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Genealogy of the De 
Carpentier family of Holland 

Edwin Jaquett Sellers 





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APR 1 1909 ^ 


Although the family treated of in this work has not 
been definitely traced beyond Pierre de Carpentier of 
Messen, Flanders, yet its origin appears in "Histoire 
de Cambray et du Cambresis, par Jean le Carpentier," 
published at Leyden, 1664, vol. II., page 369: 

"Since the year 11 60 the family is known in the 
archives of the Abbey of Vauchelles to which much 
assistance was rendered by Barthelemy and Renaud 
Carpentier, issue of Roger, Sire de Gouy, as we learn 
from the Tournament of Auchin in the year 1096. Siger 
Carpentier and Godefroy, descended from the said Renaud, 
were held in high esteem in Cambray and adjacent parts 
about 1200. Siger gave, among others, the tithes of 
Attiche to the Abbey of Cisoing in the year 1265, as 
can be seen in the archives of that place. He was 
Seigneur de Vannes and one of the most eminent knights 
of his time and laid tfte foundation for a fair posterity, 
which settled in French Flanders, through his marriage 
with Berthe Dame en Arquenghem, by whom he had 
a son named Anseau, whose descendants maintained 
themselves with glory and fame as late as the year 1400, 
when some of them, because of disfavor, were obliged 
to retreat to France, where, to the present day, they 
keep up the rank of their ancient nobility and are Seig- 
neurs de Berthier, de Crecy, de Machy, de Ratilly, de 
Marigny, etc. 

" This House possessed in the Netherlands, where the 
main branch has been extinct for nearly a century, the 
Seigneuries de Vannes, d' Avesnes lez Obert, du petit 
Ribecourt, de Maire, de Hamarr6e, de Tilloy, de Waig- 
nou, d'Aumont, de Flechinet, etc. It gave a bishop 
to Chartres and an abbot to St. Vaast in Arras; an 
almoner to Robert, Count de Flanders; governors to 

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Therouane; grand bailiffs to Courtray; counsellors and 
gallant captains for armies to emperors, kings, and 
princes, and even governors to newly discovered and 
conquered countries of the United Netherlands, etc. It 
has distinguished itself through brilliant alliances by 
marriage with many noble houses. Some of the de- 
scendants of the aforesaid Godefroy de Carpentier, Sire 
de Daniel and d'Avesnes-les-Obert (benefactor of the 
Abbey of Vaucelles according to a title of the year 1280, 
and brother of the aforesaid Siger, Sire de Vannes), 
left for England and Holland, where they bear different 
arms, although descended from the same house which 
recognizes as its originators the ancient and illustrious 
Seigneurs de Gouy or Goy, who are so renowned in the 
archives of the abbies of St. Vaast d'Arras, Mont St. 
Eloy, Honnecourt, Mont St. Martin, etc., since the 
year 1036, which is mentioned by Andr6 Du Chesne in 
his genealogical works. 

" Of this house was Jean le Carpentier, Treasurer- 
General of the Emperor Charles the Fifth, who by Mar- 
guerite de Langhe, daughter of Jean, had a daughter 
named Jeanne le Carpentier, who married Matthieu de 
Keinooghen, son of Jean Escuyer and Barbe d'Espel- 
ghem, who was father of Marie de Keynooghem married 
to Adrian van der Goes." 

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I. i. Pieter de Carpentier * was born during the mid- 
dle of the fifteenth century, although the place of his 
birth and date have not been 
ascertained. He resided, how- 
ever, at Messen, West Flanders, 
Belgium, of which city he was 
Treasurer ("General Account 
of the Abbey of Messines, March 
5, 1507, to Easter, 1508," page 
7, Archives of Messen). His 
first wife was Catharina Godt- 
schalk whom he married in 
1488 (Family Records). The 
date of her death has not been 
obtained, although it could not 

have occurred until after 1511, the date of her son Jan 
de Carpentier's birth. The arms of the Godtschalck 
family at Lille and Brussels are 
described by Rietstap as d'arg. 
it une tour de gu. The second 
wife of Pieter de Carpentier was 
Maria, widow of Jan de Villers 
and daughter of Philips van 

Myzele and Maria (Family 

Rec.). He was Counsellor of 
the Prince de Chimay, from 
whom he received a grant of 
arms, de gu. it trots 6perons d'or, 
la molette en bos. C. un lion iss. 

•The material from which the present genealogy was compiled was obtained by 
Mr. J. L. van Dalen, Archivist of Dordrecht, part of which consisted of copies of 
a pedigree and other manuscripts relating to the de Carpentier family in possession 
of Jonkheer Coenen van Gravensloot, a descendant of the family, and the "Family 
Records" or "Family MSS.," frequently quoted, refer to such sources of information. 

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Encyclopaedia Britannica: 

" Chimay, a town of Belgium, in the Province Hainault, 
on the Eaublanche, or White Water, about 28 miles 
South of Charleroi. ... In 1470 it was raised to 
the rank of a countship by Charles the Bold, and in i486 
was erected into a principality in favor of Charles de 

The arms referred to are illustrated in Beschryvinge 
der Stad Dordrecht. Dordrecht, 1677. By Matthys 
Balen. Several illustrations also appear on two large 
folio pages entitled "Namen en wapenen der ed: agt- 
baare heeren oud raden ofte vroedschappen der Stad 
Dordrecht. Zoo als dezelve in den Iaare 1652; als 
Wanneer het Getal is Bepaalt op Veertigh Persoonen in 
Leven Geweest. Ex collectione Wilh. van der Lely, 
J. U. D. t' Amsterdam bij Hend. de Leth, fecit et exe- 
cudit, A 1740." The arms are given of " Pieter de Car- 
pentier, Roelandsz., M "Mr. (Meester, Counsellor) Roe- 
land de Carpentier, Pietersz.," and "1676 Pieter de 
Carpentier, Roelandsz., ob: 1687." In all the fore- 
going illustrations the arms are quartered with those 
of the de Villers family. An ancient painting, similarly 
quartered, is preserved at the Museum at Dordrecht. 

The date of Pieter de Carpentier's death has not been 

By his first marriage he had issue: 

2. Guiljam, Clerk of Wastene. 

3. Nicolaas. 

4. Jacomina. 

5. Catarina. 

6. Johanna. 

7. Jan. 

By his second marriage he had issue : 

8. Joris. 

II. 7. Jan de Carpentier, son of Pieter de Carpentier 
(1) and Catharina Godtschalck, was born at Messen, West 
Flanders, Aug., 1511 (according to the Family MSS.); 

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married at Middleburg, Isabella, daughter of Jan de 
Villers, the younger, and Maria van Myzele (step- 
mother of Jan de Car- 
pentier) ; died at Ypres, 
Dec. 14, 1580, aged 70 
years, and was buried at 
St. Martin's Church. His 
wife died at Middleburg, 
Sept. 15, 1584, aged 72 
years, and was buried at 
St. Peter's Church. 

The de Villers arms ap- 
pear in the Map of Arms 
in " Chronicles of Zealand, 
by Smallgange" and an 
ancient painting is also 
preserved in the Museum 
at Dordrecht. They are 
de sa. it dix los. d'or, ac- 

coties et abouttes, 3, 3, 3, et 1. Cq. cour. C; un vol d f or. 
They are also described by Rietstap. 

Jan de Villers and his wife, Maria van Myzele had 





Isabella, who m. Jan de Carpentier. 

Philips van Myzele was born in 1441 ; married , 

and had issue: 

Truykbn, a nun at Steenvorden. 

Jannbkbn, m. Gysbert Haak. 


Maria, who m. 1st, Jan de Villers, 2d, Pieter de Carpentier (1). 

Jan de Carpentier and his wife Isabella de Villers had 

9. Antoinette, who became a citizen of Ypres by her marriage 
at Messen, Oct. 28, 1567, with Pierre, son of Gilles Sevru. 

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10. Jean who became a citizen of Ypres by his marriage at Ac- 

men tieres, Oct. 12, 1568, with Madeleine, daughter of Pierre 

11. Maillard, b. at Messen, 1544: m. Maria L'Hermite at Aken, 

June, 1590, where he had resided since 1589; d. there 
Feb. 4, 1608, aged 64 years. She d. March 7, 1608. 

12. Robland. 

13. Pieter, d. y. 

14. Pierona, d. at 14 years of age. 

15. Maria. 

16. Josina, d. at Yperen, Sept., 1583. 

17. Janneke, d. 1 581. 

18. Pieter. 

III. 12. Roeland de Carpentier, son of Jan de 
Carpentier (7) and Isabella de Villers, was born at Messen* 

1546; married at Sandwich, 

England, Aug. 2, 1575, Josina, 

daughter of Jacob van Hecke. 

She was born at Brussels, 1553. 

The van Hecke arms are given 

in Smallgange's "Chronicles of 

Zealand," as de gu. au chev. 

d' herm., ace. de trots roses 

d'arg. An ancient painting of 

the arms is preserved in the 

Museum at Dordrecht. 

Jacob van Hecke was born 

Feb. 30, 1484; died at Middleburg, Sept. 30, 1584 (N. S.), 

and was buried there at St. Peter's Church. He had 


Pieter, d. at Middleburg, Jan. 27, 1626, at 8 P. M., aged 72 years. 


Josina, who m. Roeland de Carpentier. 

Roeland de Carpentier bore his paternal arms quarterly 
with his maternal, in which manner they continued to 
be borne by his descendants, and, according to which, 
they are described by Rietstap and so illustrated in 
the Dordrecht Map of Arms, previously mentioned. 

Roeland de Carpentier and his brother Maillard left 
Flanders on account of religious persecution and went to 

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Sandwich, England, where Roeland married, as already 

During Roeland de 
Carpentier's first stay in 
England he is referred 
to in "Works of the 
Marnix Society (Werken 
der Marnix-Vereeniging), 
Series II, Vol. I. Acts of 
the Conference of the 
Dutch Congregation in 
England, 1575-1609. 
Published by J. J. 
van Toorenenbergen. 
Utrecht, 1872. " Page 3: 

Acts of the Assembly of 
the Dutch Congregation in 
this kingdom, held at London, this fifteenth day of March, Anno 


This day, after invoking the Lord's name, the first meeting was 
held in London of the deputies of the churches of London, Norwich, 
Sandwich, Colchester, Maydestone and Yarmouth, to which was 
afterwards added the deputy of Ilthforde (?), where, by the usual 
elective vote D. Gotfredus Wingius was elected as president of this 
assembly and Roelandt de Carpentier as secretary of the same. 

Page 4: 

On behalf of the church at Sandwich Jacob Camen and Roland 
de Carpentier, elders of said church, are authorized with similar lim- 
itations as formerly (with such reservation as is mentioned in their 

Page 11: 

Colloquium or Conference of the Low German Congregation within 
this kingdom of England. Commences the twenty-second 

of May, Anno 1576. 

The sum of the letters of commission and authorization from 
each church, which have received individual consideration, follows: 

On behalf of the congregation of Sandwich, Isbrandus Trabius, 
servant of the Lord, and Rolandus Carpentarius, elder in the same 
congregation, are delegated to this conference, with full authority 
to treat with the brothers of the conference and to decide without 

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any reservations or exceptions such matters as may be considered of 
benefit to the churches. 

Page 38: 

Colloquim or Conference of the Low German Congregation within 
this kingdom . . . commenced the XIII of May, Anno 1578. 

Following is the sum of the letters of commission from each 
church, which have received individual consideration. 

On behalf of the congregation of Sandwich, Ysbrandus Trabius, 
servant of the Lord, and Roland de Carpentier, elder of the same 
congregation, are delegated and authorized to act on all such matters 
as may be considered expedient in strengthening the Kingdom of 
Jesus Christ here or in our fatherland, all without detrimental con- 
sequences to our superiors. 

Roeland de Carpentier was admitted to citizenship at 
Ypres, by purchase, Aug. 28, 1578 (General Archives 
of Ypres; Register of citizens No. 11, p. 293); became 
Pensionary of that city Aug. 18, 1578, and was sworn 
in Aug. 28th (Reg. of the Grand Council, 1567-1594, 
p. 56; Reg. of Official Oaths, 15 76-1 765, p. 4); he ren- 
dered accounts as Receiver of the Confiscations of the 
City and Castillany of Ypres, April 10, 1584, to Sept. 10, 
1593 (Chamber of Accounts at Brussels); Warden of 
the Parish of St. Martin ; was requested by the Eighteen 
Men to become their Clerk but declined ; Member of the 
Embassy to the Prince of Orange at Antwerp, May 6, 

The following is a copy of a manuscript in possession 
of Jonkheer van Gravensloot : 

We, Servants of the Godly Word and Elders of the Congregation 
of followers of Christ at Yperen, witness to the truth of the fact that 
Roeland de Carpentier, Pensionary of this City, and Josyne van 
Hecke, his wife, are members of this our congregation, firm of faith 
and honest in the walks of life. We pray, therefore, that all brothers 
will view them in this light and receive them in their congregations. 
Done in our Church Council at Yperen this second day of April, 1584. 

By order of the Council, 

R. van Larbn. 1584. 

We, Servants of the Word and Elders of the Reformed Church of 
Christ at Antwerp, witness: that Roeland Carpentier, Pensionary in 
the City of Yperen, and Sijnken (Josina), his wife, during the siege 
of said city has been deputized and sent here by his people and as 

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well at Yperen as here, during the time they have been with us have 
deported themselves as pious members of this congregation; which 
they have shown by knowledge of the faith, use of the Holy Sacra- 
ment and further with edifying conduct. We pray, therefore, that 
each and all brothers do acknowledge them as such and to show 
them all becoming Christian love. At Antwerp, January 7, 1585. 
In the name of our Consistory, 

Andribs db Mbbstbr, 

Servant of the Word. 

May 6, 1585, he was requested by the Magistracy of 
Goes to become Pensionary of that city, which he de- 
clined, as he hoped to be reinstated in his former office 
and possessions in Flanders. In 1589 we find him 
at Delft. "Works of the Marnix Society" (previously 
quoted), page 330: 

Acts of the Special Synod held at Goude August 29, 1589. 

Those deputized to the Classis and their credentials. 

Prom the Classis of Delft: Arnoldus Cornelii, Winandus Beekius, 
Johannes Bernardi, ministers at Delft, Soetermeer and Nootdorp, 
with their credentials, the elder from Delft Roland Carpentier being 
excused on account of the illness of his child. 

Page 423: 

Acts of the Special Synod of the churches and Classis of South 
Holland, held and commenced at Leyden, November 2, 1592. After- 

Ministers and Elders appearing at the Synod: . 

Prom the Classis of Delft: 

D. Wernerus Helmichius, servant of the word of God at Delft, 
Wernandus Gerhardi, minister at Soetermeer, Joannes Bernhardi, 
minister at Ouderschye, and Rolandus Carpentarius, elder of the 
church at Delft. 

Pages 435, 436, Art. 22: 

Deputation to the churches at Amsterdam and "The Hague." 
The deputies of the two churches of Amsterdam and The Hague were 
interrogated as to what their views were on both sides, and as they 
all persisted in adhering to that which they had, as above mentioned 
declared in the Synod, it was consequently considered advisable by 
this Assembly to send, as have been sent to this assembly, to the 
church at Amsterdam, D. Reynerum Donteclock and Rolandum 
Carpentarium and to the church of The Hague D. D. Jeremino Bas- 
tingium and D. D. Julius Beyma, with proper instructions to induce 
the aforesaid churches not to take so decided an attitude in their 

Digitized by 



resolutions in favor of the opposition; to present arguments on the 
other side to them and assure them they should effect that which 
will be of greatest benefit to all churches; and, on the other hand, 
if they could not infer the injury and disgrace which might result in 
consequence, etc. 

Vol. III., South Holland, 1593-1620. Page 1: 

Acts of the Special Synod of the churches and Classis of South 
Holland held at Briel in the year 1593 and commenced in the after- 
noon of August 31. 

Arrival of the ministers and elders from each classis. The minis- 
ters and elders of the churches and classes of this Synod have ap- 
peared at the assembly and have presented their proper credentials. 

