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Full text of "Genealogy of the Descendants of William Chesebrough of Boston, Rehoboth, Mass."

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OF VVIS<- ' 





Boston, Rbhoboth» Mass. 









JUNE 14, 1630 











TRÜVUSB £MnnnD 9ow^, 5r. 





The aame of Cheiebroiigh is probably átsirtá Irom Catm» a Caap» 
llkc Chetter ind ocher Engltsh names beginniof with Chet. 

The anos deicríbcd below are on the tombstones of David Cbese- 
broiigh and hit wif e Margaret in oíd Weqoeteqnock graveyard. The moito 
on these ftones it ^ Virtne is tnie freaiDeta.** They are given in Borlíe't 
GéMgral Arm^ry and ocher i>ooki of heraldry. 

ámus.'^Gm. three croiset patteé in fest, «f^f. between as many water 
hoogets ^r. Crest, a demi lion rampant fu. holding beiween the paws a 
cross patteé ^r. 

Thb Motto— In England is ^iM cutícula crmx (The cíoss the tonch- 
stone of faith). In America it is also, Virtus vera nakUitas (Virtae tme 

Mottoes may be assiuned or altered by the hearer at his pleasare. The 
College of Anns daims no jurisdictiOn over them. 

The Chesebroofh crest is also that of the Brogden-Carpenter fsmilies. 

The motto Virtus vera nokiUia$ is used by the Drake, Uenville and 
Springham families^ 

Theinotto/)ú¿r/^/¿r»Airriíxisttsedbythefollowing: Baker (baronet, 
of Snney), Chevallier.Tuthill» Whatton of Leicestershire, VQUers o£ Leices* 
ter and Stafford, indoding Duke of Badcingham and Visooont Pnibeck 
(both extinct), Earl ol Anglesey, Earl o£ Giandison, Earls of Oarcndon and 


I C C IJK. t 

14S Warfik«|oa Strae^ 


Mm: 978/745-7170 Foc 978^4S-M25 

*^''"'— * itnm ni|ngiiiMiii nnniFi ÜOnc WIhB OT CU ID OnNK, 

^nñt onr web tito flt www« 


P&BFACB, ... 5 



Pa&t L— Desceadantt oí Samuel Chesebroiigh (ton ol Wniúun*)* • iS 

Pa&t II.— Detcendmnts oí Nathaniel Chesebrougb (son oí WiUiam *)« 303 

Pa&t IIIw— Descendaott of Eliaba Chesebrough (son of \^llUm ')• • 47S 
Ancestral Chaets of Robbrt John Chbssbrouor (i^jN)» opp. 508 
Part IV.— Affrndix: 

Incomplcte Pedigrees, 509 

Lineales. Sis 

War Records, 539 

Deedi» Wills, Etc, 542 

Extracta from Wllli, S5S 

Record of Anión Cheesebro (5076S)» 559 

Wbqostsqvock, S^ 

Index, S6i 


THIS work is the product of many years oí laboríous 
research. In 1893, while investigating the records of 
my family history, I was informed that the Rey. Amos 
S. ChesebroQgh (No. 1688N Une of thit book) had begnn about 
1850 to compfle a genealogy of the descendants of WilUam 
Chesebroughi and had just published a pamphlet containing a 
aketch of the Ufe of WUUam Chesebrongh and a record of hit 
children and grandchildren throngh the third generation. On 
writing to Mr. Chesebrongh he at once gave me his pamphlet, 
with aU the letters which he had received, and his materials 
and data coUected during its preparation. I conclnded to con* 
tinne to the present time the search which he had been obUged 
so many years ago to discontinué, and the result of my labora 
is the genealogy now offered to the public, which contains as 
complete a record as can be obtained of WilUam Chesebrough's 
descendants in the f emale as well as the male Unes. I have 
ezamined personally the original public and chnrch records in 
many towns of all the New Bngland and some of the Middle 
States, espedally in the Probate and Town Clerk's offices of 
New London, Stonington, and most of the towns of Eastem 
Connecticnt, Rhode Island and Berkshire County, Mass.; the 
State and City offices at Boston, and many of the chnrches in 
New York; have consnlted all the varions pnbUcations in the 
principal Ubraries which contained information npon the sub* 
ject; have extended my investigations into very many ceme- 
teries and private burial grounds, and for over nine years 
condncted a very extensive correspondence with persons in 
every one of the United States, England and Canadá. 

Some omissions and errors will be found, and are unavoid- 
able in works of this kind. Hnndreds of my letters of inqniíy 
have not been answered. Freqnently the answers were in- 
complete as to dates, etc.; and records have been given me by 
members of the same family containing different and contra^ 
dictory dates of births, deaths and marriages. These same 
errors I have found in books of histoiy and genealogy. The 
early laws in 4'elation to the preservation of vital statistics in 

6 Prbfacb. 

\^ New Eng'Iand were very imperfectly observad» and in most of 

the Middle and Western States there has never been until 
recently any system of preserving such statistics. Besídes, it 
is well known that the oíd records of many towns* cities and 
chnrches have been lost or destroyed, and are incompleto. 
Many errors in early registers aríse f rom the use of two modes 
of computing time— the ancient legal reckoning beginning the 
year with March and the modem with Jannary, so that children 
seem to have been baptixed in January or Pebruary of the year 
before their parents' marriage» instead of the year after, as was 
actually the case. The use of oíd and new styles is also con* 
fnsing. Notwithstanding these di£Sculties it is believed that 
this family history will be found unnsnaly accurate and com* 

Among the descendants of William Chesebrough and those 
allied by marriage will be found many eminent ñames, but 
only brief notices of them have been gíven. 

The historie branch of the subject has long since been ably 
presented by others. 

The orthography of the ñame ^ Chesebrough " retains the 
form given to it prior to or during what is known as the 
** Middle English " period of our etymology, the thirteenth and 
fourteenth centuríes. The variations in the spelling of the 
ñame found in Church, Town or State records are many, vis : 
Chesbrough, Chesboro, Chesborough» Chesebrooke, Chesebro, 
Cheseborough» Cheseboro', Chesebrugh» Cheesbrough, Chees- 
bTo\ Cheesboro'i Chees Bro, Cheesbrook, Cheesbroggh, Cheese- 
hTo\ Cheeseborough, Cheesebrow» Cheasbrough, Chessbruck, 
CheasebrOi Chesbro and Cheesborough. 

In the marriaige lists» a nimiber after a ñame with the 
letter "S," "N" or "E" foUowing, refers to thatnumberin 
the Samuel, Nathaniel or Elisha line, f or which see table of 

The sign of + before a ñame or number indicates that the 
line is carríed out or the persons are again referred to. 

Information relating to any errors or omissions is eamestly 
requested by the author. 


' 146 Central Pakk, West» 

New York City, N. Y. 
Febeuaey, 1903. 



WILLIAM CHESEBROUGH, the first settler oí 
Englifth lineage in tbe town of Stoníngton, Conn.» 
was bom in England in the year of onr Lord, 1594. 
The place of his natmty and the ñames of hi8 parents cannot 
with certainty be detennined. The probabilitiet are, that he 
was bom in or near Boston, Lincolnsbire, where he is known 
to have had his residence some eleven or twelve years prior to 
his emigration to America in the Massachnsetts Bay Colony, 
and where he and his wif e were commtmicants in St Botolph's 
Church* The home of the Chesebrough family was in the 
eastem coonties of England, and the ñame occurs in the 
pttblic registries of Wills in the County of Norfolk, which 
adjoins Lincolnshire. Sarah Chesebrough, whose ñame stands 
No. 78 on the roll of the First Church of Boston, Mass., was 
doubtless a passenger with William on the ship Arbeiia^ and 
is thonght to have been his mother. His wife, Anna, and 
three surviving children of the eight that had been bom to 
him,— the youngest, Nathaniel, an infant in arms,— came with 
him in the same company. The Arbella^ a ship of three hun- 
dred and fifty tons, whereof Captain Peter Milbome was 
master, received its ñame ''in honoor of the Lady Arbella,** 
wife of Isaac Johnson, Esq., one of the more prominent per- 
sonages among the passengers. This ship was one of a fleet 
of fonrteen vessels with eight hnndred and forty passengers, 
comprising the Massachnsetts Bay Colony. It set sail from 
Cowes, Isle of Wight, on Tuesday, March 30, 1630, and was 
termed the ''Admira!*' of the fleet, for the reason partly, that 
it was the stannchest and best fumished of the vessels, and 
partly perhaps, as Savage in his notes in Winthrop's Journal 
snggests, that it was owned by and carried "the principal 
people" of the Colony« including Johnson, Winthrop, Codding- 
ton, Dudley, Bradstreet and Saltonstall with their respective 
families among others. 


The ñrtt tbirty-siz yean of William Chesebrough's life 
were cloting when he set foot opon American toii They 
covered tbe last nine years of Queen Elizabeth's reign, tbe 
entíre reign of James I. and tbe first five jreart of tbe reign of 
tbe fll-fated Cbarles I, and tbey were among tbe most event- 
fnl years in tbe bistory of England. Maxy, Queen of Secta, 
was bebeaded only aeven years before Cbesebrongb's birtb; 
.and only siz years before, occnrred tbe issue of tbe first Eng* 
lisb newspaper, and also tbe destmction of tbe Spaaisb 
Armada. It was tbe period in wbicb Bdmtmd Spencer» Wil- 
liam Sbakspeare and Lord Bacon won tbeir undying fame: in 
wbicb. tbe first telescopes were invented, and in wbicb also tbe 
antborísed versión of tbe Bible was prepared by order of King 
James. He was eleven years oíd at tbe time of tbe Gunpowder 
Plot; tbirteen wben Jamestown, Virginia, was founded; twenty 
wben New Amsterdam (now New 'York) was settled by tbe 
Dutcb, and twenty-six when tbe Pilgrim Pathers landed npon 
Plymonth Rock. 

The cormptions in botb Cbnrcb and State in Bngland, tbe 
high-handed and cmel measnres of the Conrts of Higb Com* 
mission and of tbe Star Chamber to cmsb out all freedom of 
tfaonght and speecb and worship, tbe insecnrity of life and 
propertyi and tbe civil and religioas disintegration wbicb 
tbreatened min to tbe nation, prompted many of tbe better 
class of tbe dergy and of tbe people to sacrifice tbeir bomes 
and seek an asylnm wbere they conld enjoy a rational llberty. 
Tbe immigrants wbo came to New Bngland witb tbe illus* 
trions Wintbrop^ organised tbeir cbnrcbes on tbe simple polity 
of a self-goveming brotherbood. Snch an organization was 
effected in tbeir new settlement wbicb they named Charles* 
town, on the jotb of Jnly» 1630, witb Rey. John Wilson as 
teacberi but in tbe conrse of tbree months it was transferred 
to tbe sonth side of tbe Cbarles River to Boston, wbicb the 
majority preferred on tbe score of healthinesSi as tbe place for 
a permanent settlement The ñames of William and Anna 
Chesebrongh appear as Nos. 44 and 45, on tbe roll of tbe 
original members of tfais, the First Cbnrcb of Boston. When 
Rev. John Cotton, their former Minister at St. Botolph*s in 
Bngland, came over some three years later, he took the place 
of Mr. Wilson as teacher of the cbnrcbt and Mr. Wilson was 
chosen as tbe pastor. 


The goremment of th6 new colony wm administend xatátt 
a charter granted hy Charles I to '*The Govemor and Com* 
pany of Maseachusette Bay in New England,** bearing date 
March 4, 1699. On the emigratíon to America of the leading. 
memben of this Corporation, the Corporation itself with all ita 
powert and privileges wat trantf erréd to them and the other 
freemen of the oompany who should inhabit the new plantap 
tion. Thns the administrative officert of the company became 
**The General Conrt of Massachneetts,'* which toofc charge of 
the dvil govemment, and John Winthrop was choten gov* 
emor. Under this govemment, William Chesebrough wat 
made a freeman in May» 1631. It soon became necessary to 
order the several towns which had been organised by the 
colonistSi to chooie eaich two deputies to appear at the Conrt, 
f or the pnrpose of concerting a plan for a public treasnry and 
for levying tazea for the support of the govemment. William 
Colbom, who was deacon of the Church, ánd William Chese» 
brongh, were appointed apon this servioe as the first depnties 
or representativas of Boston. This was the entering wedge 
to the yearly representation of the towns in the legislativa 
body. Mr. Chesebrongh fiUed other responsible positions in 
the yonng munidpality. He was chosen constable, an office 
eqtiivalent to what wonld now be callad ''bigh sheri^" and 
snbseqnently an assessor of rates, and again one of a com* 
mittee to allot to ^the able bodied men and yonth" gronnds 
for planting. 

Por the pnrpose of obtaining more arable land and jiaatnre 
than waa assigned to them within the limite of Boston, Mr. 
Chesebrongh, with many others, removed their residences a 
few miles southward, near to a promontory callad Monnt 
Wollaston, in 1637 or 1638. A chnrch was organised for the 
growing commnnity, September 17, 1639, to which he and his 
wife bronght letters of dismission and recommendationa from 
the Boston chnrch on the 6th of the ensning Febmary. This 
.Monnt Wollaston section was set off the same year as a distinct 
town and named Braintree, and Mr, Chesebrongh, with 
Stephen Kinsley, was chosen to represent the new mnnicspal- 
ity in the General Conru He was appointed commissioner 
or local jndge to try certain dasses of cases which cama np 
for adjndieation, and held also other responsible positions. 
The gronnds he occnpied are those which have constitnted for 

10 BiooftAnncAL Skstch op Wiluau Chmmkopoh^ 

more thaa two aad a half centuries the oíd homettoad oí the 
Adams famüy, aad are now incloded. within the limito of the 
dty of Quincy. The late Bz-Preside&t, John Qmacy Adama, 
informed the writer that the deed of traaafer {iven bj Will- 
iam Cheaehroiigh to hia aaceator waa atill in hia poesearion, 

In the oonrse of two or three yeara the aabject of thia 
aketch joined a oompany which eettled at ** Seelonh," in the 
vidnity of the Plymouth Colony. Barly in Jnlj» 1644, he with 
twenty-nine othera of the reaident plantara there» enterad into 
a dvü compact, agreeing to be govemed bj nine peraona» 
**acoording to law and eqnity, nntil we ihall anbject ouraelvea 
jointly to aome other govenunenf It appeara that thia com* 
pact and agreement waa drawn up and carried throngfa by Mr. 
Cheaebrongh'a effortai for on the i2th of July following, at a 
pablic meetingí hia «ffident eervicea in aetting up the new 
govemment were gratefnUy acknowledged by the enactment 
of a proviaion, *^that he ahonld have diviaion in all landa of 
Seekonk, for one hnndred and fifty*three ponnda» beaidea what 
he ia to have for hia own proportion» and that in the wáy of 
oonaideration for the paina and chargea he hath been at in 
aetting oB thia platantion.** 

The qneation of jnriadiction waa aettled by the plantation 
anbmitting itaelf to the govemment of the Plymoutii Colony, 
rather than that of Maisachnaetto Bay, and it waa inoorporated 
by the Scriptnral ñame of Rehoboth. Thia dedaion waa 
arrived at contrary to Cbeaebrough'a wiihea and judgment, 
and the Plymouth authoritiea toofc hia oppoaition aa an affitmt, 
and treated him harehly. Peeling deeply the prejudioe awak- 
ened againat him, he mounted hia horse, and in company with 
one of hia aona» turnad hia face weatward with a view of find* 
ing a place of settlement where he could eacape unjuat treat- 
ment and Uve in peaee. On thia tonr of about seventy milea 
akmg the coaat, he carefully noted the diff erent localitiea on 
the rottte until he reached Pequot, now New London. John 
Winthropí Jr., an oíd acquamtance, under commiaaion of the 
General Conrt of Maiiachuiettai had charge of a new aettle* 
ment at Pequot, and he waa atrongly urged to make thia place 
hia permanent abode. But the location did not auit him, 
althongh a town-lot waa offered him aa an induoement. Af ter 
aueceaaiTü explorationa he made cholee of the head of Weque- 
tequock cove» in what waa callad Pawcatud^ on the bordering 

BiOGRAnucAL Sketch op William Ciívsbbrougm. ii 

laáds oí whicb he foond arable landa for planting, with an 
abundanoe oí pasture ground for stock raissng, to which he 
had largely tamed his attention. To this place, after having 
built a dweUing house on the west side oí the covot he 
remored with his wife and four sons, assisted by his friend, 
Roger WiUiamSi in the snmmer of 1649. At this time he was 
fifty-fiye jears oíd, his wife fifty-one, his son Samuel twenty- 
tW0| Nathaaiel nineteen, John seventeen, and Blisha twelve. 
Jolm died from a woand bj a sqrthe in 1650, at the age of 
eighteen, and was the first white person whose remains were 
boried in Stimington. 

Singularlj enough, he had hardly become domiciled in his 
new home, when a trouble came npon him stmiliar to that 
from which he had jnst fled. Connecticut was about as jealous 
of Massachttsetts as was Plymouih, and nnfriendlj persons 
belonging to Plymoath, took advantage of this faet to awaken 
the snspicions of the Connecticat anthorities against him. 
The trumped-np charge was that he had taken np his present 
residence with a view of carrying on an nnlawfnl trade with 
the Indiana, fnmishing them with and repairing their fire* 
arms. The General Coort of Connecticnt therenpon issned a 
warrant 'to the consuble of Peqnot tó reqnire him to give an 
acconnt of himself in answer to this charge. Snpposing that 
he was within the jmisdiction of Massachnsetts, he refnsed for 
a year or more to pay anj attention to the order of the Conrt; 
but af terwards on the advice of Mr. Winthrop and hia friends 
at Peqnot, he Tolnntarily presented himself before the Conrt 
at Hartfcnrd and refuted the slanderons diarge, in snpport of 
which not a partida of cTidenoe was presented. Ostensibly as 
a measnre of precantion, he was reqnired to give abond not to 
engage in any trade with the Indiana forbidden by the Laws 
of the Colony, and before the sncceeding winter to fnmish the 
Conrt with the ñames of snch persons as he conld persnade to 
settle in his neighborhood. On these conditions permission 
was given him to remain nnmolested where be was. This 
action of the Conrt was largely prompted by a jealonsy of all 
settlers in that section who were snpposed tp be favorable to 
the Massachnsetts daims, lest that Colony shonld get the con* 
trol of the Pawcatnck territory. It now became a bnming 
qnestion to which Colony this territory belonged,~whether to 
Connecticnt or Maasachnsetts. Connecticnt attempted to steal 


the march on the sister Colony by a public act making the 
Pkwcatack lUver the eastem hoanáaxy of Peqiiot, so that 
Chesebrcmgb's place of aettlement carne within the bonndaries 
of that town. On thxs basta the town not onlj voted him a 
hottie-lot within the Peqnot aettlement itaelf, but also con- 
finned hia title to thxee hnndred aerea of land at Weqnete- 
qnocky vhich were anbieqnentlj increaaed to twenty-three 
hundnd and aizty-two aerea. 

The firtt man who joined Mr. Chesebrongh in the new 
plantation waa Thomaa Stanton» the fanuma Indian interpre* 
tOTt who in 1650 buUt a trading-honae on the weat side of Paw- 
catnck River, though he did not remove hia family thither 
nntfl 1657. In the year 1653» Walter Palmer» one of the let- 
tiers at Rehoboth, diasatiafied for lome reaaona with hia red* 
denoe within the Colony of Plymontht located himaelf near to 
hia oíd friend and neighbor Cheaebnmgh, erecting hia dwelling* 
honaeon the eaat aide of Weqneteqnock Cove. Thofliaa 
Minor moTed into the neighborhood in 1654, and built hia 
houae at Miatuzet, now Qniambang. Theae f onr men : Chese- 
bnmgh, Stanton, Palmer and Minor, were the fonndera of 
Stonington, in honor of whom the monnment in the ancient 
cemetery at Weqneteqnock waa erected in 1899, that being the 
two hnndred and fiftieth year from the firat aettlement by Mr. 

The action of the General Court of Connecticnt in pnahing 
ita daima eastward to the Pawcatnck River, waa by no meana 
acqnieaced in by Maaiachnaetta, and the aerionaly controverted 
qneation of jnriadiction waa referred to the Commiasionera of 
the United Coloniea for decisión. Meanwhile, or nntil the 
matter conld be amicably decided, the plantare were adviaed 
^to cany themaelvea & order their affairea peaceably, and by 
oomon agreement'* Acting on thia advice, the original set- 
tlers and a few others who had joined them, met together on 
the 3^ of Jnne, 165S, and organised a local goyemment with 
what may be termed a conatitntion, entitled ** The Asotiation 
of Poqnatnck peple/* which waa signad by eleven persone, vis.: 
William Chesebrongh and hia three sons, Samuel, Nathaniel 
and Blisha, Thomaa Stanton and hia aon Thomaa, Walter 
Palmer and his two sons, Blihu and Moses, George Denison, 
and Thomaa Shaw. This compact is in the handwriting of 
William Cheaebrongh and pledged the signers ^ to maiotain 

Bioo&AFHíCAL Sketch of William vMsssbkoogb. 13 

and deffeod the peac of the plac ft to aid and aaistcme another 
acoardi&ff to law ft rules of righteoosnesi till such other provi- 
tion be maide ffor na aa may atain onr end above written/' 
After affizing their namea to the doctime&t, the signen chose 
Capt George Denison and WiUiam Chesetarongh to be *^com- 
ytionera** to carry oat the provisions of the oontract Three 
months later the Commissioners of the United Colonies de- 
dded that the territory in dispute belonged to MassachusettSi 
and the General Court of that Colony nanied it Southertown 
and annexed it to the County of Suffolk. Southertown re- 
mained a township of Massachusetts until the issue of the 
Charter of Connecticut by King Charles II, dated Aprü 15» 
i66s, whieh fised theeastem boundaryof Connectiait at Paw* 
catuck RiTer, thereupon this territory which for three and a 
half yeara had been snbjeet to the control of MassachusettSi 
reverted back to the sister Colony. Through this period Mr. 
Chesebnmgh held the office of sélectman. 

During the time in which the plantation waa induded in 
the town of Pequot, Mr. Chesebrongh had been elected ita 
deputy to the General Court of Connecticut at Hartford in 
1653, 1654» 1655, and 1656; he held also the offices of sssessor 
and commissioner. On its reversión to Connecticut under the 
charteri some of the planters manifested an almost defiant un- 
willingness to acknowledge the juriadiction of this Colony» at 
which the authorities at Hartford took offense. In 1664, how* 
ever, they united in dioosing William Chesebrongh as their 
first representative to the General Court With mudí effort 
and condderable delay, he waa snccessful in ad justing the dia* 
turbad relations between them and the court In 1665, the 
ñame of Southertown waa changad to that of Mystic, and in 
the year f ollowing to Stonington. During the last three yeara 
of hia lifOi which dosed on Sunday» the 9th day of June, 1667, 
he being then aeventy-three yeara oíd, Mr. Chesebrongh was 
sdectman of the town. Hia wifOi Mrs. Anna Chesebrongh, 
died on the 1 4th day of Auguat, s 73, at the age of seventy- 
five. Their remains rest side by side in the dd cemetery, a 
short distance from their dwelling-house. 

This brief sketch of the lif e of William Chesebrvugh makes 
it dearly evident that he waa a strong character,— a man well 
fitted in capadty and high purpose to be a pioneer in laying 

14 BiooEAraiCAL Sketch op William CuxsxBftOuon. 

Che foundatíons oí a weU-ordered, dvil and religious conunu* 
nity. Mature in yearii of a well^balanced mind, wise in ccmn- 
sel, a man oí potitíve convictions, and withal oí oncomprom* 
ising upriffhtneflSi he natnrallj drew to himaelf the confidence 
of hit assodatat, aa to one whose lead it would be safe to 
f ollow. He waa a man of deedi rather than of worda ; and 
yet, when tbe occasion called for it, he oould give utterance to 
his views in langnage that needed no interpreter» or be coold 
put tbem into proper written fonn. 

His organising capadty was veiy marked. He took a 
prominent part in bringing into assodated and orderlj form 
the scattered and diverse popolations of Braintree« Rehoboth 
and Stonington; and his versatility was wonderfuL On aU 
occasions we find him possessed of large resonrces, and capa* 
Ue of tnrning his hand without difficnlty to almost any bnsi* 
ness or branch of employment that offered itself. He could 
frame a building or sit as a judge in a case at law. He coold 
forge a chaini or draw np a plan for the organisation of a 
mnnidpal govemment He coold sorvey a tract of land, or 
worthily represent a town in the General Coort 

One fact which marks him as a man who commanded great 
lespect, is that af ter gathering aroond him soch men of sope- 
rior ability as Thomas Stanton, Walter Palmer and Capt 
Oeorge Denisoni they worked so harmonioosly with him in the 
organisation and ordering of the new commonity. 

And forther, it needs only to be added, that he was a man 
of dedded Christian prindple, and that wherever he planted 
himself he was an eamest sopporter of religioos worshipi and 
religioos institotions. When he emigrated to America he 
brooght his religión with him, and both he and his wif e were 
enrolled among the first members of the chorch in Boston, 
Mass., and on his removal to Biaintree and Rehoboth, he took 
his chorch relations with him ; and althoogh he died prior to 
the organisation of the First Chordi in Stonington, the tradi* 
tion is that prior to the esBublishment of religioos worship in 
his neighborhood, he was accostomed, in all soitable weather, 
to attend Sonday services at Peqoot, starting a little after 
midnight that he might in good time acoomplish the fif teen 
mOes of travel over roogh roads and the crossing of two rivers. 
There can be no doobt that he took an active part in the 
measores which were initiated in 1657 for establishing regolar 


reUgions lervices within the limits oí the plantatíoiit and 
wUch issiied, after the employinent of leveral preachert f or 
short Masona, in aa invitation to Rey. James Noyes to serve 
the people aa their permanent pastor. Mr. Noyes entered 
upon his labors here in 1664, aboat three years before Mr. 
Diesebrooffh's death ; but he was not ordained, ñor waa the 
chnrch organised nntfl 1674. In his last Will and Testament 
Mr. Chesebronffh speaks of Rer. James Noyes and Mr. Amos 
Richardson, as **my tmly and well*beloved frienda»'* — ^thns 
showing that one of the persons to whom he waa strongly 
attached waa a Christian minister. 

Rsv. Amos S. CHSSBsaouoH, D.D. 





6 Samuel* C hiu moo g h, (WilUain*), bap. April i» x627, Botton. Eng- 
land; buricd Jnly 31» 1673^ Stonington» Conn. '^u made a freeman oí 
Co nn cc ücut in x^; signcd the Pawcatuck Arttdes oí Assodatton in 16A 
and «as dcctcd Constable; Sdcctnaii in i66b; Dcpoty to thc. General 
Conit in lÚSs, "66, *7fK 'yi, ^i má "73-" Restded in Bostón, Braintree 
(Qoinqr), Rdioboth» ICass.; n. Nov. m x6sS. 41»8u1 » / (See 

Thonu liinePs Dtaiy.) ChsMrcn: 

+14 AUgail, h. Scpt 30^ i6s6f n* John Avery. 
rS Mane» bL PéL 28b i^;.d.Septa& 16691 
+x6 Samad, b. Mov. 20^ x66o; d Oct ^» X735; »• Marte Ingrahan. 

+17 WUliam, bi April ^ i66a ; d Jan. a, i73Sh40^ K. 78 7c»n* 
•fx8 Sarah,bL Deca^ 1663; d Sept A 1739; m. JohnBolton. 
0+X9 Elisha,bL April 4 1667; dSept X» 1737; n- (x) Mane Miner;n. 
(a) Rebecca Masón. 
+ao Eliz¿)eth,bL Jan. 6^x669; ni.WiI]ianiIngrahani,Jr., oí BristoL 

Bap. Jone 33, 1672, by Simón Bradstreet: Samoel, Wllliam, EUd», Abi- 
gail, Sarah and EHsabeth, childrcn oí Samuel CheesbroolL Itehobotli» 
(See Records oí Rrst Cburch of New London. Conn.) 
' Vñidow Abigail Ches^rongh, ul (2) June xs, ló^s» Joslnta Hdbnes of 
Westerly» R. L; Widow Abigail Holmes m. (3) Joly 4 x69B^ Q^t. James 
Avery of New London, wfao died April iB^ 1700^ leaviñg her again a widow. 
(See Appendix.) 

X4 AnCAXL* CmsgaaouGH (Samuel,' William'), b. Sept 30^ 1696; m. 
No¥. 29^ x^s ñi Stonington, Conn., John Aveiy (son oí James áiid Joanna 
[(¡rcenslade] Aveiy), (Chrístopher Avery)» of Crotón, Conn., \l Vfh, xo^ 
x653-4- Hr was in King Philip's War; was an owner of land in Stoning- 

^^^^^^^^P ^^^^B ^^r^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^PW ^V W ^^^^^^^^^^^MB ^^^^^^V^H^^P ^^^^PW^ÍP^^PW ^VVB V 

2X Abigail, k Jan. xs X677; d July x8; x^. 

^+22 A|Hgai], b. Jan. iB, X679; d Nov. x^ 1722; m. James Packcr. 

+23 Maiy, bi Ñor., x68o; d X763; m. William Denison. 

+24 John, k April x,x683; din bis 8othyear;m. Sarah Denison. 

-j-25 Benjamín, k x666; d Dec. 3^ X763^ k. 76 years; m. Sarah Denison. 

H-26 William, m. (x) Anna Richardson; m. (2) Sarah Walker. 

27 Elisabeth, b. Oct 27, x69a 

+26 Anna, m. William Sttterke. 

•A ÜMSl ducw Si m of thit marriag^ Ctyt Ata. 8. PaloMr (ms S), wlw d to 
had aot bota abte to 2$d Imt 


I WiLLUM CHSStBftOUGH, ^ IS94; nL by liccntCt Dcc !$# téMiby 
*tlie blegsed Joho Cotton/ io Su Botolph*s Church, Bmioo* Lincoloshirc, 
Eof land» to Anne Sicvcoíod dMk of Petcr. (Scc PArísh Rcg ¡ttcr oí St. 
Botolph's Chorch). 

a Baptised May, a» 1613, liaite, daughtcr of WiDiain Chceibroiif h. 

3 ** Scpu 1^ lóaj, Manila» 

4 ^^ " S^C 9» 1634» David 

ft ( loiia 

5 • « *• *• jcNiathan» 

+6 * April 1, 1637» SamoelU lonne 

7 * Feb.6»i6a9»AiidraDÍciis 

8 Jimia, 
-4-9 ** Jam as» 1630^ Nathaoicl» 




Boried Jont ^ i6aa» Maria» daughltr of WilUan CheesbnNiRh. 

* Sepe* a6» i6a3, tlartba» « « m Cheesborowe. 

* Oci. aj» 1634, David» aooae « « « Checthroug h. 

'*'' Feb. 6» 1639» The itíll boro child "* "« Chetbrowe (Junia.) 

^ Fth. 8» 1639» Androniciis, the diild of ** «* Chetbrougli.'* 

(Seo records in Bottoo» Eog laod.) 

10* Baptisad Sept. 2g 1^33» in Boston» Mass.» John» wbo d. in Stnoinf • 
ton» Coon.; tbe first smIí/# persoo boried in Stonington. 

II Baptised May 3, i^s» in Boston, Mass.» Jabea; d.youag. 
.«f-ia ^ptiaed Jone 4f 1637» ía Bomn» Mass.» Elisha; d. Sept. 1» 1670» in 
Stonington, Conn. 

13 Bom Jnly 18» 1640^ in Braintree» Mass.» Joseph; d. yonng'. 

Only three of the above children lived to be married: Samuuit NtUkan* 
üit EUiMáu Jonathan» d. oa the passage over. 

From the Boston Corpoiation Records in England: ^ i6a6, Alltoc at tliis 
Asseably there is xviij s. taken oot of the treasury k paíd to W" Cbe«s- 
broogh for keeping of Geo. Melton xviij weelES w^ is aJisoe prcell of the 
noney for Smith digills hoose.** 

GmxALOcy or n» Cbbsiudugh Family. 19 

+a^ Elisiia» b. 1^94; m. EUzh. Babcoek. 

ao Dcstrc^ b. 1094 (twiii oí ab(nre) ; n. Jeramah Burrowt. 

+31 Jotiab. 

32 Dtaid, b. NoT. 5t i^ 

4-33 NAtbamd. 

34 TbomUp b. XTOSi 

16 Samuel* Chbsibiougb (Samuel»* Williain*)» b. Ñor. 20^ x66o; d 
Oct aZt I735t StoningtcMit Conn.; m. Dec 8; 16^7» Muy lograham. (See 
Swansea» líass^ Records.) She was bafL July 14» i^& Stoningtoot Coon. ; 
d Jan. 8; X74X-2, (See Appendi»— Wills.) Ouldrcn: 

+35 Sanuie], b. Sept i<b i6gii ; d Jan. 6, 1740; n. Mary Rosiiter. 

36 Jeremiah, b. Ang. 7» 1692; d Nov., xógo. 
+37 WaUaiii, b. Ang. 27» 1693; d F^ a3t 173^7» a- LoPT Smiúi 

+38 Jeremiah, b. Ang.. as x^íZ; d Ñor. 7» 1763^ in ^/tb year; ol 

Smamia Roiailer. 
4-39 Jonatbasi, k Fdi. x^ X70o; d Nov. 17» 1764» ia $stl^ year; m. 

Bridget Miner. 
+40 Jofephyba^. April 12, 1703; in. Thankful ThonpioD. 
4-4S Am, \k Oct A X706; d March 3, X726-7; m. John Palmer. 
-i-43 líafy» iL Sept 10^ X710; d Jone X5> X768; ia 58Ü1 year; m» 

Nathaniel Palmer., 

X7 WiuiAM* C Hiaa iaoo c H (Saamel,* William^), m. (2) Dec 1% x6A 
by Rev. James Noyes, Maty lícDowell (dan. oí Pergos McDowcll [and 
liary, dan. oí Exekiel Oeasbyl, a Scotcb-Irish Preslqrterian, who was a 
meicham and had a wardionse at Weqtteteqaock). Sbe d March aa» 
X744-Si ** tf years. Savage says: '^Uliam Chesebróagbt a wtdower, 36 
years oíd n» Mary IfcDoweH" ChUdrcn: 

43 WUliam, b. Oct 20^ X699; d F^ x, XToa 

44 William, iL FdL x, xyox ; d April 8; X73X, «. 3X years. 

4-45 David b. F^ 2, X702; d FdL 27, X7á3^ in Stoningtoo, Conn. 
+46 Tboroas» bafL Jan. 2^ XToy; d Dec xx, X754, m. 48 years» in 

Stonington» Conn.; nnmarried 
4-47 Abigail, bafL May 14» X710; d Nov. 30^ X786^ in 77th year, ''Nor- 

wieh Town;* m. Thomas Mwnford 
4-48 Mary, bafL Jan. 9^ X715; m. Benjamin Ingrabam. 

From tombstone in Wequeteqnock; 'In memoiy oí Thomas Chese- 

brooih A. M. (vradtiated at Harvard CoUege in Csmbridye^ where he 
reeeived his scveral degrees, the first in X7a6^ ATB^ the seoond m XTag^ A. M. 

He was a good seholar, a great historian, and well acqnalnted with the 

liberal Arts and Sdences. He died with great resignation, in the prime 

of his lifs^ Dec the xxth, X7S4f «gcd 48 years." 

x8 Sabah* C Hisa aaoo o H (Samuel,* William*), m. March 8; x683t John 
Bohon. The ffirst xnonth is March, hath 3X days, xd9^ Thorsday the 

JO GsiiBALOü/ or ruic Cbumuovgk Famtlv. 

ffim ftoau the Creatsoa, 5632, and leap ycar &c Thttnday the 3ih 

day I wai at the Mili uid mirríed Jóbn bolton» rezídtiit in Sloningtoii. 
and Sanh Cbeiebnmch oí the taine townc." (See Thomat Miner*! Diary.) 
Children (boro tn Brídgewater, Mata.) : 

49 Saiah, \l Dcc. 26^ 168Í3; bap. 93. 6b 85, Dorchcster (Rceord oí 
Ftm Charch of Doithctttr). 

+50 John, \k May 2X, lOBS; m. Ruth Hooper. 

51 Samuel, b, 1688; ul Oct dS I74^ Rebecca Sinunoos oí Halifax. 

+53 Sarah, \l 1690; m. William Leooard. , 

53 Flliabeth, h. 1692; m. Michad May. 

54 Nidiolaa, k 169$; m. Mary , who d. Mareh a^ 1747. in 53^ 

ycar, in Brídgcwater.- 

55 Maiy, k 1697; d. X7Jo;unniaiTied. 
+56 Eliaha» k 1700; d. 1777; a- Maiy . 
+57 Joac^ 1x 1704; OL Ddivcranee Washhnm. 
4-58 Nathaniel, h. 1706; d. 1770; m. Deborah Rtpley. 
+S9 Abigail,hi X709;n.SamudRipley. 

Sept 2S» 168BL John Bolton ditmisied from Dorchcster First Church 
to join the church at Bridgewater, Mass. His two oldest children, Sarah 
and John, k and bap. in Dorchcster, Mass. (See Dorchcster First Church 
Records 1636-1^4.) The other children 1x Brídgewater. Savage and 
Mitehell cali John Bolton son oí Nicholas, oí Dorcüester, and Mitchell 
says he is represcntcd to have come from Stonington with wiCs^ Sarah, and 
gives him children as abovCi 

19 EusHA* CnmnouoH (Samuel,' William^), m. (x) Jan. 37* 1693, 
by Cmpl Masón, assistant. Mane Miner (dau. of Joseph and Mary [Avery] 
Miner), k Oct 6^ x^it .Stoníngtoo, ConiL; d. Nov. 29^ 1704; buried at 
Togwonk. He was reoeived into Stonington Church Fek 5, X70S. Will of 
Elisha Chesebrough probed. Nov. 14, X727, all children liviogexcept Zebulon 
and NathanicL Children: 

-Hb Maiy, h. Dec. xSi x69a ; d. Sept 4, X783 ; m. Daniel Stanton. 
+6x Elihu, \k Sept 15, X694: m» Amia McDowelL 
•Hb Blisha, b. Sept xs. 1694 (twtn of above) ; m. Hannah Chese- 
brough (X4E). 
¿3 John, k Oct 3S> 16961 
+64 Jamesi k May 20^ X699; m. Prudence Harria. 
H-63 Jabei, \k Jaa xc^ X70X ; m. PrisdUa Chesebrough (S^N), (See 
her record.) 
66 Zebulon, k July 6^ X704; d. Nov. 24 X7Q4. - 

Elisba' CBisnaouGB m. (2) Febí 6, X707, Rebecca Masón (dau. of 
Daniel and Rebecca [Hobart] Masón), k Feb. xo^ 1682; d. Jan. xs, X74a. 
(See Appendix— Wills.) 

-1-67 Rebecca, b. Nov. x6^ X7Q7 ; m. Andre w Davidson. 

Gbiibalogy or tus CussnioucH Family. » 

+68 Jedediah, b. Oct 12, 1710; d. July la^ 1760; m. Mary Hanoock. 

H-69 Zebttlon. \l June ij, 17x2 • d. Feb. 31, 1750; m. Maiy BicOowelL 

70 Pntdencc b, July 12, 1716; d. yoting. 

+71 Abigail, b. Scpt 28L 17I7: d. Oct 17. 1769; m. WiHUm Slaelc 

+73 Lacy, b. Jubr 3» X733; d. May 17, 1797: m* Edward Hancox. 

73 Nathaniel, k Sept 6^ 1724 •' d. March i, 1735. 

30 EuzABim* CBBsmouGB (Samiicl,* Will¡ain')f »• Wíllíain Ingra- 
bain, Jr., of Bríatol, R. L; k Jan. 37, 1658; ''died Jan. 16^ x7o9i age aboal 
51 yra." (Irom ttone tn Wequetequock Cenictery) ; (ion oí WilUam aiid 
Mary [Bairstow] Ingraham of Bonon, Masi.)» wbo were m. May 14, 1656; 
'^aiy Bairstow Ingrabam died Nov. x6^ 170B» «. 70 yrt." (from stone in 
Wequetequock Cemetery). Elízabetb Qietebrougb admitted to the Church 
m Stonington» Conn.. Apríl 18; 1689. He wat admitted to tbe Church iii: 
Stonington June 29, 1707. (R. A. W.) Children: 

74 William, b. Pek 17» i6ga^ recorded in Bríatol, R. L 
+76 Mary» b. Dcc 8; lóñ recorded in Bristol, R. I. 

-1-77 Jcreníiah, k Febí xx, 169^ recorded tn Bríttol, R. I.; m. 
Merey Monroe. 

75 Samuel, k Apríl ix, x6g7» recorded tn Brístol, R. L; d. May 


79 Heaekiab, k Oct 3, i6g& 

80 EUsha, bi May iSi 1704. (See Stonington, Conn., Records.) 
8x Patienoe, bw Apríl 3^ X708. (See Stonington, Conn., Records.) 

33 Abigaxl* Avsay (Atugail* Chcscbrougb [X4I, Samuel,' William'), 
m. Capt James Packer (son of John and Rebecca [Latham] (Widow 
Wells) Packer, Ittp. Sept xx, Mi; d. Aprtl 34, X76S aged 84 years. 

-1-86 Ichabod, k Jaa X5* 1707; d. May xc^ X7€8; m. Abigail EIdredge. 

-1-87 Abigail, b. Oct 33^ X708; m. Thomas EIdredge. 

* -f88 James, k Ñor. 3^ X710; m. Zervtah EIdredge. 

-f8p Destre, k Sept xi, X7X3; d. 1808; m. Capt John Burrows, Jr. * 

90 Frcelovc^ b. Jan. 30^ X7X5; m. Samuel Burrows, Sr. 

-f9X Loeretia, \l Aug. 3^ X7X7; d. Sept 6, 1747; n. John Fbh. 

98 Nanqr, b. Ful a X7X9; m. William Havens of Long Island. 

«f93 John, b. Sept x6b xyao; d. March 4, X797; m. Hannah Avery. 

-f94 Joseph, b. Nov. 2, 17221 d. Nov. 38b 1804; m. (x) Eleanor Ash- 
bey, m. (3) Esther Morgan. 

Abigail (Aveiy) Packer d. Nov. xé^ X733, in tbe 4Sth year of her age, 
when Joseph was X4 days oíd. Her husband, Capt James Packer, m. (3) 
Elizabeth Springer, and their son, Samuel, m. Freetove Satteriy (149S) ; 
Capt James Packer m. (3) Thankful Fanníni^ 

33 Maby^ Avnv (Abigail* Chesebrough [X4]), d. 1763; ni. March, 

9^ GnfiALOCY or TBi Chiíhioüoh Family. 

t6gB; WilHAnt Dcnison (Jobo, GcoryO ; k Apríl 7. 1^7; ^ J^^- 1°^ 1710^ 

95 Mary, ba^ Scpt 3» i6gg; d. 1699. 

4^ M«f7» bap. Jone. 6^ 1701 ; d Jaa A 1735; <»• Edward Herrick. 

-f 97 Phebe, bap. Jtme 6^ 1701 (twin oí abovc) ; m. Bcnjamin Guilc 

•HB Ano, bi 1703; drowncd Scpt iSi 1721 • n* John Deniton Nov. 9^ 

1730 (Edwmrd). 

•f99 Wiliiain, k 1705; d Jan. ag^ 1760; m. (i) Hannah Bimows; n. 

(2) Hannah T/ler. 

+100 Abigasl, m. Rogcr Billingi. 

-j-ioi Locy» d 1756; OL John Swan, ad 

+108 Avcry, d April 3, 1775; m. Thankftil Willianii. 

+103 Thankful, m. Joieph BilUngs» Jr. 

+104 Destre^ ol John Stanton. 

105 Chrittophcr, m. Abigail Tylcr. 

106 John, b. 1722; m. Martha Wheeler Jan. xj, 1747. 

Wtdow lianr* (Avery) Deniíon m. (9) Jan. u, 1733, Justíee Daniel 
Pahncr oí Scoiiington, Conn. (ion oí Nehemiah and Hannah [Stanton] 
Pafancr) ; k Jone xa, 1672; d Féh. afib X761, as bis scoond wile. His fint 
wif« wat Margaict Sniith (dan. of Nehemiah and Ljdsa [Winchester] of 
Roxboiy, Mass.) Snith of (¡roton, Conn., who d in Stoningtoi^ Qmul, 

24 JoHV^ Ayuy (AbigaO* Chesebrongh, 14), m. Aug. «3» 1705» Sarah 
Denison; b. Apríl 14, xttp; d Ang^ X774» in her Sad year. Children (See 
^Sweets, Avery, GtnJ^) : 

+107 John, bi May 14» 1706; n. Lydia Smith. 

xoB Anna, k June X3, 1711 ; d Scpt 25, X7aa 

X09 Sarah, k Oct xo^ 17x3. 

+XXO Abigail, bi Dee. as X715; m. John Denison. 

+XXX Thankitsl, k April 15, 17x4; d Jan. xx, x8x4, in her xooth year; 
m. Benjamin Avery. 

xxa WiUiamb m. Fbebe Denison. 

XX3 (jeorgc^ \l Sept a^ X7a4; m. Eunice Avexy. 

a5 BiifjAiixit^ AvEtY (Abigail* Chesebrongh, X4), n. 17x1, Stoning- 
ton, Cdnn., Sarah Denison (dau. of Capt William and Sai«h (Stanton] 
Denison, who was wtdow of Thonas Prentice); b. April X4» 1689; llved in 
Crotón, Conn. Children (see Sweeu' w^s^/vy (j«fi.): 

+X14 Thanlcful, b. X7ia; d Jan. xx, x8x4; m. Benjamin Avery. 
+XX5 Sarah, m. (x) Beebe Denison; m. (a) Benadum Denison (seeond 

1x6 Benjamín, m. Mary Morgan. 

XX7 George, m. Lydia Gardner. 

X18 William, m. Phebe Denisoa 

Gbmbalogy cr tbb CBEsmoucH Family. as 

+119 AUgfti], m. Jonathaa Rathbonc 

lao Dttvid, n. Haniiah Meach. 

lai llaiji n. John Morgm. 

+138 Lucy, b. 1733; d. Aug. 2h i7S»i ». Peier Bulkksr. 

US DamcL 

114 John, m. Mary Dcnnis (dan. of Sanh [Hongh] and Ebcneter 
DÓmis» oí New London, Cona) June ix X75X« 

114 Thankfttl Avery nu Benjamín Avery (Juiea» Jr.): their d«Lt Sanh 
Aveiy» m. Hnbhard Borrows, of Fort Gríawold maataare; their daa^ 
Sarah Avery Borrowi, b. Jnly a^ 177% m* Oct 30^ i79Xf Cai^ Haky* h. 
July íB, 1767; their dao^ Hannah Aveiy Halcyt b. Fek 5, 1803, m. Sept íB, 
iteS» Seabnry Thonaa» b. Aiig. 97» i8oa; their 100, Eliiha Seabnry Thomai, 
b. Aug. S, s8a6b m. ^ril 16^ iQs^ Adelia Esther Avery, b. May li, 183^; 
their dau.t Addie Avery Thonasi b. Nov. ag^ 1866 (íroinher record. Poquon- 
noc. Conn.)* 

16 WiLUAM* A?mr (Abigail' Cheaebroogh» 14), n. (i) by Mathanid 
Chetebrougfa. J. P. in Stonington, CotuL» March 27» 17X5-^ Anna Richard- 
•on (Z9N) ; iirtt wife b. Mov. u, 1688; Stonington, Orna; d. July 5» 17^' 

sBDflimflfsOttB M -^JWi ^^BllufeD i 

las Williaaip b. Feb. ^ 1716-7; d. Feb. 15» I7X7* 
+ia6 Richardaon» b. Jaa as, 17x7-8; n. Sarah Plumh. 
+ia7 WiUiani,baii.ApríIs»X734;in.AbigaU Wüliantt. 
+ia8 Ann^ b. April. 1731 ; d. 180^; m. Oliver Babcock. 
•fxag John, b. April aft 1737; m. (i) Mary Dennii; m. (a) Anna 

a6 WnxiAM* Avnv; n. (a) June 3, I73X» Morth Stonington, Cono, 
Sarah Walker (dau. of WUliam and Ekanor [Pendlcton] Walker). of 
Westerly. R. L jQiildren: 

+X30 AuMü, k7ait M X73^3; m» Patience BoradeL 

Z3X Chriatophef, b. April h X734; d. Scpt 8^ Z7S& » the amqr. 

13a Eliai» b. July s» X73& 

133 David, b. Oct 30^ 1738; d. Nov. iiv 1768^ in ex. to Havana. 

134 Daniel, b. Oct ag^ X74X ; unnarried 

135 Benooi, b. Jaa ag^ Z744; d. Nov. 7$ X76e^ in ex. to Havana. 

136 Abigail, b. April 2$, X74& 

+137 Jamea, b. Dec 27, 1748; n. Martha &mth. 

Z38 Nathaniel, b. Aug. aá; 1751 ; d. 1841. 
+139 Abrahaa, k May ao^ 1734; d. Feb. 1843; m* Meicy Packer. 

a8 Akma* Avnnr (Abigail* Chesebrough, 14), m.' (i) Sept 6^ X711, 

WUliam Satterlee (ion of William and [ Widow Weeks] Satterlcc^ of 

Groton, Cooa) Inventoiy of his estáte Sept xa^ X73^ Chüdren: 

+140 William, b. Nov. 7« ^712; m. Mary Powera. 

24 GcNiALocY or TBS Chpimoüch Famxly. 

+141 Bencdict, bi Aug. 10^ 1714: cL 1778; m. (x) Eltabeth Cnry; m. 
(2) Rachd Pirk. 

142 . Jobo, b. May h 171& 

143 Aima» b. May 16^ 171& 

+144 Abigatl, b. Apríl 12, 1720; m. Nathan Oarlc 

+145 Mary» b. June 16^ 1722; d Aug. 26^ 1754; m. Dr. Bcnjamsii 

+146 Rebccca, b. March x» 1724; <L Mardi 2^ x8o6^ c 82 yeart; n. 
Warham WiUtania. 
X47 Lncy, b. Jan. 6, t72S-& 
148 Elisha, m. Moliy Gccr (201N). 
+149 Freelove, m. Samuel Packer. 

Lney» Eltaha and Fredovc, minort in I73& 

26 Ajvna* [Avdy] SATTnus, n. (2) Judge John Crary» of Plainfield, 

29 EuaHA* Aviiy (Abigair Chesebrough, 14)» nt Nov. 3, I7i4t Eltia- 
beth Babcock (dau. of Joscph and Dorolhy [Kay] Babcock), b. Jaa 29, 
160BL Oitldm: 

150 Joteph B., b. Dec ig, 171$* 

+ÍSI Elisha, b. March joy X7X7; m. Rebccca Minor. 

152 Abígail, h. July 26, 1720; nt Henry Willtams. 

153 Samuel, b. Dec. 8; 1723. 

154 Elixabeth» b. March 2S 1725; m. Jacob Avery (Christopher). 

31 JoiiAR* Avnv (Abigail* Chesebrough, 14), m. . Chiidren: 

+ISS Abner» b. April 7» 1720; m. Eanke HalL 

IS7 Jenisha, m. Esek Yerríngton of Stonington, Cooa 


J3 Nathahiil* Avixy (Abígatl* Chcscbroogfa, 14), m. 
livcd at Lymc^ Gmn. Chiidren: 

158 Andrew, bap^ April 16^ 1732. 

159 Nathaniel, m. 1740 Mary Sanlord. 

160 Elitha. 

161 WílUam. 

162 Amos. 

163 Delire^ m. John Whitney. 

164 Mary, m. <— — Huntley. 

165 Amie, m. — - Harríot 

166 AbtgatL (See Sweets' Avtry GnL) 

35 Samuel* Cbcsubovch (Samuel*. 16), b. Sept x6, i6gx, Stoning- 
ton, Conn.: m. Apríl 4, 1726, Mary Rossiter (dau. oí Josiah and Sarah 
[Shcrman] Rossiter). b. Sept 3, 16941 Guilford. Conn., and d. Nov. x6^ 

Gbkcalocy or thi Chesbbiouch Family. 2$ 

1740 (sistcr of Rev. Ebenezer Rossiter oí Stonington, G»m.). Will proved 
1740-1. (See Appendix— Samuel* Qiesebrough's Will.) Children: 

+167 Ann, b. Feb. xa, 1796-7; m. Ebenezer Wbstc 
168 Phebe, b. Aug. 6, 17281 
i6g John, b. Jan. 26, 1750-1 ; d Nov. 4, 1733, in 3d ycar, Wcqoc- 

170 Eoníce. b. Jan. 14. 1731-^; d. June 25, 1733, «. 17 months, 
+171 Charles, b. June 6^ 1736; d. 1780; m. Brídget Cheiebroagh 

+Z73 Willitm, b. Scpt 37t 1738; d. Apríl aB, 18»; n. Dotothy 

37 WiLUAM* Chisebrouch (Samuel*, 16), m. Sept x8; 1720. Lncy 
Pahner (dau. oí Ichabod and Hannah Palmer); bap. May 26; lópp; d. 
March 2, 1736-7. Oitldren : 

173 William, d. 1724. 

174 Nathaniel, b. March 26; 1723-4; d. March 4, 172S-& 

X75 William, b. Feb. 14, 1725 ; d. Jan. 17» 1736-7; bap. Jan. i« 1736. 

176 Daniel, b. Oct 21, 1727 ; d. Oct 23, 1727. 

-{-177 Lucy, b. Aog. 15, 1729; m. Joseph Denisoa 

-{-178 Hannah, b. Joly 12, 1732; d. Oct 14. 1814; m. James Pahner. 

William Qicsebroui^ and bis wiíe Loqr and son Wtlliam d. abont the 
same time oí the "Long Fever," and the two girls were left to the 
guardianship of thdr tíñele, the Rev. Jeremiah* Chesebrongh. Locy and 
Hannah are both mentioned in the wills oí Wtlliam C and Lucy. William 
mentions bis brother, Jeremtah Chesebrongh, and Widow Lucy leaves her 
mother Hannah Palmer executrix and care oí her two children, Lucy and 
Hannah (minora young). Ichabod P^mer's will, dated May 8^ 1746^ 
mentions bis granddaughters, Lucy Denison and Hannah Chesebrough, and 
their mother, bis dau. 

38 Rnr. JnBMiAH* CuismoucH (Samuel*, x6), m. Oct 16^ 1728^ 
Susanna Rossiter (dau. oí Josiah and Sarah [Sherman] Rossiter). Sarah 
Sherman (dau. oí Hoa Samuel Sherman oí Woodbury), b. June 13, 1697. 

179 Jetemiah, b. Sept 7» 1729; d. Oct 21, 1733. 

x8o Susannah, b. Feb. 7, 1731 ; d. Feb. 8^ I73i- 

+181 Snsannah, b. Juiy s» 1732; d. May 31, 1768; m. Amos Pendletoa 

4-182 John, b. June 25, 1734; m. Rebecca Mix (24E). 

•t-183 Esther, b. Dec 16, 1735 ; d. Oct x8; 1803 ; m. Moses Yoemans. 

184 Ruth, b. Jan. 29^ 1737 ; unmarried. 

185 David, b. Sept x8; X743; d. Oct i, 1763; unmarried. 

39 Jgwathan* CBisnaoucH (Samuel*, 16), b. Feb. 13, 1700; m. 
Nov. s 173Q1 Iqr Daniel Palmer, J. P., Stonington, Bridget Minor (41 N) ; 

a6 GncxALocY cr tbb Chictiwwtgh Family. 

Bridgcc' [f.lic^d)rousfal Thompson, b. Jan. 31, 171 1; d. A^l ¡13, 176& 

185 Bridgct. b. Sepe 14» 1731 ; ^ Ju^ ^ I73J» Weqncuqaoek. 
+ifl^ Jomthan, h. Nov. jq^ 1734; <L Febí 10^ 1764 at Antígna; n. 
Etthcr Chetebrough (99E). 
188 Mathanid» bap. Match 16^ 173S 
+189 Bridgct, h. Dcc. ai, 1737; d. Scpt 14» x8i8; n. SyhttUr 

190 Enníc^ b. Feb. ift X74o; n. Ruíus Minor, Dcc, 1767* 

191 Aana, b. Jan. 6^ 1743; »• (i) WiUiam Grillen; n. (a) -— ^ 

193 Phd>e, b. Maj 24 1746; m. Jctse Palmar, Scpt ao^ 1767* 
193 Loqr, b. Nov. ax, 1749; unmarriad (sce AppcndiaE— >vnUa). 
+194 Thomaa, b. Jaa t% 1754; d. April 4, 1807; m. Joamu Tyler. 

40 Josmi* CatsmoucB (Samuel*, x6), b. April xa^ 1703; m. Jan. 
X, X738^ Thankfttl [Hinckley], (widow oí Jcdediah) Thompson (40M), son 
of Bridget CSicscbroogh (X3N) (sce bis record, 40N) ; b. March aa^ X7xa; 
will proved Nov. 6, X75i. OiUdrcn: 

4-X9S Joaeph, b. Jan. 13^ X739-40; m. AbigaU Herriclc. 

196 Maiy, b. Dec 6^ 1741 ; d. Jan. xo^ X74^ 

4-197 Samocl, b. March 24 1743; d. Scpt ft x8xx ; m. Submit Palmer. 

+198 Mary, b. Feb. 3, X745; m» Asa Phillips, Nov. 17, 176a 

X99 Abigail, b. Dec ^ X74^ 

aoo Sarah, b. Oct 26, X7^; d. Maj x8^ X7sa . 

+aox Sarah, bap. Jone a, X75X ; m. Capt William Greene. 

Thankfol [Hinddcy) Thompson, widow of Joseph ChesdMroogh (40), 
m. (3) Feb. 2$^ X75a, Caiit James Fanning (bis seeood wifé) ¡ bis first wiíe 
waa Hamiah Smtth ol Loog Island. 

41 AuMA* CHSsmooGH (Samod*, x6), b. Oct ft X706; m. Jaa x8^ 
X7a6-7« hf Ebcncser Roasiter, John Pahncr (Mosca and Abigail [Alien] 
Palmer (Moses Palmer, Wahcr). Sha was drowned in the well ncar 
tha churdi, and on Dcc. ati^ X7a7, same year, he m. Dorothy Noyes (dan. 
oí Capt Thomaa and Elisabeth [Sanlord] Noyes), who was bapi Aug. i, 
XTofll Children (bom in Stonington) : 

John, b. March ax, xyap; m. Amia Noyes (xoaN). 


Noyes, b. Aug. a9^ X73a; m. Sarah Mix (a3£). 

Gilbert, Abigail, DoUy, GUbert 

4a Mast* Cbisibk>ugh (Samuel, x6), b. Scpt xo^ xyxo; m. June 9i 

GiMBAUxnr or thb CüismoooB Family. 97 

1731* Natlumicl Stantoo Palmer* (Idubod, Genhoui, Waltcr)» k Oct i, 
1709; d. May 30b 179K ín 84b ycar. Children: 

202 Anna, h. liarch la» 173a; d. Aug. 24 1793^ ^ Plainfield, Coon.; 

+aQ3 Ltiaretia»bL Attg. ai» 1734 fin* Amos Whiting. 

-f-ao4 Liicy, b. Sept a3f 1737; d. Aug. 15, 1776; m. Andrew Painer. 

+90$ Naihaniel, \k Apríl 17» 1740; d. Sept 27^ 1819; m. Grace Npyct. 

+206 Oairíd, h. June % 174^41 d. Sept 6^ 1781 ; m. Abigail Gardncr. 

-faoj llanr, b. July 30b X753; d. Jiil]f ii» 1839^ c 86 ycari; n. Jesae 


45 Dato»* CuanaoucH (Wtlliam', I7), h. Fek a^ iToa; m. (i) 
June ta, 1729, tn Newpoit, BL L, AUgail Rogara (Record oí Triaity 
Church, Ncwport R. L), who d. in Newport ''April ye ist» 1738^ «. ^ yra." 
He waa called ''King David." Children: 

ao8 Mary, b. April 6^ 17301 

ao9 Wtllian» h. Oct 17» I73i« 
-faio Abigailt b. May 16^ 1734; n. Alexander Grant *In nemory of 
Abigail Chcadifoiígh, the ainiable ft virtnona conaort of Dairid 
Chcs^ronff h. merchant who cxchanfled *hta íl4m §0^ ^ bctter."-^ 
Newpoit Grocmd» 

4S David* CMBaanooGH (William\ ty)» nt (a) Oct 8^ t749^ Mar- 
garet Sylvealer (dan. oí Brinlqr and Manr [Burrows] Sylvetier), oa. 
Dee. % 1718)9 Soitthold, Loog laland. Sha waa b. Dcc. xx, xyift a Sooüi- 
old, Long laiand» and bap. Iqr Rev. Benjanin Woolscy. 

ait ""Baptíaed Aiig. & X7S0^ Mary Syhrefler. 

au ''Bapiiaed Nov. s» X75X* Willian Weat Children oí David and 

Margarct Chceiebr ongh.* (Sea Recorda Seeond Coogrega- 

tiooal Church, Mewport, R. L). 

David Chaaebffoogh'a moniment and that oí hia wiíe^ Margare!, in 
Weqnetaqvoek have the Chead>roiigh ooat oí arma tcnlptnred thereon, and 
the loUowing ^taph : "In nemory oí David Chesebroagfa Eaq oí New- 
port Rhode laland, who waa bom at Stontngton, edocated in Boflon» íor 
maiqr ycara an fminmf mnchant in Newport* whera he lettled and lived 
till 1776^ idien dríven off. thence, by the enemy, he aat down on hia catate 
in Stooingloa, Coon whcra he died Feb a7th 178a aged 80 ycara. He waa 

MailMaM 8iaMa PafaMr a. U) Jvae il^ t9#ib Aam W«r al N«« 

vIm wm h. I9st« d. Umf j^ typa^ •. I» ytan, **Uy slitcr Laej éfp&rtaá tkte 
lilt A«aMt th IH^ la Jlth yr. Uy iiattf Aaae étp&n&á thU Uft AaaMt ^ >7i% 
tal Wr iBik yr. al Flaiafidd, Céaa. Uy broclMr David Palmer alaia ai Fort CriiwoM 
StpMMbv í^ tTat. Ifn. Graet PftloMr» viit al NallwaidL dicd NovcaWr < OtK 
aa«< 7a jna. lly siuv lUry bora July fOb itsS. Moaday." (NathMtal Pkla«*t BiUe 

aB GmEAUMnr or tbb Cbcsbbioucuí Family. 

for maay ycan a Member and Pillar oí and Congregattonal Chorcb. Oí 
exemplary picty and virtue'* 

Near hit grave is that oí his widow, Mn. Margare! Cbcsdirotigh, whote 
epitaph readfl thiss: "In meniory oí Mrs Margare! Chcsebrough widow oí 
David Chescbrottgh who departed this liíe March 2jíh 1782 aged 6a years. 
Thou tender mother and thou bett oí íríends farewelL"* 

Over one oí the windows oí the Sute House in Newport, R. L» are cut 
the initials ^'D. C** íor David Oietebrotigh. (See Nnupori Hitt. Mag., 
VoL I, II, and Appendix— WUls.) 

(45S) " 'Ktng* David Cbesebrough Uved in the fine oíd Colonial Hoose 
on Mary Street, Newport, which he built in iTaa It wat lold in 1795 hy 
hit hdrs to Chrístopher Crant Champlin, and later belooged to the hetrs oí 
late Dtmctn C PelL The hall in the house it wide and mns through írom 
íront to rear; the staircaae is a stody íor ardittects; the wainsoots in the 
principal rooms go to the ceiltngs/ the mantels are adomed wtth designs 
in relieí, and the windows have bdx shuturs and broad seats. The walls 
were hung wtth rích tapestry and the floors oovered with India ntgs. 
There are íonr entrantes, one on íront, one to the garden, one írom the 
library to the stable yard, and one írom the kstchen. Two red cedar trees 
which stood at the íront entrance were cut down in 1854» and were tben 
more than 100 ycars oíd. David Chesebroogh removed ítem Newport to 
Stonington, Conn., and died there in 1782. His first wiíe died in Newport 
in 1757 at the age oí 27 years, and lies buried in the Common Ground. His 
danghter Abigail married Alexander Grant, eldest son oí Sir Alexander 
Grant, oí Sootland. It was while the Chesebroughs were residing here, 
Sept II, 1775, that the Hoa Mrs. Abigail Grant, lady oí Sir Alexander, 
in Newport írom London, via New York, to make them a visit. 
David Chesebrough's second wiíe was Margarct Sylvester, who 
with her sister Mary, the wiíe oí Thomas Deríng, sat to Jonathan B. 
Blackbum, the Artist, in New York, in 1754." These íull length portraiu 
are in possession oí Hon. Sylvester Deríng oí Utica, N. Y., and were on 
cxhibition in New York City at the loan oollection at the Metropolitan 
l^ttseum oí Art 

Mrs. Abigail Grant placed on the monument oí her stepmother, Mar^ 
garet Chesebrough, the inscriptkm: The best oí mothers, and the best 
oí íríenda." ^'Capt David Cheesebrough appointed in room oí Seatoa 
Grantt dcc'd, Newport Co. Militia, May, 1744.'* (Newport Records.) 

47 AaiGAiL* Chxsíbbough (Willtam, 17)1 bap. May 14, 1710^ oí 
Stonington, Conn.; m. (i) "Dec 7, 1737, Thomas Mumíord oí South 
Kingston, R. I., at Stonington, Conn., by Rev. Dr. James McSparran. She 
was 19 years oí age.** (He was son oí Thomas and Hannah [Reming- 
ton] Mumíord), k Sept 14, 1706^ Groton, Conn. Children: 

+213 Thomas, b. Sept 10^ 1728; d. Aug. JQ, 1799^ Norwich; m. (1) 

Catheríne Havens; m. (3) Ann SaltonsuU. 
+314 David, b. March ix, 1731; d. May, 1807; m. Rebecca SaltonstalL 
215 Giles, b. Apríl 2X, 1733 ; d. young. 

GsiftAiMY or TBB ' CimmouGH Family. 99 

+ai6 Abigail, b. Aug. 97» 1736; m. Asa Lord 

+317 Jol»i t>i^ March afi; 1743; d July Mt 1825; n. LocrctU Chria- 


ng Hcnnr, bapi May aS» 1753 ; d. Oct 31» 1753- (Sea Records of St 

Paiil's Chufdi» Narragansett.) 
aao James» d 1762. 
318 Maiy. 

Thomaa Momlord Ihrtá tn Grotoo, CotiiL* and the house he biiilt aad 
oceupíed ¡a now known as the ^lloiher Bailey House.** 

'The haptísm oí Thomaa Mumíord and that oí his son John are in 
the Wickiord Records» Narragansett"— From letter oí a descendant 

47 AaiCAa* (CHBaiaaouGH)» widow oí Thomaa Mumíord, m. (3) 
April 16^ 1754» Eleaser Lord (son oí Bcnjamin and Elisabeth [Pratt] 
Lord, oí Si^brook, Conn.» who d Marth 7» 1786^ in 87th year oí his age. 
Both buried in ''oíd groond" Morwich Town» Cona 

48 Maiv* CHasgaaoucB (WilUam» 17)» bap. Jan*y % 171$; m. Oct i^ 
1740^ Benjamin Ingraham (Reoord Secood Congregational Chnrch, New* 
port» R. L), son oí Benjamín and Patience [Ide] Ingraham» oí Rdioboth; 
k Aug. 35» 1714 Rehoboth. Children : 

+381 Abigail» h. Feh. 38b 1743; d April 7t 1770; m. Nathan Lord 
333 Maiy» h. July 1» 1743: d. young. 
333 Benjamín» h. May ^» 1744. 
+334 Maiy» h. May 37» 1744 (twin oí above) ; m. George Smtth (prior 

to 1767)* 
+33$ Anne Nancy» b. June ag^ 1746; d Nov. s» 1809^ 6t3 years; m. Capt 
. Pdeg Brown. 
aa6 John B. 

Copy oí letter írom John B. Ingraham to his sister» Naapy lograban^ 
who was at "King" David Chesebrough's: 

*7f cwport» Oct 33^ 1781. 

Dear Sister we was much Disappointed 
the Doctoras not comsng aooording to hia 
promise the momíng he went away aa 
we had the ktters wrou Ready to send 
by him but he did not come So yoo 
most Excuse it and take them ••••en you 

can get them dont íail writing as be 

Tery accepuble Une írom you wríu 

you only that a recent arrí val here íthe 

f rench fleet very lately brings news that.. we had 
taken three redoubts and pigeon hdghts írom 
the enenqr, and that there was a Constant 
fire between the two amqrs (jeneral 

y GiMCAUxnr or tbs CwuMnocou F/.MiLy. 

WMhington bas %/tat in word to lord 
Coniwtlltt not to dittroj any wtriike 
stores or provisiocis ss he must snsw^i 
h opon his peril the next news thtt 
fiTfffff I hope to hcar tbat be asd 
the fcst oí them are all imsoners as there 
appears grcat prospcct I thsak at 

So I Renaan Y^ Lovinf Brolher 

50 JOHX* Bouoif* (Sarah* Chescbroagh, 18)» n. 17x0^ Ruth Hoopcr* 
He was an EnsigiL Gave a tankard to the South Brídgewater Chardk 
Lcft a large estáte. His Wúl dated Z7S5- Chüdicn: 

+«7 Snsaima, b. 17x1 ; n. Jabea Cowing. 

aaB Ruth» n. EphraiiD T i^ fh 

"fjap Elizabetht n. Joscph TbompsoiL 

-H30 Haanah, bu 172a; d. Jnly 6^ t7SSi ul Peter Thompson, 

-í-aax Martha» b. 1725; d. Aug. z6^ tSoa; m. Joab Willis. 

-f93a John, Jr., n. Elliabeth Hajrward. 

p Sabab* BoLioit (Sarah Ghesebrottgh [iS])» n. 1700^ WiUiam 
Leonard of Brídgewater. Chüdren : 

a33 Williaiiv b. 1710; (a33a), John, b. 1711. 

- 334 Sarah» b. 1714; n* Dcc 10^ 1743» I<mc PooL 

+ai5 JameSi b. 17x6; d. 1747; in. X737i Jeniima Herford. 

236 Samad, b. X718; (236a). Silas, b. X73X. 

937 Merqr, b. X7a3; (a37a)« Jonathan. b. X7a& 

+238 Seth, m. Ruth Hom. 

56 EuaBA* BouoM (Sarah Chesebrooi^ x8)t b. 1700^ Bridcewater, 
llass.; m. Mary, Nrfao d. July ye 30>b, 1786^ A. D., in ye 78^ year oí her 
age.* Monnment erected by John Hooper in o^d Brídgewater, Mass. 

asp Seth\ b. X73p; m. 1761, Anne Wade 

240 Jabea, m. X76s, Bcthiah Riplqr, b. 174& dan. oí Qiristopher and 
Sarah [Howard] Riplcy, son oí WUliam. 

241 in*f f?*, 

242 Meschech. 

57 Joan* BoLTDN (Sarah Chesdmiagh, x8), m. Fek 6^ 1730^ Deltv- 
eranee Washbom. Oiildrcn: 

•f243 Joscph, m. Maiy* Bolton, 911S Cdan. oí John, 232S). 

•f Jote Botea takoa froei MitchdTt IfirtoQ úí Bri4a^ 

Gbmbalogy or tbs Cbesiuomb Family. 31 

H4 Phflipb m. 1786-7* Bcchiali Haywtrd, h. I7S8 (dau. of Etim and 

[Lee] Hayward, who were a. I7S7-8)* 

58 Nathaiiiil* Boliom (Strah* OieMtroiigli, 18), n. March 24 
I73ft Deborah Riplej (din. oí Israel Washbnni and widow of Jolm Rip- 
Icy). She d. I759> Child: 

245 Nathaoiel, m. I777« J^m Thoropfoo, h. 1749^ d. Maj 8^ 1814 

in Oaldand, Masa. (dan. oí Thomaa). Thdr ton OUvcr* baa 
dcacendants at Orringtoiiy Me and Wakhaii^ ICaaa. 

59 AiiCAiL* BoLToif (Sarah* C, x8)» m. 1736^ Samad Riptqr* h. 1705 
(ton of WOliam and Maiy [GórUaoii] Rtplqr). ChUdrcn: 

246 Robert*, b. 1737. 

2C Sarah. bi Nov. afi; 174^; d. Scpt 4t I747« Ephaph fai oíd Bridge- 

6d Masit* CHBsmouGB (Elislia, igS)» bap. Matdi 5» tdn Stoo- 
ingtoo, Cooa; n. 17x2 ia Wcicerly, R. L, Daniel Stanloo (ton oí Samnel 
and Bonuiel [Dentson] Staatoo) ; h. Nov. 4, i^; d. Jan. 3X» iTtfft and 
wat an officer in the French War. Children: 

248 Marj*, h. Sepe 30^ 1713: d. Toong. 

+249 Anna» b. Ang. 24» 1714; ib. Robert Staatoo. 

+350 Mafy, b. Ang. 24 1715; d. Jnly 4 S748; nu Samnel Maaoo. 

+351 Daniel, b. Scpt 4» 17x6; d. Ang. 2^ 1791; m. Mary Eldfedge. 

252 Dan., b. X718L 

+253 Phineat, b. Oct 26; X719; d. Feb. 3, 1790; n. Eliiabeth Stanton. 

+^54 Amaríab, b. Jaa 14 1723; d. Jaa xx, 1754; m. Deligfat CbampUn. f 

61 EuBU* CHtsnaoooB (Eliaba*, 19S), n. Jnly 23» X74S1 n Wctt- 
ert7« R. L, Anna McDowell (dan. oí John: Fefgns), bapb Jnly Ó6, 1724 

6ar EusBA* CatsmouGB (Elisha% xp). b^ Oct 26; 1694; nt Jan. 
4 X720>x, Hannab* Cbcsebrongb (X4E) ; Elibn* (X3£), b. Feb. 25. 1699^ 
Childr*" íborn in Stoninotoo. Coon.) : 

-I-26Z EUiha*, b. Nov. 2X, X723t nt Hannab Jamiaon. 

26a Natbanscl\ bapi Oct x8b X724 

263 Hannab, b. Jan. 4 X72S-6; «• Joaepb York, líay xo^ X744 

-f2d4 Sarab, b. S^t 6^ X728; ul Natbaniel Johnson. 

265 Mary, b. Dcc 6^ X73a 

266 Oiristopher, b. Sept 30^ X732. 

+2^ Sylvester, b. Jnly 26; 1735; nt Hannab Caipenter. 
268 Joanna,b. Dec..X7, 1737. 

64 James* CaismouGB (Elisha*, 19), bapi Jnne 25. xópQ^ Stoning- 
ton; n. Nov. 24 1718^ br Capt Wardc^ J. P., Pmdence Harria oí Middio* 


town, Cdiifi.; h. JaiL c, i700>i (din. oí WiUuin and Mmrtha [Collins] 
Tíarrís» oí Middletowo, Conn.), (n. Jan. fl^ láBs^go). Childrcn: 

169 Prudence*, b. Oct 16^ 1719^ 

270 Jabea, h. July 31» X721 ; bap. Jan. jc^ 17»; d. yoong. 

271 Eliiha, bap. Apríi aS; 1723, » 
4-273 Rebeoea, b. Feb. 6, 1736; m. Abraham LewU. 
4-973 Sybll, b. Aug. 24 1739; n. John Burdick. 

374 J^bca, bw Febk ix 1733; hia will probated X755» 
4-375 James, b. Jnne 27f 1736; n* Locy Pendlctoa 

375 June 31, 1758^ James* Chcscbrongh, administrator 00 catate oí hb 
brotber Jabea* Chesebroogh oí Stonington, Conn., Nrhose Will, dated 
Nov., 1753, be desired Edward Haaoox to wnte, belore sailing; as he vas 
bound to the Sea in the employ oí Colonel Sakonstall oí New London, 
Cooa* . He leaves all hia estáte to bis brotber James. His Will waa pro- 
bated Jan. 3, 1755. 

Widow Pnadcnce [Harria] Oiesebroogh, m. Ang. 31, 1746^ in North 
Stonington, Coon., Capt Daniel Brown. 

67 RsaaocA* CuBSEíaoocH (Elisha*, 19), bap. Fek ft 1708; Stoning- 
ton, Comí,; m. (i) Jan. 39^ 1734 (br Rev.'Ebeneser Rossiter), Andrew 
Davidson. '^Swety upon his estáte signed Nov. 33, 1735." Children : 

4-376 Rébekah, bu Aiig. 30^ 1724; m. Ebenexer Austin. 

67 Rbbboca* [CHCsnaoucH] Davisoh, m. (3) Idarch 4, 1737-8» in 
Westerly, R. L, br John Richmond, J. P., Samuel Tiuner, both oí Ston- 
ington, Gmn. Children: 

378 Abigail*, h. Occ ^ 1728; m. Apríl 17, 1755, Shnbael Williama. 

4-379 Pnidenosb h. Sept 3i, 1730; m. Moaea Palmer. 

380 Samuel, h. S^t 17» 1733* 

38x Joaeph, b. Dec 38; 1735; d. Sept 11, í7to<L (See hia \inU-* 


3B3 Haiutth, h. Sept 7$ I73& 

383 Elisha, h. March x, 174& 

384 Hannah. 1>cpi July 19^ 1838^ se* 90 yrs.**— Stonington Cemetery. 

''Julsr 31, 1734, Rebecca Tumer, wife oí Samuel Tumer, owncd the 
Covenant ft aubjected to the discipline oí the Church." 

6B JioniAH* CBEStaaoucH (Elisha, 19), bap. Jan. 3i, 1711, Stoning- 
ton; m. Mary Hancock. Children: 

4-385 Jedediah, bap. Apríl 30, 1738; m. Rebecca* Slacfc (30iS). 

386 Hepzibah, b. Nov. 5, I7ja 

387 Edward, b. June 15, 1740; d. Dec, 179a 
a88 liary, b. Aug. 15, 1743. 

GlKlAlOCY Or THB CBCSEaftOUCB Faüsuy. 13 

aB9 John, b. Nov. 3, 1745. 
+990 Benjamín, b. Apríl 24. 174B; n. Keturah Palmer. 
+991 Zebolon, b. Nov. as I750; m. Zerviah Hobait. 
+¿q^ Rebecca, b. Oct 13, 1754; m. Amoe* Chesebrough. (See hia 
Record, gSiS.) 
993 James, b. June a7f X7S6; d. June I, 1813; m. Abbx GaUoway, 

Nov. 14, 1783. 
304 Andrew. 

WiU oí Jedediah* Chesebrough (6B), dated Stomngton, July i, 1760^ 
mcntions ''wife, Mary— sons; Edward— John— Benjamín— ZebuJon— James 
—Andrew— Jedediah k dau. Rebeoea." 

6p ZnuLOif* CHEsnaouoH (Elisha, 19), m. llarch 18^ X73ft Mary 
McDowell (dau. of John and Lucy [Stanton] McDowell: Fergus); b. 
Jone % 17x7, Stonington. Hts will probated March 20, 1749-SO» Chüdren : 

+fl9S Zabulón*, b. Feb. zz, Z740; d. Feb. 22, iSa?; m. Lydia Pendletoa 

396 Andrew, b. April Z3, Z743 ; drowned Aprü ift Z743. 

297 Prudente, b. July 7, 1744; d. Jan. 16, Z74S. 

+298 Molly, b. June 17» Z747; d. Mardi 35, Z843, Stonington; m. 
Tbomas RandalL 

+J99 Rhoda, b. 1748; d. Stonington; m. Joshua RandalL 

300 Prudence, b. Aug. 26, Z749; m. Roben RandalL 

lífary (widow of Zebulon* Chesebrough), m. (3) Apríl 35, Z75Z, Colonel 
Willtam Pendleton oí Westerly (bis second wiíe), whose íirst wiíe was 
Lydia Bnrrows (son oí Joseph and Pattence [Pottt] Pendleton); b. 
March 23, Z7Q4, Westeríy, R. L; d. April 23» Z786l Children (bom in 
Stonington, Conn.): 

Loqr, b. Apríl 23^ zysa; m. Robert RandalL 

Nathan, b. Apríl 2, Z754; n* (i) Amelia Babcock; m. (2) 

Rhoda Babcock Gavitt 
Isaac, b. June 23^ Z757; drowned in Sul]ivan*s Expedition olí 

Point Judith. 
Keturah, b. Jaa 2S Z76Z ; m. Sylvester (javitt 

Stonington, Conn., Feb. zy, Z752. Mary Chesebrough (alias Pendle- 
ton), exeeutrix oí Zebulon Chesebrough, deceased, late oí Stonington, bf 
her attomey, Colonel William Pendleton. llnder the above recordé oí 
births oí children íollows: ^Ledger No. z. John MacDowell oí Stoning- 
ton, his book oí accounts for debu and credits in Connectkut Colony in 
New England, and íor ye neighboríng Towns, and ye debts and credits in 
this book, is as, moncy.** ^Signed, William Pendleton, ColoneL" 

7Z AaiGAiL* CHismoooB (Elisha, zp), m. Mardi s Z739 (tqr WiU- 

34 Ckvejojxy or tbs Cbbsibiougb Family. 

iam Hora, J. P.)» WilUaai Slack (son of Samuel and Abigail [Uwis] 
Sladc) oí Wetterly, R. L; h. March 27. 1717; d. Joly 14, 177& Children: 

+101 Rebecea» h. Oct ?• V391 vl Jcdcdiah* ChctebioagiL (See 

Record, 45S.) 
+301 Eliphal, h. Oct 24 X741 ; m. Thoinat Htnckkjr. 
-f JG3 Amos» \k Jan. aa^ X744*S : «• Penclope [MoUy] Standy. 
+304 Molly, \k Jnly aó^ 1746; m. Samnel* Chcsdifoiígh, (Scc 

Record, 176N.) 
+305 Abigail, k Dec 31, 1748; m. Jonathan Weaver. 
+306 Williasii. k Dec ^ 1750; d., i8a6; m. Lucy Breed. 

307 Samuel, \k May ft 1734; d. Jan. 26, 177& 
+306 Amia, k Jttly 3. tyss; d. June ift 1841 ; n* WiUiam Demion. 
+309 Abel, h. Feb. 7, 1758; m. Anna Deníaon. 
+310 Lucy, b. Sept 6^ 1761 ; d. Jan. 16, i844t Keen^ Obio; m. J 

tban* Baldwin. (See bis Record, 766S.) 

7a Lucy* CHasnaoucB (Eliaba*, 19), m. July % Z74i* Edward Han- 
cox; b. March 17, X7X4t Sconington; d. Sept I7f 1803, Slonington (son of 
Edward and Mary). Children (b. in Stonington, Conn.) : 

3SI Lucy*, b. Feb. 16^ 1742; d. young. 

+3» Edward, b. Nov. 15, 1744: d. Feb. 27, 1837; m. Sarah Sbeffield. 

3x4 Anna, b. March 23, 1747-8; d. Feb. 5, 176a 

3x5 Nathan, b. 1749; d. May 7, 1798; m. Mary Bryan, April 14, 1773- 

+3x6 Zabulón, b. Ang. 23, X7Si ; d. Aug. 23, x8os; m.three times. 

+3x7 Lucy, b. Aug. 23, 1751 (twin oí above) ; m. (¡eorge Be^e. 

+318 Rebecca, k Aug. 6^ X755; m. Samuel Park Burdick. 

76 Mast* Imcbabam* (Elixabeth* Chesebrougfa, 20), m. April ix, 
X7XZ, Stonington, Samuel H. Yoemans (both of Stonington, Cona) ; b^ 
Nov. 7, x6g7, Stonington. "Dep. June % X753, in ye 6sák year of bis age" 
Childra (k in Stonington, Conn.) : 

Mary*, k Dec 20^ xyix ; d. June 4» 17x2. 

Samud, k Aug. 12^ 1714. 

Vniltam, k June 13^ 1717. 

Joseph, k July x, 17x91 

Amos, k May s» 1732; nt Susanna Downer of LdMnon. 

David, k Aug. 30^ 1724; d. Match 2ft X727-& 

Mathan, k Aug. x, X727. 

Daniel, k Nov. 20^ 173a 'Dep. Dec. xs, X825, c 94 yrs." 

Elizabeth, k Oct 2S X735. 

77 Jubmxah* IncaABAM (Elizabeth* Chesd>rough, 20), m. (x) July 
xo^ xyxS; Mercy Monroe, by Job Almy, J. P., Stonington; m. (2) Nov. XX, 

* SMords of Mary Xagrabam (tO aad JcrcmUh iBgnhsfli (77) takta froA StMi* 
kigloa Rccordi^ bst I hsve 00 prool thsc tlwy mn tht childrea of Blitibth 
brouffh (joS). 


1734» in Wciterly, R. I. (hy John Saunders» J. P.)t Anne Halliday» who d 
Nov. is» 1726. Children : 

WUliam, b. June 18; 1725. 
Hezekiah, h. Juljr 29» 172& 

M. (3) Aug. a7» 1727, in Lebanon, Orna, Hannah Norton» by Solomon 
Williams. Children (h. in Stonington, Omn.) : 

Hannah, h. StpL 10^ 1728; d Jan. 27, 1744. 

Anna, b. Febí a^ 173a 

Abigail, b. July 31, 1731. 

Maiy, b. Aug. 12, 1733. 

Jeremáaht b. Joly 27» I735t ». Feb. I5« 1757» Maiy Ennit. 

Martha, b. May IQ^ 173& 

Nathaniel, b. Nov. 21» 1739; m. June 3, 1762, Elinor Ennií. 

Norton» b. Aug. 8; 1741 ; d* Mardi i, 1744. 

86 IcBABOO^ Pacxbb (Abigail* Avery» 22), m. Oct 30^ 1729^ Abigail 
Bdredgc (dau. of Daniel), b. May 20^ 1712» d Sept i^ 1794- Children: 

+400 Ichabod% b. A^ 26^ 1730; d in Guilíord; n. Esther Burrowt 

+401 Daniel, h. Jan. 31, 1732; d Dec 27. 1823; m. Hannah Burrows 


402 Abigail. b. March 18; 1734: m. William Goddard of Newport, R.L 

403 Sarah, b. April t6, 173^: m. Daniel Brown oí Genesee, N. Y. 

404 Hannah, b. May 8; 1738; m. Edward Jeííers oí Groton, Conn. 
+40S Eunice^ b. Oct 8^ 1740; n. James Walworth of Vermont, N. Y. 
+406 Desirc^ b. Jan. 2, 17441 ^ 1815; m. (i) Elijah Walworth; m. 

(2) Elijah Rathbone. 
+407 Ellshat k Sept 26; 1747» <L Jan. 1, 1832; m. Luqr Smith. 
406 Lucy, b. Sept 3> X75i ; d. 1826; umnarríed 

409 Jos^phi m. Rebecca Welles. 

410 Lucretsa, m. Solomon Rogers oí Wateríord 

S7 AnoAa* Pacxbb (Abigail* Avery, 22). m. Tbomas Eldredge (son 
oí Daniel) . Children : 

4SI Freelove, b. Feb. 12^ 17^8-91 

412 Abigail* b. March 24, 1731 ; hl Nathaniel Williams. 

413 Thomas, b. June 28; 1733 ; m. Helen Brown. 

414 Mary, b. Dec ft I735S a Ebenezer Goddard 

415 Hannah» b. ; ul Hugh 

88 Jambs* Pacxbb (Abigail* Avery, 22). m. Zerviab Eldredge (dau. 
oí Daniel)» b. Oct ^ 171S Children: > .... 

416 Sophta, m. James Brown. 

417 James, b. 1734; d Aug. 24 1803; m. Rebecca Walworth. 

•^ I s -i < 

j6 Gewsalogy op thb Cbesibiough Family. 

