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Newbury Adams Family, 

Formerly of Devonshire, England, 


Robert Adams and wife Eleanor 




of nilltown, rie., Formsriy of Newburyport, ilass. 




This edition published by 


26 South Main Street 

Post Office Box 541 

Rutland, Vermont 05702 

Telephone (802) 773-8229 




1 began to collect and write the genealogy and history of the 
Newbury Adams family at Newbury port, Mass., June 2nd, 1859. I 
have copied from Joshua Coffin's manuscripts as well as many other 
manuscripts, and have made additions necessary, and corrections, 
which has enlarged the work very much. I have arranged each 
generation by itself. I have been very particular to have dates, 
names and events, correct ; and when I have recorded anvthinc: 
wrong, through mistake, I have rectified it immediately on observing 
it. I have a list of the authorities consulted while writing this work. 
I have recorded the genealogy of the families of the females, as well 
as those of the males. I would like to have the whole of my manu- 
script printed, as they would make a good sized book (about sixteen 
times as large as this one) of the Adams family : but I am not able 
to do it at my own expense ; and I have no time to secure subscrib- 
ers for the work, therefore I have concluded that I would have a 
small portion of the work printed. I hope some of the Adams family 
who are able will be willing to assist in having the whole work print- 
ed, as it contains much valuable information of the Newbury Adams 
family. The Roman numbers found at each name is the number of 
that child born in that family, while the Arabic figures denote the 
generation from Robert^ and Eleanor, and are explained thus : 
IV. Smith Adams^ means that he is the fourth child bom in his 
father's family and the sixth generation from Robert Adams and his 
wife Eleanor. I found it necessary to have each person's name 
numbered, because there are so many of the same name. With these 
numbers at each name it is easily understood which person is re- 
ferred to wherever the name is found. — [.•SMITH ADAMS'. 

First and Second Generaiion. 

RoiiKiii AoA.Ms, tailor, born in Devonshire, Kngland, in 1601 

Married Kloanor , and Sara, widow of Henry Short, whose J 

maiden name was Glover, 6 Feb., 167S. He died 12 Oct., 1682, 

aged 8 1 years. He had no children by his second wife. He was ^ 

the tirst .\merican ancestor of the Newbury Adanis family. His 

first wife, Kleanor, died 12 June, 1677. His second wife died 24 

Oct., 1697. 

Children of Robert Adams and first wife Eleanor, were : 

I. John-, b., m. Woodman. 

II. Joanna-, b. 1634, m. Launcelot Granger* 4 Jan. 1654. . 

III. .Vbraham^ b. at Salem, Mass., 1639;. m. Mary Fettin- 

gell 10 Nov., 1670; d. 14 June, 17 14, aged 75 years. 

IV. Klizabeth**, b.; m. Edward Phelps of Andover. 'I'hey [ 

moved to Andover. ! 

V. Mary'^ m. Jeremiah Goodridge, 15 Nov., 1660. ! 
VI. Isaac-, b. 1648; d. unmarried. 

VII. Jacobs b. 23 April, 1649; d. 12 Aug., 1649, aged 3 1 
months, 20 days. 

VIII. Hannah-, b. 25 June, 1650; m. V/illiam Warham 10 1 

Feb. 1682. I 

IX. Jacob'-*, b. 13 Sept., 1651; m. Anna Allen 7 April, 1677; j 

d. in Suftield, Conn., Nov. 17 17, aged 66 years. He j 
was representative for Suifield in 17 11- 17 14 and 17 17. 

Births and deaths of the above children's husbands and wives: 
Mary Fettingell, daughter of Richard Fettingell and Joanna Inger- 
soll, b.<July 1652: d. 19 Sept., 1705, aged 53 years, 2 months. 

*NoTii. Launcelot Granger moved to Suffield, Conn., with 
IX. Jacob Adams-. Granger was ancestor of Hon. Gideon Granger, 
who wai once Postmaster General of the LFnited States of America. 

Jeremiah (}oodridgc was son of William Goodridge. 

Robert Adams^ was a member of the first Congregational church 
in Newburv. 




TMrd Generation. 

1. John Adams- and Woodman had one child as follows : 

I. Archelaus^ b. ; m. Sarah March lo March, 1698, and 

Sarah Green of Salisbury, Mxss., 4 March, 17 19; died 
in Salisbury, Mass., where he kept an inn. He also 
kept an inn in Newbury in 1731. 

Sarah March d. 4 March, 1717 or 18, aged 42 years. 
Sarah Green d. Sept. 1784. 

III. Abraham Adams* was a member of the First Congregational 
Church in Newbury. 


II. Joanna Adams- and Launcelot (Granger had children as 
follows : 

I. John*, b. 15 Jan., 1655. 

II. George^ b. 28 Nov., 1658. 

III. Klizabeth*, b. 13 March, 1662. 

IV. Dorothy*, b. 17 Feb., 1665. 
V. SamueP, b. 26 July, 1668. 

VI. Abraham^ b. 17 April, 1673. 



III. Abraham .\dams- and Mary Fettingell had children as 

follows : 

I. Mary"*, b. 16 Jan. 1672; m. George Thurlow. 
II. Robert'*, b. 12 May, 1674; m. Rebecca Knight Aug. 
1695; d. 3 Feb., 1769, aged nearly 95 years. 
III. .-Vbraham*. b. 6 May, 1676; m. Anne Longfellow Dec, 
1703: d. 8 April, 1763, aged nearly 87 years. 



IV. Isaac*, b. 26 Feb., 1679: m. Hannah SpolTord. of 

Rowley, 1708. 
V. Sarah*, b'. 15 April, 1681: m. John Hutchison, of An- 
dover, Miiss., zS Jan., 1715. 
VI. John*, b. 7 March, 1684: m. Klizabeth Xoyes 22 Jan., 
1707, and Sarah Pearson 17 Nov., 1713; d. 8 May, 
1750, aged 66 years, 2 months. 
VII. Or. Matthew*, b. 25 May., 1686; m. Sarah Knight 4 
April, 1707; d. 24 Nov., 1755, aged 69 years, 6 months. 
VIII. Israel*, b. 25 Dec, 1688; ni. Rebecca Atkinson 15 Oct., 
17 14; d. in Waltham 12, Dec, 17 14, in less than two 
months after marriage, aged 26 years. They had no 
children. His widow married Joseph Hilton of Exeter 
xo Oct., 17 16. 
IX. Dorothy*, b. 25 Oct., 1691. 

X. Richard*, b. 22 Nov., 1693; m. Susanna Pike 12 Dec, 
17 17; d. 2 Nov., 1778, aged 85 years. 

Rirths and deaths of the above children's husbands and wives : 

I. George Thurlow\ son of Thomas Thurlow and Judith .March, 
b. 12 March, 1761; d. 17 Jan., 17 14, aged 42 years, 9 months. 

II. Rebecca Knight*, daughter of I. John Knight* and Rebecca 
Noyes, and grand-daughter of Rev. James Noyes and Mary Brown; 
b. 27 April, 1674. 

III. Anne Longfellow'-*, daughter of William I^ngfellow and Anne 
Sewall: b. 3 Oct., 1683. 

Hannah Spofford, b. 12 Feb., 1684. 
Klizabeth Noyes, d. 23 Dec, 1708. 
Sarah Pearson, d. 10 Dec, 1754. 


IV. Klizabeth Adtims- and bklward Phelps had one or more chil- 
dren as follows: 

I. John*, b. 15 Dec, 1657. 

Rohkrt'. ' 

V. Mary .Vdams- and Jeremiah (ioodridge had children as 
follows , 

I. Mary*, b. 21 Nov., 1663. 
11. William*, b. 2 Aug., 1665. 


III. Philip*, b. 2^ Nov., 1669: ui. Mchitablc Woodman 16 

April, 1700. 

IV. Klizabeth\ b. 27 Feb., 1679. 
\'. Hann:ih\ b. 15 Nov., 1681. 

\I. Jolin\ b. 26 .\ray, 1685. 

VIII. Hannah Adanio- and William Warham had one or more 
children as follows : 

I. Paul*, b. 2 Oct., 1603. 

IX. Jacob Adams- and Anne Allen had children as follows: 

I. Dorothy*', b. 26 July, 1679. 
II. Rebecca^, b. 26 Aug.. 1680 

III. Jacob^ b. ; m. Mercy Gillet 24 Dec, 1702; d. 28 

Oct., 1756. 

IV. Daniel', b. . 

V. Abraham**, b.. to Nov., 16S7; m. Joanna Norton of Suf- 
field. Conn., 7 April, 1713, and Anne Heiden 25 July, 
^733'^ d. 12 Feb., 1769, aged 81 years, 3 months. 

VI. John^ b. : d. 9 Nov., 1690. 

VII. Ann*, b. . 

VIII. Klizabeth*, b. 16 Aug., 1692. 

IX. Sarah*, b. . s^ LJaa/ao 1 7*2. 

X. John*, b. June, 1694; m. Abigail Roe ji 1 iind Mft P th i^ 
WiiiLhiill III Jnlii, i^ji f^.f^jc,ji/i^ 

Fourtli Ccncration. 

Robert^ — III. Abraham*. 

I. Mary Adams^ and George Thurlow had children as follows : 

I. Judith\ b. 6 Sept., 1696. 

II. Mary*, b. ii April 1699; m. Rev. Mr. Secambe. 

III. Thomas*, b. ; m. Joanna Pike. 

IV. George*, b. ; m. Elizabeth Hale. 

Robert^ — III. Abraham^. 

II. Robert Adams' and Rebecca Knight had children as follows: 
I. Abraham*, b. 8 July, 1696; m. Abigail Pierce 6 Dec, 

II. Rebecca*, b. 28 Jan. 1698; m. Joseph Morse 22 Dec 1721. 

III. Mary*, b. 3 March 1700; m. James Merrill 23 Nov. 1724. 

IV. Robert*, b. 20 Nov. 1702; m. Anne Jaques 29 Oct. 

1725; d. 5 March,' 1773, aged 70 years, 3 months. He 
had the asthma nearly twelve years, and was not in 
bed above ten years. 

V. Jacob*, b. 10 Nov., 1704; died young. 

VI. John*, b. 2 Nov., 1705; m. Elizabeth Morse 2 Nov., 1730. 
VII. Jacob*, b. 22 Dec. 1713; m. Mary Hills, 31 Aug. 1742. 
VIII. Dorothy*, b. 12 Jan. 1718. 

Births and deaths of the above children's husbands and wives : 

V. Abigail Pierce*, daughter of IV. Benjamin Pierce' and Lydia 
Frost, b. 26 Jan. 1702. 

Joseph Morse, b. 3 April 1694. 




III. .M>r;ih:im Achiius-* and Anne Lonq:fello\v had children as 
follows : 

1. *Anne*, b. 29 .Vpril 1705; m. Robert Stuart 11 Dec. 

II. William*, b. S May 1706; m. Klizabeth Noyes 2 April 1728. 

III. Mary*, b. 26 Sept. 1707; m. Thomas Poor of Andover, 

30 Sept. 1728. 

IV. Stephen*, b. 16 April 1712; died young. 

V. Sarah*, b. 29 Sept. 17 13; m. Dea. Samuel Somerby, 29 
Sept. 1735. 

VI. .Vbraham*, b. 24 Aug. 17 15; m. Mary Colman, i8 Nov. 
1737, and settled in Rowley; and Sarah Foster, 29 
Jan. 1759 or '60; d. 19 Nov. 177 1, aged 56 years. 

VII. Samuel*, b. 6 June 17 17; m. widow Mary Brown of 
Rowley, whose maiden name was Jewett, 26 Nov. 
1747; d. 8 May 1791, aged 74 years. 
VIII. Rev. Joseph*, b. 8 March 17 19; grad. Harvard 1742; 
m. widow Mary Green leaf 1746; d. in Stratham, N. 
H., 24 Feb. 1785, aged 66 years. 

IX. Rev. Benjamin*, b. 8 March 17 19; grad. Harvard 1738; 
ordained in Lynn or Lynfield 5 Nov. 1755; m. Eliza- 
beth Payson 1748, and Rebecca Nichols; d. 4 May 
'777i ^ed 58 years. 
X. Nathan*, innkeeper: b. 17 June 172 1; m. Mary Trumball 
of Charlestown, Mass., 17 Feb. 1757. He kept an inn 
in Charlestown, Mass. 

XL Henry*, b. 18 Nov. 1722; m. Sarah P'^mcry 20 Nov. 1744, 
and Catherine Oerish 1767. 

Births and deaths of the above children's husbands and wives: 

Sarah Foster, b. 1751; d. 4 Nov. 1776, aged 25 years. 
Mary Jewett, b. 1722; d. 17 Nov. 18 12, aged 90 years. 

♦NoTK.^ — Anne*" and Robert Staart were ancestors of Stuart 




IV. Isaac Adams' and Hannah SpoiTord had children as follows: 

1. Hannah\ born 15 June 1709; m. Ikirbank; d. 

2 Auic. 1744, aged 35 years. 
II. Samuel*, b. 9 Feb. 17 11; d. 18 Dec. 1736, aged 25 years. 
III. • C'apt. lsaac\ b. 25 May 17 13; m. Mercy Wood, i April 

1743; d. 20 March 1797, aged 84 years. 
IV. Israel*, b. 26 April 17 16; m. Deborah Searle of Rowley, 
16 July 1740. They were published in Rowley 5 July 
1740, and m. by Rev. Moses Hale in Newbury. 
V. David*, b. 15 June 1720; m. Hannah Jackman of Row- 
ley, 29 Sept. 1742, 
VI. Abigail*, b. 28 June 1722; d. 24 Nov. 1737, aged 15 yrs. 
VII. Mary*, b. 12 Oct 1724. 

Births and deaths of the above children's husbands and wives : 
Mercy Wood, b. 1720. 

Robert*. — III. Abraham***. 

VI. John Adanis^ and second wife Sarah Pearson, had children 
as follows : (hi.^ first wife, Klizabeth Noyes, had no children.) 

I. Sarah*, b. 11 Oct. 1714. 
II. Elizabeth*, b. 18 June, 171 7. 

III. Mehitablc*, b. 21 June 1719; d. 17 July 1736, aged 17 


IV. Mary*, b. 11 Feb. 1723; d. 6 Aug. 1736, aged 13 years. 
V. Benjamin*, b. 8 Dec. 1724. 

VI. Hannah*, b. 11 Aug. 1727; m. John Woodman, 1751. 
VII. Moses*, b. 7 Nov. 1730; d. 26 July 1736, aged 6 years. 

Robert^ — III. Abraham-. 

VII. Dr. Matthew Adams* and Sarah Knight had children as 
follows : 

I. Matthew*, b. 19 July 1707; d. 27 July 1707, aged 8 days. 
II. Matthew*, b- 19 May 1709 ; m. Sarah Bartlett, 1734, and 



Hannah Rollins 17 May 1744. 