From the classis of Delft: Arnoldus Cornelii, minister at Delft, 
Wynandus Beeck, minister at Soutermeer, Arent Hermansz., minister 
at Vlaardigen and Roelandus Carpentarius, elder at Delft. 

Page 15: 

Anno 1593. 

Special Acts of the Synod of South Holland at Briel, etc. 

Art. 5. Caspar Bygarden. 

Caspar Bygarden has presented to the assembly a written protest 
in which he complains that his book was censured and condemned 
in the last Synod without his having been given a hearing in the 
matter and, as the said censure was recorded in the acts, that the 
same tends to a subtle privation of his ministry; to which the Synod 
graciously replied that it does not consider that his book has been 
censured as being heretical but only that it is not written in such a 
manner that it might be considered edifying to have it printed. Con- 
sidering that he did not clearly understand the same, Reynerus 
Donteclock, Johannes Audellius, Daniel Colonius and Rolandus 
Carpentarius have been appointed to examine his book and they 
have declared that they have found many impertinent, obscure and 
preposterous ideas in the aforesaid book, any of which tend suffi- 
ciently to error, etc. 

Page 78: 

Acts of the Synod of South Holland, commenced at Schoonhoven, 
Sept. 9, 1597. 

From the Classis of Delft. 

Arnoldus Cornelii, minister at Delft, Jan Louwerisz., minister at 
Schipiny, Jan Barentz., minister at Ouderschie, Roeland Carpen- 
tarius, elder at Delft. 

Page 138: 

Acts of the Special Synod of South Holland held at Leyden and 
commenced August 15, 1600. 

Digitized by 



There have appeared at this Synod the following ministers and 

Prom the Classis of Delft: 

D. Arnoldus Cornelii and Wernerus Helmichius, servants of the 
word of God at Delft, Martinus Nicolai, minister at Lyre and Ro- 
landus Carpentier, elder of the Church at Delft, etc. 

Page 210: 

Acts of the Special Synod of the churches of South Holland held 
in the City of Woerden, commenced Aug. 10, 1607. 

The persons who appeared at the Synod with proper credentials 
are as follows: 

Prom the Classis of Delft: 

Daniel Dolegius, minister at Delft; Martinus Nicolai, minister at 
Lier; Wilhelm Crynsz,, minister at Maerlandt; Roelandt de Car- 
pentier, elder at Delft. 

Page 276: 

Acts of the Special Synod of South Holland, held at Dordrecht, 
commenced Oct. 14, 1608. 

The ministers of the word of God and the elders who appeared 
at this Synod are as follows: 

From the Classis of Delft: 

D. D. Albertus ab Oorterwyck, minister of the Holy Ghost at 
Delft, Petrus Lowyck, minister of the H. G. at Noeltwyck, Joannes 
Penecolius, minister of the H. G. at Want, Roelant Carpentier, elder 
of the Church at Delft. 

Roeland de Carpentier moved to Dordrecht, May 10, 
1610. He died at Amsterdam October 6, 1618, aged 
72 years. He was a very learned man in all languages 
and very religious in his family. He was Counsellor to 
Prince William of Orange at The Hague. 

Josina van Hecke, widow of Roeland de Carpentier, 
died at Utrecht, April 20, 1628, about 75 years old. 
Death Register of the City of Utrecht: 

"May s, 1628, Dame Josina von Hecque, widow of 
Roeland de Carpentier, in his lifetime Pensionary at 
Ypres, residing in St. Pauwels leaving heirs of whom 
Doctor Carpentier is one. Buer Church." 

14 Doctor" refers to her son Dr. Servatius de Carpentier. 

Her will, on file at Utrecht, is as follows : 

Last Will of Josina van Hecke, Widow of Roelant de Carpentier, 
in the Name of the Lord, Amen. 

Digitized by 



By the contents of this present and public instrument to every 
one public notice to be given, that in the year after the birth of our 
dear Lord Jesus Christ, One Thousand six hundred and twenty- 
eight, on Thursday, the 17th day of the month of April between six 
and seven o'clock in the afternoon or thereabouts, before me, a Notary 
of the Court of Utrecht, and the subscribing witnesses as required, 
appeared in her own proper person the reputable Josina van Heck, 
widow of Roelant de Carpentier, of blessed memory, living in Utrecht 
and well known to me (a Notary) sitting up in bed, sick in body 
but in full and complete possession of her reason and faculties (we 
the Notary and subscribing witnesses not being aware of any- 
thing to the contrary). By the grace of God prudently and wisely 
bearing in mind, in contemplating the illness of men, that noth- 
ing here on earth is more certain than death and nothing more 
uncertain than the hour of death, and wishing to provide against 
her last day and that uncertain hour of death by ordaining testa- 
mentary dispositions of her temporal possessions (by the grace of 
God) has made by force of a certain open letter of grant, issued 
by the Court of Utrecht under date of the 16th of April, 1628 last, 
clearly exhibited to us, notary and subscribing witnesses, her testa- 
ment codicil and last will of all her possessions, real and personal, 
ordained and disposed, and makes, ordains and disposes of this in 
the form as follows: 

Commending her soul when it shall part from earth into the hands 
of God Almighty, and her body to a Christian burial, revoking further 
all preceding testamentary dispositions, codicils, gifts or other, made 
by her before the date of the making or passing of this in any way 
whatsoever, and disposing anew of her temporal possessions, the 
testatrix has willed and ordained, as she wills and ordains by this, 
that the collective children of Govert Gelisz, her son-in-law, begotten 
by Isabella de Carpentier, his wife deceased, daughter of testatrix, 
by the death of testatrix have and retain all such 600 Pounds Flemish 
which she, the testatrix, holds against the aforesaid Govert Gelisz, 
her son-in-law, by a rent obligation (Bond for Rent) instituting them 
heirs to this, willing and desiring that those children will for this at 
the death of their testatrix abstain from all of testatrix* further be- 
longings and inheritance. But if the same children should not be 
satisfied with this, but should say anything, or do or cause anything 
to be done against it, in such case the testatrix wills that they shall 
be excluded from and deprived of the said 600 Pounds Flemish, and 
will have to hold themselves satisfied with such legitimate share as 
by law out of the testatrix* possessions and inheritance is due, in 
this case instituting them the heirs to this legal share and no other 
part. Willing also that in this case the same children shall be charged 
out of the aforesaid legal share with all of the 300 Pounds Flemish 
which their mother, deceased daughter of testatrix, received at her 

Digitized by 



Further, testatrix bequeaths first to Pieter de Carpentier, her son r 
or his heirs if any, 300 Pounds Flemish, and this is an equivalent to 
the 300 Pounds Flemish which she gave to Jan de Carpentier, her 
son, and Isabella de Carpentier, her deceased daughter, each at their 
marriage, and in all of testatrix* other possessions, as well as of 
seigniory as of her own real and personal, such as remain after; debt 
by death, will, bequest and funeral expenses have been met. 

Testatrix has instituted and hereby institutes Pieter de Car- 
pentier, her son aforesaid, or his heirs born to him, in the one half, 
and the children collectively of Jan de Carpentier, her son, or their 
legitimate heirs born to them by representation in the parents' place 
if any had died before testatrix leaving heirs, in the other half, to be 
the sole universal heirs of testatrix. And all this preserving and 
reserving to the same Jan de Carpentier, her son, his legitimate 
share to pass to them under their legal title to the properties and 
inheritance of testatrix, free and unencumbered, he not profiting 

It is the will of the testatrix that this, her son, shall be debited 
against the aforesaid legitimate share of all which he has received at 
his marriage, and in every other way making this an express com- 

All that has been written the testatrix expressly declared to be 
her testament, codicil and last will, which she wills and desires to be 
fully carried into effect after her death, and that so far as it may not 
be in the proper form of a testament that it shall operate and have 
the effect of a codicil or last will, or as a donation because of death 
or otherwise, giving it the very best and most forcible interpretation, 
notwithstanding any impediments to the contrary because of con- 
stitutional, state or other provisions, and notwithstanding any proper 
solemnities or rights as required may not have been followed or 
entertained. Reserving, however, to the testatrix full power and 
authority to totally or partially repeal, change, increase or diminish 
this, her testament, codicil and last will as often and as frequently 
as she desires and wishes to. At the end of which she stipulated and 
requested me, the public notary, to make and deliver to her one or 
more instruments in the best form. 

Done at Utrecht at the domicile of Cathaline Liniers, standing 
under the Dom (church) in the year, month, day and hour afore- 
mentioned, in the presence of the worthy Assuerus van Borculo and 
Cornells Pack, citizens of Utrecht, subscribing witnesses as required. 

Signed by: 


Testatrix aforesaid, 


Assuerus van Borculo, 


Cornblis Tack, i6a8. 

by me, 

G. van Wary, Notary, 1628. 

(Notarial Archives, Utrecht.) 

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Roeland de Carpentier and his wife Josina van Hecke 
had issue: 

19. JOHAN. 

20. Josina, b. 1581; d. at Yperen, 1583. 

21. Isabella, b. June 18, 1585, at Middleburg; m. Aug. 14, 1607, 

Otto van Engel ; he d. Sept. 21 , 161 2; she m. 2nd, Dec. 
27, 16 13, at Amsterdam, Govert Gilles, widower of Sara 
Lodawijk. He was b. 1551; d. Aug. 20, 1638. Shed. 
Jan. 29, 1623, aged 37X yrs. 

Issue by first marriage: 

25. Cornelia, b. Oct. 10, 1609; d. at Arnhem July 15, 


Issue by second marriage: 

26. Roeland, b. Oct. 4, 1614, at Amsterdam in the 

Warmoesstraat on the Red Canal; m. May 19, 

1643, Joanna, dau. of Jacob Roch, Commissary and 

Director of the East India Company. She was b. 

at Amsterdam, 1622, and d. at Amsterdam Nov. 

25, 1 701, age 79 yrs.; he d. Oct. 26, 1654. Issue: 

27. Anna Govers van Haftbn, b. 1648; m. 

May 4, 1674, Melchior van Beseler; d. 

Aug. 18, 1732, at Amsterdam, 85 yrs. old, 

having been married 58 yrs., 5 mos., 14 

days. He was b. June xo, 1644. Issue: 

28. Joanna, b. June 12, 1676. 

29. Magdalena Cornelia, b. Nov. 23, 

1677; m. Feb. 4, 1700, Jan Shut- 
ten. Issue: 

33. Maria. 

34. Anna. 

35. Johanna Jacob a. 

36. Magdalena Cornelia. 

37. Catharina. 

38. Theodore Isaac. 

30. Roeland, d. June 13, 1703, age 24 


31. Paulus, b. Nov. 1, 1680. 

32. Jacoba, b. Sept. 2, 1683. 
Five others d. y. 

22. Pibtbr, b. at Delit; d. y. 1589. 

23. PlBTER. 

24. Jacques, b. at Delft, Oct. 18, 1594; d. in East India on the 

vessel "Het Wapen van Hoora" as Commander of a fleet 
cruising near Malacca, aged 28 X years. 

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IV." 1 9. Johan de Carpentier, son of Roeland de 
Carpentier (12) and Josina van Hecke, was born at 
Sandwich, England, at 4 P. M. Saturday, June 8, 1577 
(0. S.); m. 1st, at Luyk (Liege) April 9, 1598 (N. S.), 
Maria, daughter of Servaes Hellincx and Catharina 
Crayers. She was born Mch. 20, 1581, and died of 
"the plague," Oct. 26, 1626. Oct. 19, 1591, he went to 
Luyk (Liege) in order to acquire a commercial train- 
ing. After his marriage he went to Aix-la-Chapelle, 
and from there to Middleburg, Sept. 28, 1599, and from 
there to Dordrecht, May 6, 1601, in " Solomon's Temple." 
Nov. 21, 1609, he purchased a property referred to in 
Legal Archives No. 751, No. 1 (Dordrecht): 

Act of the 6th of January, 1610. Coram Cornells Molen Adrians*, 
Bondewyn Coninck Gijsbrechtsz, and Anthonis den EHnck Anthonis- 

That Anthonis Blonck, brewer, citizen of this City, appeared before 
us in re sale to Johan de Carpentier, merchant and citizen of the same 
city, of an entire house, brewery and grounds with all appurtenances 
thereof together with all permanent fixtures, situated on Wynstraad 
in this city and called "'t Zeepaard" (The Sea Horse), reaching from 
the front of the highway to back of the newly excavated harbor and 
between the house of Herman van de Wolde on one side and that of 
Bondewyn Coninck Gysbrechtsz., justice and lawyer of this city, on 
the other side. . . . Witnesses: Adrian Stevensz., Sailmaker 
and Pieter Matthijsz, citizens of this city. 

This property was conveyed by Johan de Carpentier 
to* Johannes Bocardus, Minister, Oct. 25, 1625; he also 
conveyed, the same date, to Cornelis Willemsz. Wens, of 
Dordrecht, a garden and orchard in the Barony of 
Merwede between the orchard of the heirs of Hugo 
Repelaer and Isaeck Gouverts on one side and the 
garden of Anthonie Wiercx on the other (Legal Archives, 
No. 765, folio 131). 

He was an iron merchant at Dordrecht. At Leige, 
where he had resided, he studied Euclid's mathematics 
under the pedagogues of the Bishop of Liege. 

Servaes Hellincx was born at Maastricht, 1540 ; married 
at St. Hilary's Church in the same city, on St. Hilary 
Day, Catharina Crayers; died at Liege, April 4, 1609, 

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aged 69 years. She was born at Maastricht, 1536, and 
died, Sept. 20, 1603. They had issue : 

Servaes, b. Oct. 20, 1564; d. Jan. 13, 161 5, age 51 years. 
Jan, b. June 8, 1576; d. at Liege, March 19, 1612, age 35 years, 

9 mos. 

Maria, mentioned above. 
Eight others. 

Le Th6&tre de la Noblesse du Brabant, etc. Liege, 
1705. Mercedes d'Honneur et de Noblesse dans le 
duch6 de Brabant, No. 42: 

Jean Hellincx, lord of the Fief of Sibbe, native and resident of the 
city of Antwerp. 

He represented that his family should be accounted from the 
country and city of Liege where it descended from the most honorable 
and principal, as much on account of its prominence as the many 
illustrious and noble alliances by marriage it had made there from 
time to time, bearing the coat of arms: un escu, d'or a Vours debout 
de sable, escartelU d'argent, a une face d'azur, accompagnie de trots 
saultoirs de gueulles; Uescu surmonU d*un Timbre d'argent griXU et 
lisert d'or aux Lambrequins et Bourlet d'or et de sable; cimier un 
ours naissant de Vescu, and, having established himself at Antwerp, 
where he had married Marguerite van Colen of an ancient and noble 
family of Germany, having always proved very zealous in the Holy 
Catholic and Apostolic Faith and the Royal service, maintaining 
soldiers at his own expense, and although offered the office of Grand 
Almoner, he preferred to continue his residence in the aforesaid city 
in greater style and with the same arms that his family had borne 
for three successive generations. 

King Charles II. ennobled him to bear the aforesaid blazonry by 
Letters Patent executed at Madrid October 6, 1689. 

We, the Burgomaster of the noble City of Liege, to all whom it 
may concern, Greeting: This will be certification and attestation, 
as is required by Sr. Jean Hellincx at present residing at Antwerp, 
who wishes to receive our letters testimonial in regard to the rank 
and deportment of his parents and predecessors who have lived in 
our aforesaid Town and City of Liege. To which complying favor- 
ably and wishing to administer justice to each and all whenever re- 
quired, we certify and attest immediately to the information con- 
tained and by us seen in various documents in the form of letters 
produced before us to this effect: The late Sr. Servais Hellincx, great- 
grandfather of the suppliant seigneur, one of the Maltres des Forges 
and most important manufacturers in the City of Liege, was in pos- 
session and Lord of a very old fief at Cibbe with right of the patronage 

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of the church living and other prerogatives of the country of Paul- 
conmont, which same fief the Sr. his son, of the same name, grand- 
father of the suppliant seigneur, was also possessed and lord of and 
was moreover Lieutenant Captain of the Old Crossbowmen (Vieux 
Arbalestiers) under Monsieur le Comte de Waroux from the year 
1 613 to the time of \ his Highness Ferdinand de Baviere, Bishop and 
Prince of Liege. We further certify that the Sr. Servais Hellincx, 
son and grandson respectively of the Seigneurs above mentioned 
and father of the same suppliant was in like manner Matstre and 
Seigneur of the same fief, that family having been and being reputed 
among the most honorable and most important of our city as much 
by reason of the magnificence in which it lived as by reason of several 
very important and noble alliances which it made from time to time 
in aforesaid city. Wherefore we require that each and all shall 
believe herein. 

