yeoman, 24. Martin Chapel. 

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Random,, wid.. 40. 1 Feb. 
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30. 2 Feb. 
OkKKoKl), Adam, of Westburv, Wilts, weaver, 20,* and Christian 

1>i:ki;i:, of lliKoit in Newnton, Wilts, sp., 20. 3 Feb. 
lloi.MK.s, William, of Durrington, Wilts, taylor, 21, and Anne 

Wiiki.kk, of the same, sp., 21. 3 Feb. 
BROWNE, Win*., of Malmesbury, and Mary Sanndk, of Lydiard 

Millicent. Caveat to Miles Rusted, curate of Malmesbury. 

4 Feb. 
Dhiciikstkk (*?), Willm., of Ashton, Wilts, hush., 21, and Margaret 

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' l'Vrrire intcriiolatod between Grace and Palmer. 



Bll.uY, John, of YVitcon.he, Somerset, hush., 22, and Judith KnICIUT, 
of VVniiiiiiiHlur, Wills, wid., 18. "J Feb. 

BltOOKK, Mathew, elerke, Vicar of I '.nek la... I Doillllll (i.e. Diuliam), 

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Ann Chub, of Bulford, sp. 9 Feb. 
IIkai., Thomas, of Bulford, Wilts, hush., 37, and Agnes Dhaprk, 

of the sunn', sp., 30. 22 Feb. 

l'lN.'KNl'.Y, Ceolge, of Berwick Si. John's, 26, 1111(1 Kll/.abnth ^ KATMAN, 

of Somley. sp., If- UdiiiiMi. Itobort Piiickney and George 
Pincknoy. 26 Foh. 
Clearke, Francis, of I lomiiigtoii, Wilts, yeoman, 28, and Elizabeth 

Mills, of Odstock, sp., 26. Odstoek CI.. 7 Mar. 
Pilgrim .Join., of, Wilts, 30, and Kli/.al.ctl. Beank, 
of the same, "J I. Bdman. Win. Parks, Vicarius ibid. 8 Mar. 
Aknoi.o, Thomas, of Wool ton Bassett, hush., 22, and Ann, 
of the same, sp., 28. 18 Mar. 

IIilman, John, of Wylye, taylor, 23, and Edith Bowles, of Ppvant, 

wid. 25 Mar. 
Buyant .lolm, of Devizes, wid., and Bridget! Smith, ot Little 
Clieverell. Bdman. Mr. Payv, Curate of Little Cheverell. 
27 Mar. 
GATLlEj lioht., of Fonthill Giftord, hush., 25, and Elizabeth RabBETTOj 

sp., of the same, 25. 29 Mar. 
Pose, Willin., of Bromham, Wilts, weaver, 34, and Christian Knight, 

of Newnton, Wilts, sp., 32. 
FLUDMNUB, Willm., of Worton in Potterne, Wilts, yeoman, 42, and 

Mary Shkaimiaud, of Charlcot in Bremhill, sp., 23. 3 Ap. 
Dowonky, Henry,' of Uffeulme, CO. Devon, 25, and Mary Pukwktt, 

d. of John Prewett, of Wintcrborne Earls, Wfita 3 Ap. 
Ckiusii, John, of llilperton, Wilts, clothier, 35, and Abigail BAINTON, 

of Kowde, Wilts, sp., 24. 
Poohk, Augustine, of Longstock, eo. South., 40, wid, and Francis 
Baiinakd, of Durrington, Wilts, 35, wid. Durrington Ch. 
15 Ap. 
YOUNGE, Edmund, of Ashton Keynes, Wilts, joyner, 2L, and 
Deborah GOLLIHR, d. of John Collier, of Burford, Oxon, Inkeper, 

21. 16 A p. 
KxiiKNj Thomas, of I'.oyton, Wilts, 80, and Alice BoYKtt, of the- same, 

-jr.'. 17 Ap. 

Lkvk, Hichard, of Sarum, Wilts, gardener, and Ann Mountaouk, 

of the same, sp., 40. 20 Ap. 
Coodynowk, Thos., of Upton I.ovell, Wilts, hush., 2/, and Elinor 

Hoskins, of Sherrington, Wilts, sp., X r ). 24 Ap. 
BATHE, Willm., and Jol.ana BuaY, both of Avehury; caveat under 

Can. 103, 1 to John Peart, cler., Vicar (if Avehury. $0 A]'. 

' Canon W& int'iuis thai ncitlicr party was present ut thq tin..' pi glinting 
tliu CieVnco. 


Pahsons, John, of Charltou, Wilts, yeoman, 30, and Marie Hooper, 

of the same, sp., 20. .'50 A ji! 
HaYDEN, ll.'iiiv, of Christian Mill ford, Wilts, cook, 24, and Mary 

HULL, of the same, sp., -'•'5. 3 May. 
Nkai., Willin., of Westbury (under the plain), Wilts, taylor, 24, 

and Melior GARDINER, of the same, sp., 2G. May. 
POINTER, Simon, of Elillg, CO. South., hush., 21, and Ann MoORB, 
of Dun-ington, Wilts, sp , 11). Rdmcn. Henry Pointer^ bro., 

and William Moore, father. 7 May. 
Smith, Win., of Chippenham, clothier, 27, and Christian Essington, 

of Devizes, wid. 8 May. 
BROWNE, John, of Pulton, Wilts, yeoman, 22, and Joane Ryman, 

of the same, sp., 29. Purton Cli. 8 May. 
Wbste, Willm., of Bishops Cannings, Wilts, hush., 55, and Eliz. 

Brkhjes, of Poulshot, Wilts, sp., 50. 9 May. 
liONGK, Willm., of Melksham, Wilts, yeoman, 30, wid., and Christian 

Salter, of the same, sp., 25. 10 May. 
Evans, Willm., of West Lavington, has!)., 30, and Elinor Ranger, 

of the same, sp., 30. 13 May. 
Moi.LOWAY, John, of Lyneham, Wilts, yeoman, 40, and Elizabeth 

Luton ('.), of Kington St. Michael, sp., 30. Kington Cli. 

14 May. 
BALDEN, John, of Avehury, Wilts, yeoman, 25, and EUinor Prater, 

of Hremhill, sp., 20. Avcbury Ch. II May. 
Thresher, Thomas, of Daunt sey, Wilts, yeoman, 25, and Ann 

WlIITLOCKE, of the same, maiden, 23. 17 May. 
Ind (or Jui>), Willm., of Winterhorne Came, Wilts, yeoman, wid., and 

Elionor Hunt, of Winterborne Earls, sp., 37. 27 May. 
&kowctie, Tlios., of Codford St. Peter, Wilts, yeoman, 28, and Alice 

Tuckik, of the same, sp., 19. 25 May (sic). 
Merewether, Stephen, of Rollestone, Wilts, yeoman, 31, and 

Elizabeth Suhdeane, of Durrington, sp., 27. Bdraan. Uobert 

Carter. Either Ch. 29 May. 
HEAD, Thomas, of Wanborough, Wilts, hush., 30, and Joane Howell, 

of Chisledon, 30. 30 May. 
Hunte(e), Rich., of Poole, co. Wilts, yeoman, 26, and Joane Freame, 

of Long Newnton, Wilts, sp., 28. Poole Ch. 2 June. 
Rictiman, Richard, of Seend, Wilts, 3G, and Preeilla Tapver, of 

Melksham, sp., 23. 3 June. 
It Minis alias Welshman, Thomas, of Ogborne St. Andrew, husb., 

25, and J one TlIURHAN alias DURMAN, of Pewsie, sp., 35. 

4 June. 
Knight, Edward, of Bromham, Wilts, Cent., 22, and Mary Holliday, 

of Chirton, sp., 25. 4 June. 
West, Jonathan, of Overton, Wilts, 21, anil Alice Hrown, of the 

same, sp., 21. Rdmen. John Brown and Simon W r est. 8 June. 
PENNY, Willm , of Power Chalk, Wilts, yeoman, 24, and Margaret 

Appesley, of Rraddin, co. South., sp., 2-1. Rowerehalk Ch. 

12 June. 
Pasihn, Richard, of Sherrington, Wilts, yeoman, 48, wid., and 

Christian Am. am, of Norton, wid., 48. Either Ch. 12 June. 


Nayll, John, of Castlecombe, Wilts, clothier, 21, and Eliz. Piiillippb, 

«»f Yatton Key null, Wilts, sp., 21. Either (Jli. 13 June 
Boss, Willm., of Bradley, Imsb., 19, and Magdalen Young, of 
Horningsuam, sp., 27. Witneses, Sir Edmund Ludlow, Knt., 
William's master; Henry Enaans, his maternal uncle; John 
Morris and wife, uncle and aunt on father's side. Mr. Debson, 
Curate of rlornihgsham, objected of inveterate malice to her 
brotlior. Bdmen. Thomas Poster, Christopher Young, bro. 
14 June. 
Wiiitaikiisii, Francis, of Plaitford, Wilts, hush., 30, and KHz 

Sanuickh, of (In; same, wid., -10. 2 July. 
JIaiks, Thomas, of Ogborne St. Andrew, Wilts, hush., 3f>, and 

Kliz. Eyrks, of St. Peter's. Marlborough, sp., 24. 3 July. 
Smkioau, John, of Button ova in Kishorton Dolamere, Wilts, yeoman, 
I'S, and Kliz B 15 I/TON, of Stockton, sp., 23 Bdman. Itohert 
I'.cllon. Stockton Oh. 12 July. 
I'.khnckku, John, ..f Unngcrford, co. Berks, grocer, 26, and Dorathie 
Si'IiOHALL, of Swindon, Wilts, sp., 25. Bdmen. Thomas Laws, 
John Brunker. Swindon Ch. 15 July. 
Ship-way, Giles, of Sopworth, \\ r ilts, yeoman, and Margaret Snkll, 
of Luekington, Wilts, sp., 28. Bdmen. John Snell, Gyles 
Shipway. Luekington Ch. 21 July. 
Williams, John, of SJiaw, co. Berks, broad weaver, 24. and Edith 

Wiiatly, of the same, sp., 28. 24 July, 
Covik, Willm., of Figheldeah, Wilts, yeoman, 23, and Elinor Kent, 
of Detford in Wylye, sp., 20. Bdmen. Willm. Marshman, of 
Detford, llobt. Norris, of Pighcldcan. 29 July. 
Tilton, John, of Devizes, Wilts, wid., 33, and Joane Powell, of 

the same, wid., 42. St Mary's, Devizes. 31 July. 
HintoN, Richard, of St. Edmunds, Sarum, woollen draper, wid., 

and Elionor Llkinton, of the same, sp., 30. 5 Aug. 
Ckovk, Nicholas, of Martin, Wilts, yeoman, 30, wid., and Aviso 
Pknnkv, d of Nicholas Penney, of Bower Chalk, maiden, 22. 
5 Aug. * 

TiiKK.siiKK, Anthony, of Norton Bavent, Wills, 30, and Elioner 

(ioi>\\ ai;i>, of the same, wid., 10. l J Am;-. 
SlltKLL, Peter, of Bromltam, Wilts, yeoman, and Margaret ClIIVKRS, 

of the same, sp., 22. 15 Aug. 
Fowlku, John, of St. Peter's, Marlborough, lynendraper, wid., 32, 

and Joane KlDioit, of Preshiite, Wilts, sp., 28. 10 All". 
MACKS, Willm., of Ditchampton, clothier, 32, and Edith Ahw.Li.vs, 

of the same, sp., 31. Wilton Ch. 23 Aug. 

Mompksson, Mr. John, parson, of North Ted worth, Wilts, clarke, 

30, and Frith wide Hunt, of Collingborne Ducis, Wilts, wid., 

2 1. North Tedworth Ch. 27 Aug.' 

Lawhkncio, Kdinund, of St. Martin's, Sarum, Cent,, -1 I, and Margaret 

Pitovosr, of St. Tliomas, Sarum, wid., 10. Either Ch. 27 Aug. 

Spahkowu, liogor, of Chippenham, Wilts, yeoman, 21, and Catherine 

CllANUl.Kit, of Lite same, sp., 28. 27 Aug. 
Holloway, John, of Ameshury, hush., 3(i, and Dorathy Compton, of 
the same, wid. 30 Aug. 


R mucin's, Thomas, of Bristol, an<l Susanna CraBBE, of Potterne. 

Caveat under Can. 1,03 to Nidi. St rangridge, cler., Vic. de 

Potterne. 30 Aug. 
Knaim*, John, of Basingstoke, Gent., and Eliz. Vauoiian, of Sarinn, 

s[i., If). St. Thomas, Sarum. .''>l Aug. 
Tomks (1), Edward, of Awborue (Aldborne), Wilts, yeoman, 25, 

and Catharine West, of tin: same, .sp., 21. 31 Aug. 
Rockks, John, of Warminster, sadler, 21, and Margaret Howsk, of 

the same, sp., 23. 31 Aug. 
Wood, John, of St. Peter's, Marlborough, joyner, 4 0, and Ruth 

IffGLISHK, of the same, sp., .'51. 3] Aug. 
H.WTi'.ii, Rohl., of Ouidhampton infra Koulgeston (Fugglestone), 

Wilts, tucker, JO, and Dennis Sims, of South Newton, Wilts, 

sp., 24. 4 Sept. 
MUREORD, Thomas, 28, and Elizabeth WEIGHT, IS. (i Sept. 
Lee, Christopher, Gent., of Mildenhull, Wilts, JO, and Bridget 

Maktin, of Rainsbury, sp., 22. 10 Sept. 
PoUNTNKY, Kiehard, of Melksham, Wilts, baker, 2 1, and Margaret t 

(iAI.ic, of the same, sp., I J. ID Sept. 
Powell, Nicholas, of Clarke in Lyneham, butcher, 27, and Joane 

Hoark alias BoWYER, of the same, sp., 30. Her father in law 

has her stock of £30 value and does not want to lose it, so 

refuses consent. 15 Sept. 
FRANCKLIN, Willm., of Warminster, hush., 27, and Eliz., of 

the same, sp., 21 Sept. 
FOSTER, Richard, of lmber, Wilts, hush., 21, and Christian 

Sainsuuuy, of the same, sp., 24. 20 Sept. 
Conway, Sir Edward, Knt., son and heir of Sir Edward Conway, 

Knt., J. P. for co. Warwick, and Frances, d. of Sir Francis 

Poi'JiAM, Knt., of Littlecot, Wilts. Bdman. Leomedon Fowler, 

cler., Vicar of Froxtield. 21 Sept. 
Rociik, Michaell, 40, and Ann Phillips aliaa Joynkk, 3C>, both of 

Down ton. 22 Sept. 
1 1 At;inN(!K, l'hillipp, of Winterborne Monkton, Wilts, hush., JO, 

ami Eliouer, d. of Rohl. Mayk, of Whitleye, in Melksham, sp., 

21. Bdmen. John May, Phillip llardinge. 22 Sept. 
JlNCKINS, Edward, of Ilungerford, Berks, ta)'lor, 25, and Matha, 

d. of John Sands, of Wanhorough, Wilts, sp. 22. Bdman. 

Joannes Sands de Hungerford. 23 Sept. 
Wuston, John, of the Leigh in Ashton Keynes, Wilts, 28, and 

Margaret, d. of John CoVE, of the same, sp., 22. 25 Sept. 
Calcott, John, of Orcheston St. George, Wilts, yeoman, 28, and 

Ann HuSDEN, of the same, sp., 30. Bdman. Willm. Calcott. 

27 Sept, 
Baldwin, Sampson, of Bushall, Wilts, yeoman, 24, and Avise, d. 

of Paule Knioiit, of Rroniham, Wilts, Gent., 23. 29 Sept. 
Stouki:, Rohl,, of Martin, Wilts, R0, and Agues Dkanks, sp., 50. 1 Oct. 
M i LM'NOTON, Willm., s. of Thus. Millington, of S. Mary, Marl- 
borough, 2 1, and Alice WlNCHCOMUE, of St. Peter's, Marl- 
borough, 22. Bdman. Robert Sheate, cler., Curate of Mildenhall. 

2 Oct. 


Yorkb, John, of Edington, Wilts, yeoman, ;55, and Margerie 

Nalsiiic, of the .same, sp., 40. Bdnien. John Yorke, John 

Nashe. 2 Oct. 
Macyic alms Banston, Richard, of Chilmark, Wilts, hush., 80, and 

Alice Nii'i'Kui), of Stoj)|) in Foothill Gifford, sp., 22. 5 Oct. 
Williat, Abrn'ham! of Wiriterhorne, Wilts, BO, and Margerie 

Wkhh, of the same, sp., ;<0. (1 Oct. 
Wkhh, Valentines of Wiriterhorne, 31, and .J one Colic, of Hoton, 

CO South., sp., 2.'5. (') Oct. 
OiioiiMO, Christopher, of Cranborne, Dorset, 33, and Flizabeth 

Ka(u.ani), of St. Edmund's, Sarufn, sp., 26. 7 Oct. 
PoUNTNKY, John, of Lacock, Wilts, yeoman, 31, and Ann Gale, of 

the same, maiden, 2(5. 8 Oct. 

(To be continued.) 


Contributed by CIkbam) Kotukkimm.. 
{Continued from p. 54.) 

20 May 1624. 

No kick, Ann, 1 I, wife of Francis Nokes resident in' Surrickscas, 

to the same. 
Lewis, Tho., 20, and Mereddeth James, 20, to Vlishing. 
IIouldkk, Phillipp, . . . dwelling in Utrecht, to the same, it his 

two servants, Thomas Pittman, 3(5, it George Trotter, 22. 
Light vvoon, Fli/.abelh, 22, vvid., dwelling in the Hague with her 

two children, Thomas, 7, it William, 5, to the same. 

22 May 1624. 

Cossen, Alice, 30, dwelling in Dunhague, it Kwthe Cossen, her 

daughter, two months old. 
Cuin'is, Kichanl, 30, resident at Hursley in Hampshire, it wife, 

Sarah, 2 1, to Middlelmnigh. 
Hoffman, Jacob, 22, son of Jacob Hoffman, dwelling in South wark, 

to Amsterdam, to remain there a time & work in his occupation, 

hcillg a silk weaver. 
Sckivkn, Alice, 40, wife to Thomas Scrive.n, resident in Arnham 

with her two maidservants, viz., Elizabeth Barnes, 20, it Francis 

Milliard, 17, to the same. 

21 May 1(521. 

Barnhs, Joan, wydowe, 38, resident in Breda, to the same. 


Hampton, John, 60, it son Thomas Hampton, 14, dwelling at 

Muckloston, CO. Stafford, to Dalit, about c'ten their affaires. 
Norwoods Francis, 20, wydowe, resilient at Bomell, with her 

daughter Augustine, 3, <k her two servants, Tho. Lllerinorc, 

2Q, & Ann EUlerraorc, 18. , 

Cornish, John, 3i, resident in ye house of one Win. Butler, 

thredd dyer, dwelling in Woods! root, to Doit. 
Taylor, Danicll, 1 (i, son in law of P. Mokyn, resident in Delft, to 

tho same. Primus Lloyd, servant to Capt. Lill, resident in 

Westminster, witnesseth. 
Sadlkr, Grace, 27, wife . . ., dwelling in Sherburn Lane, and 

Jane . . ., wife oi Davie Otgher, resident in . . . (to) Delft. 
Tkaou, . . ., 4 1, ik wife Jullian, 3(i, ck daughter Katherin, 18, 

to Vlishiug. 
Richardson, Hugh, 33, a cutler, resident in Shoe Lane, to Calis, 

about c'ten his affaires. 
Coo, Benjamin, 27, dwelling in Delft, & wife Marie Coo, 24, to 

the same. 
Brother, Henry, 72, and wife Katherin, 50, with their daughtet 

Joan, 10, Irish, to Middlebrough, to remain there. 
Hurlky, William, 32, and wife Grace, aged 31, Margaret Dye, 10, 

Morriee Hurley, their son, 2, all Irish, to Middlebrough, to 

remain there. 
Wainwkuuit, .Ino., 22, resident in Tower street, to Middlebrough, 

about c'ten his affairs. 

2G May 1G24. 

IIaLLKTT, Barbara, 20, wife to Lieutenant Hallett, resident in 

Rotterdam, A her maid servant Lli/abeth Cobb, 22, to tin' 

IIkck, Kdward, 72, resident in St. ( Hlos, Cripplegato. 
Shkrratt, llelis, lli, son of Tho. Sheiralt, resident in Vlishiug, 

to the same. I'Yancis Smith, resident in Chancery Lane, a 

( lirdler, witnesset It. 
Lkiovis, Katherine, 20, wife of Tho. Beevis, resident in Vlishiug, 

to the same. 
Piiii'Pennv, William, son of John Phippeniiy, resident at Vlishiug, 

to the same. 
Smith, . . . holas, 16, son of J no. Smith, resident at the Iron 

Gate, S. Katherine's, to . . ., remain there with his unkle. 
Roisinson, . . ., 15, to Paris. 
Rowland, Win,, 58, servant to Sir Edward Herbert in Paris, 

to the same. 

28 May 1624. 

Niciiolls, Thomas, 49, & Robert Hughes, 50, resident in Cow- 
bridge, Glamorganshire, to Utrecht, about certen their affaires, 
so to return 

Read, William, 24, «.k wife Ann, 21, to Rotterdam, to their abode. 

Martin, Ann, 32, wife of Ceo. Martin, dwelling at Copemanhaven, 
in Denmark, to the same. 


29 May 1624. 

Sheers, Moyses, 23, resident in Amsterdam, to the same. 
GrIFFYN,C?) J no., 14, to Paris. 

Lawson, John*, 36, a goldsmith, dwelling in Chepeside^ to Amsterdam, 
about c'ten his affaires, 

FlELD, Win., 25, late servant to one Mr. . . . Wines, shoemaker, 
resident in Bedlam, to Vlishing, to work in his occupation. 

Ulto May 1624. 

Harricej Mary (.sic), son in-law of Mr. Rogers, dwelling in Deptford, 

to Layden, in Holland. 
WRIGHT, [Catherine, 10, wife of James Wright, dwelling in Ham- 

brough, and her two children, Elizabeth, 10, Margaret, . ., 

with the servant, named Joan Malack, to the same. 
Hudson, Margerie, 25, . .. , 24 years old, whose husband . . . . 

Paris, to the same. 
BELL, Thomas, 29, with his three servants, viz., Henry Pane, 24, 

J no. Blenar Hassett, 18, & Edward, his brother, to Amsterdam 

to their dwelling. 
UoLLOWAY, Ohristofer, 4 6, & his nephew Abraham Holloway, 15, 

to Laiden to their abode. 

2 June 1624. 

GREENE, Francis, 64, resident in Lovagne, with her maidservant 

Eli/.. Porridge, 2.3. 
Leigh, Elizabeth, 72, widdow, dwelling in Katclift, to Ellianore, in 

Denmark, to remain there with her daughter. 
Nohton, Elizabeth, 25, wife of George Norton, resident in the 

Netherlands, to ye same. 
Engleton, Marie, 38, resident in Wapping, with her two children 

Margaret, 8, and Thomas, 5, to Vlishing. 
Butlkr, Richard, 27, son of Widowe Butler, resident in Thames 

Street, to Amsterdam to work, being a Glover. 
Aynnks, Joan, 36, wife of Mr. Aynnes, dwelling in Fannicker, in 

Erie/eland, & her daughter Ruth & maid servant Martha 

Paldwynn, 32, to the same. 

3 June 1624. 

Maxwell, . . . bith, 48, with her maid servant Elizabeth Passall, 

11, to Middlebrough, to their abode. 
Williams, Thomas, 36, resident in I Vane, Gloucester, A wife Ann 

Williams, one (stc) year old, to Amsterdam. 

I Juno 1624. 

GomtMAN, William, 44, resident in the house of one Mr. Harris, 
dwelling in Fleet St., to Amsterdam, about c'ten his affares. 

Disseter, Joan, 60, wife of Henrie Disseter, resident in Amsterdam, 
to the same. 

Joiines, Marin, 4 5, wife of J no. Johncs, resident in Isandiko, & her 
son Steephen, nyne nioneths old, (o the same. 


Cartwrigiit, Margaret, 37, wife of Mathew Cartw right, dwelling in 
Middlebrough, & lior son John Cartwrigiit, 13, to the same. 

Bissatt, John, aged 60, resident in Petticoat Lane, to Vlishing, 
about c'ten his alKiires, 

5 June 1624. 

Vittall, Elizabeth, 30, resident at tlie . . . , it daughter Elizabeth, 8. 
Lions, Marie, 40, wife of Geo. Lions, . . . , in Dort, tinder the Lord 

Tucker, Margaret, 22, to Weeks, to remain there. 
Arthur, Francis, 22, resident in hurt, to the same. 
Corsh, Ann, I I, dwelling . . . 

Maxwell, .)no., II. Maxwell dwelling in .Middle . . . 
Ueugkst, . . . , son of Geo. Hergest, resident in Amsterdam, to the 

Wakmku, Gregorie, 30, dwelling in Amsterdam, to the same. 

8 June 1024. 

Basley, Edward, 21, and Henry Gynn, 20, servant to John Chesham, 

Hemp dresser, dwelling in Bedlam, to Amsterdam. 
Baggsktt, Benjamin, 25, resident in Southwark, to Middlebrough, 

about c'ten his affaires. 
Mounthay, Ellen, 20, wife of George Mountray, resident in Wapping 

Wall, to Amsterdam. 
Richardson, Thomas, 27, & wife Ann, 2<S, resident in Utrecht, to 

the same. 
Sutton, Ann, 47, wife of Ralph Sutton, resident in Thames Street, St 

daughter Marie Sutton, 15, with her grandchild named Anne 

Nott, 10, daughter of Win. Nott, to Middleborough.;, Huml'iey, 21, servant to one Mr. Garrett, resident in the 

Duke's Place, to Paris, to work in his occupation, being a 


9 June 1024. 

Gawnk, Robert, . . . , old, resident in Scotland, and son Geo. Gawne, 

17, to Middlebro. 
Barker, William, 40, resident in the Minories, to Middlebrough, about 

c'ten his affaires. 
Badeere, . . . , 32, wife of James Badeere, . . . , dwelling in 

Layden, with their son . . . , 0, with their sister Thomazine, 

. . . , 20, dwelling in Layden, to the same. 

10 June 1024. 

Lydford, Cicilie, 48, and George Powell, 15, to Vlishing, to their 

Brooke, Richard, 01, dwelling in Debtford, A Eliztthotll Ellford, 30, 

resident neere Ratclilf Cross, to Vlishing, about c'ten his affaires. 

11 June 1024. 

IviE, William, 47, Si wife Frances, 40, resident in Utrecht, are to 
pass over thither. 



Bkdlyon, Paule, 1 son of Paule BedKen, resident at Paris, in franco, 

to llic same. 

Lyeit, Marie, .'50, wife of John Lyett, resident in Delft, & daughter 

Marie, I, to the same. 
Walsh, Peter, 28, resident in St. Olav p'ish, to Amsterdam. 
Alder, LDlizabcth, 17, servant to one .Jo. Brand, dwelling in Cope- 

inanliaven, in Denmark, to the same. 

12 June 162*. 

Foster, Christopher, 24, late servant to one Andrew Foster, a Hott 
pressor, dwelling in Great Allhallows Lane, near Thames Street, 
to Mainhrough. 

Payne, Ami, 31, dwelling in Belgium, to the same. 

Murk ay, Alice, 01, resident in ... , to Vlishing. 

(To be cuntiuued.J 

IlunDaU's tltsitrttiau of Darkslrin, 


(Continued from p. 'M.) 


Poeklington, 1" Sept. l(>(io. 




Akms : — Quarterly of nine :— 

1. Quarterly, Azure and Argon t, in the first quarter a fleur-de-lis 

Or (Motbam). 

2. Paly of six Argent anil Gules a bend paly of six counterchanged 


3. [Gules] an eagle displayed [Argent] over all a bend [Vert] 

( llamelton). 
•t. Argent, on a bend Sable three bezants (Markenlield). 
5. Argent, a lion rampant Sable (Staplotou). 
ti. [Sable] Pretty [Or] (llollri ftqniv). 
7. Argent, n lion rampant Azure (lima). 
H. Argent, two bars (iiiloH, on n iMiitton of I lie seeond a lion passant 

ganlant Or (Lancaster). 
i). (Julis, two bars gemelles and a uhiof Or ( Hielimoud). 
Ckf.ST: — A bull's head barry of eight Argent and Azuro. 

1 01 duudalk's visitation ov yokksiuru. 

I. Silt JOHN METHAM, K-NT., of Metham (son of Thomas 
Medium), In.j. P.M. 5 Edw. II (1311-2), having manors 
of Metham and Lax ton ; mar. Sibil, dan. and h. of Adam 
Elamelton, by Alice or Amicia, dau. of William Mar kon field. 

They had issue — 

II. SIR THOMAS METHAM, of Metham and Laxton, d. 
4 Aug. 1354, Inq. P.M. 29 Edw. Ill (1355-6), Ins son 
Thomas, twenty-fours old ; mar. . . . They had issue — 

III. SIR THOMAS METHAM, 1 of Metham, etc., Inq. P.M. 

4 Hen. IV (1402-3); mar. Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Miles, 
third Lord Stapleton, sister and li. of Thomas de Stapleton, 
who d. 1372, she was then aged twenty-four and inherited 
her brother's estates 137 ( J, bringing in the Barony of 
Stapleton, now in abeyance. They had issue — 


21 Hen. V (141(3-7); mar. Elizabeth, dau. of Lord Darcy, 
Inq. P.M. 9 Hen. VI (1430-1). They had issue- 
Sir Thomas (V). 
Eleven other children. 

V. SIR THOMAS METHAM, of Metham, proof of age 
1 Hen. VI (1422-3), (1) Sheriff of Yorkshire 1443 and 
Hot), Inq. P.M. 12 Edw. IV (1472-3), d. 2G July 1472 
(Thoresby's Soc. Publications, xv, 88) ; mar. Mundane, 
dau. of Sir John Watcrton, of Walton. They had issue— 
Richard (VI). 

VI. RTCIIARD METHAM, ESQ., ,1. v.p. ; mar. Margaret, dau. 
of Ralph Rabthorpe. They had issue- 
Sir Thomas (VII). 

VII. SIR THOMAS METHAM, of Metham, etc., heir to his 
grandfather, then aged thirty years and more, d. 12 Sept. 
last as by Inq. P.M. 14 Jan. 14 Hen. VII (1499) ; mar. 
first Anne, dau. of Sir John Tempest, of Rracewell. They 
had issue — 

Sir Thomas (VIII). 

Mundane or Margaret, mar. Sir John Hotham, Knt., 

of Scorborough. 
Mar. secondly Isabel, dau. of Sir Robert llildyard, Knt., 
relict of John Hotham. They had issue- 
William, of Earnhill (a quo Metham, of Barnhill ; 

see Glover's Visitation, 106). 

1 Some aull.orilioa *ay th.uo were throo Thomas Methnms in succession. 

duodalk's visitation ok yorksiiirk. 105 

VIII. SIR THOMAS METHAM, RNT., served at Flodden, aged 

thirty at his father's Inq., d. 2(5 May G Hen. VIII (151!) 

as by Inq. P.M. taken 14 Oct. ; mar. Elizabeth, dau. of Sir 

Robert Constable, Knt., of Flamborough. They had issue — 

Sir Thomas (IX). 

Robert, of Bullington, CO. Line. ; mar. Ann, dau. of 
Seth Snawsell, of Hilton (a quo Metham, of 
Bullington ; see Lincolnshire Ped., Hail. Soe., 

Agnes, mar. Sir John Constable, of llalsham. 
Margery, mar. Brian Ivoclill'e. 

IX. Sill THOMAS METHAM, of Metham, ete., Knighted 
24 May 1533, d. 25 Mar. ;?() Hen. VIII (1539) as by 
Inq. P.M. 21 June 31 \Um. VIII (1539) J mar. Maude, 
thai, of Sir John Hothara, of Seorborough. They had 

1. Thomas (X). 

2. Christopher, ) rr , , r ., .. 

„ ,-, l >longes Visitation. 

J. George, J ° 

Elizabeth, mar. Thomas Saltmarshe, sett. 7 June 

1G Hen. VIII (1524). 
Joan, mar. Sir Riehard Strangways, of Ormesby. 
Jane, mar. Edmund Basforth. 
Frances, mar. William Hainond, Esq., of Scarthing- 

Isabel, mar. Thomas Hungate, Esq., of Stillington. 

X. THOMAS METHAM, ESQ., aged thirteen years and eight 
months at bis father's Inq. ; mar. Grace, dau. of Thomas 
Pudsey, Esq., of Bolton (remar. Thomas Trollop, of 
Thornier), d. 25 Eliz. (Surtees' Durham). They had 
issue — 

Sir Thomas (XI). 

Francis, of Wiganthorpe. Will 24 Oct. 1595, pr. 
2 Sept. 159G, to be bur. in the Quire of Ter- 
rington Church, Inq. P.M. (Yorks. Arch. Journal, 
viii, 368) ; mar. first Dionisia, dau. of Sir Thomas 
Water ton, of Walton, bur. at Terrington. They 
had issue — 

Dionisia or Dianas, mar. Anthony Bulmer, 
of Elmeden. Will 25 Apr. 1639. 
Mar. secondly . . . , bur. at Terrington. 
Rowland, d. s.p. (Flower's Visitation). 
John, named in his brother Sir Thomas' will. 
Maude, mar. John Trollop, of Thornley, sett. 
24 July 34 Hen. VIII, living 1569 (Surtees' 

10G dugimle's visitation ok Yorkshire. 

XI. SIR THOMAS INIKTIIAM] KNT., of Metham, .succeeded 
his grandfather, Knighted 2 Oct. 155.'}, bur. ;it Howden 
28 Sept. 1572. Will 1 June 1572, pr. at York 31 Oct. 1573 
(vol. xix, 511); mar. first Dorothy, dau. of George, first 
Lord Darcy, of Aston, bur. at Howden 26 Dec. 1553. 
They had issue — 

Thomas (XII). 

George, of PolHhgton, Snaith, bp. at Howden 12 Oct. 

1552. Will pr. 3 Nov. 1598 (C.B.N.) ; mar 

dau. of . . . Robinson, of Huggate. They had 
\ issue — 

Andrew, bp. 6 Dec. 1589, bur. 29 June 

1592 at Snaith. 
Thomas, (?) bp. at Snaith 30 Mar. 1595. 
Frances, heiress, mar. Sir Ingleby Daniel, 

of Beswick. 
Barbara, bp. at Snaith 10 Dec. 1587. 
Jane, mar. Philip Draycott, of BreadsalJ, co. Derby. 
Dorothy, bp. at Howden 20 Mar. 1550, bur. 19 Sept. 
1566 at All Saints', Pavement, York (O.B.N. ). 
Mar. secondly Edith, dau. of Nicholas Palmes, of Naburn, 
executrix of her husband. They had issue — 

Alexander, sans issue (Glover), named in his father's 

Michael, sans issue (Glover). 
Nicholas, named in his father's will. 
Francis, sans issue (Glover). 
Edith, bp. at Howden 1 Nov. 1556 ; mar. . . . 

Arden, a lawyer, waferer of the Inner Temple. 
Frances, named in her father's will. 
Petronell, named in her father's will. 
Joan, (?)bp. at Howden 25 Jan. 1561-2. 
Katherine, named in her father's will, bp. at Belfreys 

3 Apr. 1567. 
1'hilippa, named in her father's will, bp. at Belfreys 
30 Jan. 1568-9. 

XII. THOMAS MET HAM, of Met/mm, in com. Ebor., Esq'., (1) 
d.^ 1610; mar. Catherine, daughter of fr Will'm Bellassys, 
of Newborough, in co. Ebor., Knt., bp. 8 Sept. 1553 
(Collins). They had issue — 

/. S r Thomas Metham, Kn'., slaine in the battail of 
Marston- Moore, neere Yorke, being then Capt. of 
the Yorkeshire Gentry on the part of King Charles 
the First against the retells in June a° 1644, «t. 
10, 1585 ; mar. first Barbara, daughter unto Philip 
Constable, of Everivgham, in com. Ebor., Esq r ., 
d. 1610. They had issue— 

Thomas, died unmarried 2 Feb. 1630. Adm. 
at Lincoln's Inn 31 Oct. 1626. 


/. Cath. f wife of Edward Smith, of Ashe, in 

co. Paint., Dunelm, EsyJ 
2. Barbara, wife of Thomas Dolman, of liads- 
worth, in co. Ebor., Esq'., (?) bp. at 
Howden 29 Nov. 1607, bur. at Bads- 
worth 23 May 1G26. 
mar. 8& Mary, dan. of Kdward Crayshaw, of 
liarton, co. Oxon. Will 5 Sept., pr. at York 
7 Nov. 1646 (unregistered), to be bur. in North 
Cave church. 
n ". Joint, died young. 

3. & Jordan Met ham (XITT). 

Frances, wife of Marmaduke Constable, of Ever- 

ivyham, Esq r ., (?) bp. at Howden 23 Mar. 1577-8; 

mar. there 25 Nov. 1593. 

Dorothy, wife of Robert Thorneton, of' Newton, in 

com. Ebor., Esq'., bur. at Stonegrave 14 July 1619. 

Bridget, first married to Tlio. J/optou, of Mirfield, 

in co. Ebor., lie. 1596 at Kirkby Malzeard (Paver), 

after to Will. Laugdale, of Lanthrop in Ifoldernesse, 

Es,f., d. Mar. 1627. 

Eleanor, wife of Ralphe Ellerker, of Riseby, in com. 

Ebor., Esq r . 
Catherine, wife of Geo. Creswell, of Donington in 

Jane, d. young. 

XIII. S' JORDAN MET HAM, Kn'., died a" 16^3, bur. in the quire 
of Terrington Church 6 Oct. 1G42, admon. at York 18 Oct. 
1642; mar. Margaret, daughter of William Laugdale, of 
Lanthrope in Holdemesse in co. Ebor., Esq r ., bur. at Ter- 
rington 23 May 1652, admon. at York 11 June 1652. 
They had issue— 

1. Jordan Metham, eldest son, slayne at Pom fret Castle, 

being in amies for K. Charles y c First, at y e raysing 
of the first seiqe there, bp. at Terrington 20 Apr. 

2. John Metham, died young, bur. at Torrington 

G Mar. 1617.X. 

3. George (XIV). 
Jf. Frances }fetham. 

5. Thomas, died unmarried. 

6. WilVm Metham, married . . . daughter of . . . and 

widow of S r Tho. Tankard, of Brampton, in com. 
Ebor., K t . 

7. Henry Metham, bp. at Terrington 18 Mar. 1627-8. 
3. John Metham, bp. at Terrington 19 Jan. 1632-3. 

1 The Barony of Staploton is in abeyance amongst tho descendants of 
Catherine Smith and Barbara Dolman. 


/. Ursula, wife of S r '/'ho. Jirathicayt, A''., sou and 

Iwavh of Richard /hathwayt, uf Burneside, in co. 

Wcatrherl, Esq r . 
2. Jane, ivife of Tho. Tempest, a yonnynr sou of S r Thomas 

Tempest of Stanley, in ye Bisshoprick of Durham, 

\)\). at Teriington 2 Apr. 1G26. 

XIV. GEORGE MET II AM, of Metham, Esq'., est. JJ aim. 7" Sept. 

a" It'itlo, a royalist compounder and fined £1,350, bp. at 
Terrington 24 Jan. 1 G 1 7-8, d. 1672, bur. at North Cave. 
M.I. Will 15 Sept. 1669, pr. at York (vol. liii) ; mar. 
Catherine, da. of Tho. Vise. Fairfax, of Emeley in Ird d ., 
executrix of her husband. They had issue; — 

1. George (XV). " 

2. Thomas, named in his father's will. 

0. Jordan, of St. Andrew's, Holboru, admou. 9 Feb. 

1720 (English Catholics 1715) ; mar. Catherine . . . 
They had issue — 

Mary, had £10 in her cousin Dorothy 
Metham's will 1735-6. 
4- Philip, had £20 a year in his father's will. 

1. Catherine, named in her father's will, bp. at Howden 

22 Dee. 1651 ; mar. George Robinson. 

2. Anne, bp. at Howden 20 Aug. 1G57. 

S. Abiyail, had £400 in her father's will, bp. at Howden 
iS Feb. 1658-9. 

XV. GEORGE METHAM, ESQ., of North Cave, astatia 10 aim. 

7° Sept. a 1065, bp. at Howden Apr. 1G55, bur. 18 Apr. 
17 1G at North Cave. Will 25 Jan. 1715-6, pr. at York 
(vol. lxxi, 166) ; mar. Magdalen Harcourt. They had 
issue — 

Philip (XVI). 

Francis, of Drewton, North Cave, Gent., a Catholic 
nonjuror 1715, d. 2 Mar. 1721-2, bur. at North 
Cave. M.I. Will 12 Jan. 1721-2, pr. at York 
(vol. lxxvi, 182); mar. Margaret, dau. of William 
Pearson, Esq., of Stokesley, died 17 Aug. 1723. 
Dorothy, of York. Will 11 Mar. 1735-6, pr. at 

York 24 Dec. 1737 (vol. lxxxv, 208). 
Barbara, mar. at North Cave 23 Oct. 1713 Hugh 
Montgomery, Esq., d. 26 May 1747 in her fifty- 
ninth year, bur. at North Cave. M.I. 

XVI. PHTLTP MKTHAM, ESQ., uf North Cave, a nonjuror 
1715, d. 27 Mar. 1732, bur. at North Cave. Admon. at 
York 26 Oct. 1733 to the above named Hugh Montgomery, 
into whose family the estates were carried. 

duodalk's visitation ok yorksiiikk. 109 

Haynton - Hkacon VVai'icntaki;. . Yorki;, 'JO Marti j H><;. r ). 




lUberletj, :— Azure, on a chevron AxgeA, between three falcons of the second 
beaked Or, as many lion's heads erased Sable collared of the third. 
Crest:— A domi-horse rampant Sable gutte d'Ur, bit and reins of the last. 

I. ADAM MOYSEll, of Farlington. Will 30 June 1535, pr. 
at York 31 May 1538 (vol. xi, 294); mar. Katherine . . ., 
to be bur. at Sheriff Hutton. Will 1G Aug. 15G2, pr. 
2 Apr. 15G3 (vol. xvii, 217). They had issue- 
Peter, of Farlington. Will 23 Jan. 1587-8, pr. at 
York 10 May 1588 (vol. xxiii, 740) ; mar. Anne 
. . . They had issue — 
James (II). 
Thomas, of Appleton, Gent., admon. 20 Feb. 1G07-8 

granted to Tobias Moyser, 
Frances, mar. first Edmund Greenbury, of York, 

secondly Henry Savile, of Blathroyd, Halifax. 
Fluabotli, mar. . . . IVullocke, ) named in t heir mother's 
Alice, mar. Thomas Cundall, J will. 

IT. JAMES MOYSER, of North Hall, Appleton, bur. at Bolton 
lVrcy IS .Inn. 1608-9; mar. first Joans, dau. of John Goo<l 
(Glover). Tliey had issue — 
Fi-ancis (111). 

Elisabeth, mar. Robert Stockdale, of Lockington. 
Christian, mar. Gabriel Brooke, of Gateforth. 
• Mary, bur. 24 Dec. 150G. 

Elizabeth, mar. Christopher Skepper, of Durham. 
Mnr. secondly (J race, dau. of . . . Est oft. They had issue — 
Grace, mar. William Henlock, 18 Dec. 1598. 


III. FRANCIS MOYSER, of Farlington, in com. Ebor., l>ur. at 

Ballon Percy 12 Pel). 1616-7, admon. 18 Feb. 1616-7; mar. 
Dorothy, (km. of Alexander Stockdale (Glover), bur. at 
M«>ll. m' lVrcy 27 Jan. 1 (i I M 7. They had iaauc— 

/. Thomas (IV). 

,"'. James. 

3. SUnebdnh. 

If. Munmiduke. 

5. Leonard, died unmarried, bp. at Bolton Mercy 7 Dec. 

15 ( JI. 
U. William Moyser, of Hulme, in com Ebor., bp. at 

Bolton Percy 25 Apr. 1598; mar. . . . They had 

issue — 

yr ' [ named in will of Jas. Moyser, 1 GOO. 

7. Joint Moyser, dyad w th out issue, hp. at Bolton Percy 
4 Jan. 1600-1; mar. Hannah, daughter of George 
Eulfjambe, of Walton, in ami. Derby. 
S. Anthony, died unmarried, hp. at Bolton Percy 10 Oct. 

Alice, hp. at Bolton Percy 12 Aug. 1593. 

Grace, hp. at Bolton Percy 19 Nov. 1594. 

Prudence, bp. at Bolton Percy 7 Dec. 1595. 

Katherine, hp. at Bolton Percy 3 Apr. 1597. 

Mabel, hp. at Bolton Percy 1 9" Aug. 1599, bur. there 
28 Aug. 1600. 

IV. THOMAS MOYSER, of Appleton, in com. civitatis Ebor., 

dyed in a" lGJ^o, age given as four at 1584 and thirty at 
1612 Visitations; inar. Mary, daughter of .... Merington 
(M cry ton), Deane of Yorkc. They had issue- 
Thomas, bp. at Bolton Percy 8 Mar. 1624-5. 

1. James (V). 

2. Francis Moyser, Ensigne in the Regiment of Guards 

to his Ma tie King Charles the 2 d ; mar. Mary, 
daughter to S r John Corbet, of . . . in com. Salop, 
relict t* William Stafford, of lilatherwick, in co. 
Northamp 1 , Esq r . 

3. John Moyser, an Ensigne in the Guards of his 

Majestic King Charles the 2<*. 

V. JAMES MOYSER, of lieuerley and Appleton, in com. Ebor., 
Esq'., at. JO annoru 20 Martij 1005, Recorder of Beverley, 
tip. at Bolton Percy 15 Mar. 1628-3. Will 3 Feb. 1689-90, 
pr at York 18 Mar. 1691-5; mar. 12 Jan. 1650, Frances, 
daughter of Edmund Yarbrough, of Snayth, in co. Ebor., 
Esq'., relict of S r John Reresby, of Thribergh, in com. Ebor., 
Ear'., d. at Beverley, bur. at Tlirybergh 7 Sept. 1668 
(Meresby Diary). They hud issue — 

1. Edmund, tet. 10 etnnor. 20 Mart. 1005. 
2i John (VI). 


VI. JOHN MOYSKIt, L2SQ., of. Beverley, eel. f> minor. 20 Martij 
W65\ MI'. 1705-8 for Beverley. Will 28 .July 17:57, pr. at 
York 9 Nov. 17:tl> (vol. Ixxxvi, 252>; mar. 26 Aug. L692, 
at Richmond, Catherine, d;ui. of John Heron, Esq. (will, 
of Sir John llothain, Hart.), bur. at St. Mary's, Beverley, 

5 Jan. 1727-8. They hail issue — 
James (VII). 
Francis, had twenty guineas in his father's will if 

Constantia, mar. .lames Gee, Rsq., of Ueverley, at St. 

Mary's, Beverley, 7 Now 1727, lair, at St. Mary's 

1710, M.I. 
Catherine, mar. William Burton, of Hotham. 
Elizabeth, named in her father's will. 


VII. JAMES MOYSEH, ESQ., of Beverley; mar. . . . They 
had issue — ■ 

Diana, bp. at Coney St., York, 20 July 1723; mar. 
William Strickland, Esq., of Beverley, 25 May 
1752, at St. Saviour's, York. 


Beverley, 15° Sept. 1GG0. 



Arms : — Gules, three cliovrouela braced in base Vair, on a chief Or a trefoil 
slipped Azure. 

I. WILLIAM WYVELL, Arm., of SHngsby, in Rydale. Will 
Feast of St. Peter ad Vincula 1 Aug. 1-130, pr. at York 
14 Aug. 1430 (Test. Ehor., ii, 2), to be bur. in SHngsby 
Church ; mar. Agnes . . . , executrix of her husband. 
They bad issue — 


Julni (II). 


Hubert, [named in thoir father's will. 

John, J 

William, Hector of Dalby. 

II. JOHN WYVELL, ESQ., of Osgodby. Will 17 Dec 1460, 
pr. at York 11 July 1461 (Test, Ebor., ii, 2), to bo bur. 

in Cayton Chape] ; mar. Isabel . . . , executrix of her 
* husband. They had issue — 

John (III). 
Richard, had 40s. in his father's will. 

III. JOHN WYVELL, of Osgodby. Will 31 Mar. I486, pr. at 

York 1 May 1167, to be bur. in the Chapel of St, John 

the Baptist at Cayton ; mar. Agnes . . . From them 
probably descended — 

I. ROBERT WYVELL, of Osgodby, near Scarborough, had 
lands in Slingsby, (1) admon. 8 Feb. 1495-6. 

IT. JOHN WYVELL, 1 of Osgodby, attainted temp. Hen. VIII, 
succeeded his brother; mar. Dorothy, dau. of John Lepton, 
Esq/, of Kepuick, in Cleveland. They had issue- 
John (111). 

Peter, of Cottingham. Will 10 Jan. 1554-5, pr. at 
York 4 Apr. 1555 (vol. xiv, 23); mar. Petronell, 
dau. of . . . Headon, of llolderness. Will 13 Dec. 
1574, pr. at Y"ork 2 Apr. 1575 (vol. xix, 718). 
They had issue — 

1. John, sans issue. 

2. Richard, sans issue. 

3. William, of Cottingham, living 1584. 
Elizabeth, named in her father's will. 

III. JOHN WYVELL, of Osgodby; mar. Katherine, dau. of 

Giles Wood, of Pickering. They had issue — 
William (IV). 

IV. WILLIAM. WYVELL, of Osgodby, living at 1584 Visitation. 

Will 18 Feb. 1590-1, pr. at York 2 July 1591, to be bur. 
at Cayton (vol. xxiv, 604) ; mar. Frances, dau. of Roger 
Dal ton, of Kirkby Misperton, Esq. (remar. Thomas Bed by, 
Esq., of Mieklethwaite Grange and Killerhy). They had 
issue — 

1. George, of Osgodby, eldest son, sat. 14 1584, d. s.p. 

Will 1 Nov., pr. at York 11 Dec. 1597 (vol. 

xxvii, 110), to be bur. at Kirkby Misperton. 

1 Ron of Robert (Glover). 


1 i:; 

J. Jollll, <l. S.J). 

3. Stephen, U. s.p. 
I. William, d. s.p. 

UoiJHV (V). 

Anne, mar. Thomas Percehay, Esq., of Ryton. 
Elizabeth, mar. Hubert Simpson, of Edston. 
Barbara, mar. Charles Tanered, Esq., of Whixley. 
Katlierine, mar. Robert Fisher. 
Frances, mar. James Spencer. 

Mary, tfill 10 Feb. 1596-7, pr. at York 20 Aug. 15'JU 
(vol. xxvii, 666), to be bur. in Cay ton Church. 

V. HOC Eli \VIVELL, of Osyodby, in cum. Ebor., Esq*., died 
?*' Marhj if' 76*57, admon. P.C.C. 1659 \ mar. Anne, 
(lnitijhtrr of Thomas Bylbye (IVilby), of Killerby, in com. 
Ebor., renounced husband's admon. They had issue — 

/. William Wyyill, of Osyodby, died a" ltiO-i sine prole; 
mar. June, da. of . . . fbules, in com. Sussex, 1 
wife ; mar. KHz., da. of S>~ John /lark, oj Filey, 
in co. Ebor., En'., )i wife (remar. Matthew Beck- 
with of Tanfield). 

2. Thomas Wyvell, dyed unmarried. 

S. John (VI). 

1. Frances. 

.'.'. Anne, wife of Tho. Swan, of Beuerley, in co. Ebor., 
afterwards of S r liichard Tankard, of Whi.chy, in 
co. Ebor, Kn'.; mar. at Whixley 7 A tiff. 1666. 

S. Mari/, wife of Thomas Dcuman, of Colli mjham, in co 
Ebor. ' 

Jf. Bias., died unmarried. 

• i. Thomaslne, died unmarried. 

<'>. Man/arrf, wife <// Edward Sjwlmtm (Spilmnn), of 
II alitilc, i n com J. inc. 

VI. JOUX WYVELL, ol Osyodby, in com. Ebor., Esq'., at. .!? 

an. 15 S, r t. n;t;u, d. ' 29 .Ian. 1705-6, let. 78. M.I. at 
Cayton. Will 31 Dec. 1(596, cod. 2 1 Jan. lTOfj-O, pr. at 
York (vol. Ixiii, 213). lie seems to have left reversion of 
his estates to Sir Marmaduke Wyvill, of Constable Burton, 
and in his will he mentions his wife Dorothy, so he ma}' 
have been married twice; mar. .Susanna, dtuitjh. of S' Eram-'is 
Cobb, of Beverley (Ottiingham) in com. Ebor., En'., by 
Ellen, dau. of Christopher Constable, Esq., of Catfoss. 


HuiiDKIlNKHHK. 'I'lIK Noiirii Uavi.iwick. I U' Vcilcy, 1 . r ) Sept. LGOG. 



Ahmk :— Quarterly : — 

1 anil 1. Sablo, a cinquofbil pierced within an orlo of cross- 

riosslots Or. 

2 and 3. Ardent, two bars each of livo lozongea Sablo. 

I. JOHN CONSTABLE, of Catfoss. Will 5 Mar. 1499, pr. 
at York 8 May 1500, to be bur. at Sigglesthome; mar. 

Alice . . . They had issue — 

II. THOMAS CONSTABLE, of Catfoss, d. 20 Nov 
22 Hen. VII (1506), Inq. P.M. 4 Nov. 23 Hen. VII 
(1507). Will 5 Nov., pr. at York 4 Dee. 1506 (vol. vi, 
L68), to be bur. at Sigglesthome J mar. Mariana, dau. of 
John Bishop, executrix of her husband. They had issue — 
llalph, thirteen years and nine months at his 

lather's Inq. 
Stephen (Til). 

III. STKPMKN CONSTAHLK, of Catfoss, [i(q. P.M. 16 Aug. 

3G Hen. \'lll (1511), says he d. 11 Jan. 3-1 lien. VIII 
(1543); mar. Elizabeth, dau. and h. of John Constable, of 
Kresmarsh. They had issue — 

William (IV). 


IV. WILLIAM CONSTABLE, of Catfoss, eleven years old at 

his father's Inq., living 1585; mar. Bridget, dau. of Robert 
Skerne, bur. at Sigglesthome 28 Aug. 15N5. They had 

Chrisfop/u-r (V). 




Joan, hj>. at Sigglesthome G July 15GG. 



Mar. secondly Jane, dait. of . . . Powlwjry. Tliey had 
issue - 



V. CHRISTOPHER CONSTABLE, of Cat fosse, Freshmarshe, 

and Hampton in cum. Eboi'., let. twenty-three 1585, 
signed l(H2 Visitation, bur. at Sigglesthorne 31 Dec. 
1622; mar. Avcri/l, daughter of Georye Fowberye of New 
bould, in ram. Ebor., Esij r . They had issue — 

1. Francis, l>p. at Sigglesthorne 1 Dec 1588, wife 

of John Beverley, of Ganstede, in com. Ebor. 

2. Ellyn, bp. at Sigglesthorne . 26 July 1593, wife to 

Richard Hillyard of Ottrinyham hi cum. Ebor., 

mar. 7 Sept. 101:? at Sigglesthorne ; afterwards of 

S> Francis Cobb, of Beverley, in co. Ebor., K'. 

She was bur. in Beverley Minster 7 Dec. 1GG7, 

set. seventy-four. 
S. Cath., wife of . . . Lanydale, of Ebersfone, in com. 

Marmaduke, bp. at Sigglesthorne 15 Oet. 1587, 

bur. there 1609. 
Margaret, d. inf., bp. sit Sigglesthorne 2 July 1590, 

bur. there 21 Mar. 1590-1. 
Aliee, bur. at Sigglesthorne 16 Apr. 1597. 
Marmaduke, bap. at Sigglesthorne 12 Dee. 1G00. 

VI. JOHN CONST ABLE, of Catfosse, in com. Ebor., Esq'., 
died in a" I6a9, bur. sit Sigglesthorne 29 Sept., M.I., set. 
sixty-two. Will 13 Mai-. 1657-8, p». at London, 27 Apr. 
1660 (Yorks llec. Ser., ix, 158); mar. Mary, daughter of 
Raphe Mome, of Bewick, in co. Ebor., widow of J'hi/i/> 
Constable, of Wassand, in coin. Ebor., Esq r ., bur. 12 May 
1078 iit Thoriuanby. They had issue — 

1. John Constable of Cat fosse, Esq'., at. J,o anuor. 

15 Sept. 1666, bur. sit Sigglesthorne 16 .Mar. 
1GG7-8, set, forty-six. 

2. Robert (VII). 

5. Christoph', died unmarried, bp. sit Sigglesthorne 

29 Mar. 1G24. 
4. Raphe, died unmarried, bp. sit Sigglesthorne, 29 Apr 


1. Jane, wife of Christopher .Smith, of A?vdby, in co. 

Einc, bp. at Sigglesthorne 19 Nov. 1620 ; mar. 
there 14 Oet. 1641. 

2. Frances, bp. sit Sigglesthorne 8 Feb. 1625-6. 

J, Mar//, wife of John Moore of Bewick, in com. 

Eboru, bp. at Sigglesthorne 6 July 1629. 
4. Lenox, bp. at Sigglesthorne 1 Mar. 1630.-1, bur. at 

Thormanby 3 Mar. 1698-9. 



f>. flridt/et, bp. at Sigglcsthorne 26 Sept. 1637 ; mar. 
Thomas Wakefield, Esq., of Thorinanby, bur. there 
25 Apr. 1678. 

Maigaret, bp. at Sigglcsthorne, 8 July, bur. there 

22 Nov. 16$3. 

VII. liOBERT CONSTABLE, of Catfoss, a merch* vn Porhujall, 
d. 6, bur. at Sigglesthorrte ( J Jan. 1692-3, M.I. ; admon. 
at York G Nov. IGU.'J; mar. Jane, dau. of Sir Wilfrid 
Lawson, of lsell, co. Cunib., d. 3 Oct. 1G82, bur. at 
Sigglesthorne. They had issue — 
Sir llobert (VI II). 

Wilfred, of Beverley, bp. at Sigglesthorne 11 Sept. 
1673. Will 10 Mar. 1719-20, proved at York, 
bur. at S. Mary's Church, Beverley (vol. lxxv, G), 
1 Oct, 1720, SI. I, He had one guinea in his 
brother Sir Robert's will. 
John, d. inf., bp. 20 Nov. 1G74. 
Lawson, d. inf., bp. at Sigglesthorne 20 Sept. 1G82, 

bur. there G Jan 1682-3. 
Jane, bp. at Sigglesthorne 21 Jan. 1G75-6. 
Mary, bp. at Sigglesthorne 20 Sept, 1682 

VIII. SIR UOBERT CONSTABLE, KNT., bp. at Sigglestliorne 

1:5 Apr. 1072, bur. there 13 Jan. 1719-20. Will 4 Sept. 
1718, pr. at York 20 Feb. 1719-20 (lxxiv, 172), leaving 
all his (state to his natural sou William. 

Authorities — Wills — Registers — Poulsou's 1 lolderness. 

Stain kcmppk \Y *r» ntak v. 

KkipUm, 17 Aug* IWM; 




Arms :— Argent, on n chief Gnloa two crosses Qenry vair, a crescent for 

Ckkst: — A culiit. arm erect vealuil vair, the liand grasping a battle axe 


■■, ■■■ 


I. ROGER FKKKAND, of Hkipton. Had iutuo— 

II. ROBERT FERRANI), of Hkipton. [Tad issue— 
William (111). 
Richard, of London, Citizen and Draper, d. 25 May 

1560, bur. at Beverley Minister, M.I. Will 17 May, 

pr. at London 8 June 1560 (Mellcrshc, 32) j mar. 

.loan . . . They had seven sons and five daughters. 
Thomas, of London, draper. Will 15 July 1530, pr. 

at London 12 Jan. 1537-8 (Dyngeley, 13). 

III. WILLIAM FERRAND, pf Skipton in Craven; mar. . . . 

dau. of . . . Tempest, of Yollison. They had issue — 

IV. CIIltrSTOPHEH FERRAND, of Skipton ; mar. Jane, dan. 

of John Dale, of Carlton. They had issue 
William (V). 

V. WILLIAM FERRAND, of Sfcipton in Craven, in com. 
Ebor., built Carlton Hall 1584, had grant of arms 20 Mar. 
1586, l by request of Francis Clifford, fourth Karl of 
Cumberland, admon. 1 Oct. 1601 ; mar. Elizabeth, dnuyhter 
of Tho. Blenkensop, of llelbeck, in com. WestmerL, at Rurnsall 
5 Nov. 1570. They had issue — 

1. Thomas (VI). 

~. William (a quo Ferrand, of Westhall). 

VI. THOMAS FERRAND, of Carhton, in com. Ebor., died 
a" 1627. Will 26 July, pr. at York 3 Oct. 1627 (xl, 34), 
to be bur. at Carlton, mentions " my master the Earl of 
Cumberland;" mar. Mary, dauyhter of Edmund Dudley, 
of Yanivith, in com. Westmorland, 1st tvife, lie. 1594. They 
had issue — , 

Edmund Ferrand, of Flashy ; mar. Mary, dau. of 
Thomas Wentworth, Esq., Bencher of Lincoln's 
Inn. They had issue — 

Thomas, killed at the battle of Preston in 

the service of King Charles I. 
Edmund, (?) bp. at Gargvave 13 May 1627, 
with his father sold the estate of Carlton 
1651 to Thomas Parkinson; mar. Anne, 
dau. of Francis Malham, Esq., of Elslack 
(Whitaker's ('raven). 
Eleanor, mar. Thomas lleber, of Mar ton. 
Anne, named in her father's will, (?) mar. John Dent. 

1 In Whitaker'a Craven, 417, it is stated that the oltice of porter of 
Skipton Castle was hereditary in tho family of Ferrand, and for the services 
this grant was urged. 

I IS duudale's VISITATION ()K vorksiiikk. 

Mar. 'Blanch, daughter of Edmund Toivneley, of Boyle, in 
c,»n. Lane., :.'tl wife. Will 13 Feb. 1627-8, pr. at York 
6 May 1628 (xl, 220). They had issue— 

/. William Ferrand, dud an infant. 

l>. Brian (VI I). 

1. Elizabeth, y* wife of John Foufeld, of Bolton in 

y e Afoores, in com. Lane. 

2. Mary, wife, of George Martenscroft, of Manchester, in 

co. Lane. 
S. Blanch, ?vife unto Hugh Currer, of Kildwick, in com. 

VII. BRIAN FERRAND, of Flashy, in Graven, in co. Ebor., 
a:t. 'i ' ana. 17 Any. a" 1065, bur. at Gargrave 10 Feb. 
1.668-9. Will Feb. 1668-9, pr. at York ; mar. Jane, 
daughter of Thomas Wayte, of Bemoldsivick, in co. Ebor. 
(possibly remarried Henry Fisher, as Thomas Ferrand 
leaves £2<> per annum to his mother, Mrs. Jane Fisher, 
and in Gargrave Register there are the entries: — "1675, 
June 22, Henry and Jane Fisher mar." "1683-4, March 12, 
.Mrs. Jane Fisher, bur."). They had issue — 
Thomas (VIII). 

Catherine, bp. at Gargrave 4 May 1G48; mar at 
Sfcipton 28 Sept. 1GK8 Thomas Hodgson, executor 
of (he will of his wife's father. 

VIII. THOMAS FFKKAND, of Flashy, at. 11 ana. 11 Amy. 1665, 
bp. at Gargrave 29 Dee. 1653, bur. there 3 Mar. 1682-3. 
Will 25 Feb. 1682-3, pr. at York 5 Apr. 1683; mar. 
Barbara 1 . . . They had issue — 
Brian (IX). 

Barbara, bp. at Gargrave 6 Dec. 1675; had £500 
in her father's will. 

IX. BUI AN FFUUAND, of Flashy, gent., bp. at Gargrave 
23 Apr. 1678, bur. there 23 Feb. 1718-9; nunc, will 2 
13 Feb., pr. at York 7 Mar. 1718-9, his goods being valued 
£1-18 19s. Od. ; mar. Anne . . . , sole executrix of her 
husband's will. They had issue — 

(?) Elizabeth, bur. at Gargrave 9 Mar. 1728-9. 

Authorities — Whitaker's Craven— Gargrave Registers — Y'ork Wills. 

1 Diil slio marry secondly at Rylatou, 20 May HJ'.K), Mr. William Stock- 
pile ? 

- Ho mentions children, but there is no notice in the Gargrave Register of 
tliem, except Hie burial of " Klizubcth, dau. of Mrs. Forrand, of Flasby Hall, 
1 7li<S-'J ; " this being tlio last entry of tho family. 

1 1 4 .) 


Contributed by the IIev. W. (i. 1). Fdktchbb, M.A.. F.S.A.. 

(College of Arms, Grants XV. 3 5 .'3 ) . 

To all and singular to whom these Presents shall -come Isaac 
Heard Esquire GaRTEB Principal King of Anns and Thomas 
Lock Esquire ClarbNCKUX King of Anns of the South East and 
West Parts of England from the River Trent Southwards send 
greeting. Whereas John Bazcly Esquire Captain in the Royal 
Navy only surviving son of John and Grandson of James Bazely 
both late of* hover in the County of Kent Gentlemen deceased 
hath represented unto the most Honorable Charles Howard Esquire 
commonly called Karl of Surrey Deputy with the Royal Approba- 
tion to his Father the most noble Charles Duke of Norfolk Earl 
Marshal and hereditary Marshal of England that lie and his 
Ancestors have resided for many Generations in the said County 
of Kent and used Armorial Ensigns but not finding them duly 
established in the College of Arms and being unwilling wto bear 
any Ensigns of Honor without lawful Authority he requ/sted the 
Favour of his Lordship's Warrant for our Exemplifying and Con- 
firming the Arms and Crest hitherto used by his Family with such 
Variation as may bo necessary to be borne by him and his 
Descendants and by the Descendants of his said Grandfather 
according to the Laws of Arms. And forasmuch as his Lordship 
did by Warrant under his Hand and Seal hearing date the twenty 
second day of April last authorize and direct Us to exemplify 
and grant such Arms and Crest accordingly Know Ye therefore 
that We the said Garter and Clarenckux in Pursuance of the 
Consent of the said Deputy Earl Marshal and by Virtue of the 
Letters Patent of our Several Offices to each of Us respectively 
granted under the Great Seal of Great Britain do by these Presents 
exemplify and grant to the said John Bazely the Arms following 
that is to say Gules on a Cheveron Or between three Battle Axes 
erect Argent the Staff Or as many Barulets wavy Azure, And 
for the Crest on a Wreath of the Colours An Eagle rising Or in 
the Beak an Annulet Sable as the same are in the Margin hereof 
more plainly depicted to be borne and used for ever hereafter by 
him the said John Bazely and his Descendants, and by the 
Descendants of his said Grandfather James Bazely aforesaid with 
due and proper Differences according to the Daws of Arms without 
the Bet or Interruption of any Person or Persons whatsoever. In 
Witness whereof Wo the said Gartkr and CLARENCKUX Kings of 
Arms have to these Presents subscribed our Names and affixed 


the Seals of our several Ollices this sixth day of August in the 
bwonty fourth Vein 1 of tin: Reign of our Sovereign Lord Okouok 
tho Third liy tlic Graee of God King of Great Britain France ami 
Ireland Defender of the Faith ifce: and in the Year of our Loud 
OiK! tliousaiid Seven hundred and eighty four. 

Isaac Heard Garter f t « J Principal King of Arms. 
Thomas Lock [lsj Clarcnceux Kin</ of Anns 

.lohn Bazely, the grantee of these Anns, was horn at Dover in 
1740, and "died in 1809. lie became an Admiral in the Royal 
Wavy. There is some account of him in vol. xiv of the Naval 
Chronicle., for 1805, with a portrait. lie had two .sons — .John 
Ba/.ely, who was horn in 1707, and also became an Admiral ; 
and Henry Ba/.ely, a, Captain in the Royal Navy. 

His elder son .lohn Ba/.ely, was father of the Rev. Thomas 
Tyssen Bazely, a well-known Oxford Coach and Proctor, afterwards 
Rector of All Saints', Poplar. His son, the Rev. Henry Casson 
Barnes Ba/.ely (1842—1883), was well-known to Oxford residents 
twenty-five or thirty years ago as "The Oxford Evangelist " ; and 
his "Life" has been written by the Rev. Canon Hicks, and 
published by Macmillan & Co. 

The Admiral's younger son, Henry Bazely, had two sons and 
three daughters. One of the latter married the llev.YFrancis 
Henry Wolryehe-Whitinore, of Dud mas ton Hall, Salop. 

In the Giant of Arms we get a pedigree of three generations, 
.lohn Bazely the grantee being a son of John and grandson of 
James", both of Hover, and both deceased in 1784. Any further 
particulars about this old Kentish family will be acceptable. 


Bj W. F. Oaktkh. 
(Continued from />. 21.) 

5b. Tiik Kknuicks ok Birmingham and West Bromwich. 

This family branched off from the Wynn Hall Kenricks (5a) a centurv 
ami a half ago, and having for four generations deserted Wales, and 
taken a leading part in the commercial, municipal and parliamentary 
lite of Birmingham, West Bromwich, and the Midlands, its history 
naturally requires to be told in a separate chapter. 11 I desired to 
give a fair account ol its first three generations 73 based strictly upon 
public services performed, some nine or ten detailed biographies would 

,3 The fuurtli generation has not yet reached tho age which admits of 
qualifying for biography. 


be requisite, and llie amount of material necessarily included would 
astonish even the generously appreciative public of the Birmingham 
district. It would bo tempting, also, did time and space permit, 
to thrid the genealogical mazes of several of the families with whom 
the Kenricks of Birmingham have intermarried. This however I am 
compelled to do seldom and briefly, though none of the pedigrees I 
have already dealt with would contain more interesting alliances. 
The family was established at West Bromwich, 71 in South Stafford- 
shire by : — 

Archibald Kenrick, fourth son of John and Mary (Quarrell) Kenrick 

of Wynn Hall, as mentioned in the preceding account. He was 
baptized at the Chester Street Chapel, Wrexham, on the lL'th Novem- 
ber 1700 as "son of Mr. John Kenrick of Ruabon." I understand 

that the Wynn Hall Kenricks wen 1 , at one time engaged in tin; smelting 
of ore, but I have no particulars, and cannot say what reasons led 
Archibald Kenrick to establish at West Bromwich, near Birmingham, 
the iron-founding and hollow-ware business which is still carried on 
by his descendants under the firm of " Archibald Kenrick and Sons." 
In December 17'J(), Mr. Kenrick married his first wife, who was the 
mother of-his children. She was Rebecca Smith, daughter of Joseph 
Smith, of Hay Hall in Yardley, near Birmingham, who was fourth 
in descent, from Anthony Smith, churchwarden ol Stratford -on- Avon 
in Kit)?. 75 She died 4th January I80<>, and on 7th May 1812, Mr. 
Kenrick married, as his second wife, Mary Eddowes, daughter of Joshua 
Eddowes, of Shrewsbury, whose ancestors had been settled atVVhit- 
church, Shropshire, for some four or five generations. 7 '' By his second 
wife, Archibald Kenrick had no issue. He died on tin; 26th October 
IS.'Jf), 77 and she in 1854. Archibald and Rebecca Kenrick had issue : — 

1. Archibald Kenrick, of whom next. 

71 Whore a family of Kondiicks, evidently quite distinct, had been settled for 
at least two centime*. I luvvo a few notes relating to them, of no geitoral 

• k A pedigree of iliis family will ho found in Compton lleado'a"Tho Smith 
Family," p. 116. It shows inter-marriages with several notable families of 
Birmingham and elsewhere, including the names of Hylaud, Russell, Gatty, Osier 
and Rawlinson. Perhaps its best known member was Joshua Toulmin Smith, 
author of a standard work on " English Guilds." His daughter-in-law, Mrs. 
Alfred Toulmin Smith, is better known to a large public of readers as 
" L. T. Meade." The family is still well represented in Birmingham and, I 
believe, elsewhere. 

76 A very full pedigree of the Eddowes Family, brought down to quite fnodern 
times, is given in Hunter's " Families Minor um Gentium," where also will be 
found a few references showing that its surname was established in quite early 
days in the Marches of Wales. A certain Ralph Eddowes interested' himself in 
heraldry, and was a benefactor to the College of Arms in the seventeenth century. 
He seems to have taken out a Grant of Arms, but otherwise I think the Eddowes 
family were not armigerons. It would seem likely that there was some 
connection between him and " the Rev. Mr. John Eddowes," who possessed "The 
Germ or Pedigree of Robert Ivenwrick," mentioned under the division of these 
notes I have called " \<t." 

77 Aria' Bt)'intNj//iciMi flazette, 2nd November 1835, 



2. George Smith Kenrick, born 11th January 1803, and died 

without issue 1-th December 1848, being then of West 
Bromwich, 78 having married first on 1st August 1830, Eliza 
Bowman, 7 * daughter of John Eddowes Bowman, of Nantwich 
and Welshpool ; secondly in August 1818, Sarah Stevenson, 
his second cousin [see Pedigree (5a)], who survived him for 
many years, dying at Brighton 14th December 1879. 80 

3. Timothy Kenrick. (See pedigree hereafter, following the account 

of the descendants of his brother Archibald.) 

1. Rebecca Kenrick, born 1799, died unmarried 26th February 


2. Mary Anne Kenrick, born June 1801 ; died without issue 

January 1888, having married as already stated her first 
cousin, Samuel Kenrick. 

Archibald Kenrick (son of Archibald), of West Bromwich, and 
of Berrow Court, Edgbaston, was born in 1798. He was head of the 
firm established by his father and carried on by himself and his brothers. 
He took an active part in public affairs, and was for many years a 
Justice of the Peace for the County of Stafford. He died on the 
10th March 1878, and was buried on the 14th at Hockley Cemetery, 
Birmingham., Me married on the 20th Octqbcr' 1826, Anne Paget, 
daughter of William Paget, of Loughborough, who was descended from 
an ancient Leicestershire family, 81 settled in Ibstock at least as early 
as MG9. Anne Paget's mother was Mary, daughter of the Rev. John 

;8 AriH' Birmingham Gazette, 18th December 1818. 

'"' Slie was ii relation of lior husband's slop-mother. The quite extraordinary 
series of inter-marriages between tho families of Eddowes ami Bowman are also 
given in the "' FumiHx." 

s ° Birmingham Daily Post, 15th December 1879. 

81 Valerian Paget was buried at Ibstock in 1580. Fifth in descent from him 
was 'Joseph Paget, an eminent agriculturist in t ho latter part of the eighteenth 
century, from whose eldest son descended the Pagets of Paget's Bank, Leicester. 
Joseph's second son, also named Joseph, born 1738, was of Loughborough, and 
had, with other issue :-•- 

1. Thomas Paget, eldest son, of Leicester, surgeon, whose eldest daughter, 

Maria Paget, born 1808, married Timothy Kenrick (brother of the last- 
mentioned Archibald Kenrick), while his seventh daughter, Ellen Paget, 
married John Eddowes Bowman, of London. 

2. William Paget, of Loughborough, whose daughter, Anno Paget, as men- 

tioned in the text above, married Archibald Kenrick. Her brother, 
George Byng Paget, had an oijy son, George; Ernest Paget, of Sutton 
Honinglon, Notts, Chairman of the Midland llailwav Company, who was 
created a Itarouef in 18<»7. It was then, I suppose, that the Arms 
appearing in the Baronetages, namely Argent, a cross engrailed Sable 
fretty of the first ; in the first and fourth quarters an escallop Sable were 
granted. These bearings are to some slight extent based on those of 
the Anglesey family, the Pagets of Beaudesert. whose origin, however, 
cannot be traced back to so early a date as that of the Leicestershire 
Pagets, even the parentage of the first Lord Paget (1552 — 15(13) having 
apparently been lost sight of. (See W. G. I), Fletcher's " Leicestershire 
Pedigrees and Royal Descents.") 


Byng, of Tamwnrth, for which reason Byng is still used as a Christian 
name in the Kenrick family. Mrs. Archibald Kenrick, who was born 
16th March 1798, died in July 1854, nearly twenty-four years before 
her husband. They had issue : — 

1. John Arthur Kenrick, of whom next. 

2. William Kenrick, of whom subsequently [see p. 124). 

3. George Kenrick. Horn 18,'}.'}, died 1901, unmarried. 

4. Herbert Kenrick. Horn 1830, died an infant. 

1. Emma Kenrick. Born June 1828; married 5th December 

1807, Howard Hutton. They have had issue— Bertram 
(dead) and Amy (living). 

2. Caroline Mary Kenrick. Born 1834. 

3. Harriet Kenrick. Born 1835; married — as his first wife— 

in July 1861, Joseph Chamberlain (now the Right Hon. 
Joseph Chamberlain, B.C., M.B., etc.), son of Joseph Cham- 
berlain, of Moor Green, near Birmingham. They had issue 
(together with a daughter, Beatrice) a son Joseph Austen 
Chamberlain, now P.O., and M.B. for East Worcestershire, 
etc. He was born Kith October 1803, and Mrs. Chamberlain 
died in the same month. 

John Arthur Kenrick, of West Bromwich, and of Berrow Court, 
Edgbaston (son of Archibald, son of Archibald), was born in December 
1829. He married on the 28th of Apnl 18(50, Clara (born 1843), 
daughter of the Rev. John Taylor, of Bolton, Unitarian Minister. 
Mrs. Kenrick died 25th March 1907. 

Mr. Kenrick was formerly Chairman of " Nettlef olds Limited," a 
Director and Deputy Chairman of "Lloyds Bank Limited," and is 
a^ Justice of the Beace for Staffordshire. Mr. and the late Mrs. 
Kenrick - had the following issue : — 

1. John Archibald Kenrick, born 19th March 1809, and now of 
Harborne House, Harborne, Birmingham. Married at the 
Church of the Messiah, Birmingham, March 1897, Grace 
Nettlefold, daughter of the late Edward Ncttlcfold, of Hall- 
field, Edgbaston. They have issue : — 

(I). John Timothy, born 9th April 1898. 

(2). Hugh Wynn, born March, 1903. 

(I). Amy Joan, born 5th August, 1899. 

(2). Eranees, born November, 1901.' 

(3). Rebecca, born July 1905. 

(4). Barbara, born 12th June 1907. 

2. Arthur Colin Kenrick. Born 22nd April 1874, and now of the 
Field House, Clent, Worcestershire. Married at S. George's, 
Edgbaston, on 3rd September 1902, Marie Louise Goodman, 


eldest daughter of Kdward Martin Goodman, 83 of Merklen< 

l>v Diana his wile, daughter of Dr. l*iorre Joseph Van Diest, 
of Belgium, Chevalier de I'Ordre de Leopold. They liavc 
issue : — 
Catherine, bofn 23rd .March 1907. 

3. George Oscar Kenrick, Hern 11th September 1870. Married 

at Edinburgh' Kate Gibson Middlemass, of Edinburgh, in 
November 1903. He died, without issue, li ;"> 1 1 i September 

4. ('live Kenrick. Horn 28th September 1K78. Married at 

Kdgbaston Parish Church, in April 1906, to Frances Flore 
Goodman, daughter of (he above-mentioned lUdward Martin 
Goodman, of Meriden, and sisler of Mrs. Arthur Colin Kenrick. 
as above. They have no issue. 

1. Sophie Kenrick, born 21st March 1867. Married 3 October 1893, 

at Kensington, to Gerard Lee Bevan, son of Francis Bevan, 
of the City of London, Banker, and of Trent Park, Hert- 
fordshire. They have issue :— 

(1). Clara Ghristabcl, born Kith August 1901. 

(2). Sheila Venetia, born 24th April 1905. 

2. Mabel Kenrick, born 1st July 1868. Married at the Church of 

the Messiah, Birmingham, November 1903, to Hubert Kenrick 
Beale, son of Charles Gabriel Beale, of Maple Bank, Edgbaston, 
by Alice Kenrick, his wife, daughter of Timothy Kenrick, 
mentioned above. They have issue : — 

(1). Malcolm, born August 1904. 

(1). Clare Marian, born July 1907. 

3. Dorothy Kenrick, born 28th June 1871. Married at the Church 

of the Messiah, on 27th June 1893, to Russell Jolly, of Bir- 
mingham, son of William Crucknell Jolly, of Home Lea, 
Bath. They have issue: — 

(1). Denis Dobell, born 28th September 1900. 

(1). Rachel, born 12th August 1897. 

(2). Dorothy Eileen, born 25th May 1902. 

4. Rosa Kenrick, born 7th September 1872. Married on 11th May 

1908, at the Church of the Messiah, Birmingham, to William 
Tangye, second son of George Tangye, of Heathfield Hall, 
Hands worth, Birmingham. 

William Kknrick, of the Grove, Uarborne, Birmingham (son of 
Archibald, son of Archibald, see. p. 123), was born on 8th June 1831. 
He married in 1862, Mary, eldest daughter of Joseph Chamberlain, of 

82 Third son of thu late John Dent Goodman, .1.1'., who was for many yours a 
prominent Churchman and Leader of thu Conservative party in Birmingham, and 
was also Chairman of the Birmingham Small Anns Company. There is a k'ood 
pedigree of l-lio Hoodmaii family in Ash worth Burke's " Family llecords." 


Moor Green, and sister of the (now) Llight Hon. Joseph Chamberlain. 

Mr. Kern-irk entered the Birmingham Town Council, of which he is 
still a member, in 1870, and was Mayor in 1877-8. He is ;i Justice 
ill' the Peace lor the City of Birmingham. He was M.P. for North 
Birmingham from 1885 to 1891), ami on his retirement from Parlia- 
ment was appointed a member of the Privy Council. The Right 
Hon. William Ken rick ami Mrs. Kenrick have the following issue, all 
of whom are living : — 

1. Wilfred Byng Kenrick. Horn 1th December 1872, and now 

of Metehlev House, Edgbaston, Birmingham. Married 
at the Church of the Messiah, Birmingham, 24th July 1906, 
Norali, younger daughter of Charles Gabriel Beale, of Maple 
Bank, Edgbaston. They have issue : — 
Norah Penelope, born 22nd May 1907. 

2. Gerald William Kenrick. Born 25th September, 1876. 

1. Cecily Kenrick. Married 8th November 1892, at the Church 

of the Messiah, Birmingham, to Ernest Ridley Debenham, 
elder son of Prank Debenham, 83 They have issue :— 
(I). Piers Kenrick, born 28th July 1904. 

(2). Gilbert Ridley (twin with Cecil Audrey), born 

28th June 1906. 
(1). Marjorie Cecily, born 3rd December 1893. 
(2). Hester Mary, born 1895. 
(3). Joan Millicent, born 21th February 1897. 
(4). Alison Edith, born 18th February 1903. 
(5). Cecil Audrey (twin with Gilbert Ridley), born 

28th June 1900. 

2. Millicent Mary Kenrick. Married 30th July 1897, at the Church 

of the Messiah, Birmingham, Claude Gerald Napier-Clavering, 
sixth son of the Kev. John Warren Napier-Clavering. w They 
have issue : — 

(1). Mark, bom 5th May 1898. 

(2). Alan William, born 7th January 1903. 

(I). Mary Helen, born 13th May 1900. 

(Tu be continued.) 

83 The author of that interesting story, " Debenham's Vow," seems to have 
considered the original form of this surname as "do Benhani," but it is obviously 
derived from Debenliam, on the river Dcben, in Suffolk. 

Sl This gentleman (representative and only surviving son of the Hon. Charles 
Napier, who was second son of the seventh Lord Napier) assumed by royal 
licence hi 18U-4 the additional surname and arms of flavoring, in consideration of 
bis descent from his paternal grandmother, Maria Margaret C layering, wife of 
the seventh Lord Napier. She was daughter of Brigadior-denorul Henry 
Mordaunt Ulavoring, whose grandson, Henry Augustus flavoring, the tenth and 
last Clavering liaronet of Axwell, CO. Durham, left descendants in whom the 
representation of the (Jlavuring family is vested. 


A KOLL OF ARMS, 167 3. 

liy Arthur Schomberq. 
(Continued from p, 58.) 

305. A saltirc .. .. .. Thomas Ducket t, of Steeple 

Mordcn, Esq. 

30(5. A swim . . . . . . Peter Paravicin, of London, 


307. Tyrell (238), label for difference . . James Tyrell, of Oakcley, 


308. Two sceptres in saltiro surmounted of a George Torriano, of London 

castle, on a chief an eagle displayed Merchant. 

309. A chevron between three parrot's heads John Lcthieullier, of Lon- 

couped don, Merchant. 

310. On a cross live roundles .. .. George Greenvilc, of Kos- 

cott, Esq. 

311. Three bear's heads muzzled erased .. William r.angham, of Wal- 

gravo, Kt. 

312. An imperial eagle with two heads displayed Edward Bouverie, of Lon- 

don, Merchant. 

313. 1 ami 4. A chevron between three crosses John Buck worth, of City of 

crosslet fitchy ; 2 and 3. A fess nebuly London, and Godney, Esq. 

between three estoiles 

314. Two bars sable, a canton oharged with live Richard Weseomb, of City 

ermine spots of London, Merchant,- and 

Miiverton, Cent. 
3 If). Cheeky, a bend .. .. .. Nicholas Warren, of Lon- 

don, Merchant, and Otlery 
St. Mary, Cent. 
310. On a cross five mullets pierced, badge of Ralph Verney, of Middle 
Ulster Claydon, Kt, and Bt. 

317. Three cocks . . . . . . Brian Cokaine, Viscount 

Cullcn, etc. 

318. Montagu (183), without difference .. Edward Montagu, Lord 

Montagu, etc. 
.'tl'.t. 1 and I. On a chevron between three Edward Watson, Karl of 
martlets as many crescents ; 2. Two bars Buckingham, etc. 

wavy, ill chief a ilemi-lion rampant issuant ; 
3. A saltire 

320. Ermine, on a bend three goat's heads erased Tanfield Mulso, of Thindon, 


321. Lozengy, on a pale three escallops . . Edmund Saver, of Ketter- 

ing, Esq. 

322. Sable, a cross potent .. .. Ciles Allcyn, of Essex. 

323. 1 and 1. Ten billets four three two one, on John Dormer, of !,cc 

a chief a deini-lion rampant issuant; 2 Grange, Kt. and Bt. 

and 3. Barry of six three buck's heads 
caboshed, badge of Ulster 

334. A cross raguly . . . . . . William Laurence, of Slier- 

dii'iglon, Emm. 

325 A bend engrailed between six eimpicfoils . . Thomas I'ovey, of Lincoln's 

Inn Fields, Esq. 

32(1. Three greyhounds collared courant . . John Moore, of City of Lon- 

don, Kt. and Alderman. 

327. Barry of six (for) and sablu .. .. Thomas Mariett, of Ascott, 


A ROLL OF ARMS, H>73. 127 

328. A closs between four pheona .'. . . Peter Jones, of London, 


*32y. I Iowa mi (88), without -difference .. Itobort Howard, of Vas- 

tcrii, Kt., Principal Sec- 
retary to the Lord High 
Treasurer of England. 

330. Three escallops in pale between two flanchos Gilbert Clarke, of Somer- 

ermine Rail, Kt. 

331. An armed leg cou|M3d at tho thigh in pale 11. -my Gilbert, of Locke, 

between two spears Esq. 

332. A lion rampant rcguardant .. .. •lohti Morice, of London, 


333. Fountaynb (303) .. .. .. James Fountayne, of Saule, 

331. On a bend (lure leopard's faces.. .. John Mingay, of Amring 

Hall. IN. | 
335. A ohovron ormino between three bull's heads Thomas Sanders, of Little 

caboshed Ircton. Esq. 

33(i. Ermine, a sail ire engrailed, on a chief a linn Evens Aniline, of Os^odby, 
passant guardant Esq. 

337. Three swan's heads erased .. .. William Hedges, of London, 


338. Finch (1!)) .. .. .. William Finch, of London, 


339. Argent, a chevron between three garbs sable Alexander Blake, of Eas- 

in chief a lleur-de lys ton, Gent. 

310. Two bars on a canton a cross .. .. Andrew Broughton, of Sea- 

ton, Esq. 

311. Oh a fess between two cotises as many garbs John Weaver, of Luffcn- 

ham, Esq. 

342. A lion rampant double queued ermine, Laurence Peach, of Lid- 
crowned dington, Gent. 

313. On a chovron live horseshoes, badge of Nicholas Crispo, of Ham- 
Ulster niersmith, Bt. 

341. Ermine, a lion rampant guardant, on a James Edwards, of London, 

canton an imperial eagle with two heads Kt. and Alderman, 

34S. Three lion's gAmbs erased .. .. Richard Nowdigate, of Ard- 

luiry, Esq. 

3(<>. Sable, throo lozenges, on a chief as many Nicholas IVdley, of Abbots- 

lleiirs-de -lys ley and Tctworth, Kt. 

317. IVr less . . and ermine a polo counter- Thomas Niitt, of l-icwcs. Kt. 
changed', three pheons, crescent for dilTcrenco 

348. Ermine, on a chevron a lion rampant, on a John Pryce, of Godman- 

chief three mullets chester, Gent. 

34'.). A fess between three eagles displayed . . Edward Leeds, of Croxton, 


3. r >0. On a lozenge. I and 4. Ten billets four three Elizabeth, eldest daughter 

two one, on a canton a raven ; 2. On a of ■George Blundell, of 

pale ... ; 3. Two pallets, on a chief three Cordington, Kt. 

351. Ermine, on a bend three martlets . . John Danvcrs, of Upton 

House, Ratley, Esq. 

352. Scmy of crosses crosalct three cin.picfoils . . Thomas Darcy, Capt., nep- 

hew of Oonyers, Lord 
Darcy of Durham. 

353. A fess dancetty between thrco martlets . . Thomas Page, of Deptford, 

Capt., son of Dr. Samuel 
'354. On a pile thrco ounce's heads .. .. Thomas Johnson, of Olney, 

355. A chevron between three falcon's bells . . George Lnt, of East Laugh- 
ton, Kt. 


A ItOLL OK ARMS, 1073. 

350. A cross niolinc between four martlets, a 

3f>7. Three dexter hands COuped, lingers towards 

the lunidiiil point 
308. A lion rampant ermine, martlet for difference 

3u'J. A fess cheeky between three helmets 

3(iU. A chevron ermine between three eaglcH close 

301. Three piles meeting in the base, on a chief 

a lion passant guardant 

302. A for-de-uiolino between two martlets 

303. Per saltirc argent and gules 

304. Harry of six argent and sable, in chief three 


306. A less ermine between three; unicorns passant, 

a canton 
300. Stanuoi'M (212) 

307. Sable, a, ehevron ermine between three 

salmons haurient 

308. A bend raguly between six estoiles 

309. A fess between two rolls of matches kindled, 
martlet for difference 

370. Per pale three lions rampant, crescent for 


371. Three water- bougets, a bordure ermine 

352. BmpaBa (371) 

373. Bridges (371) 

37 t. 1 and 4. On a bend a lion passant guardont ; 

2 and 11. A wyvern wings displayed, tail 

37;"). Semy of acorns Blipped, a lion rampant 

370. 1 and 4. Ermine, a lion rampant crowned ; 
2 and 3. Three chaplets (Lasceli.s). Badge 
of Ulster 

377. Two bars sable each charged with five elm 


378. Buounoker (70), crescent for difference .. 

979, A lion rampant. 

380. A two-headed eagle displayed, a bordure 


381. Russell (278) within the Garter 

•382. Quarterly, in second and third quarters a 

fret, over all (ill II bend three Ileurs-de lys 
383. A less culiscil between three conies 

Edward Byrd, of Keild, 

Thomas Buckle, of London, 

Thomas Hardies, of Can- 
terbury, Sorjeeant-at-Law. 

Joseph Whitehall, of White 
llaugh, and of Pett Mills, 

William Child, of Kinlott, 
Kt., a .Master in Chancery 
Andrew Market, of Gray's 

Inn, Kt., a .Master in 

William Bcvcrsham, of Hol- 
la ook Mall, Kt., a Master 

in Chancery. 
Thomas Shelbury, of Inner 

Temple, Gent. 
Robert Medley, of Isle of 

Ascome, Gent. 
John Wilkinson, of Stanhet, 

Esq., a Clerk in Chancery. 
IMiilip, Karl of Chesterfield, 

Gerard Cater, of Papworth 

Agnes, Esq. 
John Paine, of Coldsone 

Grange, Rackkesdon, 

John Leete, of Soulhoo, 

William Jones, of Cray's 

Inn, and Stowcy, Kt. 
Brook Bridges, of llathcale, 

Brook Bridges, of Middle 

Temple, Esq. 
John Bridges, of Barton 

ttegrave, Esq. 
William Drake, of Amer- 

sham, Kt. 

William Attwood, of East- 
wick, Burnham, Gent. 

Henry Pickering, of Whad- 
don, and Paxton, Bt. 

Thomas Elmes, of Lilford, 

Henry Brouncker, of Roum- 
bold, and Brockdish, Esq. 

Henry Williams, of Ram- 
sey, Ks.j. 

James Moare, of Edmonton, 


William Russell, Karl of 
Bedford. K.G., etc. 

William Spencer, of Cup- 
hull, Esq. 

William Coney, of Basing- 
thorpe, Kt. 

A ROLL OF ARMS, 1073. 129 

384. A cross flory . . . . . . Paticnco Warde, of Tan- 

shelf c, Poutefraot, Esq., 
and of Loudon, Alder- 

385. Ermine, a lion rampant crowned, crescent Samuel Turbervillc, of Ken- 

fur difference sington, (lent. 

380. A maunchc .. .. .. Theophilua Hastings, Earl 

of Huntington, &c. 

387. On a salt ire nine annulets .. .. Nicholas Leke, Karl of 

Scarsdale, &c. 

388. A chevron ermine between three escallops .. Charles Seward, of Lemster, 

381). On a chief three mullets . . . . John Busby, of Addington. 

3!M). Barry nebuly of six .. .. Henry Hlount, of Tittcn- 

hanger, Kt. 

391. Blount (390) .. .. .. Thomas Pope Blount* of 

Tittenhangcr, Esq. 

392. Argent, a canton sable . . . . Robert Sutton, Lord Lex- 

ington, &u. 
303. Ermine, on a canton a stag couchant . . Joseph Dawson, of Ed- 

monton, Gent. 

394. Hoijjss (111) .. .. .. Gilbert Holies, Karl of 

Clare, &c. 

395. A fess between six Cornish choughs .. Arthur Onslow, of West 

Clandon, Esq. 

300. A griflin segreant .. .. .. Richard Coleing, of Coreley, 

Esq., Lord Chamberlain 
of the Household. 

397. Three blackamoors in profile, couped at the George Cannynge, of Fox- 
neck, wreathed about the temples cote, Capt. R-N. 

308. Bkukki.ey (97), chevron ermine .. Maurice Berkeley, Viscount 

Fitzharding, &c. 

309. 1 and 4. A lion rampant ; 2 and 3. Two Ayiott Sammes, of Inner 

fishes haurient, llcur-de-lys for difference, Temple, Gent. 

in pretence cheeky a bend ermine 

400. Gutty, on a fess three Cornish choughs .. Charles Corn wallis, of Rock, 


401. Three Catherine-wheels, on a chief a bull's Philip Mathews, of Great 

head couped, badge of Ulster Gobions, Bt. 

402. A chevron between three eagles (? hawks) John Hobby, of City of 

displayed London, Esq. 

403. A chevron ermine between three blackamoor's Robert Williams, of Pen- 

heads in profile couped at the shoulders, rhyn, Bt. 

badge of Ulster, im-puling a chevron between 
three buck's heads erased 

404. Nai'iku (228) without difference .. Robert Napier, of Punck- 

nall, Esq. 

405. Thtoo swords barways, points towards the William Rawlins, of the 

sinister City of [London, Cent. 

40(1. Cheeky, a chief vair .. .. 1'Yaneis Chichester, of Hall, 

Barnstaple, Esq. 

407. A chevron between three bugle horns stringed John Basset, of Cmberley, 


408. A lion passant guardant between three John Barneby, of Cannon 

escallops, crescent for difference Pion, Kt. 

400. A fess between two bars gemellcs . . Ralph Earlc, of Heydon, 

110. A chevron between three plummets .. Edmond Jenings, of Ripon, 

411. On a fess a bull passant .. .. George Aldrich, of Cliearn, 


130 A ROLL 01«' ARMS, 107:5. 

412. Cheeky, on a fess three leopard's facea John Jones, of the City of 
• jcM.saiit-dc-lys London, Merchant. 

413. A fess between seven lozenges .. Francis Rockloy, of Rock- 

ley, Esq. 

414. Per chevron embattled three martlets .. Thomas Hodgson, of New- 

ark, and llattou Garden, 

415. Drams-ton (54), mullet for difference .. Francis Bramston,of Middle 

Temple, Sergeant -at -law. 
410. An cseocheon in an orle of cinquefoils .. Hugh, Chambcrlen, of Lon- 

don, Dr. in l'liysiek to 
the King. 
417. IVr bend indented, in chief a crescent and in Thomas Allen, of London, 

base a mullet M.I), and F. U.S. 

41H. Fusilly, impaling, three eseocheona each William domic, of Breaks- 
charged with as many gauntlets, crescent wood, Dr. in Physick and 
for difference P. U.S. 

419. Six lleius-de-lys, three, two, one, a chief Robert Paston, Viscount 

indented Yarmouth, &C. 

420. A cross engrailed quarterly, impaling, a Humphrey Brooke, of Lon- 

chevron between three pellets don, Dr. in Physic. 

421. A stag couchont .. .. .. John Downes, of London, 

Dr. in 1'hysic. 

422. 1 and 4. Argent, a pile issuing from the John Hewley, of the City 

chief, and two from the base gules; 2 and of York, Kt. 

3. Per chevron three swans 

423. Bknnktt (87) .. .. .. Symond Bennett, of TJrook- 

hainpton, Esq. 

424. A chevron between three crosses crosslet .. Richard Sterne, of White 

Cliff, Esq., son of the 
Archbishop of York 

425. 1. A bend between six goats salient; 2. Thomas Carfoote, of Middle 

A hawk belled ; 3. Three! falcon's heads Temple, Esq, 

erased ; 4. A cross engrailed quarterly 

420. Three bars, on a canton a lion's head erased Thomas Coxe, of South- 
ampton Buildings, 1 >.. in 
Physick to the King. 

427. A chevron between three annulets .. Lovet (Joring, of Inner 

Temple, Cent. 

•12S. A crescent .. .. .. .lames Lucie, of City of 

London, Merchant 

12*1 An estoile .. .. .. Nathaniel Skottow, of City 

of London, Merchant. 

430. Per fcss a pale three buck's heads erased . . Edward Roper, of Well 

Hall, Esq. 

431. Per chevron embattled three escallops, badge Henry Hudson, of Melton 

of Ulster, impaling, 1 and 4. A chevron Mowbray, Bt. 

between three eagles displayed ; 2 and 3. 
An arm cmbowed and armed. Nkvinson 

432. Per pale, on a saltire between three towers Nathaniel Johnson, of Kid- 

five cocks, in base two spears in saltire lesworth, Cent. 

433. A fess between three crosses crosslet fitchy Joseph Crane, of Stow- 

niarkel. Cent. 

134. Sable, a fess between three escallops . . Thomas Bright, of Brock- 

ford, Cent. 

435. Sable, a maunche and canton .. .. Thomas Wharton, M.I)., and 

Dr. in Physio. 

430. A griflin passant, a chief . . . . Ceorge Evelyn, of Burn- 

ham, Esq. 

437. Three bear's heads muzzled and erased, Peter Barwick, of Weather- 

in fess point a rose stock, M.I), to the King. 

438. A chevron between three roses .. .. Luke Kugeley, M.D., and 

Dr in Physic. 





I IS. 








On a fees engrailed threo leopard's faces 
Three mascles, over till a bend . . 


Nicholas Barbon, M. IX, and 

Dr. in Physio. 
John CatteralL of West 
VVitton, Esq. 

A chevron between threo covered cups . . Nicholas Butler, of London, 

and Hailes, Or. in Phy- 
A chevron between threo hind's heads erased Thomas Beokwitb, of 

Lainbbill, Qont. 
Per fess indented six ilcurs-dedys .. John liintun, Kt., Dr. in 

Physick to the King and 
A oinquefoil . . . . . . Alexander Frai.-er, of 

Doorpfi, Kt., First Phy- 
sician to the King and 
Queen, and Dnko (jf Vol k. 
1. Threo ehcvronela and a label ; 2. Per Thomas Harrington, of Bar- 
pair, a saltiro engrailed ; II. Quarterly rington Hall, Esq. 
Fuam'k and Knoi.and : 4. A Haiti re anil 
label ; 5. Threo fusils in fess ; (5. A fess 
between six crosses crosslot 
A chief indented, within the Garter 

Per pale, a rose, mullet for dilTcrenn 
A chevron between threo cha plots 

James Butler, Duke of 

Ormonde, K.G., etc. 
■Joll'civ Nightingale, of 

K lice <\\ ml ll, I'! i||, 

ChrUlophor Buoklo, «.f Bur- 
rough, Ksq. 

( )n a bend threo mullets pierced, crescent Francis Glisson, .M.I)., and 
within annulet for difference Professor i>f Piiysic in 

University of (Cambridge. 
A sal tire .. .. .. William Yorkc, of Buxton, 

A griffin scgroant . . . . . . Owen Mcverell, Dr. in Phy- 

sick, and M.I), of London. 
Three ostoilos, on a chief a lynx (?) .. John Cufladon, of Oovcnt 

Garden, Kt., and Phy- 
sician to the King. 
A chevron between throe bucks.. .. George Rogers, of Clerkcn- 

well, M.D. 
A chevron vair between three demi-lions John Fisher, M.D., anil Dr. 

rampant and erased in Physic. 