III. Sarah**, b. 5 Sept. 17 11; m. Joseph Bartlett, 5 June 173^. 

IV. Abraham*, b. 10 May 17 13; m. Mary Adams, 14 March 

1738: d. 29 May 1795, ^S^^ ^2 years. 
V. Judith*, b. 2 April 17 16; m. Capt. Edmund Little, 18 
March 1736. 
VL Eunice\ b. 7 April 1719. 
VIL Elizabeth*, b. 28 April 1728. 

Births and deathi of the above children*s husbands and wives : 

Hannah Rollins, dau. of Benjamin Rollins and Hannah Annis, b. 
22 May 1726; d. 3 July 1782, aged 56 years, i month. 

Mary Adams, d. 29 July 1789. 

Capt. Edmund Little, son of Enoch Little and Elizabeth Worth, 
b. s Sept. 1 715; d. 29 Aug. 1803, aged nearly 88 years. 

Robkrt'. — HL Abraham*. 

X. Richard Adams^ and Susana Pike had children as follows : 

L Mary*, b. 8 Oct. 1718; m. Noah Adams, 14 March 1738. 
n. John*, b. 9 Sept. 1720; d. 20 March 1723, aged 2 years, 
6 months. 
IIL Hannah*, b. 16 Nov. 1722; m. Daniel Chute 1734; d. 28 

April 1792, aged 69 years, 5 months. 
IV. Enoch*, b. 24 Sept. 1724; m. Sarah Jackman, 28 July 

1747; d. 27 July 1749, aged 24 years, 10 months. 
V. Richard*, b, 2 Nov. 1726; m. Sarah Noyes, 21 Jan. 1755; 

d. 6 Nov. 1788, aged 52 years. 
VL Susanna*, b. 5 Aug. 1729; d. unmarried, 19 June 1745, 
aged 25 years, xo months. 
VIL John*, b. 30 July 1732; m. Elizabeth Thurlow, 22 Dec. 

1761; d. 2 Sept. 181 1, aged 79 years. 
VIIL Daniel*, b. 4 Sept. 1734; m. Edna Noyes, 26 Oct. 1758; 
d. I Dec. 1759, aged 25 years, 2 months. 
IX. Moses*, b. 17 Jan. 1737; m. Ruth Palmer, 6. Feb. 1770; 

d. 16 Sept. 18 1 7, aged 80 years, 8 months. 
X. Edmund*, b. 24 Oct. 1740; m. Hannah Thurston, 22 

Nov. 1764, and widow Kimball ; d. 18 

Jan. 18259 aged 84 years, 2 months. 

Births and deaths of the above children's husbands and wives: 

Elizabeth Thurlow, b. 17 April 1739; d. 4 Sept. 1820, aged 81 
years, 4 months. 

Hannah Thurston, d. 12 Sept. 1807. 



Fiiili OoiicnVJoii. 

RoiJERT^ — III. Akxamam-. — II. Robert*. 

I. Abraham Adaini* a;jd Abigail Pierce had children as follows: 

I. Robert', b. 25 Nov. 1717; m. Love Jaques, 7 Sept. 1738. 
11. Lydia^ b. 31 Oct., 17 19: m. Klipiialet Jaques, 3 Jan. 
1738; d. 7 June 179S, aged 78 years, 7 months. 

III. Abigail*, b. 11 Nov. 1721: d. unmarried r758, aged 36 


IV. Benjamin', b. 13 April 1723; m. Abigail Kendrick. 
V. Mary^, b. 2j Aug. 1727; m. James Staart. 

VI. Charles*, b. 4 Nov. 1729; m. II. Rebecca -\dams* 25 Jan. 

nSSi ^^d Mary HilL, iS Dec. 1760; d. 9 Jan. 1802, 

aged 72 years, 2 month j. He died during a heavy 

thunder storm which was remarkable at that time of 


Vn. Mjhitable*, b. 5 Nov. 1734; m. John Knight, June 1763. 

VIII. Daniel*, b. 31 March 1739; ^- unmarried. 

IX. Elizabeth*, b. 15 July 1741; m. Jacob Freese, 17 Dec. 

X. Sarah*, b. 7 Aug. 1743; m. liaac Adams, an English- 
man, 1774.. 

fiirths and deaths of the above children's husbands and wives : 

Love Jaques, dau. of Henry Jaques (who d. 1723) and Mary 

Eliphalet; Jaques, son of Henry Jaques and Mary Co.Tin, b. 1714; 
d. 24 Jane 1S04, aged 89 years, 6 months. He died of cramp colic. 

II. Rebecca Adami*, dau. of IV. Robert Adam** and Anne 
Jaques. b. 25 Jan. 1730; d. 1753, aged 28 years. 

Mary Hills, dau. of Smith Hills and Mary Sawyer, b. 31 July 
*73S5 d. 26 Dec. 1805, aged 70 years, 4 months. 


RoRERT^ — III. Abraham-. — II. RonERi*^. 

II. Rebecca Adams\ and * Joseph Morse had children as followi: 

I. Anthony*, b. 22 Sept. 1722; published to Hannah Mer- 
rill of Falmouth, Maine, 26 Feb. 1744, and perhaps 
settled there. 
II. Rebecca% b. 12 Sept. 1724. 

III. Joseph*, b. 24 June 1727. 

IV. Sarah*, b. 18 Feb. 1729 or '30. 
V. Mary*, b. 13 March 1731 or 32. 

VI. Liphe*, b. 29 July 1733; '^- Abigail Pettiiigell. 
VII. Elizabeth*, b. 2* Dec. 1734, and no further reported. 

*NoTE. — Joseph Morse's second wife Mary Jackman he m. in 
1738 and lived in Newbury. 

Robert\ — III. Abraham"-. — II. Robert.* 

IV. Robert Adams* and Anne Jaques had children as follows : 

I. Israel*, b. 19 July 1726; d. 17 March 1730, aged 3 years. 
8 months. 
II. Rebecca*, b. 25 Jan. 1730; m. VI. Charles Adams*, 25 
Jan. 1753; d. 1758, aged 28 years. 

III. Eunice*, b. 12 Jan. 1732; d. unmarried. 

IV. Capt. Israel*, b. 22 March 1735; "^' Deborah Jaques, 11 

Nov. 1779; d. 4 Jan. 1812, aged.nearly 77 years. 
V. Liphe*, b. 8 May 1736; m. Mary Boynton, 14 May 1775; 

d. 30 Sept. 180 1, aged 65 years, 4 months. 
VI. Sarah*, b. 23 May 1739; d. unmarried, 9 Jan. 1778, aged 
38 years, 7 months. 
VII. Capt. Silas*, b. 8 Feb. 1741; m. Lucy Underwood of 
Portsmouth, 8 Sept. 1779; d. 15 Nov. 1800, aged 59 
years, 9 months. He was in the Revolutionary war. 
After Capt. Silas died his widow Lucy m. Daniel 
VIII. Anna*, b. 14 March 1748; m. John Knapp. 

IX. Robert*, b. ; m. Eunice Little, 12 July 1774; d. 

3 Dec. 1776. His widow m. Bradstreet Tyler, 18 Sept. 
1788 and moved to Boxford. 

Births and deaths of the above children's husbands and wives : 


\'I. Charles AdaIns^ son of I. Abraham Adams^ and Abigail 
Pierce, b. 4 Nov. 1729; d. 9 Jan. 1S02, aged 72 years. 

Deborah Jaqucs, b. 1738; d. 20 May 1837, aged 99 yrs. 43 days. 

Mary lioynton, d. 7 Feb. 1822. 

Lucy Underwood, b. 1770; d. 12 Sept. 1844, aj^ed 74 years. 

Robert*. — III. AnaAHAM-. — II. Robert.'^ 
VI. John Adanii^ and Elizabeth Morse had children as follows: 

I. Susanna^ b. 6 Sept. 1731. 

II. Jane*, b. 13 May 1733. 

Ill Joshua*, b. s Feb. 1735. 

IV. Moses*, b. 15 Nov. 1737. 

V. Benjamin*, b. 25 June i74S« 

Robert^ — III. Abraham*'. — II. Robert*. 

VII. Jacob Adams* and Mary Hills had children as follows: 

I. Jacob*, b. 12 Feb. 1743. 
II. Zebulon*, b. 19 Nov. 1744. 


Sixth Ociieraiiou. 

Kor.Kki*. -III. Ahkaham-. — II. Robert^. — I. Abraham*. 

I. Robert Ailaiub^ and Love Jaques had children as follows: 

I. Joseph", b. 1738; m. Elizabeth .Atkinson, 22 Feb. 176S; 
d. 30 Mav. 1790, Oijed 52 years. 
II. Henry", b. 15 Feb. 1741; m. Sarah Dole, Dec. 1767, and 
Sarah Pulcifer of Ipswich, Nov. 1786, and Hynnah 
Severance of Kingston, N. H., 3 May 1799; d. 30 
Aug. 1837, aged 96 years, 6 months, 15 day.s. 

III. Abraiiam'', b. 2 Oct. 1746; m. Judith Little, 12 July 1774: 

d. 4 April iSoi, aged 54 years, 6 months. They had 
no children. After III. Abraham" died Judith m. 
Joseph Xoyes. 

IV. MoUy'\ b. 10 May 1750; m. Anthony Morse, Jan. 1767; 

d. Feb. 1838, aged 87 years, 9 months. 
V. Abigail", b. 27 June 1753; d. unmarried. 
VI. Daniel", b. 24 Nov. 1756; m. Klizabeth Colley, 25 Dec. 
1777, and Mary Lord of Ipswich, 14 Jan. 17S7, d. 21 
Nlarch, 18^3, aged 85 years, 4 months. 

Births and deaths of the above children's husbands and wives : 

Sarah Dole d. 2 March, 1784. 

Hannah Severance b. 3 July 1769; d. 23 March, 1851, aged 81 
years, 8 months, 20 days. 

Judith Little, dau. of Capt. Edmund Little and V. Judith Adams* 
d. 1824 or '25. 

RoHKRT*. — III. Abraham-. — IL Robert.* — L Abraham* 

*II. Lydia .\dams'' and Eliphalet Jacques had children as 

I. Henry** b. 9 .March, 1738; m. Sarah Knight; d. 13 Jan. 
1792, aged S3 years, 10 months. 


II. David*' b. 22 Sept. 1739; ^^' ^^ '^^*C- 1760, aj;ed 21 years, 
3 months. 
III. lulmund'* b. 23 June, 1740; d. 7 Feb. 1742, aged i year, 

7 months. 
I\'. I.ydia" I), ro Xov. 1 742: d. 30 March. 1776, aged ^;^ 

years, 4 months. 
V. I'.liphalct'* b. 14 Sept. 1744; d. 23 Sept. 1750, aged 6 

\'l, Kdmund*' b. 16 Sept. 174O: d. 30 Jan. 1748, aged 1 

vear, 4 months. 
VII. Knoch'^ b. 10 May, 174^?; m. Mary Hale; d. 30 Jan. 1809, 
aged 60 years. 8 months. ^niMi^ 
VIII. Kunice' b. 31 March, 1750; m. ^3i«ii4«^ Pearson; d. 10 
Sept. 1836. aged 86 years, 6 months. 
IX. Sally'' b. 14 Feb. 1752; d. unmarried, 16 Aug. 1775, aged 
23 years, 6 months. • 
X. l^irker** b. 11 March, 1754; m. Nancy Newman; d. 13 
May, 1848, aged 94 years, 6 months. 
XI. Mchiuiblc'^ b. 17 April, 1756; m. Richard Smith; d. 23 

April, 1819, aged 63 years. 
XII. l*olly* b. 9 ^Iay, 1758; d. 14 Jan. 1760, aged r year, S 
XIII. Kliphalet** b. 19 March. 176 1; d. 9 Aug. 176 1, aged 4 
months, 21 davs. 

*Note. 11. Lydia Adams"* was grandmother to Ma.ster Jaques, 
school teacher. 

RoniCRT^ — III. .VnaAiiAM-. — II. Robert.*— I. Aijraham* 

IV. Ronjimin .Adam.i* and .Abigail Kendrick had children as 

I. Abraham". 

II. Danier. 

III. I.iaac". 

IV. Caleb". 

V. .Abigair d. 21 March 1855. 

VI. Samjel". wire worker, b. 7 June 1759; m. Catharine 
Penno, 31 May 1781; d. 31 March 1796, aged 36 
years, 9 months. He lived in Hoston. 



VI. Charles Adams"* M\d sccowd wife M.irv Hills had children 
as follows: (His first wife II. Kchjcca Adanii^ had no children.) 

I. Their first child was born dead 22 Oct. 1761. 
II. Jacob*, teamster, b. 17 July 1764; m. Klizabeth Hidden 
22 Oct. i7S9and ilannah Hartlett 4 Dec. 1817; d. 
28 Oct. 1850, aged SO years, 3 months. He was 
lame the last few vears of his life so that he walked 
with two canes. 

III. Amos*\ ship builder, b. 25 April 176S; went to St. John,. 

N. B. in 1791: m. Sally Whitney 3 Nov. 1799; d. 13 
Nov. 1827, aged 59 years. He was buried in the 
graveyard near King's square, St. John, N. B. 

IV. Smith*, cooper: b. 22 Feb. 1771; m. Hannah Bray 5 Oct. 

1794; d. 10 March 1831, aged 60 years, r6 days. 
V. Rebecca* b. i Feb. 1775: m. Samuel Davis, barber, 24 
Nov. 1797: d. 22i Ap*"'^ 1848, aged 73 years, 2 months. 
VI. Mary* b. 28 March 1778: m. Robert Morss, house car- 
penter, 29 .Vpril 1806: d. 18 Nov. 1855, aged 77 years, 
7 months. They lived in Boston. 
VIL Martha* b. 17 Jan. 1782: m. Obadiah Short, carpenter, 
fi Nov. 1805 and Kdnuind Smith, Elsq., rope maker, 
18 Nov. i8(o;d. 29 Sept. 1846, aged 64 years, 8 
months. Afterward Kdmund Smith, Esq., m. widow 
Mary Moody whose maiden name was Huse, 12 Oct. 
1847. She was dau. of Samuel Huse and Sarah 
Cross and was b. 2 April 1797. 

Births and deaths of the above children's husbands and wives : 

Elizabeth Hidden b. 30 March 17J2: d. 26 July 181 7, aged 55 
years, 3 months. 

Hannah Bartlett, dau. of Nathaniel Bartlett and Hannah Hills, 
b. Dec. i773;.d. 23 Aug. 1832, aged 58 years, 8 months. 

Sally Whitney b. 10 Nov. 1776; d. 8 Sept. 1853, aged 76 years, 
10 months. 

Hannah Bray, dau. of .\aron Hray and Hannah Davis, b. 26 
March 17 71; d. 29 Dec. 1841, aged 70 years, 9 months. 

Samuel Davis, barber, son of Aaron Davis and Mary Knapp, b. 
18 Oct. 1766; d. s Jan. C836, aged 69 years, 2 months. 

Robert Morss, son of .\nthony Morss and IV. Molly Adams'* 
b. 14 March 1783; d, 10 Jan. 1836, aged 52 years, 10 months. 