418 Charles. 

419 Eldredge» b. Jan. i, 1756; d. May lO» 1834; m. Sabrína PKker. 

420 Bathshcba, m. John Ashbcy. 
431 Joshua. 

43a Nathan, m. —— — Bentlcy. 
4^3 Mary, m. Samad Fox. 

89 Dasias* Facxik (Abigail* Avery, 22), m. Julj 7» 1731, John Bur- 
rows» Jr. (John: John: Robert)» h. Nov. 14, 1701» Groion, Coim.» a linncr 
and thip caripenier. Children (b. m Grocon, Conn.) : 

4-434 Maiy» b. Jone 17» 173^; d. Feh. 10^ 1797; »• Samuel Aborn. 

-Í-43S John» b. Oct ft I734t d. 1784, Grocon; m. Hannah WUbttr. 

436 Joseph, b. Ang. 36; 17361 * 

437 Detire, bw March 11, 173B; m. Joeeph EUioCt 
436 James, b. Apríl xi, 17401 

439 Abigail, b. March 7, i74>-3 ; m. Uríah Wilbor. 

430 Lydia, bw Jan. 30^ 1743*4; >n* Jo^^i Anthony Aborn. 

+431 Nathan, b. May 17» 1746; d. Aug. 18^ 1808; m. (1) Anqr WUl* 
iams ; m. (3) Sarah Williams. 

433 Locretsa, b. March 30^ 1748; m. Nov. 19, 1767» Wtlllam Bartows. 

433 Phebe, b. March 39^ 1750; m. May 37» I770b Wtlllam Holdrédge. 

4-434 Waity» d. Sept 17* i¿3t «. 71 years ; m. Jabea Smtth. 

435 DanieÚ d. Oct 13» i8i33t >n Groton; m. (1) Kcziah Rhodcs; m. 

(3) Abigaü E. Parke. 

436 Thomas» d. young, sn Grocon. 

437 Son» d. young, in Groton. 

91 LucnriA* Pacxik (Abigair Avery, 33), b. Féb. 3» 1717* First 
Oiureh oí New London Records; m. Capt John Fish (son oí Samuel and 
Sarah), d. Oct 4, 1795, in Us 84th year. Children (b. tn Groton, Conn.) : 

448 Samuel*, m. Catherine Brown. 

449 Anthony, m. Hannah Chapman. 

450 John, m. Temperance Baker. 

451 Polly, m. Avenr* Packer (Joseph, 94S). 
4S3 Mancy. 

93 JoBN* PACOa (Abigail* Avery, 33), m. Sept 18^ 1744 Hannah 
Avery (dan. oí Cokmd Ebenexer and Luqr [Latham] Avery: James: 
James: James: Christqpher), b. Jan. 16^ I737f d. Feb. la, I77X« Children 
(b. tn Grocon, Comí.) : 

+461 Locretia*, b. May 33, 1747; m. Isaac Wtgfatman. 

463 Hannah, b. Jnly 26, 1748; d. June 15, 1818; m. Joseph* Packer 

463 • Lucy, b. Oct 33, 1750; m. Nathan (Sallup. 
+4^ Freelove, m. (i) (leorge Gallup; m. (3) Abel Keeny. 
-Í-46S John, b. 1753 ; d. Féb. 8; 1835 ; m. Hannah Gallup. 

GlMULOCV Or THB CHismoDGH Family. 37 

ÍS6 llolly, d Oct 97, i82S; unmafTkd. 

+4S7 AbigaH, d Jttly 11, i8a6; a. Lcvi Galluii. 

468 DdxM^h» d c 18 ycmn» oí toullpox. 

469 Anni^ d «. 16 ycmn» oí smallpox (same wedc). 

+470 Ebenexer, k Aug. x» 1765; d Sept 17» x8a6; m. Ketorah RaadalL 
+471 Elizabeth» m. Benjarain Rathbone. 
47a Fainqr, b. Oct 9b I7^; nt Jotcph Burrowt. 

94 JotVH* Pacxik (AbigaO* ATerjr, as), m. (z) Eteaaor Aahbey. 
d Sept 9b 1778b «• 51 3raan. Children: 

473 Cathcrine*, d FeVj» 181 1, «. 66 ycan; n. Samuel Sabio. 

474 Joscpb» d Ang. 16^ 1817» m. 68 ycan; m. Hamiab' Packer 

+47S Jamea^b. Sept S» 1751; d> x8^;in*Cttfaeriiie Bill, 178a 
4J6 Edward» d Mardi 5» 1813, & 58 yeara; m. Prudcnee Craiy. 
477 Pb^ d June» 1824 «. 67 ycan ; m. Natban Fiflb. 
49Á Jeremiab, d yoimg. 

479 Beojamin, d May ^ z8ii, «. 47 ycan; m. Mary Middlcloiip d 

Apri]6b 1852. 

480 Josbua, m. Pbebe* Packer. 

481 Elisab^b, d young. 

48a Avery, d Mardi % 1821» m, 46 ycan; m. Mary* Fish (45iS). 

94 JosiPii* Pacxbi, m. (3) Esther [Wells] Morgan (dau. of Hugh 
Wellca of Wetbersfield and widow oí Joabna Moigan). She d Oct afi; 
i8oob «. 60 years. Cbildren: 

+483 Deair^ m. Eliaba* Packer, Jr. (Sce ia34S.) 
484 Pmdcnec^ m. Jobn Browa 

96 Maiy* Dbiixsoii (Mary Avery, 23), ba|i. in Stonington, Cona; 
m. Nov. 10^ I73S Edward Herridc (son oí Steplien and Elisabctb [Trask] 
Herrick of Beverly, Mass., m. Dec. l, 169a), b. Oct 16^ x69S» Beverly» 
Mass., d Aog., 177& Protón, Cona Cbildren: 

490 Maiy, b. Sei»t ao^ 1726; m. Capt Daniel Tyler of Pomfret, Cona, 
and went to Vermont 

49Z Lucy, b. Nov. 30^ 17291 

490 Ebeneaer, b. Oct 22, 1731; d Dec. 4i 1796; m. Aug. lo^ 1739^ 
Estber Braman, in Prcatoa 

493 Colooel Rufos*, b. Mareh 13, I734f n* (i) — * (Ubba, iHio d 
in 1811 ; he m. (2) Lydia Leonard oí Preaton, Cona He waa 
Captain Fourtb Continental Reglment, June 26; 1775; also 
Colonel; Kved in 'Vine Partuers,"* Dutcbess County, N. Y. 

EBWAaa HaiBics, m. (2) Dec ft I737* Margaret Avery of Grolon, 
Cona Children (b. in Preaton, Cona) : 

Locy, b. Aug. 3^ t73& 

3B Genialocv or m CumaoiicB Family. 

Hemy» k Apríl 3, if4a 

Jonathan, bi Dcc % 1743; m. Dcc» 176a» Elsiabeth Clark of 

PrfitoOy Coiifii 
Margaret, b. Match ao^ 1745; m. Jimc 29, 1764 Ptiincaí Oark 

of Norwidí, Coan. 
Grace, k July 4. 1747- 
MoMt» bi Sept 4. 1749; d. JaiL, 1794. 

Bdwaid Hniicx, m. (3) Oct ^, 1757, Eltsabeth Braman (or Brannaa). 

97 Phibb* DiMiaoN (Maiy Avery, 23), m. (i) July i, I7igb Bcn- 
iamin Guile (ton oí John and Sarah [Sutton], widow of — ~^ Guilc). bi 
Jone I3i i6Bs^ Haverhill, Maaa^ d. 172$, Children (bi in Preaton, Conn.) : 

-f494 WiUiam*, b. March i, 1729-3; n. Francca Pahner of Stooing- 

4gs Phcbe, bi Jan. 22, I7a4-S 

Penaf (97) [DcNiaoN] Gvhe, m. (2) Nov. 10, 1726^ tn Presión, ComL* 
Stephen Herrick (son oí Samuel and Mehitabel [Woodward] Herríck, of 
Bevcrly, Mass.), b. Presión, Feh. la, 1795; removed lo Dulchess Coiiiity, 
N. Y. Children (b. in Presión, Conn.) : 

+4g6 Siephen*, k Nov. xo^ 1727-^; vl (i) Feh. as, X747-8^ Anna Fargo 
of Grolon, Conn. 

407 Freelove, b. Feh. aa, I730-I. 

4gB Benjamín, k Sept 4» X73a. 

409 Joscph, b. May 5, 1735; m. Elitabclh Borlón of Presión, Conn. 

500 Elijah, b. Jaa 25, 1736-7* 

501 Sarah, b. Feh. la, 173^ 

+5oa Daniel, b. May xÍB^ 1742; m. (x) Prisdlla Manrin; m. (a) Mary 

503 Naihan, b. Nov. 24, X743; n* Mary Ktdder; lived in Chat- 

ham, N. Y. 

504 Fphn tiini 

9B AuM* DnrxaoM (Mary Avery, 93), nL Nov. 9^ X7ao^ John Denison 
(soo oí Edward). Onechild: 

505 Ann*, b. and d. X7ax. 

JoHM DtMXSON, m. (a) Mary Npyes (dau. of Dr. James). 

99 WxLLXAif' Damsoif (Mary* Avery, 23), m. (x) Jan. 30^ X73a^ 
Haimah Burrows (dau. of John and Lydia [Hubbard] Burrows), b. Jan. 
33, 1709b d. JaiL s» X737. Children (b. in Sloningion, Conn.) : 

506 William*, bap. Feb. 17, X733 ¡ d. Oct ax, X736L 

+507 Joseph, b. Oct 24, X735; d. Nov. 15, X7Q5, Sloningion; m. Mary 

GuriAuxnr or tsb CHismouca Family. 39 

+Sq8 Hasnah, h. Dcc 25» 1736; d. Sc|it 10^ itOs Stonington; m. Dr. 

99 WauAif* DiifitOM, m. (2) Jan. 30^ 1738b Hamah Tylcr, d I797» 
agsdMycan. Chtldrai: 

309 Nathan\ b. Fch. 24» 1739: d May aS^ 1742. 

+510 Daniel, b. July ao^ 1740; m. Martha Geer. 

+51X Amy, b. March 37» I743; d March 23. 1829; m. Thonas* Swan 

512 Ann, b. Sept la» 1744; m. Georgc Palmer, 

•f 5x3 Eflher, b. Apríl 23^ 1746; m. John James. 

+5x4 Sanh. b. FeU 7i 1748; d. May 2, 18x5; m. John W. Geer. 

'^$1$ John» b. Nov. 5, 1749; d. Jiily 12, i8ox ; n. Abígail Minor. 

516 Elijah, b. Nov. 6, 1751 ; m. Mary Geer. 

100 Abkail' Dkniíon (Mary Avery» 23), m. Jnly 20^ 1729^ Capt 
Roger Billingt (son oí William and Hannah [Sterry] BilUngs, son oí 
William and Maiy. who m. itfs8)» b. March ft 17081 Children (b. in 
Norwich» Orna) : 

+517 Abigail, b. Feb., 1730» d. Jan. 27» I7te; m. Benjamín Coit 

+518 John, b. Dec 15, 1732 ; m. Eunke Galltip. 

+519 William, b. May 8^ I734 : nL Mary [Leffingwell] Richards» 

520 Roger, bap, Nov. 14» 173¿ 

+S21 Peleg, b. June 26, 1738; m. Mary Slanton. 

522 Dorothy, b. Apríl 18^ X74a 

523 Benjamín, b. Oct 10^ 1743 • nt Príscilhi Huntíngtoa 
+524 Henry, b. Apríl 9b 1746; d. X797; m. Lucrecia LeffingwelL 

525 Roger, bap. Apríl 8^ X7Sa 
+526 Sabrá, b. Jan. 2» I75> ; d. Nov. 2, 1820; m. Elias Browa 
59 Mary, b. May 24, I755; d. June i& 1893; m. Daríus Denísoa. 

(From Norwich and Presión Records.) 

loi Lucy* DnriaoN (Mary Avery, 23) # n- March s, 1726^ John Swan, 
Jr. (son oí John Swan oí Haverhill, Mass., and wife Snsanna), b. Dec 
26^ 1700^ Haverhill, Mass. Children (b. in North Stonington, Conn.) : 

•f S>B Anna, b. March xo^ X727; d. Nov. 29^ X7sx ; m. Benadum Denison. 
+S^ Locy, b. Nov. 3, X729; m. Pliul Wbeeler. 

530 John, bi Sept 24, 1731 ; m. Mary Prentice. 
•f53X Joseph, b. March X2» 1734» nt (x) EUsabeth Smíth; m. (2) 

Mary Minor. 
+532 Joshua, b. Nov. x& X736; d. Oct 7, 1803; m. Martha Dienison. 

333 Peres, b. Oct 3. 1739. 
+334 Thoroas, b. March x8^ X742; m. Anqr Denison (sxxS). (See her 


535 Eunice, b. Sept 15» X744 

Gknbalocy op tub CBtsinooGB Family. 

536 £dw^¿, bi Nov. 12, Z746; d Scpt ^, 1790; m. (i) Mehhabel 
Brown; m. (2) Hamiah . 

+537 Georgc^ b. Aug. a6i 1750; d Jan. x iTpBb Stoomctoii; m. Abigatl 

I» Avmr' Dimfoii (Mary Avery, as), n. Jaa 31» 1734 Thankfttl 
WUliams (diu. of Colonel John and Deiirt [Deniíoo] WiUíans). k Fch. 
fl^ 1718: d May 3. 17^» in North Stoníngton, Cona Children (b. in Noith 
SconingtoOi Gnia): 

538 £Itsba»biNov.3,i734;nLFch.^x758kICclnraliMinor. 

539 Nathan, b. Aug. u. X736; d Oct 3. 1737* 

540 WiUiam, b. Marcb 22, 1738; vl Fcb. 2$, 17^ Snsanna Swan. 

541 Dcsirc» b. Jone s X739; ol Fcb. 10^ 1757. Thonas Minor 


542 Moltx, b. Nov. 8^ 1741 ; m. Jaa 24 1759^ Jeaac Dentson [John]. 
+543 Pmdenoe^ b. Oct 3t 1743; ». Jan. 27» 17^ Joacph* N<qrca. (See 


544 Mercy, b. Nov. 7, 1745; d Dcc 3. 1790; ul^ 1764» Edwafd 

Edls [Rev. Natfaaniel]. 

545 Thankful, b. July 17. 17471 vl April 5, 1770^ Alexandcr Stcwaft* 

b. in Preston, Conn. 

546 Zcrviahy b. July 13, 1751 ; onmasried 

547 Rcbccca, b. March 24 1754; unnarried 

548 Avery, b. Apríl 10^ 1756; d Aug. 23, 1800; n. Aug. 17, 1778^ 

Prudcnce Brown» who d 1847» «• 9^ ycara. 

10(3 Thamstul* DtmaoM (Mary Avery, 23)» n* Nov. 10, 1737» Jotcf^ 
BUlinga; Jr.» of Preston, Coon. (son oí Jotcph and firtl wife, Comfort 
[Dcnison] Billingí, who m. (2) Sarah Larabee of Norwkh)» b. Dee. 
17» 17x6. (Sce Appendix— Wills.) Chüdren (b. In Prctton, Coon.) : 

549 Comlort*, \k Sept 24 1740; m. <— — - Kcwitt. 

550 ChüdnL Edwardi. 
55X Sarah, bi Jaa xs I74d 

+552 Nathuí, b. June ft X748L 
553 Dcsire» bi Aug. X5« X7S7; m. Benjanin B a b co di; Fcb. 4 xttql 
And olhcra. 

X04 Dasnif DgNXiOM (Mary Avery, 23). m. April 8^ X73& John Stan- 
lon (John) of Pretton, Conn.* b. Nov. X3i X7o6b in Preston» Conn.; d 
Ang.» 1774 Children (h. in Pretton, Coon.) : 

s6o Mary, b. Jan. x, X736; m. April 8^ X754 Aaron Crary of Pret- 
ton, Conn. 

S6x Sarah, b. Feb. s 1738; ul Oct X9b X7s8b Eleaser Prcntice. 
+562 Amy, b. June X5, X740; m. April i6^ X762, Benjamín Crary. 
4*563 Detire, b. Oct s 1742; m. March 2X, 1770^ Elitha (ker. 

564 Lucy, b. Aug. 2, 1745. 

GmsALocy or tbs CassotoucB Pamilv, 41 

+8^ Prodaict, b. Feh. 17, 1748; m. Jan. St IT^A David Meech. 

566 Johiip b. Ñov. IX X7Sa 

567 JoscÁ b. Aug. S3i 1754 
$68 Esthcr, b. Nov. 13. X75& 
569 AUgail, b. Nov. xg^ X750i 

107 JoBM* Avnnr (Jobn% 24)9 m. Lydia Smttb oí Saybrook; Conn. 
Children (k m Norwich, Conn.) : 

+S70 John» b. 1731 ; ». Mdiitabd BaelL 

+57X Jabci, bi 1713; d. 1799; vl (x) Ljdia Grcen; n. (a) Lnqr 


-t-S73 Amos, b. X75S; <!• xS^; nt Irene Kingibury (dan. of Ephraim). 

4-573 Nathan, b. Nov. 22^ 1737; m. Mercy Burrows (Capt Hubbard). 

574 Ljrdia. 

575 Sarah. 

+576 Nehemiah» b. X744; ^ S^ a6b X789; n. April 23, 1766^ Anna* 
Denison» (xxoS). 

577 David, b. Apríl 5, X746; d Fcb. xd^ x8x8; m. Oct 10^ X783, Han* 

nah Chaplin. 

578 Rhoda, m. Lcvi Jones. 

579 Rotwell, \k Dec X7, ij^i; n. Martha Fish (dan. of Cipt John, 

of Crotón, Conn.). 

580 Abel, VL Elixabcth Jenninga» 
580a Charlotte. 

xxo Abuaxl* Avnnr (John\ Jr., 04), h. Dec as 171$; n. 1738^ John 
Dentaon (Danid and Mary [Stantoo] Dcaúaoo), h. Oct ax, X7X& ChUdren: 

Abigail, b. 1740; UL Zdmlon Elliot 

Desirc^ d. Dec. a, 1834 «. 8a yeara; unnarried. 

Avery, d. young. 

Anna, nL (x) Nehemiah Avery (576S) of Norwieh; m. (a) 

Amoe Clilt of Prettoa 

Maxy, h. X7S0; d Fék 27^ x8x6; m. Sicphen Avery. 
Sarah, b. May a, X75a; m. John Baldwin. 
Nathan, h. X754; m. Betsy Conkiin. 
Jnlia, m. Fierre La Roche, 1793- 
+Andrewp h. Dec 3i X761; m. Sally WiUiams, X78a. 

XX4 Tbakxful* Avmr (Benjaniin% asS), d Jan. xx, x8m, aged xox 
years; m. Benjamín Avery (son of James, Jr.), b. 1693, d Dec 3i 1772. 

58X Benjamin, b. Sept 9b X735; ol Mary Borrows, 

58a Ablor, b. Dec xa, 1737; ni- Nehemiah Smith, May 3. i7Sfl^ 

583 Deborah, b. Oct 24, 1738; m. James Storcy. 

+584 Sarah, b. July aft 1742 ; m. Capt Hubbard Bnrrows (second wife). 

4J QnfAALOCY cp THi CBBSonoucB Family. 

S8s AniWy b. Jaa is 1743; m. Grtfwold Avcnr (cousin). 

586 Daniel, b. Nov. 14, 1745; m. Deborah Avery (cousiii}. 

S8|7 SokMQOíi. 

+588 Denitofi, m. Hannah Babcock. 

+589 Molly, d. Jaa 3, 1820^ «. 7a yctrs; n. Yoonft Morgan. 

Sgo Locy, m. Jonathan Burrowi. 

591 Thankful. bi I753; n» Lktit Elibu Avery. 

592 Moaeat omnarried. 

593 Haonah, m. Jobn }ficka. 

US Sabau* ATiay (Benjamín*, asS), m. (i) Jan. 10^ 1734 in Ston- 
ioston, Bcebe Denison jtoa oí Danid: John: George), bi Jaa ^9 1709^ d 
Marcb 24, I74S¡ ibe nL (2) Oct x8; 1752^ Benadnm Deniaoo (WiUiam: 

594 Mary, b. Jan. 24 1735 ; m. Willtam 

595 Dante], bi Fcb. ft 1737; d. yoong. 

596 Sarah,b. Sept IX, 1739; m. WiUiam Latham. 

597 Daniel, b. Nov. ft 1743; m. Dorothy Denison, 177a 

119 Amoaxl* Avmr (Benjamín, asS), m. Nov. 8^ 1744, Jonathan 
Rathbone (ton of Jonathan, ton of John and Ann [Dodge] Rathbone, of 
Block Island: John, John, Richard). In the WUl oí Jonathan Rathbone, 
dated March 31, 1766^ he mentiona ^Ü oí the íarm eaUed Ronnd Hill 
^rm, that be detigned for hit ton Jonathan*, he givet to the latter't 
danghter Abigaü." 

laa LucY* Avmr (Benjamín*, 2S$), m. Jan. 13, 174a, Peter Bnlk- 
ky (ton oí Rev. John and Patience [Prentiee] Bulklcy, firtt wile), bi Nov. 
8X, xyia. Children: 

-f4ox Peter, bi Fcb. 3, 1744; hl Hannah Breed. 
-f6a William, b. 1746; m. Polly Champion. 

6013 Liicy. 


Psna BuLKunr m. (2) Dec. xd^ 17SS, Sutannah Newton. Children : 

James, b. S^ 7» 17S7* 
Sutannah, b. Nov. 23, 1759. 
Itrael, b. Jaa 2a^ 1762. 
Charlea, b. Dec. X7, 1763* 

126 RiCHABMON* Avuv (WUlism* Avery [26S] and Anna* Richard- 
aon [19] Nathaniei Une), m. 1740^ Sarah Plumb (dan. oí Samnel and 
Mehitabel [Hinds] Plumb oí New London, Conn.). He removed to 
Wyoming VaUey, Pft.; he was a Revolutionary soldier; bis Witt dated 
1784. Children (b. in Prestoo, Conn.) : 

46x3 Samuel, b. FeU xx, 1741; d. Preston; m. Dec. xx, 1761, Mary 

• iSl 

GiNBAUícY or TBE Chiwwouch Paiulv. 43. 

-K14 Ricfairdioii, h. Oct 6b 174a ; IB. Eumce Maxoo. 

+ÓIS Amia, bi Dec. 18^ 1744; d. Apríl 34, 1829: m. Obadiah Core» Jr. 

616 Sanh, b. Aug. ig^ 1747; n- Jaba Fiíh of Groton» Coan. (son oí 

Ctpt Thooiaa). 

617 Pnsdence, b. May X3, 1751. 

618 Catheríne» b. Feb. la, 1754; m. David Brown (ton of Corntatt 

Brown of Crotón» Conn.). 

619 Elisabeth, b. July 31» 1756; m. Ata Gort (ton of Obadiah). 
6ao Chríttopber» b. Nov. 6, 1758; d. May 30^ 1830; anmatricd. 


i^ WauAif* Avimr (Williani% a6S), m. Dcc 13. ITSO^ Abigail 
WUliamt (widow), in pretence of Sarah Aveiy and Asma Babcock, at 

dComncvOtta c^onn. 

6m Maiy% b. May 2S 1753- 

623 Abigail, b. Aug. 17» 1755. 

iflB Amna' Avimr (WilUaní, a6S), n. March 6, 1740^ Olivcr Bab- 
eock, b. Sept 16^ 1722^ and d. Sept 35» 1771* Children (b. in North 

624 Lietit Oliver*, b. Jaa 22, 1741» m. Mercy Kecqy of Pretton» 

Conn.» 17^* 
-fátfS Jothua» b. June s X743; <t Oct x, 1810; m. (t) FJiíabfth P^mer. 
+6a6 Anna, b. July 15, 1743; d. ifli39b New York State; m. (i) San- 
ford Langwofthy; m. (a) Anthony Rhodct. 
637 Willianii b. March ig, X747; wcnt to Concord, N. Y.; n. Lucrctia 

6aB Rufuti b. S^ xo^ X748L 

629 Gcnhon, b. Nov. ft X7sa; wcnt to Canaan, N. Y.; n. Chloc Davit. 
+63Q Altana» b. Jan. 14, X755; d. April 4» X840; m. John Langworthy. 
4<3X Dr. Chrittopher» b. Jaa aé^ X7S7; ^ Nov. 2» 1780^ Tivcrton, R. L; 
m. Mary Be n cdict 
632 Eliaabeth» k Jaa xs X759: m- John Foots of Vernon» N. Y. 
4433 Daniel, k Aug. 3X» xTái; d. Sept x8^ X846; n. Contcnt Potter. 

634 Charlea. 

635 Eliat. 

Capt Oliver' Baboock^ 624S, wat a Revolntionary toldier and taken 
prítoner» cxchanged, bnt d. toon after; hit widow among the latt pentionert 
of Stonington, Conn. 

X29 John* Aviav (Willianí*, 26S), m. (x) June X3. X7S<* by Rev. 
Nathaniel Eellt ín Stonington, Conn., Maiy Dennit. Children: 

636 Mary*, b. June 2X, X753. 

637 Jabea, b. Aug. X2, t75& 

638 John, b. July xx, xy— ; d. youtig. 

44 GiNXALocy or tbs Cbisomugb Family. 

IJ9 JoBM* Anonr, n. (a) Féb. ft 1757, Iqr Jotcph Rsli, Anni Minor. 

6$g Ama', k Fck 10^ 17591 

640 Anna, b. Nov. g^ 1760, 

641 John» b. Jnly 7. 1761. 

642 RobcTt, b. March 5. 1765; d. Oet 18^ i&oi 

643 Daniel, b. A^J3, i7Ó7;m.RoxaniiaRhodct. 

644 Bectcgr. b. Oct 31. 17691 

130 AMOt* A«nr (WiUian» j6S» AbigaU* Chetcbroiigfa, S4S), m. 
X761 in New London» ComL* Paticnee BoradeL Children: 

-f645 Boradcl\ bap. Aag. i, X763; n. Oct 3, X784. Thomai Franklin. 

137 jAifia' Avnnr (WtUiani. a6S, Abigail* Chetd»oiigh, X4S)t m. 
Nov. IX XT^ft tu Plainficld, Conn., Manha Smith. Oiildren (b. tn Pr«i- 
toiL Conn.) : 

646 Lemoel*» b. Dcc x¿^ X770; d. nnmarricd at Dcmcrafa, Souih 

-HS47 Martha, b. Aisg. 22, 1773; m. Capt Motes Benjanin. 

64S Janes, b. AimíI xg^ X776; d June X3. X846. 

649 Capt'Chrístopher, b. Sept. 5» ^TT^l d July 26, itex, Demerafa, 
m. Amu Stanton, d. Aug. 13, x8oB^ & 36 years. 

4650 Jenisha, b. Match xó^ X78x ; m. Capt Moses Benjaniít 

(^i Benjamín, b. Nov. 16^ X7fll3; m. Annis Patchen. 

6ss JohnHunphrey, bi Dec2, X797; d. unmanied. 

653 Heniy Clinton, k Nov. xx, X790; n. Sarah Cbapnan. 


X39 Abbabaii' Avmr (Vraiiani% 26S, Abigail Cbesebrongh, X4S), 
m. X780 tn Coleraine^ Mass., Mercy* Packer (dan. of Ichabod' atid Esther 
IBttiTOws] PMlcer). Children (b. in Colerainc^ Mass.) : 

654 Elias* Padcer, b. Aog. xd^ 1781; d. Dcc xd^ X84& 

655 Hubbard Bnrrows, b. Dec 29^ 1784; d. March 6^ X84& 

6s6 Amos Walkcr, k May 24, X7^; d. June X, 1863; m. Naney 

657 * lehabod DcnisoiL 

658 Abigail, nnmarried. 

659 Esther, m. Masón Johnson. 

X40 Wxxxuii' SAmauB (Ama* Avery, 28S), b. Nov. 7$ S7u; xn- 
Dec X, X736b in Notth Stonington, Conn., by Rev. Joseph Fish, Mary 
Powers oí North Stonington, Conn., who ''dep'd April 4» 178& in ye yxst 
year of her age.** Children (b. in North Stonington, Conn.) : 

•|-d6o Jemima, b. May X4, X737: m- Jonathan Wiat Pdmer. 
tióx John, b. March xo^ X74a 

íEALocv op TUS Cresebioucr Family. 4S 

-1-^63 JoDM, b. May 4 1743; m. Lydia* Geer, (aoaN). (See her 

+€63 Mary, k Nov. 17, 1745 : m. Moses KimbalL 
664 Dcsire, k Oct 3» 174B; m. Nov. 4, 1772, Elísha Mceeh of Pr»- 

tofit Conn. 

New London Records: "Nov. 32, 1753. Jemimt Satterly a minor 
upward of la years, dan. to WiHiam, late of StoiL, dec'd, chooees her 
mocher, Mary Satterly, to be her guardián. Court appointt Maiy Satterly 
guardián to John, Joñas, Maxy» Desire^ minors tinder 14 years, nales; and 
danghters under 12 yrs., children of WilUaní Satterly late of Stoning- 
ton, Conn." 

141 Lbut. Bbnbdict* Sattiilib* (Anna Avery, aBS), k Aug. 10, 
1714, New London, Conn.; m. (i) Jan. id^ i73S-ft Elixabeth Crary (dan. 
of John and Prudente [White] (m. Oct 12, 1715) Crary), b. Dcc 26, 1717, 
Plainfield, Cénn. Children (b. in Stonington, Conn.) : 

664a Prudence*, b. Jnly 26^ X739-40L 
+665 William, b. Jaa 10^ 1740-1 ; m. Hannah Shcrwood. 

John, b. May 10^ 1742. 
-1-^66 Samuel, b. March 2, X744; nt Prudence Rathbooei 
-1-667 Nathaniel, b. March 4. 1746; n. (x) Dcborah ; m. (2) 

Maiy Haxtun. 
Ann, b. Jaa 20^ 1747-8; m. <— * Watson of Oakland, CaL 

141 LiBirr. Benboict' Sattibub n. (2) May id^ 17A Rschd Park 
(dau. of WiUian and Christobel Park), b. Oct S I730^ «mI d. Feb. 23, 
I77I- Children : 

John*, b. Oct 26; X7S& 
«|-d6B Elisha, b. May 12, 1760; d. Aug. 26^ xSa6; m. Cynthia Stevens 

(dau of Ira). 
-|-668a Bette, k June i, 1762; d. X852; n. Elias Mattisoa 

Rachd, b. May xy, X764; n. — * Scooe. 
•fddSb Dr. Elias, k June xx, 1768; d. 18x4. 
668e Daaid, b. Feb. xg^ I77i« 

144 AaiCAXL* Satuilib (Anna* Avery, 2BS), m. Aug. 12, X74X, 
Nathan Clark of Norwich, Conn.; lived in Plainíield, Conn. Children (b. 
in Norwich, Conn.) : 

+669 Willianí*, b. May xfl; X743; xn. Nov. 17, X769^ Kcxiah Morse of 

*Litttt Bcacdict Sattcrte*. om of th« fint iurty tcnlart of Wyomiag^ Pa. lio 
Mtf a coombímíob as Licsttaaat ia tbo Praoch aad Xadiaa Wan. '^SioDiagtoa s> 
I>ce. iTTa. thaa rte'4 of Samoal Satttrtea, loa to liast. Bcoadiet Sattcrko, «fiítMB 
ihiUiagi^ lawfid moncy lor hia adaiasioa iato tbo compaay of fltílitary advtmorcn, 
lar hia FaUícr'a Riflit. Ht hia lathar haviag ffivta A fraatcd hii Rig ht aa Licw. ta 
th« late war— to hia aai4 toa, A I promijad to hava hia oaoBa aarollcd ia aai4 
paay'a hook.** ''X am Gilca Roiaall, oso of tha racaivara of aaid company." 

GufiALooY or THB Cmwomwuüu Family. 

Nathao» b. Oct u. 1743. 

Abigai], b. Mifch jx. 174S 

Marj» b. Dee. xx, 1746; n. Mardi 31. 1774. Charles MUc of 

Isaac, b. Oct S I74& 
Lucy. b. Aof. 22^ I7sa 
Elisha, b. S^ 22, X752* 
Rcbdcab, b. Aug. 3, X75& 

Sarah* (day. oí WiUiam* aad Kcdah) daric, b. S^t 1% 1770^ ia 
Norwieh, Cena 

145 lÍAKf Sattiblib (Anua Avery» aBS)» b. June xti^ X789; n. Jnly 
X S744i by Joscph Fish, Dr. Benjamin Blodgctt (son oí WiUiam and Sarah 
Blodgett)» b. May X7t 1717* Children (b. tn Stonington, Conn.) : 

670 WiUian, b. March 24 1745; ¿ Match 2X, X74& 

^x Benjamín» b. Apríl xa, X74-; d. S^ 4, X754 

67a Maiy, b. Aug. St 1749* 

673 Anna, h. Dec 27, X75X ; d. S^t 2% X7S4* 

£74 WiUiam, b. Jone fl; X7S4. 

Da. Bbmjam XH Blomsxt m. (2) March 20^ X75S br Rcv. Joseph Fish, 
Abigail Swan, both of Stonington, Conn. (dati. oí William and Thankíul 
(Holmes] Swan), b. Aug. 6^ X733. Children (b. tn North Sto oi ng to n and 
Presión, Cona): 

Beiuamin, k Dec 29^ X7SS* 

Loor, b. Jaa xs, I759i 

Ennice, b. May 6, X76X; m. Nov. 29, 1781, Adam Crandall oí 

Westeriy, R* !• 
John, h. July xs X764. 
David, bi May 16^ 1267; m. Annie Smith. 
Nathan, b. Fcfa. 179 X77x« 
Mary, b. Sept 7» ^7741 d. Oct X7f X774; ""biVi» prnratdy Oct x6b 

X774, tfae child very sick.** 

X46 RnncA* Sattiblib (Aima* Avery, 28S), h. Mardi i, X724; nt 
May X4, X758^ Wareham Williams (son oí Isaac and Sarah [Denison] 
Williams), b. March 2X, X72X ; d. North Stonington, Cona Children: 

•l-^S Wareham*, b. Feb. Xft X7S9; d. Jaa xo^ 1844 North Stonington; 
la Aima* Stanton (958S). 
€76 Charles, b. July 6^ XTdoi 
-H577 Phebe, b. Dec x, 1761 ; d. Aug. X2, X822; m. Isaac Williams, 
•f^ Asa, b. Aug. X3, X7^; m. three times. 
-+679 Luke, b. Oct 26b X765; m. Frudence* Swan (X776S). 

GmiALocv or ths Chisibmoucb Family. 47 

r49 FkEiujivi* Satiulv (Anin* Avcry, iBS), m. June 2» i7S7t SanneL 
PielBer oí Groton, Conn. (ton of C^t Jmmet and Eliiabcth (S^ringtr] 
Pftcker). Childrai: 

6B3 Frcdove 

iSBis Samuel, n. — — Smiib of Lc4srmrd, Qma 

tt4 Rcbcoca, m. Stcpbcn Milto. 

6BS Thanklul. n. Amariah WUliama. 

tt6 WiUiam. 

6B|7 Gnrdoo» 

688 Sally, m. Sanferd AUyn (Brooklyn, N. Y.). 

6B9 Jetie. 

690 Polly. 

tst BuiRA* Avimr (Elisha% agS), b. Maidi m 17X7; vl Jan. JO^ 
174^ Rd)ceea Mínor (dan. of Samuel and Elizabeth [Brown] Minor). She 
wat h. Aug. 18^ 172a. Children (b. in Stonington, Ccnm.) : 

691 Rev. Joteph*, k Apríl 13^ 1743; d. Mardi % 1814» Vienma, N. Y. 

693' Elisha, b. Jan. 7» 1747: d. Oet 1776b Whitt Plains» N. Y. 

693 Rebccca, b. Sept 20, 1753; m. Feb. a6^ 1781, Samuel Donglati. 

694 Samuel, b. March ao^ 1755; <L Jaa 1% 1819; m. April 96, 1780^ 

Lydla Calkins» in Stonington. 

155 Abhik* Anonr (Jotiab*, 31 S), b. Apríl 7, 1790; m. 1746^ Eunioe 
HalL Cbtldren (from Aviry Cimatogy) : 

697 Abner» b. May h t748; m. Elipbal Sbattuck. 

696 Edmoodb. Dcc3i 1750; m. Sanb Rica; 

699 Amoa, h. 1752. 

700 Ambme» b. t757« 

70X Thuddeua» bi 1756; d. 00 Priton Sbip Jersey in Rcvolulionary 
•I-708 Bnnice^ b. liay 22, 1760; m. Bnoa Wbitner» X7^. 

167 AjfMAH* CKBatBMMiGB (Samuel\ 35S)« b. Feb. t% 17771 m. 
Sqit t9^ I744i Bbeneier Wbite of Long Iilandt N. Y. (ton of Deacon 
EInaf han ; Rev. Ebeneter of Brídgehampton, Long laland), b. 17331 d. Fek 
1I9 tflos. Children (b. in Bridgehampton, Long Itland) : 

703 EInathan, 

704 Rufna*. 

4-7QS Sila^ b. X74& 
-fToo Dr. Henty. 

+707 John. 

4-70B Sarah, m. Elihu HoweIL 

709 Samuel 

17X Chakles' Chisibbouch (SamuePt 35S). Quaitennaster, 1779^ on 
Sbip OUver Cramweil; d. 1780 duríng the Revolutíonaiy War, a prísoncr. 

48 CtNiAuey or ths Cbssebiwugh FAxav. 

a sea capuio; m. Fck 2» 1766^ Stonsngton, Coqil, Brídget* ChcaebrooKh 
(X17N), b. Sqpt ^ 1742, Stonington, d. Jan. iSijit Knox, Albany County, 
N. Y. ChíUlrai (b. in Stonington, Coan.) : 

710 David*, b. S^t 16^ 1766; d. 1799» New Orlcana, La.; a sea cap- 
tain; nnmairtcd. 
+711 Daniel, b. Jan. 39^ 1768; m. Anna* Dcnison. 
71a Mary, b. May i, 1770; d. Apríl as I&I9; n- Oct xi, 1818^ Will- 
iam Paclcer. s.11. 
+713 Bridget b. May i, 1770 (twin of abore) ; d. Jan. 3, 1831 ; n. 

William Elmendorff. 
+7x4 Phebe, b. Marcb ft X773 ; m. Raniesferd Henpstead. 
+715 (Anna) Nancy, b. S^ 7» 1774: »- Qenient Minor. 
7x6 Joshita, b. Jaa 7t Vn6\ d. in Cuba, a sea cagitain. 
717 Benedict A., b. Oct xa, 1777; d. in Jordán, N. Y.; n. Elizabeth 
Denison (Daniel and Dorothy). 

173 Wnxuif' CnsaaMUCH (Samtser, 35S), called "Silvcr BiU;" 
nL Dec 3» 176S by Rev. Nathaniel Eelli, Stonington, Dorothy Yoemana. 

+718 Jonathan*, b. Sept ao^ X768; n. Eonsce* Miner (679N). 
719 Dolly. 

7ao Lucretía, b. May 23, X77X; d. Marcb 4i 1797; n. Chesebrough* 

Marcb 6. X791 (68dN oí X73N). 

X77 Lucy' Chisiibough (William*, 37S), bap. Feb. aa, 1736, Ston- 
ington, Conn. ; m. Dec 8^ X743, Joseph Denison, «Seorfe; (Seorge and Merey 
((jorham), (Seorge Denison:), b. Jan. a6b X7a3. Children (b. in Stoning- 
ton, Gmn.) : 

-f-7a3 Nathaniel', b. 1748; d. X79S; m. Dcsire WiIcosl 
734 (¡eorge^ h. X7sa 

725 Locy. b- 17» 

726 Sarah, b. X7S4> 

727 Ann, b. X75& 

728 Hannah, b. X758; bl Dec xa, X771, David Qwnb (son oí Joseph, 

oí Westerly, R. L). 

729 Thankínl, b. 17601 

X76 Havnab* CBSsnaoucH (William*, 37S), m. June a» X74ft James 
Stanton Palmer (Daniel and Margaret [Smith] Palmer, m. March 25, X700b 
dan. oí Nehemiah Smith oí Groton), b. July X3, 1720^ d. June 20^ X794- (Sec 
LúMd Records, Stonington, Conn., VoL VI.) Children : 

+731 Eunice', b. FeU 4» I7S0 : d. Feb. xo^ x835 ; m. William Stantoa 
-1-732 William, d. Apríl x8; 1830; m. Mary Palmer (8X3S). 
+733 Haxmah, b. Nov. 4» X753; d. March 7, 1834; n- C^^ Andrew 

QatBjaoGY or tbs CnnoMiucB Family. 49 

734 Bridgct» b. Nov. I3| tTSS; <L Dec. 4» iSpt ae. 97 years; mmiamed. 
+735 Samuel, b. June s8^ 175B; m. (i) Hannah Edto. 
H-736 Mirgaret, b. Aug. 17, 1762; d. Aug. 31, 1837; n. George* Fümer 

+737 Lemuel, b. Nov. 16^ 1767; d. May 14» i8so; m. Abigail Davis 

738 Prudente, b. Aug. 13, 1769. 

+739 Desire, b. May flo^ 1779 ; m. RotwdP S. Palmer (8i6S). 

181 SutANiiAH' CnsmoDCH (Rev. Jercmiah*, 38S)» d. May 31, 
1768; m. Feb. i, 1753, Amoe Pendleton (ton oí William and Lydia [Bur- 
rowt] Pendleton of Wetterly, R. L)» a Revolntíonary aoldier, b. June 21, 
1738^ d. Nov. 23^ x83X, «. 93 yeara. Cbildren; 

741 Amot\ b. Nov. s» 1754» nL Fék 24 1781^ Katberine Davia. 
+743 Andrew, b. July 7% 175^; d. May 5. 1834; m. Abigail* Bümer 

743 Molly» bw Aug. 4, 1758; m. CapL Natban Barber. 

744 Zabulón, b. May 27» XTte; m. Oct xs 1780^ Tbankful Wella 

-f745 Cbarles, b. April 24 1763; m. Abigail Rhodea. 
746 Frederiek, b. June 13, 1766; lotí at sea Dec 1, 1790; m. Lucy 
Hinckli^ (dau. of Wyatt and Eunice [Brced] (fint wtíe) 

Aifoa Pnismoii, m. (2) Anna Foeter, who d. June s, 18x9^ & 76 yeara; 
Hved in Lotteryville (Avondale). Cbildren: 

Jonatfaan, bi Sept Xft 1769; d. 18x9; m. Locy [Hincldey] Pendle- 
ton, widow oí Frcderick. 

Catherine^ b. July 2a^ X771 • ib* Nathaniel Bamet, X79X« 

Aoora, k July 28^ X773; ^ I>«c. \6, 179a 

WiUiam^ b. July 23i I775> 

laaac, b. Nov. 22, X777; m. Aima b 

C^t Otía, bi May 7* 1780; d. May x8^ x8a8; m. Betaey Keiqron 
(dau. oí Joahua) oí Westerly, R. L 

Gilbert, b. Sept 7f 178a; m. (x) Margarct Rbodea oí Weaterly; 
m. (2) Celia Rbodea oí Weaterly. 

Harria, b. Nov. xy, X786; m. Maitha Kcnyon (dau.- oí Joaeph) of 

x8a JoBir' C n w a wHm H (Rev. Jeremiah\ 38), m. July aa^ XT^o^ 
RAeeca* Miz (24E). He waa Captain oí the Humming Bwd írom New 
London, ConiL, and waa loat off Cape Hatteraa. Cbildren: 

-f747 Charlea^ b. Dec. s I76>; m. Lydia Yoemana (755S). 

748 Rebeeca, b. Mardi 2, X764; la May X3, X782, David Fanniag; 
4749 Sarah, b. Sept 2X, X766; m. Thomaa Pftyne CottrelL 

$0 Gbjtbalogy or the CHCSKMtoucB Family. 

+750 Su&anna, b. July 23» 1769; d Apríl 2, tfl¡33; o. John Eldredge 
4*751 l^rvíni* d. April f .), 1794 ; m. Levi Spiccr. 

i93 EsTHiot' Chbssbmkigb (Rev. Jerentth*, 38), m. Nov. aa» 176X, 
Motes Yoemans. Childrcn: 

753 John\ h. Aug. 30^ 1761. 

754 Esther, b. Mareh is 1764. 

+755 Lydia, b. Apríl 14. 1766; m. Charles* Chescbrougfa (747S). 

756 Amos, b. May ai, 1768L 

757 David, bi July 4. 177a 

758 Amia, b. Aiag. 11, 1773; m. Jan. &, 1791, Chrístopher Stanton. 

759 PoUy, b. Sept is I77S 

760 Kctttrah, b. Oct 10^ I77& 

ifl^ Girr. JoMATBAM* Chssibbouch (Jonathan*, 39)» n. Jone ao^ 
176a, Esther* Chesebrough (apE)» bi Nov. 27, 1740^ in Stonington; d. Oct 
x8; 1809, tn her dad year. He was a sea captain and died at sea. Oúldren: 

+76X Asa\ b. Sept 15, 17^; m. (i) Sabrá Palmer; m. (a) Abigail' 
Stanton (82E) ; livcd in Comwall, N. Y. 

189 BusGR* CBisnaoucB ( Jonathan*, 39), m. Oct aa, 1759 (his second 
wtfe), Sylvester Baldwín (Theophilus, John), d. Oct 12, 1795, *^ Preston, 
CMin. Children: 

763 Theophilus, b. Ang. 27, 1760: d. 1781 ; munarried. ' 
+764 Sylvester, h. Nov. 13, 1761 ; d. 1795 ; m. twice. 

765 Willtam, b. Dec la, 1763; d Feb. 9b X7^ 
+766 Jonathan, b. Dec 24, 17^; d Sept x8a5, tn Pcnfield, N. Y.; n. 

Locy* Slack (310S). 
+767 Amia, b. June 27, 1768; m. Edward* Chesebroogh (1099S). 
+7^ Brídget, b. June 27, 1768 (twin oí above) ; d Dec. a7» iH7: hl 
1791, John Leray oí North Stonington. 
769 Priscilla, b. Oct 7i i77o; d 1788I 
+770 Amos, b. Jan. a, 1773; d Feb. 22, 1841 ; m. Jan. a» I793i Rd)eeea 
77X Thomaa, b. Dec 7t 1775 ; d yoong. j 
77a Phebe^ b. Apríl ai, ítt^; d Oct a^ 1ÍB61, tn Stonington. 

194 Tbomas' CBEsnaoucB (Joiuthan\ 39), m. Oct 15, X77S Joanna 
Tyler of Preston, Conn. Thomas Chesebrough was a soldier in the battle 
oí White Plains, N. Y. ; a Sergeant at Fort Gríswold ConiL, Esghth Regi- 
ment, Eighth Company, July 10^ 1775; also Corporal (See Conn. lien of 
the Rit^n,) His diary and oíd Bible are in possession oí Charles Edwin 
Chesebrcmgh. Children : 

773 Polly, b. Mareh 11, 1776; m. Thomas Manehcster. 

774 Anna, k Dec 28^ 1777. 

GsNBALOcy or ras Chisibbough Family. 51 

+775 Jonathan, b. April 1$. 1780; al Martha* Swan (1779S) (Jothua\ 
776 Anna, b. Dec ao^ 1781 ; d. Oct 17, 1803; m. Cape — ~— BdL 
+777 Eoniñ^ b. Dec. ao^ 1781 (twin) of abovc) ; nt John Corndl, Fcb. 

15, 1801. 
+77S Hcniy» b. Mareh 2$, 1784; <L June 15, i85i ; m. Haimah Bnrnett 
779 Dftu^ b. Feb. ft 1790; d. Feb. 12, 179a 

195S Joiipa* CanaaoucH (Joieph\ 40).ca]led*SerYeanCin.I>ec. 
99, 1763, Abigail* Herríck. Children: 

+780 Abigail» bap. Sept 21, 1766; d. Jaa 30^ 1806; m. Asariah Su»- 
ton. Jn 
781 Kate, b. Aug. 14» 17^; d. 1773- 
78a Elttabeth, b. Aug. 5. 1770; m. 

783 Eoiiice, bi Jan. 11, 1773; m. *-»- Braman, 

784 Frudencc, d. Dec. ix, 1792, in her a3<i yt^l ib- Feb. 7« I7m 

Hcniy Palmer, 

197 Samuil* Chisübougb (Jotcph, 40)» m. Jan. xo^ 1765» in Sum- 
ittgUm, Snbmtt Palmer (dao. of Nehemiah and' Submtt [Ptilmer] Palmer), 
bap. March 24 1745, ín Stonington, Conn., and d. Dec la, i835, m, 91 ycara. 
Biiríed in Weqoeteqtiock. 

+7SS Jctie% b. Jone ao^ 1765; d. June 24 1830; m. Maxtha Pntnam. 
786 Thankful, b. Jnly 24 1766; d Mareh i, 1838; m. Zebulon* Han- 
cox (3>6S). 
+7Q7 BlsM, b. April 15. iTtt; ¿ Feb. 22, 1848; m. Lucretia Pahner. 
+788 Ezra, b. Dec 27, 1769; d. FeU I3i 1838; m. Sally Pahner. 
+789 Simeón, b. Dec 7$ 177^1 d May 9^ 1845; m. Abigail* Slack 


+790 Renben, k April 30^ 1773; d. Auf. 19^ 1830; m. Deborah Sheflidd. 
+791 Lois, b. Jmic 14 X775; d. Oct ii, x8st ; m. Jedediah Piitnam. 
+793 Sabrá, b. Nov. 23i 1777; d. Oct 20^ 1854; vl Charlea* Phillipi 

+793 Sttbmit, b. Jan. 10^ 1780; d. May 4 x8s7i hl Samisd Thompson. 
+794 Joaeph,'b. Jaa 2X, X783; d June x, 185X ; m. BeCscy Babcock, 
+79S Rhoda, b. Oct 27, X783; d Sept i, x8ox; unmarried 
+796 Mercy, b. July 27, X785-Ó; d Oct x8^ X864; »• Thomas* R. 

Chetebroogh (1083S). 
+797 Samuel, b. Nov. 25, 1788; d May 24 1858; m. three timea. 

198 Maiy* CBBSoaouGH (Joseph*, 40), m. Nov. X7» I7te (first wife). 
Asa Phillipi oí Platnfield, Conn. (son of Jonathan and Esther Phillipi), b. 

•nfathaaki X>rw aadAbigaO. «Mw of JoMph ClMMbrovfh im(S). mmaUá fai 
the ytsff 177»— SvidMcti, Isaac md Frtéhaw Shcflkid. ChUdfvai Samad, ao% bb 
Odohtr u^ t797S Joaaph Qiciabfoacli, aoa, bb Novaaibar afr tiSab"— Phft ai^ Book jb 

59 " GsMBALomr or mi CiusmouGB FAicar. 

April 6^.1737» in Pretton, Cona» d May 31, ITM in Plainñeld, Conn. He 
m. (2) Lou r^rkjk OiUdren (b. in Plainfíeldt Cónn.) : 

79B Asa,Jr. 

799 Bithsheba, b. Feb. A, 1762. 

800 Daríni» b. Oct aS^ 1764- 

801 Muy, b. Sept aa, iT^Qj- 

-f8oa Charka, b. Oct ix» 1774; n- Dcc aa» xtm Sabrá' ChetcbroiiKh 
(792S). (Sea her Record). 

aorS Saiau* CKXSBaaooGH (Joicph\ 40S), n. (tccond wiíc) 
March 18^ 1774* CqiL WilUaní Greene; both were membert oí the Seventb 
Day Baptítt Oiurcb in Wettarly, and remoyed latar to Voluntown, Conn. 
Chtldfcn (bi in Hopldnton, R. L» and Volontowttt Conn.) : 

-faoxa Jttdsth\ b. Nov. aa, 1774! m. Eli Colgrove, X79& in Voltintown. 

Margaret, b. July 5, 1776; d. yoong, 
-faoxb Sarab, b. Oct I7i X777; m. Noy. 16^ ITM Cal^ PMtar. 

Hannab, b. April 13, 1779. 
•faoxc Elisba Cbeaebrough» b. Fcb. 13, 1781 ; m. Mabala Fisb» in Volnn- 

John» b. June xx, 1783. 

Nathansel, b. March 3. 1784. 

Prudence, b. Oct 3X, X7$S- 

Coggeahall, b. Ang. 39^ 17^; n. Feb. xa, x8i2» Contení Rcyndda» 
in VoluntowxL 

Thomas, b. Sept 39^ X790l 

Cipt William Greene m. (x) Jan. 35, X756^ Judtth Rathbone (dan. oí 
Samuel Rathbone and Elixabeth Dodg^ who were m. March XS X713» >n 
Weaterly, R. L), in Charleatown, R. L, and two oí thetr tona n. daughtera 
oí Sarah* Cheaebrough (a64S) Johnaon. 

aoiaS Junmi* Ganm (Sarah' Chesebroogh, joxS» Joaeph, 40S), 
d. in Truxton, N. Y., Sept 14» x8¡39; n. in Voluntown, Conn., £U Cole- 
grove (ton oí Benjamin and Sarah [Colegrove] Colegroveoí Voluntown). 
Thcy were íannera and aettled in Truxion, Cortland Coonty, N. Y., where 
he d. Feb. 1846^ «. 73 yeara. Chüdren: 

Lucinda, b. X796; xn. Stephen Soper; lived in Pompey, N. Y. 
Sally, b. Jan. aS, X79B; d. Oct 6^ x{B4, in De Ruyter, N. Y.; n. 

oeorge isuroicit 
Fannie, b. Aug., x8oo; n. «— • Sturdevant; lived in Cattarau- 

gua, N. Y. 
Di StiUman, b. Oct, 1801; d. xSSa; m. (x) Didamia Wella; m. 

(3) Mrs. Betscy [Wilcox] Savage; lived in Tmxton, N. Y. 
Mariah, b. Sept, 1803 ; m. Samuel Pairee ; lived and d. in Tnix« 

ton, N. Y. 
Roena, b. x8o5; d. 1874; m. Hiram Pretton; lived in Lincklean, 

Chenango County. 


WUliam Avery, b. 180B; m. Olive Davtdson; Uved in Gene- 

tcOi N* Y* 
AÉMmtt b. Jone 8; 1810; m. (i) Barber J. Cardner (or Codner) ; 

m. (2) Frítz Gmrner, and lived tn Lockleaii, Chenango 

Countjt N« Y* 

dQibS Sally* Gbbsiib (Sarab* Oiesebrougb, dpiS. Jotepb, 40S)» 
d. 1854; m. Caleb Potter (ton oí Incom and Elisabeth [Arnold] Potter), b. 
Richmond, R. L, June ai, I774f d. Aug. 4 1848L Children : 

Hon. Elisha, k Fek 23» 1801 ; d. Apríl a, 1888; m. Noy. 28; iSaa» 

Taqr Newton (dan. oí Jabea and Hannab). 
Betaey» d. March 8; 1867; m. Jan. as 1821. CmvL Charles W. 

Thompson (1798*1851), son oí Moscs and Ann [Brown]. 

aoieS EuaBA* CHisgaaoucH Gama (Sarah Chesebroiigh, 201S)» 
b. Wcsterly, R. I.; d. CóonsYille, Otsego Coontyi N. Y., Jan. 18^ IJB37; n- 
tn Volontown, Conn.» Mahala Fish» b. Aug. ag^ 1780^ in Volontown» and d. 
West Edmeston (CoonsviUe), N. Y., Sept 24 i8ss. He first settled tn 
Brookfield» N. Y., and removed to West Edmeston, N. Y.; a shoemaker. 
His widow, Mahala [^sh] Greene, m. (2) Apríl 24, 1841, in West Edmes* 
ton, N. Yt Daniel Coon oí that place Oiildren (b. tn Volnntown, Cona, 
and Brookfield, N. Y.) : 

Liicr» h. Dec 4f 1803; d. Aug. ic^ 1838; in Brookfield, N. Y.; m. 

David Burdidc 
Varíety, k Dec 4, 1804; d. Dec. 31, i88Qi In West Edmeston, 

N. Y. ; m. Benjamín Stillmaa 
Sally, h. Hay S, 1806; d. Jan. i, 1885, tn Leonardsville, N. Y.; 

m. John L. Oark. 
WUliam O., \k Dec ic^ 1807; d. 1891, tn Caliíomia; m. Francés 

Elisha, C Jr., k Dec 14, 1809; d. Dec 23, i83i, in Leonarda- 

viUe^ N. Y. ; uimiarríed. 
Oarínda, b. March 27, 1812; d. 1476^ tn Saginaw, Mich.; m. 

Nathan Brand. 
Washington S., b. June 3i 1814; Uved in Saginaw, Mich. 
Almira, b. June 3i 1816; d. Dec 31, 1849; m. Samuel Bruid, 1849. 
Burton A., h. July 7$ 1818; d. 1868; m. Imogene Baboock. 
Fanny S., h. July 27, 1821; d. Aug. 14» 1848; m. Rud V. Bnr» 

dick, 1841. 
Dau., b. aiid d. Aug. as 1822. 

Descendants in Greene Genealogy Iqr Frank Uewellyn Greene oí Brook- 
Ijm, N. Y* 

209 LucaanA* PAUcaa (Mary* Chesebrough, 42), m. Jan. 8^. 1751-^ 
Amos Whiting (son oí John and Phebe [Hallam] Whíting), h. Jan. i, 
I739*irbap. Jaa 3, I73X- Children: 

80S Wdthian*, h. May 27, 1752; d. young. 

54 GtmALOCY op tbx Cbishiouch Family. 

806 Nadum» b. March 3, 1754. 

807 WcIthiaQ. btpi Dec iq, 175& 

an LocY* Paucu (Mary* Oietcbrotigfa, 43), d. in Sto oía g u m Aog. 
i& 1776; »• Jone 21, 1754 Ca^ Andrew Palmer (son oí Dr. Nathaa and 
Phcbe [BiUings] Palmer), b. Oct ai, 1738; lott at sea while capuin oí a 
prÍYatccr; served m Revolntíonary War, 1775: be n. (a) Dec 14 1778L 
Hannah Palmer (733S). (See her Record.) Childm: 

-fSxa Phebe\ K 1757; <i. April aa^ 1787; m. Naboch* Chcsébroogh 

(34E). (See his Record.) 
-i-813 Mary, m. William* Palmer (732S). (See his Record.) 

814 Pmdenceb m. John WUliams. 

815 Robert; served tn Revolutton, a prísoner on the Jirs^f. 

-I-816 Roewell Salí, b. Aug. i, 1766; d. March 7, 1844; m. Desire* 

Ihitmtr (759S). (See her Record.) 
-f^7 Georgc^ m. Hargaret* Palmer (7368). (See her Record.) 

ao5 Kathaitiil' Palmie (Mary* Chesebrough, 4aS), m. Aug. 18^ 
176$, («race Nqyes (dan. oí James and Grace [BilUngs] Noyes), \k Dec 
20, 1746; d. Noy. afl^ 18x8^ «. 73 years. Children: 

830 Paal\ b. M^T ^ 17^; d. Sept 17. 17^ m. 3 momhs. 
•f8in Nathaniel, b. Dec 15, 1768; d. StpL 37, 1819; m. (1) Nancjr 

Phelps; m. (a) Mercj Brown. 
+833 (Sracc, b. May 35, 177a; d. 1846; m. Capt Richard Dnrlec 
. 4^3 í»^ b. Feb. 14. 1775; <L Dec a5, 1833; m. Sally Potter Denison. 
824 Mary, b. May 3, 1777; d. Aug. 4, I777f «• 3 months. 
-f835 Polly, k Jaa 3i, 1780; d. Feh. 13, 1861 ; m.. Noyes Brown. 
4826 Betscy, b. Sept 3> 1795: m. David* Chesebrough Smith, 4096(S). 
-1-827 Warren, k March 8^ 1788; d. Jaa 3i, 1833, in his 36Ü1 year; m. 
Marcia Denison. 

ao6 David* Palmb (Mary Chesebrough, 43), m. Ñov. 35, I773i 
Abiffúl (jardncr (dau. of Thomas» oí Wesierly, R. I.). "David Pfthner 
kflled at Fort (mswold Sept 6, 1781, leaving his widow with 3 small 
children.'* (His widow m. (s) CÍct 31» 1784, (korge Denison. Jr.« in 
(¡roton» Conn.). Children: 

8a8 Mary\ m. (i) Thomas Barber; m. (3) «— — Kibbc 
839 Pttty« m. Harry Niles 01 Centre Crotón» Conn. 

307 Maiy Palmie (Mary Chesebrough, 43), m. Jan., I774f Jesse 
Brown (son oí Benjamín and Abígail [Marsoon] Brown: David, Jeremiah, 
Chad), b. April ii, I745i in Westerly, R. 1.; d. June ift 1833, c 77 yean. 
""My honored morher dcparted this li£e July 11, 18139^ aged 86 yrs. My 
honored íather departed this liíe Jone X9b 1823, aged 77 yrs.** (From 
Bro^n Bible.) Children: 

+833 Jesse, b. SepL 3, 1774; d. Aug. 3, 1828, m. 53 years; m. Sally 

Genealogy or ths Chxsebhough Family. 55 

833 Blary, K Mftfch 23, 1776; d. Apríl 19, x8o6b ae. 30 yean; n. 
Richard Jeromc 
4-934 Dftvid P^ b. Oct 11, 1782; d. Scpt 12, xfllSSt «• 5^ ytart 11 
montht; m. Fumy £. Chidwidc 

835 Lacy P^ b. Dec 12, 1784; Hving in 1881 ; unnuuried. 

836 Bcnjaimn, b. Nov. 17, 1789; d. June 25» 179a 

210 Abigail* Chusbíougb (Dftvtd« 45)f ol (i) Oct 20^ 1760^ Alex- 
aader Gnnt» » Brítiih officer tutíoncd'at Newport, R. I., duríng tbe Revo> 
Ittüonary War. (From Newport Town Records.) Oitldren: 

+840 Eliisabeth, b. Jan. I7t 1763 ; m. Edward Smith of Groton, Cónií. 
841 Abigail Chetebrough. 

^n icttlemcnt of ettate oí David Chetcbrougii, late of Stonington, are 
the íoUowing extracU: 'Sept 28^ 1785. Rcc by mt, Edward Smtth, Sept 
2fl^ X78S for tny wile Elixabeth» granddaughter of David Chcsebrougfa ; 
Rcc by me, Abigail Grant, Sept 28^ I78s« for my daughtert Elizabeth and 
Abigail Chesebrough; Rcc Iqr me, Abigail Chctebrotigh Grant, SepL ^ 
1785» lor my honored mother and sistcr Elisabeth; Rcc by me, Edward 
Smith» Scpt 28; X78S for my honored mother Mrt. Abigail Grane ; Rcc by 
me, Edward Smith, Scpt 28^ 1785, for my iitter Mím Abigail Chescbrotigh 
Gruit and my said wife Elizabcth Smith.* ** Extract from a Icttcr wríttcn 
by Edward Smith, ^tonington» May & 1797, to Mr. Jones at Boston : The 
Mr Mwnford did all that Lay in their powcr to Break the WtU of Thom* 
Chesebrongh, that their mother, who was a sistcr to Mr Thomas & David 
Chesebrough, might come in as an heir." 


213 Thomas* MuMroaD (Abigair Chesebrough, 47), m. (1) Dec 7, 
1732, Catherine Havens (dau. of Jonathan and Catherínc [Nicoll] Havens 
of Shchcr Island, N. Y.), b. May 29^ i73Si ^ Dec 2, 1778^ in 44^ ycar. 
(From her tombttone in Anticntist burying ground, New London, Coon.) 
Thomas Mumiord was acttvely engaged duríng and through the Revo- 
lutiooary War. After the War he removed from Groton to Norwich» 
Cona, where he d., aged 70 years. He was also a West Indian trader. 

H-847 Catherine b. Scpt 16^ 1754; d. Scpt 7» iBos; m. Capt Peter 
848 Thomas ChesebnNigh, b. March 22, 1756; d. Oct 18, 1764, in 9th 
ycar; buried in New London, Coon. 
-fAl9 Gíks, b. April 16, 1759: m. Charlotte Woodbrídgc 

850 Son, b. Attg. is 1760; d. next day. 
-{-851 Hannah, b. .May 12, 1767; m. Gen. Zcchariah Huntington. 

852 Dau., k Scpt XI, 1769; d. next day. 

853 Francés, b. June 23, 1771 ; d. 3 months oíd. 

•H^ Benjamín Maveridc, k July ^ 1772; d. March 20^ x843t c 70 
years; nL Harriet Bowcrs. 
8SB Anne. b. itta. 

S6 GnncALOGY or tbs CHumoooB Faiulv. 

Tbüm Att' MuMFOKD, OL (a) Maich 9b 1780^ Ano Saltoostall (dan. oí 
GcP« Gurdon and Rcbccca [Wisithrop] Stltontttll), b. Fcb. 2^ i7d9-40^ d. 
Noy. a itei* At New Haven» Conn. One cfatld: 

856 Anne*» b. Jaa 15, 1782; d. Nov^ 17^ 

ai4 David* Mumfobd (AUgiil Chesebroiigh).ni.Joaei,i7s8,Rebec- 
ca SaltontuU (dau. oi Gen. Gurdon and Rebecca [Winthrop] Saltonstall). 
by Rev. Matber Byles, in New London, Conn.; b. Dec 31, 1734: d. Oct ai* 
iSia, In New York City; buried in CoUegiate Dntcb Cburcb Vault» Naaian 
Street, New York City. An officer in tbe Revoltttionary War. David* 
Miimford d* in New London, Conn., May 1807. in bit 77tb year. ** Here lies 
tbe Body oí David Miimford, in expectation of tbe latt Day. Wbat lort of 
man be was, tbat Day will diacover.** (Wrítten by bimself.) Cbildren: 

8s6 David*, b. Dec. ao^ 1759; d. Féb. ax, 1S23. in New York Gty; 

OL Ann PeanalL 
4-857 Rebecca S., b. Aof. x, 1761 ; d. May s 1811, in Grocon; m. R6bert 

-f85S Gurdon S., b. Jan. ag^ 1764; d. Apríl 30^ 1831, in New Yoric Qty ; 

nt (x) Ann Van Zandt; m. (a) Lctitia Van Torea 
-1-859 Abigail C b. Apríl x8^ 1767; m. Tbompton PhiUipe. 
860 WiUiam Chetebirougb, b. Marcb 5, 1769; d. Oct 8, x8o8; in New 

York Gty. iConn. CúMtU.) 
•{-861 Thomas, b. Jnly X3, 1770; d. Dec xa, 1831» in Cayuga, N. Y.; ol 

Mary Sbddon Smttb. 
863 John, b. Féb. xx, X77a; bap. in St James's Churcb, New London, 

ComL, Apríl, i8x6b adult 
+863 Ann, b. Oct 3> 1773; d. x835;m. John T. Daiyea. 
-1-864 Silas Dean, b. May ao^ X777; <L 1840; m. Ruth HoUitter. 

ax6 Abicau* Mumfobd (Abtgair Chesebrougb, 47)» tn- J^ui. xx, X7S9 
(Norwich Records), Asa Lord (son of Eleazer and Zerviah [Leffingwell] 
Lord), b. Oct S X73fi^ in Norwich, Conn. Cbildren (b. in Norwich, Conn.) : 

-f865 Haimah, b. May a4, x^— ; d. Apríl 7i 1836; m. Capt Rnfus Avery. 
+866 Mary Ches^^rough, b. June x8^ X76X ; d. Sept a^ x846^ al Remsen, 
N. Y.; m. James Sheldon. 

FijrAmi LoBD, tbe frther of Asa, m. (a) AbigaiP [Chesebrougb] Mum- 
ford (47), tbe mother of Asa's wife, in X754. Esute of Asa Lord of Nor- 
wich inventoríed March 13, 1767* Will of Deazer Lord, dated X773, men- 
tíons "wife Abigail, granddaughters Hannah and Mary, cbildren of my 
son Asa ; my grandson. Asa, son of my son Nathan. Inven'y Apríl 4, X786.'' 
(Norwich Records.) 

ax7 JouM^MuiiPoaD (Abigail^ Chesebrougb, 47), b. Dec 3, X740; d. 
July 14, 1825, in 86th year; m. May X3, 1770, Lucretia Christophers (dau. 

Gsnbaijogy ur ras CH£stnoiiCK Family. 

of Jolin and Jenitha (Gardnier] Chríitopheri), h. Jan. ift I7M >n Saleo, 
Cooa; d March ift 1825» in Salan, Cónn.; lived in Lyme» Conn. Childrcn: 

•ffltt Elisabcth, h. Mafdi 9S» t77x; d Fck ai, 179S; n Nathanid 

Shaw Woodbrídgc 
+869 Manfi k Apríl 17, 1774; d Maich 25, 1830; m. EUaa Perldnai 

B^ Liicretia, b. Dcc I5t 1775» d. Ang. 30, 178a 
+871 Catheríne, b. Ang. 22^ 1777; d Ang. ao, x8i6; nL Dr. Isaac 
8^ Sarah, h. Jnl^ & 1780; d Jnly 21, 178a 
+873 Lneretía, k Ang. 10^ 1785; d. Apríl 6» 1871; m. Anthony 
874 Abigail Chríüophefi, b. June 37, 1791 ; d Oct 10^ 180S ia New 

The baficitnia of John Mumford and that of hit &thcr in Records of 
Wickford, Namgansett" (From letter of Dr. Hallam to Catheríne Thoap- 

aai Abmail* Ihoiuüíak (Maty Cheschrongh, 48), d Aprtt 7, 1770; 
nu May 31, 1764. Nathan Lord (son of Eleaser and Zerviah [Lcflbgwelll 
Lord), h. Oct 16^ 1738^ d Oct i, 1833* Childrcn (h. in Norwich, Conn.) : 

B75 Pcggy*» (Margaret) k Harch 6, 1765; d June ^ 1793; nL Feh. 
M» iTQSf John Hasen. 
-1-876 Asa*, h. Oct 6, 1767; d Apríl o, 1818; ul (i) Jan., 1796» Mary 
Rudd (d Dec. aa, s8u); nL (a) Lncrctia Dearboni, Dec. 
ao^ 1814. 

Natbam Lord, ul (a) Oct 31, 1771» Mary Ncvins (dan. of David and 
Mary [Lathrop] Nevins of Canterbury, Cornt, ul in 1746; Mary Lathrop 
(dan. of Simón and Martha [Lathrop] Latlirop), ul in 1714; Simón 
Lathrop k t68g^ in Norwich, Coon.; Martha, dan. of Israel Latfaiop of 
Norwich, Conn. Seven childrcn k in Norwich, Cona, and aeven in 

Franklin. Conn.: 

Son, d in miañar. 

Hannah, b. Sept 30^ '773; <L Sept, 1853; m. Dec. la, I793i Asa 

Charles, b. Feb. is 177S; d. Féb. 6, t8i30; m. Dcc ift 17M Abi- 
gail Lee (dan. of Rev. Andrew and Ennice [Halll Lee). 
David, b. Oct í6, 1776; d March aa^ 1791- 
Mary, b. Aug. o, 17?^; d i85S; »• Nov. tft 17M OUver AbdL 
Gnrdon, b. Jnly s x^í d. Oct 16^ 1866; m. Oct, 1804 Sarah 

Rnfns Lathrop^ b. March 13, 1788; d May ts i859: immarried 
Nathan, b. Jan. 3i 17S4; d. Oct 10^ 180B; nL ^ 

Lydia, b. Sept ^ 178S; <L Apríl ic^ 1865; m. May 8; 1818, Chann- 
cey Perkins. 

S8 Gbmsalocy op thb CassmoiíGH Family. 

Lyndfi^ k March 17, 1787; d. A|»rU 2^ 1857; ol Jan. 31, iflai, 

ITItCim irOaltT, 

Ekaser, bi Scpt ft 1788; d. Jnne 3i i47i : m. (i) Oct, 1824, Elita- 
beth Pienon; m. (a) Dcc 30^ 1835, Ruth Thompson. 

Henrr, b. Scfit ii, 1790; d. Nov. 3, 1836; m. Sarah Brooks. 

David, b. March 4, 1793; d. July 14, 1880; m. Eltaa J. Lyon. 

Thomas, h. March 17» 1794; d. Fck IS i879; «. Jaa s 1824. 
Eliza Andersoa 

. 224 Maby* Incbabam (Mary* Chesebroogh» 48S), b. May 37, 1744; 
m. Gcorg e Smith. 

from Land Records in Lebanon, Conn.: "Benjamín Ingraham 
and Anne Ingraham, both of the G>ttnty oí Newport and Colony of Rhodc 
Island, scU íor Í43 to Elisha Hyde of Lcbanon, land 'bcing that pan 
which was sel oí! to us by persons proper l y qoalified Iqr Superior 'G>nrt, in 
right of onr mother Mary Ingraham, dec'd, daughtcr of Mary Chccse* 
borona South east comer of land sct off in the right of Abigail Lord, 
thence northward Iqr the highway to a west stone standing in the South Une 
of said Abigail's lot'" (iT^a) 

[Signed] ''BBiiy. IiroiAiukic. 

''Ahnb Ihcsauam. 


'^ABY CBBsnoaouGB. 
TNcwport, July i8,.i7€a- 

'Idr. Benj. Ingraham and bis sister Anne Ingraham appeared beforc 

me^ the subscriber, and acknowledged the above. 

[Signed] ''Chablis Biaux, Justicc of Pesce." 

Lébamou Land Rgatrd, Book 11, page 317. 

Tlathan Lord of Norwich and bis wife Abigail, which Abigail is onc 
of the children and heirs of Mary Ingraham, late of Newport, dec'd, deed 
to Elijah Hydc^ Jun., % of x-3 of 100 acres in Lebanon, which was the 
estáte of Mary Cheeseborough, late of Stonington, dec'd, and sct oí! to 
the heirs of the s'd Mary Ingraham, dec'd. Dated October 31, X766L'' 

''Gcorge Smith and wife Mary, daughter of Mary Ingraham, dec'd, deed 
away Ü of 1-3 aeres, in iTdy." 

''Elesaer Lord, of Norwich, and bis wife Abigail in her right, deed about 
ciglit acres in Lebanon, sct off to her, of the estáte of Mrs. Mary Cheese* 
borough, late of Stonington, dec'd. Dated 31 October, 1768." 

"Benjamín Ingraham and Ann Ingraham of Newport deed to Elijah 
Hyde, Jun., of Lebanon, I7yí acres, the right of our mother, Mary Ingra- 
ham, dec'd, daughter of Mary Cheeseborough, dec'd." 

These abstracts of Lebanon deeds show that Abigail, wife of Nathan 
Lord, was the daughter of Mary Ingraham, and granddaughter of Mary 
Qieeseborough of Stonington, and that Eleaser Lord married Abigail, the 
aunt of Nathan Lord's wife AbigaíL It also appears that Mary Qieese- 
borough left three heirs, and her daughter Mary Ingraham left four (4) 
heirs, so that each of these latter rec'd % oí 1-3 of the esute; these four 

GiNBALocy or thb Chsssbiough Family. ¡g 

hcin oí Mary lograham wcre Abigail, wife of Nathan Lord; Manr, wife 
of Georgc Snúth, ind Benjasntn ind Anne Ingraham oí Newport» R. L 

aas Akma' Inoabam (Manr* Cheaebrough, 48)» d. Noy. 5, 1809^ «. 
63 ycftn; nt Oct 24 17B2, 1^ Rcy. Nathaniel Eells, Ca^ Peleg Brown 
(hif second wife)» (ton of John and Dorothy (Noyes] Browm of Newport, 
R. I., who Ihen lived in Stontngton), d. Apríl 13, 1796^ In hts 54th year. 
(See Appendix— Willi.) Both are buríed tn Robinson Ground, Stoning* 
ton, with Iheir childrea ChUdren: 

877 Ahigail*, b. Aug. 6, 1783; d. Sept 8^ I783, m. 2 months. 

B7S Peleg, b. Aug. M, 1784; d. Aug. 18; 1784. 
+679 Nanqr, b. Jttly 16^ I7fi^¡ m. Jonathan' Pbelpe (15558). 

880 Peleg, b. Apríl s iÍ97* 
+881 Mary (PoUjr) Smith, b. Apríl 30^ 1789; d. Aug. 16^ 1866; m. 
Nathan Sunton, Aug. ao^ i8ia 

From Peleg Brown'i Bíble (which contatns birtha of their children) : 
"I wat marríed to Nancy Ingraham, a niece of 'oíd "Ktng David" Cheae- 
brough,' Oetober 24 X78a."— P. B. 

Cavt. PiLic Bbowh (ton of Peleg and ), m. (i) Apríl 14. I77^ 

Mercj Dentson (John and Rebeoca [Noyes] (third wife) Deniíon), bap. 
1754 d. Sept 82, 1781. Children: 

Hercy, h. July 22, 1777; vl Nathaniel* Pahner, Jr. (8218). 
Peleg, b. March x6b 1779; d. Mareh 20^ 1780^ in 2d year. 
Betsey, b. June 29^ 1781 ;'m. 8tiles* Phelps (X5528). 

227 8uaAKMA* BoLTOM (John% 50), nt March 23» 1740^ Jabea Cowing^ 
Jabea, Abisha, Reuben, Baijamin. 

aag Euzahtu* Bolioic (John^ 50), m. 1733, Joseph Thompson 
(Peter, John), d. Jnly x, 1778; of smallpox; lived in Halifax, Vt 

893 Betty, h. 1734; d. x8a8; m. 1762, Nieholas Wade of Halifax, Vt 

894 Joseph, nL Jerusha Wood. 

895 John, h. Oct I4> 1737» «a» Bisbee. 

896 8arah, k April xy, X74X ; a Luther Keith (Ebcneser) of Brídge* 


897 Hannah, b. May 19, X748; d. March 7» 17SS 

230 Hakkab* Boltom (J<4m*, 50), m. Peter Thompson (Peter, J<^n), 
d. Noy. 2, 179X, in his 9xst year. Two children of Hannah d. ixi infancy* 
He m. (2) Lydia Cowing; afker 1747. 

231 MAaTHA* BoiffOK (John*, 50), m. March 4, X744 Joah Wtllts 
(son of Joshua and Comfort: John of Duxbury, Mass.), d. Jan. 4, 1805, 

éo GKHMAhoot m ms CnssmoucH Fauilv. 

in hit 90tli ycir; liv<cd and dicd ia oíd Brídgcwater, Mast. Cbildreo (k ic 
Biidgewater, Masi.) : 

900 John» b. 1745; m. (i) 1774 Abihail Conint (diu. o£ John). 

901 Joabb b. 1747; nL 1773^ Alicc Rkkard and removed to New 

Yoric State. 

903 Martfaa, h. 1740- 

903 Hezektah, h. 1751. 

994 Timothy, h. 17S3- 

(QS Cakbk b. I755> 

906 Riith, h. 1757* 

907 Jothua» b. 176a 

90B Exra, d. nnmarried Noy. 6^ 1813, aged 47 years, Brídge* 

909 Jacob, m. and removed to Mainc^ 

332 JoHM* BoLTON (John*, 50), m. Elsxabeth Hayward; d. 1801, c 
76 yean. Children: 

+9x1 Mary, b. 1753; m. 1773, Joteph Bolton, Jr.» 243S. (See hU 

913 Ann, b. 1754 ; m. 1777» Jeremsah» b. 1753 (ton oí Jonathan and 

Elkabeth [French] Pratt). 
9x3 John, b. X756; m. Betiejr Dana o£ Boston, Maas. 
9x4 Betty, b. X76a 


335 Jamii* LaoKABD (Sarah* BoUon, 53), m. I72fft Jemima Herford. 

9x5 James; (9x6), Rnny; (9x7), Susannah. 
9x8 Samad, m. Axma WetherelL 

•A- •• 
338 Srh* Liokaid (Sarah* Bolton, 53), m. Jan. aa^ 1750^ Ruth Hom. 

9x9 William, b. Hay 37t X75i; d. X833; m. (x) Hannah Thajrer; 

m. (3) Dinah Buit 
930 Samuel, b. X754; d. Feh. 3fl^ X776; m. Martha Fidd. 
93X Seth» m. «^^m— i JtM«#fcii 

933 Barñey, m. Phébe Bassett, X7Sa 

9:^ Sarah, m. Dec. 34, X79a^ Nathanid Fidd, Jr. 

934 Ruth, b. X764; d. Sept 6^ xSaó; m. Esra Eddir. 

935 Daniel 

343 JosEPH* BoLToir (Joseph\ 57), m. X773, Haiy* Bolton (9nS), b. 
X753. (332S) Children : 

Philip» b. X774; Deli veranee, b. X78X; Betty, b. X788; Joseph, b. X776; 
Barzilli, b. X783; Mary; John, b. X77S; Zimri, b. X786¡ Silenee. 

GnuALoer or tbb CHnmoDOH Family. 6i 

149 Akwa* SrAirroír (Manr* Chescbrougli, 6o), m. May a6^ 1736^ 
Roben (Tbomas and Humldul [Denison] Sumoo), b. July IJ, 171& 
Defccndantt are Mayflowera. 

93S Cynthia» bap^ Oct i^ 1737; umnaiTied. 
996 Robert, k March 16, 1739; nt Dec 7, 1769^ Sabrá Palmer. 
+937 Mary, bai». Noy. 8^ 1741 : m. Dec a, 1764. CoL Harry Babcock. 
930 Amñ, b. Aug. as 1745» «• I^cc. 14, 17^ James AUyn, Jr., 

oí GroCon. 
939 AUgaU, b. May i, 1748; m. Nov. 33» 1766^ Samuel HasanL 
*HM0 Tbomas» b. 1750; m. Apríl as I77i» Eltaabetb Cbes^rougb 

(33E). (See ber Record) 
941 Tbankful, b. 175-; m. Aug. ao^ 177a, Lodowick Stantou, aa 

offieer ín tbe Colonial Ainqr» War oí tbe Rcvolution. 

aso llAmr* SrAinoir (Idary Cbeaebrough, 60), m. Jan. 9^ 17A Samuel 
Masón. Oiüdren: 

-f94a Mary, bapi Aug. la^ 1744; su- Dr* Jonaiban Gray. 
943 Samuel» d Dec. 23» I75X» ^ged 8 years. 

asi Danul* Stajcton (Mary^ Cbesebrougb» 60)» d Aug. a^ 1791 ; m. 
Oct 6f 1740^ Mary Eldredge. Children (b. m Stonington» Conn.) : 

950 Maty» b. June I, 174^; d March 7» i839; a ^759» Edward 


951 Daniel, b. Feb. xa» 1743; d. 1747* 

9Sa James» b. Féb. 17» 1745; d S824. Crown Point» N. Y.; m. 
Hannah Alexander. 

953 Abigail, b. March 6^ 1748; d young. 

954 Daniel, b. July 3. i75o; d young, i7Sa 

955 Pbebe» b. July as I75x; d young. 

996 Phebe» b. March 9^ X754; d Jan. is 1844» unmarried 

9S7 Daniel, b. Dec ao^ 1757; d. Jan. 4 x8a6; m. Jan. 4 1781» Cath- 

crine Page (of Joseph). 
•I-9S8 Amia» b. Jan. s 1759» A Apríl s 1789b Warefaam Williams 

(675S). (See bis Record). 
999 Edward» b. June 10^ 1761; d July ay» x93S; vl. Jan. 14, 17A 

Martba Page (oí Joseph). 

960 DaYÍd» b. May 6, 1764; d April t» i8ox. 

961 Lucy» m. Noy. la, 1780^ Daniel Eldredge (son of Charles and 

Mary [Surr] Eldredge oí Groton), b. 1758; wounded al 
Fort Gríswold SepL 6^ 1781» and d in captivlty in New York 
Jan. I» 1782 ; had one child, Lucy Eldredge. 

253 Capt. Puineas* Stanton (Mary^ Chesebrough» 60)» b. Oct a8, 
I7i8-9b Stonington» Cona ; m. Jan. 7i 174^^ Elisabeth (Tbomas and Thank- 
ful [Denison] Sunton of Westerly» R. L)» b. June 10^ xya^ d March % 


i8m. ilc was (Jiptún in the French W^r, 1745-1755, «nd C«ptai»i in chf 
Revolutionary War. Children: 

-f^ Fhineai, k Ang. ft 1741; d. Aug. 25, iSoa; m. (i) Zervíah 
Eldredgc; m. (2) E. Gallup^ 
963 ElinbctK b. Scfit 10^ 1743; <L Oct i, 1766; m. ' EIdredge. 
•H^ Enoch, b. Sept xs 1745: «• Waity Pyer oí Rhodc Itlind. 
g65 Jibes, b. Oct 7i I747; d. Aug., 1777, m West Indict; tmmarríed. 
966 Zebukm, b. Mmrch 3i i75o; d. Nov. xj^ 1751. 
-H)^ Zebiilon. b. Jone 10^ 1753; m. Etiher Grmy (4Ú97S). (See ber 

968 Dan.» b. and d. 1752. 

969 Daniel, bi Nov. 14, 1755; killcd at Fort Grítwold SeiiL 6^ 178X1 

c 26 yeara; nnmarríed. 

970 Child. 

•H)7X Anna, b. SepL 5, 1758; d. SepL a7f 1825; m. Natban Stanton 

(248N); (Sce hU Record.) 
+972 Samuel, b. Apríl ló^ X760; m. Hannah Palmer ($54N). (See 

ber Record.) 

973 Dau., b. Jaa 31, 1764; d. Feb, 7, 1764. 

974 Manha E., b. June X7, iT^l m. (i) Tbonas Prentice; m. (2) 

Apríl 13, I79>f Cbrísto^er Gallupi 

975 Asa, b. March 11, 1770; d. Febí 4, 1849; nnmarríed. 

254 Amabxah* Stantom (Mary* Cbetebrougb, 60), d. Jan'y xi, 1754; 
xiL Dcc X7, X750^ Delight CbanipliiL Children: 

4-977 Amaríah, b. July X4i 1751 ; d. 1784 ; m. Dorothy Whipplc. 
^ Deltgbt, b. Feb. 19^ X753 ; d. March xo^ X7561 

26X EutUA* CHBsmouGH (Elisha*, 6a), xa (x) líf X9b X747, Han- 
nah Jamison. Children (b. in Stonixigton, Cónn.) : 

979 EImIu, bap^ Jan. I7i 1748^ 

980 Robert, bap. Jan. X7, X748-9 (twin oí above). 
98X Elisha» b. Jan. 23» 1749» d. in Knox, N. Y. 
98a Hannah, b. Sept 30^ 17501 

•f9Q3 Axnoi, b. Aug. 25, 1752; m. March ^ 1778^ Rebccca Chesebroisgh 

-f984 Chrístopher, b. Nov. 16^ 1754; d. X835; m. Abigail Williams. 
-HAS Jabea, bap. Nov. X4 1756; d. Oct 29^ 18x4; m. Rhoda Wood- 

+9B5 Elijah, b. Oct x, 1759; d. May 6^ x8a8; m. Thankful Williams. 
-f9Q7 Mary, b. Nov. 27, X76X ; d. JaxL x8, X835 ; iil William Browxi. 