A chief . . . . . . Thomas Worslcy, of IIo- 

viiigham, Esq. 
LowTHEH (43), without badge . . . . Anthony Lowthcr, of 

Maske, Esq. 
A lion rampant and a canton ermine, mullet Edward Trotter, of Skelton 

for dilferenee Castle, Esq. 

A chevron between three goats passant, on a .John Battie, of Warms- 
chief a demi-woodman with a club erect worth, Esq. 
between two cinque foils 
A swan within a bordure engrailed 

A greyhound courant between three phenns 
Crisps (343) without badge 
Vairy, on a chief three cinquefoils 
A cross between four roses 
A fess between six martlets 

Thomas More, M.D., and 

Dr. in Physic. 
Jackson, of Middlesex ami 

Thomas (Yispe, of City of 

London, Esq. 
James Parthericke, of St. 

Samuel Trotman, of Siston, 

Richard Croke, of Marston, 


I 32 A KOLL OV ARMS, Hi7.''. 

•l(i. r ). Per palo, three lions rampant . . 

4oi>. Evelyn (438) 

4(>7. Ciiesteu (222) without difference; badge of 

408. A chevron between three 8©urs-de-lys 

4(10. Cheeky, a fess 

470. Per chevron, in chief two dolphins embowed, 

crescent for difference 

471. 1 and 4. A gurges j 2 and 3. Lozengy, a 


472. A hunting horn stringed, in chief three holly 


473. OllAMUEKLEN (410) .. 

474. Cheeky, a chief indented 
47"). Cii.VMliElll.EN (410) .. 

470. 1 and 4. A fess cheeky between eight 
billets— Lee; 2, (1) and* (4), Per pale in- 
dented, (2) and (ity, A lleur-dc-lys ; 3. A 
cross engrailed 

477. Two bars, in chief three einquefoils 

478. On a bend three dolphins embowed 
470. Ermine, a cross dory 

480. 1. On a bend three martlets j 2. On a bend 

three trefoils ; 3. Cheeky, a fess within a 
bordure ; 4. Six lions rampant, three, 
two, one. 

481. 1 and 1. An eagle displayed; 2 and 3. 

Two bars each charged with three martlets 

482. Inuk'am (77) 

483. A falcon volant between three mullets 


484. Three horses courant 

485. Napier (229) 

48f). On a pile engrailed three anchors 

487. BYDE (480) 

488. A chevron between three hawk's heads 

erased, crescent for dilference 

489. A greyhound courant, on a chief indented 

three plates, crescent for difference 
490 Ermine, on a chevron three roses 

491. Marry of six argent and sable, a bond ermine 

492. A bend engrailed between two buck's bends 


Edward Herbert, Lord 
Cherbury, etc. 

•John Evelyn, of Saves 
Court, Esq. 

Anthony Cheater, of Chich- 
ley, Bt. 

John .Millicent, of Baxham 
Hall, Esq. 

Thomas Clifford, Lord Clif- 
ford, etc. 

Ambrose Atlield, D.D., 
Vicar of St. Leonurd's, 
Shored itch. 

Edward Gurges, of Wraxall, 

William Burnet, of Newton 
Morrell, Gent. 

John Chaniberlen, of Dur- 
ham Yard, Dr. in Phy- 

John Micklethwaite, Dr. in 
Physiek, and M.D. 

Peter Chamberlen, of Lon- 
don, Dr. in Physic and 
Physician to the King. 

Lee Warner, of Swayton, 
Walsingham and Aps, 
Esq. • 

William Denton, of Hilles- 

don, Physician to the 

Thomas Rolt, of Melton 

Erneys, Esq. 
Jonathan Goddard, Dr. in 

Physic, and M.D. 
Edward Brrfba/.on, Earl of 

Meath etc. 

Richard Temple, of Stowe, 
K.B. and Bt. 

John Ingram, of Cheam, 

Richard Pendarves, of Pen- 

darves, Esq. 
John Fry, of Yarty, Esq. 
Nathaniel Napier, of Middle 

Marsh Hall, Bt. 
Thomas Byde, of Wark 

Park, Kt. 
Edward Hyde, of Lincoln's 

Inn, Esq. 
Isaac Houywood, of Kent. 

Edward Hlackwall, of Lon- 
don, Gent. 

John Skcpper, of County 
Lincoln, Gent. 

John Eineham, of Outwell, 


Walter Needhain, Dr. in 
Physic, M.D. and F.R.S. 

A ItOLL ()!•' ARMS, IC73. 133 

493. A fuss engrailed between three escallop shells Nevill Muskelyne, of Pur- 

ton, Esq. 

494. Seven lozenges conjoined vair, three, three, Henry (niy, of Dunaley, 

one Esq. 

4U5. In fess three spearheads .. .. William Dawtrcy, of More 

Place, Esq. 
4!lu. In chief two helmets, in base a garb, badge Hugh (Jholmcley, of Whit- 

of Ulster . ley, lu. 

4 ( J7. A lion rampant guardant, mullet for dillerence ( lebrge Masters, of Lincoln's 

Inn, Esq. 
498. Two ravens in pale .. .. .. Edward Corbet, of Ponton- 

bury, Esq, 
4'J'J. Nebdham (492) .. .. .. Jasper Needham, Dr. in 

Physic, and .M.I). 
500. Three horse's- heads erased .. .. Philip Lloyd, of Lay ton, 


(To be continued. ) 


Contributed by Autiiuk J. Jkwrius, 

(Cuv tinned from p. 04.) 

Robinson, Henry, Bishop of Carlisle. Conf. by Sir W. Dethick, 
Garter, 25 July 1598. Az. a flying fish Arg., on a chief of the 
last a rose Oil., betw. two tortcaux, Stowe MS. (17(5. 

Roiiinson, llr.NKY, of ( -ViX nsley, co. Northampton, descended from 
Robinson of Yorkshire. Put. Nov. Kill. Vert, on a che'v. betw. 
three bucks tripjJ. Or, as many lozenges Gn. Crest — From a 
mural coronet chequee Arg. and Gu. a demi-buck ppr , attired Or 
Harl. MS. G,059 ; Stowe MS. 700. 

Robinson, Samuel, Esq., Chamberlain of the City of London. Gr. 
by John Anstis, Carter, and Knox Ward, Clar., 2 June 1729. 
Arg. a ehev. Gu., betw. three bucks tripp. ppr., on a chief Az. a 
sword erect of the first, hilt and pommel Or, betw. two pairs of 
keys addorsed, and th^bows linked together of the last. Crest— 
A buck tripp. ppr., the dexter hoof resting on a shield Az., 
charged with a pair of keys as in the arms. Add. MS. 14,830. 

Robinson, Thomas, of London, merchant taylor to the King 1031. 
Vert, on a chev. betw. three roebucks tripp. Or, as many cinque- 
foils Gu. Crest— A roebuck tripp. Vert, senn'e of bezants Harl 
MS. 5,809. 

Robinson, William, Esq., descended from a Yorkshire family; who 
since the Restoration of the King has been Superintendent of 


Works, Buildings, etc., and Commissioner-Genera] of Stores, 
Receiver and Paymaster-General of the Revenues of Ireland. 
Patent 2 April 1694 from George Wall is, Ulster King of Anns. 
Vert, a chev. Erin. l>etw. three Stags tripp. Or, on a canton Arg. a 
tower Gil. Crest— A stag's head erased Or. Stowe MS. 677. 

ROBOTHAM, RoiSKUT, of ltastrall (? Haskell), CO. York. Gr. by L. 
Dalton, Norroy, 8 Dec. 1560. Per fess Arg. and Sa., a fess counter 
einbat. betw. three roebucks tripp., all counterchanged. Crest — 
An heraldic demi-tiger Az.. spotted Arg., gorged with a coronet 
Or. Stowe MS. 706; Harl. MS. 1,359. 

Rock, Thomas, of the Middle Temple. Gr. by Sir H. St. George, 

Garter, and John Vanbrugh, Clar., 20 June 1707. Or, a trefoil 

Vert, betw. three chess-rooks Sa., a chief embattled of the last. 

Crest — On a rock ppr. a martlet Or, in its beak a trefoil Vert. 

. Add. MS. 14,830. 

Rooks, William, of New Halifax and of Spirket, co. York, 1585. 
Arg. on a cross eng. betw. four lions ramp. Gu., five bezants. 
Crest — A leopard sej. Or, spotted Sa., collared Arg. Stowe MS. 
G70; Harl. MS. 1,359. 

Rodway, . . . , of London and of Tottenham. Arg. on a fess Az. 
betw. three bugle horns Sa. as many roses Or. Crest — A" buck 
tripp. ppr. Add. MS. 12,225. 

Rob, Sir Nicholas, Knighted by K. Oh. Arg. on a chev. Az. betw. 
three trefoils per pale Gu. and Vert, as many bezants. Crest — A 
goat's head couped Gu., charged with three bezants. Harl. MS. 

Ron: (or Rowe), Sir Thomas, Lord Mayor of London, I5G9. Arg. on 
a chev. Az. betw. three trefoils per pale Gu. and Vert, as many 
bezants, in chief a crescent for din". ('rest — A stag's head 
couped Gu. attired Or, charged on the neck with a mullet for 
dill". Harl. MS. 1,4(53. 

IIok, Siu Thomas, now of Bulwick, co. Northampton, and lately of 
In-ttenham, co. Kent, Kilt. Certificate of descent from Roe of 
Roe Place, near Avlesford, Kent, with confirmation of arms by 
Sir It. St. George, Clar., 30 April 1G32. Arms— 1, Gu. a quatre- 
foil Or. 2, Arg. a chev. Az. betw. three trefoils per pale Gu. 
and Vert. 3, Az. a lion ramp. Arg., billetee Sa. a chief Or, 
charged with a mullet for difference. 4, Per fess Az. and Gu. 
three fleurs-dedis Arg. 5, Erm. on a chief Gu. three sinister 
hands couped appaumee Arg. 6, Or, on a cross eng. Gu. a 
crescent Arg. 7, Gu. a lion pass. gard. Or, crowned Arg. 8, 
Arg. a bend plain Gu. cotised, nebulee on the outer side, Sa. 9, 
Or, a fleur-de-lis Sa. 10, (in. three dexter gloves erect Krm. 11, 
Or, three bars Sa. 12, Gu. three lions ramp. Or, within a bord. 
eng. Arg. 1, Roe. 2, Roe. 3, Gould well. 4, Holland. 5, 
Malmaynes. (>, Hawte. 7, Malevyle. 8, Surrenden. 9, Pluckley. 
10, Malmaynes. II. Bending. ' 12, Fitz Herbert. Crest— A 
stag's head couped Gu., attired Or. Motto — Tramite Recto. 
The Certificate gives this pedigree, tracing the descent back: — 


Robert Roo, of ltoo l'lace.^. . . 


, J 


Walter Roe, temp. Ric. II.=f. 

Robert Roe.-r- 

William Hue- 

Robert Roo, of Roo Combo, in-p .. da. and ... da. and h. | William Finch, Esq. 
Pluckley, Their arms, Qu. a h.of Thomas 
quatrcfoil Or, remain on the Gouldwell of J^ 

font mid roof of the Church. Goddcnham. A quo Thomas, Lord Maidstone, 

heir to the Karl of Winchelsea. 

John Roe, of Ayloaford and Boxley,=rKatherine, dau. of John Palmer, of Kales, 
co. Kent, gent. I in Aylesford, sister of Sir Thomas Palmer. 

Reginald, second son, of Charcot t, in the-]- ... dan. and h. of Nicholas Fit/. Herbert, 
parisli ol' Leigh, Llaii. I of Wrothani, in Kent, gent. 

Robert Roo, second son, horn at Leigh, near I'enshurst, of which f=... dan, of 
church lie was a benefactor and built the steeple. 

Sir Thomas Roe, s. and h., Lord Mayor of London, bore for his=^Mary, Ami. of Sir 
arms, Arg. a chev. Az., botw. three trefoils per pale Gii. and John Gresl 
Vert, and gave up the ancient arms, Gu. a quatrcfoil Or. 

Robert Roe, youn^est^-Kleanor, dan. of Robert Jerinin (Jenny) and Anne Cal- 
son. I thorpo, his wile. 

Sir Thomas Roe, s. and h., of Uuhvick, co. Northampton, Knt., who had the 
certificate of descent. 

Hail. MS. 1,441. 

Rogers. Ciiki.stoimiek, of Sut ton, in Kent. Pat. 1593. ftrg. a chev. 
betw. (luce stags cotiraut Su. (Vest —A helmet Or, feather of 
the same, the vizor open showing a man's lace ppr. Harl. MS. 

Rogers, Ralph, of London. Gr. by R. Cooke, Glar., 1586. Sa. a 
chev. Arg. betw: three bucks tripp. of tlie second, attired and 
Uhguletl Or. Crest — From the top of a tower Arg., the portcullis 
down Sa., Haines of fire ppr. Another Crest — A cubit arm erect 
in armour ppr., the gauntlet grasping a staff with a banner, both 
Or. Harl. MS. 1,359; Stowe MS. 670. 

Rogers, Richard, of Little Ness, co; Salop, gent. Gr. by R. Cook, 
Clar., in 1578. Or, a fess wavy Sa., betw. three stags tripp. of 
the second. Crest— On a mount Vert a stag tripp. Sa., attired 
ppr.. gorged with a coronet and chained Or. Add. MS. 14,295; 
Harl. MS. 1,359. 

Rogers, Robert, of Colton, co. Norfolk, Esq. Gr. by Gilb. Dethick, 
York Herald, 26 Jan. 1576. Arg. a chev. eng. betw. three 



stags eourant Ba., attired Or, on a chid of the second three 
mullets ol the third; Great— A deriii-atag salient 8a. platee, 
attired and gorged with a creel coronet Or. Stowe MS. (170 
Roisk, John, of London, Gent. Gr. bv Sir G. Dethick, Garter, 
2 1 July 5 Eliz. (in. a griffin segr. Arg.", on the shoulder a rose of 
the first. Crest— A griffin's head erased Az., charged with three 
roses in fess Arg. (See also Roys.) Hail. MS. 1,359. 
KOLPHE, .... of London, goldsmith. (!r. by W. Camden, Clar. 
Arg. three choughs Sa., in chief a trefoil Vert. Crest— A chough 
Sa., in its beak a trefoil Vert. Stowe MS. 700 
Romney, John, of Middleton, Kent. (Jr. by Sir W. Segar, Garter, 
7 April 1*515. Or, two chevronels Gu., on a canton of' tin; second 
three leopards' fact's of the first. Crest— An arm emb. in armour 
ppr., gam. Or, the gauntlet grasping a lance Arg., thereon a 
pennon ol two points Gu., eharged with a leopard's face jessant 
de lis Or. Harl. MS. 6,140; Add. MSS. 4,9(10 and 12,225. 
Romney, William, of London. Or. by Sir \V. Dethick, 16 Dec. 1593. 
Az. on a bend cotised Arg. three escallop shells (in. Crest— Two 
arms counter cinbowed, vested Az., cufTs Arg., the hands ppr 
supporting an escallop shell Gu. Add. MS. 4,906 ; Harl Afs' 
1,359 ; Stowe MS. 670. 
Ro °K. • • • , of . . . . Conf. by Sir W. Segar, Carter, 1(531. Arg. u 
fess betw. three chess-rooks Gu. Crest— A derai-eagle displ. Arg., 
charged on the breast with a chess-rook Gu. Add. MS 12 2?5 • 
Harl. MS. 6,140. 
Rookes, George, of London. Gr. by Sir J. Borough, Garter, 1 May 
1640. Az. a fess betw. three chess-rooks Or. " Crest— A rook's 
head erased Sa., beaked Or. Harl. MS. 1.441. 
Rose Martha, late wife of John Heydon, Esq., late Sheriff and 
Alderman ol London, and dau. of Nicholas Rose, of London Gr 
by R. Cooke, Clar., 10 Jan. 1582-3. Az. a falcon within a double 
tressure fleury counter fleurv Or. on a canton Arg. a rose Gu 
Stowe MS. 676. 
Rose, Richard, of Lyme Regis, Dorset.' Gr. by Sir J. Borough. 
Garter, 2 Nov. 16:56. Sa. on a pale Or, three roses Gu., slipped 
and leaved Vert. Crest— A rose Gu., barbed and seeded ppr 
betw. two wings Erm. (Harl. MS. 1,441 savs the grant was 
made to John Rose in 1639.) Harl. MSS. 1,441 and 6J40. 
Rosenbrick, Michael, a native of Prussia. Conf. by Sir g! Dethick, 
Garter. Arg. a mount Vert, growing therefrom three roses Gu.,' 
stems and leaves ppr., on a chief Az. three crescents Or. Crest— 
A branch with three roses thereon Gu., stems and leaves ppr 
Slowe MS. 676; Harl. MS. 1,359. 
Rossr, John, s. of Thomas of Waddesdon, co. Bucks. The said John 
is a student of the Middle Temple. Conf. by W. Dethick, Garter 
(no date). Az. a chev. Erm. betw. three branches leaved Arg. 
Crest— A roebuck salient Erm., head Or, attired ppr. Stowe MS. 676. 
Rossini, Richard, of Somerby, co. Lincoln. Tat. 1592. Arg. on 
a bend Sa. three chaplels of (he field. Crest— A leopard passer 
Harl MS. 1.359. ' l 


ROTHWRLL, STKPHEN, of Ewerby, CO. Line, descended from Roth- 
well, of c.o. Lane. Conf. by \V. Plower, Norroy, 1 April 1585. 
Arg. two ehcvB. eng. Sa., each charged with three bezants. 
(Vest— From a coronet Or, a stag's head of the same. llarl. BIS. 

ItowiiAcn [Rowbackh], Gilks, <>f Lytton, co. Hereford, s. of Thomas, 
s. of Pierce RowbacK, of Lytton. Conf. Mutch 1614-15. Az. a 
bend counter componce Or ami Gu., cotised of the second. 
Crest — A wing \r^. charged with u bend as is in the Arms. 
Harl. MS. 6,095; Stowe MS. 706. (Note— In Stow.- MS. the 
name is spelt Rowbacke, and the year is e;iven as 1604.) 

Rowe, John, of Lewes', co. Sussex. Conf. 24 May 1614. 1 and 4, 
Arg. a chev. Sa. betw. three lions' heads erased Gu. 2 ami 3, 
Erm. a lion pass. Gu., betw. three fleurs-de-lis. Az. Crest — From 
a coronet Or, a demidion Gu., in the dexter paw a Danish mace 
erect Sa., spiked and gain, of the first. Add. MS. I 2, '225. 

(To be continued.) 

Inqu&fttoiutt Post jWortnn. 

(Continued from j>. G'J.) 

Okakk, Stephen, ol). 28 Feb. ult. — Imp at Beverley 19 July .'50 Elfe,— 

York -William, s. & h., then aet. 7. 
Gkdy, Richard, Esq., oh. 17 Sept. ult. — Ittq. at Launceston 23 Au^. 

G Car. 1. -Cornwall — 

Itiidigumlrt, only d. it h.=f John Mlliott, K'nt. 


Jolm Klliott, Ks(]., s. & li., it cons, it h, ol 
Inch. Gody, aot. 17. 

G«R, William, idiiota est— Imp at Northampton .'50 July 7 Car. I. — 

Northampton, Leicester - 1 lenry Gee, brother, oh. s.p., Apr. 1(531 — 

Johanna, 1 sister, act. 20; Marion, 2 sister, aet. 13 
Gkkki:, John, senior, of Holloway, gent., oh. I 1 Oct. ult.— Imp 3 Oct. 

2 Jae. I. — Devon — 1. John, s. & h., aet. 25; 2. Bartholomew; 3. 

George ; 4. Humfrey. ' 

Gkeringe, John, oh. f6 Nov. 17 Car. I. — hup at East Grinstead 

12 Jan. 17 Car. I.— Sussex — Thomas, s. and h., then aet. 14. 
Gkll, Rafe, ob. 8 June ult., will 12 Aug. 15G2 — Imp at Chesterfield 

12 Jan. 7 Eliz. — Derby — Antony, s. it h., aet. 40; Thomas; John. 
Gkij.s, Tho., of Bradford, ob. aet. 12 yrs., s p. — Imp at Leeds 

25 Sept. 32 Hen. 8.— York— 

Thomas (brother), ob. 24 Jan. =f Johanna Cay, relict 
22 II . K. I of Tho. Cay. 

John, s. A h., now aet. 9. 


Gelstropp, llohcrt, will 13 Sept. Kill, ol). If; Sept. 1641 Tng. at 

Nottingham 3 I Dec. 17 Car. I. Notts William, s. & h., act II 
yrs. 21 lf«li. Mil I ; John. 
Gknt, Henry, will 23 Jan. 1638, ob. 6 June 1639 - In,,, at Maiden 
N. July Iti Car. [.—Essex— George ; William; Dorothy — 

Thomas, B. & li , ol). 12 Fuh.=f Isabella, dan. ol' Francis 

II Car. 1 

'I'llDI 1 1 ] IS( Hi . 

Francis, s. & li., et cons. & li. of liiB grandfather, act. 2 yrs. 
<$so., 6 June, predict. 

Gent, Tho., ob. 12 Feb. 14 Car. I.— Inq. 29 May 15 Car. I.— Essex- 
Frances, s. & h., aet. 2. 

Gknte, William, Esq , ob. 15 June ult.— Imp 5 Oct. G Eli-/.— 
Warwick—Richard, S. * b., act. 30 yrs.— William made heir by 
will, aet. 21 yrs.— Joice Alice; Eliz. ; Maria. 

George, Cutbbert, ob. 16 Oct. 2 Car. I.— Inq. at Ampthill 27 Aug. 
11 Car. L— Bedford— William, s & h., aet. 13. 

George, Isaac, gent., will 23 Feb. 1568, ob. 23 Feb. 10 Eliz.— Inq. 
at Newbury 27 May 10 Eliz. — Berks- 
John George, brother of Isaac. =f... 

r J • 

Fredeswida Benger, widow, d. & h., & h. of 

Isaac, now act. 29. 

George, William, ob. . . . 33 Eliz— Inq. at Bedmjnster 8 May 35 Eliz. 

— Somerset — 1. Johanna, 2. Elizabeth, 3. Agnes, daughters Ar cob. 
Georges, Arthur, Knt., ob. 28 Sept, I Car. I.- rnq. at " U," 

St. Clement's Danes, 20 Dec. 2 Car. I. — Middx., Devon, Cornwall— 

1. Arthur Georges, Knt., s. A h., aet. 24; 2. Tymoleon ; 3. Egre- 

mont; 4. Carew ; 5. Henry; Elizabeth. 
Gerard, Chas., Knt., ob. 14 Apr. 15 Car. T.— Inq. at Warrington 

■1 Sept. 15 Car. I. Danes.- Charles, s. & h., then act. 20. 
Gerard, Dutton, Lord, ob. 22 Apr. 1640 — Inq. at Cannock 2*J May 

16 Car. L- -Stallbrd, Chester, Lancaster — Charles, Lord Gerard, s. 

& Ik, aet. 5 yrs. 22 July 15 Car. I. 
Germavne, Edus, Esq., ol). I Feb. ult,, s.p. — Iikj. at Norwich l(i July 

15 Eliz. — Norfolk— Ambros Germayne, Knt., brother & h. 
Gerrard, Rich., of Frampton, yeo., will 3 July 15 Eliz. — Inq. at 

Lowth 30 Aug 15 Eliz. — Line"— 1. William, S. A b. ; 2. Richard. 
Gerrard, Thomas, gent., ob. G Feb. ult. — Imp at Bridgwater 17' Sept. 

9 Eliz.— Somerset — Robert, s. & h., aet. 24. 
Gerrard, Thomas, ob. 13 Oct. ult,— Imp at Taunton 2 Apr. 11 Car. I. 

— Somerset, Dorset — 1. Elizabeth; 2. Ann; 3. Ethelred ; 4. Ann, 

daughters & cob. 
Gerhard, William, Esq., ob. 1 May 1604 — Inq. at Km ton 2 Aug. 

2 Jae. I. — Somerset, Dorset — Thomas, s. A- h., then aet. 11. 
Gervas, William, " ob. die Lune px post fest. Sew Trinitat. ult," — 

Imp at Hinckley 21 Oct. 3 lien. <S. —Leicester - John Gervas, cons. 

&, b., aet. 2 I yrs. 
Gervise, Jacobus, gent., ob. 20 Nov. 1628— 'Inq. at Garstang 13 Oct. 

5 Car. T. - Lancaster — Richard, s. & h., aet. 1 1 yrs. 1G28. 


Gbiwoyb alias Gkrvys, Thomas, Esq., ob. 27 Dec. 30 Eliz — Inq. at 

Nottingham I Mar. 31 Eliz. -Notts -Thomas, a. & h., aefc. 1. 
Gkky, Ltichard, nt' Itoyston, co. Cantb., ob. 22 Aug. ult. — Inq. at 

Roys toii 2 Nov. 11 Hon. 8. — liu\. at Waltluim Cross 5 May 

12 Urn. 8.— Carab and Heits.— Robert, 8. k h., aet. 3. 
Gkry, Llobcrt, ob. 12 Apr. 24 Hen. 8. — Inq. al Buntingford 19 May 

31 lien. 8. Herts -William, brother & hoir. 
Gkssam, Isabella, oh. 11 Aug. ult. —Inq. at Sherburn 12 Nov. 

5 KHz. — York — Richard Cooke, s. it li., now aet. 22. 
Ginnic, John, will 6 Feb. 1595, ob. 11 Sept. 39 Eliz.— Inq. at Ware 

15 Aug. 7 Jac. L — Herts — Ectus, s. Jc h., act. 19 ; 2 other sons it 

3 daughters. 
(Jinnies, Giles, will 1 May G Car. I", ob. 30 Juno 1630— Inq. at 

Painswick 18 Oct. 7 Car. 1. — Glouc. — Giles, s. it h., aet. 9; Ann. 
GlBBES, Liafe, of Honiugton, Knt., ob. 16 Apr. 11 Jac. L— Inq. at 

Warwick 21 Sept. 11 Jac. [. — Warwick — Rafo, s. & h., act. 19, 

inarr. Eliz., d. of Tlio. Temple Bart; 2. Grevill ; 3. George; 4. 

William ; I. Umpton ; 2. Maria ; 3. Ann ; 4. Jane. 
G minis, liogor, gent., ob. 6 Sept. i51 Eliz. - -lu«j. at Sherborne 20 July 

.'5 1 Eliz. - Dorset— Miirgery, 1 <1. ot cob., married John Abingtoii. 

gont. (now deceased), s. of John Abington, gent., deed., act. 30 \ 

Johanna, 2 d. it coll., inarr. William Gallop, who died 21 Juno 

30 Eliz., act, 40. 
Ginsox, Gervas, gent, ob. 29 Mar. 37 Eliz.— Inq. 2."5 May 38 Eliz. — 

Giuson, Jervis, ^ent., ob. fi Mar. .'57 Eliz, at liovcndou in Kent — Inq. 

2(> Jan. 38 Eliz. — Sussex. — Frances aet. 4, Kllianor aet. ^, Grisell 

aet. 2, daughters it coh. 

('l'o be continued.) 

Ilatices of Uoaks. 

Collections for a History of Staffordshire, edited by The 
William Salt Archaeological Society, vol. xi, New Series. Including 
A History of tiiio Bagot Family, by Major-General the Hon. 
George Wrottesley. London (Harrison it Sons), 1908. 

The greater part of this volume is occupied with General 
Wrottesley's account of the Bagots, proceeding on the same plan 
as that adopted in his histories of the families of Wrottesley, GitVard 
and Olxeover. It is no mere empty compliment to say that a better 
method of writing family history cannot he devised. The work is 
mainly based on ancient deeds in the possession of Lord Bagot 
at Blithlield, which have been examined for tin; period ending with 
the reign of Henry VI IT, hut the State Papers, Heralds' Visitations, 
the Memorials of the Bagot Family compiled in 1823 hy the 


second Lord Bagot, and the invaluable Collections from Public 
Records printed in previous volumes of the Salt Society, nave 
also Imtii consulted. Copies of the Blithfield deeds have been 
printed in the Appendix*. Many difficult questions are raised in 
connection with the early pedigree, as, for instance, the relationship 
of the Bagots of Bagot's Bromley to the Bagots of the Hyde, and to 
llervey Bagot, who in HH2-3 came into possession of the estates 
of the' baronial house of Stafford in right of his wife, and from 
whom descended in the male line the Stallbrds, Dukes of Buckingham. 
llervey Bagot, instead of as hitherto being considered as a younger 
son, now appears as head of the house, and Simon Bagot, the 
undoubted progenitor of the Lords Bagot, is placed as son of a 
William Bagot, who was probably uncle of the above mentioned 
Hervey, and is identified with William Bagot the first of the Hyde. 
In the Liber Niger, 11(16, William Bagot occurs as holding two- 
thirds of a knight's fee under Robert de Stafford, and it is contended, 
with much probability, that this was the fee afterwards known as 
Bagot's Bromley, but" that it was the same William Bagot who was 
enfeoffed at the Hyde in Coppenhall before 11(5*>, seems to us more 
doubtful. Another very important point is the author's identification 
of Bromley with the ""Bradelie" of Domesday, which he believes 
to be a mere clerical error for Bramelie, i.e. Bromley. Lord Bagot 
in his " Memorials " had confounded Bramelie with Branselle, re;ci|y 
Bramshall, which at the date of the FAber Niger was held bys 
llervey Bagot, father of the husband of the Stafford heiress, and 
at Domesday by Bagod the patriarch of the race. Coming to later 
times, we find the as yet unidentified Sir William Bagot of Baginton 
placed as a younger brother of Sir John Bagot of Bagot's Bromley, 
a prominent member of the household of Henry of Bolingbroke and 
Henry V. Sir William Bagot was one of "the luckless triumvirate," 
as Bishop Stubbs calls them, who were the agents of Richard II 
in those unconstitutional proceedings which cost him his crown. 
Possessors of Sir James Balfour Paul's Scots Peerage will be glad 
to note in the margin of that valuable work (vol. iii, p. 140), the 
re marriage of Kleanor of Lovaine, widow of Sir William Douglas, 
to Sir William Bagot of the Hyde in 1305, and the confirmation 
which the suit quoted on p. 139 gives to Godscroft in making 
Sir Archibald Douglas a son of Eleanor. General Wrottesley in a 
most interesting chapter deals with the armorial ensigns of the 
family, which he shows to have varied very frequently until a stricter 
rule was inaugurated by the Heralds' Visitations. It is not a little 
curious that the Bagots of Bagot's Bromley and the Bagots of the 
Hyde in their earliest deeds are found to have borne the same coat, 
notwithstanding the very remote period at which these two branches 

The remainder of the volume consists of a short but valuable noto 
from the pen of Mr. \V. P. Carter on the identification of the 
Domesday " Monet vile," which, as ho contends, means Monetae villa, 
" the vill of the mint" ; and the Inquests on the Staffordshire estates 
of the Audleys, with an instructive introduction by Mr. Josiah 
Wedgwood, MB. 


Notes on thh Naumkk History of Bakton -on-Humbbb. By 
lliiliort Brown, ES.A , vol. ii, A.D. 1154-1377. London (Elliot 


The concluding volume of Mr. Brown's Notes on Barton-on- 
Humher Sshould Receive a welcome from local antiquaries, both 
for the carefully drawn plans it contains of the town as it 
existed in the reign of Henry [II, and for the identification 
of ancient place names, the result of a laborious comparison of 
old charters, final eoneords, and other records with a collection 
of comparatively modem deeds. Much information has been 
brought together concerning the history of this once prosperous 
port and the merchant families which inhabited it during the 
thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. The two great churches which 
the town boasts, St, Peter's and St. Mary's, have been fully 
described, and a list of Vicars supplied. Copies of many charters 
in the Bardney Cartulary are given, hut it is to be regretted 
that there are no references to the folios of this Cartulary, which 
now forms Cott. MS. Vexp., E. xx (British Museum). In the historical 
account of the great house of Gaunt, the earliest possessors of 
Barton, we notice at p. 13 the Stemma Faiida/uris, which will be 
found at folio 54 ,of the Cartulary. The form as here printed is 
misleading, for no/ words are left out after "Quo niortuo successit," 
as the dots imply ; and why in the third line beneath has 
" hereditavit ^/beeii omitted? The sentence should read " Mortuus 
sine heredeyfiereditavit Begem Edwardum." This statement in the 
Stemma is 'not a full account of the transaction, for a fine levied 
in the Common Bench shows that the King gave to Gilbert de 
Gaunt a large sum in return for the surrender, in addition to the 
life interest referred to in the extraet from the Patent Bolls printed 
on p. 73. In this extract dots have again been unnecessarily 
inserted and mention of the manors of Ileckinglon and Kdenhaiu 
omitted. It may be of interest to add that on this occasion the 
Manor of Barton oiid lumber was, as extended, worth £82 14s. 3-Jtl. 
per annum, and that Juliana de (Jaunt held there for her life, by 
the concession of Gilbert de (Jaunt, certain tenements of the value 
of £42 19s. fd. per annum. We could wish that the Pedigree 
of the House of Gilbert de Gaunt at p. 69 had been drawn in 
greater detail, and had added to our knowledge of this celebrated 
family. In the descent of the Beaumonts, the succeeding lords of 
Barton, on p. 127, Henry de Beaumont, the grantee of Edward IT, 
is made son of Louis, second son of Charles of Anjou, brother of 
Louis IX of France. This G. E. C. and Mr. G. W. Watson in 
their notes to the Seize Quartiers of Henry IV of England 
{Genealogist, N.S., vol. xii, p. 11<S) have shown to he an impossibility. 

The numerous explanations and translations which encumber the 
text are often quite needless, and sometimes inaccurate, as on 
p. 140, where an inscription clearly intended for the usual Cujus 
cmime propicietur deus amen, is, in a footnote, rendered as " Apparently 
Gujus animr s/nciel deus amove ; n and on p. 110, where "Senescallo 
hospicii nostri" is actually translated "Seneschal of Our hunting 



The author might surely have known that Miles (Je Stapilton 
held the important olliee of Steward of the King's Household. 
We notice some serious misprints, and the Index is far from 



Biographical List of Boys Educated at Kind Edward VI Frbh 
Grammar School, Bury St. Edmunds. From 1550 to I'JOO. Suffolk 
Green Hooks, No. xiii. Bury St. Edmunds (Paul & Maihew). 
1908. . ' 

This is no mere School Admission Book ; its compiler has had a 
far harder task than the editing of such a calendar would have 
involved. Exeept for a few years at Ion- intervals, no lists of 
scholars have been p reserved, so that for the greater part of close 
upon four centuries the editor has had to depend for information 
upon outside sources, such as Admission Books of Colleges at 
Cambridge, autobiographies, biogntpiqes, old letters, prize exercises 
and enquiries from descendants and relrtrUyjjs of the boys. That 
liq has succeeded in recording about 3,(550 names is a most 
satisfactory result of his untiring efforts. The career of each 
student has been followed as far as has been found possible, 
and the publication of this calendar is certain to produce many 
corrections and additions. The list contains several names of boys 
probably, but not certainly, educated at the sehool, and the editor 
has even included some known not to have been pupils there, but 
in all these cases the uncertainty or negation is duly chronicled. in 
the Appendix copies of the few existing school lists are given ; 
some of these are valuable, as they record the nam," and abode of 
the father of the scholar. It is worth noting that town boys went 
by the curious term of "royalists," while those whose; parents were 
non residents were dubbed "foreigners." 

The alumni of Bury include some distinguished names, such as 
Sir Edward Hall Alderson, Baron of the Exchequer; Charles Austin, 
the jurist; Charles James Blomlield, Bishop of London; Simonds 
LLwes, the auti.piary ; John Mitchell Kcmble, author of The Saicoiut 
in lunjltind ; Ivichard Cumberland, the dramatist; Francis North, 
first Lord Guilford, and his brothers Dudley, John and Roger 
North 3 and William Sancroft, the nonjuring Archbishop of Canter- 

Tub Genealogists' Pocket Library. (1), Chancery Procekdinos, 
by George F. T. Sherwood ; (2), Royal Descents, by the Rev! 
\V. (J. I). .Fletcher; and Tiie Scottish Hecohds, by J. Bolam 
Johnson. Walton on-Thames (Charles A. Boriiau). London 
(Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co.). 

Mr. Sherwood in his brief treatise on Chancery Proceedings 
writes as one thoroughly conversant with his subject; bis explana- 
tions arc so lucid and his illustrations so apposite that the reader 
cannot fail to gain an accurate idea of the storehouse of information 
opened to genealogists and students of English literature by a 
patient search among the records of tho Court of Chancery. Wo 



cordially agree with the closing words of (liis little book — "better 

and more modern Calendars and Indexes are a pressing necessity." 
Mr. Fletcher shows why Royal Descents are worth tracing; how 

they became possible; and how to tract' them. He also gives a 

timely warning as to 'the extreme care that is Deeded to avoid 

errors in working out a descent from royalty. 

The space allotted to Scottish records is hardly in proportion to 

their importance-, but Mr. Johnson has done his best to elucidate a 

difficult subject within a very liiniteTKeompass. 

Jlotrs anu (Qunirs. 

Nkvii.i, ok l'»n;iiv and Ham:. - I should like to add the following 
note to Mr. Massingberd's I'.igby and Hale pedigree in the July 
number : — 

Feudal Aids 1303. Thomas de Nevill and Thomas do Rascn, 
1 fee in Bekeby which Hugo de Nevill formerly held. 

I>e Lora de (Jaunt and Ada de l.oghton, ',\ parts of m 1 fee in Hal 
which Hugo de Nevill formerly held. 

De fallen Roll, Midi. 30 Ed. I, bine. Hubert, s. of Hugh lie 
Nevill, and l'eler, brother of Robert, v. Adam de l.oghton and 
Margeria, his wife, 1 windmill cfi ptn in Creat Halle. 

Coram Lege Itoll, No. 1!>, Mich. 5 Ed. Ill, Line. Robert de 
Nevill de Bekeby v. Lambert Bally de Quaplade, and his son 
Thomas, de pi. tiansgr. m. 8 d. 

Feudal Aids 13 £8. Thomas de Nevill and Thomas Waselvn held 
one fee ill Bekeby which Hugo de Nevill formerly held. Line. 

Coram liege Hull, No. 99, Easter 25 Hen. VI," Line. William 
llobynson de Bekeby frankeleyn v. Thomas Nevill de Bekeby 
husbandman, \\u- forcibly entering his close at Someretby and dis- 
parking cat tie. in. 69 d. 

De Banco Itoll, 9 Hen. V, .Mich., Line. Thomas Newlle de 
Bekeby v. William Sharpe de Bekeby, hush., for taking corn and 
grass worth -10 sol. at Bekeby. 

De Banco Roll, Mich. 19 Ed. IV, Line. Robert Newlle p. John 
Nevylle nuper de Bekeby husb., depasturing cattle at Bekeby, £-0. 
m. 11 d. 

Evidently the family went down in the world as far as social 
status was concerned. 

Edmund Nkvii.i.. 

Pumomcu ok Dk. Ehmond — Mr. MePike may bo interested 
in an advertisement in the Loudon Gaxefln of March 24-27, H5S4, 
which gives a description of the personal appearance of the 
Astronomer's father. The considerable reward uttered does not 



suggest that the family were in poor circumstances. Disappearances 
su< li iis that of Kdtnond H alley usually mean Buicide. Has Mr. 
MoPike any furEhar information on this point, which is of some 
little interest as beaVhig .on the connection between madness and 
genius'! \ 

The following is a copy of the advertisement: — 

"Mr. ESdmond llalley who went from his House in Winchester- 
street 011 Wednesday the 5th instant, ahont One of the Clock, not 
having since been heard of, otherwise than that it's thought he was 
seen that Kvening towards Mogadon with two men, the one a tall 
and the other a short man. The said Mr. FTallcy is a tall man of 
about Sixty years of Age, having a Mole on his right cheek, with 
a plain Hand, a brown short Perriwig, and a broad brim'd Black 
Beaver, having a Black Cloth Suit on, his Breeches wide at knees, 
and an Iron Cray Cloth Coat over it, and Black Worsted 
Stockings on. Whoever brings true notice of the said Mr. llalley 
to his wife Mrs. llalley in the said Winchester-street, where he is, 
alive or dead, shall have One Hundred Pounds for a reward, which 
shall immediately he paid by her, or at a Goldsmiths." 

The advertisement was repeated in four successive numbers of 
the Loudon Gazette, on the last occasion, April 7-10, with the two 
final words changed to " Mr. John Tassell's a Goldsmiths at the 
Bunch of Grapes in Lombard-street." 

Ernest Axon. 
Hatherlow, near Stockporj;. 

Youngiiusband Family. — Some years ago there was an interesting 
account of the Younghusband family in %'fm G{ -u< ulmjist (O.S., ii, 
7, 53). Perhaps it may be worth while to print the following 
addition taken from (the Calendar of) Karlv Chancery Proceedings, 
Bundle 1'82, No. 20. 

Richard Swaune, of Belford.^F... 

,__ i . 


llll -I i;: llii 


Isabel 1 

Swauiit', Swanni 1 , 
;1. mill li. (Land h. 

Knt«'i'yiio = Ui'i)i y Margery 3 ? WUHani 

Sunn- Swhiiiic, Ken- Swaiuu', Smyth. 

dol'Iand. il.anilli., dull. il. and li., 

pit. pit. 

George Yonghusbnnd, s. and h., 

ph., 148(3— 1-HK5 (or 1504—1515). 

Tliomas Sounderland, 
s. and h., pit. 


Wills Family op co. Somkkskt. — T should be very greatly obliged 
if any subscriber could give me any information relating to the Wills 
Family of Seaborough and Crewkerne, co. Somerset. V ice-Chancellor 
John Wills, D.D., Warden of Wadhain College, Oxford, was a member 
of this family. I am endeavouring to obtain sufficient data to 
enable me to prepare a complete pedigree of the family, and I 
shall consequently be grateful for any information which will 
help me. 

R. Vauoiian Gower. 


Some Additions and Corrections. 

I5y the Rev. YV. (J. 1). Fi.ktciikk, M.A., F.S.A. 

The " Genealogical Memoirs of the Extinct Family of Chester of 
Chieheley," by the late Mr. It. E. Chester Waters, 1 is usually considered 
to be one of the ver_y best of our many family histories. Mr. Waters 
detested inaccuracy, and delighted to expose the blunders of heralds 
and antiquaries. But his book, unlike many genealogical works, 
is most readable and interesting, and it displays throughout the most 
patient energy and the most minute investigation. 

Some little time before his death, I purchased a large package of 
papers chiefly relating to Leicestershire, and amongst these were some 
documents relating to the Chester family, which supplement the infor- 
mation given in Ins book. I sent these to Mr. Waters, and he told me 
that he should publish them in some form. As, however, he died before 
he could carry out his intention, I venture to send to The Genealogist 
some few additions to " The Chesters of Chieheley," compiled from 
an abstract I made of the documents before sending the originals to 
Mr. Waters ; and I have also added one or two corrections of erroneous 
statements that I have discovered in his book. They add somewhat 
to Mr. Waters's statements, and they ajso throw light on the estates 
owned by the Chester family. I will deal with these additions and 
corrections in the order in which they occur in " The Chesters of 

Vol. i, p. 350.— Mr. Waters states that Dorothea Wilson (n<fe Chester) 
gave to Loughborough Church two large silver flagons and two silver 
salvers, " which are still used in the service of the Holy Communion." 
As a matter of fact, all this valuable communion plate, which was 
kepi in a chest in llie " evidence chamber, " over the south porch of 
Loughborough Church, was stolen on (i May I8f>7, and never recovered. 
The silver tlagons weighed 5 lbs. 14 ozs. and 5 lbs. 12 ozs. respectively, 
and were inscribed " I). Willson." The two salvers weighed 3 lbs., 
and bore the initials, " D.W." Mrs. Wilson also gave in 1735 to Tugbv 
Church, a silver salver, weight 18 ozs., diameter 9.V inches, date 1729, 
inscribed with the Arms of Wilson impaling Chester ; and a silver 
basin, weight 14 ozs., diameter 9J inches, date 1735, having on the 
edge, "Tugby Church Plate, 1735, D.W." (See Trollope's Church 
Plate of Leicestershire, Vol. i, pp. 45, 46, 249, 251.) 

Vol. i, p. 359. — Penelope Chester, the thirteenth child of Sir Anthony 
Chester, 3rd Bart., married in 1706 or 1707, as his second wife, the 

1 Mr. Choster Waters passed away on 25 November 1898, at 11, Clarendon 
Ituad, \V\, in his seventy-second year. It was my good fortune to know liim in 
the early eighties, when ho was residing at 57, The Grove, Hammersmith. 



Rev. John Alleyne, B.D., Rector of Loughborough. The marriage 
licence, elated 7 Nov. 1*706, is preserved at Leicester — to marry at 
Bosworfh, Loughborough or Shentom (Leicester Licences. 1706, 
No. 80.) Penelope was buried at Loughborough, 28 February 1731. 
She left an only child, Penelope, who (Mr. Waters alleges) was " bom 
in 1708, and died unmarried on 16 August 1 77:5, at the age of 65." 
This is an error on the part- of Mr. Waters. Penelope Alleyne was 
baptized at Loughborough, October 1708, hut, so far from dying 
unmarried, she married her cousin, the Rev. Richard Alleync, Rector 
of Stanford, Notts, and had a family of eight children. Penelope's 
marriage is clearly proved by the will of her father John Alleyne, 
which Mr. Waters overlooked. 

Will of John Alleyne, Clerk, Rector of Loughborough, co. 
Leicester. Dated 21 January 1735, 9 Geo. II. 

" I devise my lands not already settled in Gadcsby, co. Leicester, 
and in Litton, co. Derby, and Oongune Lane Close in Tideswell, to 

mv daughter Penelope Alle\'ne, wife (if Richard Alleyne, clerk, in lee. 

" My landd, etc., in llston and Krizeby, co. Leicester, and all other 
my lands, to Rdward Butler, LL.D., President of Magd : Coll: Oxon, 
John Toller of Lincoln's Inn, Esq., and the Wo.vA. Richard Arnold, of 
Tliur as'on, clerk, upon trust to pay the rents to mv son Thomas 
Alleyne, Fellow of Email : Coll : Cambridge, for his life ; ami after 
his death to my daughter Penelope Alleyne for her life ; arid after the 
decease of the survivor to sell the same. 

" Mv ready money and securities, Ike. (except what was given to 
my daughter Penelope Alleyne by Mrs. Woolaston) to my said trustees, 
in trust to pay debts and legacies ; and then to pay the yearly proceeds 
ti) my sou Thomas for life, remainder to my daughter Penelope for 
life ; and after the decease of the survivor, both as to mv personal 
estate and as to the moneys arising from the sale of my lands at llston 
and Krizehv, in trust for the children of Penelope, as she shall by deed 
or will appoint, in default of appointment to such children in equal 
shares, if none to the executors or administrators of Penelope. 

" To my daughter Penelope Alleyne, £20 ; to my grand-daughter 
Dorothea Alleyne, £10 ; to my sister Wilson, £1 Is. for a ring ; and 
to the poor of Loughborough, £10. 

" I appoint the said Edward Butler, John Toller and Richard Arnold, 
executors ; and I give each of them £10 for mourning. 

" (Signed) John Alleyne. 

" Witnesses : Sam : Martin, Robt. Roberts, John Trotman." 

Admon., with the will annexed, granted by P.C.C., 31 March 1748, 
to Thomas Alleyne, son and residuary legatee, Edward Butler and 
John Toller having died, and Richard Arnold having renounced. And 
a Definitive Sentence being first pronounced for the validity of the 
will. (70 Strahan.) 

There seems to have been some unpleasantness between the Rev. 


Thomas Alleyne (only surviving child 1 of John Alleyne, the testator, 
by his first wile) ami his half-Bister Penelope Ulcync by reason of this 
will. An a u rci't iu-1 1 ( was arrived al on \"2 October 1739, about six 
months after John AUeyne's death; and was signed by the parties; 
but in Trin it y Term, 17-1(5, a Bill wis filed in ( 'ha.ncery, between Richard 
Alleyne & Penelope liis wife, and Dorothea Prances, .John, Penelope, 
Catherine, Ann, and Richard, their children, infants, by Richard 
Alleyne, their nexf friend, complainants, and Thomas Alleyne and 
Richard Arnold, defendants. The cause was finally heard, and decree 
iiiiide, on 151 October 1 7T>( >. 'Three years Inter, on 31 December 1753, 
Thomas Alleyne and Richard Alleyne and Penelope Ids wife came 
to terms, and executed an indenture by which they agreed to a division 
of the personalty. 

Thomas Allevne, however, carried his animosity to such a pitch 
that by his will, which is dated '.) .nun; 1757, and two codicils, he dis- 
inherited his half-sister entirely. He bequeathed £100 to Emanuel 
College, Cambridge, and £50 to his cousin, William Roos, and he devised 
his houses and lands in Derby, Parkfie.ld Loughborough, Quomdon, 
and Lowdhain and elsewhere in Suffolk, to his cousin Mrs. Elizabeth 
Woodhouse, of Critch, go. Derby, spinster. His will was proved in 
P.C.C., 11 August 17(51, by Elizabeth Woodhouse. (275 Cheslyn.) 
After his death, Elizabeth Woodhouse applied in the Archdeaconry 
Court of Leicester for leave to erect a monument in Loughborough 
Church to his memory. This application Penelope Alleyne opposed, 
but ultimately the Court, on 12 May 1763, decreed that a faculty 
should be granted. Elizabeth Woodhouse became the wife of the Rev. 
Richard Gilford, Vicar of Dnllield. 

Richard Alleyne, the husband of Penelope, and her first cousin, 
was the son of Richard Alleyne, 2 of St. Werburgh's, Derby, and was 
born in 170(5. He was educated at Derby School and at Emanuel 
College, Cambridge, where he graduated B.A. in 172(5, and became 
M.A. and Fellow in 1730. He was ordained Deacon by the Bishop of 
Lincoln, 22 Dec. 1728, and the next day was licensed to the curacy of 
Waltou-on-the- Wolds. In 1734 he was ordained priest, and became 
Curate of Sharnford. He is described as " of Loughborough " in 1738. 
On 11 November 1740 he became Curate of Stanford-on-Soar, and was 
instituted Rectos on 14 April 1755. An interesting letter of Richard 
Alleyne is preserved, addressed to his eldest daughter, when she was 
on a visit to East Haddon, and dated 15 December 17(50 ; it well 
describes the daily home-life in a quiet country rectory. 

1 Mr. Waters speaks of Thomas Alloy no as tho only child of John Alleyne, by 
Jane Staveley, his first wife. (Vol. i, p. 359.) He had had, however, three other 
sons who died young, viz., John, baptized and buried 1G97 ; Robert, baptized and 
buried 1.701 ; and Kiehard, baptized and buried 1705. (.Fletcher's Rectors of 
Loughborough, p. 49.) 

- Richard Alleyne was born at Derby, 6 April 1666, and buried in December 
1700. He was younger brother of John Alleyne, the Rector of Loughborough, 
who was born 26 September 1657, and died 25 March 1739. John and Richard 
were sons of John Alleyne, of St. Werburgh's, Derby. For particulars about tho 
Alleyne family, neo Fletcher's! Rectors of Loughborough, pp. 27-32, 49-52, and the 
authorities t here cited. 


You desire the news of y e neighbourhood ; & a rational request 
it is ! & you are very likely to be gratified in it. For was T to speak 
only from personal knowledge, my province would be much confined, 
& I could only give you a long detail of our short journeys from the 
bedside to the parlour fire ; how we breakfast till past ten, dine till 
betwixt two & three, drink tea between 5 & 6, play at cards till almost 
supper time, & at supper riot in all the luxury of oatmeal hasty pudding, 
& soon after ten to bed again. This is our continual round ; & an 
agreeable one you'll say it is. Why it is enough indeed for people of 
such indol 'tit inactive dispositions as we are ; but for others of spright- 
lincss & activity, lor our friends at Haddon, it would by no means do ; 
they must hear, see, & know more of the world than we can expect 
in our small Hotel & retir'd Villa." 1 

Richard Alleyne died 12 November 17(17, in his 62nd year, and was 
buried at Stanford-on-Soar, where a Hat stone in the aisle records this 
inscription :— " Here lies interred the body of the Rev. Mr. Richard 
AlleyneJ Rector of this Parish, who departed this life the 12 th day of 
Nov. 17(57, in the 02 year of his age. Here also lies the body of Penelope 
Alleyne, Relict of the Revd. Mr. Richard Alleyne. She departed this 
life the 16 th day of August 1773, in the 65 th year of her age." 

His widow retired to Loughborough after her husband's death, 
but she survived him less than six years, and was buried at Stanford, 
20 August 1773. The following is an abstract of her will : — 

Will of Penelope Alleyne, of Loughborough, Widow of 
Richard Alleyne, late of Stanford, Clerk, deceased. Dated 

22 June 1771. 

" In pursuance of the power given me by an Indenture dated 
|(i October 1733, made between my late honoured and esteemed lather 
John Alleyne, clerk, deceased, of the 1st part, Richard Alleyne, clerk, 
my late husband, of the 2nd part, and Edward Butler, LL.D., 
and Richard Arnold, B.D., of the 3rd part, 1 appoint and devise all 
those lands, &e., lying at Litton & Tidswell, eo. Derby, to my son 
John Alleyne, & his heirs; and all those messuages, lands, etc., at 
Gaddesby, co. Leicester, to my daughters Dorothea Frances Alleyne, 
Penelope Alleyne and my son Thomas Alleyne, as tenants in common. 

" And under the power given me by the will of my late father John 
Alleyne, dated 21 Jan. 1735, I appoint that the moneys to arise from 
the sale of the lands at Ilston & Frisby, now vested in the Rev. Brownlow 
Toller and Edward Ellis, and £4-40 6s. 8d., the residue of his personal 
estate also vested in them, shall be paid as follows : £1,000 to my 
daughter Ann, the wife of John Bosworth ; £100 to my daughter 
Catharine, the wife of John Stacey ; £500 to the children of Catharine 
Stacey, as she shall appoint, if none live to attain 21 then to my daughters 

1 This letter was in tlie possession of Mis. T. W. Rowland, of Normanton-on- 
Soar, in 1882. To her 1 am indi'liied for many pf the documents about Penelope 
Alleyne and her litisbniiti which arc ^iven in this paper. 


Dorothea Frances Alleyne & Penelope Alleyne & my son Thomas 
Alleyne in equal shares. 

" 1 give £20 to my son John Alleyne for mourning, and also the 
moneys to arise from the sale of the lauds in Litton & Tideswell. 

"The residue of the moneys arising from the sale of the lands at 
Ilston & Frisby, to the said Dorothea Frances, Penelope, & Thomas 
Alleyne equally, 

"The sum of £ 1 10 6s. 8(1. to the said Dorothea Frances Alleyne 
k Penelope Alleyne equally. 

" Specific bequests of watches & plate. The residue to my daughters 
Dorothea Frances Alleyne & Penelope Alleyne, and 1 appoint them 
executrixes of my will. 

" (Signed) Pen : Allkynk. 

"Witnesses: Samuel Abell, junr., Mary Clayton, .John Blunt." 

Richard and Penelope Alleyne had issue, eight children, namely : — 

1. Dorothea Frances, of Loughborough, died unmarried and was 

buried at Stanford-on-Soar, 28 May 1807. Her will is dated 
_!1 November 1787: she devises her lands at (laddesby 
to her sister Penelope Hunt, for life, remainder to her brother 
John Alleyne, in fee ; bequeaths her money and plate, etc., 
to her sisters and the children of her brother .John Alleyne, 
ami appoints her brother John Alleyne and her brother-in- 
law John Bosworth, executors of her will. 

2. John Alleyne, of Nottingham, silk mercer. He married, at 

St. Mary's, Nottingham, by licence, 18 March 1765, Mary, 
daughter of Thomas Morris, of Nottingham, and was buried 
at Nottingham in 1793. They had issue, a son who died 
young, and four daughters : — 

(1) Mary, born 176(5, married at St. Peter's, Nottingham, 

26 January 1792, John Cradock, of Loughborough, 
attorney, and had issue, six sons and three daughters. 
She died 11 August 1807, aged 41, and was buried 
at Loughborough. M.I. He was born 26 February 
1766, and died 18 March 1833. The family is now 
- represented by John Davys Cradock, of Quorn Court. 
(See Pedigree of Cradock in The Genealogist, O.S., 
Vol. vi, pp. 19-23, Burke's Landed Gentry, and 
Leicestershire Pedigrees and Royal Descents.) 

(2) Penelope, born 1768, died unmarried, 27 March 1805, 

aged 37, and was buried at Quorndon, where is this 
inscription : " Sacred to the memory of Penelope 
Alleyne, died March 27, 1805, aged 37." (Nichols' 
Leicestershire, Vol. iv, p. 103.) 

(3) Anne Frances, married at Althorpe, near Packington, 

in 1791, William Middleton, of Loughborough, 
banker, and had issue. She died March 1838. He 
died 8 Oct, 1843. (See Pedigree of Middleton in 
Burke's Landed Gentry, 5th edition.) 



(1) Catherine, married at St. Mary's, Nottingham, in 
1803, to Thomas Holdsworth, of Alvuston, co. 

Deri))', and had issue Catherine and Kllen. 

.'5. Penelope, baptized at Loughborough 15 October I7.'51 ; married 
there 23 September I77G, Thomas Hunt, of Loughborough, 
surgeon, and died s.p., J 797. 

4. Catherine, baptized at Loughborough, 26 April I7.'W; married 

■John Staccy ; died 22 May 1794, and was buried at Ooleorton. 

5. Ann, baptized at Stanford-on-Soar, 30 September 1741 ; married 

at Loughborough 11 February 1771, John Bosworth, of 
Beeby GrangB. He died It) Derombci 1812, aged 7 ( J, and 
she died 2 March 18:51, and was buried 9 March at Beeby. 
On the floor of Beeby Church is a stone with this inscription : 
" In memory of John Bosworth, who departed this life 
Dec. K), 1812, aged 79 years. Also Anne, the wife of John 
Bosworth, who died March 2 (1 18151, aged ( J0 years. She 
was the. daughter of the Revd. Richard Alleync, Hector of 
Slanlord-on-Soar, and Penelope his wife." John and Ann 
Bosworth had issue, two sons, Thomas and John. The 
younger son, John Bosworth, born II May 1771, was an Alder- 
man and I'Yeeinan of Leicester ; he married at Stanford, 
31 Oct. 1809, Sarah, daughter of William Rowland, and had 
issue by her seven children — John Alleync Bosworth, of 
lluinbeistone. ; Rowland Bosworth; Benjamin Bosworth; 
Mary ; Catherine Anne, the wife of Thomas West land Rowland, 
of Norinanton-on-Soar ; Robert Rowland Bosworth; and 
Prances Sarah. John Bosworth of Leicester died 2(5 January 
• 1857, and was buried at Leicester. 

fi. Elizabeth Priseilla, baptized at St an ford-on -Soa~r^ii5 August 
1712, and was buried there 17 April 1743. ^^"^-^ 

7. Richard Alleyne, born A August (743, and baptized 10 August 

at Stanford ; died 25 May 1751, and was buried 28 May at 
Stanford. On 28 May 1751, Elizabeth Dennvs, of Stanford, 
made an affidavit before. Theophilus Hastings, Curate of 
Leake, " that the body of liichard Alleyne, Son of Richard 
and Penelope Alleyne, deceas'd the twenty fifth of May in 
the year of our Lord 1754, was not wrapp'd or wound up 
for Burial, in any thing but what was of Sheep's Wool only." 

8. Thomas Alleyne, of Lambeth, silk-merccr ; born 24 October and 

baptized 28 November 1749, at Stanford-on-Soar. 

There are several releases extant, dated in June 177(3, for the legacies 
and shares of these children made under the wills of their mother, 
Penelope, and grandfather, John Alleync. The Arms of Alleyne, 
as borne by this family are : Argeiit, a cross muline Sable. Some of 
Penelope's descendants possess Archbishop Cranmer's watch and other 
relics of their distinguished collateral ancestor. The watch was exhibited 


at a meeting of the Leicestershire Archaeological Society on 31 March 
1884, and it, was then the property of Mr. Rowland Bosworth, Ins 
collateral descendant in the ninth generation. Sir Anthony Chester, 
third Hart., married in 1(157 Mary, daughter of Samuel Cranmer, 
Alderman <>f London, who was great-grandson of John Cranmer of 
Aslacton, the Archbishop's elder brother. (See the Leicestershire 
Archaeological Society's " Transactions," vol. vi, p. 95; and pedigree 
in the "Chcsters of Cliicheley," vol. ii, pp. 444-6.) 

Vol. ii, p. 525.— John Chester (afterwards fourth Baronet) married 
Anne Wollaston on 2 November 1686. A post-nuptial settlement 
was executed on IK October 1087. Jt is made between Sir Anthony 
Chester, [third] Hart., and John Chester, his son and heir-apparent, 
of the first part, the lion. Lewis Watson and Sir William Villers of the 
second part, William Wollaston, Esq., and Anne Chester, his daughter 
and wife of the said John Chester, of the third part. Sir Villers Charnock, 
Francis Duneoiub, Esq., John Cholmondelev, Esq., and John Cave, 
Clerk, of the fourth part, Sir Henry Campbell, Hart., and William 
Karrer, Esq., of the fifth part, Charles Toll, Esq., and Thomas Roper, 
Esq., of the sixth part, ami John Manning and Francis Brace, gent, 
of the seventh part. In consideration of a marriage portion of £10,000 
paid by William Wollaston, Sir Anthony Chester and John Chester 
released to the said Watson and Villers the manors of Cliicheley and 
Thick-Thorncs, co. Bucks, and of Tilsworth, co. Bedford, Lidlington 
Parle, ami lands in Lidlington, Mansion, and Millbrook, co. Bedford, 
and in Hanbridge, Marston, Crawley, Emerton, or Sherrington, in cos. 
Bucks and Bedford, and the rectories of Cliicheley and Tilsworth, 
upon certain trusts. As to certain lands in Tilsworth, to the said Toll 
and Roper for eighty years, with ultimate remainder to John Chester 
in tail male, and failing such issue to Sir Anthony Chester in fee. As 
to the manor and rectory of Tilsworth, etc., to John Chester and Anne 
his wife in tail male. And as to lands in Cliicheley and Emerton, 
to Sir Anthony Chester during the lives of himself and Dame Mary 
Chester his grandmol her, and Dame Elizabeth Chester his mother; 
remainder to John Chester for life, remainder to his sons successively 
in tail male, remainder to Sir Anthony Chester in fee. The term of 
eighty years is to enable Anne Chester to receive the rents of certain 
lands in Tilsworth during her life. 

Vol. ii, p. 5:5:5.— Mr. Waters says that the will of Sir John Chester, 
fourth Baronet, though afterwards the subject of a Chancery Suit, 
is not to be found in the Registry of the Prerogative Court. 1 am 
able to give an abstract of this will, but I do not know where it was 
proved : — 

Will ok Sin John Chester, Hart. Dated 25 January 1725-0. 

"To my son William Chester and his heirs, lands in Chalgravc, co. 
Bedford, and a piece of land called (he Berry peiee. in which the Water 
house stands, and the Coney hills without Ahe Parke at Littlcington 
in eo. Bedford. 

152 '111 10 (MIKSTKItS OK GH1QHKLIQY. 

" To my son John (Chester and his heirs, farm at Clifton, co. Bedford, 
and farm at Sherrington, c<>. Bucks, and the farm at Hockley, subject 
to the pay men 1 of £ ( .K) j>«ii- annum to my daughter Elizabeth Chester 
and of £15 per annum to my daughter Anne Chester, for life. 

"To the said Anne Chester, farm at Kemps ton, eo. Bedford,; 
remainder to my son Francis Chester and his heirs. 

" To my brother Cesar Chester, £20 per annum for his life, payable 
out of such lauds as I shall devise to my executors ; and to my nephew 
Anthony Chester, £25 per annum for his life, payable out of the said 

" To my wife Dame Frances Chester, and my son-ij^-law John 
Toller, all my messuages and lands in Littleington, Marston, Millbrooke, 
and elsewhere, not by me formerly settled or otherwise disposed of, 
for the term of KH) years, in trust to apply the rents and profits thereof 
to aid my personal estate in the payment of debts and legacies ; and 
when all these are paid, 1 give the said lands to my son John Chester 
in fee. 

k> I appoint mv wife, iny son John Chester, and my son-in-law John 
Toller, executors of my will." 

Vol. ii, p. 581. — There was a lawsuit, in the Chancery or Exchequer, 
sometime between 1708 and 172(5, in which John Wilkins, of Raven- 
stone was complainant, and William Chester, of Brooksby, Esquire, 
defendant, but 1 have no particulars of this suit. 

Vol. ii, p. 583. — Mrs. Elizabeth Wollaston, -the widow of William 
Wollaston, of Slienton, was buried there 28 March 1717. The following 
is an abstract of her will : — 

Will of Elizabeth Wollaston, of Shenton, co. Leicester, widdow 
and relict of William Wollaston, Esquire, deceased. Dated 
8 January 1716. 

" My body to be interred in the parish church of Shenton, in a decent 
maimer, without any funerall pomp or expellee. 

I devise all those my closes called Bynions Closes in the parishes 
of Chichley and Emarton, co. Bucks, and all other mv lands which 1 
bought of William Hartley, late of Newport, deceased, unto my grand- 
son William Chester, Esquire, and his heirs. 

" To mv daughter Rebecca Wilkins, the wife of John Wilkins, 
Esquire, £50 for mourning. 

" Tin; residue to my grandson William Chester, whom I make sole 
executor. 1 revoke all former wills. 

" (Signed) Eliza Wollaston." 

Seal : On a lozenge, Wollaston impaling Cave. 

Will proved in the Archdeaconry Court of Leicester, 27 March 1717, 
by William Chester, of Shenton, H5sq., the executor. Nul : luv : 

Vol. ii, p. (505. -William Chester, afterwards lifth Baronet, married 
Penelope Uewilt on 5 March 17KS-17. Shortly before the marriage, 
by Indenture dated 2 ( J January 171(5, and made between Sir John 


Chester, Bart., and William Chester, Esquire, his son and heir-apparent 
of the one part, and Francis Brace, gent., of the otlier part, the estates 

tail and remainders in the premises settled on 18 October 1687 were 
barred. And in Hilary Term, il George I., a Recovery was suffered 
of the manor of Tilsworth, Lilleingtoi) l'arke, the Rectory of Tilsworth, 
and lands in and Emcrton. 

The Settlement on the marriage is dated ft and 5 March 1710, the 
Release made between Sir John Chester, Bart., and William Chester, 
Esquire, his son and heir-apparent of the first part, Penelope Hewitt, 
daughter of George Hewitt, Esquire, deceased, of the second part, 
Sir James Robinson, Hart., and Francis Duncomb, Esquire, of the 
third part, Sir Pincent Charnock, Bart., and William Jesson, Esquire, 
of the fourth part, and William Hewitt, Esquire, and Francis Duncomb, 
junior, Esquire, of the fifth part. In consideration of a marriage to 
be solemnized between William Chester and Penelope Hewitt, and of 
£.'5, 0(H) marriage portion paid by her, Sir John Chester and William 
Chester released to the said Robinson and Duncombe senior, the Manor 
and Rectory of Tilsworth, Comber or Lilleington Park, and lands in 
Littleington, MarstoU and Millbrooke, co. Bedford, and in Chicheley 
and Emerton, co. Bucks, To the uses of the Indenture of 18 October 
1687, until the said marriage shall be solemnized ; and afterwards to 
William Chester for his life ; remainder to the use of the sons of the 
Said William and Penelope successively in tail male ; remainder to 
Sir John Chester and his heirs. And as to the residue of the said mar. or 
of Tilsworth, etc., to Trustees, to raise portions for the younger children 
of the marriage, if one, £2,001), if two or more, £1,000. 

Mr. Waters is not quite accurate, in his statement about this settle- 
ment, on page G0(i. 

IV. it, )>. (507. — The Chancery Suit contesting the provisions of Sir 

John Chester's will, was between Penelope Chester, Elizabeth Chester, 
Anne Chester, Catharine. Diana Chester, Dorothy Chester, and Mary 
Chester, the six daughters and codieirs of Sir William Chester, late of 
Krookshv, co. Leicester, Hart., deceased, by I Millie Penelope Chester, 
their mother and next friend, plaint ills, and Sir John Chester, Bart., 
Dame K ranees Chester, John Toller, Esq., Sir Pincent Charnock, Bart., 
William Hewitt, Esq., and Francis Duncombe, Esq., defendants. 

There is ot course no difficulty in adding to the information given in 
almost any genealogical work ; but it seemed to me that the additions 
and corrections here given are such as Mr. Chester Waters would have 
himself inserted in any revised edition of his work, and are worthy of 
being placed on permanent record in the pages of The Genealogist. 
What became of the documents here abstracted, after his death, 1 
do not know. 




The former treatise on the Baronetcy of Carew of Antony, 

Cornwall, in Th>: Geuealoyivt (N.S., vol. xxiv, p. 22) was, to myself at 
any rate, a most unsatisfactory effort, as it left the devolution or 
extinction of the Baronetcy upon the death in 1799 of the Rev. 
Sir Alexander Carew, eighth Bait., undetermined. I now, therefore, 

oiler the following additional notes with a view, as far as possible, 
to shew that the Baronetcy came to an end on the death of the 
Vicar of St. Wenn. •*. 

In the former article I had, I venture to say, successfully dealt 
with the issue male of Thomas, fifth son of Sir Alexander Carew, 
second Bart., and with all senior to him in that line. Alexander, the 
(probably younger) brother of this Thomas, was of Smyrna and 
died a bachelor. Administration of his estate was granted T J .C.C. 
19 Feb. 1 (57 3-1 to his brother Richard, Dame Jane Carew, his 
mother, renouncing. 

Richard Carew, the only other son of Sir Alexander Carew, 
was baptised at St. Minver, Cornwall, 21 Apr. 1641. He was 
M.P. for Saltash 1089 until his death, and was probably M.P. 
for Calling ton 1679-81 (though this may be his uncle, Richard 
Carew, of Barley, hereinafter referred to). He married, probably 
at St. Martin's-in-the- Fields, co. Middlesex (lie. Fac. Ollice, 31 July 
1(574)) Penelope, second daughter and coheir of Bice Tanat, of 
Abertanat, co. Salop, who was then aged 24. By the will of the 
said Richard Carew then of Abertanat aforesaid, dated 22 Aug. 1691, 
probate P.C.C. 20 Jan. IG91-2 (Fane 5), it appears that his wife 
predeceased him and thai he died s.p., as he left the residue of 
both lands and goods to his brother Sir John Carew, Bart. 

With regard to the issue male of the first Bart., Sir Alexander 
Carew was the youngest, but only surviving, son of the first marriage. 
Bv his second marriage, however, with Grace Bolle (his eldest son's 
future sister-in-law) Sir Richard had six sons, viz. : — 

I. John Carew, born J, baptised at Antony 7 July 1622, 
matriculated at Gloucester Hall, Oxon., 1G37, aged 15 ; 
admitted to the Inner Temple ; M.P. for Tregony 1646-53. 
He was one of the Regicides and as such was executed 
at Charing Cross 15 Oct. 1660. He was, of course, 
attainted, and his issue, if any, would be thus passed 
over on a question of descent of a title. T do not, 
however, think he was ever married. Colonel Vivian, in 
his " Visitations of Cornwall," very kindly supplies him 
with a wife, to wit, Anne, daughter of Richard lloblyn, 
whom he is there said to have married 26 July 1661, 
some three or four years after he was duly hung, drawn 
and quartered. On referring to the lloblyn pedigree 1 
find that a Richard lloblyn, of Antron, married Anno, 
daughter of John Carew, of Ponwarno, on that very 
date (26 .July 166 1) at St. Colli ml) Major, which Anno 
Uaruw svas the Regicide's first cousin. 


IT. Wymond Carew, born 28 Aug., and baptised at Antony 
7 Sept. 1 623, and was buried there 9 Aug. 1624. 

[II. Sir Thomas Carew, the only son of Sir Richards second 
marriage to leave issue, of whom hereafter. 

IV. Richard Carew, of BarleyJ Devon, baptised at Antony 18 June 
1626 j possibly M.P. for Callington 1679-81. His will, 
dated 2 Oct." 1685, was proved |5 Nov. 1686 (Princ. 
liog., Exeter), by Sir John Carew, Bart., and Daniel 
Vinieombe, two of the executors in trust for testator's 
nephew Henry, son of his brother Sir Thbmas. The 
testator apparently left no issue, at least none is 
mentioned in the will. 

V. Robert Carew, of St. Margaret, Lothbury, London, baptised 
at Antony 16" Sept. 1027, died a bachelor. ilis nuncu- 
pative will dated 2, was proved JO Jail. 1654-5, P.C.C. 
(Aylett 31), by Joseph Carew, his brother and residuary 

VI. Joseph Carew, of Aleppo, baptised at Antony II Jan. 1028-9. 
Will dated 20 Apr. 167-1, probate P.C.C. 20 Feb. 1674-5, 
(Dycer II), by his brother Richard Carew; no wife or 
child is mentioned. 

Sir Thomas Carew, of Barley, the third son of the first Baronet's 
second marriage, was baptised at Antony 1 ( J July 1624. lie was 
a Barrister-at Law of the Inner Temple and was M.P. for Callington 
1658-9, for Michael 1660, and for Exeter 1680-1. He was knighted 
at Dartmouth 21 July 107 1, and died 25, and was buried with 
his wife at St. Thomas', Exeter, 29 July 1081. His will, dated 
11 July 10NI, was proved 15 Dec. 1082, and again 28 Aug. 1688 
in Exeter Cbnsi.storv Court. lie married Elizabeth, possibly 
daughter of John Cooper, of Exeter, but more probably widow 
of . . . Cupper. Her administration as Dame Elizabeth Carew 
u/ia.* Cupper, was granted out of P.C.C. 1 July 1681. Sir Thomas 
had, with three daughters, five sons, viz.: — 

I. John Carew, buried as eldest son and heir apparent at St. 
Thomas', Exeter, 10 Mar. 1002. 

II. Thomas Carew, of Parley, Devon, M.P. for Saltash 1700-5, 
bin', at St. Thomas', Exeter. Will dated 29 Mar., probate 
24 May 1705, P.C.C, and a copy thereof was left in the 
Consistory Court at Exeter. He thereby left all his lands 
to his brother and executor Richard Carew. 

III. Itichard Carew, of Barley aforesaid, matriculated at Exeter 
College, Oxon., 1083, aged 19. lie was buried at St. 
Thomas'. In his will and codicil both dated 15 Nov. 
1713 and proved 4 Nov. 1711 in the Exeter Consistory 
Court by Sentence, he refers to his wife then alive but 
unnamed, and makes his sister Katherine, wife of William 
Pin nick, his executrix and residuary devisee. No children 
are mentioned. 

i 15G 


IV. Henry Carew, of St. Thomas the Apostle, Devon, one of the 
four TellerH of the Exchequer, was under age 1 080, but 
'Jl by 8 Oct. 1090, when lie proved the will of his 
uncle Richard Carew. His will, dated 13 Mar. 1 097-8, 
was proved 30 Jan. 1698-9, P.C.C. (Pett 89). Jle mentions 
neither wife nor child, and makes his brother Thomas 
his executor. 

V. Joseph Carew, of Exeter, gent., died a bachelor. Adminis- 
tration granted out of P.C.C. 8 Oct. 1092 to Richard, 
Henry and Elizabeth Carew, brothers and sister. 

Failing the appearance of any son of the first Baronet hitherto 
Undiscovered, it seems safe enough to say that the Baronetcy of 
Carew of Antony, created 9 Aug. 1041, came to an end upon 
the death of the eighth Baronet, Rev. Sir Alexander Carew, 
Vicar of St. Wenn in 1799. 

A further tabular pedigree may make the results of these notes 
more clear : — 

Bridget Chudleigh.=j=Sir Richard Carew, first Bart. 
first wife. 

ed 1GGO. 


oh. inf. 


: Graee Kolle. 
Second wife. 

Wymond, SirThomas=f Elizabeth. Kiehard Robert Joseph 

ob. inf. 

Carew, ob. 



ob. s.p. 



•ill. S.p. 


ob. rip. 

Carew, Carew, 
ob. coel. ob. s.p. 


ob. M.p. 


107 t. 



Sir Alexander Carew, youngest, but only surviving, son of first marriage 

Sir John Carew, 
issue male ex- 
tinct 1718 on 
dec. of Sir Co- 
ventry Carew, 
sixth Bart. 

z J ano 

Wymond Thomas Carew, Alexander 

Carew, issue male ex- Carew, ob. 

d. s.p. tinct 1799 on coel. Adm. 

1GG 1-5. dec. of Sir Alex- 1G73--4. 

ander Carew, P.C.C. 

eiirhth Bart. 

ob. s.p. 

r Penelopo 

Rkoinai.d M. Glknckosb. 



Arms : Sable, on a bend between three pheons ('/ Or), as many buckles 
(? Gules). Crest: A demi-eagle, wings expanded. 

Two pedigrees of this family have been published — one by Mr. 
W. C. Metcalfe in The Genealogist, O.S., vol. iii, p. '.ill, from the 
..Visitation of Cambridgeshire, 1684; the otlrer by Canon Maddison 
in Lincolnshire Pedigrees, vol. iii (Harleiau Society, vol. Iii), p. 933, 
based on MS. D. 23 at Heralds' College (the last Visitation of 
Lincolnshire, 1666). The following notes largely extend, and in 
regard to the marriages materially amend, the published pedigrees, 
and trace the connection of one branch of the family with Nas- 
sington, Northants. 

I. Joseph Stubbs, described in both the published pedigrees as 
"of Stamford, descended out of Norfolk," married at Wy- 
mondham, Leicestershire, in December 1604 (day of month 
not legible in parish register) Mary, daughter of William 
Gulston, rector of Wymondhara, and sister of John Gulston, 
sometime prothonotary of the Common Pleas (whom the 
published pedigrees erroneously make her father), of Dr. 
Theodore Gulston (who mentions his " sister Stubbes " in 
his will, dated 26 April, proved P.C.C., 1 June 1632, 64 
Audley), and of Nathaniel Gulston, D.D., the father of Bishop 
Gulston of Bristol and of Mrs. Addison (Of. Notes and 
Queries, 10 S. X. 201). Mrs. Stubbs was living 11 Oct. 
1666. Joseph and Mary Stubbs had issue — 

(1) Justinian Stubbs, who occurs as of Ryhall, Rutland, 

clerk, 1662-75, probably first as Curate-in-charge, 
afterwards as Vicar. He married and had issue — 

John, educated at Stamford School for four years, 
and at home under his father for three years, 
before admission to Caius College, Cambridge, 
20 June 1664, at the age of 18. John Stubbs 
graduated M.B. 1670, and died s.p. before 1684. 

(2) John Stubbs, of whom below. 

(3) Sheffield Stubbs, born circa 1614. Of St. Paul's, 

Covent Garden. An overseer of the will, dated 
17 Nov., proved P.C.C., 29 Jan. 1657-8 (1 
Wootton), of Henry Waite, citizen and leather seller 


of London. His will, dated 11 Oct., proved P.O.O., 
30 Oct. KJ6G (ISO Mieo), mentions hia wife Sarah 
(execnl t*ix ), his daughter Elizabeth Ker, his sou 
Sheffield stubbs, and his daughter Straitrge (who 
was born (8 March, baptized at St. Pauls, Covent 
Harden, 24 March 1656-7), and makes his brother, 
John Stubbs, and his cousin, Nicholas Waite, over- 
seers. The younger Shellield Stubbs, who was under 
age 11 Oct. I0(itj, was of Illy in l(j.S4 ; married 
and had issue. 

(4) Richard Stubbs, of Bristol, merchant. J I is will, dated 
18 May, proved P.C.C., 1 July 1(17$ (78 Dycer), 
mentions his wife Mary, his sons Thomas (of 
London), Richard, Charles, and John, and his 
daughters Basrell, Ann Tuffey, and Elizabeth. 

II. John Stubbs, born circa 101 1, of Barnard's Inn, attorney at- 
law. Co-surety with William Sharpe of Nassiuglon for 
Daniel Thorowgood of Stamford, 17 Jan. 1G37 8. Uited as 
co-trustee with Robert Malty ward of several leases of lands, 
etc., at Witham, Essex, in the will of John Gulston, dated 
L3 June 1643, proved P.C.C. (at Oxford) 13 April 1644. 
John Stubbs married, firstly, Elizabeth Harnewell, of Nas- 
sington, spinster, daughter and eventually heiress of George 
Hainewcll (erroneously called Fi ancis Barnwell in the Lin- 
colnshire pedigree) of Rochester by his marriage with Eliza- 
beth, daughter of Edmund Per by of Paul's Cray Hill. 
Marriage licence, in which John Stubbs is described as of 
Stamford St. Martin, gentleman, for marriage at Caistor, 
dated l'JJan. 1635-6 (Peterborough Diocesan Registry). In 
his will dated 20 Aug., proved P.C.C,, 2 Oct. 1625 (104 Clark), 
George Barnewell left -10s. to the poor of Rochester and the 
same sum to the poor of Nashington (sic), Nortbants, and 
asked his "father Carter" (Cf. pedigree of Carter of Nas- 
sington in Lincolnshire Pediyreeti, vol. i, p. :!31) and bis 
mother to be good to his daughter Elizabeth. John and 
Elizabeth Stubbs had issue — 

(1) Robert Stubbs, of whom below. 

(1) Bazillj died before her father. 

(2) Elizabeth, married at Stibbington, Hunts, 6 Jan. 

L662-3, John Lawrence, M.A., Vicar of Nassington, 
afterwards Vicar of St. Martin's and Warden of 
Browne's Hospital, Stamford, and bad issue. 

(3) Catherine, married . . . King. 


(I) Mary, (if Upton. Northants, spinster, died '27 Jan. 
It;?'.). M.I. in chapel of Browne's Hospital. Arms: 
On a bend between three plieowt, three roundel* 
(Wright, "Story of the ' Domus Dei 1 of Stamford," 
p. 04). IIoj* will, dated 32 Jan. 1679, in which 
she makes her "beloved brol her in -law " John 
I ,;hvivihv, residuary legatee and soha executor, was l'.C.C. I May 1680 (66 Bath). 

John Stuhhs married, secondly, Bridget, widow of John 
Kd wards of Stibbington. Marriage licence (V.G.) dated 

18 May 1662. The will of John Stubbs, in which lie is 
described as of Stibbington, date left blank, was proved 
P.C.C., 2 Jan. 16*70-1 (9 Duke), by Catherine Ring alias 

III. Robert Stnbbs, horn circa 1641. Of Barnard's Inn, 3 Dec. 
11)57, when lie was admitted to Gray's Inn. Acquired under 
his father's will a life interest in all his lands and freehold 
and copyhold messuages at Nassiugton. A party, to an 
indenture, dated 16 Nov. 1GG7, relating to* property in St. 
Nicholas' parish, Rochester, therein described as "son and 
heir of Elizabeth Stuhhs, deceased, late wife of John Stuhhs, 
of Barnard's Inn, co. Middx., gent., the said Elizabeth being 
surviving daughter and heiress of George Barnewell, late 
of the city of Rochester, co. Kent, gent., deceased " (ArcJuto- 
loyia Cantiana, vol. xviii, p. 214). Owned the house at 
the west end of Browne's Hospital, Stamford, in which the 
founder is supposed to have resided (Wright, "Story of 
•Domus Dei,'" p. 65, footnote). Itobert Stuhhs married 
Elizabeth, daughter of John and Bridget Edwards of Stib- 
hington. Marriage licence (V.(i.) of the same date as 
her mother's. Administration of the goods of Robert Stuhhs 
was granted to his widow Elizabeth, P.C.C. ID Feb. 1G7G-7. 

IV. John Stuhhs, son of Robert and Elizabeth Stuhhs, born circa 
1GGI, on whom his grandfather settled his Nassiugton 
property in remainder after his father, was living 1684. 

G. O. Bkllewks. 


|)rtugrrrs from tlic ©c Banco Eolls, trmp. 3l?nuy YH. 

By II. .1. T. Wood. 

(Continued from p, 92.) 

[379] Easter. 9 //en. F//. 01. 111. 

Westmoreland. — Richard Traves sues Radulf Wetheryngton Kut. 
and Mabel liis wife and Thomas San ford for the manor of Parva 
Askeby and land in Magna Askeby Which were settled by fine 
Mich. 2 Edvv. ITT on William l.englys and Eleanor his wife 
in tail, with remainder to Robert brother of the said William in 
tail, with remainder to Thomas brother of said William in tail, 
with remainder to John son of Thomas Dannay in tail, with 
remainder to Roger son of Gilbert de Lancastre in tail, with 
remainder to the right heirs of the said William Lenglys. 

Said Roger, sou of (iilb<jrt=f ... 
do L&ncastre. 

... jAlii 


Thomas. = 





r J 

Itobort. t 5 .!. 

r ._...._J 

Rii-liard Traves, plaintiff. 


[380] Easter. 9 Hen. VII. m. 126. 

Devon. — Recovery by John Kyrton against Richard Whytlegh arm. 
of land in Herwardsore of which Richard Efford son and heir of 
Baldwin Bastard temp. Hen. IV disseised 

Jolm Kyrton,^... 


Robert, s. & li.=ip... 

William, s. & h 


John Kyrton, s. & h. 


[381] Easier. 9 Hen. VII. m. 146 d. 

Devon. — Philip Botoler sues William Leye and Aricia his wife for his 
land in WolfordcH worthy which Thomas Lomon chaplain and Thomaa 
Domide temp. Hon. V gave to 

William Boteler.nF Elizabeth. 


(ionl iilll, H. A ll.-r... 

Philip Botoler, s. & It., plaintiff. 

[382] Easter. 9 lien. VII. m. 295. 

Surrey. — Richard Carru gent, was summoned to answer Richard 
Attewode for illegal distress at a place called (J rovers in Kersalton. 
John Martyn and others gave the manor of Bandon to 
Nicholas Carru. senr.=j=... 

Nicholas Carru, of Bedyngton,^ 
s. and li. 

Nicholas Carru, arm., s. and h., 


James Carru. 

Richard Carru, 

1383] Easter. 9 lien. VII. mm. 297, 297 d. 

Beds. — Recovery by John Mordaunt against Edward Earl of Wilts, 
in the first suit of land in Turvey, in the second suit of land in 
GMyfton which Hugh Wake of Glyfton Knt. temp. Edw. Ill 

gave to 

Robert Mordaunt, =j= Johanna, 
of Turvey. 

Edmund, s. and h.-p 


Hubert Mordaunt, s. and li.,— |— . 


. Hie. 11. 



8. and 





s. am 


i.«f ... 



olui Mor 



and h. 


[384] Easter. 9 Hen. VII. m. 300. 

6outhant8. — Thomas Dormer of Nutshelyng yeoman was attached 
to answer William Stoner Knt. for trespass at Nutshelyng on land 
which the defendant pleads was demised to Edmund Forster for 
life with remainder to Johanna wife of Peter Marmyoii in tail 
(who died s.p.), with remainder to the right heirs of the said 

Edmund Forster 

:ster.=F ... 


Thomas IIardgrane.=T= Christ inn. 

Thomas Dormer, — Johanna, 

The plaintiff pleads that the said Johanna wife of Peter Marmyon 
had a son Robert. 

[385] Easter. 9 Hen. VII. m. 303. 

Notts. — Writ to Sheriff to issue a precept to Richard Basset to 
give to Robert Scot land in Estredford of which Thomas Scot 
grandfather of said Robert was seised. 

[386] Easter. 9 Hen.^VII. m. 312. 

Lincoln. — Richard Skypper of Hellawe gent, and Thomas Colynson 
of same yeoman were attached to answer William Goderyk for 
trespass at Kirkeby next Bolyngbroke. 

Joint (iryno.=p... 






Richard Skypper,— Ethclrcd. 

[387 1 Easier. 9 lien. VII. m. 328. 

Sovierset. — John Wyke of Donnende in the parish of Puryton 

husbandman was attached to answer Edward Earl of Devon for 
trespass at Donnende. 




•*;-— r- 


Nicholas. =F... 


Edward, Earl of Do von, 

Edmund Carewe, Knt., 

|388] Easter. 9 lien. VII. m. 330. 

Lincoln. — Robert Bate of Lincoln merchant was attached to answer 
William Lettyn for forcible entry on land in Westburgh, Dry- 
dodyngton, Stupton, Thorp and Welburn. 

Robert Leton.T 3 ... 




Thomas Leton. ^Johanna. 


Robert Loton, e.p. 

[389] Easter. 9 Hen. VII. Deeds enrolled. 

Quit claim by Alice Frith to John Josselyn and others of land in 
Alta Rothing, Esthrop and Hatfield Kings, co. Essex. 

William Davy.=p... 


Humphrey Frith. ^Cristina Teucho, d. and h. 
Alico Frith, d. and coh. 

[390] Master. 9 Hen. VI I. Deeds enrolled. 

Feoffment by Johanna Thurlby widow of William Thurlby arm. 
kinswoman and heir of John Raul!" citizen and tallowchandler of 
London and Thomas Burgeys vintner to Leonard Knyght gent 
and others of a messuage in Walworth in the parish of Newyngton, 
co. Surrey, which they and others had of the gift of Ada Downe 
d. and h. of Clarice d. and h. of John Rauff citizen and tallow- 
chandler of London. 

[391] Trin. 9 Hen. VII. m. 2d. 

Devon. — Writ to Sheriff to issue a precept to the Abbot of the 
Monastery of St. .Mary of Shirburn to give to Walter Courtenay 
kut. and Alice his wife land in Bere in the parish of Seton which 
Henry de Hole gave to 


William Colbroke, iunr.=F... 


Nicholas. 7... 


Nicholas. =?=. .. 

I ' 

Walter. =f... 


Walter Courtenay, Knt.=Alico. 

[392] Trin. 9 Hen. VII. m. 2d. 

Devon. — Writ to Sheriff to issue a precept to John Colshill to give 
to John Balche and Johanna his wife land in Estraddon which 
Thomas Erdbroke and Walter Gorde clerks gave to 

John Frere, son = 
of Walter Frere. 

John Balche. — Johanna, d. and h. 

[393] Trin. 9 Hen. VII. m. 65. 

York. — Richard Conyers of Southcouton Knt. and others were 
attached to answer James Danby Knt. for forcible entry on land 
in Magna Danby, Parva Dauby, Yallord, Parva Langton, Magna 
Langton, Overwhitwell and Nether VYhitwelL 

William=f ... 


...yFli/.abotli. William. y... 

' — H 

Richard.y... == Agnes. 

I ,— ' 

Marmaduke Constable, Knt., Jo! 



James Danby, Knt.,=Agnes. 

[394] Trin. 9 Hen. VII. m. 195. 

City of Covventry. — John Merynton of Coventry weaver was attached 
to answer Richard Braytoft for forcible entry on land at Keresley. 
Defendant pleads that Henry Raker gave the land to 


(iuy Merynton.7Agn68. 




Hugh Mcryiitoii, h. ;ind I 

Thomas Meryuton, h. and li 


John Meryuton, defendant, 

b. and li. 

Judgment for defendant. 

[395] Trin. 9 Hen. VII. m. 279. 

Wanv. — Robert Walkelyn of Caulev husbandman was attached to 
answer Richard Alderston tor forcible entry on land at Cauley. 

Henry Walklyn.=f ... 


Thomas Walklyn, whose estate tlie 
defendant has. 

Plaintiff pleads that the Abbot of St. Mary of Stonley gave the 
land to 

William Halley.=f Alice. 


John Hulley.-p... 

John Kli/.iibetli. Itiehard =A1ioo. [loiiry=Aguoa< ltobort--Matilda. 

Sharp. AldersLon. Mill. Lyllytigton. 

Partition was made 1st June G Old. IV. 

[396] Trin. 9 Hen. VII. m. 280. 
Sonthants. — As [61]. 

Defendant calls to warranty Robert Gaynesford kinsman and heir 
of Walter Gaynesford clerk, viz., son of John brother of said Walter. 

[397] Trin. 9 Hen. VII. m. 332. 
Kent. — Christopher Gay was summoned to answer Henry Colman 
for illegal distress at a place called Southasell in Elniestede. 
Thomas Sinc v ilu'.=j=... 



Nicholas. =p... 


11 iimphroy (Jay, whose 
bailiff the ilereudniil is. 



[398] Trin. 9 Hen. VI I. m. 343 d. 

Wore — As [337]. v 

Defendant calls to warranty Humphrey Kverdon (summoned in 
co. Stafford) son and heir of Thomas Eveidon, William Aggebarowe 
kinsman and heir of William Syer, viz., son of Alice sister of said 
William, and Gilbert Clare (who is under age) kinsman and heir of 
Simon Clare, viz., son of John son of the said Simon. 


[399] Trin. 9 Hm. VII. m. 354 c/. 

Middx.— Radulf Boteler sues William Bishop of Lichfield and 

-Coventry and others for the Manor of Drayton and land in West- 
d ray ton Hyllyngton Colham and Woxbridge which John atte Brok 
and John atte Mulle temp. Edw. Ill gave to 

Radulf atte Merke.^Agnes. 

= Johanna. 

John, s. and h.=p... 


William, 3. and h.=j=... 


Itadulf Hololur, s. and I;., 
plaint ill. 

Judgment for plaintiff by consent. 

[400] Trin. 9 Hen. VII. m. 416. 

Somfr.irt.—lioury Mompesson Hector of Northcadburv was attached 
to answer John Fit/ James for illegal distress at Northcadburv. 


Koyer.=f ... 


Elena Clare, S.p. 

..=F Margaret 




John Marluk, 
1 H6n. VII. 

who demigod to | 


(To be continued.) 

} 1G7 


I'Mili.l hy tlie Kkv. Khmumi Nkviu., It. A. 
(Coittiititrd from y. 99J 

Anotts, Robert, of Milton, Wilts, 22, and Edith Mortimer, of the 

same, sp., 22. 10 Oct, 
Selfe, Mark, of Potterne, Wilts, yeoman, 28, and Eliz. Tiumnell, 

sj)., 27, of the same. 11 Oct. 
Rose, Richard, of Cheverell Parva, Wilts, miller, 40, and Catherine 

Purnell, of the same, sp., 30. Cheverell Parva Ch. 1G Oct. 
Monday, Robert, s. of John Monday, of Charlton, Wilts, 25, and Anne 

Selfe, of Wilsford, sp., 24, dau. of Ruffe Selfe. Wilsford Ch. 

1G Oct. 
Harris, John, of Stapleford, Wilts, 40, and Marie Stevens, of Codford 

St, Mary, sp., 28. 19 Oct. 
Smith, Nicholas, of Morden, Wilts, clothier, 30, and Ellinor Burford, 

of Bremhill, sp., 25. 20 Oct. 
Bosell, John, of St. Edmunds, Sarum, Wilts, glover, 34, and 

Margaret Collins, of Sarum, sp., 32. (His father lives in the 

I. of Wight, is a wid.) 20 Oct, 
Dennys, Duke, of Dean, Wilts, husb., 50, and Edith Dowle, of St. 

Martin's, Sarum, wid., 40. 24 Oct. 
Wake, John, of Marlborough, Wilts, Gent,, 22, and Anne Lee, of 

Ufton, Berks, wid., 28. 28 Oct. 
Dugoe, Thomas, of Chute, Wilts, keeper, 28, and Dorothv, dau. of 

William Biggs, of Ludgershall, Wilts, sp., 21. 30 Oct. 
Hobrs, John, of Plaitford, Wilts, colliar, 21, and Fraunces, d. of 

Richard Prettie, of Whiteparish, Wilts, sp., 30. 30 Oct. 
Berry, Robert, of Wanborough, Wilts, 30, and Ann Cox, of the same, 

wid., 32. 20 Oct. 
Tailor, Daniell, of Sutton Courtney, co. Berks, Gent., 23, and Eliza- 
beth Shawe, of Newbury, Berks, sp., 24. (Her fa. dead.) 

3 Nov. 
Symson, William, of Hodson in Chisledon, Wilts, yeoman, 56, and 

Mary Stevens, of the same, wid., 50. 8 Nov. 
Mjorse, Richard, of Badbnry, in Chisledon, 24, and Margaret Kinge, 

of the same, wid., 30. 8 Nov. 
West, John, of Durrington, Wilts, fuller, 80, and Anne Wheeler, 

wid., '15. 8 Nov. 
Stephens, Anthony, of Burdrop, in Chisledon, Wilts, and Sara 

Trewe, of Marlborough St. Peter, wid. Chisledon Ch. Bdman. 

Mr. John Gallimor, clerke, Vicar of Chisledon. 15 Nov. 
Hayes, William, of Asscrton in Berwick St. James, Wilts, Gent., 38, 

and Marian I'av y, of Stoford in S. Newton, Wilts, 59. Newton Ch. 

JG Nov. 



Bknt* Richard, s. ol Robert Bent, of Pcnton, co, South, yeoman, 23, 
■ and .Jane, (I. of John Compton, of Fisherton Anger, Bp., 2.'i. 

Fisherton Anger Ch. 20 Nov. 
Odell, Richard, s. of Edward Oadell, of St. Martin's in Sarum, baker, 

19, and Mary IIana.m, of the same, sp., :50. Bdmen. John 
• Chitlef, elerke, and James Tapp, of Sarum. St. .Martin's Ch. 

20 Nov. 
Flower, Richard, of St. John's in the Devizes, Wilts, Gent., and 

Mjirgcry, d. of Thomas Hunt, (lent. St. John's Ch., Devizes. 

22 Nov. 
Parsons, Edward, of Ponthill Gifford, blacksmith, 20, and Erne, d. 

of Mdward Davis, of Sutton Mandcville, hiylor, sp. 23. Sutton 

Aland. svillo Ch. 22 Nov. 
Wildk alias Christopiikr, Thomas, of Setley, co. South, Gent., 32, 

and Rlarv Akerman, of Amesbury, wid. Amesbury Ch. 2.'3 

M an Kin ld, William, of Figheldcan, co. Wilts, 40, and Elizabeth 

Browne, of the same, wid., 40. 23 Nov. 
Burden, William, of Allcanninga, Wilts, 4:5, and Elizabeth Stephens, 

ol Stanton St. Bernard, Wilts, sp., .'?">. Allcannings or Stanton 

St. Bernard. 21 Nov. 
Marks, William, of Keevil, Wilts, 28, and Elioner BuRGES, of Steeple 

Ashton, sp., 25. 15dm. Geo. Webb, clerk, Vicar of Steeple Ashton, 

and Geo. White, of the same. Steeple Ashton Ch. 24 Nov. 
Wilkins, Gbediah, of Seend, Wilts, clotliier, 23, and Friswide, d. of 

William Tilling b, of the same, sp., 24. 2(i Nov. 
IIatt, John, of Stanton Fitzwarren, Wilts, 25, and Mary Harbar, 

of the same, sp., 23. Bdmen. Win. Edwards, clerk, Rector of 

Stanton Fitzwarren, and William Fowler, clerk, Vicar of Stratton 

St. Margaret's. Stanton Fitzwarren Ch. William Grfffyjl, of 

Marston, Wilts, (lent, appears. 27 Nov. 
Stakman, William, of Barvon in Downton, and Anne DoVE, of St. 

Edmund's in Sarum, wid. Downton Ch. 27 Nov. 
Thomas alias Morgan, Nicholas, of Frome Selwood, Somerset, diocese 

of Bath and Wells, 22, ami Marie, d. of Kobt. Drkdgk, of 

Corsley, Wilts, 20. Bdman. Nich. Fitz Hugh, cler., Rector 

of Corsley. Edward Cooch, of Chapmanslade, Wilts, weaver, 

appears. 27 Nov. 
Penson, Willm., of Wemberre, co. Dorset (! Wembury, Devon), 

mason, 24, and Eliz. Lancaster, of Odstock. co. Wilts, sp. 24 

Odstock Ch. 27 Nov. 
Sandall, Robert, of Stourton . . . , 70, and Anne Coward, of the 

same, wid. Bdman. Randulph Morgan, Vic. de Stourton. 

Sloiirlon Ch. Win. 1 1 inckst ridge, of Stourton, appears. 27 Nov. 
IOryskv, Richard, of Frvsey, in p. of Grade, co. Cornwall, Esq., and 

Mary Trvstra.m, of TclTont Fwyas, Wilts, wid., dau. of Sir James 

Ley, Knight Baronett. Bdman. Gabriel Estgate, cler., Rector 

of Tefiont Fwyas. Teffont Ewvas Ch. William llavter, of TefTont 

Fwvas, appears. 12 Dec. 


Ballard, Raphe, clerk, of Lnsborongh, eo. Glouc., 25, and Elanna, 
(1. ol Bartholomew Tooker, of Si. Edmund's, Sarum, clothier, 
sp., 20. Bdman. Hugh Williams, parson of Si. Edmunds. St. 
Edmund's (Mi. II Dec 

IU'kt, John, of St. Edmund's, Sarum, pewterer, 25, and Thamozin, 
d. of Henry Pr arson, 61 the same, uphoulster, sp., 19. Bdman. 
John Stephens, brasicr, of the same. Si. Edmund's Ch., Samm. 
II Dec. 

Ellington, Humphry, of Warminster, Wilts, -11, and Eliz. Fry, of 

Codford, 10. 20 Dec 
NoRTHEY, Edward, of Devizes, W r ilts, 21, and Jam;, da. of John 

Hitchcocke, of Bluns Court in Potterne, Wilts, 22. 21 Dee. 
Eyre, Benjamin, of St. Thomas' in Sarum, grosser, 26, and 

Isabcll, d. of Thomas HlLL, of the same par., Rynnen Draper, 

s])., IS. St. Thomas' Ch., Sarum. 22 Dec. 
A.TWOOD, Walter, of Old Sod bury, CO. Glouc., and Eleynor Franoklin, 
of Marlborough, Wilts. Bdman. Thos. Edmund. 28 Dec. 