Given in the said City of Liege under the signature of the Chief 
Clerk and under seal of the said city the 14th day of May in the year 

By ordinance of the said Seigneurs. v 

(Signed) DU MOULIN. 

Being sealed with the said seal stamped on a red wafer. 

The arms of the Hellincx family according to Rietstap 

Flandre. Ec: aux 
1 et 4 d'or h un ours 
ramp, de sa.; aux 2 
et 3 d'arg. h la fasce 
d'azur ace. de trots 
planches de gu. Bour- 
let de sa. et d'or, C: 
Fours iss, C: 1'ours, 
iss. L. d'or et de sa. 
An ancient painting 
of the arms is also 
preserved in the Mu- 
seum at Dordrecht. 
Of the issue of Ser- 
vaes Hellincx previ- 
ously mentioned : 

Gerard was b. June 30, 1569; m. 1st, Jan. 7, 1590. 
Jopken, dau. of Adrian Jobsz van Teresteyn and Helina 
Cornells' daughter; m. 2nd, Dec. 27, 1623 (Articles of 

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Marriage), Hillegond Oissis, widow of Laurens Moons; 
died Dec. 3, 1632. 

Issue by first marriage: 

Christina, b. May, 1591. 

, b. March, 1594. 

Maria, m. Jan de Carpentier. 

Servabs, b. prior to 1579; m. Maria, dau. of Jasper to Grand. 

Anna, b. 1609 (?). 

Gerard, bap. Oct. 31, 1610. 

Jasper, bap. June 30, 161 3. 

Adrian, bap. Jan. 18, 161 5. 

Jobkbn, bap. Jan. 29, 161 7. 

Catharina, bap. Sept. 30, 161 8. 

Helena, bap. May, 1620. 

Cornblis, bap. Sept. 5, 1621. 

Daniel, bap. July, 1624. 

, d. Oct. 1620. 

Seven of the children were living in 1622. 

Record of Marriages, Reformed Church, Dordrecht: 
Gerrit Hellinx, of Maastricht, and Jopken, dau. of Adrian 
Jobsz van Teresteyn, of Dordrecht, married Jan. 7, 1590. 

Record of Annuities, 1599: 

Adriaen, son of Job van Teresteyn, buys, Nov. 26, 
1599, an annuity for Servaes Helling, 7 years old, whose 
mother is Jopken, dau. of Adriaen, 

Judicial Archives, No. 899: 

By an attest, dated Mch. 28, 1603, Geerit Hellincks 
stated to be 34 years of age. 

Judicial Archives, Feb. 8, 1629: 

By an instrument concerning the creditors of Gerrit Hellincx it 
is stated that Helena, CarnehV daughter, widow of Adrian Jobsz van 
Teresteyn "reserves her right to the remaining possessions of Gerard 
Hellincx from the est. of the mother of his said wife." 

Judicial Archives, Certifications: 

By an instrument dated Oct. 8, 1652, Maria le Grand, 
widow of Servaes Hellings, makes session to her children 
Jopken, Maria, Catharina, Daniel, Cornelis and Anna 
Hellincx, of 7000 florins, reserving the enjoyment of one 
half of the interest. These 7000 florins were bequeathed 

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by the late burgomaster Cornells van Teresteyn, her 
great uncle, and Anna Wouters, " the testament bearing 
date of June 28, 1640." 

Johan de Carpentier by his first wife Maria Hellincx 
had issue: 

39. Servabs, afterwards Servatius. 

40. Robland, b. at Middleburg March 28, 1600; d. at Dordrecht 

June 2, 1 60 1, and bur. there in the Nieuwkerk. 

41. Josina, b. at Dordrecht Sept. 24, 1601 (N. S.), in "Solomon's 

Temple;" m. May 24, 1622, Cornelis van Esch; d. in child- 
bed Feb. 24, 1634. Issue: several children and 

50. Maria, b. July 15, 1625; m. Jan de Vries, lawyer, at 
Dordrecht, June 21, 1650. Issue: 
51. Josina, m. Isaac Beens. Issue: 

52. Maria Helena, b. Dec. 11, 1680. 

53. Elisabeth, m. Floris van der Trap, 

a lawyer. 

54. Joanna, b. April 12, 1686; m. 1st, 

March 7, 1727, Jan Kik; he d. 
1740; she m. 2nd, Heer Gerrit 
Piper, July 24, 1741, at S'Bosch, 
where he was a justice. 

50a. Josina, b. June 21, 1627; m. Ravesteyn. 


50b. ; m. Rev. Samuel Canin. He d. Aug. 

21, 1720. 

42. Robland. 

43. Catharina, b. at Dordrecht Jan. 31, 1605; bap. Feb. 6, 1605, 

at the Walloon Church of that city, the sponsors being Ge- 
rard Helling (Hellincx), Willem Nis, and the widow of Adrian 
Joffen; m. March 17, 1625, Arend Sonnemaeus. Issue: 

55. Josina. 

56. Johanna, bap. March, 1626. 

57. Maria, bap. May, 1627. 

58. Elisabeth, bap. April, 1629. 

59. Jacob, bap. Dec., 1631. 

60. Catharina, bap. Oct., 1634; d. y. 

61. Catharina, bap. Aug., 1636. 

62. Maodalbna, bap. July, 1638. 

63. Helena, bap. Feb., 1641. 

64. Arbnt, bap. July 15, 1643. 

65. Anna Maria, bap. April 7, 1645. 

66. Johannes, bap. Aug., 1647. 

(These baptisms are recorded in records of Re- 
formed Congregation, Dordrecht.) 

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44. Gerard, b. at Dordrecht May 2, 1608; bap. May 15, 1608, 

Estienne Gerard and Gerrard Helling (Hellincx) being spon- 
sors (Walloon Ch. Rec. at Dordrecht) ; d. y. 

45. Johannes, b. at Dordrecht Oct. 29, 1609; bap. Nov. 8, 1609, 

the sponsors being Johan Polyander, Pierre de Carpentier, 
and Jopjen, wife of Gerrard Helling (Ibid.). 

46. Jasper, b. at Dordrecht Nov. 27, 1610; bap. Dec. 12, 161 o, Roe- 

land de Carpentier, the father of Servaes Helling and the wife 
of Jasper le Grand being sponsors (Ibid.); d. July 25, 161 5. 

47. Maria, b. at Dordrecht Nov. 1, 161 2; bap. Nov. 11, 161 2 

(Ibid.); d. Jan. 12, 1613, at Zeepaant (Family Records). 

48. Pieter, b. at Dordrecht Aug. 21, 16 14; bap. Aug. 31, 161 4 

(Ibid.); d. March 21, 1619 (Family Records). 

49. Jasper, afterwards Rev. Casparus. 

After the death of his first wife, Johan de Carpentier 
married Sophia, daughter of Melchoir van Culenborg. 
She was born Nov. 6, 1601, according to the records in 
possession of the family, and married, as her first hus- 
band, Hans Caster. Register of Births, Marriages and 
Deaths. Deventer Records: 

♦15 January, Hans Caster, widower of the late Aeltjen (Alice) van 
der Heghe — Sophia van Culenborch, daughter of Melchoir van Culen- 
borch, dwelling in the Groote Averstraet, married the 15 March, 1625. 

The same records contain the following reference to 
her second marriage :f 

May 26, 1627. There being present the Council, the Mayor, 
Ministers and Deputies. 

Johan de Carpentier, widower of Maria Hellincx at Culenborch, 
Sophia van Culenborch, widow of the late Mr. Hans Caster in the 
Groote Averstraet. 

Bridegroom not present. 

Sofya van Kuelenborch, bride. 

Married at Culenborch, 1627. 

The family records give June 27, 1627, as the exact 
date of the marriage. 

Sophia van Culenborg died March 9, 1633 (Family 

Johan de Carpentier by his second wife Sophia van 
Culenborg had issue: 

* Jan. 15, 1 6a 5, refers to the date of betrothal; March 15, 16a 5, to the marriage. 
t This is the record of betrothal. 

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67. Maria (mentioned later). 

68. Hubert, b. June 25, 1629 (Family Rec.). 

69. Anna, b. July 9, 1631; d. July 7, 1636 (Ibid). 

70. Mblchior, b. Jan. 19, 1633 (Ibid), 

Subsequent to the death of his second wife, Johan de 
Carpentier married Maria van Lienden, Feb. 12, 1637. 
She was born at Yselstein, March 1, 1610. They appear 
to have resided at Yselstein. In her will she mentions 
her sisters Maria, Cecilia, Alidt and Anna van Lienden; 
also her husband Johan de Carpentier. Prior to her 
marriage to the latter, she had married first, Captain 
Godefroy Deurschot, second, Aelbert Vorsterman at 
Dordrecht, Johan de Carpentier being her third husband. 

The following is a copy of her will: 

In the name of the Lord Amen. 

From the contents of this present manifest deed it is properly 
evident and manifest that in the year after the birth of our Dear 
Lord Jesus Christ one-thousand six-hundred and forty-nine, on the 
XIX of the month of May between eleven and XII o'clock in the 
forenoon or there about, in my office as public notary, admitted by 
the Noble Court of Utrecht and with the signed certificate present 
as is required, there appeared in her proper person Maria van 
Lienden, wife of Johan de Carpentier residing at Yelsteyn, known 
by me, the notary, as being sound of body, alive and well, and in full 
possession of her mental faculties and reason as was plainly apparent 
to us. 

And declared that she, having observed and meditated upon the 
various human illnesses and that here upon earth nothing was more 
certain than death and nothing more uncertain than the hour of the 
same, to prepare for and anticipate the said hour had the last will and 
testament of all her goods without exceptions made in the form here- 
after following: 

First of all charging that when her soul shall have left this earth 
and is in the hands of God Almighty that her body shall receive 
Christian burial. Further revoking all former testamentary depo- 
sitions which have been made or filed before this date with the excep- 
tion of the reciprocal usufruct made between her and her husband 
which she holds of full value and still approves with this. 

And making deposition anew regarding her temporal goods, she, 
the testatrix, bequeathed to Maria van Lienden, her eldest sister, 
wife of Adriaen Ockers, residing at Culenburch, or her heirs in case of 
her death, the sum of six guilders. 

Item. To the children of Cecilia van Lienden, her deceased sister, 
former wife of Cornells Vinck, also six guilders. And to the child of 

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Alidt van Lienden, also her deceased sister, who was wife of Jacob 
van Mynden also six Carolus guilders. 

And of all the other property of the said testatrix, real and personal, 
actual and owing to her estate, which may remain after the payment 
of her funeral expenses, just debts, testament bequests aforesaid and 
her funeral services, she has instituted and institutes herewith that at 
the expiration of the aforesaid usufruct her sole and universal heirs 
shall be: Albert Vosterman and Anna van Lienden, married people, 
her brother-in-law and sister residing at Dordrecht, with the under- 
standing and express stipulation that in case of the death of both 
the aforesaid, all of the same estate shall have to succeed and go to 
the children who may be borne of and survive the aforesaid couple, 
and to Godefroy Deurschot, Anna van Lienden's child by a former 

And in case they leave no children resulting from the said marriage 
the said Godefroy Deurschot is with this constituted sole heir. 

All of which the said testatrix declared to be her absolute will and 
testament, which she wished should be executed absolutely upon her 
death. Such being according to all laws or customs which may be in 
force at Iselsteyn or elsewhere even if all solemnities (forms) required 
in this according to law were not observed nor maintained as should 
be, the same being considered as inserted, except as she, the appearer, 
may add hereto such revocation and alteration as may please her. 
Requesting that one or more properly executed deeds hereof be dis- 
patched and delivered. 

Done at Utrecht, at my office as notary public, situated there in 
the Snippervlucht; in the year, month, day and hour as above men- 
tioned in the presence of Jan van Schoonhoven and Ellardus van 
Waey, citizens of Utrecht as witnesses hereto as is specially required. 

Witness): Jan van Schoonhoven 1649 

( " ) Ellards van Waby 1649 

( " ) Maria van Lienden 

( " ) Before me G. van Waey, notary, 1649. 

Notarial Archive, Air. Court of Justice at Utrecht. 
(Arr. Rechtbank le Utrecht.) 

The date of Johan de Carpentier's death has not been 

By his third marriage he had issue: 

71. Pibter, b. June 6, 1639; d. Aug. 31, 1641 (Family Records). 

V. 67. Maria de Carpbntier, daughter of Johan 
de Carpentier (19) and Sophia van Culenborg, was born 
May 6, 1628 (Family Records); married Jean Paul 
Jaquet, son of Pierre Paul Jaquet and Anna Maria his 

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wife of Nuremberg. Jean Paul Jaquet had been in the 
service of the Dutch West India Company many years 
prior to sailing with his family for this country in the 
ship "de grote Christoffel" November, 1654 (Doc. re- 
lating to Col. His. of N. Y., vol XII, p. 87). April 13, 
1655, he was appointed Fire Warden of New Amsterdam 
(Reg. of New Neth. by O'Callaghan) ; Nov. 29, 1655, 
he was commissioned Vice-Director and Chief Magistrate 
on the South River of New Netherland (Doc. Col. His. 
of N. Y., vol. XII, p. 113) and served until April 20, 
1657 (Ibid., pp. 167-175); Sept. 23, 1676, commissioned 
a Justice of the Court of New Castle County, Delaware, 
and was recommissioned until his death in 1685 ; elected 
Elder of Immanuel Church, at New Castle, Dec. 3, 1678 
(Records of Ch.) . His wife's maiden name is mentioned 
in the baptismal record of their son Paul at the Dutch 
Reformed Church, New Amsterdam, July 18, 1655 
(Records of Ch. published in N. Y. Gen. & Biog. Rec., 
vol. V, p. 154). In a letter of Joh. Megapolensis and 
Samuel Drisius written at New Amsterdam Aug. 5, 
1657, to the Classis of Amsterdam concerning the con- 
dition of affairs in New Netherland "Commandant at 
Fort Casimir named Jan Pauluszen Jacquet " is referred 
to as the brother-in-law of Rev. Casparus de Carpentier 
(Doc. His. of N. Y., vol. HI, pp. 69-72). For account 
of the descendants of Jean Paul Jaquet and Maria de 
Carpentier, his wife, see " Genealogy of the Jaquett Fam- 
ily. Revised Edition: By Edwin Jaquett Sellers, Phila- 
delphia, 1907. 

V. 39. Servaes de Carpentier, son of Johan de Car- 
pentier (19) and Maria Hellincx, was born at Aken, 
April 22, 1599; bap. Sept., 1901 (Baptismal Records at 
Dordrecht), at his parents' home on account of the 
persecutions of the Jesuits, the witnesses being Jasper 
le Grand, Jan Clausen and Machteld Crayers. He mar- 
ried Agatha Hamel, June 22, 1628, at Utrecht. (Rec. 
Reformed Ch.). She was daughter of Gerard Hamel and 
Maria van Meerwyck, who had issue : 

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Agatha, above mentioned, who d. after 1666. 

Johan, m. . Issue: 

Nicholas; Burgomaster of Utrecht. 
Hbndrik; went to Brazil. 