EusBA* CnasnaouGB, xn. (2) Mary (Palmer), widow oí 
Pcgot (or Picot), d. 1803, & 74 years. Qiildren: 

9B8 Nehemiah; (989)1 Malvina. 

Gbnsalogy or tbi Cuisimougk Family. í^ 

Ditha Oicsebroiigh, Q)rporel, Capt WiUianis't Gmipany» oiKter oooi* 
mand oí Líettt-Col. Nathan Galluí»» itaikmed at Fort Gríswold, Cono, 
Jttiy I. A, D. 1779^ 

a64 SAaAH* CHumoDGB (Eltsha*. 6i)» ol Jan. J^ X74ft Nathanid 
Johnaoo of Westerly, R. L Childrcn: 

999 NathameL h. Ang. I9b i7S3t Stoiiiiigton, Cooa 

-t-994 Hannah, b. July 5» I7S7; m. Thooias Taylor. 

-f99S Eslher, h. 176a; ul Winiam Rathbooe Grccnc 

H-996 Polly» b. Feb. is 1765; m. Benjamín Grccnc 

997 Child. 

99B Chrístopher, b. Jnnt 30^ i77Jt Charlcttown» R. L 

267 Svunanaf CBisnaoucH (Elisha, 61), bapi Aug. 31» 1735, Ston- 
ington, Conn. ; ol Apríl 25, 1758^ by James Fones» J. P., Hannah Carpen- 
tcr (dan. ol Nathaníel) oí North Kingston, R. L ChUdren (b. in North 
Kii«tCon, R. L) : 

1000 Freelove, b. Sq»L 14» 1760; d. young. 

looi Esther, b. Nov. 24, 1762. 

+1002 S/lvester, k March 91 iT^i «. — — Collina. 

+1003 Oliver, b. Marcb 9^ 1764 (twin of abovc) ; d. Sept 11» 1932^ & 
tt ycart; m. Lavina Aldricb. 

1004 Eliphal, b. Feb. is» X7tt 

1005 Freelove, b. Febí iSt 17^6 (twin ol above). 
+10061 Dttha, b. Jiilx 17» 17671 d. 1935; m. Sarab Yaw. 

I0Q7 HanniJitb. Mar 29^ 1769; umnarried. 

+I00B Natbaniel, b. Aug. xs I77t • m. Sally BeddL 

1009 Sarab, k May 20, 1774; nnmarried. 

+X010 Mary, b. Ang. is 1776; m. Eltiha Cowan, Oct 13, 1804. 

xoii Freelove^ m. William Hatbaway, Sept as 1809. 

+X0X2 Elibo, m. (i) Anne Chase; m. (2) Lydia Eddjr. 

272 RsnocA* Cbuibkidgh (James*, 64). m. Jnly 26^ X74& Abra- 
bam Lewis ol Westerly, R. I. (Abraham, Jos^b, J<^n, Jr., John), b. Noy. 
«Si 1724- Cbildren (b. tn Westerly, R. L) : 

10x3 Abraham, d. 18A «- 87 Jt^n; m. (x) ; m. (2) 

Ennke Heam. 
XOX4 Capt James, m. (x) — — ; m. (2) — — ^ 

X0X5 David, b. June xs X76X ; m. Sarah Hammond. 
xox6 Abram. 

273 Sybil* CatsmoucB (James*, 64), m. Nov. 23, X7S?» «t North 
Stonington, Conn., Rev. John Burdick, b. Jaa 3, 1732^ Stonington; d. 
March ^, xSoa; Hopkinton, R« L Cbildren (b. in Stonington, C6nn.) : 

xox8 John, b. Oct 30^ 1753- 

64 GnoAUxnr or Tm CHismoucK Family. 

rorg Jabeip b. Mij i&, 175S. 

1000 William Harris» b. Feb. 5» 1757. 

1031 Abel, b. Ang. 18^ 1766^ Hopkintoo, R. L 
loaa Pbebc, k Dcc 14 1768; Hopldmoo, R. L 

^5 Jambs* CBismouoK (James, 64S), a. Dec ic^ 1758^ Loqr (dan. 
of Joiepb and Sarab [Worden] Pendleton, ''of Loltery vUlage iame"), 
ba^ May & 174a. Childrcn: 

loaB PauL 

+1099 James, d. Hafdi 24, 1848; Aldcn, N. Y^ c 86 years 2 mookbs 

14 days. 

+1030 Harrís, m. Martba k 

4-1031 William, b. Jan. aa, 1764; m. Lydia Pcadletoa. 

1032 Christopher, m. «— - Eoelcaton (or Egleston). 
•4-1033 Joacpb Lerqy, m. Maitba Barbar of Rbode Island 
*TiQ34 BcDJamiiL 

+1035 Isaaís, b. Marcb x, 1774; m. Susamia Vincent 

276 RmxAU* Davuow (Rébccca Cbcscbroa^ 67), bapi Joly afl^ X734t 
Stonington; m. Joly 14, 1743, Ebenet e r Austin. Childrcn (b. tn Stoninc- 
ton. Conn.) 2 

1038 Rebecca, b. Fcb. a3* 174^3- 

1039 Dorochy, b. Nov. 24, X744> 

1040 Prudenoc^ b. Dec 7, 1746. 

1041 Sabrín, k Joly ft 1749^ 
1043 Andrew, b. Ang. 7, 175S. 

379 PauoBiiai* TuBinm (Rebekah* [Chcscbroocfa] Daviaon, é7S), nL 
HV 8^ I753i ^ R«v« Nathanid Eells, Bíoses Palmeri b. Apríl 17, I7ati^ 
Stonington, Conn. Childrcn! 

1052 Moses, b. Nov. 23, 1755. 
+iaS3 Abigail, k Mareh 2^ 1757; m. Capt Andrew Pendleton (7428). 
(See bis Record.) 
I0S4 (suben, b. May 21, 176a 

28S JnmAH* CBismouoK (Jedediah\ 68), m. Mareh 28; 1762, 
Rebecca Slack (301S) (dan. oí Abigail [Chesdm>iigh], 71S He cnlisted 
Sept 24, 1782^ in Revdutionary War. (íhildren: 

S0S7 Jedediah, b. Ñor. 20^ 1762. 
IQS8 Child. 
+X099 Edward, b. Jone 19^ 1766; d. 1824; m. Anna Baldwin (7^78). 
(See ber Record.) 
1060 Abel, b. April x, 176& 
xo6x Abigail, b. Sept 2X, X769. 


lofia John, b. Dce. 37* ^77^; m. LoU Frínk (dau. of Prenticc and 

1063 Mftry, k Fek 21, I773> 

1064 Hcptibfth, b. Noy. % I775* 

200 Bm jAMiif* CHBSsnoucu (Jedediah, 68), m. May i, 1774» Kcturah 
(dan. of Rulut and Pbebe [Babcock] Palmer), bi Jan. 37» I7S3> Cbíldren: 

io6s Benjamín, b. Sept 22, 1774; d. at tea. 

1066 Wealthy, b. Dcc a$» I77<L 

1067 Ruina. 

api Zduuui* CasamouGB (Jedcdiah% 66S), m. Apríl as 1776^ Zer- 
viah (dan. of Daniel and Zerviah [Miner] Hobart), b. Nov. la, 1755; <L 
July i6b 1835. Lived in Tlandera,'* Stoningtoa He wat a Corporal tn 
the Revolutionary War. Children (b. in Stonington, Conn.) : 

+1071 Zerviah, b. Mareh 17, 1777; d. Sept 15, 1858^ in 82d year; a. 

Jonathan Ward. 
H-iOTa Zebulon, b. May 3, 1779» d. Feb. afl^ 1S51, in 73d year; m. 

HopettiU Fellows. 
+1073 Andrew, m. Deborah Lewis. 

1074 Nancy, d. West Schoyler, N. Y. ; onmarried. 

1075 Amoa, k July ic^ 1790; d. Aug. 6, 1976, tn BSÚi year; m. 

Clarissa [Palmer] Dentioa 
+1076 WiUiam, b. June sá, 1795; d. Jan. 8^ 18^ killed by a fall; n. 
Elixa Noyes. 

aps 2S1SULOK* CHSsnaouGK (Zebulon, 69), m. Dec. 10^ 1761, by 
Joseph Park, Oerk, L)-dia (dau.. of CoL WUliam and Lydia [Burrows] 
Pendleton of Westerly, k Mareh aa^. 1740^ d. Jan. 6, 1828^ m. 87 years, 
Weslerly, R. L ; he enlisted in CoL WdFs regiment in Revolutionary War. 
Children (b. in Stonington, Conn.) : 

1077 William P., b. Oct 7$ iT^a; d. Oct xc^ 176a. 

1078 Lydia, b. Nov. 5, 1763; d. April % 1764. 

+1079 Zebulon, b. Fek 6, 1766; d. Dec is i8a8; m. (i) Phébe Chese- 

brough (68E) ; m. (a) Abigail Randall (1069S). 
-I-X080 Isaac, k July 14, 1769; d. Sept aa, i8¿p; m. Sarah Chese- 

broui^ (543N). (See her Record.) 
+ic8x Lydia, k July 10^ 1770-71; d. June I, 1841; m. Eider Elihu 

(66E). (See bis Record.) 
loBa MoUy, h. Dec as» 1774 • d. 1795 ; unmarried. 
+iofli3 Thomas Randall, b. Dcc ai, 1776; d. Dcc 34, 1817; m. Merey 

Chesebrough (796S). (See her Record.) 
10B4 Prudence, b. Feb. 34, 1780 ; m. Samuel Thompson. 
+XC85 Amelia, b. Mareh a^ 1784; d. Feb. % 1B70; m. Capt Jonathan 

Cray Stanton (4735S). 

66 GnfiAUQCY Of thb CusnuuoH Family. 

agB MoiXY* CmiPWKTCH (ZdNilon\ 69), m. Dcc i, 1765, Westerly, 
R, L, bgr Joscph Pirk» QcrK CoL Thonus RamUU (sod oí John and 
•ceond wile Mn. Mary [Palmer] Randall) of StooingtoOt Coon., k Dec. 
13, 174X» d. Jan. afl^ 1831, Non^ch» N. Y. Childm (K in Stoningtoot 

+10B6 Pollr, b. Oct 6, 1766; d. NoT. 30b 1847; ol Not. 6, 179a, Jotiali 

+1007 Thomas» b. May i* 1769; d. Ang. 14» i&i; a. Wadthy Ano 
108B Patty, b. May I3i I77i ; d. Scpt Xft 1863; nt — — Gardncr. 
-I-X069 Nabbgr» k April ad^ 1773* d. Jaa ao^ xS^p; m. Zébuk» Chcae- 
broogh (1079S). (See hsa Record.) 
X090 Ketnrah, b. Jan. 31, 1775; d. Feb. 7, 1809; anmarríed. 
1091 Lydia, bí Oct 3, 1776; unmarried. 

109a Zd>alon, b. AprO i, 1778; drowned Fdi. !$• 1800^ al Wilming* 
ton^ N« O 
+1099 Portón Randolph, k Fek xc^ 1780; d. Jan. ao, 1866; m. (i) 
Oct xs i8x6b Lncy Bradford ; nt (a) Nov. ad^ i^A Adelinc 
E. WeUa. 
X094 Hannafa, b. Féb. 9^ 1783; d. May a^ X838; m. Jeate Breed» Jnly 
% idas (tcGond wiíé). 
+X096 Betacy, b. April X7, X784; d. Oct aS; x86B^ Norwicfat N. Y.; m. 

Eliaa Brced 
+X096 Willianí Rhodet, b. April 26^ X786; d. May X3» 18x3, Norwkh, 

N. Y.; m. FhÁt McLane» 
+X097 Oiarlea Pheipi» b. Feb. 22^ 1790; d. Dcc. a9b x$74; m. Eunict P. 

a99 Rhoda* CeianaoucH (Zebnlon*» 69)» m. (firat wife) March 3. 
1767, Jofhua Randall (ion oí John and Widow Mary [Palmer] Randall), 
k March 3, X743, Stonington; loat al sea, x8o8^ off ^No Man'a laland»" 
N. S. Chtldren: 

X098 Pnidence Cheaebrough» k 1770; d. yoimg. 
+1099 Rhoda, b. X773; ^ x857f Hali&x, Vt; m. Adam Dcniaon 

(3758S). (See hsa Record.) 
-l-xxoo Hannahy k X774; ^ Jnxi« ^ x8a4» Stonington; m. Jesae Breed 

(firat wiíe). 
+txox Joshua» b. 1773; d. Aug. xs, x846b Norwich, N. Y.; m. Huldah 

-|-xxaa Cheaebrongh, \k April 6, X776; d. Aug. xs xSas; m. Pnidence 


3Qa EuFBAL* Slacx (Abigaír Chetebroogh, 71), m. Feb. ao^ X78o^ 
Thomas (son oí John and Joanna [Rose] Hincklqr)» b. April a8^ X75X. 
Oiildren (Stonington Records) : • 

XX03 Eliphal, b. Nov. x6^ X78a 

GtNEALOGY or THt Cbbíebmkich Familv. 6f 

1104 Ctrolinc» b. Aug. i6^ 176a. 
nos Abigiil, b. Mftrch 13, 178& 

1106 Thomas, b. Dcc 11, 17S7; d Oec. xi, 18^6; nu Dtc % iSio^ 
Mary ScholfieJd. 

303 AifOi* Slacx (AUgail* Chcsébroiigh, 71), m. June 5, 1776» Iqr 
John Harvcsr, J. P^ Stonington» Omul» PoUy (or Pendope) Sundjr. 
Childrcn (b. in Stonington, Cónn.) ; 

sioB Amof, k Febí 14 1774. 

+1109 Samud» b. Fek 16^ 177^; m. Sally Ann Lcedi. 

Iiio Hnldah, b. March 8^ 177^ 

Sin PoUj, b. Apríl 94» 1793; m. Avcfy Nogrei. 

305 AaiCAiL* Slacx (Abigail Cbesebrough» 71), m. Ñor. 8^ 177a (fírsi 
wife), Jonathan Weavtr. He waa a '^usic man" tn Capt Olí ver Smtth's 
CooqMUiy, Sumtngton Poüit, Oct, 177S dnnng the Rcvolutsonary Wan 
Childrcn (b. in Sumsngton» Conn.) : 

IX13 Eliphal. b. April 27, 1773. 

11x4 Abigai], k A^prU x, 1775. 

XIIS Phebe» k April 22, 1777. 

1116 Jonathan, b. Dec 11» 1779, 

XX17 Wallis, b. May 6, 1782. 

11x8 Eliaabeth, b. Nov. xo^ X784. 

JoiTATBAJí WiAvn VL (a) June 7, X78I7» Phebe Babcock. Childrcn (b. 
in Stonington. Conn.) : Jaaca, Ellaa» Oiarles» Lucretia, Gideon. 

306 WixxxAM* Slacx (Abigail* Chesebrough, 7x), m. March 4 1779» 
hy Oliver Babcock» Eider, Locy (dan. o£ Natlun and Lncy [Babcock] 
Brced), b. May xo^ X754> d. April 23, x8¡39; waa a aea captain. 
ihk in ^^MitH ^ t iM i Coon.) : 

•f XX20 Abigail» k March 3X9 X760; d. Sept ^, X854; m. Simeón Chi 

broiigh (789S). (See bis Record.) 
•f XX2X Hannah» k Dcc xs X781 ; d. Joly 27» 1829; m. Denison Pahncr. 
4-XX28 Lucy» b. NoT. x^ X783; d. May 30^ x8x3; m. Charlea Miner. 

XX23 Alma» k Aug. XX, 17^ 

XX24 William, b. Joly 3X, X797; é. Dee.2Sf X790- 

XX2S Sabrá, m. Ephraim Wheeler, Jan. xs, x8x5. 

1x26 Nancy, m. Nathanid Noyca (gSE). 
•fxxay Mary, b. Feb. x8; 1792; d. Aug. 2, X883, 91 yeara; m. Nathanid 

Noyca [James]. 
+XX2B Fanny, b. Jaa 23, X794; d. Jan. ax, x8^: m. Daniel Hobart 

30B AirwA* Slacx (Abigail* Cheadm>u^ 7x), d. June X9i 1841; m. 
April 19^ x7ao^ William (son of George and Jane [Smith] Denison), b. 

flB GnfBAUMnr ar TBt Cbisoboogr Family. 

Aprí! flb t7Sfi» 4. Jisly ai, iSxk Ltvcd in Zanesvilk» Ohio. Childrea : 

tiap Cardón, h, May 3, 1781; d. Fdn 1S4S; m- (i) Ethdindt Shck 

liio Nancy, h. Oct 10^ 1783; d. Julj 2X 1803. 
1131 Lucy, h. Attg. afl^ ipÓs; d. Scpt s 1840^ Zanesville, OUa 
113a Wftireii, t. F^ 7* 178B; d. Scpt 7. i¿á Salem, Ohio. 

1133 Matilda, k March 27» i79o; d. 1868L 
Gcorge, b. July 4i I79»; d. July 23. 1803. 

1134 WiJltain &• tk Nov. 13, 1794; m. 186a 

1135 EliTahcth, h. Attg. 16^ 1797* 

309 AuL* Slack (Abigail* Cbead>rottgh, 71)» m. Anna Denisoo (dan. 
pf Nathiniel). Children: 

309a John, m. Loit Noyes (dan. of Janea and Eunke [Dcntaool 

Ñ^yca). a. p. 
3ogb Ethelinda, d. Jaly ai, i8aa, m 34 ycars; nu May 34» x8sa, Gurdon 
Deniaon (iiagb). 

31a Edwabd^ Hancox (Lucy Chcsebrottgh, 72), n. April ai, 1771, 
Sarah (dati. of Isaac and Freelove [Pendleton] Sheffidd), h. Aug. 31, 
1754 d. Aug. at, 180a. Children (h. in Stonington, Qmn.) : 

+1136 Edward, V. June 13. 1773; d. Nov. 4, x8a4 (drowned, Lake 
Ontario) ; m. Nancy Minar. 
1137 Anna, h. April 30^ 1773; d. July a6b 1774- 
ix^ Nancy, k Nov. t, 1774; d. June 4, 1804. 
+1139 Sarah, h. Nov. aÍB^ 1776; d. March 14, 1817; m. Roswell Breed. 
4-II40 Isaac, b. Jaa 3, 17^; d. Aug. 13, 1819 (at aea) ; m. RdMCca 
1x41 Luqr, b. Scpt 26, 1779; d. Aug. ift 1839; m. April xa, 1807, 

Joscph Wright 
1x4a Fredove, b. July 6^ 1783; d. 1839; m. Jaxt 13, 180S» Nathaniel 

1X43 F^yt h. Feh. 6^ X78& 
+XX44 Polty, h. April ax, 1789; ol Charlea Breed, Jaxt 3» s8o& 
XX4S WUlian, b. Aug. 4, 1792. 
XX46 Prudencc^ h. April ax, 1795; d. i88a; m. John Breed [Samuel]. 


1147 Joshua, h. April 10^ 1798; d. April 3, 1837. 

"^aptized, 17A by Rev. Hezekiah WoodrufF, Nancy, Sally, Lucy, Free- 
love, Patty, Polly, William, Prudence, children oí Edward and Sarah 
Hancox."— Records oí First Church, Stonington. 

316 ZebuijOn* Hancox (Lucy* Chesebrough, ya), m. (i) April ao^ 

.GtNiAuxnr or tus CatsmoucH Family. 

1777» Lgrdía (dau. oí Iiaac and Fr«elovo [Pemlleton] Shcflkld), t. April 
« 1759b d. Attg. 14, 17B& 

1149 Ljdia, b. Nov. 14. 1777; d. Dec afl^ 1805. 
SISO RdMcca» dea yean. 
+1151 Zebalon, k Fcbi ft 1780; d. July joy 1838; m. Katherine SheíBdd. 
+USM Amos S^ h. March ao^ 1781; d. June 13, 1840; m. Mcrcy Brecd 
(IIQSN). (See her Record.) 

+IIS3 Bcticy, b. Attg. 26, 1784; d. Scpt^ 1817; m. White. 

1154 Fanny, h. Oct 18^ 1791; d. Aug., i8a8; m. March ag^ 18x6^ 

Nathan Brced (iio/N). 
USB Rcbeeea, ad, h. Dec ¿, 1793; d. Oct 18^ 1794. 

316 ZkBULON* Hanook ul (a) ¥A ai, 17M tn Westerly, R. L, Free- 
love Shefficld (dau. of Iiaac and Frcelove [Pendletoo] Sheflkld), b. July 
ai, 176X, d. Dec ft 1801. Children : 

1156 Renben, t. Dec 26, 1793. 
+1x57 Samoel Chescbrongli, h. May aa^ 1796; n. Hamah H. Cbeso^ 

broiigh (1969N). 
+1158 Renten Oiesebrough, h. June 2, 1800; d. 1868; m. Sally Davtaoa 

310' Zdulon* Hancox m. (3) Jan. a4, 1803, Thankful Qwiebrough 
(786S), b. July a4, 1766; d. March i, 183& 

317 LucY* Hanoox (Lucj* Chescbrough, 7a), m. Nov. lo^ 1771, by 
Reír. Nathaniel EeUs, George Beebe. Children: 

1199 George, b. Jan. 16^ 177^; 1160^ WiUiain, b. May ai, 1774 

318 RoKCA* Hancox (Lucy* Chesebrough, 7a), m. March 7, 177% 
Samuel Paric (ton of Peter and Desire Burdick), b. Sept lo^ I790b Charkt- 
town, R. L Children (b. u Stonington, Conn.) : 

1166 Lucy, b. July aa^ 1775: ^i^$ Deaser, b. April 4f 1777; nfl^ 
Rebeeca, b. Oct a4, 177& 

400 IcBABOD* PACSxa (Ichabod*, 86S), m. Esther (dau. oí Hubbard 
and Mercy [Deniaon] Burrowii k Sept a6L 1731» (Sroton. Children : 

laoo Elan S., bap. June aS; 17^; and ochen. 

401S Dakul* Pacxh (Ichabod*, 8SS), m. Hannah (dau. oí Hubbard 
and Mercy [Deniaon] Burrowi, b. Nov. ai, 1733, Crotón, Conn. Children: 

iao4 Abigail, bap. June aS; 17^, in (¡roton South Paríah. 

405 EuNicx* Packir (Ichabod*. 86S), d. aged 9S Jtm; m. Janea 
(ion of Willtam and Maiy [Avery] Walworth), b. Sept, I7M Grotoo^ 
Cona, and d. 1795 in Rome, N. Y. Children: 

laxa Janea, b. Nov. 6^ 17S9; d. unnarrxed. - 

GcxKAUxnr or tbs Catsmouen Family. 

larj Jc%$Ct b. Febí 6^ 1761, in Vermont; m. Harniah Diggatt of 

Daolqr, Vt 
U14 Bmnec^ bi Dcc ag^ 176a; m. Amos Noyti. 
lais Williañ» h, Dcc a^ 1764; m. Oaritai Baker o{ Hoosick 

Falla, N. Y. 
laitf Eliiha, h. Oct ix» 1766; n. (x) Eflia Soulbwor^ oí Caaajoharia, 

N. Y.; m. (a) Sarah F. Whitn^. 
U17 Danid, b. Not. ix, X768; hl (x) Maiy Sonthworth; m. (a) 

Qaritta Brown. 
iai8 Abtgitl, k Aiig. 14 X772; HL Seth Brcwatcr. 
iai9 SuMiiiiah» b. JaiLgb X77S; xn. Elisha PatttiígiUol NorwkhtGMHL 
xaao Avery, b. March 7, X777. 
xaai Aaa, b. March aa^ X779; m. Hannah Dicldmoa. 
laaa Lucr, h. Josa i, I76x. 
ia93 Elsjah^ b. Nov. ax, 1783. 

406 DiaxBB* Pao» (Ichabod*. 86S), hl (i) Elijah (WUliain aad 
llaiy [Avery] Walworth), b. X73& 

iaa4 Nathan; 122$, AUgail, b. Aug. x8; 1766; iaa6b ÜMif. 

406 Déuu* W^ hl (a) (second wiíe) EUjah Rathboac. k Maj 
aB^ X740; d ¥A. X4t xBas Mystie, Qma 

xaa7 Detírc^ b. X78x ; m. Richard BtlL 

xaaB Elttha» b. Dec 14, 178a; m. Liscrctía Packer (John and Hannah 

laag Hannah» tn. Capt EUaha Bebee, Oct X3» 1795. 

407 Eluba* PACSxa (Ichabod*, 86S), m. Loqr (Iiaac and Etlh¿r 
(Dcniaonl Smith) ol Grocon» Conn.; b. Nov. ix« 1746; d. FA 34. xSxgi 

xajo Phcbe, m. Joahaa* Pidcer (Joaeph*). 

xa3i Asa» d. in West Indica; nnniarríed. 

laaa Eldridge. 

xa33 Haimah» m. Asa Pftrk. 

H-xaj4 Elisha, m. Desire Packer» 483S (Joaeph» 948). 

1135 Chüd 

•f xa96 Daniel» m. Mary Avery (Simeoo and Lucy [Swan] Avery). 

12X^ Sally» m. Capt Simeón Haley. 

laaS Mary, xa Nathan Ti$h. 

' xa39 Roswell» xn. Eliza Fish. 

xa34 EusBA* PACKia, Ja. (Elisha*. 4078), m. (x) Desire (dan. ol 
Joscph and Rebecca [Wellesj Packer)» d Apríl 7* iSai. Childrcn: 

Gbmbalocy or tbb CwmwoüC» FAMav. 71 

1240 Judge Asa^ t. Dcc jg^ 1805; d May 17, i979^ Maiicb Chank» Pé. 

1241 Bdridgf^ d Dec. & íé^X New Havcn, Coua 
ia4a RobcrtW. 

ia43 Evelina, m. Dr. Hcnnr Vnibur. 

1^36 Daviil* PAcm (Elisha*, 4078), m. PoUy (dau. of Simeón and 
Locy [Swan] Avcry), b. Jan. 13, 17S3» Mystic, Cona ChUdrcn: 

1244 Danid, b. Jan. 11, iBio; d Oct ai, 1889; m. Iwicc 

t245 Stephcn A., bi Aug. 13, z8ia. 

1246 Robcrt A^ b. Fdn aa^ 1815. 

1247 Mary N^ b. Not. s i8id 

1248 Eliaba Avcry, b. July a^ 1825. 
1240 Loqr. b. Mar « 183a 

424 MAav* BuiMma (Defina Ptekcr, 89S), b. Jone 17, 1732; d 
Fdn 10^ 1797; n- Samoel Aborn, b. March 3, 1726; d Scpt a^ i8oi« 
Clñldren (ton Burraws PampkUi) : 

I2S0 Maiy, k Fcb. igy 1730; d Ang. i, 1751. 

lasx Henríetu, bi Juij 26^ 1753; d Aug. 11, 1803; m. Jamca Wbitner. 

125a Sarah, b. Nov. 4, 1754; d. Jan. i, 1777; m. Dr. Joseph Rhodet. 

1253 Thomai, b. June 8; 1756; d March lo^ 17^ 

1254 Lowery, bi April 21, 1758; d Fdn 8; 1830; m. Sarah Tucker. 

1255 Cjnthia, b. Jtübr 19^ iTte; d Oct 24 1800; m. Fierre DonvUle. 

1256 John Anthony, b. Ñor. xft 1761 ; d April s, z83X ; n. (x) SaUh 

Rhodcs; n. (2) Sarah Rhodes. 

1257 Mary, b. Sept i^ 1763; d Aug. 6, 1893» nL Thonias H. Coudy. 

1258 Samuel, b. March 20^ 1765; d Jan. 3, x8i8; m. Hannah Til- 

Z2S9 Desire Borrowt, b. Mardi t, 17^; d 1859; m. Philip Crapa 
ia6o Thomaa, b. Oct ift 1768; d 1830; m. (1) Eliaa Rhodca; m. (2) 

Sarah Begga. 
126X Heniy, b. Joly 2S 1770; d Sept xo^ 1810; m. Abby Baker, 
xaáa Bttrrowt, b. Oct 23, 1772; d Nov. 28; 183S; m- Maiy Hughes. 

423 JoBir* Buaaowa (Desire* Padcer, 8pS) (called Sergeam Bur- 
fows itt 1739), m. Sept X3i XT^Xt Hannah Wílbur. Children: 

xati3 Mary, m. Nathan 

1264 Ph^ m. William Thomton. 

xaós Lydia, m. Tbomas Eldredge. 

X266 Hannah, m. George Eldredge. 

X2^ Eleanor, m. ZdHikm Williams. 

* J«4a« Asa PMcktr wat J«4a« ^ tb« Saprimt Coort of Fcnasylvaaia. Ib ilM ht 
kmmMí the Lchiah UaiTcrtity (Betlütbtm, Pa.), to whkh bt doMitd ilty-MS icm 
of Iaa4 aad m • a dow ana t hmá aaoaatüit to Ism^mOí It wm alao 4m to hit otortt 
■■d copital Ihot tlM T-T^*g** Volliy Kiihuid wao kwll. 

7a GiNiALocy or nu Chbscbm»uch Fakuy. 

+126? Ebnii b. Sept 6, 1773: d. Jaa A. rS^o, «n Gmioii: m. Sarah 
faóp Dtlight, m. Dtoicl Ddioisc. 

ia6B Elam* Bunows (John*, 4^55). m. Oct is> I797f Sanh Dcnt- 
lofit tk Apríl 7. 177^^ Stonington, Conn.; d. Oct 13. 1835, Grocon, Cono. 

1370 Joliii» \k Oct a8; 1798; m. Aug. 2X i^h Roxana Brown. 

U71 Etuiice, h. Mardi 2g, 1801 ; m. Aug. la^ iSai, Eton Eldrcdge. 

1272 Denison, h. Oct 7» 1804; d. Jaa xo^ 1861, Crotón» Qmn. 

Z373 Hannah» t. June 15, x8o6; d. March ai, 1833, Grocon» Conn. 

1274 Phebe» b. F^ ift 1809; m. May 10^ 183a» Isaac D. Miner. 

1375 Sally, \k May a^ x8ii ; vl March iB, 1830^ Nathan Noyvt. 

431 Natbajt* Bunowa (Destre* Packcr, 89S). A patriot oí the 
Revoltttionafy War; d. Aug. z8^ 1806^ Qienango County» Ñ. Y.; m. (i) 
June a» 1765» Amy Williamt; removed to Grecne Townihtp^ Chenango 
Coonty. Oiíldren (b. in Grocon» Conn.) : 

1276 Joseí^ d. Nov. a8^ 1850^ in Warwick, R. L; m. three times. 

ia77 Waity» d. 1863» in 94th year; m. Latham Fttch» who d. 180& 

Í22B Gcorge» m. Sarah Fitch. 

1279 Betsey» m. Benjamin Ashbcy. 

zaéo Amy» m. Masón Pftcker. 

uBi Abisal» m. Samnel Rathbone. 

u8a James, d. Dec 25» 1811; m. Polly Brown. 

ia83 Nancy» m. Beriah Crant 

1284 Experience» m. Jaa i» 1806^ John Woodward. 

ia8s Lydia. 

xaB6 Desire» b. 178^; d. Fdn xgy i8oB^ Chenango County» N. Y. 

431 Natbah* Buaaows (Desire* Packer» 89S)» m. (a) 1788; Sarah 
WiUiams» who d. May i; i8aa Children (b. in Crotón» Conn.) : 

•f za87 Capt Benjamín» b. Oct ao^ 1789; d. March 27, 1B76; m. tour 
xaBB Jessc» b. 1791. 
ia89 Nathan» b. I793> 
1290. Simeón» m. — — EIHoct 
1291 Betsey. 
1293 Edwúrd, d. yoong. 
1293 Edward» b. in Stonington» Conn.; m. <—— * EUioCt 

1287 Capt. Bcnjamin' Buxrows m. (i) March 17» tSoB, Rebecca 
Thompson» b. June ia. 17871 d. Nov. 23» 184a; he m. (a) Nov. 10^ 1844» 
Liacy Perkins; he m. (3) — — ^ Wtllíams; he m. (4) Nov. aa» 1864» Sarah 
R. Holdredge. 

Gbnsalocy or tus Chbbbmiogb Family. 73 

ij47 Girr. Benjamín* BuBMwsandRsnocA (TnoMfsoN). ChUdren: 
1994 Nathan» h. Jnly 12» 1809; d June 17» t93X in New Orleeiit» LL 
IJ9$ Wtlliain T., t. Dec. 26, 1810; d Dee. ao^ 1858; n. Alntra W* 

1296 Hannah, t. April i, 1813; d Jan. i, 1843; m. Franldin Gallnpi 

1297 Benjamtn, t. Fdk 6, 1815; m. (i) Sarah Hanwncmd; m. (2) 

Áxm Avery. 

1298 Calvin, b. March 22, 1817. 

1299 Edwin S.» b. April 19^ 1819: dn»wned Jnly 2, iSjd 

1300 Roswell S.» \k Dec 2, i8ao; m. Oariaaa Edgeoomh. 

1301 Rulut S., h. Dec 2, i8ao (twin oí above) ; d joum^ 

1302 Sarah E^ h. Feb. ift 1823; m. Frankltn Gallup. 

1303 Simeón S., b. Jul j 2, 182S ; m. Francés Lewis. 

1304 Mary Ann, b. May 2, 1827; m. George W. Morgan» Fdn 18; 18491 

1305 George, b. Feb. 17, 1829; m. (i) María Burdick; m. ^2) 

Anna . 

1247 Caft. Benjamín* Buaaows and Lucv PiaxxNa. Children: 

X306 Lofcnao D., b. Jone 24 1845; d in Gvil War, 1863. 

1307 Daniel L.» b. April 3, 1847; d In Ovil War, 1863. 

434 Waity* Buaaowa (Desirc^ Pteker. 898), m. Deaooo Jabea 
(ion of Naiban and Mary [Denison] Smith), b. May 9» 1748, Poquonoock; d* 
Nov. 10^ 1831. He was a farmer, and in 1800 R ep r eaentati ve oí the General 
Aaiembly. Child: 

1308 Waity, d Attg. 18^ i8s3» ^ 83 yctrs; m. 1788; Denison Smith 

(Oliver), b. June ift 1769; d Dec 27, i86a Children: 

1309 Mary Denison, b. July 22, 1789; d Oct 2X, 1854; m. Lewis 


1310 Jabea, b. May 22, 1791 ; d. Sept 18^ 179^ 

131 1 Nathan, b. Maidi 31, 1793 1 vl Lavinia Fanning. 

1312 Eliaa Fanning, b. March 5, 1795 ; m. 1817, Joseph D. Smitfa. 

1313 George Washington, b. April 4, 1797; d Sept 24, 1798L 
X314 Sarah, b. May 24, 1800; m. Coddington Billings WUliams. 
1315 Nathanid Denison, b. Nov. & 1802; n. Eliaa Willianis. 
13x6 Franecs Ann, b. Dec 24 1804; m. Lnther Tudcer. 

1317 Joseph Abom, b. Ang. 29^ 1807; m. Sarah Augnsu Avery. 
X318 Oliver, b. Jan. 17, x8io; d Dec 17, i8ia 
13x9 Almira Waity, b. Ang. 4, 1812; m. William T. Bunows oí 

461 LucnnA* PACSxa (John*, 93S), m. Oct 31* iT^St Isaac Wight* 
man. Children: 1320^ Samuel, bi Nov. X4, X766; 1321, Hannah, b. Jan. 
11, X769; X322, Lucretíi, b. Aug. 27, 1772; 1323, Avery, b. Jan. 24, 1774» 
1324, Deborah, b. Aug. 27, 1778; 1325, Nathan, bi Sept 27, 1780; 1326^ 
John, h. April xi, 1787. 

74 GmiAUMnr or na Camnoiios Family. 

464 npaum* Pacxb (Jolm*, gsS), n. (i) June 13^ 177^^ Gcofft 
(mq oí NadMiitd and Himah [Gore] Gilliip). b. Maitb ao^ 1751» Ston» 
iOKtoii» Conik; d. Msy 3» itSx* Wat an oflicer ia tiic Revolutioiiary War. 
She UL (a) Abd Keoqr. Oiildren (b. tn Stoningtoii) : 

1^37 Gaofüe^bi A9ríl7»X777;iitLydtaGalliipb 

xjaé Pdcg, h. May 7« xt;^» waa ShcrilT oí Cajuga Coonlj, N. Y. 

X397 GuBoK* Galui» (FrcdovcP Ptekcr, 4&1S), m. Lydia (daiL oí 
Sanad) Gallop oí BeiM^ AnMsqr ComUy, N. Y. CUldm: 

xjag Bcnjamii^ OL Lgfdia Warren. a.p. 

1330 Ljdia» m. Danid Bailqr of Myatic, Qxul; had one cUld» Lydia. 

1331 Frcdovc 

1333 JcDtniat nu Deniioii Willtania. 

X333 £!>• tn. ia Aoboniv N. Y. ; beeame Mayor oí Aoboniv N. Y. Spi 

1334 Pdcc: 

X33S Gcorgc, d. agcd xB ycara. 
X336 Augustav d. agcd x6 years. 

465 Joan* Pacxbi (John*, gsS), bl Jdy 6, XTSob Hannab GaUíip 
(Nathanid and Hannah [Gore], Widow Burrowa) Gallup^ b. Aug. a^ 
X757. Childrcn (b. in Grocon, Cmul) : 

X337 Ddxmüi, b. Mardi 2$^ 1781; d. Mardi aa^ 1853; bl C3icster 
Fitdi, Dec a4p 1797. 

X338 Hannah, d. agcd xx ycart. 

X339 LuqTi d. yonng. 

+X340 Lucretia, h. Apríl ft 1787; d. Aug. lé^ x8S7; & Elisha Ralhboae. 

1341 John, b. Jone a, X780; ul Eliza Padcér. 

X343 Wealthy, b. Aiig. 6^ X791 ¡ m. John A. Wolfe 

+1343 Gcorge, h. Dec a4, 1794; d. Dec. ag^ x87a¡ ol Ddight Eldredge. 

1344 Griswold, d. onmarried. 

1345 Nathanid, d. nnaiarríed. 

1346 Frederids^ b. May ai, 1804; bl Louisa Padcar. 

1340 LucasnA* Pacxbi (John*, 465S), nL Jan. & X804» Dcacoa Elitha 
(ion oí Elijah and Elisabeth [Burrowt] Rathbone), b. Dec 14» X78a; d. 
May 6b i857t Myscíc, Cona Wat Deaoon of Fort Hill BapCist Chordi, 
(¡roton, Qmn.; alto sea captain. Childrcn: 

1347 Lacretía, b. Aug: 14, 1804; d. Sept 13, 1804. 

1348 Elitha, h. Oct 6^ 1805; d. Nov. 11, 1830; nL Aug., 1830^ Weahhy 


1349 Lttcretia, bi Nov. 18; 1807; d. Aug. 34, 1824; bl Rainslord 


1350 Gríswold Padcer, b. July 2$, 1810; bl (x) Eleanor A. Ptekcr; 

nL (a) Phebe A. Packer. 
X3SX Hannah, b. Nov. ay, i8xa; bl Sept Xft 1830^ Simcoa Aahbqr. 


135a Lucy, bi Dee. 22, 1814; m. Oct is. 1851, George B. PMktr. 

I5S3 AMcn, b. Nov. 2S 1816; m. Jitnc 13^ 1838^ Hamiali L. Avery. 

1354 Charles» b. Oct 4. x8ao; d. Scpt s> 1841. 

1355 Bridgcc, b. April 12, 1^4; n. April 4 1843^ VraUam H. Pdlter. 

1356 ÜMtf EUsabcth, b. Fdk ft 1836; n. Aug. lo^ 1Í43^ Hcnnr Su 

1357 Margireti b. Fek 17, i8y>; n. April 22, i&A David Ndsoa 

I3SB Simeoii» b. Jaa u^ 1833» d. Joly 23, 185a. 

For deictndanU of above childm ice Ratkbong Geniaiogy, 

1343 GnwB* PAcnt (John*, 46sS), n. Deltght Eldredgc^ d. Jaa S 
1864 agcd tii3 yeara. ChÜdrcn; 

f3S9 Thomaf, n. — — Buirowt; 1360^ Hdeii. m. Erastos Deaison; 
1361, Hamiah Gorc^ m. <— — - Irving; 1369^ Joba Greca; 
1363, Ddií^ 

467 AüGAiL* Pacxbi (John% g3S)« n. Leri (ion oí Nathaaid aad 
Haiinah G. [Biirrowt] Gallttp)f b. Match 269 1760^ Stoaingtoa; d. Fch. ifl^ 
i8sa Removed to Jcfcnoa, Schoharic Cotmty. N. Y. Childrca (b. fai 
Stoaingtoa» Coaa.): 

+1364 Abigail» b. Oct 13^ 1786; d. Fdn 13, 1846; n. Jetac Brockway. 

+136S Lcvi» b. Fdn ai, 1789; d. Joac 3, 1861 ; n. Jcmina GaUítp. 

+tiB6 Nathaat b. Maj 17. I79X ; m- Jan- h s8x& Pkmclia Baird. 

Í3fi7 Loqr» b. May 17, 1791 (twia of above); d. Fdn la^ 1871; 

+1368 Ezeldel, b. Oct 1, 1794; m- Dee. i, 1830^ Cyalhia Wctmort. 

+1369 Silas, b. Jone 14» 17^; vl Beticj WilUic 

1364 Amgail* GAU.UP, m. Jone 17. 1786^ Jcsic Brodcwaj, and Uved ia 
Jeffcrioa, N. Y.; shc d. Fdn 13» 1846. Children: 

1370 Lcvi; I37ti Jease; 137^1 Abel, d. 1886^ in Saginaw, Midt; 1373, 
Lacj, BL Chaunecy Minor; I374f George; 1373» Eaddcl G. 

1365 Lsn* Gaujop (AUgail* Packcr, 467S), ni. Jemhna Gallop (dan. 
of Jochna), d. Sept 30^ 1844. Children (b. ia Jefenoa, N. Y.) : 

1376 Elaa^ b. Oct 27, 1814; nt Nancy Dyer. 

1377 Amos» hk Feh. 26, 1818; n. (1) Lcmtra Fiiller; nt (a) Elisa 

Dtngman • 

1378 Kctur^ m. Smilh Haadford. 

1306 Natrax* Galluf (Abigail* Packer, 457S), m. Jan. 1, 1815, 
Pennelia Baird; he d. Julj 34, i855, ^ Sitnunil, N. Y.; shcd. Dec. 13^ 
188a Children (b. fai Sonnnit» N. Y.) : 

1379 Nathan, b. Feb. ao^ x8i8; bl (i) Julia Ann Cook; m. (a) Mary 
A* Slrong. 

7t Gineaijogy op tus CaxsmoucH Faiuly. 

ij8o Silas, b. Oct 13, 1819; m. (i) Caroline Conkling; m. (a) Widow 

E. J. Vaugfan. 

1381 SamtieJ B^ b. Oct 31, 1831 ; m. Orline Vaugha. 

1389 Abigiil, b. July 31» 1823 i m- Hermán Vaughii. 

13813 Margaret, b. June di, 1815; m. David Wilttía. 

. 1384 Bcdeiit ¿, b. April 2, 1837: m. Adelinc Dycr. 

1385 John» b. OcL 24, 1899; m. PoUy Dyer. 

1386 Wíllíam, b. May 17, 18—; m. Albina Dytr. 


136B EznciiL* Gallup (Abigafl* Packcr, 457S), m. Deu 1, 183a Cyn- 
tfata Wetmore, b. Jaa aS; 1805; <L June 7t 1863. He d. April 12, 1886^ 
Jcfferson, N« Y. Childrcn (b. in Jcffenon, N. Y.) : 

1387 Lcvi P^ b. Nov, la, 1833 ; d. April 19^ i855, Memphit, Tcnn. 

1388 Celinda C. b. April 18^ i837. 

1389 Eiekid W^ b. Oct i. 1840; n. Feb.» 18651 Jennie Rowley. It a 

practising physician and resides in Scanford, N. Y. 

1369 SiLAa* Gallup (Abigatl* Packer. 457S), m. Betsie Wihsie, who 
d. Dec 13» 1876; he d. June 3, 1851» Jefferson, N. Y. Children: 

1390 David W., m. Lucy Moxley; Uve in Oneonla, N. Y. 

1391 E. Aveiy, m. Maconda Gallup (oí Joshua). 
139a AbígaiL 

470 EBBMixsa* PACxn (Jolín\ 93S), m. Nov. 2$» 1794, Keturah (dau. 
oí Sylvester and Martha [Wightman] Randall), h. Oct a8, 1765, Q>1- 
chcster» Conn.; d. March 7, 1833. Q>lchester, Conn. Children (three b. 
in Groton, five in Colchester, Conn.) : 

Z393 Ebeneser, b! Oct 7$ 1795; nt (>) Caroline Fish; m. (a) Lucy 
Skeer, March 17. i8Ó7* 

1394 Pennelia, b. Dec 3» 1796; d. Aug., 1847. ForestvtUe» N. Y. 

1395 John» b. Oct a& 1798; d. March ao^ i^s 

1396 Heniy, b. Nov. i, x8oo; d. Nov. ift 1881, Janesville, Mich. 

1397 Sylvester Randall, b. March 4, 1803; d. April id^ l887> Hiran, 


1398 Fanny, b. Nov. 15, 1804; d. April 25, 1863, Colchester, Conn. 

1399 Lucy Ann, b. Sept 33, 1806; d. March 13, 1850^ New Lon- 

don, Conn. 

1400 Abram Wightnuui, b. Aug. a, 1808; d. May 17, 1864, New Lon- 

don, Cónn.; m. Emeline Ames. Their daughter: 

1401 Maiy A., nL — ^ Qarlc, and Uve in New London, Conn. 

471 Elizabeth* PACKxa (John*, 93S), m. in New York City, Benja- 
mín (Elijah and Elizabeth [Burrowsl Rathbone), b. Sept 14, 1766^ in 
Groton, Cona; d. I795» ín New York City, oí yellow fever. Children: 


41402 Lucy, m. 1814, Capt Lodowick Latham. 

Gbnialogy or tbs CHB»nouGa Family. 77 

t-141^ Natbtn James, \k Aug. 6, 1794; m. Phcbe Wood oí New York 
Cly, Feb. 17» 1819; he d. OcL 7, 1860; . both buricd tn 
Yonken, N. Y. 

141» LucY* (Ratbboiib) and Cavt. Looowicx Latbam. Chtldrai! 

1404 Capt Benjanún» m. Eather Holmes (Capt 

1405 Cajit Lodowick Juttin, m. CaroUne Aatcnclh. 

1406 Lucrt IB* (s) Capt Ambfote H. Burrowt; m. (a) Rer. Hcnry 

D. MiUer of Myttie» Cena 

1407 Ednmnd» 


1409 Nathan* Jamis RATHaoNi, m. PhdM Wood (dau. of WilUaní 
and Mary Wood oí New York City). ""In the War oí iSia wat in th« 
Coaal Gnird» and waa pr^tent at the bombordment of Stonington, Conn.» 
wtth a regiment oí State Mililia." He removed to New York Gty and 
cngaged in árj goods busineía. Chtidren : 

140B Eltiabeth, b. Julj 21, iSai ; m. Oct. i&iSi I>r* J- B. Sherwood. 

1409 Nathan» b. Nov. 11, 1822, Crotón; d. Aug. fo^ 181& 

1410 Capt Wniianv b. Feb. 26, 1825, Mjrttk; m. Mary Eliiabeth 

Smhh, m New York City. 

1411 Maiy, b. Jaa & i8a6; d. Oct 24» t8ag^ New Yoric City. 

141 j CaroUne Francés, b. Jone 10^ 18J4; d. Oct 12, 1849^ 
Yoiikers, N. Y. 

1413 Locy Adelaideé b. Jime i, 18196 ¡ m. Jan. 17. i8sSi Frands Su 

Tomer of New York Gty. 

1414 Charles Frederick, b. April ift 1842; d. Not. 16^ 1861. 

For otber desecndants see Raihbane Gen. 

47S Jamis* Packol (Joseph*, 94S), m. March fti^ 1780^ Catherine 
Bill, b. Oct 12, 1751, Botrah, Cona Children: 

1415 James, b. 1780L 

1416 Eunicc^ b. Dcc 2^ itSs; m. (first wife) April 6^ 1803, Zcbediah 

Gates, b. 1780^ d. April 17, 1816; he m. (a) Mercy Denisoo. 

1418 Their son, Catt. GuiMif ^ Gatis, b. April 15, 1814, in Crotón, 
Cona, m. (i) Jnne 11, i83gb Esther (daa of Isaac Minor and Esther) 
Denison (m. Dec. 11, 1803), b. Feb. 22^ 1821. Chtld: I4ift WUlíam 
Henry Gates, who was lost off Cape Hom, in bis 20th year. 

1418 Catt. Gubdon' Gatbs, m. (2) Oct 25. x9S3» llartha Phelps 
(4453S) of Stontngton, Cona Children: 

1420 Mary S.; X42X, Gurdon; 1422, Heniy; 1423, Jotepb ?.; 1424 
Kariska; 142& N. Stanton; 1426^ Louisa P. 

78 GiNSALOGY <v TBS Chisomuich Fauxly. 

4^ WnxiAic* Gunx (Phebc* Denitoo, 97S). Ii. March 1, 1722-3. 
lie wu Frecnum ol Hopldmon, R. L« June 7* 1757; «• Francés Mmer 
oí Stonington» Cona Chíldren (h. tn Pretton, Qxm.) : 

1427 Phebc^ b. Julj 2, 1748; 1438^ +Bcnjaintn, h. Nov. 12, 1749; 
I43ft ^1 b. Miy 27. 1753; U» Miry, b. July 11. 1756. 

1428S Benjamín, m. Rnth Davts, who d. 1827; scttled ia Saratoga, 
N. Y^ tnd in x8o6 removed to New Berlín, Chenango County, N. Y.; he 
was a eoldier in the Revolutionary War. Chsldrea: 

1431 Martba. 

1432 Francés» m. John St John» and had five children. 

1433 Joscph. 

1434 John» a blacksmith at Cortbuid» N. Y. ; d. 187a 
+1435 Willianí, K Feh. 21, 1784 ; ul Mary Lattsmore» 1806. 

1436 Jcssc, m. Ámj Tiffany. 

1437 Benjamín» b. Aug, 20, 1788; m. Kesiah Smith. 

1435 Freeloveb m. Asa Willtams. s.p. 

1439 Nathan Davis» m. Charlotte King. 

1440 Ruth» d. 1865; m. Reeve Dilly, New Berlín, s. p. 

1435 WauAM' Guos^ m. Mary Lattimore, b. Newton» N. Y^ and d. 
Sept 26b 185a New Berlín» Chenango County» N. Y.; he d. March ft 1Q72. 

1447 James L^ b. i8o7i Saratoga» N. Y. 

X448 WiUiam» b. 1813» New Berlín» N. Y.; served through Mexican 
War; d. Féb. 14» i8si» tn California; unmarríed. 

1449 Nathan D^ b. ApriJ 3» 1816; m. 1842» Permelía Humphrey; 

served through Qvil War; d. 1864» in service; marríed and 
had eíght children. 

1450 Mary Catheríne» b. i8ao; d. x86o; m. 1849^ WiUiam W. BurwelL 

s.p. . 

1451 Reevc^ b. 1821; m. 1847» Rosepha Rowlqr; he a iarmer at 

Bainbrídge» N. Y. 

1452 Ruth Margaret» b. 1824; m. Eben S. Healy. s.p. 

X453 Enoi» b. Aug. 15» 1827» New Berlín» N. Y.; m. 1852» Jane Henry; 
he a carpenter at Norwich» N. Y. Three children: 

1454 . James Lattimore, b. Aug. 24, 1853» North Norwich» N. Y.» m. 

Dec 17» 1878» Emma FoUet (dau. oí Marshall and Susan 
[Goodrich] Follet oí North Norwich» N. Y.)» b. UnadiUa» 
N. Y.» Aug. 14» 1857; lives in Oxford, N. Y. 

1455 Lydía M.» b. March 13, 1855; m. 1871» John C Skinner; Uve in 

Norwich» N. Y. s. p. 

1456 CoL Fremont» b. May 18» 1857; ^ June 17» 1873. 

496S SnpHiN* Hisaicx, Ja. (Phebe* Denison» 97S [Guíle], of Prcs- 

GnínBAUMnr or tbb CHisiBMnJGR pAMav. 99 

ton» Conn^ m. (i) Fctn 35, 1747*^ Anna Fargo oí Groton, Cona Childrai 
(b. ia Prettofi» Comí.) : 1480^ Stephen. b. Aug. joy 1748; 1481» Pbebe, b. 
No?. 22, 174^ 

4S6 SnraiN Huicx, m. (a) aad liad five childrcn. 

SoaS Dahül* Hmttcx (Phébe* Denison, 97S)» m. Mary (dan. of 
Abraham and Silcnce [Herríck] Guile), b. Dec 23, tygS, Preston» Cono. 
Childrcn: Pbeb^ Naüían, Príscilla, Daniel, Martha, Raítis, Benjamín» 
Willianit Aroot. (Por other descendanu oí William Guile (494S) tee 

807S Jotira* DtHisoN (William*, 99S), m. Oct 10^ 1765» in Stoning- 
lon, Cornil Mary Babcock (dan. of David and Dorcas [Brown] Babcock), 
d. Dcc is 1796; aged 53 ycart. Children (K in Stonington, Cónn.) : 

S49B Mary, b. April lé^ 17^; m. June ^ 1788; Ca|it Natban Smith 

1499 Hannah, b. Oct 6^ 17A 

1500 Dorcaa, b. Ang. ^ 1770; m. Dcc. ao^ 1789^ Benjamin Edls, 

1501 Amy, b. Nov. 4, 1771 ; m. 1793, Paul Rhodes. 
150a Sarah, b. Dcc. 14, 1773; m. Tboroas Butler. 

+150(3 Abigail, b. Feb. 18; 1776; d. i8ia; m. Olivcr Cobb. 

1504 Joccph, b. Feb. la, 1778; m. Prudcnce Dcniton (i6q3S). 

•fiSPS Bcticy, b. Jone I9b iT^l m. Peter Crary, Jr. (3aa6N). 

1506 Samuel F., b. Scpt 1% 178a; d. Jan. aé; 1853» Sumington; m. 

Maiy Oeveland. 

1507 Charies P., b. Feb. i^ 1785; n. Rebecca Shearwood. a. p. 

1503 Amgail* DnnsoN (Jotepb*, 507$; William*, 99S), m. Nov. i, 
I79S, OÜTer Cobb (son of Ebcncser and Maiy [Brown] Cobb), b. Jan. 39^ 
i7n d. 186a. Children: 

1508 Julián, b. Aug. 6, f79& 

1509 Mariab, b. Jan. 34» 1798; d. 1840; m. Ulyttes Brewtter. a. p. 
15x0 Olivcr E., k Oct s 1799 1 d. 1801. 

+XSII Olivcr E., b. Mareh 6^ x8oa; d. 1834; m. iSafi^ Julia E. Nitchic, 
who d. X898L 
1513 Samuel D., b. Scpt 3, 1805; d. 1805. 

1513 Charles D., k Oct 4, 1804; d. x8s4; m. 1830 (?), Margare! 
Whitford;livcd Missouri 
+X514 Sanford. b. Dec la, 1806; d. 1876; m. 183a; Sophia L. Nitchie. 
X515 Abby D., b. Scpt 37, 1809; d. young, 

15x1 Ouvia' Elswokth Con and Juxja (Nxicss) Cosa» Childrcn: 

X5x6 John Nitchie, b. 1828; d. Oct 17, 190X, Deans, N. J., in 74th 
year; unmarried. 

to GüMHALOcií or THB Chsscbbougb Faiulv. 

1517 María, b. 1830; ú. 1870; m. Emilio de Bechc o( CbilL i. ^ 

1518 Margarct, h. 1833; ± jÚBg; ttiunarried. 

In 1824 he became a niember oí the firm oí Peter k J. S. Crary (aaoN). 

1513 CMABua' D. Con and MAiCAacr (WUtford). Children: 

1519 Maiy, m. Rcv. George K. Danlop» Biahop oí New Mexka 
isao Ltxiie» in. Dr. — — Rees, d. in Denver» CoL 

isax Saniord, d. umnarríed. 

1523 Garlea D^ Jr^ tn. and haa three children; livea in Denver, CoL 

1514 Sahmu)' Con, m. Sophia U Nitchie, h. 1811. d. 1893. Children : 

+15^ Rev. Oliver E^ t. 1833; d. 1891 ; m. Cornelia PoUiemoa» 1858L 

+1524 Rev. Heatf N^ h. 1835 ; m. Matilda Van Zandt, x86a 

152S Julia N^ h. 1836; d. X&49- 

+1526 Sanfofd R, h. 1838; m. Maiy Elixabeth Capen, x86s 

1537 Evertaon N^ h. 1840; d. 1842. 

+1538 Sophia £^ k 1843: d. 1873; m. Dr. John C C Downing; 186J. 
+1529 Abfay D^ b. 1845 ; <n. Rev. John Labaree, 1885. 

XS23S Rxv, Ouvn E.* Con ni. Cokiiilia Pcunif ua. He gradnted 
from Yale, i8s> Waa íor many yeara paaUNr of ihe Diitch Refonned 
Church. HopewelU N. Y. Children: 

1530 Jennie^ h. x86i ; m. 1893, George Bunker; have Iwo ehildren. 
XS3I Rev. Heniy Evertaon, h. 1863; m. 1889^ Elixabeth Penroie. 
la paator oí ihe Wesc Eml Collegiate Church, N. Y. City. 

1532 Abram P., b. 18S4; m. 1892, Virginia Bacon; have three children. 

1533 Sophia L^ b. 18^; m. 1893, Qarence Davison; have one child. 
XS34 Eliza P., fai 1869; unmarríed. 

IS34 Rsv. Hbnrt N.* Cobb m. Matilda Cobb. He graduated from 
Yale, 185$. Received degree of S.T.D., Rutgers, 1878. Went n Miaaioii- 
ary to Perña. Children: 

1535 Sanford Ei, k x866b unmarríed ; 1536^ Maria, U 1869^ unmarríed. 

1526 Rbv. Sahfobd H.* Cobb m. Maky Capen. He graduated from 
Yale, i8s8. la author of work on history of Ulster Ca, N. Y. Children: 

tS37 Parrar, b. 18^; m. i893t Francea McMurray; live Bostón, Maaa. 

1538 Bemard Capen, b. 18701 

1539 JttliA Nn U 1872; m. 1892, Rev. George Reynolds; have two 


1540 Caroline. k 1875 : m* 189a P. McNoufl^ton Miller. 

1541 Mary Elizabeth, b. 18801. 

1528 SoTHiA E.* and Da. Jobn C C DowNiMa Children : 

1542 James, b. and d. 1863. 

Gbmbalocy or thb CHtsmoucB Pam&y. Si 


S543 Sanford, k and d. 1864. 

1544 Elisa, bi 1865; m. 189a» Cccil Doadncy; have three childrcn. 

isap Abby D.' and John Labaibl Child: 154S John lU h> 1888. 

So8S Hannah* DtNisoN (Wilüam*, 99S), m. Nov. 10^ 1757, Dr. 
Charles Phelí» (son oí Charles and Hepzebah (Sities] Phdps), h. Scpt 
22t 1733, in Hebron, Cona; d. Jan. 11, 1808. Chüdren (h. tn Stontngton, 

1546 WilUanv h. Scpt 2S, 1758; d. Nov. & 178& 
+1547 Hannah, b. Dec 15, 1760; d. 1838; n. (second wile) Judgc 
Andrew Hantington (Jabea). 

1548 Charles, b. Fdn 23, 1763; d. Dec 2, 1791. 
+1549 Hqísebah, b. Ma/ 13, 1765; d. Apríl iti^ 1837; n- Ephraim 

1550 Martha, b. Maj 8; 1707. 
•f IS5I Joseph D., b. May 15, 1769; m. Hannah Babeock (45XiS)'. 

1553 Stiles, b. June ao^ 1771 ; m. Betsej Brown (dao. oí Pdeg and 

first wiíe). 
•fxSS3 Anne (Nancy), b. Aog. 8^ 177a; n. Nathaniel Palmer (se« 
8laiS), first wiíe. 

1554 John, b. July 8, 1774: d. Oct lí, 1775- 

+1555 Jonathan, b. Oct 30^ 1779 1 m* Ann Brown (879S). (See her 

1556 Polljr, b. Jone xo^ 1785- 

Oi. Cbailis Pbiim, n. (a) Féb. 14, X796b Sally Swan (16X3S), d. 
aged 69 jeara. Chlldrens 

1557 Swan William, b. Oct I5t X797; 1558; Benjamín Franklin, k 

Dec. 2, X799; 1559^ Sally; 1560^ (fiarles Edward. 

Saixy (Swah) Phblm, x6i3S^ m. (a) Sept 7$ tSog, George Hob- 
bard, who d. 1853; three children. 

1549 HtKiBAB* Phelm, m. Dec. a3, 178^ (second wiíe), Ephraim 
Williams oí Stonington, Conn. (son oí William and Martha [Wheelerl 
Williams), b. May iti^ 1756; d. July tib x804, in Stonington. Children (b. 
in Stonington) : 

1561 Ephraim, b. July 3, 1791; d. March 23, x86x; m. Hannah E. 

156a Sarah Potter, b. July 15, x8oa; d. July 24, 1834. 
«fX5ti¡3 Charles Phelps. b. July xi, 1804; d. Oct a8L i879; m. (x) Betsqr 

Smith, 4ia7S (see) ; m. (a) Georgia P. Babeock. 4536S (see). 

1561 Etbiaim' WxxUAiis, Ja., m. April 13, 18x5, Hannah Eliza Deni- 
son (dan. oí Amos), d. June ao^ x8^, «. 78 years. Children: 

+1564 Hepsebah P., b. Fdn 9^ t8x6; d. May a, X84X; m. Dr. William 

Í2 Gekxalogy op tbs CBEsmouctf Family. 

Hydc^ Jr., 2U5N (lee hit Record). 
HS6S Hamiab Elinbcth> b. Nov. t% 1817; d. Oct ^\ 1888^ New York 
Gty; m. Gmlaiidt P. Dixon. 

1566 Mártlim D^ h. March 15, xSao; d. Nov. jg^ i8aa 

1567 Fphratin, b. Jaa 2S» 1823; d. Oct a7f xS». 

1568 Sarah Pottcr, li. May i. 1825; m. WiUiasn L. Palmer, JMSS 

+1569 E^hratn, b. Dcc. x, x8i6; d. June u^ xgn; n. (x) Paalsne 
DennistoD (jgTpS) ; n. (a) Mary D. Babcock (iSUS). 
IS70 Edward, bi April ai, 1830; d. Scpt xi, x83a 
isn Charles P^ h. Se|it x8; x8a6; d. May xtib xSsa. 
iST^ Emelioe P^ h. May 18; x833; n. Oct 23, X85& Jabiah Hohnea oí 

1573 Ainoe D^ h. June 30^ X834: n* EHaabcth Fiteh. 
X574 Joteph P^ h. Ang. fl^ 1836; n. Eliaabeth Town. 
+X575 Martha Jan^ h. Jnly 27, X838; m. John H. Hunter. 
+X576 Charles P^ K Aug. ig^ X840; m. Faimy Mallory. 

tS6s Haknas* ELXZAHmi Willxams, m. Seiit 9^ X84X, Cortland 
Pahner Dixan (soo oí Nathan Fellows aad Elizabeth [Pafaner] JXxoa), 
k Jone 2^ x8x7« Westerly, IL L; d. June & xflBS; Brooldyn» N. Y. Chaldren: 

X577 Nathan F^ k Aug. 24 X842; d. Jnly 93^ X843. 

X578 Counlandt P., k May xo^ 1845; ¿ Jnly 3h 1^47* 

+1579 WiUiam P^ h. March 1% 1847; nt Evelina F. Babeod^ 4S8sS ^ 

(see her Record). ; 

1580 Hannah E^ h. Fdn x6^ 18491 

X581 PrisciBa P^ h. Féb. 25, x^x ; n. Thonas Steane. 

X583 Cotirtlandt P., b. July 8; x8S3i 

X583 Ephraim W^ b. Feb. x8; 1855; d. Jan. 7, x8S7. 

1584 Geoife A., b. May 6, X857. 1 

xs8s Ephraim W., b. April X4, x8S9- 
+X586 Pantine W^ b. Jan. 4» x8fia; m. Lotsis Lee Stanton, 4&»S (1 
his Record). 

1369 Jume Epbiaxm* Woliams, Ji., of Stonington» m. (x) Oct t% 
1849^ Paoline Anna Denniston (3979S). who d. Nov. 26, x^ aged 4S 
years. One chtld: 

1587 l^hraim, Jr., k Dcc 30^ 1890; d- Maidi X4, x8s3. Stoning- 
toOy Conn. 

1569 JvKE Epbxaim* WnxxAMS, m. (2) July 3^ i873i Mary Dcntson 
Babcock (4543S). Children: 

X588 Maod Cleveland Williams, b. April 22, x874- 

1389 Ephraim Williams, Jr.,bL Jone I3i i87S; Uve Stonington, Conn. 

Guhaloct or thb Chiotmhich Family. ts 

1575 Maktba* Janb Wiluams, n. Scpt S)^ iMB^ Joha Hyttt Htmtcr 
ol Bfooldjfii, N. Y. CbUdrcn: 

ISSO Estlicr Strong, b. Jaa. is 471; n> Nov; 30^ i4A Chirles 

Msorioe De Land. 
ISPI Emeline WiUiunt, h. March 6^ ifl^j; n. Jnnc^ x8A WUlianí C 

Nctmitli oí Brookiyn; Itire in Brooldjii, N. Y. 

1576 Cbámmm* P. WiuiAiiS (^hriim*)» n. Oet flS; 1868^ Twnuf 
MaUory; lire in Brooktyq. N. Y. Childrcn: 

ijgs Fkmor WiUiamt, b. Jnlj 13, 1869; n. Nov. 17» x8gB^ Albert 

Lineoln Maaon oí Brooklyn, N. Y. 
1396 Charles Mallonr. h. Oet té, iflTa; class oí xSgB^ Colntnbia Col- 

lega, New York Chf. 
iSg7 Kate Mallorr. h. March 1% 1974. 

1551 JosvB* D. Phblts, b. Ifaj xs 1769; d Aof. 8^ x8oo (?) ; n. 
Scpt M ITK Hannah Babcock (4SXiS), d Nov. 2, X842. Chüdren: 

159B Hamah, b. Joly ^ 1793; n. Jaa. a8; 18x3» Tbomas Nogres. Jr. 
XS99 Charles IL« b. Oet 13, 1795: losi at sea. Jan., 1840; n. Ana 

1600 Martha, h. Feb. J; 1798; d Oet ao^ 1834. 
+1601 Nancj, b. Mareh ao^ 1800; d March 27, i88a; n. Jan. 10^ 188I9 

James WcUs N<qrcs (son oí CoL Thomas and Lydia [Rogers] 

Noyes). Children: 

Thootts Rogers» b. Nov. xó^ 1823; d Maj 11, x89a 
Franklin Babcock, b. June aa, 1831; m. (i) ^t9k i8s7. Har> 

riel A. Thompson; m. (a) July 14» iSJK^ Mrs. Harrict E. 

Palmer (dan. of Charles L. Wilder oí Laneaatcr, Mass.). 

SXoS DAiniL* DamsoN (William*, 99S), m. May aS; 1771, Martha 
Geer; r cm o ¥ed írom North Stontngton, Cona, in x8oo^ to Pharsalia, N. Y. 

i6oa Hannah, h. Sept ^ I77>. 

idao Pmdence^ b. Dee. is 1775; ol Joscph DenisoQ, Jr. (1S04S). 

1604 Willtam, b. March ao^ 1777* 

i6qs Martha, b. Jnne 2, X779^ 

1606 Mary, b. April 3, 1783; d «unarried 

X607 Aniy» b. Oet 33, 1784; d onmarried 

ido8 Daniel, b. Marchaos 1787; m.Bctsqr Hnnt 

SixS Amy* Dimsoii (Wflliam*, 99S), m. Feb. a^ 1764, Capt Thomaa 
Swaa (834S)« d Dee. S7, iSja Children (h. in Stonington, Coan.) : 

1&19 Rebccea, b. March 37, 1763; d yoinig. 
+1610 Capt Thomas» b. Oet xy, X766; d Mareh Xft x8i9b «^ S> ynn^ 
Stonington; m. Fanny Pifaner. 

Si GnriALOGY or tbb CsnaaouGB Fam&y. 

1611 Cynis, h. Oet x» 1768; d. Aug. JO^ xSaSi Sharon, Conn.; m. (i) 

— — Gould; m. (a) — — w 

x6u Daniel, h. Scpt 7» X77a 

16x3 Salir» h. Oct 5» 1773; IB* (x) Dr- Charies Fhdps (saoond wife). 

16x4 Aiiix. h. Oct 25» 1774* 

1615 Rebccca» h. X776; m. Oliver York. 

1616 Samuel 

X617 Henry, d March 24» ^Boo, aged 22 jcara. 
x6i8 Abigail, h. June 6^ 1779; nL John Brownln^ 
x6x9 John, d. Match «3» x8i¿ aged jo yean. 

16x0 Capí. Thomab' Swam» ul Aprfl 12, X7SA Fanngr Fahner (dan. 
of Capt Anos and Phdbe [Brown] Pahner), b. July, X776; d. Ang. 13» 
1B67, & 9X yean, Haitíórd, Conn. Chtld: 

x6ao Sarah* Ann, b. Feb. 33, X799; m. May 1, 1817, Cordón Tromboll 
(ion of John and Lucy [Sprínger] Tnunbiül), b. Dec, 1790^ d. 
Oct 8, 1875. Chíldren (b. in Stonington, Coiul): 

i6ax Gnrdon Swan, h. May flS; 18x8; d. Oet a. íBig. 

1622 Francés, h. Feh. xó^ x8ao; d Feh. x, x8ax. 
-fxfi23 Dr. Janea Hanunond, b. Dec JO^ x8ax; d Ang. s» x497f in 
Hartford, Conn. 

X624 Vrilliam Palmer, b. May 31» ^51 d. Sept x8b x8a& 

x6iS Mary HolUster, h. Ang. s ^^l d April 3, x^Ta. 
+162S Dr. Henry Oay, b. June 8^ x83a 

X627 Charles Edward, h. Oct 31» 1832; d March xy» x8s& 

xdaS Maj. Thomas Swan, h. Feh. x& x835¡ d Match 30^ 1865. 

xdop Axmie T., b. May x8; x838; m. Edward Slosson, who d Not. 
4, x87X ; she is a weíl known authoress and wríter. 
+16130 Gurdon, b. May St X84X; m. March 3, X87& Annie 

Fanny (Palmer), widow of Cspt Thomas Swan (x6xo), m. (a) Oct 
x6b X837, Rev. John Noyes of Weston, Conn. 

X6Í30 GuBDON* SwAH TauMSDU. is a cdebrated ÍSsh painter and aitisi; 
Uves in Hartford, Conn. 

x6eQ Di. Jamis* Hammoho Tbumbuxx, m. Sarah Amelia RoUn- 
son. He was of Yak College, dass of x84a; rsoeived degree of A. M.» 
X850; was a Phílologist, and Foondcr and President of the American 
Philological Association; was Assiitant Secretaty of State X847, x86x- 
X864; recdved degree of LL D., x$77» from Harvard College, and of I» H. 
D. from Columbia CoUege, New York; author of the Colonial Records of 
Conncctícut and many other valuable works. Child: 

X63X Annie Elliot, b. March a, x8s7; a writer of fiction nnder th^ 
pseodonym of ^Aimie EUiot" 

X626 Riv. Hbniy Clay' TauMBULL, m. May a3» x854f Alice C Gal- 
laudct He was Chaplain in the Tenth Connecticut Volunteers, Gvil War; 

GmvALosY or xas CHstmoucB Family. 8s 

Oiieí of tfae MUttiry Order oí tfae Loyal Legión oí the United States; was 
taken priioncr dtiríng the war; autbor of War MemorUs af a Ckaplam, 
etc.; received degree oí A. M. Crom Yalc 0>Ucge 1866^ oí D. D. írom 
Lafajette Collece 1881, from University of New York City 1883; Uves in 
Phíladelphia» Pa. Children: 

-f i^ Sophsa Gallaudet, h. Oct 2S 1856: m. John D. Wattles. 
+i<33 Mafy Prime, h. Jaa 11. x86o; m. Robert F. Field. 

1634 Fanny Wchh. h. March ai. 1862; d. Aug. 13, 1863. 

i6js Alice Gallaudet, h. Sept 12, 1866; m. Feh. as 1896^ John Spar- 
hawk^ Jr. 

i<36 Henry Cunp, h. Sept ^ 1868; d. Sept ag^ 1869^ 
+t6s7 Anníe Sloison, h. June 4» xQto; ül Fhilip E. Howard. 

t6^ Charlea Gallaudet, k Feh. ao^ i8|73; m. Nov. 18^ 1899^ Olive Mar» 
gnerite Van Onlen. 

x^ Katherin«p h. March 7» 18^ 

i^ SoraxA &** TwauMOU^ ul SfpL la. ítjC, John D. Wattlcá 

X640 Heniy Trumhnl], b. Ang. a. x$77. 

X64X William Prime, h. Jan. aj, 19791 

1643 Alden Gallandet, h. March 7, 188a. 

1643 Gcorgc Haxard, h. June a4 x88s> 

i<33 Maiy** PttME TkuuBUU, m. Oct 17, iQ^Sb Robert F. Reíd. 

1644 Hden Hamilton, b. Nov. 22, 18^ 
X64S Samuel, b. Oct 34, 18813. 

x^ AmnE** SLoaaon TtoMBUXX» m. Oct 27^ 1891. Philip E. Howard. 

1646 Philip Engene, b. Jan. as» xSgBL 

SX3S Esma* Dmxioir (Vraiiam, ggS). m. ^ril ad^ X704» in Stoning- 
ton» Cona» by Joicph nsh, John James oí Preston, Cona, b. in Excter» 
R. L Children (h. in Preston» Omn.) : 

1647 Sosaima, b. Oct x, X764; X648L Anna» b. Jnlj aB^ 1766; 1649^ 

William, b. May 18^ 1769» i^ John, b. June 14, X77>; ^h 
Hannah, h. Dec. 8^ X773; i^ Esther, b. Sept 22, 177^ d. 
Jan.^X776; 1653» Nahl^, b. March 17» X777 » x654»Polly»b. Jnly 
a8; X779; x^St Thomas, b. March 17» X78x; 1656^ Esther» b. 
Jait 3, 1783» ^^$ Simeón, b. April ^ 1^5. 

514S Saeab* DsMisoif (William*, 99S), m. Sept 3» iTTflb John Wheelcr 
Gcer oí Groton, Comí.; lived Griswdd» Comí. Children: 

GnncALOGY or tbi Chiíitmmkfch Fakily. 

+1^ John» b. June il, 1779» »• Mchttabel Leoitard. 

i6s9 Mathan, b, Apríl m 17S1 ; n. Ann Dcmsoo. 
-fi66o Elijih D.» h. Apríl 17, 1793; ol Dorotbr Gen. gTsN (mc hcr 
R c c o fd/* 
x66s Salir, h. Jan. as, 1795; d. Marcfa 14, i8s7- 
+ió6a Motes T., h. Jaa 11, 1797; »- Hannah P. Dcntaoo, t074S (aee 
ner Record)* 

1663 Samuel, bu Nov. 30^ I7fl& 

1664 Maxy, h. Marchas; 1793; dOct 14,1843.. 

x^ JoBx' Gnt, n. Feh. 22. x804, in Presión, Cona, Mdixubd 
Leonard, both oí Preston. Chfldren (b. in Preston, Q>nn.): 

166$ Mehtubel, b. Feb. ad^ x8os; 1666^ John Denison, b. Dec 34, X807; 
x667f Sallj Mariah, b. Oct ag^ 1809. 

5X5S JoHX* DBMXioir (\raUam*, 99S), m. Sept 6. 1773, Abigail Minor 
(dan. oí Nathaniel and Ann [Denison] Minor), wbo d. May 35, X79S» in 
Stonsngtol^ Conn. Cbildren: 

x668 Moses,b.Septa7f i776;d.Auf.a6b X779> 
X669 Nathaniel, b. Not. ^ X777; d. March m I77& 
+1^ Nancy, b. Nov. x8; ifBo; d. Aug. ax, X807; m. Jesse Oeaa 
x^x Lois, b. March xx, X7ái3: d. 1806; n. March aa, x8o7f Elisha 

x^ Edward, b. Julj xa, 17%; d. Jone 4» I78s^ 
•f x^3 Ethaa Alien, b. Julj 4 17^7; d. Oct 4 x8x4; n. March X4 x8oa 

Elisa WUliams. 
•f x^4 Hannah P., b. Dec I7f X789; d. Feb. aá^ X864; m. Fek x, xSxd^ 
Moses T. Geer, x66aS. 
x^5 Fanngr B^ b. Dec. 6^ X79X; d. Ang. X7, X847; n. Feb. a7» x8xs» 

DaTid Snith» 
líTÓ AU^Tib. X79S; d jfonnf. 

X670 Naucit* Dnrxsoír, n. Jesse Dean, Jr., oí Stoniogton^ Comí. 

1677 Nancy, b. Jan^^t x8q3; m. Dec. aB; x8a9i Esra Cheaebro (3S57S). 
X678 Jesse; x^ Famy. 

1073 BnAjr' Alum Damioír, n. Elisa Willians, who d Ang. ao^ 
|8S4 c 65 years. CSiildren: 

•f x6Bo Nancy, b. Jaa 34 x8xo; n. Nathan & Noyes, X37xN. 
x6Bx Lots W.,b.Oct 4 s8xx;ni. JosephGriswold. iSaBL 
xdBa Abby Elisa, b. March X4 x8x3; d x83X. 

X674 Hannab' P. Dsxxson, m. Feb. x, x8x6^ Moses T. Geer, xáSsS. 

X6B3 Harriet A., b. Oct 38; x8x7; bl Ethan Pierce. 

GunuLocY úr th£ Chisibmugu Family. t^ 

16B4 MoMs B., h. Dcc 24, 1819; d. Scpt Xft xS43; tinmarríed 

x6Bs Elhaii D^ h. April 13, x8^; d. Aug. 3X, 1843. 

Xtt6 Nathanid M^ h. 1835; d 1833. 

itf^ Hianah L, h. July a6b i8a& 

xtt8 John W^ k Dce. i6b i8a6L 

16B9 Faniqr iC« h. Jint xx» xflftx ; d. Aug. a3» xflljx. 

itigo Sarah C* h. Oct aa^ xSj^; d Feh. X4» 1851. 

SX7S AiKAXL* B1XJLXX6S (Abigail' Denisoo, xooS), n. Jait 30^ 1753^ 
Benjamm Coii (ton of CoL Samuel and Sarah [S^ukUng] Cok), h. March 
¡B, X73X ; d April 2i« x8x3, at North Stonington» ConiL Childrcn: 

xópx Isaac» h. Oet ^ lyssi m- Nov. 2^ 1780^ Ruhanah Hall (John). 
X693 Rogcr. b. March 96; X7S5; n. StpL Á, 1780^ OUtc Brcwücr 

1693 DanH h. Jan. flS; 1737; n- (x) Nov. « X78X, Olive Tyler; m. 

(2) Aug. 3X9 1786^ Mcrgr Brewiter (Simeón). 
X694 Benjamín» h. Dec. ax, 17»; m. Oet xs, X78BL Sarah Cok 


5x8S JoHX* BxLLUffca (Abigail* Deniíon» xooS)» m. June 1% lysj, 
Bnnice (¡allup (dan oí Capt Joieph and Euniee [WUliams] (jallQp) of 
Sconington, Cona, h. Oet xx» X73& Lived Prcston» Comí. Childrcn (h. in 
Norwich and Preston, Comí.) : 

+x6g5 JoMph, b. ^ril 6^ X7S0; xn. Nov..xs X78x, Sarah Belcher of 

ji'fffiíeQL \^omi. 

X696 Roger» h. April 6, X7S9 (twin of above). 

x6g7 John, h. Oet 4» X76X. 

X69B Rttfiít» b. Dee. x8^ X7<3. 

X699 Abigail» b. Jnly a6b XTtfói 

X700 Bctuamin, b. Nov. xx, xtA 

X70X Eniücc^ b. Sept i, X77i« 

XToa William, b. Jime 2i, X774- 

X7(^ Charles» h. March ÍB^ X78a 

X704 BnuY* (dan. oí Joscph* and Sarah [Belcher] BilUng8)»b. Maj 8L 
X793i PrcsttMii Comí. 

SxpS Can: Wxxxuic* Bxllxhgs (AUgail* Denison» xoóS). m. April, 
I7S7» Mary Richards (widow of Nathaniel Richards of New London, Ccmn., 
and dan. oí Benajah and Joama [Chrislophers] LeíEngwell). b. Oet aB» 
X73X, Norwich» Comí. ; d x8qs- Childrcn: 

X70S Nathaniel» b. Sept X7» X758; X7o6b Abigail» b. X76o^ d 176X ; X707» 
Abigail» b. Jone xs» X76a; XToS^ Betsey» b. June 22, 1764. d' x8x8b 
la Beto Peck oí Norwich» Cóna» b. 17^; XTog^ Ricarda» b. 
Aug. 24, xtM; X7X0^ Lncretia. 


1710 LudsnA' BauNCS (WiUiaiii, 5x98)» n. Jaa. 96; itC^, 
Shaw. Children (h. in Prcstout Comí.) : 

17» Betscy, h. Fch. 3, 1788; 171^ Phcbc, h. Nov. 30, 1789; 1715» 
Samuel Palmer, h. Dcc 26b 1791» ITU» PoHj» k March X4» 
1794; X7X5> Willtam Billingt, h. Jan. 14» 1796. 

SaxS PlUG* BauNCS (Abigail* Deniíoo, xooS). m. Mary Stanton. 
Childitn (h. tn Pretton» Comu) : 

+X7x< Theophtluflih. Idaj XI, 1773; m. EthelindaWliipple; 17x7» Sissaii- 
nah, h. Jone xg^ X775; 17x8^ Luqr» h. July 26, iTfi; 171% Peleg^ 
IxDec 4» X78a 

X7x6 Tbeqthxlus' BnuNca, m. Jan. i, 1799^ Ethclisida Whippkb bolfa 
of PretUm, Qmiu (She had half-stster» Mary» who m. Thomas Bardick; 
and halí«broÜiert, Affloi and Hoaey Whipple.) Children: 

x7ao Pdeg^ h. Scpt 24 x8oo; X73X, Daniel YL. b. March 17» 1804; X7aa^ 
Geofge, h. July 16. X807; X733, Coddington, h. May xs, x8xa 

524S Capi^ Hmsy* Bnuiroa (Ahigail* Deniíon, xooS), m. March 1% 
1770b Lneretia Leffingwell (dan. oí Bcnajah and Joanna [Chríttophcn] 
Leffingwell), h. Oct ag^ X74gb Norwich, Cmul He was a sea captain, and 
aerved in tlie Revolutíonary War. Children: 

X724 Dudley» h. June x6b X77X; 1725, Heniy, bw Jnly a^ X77a; il^ 
Lneretia, h. May ag^ X776; X7a7i Charlee, b. Jone xó^ X78X ¡ and 
othen who d young. 

S26S Sabrá* Boungs (Abigail* Deniíon, xooS), m. Nov. 12, 1769^ 
Elias Brown oí Preston (son oí J^m and Amie [Fellows] Brown), b. FeL 
24 X74& d. Sept X5, 18061 Children (h. in Presten, Conn.) : 

1738 John, h. June x8; 1770; d. Sept 4, 1804, at sea. 

X729 Znríah, b. Aug. X7, X772; d. young. 

X730 Roger, b. July 28^ X774; d. young. 

X73X Joscph W^ b. March % X777; d. March 30^ 1842. 

X732 Betsey, b. Apríl 25, X779: d. April X7, x8q2. 

X733 Sabrá, b. Dec x8b X78a; d. young. 

X734 Eli&ii b. Jan. 28I» 1786; d. May, x86x. 

X735 Willism H., b. March 17, X789; drowned tn childhood. 

•fx736 BiUings, b. Sept 17, X793; d. April 6, x8fl|3. 

X736 BxLUNCs' BaowN, ra. (x) Fek 24, x83S Mary Tyicr (dan. of 
John Brown Tyler oC Gríswold, ConiL), b. Oct. 15, X804, d. Oct lO^ x8S3f 
he m. (2) Nov. 7, xSsSt Mrs. Abby Ann Goodwin (dau. oí Nathan 
Whiting). Children: 

X737 John Tyler, b. Nov. 22, x82S; d. July X3, X85X. 

X738 Edward Alcxander, b. June 24, 1832; d. Sept xs 1832; 

GmsAUNnr or tbi CnsnnoocB Famox 9g 

+1739 Hcniy Bíllings» h. March 3. 1836; m. Carolsnc Pitts. 

1740 Mary Stewait, h. May 12, 1846; d. láaj 2, iBsu 

1741 John Herbert (child oí second narriage), h. Apiil 8^ 1868 ¡ d. 

April 12, 18614. 

173P JuDGB Hbniy* Bilungs Baowx, m. Jnly ij» 18614, Carolisic Pitu 
(daiL oí Samuel) of Detroit, Mich., h. OcL 9, i843t Detroit, Mich.; d. 
July II» 1901. in Sago di Garda. He was apposnted by Preaident Harri- 
son in i8pi Judge oí Suprcme Court of the United States. Was grad- 
nated Yale College 185& 

SaBS AxifA* SwAN (Loqr* Denison, lOiS), n. Nov. 3, 1743, in North 
Stontngton, Conn. (first wiíe)« Benadnm Dcnison (son oí WUliam and 
Merey [Gailup] Denison), h. Feb. 6^ 1721» d. 1757: Uvcd in Stoningtoo» 
Conn. Children: 

1743 Lucy, h. Jaa 8^ 1744; ni. William Gailup. 

-f 1743 James, b. Aog. 35, 1745; »> Sept 3g^ 1773» Eunice Stantoo, 34pN. 

1744 Benadum, b. July % 1747; m. Dec 14, 1770^ Dimmis Reed of 

Norwich, Conn. 
-f 1745 Robcrt, b. Sept 36; 1749; ib- (x) Alice Denison; m. (3) DdM>rah 

1746 George, b. Oct 8^ 1751 ; ol Theody Brown. 

BufAmiu DiHisoü, m. (3) Oct 18; 1753^ Sarah* (Avery), 115S, widow 
oí Beebe Denison. 