Marst (?), Thomas, of ... , co. South., and Anne Fertherton, of 

Littlecot, co. Wilts. 4 Jan. Hi 19/20. 
Wren, John, of Marlborough St. Peter's, 20, and Margaret Ooddard, 

of the same, s|>., 20. Bdman. Arthur llearue, cler., Rector of 

Marlborough St. Peter's. St. Peter's Ch., Marlborough. Hugh 

Wren, of Kingscleerc, co. South., father, appears. 5 Jan. 
Smith, William, of Warminster, Cent., 23, and Frances, d. of John 

Puxton, Cent., of St. Edmund's, Sarum, sp., 18. St. Edmund's 

Ch. 8 Jan. 
Renett, John, of Whiteparish, 28, s. of Willm. Benett, of Broughton, 

co. South., and Sibill PlLGRIM, of West Crimstead, Wilts, sp., 2li. 

Crimslead Ch. 8 Jan. 
Dowles, Thomas, of Kington St. Michael, Wilts, 18, and Joan 

Rose, of Fisherton, 30. 10 Jan. 
Nunn(0, John, of Yarlton, Wilts ( ? Yarlington, Somerset), 26, and 

Annis Piles, of Pewsy, 30. 10 Jan. 
Rarrington, Richard, of Rreamore, co. South., diocese of Winton, 22, 

and Rridgett Ryeston, of Odstock, Wilts, sp., 23. (They were 

servants of Sir Wm. Dorrington and his lady.) 19 Jan. 
Aldridge, . Thomas, of Stapleford, co. Wilts, husb., 33, and Cecily 

Harris, of the same, sp., 30. Bdman. Thos. Harris, of Staple- 
ford. Stapleford Ch. 24 Jan. 
Sturges, Edward, of Rulford, co. Wilts, yeoman, 22, and Susan 

Castell, of the same, sp., 17. Bulford Ch. 27 Jan. 
Covey, Bartholomew, of Sarum, grocer, 23, and Eliz. Wheeler, of 

the same, 28. 27 Jan. 
illKS, William, of Rromham, co. Wilts, clothier, 23, and Eliz., d. of 

John Pairdii'E, of the same, sp., 17. 27 Jan. 
Rott;— Robert, of Collingborne Kingston, Wilts, 21, and Margaret 

CHRESHYER, of the same, sp., 34. 1 Feb. 


Watkuman, Jolm, of Chudehusband (? Chute, husbandman), wid., and 

Sara Allhypand, .'57. 7 Feb. 
P arris, Roger, of Cotmarshe in Bvoadhinton, 21, and Alice Hancocks, 

of Eleombc in VVroughton, 21 (d. in law of Jolm Stronge, of the 

same place, his wife's daughter.) VVroughton Ch. Bdman. Jolm 

Strong. 9 Feb. 
WbODRUFT, Thomas, of Milborne in Malmesbnry, 33, yeoman, and 

Margaret Jouroan, of Stratton St. Margaret's, sp., 21. (Mark 

Tame, her mother's husband, consents.) Stratton St. Margaret's 

Ch. 7 Feb. 
Dyer, Gilbert, of St. Martin's in Sarum, 29, and Deanes Bagg, of St. 

Edmund's in Sarum, 30. 10 Feb. 
PEASLY, John, of Overton, yeoman, 26, and Mary Stratton, of 

Overton, 30. Bdman. Roger Malam, of Overton, yeoman. 

12 Feb. 
Noyks, Willm., of Sarum, shomaker, 26, and Margaret Hustas, of 

the same, 18. 11 Feb. 
Cosiiin, Thos., of Chilton, Wilts, and Joan Sopton, of Hungerford, 

wid. 12 Feb. 
West, William, of Mildenhall, 40, and Joan Haynes, of Marlborough, 

wid. Bdman. Barth. (.'ones, of Marlborough. 18 Feb. 
Toogood, Richard, of Wilton, Wilts, Cent., 24, and Mary Storke, 

of New Sarum, sp., 20. 19 Feb. 
Linche, Samuel, of Whiteparish, Wilts, Gent., 32, and Eliz. Coddard, 

of Marlborough St. Peter's, sp., 26. St. Peter's Ch., Marlborough. 

23 Feb. 
Massik, David (signs MacIk), of Weston, Somerset, yeo., 25, and Elinor 

Cawlim, of Cleeveanoy (i.e. Clevc Austey), sp., 35. Bdman. .John 

Hopkins, of Cleeveancy. 23 Feb. 
Perkins, Daniel, of Mildenhall, Wilts, 24, and Eliz. Richemond 

alias Wehiie, of Praycott in Chialedon, sp. Chisledon Ch. 

23 Feb. 
IIou.owav, John, of Dinton, miller, 30, and Anne Mayium:, o( 

Lavinglon Market, sp., 23. Ildin. Tlios. Wilkius, of Fovant (her 

brotlier and sister only alive), haviugton Ch. 21 Feb. 
Pi.AYi.K, Henry, of Milborne, in Malmesbnry, Wilts, 23, and Margaret 

IIayward, of Charlton, 24. Bdman. John Peart, clerke, Vicar 

of Avebury. Charlton Ch. 24 Feb. 
Conduit, Walter, of Chilmark, 30, and Mary Harding, of the same, 

d. of Robert Harding, of Sutton Mandeville, sp., 24. Sutton 

Mandeville Ch. 25 Feb. 
Stronge, John, of Manningford Bruce, 56, and Cecily Chandler, 

of Manningford Bohun in Wilsford, sp., 34. Bdman. Noyce 

Chandler, bro. Wilsford or Manningford Bruce. 25 Feb. 
CoLLIS, Richard, of Whiteparish, Wilts, 28, and Katherin Travis, of 

Kingsgate in City and Diocese of Winton, wid., 33. Whiteparish 

Ch. 20 Feb. 
Tyu.ek, F.dward, of Damcrham, Wilts, 49, and Alee Vyncent, of 
" Martin, wid. 26 Fob. 


Lyne, William, of Ringwood, 30, and Mary Marten, of St. Thomas' 

in Sarum, sp., 24, dwelling with Mr. John Duke. Bdman. Thos. 

Mai tin, bro. 20 Feb. 
Lamu, John, of Combe Bisset, Wilts, blacksmith, 29, and Mary 

Kichman, of Warminster, sp., 25. Combe Bisset Ch. 27 Feb. 
Smyth, Robt., of Fittleton, yeoman, 30, and Alec LEGO, of Ncther- 

avon, sp., 30. 
Deere, Edward, of Newnton, hush., 24, and Joan Whitlock, of 

Wootton Basset, sp., 20. 20 Mar. 
CHINOOK, Edward, of Fisherton Anger, carpenter, 52, and Joane 

SoUTHWlKE, of Wilton, wid., 60. Wilton. 22 Mar. 
Arlot, George, of Kintbury, hush., 22, and Mary Wells, of the same, 
', wid. 24 Mar. 

I (120. 

Hills, Robert, of Wootton Bassett, and Frances Lovet, of Trowbridge," 
Wilts. Bdman. Joseph Marten, of Trowbridge, clothyer. 11 Ap. 

1020. (Not signed.) 
Hulbert, Richard, of Ember, Wilts, Gent., 35, and Anne, d. of 

Richard Westfield, of Ilford, co. Somerset, sp., 20. 13 Ap. 
Hussy, Mr. William, 25, and Mris. Margaret Swaynk, d. of Richard 

Swayne, of Blandford, Dorset, Esq., 25. 13 Ap. 
Hill, Robert, of Wootton Basset, Wilts, 21, and Francis Lovell, d. 

of Francis Lovell, of Trowbridge, Gent., 18. Signs Robt. Hilles. 

15 Ap. (Repeated from 11 Ap.) 
Ayles, James, of Tilshead, co. Wilts, 32, and Edith Mack, of 

Burcombe, wid. 16 Ap. 
Russell, John, of Ashton GyfTord in Codford St. Peter, husb., 50, and 

Mary West, of the same, wid., 50. Codford Ch. 19 Ap. 
Joyce, John, of Sarum, appothecary, 21, and Theodosia Newe- 

combe, sp., d. of William Newecombe, of the same, appothecary. 

19 Ap. 
Borstaple, John, of Fisherton Anger, Wilts, cooper, and Elynor 

Drayton, of Wareham, Dorset. 20 Ap. 1010 (sic). 
Ely, Thomas, of Sarum, Gent., 40, and Martha Oliver, of St. 

Thomas', Sarum, wid. 18 Ap. 
BLACK E, Willm., of Easterton, co. South (?), Gent., 25, and Margaret 

Rose, of Enford, Wilts, sp. 21 Ap. 
Pearce, Willm., of Dilton in Westbury, 34, and Alee Hawkins, of 

the same, 20. 24 Ap. 
Ganeky, Thomas, of llannington, 50, and Sibell G erring, of Buscot, 

Berks, 54. 20 A p. 
Bacheller, Henry, of Durrington, Wilts, yeoman, 40, and Julian 

Monday, of the same, wid. Durrington Ch. 29 Ap. 
OWEN, Robert, of IVwscy, Wilts, broadweaver, and Elianor KeYNTONE, 

of the same, wid. 2i> A p. 
Cottkrkll, John, of Long Ashton, co. Somerset, Gent., 27, and 

Elizabeth, d. of John Hall, of Bradford, Wilts, Esq., 22. 29 Ap. 
Prater, John, of Wootton Basset, Wilts, and Agnes Parnell, of 

Lydiard Tregoze. Bdman. Thomas Edmonde, of Ogbourne 

St. Andrew, Wilts. 1 May. 



Lank, John, of Latten, Wilts, yeoman, wid., and Anne Eilling, of 

Pirton, 20. -1 May. 
Goldstone, Thomas, of Alderbury, Wilts, Gent., and "' (l *"«' Irlon, of 

Burford ('i Harford, Wilts, or Burfortl, Oxon.), 21. 6 May. 
Ambrose, John, of Bovton, Wilts, and Luce Androes, of Upton 

Lovell, 35. 9 May. 
Roberts, Henry, of Sarum, Joyner, wid., and Elizabeth Burden, 

of St. Edmund's, Sarum, 30. 10 May. 
Pampeld, liichard, bf Hounsham (Horningsham). 10 May (erased 


(To be continued.) 


Contributed by Gerald FOTHRRQILL. 
[Continued from p. 103.) 

12 June 1(524. 

Penniston, Elizabeth, 18, . . . Cloine, resident in Rotterdam. 

BltoWNE, Thomas, :!S, resident at Topsham, near Exeter, to Vlishillg, 
to recover liis ship from the Hollanders well they took from him. 

Krknsiiam, Mary, 22, wife of Thomas Erensham, resident in Hotter- 
dam, and daughter Ann, 8 monethes, to the same. 

SERGEANT, Elizabeth, 10, to Amsterdam, to live with her brother, 
Paul Smith. 

15 June 1624. 

Seei.INE, Elizabeth, 10, whose parents tire deceased, to Rotterdam, 
to remain with her brol her-indaw, named ,lno. Wavnwright. 

16 June 1624. 

Robinson, Richard, 28, late servant to one Mr. Gorsuch, resident in 

Thames St., to Amsterdam, to remain there. 
Holmes, Elizabeth, . . . wife of Roger Holmes, resident in Middleburgh, 

& son, Robert, 4, to the same. 
Willis, Elizabeth, 40, wid., resident in Utrecht, & Katherine Dale, 

30, to the same. 
. . . ., a Chandler, resident in Holborn, to Vlishing, about c'ten 

his affaires. 
White, Ann, (38, resident in Layden, widdow, to the same. 

19 June 1(524. 

Young, William, 24, a glover resident in Middleborough, & his servant, 
J no. Butler, 17, to the same. 



Vandercloss, Francis, 22, son of Theodoria VandereloBft, dwelling in 
Wood Street, to Leverden in Friezeland. 

Smith, John, 26, late servant to Mr. Jno. Wood, dwelling in Barmondsbie 
Street, to Vlishing, to work on Ins occupation, a si Ik weaver. 

21 June 1624. 

Norton, Ann, 67, widdow, to Nord, to remain there with her son. 
Rivers, Sara, 35, wife of Jno. Rivers, of Amsterdam, & daughter Ann, 

6, to the same. 
Booker, Lancellott, 35, resident in Plymouth, to Surrickseas, to visit 

his brother, being . . . 

22 June 1624. 

Wynoio, Debora, .'52, wife of Mr. Jno. Winge, preacher, resident in 
Vlishing, with her two children* Steephen, .'}, & Debora, 14, to 

the same. 

Dawmk, Marie, 37, wife of . . ., resident in Middleburgh,' to the 

T . . RAR, Nicholas, 54, resident at Matt . ., CO. Notts, to Amsterdam. 

OSBORNE, Sara, 44, wife of Edward Osborne, dwelling in the Brill, k 
her servant, Marie Kymeston, 20, to the same. 

1)kk, Arthur, 16, with his sister, Jane. Dee, 19, children of Mr. Arthur 
Dee, resident in Russia, the Emperor's phisitian, two maidservants, 
Elizabeth Dawson, 20, & Martha Smith, 20, Jno. Taylor, the 
man servant, 24, Mrs. Alice Wardlie, 30, wife of Mr. Randall 
Wardlie, Apothecary to the Emperor of Russia, to the same. 

THOMPSON, Ann, 16, daughter of Chris. Thompson, resident in Amster- 
dam, to the same. 

25 June 1624. 

Murray, Walter, 60, with his wife and three children, Meat Murray, 

55, Barbaric. Murray, 24, Jane Murray, 17, & Marie Murray, 5, to 

Dunhague, purposing to remain©. 
Thomas, William, 45, dwelling at Denbeigh, & Pierce Bevan, 14, son 

of Koulk Bevan, resident in Berghen-ap-zoome, to the same. 
Sun. hock, Ellinor, 40, and Charitie Bluuden, 35, servants to one 

Mrs. Pickering, widdow, resident in Amsterdam, to the same. 
Smith, Robert, . ., and wife, Ann, 32, resident in Mounford, to the 

Fox, Thomas, 40, resilient in the. Dukes . . ., to Amsterdam about 

c'ten his affaires & so to return again. 
Taylor, James, 28, resident at the Posterne Gate, Tower-hill, to 

liarlam, about c'ten his affaires. 
G . ., Thomas, 47, servant to one Sir Andrew Synkler, resident at 

Borne llollom in Denmark, to the same. 

28 June 1621. 
Hudson, Kichard, 65, dwelling in Whitecrosstreel , at ye Hose, to 

ILuncklkv, William, 34, dwelling in the house of one Mr. Vaughan, 

resident in I'ornhill . . . 


Wyld, Richard, 25, a hott-presser, late servant to one Mr. Fetch, 
resident in Sherborn-lane, to Hamburgh, to remaine there & 
work in his occupai . .* . 

29 June 1624, 

Plumre, John, 29, to Am(sterdam), about c'ten his affaires. 

30 June 1624. 

Masson, Ann, 23, wife of Jn. . . ., resident in Calis with one Stephen 
Marsh, . . ., dwelling in Shoreditch, & son Henry, 9 weekes, & 
his servant, Henry Akerman, .'50, to . ., the same. 

RlSBRlDGE, Elizabeth, wife of Henry, resilient in Vlishing, to the same. 

DAVIE, Richard, 23, & wife Elizabeth, 27, with their . . . moneths 
old, to the Low Countrces. 

Smith, John, 52, dwelling . . ., to Calis. 

2 July 1624J 

Manternach, Sebastion, 14, son of Cornelius Manternach, dwelling 

in Billiter Lane, to Rotterdam. 
Bradley, William, 16, servant to Mr. Byndloss, resident at Lewis 

in Sussex, to Rotterdam. 
Williams, Jno., 40, & Jno. Charles, 20, dwelling at Vlishing,' to the 


3 July 1624. 

Antonie, Elizabeth, 42, wife of Jno. Antonie, Musitian, dwelling in 
Vlishing, & her two children, Jno. Antonie, 3, Ann, 21, with her 
two sisters, Abigail Raker, 21, & Elizabeth Baker, 22, to the same. 

Underwood, George, 36, dwelling without Aldgate in Gravell Lane, 
to Vlishing, about c'ten his affaires. 

IIiggins, Jane, 18, servant to one Tho. Cox, of Vlishing, to the same. 

5 July 1624. 

Bates, Ann, 35, wife of Robt. Bates, resident in Breda, to the same. 
Chadrurne, . . ., 43, wife of Win. Chadburn, resident in the Hague, 

& son Heurie, to the same. 
. . ., of Natli. Percivall, resident in the Hague, to the same. 

6 July 1624. 

Reeve, James, 50, resident at S. Giles without Cripplegate, & wife, 

Ann, 60, to Delft. 
Howlder, Margaret, 26, wife of Phillip Howlder, resident in Utrecht, 

& her sister, Ann Andrewcs, 22, to the same. 
Howlder, Nicholas, 32, resident in Lambeth, & Jno. Rodes, dwelling 

in E. Smithfield, to Utrecht, about certen their affaires. 
Bootiie, Elizabeth, 40, wife of Thomas Boothc, & Johan Baker, 

37, dwelling in Amsterdam, to the same. 
Coo m res, Elizabeth, 20, servant to . . . Trail ford, dwelling in 

Vlishing, to the same. 
Ciiamrerlin, Kraneis, 36, dwelling in Tower Hill, to Middlebrough, 

about his affaires. 
Dunus, Sara, 28, d welling in De . . to same. 


Wood, S . . ., 32, wife of Jno. Wood, with servant, Nic. And . . ., 11, 

also Mary Wood, 20, Joseph Wood, with her servant, to Middle- 

Sherwell, Elizabeth, . . . dwelling in the . . . 11, to ... . 
Hemmings, Win., .'51, . . . lane to Amsterdam. 
Palmer, Tho., 2:5, late servant to Mr. Chr. Pcndell, of K. Smithneld, 

to Vlishing, & thence to Barbaric. 
Butler, Martha, 21, wife of Samuel Butler, dwelling in Yarmouth, 

& maid, Judith Wharton, 23, to Amsterdam. 
(To be continued.) 


Ify W. F. Caktkk. 

(Co)itinucd from p. 125.) 

II now return to Timothy Kenrick, third son of Archibald, son of 
John and Mary (Qnarrell) Kenrick (see ante, p. 122). lie was 'born 
26th June 1807, and joined his father and brothers in the West Bromwich 
business. He became in 1858 a Director, and later, Deputy Chairman, of 
the Midland Railway Company, and was also Deputy Chairman of Lloyd's 
Bank. He was among the number of those who helped to secure 
for Birmingham the Hall and part of the Park of Aston, once the seat 
of the llolte family. Mr. Kenrick lived at Maple Bank, Edgbaston, 
and was a J. P. for the County of Stafford. He married on the 10th of 
February 1837, Maria Paget, daughter of Thomas Paget, of Leicester, 
surgeon ; she, as already shown, 85 was first cousin to Ann Paget, wife 
of Archibald Kenrick the younger. Mrs. Timothy Kenrick, who was 
born 21st February 1808, died at Maple Bank, aged (58 years, on the 
5th May 187(i, 86 and Mr. Timothy Kenrick died 23rd February 1885. 87 
Their issue was as follows : — 

1. Archibald Kenrick, born 30th April 1812, and now of Broom 
House, Bournemouth. He married at Birmingham, 27th July 
1869, Emily Purdie Sebnan, daughter of John Selman, 88 of 
Birmingham, and by her, who died 25th April 1907, 89 had the 
following issue : — 

** Soe ante, p. 122. 

86 " Birmingham Daily Post." 

* 7 Ibid. 

88 This is a surname, the rarity of which almost justifies the inference 
that all those bearing it in one district are of one family. In the sixteenth 
century there was a family of the name at Aqualato, Staffordshire, of whom 
Michael, William ami Thomas were "ahull men" at tho muster of 15H9; 
another William and John being at Marston. Michael, it appears, was lord of 
the manor of Moroton, and there was a Chancery suit about his inheritance. 
There are a few Selman wills at Lichfield, \<\^-i- have made no special enquiry 
as to bearers of the surname. 1 suspect the Staffordshire Selmans of being 
descended from ttoger Solyman, a burgess of Stafford, in the time of 
Edward III. 

H9 " Birmingham Daily Post." 


(1). Archibald Kenrick, horn Mth August 1875, and now 
living un married at Fountain Road, Edgbaston. 

(2). Hugh Kenrick, barn 21st September 1877, now living 

unmarried at Salisbury. 
(1). Berth* Kenrick, born 14th April 1870, and died 

unmarried in 1899. 
('2). Sylvia Kenrick, born 20th May 1871, and now living 
unmarried at Fountain Road, Edgbaston. 

(.'5). Adelaide! Kenrick, born Kith April IK72, and now 

living unmarried at Bournemouth. 
(•1). Dorothea Kenrick, born 17th August 1873, and now 

living unmarried at Bournemouth. 
(:")). Maria Kenrick, born I 1th October 1879, and now 

living unmarried at Bournemouth, 
((i). Emily Kenrick, born 21st October 1881, ami now 

living unmarried at Bournemouth. 

2. Hubert Kenrick, born 27th May 1813, and died unmarried 

10th November 1865. 

3. George Hamilton Kenrick, born 13th January 1850, .now living 

unmarried at Whetstone, Edgbaston. Mr. Kenrick was 
educated at a private school at Brighton, and subsequently 
at London University School. He joined the family Firm, 
but residing at Birmingham, was on Kith December 1880 
co-opted a Member of the Birmingham School Board, in place 
of Dr. R. W. Dale, who retired. Mr. Kenrick became Vice- 
Chairman of the School Board on 30th May 1906, and in 1907 
was again elected Vice-Chairman for a period of three years. 
In 1902, on the abolition of School Boards, he was elected 
to the Birmingham City Council. On the 6th April 1903, 
he became Chairman of the Education Committee of the 
Council, and in November 1908 was elected Lord Mayor of 
1. Emily Kenrick, born 15th July 1838. She married, on the 
8th of May 1860, Thomas Martineau, 90 an eminent Solicitor 

,J0 The Martineau family was founded in England by Gaston Martineau, of 
Bergerac in Perigord, who came over about the lime of the Revocation of the 
PJdict of Nantes, and was naturalised in IG88. lie is called in the official 
document son of I'ilie and Margaret Marrineau of Horgcrao, and the " Dossier 
Martineau " iu the National Library of Paris traces I lie descent of this 
Klio through four (but it should probably bo live) generations from Remain 
Martineau who, about 1150, wab a member of the French Noblesse, " Keuyor," 
and " Seigneur do Romas," which lordship is on the borders of Saintonge. null 
l'oitou. These Martineatis generally bore for arms — Azure, three towers Aujent, 
masoned Sable, but the English Martincaus have always used — probably under 
a misapprehension- —Paly, counter- (ml ij Or and (lules, on a /ess- of the second 
three raxes Arjenl, the arms of the Touraine Martineatis. Gaston's grandson 
David was the father of four sons, ancestors of as many families of Martineau. 
Thomas, the yoimgOHt of the four, was till) father of Harriet Martineau, the 
celebrated authoress, James Martineau, U.I)., the noted Unitarian divine and 
philosopher, and Robert Martineau, father of tho above-mentioned (Sir) Thomas 
Martineau. See "The Martineau Family," by David Martineau, privately 
printed, I 'Joy, an admirable model of a family history. 


of Birmingham, son of Robert Martineau, Mayor of Birming- 
ham in lHKi. Mr. Martineau served for many yean (1876 
ix ( .).'5) on the Town Council of Birmingham, of which city 

he was three times (1884-1887) Mayor; and in 1KH7 received 
the honour of Knighthood. He itleil 28th July 1853, and Lady 
Martineau 2f>th Deeemher 1899. They had issue:— 

(1). Ernest Martineau, hum 1861, now living; a City 
Councillor of Birmingham and Lieut. -Colonel in 
the Sixth Battalion of the Royal Warwickshire 
Regiment. He married Margaret Kendrick, (laughter 
of Walter and Margaret Kendrick, of Birmingham. 
They have issue, three children. 

(2). John Hubert Martineau, born 1867, died 1878. 

(1). Clara Martineau, born 1874. 

2. Eliza Rebecca Kenrick, born 20th October 1839. She married 

14th April 1863, Henry Follett Osler, ,J1 of Burcot Grange, 
Bromsgrove, and dying 10th July 1903, left issue, one daughter, 
Jessie Follett Osier, born 1869. 

3. Clara Maria Kenrick, born 17th January 1841. She died un- 

married 17th May 1860. 

4. Alice Kenrick, horn 26th May 1845. She married, 7th August 

1868, Charles Gabriel Bealev 1 - of Maple Bank, Edgbaston. 
Mr. Beale, who is a member of the well-known firm of Solicitors 
acting as legal advisers to the Midland Railway Company, 

'" I luivo nut a detailed pedigree of the Osier family, which is well known 
in Birmingham, whore it Was founded by Thomas Oalor (17-15-1825), of 
Bridgwater llo had issue, Thomas Osier (l783-.18til), who married Fanny 
Follett, and had issue: — 

I. Abraham Follett Osier (1808-1903), married Mary Clarke, and had issue, 

Henry Follett Osier, now living, who married Eliza Ilebecca Kenrick, 

as stated above. 

II. Thomas Chirkson Osier (1811-1870), married Amy Lewis llornblower, 

and was father of All ri'd (Jlarksou Osier, born 1846, who married 

Elizabeth Catherine Taylor, daughter of William Taylor, and niece of 

the late Peter Taylor, M.P. for Leicester. Mr. Alfred Osier, died in 

1903, leaving two sons surviving. John Taylor Osier and Julian Alfred 


'•'- This typically Warwickshire name has been in the county for centuries, 

chiefly in the south and in the district bordering on Leicestershire. I believe 

it is in one of Ceorge Eliot's novels — but I have mislaid the reference — that 

one of the characters lays it down that " Bales and Beales be all the same," 

and accordingly both are found sprinkled pretty plentifully throughout the 

" Register of the Guild of Knowle," which refers chiefly to the fourteenth 

century. In several generations of the Scales of Birmingham "Middlemore" 

appears as a Christian name, for which and other reasons I have no doubt 

that they are descended from Richard "Bale" of Nuneaton, who, according 

to the 10S2 Visitation of Northamptonshire, married Dorothy, daughter of 

Richard Middlemore of Whitley juxta Coventry, afterwards of Do la Free, 

Northarits. She was doubtless the Dorothy Beale who in her nuncupative 

will, dated Irh August 10H4, being then a widow, mentions her son Charles 

and her daughter Elizabeth, 



has boon throe times Lord Mayor of Birmingham (1897, 1898, 
1899), and is Vice-Chancellor of Birmingham University. Mr. 
and Mrs. Beale have issue : — 
(I). Hubert Kenrick Beale, born 1869, married in 1903 
Mabel Kenrick, second daughter of .John Arthur 
Kenrick, of Edgbaston (see ante, p. 124). They 
have issue, two children. 
(2). Edmund Phipson Beale, bom 1870, married Annie 
Lucy Smith, daughter of Arthur Smith, of Edgbas- 
i ton. 
(1). Edith Mary Beale, born 1870, married George Blade. 

They have issue, four children. 
(2). Norah Beale, born 1871, married in 1906 Wilfred 
Byug Kenrick, of Edgbaston, elder son of the 
Bight lion. William and Mrs. Kenrick (see ante, 
p. 12f)). They have issue, one daughter. 

5. Florence Kenrick (twin with her sister Louisa), born 19th August 

1847. She married, as his second wife," 3 Joseph Chamberlain 
(now the Right Hon. Joseph Chamberlain, P.O., M.P., etc.), 
and died 14th February 1875. The issue of this marriage was 
as follows : — 

(1). Arthur Neville Chamberlain. ' 

(1). Florence Ida Chamberlain. 

(2). Caroline Hilda Chamberlain. 

(3). Ethel Chamberlain, born 1873, married W. L. Richards, 
and died in 1903, leaving issue, one daughter. 

6. Louisa Kenrick (twin with her sister Florence), born 20th August 

1847. She married, 3rd June 1869, Arthur Chamberlain, 
son of Joseph Chamberlain, of Moor Green, near Birmingham, 
and younger brother of the Right Hon. Joseph Chamberlain. 
She died 18th January 1892. The issue of this marriage 
was : — 

(1). Arthur Chamberlain, married Helen Jackson. They 

have issue, one child. 
(2). John Chamberlain, married Hilda Poynting. They 

have issue, one child. 
(1). Margaret Chamberlain. She married John Sutton 
Nettlefold, a City Councillor of Birmingham and 
J. P. for the County of Worcester, author of "Prac- 
tical Housing." They have had issue, five children. 

(2). Helen Chamberlain, married Gerald Beesley. They 
have issue, three children. 

93 Mr. Chamberlain's first wife was, as already stated (unte, p. 123), daughter 
of Mr. Archibald Kouriek tlic younger, and consequently the two wives were 
first cousins. 


(.'{). Katharine Chamberlain, married Nathaniel Bishop 
I Ininiiiii. They have issue, two children. 

(1). Bertha Chamberlain, married Donald Hope. Tliey 
have issue, two children. 

(5). Mary Chamberlain. 

(<>). Ruth Chamberlain. 

(7). Charlotte Chamberlain. 

T now give the three pedigrees called " A," " B " and " C," omitted 
for the sake of clearness from (he account of the Kenricks of Wynn 
Hall, and concerning which I can add but little to the information 
given by the Family Pedigree. 

Pedigree " A." 

EDWARD KENRICK (son of Samuel, son of Edward 94 ) was born pre- 
sumably about 1680, and was the eldest son. He was a Noncon- 
formist minister of Bron-y-clydwr, near Towyn, Merionethshire, and 
died 3rd May 17-1.1, being buried at Llanegryn on the Gth. He married 
. . . Owen, one of the two daughters 95 and coheirs of Hugh Owen, 
of Bron-y-clydwr. They had issue (together with a son, Samuel, 96 
of whom I only know his name, and a daughter of whom it is only known 
that she was married) a son : — 

John Kknrick (son of Edward, son of Samuel, son of Edward). 
He is described 97 as " The Reverend John Kenrick, of The Green, 
Wrexham." in 1730-4, and afterwards, he was studying at Glasgow 

College. 98 He married first, who died in 1731," and second, 

Owen, who died 24th January 1763. He died 6th January 

1701, and was, I suppose, the John Kenrick buried on the 10th at the 
Chester Street Burial Ground, Wrexham, as " John Kenrick, of the 
parish of Wrexham, aged 80." ,0 ° He had, by his second wife, the 
following issue : 

1. Edward Kenrick, born 20th June 1749 ; died in Jamaica, 1826-7. 

2. John Kenrick, of Manchester, born 9th February 1753 ; married 

Evans, of Bala, and had issue : — 

(1). Hugh Kenrick. 
(2). David Kenrick. 

w See vol. xxiv, p. 171. 

y5 This is Mr. Palmer's statement, the Family Pedigree says "only daughter." 

,J,i Ex inf. Mr. A. N. Palmer. 

,J7 Family Pedigree. 

98 Eas inf. Mr. A. N. Palmer. 

'•''•' So states the Family Pedigree, hut it' the date is correct, he must have 
married very young, and been a widower when studying for the ministry. 

'"" Mr. Palmer thinks this may have been another person, anil moreover 
called " The Rovorond ; " but the coincidence of dates seems so exact ns to 
practically pruYO the identification. 


(3). 3qhn Kenrick, of London, Solicitor. 
(1). Edward Kenrick. 
(5). William Kenrick. 

(I). Ann Kenrick, married Tonihnson, of Man- 
chester, Solicitor. 
(2). Catherine Kenrick. 

(.'}). Mary Kenrick. 
3. Hugh Kenrick, born 5th March 1751, and died 2nd April 1833. 
lie married Sarah Williugton, by whom he had three sons 
and five daughters, as follows : — 

(1). John Owen Kenrick, born 17th May 179(1; married 

Mary Milne of Usk. 
(2). Hugh Edward Kenrick, born 10th September 1798. 

Died 1st February 1799. 
(3). Edward Kenrick, born . Uth April 1801. Died 

7th April 1815. 
(1). Anne Kenrick, born 15th May and died July 178G. 
(2). Mary Kenrick, born 3rd February 1788. . Died 

February 1792. 
(3). Anne Kenrick, born 22nd November 1789. 
(4). Sarah Kenrick, born 13th March 1792. 
(5). Donas Kenrick, born 27th April 1801 ; married in 

182(1, W. Gregory. 

Pedigruk " B." 

Samuel Kenrick (son of Samuel, son of Edward) was born about 
1(185-1690, is mentioned in his father's will and was a dyer of 
Wrexham. 101 He married Elizabeth Parkins, 10 '- who was, perhaps, 
the "Elizabeth Kenrick, widow," buried as "Elizabeth Kenrick, 
Brnokside, widow," at the Khossdn Ibirying (! round, Wrexham, 
25th May 1758. If so, lie probably died between that date and 
31st January 1755, when Elizabeth, whom 1 take to have been his 
son's daughter, was baptized 103 as "daughter of Samuel Kenrick, 
junr." He had, according to the Family Pedigree, the following 
issue i0i :— 

1. Samuel Kenrick', of whom below. 

1. Elizabeth Kenrick, " baptised at Wrexham," 14th April 1704. 
Living 17 12. 105 

11,1 Mr. Palmer's information. 

102 Family Pedigree. 

103 At the I'rebyterian Chnpel, Wrexham. 

m lie can hardly haw been tho father of Mio " William son of Samuel 
Kenrick" baptized ai the Chapel iV>i h April 1717, or of " Mania re I daughter 
of Samuel Kenrick" baptized there Itiih July 1749. 

10& family pedigree, probably on the authority of her grandfather's wills 
it' so, my abstract is incomplete. 


Samukl Kenrick (sou of Samuel, son of Samuel, son of Edward). 
lit;, us we have seen, 10 " was mentioned in tin- will of his grandfather. 
If he was lather of William or Margaret, mentioned in note 104, 
he cannot have been the Samuel Kenrick, bachelor, ol Wrexham, 
who married Hannah Parry, spinster, of Wrexham, on 10th November 
1751. lu7 He may have been the "Samuel Kenrick, dyer," whose 
burial on 29th February 1780 was registered at the Presbyterian Chapel. 
He may have hid the following issue, lull 1 cannot speak with certainty 
as there seems to have been a contemporary of the same names in the 
town 1UH : — 

1. William Kenrick, "son of Samuel Kenrick, dyer," buried 
2Jth January 1759. 109 

1. Elizabeth Keurc-k, " d mghter of Samuel Kenrick, junr.," 

baptized 31st January 1755. 1 * 9 Identical, I suppose, with 
" Kli/.abcth the. daughter of Samuel Kenrick, dyer, and wife 
of Jonathan Perry," buried 22nd February L782. 1M 

2. Martha Kenrick, "daughter of Samuel Kenrick, dyer, of Mold," 

baptized 15th March 17o2. luy 

Pedigree " C." 

Edward K.EXRICK (sun of the Rev. John, son of Samuel, son of 
Edward 110 ) was born 20th September 1731, and was a Banker at 
Bewdley with his brother Samuel. He is mentioned in the will of his 
mother, and was one of her residuary legatees and executors. He died 
in 1779, having married Elizabeth Hassall, by whom lie had the 
following issue — 

1. John Kenrick, of whom below. 

1. Sarah Kenrick, born 1772, died 1855. She married Henry 

Haywood, of Paddington. 

2. Elizabeth Kenrick, born 1775, died 1820. She married William 

Kenrick, who was " of Berkshire," but of whom it is under- 
stood that he was no relation. 

John Kknimck (son of Edward) was born in 17(59. He was of 
Birmingham, but died in Batavia. His wife's name is unknown, but 
they had issue : — 

Edward John Kenrick, of Philadelphia, U.S.A. 

(To be continued.) 

108 Sou vol. xxiv, p. 172. 

107 Mr. Palmer, front the Parish Registers of Wrexham. 

,u8 See noli- 101- above Tha will nlsii of Daniel Kenrick of Wrexham, 
distiller, ilatod -Jot h 1<YI>. 1717 mid proved at Cheater 20th May 1757, mentions 
among liia four ehihlivn, all apparently of full uge, :i son Samuel. 

109 Registers of the Presbyterian Chapel, Wrexham. 
uu ante, p. It). 


fiuaftalt's Visitation nf lorksljtw, 


[Continued from p. 118.) 

Skykackk Wapentake. LeedcB, I Apr. 1666. 



Arms :— Quarterly of six: — 

1. Or, a pale Sable a conger's head couped and civet of the field 


2. Argent, on a bend Gules three leopards' faces of (lie field 


3. Vert, a saltire engrailed Or (Franke). 

4. Gules, a saltire engrailed Or, a mullet for difference (Clitberow, 

of Salisbui'y). 

5. Gules, a lion rampant Or, maned Argent (Grace). 

G. Vert, a lion rampant, within a bordure engrailed Argent 

I. WILLIAM GASCOIGNE, of Harewood ; mar. Elizabeth, 
dan. and h. of William Bolton, of . . . They had issue — 

IT. WILLIAM GASCOIGNE, of Harewood ; mar. Maude, dan. 
and h. of John Ga\\ thorp, of Gawthorp. They had issue — 

111. WILLIAM GASCOIGNU, of Gawthoi-po, d. before 1383; 
ninr. Agnes, dau. and Coll. of Nicholas Frank, of Alwoodley. 
They had issue — 

1. Sir William, horn circ. 1.350, Chief Justice of England 
1-100 (a. quo Gaseoigne of Gawthorp). 
Nicholas (IV), 

Richard, of Hunslet, d. 1422 ; mar. Ann, dau. and 
coh. of Henry Ellis. They had issue — 

Thomas, Doctor and Vice-Chancellor of 

Oxford, d. s.p. 13 Mar. 1457. 
Alice, mar. Sir Thomas; Ncvile, of Liver- 
sedge. Will 1 Feb. 14.78-9, pr. at York 
24 May 1480, to he bur. at Leeds (Test. 
Ehor.,'iii, 244). 
Elizabeth, mar. Sir John Everingham. 



John, parson of Lylhe. 


IV. NICHOLAS GA8C0IGNE, of Lasingcroft, living 16 Hie. II 
(1392) j mar. Mary, <lau. and li. of Sir Hugh Clitheroe, 
Knt, (by Isabel, dau. of Sir John Gras), widow of John, 
son of Sir Richard Tempest, Knt, of Brace well. They 

had issue - 

John (V). 

Nicholas, I f whoni n()thin is k nown . 

1 nomas, J 

Elizabeth, mar. Anthony St. Quintin, of Harpliam. 

Margaret) mar. Thomas Arderne, of Marlon. Her 

will L5 June, i>r. 8 July 1458 (Test. Ebor., ii, 


V. JOHN GASCOIGNE, of Lasingcroft, bur", at Bar wick. 

Admon. 28 J id v 14-15; mar. Isabel, dau. and ll. of 
William Melon, of Miilield (remar. Llalph, Lord Grey stock). 
They had issue — 

1. William (VI). 

2. Nicholas. 
,'5. John. 

4. George. 

5. Thomas. 

6. Itiehard. 

7. Itohert, of Mansion. Admon. 'J 1 May 1174. 

8. Alveray. 

9. James. 

Jane, ('() mar. John More. 






VI. WTLLTAM GASCOIGNK, ESQ., of Lasingcroft. Will 7 Nov. 
1475, pr. at York 28 Sept. 14,76 (vol. v. l.) ; mar. Joanetta, 
dau. of William Beckwith, of (Jlint. They had issue— 
1. John, d. unmar. 1171, let. twenty -six. 
'2. Thomas Caseoigne, Esq., of Lasingcroft, d. 29 Sept. 
1509; mar. Margaret, dau. of Sir Henry Vavasour, 
Kul., of I Ia/.lewood (remar. Walter Curcy in the 
Chapel at Lasingcroft, lie. 7 July 1510). 
3. William (VII). 


VJ1. WILLIAM GASCOIGNE, ESQ., of Lajsingcroft, succeeded 
lii.s brother Thomas, d. uirc. 25 July 12 Hen. VIII 
(1520-1) j mar. Margaret, dau. of Liichard Kighley, of 

Newhall, near Otlev. They hud issue — 
John (VIII). 
Alice, mar. Anthony Ilippon, of Featheratono. 

VIII. JOHN QASGOIGNS, of Lazincro/t, in <■<>. Ebor., d. 20 Nov. 
1557, Inq. I'M 28 Jan. I and 5 Philip and Mar)' (1557-8); 
mar. Aii/ie, daughter of John Vavasour, &<* sun (u S r Henry 
Vavasour, of IJaselwood, in co. Ebor., Kn*. They had 

issue — 

/. Thomas Gasco'ujne, of Lasinyoroft, dud without issue 
\\) Jan. 15G. r )-G, bur. at Barwiek, was thirty-five 
years old at Ilia father's Inq. Will 7. June 15G5, 
pr. at York May 1 5G(J (xvii, r>,'J(3), to be bur. it) 
Barwiek Church ; mar. Jane, dau. and coll. of 
of William Elcson, of Gunby. 

2. Richard Gasco'ujne, of Lasvnycroft, di>:d w" : out isnae. 
Will 1 Aug. 1590, pr. at York 28 Apr. 1593 (xxv, 
1245); mar. first Elizabeth, dau. of Hubert West, 
of Millington; mar. secondly Elizabeth, dau. and 
cob. of Thomas Sothill, Esq., of Sothill (widow of 
.Sir Henry Savile, Knt., of Thornhill). 

5. John (IX). 

•1. William, a monk at Brussels. 

5. Robert, mar. Elizabeth, dau. of Anthony Cavalier 
(widow of Sir William Vavasour, of Hazlewood, 

G. George, of Kirkby, CO. Northampton, and Oldhurst, 
co. Huntingdon, b. circ. 1531, d. l!S Sept. 1620; 
mar. Mary, dau. ami h. of John Stokesley. They 
had thirteen children - 

I. Sir Nicholas, of Oldhurst, d. 1017. Had 

2. George. 

3. John, mar. and had issue. Ancestor of 

Bainber Gascoigne, whose dau. mar. the 
second Marquis of Salisbury, and of Capt. 
Clifton Gascoigne, now living. 

4. liichard, " the Antiquary," of Bramham 

Biggin and London, b circ. 1570. Will 

' 23 Aug. 1GGI, pr. 21 Mar. 1GG3 at 

London (Bruce 30 ; sec hid. Xat. Biog.). 

Nine other children (see Glover's Visitation, 

i, 230). 

1. Frances, mar. Geoll'rey Bariiby. 

2. Elizabeth, mar. Michael or William Thompson, of 

Brother tun. 


3. June, mar. Henry Ambler, of Leeds, probably bur. 
ul Leeds 7 Nov. 1593. 

I. Cl'tlCO, mar. Thomas Wentworth, of Scroby, co. Notts. 

5. (Catherine, mar. Itichard Beaumont, of Lascelles Hall. 

6. Alice, mar. John Newcomeil, of Salt lleet by, CO. Line, 

bur. bhete 28 Mar. 1059. 

7. Agnes, mar. first William Mallett, of Norman ton, 

secondly Henry Ellis, of Kiddall. 

IX. JOHN GASCOIGNE, ESQ., of Parlinyton, liviny in a 1584, 
bur. at Barwick 30 June IGOl!. Will 3 May 1602, pr. at 
York 3 Fel>. 1602-3 (xxviii, 864 a) ; mar. at Adwick 
5 Nov. 1554, Maude, dauyhtcr of William Ardinytoil 
(Artliington), of Adwyke in the Street, in coin. Ebor., d. 
5 June 1G11, bur. at Barwick. They had issue — 

1. S r John (X). 

2. Thomas Gascoiyne, of whom there, is noio noe issue 

remayniny, of Maidwell, co. Northampton ; mar. 
Alice, dan. of Sir William Gascoigne, of Gawthorp, 
widow of Edmund Ifazlewood, of Maydeswell. 
S. Avery, of whom noe issue, of Garforth. 
Will 1 Nov. 1(502, pr. at York (i Oct 1603 (xxix, 
143); mar. Audrey, dau. of William Wittell, of 
Croydon. They had issue — 

Frances, mar. George Fulesthrop. 
Mary, mar. John Lacy, of Groniwellbothom, 

near Halifax. 
Elizabeth, mar. William Pope. 
Jf. f.t'oiittrd, of' tr/iom hoc issue remayneth, executor of 
father, l»p. at A bo rf on I 6 Jan. 1563-4, <1. unntar. 
1 June 1609, bur. at St. Bride's, London. 
Mary, wife of William Cro/'fe (Crofts), of Cloughton. 
Richard, hp. at Aberford '2o Eel). 1565, bur. there 

31 July 1563. 
Lucy, bp. at Aberford 17 Dee. 15G4, bur. 3 Aug. 

X. S r JOHN GASCOIGNE, of Lavincrojt and Barnbow, in 
com. Ebor., made liar*, by Kiuy Charles the first, of Nova 

Scotia, circa annum JOoS, 8 June 1635, aged thirty 1584, 
bur. at Barwick 4 May '1637. Will 29 Aug. 1635^ pr. at 
York 10 Sept. 1G37 (unregistered); mar. 12 Jan 15912 
Anne, dunyhtey of John Inyleby, of Lau-kland, in com. 
I'.hor., a i/oniiycr son of Inyleby, of Ripley, bur. <it Barwick 
3 June 1G37. They had issue — 


1. S r Thomas (XI). 

ii. John Gascoigne, Abbot of Lamspriny, in Lower Saxony, 
linn' I ivi 111/ a" lli(>t>, (1. circ. 1681, 

cS\ Michaell, dyed unmarried, a monk. 

If. Francis Gascoigne, a secular priest. 

/. Helen, wife oj Gilbert Stapleton, of Carlton, in com. 
Ebor., Esq., bur. there 18 Sept. 1666. 

2. Main, wije of Willfn. Houghton, oj Parkehall, in 

com. La uc. 
S. Catherine, note Abbess of Cambray, a 1666, d. 21 May 

107 G. 
J f . Anne, wife unto Oeorye Thwenge, of Kilton Castle, in 

Cleveland, in com. Kbor. 
5. Maryaret, died unmarried, a nun at Cambrai. 
> ti. Christian, died unmarried, b. 1602, d. 1G23. 

XI. SIR THOMAS GASL'OIGNE, of liambow, second Bar'., 
at. 10 annoriim- Jf April 1606, sequestered as a recusant 
1G50, tried for conspiracy 11 Feb. 1G79-80, but acquitted, 
retired to Lanibspring, became a member there, d. 3 Mav 
1686, set. ninety-three, bur. near bis brother the Abbot 
(see Diet. Nat. Biog.). Admou. 4 Jan. 1G8G-7 ; vtar. Anne, 
daughter of John Simonds, of Briyhtwell, in com. Oxon, 
sister to S'' George Simonds, of Watlinyton 1'arke, in com. 
O.ron, bur. at Barwick 19 June IGG1. They bad 'issue — 
/. John Gascoigne, died unmarried, bur. at Barwick 
13 Mam 1659-60. 

£. Francis (lascoiyne, dud unmarried. 

S. Sir Thomas Gascoigne, third Bart, of Barn how, s<m 

and heire, at. ])'■"> ami. J/ Apr. 1666, d. s.p. 1 G98. 

Will 26 Feb. 1697-N, pr. l'.C.C, I Feb. 1698-9; 

mar. Hi 1 2 Eliz., daughter of Will'm Sheldon, 

of Heoley, in com. II it/am, Aw/''. 

;. a, ,:,-,,, (XI I). 

,'i. . oh ii (iiis, -oil, u, , (I. uiiiiiar. 

/. Anne, wife of Stephen Tempest, of lirmtyhton in 

Craven, in com. Ebor., En*. ; mar. at Barwick 

8 Mar. 1653-4, bur. there 11 Sept. 1G84. Will 

4 Sept. 1684, pr. at London. 
2. Catherine, 1'rioresse oj the English Nunnery at Paris, 

of the Benedictine Order, now living a" 1666. 
S. Helen, wife of Tho. Appleby, of Linton u/ion-Ous,-, in 

co. Ebor., Est/. 
Jf. Mary, dud unmarried. 

5. Frances, now a Nnnne at Cambray. 

6. Elizabeth, bur. at Barwick 1 Feb. 1G33-4. 

XII. GEORGE GASCOIGNE, of IShippen, d. v. p., bur. at Barwick 
1") Oct: 1669, admou. 25 Apr. IG71 ; mar. 13 Apr. 1 Gf>7 
Mary, dunyhter and coin ir of Ellis ll'oodroofr, of J/o/ie, in, 
coin. Drrb., tvidd. of Rowland Whitehall. They had issue — 


, /. Sir Thomas Gascoigne, fourth Bart., at. 7 annor. 

4 Apr. a 1066, bur. at Barwick 3 July 1718. 
Admon. at York 3 Nov. 1718; mar. Mar. 1688-9 
Magdalen, dau. of Patriciua Cur wen, Esq., of 
Workington, eo. Cumb. Tliey had issue — 

Thomas, d. inf. 
2. John (XII I). 

. . . mar. Gervase Hamond. 

XIII. Sill JOHN GASCOIGNE, fifth Bart., of Partington, etc., 

at. J, auu. at amplius 4 April 1666, d. at Batll 11, 
bur. at Barwick 1G Juno 1723. Will 13 Mar. 1720-1, 
pr. at York 16 Aug. 172J (Ixxvii, 646); mar. at 
Sax ton 23 l)ec. 1689 Mary, dau. of Roger Widdrington, 
Esij , bur. at Barwick Mar. 1721-2. They had issue — 

1. Thomas, bur. at Barwick 10 July 1699. 

2. Joins bur. at Barwick 27 Dec. 1701. 

3. Sir Edward (XIV). 

I. John, had £1,500 in his father's will, b. 4 Oct. 
1706, d. s.p. June 1729; mar. Anna Leigh. 

1. Elizabeth, bur. at Barwick 30 Oct. 1691. 

2. Elizabeth ; mar. 30 June 1720 .John Plumpton, Esq., 

of Plumpton. 

3. Anne, named in her father's will, b. 24 Mar. 

1694-;"), d. s.p. ; mar. Dionysius Calahan. 

4. Mary, a nun at Camhrai. 

5. Catherine, b. 27 Apr. 1699, a nun at Camhrai. 

6. 11 (den, b. 30 Aug. 1702, abbess of Camhrai. 

XIV.. SIR EDWARD GASCOIGNE, sixth Bart., of Partington, 
etc., d. at Camhrai 24 May 1750, bur. there. Will 
16 Sept. 1742, pr. at York 24 Mar. 1750-1 (xciv, 191); 
mar. at Sax ton 12 Nov. 1726 Mary, dau. and h. 
of Sir Francis 1 1 ungate, Bart., of Sax ton (re mar. 15 Nov. 
1753 Janard Strickland, Esq.), b. 10 Aug. 1711, d. at 
York II, bur. at Barwick 18 Jan. 1761. They had 
issue — 

1. John Francis, h. at Partington 27 July 1711, d. at 
Camhrai 12 May 1748, bur. there. 

2. Sir Edward Gascoigne, seventh Bart., of Partington, 

etc., b. at Partington 11 Feb. 1742-3, d. unm'nr. 
at Paris 16 Jan. 1762. Will 31 Mar. 175S, pr. 
at York 24 July 1762 (cvi, 375). 

3. Sir Thomas (XV), 

1. Mary, b. at Partington 2 Feb. 1733-4; mar. Williani 

Salvin, Est}., of (Jroxdale, co. Durham, d. s.p. 

5 May 1756. 

2. Eli/ubelli Bridget, b. at Partington .S Oct. 1735, d. 

at Camhrai about 174 9. 
.'?. Catherine Mary, b. at Partington 14 Sept. 1737, d. 
at Camhrai 14 Mar. 1745. 



XV. sill THOMAS GASCOICNE, 8th Bart.; of Partington, 
etc, It. at Camhrai 7 Mar. 1744-5, succeeded lii.s brother, 
renounced tin; Human Catholic religion, M.P. for Thirslc 
1780-4, for Million 1784, for Arundel 1795, il. ».p. LI, 
bur. 17 l'VI>. 1810 at Barwick, when the male line of the 
elder branch of this family expired 1 ; mar. 4 Nov. 1784, 
at Aston-upou-Trent, Mary, widow of Sir Charles Turner, 
of kirkleatham, dan of James Shuttleworth, of Cawlhorp, 
died 1, bur. 8 Feb. 1780 at Barwick, «t. 34. They had 
issue — 

Thomas, only child, b. 7 Jan. 178G, d. v. p. unuiar., 
from a fall whilst hunting, 20, and bur. 28 Oct. 
1809 at Barwick. 
Authorities— Uev. P. 8. Coleman's History of Barwick— G. D. 
Lumh's Barwick Wills and Registers — York Wills. 

Yorke City. 

Yorke, U u Sept. 1665. 




AUMS: IIiiiii :i t!v 1 mill I. Sable, :i less Or hcluccii three asses passant 

Argent, a crescent Eur difference. 
2 and 3. ... a fret. 
Ckkst:— An ass's head Argent, charged with a crescent Gales. 

[. RICHARD ASCOV&II, buried at Bedall in com. Khar., 

bought Pott Grange ; mar dmtyhter of S r John 

Bassiiiyburne, of Horton. They had issue — 

Robert (IT). 

John, of Cowliiit/, in com. ICbor., Esf/ r ., died ■> II. 6. 

William (f), bur. at Kedale 1 123, M.l. 

II. ROBERT ASCOUG1I, of Pot-yranye in com. Ebor.j mar 
.... Had issue — 
Richard (III). 

1 By his Will, 31 Oct. 1809, pr. 29 Mar. 1810, he left Ids estates to Richard 
Oliver, husband of Mary, the eldest daughter of his wife by her lirst husband, 
Sir Charles Turner, who succeeded and assumed the name of Gascoigne. 


Til. RICHARD ASCOUGH, of Pot-grange ; mar. Mary, daughter 
of Thomas LaseeUes, of lirakenbwryh, E*q r . They had 

issue — 

/. Robert (IV). 

2. Thomas. 

3. John. 

TV. ROBERT ASCOUGH, mar. Isahell, daughter of Th<>. Strang- 
wayes, Esq*", They liad issue — 

V. WILLIAM ASCOUGH* (ANKWITH), of Pot-grange, Esf. 

He had issue — 
/. 1 in phc (VL). 
2. Guy. 
S. John. 
J t . Henry. 
5. Thomas. 
(>. Mile*. 
7. Laurence. 

1. Jane, wife of .... Steele. 

2. Elfe., wife of ... . Walker. 

VI. RAPHE ASCOUGH (ASKWITH), of Pot-grange, Esq". ; 

mar daughter of .... Mackenzie, of Sykexworth in 

com. Eborum. They had issue — 

1. John (VI 1). 

2. John. 

3. T/tomas. 

VII. JOHN ASCOUGH (ASKWITH), of Pdtgrange, in the 
parish of Mash am ; mar. Alice, daughter of . . . C<nopvr. 

They had issue — 

1. Robert (VTIT). 

2. Thomas Ai/simuyh (Askwith), sometime Shircrvti of 

Yorke, l;V.)'J.*h a master tailor aiul drajwf there, 
I), .il I'ol I.O.'hS, d. 2!) An-. 1601), ad. 
seventy one, bur. at All Saints', North Street, 
York, M.I. Will 23 Aug., pr. at York G Sep. 
1609 (vol. xxxi, 127); mar. UrSuld, da. of 
Rob'. Sandwich (Sandwith), of Yorke, first wife. 
They had issue — 

Thomas, d. v. p. 

Christopher, mar. Julian Briggs, lie. 1607 
(remar. Philip Askwith). 

Aliee, named in her father's will. 

1 Mr. A. S. Ellis, who lias paid a <jood deal of attention to this family, 
writes, " Though this pedigree was admitted by Sir \V. Dugdale, ir is not 
trustworthy beyond thia generation. The, family name was really Askwith, 
but as early as the lime (if Queen Kliy.ahelh some of theill were persuaded 
to change it for AyHCOtigh ami to assume the arms. In all documents their 
name is Askwith." 


Mar. secondly Ainu 1 , dau. of Robert Etlerker, of 

Tholthorpe, bur. at All Saints', North Street, York, 
22 Feb. 1607-8. They had issue — 

Thomas, executor of his father's will ; mar. 
Isabel, dau. of Alderman John Harrison, 
at Trinity, Micklegate, 8 Jan. 1010-1. 
They had issue- 

Robert. .. . . .-.,, , ..,. e « 

, ' > lvni'' 10.51 (Skaife). 
Stephen, " ' 


3. Christopher Ayscough (Askwith), Citizen of London. 
Margaret, wife of William Uarloti, of Yorke ; mar. 

at St. Crux 1572. 
Maudlin (Magdalen), wife- of John Aacough, of 
Kilburne ; afterwards of Tho. liroitme ; afterwards 
of IVrcival Metcalfe ; named in her brother 
Hubert's will. 

VIM. ItOhtRV AYSGOUGII, twice 1A Mayor of the Citty of 
Yorke ir>S0 and 15!):?, a draper in York, b. at Pot 
Grange 1531, MP. for York 15ScS, d. 17 Ang; 1597, bur. 
at St. Crux, York. Will 11 Keb. 1596-7, pr. at York 
23 Aug. 1597 .(vol. xxvii, 25), Inq. P.M. 30 Aug. 1598; 
)uar. Eliz., daugh. ib sole heire of Tho. Cartmele, of Yorke, 
at St. Denis, York, 10 Aug. 1561, bur. near her husband 
•28 Sept. 1608. Will 27 Aug., pr. 22 Oct. 1608 (vol. xxx, 
716). They had issue — 

/. S r Robert Aywoiiyh (Askwith), A% bp. at St. Crux 

2S Dec. |'f)()7, tume 1/ Mayor of Yorke, M>06 and 

1617, M V. for York 1603-2*3, Knighted by James 1 

13 Aug. 1017, d. s.p. 1023 ; mar. Mary, dau. of . . . 

H. Thomas, obijt nine prole. 

S. George (TX). 

J,. I'/ii/ip Ayscongh (Askwith), of Yorke; mar. first . . . 
Had issue — 
Mar. secondly Julian Rriggs, widow of his cousin 
Christopher Askwith. 
J. Eliz., wife of Richard Hodgson, of Cherry Burton, in 

York, co. Ebor., named in her father's will. 
2. Catherine, wife of Robert Meares (Miers), of Yorke, 
named in her father's will. 

IX. GEORGE A SC VUG II (ASKWITH), of Yorke, died a' 1620; 
mar. Surah, daughter of Leonard Ile/t, of the Citty of Yorke, 
at St. Crux, 5 June 1599 ('remar. Uev. lioger Bel wood, 
minister of St. Crux). They had issue — 

/. b'nhrrt (X). 

ii. William Ascoagh, died unmarried. 



/. Mary, wife -.<>/ Joaias liellwood, Clevke, of Leatliley, 

lie. at Trinity Goodramgute, York, 1637. Tliey 

had issue — 

Roger Bell wood, Serjeant at Law. 
2. Elizabeth, bp at St. Crux Hill, wife of Christopher 

Oeldart, a merchant in Yorke, after of Abraham 

BytMM, merchant in Yorke. 
8. Frances, bp. at St. Crux Hi 1(5, wife of John Morret, 

Citizen of London. 
Jf. Anne, bp. at St. Crux 1618, mife of A nth. Plaice, 

of Yorke. 

X. ROBERT AYSCOUOU (ASK WITH), of the Citty of Yorke, 
<>■/. 69 on. l.i Slept, a" lu'u'5. Adinon. at Gray's Inn 
I Nov. 1627 j mar. Elizabeth, da. and heire of Thomas 

l'eake, of Toi/nton, in CO. Line. They had issue — 
/. William (XT). 
2. Robert Ayscough (Askwith). Admoii. at Gray's Inn 

2 Feb. 1660-1. 
/. Elizabeth. 
2. Martha. 
S\ Mary. 

XI. WILL'M A YSCOUGH (ASKWITH), D" of Phisick, ml. 2'J 

an. 13 Sept. a 1665, admitted to St. John's College, 
Cambridge, 7 June 1G55 as William Askwith, bur. at St. 
Cuthbert's, York, 5 Apr. 1688. 


Doncastcr, 9" Apr. 1666. 





Arms: — Arpent, live fusils in fess Gules, in chief three mullets Sable, a crescent 
for difference. 

I. THOMAS BOSVILE, of Conisborough. Will 1 Dec. 1473, 
pr. at York 3 May 1 174 (vol. iv, 12), to be bur. at Conis- 
borough ; mar. Johanna, whose nana; is said to have been 
Worfloy. They had issue — 



1. Richard Bosvile, of Conisborough. Will 30 Apr., 

pr. 5 Oct. 1481 (vol. v, 239)j to In; bur. there; 

inar. Alice, diltt. of .... Vavasour, of Deiltlby. 

Will 7 Apr., pr. at York 12 Sept. 1502, to Ik; 

bur. at, Conisborough. They bad issue — 

Richard, of Conisborough, father of Thomas 
Boavile, of Conisborough, who by Eliza- 
beth Fitzwilliam had a dan. Jane, who 
marrying John Waterhouse, of Halifax, 
Carried the estates into that family. 

2. Thomas (II). 

II. THOMAS BOSVILE, of Donoaster. Will 20 May, pr. 

8 Aug. 1480, to be bur. there (vol. v, 183); mar. Isabella, 
(1) dau. and h. of William St. Paid. They had issue — 

TIT. THOMAS BOSVILE. He had issue— 

IV. THOMAS BOSVILE, of Doncaster and Stainton ; mar. 
Ann, dau. of . . . Freshville, of Oldcotes. They had 
issue — 

John (V). 

Thomas, of Bdlington. Will 20 Sept. 1551, pr. at 
York 6 May 1552 (xiii, 846); mar. Johanna . . . 
They bad issue — 
' Jasper (a quo Bosvile, of Braithwell). 

Hugh, of Stainton. Will 7 June 1581, pr. at York 
17 Aug. 1582 (vol. xvii, 337), bur. at Stainton 

5 Jan. 1581-2 ; mar. first Elizabeth . . . (?) bur. at 
Stainton 25 Mar. 1570. They had issue- 
Joan, mar. at Stainton 20 Jan. 1575-6 George 

French, of Tickhill. 
(]) Mar. secondly Margaret Anderton, at Stainton, 

6 Feb. 1570-1, and had issue. 

Helen, mar. Thomas Bosvile, of Ilotherham. 




V. JOHN BOSVILE, of Warmswortli ; mar. Alice West, of 
Wath. They had issue — 
Thomas (VI). 
Ann, mar. Lawrence Harrison, of London. 

VI. THOMAS BOSVILE, of Warmswortli, bur. at Conisborough 

9 Sept. 1596. Will 23 Aug. 15%, pr. at York 7 Dec. 
1598 (xxvii, 441); mar. first Jane, dau. of Nicholas, of Holme. 


Mar. secondly Alice, dau. of Thomas Vicars, of Scawsby, 
bur. 29 Aug. 1592 at Conisborough. They had issue- 
John, bur. at Conisborough 10 Dec. L571. 
Philip, bp. at Conisborough 1-1 Nov. LD74, bur. there 

L5 Sept. 1577. 
Gervaae (VII). 

Gertrude, mar. Philip Adams, Esq., of Owston, lie. 
1600, bur. at Owston 25 June 1612. 

VII. GERVASE /lOSh'VJLLh', of WatuuMorth, in com. Ebor., 

died hi a" 1621, »k eight 1585, living at 1612 Visitation, bp. 
at Conisborough 2 Oct, 1577, bur. there 12 Sept. 1G21. Will 
20 Dec. 1620, pr. at York 19 Dec. 1621 (Vol. xxxvi, 593); 
mar. Susan, daughter and coheir of Tho. W&rmeky, of 
llatjirld, in com. Ebor., bp at Thome 9 Oct. 1580; mar. 
thoio 13. July 1601 ( Thomas Vincent, Kaq., of l'.arn- 
borough, lie. 1622), bur. at Conisborough 10 Dec. 1652. 
They had issue — 
/.' Thomas (VTIT). 
2. Edward, died unmarried, bp. at Conisborough Oct. 

1 G09. 
S. Godfrey, died unmarried, bp. at Conisborough 4 Feb. 

1*615-6, bur. there 11 May 1644. 
^. Gcrvase (see below). 

Nicolas, bur. at Conisborough 25 Oct, 1603. 
/. Jane, wife of Thomas Atkinson, of Barton upon 
I/umber, in com. Line, bp. at Conisborough 
25 Feb. 1603-4. 
2. Garlrude, dyed young, bp. at Conisborough, 24 Aug. 

S. Susan, wife of Alexander Rokeby, of Skyres, in comi- 
tatu Eborum, bp. at Conisborough, 24 June, 1605. 
Jf. Elizabeth, y< wife of Christoph r Copley, of Wadworth, 
in comitatu Eborum, d. 16 Aug. 1644, bur. at 
J. .)fary, wife of Robert Sanderson, of Blythe, in comi- 
tatu Eborum, bp. at Conisborough, 8 Nov. 1610. 
G. Margaret, died unmarried. 

VIII. THOMAS BOS VILE, of U r armsworth, in co. Ebor., died in 

a" 1050, purchased the manor (Hunter), bp. at Conis- 
borough Oct. 1607, bur. there 17 Feb. 1658-9 ; mar. 
Barbara, da. and coh. of S r Franc. Babington, of Ramptun, 
in com. Kott., En*., first wife. They had issue — 

/. Susan, wife, of Thomas Ashurst, of Ashnrst, in com. 
Lane, Esq r . 

2. Mary, wife of Fuljambe. Blytheman, of Newlathes, in 

com. Ebor,, after/cards of George Xevill, of Thorney, 
tu com. Nott., EsQ r . 

3. Elizabeth, wife of S r Edward Stanley, of Hickerstaff, 

in com. Lane, Estf. 

1)4 duodalk'n visitation ok vokksiiikk. 

Mar. Isabel!, daughter of John /iullock, of Norton, in co. 
Derh. t J£nq r ., second ivij'6, They had issue— 

Thomas, Inn". at Oonisborougli 17 Juno 1653. 

Gervat>e, liiir. ut Oonisborough 29 June 1658. 

Wannsworth descended to these three coheiresses, who sold it 
A Apr. 1GGS to John Battie, Es,q. (Hunter's South Yorkshire). 


T. QERVASE BOSVILE [fourth son of Gervase fcosvile, 

Esq. ( V T I ), of Wannsworth; and Susan VVormeley], of 

Warmsu-orth in com. Ebor., ict. J/7 awn. 9 Apr. a" D'ni 
1666, of liarnby Don, bp. at Oonisborough 2 May 1G19, 
(I. 27 Oct. 1G70, bur. at lianiby Don; mar. at Wath 
1 Sept. 1 (') 1 (>, Ma)-)/, daughter of Francis Stringer, of 
Whiston, in co. Ebor., 1 wife, d. 10 Apr. 1651, bur. at 
Barnby Don (Hunter). They had issue — 

/. Thomas, (etatis 15 annor. 9 AprU 1>>66. 

1. Susan, died young. 

fj. SaraJi, died young. 

S. Mary, died young. 
Mar. Jane, daughter if Marviaduke Wilson, of Kirk- 
Diyhlon, in co. Eboruin, Esif, second wife, d. 13 Jan. 
107 1 , bur. at Barnby Don (Hunter). They had issue— 

;.'. Uervasc (II). 

3. Marmuduke, bp. at Arksey 5 Oct. 1G5G, d. s.p. 

4- Godfrey, of York, d. s.p. 

4- Jane, bp. at Arksey 20 Nov. 1G58 ; mar. first Gill, of Edlington. 

5. Elizabeth, dyed young. 

6. Anne, mar. John Nash, of liotherham (Hunter). 

[I. (JERVASE BOSVILLB, of Micklebring, in parish of Braith- 
well, atatis 10 annor. 9° Apr. 1606, bp. at Arksey 23 Dec. 
1G04, d. 1688, bur. at Braithwell ; mar. Ann, dau. of . . . 
Hunt, d. 1717, bur. at Liotherham. They had issue — 

Gervase, d. 1 Oct. 1GD7, bur. at Liotherham, M.I. 

John, of Barnsley. 


Godfrey, of liotherham, attorney, d. 25 Jan. 1748, 
bur. at liotherham. 

Abraham, of London. 






In the course of an article on the butlers in The Genealogist 
for October 1908, Mr. Hamilton Hall endeavours to prove that 
John de Verdun was not, as has hitherto been supposed, son of 
Theobald the Butler by Rohese de Verdun his wife, but son of 
Llohese by a previous unknown and unsuspected marriage. In 
support of this theory he quotes the letters close dated -1 Hep. 1 225, 
by which Henry III gave his consent to the marriage of Theobald 
and Rohese, and points out that liohese was succeeded hy John 
tie Verdun as her heir of full aye, 3 May 1247. This was 
2 1 years and 8 months after the date of the letters, and therefore 
proves nothing, even supposing which is a good deal to suppose — 
that John was 21 years old, and not a day less, on 3 May 1247. 

Mr. Hall continues:—" lie [John de Verdun] was also of full 
age by I -I May 1211; for on that date mandate issues that he 
ami Margaret his wife shall have seisin of their as yet undivided 
moiety of the lands of her grandfather Walter de Lacy. It is 
therefore clear that he was boi n hy May 1223 if no earlier." Now 
in an article on the family of De Lacy [Genealogist, N.S., vol. xxi], 
i cited this mandate of 1214, and also admitted that John de Verdun 
was son of Theobald the Butler. The letters of -1 Sep. 1225 
mentioned above are not only in the printed Close Bolls and 
noticed by Lynch, but are also duly quoted by Dugdale in his 
Baronags. No one dealing with the subject could have possibly 
overlooked them. If therefore the order of May 1244 proves on 
the face of it what Mr. Hall assumes it to prove, it follows that 
I have been guilty of an inexcusable lapse. 

But the fact is that this letter is merely evidence that the two 
ladies, Margaret and Matilda de Lacy, had each reached her age 
of 1 G, ami affords no information at all concerning the ages of 
their respective husbands. Mr. Hall is unaware that the husband's 
age was altogether a matter of indifference in such a case. And 
that therefore any document giving to John de Verdun "by grace 
this seisin in his nonage " would be superfluous and impossible. There 
is no doubt whatever about this. Bracton is precise, and concise : — 

" Si autem vir et uxor vel e contrario luereditatem et rem 
uxoriam simul pet ant, quorum unus eorum sit infra aetatem, si vir 
pleme letalis fuerit et uxor infra, sive ante breve impetratum 
sive post contraxerint, remanehit loquela sine die usque ad aetatem 
uxoris qua! fuerit infra a'tatem, et hoc si nupserit ante breve 
impetratum. Si autem post, cadit omnino breve si tenens voluerit, 
vel differtur actio usque ad tetatem uxoris de cujus jure agitur. 
Si vero maritus fuerit infra aetatem et uxor plenaj u'tatis, uon 
remanehit loquola propter minorem ;etatem viri (tit supra) si con- 
traxerint ante breve." 

As to Mr. Hall's further objection that "one has not met . . . 
with mention of any dower of Boesia, save what she took by the 
precipitate mandates on the death of Theobald," there is an order 
on the Close Bolls concerning this dower, dated some fifteen months 
after Theobald's death. It of course possesses no genealogical 
significance whatever. G< w> Watson . 






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CQ i5 


Contributed by Artiiuh J. Jewbiis. 

(Continued from p. 137.) 

Rowe, Roger, of Alport, co. Derby, elder brother of Sir Francis 
Rowe. Or. by R. St. George, Norrov, 9 June 1608, Per pale Or 
and Gu. a lion ramp, within an orle of trefoils, all counter- 
charged. Crest — An arm vested Gu., cuff A.rg., the hand ppr. 
grasping a garb fesswavs Or. Stowe MSS. 7<><i and 710; llarl. 
MS. 1,111; Add. MS.' 14,295. (Note— Five descents in the 
Visitation of Hi I I.) 

Rowe, Robert, of Windle Hill, co. Derby, and to Roger Rowe. of 
London, sons of Henry Rowe, son of William Rowe, of Windle 
Hill. Conf. by Sir R. St. George, Norrov, 9 July 1612. Copied 
from the original by Hen. St, George, 25 Feb. 1708-9. " Docquet 
of these arms in the book of Sir H. St. George, 4to J. 0., 7, G, 
being arms granted by Richard Si. George, Norrov, at tin; 
Visitation of the North." Or, on a bend cotised Az., betw. six 
trefoils Vert, three escallops of the first. Crest — A cubit arm 
erect, vested Erminois, cuff Arg., in the hand ppr. a trefoil Vert. 
Stowe MS. 706; Add. MS. 14.295; Harl. MS. 1,359. 

Rowe, Thomas, of Clapham, co. Beds, Alderman of London, s. of 
Robert, second s. of Reynald Rowe, of Kent, Conf. of arms and 
gr. of crest by Sir G. Dethick, Garter, 23 April 1567. Arg. on a 
chev. Az. betw. three trefoils per pale (hi. and Vert three bezants, 
a crescent for diff. in chief. Crest. — A stag's head eouped Gu., 
attired Or, and charged on the neck with a crescent for diff. Harl. 
MS. 1,359. 

Rowe, see also Roe. 

Rowlett, Sir Ralph. Patent by Sir C. Barker, Garter. Gu. on a 
chev. betw. three lions ramp. Arg. as many lions ramp, of the 
first. Crest — A lion's head eouped Or, fretty Sa. and guttec de 
poix, langued Gu. Stowe MS. 692. 

Rowse, Thomas, of London, merchant. Gr. by Sir E. Bysshe, Garter, 
1647. Or, on a bend cotised Gu. five bezants. Crest — A demi- 
lion erased (?Gu.), betw. the paws a bezant. Harl. MS. 6,140. 

llOYDUOUSE, John, of St. Martin's-in-the-Fie!ds, co. Middlesex, .LP. 
for the City and [liberty of Westminster. Gr. by Sir II. St. 
George, (Jailer, and John Vanbrugh, Olar., 9 Feb. 1714. Az. on 
a bend. Arg. betw. two talbots pass. Or, three 1 bunches of grapes 
Purp. Crest — A demi-archer ppr., vested Vert, in the dexter hand 
an arrow Arg., in the sinister hand a bow Or. Add. MS. 14,830. 


Roys, Jo he, of . . . Pat. Gu. a griffin segr. Arg., on a chief of the 
second three roses of the first. Crest— A dcnii-griffin Arg., 
betw. the claws a rose (in., seeded Or, barbed Vert. (See also 
Roise.) Add. MS. 12,225. 

RUDD, ANTHONY, D.D., Bishop of St. David's, in Wales. Gr. by 
Richard Lee, Clar., 12 Aug. 1597.. Az. a chev. betw. three bells 
Arg. To be borne by his descendants, with this difference, 
namely, the chev. to be Erm., and they to have this Crest — A 
cubit ami erect, sleeve Az., charged with a chev. Frm., in the 
hand ppr. a scroll Arg., cuff of the last, Stowe MS. 714. 

Rudd, Matthew, the younger, of Woodham, co. Essex, and of 
Fiunivall's Inn, s. of Matthew Rudd, the elder. Conf. by Sir R. 
St. George, Clar., 12 Nov. 1(534. Erin, six martlets Gu., a canton 
of the second. Crest — A cross-crosslet fitchee Gu..' betw. two 
wings displ. Arg. Add. MS. 14,293; Harl. MS. 1,105. 

Rudolf., John, of Wynterton. I and IV, Az. seven martlets, two, 
two and three Arg. II and III, Gu. three covered cups Or. 
These were the old arms of Lewis the Fat, King of France, who 
being taken prisoner by the said John Ruddle, therefore his arms 
were given of right to his said captor, but no patent. Stowe MS. 

Rugg, William, of Norwich. Conf. by Sir G. Dethick, Garter, 
2 March, 2 Eliz. Per fess Sa. and Arg., a unicorn salient counter- 
changed. Crest — A unicorn's head Gu., horn, tuft and mane Or. 
Harl. MS. 1,359. 

Rugge, William, of Felmingham. co. Norfolk. Gu. a chev.- eng. 
betw. three mullets Arg. Crest— A talbot pass. Arg., ear and 
collar Sa. Harl. MS. 1,359. 

Rushe, Sir Francis, of Essex. Gr. Jan. 1605. Gu. a fess Or, 
betw. three horses courant Arg. Crest— An arm in armour ppr., 
gam. Or, the gauntlet grasping by the hair a man's head couped, 
of the first. Stowe MSS. 706 and 707 ; Harl. MS. 6,059. 

Russell, John, of London, Carpenter to the King. Gr. by Sir G. 
Dethick. Carter, 13 Oct. 6 Edw. VI. Or, on a fess Az. emb. 
betw. three leopards' faces Gu., an estoile enclosed by two 
crescents Arg. Crest— A hawk's head erased Sa., charged with 
three guttes d'Or, in the beak a compass of the last. Had. MS. 

Russell, Thomas, of London, Gent., who mar. Ann, dau. of Richard 
Sabridge, of Sabridge, co. Warw. ; allowed at the Visitation of 
London, 1574, by R. Cooke, Clar. Gu. on a bend betw. three 
mullets Or, as many sheldrakes Sa. Imp. for Sabridge, Arg. a 
fleur-de-lis Gu., betw. three cinquefoils Sa. Harl. MS. 1,105. 

Russell, William, of Tevensey, co. Sussex. Conf. of arms and gr. 
of crest by SirG. Dethick, Garter, 26 Feb. 1556, 3 and 4 Philip 
and Mary. 1 and 4, Or, on a cross Sa. five mullets Arg. 2 and 3, 
Az. two bars Or, on each as many torteaux, in chief three 
bezants. Crest— A dragon's head erased Vert, lang. and collared 
Gu., rim, studs and ring Or. Stowe MS. 700; Harl. MS. 1,359. 


Russkll, Sir Wilmam, Treasurer of the Royal Navy, of Leekford. 
Conf. Dee. 1617 (or 1616 or L6 18, each MS. differs, and one calls 
him of " Treasurer of the King's Money "). Arg. a fess dancettee 
Sa. bezantue, and in chief three martlets Gu. Crest— On the 
to]> of a bezant a Cornish chough rising ppr. Stowe MSS. 
700 and 707 ; Harl. MS. 6,095. 

RuSTAT, TOBIAS, ESQ., Yeoman of the Robes to His Majesty. Gr 
by W. Dugdaje, Norrov, 30 Dec. 1676. Arg^on a saltire betw. 
four cross-cxosslets fitehee Sa., an annulet Or. Crest — An annulet 
Or, interlaced with two cross-crosslets fitehee Sa. in saltire. Add. 
MS. 14,830. 

Ruthall, Richard. Gr. by Sir C: Barker, Garter. Per pale Az. and 
Gu. a cross eng. betw. four doves Or, on a chief quarterly Arg. 
and Erflis. two roses of the second barbed and stalked Vert. 
Crest — A demi-dove Arg., wings expanded Gu., guttee d'Or, in 
the beak a rose of the last, stalk and leaves Vert, Stowe MS. 

Rutter, Abraham, of Exeter, Devon. Or, a chev. eng. betw. three 
stocks eradicated, couped at the top Sa. Crest — A stock as in 
thc_arms, thereon an eagle perched Arg Add. MS. 12,225. 

Rydkll alias Bonner, John, of Swerford, co. Oxford, Esq*, and to 
Anthony Rydell alias Bonner, of Campden, co. Gloucester, cousin 
of the said .John. Conf. of arms and gr. of crest by It. Cooke, 
Clar., 16 May 1574. I'aly of six Or and Gu., on a chief Az. 
three lions ramp, of the first. Crest — A talbot's head couped 
Arg., collar Az., garn. Or. Harl. MS. 6,169; Add. MS. 11,295. 

Ryder see Rider, Anthony. 

Rypon (or Ripon), Walter, of London, gent., coachmaker to Queen 
Kliz., s. of Jeffery, s. of Thomas, s. of Thomas llypon, s. of 
l\ichaid, son of .lohn, s. of Arnold Kypon, of co. York, gent. 
Conf. of the arms of his ancestors as appears by dvvd dated 
■15 Edw. Ill, and grant of a crest, by R. Cook, Clar., 19 June 
159,'5. Arg. a chev. betw. two crosses fleury fitehee in chief and 
a mullet in base, all Sa. Crest— A lion sej. gard. Arg., gorged 
with a crest coronet Or, supporting with the dexter paw a cross 
fleury fitehee Sa. Add. MS. 14,295; Harl. MS. 1,359. 

Ryves, John, of Damory [Court], co. Dorset. A gift 1564. Arg. on 
a bend cotised Sa., three lozenges Erm. Crest — A greyhound 
sej. Sa. plattee, collar Arg., studded of the first. Add. MS. 16,940. 

Sabb, John, of Gray's Inn. (Pat. about 1580.) Arg. on a pale 
betw. two anchors erect Sa. three estoiles Or. Crest — An arm 
embowed in chain armour ppr., the hand grasping the staff of a 
bannerole of two points Arg., in the upper part a cross Sa., the 
staff of the first. Stowe MS. 670. 

Sacheville, John, of Bristol, gent., s. of John Sacheville of the 
same city. Az. three crossbows bent Or, each loaded with an 
arrow Arg. Stowe MS. 676. 

Sackville, Thomas, one of the Gentleman Ushers in Ordinary. Gr. 
by Sir W. Segar, Garter, W. Camden, Clar., and R. St. George, 
Norroy, 2 July 10 Jas. I (? 9 June 1622). Per cross Or and Gu. 


a bend Vair, within ;i bord. componee Ar^. and Az. Crest — A 
ram's head erased Sa., horned Or, on the neck a quatrefoil Arg 
Harl. MS. 6,140; Add. MS. 12,225. 

Sappin, John, of Wolf Hereston, Somerset, s. of George of the same. 
(!r. by Sir VV. Segar, Garter, 17 Sept. 10 K. James I. Az. three 
crescents Ai'L r ., from betw. the horns of- each an estoile of eight 
points alternately straight and wavy Or. (.'rest — On a mural 
coronet Or, a star as in the arms. Harl. MS. (5, 1 -40. 

St. Aubyn, Thomas, of Clowance, in Cornwall. Or. of crest by t Sir 
C. Barker, Carter. On a rock ppr. a sea pie (or Cornish chough) 
rising Sa., beak and legs Gu. Stowe MS. 692. 

St. George, Nicholas. Or. by It. St. George, Gar. Sa. a chev. 
Krniinois betw. three demi-lions ramp. Or, erased Ou. Crest — A 
sword "Greet Arg., hilt and pommel Or, grip Vert, betw. two wings 
of the first. Harl. -MS. 1,172. 

St. Hill, Peter, of Devon. Gr. by Sir C. Barker, Gaiter. Or, on a 
fess betw. three leopards' faces jessant de lis Az., as many 
bezants, in chief a gusset, from each side of which a demi- 
fleur-de-lis parted paleways, all of the second. ('rest — Two 
dragons 1 heads erased and addorsed Az., langued Gu., and gorged 
by a crest coronet Or. Motto— Fin fait tout. Harl. MS. 1,172. 

Sakick, Christopher, of Faversham Abbey, Kent. Conf. 1015. Gu. 
a bend eng. betw. two bulls' heads erased Or. Crest — A bull's 
head erased Or, betw. two brandies of laurel Vert. Harl. MS. 
6,059; Stowe MSS. 706 and 707. 

Salkyns, William, of London. I and IV, Or, two bars betw. three 
martlets Sa. II and III, Gu. a chev. Arg. betw. three trefoils 
Erm. Crest — A spaniel pass, per pale Or and Sa. Harl. MS. 

Salmon. Paul, of West Barsham, Norfolk. Gr. by R. Cooke, Gar., 
1591. Or, three inescutcheons Az., on each a lion ramp, of the 
first. Crest — A lion pass. Or, the dexter paw on a shield Az. 
Harl MS. 1,122. 

Salmon, Thomas, of Hackney, co. Middlesex, an Alderman and 
Merchant of London. Conf. by W. Segar, Gar., and Sir It. St. 
George, Norroy, 23 Feb. 1621, to the said T. Salmon and the 
descendants of his father. Also conf. by W. Segar, Norroy. Sa. 
three salmon haurient Or. Crest — An arm in armour emb., the 
gauntlet grasping a falchion, all ppr., garn. Or, issuing from 
clouds of the natural colour. This descent is given : — 
Itichard Salmon, of Wildheuth,=F Margaret, ilau. of. Hubert 

Co. Chester, gent. 

Sutton, of Sandbacli 


William' Salmon, of^pElizabeth, dau. of Thomas Owldes, of 
Wildheath, gent. I (?) Buerton, co. Chester. 

Otlior issue. Thomas Salmon, of Hackney, 

who had I he eolilil'inal ion. 

Harl. MS. 0,110; Add. MSS. 12,225 and 14,295; Stowe MS. 71L 


Saltonstall, Richard, of London, 15H8. Or, a bend betw. two 
eagles displ. Su. Crest — From a coronet Or a pelican's head Sa., 
vulned Gu. Hail. MS. 1,359. 

Salvador, Francis, of London, Merchant, and to the descendants of 
his father Joseph Salvador, late of Amsterdam, Merchant. Gr. 
by John Anstis, (Jailer, and Sir Martin Leake, Clar., 1 June 1745. 
Vert, a lion rampant betw. three fleurs-de-lis Or. Crest — A demi- 
lion Gu., armed Az., betw. the paws a fleur-de-lis Or. Add. MS. 

Sammuel (Sam well), William, of Northampton. Pat. by R. Cook, 
Clar. 1 and 4, Arg. two squirrels sej., addorsed Gu. 2 and 3, 
Gu. a* lion ramp. betw. three square buckles Arg., within a bord. 
Az. bezantee. Crest — On the top of a stump eradicated and 
couped at the top Or, a squirrel sej. ppr., eating a nut of the 
first. Harl. MS. 1,359. 

Sams, John, of Wickham Bishop, in Essex. Pat. July 1593. I and IV, 
Or, a lion ramp. Sa., vomiting blood Gu. 11 and III, Gu. two 
salmon haurient, addorsed, Arg., finned Or. Stowe MS. 670. 

Sams, John, of Langford, Essex. Conf. . . . (in. two salmon 
haurient, addorsed, Arg., finned Or, Crest — A leopard ppr., 
gorged with a coronet with line Or. Stowe MS. 070. 

(To be continued.) 

iintircr. nf Btioks. 

The Soots Peerage. Edited by Sir James Balfour Paul, LL.D., 
Lord Lyon King of Anns. Volume v. Kdinhurgh (David 
I >oughis). 

Nearly all the pedigrees in this fifth volume of the Scots Peerage 
commence in feudal times, and some of them at an almost pre- 
historic period, so that the contributors have had a by no means 
easy task. It will be very generally agreed that they have for 
the most part acquitted themselves with marked ability and success. 

The Rev. A. J. Macdonald in his article on the Lords of the 
Isles has had to deal with one of the most difficult of Celtic 
genealogies, and he has greatly improved on the historical account 
of the Maedonalds contained in Wood's Douglas, showing among 
other alterations that Sir Walter Scott's hero, Angus Og, was 
brother, not son, of Alexander the preceding Lord of the Isles. 
Tn one instance Mr. Macdonald has been less cautious than Wood, 
for he admits the descent of the Alexanders, Earls of Caledon, 
from a brother of Angus Mor, which we do not remember to 
have seen satisfactorily made out. 

The I lev. John Anderson, whoso work is always remarkable 


for accuracy and industrious research, contributes to this volume 
articles on the Celtic Kails oj' Lennox and the ancient Earls of 
Mar. In the case of the former he lias discarded the Saxon 
Origin suggested by Crawford and since adopted both by Douglas 
and Sir William Fraser, in favour of the view taken by Dr. 
Skene in his - Celtic Scotland, which considers Alwin, who was 
Karl of LeiUlOX between 1 1 "> I and I I H~>, as descended from Celtic 
forefathers, who had probably long been iMormaois of the territory 
afterwards known as Lennox. Coming to, later limes, Mr. Anderson 
gives the true descent of Walter of Faslane, husband of the heiress 
of the ancient Earls, and shows him to have been next heir male 
of the line. * 

The article upon the feudal Earls of Mar closely follows that 
by the late Dr. George Burnett, Lyon King of Arms, in the 
fourth volume of the new series of this Magazine, though with 
some changes and corrections \ the somewhat mysterious Countess 
Orahilis, for instance, is made wife of Karl Gilchrist and not of 
his predecessor Morgund. In his commendable anxiety to avoid 
re-opening the thorny discussion as to the existence of the ancient 
Earldom, Mr. Anderson has, perhaps, rendered it a little 
difficult for posterity to comprehend the questions at issue between 
the parties to the controversy, which ended in one of the most 
extraordinary Acts of Parliament which has ever been placed 
upon the Statute Hook — the Mar destitution Act of I81S0. Tt 
may be noted in passing that in this article on p. G29, Mary 
Erskine, Countess of Kin tore, is said to have died 19 February 
177'-', while on p. 211, under " Kintore," the date of her death 
is given as 9 May of the same year. 

We have unfortunately no space to consider the many other 
valuable articles in this volume, but may signal out for notico 
those on the Stewarts, Dukes of Lennox, and the Boyds, Earls 
of Kilmarnock, both of which are especially interesting and most 
carefully written. 

Memorial Rings, Charles the Second to "William the Fourth, 
in the possession of Frkderick Arthur Crisp. (Privately 

The collection, of which this substantial volume is a catalogue 
with explanatory notes, is probably the largest of its kind in 
existence, numbering aver one thousand rings in memory of the 
departed. Mr. liower Marsh's introduction gives to the subject 
of these sad mementoes an interest we hardly expected to find. 
He divides them into four divisions, the first covering the period 
from the date of the earliest inscribed ring to the reign of Queen 
Anne, the second from that lime to about 177T), the third as 
comprehending the following twenty live years, and the hist, as 
embracing the nineteenth century. 'The mourning ring of old 
days is said to have developed after the execution of King Charles 
into the memorial ring, ami there exist some to that unfortunate 
monarch's memory bearing the legend, Emiyva/oit Gloria Angli : 
Ja : the 30 1(1 ! t S. J I is somewhat remarkable that this large 


collection should consist entirely of gold rings, many enamelled 
and jewelled, with the exception of but two, which are of silver, 
one to commemorate the death of George I, the other in memory 
of the Poet (Jay. The earliest, is dated LG53, the latest 1835, and 
the list of names includes many royalties, heroes, celebrities and 
unknown individuals, one of the last having the strange surname 
Mad faces. Armorial hearings seem to have been but rarely 
represented, and we note only one and that on a ring inscribed 
M.B. ob. 25 Auy . 1120 aeta Jfi . The arms are undoubtedly 
those of Basset, and it should be possible to discover to whose 
memory it relates. There are numerous other rings commemorating 
the deaths of persons as yet unidentified, but those that have 
been accounted for constitute a high percentage, and the notes 
given in most cases consist of much valuable genealogical matter. 
Sometimes these notes show a discrepancy between the actual and 
the inscribed date of death. There are several instances of a 
testator leaving a list of the persons he desired should receive 
memorial rings, of which two occurring on pages 119 and 27.'5 
are noteworthy. Of the inscriptions, perhaps the most curious is 
to be found on number 909, which runs as follows '.—John jYapier 
of Herchiston Inventor of Logarithms died Iff 17. Mary Napier 
Dun his 'fth great grand Daughter died 1798, showing a period 
of over 180 years for four generations. There are many known 
instances of a similar nature, and some still more remarkable. 
The late Captain Francis Maude, R.N. (son of Lord Ha ward en), 
who died in 188G, occasionally referred to the fact that his 
grandfather was born in the reign of Charles II. In regard to 
the printing, paper and cover of this handsome volume, it is 
sufficient to say that it issues from Mr. Crisp's private press and 
is as charming in appearance as the best of his numerous 

Ball Family Records. Genealogical Memoirs of some Ball 
Families ok Cheat Britain, Ireland and America. Compiled 

by the Uev. William Hall Wright, MA. Second Edition, 
Enlarged and Revised. York (Printed for the Author by the 
Yorkshire Printing Co. Ltd.). 

Though " Great Britain, Ireland and America " appear upon 
the title page, this book in fact relates almost exclusively to 
Irish families, only one entirely English, two American, and no 
Scottish pedigree being contained within its covers. The Irish 
records have been very carefully investigated, and in a few 
instances researches have been made in England, with a view 
to tracing earlier descents ; the often disheartening result being in 
no way due to the author, who may be congratulated upon having 
produced a work of permanent value and interest. Among the 
Irish families whose genealogies are given are : — 

(1) The Balls of St. Audoen's, Dublin, Ballygall and Ballsgrove, 
Drogheda, members of which family were leading Aldermen, Sheriffs 
and Mayors of Dublin during the sixteenth and seventeenth 



centuries. They acquired some interesting connections, including a 
relationship to Archbishop Ussher, whose portrait in the Bodleian 
Library has been here reproduced, and a descent from the 
Huguenot family of Desminieres of Itouen. Of this line was 
Captain George Ball of Ballsgrove, who served in the 59th 
Regiment at Bunker's II ill, ami his portrait is among the many 
illustrations to this work. 

('2) The Halls of co. Fermanagh and of Dublin, who curiously, 
though not related to the Balls of Ballsgrove, also possessed a 
Desminieres descent, by intermarriage with the family of Blackall. 
A descendant, Captain Blackall William Ball, son of an emigrant 
to Pennsylvania, was a prominent officer in the American revolution. 

(3) The Balls of Bampton, co. Devon and Youghal, co. Cork, 
ancestors of Sir Robert Stawell Ball, Lowndes Professor of 
Astronomy at Cambridge. 

(1) The Balls of St. Mary's parish, Dublin, from which stock 
came the late Bight lion. John Thomas Ball, Lord Chancellor of 
Ireland, one of the most distinguished of Iiish judges, of whom 
a graceful notice appears on pp. 111-147. 

The concluding chapters are devoted to the consideration of the 
Balls of Virginia, maternal ancestors of George Washington. Though 
it cannot be said that a substantial addition is made here to what 
has long been familiar to genealogists, the pedigree and accompanying 
notes are welcome. Tim Appendix contains some valuable transcripts 
of Irish records and a pedigree of the Desminieres. The Index of 
names is unfortunately far from complete. 

Pedigree of the Cochranes of Cochrane, Lord Cochrane of 
dunoonald ; farls of dundonald, lords cochrane of paisley 
and ochiltrek, with a few details of the branches of 


Waterside, Kilmaronoch, Craiomure and Ashkirk. 1908. (Sold 
by Bernard Quaritch.) 

For upwards of twenty years Mrs. Katherine Parker has been working 
on the genealogy oi the Cochrane family, and in 190G contributed to 
the third volume of the Scots Peerage an able and detailed account of 
the Cochranes, Earls of Dundonald. In the present chart pedigree she 
embodies the essential facts and dates contained in that article 
with several additions, chiefly to the descents of the Cochranes of 
Pit four, Barbachlaw and Ashkirk, which arc much enlarged. An 
important correction or alteration is made in the early part of the 
pedigree owing to the discovery, since the publication of the 
Dundonald article, of a valuable inventor)' of writs. John of 
Cochrane, who was living temp. James IT, the successor and probable 
son of Robert, now appears as brother and not as suggested father 
of Alan of Cochrane, the progenitor of the Cochranes of that ilk. 
A simple coloured representation of Lord Dundonald's achievement 
gives a finish to this excellent chart, which is printed on linen and 
folded in a still' cloth cover. The Rev. .John Anderson, Curator of 
the Historical Department, Edinburgh, has revised the work, thus 
adding valuable testimony to its accuracy. 


Wiltshire Notes and Quekiks. An Illustrated Quautekly 
Antiquarian ami Genealogical Magazine. Vol. v. I'JOo-1907. 
Devizes (George Simpson)] London (Phillimore & Co.), 1908. 

There is always much that is interesting ami, better still, much 
that is worth remembering in the triennial volume' of " Wiltshire 
Notes and Queries," which maintains its reputation as one of the 
best of local archaeological periodicals. Miss E. M. Thompson 
continues her notes on Erchfont with Stert, which consist entirely 
of carefully selected extracts from public records. Mr. Pry's 
Calendar of Feet of Fines for the County is carried to Michaelmas 
Term, 9-10 Lli/.aheth, and Mr. Normal] Penney also continues 
his valuable Quaker Records; The Rev, Edmund Nevill contributes 
the Chrysom Book of St. Thomas, New Xarum, 1569-1592, and 
this of itself is sufficient to recommend the volume to the notice 
of antiquaries, for, as Mr. Nevill says, it is almost unique to find 
jf Chrvsom Hook pure and simple. Other interesting articles are 
those on the families of I'lvre of Wilts and Stokes of Seend, 
" Lacoek Abbey," and " SVilton House and its Literary Associations." 
The volume is profusely illustrated, and the Index of PI: ces, as it 
always is in this Magazine, has been compiled with great care, 
considerable pains having been taken to give the modern equivalent 
of archaic place names. 

Wills, Registers and Monumental Inciuptions of the 
of Bar\vick-in-Elmet, co. York. Edited by George Denison 
Lumb, F.S.A. (Printed for the subscribers by Knight S: Forster, 
Water Lane, Leeds.) 

It is pleasing to be able to bear testimony to the careful way in 
which these important Registers have been transcribed and edited. 
Mr. Lumb sets an example, which we hope may be widely followed, 
of printing Wills, Monumental Inscriptions in Church and Church- 
yard, and Bishop's Transcripts, together with the Parochial Registers. 
The Registers of Barwick-in-Ehnet do not commence until 1G53, 
so that the transcripts at York previous to that date are of more 
than ordinary value; they are for the period 1631-1642 unusually 
complete. No less than ninety-four wills, most of them proved in 
the Exchequer and Prerogative Court of the Archbishop of York, have 
been printed in eotten6o, the earliest in date being that of William 
Canon, Rector of Barwick, 1404-14 "30. Among the most prominent 
families in the parish in early times were those of Gascoigne of Lasing- 
croft, Barnbow and Parlington, and Ellis of Kiddall. There are also 
entries relating to many gentle families, as Batliurst, Cooke, Engleby 
or Ingleby, llallowes, Lund), More, Perrot and Tempest. The 
editor lias added footnotes containing much interesting information 
and there are several notices of Church Briefs, one of them in I GDI 
being for the relief of poor Protestants who came from France. 

Kerry Auoii.v.oloom^al Magazine. No. i. October, 1 DOS. 

This is a new venture, to which we wish every success. The most 
important contribution to the opening number is the first instalment 
of an article on Castle Magne, or Caslleinaine, by the Be v. J. 


Carmody, who inclines to the view that this ancient fortress standing 
on the hriil^e which sjlftris the river Maine, was buill by Maurice 
Kit/.gerald about . 1215. Mr. Tierce Cun Mahony, (,'«//; f/erald, 
gives a pedigree of I he Mahonys of Knockavony, with a request 
for Further information. The lid iter of the new Magazine is Miss 
Charlotte llussey, Aghadoe House, Killarney. A portrait of the 
Earl of Ken mare, President of the recently inaugurated Kerry 
Areh.eological Association, appeal's as a frontispiece. 

JloU\s anD iQuiTirs 

Halley, Hawley, Whalley Families. — Since the publication of 

my article on the Halley family in The Gmiealoyiit for July, 1908 
(N.S., vol. xxv, pp. 5-14), the remarks following have been made 
by Richard II. Thornton, Esq., of London : — 

" 1 incline to think that Halle)', Whalley and Hawley are variants 
of one name, and that wh and A are sometimes equivalent: living 
examples being found in who, whole, etc. : and obsolete ones in luhot 
for hot, whome for home 1 , etc. (see Aldis Wright's ' Bible Word-book '). 
Also the surname Hippie became Whipple and whist and hint are 

" I used to pronounce Halley with a short a, having probably 
picked up that use when a child ; but 1 suppose it should be like 

It might be added that Lower says of the English surname Halley, 
that it is local but he cannot name the place. The coats armorial 
of the families of Whalley do not seem to have any resemblance to 
those of Halley or Hawley. 

Mr. Ralph .1. Beevor, M.A., of St. Albans, who recently visited 
the registry at Lichfield, has favoured me with an extensive list of 
Halley and Haw lev wills and administrations recorded there. The 
names Halley and Hawley appear to have been interchangeable. 
Among the most interesting items is the administration of Humphrey 
and Margaret Halley (July 1, 1597) of Cheddleton in Staffordshire 
(reg., fo. 190 b). The will of Margerie Halley, of Nether Teane, 
widow, dated Feb. 17, 1629, proved May 2-1, 1630, says: "to be 
buried at Checkley," and among others mentions her son Edmond. 
The will of her husband, John Hawley, dated March 12, 1G0G, was 
proved April 7, 1607. 

Fuuene F. McPike. 

1, Park Row, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. 

William Ferrers of Tapi.ow. — Arms recorded in the Visitation of 
London, 1633-1 — Cold, on a bend Sable three horseshoes Silver. 
These are the arms of the Devonshire Ferrers. Memorials in Bere 
Ferrers Church, Feniton Church and Bradley Woods, and also 


recorded in Lynons' " Devonshire." Taplow was Church lain! until 
it was surrendered into the King's hands in 1538; so William 
Ferrers would appear to have been at Taplow in the Kind's 
service. According to Stow ( Loudon ~—Farringdon Without) in 
1539 Thomas Ferrers was Sheriff. John Ferrers of Churston 
Ferrers (Patent [loll, xvii, 138'J), had a younger son, Thomas 
of North Ahynton, who died L453 (will and I. P.M.), having 
had a son Henry; two of whose sons, Martin of Holborn (will 
1503), and William of London (I'atent Roll, xx), settled in London; 
William Ferrers of Taplow's descendants are continued in the 
Visitation of Berkshire 1663-4. 

Cecil S. F. Fekkeks, Captain. 

Hassai,, LoNcisnoN, and Jackson Families. — I should 
be greatly obliged if any readers of The d'eneaUxjist would kindly 
give me the following details : — 

(1). My ancestor Thomas Beresford of^Newton Grange, eo. Derby, 
married Agnes, daughter and heir of Robert Ilassal of Arelid, eo. 
Chester. As I am descended from this union in a double line 
(through both the Cell and Feme families), 1 am anxious to know 
details of the ancestry of this Agnes Ilassal. 