Obadiah Short, son of Richard Short and Judith Lunt, b. 1778; 
d. 20 Nov. 1S05, in nine days after marriage, aged 27 years. 

Kdmund Smith, Ksq. son of Richard Smith and Mehitable 
Jaques, b. 31 .\ug. 1785; d. 14 June 1S49, aged 63 years, 9 months. 

RonKRT*. — III. AhKAHAM-. —II. RORKRT^ — I. .Xrraham*. 

V'll. Mehitable .-Vdams^ and John Knight had children as follows: 

I. John** b. m. *Mary Jaques. 

II. Mehitable" b. ;m. Emerson of Haverhill. 

HI. Adams Knight'* b. 26 Jan. 1770; m. Alice Little; d. 10 

Oct. 1S48, aged 78 years, 8 months. 
IV. .Abigail" :m. Martin of Haverhill. 

Alice Little, IH. Adams Knight's wife, was b. 8 Dec. 1768; d. 
22 Nov. 185 I, aged 82 years, ii months. 

Robert*. — HI. Abraham-. — IL Roberi*^. — L Abraham*. 

X. Sarah Adams'* and Isaac .\dams an Englishman had children 
as follows: 

I. Eleanor" b. 25 .-Vpril 1779; m. Moses Hale. 
II. Thomas'* b. 23 July 1784; m. Mary Leach 21 June 1805 
and Sarah Saunders 18 Oct. 17 13. 


•-"oi'oii:!! LioiioraiuMi. 

ROMKRl^ — III. Ai:KAIi.VM-. — II. RnUtkl'. — I. AbRAHAW^ 


II. Jacob Adams*^ and tirst wife Elizabeth Hidden had children 
.IS follows: ( His second wife Hannah Bartlett had no children.) 

I. Elizabeth" b. 26 Nov. 1793; d. 2^ Sept. 1794, aged 9 

months, 27 da vs. 
II. Mary E.' b. 2 June 1806; d. 10 Sept. 1806, aged 3 month.i, 
7 days. 

RoHKRl'. — III. .\nRAHAM-. II. RoHFRr*. — I. AnRAHAM^ 

VI. Charles'*. 

III. Amos Adams**' and Sally Whitney, of St. John, N. B., had 
children as follows: 

I. Mary" b. 21 August 1800; d. unmarried 2 May 1869, 

a<jed 68 vcars, 8 months. 
II. Charles' b. 9 March 1802: m. .Vlmira Lcavitt 24. Nov. 
1839, and Mary S. Chipman [5 Sept. 1847; d- i^49» 
aged 47 years. 
HI. Eliza" b. 22 Oct. 1805; m. Thomas Hardenbrook, 24 

.Vug. 1836. They had no children. 
IV. Jane" b. 30 Sept. 1808; m. Capt. John Leavitt 17 May 
1835. They had no children. 
V. (jeorgc Smith" b. 13 April 1810; d: probably unmarried 

VI. Sarah* b. ij Jan. 1812; m. Capt. Edward \V. Ihiggini 
24 April 1834; d. 184S, aged 36 years. Shj had no 
Vil. Emily Sophia" I). 9 Oct. 1813; m. Micha i M.^CJartyS 
Sept. 1849. She had no children. 


VIII. William Henry", hardware merchant, b. 7 Aug. 1815: m. 
Julia A. Smith 4 June 1846; d. 14 Dec. 1864, aged 49 
years, 4 montiis. 
IX. John Augustuji" b. 7 May 18 19; m. Cecilia Rainsford 29 
Aug. 1862. They had one child which died young. 

KonKKT*. — HI. Ahraham". — H. Robert.^ — I. Abraha.m* 

VI. Charles*. 

IV. Smith Adanii"^ and Hannah Bray had children as follows: 

I. Aaron Bray', merchant, b. 24 Oct. 1796; m. widow Bet 
sey Clark, whose maiden name was Brown, 14 May 
1837, and widow Mary M. Cheever, school teacher, 
whose maiden name was Dutton, 20 June 1841; d. 5 
May 1869, aged 72 years, 7 months. He began to 
learn the sail maker*s trade with his grandfather, 
Aaron Bray, but afterward became a merchant. 
II. Hannah\ b. 4 Nov. 1798; m. Capt. Seward Lee 23 June 
183 1; d. 10 July 1854, aged 55 years, 8 months. 

HI. Mary H.', b. 2 Nov. 1800; m. William Coker, ship car- 
penter, 7 April 1836, and Capt. Seward Lee ii June 
1855; d. 5 Feb. 1886, aged 85 years, 3 months. 

IV. William Bray", cooper, b. 16 June 1803; m. Martha 
Morse 16 June 1825, and Ann Atkinson Stanwood 3 
Dec. 1826: d. 13 Dec. 1849, aged 46 years, 6 months. 
V. Charles', cooper, b. 21 Oct. 1805; m. Sarah Noyes 26- 
Nov. 1826; d. 15 Aug. 1877, aged 72 years. 

VI. Almira', b. 7 Aug. 1808; m. Capt. Eleazer P. Short 15 
May 1837; d. 7 Aug. 1873, on her birthday, aged 65 
VH. Smith', cooper, b. 26 June i8ii; m. Elizabeth Jane 
Hoague 30 Nov. 1837, and widow Emma Post, whose 
maiden. name. was Currier, 7 Nov. 1850. </{//^^ii^t^/<f^<f 

Births and deaths of the above children's husbands and wives : 

Betsey Brown, dau. of Brown and Hannah Nowell, b. 7 

April 1793; died with rose cancer on her breast, 13 May 1840, aged 
47 years, i month. Her first husband was Phillip Clark. 

Mary M. Dutton, dau. of Benjamin Dutton, ship builder, and 
Sarah Currier, b. 18 March 1806; d. 18 May 1892, aged 86 years, 2 

Seward Lee, sea captain, b. 15 Feb. 1795; ^- -2 April 187 1, aged 
76 years, 2 months. He worked at shoemaking the last years of his 

t •* 


\Villi;iin Cokcr. b. 28 Dec. 1794; d. 21 April i85i,aged56 years, 
4 months. 

Martha Morse, dau. of Merrill Morse and Hannah Currier, b. 
j<) Dec. 1S05: d. 5 Nov. 1825, four months and twenty days after 
inarriaixe, ai;cil 20 years. 

Ann A. Stanwood, dau. of Thomas Stanwood and Elizabeth 
Rhodes, and twin to her brother John, b. 13 May 1797; d. 7 Jan. 
1879, •^•J^*d 81 years, 8 months. 

Sarah Noyes, dau. of Wadleigh Noyes and Hannah Savory, b. 16 
June 1803; d. 24 Nov. 1894, aged 91 years, 5 months, 8 days. 

Eleazer I*. Short, sea captain, b. 28 Aug. 1807; d. 7 Aug. 1870, 
aged 63 years. 

Elizabeth J. Iloague, dau. of Dudley Hoague and Sarah New- 
ton, b. I Nov. 1811; d. 12 Nov. 1858, aged 47 years. 

Emma Currier, dau. of Edmund Currier and Emma Gould, b. 25 
March i^oG.JUSil M^J f?6 <^^^^^ ^^ ^ 9n4^. 

RonKRT*. — ni. Abraham*. — II. Robert^ — I. Abraham*. 

VI. Charles"*. 

V. Rebecca .Vdams* and Samjel Davis hid children aj follo%vs: 

I. ;Vmos A^ peddler, b. 3 Sept. 179^; d. unmarried 27 

Feb. 1838, aged 39 years, 5 months. 
II. William K..\ merchant, b. 24 Sept. 1800: m. widow 

Ruth Growther whose maiden name was Somerby, 15 

Dec. 1840; d. 12 May 1879, aged 78 years, 8 months. 

'i*hev had no children. 
HI. Charles A.^ b. 2 Sept. 1803; m. Mary \V. Hooker, 2 

June 1832; They had no children. 
IV. Obadiah S.', b. 27 June 1806; m. Mary J. Andrews, 28 

.Vug. 1843; d. 12 April 1857, aged 50 years, 9 months. 
V. Samuel', rope maker, b. 20 Sept. 1809; m. Ellen Hum- 
phreys, 24 Sept. 1843; d. 2 April 1664, aged 54 years, 

6 months. 
VI. Rebecca K.^ b. 22 April 1812; d. unmarried. 
VII. Belinda H.\ b. 30 Jan. 1S15; m. Ebenezer B. Robbing 

28 March 1831; d. 30 Sept. 1876, aged 61 years, 8 


Births and deaths of the above children's husbands and wives : 

Ruth Somerby, b. Nov. 1807; d. 12 July 1859, aged 52 years, 8 

Mary W. Hooker, dau. of George Hooker and Mary Woods, d. 
at Portland, Me., 22 Sept. 1883. 



Ellen Humphreys, clau. of Archable Humphreyi and Mary Boyd, 
d. at Newbury port, Mass., 14 April 1885. 
Kbenezer H. Robbiiis. b. 22 Dec. 1809. 

RonERT^ — Iir. A11RAH.VM-. — II. Robert^. — I. Abraham*. 

VI. Charles*. 

VI. Mary Adams'* and Robert Morss had children as follows: 
A!l b. in Newburyport except VII. Charles Anthony". 

I. Mary', b. 26 May 1807; d. 17 Feb. 18*24, aged 16 years, 
8 months. 
II. Robert', b. 18 May 1809; d. 24 March 1816, aged 6 years, 

10 months, 
ni. Moses", b. 6 Oct. 1810: d. 10 June 181 2, aged i year, 
8 months. 

IV. Catharine Davenport', b. 27 July 181 2; m. Anthony 

Hanson, house carpenter, 24 May 1837; d- ^3 March 
1872, aged 59 years, 8 months. 

V. Moses", b. 2 March 1815; d. 20 Jan. 1821, aged 5 years, 

10 months. 
VI. Robert', flour merchant, b. 13 Dec. 18 16; m. Abby C. 
Dow 18 Nov. 1846, and Minerva E. Battell 23 Dec. 
1 858; d. 10 April 1870, aged 53 years, 4 months. 
VII. Charles Anthony", wire worker, b. in Boston 15 Oct. 
1822; m. Mary Elizabeth Wells 30 Sept. 1856. 

Births and deaths of the above children*s husbands and wives: 

Abby C. Dow, b. 18 Nov. 1826; d. 16 Jan. 1862, aged 35 years, 
2 months. Her child. III. Abby C. Morss^ died the day her mother 

Minerva F^ Battell, b. 10 Oct. 1843; d- 22 Oct. 1869, in less 
than one year after marriage, aged 26 years. 

Mary E. Wells, b. 11 Feb. 1831. 

.RoBEXT^ — III. Abraham-. — II. Robert.^ — I. Abraham^ 

VI. Charles*. 

VII. Martha /Vdami'* and second husband, Edmund Smith, Esq., 
had children a> follows: (Sh-: had no children by her first husband 
Obadiah Shoit.) 


I. Martha', b. ii April 1812; m. David G. Watts, mason, 

6 June 1833; d. 20 Feb. 1887, aged 74 years, 10 

months. She was a natural historian and genealogist. 

II. Mary Ann", b. 20 Sept. 1814; "^- Daniel Johnson fanner, 

I June 1842: d. 
III. Edmund Esq.", settler of estates, b. 19 Aug. 1816; m. 
Abigail S. Hoague 30 Nov. 1837. He was appointed 
justice of the peace and quorum in 1879; ^- 28 Feb. 
1884, aged 67 years, 6 months. 

Births and deaths of the above children's husbands and wives : 

David G. Watts,- son of William Watts and widow Sarah Good- 
hue, whose maiden name was Butman, b. 25 Nov. 1809: d. 27 Feb. 
1849, aged 39 years, 3 months. 

Daniel Johnson, son of Daniel Johnson and Sarah Alden, b. 14 
Nov. 18 17; d. 

Abigail S. Hoague, dau. of Dudley Hoague and Sarah Newton, 
b. July 18 14. 



lugJitli Generation. 

Robert^ — III. Abraham-. — II. Roberi**. — I. Abraham*. 

VI. CHARLE:i^ — IV. Smith**. 

I. Aaron Bray Adams' and second wife Mary M. Cheever had 
children as follows: (His first wife widow Betsey Clark had no 

I. Aaron Bray*, book keeper, b. 27 June 1842; m. Sarah 
Carrie Nelson 22 Sept. 1887; m. by Rev. C. C. VVal- 
lace D. D. 
II. George Pettingell", b. 5 April 1845: m. Georgia A. Bailey 
8 Nov. 1883. 

Births and deaths of the above children's wives: 
Sarah C. Nelson, dau. of John B. Nelson. 

Robert^ — III. Abraham*. — II. Robert*. — I. Abraha.m*. 

VI. Chariest— IV. Smith*. 

II. Hannah Adams' and Capt. Seward Lee had children - as 
follows: (She was Capt. Seward Lee's second wife.) 

I. Mary Ann", b. 7 Feb. 1833; '"• Joseph ,Haslam, of Salem, 
Mass., formerly of Manchester, England, 15 Jan. 1854; 
d. 26 June 1867, aged 34 years, 4 months. 
II. George Smith', b. 31 April 1835; d. 22 Jan. 1841, aged 
5 years, 8 months. 

III. Elizabeth A.", b. 13 Sept. 1841; d. 15 Feb. 1842, aged 

5 months. 

IV. Hannah Ellen^ b. 8 Oct. 1844; m. George E. Peterson 

25 Nov. 1866; d. Aug. 1893, aged 48 years, 10 months. 


r»irths and deaths of the above children's husbands. 

Joseph Hashmi, steam boiler maker, b. 9 Feb. 183 1; d. at Salem 
13 Feb. liSyo, a«xed 39 years. 

RoiiKRT^ — III. Abraham-. — 11. RonK.Rr'*. — L .Abraham*. 

VI. Charles^— IV. Smith''. 

Mary H. .\dam.s" and first husband William Coker, had children 
as lollows: i^She had no children by her second husband, Seward 

1. ♦Harriet Pearson*, b. 26 Jan. 1S37; m. M. B. Mansfield* 

of Salem, 4 July 1870. 
11. Kdward C.\ b. 7 Oct. 1838; m. Marv A. F. Kllis. 10 
.-Vpril 1868. 

Births and deaths of the above children's husband and wife : 

M. B. Mansfield, son of William Man^lield and Sarah B. Dailev, 
b. 1 1 July 1836; d. 28 Dec. 187 1, aged 35 years, 5 months. 

I. *Harrie-t I*.* and ^ticajah B. .Mansfield were m. by Rev. B. F. 
Katon of Cleveland, ohio,j:fi£^.^^(^^ft^ 

R.i)iiKRT^ — III. Amraham-.— 11. Rdrki^t.^— 1. Abraham'* 

VI. Charles^— IV. Smith'*. 

IV. William Bray .Adamj' and second wife .\nn A. Stanwood 
had children as follows: ( His firit wife .Martha Morse had no chil- 
dren. ) 

I. William Henry\ line maker, b. i Nov. 1827; d. unmar- 
ried 19 May 1875, ajed 47 years, 6 months. 
11. Martha .Ann\ b. 7 .\'.ig. i82(^; m. James K. Kimball, 

wharfinger, 4 Sept. i^S^-^ti^ StU t ^^ % J ^ i ^ 
III, FJizabeth Stanwood*, b. 13 July 1833; dT unmarried, 13 
March 1856, aged 22 years, 8 months. 

