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Full text of "The genealogy and biography of the Waldos of America from 1650 to 1883"

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From 1G50 to 1SS3. 



» i 

From town and private records, and from papers carefully collected by 

JUDGE LOREN P. WALDO, (deceased) of Hartford, Ct., 
CHARLES E. WALDO, of Canon City, Col., 
MRS. S. G. WATERS, of E. Randolph, Vt. 





In this genealogy and biography perfection is not claimed, 
for the means at hand did not warrant a thorough work, such 
as we should have been glad to issue. Nevertheless, we be- 
lieve it sufficient to show the direct lineage of any descendant 
of the first Waldo of America, if the name should have been 
overlooked. So far as possible each branch has been completed, 
some reaching to the last, the tenth generation, others only to 
the sixth and seventh generations. A work of this kind, 
though incomplete, forms a sure basis for a more perfect one 
some time in the future, when the interest of the whole family 
is more awakened on the subject. Biographical sketches have 
been sought for, and as many as could be procured have been 
inserted, that we might acquaint ourselves with the acquisi- 
tions of our ancestors, for such knowledge generally establishes 
a foundation upon which posterity builds, and improves if pos- 
sible. Though the past generations have shown a record that 
kindles pride in the hearts of their descendants, and we have 
perfect faith in those yet to come, keeping in mind the facts 
concerning the family that animate and merit pride will do no 
harm, but rather tend to a still stronger growth, for man is 
but man no matter whatever blood courses his veins. Gold- 
smith says, " Man seems the only growth that dwindles here," 
and then reiterates the fact that there must be either advance- 
ment or retrogression : 

" For, as refinement stops from sire to son, 
Unalter'd, unimprov'd the manners run." 

The late Judge Loren P. Waldo, who, previous to the war, 
had thought of publishing a work similar to this one, had col- 
lected papers giving the descendants of Edward Waldo, Jr., 
for several generations, besides other information. Charles E. 
Waldo gave the descendants of Jesse Waldo, and Mrs. S. G. 
Waters the descendants of Abner Waldo. 


To prevent confusion, if the reader will note each chapter, 
excepting the first, begins with one of the children of Corne- 
lius Waldo, the first generation in America, and that the de- 
scendants of each follow in a direct line, beginning with the 
first born of each family and continuing to his or her last de- 
scedant, then returning to the next younger and repeat the 
same, there will be no misunderstanding. In the case where 
several bear the same name, their wives maiden names will 
help to distinguish them, outside of the generation, which will 
generally be found sufficient. 


The Waldo Family. 

The name Waldo, which has figured in history for six hun- 
dred years, originated with a family of France, one member of 
which was the noted Pierre de Vaax, or Peter Waldo, of 
Lyons. Hence the established belief that he was the first 
recorded ancestor of this great family that has come down to 
the present day, retaining many of the striking qualities that 
characterized him and his people. He received his sur-name 
from the place of his nativity, the town of Waldum or Vaux, 
near the city of Lyons. He was the leader of the sect of Wal- 
denses which had existed, for some time previous to his uniting 
with them, in quiet opposition to the Roman church, but after 
he joined them gained the reputation as the first founder of that 
body, and it may be truly said that he spread new life among 
them, for they came out openly and renounced papal power, 
he being their strong advocate and protector. He lost no op- 
portunity to oppose the pope openly, and though warned to 
cease his preaching continued the same. In preaching he took 
pains to prove his doctrines, always avoiding all unnatural 
form, and asserted boldly that the i " church of Rome was in a 
state of apostasy from the true faith of the gospel ; that she 


was the harlot of Babylon, and the barren fig-tree which our 
Lord cursed ; that we are not bound to obey the pope, who is 
not the true head of the church ; that monasticism is like cor- 
rupt carrion, and has the mark of the beast; and that masses 
and purgatory, the dedication of temples, and the worship of 
the saints are inventions of the devil." He was a rich mer- 
chant, and distributed his goods freely to the poor. William 
Hodgson's "History of Martys, etc.," contains an extended 
account of the Waldenses and their leader. 

The following is evidence that Thomas and not Peter, was 
the first known ancestor of the Waldos. He was probably a 
brother of Peter, and was also identified with the Waldenses : 

According to Hasted, in his history of Kent, " this family 
is said to be descended from Thomas Waldo, of Lyons, in 
the Kingdom of France, one of the first who publicly renounced 
the doctrines of the Court of Rome. One of his descendants, 
in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, to escape the persecutions of 
the Duke D'Alva, came over from the Netherlands to England, 
where his descendants afterwards settled." In a house belong- 
ing to one of the representatives of the Waldo family, situated 
at Mitchans, in Surrey, England, there still exists a handsome 
carved oak wainscotting, with a curious oak chimney-piece, 
the cornice of the wainscot being a broad border of oak, richly 
carved with acorns, oak leaves and grapes, with the name 
"Peter Waldo" cut thereon, with the date 1575 or 1573, the 
last figure being dim, making it uncertain. The mistake about 
Peter Waldo being the first known ancestor may have originated 
from this second Peter, who was evidently a descendant of 
Thomas Waldo. It appears the celebrated Peter Waldo was 
never married, but he left at least two brothers, one of whom 
died a galley slave, and the other on his way to Bohemia, 
where, also, Peter died in 1179. (Letter dated March 3, 1863^ 
from Rev. J. C. Goussier, British Chaplin at Lyons.) From 
1575 to 1654 no records have been found relative to the family. 



Cornelius Waldo, the first by that name permanently located 
in this country, came from England and settled in Ipswich, 
Mass., according to " Savage's Genealogy of Early Settlers", 
in 1654. Married Hannah, daughter of John and Eliza Coggs- 
well. Children : John, Cornelius, Daniel, Rebecca, Jona- 

Dea. Waldo removed, in 1655 or 1657, to Chelmsford, 
Mass. The records refer to him constantly as deacon. He 
was deacon of a church there during his life, of which Rev. 
Mr. Fiske was pastor. He owned considerable real estate in 
Chelmsford, and was at one time an inn-keeper there ; and 
the spacious, comfortable old tavern, with its hospitable land- 
lard, was a favorite among the traveling public of that remote 
day, when, instead of the steam coach, the "four-in-hand" 
came rolling up to the door at regular intervals, when the gen- 
eral overturning of baggage and turning out of passengers 
indicated a short respite and a few hours or night's rest for the 
weary traveler. Many prominent personages stopped at the 
inn. It is quite probable the Rev. Edward Bulkley died there. 
He also owned a farm in North Chelmsford, Mass., where he 
settled his son Daniel, who built a grist mill on it in 1695, at 
the mouth of Stony Brook, below the way that leads to Dun- 
stable, Mass. A grist mill and saw mill were standing upon 
this spot as late as 1820. The deacon was a leading man in 
Chelmsford. He died in 1701, June or Jan. 3. His property 
was divided among his children. 




John Waldo, son of Dea. Cornelius, was born, probably, 
in Chelmsford ; married Rebecca, the daughter of Samuel 
Adams, about 1676, who was of the same line as that of John 
Adams, the President of the United States. Mr. Adams was 
a man of wealth, owning 600 acres of land in Chelmsford, 
Mass. Children, 3rd generation: John, Edward, Rebecca, 
Catherine, Ruth, Sarah, Abigail. 

John was representative from Dunstable, Mass., in 1689 — 
short session. He removed at the u time of the Indian war" 
to Windham, Conn., and there died in 1700. His will of the 
14th of April, 1700, names Rebecca, his wife, son John, and 
refers to other children not named. His inventory was £290, 
07s., besides the estate at Chelmsford. A deed, signed by one 
Larabee, Jan. 2, 1699, to John Waldo, of Windham, is evidence 
that he was living there at that time. Another deed to him 
from Richard Edgarton, dated Jan. 4, 1698, gives his residence 
as Boston. Probably settled in Windham during that year. 
His residence in town of Windham was between Windham 


village and Willimantic, on the east side of the river, on the 
place afterwards owned by Roger Bingham and descendants. 
Joh.ll Waldo, Jr., son of John Waldo and Rebecca 
Adams, was born in Chelmsford, Mass., May 19, 1678. We 
have been unable to secure anything of value concerning John, 
Jr. Probably had no descendants. Removed to Boston after 
the death of his father. 

Dea. Edward ^Waldo? son of John Waldo and 
Rebecca Adams, born 16S3, died 1767; married Thankful, 
daughter of Shubael Dimock, of Mansfield, Conn., June 28. 
1706. She was born 16S5, died 1 757- Children, 4th genera- 
tion : Shubael, Edward, Jr., Cornelius, Ann, John, Bethuel, 
Thankful, Joanna, Zacheus, John. Edward was deacon of 
the Congregational church in Scotland. The towns of Wind- 
ham and Scotland were one for many years. After the town 
was divided the part containing Windham village and Willi- 
mantic retained the original name of Windham. 

There is a document in Hartford, Conn., the original appli- 
cation of sundry citizens of the town of Windham, Conn., for 
a new county, under date of May, 1 723, signed by the above- 
named Edward Waldo. He was an extensive farmer of that 
town. Edward and his wife, Thankful Dimock, w T ere buried 
in Scotland, Conn., in what is known as the "Pahnertown 
Burying-ground." He built a house in the town of Scotland, 
near the county line, about the year 1J14- The house is 
still standing, and owned by a descendant. 

Shubael Waldo* son of Edward Waldo and Thank- 
ful Dimock, married Abigail Allen, of Mansfield, Conn., Oct. 
14, 1730. Children, 5th generation : Samuel, Shubael, Abia- 
thar, Jesse, Jonathan, Thankful, Edward, Daniel, Mary, 
Abigail, Beulah, Ruth, Rebecca, Calvin. 

Shubael removed, from Windham to Alstead, N. H., in 
1768, where many of his descendants now live. 


Rev- Samuel "Waldo* son of Shubael Waldo and 
Abigail Allen, was born Sept. iS, 1731 ; married Hannah 
Waters, of New Fairfield, Nov. 21, 1754. He was a minis- 
ter of the Baptist church. 

Sliubael YV^aldo, Jr., shoemaker and tanner, born 
Jan. 10, 1733; married Priscilla, daughter of Samuel Smith, 
of Mansfield, Conn., Oct. 2, 1754. Children, 6th generation: 
Talitha, born Aug. 26, 1755. 

Atoiatliar AValcLo* farmer of Shaftsburg, Vt., born 
Jan. 2, 1735, son of Shubael Waldo and Abigail Allen. 

Jesse "Waldo* son of Shubael Waldo and Abigail 
Allen, born Sept. 6, 1736, in Mansfield, Conn., died Feb. 28, 
1823; married April 2, 1760, to Bridget Thompson of Wil- 
lington, Conn., daughter of Samuel Thompson, born about 
t 735 or '36, died Jan. 21, 1805. Children, 6th generation, 
birth-place, Mansfield: Jesse, born Feb. 17, 1761, died Nov. 
22, 1826, Prattsburg, N. Y. ; Nathan, born Oct. 28, 1762, died 
Dec. 26, 1S40, Elba, N. Y. ; Ephraim, born Sept. 4, 1764; 
Roger, born Aug. 2, 1766, physician in Connecticut; Olive, 
born Sept. 13, 1768; Zacheus, born Sept. 27, 1770; Charles, 
born Sept. 4, 1774, died May 5, 1855, Prattsburg, N. Y. 

Jesse Waldo, Jr., son of Jesse Waldo and Bridget 
Thompson, married Dec. 14, 1786, at Mansfield, Conn., Mar- 
tha, daughter of Aaron and Abigail (Freeman) Hovey, born 
Dec. 9, 1768, Mansfield, Conn., died April 17, 1S49, Pratts- 
burg, N. Y. Children, 7th generation : Martha, born March 
5, 1788, Mansfield, Conn., died May 27, 1856, Elba, N. Y. ; 
Jesse, born May 6, 1790, Mansfield, died May 27, 1844, Pul- 
teney, N. Y. ; Aaron, born May 24, 1792, Mansfield, died 
March 19, 1866, Darant, Iowa; Otis, born Dec. 28, 1794, 
Brookfield, N. Y., died July 15, 1870, Prattsburg, N. Y. ; 
Albigence, born Feb. 23, 1797, Bridgewater, N. Y., died June 
11, 1876, Prattsburg; Henry Hovey, born Oct. 21, 1799, 


Bridgewater, died Sept. 3, 1872, Prattsburg ; Lucius, bom 
June 25, 1802, Bridgewater; Charles, born Nov. 2, 1805, 
Prattsburg ; Abigail, born Feb. 1, 1809, Prattsburg, died March 

28, 1809, same place; Edmund Freeman, born June 21, 181 1, 

Martha (Waldo) Pardeei daughter of Jesse Wal- 
do and Martha Hovey, married March 18, t8o6, Prattsburg, 
N. Y., to Isaac Pardee, son of Jonathan and Tryphena 
(Beecher) Pardee, born July 2, 1778, New Haven. Conn., 
died Jan. 15, 1857, Elba, N. Y. Children, Sth generation : 
Tracy, born Nov. 26, 1807, Pulteney, N. Y. ; Gerry, born 
June 17, 1809, Pulteney, died Nov. 15, 1856, Allegan, Mich. ; 
Laura, born March 30, 1S11, Pulteney, died Jan. 12, 18 13, 
same place; , born Nov. 20, 1812, Pulteney, died Jan. 

29, following year, same place; Laura, born Dec. 1, 1813, 
Pulteney, died Jan. 18, 1879, Ann Arbor, Mich. ; Isaac, born 
Feb. 10, 1816, Pulteney, died June 5, 1820, Elba, N. Y. ; 
Martha Hovey, born May 16, 1818, Elba, N. Y., died Jan. 31, 
1876, Allegan, Mich. ; Henrietta, born Feb. 8, 1820, Elba, 
died April, 1877; Harriet, born Feb. 2, 1822, Elba; Isaac 
Beecher, born April 9, 1824, Elba ; Mary Jane, born Aug. 13, 
1826, Elba; Fidelia Ann, born Aug. 9, 1828, Elba. 

Tracy Pardee? son of Martha Waldo and Isaac Par- 
dee, married Oct. 17, 1837, Oakfield, N. Y., to Nancy Ann, 
daughter of John G. and Nancy A. (Weed) Satterlee, born 
Nov. 18, 1819, Greenfield, N. Y., died Feb. 12, 1875, Bata- 
via, N. Y. Children, 9th generation : Charles Parker, born 
Oct. 12, 1838, Oakland, N. Y. ; Margaretta Cornelia, born 
May 31, 1840, Oakland; George Satterlee, Jan. 3, 1846, Ala- 
bama, N. Y. ; Julia Antoinette, Feb. 1, 1855, Batavia, N. Y. 

Margaretta C. (Pardee) Humphreys, daugh- 
ter of Tracy Pardee and Nancy A. Satterlee, married Jan. 9, 
1862, Batavia, N. Y., to George Hector, son of Hector 
Humphreys, born Oct. 19, 1839. 


Gferry Pardee* son of Martha Waldo and Isaac Par- 
dee, married Oct. 12, 1840, Batavia, N. Y., to Sarah, daugh- 
ter of Philip and Sarah (Roberts) Griswold, born Nov. 2, 
1820, Bethany, N. Y., died Jan. 28, 1864, Allegan, Mich. 
Children, 9th generation : Morrison Philip, born Oct. 8, 1841, 
Batavia, N. Y. ; Edmund Waldo, born Nov. 2, 1843, Batavia, 
died March 19, 1863, Columbus, O. ; Nelson, born Nov. 28, 
184/, Elba, N. Y. ; Laura Elizabeth, born Feb. 18, 1851, 
Allegan, Mich. ; Gerry, born Dec. 28, i8j6, Allegan. 

Edmund enlisted in summer of '62 as private in Co. L., 
4th Michigan Cavalry. Was taken prisoner at battle of Stone 
River, Tenn. Paroled and furlouged ; while on his way home 
stopped at Camp Chase, Columbus, and w r as found dead in bed 
next morning. Dropsy of heart. 

Laura (Pardee) Barker* daughter of Martha 
Waldo and Isaac Pardee, married Feb. 21, 183J, Elba, N. Y., 
to Levi Sherburn, son of Ebenezer Barker, born June 12, 1806. 
Children, 9th generation : Helen Eliza, born June 7, 1834, 
Oakfield, N. Y. ; Frances Amanda, born Oct. 14, '35, Oak- 
field ; Harriet Theresa, born Jan. 31, '37, Oakfield, died Jan. 
5, 'j*?, same place ; Elizabeth Gertrude, born Oct. 7, 'j#, 
Oakfield ; Emogene, born Nov. 24, '40, Oakfield, died Feb. 
15, '41, Oakfield; Justus Hermon, born Jan. 5, '42, Oakfield, 
died March 12, '43, same place; Martha Pardee, born Jan. 3, 
'47, Oakfield, died July 1 7? '47' same place; John Ebenezer, 
born June 16, '49, Oakfield; James, born July 17, '$$, Kala- 
mazoo, Mich., died same year. 

Helen E« (Barker) Putnam* daughter of Laura 
Pardee and Levi Barker, married Nov. 26, 1856, Kalamazoo, 
Mich., to Lyman, son of Franklin Putnam, born Jan. 14, '20, 
died June 22, '63, Kalamazoo. Children, 10th generation: 
Helen Louisa, born Sept. 1, '62, Battle Creek, Mich. 


Frances A. (Barker) Booth? married June 7, 
1855, Kalamazoo, Mich., to Edward Brooks, son of Wm. L. 
Booth, born Sept. 12, '31. 

Elizabeth Gr. (Barker) Sanfbrd, married Sept. > 

3, 1868, Ann Arbor, Mich., to Charles Addison, son of Ezra 
and Elmira (Chamberlain) Sanford, born April 16, '38, Saline, 

Martha H. (Pardee) Griswold, daughter of 
Martha Waldo and Isaac Pardee, married Sept. 1 7, 1837, 
Elba, N. Y., to Zenas Lane, son of Philip and Sarah (Roberts) 
Griswold, born May 11, '14, Bethany, N. Y. Children, 9th 
generation : Isaac Pardee, born Oct. 28, 1838, Batavia, N. Y. ; 
Martha Mary, born May 21, '41, Batavia; George Beecher, 
born Nov. 12, '48, Allegan, Mich. ; Edward Philip, born Jan. 

4, '51, Allegan. 

Isaac I 3 . Grriswold, married March 1, 1870, at 
Kalamazoo, Mich., to Marilla, daughter of John and Almira 
(Rathbun) Millham, born Oct. 17, 1838. 

Martha M. (Grriswold) Sherwood, married 
Sept. 19, 1 866, to Marion C, son of Hull and Julia A. (Crit- 
tenden) Sherwood, who was born Jan. 1 1 , 1 833 or '34, Otse- 
go, Mich. Children, 1 oth generation: Rubie Mary, born 
Feb. 7, 1868, Allegan, Mich. ; Martha Griswold, born Jan. 1 , 
1 872, same town. 

Edward 3?. Grriswold , married Aug. 3, 1872, to 
Florence Louise, daughter of Alanson and Eliza (Price) Case, 
who was born Nov. 26, 1 852. 

Henrietta (Pardee) Osborn , daughter of Mar- 
tha Waldo and Isaac Pardee, married April 15, 1845, at Elba, 
N. Y., to Eli, son of Nehemiah and Mary (Fraser) Osborn, 
who was born Aug. 1 2, 1806, at Gelderland, N. Y., died Aug. 
3, '59. Children, 9th generation : Nehemiah, born Feb. 3, 
1847, at Alabama, N. Y^. ; Mary, born July 4, '48, same town. 


Harriet (Pardee) Osborn, daughter of Martha 
Waldo and Isaac Pardee, married April 13, 1854, Nehemiah 
Osborn, brother of Eli, born Feb. 6, 181 7. Children, 9th 
generation, John, born October, 1858 ; Martha Waldo, born 
Jan. 6, '61; Mary Pardee, born Oct. 26, '63. 

Isaac 3. Pardee , son of Martha Waldo and Isaac 
Pardee, married Nov. 29, 1864, Adams, N. Y., to Carrie, 
daughter of Alonzo and Susan (Clark) Maxon, who was born 
Nov. 26, 1830, 

Mary J. (Pardee) Gri'iswold , daughter of Mar- 
tha Waldo and Isaac Pardee, married Oct. 19, 1876, Albany, 
to Zenas Lane Griswold. 

Fidelia A. (Pardee) Scott, daughter of Martha 
and Isaac, married George Scott. 

Jesse Waldo, son of Jesse Waldo, Jr., and Martha 
Hovey, born May 6, 1790? at Mansfield, Conn., died April 3, 
1S44, Pulteney, N. Y. ; married Jan. 8, 1816, at Prattsburg, 
N. Y., to Mary, daughter of Levi and Mary (Prentice) Fay, 
born June 30, 1 791 , at Walpole, N. H., died Aug. 7, 1S49, 
Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Children, 8th generation : Levi Fay, 
born Jan. 28, 181 7, at Prattsburg, N. Y. ; Martha Mary, born 
Dec. 24, 1S18, at Pulteney, N. Y., died April 3, 1820, same 
town ; Martha Mary, born March 24, 1820, at Pulteney, died 
Aug. 5, 1848, same town. 

This Jesse was a farmer, and lived on a farm about a mile 
from the old homestead, and three miles from the village of 
Prattsburg, in Pulteney township, Steuben county, N. Y. 
His brothers, with the exception of Edmund, all lived on farms 
in the immediate vicinity, and at one time there were nearly 
seventy of their children all living at home, near Prattsburg. 

Rev. Levi F- YV^aldo, son of Jesse Waldo and Mary 
Fay, married Aug. 22, 1844, at Keene, N. H., to Lucy Eliza- 
beth, daughter of Calvin and Sophia (Dickey) Fay, who was 



born Nov. 17, 1816, at Prattsburg, N. Y., died March 3, 1877, 
Frankfort, Mich. Children, 9th generation : Charles Edward, 
born Feb. 28, 1846, at Ponghkeepsie, N. Y. ; William How- 
ard, born same town, Sept. 17, 1849, died Aug. 7? l &55-> 
North Brookfield, Mass. ; Edmund Hovey, born Sept. 12, 
1855, at North Brookfield, Mass. 

Levi married for his second wife, July 23, 1878, Silence 
Paddock (Hard) Cady, daughter of Rev. J. H. and Matilda 
H. (Barker) Hard, widow of James F. Cady, who was born 
Aug. 20, 1829, Sardinia, N. Y. She had ten children by her 
first husband. 

Levi is a graduate of Union College, N. Y., and went 
through a course of study for the ministry in a theological sem- 
inary in New York city. He was first settled over a Congre- 
gational church in Poughkeepsie, N. Y. He is now preach- 
ing for the Congregational church of Shelby, Mich. 

Charles Edward, son of Levi, is a lawyer in Canon City, 
Col., and County Judge of Fremont county. He is interested 
in the genealogy of his people, and collected a good deal of 
material for this part of the work, which was kindly furnished 
us by his brother Edmund, who had the papers. 

Edmund Hovey ^Waldo, son of Rev. Levi Wal- 
do and Lucy Fay, telegraph operator, of Boston, married Nov. 
17, 1880, at Keene, N. H., to Mary Ida, daughter of George 
Howard and Mary Jane (Fay) Gilbert, who was born Dec. 5, 
1859, Walpole, N. H. Children, 10th generation : Charles 
Elmon, born Sept. 7, 1881, at Keene, N. H. ; George How- 
ard, born May 6, '83, Charlestown, Mass., died June 22, same 

This branch of the family, the descendants of Jesse and 
Mary, have lost one very distinguishing^ characteristic of the 
Waldos — the dark features, hair and eyes. This is due to 
the infusion of the Fay blood, the last three generations having 
each married Fays, or descendants of them. 


Aaron "Waldo, son of Jesse Waldo and Martha Hovey, 
married Nov. 10, 1819, Bath, N. Y., to Mary, daughter of 
Roswell and Esther (Hemenway) Davenport, born Aug. 26, 
1S03, East Haven, Conn. Children, 8th generation, birth- 
place, Pulteney, N. Y. : Mary Esther, born March 20, 1824 ; 
Aaron Hovey, June 14, 1826, died June 11, 1S41, Pulteney; 
John Davenport, born Aug. 23, 1831. 

Mary Esther ("Waldo) Sheldon* daughter of 
Aaron Waldo and Mary Davenport, married Dec. 28, 1843, 
Pulteney, N. Y., to Philo, son of Wareham and Honor (Dem- 
ming) Sheldon, born July 18, 1817, Huron, N. Y. Children, 
9th generation: Charles Hovey, born Apr. 26, 1847, Pratts- 
burg, N. Y., died June 9, 1848, Huron, N. Y. ; Mary Honor, 
born Apr. 27, 1850, Clyde, N. Y., died Feb., 22, 1875, Bata- 
via, N. Y. ; Edmund Waldo, born Jan. 28, 1857, Geneva, N. Y. 

John Davenport ^Waldo, son of Aaron Waldo 
and Mary Davenport, married Sept. 21, 1854, to Charlotte 
Sophia, daughter of William and Ann (Wragg) Stewart, born 
Sept. 21, 1834, Jerusalem, N. Y. Children, 9th generation: 
Charles Aaron, born Aug. 31, 1855, Prattsburg, N. Y. ; Wil- 
liam Davenport, born May 23, 1858, died Oct. 25, '58; Char- 
lotte Esther, born June 5, '59 ; John Hovey, born June 4, '60, 
died Aug. 19, '60, at Durant, Iowa; Lucius Otis, born Feb. 
1, '63 ; Harvey Stewart, born Oct. 9, '65 — all born at Durant, 
Iowa ; Mary Abbie, born April 2, '71, at Quincy, 111. 

Otis Waldo, son of Jesse Waldo and Martha Hovey, 
married Sept. 28, 1820, Prattsburg, N. Y., to Fannie, daugh- 
ter of Aaron and Miriam (Munn) Cook, born Oct. 21, 1798, 
West Hampton, Mass., died Feb. 24, 1870, Prattsburg, N. Y. 
Children, 8th generation: Otis Harvey, born April 1, 1822, 
died Oct. 30, '74, Milwaukee, Wis ; Sarah Ann, born Feb. 25, 
'25, died the same year, Prattsburg, N. Y. ; Abigail Fanny, 


born Dec. 10, '26, died April 29, '29, same place; James Au- 
gustine, born July 10, '30. 

Otis Harvey Waldo, son of Otis Waldo and Fan- 
nie Cook, married April 20, 1S50, Highland, Mich., to Ger- 
trude C. Van Valkenburgh, daughter of Jacob and Mary B. 
(Higgins) Van Valkenburgh, born April 4, 1826, Prattsburg. 
Children, 9th generation, birth-place Milwaukee, Wis. : Min- 
nie Gertrude, born Feb. 1, 185 1 ; Robert Van Valkenburgh, 
born Aug. 31, '52; Otis, born Nov. 11, '$J\ Fannie, born 
Sept. 28, '59, died Aug. 4, '6r, Milwaukee ; Mary, born July 
3, '62, died Aug. 25, '62, Milwaukee. 

" Otis graduated at Union College, Schenectady, N. Y., in 
1843. In 1844 took the stump for Henry Clay and whig party. 
After election went South and studied law with Gen. John A. 
Quitman of Natchez, Miss. In 1849 moved to Milwaukee, 
Wis., and began to practice law. He was a candidate for 
mayor later on, but was defeated as the city was of adverse 
politics. Several years after he was a candidate for the U. S. 
Senate, but was beaten by Matt Carpenter. He was for many 
years President of the Wisconsin Central Railroad, and much 
of its prosperity is due to his efforts. When he received the 
news of his mother's death, the telegram announcing the sad 
fact to him was placed in his hands as he was about to begin a 
two hour's plea before a jury in Madison, Wis., Friday after- 
noon. He finished his plea and took the first train east, reach- 
ing Buffalo too late Saturday night to get a train for Corning, the 
nearest railroad station. He jumped aboard a starting train on 
the N. Y. Central, alighting at Palmyra, Wayne Co., about 35 
miles from Prattsburg. A driving snow storm was raging but 
he chartered a livery team and undertook to reach home in 
time for the funeral. It was a terrible drive, and so formida- 
ble were the obstacles, so frequent the capsizes that they only 
reached the village as the people were returning from the cem- 


eteiy. Grevious to him was the mishap. This midwinter 
journey evinced a characteristic affection for his mother, and 
showed with what energy he performed all duties of this life." 

Minnie G-ertrude (Waldo) Schoyerj daughter 
of Otis H. Waldo and Gertrude Van Valkenburgh, married 
June 3, 1875, Pontiac, Mich, to Ernest A. Schoyer, a mer- 

James Augustine Waldo* son of Otis Waldo and 
Fannie Cook, married Feb. 17, 1855, Bath, N. Y., to Margar- 
ett Amelia, daughter of John Marshall and Susan (Bellows) 
Wheaton, born Dec. 15, '31, Seneca Falls, N. Y. Children, 
9th generation : Fannie, born Nov. 4, '56, Ripon, Wis ; Anna 
May, born Sept. 19, '63, Prattsburg, N. Y. ; Lizzie, born July 

25, '6$, died Feb. 22, '66, Prattsburgh, N. Y. 

Albigence Waldo, son of Jesse Waldo and Martha 
Hovey, married May 6, 1824, Pulteney, N. Y., to Elizabeth, 
daughter of John and Elizabeth ( Jenkins) Williams, born 
Dec. 6, 1S03, Whitesboro', N. Y., died July 20, '72, Pratts- 
burg, N. Y. Children, 8th generation : William Williams, 
born May 19, 1825, Pulteney, N. Y; David Henry, born Oct. 
6, '26, Prattsburg, N. Y., died Feb. 3, '60, Milwaukee, Wis. ; 
Elizabeth, born April 21, '30; Martha, born Nov r . 16, '32, died 
April 23, '63, Prattsburg ; George Edward, born April 24, '"34, 
died April 7, '62, Pittsburgh Landing, Tenn ; all born Pratts- 
burg, N. Y. 

George Edward, in 186 1 enlisted in a three months regi- 
ment from Wisconsin and served in the Potomac army. After 
his time was out, he returned to Manitowoc, Wis., and was 
made Captaim of Co. E, 14th Wis. Inf. At the battle of Pitts- 
burgh Landing, or Shiloh, he was shot dead while at the head 
of his company in a charge. 

YV'illiam W. Waldo, son of Albigence Waldo, 
and Elizabeth Williams, married April 18, 1855, Manitowoc, 


Wis., to Dorothea Florinda, daughter of Mark and Dorothea 
(Ricker) Wood, born July 23, 1828, Lebanon, Maine. Chil- 
dren, 9th generation : Martha Elizabeth, born Feb. 18, 1856, 
Manitowoc, Wis., died April 16, '56, same place; William 
Wood, born March 19, '$J, Manitowoc, died Nov. 30, '63, 
Prattsburg ; Mark Albigence, born Aug. 1, '59, Manitowoc ; 
David Henry, born June 16, '61, Manitowoc, died March 8, 
'62^ same place; George Edward, born Feb. 8, '63, Pitts- 
burgh; Flora Wood, born Dec. 17, '6$, Manitowoc; Mary 
Elizabeth, born June 17, '71, Manitowoc. 

Henry Hovey Waldo* son of Jesse Waldo and 
Martha Hovey, married Feb. 25, TS29, Prattsburg, N. Y., 
to Mary, daughter of Stolham and Eainice (Farnham) Clarv, 
born Jan. 6, 1812, Conway, Mass., died Jan. z'j, '4^ ; Pitts- 
burgh, N. Y. Children, 8th generation ; birth-place Pratts- 
burgh, N. Y. : Electa Abigail, born Nov. 12, '29, died Dec. 
12, '31, same place; Mary Paulina, born April 8, '32, died 
Aug. 10, '36, same place; Edmund Freeman, born May 23, 
'34; Fannie Emily, born Aug. 24, \]^ died Oct. 14, y 6j, Al- 
bany, Kansas ; Harriet Newell, born June 17, '40 ; Sarah Jane, 
born June 23, '42 ; Mary Clary, born Jan. 20, '45, married 
Nov. 6, '79, to Richard Edget. He married second time April 
27, '46, Prattsburgh, to Survina, daughter of Ira and Polly 
(Kelly) Caple, born Sept. 13, '22. Cherry Valley, N. Y. 
Children, 8th generation, birth-place Prattsburg, N. Y. : 
Charles Henry, born Oct. n, '47 ; Clarissa Survina, born July 
12, '49; Martha Paulina, born Jan. 10, '53, died March 19, 
'71, Gorham, N. Y. ; Candace Rebecca, born Sept. 24, '57; 
Emma Almira, born Oct. 9, '59; Nellie Lottie, born Dec. 16, 
'62, married Prattsburgh, Nov. 4, 1880, to Philemon Chissom ; 
Elizabeth, born Feb. 21, '66> 

Edmund Freeman Waldo, son of Henry WaL 
do and Mary Clary, married April 3, i86r, Pulteney, N. Y., 


to Harriet Ann, daughter of George and Hannah (Clark) 
Caward, born April 3, '43, Hopewell. X. Y. Children 9th 
generation : Mary Florine, born Jan. 7, '62, Prattsburg, N. 
Y. ; Elizabeth, born Oct. 31, '63, Prattsburg ; George Caward, 
born Feb. 21, '65, Pulteney ; Gertrude May, born June 6, '67, 
Torry, N. Y. ; Edmund Freeman, born Oct. 11. '71, Torrv : 
Henry Hovey, born Nov. 4, '74, Torry. 