(2). The ancestry of Agnes, daughter of John Longsdon of 
Longsdon, co. Derby, who married Hugh Beresford of Newton 
Grange, eo. Derby (will proved 1524). 

(3). The ancestry of Felicia, daughter of Robert Milward of Eaton, 
who married John Feme of Parwich. 

(4). The ancestry of Ann, daughter of Roger Jackson of Ashburn, 
who married John Feme of Crakemarsh. ( Vide The Geiiealoijisf, 
O.S., vol. iv, p. 22.) 

F would ask for details of their ancestry, and not for mere general 
information concerning their family. 

W. M. Tate-Stoate, M.R.I. A., F. U.S.A. 
Pebworth Vicarage. 

Frances, daughter of Loud Seymour of Trowbridge. — May 

I crave space to correct an error in Burke's Peerage ? It is one 
connected with the second Lord Seymour of Trowbridge. Burke 
(ed. 1907), says that Frances was his youngest daughter. The 
following autograph letter shews that she was not. 

Salisbury Diocesan Registry, Bundle 3. Bishops Bonds 1663-4. 
" I hereby consent that Sir George Ilungerford, Kt. and Barronet, 
shall enter-marriage with Frances my eldest daughter, and therefore 
desire the Lord Bishop of Sarum his surrogate Register, or other 
omciall to grant Lyconco for the consummation thereof accordingly 
witness my hand and scale. C.Seymour. 28 Mar. 1664." (Under- 
neath in fainter ink, Liha 30 Mar. 1GG5.) 

Why also does Burke call the first Baron " Lord Seymour of Trow- 
bridge," the second " Lord Trowbridge " only '! 

Fdmund R. Nevii.l. 
•13, High Street, Salisbury. 




and bakonkt. 

Twenty-three yeara ago readers of The Genealogist were introduced 
to a "comely Old Gentleman w"> a round plump fface, a cudy cheerful) 
countenance addomed w th curled grey hair," 1 Sir William \Vheler, 
of West mi nster, Knight and Baronet, (lie fust holder of a title in which 
he has had twelve successors. There are, however, other reasons that 
make Sir William an ohject of interest, than the Baronetcy conferred 
on him in the early days of the Restoration. A prominent figure in 
the financial world, he was usefnl in turn to King and Commonwealth, 
to Protector and those that worked f«tthe Restoration, and once more 
to King safely restored. His tomb at Derby beans witness'- to his 
claim to have received the honour of knighthood from "the Royal 
Martyr," hut in his life as lit; lived it was the Protector's sword at 
Hampton Court that fust made him " Sir William." The State Tapers 
of the Long Parliament, of which he was a member long after the 
[loyalist secession, are evidence of his work as Parliamentary Paymaster, 
and Echard records the often repealed story of the mysterious summons 
he received to his sovereign's presence in the very shadow of the scaffold, 
while Pepys himself has noted his long conference with Montague on 
board the " Swiftsure," when the King was about to come into his own 

The public life of Sir William is of interest to the historian, and 
I believe his private life (of which Sir George Wheler and Pepys have 
given us glimpses) to be also of interest, but my present purpose 
is more modestly concerned only witli genealogy. Six years after he had 
been created a Baronet, Sir William died at Derby without surviving 
issue and without a father ; that is, not only without a living father, 
hardly to be expected at his age, but without even the record of one that 
had lived. His "cousin " and successor, Sir Charles Wheler, 3 entered the 
family pedigree in the Visitation of Warwickshire, taken in 1682, and 
put on record six generations of Whelers, but gives no hint of 
the parentage of the first baronet. It has been suggested that such 
an omission was intentional, and due to the fact that Sir William 
had annulled a former will by which his successor woidd have greatly 
benefited, as had been agreed, when the "'cousins," as it were hand 
in hand, approached the fountain of honour. 1 do not think this was 
the case. Sir Charles does not point, out the particular place in the 
family tree that his predecessor should occupy simply because he did 
not know it. The account of the family he gives in \i')ti'2 is only a 
continuation of that given in 1038, ' fuller but otherwise identical with 
that of the Visitation of London, 1634 ; indeed, such information 

1 \e\v Series, Mil. ii, p. 200. 
■-• Ibiil , p. 2v7. 

On I lie I 'n I ciil I ltd Ik I id in doHGfi l)c<l an " ( 'uroliiH Wilder do ljuthill ill coin : 
lutsti'o Suit : Arini^ur uouaangiiiiioua prodioti Willieluii Wheler. " 
1 llarleian Society, vol. xxvii, ]>. 1-1 1. 




as the family possessed was impartial freely to Wotton and is embodied 

in his opening sentence ou the Winders: "This family having long 
been of knightly degree was advanced to the dignity of a baronet 
in (he person of Sir William Wheler of Westminster, Knt." 5 Le Neve, 
in his MS. " Baronetage," volunteers the further information that 
Sir William was a " fourth son born in Holland," 8 but at this interesting 
point his inspiration ceases, and the name of the father is withheld, 
and for more than a hundred years the first Baronet is the child of his 
works as self-made and fatherless as any hero of the late Samuel Smiles ; 
indeed), Burke, in his annual volumes, did not furnish him with a father 
till late. in the last century. To the best of my knowledge this kind 
office was first undertaken by Betham, who describes him as the 
eldest son of John Wheler, of London, goldsmith, by Martha, his wife, 
daughter of Robert Kerrick ' (sic) , and first cousin of Sir Charles 
Wheler. This discovery did not find favour with Burke, and at 
length lie announced a rival father in the person of Sir Edmund 
Wheler, of Datchet, great-uncle of Sir Charles. The late Mr. Foster 
adopted this reading in his " Baronetage," but thought there was 
much to be said for the other ; and Sir Edmund retained the favour 
of Burke till last year (1908) when he was withdrawn in favour of 
John. It is only necessary to briefly state here that William Wheler, 
the fourth son and heir of Sir Edmund, married .lane, daughter of 
Sir Edward Wardour, and died in April 1649, leaving one son, William 
(who seems to have been of weak intellect), and seven daughters. 

John Wheler, the husband of Martha Herrick, has triumphed over 
Sir Edmund, and has moreover obtained the powerful support of 
" CJ.E.C" in the "Complete Baronetage," 8 where, however, some of 
the dilliciilties of the attribution are fully admitted. It is acknow- 
ledged that to these parents a son William could not have been born, 
before KilO, and so the "comely old gentleman" was barely over 
fifty when young (ieorge Wheler saw him, and his tomb at Derby 
overstates his age by ten years. John and Martha Wheler were married 
f>th October HiOti, and a year later the baptism of their son John is 
recorded in the Martin llusingtree Kegisters, and is followed by those 
of Mary, George, Martha, Susannah and Elizabeth (although only the 
three last baptisms as taking place in that parish), and the burial of 
the youngest child, Elizabeth, 16th April 1(118 ; the names of the other 
five children are all found in the will of their father, John Wheler, 
dated 1 April 1620. 9 The final argument given in support of this theory 
is a very valuable piece of evidence, the extract quoted from the burial 
register of Allhallows, Staining, under the date, 22nd May 1663: 
" Anne Winne, widow of Tobyah Winne of London, Haberdasher, 
da. of John Wheeler, Esq., and sister to Sir William Wheeler,' Knt. 
and Baronet." 10 by which Sir William is at last on evidence that cannot 
be gainsaid, provided with a father and sister. But if that father 

. 5 Wotton's " Baronetage," 1741, vol. iii, p. 143. 

,; Quoted in the " Complete Baronetage," vol. iii, p. 10U. 

'• liotham's " IJaronotnge," vol. ii, p. 160. 

M Vol. iii, p. LOG. 

'■' L'.C.C. 22, Savile. 

111 " Complete Baronetage," vol. iii, p. 354. 


was the husband of Martha we have to admit of another child, Anne, 
whose name is equally wanting in the Martin Register and John Winder's 
will ; and again, the allegation for Anne Wheler's marriage licence 

is as follows: "Tobias Wynne of St. Christopher-lc-Stocks, London, 
haberdasher, bachelor, and Anne Wheeler, of St. Mildred's-in-the- 
Poultry, London, spinster, daughter of John Wheoler, gent., deceased, 
at St. Michael, Queenhithc, London," 11 and is dated 25 September 

1619; and so the father of Sir William was dead in September 1619, 
but the husband of Martha lb-nick did not make his will till April 

At this point I propose to leave the Baronetages and give as briefly 
as possible my own account of the family of Sir William. His grand- 
father was Henry Wheler, of St. Mary Magdalen, Milk Street, London, 
Citizen and Grocer, and buried in his parish church, 20th February 
1564/5 ; by his wife, Agnes, who proved lbs will 1 '- 9th March following, 
he was the father of four children, all baptized at St. Mary Magdalen's, 
between the years 1558 and 1564, of wham the three younger, John, 
Henry and Nicholas, survived him. In tin; November following his 
death, Agnes Wheler re-married with Thomas Elliott, also of St. Mary 
Magdalen's, Citizen and Draper ; there were two daughters of this 
second marriage, and their descendants are constantly named in the 
wills of the Wheler family. Their mother was again a widow in Sep- 
tember 1589, and at her death was buried beside her two husbands 
in St. Mary Magdalen's, 28th October 1012. Two sous are mentioned 
in her will, 13 the youngest, Nicholas, Citizen and Draper, who was her 
executor, and the eldest John, Citizen and Grocer, then residing at 
Middelburgh beyond the seas. 

The third son, Henry Wheler, " of St. Lawrence Jewry, gentleman," 
had died without issue in his mother's lifetime, and was buried at St. 
Lawrence, 22nd July 1598, leaving a widow, Margaret, who proved 
his will 11 21th July 1598. 

Nicholas Wheler was the last of the brothers to marry ; he survived 
his wife, Sarah Blirdenfield, the widow of John Hampton, Citizen 
and Haberdasher, by some fifteen months, and was buried in St. Mary 
Magdalen's, 4th December 1019. His will is of such importance to 
this account that I give a brief abstract of it : — 

" Nicholas Wheeler, Citizen and Draper of London, to be buried in 
St. Mary Magdalen, Milk St., where lieth buried my father M r Henry 
Wheeler, my father-in-law M 1 ' Thomas Elliot, Draper, Agnes Elliot, 
my mother, wife and relict of them both, and now lately, 5 September 
1018, was my loving wife, Sarah Wheeler then; also interred — the 
five children of my brother John Wheeler by his first wife, William, Eliza- 
bclh, Anne, Mary and Cicely — to my son Henry my houses in Milk 
Street and in Aldgate and in St. Katharine Cree — my daughter Susan 
Wheeler — my uncle Matthew Garret — the three other children of my 
brother John Wheeler by his second wife and his widow noio resident 

" Ifuiioiau Society, vol. xxvi, p. 7f. 

'- IM'.C. '.», Morrison. 

a " Uominiasnry of London," vol. xxii, fo. '.•£>. 

" " Commissary of London," vol. xix, fo. 47. 


nt Dort in] Holland — kinsman Thomas Harrison— Mary, daughter of 
John Hampton and Surah my deceased wile Aunt Marckus am! 
cousin Coulte -to the maiden children of Christ's Hospital to buy 
wiggea ami flgges lor lower veares in Lent, fowcr nobles- the four 
youngest children of my uncle Mr. John de Creets — cousin Ruddier — 
godson Mark Garret — the first wife of m>/ brother John was Mrs. Anne 
Ingelar, daughter of Mr. Harvye, of Richmond" Dated 28th January 
1618/9. Pd. 14th December 1619 by James Rudyard, one of the 
executors. (P.C.C. 1115, Parker.) 

His tkiughter, Susan Wlieler, <lieil unmarried, 13th December 1624, 
and her brother Henry was found 15 her heir, lie was horn Ith June 
1616, matriculated from Queen's College, Oxford, in November 1631, 
and was admitted to the Middle Temple in 1633 ; he died abroad 
I7t h February 1638 '9, and at the Inquisition 16 taken 23 March following, 
William Wheler, Ksq., was found his kinsman and next heir, being the 
son of John Wheler, Esq., deceased, brother of Nicholas Wheler, Esq., 
deceased, father of the said Henry, and was then aged 30 years and 

His cousin, " William Wheler, of Westminster, Esquire" was the 
residuary legatee and ' sole executor named in his will, 17 dated 
1 4th November 1636; he desired to be buried in Milk Street, by the 
side of his lather and mother, left a legacy to Queen's College, Oxford, 
" where I was once a member," and mentions in addition, the four 
ststers of my cousin, William Wheeler — " my cousin Wheeler's brother- 
in-lawe's child at nurse in 1634 at the coblers " — cousin Wheeler's 
wife— Mr. Cole and Mrs. Cole— my kinsman "Mr. John Wheeler 
the marchant," and other relations but no other Wheelers. 

Thus by the year 1640, the only living descendants of Henry Winder 
who died in February 1564/5, were through his eldest son, John, who 
was baptized al St. Mary Magdalen's, 17th March loo!) lit). John 
Wheeler, as has been seen in the will of his brother, was twice married, 
and left children bv each marriage ; he was a merchant and seems to 
have lived more in Holland than in London, where, however, he probably 
died on the day that he made his will, 18 Mlh November 1617, in which 
he described himself simply as "Citizen and Grocer," mentioned his 
wife, Sarah, 19 and entrusted all his children, whom he did not name, 
to the care of his brother Nicholas. In the Act Book, 2 " he is described 
as of All Hallows, Staining, and was probably buried there. Left a 
widow with three young children, Sarah Wheeler took as her second 
husband, Lawrence Goffe, of St. Peter's, Cornhill, Citizen and Draper, 
and as his wife was buried in St. Peter's, 8th March 1642/3. A petition 
In Chancery,- 1 dated 1st May 1616, records a complaint of "John 

13 Inq. P.M. Chancery, vol. 510, No. 49. 

1,1 Ibid., vol. -il>7. No '78. 

'< P.C.C. 47, Harvey, 

li l " Commissary of London," vol. xxiii, fo. 111. 

13 The matriagn, -' bVbruary 1607/8, at St. Murtin's-in-ihc-Fields, of "John 
Wheoler and S.-imh llowlins " limy possibly !»' John VVIiok-r'n sec-ont] marriage, 
but 1 liave no oviiCnrr of litis. 

-" Vol. xvi, I'o. 2S7. 

21 CI'., Car. I., W I."., 53. 



Wheeler, Agues Wheleer and Clara Wheeler, children of Sarah (luff, 
deceased, By her former husband, John Wheeler, and Sarah Groff, 
daughter of the said Sarah by Laurence CJoff "as to the administration 
of their inheritance from their mother by the trustees, William Wheeler, 
lvsc|., and Francis, brother of Lawrence Goff. Of John Winder here 
named I know nothing further; he is not mentioned in the will 22 
of his step-father, dated 13th April 1652, in which his sisters arc referred 
to as Mistress Moone and Mistress Vandervelde. 

'The lirst wife of .John Wheler, the father, was Anne, daughter of 
Henry Hervev, of Chessington, eo. Surrey, sister of Sir William Hervey, 
created in succession a Baronet, Baron Hervev ol Rosse ill the peerage 
of Ireland, and Baron Hervey of Kidbrooke in that of England, whose 
only surviving daughter, Elizabeth, married her cousin, John Hervey 
of Ickworth. Anne. Hervev's lirst husband we have already seen was 
named Engelar, and her son, William Lngelar, is mentioned in the will 23 
of his uncle, Lord Hervev, Kith December IG37. We are. indebted 
again to Nicholas Winder for tin" names of her live children by her 
second husband, John Winder: William, -Elizabeth, Ann, Mary and 
Cicely. The eldest daughter, Elizabeth, married Simon Aston, of 
St. Peter's. Westchcap, Citizen and Grocer, who entered his pedigree 
in the Visitation of London of 1634, -* and dying in August 1638 left 
his wife, Elizabeth, executrix, and his brother, William Wheeler, 
Esq., overseer of his will. 25 Ann Wheeler, as has been seen, married 
in September Kill*, Tobias Wynne, and was buried in All Hallows 
Staining, where it is probable her lather had been buried. Mary 
Wheeler 1 identify with Mary Aiusworth (or Eeusworth), who died a 
widow in 1681, naming in her will*- 6 her (.laughters, Mary and Anne, 
and a grand-daughter. Wise. Cicely Wheler, the youngest of the 
four sisters, was living in November 1636, when her cousin Henry 
made his will, but I have not been able to trace her further. 

In this same cousin's will, their only brother, William Wheler, is 
already " of Westminster " and " Esquire," and is the lirst of his family 
to be so described, though his lather seems through him to have reached 
this distinction after death, as has been seen in the inquisition taken 
alter this cousin's death. Like his half-brother, William Ingelar. 
he is mentioned in the will of his uncle, Lord Hervey, ami is also possibly 
the William Wheler thai witnessed the will. The further identification 
of this William Wlieles, whose parentage I have sketched, with Sir 
William, of Westminster, first Baronet, is best shown by the latter's 
will, of which I give a somewhat detailed abstract : — 

" I, Sir William Winder, of Channon roue in the Cittv of West- 
minster and County of Middlesex, Knight and Baronett," especially 
annulling a will made in February last past — my desire is if Dying in 
London To be buried iu the parish Qkurch of St. Mary Magdalen* in 

- P.C.C. 74, Bowyer. 

23 P.C.C. 172, Essex. Printed in Dr. Howard's " Visitation of Suffolk, 1561," 

vol. ii, p. 17-J. 

24 Hurli-inn Society, vol. xv, p. 29. 

25 P.C.C. ti9, Leo. 

M P.C.C. 110, North. 


Milke Street, London — to my dear wife Dame Elizabeth Wheler my 
1 1 welling house called Rogers seytuate in Channon row in Westminster, 
nn' three tenements seytuatod in Hie S|»it i le) aril in St. Botolph's, 
liishopsgate, Loudon, )ny two Tenements in Milk Street, London, my 
Three Tenements in St. Katharine Creeehureh neire Alhjate, London, 
ami lands in Stepney for life—also tenement in Kensington, co. 
Middlesex, & in Water lambeth, co. Surrey -lands in WilHngclon & 
elsewhere, co. Kent lands in Strattieldsay & elsewhere, co. South- 
ampton— manors of Lye & Ludborne k lands in Westbury & 
elsewhere, CO. Wilts-after her death the said premises to be unto 
George Wheler, si nine & heire of Charles Wheler of Charing, eo. 
Kent, esq., with reversion to William Wheler, the third sou & Charles 
Wheler the second son in turn, then to John Mountague, fourth son 
of Edward Earle of Sandwich, Charles Mountague, fifth son, James 
Mountague sixth son, Sydney Mountague second son in turn — I stand 
seized of an estate in fee simple expectant of the Manors of Datchett 
& Datchett St. Ellens, co. Bucks, all my rights in these to William 
Pickerne, eldest son of Charles Pickcrne, of Twickenham, co. Midd., 
esq., and his heirs male, they to assume the surname of Wheler and 
the coat of Alius together with their paternal coate quarterly and 
pay £500 to the daughters of William Winder late of Datchett, esq., 
grandfather of the said William Pickerne— in the event of their refusal 
the estate to go to George Wheler aforesaid on condition he marry 
Catharine, the youngest daugher of William Wheler aforesaid, if he 
refuse he to pay £-2,(KX) to the said Catharine and her sisters. I desire 
my wife to present to the King's Majesty a Jewell in a red velvet case, 
a picture of the Virgin Mary with Christ on her knee in water colour 
and a silver candlestick of Vienna's work — to my noble friend Edward 
Earle of Sandwich, six of my best pictures such as he please to choose 
— to in// noble Cosens Herri/ Iter tfi him-iu Mr. Sydney Mountague 
my best Hatband of Emeralds and Dyamonds and my guilt sword 
with a black velvet t scabbard —unto my worthy friend Doctor Denton 
twenty pounds for a peece of plate and my large Cambridge Bible 
given 1 me by Sir Robert Kenu, Knight - to Charles Wheler of Charing 
my gold scale and the sword wherewith the late King of glorious memory 
Knighted mee — unto the three daughters of my sister Aynesicorth, i.e., 
my niece Wise, Mary & Anne, £50 each— to my nieces Sarah Aston 
& Lucilia Dod, £50 each — to John Aynesworth £50 — to my sister Aynes- 
worth, £100 — to my sisters Moone & Van de Yelde £20 each to buy them 
and their husbands ■mourning & Rings — to the poor of St. Margaret's, 
£20— to the Governors of St. Margaret's Hospital, Westminster, £100 
— my wife Dame Elizabeth to be sole executrix — an inventory to be 
made by my cousin Ilercy and Dr. Denton of all my goods. Mar)' 
Oldtield & the rest of my servants. Witnesses, Henry West, Ax 1 '. 
Prior, Humfrey Stickland. Dated 20 June 1(5(55. Proved by sentence 
6th Julv 1667, by Dame Elizabeth Wheler. (P.C.C. 96, Can.) 
• Of the litigation to which this will gave rise, Sir George Wheler has 
told us much ; but the second Baronet was not alone in considering 
himself aggrieved by its terms. The Caveat Book of the Prerogative 
Court for the year 1666 contains four caveats against this will. Mary 


Eensworth, sister, was the first in the field on 17th August, aixl is 
followed three days later by Jolui Winne, nephew "by sister," and 

it is evident that it was for no want of relations that Sir William 
adopted as his heir Gtedrge Wheler. 

Sir George Wheler has explained in his Autobiography that Ins 

lather, Charles Wheler of Charing, never at any time claimed relation- 
ship with their benefactor; that the name was the same seems to 
have contented the testator and he does net even require his heirs to 
change their arms. Relationship with his successor in the title is 
stated in the Patent, hut neither in the account of Sir William's 
family as here given or in a somewhat close examination of that of 
the second baronet have 1 been able to find any clue as to its nature. 

Bowkr Marsh. 


liy W. V. CaKTKU. 

[Continued from p. 181.) 

(i. Thk Kknrh'ks of Mabuhwiail. 

Marchwiel is a village about three miles south-east of Wrexham, 
in the direction of Whitchurch, and is part of the great lordship of 
Bromfield. It would appear from the pedigree given below that a 
certain Llewelin, who is described as an illegitimate son of Madoe 
Voel, was of Marchwiel about the time of Edward III; by which 1 
suppose we are to understand that he was lord of the manor and owner 
of the demesne attached to the Hall. His wife is called a daughter 
of Madoe ap Lhuelin ap Griffith, 111 but whether he was lord of March- 
wiel in her right or received it from his father I cannot say. 

The authority for Llewelin's ancestors and descendants seems to be 
llarleian MS., No. MSI, which is a volume of Welsh pedigrees, 
" presented to my Lord Oxford by Mr. Hugh Thomas." This pedigree 
as given on the following pages appears chiefly on pages 308 and 309 
of the MS., but Robert ap Howel and Elen his wife, and their 
children, are given on page 326. For the sake of convenience, I have 
divided the pedigree into two parts, of which the second consists 
largely of Mr. A. N. Palmer's additions. I am greatly indebted to 
the kindness of the Editor of The Genealogist for comparing my 
copy with the original. The pedigree is headed by these Anns: — 
A lion rampant in a bordure, and Crest : — On a cap turned up 
Ermine, a demi-lion rampant. 

111 This seems to mean that her Cottier, Madoe, was son of Llewelyn ap 
(iriiffyd ap Mating up tJrulYyd Maelor, which Llewelyn, known as of Chirkiaud, 
was dispossessed of iiiK hinds for joining in I'rinec Ijlowolyn'a rebellion of 1280, 

Inil , (on the ileal li of his young nephews in I2H2) became i he rightful (Welsh) 
Lord of Uromlh Id, as heir of (iriiffyd Muelor. lint Mr. rainier considers that by 
the time it yets Lack to Madoe Voel the " March wiail " pedigree is "very 

•J I (i 


Hl5 . 

ri •? o ri 



i— 1 — I (M 

II — -I 



►-a -? 
CS - 

O O x 

1 t ? 

* «8 




Qi — . ri 


ri - 


>-» rt iH 


D C « 



£-^ ■ 

r rt 

3 ^ 

to a 

j pi. 

= h 

— | O o 

fa 3 


t3 ^_; p; 

£-— c '" 

OJ rt CJ 

T --5 ] 



--i ^ 

n ™ eg Pi *j 

— Cv ^ — ^ -, .... 

£ C " O .S. C 

^ r^ ^. ^ ^ -^ ^ 

mW o cTr- ri 



be ri 

Cu J— 

X o 

























■ ( 





































,5* O " w 

~ ~ .^ * 

* R . 2 
























be a " 

5 <B 

r^" P. rt — * 


o m 


~ c 








13 "^ 
— ri ^ 



— K - 


h S ? 





DO (v> 



*** k Cd — 

o W 


o, 5 





ti .— 




.2 b 


1* — ■- 
c ^ , 

i> o V 


■j. -r ^ 


o "~ 



c /< 


S H 

!-■ Ci 








** "S 

i» - 


P4 2 



— ri o> 

— J3 



■2 Q 

.2 rCl 


Lr "tt i 



~_ '- '-' 




r x 1 - 

N k 

.^_ o 


—» ^ :> >*i 

S a, •- *-i 

1 <G 

■ c 1. E S - 

£ 8 3 )3S *£" 9 

►- >A ~ a" &.<o 






•4? ?-'o 

^ $ '£ S 

a, rr* . o» 

S'^ 2 -^ 

S ■- ^ T3 

jd ^ r-J ro nj 

ot ? tt> 

1-5 fc S *0 C 


.2 * t £ 

*— O fc» *S OB J- 

<^ C ~ - 'rC 


If- _ " 

c a -2 S"qf S> a 

bo -s r °* 'O 

■ r ^ o w % ^ 

i-1 O i_ *- ~ 

> r- ~ v- -J- o> 

2 s « «> l s +J 
O fcsj fij a? SJ .3 oq 

=5 i £ % c 

3 ;' ~ 

i js? m 

tt) r 

'< ^ 

- - r3 

"O - 

«> --. 

r- S ' (>, »i 

*> > •£ .= S C ° *" 

- 5 ^ t* a . 













r a 































o ^ 


L I 

.J" -w' 'tt *< ^ 

d a, c ~< ~ ": 

r » si a, o . 

^ At -a s ^s ■? 

fc 2 M 

-a s f^ 

Di - 

>. I — • b 

U '■ 1 O 

£ S * -2 

o . 
«— i "E 


4* ~- 

u : 

_ o 

? a - ~~ 

— ^3 O 

— M 


2 3 

— , gj 

r<; ^ 


W O 




a, a. 



S J 

a . 




— ri 


i> , - 

tc w 

5 2 






*2 ^ 


— 1 


3 3h 

fe ffi « 

S _= .-- p — 

t-, ^ - 

.5 £35-5 n5 3 

Sl/O^. tc 

1) to O O 



- < r- 1 . = ~ ^ 

— ai 


~Z i L: £«E s ?• 


— — ^ — _ — 

.2 w 


A little Calculation will show that the eleven generations between 
Tudor Trevor, who llourishcd about, A.D. HHO (o 948, and David of 
17 Richard II (1393-4) an; too few, while the four generations between 
this David and John Kenrick, Living in 1027, also seem insufficient. 
Comparison with other versions of the early pari of tin- pedigree might 
reduce the discrepancies, but a more valuable work (which I do not 
propose to undertake) would be to see how Far the pedigree can be 
supported by charters and by evidence in the Public Records. 

It will be seen that there was another Cynrig or Kenrick of the same 
generation as Kenrick Roberts, who might be the, ancestor of descen- 
dants 'using " Kenrick " as a surname, but Mr. Rainier knows of no 
such descendants, while after thoroughly examining the Marchwiel 
deeds he finds it evident that Kenrick Roberts' only son, John Kenrick, 
died without issue, and cannot therefore have been the father of Edward 
ap John Kenrick of (iwersyllt, the ancestor of the Wvnn Hall 
family. 121 ' ' 

I now give in order of date the few notes and abstracts of wills con- 
cerning the " Marchwiel " pedigree and Kcnricks of Marchwiel, which 
I have been able to collect. Will-searching I found quite hopeless 
in dealing with this almost surnameless region and period. 

In 1606 the families of Powell, Brereton and Roydon were concerned 
in a dispute about lands in Marchwiel. 1 - 2 

In 1607 John Kenrick and Katherine his wife, and Jasper Mottcrs- 
head and Elizabeth his wife were plaintiffs, and John Randall and 
David Randall and Amy his wife were defendants, in an action 
concerning lands in the lordship of Pronilield and Yale. The lands 
had lately belonged to Morgan Matthew and Doulcc his wife. 
Morgan had conveyed lands to his wife, setting aside his children 
Katherine ami Elizabeth, two of the plaintiffs. Doulcc had married 
David Randall and thereupon changed her name to Amy. She was 
daughter of Piers Tilston. 123 

In !(>I7 Robert Powell ap David ap Robert ap Howell was plaintiff 
in respect, of lauds in Marchwiel. 1 - 1 This proves the second, third, 
fourth ami lifth generations in the direct line of Part II of the 

In 1620 Norden's Survey of the Lordship of Bromfield and Yale, 
which I have already mentioned, gave under Ruabon : — 
Kenric Edgbury (i.e., Edisbury), a freeholder. 125 

121 See ante, vol. xxiv, pj). 165-169. 

'--' Kxchetpier Depositions, Mich. 4 .lames I, 20. 

m IbuL, Mich. 5 James 1, 14. 

151 Ibid., Hilary 14 James I., 18. 

123 The Will of a Kenrick Edisbury of Chatham was proved in P.C.C. in 
1638 (122 Lee). I also lind that in Hilary Term, *1675, a Kenrick Edisbury 
was sued by one Jeffries for soiling tn him a liorsu which was " moon 
blind." The I leposii ions in this case were taken al Wrexham. (Kxchcquor 
Depositions.) Mr. Palmer kindly informs me that, this Intel" Kenrick Kdisbury 
was son of Richard Kdisbury, the youngest sou of the above Kenrick Kdisbury 
of Uuabou. 


John Kenrick, of Marehwiel, gentleman, owner of quo capital 
messuage, three tenements and forty acres. 
Kenric Dunbabin, a freeholder in Marehwiel. 

Also, under Iscoyd : — 
John Kenricke pays for free lands. 

Kenrick ap Robert and David poua Morgan Mat hew hold a close 
in " Marcliweall." 

In* 1670 the Hearth Tax for Denbighshire 128 mentions under 
Marehwiel Martvn Kenricke and William Kenricke, and 1 under- 
stand Mr. Palmer to believe that the latter was son of Kenrick 
Dunbabin mentioned above, as living in 1620. 

On 31st July 1084, Martin Kenrick, of Marehwiel, yeoman, being 
" aged & weake in bod)'," made his will. He mentions his daughter, 
Margaret, wife of Samuel Thomas, and their daughter Alis. His 
daughter Kli/abeth, 5 shillings. His daughter Sarah, 5 shillings. 
Residue to beloved wife Limine, and she executrix. 

Overseers - Cozens Roger (Jrillith of Abinbury, and John Kenrick 
of Marehwiel. 

Proved at St. Asaph 25th May 1685. Inventory, £2:5 lis. 2d. 

On llth December 1702, John Kenrick, of Sontley, yeoman, made 
his will. " And first being liearlyly sorry for my sins past," etc. 
To son Peter Kenricke, £10, and £10 to be divided among his 
children. To the poor of the parish of Marehwiel, £5 for ever, to 
be laid out for them, and my trusty and welbbeloved friend Philip 
Roberts, of Sontley, Gent., his executors and administrators to be 
overseers of the said £5. 

Residue to my daughter Margaret Digkinson, and she executrix. 

The testator sets to tin; will his mark and seal. 

Witnesses — Phillip Roberts, Samuell Kenrick, Robert Hughes. 

Proved at St. Asaph by the executrix, 13th November 1701, 
the testator being described as of " Marchwhiall." 

On 4th October 1727 John Kendrick, of Marchwiell in co. Denbigh, 
made his will. He desires " my debts and funeral expenses to be 
paid by my principal! executor." Sonne Joseph one shilling. 
Daughter Hanna one shilling. Brother Cornelious Leech, ten shillings. 
The residue to Sarah Kendrick my wife, and she sole executrix. 
And Cornelious Leech my brother-in-law, and John Williams of 
Pentrey Velin Bilstone, to be executors with my wife that they 
may be in power to see that this my last will be fulfilled. 

Witnesses — John Williams, Jonathan Williams and Edward Williams. 

Proved at Chester by the executrix, 1th December 1728, and 
power reserved for the other two. The following Inventory is 
attached : — 

'-'' Quoted liy " 1I.IJ.W." in " Byo-gones," vol. vii. It. in, 1 In lirve, Ilia I 
uu labored Z?* in I'.U.O. 


" A true and lull Invitarv of the goods & chattels of John Kendriek 
of the township of Civ in tin- parish of Bangor in the county of Flint, 
deceased," includes "Coles at the hous, 'is.; uadlc & bridle and 
waring aprril, 9s. 6d. ; the hay, El 5s, ; one cow & caulf taken away 

liv his son-in law, £2 10m.,; total, JL 1 <i IDs. (id. Hon by Utf William 
Evans, Job + I'rohberl." 

I have also sundry notes of Kenricks who were of Ruabon before 
the Wynu Hall family, and these were possibly descendants ol the 
" March wiel " family. As to this, however, I have HO evidence except 
the contiguity of Ruabon and .March wiel. Still, it would seem likely 
that the following extract 1 '- 7 from Llansiliii Registers relates to a 
Kenrick of gentle descent, seeing that the Kyllins were a family of 
some importance. : — 

" Edward Kvuerick, of the parish of Rhywabon, and Stisamia Kyffin 
of the parish of Llansilin, married" in MiTU (no day or month 

7. The Kenwrioks of Owenham, Worcestershire, and Atiikr- 
stonk-on-Stour, Warwickshire. 

In Graze brook's " Heraldry of Worcestershire " this family is said 
to be of Stock and Bradley, a small parish in that county, lying near to 
Eeckenham, and also of King's Sutton, Northamptonshire. I am quite 

satisfied that it was a branch of the King's Sutton Ken wricks, and it 
was established by : — 

Edward Kenwrick, who (described as " Edward Kenwricke, 
(lent., of King's Sutton, Northants, aged about 30, bachelor") 
had licoiicc at Worcester, dated 2<Sth April 1693, to marry Aim 
Emms, of Oflcnham, 128 aged about 24, spinster. He evidently 
lived at Oflenham, and was doubtless the Edward " Kenwick," 
a freeholder in Offenham, who appears in the 1703-4 List of Wor- 
cestershire Landowners, which forms the Twelfth Appendix to 
(irazebrook's " Heraldry of Worcestershire." There is (or was) 
a mural monument to his memory in OlYenham Church, displaying 
the Kenrick arms — Ermine, a lion rampant Sable, and stating that 
he was born at King's Sutton, Northants, and died 13th September 
1727, aged 63. This goes near to identifying him with Edward, 
fifth son of Robert Kenwrick. of King's Sutton, which Edward, 
according to Baker's " Northamptonshire," was baptised at Sutton, 
17th September 1663, and was "living in 1*681." "Edward Kenrick 
Cent, mul Anne Fines " were married at OlYenham, 11 May 1693, 
and the monument states that she died 22nd September 1717, 
aged 79. Not having made any search in the Oflenham Registers, 

'-' Kindly supplied by H. Hughes, hist |., of (Jlyiidwr, Wrexham. 

'- s Memoranda of the late 11. S. Grazcbrook, doubtless taken from Mr. • 

Wadley's " Worcester Marriage Licenses." — 'l'he Uvuetilugist, O.S. 


or at the Worcester Probata Registry, I am unable to say more 

about their issue'- 111 tlian that Kdward and Anne Kenwriek hail a 
son : — 
Edward Ken wrick, who, as "son of Edward Kenwriek, 1 * of 
Uffingham, eo. Worcester, pleb., wl matriculated at Balliol College, 
Oxford, in 1710-1 1. 138 He took his B.A. degree from St. Alban'e 
Hall in 1711, and his M.A. from Magdalen Hall in 1717. Poster 
states that he was Rector of At herstone on Stour (Warwickshire) 
in 1719, and Vicar of Strat ford-on-Avon from 1730 to 1 702, from 
which it appeals that he was a pluralist, for a monument in 
Atherstone Church states that he was Rector there for "upwards 
of forty-two years.' 631 On 20th December 1721, " The Reverend 
Edward Kenrick Rector of Aiherston, and Mrs. Mary Field" were 
married at Oflenham, 134 The following particulars of their 
descendants are taken almost entirely from what I may call the 
"Cox Pamphlet," to which the "Germ or Pedigree" of the King's 
Sutton Kenwricks, already mentioned, was prefixed, (See Vol. 
xxiv, pp. 100, 101.) This pamphlet gives a pedigree of the Cox 
family, and also a copy of the lengthy inscription concerning 
the ken wrick family which is (or was) in the chancel ol 
Atherstone Church, and in the pamphlet the name is throughout 
spelled " Kendrick." The inscription states that Mary, wife of 
the Reverend Edward " Kendrick,' 1 died 20th February 1712, 
aged 17, and that she was "daughter of Oliver Field, of the 
City of Bristol, geivt., by his wile, Ann, daughter of Cristopher 
Newington, 1 "' of OfTenham, in the County of Worcester, gent." 
The Reverend Edward Kenwriek and Mary his wife had the 
following issue : — 

1. Edward Kenwriek, died 3rd September 1724, aged 

I months. 

2. Robert Kenwriek, died 9th December 1727, aged 
' 2 wars months. 

3. Edward Townsend Kenwriek, who as " son of Edward 

Kenwriek, of Strat iord-on-Avon, co. Warwick, 

129 In Kelly's Directory for 1884 Hobert Kendrick appears as a tanner at 

130 Both forms of the mime being giveii by Foster, I presume that one or the 
other was used indifferently. 

1:u The description of hi* father as " plebeian " made me doubtful as to his 
descent from the King's Sutton Kenwricks, which, however, seems hardly 
disputable considering the evidences 1 have given. 1 fancy that gentle birth 
was sometimes ignored in order to secure scholarships intended for the poorer 

1:l - Poster's " Alumni Oxonienses." 

11:1 Atherstone and Strat lord are only three miles apart, and it is a polite 
fiction to describe Atherstone Rectory in these days as a " living." 

I:il Memoranda of the hue II. S. (irazebrook. 

Is; '. 'the "lleraldrv of Worcestershire " gives no account of any' Newington 
family, but the 17U3--t List of Worcestershire Freeholders mentions a William 
Newington at Olfenham. There are Newington pedigrees in Berry's "Sussex 
Pedigrees" and " Kent Pedigrees," but I have not examined them. 


Clerk," matriculated at Magdalen Hall, Oxford, in 
1708, aged 16. He was doubtless named "Town- 
send " in memory of Ins ancestor, George Townsend, 
the prothonotary already mentioned, 13 " whose, family 
seems to have endowed some college, for the Cox 
Pamphlet states that the -Ken wricks claimed scholar- 
ships as kin to the Townsend family. Edward 
Townsend Ken wrick was a D.D. ami for 33 years 
Rector of Atherstone, and is said to have kept a 
pack of Harriers. 1 ' 7 He died — evidently unmarried, 
though it is not so stated-^16th August 1799, aged 
58. X 

1. Ann Kenwrick, died Kith June 1792, aged 69. 

2. Mary Kenwrick, died 5th September 1727, aged 4 months. 

3. Mary Kenwrick, died Kith .July 1767, aged .'59. 

4. Elizabeth Kenwrick, married the Reverend Thomas 

Cox, who was born in 1721, and in 1754 was Chaplain 
of Deritend and Bordesley in the parish of Aston- 
juxta-Birmingham. They had a large family, in- 
eluding the Rev. Thomas Cox, Rector of Baginton, 
Warwickshire, whose son, the Rev. Thomas Cox, 
D.D., died 10th January 1868, aged 79 years, having 
been fifty-two years Rector of Atherstone-on-Stour. 
Another son of " Chaplain " Thomas Cox and Eliza- 
beth was Edward Townsend Cox, a notable surgeon 
of Birmingham, born 1769 and died 1863, whose son, 
William Sands Cox, F.R.S., was also a well known 
townsman of Birmingham. Another descendant of 
the marriage was, I presume, the Rev. Cecil Walker 
Cox, Rector of Atherstone in 1HK4. Elizabeth 
(Kenwrick) Cox, was the last surviving child of 
her parents, and dying 14th November 1810, was 
buried at Aston-juxta-Birmingham. 

5. Ursula Kenwrick, died 26th February 1783, aged 49. 

6. Catharine Kenwrick, married Butler Simmons, gent., 

and dying 11th March 1806, aged 70, was buried at 
St. Paul's Church, Bristol. 

7. Margaret Kenwrick, died 20th February 1809, aged 71. 

Addenda, Etc 

Vol. xxiv, }). 102, line .11. Mr. .1. Paul Rvlauds informs me that 
the Dr. James Kenilrick, of Warrington, who established the Travellers' 
Rests, was the author of the " Profiles of Warrington Worthies." He 
was the son of another James Kendrick, who was also an M.l). of 

VM See ante, vol. xxiv, u, 103. 
is? "Cox Primphlet." 



Warrington, ;i F.L.8., and " a rather keen naturalist." Tlie younger 
.lames has left surviving issue, bill i lie family lias gone from 

Vol. xxv, p. 17, note 67. I learn from Wilson's " Imperial 
Gazetteer" that there is a Quarrel's Green in Herefordshire, about 
8J miles S.W. of Hereford. 

Vol. xxv, |>, 18, line 36. For " Arthur," read " Archibald." 

Vol. XXV, ]». 20, line .'?(). Krom far-oil' Baluchistan Major Walters 
kindly informs me that the third wife of the Itev. George Kenrick was 
i Sarah Walters, fourth and youngest daughter of Thomas Walters, of 
Hackney, by Ann (nee Thompson) his wife. Sarah was born 2nd May 
1801, and married in May 1848 the Rev. George Kenrick. She died 
in 1888 al Tunbridgc Wells, without issue. 

Vol. xxv, ]). 177, note 92, line <>. For " fourteenth," read 
" fifteenth." 

fingftitlt's Visitation of DorksI)in\ 


(Conl in tied from <p. 194.) 
Btkaffobd and TicKitiLL Wapentake. Doncaster, 9° Apr. 1666. 


of J5 ran far 1 1 

ARMS: — Quarterly of six : — 

1. Argent, live fusils in foss Gules, in chief three iiiullets Sable, 

a mullet for difference. 
12. Or, a sultirc vuir (Durlicld). 
;*. Argent, a lion rampant Azure debruised with a bemllet Gules 

■1-. Argent, a lion rampant Gules, ducally crowned Or, charged on 

the breast with a mullet Azure (St. l'aull). 
». Argent, a sal tire between four butterflies volant Sublo (Travers). 
tj. ... a chevron between three round buckles . . . (Barter). 


T. JASPER BOSVILE, of Stain ton, one of the younger sons 
of Thomas Bos vile, of Doncaster and Stainton (see p. 192 
of this vol. of 77c Getiealoyixt), bur. ;it Stainton 7 Jan. 
1557. Will 6 Jan. 1557, pi", at Yolk; mar. Elizabeth, 
dau. of . . . Chaloner. They had issue— 

Thomas (1 1). 

Nicholas, (1. ill London I G 10 (Hunter). 



.Margaret, mar.-— Roger Fretwell, of Hellaby, and 
Richard Cosin, of Laugh ton. 

Jam 1 . 

A lire. 


II. THOMAS BOSVILE, of Braithwell, -cut., bur. at Braith- 

well 1G Apr. 1031. Will 11 May 1629, pr. at York 

.12 Jail. KKJl-'J (vol. xli, 585); mar. lirst, Ann, dau. of . . . 

1 1 nut, of lhamley Orange, I Aug. 1570, bur. at Hraithwcll 

13 Apr. I5 ( J7. They had issue — 

Samuel, bp. 20 Aug 1579 (Hunter). 

Thomas (111). 



Anne, named in her father's will. 


Margaret, named in her father's will, ( mar 

1 humond. 
Mar. secondly, 3 Oct. 1009, Dorothy, dau. of . . . Jennings, 
of Arksey, widow. Will 27 Oct. 10:11, pr. at York 12 Jan. 
1631-2 (vol. xli, 582). 

ITT. THOMAS BQSSEVILE, of lira, /well, in co. Ebor. t gent., 
bp. 10 Dec. I5S7, bur. at Braithwell ti Feb. 1665; mar. 
Alice, daughter, of Raphe Fnticlf of Hellaby, in co. 
Ebor., 29 Jan. 1610 1, bur. 23 July 1644. They had 
issue — 

/. Thomas (IV). 

2. Nicholas Bossevile, of Dunc<ixt<r, in co. Ebor., inn- 
holder, bur. at Doncaster 4 Jan. 1691-2; mar. 
first Gertrude, dau. of John Paget, of Doncaster, 
23 May 1618, bur. at Doncaster 6 Aug. 1660. 
They had issue — 

John, of Doncaster, innholder, bur. at 
Doncaster 9 Apr. 1702; mar. Ann 
bock wood. 
Nicholas, M.A., Fellow of Clare Hall, d. 
20 Sept. 1687, bur. in Doncaster Church. 
Married secondly Barbara . . . 


S. Jasper, of Wardsend, d. 10 Feb. 1648, bur. in Eccles- 
lield Church ; mar. Mary, dau. of John Rawson, of 
Walk ley. They had issue — 

Mary, mar. Thomas Parkin of Sheflield. 
4. John, of Wardsend, a tanner, d. unm., bur. at 
Ecclesfield 1G Mar. 1G93. M.I. 
Dorothy, wife of John Blithe, of Norton, in com. 


TV. THOMAS HOSSEVILK, U" of Arts <t Vicar of Bray well, 
in com. lCbor., crt. 50 minor. 9 Apr. a° I). 1GGG, instituted 
23 July 1G38, b. 5 Apr. 1012, bur. 27 Feb. 1G74; mar. first, 
Mary, daughter of John Richardson, of Blackwell, in com. 
Dcrb., bur. May 1G47. They had issue — 
Thomas (V). 

/. Alice, mar. James Ludlam, of Chesterfield. 

2. Maty, mar. Thomas Waterhouse, gent., of Braithwell. 
Mar. secondly Alice, dau. of Robert Tinley, D.D., 
Archdeacon of Colchester, relict of the Rev. Alexander 
Hatfield, at Braithwell 1G June 1G57, bur. 15 Nov. 

V. THOMAS BOSVILE, M.A, Rector of Sandal Parva, Vicar 
of Braithwell, instituted 24 Sept. 1GG4, bp. 1G44, d. 2-4 May 
1711, bur. at Braithwell. Will 22 May 1711; mar. 
Elizabeth, dau. and heiress of Rev. Alexander Hatfield, 
by Alice Tinley, 13 July 1GG9, bur. 15 Aug. 1719. They 
had issue — 

1. Thomas Bos vile, B. I)., Fellow of St. John's, 

Cambridge, Rector of Ull'ord, co. Northampton, 
bp. 22 Apr. 1G70, d. 28 Oct. 1718; mar. 
Elizabeth, dau. of John Bolle, Esq. They had 
issue — 

1. Margaret, mar. James Birch, Esq. 

2. Elizabeth, mar. first Alexander Emmerson, 

Esq., secondly Stephen Ashton. 

3. Bridget, mar. her cousin Thomas Bosvile, 

Esq. (See below.) 

2. Alexander, of London, Printer and Bookseller "at the 

Dial and Bible," Fleet Street, b. at Sandal, bp. 
2G Mar. 1G72, bur. at St. Margaret's, Westminster, 
30 Sept. 1717. Will 9 Nov ; . 1708, pr. 24 Oct, 
1717 (Chester); mar. Ann (Jrove, widow, and 
dau. of Richard Griffin, at Westminster Abbey, 
25 May 1G97, bur. at St. Margaret's 7 Feb. 
1717-S (Chester). They had issue — 

.">. Jasper, bp. IG74, d. s.p. at Tetuan. 

I John (VI). 


5. Hugh, of York, gent., d. 18 Mar. 1739. Will 1740, 

pr. at) York 9 Nov 17-11 ; mai'. first Susan, dau. 

and li. of Sir John Walker, Bart. 

Mar. secondly Bridget, dau. of John Whcatley, of 

Koyston, widow of William Rosvile, Esq., of 

Gunthwaite. They had issue — 

Mary, mar. Thomas Place, Esq., of Green 
Margaret, mar. James Grcenhaugh, Hector of Hooton 

Elizabeth, mar. John Perm, Vicar of Edwinstow, 

Rector of Emley. 
Anthonina, mar. Rev. John Holmes, Rector of 

Alice, mar. Rev. Edw. Jackson, D.D., Vicar of 


VI. JOHN ROSVILE, merchant of London, bp. 13 Aug. 1G78; 

mar. Mary, dau. of Henry Robins, of London, lie. 24 Oct. 

1704. They had issue- 
Thomas (VII). 

VII. THOMAS BOSVILE, of Braithwell and of Ulverscroft Abbey, 
co. Leicester, el. 30 July 1771; M.l. at Raveufield; mar. 
his cousin Bridget, dau. and coh. of Thomas Rosvile, she 
d. 31 Oct. 1793, bur. at Stainton. M.l. They had 
issue — 

William Parkin Rosvile, Esq., of Raven field, d. s.p. 
I Aug. 1811, ajt. sixty-seven; mar. Frances, dau. 
of Thomas Hedges, Esq., of Tudeley, co. Kent, d. 
19 July 1829, bur. at Raveufield. 
Key. Thomas Bosvile, Clerk, of Raveufield, d. unuiar. 
18-1, leaving his estates to descendants of his 
aunt Margaret (Jreenhaugh. 

Authorities — Hunter's South Yorkshire — York Wills. 

l>lu;i>\s VISITATION oi 1 ' VORKSIIIRE. 227 

Strafford and Thkuiu. Waikntaick. Yorko, Hi Martij 1665. 



Aums : — Quarterly : — ■ , , 

1 ami 1. Argent, a wolf's head erased between three bugle horns 


2 and 3. Argent, on a bend cotised Sable three roses of the field. 
Crest:— A peacock's head proper, in the beak and entwined round the neck 

a serponi Argent. 

I. BUT AN BRADFORD, of Stanley, neat Wakefield. Had 

lands there from his father. He had issue— 

IT. GEORGE BRADFORD, of Stanley; mar. . . . Mauleverer, 
of VVpthersome (Glover). They had issue- 
Ill. BRIAN BRADFORD, of Stanley. Will 20 Nov, 1558, pr. 
at York 6 Feb. 1558-9 (xv, 3, 257), to he bur. at Wakefield. 
Inq. P.M.J mar. Alice, dau. and eoh. of . . . Amyas, of 
JTorhury. They liad issue— 
1. Bryan. 
"J. Thomas. 
:;. Robert (TV). 
1. William. 

Isabel, named in her father's will, mar. . . . 

Elizabeth, mar. Michael Carr, of Horbury. 
Grace, mar. Alveray Copley, of Batley Hall, at 

Dewsbury 19 Jan. 155G. 
Alice, mar. Nicholas Peck, of Topclifl'e. 

IV. ROBERT BRADFORD, of Stainley, Estf. t living in a' 15S5, 
entered his pedigree at the Visitation of 1581, J. P., 
Treasurer for Lame Soldiers, d. circ. 1599. (?) Will 10 Apr., 
pr. at York 2-f June 1599 (xxvii, G04) ; mar. first, Elizabeth, 
dauyhler of Anthony Thurnry, of . . . in co. Nott, Ihey 
had issue — 

1. Robert (V). 

2. John, named in his father's will. 

228 duodalk's visitation ok yokkshirk. 

A line, sans issue (Glover). 

Frances, mat*. Giles Williamson, of Markhaui, near 
Alar. secondly horolhy, ilau. of John I'lewetl, of co. Lincoln 

V. ROBERT BRADFORD, son and heire, tet. 22 annor. a 1586, 

, of Arksey, yeoman. Will 30 Apr., pr. 2 Oct. lGlfi (vol. 

xxxiv, 193) i mar. Ann, dantjhter of William Fletcher, (f)lic 

1599 at llooton Pagnell. They had issue— 

/. William (VI). 

2. Thomas Bradford, of Doncaster, in coin. Eborum. 

[.Catherine. 1 , • ., • c ,, , ,, 

... } named in their rather s will. 

Alice, j 

V I. WILLIA .1/ BRA DFORD, of Arksej/, at. 58 awwrum a" 1658, 
being the year's of his (bath ; mar. Elizabeth, dantjhter 
of I lector Cooper, of Walking/on, tn lloldernesse. lhey 
had issue — 

1. John (VII). 

2. Robert Bradford. 

1. Jane. 

2. Dorothy, wife of Thomas Burdon, of Burdon, in com. 

Pa/at., Dnnelm. 
S. Elizabeth. 

VI J. JOHN BRADFORD, of Arksey, near Doncaster, in com. 
Ebor., at. 8Q minor. 22 Martij a" 1GG5, bur. at Arksey 
1G Mar. 1690; mar. first, Isabel!, eldest daughter of Lancelot 
Roper, AJdermau of Kinyston-upon-Hull, in com. Eborum, 
bur. at Arksey 2 Mar. 1670 ('! IG70-1). 
.Mar. secondly . . . He had issue — 

llopei', 1 bp. and bur. 2 Apr. 1G71 at Arksey. 

Orlando, l,p. 4 Feb., bur. 17 Mar. IG7U-3. 

Gustavus (VIII). 

Rosamond, bp. at Arksey 25 May 1G75; mar. there 
9 July 1700 John Seaton, of Felkirk. 

VIII. GUSTAVUS BRADFORD, of Arksey and the Isle of 
Man, bp. at Arksey 27 Dec. 1G73; mar. (?) Margaret 
Taylor, of Worsborough, lie. 23 Apr. 1703. They had 
issue — 

John, bp. at Arksey 20 Mar. 17034. 

Robert, bp. at Arksey 8 Dee. 1709. 

William, bur. at Arksey Sept. 1731. 

Gustavus (IX). 


Jane, bp. at Arksey 8 Apr. 170G. 

1 li in difficult to discover from the Registers wliicli wife was the motlier of 
this son Itopor Bradford. 

dugim.lel'8 visitation ok Yorkshire. 


IX. ci T STAVUS BRADFORD, o£ Arksey, bur. at Arksey 

28 June 1757. Will 25 June, pr. at' York 7 Dee. 1757 
(ci, 232) ; mar. Eleanor . . . , executrix to her husband. 
They had issue — 

Gustavus, bp. at Arksey 19 Sept. 1749, named in 

his father's will. 
Juhn, bp. at Arksey G Jan. 1751, bur. there 175.'3. 
Eleanor, named in her father's will, hp. at Arksey 
I Sept. 1717; mar. there 31 Oct. 17Gl> Thomas 
Aked, of Bradford. 

Authorities. — Arksey Registers — York Wills. 

Bahkkston Asiik W APENTAKE. 

Doncastor, '.1° Apr. lt>6f>. 



AltMS : Quart<rly : 

I n ml I. Argent, a lion rampant, doiiblo-quouod Sable. 

"J. (iiilcH, a lion rampant vaii - . 

,'!. Or, Tosh A /.lire, in chief a label of three points Cmles. 

All escutcheon of protonco . . . three cnlves passant in pale, n 
mullet, for difference (Metcalfe). 
(Jkkst : — A stag's head erased . . . 

I. CHRISTOPHER CRESSY, of Firbeek, temp. Hen. III. 

He had issue — 

II. WILLIAM CRESSY, of Holme, co. Notts, d. at Blyth 

1551. W 7 ill 7 Feb. 1550-1, pr. at York 9 Oct. 1551 ; 
mar. Jane, dam of . . . Hansard, bur. at Blyth 17 Feb. 
1569. They had issue — 
Hugh (III). 

Hubert, of Wilford, co. Notts, M.A., Vicar of Blyth. 
Nicholas, of Holme, bur. at Blvth. Will 25 Feb. 
1568-9, pr. at York 28 Oct. 15G9 "i.xviii, 113) j 
mar. . . . They had issue — 

Francis, of Holme; mar. and had issue. 



lVler. Will 31 .hiii. 1593 I, pr. at York 

1»S An-. 1595 (xxvi, 101.) 
.lane, mar. Thomas llosvile, <>t* WarmBWOrth. 

(() Mar. secondly Jennett, widow of . . . Greno. 
-- Will 28 Sept., pr. (i Oct. 15T5, to In; bur. in 

Ban i by Church. 

[II. HUGH CIILSSY, of LetWell and Baniby Don; mar. 
Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Portington, of Baniby Don 
(widow of Nicholas Maulevercr, of Letwcll, who <l. 1533). 
They had issue — 

1. William of Holme, aged 31, 1575; mar. . . . dau. 

of Thomas Hutchinson, of Owthorp. They had 

issue — 

Hugh, 1 . of Lincoln's Tnn, Governor of Wake- 
field School, one of the Judges of the 
King's Bench in Ireland, (?) adm. Line. 
Inn, 1 Aug. 1590; mar. Margaret, dau. of 
Thomas D'Oyley, of London, M.D. They 
had issue — 

1. Hugh Paulinus, of Merton Coll., 

Oxford, Canon of Windsor, after 
became a Benedictine monk, b. 
circa. 1G05 at Wakefield, d. at 
East Grinstead 10 Aug. 1674, bur. 
in the church there (see Athense, 
1011, and Diet. Nat, Biog.). 

2. John, bp. at Wakefield 20 Oct. 


3. William, specially admitted at 

Line. Tnn 10 Nov. 1631, d. 9 
.Mar. 1G 15, bur. at St. Peter's, 
Nottingham, M.T. (Thoroton) ; 
mar. Elizabeth, dau. of George 
Jessop, of Brancliffc, Esq. 

Catherine, bp. at Wakefield 27 Mar. 

Margaret, bp at Wakefield 23 Dec. 

2. Gervase (TV). 

George, of Lincoln's Tnn, admitted 1 Mar. 1573-4 

(Visitation of Nolls). 
l'Yancis, in Glover's Visitation. 
Susan, mar. first James llolslon, of Tanshelf - mar. 

secondly Christopher Copley, of Wad worth, bur. at 

Wad worth 23 Sopt, 1612." 

1 There is ;\ little difference of opinion who tin's llii^li was. He is Homc- 
Limoa called brother of William, but by the dales it aocuiH more [irobablo that 
hu was liia aon, whk'li (llover'a Visitation declares him to have been. 


Mary, mar. Hugh Rogers, of co. Lincoln. 
Mai garet, mar. Robert or lloger Bradshaw (Visitation 
of Nulls). 

TV. GERVASE CRESSY, of Birkin ; mar. Elinor, dau. and 

sole heiress of Sir Henry Bveringham, Knt. (relic! of 
Francis YVilsthorpo). They had issue — 
Everinyham (V). 
Sara, mar. first Bryan Flamond, of Scarthingwell, 

lie. 1591 at Birkin; secondly Thomas Anlaby, of 

Etfcon, lie. 1601. 
Ellen, mar. I'M ward Thimbleby, of Birkiu. 
Ann, niiir. first Lionel Rolstoh, uf Gunlhwaite ; 

secotidjy William Copley, of Wadworth, d. 26 Jan. 

1645, bur. at \V;ul worth. M.T. 
Mary, mar. Thomas Dymoke. 

V. EVE RING HAM CRESSY, of Birkin, in com. Ebor., Esq r ., 
died -in a* 1614, <"' tfcereaboiits, bur. alb St. Saviour's, York, 
20 May 1(514 (C.B.N.), admon. May 1645(f); mar. Mary, 
eldest daughter to S r WilVm Fairfax, of Steeton, in com. 
Ebor., K'. They liud issue — 

1. Gervase Cressy, died in , his father s lifetime; net. three 

1612; mar. Elizabeth, daughter to S' Anthony 
Chester, of . . . , in the County of Li/iicolne, Kn'. 
(remar. . . . Wingate, of Hartington, Beds. ; . . . 
Buncombe, of Claydon, Bucks ; Sir Charles Bolle, 
of Haugh, co. Line. ; Francis Layre, of Hanning- 
ham, Norfolk — Lincolnshire Pedigrees, Harl. Soc., 
152). They had issue — 

Everinyham Cressy, of Cambridge, died un- 
married at York ; admon. 1654 to Ins 
mother Elizabeth Cressy alias Buncombe. 

2. Everinyham (VI). 

/. Mabell, wife of Marmaduke Constable, of Kexby, in 
co. Ebor., Esq'., (!) bp. at Monk Fryston 25 Sept. 

2. Mary, died unmarried. 

3. A une, died unmarried. 

Jj. Eltz., wife of Edio. Wingate, of . . . in com. Ebor., 
and secondly of . . . Harrison (H.M.G.). 
Henry (H.M.G.). 

VI. EVERINGHAM CRESSY, of Birkin, Esq'., ret. 5J, annorum 
9 Apr. a" D. 1666. AVill 26 May 1671, pr. at York, to be 
bur. at Birkin (vol. lvii, 5(53) ; mar. Sarah, daughter and 
sole heire of Marke Metcalfe, of the Citty of Yorke, Esqr., 
at Bclfreys', York, 25 Nov. 1638, bp, 1 Sept. 1616, executrix 
of her husband. They had issue — 

/. Everinyham Cressy, son and heire, at. 25 annorum 
0° Apr. a° D. 1660, of Birkin, admon. 8 Oct, 1679 
to Gervase, his brother ; mar. first, Anne, dau. of 


, Sandford Nevile, Esq., of Chevet, lie. 10 Sept. 

1670, at .St. Andrew's, Holbom, or Kensington. 
They hud issue — 

Dorothy, mar. Archibald Primrose, first Earl 
of Rosebery, lie. 3 Feb. 1G90-1, St. 
James', Westminster. 
Mar. secondly Elizabeth Shipman, of St. Martin's- 
in-the Field, lie. 20 May 167G. 

2. Gervase Cressy, of Birkin, (1) bur. 21 Sept. 1G82 

at St. Mary Castlegate, York, a prisoner in the 
Castle ; mar. Frances, dau. of Calisthenes Brooke, 
of Gateford. The)' had issue — 

Everingham, (?) bur. at Coney Street, York, 
10 June 1671. 

3. Nathaniell, had £20 per annum in his father's will. 
1,. Joseph (VII). 

J. Sarah, named in her father's will ; (?) mar. John 
Burton, D.D 

2. Hary, bp. at Belfreys 2 Oct. 1642 ; mar. John 

Jlarland, of Sutton (H.M.G.). 

3. A lice. 

4. Anne, mar. Henry Trotter (TI.M.G.) ; named in her 

father's will. 

5. Elizabeth, mar. Roger "Beck with (1 I.M.C) ; named in 

her father's will. 

VI 1. JOSEPH C BESSY, Vicar of Sheriff Mutton and Church 
Fenton, Rector of Birkin, educated at Pocklington and St. 
John's Coll., Cambridge, a non-juror, bp. 30 June 1654, bur. 
at Birkin 5 Nov. 1719; mar. first, Martha, dau. of Toby 
Thurseross, at York Minster, 18 Oct. 1686, (?) bur. at 
Belfreys 4 Apr. 1708. They had issue — 

William, bp. at Belfreys, York, 18 Oct. 16S7, bur. 
there 8 Jan. 1689-90. 

Everingham, bur. at Belfreys 14 Dee. 1688. 

Slingsby, Curate of Leeds, bp. at St. Olave's, York, 
28 Mar. 1691. 

Elizabeth, bp. at Belfreys 18 Nov. 1695. 

Martha, (?) bur. at Belfreys 18 Aug. 1756. 
Mar. secondly Dorothy, dau. of John Catelin, Rector of 
Burstwiek (M.M.G.). 

Mar. thirdly Ann, dau. of Hugh Trotter, of Skelton 

Mar. fourthly Dinah, dau. of Robert Stavelcy, gent., of 
Pontefract (H.M.G.). 

Authorities — Hunter's " Minorum Gentium " (H.M.G.) — Visitation 
of Notts. 

. N.B. — The information about this family is very scanty. 


Stiukfokii ami Tickiiill Wapkntakb. Jforke, 13° Aug. 10GO. 




Aims:- Or, iv fosa between two chevrons Gules, ouch chovron botweon three 
bnglo horns S;il>le, Btriuged Azure. 

I. RICHARD HORNE, of Havercroft. Will 14 Nov. 1536, 
pi\ at York 29 Jan. 1537-8, to be bur. at Felkirk (vol. xi, 
226); mar. Janet . . . They had issue— 

II. WILLIAM HORNE, of Havercroft, husbandman. Will 

1 Mar. 1578-9, pr. at York 25 Aug. 1579, to be bur. at 
Felkirk (vol. xxi, 323) ; mar. ... He had issue— 

III. RICHARD HORNE, executor of liis father; mar. ... He 
had issue — 

Cotton (IV). 



TV. COTTON HORNE, of Herrmoortk, Bayliff to Sr Cotton 
Gargrcave, of Nostcll, in co. Ebor. They had issue — 

V. COTTON HORNE, of II ems worth, in com. Ebor. ; mar. Jane, 1 
daughter to . . . Burton, of Kinsley-parkc, i)i com. Eborii. 
They had issue — 

1. Cotton (VI). 

2. Will. Horn, of Havercroft, in com. Ebor. ; 7nar. Ellen, 

dangh. to Will. Wood, of Wardsend, in y< parish 
of Ecclesfield, in co. Ebor. They had issue — 

3. Richard, dyed unmarried. 

•1. Francis Horn, of Ahnondsbury, in co. Ebor., a 
Royalist Compounder 1616, fined £55 13s. Id.; 
mar. Mary, dough, to' Robert Pickles, by whom 
he had issue. 

This man 

is doubted in Hunter's " South Yorkshire." 


'2,'U duodalk's visitation of VTORKSHIRK. 

1. Anne, wife to Francis Heaton, of Morehouse, in co. 

Ebor. ' 

2. Elizabeth, wife to Samuefl Nwfolke, of South llindley, 

in com. Ebor., mac. ai Selkirk 20 May 1(117. 

VI. COTTON HORN, Steward of the Honour of Pontefracl, 
Attorney at Wakefield, probably purchased tho estates ;il 
Mexborougli and Cold Heindly, a Royalist Compounder 
1649, fined £305; bur. at Mexborougli 13 Dee. 1656 ; 
mar. first Eliz., da. of A nth. Wade, of King crosne, neer 
llallifax, in co. Ebor., 7 Mar. 1613-4, at Halifax. They 
had' issue — 

J. William (VII). 

.'?. ./<//(// 1 1 or n, of Wakefield, in. co. Ebor., bp. at Wake- 
field 17 May 1627, ; mar. Elizabeth, daughter to 
Christopher Parker, of Ottley, in co. Ebor. They 
had issue— 


1. Agnes, bp. at Otley 30 Mar. 1654. 

2. Judith. 

S. Elizabeth, (?) bp. at Mexborougli 20 Mar. 


(?) George, bur. at Mexborougli 5 Jan. 1661-2. 

Judith, bp. 17 July 1622 at Wakefield .; mar. 23 Sept. 

1611 at Leeds, Sir Matthew Went worth, second 

Hart.,' of Bretton, d. s.p., bur. 10 Mar. 1643-4 at 

St. Michael-le-Belfrey, York. 

Mary, wife to Lucian Leivins, of Rasholme, in co. 

Ebor., bp. at Wakefield 22 Jan. 1624. 
(?) Benjamin, bp. at Wakefield 18 Sept. 1620, bur. 

there 15 June 1621. 
(?) Robert, bp. at Wakefield 3 Sept. 1625, bur. there 

8 Sept. 1635. 
(?) Elizabeth, bpi at AVakefield 27 May, bur. 30 May 

(?) Elizabeth, bur. 21 Oct. 1633. 
Mar. .secondly at Wath, 3 May 1633, Elizabeth Autra[m].? 

VIT. WILVM HORN, of Mexburgh Old Hall, at. 50 an. 13° Aug. 
166G, built almshouses at Mexborougli, bp. at Wake- 
field i Dec. 1615, d. 26 Mar. 1679, bur. at Mexborougli. 
M.I. Will 10 May 1664, pr. at York, 3 April 1680 
(vol. lviii); mar, Sarah, dangh. to John Sykes, of Leedes, 
I icifc. They had issue 

/. Thomas Horn, at. '..'', an. HUH), of lloinrastle, co. 
Line. ; mar. Mar;/, daughter to ... Eyre, of 
Spo.cton, co. Line. 
mar. L' irife, Elizabeth. They had issue — 
ft William (VIII). 


duodalk's visitation op YOKKSHIKE. 


,;. Alexander, a merchant, bp. at Mexborough 8 Dec. 
1650, bur. there, d. 20 Nov. 1687. 

J h Benjamin, named in his father's will, bp. at Mex- 
borough 22 Nov. 1655, rl. 1073. 

/ Judith, wife to Nichola* Mankall, of )'<>rke ; slie was 
bur. at Leeds Parish Church 17 May 1082. M.I. 

•2. Elizabeth, bp. at Mexborough 11 Dee. 1011, mar. 
Henry Atkinson, Esq., of Leeds; she was bur. at 
Leeds 5 Au-. 1689. 

3. Sarah, bp. at Mexboi-ough 17 July 1053, mar. Joseph 

VIII WILLIAM HORNE, ESQ., of Leeds, bp. at Mexborough 
C» May 1649, d. S.p. 3, bur. I Oct, 1685 at Leeds. M.I. 

Authorities-" The Homes of Mexborough " (Yorks Archreological 
Journal, \ix, 1 17) Parish Registers. 


Edited by the Riey. Edmund Nkvii.t,, 15. A. 

(Continued from p. 172.) 


l» rNF o,„ Kich.. of Homin-sham, Wilts, 30, and Joyce WlLLKT, of 
Dilto'n, in West bury. 22. sp. lUman. John Marcher, ol Boyton, 
Wilts, veo. 15 May. 

Townsknd, llenrv, of Woodborough, Wilts, hush., 27, and Joyce Love- 
lock, of Manuingford Bohun, in Wilsford, sp., 24. 19 May. 

Edwards, John, of Cawae (Calne), Wilts, hush., wid., and Jane 1 ollard 
of Broad Hinton, Wilts, wid, 22 May. 

WKBB, Uichard, of St. Mary's, Devizes, Wilts, clothyer, and Alee 
Strkkt, of the. same, sp., 24. 23 May. 

Holtox, Robt., of Bradford, Wilts, elothyer, 25, and Anne \orke, 
of the same, 20. 5 June. 

Smith, Tho., of Wvlve, Wilts, 30, and Edith Nicholes, 20, d of Lditl.e 
Jovce, wife of' Nicholas Joyce, of Withcrington. Wilton Un. 

7 June. , , • xt 

Mausiiman, Thomas, of KonthiU, Wilts, hush., 20, and Avis Nut-hell, 

Of the s.nne, sp., 20. Kichai'd Ni|»prell, father, eonsents. 9 June. 
BOLWIILL, John, of Seend, Wilts, tavler. 31, and Joane Livas, ol the 

same, wid. 12 June. 


Draper, RobL, of Wintorborno, Wilis, tmcpard, 30, and Elizabeth 

Tkmclki:, of Broad Hinton, 30. 12 Juno. 
Kilkukv, Roger, of Dauntsoy, PJ, and Agnes, d. of Raphe Aldwdoe, 

of Westbury. Bdman. Raphe Aid ridge; witnesses Mr. Woodroffc, 
Rector of Danntsey, and . . . Palmer, Hector of Soinerford; 
13 June, 
Simnayk (0, Anthony, of Earl Stoke, 34, and Elioner Baskervile, 

s|>., 20, d. o!' Elioncr liaakerville, will., of . . . sham. 13 June. 
Smith, William, the younger, of Wroughton, and Elizabeth Moris, 

of Collingbourne Kingston, \vid. Bdman. Wm. Smith, t he elder, 

of the same. ( Vnnn. to Mr. Parsons, parson of Collingbourne 

Kingston, and Mr. Benusell, Vicar of Wroughton. 14 .June. 
Jerves, William, of Marlborough, Wilts, vietualer, 24, and Eliz. Sedg- 

vveeke, of Ogborne St. Andrew, 24. 1-1 June, 
King, Roger, of Kovant, Wilts, 21, and Margaret Bisse, of the same, 

21. 19 June. 
Scott, Jeromy, of Cawne (Calne), 26, and Judith Templer, of Badburr. 

19 June. 
Bayly, Richard, of Etchilhampton, Wilts, gent., 23, and Honor 

Nicholas, of Allcannings, 18. PJ June. 
Abbot, John, of Knoyle, hush., 60, and Vertuo, d. of Andrew Rabbet, 

of Knoyle, Wilts, 20. Father consents. 21 June. 
Humphry, John, of Maiden Bradley, Wills, hush., widower, and Alee 

Evans, of the same, 36. 21 June. 
Fiesall, Richard, ol Chippenham, Wilts, shomaker, 23, and Alice 

Paradise, of Bromham, 21. 23 June. 
Milwakd, Thomas, of ' ('omptoii C'hamberlainc, Wilts, yeoman, 28, 

and Julian Ellet, 28. 2-1 June. 
Cholslev, Jolui, of Chitterne St. Mary, Wilts, vco., 60, and Mawd 

Jue (>), of Norton Bavant, wid. 28 June. 
Coller, Robt., of Laugley, in Kington St. Michael, 32, and Mary 

Neck, of the same, sp., 26. Bdman. Rich. Broome, of Fo* s 

in Kington St. Michael, 5 July. 
SiiiKi.rK, Peeler, of Bislu.pston, Wilts, hush., 30, and Anne Ellis, of 

Punhead St. Mary, 30. 9 July. 
Rayne, Andrew, of Pewsey, Wilts, yeo., 40, and Jane Glesse, of the 

same, 24. 17 June. 
West, John, of St. John's, Devizes, 35, and Mary Silbukv, of the same, 

sp., 27. 17 June. St. John's Ch., Devizes. 
Hock, Amos, of Powde, Wills, clothver, 23, and Marv AxFORD, of 

Earlstoke, sp., 19. 31 Jul v. 
Pollen, Christopher, of St. John the Baptist, Devizes, shoemaker, 

30, widower, and Anne Nasue, of Heddington, Wirte, sp., 30, 

Witness, Thomas Nashe, brother. Ueddington Oh. or St. John's, 

Devizes. 3| Jul v. 
Smith, (deo., of East Knoyle, Wilts, widower, 35, and Alice Jones, 

sp., 24. East Knoyle Ch. 3 Aug. 
Rose, Edward, of Eisherton Auger, and late of Charnham Street, 
in Hungerford, 25, and Agnes Kimber, of East (darston, co. Berks, 
22. East (Jarston Oh. 3 Aue. 

\i.\Ri:i.\<;i<: uckncks OK SALISBURY. 2:17 

Nowelj,, John, of Worton, Wilts, hush., 38, ami Edith .Mattock, 

of Greal ChevereU, 24. I Aug. 
Blandford, Stephen, of Semley, 30, and Grace Stages, of the lame, 

sp., 30. Witness, Nathaniel Pratt, of Shaston. 5 Ami. 

Hayter, Jordan, of Ohitterne St. Mary, Wilts, 30, and Margaret Flower 
of Ember, Wilts, sp*, 24. Witness, Anthony Hayter, id Barford 
St. Martin's. Ohitterne St. Mary Cli. 8 Aug. 

Skrkil, John, of VVimbornc Minster, Dorset, clothworkcr, 40, and 
Sara LOXLKY, of Martin, Wilts, 35. 7 Aug. 

Miu.iNiiTox, Giles, 22, s. of Thomas Milliugton, gent., of St. Mary's, 
Marlborough, and Elioner Pressy, 23, tl. of . . . Pressy, of Abingdon, 
Berks. Witness, Thos. Whytty, (t/s. Knight. St. Man's Ch., 
Malborough. 11 Aug. 

Waterman, George, of Chilton, Wilts, 30, and Martha Benson, of 

Kroxfield, widow, 30. Witness, Wilhn. Woollev, of Chilton. 
FraxfieW Ch. 1 I Aug. 
Ingram, Joseph, of Ifordington, Dorset, shomakcr, 24, and liose 
SpkerinU) d. of Liu-hard Speering, of Donheail St. Mary, Wilts. 

Iiusli., '_'(). 22 Aug. 
Golde, Ifranncis, of Downton, 27, and Elizabeth Snelgrove, sp., 

30, d. of Walter Snelgl'OVC, of Whiteparish. Witness, George 

Beauchampe, of Whiteparish. Whiteparish Ch. 21 Aug. 
Chandler, Thos., of ( hire, in Wifcot, Wilts, yeo., widower, and Martha 

Hortwin, of Pewsey, 40. 30 Aug. 
Stagg, Richard, of Ifnish, Wilts, 39, and Honor Ki.kmtnc, of the same, 

wid. 30 Aug. 
IIVWKLL, ItU'hard, of Charlton, dioeese of Saruni, yeo., 35, and Melior 

StkEVENS, of the same, 31. 5 Sep. 
FoWLBRj William, rlerke, Curate of Durrington, Wilts, 23, and Anne 

Kirks, of the same, sp., 22. Bdntan. Willm. Hdmondes, clerke, 

Curate of Amesbury, Durrington Ch. 5 Sep. 
Towsky, John, of Aincsbnry, taylor, 45, and Dorothc Rose, of the 

same, sp., 22, d. of Stephen Hose. Bdman. Thomas Towsev. 

brother. Amesbury Ch. 5 Sep. 
Havdon, Henry, of Laverstoek, husk, 52. and Rebecca Palmer, 

of St. Edmund's in Sarum, wid., 50. 9 Sep. 
Greenwood, Francis, 30, of St. Edmund's in Sarum, and Margery 

ShARFE, of Hindon, wid., 40. Hindon Chapel. 11 Sep. 
Hastings, Ralph, of the Middle Temple, London, Esq., 28, and Joan 

SoUTT, of Warminster, Wilts, sp., 2-1. 1(1 Sep. 
Abbot, Samuell, of Marston, Somerset, yeoman, 25, and Frances 

Fromax, of Corslev, Wilts, 18. 18 Sep. 
Park an, Roger, of Little Hihton, Wilts, 22, and Joan Blakk. of Wish- 
ford, 21. 20 Sep. 
CoLDiNt:, John, of Marlborough, Wilts, shomaker. 28, and Jane 

Thomas, of the same, sp., 27. Marlborough Ch. 21 Sep. 
SMYTH, William, of Thornhill, in Civile Pypard, Wilts, yeo., 21, and 

Anne Clark, of Brink-worth, 23. 22 Sep. 
Day, Thomas, of Stratford, Wilts, tinker, 21, and Eliz. CIilhkrt, of 

the same, 28. 22 Sep. 


Good, Henry, of Browtehalk, Wills, yeo., 23, and Blifcabeth Penny, 

• I. of J <>li ti Penny, dt Broadchalk, gent., 25. 23 Sep. 
Maine, William, of Garedon, Wilts, yeo,, 53, and Anne Girdlbk, d. 

of Josias Girdler,of the Ley (Lea), Wilts, gent., 22. Bdraan. Josiae 

Girdler, father. 24 Sep. 
Pooh, Richard, clerke, parson of Gompton Baesett, and .Martha Miles, 

of Lyneham, wid., 50. Uomptoii Bassett, Winterbornc Baesett 

or Lyneham Ch. 25 Sep. 
BraDFEILD, Thomas, of Charlton, Wilts, yeo., 42, and Elizabeth Wak- 

ham, of Boyton, Wilts, 26. 26 Sep. 
Woodhouse; John, of Corsiey, Wilts, 40, and Ciceley Franncis, of 

the same, wid. Corsiey Ch. 30 Sep. 
Cod (?)i Thos., of St. Edmund's, in New Sarum, widower, an<l grosser, 

and Martha, d. of John COPE, late of Marden, sp. .Marden Ch. 

1 Oct. 
Coomb, Joseph, of Remington, co. Somerset, husb., 24, and Jane 

Bayly, of Bonn, in Warminster, 23. 19 Oct. 
Gytons, Edward, of Urchfont, Wilts, yeo., widower, and Margaret 

AsHRlDGE, of the same, sp., 31. \\) Oct. 
Brooke, John, of Oatcombe, in Hilmarton, husb., 48, and Elizabeth 

Marchanp, of Broad Hinton, wid., 43. Either Ch. 22 Oct. 
Edwards, Thomas, of Wedhampton, Wilts, husb., 26, and Susan 

Cheyney, of Everlev, sp., 21. 2:5 Oct. 
Spinner, Edward, of Bainton in Edington, Wilts, yeo., 2.'5, and [ssard 

PoMIE, of Tinhead, in Kdington. Witnesses, Edw. Spinner, 

Geoffrey Spender. 21 Oct. 
.May, Nicholas, of Steeple Langford, Wilts, 21, and Jane Ctow, sp., 

17. Witnesses, John May, father, and Guy Everksigh, father 

in law of Jane. Steeple Langford Ch. 28 Oct. 
Pakius, Ambrose, of Malmesbury, Wilts, sho maker, 50, and Joane 

Byves, of the same, sp., 35. .'51 Oct. 
WILLIAMS, Christopher, of East Kuoyle, Wilts, yeom., 21, and Sihell 

d. of Thos. THORNE, of St. Thomas in Sarum, sp., 22. East Kuoyle 

Ch. 31 Oct. 
Bukkht, Willm., of llosthury, in Lytcomb, Wilts (?LetcOmbe, Berks), 

husb., 27, and Barbara Earle, of Collingboumc Kingston, sp., 

27. 9 Nov. 
Dyer, Hugh, of Chicklade, Wilts, 40, and Edithe, d. of Thomas 

Mathewe, sp., 26. Bdman. Thomas Mathewe. Chicklade Ch. 

10 Nov. 
Weeks, William, of Fishefton Delamere, weaver, 25, and Cicely 

Burchell, of Deptford. 14 Nov. 
Knight, William, of Wilsford, 23, and Margery Wheeler, <>f Chisin- 

bury, sp., 21. Wilsford Ch. 1-1 Nov. 
Banning, Augustin,"of Milton (1 Milston), Wilts, 2:5, and Anne Smithe, 

sp., of Wilsford, 2G, d. of Edward Smithe. Witnesses, Edward 

Smith and Itoger lies, of Milton. Edward Smithe says his father 

also consents. Milton Oh. 17 Nov. 
Tobie, Alexander, of St. Thomas in New Sarum, dieir, 20, and Grace 

Beale, of the Close of Sarum, sp., 2(5. 18 Nov. 


SlLVERTHORNU, Anthony, of West Asliton, ill Steeple Asliton, 3<i, 

and k.uli.iel Parker, in St. .Mary Bourne, eo. Southampton, 
25, (I. tif . . . barker, late of Castle Baton, deceased. Itobcrl 
Poorc, lather in law of llachael, eons. Steeple Asliton Ch. 

27 Nov. 

KiN(ii:, William, elerke, Vicar <>f Tidcombe, Wilts, ami Elizabeth 
Haingkk, of Beilwyn, Wilts, sp., 30. Titlcoinbc Ch. I Dee. 

Derell, John, of West Woodhay, Berks, Esq., widower, and Anne 
d. of William Younce, of Easl Woodhay, co. Southampton, 
Ksq. Bdman. John Younge, of East VVoodhay, eo. Wilts, gent. 
West VVoodhay Ch. 1 Dec 

Goon, Thomas, clerke, Vicar of South Newton, Wilts, and Joan Meki- 
feild, of Aveu (sic), sp., between 30 and 40. 2 Dee. 

Buckler, Thomas, of Dorchester, Dorset, gent., 30, and Margery 
d. of John Hitchcock, of Potterne, Wilts, gent. Potterae Ch. 

4 Dee. 

Wrenne, John, of Marlborough, yeoman, 21, and Margaret GoDDARD, 
of Oakley, eo. Southampton, sp., 21. Witness, John Wodame. 

5 Dee. 

Poynter, Henry, of Bulford, yeo., 30, and Elynor RatTEW, of the 

same, wid. 7 Dee. 
Burche, Henry, of Aldbourne, 40, and Elizabeth, d. of John Gylmor, 

the elder, of Baydon, sp. Bdman. Thos. Edmonds, of Ogbournc 

St. Andrew. Aldbourne Ch. 10 Dec. 
Piper, als. Scoplehorne, John, of Fittleton, Wilts, 24, and Elizabeth 

Dike, of Kyfield, sp., 22. 26 Dec. 
WEEKS, George, of West Amesbury, in Amesbury, weaver, 22, and 

Alice Iremonnger, of the same, sp., 30. Witness, Richard Collett. 

26 Dec. 
Stonax, Oliver, of St. Edmund's, Sarum, barber, 40, and Elynor 

Sendid, of the same, sp., 50. 2b' Dec. 
Beale, William, of Brinkworth, 32, and Margaret, d. of Alice Scoll, 

wid., of the same place. Bdman. Humphry Beale, of the same. 

28 Dec 

White, Joseph, of Trowbridge, 23, s. of Robert White, of Cowchaies (?), 
and Elizabeth, d. of William Cheapeman, of Trowbridge, 28, 
Bdjuiah. liich. Reade, of South Stoke, Somerset, husb. 9 Jan. 

Jones, William, of North Bradley, Wilts, freemason, 24, and Alee 
Bundle, of the same, sp., 21. 10 Jan. 

Sl'ENSKR, John, gent., of Quidhampton, in Wroughton, 37, and Anne 
Aylifee, of Grittenham, in Brinkworth, sp., 22, d. of John AylifTe, 
Esq., of the same. 12 Jan. 

(To be continued.) 


By Akthuu Sciiojiukko. 
(Continued from i'. 1 :*3 .) 

501. Argent, a chevron between three dear's 

heads couped sable, muzzled 

502. Six annulets three, two, one, crescent for 


503. A tower triple-towered 

504. Webb (247) 

505. A griflin segreant 
50li. A chevron between three crescents 
507. 1 and 4. A fret; 2 and 3. A lion rampant 

50S. A chevron between 3 ram's heads erased, 

badge of Ulster 
500. Per fess a pale counterchanged three lion's 

heads erased 

1 07 3 

510. A fess between a buck eourant an! three 


511. Tliree herons, badge of Ulster .. 

512. Fenwick (287) 

513. A fess wavy between three trefoils slipt .. 

514. A fess wavy between two estoiles, badge of 


515. A fess cotised between three martlets 

510. A chevron ermine between three leopard's 
faces, a bordure 

517. Gawden (510), mullet for difference 

518. Wentworth (51), mullet for difference .. 
511). HlLLYAKl) (114) 

520. Shaw (257), without badge 

521. On a lozenge, three chovronels braced in base 

point, on a chief as many mullets, DanuY; 
impaling — Quarterly over all a bend 

522. Danby (521), without impalemont 

Richard Barwis, of Tslekirk, 

Edward Musgrave, of Ash- 
by, Esq. 

George Towry, of Croglin 
Hall, Esq. 

William Webb, of Pains- 
wick, Gent. 

Thomas Short, Dr. in Phy- 
sic, and M.D. 

German Pole, of Radburne, 


Eldrcd Curwcn, of Working 
ton, Esq. 

John Bendyshe, of Steeple 
Bumpsted, Bt. 

Samuel Argall, of Waltham- 
stow, Dr. in Physic, Can- 
didate and Hon. Fellow 
of the College of Physi- 
cians, and Physician to 
the King. 

Baldwin Harney, of Little 
Chcrtsey, Dr. of Physic, 
and Collegiate of that 
faculty in London. 

Cuthbert Heron, of Chip- 
chase, Bt. 

William Fenwick, of Stan- 
ton, Esq. 

Johan Christopher Moesler, 
Dr. in Physic, and Hon. 
Fellow of the College of 

Francis Drake, of Buckland 
Monachorum, Bt. 

James Smith, of Exeter and 
Chelsea, Kt. 

Samuel Gawden, of Froyle, 

Jonathan Gawden, of City 
of London, Gent. 

William Wentworth, of 
Bretton Hall, Gent. 

Charles Hillyard, of Hull, 

John Shaw, of City of Lon- 
don, (lent. 

Honble. Margaret Eure, 
late wife of Thomas Dan- 
by, of Evenwood, Esq. 

Christopher Danby, of Mas- 












A ROLL OF ARMS, 1073. 
Two lions rampant combatant . . 


On a chief throe lozenge-shaped buckles, 
tongues fessways 

Packer (121), without difference 

Throe Catherine wheels 

Nicholas Carter, of Welles- 
horow, Dr. in Physic, and 
Pho stem and trunk of a tree eradicated and William Borrotigh, of Bor- 

oouped in pale sprouting out two branches rough, Gent. 

WARNER (109) ..' .. William Warner, of St. 

Paul's, Covent Garden, 
Dr. in Physic to the King. 
John Thorowgood, of Ken- 
sington, and Olivers Hall 
Samuel Packer, of Berk- 
shire, (lent. 
William Scott, of City of 
York, Cent. 
Quarterly per feas indented, on a bend a Robert Bindloss, of Bor- 
cinquefoil between two martlets, badge of wiek Hall, Bt. 

A saltire engrailed, badge of Ulster . . George Middleton, of Leigh- 

ton, Bt. 
On a chief three martlets, a bordure pellety Richard Tolson, of Bride 

Kirke, Esq. 
Darcy (352) .. .. .. Conyers Darcy, son and 

heir to Lord Darcy, etc. 
Three mascles, on a chief as many lions Robert Hanson, Kt., and 

rampant Lord Mayor. 

On a chief two mullets, crescent for difference, Walter St. John, of Lyd- 

badge of Ulster diard Tregoze, Bt, 

Sackville (231) .. .. .. Charles Sackville, Lord 

Ruckhurst, etc. 
A chevron between three cherubim's heads Edward Chaloner, of Guis- 

borough, Kt. 
Two bars wavy ermine, on a chief a demi- JamesSmith, of City of Lon- 
lion rampant, crescent for difference don, Kt. and Alderman. 

1 and 4. A cross between four peacocks, Francis Smyth, Lord Caring- 
Smyth. 2 and 3, On a bend three pairs ton, etc. 

of sabres each pair in saltire 
A chevron between three mullets . . Thomas Acton, of Chester, 

Ermine, a lion rampant . . . . William Prichard, of City 

of London, Kt. and 
Sheriff, 1072. 
Two swords in saltire points upwards between Henry Klee, of London, 

three trefoils slipt Dr. in Physic. 

Two bends wavy, a canton . . . . Thomas Brewer, of Smith's 

Hill Place, Esq. 
Pkoby (200) . . . . . . Thomas Proby, of Elton 

Hall, Kt. 
Puoiiy (290) . . . . . . John Proby, of Middle 

Temple, Bsq,. 
A chevron engrailed between throe arrows, Humphrey Korster, of Al- 

badge of Ulster dermaston, Bt. 

On a fess between two martlets throe Hours- William Hustler, of Ack- 

de-lis lam, Gent. 

Quarterly, in firsthand fourth quarter a goat's James Morton, of Kidding- 
head erased, second and third quarters er- ton, Kt. 

A chevron between three escallops, badge of Henry Lyttleton, of Hag- 

Dlslcr ley, Bt. 

Per cliov i on throe boron's heads erased .. John Miehell, of Kingston 

Russell, 10sq. 




550. A salt ire, crescent for difference, badge of 


551. Per pale a saltiro 

552. Three sbacklebolts, two, one, crescent for 


553. Barruly of ten argent and azure a lion 

rampant gules 

554. STRATFORD (55,'}) 

555. A key and pastoral .staff in saltiro (See of 

St. Asa imi) ; impaling — two .swords in 
sallire points upwards between four fleurs- 
550. Per bend sinister ermine and ermines a lion 

557. Three eagles displayed in 

558. ANWYLL (557) 

Francis Gerard, of Harrow, 
Kt. and lit. 

Thomas Hunt, Capt. Con- 
stable of Chester Castle. 

Matthew Anderton, of Ches- 
ter, Cent. 

William Stratford, of Farns- 
cotjt, Esq. 

SteaTTORD, of Hawling. 

Isaac Barrow, Bishop of 
St. Asaph. 

Roger Mostyn, of Mostyn, 
Kt. and Bt. 

Lewis Anwyll, of Park, Esq. 
Richard Anwyll, of Park, 

551). A chevron between three dolphins erabowed William Griffin, of Lynn, 


500. On a lozenge ermine, a saltiro .. 

501. A chevron between three fleurs-de-lis 

Ann Lewis, of Pengwerne. 

Owen Ellis, of Carnarvon- 
shire, Esq. 

Richard Vaughan, Earl of 
Carbery, etc. 

Richard Winn, of Gwydyr, 

John Salisbury, of Llewe- 
ney, Bt. 

Thomas Poyntz Littleton, 
of North Okendon, Bt. 

Joseph Sanders, of Barton 
under Needwood, Gent. 

George Hcwytt, of Pishio- 
bury, Bt. 

Richard Bertie, Lord Norris 

John Maynard, of Gunners- 
bur}', Kt., Sergeant-at- 

Richard Blome, of Abcrg- 
will, Undertaker of this 
571. A fess between three crescents, badge of Henry Lee, of Quarendon, 

502. A lion rampant 

503. Three eagles displayed in fess, badge of 


504. A lion rampant crowned between three 

crescents, badge of Ulster 

505. 1 and 4, Littleton (548) ; 2 and 3, Barry 

of eight, Poyntz ; over all badge of Ulster 
500. Sanders (335) 


Hewytt (208), chevron engrailed, badge of 

Three battering rams barways in pale 

Three sinister hands couped at the wrist 
570. A greyhound courant in bend, collared 


572. Denton (477) 

573. On a bend three roses 

574. A cross, badge of Ulster 

575. SiiEi-r>ON (235), crescent for difference 

570. A chevron between threo lions rampant, 
badge of Ulster 

577. A fess between six martlets . . 

578. A chevron between three buck's heads 

570. A lion rampant 

i".80. Paly of six a canton ermine, badge of Ulster 

Esq. [sic). 
Alexander Denton, of Hil- 

lesden, Esq. 
John Gary, of Wilcot, Esq. 
Thomas Hussoy, of Honing- 

ton, Bt. 
Daniel Sheldon, of City of 

London, Merchant. 
Hugh Owen, of Orielton, 

George Walsh, of Clerken- 

well, Esq. 
Robert Bulkcley, Viscount 

Bulkoloy, etc. 
William Barker, of Hurst, 

Robert Shirley, of Staunton, 

&c, Bt. 

A ROLt OK ARMS, 1073. 243 

581. On a bond three fox'* heads erased, budge of Thomas Middlcton.of Chirk 

Ulster Castle, lit. 

582. Bertie (568) ... .. .. Robert Bertie, Karl of Lhid 

scy, etc. 

583. Berklev (398) .. .. .. Maurice Berkley, of Yeovil- 

ton, Esq. 

584. BERKLEY (398) .. .. .. Edward Berkley, of Till, 


585. 1 and 4, A chevron between three fleurs-de- John Vaughan, of Cardigan- 

lia ; 2 and .'5, A lion passant between three shire, Kt., Chief Justice 

fleurs-de-lis of the Common Pleas. 

586. Roi.i.K ( H)) .. .. .. John Rollc, of Stevenston, 


")S7. Check v, a fess, badge of Ulster . . .. Hugh Acland, of Columh 

John, Bt. 

588. On a bend three mullets, badge of Ulster .. Copleston Bampfylde, of 

Pollution-, Bt. 

589; A bend engrailed, badge of Ulster . . Thomas Colcpopyr, of Pres- 

ton Hall, lit. 

590. Three quatrefoils each charged with a lion's Robert Plot t, of Sutton 

head erased .Manor, Dr. in Laws. 

591. Three quatrefoils, badge of Ulster .. Anthony Vincent, of Stoko 

Dabcrnon, Bt. 

592. A cross llory between four lion's heads erased John Hatchings, of Exeter, 

5U3. On a bend three dolphins embowed, badge of Richard Franklin, of Tho 
Ulster More, Kt. and Bt. 

594. A bend between six crosses croslet fitchy . . Lancelot Lake, of Cannons, 


595. A fess between six crosses crosslet fitchy . . Robert Laton, of Saxay, 

/ ' Kt. 

596. A fess between three battle-axes, badge of Bourchier Wrey, of Tie- 

Ulster bitch, K.B., and Bt. 

597. Per pale three linns rampant, mullet for Edward Proger,Esq.,Grooni 

difference of the Bedchamber. 

598. A chevron between three maunches, badge of Edward Mansell, of Mar- 

Ulster gam, Bt. 

599. 1, A griflin segreant ; 2, A lion rampant; William Morgan, of Trede- 

3, three bull's heads caboshed ; 4, in gar, Esq. 

front of a tree a boar 

600. Oyrouny of eight ermine and erminos a lion Trevor Williams, of Lan- 

1» in pant, badge of Ulster giby, Bt. 

IKH. A lion rampant, mullet for difference .. Edmund Lewis, of Cam 

Lloyd, Esq. 
G02. Sable, a stag's head caboshed between two Henry Parker, of Homing. 

Haunches argent ton, Esq. 

603. A chevron between three conies couchant . . William Strode, of Newen- 

liam, Kt. 
G04. Paly of six argent and azure, on a bend three Edward Stradling, of St. 

cinquefoils, badge of Ulster Donats, Bt. 

Ulf>. A chevron between three falcon's heads erased, John Awbrey, of Lantri- 

badge of Ulster thyd, Bt. 

GOG. Lewis (GUI), without difference .. Edward Lewis, of the Van, 

007. Three chevrons . . . . . . Herbert Evans, of Pen- 

treeke, Esq. 
G08. Hkrbkrt (4G5) .. .. .. William Herbert, of Swan- 

sea, Esq. 
609. A chevron between three tuns . . .. Thomas Button, of Cotterell, 

GI0. BASSET (407) .. .. •• Richard Basset, of Beau 

Pre, Esq. 

244 A ROLL OK ARMS, 1/573. 

Gil. A chevron between three cocks .. .. David Jenkins, of Hensall, 

(il2. A chevron between three.hurts . . .. Humphrey Baskerville, of 

Pantglas, Esq. 
013. Cholmokdley (496), without badge .. Thomas Chohnondeley, of 

Vale Royal, Esq. 
(114. 1 ami -I, Partherichk (462); 2 ami 3, A Edward Partheriche, of 

chevron charged with three barrulets LLttleport, Esq. 

til"). Two lions passant guurdant, badge of Thomas Haniner, of Han- 
Ulster nior, Bt. 
tilt - .. On a saltire a rose .. .. .. Richard Neville, of Billing. 

bearc, Colonel. 
017. Ermine, two liars, over all a lion rampant.. William Bagnall, of City of 

Worcester, (lent. 
HIS. Semy-do-lis a lion rampant guardant, badge John Holland, of Quiden- 

of Ulster ham, lit. 

019. A fess ermine between three martlets, badge John Covert, of Slaugham, 
of Ulster Kt. and Bt. 

620. On a chevron three pheons, badge of Ulster Charles Kernoys, of Kevern 

Abbey. Bt. 

621. 1 and t, A chevron and canton ermine; Edmund Thomas, of Wenvo 

2 ami 3, Three bull's heads eaboshed ; Castle, Esq. 

impaling— a, lion rampant, mullet for 


022. Two bars, a bend compony ; in pretence, Semy Richard Legh, of Lyme, 

of estoiles, an arm in armour embowed, in Esq. 

the hand a pennon ' 

023. I, More (320) ; 2, Semy of trefoils slipt ; 3, Edward More, of More Hall, 

Gutty, a stag's head eaboshed ; 4, A griffin Kt. and Bt. 

segreant ; tit pi'etehce — 1 and 4, Per fess 
six martlets th/fce, three ; 2 and 3, A 
lion rampant, a bordure engrailed 

624. Six fleurs-de-lis three two one . . . . Gilbert Ireland, of Hutt, 


625. Ai.dworth (140) .. .. .. Richard Aldworth, of Ilin- 

ton and Pypard, Esq. 

626. Berkley (97) .. .. .. Rowland Berkley, of Lethe- 

ridge, Kt. 

027. I, An eagle displayed ; 2, A saltire and chief ; Robert Cotton de Bruce, 

3, A pile surmounted by Arms of Scot- of Hatley St. George, Kt. 

I, and ; 4, A lion rampant, over all mullet 

for difference 

02S. I and I, Three pike staves ; 2 and 3, A cross George Pike, of Mcldrcth, 

pat once, on the lop an- annulet Esq. 

029. A lion rampant with two heads, label for Simon Mason, of Great 

difference Gransden, Gent. 

630. 1, Two bendlets between as many martlets ; Roger Bradshaigh, of Haigh 

2 and 3, Three bars ; 4, A mullet Kt. 

(131. Three molehills .. .. .. Edward Tyldesley, of Mor 

leys, Esq. 

032. Semy of crosses crosslet a lion rampant . . Roger Dalton, of Thurn- 

ham, Esq. 

033. A fess in chief three mullets .. .. Richard Townley, of Town- 

ley, Esq. 

031. On a chief ermine two hurts .. .. Richard Walmisley, of Diirt- 

ken Halgh, Esq. 

03f>. Three standing dishes . . . . Edward Standtsh, of Stan- 

dish, of Esq. 

030. 1 ami 4, A cross between four hind's heads Hugh Oicconson, of Wrigh- 

erascd ; 2 and 3, A chevron between three tington Hall, Esq. 
crosses crosslet litchy 

037. I and 4, A cross bottony ; 2 and 3, Three Richard Urn wood, of Ditt- 

ileurs-de-lis on Park, Es(i 

A roll ok a i:\is, KJ73. 245 

638. A bend engrailed, badge of Ulster . . Francis Rateliff, of Dillston, 


639. Ermine, on a bend engrailed a mullet between Thomaa Modyford, of Lin- 

two garbs, badge of Ulster coin's [mi, late QoTemor 

of Jamaica, Bt. 
040. COBNWALUS (400) .. .. .. Charles Comwallis, Lord 

1 Comwallis, etc. 
841. A saltire .. .. .. William .Slater, D. I)., Rec- 

tor of Clifton, and Minis- 
terofSt. James', Clerken- 
642. A chevron between three eagles displayed, Thomas Raymond, of Down- 
on a chief a rose between two fleurs-de-lis ham, Esq. 