Servaes de Carpentier was a law student at Leiden, 
Sept. 23, 1 62 1 ; prior to 1636 he was appointed Assessor 
of the Secret and Political Council of Brazil; he was also 
a Doctor of Medicine. His wife remained in Netherland, 
as twice he gave her power of attorney, Oct. 4, 1636, 
and Sept., 1642 (Notarial Archives, Utrecht), each time 
before Notary Nicholas Verdyn. The records of the 
Reformed Church at Utrecht: 

Servatius Carpentier, Doctor of Medicine, young man residing in 
the Runnebaen, and Joffrou Agatha Hamels, young lady residing 
opposi*e^the Domsteech, married in the Beryrkerck, June 22, 1628. 

This day, October the fourth (old style) of the year XVI hundred 
and thirty six appeared before me Nicolaes Verduyn, Notary Public, 
sworn in and admitted by the Honorable Provincial Court of Utrecht, 
residing in the City of Utrecht, in the presence of the witnesses here- 
inafter named, Doctor Servatius de Carpentier, a member of the 
Secret Council and Council Politic of Brazil, known to us notary and 
witnesses, who, being about to depart for Brazil, has constituted and 
empowered, and by these presents does constitute and empower his 
wife Agatha Hamell, in order, during his absence, to direct and ad- 
minister all of his possessions, real and personal, funds and credits, 
etc., etc., etc., especially approving and ratifying all that which his 
said wife during his absence aforesaid shall do and perform in what 
manner soever in the matter of partitioning the estate of her de- 
ceased parents, etc., etc. 

Done at Utrecht in the residence of the appearer, situate on the 
Nye Grachte near Ambachtstraet, in the presence of Dirck Coop van 
Groen and Gerrit Jansz van Wyck, both residing at Utrecht, credible 
witnesses hereunto invited. 

S. Carpentier 

Gerrit van Wyck 

D. Coop van Groen 

Nicolaes Verduyn, Notary, 1636. 

Extracts from the history of the Yearly account of 
the exploitations of the licensed West Indian Company 
since its commencement to the end of the year 1636, 
comprising thirteen volumes, and illustrated with sev- 
eral copper plates. Written by Joannes de Laet, Corn- 

Digitized by 



mander of this Company. Leyden. Published by Bona- 
ventuer and Abraham Elsevier, Anno 1644, privileged. 
Page 195: 

1630 Mayus. 

On the 17th arrived there the ship "Ark of Noah" from the Board 
of Commerce of Amsterdam, and on the following day left the General 
Loncs with the ships Amsterdam, Utrecht, Hollandia, Munnickendam, 
Amersfoort, Provincie van Utrecht, the Zeeland Galley, the Eendracht, 
and the Yacht den Oyevaer, upon which were 599 men, and steering 
his course right for the Fatherland. His political advisers, who after 
departure of the General had full supervision, had resolved the follow- 
ing day that the Admiral Pieter Adriaenss Ita should sail for the 
West Indies with ten ships for the purpose of meeting the common 
enemy. During the succeeding days the utmost diligence was resorted 
to to prepare the vessels therefor selected. When the Admiral, 
besides the political adviser Servatius Carpentier, had left the forti- 
fication on the 14th for the City for the purpose of taking leave from 
the advisers and military heads, and the following day with a convoy 
of ninety soldiers under the command of Captain Daye. Returning 
to the fortification it so happened that just outside of the range of 
the Port situated below the City, they experienced a great rainstorm 
which extinguished the fuses and wet the muskets. The enemy 
hidden on the other side of the River in ambush seeing this immedi- 
ately crossed over, in consequence of which our people, so surprised, 
lost their courage. The Admiral and Captain did their utmost to 
steady them, but as the Brazilian enemy fired their arrows among 
them, and as they could not use their muskets, our people could not 
be held and fled without looking around. The Admiral, exposed to 
the greatest danger, defended himself courageously, but seeing that 
the men abandoned him and the enemy gathered strength, retreated 
to the City and would have been in a bad plight had not the Colonel 
and the other officers, with their men, come to the rescue, compell- 
ing the enemy to retreat. We lost thirty men, among which were 
two lieutenants and four ship clerks and the hospital assistant. The 
day after the Admiral returned with a boat to the fortification. 

Page 249: 

The majority determined that we should attack Pariba, and 
conquer the Port situated near the harbor to prevent the entering 
or leaving of vessels. For this exploit they selected the Lieutenant 
Commander Steyn Callenfels, and the political advisers Carpentier 
and van der Hagen were to accompany him. It was arranged to 
add thirteen companies, making altogether about 1600 men. 

The first of December was appointed a day to offer prayers to 
God Almighty that he would bless the intended exploit. 

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They were afraid that considering the season of the year the 
ships might get on shore on the coast if they went to the north of 
Pariba, and in consequence of the foregoing resolution the gentlemen 
who started on the voyage on the 2nd day of December received 
orders that the bulk of the force should not go north of Pariba; but 
if advice was received from Rio Grande, or any other place, that 
apparently it was possible to accomplish something, then in that 
case they might send something like 150 men. But full authority 
was given to undertake whatever was possible south of Pariba in 
their judgment. On the 3rd they sailed at daylight, and the next 
day found themselves at daylight abreast of Tamarica, and before 
noon the Admiral signalled that all captains of land and water forces 
should come on board of his ship. It was the political adviser Car- 
pentier who was the first to move a resolution to undertake the 
attack on Pariba, and after each one had declared to be ready and 
to have the courage therefor, two things were deliberated for the 
purpose of attacking the enemy unnoticed. First, how it would be 
best to land; and secondly, how to land the troops in good order. 

Page 256: 

Voyage to Rio Grande under Commander Smient. The same 
leaders and the advisers who had been before on the voyage to Pariba 
went along. . 

On the 25th (December) the political adviser Carpentier, the 
Admiral, the Major Bersteth, and some other naval and land captains, 
besides the engineer Pieter van Bueren, departed with ttye boats 
towards the shore and examined the entire coast between Punta de 
Marchena to Rio Grande, but found nowheres a location to 

Then the political adviser Carpentier advised that they enter the 
River and land above the Fort, but all the naval captains found 
great objections to this because they were afraid that one of the other 
ships might be fired at and sunk. For this reason it was finally 
decided that it was inadvisable to make an attack on the Fort of 
Rio Grande. 

Page 287 : 

1632 Martins. 

Resolved to attack Cabo St. Augustine. Everything being ready 
for the trip the Governor, the political advisers Carpentier and de 
Walbeeck, the Admiral, the lieutenant commander Steyn Callenfels 
left at night with 18 vessels, having on board 14 companies of soldiers. 
They arrived about midnight in the neighborhood of de Cabo, and 
here they encountered another five vessels cruising about there. 
The next morning before day they anchored, and the troops being 
ready the Governor and lieutenant commander, besides the advisers 

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Carpentier and de Walbeeck, entered the boats for advisory purposes 
and were landed with the military power. (The attack on de Cabo 
was unsuccessful.) 

Page 338: 

1633 Junius. 

Voyage to Goyana. 

It was necessary to make the River Goyana unfit for use by the 
enemy, which in addition to the Quartier was all that remained to 
him now the Yacht Canari voghel was ordered there with forty men 
to lay to in the mouth of the river. The next day it was learned from 
Portugees of that place that the enemy had removed the women; 
that there was a house in which there were 13 cases of sugar; and 
that the enemy's boat lay near hidden under water; in consequence 
of which on the following day several boats with the Company van 
Garstman and forty musketeers of Major Tourlon, while at the same 
time the day before 50 men had been sent to the sugar mill mentioned 
before for the purpose of reconnoitering what the enemy was doing 
there, and also to see whether they could catch anything on the road 
which leads to Pariba and Goyana and Garasu and the Arryal. 

Mr. van Ceulen, the colonel, and Carpentier followed in a small 
vessel, and having arrived at the pass or road which leads to the 
Ingenio River, they there encountered the troops who communicated 
the fact that they had found no one and had only heard that cattle 
was grazing in the neighborhood, which they had not been able to 
find yet, and they were commanded to search further. 

Page 358: 

Voyage to the South by Mr. Jan Gysselingh and the Colonel, also 
the political adviser Servaes Carpentier, first to Barra Grande and 
further to Porto Calvo. 

Pages 365-369: 

1633 (December). 

Siege of the Port Rio Grande, at which were present Matthias 
van Cuelen, besides the lieutenant commander Byma, the political 
adviser Servaes Carpentier, the commander of de Brasilintho Custe 
and Jan Cornelise Lichthart. The fort after a short resistance was 

Page 391 : 

1634 — April. 

On the 25th Mr. Carpentier sailed for de Cabo for the purpose of 
relieving Mr. Gysselingt. On the 27th Mr. Gysselingt and the Colonel 
returned to the fortification. 

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Page 395: 

On the 30th of July Mr. Carpentier and the Commander Smient 
returned with the Yacht de Kaeuw, sent for that purpose from de 
Cabo because the gentlemen delegated for that purpose desired to 
return home, and they brought with them 2000 pounds of Brazil wood. 

Page 416: 


The voyage to Pariba having been decided on, and everything 
for naval as well as for land purposes having been provided with fore- 
thought, it was undertaken on the 24th of November under the 
Commander of Cigismundus van Schuppe, besides Colonel Christoffel 
Artichofski and the two political advisers Servaes Carpentier and 
Jacob Stachouver. (Pariba and the Ports were captured.) 

He died at the Reciff, in Brazil in 1645, and the Death 
clock was tolled at Utrecht, Feb. 25, 1646. His death 
was registered at that place, March 2, 1646 : " Den heer 
Servaes de Carpentier, Doctor of Medicine, ex-Assessor 
of the High and Secret Council of Brazil, died at Reciff 
(Death Register, Utrecht)." 

Servatius de Carpentier and his wife Agatha Hamel 
had issue: 

72. . "Oct. 27, 1628. The child of Dr. Carpentier, leaving 

legitimate father and mother" (Death Register, Utrecht). 

73. Maria. "Maria, daughter of Dr. Servaes Carpentier and 

Agata Hemleis, etc. Witnesses: Lawyer Hamel and Maria 
van Meerwijck, his wife" (Baptismal Record, Ref. Ch., 
Utrecht). "Nov. 9, 1629. The child of Dr. Carpentier, 
leaving legitimate father and mother." (Death Register, 

74. . "A child of Dr. Servaes Kerpentier, leaving legitimate 

father and mother." (Ibid.). 

V. 42. Robland db Carpbntibr, son of Johan de 
Carpentier (19) and Maria Hellincx, was born at Dor- 
drecht July 18, 1603, in the house "Het Beerken," and 
bap. Aug. 3, 1603, the witness being Johan Elias 
Eerdewyn. He married March 23, 1639, at the Reciff de 
Pernambuco, Brazil, Adrianna Geetskant. He was in 
the Empire of Brazil at Todas Santos and was Chief 
Factor and Fiscal on the coast of Caromandel in the 

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, r:\-.t •• . V . ; 

C< ; ..L. 

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Fortress Geldria. He became Second Dispenser Aug. 
26, 1664. He returned to the Fatherland Nov. 6, 1688. 
Roeland de Carpentier and his wife, Adrianna Geets- 
kant had issue 

75. Maria, b. Sept. 18, 1641, at Pernambuco at her parents' 

sugar mill; d. Aug. 3, 1648. 

76. Hblbna, b. Feb. 10, 1643; <*. Sept. 9, 1653. 

77. Sbrvabs, b. Aug. 13, 1649; Assistant Factor and Head at 

Delta; promoted to Factor Nov. 9, 1680. 

78. Adrianna, b. Oct. a 6, 1646; d. April 10, 1647. 

79. Adrianna, b. March 24, 1648. 

80. Johannes, b. Oct. 5, 1650. 

81. Maria, b. Sept. z, 1653. 

V. 49. Jasper (subsequently Casparus) de Car- 
pentier, son of Johan de Carpentier (19) and Maria 
Hellincx, was born at Dordrecht Oct. 9, 1615, in the 
night between Thursday and Friday at 1.45 o'clock; 
baptized Oct. 11, 1615, by Rev. La Vingne (Records of 
the Walloon Church, Dordrecht) ; married, at same place, 
June 22, 1637, Hester, daughter of Rev. Petrus Wassen- 
burg and Sijbrechtsgen Verheem, who was born at 
Poortugal, near Rotterdam, 161 5, and died at Amster- 
dam, Nov. 10, 1693. He was entered as a student of 
theology at Leyden Nov. 9, 1633; studied at Deventer, 
under Videlius, Professor of Theology, in 1633 and 1634, 
and at Leyden under Walaeus, Poliander and Thyssius, 
in 1635 and 1636. After leaving the University he 
went to Dordrecht where he resided with Rev. Petrus 
Wassenburg, Minister at that place, for the purpose of 
learning practical theology, which gave occasion to his 
marriage with the minister's daughter Hester. 

Rev. Petrus Wassenburg was born 1586; married, 
first, Sybrechtgen, daughter of Rev. Johannes Verheem, 
late minister of the House ter Mijden; he married, 
second, Maria Michaels daughter who died Jan., 1638; 
called to Amersfoort March 10, 1629, where he remained 
twelve years, when he was called to Dordrecht, where 
he died April 7, 1655, aged 69 years (Balen, vol. I, p. 

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By his first marriage he had issue: 

Hbstbr, m. Rev. Casparus de Carpentier. 

By his second marriage : 

Antoni, Doctor of Medicine. 



The Rev. Casparus de Carpentier wrote the following: 

A meditation on Elijah's ascension on the occasion of the death 
of Rev. Petrus Wassenburgius, a faithful servant of the Holy Gospel 
at Dordrecht, now asleep in the Lord. By Rev. Casparus de Carpentier, 
Minister of the Divine Word at Amsterdam. Taken down from his 
lips by a lover of Reformed Truth. 

Psalm 116, verse 15: 

Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints. 

At Dordrecht Hendrick van Esch, Ordinary City Printer. Next 
to the Brewery of the Cross. (A copy is preserved at the Library of 

Rev. Casparus de Carpentier was called as minister 
to Sliedrecht in 1636, to Amersfoort in 1645 ^d to 
Amsterdam in 1650. 

"A Manual of the Reformed Church in America 
(formerly Reformed Prot. Dutch Church), 162 8- 1878. 
By Edward Tanjore Corwin, D.D., Pastor at Millstone, 
N. J. Third Edition, 1879." Page 270: 

Notes of the Classis of Amsterdam. Rev. David Rodern; Casp. 
Carpentier, 1650, March 7th. The consistory of Amsterdam repre- 
sented that they had heard Rev. David Rodern, formerly a candi- 
date of the Classis, and now dwelling at Amsterdam; and Rev. 
Casparus de Carpentier, at present minister at Amersfoort, as ministers 
(candidates), for the service of their congregation. They had also 
received the approval of their noble magistrates, and now they 
requested that the Classis would also approve the same. So be it. 
The Classis having given heed unto this request, do also, in the fear 
of the Lord, approve the election and calls of these two individuals 
and wish the blessing of the Lord upon the Church of Amsterdam 
unto the consummation of the same. V. 143. 

Ibid., page 275: 

Rev. Casp. de Carpentier. 1650, April 19th. Rev. Casparus 
Carpentier, who had been called and installed as minister in the 

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Church of Amsterdam, having shown proper and excellent certificates, 
as to doctrine and life, both from the Classis and from the Church of 
Amersfoort, was also welcomed, congratulated and accepted as a 
member of our Classis. V. 15a. 

Ibid., page 348: 

The Classis of Amsterdam to Rev. Consistory in New Netherlands. 
XX, 357-360. (This letter, dated May a 6, 1656, is signed by J. 
Heydamus and Casparus de Carpentier. It is printed at length in 
"Genealogy of the Jaquett Family. Second Edition. By Edwin 
Jaquett Sellers, Philadelphia, 1907.") 

Ibid., page 378: 

The Classis of Amsterdam to the Consistory of New Netherland, 
sent with Rev. Everardus Welius. (This letter, dated May 25, 16579 
is printed at length in "Jaquett Genealogy.)" 

Ibid., page 417: 

Classis of Amsterdam. 

Acts of the Deputies. Meeting of Feb. nth, 1658. Rev. Mr. 
Carpentier in the Chair. 