Edmund Freeman enlisted in the summer of 1864, as private 
in Co. C, iSSth N. Y. Inf. 2nd Brigade, 1st div. 5th A. C, 
Army of the Potomac ; served to the end of the war, when he 
was mustered out. 

Fannie E. (Waldo) Bouton, daughter of Henry 
Waldo and Mary Clary, married March 8, i860, Prattsburg, 
to Eli F., son of Nathan and Maria (Gee) Bouton, born April 
8, 1833, Virgil, N. Y. Children, 9th generation, birth-place 
Albany, Kansas: Rosa, born Dec. 19, '60; Henry Waldo, 
born Jan. 11. '63. 

Harriett N. ( Waldo) CawarcL daughter of 
Henry Waldo and Mary Clary, married Dec. 5, 1S61, Pratts- 
burg, to Nathan, son of George and Hannah (Clark) Caward. 
who was born Sept. 17, '31, Seneca, Ontario Co., N. Y. 
Children, 9th generation : Fanny May, born Dec. 24, '63, Pul- 
tenev, died Aug. 14, '6$< West Dresden, N. Y. ; Carrie Re- 
becca, born Dec. 27, '6$, West Dresden ; Lucius Frederic, 
born Sept. 25, '74, Torry, N. Y. 

Martha J?. ( Waldo) Newman* daughter of 
Henry Waldo and Survina Caple, married Nov. 16, 1870, 
Prattsburg, to Oliver Elias Newman, born Fell. 2S, '43, Gor- 
ham, N. Y. 

Xjncins Waldo, son of Jesse Waldo and Martha 
Hovey, married Oct. 15, 1828, Prattsburg. N. Y. to Rebecca, 
daughter of Obed and Sybil (Carter) Hervey, born March 10, 
1808, N. Durham, N. Y. 


Charles Waldo, son of Jesse Waldo and Martha 
Hovey, married Oct. 15, 1828, Prattsburg, to Elizabeth Elvira, 
daughter of Asa Harmon, and Emily (Cole) Parmelee, born 
Aug. 22, 1809, Clinton, N. Y; died Jan. 16, '73, Prattsburg. 
Children, 8th generation, birth-place Prattsburg, N. Y. : Har- 
mon Jesse, born July 2*], 1829, died Dec. 24, '30, same place ; 
Charles Dwight, born Feb. 10, '32 ; David Parmelee, born 
Feb. 16, '35 ; William Albigence, born June 29, '38 ; Theron 
Linsley, born Dec. 2, '39 ; Emily Elizabeth, born March 3, 
'41, died Aug. 28, '42, same place; George Harmon, born 
May 10, '44; Chloe Elizabeth, born Aug. 22, '48; Elvira 
Adelia, born Aug. 1. '51. 

Charles Dwight Waldo, son of Charles Waldo 
and Elizabeth Parmelee, married Sept. 8, 1863, Lyons, N. Y., 
to Julia Ann, daughter of John W. and Julia Abigail (Cong- 
don) Archer, who was born Dec. 1, '31, Granville, N. Y., 
Children, 9th generation: Lucius Edward, born April J4, 
1877, Midland, Mich. 

David 3?. Waldo, son of Charles Waldo and Eliza- 
beth Parmelee, married April 5, 1863, Pine Run, Mich., to 
Catherine Mary, daughter of George and Ann Eliza (Herrick) 
Lefever, born May 26, 1843, Hayfield, Pa. Children, 9th 
generation, birth-place Pine Run, Mich. : Ella Amelia, born 
July 26, 1865 ; Alfred Harmon, born July 21, '6j, died Aug. 
25, following year ; Georgiana, born Aug. 26, '69, died May 
19, '72 ; Theron Parmelee, born May 29, '73, Midland, Mich. 

Y^iHiam Albigence Waldo, son of Charles Wal- 
do and Elizabeth Parmelee, married Dec. 19, 1866, Addison, 
N. Y., to Gertrude Lydia, daughter of David F. and Mary 
Beach (Lawrence) Judson, born Sept. 1 2, 1846, Prattsburg, 
N. Y. Children, 9th generation : Grace Lawrence, born 
March 9, 1870, Prattsburg, N. Y. 


William Albigence enlisted in the summer of '64, as pri- 
vate in company H, 189th New York infantry. 

Theron Xjinslcy Waldo, son of Charles Waldo 
and Elizabeth Parmelee, married Oct. 20, 1 S69, Tecumseh, 
Mich., to Delia Eliza (Conkling) Hendryx, daughter of Sam- 
uel Gilbert and Julia Ann (Corwin) Conkling, and widow of 
Rev. William B. Hendryx. born Sept. 13, 1842, Raisin, Mich., 
died Jan. 16, '73. Children, 9th generation: Charles Samuel, 
born Jan. 30, 1871, Big Rapids, Mich. ; Jesse Conkling, born 
Aug. 11, 1872, Manchester, Mich. 

Greoi'ge IT. Waldo, son of Charles Waldo and 
Elizabeth Parmelee. married June 18, 1869, Detroit, Mich., to 
Georgiana, daughter of George and Ann Eliza (Herrick) Le- 
fever, born April 14. 1849, Meadville, Pa. Children, 9th gen- 
eration : Adella Elizabeth, born July 19, 1873, Clare, Mich. 

George H. enlisted as a private in company C, 188th New 
York infantry. 

Edmund Freeman "Waldo? son of Jesse Waldo 
and Martha Hove}', married April 15, 1842, New York city, 
to Sarah Elizabeth, daughter of Noahdiah and Deborah (Den- 
nison) Holmes, born Feb. 19, 1823, Essex, Conn., died May 
7, '^S, Palmyra, Wis. Children, 8th generation: Charlotte 
Elizabeth, born April 26. '43, Huron, N. Y., died June 10, 'So, 
Lake Mills, Wis. ; Lucius Freeman, born Jan, 10, '46, Alle- 
gan. Mich., died April 23, '47, same place; Cornelia Eusebia, 
born Oct. 8, '48, Allegan, died Oct. 28, '48, same place; 
Edmund Mortimer, born Dec. 29, '51, Wayland, Mich., died 
June 6, '$6* same place; Jesse, born July 17, '$$, Dowagiac, 
Mich., died same year; Sarah Jessie and Cornelius Jasper, 
born April 21, '$S, Palmyra, Wis. ; Sarah died Sept. 1, '58, 
at same place. Edmund married second time April 28, '59, 
Palmyra, to Eliza, daughter of Solomon and Catherine 
(Knowles) Boss, born March 15, 1830, Smyrna, N. Y. Chil- 


dren, 8th generation: Edmund Freeman, born Sept. 15, '61, 
Jefferson, Wis. ; Lucy Ann, born Sept. 17? '64, Pardeeville, 
Wis. ; Alfred Frederic, born Jan. 6, '70, Pardeville, 

Edmund Freeman Waldo studied for the ministry and 
preached for a number of Presbyterian churches in New York 
and Michigan. 

Charlotte E. CWaldo) Carr, daughter of Ed- 
mund Waldo and Sarah Holmes, married Oct. 28, 1865, Par- 
deeville, Wis., to Ezra Starkweather Carr, son of Esek and 
Wealthy ( Jenks) Carr, born June 11, 1829, Chesterfield, 

Nathan Waldo, son of Jesse Waldo and Bridget 

Thompson, married Deborah , lived in Elba, Genesee 

Co., N. Y. Children, 7th generation: Eber, Hiram, Florette. 

Eber Waldo* son of Nathan Waldo, had children, 
among whom were Mary Ann, who married Alvah U. Bul- 
lock ; Homer D. who lived in Elba, in 1864; Cornelia, born 
Jan. 4, 1823, married Nov. 12, 1844 to Darwin Denman Buck, 
born Sept. 24, 1821. Their children are Anna Waldo, born 
Aug. 3, 1845, and Cyrenus Gunn, born Dec. 7, 1846. This 
Buck family lived in Battle Creek, Mich, in 1863. 

Hiram YValdo son of Nathan Waldo, lived in Y r ork- 
ville, Kalamazoo Co., Mich., and, later, on a farm near Rock- 
ford, 111. Children, 8th generation : James Lawrence, of Te- 
cumseh Mich. ; Hiram H., Rockford, 111. ; Celia F., born 
about 1848, Santa Barbara, Cal., died in 1873. Also another 
who is a Campbellite preacher. 

Florette Y\^aldo 5 daughter of Nathan Waldo, mar- 
ried Dr. Smiley and lived in Elba, N. Y. Children, 8th gen- 
eration : David Smiley, of Marshall, Mich. ; James Smiley of 
Okemos, Mich. ; also a daughter. 

Olive (Waldo) Taylors daughter of Jesse Waldo 
and Bridget Thompson, married David Taylor (whose mother 


was a Dennison). Children, 7th generation: David, Jona- 
than, Olive, Jesse Waldo, Abigail Dennison, and Burrel Bai- 
ley Taylor, born Sept. S, 1S08, Bridgewater, N. Y., married 
first time Dec. 1833, Oxford, Ohio, to Mary Jane Teel, who 
died May 17, 1845, Newark, Ohio. They had children (8th 
generation) : Mary Augusta Ellen Olive, born July 30, 1837, 
married in 1S59 to James F. Keyser. He married second time 
Oct. 10, 1850, Lexington, Ky., Lydia Payne, who died Mar. 
13, 1S61, Lexington, Ky. ; married third time, Dec. 13, 1866, 
Fayette, Missouri, to Martha McKinney. 

Zacheus Waldo» of Mansfield, Ct., son of Jesse 
Waldo and Bridget Thompson, married Thankful Dunham of 
Mansfield, Ct., for his first wife; after her death he married 
Anna Stewart. Children, 7th generation : Eunice, Roger, 
Wealthy, Martha, Shubael, D wight, Caroline, Amelia, Shu- 
bael, Zacheus, Jerusha, Jane. 

Eunice (Waldo) I^eclv* daughter of Zacheus Wal- 
do and Thankful Dunham, married Marvin Peck. Children, 
Sth generation: Eunice Caroline, Olive M., Francis Ann, 
Charles Waldo, Martha Louisa, Maria J., Mary Elizabeth. 

Roger Waldo, son of Zacheus Waldo and Thankful 
Dunham, married Clarissa Johnson. Children, Sth genera- 
tion : Mary Emeline, Olive Louisa, Wealthy Maria, Alvin 
Norton, Clarissa. 

Martha ("Waldo) Peck? daughter of Zacheus Wal- 
do and Thankful Dunham, married George Peck. No chil- 

Dwiglit Waldo* son of Zacheus Waldo and Anna 
Stewart, his second wife, married Emily Allen. Children, 
8th generation : Emily Jane, Harriet Amelia, Charles Dwight, 
Ruth Elizabeth. 

Caroline ("Waldo) Newcombj daughter of Zach- 
eus Waldo and Anna Stewart, married Walter Newcomb, 


Children, Sth generation : Frederick W., Shubael, Helen Ann, 
Edgar Jackson, Marion Caroline, Amelia Jane. 

Amelia (Waldo) Osborn, daughter of Zacheus 
Waldo and Anna Stewart, married William Osborn. Chil- 
dren, Sth generation : Mary, William Wallace, Isabella Caro- 
line, Anna, Catherine, Lucia Maria. 

Shubael Waldo, son of Zachaeus Waldo and Anna 
Stewart, married Martha Hascall. Children, Sth generation : 
Amelia, Frederick, Martha, Maria. 

Zacheus Waldo. Jr., son of Zacheus Waldo and 
Anna Stewart, born in Mansfield, Conn., July 10, 1S16; mar- 
ried Sarah A. Dickenson, May 19, 1840. Children, Sth gener- 
ation : Chas. D. Waldo, born Nov. 17, 1841; William O. 
JKaldo, born March 1 1, 1844; Samuel JFaldo, born Aug. 23, 
184^ ; died following \ear; Wilbur F. JJaldo, born Nov. 2, 
1847; Leroy JFaldo, born April 1, 1S5 1; Sarah M., born 
March 19, 1S54; Herbert G., born Jan. 21, 1 857 ; Frederick, 
born Sept. 1, 1S59; died Jan. 23. 1S60. 

.JeiMisba (Waldo) Negus, daughter of Zacheus 
Waldo and Anna Stewart, married Isaac Negus. Children, 
Sth generation : Charles, William, Anna. 

Jane (Waldo) LaiTenj daughter of Zacheus Wal- 
do and Anna Stewart, married William Larren. (?) Chil- 
dren, Sth generation: Ashley, Chioe, Mary, Martha Elizabeth, 
Isaac, William. 

Dr. Charles Waldo, son of Jesse Waldo and 
Bridget Thompson, had only one child, William Besley Waldo, 
who lived at Johnsonville, N. Y. lie has two children, Eliz- 
abeth (who married a Presbyterian minister) and John. 

llev. .Jonathan Waldo, son of Shubael Waldo 
and Abigail Allen, born Aug. 17, 1 73S ; married Ann Pal- 
mer, in 1761. She was born Sept. 26, 1742. Children, 6th 


generation : Jonathan, Jr., David Gersham, Mary, Allen, Ann, 
Phipps, Ann, Abiathar, Abigail. 

Jonathan ^Waldo, Jr., former, born April n, 
1763 ; married Lucy Mattison. 

David. "Waldo, former, son of Rev. Jonathan Waldo 
and Ann Palmer, born Sept. 21, 1764; married Katy Wether- 
by, of Sherman, N. Y. His daughter married William Rice, 
of Barcelona. Their son, Victor M. Rice, was Superinten- 
dent of Public Instruction in New York state. David died in 
his 91st year. 

Grersham Waldo, farmer, son of Rev. Jonathan 
Waldo and Ann Palmer, born Sept. 14, 1766; married his 
cousin, Martha Waldo. 

Mary (Waldo) Burt, daughter of Rev. Jonathan 
Waldo and Ann Palmer, born March 25, 1770; married John 
Burt, of Perry Centre, N. Y. 

Allen W^ldo, son of Rev. Jonathan Waldo and Ann 
Palmer, born Nov. 18, 1771, died young; also Ann Waldo, 
2d, born Sept. 14, 1773; also Phipps Waldo, born July 3, 
1776, died young. 

Ann ( YV^aldo, 3d*) Browiij daughter of Rev. 
Jonathan Waldo and Ann Palmer, born Sept. 8, 1 77^ ' mar- 
ried James Brown of Champion, Jefferson Co., N. Y. 

Abiathar YV^aldo* carpenter, son of Rev. Jonathan 
Waldo and Ann Palmer, born Dec. 16, 1780; married Hannah 
Homan about 1807. Children, 7 tn generation: Clarisa A., 
Eliza B., George B., Temperance P., Mary A., Allen, George 
W., Orange Gersham, Harriet Cornelia, Morris A. 

Clarisa A. ("Waldo) Hall, daughter of Abiathar 
Waldo and Hannah Homan, born Feb. 24, 1809 ; married J. 
F. Hall, of Oswego, N. Y. 


Eliza 13. (Waldo) Johnson, daughter of Abia- 
thar Waldo and Hannah Homan, born Jan. 28, 181 1 ; married 
Abel Wait for her first husband, and O. O. Johnson for her 

Greorge B. Waldo, son of Abiathar, born Feb. 13, 
1813, died young. 

Temperance I 3 . ( Waldo) Woodruff) daugh- 
ter of Abiathar Waldo and Hannah Homan, born Feb. 15, 
1815 ; married Jonah Woodruff, of palace-car fame. 

Mary A. (Waldo) Wood, daughter of Abiathar 
Waldo and Hannah Homan, born Jan. 20, 18 17 ; married Nor- 
man Wood. 

Allen Waldo* son of Abiathar Waldo and Hannah 
Homan, born March 16, 1819; married Harriet M. Oaks for 
his first, and Helen Amelia Dowd for his second wife. 

"George ^William Waldo* son of Abiathar Waldo 
and Hannah Homan, born July 22, TS21 ; married Mary A. 
Pert, neice of Dr. Radvvay, of New York city. 

Orange Gersham Waldo* son of Abiathar Wal- 
do and Hannah Homan, born March 6, 1823 ; married Barbery 
E. Zellar, April 16, 1S4S. She was born April 10, 1829. 
Children, 8th generation : Gersham Henry Waldo, born Aug. 
7, I849 ; Clarence Abiathar Waldo, born Jan. 21, 18^2 ; Frank 
Owen Waldo, born Dec. 11, 1S54; Charles Gilbert Waldo, 
born May 11, 1S57. 

Harriet C (Waldo) Hardeson, daughter of 
Abiathar Waldo and Hannah Homan, born May 20, 1826; 
married Edward Hardeson. 

Morris A. Waldo, son of Abiathar Waldo and Han- 
nah Homan, born Sept. 20, 182S; married Ann E. Applcton, 
who lived but a short time ; he married again. 


Abigail (Waldo) Comstock, daughter of the Rev. 
Jonathan Waldo and Ann Palmer, born Aug. 23, 1783; mar- 
ried William Comstock of Port Huron, Mich. 

Thankful Waldo, daughter of Shubncl Waldo and Abi- 
gail Allen, born Sept, 2S, T740. 

Lieut. Edward Waldo, son of Shubael Waldo and 
Abigail Allen, born May 14, 1 74 2 ^ }n Windham County, 
Conn. ; married Jerusha, daughter of Samuel Thompson, of 
VVillington, and sister of Bridget (Thompson) Waldo, Nov. 17, 
1763. Children, 6th generation: Elijah, Thankful, Samuel, 
Anson, Abner, Jerusha, Abiathar, Jeduthan, Edward, Justus, 
Joshua P. 

" Lieut. Waldo was tall, slim, dark complexioned, black 
hair and eyes, and commanding appearance. He was an offi- 
cer in the Revolutionary war, and was wounded at the battle 
of Bennington, Vt., and received a pension." 

Elijah Waldo, son of Edward Waldo and Jerusha 
Thompson, born April 12, 1764; married Betsey Angier. 
Children, 7th generation : Samuel, (who became a Mormon 
elder) Ira, Jerusha, Eli/a. By a second wife he had Joshua P. 

Thankful Waldo, daughter of Edward Waldo and Jeru- 
sha Thompson, born Jan. [I, 1766. 

Anson Waldo, son of Edward Waldo and Jerusha 
Thompson, born at Tolland, Conn., Dec. x^, 1767 i married 
Mehitable Burroughs. He died at Kenosha, Wis., in 1S45, 
aged 7S years. He formerly lived in Williamstown, Vt. 
Children, 7th generation : Royal B., lived in Chelsea and 
Newbury, Vt., died in Kenosh:i, Wis., 1849; John, died in 
Chelsea, about 1S34; Caleb, living (1S64) Williamstown, Vt. ; 
Caroline, married Davis, living (1S64) Kenosha; Eunice, 
married Lewis, living (JS64) Williamstown. 

Royal B. Waldo, son of Aaron Waldo and Mehitable 
Burroughs, had the following children, (Sth generation) : 

.-- -a'- 1 ,. ,» 1 

ABNER WALDO, (p. 33.) 



Royal Newcomb, born Dec. 183 1, living (1864) six miles 
west of Kenosha, his post office; Elizabeth, born 1832, died 
in Newbury, Vt., while an infant; John Franklin, born May 
16, 1835, Newbury, living (1864) Oshkosh, Wis. ; Charles 
Edward, born Jan. 1837, Newbury, Vt., living (1864) West 
Bend, Wis. ; George Henry, born 1839, died April, 1864, Mem- 
phis, Tenn. ; army ; Frances Almira, born 1841, married Mead- 
ows, living (1864) Kenosha ; Caroline, married Mann, living 
(1864) West Bend; James Chandler, died Kenosha, 1848, 
aged 21-2 years. 

John. Franklin Waldo* son of Royal B. Waldo, 
married Nov. 7, 1859, *° Ester Maria Bartholomew. Chil- 
dren, 9th generation: Harrison Algermont, born Sept. 12, 
i860; Maria Jeannett, born Nov. 8, 1863. 

Edward Waldo, Jr., son of Edward Waldo and 
Jerusha Thompson, married Sally Roe. Among his children 
were Sophia, Jerusha, Richard and Edward. 

Abner Waldo, son of Lieut. Edward Waldo and 
Jerusha Thompson, born in Alstead, N. H., March 7, 1775, 
died in East Randolph, Vt., Sept. 9, 1856; married Sally 
Goss, of East Randolph, 1796. Children, 7th generation: 
John, Charles, George Augustus, Chandler, Fanny, Ralph, 
Albro, Charlotte, Lucinda, Frederic, Mary, Alonzo, Sarah 
Goss, Hannah S., Laura E. 

" Abner Waldo at the age of fourteen years, as was cus- 
tomary in those days, was bound out to a man in Walpole, N. 
H., to learn the tailor's trade. He was to serve an apprentice- 
ship of seven years, or until he should become twenty-one 
years of age, but he bought one year of his time of his master, 
(an appelation that was given the man of whom he learned his 
trade). He then started on foot to seek his fortune in Ver- 
mont, taking with him all the treasures that he possessed, 
which consisted of a change of linen tied up in a pocket hand- 


kerchief, and a pair of shears in his pocket. On his way to 
Vermont he stopped at a farm house where he found an op- 
portunity to make a suit of clothes, for which he received as a 
compensation twenty shillings. To express it in his own 
words, he said ' no nabob ever felt richer than he did at that 
time with the first money he had ever earned for himself.' 
Subsequently, he came to East Randolph, Vt., where he made 
a permanent settlement. The town was then in its infancy, 
and the state nearly a wilderness. Here he worked at his 
trade a few years with success, and as the town grew, he grew 
with it. He then relinquished his trade, bought him a farm 
on which he lived until nearly the close of his earthly life. He 
had many hardships to encounter and battle with in the new 
country, but he conquered them all and worked his way up 
step by step, until he rose to eminence, and was one of the 
staunch and prominent men of the town. For nearly forty 
years he held many public offices of trust in the town of Ran- 
dolph. He owed his success to his own exertions, good judg- 
ment and ability. At the age of twenty-one he married Sally 
Goss, of East Randolph, and fifteen children were born to 
them, all of whom lived to be men and women." 

John Waldo, son of Abner Waldo and Sally Goss, 
born in East Randolph, Vt., June 8, 1 797' cue d m Chicago, 
111., Feb. 28, 1S76; married Dolly Weston, of E. Randolph, 
Vt., May 18, 1825. Children, 8th generation : Charles, Abner 
Weston, H. Marshal. 

Charles Waldo, merchant, of Briggsville, Wis., son 
of John Waldo and Dolly Weston, born in E. Randolph, Vt., 
March 26, 1826; married Charlotte S. Fellows. 

Abliei" Weston "Waldo, of Chicago, 111., lumber- 
merchant, son of John Waldo and Dolly Weston, born in E. 
Randolph, Vt., Jan. 3, 1830; married Elizabeth A. Stanford, 
of Salem, Mass. Children, 9th generation : Annie E., born 


Dec. 5, 1853; Caroline H., born Feb. 4. 1856; Olive Wes- 
ton, born April 24, i860; Nellie Jewett, born Sept. 10, 1S66, 
died Aug. 31, 1867 ; Albro Waters, born April 18, 1869. 

H. Marshal Waldo, of Beloit, Wis., son of John 
Waldo and Dolly Weston, born in E. Randolph, Vt., July 17, 
1 83 1 ; married E. Agnes Blodgett Dec. 20, 1858. Children, 
9th generation : Sarah G., born Aug. 3, 1861, died Oct. 24, 

1 866 ; John B., born Dec. 7, 1S67 ; Luvic, born April 8, 1876. 

diaries Waldo, son of Abner W r aldo and Sally 
Goss., born in E. Randolph, Vt., Aug. 13, 179S, died July 21, 

1867 ; married Sarah C. Morrison, Sept. 7, 1845. He held 
several offices of trust in the town of Randolph, Vt. Children, 
8th generation : Henry Clay, Martha Frances, Charles Albro, 
Charles M., Frederic C. 

Henry Clay Waldo, farmer, son of Charles Waldo 
and Sarah Morrison, born in E. Randolph, Vt., Aug. 1^, 
1846 ; married Nellie A. Morrill Feb. 11, 1869. Children, 9th 
generation : Mattie F., born July 16, 1872, died Aug. 5, 1 874 ; 
Willis II., born May 30. 1875. 

Martha Frances Waldo, daughter of Charles 
Waldo and Sarah Morrison, born Feb. 23, 1848, died April 
15, 1S64. 

Charles Albro Waldo, son of Charles Waldo, 
and Sarah Morrison, born March 6, 1855, died Aug. ii, 1 S^6. 

Charles M. ^Valdo, son of Charles Waldo and 
Sarah Morrison, born June 12, 1857. Frederic C, son of 
Charles Waldo and Sarah Morrison, born Dec. 11, 1861. 

Gfeorge Augustus Waldo, merchant, son of Ab- 
ner Waldo and Sally Goss, born in E. Randolph, April, 12, 
1800; died in Methuen, Mass., May 29, 1851 : married Almi- 
ra Bodvvell, Dec. 20, 1823. Children, 8th generation : George 
Albert, John Adams Bodwell, Almira Amanda, Caroline 
Amelia, Juliette Abbie, Eglantine A., Luna Ardell. 


Greorge Albert Waldo, son of George Waldo and 
Almira Bodwell, born in Methuen, Mass., Dec. 2, 1824, died 
in Jefferson, Wis., Jan. 25, 1880; married Clara Howe of 
Jefferson, in 1851. 

John Adams Waldo, of Chicago, son of George 
Waldo and Almira Bodwell, born in Methuen, Mass., Jan. 16, 
1827; married Susan M. Green Blaisdell, at Carlisle, Mass., 
Aug. 2, 1853. Children, 9th generation : John Barron, born 
in Chicago, 111., Aug. 27, j86o. 

Almira Amanda W^aldo, daughter of George 
Waldo and Almira Bodwell, born in Methuen, Mass., May 26, 

Caroline (Waldo) Cole, daughter of George Wal- 
do and Almira Bodwell, born in Methuen, Mass., July 26, 
1831 ; married David Quincy Cole, of Jefferson, Wis., July 4, 
i8cj2. Children, 9th generation : Arthur Quincy, born April 
10, 1S54; Willie D., born June 20, 1857; Frank L., born 
April 13, 1S62 ; Luna A., born April 26, 1871. 

.Juliette (Waldo) T3arnes, daughter of George 
Waldo and Almira Bodwell, born March 5, 1834, in Methuen, 
Mass. ; married William Barnes, Jan. 8, 1853. Children, 9th 
generation: Lucy Ardell, born June 14, 1S54; George W., 
born March 3, 1 856 ; Charles A., born Nov. 27, 1857 ; Lewis 
E., born March 7, 1S60. 

Eglantine A. Waldo, daughter of George Waldo 
and Almira Bodwell, died in infancy. 

Lima (W^aldo) Robinson, daughter of George 
Waldo and Almira Bodwell, born Dec. 25, 1S41, in Methuen, 
Mass. ; died at Blue Island, 111., Feb. 1. 1869 ; married Harry 
B. Robinson March 7, 1867. No children. 

Chandler Waldo, son of Abner Waldo and Sally 
Goss, at one time a merchant in Mobile, Alabama, born in E. 


Randolph, Vt., Dec. 15, 1801, died in Springfield, Mass., 
May 22, 1838. Never married. 

Fanny (Waldo) Woodworth, daughter of Ab- 
ner Waldo and Sally Goss, born in E. Randolph, Vt., Nov. 
12, 1803; married Andrew Woodworth, of Randolph, May 
17, 1831 ; died March 19, 1872. No children. 

Ralph "Waldo, a farmer, son of Abner Waldo and 
Sally Goss, born Sept. 11, 1805, died at E. Randolph, Vt., 
his birth-place, Jan. 7. 1877 ; married Hannah Belknap, May 
8, 1833. Children, 8th generation: Julius C, M. Isabella, 
Samuel Prentice, Simeon Ralph, Hannah Isabelle. 

♦Julius C Waldo, son of Ralph Waldo and Hannah 
Belknap, born May 21, 1837, cuec * J an - 2 3' J ^39- 

M . Isabelle "Waldo, daughter of Ralph Waldo and 
Hannah Belknap, born Jan 18, 1840, died Sept. 12, 1842. 

Samuel Prentice Waldo, son of Ralph Waldo 
and Hannah Belknap, born May 28, 1S42 ; married Mertie 
Ann Edson, October, 1878. 

Simeon Ralph Waldo, son of Ralph Waldo and 
Hannah Belknap, born Dec. 22, 1844; married Abbie E. 
Holden, Feb. 23, 1875. 

Hannah (^Waldo) Emery, daughter of Ralph 
Waldo and Hannah Belknap, born Dec. 10, 1850 ; married 
Austin W. Emery, Feb, 23, 1873. 

Albro Waldo, a tanner, son of Abner Waldo and 
Sally Goss, born in E. Randolph, Vt., June 16, 1807, died 
Feb. 10, 1846; married Elmina Stone, of E. Randolph, May 
15, 1834. Children, 8th generation: Fannie Elizabeth, Lu- 
thera B., George Albert. 

Fannie Elizabeth Waldo, daughter of Albro 
Waldo and Elmina Stone, born Feb. 10, 1836, in E. Randolph, 


Liithera ( Waldo) Schoemaker* daughter of 
Albro Waldo and Elmina Stone, born in E. Randolph, Vt., 
Nov. i, 1839; married John M. Schoemaker, of Green Bay, 
Wis., Nov. 14, 1867. Children, 9th generation: Frank, Kit- 
ty, and John. 

Greorge Albert Waldo, son of Albro and Elmina, 
died in infancy. 

Charlotte (Waldo) Stone, daughter of Abner 
Waldo and Sally Goss, born in E. Randolph, Vt., June 5, 
1809, died Nov. 28, t88o; married J. Wilson Stone, March 
4, 1838, who died Aug. 14, 1846. Children, 8th generation: 
Julia, born Feb. 1 1, 1839, died Feb. 11, 1846; Darwin Wal- 
do, born June 2, 1844, died Jan. 17, 1S66. 

Lneinda (Waldo) Kibbee, daughter of Abner 
Waldo and Sally Goss, born in E. Randolph, Vt., May 5, 
181 1, died Sept. 14, 1872; married Chandler Kibbee, of E. 
Randolph, March 29, 1831, who was born Oct. 23, 1807, and 
died Feb. 25, 1879. Children, 8th generation: Ellen A., 
Sarah W., Fannie W., Chandler Waldo, Carrie E. 

Ellen A. Kibbee, daughter of Lucinda Waldo and 
Chandler Kibbee, born Feb. 23, 1832, died Jan. 9, 1857. 

Sarah "W. Kibbee, daughter of Lucinda Waldo 
and Chandler Kibbee, born March 27, 1836, died July 14, 


Fannie W. Kibbee, daughter of Lucinda Waldo 
and Chandler Kibbee, born July 10, 1839, died Sept. 11, 

Chandler Waldo Kibbee, son of Lucinda Wal- 
do and Chandler Kibbee, born in E. Randolph, Vt., May 22, 
1844; married Hattie Stebbens, of Milwaukee, Wis., Feb. 8, 
186^. Children, 9th generation: six. 

ALONZO H. WALDO, (p. 41.) 



Oarrie E. Kibbee, daughter of Lucinda Waldo and 
Chandler Kibbee, born March 30, 1849. 

Frederic Waldo, son of Abner Waldo and Sally 
Goss, born Jan. 16, 1813, died May 2, 1844; married Laura 
Lathrop. Their two children died in infancy. 

Mlary Waldo, daughter of Abner Waldo and Sally 
Goss, born Jan. 16, 1 8 1 5, died May 1 7, 1 856. 

Alonzo PI. Waldo, son of Abner Waldo and Sally 
Goss, born in E. Randolph, Vt., Oct. 1, 1816; died Aug. 23, 
1866. He was a merchant at one time in Jefferson, Wis.; 
married Emily A. Cole, Oct. 27, 1841. Children, 8th gen- 
eration : Isabelle, Willis Cole, Qarlos Leander. 

Isabelle Waldo, daughter of Alonzo Waldo and 
Emily Cole, born in Jefferson, Wis., 1846; died March 24, 

WilLs Oole Waldoj son of Alonzo Waldo and Emi- 
ly Cole, born in Jefferson, Wis., May 22, 1849. 

Carlos Leander Waldo, now of Denver, Col., 
son of Alonzo Waldo and Emily Cole, born Sept. 13, 1852, in 
Jefferson, Wis. ; married Ella Annette Farnham, of Colum- 
bus, Wis. 

Sarah. Gr. (Waldo) Waters, daughter of Abner 
Waldo and Sally Goss, born Oct. 5, 1818, in E. Randolph, Vt. ; 
married Lefavor Waters, of Briggsville, Wis., Jan. 5, 1858. 
He was born in Barre, Vt., June 1, 1815, died in East Ran- 
dolph, Vt., Feb. 1, 1864. Their only child died in infancy. 
We are indebted to Mrs. Waters for the records of the nume- 
rous descendants of her father. 