043. Rich (209), without difference . . .. Roger Rich, of London, 

Merchant and Captain. 

044. Per palo three fleurs-de-lis .. .. George Prober!, of Pencla- 

wdd, Kt. 

045. A chevron between three butterflies volant Charles Van, of Llanwarne, 

04(i. On a chevron between three roundles each George Pratt, of Colesbill, 
charged with a martlet as many mascles, Bt. 

badge of Ulster 

047. A bend between six escallops . . . . Francis Foljambe, of Ald- 

wark, Esq. 

048. A dolphin embowed, on a chief three saltires Anthony Frankland, of Aid- 

ward, Esq. 

049. On a fess between three bears salient as many Jasper Blithman, of New 

fleurs-de-lis Lathes, Gent. 

050. Abend between six martlets .. .. Francis Mounteney, of Ro- 

therain, Gent. 
651. On a bend engrailed three human hearts . . Charles 'looker, of Rothcr- 

am, Cent. 

052. On a chevron between three martlets as many Simon Watson, of Coton, 

crescents Gent. 

053. A fess between two chevrons ermine, a Robert Holden, of City of 

covered cup between the fess and upper London, Gent. 


054. On a pile three caltrapa . . . . Walter Walker, of Rushy 

Hall, K.C., Dr. in Law, 
Advocate-General to the 
King, Kt. 

055. A fess dancetty ermine between six crosses Samuel Barnard is ton, of 

crosslet, badge of Ulster Brightwell Hall, Bt. 

050. Three bends, on a chief per fess and argent Thomas Draper, of Sunning 

three fleurs-de-lis, badge of Ulster Hill Park, Bt. 

657. An estoile between two Haunches ermine, John Hobart, of Blickling, 

badge of Ulster Bt. 

058. A bend between an eagle displayed and a John Rushworth, of Lin- 
cross crosslet coin's Inn, Gent. 

05!). Three chevrons .. .. .. Richard Lougher. of Tyth- 

egston, Esq. 

000. A bend between three escallops . . .. Charles Cotterell, of Hills- 

ford, Kt., Waster of Re- 
quests and Ceremonies to 
the King. 

001. I and 4, Three lynxes salient; 2 and 3, On Thomas Lynch, of War- 

a bend three covered cups rington, Kt., Deputy Go- 

vernor of Jamaica. 

(Tu hr c.Q)Uiiim-il.) 




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■a g b £ •_- 
E: -a *> cc a 



















•— V 






















21 8 


Contributed by Annum J. Jkwkks. 

(Continued from p. 202 J 

Samuell alias Samwell, George, s. of William, s. of William of 
Doncasfer, co. York. Conf. 20 July 1 Jus. I. Erm. two squirrels 
sej. addorsed 6u. Crest — A wolf courant ppr., transfixed in 
the breast by a pheon Or, feathered Arg. Motto — Jus lege 
rogamus. Add. MSS. 12,225 and 14,295; Hail. MS. 1,359. 

Sancta Cillia, Anthony de. Gr. by W. Dethick, Garter (no 
date). Arg. three bars Gu., over all a lion ramp. Or. Stowe 
MS. 676. 

Sandbaohe alias Seinbishe, Francis, of ... , co. Kent, gent. Conf. 
by Sir G. Dethick, Garter, 20 May 1579. Az. a fess betw. 
three garbs Or. Crest — A reindeer's head couped Erms., attired 
Or. Hail. MS. 1,441; Stowe MSS. 676 and 703. 

Sanders (or Saunders), Roijert, of London, Lieut. Col. of a Regt. 
of Fool, under Lord Fairfax, of an ancient family in Hertford- 
shin;. Gr. by Sir E. Bysshe, Garter, 4 July 1618. Arg. a 
chew betw. three elephants' heads erased Sa., on a chief Gu. 
a broken sword, the point end pendent, of the first, hilt and 
pommel Or, enclosed by two plates. Crest — From a mural coronet 
Gu. an elephant's head Arg., ear and tusks Sa., and charged 
with an ogress. Add. MS.^26,758; Stowe MS. 677. 

Sanderson, Henry, of Brancepeth, co. Durham. Conf. by Sir W. 
Segar, Garter, and Sir R. St. George, Norroy. Paly of six Arg. 
and Az., on a bend Sa. a sword of the first, hilt and pommel 
Or. Add. MS. 12,225. 

Sanderson, John, and to his brother Thomas Sanderson, D.D. 
Pat. 1 March 1605. Paly of six Arg. and Az., on a bend Sa. 
a mullet Arg. for cliff. Crest — A talbot pass. Sa., langued Arg. 
Stowe MS. 706. 

Sandwell, Joseph, of Minster, Isle of Thanet. Gr. by R. St. George, 
Clar. Gu. a fess embattled Erm., between three roses Or. 
Crest — A lion's paw erect and erased Gu., entiled by a mural 
coronet Erm. Harl. MS. 6,140. 

Sansee, Lapetell. Gr. by Sir C. Barker, Garter. Arg. a cross Gu. 
voided of the field, cantoned, in first a sword erect, in second a 
leopard's face, and in the third and fourth a fleur-le-lis all of 
the second; on a chief paly of four Az. and Purp. an agnus 
dei couchant of the first, holding a standard of S. George, 
betw. two bezants each ensigned by crest coronets Or, on the 
first a rose of the second, on the other a double rose of the 
last and first. Stowe MS. 692. 


Sare, . . . , of the Inner Temple, Counsellor at Law. Pat. 11 Feb. 

1614-15. (iii. two bars Erm. and in chief three martlets Or. 

Crest — An elephant Or, among trees ppr. Harl. MS. (5,059 ; 
N Stowe MS. 7011. 
Saundkrs, . . . , wife of Sir James Altham, Baron of the Exchequer. 

Pat. Oct. 1016. Per chev. On. and Or, three elephants' heads 

erased couiiterehanged, a child of the second. Stowe MS. 706 

and 707. 
Savaoic. Sir John. Or. by Sir 0. Barker, Carter. Sa. two Ranches 

indent. Arg. Crest — A unicorn's head erased Arg. 
Sawbriduk, Jacob, of London, merchant. Or. by Sir II. St. George, 

Garter, and John Vanbrugh, Clar., 26 July 1714. Or, two bars 

Az., each charged with a barrulet indent. Arg., a chief indent, of 

the second. Crest — A demidion Az., holding a saw erect Or. 

Add. MS. 14,830. 
Sawykk, Annio, Lady, w. of Sir Edward Sawyer, and dan. of . . . 

Whitmoiv, descended from Humphrey Houghton, of Manchester, 

co. Lancaster, her great grandfather, and from the families 

of Moselev and Aldersey. Conf. 9 April 1627, by Sir W. 

Segar, Garter, ami J. Philpott, Somerset Herald. Az. a fess 

chequee Or and Sa., betw. three seapies Arg., beaked and 

legged Gu. (These are the arms of Sawyer.) Add. MS. 

Sawykr, Edmund, of ... , co. Northampton. Or. by W. Camden, 

Clar. Az. on a bend Or, three eagles displ. Gu. Crest — A demi- 

woman ppr., vested Ou.,crined Or, cap and veil at the back Az. 

Harl. MS. 1,441. 
Sayer, .... Pat. Feb. 1614-15. Gu. a fess eng. Arg., betw. three 

doves of the second, beaks and legs Sa. Crest — A tiger's head 

erased Gu., gorged with a collar eng. Arg., mane and tufts Or. 

Harl. MS. 6.059 ; Stowe MS. 706. 
Scagmt, Baldwin, Lord of Buy, a town of " Marguizen (1 Marquise) 

in Boulogness next the Sea," who came to England with Francis 

de Cregny, Lord of Deverell. Conf. 15 April 1592. Gu. a chev. 

Or, betw. two crosses formee in chief, and in base a bugle horn 

Arg. Stowe MS. 676. 
Scambler, 1 Edward, D.D., Bishop of Norwich. Or. by R. Cook, 

Clar., 20 Dee. 1585. Arg. a human heart On., a chief Sa. 

Great— A garb Or, enliled by a coronet On. Harl. MSS. 1,359 

and 6,169; Stowe MS. 670; Add. MS. 14,295. 
Scarburoh, Henry, John and Edmund, sons of Henry Scarburgh, 

of North Walsham, co. Norfolk, gentlemen. Conf. of arms and gr. 

of crest 10 Sept, 1614. Or, a chev. betw. three towers Gu. 

Crest, — Kmin a mural coronet On. a demi-lion Or, supporting a 

spear erect, on the point, a Saracen's head all ppr., the latter 

wreathed Ant and Az. Add. MS. l2.L'L»f». 

1 Edward Scamhlkr, 15. A., hum S. John's Cull., Cambridge, 1579-80; M. A. 
1683. [ncorporated aL Oxford 1584. 


Scarlett, . . . Conf. of arms and gr. of crest Feb. 1611. Chequec 
Or and Gil. a lion ramp, per fess Erin, anil Erms., a canton Az. 
(.'rest — A pillar coinponee Or and On., supported by two lions' 
gambs erased and cinb., the dexter Erm., tlie sinister Erms. 
Harl. MS. (3,059; Stowe MS. 706. 

Scory, John, of Risbury, co. Hereford, 1588. I and IV, Or. on a 
saltire Sa. five cinquefqils of the first, in chief a crescent On. 
for difr. II, Arg. a chev. betw. three billets On. Ill, Or, on 
a chief Az. two estoiles of the field. Crest — Oil a coronet an 
eagle cljsjpl. all Or. Harl. MS. 1559. 

Scottow, . . . , of Norwich. Or. by Sir E. Bysshe, Carter, in 
1647. Per fess Or and Az. an estoile of eight points counter- 
changed. Crest — A cubit arm erect vested Az., cuff Arg., the 
hand ppr. holding an estoile of eight points Or. Add. MS. 
26,758; Stowe MS. 677. 

Scowles, Jasper, of Charlton in par. of Wantage, Berks. Or. by 
Sir \V. Segar, Garter, 10 July 1613. On. on a chev. betw. three 
escallop shells Arg. as many mullets of the field. Crest — From 
a mural coronet Or, a dcmi-lion ramp. Erms., betw. the paws 
an escallop shell Arg. Harl. MS. 6,140; Add. MS. 12,225. 

Scrase, Tuition, of Blatchiugton, in Sussex, s. and h. of Richard, 
s. of Edward, s. of Richard, s. and h. of Richard Scrase, of 
Hangleton, in Sussex, who was styled " Valettus ad coronam 
Domini Regis Edward IV," and sealed with a dolphin. Conf. 
of arms and gr. of crest by Sir \V. Segar, Carter, 1-1 Aug. 
M Jas. I. Az. a dolphin naiant Arg., finned Or, betw. three 
escallop shells of the last. Crest — On the stump of a tree 
erect couped at the top and entwined by a snake, both ppr., 
a falcon rising of the same jessed and belled Or. Motto — 
Volando reptilia. Add. MSS. 5,524 and 12,225. 

Seale, Robert, Clerk of the Cheque to Her Majesty. Or." by 
W. Camden, Clar., 9 July 1599. Or, a fesse Az., betw. three 
wolves' heads erased Sa., a crescent On. for dill". Crest— From a 
coronet Or, a wolf's head Arg., the mouth and jaws ensanguined. 
Stowe MSS. 676, 706 and 707. 

Seiiokne, Richard, of Sutton, Herefordshire, gent. Or. by Sir 0. 
Dcthick, Carter, 10 June, 2 and ."5 Philip and Mary. Barry wavy 
of ten Arg. and Az. a lion ramp. Or. Crest — A lion's head 
couped affrontee Arg., collared Az. Harl. MS. 1,359. 

Seddon, Thomas, of London. Conf. of arms and gr. of crest by 
R. Cook, Clar., 4 Aug. 1590. Or, three cinquefoils within a bord. 
eng. Sa. Crest — Two lions' gambs, couped and embowed 
Sa., supporting a cinquefoil Or. Harl. MS. 1,359; Stowe MS. 

See, Robert, of CJuderdown, in the parish of Heme in Kent. Or. 
by Sir C. Barker, Carter. Arg. a salmon haurient betw. two 
llanches Az., on each of the latter two bars wavy of the first. 
Crest — Two lobsters in saltire 0u., the claws grasping two salmon 
trout erect Az. Stowe MS. 692. 


Seede, John, of London, haberdasher. Erm. two pallets Az., each 
charged with three bezants, on a chief On. three roses Arg. 
Grest-^-A demi-cock rising Arg., wings Az., comb and wattle (in. 
x Harl. MS. 5,869. 
Segar, ROBERT, of the Isle of Sheppey, in Kent. Conf. of arms and 
Jgr. of crest by Sir G. Dethick, Garter, 10 Jan. 15(58. Or, a chev. 
betw. three mallets Az. Crest— A wolf's head conped Arg., 
vnlned tin. Harl. MS. 1,359; Stowe MS. G70. 
Segar, . . . , of Wrotham, in Kent. Gr. Az. a cross moline Arg., a 
chief Or. Crest— On a mount an eagle rising regard., all ppr. 
Add. MS. 12,225. 
Segar, Sir William, Garter, King of Arms. I and IV, Az. a cross 
moline Arg. II and III, Or," a chev. betw. three mullets Az. 
Crest— A baton erect, ensigned by a coronet, all Or, entwined with 
two snakes Vert, and enclosed by two wings, the dexter of the 
first, the sinister Arg. Motto— Arte et ingenio. I and IV, 
Segar. II and III, Crakenthorpe. Harl. MS. U,1£0. 
Selleck, William, of Uainsfield, in Over Stowey, co. Somerset, s. of 
William, of the same place. Gr. by E. Bysshe, Carter, 23 Dec. 
1053. Sa. a fess wavy Arg., betw. three leopards' faces of the 
second, crowned Or. Crest— A leopard's head alTrontce conped 
Arg., crowned Or. Harl. MS. 1,172. 
Selwyn, Thomas, of Friston, co. Sussex, Esq. Conf. by W. Camden, 
Clar., 1 June 1011. Arg. on a bend cotised Sa. three annulets 
Or, all within a bord. eng. (in. Crest— Two lions' gambs Or, 
armed (in., supporting a stall" ragnlee enllamed at the top ppr. 
Stowe MSS. 700 and 70G. 
Semi'LE, Peter, of Burton Dassctt, co. Warwick. Conhr. 8 Feb. 1509 
by Sir W. Dethick, Garter, W. Camden, Clar., and W. Flower, 
Norroy. Arg. on a. chev. Sa. between three crescents Gn. five 
martlets of the first. Crest— A talbot sej. Sa., collar and ring 
Or. Stowe MS. 703. 
Septvans alia& Harklute, Christopher, of Mollaud in Ash next 
Sandwich, Kent, Esq. Conf. by R. Cooke, Clar., 26 July 1574. 
I, Az. three winnuwing fans Or. II, Az. two bars Or, and over 
all on a bend Sa. three crescents of the second. Ill, Arg. a 
chief indented Az. IV, Az. on a fess, betw. six cross crosslets 
fitchee Arg. three torteanx. V, Lozengy Or and Gn. a chief 
Az. VI, Gu. three boars' heads conped Arg. VII, Sa. a chev. Or, 
betw. three wolves' heads erased Arg. Crest— A dolphin embowed 
ppr. I, Septvans. II, Twitham. " III, Sandwich. IV, Ellis. 
V, Brooke. VI, Wyborne. VII, Wonlfe. Hark MS. 1,359. 
S erg ant, Thomas, late of Cotes on this side the Trent, co. Staff., 
as appears by a pedigree examined by Sir W. Segar, Garter, 
and who by Agnes, dan. of James Colier, of Darlaston, co. Staff., 
was grandfather of John and James Sergant. Cert, gr. by W. 
Le Neavr, Clar., If>39. Arg. a chev. betw. three dolphins emb. 
Sa. Harl. MS. 5,869; Add. MS. 12,225. 
Skulk, William, <»|' London. Gr. by It. Cook, Clar. Gn. on a chov. 
betw. three trefoils Arg., as many ogresses, ("rest — A domidion 


ramp. gard. Or, supporting a mast of the samp, from the round 
top Sa. five lances of the first, heads Arg., the centre one erect 
and therefrom a banner with two points of the third, charged 
at the upper part with a cross (Ju. Stowe MS. 700. 

Sessions alias Skchions, William, of Milton, co. Oxford, gent. Or. 
by Sir \V. Segar, Garter. Per fess Or and Az. three griffins' 
heads erased counterchanged. Crest— From a mural coronet Or, 
a bull's head Az., armed of the first. Add. MS. 12,225. 

Seywell, Robert, woollendraper and merchant tailor, of St. Paul's 
Churchyard. Or. by Sir E, Walker, Garter. Arg. on a bend 
On. three martlets of the first. Orest — On a mural coronet On. 
a martlet Arg. Karl. MS. 1,4-41. 

Shadwell, Thomas, of Linedon in Enville, co. Stafford. Or. by Sir C. 
Barker, Carter, 15:57. Per pale. Or and Az. on a chev. betw. 
three annulets, four escallop shells, all counterchanged. Harl. 
MS. 6,169; Add. MS. 14,295. 

Shakerley, . . . , of Shakerley, co. Lane. Or. by It. St. Oeorge, 
Norroy. Arg. a chev. On., betw. three mounts of rushes Vert, 
each charged with an annulet Or. Crest — Against a garb Or, a 
rabbit salient Sa. (sometimes a hare ppr.) Karl. MS. 6,140. 

Shakespeare, William, s. of John, of Stratford-on-Avon, co. Warw., 
bv the dau. and h. of Robert Arden, of Willingcot, Esq. Or. by 
Sir W. Dethiek, Garter, 20 Oct. 1596. Or, on a bend Sa. a tilting 
spear of the first, the head Arg. Crest — A falcon rising Arg., 
supporting a spear as in the arms. StoweMS. 676 ; Harl. MS. 6,140. 

Shalcross, Humphrey, of London. On. a saltire betw. four 
annulets Or, on the saltire a mullet for diff. Crest — A sheldrake 
Or, in the beak a cross patee On., on the breast a mullet for diff. 
Add. MS. 12,225. 

ShaiNke, Thomas, of Rollesby, co. Norfolk, gent. Conf. by Sir G. 
Dethiek, Garter, 15 Aug. 1562. Purp. a fess betw. three escallop 
shells Or. Crest — From a coronet Or, a lion's head per fess Arg. 
and Gu. Harl. MS. 1,441; Stowe MS. 703. 

Shapleiuh, Rohert, of ... , co. Devon. Vert, a chev. betw. three 
escallop shells Arg. Crest— A cubit arm erect vested Gu., cuff 
Arg., in the hand ppr. a chaplet Vert, flowers of the first. 
Add. MS. 12,225. 

Sharp, John, D.D., Dean of Canterbury, and brother of Joshua 
Sharpe. Or. by Sir T. St. George, Garter, and H. St. George, 
Olar., 16 May 1691. Az. a pheon Arg., within a bord. of the 
second, charged with eight torteaux. Crest— An eagle's head 
erased A/.., gorged by a, crest coronet Or, in the beak a pheon 
Arg. Stowe MS. 714. 

Sharpleigh (or Sharpe y sometimes), Sir Rohert, Knt., of Sharpleigh, 
late Receiver of Rents and IJvcries for Kent, Surrey and Sussex. 
He mar. a dau. of Scott, of Kent. Conf. of arms and gr. of crest 
by It. Lee, Clar., in Sept. 1595. Arg. on a bend Az. three spear 
heads of (lie first. Crest A cubit arm erect vested Az., slashed 
Arg'., in the hand ppr. three pieces of a broken lance Or, two 
in saltire, one in pale, head upward Arg. Add. MS. 14,295; 
Stowe MS. 706; Harl. MSS. 1,359 and 6,140. 


Sharrock, Roiskkt, of ... , co. Hereford. Cpnf. by Sir C. Barker, 
Garter, 15-11, 36 Henry VIII. Arg. on a chev. betw. three cocks 
Sa., as many pheona of the first. Crest — A code Sa. Stowe 
M§. 703. 

Shaw, Edward, of London, Proctor of the Arches Court of Canter- 
bury. (Jr. by Sir T. St. George, Garter, and Sir H. St. George, 
Clar., 21 June 1(>98. Enu. two clievronels betw. three inascles Sa. 
Crest — An arrow erect Or, headed and feathered Arg., passing 
through a niascle Sa. Add. MS. 14,831. 

Shaw, John, Clerk of the Chamber of London. Exemp. by R. Cook, 
Chester, 1586. Or, a chev. wavy betw. three eagles displ. Sa. 
Crest — A hind's head Or, pierced by an arrow of the same, head 
and feathers Arg., vulned Gu. Stowe MS. 670; Harl. MS. 1,359. 

Shaw, Mary, w. of Thomas Fryer, Doctor of Physick. Gr. by W, 
Camden, Clar., 1612. Arg. a chev. between three lozenges Erms., 
a chief Gu. Stowe MSS. 702 and 706. 

Shaw, Robert, of East Ardsley, West Riding of Yorkshire, eldest 
s. of Robert of the same place, dec, and to his two brothers, 
Henry and Thomas, belonging to the Duke of Northumberland's 
Royal Regt. of Horse. Gr. by Sir H. St. George, Garter, and 
P. le Neve, Norroy, 4 Dec. 1707. Arg. a chev. Erms., on a 
canton Gu., a talbot's head erased Or. Crest — A talbot pass. 
Erms., ear Arg. Add. MS. 14,831. 

Sheawley, Kemlyn, of London, 1588. Sa. a lion pass. gard. betw. 
three mullets Arg. Crest — A hind's head couped Arg., pierced 
by an arrow Or. Harl. MS. 1.359. 

Sheldon, Gilbert, D.D., President of All Souls' Coll., Oxon., Chaplain 
in K. Oh. I, Dean of the Chapel to K. Ch. II; Bishop designate 
of London, and a great sufferer by his loyalty. Descended from 
Sheldon of Derbyshire. Gr. by Sir Edw. Walker, Garter, 4 Sept. 
HifiO, viz., Arg. on a chev. Gu. three sheldrakes of the Held, and 
lor honourable addition, on a canton of the second a rose of the 
first. Crest — A sheldrake Arg., in the beak a rose Gu., slipped 
and leaved Vert. He became Archbishop of Canterbury and 
died uninar., settled his estate on the issue of his elder brother 
Ralph Sheldon, whose eld. s. Sir Joseph Sheldon, Alderman and 
Lord Mayor of London, d. s.p., when it devolved on Daniel 
Sheldon, of Hamme Haw, co. Surrey, Esq., next brother of Sir 
Joseph ; at whose desire the same arms with due difference to be 
confirmed to the said Daniel and the other descendants of the 
said Ralph Sheldon. Patent entered bv Sir W. Duirdale, Garter, 
and Sir H. St. George, Clar. Harl. MS." 6,815 ; Add. MS. 14,294. 

Shelton, Theophilus, of Wakefield, co. York, s. of Theophilus 
Shelton, of Mansfield, co. Notts, s. of Edward Shelton, of Farley 
(in Alton), co. Stafford. Gr. 11 Sept. 1690, by Sir T. St. George, 
Garter, and J. Dugdale, Norroy. Or, a cross Az., in the first 
quarter a lion pass. Gu. Crest — A lion pass. Gu., armed and 
langued Az., and gorged with a wreath of laurel Vert. Stowe MS. 
677; Harl. MS. 1,172, 


Sheobridge, Mr. Robert, of Ucklield, co. Sussex. Conf. . . . Arg. 
two bars Sa., charged with three leopards' faces Or, two and one. 
Crest — A leopard's face betw. two wings Or. Had. MS. 1,172. 

Shephard, Alexander, of the town of Buckingham, M.I). Cr. 
23 Feb. 1615-16. Gu. three battle-axes erect in fess Or, a chief 
Erm. Crest— Two battle-axes in saltire Or. Ilarl. MS. 0,059; 
Stowe MS. 707. 

Shephard, Robert, of Kirby Bedon, co. Norf. Gr. by W. Camden, 
Clar., 1598. Arg. on a chief indent. Gu. three battle-axes Or. 
Crest — A demi-stag regard, ppr., attired Or. Stowe MSS. 70G 
and 707. 

Sheppard, Robert, of Himbleton, co. Worcester. Arg. a chev. 
Gu. betw. three pomegranates ppr., leaved Vert. Crest — On a 
mount Vert, a stag couch, regard, ppr. Ilarl. MS. 1,359. 

Sheriffe, Lawrence, of Rugeley, co. Warw. Conf. by W. Harvey, 
Clar., 1559. Az. on a fess eng. betw. three griffins' heads erased 
Or, a fleur-de-lis enclosed by two roses Gu. Crest — A lion's paw 
erect and erased Or, grasping a branch of olives Or, their cods 
Arg., slipped and leaved Vert. Had. MS. 1,359. 

Sherwin, John, of the City of Chichester, gent., being descended 
from ancestors long entitled to bear arms, but being uncertain 
what crest he should use, K. Cook, Clar., 27 Oct. 1571, confirmed 
these arms and granted a crest, viz., Sa. a griffin segr. per fess 
Or and Arg. betw. three crosses patee fitchee of the second. 
Crest — An eagle rising Or, beak and wings Az. [In full and said 
to be copied from the original at Newport, Isle of Wight, by 
Henry St, George, Clar., 31 July 1686.] Add. MS. 1-1,295. 

Shilleto, George, of Ileth, co. York. Gr. by Sir W. Segar, Garter. 
Conf. by J. Borough, Norroy. Arg. on a fess Sa. betw. three 
cocks' heads erased of the second, combed, beaked and jollopped 
Or, a Bishop's mitre of the last, lie mar. a dan. of Sir Richard 
Buckley, for whom he imp., Sa. a chev. betw. three bulls' heads 
caboshed Arg. Hail. MS. 1,105. 

Shipuam, Thomas, of Weobley, co. Hereford, gent,, s. of William, s. of 
Thomas Shipham. Conf. of arms and gr. of crest to the 
descendants of William, the father of said Thomas, by R. Cook, 
Clar. 10 Oct. 1581. Or, a cinquefoil within an ode of cross 
crosslets Gu. Crest— A demi-ostrich displ. Arg., gorged with a 
coronet Or, in the beak of the last a key, wards in chief Az., and 
vulneil on the breast Gu. Had. MSS. 1,359 and 6,169; 
Add. MS. 14,295. 

Shippbndale, John, of Humberston, D.C.L., a Master in Chanceryj s. 
of George Shippcndale, descended from a family of that name at 
Craven in Lancashire. Conf. by W. Dethiek, Garter, 16 May 1594. 
Az., semee-de-lis Or, two lions' paw.s erased paleways in fess Arg. 
Crest — A lion's paw erased and erect Arg., grasping a tleur-de-lis 
Or. Stowe MS. 676. 

Shirceiff (Shiercuff or Sciiyrclyff), Nicholas, of Ecclesfield Hall, 
co. York, s. of Nicholas, s. of Alexander. Conf. of arms and gr. 
of crest by U. St. George, Norroy, 1611. Or, a fess Sa., betw. 



three greyhounds' heads erased of the second, collared Gu. Crest — ■ 
A scimitar erect Arg., hilt and pommel Or, transfixing a leopard's 

face of the second. SI owe; MS. 706. 

Siuiu.KY, llomcKT, of London. Oonf. of arms and gr. of crest 10 Sept, 
KiUl). Gu. a chev. eounter-compoiiy Arg. and Sa., betw. three 
ileurs-de-lis Or. Crest — Three pheons, one in pale, two in saltire, 
Or, feathered Arg., entiled by a wreath of laurel Vert. Add. MS. 

Short, . . . , of . . . , co. Kent. Pat. Nov. 161-1. A z., a griffin pass. 
Or, betw. three estoiles Arg. Crest— A griffin's head couped Or, 
betw. two wings A/.., semee of estoiles Arg. llarl. MS. 6,059; 
Stovve MS. 706. 

SnoKTKiixiK, lviciiAki), of Shoi-tridge, co. Devon. (Jr. hy Jl. St George, 
Clar. (Descent in the Visitation of Devon 1620, see C 1, fol. 021 ; 
had no arms.) " From an escutcheon lent me by Mr. Peter Le Neve, 
liougc Croix, and compared 1 March 1692-3. Hen. St. George, 
Clar." Arg. a mount Vert, thereon a lion stat. Sa., murally 
crowned ( >r. Crest— Prom a mural coronet Or, a lion's paw erect, 
grasping a scimitar ppr., gain, of the first. Add. MS. 14,295. 

Suoyki.l, Sin Ci.(ii;, Knt., Hear Admiral of the Blue. Gr. by 
Sir T. St.. George, Garter, and Sir .11. St. George, Clar., 6 Jan. 
1691-2. Gu. a, cliev. Mini. betw. in chief two crescents Arg., and 
in base a fleur-de-lis Or. Crest — From a naval coronet Or, a 
demi-lion ramp. Gu., supporting a square sail Arg., charged with 
an anchor Sa. Add. MS. 14,830. 

Sh&ubsole, RieilARD, s. and h. of Robert of Graveney, Kent, and to 
the other descendants of his father. Gr. 10 Oct, 10 K. Jas. I. Arg. 
three cherry trees, each on a mount, all ppr., fructed Gu. Crest — 
A cubit arm erect vested Gu., cult' Arg., the hand ppr. grasping a 
branch of a cherry tree fructed ppr. I fail. MS. 6,1-10. 

Suuokh, William, gent, Conf. hy W. Dethick, Garter, 12 May 1591. 
Sa. two bars Arg. in chief three plates, overall on a bend Gu., 
a lion's head erased l'ani. Crest — A demi-lion ramp. Arg., armed 
and lang. Gu., issuing from the top of a castle of the second, and 
holding up a torch of the first, tired ppr. Gives this descent: — 

William lluii'jerford.^r ... dan. of 

whuoamo into Lincoln- 
shire. First husband. 

John Shuger alius U ungerford.^. 

=T=John Simper, from whom the 
I children of the first husband 
| camo to bo called Shuger. 

^ Second husband. 

Thomas Shuger, of Gedney, in Marshland, : 
eo. Line. 

John Shuger, s. and h.-p... 

William Shuger, Utter Barrister at Law. 

Stowe MS. 076. 


Shute, Christopher, of Giggles wick in Craven, co. York. Couf. of 
anus and gr. of crest by Sir W. Segar, Carter, April I GIG. Per 
cliev. Sa. and Or, in chief two eagles displ. of the second, a cres- 
cent for diff. Crest—A griffin sej. Arg., beak, claws and wings 
Or, pierced by a spear Sa., head Arg. Hail. MS. 6,U59 ; Stowe 

Siiuter, John', of Winterbourne Cherburgh, co. Wilts. Pat. July 
1614. Az. an inescutcheon Arg. within an orlu of crosses patee 
titchee Or. Crest — On a mount Vert, a leopard sej. ppr., gorged 
with a coronet with line Or. Hail. MS. 6,059 ; Stowe MSS. 
706 and 707. 

Sidky, William, of Bures S. Mary, co. [Suffolk]. Pat. 1536. Or, a 
lion pass. Sa., on a chief of the second three eagles displ. of the 
first. Crest — A tiger sej. regard. Arg., tufted Sa., in the mouth 
an arrow pierced through the shoulder Or, headed and feathered 
Arg. II ail. MS. 1,105. 

Sn.l,, WlCLLKSHORNK, of Fulwell, eo. Oxon, gent., s. and h. of John Sill, 
of Han ley Lodge, co. Northampton, Esq., by Elizabeth, dan. and 
h. of John Wellesborne, of Fulwell, Esq. The said Wellesborne 
Sill died at his lodgings in Chancery Lane, 5 March 1G33, 
and was buried with escutcheons at St. Dunstan's in the West ; 
having married Phillip, dau. of Edward York, of Fritwell, co. 
Oxford, by whom he had issue Wellesborne Sill, his only s. and h., 
aged about 16 years at his father's death. This certificate was 
taken by George Owen, York Herald, the 7th March 1633, to 
be registered in the College of Arms, and is testilied to be 
true by his wife, Phillip Sill. 1 and TV, Arg. a fess eng. 
Sa., fretty Or, in chief a lion pass. Gu., for Sill. II and III, 
Gu. a griffin segr. Or, a chief chequee of the second and first, 
over all a bendlet Erin. [Imp. for York, Arg. a saltire Az.] 
Crest— A griffin segr. Or, collared Erin., wings addorsed, points 
upwards, Gu. Stowe MS. 714. 

Sii.i.ksdkn, Thomas, of Kinchinglield, co. Essex. Gr. by Sir T. 
Wriothesley, Garter. Gu. a chev. potent counter potent Arg. 
and Az. betw. three bezants; on a chief Or, a talbot courant 
Sa. Crest — A demi-eagle displ. Az., beak Or, dexter wing Arg., 
the sinister Gu. Hail. MS. 1,441. 

Simings or Svmoninos, John, M.D., s. of William, of Coventry, and of 
Alice, his w., dau. and h. of Owen Hall, of Anglesey, h. by her 
mother to Richard Lovett, of Writtlesbury, co. Bucks. Gr. by 
L. Dalton, Norroy, 17 Jan. 1560-1. Conf. by R. Cook, Clar., 
1568. Erin, an eagle rising Gu-, in the dexter claw a torteaux. 
Crest — An eagle closed Sa., in the dexter claw a rose Gu., slipped 
and leaved Vert. Hail MS. 1,359. 

Simincs, John, of London, M.l>. Gr. by P. Cook, Clar., 1574, arms 
conf. and crest gr. G July 16 lOliz. Az. on abend betw. three 
lleurs de lis Or, a lion pass. Uu. Crest — A lion sej. gard. Gu., resting 
the dexter paw on a shield Or. llarl. MS. 1,359. 

Simons, Edward, of Marden, Kent. Gr. 19 Feb. 1662. Per fess Sa. 
and Or, a pale counterchanged and three cinquefoils of the second, 
Crest — A greyhound's head erased Or, gorged with a collar Sa., 
charged with three cinquefoils of the first. Add. MS. 14,293. 


Sinoijcton, Edward, h. of Thomas, of Hroiighton Tower, co. Lane, gent. 
Gr. 1))' L. Dalfeon, Norroy, 20 May L5G0. Arg. three ehevronels 
(in., betw. three martlets Sa. Crest- Am aim in armour embowed 
ppr., (lie gauntlet grasping a horseman's mace Or, beaded Arg. 
Harl. MS. 1,359. 

Skeggs, John, of St. Tves, eo. Hunts. One of the Gentlemen Sewers 
ami Surveyor in Huntingdonshire to Q. Eli/. ; and to Edward 
Skeggs, of Brantlield (i.e., Braintfield), eo. Herts, his younger 
brother, Purveyor for the mouth to Her Majesty, sons of Richard 
Skeggs, of Eynesbury, co Hunts. Gr. by Sir G. Dethick, Garter, 
K. Cook, Clar., and W. Flower, Norroy, 29 Aug. 1568. Per fess 
Or and A/., a chev., and in chief a lion pass, gard., all counter- 
changed. Crest— A peacock displ. Az., tuft, beak and wings Or. 
Harl. MS. 1,359; Stowe MS. 703. 

Skeres, . . . , of York. Pat. by W.Camden, Clar., Oct. 1612. Or, on 
a bend x\z., betw. in chief a lion ramp. Gu., and in base three oak 
leaves Vert, as many escallop shells of the first. Crest — A deini- 
lion Sa., in the dexter paw three oak leaves Vert. Harl. MS. 
1,441 ; Stowe MS. 700. 

Skinner, . . . Pat. (1 by Cooke or Lee) by which the ancient arms, viz., 
Sa., on a chev. wavy Or, betw. three griffins' heads erased Arg., as 
many fleurs-de-lis Az., are altered to, Sa., a chev. Or, betw. three 
griffins' heads erased Arg. Crest — A griffin's head erased Arg., in 
the beak a gauntlet Or. Add. MS. 14,295. 

(To be continued.) 


Contributed by G KHALI) Futhekoill. 
{Continued from p. 17. r ).) 

SivYNNKK, Jane, 22, with her servant named Brauncis Edmonds, 17, 
to Vlishing, to remain there. 

14 Dee. 1(521. 

Bicknall, Elizabeth, 48, resident in the Strand, with her two children, 
Roger, 13, and Jno., 7, to Flushing. 
23 Dec. 1624. 

Peacock, Cubert, son-indaw of Mr. Ogell, dwelling in Old Swan Alley 
in Thames St., to Gcrkront, about c'ten his affaires and so to 

Shettlkworth, Win., 31, resident in Ani'sford, near Utrecht, to the 

[End of Vol. XIII. \ 


The following licenses are extracted from the Registers of the Privy 
Council. 'They are far more extensive and perfect than the series 
in the Public Record Office, published in these pages. 

5 Feb. 1 033. 

Martha Hubbard, to go over with her husband to Zutphen in 

Judith SEAWARD, to return to her dwelling at Amsterdam. 
Ann CiSSE, to her husband at Bosh. 
Elizabeth Wadley, to Vlishing. 

John Gent, with wife & maide servant, to imbarque themselves. 
Wm. Willoughby, to Low Countries, 
Pascoll Bennett & Marie Bateman, of RatclifEe, to their husbands 

at Ulushing. 
Margaret Browne, to her husband at Utricle, 
.loan Luck, a Duch woman, to her dwelling at Middleborrough. 

K) Feb. 1633. 

John Morgan, to foreign parts. 

13 Feb. 1633. 
Henry Coningsby, to foreign parts. 

15 Feb. 1633. 

Anna Checkley, Milicent Steward & James Checkley, to Holland. 
Marie Dauaney & Ann Tuck, to their husbands in the Low Countries. 

21 Feb. 1633. 

Win. Carr, John Coihjrne, James Hobukne, to foreign parts. 
Robert Carey, of the Middle Temple, & Tho. Gorges, Fellow of All 

Soules, Oxford, to foreign parts. 
Anne Smith, to her husband at Rotterdam. 
Henry Goodrich:, of Ribston, York, to foreign parts. 

22 Feb. 1 633. 

Fdward Gyles, of S. Mary Savoy, to Low Country. 

Ult. Feb. 1633. 

Ursula Stokes, to her husband, Stephen Stokes, merchant, resident 

at S. Luear in Spaine, to take her child. 
Kdmond Meahtys, to foreign parts. 

11 March 1633. 
William, son of Sir Henry Skipwith, of Leicester, to foreign parts. 

14 March 1633. 
Ann Lively & her daughter, to Tergo in Holland. 

21 March 1633. 

James Zoucil & Henry J en neks, to foreign parts. 
James Harrington, to foreign parts. 


2G March 1633. 
Robert Hamilton, to France. 

Ult, March 1633. 
Edward Neale, Lieut, of a troupe of horse in Ireland, to return. 

28 March 1633. 
Thomas Dennis, M.A., of Exeter College, Oxford, to ye United 
Provinces, to he a preacher to Col. Morgan's llegt. 

1 Apl. 1633. 

Sara Steward, to Dorte, with her child one year old. 
Mo n.s. Colh, employed to lli.s Matie, from the Prince Palatine, to 
return home. 

8 May 1633. 

Mr. Gyles Porter, to travell. 

Francis Twisden, of East Peckham, Kent, gent., to travell. 

8 May 1033. 
Adam Story, clerke, to Holland, to he tutor to the children of 
Sir James Sandelands children at the llagh. 

8 May 1633. 

Agnes Van Nuffel & Stephen, her son, aged 4, to Bruxells. 
Richard Wilford to the Low Countries, to be Page to the Queen 
of Bohemia. 

16 May 1633. 

Ellin Thompson, wife of Maurice, to Holland, & a child three quarters 
old (sic). 

10 May 1633. 

Charles Waynard, gent., to travell, 17 May 1633. 

15 May 1633. 
Andrew Allen, B.D., to France, to he Governor of the sons of 

Sir John Strangwaies. 
Win. Merry, son of Sir Thomas Merry, Knt., to travell. 
Win. Glover, to travell. 

Elizabeth Epperson, to goe to her husband at Amsterdam. 
Katherine Miller, Sara Oslourn and Mary Phillips to the Hagh 

where their dwellings are. 
John Heale, of Devon, esq. 

17 May 1633. 

Francis Hussy, of St. Mildred, Bredstrett, London, to Utrick, to 

compound for her debts. 
Olive Ingram to Middleborough. 

18 May 1633. 

Elizabeth Chandler, a poor woman, to go to her husband at 


June 1633. 
Robert CHAMBERS, a poor man, having married a Dutch woman 

living in Denclermoone in Flanders, to return hither with his 

son, Philip, aged 2. 
William Prick, to go to Flanders, being a Commissioner to take a 

fine by vertue of a dedimus potestatem granted out of Chancery, 

of one Capt. James Morgan, for the sale of some lands in CO. 


11 June 1633. 

Roger Churchill & Frames his wife, to Isendike in Flanders. 

Ellis Crisp. 

Richard Sandey, to Low Countries. 

Ann Lewis & Ann Harwood, two popr women, to Holland, to their 

.lone Chapman, a poor woman, to her husband in Hambourgh. 

12 June 1633. 

Sir Arthur Hf.selrtg, Bart,, & Aaron Geardein, M.A., to go with 

26 June 1633. 

Mary Heath, a poor Dutch woman, to go over with her six children 

to Amsterdam, to seeke rcleefe amongst her freindes. 
Ann Lloyd, to her husband at Midleborough with two young children. 

28 June 1633. 
Sir Archibald DuGLAS & his Ladie to Spain. 

Hit. June 1633. 
John Fromond, of Surrey. 

3 July 1633. 
Laurence CoUGHEN, merchant of Amsterdam, to Holland with his 

Bart. Dive, a native of the United Provinces, to his Countrey & his 

George Steward & wife, who dwell at Berghen ap Zoom. 
Peter Courthop & Walter Burrell, to Holland. 
Eliz. Pattison, a poor woman, to Holland. 

18 May 1633. 
Francis Utens, born at Douay, his wife & their child. 

22 May 1633. 

Baldwin Mathewes & Frances Anthony, to Holland. 

Jane Santcley to Holland, to wait on Mrs. Grange, one of the 

Queen of Bohemia's women. 
Monsr. Fredrick Suounreroh, grandchild to Lord Dudley, to Holland. 
Henry Cholmley, of the Inner Temple, to forraine parts. 

KN<!LANI> IJKYONI) '11110 SKAS. 2C> 1 

Francis Nugent, second son to the Earl of Westmeath, to forraine 

parts, with liis servant, .Joint Jones. 
John Rina, an Italian, liis wile, it Ann Morgan, his niayde. 

16 July 1633. 

Edward Stapleton, of Wilts. 

Jeffrey Tipper, of Wilts. 

John Lii Gros, merchant, of Jersey, toJParis. 

14 July 1633. 
Justinian Isiiam, son of Sir John Isham, of Northton, Knt. 

19 July 1G3.'3. 
Mons. Du Perron, Almoner to the Queen, to France. 

28 July 1G33. 

Jane Gray, to her husband at Berghen ap Zome. 

Robert Stone, esq., servant to Queen of Bohemia, to Holland, & to 

take five servants. 
Fines Morrison, to visit his Ante at the Queen of Bohemia's. 

30 July 1633. 

Misstris Douglassc Sheffield, to the Queen of Bohemia. 

31 July 1633. 

Joane Lovet, to go to her husband at Bergon ap Zome. 

2 Aug. 1633. 

Edmund Nayle, Win. Ohreane, Alex. Welsh, Wm. Ohe, Miles 
Datonn, Edrnond Orily, Garrett Slabrough, James Macrode, 
to go beyond sea. 

7 Aug. 1633. 

Sara, wife of Abraham Pomkrett, mere, to Flanders. 

Tho. Newton, to beyond Seas. 

Edmond Bray, to Low Countries. 

Anna Mathewes, daughter in law of Paul Gunne, of London, Merc, 

to beyond Seas. 
Susan Buck, to Bergen. 
Sir Lewis Morgan, son of Sir Thomas Morgan, to Sir Charles Morgan, 

his father in law, in Low Countries, with his wife & daughter. 

16 Aug. 1633. 

Edward Warder, esc].', son of Sir Fdward Warder, to travel for 
three years. 

17 Aug. 1633. 
Ric. Portman, to France. 

Marie Johnson, a poor Dutch maid, to Rotterdam, to her mother, 
& to return. 


Mary Atkinson, to her husband at Rotterdam, & for Eliza 
Browne & Ann Madder, being poor, to seeke releefe amongst 
their ffreindes. 

John Brothwhyt, ife his wife, to return to the Low Countries, 
having been over to see freiiids. 

21 Aug. 1(533. 

Ann Alexander, to Low Countries. 
Elizabeth Lorde. 

23 Aug. 1033. 

Henry Blunt, of Hitton Anger in Herts. 
Arthur Lowe & Edmond Prideaux, to ye Hagh. 
Patriarch op Achridone & his family to Eastern Countries. 
Sir Win. Hamilton, a Scotts man. 

24 Aug. 1033. 
Mary TVmperley. 

Ult. Aug. 1633. 
Adam Bruce, to France. 
Judith Neale, to her husband at the Hagh. 
Ann Ratcliffe & Henry Steephens, to Holland. 

4 Sept. 1633. 
Win. Parker, to travell. 
Andrew Mullhet, servant to the Prince of Orange. 

8 Sept, 1633. 
Robert Massam, of London, to France. 

15 Sept. 1633. 

Suzanna Atkinson, to Low Countries, to her husband. 
Barbara Caddick, to Low Countries, to her husband. 
Gowen Dalyell, son of Sir Robert Dal veil, to travell. 
Roger Churchill, & Francis his wife, to Flanders. 

20 Sept. K')33. ' 

Sir Alex Radcliffe, of Ordsall, Lane. 

Robert Constable, of Bentley, York, to foreign parts. 

22 Sept. 1633. 
Henry Jermyn, to parts. 

("•race Granger, to Holland, & take her child borne at Berghem 

Sara Halett, to Low Countries. 

Jone Luck & Godley Parker, to Low Countries. 

23 Sept. 1633. 

Win. Sherwood, Merchant, & Sara his wife, to Middleburgh, & one 
mayd servant. 

25 Sept. 1633. 

Hester Bethf.ll, to Low Countries, to her husband. 


28 Sept. 1633. 
Mrs. Maria Wake, to return to her husband, Lyonel Wake, Merchant 

Adventurer, residing at Antwerp, >fe to take, her son Lyonel, 

her daughter Jane, & a Dutch gentlewoman. 
Henry, son of Sir Henry Knolles, to foreign parts. 

30 Sept, 1633. 

Ann Hunter, & two children, to Amsterdam, to her husband. 
Henry Deane, M.A., Cambridge, to Low Countries. 
John Daynley, Secretary to Queen of Bohemia. 

22 Mar. 1633. 

Susaguia Chambers, Elizabeth Heskin, & Eliz. Phillips, to Low 

Thomas, John & Henry OsBOUBNE, sons of Sir Peter Osbournc, knt,, 

the eldest about 13, to Korrain parts with John Rosse, their 

John Ciiampney, of Orchardley, Somerset, to foreign parts, with 

Wm. Hipesley, his servant. 

21 Alar. 1633. 

Elizabeth Lkmston, to her mother al the llagh. 

Epha Tejms and her ehilde, to Stockholm, to her husband. 

Robert Brasse, George Sterling, junr., James Ross, & Geo. 

Sterling, senr., to foreign parts. 
Francis Churchill, to Girkham. 
Eliz. Luck, to Burss. 
Mr. Moon or Mr. Hay. 

I May 1033. 

Margaret Pkirson, wife of James Peirson, of Amsterdam, to return 
to Holland, & take her son Henry Peirson, aged three moneths. 

3 May 1633. 

Marquess de Fontanay, Ambassador from France, to return to 

6 May 1633. 

John Hooker, servant to Capt. William Killigrew, to the Low 

Abigail Mariegold, to Layden, where her husband liveth. 
Henry CARTER, of London, to travel!. 
Martha Barnes, wife of William Barnes, gent,, to Deepe, to visit a 

brother who lyes sick, & to take one maid servant, 

8 May 1633. 
Jane DE Porter, to bow Countries. 

(To be continued.) 





Contributed hy Kkitu W. Murray, F.S.A. 

Among some miscellaneous papers relating to a branch of the great 
family of Ogilyv, 1 was found the following detailed account of 
expenses incurred for the outfit necessary to start a " Volunteer," 
or "King's Letter boy," in his career on entering the Royal Navy 
nearly two hundred years ago. Alexander Ogilvy, for whose 
benefit the various items enumerated were purchased, many 
of which in these days appear curious in the extreme, was second 
surviving son of George, fourth Lord Banff. Born in 17I8, 2 he entered 
the Navy in his fifteenth year, the warrant appointing him to the 
"Dreadnought 3 " being dated the 16th February 17:52-3.^ A little 
more than five years later he succeeded his elder brother in the title 
and estates, and thereby became sixth Lord Banff, but remained in 
the Navy until his death in 1746. It may be worth noting that we 
glean from this account that the "Dreadnought" was at Portsmouth 
under the command of a Captain Geddes in 1733. 


£ a. d. 

January 20 th 


March 7 th 


For a Sup 1 tine suit of cloatli drugget 

For one pair Breeches D". 

For a Sup'Tme cloatli suit \v l 2 p r breeches 

For a blue drap cloatli coat \v l guilt buttons . 

For 2 brown holland wastcoats & 2 pair 

Breeches lin'd \v l the same 

For } y d cloath for mending eloaths 

For J .r* Drugget for D" 

For a Lao'd llutt 

For a plain D" 

For 6 fyne checque Shirts 

For ti Silk Handkerchiefs 

For 4 black silk stockes 

For 5 pair Stockings 

For 5 pair Shoes 

For shoe and knee buckles & sleeve buttons . 

For (i diaper night capps 

For 1 black silk capp 

For 1 fair wigg 

For a Silver Lilted Sword 

For a Silver Spoon, Knife & fork in a Case . 

For 2 bed sheets & 4 pillow cases 






























1 Writs belonging to Sir George Abercromby, Baronet. 
- Vide Scots I'rrmgc, vol. ii, p. 22, for particulars of his life. 
J It is a coincidence that his ship should be u predecessor of a prototype so 
prominent at the present, critical period of our Naval history. 
* Admiralty Secretary Registers (various), 14. 



For 2 fine matreases 

For 2 blapckctts 

For 1 feather tykcing pillow 

For I Quilt for the bedd 

For 1 Do/., diaper naptkings 

For shaving his head and dressing his. wiggs 
for 8 weeks 
Sea Tnstruni ts For a Quadrant 
& Rooks ' For a plain Stale 

For a p' compasses \v l II points . . 
' For a pair large Compasses 

For a Slate and 4 pencills 

For a marriner's Com pas rectified 

For Gordon's Cosmography 
I For Euelid's Fliments 
I For a Common prayer book 
ij For a Large clean paper book 

For a Smaller D". 

For 4 Quair paper ... 

J For 1 hundred (Quills 

For 2 papers hotmans ink powder 
jj For 1 Doz : wash balls, pound hair ponder, 

\ pint Sweet oyle 
i; For 1 Writeing Standish 


Carried over 


s. d. 

1 12 


Brought over 

For a prospect Glass 

For a peuter bason & porringer . . 

Paid dues for the King's Letter . . 

For a large chest 

For a Silver Stock buckle 

For washing & marking new linnen 

Paid to himself timing his stay in town for 

poekett money 
For the carriage of chest & beding from hia 

Lodgings to ye Inn, & from there to 

Portsmouth in the Waggon . . 
For his passage from Lond" to portsmouth 

in the Stage coach 
To himself to bear his charges to portsmouth 

and to Keep him till the Captain came on 

Deposited in Cap 1 Goddos' hands, to be given' 

and Laid out for him as occation requires ' 
For dyctt, chamber rout, eoull & caudles for 

8 weeks at 12 sh : p 1 ' week 
For washing linnen while in Town 
For u Course of Navigation and Astronomy ( 

w L M r Gordon ... . . \ 

For a ponder bagfj and pull 
For wosted, Silk, threed, Tape & needles 
For 4 pair (doves 
For Scouring an old red bit' eoatt 

1 1 



£' 47 PJ 


(Contributed by F. C. BeazLEY, F.S.A.) 

Since the article on the pedigree of Glynn appeared in The 
Genealogist, vol. xxiv, January, 1908, certain transcripts of the 
Register of the parish of Canlinhani, county Cornwall, have been 
discovered in the Registry of the Bishop of Exeter, and from 
them the following extracts relating to this family are taken. 

y 1613. 

Tomasiu Glynn, the daughter of Willyam Glynn the younger, Bap. 
the 16th of May. 
' Marriages. 

Thomas Hearell, Gent., maried to Lou'dye Glynn the 17th of 

Willyam Glynn the Elder buried the 8th of October. 
Anne Glynn buried the lGth of Januarii. 

Sepult. poch. p'dictr. 

Janea Glynn Ar. sep. fuit Apr. 8°. 

Sepultur pochia p\lict And pMict. 
Wittus Glynn Arm. sep. fuit Aug. 5°. 

Sepult. poch pMict. Ano pdict. 
Wittus Glynn Gen. sep. fuit Sep. 23°. 


Nomina Baptizm' pocti (?dict. 

Dennis Glynn fil. Niclii Glynn Ar. et Garth, uxor ejus bapt. 

fuit Aug. I". 
WiHus Glynn 111. Johis Glynn Gen., et Jan' uxor ejus bapt. 
fuit Aug. 4°. 

Sepult. poch []dict. 
Wittus Glynn Gen. sep. fuit Maii 16. 

The names of that weere marryed in the yeere 1673. 
Ma* Nicholas Glynn & Mi e Tamsin James weere marryed December 
the 4. 

Gaiuhnii vm Transcripts in which t her is are no Glynn Entries. 

1614, 1623, 1636 (fragment [marriages whole?] ami part of 
baptisms only). 1638 (two or three entries too faint to be read 
without chemicals, but one of them does not relate to Glynn). 
1663' (defective as to baptisms and burials, those previous to the 
end of May being missing). 



Enqufeittones post itfortrm. 

(Continued from p. 13 ( J.) 

Gibson, John, of .Welburn, Kut., ob. 15 Feb. ult. — T 1 1 < j . at York 
Castle 1 Oct. 11 Jac. I. — York — John Gibson, junior, Kut., s. k h., 
/ now aet. 3G. 

Gibson, Richard, oh. 17 Aug. 1G Car. T. — Inq. at High Ilolborri 

17 Oct. 1G Car. I. -Middx. — Thomas, s. it h., aet. 19 yrs. 
Gibson, Robert, of Tiluerhall, oh. 10 Mar, 15 Eliz. — Inq. at York 

Castle — Ehor. — William, s. it h., aet. 17. 

Gieoe, John, oh. 27 Dec. ult; — Ihq. at Pont'efract 20 April 1 it 2 
P. it M. — York — Tristiana, d. it h., aet. 9. 

Giwoui), John, oh. 20 Aug. 29 Eliz. — Inq. at Tiverton 30 Sept. 
■10 Eliz. — Devon— Henry, s. it h., then aet. 5. 

Giffokd, Roger, Knt., oh. 1 May ult. — Inq. 5 Oct. 1 Edw. VI. — 
Devon — John, s. & h., aet. 21-| yrs. 

GlFFORb [Gypfoud], Thomas, Esq., oh. 10 Oct. ult. — Imp at Buck- 
ingham 30 Oct. 3 Hen. 8. — Bucks — Thomas Gilford, s. & h., aet. 30. 

GlFFORD, Thomas, ob. 19 Apr. 1 Edw. VI. — Tikj. at Exeter 23 July 

1 Edw. VI. — Devon — John, s. & h., aet. 2 yrs. 5 Nov. ult. ; 1 other 
son it 5 daughters. 

GlFFORD, Thomas, oh. 19 July 17 Eliz. — Inq. at Newbury 30 Apr. 

18 Eliz. — Berks — John, s. it h., aet. 10. 

GlFFORb, William, gent., oh. 30 Dec. 7 Jac. I., 1G09 — Inq. at War- 
minster 19 Apr. 8 Jac. I. — -Wilts — William, s. it h., aet. 18. 

Gilbkiu), Thomas, Esq., s. it h. of Oto — Inq. at Plympton 18 Oct. 
21 Hen. 8. — Devon — Oto, s. it h., aet. 1G yrs. 

Gilbert, Ann (wife of Thomas, ob, 30 Jan. 1G39), oh. 17 Mar. 1639 — 
Inq, at Canterbury 27 Mar. 1G Car I. — Kent — John, s. it h., aet. 5 
vis. 1 7 Mar. afsd. 

Gilbert, John, ob. 20 Apr. ult. — Inq. at Bridgwater 4 Oct. 2 Hen. 8. 
- Somerset — Elizabeth, aet. 7 yrs., 1 dau. & cob. ; Agnes, aet. 6 yrs., 

2 dau. iV coh. 

Gilbert, John, ob. 6 Feb. ult. — Inq. at New Sarum 15 Nov. 

19 Hen. 8.— Wilts— Richard Milborne, s. of Hen. Milborne, h. of 
of said John. 

Gilbert, Oto, ISsq., ob. 18 Feb. ult. — Inq. 13 Oct. 1 Edw. 6. — 1. John, 

s. it h., aet. 11] yrs. ; 2. Itumfrey ; 3. Adrian; 1. Oto; Katherine. 
GiLRORNE, William, ob. 29 Aug. ult. — Ihq. at Pockliugton 1G Nov. 

2-1 Fliz. — Ehor. — Thomas, s. it h., aet. 17 ; 2. Mathcw ; Katherine. 
On, by, Fdus, will 3 Apr. 16-11, oh. 1 Apr. 1641— Inq. at Uppingham 

6 A.u«j. 17 Oar. I. — Rutland, Leicester — Zacharias, s. it li., aet. 15 

yrs. 27 Now Hi I I ; Edus, 2 son. 
(ii'i.iiv, Kobcrl, ob. I Oct, 31 11. S. — I nq. at Ilorncastle 2G Oct, 

•jj Eli/.. — Lincoln Hobert, s. it h., aet. 22. 
Oii.iivio, John, gent., ob. 23 Sept. ult.- --Inq. at Gloucester 10 Jan. 

8 Car. I. — Gloucester — Giles, s. it h., aet. 11. 


Giles, Francis, oh. 5 July alt.— Inq. at East Greenwich 28 Oct. 

7 Jac. I. — Kent — Alverey, s. & h., act. G. 
Giles, William, ob. 3 Feb. ult. — Inq. at Newton Abbot 9 June 

3 & -I P. A M. — Devon— John, 8. Si h., then act. 24. 
Gill, Richard, oh. 13 Oct. ult.— Inq. at Dorchester 11 Oct. 7 Eliz.— 

Dorset — Stephen, s. & h., aet. 1. 
Gill, Roger, oh. 5 Feb. 1 E. VI.— Inq. at Plympton 11 Apr. 7 Eliz.— 

Devon — Roger, s. & h., now aet. 40. 
Gillinge, John, oh. ult. Dec. 31 Eliz. — Inq. at Axbridge 28 July 

34 Eliz. — Somerset —George, s. it h., aet. 33. 
Gillinge, Robert, oh. 9 May 17 Jac. I. — [nq. at Glastonbury 13 Feb. 

11 Car. I. — Somerset — John, s. & h., aet. 10. 
Gindek, Stephen, yeo., oh. 18 June ult., will 11 June 1G30 — Inq. at 

Sittingbourne 24 Aug. G Car. I. — Kent— Stephen, s. & h., then 

aet. 9 ; 3 daughters. 
Gladiiill, Thomas, gent., ob. 24 Oct. 1617— Inq. at York ult. 
* Mar. 16 Jac. I.— York— 

I ■ 1 ' 1 

Thomas, s.p.=Isabella. John, S. & h., aet. 11. Thomas. 

Glanvill, Francis, Knt., will 10 Sept. 11 Car. I., ob. 1G Jan. 

14 Car. I. 1638— Inq. at Exeter 21 Mar. 14 Car. I.— Devon ; 

Somerset; Cornwall— Francis, s. & h., aet. 12; Maria; Margaret. 
Glascock, John, ob. 6 Aug. 1634, will 25 July 1634— Inq. at 

Stratford Langthorne 22 Nov. 10 Car. I. — Essex— John, s. & h., 

aet. 2. 
Glascock, Richard, of Doddinghurst, son of John Glascock, will 

7 Jan. 1582, oh. Mar. ult.— Inq. at Chelmsford 3 Oct. 25 Eliz.— 

Essex — John, s. & h., act. 30; Thomas. 
Glascock, Thomas, ob. 19 Oct. ult.— Inq. at Stratford Langthorne 

I Feb. 7 Car. I. — Essex — Ilumfrey, s. & h., ;ct. 11, 13 July ult. 

(To he continued.) 

Jlotices of HWmks. 

The Plantagenet Roll of the Blood Royal, being a Complete 
Table of all the Descendants now Living of Edward III, 
King of England'. By the Marquis of Ruvigny and Raineval. 
The Isabel of Essex Volume. London and Edinburgh (T. C. and 
E. C. Jack). 

Another instalment of the Plantagenet Roll makes its appearance, 
■resplendent in the now familiar blue and gold covers, but lacking 
the beautiful photogravures, and other illustrations which added 
so greatly to the attraction of its predecessors. The Roll has 


'2 GO 


peached tlic issue of Eaabel, wife of 1 ferny Bourehier, first 
Karl of Essex, and paternal aunt of Edward [V. Tliiw volume 
nut only contains the descendants, or rather the descendants that 
have been found, of this Princess, but also Supplements to the 
three previous volumes, and these we trust may be continued in 
the future,. for the only bope of obtaining anything like a complete 
Hull of the Mood Hoyal lies in the probabilty that as time goes 
on, families as yet unaware that a strain of royal blood Hows in 
their veins may discover, ami desire to record, the fact. Many of 
the descents have been worked out very fully and with much 
care, especially where the compiler has been fortunate enough to 
obtain the cooperation of living descendants and of well known 
genealogists; in other cases names seem to have been copied out 
of printed books, with but little or no attempt to trace the 
lines further. Tt is most interesting to find that Charles Darwin, 
the eminent naturalist, sprang from Isabel of Essex, while the 
descent of his wife appears in the Clarence Supplement. Other 
interesting lines are I host' of a race of Shropshire colliers coming 
from the Leigh-tons of Ford ; the posterity of Donagb MacCarty 
the forfeited Earl of Clancarty ; and the numerous descendants 
of William Money of Pitsford, some of whom now bear the 
double surname of Money-Coutts. In the Clarence Supplement 
the line of Sir Geoffrey Pole has been worked out further 
and in the Supplement to the Exeter volume we are glad to 
observe that, in response perhaps to some hints contained in 
our last notice, many pages of royally descended persons have 
been added to the Roll, including the issue of Barbara Ann Spooner 
by her marriage with William Wilberforce, the philanthropist. 
This Supplement also records a hitherto unknown branch of the 
noble family of Fane. 

On p. 15G Richard Heber of Marton, who died in July 176G, 
is said to have died s.p. ; he had, however, three daughters 
and coheirs, one of whom left descendants. On p. 188 we do 
not see the name of Sir Algernon West, author of a charming 
volume of " Recollections," and on p. 487 no descendants are 
supplied of William and Louisa Garforth, though some of them 
have been recorded in the Exeter volume, and several others, 
including Admiral Edmund St. John Garforth, GJB., are in 
existence. Another omission occurs on p. 534, where no attempt 
has been made to work out the posterity of Bridget, wife of 
Francis Savage, for which reference should Ik; made to the pedigree 
of Savage of Ballymadun in the I SOO edition of the Ltindcd Gentry. 
In a book' containing so many particulars of family history, "too 
much stress must not be laid upon misprints and errors in dates, 
but there: are two obvious slips in the wording of the Preface 
which ought to have been corrected, and in some other respects 
the work requires careful revision ; for instance, the first wife of 
Lord Mexborough, who died in 1900, is entered as living, while 
on p. 5l)U of (.lie Exeter Supplement a lady still alive and in good 
health, has been prematurely despatched, though the date of her 
supposed decease has been left blank. 


Visitation op England and Wales. Edited by Frederick Arthur 
Crisp. Volume xv. (Privately printed.) 

The period covered by the earlier generations comprised in 
Ml\ Crisp's Visitation is often a most difficult one to English 
genealogists, -and both the family historian and the family lawyer 
of the future will be grateful for the good work whicb, with so 
much accuracy of detail, is now being accomplished. There is a 
continuous thread of connection running through the Visitation, 
which adds greatly to its value ami interest; the majority of the 
pedigrees dovetail with each other, and the cross references are 
many. The genealogies contained in this volume include those of 
the Earl of Warwick, Viscount Coschen, Lord De Ramsay, the 
late Lord Amherst of Hackney, and three baronets, Sir Dudley 
Baines For wood, Sir Frederick Dixon-llartland, and Sir Charles 
Hubert Hastings Parry. The family of Fanshawe has a most 
distinguished naval and military record, and among other pedigrees 
of especial interest are those of Deacon of Birehin Lane and 
Mapledon, Arkwright of Sutton Searsdale, and Murray of Titchfield, 
the last named family being derived from Lord William Murray, 
third son of the third Duke of Atholl. The illustrations are not 
very numerous, and, except for some curious silhouettes, are 
entirely armorial. An odd mistake occurs on page 117, where 
Portland Place, AVest Kensington, has been given as the birthplace 
of one of Lord Derby's brothers, instead of the better known street 
of the same name in the parish of St. Marylebone. A most 
satisfactory and comprehensive index completes a very interesting 
and excellently edited volume. 

Tim Nohfolk Antiquarian Miscellany (Second Series). Part iii. 
Edited by Walter Rye. Norwich (Gibbs and Waller). 

Part iii of the Norfolk Antiquarian Miscellany makes up in 
quality for what it lacks in quantity, and contains, moreover, the 
Index to the three parts which have been published. Mr. H. F. 
Killick discusses the origin and history of Thetford Hill; and 
Mr. Richard Howlett, F.S.A., has edited the Early Rede Roll of 
the Merchants' Gild at Lynn, and has been at great pains to 
identify ami date many of the brethren of the Gild. Among these 
occurs the name of John Chaucer, believed to have been great 
grandfather of the poet. Prince Frederick Duleep Singh contributes 
a transcript of an old Latin pedigree of the Knyvetts from the Le 
Neve MSS., drawn up in 1651, and containing some critical remarks 
written by Le Neve in and about 1697. The early generations 
are more or less fabulous, but the later descents appear more 
likely to be correct than in the version contained in the works of 
Sir Bernard Burke and his many copyists. We shall look forward 
with much interest to the notes foreshadowed to appear in a future 
number of the Miscellany. Mr. Kye, who has been much occupied 
with the preparation of his forthcoming Visitation of Norfolk, has 
oidy one paper in this Part, an article on the origin of Hubert 


de Burgh the Justiciary, in which as usual, he propounds a theory 
which is entirely novel, for after showing that Burgh hy Aylsham, 
not Burgh St. .Margaret, was the original home of the de Burghs, 
lie contends that Hubert was paternally of the gr^at house of 
Bigod. A tabular pedigree illustrates the suggested descent. 

SoMJfi Royal Djsscents of tjik Famu.iics of Flkktwood, B#rry, and 
Homan-Mulock. Edited by the late Sir Edmund T. Bewley, 
LL.D., F.S.A, (Printed for Private Circulation.) Dublin (printed 

at the University Press hy Ponsonhy and Gibbs). 

This little hook possesses a special interest as the last work of 
Sir Edmund Bewley, whose lamented death has left a gap among 
Irish genealogists which it will he ditlicult to till. Starting as his 
hase with the pedigree of the Fleetwoods of Kilheggan recently 
contributed by him to the Genealogist, Sir Edmund, with his 
accustomed thoroughness of method, has traced the descent of that 
family through the Springs of Lavenham, Waldegraves of Small- 
bridge, Wenfcworths of Nettlestead, Le Despencers and De Clares 
from Joan, daughter of Edward 1. Other tables carry the pedigree 
still further to Alfred the Great and Charlemagne, in a manner 
which will be familiar to yenealo'dsts. 

ilohx anb 0$ items. 


Pkdigkkk of Dr. Edmond Halley. — I am much obliged for 
the information given about Edmond Halley, sen., in Mr. Ernest 
Axon's note, printed in The Genealogist for October last (vol. xxv, 
pp. 143-114)- Some additional facts can be found in a broadside, 
relating to the same subject, preserved in the Guildhall library. 
A few remarks about the broadside (mentioned also in JS T otes 
and Queries, 10th Series, vol. v, p. 2G5) are included in a series 
of " Extracts from British Archives," published in the Jfagazine 
of History (New York, 190G-1907). I understand that twelve 
good men and true decided that Kdmond JIalley, sen., had -been 
murdered. Are sve able now to dispute the correctness of their 
verdict '( It is just possible that troublesome times with some 
acute financial worries at the end, may have; slightly disturbed 
the peace of mind of Edmund Halley, sen., shortly before his decease 
in 1684, but 1 am not at all prepared to believe that (such a 
condition, if it existed, could have had any prenatal effect upon 
his son, the famous astronomer, born in 1656. There are two, 
perhaps relevant, but wholly unconfirmed, statements about Edmond 


Hal ley, sen., to be .seen in llearne's " Remarks," vol. iii, pp. 472-473, 
and vol. vi, p. 231. A list of I (alley and Kawley wills ( 1 532- 
1729) indexed in the Probate Itegistry at Lichfield was published 
in the Mayazine of Uistary (New York) for November last (vol. viii, 
p. 293). 


1, Park Row, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. 

Baronrtcy of Livesey. — A certain mystery surrounds the fate 
of Sir Michael Livesey, who, as of Ekfetehureh within the Tsle of 
Sheppey, eo. Kent, was created a baronet II July 1G27, with 
remainder to the heirs male of his body (Patent Poll, 3 Charles T, 
Part xxxvi, No. 5). As a regicide Sir Michael after the 
Restoration fell upon evil days, and fled to the Continent. 
From the State Papers it appears that on 4 Sept. 1GG3 he was 
at Arnheim, and soon after landed at Plymouth, and on 1G April 
1G72 a certain Silas Taylor speaks of a packet boat in which 
'came over "one Livesey, a commander under Oliver." On 27 Feb. 
1GG5-G admon. of the goods of his wife Dame Elizabeth Livesey 
of Maidstone, co. Kent, described as a widow, was granted to 
Deborah Livesey, her daughter, but whether the testatrix, an 
abstract of whose will is given below, was identical with this 
Deborah, I have as yet no certain proof. There was another 
daughter, Anne, wife of Sir Robert Sprignell, Bart. 

4 August 1713. I Deborah Livesey of St. James's, Westminster, Spinster. 
To my Neicc Elizabeth Sheldon— Money in Mr. Courtny's hands— To my Neice 
Mary" Dodson her father's picture set in gold, Ac. — my own picture in the 
little dressing Boom— To my Brother Edward Wright money in Mr. Harwell's 
hands— To my Servant maid Jane Lund my picture over the Chimney in my 
Bedchamber. To Mr. Michell the Box of Chocolate I made last. To my 
Friend Mrs. Mary Groome— I make John Sallvetty, Esquire and Mrs. Mary 
Grooine executors. Signed, " Deb. Livesey." 

Witnesses — Edward Beach, Elizabeth Doody. 

10 September 1713, appeared Robert Laws of St. James's, Westminster, 
Apothecary and June Lund, wife of Thomas bund of same parish Gent., 
and deposed that they had heard the deceased say, and particularly in her 
last sickness, that £30, part of the debt due from George Courtney, Esqre., 
to her upon Bond, was the proper moneys of John Salvetti, Esqre., one of 
the executors named in her last Will. 

Troved P.C.C. 16 Sept. 1713 by John Salvetti Esqre., and Mary Groome 
(211 Leeds). 

According to the newspapers, a claim was some years ago made 
to this baronetcy by the late Mr. Joseph Montague Livesey, of 
Stourton Hall, Lincolnshire, but descent does not seem to have 
been alleged from the first baronet, and the title does not appear 
to have been assumed by Mr. Livesey's son and successor in the 
family estates. 

H. W. F. H. 



An (*) asterisk after a 

nninher denotes that the 
mice on that page. 

name occurs more than 


f Abbot, 230, 237 

A hell, If!) 

Abercroinby, 204 

Abirigton, [39 

A Intci/, 55 

Achridone, Patriarch of, 


Ai'ltnhl, 243 

4<7o/*. 21 1 

Adam, 42* 

A.Iain, Abbot of Welbeck, 

Adams, 193 
Adderley, 15 
Addison, 157 
Addycs, 20 
Adhim, ill. 
Adlfngton, 40 
Aggebarowe, 100 
Ainsworlh, Aynesworth, 

ISen.sworth, 213, 214, 

Akard', Abbot of Berl', 2 
Aked, 229 
Akerman, 108, 174 
Albene, de, 1 
Alhiniaeo, de, 3 
Aleock, 05 
Al.ler, 103 
Aldersev, 249 
Aldersoii, 142 
Alderston, 105* 
Aldrith, 1-2'.) 
Aldridge, 109, 230 
A/dirorth, 211 
Aldworth-Neville. 15 
Alexander, 202, 202 
Alexander deeanus tie 

Stanford, 1 
Alfred the Great, 271 
Allaire, 93 
Allen, 259 
Alien, 130 

. l/lei/n, AUvyue, 120 150 
Alh-yne, 140*, I 17*, I IS*, 

149* 150* 
Alleypand, 170 
Allu'i, 98 
Altham, 249 
Ambler, 185 


jncos to Arms are printed in itiiti 

Ambrose, 47, 172 
Amherst of Hackney, 

Lord, 270 
Amyas, 227 
And . . ., 175 
Andcrton, 192 
An4i'fton, 242 
Andreucs, 174 
Audioes, 172 
Aliens Mor, 202 
Angus <)<>, 202 
Anus, Aviz, 7!) 
Anlaby, 231 
Anot ts, 107 
Anthony, Anthonie, 174, 

Amvyll, 242 
Appleby, 180 
Apaley, Appesley, 90 
Arche, 84* 
Arden, 100, 252 
Arderne, 183 
Argall, 240 
Arkwright, 270 
Arlot, 171 
Armine, 127 
Arntitstead, Armetsted. 

Arnheim, Van, 45 
Arnold, 95, 140*. 147, 148 
Arsic, Manser, 73 
Arthington, 185 
Arthur, 102 
Asgill, 197* 
Ashridge, 238 
AhIiUmj, 225 
Ashurst, 193 
Aske, 20 
Askwith, 30, 189*. 190*. 

Assan is, 42 
Asshelon, 91* 
Aston, 88, 91, 213, 214 
AnIok, 55 
Astry, 58 
Atfiild, 132 
Atherton, 2(J 
Atholl, Duke of, 270 
Atkinson, 193, 235, 202* 
Attebrigge, 79* 

Attedamesende, 79* 
Atte Merke, see Merke 
Atle iMulle, see Mulle 
Attwood, Atwood, Atte- 

wood, 43, 101, 109 
Attwood, 128 

Audley, Awdley, 51, 140 
Auriol, 190*. 197 
Austin, 142 
Autrani, 234 
Awbrey, 243 
Awdley, see Audley 
Axforil, 50, 230 
Ayles, 171 
Ayliffe, 239 
Aynes, 38, 89* 
Aynnes, 101 
Ayres, 48 
AyScough, Askwith, 


Babington, 193 

Babthdepe, 104 

Badeere, 102 

Bagg, 170 

Baggsett, 102 

Bmjnall, 244 

Bagot, 139, 140* 

Bagot, Lords, 139, 140 

Baily, 50; see. Bayly 

Bninlon, 95 

Baker, 48, 50, 85. 104, 

Balche, 104* 
Balden, 90 
Baldwin, Baldvvynn, 98, 

Baldwin Bastard, 100 
Ball, 204-205 
Ballard, 109 
Ballet, 07 
Bally, 143 
Bampfylde, 243 
Bane, "l01 
Banff, Lords, 204* 
Banning, 238 



Banston, 0!) 
Barber, 223 
Burbon, 131 

Marker, L02 
Barker, 242 
Barnard, 95 
Barnardiston, 245 

Barn by, IS I 
liarnc, 93 
Barneby, 129 
Barnes, 51, 99*. 202 
Barnewell, 158*, 151) 
Barnouin, 14-45 
Barrington, 109 
Btirrington, 131 
Barrow, 242 
Barsham, do, 80 
Barter, 94 
Barton, 190 
m Bar wick, 130 
Barwis, 240 
Basforth, 105 
Basingham, de, 2 
Baskervile, 23(j 
Baskerville, 244 
Basley, 102 
Basrell, 158 
Basset, 1(52, 204 
Batset, 129, 243 
Bassingburne, 188 
Bastard, 160 
Baitcheller, 50 
Bate, 103 
Bateman, 258 
Bates, 174 
Bailie, 95 
Bathurst, 72*, 200 
Battie, 194 
Battie, 131 
Baudevin, 2 
Baxter, 15* 
Bayly, 230, 238 ; see also 

Bazely, 119*, 120* 
Bazdy, 119 
Beach, 272 
Beale, 54, 124, 125, 177*. 

178*, 238, 239 
Beane, 95 
Beaiicliaiii|>, 237 
Beaumont, 13*. 141, 185 
Beck, 100 

Beekwith, 113, 183, 232 
Beck with, 131 
Bedford, Earl of, 128 
Bedlyon, 103 
Beelcigh, Abbot of, 88 
Beesley, 17S 
Boevia, 100 
Behealhland, 57 
Beil by, 112, 113 
Bel, 190, Bellassys, 100 
Belknap, 88, 91 

Bell. 101 
Bella Aqua, IU3 
Bellamy, 08 
Bellwood, 190, 191 
Belsham, 19 
Belt, 190 
Belton, 65, 97 
Uence, 57 
Be ud in//, 134 
Betulyahe, 240 

Beiledietns filius Uadul|>lli 

Benger, 138 

Bennett, Bennet, Benet, 

15. 39*, 48, 51, 53, 169, 

Bennett, 130 
Bennsell, 230 
Benson, 237 
Bent, 168 
Beoley, 89 
Berdt, de, 45 
Bere-iford, 70, 208* 
Hertford, (? Beresford), 

Berkeley, Berkle, 32, 39 
Berkeley, 129, 243, 244 
Bermingham, de, 76 
Berrv, 31, 167. 271 
Berth, 242, 243 
Beseby, de, 1 
Betbell, 262 
Beulves, (if) 
Bevan, 124, 173 
Beverley, 115 
Beversham, 128 
Bevington, 51 
Bkknall, 257 
Biggs, 167 

Bigod, Bygod, 83, 271 
Bilby, 95 

Bindloss, Byndloss, 174 
Bindloss, 241 
Birch, 225 
Bird, 49, 94 
Bird, Byrd, 128 
Bishop, 49, 114 
BissatI, 102 
Bisse, 230 
Blaeke, 171 
Blacked, 58 
Blackball, 205 
Blackmail, 132 
Blake, 237 
Blake, 127 
Blaneliard, 240 
Blandford, 237 
Blaquiere, 247 
Blawserout, 87* 
Blonkinsop, 117 

I Blennerbassett, Hlennr 
llassett, 71, 79, 101 

Blewelt, 228 
| Blike, Blyke, 38*, 89* 
| Bid It man, 245 

Blogg, 102 

Blome., 242 

Blomfiel.l, 142 

Blount, 129* 
Bind worth, 50 

Bland, II, 127 
Blunden, 173 
Blunt, 149, 202 
Blvke, Blike, 38*. 89* 
Blythe, Blithe, 225 
Blythoinan, 193 
Bohemia, Qneen of, 259, 

200, 201*, 203 
Bolde, 48 
Boling, 47 

Bollanger, Bollinger, 52 
Bolle, 225, 231 
Bollys, 80 
Bolton, 182 
Bolton, 182 
Bolwell, 235 
Bonner, 200 
Booker, 1 73 
Boone, 58 
Booth, Boothe, Bothe, 

41, 50, 174 
Borrough, 241 
Borstaple, 171 
Bosell, 167 
Boss, 32, 97 

Bosvile, 191-194, 223 226 
Bo* rile, 191, 223 
Bosworth, 148, 149, 150*, 

Boteler, 161*. 100* 
Bourehier, 34, 209 
Boure, 88 
Bourne, 57 
Bouverie, 126 
Bowman, 122* 
Bowring, 20 
Bowyer, 53, 98 
Boyd, 203 
Bayer, 95 
Boynton, 31 
Bialta/.on, 22 
Brabazoiif 1 32 
Brace, 151, 153 
Bradfeild, 238 
Bradford, 227-229 
Bradford, 227 
Bradley, 10, 174 
liraikktayk, 211 
Bradshaw, 27, 231 
Bradston, 12 
Bratlill, 50 
Bramston, 130 



Brand, 103 
Brassc, 2ti3 
Brat hat, 94 
Brathwayt, 108 
Bray, SI)', 1)5, 261 
Braybrooke, Lord, 45 
Braytoft, 164 
Brereton, 15, 216, 218 
Bret, If, 40*, SO* 
Brewer, 241 

Bridgemnn, Brydgman, 55 I 
Bridges, 12S* 
/ HrjggH, Briggos, 88, 96, j 

IS!), l!ll) 
Blight, 48 
Bright, 130 
Brinckel, de, 1 
Brissanlt. 45* 
Brok, At lo, 166 
Bromley, 53 
-v Brooke, 95, 102, 109, 232, 

Brooke, 130, 251 
Broome, 230 
Brother, 100 
Brothcrton, Thomas de, 

Brothwhyt, 262 
Broughlon, 127 
Brouncker, 128 
Brown, 40, 90 
Browne, 28, 47, 48, 50, 51, 

52,54, 94*, 96, Ki8, 172, 

11)0, 258, 202 
Brozet, 45 
Bruce, 202 

Bruce, Bras, 103, 244 
Bruncker, Drunker, 97* 
Bryant, 95 
Buck, 113, 201 
Buekliiirst, Lord, 211 
Buckingham, 1 )ukcs of, 

1 10 
Buckle, 131 
Buckler, 239 
Buck worth, 8* 
Buck-worth, 126 
BtdkHey, Viscount, 242 
Bullock, Bullocke, 109, 

Buhner, 105 
Burehe, 239 
Burehell, 238 
Bunion, I lis, 172 
BurdoiiuVUI, 211 
Bunion, 228 
Burfnrd, 50, Hi7 
Bui-gen, HI, IS, KiS 
Burgeys, 103 
Burgh, de, 71*. 75, 70*. 

Burkin, 58 

Burnell, 22 

Carter, 90, 158, 203 

Burnet, 27 

Carter, 241 

Burnet, 132 

Cartmele, 190 

Burrell, 2(i() 

Cartwright, 102 

Biuret, 23S 

Cary, Carey, Carie; 49, 

Bnrrowe, 50 


Burt, 169 

Cary, 242 

Burton, 1 11, 210 

232, 233 

CastelL 42*, 109 

Busby, 129 

Castria, de, 2, 3 

Busted, 1)4 

Catch pole, 30 

Butler, 12*, 40, 49, 73-78, 

Cuter, 128 

100, 101, 1 40*. 

148, 172, 

Catlin, Catelin, 232 

175, 11)5*; 

see id so 

Call in, 56 


Catterall, 30 

Butler, 131* 

CatteraU, 131 

Buttoksyde, 90* 

Can tier, 247 

Button, 243 

Cavalier, 184 

Byde, 132 

Cavan, Baroness of, 22* 

Byeston, 109 

Cavan, Lord, 21 

Bygod, le; see 


Cave, 151, 152 

Bylcigh, Abbot 

of ; see 

Cawlie, 170 


Cawthorne, 0, 7* 

Byndloss, 174 

Cay, 137 

Byng, 123 

Certain, 27 

Bynns, 191 

Chaee, 87 

Byrd, see Bird 

Chadburn, 174 
Chalk, 48 
Cha loner, 224 
Chaloner, 241 
Chamberlain, Chamberlin, 

Cabbie, 50 

Chaml.erline, 49, 123*, 

Caddiek, 202 

121, 125, 174, 178*. 

Calahan, 187 


Calandrini, 45 

Chamberlen, 130, 132* 

Calcott, 98 

Chambers, 12, 200, 203 

Caledon, Earls o 

\ 202 

Champion, 20 

Calewey, 90* 

Champney, 203 

Calowe, 38 

Chance y, 58 

Calthorpe, 135 

Chandler, 49, 94, 97, 170, 

Camera, de, 1 

237, 259, 

Caiuin, 10 

Cbapeau, 45 

( '.i in i liirli, 151 

Chapman, 51, 2li0 

Canudine, 515 

Chappell, 40 

Candy, 40* 

Charlemagne, 271 

Canning, Canny 

ige, 129 

Charles, 79*. 80*. 82*, 

Canterbury, Ar 



of, 30, 64, 1 42, 


Charles I, 30, 106, 107, 

Capell, 43 

117, 203, 253 

Curbery, Karl of, 


Charles 11, 110*, 253 

Carde, 51 

Charles of Anjou, 141 

Carew, Carru, 


Charnock, 151, 153*" 

101,* 163 

Chaucer, 270 

Carey, see Cory. 

Chaworth, 90, 91 

Curie, see Cary 

Chaynoy, see Cheyney 

( 'ariiuflou, Lord, 


Chcapomau, 239 

( 'arlislc. Bishop i 

if, 133 

Choeklcy, 258 

Carpenter, 18, 5 


Cheshain, 102 

fair. Cane, II* 

61, 227, 

Choshoirc, 51 


Chester, 145 153, 231 

Carr, 58 

Chester, 50, 132 

Carrick, 54 

Chester field, Karl of, 128 Mart bill 

in, 78 

Chctwyud, 57 



Chevinge, alias Chesheire, 

Cheyndut, 38*, 39* 
Cbeyney, Ghaynev, 4!), 

Chichester, 129 
Child, L28 
Chinook, 171 
Chip, 49 
('hitler, 1G8 
Olivers, 1)7 
Cholmeley, 133 
Cholmley, 200 
Cholmondelcy, 151 
Vholmondelty, 244 
Cholsley, 236 
Chrestiyer, 1 00 
Christopher, 108 
Chuh, it.") 
CJuullcudi, 150 
Churchill, 2(10, 202, 2(i3 
Cis.«e, 258 
Clanearty, Countess of, 

Clanearty, Earl of, 2G9 
Clare, 16G* 
Clare, de, 7(5, 77, 271 
Clare, Karl ll f j \2\) 
< 'lark, 54, 237 
Clark, aliqs Miller, 47 
Clarke, ('lea rice, 49, 51, 

(i7, 95. 177 
Clarke, 58, 127 
Qlavering, 125* 
Clav, 54 
Clayton, 149 
('I'U/lon, 57 
Cleurke, see Clarke 
Cleashy, 2ti 
( 'Uqge', Z$ 
Clifford. 85* 117 
Clifford, 57 
Clifford, Lord, 85 
Clifford, Lord, 132 
Clilheroe, 183 
Clitherow, 182 
Cloine, 172 
Clow, 238 
Clutlerbuck, 50 
Cobb, 100, 113, 115 
Cobler, 51 
Coburne, 258 
Cochrane, 205* 
Cochrane, Lords. 205 
Coekerell, see Cokerel 
Cod, 238 
Codl, 55 

Cokayne, Cokaine, 12(5 
CoLcr, 55 
Cokerel. 81 
Colh, 259 
Colhroku, 1'il 

Cole, 53, 99, 212 
Coleing, 129 
Colepepi/r, 243 
Colier, 251 
Cotler, 23C. 
Collett, 239 
Collier, 95 
Collins, 88 
Collins. 107 
Colli?, 170 
Colman, 105 
Colombine, 240* 
Colshill, 104 
Colson, 13 
Col Vi lie, 197 
Colyn, 90 
Colynson, 102 
Comptori, 18, «)7, 108 
Conduit, 170 

('(.lies, 170 

Cain-y, 128 

Conin^'shy, 258 

Consett, 29* 

Constable, 30, 50, 89* 
105*. 100, 107, 
114-110, 104. 231, 

Constable, 114 

Conway, 98 

Conwy, 210 

Conyers, 104 

Conyers, Lord. 20 

Coo," 100 

Coocb, 108 

Cooke. It. 24, 51, 53, 


Cooinb, 238 

Coonihes, 174 

Coojier, 155, 228 

Cope, 238 

Copleston, 85 
Copley, 05, 193, 227, 

23 I 
Coppam, 41 
Corbet, 110 
Corbet, 133 
Cordell, 57 
Condiill, de, 4 
Cornish, 48, 100 
Cornwall, 227 
Cornwall, Earl of, 7 

Cornwallis, 129 
Cormrttllis, Lord. 245 
Corsb, 102 
Coshin. 170 
Cosin, 224 
Cossen, 99 
Cotterell, 171 
CoUetell, 245 
Conflict), 200 
Cunlte, 212 

1 1 3, 




Conrtenav, Courtney, 
Court n v, 40, 85, 103*. 
Kit. 272* 

Court* nai/, 57 

Cotrrthope; 200 

( 'ourtown. Lord, 71 

Contts. 209 

Cove, 98 

Covert, 244 

Covey, Covie, 97, 169 
Coward, 51, 108 

Cow per, ISO 

Cox, 107. 174 

Core, 130 

Crabb, Crabbe. 51, 98 

Cradoek. 149* 

Cram; 130 

Cramner, 151 

Cranincr, Arehbishop, 

150. 151 
Crayshaw, 107 
CrectH, de, 212 
Cregny, de, 249 
Cressewyke, 41 
Cressy, 192. 229-232 
Cresmj, 229 
Creswell, 107 
Creveipier, 4 
CVt«p, 200 
Crispe, 05 
Crispr, 127. 131 
Crofts, 1S5 
Croke, 131 
Crome, 94 
Cromwell, 71 
Cromwell, Oliver, 9 
Crooke, 47 
Cioston, 32-33 
Crostou, 32 
C roit n<\ 130 
Crowehe, 90 
Crukern, 42* 
Ctdladon, 131 
( 'alien. Viscount, 120 
( hillimore, 47 
Cumberland, 142 
Cumberland, Earl of. 117* 
Ctindnll, 109 
Clipper, 155 
Curcy, 183 
Currer, 23, 118 
Curtis, 99 
Curwen, 187 
Ciirireii, 210 
( 'ynwriy ap Robert, alias 

Roberts, 217 

Daere, Lord, 05 
Itahl (artist), 1 I 

INDEX OI ( ' I'EK.soNS. 


Dalhy. H'.l* 

Dak 117, 172, 170 

Dalton, 112 

Dalton, 244 

Dalycll, 202 

Danby, 101* 

Danby, 240 

Daniel, 101) 

Dankyn, 71) 

Danuay, 100 

Daiiver*, 127 

Darcy, Lords, 101, 211 

Darcy of Aston, Lord, 

Darcy of Durham, Lord, 

Darcy, 127, 241 
Darcll, see Dorell 
Darficld, 223 
Darwin, Charles, 20!) 
Datonn, 201 
Dauariey, 258 
Davers, 50 
David ap David ap .Jevon, 

David, ap Qriflith, 2 Hi, 

David ap (Jriflith ap 

llufa, 210 
David ap Lhyuelin ap 

Madoc, 210 
David ap Robert of Mar- 

uhwicl. 217 
Da vie, 171 
Da. vies, 45,* 52, 51 
Davis, 47, ItiS 
Davison, 20 
Dctvinon, 50, 58 
Davy, L03 
Dawckius, 50 
Dawme, 173 
D.iuson, 173 
Ihar.snn, 120 
Dinrtn:/, 133 
Day, Daye, 14*. 30, 237 
Day nicy, 203 
Dayrett, 55 
Deacon, 270 
Dean, II 
Dcanc, 2ti3 
Deanes, 08 
Debeillc, 190 
Deheidiam, 125* 
Debson, 97 

Dedwood, Dedwode, 85 
Dee, 173 

Deere, IP, 1)4, 171 
Delany, 72 

.De la VVair, Lord, 2 f7 
Deninan, I 13 
Dennis, 25'J 
Donnys, 150, 107 

Drill, 117 

Dun Ion, 21 I* 

Ihnlnn, 132, 242 
Denys, 40 

De Itamsay, Lord, 270 
I >erby, Count osa of, 33 
Derby, Lord, 270 
Dwell, 23!) 
Dernionl, 71 
Dcsminicrcs, 205* 
Despeiiccr, Ic, 271 
Des Vignoles, 45 
Devon, Earl of, 102, 103 

Dewe, 52 
D'Ewes, 142 
Deye, 71) 
Dicconson, 244 
Dike, 239 
Diana,)/. 55 
Disseter, 101 
Dive, 200 

Dixon-Jlartland, 270 
Dod, 214 
Dodaon, 272 
Doget, 41 
Dole, 47 
Dolman, 107* 
Domelaw, 54 
Domide, 101 
Doody, 272 
Dorchester, 40 
Dormer, 102* 
iJqrmer, 12(i 
Dorringtou, 100 
Dorset, .Mar.piis of, 39 
Donespe, de la, 44, 45* 
Douglas, Duglas, 110* 

Dove, 10S 
Douce, le, 54 
Dowdney, 05 
Dowlc. Hi7 
Dowlcs, lti'.i 
Dhwii, Dean of, 72 
Downe, 103 
Do wilts, 130 
D'Ovley, 230 
Drake, 128, 240 
Draper, 05, 230 
Dm per, 245 
Drayeott, 100 
Drayton, 171 
Dredge, 108 
Drew, 40 
Driehester. 94 
Driver, 53 
Dubbs, 174 
Dublin, Archbishop of. 

Dneke, 40 
Duckdt, 120 
Ducros, 240 

Dudley, 117 

Dudley, Lord, 200 

Dtigoe, 107 

Duke, 171 

Diilainon, 45* 

Dnmonl, 15 

Dun, 204 

Diincomhe, 151, 153*. 

23 1 * 
Dnndonald, Earls of, 205 
Dunham, 01 
Duuinge, 40 
Du Perron, 201 
Durman, 00 
Dye. 51, 100 
Dver, 52, 170, 238 
Dyke. Dike, 230 
Dvmoke, 231 
Dyne, 37 
Dyve, de, 3 

Eabrio, 54 

Ealy, 25 

Earle, Erie, 40, 50, 238 

Earle, 12!' 

Eaton, 217* 

Ebbs, 53 

Eehhnrhain, 81* 

Eddowes, 121* 

Edisburv, 217*, 218* 

Edmondc, 171 

Eilmondcs, Edmonds, 237 
230, 257 

Edmondson, IS 

Edmund, 100 

Edward I, 271 

Edward 1U, 208 

Edward 1\', 209 

Edward ap David of Mar- 
chwiel, 2lli. 217 

Edward ap John Ken- 
rick, 218 
Edward ap Madog of 
Erlys, 210 

Edwards, 52, 150*, 108, 

235, 238 
Mienrda, 127 
E fiord, 100 
Einjon ap Ioreth, 210 
Billing, 172 
Eires, Eirs, 109, 237 
Elborowc, 40 
Elbrifdit, 52 
Elcsou, 18 1 
Elidur, 210 

Elizabeth, Queen, 03, 200 
Klkinton, 97 
Elli 53 
Ellerker, 107, 190 




Ellcrmorc, 100 

El let, 230 

KM ford, 102 

Ellington, 160 

Elliott, 137*, 21 I* 

Ellis, Ellys, 2:5, 148, 182, 

185, 200, 230 
Ellis, 212, 251 
Ellison, 58 
Elmes, 128 
Ely. 171 
Emails, ',(7 
Emm, 17 
Emmcrson, 225 
EnglctOn, 101 
Enl, 127 
Epperson, 25!) 
Erdbroke, 164 
Krle, sec Earlo 
Erlys, 210*. 217 
Ernisius, (Christian name) 

Ernie, 55 
Erskinc, 203 
Erysey, 1 08 
Essex) Earl of, 20',) 
Essington, 90 
Estcatc, 108 
Est oft, 101) 
Etsall, 50 
Eure, 240 

Evans, 15, 51, ( JG, 179, 230 
Evans, 243 
Evelyn, 130, 132 
Everdon, 100 
Eyered, 50 
E\ ering, 85* 
Evcrmgham, 1S2, 231 
Evcrleigh, 238 
Exden, 95 

Eyre, 93, 109, 200, 234 
Eyres, IS, 97 ; sec also 

" Eire* 
Kvton, 217 

Fairfax, 231 

Fail fax, 50 

Fairfax, Lord, 248 

Fairfax, Viscount, 108 

Fane, 209 

Fanshawe, 270 

Fantlaroy, sec Fontleroy 

FnrmcCi 25 

Farrcr, 151 

Faslane, Walter of, 203 

Fenn, 214 

Fcnwick, 58, 240 

For by, 158 

Feme, 208 

Ferrand, 110-118 

Fcrrund, 110 

Ferrers, 88, 91, 207, 208* 

Ferrers. 207 

Fcrricc, 94 

Fcrthcrton, 169 

FetUplaec, 22 

Field, lol 

Eic.-all, 230 

Eililode, 38* 

Eilkes, 52 

Finch, 135 

Finch, 127 

Fincham, 132 

Findlater and Scaiiekl, 

Earl of, 204 
Fisher, 113, 118* 
Fisher, 131 
Fitch, sec Fvtch 
Fit sail, 51 " 
Fit ton, Fylton, 05 
Fit/, Geoifrey. 77* 
Fitzgerald, 207 
Fitzgerald, Lord, 210 
Filz/mrdiii;/, Viscount, 129 
Fitz Herbert, Fitzhcrbcrt, 

93, 135 
Fitz Herbert, 134 
Fitz Hu»h, 168 
Fitz James, 100 ■ 
Fitz John, 77 
Fitz Piers, 70 
Fitz Ran IT, lc, 42 
Fitz Warine, 7.3 
Fit/.william, 192 

Fieotw I, 21-22, 271* 

Fleint, 47 

Fleming, 15,237 

Fleming, 57 

Fletcher, 228 

Flower, 51, 52, 108, 237 

Elide, 53 

Foljambc, Fulljainbc, 110 

Foljambc, 245 

Follcburv, 85 

Follett, '177 

Fontenav, Marquis de, 

Fontleroy, Fantlaroy, 69 
Ford, 47" 
Forster, 102* ; sec also 

Forster, 241 
Forlcscuc, 55 
Forwood, 270 
Foster, 97, 9S, 103 ; sec 

also Forster 
Foufeld, 118 
FoiiIps, I 13 
Fun/is, 58 
Foulkes, 18 
Fountaync, 58, 127 

Fowbery, 1 15* 

Fowler, 97, 98, 108, 237 

Fox, 173 

Fox, 50 

Frame, King of, 199 

Framis, Franncis, 238 

Francklin. 48, 51, 95, 98, 

Frank, IS2 
Era lite, 182 
Fni 11 kid ml, 2 t5 
Franklin, 243 
Eraser, Fraiscr, 131 
Frcaino, 90 
Frederick-, 50 
Freeman, 30 
Free in a 11, 50 
French, 192 
Frenshain, 172 
Frere, 164 
Freshville, 192 
Fret well, 224* 
Frcville, Fryvll, 80* 
Frcwe, 52 
Friend, 13 
Frith, 103* 
Fro 1 nan, 237 
Fromond, 200 
Erowde, 95 
Fry, Erie, 48, 109 
Fry, 132 
Fryer, 35 
Fulesthrop, 185 
Fulford, 51 

Fuljambc, sec Foljambc 
Fuller, 57 
Fyncs, KynySi 05* 
Ey nelt, 05 
Fyncux, 05* 
Evston, 05 
Eytch, 05* 
Fytton, see Fitton 

Gage, 05*. 60* 

Gaill, 00 

(iainsford, sec Gaynesford 

Gale, 98, 9!) 