(Nothing referred to of sufficient interest to quote.) 
Ibid., page 589: 

1667. Art. 53. Ministerial changes in the Classis of Amsterdam. 
Died: Rev. Casparus de Carpentier, minister at Amsterdam. 
Came in: Rev. Henricus Selyns, to Waveween. 

From Record No. 13, Orphans' Chamber, Dordrecht, 
beginning with the year 1654. Page 71 : 

June 5, 1655, before Jacob Stoop, Willem Hailing and Christiaen 
Coopman, Orphans' Masters of the Orphans' Chamber of Dordrecht, 
appeared Rev. Casparis Carpentaris, having married Hester 
Wassenborch, and Rev. Johannes Nicasius on behalf of Anthony and 
Geertruyt Wassenborch, children of Rev. Petrus Wassenborch, of 
the one part, and Anthony Steenburch, Esq., Doctor of Laws, Guar- 
dian of the five minor children and also acting for the two children 
of full age of Rev. Johannes Verheem, late minister of the House 
ter Mijden, heir to Sybrechtgen Verheem, sister of the said Johannes 
Verheem, and wife of Rev. Petrus Wassenborch aforesaid, of the 
other part. (This document referred to the partition of the estate 
of Rev. Petrus Wassenborch and his wife Sybrechtgen Verheem). 

Signed, B. van Habrlbm, 

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Rev. Casparus de Carpentier died at Amsterdam, 
May 1 2, 1667, and was buried May 1 7th in the Westerkerk 
of that city. 

He is mentioned in all printed works as having been 
born in 1607, which is to be attributed to a wrong reading 
of the inscription under one of his portraits, saying 
" 1650, aetate 43," the year 1650 merely indicating the 
date of his arrival at Amsterdam. On another portrait, 
however, is said " aetate 39," and van Bemmel, in his 
description of the City of Amersfoort, says that he died 
51 years old. 

He wrote a poem for the book of his father-in-law, 
Rev. Petrus Wassenburg, " Dancing feast of the daughters 
of Shiloh, served with a piquant sauce out of God's 
Word" (Commission of the Walloon Churches, Library 
of the Society of Dutch Literature at Leiden); "The 
Ancient Fathers and Heathen Authors, Dordrecht, 1641," 
12 ; "David's Credo, dat is, David's gebed en geloone 
ofte troost tegen de bittere doodt, zijnde een verklaaring 
van den XVI Psalm," Amsterdam, 12 . (Containing 
an account of "The Plague" which raged in Amsterdam 
in 1665); Tranenvloet over Jarusalems teghenwoordige 
sonden en toekomende wonden," Amsterdam 1661, 12 ; 
"Den gewitten of bekeerden Moormaan, dat is, de 
onderwyzinghe van Philippus, de belydenisse en doop 
des Moormans en zijn vrolycke reyse na syn Landt," 
Amsterdam, 1662, 12 ; and " Laatste uuren van Rivet, 
Bassecourt, Langelius en Landtman," 12 . 

(See Van der Aa's Biog. Die. ; vam Abkonde, " Naamr. 
van Nederd Boeken," vol. I, St. 3; "Algem. Konst-en 
Letterb.," 1843, vol. I, p. 395 ; " Naaml. van Predikanten 
te Amsterdam," p. 26). 

There are a number of engraved portraits of Rev. 
Casparus de Carpentier, besides an oil portrait on 
marble, formerly in the possession of P. M. Baelaerts of 

1. 1650 aetate 43. Half body, turned to the right, 
standing near a table, a Bible in his right hand, with a 
quatrain in Latin and Dutch by A. Martanus and H. F. 

Digitized by 



Waterloos. By A. Sivertsma with an address by P. 
de Reygen. Folio. 

2. Aetate 39. Half body, turned to the left, head 
leaned forward, sitting at a table covered with books, 
the left hand resting on the arm of his chair. With a 
distech and quatrain by H. F. Waterloos. H. van Aide, 
pinxit. Brouwer, sculpsit. Address by Lodewijck 
Lodewycksz. Amsterdam, 1654, Folio. 

3. The same, later edition, without address and to 
the left the word " excudit" under the verse. 

4. A reflected image of No. 2 with an address by F. 

5. In company of two other Amsterdam ministers. 
(Muller's Catalogue of Portraits, Nos. 954-958. Copies 

of the first four are found in the collection of pictures of 
the City of Dordrecht.) 

Catalogue de livres anciens et modernes de Burgersdyk 
and Niermans & Leyde (Thdologic et philosophic). 

Portraits de thiologieus neerlandais, etc., pp. 760- 

No. 161. Casp. de Carpentier, pasteur r6form6 k 
Amsterdam (1607-1667). D'aprfcs H. van Aldewereldt, 
par J. Brouwer, avec Padresse de L. Lodewycksz. 1684. 

Rev. Casparus de Carpentier and his wife, Hester 
Wassenberg, had issue: 

8a. Johannes. 

83. Maria, b. at Sliedrecht; bap. Sept. i, 1639 (Baptismal Reg- 

ister of Sliedrecht); witnesses, Peter Carpentier and Juf- 
frouw Helena van Esch ; d. y. 

84. Maria, b. at Sliedrecht; bap. May 29, 1643 {Jbid.)\ witnesses, 

Arent Sonnemaus and Geertruy Polites Wassenburg; m. 
1st, at Amsterdam, June 15, 1664, Pieter van Delft, who d. 
1670; she m. 2nd, Willem van Rijssel, March, 1676; d. at 
her country place outside of Vianen May 3, 1711, without 

85. Isabella, b. at Sliedrecht Feb. 16, 1644; m. March 3, 1682, 

Stephanus Blanckaert, Ph.D. and M.D., son of Nicholas 
Blanckaert and Maria Eversdijck. He was b. at Middle- 
burg, Oct. 24, 1650; died at Amsterdam, Feb. 23, 1704. 
She d. at Amsterdam Dec. 24, 1730, and was bur. in the 
Westerkerk. He was b. at Middleburg, Oct. 24, 1650; 

Digitized by 



received degree of M.D. at Franeker, Sept. 18, 1674. In 

1 7 10 she made a statement that her father, Casparus, left 

surviving at his death six children: Johannes, Roelandus, 

Arnoldus, Maria, Isabella and Sara; consequently the other 

children d. young. Isabella by her husband, Stephanos 

Blanckaert had issue: 

93. Willbm, b. at Dordrecht, March 31, 1683; was 

adopted by his aunt Maria de Carpentier; m. March 

31, 171 1, at Dordrecht, Sara Isabella van Lidt de 

Jeude (iaa); Counsellor Ordinary at the Court of 

Justice at Vianen; he received degree of J. U. Dr. 

She was dau. of Hendrik van Lidt de Jeude and 

Sara de Carpentier (115). She was b. May 20, 

1683. They had issue: 

94. Stevbn Willbm, b. at Amsterdam, May 13, 

1 7 13; was graduated in law Aug. 5. 1737, 
at Utrecht with degree of J. U. Dr. 

95. Hendrik, b. at Amsterdam, Oct. 25, 17x7; 

bur. at Viande. 

96. Isabella Maria, b. at Amsterdam, Nov. 25, 

1723; bap. at the Westerkerk by Rev. 

Chanfeuri; d. Sept. 20, 1799. 
86. Roblandus, b. at Amersfoort; bap. Nov. a a, 1646 (Civil 
Archives, Amersfoort). Ecc. Rec. of the State of N. Y. t 
vol. I, p. 644: 

Acts op the Classis op Amsterdam. 
Rev. Roblandus Carpentier: 

1674, April 9th. 
Rev. Visscherus, Dep. at Caucas Maritimas, stated 
that the Honorable Councilors of the Admiralty, had called 
before them the Deputies of this Classis on certain affairs, 
and made known to them that it was the desire of their 
Honors, that there might be called by this Classis a 
minister for the ship of his excellency, Rear Admiral 
(Schout by nacht) Engel de Ruyter. There was par- 
ticularly recommended for this position, Rev. Roelandus 
Carpentier, a candidate of this Classis, who appeared 
before the Assembly and was asked whether he was 
disposed to be employed as a minister on the National 
fleet. He showed himself willing, if such a call were 
made out for him, to accept it in the fear of the Lord. 
Whereupon after he had preached a sermon in the presence 
of the Assembly on the words of Paul in Rom. 8: 31, 
" If God be for us, who can be against us?" he was unani- 
mously called by the Classis to the aforesaid service. 
And having been statUe Classi examined on the principal 

Digitized by 



articles of the Christian religion, in so far as could be done, 
on account of the shortness of the time, he gave such 
satisfaction that he was ordained to the Sacred Ministry, 
in the name of the Lord, with the laying on of hands. 
The Depp. ad. caus. Man ti mas, will furnish him with 
the proper papers in the premises. VII. 81. XIX. 168. 

Ibid., page 66 1: 

Acts of thb Classis op Amsterdam. 
Rev. Roelandus Carpbntier. 

1674, Oct. 8th. 

Rev. Roelandus Carpentier was conducted into the 
room, commissioned as preacher in the navy by this 
body, on board the ship of Mr. Engel de Ruyter, Rear 
Admiral, and gave to the Assembly an account and report 
of his work. He handed in also a good testimonial re- 
garding his labors and deportment on board the afore- 
said ship, with the request that he may remain under 
favorable recommendation, with a view to his pro- 
motion. The Assembly received this notice favorably, 
and on occasion, his advancement shall be kept in mind. 
VII. 104. 

According to Van der Aa's Biographical Dictionary. 

He became Minister in 1662, and served as such in 
1679, with the Embassy to Moscow; having returned 
from there he became in 1680 Minister at Scharwoude 
(Classis of Hoorn) where he died in 1682. He must 
have been a student of the Low German art of poetry, 
though we have been unable to discover any of the prints 
of his pen (see Bilderdijck "Geschied des Vaderl," vol. 
XI, page 281: "Algem, Konst. en Letterb. 1843," v °l- 
I. page 295.). 

He was buried in the Westerkerk. 

His voyage was printed in 1677, 4to., by Jan Claesz. 
ten Hoorn at Amsterdam (copy in the Library of Dor- 
drecht). Ecc. Rec. of the State of N. Y., vol. II, page 823: 

In the Classis op Hoorn. 
Died: Rev. Roelandus de Carpentier of Scharwoud. 

87. Arnoldus, b. at Amersfoort, bap. Feb. 1, 1642. 

88. Levin a, b. at Amersfoort, bap. Feb. 11, 1649; d. y- 

89. Cornelia, b. at Amsterdam; bap. July 2, 1653; d. y. 

90. Johannes, b. at Amsterdam; bap. Feb. 22, 1654 (Commission 

of Walloon churches). 

91. Pieter, b. at Amsterdam; bap. Feb. 22, 1655. 

Digitized by 



92. Sara, b. at Amsterdam; bap. Oct. 22, 1655. (Ibid.); m. 1st, 
1678, Laurens Schulems, who died 1686; m. 2nd, 1688, 
Abraham van Eden. Both died in 1689, within a short 
time of each other, without issue. 

VI. 82. Johannes de Carpentier, son of Rev. Cas- 
parus de Carpentier (49) and Hester Wassenburg, was 
born at Sliedrecht, March 28, 1638; baptized April 14, 
1638, by Rev. Petrus Wassenburg; married Dec, 1659, 
Elizabeth van den Heuvel. Ecc. Rec., of the State of 
N. Y., vol. I, page 425: 

Acts op the Classis of Amsterdam. 
Rev. John Carpentier. 

1658, June 22nd. 
Rev. John de Carpentier and Rev. Henry Wallius, candidates, 
were accepted as recommended by the Classis after exhibiting laudable 
certificates both ecclesiastical and academical, and preaching sermons. 
VI. 106. 

He was a student at the University of Utrecht, 1656 
(Album Studiosorum, Utrecht), where he was matricu- 
lated as Dordracaenus, and also by the same name at 
Leiden, Oct. 24, 1657 (Album Studiosorum, Leiden); 
as a candidate to the ministry he accepted a call to the 
Reformed Congregation of Barendrecht in 1660, and 
died there in 1661. According to Van der Aa's Biog. 
Die, his wife published the following works of his after 
his death: 

"De bruiloft des Lams ofte Geestelick Huwelick tusschen Jesum 
en Syn Bruydt." Amsterdam, 1662. 12 . 

"Morghenwecker van de Bruyt Christi." Amsterdam, 1662. 12 . 

"De Tweeden Morghenwecker Christi aan Syn slaperige Bruydt." 
Amsterdam, 1662. 12 . 

"Den Derden Morghenwecker Christi aan Syn Bruydt ofte 
Kercke." Amsterdam, 1662. 12 . 

"Het Voorspel van de Bruyloft des Lams." Amsterdam, 1662. 


" Voorbereydinghe tot de Bruyloft des Lams." Amsterdam, 
1662. 12°. 

"De Tweede Voorbereydinghe tot de Bruyloft des Lams." Am- 
sterdam, 1662. 12°. 

(See Algem. Konst. en Letterb., 1843, pages 295-297.) 

Digitized by 



Van der Aa's Biog. Die, vol. VII, page 761 : 

Elizabeth van den Heuvel, wife of Johannes Carpentier, minister 
at Barendrecht, died the latter part of 1660 or in 1661. After his 
death she published various little works by her husband, and made 
herself known as a poetess by poems which were printed in the front 
of books and in collections of miscellaneous poems published between 
1660-1670, such as in the "Herstelde Zeeg-Triumf van Karel den 
tweede," Dordrecht, 1660. "De Vorstelijke Eeretrap" 4 , pub- 
lished in 1689, is apparently by her. 

See Schotel, "Aanteek betreffende drie Vaderl. dichteressen uit 
de XVII eeuw. in Konst-en Letterbode" 1843, vol. I, page 290; 
van der Aa, Nieuw Biogr. Anth., Crit. Woordenb., vol. II, page 2 20. 

Johannes de Carpentier and his wife, Elizabeth van 
den Heuvel, had issue: 

97. Caspar us, b. at Barendrecht in 1661; m. Sept., 171 1, Anna 
ten Ham; d. Jan. 2$, 17x6, without issue. 

VI. 87. Arnoldus de Carpentier, son of Rev. 
Casparus de Carpentier (49) and Hester Wassenburg, 
was born at Amersfoort Jan. 26, 1648; bap. Feb. 1, 
1648 (Archives, Amersfoort); m. Nov. 3, 1675, Cath- 
arina van Biesen who was b. at Haarlem Nov., 1649. 
They had issue: 

98. Johanna Christina, b. Nov. aa, 1676; d. Aug., 1681. 

99. Hester, b. Nov. 18, 1678, at Batavia, East India; m. at 

same place Sept. a a, 1695, Marius de Bassonville; d. at 
same place April a 6, 17 16, without issue. 

100. Casparus, b. May 9, 1680; d. by shipwreck in a voyage to 


101. Belia Jacoba, b. July 33, 1681; d. April 17, 168a. 

10a. Johanna Jacoba, b. July 4, 1683; m. 1st, Jan Snoeck, Fiscal 
at Macassar, m. and, Pieter Pijl; m. 3rd, GelliusGeldesma; 
m. 4th, Jan van Naerden, at Ceylon. She d. at Batavia 
in 1739. 