I74S Romr' Dimsoif, d. Feb. % iBao, in Stonington, Comí.; m. (i) 
S^t 19^ 1773, Alice Denison, d. Sept 34 1794. Children in Deniiom 
Ctngúiofíf. He m. (3) Mov. 3, 1796^ in Stoningtoi^ Cona, Deborah 
Dewcy (dan. oí Joscph and Deborah [Elliott] Dtwey). Nine diildmn (m 
Dmiian Gineahgy)^ oí wiiom: 

1747 George Warren, b. 1809; m. Amira ChesAroogh (Daniel, 67E). 
+1748 Eliaa Ahnira, b. May % 1815; m. Ang. 3S i83S in Stoninglnis 

Tbomas Miner, b. Feb. 17, 1798^ d. April 2, 1847; she d. Fck 
15. 1^45- 

Children oí Elisa Ahnira (Denison) and Tbomas líiner: 

1749 (korge Warren, b. June 16^ 1836; d. Jan. 38; 1858; nnmarrkd. 

1750 Charles Heniy, b. July i, 1837; d. April 36^ 1843. 

X7SX Elisa Ahnira, b. July 3X, 1841 ; m. Hiram Cfiít Denison, 358E 
(sce his Record). 

SspS Locy* SwAN (Lucy* Denison, loxS), m. May i, lysi, Paul 
Wheeler, who d. Oct 35, I787i úi his doth year. Children: 

1753 Eunice^ b. Dec. 26, 1751 ; d. Aug. 93» X753> 

1753 Thomas, b. Oct 3$, I7S3; d. Feb. % 1755- 

1754 Paul, b. Dec. aá^ 1755- 

90 GnfiALooy op TBB CBismooGB Fam&y. 

f I7S5 Lucy» K Sept 37f 1757; >n. (i) Shrpard WbcrJer, 6i4N. 

1756 Etintcc^ d Oct 7» I759> 

X737 John» h. Uaj 24 1762. 

1758 Anna, h. June x I7^ 

1759 li^anr» k Nov. 6^ 1765; m. Oct ij, 1762. Litthcr Aftrr (Nathan). 

1760 Pcrct» h. Nov. jo^ 17^. 

1761 Eunsec^ h. SefC 30^ 17^ 

+I76a Zcnriab, h. Nov. 19^ 1771; d Aug. 6^ 1806; n. Jotcph Nosret, 
443N (see hit Record). 

59oS Capt. Jobn* Swah (Lucj* Dcoisont loiS), n. May 17» X753» 
Mary Prentíee (dan. oí Jonat and Lncj [Deniton] Prentkc. m. Nov. ag^ 
1733)» h. Scpt 4 1734» >n Stomngton, Conn. Childrcn: 

1763 Mary, h. Nov. 19^ X7S7. 

1764 John, h. Jtúj 29, 176a 

1765 PriidUa, h. July 4. 17Í3. 

1766 Samuel, h. May ix, 17^ 

1761^ Pero, h. May x8^ 17^^; n. Hannah Brown (dan. oí Zabulón). 
+X7á Lucy, h. Jan. s x77o; m. GUbcrt BiUingí, 764N; Lucy Gcer, 
X769 Jonaa, h. Feb. n» X772. 
X770 Fanny. h. March 3, X774. 

532S J08BUA* SwAX (Lucy* Dcntaoo, xoiS), d. ¡n MSton» Saratoga 
County, N. Y.; m. Dec x» 1763» Martha Dcniíon (Amos, Joicph, George, 
George), h. Dcc m i74^ and d. Aug. s i93^ » Milu», N. Y. Childrcn 
(h. tn Stonington, Com.) : 

X771 Amoa, b. May xa, 1764* 

+X773 Joihua, h. June 8^ X766; d. Aug. &'x83>; m. Polly Frink. 

+1773 Adam, h. June 19^ 17^; d. Feb. 5, x835; nL Mcrqr Rtch. 

-f X774 Pclcg; h. Jttly JO^ X770; d. Aog. 24 iB^ó; bl PoUy Yonng: 

-fX77S Stcphcn, b. Aug. x6^ X77a; d. FéU 2X, X84X; bl (x) Suaan Haa- 
iord; m. (9) Phebe Frink. 

X776 Prudenec^ b. X774; bl Luke WOlianu, 679S. 

X777 Gilbcrt, b. June xs, X777; m. Phebe Young: 

X778 Isaac Moalqr» b. July 15, X779» d. March aá^ 1797. 

-f X779 Patty, b. X78X ; bl Jonathan Chesebrougfa, 775S. 

+1780 Phebe, b. Aiiril M 1785» d. Feb. xft i8S7» bl Sidnqr ThoBipioo. 

X78X Amos, b. March % X788; d. May i^ 1848; m. Keaiah Haníbrd. 

xyya J[osauA* Swab, bl Polly Frink oí Stonington, Conn. Childrcn: 

X78a Susan, d. Sept xo^ x83X» aged 33 years; bl P. M. McComber. 

X783 Desirc, m. Miller. 

X784 Lucy, BL "^^— Hawldns. 

X785 Mary. m. (1) W. R. Pitts; m. (2) G. W. Pitta. 

X786 Phebe, BL Turtlotte. 

GiNtALOGy or tbb Chiumopch FAicar. 91 

1737 Amoioette» m. — -*-- Wellt. 
1788 EnUy» d. in infuicy. 

1773 Aoam' Swax (Jothua. 5328), n. Dec ag^ 1791» Merejr Fitch, h. 
Apríl 21, X775, d. June flS; 185a Childrai: 

+1789 Mana, h. April 2$, 1793; d. Maj ^, i933; m* Chcsier Stcbbiiifl. 

1790 Jdhii» h. Idarcb 24» I79S • <L yomig. 

X7SM John» h. Jttiy i& 1796; d. Sept flfi^ 1859» unnarríed 

X79> Adán» b. Maj 13, X799; d June % i86x ; unmarried. 

-f 1793 Hcni7» h. Sept xa, xSoa; d. Aug. 3, 1867; n. twke.. 

1794 Cynthia, b. April aSt 1805; d. Oct 9^ i88x; m. John WiUiama. 

-hX79S Nathan Fttcfa, h. June i, x8o6; d. Oct xa^ xS^s; m. Julictte F. 

1796 Eraannia Danrin, h. FéU 10^ x8xo; d. Ju^ xo^ 1878; m. Amanda 


1797 Mcrgr Ann, b. Feh. xo^ x8xs; d Dec. 8L x$77; nnmarried. 

1798 Oewitt C b. May X4, xSxy; d íBi^; unmarried 
X799 RoeweU, b. April 6^ iSao; d June ft X864; unmarried 

X780 Maixa* SwAH, m. Fck xo^ x8xi, Chcstcr Stebbins; liTed in 
Saratoga County, N. Y. Oiíldren. 

-^ x8oD Merty Maria, b. July s» i8u ; m. Lyman P. VUbard 

x8ox Hepiibah Jane, b. April xs, xSxs» 

x8o3 James Gad, h. Oct Xft 1818L 

x8q3 Adam Swan, h. April at, íB^ 

x8q4 Ira, h. Aug. 3^ x8ad 

x8os Williamt Chester, b. Mardi aB^ 18391 

X79S NATBAír* FhCB Swah, m. Oct x, x84St Jnliette Franeet Smttl^ 
b. July X7, x83a. Children (b. in Lockport, N. Y.): 

+X806 Harrict Maria, b. July jx, 1846; m. Frauda Qidlck 

X807 Fitch William, b. July aB^ X848; m. Sept a?, x88x, Mary & Howíl 

x8oB Katrene, b. June x6b x9so; d Aog. 30^ x85& 

X809 Emma Minnic^ b. Aog. xa^ x859: d May 3, x477. 

x8xo Unie Francés, b. Sept ao^ x86x ; d Jaa 30^ X884. 

x8xx Fred Hill, b. Sept xa^ X864; d Jan. X7, x88l 

x8o6S Hauxet* Masxa Swan, m. May 3X, x^Ttf^ Francia Cadk^ b. 
I. X, iBéifi, Muscatine, lowa. Child: 

x8xa Cémdius Cadle, b. Nov. X4, x9;8; in A^ctor, lowa. 

x8oo MxacY* MaaxA Simurs, m. Lyman P. Vibbard * Children: 

x8x3 Maria, m. -^— - Amold 

x8x4 Margaret m. — — Tewiy (three children). 

x8x5 Vibbard, Herbert, Margaret; Itve in East Galw^, N. Y. 

91 GlUiSALOüir or tbe Cbisibaouch Family. 

1793 HfKmy' SwAX« m. (i) May, 183^» Sarah María Millf. ChÜdrcfi 
Ok ¡a Moont Morris, N. Y.): 

+16x8 WaUam Henry, h. Jnly 26, 183$; m, Hden Loiiise Fuller, May 

2^ x86x 
+18x9 Theodore TaUíot» h. Fch. 19^ 1843; m. Jnlía L Nash, Apríl 2g, 

18» Osarles I^tch, h. July jB^ X84& 

X793 HBMiy* SwAir, m. (2) June xo^ x86Bb Emma I» Prke oí Lhronia, 
N. Y. aUdrcn: 

x8ai Elisabeth Bradbuiy, b. Marcfa 27» X869; d. Féh. ¡B^ x475* 
x83a Franees Louisc^ bu JaiL 4» xQtOí 

x8x8 WiuxAM* HEinnr Swax, m. H. I» FuUcr. who d. Jan. 7, x867f 
learág ooe child, b. m Moont Morris, N. Y.: 

x8q Heniy V. Swan, b. Féb. X4» X863; fives in New York Qty. 

x8i9 Tbbooou* T. Swan, m, Julia I» Nash at Moont Morris, N. Y.; 
Kve at Rochester» N. Y. Children: 

X824 Theodore Henty, b. May 22» x8^; m. Hden & Mathesoo of 

Ogdensborg, N. Y. 
X835 Alfred Harmoo» b. Oct iB, x8^, in Avon, N. Y.; bl Mollie E. 

x8a6 George Lord, b. Aug. 27» X869; m. Daisy Beach. 

Children oí above: 

1827 Vüas M., son oí Theodore Heniy and Hden Swan» b. Oct xs 

X894, in Sprsngfield, Ohsa 
x8a8 Horace Gilbert, son oí Aiíred H. and Mollie Swan, b. Aug. 4 

X893» in Rochester» N. Y. 
x8a9 Henry Parsons, son oí George I» and Daisy Swan, b. Jnly 13^ 

X89& in Rodiester» N. Y* 

X774 Pass* SwAif, b. July 20^ X770; m. May 2, X793, Polly Yoong 
(dao. oí Dr. Isaac)» b. Jone 2, X778k d. Feb. 25, X845. Children: 

+x830 Isaac^b. Jait 2X« 1797; nLBetscjLyoa 
X83X Phebe, b. Match 13, 1799; d Jan. x8; x8oa 
X832 Patty, b. No¥. 7» x8oo; d. Feb. 8^ x8q2. 
-hx833 Edward, b. July 27^ 1805; d. Sept 23, x97o; nt Lorenda Pitts. 
+1834 Emeline, b. July I7« 1807; d. Dec 8^ x868; n. S^t « X82S, 

Henry Wilson. 
+X835 Loretta, b. Feb. X3, x8xo; d. April xx, X848; m. Dec 2S1 x8a8; 
Anson James Persona. 
1836 Peres» b. Jone xo^ 18x3; d Jan. xs, x8is. 

GmsAUNnr or tbb Cbbsibiouch FAicaY. $o 

f8l7 Cyms, b. Scpt ifl^ i8x8; d. Dec 18; x8i& 
X8I38 Joshua, h, Jone 7$ 18x9; d. Scpt JO^ x8x9. 

X775 Stbpbbm' Swax, m. (x) Snsaa Htafi>nL Chtld: 
x899 WilliaiR, h. StpL 1% X793; >»- s8x8b Helcn Morrison. 

X77S SnniBM' Swaii, m. (3) Fek flS; xSoo^ Phebe Fiink (dan. oí 
Henry oí Stonington» Q>niL), b. Jnlj xo, X781, d Nov. 8^ x847. Quldrcn: 

x&io Faiuis«p h. Maj jo^ x8o3; n. Jait 12, xSaa^ William Gotcl 

xSix Hcniy, h. Jan. X3» X804; d. Jan. 5, 18481 

X843' Ira, k Oct xg^ x8os; d. Oct 1% x837; bl Aug. ^ x8m Sosan 

1843 Hiram, h. AprQ s 1807; d. June x» x833¡ m- Jan- 1^ l83if Mary 

1844 Edward P., h. March 8^ X809; d StpL i% 1837; nk Aug. 12, x8)q^ 

Lanía BalL 
X845 Simeón P. V., h. Jan. 8^ x8x9; n. Jnly X7» 1847* Eliía Tonpldna. 
X846 Elisa Ann, b «S^t JO^ x8ao; d March 7, 1887; m. Jait x, 1849^ 

James W. Moiris. 

X780 Pbdb' Swám, m. Sidnqr Thompson. Children: 

1847 J. Howard, b. x8x7; m. Scpt ix, X844 — — Bancos; Itrág X894. 
X848 Hngh, b. Dcc 34 i8so; m. Scpt xx, 1844, — — ; 

Itving 1894. 
X849 Son»b. x8x3; d X89S; and threedaugfatera. 

x8t30 Isaac* Swab, m. Bctscj Ljoa Children: 

x8S3 David, m. (x) Matilda Morris, and had Mjnm Heniy Swan; 

m. (a) Harrict Shaw.and had William Wilson snd Alice Miles. 
x$54 Perej Pitl, m. Caroline Adams, and had Caroline and Frank. 
x8ss Winiam Wilson, bl Mrs. Emtif Newneu; he d In the Cbfü 

War, in Tenüessee. 
x8s6 Peleg^ m. Mary Adams. 
x8s7 Lois, d in iúhacf. 

x8l33 EnwAiD* Swab, m. Lerenda Pltts, b. Jnly 4» 1804, and d AprO 
X4, X848. Children: 

+x8$3 Bemon Pitts, b. Jone as» 1832; m. Julia Stokes^ 

+1864 George Norton, b. Jone & xaÍ34; m. (x) Helen M. Donaldson; 
BL (a) Jnliette R. Hopkins. 

x86s Vraiiam Pitts. 

x866 Maiy, b. Scpt 7, X837 ; nL John P. Lucaa. 

• x8^ Susan, b. Scpt 7» 18137 (twin of above) ; d Jone ax, x$7^ 

x868 Edward, b. Nov. xo^ x8|o; d Féb. xo^ X84X. 

-hx869 Looiseb b. April a8; x84a; m. Frank & Wales, Dcc s» >8|7X. 

94 GnfiALOCY or tbb CmuamaoGM Family. 

itt9 BnnoN* Pnn Swan, d. Oct la, X893» at Deadwood; m. U»j, 
ttSh JoU* Stoket. Childrcii: 

1470 Muy, h. Jone fl^ 1860; d Fek 22, 18^4. 
i^i MiiinkLoiiiae»b.Dcc. 17, i863;iiLMaj, x886^L(Mris A.Rcxfa^ 
+1^ Lorcnda Pittt» h. Nov. 14» 1865; m. Aof. 9$, xS&it John T. llnkcr. 
Oüldren: 1973, Minnie Elizabeth Tinker; 1Ó74» Maxy Gibtoo 
Tinkor; iS^St Luqr Hnker; xQ^ti^ John Tinker, Jn 

1864 GiOMS* NQBi0if SwAN, UL (x) NoT^ x86ob Üdctt-M. Donaldtoa 

i8f7 Edwird Wood Swan, h. Jone 6^ x86a; m. Jcnnie DunhaoL 
x^ WUliam Phtt Swan» h. Nov. 6^ x868; d. Aug. JO^ x89a 

x934 Emilxkb* Swax, ul Scpt ag^ x83& Hcnry Wiltoa Children : 

x879 Lanía ICaríat d. joung. 

x88o William Hcniy, h. Apríl X4 x83x; m. April, x8s7» Freelove Fox. 

+x88x Laura Mana, h. April x^ xfli33; n. Jait s s9S9b D« C Sears. 

x88p Henry WiUon, h. Feh. 8^ x86o; m. Féh. 8^ x886^ Lissie Tajtor. 

X890 Caroline Elisabech, h. X863; n. X887» Charles Knapp. 

189X Alice Emclinc, b. 1866; killed bf lightning, x88i3. 

1835 LomTA* SwAir, m. Dee. 2$, x838^ Ansoo James Persona. 

+X883 Mary Elisabcth, b. Nov. 22, 1829; m. Dee., X844, Qrnts Boolh. 

.+X883 Lois, h. Nov. flS; X83X ; m. x8so^ John B. West 

+1884 Ansoo Levi, h. S^t 4, x833; m- (x) x8S7« E- Jui« Whealon; 
m. (a) Victoria Sagar. 

x88s Edvkvd S., h. Feh., x836; n. 1865, Charlotte Wcsüake. 

x886 Emefineb h. June 23, iB$^; m. Dee., x86a^ WUliam Bartlett 

X887 James Heniy, h. Oct 2, X84X; d. during Gvil War. 

x888 Alberto d. in inianqr. 

188a Maut* EtxzABBTB (PlBaoMS) snd Cyujs Boors. Children: 

X8B9 Marcns Anson, h. Feh. X3, x%x ; d. Feh. x8^ X869. 
X890 Mary Loretta, h. Juty 22, x854; d. Nov., x8S4. 

x^x SteUaElixab^h. Aog.,x857; d.M«rch, X859. 

légiM Mattie Amelia, b. Aug. 17» x86x; m. Aug., x88a, Oifford Pljmp- 

ton. Child: 
X896 Susie, b. Féh. 2X» x886; d. Sept 25, X89S 

X883 Lois* (Pkisoirs) and Jobm B. Wist. Child : 
X893 MoreUo, b. July, X85X ; m. x87if Enuna Van Burén. 
X897 Murray West; 1898. Mary West 

GncxALOov ov thb CassinoDOB Family. m 

1884 Amson* Lm PnsoNS and E. Janb Whiatoit, who d Dce. i. 
iBfiB Childrai: 

1894 Elner, h. 18601 

1895 FlorcooeLoretti»b. i86Í4;iB. Ambón Rawltni. 

i88i Amsom* Lm PlBioirs and Viciqua (Sacae), seoond wifii 

i8q9 Qwcncc 

537S Gaono* Swav (Lncj* Dcniaoo» loxS), n. Scpt 14, 1774 ÁbigaU 
Randall (dan. oí John and Luqr [Brown] Randall). bu Nov. u^ 1752^ d. 
Jan. X I797f >n Stoningtoo» Comí. Chüdrcn: 

1900 Gcorge; 1901^ Rcr. Roowell, b» Jint 16^ 1778; n. Harriel F. 
Fahnar; 1902^ Lncj; 1903, Ama; 1904, Adam; 1901 Gilaa. 

1901 Rbv. Roawnx* Swav, n. Harriet P. Palmer (dan. oí Amoa 
Palmer and (second wUe) Sallj Rliodea Palmer. Children (k la 
Weaterlj, R. L): 

1906 Harriel; 19071 Roewdl; 1908^ Phd»; 1909^ -fHarriet P., b» 
Mareta ao^ 1816; m. Hon. Nathan Fellowa Dixon; I9m 

1909 HABanr* Palmu Swax, d Jan. 22, 1899; m. Jnnc^ i843i Hon. 
Nathan Fellowa Díxon, Jr.» k 1812. Children (k in WealerlTf >• X): 

191X Nathan F.« b. June 10^ X845; d in inluiesr. 

1912 Nathan F., b. Aug. aS; 1847; d Nov. 7. 1897; n- Gfiee Meanra. 

19x3 Edward IL. b. Oct 4» X8491 

19x4 Phebe Ann S.« b. Feh. xft xSsa. 

X915 Waker P., b. Dec. 8^ x9sS- 

X9x6 Harriet &, b. FeL 24 i9S9^ 

5528 Natbax* BxLUjffGa (Tbankfiil* Deniaoi^ xo^S)» m. w 

Children (h. fai PKaloi^ Comí.) : 

X9ao JoMph» b» Ifaj % X774; d Jan. a6b X777. 
X9ax Tbomaa» b. Aug. ifl^ X77S 
t9aa Elíiabcfh, b. Jan. X4 X777* 

S63S AicY* STAnoN (Desire' Deniíon. X04S)» m. April x6b X768, Bcn- 
jamb Qafy oí Presión, Conn. Children (b. in Presión, Comí.) : 

X9a4 Desier, b. Mardi 4» '7^ 
X9^ Crialable, b. Oct S X764* 

S(5S PiUBncB' STAinoii (Desire Dcniaoo. X04S), m. Jan. s 1769^ fai 

^ GnfBALOGY or TBS CetsmociGH Family. 

Prctton, Coim^ David Meeeb of Preston» ConsL Chüdrcii (h. in Prcs- 
tOBi Comí*} i 

igaó Joieph, h. Nov. as» i?^ 

I9S7 Gcorge» h. Feb. í6, I77X. 

1928 Hcnnr, h. AimíI i4 i77^ 

1929 Lticy. h. June 33i 1775* 
IQ90 Axnie» h. Jan. 2& I777- 

1931 Nathan^b. Apríl 16^ 1781. 

1932 ZÍ9porah, b. Oct 13, 1784. 
X933 Etmtce, b. Nov. 17» JTSg, 

563S Dbsxib' Stamton (Desirc* Deniion, X04S), m. Marcb 23, 1770^ 
Elisha Gcer. Oiildren (b. in Norwidí, Conn.) : 

+1935 Dentton, b. July 17, 1771 ; d. Feb. 14» 18x6; m. Polly Smitb. 

1936 Sophsa Chríitian» b. Jaa xx, X77^ 

X937 Anna» b. Nov. xg^ X775* 

X938 Rebccca, b. Sept xa, X777« 

X93S DnnsoN' Gnt, m. Maj 4» X797f FoUy Snidu k Jan. 37» X779> 
Cbildren (b. in Norwicb, Conn.): 

1939 P0II7, b. June 16, X7g8. 

1940 Anna, b. May 8, 1800; d. Apríl 26, i8x& 
X94X George W., b. May 6, 1802. 

X94a Lydia, b. Marcb 9^ 1804. 

X943 Elisha» b. June 10^ x8o6L 

1944 Prentice, b. StpL ?• x8o6L 

X94S Abhy Almira, b. Aug. 26b x8xa 

1946 Edna Alicer b. July 29^ x8i^ 

X947 Deniion» b. Match 29^ x8x& 

S70 JoBX* Avnnr (John*. xojS). m. X7S2» Méhttable BnelL Cbildren 
(b. in Norwich, Comí.) : 

X9S0 Rhoda, b. Nov. 30^ X753. 

195X John, b. Jan. 21, X75fii 

X952 Lydia, b. Dec 26; 1757; m. Joteph Deniaoa 

1953 Abel. b. Aug. 30^ X760; a toldicr and i^entioner in Rcvolo- 
tíonary War. 

+T9S4 J«hex, b. Jan. 29^ 1764 ; m. Sally Gifanore (dan. oí John). 

X9S5 Elizabeth, b. Juty x, X766; m. X794. Martin Mudge. 

X9s6 Asa, b. Marcb 12, X770; bl SanJi Creen. 

X9S4 Jabcz* Avny, m. Sally Gilmore oí Providence^ R. L; Isved in 
Stafford, Conn. Cbildren: 

X9S7 Lovinia; 1958^ Charlotte; X9Sft Sally; 1960^ Bctscy; X961, AbigaiL 

GtMBAUxnr or m Cmiscbmxigh Family. 97 

571 Jabb* Avny (John'» 107S). sn. (x) X753f Ut^ Creen; m, (a) 
Nov. 18^ 1761, Lticy Bushnell (dau. oí Capt Richard oí Norwich, Conn.)» 
h. Jan. 31» X734-S Norwích, Conn.; d. 1789^ in Norwtch. Children (h. ín 
Norwícfa, Ccmul): 

1963 Jabes» h. Apríl 11, X76Í3; m. X78g^ Eunice Htmtingtoo oí Nor- 

wkh» Coña. 

1964 Richard» h. April 24» 1764; m. 1789^ Lncj Lord. 
X965 Lnc7» h. Jaa x, X766; la 1788^ Bela LeffingwelL 
X966 Hannab» h. Nov. 26, 176^. 

iSfgJ John» h. March % 1769; m. March 7» X794, Loey Woodworth of 

1969 Gurdon» h. Jaa X4» 177X. 
X970 Caldib h. Dee. 25» 177a; n. Pmdenee Avery» h. X777« 

S79 Ahoí' Avanr (John*» 107S)» m. (x) Nov. 2^ 1756^ Irene Kingt- 
bnry (fay Rev. John Bilis)» both of Norwich» Q>nn. Chüd (b. in Ñor- 
wich» ConiL): 

1971 Amoi» Jr.» h. Ifaj 12» 1757. 

572 Aicoi' AvuY» n. (2) Amia Edgerton (dau. oí Hexddah). 
Children: "" 

X972 Hannah; X973» Daniel; X974f jAbes; X97S, Amanah; 1976^ Jedo- 
than; X977» Asahel; 1978^ Irene; X97ft AiuiaJ"*'"' 

S:^ Natban* Avnnr (John*» X07S)» m. Nov. 20^ 1766^ Marcy Burrows 
of (jrbloo» Qmn. (dan. oí (^pt Hnbbard Burrows» a hero oí Fort (¡ris- 
wold). Oiildrcn (k hi Preston» Conn.) : 

19B0 Mcrcjr» b. April x^ X7€BL 

19BX Anne^ h. April 29^ 1770; d April 30^ 1773» 

X9B0 Sarah» b. Sept 2^ XTTS. 

X9e¡3 Eslher» h. April 22» X775* 

19B4 Polly»h. X777;nt (^rge Mowiy. 

S76 Nbssmxah* AvaiY (John*» 107S)» m. April a3» 17^ Anna Deni- 
soo (dan. oí John -and Abigail [Avery» xxoS] Denison) ; she was b. 1746; 
(ÚLp m. (2) Sept % 1798; Anos CUÍt» and lived in Presión» Q>nn.) 

X9% David» b. Maj 4» vjSÍ\ n. Abigail (joddard. 

X9BS Beebe Denison» b. June 8^ I77i : m- Nov.» 17» Rebceca Satterlee 

(b. Ang. X4. I773i and d Oct f7» 1840^ in Rndand» Vt). 
X9B7 Willianí» b. X77S; d June xs. I79& 
X9B8 Nanqr» b. Sept xa, X785 : m- Willianí Cliít 

Ammiw* DiNxaoN (Abigail* Avery» xxoS)» b. Dec. 3» 1761; d March 

98 GtNEALOGY or TBB Cbbsdbooch FAUaY. 

as» i8ix ín Bennington» Vt; m. 1782, Sally Williams» d. Jan. 12, i8s3t <e. 
93 jean, in StoningtoOt Coon. Cbildren: 

i^Bp Charles H.» bi. March i, 1784 ; d yoong. 

1990 Benjasntn R, h. June i, 1785; m. Naney Stark; Uved in Ben- 

nsngton» Vt 

1991 Stephen W^ bi. Fdn ló^ 1747 ; <L yoong. 

1992 Sally, bi. Jone la 1739! d Jaa 13» 1877» Stonington, IlL; m. 

John Browa 
1903 Ahigail» h. May 12, 1791 ; d. yoong. 
+1994 John» h. June 4, 1793; d. Oct, 1854; m. Mary Oiescbro, S^S^S 
\see her Reeofd/* 

1995 Dttire» h. Maich, 1795; d. yoong. 

1996 Sophia, b. March 6, 1797; d. yoong. 

1997 Locy Ann» h. Feb. 18^ 1799 ; d. July 2a, 1848^ North Stonington ; 

m. July 4» 1816^ Mathew Brown ; Uved and d. North 

113a Pbob* Avnv (George*, 113S)» m. March 17» I790b Nicholas 
Morgan (son oí James and Catherine [Street] Morgan» d. in Crotón, 
Conn.» Apríl aB» 1845. «. 8i3 y ears. Children (b. in Crotón» Conn.) : 

aoo4 Nicholas» h. Nov. 7» 1790; d. Oct I9b 1793* 

aops Phcbe» b. Sept 93» 1799; vl Dec i» 1816^ Henry Harding; three 

flOo6 Sally, b. March i» 1794: d. Feh. 27» 179& 

3007 Cordón» b. Sept 6, 1796; nu May x 1831» Sarah Ann Disbrow. 

Joa8 Sanlord» b, Nov. ii» 179B; m. (i) Lavinia. Avery; nu (a) Har- 

riet Edgecomb; nu (3) ComeUa Aveiy. 
aoo9 Calvin» bi April 11» 1801 ; m. Jone 2% 1830, Jolia M. Disbrow. 
aoio Nicholas» \k May ta» ift¿; m. (i) Jone a8L x8^, Maiy Mahoo; 

m. (a) Pede Thompson, 
aoii Lydia» bi Feh. la 1&6; ni. Aog. 19^ 1824 Horatio Nelson Fish. 
aoia Jcnisha» bi Joly 6^ 1807; m. Sept a6b 1827» Daniel B. Meech. 
aoi3 John Avenr» b, March ss» 1809; m. (i) Almira E. Brown; m. 

(a) Sosan A. Pendleton. 
aoi4 Nancy Ann» k Sept afib 18x1; m. Apríl 2, 1832^ EbencKr A. 

aoxs Yoongs» \k Feh. 5» 18x4; m. (x) Abhy M. Clark; m. (a) Elisa 

Aim Clark 

584 Sakab* AvitY (Thankfol*» XX4S), m. (scoond wiíe) Ca^ Hob- 
hard Borrows» who was Idlled at Fort Griswold Sept 6^ xySx. 

aoi6 Períss» m. Deborah Vngfatman. 

aDi7 Príscilla (twin oí above)» m. Daniel Morgan. 

aox8 Sally» b. Joly 2, 1770; m. Caleb Haley (Caléb and Maiy). 

aDi9 Eltsha» m. Rebecca Tomer. 

GnfiALOGY or tbs Cussoboucb Family. 

588 Dbnimk* Avny (Thankíul*), m. Hannah Babeock. Children: 

ano Alfred, 1k Scpt la» 1794: d. Oct a» i8a6; m. Maitha Smith ol 

9021 Child. 

ao» Hannah, b. Jiily a, 1797 ; m. Oiarlet L. Halcy. 
202^ Phebe, h. Jan. 29, 1799; d Jan. 16, 1880; unmarried. 
2024 Dcnitont Jr., Ik June 14, 1801 ; d Sept 3» 1889. 
aoas Benjamín Gibaon, b. May 6, 1804; d April 6^ 1850; m. Elisa 

aoo6 Du41cy Bailcy, h. Jone 18^ 180& 
ao37 Rhoda Emeline» k Jtine 22^ 1809; m. Wllliam R. Aveiy. 

589 MoLLY* AvnY (Thankfnl*), m. Yoongs Morgan (James), d May 
19. 1809^ «. 68 yeart. Chfldren (h. in Groton, Conn.) : 

aooS Yonngt, h. Fdx, 1774; d May xa^ 1776. 

aoa9 Avery, h. Oct 7» 1779; d Match la, 1846; m. Dec s» 1809^ Bettey 
Hickt (ao4oS)i h. June 17, 1789; d May 9^ i8s7* Children: 

aoga Avery*, h. Dec la, 1810; m. Francés A. Parle, 185B. 
aQ33 George W.*,h. Sept 4» 1813; »• Mary Ann Borrows, 1849^ 
ao34 Mary F.*, b. April 26, 1818; m. Moses E. Morgan, 18138. 

•faogo Youigs, b. 178a; m. (i) Mary Mitchel, a8Q7N (see her Record) ; 
m. (a) Phebe Avery. 
ao3X Polly, d April afib 18x6^ m. 30 years. 

593 Hakiiab* AvnY (Thankínl*, IX4S), m. John Hix Children: ' 

aQ38 Joha 

a939 Sylvanns, m. Mary Hedden. 

aQ40 Betsey, b. June S7i X789; m. Aveiy Morgan, aoa9S. 

6oxS Pma* Buuoxy (Locy* Avery, xaaS), m. (x) Maxcb % 1768^ 
Hannah Breed oí Stonington. Children: 

aü44 Peter, b. Jnly 22, 1771X 

ao45 Prenttce^ b. June XX, 1772. 

a046 Hannah, k Aug. as, X775> 

ao47 Lttcy, b. Marcb 9b 173^; m. 1800^ John Breen; children d yonng. 

6oaS WxLUAM* BuuosY (Loey* Avery, xaa), m. Dec 18^ 1788^ PoUy 
ChampioiL Children: 

aosa Son, b. and d 1790* 

aQ53 Heniy, b. June xó^ X79i« 

ao54 Epaphroditus, b. June ló^ X791 (twin of above) ; d Jaa 26, xSoy. 

aoss Maiy, b. July ix X793- 

aos6 WiUiam, d May tx, x8ot. 

100 GEmALOGY ar ua Chesowvugb Family. 

614S RiCBARDSON* Avny, Jk., X26S, m. Jml i, iy66^ Eimice Maxoo 
(daiL oí John Maxon oí Hopldnton» R. L). Children: 

Joseph, h. 1769. 

Joel» b. 1769 (twin oí above). 
Sally, bi. 1771 ; m. Sylvanus Fisk. 
Eunicc^ k 1773 ; m. Sanlord Langwoithy. 
Williain, b. 1775 ; d. yoúDg. 
Rscbardáon, b. Dec 25, X77& 
Frederick» b. March x8^ X781. 
LoU, b. 1793. 

\k 1785; d. yomiff. 

6x5 Anma* Avnnr (Ricbardaoif*, xa6S), m. March 22, 1764, Jndgc 
Obadiah Gore^ Jr. (loa oí Obadiah and Hannab [Park] Gore oí Pretton, 
Conn.), b. Apríl 7, 1744, «nd d. March 23, xtex. Was a Lieutenant ia 
Rcvolutionary Amiy. Children : 

aQS7 Avery» b. Jan. xo, 1765» »• Dec la» 17013, his ooutfai Lnqr 
Core (Sflas). 
+2058 Wealthy, b. Aug. xa 1767$ vl Oet x» X7$3» CoL John Spaldñig. 

20S9 Hannah, bi Sept 8^ 1769; m. Elisha Dnrkee. 
-f206o Anna, b. Feb. 8, X773; d. Sept 7, iBosi xn. JaxL 3, 1790^ Joha 
Shepard of Athens, Pa., who d. May xs, 1837^ 
2o6x Sally, \k Sept 22, X774; xn. David Caah oí Towanda» Pa. 

Wealthy* Gore (20588) and CoL John Spalding had dan., Sarah* (2062), 
who UL Hexiry Wellea ; thcy had a dan.. Francés* M. WeUea (20^), who 
UL — — > Sttsart; they had a dan.. Francés** Welles Stuart (2064), who 
in. Henry* M. Shepard (2066). Jndge oí the Appellaie Cowt, Chicago^ VL 

Anna* Gore (2060S) and John Shepard had a son» Job* Shepard (20$5)t 
who xn. Abigail EUsworth ; they had a son» Henry* M. Shepard (2066)» who 
WL Francés'* Wellca Stuart (2064S). 

Heniy* M. (2066S) and Francés'* W. (Shepard) have childitn: Stuart 
Gore^ Helen Ellswortíi, Perey M. 


tiiS JofiBUA* Baboocx (Anna* Avery, X28S), wl (x) Sept & 1773 (br 
Jod Benedicl^ minister) Elixabeth Pafaner» b. X78a in Norwich, ConiL; d. 
18x8; Hved Pcndleton HUÍ, Conn. ''He was a Justice oí Westerly, R. L* 
Children (b. in Stonington^ Cooil) : 

2070 Joshna» h. Feb. 2X, X774. 

2071 Asa, b. Nov. ^ 1775. 

2072 Oliver, b. Jan. 20, 1778; d. Oct 23, x866i Bridgewater, N. Y.; m. 

Jan., x8o2, Maiy RandalL 

2073 Elisabeth, b. May 4, X78a 

2074 Martin, \k March 20^ X783- 


No. iHSiS*. 
Fivn PbMMfiapn tvkra ín tffi. 

GmAUxnr or ths CntsmoucB pAiciLy. soi 

9075 Charlct» k Jtmc ai, I747. 

JQ76 Hcury, k Fek M» '790* 

J077 Cyint» 

jqtS Atbcr« <L yoinig. 

JotKUA* Baboocx, m. (2) Mn. Amia Maxon oí Newport» R. L 

Di. CBnnomn* Babokx, 63x8 (Ama* Avexyt X28S), m. Maiy (dan. 
of Thaddent) Bcncdict oí Danbury, Cona He was a Surgeon ín Revo- 
lutionafy Anny, and had son» Major* WUliam Babcock (ao79)i oí New 
Haven, Conn.» who bad one son» Hon. James* F. Babcock» oí New Haven^ 

636 Anua' Babcocx (Anna* Avenr» mBS)» m. (i) April 37» 1763» 
Saníord Langworthy (son oí Thomas and Content [Sanford] Langworthy). 
Was a Seventh Day Baptíst; lived and d. at Pendleton HUÍ» Noith Ston- 
ington; d. aged 40 years. 

+aoBo Amia» h. Nov. 7, 1764; m. Aug. I9b itBx» Nathaniel Plmnb, a66N 

(see his Record). 
ac6i Content» b. May a, 176& 
aofia Oliver. 
JoSs Altana» b. Ang. 14, 1769; m. hy Justíce Babcock Dec 24, 1789^ 

Jobn Brown of Westerly» R. I. 
2064 Sanford, m. hy Justíce Babcock Nov. 4, 1793, Eunice Avery of 

doBs Mercy» m. hf Justíce Babcock Dec 22, 17013, John W. Cóllins 

of P^ría. 

636 Anua' Babodcx» m. (2)» br Jnstke Josbua Babcock^ Aug. 29^ 
1788, Maj. Anthony Rhodes of Voluntown» Conn.; removed with bis 
family to Brídgewater» N. Y. Children: 

20B6 Avery » 2087» AiQy. 

630 Altana* Baioocx (Anna* Avery» X28S)» m. bf Eleaser Brown» 
Eider» Dec 30^ 1772^ John Langworthy (son of Thomas and Content 
[Sanford] Langworthy)» b. Oct 22, 174a: d. Feb. 24, x82& Lived m Hop- 
kinton» R. L He was a Drummer in the Revolntionary War and served 
In the battle of (Sroton Hetghts. Children: 

2089 Abtgail» b. June x» 1774; <L March X2^ X84X ; unmarried. 

*' +^090 John, Jr.» b. April X» 1776; m. Sarah Pendleton. 

+2091 Eliaabeth» bi Jaa 23, X780; d. Feb.» x$7o; m. Sylvanus Maxon. 

H-2092 Asa» b. May 4f I7&>; <L x$7o; m. (x) — ; m. (2) 

Rnth CrandalL 

44093 Content» b. Feb. 2» X788; d. x974: vl Daniel Lewis. 

2094 Josbua» b. 1778; d. se. 3 weeka. 

IOS GnfBALOOY or THB Ckcbummigh Family. 

aoQO John' Lancwoktby, Jí. (Alona* Babeock), ol Nov. ag^ 1798. 
by Josbua Babcock, Sarah Pendleton. Children: 

H-Jog5 Charles Davis» b. Ft\k as» 1804. 

+9096 Rev. Isaac Pendleton, b. Jan. 13, 1806; d. Jaa 5, 188& 

+2097 Asa Albert, b, March 17» 180& 

-i-JogB Bcnjanin Franklin, b. May 7, 1810; m. threc tímcs. 

+2099 Nathan Henij» k Oct 17» i8iz 

atoo Sarah Amdia, b. Dec. i» 1814; m. Rev. Albert Palmer; two 

•faioi Altana B^ b. April 8^ 1817 ; m. Al£red Qark. 

+2109 James Babeock, b. June 25, 1819; m. Martha Stillman. 

-faiP3 John Avery, nu (i) Elixa Lcwls; m. (2) Mrs. MaryUtttr. 

2104 Thomas, d at sea, buríed in Grecn Island. 

-I-3X0S WUliam (twtn oí above), m. Susan Stíllmaa 

2103 JoBií AvBY* Langwoktby, m. (i) Eliza Lewis (dan. ol Deacon 
Daniel Lewis). Oiildren ol first marriage: 

2106 Sarah Elizabeth» m. Dr. George H. Taylor ol New York; (had 

loor dúkiren— William, Frank» Lela, Flora). 

2107 Daniel A., m. Belle ; reside in Nebraska. 

2108 Ralph, m. Louise . ; reside in Alfred Centre, N. Y. 
2x09 Olin, drowned in 18641 about 18 years oíd. 

2110 Emdine Ann, m. B. Frank Titsworth, and both d. in i973- 
2XII Locretia, Uves at Genesee, N. Y. ; tmmarried. 

210S WuiAM* LamgwokthYj nu Susan Stillman. Children: 

21X2 Harriet, m. Frank Westoott; livcs in Albioa, Wím.; loor diiklrcn. 

2113 Horacc^ nu — — ; Uves in Ohio; three children. 

2114 Eliía, Uves in Ashaway, R. L; tmmarried. 

2XX5 Sarah Louise n. Safford Thatcher; Uves in Kansaa; loor 

2x16 Edmund F., d. 1858; aged about 20 years. 
2XX7 Altana Mana (MolUe), m. Dr. J. D. Kenyon; one child 

(Harold) ; she d. Aug. la i89>» Westerly, R. L 
21x8 Isaac M., m. Ruth Place ; two childrea 
2XX9 LesUe P., m. María CrandaU; lour children. 

209S Chaius* Davu Lamgwoktxxy, m. Susan Saunders; both d. at 
Alfred, N. Y. 

2X2X Amelia, d. in inisncy. 

2x22 Martha Jane^ m. Henry Benjamín; one child; all dead. 

2^'>3 Charles W., m. Lydia Shaw; Uves in Rome, Ga.; lour children. 

2x24 Lydia, m. Milo Palmer; Uves in Romc^ Ga.; lour chUdrcn. 

2X2$ CaroUne, d. 1868^ about 2X years oíd. 

Gi]fi.\i.ocY or TRs CHumoucB Family. 109 

3136 Willitm Henry, m. and Uves on thc John Ltoffwofthy Home* 
stead in Alírcd, M. Y.; three children. 

2097 Asa* Alhest Langwortmy» m. Jan. i» iSaft Enuna Stillinaa; d. 
Ifajr 4» i84S* Cluldren : 

au7 Orvilte Eirerett. h. Oec., i9a9; d. ia4t« 
9196 Thomas Wayland, \k July, 1849 ; d. Oec.. 1649. 
9199 Amanda Altana, 1k Oet 31. 1843; «• July ^ 186^ Lewia T. 

9096 R»r. Isaac* PftXBUCTOii Langwqkthy, m. Aug. 8; 1849, Sarah 
Williams at New Havcn, Conn.; Ix July 31, 1818; d. Apríl 90^ 1893. He 
was pastor oí Qmgrcgatiooal Church at Cbelsca» Mass. Children: 

9130 Cyrus Williams, d. Sept 4» 184A aged $ ycars. 

9131 Antoinctte North, d. Aug. 16^ 1849^ c 9 ycars 734 months. 
9139 Frank Abncr, M. D., d. Aug. 31, 1884, c 34 ycars. 

9133 Isaac Hcnry, d. Jaa 5, 1875, c 19 ycars 4 months. 

909B BnfjAMiM* F. Laucwoktby^ m. (i) Anqr Lcwis; onc child; 
both d.; m. (9) Elisa Irish. Children: 

9134 Gcorgc I., m. Amia Card; fivc children. 

9135 Mary Enuna, m. Charles E. P. Noyes; three children. 

9136 John Frank, m. Lonise Stillman; three children; resides at Al- 

Ired Centre, N. Y. 

9137 William Isaac, nu Emma Odessa Blanchard; six diüdren. 
913B Daniel B., m. Lihbie Day; lour children. 

909B BmjAMiM* F. Lamgwosthy, m. (3) María 

9099 Natsaii* H. LAKGWOKmY, m. Fdn 90^ 1837» Ann Flirabeth 
Carr, who d. Dec 98^ 1884; be d. May 98^ 1889. Children: 

9139 Susan, m. William U Greco ; Uves Dorehcster, Mass. 

9140 Sanh Altana; «miarríed. 

914X Albcrt Henry, m. Oct, i974» Georgia Looeland; three children. 

9149 Adelina Carr, m. John Lyons; Uve New York; three children. 

9X43 Hekn, m. Charles Whitman, Oct sB, x88s; two diildrcn. 

9144 Janc^ onmarried. 

9I0X Altaka* B. Langwqkthy, m. Alíred Clarke and d. leaving one 

9X48 Sarah Francés, who m. Benjamin P. Langworthy, 9d; two 
children— an infont boy d., and Altana, who nu John A. Slocum. 

> I. 

9X09 Jamu* B. LAXOwonraY, m. Martha Stillman. Children: 
9147 AlbertH. 


ai^S Aktim» d iSsS» HB^ ^ yourt. 

3149 Om» JíL and Uves in HorndUviUeb N. Y. 

Children of William* Isaac and Enuna Langworthy (si37): May» 
Franl^ Hellcn, Ella» Floyd, Margueríte. Children oí Jolu' and Lonite 
Langwortliy (3ij5): Olive, Howard, Dean Langworthy. Children ol 
Daniel B. and Líbbie Langwortby (2138) : Will, Harry, UUie Bertha. 
LíUie Altana Langworthy. 

J091 EuzAKTH* Lamcwobthy^ uu Sept 24, 1797, Stottington» Conn.» 
by Joshua Babcock, J. P., Sylvanus Maxon, h. Feb. ló^ 1775. Children: 

2150 Betsey, b. Sept 6. 179B* 

2151 Cynthia» b. Aug. i» i8oa 

2152 Altana, b. Sept i% 1802. 
2x53 Sanlord L^ \k Dec. 6, 180& 

2154 Lydia Ann, \k Oct ^ xSogí 

2155 Ablv, k Sepe ft iSxL 
2x56 Sylvanna ILt bi Oct 29^ 18x3. 
2x57 Mary, b. June 29^ x8xg^ 

This famüy moved West 

2093 Conisut' LAMGWOKTixy^ m. Deacon Daniel Lew» (bis seeood 
wi(e). Children: 

2x58 Sarah Content, b. July 6^ 1824; d. Feb. 24, xpox; m. (seeood 

wile) Rey. Alfred B. Burdidt s. p. 
2x59 Abby Altana, b. Jaa x8^ 1830; 0. May 26b i%S^ David Bliss and 

d. soon alter. s. pu 

2092 Asa' LAKOwotTHY, xn. (x) Phebe Thnrston» s.p.; m. (2) Rmb 
Crandall and lived in Genesee, N. Y. Children: 

2x60 WilUamAsa. 

2x6x Edwixi, XXL Einxxu Coates ; one child. 

2i6a Axm Ruth, n. John MsYSon, 

2x63 Thonuis Hexiry. 

2x64 Oliver. xn. — — ; had children. 

2X^ Phebe^ xa John Fairbanks; four children. 

2x66 Abby Altana, ixl William R. Ma»son. 

2x67 Johxi, xn. Pendope CrandalL 

2x68 Sanford (twin oí above), d. in infsnqr. 

d33 Damxil' Baioocx (Anna* Avery, X28S), m. April 8; X783-4 Con» 
tent Pütter (dau. of Gcoige and Content Maxon of Potters HUÍ» Coim.), 
k May 25, X765; d. Sept 14, x85a He was United States Senator; iorty- 
aix years Justice Peace; eight years Jndge; sixty years Deacon ¿i First 
Baptist Church (Seventh Day) in Hopldnton, R. L Children: 

2x69 Daniel, b. Dec x6^ X784; d. April 2, X974. 
2x70 Elizabeth, b. Febí 2X, vfiíj ; 'd. June 4» 185& 

GsartAUMiv or ms CmsmouoB Fauily. ios 

31/1 Jaoob Davis, \k Jaa ao^ 1789: d. June 17, 1867. 

as7a Ama, k May 9b I79i • <L Nov, ao^ itfflL 

ai73 Liic3r»l».I>cc 1^1797; tL Septft 18691 

ax74 Olivar, 1k Dac la^ 1797 (twin of above) ; d. Sept 9, i9so; nL 

Jaa II, 1824, Pheba Babeock (Stephan). 

2175 Mary, Ik Ncnr. 2, 1807: d. Jaa 18; 1883. 

8176 Emily Hanimond, b. June 14, 1810; d. May 33, 189a 

2177 Gcorge Poiter, k Noir. 4, 1795; d. Sept 29^ 1825. 

2178 Son, d. ia infincy. 

6c Mabtba* Avuy (James*, I37S), bu Ang. 22, 1773; d. Sept 12^ 
1800; la Feb. 18; 1798I Cápt Moaet Bcnjamin (son of David and Lucy 
[Parle] Benjamín) oí Norwieb, Cena; d. Jiily 5, 1813, aged 39 yean, 

2179 Cbariet, b, Dec 28b 179B; d. May 29^ 1860^ al Demerara; m. Lnqr 

Harvey of Colchetter, Cena 

2180 Gaofst^ \k Jíúf 25, 1800; d. Fdk 20^ 18401 

ésa JmraBA* Avuy (Jamas*), m. Dec. ts, i8ox, Cápt Moses Ben- 
jamin (bis secoad wife); sbe d. Aug. 9b 1803, ia Norwieb, Cona, m. 22 
years. Child: 

2181 Moacs» b. Nov. 27, 1802; d. at Demerara; onmarricd 
Cak Moaia BmjAMnr m. (3) Cynlbia Billings of Grotoa 

Oat, Moaia BmjAimf m. (4) Tbankfal Wllliama of WaterCord, Cooa 

66t> JnmcA* Sattíbub (Wmiam*, Jr^ 140S) of Prcston, Cona, m. 
May 21, 176X (tqr William Witter, J. P.)t Jonatban Wiatt Pabner (son of 
William and Abigatl [Wiatt] Pabner); h. Nov. 11, 1739^ Stoningtoa 
Cbildren (bu in Stoningtoa^ Coim.) : 

2182 Sarab, b. Oct 1$, 1763. 

2183 Wiatt, b. Dec 29^ 176$. 
2x84 Bpbtaia^ b. Feb. 2ft 1768L 

0^ Maiv* SATRBLig (William*, Jr^ 140S), at Feb. 9^ I764f Moses 
Kiaiball, botb of Prestoa, Cona (son of Jaoob and Mary [PftrlEe] Kimball) ; 
b. May 6^ X74X« Cbildren (b. b» Norwieb, Cona) : • 

-f^SlS William, b. Nov. 18; 1764; la April 11, 1790^ Betsey Harvey 
(botb of Presión)* 
2186 Moses» b. May tt, X766L 
-I-218I7 Natbaniel, b. Oct 21, 176B; m. Mareb 29^ 1791 Laqr Brewster 
(botb of Prestoa). 
2188 Pélly, b. Ang. ^, 1771. 

2187S Natbaniil* aad Lucir KncaAU, Cbildrea: 
2189 Moses, b. Dec 26b t79S* 

io6 GcNKAUxnr op th£ CuisEmoucH Family. 

2190 Nathaniel, b. Attff. 24» I797. 

2x91 Eratttts Kt b. Apríl 5» 1798. 

2x92 Abigail, h. Oct 15» 1803. 

2193 Williain S^ h. March 1% iBog. 

2194 Lucy H.« h. Dec 29^ 181Z 

2185 WouAic' and BsrscY Kiumálu Children: 

2195 Bets^» b. Aug. 24, 1793- 

2196 William, h. Apríl 18, 1796; m. Nov. jOb 1815, Esdier Gray. 

2197 Polly. bu April IX» 1796^ 
2x98 Frank, b. Oct 9b I799> 

2x968 WxLLiAM* and Esthee [Gray] Kimball. Children: 

2x99 Frank, b. Feb. xs, i8x& 
2200 Mosca P.« b. June 2, X824. 
220X Betsey, b. Scpt 16, 1836. 

665S WxLLXAM* Satteílib (Benedict*, 141S), m. Haxinah (dati. oí 
Isaac) Sherwood, b. Williamstown, Mass. Children: 

4^2202 William, k Apríl 4. I773 ; «• Rachel Osbom. 

+2203 James, b. March ti, 1777 » «• Theodosia Wells. 

+2204 Sally» in. Alien Wordea 

2205 Isaac, b. June 28, X78X ; d x8xo, New York. 

2206 Mary, b. Dec X9b 1782; ixl Alien Worden. 

2207 Anna, b. Aug. 25. X788: d. 1823. 

2208 HoxL Samuel, xa Snsan West 

2209 Jesse, d. young. 

22x0 Gen. Richard Smith, Brigadier-General and Sorgeoa, U. S. A.; 
xn. Mary Huxit 

2202 WxLUAM* Satteujci, m. Féb. 2X, x/gB^ Rachel Osbom (dan. ol 
Elisha). Children: 

22X1 Napoleón Bonaparte^ b. Sqrt xs, X799; d. young. 

+22X2 María, b. Jan. xi, xSox ; xa May 22, 1830^ Rev. William L Reese. 

+22x3 Sally, b. Feb. xy» 1803; nt Oct 13, 1828; Rer. Willxam L Reese 
(firsi wiíe). 

22x4 Volney, b. June xy, x8qs ; d. X863; xa Sarah Bladt 

22x5 Rousseau, b. Sept 2X, X807; m. Mary Agxiew; one child. 

22x6 William, b. March 26. x8xo; m. Charlotte Phelps (daa of Daniel). 

22x7 Benedict, b. March X7, 18x3; d. March, X850; unmarried. 

22x8 Hoa John, b. Nov. xs, x8x5. 

22x9 Axm, b. March 7» 18x8; xa Thomas Lindon Taylor. 

2220 Helen, xa Charles Cass Monroe. 

2212 María* Sattoclo, m. x830b Rev. William I. Reese. Child : 
222X Charles Reese, b. July 2, X83& 

Gknsaijooy or tms CHisnaouGB Family. 107 

9213 Sally* Saitolh, m. Rev. William I. Reese, iSaflL 

Hon. Williaiii Satteiice Reese, b. Dec 2& iSap; d. 1863. 

3303 Jambs* SATmuBp m. Thcodosia Wellt oí Burlington, Vt 

3333 John H., b. Jan. 23, 1801 ; d. anmasríed. 

3324 Electa, b. Scpt 7» 1803; n. Hon. Samuel Phelpa» U. & Scnator 

from Vermont. 
3225 James A^ h, May, 1809; d umnaiTicd. 
3336 Mary, h. Oct x^ 18x4. 
3327 Helen, b. Dfc 31, 1816; m. ^— — Howcy. 

23Q4 Saixy* Sattihlii, m. Alien Worden: Children: 

3338 Ethan Alien; 3339, Sattcrlee. 

666 Samuil* SATTEauB (Lieut Benedíct*, MxS), \k March 3, 1744; 
m. Noy. 34, 1774, Prudente Rathbone (dau. of Rev. John and Content 
[Brown] Rathbone), b. Jan. 31, 1757» Stonsngton; d. Ang. 16, 1827. Chil- 
dren (k in Stonington, Conn.) : 

2230 Elitabeth, k Oct 31, 1775: d. May 13, 1842; unmarríed. 
+2331 Samuel Rathbone, b. Oec. 39^ 1777; d. SepL 35. 1868; m. Joanna 

+3333 Edward R., b. March 33» 1780; d. July 3$, 1860; m. Mary Lansmg 

oí Albaiiy» N. Y. 
-1-3333 Lucy Ann, b. Sept 9K 1783; d. Koy. x, 1853; m. Jeste Tracy. 
4-3934 John Rathbone, bu Feb. x6b X78s; d. Aug. xo^ X848; ul Elba 

+3335 William Henry, b. Jan. 14, X788; d. Sept 30^ 1846; m. Lnqr Cady* 
4-3336 Valcnthíe Wightman Rathbone, b, April xs, XTQo; d. July 8; x8^. 
-1-2237 Doughtfs, b. July 2^ X792; d. Sept 29^ x86Sf ni. Nanpy Grcgory. 
3^ George C, bi Aug. t% X794; d. March x, X70S. 

3339 Sophia, b. April xo^ X796; d. March 39^ x8^ 

-1-3340 Georgé Crary, h. (Ballit on , N. Y.) Noy. xo^ X799; m. Mary 
Leroy LÍYtngston. 
334X James, b. (Ballston, N. Y.) Dec 3, 1802; d. July 8; x8x& 

3331 Samuil* Ratrbonb Sattbblb, m. Joanna Ketchum (dau. oí 
CoL Hiram A.), b. May 6, X788, d. X879- Children: 

3343 John Henry, h. June x6^ x8x4; d. May 9^ x8sx ; m. Mary Lanaing 
Satterlee (dau. of Douglau). 
-i-3343 Sarah'Steama,bi Aug. xo^ x8x6bNew YorkC¡ty;d. Jaa3a^X90X, 

widow ; m. Robert Swartwout (son oí Robert, U. & A.). 
-1-3344 Samuel Ketchum, b. Sept 39^ x8i8: ul June ft x847« Mary (dan. 
oí Judge Nehemtah Brown) oí Rye, N. Y. 
834S Hetddah, b. Feb. 3^ 182X ; unmarríed. 

loB GurxALOGY OF TBB Chkscbsoucb Family. 

2244 Samuel* Kjctchvm Sahiblkb, ol Muy Brown oí Rye^ N. V. 
Live at Rye, N. Y. Quid: 

J346 Anna, k Mareh x^ 1849; m. Joly ag^ 186a Dudlcy E. Saltón- 
tulL Children: 

2247 Satterlce SaltoottalL 

2248 Diidley Winthfop Saltonttall. 

2249 Gara Saníord SaltoottalL 

2243 Saxak* StKAajfi SATTBaLXB, m. Attff. 14, 1859^ Robeit Swaitwoitt» 
h. Apríl 10» 1815, New York City; <L Jan. 27, 189B. Children: 

2250 Satterlee» h. May jOb x84a 

2251 Roben Dunscombe» b. Febí 17» x844> 

2252 John Henry, b. Nov. ig^ 1849^ 

2253 Joanna Ketchtun» b. Sept 14» 1856; m. Wílliam Henry Sanford. 

2232 Edwaid* R. Sattcrlbi, m. De& 3a i8xi, Mary Lanstng (dati. 
of Jacob G. of Albany» N. Y.)> d. Oct. 24. x8i6. Children: 

2254 Francés Lanting, b. Oct 31, x8x2 ; nt John Chrístsan Bergh. 1. pu 
+2255 Edward, b. Apríl 10, X815 ; d. Apríl 29^ 1878 ; m. Apríl 19, 18381 

Jane Ann Yates of Schenecudy, N. Y./b. Feb. 29^ 1816^ d. 
Nov, ft 1973. Children : 

2256 Mary Lansing, b. Feb. x» X840; m. Cápt Robert Catlin, U. S. A. 
+2257 Rev. Henry Yates» bi Jan. xx» X843; ttL Jane Laurence ChurchilL 

2258 Edward Rathbone, bi May 19, 1845; m. (x) iB/it Joanna Mesier 

Reese; m. (2) x8^, Jane Sutherland Reese 

2259 Clarence, b. Dec 2, 1849; m. Emily V. Churchill (Tinothy G.). 

2260 Catheríne M., bi Aug. 9^ X852; d. March ya, x857. 
226X Howard, b. Apríl 4$ 1854 ; d. March 3X, x857* 
2263 Grahan, h. Feb. 22, X856; d. Aug. 9b x873> 

2263 Arthur Bergh, b. Dec. 2» X859; m. Lcontine Whttlock. 

Mary Lansing was granddaughter of CoL Jacob Lansing, Colonel of the 
Regíment at Stillwater, N. Y., and C^uin of the Fort at Schoharíe^ N. Y. 

2257 Hainnr* Yates SATixaLEB, m. June 30^ x866b New York Qty, 
Jane Laurence Churchill (dau. of Timothy G. Churchill of New York 
City). Henry Yates Satterlee, whíle Rector of Calvary Episcopal 
Church. New York Gty, on Dec 6, 1895» was dected Bishop of Wash- 
ington, D. C Children: 

+2264 Rev. Churchill, b. Apríl 27, 1B67; m. Nov. g, iBsB» Helen Folsom. 
2265 Constance, b. Dec 24, x873. 

2264 'l^ev. Churchill Satterlee of Morganton, N. C, was marríed to 
Hdcn Stuyvesant Folsom, daughter of George Winthrop Folsom, at Lenox, 
Bíass., Nov. 9» 1898L'' 

GufBAUxnr or m CBsataaooGH Family. 109 

«33 LucY Aiíif* SATruLo; m. Jen Tncf. Childrai: 

a266 Maitha, ul Hcxddah Amold. 

1267 Harriet Malvina, m. Phüaiider Barbour. 

3368 Augusta, m. Sylvcster Taylor oí ProYidenea^ R. L 

8934 John* Rathboms SATxmj«, m. Elisa Diggins. Chtidrai: 

2í6g Attgttstiis F., d «miamcd. 

aaTo Enily A., d. aiuiiarríed. 

2971 Francas Mn m. Daniel N. Carringtan. 

2273 Catheríne EUzabcth, m. Ferdinand T. N. Bofle. 

3973 Charles E. 

aa74 Alfced Henry. 

2935 WnuAM* Himnr SATruLo; m. Lnqr Cady* Childrca: 

2375 Elisa, nL James O. Nodrne. 
2976 Georgc^ n. Mary Davidson. 

2936 VAUMTnrt* WigvtmavSatrbli^ m. Cornelia Grsenc; Children: 

2377 Valentine Greene. 

2378 Charlotte Geitmde, m. Edward Hieles. CUldren: 

Edward Hkks; George Donglass Hicks. 

2937 DouoLASs' Sattbblb, m. Nancjr Grcgory. Chüdrcn: 

2979 Carolina PMter, wl Anson P. Beaba. 
2380 Mary T -••■•t«T «n John H. Satteriea. 

23B1 Gregory, d. vnmarried. 

2aB3 Annette, d. X890; nnmarried. 

238Í3 Douglass Ralhbone, n. EUsabelh KhowtaML 

23B4 Sorbía, m. Rer. J. W. Schenck 

23QS Laqr Grcgorjr. 

2306 Anna Henry. 

2207 Frederick yrUlian, m. Blatilda Uvingston. 

2240 GnncB* CkAgy Sattiilii; 0. Mary Lerojr Livingstoa Chtldrcn: 

•I-23S8 George Bowen, b. 1933; m. Sarah Bradjr, Jnne i, i959^ 

2369 Mary, b. 1834; d. 1833. 

4-2390 L Í ¥ Ín g st o n , b. 1840; m. Loeina C Kniglit (dan. oí Neheniah). 

229S Walter, b. Jaa 18; 1844; onnarried; an artist in New York Gty. 

2293 Dr. Franeis Leroy, b. 1&47; nu Laura Suydam (dan. of Henry). 

2293 Adele Mane, b. x8s3; »- WUliam Henry Wülis. 

2368S dona* B. ««jH Sabah Satisui^ Children: 

2294 Richards. 

•1-2295 Herbert Livingston, m. Loitisa Pierpoot MorgaOr 

2296 Marioiv 

lio GENEAUxnr or tbs Cbesemougb FAniLy. 

2290 *'Bríg.-Gen. Livingtton Satterlee d. Apríl 2, 190a, at his residciie«, 
New York Gty, ín the ójd year oí hU age." 

12958 Hnuar* L. SATxmj*» m. Nov. 15, 1900^ m New York Gty, 
Lodse Pierpont Morgan (dau. of J. Pierpont and Francés [Tracy] Morgan 
oí New York Gty). Cbild: 

Mabel Morgan Satterlee» h. Aug. 13, 1901. 

667 Nathaniil* SATTxaLEB (Benedict*, X4xS), h. March 4, 1746; m. 
(I) Deborah , Children (b. in Preston, Conn.) : 

2297 Sibbel, bi. Oct 21, 1769. 

2298 Hon. Samuel Satterlee, m. May 7f X799l Eitnice Pieree oí Plain- 

fieJd, Conn. 

2299 Betsey Satterlee, m. Dr. Benson. 

668 EusBA* SATnaLH, m. Cynthsa Stevena (dan. of Ira). 

2300 John Franklin, m. Julia Prentice (dai^ oí Dr. Amoa). 
2101 Lanina. m. Harry Spalding (son oí CoL John). 
2302 Aurelia, m. Robert Spaulding oí Tioga, N. Y. 

668a Bsm* Sattiuix (Benedict*, 141 S), m. April 19^ 1785, in 
ííeld, Omul, Elias Matthewson (or Matteson) oí Smithfield, who d. 18291 

2304 Gmstant, m. a dau. oí Rev. M. Parks. 

666b Da. EuAS* SATTEam (Benedict*, X4xS)« killed 18x4; n. — — - 

2305 Tima Smith, b. 1809. 

2306 Dr. Benedict, b. 18x2; killed by Indiana on the prairics. 

2307 Fanny, m. x82ft Dr. Pur^r. 

2308 Rachel Parks, nu Thomas Donn. 

2309 . Estheri h. x8x4. 

^5 WAaHAM* WoLXAif s (Rebecca* Satterlee, X46S), m. April $• 1789^ 
Anna Stanton (958S), b. Jan. 5, X75ft and d. Aug. 29^ x8A «- 8p jtMn. 
Children (b. in Stonington, Conn.) : 

23x0 Anna, b. Aug. 22, X790¡ m. (jeorge Bcntlor. 

^xx PoUy, b. Feb. xy, X792; m. Dec. 3, x8xs, Appleton Woodward. 

23x2 Phebe, \k Feb. x& X794; m. John Bentley. 

(fTF Phibb* WxLXJAifS^ m. bf Eider Simeón Brown (first wi£e), Dec 
13, 1780, Isaac WUliams (son of WiUiam and Martha [Wheeler] Vm^ 
iams), b. March 23, 1758, and d. Oct 10^ X844, se. 88 yeara. Children: 

+23x3 Isaac, b. Aug. 23, X78X; d. Nov. xx, X847» North Stonmgton. 

Gsmuuxnr or tbb CstsaaooGa PAMar. ttt 

+^14 Cyrot» bi Nov. 2$, 1783. 

+'3iS Luey» b. Scpt 29, 17B5; <L Apríl 4> i86«; m. Giles R. Hallam. 

4>a3i6 Sanh Potter, b. Aug. 18» 1797; tn. Henry* Chesebrough, 78E 

(mc his Record). 
-H317 Rd>ecca» k Sept 16^ 1789; d Féb. 8» i973; oi. Chariet Wheeler. 
3318 Martíttt b. Jnly 27, 1791 ; oi. Ilenry* Chesebroogh, 78E (sce hit 
+«319 John Pitu» b. Atig. 12, 1793; d. Maj 31» 1873, c 79 yeart. 
+23» Jemsha, k Aug. 10^ 1795; <L Dec 24 iñi3. 
+2391 Eisnice, k July as, 1797; d. Oct 22, 1869 
+9322 Phebe Esther» k Nov. 16^ 1799; m. Silu* Cbesdirougfa» 79^ (Me 
his Record). 
2323 Pafmy Rogers, k Oct 30^ i8ot ; d. Oct 29, 1869 
+2324 Enslj Wttton, k Oct 25» i8qs: d. Aug. 21, 1884, Wiiconsin. 

23U ItAAc' WnuAMSf n. (i) Jaa 18; 1804 Naoqr Avety (dao. oí 
Siephen and Anna [Wheeler] Avery ol Stonington)» b. Dec 29^ 1783, d. 
Dec 7* 1821, at North Stonington, Conn. Children: 

+2325 Nancj Angelina k Nov. ift 1804; d. Jaa 21. 1835; m. John 
Hobnes» Jr. 
2326 Suphen Avery» k Oct 22^ 1806; d. April at, 1807. 
^327 Hannah Aveiy» b. Feb. 21» t8o8; d. Dec 26^ 186a i. p. 
+2328 Mary Avery» k Mareh 17» 1810; d. April 6^ 1878; n. Horaee T. 

2329 Isaac Atwood, k May 30^ 1813; d. Oct 26^ 1834. 

2330 Loey Hallan, k April 22, 1816; unmarried. 

-I-2331 Joel Benedict» b. Dec 22, 1818; ul Aug. % t^ Bitabeth A. 
Nilet oí Watertown. 
233a Augnetus Pomcrogr, k Aug. 12, 1821 ; d. Sept 22^ 1851. 

2313 IiAAc' WnuAMa, nL (2) June I4t 1827, Suiannah Btimham (dao. 
of Benjamín and Tabilha [Perldna] Bnmhaní), b. Oct 2^ 1794 d Oct ft 
1870^ on the looth annl ve ria ry ef her ftther's birthdaj. Children: 

•fasSS Sotan, k Jnljr 20^ iat9;'iiL Loott Bunee. 

2334 Abigail Powert, k Bíaj 26^ 1831 ; d. tame dajr. 

•H93S Phebe^ K Dec. 4 183a; nt John Wetlcj Till^. 

233/6 Joehoa Perkint, k Nov. 17, 18301 

232$ Namcy* Amouiib WiLUAifa, n. Mareh 10^ 1830 (firtt wlfe), 
John Hobnet, Jr. (ton oí John and Martha [Stanton] Holmet) oí North 
Stonington; b. Oct 15, 1798; d. Jan. 3, i^pa^ Jewett Qty, Conn.; (he m. 
[2] Mareh 15, 1835, Eonlce Chapman). Children: 

2337 Eliat Atwood, k Avg. 23* 183a; d. Jone 4 186$. 

2338 WilUaa WiUian», b. Sept Mi 1834; ^ Jaa. i^ i83S- 

2337 EUAS* Atwoo^ n. (t) Nov. a7t i8S3i Laura Hofaaet Widcwirt^ 

lia GnfiALOGY or ths CHumoucH Family. 

who d June 23^ iBSt; m. (3) Maj 4 i853, Sybíl Ana Bnrdick, b. Dec 1% 
1833, d. Oct 5» x868^ Jewett Gtj, Cónn. 

333! Mary* Avbry WiluamSi m. 1844» Hortcc T. Knight (ton off 
Wtíliam and Eiioice [Maine] Knight) of North Stontngton. Gmul» b. J0I7 4* 
1833. Children: 

3359 Mary Jane» h. Stpt ft 1844; d. Julj 14, 186B. 

^340 Caroline EiteUe» b. Aug. 23, 1846; d. Match 23, 1977. 

3341 Olivia Augusta, h. Mareh 30^ 1848; d. May ift 18^. 

3331 JoiL BnfiucT' yíTUOAMB, UL Aug. ft 1850^ Elizabeth A. Nilet, 
(ahc m. [3] April 3^ 1884. Melvin Boothby ol York County, Me.) Children: 

«34^ Charlotte Elizabeth» k April 19^ 1851 ; d. Oct 33; 1853. 

3343 Inac Augustuf» b. March 33» t8S3; <L Dec 10^ 1883; unnarried. 

3344 Nanette EIoím^ b. Sept. 16^ 1854; d. Aug. 7» 1855. 

3345 Juiet Eliiabeth, b. July 9^ t¿S7$ d. Oct 3i» X885, San Fran- 

dscob CaL; n. Charles Hcmy Annis, b. Dec 4 z86a 

2333 • SusAM* WauAMS^ nL Oct 2» X858; Lods Bunee (son oí Elisha 
and PrísdUa Csn^me [Wright] Bunce), b. Aug. 3» 1838; d. Ñor. 11, 1893: 
Uved in Dubots» 111. Children: 

3346 Charles Perldns, k Noy. X3» 1859; d. July 17» i86a 

3347 Darwin Hartshom» b. July 2, x86i ; d. Aug. 6^ x86i. 

3348 Lewis Wilhehn, b. Sept 35» 1863; d. Oct 16^ 1863. 

2349 Luther Qement» b. Aug. 19^ x86& 

2335 Phsbb* Wxluams^ nL Noy. 3» 1864 (bis third wiíe)» Rcy. John 
Wesley TiDey (son ol WiUiam and Nancy [Pate] Tilley). b. Jan. 19^ 1826; 
d. March 6^ 1893. 

3314 Cyids* WnxjAMS, nL Aug. 31» 1806b Martha Wheeler (dan. oí 
Thomas and Esther [Randall] Wheeler). CUldren: 

2350 Joanna; 2351» Tirzah Moss; 235^ Sarah» nt «— Langworthy; 

•f23S3» Thomas Wheder; 2354 Martha Esther, nL Charles $• 
Shennan, and were missionaríes to Jerusalen; she d. Juty % 
1846b c soyears. 

23x5 LucY* WxLLXAMS, UL Fcb. 2, 1B06, Gtles Russell Hallam (son oí 
Amos and Desire [Stanton] Hallam), b. Feb. i% X776; d. June 2, x863- 

23S5 (Hles Rnssell; 2356» Isaac Willtam; 2357, John Alexander; 23 A 
Lucy Elizabeth; 2359^ Harriet Richardson; 3360^ Edward R.; 
236X, John. 

GiucBAfA.y or tbi Cmiseiiiough Family. 113 

a3i7 RnsccA' Wiluams, la Jan. 21^ 1812, Charles Wheeler (aon oí 
Tbomai and Etther [Randall] Wheder). b. Scpt. 20, 1789; d. March 31. 
1S84. Children: 

2363 Martha W.; 2263, Thonias; 2264, Phebe Esther; 236S Joanna 
rn; 226^ Charles Theodore. 

2319 John* Pitts Williams, ol Nov. 28, 1816, Cynthia York (dau. oí 
Jesse and Cynthia [Miner] York oí Stoníngton, Conn.), b. Oct 21, 1795; 
d. Feb. ^, 1875, Stonington, Conn. Children: 

2367 Phébe, b. Jone 29^ 1818; nL Jan. 20^ 1842, Noyes Ladd. 

236B Nancy, b. Féb. 3a, 1820; d. Oct 2S 1824. 

+^2fi9 John Pitts, Jr.» b. Jan. s 1822; m. Nov. 12, 1846^ Harriet A. 

aSTO Emilj, bi Apríl 13» 1824; d. Jan. 30^ 1853. 

2371 Harriet Hallam, b. Aug. 30^ 1626. 

+2373 Elsaabeth, b. Jan. 31, 1829; n. Andrew Breed Chapman. 

-(-2373 Amit b. AfMÍl 17, 1831 ; m. Amos Stone Sampson. 

4374 Cynthia York, b. Apríl 4. 18135. 

* 2375 Uartha Wheeler, b. Nov. 26b 1837. 

2353 Tbomas* Wbulir WnuAMS, b. Nov. 14, i8oft North 
ton, Conn.; d. July 27, 1861, Emerald Grove, Wis.; a fonner; n. Nov., 
1838^ Elisa Parrott oí Washington, D. C. Child: 

2376 Clara. 

2369 John* Pitts Wiluams, Jk., m. Nov. 12, 184^^ Harríet Atwood 
Wheeler (dau. oí Peres and Desire), b. Jaa ift 1825, Stonington. Children : 

2377 John Atwood, b. May 18; 1848; m. Oct 14» z^s Susan A. 


2378 Charles Edwin, b. Jan. 26b 1850; m. Jan. 5, 1876b Martha Hall 


2379 Henry A., b. Dec 12, 1856; d. Mardi 2, 1837. 

2380 Isaac, b. Feb. 15, 1860; m. Dec td^ 1888b Mattie Kingsky. 

237a Eusakth* WnxiAMS, n. Mareh 18, 1852, Stonington, Conn., 
Andrew Breed Chapman (son ol Andrew and Wealthy [Palmer] Chap- 
man), b. Feb. 29» 1824, in Griswold, Conn. Children (b. in Stoning- 
ton, IIL): 

a38i Andrew Pitts, b. Apríl 17, 1854 ; d. Aug. 27, 1854. 

4382 John W. R, b. Jaa ft i^ 

2383 Edwin P., b. Feb. 3, 1862; d. Sept 23, i86s 

3384 Andrew Breed, b. Feb. 22, 1869b Stonington, Conn. 

2373 Ann' Wiluams, m. Dec 21, 1864, Amos Stone Sampson (Will- 
iam), b. Aug. 14, iS— , in Berkshire, Vt; d. Nov. 18, i88a C3iildren: 

a385 Anna W., b. Féb. 7, 1866; m. Apríl s 1887, (korge Wilbur Bume 


(son OÍ Percy aod Laura [Wíllis] Burne). b. March 22, i9sft 
in Rochester, N. Y. Two chüdren : 

4388 Ñola Ethcl Buráe. b. May 18; 1888L 
3589 Oarence Burnc^ b. Apríl 14. 1891. 

ajas WUliam Pitts, b. Jtine ift 1869. 
2j97 Aodrcw Chapman, h. Apríl 7, 1873. 

23» JiausBA* WoLiAMi, m. Jan. i» 1818^ Benjamiii Pomcroy (son oí 
Elihn and Lydia [Barber] Pomeroy); a lawyer; b. March 27» 1797, in 
Hebron, Cohn. ; d. Oct 20^ íSss, in Stonington, Conn. Children : 

2$gú Benjamín, b. Nov. 2» x8i8; m. June y, 1848; Maiy J. Bulkley. 
2J9I Jerusha, b. May 24, 1820; m. Nov., 1844, Dn William Wood- 
brídge Rodman (first wife). 

2393 Isaac, b. Feb. x6^ 1833; »• (i) June ft 1852, Mary J. Taylor; 

m. (2) May 14, x888^ Anna B. Berry. 
23gi3 EUhu, b. Feb. x6^ 1823 (twin of above) ; d. Sept 8; 1824. 

2394 Lydia Barber, b. Aug. 4, iSlas; m. Apríl 2ft 1845, Thomas Wbeeler. 
2305 Pbebe Willianis, b. March 4, i8a8; d. Nov. xs. íB4^ 

2396 Cyrus, 1». May 14, 1831 ; d. Apríl 30^ X832. 

2397 Cynis Williams, b. Apríl 2, 18I33; m. Jaa 24» x86i, Abby Cook. 

2398 Rebekah Wbeeler, k Nov. 20^ 1^5; m. Feb. X2, xáfia, Hcnxy T. 


2399 Francés Rogers, b. June xx, X838; d. July 9^ x8l39^ 

2400 Aima Grosvenor, b. Nov. 26» x&|0; m. Dec 26, x^2 (second 

wife), Dr. WUUam Woodbrídge Rodman (son of Willtam and 
Lncy Rodman of Stonington, Conn.). 

232X EuNXCK* WxLLiAMi, m. Féb. 25, x829b Jabea Gallup (son of Amos 
and Wealthian [Deane] (Sallup of Stonington, who m. Féb. 25, X78I7)» b. 
Febí 22, X79x; d. Feb. 26, x86o. Children: 

+240t Martha Williams, k FeU x6^ 1830; m. Dudley R. Hewitt 
2402 John Dean, h, Nov. 28; 1832; umnarríed; Uves in North Stoning- 
ton, Conn. 
24013 Hannah, k Apríl xy, 1834; uimiarried; Uves in North Stoning- 
ton, Conn. 

240X Maitha* WixxiAMS Gaixup, m. Oct xx, X854, Dudley Randall 
Hewitt (son of Charles and Lucy), b. Apríl 26» xSss. Children: 

+2404 Dr. Charles EU, b. Aug. xy, 1855; nu Grace Dean. (See her 
Record, 606E.) Live in Meríden, Conn. 

2405 Amos (jallup, b. March 7, x8s8L 

2406 Faniiy Dean, b. June 26, 1B67; m. June 22, xSpa, Charles Edwin 

• Williams. 

2324 Eicav* Watson Wiluams, m. Oct X9^ x8a6^ William Stanton 
Williams (son of Elias and Thankful [Stanton] WiUiams of Stonington, 

Gbiisalocy or thi Cbbsibkiugh FAMay. 115 

Coini.), b. Jan. 23. 1800, ¡n New London, Coniu; d. OcL 8» iSs^ in 
Detroit, Mich. Chüd: 

^ 2407 Emily Augusta, b. April 16^ 1S29; d Aug. i, 1862; m. April 16^ 
X851» Benjamín Irísh (son of John and Susanna [Brown] 
Irísh), tx Nov. 18; 1818; in North Stonington, Conn.; d. Fetx 
S. 1884. Children: 

+2408 Benjamín Pomeroy» b. Mareh 8^ 1852; m. Oct ai, iSTOb Janct 
Bariass (dau. of Thomas and Jane [McArthur] Bariass of 

+24og William Stanton, b. June a8^ i8s8; m. Rachd L Sboemaker. 

+14x0 Elmer Ellsworth, b. Aug. 4, 1861 ; m. Adele C Wilson. 

2408 Benjamín* P. Ieish» m. J. Bariass. Children: 

24x1 Emily Augusta, b. Féb. 17» i88x. 
2413 George BarUss, k Afiril s 1884. 
2413 Jane Helen, \k Mareh 11, i886l 

2409 WiLUAM* Stanton Imm, m. Sept 1, x88Si Rachel U Shoemakfr 
(dau. of (korge and Nancj [Chensweth] Sboemaker), b. Dee. 12^ 1868; in 
Macón, IlL Ould: 

2ÁtA Mabel Edna Irish. b. Juhr icn t8Qa 

2410 Euin Ellswokth* Iush, ul Feb. 22, 1887, Adele Celia Wilson 
(dau. oí Henry and Alice J. [Ferguson] Wilson), b> Mareh 4» 1862^ «t 
Hustislord, Dodge County, Wis. Children: 

2415 Ebner Lerqy, b. May 17, s888. 

2416 Mildred EmÚy, b. Sept 15, 189a 

24x7 Ella A.» bi June 20^ 1899, at Dohmd, Spink County, S. D. 

678 AaA* WauAiia (Rebeoca' Satterle^ X46S), m. three times and 
had several children : 

3418 Mrs. Judge Niles was bis oldest child; she had seven sons in 

successton, and lived in Manlius, N. Y.: Rossiter Niles (a 
lawyer in New York City), Cephu (rocht in K^ West, 
Fia.), Robert, Cyrus, Russell, Ralph, and Henry who pos- 
sessed the gift ol heallng by touch. 

3419 Edward (son of Asa Williams, ^788) lived in New Berlin, Che- 

nango Céunty, N. Y. Children : 

George, Charles, Asa, Russell, Eliza, CyriL 

3420 Maria (of Asa) Williams (678S), m. Brown; lived in 

Newark, N. J. 

Elisabeth (of Asa) Williams, ul and lived in Oxford, Chenango 
Coimty, N. Y. 

Daniel (of Asa) Williams (^788), was a native of Torringford, 

Conn.; had seven sons and nine daughters; among those that 

grew up were Alvtn, Joseph Howc^ Earl Parks, Daniel Willard 

if6 GuriALOGY or thi Chisibmiuch Family. 

WUltains (sons) ; Tríphcni, Tríphota, Nancy. GricCp L4icretía, 
Dorothj (daiighters). Tríiihena and Tripón Uvcd in New 
Btrhn, N. Y. 

679 LuKE* Wjixiams (Rebcccm* Satterlee, M^S). h. Oct 26, 1765; d. 
Aug. M i^iOb ín Millón, N. Y.; m. Dec 4. 1794» Prndence Swan (1776S), 
tx Mareh 13, 1775; <L Fetx 24, 1844» in Darícn. N. Y. Childm: 

+3421 Wtrehtoi, b. Oct 23* i79S: ^ J>n- ^4» x979- 

2422 luac, h. Jan. 7, 1798; d. March 12, 1858; iininarri«L 

2423 Cyrus, bi Apríl 9^ i8oa 

+2424 Patty, b. Aiig. 23, 1802; oi. twicc 

+2425 Joel Richards, b. July 17, i8os; d. Feb. 27» 1886^ in Attica, N. Y. 

2427 Phcbe, b. April 3. 1810; d. Nov. xi, x888; m. Sept xo^ 1840^ 

James Tjler, who d. Jane Xft 18881 

2421 Waibam* WaUAMS, m. Marefa 3, 1825, Lorctu Young, bi Ñor. 2^ 
i8qs; d. Jtdj 2, 1847* Children: 

2428 Sarah, bi Julj 27, 1829; d Nov. 26^ 1849; m. Sept 2ft 1844, Dr. 

WiUiam H. Johnson. 

2429 Etizabeth, k April 17, 1831 ; ul Féb. 23. 1863, Peleg Jones. Oiild: 

24J0 Wllliam Johnson Jones, b* F^ 5, 1865; m. Hattie Malina 
Pcnnel, who was b. June 29» 1872. Qiildren: 

2431 Joel Warham Jones, bi Aug. 10^ 1892. 

2432 Chester Pennel Jones, b. July 8, 1894* Lives In Bristol 

Centre, Ontario Coonty, N. Y. 

2424 Patty' WnuAMS, UL (x) Ang. 2$, x833, Roswell WHllams (her 
cousin), who d. 1840; m. (2) 1843, Daniel Cárter, who. d. May X2, x89S» 
sf. 94 years. Childrñ: 

2433 Prudente, d. young. 

2434 Sarah, b. Dec, 18136; n. Sept 30^ x8fi2, E. Mattien Shaipe^ d. 

Oct 8^ X89X. 

2435 Vbtíit J., b. Oct 20^ X839; n- xKx, J. A. Petera, d. Feb. 22, X88I3. 

Three soos: Hugh Pcters, George Peters, Robert Peters. 

2423 JoiL* RiCBABSs WxLLUiis, b. July 17, x8os, Greenfield, N. Y.; 
n. April 30^ i835» Alice Ann Vaughan, b. Feb. xp^ x8x4» in Darien, N. Y.; 
d. May 23, x890b in Attica, N. Y. Children: 

2439 Lttke Swan, b. June 24, X836; d. June x8b x8Ss; unmarried. 

2440 Mary Sophia, b. July xx, 1839; m. Aug. 2, 1865, Andrew Lor- 

rish. Child: 

Mary A., b. Oct 2, 187X. 

2441 Carollne Amelia, bi April 29^ 1842; m. Sept 27, x866b George 

Alien. Children: 

Annie E. and Amos Grey. 

Gknialocy op THi Chisbmough Family. 117 

3442 iMtc Olíver, b. F«b. 24, 1845; d- Nov. 7, 1895; m. Emnia Doty. 
^ Giildren: 

George, AlJce, Oliver and Ktte. 
¿443 Emmt Louite, b. June 24, 1847; m. Aprfl 7, 1869» H. Webster; 
uve ehildren. 

2444 Pnidence lubel, b. July 18; 1850 ; unmarried. 

2445 Jonathan Vaughan» b. Aug. 13, 1854; m. June 20, 1977, Minnte 

Jolls. Three ehildren : James S., Dean Arthur, Grace Lotiise. 

702 EuNici* Avtav (Abner*. 155S)» d. Oct 2a, 1838, at Gibson, Pa., se. 
jñ years; m. 1797, £nos Whitney, b. Aug. 10, 1761, in Branford, Osnn.» 
and d. Oct 8^ 1846^ in Gibson, Pa. He was a blacksmtth by trade, and 
served in Revoluttonary War; m. (2) 1843, Mrs. Mary Hiscox. Children 
(bi in Wallingford, Cbnn.) : 

2446 Laura, b. Nov. 13» 1787 ; m. Feb. 22, 1819, Leonard Tiffany. 
2446a Thaddeus, b. Dec ao, 1790; n. Thina Washbum (dau. of 

2446b Eunice Hall, baf». Seiit 29^ X799; m. Moses Chamberlaia 

2447 BilUous, b. Jan. 15, 1794» m. Nov. 9, x8x8» Jane Chase. 

2448 Anna, b. July 26^ 1796; m. Dec 24, 1818» Preserved Pickering. 

2449 Enos, b. Dec. x6^ 1798; m. Marjory Merríman. 

2450 Paulina, b. Sept xi, x8io; m. Riley Case. 

2451 Aboer Everett, b. May 2Si i8qSi m. March ft 1829^ Julia Mer- 


For other descendanu of Eunice Wbitney, see Wkiinty Gtntahgy. 