Birth of II. Martha's'* husband: 

James K. Kimball, son of Khvard Kimball and Kmeline Huse, 
b. 25 .\ug. 1828. 


KICrllTH (;KNKKA'ri()X. 27 

i<;)ia:RT'. — III. AniiAHAM-. — II. Rdhkri*^. — I. ABR.\HAM^ 

VI. Charles.-— IV. Smith". 

\'. Charles .Adams' and Sarah Noyes had children as follows: 
( I'iicv were married bv Rev. Charles William Milton.) 

I. Smith^ clockmaker. b. 22 April 1828; m. Mary Saunders 
Stevens ot Bangor, Maine, (6 Oct. 1848, and Ellen 
Jane Wilson of Milltown, Calais, Maine, b Sept. 1864. 
i'hey settled in Milltown 10 Oct. 1866. 

II. Hannah Savory^ b. 25 May 1830. Was accidentally 
burned by her clothes taking fire 24 Jan. 1833; ^- 3 
March 1833, aged 2 years, 9 months. 

III. Sarah Klizabeth*, b. 16 Feb. 1832; m. Thomas Jefferson 

Spinney, of Portsmouth, N. H., 7 Nov. 1S53; d. 4 
June 1800, aged 2S years, 3 months. She left a girl 
babe 9 days old. 

IV. Charles Aaron*, b. 3 May 1834; d. unmarried. 

V. Harriet Dutton', b. o Nov. 1830; d. unmarried 27 April 

1802, aged 25 years, 5 months. 
VI. Esther Lee\ b. lO Jan. 1841: m. William R. D. Mansfield 

of Salem, 6 Sept. i860. They have no children. 

They live in Salem. VI. Esther* is a dressmaker. 
VII. Mary Swett^ b. 29 April 1843; m. Joseph Haslam of 

Salem, formerly of Manchester, England, 27 Feb. 1868. 

She keeps a store. 
VIII. Daniel VVebster^ carpenter, b. 27 May 1845; m. Mariam ♦ 

W. Spinney of Portsmouth, X. H., iG' March 1869. 

They live in [Portsmouth. They had one child which 

died young. 
IX; Amos Henry*, book keeper and salesman, b. 19 Sept. 

1849; m. Cvnthia C. Dunn of Franklin. Maine, 25 

Sept. 1870.' M 5bS/i^i^y/ ^// ^^^ If^^J^. ^^^na^, 

Uirthi and deaths of the above children's husbands and wives : 

Mary S. Stevens, dau. of Capt. Moses Stevens and Phimelia 
Saunders, b. 23 March 1829. 

Kllen Jane Wilson, dau. of James and Catharine Wilson, b. 11 
March 1836. 

Thomas J. Spinney, house carpenter, son of Samuel Spinney and 
Sybil Hunker, b. at York, Maine, 30 Jan. 1830; d. 6 March 1878, 
aged 40 years, 1 month. 

William R. I). Mansfield, house carpenter, son of William Mans- 
field and Sarah li. Dailey, b. i July 1822: d. 18 Nov. 1890, aged 68 
vears, 4 months, 17 davs. 


Joseph Haslam, steam boiler maker, b. 9 Feb. 1831; d. 13 Feb. 
1S70, aj^ed 39 years. 

Mariam \V, Spinney, dau. of Joseph Spinney and Lydia Warner, 
b. 21 March 1846. 

Cvnthia C. Dunn, dau. of Edward Dunn and FJiza M. Blaisdell, 
b. 26 June 1850. 

Robert^ — III. Aiiraiiam-. — II. Robert.^ — I. Abraham* 

\'I. Charles*.— IV. Smith^. 

VI. Almira Adams" and Capt. Fleazer P. Short had children as 

I. William Wheeler^ b. 20 Sept. 1839; d. 21 Jan. 1840, 

aged 4 months. 
II. Ann Wheeler*, b. 12 Feb. 1841; m. Ira V. Harriman 8 
«^ May 1862. 

WluCed^^My ni. •fibentf1HMl.M.^ b. 12 March 1844. 

IV. Harriet \\\ b. 12 Sept. 1846. 

V. James K..*, b. 7 Feb. 1850; m. Florence L. Bricket 2 
June 1880; d. 9 Oct. 1885, in Haverhill, aged 35 years, 
8 months. 
VI. Samuel P.*, b. i Nov. 1852: d. 15 Sept. 1853, aged 10 


RoBERT^ — III. Abraham-. — II. Robert*'. — I, Abraham^ 

VI. Charles.*— IV. Smith'. 

VII. Smith Adams' and first wife, Elizabeth Jane Hoague, had 
children as follows: (His second wife, widow Kmma Post, had no 

I. Elizabeth Smith', b. 15 July 1840; d. 29 Aug. 184c, 

aged 6 weeks, 3 days. 
II. A boy*, which died at birth. 


. -Xiiitli UoiiercLiiou. 

I. Smith Adams'* and first wife Mary S. Stevens lived in Bangor, 
Maine, and had one child as follows: 

I. Laura Jane*' b. at Hanger, Sat. 2 March 1850; m. Augus- 
tus H. Sutherland i July 1666, and Nahum 1). Lander 
17 I'eb. 1872. 

Children by second wife Kllen Jane Wilson as follows: 

II. Smith*"*, b. at St. John, N. B., Kri. 19 May 1865; d. Sun. 
19 Aug. 1866, aged 15 months; buried at St. John, Tu. 
21 August. 

III. Smith'-', b. at Milltown, Calais, Maine, Sat. 22 Dec. 1866: 

m. Kliza Hand of Richmond, N. B., Wed. 6 Jan. 1892. 

IV. Charles'*, b. Mon. 25 Oct. 1869. 
V. (Seorge**, b. Sat. \i Aug. 1871. 

VI. Robert'', b. Tu. 22 Aug. 1876. 

Annie Wilson came to live with us F. 30 Oct. i358. She was b. 
in Milltown, Maine, 25 July 1856. K 

I. Smith .Vdams*'* and Kllen Jane Wilson were published by John 
Jackion, city clerk and printer, 31 Aug. 1864, and married by Rev. 
Henry V. Dexter, pastor of Baptist church, Calais, Maine. 

Births and deaths of the above children*s husbands and wives: 

Augustus H. Sutherland, son of Benjamin F. Sutherland and 
Marcia Merrill, b. 14 Nov. 1846. 

Nahum D. Lander, son of Freeman Lander and Ann Piper, b. 
8 Jan. 1853. 

Kliza Hand, dau. of Richard Hand and Margaret Wilson, b. 9 
June 1865. 


l<t)«KRT*. — III. Akraham". — II. Robert*. — I. Abraham\ 
V'l. CiiARLiis*. — IV. Smith*. — V. Charles". 

III. Sarah Elizabeth Adams'^and Thomas J. Spinney had chil- 
dren as follows: Thev live in Portsmouth, N. H. 

I. Kmma Stoned b. 5 Sept. 1854; d. 15 May 1863, aged 8 
years, 8 months. 
^ II. Charles Edwin*', b. 14 Oct. 1857; m. Nellie M. Chandler. 
III. .Sarah Elizabeth^ b. ->s May i860: m.;4a^Bemis. 

Births and deaths of the above children*s husbands and wives : 

Nellie M. Chandler, b. 14 July 1861: d. at East Bridgewater, 
Mass., Sun. 23 Feb. 1890, aged 28 years, 7 months, 9 days. ^^^4_^ 

Thomas J. Spinney's second wife Sarah A. VVitham had three 

Robert*. — III. Abraham-. — II. Robert*. — I. Abraham^ 
VI. Charles*. — IV^ Smith*. — V. Charles*. 

VII. Mary Swett Adams* and Joseph Haslam had one child as 

I. Alice Browning^ b. 5 Nov. 1868; m. William D. Ford 27 
April 1884, 2i^d Warren Medbury Thurlow 24 Jan. 
1802. She had one child by W. U. Ford, viz: I. Edith" 

b.^Feb. isssj^i:ce//S.1oU .^i/JMt4^.l^j^ 

Robert^ — III. Abraham^. — II. Robert.* — I. Abraham* 
VI. Charles*. — IV. Smith*. — V. Charles". 

IX. Amos Henry Adams" and Cynthia C. Dunn had children as 

I. Etta Mansfield^ b. 7 July i^^-ix.TK^.i/Ui^i^rJ^yia^^^ 
II. Lena Smith', b. 24 Jan. 1874; m. Oeorge E. Morse 24 ' ^ 
Feb. 1 89 1. She had one child, I. Harry Elwood*°, 
b. 20 Dec. 1891. 

III. Howard RusselP, b. 28 April 1876; d. 14 July 1877, aged 

14 months, 16 days. 

IV. Webster Derbj^^ b. i Aug. 1S77. 


Births and deaths of the above chtldren*s husbands and wifes : 

George Edward Morse, son of Joseph Morse and Betsey I. 
Folansbee, b. 9 Sept. 1866. 

IX. Amos Henry* and Cynthia were m. by Rev. Mr. Chase. 




'I'cwAi OcwcvivAoih 

RonKki^ — III. Ahraiiam-. — II. RtiHtRi*. — I. Auraham*. 
VI. CiiAKLKs.'' — IV. Smith". — V. Charlls". — I. Smith*. 

Laura Jane Adaiiii' and ti/.st huib.ind Auj.iitas H. Sutherland 
had children as follows: 

I. Charles A. Sutherland*^ (now Jordan,) b. 29 Dec. 1867; 
m. Ma2:i;ie Helen. 
II. Minnie M.*^ b. 24. April 1870; m. Benj.\min F. Rogers 
of SkoNvhegan, Me., 24 April 1886. 

Children by second husband Naiium D. Lander as follows: 


III. Mertie V^\ b. 2 3 Jan. 1873.^^ 

IV. Kthel B.!^ b. 3 Sept. 1874. 
V. Laura 15. *^ b. 2j Sept. 187V 

VI. Frank N.^ b. 10 May 1S77. 
VIL Lucy A.*'\ b. 24 April 1879; d. 15 March 1881, aged i 

year, 10 months, 19 davs. 
VI I L Nellie F.^^ b. 4 April r38i; d. 11 March 1SS8, aged 6 
vears. 1 1 months, 7 davs. 
LX. Kdith Kstclle»^ b. 18 June 1885. 
X. Smith Adams*^ b. 25 July 1887. 
.XI. Freeman Austin**^, b. July 1891. 

x// t/n^MJ/ M4/J'^ig.4^igjj 

Rdr.KRi*. — III. Airi^AHAM". — II. Rohkkt^. — I. Abraham*. 
VI. CiiAKLKs\ — IV. S^IITH^— V. Charles'. — L Smith^ 

III. Smith .Adams'^ and Kliza Hand had children as follows: 

1. Kstella Sniith*^ b. Sun. 25 Dec. 1S92. 

// C<t^~Ueyty^i' 'kf^.O'T'^l^?^ 


Eleventli Generation. 

RoB£RT^ — III. Abraham''. — II. Robert*. — I. Abraham^ 
VI. Charles*. — IV. SNtixs*. — V. Charles^ — I. Smith*— I. Laura* 

II. Minnie M. Sutherland^* and Benjamin F. Rogers had one 
child as follows: 

I. Alice Blanche", b. i6 Feb. 1887. 



Khl'". Jj\Mii'S NOYLvS' i-'AMILY. 

Rev. James Xoyes' father \v;is Rev. William \oyes, of Clouder- 
ton, Wiltshire, who married Rev. Robert l*arker's sifter. Rev. 
William Xoves was instituted Rector of. (or in) the diocese of Salis- 
bury in 1602, re^i^ned in 162 1, in favor of Nathan Xoyes. — James 
Savaj^e's Hook. 

Rev. James Noyes* was born in Cloaderton, Wiltshire, in 160S. 
He married Sarah Brown of Southhampton. England, and came to 
New England in 1634, and to Newbury in 1635; he was a teacher uf 
the church of Christ, in Newbury. He died 22 Oct. 1656, aged 48 
years. He was brother to Nicholas Noyes, who was deacon of the 
church. Rev. James Noyes composed and wrote a catechism for the 
use of the children in Newbury, which is printed in Coffn's history 
of Newbury. 

Rev. James Noyes* and Sarah Brown had children as follows: 

I. Joseph-, b. 15 Oct. 1637. He was selectman in New- 
bury a number of years. He died in 1717, agtd 80 
n. Rev. James-, b. 11 March, 1640; grad. at Harvard 
1659; preached in Stonington, Conn., in 1664. Or- 
dained there 10 Sept. 1676; died 30 Dec. 17 19, aged 
79 years. 9 months. He preached over fifty years. 

III. Sarah-, b. 12 Aug. 1641; d. 21 Feb. 1653, aged 11 years. 

6 months. 

IV. Rev. Moses-, b. 6 Dec. 1643; grad. at Harvard 1659, 

and was the first minister in Lyme, Conn. He d. in 
Lyme 10 Nov. 1726. aged 82 years, r 1 months, 
v. John-, b. 3 June 1645. He was a member of the An- 
cient and Honorable Artillery Company at Boston. 
\'L Col. Thomas-, b. 10 Aug. 1648; m. Martha Fierce 2^ 
Dec. 1669, and Klizabeth (Jreenleaf 24 Sept. 1677. 
He represented the town in the general court. Martha 
Pierce d. 3 Sept. 1674. 



\*II. Kcl)ccc.i\ h. I April IJ51; m. I. John Knight*, i Jan. 
11)72; ihcy had a daui^hter. II. Rebecca Knigllt^ who 
in. 11. i\ol)cii .\ciams'* in 1695. 
\'in. Willianj*. b. 22 Sent. 1653: m. Sarah Cogswell 6 Xov. 

IX. Sarah", b. jc .March i.'x:;'). 

On the 15 Sept. 1SS3 I called on Miss Mary C. Novas'*, who is a 
descendant ot kev. hune.i .\oveb*. She lives in the same house 
that he bailt in a!)Oiit 164J, and the same house where Rev. Thomas 
Parker lived with said .\oyes* tamily. I was shown over the house 
which is two stories high, and saw some wooden dishes, a table and 
chair once used by said Noycj and Parker. I also saw some very 
old crockery dishes: Rev. James Noyes' diary which he kept while 
living: also some old deeds and papers. The first brick fireplace was 
still in the house. Some of the rooms had the first plastering ever 
put on to tiiem, and some of the rooms had been replastered. That 
house is now (1895 ) still standing. Rev. Thomas Parker was the 
first pastor of the first C'onirreirational church in Newburv. He was 
never married. -r. SMITH AI)\MS\ 


Vu iv63 of Uie Newbury Adams Kamily iii a Direct Line. 