103. Jan Robland, b. Dec. 18, 1685. 

IV. 23. Pieter de Carpentier, son of Roeland de 
Carpentier (12) and Josina van Hecke, was born at 
Delft, June 2, 1591; bap. July 16, 1591; m. at the 
Reformed Church at Dordrecht July 9, 1614, Maria, 
daughter of Nicolaes de Witt and Michaelia van Loon, 

Digitized by 



widow of Hendtik Noey. She died March 19, 1631. He 
was Member of the Council of Forty, 1640; Councilor 
of the City of Dordrecht, 1641-42; Deputy-Burgomaster 
(Schepen), 1645-46, 1652-53; Commissary of Municipal 
Affairs, 1653-54, 1657-58, 1665-66; Deputy to Beleyde 
1657, 1658, 1665, 1666; Member of the Orphans' Cham- 
ber, 1648-49, 1662-65; and appointed Councilor in 
Admiralty for the River Maas in lieu of Jacob van 
Meeuwen, Jan. 5, 1662; frequently deputy to the States 
of Holland and West Vriesland; died at Dordrecht, 
Dec. 17, 1672. (See Beschryvinge der stad Dordrecht 
by Matthys Balen. Dordrecht, 1677, f° r account of 
Pieter de Carpentier and his descendants.) 
Van der Aa's Biog, Die, vol. Ill, page 202: 

Pieter de Carpentier, Roeland's son, was a son of Roeland de 
Carpentier, and was born June 2, 1591. He, who in 1641 and 1642 
was counsel, and in 1645, 1646 and 1652 justice of the city of Dord- 
recht, must have been a very able regent, and was also frequently 
delegated to the assembly of the States (Heeren Staten) of Holland 
and West Friesland. Carpentier died December 17, 1672, and had 
married on July 9, 1642 (1614), Maria de Witt, widow of Hendrick 
Noey Gerritz., by whom he had one son and six daughters, among 
the latter being Maria de Carpentier, who follows later. His son 
was Roeland de Carpentier. 

See Balen "Beschr. van Dordrecht/' page 1305; "Algem. Konst. 
en Letterb." 1843, v °l- *i P a g« *95- 

Pieter de Carpentier and his wife, Maria de Witt, 
had issue: 

104. Josina, b. Feb. 9, 161 5; d. unm. 1702; bur. April 19, 

1702. (The dates of births, baptisms, marriages and 
deaths are taken from the Reformed Congregation of 

105. Maria, b. at Dordrecht, Dec. 27, 1616; was a poet (Van 

der Aa's Biog. Die. vol. Ill, page 203); d. s. p. 

106. Emmerbntia, b. Nov. 18, 1618; m. May 18, 1666, Herbert 

van der Mey (Balen's Dordrecht), who was Bailiff, Sheriff, 
Counselor, Judge (Schepen) of the City of Gouda, and Gov- 
ernor of the section between Lek and Zuyder Zee; she d. 
without issue March 13, 1701, aged 82 years, and was bur. 
March 17, 1701. He d. March 5, 1676. Prior to this 
marriage, he had m. Aletta, dau. of Joost de Witt and 
Maria van Merven, by whom he had issue: 

Digitized by 



Maria, d. y. 

Justus, b. Jan. 10, 1646; m. Henrica, dau. of John 
Vekemans. Issue: 
Johan, d. y. 
A daughter, d. y. 
Kornblis, d. y. 
Aletta Katharina, d. y. 
Maria, b. May 31, 1647; m * Johan van Immerseel, 
Counsellor and Member of the City Council of Gouda. 
Aletta Katharina. 
Adrianna, d. y. 
Adrianna, d. y. 
; Kornblis, b. 1650; d. unm. Feb. 2, 1673. 

Johan, d. y. 
Aletta Katharina, b. May 97, 1653; m » 1677, Jeremias 

Anna, d. y. 

Gerard, b. Dec. 13, 1657; m. Sara de Carpentier (117). 
He was Lieutenant of Infantry in the Dutch Army 
and was killed in the battle near Mont Cassel, April 
11, 1677. Issue: 
Robland, d. y. (119). 
Nickolaas, b. June 16, 1658; d. unm. 
Herbert, b. March 1, 1660; d. unm. 

107. Robland. 

108. Isabella or Isabeau, b. Feb. 19, 1624; m., Nov. 1, 1658, 

Arend Muys van Holy, Simon's son; she d. Nov. 17, 1673. 
He was Burgomaster of Dordrecht and of the Lord's 
High Way, 1675, 1676; Justice, 1663, 1664, 1667, 1674, 
l6 7S; (Veertig) Forty, 1660; Secretary of Dordrecht, 
1668; Baron van de Merwede on account ot Dordrecht, 
therein enfeoffed March 20, 1675; Director ot the East 
India Company, etc.; Delegate in Ordinary to the Assem- 
blies of the Lord's States of Holland en West Vriesland; 
Councillor and Treasurer in Chief of South Holland. He 
m. 2nd, Maria, dau. of Johan de Witt. 
Issue by first marriage: 

in. Simon, b. Feb. 20, 1660; Councillor of Dordrecht 
and Chief Receiver of Haer, Ed. Groot Moorg, 
Tollen of Geervliet; m. Anna Elisabeth, dau. of 
Heer Cornells de Witt, Councillor of Putte, 
Burgomaster of Dordrecht, and his wife, Maria 
Berkel; d. at Dordrecht March 24, 17 18; bur. 
March 31, 1718. 
112. Maria, b. March, 1663; <*• Y- 

Digitized by 



109. Helena, b. Jan. 24, 1626; d. Oct., 1639; bur. in Augustine 
Church, Oct. aa t 1639; lies by her mother. Unmarried. 

no. Jacomina, b. Dec, 1627; bap. Feb. 5, 1628; m. Caspar 
Apolonius, May 8, 1663. He d. Feb. 8, 1674. She d. 
April, 1689, and was bur. in Augustine Church. He was 
Secretary of the Provincial Courts. Issue: 
113. Pieter Apollonius, b. July 24, 1669. 

V. 107. Roeland db Carpbntier, son of Pieter de 
Carpentier (23) and Maria de Witt, was born at Dor- 
drecht and baptized Dec. 31, 1620; m. at same place 
three times; 1st, Dec. 15, 1648, Sara, dau. of Peter 
Leysten and widow of Dirk Stoop, who d. June 18, 1654, 
tombstone in the warden's choir of Great Church at 
Dordrecht, No. 89, reading "Sara Leysten Pr. dv. wife 
of Mr. R. de Carpentier, aged 33 years, died on the 
1 8th and was buried on the 23rd of June of the year 
of our Lord (whom she here in rest awaits) 1654;" he 
m. 2nd, April 27, 1655, Lucia, dau. of Anthony Repelaer, 
widow of Wouter Colls; she d. 1657. He m. 3rd, Aug. 3 
(23?), 1665, Josina (55), daughter of Arent Sonnemaeus 
and Cathalijntje (Catharina), daughter of Jan de Car- 
pentier (19). He was matriculated as a law student 
in the University of Leiden June 14, 1639, es- 
tablished himself as attorney at law at Dordrecht and 
was counselor of said city, 1650-51; Deputy Burgo- 
master, 1655-56, 1659-60, 1665-66; Commissioner of 
Municipal Affairs, 1661-62, 1669-70; Member of the 
Orphans' Chamber, 1663-65 and Co-Director for the 
City of Dordrecht of the West India Company in lieu 
of Gerard Noey but had to resign in order that the 
City of Arnhem might have its turn. He translated 
and published "Narratives of Bentwoglia, 1 555-1609. 
Rotterdam, 1648," 8vo., "History of the Life and Death 
of Johan van Oldenbarneveld, truly described by a lover 
of truth," Rotterdam by Naeranus, 1648, 4to. ; second 
edition at Lowesteyn, 1658, 4to; third edition, Rotter- 
dam, 1670, 8vo. He also wrote Latin and Dutch verses, 
among others, for " The Dancing-feast of the Daughters 
of Shiloh," by Rev. Petrus Wassenburgh. He received 

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the degree of J. U. Dr. (Juris Utriusque Doctor. Doc- 
tor of Both Laws, i. e. the Canon and the Civil Law.) 
He d. April 26, 1670. 
Van der Aa's Biog. Die, vol. Ill, page 203: 

Roeland de Carpentier, was Raad in de Vroedschap (Member of 
the Town Council) and Justice of the city of Dordrecht, besides 
which, he was inspector of schools and of the City Library, also first 
dean of the brotherhood of St. Pieter, and lastly Director of the West 
India Company. He was frequently deputy to the Assembly of the 
States of Holland and Priesland. He died April 26, 1660 (1670), 
and had been married three times. His first wife was : Sara Leysten, 
by whom he had three sons, among whom, Pieter de Carpentier, 
born April 18, 1651, was Honorable or "Mansman" of the Court 
and High Tribunal of South Holland in 1674. By his second wife, 
Lucia Repelaar, widow of Waltherus Kools, he had one son and one 
daughter. His third wife, Josina Sonnemaus, presented him with 
one son and two daughters. 

He was a student of the sciences, a lover of poetry, and left many 
loose poems both in Latin and Dutch, which were greatly commended 
in his time, though they would, at present, only have placed him 
among the indifferent poets. No properly spoken collection of 
his poems exists, though between the years 1640 and 1670, few works 
were printed in Dordrecht in which one does not find poems by his 

Privately printed by him is: 

Bredajae et Celsiss, Principis Auriaci Athenaeum, versibus 
Auriacae, quae Bredae est, auditorio majori, die 27 Martii 1647. 
Bredae ex officina Johannis a Waesberge illustris scholae ac Collegii 
Auriaci Typographic Jurati. 

For his celebrity, however, he is more indebted to his trans- 
lation of the Verhaelboecken van de Vereenig de Landschappen van 
Nederland van den Kardinael Bentivoglio. Rotterdam, 1648, 12 . 

He must also have published: 

Historie van het leven en sterven van den Heer Johan van Olde- 
barneveld, waarachtelijk beschreven door een liefhebber der 
waarheid 1648. 

See Balen: Beschr. van Dordr. page 224, 1305; Pars, Naamr. 
van de Batavise en Hollandse Schrijvers, page 94; de Chalmot, 
Biogr. Woordenb; Scheltema, Geschied-en Letterk. Mengelw., vol. 
Ill, St. Ill, page 107; Hoeufft, Parnasus, Latino- Belg., page 263; 
Bilderdijk, Geschied, des Vaderl., vol. IX, page 307, vol. X, 
page 327; Algem. Konst.-en Letterb., 1834, vol. I, pages 295 
and 296; Biogr. Woordenb. van Nederd. Dicht, ten verv. op Witsen 
Geysbeek; Hermans, Bijdragen over Noord-Brab, vol. I, page 223, 

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Roeland de Carpentier by his first marriage, with 
Sara Leysten, had issue: 

1x4. Pieter, b. April 1 8, 1651; Counseller of Dordrecht and on its 
behalf deputized Counsellor of the Admiralty of the River 
Maas, 1673-1677 : Gentleman in Waiting at Court and 
Member of the Supreme Court of Justice of South Holland, 
1674; Sheriff of South Holland, 1675; Schepen, 1676, 1677; 
Deputy-Burgomaster, 1677-78; died June 12, 1687, unra. 

115. Roeland, b. June 11, 1654; d. unm. March 10, 1673. 

Roeland de Carpentier by his second marriage, with 
Lucia Repelaer, had issue: 

116. Anthoni, b. Jan., 1656; d. y. 

117. Sara, b. March 5, 1657; m. at Dordrecht, 1st, March 3, 

1676, Gerard, son of Herbert van der Mey and Aletta de 
Witt. He was a Lieutenant of Infantry in Dutch Army 
and was killed at Battle near Mt. Cassel, April 11, 1677; in- 
second, Hendrik van Lidt de Jeude, Feb. 5, 1678. She died 
Nov. 30, 1686 (Records of Reformed Church, Dordrecht). 
Issue by first marriage: 

119. Roeland, d. y. 
Issue by second marriage: 

1 20. Anna Lucia, b. Nov. a8, 1678; m. Cornells van de 

Graaf, Captain in Dutch Navy. Issue: 

124. Sebastian. 

125. Belia Adrianna. 

126. Hendrik. 

127. Jacob. 

128. Sara. 

121. Roeland, b. Nov. 29, 1679, d. y. 

122. Sara Isabella, m. Willem Blankaert (93), q. v. 

123. Arend Cornelis, b. Nov. 13, 1686. 

118. Lucia. 

Roeland de Carpentier by his third marriage, with 
Josina Sonnamaeus, had issue: 

119. Maria, b.Oct. 29, 1667; m. at Dordrecht, Dec. 18, 1690, Pieter 

Nolthenius, d. Aug. 14, 1734. 

120. Emmbrentia, b. Jan. 7, 1669; bap. Jan. 11, 1669; m. at Dor- 

drecht, 1st, Johan Borghart Mesger; m. 2nd, April 
14, 1730, Hendrik Pus, Lord of the Manor of Op and Neer 
Audel, Colonel in Dutch Service, who d. June 5 (1?), 1748, 
and was bur. at Op- Audel. She d. as Lady of the 
Manor of Ryswort, Sept., 1749, and was bur. Oct. 6, 
1749. No issue. 

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12 1. Arend Robland, b. March 19, 1670; matriculated as a law 
student at the University of Utrecht in 1694; attorney 
at law at Dordrecht; from 1697 he was Lord of the Manor 
of Ryswort; d. unm., March 22, 1743. His will was dated 
Feb. 25, 1729. With him died the Dordrecht branch of 
the de Carpentier family. 

II. 8. Joris de Carpentier, son of Pieter de Car- 
pentier (1) and Maria van Myzele, was Clerk at Messen 
and also at Werkendam. His wife's name has not been 
ascertained, although his children were as follows: 

129. Robland, m. at Bailleul, Oct. 14, 1580, (Reg. No. 11, p. 56) 

P^tronelle, dau. of Gilles Annoot, Under- Burgomaster at 
Ypres, and Catharina de Lobeele; she d. Oct., 1592 (Rec. 
of Guardians, 1 585-1 61 9, p. 29). Gilles Annoot was Coun- 
sellor of the 27, Counsellor of the Chamber and Alder- 
man of the City of Ypres (Revival of Municipal authority 
of Ypres, by J. J. Lambin; Reg. of Orphans No. 49, p. 54). 
He d. prior to July 4, 1583. Catharina de Lobeele d. prior 
to July 16, 1 561 (Ibid., No. 39, p. 81). He m. 2nd, at 
St. Martin's Church, Ypres, Nov., 1592, Anne, dau. 
of Pierre Ercke and Claisoene; (Ch. Rec; Reg. of Pro- 
curations, 1 596-1601, Act of Sept. 2, 1599); she d. Nov. 
9, 1629. He d. June 17, 161 7. 
Issue by first marriage: 

134. Antoine, licentiate of laws, Rector at Westvleterm. 

135. Pbtronbllb, m. Ghislain de Rijsfoort, lawyer, 

Pensionary of Bailleul. 
Issue by second marriage: 

136. Pierre, bap. at St. Martin's Church, June 3, 1594, 

his uncle Pierre de Carpentier being godfather. 

130. Michel of Messen; m. at Ypres, 1581, Jacquemine Coorne. 

131. Philippe, of Wervicq, a town in Belgium in West Flanders, 

on the Lys, 9 miles from Ypres; m. at Ypres, 1581, PeYonne 
de Quicke. 

132. Maillard, "We, servants of the Word and Elders of the 

Reformed Christian Church at Antwerp, witness: that 
Maillart de Carpentier is a member of our congregation, 
who has proved same with knowledge of the faith, use of 
the Holy Sacrament and edifying conduct, coming here from 
Yperen where he had also demonstrated the cause. Pray, 
etc. At Antwerp, January 22, 1585. 
"In the name of our Consistory, 
"Andribs de Mbester, 

" Servant of the Word." (Family MSS.) 

133. Pierre. 

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III. 134. Pierre de Carpentier, son of Joris de 

Carpentier (8) and , was Clerk of Wervick; m. 

Jan. 28, 1586, at St. Martin's church, Ypres, Catharina, 
dau. of George de Buck of same place; he d. 1622. 

137. Pierre, m. at St. Martin's Ch., Yperen, Nov. 10, 1609, Marie 

Dolvoet, widow of Andre* Lupaert. Issue: 

141. Pbtronblle, b. 1612. 

142. Jeanne, b. 1617. 

138. Jeanne, m. at Wervicq, 1620, Phillipe van Salmslach, 

Mayor of Kortrijk. 