Galliiuor, Gallimoro, 50, 

Gallop, Galloppe, 00, 139 
Galloway, 00 
Gaily, 93* 
Golly, 93 
Gamage, 00 
Gamble, 00 
Games, 00 
Gancry, 171 
(Jannock, Gannok, 00* 
Gape, 00 
Garbott, 00 



Gardiner, Gardener, Gard- 
ner, Gardyrter, 15, (Hi*, 
(17*. 00 

Garfeild, 07 

Garfoote, 130 

Garfprth, 200 

Gargreave, 233 

Garland, 02 

Garficke, 04 

Garlond, (57* , 

Garnishe, 07 

Garrard, 67* 

Garret, Garrett, 47, 67*. 
102, 211, 212 
/ Garrielr, David, 247 

Garth, 67 

Gorton, 07*, 08* 

Gascoigne, 08*, 182-188, 

Gascoigne, 182 

Gaston, 08 

Gastrcll, G8 

"•Oataerc, Gatakyr, 80 

Gatcombe, 08 

Gate, (iS 

Gates, 54 

Gateward, 08 

Gat lie, 05 

Gaftonfey, 25 

Gatlon, OS 

Catty, 121 

(Jaujac, dc, !)3* 

Gaunt, de, 3, 86, 141* 

Gavel I, 00* 

< laverock, 00 

( Jawbcr, till 

OH ii'tl,' n, 2(0* 

(Jaw die, (iO 

Gawdron, 00* 

tiawdy, 00* 

(la wen, 00* 

(J'lWglltoil, 00 

Cawiie. 102 

OawseH, 60 

Gawthorp, 182 

Gay, 105* 

(Jay (the poet), 204 

(Jaye, 00* 

Gaymer, 00 

(Jayncsford, 00, 165 

Geardein, 200 

(Jeare, 137 ; see also Geere 

Gcddcs, 204, 205 

Gedy, 137* 

Gee, 31*, 111, 137 

Geere, 137 ; sec also Gearc 

Geeringe, 137 

Geldart, 101 

Gell, 137, 208 

(Jells, 137 

Gelstropp, 138 

Gent, Genie, 138*. 258 

Gcntil, 1 

George I, 201 

Georget 138* 

Georges, 138 

(Jerard, Gerrard, 138* 

Gerardi 242 

(Jerard, Lord, 138 

Gerish, 05 

Germayne, 138 

Gerring, 171 

Gervas, 138 

Gervise, 138 

Gervoys, alias Gervvs, 

Gery, 130* 
(Jessam, 130 
Gib be, 130 
Gibbes, 130* 
Gibson, Gybson, 20, 130*, 

Giege, 207 
Giffard, 40 
GiffOrd, 147, 207* 
Gilberd, 42, 207 
Gilbert, 237, 247, 207* 
Gilbert, 127 
Gil borne, 207 
Gilby, Gilbyc, 207* 
Giles, Gyles, 258, 208* 
Gill, 104, 208* 
Gille, 41 
GilUnge, 268* 
Ginder, 208 
Gkdlor, 238 
Gladlull, 268 
G Ian v ill, 208 
Glascock, 208* 
Glegg, 210 
Glcsse, 230 
Glisson, 131 
Glover, 250 
Glyim, 200* 

Goddard, 52, 100, 170, 230 
Goddard, 132 
Goddin, 04 

Godriek, Goderyk, 162 
Godward, 07 
Godyng, 43* 
GolTe, 212, 213* 
Golde, 237 
Golding, 237 
Goldstone, 172 
Good, 100, 238, 230 
Goodman, 04, 123*. 124* 
Goodrick, 258 
Goodrich, 55 
Goodwin, 7, 40 
Goodynowe, 05 
Gorde, 104 
Gordon, 205 
Gorges, Georges, 138, 258 

Gorges, 132 

Goring, 1 30 

Gorman, Gorrman, 101 

Gorsnch, 172 

Goschen, Viscount, 270 

Gose, 88* 

Gost, 40 

Gould, 50 

Gould well, 135 

Gouldivctt, 134 

(Jovord, 47 

Grucv, 182 

Grafham, de, 3 

(J range, 200 

Granger, (Jrannger, 41*, 

Grant, Grannt, 40, 47, 247 

(Jras, 183 

Gray, 201 ; see also Grey 

Green, Greene, Grene, 101, 

Green bury, 100 

Greenhaugh, 226* 

Grecnvilc (? Grcvillc), 126 

Greenwood, 34, 237 

Gregory, 25, 180 

Gresham, 135 

Grevillc, see Grecnvilc 

(Jrey, 31 ; see also (J ray 

Greystock, Lord, 183 

Griee, 13, 14 

Griffin, GrifTyn, 101, 108, 

Griffin, 242 

Griffith ap Joreth Dhy, 

Griffith ap Lhyuclin, 216 

Grigges, 13* 

Groonic, 272* 

(J rove, 48, 07, 225 
I Gruffyd Maeior, 215 

Gryne, 102 

Gudridge, 47 
I Guerin, de, 44 
j Guilford, Lord, 142 

Guillaumet. 246 

(Juillot, 45 

(Juinand, 45* 

Gidston, 157*, 158 
I Gunne, 201 

(Junter, 40 
i Guttyn ap Ithel Hyna,2l6 

Guy, 133 

Guyon, 247* 

Gyles, see Giles 

Gylmor, 230 
I Gynn, 102 
Gytons, 238 

Uackct, 128 

Hackle v, 54 


IFackfton, 52 
Ihully, 10 
Union, 97 

Hairs, 5. II* 

Hall, 171. 256 

H illicit, llalrtt. 100, 262 

Halley, 5-14, 143, 111*, 
1(15, 207*, 271 

Halley, 5 

Hallowcs, 20(1 

Hamblen, 4(5 

Humey, 240 

Hamilton, Hamelton, 15, 

104, 25!), 2(12 
Hamilton, Hamelton, 103 
Hamond, 105, 187, 231 
Hampton, 94, 100, 211, 

Hancoeke, 49, 50, 170 
Hanmcr, 244 
Hannam, Han? in, 108 
Hansard, 229 
Hanselin, 2 
Hanson, 211 
Haperton, 36 
Harbar, 168 
Harcourt, Harceourt, 90, 

Hardgrane, 1(52 
Hireling, 170 
Hardinge, 98 
Hardres, 128 
Harkiutc, 251 
Harland, 232 
Harinan, 17!) 
Harper, 53 
llarriee, 101 
Harrington, 258 
Harris, 40, 50, 51, 94, 101, 

107, 10!) 
Hants, alias Welshman, 

Harrison, 35-30, 190, 192, 

212, 231 
Harrison, 35, 58 
HafUand. 270 
Hartley, 152 
Harvey, 24* 
Harward, 54 
Harwood, 200 
Hade wood, 58 
Hassal, llassall. 181, 208* 
Hassefvclt, sec \'an Hasse- 

Hastings, 150, 237 
Hast inns, 129 
Haswe'll, 272 
Hatfield, 34, 225* 
Hatt, 108 
Haiidhenbi, de, 2 
llauley, 5 
Haverberge, de, 1 


Ha warden, Lord, 201 

1 Hewitt, 152, 153* 

Hawkins, 1 luwckiim 

, 17, 

Ihwitt, llhpyU, 57, 212 


11, why, 130 

llawl.y, 5* 207*, 

272 ; 

lleydon, 130 ; see also 

sec also llalley 




Hei/ton, IS2 

Ihnrlii/, 5 

Hicks, 120 

Haute, 134 

Higgiiw, 53, 174 

Hay, 203 

Hi . . ham, 53 

Hayden, HO 

i Hildyard, 101 

Haydon, 47, 237; 


Hill, 53, 90, 94, Hi!), 

also Heydon 


Hayes, 107 ; sec 


Hi Her, 47, 52 

1 laics 

Hilliard, !)!) 

Hayles, de, 1 

Hills, 171 

Hayloek, 48 

Hillyard, 115 

Haynes, 170 

Hillyurd, 210 

Haytcr, 98, 108, 237 

Hilinan, 14, 95 

Hayton, 7 

Hinckstridge, 168 

Hay ward, 47, 170 

Hinton, !>7 

Haywood, 181 

Hippesley, 2(53 

Hazlewood, 185 

Hippie, Whipple, 207 

Head, 1)5, 96 

Hippon, 184 

Head on, 112 

Hiscoeke, alius Chapman, 

Heale, 25!) 


Heard, 120 

Hitchcock, 47, 109, 239 

Hearcll, 2(50 

Hinton, 131 

Hearnc, 109 

lioarc, l!)ti 

Heath, 200 

Hoare, 128 

Heaton, 234 ; sec 


Hoare, alias Bowver, 98 


llobart, 245 

Hcbcr, 117, 20!) 

Hol.hs, 50, 107 

Hedges, 22(5 

Hobby, 12!) 

Hedges, 127 

Hohlyn, 154* 

Hele, de, 103 

Hobson, 04 

llcllicr, 50 

Hobson, 01 

Hemmings, 175 

Hobnrne, 258 

II en lock, 10!) 

Hudgkins, 14 

Henry, 15* 

Hodgson, 20, 118. 190 

Henry 11, 3 

Hodyson, 130 

Henry IV, 141* 

Hoe, de, 81 

Henry V, 38, 1 10 

I loci ap David, 217 

llcfiborne, 03 

Hoel ap lid ward Meredith, 

Herbert, 35, 100 


Herbert, Lord, 247 

Hoffman, 99 

Herbert, 243 

Koghton, Houghton, ISO 

Herbert of Gherbury, Lord, 

llolden, 32, 46 


Holdcn, 245 

llergest, 102 

Holdsworth, 150 

Heme, 50 

Holland, 134, 214 

Heron, 1 1 1 

Holies, 12!) 

Hem,,, 240 

llolliday, 96 

Herriek, 210, 211 

HoUowav, 48, 53. 90. 97, 

Herriott, 47 

101, 170 

llcrvey, Harvye, 21 


Holmes, 30, 50, 94, 172, 

213*, 214 


Hervev, Lord, 213* 

Holte, 175 

Heselrlg, 200 

Holton, 235 

Heskin, 263 

Homan-.Mulock, 271 

Heton, 183: see al 


Honyicood, 132 


Hoo, de, 78*. 7!i*. 80, 81*. 

Hewes, 50 




Hoode, 94 

I looker, 203 
I loo per, !)(i ■ 
Hope, 17!), 230 
Hopgood, IS 
Hopkins, is, 170 
Hoplon, 70, l()7 
Hopton, 50 
llomblnwrr, 177 

Home, 233-235 

Home, 233 

Hortwin, 237 

Hoskins, 95 

Hot ham, 30, 31, 104*, 

105, I II 
Houghton, 180, 21!) 
Moulder, Ho wider, 99 

lloimsi'll, 51 
Howard, Hi 
Hoivard, 127 
Howe, 15 
Howell, 90 

Howlder, sec Houldcr 
House, its 

I In . . ., 52 
Hubbard, 258 
Muddinge, 95 
Hudson, l()l, 173 
Hudson, 130 
Hnfa, 210 

Mufti Gryg, 210 
Hnfa Vachan, 210 
Hugethale, de, si 
Hughes, 100 
Hidbert, 10, 171 

Hulcote, 37* 
Hull, 96 

I I nmfrey, 5,'{ 
Humphry, 23(i 
I Hinckley, 17.'! 
Il'iingate, 1(1,1, Is7 
lluugerford, 38, is, 20S, 

Hunt, 90, 07, 141), 150, 

108, 191, 221 
limit, 242 
Hunter, 90, 203 
Huntingdon, Earl qf, 129 
Huntley, Iliintelie, 52 
Hurle, 51, 52 
Hurley, 101) 
llnsden, 98 
llussev, 91, 171, 259 
Ihtssvy, 212 
I lustra, 170 
J lustier, 241 
Hutching*, 243 
Hutching, 50 
Hutchinson, 230 
Hntton, 123 
Hyde, 50 

lies, 238 

hid, 96 

fngclar, 212, 213* 

Inglel)y, Engleby, 185, 

Ingleton, 37 
Inglishe, 9S 
Ingoldesby, 71 
Ingram, 237, 25!) 
Ingram, 132 
loreth ap Hnfa Vachan, 

Ireland, 244 
Ircmonnger, 239 
Irion, 172 
Isaak, S5 

Isabel of Essqx, 208, 209 
Isliain, 201 

Itliell ap Fdncvet, 210 
Ithcl Hyna, 210 
Ithel ap Kynrig ap Joreth 

lthel of Monaehlog Rcdvn 

Ithcl Vachan, 21(5 
I vie, 102 

Jackson, 178, 208*, 220 

Jackson, 131 

Jacob, 47* 

Jalabert, 45* 

James, IS, 9!), 200 

Jay, 53 

, (cileries, Jeffries, 47, 218 

Jenkins, Jiiiekins 

Jenkins, 57, 244 

Jenners, 25S 

Jennings, 70, 224 

Jennings, Jeningi 

Jenny, 135 

Jermyn, 2(i2 

Jermyn, 55 

Jcrves, 230 

Jesson, 153 

Jessop, 230 

Jcuan, father of Lewis of 

Galohog, 210 
Jevan David Goeh, 210 
Jewell, 50 
.John ap David, alias John 

I'owell, 217 

John ap Ithcl Vachan, 210 
John a]) Robert of llcd- 

well, 217 
John Fitz Geoffrey, 77* 
John Fitz Geoffrey Fitz 

Piers, 70 
John Fitz John Fitz Geof- 
frey, 77 




John, King, 3 
Johncn, 51*, lol 
Johnson, 54, 70, 2(11 
Johnson, 127, 1 3D 
Joinville, Gyenville, de, 

Jolly, 121 

Jones, II, 230, 23!>, 261 
Jones, 127, I2S, 130 
Josselyn, 103 
Jourdan, 170 
-loycc, 171, 235 
Joyner, 40, 98 
J nd, 90 
J nc, 230 

Keatinge, 72 

Kcchin, 91 

Keleby, de, 2 

Kellowe, 51 

Kelson, 51 

Kenit)le, 49, 142 

Kendall, 144 

Kendrick, 177 

Kene, 53 

Kenrick, 15-21, 120-125, 

175-181, 215-223 
Kenrick Roberts, 217, 218 

Kent, 97 

Ker, 158 

Kerby, 14 

Kerneys, 244 

Kersey, 7 

Kettle, 20 

Keyntone, 171 

Kiddcll, 5 

Kighley, 1S4 

Kilburv, 230 

Kill, 94 

Killigrew, 203 

Kilmarnock, Fails of, 203 

Kimber, 230 

Kinder, Q 

Kineton, 48 

King, Kinze, 47*. 54, 167, 

236, 2S& 
Kingsley, 27 

Kintore, Countess of, 203 
Kilehingnian, 235 
Ktcc, 241 
Knap|), 98 
Knight, Knyght, 93*. 95*. 

90, 98*. 103, 237, 238 
Kuollys, Knolles, 203 
Knyvett, 270 
Kylvingholm, de, 2, 3 
Kynieston, 173 
Kymingtone, de, 2 
Kyrlon, 85, 100* 



Lacaux, 246-247 
Lacy, 75, 7li, 77, 185, 195* 
Lagayo, de, IU0*, l»7 
LnJfce, 243 

Lamb, Lambc, 50, 171 

Lambart, 21*, 22* 

Lancaster, 108 

fjtutaasivr, 103 

Laucaslre, lie, Hil»* 

Lam-, 172 

Langdale, 107*. 115 

Langdalc, Lord, 30 

Langdon, 51) 

Langtild, 47 

Langham, 120 

Lnngley, 58 

Langsone, 48 

Luugfcon, !)2* 

Lungton. 55 

Lapoyrc, 190 

Large, 22* 

Laseelles, 87, 189 

Laseelles, 128 

La ton, see Lay ton 

Luton, 24:5 

Laud, William, 01 

Lander, 52 

Laurence, 120 

Lawrence, 4(5, 48, 97, 158, 

Laws, 97, 272 
Lawson, 101, 110 
Layre, 231 
Lay ton, Laton, 87* 
Lee, 28, 98, 107 
Let, 242 
Leeds, 127 
Leek; 128 
Legg, 171 
Legge, 197 
Legh, 244 
Lc Gros, 201 
Leigh, 101, 187 
Leighton, 209 
Lckc, 129 
Lclamlc, 40 
Lemon, 515 
Lemston, 203 
Lenglys, 100* 
Lennox, Dukes of, 203 
Lennox, Earls of, 203 
Lepton, 112 
Let-hie nllier, 120 
Let Lcllyn, 163* 

Lcwen, 17 

I A> wins, 231 
Lewis, «»9, 20O 
Lewis of Galchog, 210 
Ja wis, 212. 243* 
Lexington, Lord, 129 
Ley, Leye, 95, 161, 168 
Lhuarch Gam, 210 

Lhyiuiin <tp Madge, 2 1 

Lliynelin Vaelien, 210 
Lichfield and Coventry, 
Bishop of, 100 

Light wood, 99 

Lill>urnc, 38 

Lilt, loo 

Lillington, Lyllynglon, 

Linehe, 170 

Lincoln, liishopaof, 1, 3 
Lindsay, Had of, 2 13 
Lions, 102 
Little, Li tie, 53 
Littleton, 242 
Lively, 258 
Livcsey, 272* 
Llewelin, son of Madoc 

Voel, 215 
Llewelyn, Prince, 215 
Llhudoea, 210 
Lloyd, 100, 200 
Lloyd, 133 
Lock, 120 
Lockwood, 224 
Loft us, 71 
Loghton, de, 143* 
Lomon, I HI 
London, Bishops of, 142, 

Long, Longe, 40*, 49, 51*, 

Longsdon, 208* 
Long Stratton, John, 81 
Look, 50 
Looker, 49 
Lorde, 51, 202 
Laugher, 245 

Louis IX, of France, 141 
Lovaine, Eleanor of, 140 
Lovell, 40, 47, 171 
Lovelock, 235 
Lovet, Lovett, 171, 250, 

Lowe, 202 
Lowther, 29 
Lowther, 131 
Loxlcy, 237 
Lucas. 235 
Lucie, 130 
Luck, 258. 262, 203 
Ludham, 225 
Ludlow, 97 
Lund), 20i> 
Lund, 272* 
Luton, 9(1 
Lydford, 102 
Lyett, 103 
Lygha, 40 

Lyllynglon, see Lillington 
Lynch, Linehe, 170 
Lynch, 245 

Lyne, 171 
LylUcton, 241 

MaeCarty, Douogh, 209 

Macdonald, 202 

Maeie, 170 

.Mack, 171 

Mackenzie, 18!i 

Mackintosh, 247 

.Macks, 97 

Macrode, 2(51 

Mac ye, alias Hanston, 99 

Madder, 2(52 

Madfaccs, 204 

Madoc a|> lnjon ap David, 

Madoc ap Jevaf ap Hufa, 

Madoc ap Lhuelin ap Grif- 
fith, 215, 210 

Madoc ap Lliynelin Ya- 
ehen, 210 

Madoc Voel, 215*, 210 

Mahony, 207 

Maidstone, Lord, 135 

Maine, 238 

Maistcr, 31 

M alack, 101 

Mala in, 170 

Malecare de Pratviel, 

Maleham, 32 

Malevyk, 134 

Malham, 117 

Mallett, 185 

Mallortic, 190* 

Mulmaynes, 134* 

Maltby, 22* 

Maltyward, 158 

Manfeild, 108 

Manning, 151 

Manntell, 41 

Mansell, 243 

Mansfield, Lord, 84 

Manternach, 174 

Man ton, 15* 

Manynghani, 41 

Mar, Earls of, 203 

Mar, Orabilis, Countess of, 

.Main, lie, 88* 

Marclianl, 238 

Marcher, 235 

March men t, 56 

Marekus. 212 

Mariegold, 203 

Muriett, 120 

Mariettc, 240 


2 8 3 

Marisco, Mariseis, dc, 73, 

7-1, 75* 
Markwifiold, Id I. 
Murkcnfkld, 103 
Marks, I CS 
Marlborough, Duchess of, 

Martnyon, 4 1, 102* 
Marsh, 80, 1 71 
Marshal, Karl, 7."> 
Marshman. i)7, 235 
Marst, Hi!) 
Marten, 171" 
Martcnserof't, I IS 
Martin, 98, 1(10. I Iti 
Martincau. 170*. 177*, 

Marlincaii, 17(i 
Marl ink', dp la. l!)ii 
Martock, Martok, 100 
.Mart vn. Mil 
Mascic, r>7 
Musk-all, 2:i.-> 

Mush; /,/>,,, IX! 

Mmoiii 21 1 

Massain, 202 

Massclyn, 85 

Massio, I7i) 

Masson, 171 

Ma*t<r-s, 133 

Mathewe, 238 

Mathews, Mathcwes, 54, 

2<i0, 201 
Mathews, \'1\) 
Malon, '.)."> 
Mai lock, li.JT 
Maude, 20 1 
Mauleverer. 227, 230 
Maxwell, 101, 102 
May, OS, 23S 
Maylme. 170 
Mui/nurd, 2 12 
Me'uth, Karl of, 132 
Meant ys, LTiS 
Medoalf, 54 
Mi diet,, I2S 
Mekyn, 10(1 
Jfctfcr, 5S 
Merewelhcr, M eric wet her, 

50, 00 
Merifeilil, 23!) 
Merkc, atte, I (id 
Merriche, 51 
Merry, 259 
Merynton, Hi I, 105* 
Meryl on, 1 10 
Metcalfe, 100, 220, 231 
Metharo, 103-108 
Mclhnm, 103 
UrlhwH, Met Inn it, 5(1 
Aim-fell, 1.31 

Mcwec, 0*, 7* 

Mex borough, Karl of. 2G<J 
Michcll, 272 
Mirhrl/, 241 

Micklethwaite. 13- 
Middlemass, 121 

Middlcmore, 177 
Middleton, 45, ll'.t 
mddkton, 241, 213 
Miers, 190 
Mil borne, 2H7 
Miles, 23S ; see. aim Mvles 
Mill, Hi.") 
Miller, 17, 250 
Million!, 132 
Millington, lis, 237 
Milk 48, 95 
Mijnc. ISO 
Milton. John, !• 
Milward, 20S*, 23(3 
Mi ii if a i/. 127 
Minshall, 1!) 
Modyford, 245 
Morslcr, 240 
Moll, !)1 

Molloy, sir O'Molloy 
Mompesson. 97, I (Mi 
Monday. 107. 171 
Money, 201) 
Money-Coutts, 200 
Monke, 7, 53 
Montagu, 120 
Mimtwju, Lmd, 126 
Montague, Mountague,95, 

20!), 211* 
M on tender, de, 88 
Monlfoit, Monntforl, S8*, 

'.lo*. !)l 
Montgomery, 108* 
Moon, 203 
Moone, 213, 214 
Moor, 50 
Moore, HI, !Mi, 1 15* ; sec 

ttl*a More 
Moore, 120 ; see also More 
Morando, !)3 
Morant, (i* 
Mordannt, Hi I* 
More, !)2, I S3, 20(5: see 

td,to Moore 
More, 131, 214 ; see also 

Morgan, I (IS*. 258, 250, 

200, 2(il* 
Morgan Matthew, 218 
Morgan Matthew, of Ab- 

enhurv. 217 
Morgan, 243 
Morice, 127 
Morlan.l, 20 
Morrel, l!)l 
Morris, Moris, 07, 140, 

236, 247 

Morrison, 261 

Morse, 11)7 

Morte, Ii 

Mortimer, 107 
j Morton, 241 
| Morton, Karl of, 73 

Moseley, 240 

! Mosley, 20 

1 Muslim, 242 
Mottershead, 218 
Mountaguc, sec Montague 
MoiiiiIihii/, 245 
Mountray, 102 
Mowbray, Lord, 83, 84 
Movonn, 40* 
Mo'vser, 109-111 
Moyscr', 109 
Mliile, atte, 166 
Mullhet, 202 
Mullins, 97 
Mulook, 271 
Midso, 121) 
Munro, 13 
Murford, 98 
Murray, 103, 173, 270 
Murray, Thomas (artist), 

Mvsamve', 240 
Mussell, 47 
Myles, 40 

Naishe, .set- Nasli 
Napier, 204 
Napier, 50* 120, 132 
Napier, Lord, 125 
Napier-Clavering, 125 
Nash, Nashe. Naishe, 46*. 

99*, 104, 236 
Navle, 261 
Nayll, 07 

Neal, Neale. 90, 259, 262 
Neast, 48 
Neck, 236 

Need/iam, 132, 133 , 
Nelson, 54 
Nelson, Viscount, 81 
Nettlefold, 123, 178 
Nevile, Neville, Ne\ ill, 1-4, 

45, 46, 143*, 182, 193, 

Neville, 244 
Newcomen, 185 
Ncwdigate, 127 
Newecombe, 171 
Newesoni, 87 
Newland, 54 
Newman, 40 
Ni iii/iort. Lord, 55 
Newton, 261 




Nicholas, 236 
Nicholas, 235 
Nicholls, 100 
Nightingale, 131 
Nipperd, 00 
Nipprell, 235 
Noble, 47 
Nokes, UO 
Norburv, 88, 01 
NorelilYe, 20 
Norfolk, 234 
Norfolk. Karl of, S3* 
Norfolk, Karldom of, 83 
Norrci/s (Nor r is). Lord, 

Norris, 47, 07 
North, 142 
Norlhey, 160 
Northumberland, Duke of 

Norton, 101, 173 
Norwich, 80*. 82 
Norwich, Bishops of, 60, 

Norwood, 100 
Notl, 102 
Nowcll, 237 
Noycs, 40. 170 
Nugent, 2G1 
Nunn, 169 
Nutt, 127 

Oborne, 00 

Ohrcane, 261 

O' Hronano, 22 

Odcll, 168 

Ogden, 34 

Ogell, 257 

Ogilvy, 264* 

Ogle. 107 

Ohe. 261 

Okeford, 04 

Oldfield, 214 

Oliver. 171, 188 

O'Molloy, 22 

Onslow, 120 

Oram, 48 

Orange, Prince of, 45, 262 

Orily, 261 

Ormonde, Duke of, 131 

Ormonde, Knrldom of, 78 

Ormonde, Karls of, 73 

Osborne, Osbourn, 53, 173 

250, 263 
Osier, 121, 177* 
Osinonderlawe, 00 
Otghcr, 100 
Owen, 171, 170 
Owen, 242 

Owen ftp Robert ap 

llowcl, 217 
Owldcs, 201 

J'arh-r, 241 

Page, 05 

Pagei 127 

Pa^et, 10, 122*, 175, 224 

Payet, 122 

Paget, Lord, 122 

Paine* 128 

Painter, 51 

Pairdiee, 160 

Pake, 43 

Palairot, 45 

Palatine, The Prince, 250 

Palmer, 30*, 87, 94, 135, 

175, 236, 237 
Palmes, 87, 106 
Pamfcld, 172 
Paradise, 23(5 
Paramore, 85 
Paravirin, 126 
Parker, 46, 234, 237, 239, 

Parker, 243 
Parkin, 225 
Parkins, ISO 
Parkinson, 117 
Parks, 05 - 
Parnell, 41, 171 . 
Parris, 170, 238 
Parry, 13*, 181, 270 
Parsons, 06, 168, 236 
Parsons, alias Krewe, 52 
Parthcrickc, 131, 244 
Partindger, 47 
Partridge. 7 
Pashin, 06 
Passall. 101 
Passhion, 48 
Paston, 130 
Patie, alias Wheler, 40 
Pattison, 260 
Pavy, 167 
Payne, 7, 62, 103 
Payne, 61 
Pavnell, 255 
Peach, 127 
Peacock, 72*, 257 
Peake. 101 
Pvak(\ 5S 
Pearce, 171 
Pearson, 108, 169 
Peart, 05, 170 
Peasly, 170 
Peck," 227 
Pcdley, 127 
Pcirsim, 263 
Pokko, 37 

Pembroke, Karl of, 74 

Pendarves, 132 

IVndcll, 175 

Pciigelly, 30 

Poim, 226 

Pcnniston, 172 

Pen n v, Penney, 46, 06, 97, 

IVnnyman, 25-32 
Penny man, 25 
IVnpons, 42* 
Ponris, tic, 73 
Penson, Pensonn, 00, 168 
Percehay, 113 
Percivall, 174 
Perkins, 170 
Perron, du, 261 
Pcrrot, 206 
Perry, 40, 1S1 
Perse, 50 
Petch, 174 
Peter of Savov, 77 
Petit, 93 
Petit, 57 
Petrc, 56 
Phillipps, 97 
Phillips, 6, 259, 263 
Phillips, alias Joyner, 98 
Phippenny, 100 
Pickering, Pickerinsje, 46, 

Pickerne, 214 
Pickles, 233 
rierre, 246 
Pigot, Pygot, 41 
Piqott, 55 
Pike, 211 
Piles. 169 
Pilgrim, 95, 160 
Pilkington, 36* 
Pilley, 27 

Pinckney, 51, 52, 95 
Pindar, ~>~> 
Pihnick, 155 
Piper, alias Scoplehorne, 

Pitorre, 246 
Pitt, 34 
Piltman, 09 
Place, 226 
Plaice, 101 
Player, 170 
Player, 57 
Playl, le, 33 
Pley, 56 
Plomer, 7 
Plott, 243 
Plumbe, 174 
Plumpton, 187 
Plunkett, 71 
Pointer, 06 
Polo, 269 



Pole, 240 

Polo, (le la, 83 

Pollard, 85, 23/5 

Pollimjton, 103 

Pomfrett. 26] 

Pomie, 238 

Pons, Reginald, 7.'! 

Ppore, 50, 9s"), T.V.) 

Pope, 40, 185 

Popham, 98 

Porridge, 10] 

Porlcr, 49, 50, 259 

Porter, de, 203 

Partington, 230 

Port man, 261 

Pou n trie y, !)!l 

Pom //, 12(1 

Powell, 97, 98, 102, 218 

Powle, 47 

Powtrell, 57 

Poynter, 12, 239 

Poynting, 178 

Poyntz, 87* 

Poyntz, 242 

Prater, 50, 90, 171 

Pratt, 237 

Pratt, 245 

Pratviel, de, 190* 

Pressy, 237 

Prettie, 1U7' 

Pre wet t, 95 

Triee, 10*, II*, 12*. 2GO 

Pilchard- 241 

Prideaux, 202 

Primrose, 232 

Prinsep, 45 

Prior, 48, 214 

probert, 245 

Probif, ; "> s - 241* 

Prober, 243 

Provost, '.IT 

I' nice, 127 

PucMe, 128 

Pudsey, 105 

Pugh, 238 

Pnllen, Pullin, 53, 230 

Punfold, 23"> 

Purncll, 107 

Puxton, 169 

Pygot, see Pigot 

Pyke, 13* 14* 

Pykinan, 41 

Quarrell, 17* 

Rabbet, 230 
Rabhetts, 94, 95 
Radcliffe, 262; see ala 

Radcliffe, Rate/if/, 245 

Ragland, 'J'.i 
Raingcr, 23!( 

Randall, 21 s* 

Kamloll. 94 

Ranker, 96 

Rasen, de, 3, 4. 143 

Ratcliffe, 262 

Rattew, 4'.), 239 

Ranff, 103* 

Rawlence, 49 

Rawlins, Rowlins, 212 

Rauiins, 12!» 

Rawlinson, 121 

Rawson, 225 

Raymond, 245 

Raynardson, see Rtynard- 

Rayne, 230 

Rayney, 5!) 

Rayney, o'J 

Raynolds, 59 

Ray Holds, 59 

Rea, 09 

Rea, f)9 

Read, 50, 100; see also 
Reade, Rede, Reed and 

Read, 59 

Reade, 48. 50, 239 

Reade, 59 

Reanaldes, see Reynolds 

Reau, It* 

Reave, see Reeve and 

Redding, 59 

Redding, Ruling, 59 

Reddish, 57 

Retle, 09* 

Redesdale, Lord, 84 

Redhead, 60 

Redman. 00* 

Redmayn, 89 
Reed, 00 
Reepes, 00 
Reepes, Reppts, 00 

Reeve, 174 

Reeve., Rea re, 00*; see also 

Reid, 20 

Reignoldft, set Reynolds 
Rene.u, 00 
Reppes, see Reepes 
Reresbv, 110 
Ret lord, ill* 
Reve, 58 
Revdl, 00 
Rewse, Gl 
Reyden, Ryden, alias Ry- 

dout, 03 
Reymes, 55* 
Reynardson, 01 

Reyner, 01 
Riyms, 01 
Reynolds. 02 ; see also 

Reynolds, Reynolds, Rea- 
niildes, Reiijnolds, (il*, 
02 ; see also Raynolds 
Rhodes, 62 
Rhys Sais, 210 
Ricardiis, Abbot of Welle- 

ford, 2 
JKee, C2 

Rich, 55, 02, 245 
Richard 1, 3 
Richard II; 140 
Richard Pi tz John, 77 
Richard ap Jevan David, 

Richards, 02*, 178 
Richards, (12* 
Richardson, 100, 102, 225 
Richardson, 03 
Richardson, alias Hep- 
borne, (13 
Richman, 90, 171 
Richmond, alias Webbe, 

Richmond, 103 
Rider, 97 
Rider, 03 

Ridout, Rydoitt, 0,'J 
Riyby, 63 
Ri'J'js, 63 
R'dey, 03 
Rina, 201 
Ring, 158, 159 
Rippon, 03 ; see also 

Risbridge, 174 
Rivers. 173 
Rivers, 03* 
Rivers, Rail, 37 
Rivera, Lord, 00 
Robarts, see Robtrts 
Robbins, 03 
Robert ap Edward. 217 
Robert ap Howel, 215, 210 
Robert ap Howel of Mar- 

chwiel, 217 
Robert ap Jankin Morton, 

Robert ap Joreth, 217 
Robert ap Jotcerth ap 

Howel. 217 
Robert Powell ap David, 

217, 218 
Roberts, 98, 140, 172, 217 
Roberts, 04* 
Robert us eapellanus, 2 
Robertus decanus et vi- 
carius de Kyrningtone, 



Robins, 220 

Robins, 64*^ see also Rab- 

Robinson, Robynson, 32*. 
35, 54, 100, LOG, 108, 

133, 14:5*, 153* 172 

Robinson. 57, 01, 133* 

Robotham, 134 

Robson, 7* 

lloby, -4*1 

Roche, 98 

Rock, 134 

Rockingham, Earl of, 12(i 

Ruckle y. 130 

Dfocliffp; 105 

Rodes, 174 

Rodes, 134 

Rod way, 134 

Roc, 135*, 240 ; sec also 

Roe, 134* 

Rogers, OS, 101, 231 
fiorjas, 131. 135* 
r Rogcrud iilius Gcrardi do 

Kyningtoue, 2 
Raise, 130 
Rokeby, 103 
Rulle, 154, 15li 
Rolt$, 243 
Rolphe, 13G ' 
Rolston, 230, 231 
Roll, 132 
Hominy, 130* 
Rook, 50 
ffooifc, 130 
Rookis, 130 
Roos, 147 
Roper, 151*. 228 
Roper, 130 
Rose, 48, 1)5, 130, 107, 

Kill, 171, 230, 237 
Rose, 130* 

Rosebery, Karl of, 232 
Rosenbrick, 130 
Ross, 203 
Rosse, 203 
Rosse, 130 
Ross iter, 130 
Roth well, 137 
Rott, 109 
Rowbach, 137 
Rnwbach, Rowbacke, 137 
Rowden, 47 

Rowe, IDS* ; see also Roe 
AW<\ 134, 137. 19S 
Rowell, de, 1, 2 
Rowland. 100, 14S. 150* 
Rowlen, (15 
Rowklt, 198 
Rowlins, 212 
Rowse, 198 
Royal Society, 1 1 

Roydhonse, 198 

Roydon, 218 

Roys, 199 

Rmia, 199 

Radd, 199* 

Ruddle, 40 

Ruddle, 199 

Rudyard, Ruddier, 212 

Rugeley, 130 

Kmjj, 199 

/i'«yy«', 199 

Rumball, 94 

Ruinscy, 52 

Rundlc, 239 

Rushe, 199 

Rushivorth, 245 

Russell. 94, 121, 171 

Russell, 58, 128, 199*, 200 

Russia, Emperor of, 1715 

Rustat, 200 

Rutlutll, 200 

/r^/,r, 200 

Ji'ydeil alias Bonner, 200 

Ryden, see Rei/den 

Ryder, we Rider 

Ryland, 20, 121 

Ryman, 90 

Rypou, 200 

Rypon, 200 

Ryves, 238 

Ryves, 200 

Rywell, 237 

Sabatier, 190 

Sabb, 200 

Sabrjdge, 199 

Sabridge, 199 

Sachecille, 200 

Sackeille, Sackevill, 50, 

200, 241 
Sadler, 47, 48, 49, 94, 100 
Sal/in, 201 
Sainsbury, 98 
St. Asaph, Rishop of, 242 
St. Aubyn, 201 
St. David's, Bishop of, 

St. (leorge, 201 
St. Hill, 201 
St. John, 85 
St. John, 241 
St. Paul, 192 
St. Raid/, 223 
St. Qucntin, Scynt Quyn- 

tyrie, 40*. 86, I S3 
Saker, 201 

Salisbury, Marquis of, 184 
Salisbury, 242 
Sulky ns, 201 


129, 2D2* 

Sunt ie II , 


2 IS ; 

Salmon, 201* 
Salmon, 201* 

Sailer, 90 
Sallfletby, dc, 3 

Suit marsh, 25, 
Saltomtall, 202 
Salvador, 202 
Salvetti, Siillvetty, 272* 
Salvin, 187 
SatnincJt, Sums 
Sam in hi I. 202 
Sampson, i~>'i 
Samsburic, 49 
Sa nun 11, alias 

24 S 
Saneroffc, 142 
SanrtaCillin, de, 218 
Sandall, 168 
Sandbache, alias Seinbish 

Sanders, 97 : see 

Sand, rs, 127, 212, 

see also Saunders 
Sanderson, 193 
Sanderson, 24S* 
Sandey, 200 
Sandford, Sannford, 

40 ; see also Sanford 
Sandhef, 210 
Sandilands, 259 
Sands, 98 24S 
Sandwich, Karl of, 211 
Sandwich, 251 
Sandwith, 7, IS9 
Sanford, 100; se 

Sannde, 94 
Sansee, 2 IS 
Sansome, 50 
Santeley, 200 
Sapurton, 92* 
Sardagnv, 24 (i 
Sure, 249 
Sarton, 27 
Saunders, 2S ; se 

Saunders, 50, 248, 

see also Sanders 
Savage, IS*, 209 
Savage, 249 
Savile, Savvyle, 89 

Sawbridge, 219 
Sawyer, 219* 
Say," Lord de, 90 
Sayer, 20 
Sayer, 120, 219 
Sear lit, 249 
Scainbler, 249 
Scandaver, 47 

<■</ >vv 






Scarburgh, 240 
Scarlett, 250 
ScarsdaUf Marl of, 120 
Sohomberg, Duke of, 70 
Scoll, 239 
Scoplehorne, 239 
Scortj, 250 
Scott, Scot, 20*, 4:5*. 102, 

236, 252 
Scott, 241 
Seottow, 250 
Scowles, 250 
Scrase, 2f>() 
Scrivon, '.»!) 
/ Srutt, 2:57 
Seale, 40 
Seale, 250 
Seaton, 228 
Seaward, 258 
Sea/.y, sec Sessay 
Sefnirue, 250 
Scchions, 252 
Seddon, 250 

Sedgwick, Sedsiweeke, 230 
<SVf," 2V>0 
Sccrfe, 2al 
Seeluio, 172 
Segar, 251* 
Siguier, 240, 2*7 
Seitibishe, 248 
Sclfe, 107* 
Sdleck, 251 

Selman, Selyman, 175* 
Sdin/n, 251 
Semple, 251 
Seiidal, 10(i, 107 
Scndid, 2150 
Seottxins, alias UarMnte, 

Sergant, 251 
Sergant, 251 
Sergeant, 172 
Serle, 251 
Semi. 237 
Sessions, alias Sechions, 

St mud. 120 
Seymour. 40, 90* 
Seymour of lYowbridgo, 

Lord. 208* 
Seywett, 252 
Shad well, 51 
Shadwell, 252 
.S7i«/7o, 55 
Shakcrlcy, 252 
Shakespeare, 252 
Shalrross, 252 
.Shnnke, 252 
Shaplciah, 252 
Shard, 50 
Sharp, 105 
Sharp, 252 

Sharpe, 143, 158,237 

Sharpey, 252 

Slmrpleigh, 252 

Sliarroclc, 253 

.Sftaw, 57, 240, 253* 

Shaw.-, 107 

Shcaphard, sec Shephard 

Sheate, OS 

Sheawley, 253 

Sheers, 101 

Sheffield, 201 

Shclbuxy, 128 

Sheldon, 180, 253*. 272 

Sheldon, 50, 242, 253 

SAe/tow, 253 

Sheobridge, 254 

Shephard, Sheaphard. 05, 

Sherborne, Ahbot of, 103 

Sheriffe, 254 

Sherratt, 100 

Sherweil, 175 

Sherwiri, 254 

Sherwood, 202 

Shettleworth, see Shuttle- 
wort li 

Shiilcock, 173 

Skill do, 254 

SJiipham, 254 

Shipman, 232 

Shi'ppetodale. 254 

Shipway, 07 

Shirbourn, de, 41 

Shirceiff, Shierclifj, Schyr- 
cli/ff, 254 

Shirley, 212, 255 

Short," 04 

Short, 240, 255 

Shurtridge, 255 

Shotesbroke, 37 

Shounbergh, 200 

Shordl, 255 

Shritbsole, 255 

Shuckburgh, 72 

Shuger, 255* 

Sh utjer, 255 

Shuger, alias Hungerford, 

Shute, 250 

Shutcr, 250 

Sliuttlewortli, Shettle- 
worth, 18S, 257 

Si hell, 07 

Sidey, 250 

Silburv, 230 

Sill, 250 

Sillesden, 250 

Si I vert home, 230 

Simingx, 250 

Sitnings, alias Symonimjs, 

Simmons, 9 

Simonds, 180 

Simons, 250 

Simpson, 10, 113; see also 

Sim's, 47. 08 

Sinclair, Synkler, 173 

Singleton, 257 

Skeggs, 257 

Skeggs, 257 

Skeppcr, 100 

Skepper, 1152 

Skeres, 257 

S kerne, 1 1 1 

Skinner, Skynner, 48, C5, 

Skinner, 257 

Skipper, Skypper, 102* 

Ski [.with, 258 

Skipwith, 55* 

Skottow, 130 

Slahrouyii, 2til 

SJade, 178 

Slater, 245 

SLitjh, 55 

Slingsby, 30 

Sloughter, 87 

Smale, 85 

Smcthe, 105 

Smith, Smithe. 10, 20, 27, 
30, 40, 48, 40, 51*. 53. 
05, 05, 00, 100*. 107*, 
115. 121*, 107, 109, 172, 
173*, 174, 178, 235, 
230*, 238, 258 

Smith, 57, 240, 241 

Smithson, 30 

Smitten, 47 

Smvethe, 38" 

Smvth, 144, 171, 237 

S>n yth, 241 

Snawsdl, 105 

Snelgar, 51, 07 

Snelgrove, 237 

Snell, 07 

Somerset, Earl of, S3 

Sopton, 170 

Sothill, 184 

Souche, Soueh, 01, 02; see 
also Zouch 

So.mderluud, sec Sunder- 

Southwirk, Southwike, 

S|)aekman, 40 

Sparrowe, 97 

Speering, 237 

Spencer, Spenser, 33-34, 
113, 230 

Spencer, Spenser, 33, 128 

Spender, 238 

Spilman, Spelman, 113 
j Spinaye, 230 

k 288 


Spinner, 238 
Spooner, 209 
Sprignell, 272 
Spring, 271 
Staeey, 148, 150 
Stafford, 110, NO* 
Stages, 237 
Stagg, 2.'57 
Stakman, 10s 
Stand ish, 24-1 
Stanhope, 24 
Stanhope, Standhopc, 55 
Stanhowe, 42 
Stanley, 193, 217 
/ Stanmer, 49 

Stansfeld, de, 88* 
Stapleton, Stapilton, 31, 

104, 142, 180, 201 
Stapkton, 103 
Stapleton, Buronv of, 104, 

107 * 
Stapleton, Lord. 104 
Starke, 17 
Starling, 5(i 
Staunton, 42 
Stavelev, 147, 232 
Steele, 181) 
Stephens, Steephens, 108, 

109, 2(12 
Sterling, 203* 
Sterne, 130 
Stevens, Steevens, 107*, 

Stevenson, 10*, 122 
Steward, 5, 247, 258, 259, 

Stewart, 203 
Sti.hall, !)7 
Stiekland, 214 
Stockdale, 109, 110, 118 
Stokes, Stoakes, 49*. 200, 

Stokesley, 184 
Stonax, 239 
Stone, 201 
Stoner, 102 

Stopford, Stopphorth, 71 
Storke, 98, 170 
Story, 259 
Stradling, 243 
Strange, Strainge, 51, 158 
Strangridge, 98 
St rang ways, Strungwaies, 

105, 189, 259 
Stratford, 242 
Strut ton, 81, 170 
Street, Streete, 49*, 235, 

. 230 
Strickland. Ill, 1ST 
Stringer. 194 
Strode, 87 
Strode, 243 

Stronge, 170* 
Stubbs, 157-159 
Stubbs, 157, 159 
St urges, 109 

Sturropp, 53 

Style, 07 

Subdeane, 90 

Suckling, 81 

Suffolk, Dukedom and 

Marquessatc of, 83 
Sunderland, Sounderland, 

Surrcnden, 134 
Sutton, 102, 201 
Sutton, 129 

Swan, Swanne, 113, 144* 
Swaync, 171 
Swift, Dean, 70 
Sybill, 41 
Sydenham, 40* 
Sycr, 100 
Sykes, 234 
Si/iuouiui/s, 250 
Syutson, 107 
Synkler, see Sinclair 

. . rar, 173 

lilor, see Taylor, 
ame, 170 
amperd, 48 
an at, 154, 150 
ancred. Tankard, 

angye, 124 
aimer, 49* 
any, de, 78 
app, 108 

ipper, 90 
assell. 144 
avlor, Tailor, 20, 31 

47, 100, \'h, 107, 1 

177, 228, 272 
eagu, 100 
empest, 104, 108, 

183, 180, 200 
emple, 139 
'emple, 132 
empler, 230* 
ems, 203 
enche, 103 
lieobald Walter, 73, 
himbloby, 231 
'homas, 17, 173, 237 
'homas, 57, 244 
'homas capellanus, 
Immas ap John < in 


homas, tdiua .Morgai 
'hoinpson, 138, 173, 

259 ; see also Tom 


, 34, 






IS I, 

Thompson, 57 

Thomson, 50, 58 
Thorne, 49, 238 

Thornehill, 41 
Tliorney, 227 
Thornton, 107 
Thorold, 50 
Thorowgood, 158 
Tluirouijood, 24 I 
Thorpe, 51 
Thresher, 90, 97 
Thurlby, Thurlbie, 54, 103 
Thurman, alias Durman, 

Tluirscross, 232 
Tliwenge, 180 
Tillinge, 108 
Tilly, 51 
Tilston, 218 
Tilton, 97 
Tinley, 225* 
Tipper, 17. 201 
Tobie, 23S 
Toekelts, 28 
Toll, 151 
Toller, 140*. 148, 152*, 

Tolson, 241 
Tomes, 98 ' 
Tomlinson, 180 
Tonipson, 51 ; see also 

Toogood, 170 
Too'ke, 9 
'looker, 51, 109 
Took,,; 245 
Torria no, 120 
Townley, 118 
Townlaj, 244 
Townsend, 235 
Townj, 240 
Towse, 50 
Towsey, 237 
Trailford, 174 
Trovers, 223 
Traves, 100* 
Travis, 170 
Treeton, 54 
Tresulgam, 90 
Trewe, 107 
Trewman, 52 
Trimnell, 107 
Tristram, Trystam, 108 
Trollo|), 105* 
Trote, 40* 
Trot man, 140 
Trotman, 131 
Trott, 7 

Trotter, 99, 232* 
Trott, r, 131 
Trowbridge, 48 
Tuck, 258 




Tucker, 47, 102 
Tuckio, 00 

Tudor Trevor, 21«, 218 
Tuflcy, 158 
Tuggwcll, IS 
TurbrrvfUe, 129 
Turner, 27, ISS* 
Turner, 55* 
Twining, is 
Twiaden, 25!) 
Tuuth'tni, 251 
Tye, dP, 78-82 
r^c, 79 

T, /Id, sir,,, 214 

Tyllor, 170 
Tymperley, 2(12 
Tyrconnell, Countess of, 

Tyrell, 5fi, 12ii 

Uh'ord, SO 

Uggethale, Uggcshak». 

Hugethafc, do, SI* 
Underwood, 174 
Urnwood, 244 
Ussher, Archbishop, 21 
Uten.s, 200 

Van, 245 

Van Arnheim, 45 

V aiub put, 57 
Vandercloss, 17:5 
Vanderstogen, 107 
Vandervekle, 213. 214 
Van Diest, 124 \ 

Van Ha.ssevelfc, 54 
Vanloere, 22 
Van Nn (Id, 259 
Vaughan, 98, 17:$ 
VaugMu, 242, 243 
Vavasour, 7:5, 183. 184*. 

V,- unities, 57 
Vcnour, 02 
Verdun, de, 74, 75*. 70*. 

Vore, 53 
Vcrc, Lord, 102 
Vcrlie, 04 
I 'erney, 1 20 
Vernon, 56 
Vescye, 223 
Vicars, 193 
Vicn, >KI 

Vignoles, dea, 45 
Villiuis, Villcrs, 151* 


Vincent. Vyneont, 48, 170, 

Vincent, 2 V.\ 
Vinieoin'ie, 155 
Vittnll. 102 
Vi»' I i 

Wad.-, 23 1 

Wadlcy, 258 
Wainwright, Waynwriglit, 

KM), 172 
Waite, 157, 158 
Wake, 30, 101, 107, 203 
Wakefield, I Hi 

Wakhain, 238 

Waldegrave, 271 

Walker, 189, 220 

Walker, 215 

Walklyn, 105* 

Wall, 57, 58 

Waller, 71, 210 

WallK 134 

Walmisley, 21 I 

Walsh, 153 

Walsh, 212 

Walter, 54 

Walters, 20 

Walworth, S7 

W aide ,/, 56 

Ward/ 13* 

Wanh; 129 

Wardlie, 17:5 

Wardour, Warder, 210, 

Ware, 22 
Warmer, 102 
Warner, 132, 241 
Warr, Lord de la, 247 
Warre, la, 88 
Warren, 120 
Warrington, 7 
VVarton, 30* 
Warwick, Marl of, 270 
Wasclyn, 143 
Washington, 7 
Washington, Gcorgo, 205 
Wutcrhoiise, :!2, 192, 225 
Waterman, I 70, 2:t7 
Waterton, 10 1, 105 
Watson, 2:5, 32. I!), 53, 

Watson, 58, 120, 245 
Wawton, 4:5 
Waymonth, 10 
Waynard, 25!) 
Wayte, I is 
VVeare, 91 
Waiver, 127 
Weld., Wei.. 34, 53, 99* 

10S, 235 

Webb, 50, 210 

Woekes, Weekfl, 49, 238, 

Weight, 98 
Weldtm, 50 

Wflll.cloved, 20* 

Wolkwlmrno, 250 

Wellington. Welyngton, 

7'.)*, 80*, si*,' S2 
Wellinijhm, Welyngton, 79, 

Wdls, 171 
Welsh, 201 
Welshman, !)0 
Weltden, 50 
Went north, I 17. 185, 234, 

Wentirortli, 240 
Weseomb, 120 
West, Westo, !)0*. 98, 107, 

170, 171, 184, 192, 21 t, 

2:50, 20!) 
Westlicld, 171 
Westmeath, Karl of, 201 
Weston, 4!), 98 
Wetheryngtbn, loo 
We.v, 48 
Whallcy, 207* 
Wharton, 175 
Wharton, 130 
Whatlv, 97 
Wheatiey, 220 
Wheeler," Wilder. 40*, 04, 

107, 100, 209-215, 238 
Whipple, 207 
White, 15, 48, 51*. 10S, 

172, 239 
Whitehall, ISO 
Whitehall, 128 
Whillocke. 00, 171 
Whit marsh, Whitmersh, 

Wliitmore, 120 
Whytlegh, 100 
W'Uylly, alias Knight, 237 
Widdrington, 187 
Will.erforee, 269, 210 
Wild, see Wyld 
Wilde, alius Christopher, 

Wilford, 250 
Wilkina, 152*. 10S, 170 
Wilkinson, 16 
Wilkinson, 128 
Wilkinson, tdias Kdisbury, 

Willelllllis, Abbot of 

Crokcsdcn, 2 
Willclnius eapclhinus, 2 
Willelllllis eapellanus do 

Habrugh, 1 



Willelmiis, Prior of El- 
sham, - 
Willesthorp, 39* 
Willet, 235 

William ap Madoc, 21fi 
William u|i Robert a] 
David a|j OriiUith. 217 
N Williams, fill, 52*, '.17, 101, 

Kin, 174, 23s 

Williams, 12s, 129, 213 

Williamson, 228 
Williamson, 57 
Willial, 99 
WilliilL'lon, 180 
Willis. 172 

Wilk>u S hby, Wyllughby, 

88, !)l. 258 
Wills, 144* 
Willy*, m 
Wilson, 30, 50, II.")*, 140, 

Wilsthorpe, 231 
Wilts, Karl of, IG1 
Winchcombe, 51, 98 
Winehilsea, Karl of, 135 
Wines, 101 
Wingate, l!t, 231* 
Winge, Wyiigc, 173 
Wingfield, 82 
Winn, 242 
Winnie, Wynne, 52, 210, 

211, 213," 2 15 
Winter, 71 

Win! Icy, 54 
Wise, IS. 213, 214 

Wiitcii, is.-, 
Wixe, 51 
Wodame, 239 
Wollaston, Wodlaston, 

IIC, 151*, 152* 
Wolrvohe- Whit more, 120 
Wood, 9S. 1 12. 173, 17."». 

Woodham, 13 
Wooillionsc, 147*, 23H 
Woo.lrolle, Woodroofe, 

Woodruff, 179, 189, 230 
Woo.lville, .ore Wydevyll 
\Y uodtrmd, 55 
Woolles, 50 
Woollev, 237 
Wormelev. 23. 24, 193, 

Worsley, 31, 32 
Worsky, 131 
Wort lev, 101 
Woulfe, 251 

Wren, W'renne, 109* 239 
Win/. 243 

Wright, 13,. 101, 272 
Wi/bornc, 251 
Wydevyll, 37* 
Wylium, <le. 3 
Wvkr, 102 
Wyld, 174 
Wyldon, 36 

Wynne, see Winni 
Wythypole, Mti 
Wvve'll. I I II 13 
Wyvell, ill 

Yfdlop, 37 

Yarhurgh, V arbrougli, 

23-25, lid 
Yarhurgh, 23 
Yardley, Yerdley, 89 • 
Yarmouth, Viscount, 130 
Vi'ul man, !l.~> 
Yen, 97* 
Voiig, 85 
York, 250 
York, 250 

York, Archbishop of, 130 
York, Dean of, 1 10 
York, Duke of, 131 
Yorke, 99, 235 
Yorke, 131 
Youne, Youngp, 8, 54*, 

94/95, 97*. 172, 239; 

see also Yong 
Younghuaband, 114* 
Yoward, 27 

Zouch, 258 ; 


'J!) I 


An asterisk (*) after a number denotes that tl 

on that page. 

tame occurs more tlian once 

Abbotsley, 127 
Aberford, 185* 

A horn-will. 242 . 
Abort ana t. lot 
Aliinhurv, A by n bury, 
217*, 219 

ADingdou, 158, 237 

Abynton, North, 208 

Acaster, 35, 36* 

Acaster Selby, 35 

Acklairi, 241 

Acton (Middlesex), 59 

Addhtgron, 129 

Ydwufc lo Street, 185* 

\fjiloii, 57 

Ailobtirgh (? A hi borough), 

Aleonbury. (5*, 7* 

Aldborongh (Norfolk), 59 

Aldborongh, A ldburgh(co. 
fork), 39, 93* 

Aldbourne, Alborue, A\v- 
borne, 48, 98, 239 

Aldeburgh, Aldborough 
( S u (folk), 57 

Alderhury, 50, 172 

A Idertnaston, 211 

Alderton, 4H 

Aldward, 245 

Aldwark, 245 

Aleppo, 155 

Alkliam, 85 

All Cannings, 49, 52, 94, 
168, 231) 

Allerthorpo, 35 

Almondbury, 233 

Alport, 198" 

Alta Rothing, see Iligli 

Althorpo, near Packing- 
ton, 149 

Alton, 253 

Alvaston, 150 

Alvelev (Salop), 89 

A I wood lo y, 182 

A morion, 20 4 ; Chicago, 14 ; 
Hopli'V, 21 ; Georgia, 
72* ; Pennsylvania, 205 ; 
Philadelphia, 21, 181 ; 
South Carolina, L96, 
197; United States, 18, 
21 ; Virginia, 205 

Ainorsfort, Am'sford, 257 
Amershani, 128 
Amesbury, 48, 49*, 97, 

168, 237*, 239 
Amesbury, West, 239 

A unit In-ri) v, 3li 
Ampthill, 138 
Amring Hall, 127 
Amsterdam, 53*, 54*, 99, 
101*, 102*, 103, 172*, 
173*, 174*, 175*, 202, 
259*, 260*; 203* 
Anglesey. 250 
Aujon, I 1 1 

Antony, 154*, 155*, 156 
A ut ron, 1.1 1 
Antwerp, 2(i3 
A ppleby (eo. [.inc.), 4 
Appleton (eo. York), 109*, 

1 10* 
A pa, 132 
Aipiulate, 175 
Arhury, Ardhury, 127 
Arclid, 208 
Ardslev, Kast, 253 
Arklow, Arelo, 73, 74, 77 
Arksey, 194*, 224, 227. 

228*, 229* 
A rmolen, 73 

Arnheim, Arnham, 99, 

Arundel, 07, 188 

A ry holme, sec Rryhohhe 

Ascoke, 205 

A scon 10 (? Axholm), Isle 
of, 128 

Ascott., 120 

Ash (Kent), 251 

Ashbourne, Afdihorne, 
Ashhurn, 0, 208 

Ash by, 240 

Ashe (co. Durham), 107 

Ashenden, Assheiulon, II 

Ashkirk, 205 

Ashlinglon, 49 

Ashniore, 94 

Ashney, 93 

Ashton (iylVord, 171 

Ash ton Keynes, 95, 98 

Ashton, Long, 171 

Ashton, West, 239 

Ashton (Wilts), 94 

Ashurst, 193 

Askeby (:- Ashy), Magna, 

Askeby (? Ashy), Parva, 

Aslaelon, 151 
Asserton in lierwick St. 

James, 167 
Astlev (Salop), 89 
A st ley (co. Wore), 38 
Aston jii.cta Birmingham, 

Aston (Cheshire), 55 
Aston upon Trent, 188 
Aston (eo. York), IOC 
At liei'Molie-onSlour, 220, 

221* 222* 
Anghton, 20 
Austhorpe, 92 
Avcbury, 95, 90, 170 
Avon Dassett, 55 
Avon, Avon (Wilts), 239 
Awdhy (? Aunby), I 15 
Axbridge, 208 
Axwell, 125 
Avlesford, 134, 135* 
Aylsham, 271 
Aynho, 23 
Ayrshire, Hi 

Badbury in Chisledon, 

167, 23<> 
Badsworth, 107* 
Bnginton, 140, 222 
Bagot'g Bromley, 140* 
Bainton', in Kdi>ii_Mon, 238 
finln, 179 
Halcomhe, 08 
Kuliigavernn, 70 
Bnlligossan, 74 
Ballsgrove, 204, 205* 
Halls Park, 58 
Bnllygall, 204 
Bnll'vmadun, 209 
Ha I no Hall, 23, 21 
Baluchistan, 223 
Hampton (Devon), 205 
Handon, Manor of, 101 
Bangor, 220 
Bnrbachlaw, 205 
Barbary, 175 



Harford St. Martin, 47, 

•IS, 172, 237 
Barley, 154, 155* 
Barlings, nee ttovY 
Barnborongh, 193 
Banibow, l>85, ISC* 
Barnby Don, 25*, 194*. 

Barnhill, 104 
Barnoldswick, lis 
Barnsley, 194 
Barnstaple, 120 
Barrmgron Hull, 181 
Bnrsham ju\t:i Beetles, 

78, 79, so*, SI* 
Bagmnm, West, 20! 
Barton (eo. Berks)-, 59 
Barton -on -H umber, 141*, i 

Barton under Needwood, 

Burton (co. Oxon), 107 
Barton Segrave; 128 
Barvon, in Down ton, 168 
Barwiek-in-Khnet, L83, 

184* 185*, ISO*, 187*, 

188*, 2U(i* 
Basingstoke, 98 
Basingthorpe, 128 
Batavia, 181 
Hath, 94, 124, 1ST 
Bntley Hall (co. York), 

Mutton Parva, 97 
Bavent, North, 47 
Baxbam Hull, 132 
lluv.lon, 239 
Boaudoseit, 19, 122 
Bean Pre, 243 
Meek en hum, Hckynhain, 

41, 93 j tee tiho Betteii- 

Beekington, tee Backing- 
Hedule, Bedall, 1SK* 
Bedding-ton, Bedyngton, 

Bedfordshire, 17, 23, 138, 

151*, 152*, 153, 161, 

HIS, 231 
Bedingkam, Bedyrigham, 

Bedminster, 138 
Bedwelt, 217* 
Bedwyn, Croat, 47, 239 
Beeby, 150* 
Beelcigh, Bileigh, Bylegh, 

Boer in Seat on, 183 
Beetley, Bfetele, 79 
Bekobi, .see Bigby 
Bel ford, 144 

Belgium, 12J 

Bcbttead, CI 

Benenden, nee Bevenden 

Bengal, 45 

Bent ley in KramHeld, 05 

Bentley (co. York), 202 

Beoley" 1st! 

Bere Ferrers, 207 

Bergen op Zoom, 103, 173, 

280, 2C1*. 2C2 
Bergerne, 178* 
Berkshire, 40* 48, 50, 51, 

53, 59, 03," 08, Oil, 97*, 

98, 13S, 107*, 171, 181. 

208, 230, 237, 23S, 239, 

2 11, 250, 207 
Burl' (? Barlings), 2 
Berrow Court. 122, 123 
Merry f? Bury), 32, 33 
Berwick St. J tunes, 107 
Berwick St. John's, 95 
Beswick (co. York), 100 
Mctteiihaiu (' Beck-en- 

hnm), 134 
Bevenden (? Benenden), 

Beverley, 30*, 31*, 32, 

109, 1K>*. II 1*. 113*. 

114, I 15, 110*. 137 
Beverley Minster, 31, 32*. 

115. 117 
Bewdley, 10, 181 
Bewick", 115* 
Bickerstaffe, 193 

Bight; Bekebi', Bekeby, 
1*,*3*,4*, 143* 

Bileigb. see Beeleigli 

Billiugtienre, 214 

Milton, 1(15 

Birkin, 229, 231*, 232* 

Birmingham, 10, 20, 21, 
120, 121* 122, 123*, 
124*, 125*, 175*, 170*, 
177*, 178*, 18-1, 222* 

Biscay, May of, 197 

Bishop Burton, 30, 31* 

Bishop's Cannings, 35,47, 
51, 96 

Mishopston (Wilts), 94, 

Black well (co. Derby), 225 

Blandford, 171 

Blatehington, 250 

Mlutherwveke, lit) 

Bhithroyc'l, 109 

Blickling, 245 

Mlithfield, 139, 140 

Minns Court, in Hotterne, 

Blytli, Wythe, 193, 229* 

Bodmin; Moduinian, Mod- 
man, 38, 90 

Bohemia, 259, 260, 201*, 

Hokclund, s.c Mucklund 
Bnlinghroke, 102 
Bolton, 123 
Bolton in t lie Moors, 1 18 

Molt on Percy, 109, 110* 
Bolton (co. York), 105 
Bommcl, Bomell, lot' 
Bordesley, 222 
Mornholm, Borne Rollom, 

Borough bridge, Burgh - 

bryg, 39, 93 
Borrotigh, 211 
Morwiek Hall, 241 
Bosch, Bosh, 258 
Bos worth, 140 
Motreuux, 38 
Boulogne next I lit! Sea, 

H< hi ii, in Warminster, 238 
Bourne, 60 

Bournemouth, 175, 170* 
Mower Chalk, 90, 97 
Mo wood, 00 
Mowthorpo Hull, 57 
Boxley, 135 

Moylestone, Moilston, 92 
Boyne, The, 7<> 
Mo'vton, 51, 95, 172, 235, 

Bracewell, 104, 183 
Mrackenborongli, 189 
Mraddin [? Brading), 90 
Bradelie, 140 
Bradford (co. Devon), 40 
Bradford (Wilts), 47, 50, 

171, 235 
Bradford (co. York), 137, 

Hradley, near Feekenhani, 

220, 221 
Bradley, North, 46, 239 
Bradley (Wilts), 97 
Bradley Woods (Devon), 

207 " 
Mrajrhtou (? Broughton), 

Mruintfield, 257 
Braithwell, Bray well, 192, 

194*, 223, 224*, 225*, 

Mrumham Mifr^iu, 184 
Mruinley Orange, 224 
Brampton (co. York), 107 
Mrumsliall, 140 
Brancepeth, 24S 
Braucliffe, 230 
Braxted, Little, 64 
Bray (Ireland), 77 
Breadsall, 100 



Brcaksvvood, 130 
Breamore, 50, 169 
Brecon (Brecknock), co., 

Brecon (town), 66 
Breda, 99, 171; see also 

Hi-. I;. 
Brodo, HO 
Brcdy, Long, 92 
Brcdy, I'arvii, 5H 
Brcmhill, 17, 93, 06, 107 
Brentwood, 56 
Bretton, 234 
Bretton Hall, 240 
Bretton, West,, Bo 
Brgda (? Breda), 54 
Bridckirk, 211 
Bridgwater, 138, 177, 267 
1 Bridle, Brill, 53*, 1 7:1 
Brighton, 122, 175 
Brightwoll, L86 
Brightwell Hall, 245 
Brigmcrstoo, 95 
Brinidley, 57 
Brinkworth, 47, 48, 237, 

Bristol, L6, 20*, 31, 14, 
57, 98, 157, 158, 200, 
221, 222 
British Guiana, 18 
Broad Chalke, 48*, 238 
Broad Hinton, 91, 170, 

235, 230, 238 
Broad Nymet, Broad- 

nyniet, 50 
Broadtown (Wilts), 94 
Bruckdisli, 128 
Brookford, 13() 
Brookhampton, 130 
Brooklesby, 93 
Brumlield, 215*, 218* 
Bromham (WiIis),T>l, 94. 
95, 96, 97, 98, 169, 236 
Bromley, see Bagot'a 

Bromley (eo. Kent), 41* 
Bromsgrove, 177 
Broniwich, West, 16, 21, 
120, 121, 122*, 123, 175 
Bron-y-olydwr, 179* 
Brooksby, 152, 153 
Brotlierton, 184 
Broughtoii in Craven, 186 
Brought OH (Hants), 51, 

BroiigliLon (co. Lincoln), 

see Biathlon 
B rough ton Tower, 257 
Browne's -Hospital, St a in - 

lord, 158, 159* 
Brussels, 18 1, 259 
Bruton, 138 

BackingdtMi (y Becking- 

tun), Hi 
Buokiiigham, 254, 267 
Buckinghamshire, 07, 93, 

130, 151*, 152*, 153, 

214, 231, 250, 207 
Burkland, Bokelaud (Dor- 
set), 3,H 
Bucklaud Dinham, 95 
Biieklantl Monachorum, 

Buerton, 201 
BuU'ord, 95, L69, 239 
Balkingtou, Buokington, 

46, 5 1 
Bulliugton, 105 
Buhvick, 13 1, 135 
Bunker's Mill, 205 
Bnntingford, 130 
Bureoiubc, 171 
Burcombe, North, 50 
Bureot Grange, 177 
Burden, 2 28 

Burdropin Ohisledon, 1(57 
Bares St. Mary, 250 
Biirl - ord, 05, 172 
Burgaku (Hauls), 40 
Burgh l»y Aylsham, 271 
Burgh St. Margaret, 271 
Burgh St. lVter, 82 
BUrghwallis, 08 
Baritoii, 55 
Buruby, 08 
Burneside, I0S 
Burnhain, 128, 130 
Burnsall, 1 17 

Burrongh, 1 31 

Burss, 263 

Burstead, Great, 43 

Burstwiek, 232 

Burton Dassett, 251 

Bury (eo Lane.),*™ Berry 

Bury St. Kdmiinds, 60, 142 

Buseot, 171 

Bushy Hall, 245 

Buxton, 131 

Buy, 249 

Bworas, 2 10 

Bylegh, see Beeleigh 

Bynious Close in Shcntoii, 

Cadlniry, Noil Ii, 100 
Caerlaverock, 78 
Caistor, 158 
Calais, 7, 100, 174* 
Callingtoii 154, 155* 
Calne, Caw ne, 235. 23G 
Cambrai, 180*, 187*, 188 
Cambridge, 08, 230 

Cambridgeshire, 68, 139, 

Cambridge University, 
131, 11-2, 205, 203; 
Cains Coll., 157 ; Clare 

Hall, 22 1 ; Emmanuel 

Coll , I 10, I 17*; Goll- 
ville ami Cams Coll., 
35; Jesus Coll., 23; 
St. John's Coll, 191, 
225, 232, 249 
Campden, 200 
Campsall, 23*, 24* 
Catupstnouut, 24 
Cannings, xee All Cann- 
ings and Bishop's 
Cannock, 138 
Cannons, 2 13 
Canon I'yon, 120 
Canta, 38 
Canterbury, 27, 65, 128, 

240*, 252, 20/ 
Cardigan, Co., 2 13 
Cardingtoii, 127 
Cunlinliniii, 200 
Carlton (eo. York), 117*, 

Carnarvon, co., 242 
Cain Lloyd, 243 
Carolina, South, 196, 197 
C arsl la 1 ion, Kersal ton, 161 
Carvoar, 42 
Cashel, Liberties of, 70, 

Castliorp, 91* 
Castle Camps, 55 
Castle Combe, 97 
Castle Dodington {? Don- 

iugton), 09 
Castle Eaton, 48*, 239 
Castleniaine, 200 
Casties, 19(i*, 197, 240 
Caleombe, 238 
Cat loss, 113, 114*, 115*, 

Catwiek, 32 
Caulcy, sec Curley 
Cavan, co., 22 
Cave, North, 107, 108*- 
Cayton, 35, 112*, 113* 
Chaddesley, 8 1 
Chalgravc, 151 
Chapmansladc, 48, 168 
Chappel Marsh, 02 
Charcot! in Leigh, 135 
Cliarl'ord, 40 
Charing, 21 1*. 215 
C haricot in Bremhill, 95 
Charlton (Berks), 250 
Charlton (Wilts), 96, 167, 
170, 237 

29 I 


Cliurnhniii Street, in rlun* 

gcrl'ord, 236 
Charnock.Mv Heath Char- 
Chatham, 217, 218 
Ckeam, 132 
Chockloy, 207 
Cheddletoit, 207 
Chelinsfor l,6M, 268 
Chelsea, 240 
Cherry Hurcon, 190 
Chertsev, 240 
Cheshire, 188, 201*, 208 
Chessington, 213 
(Jhestev, 21, 241, 242 
Chester Castle, 212 
Chostorlicld, 20, 1:57, 225 
Chevrrell, Great, 237 
Chevercll, Little, 46, 49*, 
* 95, 167 
Chevet, 232 
Chicago, 14 

152, 153* 
Chichester, 264 
Chirkladr, 288 
Chiddingslouo, 59 
Chilmnrk, 99, 170 
Chilton Folliat, 50 
CMhon (Wilts). 170, 237 
Chipcl.ase, 2-1(1 

Chippenham, 90, 07 

Chipping Wycombe 

Chirk Cast It", 243 

Chirklaml, 215 

Chirtnn, 96 

Chisiuburv, 238 

ChisledOM," 96, 107*, 

Chislehurst, Cheselherst, 

Chiswiek, 15 

Chitterne All Saints, -IS 

i ! hitter tie St. Mary, 52, 
236, 237 

Cuivers Hall, 241 

Christian M til ford, 94, 96 

Chudcbusband, 170 

Church Keutou, 232 

Chnrston Ferrers, 208 

Chute, 167, 170 

Cirencester, 68 

Clark, see Clarke 

Clandon, West, 129 

( Shiuu illiain, 7 I 

Clapham (co. Beds), 198 

Clare, ii»., 77 

Clarke (S Clack). 98 

C la t lord, 49 

Claydon (Bucks), 231 

Clay Hill (Middx), 18 

Clcasl.y, 26 

Clce, 68 




Cleg^e Hall, 58 

Clcles, 2 16 

Clout, 12:1 

Clerk. •nwcll, 6:?, 212, 215 

(live Anstcj , Clecveancy, 

Cleveland, 27, 112, 186 
Cleveland (? llevcland), 

Clifton, 245 

Clifton (Beds), 152, 161 
Clifton, near Bristol, 20 
Clint, 183 
Ckmghton, L85 
ClovoHy, Cloveley, 42 
CloWnnce, 20 I 
Cly in Bangor, 220 
Clyffe I'ypard, 50, '.H, 

Coate in Bishop's Caui- 

ning's, 51 
Cobliam, 20 
Cochrane, 205* 
Cudfonl, 169 
Codi'ord SI Man, 167 
Cud ford S(. I'elcr, 9(5, 171 
Cukor, Last, sec Ksteoket 

Colchester, 225 

Cold lleindly, 231 

Cohhono Grange, 128 

Cole Ovton, 150 

Coleshill, 226, 215 

Colhain, Kit) 

Collingliorne, -16 

Collingborne Dueis, V)7 

Collingborne Kingston, 
169, 236*, 23S 

Colton (Norfolk), 135 

Coliunb John, 243 

Combe Bissct, 1 7 1 

Comber, 153 

Compton Bassett, 238 

Compton Chamberlai'uc, 

Conisboroii-h, 191* 192*, 
193*, 194* 

Constable Burton, 1 13 

Copenhagen, Cope man- 
haven, 100, 103 

Coppenhall, 140 

Coreley, 129 

Cork, co.. 205 

Corlcy, Caulev, 165 

Cornwall, 38, 42, 57, 61, 
SKI, 137, His, 164*, His, 
2DI, 266. 26S 

Corsham, -16, IS 

Corslev, 18, 95, 168, 237, 
i Corston, 4<i 

Corton in Boy ton, 51 
' Costow in Wroughtoii, 49 

Cotes on this side Trent, 

Cothcridge.MV Lclhcridgc 
Cotmar.-he in Broad llin- 

ton, 170 
Coton, 215 
Cottep.ll, 243 
Cottingham, 112*, 113 
Cotton, Great, (ill 
Coventry, 87, 164, 177, 

Cowbridge, LOO 
Cowehaies, 23'.) 

Cowling, 188 
Cowtou, South, 161 
Craigniure, 2t)5 
Crake in a rah, 20M 
Cranborne, '.)!( 
Cransley, 133 
Craven (Lancashire), 254 
Craven (co. York), 117*, 

118, 186 
Crawley (co. Bucks), 151 
Crewkerne, 1 1 1 
('rich, Critch, 147 
Crioklnde St. Sampson's, 

Croglin Hall, 240 
Cfomwellbothoin, 185 
Crossehill, near Halifax, 

Crostou, 32 
Croxdale, 187 
Croxden, Crokest', 2 
Croxtou, 127 
Croydon, 30 66*, 185 
Crudwell, 47 
Cumberland, co., 1 16, 187 
Cum nor, 72 
Cuphull, 128 
Curley in Woodliam 

Walter, 88 

Dalby (co. York), 112 
lJamerham, 51, 52, 170 
Damory Court (Dorset), 

Dauby, Magna, 164 
Dauby, 1'arva, 164 
Darlaston, 251 
Dartmouth, 155 
Hatchet, 210, 214* 
Daunt sey, !t(i, 236* 
Dauphine, 246 
lie. . . , 174 
Dean (Wilts), 167 
Deane (co. Gloucester), 

Debden, 28 

INDKX <»!•• I'l.ACKS. 


Doben (rivet*), 125, 55 
^ Do la Tree, 177 

Delft, 53, 100*, 103, 171 
Denuby, 102 
Denbigh, 61. 02*, 173 
Denbigh, CO., IS. 217,21'.)* 
Dendcrmonue, Dcnder- 

moonc, 260 
Denmark, loo, lol, lo:i, 

. m 

/ Doptford. Debti'ord (Mid: 
dlesex), 102; 127 

Deptlord Strand, 217 

07, 238 
Derby, 147*, 200*. 210 
Derby School, 147 
Derbyshire, 5*, 60, 62, 

92." 1U6, 110, 137, 111), 

1 17, US, 150, 186, 104. 

198*. 208*, 22.">*. 253 
Deritvml, 222 
Di'verell, 2-19 
Devizes, 49, 50*, 51, 95, 

9(i. 07, 168, 109, 235, 

Devizes Green. 49 
Devonshire. 5, 39*. 42, 67*, 

69*, 85*, 87, 95. 137, 

138, 155*, 156. KiO, 

161, 163, 164. 200, 

201, 205. 207. 208, 252, 

255, 259, 267* 268* 
Dewlish, Deuelossh, 38 
Dewsbury, 227 
Didley, 17* 

Dieppe, Deepo, 216, 263 
Dilsjtou. 245 • 
Dillon in Westburv, 171, 

Dihon (Wills), 47 
Dinlon, I7<> 
Diss, 69 

Ditchniupton, 97 
Ditton, 58 
Ditton I'ark, 241 
DoddinghUrsC, 268 
Doncasl.M-, 20, 23* 21* 

25*. 191, 192,223, 221*, 

228*, 22'.l, 2 IS 
Donlnad St. . . ., 94 
Don head St. Mary, 47, 

236, 237 
Doiiington in lloldcruess, 

Donitigton in Holland, 65 
Donnende (? Downend), 

Dooi|)s, 131 
Dorchester, 239, 26S 
Dories, 73* 

Dorsetshire, 3S, IS. 50*, 

62*, 66, 66, 69, 91, 136, 

13S*, 139, 16S, 171*, 

2U0, 237*, 2311, 26S 
Don. 52, 53, 1 1 id, 102*, 

212, 2511 
Doitay, 260 

Dover, 63, 65. I 111, 12U* 
I low nhani. 2 15 
Downton, 50,51*, 98, IliS, 

DrayCOlt in t'hislcdon, 

Drayton (Miildx.), 166 
Drayton, West. 166 
Dro-lieda, 20 1 
Dry D'oddingtou, 163 
Dublin, 21, 22, 70*, 71, 

72, 204*, 2)5* 246 
Dublin Castle, 74 
Diidmaston Hall, 120 
Dulliehl, 147 
Dull.orough, 52 
Dnndonald, 205 
Dunhaguo, 53, 99, 173 
Dunham stedc, 7'.' 
Dtuiken Halgh, 2 14 
Duusl-v, 133 
Dunteryssh, 38 
Durham, 29*. 109 
Durham, Kishopriek of. 

10S , 

Durham, eo , 107, 125, 

127, 187, 228*, 2 IS 
Durriugtun { Wilts). 94, 

95, 96*, 167, 171, 237 

Karl Stoke, Karlstokr, 46, 

47, 50, 236* 
Kastchureh ( Keni ). 1.72 
Kastcol in Urohl'ont, 10 
l'.asl rrn I lolli: I lies, 262 
Kasterton, 16. 17 1 
Huston, 127 
Kaston (Wilts), 51 
Eastwick, 1,28 
Eaton, 21 IS 

Kbhcrslon, Ehcrstn.iie, I 15 
Keelcsfield, 225«, 233 
Ecclcslicld Hall, 251 
Edenham, 111 
Kdgbastou, 122. 123*, 

124*, 125*, 175*, 177, i 

Edgehill, 26 
Edinburgh, 12-4 
Islington, 46, 99, 23S 
Kdlin-iou (eo. York), 192, 

191 | 

I Edmonton, 128, 129 

Edstone, I 13 
Hd win stow, 220 
Kgmautoii, in 

Kleonibc in IVroughton, 

46, 17!) 
Klin-, II, '.Mi 

Kllianorc (? Klsinorr), lOl 
Kllin-ilon uliiiH \Y rough - 

ton', 47 
I'.lineden. 105 
Klmhain Hall, 79 
Klinliain, North, 79* 
Klmhain, South, 80*, 

Elinley, Kmeley, 108 
Klmslead I Kent), 165 
Klmion, Eluictoir, 6 
Elshum, Klrsham, Kllesli', 

1, - 

Klsiuore, st-r Klliauore 

Klslaek, 117 

Kltham, 57 

Elton Hall. 211 

El vast oil, 55 

Ely, 158 

Emberton. Kmerton, Em- 
arton, 151. 152, 153 

Eniley, 2.6 

Enborne, 50 

Enfield, IS. 3 1* 

Knt'onl. 171 

birch font, 206 ; see also 
LJ rchfont 

Enldig, 217 

Krlys, 216*, 217 

Kryholme, A ry holme, 27 

Erysev in tirade, 168 

Essetfj 1. 4*. 28, 43*, 59. 
60, 62. 64. 65*, 6S, 88, 
126, 138*. 158, 103, 
199*, 202*. 256, 268* 

Eslcoket ..- Kasl Coker), 

38, I'lmpcl of, 88 

Esthi'op, set 1 Thorpe 

Kston, 28*. 20* 

Estraddon (? Bust Strat- 
um), 164 

Kslrcdl'ord, see Uett'ord 

Klrhilhainplon, 46. 40, 

Ktton (eo. York), 231 

Etwall, 55 

Evcuwood, 210 

Everiiighain, 106, 107 

Everley, 238 

Ewerbv, 137 

Exeter" 10*, 20*, 02, 67, 
155*, 156, 172, 200,240, 
243, 267, 26S 

Kylonl, .".6 

Eynesbury, 257 

Kuiinirkn , KM 
Parley (co. Staff.), 253 
Darlington (co. York), 

190* llo 
FarnTittin, (Jl « 
Furnseoli , 242 
Paslano, 203 
Pavorahnni Abbey, 20] 
Kayrrrlynch, (>7 
I'Vai lii'f.^ti.iif, LSI 
Peckonham, 220 
Selkirk, 228, 2:s;i, 234 
l'Y'linin^ham, lilil 
l'Y'iiiloii, 207 

Pentou,s<reChurch Ponton 
Fergustie, 205 
PoruiaViagli, i'o., 20a" 

Pirld, PeHd H'S 

Pilield, L'-ylicUl (\Vik H ), 

46, 2tJ{) 
Fjgholdean, 50, 97 168 
Filey, 113 
I 1 ' i i n • 1 1 i n ^ I ii • I < 1 , 25(j 
Pinodon, see Tliiudon 

Imh.-ImiIV , 8 (\~ 

Firbock,' 93, 22U 
Firbock Hull. ii;i 
Fisherton, l(i!) 

Fisherton Angel', 48 ,",() 

K)S, I7l\ 236 
Fisliorton Dcluiuere, 97 

Fitlletoii* 171, 239 
Pit I Irworth, 15 
Flndlmry, I? 
Flninburougli, 1(1,", 
Flanders, 260*, 2(!1, 202 
Flashy, I Hi, | 17, | |g« 
Flintshire, 220 
Ploddeii, 105 
Flushing, Uluslilug.Vlish- 

ing, 53*, Til*, "ill, 100*, 

l°l\ 102*, ki;j, 172*] 


Font hill, 235 

K<> 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 i Gifford, 4(5, 48 

95, 99, 168 
Ford, Foorde (Devon), 09 ' 
Ford (Salop), 20!) 
Fordiiigton, 2;i7 
Fos, in Kington Si. Midi- 

ael, 23(5 
Foseott, 126 
Fovnnl., 95, 170, 230 

Foxcoto, I l".l 

Frainlield, 65 

Pl'Uinlinguain, 69 

Prmuplou (,; U . Glouces- 
ter), 57 

I'Vampion (i-o. Lincoln), 


France, 77, 103, ill, 190*, 

259*, 261*. 2(12 
I'Viinenucr, II ■ 
Frosuiarsh, III, II.", 
t'riesland, KM, I7;( 
Pi in'."', 62 
Frisbj , Frisscby, I Mi* 

I IN, I I!) 
Frialon, 251 
Fritwoll, 256 
Frome Sol wood, His 
Froxfiold, OS, 2:57 
Froylo, 210 
Fulwell, 256* 
Fytield, sec Pilield 
Fylettos, Manor of, -11 

Gaddcsby, Gadesuy, I Hi, 

1 is, | in 
Galchog, 210 
Gniislond, Gaualcdc, I |."", 
(''anion, Cannlon, ;i',l 
Car-rave, I 17, I 18* 
Garsdon, 17, is, 238 
; Garslang, 138 
Car.sion, Fast, 236 
Gateforth, Calelord, Kl'.l 

Gatc.loy, Uatele, 79 
Gawthorpo, 68. 182* 185 


Godnoy, 255 

(ilddoi-luiHl, Cilderland, 

Geneva, if)" 
Georgia, 72" 

Gorrai'dsLone, Great, IS* 
( iifford in Stourtou, 50 
Giggleswick in Craven, 

Gislcltuiu, SO 
(ilamorgan, oo., loo 
Glasgow College, 1 7'J 
Glasnoviu, 72 
Glastonbury, 268 
(i lendalougli, 74 
Gloucester, 53, 50, 93, 267 
Gloucestershire, -19, 56, 
63, US, 72, 87, 90, 101, 
139, Hi!)*, 200, 267 
Gobions, Great, 129 
Coddenham, 135 
Godiuuuclic.stcr, 127 
Godney, 126 
Gorkuiu, Gerkroui, Girk- 

ham, 257, 263 
tirade, 168 

Grafton (Norlhniits), ;i7 
Graf Lou (co. York), 3«J 

Graiisdon, Great, 211 

(Irani ham, 150, 55 

Gravcnoy, 255 

Ureal UaiT, 20 

I ireeu llainmci Ion, 22(i 

Greenwich, 10, II. 13* 

Criinslca.l, Went, 109 

( In .i |ic, |, 4* 

Grin stead, Fast, (id, 08*, 
Oil* 137, 2:(o 

Grittenhiiin, _';;;i 

Grove i Notts) I, !i:t 
Clovers, in Carshallon, 

Guornego, 49 
Guishorougli, 2S*, 211 
Gunby, I .SI 
Gunnersbury, 242 
Gunthwaite, 226, 231 
GBBHiige All Saints, 50 
Gwersyllt, 21s 
Gwoyl hendolfyn, 42 
(1 wc> -t henvo^e, 12 
Gwydyr, 242 

lluarleiu, llailam, 54, 173 
Llabrugh, llaburg, Ha- 

bmli, llahui-ch, llaburc, 

1*, 2*, 3*, 4* 
Hackney, 57, 201*, 223. 
Ilackston in Kiulcion,!!) 
H addon, Kast, 56, 147, 

1 IS 
Haiggoratoii, 8* 61 
Haglcy, 241. 
Hague, The, 45, 52, 53, 

54, '.lit, 174, 25'J*, 262* 

Haigli, 214 
HaigJi Hall, 23 
llailcs, 131 

Hainton, see Hyntone 
II aides worthy, see Hols- 

Hale, Hal, Halle (co. 

Lino.), 1, 2*, 3*, 4* 

Halifax, 32, 109, 185, 192, 

Halifax, New, 134 
Haling, 66 

Hall, mar Barnstaple, 129 
llailam, West, 57 
llalshain, 105 
Ham (Wilts), 47, 51 
lliunburg, llambourgli, 

llainhioiigh, 54, 101, 

103, 171, 260 
II am me II uw, 253 


'JO 7 

Limmersiuith, -15, 02*, 

lampsuiro, see South- 

:i i n | it o i ■ 
Ituiipalouil, (il, 247* 

Lllll|>tou Colli I, 2<)',l 

lampion (eo, York ), I ID 
Lauuridge, L5I 
landswort h, 121 
lunging Langford, 47 
langleton, 250 
Linley Lodge (Northants; 

laniner, 241 
lanninglield (Essex), see 

West liuii \ t'tlil iiml 

Soutliany I'cld 
Lanningham {? lieveu- 

inghani), 231 
lanningtou, 171 
iurborne, 123, 124 
L are wood, llarewod, 80, 

larling ('? Ihuiingen), 52 
lurlinglon, llarl iuginu, 

larpdeu (? Ilarpeuden), 

larpliani, 1K3 
1 arrow, 2-1-2 
1 urvington, in Chaddes- 

ley, 84 
lussel, tee South Ilassel 
lattield King's, 10:5 
lattield (co.' York), 34, 

Hat ley St. George, 2-14 
Iangli, 231 
luvererot't, 233* 
laversliam, 5S 
la warden, 217 
luwekcnyslrld, in East 

I'eckliani, 13 
lawliug, 242 
lay Hall in Yardley, 121 
luzlewood, 183, 184* 
leath, lleth, 254 
leath Charnoek, 32*, 33* 
icathlicld Hall, near 

liirininglium, 1 2 I 
lebburii, llnhhorne, 

Norlli, 58 
leek, 02 

leekiiigtou, 07, 111 
leddiugton, 230 
lelbeek, 117 
lellnby, 224* 
lellawe, 102 
Icliou, 38 
letniiigbovough, 30 
luiningfcori, 23s 
loinswortli, 233* 

lenles -on- Thames, II 

lensa'll, 21 I 

lereford, 223 

leivb.rdshitv, 17*, 3 1, 
53, 50, CM, 137, 223, 
25(1*, 253, 25-1, 20O 

loritu (Kunl ), 85*, 25o 

leroti, 5(i 

li'ittoid, 07 
lertfordshire, 23, liO, 124, 

130*, 218, 257, 202 
lorwardsore, ICKJ 

lot h, .set' Heat li 

lettydcn, II usden, 53 

Icveiiinghain, sec llan- 

leydon, 12!l 

leytesbury, -17 

Udeote Bar trim, 90 

liffligate, 57 

ligh Roding, Alia no- 
thing, I (13 

lil,le (in N. Llnil>ant),79 

I ileot t in Ncwnton, 1 

lillesden, Hillesdon, 132, 
2 12 

liMiiigdoll, Hyllyngton, 

lilmarton, 238 

I ilperlon, 50, 95 

I ilsl'ord, 2 15 

linihlcinu, 254 

linekley, 138 

lindlcy', Sontli, 231 

lindon, 237 

1 i ii ton ('? Berks or Uxun), 

Linton, Little (Wilts), 237 

linton (Wilts), see Broad 

liitoii Auger (•'Titten- 
haiiger), 202 

lock Icy, 152 

lockley, near Binning- 
hani, 1'22 

lodson in Cliisledou, 107 

loe, Manor of, HI 

lolborn, 12, 07, 108, 172, 
208, 217, 232, 207 Hall, 128 


lohh-rncss, l(>7*, 112,228 

lollmid, II, 15*, 51, 101, 
210, 212*, 258* 25!)*, 
2(i0", 201, 202*, 203 ; 
se<- also Low Countries 
ami Netherlands 
olland (eo. Line.), 05 
ollowny {'? Devon), 137 
olme (Notts), 220*, 230 
olmu (eo. York), 1112 
olni's Hall, near Leeds, 34 

noteworthy, H aides- 

wort by, It) 
lloniington, 05, 243 
lloningtoii (co. Line), 242 
lioniiigtou (co. Warwick), 

Ilooion I'agliell, 228 
lloolon Roberts, 22(1 
Hope (eo. Derby), 180 
Hoj. Icy (U.S.A.), 21 
lloi l.ury, 227* 
Hornby Ca.stjc, 20 
lloineastle, 234, 207 
llorndoti on tin- Hill, 02 

47, 07, 172, 235 
Horsham, 00 
H or to n (co. York), 188 
Hostbury, 23S 
Hot ham, 111 
Hoton (Hants), 00 
Houghton (eo. Hereford), 

Hovinyhani, 131 
Howdcn, KM!*, 107*, 108* 
lloWidc, 31 
lloxton, lfogsdon, llogs- 

den, 8, 144 
Huddlcston, Huddylston, 

HugguteJ lOti 
riuisli (Wilts), 237 
Hull, 20, 210; .see ul.-iu 

Kingston upon Hull 
Hiillavington, 40 
H u line (eo. York), I 10 
11 uiuberstone, 150, 254 
Hun-reit'ord, 07, 08, 170, 

llungerl'ord Park, 51 
Hurislet, 34, 182 
Huntingdon, eo., 6, 158, 

LSI, 257* 
II untington, 58 
Hursley, 0!) 
Hurst, 242 
llutt, 214 

II ut ton Lowcross, 28 
llvde. The (eo. Stafford), 

I -.Ml* 
llyllyngtouj see Hilling- 
Hyntone (f Hainioii), 2 

Ibstock, 122* 

Iek worth, 213 

Ikerriu, 71 

II lord (Somerset), 171 

Ilslon, I 10*, 118, 140 

Uton, 40 


1NI>i:.\ OF I* LACKS. 

Ilverton 58 

I m her, 17, 52, 98, 171, 

Ingestrc, 57 

Ingleby Manor, 58 

I ngoldisthorpu, 81 

fustow, 57 

Ipswich, 82 

Ireland, 21, 70*, 71, 72, 

73*, 74*, 77*, 78, 108, 

134, 204, 205, 213, 210, 

230, 259 
I re ton. Little, 127 
Isandike, Isendike, see 

Isooyd, 219 
Isell, 110 
Isle kirk, 240 
Islington, 9*, 10* 

Jamaica, 17, 179, 2-15* 
Jersey, 2(5 L 

Kiikuulis, 73 

Keolhy, 3 

Keevil, 40, 51, 168 

Kempslon (eo. Hods.), 152 

Kennet, Hast, 51 

Kensington, 124, 129,232, 
2 1 1 

Kent, 10, 13*, 18, 28, 41, 
43, 59. 05*, 07, 85, 93, 
119*, 132, 134*, 135*, 
130, 139*, 159, 105, 198, 
21)1, 214*, 217, 220, 248, 
250, 251*. 252*, 255, 
256, 259, 207, 20N*, 272* 

Kenton, 58 

Kenton (Suffolk), 07 

Kepwiek, 112 

Keresley, 164 

Kcrningluii, are Kiriuing- 

Kerry, eo., 200 

Kersalton, nee Onrshal- 

Kessingland Manor, 82 

Kettering-, 120 

Kettloburgh, 79, 80, 82* 

Kitvorn Abbey, 2 1 1 

Kexby, 2111 

Kidui-utikn, 213 

Kiddall, 185 

Kidderminster, 38, 59 

Kiddington, 211 

Kidle.sworlli, 130 

Kilbeggan, 21*. 22*, 271 

Kilburn (eo. York), ItKJ 

Kileot. 57 
Kildwick, 23, 1 18 
Kilkenny, 70 
Ki Hartley, 207 
Killorby, 1 12, I 13 

Killock', 33 

K ilinaronoeli, 205 

K ilnaiuanagh, 7 1 

Kiltou ( 'asi lc in ( IJove- 

land. 180 
King Cross, near Halifax, 
Kingscleere, 50 
Kings-ate in Winchester, 

King's Sutton, 220*, 221 
Kingston upon II nil, 228; 

see dho Hull 
Kingston Hussell, 211 
Kingston on 'I'liaini'S, 09 
Kingswood (eo. Olouees- 

tei ), 53 
King's Worth}', Manor of, 

Kington (co. Hereford ), 

Kington Si. Michael, 47, 

49, 9ti, 10!), 23G 
Kinlel, 128 
Kinsley Hark (co. York), 

Kiutbiiry, 171 
Kirhy Beilon, 251 
Kirkhy next Holingbroke, 

Kirkhy Malzeard, 107 
Kirkhy Misperton, 112* 
Kirkhy (Xortliantsi, I 8 1 
Kirkhy, Sunt h, 23 
Kirkhy Wiske. Kyi'keby- 

wysk, 87 
Kirk Deighton, 194 
Kirk ham, Kerkham, 58 
Kirkleat ham, 27, 55, 188 
Kirk Sineaton, Kirksme- 

l on, 39* 
K irmingion, Kerningt un, 
Kirningtone, K\ rning- 

tone, 1, 2*, 3*. 1* 
Kneesvvorth, 131 
Knighton, 02 
Knoekavony, 207 
Knue.kenden, 2 17 
Knoj le, 236 

Kuoj le, Ha si. 18, 2:t0, L'38 
K iiuylu < )dierne, 17 

Laccby, 1* 

Laeoek, 47, 99 

Lauock Abbey, 200 
Liiimlon, Leynden, 43 

Lambet h, 150 ; nee (llau 

Water Lambeth 
I, anil. lull, 131 
Latuborue, -18 
Lamspringe, Lambsptiug, 


Lancashire, 32", 33*,34*, 
63*, 73, 1 18*, 137. 138*, 

186, 193*, 2 19, 252, 257, 

Lancaster, 18, 34 
Langproft (1 J Lasitigcroft), 

Langford (Kssex), 202 
Lau-t'oid, nee Steeple 

Langiby, 2 13 
Han-ley Hiirr.ll. 17 
Langle'v (Wills), 230 
Languid, 93 
Languid Hall (eo. York), 

Laiigtuii, 55 
Langton, Ma-na, Hit 
Langton, I'n i va, 104 
Lunilnop in Holdorness, 

l.anlritliyd, 243 
Lashorough. 109 
Lascelles'llall, 1S5 
Lasiuerolt, 183*, 184*, 

185 ; see alto Laugot'uft 
Lattun, l/itlen, 47. 48, 

Laiightou (eo. York), 224 
Laughton, Hast, 127 
Launqeston, 137 
Laiinditcli, Hundred of, 

79, 80 
Lavcuham, 27 1 
Haver-Muck. 237 
La v in gton, Market.. 51,94, 

Lavington, West, 52*, 90 
Lawk land, 185 
Laxtou (eo. York), 104* 
La\ ton t ? Ley ton or 

Leightou), 133 
Lea, Lev (Wilts), 238 
Leake, 150 
Lealhlev. 191 
Leehlad'e. 72* 
l.eeklord, 200 
Lee (I range, I 20 
Lee (Kent), 9, 10, !l«, 

Lee (.Scotland), 205 

Leeds, 33, 31*, 08, 137, 

182*, 185, 232, 234*, 



Lnnu warden, -1-1 ■*, 15; mv 
ii ho Leverden 

Leicester, 69, 122. 110. 

U7, 152, 175, 177, 258 
Leicestershire, til. (ii) 

122*, 137, 138. 115. 

146*, 14S, 150*, 151, 

152, 153, 157, 177. 