The children of Rufus* White (704S. Silas* White (705S). John* White 
(7Q7S), Sarah* White (708S) and Samuel* White (709S) were bom in 
Sottthampton, Long Island. Among their descendants are Halscy, Cor- 
with, Howell, Sears and Hand fsmiUes of Long Island. N. Y. 

711S Danbl* Chisiuooch (Charies*, x7tS), d. Feb. 4» x86o^ Knox, 
N. Y.; m. Apríl aSr I797> Anna Denison (X4j8S), d. Dec 23, z86s» in 
Knox, Albany County, N. Y. 

9S0O Nancy, U Oct s 179B; d. in Knox, Albany County, R Y. 
-f2S0X Nanqr» bi Sept 4» x8oo; m. IL C Oiesebiough. (See bis Record, 

-I-2S01 Charles, k May 6^ 1802 ; d. June 20^ 18^ in Guilderland, N. Y. 
+2503 Robcrt D., b. Aug. 24» 1804; d. Aug. 29i xfl|;€^ Brooklyn, N. Y. 
+3504 Joshua, b. Feb. 25» 1806; m. Hannah Moore. 

25Q5 Ben Amold, V March 31, X809; d. Dec 19^ x8ia 

2506 Eunice E., b. May 5, i8ix ; d. June 5, 1827. 
+3Sa7 David Amold, b. Apríl 9^ 1815 ; d. Nov. 27» i97a Brooklyn, N. Y. 
+3508 James Madison, U Jaa 2X, 1818; m. Sarah Chesebrough (2549N). 
+2509 Dr. Ixrahiah Wetmore, b. Aug. xo^ 1820; d. June xx, 1900^ at 
Knox, N. Y. 

ii8 GKNSAUXsy OF THi CmuauooñH Family. 

713 Biioccr* Chbssbboiksh (Charles', 171S), d. Jan. 1, tSy; m. 
Willianí Elmendori Childroi: 

^10 darínda, m. Lewis Lockwood. 
•fasii EUsabeth, m. Thomas Jones. 
+aSi3 Maiy, b. Aus. i» 1803; d. Aug. 13, iQps in Schencetady» N. Y.; 

m. Dr. Sjlvaniis Palmer» Jr, 
+2513 CkiüUne, b. Jal j 27, i8qs ; m* Hiram RandalL 
4^14 Sarah. k June 24 1807; a (z) Thonu Brown; n. (a) Joel 

+2S16 Jane» ni. Thomas Soa oí CoblesldU, N. Y. 

2517 Benjamín Amold. 

71S Ajina* CnasnaoucH (Charles, f7iS)» m. Feh. 31» 1793» in Ston- 
ington, Oement Mtner, b. Sept 22, 1769; d. Aug. s 181& Children: 

2518 Nancy, d. Féh. 26^ t8ia 

2319 María» hap. Oct »\ 1796; m. Denison WiUíams» a fnrríer. 

2321 Loey Jane^ ul John Mott ; one child» Idaria. 

4-2322 Jos^h Denison» m. Katherine Hasktns of Newborg» N. Y. 

2S^ Maiy Eslher. 

2S^ Amia María» nu Charles Felch. 

2322 Josim' Jnaiium Wiluams li^ed in Brooldjn, N. Y.; d. 1901. 

9325 Samuel Whiting; 9526^ Frank; 2327» Anna» h^ Féh. 26^ 1847; 
2328^ Josephine» b. Jnne^ 1849; as>9^ Maishall. 

2302 CHAtus' CBianaouoH» m. 1828; Abigail Pinknor (dan. of 
Thomas and Elizabelh), b. Sept as» 1804 in Knojc» N. Y. Children: 

4-9330 Augusta» b. June 2^ 1831; m. Richard Van Hoesen» a ianner. 
4-233S Edward P.» b. Juno 29^ 18Í39; m. Maggie J. Prjer» (Suildor» 
land. N. Y. 

2330 Augusta* Vam Hossbn oí Ateamont» N. Y. Children: 

2331 Annie C» k Jan.» 1864; m. Newton J. Pryer» (Suildertand» N. Y. 
2S33 Cornelia M.» k June^ 1862. 

2331 Edwaid* P. CamnouGR» m. Mov. 3» 1862» Maggie J. Fiyer» b. 
Sept. 22» 1844- 

4-2534 MiUard A^ b. Oct lo^ X8S4. 

2335 Fanny» k Mareh 13» 1869. 

2536 Abigail» b. i^ 

2337 Ida Mary» b. Ju^ 10^ 1^3; m. Sdward Y. ChesdMOugh (2375N). 

2538 Jennie» k Sept 10^ 1877. 

GixsAUxnr or tbs CatstBKiuGH Family. 119 

3539 CUri, b. Fch, 35» i479 

3540 Aiuttt b^ May h x88t. 

3541 Charlea, tx Nov. 37. t887. 

aS34 MnxA»* A. CaianaouoH^ n. Oct !& 1886^ Hattíe Haock. Chil- 

3543 Emilia, k Nov. ift lASBL 

3544 Dewitt. h. Juíjr i. 1891. 

3545 Hetter M., b. Aug. 30^ 1893- 

Unng at Voorhecavülc, N. Y. 

3SQ3 Roñar* Dunaoif CHianaouGa, m. (1) March 4» x9n Margafd 
Brcchoff, b. Apríl 1809; d. Dec 18; 1841 ; went to California. Children: 

+3546 aementina Minenra, bi Jiily 36^ 18341 in West Trcqr» N. Y.; m. 
James Van VranteL 

3547 Angeline Lavina, b. July 36^ 1834 (twin oí above) ; d. Marcb» 


3548 Emma Asenath, b. March 5, 1839; d. March i(\ 1843. 

3549 Winiam Pacher» d. in inianpj. 
3350 Charles Henry, d. in inlancj. 

3SQ3 Roaner' Duiíaoír CuxumovGU, ul (3) May 6, 184^^ Phebe 
Bftber Dean (37QSS), d. Feb. 1$$ 1888. Children (b. in Brooklyn and 
Kew York Qty): 

3SSI Charles Blair» b. Feb. 1% 1847; d. Sept 33, 18^4. 

3S53 Emma Auna» k Oct 5* i95a 

3553 Liada Estelle, b. Sept 11, i8S7t New York. 

3554 lUmcna Blaaehe^ b. Dec. 6, t8Sft in New York; d. Sept ts 190^ 

m Brooklyn, N. Y. 

3546 OnciimiiA* MumvA Ca aa iaaoucH» nt April 33» 1856^ James 
Van Vranken, k Sept 7» 1816^ in Fonda's Bush, N. Y.; d. April 30^ 1866; 
he was banker and hToker» and Uvcd In Brookbnii N, Y. Children: 

8555 Robert Chesebrongli» b. April ft 1857; resides in Brooklyn, N. Y. 
3556 James Tallman, k Dec 7» 1860; drowned at Water Ishmd Joly 

3. xS» 

35048 JcanvA* CHBsnaouGB, d. Feb. 33, 1896; iil 18130^ Hannah 
, Moore (dan. of John and Mary). Removed to Belleville, Onterio Coimty» 
Cánida; a tanner. Children (b. in Napance and BelleviUc^ Canadá) : 

+3557 Daniel, k April 39^ 1833; d. Jone 3f ^^l n- Agnes Maybee 

(dau. of Emmannel). 
+3558 Olivia Ann, b. 1834; m. Wtlliam Pftrry» 1854 
+^59 Charles, b. Feb. 3^ 1838; iil Mary Armintha Pkny, Sept tó^ i86i. 


i-2560 Mary Jane» Ix Oct 11» 1844; «. Robeit Mtybec» Sept, iSSa. 
-t-2s6i Gtrner, b. April a, 1R45 ; d. 1900 ; m. Emily Clappi tCÍ^ 
Child, d in inhncy. 

3SS7S Dakul* Cnismo, m. March 2, iQsg^ Agncs Bíaybee. Oiildren : 

Joshua M., b. July ^ x86o; d. Dcc. 29, iSgx 
f Bertha Estella, h. Fetx 15, 1862; m. Oct. 29» xWoy WiUtam 

Orainel Ozro, k Apríl 6^ 1864; d. May 10^ iffip. 

Orion Grant, b. Sept 37, i$7i ; nu Sept i» i8p7» Margare! Scoct 

Emest Lome, b. Feb. i, 1880; d. July 2, igoa 

Grandchildrcn oí Joshua* Chesebrough : 

Tañe (of Olivia Ann) Farry» m. — — Silla. 
Hannab (of Olivia Ann) Farry, n. — ^— Coveriy. 
Charles (oí Charles) Chesebro» k June, 186a. 
Ida (of Oiarles) Chesebro, b. Dec, 1864. 
Edith (oí Charles) Chesebro, b. Oct, 1868. 
Edgerton (of Charles) Chesebro, b, May, 1871. 
Enunanud L (of Mary Jane) Maybec^ b. July 11, 1864. 
Joshua Frank (of Mary Jane) Maybee, b. Aug. 20^ x866. 
Ada Blanche (of Mary Jane) Maybee, b. Aug. 29^ x868. 
Robert Gamer (of Mary Jane) Maybee, b. Oct i, ifl!77. 
Libena (oí Ciamer) Chesebro, b. April 21, 1872. 
Jane Ann (of (lamer) Chesebro, b. Dec 29^ 1^4. 
Lucila (oí Gamer) Chesebro, b. Feb. 15, 1876. 
Emily May (oí Gamer) Chesebro, b. May 12, x878w 
Robert (of Gamer) Chesebro, b. May x8, 1880. 
Blake (oí Ciamer) Chesebro, b. March 2üb 1882. 
James Edward (of Gamer) Chesebro, b. Oct 15, 1884. 
Fred (of Gamer) Chesebro, b. Apríl 18^ 1886. 
Oramel (of Gamer) Chesebro, b. March 12, 1888. 
Charles (of Gamer) Chesebro, b. May x6^ 1893. 

BoTUA* E. CowiKG (Daniel' Ches^ro, 2S57S), Uves tn Detroit, Mich. 

Earl H. Cowing, b. Aug. 27, 1881; d. Feb, 29^ x888L 
Ethel Incí Cowing, b. Jan. 16^ 1888. 
Agnes Leona Cowing, b. Dec. 22, 1891. 

2S07S Davd* Axmold CaiamouGH, m. Jaa jx, 1860^ at Yates, N. Y^ 
Ellen Jane (srecne, b. Dea xy, X&42, Yates, Orleans County, N. Y. He was 
a mining engineer. She m. (2) after 1^70^ Joshua M. Sharpstien and lives 
at Medina, N. Y. Children: 

2562 George Washington, h Feb. 22, 1865, Westfield, N. J.; lives in 

Rochester, N. Y. 

2563 Emma aemcntine, b. June 15, t868, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; d. June 7f 

CtüBALocr or tbb CetwwetiOH PAMar. 121 

Í4A fai Rodicstcr, N. Y.; m. ték. 22, 1888b John León Weld, 
b. Oct 26, 186^ LyiKlonvUle, N. Y.; d. Sept !• 18A at 
Rocfactter. N. Y. CSúldren: 

2Sfii Joba WtfTcn Wdd, k Jan. 3» i88p; d. Aug. 13. 1889^ Lyndon- 

villc, N. Y. 
as64a Lawrence Peten Weld, b. Apríl z, 1890^ Albion, N. Y. 
2s6s LottU Chesdwough Weld, k Aug. i, 1^1, Rochcstcr» N. Y. 

250B James* Maumii Cnmunucii, d. Jan. 6, 1896^ Knox» N. Y.; 
UL May 24, 1843. Sarah Chescbroiigh Jackion (2S49N)» h Sept 20^ 1822. 
New Scodand, N. Y. ; d. Peb. 17, 1899. Albany, N. Y. ""He Hvcd m tbe 
oíd bonettead at Knox (bougfat by bis iather» Daniel ChesebitNigh, in 
1794) nntil bis deatb." Was a pillbox nano&cturer, also a iarmer. 

+2S66 Edwin Madison, b. Dec. 18^ 1848; d. Sept 2S« 1889. 
+2567 WUliam James, b. Peb, 6, 1851 ; m. Irene Truax. 

2sá Prank, b. Dec 8; 1958; ^ Dec «^ i885; m. Oct 8^ 1885» Maiy 
Lottise Bolsón. 

2569 Anna Mercy, k Mareh 15. i85i; Uves in Mineral Springs, N. Y. 

2s66 Eowui* MASisoír CBBsnaouoB, n. Aug. 17, 1^3» in Altanoot, 
N. Y^ Maiy Evelyn Havens. Chiklren: 

aSTO James M.. b. Aug. 13^ 1Q7& 
2571 Claade IL, ^ April 2X9 1881. 
2573 Pfink£,b. Sept xs 1886; resides alKnoStN. Y. 

2SB7 WxLUAM* Jamxs C n aso aoucH, m. April 30^ 18^ Irene Tniaz; 
Uve in Knmc N. Y. Child: 

2S73 Mabd Iren^ b. Oct X7f 1889. 

The foUowing, composed at Albaiqr» N. Y., PA 7, 1899^ bf Sarah' C 
Chesebrongh (2549N), tea days befóte her death: 


''Done In Stonington, Cornt* in 1750, by Miss Mercy Stanton, dan. of 
Thomas and Thankful [Denison] Stanton of Stonington, who apon from 
prepared flax, forming it into yam with her banda and fingers» twísted 
it bf tnming a wheel wtth her feet, spnn enough to weava into doth 
to maleo a coonterpane and soit of cnrtains and valance; then wove it 
in a loom by hand and foot in her father's house; then bleached it and 
woriced it with düf ercnt colorcd worsteds, ferming flowcrs to soit her fancy» 
with a needle, doing it all hersell Now in possess i o n oí Anna Mercy 
Stanton Chcsebrough (2569S) of Mineral Springs» N. Y.. August, 1902." 

2S09 Da. IzaABiAB* Wsnfoai CoxsiaaoooH, m. (t) Peb. 6, 184^ 

U3 GniiAUxnr or thb CwnnmwocH Family. 

Laerctía AnelM Gtlli^ (dau. oí Jofcph and Loejr A. [Fowler] Gallop)» b. 
Jan. j6^ taa6; d An^ 2S i8Í4» Cohoet, N. Y. 

Di. Isbabiar W. Chbskuougb» iil (a) aftcr 1BS4, Amanda VaiL He 
wat a practíniíg plqrt¡da& Children (tx m Knox, N. Y.) : 

2574 Robert Dcniaon, h. Nov. ig, 1849; d. Oct ij» i85s 
+^575 Alida, b. March 7, 1853; m. Edgar H. Cook; Uyc ia Higfa- 
landi, N. Y. 
2S76 Joteph D., b. April lo^ 18591 
3577 Lucy A., b. Jttty u; 1864; m. — -— Ketchiun oí Syracase, N. Y. 

3575 Alda* CHismoooB, n. Aug. 31, 1882, Edgar H. Cook. Cbtldren : 

2578 Edgar C» b. Jiii«, 1889. 

2579 Robert &» b. Fdx, i89S« 

251X EuiAsna* Eucjdim»; iil Tbomas Jonei. Qiildren: 

Mary» n. James Brown oí Oevelaad» Obia 



Enitty* d. young. 

2512 Maby* Elmjdimbf^ iil Jan. 17, 1826^ Dr. Sylvanus Palmer» Jr., 
b. Aug. 4» 1804; d. Sept 6^ 1880^ Sbaron, Scboharie Coontj» N. Y.; be waa 
caUed the 'Diitch Dominie oí the atskflls." 

+2580 Ann Elixabetb, b. Mareb 24, 1827; d. Sept 17» 1894. 
+2581 WilUam, b. séfL tx, 1828; d. Feb. 7» 189a 
+2582 Sarab. b. Feb. ift 1830; d. Oct 29^ t8S4. 
+2583 Ariel María, b. Oct 16^ 1831 ; d. Dec. 3» íB;u 

2583a Andrew, b. Ji4y. 1833; <L young. 

2584 John, bi Oct 6, 1835; tL aged 25 jeara, YpailantL 
+2585 Comcliiis, b. üiareb 4, 1839; iil Aprü 21, x853, Oaritsa Borst 

2586 darme Amelia, b. Jan. 8; 1841 rd. Nov., 1896; iil Jaa 6, 1865, 

Shepherd Ellii. 

2587 Sylvanua, b. Jaly 27» 1845» a Joly 24, 1875, Ndlie E B. Anstm; 

Uves in Oibkoeb, Wii. 

2580 Axm' EuzAKTB Palmii, m. April 6, 1852, Wtlliam Sieers, a 
fanner; resides al Lisba's Kill, Albany Comity» N. Y. Children: 

3588 ESc^ d. aged 2 years. 

2589 Will De Win, bi Jrnie 33. 1860; m. June 20^ 1888; Galle Lanssng. 

2590 Cornelias, bi Sept xo^ X862; m. June 14, tSgo, Idargarel H. Broce 

oí Yonkers, N. Y. 
+259X Ariel M., h. Nov. 25, X865; m. Fdi. ix, X89X, S. H. Vedder. 
2592 Isabel, b. Sept xo^ 18^; onmarried. 


3593 £vangeliiie, b. Juiíc 25, 18^; m. John Morland Kctchum, Not. 
^ iflA SchenccUdy, N. Y. 

2Sgí AuxT" M. Viran. Chüdren: 

3S04 Miriam, b. Feli. x, iSgs. 

2895 P^mer, b. Nov.» xSggi 

3596 Cbester, \k Nov., 1899 (twín oí above). 

3581 WouAM* PAX.MBI, m. Dec 15, 1857, Imogene Hamlin, b. 1838; 
Honer, Ctlhoon Coiinty, Mich. Children: 

3508 Bcstie, b. Oct & 1958; m. Feb. i» 1883, Ramey Cunisi; Uva m 


3509 Hamlin, b. Oct 31, 1860; m. June 4, x8go^ May Culveríiouse; Iíyc 

tn Fort Worth, Tex. 
3600 Llewellyn, b. Jan. 26, 1863; is a lawyer at Fort Worth, Tex. 
36or Arthur, h Dec 30^ 1864; m. Jan. 31, r889^ Gertrude Thompton. 
+3603 Aríet, b. Oct 5* i9IS7; n. July x& 1891, Paul Mead. 

3603 Sylvanof, b. Oct z6^ 1869; m. June ft 1894 Maud Gray ; Uve tn 

PhoeniXy Aria. 

3604 Willard, b. Dec tx» x8^z. 

3605 Mary, b. Dec. 19^ XÓ73. 

3606 David L, b. July is X876; livet in Henrictta» Tex. 

3607 Comeliui, b. Nov. 8; x^ 

3603 Abbt and Paul Msaol Children: 

3608 Leslle Palmer, b. Sef>t 8; iSgo, 

3609 Helen. b. Scpt 30^ X893 ; reddet at Highlandlake^ CoL 

3583 Sabah* Palmo, m. x85ft L Dewfy Sackett (firat wife). Chil- 

96x0 May, bi May 8; 1860; m. May i, x888^ John Hunter. ChiM: 

John Onrflle Hunter. 
36xx Howard, b. Dec, xa63> 

35fli3 Aaxsr* M. Palmoi, m. Dec, x%St L. Dewey Sackett (sceood 
wiíe). Children: 

36x3 Schtqrler; 36x3, Hermán; 36x4, Graee, b. July x, x^ 

35S5 CoMiiLiua* Pauixb, m. April 3X, x8^ Oaritsa Borst, k Jan. 
X3, x84x, Sharon, Schoharíe County, N. Y. He a áyü engineer in Eecap 
naba. i^M^h Children: 

36x5 Adelle E., b. Jan. xx, x86& 

96x7 Alfred T., b. Dec 39^ x86B; m. Jao, X893, Nellie Hambky. 

96x8 Alian H., b. Sept 3X, x^s. 

124 GsNiAUxnr Of thi Cbisebmkjcb Family. 

2513 GuiouNí' EufBNDORF, m. Scpt x8» 1834» Hinm Randall, b. Feb. 
5, 1797, Altwij Couiityi N. Y. Children (h. in Hontersland, Schohsuic 
Onmty. N. Y.) : 

2619 Maryi b. ^ná d. Oct 17» 1825. 

-I-2620 Lewis Ct h, Nov. ft 1826; n. Lucy L. Caxpemer. 

+2621 Francés Janctte, tx Nov. 16^ 1828; m. Addisoo CórydL 

2622 Thomis Addii» h Dcc 29^ 1830; m. Joscphine Dunn. 

+2623 Elvira, b. May 5» 1834: «• G. Warrcn Thwinf. 

4-2624 George Ausustus, b. Maj it, 1837; m. Elizabeth Hamcy. 

2625 William Ht b. Jan. 18; 184Z; d. Nov. 29^ 1890; m. Emnia Pct- 


2626 Pcrry D., b. Sept i, 1844; n. Sarab Dickinson. Child: 


2627 Mark, b. Jan. &, 1848; in Ypsilanti, Mkh.; m. (i) Lncretía 

Spicer ; m. (2) — — ^ . 

2620 Lswis* C Ravoaii^ wat killcd in the Ovil War April 3» 1863. 

2626 George Dwigjit RandalL 

2621 FkANds' Jamsrb Ranoaii^ bi Nov. i6b 1828» Míddlebury» Scbo- 
barie Cotmtj» N. Y.; m. Jaa i, 1852, Additon Coryell» b. Dec. 27» 1829^ 
Píttsfield, Washington County» Mich. Oiildren : 

2629 Clarence Augustos, b. Dcc 24, 1855; n. Maud £. Goundy, Jan. 

Xt 1878L 
+2630 Charles Sejmour, b. Dec 20^ 1858; n. Nellie M. Snith, Oct 
17, i8Bx. 
2ÍÍ31 Archard Bums, b. Ang. 3» 1869; d. Feb. 6, 1889. 

2630 Cbailis* S. and NnxxB (Smxtb) Corysll. Children: 

26Í32 Robeit &» bi Oct 9^ 188a. 

2633 Frank A.» b. June 14» 1884. 

2634 Charles F., k Sept 4. x88& 
2d3S Warren, b. Ju|y 13, 1888. 
2636 Miriam; 2637. Ruth. 

2623 Elvua* Ramball» ttL Maj 5, 1856^ George Warren Thwtng, bi 
Féb. á, 1834 Providencc» iL L Children: 

2^ Zebina Clark, b. March 2, 1857; n. Isabel Judd, Bíay 19^ 188S. 

+2639 Carne Francés, b. March 3, 1859; m. Thomas Eyre, Oct 2, 188a. 

2640 Jeanette, b. Aug. 5, 1862. 

2641 George &, bi Aug. 5, 1862 (twin of above). 

2642 Alice Elvira, k Jan. 26, i^s- 

Reside at Mtrshall, Mich. 


96¡g Caius* Fkancis (Tbwing) and Thomas Eyu. Childroi: 

9643 Nettk Harrict» tx Oct aj. 188Í3. 
J644 Georgiaiía Bdle, b. Fcb. 3. 1S8& 
3645 Blandic Elvira, b. Oct 6^ iSga 

36048 GnacB* AuGOtTVS and EuzAism (Hainsy) Ranoail. Chil- 

a647 Edmond E.; 2648; Gcorge; 26^ Wüliain; 2650: Frank (twin oí 
Williain) : 26$%. Paul ; a6s^ Roben; a6S3f Walter ; 2654 AUce; 
a6S5, Harry; 3656^ Edna. 

2514 Saiau' ELuwHwmr, nu (i) Tbonas Bfx>wii, b. in Schobaríe 
Coonty» N. Y. Cbíldrcn: 

a6S9 Evdine^ b. Apríl i& 1930; n. Peter B. Slaek. 
a66o Martha,b. Jaa 2, ifll3S; nu CynitB. Harnea. Children: 
Carrie Bamet, Mary Bamca. 

3514 Sabah* ELMEMwmr, ul (a) Joel Manafidd. Children (b. in 
Sdioharíe Coontj, N. Y.) ; 

a66i Carolinep b. Feb. 2B, 1838; m. Charlea O. Bamca, Mareh 31, 

aáfia Charlea, b. Oct, 1840. 
a66¡3 Gcorge, b. 1843. 

3664 Lucia, bi 1845 ; m. C M. Gooding. 

3665 Elisabethpb. 184& 

3666 Eara, b. 1851. 

3516 Jajis* Elmxnoobp, m. Thomaa Soo; Uve al CoUealdU, N. Y. 

3667 Harriet £, m. Sanlord bdak. 

3668 Albert 

3u70 George* 

3^1 Sarah, nC (i) Charlea Orelup; nu (3) — — Grigga. 

3^ Adelia, n. (i) Samuel McCNonald; m. (3) Tbonaa Murray of 

New Yoric 
3^ Annie, nL Daniel Hnmphrcjr. 

714S Phoi* CHBamoiiOH, m. Nov. 39, itm Rainaíord Hempttead 
(ion of Robert and Ann [Avery] Hcnpalead), Ix 1771, Sumington^ Coon. 

3686 David C 

+3647 Fanny, n. Olivar Bennett» 

3688 Nanqr, m. (i) Tumer; m. (3) _— 'Rogara. 

3089 Phebe^ d. youQf. 

u>6 GmiiOOGy op tus Chbubiough pAMav. 

+s6go Melinda E^ m. (i) John Dean; n. (a) Elisha 

+2601 Ascnath C, in. Zabdiel Hempstead (íinc cousin). 

+3692 Muy Ann. n. Joieph SmiÜL 

+2693 Charles O, n. Elia Cmsob. 

aéQzS Pahhy* HursiSAO, n. Olhrer Bcmiect Children: 

2695 Olíver, m. Perldnt. 

2696 Faniiy, n. Rhodcs Burroufht. 

aágt; Miranda, m. Rhodes BnrrooRhs (tccond wiíe). 

26gB WilUam, m. Sarah Taylor. 

2699 Rainsford, d. July 4, 1897. 

3700 Alby, n. John Eldrcdgc 

2701 Aaron, d. young: 

26go MEumu* £. Hempstiad, m. (i) John Deaa Children: 

270S Phcbe Etcher» k Oct xo^ 1825; m. Robert D. Chcscbroitgh 

J706 John, d. at sea. 

2691 AssNATB* C H1MFSTIAB, n. Zahdiel Hempstead (first cousin). 

3707 Andrew, h. Nov. sB, 1839; d. ifllja 
+370B Hattie 11, b. Peh. 30^ 1831; nu (1) Elkanah Watson. June 3ft 

1849; m. (3) St^hen V. Niles. June 29, 1864. 
+3709 Phebe R, b. Jan. 17, 1833; d. Feb. 33, 1897. 

3710 Emma C, b. Jan. 17, 1835. 

371X Henry H., b. Jaa 8b 1843; d. same day. . 


j^7o8S HATm* M. (Hiiíkisao) and Eucanah Watsoh. Child: 

37x3 Charles Watson, h. July 38^ 1851 ; n. Oct 17. 1870» Jessie Blau- 
velt Live in San Francisco, Cal. 

j^7o8S HATTit' M. and SnPHBii V. NiLxa. Child: 
37x3 StephenD. Niles, b.Aiirilftx865;nL May 38^x893. Lena Giebner. 

3709 Phoe* E.JHEMPST1AD), m. March X3, x848^ Edward C Oakl^, 
d. Afiríl 33, xgooi 

37x4 WiUiam H, Oaklor, «. (x) L. Hpyt; m. (3) H. EarL 

271S Emma J. Oakley, m. (x) W. Lyon; m. (3) Pite Simmons. 

3693 Masy' Anh Hxm fsiiad, m. Joseph L. Smith. 

J73X Rowena P.. d. Nov. xx, X898; in New Yoric Gty ; m. VTtUiam Zi 

3733 Maltnda, d. young. 

2733 Josephíne. m. George Cramerl 

Gnnuuxnr or ras CBimtouGB FAMity. i^ 

Jdg3 Cbaiuí* G. Hbmfstead, n. Elisa Cramb. Chüdren: 

4734 Amia, n. Capt James Payna. 
3735 May, m. Capt Walter Chadboitnic 
2736 Charies. 

718S JowATBAif* CannacNiGB (William*, X73S), m. March ao^ 1791, 
StoQingtoa, Omn., Emiice Mlñer (679K). Cbtldren: 

+2730 Jonathan, m. Sept 10^ 1893, Betsey (Taylor) BtU (478dN). 

9731 Emiice, m. Martin Aimstrong oí New York. 

+2733 William, m. PoUy (Taylor) Brown (4^8aN). 

2733 DoUy, m. ^— — ; went to Cainda. 

9730 JoHATHAN* CKtstnoucH» m. Scpt xo^ x8a6b by Eider Elihu 
Chetebro, Bettey Ami (Taylor) Bill, widow oC Hiram BilL 

3734 Sarab Palmer Chesebroogli, m. Thomu A. Brown, who lerved 
dttrint the War ol the Rebellioo. Child: 

9735 Alpiíonto BrowQ, m. Abbie Jane Stanton (27448). Chtldren: 

9736 Edna, b. Aof. 6^ 1884. 
3737 Bcrtha, b. Jnly 13^ lOgí 

in West Mystic, Qmn. 

3733 WnuAM * CRtamMiucH, m. April is i&j, PoUy Smith (Taylor) 
Brown, widow oí (Seorge Brown. Children: 

+3738- Lydia Emily, d. Oet 6^ íB^ m 46 years. 
3739 Maiy Jane^ m. (i) Sb^ard Biown; m. (3) Christopber C 
•f3740 James Frands» m. Harriet Newell Qrumk 

373B LvmA* Emxly CBBsnaouGH, m. Jaa 10^ 1848^ Henry W. Stanton 
(son of Robert and Hannab [Hewitt] Stanton, and grandson of Capt Isaac 
Stanton, 906N), b. July s xSñ» Ledyard, Conn.; d. Dee. 18; U891 CUldren: 

3743 William E., m. Sarab Ann Brown; Uve ñu Grotoo, Qmn. 

3743 Ann Elixabetb, m. Alien Tiffaiqr; Uve in Salem, Conn. 

•f3744 Abbie Jane^ m. Alpbonso BrowQ, 3735S (see bis Record). 

3745 Josepb T. ; omnarried. 

3740 James FkANCia* CHistnom», d. Oct, i9g6, Pboenix, N. Y. 
''EnUsted in Eigbtb Connecticut Rcgiment Sept 3i, 1861, in Norwicb, Cono, 
and served mitil May 14 iSSSi and discbarged íor disability.'* (Gvil War 
Records.) m. Harriet NeweU Crmnb (dan. oí Amold and Lucinda [Lam- 
pbere] Qmnb), d. May, 1895, New York Gty. Cbildren: 

3746 lacennia Altana, b. June 14» 1856^ Westerly, R. L; m. Waldo 

Harnson Steams» 

3747 Francts Adolphos ; Uves in BostoOb Mass. 

fa8 Gen'balogy of tbs Chksibsoucu Family. 

+^748 Jainet Frederíck, b. June 17, 18^ Noru-íchp Conn.; m. Aug. 13, 
Z885, Margarct Grant. 

2749 John Dennont» d. - 

3750 Nellie Elixabcth. 

2751 BUnche, m. Nov. 39^ 1898; Roland Burnham Molineux (ion of 

Gen. Edward L Molineux ol ihe N. Y. Nmtkmal Guard. dit- 

tínguisbed in the Civil Wmr). 

a7S3 Lora» m. •— — Okic. He is m lawyer and Alderman in N. Y. 

2748 Jamkí* F. and Maicaxet '(Giamt) CHitoaoucH. Children: 

2753 Frederíck Grant, b. May 4t X8Q7. 

2754 George Newell, k July 2a x888L 

2755 Roger Fairbaini, b. July 8^ iSga. 

723 NATaANBL* DcmsoN (Locy* Chesebrongh, 177S), m. 17^7, Deaire 
WUcox (dau. oí Capt Nathan). He waa a Revolulionary loldier. Children : 

-f^SÓ Esther, b. I7ti6; m. March 2, 1795, Joicph Davsa. 

27S7 Mary, ni. Dea. Taylor. 
+2758 Benadum, b. 1772; m. 1794, Rhoda Randall (1099S). 

2759 Dettre, m. Robert Bentíey. 
+2760 HanniJi, b. Jan. 22, 1779; m. Sept 2, 1796; Henry Palmer. 
Betsey Prudence, b. i^; m. Jan. 10^ 1802, Charlea Palmer. 

2756 EsTBEa* DmiMOV, m. Joseph Davii oí Stoningtoa Children : 

276^ Esther, b. Oct 22, 1785. 

2764 Thankíttl, K Sept 17, X797* 

2765 Joseph, b. April 2, 1789^ 

2766 Lucretia, b. May 29^ 179a 

2767 Desire, b. Nov. 31, X79X. 

9758 BxNAnuM* Dknison, d. 1840^ Haliíax, Vt.; m. Rhoda Randall 
(1099S), b. 1773. Sionington, Coon.; d. 1857, Haliíax, Vt Children (five 
b. in Stonington, Conn., and five b. in Haliíax, Vt) : 

2768 Benadum, b. 1795; d. 1861 ; m. Lydia Boardman. 

9769 Rhoda, b. 1797; d. 1845; nt Elisha Frínk (seoond wiíe). 

2770 Pnidence C, b. Dec 15, 1799; m. Dcc 3, 1822^ George W. Terrett 

2771 Esther, m. George Preiton. 

2772 Beuey, d. 1869^ Black River, N. Y.; m. Willard Holnan. 

2773 Charlea. 

2774 Dndley F., b. March 31, x8o8; m. Jaa 22, 18(35, Olive M. Wood. 

2775 Hannah, m. Warren Everett 

2776 Ewiice, d. 1842; m. Edward Fiíh. 

2777 Annis F.r m. Benjamín Woodward. 

2760 Hannab* Denison, d. April 4, 1824; m. Sept 2, 1798 (second 
wiíe), Henry Palmer (son oif Denison and Marvin [Pafaner] Palmer) ; he 
waa b. Sept 29^ 1768^ in Stonington, Conn., and d. March 10^ 1848; he m. 

Qdhalogy or n» Cusibbough Family. lag 

(i) Feh, /, 1790^ Pnidcnec Cbesebrough (7&4S). Removed from Stoníng* 
ton, Omiii^ to Torríngtoii, Omn^ and to New Marlboro» Mats. Chtldren : 

2778 Clnfiea D., b. May 34, iSoo^ Stonington, Consu ; m. Julia Pooler 

1779 Nathan, b. Nov. 17» 1801, Stonington. 

+írféo Pnidencc M^ b. Déc. i, 1803, Stonington ; n. Milton Adans. 

9/Si Lucinda, b. Sept 3, i8os Stonington. 

^8a Emtly B*, b. May s i8o7» Torríngton, Q»n. 

4-3793 Billinga, b. June 2$, iBio, Torríngton ; m. Hanriet D. Holbrook. 

^&4 Roxy 11, b. ApriJ 18; 1813, Torrington. 

+^85 Francés M., b. Nov. 23, 1814. New Marlbofo^ Mast. ; n. Nebc- 
miab Palmer (3149N). 

9785 Plora L., b. Marcb 24 i8i8b New Marlbora 

37fl|7 Hannab J^ b. June a^ iBao, New Marlbora 

3780 PltUBBMCB' M. Palm n, d. April 36» i86q» New Marlboro, Mati. ; 
m. 1823 (firtt wife), Milton Adama (ion of Zebediab and Abigail [Taít] 
Adama oí New Marlboro), b. July 34, 1799: d. July i, 1873; »- (2) 18^ 
Poiiy Surk. Oiildren : 

+9789 Jttlia, b. 18^; d. i86a 

3790 Hannah Liscilsa, b. 1825; d. Mardi 33, 1881, Holyoke, Mass.; 


3791 Harria, b. 1826; d. 1864, Centralia. 

3793 Charles Madison, b. Jan. 10^ 1827; m. Betscy Knickerbocker of 
New York. 
+3793 Chaoncey Edward, b. Feb. ft 1828; d. Nov. 30^ 1893. Union* 

ville^ Qmn. 
+3794 Mary, b. 1830; d. 1873; m. MUan Wellman. 
-1-3795 EUen Bruce, b. Fdi. 33, 1834; "l Sept 34, 1860^ F. Meacbam. 
2796 John, b. íBÍé; d. 1899^ 
3797 Sarah, b. 1837; d. March 37, 1843. 
4*2798 Adrián Mortimer, b. Aug. 13, 1843; m. Laura £. Gray. 

9789 Julia* Ahams^ m. John Hunlington oí Canaan, Qmn. Children : 

3799 Miles, b. i8so; Itves in Grcat Barrtngton, Mass. 

3800 Horace; 380X, Martha. 

3793 Chauhgby* Eowabd AiiAMa, m. 1853^ Martha Tumer (dau. of 
Aagvsttts and Lucy [Rhoades] Tumer). Chtldren (b. in New Mari* 
boro^ Mass.): 

3802 Edward Milton, b. Feb. 13, 1854; m. 18761 Sarah Robotham, at 

UnionvíUe^ Orna 
3ft^ Franklin C, b. Jaa 31, 18S2; m. 1888, Margaret Wicks, at 

Bndgeport, Cdon. 
3804 EmmaP.,b. Sept X5i 1865; Uves inUnionville, Cóna* 
38QS Chauncey E., b. Nov. 3» 1863; d. Feb. 33, 18^ 

tjc Gbneaiocy or thb Cbssebhwgh Family. 

;994 Mmiv* Adams, ul Milán Wellman. Oiildren (b. in New M&ri- 
bofOi Mass.) : 

a8o6 Franje £.. 1». 1855; 2807. Arthur; b. 1856; afioB» Harvej. 1». 186a. 

J795 Eu-Bw' BniCB Aüam a, m. Franklin Meacham» b. x83& Wttliama- 
lom-n» Maat. ; d. Oct 9, 18BS, Fort Douglaaa, Utah ; icnred through Civil 
War aa Sorgeon and Major, U. S. V. ; entcred the Regular Army aiter thc 
War, where he aenred» nntíl his death, aa Major and Sargeoo. Chtldrcn : 

a8o9 Franklin Adama, b. Oct sB, 1862, Cumberland Gap, Tenn. 

aBio Grace Frandtca, b. Sept 8b x86g, Fort Douglaaa, Utah Ter. ; n. 
Feb. i8b i8m William Power Bomban, U. S. A. (son oí D. R. 
Bnmbaní, U, S. A.), b. Jan. xo, x86q^ Scranton, Pa.; entered 
West Point in idj?* First Lieotenant, Sixth U. S. Volunteers ; 
was Instructor in St. John's Milstary Academy, Manlius, 
N. Y.; now Capuin Twentieth Infantry, Fort Sheridan, 111. 

a8xi Edward Meacham Bumham, b. Jan. 11, 1891. 

27<g8 AnaiAN* MoRmcn Aoaics, m. 1978^ Laura E. Gray, in Missouri. 
He scnred through Gvil War in U. S. Regular Army. Childrun: 

aBx2 Adrián F., b. Jan. % íB^g, 

2813 Wiliiam A., b. May 22, i88x. 

2814 Chauncey £., b. Aug. 2&, 1883. 
2615 Herbert, b. May 31, X8Q7. 
2816 George W., b. Dec 13, 189a 

AU living September, 1894, in Kirbyville, Taney County. Ma 

2783 BiLUNGS* Palmo, d. Sept 28^ 1890^ Great Barringtoo, Maaa.; 
m. Jan. i^ 1850^ Harriet D. Holbrook; Uved in Great Barringtoo, Mass. 

28x7 Harriet Olive, b. Mareh 8; 185X ; nu Aug. 3, x88x, Judge E. T. 

Slocun; Uve in Pittsfield, Maaa. 
28x8 Mary Cornelia, b. Mareh 2ft x86o; d. Sept X2; x979^ in Great 

Barringtoo, Mass. 

d78s FkANCBS* M. Palmb, m. Nchemiah Pahner, ax^pN (Capt Nehe- 
niah, 55oN)« Child: 

281P H. W. Palmer; Uves ¡a the oíd homestead fai Southfield, Masa. 

2761 Brssy' PatiBBKCB Dbmxson, d. Aug. dp X834; m. Jan. xo^ x8o2, 
Charles Palmer (son oí Denison and Marvin [Palmer] Palmer), b. Sept. 
6b X775; d. Oct. lo^ X837. Children: 

+2820 Elisa H., b. Aug. i6b x8q3; m. Clark Davia, Jr. 
+2B2X Edward Denison, b. Mareh ip^ x8os ; d. Jan. X2; x88s S vl Elisap 
beth Bames. 


i-2622 Jc^nctte A., b. Sept ai, 1809; m. (i) Thomas CUrk; m. (3) 

Rkhard D. Simnions; d* in Florida. 
+j8^ Francés A^ fa. Dcc % 1812; m. Apríl 7f 18361 Peter Durland (fim 

+3834 Charles I^ b. June 27, 1815; d. Dcc 23, 1892; m. three times. 
+2825 Phebe £., b. Oct. 22^ 1817; n. Sept 28, 1839, Peter Durland 

(second wife). 
2Ba6 Lucj C b. July 15. 1819; d. nmnarríed. 
+2B17 Lucretia Crary, b. June 3t 1821 ; ^ Feb. i, 1895. De Kalb» UL; 

m. Oet 12, 1843, Peter Durland. OiUd : 
28aB Tboinas Hewland Durland, b. March 16^ 1846; ra. Apríl i6b 1885, 

N. Adelaide Palmer (first oousin). 

2820 Elua* H. Palmii, m. Dec. 14» 1824» Garle Davis, Jr. (son oí 
Oark and Mary [Mtner] Davis), d. March i8b xSda Chtldren: 

28a9 Maiy Elisabeth, b. Oct 3, 1825; d. Oct i, 183a 

2830 Oark Davis, 34 b. Sept i, 1827: d. July 19^ 182a 

-I-283X Charles Henry, b. Sept ii, 18Á8; m. Jaa 8^ 1856, in Norwich, 
Cona, Phebe Jane Chesebrough, 3029N. Children: 

28133 Charles Herbert, b. Nov. 17, 1857; d. Feb. 21, 187^ 

26134 Mary Eliza, b. Apríl 21, iB¿i, 

2835 Edward Everett, b. Feb. 8b l86s; m. Annette Hall of Ñor- 

wich, Conn. 

2836 Sophia Willianis, b. Apríl $0, 186& 

2821 EnwAao* Dbnison PAUín, m. Jaa 3I1 i^* EUzabeth Bames, 
d. láarch 23» 1884. Chtldren: 

+2837 Charles E., b. May 2, 1838; m. Mary D. Barker. 
+2838 Sarah £., b. May 24» 1831: m. Howhind J. Pearce. 
2839 Lydia F.» b. May 8; 1836; d. Feb. 6^ 1838. 
2B40 Hdcn B., b. May i^ i8l37* 
2841 Lydia F., b. Dec 2X, 1838; d. Feb. 3i 1^49^ 
+2842 N. Adelaide» b. Sept 2% 1841 ; m. Apríl id^ 1885. Thomas Hew- 
land Durland (son of Lucretia Crary [Palmer] Durland); 
Uve in De Kalb. IlL 

2837 Cbauss' E. Palmb^ m. Dec 24, 1862, Mary D. Barker. Children : 

-1-2843 ^>nr Louiscp b. Sept 23, 18^; m. Dcc 31, 1885, Charles R. 
2844 Wayne A., b. March 28» 186& 
' 2845 Marshall B., b. Jan. 19^ 1870- 

2846 Edward D., b. Sept 3t i973- 

2843 Maiv" LoinsB Palmii and Chaius R. Caibutb. Children: 

2847 Charles R., b. Sept 24, 188& 

2848 Harríson P., b. June 21, 18891 

132 GsjfBAUxnr or ras CmrtnrwwmoH Fajülv. 

98I38 Saiab* Euzauth PALMn, m. Apríl is 1851, Howland J. 
Pcaree, Uve at Washington Mills, N. Y. Children: 

aftlp Roxanoa B^ b. Mareh 25. 1853; m. July 3^ 1877, Dmá Doug- 

+aBso Marínus S.. 1». Apríl 3* 1854; m. Apríl 3» 187—, Helcn R. 

-t-flSsi Elixabeth J., b. Apríl 12, 1856; m. Dee. 13» 1976^ Legrand B. 


a^ MiüOMUs** S. and HnxH R. Peaics. Oiildren: 

2Q52 J. Howland, 2d, fa. Scpt 8b i88a 

^53 Edna IL, b. Apríl 12, 1883. 

a854 Doiiglass D., b. Jone 24» 18861 

2855 Wniard J^ b. May 8; 18891 

2956 Hert>eit P^ b. Oct 23, 1893: d. Nov. 25. 1893. 

2851 EusABiTH** J. (PXABCS) and LiOANO £. ScBAProRi^ who d. 
18961 Children: 

2857 J11SIUS ÍL^ b. Jan. 7, i8;8l 

2858 Mabel A^ b. Febu X, i88a 

2824 CuAiLBs' L. PAUcn, b. June 27, x8is» n. (i) May 25, 1840^ 
María V. MiUer; m. (2) June. 1850, Carolinc S. Tincker; n. (3) J»e 12, 
1856^ Mary Frícke, who d. Aug. 23» 1892, m. 74 years. Child (first 

2859 Charles, b. Féb. 3. x&U: d. Nov. 6, 1864- 

Children hy seoond nuuriage: 

2860 Caroline S., b. Aug. 15, 1851: d. March 19^ 1881; m. Nathan 
' Cobb, March, 1876. 

2861 Edward, b. May xs» i8S3f d. Feb. 3t 1881 ; nmnarried. 

Child by third marríage: 

2B62 Albert D., b. Jan. 22, 1860; m. June 2, 1888^ LibUe Rosebash, 
who d. Aug. 8b 189a s. p. 

731 EuNiCE* Palmh (Hannah* Cbcscbrough, X78S), n. Dec. 8b 1768^ 
Wtllian Stanton (son oí Samuel and Susanna [Champlin] Stanton), b. 
Sept X9^ 1744, Stontngton, Conn., and d. Fek 23, x8ix. Children (b. in 
Stontngton, Cdon.) : 

4-2863 Polly, b. Sept 8b X77o; m. Capt Thomas Ash. 

2864 Prudence, b. Aug. 2X, 1774; m. Nathan Stanton (Thomas and 
Elizabeth fBeH]). 

2855 Samuel P., b. Jan. 17» 1776; drowned June 27, 1792. 
+2866 Lois, b. Sept 3, 1778; d. March 3, 1857; m. James Noyes, Jr. 
+2867 James, b. Fek 22, X7ái; d. March 30^ 1860; m. Desire Palmer. 

GffWBAuacY or ths Chusmmoiugh FAMity. 133 

jS68 Eonicc^ t. Aug. 1, 1786; <L Jaa 29^ 1975; •inmarried. 
JS69 Andrew, b. Aug. sn I790; d. Auff. 191 1867; m. Eltzabeth Oup- 
maii oí MontvUlc^ Qmui. 

a866 Lou' Stauton, b. Match ag^ I779> m- i^Mt James Noyes (son oí 
Janes and Eiinkc [Denison] Noyes). He was lost at sea Sepe 18^ 1810^ on 
the eoast of África. Child: 

jB^ Loulsa Stanton Noyes, b, May 22, 1808; m. Jaa 18» i83it Jose^ 
Chesebrough, íS»^ (Mt h» Record). 

J867 James* Staictoii, m. Auf. 2, iflos Desire Palmer (dan. oí Pelcg 
and Mary [Burtch] Palmer), fa. Atig. 3, 1786; d. Jmie 14 186a (See 
Sumtom G^Méúiogy.) 

iS^ Maiy' Staxton, m. Capt, Thoau Ash (son oí Michael and 
Joanna [ElUoctl Ash). Childron (b. in Stonniugtoo, Gion.): 

+2863» Mary, b. Jan., 1797; d. Jan. 17, 1887; m. (1) Edmuud Coles oí New 
York; m. (a) Scoville Hinman oí New Haven, Gmn. 
Tboaiaa,b. 1799. 
Soltna, b. i8Ó3. 
+28635 Benjamín Franklin, h. Feb. X4, i8ot ; m. L. A. Comstock. 
Harríetr m. Samuel Provoost oí Bufíalo^ N. Y. 
James Palmer, m. Hannah Qifford. Children: 
Elixabeth, Benjamín, James. 

a863b Capt. Bsnjamih* F. Ash (Mary* Stanton, 2663S), d. Nov. 30^ 
1476; m. i8¡33, Locretia Ann Comstock oí New London, Conn.; b. Febí 10^ 
18x7; d. Nov. xs x894k Children: 

Harrict Provoost, b. Feb. i, 18I3S; d. May 14. 1842. 
+ Mary Coles, b. Feb. 29, 1840; m. Frederick A. Winskiw. 
+ Harrict Provoost, b. Feb. 2X, 1842; m. WtlUam R. Pahner. 
WUliam Tate, b. Afiríl 9^ 1844. 
Charles Comstock, b. Jan. 29, 1849; d. Feb. xs 18(3. 
Ellen Lttcretia, d. Apríl xi, i8sa 
Benjamín F., Jr., b. Nov. 2db 1851 ; unmarried. 
Kittie Loníse, b. Jone 24f 1856; m. Thomas Wells. ChiM: 

(Georgia, b. Jan. '27. 1887. 
(korgiana Palmer, b. Oet x^ x8s7; m. Nathaniel WoodhuU 
HowelL Children: Nathaniel W^ Jr., b. Jan. lOb 1890: Vir* 
ginfai, b. Feb. 5, 1893: d. Feb. 15, 1895. 

Maby* Onjcs Asm (Benjamín* F. Ash and Lucretía), m. Nov. 10^ 
186^ Frederick A. Winslow, who d. July s» 1808L (Hiíldren : 

Mary Morse, b. Dec 14. 1863 ; m. Oct 4 1898; John Richardson 
Thomas oí St Loots, Ma 

134 Gbnsalocy op thb CBCssaaoucB Family. 

Harriet Lucretia, tn. AprU i, 1891, Gcorge Washington Sale oí 

St h(nú% 
Gennide Lonise, h. i97X ; m. May 15. 189$» Raymond G. Hoppcr 

oí East Orange, N. J. 
Frederick Aogastiis» m. Jan. 21, iSgs Coletta Woltert of New 


Grandchfldrcn oí Mary* Coles Winslow : 

Jane W. (oí Mary Morse) Thonas, 1». Jan. 3» igoa. 
Winstow Asbury (oí Harriet and Gcorge) Sale, b. Jaa sB, 189a. 
William Gardner (Harriet and (¡eorge) Sale, b. May i, xágs. 
Ruth Coddington (Harriet and George) Sate, b. SepL 13, i3g7. 
Phyllis Inslee (oí (Sertrude and Raymond) Hopper» b. FÁ. 

17. 1897. 
Mary Winslow (oí (Sertnide and Raymond) Hopper, b. July 

6, 190X. 
Helen Louise (Frederick and Coletu) Winslow, b. Dec. 17» 189S- 
Rita Drew (Frederick and Q>letU) Winslow, b. May i% X9oa 

Hauxit* Pbovoost Asb (Benjamin* F. and Locretia [Comstock] Asb), 
m. Sept 22, 1864, William R. Palmer, who ± Sept 10^ 189$. Chtldren : 


Albert M., b. Nov. 7» iKs: d. Nov. 22, 1BB7. 
William R., b. Sept 21, 18S7; d. March 22, 190X. 
Josephine, b. July is» 18691 
Frank A., b. Sept I9b x97i I d. Sept l6b 1891. 
Harry W.» b. Jan. 26^ 1^74. 

732 WnxiAJi* Pauíh (Hannah* Chesebrough, X78S), m. Dec 17, 
1775, Mary Palmer (813S), d. March 25, 1847» «8^ 78 y^^n. Children 
(bu in Stonington, Conn.) : 

2^x Cyrua; 28^x2, Dr. Isaac C; 2Bn James W.; 2873t C^t John; 
2B74, Bridget M., m. ^— ^ Pooler; 2874a, Robert; 28^4^ 
Mary Ann. 

2873 JmiA* Pooui (dan. oí Bridget Pooler), m. Charles Palmer 

733 Hannab* Palmii^ m. Dec. X4, 1778 (second wife), Capt Andrew 
Palmer (whose first wiíe was Lucy Pahner, 204S), b. 0ct2X, X738; tost at 

Children (b. in Stonington, ConiL) : 

+2976 Robert, b. May 61 1780; d. Sept 4t 1856; m. twice. 
2^ Andrew, b. x;^; d. Oct x6^ X856; unmarried. 

^676 Rosorr* Palmii, m. (x) June X2, X803, Eunice Hnmphrqr (dan. 

Gbkbaldgy or thb CnsmaoucH Family. ijs 

oí Samuel), who d. Dcc 3, 1834, tn Goshen, Conn. Oitldrcn (b. tn Stoo- 
íngton, Cona) : 

+aB;S Haniuh C, b. Aug. i, 1804; d. March 8; 1880; m. Asaph HalL 

+2^ Andrew, b. May 26, 1807 ; m. Jane Rutsell oí Norfolk, Conn. 

a68o Mary H^ b. July 27, 1809. 

3681 Joseph, b. Marcb 5» 1812 •' ^ July 29, 1814. 

3683 Theron, b. Jan. 10^ 1815; d. July 12, 1816. 

2883 Roben, b. Feb. 3» 1817 ; d. May 4. 1882 ; settled in California. 

2884 Lemuel, b. May 24, 1819; d. March, 1895; icttlcd in Michigan. 

2976 RoniT* Palmo, ul (2) Aug. 25, 1825, Harriet Humphrey (bis 
ñrwt wifc'a tiiter), widow of Silaa Bald%vin ; the d. Sept 4t 1869. Children: 

-f268s Harriet £., h. Jaa li» 1830; d. Jone 8; 1860; m, John Quinn. 
+2886 Janes Malcolm, b. April 20^ 1837; d. Oct 20^ 1864, in Gvtl War. 

2B78 Hannab* CBiaiaaouGR Palmus ol Jan. 29^ 1829^ Asaph Hall 
of Goshen, Gmn. ; b. Aug: 8b 1800^ and was only child of Asaph Hall and 
Esther McNdl, who m. Jiily 25, 1799. Children : 

-Í-26Q7 Prof. Asaph, b. Oct I5i 1829; n. Angeline Slickney. 

2888 Hannah, b. Ang. 26, 1831 1 d. Jan. 15, 1885; ». J. B. Fox. 

2889 Adelaide, b. March 3t 1033; m. (x) C R Kennon, Oct 8b i8s7l 

OL (2) G. G. Lambertson. 

2690 Adeltne, b. March 3, 1833 (twin of above) ; d. May x8b 1898; m. 

(l) Wtlliam Peterson; m. (2) V. C Hart 

2691 Lyman, b, May i6b i93S ; in. Mary £. Gilmore of Salea, K. Y. 
+2692 Mary C, b. March 30^ 18137; m. Oct 5, i8s7t G- W. Humphrey. 

28^ Pior. Asaph* Hall» ul March 31, i8s6b at Elkhom, Wis., Ange- 
line Stickney, k Nov. i, 1830^ Rodman, N. Y. ; d. July 3, 1892, North Ando- 
veri Mass. 'He renaoved from Wtsconsin to Camlñ'idge, Mass.; followed 
bis sludy of astronomy there; he discovered the Satellites of Mars."* Lives 
tn Washington, D. C Children: 

+2893 Dr. Asaph, b. Oct 6, íSsg, at Cambridge; inunarríed. 

+2694 Sarotid Stickney, b. Sept 26^ 1864 ; GeorgetowQ, D. C 

2895 Angelo, b. Sept i6b i86¡( Georgetown ; nnmarried. 

2896 Perdval, b. i9n Georgetown; nt x89St Carolyn L, Ciarle, who 

d. 1896^ Georgetown. 

2893 Dr. Asaph" Hall was Professor in Astronomy, Ann Arbor Uni- 
verstQr» Michigan; was member of the Board of Managers of the Yale 
Astronomical Obaenrmtory, and retigned March 21» 1901; onmarried and 
Uves in Cambridge, Mass. 

2894 Samuil" SncxHBY Hall, m. Jone 21, 1893, Eleanor Borst of 
Clinton, N. Y. Children: 

2B97 Samuel S. : 2898b Enid. 

Id6 GBKiiOocy or thb CasstBiouGB Family. 

aSga Mamy* C. (Hall) and a W. HuMrauY. ChiMren: 

aBgp Jcnníe» tx May ii, i959; d. Aug. i, i86x. 
2900 Edwsrd L^ b. Nov. 2B, iBta; m. Maj I9b 1886^ Hactie L. Brown. 

agoi Engenc Hall Humphrcy, fa. March 27, 18891 

3685 HAamr* £. Palmbb (Robot*), n. Oct, 1847, Jolm Quinn. 

+2903 James Palmer, h. Oct x8^ 1848; m. May 2, í9n Emma J. 

+3909 Maiy R, m. Lyman F. Curtist. 

3904 Robeit Palmer, b. Feb. s iSS3- 

3905 Lemnel, b. Feb. 15, 1855. 

2906 Harríet E^ b. March 13, 1857. 

2907 Katie, b. Sept 6, 1858; d. Apríl 6, 1861. 

2902 James* Palmii m. Emma J.CQuimh) Children: 

2908 Winnte E^ b. Fdi. 17, i97i; d. Sept 11, i97i. 

2909 James R^ b. May 31,^ x$72; d. Oct IS 18982 m. Mmnie Roselle. 

2910 Andrew P., b. Jan. 25, i976» 
291X Qarence C, b. Sept 25, 1882. 

2911a Hattie An b. Oct % 1885; d. March 12, 1886. 

29C^ Maby* R and Lyman F. Cuanss of (jothen, Qmii. Children: 

29U Ashlqr W., b. Jan. 2S 1873. 

2913 Asa J^ b, Feb. 17, 1979^ 

2914 Wallaoe, d. in iníancy. 

2679 Aimiw' Palmib (Robert*), m. Jane Russell oí Norfolk, Conn. 
Children (b. in (joshen, Conn.) : 

2915 Eimice, m. Dee. id^ 1858; Wilbert Bartholomew oí (kishen. 

2916 EUen, m. Clark Davts (William) of Stonington. 

2917 Andrew, d* in infoncy. 

2918 Robert, m. Ellen Bogart 

29x9 Francés, m. Theron Lodington of (Soahen. 

2920 Asaph, m. Myra Johnson of Norfolk. 

2921 Fl tTB, d. in infancy» 

2922 Hannah, d. «. xi years. 

2933 Andrew, m. Cornelia Tracy; has son, (jeorge. 

2924 Adeline, m. William Car of Goshen. 

2925 Flora, m. Leonard Car. 
292S (¡eorge, d. in in&ncy. 

2936 Charles, nnmarried; resides in (¡osheit 

May 2S, X794. James Palmer gave a deed of land and buildings, at the 
head of Wequetequock Cove, to bis dao. Haimah Palmer. Lamd Records, 

Gbnialocy or thb CunssMKiOH Family. 157 


Vot. 12^ p. itql Oct 2, 1794 Hannah, wsdow oí Andrew Palmer, lold two 
lou oí land at Wcquetcquock Cove. Fcb. i8b iTSQb Hannah, wtdow oí Capt 
Andrew Palmer, bought a tract oí land oí Willtam Chesebrough, íor Í25. 
VoL IX, p. 35a. 

7ZS Samuil* Palmii, h. June 18; i7S8b Stonington, Cóoa; m. Nov. 
% 1780^ Stonington, Cónn., Haimah Eells (dao. oí Rev. Nathantel and 
Maiy (Widow Darrell] EeUs), b. Sept 14. 176a Qüldren (k in Stoning- 
ton» Conn.): 

2927 Henry, fa. July I4f itSi- 

agaB Loiey, k Oct 2S 1793. 

2939 Samuel, h. Aug. 20^ 1785. 

2930 Jamei, t. AfMÍt 2, 1787 ; d. June, 1791. 

2931 Joscpii» b. Aug. 24 17891 

2932 Benjamín, bi Aug. 24, 1789 (twin oí above). 

2933 Franlc, b. Mareh 22, 179a. 

2934 Betsey, b. May 8; 1794. 

2935 James H^ b. Feb. 3t I797. 

2936 María, b. Sept 21, 1799. 

2937 Emilia, b. Apríl 13, 1803. 

736 MAaoABsr* Pauíib, d. Aug. 31, x8i37i in Stonington, Conn.; m. 
Dec. 22, 17813, George Palmer (817S). Children: 

293B George, d. March 4, 1866^ c 82 years; unmarried. 

2939 Laicj, d. in New York Sute; m. *—— West; had dau., Luqr. 

2940 Lemuel, d. «. 18 years, in New York State. 

4-2941 Frederiek, b. Jan. 4t 1793; d. Marcb 7. 1874; m. Lucj Ano Bur* 

2942 Eunice, d. onmarríed. 

2943 Brídget, m. Nalhan Franklia Children: Nathan, Hannah. 

2944 Thomas» d. Joly 15, 1852^ c 54 yurs; m. Ljrdia Austin; son» 

2945 Louis, m. Hauah Stanton; son, Louis, who Uved ia Ithaca, N. Y. 

2946 Hannah. 

2947 Lacretia, d. unmarried. 

2948 Samuel 

2041 Finsaicx* PALiita, m. Luey Ann Burdick (dau. oí Oiarles 
and Phebe [Davis] Burdick) oí Westerly, R. L; b. May 2& 18O4; d. Dec 
29^ 1873. Children: 

2951 Amos, k 1819; lost at sea, 1838L 

2952 Frederíck Andrew, d. Apríl 29b 1843, *> ^i years. 

2953 Thomas L, d. Dec 25, 1827, se. 3 years. 

2954 Mary Margaret, b. i8a6; m. John P. Collins; two children. 

2955 Phebe Esther, b. 1828; d. in México; m. Nash. 

+2956 Lucy Ann, b. 1830; m. June & i97i» Asher. H. Chapman. 


2957 Eunlcc Emtly» tk Aug. 15, 1832; m. Eira Babcock. 

3958 Elizabeth, h. Dcc 12, 1835; d. ín México; m. MitchelL 

3959 Haiinah F^ b. Aug. 15. 1838: in. Oct ai, 1874» Oark Wdli 

-l-agte James E^ b. March 23. 1842; n. Feh. 17, i875» Mrs. Catheríne 

2961 Frtderíck, d. Jan. 14» 1843» «. t year. 
+2963 María Stanton» b. Sepe 17, 1848; m. John Fellows Chesebrough, 

5835S (lee bis Record). 

2956 LucY* Aun Palmib (Fred*)» m. June s ^^» Asher Huntíng- 
ton ChaiMnan (eon oí Andrew and W^thy (Palmer] Ohapman), b. Dec. 
18b 1807, North Stonington; d. Feb. 13» ifl^ Wetterly. R. L He repre* 
•emed the town in General Atsembly, i870-7i, and wat Deacon Fint Bap* 
titt Oioreb and lived tn Wetterly, R. I. Child : 

2963 May, d. May 8b i873t in her iith montb. 

2960 Jamu* E. Palmbb, m. Fek 17, i875i Mrt. Catberíne Alkn, b. 
Sept 2S» 1845 ; d. June 24, 18891 Cbildren : 

2964 Frederíck Atber, b. Mardi t, 18I7& 

2965 Louit Frank, b. Nov. 27, i^. 

2966 Bertha Grace, b. Aug. 10^ x88a 

737 LsifUiL* Palmbb (Hannab* Chetebrough, 178S), b. Nov. 16, 17^7; 
d. láay 14, 1850^ at Stonington, tuddenly; m. 1797, Abigail Davit (dau. oí 
John and Abigail [Baker] Davit), b. Oct 12^ 1778^ Stonington; d. Jan. 
22^ 1832. Cbildren (b. in Stonington, Conn.) : 

2969 Abigail Davit, b. Sept I3i 1797» nt Henry Smith (37XtN). 
+9970 Mary, b. Oct 27, 1800; d. Oct 3, 1824; m. Zebra D. Palmer, 
201E (tee hit Record). 
2971 John Davit, b. Aug., 1802; d. Jan. 4 i^SO; m. Mary Smith 
+2972 Hannah Edlt, b. Dcc 6, 1804; d. Bftardi 13, 1882; m. Paul S. 

Palmer (3001 S). 
+J973 Brídget Matilda, b. March 30^ 1807 ; m. Henry Rhodct. 
4-3974 Mancy Davit, b. Feb. 22, x8xo; ± May 13, 1886; m. Aldcn Palmer, 
2866N (tee hit Record). 

2975 Jamet W., b. Feb. 13, 1814; d. July 2^ 1822. 

2976 Harríet Jane, b. June 9^ i&»; d. Apríl 20^ 1832. 

2973 Hawnau' Eelu Palmki (Lemod, 737S), m. Feb. is» 1824, 
Stonington, Panl Smith Palmer (300XS), b. and d. Stockbrídge, Matt. 

+2977 Willlam Henry, b. Jan. x6b 1823 ; m. Louita Lynch. 
+J978 Mary Jane^ b. Aug. tx, 1827; m. Jamet Flag 
2979 Jamet Edwin, b. Dec 9L 183^; d. Fdi. 23. 18461 


99B0 Charles Smíth, b. Apríl 5, i^js; d. Oct 9b iBjSu 

jgBi Emilia, b. Apríl 5, 1935 (twin oí above) ; d. Oct. 16» 193& 

2^ Einma Simth» b. Apríl 17» 1841 ; d. Feb. 18; 1851. 

J963 Charlea, b. Ang. 11, 1842; d. «. 7 montha. 

-|-agR4 William Pitt, b. Dec 25, 1845; m. Emtly Pitkin, June ao» 1888. 

J985 Edwin Lemuel, b. Aog. 10^ 1848; d. Aug. 31, 185& 

2973 BaiOGBT' Matilda Palmui, m. Jan. 7, 1829^ Hcnry Rhodcs (ion 
of Simón and Sarah [Woodbrtdge] Rhodct» m. Jan. 4, 1790) oí Stontng* 
ton» Conn.; b. Jan. x, 1H03, Stonington; d. Oct 13, 1877» Trenton, N. Y.; a 
&rmer. Children (b. in Trcmon, N. Y.) : 

-f2g86 Dndley Woodbrídge, b. Oct 30^ 1829; m. Oct 23. 1854» 
Sophla Stanton. 
2987 AMiy Pahner, b. Scpt 6^ 1832; d. Dec 18; x866i 
2968 Emma Matilda, b. July a3, i834- 
+29B9 Charles Henry, b. July 23, 1834 (twin oí above) ; d. Aprtt 17» 

+9990 John Davis P., b. July 14, 18137; m. twicc. 

2991 James Lemuel, b. Ang. 23, 1839; d. May 20^ 1844. 

2992 Mary Jane, b. June 30^ 1841 ; d. Ang. 24, 1854. 

2993 Locy A^ b. Dec 4t 1843: m. Oct 21, iá^4, P. Milton Whitaker 

(son of Gcorge and Lydia (Powellj Whitaker oí South Tren- 
ton, N. Y.), a áinner. 

2g86 DuBunr* W. RHOBsa, m. Lydia Sophia Stanton (dau. of Elias and- 
Nancy [Davis] Stanton oí Trenton, N. Y.) ; a farmer. Children: 

2994 Curtis Stanton» h. June X9b i8s5; ¿ May 8jiQ;a 

2995 Jennie Sophia, b. Oct 6, 1860; m. June 10^ 1885, William J. 
Fralick (son of Josiah and Sarah [Alien] Fralick) oí Utica, N. Y. 

2989 Crablis* Hnanr Rbobss, m. June St 1867, Harriet Hazard (dau. 
oí Stanton and Bethiah [Aborn] Hasard) oí Westerly, R. L Children (b. 
in Stonington, Conn.) : 

2996 William Moas, K April x8; 186BL 

2997 Matilda Aborn, b. April 20^ i87i- 

2990 John' Davis Palmie Rboobs, m. (t) Oct 9^ 1867, Sophia Jones 
(dau. oí Daniel and Hannah [Hughes] Jones oí South Trenton, N. Y.), 
who d. Oct 28^ 1872. One diild, d. in iníancy. 

2990^ m. (2) Sept it, 1878b Sarah Louisa Pahner (joaaS) ; Uve in South 
Trenton, N. Y.j a farmer. 

739 DasnoE* PALnn (Hannah* Chesebrough, 178S), d. Oct t, i8si; 
m. Roswell Saltonstall Pahner, 816S (Lncy, 204S), b; Aog. i, 176S; d» 


March 7* I&I4. «t Stocktwidge, Mass. Scttied in Stockbrídgc. Childrca 
(stx boni in Stoningtoii* Coim.): 

2g0B Hsiuiah, b. Fdi. 19, 1789: drowned June 11, i&4 in West 

+2909 Rebeoca» h. June 16, X79X¡ d. March 6, 18691 
+JOOO Desire,b.Jcüy8;i;9S;d.inBríghton,N. Y.;m.Wi]UaniWilcox. 
+300X Paul Smith. b. Nov. ix, 1796; d. Marcb 34, i97s; «l 2973S (sec 

ber Record). 
30» Matilda, b. May 30» 1799 ; d. April 2. iSoí, Stockbrídge» Mass. 
+aoG9 Matilda Brídget, b. Nov. 17. x8oi; d. in Pitttford, N. Y.; n. 

Sylvester Sbepard. 
+J0Q4 WiUtam Pitt, b. Feb. 22, iSos Soistb Lee» Mass.; n. Oara H. 

+30Q5 Harríet Elizabetb, b. March 2S x&4 Stockbrídge. 
-Í-30o6 Henry Dwight, b. Aug. a3. x8io^ Stockbrídge; m. Cynthia 

+3007 Hannah María, b. July 11, 1813. Stockbrídge; n. Charies M. 


8x6 ^Caiitain RosweU Sw Pabner was a prísoner on the Príson Ship 
Jersey in N. Y* Haxbor duríng tbe Rev. War» where he was confíned x8 
months. His brother Robeit was also a prísoner in same ship. They went 
tbrottgh Hellgate in chains." 

2999 RxiaccA* Palmii (Desire*, 739S)» n. Jan. 4 18x6^ Seynioar 
Churchill» at Stockbrídge, Mass.; b. Apríl 3, X7Q7; d. Feb. 22, 1864. Chil- 

300B Roswell Pahner, n. — — -> ; Uves in Kalamaxoo, MidL 

3009 Pitt, d. Feb., i¿n Red Bank, N. J.; unmarríed. 
30x0 Oiarles Seyñoor, d. March 3, 1849^ m. 1$ years. 

3000 Deshb* Palmii (Desire*, 739S)f m. WiUiam Wikox. Chtldrcn : 

30XX Willian Pitt, m. — — ; Uves in Blackwood, N. J.; lonr 

chUdrcn-^Ida, Edwin, Ella, William. 
30x2 Francés M., n. Goodwin Stoddard; Uves in Bríghtoob N. Y.; 

five children— Fanny, Jennie, William, Anna, Goodwin. 

2977 WxxxiAM* Heniv Palmbi (fiannah* Eells, 2972S, Lemuel*, 
737S), m. Lottisa Bethiah Lynch oí Stockbrídge, Mass. Children (b. and 
d. in Stockbrídge, Mass.) : 

+3022 Sarah Louisa, b. Aog. 9^ X849; m. Sept xx, 1878; John D. P. 
Rhodes, 2990S (second wife). (See his Record.) 

3023 Charles Edwin, b. X851 ; d. March 22, 1852, «. xo nonths. 

3024 Henxy Smith, b. Jan. 26, x8s4. 


3»$ Priok lU h. Mar 27, 1856. 

3006 Emina, d Oct aft 1862, c 5 sreart. 

3007 WilUc» d Jan. I7t 1864, c 4 ycara. 

ag78 Maiv' Janb Palmie (livta in Stodcbrídgt, Maas.), m. Dae. Mí 
i8S4» Janea Flag Pitldn oí East Hartford» ComL (ion oí Capt John and 
Oliva [Forbea] Pititín oí Eaat Hartford), b. Nov. 17» t8ia; d Jan. 31, 
i97a A New York merehant 

2984 WiLUAic' Pnr PALMBt (Hannah* Eelb, 3g;a), n. Emily 
(dan. of Alfred and Mary Jane [Lymanl Pitkin o£ Hartford» Conn.) ; Uve 
in Stockbrídge. Maaa. Children (b. in Slockbrídge) : 

3026 Paul Smtth, b. Mar Mt t880L 
3029 John Pitldn, b. April 6^ 1892. 

30G9 Matilba* BaiDCsr PAUcn (Dcaire% 739S), m. Nov. 13, 1827, 
Srlvester Sheiiard (sccond wife) at Stockbrídge, Maat. (whoae firtt wifc^ 
Harríct Williama, d Atig. 26, 1B26, m. 24 ytMn). 

3090 William Hewr» d 1897 in Pituferd. N. Y. 

+3031 Catheríne Sedgewick, nt E. Hinda of Hempatead, Loi^ laland 

-Í*3Q32 Marr Helen, m. CoL — — Lighte, U. S. A. 

3033 Thcodore. 

3034 Enuna, m. Snrgeon Chamiiion, U. S. A.; Itvea in Camden, N. J. 

3031 Cathibiiib' Sbmbwicx and E. Hucna. Children: 

3035 Grace. 

3936 Arthur, m. Helen Richardion; fbor childrea. 

3037 Ada. 

3038 Jeaaic^ m, Harry Harden oí HcmfMltad, Long bland 
3099 Lilr» m. Bniee Cortélroa of WaaUngtoa, D. C 

i 3041 Linda (twin of above). 

$032 Mabv* Hilbn (SHOAao) and Col. — — Ijobtm, U. S. Aí. 
Uve in Pittalord, N. Y. C3ifldren: 

3042 George; livea in Gndnnati, Ohio. 

3043 Charlea, n. Harriet Holliater; Uva in Saginaw, Mkh. 

3044 Manning, d 1894; lived in Saginaw, Mich. 

3045 WiUiamPitt 

3046 Arthur, m. Mande Lighte. 

3047 Grace. 

3004 WauAic* PiTT PAUín (Dcaire*, 739S; Hannah* Chea^rongb, 
176S), UL Mar 10^ ifl¡33. Clara Helen Gardner of London, Kngland, b. Maj 


aft 1815. He vías graduated iroin WUliains Collegc in i&fiL Children (b. 
in New York City) : 

+JQ48 Harríet Elisabeth, h. Feb. 7, i93S: «^ Alfonso de Figiakre, 

who was Braalian ConsuL 
+3049 Oara Editli» b. May 2a, 1038; m. (1) Lonts Charifs D^Homergue; 

RL (2) Samuel Pott, d. iSg6 in New York City. 
+$oso Hannah Agnei, b. Jan. 13. 1841 ; m. J. Tbea Baldwin. 
J051 Francés Amelia» b. Dec 2$, 1843 ; d. July 31, x&|6u 
3QS3 Edward Wbite, b. May 10^ 1847 ; Uves in Brooklyn» N. Y. 
-Í-3QS3 Dr- Erncst, b. June i, 1850; m. twice; lives in Brooklyn, N. Y. 
J954 William Pitt, b. Ang. itf^ 1856. 

3048 HABtiiT* EuzABiTH and Altomso st FiGAifiEBi. Children: 
3055 Fred ; 3096^ dartti 

3049 CtAiA* Eam and Louis Chailis D^HoügacuB, m. Feb. aa^ 
i^. Cbild: 

3057 Batiste. 

3050 Hankab' Acma PauiiBi m. J. Theo. Baldwta Children: 

Theodore; Agnes. 

3053 Da. Eekist Palmus m. (a) Ftorence Edwards. Chiid : 
. 3QS9 William Pitt 

3006 Hbniy' Dwkht Palmus m. Nov. 14, 1838L Cynthia Amold of 
Stockbridge, Mass. ; d. Nov. ig^ 1865» Stoekbrídge» Mass. Children : 

3065 John Henry. m. ; lives in Salem, Va.; two children. 

+3066 Helen Cora, m. John Drcsser; lives in Pitttíield, MasSi 

3067 Frank^ m. — — Bndi; two children. 

3068 Jufia M.» b. Aug. 7, 1845; m. Charles Folger; lives in Salem, Va. 
+3069 Alice, m. Charles Burghart; lives in Pittsfield» Mass.; íour 

3070 Harriet, unmarried. 
+3071 Lucy María, b. Oct 16^ 1854; sn* Wallace Boii^iart (brother of 

+3073 Jcnnie, m. Henry Belden of Lenox, Mass. 

3073 Mary, unmarried; lives in Charleston, Va. 

3066 HnjDi' CoiA and JoHir Dnssia. Child: 

3074 Amy Drcsser. 

3069 Alicb' and CHAiin Buigbait. Children : 
3P7S Oare (son) ; 3076^ Henry Dwight; 3077f Grace; 3078; Mmnic. 

Genbalogy op thb CHtsnouGH Faicily. 143 


9071 LucY* Mama and Wallagi Burchait. Chtld : 
3079 WilliMn. 

3073 Jbnnib' and Hbmby BtLSBM; liv« in Lenox, Mass. Cbtldren: 
30B0 Gcnevievc: 3061, Bessic 

3007 Hamuah' Mama Pauco, n. Charles M. Barncs oí West Stock* 
bridge, Mass.; is a Justice; Uves ín Brighton, Monroe Cpunty, N. Y^ and 
has foor children. 

74a Anokkw' Pbnbuton (Snsannah* It Chesebrotigh, 181S), n. April 
1, 1782» Ahígail Palmer, 1053S (dan. oí Pnidence Tomer, S79S), h. Mardi 
a» I7S7 ; d. Dee. 2S 1822. Children: 

306a Dency» d. unmarried. 
3c8i3 Moses. 

3064 Fanny, b. 179$; m. Jonathan Gray Stanton (sccond wife). 
30Í^ Nancy. d. April 30^ i&44; «• Pitts Downer Frínk (son oí Will* 
iam and Wealthy (Downer] Frínk), h. Oct xa, 179& 

74S Chabus' PsiiouTOif (Susannah* R. Chesebrotigh, 181S), m. April 
I, 1792, Abigail Rhodes (daii. of Janes and Abigail [Greenman] Rhodcs). 

30B6 Alngail, h. Jaa, 1794; d 1869^ 
3087 Charles. 
3068 María. 

3089 Mary Ann, h. Jan. 1, 1797; d. Dee. S» 186$; wunarried. 
+3090 Caroline, b. Apríl 8^ 1800; d. Oct \t^ iQtó; «..Jonathan 
Pend l et op. 

3000 Cabouhb' PBNBLnoir, m. June 10^ i83i, Jonathan Pendlelon (son 
of Jonathan and Locy [Hincklcy] Pendktoo). Children: 

3091 Locyann, n. Nathan Giles Snith, 3724N. 

3092 Charles. 

3093 Mary J., n. Horace N. Tranball (John F.). 

3094 Enuna. 

3095 Carolina^ n. Frederick Moser. 

3096 Sally. 

3097 WillianL 

747 Chablis' CnsuaovcH (John*, 182S), m. Feh. 13, 1791, Lgrdia 
Yocmans» 7S5S. Children : 

3098 Levina, ''dep'd Oct \% 1796b in her 3d year,** Stonington, Cona. 

3099 Child. 

3100 Esther, d. Jdy ap, 1851. m. $1 ycars; m. Oct % 1831» Capt 
Jesse Beebe. 



3101 Lydía Ann, d Jnoe 22, 1817. «• 31 ye^rs; m. Capt. Anstln G. 
Bcebe (first wife). Chtldren: 

3103 Wnitain J.» d Nov. 8, 1834. 3 fnonths oíd 
3103 Lydia Ana, d Sept 14, 1837, 8 moiiths oíd 

Capt. Ausnir <L Baat, m. (a) Lydia' Hincox Whttc, 6x708 (dao. oí 
Betscy* ii53S). 

749 SAtAB* CBEsmoucM (Johii% X82S), n. March 23, 1790^ Stoning* 
»D, CmiLt by Rev. VaU Wtghtman Rathbooe, Thomas Payne Cottreil oí 
Stonsjigtoii, Conn.; he was a mcrcham tallor o£ New Havcn, Conn., and 
removed to Eastport» Me. Children (b. in Stoaington, Cooit) : 

3104 Sarah, b. June 28, 1791; m. (1) — — - Magül; (2) Arnold 

Cbamplin oí Rhode Is land 

3105 Julia MandevUle, m. — — — Lamphear of Rhode Island 
+3106 Mary Fanninf. m. WiUard Cargül of Rhode Iihuid 

3107 Matilda Potter, d Jan., igoo. c 95 yeart; unmarried 

3108 Eliaa Eastman, d 1883» Wincheuer, Masa.; m. May 8^ 1832» 

Cyrua Ware of Wrentham, Masa. Chtldren: 

+3109 Edmund R« b. Sept. 26, 1834; m« Sept. is» i8s8, Mary D. 

31 10 Mary E., d. May 10, 1840, tn infancy. 

31 IX James Francts, b. Jone 17, 1842. 

3112 Julia A.» b. May 10, 1849: m. July 19, 1877, George W. 
Steanis of New Bedford, Mass.; a physidan; live in Win- 
chester, Mass. Child: 

3x13 George Edmund Stearns, bi Ñov. &, X885. 

3x09 Edmund* R. and Maiy Wail Children : 

3x14 Lonis Erville, a gradúate of Comell IJntversity, Editor of 

Worc€Síer TeUgram, 
3XX5 Victor 

3x06 Masy' Fanming CAMni., 

31 16 Arnold CargilL 

3XX7 Sttsan Matilda Cargill, m. James W. BalL 

7S0 SusANifA* Chisibrough (John*, X82S), b. May x8^ 1769^ North 
Stonington, Conn.; d Aprü 2, X833; m. 1789^ John Eldredge (son of Chris- 
tophcr and Mary [Hempstead] Eldredge) ; killed in 1800^ in Groton Bank, 
Conn., by falling Irom a new vesseU m. 33 years 7 months. Children: 

+3118 Fanny R., b. July 25, 1794; m. (seorge E. Burrows. 
+3"9 John Chesebrough, b. Feb. 15, X798: d June 3» 1878; m. PoUy 
F. Famham. 

Gensalogy or ths Chssbbmiiksh Family. 145 

- 3120 Daniel. 
3121 SurvUh, m. Bartoo Burdick oí Westeriy. R. I. 

31 18 Fahhy» R. Euudgi. m. Scpt 12, 181 1, Gcorge E. Burrows. b. 
Mareh 13, 1733. aüdren (b. tn Mystíe. Com.): 

31» George S., h. March ao, 1812; d 1895, ac 84 ycars. 
3i?3 Faniqr & Burrows, b. July 17, 1815; ol Ledyard Pwk. 
3123a Kate. 

3124 Locy, b. Jone 18, 1819; m. MTilliam H. Eldridge; two chüdren. 

3125 Daniel E., b. Sept 2p, 1821; m. Angeline Lemon o{ New Jer- 

sey; seven children. 

3126 Mary Ann, b. Sept 24, 1824; m. Freeman D. Decker ol Suten 

Island, N. Y.; four chüdren. 

3127 Charles Cbesebro\ b. March 13, 1827; m. Nov. 17, 1847, Mar- 

garet A. Decker oí Soten Island ; seven children. 
3126 Edmnnd R, b. Apríl 11, 2829; m. Martha P. Stílhnan of 
Stonington» Conn. 

3129 Harriet A., b. July 4» 1832; m. Jerry Lawyer of Mystic, Conn.; 

six chüdren. 

3130 Elisa E., h. Oct S, 1834; n- Albert Fairbrother o{ New York; 

two chüdren. 

3119 JoHir* CHiSEmouGu Erroimat, b. Féb. i& 1798; n. PoUy F. 
Famham of Canterbury, Conn., Dec s» 1824; b. Nov. i, 1806^ Canterbury, 
Conn. ; d. Feb. 6^ 1869L Children: 

+3131 John Damon, b. Dec, 1826; d. Jan. 17, 1899: m. (i) Elizabeth 
Comstock, June 2p, 1848^ Albany, N. Y.; m. (2) Mary C Coit 

-1-3132 Mary Susan, b. Sept 21, 1828, Mansfield, Conn.; d. Feb. 7, 
1887* Norwich, Conn.; m. (i) Joseph C Avery of Mystic, 
Conn., at Canterbury, Conn., Feb. 22, 1853. 

3133 Francés Jane, b. Sept 3. 1830, Great Barrtngton, Mass.; d 

June 3, 1893, Norwich, Conn.; m. Christopher Hudson W31- 

ianu of Mystic, Conn., Dec 31, 1869. s. pb 
George Henry, b. Oct i, 1832, Canaan, Conn.; d May 2, 1853. 
Helen Marr, b. Oct. 11, 1834* Canaan, Conn.; d Oct i, 1831. 

3134 Loutse Hyde, b. June 30» 1837, Monson, Mass.; an arttst, 

Waltham, Mass. 
3134a Daniel Webster, b. July 12, 1839» Monson, Mass.; a manager 
of Waltham Watch Company; m. May 2, 1870^ Mrs. Amanda 
F. MerrílL 
-1-3135 Surviah Burdick, bi Apríl 29, 1843, Mystic, Conn.; m. Maj. 
WülU W. CUrkc 

3131S JoHir Damon * FiwrinCT and Euzaheth A. Coicstool Children : 
' Hannah M., m. Charles Thompson. Threc children: 
Charles, Frank, Elixabeth. 

m6 Geneaijoqy op tbs Chbsobough Family. 

Gcorge Hoiry. 
Charles, d. in iníancy. 

3131S John* D. Eldebdob and Maey C. (Coxt)» m. (2) Aug. 11. 1859. 

Chríttie, m. Frank H. Jttdd of New Brítaín, Conn. 
Helen, m. John Tompkins of Norwich, Conn. %. p. 
Earl C, onmarried; livet Spríngfield, Mass. 

3x338 Masy* S. and Josbph C Av»y. Children (h. m Mysiie, Conn.) : 

Frederick Farnham, b. Feb. 1 1, 1856; m. and Itves in Canaan, 

N. zi« s« p. 
+ Helen Marr, b. Feb. 16, 1858; m. Charles S. Larkin of Ash- 

away, R. I. 
Mary Hyatt, b. Nov. 3, 1860; m. Nov. 2g, 1899^ Frank Aaron 
Gríffin of Newton, Mass. 

Joseph C Avery died at sea Oct xS; 1865, and his widow m. (2) xOT^b 
Elihtt Derl^ of Canaan, N. H., who died two years after. She was a 
teacher oí stenography. 

Hblui* Maie Avuy and Cbablbi S. Labxui, m. Nov. 26, x^ at 
Norwich» Conn. Children: 

Helen Mary, b. Jan. 16, x88x. 

Frederick Avery, b. Jan. 5, X884; d. Jnne 10, X894- 

Charlotte Stillman, b. July X2, 1886. 

Charles Herbert, h. Any. a3. 1888. 

Elsie Matada, b. Ang. xx, xSga 

Thelma Angeltne, b. Nov. 8. X894. 

3x35 SinrvxAB Buaucx' Fi.wffiy» (called Sophia E. after marríage')» 
d. at Wahham, Mass., Dec. 7, 1897; m. at Canterbnry, Conn., Dee. 14 x866; 
Msj. WiUis W. Oarke. Children: 

3136 Grace Webster, b. Nov., X87X; d. Dec, X89B; m. George E. 

Grover of Waltham, Mass. 
3x37 Adelman Eldredge, b. July X874; m. Ang. 25, 1897* Nellic E. 