Hannah. S. (Waldo) Waters, daughter of Ab- 
ner Waldo and Sally Goss, born Jan 7, 1821, died in E. Ran- 
dolph, Vt., her birth-place, Jan. 9, 1853; married Lefavor 


Waters June 9, 1844. Children, 8th generation : George A., 
Arthur W. 

George A. Waters, son of Hannah Waldo and 
Lefavor Waters, born April 1, J 845, died March 17, 1863. 

Arthur Waters, son of Hannah Waldo and Lefavor 
Waters, born Aug. 1 1, 1849, in E. Randolph, Vt. He is now 
a merchant in Denver, Col. ; married Belle C. Stewart, of 
Portage, Wis., Sept. 13, 1S71. 

Laura E. (AValdo) Waters, daughter of Abner 
Waldo and Sally Goss, born in E. Randolph, Vt., Jan. 7, 
1823, died in Briggsville, Wis., May 19, 1857; -married Le- 
favor Waters March 13, 1855. No children. 

Justus Waldo, son of Lieut. Edward Waldo and 
Jerusha Thompson, married Cynthia Beckwith. 

Abiathar Waldo, son of Lieut. Edward Waldo and 
Jerusha Thompson, married Betsey Johnson. Children, 7th 
generation: Erasmus Darwin, Cordelia Vienna, William Put- 
nam. He w r as a physician. 

Joshua P. Waldo, son of Edward Waldo and Jeru. 
sha Thompson, died at Danville, Penn., 1813 or '14. He 
was a physician ; never married. 

Daniel Waldo, son of Shubael Waldo and Abigail 
Allen, born Jan. 30, 1744, died Dec. 18, 1825 ; married Han- 
nah Carlton. Children, 6th generation : Eunice, Roswell, 
Diantha, Shubael, Carlton, Hannah, Allen, Patty. 

Daniel was a blacksmith and farmer. His grandson, Rev. 
J. C. Waldo, states, " He was low in stature, thick-set, broad 
in chest and shoulders, very muscular, quick in understanding, 
scrupulously honest, and very orthodox. He would mount 
his horse by the stirrup from the ground as nimbly as a boy a 
month before his death, which was caused by an epidemic 


fever. His wife was unusually large, weighing 240 pounds, 
and not over-burdened with flesh. I have seen her take a bar- 
rel of cider from the rear of the cart and place it, quietly, upon 
the ground. She had the advantage of her husband in height, 
and had they ever come to blows (which I trust was never 
true of them) my grandfather, though a giant in strength, 
would certainly have had the worst of it. There is an anec- 
dote about mv grandmother Hannah, which I recollect, when 
a mere child, to have heard the old folks (Edward and his 
wife, when on a visit to my grandparents) make themselves 
merry over. There was an unlucky Wight living near to 
grandfather, who occasionally indulged too freely with the 
bottle. In a state of partial intoxication he called at the house. 
Grandfather being away, he expressed himself in a rather rude 
manner to my grandmother, whereupon she seized the offender 
(a man of average size) by the back of his neck and panta- 
loons, and extending him at arms length, ran with him over 
the road and plunged him into a goose-pond." Daniel and 
his wife both lived and died in Chesterfield, N. H. 

Eunice Waldo, daughter of Daniel and Hannah, 
born Aug. 20, 1769. 

Roswell Waldo, son of Daniel and Hannah, born 
April 20, i77 3 ' married and lived in Rutland, Vt., but later 
settled near Cleveland, O. He had four children, 7th genera- 
tion. He resembled his father in countenance, and adhered to 
his father's politics and Presbyterian ideas. 

Diantha Waldo, daughter of Daniel and Hannah, 
born March 13, 1775. 

Sliubael Waldo, son of Daniel Waldo and Hannah 
Carlton, born May 2, 1777; married Rebecca Crosby, of Al- 
stead, N. II. Children, 7th generation : Daniel, Josiah Cros- 
by, James Elliot, George Curtis, Albeit Carlton, Rosalie Mel- 
vina. Shubael died Oct. 6, 1S59. 


'• He was a farmer of steady habits, strong common sense, 
and naturally of a very cheerful and happy disposition. ' Un- 
cle Snub.,' as he was familiarly called was a favorite with 
young and old, for his humor and inexhaustable fund of stories 
and anecdotes. His death was occasioned by being thrown 
from his carriage, as was supposed. He never had a physi- 
cian until that time." 

Daniel Waldo, son of Shubael Waldo and Rebecca 
Crosby, born in Alstead, N. H., Jan. 6, 1S02 ; married Maria 
Mabel Baker, resides at Morgan Co., 111. ; was married three 
times. Children, 8th generation : Mabel, Maria Elmina, Eva, 
James, too other sons. 

u Daniel was a man of his own mind. In mere boyhood 
he repudiated his family's politics and religion, and became a 
warm Democrat and Universalist. He was appointed Post- 
master by Jackson, and held the place until he removed to Illi- 
nois. His ambition was to become the largest farmer in his 
county. He owned 5,000 acres, chiefly of bottom land on the 
Illinois river, and mostly improved. Rev. J. C. Waldo states 
the year he visited his brother Daniel he had under his own 
care 1000 acres of corn, 200 of wheat, and 75 of rye. The 
year before he raised 45,000 bushels of corn." 

Rev. Josiah. Crosby Waldo, son of Shubael 
Waldo and Rebecca Crosby, born Dec. 5, 1803, or '04; mar- 
ried Elmira Ruth Ballou, 4th daughter of Rev. Hosea Ballon 
of Boston, Oct., 1830. Children, 8th generation : Ella Fidu- 
cia, Oliver, George Curtis, C. Grace, Frances Rebecca, Matu- 
rin Ballou. 

Rev. J. C. Waldo, to whom we are indebted for nearly all 
the quotations concerning Shubael Waldo's descendants, was 
educated in the Presbyterian faith. He had been contemplat- 
ing a change in religious matters for some time, but had not 
quite decided everything in his own mind, when the sudden 


death of his mother ended the controversy. He says: " My 
mother, though one of the best of that hallowed name, and 
universally beloved, had never made a profession of religion, 
and for that cause, the Presbyterian minister, Rev. John Wal- 
ker, who attended her funeral, very charitably consigned her 

to — ! This day's work settled the fate of orthodoxy for 

me. It was standing by her grave that day, while the wound 
the priest had inflicted was fresh and bleeding, that I made a 
vow to be revenged by devoting my life to blowing the obnox- 
ious creed sky-high. I have kept the vow to this hour." He 
studied under Rev. Hosea Ballon. He preached in Boston 
and vicinity for two years, then went to Cincinnati, O. He 
found the leading men of that city ready to aid in establishing 
a liberal church. A meeting-house was built for him the first 
year. The same year he commenced the publication of a 
weekly paper, " The Sentinel and Star in the West," which 
is published to this day. His work was extensive there. 
"During his five years' stay in Cincinnati, he preached in all 
the large cities and principal towns in Ohio, Indiana, Ken- 
tucky, and to some extent in Virginia and Tennessee. He 
published over one hundred controversial sermons, held a 
number of public debates, and planted the seeds of the new 
faith, first, and generally in the West." It was not unusual 
for him to preach four times in a day. While in Lynn, Mass., 
where he established two flourishing societies, he was attacked, 
from excessive speaking, with a disease of the throat and 
lungs, which threatened, for three years, as he says, " to end 
my war of words at least against orthodoxy, and for Univer- 
salism." He afterward recovered, and accepted a call for the 
third society in Cambridge, Mass.,- where he remained eight 
years. Then went to Troy, N. Y., and there remained and 
labored six years. On account of his wife's health he then 
removed to New London. His wife was accustomed to 
write poetical articles for the periodicals of the day. The last 

4 6 


she ever attempted was a few weeks before her death, which 
happened on the 29th of June, 1850. The following is her 
last poem : 

The Ideal of the Spiritual. 

The lofty walls are tapestried superbly 

With scenes of glory, changing evermore; 
And light, not of the sun or moon, is streaming 

O'er golden dome and tesselated floor. 

Far-reaching aisles, with everlasting pillars, 
And jewelled pavement mortal foot ne'er prest; 

Such is the inner temple, at whose altar 
My weary spirit folds her wings to rest. 

It is a haunted spot — a spell is o'er it. 

And all around, on terrace, lake and tree, 
Enchanting bird-notes mingle with the perfume 

Of flowers, that bloom to live eternally! 

I said 'twas haunted — not in the old fashion, 
By restless spirits, whose coming I shall fear — 

But by angel forms of the true-hearted, 
Who seek my earthly pilgrimage to cheer. 

I see their radiant smiles, and hear their voices, 

In dear familiar tones, repeat my name; 
Fond arms encircle me, and joy ecstatic 

Pervades my soul, and thrills my trembling frame! 

Some smile, when I describe this habitation, 

And say I am deceived — but well I know, 
That He who gave me powers for such creation, 

Would never mock my yearning spirit so! 

Not half so real is my outward being, 

Wearing itself away in earthly strife ; 
While stronger, brighter, grows this blest ideal — 

The sacred earnest of eternal life. 

Klla F. O. Waldo, daughter of Rev. Josiah Waldo 
and Elmira Ballou, born TS33, died in her 14th year. 

Greorge Curtis W^aldo, son of Rev. Josiah Waldo 
and Elmira Ballou, born at Lynn, Mass., March 20, 1837 ; 
married July 19, 1856. Children, 9th generation : Jane C. A. 
Waldo. ' 


Clemetina Grace Waldo, daughter of Rev. Jo- 
siah Waldo and Elraira Ballon, born at Woburn, Sept. 22, 1838. 

Frances Rebecca T^aldo, daughter of Rev. Jo- 
siah Waldo and Elmira Ballon, born at Woburn, Aug. 7, 1840. 

Matnrin Ballon Waldo, son of Rev. Josiah 
Waldo, and Elmira Ballon, born at West Cambridge, Mass., 
Jan. 20, 1843. 

James Elliott AValdo, son of Shubael Waldo and 
Rebecca Crosby, born July 11, 1805 or '06; married a Miss 
Cobb, of Mendota, 111. He afterwards removed from Ohio 
to New Orleans. He was appointed keeper of the public 
stores there, which he held fifteen years. Children, 8th gen- 
eration : J. C. Waldo, of New Work city. After his first 
wife's death he married Araminta A. Fowle of Cambridge, 
Mass. By her, two sons. 

Greorgre Curtis Waldo, school-teacher, merchant, 
son of Shubael Waldo and Rebecca Crosby, born at Chester- 
field, N. H., Aug. 5, 1808 or '09, died, unmarried in his 26th 

Albert Carlton "Waldo, son of Shubael Waldo 
and Rebecca Crosby, born Nov. 24, 1814, Chesterfield, N. H. 
Never married. 

Rosalie Melvina Waldo, daughter of Shubael 
Waldo and Rebecca Crosby, born Nov. 20, 181 7 or '18 ; mar- 
ried John Johnson, Jr. 

Carlton "Waldo, son of Daniel Waldo and Hannah 
Carlton, born Jan. 8, 1780. He was a physician in Middle- 
town, O., where he died July 31, 1S31. 

Hannah (Waldo) Kingsbury, daughter of Dan- 
iel Waldo and Hannah Carlton, born in Chesterfield, N. H., 
Oct. 8, 1782; married James Kingsbury, of Alstead, N. H. 
They removed to Ohio. Children, 7th generation: Fourteen. 


" Col. James Kingsbury built the first thing in the form of 
a house in that now beautiful city of Cleveland, O. His wife 
and three children lived in the covered wagon while he was 
constructing the log cabin. He became rich, was much in 
military life ; was representative and senator for a number of 
years in the Legislature ; also held the office of judge. He 
owned 600 acres of land a little way out of the city." 

Allen Waldo, son of Daniel Waldo and Hannah Carl- 
ton, born Jan. 23, 1784, Chesterfield, N. H., died Aug. 18, 
1855 ; married Nancy Maxwell of Weare, N. H., who died in 
Lowell, Mass., May 1, 1834. Children, 7th generation: 
Sarah Ann, Allen, Hannah, James, John, Caroline, Almon. 

Allen, Sr., was a school teacher and deputy sheriff' of 
Hillsborough county, N. H. 

Sarah Ann ( Waldo) Jewett, daughter of Allen 
Waldo and Nancy Maxwell, born in Weare, N. H., Aug. 28, 
181 6 ; married in Lowell, Mass., Dec. 26, 1842, to Isaac Stew- 
ard Jewett, of Hartland, Me. Children, 8th generation : Clara, 
born in Tewksbury, Mass., Nov. 2S, 1847, died July 28, 1866; 
Horace, born in town of Tewksbury, Mass., Oct. 3, 1849; 
Lyman B. born in North Andover, Mass., Oct. 8, 1853. 

Horace Jewett, son of Sarah Waldo and Isaac Jew- 
ett; married at Skohegan, Me., to Lizzie Oak, Nov. 6, 1872. 
Children, 9th generation : Forest Irving, born in Skohegan, 
Sept. 6, 1873; died Jan. iS, 18S1. 

Lyman B. Jewett, son of Sarah Waldo and Isaac 
Jewett, married at Skohegan, Me., to Kate Crowell, Aug. 1, 
1875. Children, 9th generation: Clara C, born March 17, 

Allen Waldo, Jr., son of Allen Waldo and Nancy 
Maxwell, born in Weare, N. H., Dec. 20, 1S19, died Lowell, 
March 30, 1881 ; married at Lowell, Mass., July 4, 1850, to, 


Olive T. Locke, who was born in Epsom, N. H., July 5, 
1833, died in Lowell, Mass., May, 1875. Children, 8th gen- 
eration : Fred Fisher. 

Fred Fisher Waldo, an accountant of Providence, 
son of Allen Waldo, Jr., and Olive Locke, born at Lowell, 
Mass., May 10, 185 1 ; married Ida A. Hicks, Dec. 27, 1876, 
who was born at Tilton, N. H., June 21, 1854. Children: 
Rolfe, born at Lowell, Mass., Feb. 6, 1S7S, died at Boston, 
Jan. 31, 1879. 

Hannah C. (Waldo) Cummin^s, daughter of 
Allen Waldo and Nancy Maxwell, born Nov. 17, 1S21 ; mar- 
ried at Boston, to Francis Henry Cummings, of Philliston. 
Children, 8th generation: Francis H., Jr., Lucy E., Hannah 
M., all born in Boston, Mass. 

James "Waldo, son of Allen Waldo and Nancy Max- 
well, was married, but we have nothing concerning his family. 

Caroline "Waldo, daughter of Allen Waldo and 
Nancy Maxwell, born Sept. 2, 1825, died Oct. 13, 1872. 

John C "Waldo, son of Allen Waldo and Nancy 
Maxwell, born June 20, 1828 ; never married. 

Almon "Waldo, son of Allen Waldo and Nancy Max- 
well, born Nov. 27, 1830, died at Worcester, Mass., Dec. 12, 


Patty "Waldo, daughter of Daniel- Waldo and Han- 
nah Carlton, born Aug. 17, 1786. 

Mary "Waldo, daughter of Shubael Waldo and Abi- 
gail Allen, born April 2, 1745. 

Abigail "Waldo, daughter of Shubael Waldo and 
Abigail Allen, born Jan. 14, 1747 ; married a Mr. Dutcher. 

Benlali "Waldo, son of Shubael Waldo and Abigail 
Allen, born Jan. 16, 1749. He was a farmer and carpenter. 


!R/uth. "Waldo, daughter of Shubael Waldo and Abi- 
gail Allen, born April 23, 1750, married a Sprague, for first 
husband ; after his death, married a brother of Gov. Galusha, 
of Vermont. 

Rebecca Waldo, daughter of Shubael Waldo and 
Abigail Allen, born March 8, 1752. 

Calvin Waldo, lawyer, son of Shubael Waldo and 
Abigail Allen, born in Mansfield, Conn., March 12, 1759; 
married. Children, 6th generation : Catherine, and 9 others. 

Calvin graduated at Dartmouth college, N. H., in 1785. 
He studied law with Judge Sedgwick at Stockbridge, and 
afterwards with John Chandler Williams, of Pittsfield, Mass. 
He died at Dalton, Mass., Aug. 29, 1815. 

Catherine ("Waldo) Douglas, daughter of Cal- 
vin Waldo, born in Pittsfield, Mass., 1791 ; married a Doug- 
las. They had a son, Rev. John Waldo Douglas. Probably 

Edward Waldo? Jr., son of Edward W T aldo and 
Thankful Dimock, born July 27, 1709, died Sept. 4, 1807; 
married Abigail Elderkin, daughter of John and Susannah 
Elderkin, and sister of Col. Jedediah Elderkin of Windham. 
She w r as born Sept. 29, 1715. Children, 5th generation: 
Zachariah, Ann, Nathan, Abigail. 

Rev. Daniel Waldo, son of Zacheus W r aldo and Talitha 
Kingsbury, in a letter to Judge Loren Waldo, of Hartford, 
Conn., dated Sept. 22, 1857, sta tes " your great grandfather I 
was well acquainted with. (Edward, Jr.) He was a man of 
ardent piety. Toward the close of life his mind was clouded. 
The Baptists assailed him, assuring him if he would go into 
the water by the hand of their minister, the cloud would van- 
ish, and he would see a great light. He was immersed ; but 
he told me no more light shone on him. He took no father 
step with them in the peculiarities." 


Zaehariah W^aldo, son of Edward Waldo, Jr., and 
Abigail Elderkin, born Feb. i, 1734 or '$$, at Windham, Conn., 
died Feb., 181 1 ; married Elizabeth Wight of Windham, Nov. 
21, 1758. She died Sept. 7, 1800. Children, 6th generation: 
Anna, John Elderkin, Zaehariah, Elizabeth, Ebenezer, Sam- 
uel. Zaehariah married Cynthia Park, Nov. 18, 1806. 

Anna ( W'aldo) Rainsford, daughter of Zaeha- 
riah Waldo and Elizabeth Wight, born Oct. 5, 1759; mar- 
ried Joseph Rainsford, Aug. 3, 1777. Children, 7th genera- 
tion : Joshua W., Polly. 

Joshua .Rainsford, son of Anna Waldo and Joseph 
Rainsford, born Jan. 6, 1 779 ' married Hannah Lathrop, of 
Franklin, April 21, 1800. 

3?olly Rainsford, daughter of Anna Waldo and Jo- 
seph Rainsford, born Aug. 29, 1781. 

John Elderkin Waldo, son of Zaehariah Waldo 
and Elizabeth Wight, born in Canterbury, Conn., Oct. 5, 
1 761 ; married Beulah Foster, May 22, 1783, who was born 
in Canterbury, Oct. 23, 1 764. Children, 7th generation: 
Anna, Mary, Zaehariah, William, John Elderkin, Jr., Amelia, 
Rufus, Hannah, Seth Harden, Enoch Wight, Sarah Foster. 

John Elderkin, was a farmer. He died Feb. 20, 1849. 
His wife's death following April 3, 1852. 

Anna (Waldo) Hawley, daughter of John Elder- 
kin Waldo and Beulah Foster, was born March 16, 17S4, in 
town of Hampton, Conn ; married to David Hawley, July 31, 
1808. She died Aug. n, 1852. Children, 8th generation: 
HuldahT., Amelia A., David W., Sarah D., William S., Bet- 
sey B., John S. 

Hnldah (Hawley) Jordan, daughter of Anna 
Waldo and David Hawley, born July 9, 1812 ; married Hiram 
Jordan, farmer, May 2, 1833. Children, 9th generation: Lu- 
cia A. 


Lucia A. Jordan, daughter of Huldah Hawley and 
Hiram Jordan, born Aug. iS, 1835, in Gainsville, N. Y. 

Amelia A. ( Hawley) Ensign, daughter of Anna 
Waldo and David Hawley, born May 24, 1815 ; married Geo. 
Ensign, farmer, Nov. 1, 1839, of Gainsville, N. Y. Children, 
9th generation : Philo, Eliza A., Oliver. 

Fhilo Ensign, son of Amelia Hawley and George 
Ensign, born Aug. 18, 1840. 

Eliza A. Ensign, daughter of Amelia Hawley and 
Geo. Ensign, born June 2, 1 842. 

Oliver Ensign, son of Amelia Hawley and Geo. En- 
sign, born Aug. 17, 1844. 

David ^W. Hawley, son of Anna Waldo and David 
Hawley, born Dec. 3, 1817; married Julia C. Brown, March 
31, 1846, of Gainsville, N. Y. Children, 9th generation: 
David E., I. Andre, May, Henry. 

David E. Hawde}^, son of David and Julia, born 
Jan. 10, 1847. 

I. Andre Hawley, son of David and Julia, born 
June 21, 1848. 

May Hawley, daughter of David and Julia Havvley, 
born Aug. 19, 1851. 

Henry Hawley, son of David and Julia Hawley, 
born Jan. 31, 1856. 

Sarah D. (Hawley) Earr, daughter of Anna 
(Waldo) and David Hawley, born May 24, 1S20; married 
Samuel B. Farr, Feb. 5, 1840, Gainsville, N. Y. Children, 
9th generation : Florenc B., Elderkin F., Cornelia M., John D. 

Florence B. Farr, daughter of Sarah Hawley and 
Samuel Farr, born April 22, 1847. 

Elderkin F. Farr, son of Sarah (Hawley) and 
Samuel, born Sept. 2, 1848. 


Cornelia Fan*, daughter of Sarah Hawley and 
Samuel Fair, born Sept. 5, 1849. 

John D. Farr, son of Sarah and Samuel Farr, born 

Nov. 14, 1852. 

William S. Hawley, son of Anna Waldo and 
David Hawley, born Oct. 3, 1822 ; married Almira C. Hewitt, 
Jan. 1,1856. Children, 9th generation : Almira Hawley, born 
Feb. 11, 1858. 

Betsey 13. Hawley, daughter of Anna Waldo and 
David Hawley, born March 22, 1827. 

John S. Hawley^ farmer, son of Anna Waldo and 
David Hawley, born Oct. 5, 1 S30 ; married Sophia M. Smithen, 
Oct. 3, 1855, Warsaw, N. Y. Children, 9th generation : Tida 
Anna Hawley, born March 13, 1857. 

Mary ( Waldo) Wlieeler, daughter of John El- 
derkin Waldo and Beulah Foster, was born in Hampton, Conn., 
Oct., 25, 1785 ; married to Warren Wheeler, farmer, April 8, 
181 2, who was born, probably, in Canterbury, Conn., Dec. 15, 
1781. Mary died Feb. 18, 1858; followed by her husband 
Oct. 5. I862. Children, 8th generation: William W., Mari- 
etta, Harlow, Beulah M., Addison. 

William W. Wheeler. William, son of Mary 
Waldo and Warren Wheeler, was born, probably, in Canter- 
bury, Conn., Jan. 9, 1 8 1 3 ; married twice; first wife, Betsey 
Darby, who died soon after marriage ; married to second wife, 
Elizabeth H. Turkington, April 16, 1855, °f England. Chil- 
dren, 9th generation : William T., Mary E., Etta W. 

Mr. Wheeler is an agriculturist. He is a strong: adherent 
of Adventism. 

William T., son of William W. Wheeler, was born 
March 15, 1857. 


Mary E., daughter of JFilliam IV. Wheeler, was 
born May 6, i860 ; died Aug. 3 1, 1863. 

Etta W., daughter of William W. Wheeler, was born 
in Canterbury, Conn., Dec. 9, 1 861. 

Marietta (Wheeler) Bennett, daughter of Mary 
Waldo and Warren Wheeler, born in Canterbury, Conn., Aug. 
7, 1S14, died Nov. 20, 1834; married to Hiram Bennett, Aug. 

4^ l8 33- 

Harlow "Wheeler, son of Mary fFaldo and JFarren 
Wheeler, born in Canterbury, Feb. 20, 1S16, died March 9, 

Beulah (Wheeler) Mathewson, daughter of 
Mary >faldo and Warren Wheeler, was born in Canterbury, 
Aug. iS, 1 8 1 8 ; married to Samuel G. Mathewson, June 22, 

1 834. 

Addison Wheeler, son of Mary Waldo and Warren 
Wheeler, was born in Canterbury, Oct. 15, 1 S27. School 
teacher ; later in life, a farmer. He is a strong Adventist. 

Zachariah W^aldo, son of John Elderkin Waldo and 
Beulah Foster, born in Hampton, Conn., Nov. 3, 1787 ; mar- 
ried Laura Phelps, Oct., 18 10, Hebron, N. Y. Children, 8th 
generation : John, Ebenezer, William, Amanda, Louisa, 

Zachariah's wife Laura died 1842; he married again in 
June, 1844, and had one child, Sth generation : Mary Melinda. 

John "Waldo, son of Zachariah Waldo and Laura 
Phelps, born April 30, 181 2 ; married Clarisa Collins, Feb. 3, 
1838. He was a wagon-maker. Children, 9th generation : 
Edith, Arabella, Charles. 

Edith 'Waldo, daughter of John Waldo and Clarisa 
Collins, born June 9, 1842. 


Arabella Waldo, daughter of John Waldo and Clarisa 
Collins, born June 24, 1S44. 

Charles Waldo, son of John Waldo and Clarisa Col- 
lins, born Jan. 18, 1847. 

Ebenezer Waldo, son of Zachariah Waldo and 
Laura Phelps, born Feb. 15, 181 7, died April 6, 1840. Never 

William Waldo, son of Zachariah Waldo and Laura 
Phelps, born Dec. 18, 1819; married Sept., 1855. He was a 
farmer. Children, 9th generation : Ebenezer, Laura. 

Ebenezer Waldo, son of William and grandson of 
Zachariah Waldo and Laura Phelps, born June 23, 1856. 

Laura Waldo, daughter of William and granddaugh- 
ter of Zachariah Waldo and Laura Phelps, born Aug. 15, 

Amanda (Waldo) Leonard, daughter of Zacha- 
riah Waldo and Laura Phelps, born Feb. 26, 1821 ; married 
Gideon Leonard, machinist, Sept., 184^. Children, 9th gen- 
eration : Isabel, Emma L., John W. 

Isabel Leonard, daughter of Amanda Waldo and 
Gideon Leonard, born May 1, 1847. 

Emma L. Leonard, daughter of Amanda Waldo 
and Gideon Leonard, born June 5, 1849. 

John W. Leonard, son of Amanda Waldo and 
Gideon Leonard, born May 10, 1857. 

Louisa (Waldo) , daughter of Zachariah 

Waldo and Laura Phelps, born Feb. 15, 1824; married Hugh 
, farmer, Dec. 18, 1846. 

Juliette (Waldo) Fauce, daugher of Zachariah Waldo 

and Laura Phelps, born May 13, 1827; married Edward 

Faucc, farmer, Dec. 3, 1S53. Children, 9th generation: 


William Fauce, son of Juliette Waldo and Edward Fauce, 
born July 19, 1856. 

Mary Melinda Waldo, daughter of Zachariah Waldo 
by second wife, born April 28, 1846. 

William Waldo, son of John Elderkin Waldo and Beulah 
Foster, born in Hamption, Conn., Feb. 22, 1790, died Jan. 22, 

John Elderkin Waldo, Jr., born in Hampton, April 
9, 1792, died June 19, 1793. 

Amelia (Waldo) Hawley, daughter of John Elderkin 
Waldo and Beulah Foster, born in town of Hampton, July 29, 
1794; married to Sylvanus Hawley, of Gainsville, Dutchess 
County, N. Y., 1S15. Children, 8th generation: Beulah 
A., Mary, Weltha, Sylvanus, Amelia, John Waldo, Marvin F., 
Sally Jane, Birdsall, Sarah Jane, Ellen Eliza, Caroline Desire. 

Beulah A. (Hawley) Matha, daughter of Amelia Waldo 
and Sylvanus Hawley, born Jan. 24, 1816 ; married Chester 
Mather, farmer, Oct. 6, 1835, of Clinton Co., Iowa. No 

Mary (Hawley) Smith, daughter of Amelia Waldo and 
Sylvanus Hawley, born Jan. 21, 1818, died Jan. 30, 1852; 
married Hiram Smith, barrister, July 4, 1839. Children, 9th 
generation : Signesama ( ?) 

Signesama (?) Smith, son of Mary Hawley and Hiram 
Smith, born April 30, 1840. 

Weltha Hawley Mix, daughter of Amelia Waldo and 
Sylvanus Hawley, born March 2, 1820; married Lawrence 
Mix, farmer, Sept. 5, 1844. Children, 9th generation: Alice, 
Viola, Florence, Velma. 

Alice Mix, daughter of Weltha Hawley and Lawrence 
Mix, born Aug. 20, 1845. 



Viola Mix, daughter of Weltha Havvley and Lawrence 
Mix, born May, 1848. 

Florence Mix, daughter of Weltha Hawley and Lawrence 
Mix, born Nov. 1, 1850. 

Velma Mix, son of Weltha Havvley and Lawrence Mix, 
born July, 1855 ; died. 

Sylvanus Hawley, Jr., wood turner, son of Amelia 
Waldo and Sylvanus Havvley, born May 18, 182 1; married 
Alsina P. Chaffee, Oct. 20, 1845, of South Warsaw, Wyom- 
ing Co., N. Y. Children, 9th generation: Hamlin S., Mari- 
etta M., Franklin Dexter. 

Hamlin S. Hawley, son of Sylvanus Hawley, Jr., and 
Alsina Chaffee, born Oct. 19, 1846. 

Marietta M. Hawley, daughter of Sylvanus Hawley, 
Jr., and Alsina Chaffee, born Feb. 11, 1848. 

Franklin Dexter Hawley, son of Sylvanus Hawley, 
Jr., and Alsina Chaffee, born May 27, 1851. 

Amelia (Hawley) Fuller, daughter of Amelia Waldo 
and Sylvanus Havvley, born Jan 29, 1823 ; married Ira Filler, 
farmer, Qct. 13, 1842, of South Warsaw, N. Y. Children, 
9th generation: Clarisa, Jerome B., Joseph H., Viola. 

Clarisa Fuller, daughter of Amelia Hawley, and Ira 
Fuller, born Aug. 27, 1845. 

Jerome B. Fuller, son of Amelia Havvley and Ira Ful- 
ler, born Aug. 27, 1S45. 

Joseph H. Fuller, son of Amelia Hawley and Ira Ful- 
ler, born Nov. 18, 1846. 

Viola Fuller, daughter of Amelia Hawley and Ira Ful- 
ler, born Oct. 28, 1S54. 

John Waldo Hawley, farmer, son of Amelia Waldo 
and Sylvanus Hawley, born Feb. 9, 1825 ; married Juliette 


Thorp, Sept. 15, 1849, Warsaw, N. Y. Children, 9th gen- 
eration : Warren W., Ella Jane. 

AVarren W. Hawley, son of John and Juliette 
Hawley, born March 30, 1851. 

Ella Jane Hawley, daughter of John and Juliette 
Hawley, born March 21, 1853. 

Marvin F. Hawley* son of Amelia Waldo and Syl- 
vanus Hawley, born May 2, 1S27 ; married Lucy A. Fos- 
ter May 6, 185-1. Hume, Alleghany Co., N. Y. Children, 
9th generation : Mary Ann. 

"Mary Ann Hawley, daughter of Marvin and Lucy, 
born Feb. 16, 1852. 

Sally Jane Hawley, daughter of Amelia Waldo 
and Sylvanus Hawley, born May 1 8, 1829, died Aug. 7, 1830. 

BircLsall Hawley, son of Amelia Waldo and Syl- 
vanus Hawley, born Sept. 30,1831; married Mary Ames, 
March 28, 1855. So. Warsaw, Wyoming Co., N. Y. 

Sarah Jane ( Hawley) Wells, daughter of 
Amelia and Sylvanus Hawley, born April 19, 1S35 ; married 
J. Enderby Wells, miller, Jan. 28, 1856, Comanche, Clinton 
Co., Iowa. 

Ellen Eliza Hawley, daughter of Amelia Waldo 
and Sylvanus Hawley, born Oct. 2, 1838. 

Caroline Desire Hawley, daughter of Amelia 
Waldo and Sylvanus Hawley, born Feb. 8, 1841. 

FtnfllS Waldo, son of John Elderkin Waldo and 
Beulah Foster, was born in town of Hampton, Conn., Feb. 1 6, 
1797; married Harriet Shepherd March 20, 1823. Children, 
8th generation : Elderkin, John, Simon Shepherd, Harriet, 
Sarah, Edwin, Clarissa S., George, Mary. 


Elderkin Waldo, son of Rufus Waldo and Harriet 
Shepherd, born Feb. 16, 1824; married Harriet Lyon, Nov. 
24, 1846, Canterbury. Children, 9th generation : Charles E. 

Charles E. Waldo son of Elderkin Waldo and 
Harriet Lyon, born Dec. 25, 1S51. 

Dea. John A^aldo, son of Rufus Waldo and Har- 
riet Shepherd, born in Canterbury, Conn., March 26, 1826; 
married Lydia Rathbone March 1, 1846 ; she was born in Lis- 
bon, Conn., May 29, 1820. Children, 9th generation : Helen 
Lydia Waldo, born Feb. 25, 1853, died Oct. 3, iStf. 