Richard PettingellS b. in England 162 1; m. Joanna, dau. of 
Richard Ingersoll of Salem Mass., 1652. He came to Newbury 
with his wife and several children. He is the first American ances. 
tor of the Pettingell family in New England. Tradition says he 
came from Staffordshire to Wenham, where he was in 164S. 

In 165 1 the town of Newbury granted to Richard PettingelP, 
fourteen acres of marsh in consideration of his yielding to the town 
a way four rods wide through his land. That way is now Green 
street, formerly called Rolfe*s lane. 

Richard PettingelP and Joanna Ingersoll had children as follows; 

I. Samuel^ baptized 9 Feb. 1645; m. Sarah Poore 16 Feb. 

II. Matthew-, b. ; m. Sarah Noyes 13 .\pril 1674, and 

Jemima French 1703. 

III. Mary*-, b. in Newbury 6 July 1652; m. III. Abraham 

Adams'- 10 Nov. 1670: d. 19 Sept. 1705, aged 53 years, 
2 months. 

IV. Nathaniel'^ b. in Newbury 21 Sept, 1654; m. Hannah 

Goodridge 1703 

Births and deaths of the above children's husbands and wives : 

Sarah Noyes, dau. of Nicholas Noyes and Mary Cutting, b. 22 
Aug. 1653. 

III. Abraham Adams^ son of Robert Adams- and Eleanor 

b. 1639; d. 14 June 17 14, aged 75 years. 



John Knight\ mercer, or merchant tailor, brother of Dea. Richard 
Knight, came with him in the ship James from Romsey, England, to 




Mass. «The James arrived at itoston 3 June 1635. (^ know not that 

the James ever came to Newbury.) John Knight' m. Elizabeth 

and Ann, widow of Richard Ingersoll of Salem. He d. May 1670. 
His tirst wife Elizabeth d. 20 March 1645. 

John Knight' and first wife Elizabeth had children as follows : 
according to my researches and belief. See Newbury town records, 
and History of Newbury by Joshua Collin tlsq. 

I. John Knight"*, jr., probably son of John', sr., b. 1622; m. 
Bathsua IngersoU of Salem, 1647; d. 25 Feb. 1678, 

»^g*^d 56 years. 
11. Sarah^ m. John Bartlett, jr., 5 March 1660. 
111. Mary-, b. ; m. Joseph Uowner 9 July 1660. 

Births and deaths of the above children*s husbands and wives: 

Bathsua IngersoU, dau. of Richard IngersoU, d. 25 Oct. 1705. 


John' — (probably father of I. John Kncght, jr.-*) 

I. John Knight, jr.,^ and Bathsua IngersoU had children as 

I. John*, b. 16 Aug. 1648; m. Rebecca Noyes^ dau. of Rev. 

James Noyes, i Jan. 1672. • 
II. Joseph^ b. 21 June 1652; m. Deborah Coffin 31 Oct. 

III. Elizabeth^ b. 18 Oct. 1655; m. Cutting Noyes 25 Feb. 


IV. Mary'*, b. 8 Sept. 1657; m. Timothy Noyes 13 Jan. 1681. 
V. Sarah*, b. 13 April 1660. 

VI. Hannah*,b. 22 March 1662; d. 30 July 1664, aged 2 

years, 4 months. 
VII. Hannah', b. 30 Aug. 1664; m. James Noyes 31 March 

VIII. Capt. Richard^ b. 26 July 1666; m. EHzabeth Jaques. 
IX. Benjamin', b. 21 Aug. 1668; m. Abigail Jaques. 
X. Isaac*, b. 31 Aug. 1672; d. 29 July 1690, aged 18 years. 

Births and deaths of the above children's husbands and wives: 

Rebecca Noyes, dau. of Rev. James Noyes and Sarah Brown, b. 
I April 1651. 



Cutting Noyes, son of Nicholas Noyes and Mary Cutting,, b. 23 
Sept. 1649; cl. 25 Feb. 1734, aged 84 years, 5 months. 

Timothy Noyes, son of Nicholas Noyes and Mary Cutting, b. 23 
June 1655; d. 21 Aug. 1718, aged 63 years, i month. 

James Noyes, son of Nicholas Noyes and Mary Cutting, b. 16 
May 1657. 


John*. — I. John-, jr. 

I. John Knight and Rebecca Noyes had children as follows: 

1. James\ b. 3 Sept. 1672. 

II. Rebecca*, b. 27 April 1674; m. II. Robert Adams* Aug. 

III. John*, b. 3 April 1676. 

IV. Sarah*, b. 25 Feb. 1679; ^' Samuel Moody 16 April 1700. 
V. Elizabeth*, b. 13 April 1681. 

VI. Joseph*, b. 9 Oct. 1683. 
VII. Nathaniel*, b. 22 Dec. 1688. 

Births and deaths of the above children's husbands and wives: 

II. Robert .\dams*, son of III. Abraham Adams^ and Mary 
Pettingell, b. 12 May 1674; d. 3 Feb. 1769, aged 95 years nearly. 

Samuel Moody, son of Samuel Moody and Mary Cutting, b. Dec. 

piercp: family. 


Daniel Pierce\ blacksmith, came from London to Watertown, 

thence to Newbury about 1637. He m. Sarah , then Anne 

Millward 26 Dec. 1654; d. 2.7 Nov. 1677. His second wife Anne 
Millward died 27 Nov. 1690. 

The 4 March 1645, ^^ ^^^ request, the town of Newbury granted 
to Daniel Pierce* twelve acres of upland which was formerly Mr. 
Woodman's; he (Daniel Pierce*) promising to remain in Newbury 
during life unless he returned to old England. — History of Newbury 

page 43- 

Daniel Pierce and first wife Sarah had children as follows: 

I. Dsiniel-, b. 15 May 1642; m. 



II. Joshua-, b. 15 May 1643. 
III. Martha-, b. 14 Feb. 1648; m. Col. Thomas Noyes 28 
Dec. 1669; d. 3 Sept. 1674, aged 26 years, 6 months. 
(.And son-in-law Thorpe.) 

nirths and deaths of the .above children's husbands and wives: 

Col. Thomas Noyes, son of Rev. James Noyes and Sarah Brown, 
b. 10 .Vug. 1648: d. 


I. Daniel Fierce- and wife had children as follows: 

I. Joanna^ b. d. 16 Sept. 1690. 

II. Daniel*, b. 20 Dec. 1663; d. 2 Sept. 1690, aged 26 years, 
8 months. 

III. .-Vnne*\ b. 22 May 1666. 

IV. Kenjamin*, b. 26 Feb. 1669; m. Lydia Frost; d. 19 May 

171 1, aged 42 years, 2 months. 

V. Joshua^ b. 16 Oct. 1671; m. Mrs. Joanna 

VI. Ma^tha^ b. 26 Feb. 1677; m. William Johnson, ship- 
wright, 9 Nov. 1702. 
VII. Sarah^ b. 3 Oct. 1679. 
V 1 11. George*, b. 5 March 1 68 1 . 
IX. Mary"*, b. 14 April 1685. 
X. John*, b. 16 Oct. 1687. 
.\I. Catharine*, b. 18 Sept. 1690. 

liirths and deaths of the above children's husbands and wives: 

Lydia Frost, dau. of Major Charles Frost and b. 1675; 

d. 13 May 1752, aged 77 years. After her husband IV. Benjamin 
Pierce"* died she m. John Greenleaf. 


Daniel^ — I. Daniel-. 

IV. Benjamin Pierce* and Lydia Frost had children as follows: 

I. Daniel\ b. 6 Aug. 1693; d. 25 Aug. 

II. Charles*, b. 3 Feb. 1695; d. 23 Jan. 1764, aged 69 years. 

III. tilizabeth*, b. 14 Nov. 1696. 

IV. Daniel*, b. 11 Oct. 1698. 

V. Benjamin*, b. 13 June 1700. . 

VI. Abigail*, b. 26 Jan. 1702; m. I. Abraham Adams*, f Dec. 
17 16. 


VII. John*, b. 7 Nov. 1703.. 
VIII. Huinphrey\ b. 23 March 1705. 

Births and deaths of the above children's husbands and wives: 

I. Abraham Adanis\ son of II. Robert Adams* and Rebecca 
Knight, b. S July 1696. 



Mr. Joseph Hills^ a man of distinction in the early history of 
this country, came, as I am informed, from Shrewsbury, England. 
(Savage says he came from Maiden, in Essex, England.) His orig- 
inal name was HilK but to distinguish his family from the large num- 
ber of families named HilL he added the letter s to his name. Since 
that time all his descendants have borne the name of Hills. M.*. 
Joseph Hills was representative from Maiden, and speaker of the 
house in 1647. He was also a representative from Maiden from 
1650 to 1656. In 1643 he was appointed, by the court with Mr. Edward 
Rawson. to compare the amendments of the books of laws passed, and 
make them as one, and one of them to remain in the hands of the com- 
mittee for the speedy committing of them to the press. In consequence 
of his labors in compiling and preparing the laws he was e.xempted 
from paying taxes for the last five years of his life. From his will I 
make the following extracts : " My will further is that for the good 
of the inhabitants of Newbury there be the sum of forty shillings 
in money paid into the hands of Capt. Daniel Pierce, or such other 
person as the town shall appoint, towards the procuring of a good 
bell for the meeting-house, or such other as shall be built for the 
better comfort of the inhabitants, provided the said inhabitants shall 
make it up to the sum of thirty pounds within three years after my 
decease. Also I give my wife ray great testament my book of mar- 
tyrs and new warming pan: three excellent articles, and rather more 
consistent with each other than my great bible, my fowlinj piece and 
negro boy Tom. — Joshua Coffin's History of Newbury pages 393 and 


Joseph Hills* was born 1602: came to New England 1638; was 

in Charlestown 1639; thence to Maiden from 1647 to 1656; thence to 

Newbury. He married first. Rose she died 24 March 1650; 




second, H.innah, widow of Edward Mellowi, 24 June 1651; third, 
Helen Atkinson Jan. 1656 and fourth, Anne, widow of Henry Lunt, 
3 March 1665. He died 5 Feb. 16S8, aged 86 years. He was the 
first American ancestor of the Hills family. 

Joseph Hilli* and first wife Rose had one or more children 

as follows: 

I. Gershom''*, b. 27 July 1639. 

n. Samuel', b. m. Abigail Wheeler 20 May 1679. 

HI. Wayt-, b. 

IV. Hannah'-, b. 

V. Joseph", b. d. 1674. 

Also three other daughters whose names are wanting and who 
married a Blanchard, a Green and a Vinton, eight children in ail. 

Births and deaths of the above children*s husbands and wives: 

Abigail Wheeler, daughter of David Wheeler and Sarah Wise, b. 
2 Feb. 1656. 


II. Samuel Hills'- and Abigail Wheeler had children as follows: 

I. Samuel*, b. 16 Feb. 1680. 

II. Joseph*, b. 21 July 1681. 

III. Nathaniel*, b. 9 Feb. 1683. 

IV. Benjamin*, b. 16 Oct 1684. 

V. Abigail*, b. 2 Sept. 1686: d. 11 Aug. 1688, aged nearly 
2 years. 

VI. Henrys b. 23 April 1688. 

VII. William *, b. 8 Oct. 1689. 

VHI. Josiah", b. 27 July 1691. 

IX. John*, b. 20 Sept. 1693. 

X. Abigail*, b. 27 June 1695. 

XI. James*, b. 25 Feb. 1697. 

XII. Hannah*, b. 25 Feb. 1697. 

XIII. Daniel*, b. 8 Dec. 1700. 

XIV. Smith*, comb maker, b. 10 April 1706; m. Mary Sawyer 

and Rachel Lowe. 



Joseph^ — II. Samuel-. 

XIV. Smith Hills'* and first wife M*iry Sawyer had children as 

I. Abigail*, b. lo Oct. 1731; in. Joseph Brown. 
II. Judith*, b. 4 June 1733; died young. 

III. Mary*, b. 31 July 1735; ^' ^^- Charles Adams*, 18 Dec. 

1760; d. 26 Dec. liJos, aged 70 years, 4 months. 

IV. Hannah*, b. 31 Aug. 1737; m. Nathaniel Bartlett. 
V. Samuel*, b. i Oct. 1739. 

VI. Martha*, b. 19 May 1743; died young. 

Children by second wife Rachel Lowe: 

VII. Nathaniel*, b. 4 Jan. 1745. 

VIII. Betty*, b. 13 Sept. 1747. 

IX. Rebecca*, b. 25 Oct. 1749; died young. 

X. Obadiah*, b. 4 Aug. 1751; m. Hannah Merrill and Lois 


XI. Rachel*, b. 10 Nov. 1753. 

XII. John*, b. in Leominster, 2 March, 1755. 

XIII. Rebecca*, b. 14 July 1758; m. Rufus Kendall. 

XIV. Silas*, b. 4 Sept. 1760. 
XV. Smith *, b. 30 Sept. 1763. 

Also, Ruth* who m. Tenney of Leominster; Hulda* who 

m. Joseph Johnson of Leominster; and Judith* who m. Thomas 
Johnson. It is said that there were nineteen children in all. It is 

also said that one of XIV. Smith Hills' girls m. Foster and 

lived on Pipestave Hill. 

VI. Charles Adams*, son of I. Abraham Adams*, b. 4 Nov. 1729; 
d. 9 Jan. 1802, aged 72 years, 2 months. 

"X. Obadiah Hills*, from Newbury, commenced comb making in 
Leoxinster about 1770. He was a brother to XIV. Silas Hills*; and 
his descendants and those of the same name, have been more or less 
engaged in it from that to the present time." — History of Leominster 
of 1853, page 133. 


Aaron Bray, sail maker, b. ,10 May 1743; m. Hannah Davis, 
April 1768; d. at Newburyport, 31 July i8ig, aged 76 years, 2 mos. 



Hii wife Hannah Davis b. 8 Aug. 1745; d. 20 Dec. 1822, aged 77 
years, 4 months. They lived on Milk street, Newburyport. They 
had children as follows* 

I, Hannah, b. 26 March 177 1; in. IV. Smith Adams*, coop- 
er, 5 Oct 1794; d. 29 Dec. 1841, aged 70 yrs., 9 mos. 

H. Mark, b. 17 Nov. 1775; "^' R^oda Davis, 28 March 1802; 
cl. 15 Oct 1823, aged nearly 48 years. 

HI. William, b 15 June 1783; d. 9 Aug. 1802, aged 19 years, 
I month, 25 days. 

.-Varon Bray and Hannah Davis had a cradle painted blue, in 
^ which were rocked their three children, also the seven children of 
IV. Smith Adams*^ and I. Hannah Bray, and the nine children of V. 
Charles Adams* and II. Sarah Noyes. Three generations and nine* 
teen children. It is said that Aaron Bray carried that cradle on his 
back two miles from the place where he bought it to his home then 
in Manchester, Mass. He afterward moved to Newburyport and 
lived on Milk street. He bought the cradle in about 1771. 

Samuel Davis m. V. Rebecca Adams^ His father, Aaron Davis, 
was brother to Hannah Davis who m. Aaron Bray; sailmaker. 