139. Francois, Canon of the Cathedral at Ypres; d. 1678. 

140. Georges, lawyer at Ypres ; m. 1632, Jeanne van Bambeke; 

d. at Ypres, Feb. 14, 1672. Issue: 

143. Marie Anne, unm. 

144. Jeanne Catherine, b. Jan. 4, 1634; m. Oct. 17, 

1662, Martin Francois van der Stichele, son of 
Martin; she d. June 18, 1679. He was a lawyer, 
Pensionary and Clerk to the City Council of 
Ypres; he d. 1690. 
14$. George Francois, Councillor, Pensionary and 
Clerk to the Council and Castellany of Ypres ; 
m. Marie Catharine de Crane, who d. Sept. 28, 
1 691; he d. at Ypres, Dec. 2, 17 18. He had the 
arms of his family registered in the "Armorial 
General de France," drawn up by order of 
Louis XIV from 1696 to 17 10, under the De- 
partment of Dunkirk, City of Ypres. They were : 
de sable a un chevron accompagni en chef de 
deux HoUes a six rats et en pointe d'un croissant 
le tout d f or. (See Armorial of Flanders, Hainaut 
and Cambresis, official collection drawn up by 
order of Louis XIV, 1696-17 10, published by 
Borel d'Hauterine, Paris, 1856, page 396, No. 
399.) They had issue: 

146. Pierre Francois Brunon, b. Dec. 26, 

1670; Councillor- Pensionary of Ypres; 
m. Marie Catherine Willems, who was 
bap. at St. Martin's Church at Ypres, 
Dec. 13, 1679 (Unpublished Genealogies 
of Flanders. By Merghelynck) ; d. 
Oct. 30, 1714. 

147. Francois Roland, b. June 10, 1672 ; d. y. 

148. Marie Madeleine Antoinette, b. Oct. 

19, 1673; d. Aug. 27, 1712, unm. 

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149. Jban Joseph, b. June 12, 1675; d. y. 

150. Francois Jacques, b. Feb. 7, 1677; 

d. y. 

151. Jan Baptist Joseph, b. June io, 1679; 


152. Marie Jacqueline, b. Dec. 13, 1680; 

d. Aug. 2i, 1681. 
153- Jacques Felix, b. Jan. 23, 1682; d. y. 

154. Jeanne Catharina, b. Oct. 5, 1683; 

d. y. 

155. Marie Anna, b. Feb. 25, 1685; unm. 

156. Jacques Francois, b. July 1, 1686; 

Master of Laws and priest. 

157. I8ABBLLE Thbrbsb, b. Jan. 30, 1688; m. 

Jacques Francois Remade de Trouzon, 
lawyer, Knight, Lord of Steenhuyse. 

158. JacQUBs Francois, b. Nov. 17, 1689; d. 

Oct. 31, 17 12; licentiate in literature. 

159. Josbphb Claire Eugenie, b. Sept. 12, 

1691; d. Oct. 17, 1691. 

Pieter de Carpentier. Van der Aa's Biog. Die, 
vol. Ill, page 200: 

Pieter de Carpentier, the younger, was the fifth Governor of the 
Dutch Indies. Of his early life little or no particular mention is made. 41 
It is only known that he was born in or about 1588 and was a native 
of Amsterdam (other references say Antwerp). He must also have 
been a man of no mean origin as he was invested in the year 16 16 
with the important office of Chief Factor of the ship " de Getrouwheid " 
sailing for India. Having spent two years in India he was appointed 
Counsel Ordinary and Director General of Commerce by Governor 
Jan Pieterszoon Koen, at the time Governor of Dutch India. In 
this position he displayed great ability to the decided advantage of 
the Company, in consequence of which he was proposed by Koen 
to the Directors of the East India Company as his successor whom 
in 1623 he succedeed. 

The well known conspiracy of the English at Amboina made it very 
unpleasant for Carpentier during the early part of his administration 
and caused far reaching bitterness, both in India and Europe, between 
the two nations. 

Under the supreme direction of Carpentier, two expeditions sent 
out by Koen a short time previous in 1623 discovered the Gulf of 
Carpentier, so named after Carpentier. 

* The parentage of Pieter de Carpentier, the Governor-General, has not been ascer- 
tained, although there would seem to be no doubt of his belonging to the Dordrecht 
family, as he bore the same arms. 

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In the following year the Dutch took possession of the important 
island Tayouan or Formosa. The commercial interests with Ceylon 
and the main land of India were also constantly increasing, and in 
1626 a favorable alliance was made with the ruler of Malabar. 

After having served his office with great credit for four years and 
eight months, Carpentier transferred the same September 30, 1627, 
to his predecessor, Jan Pieterszoon Koen, who had returned to 
Batavia on the 27th of September. 

Thereupon he left on the 12th of November (1627) with four 
richly laden vessels for the Fatherland, where he arrived June 3, 1628, 
and made a very favorable report to the Directors of what had taken 
place during his administration. In consideration of his zeal in 
advancing the interests of the Company, he was presented by the 
Directors, besides his salary with 10,000 guilders, a gold chain and 
medal to the value of 2000 guilders, and a sword valued at 400 guilders. 

In October of the following year he was elected Director of the 
East India Company at the Amsterdam Chamber, which distinguished 
post he filled until his death which took place Sept. 5, 1659. 

In 1630, the first year in which he occupied the office of Director, 
he was sent to England as authorized deputy for the mediation of 
the previously mentioned Amboinan differences. While he was thus 
engaged in London, the Directors were constantly and strongly 
urging him to again accept the Governorship of Batavia, but, in 
spite of the fact that much fame and profit would accrue to him in 
this office, he persistently declined the offer. 

Carpentier was quite tall of stature, and had heavy hair and 
beard, thick moustache, brownish eyes; was fair and of ruddy com- 
plexion and had a pointed chin. When he returned to the Fatherland 
he was 40 years of age. 

He was frequently attired in a yellow coat with a band, over 
which he wore a black cloak, so that from outward appearance he 
bore more resemblance to a minister than a merchant. His portrait 
was painted by Valentyn who added the following inscription: 

De vorstelijke koets der Ooster-Maatschappy, 

De guide toom van die bekommerlyke wagen, 

Ten deel door hem gemaakt, die waardig was te dragen 

Die naam, en 00k 't bestier de rossen in de Ley 

Van Indian, wierd aan de Carpentier bevolen, 

Hy maakte. en mende die. en meide bei de Polen. 

His portrait appears in du Bois Vies des Gouvern. G£n6raux. 

See Valentyn, Oud en Nieuw Oost-Indien, vol. II, page 53, vol. 
IV, pages 275-277; Velius en Centen, Chron. van Hoorn, page 621, 
note, 662-666; du Bois, Vies des Gouvern. G^neYaux, pages 72-83; 
Kok, Vaderl, Woordent; de Chalmot, Biogr. Woordent ; Moll, 
Zeetogten der Nederl., page 177; Bennet en van Wijk, Nederl. Out- 
dekk., pages 124 and 125; Algem, Woordent de Zamenl; van Kampen, 

Digitized by 



de Nederl, buiten Europa, vol. I, pages 276, 283, 377; Aanhang op 
hct Woordent van Kunst en Wetens, by G. Nieuwenhuis; Biogr. 
Univ.; G. Lants, Geschied der Nederl. in India, vol. I, pages 208-214. 

Dubois, supra, says he had but one son, Philippus, 
who was chief at Poelve in 1661-62. 

De Gouverneurs-Generaal en Commissarissen-Generaal 
van Nederlandsch-Indie, 1 610-1888. Door M. A. van 
Rhede van der Kloot. (The Hague, 1891), page 37: 


Born at Antwerp about 1 588. 

Studied at the Academy in Leiden, 1603. 

Left for East India as senior merchant on the ship ''de Trouw" 
(Faithful), 1616. 

Departs from Jakatra with Coen, Dec. 31, 161 8. 

Is appointed by Coen at Amboina as Counsellor in Ordinary and 
Director-General of Netherlands East India, at 400 f. monthly. 
March, 161 9. 

Member of the Council of Defense at Jakatra, April 24, 1620. 

Appointed by the Council of XVII (Heeren XVII) as Governor- 
General, Sept. 8, 1622. 

Elected by unanimous vote by the Council of India, as successor 
to Coen, Jan. 23, 1623. 

Assumes authority, Feb. 1, 1623. 

Resigned, Sept. 30, 1627. 

Departed from India as Admiral of the return fleet, with the ship 
"Frederik Hendrik,* Nov. 12, 1627. 

Arrived in Holland, June 3, 1628. 

Rewarded by the Directors with a sum of 10,000 f., a gold chain 
with medal, valued at 2,000 f. and a sword at a valuation of 400 f., 
June, 1628. 

Director of the East India Company at the Amsterdam Chamber, 
Oct., 1628. 

Sent to England as plenipotentiary to settle differences, 1629 an< ^ 

He declines to accept an offer to again assume the dignity of 
Governor-General, 1632. 

Died at Amsterdam, Sept. 5, 1 659. 

De Carpentier was married at Amsterdam, March 2, 1630, with 
Maria Ravevelt, born at Middelburg. 
From this marriage: 
Philip de Carpentier, head of Poelve Ay from 1 661 to 1662. 

* According to others the ship "Hollandia," Valentijn IV, page 373. 

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See Valentijn IV, Sec. I, pages 275-277; du Bois, pages 72-82, 
Biogr. Woordenboek, by de Chalmot, VI, Amsterdam, 1799, page 170; 
Nieuwe Vaderl. Bibliotheek voor Wetenschap, enz., IV, 1800, I, page 
342; Tijdschrift voor N. I., le jaarg., Batavia, 1845, 1, page 237; Le 
Moniteur des Indes Or. et Oca, La Haye II, page 233; Biogr. Hand- 
woordenboek van Nederland, by Kobus and de Rivecourt, Zutphen, 
1854; Gelll. Encyclopedic, by Winkler Prins. Amsterdam, 1873; de 
Jonge, De Opkomst van het Nederl. Gezag in Oost- Indie, IV and V; 
Navorscher, 1857, page 197, and 1866, page 138; Tiele, De Opkomst 
van het Nederl. Gezag in Oost-Indie I and II. 

Short Chronicle. 

Pieter de Carpentier succeeds Coen as Governor-General (Feb- 
ruary 1 st). 

Execution of several people at Ambon on account of a conspiracy 
having as aim the driving of the Netherlander from Amboina 
(March 9). 

The renewed patent of the East India Company completed and 
interpreted (March 13). 

The settlement at Djambi is abolished (March). 

The Dutch fleet, of eleven vessels, 1637 persons, under Admiral 
Jaques THermite and Vice-Admiral Gheen Huygen Schapenham. 
leaves Goedere ede for a voyage around the world (April 29). 

Dr. de Haen, for the second time as envoy to Mataram (May 24- 
July 25). 

Jan Carstensz concludes a treaty with the Aroefirs (May 26). 

The first church-rule (ritual) established in India. 

The Gulf of Carpentier discovered. 

Chinese embassy to Batavia. 

Agreement with Persia (Nov. 17). 


The Dutch fleet passes the strait of le Maire (February 2). 

Jaques THermite dies at Lima (June 2). 

The Chief-Merchant, Jan Vos, as ambassador to Mataram (Aug. 8). 

The Chinese cede to the Netherlander the island Taijouwan 
(Formosa) where the fortress "Zeelandia" is erected (August). 

A training school is established at Leiden by the Council of XVII 
with a number of students to be sent, in the course of time, as ministers 
to Northern India. 

Commercial relations established with Ceylon and Malabar. 

Commercial agreement closed with Persia (December 24). 


Embassy of the Sultan of Ternate to Batavia. 

The Dutch fleet arrives at the Moluccas (Spice Islands) (March 4). 

The Dutch there destroy about 65,000 clove trees. 

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The Panembahan of Mataram assumes the title of Soesvehvenan 
(Apostle of Islam). 

Banda is ravaged by violent storms and earthquakes. 


Agreement with the Samorijn or Emperor of Malabar (Jan. 3). 
The Dutch fleet in the Netherlands returned (July 9). 


Discoveries in Nieuw Holland, Nuytsland, Arnhemsland, etc. 

Embassy from Djambi to Batavia (July). 

Beri-beri prevails in the Moluccas and in the Amboina and Banda 
Islands and creates great destruction among the garrisons. 

De Carpentier resigned (September 30). 

His portrait and coat of arms are found in J. R. J. 
Dubois' Lives of the Governors-General. The Hague, 
1763, in which he is referred to on pages 72-82. The 
portrait is an oval with worked borders by J. van Schley, 
bust looking to the left, and also in Francoys Valentyn's 
Old and New East India, half body to the right, after 
Balen by Deamaer. 

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Aa, van dbr, 34, 37-40, 43» 47- 
Aanhano, 49. 
Aldb, van, H., 35. 
Aldbwbrbldt, van, H., 35. 
Alobm, 48. 
Annoot, Gilles, 45. 

P6tronelle, 45. 
Apollonius, Caspar, 42. 

Pieter (113), 4a. 
Arqubnghbm, BN,BertheDame,3. 
Artichopski, Christoffel, 30. 
Andbllius, Johannes, 12. 
Aumont, d\ Seigniory, 3. 
Avb8nbs lbz Obbrt, d\ Seign- 
iory, 3. 


Bablabrts, P. M., 34. 
Balbn, M., 6, 31, 40, 43, 51. 
Bambbkb, van, Jeanne, 46. 
Barbntz, Jan, 12. 
Bassonvillb, db, Marius, 39. 
Bastingium, Jeremino, 11. 
Bavibrb, db, Ferdinand, 19. 
Bbekius, Winandus, zi, 12. 
Bbbns, Elisabeth (53), 21. 

Isaac, 21. 

Joanna (54), 21. 

Maria Helena (52), 21. 
Bbmmbl, van, 34. 
Bennett, 48. 
Bbrkel, Maria, 41. 
Bbrnardi, Johannes, zi. 
Bbrsteth, 28. 
Bbrthibr, db, Seigneur, 3. 
Bbsblbr, van, Jacoba (32), 16. 

Joanna (28), 16. 

Magdalena Cornelia (29), 16. 

Melchior, z6. 

Bbsblbr, van, Paulus, (31), 16. 

Roeland (30), 16. 
Bbtma, Julius, 11. 
Bibsbn, van, Catharina, 39. 


Blanckaert, Hendrick (95), 36. 

Isabella Maria (96), 36. 

Nicholas, 35. 

Stephanus, 35, 36. 

Steven Willem (94), 36. 

Willem (93), 36, 44. 
Blonck, Anthonis, 17. 
Bocardus, Johannes, 17. 
Bois, du, 48-51. 
Borculo, van, Assuerus, 15. 
Brouwbr, J., 35. 
Buck, db, Catharina, 46. 

George, 46. 
Bubrbn, van, Pieter, 28. 
Bygardbn, Caspar, 12. 

Callbnpbls, Steven, 27, 28. 
Cambn, Jacob, 9. 
Canin, Samuel, 21. 
Carblsb, F., 35. 
Carpbntibr, Anseau, 3. 

Barthelemy, 3. 

Godefroy, 3, 4. 

Renaud, 3. 
Carpbntibr, lb, Jean, 3, 4. 

lb, Jeanne, 4. 

Roger, 3. 

Siger, 3, 4. 
Carpbntibr, db, Adrianna (78), 

Adrianna (79), 31. 
Anna (69), 23. 
Anthoni (116), 44. 
Antoine (134), 45- 
Antoinette (9), 7. 


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Carpbntibr, db, Arend Roeland 

(iai), 45- 
Amoldus (87), 37, 39. 
Belia Jacoba (101), 39. 
Casparus (49), 22, 24, 3 *~3 5 » 

38. 39- 
Casparus (97), 39. 
Casparus (100), 39. 
Catarina (5), 6. 
Catharina, 4a. 
Catharina (43), ai. 
Cornelia (89), 37. 
Emmerentia (106), 40. 
Emmerentia (120), 44. 
Francois (139), 46. 
Francois Jacques (150), 47. 
Francois Roland (147), 46. 
George Francois (145), 46. 
Georges (140), 46. 
Gerard (44), aa. 
Guiljam (2), 6. 
Helena (76), 31. 
Helena (109), 42. 
Hester (99), 39. 
Hubert (6&), 23. 
Isabella (21), 14-16. 
Isabella (85), 35, 36. 
Isabella or Isabeau (108), 41. 
Isabella Therese (157), 47. 
Jacomina (4), 6. 
Jacomina (no), 42. 
Jacques (24), 16. 
Jacques Felix (153), 47- 
Jacques Francois (156), 47. 
Jacques Francois (158), 47. 
Jan (7), 5-8. 
Jan (19), 15-17. 20-25, 3o» 

3». 42. 
Jan Baptist Joseph (151), 47. 
Jan Roeland (103), 39. 
Janneke (17), 8. 
Jasper (46), 22. 
Jasper (49). See Casparus 

Jean (10), 8. 
Jean Joseph (149). 47- 
Jeanne (138), 46. 