Bud of promise, precious flower, 
Thou art withered in an hour; 
Early call'd to yield thy breath, 
Thou art lovely e'en in death. 

Jesus gave, he took away; 
Bore thee hence to realms of dav; 
Where thy beauties may expand, 
Nurtured by his tender hand. 

In his glorious, happy home, 
Evermore in freshness bloom ; 
Bud of promise, precious gem, 
Deck thy Saviour's diadem. 

Dea. Waldo is one of the leading men of Danielsonville, 
Conn. ; has been deacon of the Congregational church there 
for many years. His principal business has been that of a 
merchant, though early in life he was a farmer and taught 
school some. In company with his brother Simon he estab- 
lished himself in the grocery business some ten years before 
the war, and they were very successful, their business increas- 
ing continually until they now possess, probably, the largest 
wholesale and retail grain and provision store in the countv- 
In 1880 he made a tour of Great Britain, France, Italv, Swit- 
zerland, and many other countries of Europe, taking with him 


as his guest the pastor of his church, Rev. James Dingwell. 
After a sojourn of several months they returned home, having 
profited much by their travels. Mr. Dingwell gave several 
interesting discourses on the countries they visited, to the peo- 
ple of Danielsonville. 

Simon Shepherd Waldo, son of Rufus Waldo 
and Harriet Shepherd, born in Canterbury, Ct., Feb. i^, 1828 ; 
married Julia A. Aldrich, Sept. 17, 1855; she was born in 
Smithfield, R. I., July 10, 1830. Children, 9th generation : 
Louis Philip, Edwin Augustus, George Burrett, Fred. 

Mr. Waldo is a merchant, in company with his brother, 
Dea. John Waldo, of Danielsonville, Killingly, Conn. 

Louis Philip, son of Simon Waldo and Julia Al- 
drich, born June 30, 1858, died May 30, 1863. 

Edwin Augustus, son of Simon Waldo and Julia 
Aldrich, born in Danielsonville, Conn., Dec. 4, 1S63. 

Greorge Burrett, son of Simon Waldo and Julia 
Aldrich, born in Danielsonville, Conn., April ir, 1867. 

Fred? son of Simon Waldo and Julia Aldrich, born in 
Danielsonville, Dec. 3, 1871, died Aug. 22, 1872. 

Harriet ( Waldo) Grleason, daughter of Rufus 
Waldo and Harriet Shepherd was born in Canterbury, Conn., 
Dec. 30, 1829; married William Gleason, a miller, of Daniel- 
sonville, Conn., March 26,1854; ne was born in Webster, 
Mass., May 1 9, 1 829. Children, 9th generation : Sarah Jane, 
George Henry, Nellie May. 

Sarah Jane, daughter of Harriet Waldo and William 
Gleason, born in Seekonk, Mass., July 17, 1855; died Nov. 
10, 1864. 

Greorge Henry, son of Harriet Waldo and William 
Gleason, born in Seekonk, Mass., Jan. 30, 1858. Reed maker. 


Nellie May, daughter ot Harriet Waldo and William 
Gleason, born in Danielsonville, Conn., June 17, 1864. 

Sarah (Waldo) Wales, daughter of Rufus Waldo 
and Harriet Shepherd, born Oct. 26, 183T ; married Waldo 
V. Wales, of Woonsocket, R. I., Nov. 22, i860. He was 
born in Bellingham, Mass., Oct. 21, 1833. Children, 9th gen- 
eration : Dellar Louise, Sarah Minerva. 

JDellar Louise Lyon, daughter of Sarah Waldo 
and Waldo Wales, born Aug. 16, 1861 ; married Gerard M. 
Lyon, of Brooklyn, N. Y., Dec. 30, 1879. 

Sarah Minerva, daughter of Sarah Waldo and Wal- 
do Wales, born Oct. 11, 1870, probably in Woonsocket, R. I. 

Edwin Waldo, son of Rufus Waldo and Harriet 
Shepherd, born March j6, 1834. While returning to the west 
after a pleasant visit to the old home, and relatives of Connect- 
icut, he was drowned. The story of his death is a sad one, 
like all others caused by disaster on the deep. The "Lady 
Elgin," on which he sailed, collided with another steamer on 
Lake Michigan. She was soon dashed in pieces, and many 
lives were lost. Edwin clung to a piece of the wreck, and 
struggled seven long hours to reach the shore, and when with- 
in onlv a few feet of it his strength was so far gone he could 
hold out no longer and slipping from the broken timber met 
his death. His brother, Simon Waldo, went on and found 
the body and brought it home to Canterbury, Conn., where it 
was buried under the rites of the Free Masons. He was a de- 
vout man, loved and honored by all who knew him. 

Clarissa S. (Waldo) Cook, daughter of Rufus 
Waldo and Harriet Shepherd, born Feb. 13, 1836; married 
Rodney D. Cook, of Woonsocket, R. I., Nov. 22, 1S60. He 
was born at Cumberland, R. L, Feb. 27, 1837. Children, 9th 


generation: Louis Waldo, born March 25, 1864; Helen 
Maria, born Oct. 15, 1867, probably in Woonsocket, R. I. 

Gfeorge ^Waldo, son of Rufus Waldo and Harriet 
Shepherd, born Nov. 20, 1839 » died Sept., 1841. 

Mary (Waldo) Witter, daughter of Rufus Waldo 
and Harriet Shepherd born in Canterbury, Conn., May 19, 
1844; married Joel Witter, coal merchant of Danielsonville, 
Conn., Jan. 4, 187 1. He was born in Canterbury, Conn., 
July 25, 1847. Children, 9th generation : Fred. Waldo, born 
in Danielsonville, Conn., Dec. 16, 1873, died July 8, 1875 ; 
Clarence Joel, born in Danielsonville, Conn., July 12, 1S76. 

Hannah. W^aldo, daughter of John Elderkin Waldo 
and Beulah Foster, was born in Hampton, Conn., March 16, 
1800, died Aug. 13, 1 803. 

Seth Harden Waldo, son of John Elderkin Wal- 
do and Beulah Foster, was born in Hampton, Conn., Oct. 4, 
1802 ; married Abiah Spoftbrd of Andover, Mass., April 11, 
1834, wno died Nov. 15, 1881. He again married. No chil- 

Seth Harden had the honor to graduate among the best stu- 
dents of a class of sixty at Amherst College, though he taught 
school every winter. He became a teacher in the first nor- 
mal school in this country, the Teacher's Seminary, Andover, 
Mass. He was afterwards called to become the Principal of 
Oberlin Collegiate Institute. Later he was called to the Con- 
gregational pulpit. All through his long public life he has 
been a continuous worker, and his aim to always make works 
practical and beneficial, deserves the highest praise. In 1882, 
in his eightieth year, he began the publication of a new method 
of studying the English Grammar, which is considered by 
teachers as eclipsing anything of the kind known. He remov- 
ed west when a young man, where he still resides, at Geneseo, 


Doa. Enoch Wight A^aldo, son of John Elder- 
kin Waldo and Benlah Foster was born in Hampton, Conn., 
July 14, 1S05 ; married Sophronia, daughter of James and 
Sarah (Downing) Bingham, Oct. 10, 1831, who was born in 
Canterbury, Conn., April 27, 1S09. Children, 8th generation : 
Sarah Cornelia, Amelia Ann, Marietta, Seth Harden, Sophro- 
nia Elizabeth, Lucinda, Enoch Wight, Adaliza. 

Dea. Waldo followed farming the greater part of his life on 
the old homestead farm in Waldo district, at the Waldo four- 
corners in town of Canterbury, Conn. He taught school there 
a number of years ; held many town offices, and was represen- 
tative from Canterbury in 1856. He was deacon of the Con- 
gregational church of Westminster, and was a leading man in 
the town. While a member of the State militia, he nearly 
lost his life at a general training by the premature discharge of 
a field piece. He was a strong Republican, and a staunch 
patriot. He delighted in Revolutionary history, which he read 
with the deepest feeling. At the warmest period of the civil 
war, when the subject was freely discussed by enthusiastic 
Northerners in both town and country, its necessities, success, 
prospects, etc., he by chance was forced into a conversation 
with a neighbor who had been advancing rather unpatriotic 
sentiments, and in course of the talk, declared the "Northern- 
ers had no right to proceed South and destroy their neighbors 
and brothers, but should allow them to do as they pleased, so 
far as they had agreed by legislation, and their public senti- 
ment," and in that strain he continued until the debate waxed 
strong and warm, when the deacon, who seldom allowed his 
temper to rise, could stand it no larger, declared " if he, 
though a friend and neighbor, should take arms to destroy this 
glorious union, bought by the sacred blood of the fathers, and 
established in the name of Jehovah as a free and independent 
country that their posterity might enjoy union and liberty 


thenceforth, he would shoot him as he would a dog." Senti- 
ments like this were only characteristic of his nature. He died 
in Canterbury, March 2, 1877. Hewas a man of massive form 
but of average height, of even temper, strong personal charac- 
ter, and just in all his dealings. He had a wonderful retentive 
memory, and could quote Scripture, in which he was well read, 
to apply to most any subject to more successfully enforce a 
point. Both young and old delighted in listening to his ever 
ready anecdote or story. Frequently, in the absence of the 
pastor at Westminster, he would take the lead of the service, 
and preach a goodly sermon after his own sound ideas. 


In imagination we see him now, 
With his massive form and manly brow, 
As, at the breaking of the dawn, 
He plods along from house to barn. 

He has crossed the highway that intervenes, 
And passed the knoll with its dress of green; 
Now the murmur of the stock we hear, 
Expressing impatience as feast-time draws near. 

As we watch him steadily on his return, 
Laden with the product for the churn, 
Is it a break in his walk that we discern? 
Yes, but his step is strong and firm. 

Later, we see him at the sacred board, 
Asking a blessing on the bounties of God ; 
Reading the Bible, offering prayer, 
All in the circle receiving their share. 

Again we behold him a man among men, 
Ready always to rise but never descend — 
Now, bidding farewell to this domain, 
He leaves with us all a golden name. 

Sarah. C. ( Waldo ) Battey, daughter of Dea. 
Enoch Waldo and Sophronia Bingham, was born in Canter- 
bury, Conn., Sept. 3, 1832, died Jan. 6, 1874 ; married to 


John R. Battey, of Scituate, R. I., Nov. 27, 185 1. He set- 
tled in Tiskilwau, 111., in 1868, where he still lives following 
a successful farmer's life. He was born May 12, 1828. Mar- 
ried for second wife, 1879, Kate Young, of Danielsonville, 
Conn. Children, 9th generation, by first wife: Horace G., 
born June 10, 1855, died same year; Marion E., born Jan. 
1., i860, in Brooklyn, Conn., died March 6, 1875, in Illinois; 
Sarah C, born Dec. 22, 1873, died same year; CoraN., born 
at Indian Town, 111., June 22, 1865, burned to death Nov. 24, 

Amelia Ann Waldo, daughter of Dea. Enoch Wal- 
do and Sophronia Bingham, was born in Canterbury, Conn., 
Dec. 23, 1833, died Aug. 9, 1839. 

Marietta (Waldo) Hall, daughter of Dea. Enoch 
Waldo and Sophronia Bingham, was born in Canterbury, 
Conn., May 7, 1835 ; married to Joseph D., son of Noah and 
Sarah (Davis) Hall, Oct. 15, 1853. He was born in Sterling, 
Conn., Dec. 18, 1832. Children, 9th generation: Charles 
Edgar, Joseph Davis, Jr., Edward Waldo, Francis H., Frede- 
ric Clifford, Marietta, Ella Louise, Walter Everett, Ida Eliza- 

She has been deeply interested in this work, and gave all 
the assistance she could in helping her son complete the book. 
She possesses many of the good qualities of her father, being 
duly resolute in all ways that she believes just ; a strong tem- 
perance advocate — not even allowing cider in the house — and 
she has successfully imbued her six living children with the 
same sentiment. She is a member of the Methodist Church 
of Danielsonville, which she joined while a young woman. 
Her husband was a sergeant in the Eighteenth Connecticut 
Volunteers. He enlisted in 1862 ; was wounded at the battle 
of Piedmont, which entitled him to a pension dating from the 
close of the war. He was among a few fortunate ones who 


escaped at the Winchester fight in Virginia under Milroy, 
nearly all of his regiment being taken by the enemy, who 
were then on their way to fight the battle of Gettysburg. He 
is a shoe-maker and carpenter. 

Charles E. Hall, son of Marietta Waldo and Joseph 
Hall, was born in Canterbury, Conn., Aug. 28, 1854. He 
is a musician in the United States service ; enlisted in 1878, 
re-enlisted '83. For five years he was stationed at Fort Van- 
couver, W. T. ; now with Gen. Custer's old regiment in 

Joseph D. Hall, Jr., son of Marietta Waldo and 
Joseph Hall, was born in Danielsonville, Conn., Aug. 29, 
1856 ; married Hattie Estella, daughter of Henry and Caroline 
(Southwick) Stevens, Feb. 26, 1877, who was born in Troy, 
N. V., Feb. 24, i860. He is a printer by occupation, though 
he has been engaged in various kinds of business, having the 
adaptability that ail Yankees have of " turning his hand " to 
most anything, perhaps. Compiler and publisher of the Hall 
and Waldo genealogies. 

Edward W. Hall, son of Marietta Waldo and 
Joseph Hall, was born in Danielsonville, Conn., Aug. 6, 1859 • 
married Minnie Fay Hedly April 12, 1883, who was born in 
Providence, R. I. She is an accomplished soprano singer. 
Edward is a musician and teacher of music. The violin is his 
favorite, upon which he is scienced. He followed printing 
several years. 

Francis IT. ITall, son of Marietta Waldo and Joseph 
Hall, was born in Danielsonville, Feb. 1, 1862, died April 3 
same year. 

Frederic C ITall, son of Marietta Waldo and 
Joseph Hall, was born in Canterbury, Conn,, Aug. 21, 1S63. 
Printer. Aided in publishing this book. , , ., . 





















The Stearns house, now owned and occupied by Joseph 
Hall, in which his children all lived during their young days, 
was built during the early part of the u hundred years Indian 
war," or about 1696, according to Isaac T. Hutch ins, an old 
resident of Danielsonville, who claims to know its history. 
It was built in that place by a Dea. Stearns, of Mansfield, Ct. 
He sold it to Dr. Walton, a wealthy, hot-headed Tory, who 
was obliged to abscond to Canada during the Revolutionary 
war, to escape the wrath of the " sons of liberty." He sold 
all his possessions, and the house then became the property of 
Dr. Fuller, who became wealthy by being a surgeon on board 
of a privateer during the war. He sold the house to Dr. 
Penuel Hutchins, and finally died a pauper in Attleboro', 
Mass., losing his property by extravagant living. After the 
death of Dr. Hutchins, the house was owned by his son Isaac, 
who sold it to Joseph Bates, he disposing of it to Dea. Leonard 
Burgess, who moved it from the original site on Main street, 
to its present location on Hutchins street, when Mr. Hall 
bought it, and beautified it by enclosing it with trees. The 
house is the same in shape as when first built, with the excep- 
tion of an addition of a few feet on the west end, and jets 
which were not built in those days. The frame is of enor- 
mous oak timbers, seemingly as sound to-day as ever. A 
view within shows its antiquity more than without, from the 
beams projecting into the rooms. 

^Ntai'ietla Hall, daughter of Marietta Waldo and 
Joseph Hall, was born in Danielsonville, Conn., March 29, 


Ella L» Hall, daughter of Marietta Waldo and Joseph 
Hall, was born in Danielsonville, March 26, 1869, died Dec. 
9, 1 871. 

Walter E. Hall, son of Marietta Waldo and Joseph 
Hall, was born in Danielsonville, Oct. 14, 187 1. 

Tela E. Hall, daughter of Marietta and Joseph, was 
born in Danielsonville, Feb. 20, 1 874, died Aug. 2 1, same 

Seth Harden Waldo, son of Dea. Enoch, was 
born in Canterbury, Conn., Nov. 21, 1S37, ^ied Aug. 15, 1839. 

Sophronia Elizabeth Waldo, daughter of Dea. 
Enoch Waldo, was born in Canterbury, May 15, 1840, died 
July 11, 1857. 

Lucinda (Waldo) Kingsbury, daughter of Dea. 
Enoch Waldo and Sophronia Bingham, was born in Canter- 
bury, Conn., Sept. 15, 1844; married to George Edward 
Kingsbury, July 2, 1863, of Killingly, a mechanic and farmer. 
Children, 9th generation : Elizabeth F., Cora E., Waldo E. 

Elizabeth F. (Kingsbury) Matthews, born 
in Canterbury, Conn., April 1, 1864; married July 16, 1883, 
to Francis J. Matthews, of the town of Killingly. 

Cora Etta, born in town of Killingly, Conn., Oct. 31, 

W^aldo Everett, born in Canterbury, May 11, 1877. 

Enoch Wight Waldo, Jr., was born in Canter- 
bury, Conn., Nov. 25, 1848, died July 10, 1867. 

Adaliza (Waldo ) Wood, daughter of Dea. 
Enoch Waldo and Sophronia Bingham, was born in Canter- 
bury, June 22, 1 85 1 ; married to Henry N. Wood, Jr., of 
Rhode Island, a machinist. Children, 9th generation : Cora 
Mabel, born in Brooklyn, Conn., Aug. 9, 1875 ; Minnie Etta, 
born in town of Brooklyn, Conn., Aug., 1882. 


Sarah (Y^aldo) Branch, daughter of John Elder- 
kin Waldo and Beulah Foster, was born in Hampton, Conn., 
Jan. 31, 1808 ; married Daniel Branch, A. M., Feb. 26, 1834. 
He was .Superintendent of public schools of Iowa City, Iowa. 
He was a graduate of Union College,*N. Y., has been engaged 
as a teacher in the Latin and Greek classes for many \ears. 
Now a farmer in Kansas. Children, 8th generation : John 
Howard, Elihu Burritt. 

. Mrs. Branch .beg*ui her early school training: in the town 
of Canterbury, Conn., which adjoins Hampton, the place of 
her .birth, her parents haying removed to that town when she 
was but three years of age. She evinced a love for books very 
early in life, and consequently became an efficient scholar. 
After her public profession of religion in her nineteenth year, 
when she united with the Congregational church, her earnest- 
ness Tbecame more intense to obtain a higher education, in or- 
der "that site might be able to be more useful to the world. 
She 'left home and attended an academy in eastern New York, 
then taught by Prof. Salem Town. After a few months in this 
school she received, with two others, a certificate of extraor- 
dinary merit in scholarship and proper demeanor. She then 
went to Amherst, Mass., where she studied the classics under 
her brother's instruction, he being a student in the college 
there, and attended two courses of lectures delivered by Prof. 
Hitchcock. From this time^ on for several years she taught 
and studied. She was called to take charge of the ladies de- 
partment in the Fort Coyington Academy, N. Y., Prof. Dan-: 
iel Branch acting as principal. After two years she was mar- 
rretHo Prof. 'Branch. She" resigned'a year later'Uhd JerhSved 
to'Ofrerlih, Ohio, Nvhefe she taught and studied several terms!, 
she studying some time in Prof. C. G. Fenney's class in theol- 
ogy, and'riui'suihg the classical course" in that institution! 
She-Tiad corlferred upon her the degree of A. M., by that col- 
lege. She, with her husband as principal, afterward "taught in 


the Farmington Academy, and then in the Granga Seminary 
in Granga county, Ohio, thence located in Prairie City, 111'., 
to take charge of the academy there with her husband \# she 
afterwards took charge of the McDonough Normal and -Scien- 
tific College, of McDonough Co., 111. They -the.n, settled*, in 
Cherokee Co., Kansas, in the pursuit of agriculture and „siQC,k 
raising, where they now reside. Mrs. Branch is noted .for 
her piety and Christian example. 4i Rarely a term of school 
passed when there were not more or less conversions among 
her pupils. Often from ten to twenty in a term experienced a 
change of heart, and that largely through" her influence/' She 
has had several important positions offered her in the best col- 
leges of the country, but circumstances seemed to ; forbid her 

John Howard Branch, son of. Sarah Waldo and 
Daniel Branch, was born in Farmington, Ohio,'May 13, '1838 ; 
married. • 

ElillU P3. Branch, banker, son of Sarah Waldo and 
Daniel Branch, born in Chester, Ohio, Nov. 15, 1848 ; married 
Atta J. RatchifT, May 13, 1873; she was born in Marengo, 
Iowa. Children, 9th generation : Olive Branch, born June^, 
1875 ; Walden Burr Branch, born Dec. .-5* 1876. 

*• Zachariah .^Waldo* Jr., son of Zachariah Waldo 
and Elizabeth Wight, born May 8, 1764, died March 13, i8io; 
married Joanna Butterfield, of N. Hi, Jan. 1, 1800; Child- 
ren, 7th generation: Mosss, Elizabeth, Hiram, Abel, Anson', 
A.seneth, Edward L. , •> .-. 

Moses Waldo, son of Zachariah Waldo, Jr., and 
Joanna Butterfield, born Sept. 16, i8qor; married ,Mary Ann 
Taylor April 1, 1824. Children, , 8th generation ; Sarah 
Louisa, Henry Clay. . _. t .,■.,•• - /■ ,...„ - 

Sarah Louisa .^Waldo, daughter of Moses Waldo 
and Mary Taylor, born 1825, died March 2, 1855. - .^' 


Henry Clay ^Waldo, son of Moses Waldo and 
Mary Taylor, born June, 1828, died Oct. 12, 1852. 

Elizabeth (Waldo) Parish, daughter of Zacha- 
riah Waldo, Jr., and Joanna Butterfield, born May 21, 1802 ; 
married Evan Parish, April 14, 1838 or '39. Children, 8th 
generation: Virgil Worthington, born June 12, 1842, died 
March 19, 1843. 

Hiram Waldo, farmer, son of Zachariah Waldo, Jr., 
and Joanna Butterfield born Aug. 12, 1803, died July 5, 1866 ; 
married Nancy Dresser, of Pomfret, Conn., Nov. 20, 1845. 
Children, 8th generation : Helen C, Wendal D. 

Helen O. Waldo, daughter of Hiram Waldo, and 
Nancy Dresser, born in Canterbury, Conn., Dec. 23, 1848. 

Wendal D. W^aldo, son of Hiram Waldo and Nan- 
cy Dresser, born in Canterbury, Conn., June, 1853. 

Abel Waldo, farmer, son of Zachariah Waldo Jr., 
and Joanna Butterfield, born probably in Canterbury, Ct., Dec. 
16, 1804; married Betsey (Roundsville) Miller, Oct. 5, 1843. 
Children, 8th generation: Edward, Francis R., Banvard, 
Charles, Chandler, Sidney, Henry. 

Abel owned quite a valuable farm in Canterbury, Waldo 
district, near the Cleveland four-corners. After his death the 
estate was sold. 

Edward Waldo, son of Abel Waldo and Betsey 
Miller born in Canterbury, Ct., Aug. 30, 1844. 

Francis R. "Waldo, son of Abel Waldo and Betsey 
Miller, born in Canterbury, Ct., Jan. 14, 1846. 

Banvard Waldo, son of Abel Waldo and Betsey 
Miller, born in Canterbury, Ct., Aug. 30, 1847. 

Charles Waldo, son of Abel Waldo and Betsey 
Miller, born in Canterbury, Ct., Aug. 24, 1849, died in the 



Chandler Waldo, son of Abel Waldo and Betsey 
Miller, born in Canterbury, Ct., Jan. 13, 185 1. 

Sidney ^Waldo, son of Abel Waldo and Betsey Mil- 
ler, born in Canterbury, Ct., Feb. 13, 1853. 

Henry ^Waldo, youngest son of Abel Waldo and 
Betsey Miller, born in Canterbury, Ct. 

Anson Waldo, son of Zachariah Waldo, Jr., and Jo- 
anna Bntterfield, born June 12, 1806; married Jane Leach, 
April 10, 1845. Children, 8th generation : Samuel, Albert. 

Anson removed from Windham Co. to New Milford, 
Penn., and there followed farming. 

Samuel Waldo, son of Anson Waldo and Jane 
Leach, born May 21, 1846. 

Albert Waldo, son of Anson Waldo and Jane Leach, 
born April 7, 1854. 

Aseneth ( AValdo) Richmond, daughter of Zach- 
ariah Waldo, Jr., and 1 Joanna Bntterfield, born March 14, 
1808; married Apollas Richmond, of Massachusetts, May 15, 
1836. Children, 8th generation : Sampson Gray, Hiram Wal- 
do, Harrison Ward, Helen Aseneth. 

Mr. Richmond was a successful iron founder of Norwich 
for many years, though his residence was in Brooklyn, Conn., 
where his children were probably born. As he began to de- 
cline in years his business also began to wane, and he was 
unfortunate in losing a great portion of his wealth. 

Sampson Gr. Richmond, son of Aseneth Waldo 
and Apollas Richmond, born March 7, 1837. 

Hiram AValdo Richmond, son of Aseneth Wal- 
do and Apollas Richmond, born Sept. 22, 1840. 

Harrison Ward Richmond, son of Aseneth 
Waldo and Apollas Richmond. 


Helen Aseneth Richrriond, daughter of Aseneth 
Waldo and Apollas Richmond, born July 26, iS.jS. 

Edward Z. Waldo, son of Zachariah Waldo, Jr., 
and Joanna Butterfield, born probably in Canterbury, Conn., 
Nov. 21, 1S09, died Oct. 16, 1882. Never married. He 
owned a small farm adjoining Abel's, his brother, in Canter- 
bury, and there lived alone for the most part during his old 
age. He was a portrait painter, and attained a good degree 
of perfection in that art when quite young. 

Elizabeth (Waldo) Curtis, daughter of Zacha- 
riah Waldo and Elizabeth Wight, born Jan. 23, 1767; mar- 
ried Epaphras Curtis, a farmer. Children, 7th generation : 
Anson, Minerva, Anson, Waldo, Epaphras, Betsey, Ebenezer, 

Anson Curtis, son of Elizabeth Waldo and Epaphras 
Curtis, born March 5, 1789, died Nov. 5th, same year. 

Minerva (Curtis) Fuller, daughter of Elizabeth 
Waldo and Epaphras Curtis, born Dec. 25, 1790, died Nov. 2, 
1818 ; married Otis Fuller, a physician, May 7, [S09. Chil- 
dren, 8th generation : Minerva C, Otis, Jr., Eliza Ann. 

Minerva C. Fuller, daughter of Otis Fuller and 
Minerva Curtis, born Aug. 1, 181 r. Teacher. 

Otis Fuller* Jr.j born June 7, 18 15, died July 27, 
same year. 

Eliza A. (Fuller) Warren, daughter of Minerva 
and Otis Fuller, born March 17, 181 7 ; married June 29, 1836, 
Elijah Warren. Children, 9th generation : Augustus, born 
Aug. 9, 1S37 ; Otis F., born July 7, '39 : Mary M., born May 
29, '41 ; Ann Eliza, born Oct. 29, '43 ; Laura Augusta, born 
Dec. 1, '45, died Dec. 12, '45; Martha A., born July 9, '47; 
Jay, born July 24, '49, died Nov. 26, '50; Elijah, born Oct. 
28, '52 ; Eunice, born Nov. 15, '54. 


Anson Curtis, farmer, son of Elizabeth Waldo and 
Epaphras Curtis, born March 20, 1794; married Sally Lemly, 
Nov. 6, 1817. Children, Sth generation : Henry W., Eliza- 
beth, S. Elizabeth, Harriet. 

Henry Curtis?, son of Anson Curtis and Sally Lemly, 
born Jan. 6. 1820; married Hannah Sanford Sept. iS, 1S50. 

IClizabetli Curtis, daughter of Anson Curtis and 
Sallv Lemly, born Dec. 28, 1S2S, died Jan 24, 1829. 

S. Elizabeth Curtis, daughter of Anson Curtis and 
Sally Lemly, born Aug. 9, 1830. 

1 larriet Curtis, daughter of Anson Curtis and Sally 
Lemlv. born Aug. 26, 1S32. 

Rev. Walclo Curtis, son of Elizabeth Waldo and 
Epaphras Curtis, born June 9, 1796; married Abigail Wat- 
kins Aug. 20, 1817. Children, 8th generation: Waldo W., 
Samantha, Freeman S., Philander E., Dvvight Z., Caroline E. 

Rev. Mr. Curtis was pastor of a church in Naples, Ontario 
Co., N. Y. 

Walclo W. Curtis, son of Rev. Waldo and Abigail 
Curtis, born Jan. 20, 1820; married Margaret W. Hugh Oct. 
13, 1843. Children, 9th generation : Henry W. Curtis, born 
July 6, 1844; John W. Curtis, born Feb. 18, 1S46 ; Geo. F. 
Curtis, born Aug. 31, 1847; William W. Curtis, born Aug. 
30, 1850; James P. Curtis, born May 24, 1853. 

Samantha (Curl is) Tinker, daughter of Rev. 
Waldo and Abigail Curtis, born Oct. ir, 1821 ; married John 
P. Tinker, farmer, July 1, 1845. Children, 9th generation: 
Charles E. Tinker, born Dec. 18, 1 847 ; Mary C. Tinker, born 
May 19, 1 85 1, died Dec. 21, 1854; Walter F. Tinker, born 
Oct. 8, 1855. 

Freeman S. Curtis, son of Rev. Waldo and Abi. 
gail Curtis, born Oct. 18, 1823: married Laura O. Watkins 


March 15, 1848. Children, 9th generation: Molina A., born 
June 16, 1849; Caroline E., born Sept. 13, 1852; Ira W., 
born March 30, 1856. 

Fhilander E. Curtis, son of Rev. Waldo and Abi- 
gail Curtis, born Aug. 10, 1826; married Mary Ann Fluckey 
Aug. 12, 1855. Children, 9th generation: Samantha, born 
July 5, 1856. 

IDwight Z. Curtis, son of Rev. Waldo and Aibgail 
Curtis, born Dec. 18, 1S2S; married Lydia Hartvvell May 1, 
1S51. Children, 9th generation: Franklin D., born April 17, 
1852; Aaron W., born Oct. 13, 1S53, died 1854; Mary A., 
born May 18. 1855 ; Anson P., born March 17, 1S57. 

Caroline E. (Curtis) Sprague, daughter of Rev. 
Waldo and Abigail Curtis, born Aug. 10, 1835 ; married Ed- 
bert Sprague, carriage maker, March 16, 1S53. 

Epaphras Curtis, Jr., farmer, son of Epaphras 
Curtis and Elizabeth Waldo, born Dec. 15, 180 1; married 
Orpha Davis, of Tolland, Conn., March 7, 1824. Children, 
8th generation: Sylvester, Edwin, Mary W., Jane E., War- 

Sylvester Curtis, son of Epaphras Curtis, Jr., and 
Orpha Davis, born Nov. 12, 1826, died June 18, 1827. 

Edwin Curtis, son of Epaphras, Jr., and Orpha 
Davis, born April 29, 1S28. 

Mary "W. Curtis, daughter of Epaphras Curtis, Jr., 
and Orpha Davis, born Oct. 5, 1831; married Sept. 5, 1855, 
J. S. Cady. 

Jane E. Curtis, daughter of Epaphras Curtis, Jr., 
and Orpha Davis, born Sept. 23, 1835 ; married March 6, 
1856, H. A. Messenger. 

Warren Curtis, son of Epaphras Curtis, Jr., and 
Orpha Davis, born May 31, 1839. 


Betsey (Curtis) Watkns, daughter of Elizabeth 

Waldo and Epaphras Curtis, born April 17, 1804; married 
Lorenzo C. Watkins, July 11, 1826. Children, 8th genera- 
tion : Samantha C, Stephen E., Silas L., Minerva E., Myron 
H., Maria J., Olive C. 

Samantha C« Watkins, daughter of Betsey Cur- 
tis and Lorenzo Watkins, born Sept. 11, 1S27, died Aug. 17, 
1854; married Dec. 19, 1S49. 

Stephen K. Watkins, son of Betsey Curtis and 
Lorenzo Watkins, born Oct. 12, 1829, died Oct. 19, 1849. 

Silas L. Watkins, son of Betsey Curtis and Loren- 
zo Watkins, born March 21, 1833. 

Minerva E. Watkins, daughter of Betsey Curtis 
and Lorenzo Watkins, born April 4, 1S35. 

M) T ron H. Watkins, son of Betsey Curtis and Lo- 
renzo Watkins, born Nov. 7, 1S38. 

Maria J. Watkins, daughter of Betsey Curtis and 
Lorenzo Watkins, born Sept. 29, 1839. 

Olive O. Watkins, daughter of Betsey Curtis and 
Lorenzo Watkins, born Jan. 25, 1843. 

Ebenezer Curtis, son of Elizabeth Waldo and 
Epaphras Curtis, died quite young. 

Samantha (Curtis) Graves, daughter of Eliza- 
beth Waldo and Epaphras Curtis, born Oct. 9, 1808, died 
April 1, JS34; married Israel D. Graves, Dec. 8, 1831. 
Children, 8th generation : Charles D., Joel. 