Births and deaths of the above children's husbands and wives: 

IV. Smith Adams^ cooper, son of VI. Charles Adams and Mary 
Hills, b. 22 Feb. 1771; d. 10 March 1831, aged 60 years, 16 days. 
Rhoda Davis, b. 1783; d. 17 April 1857, aged 74 years. 


The Noyes family are of Norman descent. Originally the name 
was spelt Noye. From the Conquest the race have been distinguished 
for influence and scholarship. — Miss Emery's book, page 112. 

Lieut. Joseph Noyes and Hannah Smith had children as follows : 

! I. Moses, b. ; m. ; They had one child, I. 

Mary, b. 1798; m. Walter Bailey. 

II. Wadleigh, merchant, b. perhaps 1774; m. VIII. Hannah 
Savory about 1798, and Nancy Boardman perhaps 
i8eo; d. about i8fs» aged about 41 years. 

After Lieut. Joseph Noyes was killed in a battle of the Revolu- 
tion his widow m. Joseph Richardson and had six children, viz: — 



I. Polly, m. Robbins; 11. Nabby, m. Paul Bailey, had no 

children: 111. Betsey, d. unmarried; IV. Joseph; V. John and VI. 
David were twins. VI. David m. Mary Little. When Hannah, 
Lieut. Joseph's wife died, she was 97 years of age. 

Vlll. Hannah Savory, daughter of William Savory and Mary 
Gage, b. 24 March 1777; d. about 1S09, aged about 32 years. 

LiEur. Joseph. 

11. Wadleigh Noyes and first wife VI 11. Hannah Savorj' had 
children as follows: 

I. hUiza, b. iSoo; m. Josiah Thing, afterward changed to 

Bradlee, i. Dec. 1822; d. d^C^I^^^ ^'^^^^JP''^* 
II. Sarah, b. i6 June, 1803; m. V. Charles Adams', cooper, 
26 Nov. 1826; d. 24 Nov. 1894, aged 91 years, 5 
months, 8 days. 
III. Samuel, comb maker, b. 2 Nov. 1806; m. Harriet Dut- 
ton, 3 Dec. 1835, ^^^ widow Adeline Mann (sister 
to first wife) lO Oct. 1837; d. 30 July 1859, aged 52 
years, 8 months. His feet were frozen when a boy. 
He died with cancer on his foot. 

Births and deaths of the above children*s husbands and wives: 

Josiah Thing, son of Josiah Thing, blacksmith, and Brook- 
ings, b. 29 March 1801; d. 9 Aug. 1882, aged 81 years. 4 months. 

V. Charles Adams^, son of IV'^. Smith Adams^ and I. Hannah 
Bray, b. 21 Oct. 1805; d. 15 Aug. 1877, aged nearly 72 years. 

Harriet Dutton, daughter of Stephen Dutton, shipbuilder, and 
Phcebe Follansbee, b. 20 Nov. 181 2; d. 6 Jan. 1837, aged 24 years, 
I month. 

Adeline Dutton, sister to Harriet, b. 28 April 18 10; d. 12 June 
1880, aged 70 years, i month. 

Wadleigh Noyes and second wife Nancy Boardman (so I have 
heard it said) had two daughters; their names wanting. 


William Savory and Mary Gage had children as follows: 

I. Kbenezer, tanner, b. in Bradford, 2 May 1765; m. Pris- 
ciila Hale of Newbury; d. 
II. Moses, b. 5 Oct. 1766; m. Susan Dutch. 




III. Mary, b. 19 June 1768; m. Noyes Jaques. 

IV. Sarah, b. 9 Jan. 1770; d. unmarried 8 Oct. 1790, aged 20 

years, 9 months. 
V, Wijliam, b. 15 Feb. 1772; d. 17 July 1773, aged i year, 

5 months. 
VI. Httsey, b. 24 June 1774; m. Samuel Balch; d. in Ports- 
mouth. N. H., 20 Sept. 1800, aged 26 years, 2 months. 
VII. William, b. 24 March, 1777; d. unmarried. 
VIII. Hannah, b. 24 March 1777; m. Wadleigh Noyes, about 
1798; d. about 1809 aged about 32 years. She and 
VII. William were twins. 
IX. « Thomas, b. 4 Jan. 1781; m. Deborah Ferley. 
X. Priscilla, b 4 Jan. 1781; m. Retire Parker and William 

Greenough, F^q. She and IX. Thomas were twins. 
XI. Nancy, b. 23 July 1782; d. 7 Nov. 1783, aged i year, 
3 months. 


Moses Stevens, son of Moses Stevens and Susan VVhariT, b. 1802: 
m. Phimelia Saunders of Orland, Me., and widow Jane Robinson, 
whose maiden name was Adams (^not of the Newbury Adams family.) 
He d. II June, 1876, ixged 74 years. 

Moses Stevens and first wife Phimelia Saunders had children as 

I. Eleanor. 

II. Arthur W., d. young. 
III. Mary Saunders, b. 23 March 1829: m. I. Smith Adams' 
of Newburyport, Mass., 16 Oct. 1848. They had one 
daughter, Laura Jane Adams^ b. 2 March 1850. 
IV- Frances Ann, died young. 
V. Rhoda Margaret, d. young. 
VI. Rhoda Augusta, d. young. 

VII. Lucy; m. Samuel S. Campbell. They had one child, 

VIIL William H., b. 1835; "™- i ^' 18 July 1879, aged4S 

years. They had two children, Percy and a girl. 
IX. Frances Margaret, d. young. 
X. Ellen. 

Children by second wife widow Jane Robinson, as follows: 

XL Georgianna; m. Willard Reed and had several children 


whose names were I. Arthur Moses, II. Ada M., and 
HI. a boy. 
XII. A girl and two boys, all of whom died young. 

Phimeiia Saunders was daughter of Nathaniel Saunders and Lucy 
Hlaisdell of Orland, Maine. 



William Wilson^ farmer, b. in Ireland; in. Margaret Henderson. 
'Hiey had children as follows: 

I. Ann'*; m. Charles Boyd. 

II. James-, farmer; b. Oct. 1815; m. VI. Catharine Wilson-, 

17 July i^3S;- d. 24 Aug. 1861, aged 45 yrs., 10 mos. 

HI. Catharine-; m. Godfrey Worth. They had no children. 


George Wilson^ and wife Elizabeth McNealy, and their children, 
came from Donegal County, Ireland, to St. John, N. B., about 1822. 
They took a tow boat for Woodstock, N. B., where they lived three 
years. In 1825 they moved to Meduxnakeag Creek or Richmond, 
N. B., where they continued to live, and where Mr. Wilson and wife 
both ^ied. 

George Wilson^ farmer, and Elizabeth McNealy had children as 

I. Margaret'; m. Jacob Smith. 
II. James'**, farmer; m. Sarah Boyd. 

HI. William'^ farmer: b. about 1807; m. FJizabeth Bell, and 
Margaret J. Wiggin; d. 5 Oct. 1894, aged 87 years. 

IV. Elizabeth'^ b. ; m. William Graham, who was b. 

1800; d. 22 Feb. 1882, aged 82 years. 
V. John"', farmer; m. Mary Ann Armstrong; d. 24 Jan. 1888, 

aged 76 years. 
VI. Catharine ^ b. 17 June 18 14; m. H. James Wilson^ 17 

July 1835. cU // ^yi^/Tlf?<rcLa£d^ ^1 ^^4^. S^^?H^. 

VII. Elleri^ b. ; m. John Gayer. ^ ^ 

VIII. Ann Jane*; m. James English. 
IX. George'^ farmer; m. Margaret Lyons. 


Children by second wife, Julia Faulkner were X. Sarah^ XI. 
Julian XII. Maryland XIII. Alfred-. 

John Gayer m. second wife widow Hunter in 1S65. 


James Wilson-, farmer, and VI. Catharine Wilson* had children 
as follows: 

I. Kllen Jane^ b. 1 1 March 1836; m. I. Smith Adams^ 
clockmaker, formerly of Newburyport, Mais., 6 Sept. 
II. Margaret'\ b. June 1837; died in six weeks. 

III. William*, farmer, b. Oct. 1838; m. Mary B. Sharp, 15 

Aug. 1863. 

IV. George*, saw-mill. b. 14 Oct. 1S40: m. Harriet L. Hay- 

man, 23 July 1864. 
V. James^ saw-mill, b. 31 Oct. 1843; m. Achsa Mingo, of 
Red Beach, Calais, 28 Jan. 1867, and widow Delia 
Mack, whose maiden name was Wilson, x^o.^HyfK^lii/' 
VI. Caroline', b. 29 Sept. 1845; d. 18 Dec. i860, aged 15 

years, 2 months. 
VII. Emily*, b. 16 May 1847; m. Albert Hunter 7 Dec. 1866, 

and Frank McNeill, and O. W. Bean. 
VIII. Margaret*, b. 22 June 1849; d. 7 Jan. 1863, aged 13 
years, 8 months. 
IX. Thomas*, b. May 1851; d. Aug. 1852, aged i yr., 3 mos. 
X. Frederic*, b. March 1853; d. Aug. 1853, aged 5 months. 
XI. Mary*, b. 26 Feb. 1855. 

Births and deaths of the above children's husbands and wives: 

I. Smith Adams*, son of V. Charles Adams^ and II. Sarah 
Noyes, b. 2.2 April 1828. 

Achsa Mingo, d. 8 March, 1875. 


John Hand' was born in Plymouth, England. He married Isa- 
bella Boyd. His son, II. Richard Hand'' ntarried V. Margaret Wil- 
son*, and had children as follows: 

I. John Wesley*, b.X£^; d. 28 July,^%ed 18 years. 
II. Merady*, b. i860; m. John Bell. She died 30 Sept. 1S91. 
III. Dr. William Nelson*, b. 14 June 1863; m. Nettie Boyd, 


IV. bUiza', b. Q^h^b^ li^^S; m. III. Smith .Adams of Milltown, 
Maine. 6 Jan. 1892. 
V. Charles Gilbert*, b. 26 April 1S67. 

VI. .Augustus Wilmot*, b. 3 Dec. 1869. . ^. i*yf 

VII. Caroline'', b. » [.>w; iL iSfi^n/' 1^7^' <^' ^•^^^ ' ' ' 
• " • Richard Li vinjjstone*, b. March: ii.~-l 8 7L. Jb^tiiU I <*'/* 
Nettie', b. 1 8 Sept. i &^9. ^ }/ ^ 

Jennie*, b. 15 May 1879. 




XI. Maggie P.*, b. 3 Nov. 1887. 




V. Charles Adams' was born and educated in Newburyport. He 
begun to learn the cooper's trade with his father, IV. Smith Adams*, 
in about 1819. He married H. Sarah Noyes in 182b and resided in 
part of David Hart's house on Franklin street till June 1828, when 
he moved into the two-story house in the court at the head of Frank- 
lin street, and lived there till his death in 1877. ^^ served about 
seven years to learn his trade which he worked at more or less dur- 
ing his life. He and his wife were members of the Federal street 
church where Rev. Mr. Proudfit, Rev. Mr. Stearns and Rev. Mr. 
Vermilye and others, have been pastors of that church. They were 
married by the Rev. Charles William Milton who was pastor of the 
Prospect street church for about forty-three years. They lived to- 
gether more than fifty years. I, I. Smith Adams*, was their first 
child, and I remember when thev had never owned a cook stove but 
used a brick fireplace and brick oven for heat and cooking purposes. 
I remember the andirons, crane and pothooks, the Dutch oven or 
bake-kettle, also the spider, skillet, and tea kettle. Near the fire- 
place stood the fire shovel and tongs, and nearby were hanging the 
bellows. On the mantel shelf were candles in candlesticks: 
also the snuffers and tray. A tin kitchen was used for roasting meats ' 
or fowl. The coffee was roasted over the fire in a kettle and ground 
in a coiTee mill, which was held between the knees and turned with a 
crank. A Hint, steel, tinder box, and a shaving that had been dipped 
in melted brimstone were the utensils used in making a fire in the 
morning. At this time there was no clock in the house, and we de- 
pended on my father's watch for the time. Afterward a clock was 
procured which is still, in 1895, in the house and keeping good time. 
He was the father of nine children, four boys and five girls, all of 
whom except the three oldest girls are, in 1895, still living. 

His wife. If. Sarah Noyes, was born in Newbury; (that part of 
Newbury is now Newburyport.) She was early an orphan. Her 
mother died when she was about six years old. Both of her parents 
were dead when she was about twelve years old. She lived with her 
aunt I'arker (who afterward marritd Mr. Greenough) in Bradford, 
till she was fourteen years of age: then in Jacob Perley*s family in 
Byfield till eighteen, then in Mr. Fxlmund Swett*s family on the 
south-westerly side of Spiing street, Newburyport till she was twenty- 


three, when she w;is married to my father, V. Charles Adaiiii, in 

I. Smmii Adams*, who m. Mary Saunders Stevens of Bangor, Me., 
and I. Kllcn Jane U'iL;on^ of Milltown, Calaij, Me., was the h»st child 
of V. Charles Adams" and 11. Sarah Noves. He was born in New- 
buryport, Mass., in 1S2S, and wai educated mostly in the private and 
public schools in that place. The tlrst school he attended was in 
1 83 1, beginning in the month of May. It was taught by widow Mary 
M. Cheever, who afterwards married I. Aaron Bray Adams', mer- 
chant. I'he school was kept upstairs in a building at the foot of 
South (now Bromfield) street, on the north corner of the street. 
Mr. Adams received his education under the following named teach- 
ers, all of Newburyport: Mrs. Cheever, Miss Woodbury, Mrs. Has- 
kell, Miss Campbell, Mr. Titcomb, Newman Brown, Mr. Bradbury 
and Charles C. Dame, who has since then been mavor of Newburv- 
port. He also at one time attended school at the Rocks village, Haver- 
hill, Mass. The last school he attended was under the instruction 
of Rev. David B. Byther in Steuben, Me. 