Dow. Uves in Waltham, Mass. Children: 

Elmer Willis, b. July xx, X898. 
Grace Vivían, b. March 23, X908. 

75X LivxinA* CnsDBOucH (Jc^*, xSaS), d. April X3. 1794; «• (fint 
wife) Lévi Spicer, who m. (2), after XTM Pnidence Pafaner, and had son. 
Eliho. Child: 

3138 Levi Chesebrough Spicer, b. Dec 7* I793f Groton, Conn.; 
d. Sept 23» X870. in Gene va, Ashtabula Connty, Ohio; n. 

GtMEALocy or tbb Chisiwoügh Famjly. 147 

(i) March 15. i8i9> in New York City» to Bctsey WüUt, 
b. March 15, 17991 <L July 6^ 1857 (dan. o( Judgc — — 
WilUs of Albany, N. Y.) He removed in 1823 from New 
York to Ohio; wat a hamess maker. 

3138 Lsvi* C Sficke, m. (2) Dec 27, 1861. Claríua K. Marvin, b. 181$. 
ChUdren (b. in New York and Geneva, Ohio): 

+3IJ9 Adeline» b. May 22. 1820, New York; d. Jan. 25» 1849; >n* 
Lewit A. Gaylord. 

3140 Alonto» b. May xi. 1822, New York; killed in Civil War. 

3141 Lavinia, b. Jan. 11, 1823; d. Aug. 7, 1841; onmarried. 

+3142 Eldredge R.» b. Oct. 26» 1826; d. Feb. i, 1868; m. Sophia GookL 

+3143 Charles, b. Dec 24 1828; d. Jan. 23, 1872; m. Orpha Gaylord. 

-i-3144 Mary, b. July g^ 1831; d. March I3f 1860; m. OrvtUe P. Holden. 

3145 Elizabeth» b. Feb. 19, 1833: d. Nov. 28, 1853; unmarríed. 

3146 Ann B., b. Sept 25, 1836; d. Aprfl 14, 1855; nnmarríed. 
+3147 Prudence Palmer, b. May a, 1839; m. Mills Beardsley. 

3148 Francis, b. Nov. 29, 1841; d. Jan. 30» 1874. in Geneva, Ohio; 

3139 AocuMB* Sncn, d. Jan. 15, 1859; m. Sept 15» 1841, Lewis A. 
Gaylord. Childrcn: 

3x49 Adah, b. May xtib 1842; d. Jone 5, X862. 

3x50 Abigail, b. May xs, 1844; d. Sept xo^ X84& 

315X Alice, b. Jime xo^ X84& 

3x52 Wilbnr G., b. Oct 13. X84& 

3x42 El wriiwi* R. Sncn, b. and d. in Geneva, Ohio; m. June x8^ 
X86Í3, Sophia Gonld (dau of George W. and BetsQr [HubbeUl Gould). b. 
Nov. xg^ X833; d. June 3» i8^3» Geneva, N. Y. (George W. Gould, b. X807 
in Héctor, N. Y.; d. Apríl 28; X883, (kneva, Ohia B<rts«y Hubbetl, b. 
Aug. 22, x8od^ Héctor, N. Y.; d. March xy, x88x, Geneva, Olüa Removed to 
(«encva, Ohio^ X833-) Child: 

3153 Harvey Sptcer, b. May xg^ X865; d. Nov. 3, X889. 

3143 CBAiLift' SncB^ m. Augi itf^ 1851, Orpha (jayiord, b. Dec íí^ 
1828; d. Feb. 25, x8^; livcdin (jeneva, Ohia Children: 

3x54 Francia, b. Nov. 20^ X852. 

3x55 Angie, b. Dec 2X, x8s$; m. June xg, 1878, in Geneva, Ohio» 

A. B. Shipley; resides in Red Wing, MiniL 
3x56 Annie Eliaabeth, b. July 28, X858; m. Aug., íBA W. C Bum- 

ham; Uves in Detroit, Mich. 

3157 Nellte Josephine, b. Oct. 29^ 1862; m. (x) March, i88x, Sunlcy 

Jones; m. (2) June 2, X896, Dr. L. F. Hoyt oí Jefferson, lowm. 

3158 Ella, b. Sept 21, X865; m. Sept x, X887, Willard G. Wicks. 



f^B GnflALOGY OF THB CHSsmouoM Pamily. 

3144 Mat^' Sncn, d. in Geneva, Ohio; n. Oct 10^ 1851, Orvtlle P. 
Holdoi, ü. June 25» i8g^ Children : 

3159 I-tfcy E.. b- Sept ig, 185a: m. Attf. 19, 1875, W. L. Ayres. 

3160 Wflbur O., b. June 14, 1854: m. (i) Aug. 30, 1^5, Sarah E. 

Bliff. d. Auf. 18^ 1892; m. (a) Apríl 24, 1894» Jennie Cronch. 

3161 Edgar W., b. June 22, 1857. 

3162 Buiton, b. June 4* i859: «. Aug. 13, 1881, Nellie B. FuUer. 

3x47 PftuuLMCi* PALMBt Sfiob. ul Apríl 8^ 1863, Millt Henry Beards* 
Iqr (too of Salmón and Temperance [Spicer] Beardsl^)» in Akron. Ohia 

761 Asa* CHiamonGB (Capt Jonathan'» i8{7S), m. (i) Nov. 8; 178S. 
Sabrá Palmer (dau. oí Denuon and Marvin [Palmer] Palmer), b. Aug. 4, 
1765; ^ Oct 6. 1796; m. (2) Abigail Sunton (82E). Children of firtt 
marríage (b. in Stonington, Conn.) : 

3163 Cynthia, b. May i, 1787. 

3164 Jonathan, b. March 12, 1790. 

3165 Lttke, b. Dec 25, 1791. 

3166 Lttcy. b. June la 1794- 

764 Syunsna* BAtswiw (Brídget* Chetebrough, X89S) ; was lott at 
•ea 1795; m. (i) Feb. 20^ 17^ Rebecca Btyant; m. (2) 1795. Sarah Hewitt 

3167 Sylvetter, b. Dec. 21, 1788; d. Aug. 6, 1822; m. 18x5, Etther 

Brown, d. Feb. 19, 1845. Children: 

3x69 Sylvester\ b. Feb. 9^ 1817. 
3x70 Rotwell C, b. April 22, 18x8. 

317X Mary Esther, b. Féh. 3, X820; m. 1853, Latham Brightmaa; 
lived Key Wett» Fia. Child: 

3x72 George Brightman*» b. X896L 

3168 Tbeophilttf*, b. Dec. xa, X799; d. m England. 

766 JoNATHAW* BAX.9WXir (Brídgct* Chesdmogh, X89S)» n. ÍTÍB, Ston- 
ington, Cbnn., L«cy* Slacfc (3X0S), b. Sept 6, X76X, Stonington; d. Jan. 16, 
X844, Keene, Ohia Children (b. in S to ni n g t o n , Ccmn.) : 

3x73 Jonathan, ''departed April 30i X79a^ aged 4 monthi and 13 

3x73a Diana, b. X790; m. Nathaniel Baldwin (of David). 
+3174 WUliam, b. Dec 19, X793; d. March x8^ X867. 
4-3175 Thomas, b. Feb., 1797; d. Dec as, X84X, in MatsacfausctU. 

3176 Zurviah, b. Jone 9^ 1800; m. Isaac BramaiL 

3x77 John, b. Sept, x8oa. 

3x74 WxxxxAM* Balhwxk (Jonathan% 766S), m. Feb. X9^ x8x7, Ahny 

GmiALosy or nt Chisomwgh Family. 149 

Smidí of New Marfborob Mass.; d. May 1. 18^: livtd tn Kteic^ Ohia 

3178 Winiun, b. Mar.iSia 

3179 Lncy A., b. July aS, 1821; m. Nov. i6, 1842, Rockwdl Lawreiict. 
3t8D SyWester M.. b. March 11, i8as. 

3181 Sally Celeslía. b. March 19, 1827; sn* Oct 14, 1847, Jamea 

Milite; two children. 

3183 Polly María, b. Dec 3, i8t35; d. 1837. 

3183 Lorrin, b. May g^ 1841. 

3175 THOMAa* BAtawm (Joiiathaa% ytfS), m. 1829. Elízabeth 
anort oí PMfidd» N. Y.; d. July 3, 1846L Chíldrcn: 

3184 Merríman» b. 1831; d. yomg. 

3185 Cornelia, b. May 12, 1833. 

3186 Eliiabeth, b. May 12, 1833 (twiii of above) ; m. 185^ Peter Rote. 

3187 Mary Jane, b. Nov. 29i 1840; n. July 1, 1863, J. F. Blake of 

Sprmgndd» Matt t 

7<7 Amma* Balowiit (Brídgct* Chcadmogh, 189S)» d. Atig. 31, 18132; 
UL March 2p, 1791, Edward* Chescbroagh (X0S9S)» b. Jone sg^ 17^6; d. Jan. 
20^ 1826. Chsldrcn (b. in Stontngton» Conn.) : 

3188 Brídget, b. Dec 5» 1791. 

+3180 Rebecca, k Sejit 3, I793; nt Amos Baldwtn, 32X4S. 

3190 Edward, b. Sept 27, 179S$ d. Sept. g^ 1803. 

3191 Dan., b. and d. I797« 

3192 Benjanin, b. Jnne 20, 179B. 

3193 Dodlcy, b. April 2, x8oi. 

•f 3194 John S., t. Oct 20^ i8q3; n. Margare! Brown. 

319S Hiran, b. Ang. 30^ 180& 

4-3196 Thomai Baldwin, b. Nov. 2^ 1809; m. Paulina Harrington. 

3197 Harriel Ann, k July & i8it. 

3194S JoBif* CBumouGB and Mabcaut (BnowK) of Killingly, 
Conn. Cbfldren: 

Harríet Ann, John, Esther, Engene» George L. and 
Bradford, living, 1902, in Dayville, Conn. 

aad jift *'Bdwvd aad Btujiiia dMMbfoegh caliutd te War ef Ou 
both te tlM B«ttte ef Plattatetfa» aad «tr« ÜMrt muttrtd oat of Um acrvtet 9mé 
aMiritd aad Mttlcd ümiv." (Sct Record of Edward OMfcbíovch, IS9S.) 

MM ""Uward OMfcbroafk, toa ef Jcdtdteh, jSsS; vm bowid Mt to Um tndt of o 
bladmaiilit kte mmmm «ao to hocé «iib Um tlMt tt ty ytan of ift 1m toa away and 
ahippad oa boafd a whatar te Ntw Loadoa, Cono. Kia iatbcr wtan ai once to Um 
ahip aad dtowadtd hia boFt who apraac teto tlM riegiac, féUowtd Vy U$ iatlicr. Tho 
koy, oa raachteff tlM lop of tlM mainmaat, caoght bold of a braot (ropa) aad vallad 
teuid ovar kaad to tlM oppo ai t a auat. Tlwa hte ímImt gava «p tim clñaa^ aad thia 
%of, «bo fraa aqr giaadiithar, faOowod tbt aaa HU tbt laat yaara of hU Ultw" {Fi9m 
lanar of Or. Goorea Sdwaid Chaaateoaflw i^n% ICardi 17» flhk Saaitl^ Waak) 

f5t> C«KEAU)cy or thb CBUoaouGM Family. 

3ig6S Deacum Tbomas* Baldwin Cubsebiiouch, b. Nov. 23, 1808, 
Mystic» Cocut; d 1885, Soath KUUngly, Conn.; m. (i) Nov. aa, ifli30^ 
Paisline Harríngton, at East KUUngljr, b. Apríl g, 1809^ Plainfield, Conn. ; 
d. Jan., 1879^ South KtUingly; ha waa a f armar, and m. (2) Dec a7f 1879^ 
Sarah E. Gríffin of Rhode Isbaid, b. 18191 Children : 

+3198 Thomas, b. Oct 13. 1832^ Groton, Conn.; m. Phabe Baker. 
4-3199 Hcnry, b. June 24, 1834* Jawatt City, Conn.; m. Almira Ten- 

+3aoo Charles, b. March 14. 1839» KilUngly, Conn. ; m. Elisa Stone. 
4-3aoi George Edward, b. Oct 27, 1841, East KilUngly, Conn. ; m. Dd- 

phina A. Cook. 
+3202 Mary Casendane, b. May 14, 1848, KUHngly, Conn.; m. Ciar* 

ence B. Hazen. 

319B Thomas* Chiskbwiuch, n. June 29^ 1856, Phebc Baker (dau. 
of Rice)» b. March 23, 1839, KilUngly, Cona; Uve in Norristown, Pa. 
Children (b. in South KilUngly and Jewett Qty, Coon.) : 

+3203 Howard, b. March 18^ 1858; nt Jcnnie Richmond. 

+3204 Frederick Delmont, b. Oct 15, f859b South KilUngly, Conn. 

3aos Jennie E., b. Dec 15, 1869; d. March 22, 187a 

3206 Grace E., b. Aug. 26, 1872, Jewett City, Conn. 

3203S HowABoP CBBsnwuoB, m. Feb.« 1876^ Jennie Richmond ; Uve in 
Norristown, Pa. Children: ^ 

3207 Herbert, b. June 22, 1879- 

3208 Fred, b. Apríl 16, 1881. 

3204S Fknsaicx* DiLMOirr CHismoucH, m. June 29^ 1882, Jennie 
Ella Manchester, b. Jnly 24, 1862, Providence, R. L Children : 

3209 Ethel May, b. Jan. 31* lUfi. 

3210 Florence Mildred, b. Dec 7, 1889. 

Live in Providence, R. I. 

3199S HtMBY* CHBsnMUGH, d. Dsc 22, i89Q^ Providence ; m. Sept 7$ 
iBsfi, New London, Conn., Almira Temant, b. July 22, x839i Mooaup^ 
Conn. (dau. oí Alien and Carolina [Fry] Tennant of Rhode Island). He 
was a school teacher, pólice officer and a medical electrician b Providenos^ 
R.I. Child (b. in South KiUinidy. Conn.) : 

Frank Everett, h. Sept 18^ 1859; nt Oct 17, 1880, EiBe Jane 
Smith, b. June 5, 1861, in Palmer, Mass. Live in Provi- 
dence, R. I. 

3200S Ch Altas* Chiskbmucu, d. Aug. 27, 1881, Providence; m. March 
13. 1859^ Eliza Stone of Moosup, Conn. (dau. of Jason and Rhoda [Frye] 

GniBALOGV or tbb Cbbsdioimsh FAicity. 151 

Stooe), h, 1843, llootnp» Cmiil; d Afiril 3* iSm; Uved tii Providence, R. L 

Isabel, b. July 10, 1863, Onceo, Conn.; m. Dcc 25, 1879, Samoel 

E. Stone; live in Piovídencc, R. I. 
Edward L., b. Joly 30, 1866^ DanieUville, Conn.; m. Nov. 13, 
1890^ Jcsniíc L. Mcsser ; Uve ín Wakefíeld, llast. 

jaoiS Gioact' Edwaid Chbsbbmuch, m. (i) Oet 28, i8{7i, Delphinm 
Afanen Cook, b. May ft 1848^ Avon, Me.; he it a Doctor oí Magnets» a&d 
IWes in Scattle, Wash« Children: 

Son, b. Sept. ij, 1872; d. Sepe. 14, 1872. 

George Edward, b. Dec 20^ 1873, KilUngly, Conn.; nnmarried; 

Uves ín Oakland, CaL 
Horace Hastings, b. May 21, i87S» munarried; Uves 10 Sealtle, 

Don Thomas Baldwtn, b. Oct 20^ 1878» Príngliar, lowa; d. Jan. 

Geneva Gertrude, b. Nov. 17, 1879^ Prtnghar, lowa; nnmarried. 
Harríngton Norton, b. Feb. i&t 1881, . Pringhar, lowa; un- 

DeUa Pearl, b. Nov. 21, 1883* E^t Portland, Ore.; unnurried 

3201 GiiOBGB* Edwaio CiiisiBnotJGU, m. (2) 1891, Mary Maud KeUy, b. 
S€gt 30i i8$3» St George, N. B. 

3202 Maby* CASAWSAira CusmotiGH^ m. July 4» i859^ Clarence B. 
Haien oí New Hampshire; Uves in Putnam, Conn. Children: 

Albert Haaen, Everett Haaen. 

76B Bbidgst' Balowiii (Brídget* Chesebrougb, X89S), m. 1791, John 
Lcray» d. Apríl 12^ 1834, North Stontngtoo, Conn. Children: 

John, b. Jdy 23. 1792. 
WUUam J., b. Dec 93i 1706* 
Dttdley P., b. Feb. 23, 1798^ 

321 1 Chesebro, b. June 17, 1799; m. Mary María Baldwin (32138). 

3212 Ennice P., b. Sept 20^ 1802; m. Lynan M. Gray. 

3213 Abigail, b. Oct 23* t8o4; m. Dndley Brown. 
Phebe Ann, b. 180& 

Robert, b. Apríl 22. 1809. 
Latham H., b. Ang. 11, 181 1. 

770 Amos* Balswiii (Bridget* Chesebrooghv 1898), b. Jan. 2; 1773; n. 
Jan. 2, 1793^ Rebeeca Pafaner, d. Feb. 10^ 18491 Children (b. in Groton, 

+3214 Anos, b. Oct 29^ 1793; ^ Jone 12, 1872; nt Rebeeca Chesebro, 
3i8s5 (Anna). 

'S> GnnuLomr or tmb CnnnouGS Family. 

Rcbceci, b. Aug; i& 179S; m. June & 1817, U. M^lliiiiis. 
Martha. b. Jone 9, 1797; m. Oct ^ iflag. F. Bradlcy. 
Ermstos, b. Dcc 27, i8oa 

3914S Amos' Baldwiit (Amot*. 770S)» n. Jan. g, 1817. Rebecca Oicie- 
bfough (3i49), k Se^ 3, 1793; d. March 6. 1874. North StCMÜogtoii, ComL 

3315 Mary Maria. b. Oct 13, 1817; n. Chesebro Leray» 3311S. 

3216 Phebe A., b. Feb. 13, 1819; d. young. 

3317 Amos, b. Attg. 30, sta>; d yonng. 

3318 Lacy A^ b. Sept 28, 1823; m. Sept 27, 1857» James McSimon. 
3219 Ndson, b. Nov. 3, 1824. 

3320 Thomas C, b. Jan. i, 1827. 

3221 Cbarles» b. Aag. 25, 1829; d. yoong. 

3222 Betssy A., b. Dec i^ 1830; m. George Griswold of Nortk 

Stonüifl:ton, Conn. 
3293 Paulina, b. Oct 7, 1831; d yoang. 
3224 Erastus, b. Jnne 23, 1833; d. young. 

775S JoMATBAN* CHBsmoucH (Tbomas\ 1948)9 b. Apríl 15» 1780: 
m. in Saratoga County. Maitba Swan, 1779S (Joshoa» 532S)» b. 1781, d. 
i8s8; wcfs living in Saratoga in 18391 Children (b. in Saratoga, N. Y.) : 

+322S Elisa Ann, d. 1857, «. 47 years; m. Lntber Monger. 

+3326 Jane H., d. March 23, iSss* & 4^ y^srs; m. John Darrow. 

3227 María Swan» d onmarried, Jnly i^ iSm «• H yssrs» at Sa r ato g a. 

+3238 Martha, b. Jtily 24, 1822; d. 1^; m. Henry BalL 

3229 Mary, m. — — Hall; livcd in Rochester, N. Y. 

3230 Robert, d. Ang. 27, 1854. New York Hospital, New York City, 

m. 39 years; onmarried; buried in Saratoga, N. Y. 

322S Euza' Airir (Chisdbough) and Lurnia Muircn. Children: 

3231 Sarah Perry, d. Sept. 6^ i8i3ft se. x year and 19 days, Saratoga. 

3232 Sarah Brevoort; Uves in Saimtoga. 

3226 jAMt* R C Hm s nrwi CH, d in Saratoga; tn. John Darrow, b. 
March xi, 1813; d Oct 30^ 1882^ Saratoga. Children: 

3233. Henry, d Jone 23» 1864, ae: 24 years, Saratoga; served in Ovil 
War in Company G. Seventy-seventh Regiment New York 
Volonteers; was wounded tn battie of Spottqrlvania May 18; 

3234 Martha L., d April 9» 184S, «: 3 years and 3 nonthar 

3235 Frcderíck, b. March 23, 1848; d Sept t, 1849. 

3236 Francia, b. March 23, 1848 (twin of above) ; d Ang. 23» 1849- 

3228 Mabtba* CBEsnaouGH, d tn Girard, Ps^ 189S; «• Apríl so^ 18132, 

GutCALOoy op TMM CHBSoaouQH Family. 


Henry Ball. h. iSio In Gftlway, N. Y. ; A in Gimd, Pau Oiildrai (h. in 
Girmrd» Pft.): 

+3ía7 Laura £lízal)cth, b. April 5, i&W; d. Scpt. s, 1873; m. O. D. 

3238 Mattie Louiie, d Dcc 13, 186B. 

3239 Jennie, K Feb. 26. 1857; m. (1) May it, 1876. Feotón C Dag- 

get» b. March 11, 1855; d. Oct itf^ 1877; «. (a) July ^ x803i 
C C Sherman, b. May 12, i8s3» in Platea, Pa. Cbild; 
3240 Fenton Gilson Daggef, b. Oct aa 1877. 

3337 Lauia* Euzaibtb and O. D. Stom 1. Qüldren : 

3241 Frank Ball; bas dan., Mattie. 

324a Irwtn Gleaion; baa ion, OrviUe Noble. 

3243 Orvflle Roland 

3244 Mattie Ellen, d. Oct. 3» 1873. 

777 EuHtci* CatsEíaouGM (Tbomas% t94S)$ K Dee. 20^ 1781, Pret- 
too, Cona; m. Feb. 15, 1801, John Cornell (Matthew), b. June 24, 1780; d. 
May & 1839; Uved in Glent Pallt, N. Y. Children: 

324$ Ann B.; 3246^ Eliaa D.; 3247, María J.; 3248» Euntce. 
+3249 Jane C, b. March 7, 181 1, Cambridge» N. Y.; m. Henry Wood- 

3250 Harriet G., m. — — McGregor of Glena Falla, N. Y. 

3251 Mary A.; 3252, Susan C; 3233» Janea T.; 3254, Delia F., and 

39S& Walter L 

3249 Jamb* C Conmu^d Oct & i8ba;ni. Jan. ft 1832^ Henry Wood- 
ward, b. Jan. ag^ 17A PlainfieM, N« R Cbildren: 

39S6 Henry C, bi Jan. 17, 1834; d Dec 15» i83S* 

+3237 George, b. March i» 1835; m. Ellen Richardaon. 

3258 John H.» b. Nov. itiy 183B; d Jan. 8» 1842. 

•f 3299 Siiaan C, b. March 13, i&m: á. Jan. 17» 1880; m. B. W. Conch. 

+3260 Mary Jane. b. June a3. t^l n* Oct 18; 1871, Pred I. Marqr. 

3237 GiQHai* and Eugir WooowAao; lived in Portland, Ore. Childien: 

3261 Nancy H., b. May 13, 1872; n. John H. Couch. 
3260 Jennie G., b. Aog. 30. 1874. 

3299 SuaA»* C and B. W. Covcb; Uve in Coocord, N. H. Children 

3afi3 John H., b. June 16. 1865* 
3a64 B. W., b. Ang. 19^ s873- 
3a6s Suaan W.» k Jan. x^ i9^ 

154 GiMBAUxnr or tbe Cbisokouch Family. 

3260 M/RY* Jane and Fbbd I. Marcy; Uve ín Provídence, R. I. 
OiUdreti : 

3266 Fred A., b. Dcc 27, 1873. 

3367 Hany W., b. June 28, 1876. 

326B Walter C, b. Oct 4» 18:^ 

3269 Hayward S., b. Dtc í% 1881. 

778 Uknky* Cbkssbiouch (Thonat*, 194S)» d. June 13, 1861 ; m. Oct 
28; i8ia^ Hannah Burnctt, b. Dec 28; I79t ; d. Jan. 31, i8sa Chüdren (b. 
in Gkna Fallí, Wairen Coanty, N. Y.) : 

3270 Thonat, b. March 17» 1813; ^ ^nl 11, 18Í38; nt Cana, 

a widow. 

3271 John Burnett, b. March 24, 1815; d. Nov. 16, 1845; m. Amr 

+3373 Samnel Tyler, b. Jone 26, 1817; d. Apríl S2, 1901; m. Amy A.* 

+3273 Sarah Ann. b. Oct la, 1819; d. Sept 18^ 1854; m. John Jeks 

+3274 Henry Edwin, b. March 20^ 1822; d. Oct. 3, 1873; m. Mary J. 

+3^5 Susan, b. Feb. 25, 1824; d. Feb. 9, 1897; m, twke. 

3276 María, b. March a3t 1826; d. July ag^ 1845. 

3277 Charles Morgan, b. July i, 1828; d. Apríl 2, 1845. 

-f-3278 Hogh Cunntngham, b. Jaa 4, i83> ; <!• Apríl 15, 1899; m. Elisa 
3279 Mortimer, b. Aog. 10, 1833. 
+3280 Margare!, b. Dec i, 1836; nt John Loy. 

Henry* Chetebrough (Thoniaa,* 194S), a larmer in Dntcheas Counly, 
N. Y.; had a farm oí 400 aerea. Was a soldier in War oí 1812; Corporal 
in Capt Hanby*t Company, New York Mtlitia; terved six montha in cam* 
paign against Canadá; was granled a warrant íor íorty acres, whidí was 
owned by bis son Samuel Tyler (337a) írom t^ to 1892. 

3272S HoN. Saicuil* Tylir CoiSEBaoucB, d. in Salt Lake Gty; m. 
Dec 29b 184^ West Liberty, lowa, Amy Arvin Harnea (dau. oí Enos and 
Charlotte Bames), b. July 15, 1824, Athens County, Ohio; they removed to 
lowa in 1841, and to Salt Lake City in 1900; he was Sttte Senator írom 
Muscatine County, lowa, 1866-186& Children (b. in West Liberty, lowa) : 

3281 Henry, d. in iníancy. 

3282 Violai d. in iníancy. 

+3283 Charles Edwin, b. Aug. 11, 1848; m. Mary L. Clark. 
+3^ Cl«i< C., b. Jan. 8^ 1853; m. A. A. Ball. 

3283 Charlss' Eowin CBEsnaouGH, m. April 21, 1875, West Liberty, 
lowa, Mary Louise Clark (dau. oí William Azariah and Louisc Mariah 

Gbnbalocv or the CHBSoaouoH Family. 15$ 

Cbrk), b. Peb. 4. iSS>: he is a binker; uves tn Wett Liberty. lowa. 

3aBs Albert darle, b. A|>ríl 14. 1876. 
3aB6 WíUUm Edwtn. b. Sept 21. 1878. 
jaS? Cari Robert. b. May is. 1884. 

3384 Elsh* C CBBsnwucH. m. Oct. 1972. Albeit Atwood Ball (son 
of James Madisoo and Ann Ball), b. Bíarcfa, 1849; Uve in West Liberty, 
lowa. Chsld : 

3^88 Charles Edward, b. Sept g^ i8|73: vl Grace R. McElrory (dan. 
of James W. and Belle McElrory). b. Nov.. i^; Uve in Cedar 
Rápida, lowa. 

sm Saeah* Ann CBSsaaouGH. m. Oct la. 1837. Glcns Falls. N. Y^ 
John Jeks Snith. b. 181a. d. Jnly ai. 1S78. Childrcn: 

3289 George. 

3290 Henry. b. 1842; d. March 23. 185S 

3291 Anna Margaret, h, March 22. 1844; m. James. Chaplin. 

3292 Charles Morgan, b. Feb. 24. 1846; m. Mary Leary. 

3293 Sosan María, b. March 20^ 1848; m. R. Barton. 

3294 Ida Hannah. b. Jan. 2, 1852; m. Charles AlHson. 

3295 DeWitt Qinton, b. Oct 28. 1853; m. Widow FiUgerald. 


3274 Hbniv* Eawuf CHasaanoucH. m. April 21. 18S2. Glens Falls. 
N. y.. Mary Jane Haviland. b. July 4» 1832» Glens Falls. N. Y.; d. Sept 
iif iflTS: « "lineal desoendanl of Sir Tbomas de Havilande of the Jale of 
Gnenisey. 140a* Children (k in Glens Falls. R Y.) : 

+3296 Sitsan. b. Sept 21. 1855; m. James H. Batn. 
+3297 Florenct Emma. b. July 6, 1857; nt Wm. D. Green. 
4*3998 Samnd (M. D.), b. May 31. 1860; m. Theresa Hindee. 
+3299 Hattie Haviland, b. Sept 24, 1862; m. Charles B. McQun. 
-j-3300 Henry Edwin^ b. June 24. 1869; a practising dentist. D. D. & 

and a gradúate of Union College of Pennqrlvania, 1891 ; Uves 

in Granville. N. Y.; nnmarried. 
3301 Alice Rowena, b. Sept 27. 1873; »• Feb. 5>.i8A WiUiam G. 

Majcon. West Liberty. lowa. 

3296 SuaAN* CHiitiaoooH. m. June 29^ i8l7& James H. Bain. U Oct 
21. i%t Children: 

33tt Edith. b. Sept 2, 1879* 
33CQ Helen E.. b. March 17» 1882. 
3304 Harold R.. b. Feb. 19. 1884. 

156 GnncAUKY or tbs CH£fticn0ii6B Family. 

3397 Fiflmici* Emma Chisbbmucr, m. Oet 8; i9^ William D. 
Grea^ h, Dee. 4» 1853. Children: 

5305 Edwiii, I1. Jtily Mf Y884. 

SSOÓ Lottíe, K Apríl 2, 1B66; d. Aug. lo^ 1897. 

3J07 Bnrton H., bu Feli.» 189a 

339B Di. Sauvwl* Chbskbhwgb, n. Jan. 8; iSgo, Theresa H. Htndte. 

3108 Robcit Edwin, b. Oct 22, 1893. 

3309 Margmrct Mary, b. Feb. 27, 1895. 

3310 Hcrbert Samad, b. Jan. aB» 1901. 

3399 Hathe* HAviLAm CBtstaaooGB« m. StpL.24. 1884, Charlea Bolles 
McOun, b. Jttly lo^ i85i; Uve in Burlington, lowa. ChiM: 

331a Edwin Willisni, b. Jone 13» 1888, West Lsberty, lowa. 

3375 SuaAN* CBianaouGB, b. Fd)u 2$. 1824; d. tn Seward, Nd)u; n. 
(x) Dee. 24, 1848, Glcns Falla, N. Y., M. Lconard Hartman; m. (a) Dee. 
a3i x868^ Museatine^ lowa, Peter Bink. Childrcn: 

^ 3313 Viola María, b. Apríl 23, 1845; d 1864; m. Henry Bush. 
3314 Duncmn McGregor, h. Sept 19^ 1859; ni. Nov. ax, x88a, Anna 
Nyenhuia; Itve in San Diego, CaL 

33x3 Viola Maua Haitmam, m. Feb. as 1863, Henry Bush. Child: 

33x5 Nettie, b. Nov. 2g, 1863; ul £11 M. Woodward; livea in 
Albany, N. Y. 

3378 HuGB* CumfiMOBAii CBBsmouGB, m. Fd)u a3t x8s& Elhea Jane 
FtUsinunooa of Ireland, h, Nov. 4» 1835; he waa a member of Fim Metho- 
diü Episcopal Chureh lór fifly years. Oiildren (b. in Muscatine, lowa) : 

+3316 Gcorge Henry, b. March a3t 1856; d Sept 16» 1899, West 
Liberty, lowa. 
33x7 Elisa Jane, h. March xx, X858; xn. Joseph Maormth, March x, 
+33x8 Charles Edward, b. Feb. 24, x86o; m. Ella M. Chapxnan. 

33x9 Mary Ella, h. March xx, x866; d Apríl 5, x88x. 
+3320 Harríet Malinda, b. Nov. ax, 1870; m. J. M. Mapes. 
33ax Orítu Grace, bu June 22, x875: d. Nov. 6^ 1882, of scarlet ícver. 

33x6 Gioasi* Hufsy Cbssbbrocigb, b. March 23, i8s6^ Muscatine^ 
lowa; m. Oct 3h 1889^ Lucinda Adelpha Gibson, bu July aa, x86B, West 
Liberty, lowa; he was of the Masonic fratemity; lived in West Liberty 
lowa. Childrcn: 

3322 Harry Gibson, b. June 3, X89X. 
3333 John Kelsey, h. Aug. x6, 1893. 

GmALocv or tbb CBintouGB Family. 


j)i8 CBAtLBS* E0WABD Cbbsbbmxich, m. Mftrch 17, xffll;, Miueatin^ 
lowa, EUa M. Chaimian, K Scpt a9» 1866b Mahmsk» Cbimty. lom; Uves tn 
Adams, lowi. Oiüdrai: 

3324 Gnce Harrtet, b. May 23, 1890, Míllard. S. Dale 

3325 Lakcn Weslej. b. Jan. 15. 1892, Adama, lowa. 
33a6 Harry Hugfa, h. Jan. 23, 1894; d. July 13, 1894. 

3327 John Henrr, b. May 9. 1895. Adama, lowa. 

3328 Albeit B., b. Sept. 17, 1897» Adama, lowa. 
3326a Susan J., h. Oct 8, 1899. 

3320 Haiubt* Maunda CBEacBíoucB, m. Nov. 27, 1889^ Jay Miltoo 
Mapei. K June 2$, 1866; Isvea in Nichol, lowa. Qüldrcn: 

3329 Hazel Florence, b. Nov. 12, 1891. 

3330 Meryl Harríet, b. Oct 12, 1894. 

3260S MABCAtn* CBisnaouGB, m. Oct 6, 1853. John Loy» K Fék 12^ 
183X' Children : 

+3331 Ida EUa, h, Sept 2^, 1834; m. (x) Haraon J. Norton; m. (2) 

M. J. Banner. 
+3332 Mary Viola, bu Oct 22, 1856. 

3333 Charles Henry. b. Jan. 5, 1858; d. March 3, 1874. 
+3334 George Peter, K Oct. 16^ i86a 
+333S Annie Margaret h, April 7, 1869. 
+3336 Samuel Siephen, b. May 24» i86s; m. March ix, x89S. Sadle J. 

H-3337 Sosan Harríet» b. Sept Xft x868; m. Anstin W. Bnrton. 

3338 Jacob Emest, b. Aug. xx, 187X; onmarríed. 
H-J339 Rosa Mae, h, May 6, 1874; m. Elmer O. Whittington; Uves in 

Oxford» lowa. 

3331 Iba' Ella hant, m. (x) Jan. X4. xQ7S» Harmon J. Norton, d. Ang. 
XX, x88o: m. (2) April 14, 1886b M. J. Banner. Children oí first marriage: 

3340 Eva Margaret, b. Nov. 20, i875; bl March 2$, x896b Cari 

334X Jesste Harmon, b. Sept 28» 1877; bl March 7, X897* h S. White. 

3342 John Frederíck, K Ang. 7, x88o. 

Children oí second marriage: 

3343 Roy W., b. Nov. 29^ x88S. 

3344 Amy A., b. Nov. 27, x888. 

3345 Ray Loy, k Sept 4 X89X. 

3332 Masy' Viola Loy, bl Jan. 3, x88x, Goilford E. Dunsmore, d. 
Jan. 9b x899' Children: 

3346 Effie Mae, b. Dec 20, i88x. 

3347 Lulu A., b. Nov. 9, X883; m. Jone 8; X902, Jackson Osman. 


5334 Giorcb' Pcid Loy, m. (x) Oct. 18. 1881, Hattie .S. Huno»*, d. 
Apríl I5t j88& ChUd: 

3348 Nettíe Mae, b. Aug. 17, 18&3; m. Julj g» 1900, Arthur Beert. 

Child: Ruth Beers, b. May 22, 1901. 

3334 Grorge Peter Loy, m. (2) Sept 23. 1891, Addie M. Berry. 

3335 Amnxs* Maücaict Loy, m. May a, i880b John E. Taylor. Qitldrai : 

3349 Angíe Nora, b. Apríl 4, 1881 ; d. Nov. g, 1881. 

3350 Dallas Guilford, b. Sept i, 1882. 

3351 Retu Fearne, b. Sept. x, 1884. 
3353 Milo Elxner, b. June 81 1886. 

3337 SuaAN* HAtiiir Loy, m. Apríl 8; x888^ Anttin W. Burton, d. 
Ang. X4, 1902. Children : 

3353 Ora Hester, b. June 26, 1890. 

3354 Harry J., b. May x, 1892. 

3355 Loy A., b. Aug. x, x894- 
3355» Ivan, b. Aug. 28^ xgoa. 

3339 Rosa* Mas Loy, h, May 6, x874; su- Dee. 6, x99if Elmer O. Whit- 
tington. Children: 

3356 Charles Richard, b. Sept xo, X892; d. Aug. xs, X894. 

3357 Martha Loy, b. Feb. 6^ 1894; d. March 23f X896. 

3358 Alice Elma, b. Jan. xi, 1897. 
3358a Roy John, b. Oct. 13» X90X. 

3336S Samuei. S. Loy and Sadxb. Child: 
Thehna E. Loy. 

The íollowing are copies oí entríes made on the detached sheets of an 
acconnt book belonging to Thomas Cbesebrough (X94S) íóund in the family 
Bible of hts son Henry (77BS). 

''July ye xoth, X77S well then I Usted xoyself nnder C^it Joseph Jewit 
to go into the Provinshal Anny. 

''August sth, then we marched from Preston» and ye gch day we went 
into Roxbuty, and ye xoth we pitched our tents» and a very stonny night 
it was. 

^August ye xsth about 12 oí the dock began a smart fire írom the 
nsgulars into Roxbuiy and continued all night, one then woonded but none 

^Angust ye 27th then our Adjutant died with the camp distemper, in 
the twenty-first year oí bis age. 

"August ye 29th day, X775» then I was takei^yríth the can^ distemper. 

GcKBAUMnr or tbi Chuimioucb Family. 150 

''August ye 3ist, then we had two of oor mainguards kiUed» onc of 
tbcm belonging to our rcgiment, and the ball lodged in bU body, and it 
was a ntne pounder. 

''Sepleniber je iith, then I sel out from the camp to come home; the 
I5th I got home, and a tiresome jouraey it was. About the 3jd I began to 
grow better* October ye joth, then I set out £or the camii. 

'December ye loth, 177S then I wat discharged Irom the Continental 
Army on account oí tickness, and the iith day I iet out to come home, 
and the I3th day I got home. 

**September ye gth day I was warned to meet at Croten, and ye loth 
day I marched to New London, and the I2th day we sailed to New Haven, 
and the i8th day we marched ínm New Haven and the 22a we arríved 
at Rye. 

''October ye ist, we marched to Hectcher. 

'^October ye 4th, we marched to Moresina Point 

''October ye 9th, there was three ships and three tenders went up the 
North River, and there was a smart fire from our batteríes for an hour 
and a hall October ye iSth, we struck our tents and marched to King's 
Brídge, and the igth we marched to Fort Independenee and pitchcd our 
tents, and ye aist day we struck our tents and marched to the North 
River and pitched our tents, and the aad we struck our tents and went up 
the North River about ten miles, and the 2^4 day we marched to the White 

"October ye afith, the enemy marched to the Whtte Plains and attacked 
our Unes. The engagement lasted 4*3 of an hour. Our loss supposed to 
be 100 Idlled and wounded. 

''October ye 3ist, we struck our tents and marched one mile and a half 
and pitched tbem agaiiL 

"November ye gth, I was discharged from the army and set out for 

'l>ccember ye aoth, 1775. Then I began to woiic for Capt Moses Tylar. 

"Dr. to making a pair of shoes: i s. 6d.* 

(Similar entríes continuing to Fd)u a, lyOs) 

The loUowing are from the funily Bible of Thomas Chesebrougfa 


"Fébniary ye loth, 1764, then mf brother Jonathan departed this liíe 

in the thtrtieth year of his age 

"November ye xyth, 1764, Then nqr honored Father departed this liíe in 
the sixty-fiíth year of hss age. 

"Apríl ye a3d, 1766^ Then mj honored Mother departed this liíe in the 
fiíty-sixth year of her age. 

"March ye xxth, 1776^ Then my daughtcr PoUy was bom. 

'Dccember the aSth, 1777, Then my daughtcr Anna was bom. 

"Apríl the isth, 1780^ then my son Jonathan was bom. 

'Dccember ye 30th, 1781, then my daughtcr Eunice was bom. 

"March ye aoth, 1784» then my son Henry uvas bom. 

"February ye pth, 1790, 1 had a daughtcr bom; she lived about twenty* 
eight hours and expired; was buríed ye xath day of Fébniary. 

i6o Gewbaiocy ar ths Chbsebiouch Family. 

''My daogliter Amia depirted this Ufe October je iTth day, 1803, ^9^^ 
twenty-five yean nine monthi and mneteen dayt. 

''July 13, 17^ >8un entered Uie amiy at Fort Grtswold, Groton Heighia, 
servkes days. 

780 Abicail* CHKFBBaouGH (Joseph*, 195S)» m. (fírtt wife) Capt. 
Aaaríah Stanton» Jr. (Azaríah and Siuannah [Cbbb])» b. Jan. 16; 1761; 
d. Nov. 19^ 1836; he wai a sea captain and served in Revolutionary War. 
Children (b. in Stonington, Conn.) : 

3359 Axaríah» d. April ig^ 1854, «. 6a years; m. Jan. i. 1818, Mercy 

Williams, who m. (a) 1860^ Samuel G>i>p. 
3960 Sally, bap. Oct la, 1800; m. — — — Kenyon of Rhode Island. 
3361 Nabby, bap. June la, 1803; d. young. 

3360 Nancy, bap. June a& x8o6; m. Rev. Oliver Brown of Lyme, 


3359 AzAEíAB* and Mbbcy STAinoN. Children: 

3363 William Axaríah, b. x8i8; d. 1819. 

3364 Abigail Chesebro, bap. 1823; m. Joñas L. Babcock. 

3365 Lydia Wheeier, bap. 1823; d. i83S« 

3366 Charlotte Elisabeth, b. 1825; d. 183^. 

3367 William Azaríah, b. i8a8; d. 1873; m. Lncy Ann Brown of 

Cortland, N. Y. 

3368 Nathan S., h. 1830; d. 18133. 

TrípleU (daughters), b. July ix, X83B; d. x93S- 

785 Jiaas' CBXSBBaouoH (Samuel'» f97S), m. Dee. aÓ^ 1790b Martha 
Ann Putnam oí Preston, Conn.; b. March 25, 1771 ; <L Nov. 15, 1825; lived 
in Manlius, N. Y. ChUdren: 

+33^ Jesse, b. Dec. 25, 1791; d. April 6, 1856; m. Claríssa Kilboome. 
+3370 Gurdon, b. Ang. 20, X793; »• Elizabeth Terry. 

337X Eli» K April 4$ 1795; m- Elecu Parsons. 
+337» John Putnam, b. April 22, X797; d. Oct 13. X875; m- Lydia 

+3373 Samuel, b. March 13. X799; d. Oct 9» 183^^; m. Catherine 

+3374 Reuben, b. Nov. 6, x8oo; d. X845; m- Anna Alien. 
+3375 Martha, b. Oct 27, 1802; m. Zephaniah Knapp. 
3376 Abisha, K Feb. 2X, 1805; m. April, 184S Anna, widow of his 

brother Reuben. 
+3377 Submit, b. Attg. 31» i8o7; ^ Oct. 7, i^gz; m. Henry Loomis. 
+3378 Anna, b. July 8, 1809; m. Robert de Pay. 
+3379 Joseph, b. Oct. 8, i8xx; m. Susan C Woodworth. 
+3380 Elmanson, b. May 29, X813; d. Oct 7, 1893, México, N. Y.; m. 

Mary Sweet 
3381 Mary, b. Aug. 25, 18x5; d. in infancy. 

GBMiAUxnr or tbk CHBtmouGB Faiulv. i6i 

3369 Jssss' CHBsnaoucH, m. Dee. 26, 1814, Clarísu Kilbottrne, b. 
Dcc 26^ 1768; litchfield, Conn. ; d. Feh. 9, i^; Itved in Onondagm Coimty, 
N. Y. ChUdm: 

H-338a Orrín Pntnam, b. June 25, 1816, Manlitu, N. Y. 
+1383 Solomon Grois, b. Sepi. 6^ 1818, luly. N. Y.; d. March 9. 186B. 
3384 OarítM, b. Jone 17. i8ao^ luly» N. Y.; d. Jan. 9b 1881; n. 
Wfllíam Sherwood. 
43385 Cornelia C, b. June 6^ i8a6, Italy, N. Y. 

3303 OmM* PuTNAM CBMmmoüCU, m. Jone 19^ 1841» Elvira U. Tibr 
bettt* b. Oct A 1815. Pompcy, N. Y.; d. 1886; lives in Gyde» Oond 
Coottty» Kaa ChOdren: 

+3386 Emeret Elvira, b. April 2, 1843, Manliut, N. Y.; m. 1858» Pbilip 

+3387 Newton Jetse, b. June jo, t84S Greenwood, McHenry 

Connty, IlL 
33B8 Jolia G>melia, b. May 29^ 1849; m. Edward Moffat; bave three 


3389 George Myron, b. Jone 2^ 1854; m. Anna Moffat; bave tivo 


AU fanners. 

3386 EMBur* E. and Pbiup Kocb. Cbildren: 

3390 Certa, vl ~— Hoitetter. 

3391 John WtUtam; 3398, Philip Newton. 

3393 Anna, m. -^— Howser. 

3394 Joieph Jette; 339& Kuly, m. Deford.. 

3387 Nbwton* Jbsib Chssbbrougb, m. Jnly xo^ 1872, Maiy Lonisa 
Evertt ol Aubum, N. Y., b. Jnly 24» X84& Children: 

3395 Rnth E., b. May 10^ 1873; d. Feb. 2, x89i« 

3396 Mary Alice, b. Sept 24, 1876; d. Apríl 14, 1882. 

3397 Jtstie L., h, Dec 13, 1882. 

3383 SoLOifOM* Gaoaa Cbsübm), vl 1842, Angdtne Wealthy Hayden 
(dan. ol Alien W. and AbigaÜ [Cattk] Hayden), h. Nov. 26^ 181^ 
Ponpqr HUÍ, N. Y. Childien: 

+3398 Mary Dorlesca, b. Jan. 12, 1843, Pabint, N. Y. 
-j-3399 Anna Lonisa, b. April 16^ 1846^ Fabins, N. Y. ; m. March 7» 1867. 
+3400 Franeet Mane, h, Dec 30^ 1849^ Syracnse, N. Y.; m. June 1, 

3398 Masv* Dorlbsca CHisnao^ m. Channcey Maion Crandall, July 
II, i^8L Children: 

340X Charlea H.; 3402, Mane L.; 3403, Bessie C 

x6a GutXALocY ar tbi Chssuiough Family. 

3Xg Amka* Louua Chxiibw\ n. James S. Goodrich, d. Jaa j, 1886: 
he was a Captain in thc Gvil War, and a journalist 

3404 Oarence Edward; 3405* D. Mary; 3406, Francés Ella; 3407, 
Florence Esther. 

340D FkAKCis* Maui CBianao, m. Edward Garlee, h. Apríl 7, 1837, 
New Jersey; a joumalist; Uve in Syraciise, N. Y. Chüdren: 

340B Grace Dorlesea, b. Feb. 4, 187a 

3409 Mabelle. b. Jan. 3, 1872. 

34x0 Louise Anseline, b. Jan. lOb 1874. 

338S CdaxiLtA* C Cbssdbo, m. Apríl 14, 1857, Frederíck HUchcock, 
b. in Cheshire, Gmn.; d. July xo^ x88x. Chüdren: 

+34it Francés C, h. May ax, X858; m- I>k. 2S, X878; Osgood L. 
341^ Frederíck J., b. Nov. XX, x86x; a carpenter; Uves In Syra- 
ciise, N. Y. 

34XX FaANOES* C H. Putnam. Chtldren: 

3413 Robert Earl, b. Joly xy. x88x; d. Oct 7* 1887* 
34x4 Arthur aaire, h, Feb. xo, 1885. 
3415 Iva Louise, b. Sept 25, X889. 

3370 Guibon' CaiSBiao, m. Dec aa^ x8x6^ Elisabetb Terry, b. Juiy 
26^ X793; lived and d. in Onondaga Gmnty, N. Y.: Cbildren: 

34x6 James H., b. Aprü xx, x8i8; lives tn North Syracase, N. Y. 

34x7 Lydia Ann, b. Jan. xg. i8ao; lived in Brewerton, N. Y., iBgg. 

34x8 Harríet M., b. Jnne 5. X822. 

3419 Elmanson G., b. July x8, x8a9L 

34» Martha O., b. March aSt 1835- 

342X Giles Terxy, b. Nov. x6, 1838; d. in the CivO War. 

3373 JoHM* PuTMAM CBismo, m. Nov. 27, iBaB, Lydla Stiles, b. 
Oct 3, X803; d. Nov. X, x8a6; lived and d. near Phomix, Oswcgo Cottnty, 
N. Y. Childien (b. in Oswego Cbimty, N. Y.) : 

+3423 Francia M., b. Sept. 5, X829; Uves in Newaygo Covnty, Midi. 
3423 Cyril, b. May 3, X838; d. Feb. X4, X870; m. ^— March 2Q» 
X862. Children: 

3424 Mona; 333$. Ruth; 33a^ CyriL 

3422 FkAMas' M. CnasiBao, m. JaiL X7, x8s5, Betscy C Lesley, b. 
March ft X832. Children : 

+3427 Lydia M., b. Feb. 27, X856; m. March 15, X874, David Peacock. 
3428 Mary E., b. Oct. 7, x8s7; d. Jone 22. 1880; m. Sept x4 x877, 
Theodore Dix. Child: PearL b. March 23. 18B0. 

QnfBAUKnr or thb Chbsibmiugu PAiiay. 163 

+3439 Annie, h. May 23, 1S60; m. Dec. 30, 1877. Thomas SUth. 

3430 Jesiie C, b. March i. 1867; m. Dec. 29, 1891, Isadore Osborn. 

3431 George» b. Jone 30, 1868. 

3432 William Frankltn» b. July 7, 1873; d Oct. az, 1873- 

3437 LyniA* M. PfeACOCX. Chtidren: 

.3434 Francia, b. March 25, 18761 
3435 James, b. Apríl 30, 1888. 
34J6 Ralph, b. Jan. 15, 189a 

3439 Ahnib* Slath. Children: 

3437 Florence, h, Aug. 10, 1883. 

343B Milon, b. Apríl 9, 18R7. 

3439 Lottie. K July 4, 1889. 

3440 Child, b. Match 21, 18961 

in Grant Statíon, Newaygo G>anty, Mich. 

3373 SAMinL* CHifwaao^ m. March 23, 1828; Cathcríne White, b. Dec. 
acv 1807; d. Not. 23. 1888^ Manilos, N. Y. Children (b. in Manlios, N. Y.) : 

•f 3441 Anna, b. Jan. 39i i^l ni. March 29. 1855, David L. Mulliner. 
-j-3443 Samuel Denison, b. Nov. 15, 1833; m. Helen Hubble. 

344t Anna* Chcsbbbo, m. David L Mulliner, b. June % 1832, Nelson, 
Madison Coonty, N. Y. Children : 

+3443 Kate, b. Jan. 14, 1856; d. Feb. 14, 1870. 

+3444 Frederidc J^ b. July 4. 1858; m. 1883, Hattie Mary . 

3445 Arthor, b. June 23, 1870; d. Nov. 23, 1890; m. Miriam Jones. 
Child: Ann ElizabeUi, b. Sept. x, 1889. 

3444 Fkfwiinr * J. MüLUNia and Hattik Maiy u Children: 

3447' Kate, b. May 14. 1884. 

3448 Charles, b. July 9^ t8^ 

3442 Samuel* Dbnison CBianao and Hilsn (Hunu). Child: 

3449 Charles Chesebro, h, Dec 18, 1867: d. Aug. 31, 1884. 

Samuel Denison Chesebro lives in Syracose, N. Y.; is the inventor of 
Chescbro's Railway Car Telegraph, a model oí which was on exhibition at 
Inventors* Exchange in New York Cty, i897« 

3374 RxuBBN* CaisiBao, m. Nov. 20^ 1836^ Anna Alien» b. i8iOb Ouego 
Coonty, N. Y.; d. 1881 in Fhcenix, N. Y. Children: 

3450 Helen D., b. Jone 8, 1827; m. 1848, Jacob Snyder of Brídge* 

port, Madison Coonty, N. Y. 


3451 Mary W.. b. Nov. 30, 1831; m. March 15» igsa, Orange J. 

Bríggft oí Rochester, N. Y. 
3453 Roland Wílson, b. Oct 1, 1853; d. 1887; m. Jan. 2^ 1860, 

Harriel N. Warner o! Van Burén, Onondaga Connty, N. Y. 
3453 Sarab Ann, b. May 3* i859; Hves ín Fulton, Onondaga 

County» N. Y. 

3375 Maitha* CHismiOb m. Dec. 24» iSaflL Zeplianiah Knapp, b. Nov. 
9Si x8u. Chtidrcn: 

+3454 Elmanson C. b. Jnly 25, 1830; m. (i) Rebecca Smitb, 1855; 

m. (3) Rutb Bamei, 18661 
+3455 Ralph R.. b. May 8, 1833; n. Jane West, 1852. 
+3456 Robert B., b. March 13, 1836; m. Martha Dutcher, 1858. 
+3457 Martha Adelia, b. May 17» 1838; m. Hermán A. Luce. 

Chfldren of above: 

Lsly and Matie (of Elmanton and Rebecca) Knapp; Edna, 
Romine, Ray and Lulu (of Elmanson and Ruth) Knapp. 
Marcella, Zephaniah. Maty, Ralph R., Charles and Pearl (of 
Ralph and Jane) Knapp. María and Rena (of Robert B. 
and Martha) Knapp. Susie, (¡ertrude and Josephine (oí 
Martha and Hermán) Luce. 

3377 SuiMiT* CHEsmo (Jesse*), m. Dec. 19^ 1826, Henty Loomis 
(son of Hezekiah and Rosa {Rice] Loomis of Pompey Valley, N. Y.), b. 
i8o8» Chicago; d. Aug. ao^ 1859; the was a poetess, wríter and lecturer. 

3474 Martha Rosanna, b. Jan. 16, 1829; m. Juñe 11, 1854, Henry 

Fifield Baker, Chicago, lU. 
+3475 Henry Osear, b. Nov. 24, 1830; d. Apríl 14, 1874: m* 1862, 

Loutse Anderson; lived in Marengo, IlL 
+3476 Mary Loutsa, m. Dec 28» i857t Bríggs Livingston Rider; lived 

East Orange, N. J. 

3477 (¡ertrude Annie, b. Dec 25, 1835; m. Oct 4 1864, Levt Wing; 

live in Kew York Gty. 

3478 Josephine Submit, h. Áprú 3, i837: in* May 15, 1864, SUas 

Palmer Wheeler; live in Beatrice, Neb. 
+3479 Estella Sara, b. March 5, 1839; m. Feb. tS, 1865, Willtam Man- 

chester Brewer; live in Shenandoah, Pa. 
+3480 Corolinn María, b. Oct 20^ 1840; m. May 30, 1867, («eorge J. 

Englehart; live in St Joseph, Mo. 

3475 HntaY* OscAí and Louisc Loomis. Children : 

3481 Grace Putnam, b. 1864: d. March 10, 1866. 

3482 Henry Putnam, b. Dec 17, 1868; m. Feb. 4, 1892» Isabel Clarkc 
34B3 William Brewer, b. Aug. 3, 1874: d. Feb. 26^ 1876. 

GsMiALocy or tbi CntsmoucH Family. i^ 

3476 Maiy' Lüuiia and Briggs L. Rxbiil ChUdrcn: 

3484 Son, b. and d. 1860. 

3485 Estelle Loomtt, b. Jone 17, 1865. 

3479 EsnuA* Sara and Wiluam M. Baswn. Child: 

3486 Eva Aurelia, h. May 15. 1885. 

3480S Cdnouifif* IL and G. J. Enclbhait. Children: 

3487 Alma Loomis, h. Mar ^ 1869; d. Jan. 27, i974* 

3488 Lsnntc Mabel, b. Jtily i, 1874. 

3489 Stella Georgiana, b. Jan. ao, 1876. 

3490 Grace Pnttiam, b. Oct 9. 18^ 

3491 Bertha Loomia, h, Aug. jq, 1880. 

3378 AUNA* CBtanao» m. June 17» 1837» Robert B. de Pay, b 1804* ¿ 
Dec. 2,193$. ChUdrcn: 

349a Jeste C, b. April 5* >8a8; d. Dec. 4, 1830. 

3493 Jtnes B., b. Oct. sB, 1830. 

3494 Schuyler P., b. Jan. 23, 1833. 

3495 Martha Ann, K May 15, 1835. 

3379 Joeira* CBtamo, m. Nov. 181 183S Susan C Woodworth, b 
Noy. 13, 1813 ; lÍYed and d. in Huntingtoo, Ind. Children : 

3496 Mary M., h, Sept 2S, 183& 

3497 Suian L., b. Oct. 25, 1838. 

3498 Harríet A., b. Feb. ^ 1841. 

3499 George W., b. June 3. 1843. 

3500 Joseph W., b. June 3, 1843 (twtn of aboYc). 

3380 Euf ANiON* CBxagBRi\ 0. Dcc. 31, 1840^ Mary Sweet, b. May 
at, 1831, Pompey, N. Y.; d May 3, 1897, Los Angeleí» CaL Children (b. 
anPhQnix, N. Y.): 

-I-3S0I Myra Locflhi. b. March 7* 1848; m. Oct 13, 186B, James P. 

McCarthy, K April 13, 1848^ Phmntx, N. Y. 
+3Soa Mtnnie Amelia, b. Jan. 9, 1830; m. Dec 3, 1879^ Daniel H. 

3SQ3 Alice Ephelia, b. Sept a, 1853; d. Dec 10, 1870. 
•{-3504 Herbert Elmanaon. b. May 7, 1864; nt July 81 1885» Charlotte 

Laura Wüder, h. Noy. a, 1864. 

3501 Myia* LucnxA and jAMia P. McCaitby. Children : 

3SP5 Elmanson Avery, b. March ai, 1870; m. AprU ao, 1892, Lilian 
Ludlle Wagner, b. Jan. 7. 1873. San Francisco; CaL Child: 
Arleen Ludlle, k Apríl aa, 1893, San Frandsco, CaL 

i66 GtHiALOGY or THS CHismouGB Family. 

3506 Mary Ella, b. Jan. 3. 1872, Oswego^ N. Y.; m. Feb. aS» 1894. 
Arthur W. Forrester, b. Aag. «7, 1871, Píutborc Pi. 

3508 MiNNii* Amiua and Daniel R Ausiur, b. Oet 7« 1833. México. 
N. Y. Chüdrcn: 

3508 Edith May. b. Apríl 19. 1882. México. N. Y. 

3509 Henry Warner, b. Sept 2^ 1884 México, N. Y. 

3510 Mínnie Laella. b. Aug. 35. 1887» México. N. Y. 

3504 HnittT* Elmanson m. CaAtLom L. CBKsma Children : 

351 1 Herbert Wilder. b. Nov. 2. 1886^ Jerter City, N. J. 

3512 Myra Ladllc, b. Aug. 12. 1889^ Covina, CaL 

3513 Ross Elmanson. b. July 27. 1890, Covina. CaL; d Sept 17, 1890. 

3514 James Austin. b. Aug. 6. 1891; d. Nov. 29^ 1891. 

Lived in Covina and Los Angeles» CaL 

78^ Elias* Cntsmo (Samuel*. 197S). m. Nov. 14, 1793, Locretia 
Palmer (dau. of Denison and Manrin [Palmer] Palmer), b. Oct 29^ 1770; 
d. May 23. 1841. Children (b. in Stonington. Cona) : 

3515 Huldah, b. Aug. 16^ 1794; <L Oct. 16, 1795. 

3516 Sally. b. Apríl 06, 1796; d. Apríl 15. 1836; unmarríed. 

3517 Márvin Palmer. K Feb. 23. 1796; d. Jan. 2S, 1872; unmarried. 

3518 Elias, b. Dec u. 1799» d. Jan. 21. i8oa* 

3519 Lucretia Palmer, b. Dec. 29. 1800; d. Nov. s* ^8641 onmarried. 
•f3520 Denison Palmer, b. Jan. 24, 1803; d. May jo, 1886; m. Sarah 

Jane Hancox. 
3521 Rodman. b. Jan. 24. i8Q5; <L Oct 17» 1806. 
+3522 Joseph. b. March 3» i&7; d. Sept 27* 1889; m. Louisa Stanton 
3523 Sophia Palmer, b. Jan. 31. 1809; d. March 6, 1877; »• Juiy lOi 
1856b Thomas J. Wheeler. b. Jan. 291 1812 (son of Isaac and 
+3524 Mary Ann. b. Feb. 3. 1811; d. Feb. 2, 1884; m. Prederíck D. 
ChesebrOb 2i8E> 

3S20 DiNnoM* PALMia Cntsmo. m. Oct 2$, 1854. Sarah Jane Han- 
cox (dau. oí Reuben. 1158S), d. June 26, 1863. 

3522 JosiPB* CHtSBno. m. Jan. 18» 1831, Louisa* Stanton Noyes, 
2B70S (dau. of Lois {Stanton] Noyes), d. March 14. 1896^ in 88th ycar, in 
Stonington. Conn. Oiildrcn: 

+3525 Joseph, b. Sept 9. 183B; m. Feb. 24. 1870. Mary £. Kenyon. 
+3526 Lucretia Palmer, b. June 6. 1843; d. Dec. 16^ 1895; m. S. M. 
3S27 Denison Palmer, b. May 2. 1846; m. Nov. 23. i87S» Harriet Ash 

GüfSALOGY or TBB Chbsbbiough FAifiLy. 167 

Prevoosi (dau. oí Samuel and Harríet {Ash] Prevoost of 
Bufíalo, N. Y.), who died ai New Rochelle Aug. 14, igoa. 
+35^ Jessie Noyes, b. Oct. 31, 1848; ni. Frank Larkin. 

JSaa Joieph Cliesebroiigh and h» wtíe» Loaiía, adopted in inbncy 
Fanny Bliven. 668E, who Uves at Wequetequock. 

3535 JofEPB* Crkszbxo, m. Feb. 24, i^TOb Mary Elizabeth Kenyon 
(dati. oí James N. and Mary [Stanton] Kenyon) oí Oiarlestown, R. I.; b. 
Jone a, 1843 ; d. Aug. 93^ 189& Children (b. in Stonington, Omn.) : 

3529 James Kenyon, b. Sept 7, 187a; m. April 15, 1896. Clara Louísa 
Willis (only child of George and Sarah Round [Hasafd] 
WtUis), b. 1872, d. AprU 18. 1897. Rhode IsUnd. 

3510 Elias, h, Aug. 27, i89a 

3531 Josepbine Kenyon, K Dec. 13, 18861 

3526 LucnnA* PALMia Cmsoao, m. Nov. ii» 1868^ Samuel Morton 
Stanton (son of Maj. Samuel and Matllda (Gailcj Stanton}» b. Feb. 10^ 
1845, Cbarlestown, R. I. ; d. May 21, x897. Children : 

3532 Samuel, b. Dec 20, 1872; d. March 4, 1881. 

35 33 Lonis Sayre, b. Nov. 30, 1875. 

3534 Matllda Garle, b. Sept. acv 1877; m. May 7, 18961 James Ham* 

ilton Langworthy (sceond wiíe). 

35^ Jns»' Novss Cnisnao, m. Nov. 23, 187 Vf Frank Laiicin (son of 
Daniel F. and Martha [Hiscox] Urkín) of Watch Hill, R. L; k Apríl 141 
1844- Children : 

3535 Frank Prévoost, b. Sept. 26, 1873. 

3536 Albert Chesebro, h, May 30, 1874. 

3537 Jessie Lonise, b. Fek 11, 18761 

3538 Alice, b. Dec. 2, 1877; if Aug. 14, 1879^ 

3539 Daniel Franklin, b. Jan. 9, 1889. 

788 EzaA* CBtSEíaouGB (Samuel*, 197S), m. Dec x8, 1796^ Sally D, 
P^ümer (dan. of Denison and Marvin [Pslmer] Palmer) (Dr. Nathan snd 
Phébe [Billlngs] Pafaner)» K Sept 6, I777i d. Aug. 24, 1828^ «. $1 years. 

+35S4 Sabrá, b. Oct. 21, 1797; d. Dec 23, 1868; m. N. Robinson. 

3555 Huldah, b. June 9» 1799* 
4-3556 Rhoda, b. Aug. 4, 1801; d. Aug. 19, 1888. in Greeley, Col.; m. 
Cyrus Grant 

3557 Exra, b. March 31, 1804; d. 1856; m. Dec 28, 1828, Nancy 

Dean, 1677S. 

3558 Sally Ann, b. Nov. 18. 1806; d. Apríl 15. 1849; unmarried. 
+3559 Albert, b. Dec 14* 1808; d. Dec 22, 1888. Greenville, N. J. 
+3560 Nancy Lord, b. July 10^ 1811; d. May 30, 1892; m. Richard B. 


i6B GufSALOGY or tbs CotsmoucB Family. 

+iS6i Emma. 1x Aug. 24» iSis; m. Amos Alien Palmer (second wife), 
3S6s Hannah, bu June 26^ 1818; m. Oct. 4, 1899, Amos Alien Palmer 
(first wtfe), J867N. 

3554 Saiwa* CBBstnoDGB, m. Jan. 10^ 1819^ Nathaniel Robtnion. 

3563 Jcthua, d. unmarríed. 

3564 Nancy, d. unmarríed. 

35^ Sarah Elizabeth, b. May 17, 1831; <L June 13, 1854; m. July 39^ 
1852, Capt Nathan B. Grant (son of Rhoda [Chesebrougb], 
(355^K *i^ Cjms Grant). Child: 
JS66 Elizabeth, K Junc^ 1854- 

3556 Rhoda* CnBSiaKnjGH. m. Nov. 11, i8ao^ Stoningtoo, Qmn., Cynts 
Grant (son of Gilbert* and Anna IBreed] Grant, m. Feb. ai, 1790), b. Feb. 
I5i 179^ Stoníngton, Conn.; d. June is 1866^ Sag Harbor, N. Y. Cbtldren: 

+3567 Almira C, b. March a6. 1823; m. & W. Tlnker. 

+3568 Nathan Breed, h, Maj 29^ 1824; d. June 12, i874i Jersey 

City, N. J. 
1569 Eara Chesebrough, b. March 19^ 2826; d. Oct oó, 1894, 

Greeley, G>L 

3570 Denison Palmer, b. Dec 29^ 1827; m. Se|»t 20, 1852, Emma 

Jane Gordon. 

3571 Anson F., b. Dec 23, 1829^ Stonington, G>nn. ; Uved in West- 

field, N. Y. 
357a Emma, b. Jan. 7, 1834; d. Fek 9» 1864, Sag Harbor, N. Y. 
J573 Jane, b. Dec. 16. 1836; m. Edwin Alexander Palmer, Jr^ 

June 3, 1863. 

^Gnjgar Gbant (son of Joshua and [Breed] Grant), b. April 12, 

1768; m. Fd)u 21, X790b Anna Breed (dau. of Nathan and Lucy {Babcock] 
Breed) ; lived in North Stonington, CÍmul 

3567 Almoa' C GBAifT, m. Mareh 7, 1842, Samuel W. Tinker (ion 
of Nathan and Hannah [Woodward] Tinker), b. Dee. 29, 1820; d. Mareh 
22, 1862, Sag Harbor, N. Y.; lived in Greelcy, CoL Childrcn: 

Charles N., b. July 5, 2843* 
Jsmes W., b. June 29, 1845. 
William W., k Feb. 8; 1849. 
Nathan, b. Oct 3. 2851,' d. May, 5, 2852. 


3568 Natham' Bam GaAMT, m. (2) Eltzabeth Robtnson, July 291 
2852 (ñrst cousin) ; m. (2) Julíet H. Hedgcs, Aug. 5. 2858; m. (3) Helen 
A. Hedgcs, Feb. 20, 1868; he was a sea captain. 

GnciiOjooy or tbb Chictiwoch Family. 169 

3559 Aunr' CHBsmo, m. Dce. 20, 1833, Pbebe E. G>l>b (CJoS). h. 
A^l la^ i8m. Children: 

1574 Albert, h. Oct tS, i$33; d Oct 30^ 1883. 

3575 E<n. bu July 11, 1836. 

3576 Cornelia Eliiabeth» h. Aug. 16^ x8j8; m. John D. Palmer, 3S97S. 
+3577 Ebeneser Stanton CoblN b. Aug. 17, 1841: <L Oct 22, 1875; 

OL Carne Herreshonu 

3578 James Noyes» b. Febu i, 1844; <i- Aprü, 1893; m. Sarah Eldred* 


3579 Luke Barker. b. Jone 30^ 184& 

+3^ George Cheever, b. July JO, 1850, New York Gty. 
3581 Edmnnd Palmer, b. Sept i9b 1852. 

3577 EBBNizn* Stanton Con Chssbbrocicb« m. Carne Herreshoff 
(dan. of the iunous blind yacht and ship bnilder of Brístol» R. L). 

358a Albert; of the firm of Waterhonse & Chesebro» Boston, Mass. 

3580 GaoMS* Cniívia CnsiBaa m. Nov. it» x875» Francés Augusu 
Amerman, h, July 17» i8S3t New York. Childrcn (k in Glenham, Dutchess 
Coonty. N. Y.) : 

3585 Eva Francés, b. Jan. x, 1877. 

3586 Howard Irvtng. h, Feb. 11, 1878. 

3587 George, b. Sept 17, 1880. 

Uve in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

3560 Nancy* Loan CaasnaoucB, m. Jan. aa^ 1832» Richard Boone 
Eldred oí North Kingston, It L; d. Sept 17. 1854; Uved in Stontngton, 
Coon. Children: 

3588 Charles Boone, h. Mar 5« i834; <L Sept 4, 1887; unmarríed. 

3589 Edwin Chesebrough, b. March 15, 1836; d. Jan. 23, 1873. Cape 

Town, África; nnmarried. 

3590 Robert, b. Dec xo^ x837» d Oct. 17, 1838. 

3591 Robert b. Aug. 29, 1839; d. April a, 1896; m. Dec 6, 1883, 

Charlotte A. Smith (dan. of Giles and Hannah S. [Wheeler] 
Smith) of Stonington, Cdnn. 
3593 Sarah, b. Oct 22, 1841 ; m. James Noyes Chesebrough, 3S78S. 

3593 Abigail, b. Feb. 9, 1844; <L Dec 21, 1851. 

3594 Andrew Jackson, b. Feb. 8, 1846; m. Oct 7, 1883. Maria Vir- 

ginia Hutardo (dan. of Juan Hutardo, U. S. Cónsul at Sandy 
Point, South America), h. in Chili, S. A.; d. March a8» 1894, 
Ashaway, R. I. Children: 

3595 Andrew Jackson Hutardo, b. Feb. 8, 1885. 

3596 Edwin Chesebro Hutardo, b. Jan. 15, 1887. 


3S6i Emma* C]fi8iBaouGB« m. Oct 4» 1^46^ Anos Alien Palmer 
(fccood wife). Childrcn: 

3597 John Dm I1. Dec 2$» 1848; m. Cornelia Elizabcth Chesebronght 

359B Henry Cay» h. Stpí. 17, 1851. 
3S99 Clarencef, b. Sept 2, 1854. 

789 SiMEOM* CBnnaouGB (Samuel*. 197S), m. Oct. aj, 1800^ Abtgasl 
Slack (lUoS), K in Wequetequock Cove, d. Sept 27, i8S4» aged 75 y«&nt 
in Stonington, Qmn. Cbildren (bi tn Stontngton, Qmn.) : 

+a6ox William Franklin, b. Oct. 9» 1801 ; d. Oct og, 1672. 

+j6o2 Almíra, b. July 5, 1803; d. April 32, 1863. 

+3603 Palmer, b. Nov. 10, 1805; d. Oct. 18, 1884. 

+3604 Albert Stlles, b. Nov. 8. 1807; d. bcfore 185&. 

3605 Emily Palmer, b. Sept 18» 1809; d. Oct 2, 1830; nnmarríed. 

3606 Lticy Ann, b. Jan. 12, 18x2; d. Sept 22, 1830; omnarried. 

3607 Simeón Leonard, b. Aug. 19, 1814; d. April 7, 1846; immarrted. 
+3608 Reuben Monroe, b. Feb. 17, 1817; d. Oct 22, x868^ at Wind- 

ham, Conn. 
3609 Warren, b. July xo, 18x9; d. Sept. 8. x82X. 
36x0 Son, b. Aug. 29, X832; d. same day. 

360X WxLLXAM* FkAMXUN CRESxno, m. (x) April ft x837» by Eider 
Elihtt Cheiebro, Lucy Msnor (came from Stonington, ConiLt and lettled 
near Fulton, R Y.).; m. (2) June 24, x8s7» Clarítsa Fuller. Child: 

36XX Frank, b. July 2G^ X859; m. Dec x6» x879b Lottie Applebe. 

36x2 William, b. Aug. x6b x88x. 
3613 Oarisfa M., h, Aug. xs, X883. 
36x4 Clarence C, b. Oct 9, x8g& 

William* Franklin Qieaebro adopted in x84a-4t Martin Van Burén 
Batley (b. Dec 24, x836b in Orífkany» Oneida G>ttnty» N. Y.)» who m. (x) 
Aug. I, x8s8i Emoranda Hawks (dau. oí Charles and Faxmie)» h, Mareh 30^ 
X839. Chüdren: 

+36x5 Lucy £. Chesebro, b. Oct 7, x8s9; m. George W. Hutchings. 
+36x6 William It Chesebro, b. Oct. xs, x86x; m. ElU De Long. 

Maih» V! B. Baxlby Cbxcsibbo m. (2) Dec. 3, x85s» Susan Leslcy. 

•f 36x7 M. Lesley, b. Feb. 3, 1870; iil Katie De Long. 
36x8 George F., b. June x8, 1874; lives in Phoenix, N. Y. 
3619 Flora J., b. Oct xs, 1878; d. June x, X893. 
36ao Mary F., b. Aug. 3, x88o; m. X898» Henry Austin; live in Pen- 
nelvUle, N. Y. 

GmiALoor or tbb CstsaMNioH Family. 171 

j6»i Thommt V., h. Aug. 181 lOft. 
jdaa Eleanor, b. March ic^ 1888. 
36^ Siisic R., hi July 10^ 1891. 

1615 LucY E OmoM^ m. July 4» 18^ Gcorgt W. HatcUngs. 

3624 Martin Hutchings, bi Fcb. 20^ 1884. 
j6a5 Flore» b. Apríl 13, 1889. 

Reside in Volney, N. Y. 

5616 WnxiAif R. Chbsdko, m. Dec 15, 1885, Ella L. De Long. 

a6a6 Charlee, b. Nov. 14. 1887. 
3627 Neva, b. Sept 3, iSga. 
j6a8 Aven, b. Oct 9, i897- 

Retide in GflberU Mills, N. Y. 

5617 M. Lssixy CüEsmo, m. Juñe 15. 1890, Kaiie De Long. Cbildren: 

jfiap Louise, b. July i6b 1894. 
Ldtha, b. Mareh 5, 1897. 

Reside tn East Syracuse, N. Y. 

5603 Almoa* CHSSoaouGH, m. l^farch 7, 1827, Heniy ShefSeld (son 
oí George and Mary [Burtcb] Sheffield), b. Jan. 2, 1803, Stonington, 
Conn.; d. Oct 18^ 1858; he and his íather, George^ were shipbuilders in 
eastem part oí the township; removed to Onarga, IlL Children (b. in 
Wequetequock Cove^ Qmn.) : 

3fi30 Henry, bi Jan. 2^ 1828; d. Dec !$• 1897» at NashviUe, Tenn., 
where he was a pradising physician ; was Capuin-General oí 
the Knightt Templars in 1870; he m. 1861, Mrs. Maigaret Van 
Leer, d. 1873; he was a Spirítualist, and was author oí Auggi 
Miuages and othcr works. 

+3631 Almin Oiesebrough, b. Aprfl 30, 1829; »• J- ?• Peckham. 

+3633 Loqr Emfly, b. Aprfl 2, 1831 ; n. Jan. 5, 1860, E. R. Knight 

+3633 George, b. Feb. i, 1833; m. Hannah P. Weed. 
3634 Abby Jane, b. March 3, 183$; ^ Oct 5. 1836. 

-f-3^ Dt. Frenklin Chesebrougfa, b. Apríl 14. 1837; d. Dec 2S, 1898; 
m. 1865, Mary Parle. 

+3636 Jane A., b. Aug. 23* 1840; m. Oct 31, 1864, Henry F. Griswold. 

+3637 Mary Bnrtch, b. Aug. 24, 1843; m. March 18, 18^, Leónidas 
J. Gee. 

3^1 Almiba* C SumiLa, m. March i, 1853, James Perry Peckham, 
b. March 25, 1819^ Westerly, R. L ; d. Dec 9^ 1885. Childrea: 

+36138 Emma ShelBeId, h. Jone 26b 1854; »• Oct 14, i8!73t P. P. Keboe. 

i7a GBNtAUKSY ar mt Cntsmouca Family. 

3659 Frandt Rathbone, b. March 31, 18561 
+J640 WtlIUm Henry, b. JuJj ao. i£6o; m. Hclen Smiet, Jone a7, 1892. 
+3641 Almira Sheffield, b. Oct. 10, 1863; m. June 13, 1888, T. H. 

+3649 Jamet Walter, b. Scpt 18, 1867; m. Jaac i> i8m Jestie Brown 

of Pbflenix» Neb. 
+3643 Edwín Stanton, b. Marcb 11, 1870; m. Marie C Pcarson of 

+3644 George Sheffield, b. Sept 3. 1^72; m. Mande M. Wingrove. 

3^ Emma* S. dtexHAii) KEHO& Children: 

3645 Wniie Frank, b. June 13, 1879. 

3646 Margaret Sbeffield, b. June 3» 1886^ 

3641 Almua* S. (Pxcxbam) Coibby; Uve in Hotchimon» Kan. 

3646 Thomas Sheffield, b. March 13, i88gi 

3647 Ida Almira, b. June 4, 1891. 

3648 Peter Burton. b. Jan. 7» 1899. 
Dan^ b. 1901. 

3640 WouAM* HiHiy PicxHAii, m. June 27, 1892, Helen Smica of 
Qeveland, Ohia Child: 

3649 Jacob WaUer, b. Noy. 28» 189& 

3643 jAMia* WALTia PicxHAM and JnsB (Biowh). Ouldrcn; 

3^ Margaret Prítdlla, b. Dec 28» 1897* 
3^1 Walter Alaen» b. July 30, 1899- 

3643 Edwxm* Stahioii FfecxHAM and Maib (Pbaisoh). Child: 

3652 Mary Edwina, b. Aog. 29^ 1899. 

3644 GaoncK* SHxmíLD Piocbam and Mauob. Children: 

3653 Almira Mane, b. Sept 26b 1896. 

3654 Francés Alberta, b. Noy. io^ 1899^ 

Hannah Palmei* Weed. Children: 

3^5 George., Jr. 

3656 Henry. 

3657 Jétate, m. — — Titua. 

Uve Chicago, IlL 


GtiiBAUíGy or tvk Cbbsibioiksh Family. 173 

jtit3a LucY* Emily Shuffiild, m. E. R. Knight; the d. Oct 27, 1883. 

1658 Jcnnle S^ m. Melvtlle Root; Uve in Monmouth, IlL 
Í6S9 Myra. 

5635 FkAjfxuif* C and Maiv Suettíelo, Uved in ChiciiOb IlL Chil- 

3660 Mary; 3661, George. 

3636 Jcnmh' (SuFmu) Guswolo, Uves in San Diego» Cal Chü* 

3660 Mane, m. Harry Price; Uve in Chicago, IlL 

3663 Hany &; livet in Chicago, IlL 

3664 Albert S.; )xvt$ in Chicago, IlL 

3637 Maey* (SasTFiíLD) Gn, lives in East Nashvilleb Tenn. Children: 

3665 Harry S.; 3666^ Sheffield. 

3603S PAUfia' CntsmoucB» n. Fehí 17, 1841, Ennice H. Whcder 
(daiL oí John), h. Aiig. 8^ 1816^ North Stonington, Conn.; d. Aiig. ig^ 
tQ73; removed to a íarm near Windham, Conn. Children: 

3667 Anna Anguala» h. Jan. 18, 1843; m. June 9» i8m Charlea Brum- 
mer; live in Rising City, Neh. 
+$66H John H., b. Jan. 19» 1847. Penfield, N. Y.; m. March 19, 188^ 

Lucy M. Phinney; live in ScoUand, Conn. 
+3^ Ennice Genevieve, h. Jaa 31, 1857. Stonington; m. March 7, 1880^ 
WUton C Bata. 
3^ WiUiam Pahner, b. May 4» 1858^ Stonington; n. Oct s 1888; Ida 
May Ray, h. March 21, 1860^ Vertaillea, Conn., where they 

3671 Ida Viola, h. July i^ 18901 

366B JoHH* R and LocY M. Catsuaa Children: 

3673 Edith G., and 3673, Henry Palmer. 

3669 EuMiCB* GsmvisvB Bass. Children : 

3674 Bertrand F., and 3675* Flosaie May; live in Seward, Nebí 

3604 Aunrr* Snua CHisnao, m. Sept, 1841» Emily C Thompson 
(3776S), b. Jan. II, 18x9. Children: 

3(^76 Abfay Almira, b. Jone 3, 1844* 

3^ Lucy Emily, b. March 27, 1852; d. young. 

3fioB Rimif * Momn Cataana m. Nov. 14. 1847» Laun Ann Pierecb 

174 GufiAUxnr ar ms CBitsuMiuGa Family. 

K Nov. 6, 1896, Rehobcth, Mass.; d. Apríl g^ 188& Willínuntk, Cotw 
Children (tk. in Mystk» Conn.) : 

a^ Simeón Lconard, b. Aug. lo^ 1848; d. Sei>t 24, 1849» Mystíc, 
-f 3679 WUlíam Franklin, b. Aag. x, 1850; d. Nov. 14, 18791 Stonington, 
3680 Marím Louisa, b. Sept. 24, 1853; d. Aug. 11, 1857, Mystic, Conn. 
+3681 Emest Pisher, b. Julj 29, 1858L 

J6B2 Sanittclt b. Febí 6^ i86x, Windham, Conn.; unnarríed. 
+3683 Lovisa Robinson, b. Scpt 18, 1864, Windbmm, Conn.; m. J. G. 

3684 Almm Ermina. bi Aprfl 3» i86fi» Windbam, Conn.; onmamed; 

lives in Putnam, Conn. 

3679 Wnxuii* FkANXUN Chsskbh^ m. Marcb 26, iQ74, Enuna Palmer 
Cóllins. Child: 

3685 Winnifrcd Frank, b. Feb. 10, 1880; d. Aug. u, 1887. 

3681 EaMBST* Pasrh Chesebbo, m. Maj X9b iSBa, Carne Olivia 
Sweetland ; he is a dmggist at WilHmanttc, Cona Children (b. in Willi* 

3686 Laura, b. Jolj 17, 1883. 

3687 Reuben Sweetland, b. Apríl 19, 1888. 
36B8 Emest Pierce, b. Nov. i, 1891. 

3683 LoviSA* RouMSOM Chesbbro, m. OcL 8, 1883, James Graham 
Robinsoo. Children (b. in Willimantic, Conn.) : 

36B9 James Graham, bi Jnlj 12. 1884. 

3690 Mabd Emma, b. Oct 30, 1887. 

3691 Harold Chesebrongh, b. Sept 8, x888; d. March iSi 18901 
3693 Herbert Israel, b. June 20^ 1893* 

TgoS RsuBUf* CwtsiwmwcH (Samuel*, 197S), m. Dec 13, 1796^ Ddx>- 
rah ShcíBeld (dau. oí Isaac and Freelove [Pendletoo] Sheffield), b. May 
a, 1771 ; d. Oct 19^ 1838. 

791 Lois* Cbbsdboucb (Samuel*, 197S), m. Jan. 11, 179S Jedediah 
Pu¿Dam, bi Fék 6, 1769; d. Jan. 3, x8s& Children: 

• _ 

3693 Samuel Chesebrough, b. Jan. 4, 1796; m. Garinda Crosbr 

3694 Hannah, b. Dec 14, 1797; d. Julj Zh i8a8; m. March X9b 1825, 

Beeckman Canfield (first wife). 
+3^ I>y«r» b. Julj a3t 1800; d. Dec 16, X85X. 

3696 John, b. Oct 4. i8oa; d. Julj 34, i8a8. 

3697 Jerry, b. March 4, 1804; d. Sept 16^ 180S. 

+3698 Thomas J., bi Jnly ix, 1806; m. Dec 31. 18^9, M. Thomas. 
-f 3^ Harríet, b. Sept 22, 18x0; na. Jan. X3, xSap» Beeckman Canfield. 

GsNiAUxnr or thi CaismoucB Family. 175 

+3700 Wtlliam R., bi Jan. 22, 18»; nu Oct 24. i8jg, Mary A. Craiy. 

3701 Mmry A., k Nov. 16. 1814; d. Apríl lo^ 1852; m. Jan. sg, 1851, 

Waiian W. Sterrícker. 

3695 Dm* PuTHAM (Lois\ 791S), m. Dcc 24, i839b LuQr Andrews. 

3702 Haraer L., b. Oct 19, 1841. 
5703 Djer C, b. Dec. 30, 1843* 
3704 Mary H. T., b. March 5, 1848. 

3698 Tbomas* J. PvTNAX. Children: 

37QS Lots A., bi Nov. 18, 1830; m. March 4, 1850, Stephcn Mnrphr. 
Quid: . 

37^ vT. o* 

3706 Carolina C, bi Noy. 17, 1831; m. Noy. io^ 1851, Tnonaa J. R. 


3707 Samuel M., hi Sept 4, 1834- 

3699 HAmiT* PvTNAif Canvblbi Children: 

3709 William B.t b. Aprü 26, 1832. 

3710 Hannah, b. Jan. i, i835« 

371 1 John D.» b. Apríl lo^ 1843. 

3700 WnxiAM* R. PvTNAM. Children: 

371J Francés A., bi Jan. 191 1841. 

3713 Ann Elisa, b. Sept 3» 1845- 

3714 Denison C. hi Dec 18, 1847. 

3715 WUliam L., b. Apríl 8, 185a. 

79a Sama* CBiSKnoucB (Samuel*. 197S)» m. Dec 22, 1799^ Charles 
Phsllsps (8Q4S) ol Plainfield, Cona; b. Oct it, 1774; <L S^ 1$, i8sS- 

+3716 Jesse Chesebrough. b. Oct lo^ 1800; m. Amanda Browñ. 
+3717 Debby, b. Dec 6b 1803; m. Amos Bnrdick. 
3718 Samuel, b. May ¿, 1807; d. Dec 19^ 181S. 