Charles O. Graves, son of Samantha Curtis and 
Israel Graves, born Sept. 29, 1832. 

Joel Graves, son of Samantha Curtis and Israel 
Graves, born Feb. 20, 1834. 

Ebenezer Waldo, farmer, son of Zachariah Waldo 
and Elizabeth Wight, born April 6, 1771, died Aug. 27, 1840; 


married Cynthia Parish March 31, 179S. She was born Feb. 
19, 1770, and died Feb. 21, 1837. Children, 7th generation: 
Obadiah Parish, Loren Pincknev, Hannah Badger, Ebenezer 

Obadiali !Parisli Waldo, son of Ebenezer Waldo 
and Cynthia Parish, born probably in Canterbury, Conn., June 
S, 1800; married Eliza Gallup March 31, 1826. She was born 
July 10, 1S04. Children, 8th generation : Ebenezer Gallup, 
Emily B. 

Ebenezer Grallup \Valdo, son of Obadiah Wal- 
do and Eliza Gallup, born Oct. 1^, 1833. 

Emily 13. Waldo, daughter of Obadiah Waldo and 
Eliza Gallup, born April 10, 1S36. 

.fudge Loren Pinclviiey Waldo, son of Eben- 
ezer Waldo and Cynthia Parish, born in Canterbury, Conn., 
Feb. 2, T802, died Sept. 8, 18S1; married Nov. 22, 1825, 
Frances E. Eldredge, grand-daughter of Charles Eldredge, 
who was severely wounded in the massacre at Fort Griswold on 
the 6th of September, 1 781. She was born in New London, 
Conn., Dec. 10, 1806, died March 29,1874. Children. 8th 
generation : Ebenezer Elderkin, Frances Elizabeth, Loren 
Pincknev, Jr., Cynthia Pauline. 

Hon. Loren Waldo's life was an eventful one. k ' His edu- 
cation, so far as it was obtained from schools and instructors, 
(except while studying law) was completed when he was 
fourteen years of age. From that time until he was twenty- 
one he taught school every winter, devoting the rest of the 
time to labor on his father's farm. His zeal for knowledge 
could not be quenched, and all this while he applied himself 
in every leisure hour, to study, and in this way mastered the 
higher branches of mathematics, and acquired a good knowl- 
edge of Latin. He carried Hodge's Logic with him into the 
fields, and in the brief intervals of labor mastered its contents. 




He left home when twenty-one and entered upon the study of 
law with his uncle in the town of Tolland, at the same time 
earning his living. At the age of 23 he was admitted to the 
bar by the county court of Tolland county at the September 
term in 1825. Beginning life under most discouraging aus- 
pices, with his courage and persistence he surmounted all ob- 
stacles, and rose to fill places of trust and honor. He was 
postmaster in Somers two years, and held town offices. 
He was Representative from the town of Tolland for 6 years, 
1832, '33, '34, 39, 47, 48. In 1 849 he was elected to represent 
his district in the 31st Congress of the United States. He was 
chairman on the committee on revolutionary pensions. Dur- 
ing President Pierce's administration he was appointed Com- 
missioner of Pensions at Washington, in which service he 
continued until elected Judge of the Superior Court of Con- 
necticut for a term of eight years. About the year 1863 Judge 
Waldo removed from Tolland to Hartford, where he pursued 
the practice of his profession, at first in partnership with his 
son-in-law, A. P. Hyde, Esq., and more recently in the well- 
known firm of Waldo, Hubbard & Hyde." In politics he 
was a Democrat, and gave its candidates and measures his cor- 
dial and generous support. He wrote, in 1861, a history of 
Tolland. After his death the Hartford County Bar introduced 
resolutions highly applauding his life-work and lamenting the 
loss of so great a friend and public benefactor. He gathered a 
great deal of material some time before his death for the gene- 
alogy of this great family, and promised to prepare all he had 
for the press, but soon after died. His daughter kindly fur- 
nished all his papers for our perusal relative to this subject. 

Ebenezer Elderkin Waldo, son of Judge Lo- 
ren Waldo and Frances Eldredge, born March 9, 1S27, died 
March 1 9, 1833. 


Frances Elizabeth (Waldo) Hyde, daughter 

of Judge Loren Waldo and Frances Eldredge, born March 21, 
1 831 ; married Alvan P. Hyde, Sept. 12, 1849. He is a noted 
lawyer of Hartford, Ct. He was born March 10, 1825. They 
now reside at the famous Charter Oak Place in Hartford, Ct. 
Children, 9th generation : William Waldo, Frank Eldredge. 

William Waldo Hyde, lawyer, son of Frances 
Waldo and Alvan Hyde, born in Hartford, Ct., March 25, 
1854; married Helen Eliza Watson, daughter of the late Geo. 
W. Watson, of Hartford, Dec. 1, 1877. Children, 10th gen- 
eration : Elizabeth Hyde, born in Hartford, Ct., Oct. 1 7, 1878 ; 
Alvan Waldo Hyde, born in Hartford, Aug. 21, 18S0. 

Frank Fl dredge Hyde, lawyer, son of Frances 
Waldo and Alvan Hyde, born in Hartford, Ct., Jan. 21, 1858 ; 
married Carrie Adaline Strong, daughter of the late Hon. Jul- 
ius L. Strong, Oct. 20, 1881. 

Loren Pinckney Waldo, Jr., son of Judge 
Loren Waldo and Frances Eldredge, born March 24, 1S34, 
died Sept. 28, 1865 ; married 1855. Children, 9th generation : 
Emma Louise Waldo, born in Philadelphia, Penn,, Aug. 1 8, 
1856 ; she now resides in Hartford, Conn. 

Cynthia Paulina ( Waldo) Marvin, daughter 
of Judge Loren Waldo and Frances Eldredge, born Oct. 25, 
1 836 ; married Edwin E. Marvin Dec. 24, 1 S66. He was 
born Oct. 8, 1833. Children, 9th generation: Loren Pinck- 
ney Waldo Marvin, born Oct. 19,1 870. 

Hannah B. (Waldo) Cliapin, daughter of Eben- 
ezer Waldo and Cynthia Parish, born May 16, 1807, died July 
8, 1866; married Rev. Alonzo B. Chapin, D. D., Sept. 17, 
1832. He was born March 10, 1S08, died July 9, '58. Chil- 
dren, 8th generation : Alonzo B. Jr., born Nov. 20, 1834, died 


Jan. 24, 1835 ; Charles Waldo, born Aug. 27, 1839, died Oct. 
same year; Joseph Bosworth, born June 5, 1843. 

Ebenezer Elderkin Waldo, son of Ebenezer 
Waldo and Cynthia Parish, born June 9, 1S09, probably in 
Canterbury, Conn., died Jan. 30, '25. 

Samrjei Waldo, son of Zachariah Waldo and Eliza- 
beth Wight, born March 3, 1 779 ; married Margaret Gallup, 
of Voluntown, Ct. Children, 7th generation : Susanna, 

Susanna ( Waldo) Grallup, daughter of Samuel 
Waldo and Margaret Gallup, born Dec. 8, 1S02 ; married Al- 
vin Gallup, AT. D. Children, Sth generation : Marian, Su- 

Mercy ( Waldo i Tillinarhast, daughter of Sam- 
uel Waldo and Margaret Gallup, born March 29, 1804 ; mar- 
ried Gideon G. Tillinghast, a farmer, probably of Griswold, 
Ct., Jan. 6, 1833. He was born March 27, 1810, and died 
April 4, '44. Children, 8th generation : Susan, born Aug. 
6, 1834; Angeline, born Jan. 30, 1836; Caroline, born 
June 16, j S37 ; George Franklin, born Dec. 31, 1S3S ; 
Edwin, born Oct. 3, 1S40; Belinda, born March 21, 1S43 ; 
Gideon Gilbert, born Aug. 12, 1844. 

Ann Waldo, daughter of Edward Waldo, Jr., and 
Abigail Elderkin, born Sept. 5, 1 735* 

Nathan Waldo, son of Edward Waldo Jr., and Abi- 
gail Elderkin, born in Windham or Scotland June 23, 1740, 
died Jan. 2, 1834; married Zerviah Payne, Sept. 21, 1763, 
She died Feb. 10, 1S19. Children, 6th generation: Zerviah, 
Nathan, Anna, Abigail, Lois W., Thankful, Wilkes. 

In the year 1763 this Nathan Waldo sold a tract of land 
situated in Canterbury, Ct., and in the deed described his resi- 


deuce as at Orange, Grafton Co. N. IT., where some of his 
descendants were living in 1857. 

Zerviah Waldo, daughter of Nathan Waldo and 
Zerviah Payne, born Aug. [9. 1765. died June 6, 1850; never 

Nathan Waldo, Jr., born Oct. 5, 1767, died Aug. 
12, 1832. 

Anna Waldo, daughter of Nathan Waldo and Zer- 
viah Payne, born Oct. 3, 1769, died Nov. 12, 1815 ; never 

Abigail Waldo, daughter of Nathan Waldo and 
Zerviah Payne, born Dec. 6, 1774, died Jan. 2, 1S44. 

Lois W. Waldo, daughter of Nathan Waldo and 
Zerviah Payne, born March 30, 1775 or '06, died May 5, 1S56. 

Thankful Waldo, daughter of Nathan Waldo and 
Zerviah Payne, born March 16, 1780. 

Wilkes Waldo, son of Nathan Waldo and Zerviah 
Payne, born probably in Canterbury, Ct. May 28, 1787 ; mar- 
ried Mehitable Div Carlton. Children, 7th generation : Lo- 
renzo, Horatio. 

Lorenzo Waldo, farmer, son of Wilkes Waldo and 
Mehitable Carlton, born in Orange, N. H., Oct. 17, 1812; 
married Martha Jane Carlton, April 9, 1S35. She was born 
Feb. 2, 1816, in Bradford, Mass. Children, 8th generation: 
Antoinette, born May 23, 1836, died June 19, 1S42 ; Herbert 
A., born March 23, 1843; Harlem P., born Aug. 20, 1S44; 

Iloratio Waldo, son of Wilkes Waldo and Mehita- 
ble Carlton, born Jan 17, 18 15. 

Abigail Waldo, daughter of Edward Waldo, Jr., 
and Abigail Elderkin, born July 1 5, 1744- 

Cornelius W^aldo, son of Dea. Edward Waldo and 
Thankful Dimock, born Feb. 18, 1711 or '12 ; married Abi- 


gail Walden. Children, 5th generation: Cornelius, Jr., born 
Oct. 30, 1735; Irene, born April iS, 173S; Cornelius 3d, 
born March 20, 1 74 1 ; Nathaniel, born Nov. 5, 1743; Isaac, 
born Sept. 28, 1748; Abigail, born March 31, T753. 
[It is not certain the above dates are correct.] 

Ann W^aldo, daughter of Dea. Edward Waldo and 
Thankful Dimock, born Nov. 8, 1715, died Jan. 17, 1734. 
Probably not married. 

John Waldo, son of Dsa. Edward Waldo and Thank- 
ful Dimock, born April 19, 1717, died Aug. 29, 1726. 

Bethuel Waldo, son of Dea. Edward Waldo and 
Thankful Dimock, married Lois Munsell May 25, 1743. 
Children, ^th generation: Temperance, born July 20, 1744; 
Ezra, born March 23, 1746; married Prudence ; Jo- 
anna, born May 10, 1748; Bethuel, Jr., born May 23, 1751 ; 
Lois, born June 2, 1753 ; Eunice, born July 29, 1 755 '■> Henry, 

Bethuel's father conveyed to him a farm of seventy acres in 


Tolland, Conn., by deed dated March 13, 1751, which was a 
portion of his father's estate. The deed was witnessed by his 
brother Zacheus. 

Henry Waldo, son of Bethuel Waldo and Lois Mun- 
sell, born in Tolland, Conn., Jan. 14, 1762, died Nov. 13, 
1828; married Hannah Tucker, of Bolton, Conn. She was 
born Dec. 31, 1763, died Jan. 25, 1829. Children, 6th gen- 
eration : Lemuel, Fanny. 

Lemuel Waldo, son of Henry Waldo and Hannah 
Tucker, born May 4, 1792; married Sarah Marshall Jan. 1, 
1828, who was born Sept. 3, 179S. Children, 7th generation : 
Julia, born Sept., 1828; William, born Oct. ^ y '29, married 
Celinda Shaffer, of Willington, Sept. 15, 1850; Walcott, born 


May 26, 1833 ' Amos, born April 1, '35 ; G , born Sept. 

8, '36 ; Hubbard, born Sept. 30, '39. 

Fanny (Waldo) "West, daughter of Henry Waldo 
and Hannah Tucker, born Nov. 10, 1794: married Francis 
West, of Coventry, Conn., May 1, 1 832. Children, 7th gener- 
ation : Henry Francis, born July 22, 183^. 

Thankful Waldo, daughter of Dea. Edward Waldo 
and Thankful Dimock, born July 3, J 721, died Aug. 25, 1726. 

Joanna (W^aldo) Bre wster, daughter of Dea. 
Edward Waldo and Thankful Dimock, born in Windham, 
Conn., April 18, 1 7 2 3 ? married Jonah Brewster. 

Zacheus Waldo, son of Dea. Edward Waldo and 
Thankful Dimock, born in Windham, Conn., July 19, 1725; 
married Talitha Kingsbury Feb. 3, 1746. Children, 5th gen- 
eration : Zipporan, John, Ruth, Eunice, Elizabeth, Zacheus, 
Jr., Joseph, Talitha, Daniel, Ebenezer, Ozias. 

Zipporan \^aldo, son of Zacheus Waldo and Tali- 
tha Kingsbury, born Nov. 13, 1747 ; married a Miss Ripley. 

Dr. John W^aldo, of Coventry, Conn., son of Zach- 
eus Waldo and Talitha Kingsbury, born in Windham, April 
22, 1750; married Lucy Lyman Aug. 19, 1773. Children, 
6th generation : Lyman, John, Horatio, Joseph, Erastus, 

Dr. Waldo was a surgeon in Col. Huntington's regiment 
of State militia. The General Assembly allowed "Dr. John 
Waldo £13 for his services as surgeon for two months in said 
Col. Huntington's regiment, at the October session, I775-" 

Lyman Waldo, son of Dr. John Waldo and Lucy 
Lyman, was born July 8, 1774, in Windham, Windham 
County, Conn., and died July 23, 1865 ; married Abigail 
Smith, of Ashford, Conn., March 10, 1799, who was born 
Feb. 2, 1777, died 1S63 or '64. Children, 7th generation: 


Lydia, born May 25, 1802; Cecil, born March 18, 1804, 
Evanstown, N. Y. ; Horatio Nelson, born Feb. 2r, '06; Sim- 
eon Smith; John L., born April 16, '11; Esther, born Dec. 
1, '12 ; Lyman B., born April 9, '15 : George Frederick, born 
April 17, '17; Abigail, born July 6, 1 S20. 

Cecil Waldo, son of Lyman Waldo and Abigail Smith, 
married Feb. 12, 1829, Portage, N. Y., to Cornelia Smith, 
daughter of Whiting and Eunice (Winchester) Smith, born 
May 15, 1 80S, Paulette, Vt. Children, 8th generation: Em" 
maline, born Feb. 10, 1 S3 1, died Feb. 20, same year; Mary 
Jane, born Aug. 29, '32 ; Surah Augusta, born July 3, '36 ; 
Burdett Smith, born June 25, '40; Elmira Delphene, born 
Oct. 3, '44, died April 5, '74, Litchfield, Mich. ; Eugene 
Harvey, born May 15, '47. All born Portage, N. Y. 

Mary Jane (Waldo) Packard, daughter of Cecil Wal- 
do and Cornelia Smith, married Aug. 27, 1856, Litchfield, 
Mich., George W. Packard, who was born Oct. 15, 1831, at 
Ithica, N. Y. Children, 9th generation : Carrie Estella, born 
May 20, 1857; Frank Waldo, born April 20, '58, died April, 
'59; Hubert Eugene, born April 13, '60; Dora Alice, born 
June 12, '63; Lillie Alphadine, born Aug. 27, '64; Mary 
Cornelia, born Sept. 12, '67, died March, following year ; Mer- 
tie Emogene, born April 22, '69 ; Annie Augusta, born March 

2 7, '7'- 

Sarah Augusta (Waldo) Whitney, daughter of Cecil 
Waldo and Cornelia Smith, married March 20, 185^, Litch- 
field, Mich., to Duane, son of Benjamin and Betsey (Mer- 
chant) Whitney, was born Nov. 25, 1824, Grandville, N. Y. 
Children, 9th generation : Lizzie Ellen, born Dec. 14, 18^6, 
Genesee Falls, N. Y. ; Lottie Ada, born Sept. 11, '^S, Litch- 
field, Mich. ; Lucia Cornelia, born Aug. 12, 1S61, Litchfield, 


Burdett Smith Waldo, son of Cecil Waldo and Corne- 
lia Smith, married Feb. 24, 1S69, Concord, Mich., to Han- 
nah Mary, daughter of Stephen and Hannah (Baker) Hubbard, 
born Aug. 17, 1S49, Greenfield, N. Y. Children, 9th gen- 
eration : Mcrritt Burdette, born May 16, 1875, Concord, 

Eugene Harvey Waldo, son of Cecil Waldo and Cor- 
nelia Smith, married Nov. 26, 1872, Litchfield, Mich., to Mary 
Elizabeth, daughter of Erastus and Eliza Ann (Risley) Hazen, 
born Aug. 31, 1847, Palmyra, N. Y. Children, 9th genera- 
tion : Alice Elmira, born Oct. 4, 1S75, Litchfield, Mich. 

John Waldo, Jr., son of Dr. John Waldo and Lucy 
Lyman, born Jan. 27, 1776; married March iS, 179S. His 
first wife died Feb. 6, 1 799? leaving one son. He married 
his second wife in the year 1800. Children, 7th generation : 
Rensalaer, born Jan. 26, 1799; Orson, born March 17, 1 80 1 ; 
Polly, born Jan. 2, 1 802, died May 22, '41 ; Emma, born Feb. 
6, '06 ; Lucy, born Feb. 29, '08, died Feb. 1 9, 1 83 1 ; Clark, 
born May 1 9, '1 o, died May 1 8, 1 S53 ; Lyman, born Feb. 6, 
'f2; Joseph, born July 31, 1 8 1 4, died Aug. 7, same year ; 
Albert, born Aug. 2, '15; Betsey C, born Jan. 23, 'r 8 ; 
Charles, born Dec. 16, '19; Milton, D. D., of Hudson, N. Y., 
born Aug. 28, 1822. 

Rev. Horatio Waldo, son of Dr. John Waldo and Lucy 
Lyman, born March 5, 1778; married. Children, 7th genera- 
tion: Horatio, Dvvight, Sarah, Harriet, Frances, Margaret. 

Horatio Waldo, Jr., of New Britain, Ct., son of Rev. 
Horatio Waldo, born 1S00 ; married Nancy Smith 1832. She 
was born 1S02. Children, 8th generation : Louisa Bingham, 
born in 1833 ; Helten and Ellen died in infancy ; Newton 
Skinner, born in 1S38 ; Josephine, born in 1842. 

Margaret ( Waldo ) Ames, daughter of Rev. Horatio 
Waldo, married Dr. L. J. Ames of Mt. Morris, N. Y. 


Joseph. Waldo, son of Dr. John Waldo and Lucy 
Lyman, was married. Children, 7th generation : Mary, Mar- 
tin B., Margaret. 

ErastllB Waldo, merchant, son of Dr. John Waldo 
and Lucy Lyman, married Nov. 9, 1S09, to Poll}- Graves, who 
was born Jan. 27, 1790, died Oct 1, 1828. Children, 7th gen- 
eration: Harriet, born Aug. 21, 181 1, died May 12, 1854 ; 
Celia, born April 18, '13, married Sept. 27, 1836, to Samuel 
L. Gordon; Erastus, Jr., born June 25, 1820; Harvey, born 
July 25, '22, a merchant; Lucius, born Oct. 25, '2$; Daniel 
D., lawyer, by second wife, Hannah Dawley. 

Rlltll ( Waldo) Bass, daughter of Zacheus Waldo 
and Talitha Kingsbury, married a Mr. Bass. 

Eunice ( Waldo ) Rudd, daughter of Zacheus 
Waldo and Talitha Kingsbury, born Feb. 12, 1753; married 
a Mr. Rudd. 

Elizabeth (Waldo) Elmore, daughter of Zach- 
eus Waldo and Talitha Kingsbury, born Oct. 11, 1754; mar- 
ried a Mr. Elmore. 

Zacheus Waldo, Jr., son of Zacheus Waldo and 
Talitha Kingsbury, born Nov. 20, 1756; married Esther 
Stevens April 12, 1781. Children, 6th generation: Levi, 
Samuel Lovett, Nancy, Esther, Talitha, Sophia, Zacheus, 3d, 

Eevi AValdo, son of Zacheus Waldo, Jr., and Esther 
Stevens, born Feb. 14, 1782; married Hannah White. 

Samuel Lovett Waldo, son of Zacheus Waldo, 
Jr., and Esther Stevens, born April 6, 17S3, in Windham, Ct. ; 
married in Chester Cathedral, Eng., Aug. 8, 1808, to Eliza- 
beth Wood, of Liverpool. She died 1825. He married sec- 
ond time Deliverance Massey. Children, 7th generation : Jo- 
sephine, born April 30, 1809 ; Julia Ann, born June 30, 1810 ; 


Gen. Samuel L., Jr., born Aug. 28, 1S16, died Oct. 19, 1855, 
in city of New Orleans ; Charles Hall, born Sept. 8, 181S ; 
John Summerfield, born July 25, 1824, farmer, died in New 
Jersey, May 12, 1S50; two others died in infancy. 

Samuel married second time, May 8, 1S26. Children, 7th 
generation: Clara, born Nov. 4, 1829; Howard, born May 
12, '32; Helen, born May 17, '35; W. Burrell, born May 6, 
'40; three others died in infancy, making 15 in all. 

Samuel Waldo, Sr., was a great portrait painter. Fol- 
lowed the business 53 years in New York city. 

Nancy (Waldo) Bmgham, daughter of Zacheus 
Waldo, Jr., and Esther Stevens, born Oct. 7, 17S4; married 
Roger Bingham. 

Esther (Waldo) Grader, daughter of Zacheus Wal- 
do, Jr., and Esther Stevens, born July 14, 1786; married Ja- 
son Gager Nov. 3, 1S06. 

Talitlia (W^aldo) Abbe, daughter of Zacheus Wal- 
do, Jr., and Esther Stevens, born March 10, 17S9; married 
Moses Abbe. Children, 7th generation : Cleveland (proba- 
bly), of Washington, D. C, who is in the United States Sig- 
nal Service. He has collected man)' papers concerning the 

Sophia (Waldo) White, daughter of Zacheus Wal- 
do, Jr., and Esther Stevens, born Aug. 27, 1 79 e , died Aug. 31, 
181 5 ; married Joseph White May 20, 1S12. 

Zacheus ^Waldo, son of Zacheus, Jr., born May 21, 
1793, died Sept. 10, 1853 ; married Charlotte Aver, April 1S23, 
who was born May 23, 1799, died Feb. 19, 1S2S. Children* 
7th generation: Caroline L., born Jan. 1, 1824, died June 
27, 1842 ; Catherine B., born same date, died Oct. 23, '41 ; 
Lucretia K., born July 23, 1826 ; Charlotte A., born Feb. 18, 
'28. By his second wife, Hannah Wright Williams, who was 
born July, 1810, died Feb. T5, '40, to whom ho was, married 


April ii, 1832, he had children, 7th generation: Roger W., 
born April 10, 1834; Julia W., born Oct. 4, 1839, died J an - 
10, '71. 

Zacheus was a thrifty farmer of Scotland, Conn. He mar- 
ried Aug. 18, 1841, Adaline Lillie. 

X/ucretia K. (Waldo) Ladd, daughter of Zach- 
eus Waldo and Charlotte Aver, married William Ladd. 

Roger W. "Waldo, son of Zacheus Waldo and Han- 
nah Williams, married Charlotte B. Gager Jan. 2, i860, who 
was born Dec. 22, 1S36. Children, 8th generation : Ralph, 
physician in N. Y. city, born Sept. 24, i860; Roger H., on 
a cattle ranch in Texas, born Aug. 4, '62 ; Robert B., born 
Dec. 12, '65 ; Harry W., born Sept. 29, '68, died July 20, '69 ; 
Anne W., born Dec. 30, 1S70. 

Roger is a cotton broker on Pearl street, New York city. 

Julia ( Waldo ) Grag'er, daughter of Zacheus Wal- 
do and Hannah Williams, married Judson G. Gager. Child- 
ren, 8th generation : Julia H., born April, 1S66. 

Mary (Waldo) White, daughter of Zacheus Wal- 
do, Jr., and Esther Stevens, born Oct. 4, 1 79^ ; married 
Joseph White Jan. S, 1S17. 

Joseph AValdo, son of Zacheus Waldo and Talitha 
Kingsbury, born Oct. 5, 1758 ; married a Miss Bliss. 

Talitha Waldo, daughter of Zacheus Waldo and 
Talitha Kingsbury, born 1760; married. 

Rev. Daniel Waldo, son of Zacheus Waldo and 
Talitha Kingsbury, born Sept. 10 or 12, 1762, in town of 
Windham, Conn., died Syracuse, N. Y., July 30, 1S64, at the 
age of 102 years. He married a Miss Hanckett. Children, 
6th generation : John Milton, who died at the age of twenty- 
three, Daniel, Jr., Egbert, Charles Backus, Edward Young. 

He was a graduate of Yale College, class of 1788. " He 


was a soldier in the Revolutionary war ; taken prisoner at 
Horseneck, and confined in the sugar-house in New York, 
where he suffered much and barely escaped with his life." 
From 1792 till 1S09 he was pastor of the Congregational 
Church in West Suffolk, Conn. ; also preached in Cambridge- 
port, Mass., and other places in Connecticut, and elsewhere, 
making himself a useful servant of God. He was Chaplain to 
Congress in his 93d or 96th year. He had a remarkable con- 
stitution, and his mental powers served him to the last. 

Ebenezer W^aldo, son of Zacheus Waldo and Tali- 
tha Kingsbury, born Aug, 16, 1766, died July 7, 1843; mar- 
ried Eunice Devotion Aug. 22, J 797, who was born Sept. 6, 
1770, died Nov. 5, 1854. Children, 6th generation: Ebene- 
zer, Eunice, John D., Charles B., Louis, Elizabeth, Giles, 

Ebenezer Waldo, Jr., son of Ebenezer Waldo 
and Eunice Devotion, born in Scotland, Conn., June 9, 1798, 
died March, 1S66; never married. 

Eunice (Waldo) Doolittle, daughter of Ebene- 
zer Waldo and Eunice Devotion, born in Scotland, Conn., 
Dec. 23, 1799? died Nov. 16, 1857; married Asher Doolittle. 
Children, 7th generation : E. E. Doolittle, who married J. A. 

Jolm D. Waldo, son of Ebenezer Waldo and Eu- 
nice Devotion, born Feb. 6, 180 1, in Scotland, Conn. 

Charles B. Waldo, son of Ebenezer Waldo and 
Eunice Devotion, born in Scotland, Conn., Oct. 22, 1803, died 
Au°". 22, 1857, at Jonesboro', 111. ; married Mary Jane Wyatt 
Bennett Oct. 3, 1833, at the Bennett homestead, Poplar Mount, 
Va., she died Feb., 1865. They settled in Illinois in 1835 at 
Petersburg. Charles was a popular school-teacher. The 
children of this family all live in Texas, excepting William. 
Children, 7th generation : Richard E., William G., Charles A., 


Edwin D.John B., Clermont D., Giles D., Mary E., Anna T. 

Richard E. Waldo, son of Charles Waldo and 
Mary Bennett, born in Illinois, July, 1834, died Feb., 1S73; 
married Dec., 1S59, Jane Spenee. Children, 8th generation : 
Bertha, Lucy, Stella, Charlotte, Jessie. 

Richard enlisted as a private in the Union army, the eighty- 
eighth Illinois regiment. He was promoted to lieutenant; was 
in many severe engagements, and was left on the battle-field at 
one time for dead ; he never fully recovered from his wound. 

William G-. Waldo, son of Charles Waldo and 
Mary Bennett, born March, 1S37, m Petersburg, 111. ; married 
Feb., 1879, at Elkton, Ky., Mary E. Humphreys. Children, 
8th generation: Charles William, born Sept. 17, 1882. 

William G. was in Texas when the South seceded, and 
enlisted in the Southern army, in which he fought to the close 
of the war. He is now a contractor and builder in Lutesville, 

Charles A. Waldo, son of Charles Waldo and Mary 
Bennett, born in Petersburg, 111. He enlisted in the Union 
army when but eighteen years of age, in the eleventh Illinois 
regiment, which was one of the first to enter the city at the 
siege of Vicksburg. He was sent home sick in October, 1S64, 
and died in February, 1S65, aged 2r years. 

Edwin D. Waldo, son of Charles Waldo and Mary 
Bennett, born July, 1851, and died in Lutesville, Mo., Febru- 
ary, 1S72. 

.Louis Waldo, son of Ebenezer Waldo and Eunice 
Devotion, born in Scotland, Conn., March 4, 1S06; married 
Alice S. Baldwin, of S. Canterbury, Conn. Children, 7th 
generation : Ella, who married a Mr. Bryan ; Sarah H., Her- 
bert, of Jefferson City, Iowa. 


Elizabeth. "Waldo, daughter of Ebenezer Waldo 
and Eunice Devotion, born in Scotland, Conn., Sept. 25, 

Giles "W^alclo, son of Ebenezer Waldo and Eunice 
Devotion, born in Scotland, Conn,, May 25, 1814, died Aug. 
1849, at San Francisco. Vice Consul to Sandwich Islands. 

Geo. Waldo, son of Ebenezer Waldo and Eunice De- 
votion, born in town of Scotland, Conn., April 14, 1816; mar- 
ried Sarah E. Jagger, of Westhampton, Long Island, Sept. 23, 
1847. Children, 7th generation : Eva, Geo. E., Genevieve, 
Gerald, Margaret M., Jessie, Ellen M., Hubert, May. 

George is the owner of the estate originally the property of 
Edward Waldo of the third generation, who built a house up- 
on it about 1 709. The house is still standing and occupied. 
It is about 42x30 feet square, with a heavy stone chimney in 
the center. George has recently built a new house on the 
northern part of the farm. 

Eva ^Valdo, daughter of George Waldo and Sarah 
Jagger, born Feb. 1, 1849, died Aug. 23, 1854. 

Geo. E. "Waldo, son of Geo. Waldo and Sarah Jag- 
ger, born in Scotland, Conn., Jan. 11, 1851. Now in Ne- 

Genevieve Waldo, daughter of Geo. Waldo and 
Sarah Jagger, born in Scotland, Conn., Aug. 11, 1852. Teach- 
er, of Bloomfield, N. J. 

Gerald ^W^aldo, son of Geo. Waldo, and Sarah Jag- 
ger, born in Scotland, Conn., Feb. 9, 1S55. 

Margaret (Waldo) Thomas, daughter of Geo. 
Waldo and Sarah Jagger, born in Scotland, Conn., Sept. 2, 
1857; married Feb. 1, 1877, George C. Thomas, brass-manu- 
facturer, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, May 21, 1844. Children, 
8th generation : Waldo Thomas, born Feb. it, 1879, in Mont- 
clair, N. J. ; Margaret Thomas, born Sept. 3, t8So. 


•Jessie Waldo, daughter of Geo. Waldo and Sarah 
J agger, born in Scotland, Conn., June 29, 1859. 

JCllen M. Waldo, daughter of Geo. Waldo and 
Sarah Jaggar, horn in Scotland, Conn., Feb. 25, 1861. 

Hubert Waldo, son of Geo. Waldo and Sarah Jagger, 
born in Scotland, Conn., Feb. 3, 1S63. Now of Ulysses, Neb. 

May Waldo, daughter of Geo. Waldo and Sarah Jagger, 
bern in Scotland, Conn., May 1, 1865, died Feb. 1868. 

Ozias Waldo, youngest son of Zacheus Waldo 1st, and 
Talitha Kingsbury born April 21, 1 76S ; died Nov. 1, 1S07 at 
Cherry Valley. He was an elder and chief supporter of the 
Presbyterian church there, and built an academy of which 
Rev. E. Nott was principal ; married Nancy Ripley, daugh- 
ter of Ebenezer Ripley of Windham, Conn., Jan. 1, 1 795. 
Children, 6th generation : Dwight Ripley, Horace, Frederick 
Augustus, Peter, Francis. 

Horace Waldo, merchant of New York city, son of 
Ozias Waldo and Nancy Ripley, born July 10, 1799 ; married 
Sarah 0. H. Montgomery, of South Carolina, Oct. 5, 1832. 
Children, 7th generation : Horace Waldo, Jr., born Oct. 18, 
1833 ; Francis W., born Oct. 8, 1836. 