The first death in his father's family was that of his sister, II. 
Hannah^ who was accidentally burned by her clothes taking fire 24 
January, 1833. He was the only one present except hij sister, III. 
Sarah who was a baby asleep in the cradle, and being less than fiv2 
years of age he was not able to extinguish the flames. She died 3 
March, 1833. This fearful scene made an impression on him which 
he has never forgotten. In the winter of 1838 he visited his uncle 
Samuel Noyes, comb maker, at Rocks village, Haverhill, and attend- 
ed school while there. He visited Boston for the first time the 26th 
of June, 1843, and remained there eight or nine months being a part 
of that time in the employ of Charles .A. Morss, wire worker, at No. 
1 1 Summer street; four doors from Washington street. As Mr. 
Morss and his brother were not married at this time he boarded with 
them at their widowed mother's on High street. She was a great 
aunt to I. Smith Adams*. In 1844 he returned to Newburyport and 
was engaged in different employments, among which Wiis clock work, 
with Mr. Jesse Dorman, clockmaker and repairer, whose shop was 
in the court at the head of Franklin street. It being pleasant<and nat- 
ural for him to do that kind of work he soon became interested in and 
acquainted with the business. In the month of June 1848 he visited 
Bangor, Maine, with his future first wife Mary Saunders Stevens, who 
had been visiting Newburyport, and was now returning to her friends 
in Bangor. They were m. 16 Oct. 1848, and after returning to New- 
buryport boarded at Mr. Bennett's on Inn street until about June, 
1849, when they went to housekeeping for the first time in a part of 
Alexander's block on Pleasant street. In the fall of 1849 they moved 
to Bangor and Mr. Adams established himself in the clock business 
the loth of Nov. 1849, at 4 1-2 Exchange street, up stairs nearly 
opposite the Penobscot Exchange coffee house, which was kept by 


Abnim Wood.ird. He then had a sign painted and pu: up that ail 
might know hii place of l)iisiness. riieir first child, I. Laura Jane 
Adams'-', was l>orn in Hanjjor on Saturday, 2d March, 1850. As his 
business increased he saw that it was necessary to record all the 
clocks he repaired so that he could refer to them afterward if he 
wished to: therefore on the 24th of Dec. 1850, he began to record every 
clock he repaii'cd in a book procured for the purpose, and is still con- 
tinuing now (189s) to record all the clocks he repairj. He has kept 
a list of all thcj clock* he has sold for a number of years. On the 2^ 
of January, 1857 while visiting Steuben. Maine, he was induced by 
E. \V. Cleaves and K. L. Moore to remain with them a few weeks and 
spend the time in studying those branches in which they were most 
deficient. His business not being very pressing jast then he con- 
cluded to do so, and immediately engaged rooms for the purpose at 
George G. Cleaves' house where they all boarded. Books, slates, pens, 
pencils, ink, paper, and all things necessary were procured, and the 
time was spent in studies as intended till the 8th of April. While 
at Steuben I. Smith Adams was a member of the Lyceum and de- 
bating club. On the 2d of June, 1859, he began to collect and record 
the History and Genealogy of the Newbury Adams family, being the 
descendants of Robert Adams* of Newbury, formerly of Devonshire, 
England, and now has (1895) a sufficient amount of information for 
the publication of a book. On the 28th of March, i860, he bought a 
horse, carriage and harness which he used in his business a number of 
years* then sold to other parties. The 26th of Dec, 1861, he was 
initiated into St. Mark*s Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons at 
Newburyport, and was raised to the sublime degree of a master 
mason in that lodge. On Jan. 27, 1862, while visiting Oldtown, Me., 
the Roman i«lagle degree was conferred on him in the Star in the Plast 
I^dge in that place. In the summer of 1864 he visited Calais, and 
among others became acquainted with William H. Tyler, formerly of 
Newburyport. Mr. Tyler had been mayor of Calais, and was now 
keeping a store. Mr. Tyler being interested in Mr. Adams and being 
acquainted with the family to which he belonged, gave him a written 
certificate dated 1 2 July, 1864, stating that he was born and brought up 
in the same place that Mr. Adams was, and gave him such recommen- 
dations as are pleasing and appreciated. This certificate is now 
(1895) '^ possession of L Smith Adams^ He also became acquaint- 
ed with L Ellen Jane Wilson of Milltown, Maine, to whom he was 
published the 31st of August by John Jackson, printer and city clerk, 
and to whom he was married for his second wife the 6th of Sept., 
1864 by Rev. Henry V. Dexter, Baptist minister. After boarding a few 
weeks at her mother's in Milltown he received a call from Fairbanks 
and Co. of St. John, .N. B., to come and take chorge of their clock 
establishment on Germain st.^'cct in that city. He and wife went to 
St. John the 24th of Oct., 1864, and boarded a few weeks at Mrs. 
Eliott's on Germain street, opposite Trinity church. Rev. Mr. Gray, 
pastor. .On 14 Dec, 1864, they went to housekeeping in one of 


William Thompson's houses on St. David's street, where they lived 
while in St. John. I)urin<i: Mr. Adams' stay in St. John he became 
acquainted with many of the inriuential citizens of that place, an:o.ig 
whom were VIII. William H. Adams", Dr. .Mward the mayor, J. Chal- 
oner, druggist, Rev. Mr. Deveber, Thomas H. Keohan and others, 
l. Smith Adams' second child (tirst by second wife) was II. Smith 
.\dams\ born in St. John 19 May, sSG^y died 19 Aug. i836, aged 15 
months. On the 21st June, 1866, after carrying on the clock estab- 
lishment for nearly two years and wishing to live in the United States 
again, he resigned his position at Fairbanks & Co.*s clock establish- 
ment. The next day Dr. Alward, mayor of St. John, presented Mr. 
Adams with a written certificate of recommendation, etc. This ce:- 
titicate was signed by A. Alward, M. D., mayor of St. John, John 
Crawford, hotel keeper, K. J. Kenedy, grocer, L. N. Williams, pro- 
fessor of music, John D. Short, 25 King street, Thos. H. Maloney, 
tailor, J. Chaloner, druggist, corner King and Germain streets. This 
certificate is now ( 1895) ^" possession of I. Smith Adams^ Immedi- 
ately after his resignation he had a call from V. H. Keohan to take 
charge of a clock establishment he was about commencing on the 
same street near Fairbanks' clock establishment, but not wishing to 
remain in St. John, only till October, declined the offer. .\s Mr. 
Keohan desired his services he at last concluded to render hii ser- 
vices till he was ready to leave for the United States: therefore he 
resigned the 3rd of Oct., 1866, according to the above understanding. 
On the 4th of Oct. Mr. Adams and wife took the boat for Calais and 
Milltown, Me. He then concluded to carry on the clock business at 
Milltown; therefore on the loth of October, 1866, he rented part of 
the building known as the Cutter house, once owned by Mr. Gates, 
and set up that known as the Milltown Clock Kstablishment, which 
is still (1895) carried on by him in the same building which he after- 
ward purchased on the 20th of April, 1868. This building was built 
in 1834 by Mr. Gates. Mr. Adams had one buy born while living in 
St. John who died there the 19th of Aug. 1866, aged 15 months. He 
has had four boys, all born in the same house at Milltown, between 
the years of 1866 and 1876 inclusive. On the 22nd (Jet., 1867, he 
began and wrote a small book containing the number of cogs in the 
verge wheels, and the lengths of pendulum rods of nearly every clock 
both rare and in common use, by which the length of a pendulum 
could be determined for almost any clock. On the 27 th of April, 
1874, Mr. Adams began to keep and write a regular diary, which he 
has continued to the present time (1895) ^^^ ^^^^ continues the same. 
After commencing this diary he regretted that he had not kept one 
years before, and wishing to have one beginning in 183 1, his earliest 
recollections, laid the following plan to collect for the same, viz : to 
look over his school books, business and other books, papers, bills, 
letters, also to consult his own memory and write in diary form all 
things of importance; so that now he has a diary of some kind from 
1831 to 1895, which he still continues. In the fall of 1876 he visited 


the unvn cif Kluehill, Mc and on the i6th of Sept. he ascended JUue- 
hill mountain for the third time, havinjr done so twice before in years 
^one U\\ iUforo ascending he procured a bottle and wrote a few 
lines (onrerninp: the event which he placed in the bottle and hid it 
under a roik on the lop o^ the mountain. It is not known that the 
lioitle has ever been found. The 7th of July, 1878, Mr. Adams made 
a public profession of religion, and became connected with the First 
('ony:ri;;;alional church in Milltown, N. H., of which he is still a mem- 
bei in 1K95. Rev. J. W Pond was pastor at the time. He is also a 
member of the Sunday school connected with that church. In 1886 
.Mr. Adams constructed a twenty-four hour dial clock; and as far as 
he knew it was the first one of the kind ever constrv.cted. There 
are twenty-four fig;ures on the dial, *l'he outer dial circle is divided 
into sixty parts representing minutes. The inner circle into ninety- 
six parts representing quarter hours. The minute hand goes round 
once everv hour; the hour hand once in twentv-four hours. It has a 
pendulum and weights, and was first set going the 16th of Jan., r886. 
At first it was arranged to strike one everv hour, but afterward Mr. 
Adams arranged it to strike as follows: at twenty-four o'clock (mid- 
night) it strikes twenty-four times on a metal bell. From one to six 
it strikes the regular hours. After six to eleven o'clock it strikes two 
each hour. At. twelve ( noon » twelve times. After twelve till twenty- 
four once each hour. .At twenty-four o'clock twenty-four times, and 
so on. The Calais Times and St. Ooix C ourier both speak of this 
clock. On \ov. 2, 1886, I. Smith .Adams" was initiated into the St. 
Ooix Chapter of Masons, at Calais, and on Feb. 15* 1887, he was 
exalted to the august degree of a Koyul Arch Mason in the same 
('hapter. On the 13th of October, 1887, he was initiated into the 
St. Croix Council of Royal and Select Masters^, at Calais, and on the 
loth of Jan.. 1889, he received the degree of Super Excellent Master, 
lie has several times been chosen by the church one of the delegates 
to represent the church at the yearly county conventions. He was also 
c hosen a delegate to a council at Kastport. which was holden on the 
29th and 30th of November, 1892, for the purpose of ordaining and 
installing *\Ir. Charles Sumner Holton as pastor of the Congregational 
church at Kastport. Me. He has also several times represented, with 
others, the St. Croix Lodge» No. 46, of Masons, at their yearly dis- 
trict conventions which are holden alternately at the different Lodges 
throughout that Masonic district. He has also held several oHices 
at dilVerent times in the several Masonic Lodges to which he belongs. 
On the 9th Nov. 1891, Mr. Adams in company with other members 
anil officers of St. Croix Masonic Council, took the cars for Presque 
Isle to assist and constitute a council in that place, and on Nov. loth 
the .Aroostook Council of Roval and Select Masters No. 16, was con- 
stitutcd. This is the first as well as the only Masonic Council in Aroos- 
took county; The names of those who went from Calais to consti- 
tute this council were as follows : Dr. I). E. Seymour, principle 
officer; Alexander Milligan, past master: Moses T.iit, past master; 


Smith Adams, chaplain: ^fr. Stevens. Thomas I>ro\vn, Mr. Hutch- 
inj^s and Mr. Cole. 

Mr. Adams is verv much interested in the church and Sundav 
school to which he beloni^s, and is also interested in .Majionrv: and 
he has visited mnnv Lodijes during: his travels. 

Mr. Adams' first wife Mary S. Stevens, was the third child of C.xyi. 
Moses Stevens and Phimelia Saunders. .Mr. Stevens has lived in 
(niildford and Orland. He lived in nani;:or as early as itS46 or 
before. He a very pleasant, exemplary, pious man. and a i^ood 
peaceful citizen. 

His second wife, Kllen Jane Wilson, was the (irst child of James 
and Catharine Wilson. She was horn at Richmond, N. J». .\fter 
her father's death, in 1861, the family moved to .Milltown, Maine, in 
1S63, where they lived till after she was married to Mr. .Adams. .Mr. 
Wilson was a member of an Orang^e Lodge. 

II. Hannah S. Adam.s* was the second child of V. Charles 
.\dams" and H. Sarah .\oves. She was verv unfortunate in beinj^ 
fearfully burned in 1833 by her clothes taking tire. This same win- 
ter a small sheet iron stove had been put up to warm the room. She 
took some cooper's shavings from a closet under the stairs in the back 
room to rekindle the tire, which had probably gone down. She 
lighted a shaving as she was sitting on the tloor in front of the stove 
and dropped it in her lap. The tire was soon communicated to every 
part of her clothing so that she was fearfully burned. She died in 
tive weeks and three davs afterward. At the time of this event I 
was less than tive years of age, and my sister 111. Sarah* was a baby 
asleep in the cradle in the same room. As my mother had gone out 
for a few moments I was the only one present to remember this sad 
event; and I have often thought of it all through my life. 

III. Sakah K. Adams'* was the third child of V. Charles 
Adams' and II. Sarah Noyes- She was married to I'homas J. Spin- 
ney, carpenter, of Portsmouth, N. H., when she was about twenty- 
one years of age. They lived on the easterly side of Bridge street, 
Portsmouth, for a number of years; then Mr. Spinney built for him- 
self a substantial two story house on Christian Shore, Portsmouth, 
where they lived till they died. She died in i860, leaving a husband 
and three children, the youngest only nine days old, and a large circle 
of friends to mourn her loss. Her oldest child I. Kmma Stone Spin- 
ney'^ soon followed her. She died in 1863 aged 8 years, 8 months. 
.\fter III. Sarah's" death Mr. Spinney employed his sister Kllen to 
keep house for him till 31 Dec, 1861, when he married Sarah .\. 
Witham bv whom he had three children, viz: .Arthur H., Ikrtha A., 
and Thomas Dana. He died 6 March. 1878, aged 48 years, i month. 

IV. Charlks Aardn" was the fourth child of V. Charles 
Adams' and 1 1. Sarah Noves. Between one and three vears of age 



he was taken very sick and was so low that the best physicians in 
Newbury port, anion:^ whom were Dr. Johnson and Dr. Sport'ord, sup- 
poiecl he would never recover, anti were surprised when he did. 
This so weakened the system that he never became sufficiently strons; 
to do much labor, or carry on business. He has never married but 
lived with his parents while they were livinsj; since which he has lived 
in his brother IX. .Vmos'" familv. 

V. Hakrikt D('rn»x .Mums" was the fifth child of V.Charles 
Adams' and II. Sarah \oyes. She was a pretty child of ijood form, 
medium size, black eyes and dark hair, and good disposition. Her 
health was quile.ijood till fifteen years of age, when it began to fail, 
and although several physicians were consulted and everything done 
for her recovery it proved a failure, and she grew worse till she was 
a little more than twenty-five years of age, when she died unmarried; 
and lamented by a large circle of friends and acquaintances. She 
was buried at the side of her sister If. Hannah'' in the graveyard 
near the ( )ldtown meelinu house which was afterward destroyed bv 

V[. KsriiKK Lkk Adams'* was the sixth child of V. Charles 
\dams' and 1[. Sarah Noves. She was married to William R. I). 
Mansfield of Salem, Mass., in 1866, and went to Salem to live: and 
resided on Mill street for a number of vears. She then moved to 
a near the railroad tunnel, but now lives at Xo. 7 Howard 
street. She has never had any children. She carries on the dress- 
making business. Her husband was formerly a mate of a ship and 
understood navigation, but later he devoted his time to the carpenter 
business. He did some repairs in 1881 and 1884 to Amos H. 
.\dams* house in Newbury port. He was sick some time before 
his death. He died \ov. 18, 1890, aged 68 years, 4 months, 17 days. 

V'll. Mary Swkkt .Adams'* was the seventh child of V. Charles 
Adams' and II. Sarah Noyes. She was married to Joseph Haslam, 
boiler m.iker, of Sakm, Mass.. formerly of Manchester, Kngland, in 
1S68. She had one child. I. .Alice B.*, who is married. VII. Mary's* 
ha.sband died in 1870. She continued to reside in Salem for awhile, 
after which she lived in Portsmouth, N. H. Afterward she moved to 
.Nlewburyport and built a two story house on Purchase street, near 
Marlborough street, in the front of which she keeps a dry goods 
store. Her d.iughter, .Alice Browning, married William D. Ford, 27 
April, 1884. 