22(5, 207 
Leigh in Ashton Keynes, 

Leigh, near .Malvern, 17 
Leigh, near lVnshurst, 

1 35 
Leiglltoil, 2 1-1 ; .sec alst, 


Leiuster, 74, 75 

Lennox, 203 

Leominster, Lemstcr. 129 

Lctcoittbe, 238 

Letheridge {'? Cotheridge), 

Lethill (? Leitli Hill), 209 

Letwell, 230* 

Lcvc rile a (r'Leeu warden), 

LeweH, 02 

Lewes, 50, 65*, 127, 137, 

Lev, see Lea 

Leydeii, Layden, Laydon, 
Laidbn, 101* 102* 172, 

Ley udou, .sec Luindnu 

Ley ton, .see Lay ton 

Liehlield, 5 

LiddingUin, 127 

LidlingUMi, Liilejngtou, 
Littleington, 15 1*, 152*, 

Lilu.rd, 12S 

Lincoln, I*, 05, 163 

Lincoln Castle, tit*, 0/ 

Lincolnshire. I, 3. 1. 2 1, 
30, 33, 65\ litff, 07 \ 
t58, SO. 91, 93, 105, 1 13, 
115, 132, 13(5, 137. 138, 
143*, 157, 1(52, 163, 185, 
I'll, 193, 228, 231*, 
234*, 255*, 2(i7, 272 

Linedon in Fnvillo, 252 

Lin ford, Great, 5(5 

Linley, 46* 

Linton upon Ouse, 18(5 
Lippiatt, 5t5 

Lisbon; 196*, 197* 

Lilchain, 80 

Littlecot, 98, 1(19 

Litt.loport, 211 

Lition (co. Derby), 111), 
148, 149 

Litton (Dorset), (52 

Liilon (co. Hereford), nee 

,ivoruudge, 182 

ilaneiil) n, 179 

Jaufyllyn, Llant'ylling, 
17, 18 

dansiliu, 220* 

danwarno, 245 

,le\\ ency, 2 12 

,lwyn Oil"il7 

,ocke, 127 

,ockillg£oil(lJo.Yolk), IO!) 

iuddon, 01) 
Loudesborough, Lounes- 

burgh, 85 
London, (1*, 7*, 8*, 9, 13, 
14, 27. 28, 29, 30, 33, 
34*, 41*, 43*, 55, 56*, 
57*, 58*, 59*, 60, 61*, 
63*, 61*, 67*, 90, 117*, 
122, 124, 126*, 127*, 
128, 12 l J*, 130*, 131*, 
132*, 133*, 134*, 135*, 
136*. 151, 158*, 163*, 
180, 184, 190, 192, 194, 
197*. 198*, 199*, 200, 
201*, 202*, 207, 208*, 
20U. 210*, 211, 212. 213, 
22(5*. 230, 240*, 241*, 
242, 245, 248,250, 251*, 
252. 253*, 255, 256, 2(51, 
262, 263, 265 

London ; Aldersgate 

Sti'eel. !»*, IO- Aldgute, 
171-. 21 1,211; All Hal- 
lows, Lombard Street, 
ti ; All Hallows Stain- 
ing, 210, 212, 213 ; Ar- 
tillery Church, 1 1, 15 ; 
Augustine Friars, 54 ; 
Barnard's I nn, 158.159*; 
Bedlam, 101, 102 j ller- 
IUOIldse\ ( lial iiinnds- 
bio) Street. 173 ; ISer- 
w ick Street Chapel, 
Soho,247*; BillitcrLauc, 
174; Birchin Lane, 270; 
Bisliopgute Without. 53; 
llotolph Lane, 51; Bunch 
ol drapes, Lombard 
Street, 144 ; Bunhill 
Fields, 29; Candlewiek 
(Caudlewich) Street, 6; 
Can no u Street. 10 ; 
Canon (Cliaunou) Row, 
Westminster, 213, 214 ; 
Castle Street. Chapel, 
4 1, 247 ; Chancery Lane, 
1 00, 256; Charing Cross, 

151 ; Choapsido, 101 ; 
Chelsea, 240; Christ's 
Hospital, 212; Clorken- 

woll, (53, 131, 242, 245; 
Cornhill, 173 ; Covent 
Garden, 131 ; Cripple- 
gato, 0, 7, 8, 9, 13. 171 ; 
Deptl'ord, 101, KI2, 127; 
Deptford Strand, 217 ; 
•' Dial and Bible," Fieri 

Si reel, 225 ; Duke's 

I'lace, 102 ; Duke Street, 
St. .lames', 197 ; Dur- 
ham Yard, 132; Fast- 
cheap, 6 ; Fast Smiili- 
ti'ld, I 74, 1 75 ; Fssex 
Street Chapel, 19; Fal- 
con Street, 9 ; Farrillg- 
doil Without, 208 ; 
Fenchiirch ( Fanchurcli) 
Street, 7, 13; Finsbury, 
8,67; Fleet Street. 101, 
196, 225 ; Fore Street, 
6; French Hospital, 45*, 
247* ; Furnival's Inn, 
199 ; Golden Lion Court, 
9* ; Gravel Lane, 174 ; 
Gray's Inn, 23,33, 128*. 
159," 191*. 200 ; Great 
All Hallow's Lane, 103; 
Guildhall, (57*; Hack- 
ney, 57, 201*. 223 ; 
H aggers ton, 8*. 61 ; 
Hainmersmith,62*, 127, 
145;Ilampstead,20, 61 ; 
Hedge Lane, Leicester 
Fields, 246 ; Highgate, 
57 ; High Holborn, 07, 
267 ; llolborn, 12. (i7, 
108, 172, 208, 217. 232 ; 
lloxtoii (Hogsdon), 8, 
1 14 ; Inner Temple, 2(5, 
57, 106, 128, 129. 130, 
154, 155,219,260; Iron 
tiate, St. Katherine's, 
1(H); Islington !•*, 10* ; 
Kensin-iou, 121, 129, 
214,232.211, 270; Lam- 
beth, 150, 174, 214; La 
Patente, 44; Leicester 
Fields. 246; Lc Quarre 
Chapel, 247* ; Lime- 
house, 53, 54* ; Lime 
Street, 54; Lincoln's Inn, 
106, 117. 132, 133, 146, 
230*. 245*; Lincoln's I nn 
Fields, 126; Lombard 
Street, ti. 144; Middle 
Temple, 56, 128, 130*, 
134, 136, 212, 237, 241, 
258; Milk Street, 211*, 
212, 213, 214; Mincing 
Lane, 13 ; Minorics, 102 ; 
More Land (? Moore 
Lane), 6, 7; Nowing- 


ton, 163 ; Newington 

Green, 51; Now South- 
ampton Buildings, 58 ; 
Old Swan Alloy, 257 ; 
Paddiugton, 181 ; Pall 
Mall, 45; Petticoat Lane, 
102 j Poplar, 120, Port- 
land Place, Kensington, 
27<» ; Portland Place, St. 
Marylobono, 270; Pos- 
tern Gate, Tower Hill, 
173; Poultry, 211 ; Purse 
• Alley, 0, 7 ; Quoou- 
hithe, 211; (guesthouse, 
138; Katcliffe, 53, 101, 
258 ; Katcliffe Cross, 
102; " Itogers" in Can- 
on How, 21-1 ; " Rose " 
in Wliiteeross Street, 
173; Rosemary Lane, 
53 ; Pothcrhithe, 57 ; 
St. Andrew's, llolborn, 
12, 108, 217, 232; Si. 
Antliolin's, 210 ; St. 
Bartholomew's by the 
Exchange, 197* ; St. 
Botolph's, Aldersgate 
Street, 10; St. Botolph's, 
liishopsgate, 214; St. 
Bride's, 12, 185 ; St. 
Christopher le Stocks, 
21 1 ; St. Clement Danes, 
138 ; St. Dims tan's, 
Stepney, 01 ; St. Duu- 
stan's in the West, 256 ; 
St. George's, Hanover 
Square, 247* ; St. 
(ieorge's Laue, 54; St. 
Giles', Cri]>iilegate, 6, 8, 
9, 13, 174; St. Giles' in 
the Fields, 30, 93, 100, 
131 ; St. James', Clerk- 
enwell, 245 ; St. James', 
Westminster, 1 4, 93, 
232, 2 Iti*, 217* ; St. 
(Catherine's, 53, 54 ; 
St. Katherine's Ci'co 
Church, 211, 214; St. 
Lawrence Jewry, 211; 
St. Leonard's, Shore- 
ditch, 8, 132 ; St. .Mar- 
garet's Hospital, West- 
minster, 214; St. Mar- 
garet's, Lothbury, 155; 
St. Margaret's, West- 
minster, 214, 225* ; St. 
Martin's in the Fields, 
44, 151, 19H, 212, 232; 
St. Martin's le Grand, 
12 ; St. Martin's Lane, 
54; St. Marv Magda- 
len's, Milk Street, 211*, 


212, 213 ; St. Mary 
Savoy, 258 ; St. Mary 
Woolnoth, 12; St. Mi- 
chael, Queenhithe, 211 ; 
St. Mildred's, Bread 

Street, 25'.l ; St. Mild- 
red's in the Poultry, 
211; St. Olave's, 103; 
St. Upul's Churchyard, 
252 ; St. Paul's, Uovent 
Garden, 93, 157, 158, 
241 ; St. Peter's, Corn- 
hill, 212; St. Peter le 
Poer, 8, 247*; St. Peter's, 
Westcheap, 213 ; Shad- 
wick, 53 ; Sherborne 
Lane, 100, 174; Shoe 
Lane, 100; Shorediteh,H, 
132, 174; Southampton 
Buildings, 58, 130 ; 
Southwark, (37*, <>!>*, 
99, lu2 ; Spitfcleyard in 
St. Botolph's, Bishups- 
gate, 211 ; Stepney, 
(54, 214; Strand, 257 ; 
Swallow Street Chapel, 
210; Swan Alley, 257 ; 
Thames Street, 101,102, 
103, 172, 257 ; The 
Duke's . . ., 173 ; Tower 
Hill, 173, 174; Tower 
of London, 01 ; Tower 
Street, 100; " Unicorn," 
in the parish of All 
Hallow's, Lombard 

Street, ; University j 
School, 170 ; Upper | 
Wimpole Street, 197 ; j 
Walworth, 103 : Wap- 
piug, 93, 101 ; Wapping j 
Wall, 53, 102; Water 
Lambeth, 214; West- 
minster,! I, 93, 100, 198, 
209, 210, 212, 213*, 214, 
225*, 232, 240*, 217*, 
272* ; Wilder Street. 
Church, 45; Wliiteeross 
Street, 53, 173; White- 
hall Banqueting Hall, 
217 ; Winchester Street, 
8, 111*; Wood Street, 
100, 173. 
Long Ashton, 171 
| Longbridge Dcverill, 47, 

50, 94 
! Longcroft in Bodinghain, 

Longsdon, 208 
Longstock, 95 
I Loughborough, 122*, 145* 
140*, 147*, 148*, 149*, 


Louth, 07 

Louvain, Lovagne, 101 

Low Countries, 174,258*, 
259, 200, 201*, 202*, 
2015* ; gee ul*0 Holland 
and Netherlands 

Lowdham (Suffolk), 147 

Low I her, 29 

Luckington, 97 

Ludlioriie, 2 14 

Ludeshelne, H5 

Lud-ershall, 107 

Lull'enhain, 127 

Lusk, 71 , 73 

Luton lloo, 56 

Lydiard Milliccnt, 94 

Lydiard Trego/,, 171, 241 

Lye (Wilts), 214 

Lyme (Cheshire), 244 

Lyme Regis, 13(5 

Lyueham, 49, 96, 238 

Lynn, 242 

Lynn Regis, 69, 270 

Lyteomb, 238 

Lythe, 183 

Lyttou (eo. Hereford), 137 

Maddiiigtoii, 51 

Macsbury, Measbury, 17* 
Maiden Bradley, 50, 57, 

Maidstone, 20, 05, 272 
Maidwell, 58, 185 
Maine (river), 207 
Malahide, 71 
Maldou, Maiden, 00, 138 
Malmesbury, 46,94, 170*, 

Maltuu, 93, 188 
Malvern, 17 
Man, Isle of, 22S 
Man by, 55 
Manchester, 118, 179, 180, 

Manniugford Abbas, 52 
Manuingford Bohun, 52, 

170, 235 
Manuingford Bruce, 170 
Manslield, 253 
Manstou (eo. York), 183 
Mapledon, 270 
Marchwiel, 215*, 216*. 

217*, 218*, 219*, 220 
Mardeu ( Kent), 256 
Marden (Wilts), 238 
Margam, 213 
Murguizen (? Marquise), 

Market Lavington, nee 



Markham, near Tux fori! , 

Marlborough, 46, IK, 50, 

97*, '.'S*, KIT *, 169*, 

170*. 230, 237*. 239 
Marshland, 255 
Marston (en. Beds), 151*, 

1.12, is:i 
Marston (F Rucks), 131 
Marston Moor, 106 
Marstou (Somerset), 237 
Marston (co. Stafford), 175 
Martin, Mart.'. . (Wilis), 

94, 97, 98, 170, 287 
Martin HiiHsingtree, 210, 

Marton (co. York), 1 17, 

183, 209 
Mashain, 189, 240 
Maske (? Marske), 131 
Matt ... (? Matterscy)', 

Mavboll, 16 
Maydeswell, 185 
May powder, 55 
Melbeck Hall, 57 
Meldreth, 244 
Melksham, 40, -19, 52, 

90*, 98* 
Melton Erneys (? Milton 

Ernest), 132 
Melton-super- Montein, 58 | 
Melton Mowbray, 130 
Melton (? Milton, Wills), 

Mel wood, 24 
Mereliistoun, 204 
Meriden, 12+* 
Merionethshire, 179 
Metham, 103, 104*, 105, , 

KHi*, 10S 
Moxborough, 233, 231*, 

Moxborough Obi Hall, 

23 I 
Micklcbring in llrajth- j 

well, 194 
Mieklethwaite Grange, | 

1 12 
Middlfeburg, Middle- 

brough, 53*, 54*, 99, 

100*, 101, 102*, 172*, < 

173, 174, 175, 211, 258, | 

259, 200, 202 
Middle Claydon, 120 
Middle Marsh Hall, 132 \ 
Middlesex, IS, 34*, 55, 

58, 59*, 01*, 02, 03, 04, 

07*, 131, 13K, 154, 159, I 

100, 198, 201, 213.214*, ' 

Middlethird, Barony of;71 

Middlelon (Kent), 130 
Milborue in Malmesbury, 

M ilborno Si . And row, 3S 
Mildcnhall (Wills), 19, 

its*, 170* 
MiUbrook (Beds), 151, 

#2, 1 .18 
MilHiigton, 184 
Milston, 95, 23S 
Milton Ernest, see Melton 

Milton (eo. O.ton), 252 
Milton (Wilts), 40, 51, I 

167, 23S ; nee ttl*o I 

Milverton, 126 
Minskip, Mynskyp, 39 
Minster (Thanet), 248 
Mirelieau, 74 
Mil field, 107, 1K3 
Mitchatn, 196, 197* 
Mold, LSI 

Midland in Ash, 251 
Molyngton (co. Warwick), 

Monetvile, 140 
Monk IVyston, 231 
Monkspath, Manor of, 90 
Montfoort, *<■<• Mounford I 
Montgomery, co. 17, 19, 

Montpellier, 246 
Moor Green, near Bir- 
mingham, 123, 125, 178 
Morden (Wilts), 167 
More Hall, 2 14 
Morehouse (co. York), 

More Place, 133 
More, The, 243 
Moreton (eo. Stafford), 

Morewood, 67* 
Morlcys, 211 
Mostyn, 242 
Motion! [Y Melford) Hall, 

Mollistone, 49 
Mounford (? Montfoort), 

Mnckleston, 100 
Mnlbarton, 55 
Minister, 21 
Muivotl, Murcock (Wilts), 


Nahurn, 106 
Nantes, 170 
Nantwioh, 122 

Nassington, 157*, 158*, 

Xess, Little, 135 

Netheravon, 171 

Netherbury, <><» 

Nctheihalf (Norfolk), 80 

Net hci'liall (co. Worces- 
ter), 04 

Netherlands, 5:$, 101 ; see 
alto Holland and Low 

Netherlyffeld in Bromley, 

Nettlestead, 271 

Neuhus, sec Newhoilse 

Newark, 88*, 150 

Newhald, Newbold, 115 

Newbolt Hall, 55 

Newburgh, Newborough 
(co. York), 106 

Newbury, 63, 138, 167, 

Newcastle, 58* 

Newenham, 243 

Newhall, near Otley, 184, Neuhus, 1*, 2* 

Ncwiugton Green, 54 

Ncwiugton (Surrey), 163 

New Lathes, Newlathes, 
193, 245 

N.ewnham Courtacy, 57 

Newntou, 94, 95, 1*71 

Newnton, Loug, 96 

Newnton, North, 51* 

Newport (Hacks), 152 

Newport (I. of IV.), 254 

Newsorne next Kirkliv 
Wiske, 87* 

Newton Abbot, 268 

Newton Colvillo, 197 

Newton Grange (co. Der- 
by ), 20S* 

Newton Morrell. 132 

Newton, North, 51 

Newton, South. 98, 167, 

Newton Tony, 50 

Newton (co. "York), 107 

Nisines, 93* 

Nord, 173 

Norfolk, 42, 59, 62, 67, 
69*, 72, 79. 80*, 81*, 
135, 138, 157, 199, 201, 
231, 249, 252, 254, 270 

Xoriuunhv. 28 

Norinanton (co. York), 

Normniiton-on-Soar, 148, 

North Hall (co. York), 109 

Northampton, 65, 137, 
202, 26 1 



Mori huinplonshiro, 5*, (>*, 

23, :i7,c>.">, 93*, ik», 183, 

134, 135, 137, 157, 15H, 

159, 177*, 184, 186, 

•220*, 225, 249, 256 

N'orthill, Notthill, 2:5 

Nori. hi rlavent, 51,97,236 

Norton (eo. Derby), 194, 

Norton Disnej , 55 
Norton, ni'iir Pont of met, 

Norton (Wilts), 90 
Norwich, 17. 69*, 78, HO, 

93, 138, 199, 246*. 250 
Nostell, 233 
Nottingham, 188, 139, 

149*. 150, 230 
Noil inuhamshiro, 41, 65, 

93, 122, 138. 139, 146, 

162, 173, L85, 193*, 227, 

231, 232. 253 
Nuneaton, 07, 177 
Niitshallin!?, 162 
Nv met, nee Broad Nymet 

Oakeley, 126 
Oakley' (Hants), 289 
Oare, iii Wilcot, 49, 237 
Ochiltree, 205 
Oekendon, North, 212 
Odstoc<k, 40, 9o, ItiS, 1(19 
OH'enhain, UHinghnm, 

220*, 221* 
Ogborne SI . Andrew, 90, 

97. 171. 280, 289 
Oldcotes, 192 
Oldhurst, 184* 
Olnoy, 127 
Orchard Leigh, Orehard- 

ley, 263 
Oivho.ston Si. Genrgo, 98 
Ordsall, 202 
Orielton, 212 
Ornioshv (i'o. York), 25, 

20*. 27*, 28*, 29*, 30*, 

31, 32, 105 
Osgodbv (co. York), 30, 

111, 112* lib* 127 
Ostend, (iO 
Oswestry; 17, 19 
Oiley ('<•(>. York), 164, 

Ottery St. Mary, 120 
Ott rinjs ham, 31, 118, 1 15 
(hit well, K!2 
Over Siuwcv, 251 
Overs! rami, 55 
Overton ( Hunts), 01 

Overton (Wills), 96, 170 
Owsion, 193 
Ow thorp, 230 
Oxford, 20* 

Oxfordshire, 41, 72, 95, 
107, 172, 186*, 200, 

252, 256* 

Oxford Ujversii v, 182, 
219; All Soul's Coll.. 

253, 258; Halliol Coll., 

221 ; Hodloian Library, 
1 1,205; Bwtse nose Coll., 
23; Christ Olinreh, 26 ; 
Bxeter Coll., 155. 259; 
Gloucester flail. 154; 

Mn-dalen Coll., 140; 

Magdalen Hall, 221, 

222 ; Merlon Coll., 230 ; 
Queen's Coll.. 212*-; 
St. .Milan's Hall, 221 : 
Wadhiim Coll., 144; 
Worcester Coll . 17 

Packington, 149 
Paddington, 181 
Painswick, 56, 139, 240 

Paisley, 205 
l'alam, 66 
Pantglas, 244 
Papwortb Agnes, 128 
Paris, 54, 100», 101*, 102. 

103, 186, 187, 201 
Park. 242* 

Parkliehl in Lough- 
borough, 1 17 

Park Gate (Cheshire), 19 

Park Hall (co. Lane)., 180 

Partington; 185, 1S7 * , 188 

Parwich, 208 

Patlishall, 5 

Pauls' Cray Hill, 158 

Paxlon, 128 

Pcckhain, East (Kstpek- 
ham), 43, 259 

Ponclawdd, 245 

Pondarvos, 182 

Peugwerne, 242 

Penrhyn. 129 

Poushurst, 135 

Pen ton, 108 

Pentreoke, 243 

Pontrev Velin Oilstone, 
219 * 

Penwarne, 154 

Perigord, 1 T tJ 

Peterborough, 5, 7* 

Pett Hills, 128 

Petworth, 45, 07, 08 

I'ovonsoy, 199 

Pewsey, PeWsie, 49, 51, 

96, 169, 171, 280, 237 
Philadelphia; 21. 181 
Pickering, 1 12 

Pill, 218 

Pirloii. nee Pnrton 
Pishiohnrv, 2 12 
Pit lour, 205 
Pitsl'ord. 2li9 
Plait lord. 97, 0)7 
Pluekley, 135 
EMumpton (co. Cumber- 
land), 187 
Plymouth, 173, 272 
Plympton, 207, 208 
Poeklingtoil, 103,232,207 
Poitou, 74, 170 
Pollington. HXi 
Poltimore, 213 
Pondic herry, 45 
Pons, Pont, 74 
Ponspren, 42 
Pontofract, 129, 232, 207 
Pontcfract (Pomt'ret) 

Castle, 107 
Pontefracfc, Honour of, 

Pontesbury, 133 
Ponton Parva, 30* 
Poole (Wilts), 90 
Poplar, 120 
Portarlington, 247 
Portsmouth, 12, b'T, 79, 

204, 205* 
Port Hgiil, 1 16 
Pott Orange fob. York), 

IH8*, 189*, 190 
Potter Promptou, 39* 
Potterne, 50, 51, 95, 98, 

107, 169, 239 
Poulshot, 90 

Pou 1 ton, 40 

Povington, 48 

Powderham, 57,85 

Prcshuie, 46, 47, 49, 50, 

Preston, 58 

Preston Hall (Kent), 243 

Preston (co. Lane.), 1 17 

Preston (Suffolk), 02 

Prussia, 130 

Pulham, East, 38 

Puucknall, (? Punek- 
nowle), 129 

Purheck, Isle of, 48 

Puritou, 102 

Pnrton, Pirlon, 40, 48,50, 
96, 133. 172 

Piivlaurens, 240 

Pypard, 214 

Pytcore, 42 



Qtitvplade, see Whn 
Quarrel's ( !reen, 2: 
Quarrcndon, 2 12 
Qnidenhani, 24 1 
Qiiidhnmpton Infra 

lestonc, 98 
Quidhaiiiptou in W 

tun, 239 
Quorn Court, 149 
Quoriidoiij 1-1-7, L4i 


l!al>V, 4 

Rackkesdon, I2S 
Radhournc, 240 
Radnor, co. 01, 05 
Rainstield, 251 
Hampton (Notts), 193 
Ramsbury, 98 
Ramsey, 12s 
liastrall (? Haskell), 134 
liathcule, 128 
Ratley, 127 
Raven field, 22(5* 
Ravunstone (Hacks), 152 
Raventofb, 87 
Kedbourne, -I 
Redcar, Red Can-, 27 
Reddinghall, 59 
Reigate, 09 
Retford, East, Ksti-r. I lord, 

lleymes Weddon, 55 
Rhosddu, 17, 18 
Ribstou, 258 
Richmond (Surrey), 212 
Richmond (co. York), 20, 

OS, 82, 1 1 I 
Rigshy, 4 
Ringwood, 171 
Ripley (co. York), 185 
Ripon, 129 
Risbury. 250 
Risbv, Riseby, 107 
Hocliilale, 34 

Rochester, 54, 158*, 159* 
Ruck, 129 
Rockloy, 130 
Rodborno, 47 
llodiug, see High Rnding 
RoeclilVe, near Rorough- 

liridgo, 3b 
Roe, in Rlucklev, 

Roe Place (Kent), 134, 

Rokerell, 73 
Rolleshy, 252 
Rolloaloii, I 
Holiest. me. (Wilts), 90 
Romas, 17ti 

Roscrea, Ros ray, 73*, 74 
Ross, lis 
Rosse, 213 
Ko(hei'imm,24* 192,194* 

2 15 » 
RotiWiiithe, 57 
RiAerdani, 34*, 58, 51, 

100*, 172*. 17 1*, 258, 

201, 262 
Ron. mi, 205 
Roumhold, 128 
Rowde, 95, 230 
Howell, Rowclle, I, 2 

KoUoh, 17 
Itoylc, I IS 

Roysroti ( co. Cambridge), 

Rovstou (co. York), 220 
Rimbon, 15, IS, 121, 217*, 

218*, 220** 
Rugeley, 254 . 
Ruscouibc. Ruskam, 53 
Rushall (Wilis), 51, 52, 

Rush mere, SO 
Uuslioline (co. York), 234 
Russia, 173* 
Rutland, co., 5, 157, 207 
Rv burgh, fireat, si 
Rydale, 1 I 1 
liVliall, 157 
Rylstou, I Is 
Ryton, 1 13 

Sabridge (? Sawbridge), 

St. Albans, L4, 26, (i0, 207 
St. Austell, 42 
St. Colunib Major, 151- 
St. Douais, 243 
St Ives (Hunts), 257 
St. Julien, 197 
St. Mary Bourne, 49. 2:59 
St. Mauduyt, 38 
St. Mi nver. 154 
Saiutoiigo, I7t> 
St. Patrick, Isle of, 71- 
St. Wcun, 151, 150 
Saldon. 55 

Salop, see Shropshire 
Sail, 57 

Saltash, 154, 155 
Saltlledby, 1S5 
Sampford (Sandford) 

Hrott, 40 
Sandal I'arva, 225*, 220, 201 
Sandwich, 251 
San Lucar, St. Linear, 258 

Saruni, Salitibary, 1, 40, 
47*, 48, 49«, 50*, 51*, 
52, 94, 95, 97*, 98, 99, 
1(17", 168, 109*, 170*, 
171 *, 172, 170, 182,206, 
237 # , 238*, 2:19, 207 

Saulc, 127 

Saureby (? Sowerby), 88 

Savernake, 47 

Sawbridge, sec Sabridge 

Saxay, 213 
Saxony, Low or, ISO 
Saxton, 1S7* 
Sa) e.s t'o.rt, 132 
Scarborough, 31 , 112 
Seaming, S2, 105, 231 
Scawsby, 19:5 
Scorburough, 104, 105 
Scotland, 54, 102 
Scrooby, Scroby, 185 
Seaborough, 144 
Sea ton, 127 

Seaton, Seton (Devon), 103 
Seeud, 49, 90, 108, 200, 

Seniley, 47, 48, 95, 237 
Setle.y, 168 
Settle, 08 
Severn, The, 10 
Sliat'tesburv, Sliaston, 09, 

Shakcrley, 25£ 
Sharnford, 147 
Sharpleigh, 252 
Shaw (berks), 97 
She Hi eld, 225 
Slielt'hanger, 81 
Shentou (eo. Leie.), 140 

Sheppey, Isle of, 251, 272 
Sherborne Abbey, 103 
Sherborne (Dorset), 139 
Sherburn, Sheirburn (co. 

York), 39, 08*, 139 
Shereot in l'ewsoy, 49, 51 
Sherdington, 120 
Sheriff Hntton, 58, 109, 

Sherington (Rucks), 152 
Sherrington (Wilts), 95, 

Shei'ston Magna, 47 
Shipley (Sussex), 04 
Shipley (co. York), OS 
Shippen, 180 
Shoreditcli, 8*, 132, 174 
Shortridge, 255 
Shrewsbury, 00*, 121 
Shropshire, 17, 18, 21, 01, 

00*, 89, 110, 120, 121, 

135, 154, 209 



Shuckburgh, 72 
Siuber'foft, 50 

Siltsey, 00 

Sigglest borne, 1 1 t*, 115*, 

Siston, I3i 
Sittingbourne, 268 
Skohlorshcugh, 27 
Skelton, 2152 
Skelton Castle, 131 
Skiptou, ll(i, 117*, I 18 
Skiptou Castle, 1 17 
Sky res, 193 
Slaugham, 211 
Sleaford, 06* 
SIimI tucre, 50 
Slingsby in Itvdale, 111* 

Smallbridgn, 271 
Smith's Hill Place, 211 
Siny 1'iia, lot 
Snail h, Snavtli, 2;?, 24, 

101)*, 1 Id' 
Sodbury, Old, 169 
Seniority, So mo re I by, 136, 

1 -13 
Somerford, 230 
Somerford, Great, 49 
Somersall, 127 
Somersetshire, 38, 40* 

40, 48, SO, 03, 86, 94 

95*, 138*, 111, 162, 166 

I lis, 169, 170, 171*, 2()l 
237, 23S, 239, 251, 263 
21 i7, 20S* 

Soul ley, 219* 

Sopwnrt li. 47, 97 

Sot hill, IS4 

Sotterley, HO, HI 

Soullmo; 12S 

Soul hampton, 44*, 45* 

Soiit humpton, eo., 44, 40* 
•19, 50*, 61, 07. 90, 94 
95, 96*, 99*, 162, 105 
168, 109*, 171, 214 

Soutlianyfeld (? South 

I I anTiingiiold), 13 
South llassel, 165 
Southeoilton, acu CoWton 
Southwark, 07*, 09*, 99 

Soworby, see Snuroby 
Spain, 258, 2(i0 
Spirkct, 134 
Spoxton, 234 
Stafford, 175 
-Staffordshire, 10*, 21), 100 

121, 122, 123. I3S, 139 

I III, 100, 17..", 2t»7 

251*. 252, 253 

Statnton (eo. York), 30*, 

3!*, 32, 192*, 221*, 

Stamford, Stanford, I, 33, 

157*, 158* 159* 
Standish, 211 
Stanford, £0 
Si an I'd nl -on -Soar, I 46, 

I 17, I IS*, 1 19, 150* 
Slanliel, I2S 

Stanley (eo. Durham), 

Stanley (eo. York), 30, 

Stanton, 210 
Stanton I 1 ' it /.warren, 10S 
! Stanton St. Bernard, 48, 

51*, 10s 
Stanton St. Margaret, 

Stanton St. Qiiintin, 51 
Stapleford, 107, 109 
Staunton, 212 
Slaxlon {'? Saxton), 39* 
Stebbing, 57 

Steeple Ashton, 94, 239 
Steeple Bmnpstead, 210 
Steeple Langford, 47*, 

94, 23S 
Steeple Morden, 126 
Steeton, 231 
Stepney, 1, 211 
Slerling, 5 I 
Slerl, 2i Hi 
Slovonst.on, 213 
Stibbington, I5S, 159* 
Stiekney, 00 
Stillingilool, 30* 
Stillington, 105 
Stock and Uradlev, 220, 

Stockholm, 203 
Stockton (Wilts), 97 
Stodoloy, see St u. Hey 
StoFord in South Newton, 

Stoke Dabernon, 243 
Stoke, South (Somerset), 

Stokesloy, 25, 20*, 27*, 

30*, 108 
Stoketon, 04 
Stouegrave, 31, 107 
Stone House, near Ulegg 

Hall, 58 
Stpneleigh, Stonley 
Stop, Stopp (Wills), 40, 

Slopsley, 50 
Stotfold, 21 
Stourbridge, 20 
Stourton (Wills), 5(t, I0S 

Stourton Hall (eo. Line), 

Si owe (eo. ISueks), 132 
Si owe v, I2S 
Slowey, Over, 251 
Siowinarkot, 130 
Strntfioldsayo, 214 
StraH'ord-on-Avon, 121, 

221* "'5*' 
Si rat lord Langthome, 

65*, 268* 
Strarford Tony, 94 
Stratford (Wilts), 237 
Stratton St. Margaret, 

49, 52, 170 
Street! Imrpc, 21 
Stubton, Stupton, 103 
Stndley, StouVley, 89 
Sudbury, 50 
Suffolk, 01,62, 65, 67,69* 

72, 79,80, 125, 131, I 12, 

147, 213, 256 
Siilgrnve, 7 

Sundridge, Sundrisshe, 41 
Sunning II ill I'ark, 245 
Surrey, 20, 01, 05, 00*, 

07*', 69*, 91, 101, 103, 

190, 209, 213, 214, 252, 

Suiiiekscas, .set Zierik/.ee 
Sussex, 45, 00, 04, 05*, 

66*, 67*, OS*, 09*. 113, 

137*. 139, 171, 199, 

250*, 251,252, 254/ 
Sullon Ikmiiigton, 122 
Sutlon Cheney, 01 
Sill Ion I'ourtenav, 167 
Sul ton (eo. Hereford), 250 
Sutton ( Kent), 135 
Sullon Mandeville, 10H, 

Sutton Manor, 213 
Sutton Searsdale, 270 
Sutton Veuy, 17, 51, 94 
Sutton (eo. York), 232 
Swa.ffh.1in Market, 07 
Swansea, 243 
Swayton, 132 
Swerford, 2ii0 
Swindon, 97 
Sykosworth, 189 

Tam worth, 123 

Taiilield, 113 
Tanshell'e, 129, 230 
Taplow, 207, 208* 
Tarrant (lunville, 50 
Taunton, 17, I3H 
Totwio, Nether, 207 



Tedworth, North, gee Tid- 


Tell'ont KwyiiB, 108 ^ 
Targe, 258 

Terringbon (co. York), 
100*, 107*, 108* 
/. Tetuan, 225 

Tetworth, 127 
Tewin, 23 

Thanob, [sle of, 248 
Thefcford Hill, 270 
Thick-Thorncs, ISI 
Thindon (? b'hiedon}, 120 
'I'liirsk, 32, 33*, IS8 
Tholthorpo, 190 
'riioniond, 77* 
Thormanby, 115, 1 10 
Thornby, 5(5* 
Thome (co. York), 193 
Thomcy, 4, 193 
Thornhill (Wilts), 2117 
Thornhill (co. York), 89, 

'I'liornley, 105* 
Thomwell, Manor of, 79* 
Thorpe, East, Esfchrop, 103 
Thorpe (co. Lincoln), 1(53 
Thorverton, Thornerton, 

Thrybergh, 110* 
Thureaston, 146 
Thurnham, 244 
'l'h way to, 58 
Tickhill, 192 
Tidconibe, 239 
Tidaswell, 140, 148, 149 
Tid worth, Tod worth, 

North, 40, 50, 97 
Tilehurst, 40 
Tilshead, 171 
Tilsworth, 151*, 153* 
Tiluerhall, 207 
Tinhead, 238 
Tipperary, co., 70, 71 
Tipton, 10 
Tisbury, 40* 
Tisaington, 93 
Titch field, 270 
Tittenhanger, 129* ; set 

also Hilton Anger 
Tiverton, 207 
Token ham, 47 
Tonbridge, 18 
Topclill'e, 227 
Topshani, 172 
Torbrian, Torrebryan, 85 
Torneston, 40 
Tottenham, 134 
Touraine, 170 
Townley, 241 
Towyn,' 17!» 
Toy n ton, 191 

Trehitch, 243 
, Tredeginr, 213 
J Tregony, 154 
! Trehtlla, 9<) 

Trent 1'ark (Herts), 121 

Trevylly, 42 

Treweres, 38 

Treweythian, 38 

Trewolek, 38 

Trowbridge, 50, 171*, 208, 

Truro, 04 
Tndeloy, 220 
Tngby, 145 
TnllocBllm, 22 
Ttthbridge VVellB, 223 
Tupholm, 4 
Turvey, 101* 
Tuxford, 228 
Twickenham, 214 
Tyfcliegston, 245 
Tythorloy, 94 

Uckfield, 254 

UfVcuinie, 95 

U fiord (Northants), 225 

Ufton, 107 

Ulverscroft Abbey, 220 

Umber ley, 129 

Underdown in Heme, 250 

United Provinces, 259, 

United States, 18, 21 
' Uppingham; 207 

Up.sall, 27 
I Upton House, Ratley, 127 
| Upton Lovell, 51, 95, 172 
I Upton (Northants), 159 
! Upton Scudamore, 47, 52 

Urchfont, 47, 49, 238; see 
also Krchfont 
I Usk, 180 

j Utrecht, Utrick, 99, 100 
102*, 172, 174*, 257, 
258, 259 
[ Oxbridge, Wbxbridge, 100 

Vale Royal, 214 
Van, The, 243 
Vaatern. 127 

Waddesdon, 130 

Wad worth, Waddes worth, 

25, 88, 193*, 230, 231* 
Wukelield, 227*, ' 230* 

234*, 253. 
Walcot (co. Lincoln), 113 
Wales, 01, 02, 121, 199 

Walgrovo, 120 

Walkingi.on, 228 
Walk ley, JJ2S 
Walsham, North, 219 
Walsingham, 132 
WallhaniHtow, 210 
Walton (co. Derby), 110 
Walton on the- Wolds, 147 
Walton (co. York), 104, 

Walworth in Newillgton 

1 03 
Wan borough, 48, 90, 98 

Wantage, 250 
Wapplhg, 53, 93, 101, 102 
Wardaeud, in Kcclcsfield 

225*, 233 
Ware, 139 
Warcham, 171 
Wark Park, 132 
Warloy Magna, 50 
Warminster, 47, 95, 98*, 

109*, 171, 237, 238,207 
Warmsworth, 131, 191 

192*, 193*, 194*, 230 
Warm well, 02 
Warrington, 138, 222, 223 

Warwick, 139 
Warwickshire, 67, 72, 89, 

90, 98, 138, 139, /105' 
177, 199, 209, 220, 22 1' 

222, 251, 252, 254 
Wassand, 115 
Watcher, Wechet, 40 
Water Katon, 50 
Water Lambeth, 214 
Waterside, 205 
Watli, 192, 194, 234 
Watlington Park, 186 
Wavendon, Wandon, 93* 
Weaiherstock, 130 
Wedhampton, 233 
Weeks, 102 
Welbeck, Wellebec, 2 
Welbourn, Welburn (co. 

Lincoln), 103 
Welburn (co. York), 29 

Wei lord, Welleford, 2 
Wellesborow (? Willea- 

borough), 241 
Welshpool, 122 
Wemberre (? Wombury) 

Wentbridge, Weutbritr 

39 b ' 

Wenvoe Castle, 244 
Weobloy, 254 




Weslburv, 47, 61, 94, 
171,214, 235, 230 

Westbury under the 1'lrWi, 
•IN, 96 

Westerdale, 27 

West hall (co. York), 117 

Westhanyfeld (? West 
llanningliold), lit 

West Knoylo, 47 

Westmeaih, ro, 21, 22* 

Westminster, 44, 93, 100, 
198, 209, 210, 212, 213*, 
214, 225*, 232, 240*, 
247*. 272* 

Westmoreland, 21), 108, 
117*, 160 

Weston-super-Mare, 17 

Weston (Norfolk), 80 

Weston (Somerset), 170 

Woyinoill h, 50 

Whaddon, 128 

Whaplode, Qnaplade, 143 

Winston (co. York), 194 

Whitchurch (Salop), 18, 
21, 121, 215 

White Haugh, 128 

Wbitoparish, 49, 50, 94, 
95, 167, 169, 170*, 237 

Whitley jit.ita Coventry, 
177 ley (? Whitby), 133 

Whilleyein MolkshatiL, 98 

Whittcriiig, Wittering 5* 

Whitwoll, Nether, 104 

Whitwell, Over, 164 

Whitworth, 55 

Whixley, 113* 

Wickford, 50 

Wiekhani Hishop, 202 

Wiekhani (Suffolk), S2* 

Wigan, 63 

Wiganthorpo, 105 

Wighill, 31 

Wight, Isle of, 107, 254 

Wighton, Wyghton, 85 

Wileot, 49*, 242 

Wild heath, 201* 

Willord, 220 

Willerby, 30 

Willesley, 55 

Willingcot, 252 

Willingdou, 214 

Wilsford, Willosford, 52, 
167, 170, 235, 23H* 

Wilton, 50, 07, 170, 171, 

Wilton House (Wilts), 
• 200 

Wiltshire, 46*. 47*, 48*, 
49*, 50*, 51*, 52*, 05, 
08, 94*, 95*, 96*, 97*, 
99*. 167*, 168*, 170*, 

171*, 172*. 200, 214, 
235*, 230*, 237*, 238*, 
239*, 25(i, 261*, 2(17* 
Wini borne Minster, 237 
Wincauton, 48 
Winchester, Winton, 170 
Wiudle Mill (co. Derby), 

Windsor, Wyndsore, 53, 

75, 2'M 
Winstone, Wynston, 87 
Winter borne, 99*, 230 
Winterborne Bassett, 238 
Winterborne Came, 90 

Winterborne Karl's, 95, 90 
Wiuterborno Monkton, 98 
Winterborne Stoke, 51 
Winterton, Wynturton, 

Wishford, 237 
Wishford Magna, 48, 94 
Witeombe, 95 
Withaui, 158 
Witherington, 235 
Withybrook, 55 
Witton, West, 131 
Woll'hall (Wilts), 47 
Wolf Heroston, 201 
Womersley, 24* 
Woodborough, 51, 235 
Woodford l'arva, 48 
Woodhain (co. Essex), 199 
Woodham Walter, Wode- 

ham water, 88 
Woodhay, East, 239 
Wood hay, West, 239 
Woodlands in Mildoiduill, 

Woolfurdisworthy, 101 
Wootton Basset, 47, 95, 

Worcester, 17, 00, 220,244 
Worcestershire, 10, 17, 38, 
59, 04, 65, 60, 84, 123*, 
166, 178, 186, 220, 221*, 
Workington, 187, 240 
Wormbridge, 17* 
Worsall, 26 
Worsborongh, 228 
Worthy Regis, 90 
Wortou (Wilts), 95,237 
Wothorsonie, 227 
Wottou, 57 

Woxbridge, see Uxbridge 
Wraxall, 132 
Wrenbury, 18 
Wrexham, 10*, 17, 18*, 
19*, 21*, 121, 179*. 180*, 
181*, 215, 218, 220 

Wrightiugton Hall, 244 

Wiittlesbury, 256 

Wronbrigge (? Worm- 
bridge), 17 

Wrotham, 135, 251 

W rough ton, 40, 47, 49*, 
17<), 230*, 239 

Wyghton, 85 

Wylye, 95, 235 

Wyinondhani (co. Leiccu- 

ter), 157* 

Wymondhaiu (Norfolk), 

Wynn Hall, 15, 17, 18*, 

121, 179, 218 
Wynterton, *ee Winterton 

Y afford, Yafforth, 104 

Yale, 218* 

Yanwath, Yanwith, 117 

Yarborough, Wapentake 
of, 3, 4 

Yard ley, near Binning- 
ham, 121 

Yardleybury, 58 

Yarlington, 109 

Yarlton, 169 

Yarmouth, 175 

Yarty, 132 

Yatton Keynell, 97 

Yellison, 117 

Yeovilton, 243 

York, 19*, 20, 25, 20, 28 
29*, 30*, 34, 35*, 30* 
00, 08, 106*, 108, 109* 
111*, 130, 137, 188 
189*, 190*, 191*, 194 
220, 227, 231*, 232* 
233, 231, 235, 241, 257 
267*, 268 

York Castle, 60*, 68*, 
137, 267* 

York Minster, 232 

Yorkshire, 23-3(5, 39*, 59, 
62, 65*, 08*, 82*, 85 
87*, 88, 89, 92, 93* 
103-118, 133*, 134* 
137, 139, 104, 182-194 
200, 223-235, 248, 253* 
254*, 258, 202, 267* 
Youghal, 205 
Youlgreavo, 0* 
Yssoudyke, Iseudike, Isan- 
dike, 101, 260 

Zebenter, 53 

Zierikzee, Surricksoae, 53, 

99, 173 
Zutphcn, 256 

(Ulamaje Eicencee 

in the 

©ioceee of (gatf $ Wfa. 


Thick, John, of Stoke Triater, yeom., and Dorothy Oram of the same, 

sp., aged 30. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 2 June 1712. 
Tiuhkk, William, of Charlton MuHgrove, unci Ann Evens,, of Ditcbeat, 

sp. Bdm. Thomas Hidwood, of Ditcheat, and William Evens 

of the same, yeom. At S. ( 'ut hbert's. Wells, 29 Sept. |li7.'J. 
Thikky, Richard, of Hinton Bleurtt, hush., batchelor, and Sarah 

Barns of the same, sp. At ftinegar or Clutton, 21 Feb. 17IW-7. 
ThIRLBY, Robert, of Wells, gent., and Christian Hicks, of Wells, sp., 

aged about. 17; mother cons. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 13 Oct. 

Thomas, Daniel, of West Ifarptree, cooper, and Christiana Nicholh 

of the same, sp., aged 50. At Biriegar, 9 Aug. f703. 
Thomas, George, of Wells, innholder, and Elizabeth Kingston of the 

same, aged 30. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 22 Nov. 1703. 
Thomas, John, of St. Audrece, co. Glamorgan, and Elizabeth Guilli)n, 

of East Brent, sp. ; no parents. At S. Cuthbert's or the Cathedral, 

Wells, or East Brent, 29 Aug. 1707. 
Thomas, George, of Shepton Mallet, cprdwainer, and Catherine Beard 

of the same, wid. At Shepton Mallet, S. Cuthbert's, Wells, or 

Doulting, 26 April 1709. 
Thomas, Adam, of St. Mary Redcliffe, brazier, and Jane Bourne, 

sp. Bdm. William Bourne, of Marshfield. At Widcombe 22 Dec. 

Thomas, James, of Shepton Mallet, plumber, and glazier, widower, 

and Elizabeth Jenkins of the same, wid. At Shepton Mallet. 

12 July 174(J. 
Thomas, John, of Stanton Drew, gent., and Charity Naish of the same, 

sp. Bdm. Henry Thomas, of Chelwood. At Stowcy, 21 March 

Thomas, James, of Bruton, batchelor, and Mary Bacon, of South 

Brewham, sp. At Penselwood, 21 July 17-18. 
Thomas, John, of Witchampton, Dorset, and PhilHs Cleeves, of Spark- 
lord, sp., aged 29 ; mother cons. At Sparkford, Hornblotton, 

or East IVnnard, I Oct. 1720. 
Thomas, Hubert, ol Wells, uoolcomber, and Grace Parris uf the same, 

sp., aged 30; father cons. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, Dinder, 

Wookey, Bath, Axbridge, or Rodney Stoke, 27 May 1721. 
Thomas, Samuel, of Wick St. Lawrence, and Ann Howse of the same. 

Bdm. Mr. Goddard, of Wrington. 3 Eeb. 1721-2. 
Thomas, George, of S. Cuthbert's, Wells, widower, and Elizabeth 

Hodges of the same, sp. At the Cathedral, Wells, 5 June 1739. 
Thomas, Richard, of Bedminster, gent., and Elizabeth Deane, of 

Bristol, wid. 16 Aug. 1723. 
Thomas, Edward, of St. John's, Glastonbury, glazier, and Mary Downe 

of the same, sp., aged 21 ; no parents. At the Cathedral, Wells, 

21 Jan. 1721-5. 
Thomas, Richard, of Long Ashton, yeom., and Mary Williams, of 

Easton in Gordano, will. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells," 21 April 1712. 

1> X 



Thomas, John, and Elizabeth Frtckar, of Somerton. At Somerton, 

25 Jan. 170(5-7. 
Thomas, John, of Bristol, and Margaret Strode, of Wells, sp. 12 Dec. 

Thomas, Shadrach, of Bristol, ironmonger, and Martha Durban, of 
/ Bedminster, sp. Bdm. James Durban, of Bedininster. At 

Bedminster, 19 Dec. 1732. 
Thomas, Samuel, of Wick St. Lawrence, yeoin., and Hester Cooke, 

of Worle, sp. Bdm. William Cooke, of Worle, yeoin. At Bed- 
minster, 3 Oct. 1732. 
Thomas, Benjamin, of llminster, mason, and Dorothy Dreiton, of 

Muehelncy, sp. 2 ( J March 1712. 
Thomas, Roger, of Hardington, hush., and Elizabeth Adams, of Frome 

Selwood, wid. Bdm. John Wingew, of Frome Selwood, cloth- 
maker. 2 Sept. 1711. 
Thomas, .John, of Kevnsham, yeoin., hatchelor, and Leah Motley of 

the same, sp. 17 Feb. 1751. 
Thomas, John, of Bath, and Sarah Shute of the same, sp. At Bath, 

Claverton, Bathwick, Bathampton, or Batheaston, . . . 1713. 
Thomas, Morgan, and Sarah Body, of Churchill. At Winscomhe, 

18 June 17H. 
Thomas, William, of Stawley, carpenter, and Mary Garnsey, of Uplow- 

liiaii, co. Devon, sp., aged 31; no parents. At Stawley or 

Skilgate, 21 Feb. 1711-15. 
Thomas, William, of Wellington, and Elizabeth Boucliier of the same. 

4 Sept, 1715. 
Thomas, Edward, of Evercreech, glazier, and Ann Smart of the same, 

sp. At Yeovil, 31 May 1707. 
Thomas, Roger, of Shepton Mallet, plumber, and Dorothy Dory of 

the same, wid. At Pill or West Pennard, 15 June 1685. 
Thomas, Samuel, of Shirehampton, co. Glouc, and Ursula Alford, 

of Wick St. Lawrence, sp., aged 31 ; her father Thomas Alford, 

of Wick St. Lawrence, cons. At Wick St. Lawrence, 28 April 

Thomas, Charles, of Wells, blacksmith, and Rachael Paine of the 

same, sp., aged 30 ; father cons. At Croscombc, Milton Clevedon, 

Frome, Evercreech, or Wells, 15 Aug. 1701. 
Thomas, Robert, of Blackford, Irtish., and Mary White of the same, 

s|)., aged 23; parents eons. At the Cathedral or S. CuthberCs, 

Welhs 12 Oct. 1701. 
Thomas, Richard, of Olastonbury, feltmaker, and Mary Stasey of the 

same, sp., aged 23. Bdm. Humphrey Bartlett of (ilastonbury, 

feltmaker. At St. John's, Clastonbury, or Walton, 20 Jan. Ki7(5-7. 
Thomas, John, of Stoke Lane, linendraper, aged 27, and Alice Buffer// 

of the same, wid. At S. Cuthbert's or the Cathedral, Wells, 27 June 

Thomas, Philip, of Queen Camel, hush., aged 32, and Jane Collins 

of the same, sp., aged 3(5 ; no parents. At Wells or Queen Camel, 

10 Oct. 1679. 


Thomas, John, of Little Windsor in Broadwindsor, Dorset, batchelor, 
and Mary Patten, of Iluish in Crewkerne, sp. At Crewkerne, 

23 Sept.' 1755. 
Thomas, Robert, of 8. Outlibert's, Wells, woollen diaper, and . . . 

Loggins, wid. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 28 Oct. 1645. 
Thomas, John, of Axbridge, weaver, aged 23, and Martha Hull of the 

same, sp., aged 24. At Axbridge or Winscombe, 12 Dee. 1676. 
Thompson, James, of Horsington, and Elizabeth Farrant, of Compton 

Panneefoot. At Maperton, 22 April 1746. 
Thompson, John, of Charlton Musgrove, yeom., and Mary Ilinckes, 

of CucklingtOn, sp. 8 Nov. 1711. 
Thompson, Edward, of the city of London, gent., batchelor, and Ann 

Roach, of St. John's, Glastonbury, sp. At St. John's, Glastonbury, 

21 Jan. 1754. 
Thompson, James, of Ditcheat, husb., and Rachel Moby, of Diteheat, 

wid. At Maperton, 25 Oct. 1708. 
Thompson, Richard, of Bristol, mariner, and Catherine Catly, of Bat- 
combe, sp., aged 32 ; parents cons. At Batcombe or S. Cuthbert's, 

Wells, 28 Oct. 1716. 
Thompson, James, of Ditcheat, yeom., and Elizabeth Chaplin of the 

same, sp., aged 31 ; parents cons. At Ditcheat, Whatley or 

Nunney, 2 Feb. 1716-17. 
Thompson, Oeorge, of South Brent, and Joane Hemborow of the same, 

sp., aged 28 ; no parents. At Woolavington or Breane, 16 April 

Thorn, Henrv, of Cannington, batchelor, and Nancy Potter of the 

same, wid. At the Cathedral or S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 27 Dec. 1737. 
Thorn, Roger, of Spaxton, batchelor, and Anne Hidnor, of Broom- 
field, sp. At Spaxton, 27 Dec 1737. 
Thorn, John, of Sparkford, yeom., and Ann Sherlock, of Sherborne, 

Dorset, sp., aged about 30 ; parents cons. At the Cathedral or S. 

Cuthbert's, Wells, 13 Sept. 1704. 
Thorn, Richard, of Binegar, tailor, batchelor, and Sarah Selwai/, of 

Emborough, sp. Bdm. Robert Selway, of Emborough, yeom. 

At Cliewt.m Mendip, 25 Pel). 1755. 
Thopn, John, of iWarfork, liuslt., and Elizabeth llumlen, of Cliilthorno 

Homer. 19 Sept. 170'.). 
Thohnio, William, of Chew Stoke, yeom., and Ann Lane oi the same, 

sp. ; father cons. At Chew Stoke, 12 Oct, 1725. 
Thorne, James, of Weston in Cordano, yeom., and Elizabeth Lutterell, 

• of Olevedon, sp., aged 24 ; father cons. At Weston in, 

• Olevedon or Clapton, 30 March 1711. 

Thornk, Zorrobabel, of Hunt spill, husb., and Catherine Ilurmun of 
the same, sp., aged 28; no parents. At Burnham, l'awlett or 
Bridgwater, . . . 1686. 

Thorne, John, of Enmore, yeom., and Mary Thorne of the same, sp. 
Bdm. Thomas Freeman, of Enmore, gent., and Peter Thorne, 
of Broomfield, yeom. At St. Mary Magdalene, Taunton, 21 June 


Thornk, Valentine, of Bridgwater, cordwainerj aged 20, and Joane 

Tirowninq of the same, wid. At Ashcott, Cossington or Wool- 

avingtoii, 30 Nov. I «78. 
Thornk, William, of Bridgwater, mariner, and Elizabeth Tailor of 

the same. Bdra. Richard Taylor. At . . ., 1 1 Oct. 1704. 
/ Thornkll, John, of Bcdrninster, husb., aged 22, and Martha Walters, 

sp., aged 24. Bdm. Ezechiell Walters, of Bristol. At Bedminster, 

13 April [680. 
Thorp, John, of St. John's, Glastonbury, husb., and Mary Higgins 

of the same, sp., aged 18 ; mother cons. At Glastonbury, Somer- 

ton. Street, Walton or Wells, 28 Dee. 1700. 
ThRASSRLL, William, of Hath, and Hannah Cayser of the same; no 

parents. At Bath or Clavefton, 9 April 1726. 
Thresher, Robert, of North Bradley, Wilts, and Elizabeth Olivers, 

of Beckington, sp. At Elme or Beckington, 28 Nov. 173(5. 
Thrickell, Thomas, of Bath, and Ann Thomson of the same, sp., 

aged 23; parents cons. At Bathwick, 27 May 1726. 
Turing, Thomas, of Milborne Port, ca . . ., and Elizabeth Bared of 

the same, wid. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 27 June. 1709. 
Thristle. John, of Wrington, ragman, and Mary Lissent, of Stogursey, 

sp., aged 40 ; no parents. At Stogursey, 21 Aug. 1725. 
Thruston, John, of Dundry, and Elizabeth Car//, of Long Ashton. 

At Long Ashton, Chew Magna or Dundry, 24 Sept. 1690. 
Tibbetts, William, of Cheddar, husb., and Jane Mors, of Barton in 

Winseombe, aged 20 ; father cons. At the Cathedral, Wells, 

lil Oct. 1700. 
TmnoTT, Richard, of Cloford, yeom., and Christian Elliott of the same, 

sp., aged 27. At the Cathedral or S. Cuthl.ert's, Wells, 23 Nov. 

TimtOTTS, Andrew, of Kingston Seymour, and Mary King of the same, 

wid. At Kingston Seymour or S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 29 July 

Tidhai,, Philip, of Huntspill, batchelor, and Martha Colestone of the 

same, sp. At the Cathedral, Wells, 18 Feb. 1739-10., Kiihard, of Huntspill, and Joane Voyham of the same, wid. 

At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 29 Aug. 1721. 
Tidcombe, Michael, of Bradford, Wilts, clothier, and Mary Bradrip, 

of Wyke Champflower, aged 21 ; parents cons. At the Cathedral, 

Wells, 28 May 1700. 
Tiller, William, of Maperton, and Sarah Paule of the same, sp., aged 

50. Bdm. W. Tiller, his son. 19 Nov. 1715. 
Tilly, James, of Isle Brewers, widower, and Ann Vile, of Ilton, sp. 

At S. Cuthbert's or the Cathedral, Wells, 26 June 1738. 
Tilly, John, of St. Mary, Bland ford, Dorset, husb., and Elizabeth Lncey, 

of West Bradley, sp. 6 May 1723. 
Tilly. James, of Bath, and Mary Bfissett, of Weston by Bath. 10 April 

Tilly, John, of Meare, husb., and Frances Rowley of the same, sp. At 

Meare, Street or Walton, 1 Oct, 1683. 

DIOCKSK OK ll.M'll AND WKU.S. 405 

Tilsey, William, of Shepton Mallet, peruke maker, batchelor, and 

Rachael Stock of the same, sp. At Biuegar, Shepton Mallet or 

Donlting, 23 July 1717. 
Tilsey, Richard, of Shepton Mallet, batchelor, and Susannah Spencer 

of tin; same, sp. At Beckington, 8 March 1739-40. 
Timukkman, Richard, of Bedminster, and Margery Worndoll, of Compton 

Bishop, sp. 16 Sept, 1711. 
Timbory, Henry, of North Brewham, batchelor, and Mary Penny 

of the same, sp. At the Cathedral, Wells, II April 1738. 
Tinckneu., Richard, of Axbridge, batehfilor, and Sarah Capell, of 

Christon, sp. At the Cathedral, Wells, 15 Jan. 1739-40. 
TjNOKNKLL, William, of South Brent, yeom., and Hannah lincc, of 

Burnham, wid. At the Cathedral, Wells, 15 May 1725. 
Tjncknell, William, of Lympsham, yeom., ami Hannah Lnivren.ce 

of the same, sp., aged 27 ; mother cons. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 

11 June 1705. 
Tincknki.i,, William, of Ilchester, and Ann Gibbs of the same, sp., 

aged 21 ; parents cons. Itilm. hid ward Silcock", of llchester. 

At liadstoek, 19 Jan. 1705-6. 
TlNCKNELL, .lames, of Lympsham. hush., and Frances Skinner, of 

Dovnton, CO. Glouc. Bdm. Abraham Pago, of Bath, and Mark 

Hall. At Batheaston, 23 Aug. 17:52. 
TlNCKNELL, John, of Lympsham, victualler, and Joane Kwtiine of the 

same, sp., aged 20 ; no parents. At S. ( luthbcrt's.Wells, I 1 Nov. 1700. 
TlNCKWELL, John, of Frome, mercer, widower, and Ann Buseombe 

of the same, sp. At the Cathedral or S. Cuthbert's, Wells, -1 Feb. 

Tinker, John, of Berkley, yeom., and Mary Wilson of the same, sp. 

At Berkley, 31 July 1745. 
Tinney, John, of West Bradley, yeom., and Elizabeth Pearse of the 

same, sp., aged 28. At East Pennard or Binegar, 22 May 1727. 
Tinney, William, of Sutton Bingham, mercer, and Sarah Hambridge 

of Yeovil, sp. At Yeovil, 21 Dec. 170!). 
Tinney, James, of Lamvatt, husb., and Elizabeth Sextone, of Redlynch. 

At . ., 30 April' 1677. 
Tinny, William, of West Bradley, batchelor, and Hannah Downe, of 

Hornblotton, sp. At Pilton, Hornblotton, East or West Pennard, 

or Pill, 15 Oct, 1739. 
TirpiNO, Bartholomew, of Bedminster, batchelor, and Joan Chanter, 

of St, James, Bristol, wid. I Jan. 1711-2. 
Tl/.ZAUD, John, of Templecombe, and Mary Harrow of the same, sp. 

At Maperlon, 8 March 1717-H. 
Toby, Edward, of Worlc, and Mary I'uchstonc, of Stanton Drew. At 

East llarptree, 10 Nov. 1721. 
Todd, Daniel, of Bath, and Judith Hartford of the same, wid. At 

SS. Peter and Paul, Bath, 24 April 1 70S. 
Tock, Walter, of Breanc, husb., aged 40, and Mary Rogers of the same, 

sp., aged 30. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, Winscombe or Congresbury, 

21 June M.7N. 


Toleman, . . ., and . . . Cole. 24 June 1729. 

Tolkman, Richard, of Puriton, yeom., and Rebecca Lane, sp. 19 Oct. 

Tollkk, Hugh, of Wivelscombe, and Catherine Stadden of the same, 

sp., aged SO. At the Cathedral, Wells, 11 July 1725. 
Tollman, William, of South Brent, tailor, and Joan Coles of the same. 

Bdm. John Coles, of South Brent, her father. At South Brent, 

1 April 1755. 
ToMKINS, John, of Somerton, widower, and Betty Collins of the same, 

wid. At Kington Manfield, 21 Aug. 1745. 
Tomkins, William, of Frome, distiller, and Mary Friend, of Wells, sp., 

aged 32; no parents. At the Oath* idral, Wells, 28 Sept. 1728. 
Tomkins, Edward, of Easton in Gordano, tailor, and Mary Woodall, 

of Brockley, sp., aged 22; mother cons. 2 July 1720. 
ToOGOOD, John, of Doulting, veom., batchelor, and Ann Short of the 

same, sp, At Doulting, 3 April 17-16. 
Toogood, Thomas, of Gillingham, co. Dorset, husb., and Elizabeth 

Stun/is, of Milton Clevedou, sp., aged 150 ; father eons. At Milton 

Clevedon, 3 March 1700-1. 
Toogood, William, of Shepton Montague, and Elizabeth Clothier 

of the same, sp. Bdm. Joseph Toogood, of Shepton Montague, 

husb. At Shepton Montague or Bratton, 10 Jan. 1684-5. 
Tookkr, Trethewey, of Lamyatt, and Frances Hossington of the same, 

sp., aged 25 ; parents cons. At the Cathedral or S. Cuthbert's, 

Wells, 6 July 1704. 
Tookkr, Henry, of Kingweston, husb., aged 25, and Joane Waklie, 

of High Ham, sp., aged 25 ; mother cons. At Kingweston, 

Somerton or Kingsdon, 25 Oct. 1677. 
Toop, John, of Frome, broad weaver, and Mary Carter, of Mells. At 

Kline, 23 July 1735. 
TorR, John, of Locking, yeom., and Mary Corrfield, of Winscombe, 

aged 24 ; no parents. At Locking, S. Cuthbert's or the Cathedral, 

Wells, 22 July 1714. 
Torr, Joseph, of Bleadpn, veom., and Mary Da;/, of Box ton, sp., aged 

23; mother cons. At Loxton or Wells, 1 Feb. 1714-15. 
Torry, William, of Stoke St. Mary, yeom., and Ann Prockter of the 

same, wid. At St. Mary Magdalene, Taunton, Orchardleigh or 

Stoke, 14 May, 1673. 
Torye, John, of Winford, widower, and Elizabeth Boldy, of Wrington, 

sp., aged 30 ; father cons. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 21 May 

ToTHlLL, Robert, clerk, Rector of Alford, and Elizabeth W adman of 

the same, sp. At Kington Manfield, 8 April 1704. 
Tot ii ill, Thomas, of Alford, yeom., batchelor, over 21, and Mary 

Maynard, of Street, sp., over 21. At Street, 18 Jan. 1745-6. 
Tothill, John, of Glastonburv, and Dorothy Pearle of the same. 

2 Sept. 1725. 
Tothill, Robert, of Alford, yeom., and Elizabeth Can/ of the same, 

sp., aged 25. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, or Alford, 26 Jan. 1718-19. 


Totiiii.l, Thomas, of Bxetsr, Devon, sergeworker, and Sarah Tothll, 

of Alford, sp. At Sutton Montague, 11 Aug. 1707. 
Tounsknd, Emanuel, of West Pennard, and Ann Dyer, of Martock, 

wid. 20 Oct. 1722. 
Tounsknd, Thomas, of Bradford, Wilts, yeom., and Ann Gyfford, 

of Prome Belwood, sp. Bdm. Edward Coward, of Frome Selwood, 

maltster. If May 1711. 
Tovky, Edward, of Boad, yeom., and Mary Batten of the, same, sp. 

Bdm. John Batten, of Road, gent. At Elme, 18 July 1715. 
Tovey, Fulk; of Norton St. Philip, maltster, and Ann Hull oi the same, 

sp., aged 30; parents cons. 28 April 1722. 
Tow, Robert, of Backwell, glazier, and Sarah Cox of the same, sp., 

aged 25; parents cons. At Backwell, 21 June 1701. 
TowiLLS, Edward, of West Quantoxhead, gent., and Ann Conduit, 

of Kilvey, sp. Bdm. Mr. Tristram Evans. At West Quantox- 
head or Kilvey, 30 June 1703. 
TowiLLS, James, of Samplord Brett, clerk, and Mary Carlile, of Spaxton, 

sp., aged 25. At Ashcott, 22 Dec. 1712. 
Townlky, William, of Cameley, cloekmaker, and Elizabeth Nash 

of the same, sp., aged 21 ; application by her father. At Cameley 

or elsewhere, 17 Sept. 17(H). 
Townsknd, William, of Bath, tallow-chandler, and Mary Atwood of 

Hie same, sp. At Balhlord, 23 Oct. 1720. 
Townsknd, Charles, of Chelwood, husk, and Mar)' Francis, of Wellow, 

sp. 10 Aug. 1727. 
Townsknd, Arnold, of Bathford, tucker, and Ann Disset, of Box, 

Wilts, sp. At Batheaston, 18 Nov. 1733. 
Townsend, James, of West Pennard, husb., and Ann Champion, of 

Northwood Park, sp., aged 24 ; no parents. At East Pennard, 

Meare or Baltonsborough, 3 June Ki8(>. 
Townsknd, James, of Stoke Lane, husb., and Susanna Creed, of Shepton 

Montague, sp., aged 30; no parents. At Shepton Montague, 

Castle Carv or . . ., 21 June 1701. 
Townsknd, John, of Warminster, and for four weeks of St. Mary 

Magdalene, Taunton, and Ann Sydenham, of Wellington. At 

St. Mary Magdalene, Taunton, 8 Jan. 1755. 
Townsend, see also Tounsknd. 
Townsing, William, of Bristol, leather seller, and Martha Churchman, 

of Bedminster, sp., aged 20 ; no parents. At Bedminster, 

Wrington, Whitchurch,' Leigh or . . ., 13 March 1703-1. 
Towsk, Christian, of Bedminster, clerk, and Grace Clare, of Babcary, 

sp., aged 27 ; no parents. At Bedminster or Babcary, 31 Aug. 

Towsey, William, of the city of . . ., and Ann Lenine,oi St. Mary Mag- 
dalene, Taunton. At St. Marv Magdalene, or St. James, Taunton, 

or Trull, 21 Nov. 1(187. 
TltAFK, Thomas, of Preston, husb., and Mary Pi/ton of the same, sp. 

Bdm. John Pilton, of Preston, husb. At Soinerton or Preston, 

II May 17(H). 


Traine, Thomas, of Somerton, merchant, and Mary Barrett, of Mil- 
bornc Port, sp., aged 27 ; parents cons. At Milborne Port, 
17 Feb. 1727-8. 

Tranter, Joseph, of Road, carrier, and Grace Wiltshire of the same, 
wid. At Road, Berkley or Laverton, 30 Jan. 1728-9. 

TRAUNTER, William, of Road, veom., and A via Morse, of Beckington, 

sp. 5 Feb. 1729-30. 
Travis, Angel, of Ashington, yeom., and Alice Vocksly of the same, 

sp. At Yeovil, 20 Feb. J7I 1-15. 
Treasure, Richard, of Fronie, clothier, batchelor, and Elizabeth Biss 

of the same, sp. Bdm. James Biss and Richard Treasure the 

younger, both of Fronie, clothiers. At Frome, 23 Sept. 1754. 
Treble, Thomas, of Combe Flory, gent., and Margaret Galhampton, 

of Lydeard St. Lawrence. At Bridgwater, Holford or Clatworthy, 

30 Apr. 1712. 
Treble, James, of Combe Flory, farmer, batchelor, and Betty Winter, 

of Bishop Lydeard, sp. At Combe Flory or Bishop Lydeard, 

22 Sept. 1750. 
Tree, John, of Beckington, cordwainer, widower, and Patience Brewer, 

of the same, sp. 10 June 1741. 
Trege, John, of Clayhidon, co. Devon, and Johan Tooker, of Bradford, 

sp. At Taunton or Wilton, 12 Oct. 1677. 
Trenciiari), Hugh, of Winsham, clothier, batchelor, and Joan Manning, 

of Chard, sp. At Chard, Chillington, Cricket Malherbie, Cricket 

St. Thomas, or Kingston, 21 May 1752. 
Trescott, Nicholas, of Backwell, batchelor, and Elizabeth Merefield, 

of Ban well, sp. At Baivwell or Winscombe, 5 Dec. 1738. 
Tresler, Thomas, of Whatley, carrier, and Elizabeth Watts of the 

same, Sp., aged .'50; parents cons. At Whatley, Babington or 

Kilmersdon, 24 July 1721. 
Trew, John, of Trent, veom., and Mary Gould of the same, sp. 22 Oct. 

Trimmox, William, of Bruton, hush., and Elizabeth Jessep of the same, 

sp., ngod 23; mother cons. At Bruton, Lamvatt, Milton Cleve- 

don or Kvercreech, hi Nov. 1711. 
TuiNLION, John, of Martock, cordwainer, and Edith Flu it of the same, 

sp., aged 21 ; no parents. At Martock or Norton sub Hambdon, 

25 July 1713. 
Trip, John, of Shipham, veom., ami Sarah Allen of the same, sp., 

aged 18; father cons. At the Cathedral, Wells, 7 April 1729. 
Trip, Henrv, of Worle, veom., and Elizabeth Frunklinde of the same, 

sp. 3 April 1725. 
Trip, John, jun., of Shipham, yeom., aged 23, and Deborah Hill, of 

Burnett, sp., aged 17; father cons. At Burnett or Marksliurv, 

21 Nov. Hi7(i. 
Trip, Henrv, of Shipham, gent., and Fortunata Ihttchings, of Sea- 

vington, sp., aged 24. At Swell or Seavington, 22 May lt>79. 
Tripp, Capet!, of Shipham, batchelor, and Mary Phelps, of Winscombe, 

sp. At Sonurton, Chewton or East Ilurptree, 11 Feb. 1738-9. 




Tripp Henry, of Shiphaiu, batchelor, and Sarah Phiiiis of the same, 

sp. At the Cathedral or S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 3 May 1740. 
Timit, William, of Locking, and Elizabeth Kington of tltc same sp., 

aged l»i ; no grant; mother docs not cons. . . . 1717. 
Ti:iim\ Henry, jun., of Shipham, gent.', and Mary Fisher, of Wrington, 

sp. ; parents cons. At Wrington, 29 Sept. 1719. 
TRrpp, William, of Axbridge, brazier, and Mary H of brook of the same, 

sp., aged 25; mother ions. 80 Oft. 1*7*19. 
Tripp, William, of Winsoombe, yeom., batchelor, and Edith Start 

of the same, sp. At Winscombc or the Cathedral, Wells, 30 May 

Tripp, .lames, of Shipham, gent., batchelor, and Mary Parker of the 

same, sp. Bdm. William Parker, of Shipham, veom. At Shipham, 

Chcdzuv or the Cathedral. Wells, 27 Nov. 1753. 
Tkii'I', John, of Locking, yeom., and Elizabeth TUckeiJ 6f the same, 

sp., aged 24 ; parents cons. At the Cathedral or S. Cuthbcrt's, 

Wells, 12 July 1687, 
Tripp, Joseph, of Shipham, \'eoni., batchelor, and .Alary Slock of the 

same, sp. At S. I 'nt hberfs, Wells, 18 May 1749. ' 
Ti:irri;i:i:, llenrv, of llchester, yeom., batchelor, and Sarah Trijdree 

of the same, sp. At the Cathedral, Wells, 8 June 1751. 
Tnomunoic, Thomas, of Ifilmcrsdon, hush., ami Grace Hvp\risly, of 

Chileompfcon, sp., aged 28 ; father eons. At Midsomer Norton, 

Stratton or Kilmersdon, 16 Oct. 1684. 
Trood, Joseph, of lluntspill, and Ann Arthur, of Bridgwater. At 

l'oulelt, 5 Oct. 1705. 
TkoiT, John, of Bradford, yeom., and Catherine Bourne, of Bruton. 

At Bradford or Bruton, 13 Jan. 1728-0. 
Trourridge, Edmund, of Hutton, yeom., aged 30, and Jane Eades 

of the same, sp., aged 19 ; his mother and her father cons. At 

S. Cuthbcrt's, Wells, 31 Jan. 1676-7. 
Tkoytk, William, of Killerton, Devon, Esq., batchelor, and Arundel 

lieiirlty, of Pill, sp. Bdrii. Edward Berkeley, of Pill, Esq., her 

fa i her. Al Till, 3 Nov. 1755. 
Tun k\\ i:i.i,, John, of Metis, yeom., and Mary Pierce, of Kline, sp., 

aged 25; father ions. At Kline, Mells or Whatlev, 4 May 

Trump, Michael, of Haslebury, blacksmith, and El . . ., of Bedminster, 

sp. 27 Aug. 1715. 
Tinm, John, of Hath, and Elizabeth Harford of the same, sp. At Hath, 

Olavcrton. Bailiwick, or South Stoke, 3 June 1720. 
Tucker, Thomas, of St. John's, Glastonbury, husb., and Eleanor 

Treasure of the same, sp., aged 22 ; father cons. At the Cathedral 

or St. Cuthbi'it's, Wells, Glastonbury, Croscombe or Wookey, 

(i April 1702. 
Tiukkk, Thomas, of East Pennant, thateher, and Edith Tucker of the 

same, wid. At t he Cat hedi al or S. Cut hbert's, Wells, Eusl Pennard. 

Si reel or ('roscombe, l» June 1702. (The woman is his brother's 

widow. No licence.) 
* Y 


Tucker, William, of VYrington, and Rosanna Lock of the same, sp., 

aged 27; mother cons. At Wrington, Backwell, Cortgrcsbury 

or Brocldey, . . . May 1708. 
Tucker, Thomas, of Charlton Mackerell, yeom., and Elizabeth Slade 
. of the same, sp. At the Cathedral, Wells, 5 Aug. 1708. 
' TUCKER, John, of West iVnnanl, cordwainer, and Kachael Corp ol 

the same, sp., aged 25; no parent*. At West Pennard «>r S. 

John's, (dastonlmry, 23 Feb. 170'.)- 10. 
Tucker, .lames, of High Littleton, batchelor, and Hester Rdyhill 

of the same, sp. At Binegar, Hieji Littleton or Chew Magna, 

12 July 1740. 
Tucker, William, of Wrington, batchelor, and Sarah Vowles, of Long 

Ashton, sp. At Wringtoii, 21 Nov. 1710. 
Tucker, Robert, of Batcombe, chandler, and Anne Phipps, of Westbury 

on Leigh, Wilts, sp. Bdm. Ewens Tucker, of Westbury on Leigh, 

Wilts, yeom. At Orchard Leigh, 15 March 1741-2,. 
Tucker, Sidenham, of Wrington, and Sarah Baber of the same, sp. 

At, Bedminster ox its chapels, 30 April 1743. 
Tucker, William, of Hath, and Elizabeth Woodabad of the same. 

At Bath, Batheaston, or Olavcrton, 30 Jan. 1707-H. 
Tucker, Robert, of S. Michael, Bath, carpenter, and Sarah Archer, 

of SS. Peter and Paul, Bath, At SS. Peter and Paul, Bath, 15 June 

Tucker, John, of West Pennard, cordwainer, and Joane Row, of 

Norwood Park, sp., aged 23 ; father cons. At West Pennard 

or S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 12 Aug. 1721. 
Tucker, Edward, of Chilton in Moorlinch, carpenter, and Susan Hobba, 

of Weston Zoyland, sp., aged 2-1 ; mother -cons. 23 Oct. 1728. 
Tucker, John, of Odastonbury, yeom., and Susanna UjJiill of the 

same, sp., aged 18 ; no parents. 20 May 1729. 
Tucker, John, of St. John's, Glastonbury, veom., and Honor Road, 

wid. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells,' 11 April 1730. 
Tucker, Theophilus, of Lovington St. Michael, batchelor, and Ann 

Kerby, of Langport, sp. At Stocklinch or elsewhere, 28 July 

Tucker, Thomas, of Stratton on the Fosse, batchelor, and Elizabeth 

Rickdts of the same, sp. At the Cathedral, Wells. 5 Oct. 1739. 
Tucker, Anthony, of Shepton Mallet, clothworker, and Joane Abbutt 

of the same, sp. At Shepton Mallet, 26 Oct. 1723. 
Tucker, John, of West Pennard, cordwainer, and Frances Cozens 

of the same, sp., aged 29. At Street, Walton or S. Cuthbert's, 

Wells, 31 May 1724. 
Tucker, John, of Street, yeom., and Jane Moxham of the same, sp. 

At Street, Walton or Wells, 19 Feb. 1725-6. 
Tucker, John, of Baltonsborough, yeom., and Hester Rich of the 

same, aged 30 ; parents cons. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, Bridg- 
• water or Wookey, 22 June 1711. 
TUCKER, William, (4 Wells, chapman, and Margaret (ireen, of Bradford, 

Wilts, wid. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 11 Jan. 1711-12. 


Tucker, John, of Charlton Mnckerell, husb., and Judith Horwood 
of the same, sp., aged 50. At Charlton Adam, Charlton Mackerell, 
or Kington Maufield, 2-1 Dec. 1705. 

Tucker, James, of Qlastonljury, tailor, and Mary Cox, of Felton, 

alias Whitchurch, sp., aged 25 ; father cons. At Meare, 8 Nov. 

Tucker, John, of Ston Easton, Btockingmakor, and Sarah Chilton, 

of Timsbury, sp. At Timsbury or Chew ton Mendip, 30 Jan. 

17 IS ID. 
Tucker, Reginald, of lluish, gent., and Elizabeth Bayly, of Muchelney, 

sp., aged 20; mother cons. At 8. Cuthbert's, Wells, 10 Oct. 

Tuckkk, Thomas, of Berrow, and Joane Gilling, sp., aged 20 ; father 

cons. 30 Nov. 1719. 
Tuckkk, John, of Bath, blacksmith, and Elizabeth . . ., of the same, 

sp. At Batll, Bathwick or Weston, 29 Nov. 1719. 
TuGKER, John, of Nailsea, ycom., and Sarah Beakes, of Backwell, 

sp. At Bedininster, 29 March 1732. 
Tucker, Nicholas, of Norton Malreward, husb., and Rebecca Page, 

14 April 1712-13. 
Tucker, John, of Alton, co. Hants, husb., and Mary Saint II ill, of 

Chilton. 7 .Ian. 1714-15. 
Tucker, John, of Weare, gent., widower, and Susannah Urch, of 

Locking, sp. At Locking, 10 Nov. 1755. 
Tucker, Christopher, of Axbridge, clothmaker, and Ann Collins, 

of S. Cuthbert's, Wells, sp. At Croscombe, Diuder or Wookey, 

25 Dec. 1708. 
Tucker, Samuel, of Shepton Mallet, clothier, and Jane Cook, of Elme, 

wid. At Elme or Kilmersdon, 4 June 1711. 
Tucker, Isaac, of Bath, groom, and Elizabeth Combe of the same. 

At SS. Peter and Paul, Bath, Bathwick, Claverton or Twerton, 

6 Jan. 1711-15. 
TuCKER, John, of Bath, and Elizabeth Moxham of the same. 27 Julv 

Tucker, John, of Middlezoy, yeom., and Joane Si/ nock of the same, 

sp., aged 22 ; parents cons. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 27 Dec. 

Tucker, Robert, of Westbury, Wilts, chandler, and Joane Ewens, 

of Batcombe, sp. 31 Dec. 171 G. 
Tucker, John, of West Pennard, yeom., and Ann Sheat of the same, 

sp., aged 30. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, or elsewhere, 27 Feb. 

Tucker, Richard, of Hinton St. George, gent., and , of Odcombe, 

At Odcombe, 23 Dec. 1(585. 
Tucker, Thomas, of Puriton, and Sarah Roche, of Catcott, sp. Bdm. 

Robert Jones and Wiltiani Pyne. 19 Oct. 1686. 
Tucker, John, of Long Sutton, tailor, and Rachel] Ileale, of Trent, 

sp., aged 17 ; mother cons. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, or elsewhere, 

. . July 1681, 


TiK'Kwi, John, of Weston Zoyland, husb., and Mary Palmer of the 

same, s|>., aged 2 I ; no patents. At Weston Zoyland, 2<> Feb. 

TUCKER, John, of Canilington, and 1 1 : m 1 1 ; 1 1 1 Bvrliind, of Clnlton. 

At Wembdon or Charlyni'h, 19 Aug. 1710. 
/ TlTCKKR, William, of Codney, carpenter, and Dianna Cary, of Wookcy 

Hole, sp., aged 10; neither father or mother. At S. Cllth bolt's, 

Wells, 13 May 1680. 
Tuoker, Henry, of West Pennard, blacksmith, aged 30, and Mary 

Dltnkwton Of the same, sp., aged 80 ; his mother cons., she has no 

parents. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 3 June 1680. 
Tucker, William, of Road, mercer, and Elizabeth Stevens, of Frome 

Selwood, sp. Hdm. Roger Stevens, of Frome Selwood, baker. 

At Frome Selwood or Hodden, ('» Fob. L704-5. 
Tucker, Edward; of Yeovil, yeoin., and Eleanor Lane of the same, 

sp. At Yeovil, 1 May 1708. 
TuCKEY, Joseph, of Banwell, yeom., and Mary Hull, of Worle, sp., 

aged 2J ; parents cons. At the Cathedral, Wells, 5 Feb. 1725-6. 
Tuokey, Richard, of Kewstolce, yeom., and Mary Tuokey of the same, 

sp. At Kewstoke, Weston super Mare, or Winacombc, '1 Jan. 

TuCKEY, John, of West Harptrce, baker, and Charity Wilkins of the 

same, sp., agdd 21 ; parents cons. At West Harptrce or S. Cuth- 

bert's, Wells, 3 Dec. 1718. 
TuCKEfYjWilliain, of Banwell, scrivener, and Alice Hemminus, of Banwell. 

At . . ., 20 Dec. 1707. 
Tuckicy, Richard, of Kewstoke, barber surgeon, and Mary Moss 

of the same, wid. At Kewstoke, Weston super Mare, or Uphill, 

. . . 1689. 
Tuder, William, of Hath, tallow chandler, and Catherine Burcombe, 

of Bathwick, wid. At Bathwick or Claverton, 1 July 1727. 
Tunley, Joseph, of Westwood, Wilts, millwright, and Catherine 

Mtinhtmn, of Hath, sp. 20 April 1714. 
Ti'KiMs, William, of Hath, and Hachael lliloj of the same. At Hath, 

Walcot or Charlcombe, 21 Dec. 1710. 
Tuiuns, Tristram, of Sherborne, Dorset, husb., and Rebecca Huntly, 

dan. of Philip Huntly, of Puddimore, husb. At Sutton Montague 

or Puddimore, 25 Sept. 1706. 
Turner, John, of Leigh sub Mendip, cardmaker, and Hester Prafteii, 

of Kilmersdon, sp., aged 23 ; parents cons. At Kilmersdon, 

17 Nov. 1703. 
Turner, John, of Lullington, labourer, and Ann II ill inn a, of Norton 

St. Philip, wid. At Norton St. Philip, 5 July 17J3. 
Turner, Robert, of Pcnsford, and Jane Matthews, of Gillingham, 

Dorset, At Maperton, 15 Dec. 1746. 
Turner, .John, of Foxcote, veom., and Sarah Andrews of the same. 

. At Rime, 10 Aug. 17:55.' 
Turner, John, of Kilmersdon, batchelor, and Mary Worme, of Frome, 

sp. At Frome. Stoke Lane, Beckington or Kilmersdon, 21 Jan. 



Turner, John, of Leigh on Mendip, liusb., and Grace Morse of the 

same, sp., aged 30 ; fathoi cons. At the Cathedral or S. ( tathbert's, 

Wells, I Feb. 1705-6. 
'Turner, William, of Glastonbury, yeom., and Catherine Griffith of 

the same, sp., aged .'50; no parents. 23 Feb. 1719-20. 
I i'iinki!, Abraham, of Bath, mason, and Frances Reason, of Widcombe, 

sp., aged 35. At, Mulls, Leigh, Stratton or rlolcombe, I'J Dec 

Turner, James, of Ashwiok, rollier, and Diniah Hall of the same, sp., 

aged 35. At S. Cutbbert's, Wells, 17 July 1728. 
Turner, William, of Bourton, clerk, batehelor, and Martha Phvppen, 

"I Bidilisham ; her uncle, John Linton, cons. At Christon, 

Barrow or Winscombe, 7 July 1750. 
Turner, Christopher, of Norton St. Philip, maltster, and Joane Tripp, 

01 the same, sp;, aged 24 ; parents cons. At. Norton St. Philip 
or S. Cnthlmrt's, Wells, 24 Sept. 1716. 

Turner, Orations, of Ashwiok, hush., and Grace Gold, of Mkiaomer 
Norton, sp., aged 20. At Midsomer Norton, Stratton or Radstock, 

2 July 16871 

Turner, William, of Cloford, batehelor, and Mary Goford, alias Govierd 

ol the ,-.anie, sp. Btlm. Daniel GofoJ'd, her father. At Cloford, 

17 Nov. 1755: (William Turuet says he is of Warminster.) 
TuTtlER, Joseph, of Cloford, hush., and Mary Bartlett of the same, sp. 

At the Cathedral, Wells, 3 .Jan. 1729-30. 
TuTlfER, Samuel, of I'aultoii, yeom., and Ann Slcurl. of Bleadon, wid. 

At Paulten, Bleudoii, Uphill, Christen, or Binegar, 22 Dec. 170"). 
Trnui.i., Francis, of A.\bridge, maltster, and Joanna Phippen, sp., 

aged 23 ; no parents. At Ax bridge, 9 June 1718. 
TOthill, Francis, of Berrow, gent-', widower, and Mary Jones, of Hunts? 

pill, wid. At lluntspill or Hreane, 9 Dec. 1753. 
Turr, 'Thomas, of Barton Da\id, yeom., and Mary Starr, of Baltons- 

l.oroii^h, sp., aged 22. At the Cathedral, Wells, Barton David 

or Bttltonshorongh; 28 Nov. 1721. 
Turr, John, of Barton David, yeom., and Grace Bush of the same, 

sp., aged 23 ; father cons. 10 June 1728. 
Tuttiet, Thomas, of Gregory Stoke, yeom., and Elizabeth Court, of 

North Petherton, sp. Bdm. Lawrence Tuttiet, yeom. At . . 

12 June 1704, 
Tottlk, John, of Axbridge, mercer, aged 23, and Grace Beachamp, 

of Litton, sp. ; parents cons. At West llarptree, 25 Oct. 1678. 
Tuttox, John, of Charlton Adam, and Hester Hunt, of Rutleigh. At 

S. Cuthl.ert's, Wells, 22 Feb. 1721-2. 
Turrox, John, of High Ham, tailor, and Elizabeth MerriwetOher, 

of Charlton Musgrove, wid. 25 Dec. 1713. 
Tutton, Kdv.ard, of Shapwick, carpenter, hatchelor, and Betty Youny 

of the same, sp. Bdm. John Tutton of Aslicott, carpenter. At 

S. Cuthberfs, Wells, 21 Dec. 175.1 
Tutton, Nicholas, of Lilstock, soapboiler, and Jane Aplyn, of Stogursey, 

sp., aged 28; no parents. At Brompton Ralph, Lilstock or 

Nether Stouey, . . Feb. 1085-6. 


Tutton, William, of Meare, aged 24, and Pcttcrnal Grdbham, of Cossing- 

ton, sp., aged 24. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, or its chapels, 15 Nov. 

Tutton, Richard, clerk, rector of Poyntington, and Susanna I'iutnan, 

of Chilton Cantelow, sp. ; guardians cons. At Rimpton, 25 March 
/ 1682. 

Tutton, James, of Shipham, yeom., batchelor, and Elizabeth Carfield, 

of Axbridge, .sp. At the Cathedral, Wells, 1 June 1750. 
Tutton, William, of Meare, yeom., and Joane Webb, of Baltonsborough, 

sp., aged 28. At S. Cuthhert's, Wells, 2 Oct. I (578. 
Twinyhow, Christopher, (Vicar) of Hannington, Wilts, clerk, and 

Henrietta SoutJiby, of Charlton Adam, sp. 8 May 1718. 
Twit, William, of Banwell, husb., and Ann Rallle of the same, sp., 

aged 21 j mother cons. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 18 Oct. 1711. 
Tylee, John, of Bristol, baker, and Sarah Wilkinson, of Saltford, 

sp., aged 25 ; no parents. Bdm. Edward Tylee, of Bristol, and 

Richard Pesley, of Brislington. At Brislington, 6 May 1720. 
Tylee, Simon, of Dunkerton, yeom., and Hannah Wyatt of the same, 

wid. 2 Feb. 1727-8. 
Tylkr, Joseph, of East Quantoxhead, weaver, and Jane Shirl of 

the same, sp. At Winscombe, 23 Oct. 1708. 
Tylkr, John, of Camerton, yeom., and Mary Bullen of the same, sp. ; 

no parents. At the Cathedral, Wells, 22 Sept. 1728. 
Tvlicr, William, of St. Catherine, husb., and Elizabeth Knight, of Croin- 

hall, co. Clone., sp. At Batheaston, or St. Catherine, (J April 1714. 
Tyler, Thomas, of High Littleton, and Anne Weaver, of Midsomer 

Norton, sp., aged 32. 2(5 May 1713. 
Tyrlino, Nathaniel, of Taunton, and Martha BUujdon, of Keevil, 

Wilts. At Street or Walton, 31 July 1721. 
Uncles, William, of Nunney, clothworker, and Jane ChanceUer, of 

Krome, sp. 18 Jan. 1712-3. 
Underwood, Thomas, of Ashington, and Mary Flipp, of North Cheriton. 

At Maperton, 26 Sept, 1737. 
UPOO'K, William, of Tiverton, Devon, gent., and Marv Sapper. Bdm. 

John Upcot, gent. At Ilchester or Tintenhull, 27 July 1710. 
Uphill, John, of Charlton Horethorne, yeom., and Hannah Pelhj 

of the same, sp. At Maperton, . . . 1737. 
Uphill, John, of Street, widower, and Joan Randell of the same, sp. 

At Shapwick, Street or Walton, 28 Nov. 1739. 
Uphill, John, of St. John's, Glastonbury, yeom., and Hannah Tucker, 
of Street, sp., aged 24 ; parents cons. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 

10 Feb. 1721-5. 
Uphill, Maurice, of Ditchcat, yeom., and Mary Yeats, of Somerton, 

sp., aged 23; mother cons. At Somerton, 7 Sept. 1717. 
Uphill, Thomas, of Charlton Horethorne, yeom., and Hannah Andrews, 

of the same, sp. At Bruton or Croscombe, 31 Jan. 1727-8. 
Uphill, John, of Charlton Horethorne, yeom., and Ann Hussy of the 
same, sp. Bdm. Thomas Hussy, of Charlton Horethorne, gent. 
At Charlton Horethorne, Cheriton or Horsington, 21 Nov. 1(573. 


Uri'iNUTON, Thomas, of Wells, h dragoon, and Mary Groves of the 

same, wid. At Wells or Kington Manfield, 20 Aug. 171G. 
Upton, John, of Molls, carrier, ami Rebecca Brown, of Whatlcy, sp., 

aged 23 ; mother eons. At the Cathedral or 8. Cuthbert's, Wells, 

!() .Ian. 1705-6. 
Ui'i'o.N, James, of Prome Selwood, ami Iluth Wilcox, of Ashwick, sp,, 

aged 29 ; father eons. At Ashwiek, Doulting or Stoke Lane, 

31 Dee. 1716. 
Urcu, William, of Banwoll, yeoin., and Sarah Manning, of Kingston 

Seymour, sp., aged 25 ; parents eons. At the Cathedral, Wells, 

5 Nov. 1728. 
UiU'H", William, of East Brent, yeoin., and Sarah Pepratt of the same, 

sp., aged 21 ; father eons. ' At East Brent, 14 May 1716. 
UiiRGLL, John, <il Warminster, Wilts, gent., and Jane Ilantm, of Cros- 

combe, wid. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 1 Doe. 1681. 
Uiikv, Thomas, of Kington Manfield, and Joan Ratcles, of St. John's, 

Glastonbury. 8 Sept, 1718. 
Usher, John, of Trowbridge, Wilts, and Mary Bennett, of Wineanton, 

sp. At SS. Peter and Paul, Hath, or Wineanton, 11 May 1748. 
Utterman, John, of Curry Malet, batchelor, and Honor Lovebond, 

of Street, sp. At Street, 24 Peb. 1755. 
Vac, William, of Hardington, yeoin., and Mary Gray of the same, 

wid. Bdm. John Bradly, of Yeovil, glover. At . . ., 22 Jan. 

Vagg, Henry, of Midsomer Norton, yeom., and Mary Masters, of 

Stou Easton, sp. At Ston Easton, 27 Jan. 173f>-7. 
Vagg, Henry, of Midsomer Norton, carpenter, and Mary Wool ford, 

of Ston Easton, sp., aged 20 ; parents eons. At the Cathedral, 

Wells, 16 April 1711. 
Vallis, John, of South Brewham, mason, batchelor, and Mary Merryde, 

of Milton Clevedon, sp. At Milton Clevedon or the Cathedral, 

Wells, 5 ().■ I, 1752., John, of Knowle, in Shepton Montague, yeom.. and Elizabeth 

iloiifs, of KeoMvinh in liruton, sp. At Milton or Redlvnch, 11 Oct. 

Varman, William, of Huntspill, yeom., and Jane Millard of the same, 

sp., aged 25; mother eons. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, . . . 1705. 
Varman, James, of Huntspill, hush., and Elizabeth Jeljeryes of the 

same, sp., aged 21 ; no parents. At Huntspill, Pawlett or Burn- 
ham, 12 May 1718. 
Varman, William, of Huntspill, yeom., and Hannah Dean of the 

same, sp. Bdm. William Dean, veom., and Robert Dean, both 

of Huntspill. 9 Aug. 1709. 
Varmon, Robert, of Huntspill, widower, and Mary Stone, of Woolla- 

vington, wid. At Puriton, Pawlett or Bawdrip, 2.'3 Aug. 1G82. 
Vauuhan, John, of Gloucester, and Marianne Gonijcrs, of Wells, sp. 

At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 2 Feb. 1707-8. 
Vaughan, James, of Bath, instrument maker, and Martha Underwood 

of the same. At Batheaston, 4 July 1730. 


Vauohan, Daniel, of Publow, saddler, batchelor, ami Ann Uruy, ol 

Pensford, sp. At, Stanton Drew or Publow, 3 May 1750. 
Veale, John, of Pensford, carrier, and Sarah Fifoot, of Chew Magna, 

sp., aged 28. Bdm. Thomas Fifoot, of Chew Magna, lier brother. 

At Ohcw Magna, Norton Malreward or Chew Stoke, 30 Dec. 1708. 
Veale, John, of Sutton m Chew Magna, batchelor, and Jane \'cnl, 

of the same, sp. At Chew Magna, Sutton or ttinton Blewett, 

(i Jan. 1739-40. 
Vealk, Philip, ol Chew Magna, ycoin., and Rachel! BuUoek, of Chew 

Stoke, wid. At Chew Stoke or Norton Malreward, 1(5 Dec. 172:5. 
Veale John, of Iveynsham. yeom., and Ann Bennett oi the same, sp., 

aged 23; lather eons.' At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 5 June 1718. 
Veale, Samuel, of Chew Magna, yeom., and Joanna Plumly of the 

same. Bdm. James Plumly, of Chew Magna. 21 Qt-t. 1709. 
Veale, George, of Douyittton, in Chew Magna, yeom., and Mary 

Lockeir, of Bishop Sutton, in Chew Magna. At Chew Magna, 

Dundrv or Stowcy, 28 Dee. I70(i. 
Vearnuv, liumphrey, of ISast Pennard, victualler, and Joanc Avery, 

of Butleigh, sp., aged 23; father eons. At Butleigh, Baltons- 

borough or East Penuard, 26 Feb. 1G81-2. 
Veazy, Daniel, of Stouehouse, co. Glow., broadweavcr, and Sarah 

Iliud, of Shepton Mallet, sp., aged 26 ; father eons. At Shepton 

Mallet, Baokwell or Chelvcy, 8 March 1721-2. 
VEERING, Humphrey, of Butleigh, husb., and Grace Ituy of the same. 

sp. Bdm. Richard Holman, of Butleigh, husb., and John .Moor, 

ofCroseombe. At Butleigh, Somerton or Baltonsborough, 15 June 

Ven, James, of Wedmore, yeom., and Betty People, of Butleigh, sp.. 

aged 22; no parents. At Wedmore, Mark, Glastonbury, Walton 

or Asheott, 20 July 1728. 
Venn, Joseph, of Pensford, and Sarah Cox, of Stanton Drew. At 

Stanton Drew, 21 April 1727. 
Venn, Samuel, of Ktognmber, and Sarah Ford ol the same, aged 18; 

her mother, Joane Ford, eons. IS 1 )ee. l7ol. 
Vicak, John, of . . ., blacksmith, and Mary Clutfey ol the same, sp., 

aged 22; parents eons. At Stowell, Trent, Mndford or Milborne 

Port, 6 Dee. 1708. 
Vicar, John, of Bruton, husb., and Hester Byrt, 18 April 1708. 
Vicars, Josias, ol Shepton Mallet, cordw ainer, and Ann Helliard 

of the same, sp., aged 24 ; no parents. ."$ Oct. 172."). 
VlCKER, John, of llolwell, blacksmith, and Mary Chafe// of the same, 

sp., aged 22 ; patients cons. At Stowell, Trout, Mndford, Milborne 

Port or Bridgwater, 6 Dec 1708. 
VlGAR, Samuel, of Bruton, yeom., batchelor, and Elizabeth Fry of the 

same, sp. At Binegar, 24 Aug, 174(i. 
VigaR, William, of Bimpton, husb., and Eleanor Shretiue, ol Corton 

Deuham, sp., agtnl 2)5 ; parents cons. At Poyiltillgtoil or CortOll 

Denham. ;"» June HiSo. 
Viook, Thomas, of Bruton, gent., and Betty Allies, pf Wyke Champ- 

Ih.wer, sp. At Bruton or Lamyatt, 21 May 1717. 



Vigor, John, of Bristol, gent., and Elizabeth Tripp, of Kingston, 

sp., a <_!<■! I 24 ; parents cons. At Kingston, <> April 17 1'J. 
Vile, Joseph, of Abbots Keyno(?), ycojn., and Hester Willet/, of Curry 

Itivoll, sp., agetl 21; parents cons. At. the Cathedral, Wells. 

5 Oct. 1727. 
Yiu.kkx, . I a i in v-, of Yeovil, bull lielor, and Klizabeth Cooper of the 

same, sp. Al Yeovil, 15 March 1 7 r» r> . 
Vimi'.wy, Kdmnnd, of Nailsca, husb., and Rebecca Bennett, of 

Chelvey, sp., agetl 24; parents cons. At Chelvey or Wells, 

I Feb. 1721-2. 
Vince, George, of Marlborough, Wilts, surgeon, and .Martha Dawes, 

of Ditcheat, wid. At Ditcheat, Lamyatt, Almesford or Milton 

Clevedon, II Jan. 1709-10. 
VlNCENT, William, of ( 'Jhist/mbury, blacksmith, and Mary Perry of 

the same, wid. At Bcdmi aster or elsewhere, 31 Oct, 1702: 

Vincent, John, of St. John's, Glastonbury, and Joane Wall of the 

same, sp. 12 Nov. 1720. 
Vincent, Joseph, of St. John's, Glastonbury, batchelor, and Sarah 

Fussell of the same, sp. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, Croscombe or 

Shepton Mallet, 29 July 1739. 
Vincent, William, of Glastonbury, carrier, and Betty Hunt of the 

same, sp. At Glastonbury, Walton, Shapwick, Ashcott, East 

Pennard or West Pennard, 15 Aug. 1724. 
Vincent, John, of Sandford in Winscombe, scrivener, and Hester 

Taylor of the same, sp., aged 20 ; mother cons. At the Cathedral 

or S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 8 April 1713. 
Vincent, John, of Glastonbury, yeom., and Sarah Corpe of the same, 

sp., aged 22 ; no parents. At Glastonbury, 24 June 1707. 
Vincent, William, of Shepton Montagne, husb., and Jane Smith of 

the same, sp. At Maperton, 14 Nov. 1711. 
Vincent, Robert, of Queen Camel, linenweaver, and Love Hill, of 

Marsh in Ye.-vil, sp. II Feb. 1711-12. 
Vincent, William, of Langport, baker, and Joane Morris, of Curry 

Kivell, sp., aged 50. At Curry Rivell, 11 Jan. 1713-14. 
Vincent, William, of South Stoke, and Frances Phelphs of the same, 

sp. 30 Oct. 1715. 
Vincent, Qcorgo, of Wanstrow, potter, batchelor, and Deborah King 

of the same, sp. At Wanstrow, 12 Jan. 1755. 
Vincent, William, of Langport, baker, and Elizabeth flobbs, of Aller. 

Ii< I in. Thomas Haysham, baker, and John Perry, husb. At 

. . ,21 Sept. 1705. 
Vinkk, John, of Hath, cordwainer, and Jane Prat ton of the same, sp., 

aged 2!) ; parents cons. Bdm. Ilielrard Yiner, his brother. 

20 Oct.. 1719. 
Vinii'ott, Giles, of St. John's, Glastonbury, batchelor, and Mary 

llatkins, of (ireinton, with At Cossington, l(i Oct. 1745. 
Vinicott, .lames, of Bridgwater,' soapboiler, and Ann At well of the 

same, sp., aged 25 ; mother cons At Weston Zoylaiul, Middlczoy, 

Othery, Nether Stowey or Long Sutton, 21 May 1705. 



Vininc, Joseph, of Wincanton, and Molt y Clothier, of Compton Pauncc- 

foot, wid. At Maoerton, 2 Nov. 1717. 
Vininc, .lames, of Wincanton, apothecary, and Dorothy ll>irlt<>>t of 

the same, sp., aged 21 ; parents eons. I Oct. 1722. 
Vintno, George; of Win«mton>, and Mary AMI*, of Prome Selwood. 

At flYoilie Selwood or Boddcn, 23 July 1706. 
Vininc, Benjamin, of Wincanton, cloth worker, and Elizabeth Ttce 

of the same, sp., 24 June 17K5. 
Vininc, William, of Beekington, butcher, batchclor, and Ruth Vining 

of the same, sp. At Beekington, Holcombc or Ash wick, 24 April 

Vininc, John, of Wincanton, mercer, and Joan Ivy of the same, sp. 

At Wincanton, Maperton or Blackford, 31 Aug. 1705. 
Vininc, Richard, of Wincanton, hush.', and Elizabeth George, of Bat- 
combe, sp. ; mother cons. At West Cranmorc, Milton Clevedon 

or Wincanton, 'J"J March l(>8(>-7. 
Vinninc, Richard, of Wincanton, and (Vlinia Russel, of Lyme Regis, 

Dorset, sp. 21 Sept. 1712. 
Vinninc, John, of Wincanton, innholder, and Mary Georgp of the same, 

sp., aged 20'; mother cons. At Cucklington or Winseombc, 

16 Jan. 1684-5. 
Virgin, George, of North Petherton, husb., and Elizabeth Mew. 

19 Feb. 1703-1. 
Viv.visii, Thomas, of South Stoke, husk, and Elizabeth Baker, of 

Mar'shtield, co. Glouc. At Batheaston, 11 Feb. 1711.-12. 
Vivien, Matthew, of Bridgwater, yeom., and Amev Symons of tlie 

same, wid. At Wembdon or Gossingtoa, 20 May 1682. 
Vizard, William, of Tellislord, sergewcaveT', and Klizabeth Mecey, 

of Trowbridge., Wilts, sp. 29 April 1712. 
Vizard, William, of Tellislord, yeom., and Sarah Galeman, of Iiaving- 

ton, Wills, sp., aged 48. At Tellislord or Farley, 19 Nov. 

1677 . 
Yoisky, Capell, of Shepton Mallet, batchclor, and Edith Mott of the 

same, sp. At B'lnegtir, honvatl. Stoke Bane or the Cathedral, 

Wells, 22 Dec. 1739. 
Vowkll, Beter, of Axbridge, and . . . Edyett, of Compton Bishop, 

sp. At Axbridge, ... 1713. 
Vowlks, Samuel, of Bast Brent, cordwainer, and Joane Edwards of 

the same, Sp., aged 21 ; no parents. At the Cathedral, Wells, 

\ April 1704. 
Vowles, James, of Rodney Stoke, husb., and Mary Jeffery of the same, 

wid. At Rodney Stoke, Cheddar or Briddy, 19 July 1708. 
Vowi.KS, Thomas, of Batcombe, veom., and Ann Briber,, ol Banwell, 

v, id! At S. Olithbert's, Wells, 13 Dec. 1708. (Married there 

that date, vide Parish Register.) 
Vowu:s, Edward, of llinton Blewett, batchclor, and Marv Wookey 
■ of the same, sp., both upwards of '-' I ; she the lawful daughter 

of Elizabeth Wookey, of llinton Blewetf, wid. At Hinton Blewett, 

21 Oct. 17-10. 


Vowi.ks, John, of Chew Magna, yearn., and Kimbry Bachelor, of 

ClofJord, s|i., aged 26; parents cons. At S. Cuthbort'a, Wells, 

31 Nov. 1709. 
Vowles, John, of Chew lilagna, jreoitt., batchelor, and Ann Palmer, 

of T.-llislonl, sp. At Tellbford, 2 July 17 Hi. 
Vowles, William, of Barrow Gumey, batchelor, and S.itali Marshall 

of the same, sp. Bdm. William Powell, of Chew Magna, husb. 

At St. Marv Redclifld, Bristol, Brislington or Whitchurch, 20 Aug. 