Frederick A. Waldo, physician, son of Ozias Waldo 
and Nancy Ripley, born in Windham, Conn., Dec. 24, 1801, 
a graduate of Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, Pa., 
J 837. He is a strong temperance advocate; married Arabella 
H. Lawrence, at Cincinnati, Ohio, where they now reside, 
Jan. 15, 1833. Children, 7th generation: Lawrence, lawyer 
at Indianapolis, Ind., born May 22, 1834; was in the United 
States service, was in the battle of Manassa, and fell in the 
battle of Mansfield, La., April 25, 1864. He was adjutant 
and captain in the 83d regt. O. V. ; Emma Clark, born March 
12, 1839, died Sept. 18, 1845 ; Arabella Louise, born June 3, 


Dr. Frederick Waldo's wife Arabella died June 3, 1841 or 
1844, aged 28. He married for second wife Frances Leonard, 
at Berkshire, N. Y., Aug. 23, 1846. Children, 7th genera- 
tion: Anna, born April, 23, 1851, died same year ; Leonard, 

Leonard Waldo, son of Dr. Frederick Waldo and Fran- 
ces Leonard born in Cincinnati, O., May 4, 1S53; married 
Dora Fullerton March 15, 1875. Children, Sth generation: 
Edith, born Dec. 31, 1 875 ; Fullerton Leonard, born April 5, 

The collesriate degrees conferred on Prof. Waldo are : S. 
B., Marietta, 1872; A. M., Marrietta, 1875, or '76; S. D., 
Harvard, 1S79 ; A. M., Yale, 18S0. The Secretary of the 
Navy appointed him assistant astronomer in the U. S. transit- 
of- Venus expedition in 1874. They went to Hobart Town, 
Tasmania. In 1875 he was assistant at Harvard College ob- 
servatorv, Cambridge, Mass ; now connected with the Yale 
College observatory, New Haven, Conn., w r here he resides. 

Prank Waldo, of Seewastc, Hamburg, Germany, son of 
Dr. Frederick Waldo and Frances Leonard, born in Cincin- 
nati, O., in 1S57 ; married Sarah M. Jacques Sept. 13, 1 88 1. 
Children, Sth generation: Mary Frances, born in 1882. Mr. 
Waldo is in the employ of the United States signal service. 

Peter Waldo, son of Ozias and Nancy, born Oct. 21, 
1805, died at St. Augustine, Fla., Feb. 20, '23. 

Francis Waldo, merchant, son of Ozias and Nancy, 
born Aug. 23, 1 807, died ; never married. 

John Waldo, son of Edward 1st and Thankful Dimock, 
born Oct. iS, 172S, probably in Windham, Conn., died Aug. 
23, iS 1 4 ; married Jemima Abbott, March 1 2, I 751. Child- 
ren, 5th generation : Phipps, Olive, Gamaliel, Ann, Zerviah, 
John Jr., Daniel, Jemima, Jcdediah. 


The members of this family arc noted for their longevity. 

IPhipps Waldo, son of John and Jemima, born Jan. 
21, 1752 ; was killed in the Revolutionary war on the Mohawk 
river, Jan. 18, 1776. 

Olive (Waldo) Jiartwell, daughter of John and 
Jemima Waldo, born Nov. 23, 1 753 ; married Peter Hartwell, 
died 1852, in her 99th year. 

Gamaliel Waldo, son of John Waldo and Jemima 
Abbott, born Aug. 29, 1755. 

Ann ( Waldo ) Waite, daughter of John Waldo 
and Jemima Abbott, born Nov. 24, 1757 > married Benj. Waite, 
of Rhode Island, Dec. 19, 1 779 ' sne died 1857, m ner one 
hundredth year. Children, 6th generation : Dr. Daniel D. 
Waldo, born in Washington Co., N. Y., 1796, besides others, 
who had numerous descendants. 

Zerviah (Waldo) GrolF, daughter of John and Je- 
mima, born Jan. 1, 1760 ; married Job Goff, Dec. 8, 1785. She 
died Jan. 17, 1857, a g e( l 97' Th e y settled in Virginia in 1802 
or '06. The first of that name who located in the state. They 
previously lived in Otsego Co., N. Y. Children, 6th genera- 
tion : Jcdediah W., Abigail, Waldo Potter, Jemima, Polly, 
Nathan, John, David. 

«Jedediah GrofF, son of Zerviah Waldo and Job Goff, 
born in Otsego Co., N. Y., Oct. 10, 17S6; married Dec. 10, 
1806, to Eliza Smith. He died Dec. 3, 1825. He was a 
member of the Virginia Legislature for several years. 

Abigail (GrofF) Oartlett, daughter of Zerviah Wal- 
do and Job Goff, born July 14, 178S; married Josia Bartlett 
Nov. 3, 1S19. 

Jemima GrofF, daughter of Zerviah Waldo and Job 
Goff, born Aug. 27, 1790, died Oct. 28, 1S08. 


Folly ( Groff ) Bartlett, daughter of Zerviah Waldo 
and Job Goff, born Feb. 21, 1793, in Otsego county, N. Y. ; 
married Benjamin Bartlett, Dec. 30, 1813. She died July 
9, 1837, or '57. 

W r aldo T\ GrofF, of Clarksburg, VV. Va., son of Zer- 
viah Waldo and Job GofT, born in Otsego Co., N. Y., Feb. 
25, 1796, died Sept. 17, 18S1 ; married Hannah L. Moore 
1838. Children, 7th generation: Nathan, Charles J., May, 

Waldo P. was a member of the Virginia Legislature. 

Gren. Nathan GrofF, son of Waldo P. Goff and Han- 
nah Moore, born in Clarksburg, W. Va., Feb. 9, 1842 ; mar- 
ried Laura E. Despard, of Clarksburg, Nov. 7, 1S65. Chil- 
dren, 8th generation : Guy. born 1867 ; Percy, born 1870. 

Gen. GofF has led an almost continuous public life. At the 
time of the war he, with his whole family, took sides with the 
Union, and in May, 1861, enlisted as a private in company G, 
Third Virginia Union Infantry. His regiment participated in 
many severe engagements. He soon became Second Lieuten- 
ant, and in 1864 he was made Major of his regiment, having 
been advanced through all the intermediate grades. In an en- 
gagement at Moorefield, Goffs horse was shot from under him, 
and he was taken prisoner and sent to Libby. While in prison 
a confederate Major Armsey, who lived in the adjoining coun- 
ty to GofF, was captured by the Federals and condemned to 
death as a spy, with others. Then the Confederates choose 
Goff as the person to put to death as an act of reprisal with 
others, as soon as the spies were executed. In his letter to 
President Lincoln in relation to his confinement he says: " If 
Major Armsey is guilty he should be executed, regardless of 
its consequences to me. The life of a single soldier, no matter 
who he may be, should not stand in the way of adherence to a 
great principle." Armsey was finally exchanged for Goff, 


and he again returned to his regiment. He was the means 
afterwards of saving Armsey's life ; he having been captured 
and placed in the jail at Clarksburg, where the people threat- 
ened his life, and but for GofFs interposition would probably 
have carried their threats into execution. He left the army as 
a Brevet Brigadier General of Volunteers. He was admitted 
to the bar in 1 865 . He has been practicing law since that 
time with good success. He represented his town in the Leg- 
islature in 1S67. and '68, when he was appointed U. S. Dis- 
trict Attorney. In 1 88 1 he was appointed Secretary of the 
Navy by President Hayes. In 1882 he was elected to the 
Forts -eighth congress. The Wheeling Sunday Register of 
Oct. 15, 1SS2, contains an extended biographical sketch of 
Gen. Goff. 

Nathan GroiL of Clarksburg, \V. Va., son of Zerviah 
Waldo and Job Goff, born April 2, 1798; married Catherine 
Britton, Oct. 13, 1836; 2d wife, Lucy Ann Evans. 

Nathan was a merchant for many years. Now president of 
the Merchant's National Bank at Clarksburg. He was a mem- 
ber of West Virginia Legislature for seven years. Has been a 
public man for sixty years. He was familiarly known about 
Clarksburg as » Uncle Nathan Goff." 

♦John GrOfF, farmer, near Clarksburg, W. Va., son of 
Zerviah Waldo and Job Goff, born Sept. 21, 1800; married 
Mary Davison, June iS, 1S25. He died Jan. 7, 1854. 

David GrofF, of Beverly, W. Va., son of Zerviah Wal- 
do and Job Goff, born Sept. 3, 1804; married Christiana 
Buckey ; had two children. 

He was a member of both houses of the West Virginia Leg- 
islature. He was a strong opponant of abolishionists, and ar- 
gued that Congress had no constitutional right to pass any law 
upon slavery, except that expressly provided in the constitu- 


tion. He was opposed to slavery, but claimed it the right of 
the state alone to abolish it. 

Rev. .Jolm Waldo, of W. Va., son of John Waldo 
and Jemima Abbott, brother of Zerviah, born Jan. 15, 1762 ; 

Daniel Waldo, son of John Waldo and Jemima Ab- 
bott, born May 24, 1764. 

Jemima (Waldo) Lake, daughter of John and 
Jemima Waldo, born May 26, 1766; married Henry Lake, 
Aug. 1, T7S4. 

Jedediah. Waldo, son of John Waldo and Jemima 
Abbott, born Oct. 17, 1772, died Jan. 20, 1858; married Pol- 
ly Porter, who died April 13, 1816, aged 40. Children, 6th 
generation : David, Daniel and Lawrence, born in Harrison 
Co., W. Va. ; probably others. David and Lawrence were in 
the Mexican war. David was a captain and distinguished 
himself. Lawrence was murdered by the Indians. Daniel 
removed to Oregon. Jedediah has children in Missouri, 
whose names we cannot give. 

Having finished the lineage of the descendants of the first 
Edward so far as we could obtain knowledge, the next in ol- 
der should be the daughters of John 1st, of Windham, Ct., 
but of them we have little knowledge. 

Rebecca W^aldo, daughter of John 1st of Windham, married 
Nathaniel Rudd ; Catherine married Joseph Dingley; and of 
Ruth, Sarah,, and Abigail, we have received no facts. 


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J?l£^*<j /FfY <?6^<>#>^ ??Z*^l^ 




Cornelius, Jr., son of Dea. Cornelius Waldo and Hannah 
Goggswell, born about 1659, in Chelmsford, Mass. ; married 
about 1683 ; but to whom it is not known. She died Oct. 23, 
1732. He removed to Dunstable, Mass., in 1685, and assisted 
in forming the second church of that town, of which he was a 
deacon. He was representative from the town in 1689, with 
his brother John. Children, 3rd generation : Cornelius, 
Marah, and probably others. 

Cornel ills W^aldo, son of Cornelius, Jr., born in 
Chelmsford, Mass., Nov. 17, 1684, c ^ ec ^ J une 4' *753- ^e 
was a merchant of Boston. 4t He was one of the original pro 
prietors of the town of Worcester." He married Faith Savage 
Aug. 28, 171 1. She died July 3, 1760, aged 76. Children, 
4th generation: Elizabeth, Faith, Cornelius, Eliza, Thomas, 
John, Joseph, Daniel, Lvdia. 

Elizabetli (W^aldo) Ti'estin, daughter of Corne- 
lius Waldo and Faith Savage, bom Nov. 17, 1712; married 
Benjamin Trestin ; died Aug. 22, 1S14. 


Faith (Waldo) Corkson, daughter of Cornelius 
Waldo and Faith Savage, born Jan. i, 1 7 1 4 , died Nov. 4, 1784 ; 
married Obadiah Corkson, by whom she hail three children. 

Cornelius Waldo, son of Cornelius Waldo and Faith 
Savage, born in Boston April 25, 1815, died Feb,. 4, 1782; 
married a daughter of Major Hay ward. She lived but a short 
time, and he married a second wife, but died childless. He 
lived in Worcester a short time, and afterwards settled in Sud- 
bury, where he probably died. 

Eliza (W^aldo) Austin, daughter of Cornelius Wal- 
do and Faith Savage, born in Boston Oct. 14, 1716, died May 
4, 1801 ; married Benjamin Austin, of Boston, a member of 
the Provincial Congress. Had several children. 

Thorras Waldo, son of Cornelius Waldo and Faith 
Savage, was educated a merchant. He was born Sept. 8, 1 71S, 
in Boston. He commanded a company of soldiers in the ex- 
pedition to Louisburg under Sir William Pepperell. He com- 
manded a cadet company called German Guards. lie lived in 
Brattleboro' and died in Boston in 1796. 

John Waldo, son of Cornelius Waldo and Faith Sav- 
age, born in Boston Oct. 30, 1720, died June 10, 1796; was 
educated a merchant. lie married Abigail Wells, daughter of 
Samuel Wells, of Boston. He died childless. 

Joseph Waldo, son of Cornelius Waldo and Faith 
Savage, born in Boston Jan. 11, 1723 ; married Martha Jones, 
daughter of John Jones, Esq., of Dorchester, Mass. They 
had two children, Joseph and John Jones. The latter was a 
graduate of Harvard College. Joseph, Sr., was a merchant in 
Boston in company with his brother Daniel Waldo. He went 
to England in 1 773* 


Extract from a letter written in 1S11, relative to this mem- 
ber of the family : 

London, Oct. 20, 181 J. 
" One tiny, while we were viewing the public buildings at 
Chittenham, the following very extraordinary inscription, on 
an elegant marble monument erected in a church-yard, arrested 
our attention : 

Here lies the mortal remains of 

An American Merchant, born in the town of Boston, 

In America, in the year of our Lord, 1723, 

From whence he came to England. 

After residing at Bristol a number of years, traveling 
through various parts of the kingdom, he retired to 
this town, where, after a patient endurance of the 
infirmaties of old age, he departed this life 

Like autumn fruit mellowed long, 
Even wondered at that he fell not sooner; 
Fate seemed to wind him up for fourscore 
Years, yet freely ran he on ten winters more; 
'Till, like a clock worn out with eating time, 
The wearied wheels of life at last stood still. 

Upon inquiry I found that he was alive in / lat town ; that 
it was indited and erected under his inspectioy to be fitted up 
with dates, after his decease, by his son, wLo was living in 
Bristol. I visited him ; found him in a very inferior state of 
health ; faculties impaired ; related to me his leaving America : 
expressed great sorrow for having so done, mentioning his 


having been a hardware merchant, copartner with his brother. 
He was then in the ninetieth year of his age, in good spirits, 
and had a good appetite." 

Daniel ^Waido, son of Cornelius Waldo and Faith 
Savage, born in Boston, Oct. 29, 1724, died 180S ; married 
Rebecca Salisbury, daughter of Nicholas Salisbury, of Boston, 
May 3, 1757. Children, 5th generation: Joseph, born April 
26, 1758, died Aug. 25, 1760; Thomas and John, born May 
1, 1759, both died same year; Daniel, Jr., born June 11, 
1760, died same year ; Martha, Daniel, 3d ; Rebecca Elbridge, 
born May 1, 1764, died Nov. 9, 1765; Elizabeth, Sarah, Re- 

Daniel, Sr., was educated a merchant by John Spencer, 
Esq., and began business with his brother Joseph, under the 
firm name of Joseph & Daniel Waldo, in Boston. In May, 
1775, he removed to Providence, R. I., but afterwards settled 
in Worcester, Mass., where he died. His children were pro- 
bably born in Boston. 

Martha (Waldo) Lincoln, daughter of Daniel 
Waldo and Rebecca Salisbury, born Sept. 14, 1 761 , died 
March 2S, 182S ; married Levi Lincoln, of Worcester, Mass., 
a lawyer. He held the office of Attorney General of the 
United States, and was Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts. 

Daniel Waldo, .Jr., son of Daniel Waldo and Re- 
becca Salisbury, born Jan. 28, 1763, died July 9, 1845. Pro- 
bably never married. He was a great business man of Wor- 
cester, Mass., in company with his father, and was President 
of the Worcester Bank. 

Elizabeth Waldo, daughter of Daniel Waldo and 
Rebecca Salisbury, born Nov. 24, 1765, died Aug. 28, 1845. 

Allen's Biographical Dictionary contains the name of Miss 
Elizabeth Waldo, who died in Worcester, in August, 1845, 


the same month and year given above, who bequeathed $12,000 
to each ot six societies. 

Sarah. ^Waldo, daughter Daniel Waldo and Rebecca 
Salisbury, born Feb. 22, 1769, died March 19, 185 1, in Bos- 
ton. " She bequeathed more than $50,000 to various institu- 

Lydia (^Waldo) Austin, daughter of Cornelius 
Waldo and Faith Savage, born June 22, 1727, died Aug. 13, 
1S00; married Timothy Austin. 




Daniel, son of Dea. Cornelius, was born, probably, in 
Chelmsford ; married Susannah Adams, another daughter ot 
Samuel Adams, (granddaughter of Cromwell's Admiral 
Graves) Sept. 20, 1683. Children, 3rd generation : Zachariah, 
Bethiah, Rebecca. Esther. Daniel died Nov. 1, 1737. His 
wife, Susannah, died March 16, 1741 or '42. 

Daniel's brother, Jonathan Waldo, of Boston, and Han- 
nah, his wife, deeded to him and his wife, Susannah, a piece 
of land situated in Pomfret, Conn., under date of April 5; 
1716. The same property was owned by Dea. Job Williams 
in 1857. Whether Daniel removed from his farm in North 
Chelmsford, where he was settled by his father, to Pomfret, is 
not known. He conveyed said land, however, to his son 
Zachariah, Feb. 11, 1729. 

Zacliariali Waldo, farmer of Pomfret, Conn., son 

of Daniel Waldo and Susannah Adams, married Abigail . 

Children, 4th generation : Jonathan, Abigail, Sarah, Daniel, 
Sarah, Susannah, Albigence, Samuel, Dr. Albigence. Zach- 


ariah died Nov. 22, t 761 ; his wife Abigail died Oct. 18, i777- 

Jonathan Waldo, son of Zachariah and Abigail, of 

Pom fret, born March 22, 1728 or '29, died in Canterbury, Ct., 

Dec. 21, 1788; married Abigail . She died Dec. 20, 

1772. Children, 5th generation: Abigail, Hannah, Sarah, 
Louisania, Zachariah, Jonathan, Jr., Benj. Whitmore, born 
Feb. 21, 1 77 1 ? died same year; John, born July 28, 1772. 
Jonathan married in 1773' ms second wife, Joanna Mig- 
hell. Children, 5th generation : Lucretia, born Nov. 7, 1773 ; 
Joseph, born July 12, 1776; Benjamin, born Aug. 28, 1778, 
died same year; Betsey, born Aug. 11, 1 781 ; married Leon- 
ard Corbin, of Dudley, Mass. 

Abigail ^Waldo, daughter of Jonathan and Abigail, 
born June 17, 1 757 ' naarried a Hyde, and resided in Canter- 
bur v. 

Hannah Waldo, daughter of Jonathan and Abigail, 
born Feb. 1, 1 759 ' married a Leavens, and resided in North 
Killingly, Conn. 

Sarah Waldo, daughter of Jonathan and Abigail, 
born March 13, 1 761 ; never married. 

Ijouisania Waldo, daughter of Jonathan and Abi- 
gail, born July 14, 1763, died June 1, 1766. 

Zachariah Waldo, of Royalton, Vt., son of Jona- 
than Waldo and Abigail, and grandson of Zachariah, of Pom- 
fret, born December 26, 1764; he married Abigail C . 

Children, 6th generation : John, Sarah, Ralph, Jonathan, 
Sullivan, Moses C, Mahaia, John, William P., Louisa A., 
Joseph W. 

♦John Waldo, of Wisconsin, son of Zachariah and 
Abigail C, born in Vermont, probably, July 4, 1794. 

Sarah Waldo, daughter of Zachariah and Abigail C, 
born in Royalton, Vt., April 3, 1795. 


Ralph Waldo, son of Zachariah and Abigail C, 
born in Royalton, Vt., Sept. 11, 1797; married Parmelia 
Wheat 1828. Children, 7th generation: William S., born 
Jan. i, 1830; Emma L., born Aug. 29, 1831 ; Charles F., 
born Oct. r, 1833; Maria A., born Jan. 7, 1836; Joseph W., 
born April 23, '38; Mary E., born Oct. 12, '39; Benj. F., 
borri Jan. 14. '42 ; George VV., born Dec. 23, '43 ; Richard 
H., born March 27, '45 ; Willis W., born Dec. 24, '46; Flora 
A., born Oct. 29, '51 ; Jenny A., born Dec. 13, '$$. 

Jonathan Waldo, of Andover, Mass, son of Zach- 
ariah and Abigail C, born Sept. 6, 1799, in Royalton, Vt., 
probably; married Lucina C. Goldsmith 1832. Children, 7th 
generation : Sarah C, born Oct. ^, 1832 ; Elizabeth A., born 
March 14, '34; Jonathan, Jr., born Dec. 20, '35; Abby C, 
born May 26, '39; Clara W., born Jan. 10, '42; Mary F., 
born Dec. 16, '46; Joseph W.,born March 15, '4S ; Ellen B., 
born July 6, '50. 

Snllivan Waldo, son of Zachariah and Abigail C, 
born Sept. 11, 1801, in Royalton, Vt., where he was living in 
1856; married Roxv Green. Children, 7th generation : Wil- 
liam G., born Aug. 19, 1836; Albigence, born Nov., 1838; 
Dillingham, born May 24, '40; Albert M., born Dec, 1845; 
Freeman R., born Dec, 1847. Probably all born in Royal- 
ton, Vt. 

Moses C. Waldo, son of Zachariah and Abigail C, 
born Nov. 16, 1803, died Dec. 29, 1822. 

Mahala (Waldo) Reynolds, of Collinsville, Ct., 
daughter of Zachariah and Abigail C, born March 27, 1808, 
probably in Royalton, Vt. ; married Judson Reynolds. 

John Waldo, son of Zachariah and Abigail C, born 
in Royalton, Vt., March 27, iSo5 ; married Ruth Shepherd. 
Children, 7th generation: Susan Angeline, born Oct. 19, 
1834; -Ellen Amanda, born Aug. 19, '36; Eliza Ann, born 


January, 1839; John S., born August, 1845; Lucien, born 
March, 1851. 

William F\ Waldo, of Stoughton, Mass., son of 
Zachariah and Abigail C, born probably in Royalton, May 
19, 1810; married Mary Talbut. Children, 7th generation: 
Edward Alfred, born March, 1842; Samuel A., born June 1, 

Louisa A. (Waldo) TJpham, daughter of Zacha- 
riah and Abigail C, born Dec. 1, 1S13, probably in Royalton ; 
married Isaac Upham. His residence was Thompson, Conn. 

John W. Waldo, son of Zachariah and Abigail C, 
born Aug. 11, 1S16, at Royalton; married Mandana Leland, 
November, 1852. Children, 7th generation : Abbey M., born 
July 13, 1855. 

Jonathan W^aldo? Jl\, son of Jonathan and Abigail, 
born Dec. 26, 1 764, died following year. 

Abigail Waldo, daughhter of Zachariah, 1st, and 
Abigail, of Pomfret, born June 17, 1 73 I. 

Sarah. Waldo, daughter of Zachariah, 1st, and Abi- 
gail, born May 3, 1 734, died following year. 

Daniel Waldo, son of Zachairah, 1st, and Abigail, 
of Pomfret, Ct., born May 30, 1737, died March 2, 1792, at 
Woodstock, Vt. 

Sarah. Waldo, daughter of Zachariah, ist, and Abi- 
gail, of Pomfret, born Jan. 9, 1739. 

Susannah Waldo, daughter of Zachariah, ist, and 
Abigail, born Oct. 26, 1742, died July 22, 18 15. 

Albig'ence Waldo, son of Zachariah, ist, and Abi- 
gail, born Dec. 30, 1744, died Oct. 9, 1749. 

Samuel Waldo, son of Zachariah, 1st, and Abigail, 
of Pomfret, Ct , born Aug. 2S, 1747, died Feb. 14, 1810; 


married Molly Putnam, daughter of Gen. Israel Putnam, of 
Brooklyn, Ct., of Revolutionary fame, Nov. 2, 1773- Chil- 
dren, 5th generation : Betty, Israel Putnam, Samuel Putnam, 
Francis, Lewis, Polly, Lewis Putnam. 

FSetty Waldo, daughter of Samuel Waldo and Molly 
Putnam, born probably in Pomfret, Ct., Sept. 22, 1 774- 

Israel Putnam W'aldc, son of Samuel Waldo 
and Molly Putnam, born Dec. 22, 1776, died Jan. 2, 1786. 

Samuel Putnam Waldo, son of Samuel Waldo 
and Molly Putnam, grandson of Gen. Putnam, born March 12, 
1779. ^ e was an author; wrote many biographical works. 
He compiled Robbins' Journal, wrote "The Tour of James 
Munroe in 1817," with a sketch of his life, a book of 300 
pages. It was published in 1S18. He was the author of the 
lives of Jackson, Decatur, Nicholas Biddle, E. Preble, Paul 
Jones, and A. Murray. He died in Hartford, Ct., in March, 

Francis Waldo, son of Samuel Waldo and Molly 
Putnam, born April 22, 1783; married Lucinda Clement 
Cheeny, May 12, 1805. Children, 6th generation : Catherine 
Waldo, born May 14, 1806 ; Samuel Waldo, born June 1, 1S10 ; 
Mary Putnam Waldo, born Sept. 20, 1S12; Frances Lucinda 
Waldo, born April 12, 1815. 

Lewis Waldo, son of Samuel Waldo and Molly Put- 
nam, born June 25, 1 787, died May 7, 1 788. 

Polly Waldo, daughter of Samuel Waldo and Molly 
Putnam, born April 13, 1789. 

Lewis Putnam "Waldo, son of Samuel Waldo 
and Molly Putnam, born March 22, 1 796, died March 28, 1796. 

Dr. Albigence W^aldo, son of Zachariah Waldo 

and Abigail , born in Pomfret, Conn., Feb. 27, 1750; 

married to Lydia Hurlbut, Nov. 1772. Children, 5th genera- 


tion : Elisha Hurlbut, Ralph, Harriet, Thos. Fanning, Nancy, 
Albigence, Jr. ; by bis second wife Lucy Cargill, bad Lucy, 
and Laura. 

We are indebted to Mr. John M. Cargill, of Providence, 
R. I., a nephew of Dr. Waldo's second wife, for papers fur- 
nished from which we gathered the following, the papers 
being found by him in an old house at the foot of Mount Tom, 
near the Connecticut river, where they were placed by the 
Doctor's wife, she having taken up her residence there soon 
after his death : i; On the breaking out of the Revolution, Dr. 
Waldo proceeded with the neighbors around about Pomfret, 
to Boston, immediately after receiving news of the battle of 
Lexington, their leader probably l}eing Gen. Putnam. He re- 
mained at Cambridge and Roxbury until honorably discharged, 
his health having failed him. On Dec. 14th, 1JJ6, he was ap- 
pointed by Gov. Trumbull, surgeon of the ship Cromwell. 
The ship not sailing, he, by the Governor's permission, attached 
himself to Gol. Huntington's newly raised regiment as sur- 
geon. This happened April 3d, 1777, in New Jersey, and 
he continued to do his duty with fidelity, and to the satisfac- 
tion of the officers and soldiers, and was discharged in Oct., 
1779. He was in the winter quarters at Valley Forge, and 
the following spring was with the jubilant Yankees as they 
gave chase to the Red Coats, then riving for safety over the 
plains of Monmouth. The war made him a poor man. The 
continental money amounting to but little for the support of 
his family, and consequently, after the war petitioned the Con- 
necticut Legislature to be ' exonorated from his past debts, have 
an equal share in the bounty of his country for real losses and 
services, and that he may have the privileges of a free citizen 
during the little remainder of life,' etc. He was a great ad- 
mirer of Washington, as is shown by the many letters he sent 
home from the front containing glowing sentiments about him. 



That Washington respected him highly is shown by his hav- 
ing employed him to copy many of his military orders, and 
presented him with a sword, which is still in the possession of 
Mr. Cargill, who also has the Doctor's iron-bound chest which 
he carried with him through the war, which now only con- 
tains the old sword, brass scales, by which he weighed his 
medicines, old papers, books, records, etc., his surgical outfit 
having been removed." Mr. Waldo received his early train- 
ing in the schools of his native town. He acquired his great 
skill and eminence as a physician and surgeon by study and 
practice at home, by extensive observations in the army, and 
by intercourse with the best of physicians. He had an extend- 
ed practice, was well known in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, 
and Connecticut. Three of his day-books, bound in hog-skin, 
contain the names of some 6000 patients treated by him, cov- 
ering a period of seventeen years, which included only those 
who had their accounts charged. Gen. Putnam's name ap- 
pears several times as one of his patients. He was a neighbor 
and intimate friend of the General. His brother Samuel was 
the General's son-in-law. 

He gave the eulogium at Putnam's grave, also at the grave 
of Capt. Asa Lyon, 1785. Being an able man he was often 
called upon on such occasions, He was so highly esteemed in 
Pomfret that many children were given his name. He died 
in 1794- Gen. McClellan delivered the funeral address in be- 
half of the Masonic fraternity. Moriah Lodge erected a mon- 
ument to his memory in the principal cemetery of Pomfret. 
The following is the inscription upon the monument : — 

" The Master Wardens and Brethren 

of Moriah Lodge 

In testimony of their esteem and respect 

For the virtues, talents and usefulness 

Of their late worthy Brother, 

Erect this Monument 


To the Memory 


Who, attentively studying the works of God 

In the admirable frame of man, 

Rose to eminent distinction 

In the noble art of healing. 

His name is Charity ; 

His actions, Humanity ; 

His intercourse with men, benevolence and love. 

Born in Pomfret, Feb. 27, 1750; 

Died 29th Jan., 1794." 

Dr. Waldo's book-mark, which he was accustomed to 
place in books loaned, was 

" The wicked borroweth and returneth not." 

The righteous borrow, read with care, and speedily return 
to the owner. 

Dr. Waldo kept a diary while he was at Valley Forge, 
which is full of interest from beginning to end. We give a 
few extracts only. The contents of the diary was published in 
the Historical Magazine in 1861, and in 1S63 it contained the 
poem that the Doctor wrote while in camp, a part of which 
will be found below, which was addressed to his wife, whom 
he called Celia. He began his diary Dec. 10, 1777. 


Dec. 28th.— Yesterday upwards of fifty Officers in Genl. 
Green's Division resigned their commissions.— Six or seven of our 
Regiment are doing the like to-day. All this is occation'd by 
Officers' families being so much neglected at home on account of 

The present circumstances of the Soldier is better by far than 
the Officer— for the families of the Soldier is provided for at public 
expense if the Articles they want are above the common price — 
but the Officers family are obliged not only to be™ in the most humble 
manner for the necessities of Life,— but to pay Sta these. a,ftex wards 
at the most exorbitant rates 


Dec. 28— Building Hutts. 

Dec. 29th. — Continued the work. Snow'd all day pretty brisk- 
ly.— The party of the 22d returned— lost 18 men, who were taken 
prisoners by being decoyed by the Enemies Light Horse who 
brought up the rear, as they passed the Schuylkill to the city. 

Our party took 13 or 14 of their Horsemen Our party 

were several times mixed with the enemies 1 horse — not knowing 
them from our Connecticut Light Horse— their clonks being the 

Dec. 30th. — Eleven deserters came in to-day — some Hessians 
& some English— one of the Hessins took an ax in his hand & 
cut away the Ice of the Schuylkill which was 1 1-2 inches thick 
&. -40 Rod wide and waded through to our camp— he was 1-2 an 
hour in the Water 

Sir Win. Askins commanded the 8000 who were out over the 
Schuylkill the otber Day — but part of two Brigades were left in 
the city. Cold Weather. Hutts go on moderately— very cold 
lying in Tents beyond what one can think. 

Dec. 31st.— Ajutaut Selden leain'd me how to Darn Stock- 
ings -to make them look like knit work 

Valley Forge, Dec. ;31st., 1777. 

Doct. Waldo, Surgeon of Col. Prentices Kegt., is recommended 
for a Furlow. 


In the Evening 1 j.iyfully received a letter from my good & 
loving Wife. The pleasure and satisfaction a man enjoys upon 
hearing of the health & peace of a Friend and more especially of 
a Wife, on whose affection & peace his own happiness depends, 
is a greater pleasure. * * * 

1778. January 1st.-— New Year. I am alive. I am well. 

Hutts go on briskly, and our camp begins to appear like a 

spacious city 

Bought an embroidered jacket 

Jan. 3d.— Our Hutts or rather our Hermits' cell goes on briskly 
— having a short allowance of Bread this morning we divided it 
with great precision -eat our Breakfast with thankful hearts for 
the little we had 

Another ship was taken from the enemy this Week— the lad- 
ing takeu out and the Ship burnt. The other ship mentioned 
New Year's day was loaded with Officers Baggage and Medicines 
—with other valuable matters— & clothing for 2000 men compleat. 



The bint taken from the following line of Pope : 

"Gun, Drum, Trumpet, Blunderbus & Thunder." 

Soldiers! would you acquire a lasting fame; 

Would you be pleased with a Hero's name, 

Have you a wish to be a Martial Wonder ? 

Rush furious on your foes— & fearless blunder, 

Thro 1 Gun, Drum, Trumpet, Blunderbuss and Thunder! 