37x6 JiasB* CaBSEBHyuoB Funim, m. Amanda Brown. b. June lo^ 
1807. Children (k in Plainfield, Conn.) : 

37x9 Samuel Chesebrough, b. March 5, 1827; unmarríed 
+37» Marj Francés, b. Feb. 3, 1830; m. G. F. Howard. 
4-3731 Lucy María, b. Apríl 29, 183a; m. Ira KtmbalL 

3733 Lj4ia Caroline, b. Sept 4, i434; »• (i) — — Barstow; 
m. (3) — — Gordoa 

3793 Charles Orrín, h. July 30^ 1836; Uycs in Virginia. 

176 GENBAUxnr or thi Chsssbkwgh Family. 

+3734 Thomat Dwiglit, b. Nov. sB, i8alL 

372$ Harríet £., b. March & 1841 ; m. Sumner Mayhew. 

¿26 Jetsc» b. Apríl 8^ 1844; <!• ncxt daj. 

3727 Nelfon L., b. Jmn. 2% 1850; d. March 16, 185a 

3728 Sabrá Oiesebrough, b. Jan. 8, 185a; m. — — Huttace. 

3730 ÜAiy* Fmiccis PaiLUPa, m. Ang. 27, 1849» Plainfield, Conn., 
Gcorge Frederíck Howard oí SlatertvUlCí R. L Qiildrea : 

r| 3739 Georg^ Byron, b. Jnlj lo^ 1850^ Baltimore, lid. 

+3730 Edward, b.' March 19. 1852, GrUwold, Conn. 

3731 Henry Claj, b. Nov. 8, 1853. 

3732 Mary Ella, b. Dcc i^ 1854- 

3733 Mary EUea, b. Jone 27, 1856. 

3734 WiUiam Lauriston, b. Jaa 10» i86q^ Plainfield, Conn.; a 

Lieutenant in U. S. Navy; m. Looite Alden. Child: 

Helen Howard. 

3735 Anníe Marie, b. Jtilj 29^ 1863, Norwich, Conn. 

3736 John Milton, b. June 5, x866. 

3737 Grace Greenwood, b. June 14, 1B67. 

3738 Florence Maj, b. Nov. 29b 1869; m- Dr. William Rost of New 

York Gty. 

3730 EowAiD* HowAiD, n. April 14» 18841 Isabel Lívingtum Sayles» at 
Somerville, Mass. Child: 

3739 Anníe Sayles. b. June 16^ i89s» Somervillc^ Mass. 

3729 Gnncí* Bvioif Howaid« m. Sept 11, iñ^ Webster. Mass^ Ellcn 
Maria Frink. Children: 

3740 Mabel Carolinc, b. Ang . 24, 1879^ Webster. Mass. 

3741 George Nelson, b. Dec 23* 1880, Webster, Mass. 

3742 Byron Everett. bi Jan. 181 1885, Thompson, Conn. 

3743 Wesley WUliam, hi March 14. 1887, Thompson, Conn. 

3744 Ethel María, b. Aug. 2, 1888^ Thompson, Conn. 

3745 C EUen, b. Dec 7, 1893, Chaplín, Conn. 

372I' LucY* Maixa Phillips, m. June 18^ 1856^ Central VUlage, Conn., 
Ira Ksmball (son oí Nathan) b. March 8; 1834» Buxton, Me.; d. Dec 16^ 
i9g9^ Children: 

3747 Charles B., b. May $, 1857- 

3748 Ellen L., b. Aug. 4, 1859; m. Manon Gallnp. 

3749 Ella M., b. Nov. 49, 1861 ; m. Emerson Hicks of ininots. 

3750 Anna O. Kimball, b. Aug. 9, 1866; m. M. O. Streeier; Uve in 


GtNBAUxnr or tbs CnssmoucH Family. 177 

3734 Thomas* DwiGHT Phillips, m. Mmy 27, 1867» Mary H. Lucas. 
He is a fármcr and Uves in Versailles, Omo. Children: 

3751 JciM C, m. Oct 18^ 1900» Lottie Eaglet oí Norwicli, Conn. 

575^ William M., m. Feb. 22, 1896. Sarah Lindell, Norwtch, Conn. 

3753 Don Bell, m. Dec 20, 18941 Calvin D. Bromley oí Lisbon, Conn. 

3754 Alice May, m. June Á, 1898» Frank B. HuU of Litbon, Conn. 

3755 Gcorge Custer. 

3756 Fred Auguttut. 

3717 Dnny* Pbilups, la Oct 19, 18261 Amoa Burdick (ion of 
Thooiat and Mary [Whipple] Bnrdick), b. July 6, x8oa Children: 

3757 Joseph, bi Jnly 15, 1827. 

3758 Bettcy £.. b. Ocl 30, 18291 

3759 Matilda, b. Sept 13, i83i. 

3760 John, b. May 29^ 1833; m. Polly Case; livet in Norwich, Conn. 


3765 Gcorge Washington* ; lives in South Dakota. 

3761 Edwin. b. June 6^ 1835; d. nnmarrted. 

3762 Levi N., b. Noy. 16, 1839; m. Celia P. Merriam. Child: 

3766 John P. 

3763 Sarah J., b. April 8, 1842; m. — — Mansfield. 

3764 Mary £., b. Sept x6, 1843; n- ^— - Newton. Child: 

3767 Cora. 

793 SuBMiT* CRtfOMUGB (Samuel*, 197S), m. Dec. 3, 1804, Samuel 
Thompson, b. March 18^ 1775; d. Aug. 13, 1852. Children: 

+3768 Isaac O., b. Dec. 14, 1805; m. Adeiine Wríght, Sept 99, 1833. 
+37^ Prudence A., b. Oct 14. 1807; m. Ephraim Adams, March 

+3770 Egbert N., b. Sept 15, 1809; m. Carolina Maynet, March 

29. 1831. 

+377X Lonisa D., b. July i6b 181 1 ; m. Charles Phelps, Noy. 12, i8i37. 

+Í772 Samuel H., b. Feb. 27, 1813: m. Desire Brown, April 27, 1831. 

3773 William B., b. May 4. 1815; d. Noy. 27. i8i7. 

3774 Alanson G., b. Oct 2, 1817. 

3775 Almanson W., b. Oct a, 1817 (twin of aboye). 

3776 Emily Chesebrough, b. Jan. xi, 1819; m. Albert Stiles Chese- 

brough, 3604S. 

3777 William B., b. July 31, 1821; m. March 15. i845t Eleanor Gould. 


3776 DaYid O., bi Fehi 13, X84& 

3768 Isaac* O. Thomfsoh. Children: 

3779 James B., b. Noy. 9, 1834- 

3780 Samuel, b. Feb. a3> 1836; d. May 4f 1841* 

178 GiNiAijocy or thc CHisoaouGH Family. 

3781 Henry £., b. Feb. 13. 183S; d. May 14, 1841. 

3783 Albert, b. Jaa i, 1843- 

3769 Pkuouccb* a. AfiAMS. Children: 

3783 John C, b. Jaa. 7, 1833. 

3784 Ephraim O., b. Ang. 6^ i834* 

3785 William A., b. Jan. 3, i837- 

3786 Jane S., b. May 11, 184a 
37^ Heilen C» b. Miqt 2, 184S 

3770 Edurr' N. Thompson. Children: 

3788 Loulsa M., b. Feb. 5» 183a» 

3789 Francés J., b. Dec 3i 1835. 

3790 Edwtn N., b. Jan. 25, 1841 ; d. Aug. 8, 1841. 

3791 Edwtn N., b. Jaa 23, iSs2. 
379a Louisa D. 

3771 Louisa' D. Pbilps. Oiildren: 

3793 Oiarles E.,b. Sept 8^.1839^ 

3794 Enuna C, b. May 93» 1841. 

3795 JoHa A., b. Jan. 21, 1844. 

3796 Stephen E., b. Dec 14, 1847. 

3797 Sarah M., b. Nov. iti^ 184a 

3773 Samuil* H. Tbomfsom. Children: 

3798 Manan J., b. Jaa 30^ i833> 

3799 Ansei £^ b. Apríl s* i83S- 

3800 Claríssa S.« b. March 6, 1837 ; d. Mareh 6, 1837. 

3801 Philander, b. March 6, 1837 (twin oí above) ; d. April 7, 183& 

3802 Leander, b. Apríl 7* 1838; d. April 7» 183B. 

3803 Althea L, b. May 17» 1839. 

3804 Hannah O., b. March 14, 184a 
38QS Mmry E., b. Feb. 8, 1841. 

3806 Velera D.» b. Feb. 21, 1843. 

3807 Ettgene. b. May 20^ 1845; d. Oct 5, 1849. 

3808 Sarah E., b. Oct 5. 1848. 

3809 Cora S., b. Oct. 5. 1851. 

794 Josefh' CBCsumouGB (Samuel*, I97S), m. Jaa 3, 1813, Betsey E. 
Babcock (dan. of Jesse), b. Oct. 7, 1793. Westerly, R. L; d. July 3, 1865; 
be was a farmer; removed to Fulton, N. Y. Children: 

3810 James Myron, b. Oct. 16, 1813; d. June %$, 1893; m. March 

9> 1836, Mary Corwtth Ingell, d. Nov. 7, 1894; he was a 
farmer. s. p. 
+381 1 Jane María, b, Jaa 24, 1816; d. June 24, 1887. 

GtMSALocy op TBS Cbesismucb Family. 179 

-f J8i3 William Alien, h. Oct 31, 1820. Volnej. N. Y.; d April 14. i8$7. 
J813 Martha A., b. Jan. 21, 1828; unmarríed; lívet in New Rochette» 
N. Y. 

3811 Jakb* Makxa CnsEíaoucH, m. Nov. 23, 1832, Sands Niles Ken- 
jTon» d. Jaa, 1887. Oitldren: 

+3814 Hellen S^ b. Sejit 27, 1834 ; nu Ralph H. Hannan. 

3815 Marie Jotephine, b. July 21. i8j6; d. Aug. 22, 1849. 

3816 Joteph Chetebrou^, b. Aug. 21, 1838; d. Nov. 26b 1892; m. 

Maggie Gilbert. 
+3817 Victoria A.» b. Oct. 26b 1840; m. Auguttus S. Gorham. 
+3818 Gan«evooit Melville, b. Aug. 17, 1844. Fulton, N. Y. 
3819 Elisa Francés H., b. Aug. 2, 1847; m. Samuel Bannister; live 

in Pitttburg, Pa. t. p. 
38» Ida Genevieve, b. June 4. 1852. 
-|>382i George Grosvenor, b. June 6^ 1854; »• Florence Meacham. 

3814 HgusM* S. Haxman. Children: 

+3822 Ralph Augostni» b. Dec 9b i8S7t Qcveland, Ohia 
3823 Hellen, ni. 1887, Edward Charpentier, in Paria, Franca. Oiild: 
3824 Ralph H. Haman Charpentier. 

3B22 Ralph* Aucuítuí Haemaic, ul June 14, 1882, Grace 
(dan. of Jetie Leighton and Mary [Horton, Moore] Fleming), b. July 2^ 
i86ob Albion, Mich. Resides in Qeveland, Ohio; he ts President of Cleve- 
land Gty Forge and In» Co. Children: 

3825 Grace. Fleming, b. Dec a& 1883. 

. 3826 Sne Wade, b. April 26, 1885. 

3827 Pearl, b. Dec 22, 1887; d. Dec 2^ 1887. 

3828 Mary Helen, b. Aug. 28» 189a. 

3817 VicroRU* A. GoiBAM. Children: 

3829 Sanda Kcuyon» OL Maude Shelthar. Children: 

Ruth and Mande 

Reside in New RocheUe, N. Y. 

3B18 GAJCSifoocT* MiLVOLg KgNYOH, O. Junc I9b 1872, Katherine 
Marvin Marsh» b. Jaa 19^ 1846. Children : 

383a Elinor Day. b. June i6b i877: ± March 12, 187& 

3833 Sands Niles, b. June 7, 1879. 

He is a Wholesale dmggitt in Syracuse, N. Y. 

3821 GcoacB* GK)evsNot Kikyon, m. Dec 15. 1880^ Florence Meacham, 
^ July 9b 185^ Bauvia, N. Y. Children (b. in Syraeuse, N. Y.) : 

3834 Florence Meacham, bi April 24, 1882. 


3835 Helen Grosvenor, b. Feb. 18, 1885* 
He is a Wholesale lumber merchant in Syraciife, N. Y. 

3812 WiLLiAM* Allbn Cmbssbrough (soii of 794S), ID. Jan. 1, 1846, 
Sabrína Ludington, b. Jiily 29, 1828, Volney, N. Y. He ita farmer. Chílden 
(b. in Volney, N. Y.): 

j8j6 Charles Cortlandt. b. March 26, 1848; d. Noy. 25, 1869; » Civil 
+5837 Maiy C, b. Oct. 26. 1854; d. Oct 23, 1887, Volney, N. Y. 

3838 Cyrena Amelia, b. Aug. 5, 1856, Fnlton, N. Y. ; d. Jan. g^ 1857. 
+3839 Joseph WiUiam, b. March 16, i8s9> Faltón, N. Y. 

3840 Addie Manah, b. Ang. 9, 1862, Fulton, N. Y.; d. Sept. 191 i8&4* 

Fnlton, N. Y. 

3837 Maky* C Chisbbboucb, m. Jan. i, 1884, New York Gty, George 
C Cmger. Children: 

3841 George C, Jr., b. Sept. 19^ 1884, Piüaski, N. Y. 

3842 Minna L., b. Jan. 24, 1886, Vermillion, N. Y. 

3843 Cuno Parker, b. Dec. 13, 188 , New York Gty. 

3839 Jostra' WauAM Cbbsibbouch, m. Nov. 2S i979i Anna Black 
of Detroit, Mich. Children: 

. 3844 Mary G., b. Jan. 16, 1882. 
3845 James M., b. Feb. 25, 1884. 

796 Mbky* CBBsmiouGB (Samuel*, 197S), m. Jan. aob 1805, Thomas 
Randall Chesebrongh (ic^sS), b. Dec 18^ 1776; d. Dec. 24, 18x7. Children : 

3846 Mercy Submit, b. Oct 20, 1805; d. Aug. 31, 183& 

+3847 Thomas Washington, b. Feb. 11, 1807; d. Jan., 1885. 

+3848 Corthmdt ?., b. Feb. 6b 1809; d. Jone 17, 18561 

+3849 Thankful H., b. Oct. 26b 1810; d. Aug. 11, iQtoi 

3850 Sabrína Nardssa, b. Sept 21, 1812; d. Oct 4 181361 

+38SI Lydia Amelia, b. Jan. 24, 1814; d. in Kansas. 

+3852 Prudence Mary, b. May 16. 1816; d. Sept 9^ 1896; m. Henry 

3847 Thomas* Wasbingtoit Cbisbbboucb, m. Feb.' 3, 1835, Eíúb 
Birdsell, b. Feb. 11, 1807. Children: 

3853 Cortlandt A., b. Dec. 23, 1837; d. Oct 3, 1838. 

3854 Charles T., b. Dec. 17. 1839; d. March ^, 1849. 

3855 Dau., b. and d. March, 1841. 

3B48 CoKTLAim' P. CaBSBBaouGB, ni. Jan. 17, 1842, Hannah María 

GniiALoey or tbs OnsmonoB Family. igi 

Hincklcar (diit. oí Thonas and Maiy CSdiolficIdl Hínekky). b. Oct ai. 
iSaa Oadrca: 

J8s6 Cortlaadt» bi Oct lo^ 1^44; d. Feb. aa, 1847. 
aSS7 Horacc M., bi Aprfl ae, 1846. 
3858 Eltta Mana, b. April 13, 1848; m. Oiaries Céok. 
3899 Tbomas Cortlandt, bi Dec i, 1849 

3860 Joaeph W., b. Jan. 17, 1852; m. (i) Kate Moore Vincent, Feb. 
3, 1878; m. (a) Jennie Slack. Jan. 31. 1888. 

3849 Thawkfül» R CBBanaouGB, m. Sejit 26, 1831. Petcr Fonyth» 
b. Dec. 13, 180^ Ledyard, Conn.; d. Nov. 20^ 189a Chtldren: 

+3861 Prudence M.. b. May 17, 1832: m. Giles J. Wolfe. 

3862 Ljfdia Amelia, b. Marcb 29^ 1834; d. Jan. 11, 1866; m. Aug. 27, 
1865, Charles E. Chace. 

+38(3 John, b. Jan. 26, 1836; ni. twice. 

+3M4 Tbomas C, b. March 11, 1838: m. Aug. 13, 1863, A. CUÍt. 

+38^ Jane, b. Jan. 7, 1840: d. Oct 31, i88a 

3866 Córtland C. b. Oct. ^ 1842; d. April 12, 1843. 

3867 Charles N.. b. May 29^ 1844; d. May 20^ i8sa 

+3868 WOliam Henry» b. Oct. 9, 1846; m. Prudence Rathbone. 

3869 Hannah B., b. Dec. 21, 1848; d. Dec. 23, 186& 

3^ Francés E., b. Aprü 9, i8si; d. Oct. 29. 187a 

3^1 Ellen, b. Apríl 11. 1853: d March 31, 1881. 

3^ Edwin, b. June 27, 1856; d. July 20, i8S9. 

3861 Paumici' M. FoasytH, m. Oct 10, i8s8^ Giles J. Wolfe oí 
Groton, Conn; reside in Mystic, Conn. Chillen: 

3873 Mary E., bi Aug. 26^ 1859: ^ Oct 13. 1860. 

3874 Jennie E., b. July 9^ 1862. 

3875 Annie F., bi Jaa i^ 1864, 

3^ George P., h. Feb. i^ 1868; d. Sept 27, 1873. 

3B$3 JoBM* FoKSYTH. UL (x) Nov. 4, i857> Arniíe M. HUÍ, d. Oct 25. 
i8di3; m. (2) Jan. ló^ i86Si Muy Spicer. Children: 

3877 Nettíe M., b. Aug. 81 1858; d. Oct 31» 1883; ra. Jan. 12, 1881, 
John D. Gilbert Child: 

3880 Ada, b. Aug. 29^ 1881 ; d. Sept i, 1882. 

3898 Kate M., b. Jan. 28» 1861 : ra. June 16^ 1881, Ira F. Noyes. Child: 

3881 John P., b. Apríl 7, 1883. 

386S Jahi* Forsyth, ra. Nov. 3, 1869, Charles W. Clift. Children: 

3882 Esther H., b. Nov. 30, i866l 

3883 Ellen Eltsabeth, b. May 15, 1872. 

3884 William F., bi Feb. 11, 1874; ± Jone 20^ 1874. 

cb GsNiAUxnr or ruM CnmoucB Fakily. 

386S WiLtfAM* HsHftY FotSYTH, IB. Fek II, iSSq^ Prudcnce Raihbooe 
of Noank» Conn. Childrcn: 

3885 Willie C b. Dec 14, 1879; d. Ju. 12, i88a 
j886 Jcnnie R., k Aug. 8, 18B3; d Ang. 24, 1882. 

38SI Lyoia* Amiua CHtsmoucH, m. Dec 17, 1835» Charles Miner 
Ntles, h. March 20^ 1807. Children: 

3887 Reuben Oiesebrough, b. Sept. 9, i8j6; served in Gvü War; 

drowned April 18^ 1868, in Stonington Harbor. 
5888 Jetse L^ b. June 27, x84a 

3889 Charles Míner, b. May x8, 1843. 

3853 PKumNCB' Maky Chisibrovcb, m. Dec 12, i$38^ Henry Hinck* 
ky (Samuel Hobart), b. Julj 15, i809b Stonington^ Conn.; d. June x8^ igoi, 
Stonington, Cona Oiildren : 

4-3890 Mary, b. Oct. 25. 1839; d. March 24, 1881. 

+3891 Abby Helms. b. Jfuly 1$, 1841; d. March ii, 1883. 

+3892 Thomas Henry, b. June 30, 1843; resides in Springfield Mass. 

+3893 Eliía Chesebroufl^, b. May 15, 184$- 

3894 Vincent, b. Oct. 20, 1847; d. Aug. 11. 1899; unmarried 

-f-3895 Elias Babcock. b. Feb. 19. 1852. 

+3896 James B., b. June 30, 1856; m. March 24. 1885, Jennie May 

3890 Masy* HxNCioxy; m. Jone x6^ 1869 (second wife). Charles E. 
Chace, b. 1832. Children: 

3897 Clara H., b. April 4, 187a 

3898 Edward S.» h. Aug. 13, 1Q73; d. Aug. 2$, xQ74- 

3891 Abby* Hilms HiMCXunr, m. March 30^ 1863, Charles Hauy 
Babcock, b. July i6b 1838. Children: 

+3899 Annie L, b. May 23^ 1865; m. Nov. 24, 1887» Dr. John Eldred 

3900 Edith V., b. Jan. 8, 18691 

3901 Harry H., b. June 29» 1872; d Oct 20^ 1892. 

3899 Amxxb* L. (Babcocx) Eurnaa Children: 

3902 Raymond Babcock, b. Feb. ix, 1889. 

3903 Edith Camilla, b. Feb. 23, 1891. 

3904 Roger Mortimer, b. Febí I3« 1894. 

3893 Thomas' Hekry Hxncxlxy, m. Dec 26b 1866, Etu Weaver, b. 
1843. Children : 

3905 Carrie Hyde» b. April ao, 1868. 

3906 Cora Weaver, b. May 18, 187a 

GtNBAUxnr or thi CHismouca Faiulv. 183 

jflm EuzA* CHitmouGH Hixcxunr, m. Nov. 22, 1971, Willianí Hyde 
Fümcr» b. 1843: Childrca: 

SgOT Burrowt Spalding, b. Ju. jo^ 1873. 

agoB Winiam Hínckley. b. March 31, 1874; ^ >n tnfaacy. 

3p09 Ida, b. Marcb 4f 1876. 

3895 EuAi* Babcocx HiNCioxy, ni. (i) Oct 23, i9A Fannie Oift» 
b. Mafth & 1896; d. Aiig. a8» 1885; »• (2) Dec. aob 1893» Grace M. Leveyi 
b. Oct 34, 1869; be is.Town Clerk and Probate Judge oí Stooningtoni Gmn, 
Cbildrcn oí fim marriage: 

3910 Elinor, bi Ang. ag» i88a 

3911 Hobart, b. Aug. 19^ 1883; d. Ang. ao^ 1890. 

Qüldren oí secood marriage: 

3912 Tbelma Qift, b. Jan. 8, 1895. 

3913 Pmdcnce Mary, b. Jone 11, 1899^ 

38g6 Jamis* B. Hinoobt. 

3915 EUíe L., b. Feb. 10, 188& 

3916 Gerard Merihon, b. Sept 1. 1889. 

797 Samuil* Chbbiibd (Samuel*, 197S), m. (i) Dec 25* 1814, Sally 
Robínson (dan. oí Jothna), b. July á, 1799: d. Apríl 23, 1830; be served 
in tbe Militia, at the ttonnitig oí Stonington» €000.* by the Britiih Ang. 
lOb 1814, and received írom the Government 160 acres oí land íor hia 
fervkea. Chtldrcn (b. tn Stonington, Conn.) : 

+3917 John Robinson, b. Nov. s» 1815; d. June 19, 1899- 

+3918 DodleyR^b. May 28» x8i8;d. June, 18791 

+3919 Ann £., b. Sept 23» 1820; d. May 9, 190a 

4-3930 Francés Mary, b. Sept. 13, 1822; m. Ichabod Dickensoa 

'3921 Samuel, b. Apríl 29, 1826; d. Sept 8, 1830. 

+3932 Sarah Jane, b. Apríl 29^ 1839; m. three times. 

3917 JoHX* RoBixsoM CaiSBaao, m. Jan. 2, 1842^ Ahntra F. Burdkk 
(dan. oí Oliver and Susan [Potter] Bordick), b. June 22, 1818; d. June 10^ 
I9QS^ Lotttsville, ICy. s.p. Squire Oliver Burdick was propríetor oí the 
Stonington Hotel in 1837; also was merchant and a Justice oí the Peace. 

39x8 DuBunr* R. Chssbbm^ ni. Sept 24» i843t Jane Ttnker, h. Apríl 4 

3933 Harríet Jane, b. Dec ix, 1845; <!• Jan. 8» 1853. 

3919 Axn' E. CBBSBtto, m. Oct xi, 1838; (>eorge W. Ashbcy, b. June 
30^ x8i^; d. May xg^ 1883. Children: 

3924 Sally Robinsoxi, b. July 7, x839; m. Feb. 4, X863, Samuel J. 

39^ Harríet £., b. Aug. 8, X84X ; m. July 8^ 1863, Henry L. Teed. 


39» FkANCBs* Maiv CniinM», n. Dcc 2$, 1843^ Ichabod Dickensoo, 
(toa oí James Dickensoo ind Sarih (Thnrstoiil Dkkenton ol Stoningtoo, 
Ccma)» b. Oct fl; 18x4; d Jan. j8^ 1882. s.^ 

ign SAtAH' Jans Cbssou, m. (1) Jan. 13. 1847» Mark M. Swaa^, 
d. Dcc 2, i«76; m. (2) Jaiu i, 1882. Dr. A. G. Wolfe. d. Jan. i6b 1885. Child 
oí fint marriage: 

3937 Sarah A., b. May 28, 1848; m. 1869» MoiM C Wolfe» iL Feb. 20. 

1886. Chíklreii: 

3926 Marión C, b. Marcb 7, 197a 

3929 Mtlton P., b. Julj 26b 1871. 

3930 Sarah J., b. Jaa 16^ 1874. 

3931 David B., b. Nov. 5, 1875. 
3933 John A.» b. Dec 30. 1883. 

797 Samüil* CuBinao (Samiiel% 197S), m. (j) Dee. s» 18» Har- 
riet (Hatkell) Pollard, widow, b. Aug. 3i 1796; d. Dccii, 185S. Childrcn 
(b. in Stontngton, Omul) : 

3933 Harriet, b. Sept 13» 1831 ; d. Sc^ 29^ 1831. 

3934 Samuel, b. Aug. 26, 1836; d. Sept 32, 1836. 

3935 Harríet, b. Aug. 26, 1836 (twin oí above) ; d Sept. 15, 183& 

3936 Samuel H.» b. Dec 8, 1838; m. Sept 26, 1865» Lucretia María 

Babcock. Oiild: 

3937 Pauline Chesebro. b. Ang. 3, 1879. 

797 Samuel* Cnmao (Samuel*, 197S), m. (3> March 19, i8s7, Lydia 
(Fellowt) Langworthy, b. March 5, 1790; d. Aug. 24, 1882. 

821 Nathamul* Palmu (Nathaniel*, 2osS), m. (i) Nov. 11, 1790^ 
Nancjr Phelpf» IS53S (dan. oí Hannah Dentton» 5o8S), b. Aug. 8^ 1772; 
d. Oct 2ft 1791, with her iníant 

Nathamul* Palmbi m. (2) March 18, xtsA Merey Brown (dau. of 
Peleg and Merey [Deniaon] Brown), b. July 22, 1777; d. Aug. 8^ 1827. 

3938 Nathaniel Brown, b. Aug. 8» 1799; d. June 21, 1877; m. Dec 7, 

1826, £liia T. Babcock; d. Apríl 12, 1872. 

3939 Ann Adelaide, b. Nov. 26» 1800; d. May 3, 1833; n^ Oct 4t 1827, 

Charles T. Scanton (2857N), hii first wiíc 

3940 Grace Noyes, b. Oct 18, 1802; d. Feb. 12, 1871; in. May i, 1821, 

Joseph Warren Stanton (28$8N). bis first wiíc 

3941 Louts Lambert. b. Feb. 8» 1804; d. Jan. 31, 1829^ Stonington, 

0>nn.; unmarríed. 

GtNBAUxnr or tbb CiitsinouGB Family. tSs 

+3943 Alexander Grint Smitli. b. Jaa 26, 1806; d. Oct 22» 1894, 

Stoningtont Conn.; m. Prisctlla Dixon. 
+3M3 Jnliet, b. Feb. 2$» 1806; d Aug. ait 1845; sn. WiUiam A. Fanning. 

JM4 Mcrqr, b. Ang. 8^ 1811; d. Aug. 11, 1811. 
-f-JMS WíHiasn Lord, b. Nov. 3. 1813; d Dec 11. 1887; n. SaQy P. 

+3946 Nancy Lord. b. Nov. 3, 1813 (twin of above) ; d. SepC. 3, 1897, 

Stonington, G>nn.; m. Charles T. Stanton. 

3947 Theodore Dwight, bi Aug. 29^ 1816; d. Jaa is* 1865; <n. Oct 25, 

1853, Harríct Billinga. 

3948 Warren S.. d. Maj 29^ 1845» «• ^7 jcart. 

3943 Julut* Palmh» m. May 31, 1824, WiUiam A. Farniing (too of 
Edmiind and Sarab). d. Fcb. 20b 1826^ agcd 32 ycars. Cbild: 

3949 Sarab, m. Edward A. Bradford. 

3943S Caft. AuEXAMBca* Gbawt Smitb Falmib. b. Jan. 26b 1806^ 
Stoiüngton» Conn.; m. Juno 19, i8i37> Frítcilla Dtxon (dau. oí Nathan 
Fellowt and BcCiQr [Palmer] Dixon of Wettcrlj, R. L), b. June 17» 1815: 
d. Jan. 12^ 1851. Chiidrcn (b. tn Sconington, Conn.) : 

3950 Nathaniel Brown, b. Nov. 16, 1840; d. at tea May i6b 1877; 

m. Oct lOb 187a, Harriet Wilder. who ra. ([2) Franklin B. 
Noyes (see 1601S) of Stonington. 

3951 Alexander S., Jr., b. May 2ft 1843; d. Aug. 9^ 1891; unmarried. 

3952 Louis «Lambert, b. July 21, 1845; d. May 31, 1887; unmarried. 
+39S3 Elixabeth Dixon, b. June 6. 1848; m. Sept 3, 1873. 

Fanning Looer, Jr., of Stonington, Conn. . 

394S Carr. Wiluam' Lo» Palmo, d. May 11, 1887; m. Nov. 21, 
1846b Stonington, Cona, Sally Potter Williams (iséBS), b. May 1, 1825; 
d. May 18; 1877* Children (b. in Stonington, Conn.) : 

3954 WiUiam Lord, b. Se|it. 16^ 1847; unmarried. 

3955 Theodore Dwight, b. April 5, 1849; m. June 24, 1872, Eliaabeth 

L. Dcnison (Edward). 
3996 Sarah Williams, b. Noy. 2, i8s8: m. Nov. 8, 1880, William 



3946 Nancy* Lo» PALMn, m. Oct ty, 1836 (seeond wife). Charles 
Thompson Stanton (2857N), b. Dec 6, 1797; <!• Sept 3» 1897- Children (b. 
in Scowngton, Conn.) s 

3957 Samuel, b. Feb. 5, 1838. 

3958 CoL Charles T., bi Nov. 39, 1839; unmarried; resides in Ston- 

ington, Conn. - 

3959 Hannah P., b. July 24. 1841; d. March 2$, 1886; unmarried. 

786 Gbniax^icy or tbb CHismoucH Family. 

+3960 AdeUide P., b. Aug. 18. 1844; «. George T. Adee» Jr. 

3961 Gracc Noyes, b. Dec 4, 1847; unmarríed. 

J963 Jttliet, b. Dec 4» 1847 (twin oí above) ; m. Sept. 5» 187^ Edward 
F. Finney. 

3963 Nathaniel P., b. Apríl !$• 1851 ; tuimarried. 

3964 Joieph Warren, h. April 15, 1851 (twin oí above). 

3gS3 EuzABETB* DixoN Palmie (AJexander* G. Stnith, 3942), b^ 
June 6f 1848; m. Sept 3^ 1^3^ StoningtoUt Coon^ Ricbard Fanning Loper 
(son oí Richard Fanning and Margaret [Mereer] Loper). h. March 17» 
1851; resides in Stoningtoo, Conn. Children: 

3965 Alexander, bi June 18, 1874. 

3966 Richard Fanning, b. June 30, 1876. 

3967 Príscilla Dixon, b. Jan. 15, 1887. 

3968 £li2abeth. b. March 26, 1889. 

3960 AsaLAnc* P. StAnnon, b. Aug. x8» 1844; m. Oct 6, 1871, George 
Townsend Adee, Jr. (son oí (Seorge T. and Ellen Louise Adee). Children : 

3969 Elinor, b. July, 1872. 

3970 (Seorge, bi Jan. 4, 1874- 

3971 Charles &., b. April, 1875; d. July X4t 1901, tn New York Gtj. 

3972 Julfet Sunton, bi 1882. 

822 (jiACB* Paluh (Nathaniel*, 205S), d. 1846^ buried Lockport, 
N. Y.; m. Feb. x8» 1796, Capt Richard Duríce» d. Jan. 8^ 1818, s. 48 years» 
Slonington, Conn. Children: 

3973 Sarah, nu -— - Hyde. a. p. 

+3974 Grace N., m. -— - Pember. 

3975 Capt. Nathaniel, d. Jan. 10, 1864, c 67 years; unmarried. 

+3S^ Pauline, m. James Denniston oí Lockport, N. Y. 

3974 (jiACí* N. PXMBn. Children: 

3977 Thomas. 

3978 Grace, m. Henry L. Ryder oí Brooklyn, N. Y. 

3976 Pauuiti* DncmsTON. Children: 

3979 Pauline Anna, m. Ephraim Williams (iS^)* 

3980 Grace, m. Hiram Walbridge. 

3981 Emily, unmarried. 

3982 Mary, m. Van Voorhies. 

3983 Sarah, m. Rev. — Mackie. ' 

3984 James, unmarried. 

GiNBALosy op TBS Chesimoucb Family. iBf 

XBS George, m. ■ ■ Eaton oí Buffilo, N. Y. 

3986 Hardy. 

833 Luxi* Palmei (Nathanid*. aosS)» h, Fcb. 14» I77S; ^ D^c. as 
1822, SloningtoQ, Cono.; m. March 11, 1804, Sally Pouer Dcnitoii, k Stpí. 
2» 178S ; d. Jttly ft 18S2. Chtldmi : 

3987 Sally Marta, b. Jan. s» 1805; d. Nov. 3. 1874; unmarried. 
3968 Betsey Denison, b. Nov. 29, 1806; m. Nov. 6, 183^ William 


3989 Luke. b. Oct. 19^ 1808; m. Jan. 8, i8si, Mary E. Holbrook. 

3990 Hannah Williams» bi Aug. 4, 1810; m. March 8» 1848, Joshna 

Noyes (758E). 
+399X Grace BtllingSt bi Aug. 28, 1812; m. (i) Daniel Carew; m. (2) 
Nathaniel Wilgna. 
3992 Harriet Newell, b. Aug. 31, 1814; m. Aprü 21. i837i Tbeodore 

3091 GiACE* Bnxiwcs Palmh, b. Aug. 2fi, 1812; m. (i) June 21, 1830^ 
Stonington, Gmn^ Daniel Carew, b. March, 1808; d. at sea Aug. 19. 1837: 
m. (2) Apríl 5, 1852, Nathaniel Wálgus, b. July 24, 1793; d* March 28, 1873. 
Children of first marríage: 

+3993 Sarah Elisabeth, b. June is, 1833; d. Jan. 3, 1901, Búfalo, 
N. Y.; m. James Sheldon (4343S). 

3994 Abbie Oiesebro, b. Nov. 27, 1834- 

3995 Daniel, b. Feb. 28, 1837» d. March ao^ 1837. 

Child of second marríage: 

3996 Edward Denison, b. Nov. 8, i8S4» tt Buffalo, N^ Y. 

3993 Sakah* ELiZAinH Cabkw, m. April 4, i8S4» Buffalo, N. Y.» 
James Sheldon (4343S), d. May i, 1897, Buffalo^ N. Y. Children: 

3997 Grace Carew, b. March 2$, 1855; Ihres tn Buffalo, N. Y. 

3998 James, h. July 20, 4856; Uves tn New York Gty. 

3999 Sarah Palmer, bi March 5, 1858. 

4000 Sylvia Alexander, h. Oct. 9^ 1859. 

4001 George, b. Dec 24, i86a 

4002 Tbeodore Butler, b. Dec xa, 1862. 

4003 Daniel Carew. b. 1864; d. young. 

4004 Agnes DougUss, b. Dec. x, x866. 

4005 Henry Alexander, b. Sept 23. 187a 

4006 Robert Carew, b. May IQ, 1872. 

825S Maby* Palmh (Nathaniel*, 205S), b. Jan. 21, 1780; m. Apríl 18^ 
1798^ Noyes Brown (son of John and Mary [Holmes] Brown), b. March 
I3i I77S; d. Apríl 16^ 184$; lived in Stonington, Conn. Children: 

4007 John Noyes, b. May 2, 1799; d. Jtily 27, 1829; unnurríed. 

GufiAUMnr or ni CHESsnouGB Family. 

+4008 Edgar Mutlebert» b. Fek 24» i8ot; d. April 5. 1869. 

4009 Nathanid Palmer, b. Jan. 4. 1803; d. Feb. m, i«S4. 

40x0 Henry AJbert, b. Jone 5» 1809; d. July jo^ 1875; n. April 12. 

1835» EUa A. Palmer, a. p. 

4011 William Alexander, h. May 5» 1811 ; d. Oet 8^ i8sa 

401a Mary, b. Nov. 14* 1813; d. Sept 24» 1894. 

40x3 Daniel, b. Sept XJ, X815. 

4014 Mary. 

4008 Edcae* Mahtudut Bwwn, m. Nov. 12. xSag^ Jane Beri^ (dan. 
oí Chrístian and Elücabeth [Iven] Bergh), d. Sept 17» 1869^ Cbildren: 

+40XS Edwin Bergfa, b. Jan. 25. 1831 ; d. March 20, x88a 
-f 40x6 Julia Eltsabeth, b. Maj 5* i837; d. June 4» 1877* 

4017 Malslda Bergh. b. Oct. 2X, 1840. Uveí in N. Y. Gty. 

40X6S Julia* Elxzabith Bbown, m. *Maj.-Gen. Daniel Butterfield 
(ton of John), b. Oct 31, x83it Utica, N. Y.; d. July 17, 1901, Cold Spríng, 
N. Y. Child: 

4018 Edgar M. Bergh, b. May x, 1858; d. Aug., 1861. 

4015 Edwin* Boch Biown, m. April 8^ X863, Agncs J. Pollock (dan. 
of James), oí New York City. Children: 

+40x9 JtMn Pollock, b. June 22, 1864; m. Walter Jexminga, Nov. x, 1891. 
4030 Agnes May, b. Jan. 17, 1867. 
4oax Edgar Mantlebert, bi July 27, 1869^ 

4022. Florence Bergh, b. April 27, 1871; m. Feb. 27, 1900 (second 
wtfe), Eugene UnUlhon (.UliN),oí N. Y.Qty. 

40x9 Jkan* Pollocx Biown, m. Nov. x, 1891, Walter Jenninga (ion of 
Oliver Burr and Estber [Goodsell] Jennings) of Fairfield, Coim. Child: 

4023 Oliver Burr, b. May xi, 1895. 

837 Wabien* Palmh (Nathantel*, 20sS), b. March 8, 1788; m. June 
i4 x8x6^ Marcia Denison (dan. of Oltver Dem'son and Martha [Williams] 
Denison), b. Aug. 25, X79X ¡ d. April 19^ x^3i Stonington, Coim. ChUd: 

4024 Nathaniel Oliver, b. Aug. 4, 1820; d. Dec ^ 1853; m. Harriet 

Smith (dau. oí Daniel and Ann {Bum] Smith), d. Oct 7, 
1873. *. 53 years. Children (b. in Stonington, Coim).: 

4025 Ann Eliza, b. April x, 1840; m. William Boitom. 

•GcB. Daaid Battcrficld n. (a) ia sS86» ia Ea^aad, Mn. Jnlia L. & Junct of New 
York Gty. Gen. Daokl Battcrficld wm • gridnatc of Union CoUcgc in tS^Ob ccnrcd 
tbfoiígh tbc War of tht RcbclUoa, ond wm alto Atcictaat Traacuror of tbo United 
Statci ot New Yorli City; hia fither, John Bmtcrficld, woa tbe orgoaiaer of tbe Amcr- 

Gbmbalogy or n» CHistsaouca Family. 189 

4035a Harrict, b. Apríl 24, 1841 ; d in 2d ycar. 
4oa6 Warren. b. Nc*v. 34. 1842; ^ March 21, 1888; m. May 
31» 1866, Sarah Elixabeth Bruwn (dau. oí Alaoson). 

8aB Maiy* PAUcnt (David*, ao6S), m. (i) llioinas Barber. Children: 

4037 Abbyt b. Sept 8» 1804: m. Roswell Morgan (Samuel and 

Mary [Holmes]). 
4028 Elisa. 

830 Paity* Paucbs (David, ao6S), m. Harry Niles of Centre Groton, 
Cona; lived and d. in Mystic, Gmft; had a larse famtiy; one of her 
daughtera (4009) »• Sanrad Ashbey. 

833 J1S8B* BiowN (Mary* Palmer, 207S), b. Sept 2, 1774; m. Sept 
10^ 1796^ Sally Adams (dan. of NaUían and Elixabeth [Comstock] Adams; 
Nathan Adams kiUed at Fort Griswold Sept 6. 1781) b. 17^; d. March 18, 
i8S4- Children : 

4-4030 Benjamin, b. Jone 13, 1797; d. Oct 2$, 1863; nt Mary Ana 
4Q3I William Nilson, b. Sept 16^ 179B. 
4033 Frederíck Frank, bi March 11, 1800; drowned Jan. 39^ i8a& 

4033 Mary Palmer, b. Oct 23, 1803; d. May 7, 1845. 

4034 Jesie Palmer, b. Apríl 4, i8os; drowned Aug. 13, 1825, in 

middle race. 

4035 Orlando, b. Aug. 4» 1807; drowned Aug. 13, 1835, in middle race. 

4036 Robert Dudley, b. Oct 8, 1809. 

+4037 Pardon Taylor, b. Nov. 17, 1811; d. Sept la 1874, New Haven, 

4038 Wellington, bi Jan. a» 1816. 

4030 BufjAMnr* Bbown, m. Dcc 21, 1820^ Mary Ann Middleton 
(Nathantd, Waiiam), b. Nov. 3. xS»; <L May s x97& 

4039 Adelia, b. Aug. 14, 1822; m. Oct 26b 1842, William H. Bentley 

of Atlantic Hi^dandi, N. J. 

4040 Benjamin Warren, b. May 19^ 1825; d. March to^ 1880; m. Dec 

25, 1848, Enen Flintoff. 
+4041 Orlando Middleton, h. Apríl 13, 1837; m. twice. 

4042 Mary Ellen, b. July 30^ 1829; m. March 5, 1848, Henry Man- 


4043 Nathaniel, b. Aug. 29. 1831; d. July 8^ 1838. 

4044 Harríet, b. Nov. 19^ 1833: d. 1895; m. (i) Aug. 29^ 1850^ George 

Alvor Sawyer; m. (2) Evan D. Harris of Mystic, Conn. 

4045 Charles, b. Feb. 5. i837: n. Lucy A. Galloway. 

4046 Amanda, b. Oct 31, 1841; m. Dec 20b 1863, HoratioCBarbottr. 

190 Gbnbalocy ar ths CHEsmoucn Family. 

4041 OüLAiiM* MmouTON Bbown, a physicsan in Washington, Omm, 
BL (1) Jttly I. 1853. Fannj Pdmeroj Tallmadge. Child: 

4047 Ccorge Tallmadge, b. in VVarren, Conn.; a physician In Mar* 

gareivillc, N. Y.; m. Amelia Peiry. 


4041 OiLANM* MüMUioif Baowif, m. (a) Maitha Pomeroy Whit- 
tlesey (dan. of David Cbeiter and Mary [CogswellJ Whitllesey} of New 
Preitun, Conn. Childrrn: 

4048 Fanny Pomeroy, bi Jan. 4, 1859. 

4049 Mary WhttUetey, b. Jan. 3, 1861 ¡ m. Sei>C 14» 1893, John Rua- 

tell Perkins. 

4050 Dr. David Chester, bi Nov. 16, 1864; m- June ao^ 1889, Catherine 

Cobden (dan. of Arthnr) of Lansingbargh, Ñ. Y. Child (b. 
sn Danbury, Conn.) : 

4051 Orlando Cobden, bi Jnly a» 18901. 

Mayílower Line, írora Wtlllam Brewtter: 

Eider WiUiam Brewster. 

Jonathan Brewster (and Lncretia), b. 1590; d Apríl 16» 1664. 

Rnth Brewster, m. John Picket 

Mary Picket, m. April lo^ 1672, Benjamin Shapley. 

Daniel Shapley, m. Nov. ix, 1714, Abigail Pierson. 

Ruth Shapley, m. April ai, 1751» Ichabod Rogers (son of Capt 

Ichabod Rogers, Jr., m. Nov. aa, 1778, Mary Hall (grand* 

daughter of John Rogers, son of James). 
Mary Rogers, m. March ay, 1800» Nathantel Middleton. 
Mary Ann Middleton, m. Dec. ai, 1820, Benjamín' Brown 

Orlando* Brown, m. July a, 1855» Martha P. Whittlesey. 

4037 Piüoioii* Tayu» Bbown, m. (x) Pmdcnoe Spicer; m. (a) Jan. 
30^ X854, Eunice M. Avery. Children (Ix in Mystic, Conn.) : 

405a Florence, b. Nov. 3, X854. 
4QS3 Arthnr H., b. May 3, 1858. 

40S4 Alexander, b. Aug. x6» X862; m. March 3, 1893, Anne M. Pulí- 
man. Child: 

4055 Arthnr H. Brown, b. Dec 3t X893. 

fli34 Davio* Palmsk Baoww (Mary* Palmer, 2078), m. Dec 23, 1804, 
Fanny E. Chadwick, b. May 4, 1784; d. Apríl 4, X87& Children (b. in 
Crotón, Conn.): 

4056 Adaline D., b. Sept 17, 1805; d. Feb. 19, 189a; nnmarríed. 
+4057 Sally Ann, b. Sept. ay, X807; d. Dec ¿, 1893» c 86 years; m. 
Silas Dewey. 

GBNSAUMnr or tbe CantnoucH Family. 191 

+4QS8 Gcorfft Chadwick, b. Jan. \% 1810; m. EUn Wheelcr. 

-Í-40SO Fanny Maria, b. Marcb 8, 1812; d Feb. 24» 189a; m. Isaac H. 

4060 Lncy P., b. Dcc 11» 1814; d Feb. t6» 18B1. 

+4061 David P., bi May 6. 1817; d. Sept. 23, 1881 ; m. Mary Wallact. 

4062 Weallby Ann, bi July 20, 1819; d. in her 4th year. 

4063 Robot C. b. March 12, 1822; d. July 9, il^S; ttnmarríed. 

4064 James Henry, b. July 25, 1825; d. May 16» 1846b on board Iht 

shtp Americatk 

4057 Sally* Ann Bwm'N. d. in Rockvtlle, Conn.; m. Oct ift 1828^ 
Silas Dewey (son of Hon. Asahel), b. June 16^ 1801, Lebanon, Conn; d. 
Dcc. s^t 18136^ Lebanon, Orna; he was a íanner. Cbildren: 

+406$ Silas Henry, bi April 27» 1830; m. Apríl 30^ íBsh Nancy 

Manley, b. 1830. 
4-4066 Lucinda £li2abeth« b. Jan. 26, 1832; m. E. S. Henry. 
+4067 Sarah Ann, b. Sept 7f 1833; m. Nov. 17. i8s3f Solón Parker, s. p. 
+4068 Francés María, b. April 24, 1835; m. E. B. Andrews. 
+4069 Phebe Hadasseb, b. March 31. 1837; m- Dwight Marcy, March 

13, 1875. 

4o6sS Silas* Hbnby Diwiy. Chlldrtn : 

4070 Adelbert Henry, b. Sept. s6. 1852; d. Jan. 19^ 1877* 

+4Q7I Anna María, b. May 4$ 1856; d. Dec 6. 1881; m. Elbert C. Little. 

+4072 George Laurin, b. May iSt 1862; nL Aug. 11, 1886, EAe E. 

4073 John Stevens, b. Feb. 12, 18691 

4074 Ciña Floríne, b. July 20, 1873. 

4075 Dumont Bertram, b. Sept. 24» 1875. 

4066 LuaNUA* EuzABETH Dbwsy, ul Feb. II, i86ob Edward Stevens 
Henry, b. Feb. lo^ 18361 Child: 

4076 Maud Henry, b. Oct. 19^ 1868; d. Oct 18^ i875- 

4068 Fkancbs' Makia Dbwiy, m. April 13, 1862^ Esra Bames Andrews» 

4077 Mary Lincoln, b. Apríl 16» 1865; d. Oct 24, 1884. 
4C^ Ciña» bi Oct. 5. 1867; d. Feb.. 186& 

4079 Lenore. b. Oct 11, 1869; Hves in Rockville, Conn. 

4080 Lura. b. Nov. 5, 187a 

4QS8 Gioncí* Chaowicx Baoww, m. Aug. i^ 1832, Elisa Wheeler. 

+4081 George. b. May 22, 1837; m* Dec. 3, i8s9. Harríet CromwelL 
4082 Albert Palmer, h. Apríl 27, i839: nL'Dec. 24, 1862, Rusha Crom- 
welL s.p. 

192 GEKEAuxnr or inm Chessmouch Family 

40B3 Robert A., b. Aug. 17, 184a 

4C84 Ann Elízabeth» b. June 2%, 1842; d. Feb. 3, 1S43. 

4085 Adel&ide £., b. March 19^ 1844; m. Harmon Tuthtll. 

4086 Isabel, b. Jone i, 1850; m. March 3, 1853. 

4Q59_FANNy* Mabia Bbown, m. Isaac Heniy Peckham. b. Ang. 13, 

4087 Gcorge Henry» b. Aug. 25, 1837; m. Apríl 26, 18^ Fannie M. 


4088 Mary Elsxabeth* b. March 29, 1839; m. (i) Richard E. Green- 

field; m. (2) David Bishop. 
+4089 James Wallace, b. Feb. 16b 1841 ; n. Nov. 7, 1861, Katie E. A. 

4090 Robert Bruce, b. Jan. 24, 184S; m. Oct 25» 1871, Olivia Mills. 

4091 Richard Williams, b. June 16, 1849. 

4092 Fanny Isabella, b. Nov. 6, 1852. 

4093 Sarah María, b. Jan. 12, 1856. 

4094 Albert Newton, b. Dec 26, 1859; m. Nov. la 1885, Clara 

Albertine Beebe. 

4061 David* Palmib Bbown^ b. May 6^ 1817; m. June % 1841, Mary 
Wallace. Child: 

4095 David Palmer, b. March 23f 1842; m.; Itves in California, s. p. 

840S EuzABiTH* Gbant (Abigail* Chesebrough, 210S), b. Jan. 17, 
1763, Haliíax, N. S.; d. Dec 14. 1808; m. May 10, 1781, hy Rev. Nathaniel 
Edis, Stontngton, Cena, Edward Smith (son oí Oliver and Mary IDeni- 
son] Smith) oí Groion, Conn. ; h. March 28, 1760; d. June 25, 181 1. ''Oliver 
Smith was Captain oí a Company sutíoned at Stonington August 30^ 1775» 
during the Revolution; promoted to a ColoneL" Chíldren (bi in Ston- 
ington, Conn.): 

+4096 David Chesebrough, h. June 20^ 1782; d. Dec 8^ 1833. 

-i-4097 Alexander Grant, h. Sept. i, 1783; d. March i, 1834.' 

4098 Elizabeth, b. Aug. 6, 1783; m. 1803, Capt. Nathan Smith. a. p. 

4099 Margarct, b. Aug. 3. 1787; d. Aug. 4, '1787. 
' 4100 John Fine, b. June 2, 1788; d. May 29, i8oa 

4101 Abigail Chesebrough, b. Sept. ^ 1790; d. March 25, 1868, 

Piscataway, N. J.; unmarried. 

4102 Edward, b. April, 1793; d. June, 1793. 

+4103 Edward Ledyard, b. June 29, 1794; d. Jan. 26, 1873* 
+4104 Mary, b. Oct 7, 179& 
+410S John Denison, b. June 2, 1800; d. Jan., 18491 
4106 William Chesebrough, b. June 2, 1800 (twin oí above); d. 
March í6b 1801. 

4096 DiAOON David* CumaaoucH Smxtu, m. Bets^ D. Palmer 

GntiALOcy w tbe Chuomnigh Family. 193 

(836S)» b. Scpt 8, 1785, Stonington, Comu; d Aug. 4 1849, Stonington, 
Cona Oiild: 

4107 Bctscy, d. Sept i^ 1860^ c S4 y«Ars; a. Aprfl ajt 1827» darles 
Phelps Wtllunit (iS^jS), bi Julj ix, 1804, Wequeteqttock; 
d. Oct. 28» 1879 (hU first wiíe). Children: 

4108 Bessíe S., b. Sept. 9» 1813: m. Oct. ao» 1863, £. L. Sher- 

4109 Mary B., b. Sept aOi 1835; m. Nov. 15, 1855, G)ddtngtoD 


4110 Cbarlet P.. b» Nov. 6» 1841; d. Nov. 30^ 1861, Stoning- 

4097 Albxanbcs* GiANT Smxtb, ol (1) Sept 4f t8ift Stonington, 
Conn., Nancy Smtth (3714N) oí Preston, Cona.; b. March 19^ 1794; d. 
Attg. 5, 182a u p. 

4097» n. (2) May 14. 182a» Haanab Stednan Chandler (dan. oí Maj. 
Wilkes and Mary {Stedman] Cbandler). d. Aug. 15» 1831» s. 36 years. 

41 14 James Alexander* b. Dec. as» 1823; d. Sept 6. 182& 

4115 Mary Chandler, b. Sept 6. 1826; d. Nov. 19^ 1853; unmarried. 

4116 Jane Denison, b. Sept 4» 1828; d Nov. 11, 182B. 

41 17 Edward Alexander, b. Sept 14, 1830; nt Dec la 1863, Rebecca 

MíUer Welch (dan. oí Samuel and Elixabeth [Thomai] 
Welch oí Pbiladelphia, Pa.). He was a surgeon at U. S. 
military hospital tn Philadelphia durtng the War oí the 
Rebellion. Children (bi in PhUadelphta, Pa.): 

41 18 EUzabeth Welch» b. June 26b 1865. 

4119 Josephine Chandler» k Dec 26b 1866. 

4097» m. (3) Dec 30^ i833i Margaretta Raborg of New York City, d 
June 269 1871, c 81 yeart 8 montha; both burted in Wequetequock. 

4X03 EDWAin* LunrAin Smxtb, nt Jan. ^ X831, Martha Hellen Foster 
(widow oí Dr. Nathanid AUen), b. Jan. 12^ X795; d May 15» i8S7» Mobilc^ 
Ala. s.pi 

4x04 Maiy* Smxth, m. Nov. as x8x8, Joel Dunham (ton oí Elijah 
and Eltaabeth F. {Randolph] Dunham) oí Piscataway, N. J. ; d Dec 13, 
1879. Children: 

4120 Edward b. Apríl xs» x82x; d same day. 
4X2X Elizabeth T., b. Sept 22, 1825; ol James 

4x05 JoBN* DimaoN Skitb, m. Feb. 7, X822, Stomngton, Cona, Mana 
Niles (dau. oí Capt Lodowicfc and Eliaabeth NUet), d Dec 18^ 18321, 
Irom gríeí íor the loas oí her lóur children; he was a deíender oí Stoning- 
ton, Cona, in 18x4. 

EnwAiD Smxtb, aíter death oí bis wiíe, Elixabeth Gránt (840), m. (2) 

t94 GuriALOcy op thb Cbesimouch Family. 

Oct, i8o9b Widow Phébe (Moorc) Wickham (dan. oí Micah Moore aad 
his Mcond ¥rife^ Abígaíl Hcmpstead) oí Mattttuck, Long Island; \k, Nov. 
S» 17^; d Apríl 4 iS4a ChUd: 

Willtam Edward Smith, bi June a, 1811, Stoitingtoii, Cona.; 
d. Aug. 13, 1886^ in BrcN>klyii, N. Y.; m. (i) Aug. 10^ 1834» 
Sophia Gallop (aSgjN) oí Groton, Cono. (Sce her Record) 

For ocher descendantt oí Elizabeth Smítli (8408) lee Smiih Geneahgy, 
by H. AUen 

847 Catbhxni* Mompqid (Thoniat*» 313S), m- 177-» Capt Peter 
Richards, b. 1754 (ton oí Cuy and Elizabeth [Harria] Richardi) ; "a lieu- 
tenant tn Paul Jones'a oíd ^tp Aifred; abo a Captasn oí prívateer bríg 
Hancock; a voluntcer at CoL Ledyard's soUcttation, and Idlled on hit 
vetad at Fort Grítwold, Conn., Scpt t, 1781.'' Hls WHl probated Oct a» 
1761» Norwkh» Gma Children (k in Norwidí» Conn.) : 

4123 Thomas 11, "dep. Oct 6, 1780^ aged 9 nonths," Norwícfa, Conn. 

4124 Catheríne 11, b. April xi, 1783, Norwich, Conn. ; d Aug. 6. 1818; 

m. Oct. 93* x8oa (hf Walter King), Levi Huntington (son 
oí Levy and Anna Huntington), b. Dec ap. 1777; d Julj i, 
1838, m. 61 yeara, Norwich, Conn. Children (bi in Norwich, 

+412S Joseph Otis, b. Aug. 14, 1803; d March 8, i86d 

4-4136 Catheríne Anna. b. Sept. 37, 1806; m. Wtlliam Root 

4127 Peter Richards, b, Aug. so, 1809; m. Feb. ai, 1834,^ 

Jane Simmona. 

4138 John Criswold b. Feb. 34, 1814; m. SepL i, 1836, 

Mnry Isham. 

+4139 Hannah Mumford, b. Sept. 14. 1816; m. Willlam C 

4xas Josipn* Oria Huntington, m. Nov. 4, 1843, Elizabeth G. Otis 
oí Pittsíield Mass.; d April ao, x88i, aged 66 years; buríed in Yantic 
Cemetery, Norwidí, Cona Children (b. in Norwich,' Cónn.) : 

4130 Ann Otis, bi June 241 1844. 

4131 Joseph Otis, b. April api 1846; d March 6, 1878. 


4xa6 CATHiatNi* Anna Huntington, m. Dcc % 1834, Williain Root 
oí Medina, Ohio, 

4139 Hannah* MuMrotD Huntington, m. William C Bowers, a 
merchant oí New York Gty, d x86i. Children : 

413a Margaret Phillips. 

4i;33 Catheríne Richarda. 

4134 Josephine Otis. 

4135 Emma Elizabeth. 

4136 William Cttshbg. 

Gbmbalogy or tbi Caismouca Family. 19S 

849 Cap?. Giut* Muiiron (Thomai*» aijS), d Aog. aó^ i79Si >C«^ 
56 yetrs, oí tropktl fever, at Hispaniola, while in command oí his Mp. 
He scrved dnríng the Rcvoltttionaiy War; m. Dcc jg, I779b Charlotte 
Woodbrídge (dan. oí Dr. Dtidley and Sarah [Slfeldonl Woodbrídge). b. 
Dec. J8r 1761 ; d. Dec. i» 1831, New London, Conn. He bnttt aad lived 
tn the mansión that ii now the Pariih Hoose oí St Jamet's Epsacopal 
Oiarcb. New London, Conn.; he was a West India trader. Children: 

+4137 Charlotte W.. m. Nathaniel Richards (his first wife). 

4138 Catheríne H., m. Nathaniel Richards» OcL s6, 1840 (his second 


4139 Anne Saltonstall, d. Dec. 17» 1857, k. 71 years; boríed New 

4*4140 Sarah Saltonstall, m. Philo Hillyer of Hartford, Conn. 
4141 Giles Saltonstall, d. Apríl 17, 1803, k. 12 jears. 

Wnww Chablotti (WoúBBUiNai) MuMioan n. Nov. fl^ 1796^ Dr. Simón 
Wolcott of New London (son of Dr. Alexander and Mary [Richards] 
Wolcott of Windsor, Conn.), b. 1749* Child: 

Francés C, m. (Seorge S. Robbins of New Ydrk Oty. Children: 

(aeorge A]>pleton. 

Arline, m. Dr. Woodworth, U. S. Navy. 
Fanny» m. Thatcher Adams. s. p. 
Howland Robbins. 

4137 CnAaLOTiB* W. MuMPom^ m. March 1$, iSos, Nathaniel Richards 
(son of .Giiy and Hannah [Dolbeare] Richards), b. Feb. 36, 1780^ New 
London, Conn. ; d. 1855. Children: 

4143 Giles Mumíord; d. jonng. 

+4143 Charlotte, m. Joña D. Steele. 

+4144 Coy Upson. 

+4145 Catheríne C 

.4143 CaAiLonx' RiCBAans, m. Joña D. Steele; lived in New York 
Gty. Children: 

4146 Mnmford R. 

4147 Mary C 

4148 Catheríne R. 

4149 Charlotte R. 

4150 Catheríne B. 

4151 Elisa C 

4145 CATamME* C RicüAtM, m. Joseph S. James; lived in Vir- 
ginia. Children: 

4152 Nathaniel. 

4153 (^therine. 

igó GtNBALOGY or TBS Cbxubiough Family. 

4144 GuY^ Upsov RiCHAiDS, RL E. B. Wílder; lived ín New York 
Gty. OiUdren: 

4154 Gustavos. 

4155 Electa M. 

4156 Gny. 

4157 Jolitts H. 

4140 Saiab* S. MuMK»By \mp. in Christ Episcofial Charch, Hartford 
(adtth). June 11, 1815; m. Philo Hillyer of Hartford, Conn.» a Vestrynan 
oí Christ Episcopal Chuich, Hartford, and itt Treasurer {rom 1814 to 
18191 Children (b. and bap. in Hartford) : 

4158 James, bap. Aug. 6, 1817; m. Phcbe Emlen; Children: 
James Emlen and FUlmore Hillyer. 
+4159 Giles Mumford, bap. Dec. 3, 1818; m. Elisabeth Rolston. 
4Ído Wheaton. bap. July 8» 1831 ; d. yowig. 

Catheríne Mumíord, bap. Aug. 17, 1833; d. sroung. 
Infant, d. sroung. 
Sarah, d. young. 
Infant, d. young. 
4i6t George Robbins, m. (x) June 2$, 1850, Mary E. Denison, b. 
Stonington, Cónn., June, 1833; <1* ^«h., i866» Richmond, 
Texas, s. p. m. (2) Mary Caroline (dau. oí A. I. Evans 
and widow of Wtlliam L. Dentson). s. p. 

41S9S GnJBt* IL HxLLYBB, m. Elisabeth Rolston; six children, one of 
whom, Esther Adele Hillyer, m. Frederick Speed,. and Uves in Vicks> 
bofg; Miss. 

851S Hamxah* Mumfokd (Thomas*, 213S), m. Mardi 23, 1786^ Gen. 
Zcchariah Huntington (son of Jabez of Norwich, Conn., and Hannah 
[Williams] of Pomfret, Cona), b. Nov. a, 1764; d. i8so; bis fsther, Jabes 
Huntington, was a Brígadier-General in War of the Revolution. He m. (a) 
^htr 1793, Lottise Wilson of Newarlc, N. J.; he was a juríst and a Bríga- 
dier-General in the War of 1812. Children (b. in Norwich, Cónn.) : 

4163 Thpmas Mumford, b. Dec 18, 1786; d. 1851 ; m. in 1819 Mary 
Bowers Campbell, b. 1802. Child: 

4165 Mary Huntington, m. Dr« Timothy Childs. 

4163 Jabez Williams, b. Nov. 8, 1788; d. Nov. i, 1847; U. S. Sen- 

ator; a gradúate of Yale CoUege, 1806; m. 1833, Sally Aun 

4164 Elisabeth Mary. b. Oct. 5, 1793; m. 1814, John Griswold of New 

York City, b. 1783 (son of John and Sarah [Johnson] Gris- 
wold of Lyme, Conn.) 

Gbmbalogy op TBi Chuomugb Family. 197 

8S4S Benjamín* Mavisicx Mumpqid (Thoaut*» 213S)» m. June 1% 
iSoo^ Hanict Bowcrs (dao. oí Henry and Mary {Mcyer] Bowere)» b. Aprtt 
9X 1783» Litde Camlnídgc, Mais. ; d. Aog. 17, 1&68. Childrcn : 

4166 Samuel Jones, b. May 23» 1803; d. Ang. 15. 1805, Battston, N. Y. 

4167 Catheríne, b. Jan. ^ 1806; d. Oct. 30^ 1806, New York Gij. 
+4168 Harríet Bowers, b. Sept. 7, 1807; d. March 31, 1867. 

4169 Henry B., b. Aug. 27, 1810; d. Aug. iq, 181 i, New York Cily. 

4170 líary. bi Feb. 8^ 1B12; d. Aug. 27, 1813, New York City. 
4i70t Mary 2á, \k July a» 1813; d. 1814. New York City. 

4x71 Benjamín, b. Aug. 4, 1813; d. Febí 25, 1816» Utica, N. Y. 
417a Thomaa, b. Ang. t8, 1817. Schenectady, N. Y. 

4173 Hannah, b. March tx, 1819. 

4168 Hauit* Bownt Uvunmú, m. July 11, 1832. Alonso C Paige 
(ion oí Rev. Winilow and Oaritaa [Kcyet] Paige, d. March 31» 1868^ c 

857 RüMCA* Saltomitall MuMPotD (David, 2x48), m. Sept 28L 
179S (bit tecood wife), *Robert Allyn, New London, (son oí Robert) b. 
Nov. X, 1756^ Groton, Conn.; d. Nov. xi, x8xx, Groion» Orna Chsldren (k 
in New London, Conn.) : 

4174 Frederick, bi Oct x, 1796; drowned Feb. 25, X805. 

+4x75 Abby Phillips, b. Oct 8, 1797; d. Oct. 23, 1847» Akron, Ohio. 

4x76 Cornelia, b. Nov. 12, 1798; d. Aug. 2x, 1821, Cayuca, N. Y. 
+4177 Rcbecca Saltonsull, b. May 20b x8oi ; d. May 16» 1837, Cayuga, 
N. Y. 

4x78 Hannah Harríet, b. Oct 24, x8q2; d. x84S. Alabaraa. 

4x79 Jane Wínthrop, b. Dec 261 1803; d. Aug. 29, x884, Bethlehem, 

•Bobcft AUjra. mu of Robtrt sad Haaash (GaUup), mu (1) Ptb. 6, i;t|, ia Grato*, 
Coaa., Naaqr Jdlrtir, or Jtffcn, h, Nov. t% t;éss 4. Nav. m, itMi Grotaa, Coaa. 
GUMna (sU tep. April j, ilt4, te 8t Jmms* Chareh, Mcv Laa4M, Coaa.)t 

Naaqr LavteU. h. OtL m, tj9% Hadfoa, N. Y t ak Jaly 14 i«si, ia New laadoa, 

Coaa., Haa. ThoaMO W. WUliaau^ 4. oboat i«^ 
lobtrt Sdward, h. llaicii % tTÜrt Gl0l0i^ Caaa.; 4. Stpt. n, iÉi% IfahUi^ Ato.; 

m. Nov. ly iSUb Sooteo Bodfioa. 
lfaf<a,'b. Jtily i4b I7%b Grocoa, Coaa.; 4. LoaMr, lfUt>; wl (locoad wift) Oct. Ji^ 

tU§, IJacotatiin, N. C, If ichad Rdahardt of Uacointoa, N. C ChiMrca: 

If orto H., Robort A. oad Jétm XX oí AUaa. Ark 
CtpL Pnaoto, h. Hoy i, mh Grotoo^ Coaa.; 4. Aug. ilti^ Now Loadoa, Coaa.; 

WL Attg. J^ iMtá, Jaac (doa. of Atexoador) CoMoa of Coldoobooi, N. Y. Childs 

Joai^ h. Umj ti, UíM, BrooUya, N. Y.; 4. Pob. Si iM, Gcaova, Swiucrtoad; 

■Itoa, h. Apffil «éb t;tl. Grocoa, Coaa.; 4. Jaao K liaib Now Hovoa, 

ia Now lioadoa, fwuL Dtaisoa Obattood. 
Boaaob Karritt, b. Nov. i, itm; 4. Sept. m, s^fs. 

Copt Proaeto Aüya, toa of Robtrt oad Noacy, tcrvcd te tht Novy, wn Ca pt tte 
of íhm ^C^ámuM," tad krd íhm boaor of briaftef to thtt eoaatry, ia 1814, L«toy«iti; 
wbo «•• bto porsoool fricad, ho aad hto wilc hoviag booa ga«u ol Lo Graagí^ tbo 
homm of tbo Lotoyotto fuaUj. 

I9B GufSAUxnr op mm CuMunoaoM Family. 

N. H.; m. Marcfa 6, i8a6, Montreal, Canadá, Dwight PUmp- 
too Janes, b. Julj 31» 1801» St Albans, Vt; d Dec aó^ 18A 
in Montreal, Canadá, a. p. 

4x75 Abvy* Pbilups AiXYif, m. July 18^ 1821, Cayuga, N. Y., Lewis 
Marey Janet (son oí Jonathan and Martha [PUmpton] Janes)» b. Féb. 6, 
17A Hartford, Coon.; drowned Aog. g^ iB6s, with the steamer Pfnabic in 
Lake Horon. 

4180 Thomas Mumford, b. Sept 93, xS»; d. Ñor. 15, 1884, Phila- 

delphia, Pa.; m. Comefia R. LtYingston, Jan. 8^ 1846. 
4x81 Martha Cornelia, b. Nov. 7, 1824; d. May a8. X84S» Akron, Ohio. 
4x83 Francés Henríetu, b. Apríl xa, X837; d. Jan. xx, x84a, Boston, 

4x83 Mary Mmnford, b. Nov. 3$, x839; d. May 23, X878» Boond 

Brook, N. J. ; m. Jan., X863, Akron, Ohio, Rev. Abraham Bald- 

4x84 Lewis Frederíck, b. March 3* X833; d. March ap, x8s3« Hod- 

son, Ohio. 
4x85 Eltzabeth Lonisa, b. Dec. 2$. X833; d. April xp, x8sa, Hudson, 

4x86 Edward Pierce. b. April ao, 1836; d. May 6, X873. New York 

City; m. May, X870, Little Falls, N. Y., Emiiy W. Storey. 
4x86a Henry Dwight b. Dec xx, X838; m. Sept x6^ 1B70, Haverhill, 

N. H., Ada L. Spalding; Uve m Platnfield, N. J* 

4x77 RnMCA* Saltonstall Allyit, n. Oct xp, x834, New London, 
Comí., Lnctus Chittendon Foote, d. July 3X, 1838» Portage, N. Y. Children 
(b. in Portage» N. Y.) : 

+4x87 Nancy Allyn, b. July X3, X885; m. Rev. Edward Webb. 
+4x88 Sarah Evens, b. Oct. 35. x836: d. Febí 3X, x863, New London, 
4x8p Mary Mumíord, b. May xSt X828. 

4x87 Nancy* Axxyir Foon» m. Sept. 30, 18451 Rev. Edward Webb, b. 
Dec is. x8x9b Loweltoft, England; d. Apríl 6, x8Á Oxford, Pa. 

4Xpo Edward Lucius, b. July g, X846; d. Jan. a6, x84gb in India. 

4xpx Thomas Allyn, b. Nov. x, X847; d. Jan. as« X84P» in India. 

+4IP3 Mary Everts, b. June x8, X849; m. J. Wilkins Cooch. 

4XP3 EUan Susan. b. Oct. 16, X850. 

4x94 Edward Allyn, b. March 5, 1853; m. Sept. 4. x883, Lucila Sim- 


4X9S Sarah Janes, b. April xo, 1856; d. July x6» X863, in India. 

4x96 Samuel Green, b. July 3. 1860; m. July 19, 1893, Ncllie Freeman. 

4197 Anna Foote, b. Aug. 4, 1863. 


4193 Uaby* EintTS Wm, n. April x^ x^i, Hon. J. Wtlkiiit Cooch. 

4198 Carolinc, b. March 15, 1873; m. Oct. ao, 1897» WiUiain & 


4199 Fnncís Allyn. 
4aoo Edward Webb. 
4301 Levi HaUingworth. 

4188 Saiah* Evms Foois» in. May 23, 1856b Montreal, Canadá, Adam 
Frínk Prenda (son oí John and Eunice {Frínk] Prentís), h. 1807» New 
London, Conn.; d July» iST^ Children: 

4aoa Mary Mamford, b. Dee. só, 1858; Uves sn Allanta, Ga. 

4303 John Adán, b. April fl^ 1860; dísaiipeared tn 18991 

4304 Jane Rebecca, b. Nov. 13, 1861 ; Uves in Allanta, Ga. 

8s8 Guaixm* Saltonítall MuMPOtn (David*, 3x48), m. (x) Nov. 3^ 
I793i New York Gt^, Ann Van Zandl (dan. of Tobías oí New York Gly, 
who was a chocolate manul^torer), d. Dcc X0| 1809^ Oiildrcn: 

+43C^ Tobias V. Z., b. 1794; n. (x) Mary Manwaríng; a. (3) Calh- 
erine Brooks. 
4306 Benjamin Franklhi, b. X796; d. k. 3X years. s. p. 

43QS Tonxa* Van Zanst Mumkmkd, m. (x) Mary Olivar Manwaring 
(dan. of Gurdon and Ann [Adams] Manwaring) ; m. (3) Caiherine Brooks 
ol New York Gty. Oüld: 

4307 Van Zandl. 

8s8 GuxDOif ' S. Uvufon, m. (3) Nov., x8i0b Letíiia Van Toren (daa 
of John of New York Gty, d. Jnly 6^ X799), d. xBja Giildrcn : 

4308 Gurdon S.» b. Aug. 3, i8xx ; d. Jnly xa x866; m. Caiherine Snow. 

4309 (jeorge Ginion ; d. young. 

43x0 Anne Leiiiia. m. John Osgood of Salem, Masa. a. p. 

43XX Emma Letilta, bi X814; d. 1879; Aimarried. 

43X3 Cieorge Washington, d. young. 

43x3 George Lafayette, d. young. 

43x4 Mary Margarita, b. 1836: d. March 35, x888; xn. July 30^ x&A 

Aaron Price Ransom of Rahway, N. J. 

43XS Cornelia Maiilda, m. George W. (Seer. 

859 AsiGAXL* CHisiaaoucH MuMrotD (David, 3x48), n. April 33, X793 
(second wifc), Thompson Phillips (son of George and Haxinah [Phillips] 

joo Gbnbalogy or tbi Cübsuiougb Family. 

Pbilli^) of Middletoun, Coon.), b. Oct 8, I75>; drowned in Mobtle Bay 
belore i8id Children (b. in Middletown, Cooa) : 

+4216 Abigail Marthm, m. John Porter. 

+4Z17 Ann Dnryca, d. March 30^ 1899b Hanover, Germánj» k. 96 

years, at ihe residence oí her son-in-law, Coisnt Von Wal- 


4216 AncAiL* MAtenuí Pbillxm, m. John Porter of Aubnm» N. Y. 

4218 John, d. jonng. 

4219 Caroline, d. young. 

+4220 Anna Phillips» o. Alonso G. Beardsley. 
44221 Charles Talbot, m. Harriet & Morgan. 

4220 Abna' Ph]X4jps PoRTii, OH- Sept 6, 1848; Atihom, N. Y., Alonso 
& Beardsley. Chilttren: 

William P., Alonso G., DougUss, Porter» and Caroline who. 
m. — — Woodroff. 

4221 Cbablis' Talbot Poma» m. Harriet Steele Morgan (dan. of 
Hon. Jedediah and Harriet [Steele] Morgan of Aurora» N. Y.); they resided 
in New York Gty. Children : 

4237 Anna Norton» b. Sept 15» 1852; d. July 24» i8S4> 

422B John» b.-Ang. 11» i8S4- 

4229 Charles Talbot» b. Dee. ló^ 1857. 

4330 Lewis Morgan» bi Feb. 28, 1861. 

4217 Ajim* Dubyba Pbujps, m. David Lee of New York Gty. 

4231 Anna, d. Bordeaux» France; unmarried. 

4232 Ablqr (Blanche)» m. Capt. Augustus Murray, English Navy. 
+4233 Josephine Louise. 

4234 David Beardsley» d. New York City; unmarried. 
4-4235 Mary Esther, b. 1840; m. (i) ; (2) Count Von Waldersee. 

42:^6 George Thompson. 

4233 JosEPBiNi' Louisc Lee» m. Barón de Waechter Latiterbeck» Envoy 
Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary from the Kingdom of Würtem- 
berg to the Court of the Tuilleries. Children : 

4237 Louis. 

4238 Blanche, m. Barón Palm. 

GtMBAUNnr or ram CanmoucH Family. joi 

433S Maiy* Estaib Lo, n. (i) Sept h 1864, in Ptrít» Franeeb 
Frcdcrkk oí Sclücswig*Holstein-Sonderbiirg«Attgttstcnbergi wbo gave up 
títle to umnj an Amrricaá and acccpccd that oí Prince Noer Irom thc 
Bnvcffor oí Austria. Shc m. (a) Qnmt von Waldenee, Chieí oí Suff to 
the Emperor WUliain II» Cwnmandcr in Chieí of tbe Allied Foices in 
China, igoo-tgoi. 

861 Thomas* Mumvoip (David*, 214S), m. Jan. ao^ t795f Manr Shd- 
doo Smith (dan. oí Dr. Renbcn and Abt^ [Hubbard] Smith), h. Oct ag^ 
177X Litchfield, Cena; d. Scpt 1, 1840^ New York City. Childrcn: 

-H49SX Vniliam Woolacj, b. Nov. xj, iTgs; d. Jan. g^ 1848, Rochastcr, 
N. Y. 

4252 Hden Francés, h. Ang. 17, 1797; d. Dec. 6, 1877; «• John De 

Vought of New Yorlc 

4253 Henry Hnntington, b. Jan. ao, 1800; d. April tSt 181a 
'4254 Hlihn Hnbbard, b. Apríl 1, tSoa; d. March 17. 1844- 
4355 George Huntington, b. Nov. 27» 1803; d. Apríl 5, 1805. 

+42S6 George Hnntington, b. Julj ai, 1805; d. Sept 30, 1^1; m. Ann 

E. Hart. 
+4257 Mary Pierce, b. Feb. 8, i8op; d. Feb. ao, 1869. 
-t-4258 Henríetu Saltonstall, b. Dec 21, 1811; d. Nov. tt, i88g, Santa 
Barbara, Cal 
Child, d. yonng. 
Child, d. young. 

4251 WnuAM* Wooi.siy Muicroan, n. (i) 1827, Angeltne Sarah 
Jcnkins oí Hudson, N. Y.; b. 1807, d. March 2& 1836; he was.a gradúate 
oí Yaie CoUcgc^ 1815; n. (2) Mary Bissell. Children: 

428P WUliam Thomas, b. Ja& ax, xSap; d. April la 1856; m. Cornelia 

Sheamun. a. p. 
4a6o Mary Smith, b. Sept 27$ 1830: d. Nov. 23, i833- 
4261 Sarah Seoville, b. Sept 37» 1830 (twin of above) ; d. March s 

+4262 George Elihn, b. Nov. ax, 1831 • d. Feb. 2, 1892. 

4263 Angelina Jenkins, b. Ang. 30^ 1833. 

4264 Elixabeth Seoville, b. Nov. x, i835; ^ May ti, X83& 

4262 Gnaca* Eurv Mum foa^, m. Sept x8; x86a^ Julia Emma Hills, b. 
July 7, X840; d. May 27, 1882; he wat a gradúate oí Hamilton Collcge, xÓsx 
Children (b. w Rochester, N. Y.) : 

4265 WiUiam Woolsey, b. March 24, 1862; Uves in Rochester, N. Y. 

4266 Dr. James Gregory, b. Dec. a, 1863; m. i8m Helen S. Ford; 

lives in Boston, Mass.; he is tbe author oí the Mumforá 

4267 George Saltonstall, b. Aug. 18, x866; m. Isabella Lee (dau. of 

George) of Boston, Mass. 


aoa GiNBALocY or tbs Ch«sibiouoh Family. 

4268 Norman Winthrop, b. Oct 30, 18ÍB. 

4269 Julián, b. Feb. 3, i97i; <L Feb. 3, 1874- 

4270 Pbütp Gurdon, h Sept. jo^ 1874: Uves ín Rochesler, N. Y. 

4256 GioKS* HuimifCTOM Mumon^ m. May 24» 1836^ Ann E. Han 
oí Palniyra, N. Y. Oiildren : 

4271 Anna, <L in infancy. 

+4272 Georffe Hart, b. Sept. 21, 1840; <L Jnly 25, 1875; m. Sarah Dana. 
4273 Helen Elixabeth, b. Nov. lo^ 1842; m. Nov. lo^ 1870, Wfllianí L. 
+4^4 Mary Loisise, b. Jnly 16, 1846; d Jan. 8, 1881, in New Yoric. 
4275 Charles Elihu, b. Aog. 31, 1844; d. 1855. 
4x76 Francés, d. in infancy. 
+4277 Henrietu Saltonstall, b. Jnly 30, 1853; m. April 8^ 1890^ Rcv. 

C Washbam. 

4274 Maxy* Louui MuMFDKD, m. Jan. 3, 1973» Edward Pftyson Fowkr, 

M. D. (son oí Horace and Mary [Taylor] Fowler) oí New York Gty» 

b. Nov. 30t 1834. (He m. (2) May 12. 189^ Miss H. MUdred RusselL) 
Children (b. in New York Cily): 

4278 Lottise, b. Nov. 29, 1873; m. June 12, 1895, Robert Miles 

(ügnoux. Children: 

4280 Louise Mumford, b. May 36, 1897. 

4281 Mildred Fowler, b. Oct. 23. 1899^ 

4279 Edward Mumíord, b. April 19, 1877, Nice, France; m. April 7, 

1901, Beulah HulL (3iild: 

Helen C, b. April, 1902. 

4277 HnnosTTA* S. Muiira». n. April 8; 1890^ Rev. Louis C Wash- 
bnm ; live in Rochester, N. Y. Children : 

4262 Henrietta Mumford, b. Mareh 20, 1891. 

4283 Helen Carpenter, b. Aprfl i, 1892. 

4284 Lonis Mumford, b. Dec. 9^ 1894. 

427a GoncB* Ha£T MuMroKD^ n, Sarah Dana. Children: 

Anna, George Dana, Mnriel Gurdon and Gurdon Saltonstall. 

4257 Maby* MuMFoao, m. Samnel D. Dakin oí Utica, N. Y. Children : 

Francis, Richard, Henty, George and Edward S., a lawyer oí 
New York Gty. 

4958 HiHaiiiTA* Saltonstau. MuifroKD, m. Charles (Sould. Children: 

4293 Mary Mumford, d. Nov. 17, 1897. Santa Barbara, CaL; m. (Sen. 
William H. Bames oí San Francisco, CaL Child: 

4300 William S. 

Gekealogy op tbi Chssimouoh Family. 903 

4^94 Julia, d. 1890, Sanu Barbara, CaL 

439$' James, d. joting. 

42g6 Hclen, d. «. 3 years. 

4^97 Charles W., Uves in New York City. 

4396 George H., lives in Santa Bartiara, Cal. 

4399 Frederíck Stanley, lives in Santa Bartiara, CaL 

863 Ann* Mvmfobd (David*, 314S), m. Dec. 1$, 1797, John T. Duryea. 

4301 John, disappeared about 1830. 

4303 Louise, m. Judge — — Bunce oí Port Hnron, Mich. 

864 ^SiLAs' Dban MuMFoao (David*, 314S), m. Ruth Hollister. Child: 

4303 Francés Elizaheth, d. i86x, «. 44 years, in Rochtster, N. Y. 

865 Hannah* Lqkd (Abigatl* Mmnford, 3i6S), m. Bíarch 1, 1781, 
Crotón, Cona, Capt Rufos Avery (son oí James and Lucy or Elizabeth 
[Ailyn] Avery oí Crotón, Conn.) ; h. Nov. 16^ 1758; d. July 30, 1843. He 
served at Fort Gríswold, Battle of Crotón Hdghu in Revolutionary War; 
was orderly of Capt William Latham's C6mi»any of Artillery, and one of 
the prisoners taken to New York. Children: 

+4304 David, b. Oct 9, 1781 ; d. Jan. 9, 1833. 

+430S Asa Lord, b. March 1, 1783; d. Oct. 26, 1844. 

+4306 Rufus, b. March 7, 1783; d. 1813, at sea. 

4307 Gurdon, b. Nov. 3, 1786; d. May 15, 1804. 

4308 Lydia Lord, b. Sept 34, 1791 ; d. Dec. 31, 1867, at Crotón Bank, 

Conn.; m. Solón Walworth (son of Lieut Samuel, o£ Samuel 
and Hannah [Woodbridge] Walworth). a. p. 

4304 Davio* Avny (8^S), m. Jan. 31, 1804, Hannah Sroith (dau. of 
Charles) . Children : 

4309 Hannah Emeline, b. Feb. 11, 1806; d. March 11, 1806. 

4310 Charles Smith, b. Feb. 7, 1808; m. Mary Jane Perry of Missis- 


4311 Curtis Lord, b. Aug. 3, 18x0; m. (x) Sarah Sturgtsh Bucking- 

ham; m. (3) Belinda Buckingham (sister of first wife). 
43x3 Marcus Stewart, b. April 33, x8x3; d. Aug. 8, X854; m. Haimah 

4305 Asa* Avsay, m. Nov. aá, 1806, Betscy Miner (dau. of Owen). 

43x3 Erasmus Darwin, b. May X3, 1808; m. Sarah Hinckley. 

*SUm* Dtan Monlbrd wat oMncd lor SiUs Dna, «ho mafrlcd io tyéS hit aoüwr't 
ritttr, EUabcdi StltonifW. 

SUst Dcaa wat Envoy from tha U. S. Coloaiaa to Frasca durSag tha Rcvolmioaary 
War, aad, with Fraaklia aad Laa^ aagoctatcd a Traatj with Frasca. Ha wat bam m 
Gn¿oBt Cosa., 17J7; wat a graduata U Yate Coltega irja . 

204 GEifEAUxnr or thi Cbbsbbmxjgr Family. 

4314 Hannah Elizabeth. b. Feb. 13, 1814. 

4315 Hon. Owen Miner, b. March 5. 1815; nu hi Pensacola, Fia. 
43x6 Albert Lord, b. Apríl 15, 1818; m. Marian B. Campbell, in 

Pensacola. Fia. 

4jo6 RuFUS* Avmy, m. Sept a, 1804, CaroUne Latbam, <L Nov. 14, 

43x7 Gurdon Latham, b. July 4. i8os; d. Marcb, x8i3X. 