VIII. Daniki. Wkiistkr .Adam.s** was the eighth child of V. 
Charles Adams' and II. Sarah Noyes, He married Mariam W. 
Spinney, of Portsmouth, N. H., in 1869. He took a notion to go to 
sea at an early age and went on his first voyage in the ship Crown 
Point, bound to Bombay. He went other voyages for a while, but 


after he married he left olT |j[oiii<r to sea. He now (1805) lives in 
Portsmouth. .V. H., at No. 1 1 Penhallow ;>treet. and has been em- 
ployed some of the time in the navy yard at Kittery, and some of the 
lime in the carpenter business. They have no children livin-j. 

IX. \\M(n IIkvkv Ai»\\is\ who married CVnthia (\ Dunn of 
Kranklin, Maine, was the ninth child of V. Charles Adams' and 11. 
Sarah .\oyes. At one time he was enixa^ed in the express business. 
Afterward ( I SS2) he was book-keeper in Mr. Ross' spice mills: and 
now is salesman tor that concern. He lives o\\ Franklin street, at 
the homestead which his parents occupied when living. The hon^e- 
.stead has been enlarjjjed and repaired, and a cellar under the whole of 
it in 1S92. 

I. Laura Jani^ .Adams" who married .Vuijustus H. Sutherland 
and Nahum I). Lander, was the first child of I. Smith Adams'' and 
rirst wife Alarv S. Stevens. She was born in Ranijor* Afe., in i8so: 
married to Mr. Sutherland in 1866 and to Mr. Lander in 1872. Uy 
the rirst husband she had two children, and bv the second husband 
nine children. She has lived in (Jreene, and now < 1895) lives in 
.\uburn, .Me. 

H. SMirii AhVMs' was the second child of I. Smith Adamv" and 
second wife Kllen Jane Wilson* He was born in St. John. .V. B., in 
1865. He was taken sick in the summer of r866, just after beini:: 
weaned, with summer complaint: and teethin<j also. After m-.ich 
suffering he died on Sunday afternoon at.three o'clock, 19 Aug. 1866 
aged just fifteen months. He was buried in St. John Tuesday after- 
noon 2\ .Aug., 1866. The Rev. Mr. Deveber attended the funeral. 

[If. Smith Adams*' was the third child of I. Smith Adams" and 
second wife Kllen lane Wilson. He was born and educated in Mill' 
town. Me., and married Kliza Hand of Richmond. >f. H., the 0th of 
Jan. 1892. He began early to do business. When a boy he kept 
shop in part of his father's wood-house, selling confectionery, and 
bought rags and old iron. He then bought the dwelling house and 
two stores nearly opposite his father's house. He kept store in one 
and rented the other to .Air. Hutchinson for a drug store. He also 
rented the house to different families. He next purchased the ho.ise 
on the westerly side next to his father's house. This property he 
has paid for in full. Since then he has left off keeping store 
and rented both stores. He is now (1895) a motorman on one of 
the electric cars. A while ;igo he sold to Mr. McMann the dwelling 
house on the opposite side of the street. Ihev have one child 1. 

IV. Ckarlks .Adams' was the fourth child of I. Smith .Vdam-i' 
and second wife F.llcn fane WiUon. He horn and educated in 


Milltown, Me. He at one time was employed in George S. Staples' 
grocery store. Afterward he went to Massacliusetts and other places 
ro work. At present he is not engaged in any particular business. 
He probably will resume business very soon. 

V, Gkokck Adams^ was the fifth child of I. Smith Adams'^ and 
second wife Kllen Jane Wilson. He was born and educated in Mill- 
town, Me. When quite young he was employed in the lumber mills 
at Milltown. Then he was employed in G. S. Staples* grocery store. 
While there he became lame, and resigned, and for a while went on 
crutches. Before being cured of this lameness he was employed by 
the Hon. J. S. Clark to carry on a shoe store, and do the buying and 
selling of the different articles kept in that store, consisting of boots, 
shoes, rubbers, hats, caps, umbrellas, and other goods. He has been 
entirely cured of his lameness for a year or more. 

V^I. RoBKK r Adams** was the sixth child of I. Smith Adams^ and 
second wife Kllen Jane Wilson. He was born and educated in Mill- 
town, Me. He has not as yet engaged in any kind of business. 

Annik Wilson was born and educated in Milltown, Me. She 
began to live in the family of I. Smith Adams'* Oct. 30, k868. She 
was born July 25, 1856. She is the fourth generation from her first 
American ancestors who came from Donegal County. Ireland, to the 
Province of New Brunswick in about 1822. 

Abstract of the will of Robert Adams* of Newbury : 

*'To be buried according to the disposing of executors. Loving 
wife Sarah confirmed in the agreement f made with her before mar- 
riage, and having allowed her the annuity belonging to her by the 
will of her former husband which she hath reserved to her own proper 
use, 1 do allow it to her, and her right not to be questioned : also I 
give her my great chest and the highest chair in the room wherein we 
live ; both of which she is to restore again at her death or if she shall 
marry again ; also all the money f leave, and not to be accountable 
to anyone; to live and dwell in the house, enjoying the parlor wholly 
for one year. To eldest son John Adams (besides what has been 
given him) ^{['20 to be paid by executor within 12 months. To son 
Isaac Adams £^ by the year during life in good merchantable pay, 
as English corn, pork, beef, and such like ; also my wearing clothes, 
and the bed in the north garret and all the furniture belonging to it, 
and the least brass pot and pot-hooks, and liberty to make use of said 
garret during life unless he marry, then he shall leave it. To son 
Jacob Adams the house he lives in and the land adjoining to it as now 
fenced in; also all mv meadow in the neck on the south side of New- 
bury river. '1 o daughter Hannah Adams ;^2o within a year. To 





|oann;i licr child, the bed and furniture to it in the parlor, and the 
bijifj^er brass pot, and the chest, and the chair which is formerly men- 
tioned when returned — to have said letjacv when full eiijhteen years 
of ai^e, or be married. To dauii;hter Kli/abeth. wife of Kdward 
Phelps, one cow. To daui^hter Joanna, wife of Launcelot (Jranj^er. 
one cow. To daui^hter Mary, wife of Jeremiah (ioodrid.fije, one cow. 
To the three sons of mv .son Abraham, viz : Robert, Abraham and 
Isaac, each a gun, and to the two elder a sword. .All the rest of 
effects to son Abraham Adams ; lands after his death to go to his 
eldest son Robert, also the great brass kettle, tables,^ andirons and 
spit. Son Abraham and his son Robert to be joint executors of will. 
Son Abraham to have full power to act alone as executor till his .son 
Robert be of age. And though I appoint Robert Adams my heir 
after his father, ^[arv, wife of said .\braham, not to be debarred any 
just claim if left a widow. Kurther : to daughter Joanna Granger my 
pewter tankard and pewter bowl. 'I o Mary, daughter of son Abra- 
ham, a box with lock and key, and six diaper knapkins. If Robert, 
son of Abraham, come into possession by reversion of my lands, he 
shall give to either of his two brothers now in being viz: Abraham 
and Isaac, /;'2o apiece. Loving friends Mr. John Woodbridge and 
.Mr. Nicholas Noves both, of Newburv, to be overseers of this mv 
will, and I give them two of the best wethers I have, to either of 
them one. Signed and sealed the 7th of March, 1680. 

In presence of John Woodbridge, Nicholas Noyes. 

Invkntory: — An inventory of the estate of Robert Adams of 
Newbury, who deceased the 12th Oct., 1682, taken the 3rd of Nov., 
1682, by Tristram Coffin and Caleb Moody. Amount: £^\(i lys od 
returned into court 29, 9 mo. "82, by Abraham Adams. executor- 
Robert Adams was a tailor as well as farmer. The shears he 
used in his tailoring business are now ( 1885) in possession of Debor- 
ah .Adams, wife of Rev. John l*ike, of Rowley, and daughter of Col. 
Daniel Adams of Newbury. I saw and handled these shears at their 
house the 9th of Oct.. 1873. — I. Smith Adams*. 




The following genealogical tables will show how the Newbury 
Adams family is connected with other families: 

r.VllLK Xl). I. AlMMS FaMII.V. 

Tr: of Birth 






Robert Adams^ 

III. Abraham Adams* 
I[. Robert Adams'^ 

I. Abraham Adams^ 
VI. Charles Adams" 

IV. Smith Adams'* 

V. Charles Adams" 
I. Smith Adams" 
lit. Smith Adams* 

— Kleanor 

— HI. Mary Pettingell'' 
— II. Rebecca Knight^ 

VI. Abigail Pierce* 
—III. Mary Hills* 
— I. Hannah Brav 
— II. Sarah Noyes 

— I. Ellen Fane Wilson"* 
—IV. Eliza Hand* 

Tablk .\«>. 2. .VnAMs Famii-v. 

1 60 1 ^ Robert Adams' 

1639 HI. Abraham Adams'* 

1674 II. Robert Adams' 

1696 I. Abraham Adams* 

1729 VI. Charles Adams'*' 

i77i:IV. Smith Adams' 

i8os,V. Charles Adams" 

1 8281 1. Smith Adams' 

1 8501 1. Laura Jane Adams' 

18871X. Smith Adams Lander** 

Eleanor - 

-IIL Mary Pettingell- 
-II. Rebecca Knight* 
VI. Abigail Pierce* 
in. Mary Hills* 
■I. Hannah Bray 
11. Sarah Noyes 
•III. Mary S. Stevens 
•Nahum D. lender 

Tablk No. 3. Rkv. James Noyes Family. 


1 608 j Rev. James Noyes' 
i65i|VIl. Rebecca Noyes'' 
167411. Rebecca Knight* 
1696 I. Abraham Adams* 
1 7 291 VI. Charles .\dams" 
1 7 7 1 1 1 V. Smith Adams*^ 
1805JV. Charles Adams' 
182811. Smith Adams' 
i866|in. Smith Adams* 

— Sarah Brown* 
— I. John Knight* 
— II. Robert Adams'* 
— VI. Abigail Pierce* 
-in. Marv Hills* 
— I. Hannah Brav 
— II. Sarah Noyes 
— I. Ellen Jane Wilson* 
— IV. Eliza Hand' 



7r of Birth 

Tahlk No. 4. Pk'itinc.ell Familv. 

1 62 1 Richard Pettinj^elP 
1652 III. Mary I'ettingell- 
1674 II. Robert Adams'* 
1696 I. Abraham Adams^ 
1729 V'l. Charles .\dams'' 
1771 IV. Smith .Vdams*' 
1805 V. Charles Adams" 
1828:1. Smith Adams* 
1 8661 1 1 1. Smith Adams'* 

—Joanna IngersolP 

III. .Abraham Adams- 
-11. Rebecca Knight* 
-VI. .Abigail Pierce* 

III. Marv Hills* 
-I. Hannah Brav 
- II. Sarah Xoves 

I. Ellen Jane Wilson' 
-IV. Kliza Hand^ 

Taulk Xt>. 5. Kmcjht Family. 

(John Knight^ 
1622 I. John Knight Jr.- 


1648JI. John Knight"* 
1674! 1 1. Rebecca Knight* 
1696 I. Abraham Adams* 
1729 VI. Charles Adams'* 


IV. Smith Adams" 

1805 V^ Charles Adams' 


I. Smith Adams* 
III. Smith Adams'' 

Bathsua IngersoU 
VII. Rebecca Noyes- 
■II- Robert Adams* 
VI. Abigail Pierce* 
III- Mary Hills* 

I. Hannah Brav 

II. Sarah Noves 

f. Kllen fane Wilson* 
IV. Kliza Hand« 

Tabi-k No. 6. Pikrck Family. 


Daniel Pierce* 
I. Daniel Pierce- 
IV. Benjamin Pierce* 
VI. Abigail Pierce* 
VI. Charles Adams* 

IV. Smith Adams" 

V. Charles Adams" 
I. Smith Adams* 
III. Smith Adams" 

Sarah* - 

Lydia Frost 

I. Abraham .Adams* 

III. Mar>' Hills* 

1. Hannah Bray 

II. Sarah Noyes 

I. Kllen Jane Wilson^ 

IV. Kliza Hand* 

Tablk Xo. 7. Hills Family. 

i6o2|Joseph Hills* 

II. Samuel Hills^ 
1706IXIV. Smith HilLs* 
1735 III. Mary Hills* 
i77i;IV. Smith Adams'* 
i8o5,V. Charles Adams' 
182811. Smith Adams" 
i866iIII. Smith Adams' 

—Widow Hannah Mel- 
lows 2d wife: or Helen 
Atkinson 3d wife. 

— Abigail Wheeler 

— Mary Sawyer 

—VI. Charles Adams' 

— I. Hannah Bray 
-II. Sarah Noves 

—I. Ellen Jane Wilson* 

—IV. Eliza Hand* 


(;knkal()G1cal tables. 


Tabi-k No. 8. Brav Family. 


i743iAiiron Bray 
17711 1. Hannah Bray 
V. Charles Adams" 
I. Smith Adams" 

Hannah Davis 


1 866! 11 1. Smith Adams' 

IV. Smith Adams* 

[I. Sarah Noycs 

L Kllen Jane Wilson' 

IV. Kliza Hand* 

Tarlk Xo. 9. XoYEs Family. 

Lieut. Joseph Noyes 
1774 II. Wadleigh Noyes 


II. Sarah Noyes 
I. Smith Adams'* 

1866 111. Smith Adams'* 

I. Hannah Smith 

VIII. Hannah Savorv 

V. Charles Adams' 

I. EUen Jane Wilson' 
IV. Wiza Hand* 

Tarlk No. 10. Savory Family. 

i William Savorv 
•777 VIII. Hannah Savory 
1803 II. Sarah Noyes 
1828 I. Smith Adams" 
186b III. Smith Adanus'* 

Mary Gage 
II. Wadleigh Noyes 
V. Charles Adams' 
I. Ellen Jane Wilson' 
IV. Miza Hand* 

Table Xo. h. Stevens Family. 

iMoses Stevens 
1 802 1 Moses Stevens 
1829 III. Mary S. Stevens 
1850 1. Laura Jane Adams'-* 
1887 X. Smith Adams Lander'^- 

Susan Wharlf 
Phimelia Saunders 
I. Smith Adams' 
Nahum D. Lander 

fAKLi!: Xo. 12. Wilson Family. 

iWilliam Wilson* 
1815 II. James Wilson'- 
1836 I. Kllen Jane Wilson' 
1866 III. Smith Adams'* 

Margaret Henderson^ 
VI. Catherine Wilson- 
I. Smith Adams' 
IV. Eliza Hand' 

Fahlk .No. 13. Hand Family. 

ijohn Hand* 
I Si} dill' Richard Hand'' 

I S9^' Estella Adams*® 

Isabella Boyd 

— Margaret Wilson 
— III. Smith Adams" 

mis B©Ot DOES