Fresh Beef and Flour ruak" me perfectly Sick— especially ai 
we have no spirits to drink with it; but others stand it and so 
must I 

Sunday, Jan. 4th I was call'd to relieve a Soldier 

tho't to be dying— he expired before I reach'd the Hutt. He wns 
an Indian — an excellent Soldier — and an obedient good-natur'd 
fellow, hie engaged for money doubtless as others do;— but he 
has serv'd his country faithfully —he has fought for those very peo- 
ple who disinherited his forefathers— having finished his pilgrim- 
age, he was discharged from the War of Life & Death. . . . 

What a frail-dying creature is Man. We are certainly not 
made for this world — daily evidences demonstrate the contrary. 

Ah! frail— vain man — ye jest of fortune Here. 

Riches thy bane — and Poveity thy curse. 

All pleasures glutt thee— pain afflicts thy heart, 

Thy Body only food for death & Worms. 

Look upward then— O Man — the God of Worlds 

Has formed another World for the — by far 

Superior to this Orb on which we d .veil. 

The Marquis De la Fayette, a Volunteer in Our Array— & he 
who gave three ships to Congress, is very agreeable in his person 
and great in his character; being made a Major General— Briga- 
dier Conway, an Irish Colonel from France, took umbrage thereat, 
and resigned — but is now made Inspector General of the army — he 
is a great character— he were a commission in the French Service 
when he was but ten years old. Major General Lord Sterling, is 
a man of a very noble presence. . . . . . 

Count Polaski — General of the Horse is a Man of hardly mid- 
dling Statue — sharp countenance— and lively air; He contended 
a long time with his Uncle the present King of Poland for the 
crown— but being overcome he tied to France — and has now 
joined the American Army, where he is greatly respected & ad- 
mired for his Martial Skill, Courage & Intrepidity. Genl. Green 
& Genl. Sullivan are greatly esteemed. Baron De Kalb, a Major 
General is another very remarkable character, and a Gentleman 
much esteemed. 


Jan. 5th.— Apply VI for a Fnrlow, Surgn. Genl. not at home 
— came back mumping & Sulkcy. 

Jap. 6th. — Apply'd again— was deny'd by reason of Inocula- 
tions being set on foot 

8th. — Unexpectedly got a Fnrlow. Set out for home. The 
very worst of Riding— Mud & Mire. 

We had gone thro' Inoculation before this fuiiow. 



W lit ten under circumstances not likely to prompt one to ihy me- making-. 


Valley Forge, Apiil 26, 1778. 


1 sing in Hudebrastic strains, 

Of huts, encampments, and campaigns. 

O Celia! listen to my lays, 
For my ambition is thy praise: 
Inspired by Him who formed thee, 
I catched friendship's first idea. 
The happy knot, I fondly own, 
Confirmed my love for you alone — 
Be then my muse, and smooth along 
This rugged medley of a song. 


My humble hut demands a right 

To have its matter, birth, and site 

Described first! Of pond'rous logs 

Whose bulk disdains the winds or fogs. 

The sides and ends are fitly raised, 

And by dove-tail each corner's brae'd; 

Athwart the roof young saplings lie. 

Which fire and smoke has now made dry — 

Next, straw wraps o'er the tender pole. 

Next earth, then splints o'erlay the whole; 

Although it leaks when show'rs are o'er 

It didn't leak two hours before. 

Two chimneys plac'd at op'site angles 

Keep smoke from causing oaths and wrangles, 

(Which some philosophers have swore 

Will turn us as quick out of th' door, 

And is the second plague in life 

To what is called the scolding wife; 


But I know nothing of this matter, 
Being never plagu'd with female clatter; 
Peace to all such who know that, too. 
While happy I am blessed with you :) 
Our floors of sturdy timber made, 
Cleav'd from the oak and level laid ; 
Those cracks where zephyrs oft would play 
Are tightly closed with plastic clay ; 
Three windows, placed all in Right, 
Through oiled paper give us light ; 
One door, on wooden hinges hung, 
Lets in the friend, or sickly throng ; 
By wedge and beetle's splitting force 
The oaken planks are made, though coarse, 
By which is formed a strong partition 
That keeps us in a snug condition ; 
Divides the kitchen from the hall, 
Though both are equal, and both email, 
Yet there the cook prepares the board, 
There serves it up as to a lord, 
There knives and spoons and kettles rattle 
While here we talk of war and battle ; 
There is the chat and fun of boys 
Here pensive thoughts or friendship's J03S, 
Thore flights of fancy ycuth puisne 
While here I set and think of you. 


'Tis not each high aspiring dome 
That graced the streets of ancient Rome, — 
Not Troy's high walls, that rais'd the eyes 
With tow'ring spires toward the skies, — 
Not London's pride-that painted Doll, 
Though once our happy Capitol- 
Can equal, as the world must own, 
This ppaeious Camp of Washington ! 

But here to sing the General's praise, 
With Washington to grace my lays, 
Would strain my muse beyond its pow'r 
And ev'n true praise itself devour, 
Yet still I must and will impart 
A verse or two to show my heart. 

Oh Washington ! what soul like thine, 
If aught below can be divine, — 
'Tis thou !— " in every instance try'd 
Above all passsion, pain, or pride, 
Or power or rage of public breath, 
Vile Lucre," or the dread of Death, 
Not one that knows thee but must love — 
Those that but see thee will approve ! 
The World and Angels do command 
The heav'n born Universal Friend. 
Oh, could I reach the true sublime ! 
Transmit his worth to latest time ! 


In son'rous verse sublimely raise 
His virtues and deserved praise, 
Quartos and folios I'd write upon 
And shew the world a Washington ! 

But let ine shrink into myself. 

Least from Parnassus some vile Elf 

From tall Pegassus tumble me 

And make me but too plainly see 

I ne'er was born nor made a Poet 

Make all that know me, and Celia know it, 

Therefore I'll softly walk along 

And humbly sing my narrative song. 

Elisha Hurlbut Waldo, son of Dr. Albigence 
Waldo and Lydia Hurlbut, was born Sept. it, 1773, died July 
25, 1801, at Charleston, S. C, of yellow fever, while there on 
business, being at tlu tinu, state printer of Georgia. 

Ralph Waldo, son of Dr. "Albigence Waldo and 
Lydia Huiiburt, was born Nov. zj, 1775, died Aug. 13, 1 777. 

Harriet (Waldo) FSarklsy, daughter of Dr. Albi- 
gence Waldo and Lydia Hurlbut, was born April 14, 1 777' 
died Oct. 19, 1N20; married Hon. Svlvanus Barkey. 

Thos. Fanniiiii 1 Waldo, son of Dr. Albigence 
Waldo and Lydia Hurlbut, was born Sept. 19, 1 779, died Sept. 
13, 1S54. 

Nancy Waldo, daughter of Dr. Albigence Waldo 
and Lydia Hurlbut, born April S, 1783, died June n, 1 S54. 

Albigence Waldo, Jr., born Jan. 29, 1785, mar- 
ried to Lucretia Partridge, April 5, 1812, died May 9, 1849. 
Children : Elisha Hurlbut, James Frederick, Lueretia Maria, 
Charles Albigence, Edwin Erastus. His wife died June 1, 

Elislia Hurlbui't Waldo, son of Albigence Wal- 
do, Jr., was born Sept. 6, 18 13. 

James Frederick W^aldo, son of Albigence 
Waldo, Jr., was born March 19, 18 16. 


I^ucrotia Maria ^Waldo, daughter of Albigence 
Waldo, Jr., was born Aug. 12, 18 18. 

Charles Albig'ence W^aldo, son of Albigence 
Waldo, Jr., born Oct. 4, 1823. 

Edwin Erastus Waldo, son of Albigence Wal- 
do, Jr., was born Oct. 14, 1S31. 

Lucy Waldo, daughter of Dr. Albigence Waldo and 
Lucy Cargill, born in Woodstock, Conn., April 3, 17S8, died 
July 3, 1809. 

Laura Waldo, daughter of Dr. Albigence Waldo 
and Lucy Cargill, born probably in Woodstock, Conn., May 
23, 1789; burned to death Nov. iS, 1795. 

Betliiali Waldo, daughter of Daniel Waldo, was 
born in Chelmsford, Aug. 20, 1688. 

Ltebecca Waldo, daughter of Daniel Waldo and 
Susannah Adams, born probably in Chelmsford, Mass., Feb. 

5> l6 95- 

Esther Waldo, daughter of Daniel Waldo and Su- 
sanna Adams, was born in Chelmsford, Mass., Jan. 5, 1698. 





Rebecca, daughter of Dea. Cornelius Waldo, was born 
probably in Chelmsford, in 1665 \ married to Edward Emer- 
son Jan. 27, 1697, who was the grandson of Rev. Edward 
Bulkier. Children: Joseph, Elizabeth, Edward. 

Mr. Emerson had some considerable property. His wife 
received a goodly portion of her fathers estate, after his disease. 
At the town-meeting March 1, 1703, "Dea. Edward Emer- 
son" was chosen Surveyor of Highways "for ye middle of ye 

Joseph. Emerson, son of Rebecca (Waldo) Emer- 
son, was born in Chelmsford, Mass., April 20, 1700. 

Elizabeth. Emerson, daughter of Rebecca Waldo 
and Edward Emerson, was born at Chelmsford, April 19, 
1 701. 

Edward. Emerson, Jr., son of Rebecca Waldo 
and Edward Emerson, was born at Chelmsford, Mass., May S, 

I702. V 


Prof. B. K. Emerson, of Amherst, Mass., has papers rela- 
tive to this branch of the family, which will probably appear in 
the Emerson volume whenever published. Rebecca Waldo 
was the great-great-grandmother of Ralph Waldo Emerson, 
the philosopher and poet. 




Jonathan, youngest son of Dea. Cornelius Waldo, was 
born in Clemsford, Mass., in 166S; married Hannah Mason, 
Nov. 28, 1692. Children, 3d generation : Samuel, Jonathan, 
Jr., Hannah, Ann. 

Jonathan removed to Boston, and established himself as a 
merchant. He became wealthy. The " Boston Gazetteer'''' 
of May 31, 1 73 1 , contains the following article: '' On the 
26th past, died here, and on Monday last was honorably in- 
terred, Mr. Jonathan Waldo, in the sixty-third year of his age, 
who sometime since was one of the most considerable shop- 
keepers in the place, but did of late retire to a more private 
life. He was always justly accounted a man of integrity, a fair 
dealer, and a liberal benefactor to the poor, and hath left large 
donations to pious uses." 

Gren. Samuel Waldo. Samuel, Brigadier Gen- 
eral, son of Jonathan Waldo and Hannah Mason, was born in 
Boston, probably, in 1696, died of apoplexy May 23, 1 759 ; 
married Lucy, who died in Boston, Aug. 7, 1 741 . Children, 


4th generation: Samuel, Jr., Francis; gradutes of Harvard 

Samuel was a rich merchant of Boston. " He was a very 
accomplished man, active and enterprising. As an officer he 
was distinguished. He was a great traveler, having crossed 
the ocean fifteen times." He settled the town of Waldoboro', 
Maine, according to an old memorandum, with Germans 
brought by him from Germany in 1754. He was a Brigadier 
General in the King's service in the French war, and was 
with forces in Nova Scotia at the battle of Mina, Feb., 1 747- 

Samuel W^aldo. Jr., son of Gen. Samuel and Lucy, 
born in Boston, probably, in 1721, died April t6, 1770; mar- 
ried Sarah Erving. Children, 5th generation : Samuel, John 
Erving, Francis, Ralph, Sarah, Lucy. 

Samuel, Jr., was a graduate ot Harvard College, class of 
1743, and removed to Falmouth, (now Portland) Me. In 
1744 he was elected a member of the General Court, ami com- 
missioned a colonel the same year by Gov. Shirley. He was 
appointed Judge of Probate for the county of Cumberland in 
1760, and continued in office until his decease; was a member 
of the legislature eight years. 

Francis AValclo, son of Gen. Samuel and Lucy 
Waldo, born probably in Boston, but afterwards removed to 
Falmouth. (Portland) Me., graduated at Harvard College 
1747. The first collection district was created in 1758, and 
Mr. Waldo commissioned collector. He was also a repre- 
sentative in the General Court from Falmouth, 1762 and 1763. 
In 1778 he was proscribed and banished. His property passed 
to the State under the confiscation act, and was sold in 17S2. 
He went to England and died in 1784. He was never married. 

Jonathan Waldo* Jr., son of Jonathan Waldo and 
Hannah Mason, born June 4, 1697, died March 20, 1734; 
married Susannah . Children, 4th generation : Jona- 
than, Marv. 


.Jonathan Waldo, 3rd, son of Jonathan, Jr., and 
Susannah, born Aug. 18, 1724, died at sea in 1775 ; said to 
have been engulfed by the earthquake at Lisbon. Married 
Mary Novvell, of Boston, July 20, 1749. Children, 5th gen- 
eration : Jonathan, 4th, Susannah, Sarah. 

Jonathan Waldo, 4th, son of Jonathan Waldo and 
Mary Nowell, born June 21, 1754, died March 31, 1815 ; 
married Mary Ropes, of Salem, Mass., April 20, 1 7S0. She 
died June 10, 17S1. February 5, 17S3, Jonathan married his 
second wife, Meletiah Messenger, of Wrentham, Mass. 
Children, 6th generation : Jonathan, 5th, by first wife, Chas. 
Frederick, Edward W., Henry Loyd, Henry S., Mary R., 

Jonathan Waldo, son of Jonathan Waldo and Mary 
Ropes, born May 30, 1781, died Sept. 20. iSt 7 ; never mar- 

Chas. Frederick Waldo, son of Jonathan Waldo and 
Meletiah Messenger, his second wife, born Dec. 21, 1 783, died 
Aug. 30, 1S38; married Sarah Vose Foster, of Charlestown, 
Mass., daughter of Jacob and Rebecca Foster, Aug. 6, 1817. 
He was a sailing master of the United States Navy.. Children, 
7th generation : Charles Foster Waldo, born April iS, 1818; 
Sarah Emily Waldo, born Nov. 30, 1 8 1 9, died Jan. 9, 1851, 
in Charlestown, Mass. ; Mary Jane, born Jan. 2, 1822 ; Susan 
Adams, born April 17, 1824, died unmarried, April 17, 1871, 
Charlestown ; Charlotte Louisa, born April 1 4, 1 826, died 
Aug. 30, 1882, Salem, Mass. ; Henry Foster Waldo, born 
Dec. 1 8, 1 828, died Charlestown, Dec. 2S, 1S34 ; Phebe Mes- 
senger, born Feb. 4, 1831. 

Charles Foster Waldo, son of Charles Freder- 
ick and Sarah Foster, married Sophia Briggs Edes. Children, 
8th generation: Sarah Ellen, born August, 1845; Sophia 
Briggs, died in infancy; Mary Edes, born May 22, 1852, died 


Nov. 12, 1858. Charles Foster Waldo resided in England 
from 1853 to 1879. 

Sarah E. (Waldo) York, daughter of Chas. Fred- 
erick Waldo and Sarah Foster, married John York, of Zante, 
Greece, August 18, 1848, at the Lord High Commissioner's 
Palace, at Ionian Islands. Children, 8th generation : George 
Waldo, born Oct. 14, 1S49, died Oct. 20, 1850: Sarah Emily, 
born Jan. 6, 185 1, died Sept. 22, 185 1. 

Mary J. (W^aldo) Archer, daughter of Charles 
Frederick Waldo and Sarah Foster, married Augustus J, 
Archer, of Salem, Mass., May 11, 1 84 1. Children, 8th gen- 
eration : Caroline Emily, born March 7, 1842 ; Emily Waldo, 
born April 6, 1844; Agnes Deborah, born July 1, 1S46, died 
Nov. 30, 1852 ; Mary Waldo, born Sept. 18, 1848 ; Charles 
Frederick, born March 6, 1851 ; Ada Louisa, born Sept. 5, 
1855, died Jan. 13, 1876; George Augustus, born Nov. 1, 

Caroline E. (Archer) Iioss, daughter of Mary J. 
Waldo and A. J. Archer, married June 7, 1SS3, to M. Den- 
man Ross, of Boston, widower of Mary Waldo. 

Mary (Archer) Doe, daughter of Mary Waldo and 
A. J. Archer, married Charles H. Doe, of Worcester, Mass., 
fune 1, 1870. Children, 9th generation : Henry Waldo, born 
April 11, 1S71 ; Mary Archer, born June 17, 1S73 ; Alexander 
Wadsworth, born August 21, 1S75. 

Oharles F. Archer, son of Mary Waldo and A. J. 
Archer, married Annie Moore Aug. 26, 1875. Children, 9th 
generation : Charles Augusta, born April, 1 S76 ; Ellen Loui- 
sa, born May, 1878 ; Elizabeth Waldo, born March, 1883. 

Edward W. Waldo, son of Jonathan Waldo and Mele- 
tiah Messenger, born March 15, 1786. 

Henry Loyd Waldo, son of Jonathan Waldo and Mel- 
etiah Messenger, died Jan. 25, 1788. 


Henry S. Waldo, son of Jonathan Waldo and Meletiah 
Messenger, born Nov. 27, 1790; married Catherine Adan, of 
Boston, Sept. 20, 1S16. Children, 7th generation: Henry 
Sidney, Frances Walker, Mary Swift. 

Henry Sidney Waldo, son of Henry Waldo and Cath- 
erine Adan, born Jan. 3, 1819. lie was residing at Jamaica 
Plains, near Boston, not many years since. He married 
Emma Lincoln Haven, of Boston, Aug. 30, 1847. Children, 
8th generation : John Adan, born July 10, 1848 ; Charles, 
born July 27, 1851 ; Lincoln, born Oct. 11, 1S53 ; Clarence 
Haven, born April 1, 1855. 

Members of this family form the firm of Waldo Bros., 
Water St., Boston. 

Frances Walker (Waldo) Ross, daughter of Henry 
Waldo and Catherine Adan, married John Ross, of Cincinnati, 
Ohio. Children, 8th generation: Catherine; Denman W., 
born Jan. 10, 1S53. 

Mary (Waldo) Ross, daughter of Henry Waldo and 
Catherine Adan, married M. D. Ross of Cincinnati, 0. Chil- 
dren, 8th generation : Mary Waldo, Waldo O., John L., Mary 
R., Henry Francis, who was born 1S62. 

Mary R. Waldo, daughter of Jonathan Waldo, and 
Meletiah Messenger, born May 15, 1796, died unmarried Feb. 
n, 1873. 

Emily Waldo, daughter of Jonathan Waldo and Meletiah 
Messenger, born Dec. 8, 1798, died Dec. 9, 1810. 




(Descendant of John Waldo, Chap. II.) 

Zipporan Waldo, son of Zacheus Waldo and Talitha 
Kingsbury, born in Windham, Conn., Nov. 13, 1747 » married 
Hannah Ripley. Children, 6th generation : Zacheus, Brad- 
ford, Harriet, Lydia, Ora, David Ripley. 

Zacheus Waldo, son of Zipporan Waldo and Hannah 
Ripley, born in Sharon, Conn. We have been unable to ob" 
tain any definite information about Zacheus Waldo. 

Bradford Waldo, son of Zipporan Waldo and Hannah 
Ripley, born in Sharon, Conn. All the information we can 
obtain relative to Bradford Waldo is to the effect that he left 
his home quite young, settling somewhere in Ohio, where he 

Harriet Waldo, daughter of Zipporan Waldo and Hannah 
Ripley, born in Sharon, Conn., died — ; never married. 

Lydia W r aldo, daughter of Zipporan Waldo and Hannah 
Ripley, born in Sharon, Conn., died — ; never married. 


Ora (Waldo) Dakin, daughter of Zipporan Waldo and 
Hannah Ripley, was born in Sharon, Conn., April 1, 1788, 
died Sept. 10, 1856 ; married David Dakin Sept. 14, 1806. 
Children, 7th generation : Jane Eliza Dakin, born Sept. 14, 
1807; Deborah Clark Dakin, born Sept. 25, 181 1 ; David 
Waldo Dakin, born June 29, 1813, died Jan. 12, 1871 ; Wil- 
liam Ripley Dakin, born Nov. 19, 1819, died Nov. 2, 1846; 
Julia Harrison Dakin, born March 25, 18 18, died Nov. 16, 
1843 ; Henry Bostwick Dakin, born June 10, 1822, died Nov. 
25, 1825. 

David Ripley "Waldo, son of Zipporan Waldo and Hannah 
Ripley, was born in Sharon, Conn., July 22, 1778? married 
Deborah Clark, the daughter of George Clark, of Nantucket, 
Mass. Deborah Clark was born March 3, 1779, and died 
March 3, 1848. Children, 7th generation : George Clark, 
Charles, Henry, William. 

In 1794 David Ripley Waldo removed to Hudson, N. Y., 
and died there Oct. 16, 1815. David R. Waldo was hard- 
working, conscientious and scrupulously honest ; and by these 
means at the age of 37, when he died, he had succeeded in 
amassing a large fortune. His business was that of general 
merchandise and freighting. 

George Clark Waldo, son of David Ripley Waldo and 
Deborah Clark, was born in Hudson, N. Y., Sept. 1, 1798, 
and died in Boston, Mass., April 20, 1826. We have been 
unable to secure anything of value concerning George Clark 
Waldo. It is known that he followed the sea. 

Charles Waldo, son of David Ripley Waldo and Deborah 
Clark, was born in Hudson, N. Y., Sept. 20, 1800, and died 
at Hudson, N. Y., Oct. 17, 1838. He graduated at Union 
College. He was by profession a lawyer of considerable prom- 
inence ; held various positions of trust and responsibility ; a 


brilliant conversationalist and ready debater. Among his inti- 
mate friends were numbered many of the learned and influen- 
tial men of his time. His preferences were the society of re- 
fined and literary gentlemen. He never married. 

Henry Waldo was born in Hudson, N. Y., Feb. 18, 1805. 
He was the son of David R. Waldo aid Deborah Clark. On 
Feb. 10, 1845, he married Sarah Heath, of Hudson, a daugh- 
ter of John Heath and Maria Webb. They had four children, 
8th generation : Jane Eliza. George Clark, Deborah, Hattie. 

Henry Waldo was of a roving disposition, fond of adventure, 
brave and hearty, and at the age of fifteen he ran away from 
his home and embarked on a sailing vessel as a sailor. His 
elder brother Charles, not caring to have Henry follow the sea, 
pursued him and endeavored to induce him to remain at home, 
but he had his labor for his pains. Henry was determined to 
see the world, and despite all the persuasions of his friends re- 
mained a sailor. Among the many reminiscences of his rov- 
ing life are the following : 

One day during a fearful gale of wind an English brig was 
sighted ; signals of distress were flying from her mast-head, 
and to all appearances her situation was a desperate one. The 
vessel upon which young Waldo was sailing ran down toward 
the unfortunate vessel, only to find that she was water-logged 
and sinking. The waves ran so high that to reach the sinking 
ship seemed almost impossible. Young Waldo, who was then 
mate of his vessel, was not daunted by the outlook ; he went 
forward among his men and asked if any of them would go 
with him to the wreck. Four volunteered to go at the risk of 
their lives. After great difficulties they reached the brig, but 
the wind was so high that they found it impossible to make fast 
to her. Two or three times their light boat became near being 
swamped. Taking advantage of moments when the boat would 
approach the brig, a man and his wife and three children were 


rescued. Not satisfied with this, young Waldo made two more 
trips to the sinking vessel and succeeded in saving the rest of 
the crew. About four hours previous to the rescue an English 
vessel had "spoken the brig," but instead of laying by had left 
her to her fate. For this service the British Board of Admi- 
ralty presented Henry Waldo and the crew of his vessel with 
£100 sterling. 

On another occasion Henry Waldo was wrecked in the At- 
lantic ocean ; for two days and three nights he and seven com- 
panions sat on the taffrail of his ship, with difficulty keeping 
their heads out of water, the sea washing over them all the time. 
On the third morning they were rescued from their perilous 
position by a Charleston packet. 

Henry Waldo followed the sea until he was forty years of 
age. About this time he was made captain of the ship "Or- 
bit." A short time afterwards he retired, married, and settled 
down in Hudson, N. Y. He engaged in mercantile pursuits, 
but the quiet life of Hudson did not agree with his roving tem- 
perament. In 1 849, when the California gold fever was raging, a 
company of volunteers was organized in Hudson for the purpose 
of buying a vessel in which to sail to the coveted gold fields. 
Fifty-four men composed the party, and $27,000 was invested 
in the enterprise. The bark tk Mousam" was purchased, and 
Henry Waldo was unanimously elected captain of the vessel 
and treasurer of the company. After a successful voyage the 
party reached San Francisco, where the vessel was sold and 
the balance of cash and provisions distributed pro rata among 
them. To enumerate the different pursuits of this gallant army 
of explorers is not our purpose. Their lives are a part of the 
history of California. Henry Waldo remained about eighteen 
months ; during his short stay he was elected associate judge 
of Eldorado county, and opened the first court there. He was 
prominently connected and identified with this now thriving 


county. At this time his health not being good he determined 
to return to the east. Every effort was made to persuade him 
to remain, but to no purpose. On his way home on. board 
•ship he was stricken with shagrus fever and came near dying. 
His determination not to die then, to use his own words, saved 
his life. He succeeded in reaching safely his old home in Hud- 
son, N. Y., where, under careful nursing, he soon recovered his 
health. About this time political party contests were running 
high. Captain Waldo was offered and accepted the nomina- 
tion for Sheriff of Columbia county, New York state, and he 
was the only republican elected on the ticket, his majority being 
eighty-three votes. The contest was the closest ever known in 
Columbia county. In 1865 Captain Waldo was given an ap- 
pointment in the customs service in New York City. He is 
now in the eightieth year of his age, is well and hearty, and 
able to attend to his business. 

Jane Eliza (Waldo) Hudson, daughter of Henry Waldo 
and Sarah Heath, born in Hudson, N. Y., March 17, 1846; 
married William Henry Hudson, of Troy, N. Y., May 30, 
1866. Children, 9th generation : Henry Waldo and Ralph 

Henry Waldo Hudson, son of Jane Eliza Waldo and 
William Henry Hudson, born in Troy, N. Y., March 3, 1870. 

Ralph Clark Hudson, son. of Jane Eliza Waldo and Wil- 
liam Henry Hudson, born in Troy, N. Y., Oct. 23, 1875. 

George Clark Waldo, son of Henry Waldo and Sarah 
Heath, born in Hudson, N. Y., March 5, 1848 ; married Flor- 
ence Adelaide Post, of Westbrook, Conn., Oct. 10, 1874. 

George Clark Waldo is President of the Excelsior Savings 
Bank of New York City, and the youngest bank president in 
the state of New York. He is also a member of the firm of 
E. L. Post & Co., oil merchants, New York. 


Deborah Waldo, daughter of Henry Waldo and Sarah 
Heath, born in Hudson, N. Y., Feb. 27, 1857. 

Hattie (Waldo) Hydorn, daughter of Henry Waldo and 
Sarah Heath, born in Hudson, N. Y., Nov. 10, i860; 
married Joseph Bartlett Hydorn, of Troy, N. Y., Oct. 16, 


William Waldo, son of David R. Waldo and Deborah 
Clark, boin in Hudson, N. Y., March 23, 180S, and died 
March 1, 1849 ; never married. He was an accountant of de- 
cided ability, correct and methodical in his habits, a firm friend, 
strong in his likes and dislikes. A small portion of his life 
was spent in New York City, where he was employed as an 
accountant with a firm whose place of business adjoined that 
of the old firm of Waldo, Barry & Co. He was also in New 
Orleans for a short time. William Waldo was never satisfied 
away from home ; he was devotedly attached to his mother, 
and lived but one year after her death. 


Page 43, third paragraph, should read Roswell Waldo lived in Brookfield, Vt., 
not Rutland. Page 47, last paragraph, should read, Eunice, and not Hannah Kings- 
bury. Page 43, second paragraph, Eunice Waldo married James Kingsbury and re- 
moved to Ohio. Page 74, second paragraph, Edward Z. should be Edward L. Waldo. 



Archer, Augustas J 126 

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Allen, Abigail 11 

Appleton, Ann E 29 

Angier, Betsey 30 

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Abbe, Cleveland 90 

Aver, Charlotte .90 

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Sylvester 70 

•» Samantha 74 77 

( omstock, Wm 30 

Cole, Willie D 36 

Curtis, Waldo Rev 74 75 

" W 75 

" William W 75 

44 Warren 70 

Doolittle, Asher 92 

Doe, Alexander W 120 

Darby, Betsey 53 

Doe, Charles II 12(5 

Dennison, Deboiah 21 

Devotion, Eunice !>2 

Doolittle, E. E 92 

Demming, Honor 18 

Dowd, Helen A 29 

Dawley, Hannah 89 

Doe, Henry W 120 

Douglas, John W. Rev 50 

Dingwell, flames Rev GO 

Doolittle, J. A 92 

Dingley, Joseph. loo 

Despard, Laura E 98 

Davenport, Mary 18 

Davison, Mary !)«) 

Doe, Mary A." 120 

Dresser, Nancy 72 

Davis, Orpha 70 

Davenport, Roswell is 

Dimock, Shubael 11 

Dickey, Sophia 10 

Dickenson, Sarah A 27 


Downing, Sarah 63 

Davis, Sarah 05 

Dimock, Thanktul 11 

Dunham, Thanktul 20 

Emery, Austin W 37 

Elderkin, Abigail 50 

Emerson. B. K 122 

Eldredge, Charles 78 

Ensign, Eliza 52 

Emerson, Edward 121 

Jr 121 

Elizabeth 121 

Eldredge, Frances E 78 

Ensign, George 52 

Elderkin, John 50 

Jedediah, Col 50 

Evans, Lucy A 99 

Emerson, Joseph 121 

Edson, Mertie A 37 

Ensign, Oliver ,r2 

Ensign, Philo 52 

Edget, Richard 21 

Emerson. Ralph W 122 

Erving, Sarah 1 24 

Edes, Sophia 15 125 

Freeman, Abigail 12 

Fowle, Araminto A 47 

Foster, Beulah 51 

Fay, Calvin 10 

Fellows, Charlotte S 34 

Fair, Cornelia M 52 53 

Fuller, Clarisa 57 

Fullerton, Dora 96 

Farnham, Eunice 21 

Ella A 41 

Fair, Elderkin F 52 

Fauce, Edward 55 

Fuller, Eliza A 74 

Farr, Florence 1> 52 

Fuller, Ira 57 

Farr, John 1) 52 53 

Fuller, Jerome B 57 

44 Joseph 11 57 

Fay, Levi 10 

; ' Lucy E 10 




Foster, Lucy A 58 

Fraser, Mary 15 

Fay, Mary 16 

" " Jane 17 

Fuller, Minerva C 74 

Fluckey. Mary A 76 

Fuller, Otis 74 

" " Jr 74 

Fiske, Rev 9 

Foster, Sarah V 125 

Far r, Samuel B 52 

Fuller, Viola 57 

Fauce, William 55 56 

Gallup, Alvin 83 

Golf, Abigail 97 

Graves, Chas. D 77 

Gager, Charlotte B 9L 

Guff, Charier J 98 

" David 97 99 

Grisvvold, Edward P 15 

Gallup, Eliza 78 

Grisvvold. George B 15 

Gilbert, George II 17 

Gleason, Geo. II 00 

Goff, Guv 98 

Goff, Hattie 98 

Graves. Israel D 77 

Grisvvold, Isaac P 15 

Graves, Joel 77 

Gager, Jason 90 

" Judson G 91 

" Julia II 91 

Goft, Job 97 

Jedediah VV 97 

" Jemina 97 

" John 97 99 

Goldsmith, Lucina C 109 

Griswold, Martha M 15 

Gilbert, Mary Ida 17 

Gee, Maria 22 

Gull up, Margaret 83 

Mariah 83 

Goff, May 98 

Gleason, Nellie M 61 

Goff, Nathan ,97 99 

Goff, Nathan Gen 98 


Griswold, Philip 14 15 

Graves, Folly 89 

Goff, Folly 97 98 

" Percy 98 

Green, Roxy 109 

(iriswold, Sarah 14 

Goss, Sally 33 

Gleason, Sarah J 60 

Gullup, Susanna 83 

Gordon, Samuel L 89 

Gleason, Wra 60 

Goff, Waldo P... 97 98 

Grisvvold, Zenas, L 15 16 

Ilovey, Aaron 12 

Herrick, Ann E 23 24 

Holder), Abbie E 37 

Hawley. Amelia A 51 52 

Hewitt, Almira C 53 

Hawley, Almira 5o 

" Amelia 56 57 

Hyde, Alvan P 82 81 

" Alvan \V 82 

Hawley, Betsey B 51 53 

Beulah A 56 

Birdsall 56 58 

Howe, Clara 36 

Hawley, Caroline D 56 58 

Hall, Charles E 65 66 

Hawley, Dav d 51 

David W 51 52 

'• David E 52 

Ilovey, Emma L 127 

Hemenwa}'. Esther. . . 18 

Hardeson, Edward 29 

1 lawley , Ellen E 56 58 

" Ella J 58 

Hall, Edward Waldo. . .65 00 

" Ella L 65 69 

Hyde, Elizabeth 82 

Hazen, Erastus 88 

Hawley , Franklin I) 57 

Hall, Francis 11 65 6t> 

•' Frederic C 65 66 

Hyde, Frank E 82 

Humphreys, George 11 13 

•« Hector 13 



Hainan, Hannah 28 

Ilawley, Huklah T 51 

Ilawley, Henry 52 

" Hamlin S 57 

Hubbard, Hannah M 88 

Hicks, Ida A 49 

Ilawley. I. Andre 52 

Hall, Ida E 65 09 

Hard, J. II. Rev 17 

Hall, J. F 28 

Ilawley, John S 51 53 

" * John W 50 57 

Hall, Joseph 1) 65 

'• Jr 05 66 

Hurlbut, Lydia Ill 

HarLwell, Lydia 70 

Ilovey, Martha 12 

Higgins, Mary H 19 

Haseall. Martha 27 

Ilawley, May 52 

*'• Mary 56 

*' Marvin F 56 58 

Marietta M 57 

" Mary Ann 58 

Hall, Marietta 65 68 

Iledley, Minnie F 00 

Hugh, Margaret XV 7.") 