Vowles, Robert, of Chcwton, miner, and Mary Ridly of the same, 

sp., aged 33,; parents cons. At Chewton, Willford, Wells, Karin- 

borough, Tiinsbury or UWey, 8 Dec. 1721. 
Vowles, William, of Nempnett, carpenter, and Rachel Phippen, of 

Butcoinbe, sp„ aged 'M). At Portbury, Gaston in Gordano, Ticken- 

ham or Wraxall, 5 Dec 1728. 
Vowles, William, of St. Benedict's, Glastonbury, batchelor, and 

Anne Downe of the same, 8p. At Binegar, Chewton or I'riddy, 
10 April 1738. 
Vowles, Cornelius, of Marston Bigott, batchelor, and Eleanor 
Allen, of Krome, sp. At. Marston Bigott or Promte, 5 March 

VOWLES, Edward, of Chew Magna, batchelor, and Mary Fater of the 

same, sp., both over 21 years. Bdm. Jonathan Fater, her father. 

At Chew Magna or Hinton Blewett, 2 ( .) Sept, 1739. 
VOWLES, Joseph, of Coinpton Martin, batchelor, and Martha Lane, 

of West Harptree, sp. At West Harptree, 3 March 1739-40. 
Vowlks, John, of Bleadon, widower, and Margaret Sansuin, of Stanton 

Drew, sp. At Stanton Drew, 26 March 1710. 
Vowlks, Stephen, of High Littleton, clothworker, and Sarah Emery 

of the same, sp., aged 27 ; mother cons. 6 Nov. 1723. 
Vowles, John, of Nempnett, carpenter, and Jane Kite of the same, 

wid. 12 Dec. 1723. 
Vowles, George, of Bedminstcr, yeom., and Elizabeth Browning of 

the same, sp. At Brockley, 27 Nov. 172(5. 
Vovvlks, John, of Barrow Cnrney, yeom., and Elizabeth Fry of the 

same, sp., aged 27 ; no parents. At S. Cnthbert's, Wells, (i April 

Vowles, Samuel, of Nempnett, yeom., widower, and Deborah (hjbarne 

of the same, sp. At Nempnett, I Nov. 1751. 
VoWLBS, George, of Coinpton Martin, yeom., and Sarah PhimUy of 

the same, sp., aged 2.'5 ; no parents. At S. Cut hlierl's, Wells, 

lb April 171 1. 
Vowles, John, of South Brent, blacksmith, and Honor Yeemes, of 

Bridgwater, sp., aged 18; no parents. At Cossington, East 

Brent or South Brent, 9 Nov. 1700. 
Vowlks, John, of Rodney Stoke, yeom., and Jane Bayly of the same, 

sp. At Uodnev Stoke, H May 1(184. 
Vowi.ks, I'ichard. of I'aultoli, vi i., alid Margaret /////, of Ashwick, 

wid. At IV mlton, Iliad Littleton or Kt.ral.lou, (» May 1078, 


Vowi/rs, John, <>f Baekwell, and Anne Knight of the same, sp. Hdm. 

Gedfg'fi Vi.ulcsof Baekwell. At Norton M.I beward, 21 M;iv 1710. 

Vowi.ks, George, of West Harptree, batchelor, and Mary Millard of 
the same, sp. At West Rarptroe, 1* J April 1749. 

VowlEs, Robert, of Badgworth, yeom., and Ann Harce of the siimo, 
sp. 3um. William Vowles of Wedmpre, husb., and Francis 
Loxtohj of Wells, innlioldcr. At Badgworth, Winscwiibc or 
Shipham. 2.1 April Ili7l. 

VowLKS, Tlioinas, of Blugdol), ycom., and Dinah Ccrpe of the same, 

sp., aged 35. At S. Cuthbert's, Weljs, 21 June 1079. 
Voyoe, George, of Michcldean, co. Clone, clockmakcr, batchelor, 

and Martha Tyler, sp. At SS. Peter and Paul, Bath, . . . 1746. 
Waddon, Robert, of Woolmiston, in Crewkerne, batchelor, ami Mary 

Stojie, of Ilininster, sp. At St. John's, Glasjtonbury, 15 Nov. 


Waddon, William, of Yeovil, surgeon, and Martha Goodford of the 

same, sp. Bdm. Christopher Gray and George Tucker. At 

. . ., 30 Oct. 1704. 
Wade, Thomas, of Portbury, yeom., widower, and Betty Tinklen of 

the same, sp. At Barrow Gurney or Portbury, JO Oct. 17-18. 
Wade, Thomas, of Portbury, and Ann Lovel, of Nailsea, aged 30. At 

Nailsea or Wraxall, 17 Feb. 1717-18. 
Wade, Thomas, of Wrington, tanner, and Joane Edmonds, of Nemp- 

nett, as ill. At Chew Stoke, Burrington or Blagdon, 25 June 

Wadman, Robert, of Horsington, clothier, and Mary King, of Cuck- 

lington, wid. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 30 June 1709. 
Wadman, Robert, of Horsington, and Ann Waite of the same, sp. 

At Mapetton, 31 Jan. 1745-6. 
Wadman, Samuel, of Horsington, chandler, and Elizabeth Vigor 

of the same, sp, aged 18 ; father cons. At the Cathedral, Wells, 

4 March 1724-5. 
Waveildk, James, of Gregory Stoke, and Elizabeth llumphreycs, 

of Wells, wid. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 10 March 1723-4. 
Waite, James, of Moorlinch, batchelor, and Johanna Westlake of the 

same, sp. At Moorlinch, 25 April 1748. 
Waite, Thomas, of Bristol, mariner, and Eleanor GrevUe, of Bath, 

wid. At Bailiwick or . . ., 26 May 1713. 
Wake, John, of Movant Valence, co. Wilts, widower, and Phillis Clarke, 

of S. Cuthbert's, Wells, sp. Bdm. Philip Clarke, of S. Cuthbert's, 

Wells, and John Clarke. 4 Dec 1712. 
Wake, Thomas, of Castle Cary, yeom., and Ann Leversedge of the same, 

sp. ; father cons. (! Aug. 1722. 
Wakeley, John, of Crewkerne, chainnaker, batchelor, and Hannah 

Ford, of Merriott, sp. At Crewkerne, 25 Aug. 1755. 
Walch, James, of Street in Pill, basket maker, and Susan Uphill, of 

Eggerly in St. John's, Glastonbury, wid. At Glastonbury, Pill, 

East Pennard, Piltmi, Wedmore, North Potherton, Asheott or 

Walton, 18 June 1728. 


Walch, .lames, of St ration on the Fosse, basket maker, and Mary 
Coush, of Pilton. Bdra. Gabriel Walch of Pilton, yeom. 28 Aug. 

Walk, John, and Deborah Jordan, of Wells. . . . [7.11. 

Walford, Henry, of Donyatt, widower, and Ann Rossiter ol the same, 

sp. At Klme, 22 June 1745. 
Walford, James, of Pilton, gent., and Ann Waller, <>f King Weston, 

s]». H< 1 1 ii . William Andrews, of Maperton, lincnwcavcr. At 

Mapertou, 2!) Sept. 1708. 
Walfoud, Richard, ol Caunington, miller, and Sarah Whitiwje, of 

Blag<lon, s|>., aged 24 ; no parents. 5 July 1082. 
Wai.kokd, Thomas, of .Mells, iunholder, ami Henrietta Carfflitchel, 

..I' Bridgwater, wid. At Mells, 2J July 1749. 
Waluam, William, of Kilmersdon, yeom., bati'hclor, and Ann Gregory 

of the same, sp. At Kilmersdon or the Cathedral, Wells, 28 May 

Walkkley, George, of Bristol, wine cooper, and Ann Tut/till, of 

Axbridge, sp., aged 24 ; father eons. 12 Oct. 172:5. 
Walker, William, of Ditcheat, batchetar, and Hester Hooper, of 

Waleol, sp. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 6 Aug. 1740. 
Walker, Thomas, <>l VVoatwood, Wilts, hush., and Sina Spender, of 

lliingerlord Farleigh, sp. At Inline, 23 Dee. 1715. 
Walker, John, of Doulting, yeom., and Martha Witcottib, of Shcpton 

Mallet, sp., aged 25 ; pareuts eons. At Shcpton Mallet or 

S. Outhbmrt'fl, Wells, 2<> March 1722. 
Walker, Thomas, of Shcpton Mallet, widower, and Mary Hole of the 

same, sp. At Frome, Stoke Lane or Downhcad, 19 June 1 73H. 
Walker, John, of Croscombe, clothier, and Mary Hipsley, of Chewton 

Mendip, sp., aged 26 ; father cons. At Chewton, Croscombc, 

West Harptree, Cheddar, Rodnev Stoke or S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 

2 J Dec. 172-1. 
Walkkr, John, of Midsomer Norton, baker, and Mary Pinckney, of 

Wells, wid. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 29 June 1729. 
Walkkr, John, of Woolvprton, husb., and Elizabeth Shapwell of the 

same, sp., aped 28. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 12 April 1712. 
Walkkr, Samuel, of Shepton Mallet, mercer, and Elizabeth Bath, of 

West Pennard, sp., aged 19 ; parents eons. At Shepton Mallet, 

East Pennard or Evercreech, 3 Dec. 1705. 
Walkkr, William, of Ereshford, Lroadweavcr, and Betty Sandle of 

the same, sp. ; no parents. At Ereshford or the Cathedral, Wells, 

.'50 July 1717. 
Walker, Alexander, of Street, and Jane Dotvne, of Glastonbury, wid. 

23 Aug. 17IH. 
Walker, Abraham, of Batcombc, yeom., and Mary Hiygins, of West 

Pennard, sp., agnd 50. At Brcwham, 1 April 1719. 
Walkkr, James, of Lit tun, yeom., and Catherine TreviUian of the 

same, sp. At Litton, 27 April 1728. 
Walkkr, Thomas, of Shepton Mallet-, pent., ami Elizabeth Reed of 

the same, wid. At the Cathedral, Wells, 9 March 1727-8. 

4 2 'J 


Walkkr, Thomas, of Hornblotton, yeoni., and Joan Goldfinch of the 

same, sp. 27 Sept. 1710. 
\V.\i.m:k, \\illi;» in, of l!iiuw Stoke, cordwaincr, and I Ian null WiUmm. 

Bdm. Walter Webb, of Ciliew Stoke. .'51 Jan. 1705-0. 
Walkkr, Edward, of St, John's, Exeter, apotliecary, and Elizabeth 

Hood, of Butleigh, sp. At Butloigh, 5 Dec. 1755. 
Wall, Thomaa, of Naifeea, yfeom., batchelor, and Ruth Collins, of 

Blagdon, sp. At Wrington or Blagdon, 5 Sept. 171.'). 
Wall, Edmund, of \\V;u<\ yooiu., batcliclur, and Elizabeth QUI, of 
Badgworfch, wid. At S. Cuthbertia, Weils, 28 May 1717. 

Wall, Nicholas, of St. Ja a', London, batchelor, and Anne Russell, 

of Bath, Bp. At Claverton or Bathwick, 20 Oct. I7:5i). 
Wall, William, of Croscombe, butcher, and Elizabeth Hannam, of 
EVercrecch, sp., aged 24 ; parents cons. At the Cathedral 
Wells, 6 Oct. J7JI. 
Wall, John, of Wick St. Lawrence, yeom., and Marv Thomas, of 
Banwell, sp., aged 24; mother cons. At Congresbury, Banwell 
or Bedminster, 7 Nov. 1727. 
Wall, Edmund, of Yeovil, apothecary, and Magdalen Vxy, of Cdaston- 
bury, sp. Bdm. Robert Fry, of St. John's, Glastonbury, tinker. 
At Somerton, St. John's, (Jlastonluirv, or Yeovil, 6 Nov. 1710. 
Wall, Edward, of Shepton Mallet, broadweaver, and Thomasin Elliot, 

of Fronie Selwood, sp. 3 March J 715- KL 
Wall, John, of Wellington, cooper, batchelor, and Mary Tucker, of 

Honiton, Devon, sp. At Wellington, 2 July 1754. 
Wall, Thomas, of Bridgwater, coal miner, and Marv Crib. At 

Bridgwater, 5 Nov. 175-L 
Wall, John, of Farriniiton, yeoni., and Elizabeth Beane of the same, 
sp., aged 30. At Farrington, Bihcgar, Emborough or Chewton 
II Jan. 171.M4. 
Wall, Ambrose, of Banwell, veom., and Joane Sess of the same, sp., 

aged 21 ; lather cons. At Banwell, 2 1 April 1711. 
Wall. Kdward, of Fast. Brent, and Susanna Wall, of Lintorne (>)• At 

Bridgwater, Chilton or Wembdou, 21 Sept. I7()(i. 
Wall, Ed-ward, of Himtspill, yeoni., and Anne Pride of the same, 

wid.; father cons. At the Cathedral, Wells, 14 May 1681. 
Wall, Henry, of Compton Bishop, yeora., and Ann Stayle of the same. 

Bdm. Francis Laxton. At Compton Bishop, 11 Dec. 1(572. 
AVallkx, John, of Kdmersdon, batchelor, and Amv Bryant, of Stratton, 

sp. At Marston Bigott or Marston Magna, 12 Jan. 1740-1. 
Wallkn, William, of Kilmersdon, yeom., and Grace Batchelor, of 
Wellow, sp., aged 25 ; parents cons. At 8. Cuthbert's, Wells, 
or Wellow, I Oct. 1717. 
Wallkk, Fphiaim, of Wit ham Friary, veom., and Marv Mills of the 

same. 24 May 1708. 
Waller, Thomas, of West Pennard, yeom., batchelor, and Ann Strode, 

of Shepton Mallet, sp. At Pilton, 2 Sept. 171!). 
Wallis, James, of Brislington, baker, batchelor, and Hester Harding, 
of SS. Philip and Jacob, Bristol. Bdm. Thomas Harding of the 
same, maltster. At SS. Philip and Jacob, Bristol, 15 April 174(5, 


Wallts, John, batchelor, and Ann Bourne, of Nether Mam, ap. Bdm. 

Robert Tucker, oi Nether Ham, gent. At the Cathedral, Wells, 

3 Oct. 1717. 
Wallis, John, of Nailsea, hush., and .lane Smith of the same, 

sp., aged 26 ; parents cons. At Compton .Martin, 16 Sept. 

1 701. 
Wallis, John, of Banwell, yeom., and Elizabeth Manning, wid. At 

S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 11 June 1719. 
Wallis, John, of Clevedon, yeom., and Mary Griffin of the same, sp., 

aged 25; no parents. At Baekwell, (i June I7H>. 
Wallis, Thomas, of High Hani, blacksmith, and Dorothy Young, of 

Aller, sp., aged 2<i. At High Ham, Allot- or Somerton, 

10 March KiS8-i). 
Wallis, William, of Coilgresbuiv, luish., and Joane Arnell of the 

same, sp., aged 21. At S. ( 'ill liber! 's, Wells, 10 April 1680. 
Waluono, Lawrence, of Lingi'ldge, gent., and Sarah Tilley <»!' the 

same, sp., aged -1 ; parents eons. At Lairgridgc, or S. Cuthbert's, 

Wells, 18 Kel). 1707-8. 
Walter, William, of VVrington, age<l 40, and Mary Bath, aged 20. 

Bdm. William Hath, of Writigton, gent., her father. At Brockley, 

(Hielvey, Yatton or Congresbury, .'><) Sept. 1702. 
Walter, John, of West lVnnard, hush., and Anne Jacob of the same, 

sp., aged 20; parents eons. Bdm. George Jacob, her brother. 

At the Cathedral or S. Cuthbert's, Wells, or Gl'astorimiry, 4 Oct. 

Walter, Mathias, of St. Michael, Bath, batchelor, and Elisabeth 

Bis/top, of SS. Peter and Paul, Bath, sp. At ( 'laverton or Bath- 

wick, 12 July 1740. 
WALTER, Benjamin, of Meare, batehelor, and Joan Lewis, sj). At 

Meare, 28 June 1715. 
Walter, John, of Diteheat, and Marv Taylor of the same, sp. .3 June 

Walter, John, of West Pennard, yeom.. and Catherine Hifbourne of 

the same, sp. .'5 Nov. 17'_'2. 
Walter, Philip, of West Pennard, and Mary Ruddock, of Rodney 

Stoke, sp., aged 22. 1 Nov. 171':-;. 
Walter, Robert, of Nailsea, and Sarah Walker, of Baekwell, wid. 

At the Cathedral, Wells, !51 July 1724. 
WALTER, William, of West Pennard. hush., and Ann Fox, of Baltons- 

borough, sp., aged 21; mother cons. At the Cathedral or S. 

Cuthbert's, Wells, l>8 Nov. 1705. 
Walter, Richard {signed Waters), of Nailsea, and Elizabeth Buller 

of the same, sp., ilgwl *_' I ; lather cons. At the Cathedral, Wells, 

,'X) Mav 1706. 
Walter, William, of North Widcomhe in Cheuton, blacksmith, and 

Marv GU)bon$ of the same, sp. At Chewton, Hintoii Blewett 

or Camelev, 20 May 17^8. 
Walter, John, of Mutton, hush., ami Mary Amesberry of the same, 

wid. Ai S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 18 May 1718. 


Walter, Murk, of Croscombe, stockingmaker, and Ann Brodrvp, of 
Clutton, aged 36; father cons., as one Mary Stock, of Binegar, 

his sister, and aunt to said Ann declares. I'xlin. Henry Snooke, 

of Binegar. At Clutton or Binegar, 25 Dec. 1711. 
Walter, John, of Bateombe, shcargrindcr, and Mary Wkatley, of 

Westbury under the Plain, Wilts, sp., aged 24; lather eons. 

At the Cathedral, Wells, 21 April 1715. 
Walter, William, of Batcombe, and Ann Walter, of Kilmington. 

18 May 1715. 
Walter, William, of Batcombe, shoemaker, and Mary Smith of the 

same, sp., aged 27 ; no parents. At the Cathedral or »S. Cuthbert's, 

Wells, 27 Aug. 17 Hi. 
Waltkr, lliehard, of Nuuney, gent., and Elizabeth Butler of the same, 

sp., aged about 21. At the Cathedral, Wells, 20 May L706. 
Walter, Samuel, of . . . , and Joune Smith, of Parmborough, sp., 

aged 22; mother eons. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 27 Dee. IG87. 
WALTER, John, of Hornblotton, hush., and Alice Jinnies of the same, 

sp., aged 40. At the Cathedral, Wells, l".) March 1689. 
Walter, John, of Bdurton, glazier, and Mary Bickham, of Chedd* n 

Kit/. Paine, sp., aged 22; no parents. At the Cathedral or S. 

Cuthbert's, Wells, .... 1889. 
Waltkr, 'Thomas, of Nailsea, yeojn., and Mary Blachmore, of Clevedon, 

wid. At Clevedon or elsewhere, 38 .lune 1701. 
Waltkr, John, of West Pennard, yeom., and Mary Sheate of the same, 

sp., aged 37 ; mother eons. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 13 Now 

Walters, James, of Batheaston, clothier, and Mary Clement of the 

same, sp. At Batheaston, Charlcombe or Langridge, 18 July 1727. 
Walters, Thomas, of Wells, and Theophilia Irish of the same, sp. 

At Wells, Shepton Mallet or Croscombe, 24 Sept. 1701. 
Walters, John, of Litton, hush., and Mary Penny, of Kilmington, 

sp. ; father cons. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 26 Jan. 1680-1. 
WALTON, Thomas, of Somcrtorn, and Margaret Lambert, of Sherborne, 

Dorset, sp., aged 21; father cons. At Charlton Mackerel or 

Kiugsdon, 19 April 1708. 
Walton, William, of Somerton, glover, and Mary Hooper, of Crew- 

kerhc, sp., aged .'50; mother tons. At Umiiister, Seavington, 

Dinuingtoii or Merriott, 19 Nov. 1708. 
Walton, John, of Somerton, tailor, and Elizabeth Hnller of the same, 

wid. At Kiugsdon, Pitney or Long Sutton, 22 June 1682. 
Wansky, Henry, of Maiden Bradley, Wilts, yeom., and Elizabeth 

Bartletl, of Castle Cary, sp., aged 21 ; parents cons. At Abnsford, 

or Castle Cary, 10 June 1682. 
Ward, William, of . . ., and Ann . . ., of South Stoke, sp., aged 20; 

father cons. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, . . . 1708. 
Ward, Thomas, of Monkton Combo, and Elizabeth Holloway. At 

. SS. Peter and Paul, Bath, or South Stoke, 22 July 1715. 
Ward, Elias, of S. Cuthbert's, Wells, batchelox, and Hannah Kingston 

of the same, sp. At Axbridge or Cheddar, 17 March 1738-9. 


Ward, Thomas, of Combo Kay, hu»b., and Mary Hill, of West Ashton, 

Wills, sp., aged 32 ; father cons. At Binegar, 31 Dec. 1712. 
Ward, .loh n, of Shoptoji Mallet, yeom., and Amy Far-fill, sp., aged 

28. At tin- Cathedral or S. fluthbert's, Wells, 2 Jan. 17()l-. r ). 
Ward, John, of Dorchester, grocer, and Judith Cox, of Montacutc, 

sp. At . . ., 3 Dee. 171 1. 
Ward, Walter, of South Stoke, yeoin., and Sarah Dod, of Farmborough, 

sp. At Stanton Drew, 8 May 1713. 
Ward, Thomas, of Wells, baker, and Joane Hole, of Dimmer in Castle 

Carv, sp., aged 23 ; no parents. At Whcathill or Barton David, 

. . Sept. 1689. 
Ward, William, of Trowbridge, Wilts, blacksmith, and Ann Sibly, 

of South Stoke, t^])., aged 20 ; father cons. At S. Cuthberts, 

Wells, 28 July 1708. (Married there that date, vide Parish 

WARDE, John, of Weave, husb., and Mary H aisle of the same, sp. At 

Christen or Weare, 7 Nov. 1681. 
WARE, Richard, of St. Philip, Bristol, maltster, and Elizabeth Swain, 

of Brislington, sp. At Brislington or Burnett, 3 Sept. 1743. 
Warefield, Richard, of Weston by Hath, widower, and Elizabeth 

Missetl of the same, sp. At Weston by Hath, or North Stoke, 

1 Jan. 1710-1. 
Warefield, William, of West Pennard, husb., and Mary Fussell, of 

West Bradley, sp., aged 20 ; parents cons. At Glastonbury, 

East Pennard or Butleigh, 1 July 1710. 
WARFIELD, John, of Mcare, widower, and Joane Feaci/ of the same, 

sp., aged 30. At Meare, 2ti March 1077. 
Warford, Roger, of . . ., and Jane Mofij, of Shepton Montague, wid. 

At Shepton Montague, Piteombe or Stoke Trister, 13 Oct. 1690. 
Warford, Robert, of Mcare, husb., and Sarah lleales of the same, 

sp., aged 24 ; father cons. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, . . March 

Warman, Marmaduke, of Combe Klory, felmonger alias glover, and 

Florence Standfast, wid. At St. Mary Magdalene, Taunton, 

Combe Klory, Norton Kitz Warren, Bed minster, Kifehead, West 

Bagboroughj or Bridgwater, 29 May 1704. 
Warman, William, of Somerton, and . . . Newcourt of the same, wid. 

. . . 1711. 
Warman, Hugh, of Cannington, husb., and Bridget Gr infield of the 

same, sp. Bdm. Jonas Coles of Cannington, yeom. At Bridg- 
water or Chilton, 24 July 1708. 
Warm EM., Robert, of Wells, haberdasher, and Mary Bartholomew, of 

North Petherton, sp., aged 24 ; mother cons. At S. Cuthbert's. 

Wells, or Thurloxton, 17 May 1(580. 
Warner, John, of North Pethertdn; batehelor, and Phebe Chapman, 

of Meare, sp. At Meare, 14 Nov. 1747. 
Warner, Thomas, of Nunney, clothworker, and Susanna Edey of 

the same, sp. At Nunney, Leigh on Mendip, Mells or Elme, 

10 June 1723. 

3 A 

42ft M.\mtlA(JK C..TCKNOKS IN TItM 

Warner, John, of Wells, stableman, ami Ann Button, of Aahcofct, 

will. 18 June 1720. 
Warr, Philip, of Oongrcsbury, batehclor, and Mary Burrow of the 

same, sp. At the Cathedral, Wells, 'J'.) Sept. 1738. 
Warr, John, of Hoi way in Corton Dcnham, hush., and Joan Hockey 

of the same, sp. 7 July 1712. 
Warren, John, junior, <>l Stringston, hush., and Mary Hurley, of 
Nether Sfcowey, sp., aged 24; no parents. At Stringston, Over 
Stowey, Dodingtou or Holford, (i Nov. 1683. 
Warren, Robert, of North Petherton, yeom., and Ann Stacy of the 
same. Bdm. Robert Warren of Milverton, senior, and Lawrence 
Stacy of North Curry. At St. Mary Magdalene, Taunton, 10 Oct. 
167 2. 
Warrv, Thomas, of West Coker, yeom., and Mary Smith of the same, 
wid. At West Coker or Wcflow, I Jan. 1708-9. (Note, married 
at S. Cuthliert's. Wells, that date, vide Parish Register.) 
Wakkv, Henry, of Chard, blacksmith, and Sarah Cox, of Cricket!, sp., aged 24. 15dm. William Adams. 27 Jan. 1721-2. 
Warry, Thomas, of West Coker, gent., and Mrs. Elizabeth Smith of 

the same, At Ilchester, 9 March 1709-10. 
Wasen, Stephen, of Chewton, hosier, batchelor, and Mary Hill, of 

Wrington, sp. At Wrington or Burrington, 15 Dec. 175:3. 
Wason, Richard, junior, of Croscombe, clothier, and Elizabeth Stayg 
of the same, sp. At Croscombe, East Pennard or Binegar, 3 May 
Wason, John, of Brewham, yeom., and Mary Penny of the same, sp., 

aged 26; no parents. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 30 July 1722. 
Wason, Robert, of Batcombe, yeom., and Susan Squire, of Somcrton, 
sp., aged 29 ; no parents. At Batcombe or Lamvatt, 12 Nov. 
Wason, Thomas, of East Pennard, yeom., and Susan Clarke, of Wookev, 

sp. At East Pennard, 29 Dec. 1718. 
Wason, Richard, of East Pennard, and Grace Deane, of South Berrow, 
sp. ; parents eons. At West Lydford, Hornblotton, or Alford, 
21 Oct. 1689. 
Wason, Richard, of Croscombe', clothier, and Prudence Irish, of Coinp- 

ton Bishop. . . Sept, 1690. 
Wason, John, of Ditcheat, yeom., and Dorothy Slade, of Castle Cary, 
sp. Bdm. Robert Perev, yeom., and Andrew Russe, of S. Cuth- 
bert's, Wells, yeom. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 20 Feb. 1671-2. 
WATCH, James, of Street in Pill, widower, and Philippa, otherwise 
Phillis, Pallis, of East Pennard, sp. At Pill or West Pennard, 
1 May 1739. 
Watch, James, of Stratton on the Posse, baskctmaker, and Mary 
Bush, of Pilton, sp., aged 20. At the Cathedral or S. Cuthbert's, 
Wells, 28 Aug. 1712. 
Watkkman, Roger, of Tisbury, Wilts, mason, and Elizabeth Dusty 

of the same, sp. At Msipcrfcon, 23 July 1711. 
Waters) Samuel, of Tinterihufl, yeom., and Sarah Stay. Bdm. 
Samuel Stag, of Mont acute, yeom. At Yeovil, 19 June 1712. 


Waters, William, of Bristol, and Mary Collobey, of Bath. At Lang- 

ridge, 6 May 1689. 
Waters, lloger, of Bath, chandler, and Joano I'<>p<', of Weston by 

Bath, aged 22 ; no parents. At Bath, Weston, <>r Batheaston, 

. . . 1689. 
Waters, William, of Chedzoy, husb., and Mary Axon, of North Curry, 

sp., aged 30 ; lather cons. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 28 Aug. 1701. 
Watbs, Henry, of Marston Biggott, laisl)., ami Olive Brown, of Deverell 

Longbridgc, Wilts, sp. At Elme, 30 Aug. 1745. 

WatKINS, William, of Hath, gent., aged 22, and Prances Penelope 
Vernon, of St. Augustine's, Bristol, sp., aged 21. At Brislington, 

30 July 171 4. 
W ATKINS, William, of Banwell, tailor, and Mary Comer of the same, 

wid. At Winscombe or Churchill, 9 Nov/ 1713. 
Waticins, William, of S. Cuthbert's, Wells, widower, and Ann Coram 

of the same, sp., aged 22. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 28 Feb. 1681-2. 
Watkyn, George, of Parbet (?), co. Pembroke, yeora., and Sarah Thome, 

of Croweombe, sp. At Bridgwater, (5 May 1715. 
Watson, William, of West Stover, co. Dorset, and Grace Watts, of Ouck- 

lington, sp. At . . ., 17 Jan. 1(599-1700. 
Watton, Samuel, of Trowbridge, Wilts, clothier, and Sarah Webb, 

of Chew Magna, sp., aged 29 ; no parents At Bedminster, 

Stanton Drew, Chew Stoke or Chew Magna, 27 July 1721. 
Watts, James, of Shepton Mallet, clothier, and Amey Westley, of 

S. Cuthbert's, Wells, sp., aged 29 ; lather cons. At S. Cuthbert's, 

Wells, 23 Sept. 1702. 
Watts, John, of Badgworth, and Elizabeth Browne of the same, 

sp., aged 22 ; parents cons. At Badgworth, Christon or Compton 

Bishop, 25 Nov. 1703. 
Watts, William, of Lottisham in Ditcheat, and Mary Love!/, of West 

Bradley, wid. At the Cathedral or S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 23 Feb. 

1708-9. (Married at S. Cuthbert's, Wells, that date, vide Parish 

Watts, John, of Kdington in Moorlinch, yeom., and Mary Lee of the 

same, sp., aged 34. At S. Cuthbert's", Wells, 23 May 1709. 
Watts, Samuel, of Frome, victualler, and Hannah Hyatt of the same, 

sp. Bdm. James Bull, of Frome, clothier. At Elme, 18 March 

Watts, Thomas, of Mary Port, Bristol, widower, and Sarah Cope, 

of Widcombe, wid. ' At SS. Peter and Paul, Bath, 19 Nov. 

Watts, Jacob, of Brislington, saekweaver, and Elizabeth Haines, 

of Bristol, sp. At Brislington or Burnett, 22 Nov. 1746. 
Watts, Anthony, of Uphill, yeom., and Ann Swers of the same, sp. 

At Uphill, Axbridge or Winscomb, 6 Jan. 1728-9. 
Watts, Henry, of Churchill, yeom., and Elizabeth Hill, of Wrington, 

wid. At the Cathedral, ' Wells, 8 April 1729. 
Watts, . . . ., and .... Dod. 16 .lime 1729. 
Watts, ..... and . . . Cann. 18 June 1729. 


Watts, James, of Batcombe, merchant, batchelor, and Mary Shetorin, 

of St. Mary Redciiffo, Bristol, sp. Bdm. John Watts, of Ohew 

Stoko, gent. At Lovington or Batcombe, 19 Aug. [I'M. 

Watts, Lionel, of Shepton Mallet, carrier, batchelor, and Jane Phelps 

of the same, sp. At Shepton Mallet or Doulting, 21 Nov. 1737. 

Watts, Joseph, of Frome, widower, and Mary Chiltenkam of the same, 

sp. At the Cathedral, Wells, 11 Nov. 1739. 
Watts, Samuel, of Nempnett, hush., and Mary Wright of the same, 
sp., aged 40. At Nempnett, Batcombe, or West Harptree, 3 Dee. 
1 722. 
Watts, John, of Froine Sehvood, butcher, and Martha Singer, alius 

Smith, sp., aged 21 ; parents cons. At Kline, 7 Sept. 172"). 
Watts, James, of S. Cuthbert's, Wells, hush., and Ann Hilbourn, of 
West Pehnard, sp., aged 25 ; no parents. At West Pennard 
or Pilton, 26 Feb. 1725-6. 
Watts, Samuel, of Bath, poulterer, and Susan Apleford of the same, 

sp. 25 May 1718. 
WATTS, John, of Shepton Mallet, clothier, and Catherine Bennett, 
of South Brewham, aged 29. At Bruton, Brewham or Itedlyneh, 
13 Feb. 1719-20. 
Watts, William, of Worle, yeom., and Hannah Sparg of the same, 
sp., aged 18; mother cons. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 18 July 
Watts, Edward, of Shepton Mallet, butcher, and Mary Walts, of 
Wester Comptou, sp., aged 2(i ; father cons. At the Cathedral, 
Wells, 17 June 1728. 
Watts, William, of Frome, yeom., batchelor, and Betty Couzner of 

the same, sp. At the Cathedral, Wells, Hi July 1750. 
Watts, William, of Cateott, yeom., batchelor, and Jane Bryant of the 
same, sp., aged 19 ; no father, mother cons. At Moorlinch or 
the Cathedral, Wells, 12 Nov. 1753. 
Watts, Samuel, of Shepton Mallet, gent;, batchelor, and Elizabeth 
Heal, of Clapton in Midsomer Norton, sp. At Shepton Mallet 
or Midsomer Norton, 19 Dec. 1751. 
Watts, George, of Churchill, yeom., and Ruth Stephens, of Ubley, 

sp., aged 30; lather cons. At Ubley or Cameley, 8 May 1716. 
Watts, Samuel, of Marshfield, co. Glouc, maltster, and Ann Dollimj, 
of Batheaston, sp., aged 24 ; no parents. At Batheaston, 5 Nov. 
Watts, Nicholas, of Cucklington, gent,, and Ruth Bowerman, of Milton, 
in the parish of Gillingham, Dorset, sp. Bdm. Thomas Bennet, 
of East Stower in Dorset, gent, and Philip Bennett, of Maper- 
ton, gent. At Maperton or elsewhere, 12 Feb. 170(1-7. 
Watts, Henry, of Congresbury, yeom., and Mary Butcher of the same, 

sp. At Congresbury or S. Cut hbert's, Wells, . . Aug. 1690. 
Watts, Joseph, of Wrington, and Judith Vawles, of Nempnett, sp. 

- At tin: Cathedral, Wells, 13 Nov. 1(190. 
Watts, William, of Wells, tailor, and Christian Hippesleif, of Burcot, 
(in parish of S. ('nthbert, Wells), sp., aged 21 ; each has a father 
who cons. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 26 June 1700. 


Watts, Thomas, of Dunster, gent., and Elizabeth Walls, of Sarum, 

Wills, sp. I April 1681. 
Watts, Jolin, of Rawden (?), gent., ami Mary Speed, oi Shepton Wallet, 

sp., aged -1 ; mother cons. At West Pennard, Doulting or 

Wells, 2 June 1683. 
Watts, William, df Babington, innkeeper, widower, and PurnaJ Basse/,/, 

of Midsomcr Norton, sp. At Kilmersdon or Holeombe, 17 Nov. 

Watts, Edmund, of Churchill, gent., and [Catherine Jones, of Congres- 

bury, s|>., aged .'50. At COngresbury, Wring ton or Shipham, 

1 March 1678-9. 
Watts, Phencas, of Paulton, gunsmith, and Mary Love/l. At Paulton, 

Binegar or Stanton Drew^ 7 April 1702. 
Wawtkr, John, of Glutton, widower, and Martha Kelstone of the same, 

sp., aged 21. At Glutton or Ghelwood, 28 Feb. 1740-1. 
Way, Richard, of Woollavington, and Ann Hunt of the same. Licence 

by Joseph l)imnse\', Bettor of Kington Manlield, 31 Aug. 

Way, William, of Wootton Courtenay, clothier, and Ann Long of the 

same, sp., aged 42 ; father eons. At Wootton Courtenay, East 

Quantoxhead or Wembdon; 2 Feb, 1711-12. 
Way, Joseph, of Compton Dando, carpenter, and Eleanor Sage, of 

St. Thomas', Pensford. Bdm. Samuel Sage, of Pensford, victualler. 

At Stanton Drew, Publow or St. Thomas', Pensford, 28 March 

Wayland, John, of Frome Selwood, l)roadweaver, and Jane AUard, 

wid. At the Cathedral, Wells, 28 April 1713. 
Wayland, John, of Frome Selwood, cordwainer, and Ann Smith, 

of Trowbridge, sp. 28 April 1 7 14. 
Waytk, .John (signed Wait), of Wincanton, cordwainer, and Elizabeth 

Static, of lilac k ford, sp., aged 21 ; father cons. At S. Cnthbert's, 

or the Cathedral, Wells, 23 Mav 1700. 
Weaker, Thomas, of rCmborough, carpenter, and Dorothy NQrth of 

the same, sp., aged 20; father cons. At Chewton, Binegar, 

Wells, Kilmersdon, Frome or Whatley, 27 Dee. 1700. 
Wkahio, John, of Weston Bamplield, gent., and Jane Hancock, of 

Queen Camel, wid. Bdm. Richard Brewer, of Queen Camel, 

yeom. 22 Dec 1712. 
Weare, William, of Fresh ford, broad weaver, and Flizabeth Voivles 

of the same, wid. At Freshford, Woolverlon, Norton St. Philip, 

Tellisfonl, Buckland Dinham, or Widcombe, 7 June I71(>. 
WEARE, John, of North Cadbury, husb., and Mary HUborne, of South 

Barrow, wid. At the Cathedral or S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 5 Jan. 

Weaver, Benjamin, of Wells, husb., and Sarah Rossiter, of Foxcote, 

sp., aged 27 ; mother cons. At Foxcote, Camerton, Wellow, or 

Bath, 31 Dec. 1707. 
Weaver, Joliu, of . . . ., husb., and Mary Jenkins, of Lottisham 

in Ditcheal, sp., agwl 27. At Glastonbury, 28 Dec. 1709. 


Weaver, George, of Shepton Mallei, victualler, ami Eleanor Willing 

o| (lie same, sp., Hgcd 2 1 ; mother C'Olltt. At Shepton Mallet, or 

Wells, 21 July 1721. 
Weaver, William, of Btnboroiigh, yeom., ami Mary Jones, of Mid- 

somer Norton, sp., aged 10. At Biuegar or llolcombe, 12 April 

Weaver, William, of Emborough, miner, and Joanc Shears, of Wells, 

wi.l. At S. Cutlil.eifs, Wells, 15 April 1723. 
WEAVER, John, of Frome, clothier, ami Mary Ke'vell of the same, sp., 

aged 21 ; mother cons. At, S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 12 .Jan. 172-1-5. 
Weaver, Thomas, of Buckland Dinham, carpenter, ami Elizabeth 

North, of Embordugh. sp., aged 30. At Emborough, Mells, Road, 

or Nunney, 12 Aug. 1710. 
Weaver, George, of Midsbmer Norton, ami Rebecca Florler, of Stratton 

on the Fosse, sp. 15dm. John West. At Midsomer Norton, 

Stratton on the Fosse, or Dunkerton, . . . 1704-5. 
Weaver, Peter, of Winford, and Mary Webb, of Chew Stoke, sp., aged 

25; mother cons. At the Cathedral, Wells, 22 April 1728. 
Weaver, George, of Writhlingtdn, yeoni., and Hannah Wales, of Wellow, 

s]). Bdm. Francis Weaver, of Frome Selwood. 25 Sept. 1713. 
Weaver, John, of Chew Stoke, yeom., and Mary Wool, of Winsford. 

22 April 1711. 
Weaver, Simon, of Wellow, veoin., batchelor, and Sally Jones of the 

same, sp. At Wellow, 30 July 1750. 
Weaver, William, of Buckland Dinham, batchelor, and Mary Pearee 

of the same, wid. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 18 Oct. 1750. 
Weaver; Robert, of Wraxall, yeom., batchelor, and Betty Morgan of 

the same, sp. At the Cathedral, Wells, 28 April 1750. 
Weaver, William, of Wraxall, yeom., batchelor, and Mary Warn 

of the same, wid. At Wraxall, -1 March 1755. 
Wi'.itit, Michael, of Chew Stoke, husb., and Mary Kim/, of Strode in 

Winford, sp., aged 20 ; parents cons. At the Cathedral or S. 

Cuthbert's, Wells, 25 Nov. 1703. 
WeBB, John, of Frome, cardmaker, and Margaret Neivmun of the same, 

sp. Bdm. Richard Webb, of Frome. At Frome, Nunney, or 

Buckland Dinham, 30 May 1704 
Webb, Robert, of Bath, tailor, and Jane Taylor, alias Culver of the 

same, sp., aged 32. At the Cathedral, Wells, 15 Nov. 1708. 
Webb, Henry, of Emborough, miller, and Elizabeth Wooford of the 

same, wul. At the Cathedral or S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 31 Dee. 

Webb, William, of Frome, cardmaker, ami Elizabeth Yeoll, of Leigh 

on Mendip, sp. At Elme, 12 Aug. 1746. 
Webb, Meveck (( Merick), of Chew Magna, stockingmaker, and Hester 

Purnell of the same, sp., aged 21. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 23 Jan. 

Webb, Matthew, of Bath, coachman, and Elizabeth Tuckey of the 

same, sp., aged 22. Bdm. William Steven of Bath, carpenter. 

At South Stoke, 28 Oct, 1721. 


Webb, Emanuel, of North Barrow, parchment maker, and Mary 
Creed, of Milton (Jlevedon, wid. At Milton Clevedon, Brewham, 

or Brutmi, 15 Nov. 1721. 
Webb, Samuel, of Kewstoke, yeom., and Mary Stone, of Batcombe, 

sp. At Batcombe, 13 Jan. 1729-:i(). 
Webb, Henry, <»f Yeovil, and Elizabeth. Coles, of Bruton, sp. At 

Maperton, 11 March 17:50-1. 
Webb, William, of Wrington, widower, and Hannah Goodson, of 

Bunington, wid. At Bunington, 13 Oct. 1739. 
Webb, Martin, of Drayton, and Ann Hutchins of the same, sp, 2 June 

Webb, John, of Chew Magna, gent., and Elizabeth Cole, of Wick St. 

Lawrence, sp., aged 21 ; mother cons. At Wick St. Lawrence 

or Bath, 27 July 1724. 
Wi'.iiii, Benjamin, of Shepton Mallet, clothworker, and Mary Rose 

of the same, sp., aged 29 ; parents cons. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 

3 Oct. 1724. 
Webb, James, of Cold Ashton, co. Glouc., hush., and Sarah Rawlins, 

of Weston by Bath, sp., aged 22. At Twcrton or Corston, 23 May 

W Kitn, Martin, of Walcol, labourer, and Dchorah Gockey, of Box, 

Wilts, sp., aged 2(i ; no parents. Bdm. John Webb, his brother. 

At Langridge, 12 Feb. 1725-6. 
Webb, James, of Sutton Wick in Chew Magna, yeom., and Martha 

Walls, of Woollard in I'nblow, aged 22. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 

I Dec. 1710. 

Webb, John, of Chewton, blacksmith, and Elizabeth Green of the 

same, sp., aged 30 ; no parents. At Chewton, Binegar, or Wells, 

30 April 1712. 
Webb, John, of Beckington, tinker, and Frances Ames, of Batcombe, 

sp. ... 1712., William, of Chew Magna, yeom., and Mary Webb of the 

same, sp. ; parents cons. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 22 May 

Webb, Walter, of ('hew Stoke, yeom., and Sarah Fisher, of Wrington, 

sp., aged 27 ; parents cons. At Wrington, Bedminster, Norton 

Malreward, or Dundry, 28 July 1707. 
Webb, Richard, of Donyatt, yeom., and Mary Uunlley of the same, 

sp. ; father cons. 28 Aug. 1732. 
Wisbb, William, of Pitcombe, stonemason, and Mary Glasier, of . . ., 

wid. At Winscombc, 10 Feb. 1711-12. 
Wkbh, John, of Beckingt >n, cordwainer, and Frances Ames, of Bat- 
combe, sp. Bdm. Thomas Ames, of Batcombe, clothier. 12 Sept. 

Webb, John, of Shepton Mallet, scrivener, widower, and Mary Spencer 

Of the same, sp. At Shepton Mallet, 22 Oct. 1754. 
Webb, John, of Bridgwater, yeom., and Martha Roche, the elder, 

of the same, wid. Bdm. Thomas Lewis, of Bridgwater, yeom. 

19 Nov. 1710. 


Wtillli, William, of Coiile('0> 00. (Hour., tailor, and Fli/.al.elh Cooke, of 

Bath, wid. At, Bath, M June 171-1. 
Wkhis, William, of Chew Alalia, ycoin., and Ann minister of the same, 

wid. BdlU. Edward Webb, of Chew Magna, yeom. At Norton 

Malreward, M Dec 1705. 
Webb, Ambrose, of Kingsclere, eo. Southampton, and Abigail Strode, 

of Maperton, sp., aged 21 ; parents cons. At Maperton or . . ., 

16 Oct. 1686. 
Webb, William, of North Barrow, yeom., and Frances Tean, of North 

Cadburv, sp. At North Cadbury, North Barrow, or Castle Cary, 

23 Mar. 1686-7. 
WEBB, Edward, of Bristol, and Zenobia Cox, of Flax Bourton, sp., 

aged 25 ; no parents. At Blagdon or Ubley, . . . Sept. 1690. 
Webb, John, of Bruton, clerk, and Margaret Dring of the same, sp. 

At Bruton or Shepton Montague, 2(5 Nov. 1690. 
Webb, Walter, of Chew Stoke, aged 25, and Joane Tibbott, of Dundry, 

sp., aged 22 ; his mother and her lather cons. At S. Cuthbert's, 

Wells, 10 Jan. 1 070-7. 
Webb, George, of Uorfeild, co. Clone, gent,, and Mary Spoore, of 

Port bury, sp., aged 22 ; parents cons. At Portbury, Tickenhatn, 

or Clapton, 17 May 1081. 
Webb, Thomas, of Chew Magna, husb., aged 29, and Mary Shine of 

the same, aged 29. At 8. Cuthbert's, Wells, West Harptree, or 

Chew Magna, 5 May 1077. 
Webb, Samuel, of Drayton, and Elizabeth Podger of the same, 10 May 

Webb, Emanuel, of Croweombe, tanner, and Joane Liddon of the same, 

sp. Bdm. Robert Cooke, of Taunton, tailor. At Taunton or 

Crocombe, 5 Sept. 1078. 
Webb, Michael, of Winford, yeom., and Jane Mien, of Chew Stoke, 

Bdm. William Sperrin, of Wrington, blacksmith, and James 

Webbi of Chew Stoke, cordwainer. At Norton Malreward or 

Chew Stoke, 25 April 1700. 
Webber, Francis, of Chew Magna, yeom., batchelor, and Jane Bucklar, 

of the same, sp. At Barrow Gurney, Chew Stoke, or Brislington, 

4 April 1740. 
Webber, Francis, of Minehead, gent., and Elizabeth Wrenlmore, of 

Axbridge, sp., aged 20. At Axbridge or elsewhere, 10 Jan. 1705-0. 
Webber, Thomas, of East Brent, yeom., and Mary Cooke of the same, 

sp., aged 27 ; no parents. At East Brent or S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 
10 Dec. 1717. 
Webble, John, of Wells, anil Jane Higgins of the same, wid. 22 June 

WEBLEY, Edward, of Kingweston, husb., and Anne Stocker of the 

same, sp., aged 20; parents cons. At Kingweston, Butleigh, 
Kington Maniield, or Wells, 28 March 1 70S. 
Weblv, John, of Kingweston, yeom., and Mary Ash, of Bruton, sp., 
aued 28; mother cons. At Kington Maniield, l'itconibo, or 
North Barrow, 1 Oct. 1083. 


Wkhly, Joint, (if Kingweatpn, Imsl)., and .... Frickcr, of Cnek- 

hngton, sp., aged 10; no parents. At Kiugwcstun, Charlton 

Mackerell, or Charlton Adam, :5 May I ?<)!>. 
Webly, John, ol Barton David, yeoin., and Joanc Cow per, of Lottis- 

liam, in Diteheat, .sp., uged II. At Diteheat, Barton David, 

Whcathill, or Kington Manfiehl, 21 April 1716. 
Wi'ihVn. Atwcll, ol W'ootton Courtcnny, tanner, aged 'Jo, and Margaret 

(JuicliC, of MKvori li\ , sp., aged 20. Udiu. John Winter, of Stog- 

uihbor, clothier. At Cfowcoinbe, l&lworthy, or Stogumber, 

28 Nov. 1678. 
WffiEKES, John, yoiinger, of Rodney Stoke, yconj., and Sarah Tottenham, 

of Draycott in Cheddar, wid. At Rodney Stoke, :5 July 170:5. 
WkRKESj Samuel, of I'riddv, luisb., and Mary Junes, of Prome, sp., 

aged 21. 15dm. John Jones, of Frome Sclwood, clothworkcr, 

her father. At the Cathedral or S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 7 Oct. 

Wejekes, Francis, of Felton in Winlord, batchelor, and Hetty Snuohe 

of the same, wid. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, Nov. 1710. 
Wkkkes, John, of Shepton Mallet, clotnworker, and Mary Gray of 

the same, sp. 22 Feb. 1723-4. 
Wekkks, Thomas, ol Rodney Stoke, mariner, and Ann Athrclfo, of 

Charterhouse |IIintoii], wid. At Bedminster, Blagdbn* or S. 

Culhberfs, Wells, 2!) Jan. 1711-12. 
Wkkkks, William, of Compton .Martin, and Mary Siiunders, of i l)udon(?), 

in parish of Winlord, 28 Oct. 1711. 
Wkkkks, John, ol Compton Martin, and Mary Rumney, of Wrington, 

sp. ; parents cons. At Wrington, Burrington, or the Cathedral, 

Wells, . . Apr. 1690. 
Wekkks, John, ol Stanton Drew, carpenter, and Sarah Col/ens, of 

Chew Magna, sp. I5dm. Richard Weckes, of Norton Malreward, 

husb. At Norton Malreward or Chew Stoke, 27 Feb. 1700-1. 
Weeks. John, of I'uxton, husb., and Mary Millard, of South Brent, 

sp., aged 2<» ; (inardian, John 'roomer, cons. At the Cathedral 

or S. Cuthheii's, Wells. IS Feb. 1702-3. 
Weeks, Leonard, ol Winlord. veoni.. widower, and Jane Webb of the 

same, sp. 15dm. John Webb, of Winford, ycom. At Compton 

Martin, Ubley or Chewton, 20 Nov. 1747. 
Weeks, William, of Compton Martin, batchelor, ami Mary Filer, of 

Whitchurch, sp. At Norton Mali. 'ward, 17 Sept. 1718. 
Weeks, and Gilt [«'o], 28 March 1729. 
Weeks, Edward, ol Combe Hay, tailor, and Mary Pye of the same, 

sp. At Frome, 20 April 1730. 
Weeks, William, of Rodnev Stoke, batchelor, and Betty Taylor of 

the same, sp. At the Cat hedral, Wells, 2 April 1710.' 
Weeks, John, ol Compton Martin, yeoin., and Ann Moore, of Butlcigh, 

sp. 12 Jan. 1724-5. 
WKKKS, Richard, of Chew Stoke, veom., and Susan Ford, of Uphill, 

sp., agwl 2(i ; no parents. At the Cathedral, Wells, 29 June 

1727. ' 



Weight, Robert, of Churchill, chairmaker, and Ruth Jordan of t lio 
saint', sp., aged 4 M) ; no parents. At S. Cuthbert's or tin; Cathedral, 

W.-lls, 2 An-. 1708, 
Weight, Robert, <>l ..... broadweaver, and Julian Whiting. Bdm. 

Peter Edwards, of Moll*. At Mells, 3 L<Yb. 1015-0., John, of Winscombe, Imsl)., and Mary Wkitewood of tin; same, 

wid. At Winscombe, 1 April L702. 
Welch, George, of Shapwiek, mercer, and Elizabeth (Jollier, of the 

Liberty of St. Andrew, Wells, sp, At the Cathedral, Wells. 

26 April 1708. 
Welch, George, of Salisbury, Wilts, cordwainer, and Elizabeth Giles, 

of Shepton Mallet, sp., aged 25. At Shepton Mallet, 24 Jan. 

Welch, Richard, of Asheott, mercer, and Elizabeth Collier of the 

same, sp., aged 28 ; no parents. At Meare or elsewhere, 13 April 

Welch, Charles, of Shepton Mallet, clothier, and Ann Dike, of Upton 

Noble, sp., aged 22 ; mother cons. At Milton Clevedon, or Upton 

Noble, . . . 1(185. 
Wellen, John, of St. George [by Bristol], yeom., aged 30, and Sarah 

Baker, of Long Ashton, sp., aged 25. At Portbmy or Barrow 

Gurney, 10 Aug. 1678. 
Wellett, William, of Wrington, woollen draper, aged 37, and Martha 

Curtis, of Axbridge, sp., aged 30. At Chewton or Hiuton Blewett, 

26 Nov. 1G7 ( J. 
Wells, John, of Caversham, co. Oxford, bricklayer, batchelor, and 

Mary Sage, of Publow, sp. Bdm. Samuel Sage, of Pensford, gent. 

At the Cathedral, Wells, 28 Dec. 1747. 
Wells, John, of Gare Jlill in Marston Biggot, yeom., and Ann Smith, 

of Care Hill, in Maiden Bradley, Wilts, sp. At Frome, 13 June 

Wells, John,, of Bridgwater, plumber, and Mrs. Katherine Turberville, 

of Soineiton, sp. Bdm. William Wannan, gent., and Joshua 

Ucadi, gent., both of Sonierlon. At Somerton, Bridgwater or 

Kingsdoii, 20 March 1705. 
Wells, John, of Bridgwater, plumber, and Mary Garrett, of Goat- 
hurst, sp., aged 28 ; mother cons. At Durleigh, Wembdon, or 

Bridgwater, 18 June 1081. 
Welsh, John, of Shepton Mallet, coachman, and Jane Browne of the 

same, sp. At the Cathedral, Wells, 20 March 1710-11. 
Welsh, John, of Ditcheat, )eom., and Alice Hodges of the same, sp., 

aged 21 ; parents cons. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 24 Aug. 1704. 
WELSHMAN, Philip, of Ditcheat, widower, and Elizabeth Clarke, sp. 

At S. Cuthbert's or the Cathedral, Wells, 31 Oct. 1747. 
Welshman, Philip, of Ditcheat, batchelor, and Mary Reeves, of East 

Pennard, sp. At the Cathedral, Wells, 21 May 1739. 
Wklsuouse, Richard, of Stogursev, blacksmith, and Ann Bunnell 

of the same, sp., aged 25 ; parents cons. At Otter hampton, 

Dodington, or lalstoek, 19 March 1077-8. 


Wekge, Richard, Vicar of Pawlctt, and Elizabeth Moore, of Cros- 

combo, sp. 3 Dec. 1722. 
Wrscombe, Thomas, of Milverton, butcher, batehelor, and Grace 

Bond, of Hcathfiekl, sp. At Hcathfield, 24 June 1754. 
West, John, of West Harptree, husb., and Hannah Cottle, of Ston 

Easton, sp., aged 24 ; father cons. At West Harptree, Ston 

Easton, or Ghewton, 2G Dec. 1702. 
West, John, of Midsomex Norton, blacksmith, and Joane Maggs, 

of Kilmersdon, sp., aged 21 ; mother cons. At Midsomer Norton, 

Kilmersdon or Writhlington, -1 May 1702, 
West, John, of Meare, yeoin., and Joane Rowley of the same, sp., 

aged .'50; no parents. At Meare, Ashcott, or Walton, 26 May 

West, . . ., of East Brent, and Mary Parfrey, of Badgworth, sp. At 

Christen, 13 Jan. 1707-8. 
West, John, of Abbots Isle, and Frances Hodges, of Evercreech, sp., 

aged 22 ; father cons. At the Cathedral or S. Cllthbert's, Wells, 

6 Jan. 1703-4. 
West, John, of Meare, yeom., widower, and Rachel Stone, of Puriton, 

wid. At North Eumore, Middlezoy, Wembdon, Durlcigh, Chilton, 

or Chedzov, 15 Nov. 17-15. 
West, Mark, of Bradford Abbas, co. Dorset, gent., and Hester Sampson, 

of Gary Fitz Pain(?), sp. Bdm. Henry Chichester, of Northover, 

gent. At Charlton Mackerel, 28 May 174(5. 
AVest, Richard, of Rodden, yeom., batehelor, and Betty Dorwell, 

of Krome, sp. At S. Cutlibert's, Wells, 4 July 1717. 
West, William, of Yarlington, yeom., and Ann Hickman of the same, 

sp., aged 30; no parents. 9 May 1721. 
West, John, of Chew Stoke, yeom., and Ann King of the same, sp., 

aged 30 ; father cons. At Compton Martin, Nempnct, or Stowey, 

2 Nov. 1728. 
West, John, of St. John's, Glastonbury, saddler, and Ann Wrottmore 

of the same, sp. At Martock, 22 June 1730. 
West, John, of Frome, saddlcmaker, and lvatherine Singer of the 

same, sp. At Kline, 29 June 173(5. 
West, Thomas, of Frome, and Alice Bissett, of Mells, sp. At Frome, 

26 June 1737. 
West, Thomas, of Bristol, batehelor, and Mary Whiting, of Shepton 

Mallet, sp. At Pilton, Ston Easton, or Binegar, 11 June 

West, John, of Leigh on Mendip, batehelor, and Elizabeth Tabor, 

of Stoke Lane, sp. At the Cathedral, Wells, 15 Oct. 1739. 
West, John, of Meare, widower, and Sarah Green, of Wcdmore, wid. 

At the Cathedral, Wells, 24 Dec 1739. 
West, Samuel, of Harrington, coalmincr, and Ann Lawrence of the 

same, sp. At Chewton Mendip, 9 Jan. 1721-5. 
West, George, of Woolverton, clothier, and Elizabeth Milton, of Road, 

sp., aged 22 ; friends and relatives cons. At Road, Tellisford, 

Laverton or Woolverton, 3 Feb. 1712-13. 



Wkst, Thomas, of Hath, mason, ami Sarah Bright, oi VVidcombc, sp. 

At South Stoke, '.) July 1 727. 
Wkst, llobort, of Frome SelwOod, brightsmith, ami Sarah Sujfidd, 

nt Longhopc, ro. Glouc, sp. At Promt! Selwood, I .lau. 1733-34. 
Wkst, Derham, of Harrington, yeoni., ami Mary Day, of C'hcwton 

Mendip, sp. At S. CutMiert's, Wells, 1 March 1727-8. 
West, Thomas, of Drome Selwood, t-loth worker, ami Ann Smith of 

tin' same, sp. 3 Dec. 1 7 13. 
Wkst, Richard, of Stoke Lane, cordwainer, batchelor, and RleanoT 

Horner, of rloleonibe, sp. At Holcombe, 6 July 1764. 
West, John, of ('hew Magna, yeom., and Hester Collins of the same, 

sp., aged 37 ; father cons. At Chew Magna or East Harptree, 

13 Nov. 1711. 
Wkst, William, of Bath, ami Sidvvell Stilman of the same, 22 Dec. 

Wkst, George, of Shcpton Mallet, ami Ann Plumley, of Ashwick, 

sp., aged 25; parents cons. At the Cathedral or S. Cnthbert's, 

Wells, 24 May 1087. 
Wkst, George, of Charlton, yeom., ami Anne. Selway, of Ashwick, 

sp., aged 21 ; friends cons. At Midsomer. Norton or Kilmersdon, 

24 Oct. 1689. 
Wkst, Ambrose, of . . . ., merchant tailor, ami Agnes Munday, 

of Taunton, sp., aged 16; father cons. At St. Mary Magdalene 

or St. James 1 , Taunton, .... 1600. 
West, .lames, of Midsomer Norton, hush., and Mary Node:, of Bincgar, 

wid. At Midsomer Norton, 21) March 1*684, 
WEST, Peter, of Olaslonburv. sergemaker, and Dorothy Slimmer, 

sp. ; no parents. At Till, West l'ennard or S. ( 'uthliert !s, Wells, 

I I Oct. 1680. 
Wkst, Joseph, of Shepton Mallet, clothworker, batchelor, and Jane 

fj'tinter of the same, sp. At Binegat or the Cathedral, Wells, 

13 \U-r. 17 IS. 

West, Thomas, of St. Mary Magdalene, Taunton, inuhoKler, and 
Kli/.aliei h tfulhnm filon of the same, sp. I>dm. Bartholomew 
(ialhainptou, weaver; and Martin Colhorne, of Monkton, yeom. 
At Orchard, St. Mary Magdalene or St. James', Taunton, 3 . . . . 

Wkstcomi'.k, Henrv, and Philippa Norn's, of Bradford. . . . 1089. 

Wkstkudai.k, Christopher, of Long Sutton, cleric, and Hannah Catch- 
pool, of Martock, wid. At Soinerton, Long Sutton or Martock, 
U June. 1708. 

Wkstkill, John, of Melksham, Wilts, clothworker, and Ann Sheppard, 
of Wells, wid. At the Cathedral or S. Onthbert's, Wells, 7 Dec. 

Wkstlakk, Robert, of Moorlinch, batehelor, and Ann Painter oi the 
same, sp. At St. Benedict's, Glastonbury, 29 Sept. 1740. 

Wkstlakk, William, of Otherv, htisb., and Jane Sheppard of the 
same, sp., aged 20 ; mother cons. Bdm. John Sheppard of Otherv, 
husb. At Otherv or 3 Julv 1711. 


4 37 

VVestlake, John, of High II. mi, yeom., and Margarel Thome, of 

Chilton Cantelow, wid. 3 May 1087. 
\\ is ii.Aic i:, John, oi High Haim, ropcinakcr, and Ann Parsons, of 

Othery, sp., ageil 25. Al High Ham or Aller, 29 April 1679. 
Westley, William, of WClls, and Frideswade Iirickenden of the same, 

sp. 12 April 1710. 
Westley, Thomas, of Shcpton Mallet, and Margaret Walker, aged 

26 1703. 

Weston, William, of Bristol, gent, al "' Mary Jones, of VVrington, 

will. I I April 1718. 
Wkstovkk, Richard, of Allerton, yeom., and Ann Hrice, of Burnhain, 

wid. 21' .Jan. 172:5-1. 
Wether all, George, of Street, tailor, and Charity Ham of the same, 

sp., aged 25; lather cons. At Street or Kingwcston, I'J Aug. 

Whale, Daniel, of Penselwood, yeom., and Margarel Cloieter, of Yar- 

lington, sp., aged \M) ; lather cons. At the Cathedral or S. Colli- 

herl's, Wells,' I 1 Feb. 1707-S. 
WHATLEY, William, of Wells, woolcondier, and Sarah Coleman id the 

same, sp., aged 40. At Frome, 11 July 1729. 
Whatley, Henry, of Frome Selwood, tallow chandler, and Sarah 

Sheppard of the same, sp. 8 Nov. 1712. 
Whatley, John, of Norton St. Philip, fisherman, and Anne Hunt 

of the same. Bdm. Thomas Hunt of the same, yeom. At Norton 

St. Philip or Lavertoii, i) June 1710. 
Whatly, Thomas, of Mells, clothier, and Sarah Bridges, of Leigh on 

Mciidip, sp., aged 22 ; no parents. At Bedminster, Long Ash ton, 

Bris.lington or Portbury, 7 Dec. 1700. 
Wjieadon, Augustus, of Chard, gent., batclielor, aged 21, and Sarah 

Gillett of the same, sp. At Criekctt St. Thomas, (Yickett Mal- 

herbie or Chard, 28 June 1745. 
Wheeler, Joseph, of Bristol, mariner, and Mary Coleburne, of Frome 

Selwood, sp. At Bedminster, Pensford, Frome or Bath, 17 Sept. 

Wiikkkat, John, and Mary Jesse, 14 Feb. 1714-15. 
W UK Kit kit, John, of North Bradley, Wilts, yeom., and Ann Keeping, 

of Road, sp., aged 26; no parents. 2.'5 April 1720. 
WmiUMK, Robert, of South Stoke, cordwaincr, and Sarah Clement 

of the same, sp. At Binegar or South StOKe, 26 April 1730. 
WilllTlK, Lisliehoii, of Prislon, yeom., and I'ai/.aheth liroiene, of 

Salt lord, sp., i\^rd 50. At Salt lord, I Oct. 171.1. 
Wuin-IK, of Felton, alias Whitchurch, aged 29, and Flizabeth 

Wilcox, of Beilminster, sp., aged 20; parents cons. At S. Puth- 

berfs, Wells, 4 June 1(177. 
Wuiri'V, Hichard, of Kevnsham, and Mary WhUlon, of Weston by 

Bath. At Weston, Keynsham, Twertou or Corstoh, 7 Nov. 

■ Wuiri'V, William, of Whitchurch, and .... Value, of Norton Mai- 

reward, sp. Bdm. Robert Paine, i lerk, her brother. 5 Mav 1720. 


Whippy, Richard, of Iveynshain, gent., and Surah Scudimore, of Wellow, 

sj)., aged 25* father cons. At Wellow, 21 Dec. 1711. 
Whitacre, Stephen, of Bathford, chairmaker, and Ann Silcock, of 

Monkton Combe, sp., aged 18; parents cons. At Monktou 

Combe, 16 April 1720. 
VVhitaker, James, of Stourton, Wilts, yeom., and Sarah Flutchings, 

of [vilmington, sp'. At ECilmington, Bruton or Evcrcreech, 19 Feb. 

Whitchurch, Jonathan, of Frome Selwood, merchant, and .... 

Arundel, of Beckington, sp., aged 19; fatbercons. At Beckington, 

27 Oct. 1722. 
Whitchurch, William, of Frome, batchelor, and .Mary Weight of the 

same, wid. 18 Aug. 1737. 
Whitchurch, Jonathan, of St. .James 1 , Bristol, batchelor, and Rachael 

Pope, of Frome, sp. Bdm. Paul Pope, of Frome, cordwainer. 

At Frome, 6 Sept. 1755. 
Whitchurch, Charles, of Long Ashton, and Ann Gill, of Bristol. At 

Long Ashton, 27 Sept, 1707. 
Whitchurch, Philip, of Frome Selwood, baker, and Sarah Norton, of 

Ashwick, sp., aged 25. 26 July 1718. 
WhitchurcH, William, of Frome Selwood, gent., and Susan Sawyer 

of the same, wid. At Frome, Whatlev or Elm, 13 Jan. 

172G-7. 1 
Whitchurch, George, of Frome, gent,, batchelor, and Ann Wichham 

of the same, sp. Bdm. James Wickham, of Frome, gent. At 

Frome, 19 Nov. 1755. 
Whitchurch, see also Whitechurch. 
White, John, of Wells, soldier, and Joane Thorpe of the same, wid. 

At the Cathedral or S. Cuthbcrt's, Wells, 2 Aug. 1707. 
WHITE, Robert, of Wincanton, husb., and Anne Harvey «<t the same, 

sj)., aged 30. At Wincanton, Holton, Charlton Musgrove or 

Charlton Canfield, . . Oct. 1707. 
White, Stephen, of Butleigh, and Marianne Beering of the same, sp., 

aged 10. At S. Culhherfs, Wells, Glastonbury or Asheott, 

21 Nov. 1708. [S*ote. — They were married at S. Cuthbcrt's, 

Wells, that date, the woman's name being given as Mary, vide 

Parish Register.) 
White, Henry, of Brewham, yeom., and Mary Tucker, alias Chaplin, 

of the same, sp., aged 30 ; father cons. At the Cathedral, Wells, 

5 Jan. 1708-9. 
WHITE, John, of Midford in Charterhouse llinton, carpenter, and 

Frances Patten of the same, sp. At Norton St. Philip or South 

Stoke, 28 June 1709. 
Whitk, John, of Bruton, hosier, and Grace Cozens, of Castle Cary, 

sp., aged 24 ; mother cons. At Castle Cary, Yarlington or Wick 

Champllower, 2 June 1703. 
WllITK, William, of Combe Hay, widower, upwards of 50 years, and 

' Another untiM of Ihis iklM'giitioii tfivos llie iliilu mm U Nov'. 17-8'. 


Margaret Handel, (dins Reynolds, of Wellow, sp., upwards ol 10 
wars. Bdm. John Balnio ol Wellow, yeom. At Wellow, Kad- 
stock or Norton St. Philip, 27 Aug, 17 10. 

Wiiitk, Uichard, of Aliuesford, yeom., and Mary Lucas, of Castle 

Cary, maltster {sic). At Frome, 28 Feb. 1712-3. 
White, Isaac, of West Harptree, ami Jane Ellis, of S. Cuthbert's, 

Wells, sp. At Bedminstcr, 2 July 1711. 
White, Emanuel, ol Wells, gent., batchelor, and Jane Penny of the 

sank', sp. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 22 Dee. 1710. 
White, Christopher, of Niamey, cordwainer, and Mary Gerrit, of 

Brewham, wid. At Frome, 1 March I7KJ-7. 
White, .lames, of Huntspill, gent., batchelor, and Eleanor Seager 

of the same. sp. At the Cathedral, Wells, 1 May 1747. 
White, John, of Bruton, stockingmakcr, batchelor, and Elizabeth 

liroadrin ol the same, sp. At Bruton, Pitcombe, Bratton or 

Kedlvmh, 18 May 1717. 
White, Josiah, of Marlcsbury, cordwainer, batchelor, and Mary Ilol- 

brook, of Stanton Prior, sp. At Stanton Prior, (i Nov. 1717. 
White, John, of Bcere, Devon, fishcarrier, and Hannah More, of 

St. Thomas, IVnsford, sp. At Stowey, 27 Aug. 1717. 
White, Richard, of Do lilting, yeom., and Hester ParfiU, of East 

Craintiorc, sp., aged 26 ; no parents. At Doulting, Wells or 

Binegar, (i Feb. 1720-1. 
White, James, of Mells, victualler, & Phebe Bath of the same, sp. ; 

parents cons. At Mells or Binegar, 27 July 1721. 
White, Thomas, of Axbridge, husb., batchelor, and Mary Beachamp, 

of Winscombe, -sp. At Bleadon, Burrington or Wrington, 17 Feb. 

White, Thomas, of Bridgwater, widower, and Mary Spencer, of 

llchcster, sp. 31 Oct. 17:57. 
Wiiitk, John, of Buck hind St. Mary, batchelor, and Grace Chive of 

the same, wid. At Othcry, Middlezov, Weston Zoyland, G rein ton, 

Walton or Ashcott, 30 May 1739. 
White, John, of B&teombc, batchelor, and Susannah Gannett, of 

Withaiu Friary, sp. At the Cathedral, Wells, 12 Sept. 

White, Joseph, of Batcombe, batchelor, and Mar}' Hussey of the same, 

sj>. At the Cathedral, Wells, 22 Sept, 1739. 
Wiiitk, William, of Ubley, batchelor, and Betty (.'/tanccl/or of the same, 

sp. At Ubley or Blagdon, 20 Oct, 1739." 
White, Samuel, of Nempnett, yeom., batchelor, and Mary Wilton, 

of Stanton Prior, sp. At Stanton Prior, 2(i March 1740. 
White, William, of Brewham, veom., and Martha Scutes of the same, 

sp. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 10 June 1723. 
Wiiitk, William, of Tenipleeombe, and Sarah Pitman, of Sherborne, 

Dorset. 12 Aug. 1723. 
Wuri'K, Tames, of South Brewham, tiler, and Elizabeth Perry of the 

same, sp., aged 21; mother cons. At the Cathedral, Wells, 

II Aug. 172D. 


White, Robnrt, yeom., ami Anne Feoks, of Mars ton, sp., aged 28; 

father cons. At Ma.rst.on or Rimpton, H Nov. 1710. 
White, Roger, of Mells, victualler, and Hester Coles, of KVomc. At 

Whatley, 19 May 1711. 
Whitb, Richard, of North Rrcwham, ycom., and Mary (hern, of Loxton, 

sp., aged 20; no parents. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, .'51 Julv 

17 I -J. 
White, Samuel, of Shapwiek, gent., ami Grace tiilMe, of Brompton 

Ralph, sp., aged 30; parents cons. At Brompton Ralph, Oake 

or Ashcott, l.'5 An". 1705. 
White, Henry, of Ash Priors, ami Mary Trip, of Kingston next Taunton, 

Brim. Mr. Wigglesworth of fatten. 15 April 17 IH. 
White, Richard, of Melksham in Wilts, glover, ami Mary Berimes, of 

Wheathill, sp., aged 28; no parents. At Wheat lull, 16 April 

White, John, of Ilchcster, yeom., and Susanna Walker, of Liming- 

ton, sp., aged 30. At Liraington or Wheathill, 9 Oct. 172G. 
White, Richard, of Brewham, and Mary Green, of Loxton, sp. No 

date. {Note.— Married at S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 21 July 1712, 

vide Parish Register.) 
White, Thomas, and Grace Griffith. Bdni. Thomas Coly. Witnesses, 

William Chevne and Christian I'ailitt. At Weston near Bath, 

20 June 1750. 
White, Thomas, of Milborne Port, yeom., batchelor, and Mary Nail, 

of Charlton Horethorne, sp. At Charlton Horethorne, Milborne 

Port or Stowell, 15 Aug. 1752. 
White, John, of Shepton Mallet, woolcomber, and Elizabeth Hum- 
phries of the same, sp., aged 21 ; mother cons. 29 March 1711. 
-White, John, of Moorlineli, and Rlizabelli Asian of Bridgwater. 

18 Aug. 1705. 
White, George, of Camerton, yeom., and Honor Archard, of Stanton 

Drew, sp., aged 21. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 21 May HiS7. 
White, Josias, of Goathurst, yebni., and Mary Longman of the same, 

sp., aged 30 ; mother cons. At Walton, Street or East Pcnuard, 

20 Aug. 1(587. 
White, Henry, of Locking, husb., and Sarah Gerrish of the same, sp., 

aged 20 ; parents eons. At Locking, Chew Stoke, or Christen, 

30 Nov. 1700. 
White, John, of Kingston Seymour, gent., and Agatha WlTlan of 

the same, will. At Kingstone Seymour, Bedminster, Diuiary 

ot RadclifTe (St, Mary ReddilTe, Bristol), 21 Keb. 1700-1. 
White, Henry, of Bedminster, shipwright, aged 2(5, and Grace (lurk, 

of Croscombe, sp., aged 20; no parents. At the Cathedral, 

Wells, 11 Oct, 1G83. 
White, Richard, of Dpnlting, husb., and Ruth Browne,, of Burcott 

in S. Cuthbert's, Wells, wid. At Doiilting or Cranmore. 2 April 

WlHTE, John, of Ulagdon, widower, and Mary Adda in s ol the same, 

wid. At liatcoivibe, Shipham or Blagdou, 13 Oct. 1(577. 


White, William, pf Wim-auton, linen weaver, and Joan Farthing, of 

Silton, co. Dorset] Bp« Bdm. John Biles, of Maperton, yeom., 

ami John Stacy, of Maperton. At Wincauton, Maperton or 

Stoke Trister, 3.3 July 1701. 
Whitk, William, of Hun. Qol. Poliot'e regiment of Foot, and Martha 

Oullcn uf Kromo, witl. At Marston Bigott, 25 Nov. 1749. 
White, Thomas, of Walton, husk, ami KlizabHh Dorvel of the same, 

sp. Bdm. Gabriel Dorvel, of Walton, husb. At Somerton, 

Walton or Street, 16 May 1710. 
Whitk, Daniel, of Blackford, husb., and Hannah Pincket, of . . . ., 

sp. Bdm! Edward Row, of Yeovil, tailor. At . . . ., 2 Sept. 1701. 
Whitk, Williain, of Lvme Regis, co, Dorset, merchant, and Elizabeth 

Patlon, of St. Mary Magdalene, Taunton. At St. Mary Magdalene, 

Taunton, K Sept. 1072. 
Wiiitkciiuucii, Joseph, of I'ortburv, cordwaiucr, and Grace Hedges 

of the same, sp., aged .'Jo. At the Cathedral ox S. Guthbcrt's, 

Wells, .... Hint). 

Whitehead, William, of Chew Stoke, and Hester Carter of the same, 

sp. Witnesses, Thomas Broughton and Mary Broughton. At 

Bcdminster or its chapels, 3 June 1745. 
Whitehead, Thomas, of West Penuard, yeom., and Sarah Jacob of 

the same, sp., aged 24 ; mother eons. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 

26 Jan. 1720-1. 
Whitehead, John, of Somerton, and Sarah Coygan of the same, sp., 

aged 21. I May 1723. 
Whitehead, Joseph, of Bruton, clothier, and Elizabeth Cheek of the 

same, sp. Bdm ('leek, her brother. 16 Jan. 1723-4. 

Whitehead, 1 . . . ., of Peddie in Ashcott, and . . . Jtook,oi Ivythorn 

in Street, sp. 11 Aug. 1725. 
Whitehead, Thomas, of Compton Dundon, yeom., and Elizabeth 

Thomas, of Long Sutton, sp., aged .'>0 ; father cons. At Wayford, 

Kingsdon or Long Sutton, '_':> Aug. 1700. 
Whitehead, Thomas, of Yeovilton, clothier, and Sarah Asone (?), 

of South I 'ad bury, wid. At Chcwtou, Km borough or Ston 

Kaston, 10 June 1*679. 

Whitkhead, see also Whithead. 

Wihtkino, John, of Shepton Mallet, batchelor, ami Eleanor DoddcrH 

of the same, sp. At Shepton Mallet, 28 March 1711. 
Whiteino, Thomas, of Cirencester, Gloucester, now of Wells, soldier, 

batchelor, and Sarah Winter, of S. Cuthbert's, Wells, sp. : both 

over 21 years. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 20 April 1740. 
Whitenhall, William, of Othery, husb., and Susannah Depford, of 

Walton, sp., aged 25; father cons. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 

.... 1705. 
Whiteside, William, of Temple in Bristol; liiienweaver, and Dorothy 

Mcniimui, of Kevnsham, sp., iigcd -'■'. At Brislington or Burnett, 

13 Oct. 171 f. 

1 Mr. I'miicis Wbitebed of Hull Place, and Mrs. Sarah Rooku of Ivythorn 
were married by licence 12 Aug. 1725. Vide Street Parish Register. 



Whitkwooi), John, of Dundry, yoom., and Ann Tucker of the same, 

sp. At Norton Malrcward, -1 Jan. 17 10- 1 I. 
Whit is worth, Abraham, <>l Portbury, sailor, and Dorothy Plat/well 
of the same, sp. At Portbury, . . . 1704. 

Whitiikai), Robert, of Somerton, innholder, and Susanna Chipper 
of the same, sp. At Somerton, Pitney, Comptou Dundon pr 8. 

Cuthhert\s, Wells, 23 Nov. 17()li. 
Whitiiv, John, and Elizabeth Prehe, of Preston PIttcknett, sp. At 
Sutton Bingham, Yeovil or West Coker, 18 Nov. 16T3 

WHITING, James, of Bath, mason, and Jane Plomblt/, of Twerton, 

sp., aged 18. At South Stoke, or Dunkerton, 23 Dec. 1728. 
Whiting, Thomas, of Mark, yeom., batchelor, and Jane Wride, of 

lfuntspill, sp. Bdm. Charles Wride of Huntspill, yeom. At 

Huntspill, 23 May 175 k 
Whiting, John, of Shepton Mallet, clothworker, and Martha George, 

of Croscombe, sp., aged 22. At Batcombe, Wanstrow or Milton, 

5 May 168(5. 
Whiting, Isaac, of Shepton Mallet, yeom., batchelor, and Jenny Daniel, 

of Krome, sp. At Shepton Mallet or the Cathedral, Wells, 12 Oct. 

Whiting, Arthur, of Shepton Mallet, clothier, and Elizabeth Roll, 

of West Cranmore, sp. At Doulting or Donyatt, II March 1673-4. 
WHITINGE, Hercules, of Shepton Mallet, clothier, and Elizabeth Speed 

of the same, sp., aged 20. At Doulting or West Pennard, 10 June 

WhitnelLj William, of Woolavington, labourer, batchelor, and Mary 

White, of Walton, wid. At Walton, 4 Dec. 1755. 
Wiiitiujw, John, of Keutisbere, Devon, hush., and Elizabeth Claris, 

of Walcot, sp. At Twerton or Corston, 15 July 1725. 
Whitson, Thomas, of Bristol, mariner, and Oriana Golding, of Bed- 
minster, sp., aged 15 ; mother cons. At Bedminster or S. Cuth- 

bert's, Wells, 1 Aug. 1722. 
Wiiittingiiam, John, of Chelwood, blacksmith, and Martha Amonyr, 

of Publow, sp. At Stanton Drew, Publow or Bedminster, 10 June 

Whittingham, John, of Chelwood, blacksmith, and Marv Powde, 

of Wells, sp. At the Cathedral, Wells, 23 Oct. 1721. 
Whittle, William, of Babeary, and Susan Colly of the same, sp. 13 Dec. 

Whittock, Charles, of Hemington, and Mary Painter of the same, 

sp., aged 21 ; father cons. At the Cathedral or S. Cuthbert's, 

Wells, 27 Sept. 1708. 
WlIlTTOOK, Joseph, of Walcot, widower, and Sarah (1 riff en of the same, 

wid. At Bathwiek or Claverton, 2 March 1738-9.' 
Whittock, Thomas, of Warminster, Wilts, maltster, and Marv Homers, 

of West Camel!, sp., aged 30. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 26 April 1725. 
Whitton, David, of Bedminster, mariner, and Mary Barges of the 

same, sp., aged 30; no parents. He was known to have lived in 

that place for six months. At Bedminster, 11 Aug. 1722. 


Wuitwick, Samuel, of Yeovil, butcher, and Mary Sprat I:! in, of Mud- 

fonl, sp. At Yeovil, 30 Jan. 1704-5. 
Whitwoodj Samuel, of Batcombc, woolcomber, and Mary Davis of 

the same, sp., aged 30; father cons. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 

27 Nov. 1082. 
Wihhy, Edmund, of Curry Rivell, ami Elizabeth Edmunds. At 

Bawdrip or flton, Hi Pel). 1710-7. 
Wk'kiiam, Joseph, of Burnham, widower, ami Ann Tivcknel, of Lymps- 

liam, sp., aged 23. At Lympsham, 27 Feb. 1681-2. 
Wickiiam, William, of Winseombe, gent., and Frances Wrenlmore, 

of Axbridge, wid. 15dm. Luke Spearing of Wells, innholder. 

17 May 1681. 
Widcomis, James, of Shepton Mallet, yeom., and Joane Brook of the 

same. At Shepton Mallet, II April 1729. 

Widcomh , and .... Porch, 21 June 1729. 

WiDcoMiiK, Thomas, of Leigh on Mendip, maltster, and Ann Flower, 

of Mells, s])., aged 21 ; parents eons. At the Cathedral. Wells, 

26, Aug. 1725. 
WlGDOlt, Richard, of Hornblotton, yeom., and Mary Bevenes of the 

same, sp. ; father eons. At West Pennant, Wells or Hornblotton, 

3 May 1682. 
Wignall, William, of Wells, gent., batchelor, and Frances Arney of 

the same, sp. Bdm. William Cook, of Wells, gent; At S. Cuth- 
bert's, Wells, 9 Feb. 1750. 
Wilcox, William, of Meare, husb., and Mary Harris of the same, sp., 

aged 20 ; no parents. At Meare, Shapwick or Street, 7 Jan. 

Wilcox, Charles, of Flax Bourton, blacksmith, and Bridget Councell 

of the same, wid. At Flax Bourton, Long Ashton or Wraxall, 

11 May 1702. 
Wilcox, John, of Gotlney in Meare, batchelor, and Jane Langford 

of the same, wid. At the Cathedral or S. Cuthbert's. Wells, 

17 May 1710. 
Wilcox, John, of Wells, innholder. and Susan A/ford of the same, 

wid. 1 May 1722. 
Wilcox, John, of Dundry, and Edith Spencer, of Westbury, wid. 

24 Oct, 1722. 
Wilcox, Thomas, of Ashwick, hosier, ami Elizabeth Santbourne, of 

Tiiusbury, sp., aged 'M'>. At Timsbury, -1 Sept. 1728. 
Wilcox, Edward, of West llarptree, and Marv Wilcox, of Bristol. 

At West Harptree, 17 Aug. 1728. 
Wilcox, Richard, of Ashwick, yeom., and Mary Cradock, of Stratton 

on the Fosse, wid. At Stratton on the Fosse, 15 March 1728-9. 
Wilcox, Thomas, of Wraxall, widower, and Joane Good, sp. At 

Wraxall, 8 March 1735-6. 
Wilcox, John, of (llastonbury, hosier, and Betty Bitham of the same, 

sp., aged 27. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 15 June 1723. 
Wilcox, John, of Berkley, and Ann Baylie of the same, 11 Feb. 1724-5. 

" Caveat against this marriage." 


Wilcox, Robert, of Mcare, husb., and Martha Chard, of Ashcott, 

sp. 7 Peb. I72f>-t>. 
Wilcox, Thomas, (if Plax Bourton, carpenter, and Pli/.alicth W'tllen, 

of Congrcsburv, sp. ; nu parents. At Congrcsbury, 30 May 

Wilcox, Edward, of Mearc, husb., and Martha Tucker, of St. John's, 

Glastonbury, sp. Bdm. William Wilcox, Overseer of the Poor 

<>l Glastonbury. At Si. John's, Glastonbury, 26 June 1726. 
Wilcox, Thomas, of Knowle in Bcdmiustcr, ropeinaker, and Mary 

h'iir/, of Bar wick, sp., aged 22; parents cons. At the Cathedral 

or S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 20 Nov. 1710. 
Wilcox, John, of Wells, unitholder, and Mary Few, of Bath, sp. 22 Sept. 

Wilcox, William, of Glastonbury, widower, and Martha Yowles of 

the same, sp., aged 10. At Glastonbury, Kington, Pill, Street, 

or Wdls, 22 July 1701. 
Wilcox, William, of Wrington, and Elizabeth (Hides, of Burlington, 

sjt. At Wrington, Harrington, or Winscomhe, 15 Any. 1720. 
Wilcox, William, of Winsford, carpenter, and Mary Young of the 

same, sp. Bdlri. '1 nomas Wilco.x, cooper. At Chew Stoke or Norton 

Malreward, 1 Sept. 1708. 
WlLCOX, William, of Wells, cordwainer, and Mary Clement of the 

same, sp. At S. Cuthbert's, Weils, 5 Jan. 1716-17, 
Wilcox, William, of Glastonbury, and Dorothy Cook of the same, 

wid. At Pill. St. John's, Glastonbury, or Butleigh, 10 April 

Wilcox, William, of St. John's, Glastonbury^ yeom., and Jane Cox, 

sp., aged 2:5 ; no parents, At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, West Pcnnard, 

or St. .John's, Glastonbury, .... 1(583. 
Wilcox, Thomas, of Ashwick, clothier, batchelor, and Mary Burges 

of the same, sp. At Binegar, Stoke Lane, Ashwick, or Kilmersdon, 

24 Dec 1748. 
Wiuox, John, of South Brent, hush., and Ann Goff of the same, wid. 

At Lyinpsham or South Brent, PJ Oct. 1678. 
Wilcox, John,- of North Petherton, husb., and Ann Gunham of the 

same. Bdm. Richard' Godfrey of Chedzoy, husb. At Bridg- 
water or Chilton, 30 Oct. 1704. 
Wilcox, see also WillcoxV 
Wild, Robert, of Stowcr Provost in Dorset, yeom., and Mary Toomer, 

of Kilehead Magdalene, sp. 5 May 1711. 
Wilkins, John, of Pilton, yeom., and Joane More, of Wells, wid. 

At S. Cuthbert's, Wells," 27 July 1709. 
Wilkins, William, of Temple in Bristol, gent., and Sarah Ford, of 

Ooilgresburv. Witnesses, John Pool and Anne Pool. At Con- 

givsburv, 21 Nov. 17 Hi. 
WlLKlNS, Thomas, of West llarptree, hush., and Sarah Snuoke of 

the same, sp. 18 Jan. 1720-1. 
Wilkins, John, of Abbots heigh, and Mary Sevil, of Porthury, sp. 

At Portburv, \!i HW>. 1720-1, 


WlLKINS, . . . ., ami .... Reeves. 'J. June: 17'J'J. 
Wii.kins, Thomas, of Mean', batchelor, and Mary Doivne, of Glaston- 
bury, will. At i h.' Cathedral or S. Cuthbert's, Walla, 1 1 Jan. 1 7:57 -H. 
Wii. kin's, Robert, of Godney in Meare, widower, ami Jo, mi' Palmer 

i.l' the same, sp. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, I Sept. 17:57. 
Wii. kins, John, of Milboniti Port, ami Sarah Pitman, of Nortli Oailburv. 

At the Cathedra), Wells, II Aim. 1724. 
Wii, kins, John, alias Connanl, of Doulting, yeom., and Ann Beard, 

dI Baltousborough, vvid. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, Kington Man- 

tiel.l, Butleigh, or Wuptton, 29 Nov. 17(»(i. 
WlLKINS, William, of West llarptree, veoiu., ami Marv Hare//, of 

Broekley, sp. 1 Feb. Ki8ii-7. 
Wilkin's, Hugh, of Frome, tailor, and Mary Hooper of the same, sp., 

aged 21 ; lather cons. At Woolverton, Freshfonl, or South 

Stoke, 8 Jan. 1701-2. 
Wii. KINS, Josias, ol Wiuscoiube, yeoni., and Ann liil/icsen, of Coinpton 

Bishop, sp., aged IS; neither lather nor mother. At ('ompton 

Bishop, Axbridge, or Shiphain, 29 April 1680. 
WlLKINS, John, of Doulting, husb., and Joan Jordan, wid. At Cloford, 

24 June 1081. 
Wilkins, John, of Pilton, yeom., and Dorothy Ilerith, of Sliepton 

Mallet, sp., aged 28 ; parents eons. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 

28 May 1(577. (Married there that date, vide Parish Register.) 
Wilkins, Bernard, of Evershot, carrier, and Mary Hutehens, of Bab- 

cary, sp., aged 28. At Babcary or Yeovilton, 10 June 1679. 
Wilkinson, George, of Wells, perukeinaker, batchelor, and Ann Evans 

of the same, sp. At, S. Cuthbert's, Wells, ,'i Nov. 1747. 
Wilkinson, Thomas, of Middle Temple, Loudon, gent., and Hannah 

York, of Chewton Mendip, wid. At Chewton or S. Cuthbert's, 

Wells, 24 Aug. 1721. 
Willcox, Edward, of Ston Easton, roper, and Mary ColUe of the 

same, wid. At Chewton Mendip, 2(3 June 1725. 
Wi i.l. i 'ox, Richard, ot Ashwick, yeom., widower, and Susanna Bayers, 

of KedclilTe, Bristol, wid. At Biuegar, Holeombe, or Hedcliffe, 

28 April 175:5. 
Wn. i. cox, William, of St. John's, Glastonbury, ami Agnes Pope, of 

Butleigh. At Butleigh, 23 Dee. 1755. 
WlLLKN, George, of Ditcheat, gout., and Betty IHUard of the same, 

sp., agod 30; parents cons. At liornhlottou, II \)i>c. 1728. 
Wjllktt, James, of Wrington, and Hannah Morse of the same, sp., 

aged 40. 2(i Sept. 1724. 
WlLLETT, Thomas, of Wraxall, and Marv Willett of the same. wid. 

At Wraxall, It Jan. 1718-11). 
WiLLj?rr, John, of Kingston Seymour, yeom., and Anstice Wornell 

of the same, sp. Bdm. Andrew Willett, of Kingston Seymour, 

yeom. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells. 8 Feb. 1674-5. 
Williams, Emanuel, of Wrington, rordwaincr, and Mar\' Tunstali, 

of Cleeve iii Vatton, sp., aged 30 ; mother cons. At Wrington, 

Yatton, or Coiigresburv, 10 Jan, 1707-8. 


Williams, John, of VVrington, batchelor, and Ursula At/res, of Clevedon, 

sp. At VFrington, 8 Jan. 1740-1. 
Williams, William, of Salt ford, joiner, and Rebecca Philips, of St. 

Stephen's, Bristol, sp. At Brislington or Burnett, 27 July 171:5. 
Williams, Benjamin, of Publow, yeom., batchelor, and Sarah Whidler 

of the same, sp. At Publow, 3 Feb. 1748-9. 
Williams, Augustus, of Long Sutton, yeom., and Ann Richards, of 

how Ham, sp., aged 23 ; parents cons. At High Hani, 15 Feb. 

Williams, . . . ., and .... Hedges. 26 . . . 1729. 
Williams, .... and .... Tibbott. 30 June 1729. 
Williams, John, of Winford, yeom., and Olive Ogbourne, of Stanton 

Drew, sp. At Stanton Drew, 10 March 1729-30; 
Williams, Charles, of St. Augustine's, Bristol, mariner, and Chedsey 

Fmlshury, of Wraxall, sp. 22 Dec. 173."). 
Williams, Jacob, of Shepton Mallei, batchelor, and Ann Pitt of the 

same, sp. At the Cat hedral, Wells, 21 April 1739. 
Williams, Edward, of Axbridgc, innholder, and Amy Thatcher of 

the same, sp., aged 40. At Axbridge or the Cathedral, Wells, 

24 Sept. 1724. 
Williams, Roger, of Llantwit, co. Glamorgan, gent., and Elizabeth 

Johnson, of Castle Car}', wid. At the Cathedral or S. Cuthbert's, 

Wells, 8 Feb. 1711-12.' 
Williams, Robert, of Burnett, yeom., and Ann Gay, of Salt ford, sp., 

aged 30. At Burnett or Saltford, ... 1717. 
Williams, Thomas, of Bedminster, yeom., and Ann Forrest, of Whit- 
church, sp., aged 21 ; parents cons. At Whitchurch, 24 Feb. 

Williams, John, of Nunney, and Lydia Stride of the same, sp., aged 

22. At Nunnev. Marston Biggott, Clbford, or Whatlev, 19 April 

Williams, William, of Minehead, gent., and Elizabeth Bowel!, of 

Curry Kivell, sp., aged 26. At Curry Rivell, . . . 1713. 
Williams, Meredith, of Wells, glover, and Sarah Maine, of the same, 

aged 40; no parents. At Wookev, 26 May 1686. 
Williams, John, of St. John's, Glastonbury, tailor, and Ann Rawlings 

of the same, wid. At Pill, Glastonbury, or Fast Penuard, 18 Sept. 

Williams, John, of Wells, and Mary Cade of the same, sp. ; mother 

eons. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, or Croscombe, 12 Oct. 1689. 
Williams, William, of Kiddington,gent., and Mary Rich, of Over Stowey, 

sp., aged 20 ; father tons. At Fiddington or Over Stowey, 29 Nov. 

Williams, Edward, of Axbridge, husb., aged 25, and Mary Jones 

of the same, sp., aged 23. At Axbridge, Winscombe or Rodney 

Stoke, 23 May 1 678. 
Williams, John, of Bishops Bvdeard, and Joan Slocomhe, of Upper 

Stowey. Bdm. John Head ford, of Spaxton. At St. Mary Mag- 
dalene, Taunton, 21 Oct. 1671. 


Williams {sic, there is no other name, unci Lhe signature is " William 

llclleniv "), of North Petherton, sergemaker, and .lane Lindon 

of the same, up., aged 21. At S. Cutnbcrt's, Wells, 8 June 1079. 

Williams, William, of St. Thomas 1 Pensford, hush., and Elizabeth 

Stuiilejf. r>ilm. Roger Cotton, * » f St. Thomas' Pensford, ami Mary 

Hat tlii of Stanton Drew. At Stanton Drew, 16 April 1703. 
Williams, James, of Uundry, and Sarah TVwteofthc same. At Norton 

Malrcward or Chew Stoke, 20 Aug. 1702. 
Willi Nii, Thomas, of Wraxall, yeom., and Mary Champion, of Port- 

Imry, .-p., aged 22 ; mother cons. At Wraxall or Tickenham, 

25 . 1 line 1601. 
Willis, Samuel, of Wells, earttmaker, and Hannah Eyers, of the Liberty 

of St. Andrew, Wells, sp. At the Cathedral or Chapel in Viear'a 

Close, 28 April 1709. 
Willis, John, of Queen Camel, butcher, widower, and Ann Gully, 

of West Camel, sp. At West Camel or S. Cnthhert's, Wells, 

19 June 1715. 
Willis, William, of Wrington,, and Jane Gallop of the same, 

sp. 27 March 1711. 
Willis, Thomas, of Wincanton, and Elizabeth Curtice, of Maperton, 

sp. At Maperton, 28 Nov. 1745. 
Willis, Ifenrv, of Sparkford, yeom., and Mary Marshall of the same 

sp., aged 2J ; no parents. At Sparkford or S. Cnthhert's, Wells, 

7 Aug. 1721. 
Willis, Daniel, of Stanton Drew, batchelor, and Susannah lirater 

of the same, sp. At Stanton Draw, Publow or Stowcy, 3 May 1739. 
Willis, Thomas, of Bristol, cooper, and Elizabeth Merriwealher, of 

Brislington, sp., aged 29 ; mother cons. At Brislington, Kcyn- 

sham, Corston or Salt ford, 22 Feb. 1722-8. 
Willis, John, of Spaxtoii, veoin., and Christian Godfrey, of Chedzoy, 

wid. 30 Dor. 1712. ' 
Willis, Edward, of Clapton, yeom., and Mary Derrick, of Tickenham, 

sp. ; father cons. At Tickenham or Chew Stoke, 10 Sept. 1710. 
Willis, George, of Eastou in Gordano, alias St. George, yeom., and 

Rebecca Ihuldinq, of Portburv, s})., aged 20 ; no parents. At 

Port bury, 21 Feb. 1700-1. 
Willis, Thomas, of Horsington, chandler, and Ann rVetrmtfit, of Ch. ni- 
ton Musgrove, sp., aged 24 ; mother cons. At L'hailtoii Muagrovc, 

Horsington or Holton, 8 Dec. 1681. 
Willis, Thomas, of . . . co. Dorset, carrier, and Martha Templeman, 

of Merriofet, sp. At Merriott or South Petherton, 29 May 1674. 
Williss, William, of Axbridge, woolleudraper, and Elizabeth Trccilian, 

of Ilminster, sp., aged 10. At Chisclborough, Montague, North 

IVrrott or Norton snb llambdon, 30 May 1685. 
Willmot, John, of Congiesbury, yeom., and Sarah Helliard of the 

same, sp., aged 24 ; parents cons. At the Cathedral, Wells, 1 Nov. 

Willmot, Richard, of Wells, hosier, and Mary Mogg of the same, sp. 

At S. Cnthhert's, Wells, 29 (Jet. 1723. 


WlLLMOT, see also WlLMOT. 

Willmott, John, of Ivilmington, yeom.j and Martha Thornton, of 

Br u ton, sp., aged 2.'i ; mother cons. At tli<' Cathedral or S. 

Cuthbert's, Wells, 22 Dec [703. 
Willoughby, John, of Bristol, gent., and Hester flail, of Chew Magna, 

aged 21 ; father cons. At Chew Magna or Uundry, I April I7<ni. 
Wills, Michall, of Wells, barber, and Mary Elver of the same, sp., 

aged 23; parents cons. At Shepton Mallet, Croscombe or S. 

Cuthbert's, Wells, 8 Nov. 170!). 
Wills, Abraham, of Wells, baker, and Sarah Collier, of Croscombe, 

sp., aged 25; parents cons. At, S. Cuthbert's, Wells, Croscombe 

or the Cathedral, Wells. 23 Dec. 1709. 
Wills, John, of Polsham in S. Cuthbert's, Wells, ycom., and Joane 

Abbott, of Butleigh, s[>., aged 30. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 28 Feb. 

W r iLLs, .John, of Babcary, ycom., and Catherine Mansell of the same, 

sp., aged 29. 25 Nov. 1720. 
Wills, Joseph, of Ilinton St. George, gent., and Philippa Naish, of 

S. Cuthbert's, Wells, sp. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 18 Sept. 1725. 
Wills, John, of S. Cuthbert's, Wells, yeom., and Joane Austin, of 

Baltons borough, sp., aged ,"51 ; no parents. At S. Cuthbert's, 

Wells, :} Oct. 1705. 
Wills, Edmund, of Yeovil, yeom., and Mary Abrahams, of Winsham, 

sp. At Yeovil, 20 April 1711. 
Wills, William, of Wells, stockingmaker, batchelor, and Margaret 

Penny of the same, sp. At the Cathedral, Wells, 22 Aug. 1751. 
Wills, Samuel, of Yeovil, yeom., and Joane Gregory of the same. 

Bdm. John Miller, of Sherborne, Dorset, fisherman. 25 May 1708. 
Wills, Richard, of Shopton Mallet, scrivener, and Mary Eqtjter field, 

of Ilinton Blewett, sp. At Stanton Drew, II July 170G. 
Wills, Abraham, of Wells, baker, and Grace Allen of the same, sp. 

At West Harptree, Christon or Compton Martin, 11 Oct. 1685. 
Wills, Lawrence, of Yeovil, yeom., and Mary Star of the same, sp., 

aged 30. At S. Cuthbert's, Wells, 12 May 1077. (Married there 

that date, vide Parish Register.) 
Wills, Christopher, of St. James, Taunton, and Anstice Sprite, of 

St. Mary Magdalene, Taunton. At St. James', Taunton, Othery, 

or Middlezov, 30 Sept. 1671. 
Wills, Alan, of Broomfield, and Marion Martin of the same. Bdm. 

Simon Matthew, of Goathurst. At St. Mary Magdalene, Taunton, 

Hi Oct. 1671. 
Wills ii kkr, Thomas, of Sherborne, co. Dorset, cordwaincr, and Eleanor 

Napper, of Sampford Oreas, sp., aged 23. At Cotton Denham 

or Sampford Oreas, 15 Sept. 1679. 
WlLLSHlRE, Richard, of Widcombe, roper, and Mary, Harford of the 

same, sp., aged 21 ; parents cons. At South Stoke. 5 Nov. 1725. 


Willy, John, of Kcwstoke, husb., and Ann lidney of the same, sp., 
aged 26; mother cons. At the Cathedral, Wells, 28 April 1701. 

£' 1