Carpbntibr, db, Jeanne (142), 46. 
Jeanne Catharina (154), 47. 
Jeanne Catherine (144), 46. 
Johan (19). See Jan (19). 
Johanna (6), 6. 
Johanna Christina (98), 39. 
Johanna Jacoba (102), 39. 
Johanne (45), 22. 
Johannes (80), 31. 
Johannes (82), 35, 38, 39. 
Johannes (90), 37. 
Joris (8), 6, 45, 46. 
Josephe Claire Eugenie (159), 

Josina (16), 8. 
Josina (20), 16. 
Josina (41), 21. 
Josina (104), 40. 
Levina (88), 37. 
Lucia (118), 44. 
Maillard (11), 8. 
Maillard (132), 45. 
Maria (15), 8. 
Maria (47), 22. 
Maria (67), 23-25. 
Maria (73), 30. 
Maria (75), 31. 
Maria (8i), 31. 
Maria (83), 35. 
Maria (84), 35, 36. 
Maria (105), 40. 
Maria (119), 44. 
Marie Anna (155), 47. 
Marie Anne (143)* 46. 
Marie Jacqueline (152), 47. 
Marie Madeleine Antoinette 

(148), 46. 
Melchior (70), 23. 
Michel (130), 45. 
Nicolaes (3), 6. 
P£tronelle (135)* 45- 
P^tronelle (141). 46. 
Phillipe (131), 45- 
Phillipus, 49. 
Pierona (14), 8. 
Pierre, 22, 45. 
Pierre (133), 45- 

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Carpbntier, db, Pierre (134), 46. 
Pierre (136), 45. 
Pierre (137), 46. 
Pierre Francois Brunod (146), 

Pieter, 35, 47-5 1 - 
Pieter (1), 5-7, 45- 
Pieter (13), 8. 
Pieter (18), 8. 
Pieter (22), 16. 
Pieter (23), 6, 14, 16, 39, 40, 42. 
Pieter (48), 22. 
Pieter (71), 24. 
Pieter (91), 37. 
Pieter (114), 6, 44. 
Roeland, 22. 

Roeland (12), 6,8-17, 39,40. 
Roeland (40), 21. 
Roeland (42), 21, 30, 31. 
Roeland (86), 36, 37. 
Roeland (107), 6, 40-44. 
Roeland (115), 44- 
Roeland (129), 45. 
Sara (92), 38. 
Sara (115), 36. 
Sara (117), 41, 44- 
Servaes (39), 13, 21, 25-30. 
Servaes (77), 31. 
Servatius (39). See Servaes 

Carstbnsz, Jan, 50. 
Caster, Hans, 22. 
Cbulbn, van, 29. 
Chalmot, db, 43, 48. 
Chanpburi, 36. 
Chbsnb, Du, Andre\ 4. 
Chimay, db, Prince, 5. 
Clabsz, Jan, 37. 
Clausen, Jan, 25. 
Colen, van, Marguerite, 18. 
Colls, Wouter, 42, 43. 
Coloniu8, Daniel, 12. 
Coninck, Bondewyn, 17. 

Gysbrecht, 17. 
Coopman, Christiaen, 33. 
Coornb, Jacquemine, 45. 
Corn bli 1, Arnoldus, 11, 12. 

Cornblis, Helena, 19, 20. 
Corwin, Edward Tanjore, 32. 
Crane, db, Marie Catherine, 46. 
Craybrs, Catharina, 17. 

Machteld, 25. 
Crbcv, db, Seigneur, 3. 
Croy, db, Charles, 6. 
Crynsz, Wilhelm, 13. 
Culbnboro, van, Melchoir, 22. 

Sophia, 22, 24. 

Dalbn, van, J. L., 5. 
Daniel, db, Sire, 4. 
Days, 27. 
Dbamabr, 51. 
Delpt, van, Pieter, 35. 
Deurschot, Godefroy, 23, 24. 
Doleoius, Daniel, 13. 
Dolvobt, Marie, 46. 
Dontbclock, Reynerum, 11, 12. 


Eden, van, Abraham, 38. 
Ebrdbwyn, Johan Elias, 30. 
Elinck, den, Anthonis, 17. 
Elsevier, Abraham, 27. 

Bonaventuer, 27. 
Enoel, van, Cornelia, (25), 16. 

Otto, 16. 
Ercke, Anna, 45. 

Pierre, 45- 
Esch, van, Cornelis, 21. 

Helena, 35. 

Hendrik, 32. 

Josina (50a), 21. 

Maria, 21. 
Espblghem/d', Barbe, 4- 
Eversdijck, Maria, 35. 

Fenecolius, Joannes, 13. 
Flanders, db, Count Robert, 3. 
Flbchinet, db, Seigniory, 3. 

Digitized by 




Gbbtskant, Adrianna, 30. 
Geill, 50. 

Gerard, Estienne, 22. 
Gbrhardi, Wernandus, u. 
Gbysbeek, 43. 
Gbldbsma, Gellius, 39. 
Gilles, Govert, 14, 16. 
Godtschalck, Catharina, 5, 6. 
Gobs, van dbr, Adrian, 4. 
Gouvbrts, Isaeck, 17. 
Gouy or Gov, db, Sire, 3, 4. 
Gilles, Anna Govers van Haften 
(27). 16. 

Roeland (26), 16. 
Graap, van de, Belia Adrianna 
(125), 44. 

Cornelis, 44. 

Hendrik (126), 44. 

Jacob (127), 44. 

Sara (128), 44. 

Sebastian (124), 44. 
Grand, le, Jasper, 20, 22, 25. 

Maria, 20. 
Gravbnsloot, van, Coenen, 5,10. 
Grobn, van, Dirck Coop, 26. 
Gyssblingh, Jan, 29. 


Haak, Gysbert, 7. 
Habn, db, 50. 
Habrlbm, van, B., 33. 
Hagbn, van dbr, 27. 
Halling, Willem, ^. 
Hamarreb, de, Seigniory, 3. 
Hambl, 30. 

Agatha, 25, 26, 30. 

Gerard, 25. 

Hendrik, 26. 

Johan, 26. 

Nicholas, 26. 
Hautermb, d\ Borel, 46. 
Hbcke, van, Jacob, 8. 

Josina, 8, 10, 13-17, 39. 

Maria, 8. 

Pieter, 8. 
Heghb, van, Aeltjen, 22. 

Hbinooghbn, de, Jean, 4. 

Matthieu, 4. 
Hbllincx, Adrian, 20. 

Anna, 20. 

Catharina, 20. 

Christina, 20. 

Cornelis, 20. 

Daniel, 20. 

Gerard, 18-22. 

Helena, 20. 

Jan, 1 8. 

Jasper, 20. 

Jopken, 20, 22. 

Maria, 17, 18, 20-22, 25, 30, 

Servaes, 17-20, 22. 
Hblmichius, Wernerus, 11, 13. 
Hermans, 43. 
Hermansz, Arent, 12. 
Hbrmite, l\ Jaques, 50. 

Maria, 8. 
Hbuvbl, van den, Elisabeth, 38, 

Hbvdamus, J., 33. 


Holy, Muys van, Arend, 41. 
Maria, (112), 41. 
Simon, 41. 
Simon (111), 41. 

Immersebl, van, Adrianna, 41. 

Aletta Katharina, 41. 

Johan, 41. 
It a, Pieter Adriensz, 27. 

Jaqubt, Jean Paul, 24, 25. 

Pierre Paul, 24. 
Jeude, van Lidt de, Anna Lucia 
(120), 44. 

Arend Cornelis (123), 44. 

Hendrik, $6, 44. 

Roeland (121), 44. 

Sara Isabella (122), 36, 44. 
Joppbn, Adrian, 21. 
Jongs, db, 50. 

Digitized by 




Kampen, van, 48. 
Kbinooghen, db, Jean, 4. 

Marie, 4. 

Matthieu, 4. 
Kik, Jan, 21. 
Kloot, van Rhede van der, 

M. A., 49. 
Kobus, 50. 

Kobn, Jan Pieterszoon, 47-50. 
Kok, 48. 


Labt, db, Joannes, 26. 
Lambin, J. J., 45. 
Lants, G., 49. 
Laren, van, R. t 10. 
Langhe, db, Jean, 4. 

Marguerite, 4. 
Lbly, van dbr, Wilh., 6. 
Lbth, de, Hend., 6. 
Leystbn, Sara, 43, 44. 

Peter, 42. 
Lichthart, Jan Cornelise, 29. 
Liendbn, van, Alidt, 23, 24. 

Anna, 23, 24. 

Cecilia, 23. 

Maria, 23. 
Liniers, Catherine, 15. 
Lobbllb, db, Catharina, 45. 
Lodawijk, Sara, 16. 
Lodbwycksz, Lodewijck, 35. 
Loon, van, Michaelia, 39. 
Loubz, 27. 
Louwerisz, Jan, 12. 
Lowvck, Petrus, 13. 
Lupaert, Andr6, 46. 

Mebuwen, van, Jacob, 40. 
Mbrghblynck, 46. 
Merven, van, Maria, 40. 
Mesger, Johan Borghart, 44. 
Mey, van dbr, Anna, 41. 

Aletta Katharina, 41. 

Gerard, 41, 44. 

Johan, 41. 

Herbert, 40, 41, 44. 

Justus, 41. 

Kornelis, 41. 

Maria, 41. 

Nickolaas, 41. 

Roeland, 41. 

Roeland (119), 41, 44. 
Michabls, Maria, 31. 
Molen, Adrian, 17. 

Cornells, 17. 
Moll, 48. 

Moons, Laurens, 20. 
Moulin, du, 19. 
Mullbr, 35. 

Mynden, van, Jacob, 24. 
Myzele, van, Jaconima, 7. 

Janneken, 7. 

Maria, 5, 7, 45. 

Philips, 5. 

Truyken, 7. 

Nabrdbn, van, Jan, 39. 
Navorscher, 50. 
Nicasius, Johannes, 33. 
Nicolai, Martinus, 13. 
Nis, Willem, 21. 
Noey, Hendrik, 40. 
Nolthbnius, Pieter, 44. 

Machy, db, Seigneur, 3. 
Mairb, db, Seigniory, 3. 
Marigny, db, Seigneur, 3. 
Martanus, A., 34. 
Matthijsz, Pieter, 17. 
Mberwyck, van, Maria, 25, 30. 
Mbbstbr, de, An dries, 10. 

Ockbrs, Adrian, 23. 
O'Callaghan, 25. 
Oissis, Hillegond, 20. 
Oldenbarnevbld, van, Johan, 

Oorterwyck, ab, Albertus, 13. 
Orange, William, Prince of, 13. 

Digitized by 




Pars, 43. 

PetitRibecourt, du, Seigniory, 3. 

Pijl, Peter, 39. 

Piper, Gerrit, 21. 

POLYANDBR, Johan, 22. 

Prins, Winkler, 50. 
Pus, Hendrick, 44. 

Quicks, de, Peronne, 45. 

Ratilly, de, Seigneur, 3. 
Ravevelt, Maria, 49. 
Ravesteyn, 21. 
Rbpblaer, Anthony, 42. 

Hugo, 17. 

Lucia, 42-44. 
Rbygen, de, P., 35. 
Ribtstap, 5, 7, 8, 19. 
Rijspoort, de, Ghislain, 45. 
Rijssel, van, Willem, 35. 
Rivecourt, de, 50. 
Roch, Jacob, 16. 

Joanna, 16. 
Rodbrn, David, 32. 
Ruyter, de, Engel, 36, 37. 

Shutten, Johanna Jacoba (35), 

Maria (33), 16. 

Theodore Isaac (38), 16. 
Sivertsma, A., 35. 
Smallgange, 7, 8. 
Smibnt, 28, 30. 
Snoeck, Jan, 39. 

Sonnbmabus, Anna Maria (65), 

Arend, 21. 

Arent, 35, 4a. 

Arent (64), 21. 

Catharina (60), 21. 

Catharina (61), 21. 

Elisabeth (58), 21. 

Helena (63), 21. 

Jacob (59), 21. 

Johanna (56), 21. 

Johannes (66), 21. 

Josina (55), 21, 42-44. 

Magdalena (62), 21. 

Maria (57), 21. 
Stachouvbr, Jacob, 30. 
Stbbnburch, Anthony, 33. 
Stevbnsz, Adrian, 17. 
Stichblb, van der, Martin Fran- 
cois, 46. 
Stoop, Dirk, 42. 

Jacob, $3. 


Salmslach, van, Phillipe, 46. 
Schapenham, Gheen Huygen, 50. 


Schrobdbr, Jeremias, 41. 
Schoonhoven, van, Jan, 24. 
Schulems, Laurens, 38. 
Schuppe, van, Cigismundus, 30. 
Sellers, Edwin Jaquett, 25, 33. 
Sblyns, Henricus, 33. 
Sevru, Gilles, 7. 

Pierre, 7. 
Shutten, Anna (34), 16. 

Catharina (37), 16. 

Jan, 16. 

Tack, Cornells, 15. 
Terbstbyn, van, Adrian Jobsz, 
19, 20. 

Cornells, 21. 

Jopken, 19, 20. 
Thyssius, 31. 
Tiblb, 50. 
Tijdschript, 50. 
Tilloy, de, Seigniory, 3. 
Toorbnenbergbn, van, J. J., 9. 


Trabius, Isbrandus, 9, 10. 
Trap, van der, Floris, 21. 
Trouzon, de, Jacques Francois 
Remacle, 47. 

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Valentyn, 48, 50, 51. 
Vannbs, db, Seigneur, 3, 4. 
Vbkbmans, Henrica, 41. 

Jan, 41. 
Velius, 48. 
Verdyn, Nicholas, 26. 
Verhbem, Johannes, 31, 33. 

Sibrechtsgen, 31. 

Sybrechtgen, 33. 
Vidblius, 31. 
Villers, db, Antoni, 7. 

Antonia, 7. 

Grietje, 7. 

Isabella, 7, 8. 

Jan, s, 7. 

Maria, 7. 
Vinck, Cornelis, 23. 

VlNGNB, LA, 31. 

Vorsterman, Aelbert, 23, 24. 
Vos, Jan, 50. 
Vries, db, Jan, 21. 
Josina (51), 21. 


Waey, van, Ellardus, 24. 

G., 15, 24. 
Walabus, 31. 

Wallius, Henry, 38. 
Waroux, db, Count, 19. 
Waignou, db, Seigniory, 3. 
Walbeck, db, 28, 29. 
Wassbnburg, Antoni, 32, 33. 

Geertruyd, 32, 33. 

Hester, 32, 33, 35, 38, 39. 

Matthisia, 32. 

Petrus, 31-34* 3 8 » 4*- 

Polites, 35. 
Watbrloos, H. F., 35. 
Wblius, Everardus, 33. 
Wens, Cornelis, 17. 

Willem, 17. 
Wibrcx, Anthonie, 17. 
Willems, Marie Catherine, 46. 
Wingius, Gotfredus, 9. 
Witt, db, Aletta, 40, 44. 

Anna Elisabeth, 41. 

Cornelis, 41. 

Johan, 41. 

Joost, 40. 

Maria, 39-4* • 

Nicolaes, 39. 
Woldb, van db, Herman, 17. 
Woutbrs, Anna, 21. 
Wyck, van, Gerrit, 26. 

Jan, 26. 
Wyckaert, Madeleine, 8. 

Pierre, 8. 

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,.^.^ - v^cULAHNG 

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