Hazen, Mary E 88 

Humphreys, Mary E 93 

Hay ward, Major.' 102 

Holmes Noahdiah 24 

Hall, Noah 65 

Hervey, Obed 22 

Hartwell. Peter 97 

Hervey, Rebecca 22 

Hard, Silence P 17 

Holmes, Sarah E 24 

Ilawley, Sarah D. 51 52 

" Sylvanus 56 

" Jr , r A\ 57 

•' Sally J 50 58 

Sarah J 50 58 

Hubbard, Stephen 88 

Hawley, Tida A 53 

Hendryx, Wm. 13. Rev... 24 
Hawley, William S 51 53 


Hawley, Weltha 56 

Warren XV 58 

Hall, Walter E 65 69 

Hyde, William W 82 

Johnson, Betsey 42 

Johnson, Clarissa 20 

Jewett, ( lara 48 

Jewett, Clara (J.. 48 

Judson, David F 23 

Jenkins, Elizabeth 20 

Jewett, Forest 1 48 

Judson, Gertrude L 23 

Jewett, Iloracj 48 

Jordan, Hiram 51 

Jewett, Isaac S 48 

Johnson, John. Jr 47 

.Jones, .John, Esq ... 102 

Jewett, Lyman l> 48 

Jordan, Lucia A 51 52 

Jones, Martha 102 

Johnson. (). () 29 

Jaffger, Sarah E . . . . 94 

Jacques, Sarah M 90 

Jenks, Wealthy 25 

Knowles, Catherine 24 

Kibbee, Chandler 38 

W 38 

Carrie E 38 41 

Kingsbury, Cora E 39 

Kibbee, Ellen A 38 

Kingsbury, Elizabeth F 09 

Kibbee, Fannie XV 38 

Kingsbury, George E 09 

Keyser, James F 20 

Kingsbury, James 47 

Kellev, Folly 21 

Kibbee, Sarah W 38 

Kingsbury, Talitha 80 

Kingsbury, Waldo E 09 

Larren, Ashley 27 

Lillie, Adaline 91 

Lawrence, Arabella H 95 

Larren, Chloe 27 

Lefever, Catherine M 23 




Leonard, Emma L 55 

Leonard, Frances 96 

Lefever, George 23 24 

Le fever, Georgian na 24 

Leonard, Gideon 55 

Lyon, Gerard M Gl 

Lathrop, Hannah 51 

Lyon, Harriet 5i> 

Lake, Henry 10) 

Leonard, Isabel 55 

Larren, Isaac 27 

Leonard, John W 55 

Leach, Jane 73 

Lyman, Lucy 86 

Lincoln, Levi 104 

Lawrence, Mary B 23 

Larren, Mary 27 

Martha E 27 

Lei and, Mandana 110 

Locke, Olive T 4!) 

Lemly, Sally 75 

Larren, William 27 

a k 27 

Ladd, William 91 

Maxon, Alonzo 16 

Mix, Alice 56 

Merchant, Betsey 8*t 

Maxon, Carrie 16 

Mather, Chester 56 

Massey, Deliverance 89 

Marvin, Edwin E 82 

Mix. Florence .")G 57 

Matthews, Francis J.. 69 

Messenger, II. A 76 

Moore, Hannah L 98 

Mason, Hannah 123 

Mill ham, John 15 

Miguel 1, Joanna 108 

Mattison, Lucy 28 

Mix, Lawrence. 56 

Marvin, Loren P. W 82 

Munsell, Lois 85 

Millham, Marilla 15 

Munn, Miriam 18 

McKinney, Martha 20 

Messenger, Meletiah 125 


Morrill, Nellie A 35 

Maxwell, Nancy 48 

Morrison, Sarah 35 

Mathewson, Samuel G 54 

Marshall, Sarah 85 

Montgomery, Sarah C. 11... 95 

Mix, Velma 5(5 57 

" Viola 56 57 

Newcomh, Amelia J 27 

Negus, Anna 27 

Negus, Charles 27 

Newcomh, Edgar. J 27 

Nott, E. Rev 95 

Newecmb, Frederick YV .... 27 

Newcomb, Helen A 27 

Negus, Isaac 27 

Newcomb, Marion C 27 

Nowell, Mary 125 

Newman, Oliver E 22 

Newcomb, Shubael 27 

Newcomb, Walter 26 

Negus, William 27 

Osborn, Anna 27 

" Catherine 27 

Eli 15 

Oaks, Harriet M 29 

Osborn, Isabella C 27 

" John 1() 

" Lucia M 27 

Oak, Lizzie 48 

Osborn, Mary 15 

Martha, Waldo. ... 16 

Mary Pardee 16 

Mary 27 

" Nehemiah 15 

4i 15 

" Jr 16 

" William 27 

" W 27 

Parmelee, Asa II 23 

Palmer. Ann 27 

Packard, Annie A 87 

Pardee, Chas. Parker 13 

Peck, Chas. W 26 

Park, Cynthia 51 




Parish, Cynthia 78 

Packard, Carrie E *7 

Dora A $7 

Pardee. Edmund Waldo. ... 14 

Price, Eliza !."> 

Parmelee, Elizabeth E 23 

Peck, Eunice C 2<> 

Parish, Evan 72 

Pardee, Fidelia A 1:5 1(5 

Putnam, Franklin II 

Peck, Frances A 20 

Packard, Frank W 87 

Pardee, Gerry 13 II 

" George Sattcrlce .... 1:5 

Gerry Jr II 

Peck, George 2(5 

Packard, Geo. XV 87 

Pardee, Henrietta 1:5 15 

Harriet . . . 1:5 l(i 

Putnam, Helen L II 

Packard, Hubert E 87 

Pardee, Isaac 1:5 

" Jr 13 

Beecher . . 1:5 1(5 

Putnam. Israel (Jen Ill 

Pardee, Jonathan 1:5 

Julia A 13 

Payne, Lydia 2(5 

Pardee, Laura (2) 1:5 11 

E U 

Putnam, Lyman 14 

Phelps, Laura 54 

Packard, Li Hie A 87 

Partridge, Lucretia 11!) 

Pardee, Martha Hove v. . . 1:5 15 

Margaretta (' 1:5 

Mary Jane 13 Hi 

Morrison P 14 

Prentice, Mary l(i 

Peck, Marvin 2(5 

" Maria J 2(5 

" Martha L 2(5 

" Mary E 2(5 

Pert, Mary A ..29 

Packard, Mary C. 87 

Packard, Mertie E 87 


Putnam, Molly Ill 

Pardee, Nelson 14 

Peck, Olive M 2(5 

Porter, Polly 100 

Pardee, Tracy 13 

Parish, Virgil W 72 

Pepperell, William Sir . . . .102 
Payne, Zerviah 83 

Uathbun, Almira. L> 

Ratchiff, Atta J 71 

Richmond, Apollas 73 

Roundsville, Betsey 72 

Ross, Catherine 127 

Picker, Darotliea 21 

Radway, J)r 2!) t 

Ross, l)en man VV 127 

Rislej*, Eliza A 88 

Ripley. Ebenez^r. 95 

Robinson, Harry :5(5 

Richmond, Hiram \V 73 

Harrison \V 7:5 

Helen A 7:5 74 

Ross, Henry F 127 

Rainsfbrd, Joseph 61 

Joshua \V 51 

Uaynolds, Judson 109 

Koss, John 127 

'• 1 127 

Rathbone, Lydia 59 

Popes, Mary 12."> 

Koss, M. D 12(5 127 

" Mary W 127 

" Mary R 127 

Ripley, Nancy 95 

Rudd, Nathaniel 100 

Rainslbrd, Polly 51 

Roberts, Sarah 11 

Roe, Sally 33 

Richmond, Sampson G 7:5 

Rice, Victor M 28 

Rice, William 28 

Ross, Waldo 127 

Stewart, Anna 2(5 

Smith, Abigail 86 

Spofford, Abiah G2 




Stewart, Belle C 42 

San ford, Chas. A .15 

Sheldon, Chas. Hove} 7 18 

Stewart, Charlotte S 18 

Southvvick, Caroline 66 

Strong, Carrie A 82 

Shaffer, Celinda 85 

Smith, Cornelia 87 

Smiley. David 25 

Stone, Darwin \\ 88 

Sanford, Ezra .15 

Sheldon, Edmund \V 18 

Schoyer, Ernest A 20 

Stanford, Elizabeth A 34 

Stone, Elraira .">7 

Sprague, Edbcrt 7(5 

Stevens, Esther 8!) 

Smith, Eliza 07 

Schoemaker, Frank 38 

Savage, Faith 101 

Scott, George 16 

Sherwood, Hull 15 

Stebbens, Ilattie . 38 

Smith, Hiram 56 

Shepherd, Harriet 58 

Stevens, Hattie E (>(> 

Henry 6(5 

Satterlec. John G . .... 13 

Smiley, James . . 25 

Schoemaker, John M. (2)...:;* 

Stone, J. VV 38 

Julia :38 

Strong, Julius L 82 

Spenee, Jane 93 

Schoemaker, Kitty 38 

Sherwood, Marion C 15 

JMa,rtha G 15 

Sheldon, Mary H 18 

Satterlee, Nancy Ann 13 

Smith, Nancy 88 

Salisbury. Nicholas 104 

Smith, Priscilla 12 

Sheldon, Philo 18 

Sherwood, Rubie M 15 

Salisbury, Rebecca 104 

Shepherd, Ruth 109 

Smith, Samuel 12 



Smithen, Sophia M 50 

Smith, Signesama 5(5 

Sheldon, Wareham 18 

Stewart. William 18 

Smith, Whiting s7 

Taylor, Abigail J) 2(5 

Tillinghast, Angeline 83 

Thompson, Bridget 12 

Taylor. Burrel B 26 

Tillinghast, Belinda 83 

Trestin, Benjamin 101 

Tinker, Chas. E 75 

Tillinghast, Caroline 83 

Taylor, David 25 

David 26 

Turkington, P^lizabeth 11. . . .53 

Ti 1 1 i nghast, Edwin 83 

'Tillinghast Grdeor: G 83 

George E 83 

Gideon G., Jr. . .83 

Thomas, George C 94 

Tucker, Hannah 85 

Taylor, Jonathan 26 

Jesse 26 

Thompson, Jerusha 30 

Thorp, Juliette 58 

Tinker, John P 75 

Teel, Mary J 26 

Taylor, Mary A. E. O 26 

Mary A 71 

Tinker, Mary C 75 

Thomas, Margaret 94 

Talbut, Mary 110 

Taylor, Olive. 26 

Thompson, Samuel 12 30 

Tillinghast, Susan S3 

Tinker, Walter F 75 

Thomas, Waldo 94 

Upham, Isaac 1 10 

Van Valkenburgh, G. C .... 19 
Jacob... 19 

Waldo, Abigail 10 

Ann 11 85 

Abiathar 11 12 




Waldo, Abigail 11 49 

Aaron 12 18 

Albigence 12 20 

Abigail 13 

Aaron II 18 

Wragg, Ann 18 

Waldo, Abigail F 18 

Anna May 20 

Alfred H 23 

Adella E 24 

Alfred F 25 

44 Amelia 20 27 

Alvin N 26 

Amelia 27 

Allen 28 

Ann 28 

Abiathar 28 

Abigail 28 30 

Allen 28 29 

Wait, Abel 29 

Waldo, Anson 30 

Abner SO 31 33 

Abiathar 30 42 

Alonzo 33 39 41 

Abner W 34 

Albert 73 

Warren, Augustus 74 

Ann E 74 

Watkins, Abigail 75 

Waldo, Anna 83 84 

Abigail 83 84 

Antoinette 84 

Walden, Abigail 85 

Waldo, Abigail 85 

Amos .86 

44 Abigail 87 

Alice E 88 

Albert 88 

Anne W 91 

Anna T 93 

Arabella L 95 

Anna 96 

Ann 96 97 

Annie E 34 

Albro W 35 

Almira A 35 36 


Woodworth, Andrew 37 

Waldo, Albro 33 37 

Waters, Arthur 42 

Waldo, Allen 42 48 

Albert C 43 47 

Allen, Jr 48 

Almon 48 49 

Ann 50 83 

Abigail 50 84 

44 Anna (2) 51 

4 - Amelia 51 56 

W'heeler, Addison 53 54 

AValdo, Amanda 54 55 

44 Arabella 54 55 

44 Amelia A 63 65 

Adaliza 63 69 

Abel 71 72 

Anson 71 73 

44 Aseneth 71 73 

Wells, Abigail 102 

Waldo, Abigail 107 110 

Albigence 107 110 

44 Dr.. Ill to 119 


Abigail 108 

Albert M 109 

Albigence, Jr.. 112 119 

Abbey C 109 

«: ' M 110 

44 Ann 123 

Waldo, Bethuel 11 85 

Beulah 11 49 

Wheeler, Beulah M 53 54 

Waldo, Banvard 72 

Bethuel, Jr 85 

Burdett S 87 88 

Whitney, Benj 87 

AValdo, Betsey C 88 

Bertha 93 

Waite, Benj 97 

Waldo, Bethiah 107 120 

Benj. W 108 

Benj 108 

Betsey 108 

Benj. F 109 

Betty Ill 




Waldo, Cornelius, Dea 9 

Jr.. ..9 101 

Catherine 10 100 

Cornelius 11 84 

Calvin 11 50 

Charles.. 12 27 

13 2)5 

E 17 

Elmon 17 

A 18 

Charlotte E 18 

Chas. Henry 21 

Clarissa S 21 

Candace K 21 

Charles D 2:3 

Chloe E 23 

" Charles Samuel 24 

Charlotte E 24 25 

Cornelia E 24 

Cornel ins J 24 

Cornelia 2,") 

CeliaF 25 

44 Caroline 26 

" Clarissa 26 

Charles 1) 26 

" »' *• 97 

Clarisa A 28 

Clarence A 2!) 

Charles G 29 

Caleb 30 

Caroline 30 

Charles E 33 

Caroline 33 

" Charles 33 35 

Chandler 33 36 

" . Charlotte 33 38 

Charles 34 

Caroline H 35 

Charles A 35 

Charles M 35 

Caroline A 35 36 

Carlos L 41 

Cordelia V 42 

Carlton 42 47 

C. Grace 44 47 

Caroline 48 49 


Waldo, Catharine 50 

44 Charles 54 do 

Clarissa S 58 61 

Charles E 59 

Witter, Clarence J 62 

Wood, CoraM 69 

Waldo, Charles 72 

Chandler 72 73 

Cynthia P 78 82 

44 Cornelius 85 

44 Cornelius, Jr 85 

Cecil 87 

Clark 88 

Celia 88 

Charles 88 

Charles H 90 

Caroline L 90 

Catherine B 90 

Charlotte A 90 

Charles B 91 


Charles A 92 93 

Charlotte 93 

44 Clermont 1) 93 

Charles W 93 

Cornelius 101 

101 102 

Charles F 109 

Clara W 109 

Catherine Ill 

Charles A 119 120 

F 125 

Foster 125 

Charlotte L 125 

Clarence H 127 

Charles 127 

Daniel 9 107 

11 42" 

David H 20' 

Wood, Dorothea F 21 

Waldo, David II 21 

David P 23 

4 " D wight 26 

David G 28 

Weston, TDolly 34 

Waldo, Jtfantlja ..-42 43 




Waldo, Daniel 43 44 

Wales, Dellar L 61 

Waldo, Daniel Rev -SO 1)1 

Whitney, Duane 87 

Waldo, D wight 88 

Daniel 1) 89 

Daniel, Jr 91 

Dwight B 95 

Daniel 96 10U 

Waite. Daniel D. W 97 

Waldo, David 100 

Daniel 100 

101 104 

Daniel, Jr. (2) 104 

Daniel 107 

Dillingham 109 

" Eunice 30 

" Elizabeth .">."> 

Edward ;'>:; 

Eglantine A 35 36 

Erasmus 1) 42 

•' Eunice . .42 4:'> 

Eva 4 1 

Ella F ....44 46 

Wight, Elizabeth 51 

Waldo, Elizabeth 51 7 1 

" Ebenezer 51 77 

Enoch VV 51 63 6-1 

Wheeler. Etta 5;> 5 I 

Waldo, Ebenezer 54 ."».") 

Edith 54 

" Ebenezer 55 

Elderkin 58 59 

Edwin 58 61 

Edwin A 60 

Enoch W., Jr 63 69 

Edward Dea 10 11 

Edward, Jr 11 50 

Edward Lieut 11 30 

" Ephraim 12 

Edmund F ... 13 24 25 

Hovey 17 

Williams, Elizabeth 20 

Waldo, Elizabeth 20 

Electa A 21 

Edmund F 21 22 


Waldo, Elizabeth 21 

" Emma A 21 

Elizabeth 22 

Edmund F 22 

Emily E..., 23 

Ella A 23 

Elvira A 23 

Edmund M 24 

Edmund F 25 

Eber. 25 

" Eunice 20 


Emily J 2G 

Elizabeth 27 

Eliza B 28 29 

Elijah 30 

Edward, J r 30 33 

Eliza 30 

Winchester, Eunice 87 

Waldo, Emma 88 

" Erastus, Jv 89 

, " Esther 89 90 

Ellen 89 

Wood, Elizabeth 89 

Waldo, Edward Y 91 

Ebenezer, Jr 92 

Eunice 92 

Elizabeth 92 94 

Ella 93 

Eva 94 

Ellen M 94 95 

Edwin D 93 

Emma C 95 

Elizabeth 101 

Eliza 101 102 

Elizabeth 104 

Esther 107 120 

Elizabeth A 109 

Ellen B 109 

" A 109 

Elizabeth 71 72 

Edward L 71 74 

Edward 72 

Warren, Elijah 74 

' : Jr 74 

44 Eunice. 74 




Waldo, Ebenezer E 78 83 

44 Ebenezer G 78 

E ....78 81 

Emily B 78 

44 Emma L 82 

" Eunice 85 

Eunice 8G 89 

Elizabeth 8G 89 

Ebenezer 8G 92 

Erastus 80 89 

Esther 87 

44 Emmaline 87 

Elmira D 87 

44 Eugene II 87 

Eliza A 109 

EmmaL 109 

Edward A 110 

Elisha II 112 119 


Edwin E 119 120 

44 Erving 124 

Edward W....125 12G 

Emily 125 127 

Waldo, Fannie 19 


Flora W 21 

Fannie E 21 22 

Florette 25 

Frederic (2) 27 

Frank O 29 

44 Frances A. . . 33 

Fanny 33 37 

44 Frederic 33 41 

44 Frederic C 35 

44 Fannie 37 

44 Frances R 44 47 

•• ■ Fred F 49 

Fred Go 

Witter, Fred W 62 

Waldo, Francis R 72 

44 Frances E 78 82 

Fanny 85 8G 

West, Francis 8G 

Waldo, Frances 88 

Frederick A 95 9G 

Fullerton L 96 


Waldo, Francis 95 9G 

W 95 

Frank 96 

Faith 101 102 

Flora 109 

Freeman R 109 

44 Francis Ill 

Frances L Ill 

Francis 124 

Frances W 127 

Waldo, George H 17 

George E 20 

44 George Edward 21 

44 George G 22 

Gertrude May 22 

George H 23 24 

4 ' Georgiana 23 

Grace L 23 

George B 28 29 

W 28 29 

Gershani H 29 

George H 33 

A 33 35 

44 George Albert. .35 36 

A 37 38 

Waters, George A 42 

Waldo, George C 43 47 

44 George Curtis... 44 46 

George 58 62 

B 60 

F 87 

Giles 92 94 

44 George 92 94 

Giles I) 93 

44 George E 94 

44 Genevieve 94 

Gerald 94 

Gamaliel 96 97 

George W 109 

Waldo, Henry Clay 7 L 72 

Helen C 72 

Henry 72 73 

Hannah B 78 82 

Watson, Helen E &2 

Waldo, Horatio 84 

Herbert A 84 




Waldo, Harlem P 84 

11 Henry 85 

Hubbard 86 

West. Henry F 80 

Waldo, Horatio 80 88 

N 87 

' ' Horatio 88 

Harriet 88 


Harvey 89 

Helen 88 

White, Hannah 89 

Waldo, Howard 90 

Helen 90 

Harry W 91 

Williams, Hannah 90 

Waldo, Herbert 93 

Hubert 94 95 

4i Horace 95 

«' Jr 95 

Hannah 108 

Harriet 112 119 

Hannah 123 

Henry S 125 127 

Henry L 125 120 

S 127 

" F 125 

Watery. Hannah 12 

Waldo, Henry Hovey . ... 12 21 

Harvey S 18 

Harriet N 21 22 

Henry H 22 

Harmon J 23 

" Hiram 25 

Hiram H 25 

" Homer D ..25 

Harriet A 26 

Hubert G 27 

Harriet C 28 29 

" Harrison A 33 

Hannah S 33 41 

11. Marshal 34 

Henry C 35 

Hannah 1 37 

i4 Hannah 42 47 

Hannah 48 49 


Waldo, Hannah 51 02 

Wheeler, Harlow 53 54 

Waldo, Harriet 58 00 

Helen L 59 

Wood, Henry N., Jr 09 

Waldo, Hiram 71 72 

Ira 30 

Isabelle 41 

Irene 85 

" Isaac 85 

Israel P Ill 

John G 10 

10 11 

11 Jr 10 11 

Jonathan 9 123 

John 11 85 

" 11 90 

Joanna 11 80 

Jesse 11 12 

Jonathan U 27 

" Jesse, Jr 12 

" 12 10 

John D 18 

'• John Hovey 18 

James A 19 20 

Wheaton, John M 20 

Williams, John 20 

Waldo, Jesse C 24 

* « " 24 

*' James L 25 

Jcrusha 20 27 

Jane 20 27 

John 27 

Johnathan, Jr 28 

Woodruff, Jonah 29 

Waldo, Jerusha 30 

Jeduthan 30 

Justus 30 42 

Joshua P 30 42 

Jerusha 30 

Joshua P 30 

John 30 

John F 33 

James C 33 

" Jerusha 33 

John 33 34 




Waldo, John B 35 

John A. B 35 3G 

Juliette A 35 36 

John Baron 3G 

Julius (^ 87 

JosiahC 4:5 44 45 

.lames E 43 47 

" James 44 

Jane C. A 47 

J. C 46 

James 48 49 

John 48 49 

Williams, John C 50 

Waldo, John Elderkin 51 

" •• »* Jr. .51 56 

' ' John 54 

" Juliette 54 55 

Wells, J. Enderbv 58 

Waldo, John Pea 58 59 

Witter, Joel 62 

Warren, Jay 74 

Waldo, Joanna 85 

Julia 85 

John Dr 86 

Joseph 8G Dl 

John Jr 86 

JoseDh 80 

JohnL 87 

Joseph .88 

Josephine 88 

»« 89 

Julia A 8 ( J 

John S 90 

White, Joseph 90 

Waldo, Julia W 91 

JohnM 91 

White, Joseph 91 

Waldo, John P 92 

John B 93 

" Jessie 93 

" .Jessie 94 95 

John, Jr. Rev... 96 100 

Jemima 96 100 

Jedediah 9G 100 

John 101 102 

Joseph .. 101 102 103 


Waldo, Joseph, Jr 102 

John J 102 

Joseph 104 

John 104 

Jonathan 107 108 

" Jr 108 110 

John 108 110 

" Joseph 108 

John 108 109 

Joseph W 108 

Joseph W 109 

Jenny A 109 

.Jonathan Jr 109 

Joseph W..' 109 

Jonathan 108 109 

John S 110 

James F 119 

Jonathan, Jr... 123 124 
3rd.. 124 125 

4th 125 

5tli 125 

John A 127 

" 124 

Wetherby, Kate 28 

Waldo, Lucius 13 22 

Levi F 1G 

Lucius () 18 

Lizzie 20 

" Lucius E 23 

" Lucius F 24 

Lucy A 25 

** Leroy 27 

Luciuda 33 38 

Laura E 33 42 

" Lewis 35 

Luna A 35 36 

Luthera B 37 38 

Waters, Lefavor 41 42 

\Y aldo, Louisa 54 55 

Laura 55 

Louis P 60 

•' Lucinda G3 G9 

Warren, Laura A 74 

Watkins, Laura O 75 

Watkins, Lorenzo C 77 

Waldo, Loren P 78 




Waldo, " kt Jr 78 82 

Lois W 83 84 

" Lorenzo 84 

Lois 85 

Lemuel 85 

Lyman 86 

Lyman 1> 87 

Whitney, Lizzie <S7 

Lottie A 87 

Lucia C 87 

Waldo, Lucy 88 

Lyman 88 

Louisa U 88 

Lucius 8!) 

Levi 8!) 

Lucretia K 90 

Louis 92 93 

Lucy 93 

Lawrence 95 

Leonard 96 

" Lawrence loo 

Lydia 101 105 

Louisanna 108 

Lucretia 108 

Louisa A 108 110 

Lewis Ill 

" V Ill 

Lucy 112 120 

Laura 112 120 

Lucretia M 119 120 

Lucy 124 

Lincoln 127 

Mary 11 1!) 

Martha 12 13 

" M 16 

Mary Esther 18 

Mary A IS 

Minnie G 19 20 

Mary 19 

Wheaton, Margarett A 20 

Wood, Mark 21 

Waldo, Martha E 21 

Mark A 21 

Mary E 21 

Mary P 21 

" C 21 


Waldo, Martha 20 

Martha V 21 22 

Mary F 22 

Mary A 25 

Martha 26 

Mary E 26 

Martha 27 

Maria 27 

Mary 28 

Martha 28 

Marv A 28 29 

Morris A 28 29 

Maria J 33 

Mary 33 41 

Martha F 35 

Ilattie F 35 

M. Isabella 37 

Mabel 41 

Maria E. . 44 

Maturiu B 44 47 

Mary 51 53 

Wheeler, Marietta 53 54 

Mary E 53 54 

Waldo, MarvM 54 56 

Mary 58 62 

Marietta 63 65 

Wood, Minnie E 69 

Waldo, Moses 71 

Warren, Mary M 74 

Martha A 74 

Watkins, Minerva E 77 

Myron H 77 

Maria J 77 

Waldo, Mercy 8:', 

Marv J 87 

"." 1)4 95 

Merritt 13 88 

Milton 88 

Margaret 88 

Mary 8!) 

Margaret ...89 

Mary ,89 

Martin B 89 

Marv E !)3 

Margaret M 94 

Mary F 90 




Marab 101 

Martha 104 

Moses C 108 109 

Mahala 108 10!) 

Maria A 109 

Mary E 109 

Marv F 109 

" *P Ill 



" R 125 

" Jane 125 

" E 

' l 8 

Nathan 12 25 

Weed, Nancy A 13 

Waldo, Nellie L 21 

Wood, Norman 29 

Waldo, Nellie J 35 

Nathan 50 83 

" Jr 83 84 

Nathaniel 85 

Newton S 88 

Nancy 89 90 

'> 112 119 

Olive 12 25 

Otis 12 18 

" Harvey 18 19 

" 19 

Olive L 26 

Orange G 28 29 

Olive W 35 

Oliver 14 

Warren, Otis F 74 

Watkins, Olive C 77 

Waldo, Obadiah P 78 

Ozias 86 95 

Orson 86 

" Orson 88 

Olive 96 97 

Peter 7 

Phipps 28 

Patty 42 49 

Polly ><H 

Peter 95 96 

Phipps 96 97 

Wheat, Parmelia 109 



Waldo, Polly Ill 

Phebe M 125 

Rebecca 9 121 

10 100 

Ruth 10 

Rebecca 11 50 

Rutb 11 50 

Roger 12 

Robert V. V 19 

Roger 26 

Ruth E 26 

Royal B 30 

*' N 33 

Richard 33 

Ralph 33 37 

Roswell 42 43 

Rosalie M 43 47 

Rolfe 49 

Rufus 51 58 

Ruth 86 89 

Rensalaer 88 

Roger ...91 

Roger H 91 

Ralph 91 

Robert B 91 

Richmond E 92 

Rebecca E 104 

" 104 

" 107 120 

Ralph 108 

Richard II 109 

Ralph 112 119 

Ralph 124 

Sarah 10 

Shubael 11 

Samuel Rev 11 12 

Shubael, Jr 11 12 

Sarah Ann 18 

Sarah J 21 

Sarah Jessie 24 

Shubael 26 27 

Samuel 27 

Sarah M 27 

Samuel 30 

" 2d.... 30 

Sophia 33 




Waldo, Sarah G 33 41 

Sarah G 35 

Samuel P 37 

" Simeon K 37 

Shubael 42 43 

Sarah Ann 48 

" Samuel 51 83 

SethH 51 62 

Sarah F 51 70 

Simon S 58 60 

" Sarah 58 61 

Wales, Sarah M 61 

Waldo, Sarah C 63 (it 

SethH 63 69 

SophroniaE 63 69 

4 ' Sarah L 7 J 

Sidney 72 7:5 

" Samuel 73 

Watkins, Samantha C 77 

44 Stephen E 77 

Silas L 77 

Waldo, Susanna 83 

" SimeonS 87 

44 Sarah A 87 

t4 Sarah 88 

Samuel L 89 

Sophia 89 

44 Samuel L., Jr 90 

Stella 93 

Sarah H 93 

Wells, Samuel .102 

Waldo, Sarah 104 105 

" ..107 110 

" Susannah 107 110 

44 Samuel 107 110 

" Sarah 108 

44 108 

44 Sullivan 108 109 

44 Susan A 109 

Sarah C 109 

44 Samuel A 110 

44 P Ill 

44 Ill 


44 " Jr 124 

14 " 124 


Waldo, Sarah 124 

44 E 125 126 

" Susan A 125 

Sarah Ellen 125 

" Sophia 125 

" Susannah 125 

Sarah 125 

Waldo, Thomas 8 

Thankful 11 30 

11 86 

s' Talitha 12 

Theron L 23 24 

Theron P 23 

Temperance P...28 29 

Thankful 30 

83 84 

** Temperance 85 

Thankful 85 

Talitha 86 91 

89 90 

Thomas 101 102 


F 112 119 

Waldo, William H 17 

William D 18 

William W 20 

William Wood 21 

William A....... 23 24 

Wealthy 26 

M 26 

William O 27 

WilberF 27 

William B 27 

Willis H 35 

Willis C 41 

" William Putnam 42 

William 51 56 

Wheeler, Warren 53 

Wm. W 53 

Wm.T 53 

Waldo, William 54 55 

Wales, Waldo V 61 

Waldo, Wendal D 72 

Wilkes 83 84 

William 85 

Walcott 85 




Waldo, W. Burrell 90 

William G 92 93 

P 108 110 

S 10!) 

Willis W 109 

William G 109 

" Zacheus 11 8(5 

Zacheus 12 26 

" Zacheus, Jr 26 27 

" Zachariah 50 51 

" Zachariah, Jr 51 71 

" Zachariah 51 54 

Zerviah 83 84 


Waldo, Zipporan 86 

" Zacheus 86 89 

89 90 

" Zerviah 96 97 

" Zachariah 107 


" (ieorge W 126 

" John 126 

Young, Kate 65 

York, Sarah E 126 

Zellar, Barbery E 29 


Clark, Deborah 130 

George 130 

Dakin, David 130 

Deborah Clark 130 

David Waldo 130 

" Henry Bosworth. . .130 

" Julia Harrison 130 

William Ripley 130 

Heath, John 131 

Sarah 131 

Hudson, Henry Waldo 133 

Ralph Clark 133 

William Henry.... 133 

Hydorn, Joseph Bartlett. . .134 

Post, Florence Adelaide ... 133 


Ripley, Hannah 129 

Waldo, Bradford 129 

Charles 130 

David Ripley 130 

Deborah 131 134 

George Clark 130 

George Clark.. 131 133 

Harriet 129 

Henry 130 131 132 138 

Hattie 131 134 

Jane Eliza . . 131 133 

Lydia 129 

Ora 130 

William 130 134 

" Zipp<>ran 129 

Zacheus 129 

Webb Maria 131