4318 Solón W., b. Dec. 2, x8o8; d. Oct ao, x8og. 

43x9 Liike W., b. Dec. 1, x8xo; xxl Hannah Morgan MitchelL 

4320 Hermán Morgan, b. May 9^ x8x2; d. Sept. 3, i8aa 


866 MAinr* CBBsmopcB Lon (Abigail* Mnmíord, 2x6S), m. Jan. 26^ 
1780b James Sheldon (son of James and Dtadama [Perry] Sheldon of Provi- 
dence, R* I.), b. Apríl % X757; d. June 18; x8x9. He removed to New York 
State in 1785-6; in 1796 became agent for John Brown, of the ''John Brown 
Tract" of 2XOyooo acres in Herkimer County, N. Y. Children : 

4321 Asa Lord, b. Sept. 29, 1781, Martinsbnrg, N. Y. 
4332 Thomas, b. Ang. 7, 1783; d. X783« 

4323 Thomas Mumford, b. Sept. 25, 1784, Tnrín, N. Y. 

4324 Mary C, b. Feb. 20, X786; m. John Harria of Westemville, N. Y. 
+43^5 Timothy, b. April 23, 1788^ Gouvemeur, N. Y.; m. Nancy 

4326 Henry, b. March 5, 1790; d. 1829. Remsen, N. Y. 
+43^ James, b. Nov. x8; 1792; iil Slyvia Alexander. 
+4338 Ahby, b. Aug. x8, X794; d. Sept. 20, X852, Remsen, N. Y. 
+4329 Elisa, b. Feb. 22, X797; m. Dr. Joseph Bagg of Detroit, Mich. 
+4330 Lydia, b. Aug. x8, x8do; m. x8x9. Gen. Ela Merríam of New 

Leyden, N. Y. 

4325 TiifOTBY* axid Nancv (Bowm) SHiunxf. Children: 

433X Cordelia C, b. x8o8; m. Chauncey Conant. 

4332 Calista, b. 18x0; xil Aaron Atwood (first wife), who d. 18134. 

4333 Charles B., b. x8x2. 

4334 Henty, b. x8x4; m. Betsey Botsford; live in Kalamasoo, Mich. 

4335 Harríet H., b. x8x6; m. Horace Parsons; Uves in Gouvemeur, 


4336 Elisa, b. x8x8; m. Aaron Atwood (second wife) ; lived in Evana, 


4337 Lucia D., b. x82a 

4338 Timothy, b. X822. 

4339 Maxy Ann, b. X824. 

4340 Benjamín G., b. X827. 

4341 JvIía D., b. x8a9. 

4342 Hannah María, b. X832. 

GmiAUMnr or ram CmsonwH Family. aos 

43^ jAMn* SatuoN^ m. Sjlvia Alcxandcr (dan. o£ Rev. Calcb). 
ChUdfoi (k m BoffakH N. Y.) : 

+4343 Jamtt» b. Scpt 6b iSai; m. Sarah EUzabeth Carew (39Q3S). 
(See her Record) 

4344 Mary C, b. Jan. 21, 1825; m. Peb. 16, 1869^ -'— Thomas; Uvt 

¡n Kalamifoo, Mich. 

4345 Alexander, b. 1B37; m. Caroline SeOcrígg. 

4346 Franda, d younff. 

431B ABiY* SBiuoif, n. CoL Andrew BilUnga oí Renflen, N. Y. 

Abbar Sheldon, b. iSaB; Manr E.» b. 1830; Cathcrine B., b. 1S31: 
Mana A^ b. 1834; Andrew W^ b. 1836; U Gtiiteao» b. 1841. 
43^ EuzA* Sbusoii, m. Dr. Joeeph Bags. Cbildren: 
Abbr Sheldon, b. 1824; m. William G. Austin. 
Cordelia P., b. i8a6; Benjamín Rnsh» b. 1829; Prancea Bliaa, k 
1833; Anna Roaalinda, b. 1836b and Jotcphine Slewait» b. 183& 

4330 Lybu* Shilboh, m. Gen. Ela Merríam. Cbildren: 

435a Ela N.t b. 1822. 

4353 Hon. Óinton L., b. 1824; d 1900; waa Membcr oí Congreu 

írom Lewis Coiinly. New York. 

4354 Helen, b. 1823. 

4355 William Wallace, h. 1827. 

430 Jamea Sbeldon, b. 1829; a Uwyer m New Yoric Gtj. 

4357 J«ne £.« b. 1831. 

4358 Harriet C, b. 1833- 

4359 GttaUvna P., b. 1835. 

4360 Amanda, b. 1837; d 1841. 

4361 Inluit; d jroonff. 
436a Charlea M., b. 1841. 

4363 Angnatns C, b. 1843; d Jan., 1895» Alhena, N. Y.; profesaor tn 
Columbia CoUege, New York Gty. 

868 BLOAasm* Muicron (John*, 2178), m. Jone 24, 1790 (firai wife), 
Nathanid Shaw Woodbridge (aoa oí ^hraim and Uuj [Shaw] Wood* 
Mdge); b. Nov. 4 1771 • d Jone 17* X797- Cbildren: 

-1-4364 Mary Shaw, b. June 26^ 1791; d. April 12^ x8i8; m. Heniy 

-H4365 Lncretia Mumford, b. Oct IQ, 1793; ^ March 29b 1839; ib. 

Rev. A. MitchelL 
4366 Eliaabeth, b. Jan. 25, 1795: d. March 14, tTOS* 

Nathanid Shaw Woodbridge m. (2) May s» I796b Louin Bíather 

ao6 GiifSALocY or tbi CuMaMnaoGu Family. 

oí Cakhtntr» Comí, and alter his dcath the m. Dr. John WatrcNis oí G>l« 
cbesUr, Conn. 

4364 Maby* Sbaw Woo p BK i PC i , n. Henry Perldns (son of Dr. Elisha 
Perldns of Plainfield, Cona). Child : 

4367 Mtry W., b. Dec 12, 1812; m. May 12, 1835, Levi H. Goddard 

(son oí Hon. Calvin («oddard of Norwich, Conn.)» k Oet, 
1809; d. May 9, i86x. Chüdren: 

4368 Alfred Mitchell, b. June 19^ 1836; d. May 9^ 1863; a Lievlcnant 

ín the Gvü War. 

4369 Julia Chester, b. Aug. 29, 1838, Salem; nu Sept. 14. i6s9» John 

H. Piatt. 

4370 Henry Perldns, b. July 25, 1842; m. (i) Louise Maratón, a. p, 

M. (2) . Child: 

4372 Calvin Hooker. 

4371 Mary Woodbrtdge, b. June 5, 1846; d. Jan. 22, 1883; »• May 

12, 1872, Louis C Tiífany (son o£ Charles L. Hífany of New 
York Gty). Children: 

4373 Mary Woodbrídge, b. Apríl 4, 1873; m* Dcc 20^ 1899, (¡raham 


4374 Charles Louis, d. in infancy. 

4375 Charles Louis. 

4376 Hilda (joddard, b. Aug. 24, 1879. 

4365 LucacnA* M. y/caanacM, vl Jan. 16^ 1815, Rcv. Alfred Mitchell 
(son of Stephen Mix Mitchell) of Wethersiield, Cona; b. May 22, 1790; 
d. Dec. 19, 1831; a gradúate of Yale College, 1809. Children: 

4377 Lucretia Woodbridge, b. April, 18x6; d. young. 

4^ Stephen Mix, b. April 13, x8i8; d. May 30» 1839b Norwieh, 
Conn.; unmarried. 
-K4379 Lucretia Woodbrídge, b. June 24, 1820; m. Dr. Edward Strong. 
+4380 Donald Grant. b. April 12, 1822; m. Mary P. Pringue. 
4381 Elizabeth Mumford, b. July 7, 1824; d. Sept 6, 1841. Salenv 

Conn.; unmarried. 
43B2 Louis, b. Nov. 7« 1826; d. July 15, x88i, New London, Conn. 

4383 Mary Perldns, b. April, 1829; d. April i, 183a 

4384 Alfred, b. March, 1830; d. young. 

+4385 Alfred, b. April x, 1833; m. Axmie O. Tiffany. 

4379 LucnnA* W. Mitcbiix, d. Jaxt x6b 1845; m. Sept 30^ 1839^ Dr. 
Edward Strong (son of Lewis Strong of Northampton, Mass.). Child : 

4386 Elizabeth M., b. X840; Uves in Aubumdale, Mass., with hcr 

4380 DoNAt4>* GaANT Mitcbiix» m. May 31, 1853, Bíary P. Pringle 
(dau. of William B.) of Charleston, S. C; d. Dec s >90i» Edgewood, in 

GsNEAUxnr or tbi CMisimouoa PAicav. ao7 

bcr 7ist year; he was graduated írom Yak CoUcge 1&41; United Statei 
Consttl. 1953, ai Venice; author oí several works, Revenes of a Baekehr^ 
Dreém Ufe, etc.; LL.D. 1978; reaídes in Edgewoodt New Ha ven, Cona 

4JS7 Hesse AUton, b. June 5, 1854. Pftrít, France; d. Dec. 27, 1861, 

tn South Carolina. 
+4588 Maty Príngle, h. Aug. a8, 1855» Edgewood; m. Dec. 3, 187% 

Edward L. Ryerson. 
438p Elizabeth W., b. Dec 26, iBSS, Runnemede, S. C 

4390 Willianí Príngle, b. StffL $, 1858; d. July a.. 1900, Rye, N. Y.; 

ffl. Ethel Mower of Litchfield, Conn. He wat a lawyer. 

4391 Snsan, b. July 3, s86a 

4393 Donald Grant. b. Dec 9, i86x. 
4303 Hetse Alston, b. Sept 14, 1863. 

4394 Rebecca Motte, b. Jan. ao, id6$. 

4395 Harríet Williams, b. Jan. jo» 1870. 

4396 James Alfred, b. Jone 14 i87t. 

4397 Walter Louis, b. March 11, 1875. 

4388 Maby* PuiiGLB RyixsoM. Child : 

4398 Joseph Ryerson; Uve in Chicago, IlL 

438S ALPtED* MncHiLLy m. Apríl 27, i97i» Annte O. Tiffany (daia. of 
^Charles Lewis Tiffany of New York City) ; he was graduated from Yate 
College in 1854. Childrcn: 

4399 Alfreda, b. Dec 2g, 1874; m. Nov. 20, 1900, Hiram Brigham, Jr. 

4400 Chartes Tiffany, b. Ja& 22, 1877. 

8S9 Maky* MuiiFoiD (John% 2178), m. Feb. xx, 1895, Hoa Elias Per- 
kins (second wife); bis first wife was Lucretia Shaw Woodbrídge, m. 
March 14, X790; sbe d. March 5, 1802, oí consumption. Children: 

440X Oliver.Elsworth, b. Ja& 26» x8o6; d. San Francisco, CaL 
4402 Elias, b. Jttly 28, x8o8. 

87x CATHBOirB' MuMroKD (John*, JxyS), m. Jaxt 22, x8oo^ Lynie, 
ComL, tDr. Isaac Thompson, b. Ang. 24, 1773, Stratíord, Ccmn.; d. March 
2^ X852; was son of lient William Thompson, who was Idlled in the Battte 

Ltwis TUbay, kmaáte el the hoaae oí TUlaay k Ca^ tihranalths —d 
Jt«ehf% ai New Yori^ Loadoa, Pirii aad GcMva, á, Fcb. 1^ 1901^ «gid 9* yon. 
H« ww h. at KilUsfiy, Coaa., Febi 11, lau^ loa oí Coaloct TUbay aad Qüet 
Draptrt a. Nev, jOb iS«i, Haitict C Yeaaff, d 1S17. The iim el TUNar A Ce. «rt 
the «Mtl pwwBJnwif ámimt la piecioM Moaet aad dalfocn el aihrtrwart io the 
Uallad Statei. 

tDr. ItMC Thonpioa ok (t) Sarah Chrittephcn; ok (s) HoMah Thoaiptea (dae. 
ef IotmI ThompMa oí Twaghkttpútt N. Y.). H« wat tha lavaatar el "llMaipaoa's 
Bfa Watar," aad aave the laaipe le J. Latead Theaytea, • «helaaala dn^giat, ef 

aoB GiifSALocY or thb Cbsubioiigh Family. 

o£ Ridgdield» Caon^ Apríl 27» i777» ** 35 yeart. Children (k ia New 
Lopdon, Com.) : 

-K4403 John Mninford, b. Joly 4, 1801; m. Frmnces M. Msller of 

Wateríord, Coan. 
-f4404 Cttheríne Elizabeth, b. May 25, 1803; m. Stanley Gríswold 

Trott, Oct a. 1833. 
+4405 Lucretia Cbristophert, b. March 24, x8oSt m- Jabea Perkms 

4406 Abby Mtisníord, b. Sept 2^ 1807: d. May 30^ 1888, Troy, N. Y.; 

+4407 Mary Perldns, b. Aug. 24, 1809: d. Feb. 24, 1892, Troy, N. Y.; 

m. John Leland Thompson (Esra). 

4408 Elizabeth Woodbridge, b. Apríl ift 1811; immarríed; lived in 

Saratoga Spríngs, N. Y., 190a 

4409 Ellen Douglasa, m. Fred Lennig. 
44x0 Sttsan» d. young. 

4403 JoHir* MuiironD Tbompsoii and FaANcaa M. (Mam). Children : 

+4411 Kate Mumford, m. Andrew Hart oí Brooklyn, N. Y. 
4412 Mary Francés» d. unmarríed. 

44x3 Isaac Walter. d. X902; unmarríed; was Town Oerk of New 
London, ConiL 

44x1 Kats* MuMroRD T. Hast. Children: 
Mary, Georgia» Arthur and Kate. 

4404 CATXiaxiiB' Emiabcth (Thompsoü) and Stanliy G. Taorr. 

44x4 Isaac Thompson, d. in New Orleans, La. 
44x5 Kate, unxnarried; lives in Washington, D. C 
44x6 William 

4405 LudsnA* Crbistopbibs Tbomfson, m. Jabei Perldns 
(son of Edward and Mary Whtting), d. Dec 7, 1824, se« 22 years; he wms m. 
00 bis deathbed. 

4407 Maby' PnooNs Thompson, m. John Leland Thompson (son of 
Esra and Sarah [Burton] Thompson), b. Dec x, X797, Amenia, N. Y.; d. 
March 27, i88ob Troy, N. Y. Children : 

44x7 John Isaac, b. Apríl 2, xai3x; nu Mary Mabbett Warren of 

Troy, N. Y. 

44x8 William Angttsttis, m. Harríet Clarkson Crosby of Albaí^, N. Y. 

44x9 Mary Elixabeth, m. Derríck Lañe of Troy, N. Y. 

4420 George Smith, m. Abbie Shepherd Burden of Troy, N. Y. 

442X Robert HalUm, m. Harriet Banks of Albany, N. Y. 

4422 Rev. Walter, m. Jessie Fuller of Troy, N. Y. 

GmwMJOGY or thb Cusomugb Family. scq 

44^ James Leland, m. Maty Híckinaii oí California. 
4424 Edward Raj, d. Troj, N. Y.; tinmarríed. 

8^3 LoamA* MvunmD (Jolui% Jt7S)» m. Peb. 24, 1806b Anthony 
Tbatcber (^Capt John). Chtldren: 

443S Nathanid Woodhrídffe. k May »$$ 1807. 

44>6 Locrctla Mmniord, h. Sept 30^ 1808; m. Nathaniel Perryi U. S. N. 

4427 Mary Woodbrídge, b. Aprfl 50. 1810; d. «. 18 years. 

4428 John Chrístophen, b. Feb. 2g, 1812; m. Mary Pitch. 

4429 Eloise Hardy, b. Nov. 27» 1813; d. July 11, 1899; nninarríed. 

4430 Georgt Thompson, b. Jan. 20^ 1816; d. unmarríed. 

4431 Daniel Anthony, b. Sept 3, 1817; d. unmarríed. 

4432 Henry Perkins, b. Sept 9, 1819; d. unmarríed. 

4433 Abby M umford. b. June 21, 1821 ; d. Oct 18^ i897« 

+4434 Julia Hubbell, bap. Sept 2, 1832; m. Gen. James Totten, U. & A. 

4435 Elizabeth Wetmore, bap. Sept 2» 1832; unmarríed. 

4436 Mary Perkins, bap. Sept 2, 1832; m. Major — Robinson, 

U.S. A. 

4434 JuuA* H. Tbatcubr and Jambs Tottbn. Children: 

4437 Oiaries. 

4438 Reynolds. 

976 ASAHIL* LOKD (Abigair Ingraham, 221 S) » b. Oct & 1767, Ñor- 

widL Conn.; d. Apríl 9> t8i8L Madríd, N. Y.: m. (i) Peb. 7, 1796b Mary 
Rudd (dau. of Jonathan and Mary (Tracy] Rudd, nrst wife) oí Wind- 

ham, Coan»; bi Aug. 22, 1770; d. Dc& 22^ 1812» Madríd, N. Y.; lived tn 

Leyden and Madríd, N. Y. Children: 

4439 Mary, b. AprO 9, i8ox, Leyden; m. Oct 7, 1819, Oliver Spe»- 

cer, b. 1796; d. Yoongstown, N. Y., May 3, 1861. 

4440 Eliía Tracy, b. Sept 17, 1803, Leyden, d. Apríl 26b tSiA Madridí 

N. Y.; unmarríed. 

4441 Sarah Dew^, b. May 28, 1806b Leyden; d. Apríl 12, x930b 

Madríd, N. Y.; unmarríed. 

4442 Laura Jane, b. Feb. 6. 1809, Madríd, N. Y.; m. AprO 5, 1827, 

Nathan Post (son oí Nathan and Lucy (Bean) Post) oí 
Vermom; Itved at Madríd, N. Y., and East Qeveland, Ohio. 

8179 Namcy' Baowif (Anna* Ingraham, 225S), b. July t6b t78s; nt 
Jan. 26b 1804, Jonathan Phelps (iSSSS), b. Oct 30^ 1779> Children: 

4443 Peleg. b. Jan. 23. 1805. 

•*»lftbiubd (Ufford) ThuMpton. tb« «idow ol Oipc. Willlaa Tkonptoa, «bo «•• 
kOM April ij. 1777. btcma* thc ••«ond wii* uf Capí, jolrn Thauhtr. Kach liad childrts: 
Cspt. Jtbs Thstcbw wat in comasod ol tlit Wmtéámffm, om of Araold't Soiila (boforo he 
t»faod ttallor); wat lakaa prltooor wlth Cul. Watarbory. carriod os Sir Gay Carlatott*! 
shlp, wbau bis sword waa rataraad lo biai, «itb a parola of boaor.*' 

aio GtitiALOOY or thb CnMuamuau FAiiiLy. 

4444 Charles Trmcy, b. Dec 4, x8o& 

4445 Georgt Alíred, b. Oct 18. 180B. 

4446 Francés Richard» b. Nov. ^ i8ia 

4447 James Henry, b. OcL jg^ 1813; m. Almira Phclps of New 

Orleansv La. 

4448 Joseph Denisoa, b. Sept la, x8x6; munarried. 

4449 WUlian WaUdie, b. Dec. 10^ x8ia 

4450 Nancy Brown, b. Jan. 14, 1831 ; unmarried. 

4451 Sarah WUlianu» b. Oct 25» 1824; m. Mortimer WilUams of 

Frederícfc. Md. 
445a Edward, b. Feb. 18, 1827. 
+4453' Martha, b. Dec 18^ 1828; m. Oct. 2$, 1853, Gnrdon Gates 
(14x88). Mysiic, Conn. (See his Record.) 

88xS IjÍABY* Smxth Bbowx (Anna* Ingrahan» aasS), b. April 30^ 
1780; d. Atig. 16, 1866; m. Aug. ao^ 18x0^ Nathan Stanton, d. Julj 37. 1^40, 
«.58 7cart. Child: 

4454 Elizabcth. b. Aug. li, x8xx; d. Aug. 9$, i8xx. 

937 liiAaY* Stantoii (Amia* Stanton, 2498), b. Maj 20^ x74Q^ Sloo- 
ingtoo^ Conn.; d. April xg^ X819; m. Dc& 2» X764» CoL Hany Babcock (son 
oí Dr. Joshua Babcock oí Westerly. R. L), h. April 26, X736; d. Oct 7» iHoo; 
he was a lawyer and M. C ; he served as G>lonel in the Annj duhng the 
Revoltitiooary War; also Captain oí a Cocnpany, in 1754. in Cañada, duríng 
the Frcnch War. Childrcn (b. in Stonixigton, Conn.) : 

45Q7 Bes^amin F.» b. Nov. 6, lyós; d. X78X. 
+4508 Paul b. March 13* 1768; m. (x) Nancy Bell; m. (2) Locy BelL 
4509 Dudley. b. Jan. 7, X7701 
43x0 Joshua» b. Oct 29^ X77X. 

45XX Hannah. b. Nov. 30^ X773; d. Nov. 2^ X842; m. Joseph Denison 
Phelps (xssxS). (See his Record.) 

4308 Maj. Paui.* BAaoooc (Mary* Stanton, 937), b. liarch i^ 1768^ 
Paweatnck (Stonington), Couil; d. March 14, 1839^ Stoningtoo; m. (x) 
April 2f 1789^ Nanqr Bell (dau. oí John), b. Sept 30^ X7^; d. Nov. x, x8q3- 

•f 43X2 Benjamin Franklin, b. Feb. 3, 1790; d. July 2X» 1829, of yellow 
lever on board the ship Taima on a passage Irom New Orleans 
to New York; m. April 6, 18x3, by the Rev. Gardner Spring, 
María Eells (dau. oí Benjamin and Dprcas Eells), b. Ston- 
ington, Conn., Sept 22, X79o; d. New York Nov. 6, X852. 

45x3 Maty Ann, b. Apnl 3t 1792; d. Aug. 3, x8x5; m. Rev. David A. 
Sberman, Oct 6, X8X3. s. p. 

4514 Dudley, b. May xo» X794; d. Nov. 17, X794. 

45x5 Joshua» b. May xx, X796; d. Sept x» x8x8. 

4516 Henry, b. Oct. 4, 1799; d. May 15, X834; «• Anne C Smitht 
Dec. 3, x8a8. s. p. 

GmiALooT or tbb Cusomuch Family. 211 


4S17 Ntncy Bell» b. March 5. iSoa; d Dec aa» 1845; m. Joly 3, íBi^ 
WtUUin R. Pftlmer (ion oí Capt Amos and Sallj [Rhodes] 
Palmera, t. p. 

4SoB Maj. Paul* Baboooc,». (a) Apríl is» 1804. Laqr Bell (dan. ofCapt 
Joicph; conitn oí bis first wife)» k March 10^ 1784; d. Fdv 8; 184Í 

-|-4Si8 Courtlandt, b. March 2$, 1806; d. Fek 10^ 1853; «• May J, 1834 
Elizabeth Caiqr, d. Stonington» Conn.» Apríl, 1884. 

•1*4519 Giles, h. Jan. 8; 1808; d. March 4, 186^ Stonington, Conn.; m. 
OcL I, 1833» Ann Eliaabcth Dcnison of Stonington, h. Aug. 
18b 1814; d. June 20^ íBgOf Stonington, Conn. 
45» Elisa Thompson, b. Feb. 13, 1810; d. Apríl la, 1872^ Stonington, 
Omul; m. Dec. 7, i8a6^ Capt. Nathantel B. Palmer oí Ston- 
ington, Conn. s. p. 

+4Sai Abby Eldredge, b. Sept. 4, 1811; d. abont 1887; m. (x) Nov. 
x8i t833t Jedediah Leeds of New Orleans, La.; m. (a) Rev. 
John Beattie. 

+45aa George William, b. OcL 26^ 1813; d. New Orleans, Feb. xi, 
1874; HL (x) March xg^ x84a, New Orleans, Louise Boucher, 
b. Apríl XX, X824; d. Sept. 30^ x8s3; »• (2) Apríl 34, xSss» New 
Orleans, Adele Catonet, b. Jnly aa, X825; d. Feb. 4. x86o; m. 
(3) Sept 26, x86x, New Orleans, María Shutc^ b. Dec 28^ 
xSap; lived in New Orleans. 

+45?3 Lucy Bell, b. March 30, x8xs; m. Dec. aa^ X836» Giles F. Ward, 
b. Oct a4, x8x2; d. Feb 27, X885» Si^brook, Conn.; lived in 
Sayhrook, ConiL 

+4524 Robert Stanton, b. Féh. 8^ t8x8; d. Kalamasoob Mich., Apríl 
aa, X885; m. Sept xx, x85a Einxtx M. Hall, b. Dec. x, X831S 
lived in Washington, D. C 

+4525 Mary Ann, b. Apríl x, x82i; d. Hartford, Coim., Apríl X2^ X89X; 
m. Sept X, xSÁ Rcv. John Breckenridge ol Kemncky, who 
d. X84X. 

+4526 Capt David Sherman, b. Ang. X2^ 1822; d. hy railroad scddcnt, 
Stonington, Conn^ Aug. 24, x88^; m. May 28^ x8m Brooklyn, 
N. Y., by Rev. Richard S. Storrs, Charlotte Angnsu Noyes 
(551 E) oí Stonington. She Uves in New York Otf. 
4526a Hannah, b. June 6^ X825; d. Ang. 8^ x8a8L 


45x2 BiNjAMXK* FkAifxuif and Maixa Babcocxl Children: 
+4527 Benjamin Franklin, b. New York, June 6b x8x4; d. Liverpool,* 

England, JaxL 28, 1869; m. (x) Aug. 23, X836, Phehe Aim 
Swan, b. JaxL X2, 18x4; d. Sept 8, X84X; m. (2) Apríl 3, X844, 
María Augusta Bicknell, b. Sept 9, 1824; d. Liverpool, Eng- 
land, Oct 3, X894- 
•f4SaB María Eels, b. Loodoo, England, Jaxt 2X, 'x8x6; d. Providcnec^ 

912 Gensalogy or THC CHumouGB FAicay. 

R. L, Jan. 2y, 1884; m- March i $• 1841, James Deveril Moore, 
d. Jan. 17» 1869. 

+4S39 P^rthenia Pardoe, bi Jan. ta» 1817. London, England; m. Sept 
ft 1841» William R. Babcock (son o£ Dndley Baboock, 4S09S), 
d. Oct X9, 1862; she Uves in Brookljn» N. Y. 
45JO Joshoa» h. Felx x8^ 1820^ New York; d. Nov. 30^ 1821. 

+4531 Samod Denison» k Majr xó^ i8sa» Stonington, Conn.; d. Sept 
14» 1902. Lenox, Mass.; m. Dec a. 1846^ Elizabeth Cnury 
Franldin (3397N)» h. Felx a. i8a8; d. May ^ 1881, Rtverdak, 
N Y.; lived in New York City. He wms Pressdent. Vice-Presi- 
dent and Director oí twenty-one different Corporationa— Banks, 
Trust, Insurance, Teíephone, Railroad and Sieamship Com* 
> pañíes. 

+4532 Charles Henry Phelpt, k Jan. 3, 182S Stonington, Cona; d. 
Riverdale, N. Y., Mareh as 1897; m. April 17» t8ss Cornelia 
Fulton Franklsn (3399N), d. Nov. a4, 1883, Riverdale, N. Y.; 
he was Vice-President of the New York Guarantee and Ind. 
Trust Co. and Secretary of the Central Trust Co. of New 
York Qty. 

4533 Jsmes Milnor, b. Sept 19, 1826; d. Feb. só, xSay. 

4534 Infant son, b. and d. New York, 1828. 

45x8 CouartANST* and Elbaktr Baboocx. Children: 

+4535 Lontse, b. May 18^ 1835; m. (i) 1853, Edmund D. Stanton (son 

of Stttes Stanton) of Stonington, Conn.» who d. May 29^ 

1873; m. (a) abont 1893. WiUiam H. TiUin^dust of New York 

City; Uves in New York Gty. 
+4536 Georgia P., b. May 18; 1837; m. June 11, 1862, Charles Pheips 

Williams (1S63S) of Stonington, Conn., b. June 11, 1804; d. 

Oct a8. 1879; líves in New York Gty. 
+4537 Courtlandt Guynet, d. Stonington, Conn.; m. Mary B. (dau. of 

Judge Woodruff)t who Uves in Stonington, Conn. 
4538 Amelia» b. July 23, 1^53; d. New York, Jan. 23, 1898; unmarríed. 
+4539 Heniy Saltonstall, m. Evelina (dau. oí Samuel and Dizabeth 

Denison) of Stonington. 

4519 Gois* and Axii Babcock. Children: 

+4540 Anna, b. Nov. 15, 1837; m. April 2$, 1861, Samuel Wood, h. 
Nov. ao, 1836; Uve in Stonington, Conn. 

+4541 Gfles, b. Sept 3, 1840; m. June 30, 1868, Sarah Smith of Ston- 
ington, Conn.; b. May la, 184a; d. Sept 27, 187a; Uves in 
Provtdence. R. I. 

+454a Gen. John B., U. S. A.; b. Feb. 7, 1843; m. May 18^ 1875, Blan- 
dina (dau. of Samuel and Cornelia Stanton) of Stonington, 
Conn. ; b. Aug. 33» i8sa 
4543 Mary Denison, b. June 5, 1846; m. July 3, 1873 (second wife), 

GiifSALocY or nx Chssdiough Family. 213 

Jodffe Ephrmlm WmUms, Jr. (isfigS). h, Dec i. itefi. (Set 
hifl Record.) Live in Stonington, Conn. 
4544 Locy Bcn» k March 28» 1849: n- June "• >884. Sttles Tnimball 
(son of StUes Stmton) of Stontofflon, Conn., b. Dcc 10^ 
1849; d. Feb., 1888, StoningtOB, Conn.; be was Sute Scnator 
of Connecticnt; Uves in Stonington, Conn. s. p. 
-I-454S Nttbanlel Pilmer, b. Dec j8, 1851; m. Oct. i, i879b Cárolint 
L. McGinnis, b. May 2$, 1856; Itve in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

4546 Stepben Tyng. b. Sept 2. 1854; d. Nov. 17, 1890; iinmarried. 

4521 Abby* B. and Jumebiab LnM. Children: 

4547 Paul Babooek, d. in Louisiana; m. Sarah Avery oí Aver/s 

Island» La.; sbe Uves at Avei^s Island» La. s. p. 

4548 Grace. 

452t Anr E. and Riv. JoBii BtAtnx. Children : 

4549 John» d. in Shreveport, La.» abone 1901. 
Several other children. 

4522 GaoKS WnuAM* and Loum Babcocx. Children: 

-(-4550 Mary Amelia, b. New Orleans» La., Dec 9» 1844; n- May x0b 
t866» Charles £. Leverich of New Orleans» La.; b. Oct 31, 
1834; d. May 24 1880^ New Orleans» La.; she Uves in New 
Orleans, La. 

4551 Henry Boncher, b. June 28» 1846; d. Apríl aá, 1847. 

4552 Eugene, b. Nov. 28» 1847; d. Dec 3, X&17. 

4553 Loutse Boucher, b. July 24» 1849; unmarried; Uves in New 

Orleans» La. 

4554 LéocadiCt b. July 5» 1851; unmarried; Uves in New Orleans, lÁ 

4555 George Enunet, b. Dec 9, 1852; d. July 24, 1853. 

4522 GaoKS WnuAM* and Aoble Baicocx. Children : 

4556 Dr. George Catonet» b. Ja& 30^ 1860; m. Aug. 15» 1900» Ada 

Cornay Yonng; of Lafayettc; La.; Uves in LafayettCt La. She 
was b. Oct 9^ i86t 

4522 Gaoací WnxiAif * and Mama Baboocx. Child: 

ChUd» d. in infancy. 

4523 Lucv* and Gusa P. WAaa Children: 

4557 Giles, b. Peb. 22» 1845; d. Jan. 28, 1865; shot acddentally in 

Virginia; Ueutenant U. S. V. 
+4558 Lucy BeU, b. April 4» i847; «• Oct. 5» 1881. Joseph Hayden, b. 
July ti» 1837; d. April 23, 1900b Saybrook, Conn.; Uves in 
Saybrook. Conn. 

4524 Ronr* STAHTOir and Emily Babco ck . Children: 



-i-4559 Ot. Robeit Hall b. July 26, 1851, Watertown, N. Y.; m. Jone 
13, i879b Lixzse Oiiiton (dau. oí Millón and Celia Laura 
[Stone] Weaton oí New York), b. Oct 14, 1890. He was 
nade totaJlj blind bj an accident in hit i2th ycar, but ts onc oí 
the noted phyticians of the West, a specialtst on Itmg dis- 
eases; lives in Chicago, III 

+45^ Courtlandt, b. Sept. 23, 1855; ul (i) Nov. aS, 1879» Mane 
Sleigbt, b. Jan. 31, 1857; d. Chicago, Julj 15, 1896; m. (2) 
Dec 22, 1897. Bcrtha Blakelj of New York, b. April 14 
1869; Uves in Montdair, N. J. 

4561 Lüy, b. May 15, i857; m. Sept. 11, 1880, Robert B. Marten; 

livea in Washington, D. C s. p. 

4525 Maby* a. and Rrr. John BatcxEinuDCB. Child : 

4562 Agatha, b. Julj 13, 1841 ; d. Oct. 30, 1882. 

4526 Caft. David* Sbeiman and CBAaLom Babcocx. Children : 

-1-4^3 Ellen Watkini, b. Feb. i, 1851; m. May 7» 1872. William 
Reynolds (son of William Smith Brown) of New York; b. 
Feb. is* 1846; lives in New York Cty. 

4564 Lulo, b. Dec 4, 1853, Honolulú, Sandwich Islands; d. June 3t 

1854, Saybrook, Conn. 

4565 Edith, b. Aprü 25, 1855, Shanghai, China; d. Oct 19, 1855, on 

the American ship Young America, in the Indian Ocean. 

4566 David Sherman» b. Sept 21, 1856^ on ship Yaumg Atngriea, tn 

harbor of Hong Kong, China; unmarried; lives in White 
x^iams, M. X. 

+45^ Washington Irving, b. Sept 26^ 1858, Stonington, Conn.; m. 
New Orleans, Jan. i, 1890^ hy Bishop.Galleher of Louisiana, 
Grace Wallon (dau. oí Henry Parish Kemochan of New 
York and Scarsdale Plantation, Louisiana, and Grace Wahon 
Ogdcn oí New York) ; lives in New York Gty. 

+4568 William Robinson, b. Nov. 3, 1860^ Stonington, Conn.; m. 
Oct. 27. 1BB6, Jennie Rider of Brooklyn, N. Y.; b. July 12, 
i85i; lives in Boston. Mass. 

+4S69 Philip Sherídan, b. May 31, 1863, Stonington, Conn.; m. Nov. 

& 1890, Lily CUrk of White Plains, N. Y.; Uyt% in White 
Phuns»N. Y. 

4570 Joseph Noyes, b. May 22, x855, Stonington, Conn.; unmarried; 

lives in New York. 

+4571 Raymond, b. Oct. 18, 1868, Brooklyn, N. Y.; m. Feb. 9, 1893, 

Florence Jeannette Locke of Cindnnatl, Ky.; Hves in New 

4527 Benjamim' FkANXUN and Phok Baicock, Ja. Children: 

4572 Jessie Httggins, b. Jan. 22, 1840; m. Feb. 25, 1873* John P. 
Campbell of Providence, R. L; b. Dec 28. 1822; Uve in 
Providence, R. L s. p. 

GmiáMCY or tus Cusomugb Family. 9*s 

+4573 Phehc Aiin, b. Aug. 17. 1841; m. Jont a6, ift^. Janes M. 
Campbell oí Providence (brother of John P. Campbell), b. 
Oct. 9, 1824; Uve in Providence, R. I. 

45278 BsHjAifiif* FkAVXUif and Mamia Babcocx, Ja. Children: 

+4574 Benjamín Franklin» b. Jone la, X&45; m. Jone g^ 1869^ Adela 

Barry, b. Julj i^ 1846; Uve tn Liveipool, Eng^d. 
+4S75 Frederíck Angustna» b. Sept as» 1846; d. Dcc 10^ 1IB79» Liver- 
pool, England; m. Sept S» i874t Mary Lotiisa Brann,- b. 
Dec. 9, 1855. 
+4576 Mane Augusta, b. May 4, 1854; m. June i, 1876» Amold J. 
Cleaver of Liverpool, England; b. Marcb ^ 1852; Uve in 
Liverpool, England. 
4577 RosaUe Bicknell, b. Mareh 9b i86x ; Uves in Liverpool, England. 
4¿ñ Lilias Ewing, b. March 9, x86x (twin of above); nnmarried; 

in Liverpool, England. 

45j8 lÍABXA* and Jam» Dbvul Moou. Children: 

+4579 María Babcock. b. Dec ao, 1845; m. June XQ, x868b James 
CUnton KimbaU; Uve in Providente, R. I. 
4580 Parthenia Babcock, b. Apríl 12, 1848; d. March xó^ X873. 
458X Jessie Deveríl, b. June x, 1850; d. July 7, 1872. 
4582 Jane Denison Bumbam, b. Dec xx, x8sx; d. Feb. xx, x8fi2. 

4529 PAiTBmru' and Wxluam R. Baboool 
4583 Charles, unmarríed; Uves in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

453X Samuil* D. and Euzabbth Babcocil Children: 

•t-4584 Henry Denison, b. Sept 61 1847; m. May 28, xg73, Anna M. 

Woodward, b. March xj, X849; Uve in New York Gty. 
+4585 Evelena FrankUn, b. May xj* 1849: m. April 26, i97h WiUiam 

Palmer Dsaoii, a lawyer (son of CourUandt Diaon of Brooklyn, 

N. Y.), b. March X9, 1847: Uve in New Yorit 
+4586 Emily FrankUn, b. Jan. 12, 1855; m. X878, Fordyce D. (son of 

Dr. Fordyce Barkcr of New York), b. X847. d. X892; Uves 

in New York Gty. 
4587 Elixabeth, b. Feb. i, X857; unmarríed; Uvq$ in New York Gty. 
+4588 Fannie Morris, b. Oct 25, 1858; m. May 8, X889. Henry Alex- 

ander Murray of Scotland, b. June 6, 1857; Uve in New 

York City. 

4589 María, b. Aug. 38, 1860; unmarríed; Uves in New York City. 

4590 Kate Spaulding, b. Apríl xo, 1868; unmarríed; Uves in New 

York City. 


4532 Chablcs HnfBY* Phblm and Córkeua Baboocx. Children: 
459X Richard FrankUn. b. Jan. 27» i6s6; d. Sept ^, X857. 

9i6 GnrsAUxnr of ms CHumouoH Family. 

45g2 Edward Charles, b. Aug. 15. 1857; d. July 96^ 187& 
+4503 William Evelyn, b. March 23, 1859; m. April aB» 1897, Marr A. 
Ver Planck Koevels of New York, b. March 12, 1870; Uve 
in New York Ctj. 

4594 Samuel Denison. h. Not. 17, 1860; d. Sept. 3, i9S6. 

4595 Cornelia Franklin, h. March 17, 186a; livet in Riverdale, N. Y. 

4596 Charles Perctval, h. May ao, 1864; Uves in Rtverdale, N. Y. 

4597 Son (unnamed), h. Dec aS, 1865; ^ Jui. 06, i9S6. 

459B Edith, b. Aprü 29, 1868; m. Oct 9» X90i> Eogene Fintard 

+4599 Aroy Denison, b. March 10, 1873; m. Sept 29^ 1898^ J 

Bowie Dash, b. May 18, 1873. 
4600 Franklin Lawrence, b. March 19^ 1874. 

4535 Louisi* and Edmund D. Stamton. Children: 

+4601 Edmund Courtlandt, b. 1854; m. iB^ Maxy Lañe; d. Jan. ai, 

1901, London, England. 
+4602 Louis Lee, b. July 31, 1859; m. Not. 3, 1887, Paultne Williams 

Dixon (1586S) oí Brooklyn, N. Y., b. Jan. 4, i86a; Uves in 

New York Gty. 

4536 GioRCiA* P. and Chaubs' Fhblps Williams. Children : 

+4536» Georgia, b. July 31, 1863; m. May 14, 1885, George Henry 
Warren» Jr., of New York, b. Oct 17, 1855. 

+453^ Charles Phelps, b. June 15. 1866; m. April 11, 1889b EUsabeth 
P. Brooks, b. Jan. 4, 1868; Uve in New York Gty. 

4537S Coúulanst* GuYinr and Masy Baboock. ChUdren: 

4603 Rieta Woodruff, m. Henry Robinson Palmer of Stonington, 

Conn., June 14 1900; Uve in Stonington, Conn. 

4604 Harry Woodruff, Uves in Stonington, Conn. 
46QS May Woodruff, Uves in Stonington, Conn. 

4606 Courtlandt Woodruff, Uves in Stonington, Conn. 

4539 Haiky* Saltohstall and Evbuha Baboool 

4607 Harry. 

4608 Edward. 

4540 Anna* and Samcil Woodl Children: 

4609 Laura, b. Sept. 22, 1869; Uves in Stonington, Conn. 

4610 Mabel, b. Kov. 6, 1871; d Sept 28, 1878; kiUed in explosión of 

the boiler of steamer Adelphi at New York. 

4541 Gius' and Saiar Baboock, Ji. Child: 

461 1 Olíver, b. March 28, 187a 

GBMSAUNnr or tbb C hmew opoh Family. 317 

4S48 Gbii. Johx* B. and Blanmiia Baboock. Children: 

461a Q>iind Sunton» b. Feb. a^ 1876; Licutenant U. S. Army. 

4613 John, b. Sept 5. 1879; Ensign U. & Navy. 

4614 Franklin, b. Aug. 11, iSSs* 

4545 Nathakiil* P. and Ounuifi Baboocx. Childrcn: 

4615 Ruth A., b. Jttly 14. 1880; lives in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

4616 Natalie C, b. March la, 1883; Uves in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

4617 Denison, b. Sept. ag» 1886; lives in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

4618 Sunton, b. Oct. 10,' 1888; üviss in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

4550 Maby* and Chabuu E. Lbvbucb. Children: 

4619 Louise Fanny, b. Nov. ^, x868; unmarríed; lives in New Or- 

leans. La. 
H-46ao George Babcock, b. Nov. 16, 1870; m. Jan. is» x8go^ Julia (dan. 
of Rev. Mr. Drysdale oí New Orleans» La.)» b. Sept $• 
1871; live in New Orleans» La. 
46ax Hampton, b. Jaa 7» x976b New Orleans, La.; d. Dec 8^ x^ 
New Orleans, La. 


4558 Locy* and Joseth HAVBBir. Children: 

46aa Ward, b. Sept. 3, 1882; lives in Saybrook, Conn. 
4633 Joseph, b. June 13* 1885; lives in Saybrook, Cono. 

4559 Da. RoniT* H. and Lizzxi Baboocx. 

4624 Robert Staoton, b. April a6b 1883; d. April 14, 1883. 
46a6 Eleanor Qinton, b. Dec. 31, x888; lives in Chicago, IlL 
4627 Robert Weston, b. May 9» 1893; lives tn Chicago, IlL 

4560 CousiLAHiiT* and Mabb Baboocx. Children: 

4fia8 LUian Mane, b. Mjirch afi. x886; lives in Montdair, N. J. 
4629 Robert Stanton, b. Nov. ^ 1889; lives in Montdair, N. J. 
4^ Conrtlandt Sleight, b. Feb. xx, 1890; lives in Montdair, N. J. 

4560 Couxnjucirr* and BisrBA Babcocx. Children: 
463X Adeline Lord, b. Aug. a» 1899; lives in Montdair, N. J. 

4563 EusN and Wxllxam Rxynoumi Bbowx. Children: 

46t3a Warren Day, b. Feb. 5, 1873, New York City; immarríed; lives 
in New York City. 

4to Oeveland Hall, b. June 11, 1874; d. 1885. Whtte Plains, N. Y. 

4634 Dooald Winchester, b. Sept % i977> White Plains, N. Y.; un- 
marríed; lives in New York Qty. 

3i8 GKiriAUxnr ar thi CHmnouoH Family. 

4SB7 W. iBviifG and Guací BAacoac ChUdren: 
4tii35 Irving, b. Nov. 15, i8go^ Chicago, IH 

4568 WnxiAM R. and JaiiifiB Baboqol ChOdrcn: 

4636 Wflliam Rider, k Dec 24 x88B» Brooklyn» N. Y. 

4637 Beatrícc, b. Scpt 17, 1890, BrooUjm» N. Y. 

4569 Phoip S. and Lily Babcdck. ChUdrcn: 

4(38 Philip Sheridan, b. Ang. 7. i89X. White Ptalna, N. Y. 

4659 Arthur Oark, h. May, 1893. Whitc Plains, N. Y. 

4640 Charlotte Augusta» k New York CHj. 

4641 David Sherman» h. New York Gty. 

4571 Raymond and FtogBMCS Babcock. Chtld: 
4643 Helen, h. Apríl % 1896b New York Qty. 

4S73 Phebb and Jamis M. Campull. Children: 

4643 Jessie Babcock, b. July a6. i858; lives in Providence, R. L 

4644 Phebe Ann, b. June 27, 1870; m. Knight C Richmond, Jan. i, 


4645 Mary Stuart, b. Nov. g, 1873; Hvet tn Providence, R. I. 

4646 James Winthrop» b. May 18» 1876; lives in Providence, R. L 

4647 Edith. b. SepL 19. 1878; lives in Providence, R. L 

4648 Rowena. b. Nov. 28, 1880; lives in Providence, R. L 

4574S BsNjAMíN FaANxuir'* and Aokla Baboooc, Ji^ Children: 

4649 Benjamin Franklin, k June 23, 1871; lives in Liverpool, Eng* 


4650 Mary Amelia, b. Marcfa 8» 1873: Itves in Liverpool, England. 

4651 Adela Ñera, b. June 29, 1875; lives in Liverpool, En^and. 
áfy^ Sibyl Augusta, b. OcL 9, 1878: lives in Liverpool, En^and. 
4653 Guy Barry. b. Apríl $, 1883; lives In Liverpool, England. 
4634 Ernest Bicknell, b. Oct. 31, 1883; lives in Liverpool, England. 

4575 Fksnaicx** Aucuarua and Maiv Baicks. Child: 

4655 Frederic Augustas, b. Sept, 1876; lives tn Liverpool, England. 

4576 Max» and Arnou) J. CiXAvn. Children: 

4656 Mane Augusta, b. Jan. a6. 1878; lives in Liverpool, England. 

4657 Amold Bicknell. b. Jan. 37, 1880; lives in Liverpool, England. 

4658 William Babcock, b. July ag, 1883; lives in Liverpool, England, 

Gbnbalocy of tbi Cbbsebroucu Family. 319 

4579 Maua and Jamis Cuhton Kimball. Childreii: 

4659 Caroline MarU, li. Jan. 11, 1870^ Providence, R. I.; d. Feb. 3^ 


4660 Laura Benedtct, b. March 4, 1873; Uves tn Provídcnce. R. L 

4661 Jessie Moorc, b. June 17. 1874; Uves in Providencet R. I. 

4663 Alíce. b. SepL jo» 1876; Uves in Providence. R. I. 

46^ James Madison» b. July 2a, 1880; liyt% tn Providence, R. I. 

4664 Frederick Babcock, b. Feb. ac^ 1883; UvtM in Providence. R. L 
4fi6s Henry Harrison, b. Kov. 12, 1884; Uves in Providence, R. L 

4666 Margare! Wolcott, b. Nov. 17, iSég; Uves in Providence, R. L 

4584 HxNBy*' Denison and AjfWA Babcdck. Cbildren: 

4667 Samuel Denison, b. Aprü 19^ 1874; Uves in Neir York City. 

4668 Woodward, b. June 14, 1876; \wt% m New York Gcy. 

4669 Alice Woodward, b. Dec 27, 1877; Uves in New York Gty. 

4670 Henry Denison, b. Aug. 11, i88¡3; Uves in New York City. 

4671 Richard FrankUn, b. March 27» 1895; Uves in New York Gty. 

4585 Evilsna and WnuAic** P. Dixom. Children: 

+4672 Evelena Babcock, b. Jan. 6, 1873; m. Dec. 2, 1896^ Eben 
Stevens of New York, b. Feb. 7, 1871 ; Uve in New York. 

4673 William Henry, b. Aug. itib i977; ib* Jui* 31» 1901, Joseiihine 

WiUiams; Uve in New York. Child: 

WaUam Henry, k Mareh 19^ 1902. 

4674 Conrtlandt PaUner, b. July 2, 1884; Uves in New York Gty. 

4586 Emily F. and Founrcx D. Baiob. GiUdren: 

4675 EUiabeth Crary Fordyce, b. Aprfi 4, 1079; a. Feb. 6b I9a0b 

Murray Witherbee Dodge of New York; Uve in N¿w York. 

EUiabeth Lee, h. July 2S, i^»^ Lawrence, L. I., N. Y. 

4676 LilUan Lee Fordyce, k April 4, 18813. 

4588 Faünb** M. and Hunnr AuxAima Muhay. Giildren: 

4677 Virginia, b. Se|>t 6, iBgo. 

4678 Henry Alexander, b. May 13, 1893, 

4679 CecU Dunmore, b. Dec 20^ 1897. 

4593 WnxiAM** EviLYK and Maky Baioocx. GiUd: 

4680 WaUam Evelyn, k Nov. i, 1898. 

4599 Aicy** and Johii Bowb Dash. Gúld : 
46B1 Amy Louisa, b. Feb. 28, 190a 

a«U iitlfXALOGy Or TH« . .«. 

4601 EsMUNB** C and Bíait Stamiom. Oiüdren: 

4683 Georgia WiHiams. b. i89S- 
46S3 Lonii Denlson, b. 1887. 

4684 Edmiind C, h. i88g. 

46B5 VirginU HowUnd, b. 1891. 

4601 Louxs^* Lb and Pauuns STAirroir. Children: 

4ÍB6 PmdUa Dtxon, b. 1888. 

4687 Lonis Lee, Jr», k 1894; d. i8gs. 

4688 Louis Lee, b. 1897. 

4689 Wffliam TiUiai^iast, b. 1899. 

4S36a(S) GioacsiA^* and Giokb Heniy Waxien. Children: 

4690 Constance Whitney, b. Jan. 17, 1888. 

4691 George Henry» b. July 39, iKg, 

4536b Chaius** PüBLn and Euzabcth WnxiAMa. Children: 

4692 Elixabeth, b. Jan. 2» 189a 

4693 Georgia, b. Nov. 18» 1894- 

4600 GaoMSi^* Baboocx and Juua Livibicb. Children: 

4694 Mary Inrine, b. Dec. 14, 1895, New Orleant, La. 

4695 George Dryadale, b. Feb. 17, 1899^ New Orleans, La. 

467a Evilika** B. and Eisir Snviifs. Children: 

4696 Byam Kirbsr, b. Not. 16, 1897- 
4696a WOliam Dixon, b. May 17» I90V« 

942 lÍAiy* Masoü (Mary* Stanton, 250S)» m. Mareh 11, 1756^ Dr. 
Natlian Gray. Child: 

4697 Eather, d. Apríl 30^ 18Í37, in her 76lh year; m. Feb. $, 1778^ 

Zebalon Stanton (967S), b. June IQ» 1753; d. July i^ iSjBL 

469B Jabea, b. 1779; m. Fanny Potter. 

4699 Henry, b. 1781; lost at s^a, 1798. 

4700 Elizabeth, b. 1783; m. Charíes W. Denlson. 
470X Child, b. 1786; d. young. 

470a Zebulon, b. 1788; d. Sept !$• 1819» at sea. 

4703 Jonathan Gray, b. 1791; m. three times. 

4704 Benjamín F., b. 1793; d. yonng. 

4705 Nathan, b. 1794; drowned at sea; unmarried. 

4706 Mary M., b. 179S; hl Charles W. Smith oí Wateríord, Conn. 

4707 Esther C, b. 1797; d. March 27, 1872; unmarried. 

4708 George W., b. 1800; d. Sept. 3, 1830; unmarried. 

GsmáUMnr m nu. Chictuohoh FAiuLy. asi 

47€g ChtM, b. and d ift». 

47x0 Samuel Gray. b. Aprfl 34f x8o4: »• Marjr G. HiUmaii. 

968 PHiiiiAa* SrAitioii« Ji. (Phineas*, 2S3S), m. (i) Jaa 2\, 1764. 
Zerviah Eldrídge oí Groton, Conn.; b. Feb. 7* 1748-9; d. March 13^ 176& 
Child (h. ¡n Gfoioii, Coim.) : 

471 1 Zenriah, li. Nov. 27, 1765; ni. Nov. 11, I784t Reubeii Palmer 
(son oí Nefaemiah and Submit) of Stonington, Ginn., k 
Aug. I, 1753. Cbildren: 

Reuben, Polly and AbVr* 

963 FnniBAs' Stantoíi^ Ji., m. (a) Apríl 2, 1768» Esther Gallup^ 
k Aug. 20^ 174X; d. Nov. 10^ x8iSt WjTomtng, N. Y. Cbildren: 

471a Eldrídge, b. Dec.» 1769; d. Dec 31, 18x3. 

4713 Phineaa. b. Dec 27. 177»; A Jm. » í77fi. 

4714 Ettber, b. May 14, 1773. 

47x5 Polly, b. Dec 13, 1775; d. Sept. 17, 177& 

4716 Polbr» b. Oct 18^ 1777; d. Aug., 184a 

47x7 Phineas» k May ax, X7801 

47x8 Daniel, b. Mareh aa; X793. 

47x9 Elixabetb, b. Sept 8^ X78S. 

4720 Mercy, k May 3, X788. 

472X Znrviab, b. Apríl 23, X79X. 

4722 Eoniec^ b. Nov. 5, X795; d. Joly 2% 1829. 

964 Ejcocb* Stantoíi (Phineas*, 2S3S), m. Waity Dyer of Newport, 
R. L; be waa Idlled Sept 6^ X78X, at Fort Griswold, Coon.; left seven 
cbildren nnder xs yeara oí age. Cbildren, oí wbom are: 

4723 Lodowick. 

+4724 Betiey, m. (i) Amoa Palmer (tf4E). (See bis Record.) 
4725 Martba, b. Marcb 4, 1772; d. Decó^ 18x8; m. Jan. X2, 1793, Eben- 
eier Cobb» Jr* (son oí Ebeneser and Mary [Brown] Cobb), b. 
Dec 9. 1766; d. Jttly 12, 1841. Cbildren: 

Enoch, d. tn iníancy. 
Edwaxíd, d. in iníancy. 

4726 Emeline, b. June 4, X798; d. Fek 12^ 1848; anmarríed. 

4727 Ebeneser Stanton, b. Jan. 28, 1800; d. Aug. g^ X841; m. Jan. 

38, 1822, Cornelia Parrisb. 

4728 Mary, b. Apríl 17, 1802; d. July 13, 1881; m. June 4, x834i 

Pbilip De Forest Goewey. 

4729 John Brown, b. Ang. X2^ 1804; d. July x8, x8ss; m. Aug. 

38, 1829, Elisa Somehndyke. 
4729a Sarah Burger, b. May aa, 1807; d. Dec 20^ 1875 r nnmarríed. 
+4730 Phd)e Eights, b. April x8i x8x4; d. Jan. 18,. 1893, Albert 
Chesebro (35S9S). (See bis Record.) 


a» GmiALocy m ths Cxuamawm Fmiily. 

4730a Ann Elúabeth, b. Oct. 18^ 1816: d May \% 1894» »• Oct 
i8» 1841» Samad Vantioc, 

g77 Amauab* STAnroír (Anariah*. 2548)» iik Oct 13, 1774. Dorothy 
liíppla. Chíldreii: 

4731 Amaríah, b. Dec A, 1775; d. July JOb X788. 

473a Gcorge W., Ii. Apríl 4* 1777; d. anmafticd. 

4733 WUlianí, b. May 2p 1776; m. Fek % 1813. 

4734 Dclighl, b. Mafdi Á 1780; d. onmamcd. 

+473S Jonathan Gray» k Apríl 18, 178a; m. 1806^ Andia Cbescbro 
(io8sS). (Sct her Record.) 

473^ Danid» b. Feb. ^ 1784; d. Nov. i, 1862; m. Ketisrah GaUup. 

4737 Dorothy, b. Feb. 17» t^; m. Henry Babcock. 

983S Amos* Cbisemoucb (El¡dia\ i6iS), m. Match 8^ 1778^ Rebeeca* 
Chesebrongh» 292S (her firtt husband). Children: 

+4738 Harríet b. May tj^ 1778; m. Joba Leeds. 
+4739 Hannah, k Sepe % 1779: m. twice. 
+4740 MoUy (Polly), b. July 22. 1781 ; m. Henry Lewii. 
4-4741 Elisha, b. Jan. a. 1783; m. Lucy Oiapman. 
4-474a PrisctUa. b. Feb. aB. 1785; m. (second wife) Rotwell Breed. 
4743a David Thomson» b. Apríl 7» 1787; m. — — Cramb. 

The ñames oí the children oí Amos and Rebeeca Chesebrongh (with 
tfadr marríages) are taken írom the notes oí Rev. Amos S. Chesebrongh. 
The dates oí thdr births and the date oí the death oí Amos Chesebrongh 
are írom the Bible oí Andrew Breed oí Norwtch, Cona 

4738S Hasubt' Cbbsbbroucb^ m. John Leeds. Children: 

4743 Harríet, m. Jan. 26, 1839^ Dr. Masón Manning (second wiíe). 

4744 John Leeds. 

4739 Hahmah' CiissinouGB« d. June 30^ 1861; m. (i) March a» 
i8oa» Benjamín Hancock, d. Jan. 7» i8qs» in aóth year; lived in Stoningtoo 
Pointi Cornil Children: 

+4745 Benjamin Franklin, b. Jan. 22^ 1803; d. Sept 2$» 188& 

4746 (yeorge, b. Jan. aa, 1803 (twin oí above). 

4747 (Seorge ad, b. Feb. 2S. 1804. 

47301 m. (a) Nathanid Lewis (son oí WUliam and Abigail [Middle- 
tonl Lewis oí North Stonington). Children: 

+4748 Hannah, b. Apríl a6b 1808; d. Feb. 5, 1863; m. Dec la, 1830^ 
Orrín Doty. 

4749 Simeón» k Oct 13, 1813; d. at sea; onmarried. 

4750 Rebeeca, b. Dec la» 1815; m. President Rogers oí New Lon« 

don, Conn. 

GiMBALotnr or tbi CHtsmouoH pAMay. 223 

4751 Marúu h. Sept 3* tSi7* 

4752 Charlocte, b. Jinie 3, 1819; d. & 10 yetrs. 

4745 BtMjAM iw' FkAjrxuM Hahcox. iil Jan. 30^ ifias Eianice Stevens 
(dan. oí Stanton and Eimice [Short] Stevens)» b. Jiily 24 1803; d. May 
aft t9j7. Children: 

4753 Benjamín F., Jr., h. Oct a% iSas; Iñres In CUÍtondale. Mass. 
•f 4754 Francés Harriet, k Feh. 9, 1827; m. Olhrer Denison Chesebro 

(a73E). (See bis Record.) 
475S Gcorge Stanton» b. Mardi 15, 1830; d. Aog. i. 1866. 
•f 47S6 Mary Jane, b. July 8^ 1832; m. Capt B. F. Cutler. 
-1-4757 Emeline Lester, b. Oct. ag, 1835; m. Erastus Chesebro (2a8E). 
(See hts Record.) 
4758 Alke Dean, b. Aug. lOb 1845; in. Elias Babcock, Jr.; Uve in 
Brookljn, N. Y. 

4756 Maky* Jaiii Hamoox, nt Ca^ B. F, Cutler; Uve in Brook* 
lyn, N. Y. ChUdren: 

4759 Annie Cntler, m. Eogene Atwood oí Stonington, Conn. 
47te Francés Chesebro. 

4748 Haitiiab* Lgwu, n. Dec la, 1830 (bis first wiíe), Orrin Doty 
oí Sharon, Conn., a marble cutter; b. May 16^ 1809; d. Oct 19» 1884, 
Stonington, Conn. Children: 

4761 EUen, b. Nov. », 1831; d. 1833. 
476a Charlotte Augusta, b. June JOb 1835. 

4763 Edward Warren, b. July 23, 1840; m. June 24, 1863, Ann B. 

Abel; Uve in Sharon, Conn. 

4764 Hannah, b. Feb. 6^ 1851; m. Solomon C Burdick,iíay 3, 1882; 

Uve in Westerly, R. L 
Had ñft children, d. youn^ 

4740S Moixy' (PoUy) Cbisuboiioh, k July 2a; 1781; d. July i4 
1865; m. Henry Lewis (son oí WtUiam and AWgail [Middleton] Lewis), 
b. S^ 1782; d. March aft 1878L Children (b. in Stonington, Conn.) : 

4765 Joanna, b. June ii, 1807; m. Aaron Evana. a. 9. 

+47tf Harriet, b. AprU 6, 1809; d. Oct. 2, igox; m. Theodore Teed. 
4767 Henry, b. July i8i 1811; d. Oct 15, 18361 bi asth year, Ston- 
ington, Conn. 

+4768 Benjamín F., b. Dec 13, 18x4; m. (x) Julia Ann HoweU; m. 
(2) Sarah Rogers. 

•f4769 Betsey C, b. Fek 3, 18x6; d. May 7, 1862; m. Andrew Chese- 
bro (576XS). (See bis Record.) 


4766 Habuet* Lxwis, b. xflog; m. Sepe, ig, 1996^ Thcodorc Tccd, b. 
1814. Oiildreii (b. ¡n Stomngton, Guuu) : 

+4770 Henry L.» b. Aog. 14, t$37; d Not. iJí 1900^ Stonington, 

+4771 Mastht, b. 1839; m. (i) ElUha Wücox; m. (a) — — Oíscj. 
477a Mary, b. 1845; nnmarried. 

4773 Hannah, b. 1850; m. Joba F. Wilkins; Uves in Stoatngtoii» 

Conn. s. fi. 

4774 Bctsey, b. i8S3; ^ Apríl 1. x869b m, 15 yeart 4 nonths. 

4770 Henjiy* L. Tud, n. Harríct* E. Ashbejr (a92SS) ; was an cngi- 
ncer and held leveral Maioníc offices and was boríed with lull Masonic 
banal rites. 

477X Mabtha* Tus, m. (x) Elisha WUcox, d. Dec. 12, i857> n Si^ 
sar. Child : 

4775 Thcodorc^ b. x86^ 
4771, m. (a) — - dancsr. 

4768 Benjamín* Feanicun Lcwis, m. (f) Nov. g^ x837» Julia Ann 
Howellt b. June X3, 1819; d. Jone 15» X84X. Qiildren: 

4776 Matílda Jane, b. Dec 7, 1859; m* Feb. 3, 1864» Stepben A. 


4777 Julia A., U Jttne 6^ 184X; m. (i) Oiarles Williams m. (a) Jobn 


4778 Mary A., b. June 6b X84X (twin oí above) ; d. Nov. 19^ 1841. 

4768 Bbnjaicxn' Fianiuin Lgwu, xn. (a) Not. 6^ x84a, Sarab Rogers» 
d. X894. Children: 

4779 Charles F., b. Aug. ao. 1843; <L Aog. aS, x844. 

4780 John >^ ., b. Nov. ao. 1844; xn* Ida Fox. 

478X Benjamin F., Jr., b. Feb. X7i X845; xn. Phebe E. Brewster Oct 

aa, x473> 
478a Charles Heniy, b. Dec ^s, 1848; d. March ao^ x8sa 

4783 Geofge W.» b. Sept X7, X85X ; xn. Catherine Lahcy, Sepe. 17, 1892. 

4784 Henry E.» k Joly 25, x857; xn. Fanny E. Brown, June as 1889. 

4785 Mary E.» b. June 14» x8ñ^; d. Jan. a3, 1862. 

4741 EusBA* CHSsmoucB, b. Jan. a» 1783; d. x82a, Vemos» Conn.; 
m. Attg. a4 1804, Luqr Chapman (dau. oí Andrew and Anna [York] 
Chainnan), b. Oct 23, X7$7. He was a ship carpenter; served in War oí 
x8ia as inrivate in Connecticnt regiment; dates oí service, July 17 to Aug. 
13. x8x3, and Ang. x8 to Oct 2&, 18x4; he told his son Jesse that '^y 
íather served in the Revolutionary War.** Children (b. in North Stoning- 
ton» Conxt) i 

4786 Amos, b. March 6b x8o6. 

Gehejojogy w tmb Chbsbbmuojc Family. t2$ 

4787 Asna, b. Aog. 2^ 1809; d. 18139; «. — <-^ Drapcr. 
+4788 Jetsc. b. April 2;, 1812; d. Jan. igoo; m. (1) AbbU Mam 

Davis; m. (2) M. C Pinkerton. 
+4789 Loolsa, b. Jttly ii, 18x4; m. Reynolds Wilcox; lived Providence. 
+4790 Erasttts, k Aprü 17, 1816; d. Scpt g» 1888; 0. Siisan Amelia 

+4791 Mdinda. b. June J^ 1819; m. (1) Hcnry Lee; m. (a) — 


4788 Jiais* CHSiino, m. (1) Abbie María Daviii b. x8i8^ Nonh Su»- 
ington, Coiul; ihtf wcm to Stoningtoii, IlL, in i8sx. Oiüdren: 

4793 WiUtan. 

4793 Hcniy Kendríck, b. Oct 8^ 1845, Lcbanoo, Coon. (livcd in Lcoo, 
Kaa. 1901); m. April 30^ x$70^ Rcbecca Whcekr Hcwítt 
(3864N); be it a (armer and a Jualtce of tbe Peaee. 
Cbildren (b. in Stonington, IlL): 

4794 Roy Leigfaton, b. Jiily B, 1871. 

4795 Abbíe María, b. Aprü 28; 1874. 

4796 Joseph Henry, b. SepL JO^ x^ 

4797 Floyd Judaon, b. June as» X879. 

4798 Earl, b. July .24, 1882. 

4799 Waync, b. July ay, 1895; Uve in Stoniogion^ IlL - 

4788; m. (2) Maxy C Pinkerton oí CarrolUMi» IlL Cbiklren: 

4800 Eugene H., m. Mary MiUer. , 

48ax Andrew C, m. Martba HoUis. 

4800 Jesse A.» m. Florence Fralcy. 

4893 Luqr* 

All Uve in TaylorsviOe» UL 

4789 LouxiA* Chbsibbo^ m. Reynolds Wilcox. Cbildren: 

4804 Mary Elixa, m. D. Leacb. 

4805 Lucy Ann, m. Hugh Warren of Providente. 

4806 EUsha. 

4790 ^Ebastus' CBismo, m. Aprü X4. 1840^ Suaan AmeUa Park (dan. 
oí Sterry Park and Luey Slocum) (her fiíst busband). Cbildren: 

«4-4807 Locy Mary, b. Dec. xo^ X842; d. Aug. xg, X872; m. Jobn M. 

-f48o8 Francés Ann, b. Nov. x6b 1844; m. Abram B. MaixL 
•i-4809 Eiisha Sterry, b. Aug. 2¿, 1846; m. EUa Jane Babcock. 
44810 Elbert FrankUn, b. Oct 28, 2848; m. Hannab Kenyon. 

^Erattvt* ChtMbfo 4. 8tpt H iSM, fai Plactr Coaatr, CsL, §ná hit wi4o«, 
AmIís (J'ferfc) m. Jttly 14 iM Hosit Ptiry Babcock of Hopkimo«, S. Li 
Qark't fallí, Cowk, 


4B07 LucY* Maky CHBsnK>« m. Jan. i« 1865» John M. ChaapKa 

4811 John Lafham, b. Jan. 18, tííá. 
481a Susan Lena, h. July ig, 186$^ 

4791 MmmA* Cbssibío^ n. (i) Hennr Lee; m. (a) — — Rouae. 
Children oí fim marriage: 

4813 Martbe Ann. 

4814 Calvin Henry. 

481 s Nettie, m. Hon. John N. Lewis of Volonlown» Conn. 
4816 Daughter. 

4808 FkAHOES* Aifif CBBamOf m. Sepe JOb x868; Abram Benjamin 

4809 Eluha* CHBSsaaQ, m. May 3, 1876, Ella Jane Babcock (dan. oí 
Hoxie Peny Babeock and Elixabeth White). d Aug. 22, 1895. Child: 

4818 Orville Hoxie, h. Jan. i, 1886. 

4S10 Elkit* FkAMXUir Cnsamo^ m. Jan. 12, 18^3, Hannah KeiQroo 
(dan. of James and Mary [West] Kenyon)« s. 1». 

474a PknaiXA* CaisaaoucH, h. Feb. aS; 1785; d. April 3, 1857: n. 
Jan. it, 1818 (scoond wtíe),'*RosweU Bieed (son oí John and Graoe 
[Pafaner] Brerd, nu Dec. 26, I773)i b. June 5, 1776; d. J11I7 a^ 1844, Nor- 
wich. Coon. Childfcn ^b. in Stoninoton. Coon.) t 

4819 RosweU P., b. May 5» 1819; d. May 9, 1848. 
48» Tbonuis A., b. Dec 18^ 1830; d. Dec 5, 1834. 
4821 Sally Ann, b. April 19, 182a; d. Aog. 13, 1841. 
483a Caroline, k April 9, 1824; m. Capt John Washington. 
4833 Pmdence Angosta, b. Nov. 6» 1826; d. April, 1900^ Norwidí, 
Conn.; anmarried. 

^RoswBi. BuD (son oí John and Grace) m. (i) Nov. x, i8ox, Sally 
Haneon, i<39S. (See hcr Reeord.) 

a92S RiHOCA* C maia ao ü CH (widow oí Amos* Chesebrongh, 983S, 
who d. May 24, 1788) m. (a) Eliphalet Hobart (son oí Daniel), h. Jone 
aob 1752. Children: 

+4824 Daniel, m. Fanny Slack (daa oí Wüliam, 3o6S). (See ber 

4825 Joseph, d. April 3, 1860, je. 70 years; anmarried. 

4B26 Nancy, m. (1) Webb; m. (a) Frederick Lester. 

4-4827 Hannah, b. Oct. 30^ I79S; d. Aog. la» 1872; m. twice. 

4828 Amos, b. Oct. 30b 179S (twin of abore). 

GnoALocy of thx CatmaoucB Family. 327 

4837 Hammab' HcttAxr, m. (i) Cáfic. John Sti-rimtiif VernMiia: was 
a ouuriiicr and sen. Childrcn, one of wbom %vai : 

4829 Mary Ann» b. April 4f i8i7: d. Aprfl ao, 187a; m. Capt. Joshoa 
T. Stevens (son of Stanton and Eunice [Shoit] Stcvens). 
Severa] cbüdrcn, one of whom was: 

4830 Frands Pendleton* lives in Boston. 

4837, m. (a) June 30, iSaB^ Capt John Sanford Bamum» h. 1804; d. 
Juix 7» 1852. Child (b. in Stonington, Conn.) : 

4835 Edward Phelps, b. June 16. 1831; d. Jan. 10, igoa, St Qoud, 
Mtnn.; he was an oflicer in the Distrtct G>uit of Si. Ooud, 

984 CBaiaiQPHia* CasanaoucH (Elisha** 161S), d. Match 3, 1835» 
Knox, N. Y., aged 80 years 3 mooths 7 days; m. 1781, Abigail Williama 
(dau. of Nathaniel WiHiams and (second wife) Abigail Eldr^e of Ston- 
ington, Conn.)» b. Aug. 25, 1758» Crotón, Coim.; d. July 33, 1837, Knox, 
N. Y. He was a shipbuilder; removed from Stonington, Conn., to Heme, 
Alhaiqr County. N. Y., in 1800^ and took up fanning; was a prisoner of 
war on the battleshsp — — ^^— - in New York Harbor during the Revo> 
Intion» and was one of the fifteen who escaped. Cbildren (b. tu >uhi* 

+4836 Chrístopher» b. June .10, 1782; d. 1838, Knox; m. Mary 

Brown (5248S). 
•f i8i37 Ebeneier»' b. 1784; m. Anna Gríswold. 
•f4838 Peleg, b. Aug. 14, 1786; d. Sept 2. 1861; m. Mary Miner. 
+4839 Ntcholas Goddard, b. March ip, 1788; d. Oct g, 1861; m. 

Betsey Kimball. 

4840 Amos» b. Sept ig^ 1790; m. Lydia Manon. • 

4841 Elias 

+4849 Sarah, b. July 5, 1793; m. WiUiam Brown (52508). 

+4843 Elialdm WsUiams, b. April 13, 1795; d. Oct 17, 1874; nt SaUy 

4-4844 Mary, b. Feb. tt, 1797» nt Daniel Gallup. 

+4845 Abigailt b. Oct ig, 1798; d. Sept 18^ 1834; 0. Sylvester Cbese- 

brough (5084) (first cousin). 
+4846 Elias» b. Jan. 8^ 1801 ; d. March 10^ 1875* n- Eve Bassler. 


4830 CHKUToraii* Cbssebiouch^ d. in Knox, Albany Connty» N. Y.; 
m. March x8; 1804, Maiy Brown (5248S), b. July 13, 1783» Stonington, 
Conn.; d. Aug. 6^ 1853. Children (b., m. and d. in Knox, N. Y.) : 

4847 Eliaabeth, b. 1805; m. 1820^ Kalzaman Bmory. 

4848 Pedee, b. 1807; m. 18^, John Rogers. 

4849 Phebe, b. 1809; d. Jan. 5, x8si; ». 1826^ Peter Schoolcraft 

aaB GSNIALOCY m tbx CatsüaoucH Family. 

48137 ^EBaKcm' Chiskbmwch, m. Mmrdi, 1807. Anua Gríswold, 
Berne, N. Y.; h, 1784. Children (b. in Schoharíe and Otsego Coitn- 
lics. N. Y.) : 

-H9so EluA Asisit b. 1809; m. John MartisL 

•j-4851 Jabea B., b. 1811; m. Polly Stmfitoii. 

+4853 Edwin I., b. 1813; m. (i) Jane Nesale; m. (2) Clara Nesale. 

4-4853 William Dn b. 18x5 ; m. Mary Jane Oíase. 

+4834 Mary Elizabeth, b. 1817; m. Nelson Lee, 1837. 

485S Christopher C, m. María Johnson; one child 

+4856 Wickham Ebenezer, b. Oct. 23» 1818; m. (i) Almira Whiston; 

m. (2) Charlotte E. Whiston. 

4-4857 Washington, b. Apríl 15, i8ao; m. Carne Hunting, 187a 

H-4858 Aaron, vcl Lydia Gaudineer. 

4859 Abigail Isabdla; tmmarríed; Uves in Delavan, Vl^s. 

4-4860 Samuel, m. Adelia Ivés. 

4861 Aríadne P.. onmarríed; a deaf-mote. 

4850 Euza' Anw MAinK had seven children; only one living— Mrs. 
Adelaida Johnson (4862), Kansas Gty» Ma 

4851 Jaks* CmaiMO had sis children; only thrce living: 


4863 Richard; Uves in Jeuup, lowa. 

4864 Julia Virgil (dead); five chUdren living. 

4865 Alice Parmington; three children; lives in Cresco, lowa. 

4866 Mary Jane Sanbom; two children; lives in Brownsdale, Minn. 

4852 EDwm* L CBisino had eight children; only iour living: 

48^ Celia Criirpen. 

486B Ophelia Flower; one chOd 

4869 Ellen Sherwood; three daugbters. 

4870 Edwin J.; one son; lives in Dañen, Wia. 

4854 Makt* CasasBao and Nbl80N Lbb. Children: 

4871 George P., m. Edna Johnson; lives in Sogar Creek, Wis. 
40^ Elon N., m. Annie Bastin; he was Superintendent oí Scho ol s, 

•TlM Idea of tte Seheel lor DMMÍvtM wat ariflMltd by Ut%, Umf (OiMibw) 
frife «I Ntboa Lm ud daa. «I EboMStf* OiMibiD (49l78>. Htr UOm afcfad 
B fooa ia hit •«» tewa lor tfca iaMnwtáM «I éudmmm ud b«r tli« 
Itr tltMr iMbtUs took mi tccHa pan ia tfca «itvpriM^ sad a tehooi wm 
ia Eb i atitr ClMMbra^t lica n, ia tfca tawa «I Dtrtea, Wiii, sad ktpt thara ídw 
Mootht tt hit catin aspaasSi At hit raqiMst a pttitioa «m dnwa «p to tha Lagia- 
latttfi^ thaa ia aattioa, lor a law foaadiaf aa laatitota lar tha tdocatioa 9á Dtal aad 
Dmb at ar aaar tha villatt 9Í Ddavaa. iHs. Hia daagbtar Ariadaa waa a daal-amia. 
Naltoa Lta, r fanaar, Mitlar ia Walvonh Cowity, Wia., ia 1847; «aa b. Gaillofd. 
Caaa^ Ifaffch 1, 1814 (aoa oí Eloa aad Lydia CMawr) Vt9¡i\ n. ia «s; Maiy* Eliaa- 
kata Oí aaa bf a (4ÍS4S) (daa. al Ebaaasar* )• b. ia Baraa, Albaay Caaaty, N. Y. 


Walworth Cotmty, aod scrved in the Gvü War; Ihrcs ia 
Webster City» lowa. 

4853 WiLUAM * D. and Maey Chbsbmio. Childreii: 

4873 Thtrza, m. — ^* Shimmon; ñwt cfaildren. 

4875 Qtnton. 

4^ Emina, m. «— — Kellogg. 

4877 Malilla. 

4S78 Grace, m. «— — . Hattiagi. 

4879 Arthur. 

4ño Edwin. 

4881 Belle, m. «— Weage; lÍTet ín Wai^in, WU. 

48s6 WxcKHAiá* Enofisn CBSimo^ k in Woreester, Otscgo Coimtjr, 
N. Y.; m. (i) 1845. Almira Whiston, b. in Cayuga, N. Y.; live in Darícn, 
Walworth County, Wii. Children (h. m Dañen, Wts.) : 

+4883 Irving H., b. May 5, 1846; m. (1) Uizie L. White; nt (a) 

Alta Sevy. 

+4883 Gcorge W.» ul Ella Utter; live in Rioo^ CoL 

•j-4884 Aaor &, m. Ettella Miller; live in Warner, Dale 

+4885 Isaac W^ m. Minnie Reynolds; live in Darien» Wis. 

4886 Edmund D.» d. Aug., 1855. 

4887 Helen M. 

4856^ m. (aX Mardi % 1860^ Charíotu-E. Whiston. 

4883 ImNG* H. CHisnao, m. (x) May 15. 185/» Lisae L. White ol 
Rbode Island, b. Ang. xi, X848; d. Ang. 8^ 1975. Children: 

+4888 Bert E., b. Feb. 7, x868; m. June xy, x899b Mary A. Stevens of 

St Johns, Mich. 
+4889 Delbert J., b. Feb. aa, x870b ia Illinois; m. Oct xg^ xSm» Retu 

Post of St. Jobns, Mich. 
+4890 George W., b. Jan. 9, 1973, in Illinois; m. March 6^ x89S> £fl>< 

Post of St. JohiM, Mich. 

4883 Irving* R CBisino, m. (a) Mardi 15, x$76b Alu A. Sevy, b. 
June 17, X854, St Johns, Mich. ; live in Ma^e Rapids, Mich. 

489X Rossell O., b. Dec a, X877» in lowa; d. Nov. ai, 1894. 
489a Linda A., b. Feb. ift 1879, in Michigan. 
4893 Lester H., b. June 3» 1890, in Michigan. 

4883 Gioncí* W. Chiscbbo and Ella. Children: 
Edward, Mabel, Grace and PearL 

190 GufiAUxnr or ths CBisnaoucH Family. 

48S4 Azor* S. and Estblla CBBSXBRa Clüld: 
48g7 EtheL 

484 Isaac* W. Ouwna ChiMfca: 
Nelllc^ Gnee asid Emna. 

48B8 Bnr'* E. asid Maiy Q 

Liaise E^ b. Majr u» 190S. 

4889 DiUBn** J. and Retta CHisma 

E. Zehna» k May 2^ iSgB. 

4890 GiOKi'* W. asid Erra CnniBaa Children: 

Ftorence L., b. Dcc 18^ 1897. 
DeUa Mary, b. Nov. a» iSgg. 

4fll57 Wasbiiicton' Chssebm, Uves in Delavan, Wia. Childrtn: 

4goi Amia Sonthwkk. 
4909 Frad. 
4909 Angie. 

48sB Aabow* Catmao, living in PUot Knobb Wia. duldrcn: 

4904 Ebenescr* livca in doma» Wia.; foor childrtn. 
49P5 Ada Smitli, Uves in Filot Knob, Wia.; two childrtn. 

4B60 Samyiil* CBSsnaoi Children: 
4906 Jamca» Uvca m Hudaon, Wia. 

48138 FttJB CBinaaoucH, d. in Schoharic Coonty, N. Y.; m. Jan. 
a4 1808; Mary Minar (dan. oí Lodowick), d. Oct 4, i86Sf aged 7S Sftara 
19 daya; bnricd in Knox, N. Y. Childrtn: 

+^908 Mary Ann, k Jan. 35, i8sx; m. Joatph Honting. 

-i-4909 Andrtw. b. Nov. 19^ i8xa; m. Mary Abbott. 

+49x0 Ambroae, b. Jan. 4 x8xs; m. Sarah Van Anken. 

+49X1 Caroline, b. Ang. 3. 18x8; m. Benjamín Van Anken. 

-1-40X3 Elialdm. k JaiL 30^ x83x; m. María AnnstroiMr. 

4908 Maiv* Aim CHiSK8aouGH« m. April 39^ x8a9b Joacph Hnnting 

(ion oí JoMph and Cathcrine Hnnting) ; livt in Gallnpville, N. Y. Chil- 

-1-49x3 Fletcher, k April 37, X850; m. Jennie Van Aukcn (dan. of 

James and Nancy). 
4-49x4 Ambrose, k Sept X4, X833; m. (x) Amanda Merstlles; m. (3) 

Mary Northrop. 

GmiALOGy op tes Cbbsoiough Family. 931 

4913 FudrcBn* and Jemnis Huimira Childrai: 

4915 Eitella. m. Jacob Banon; Uvas ia CoblaakOl, N. Y. 

4916 Viola, unmarríed. 

49x7 Mary Louisa, m. Isaac Decker. 

4914 AMBtosB* and Amamoa HuNTXNa Child: 
4918 Edward. 

49x4 Ambiosi* and Maby Hunnua Child: 
49x9 Florcnce Alberta, b. 1882. 

4909 Aximw* CBBsnaoucB, k Nov. ig, 1813; n. Jaa 3. 1896. Maiy 
Abbott (dau. oí Asa^b and Catheríne Abbott). Oúldren (b. in Wright» 
Schoharie County, N. Y.) : 

+4990 Elmina, b. Noy. x4, 1837; m. (x) Coleman Annitrong; m. (a) 
Ephraim Schoonmaker (tecond wife). 
4931 Caroltne, b. Jan. 23, 1842; d. 1867; omnarried. 

49» EuiXNA* CexamoucB, n. (x) Coleman Annstrong. Children: 

+4922 Mary, m. Elias Babcock; Uve in Galluiiville» N. Y. 

4923 Leroy« m. Minnie Becker; Uve in Scbenectady» N. Y, 

49a Maxy** Abmítbomo Baboocx. Children: 

4924 Coleman, and 4925, Abnina. • 

4923 LxBOY** and MxirinB AtMeTBOBC. Chiklren:. 

4996 EarL 
4927 Son, b. X89Í. 

49x0 AMBaoü* CatsmoucB, b. Jaa 4, 18x5; m. Jaa 4» 1838^ Sarah 
Van Aoken (daa oí James and Nancy Van Aukeii) ; lived ia Wrígbt^ 
N. Y. Chüdren (b. in Knox, N. Y.) : 

+49aB Sherman, b. Marcb 13, X839; m. Sarah Armstrong. 
+4939 William Fletcher, b. Sept 20^ X840; m. Isabel Soyder. 
+4930 Peleg James, b. Dec 18, 1844; n* Olive A. Brown (52$xaS)« 

493X Sarah Elizabeth, b. March X4, X849; n- Andrew J. Armstrong. 
+4932 Anna Josepha, b. May 24, 1854; m. Charles L. Brown (50058). 
(See bis Record.) 

4928 SaiaifAB* CBBsnnoucB^ m. Feb. 4» i8s8^ Sarah Armstrong 
(daa oí Andrew), b. Fdi. 8, x83ft Knox, N. Y.; lived in Plymonth, lowa, 
X9oa Children (b. in Wríght, Schoharie Coonty, N. Y.) : * 

+4933 Andrew, b. Jnly 28, x86x; m. (x) Anna A. Sotton; m. (2) 
Hattie McLeod. 


4034 Ambrose, b. March 24t iWS* 

4035 Jay William, h. May 2$, 1874; m April lOb 1806. Sadie A. 

Gravet, Plymooth, lowa. 

4033 AifBttw** CwitfiarmcH, iil (i) Anf. 30^ x888^ Auna A. Snitoo, 
d Anf. 30^ 1893. Child: 

4936 George W., h. Jan. 14, i8gOb PlymoQth, lowa. 

4033, m. (a) Sept 19^ s8m Hatüe E. McLcod, Plymooth, lowa. Child: 
4037 Virgie M., b. Jone 7» 1896b Plymouth» lowa. 

4939 WnxiAM* Finciua C n a i aiaoüCH^ m. June, 18&1, Isabel Snyder 
(dan. of WiUiam). Chüdren: 

4938 Lavilla, m. Stephen Sehookraft 

4039 Elida, m. Eliakini Schoonmakcr (49SiS). Child: 


4940 Myra, unmarried. 
494X Wallace. 

4930 PfeLiG* Jaioes CuEsanouQñ, n. Jáa 23, i86s» Olive* E. Brown 
(S^SiaS). Childrcn: 

494S Luella, m. Charles Griggs of GallupvUle, N. Y. 

4943 Cora* d. 1897; m. Frank Lee. 

401 1 CAnouM* CaisiBaou6M« n. Feb. 29, 1848^ Bcnjanún Van Auken 
(son of James and Nancy Van Ankcn) ; Uve in Schenccudy, N. Y. Chil- 
drcn (b. in Goilderland, N. Y.) : 

4944 Irving. b. March aó. 1851; m. Mary Salsburgh. 

4945 Mary Edna, miniarried. 

49U Elsakim* Cbisimmiuch, d. 1895; m. Jan. 21, 1842^ Maria Arm- 
Ufong (dan. of John and Tryphenas Arrostrong). Oiildren (b.» m. and 
lh« b Wri|^ N. Y.) : 

-H946 Manr Ann, b. April 13, 1843; »• Epbraim Schoonmakcr (firsi 

4947 Emma Adclia, b. Jaly 2^ 1846; m. Lafayette WiUiamson; threc 

494B George Miner» b. Oct 4, 1849; m. Alice Anckenphaugh Oves 

in Knox, N. Y. 
4949 EU^ m. Arthur WiUer; lives in Knox, N. Y. Child: 

4950 Gertmdc. 

4946 Maut* Anm CnsmouGB, m. Ephrahn Schoonmakcr (first 
wife). Childrcn : 

4951 Eliakim, m. Elida Chesebrough (4939S). 
49Sa Charles, m. Edna Cárter. 

Gbnbalogy op tbb Cbssbbiougr FAMav. 233 

48JP KicnoLAS* GoDDAio Chbsbbiouch, k Mareh 19^ 1788; Sioningtom 
Comu; d 1861, Cananitaigua, N. Y.; m. Sept 13» 18x3» Betscy Kimball of 
G>veiMl¡ih, Vt, b. May 5, 1788^ Covcndísb, Vt ; d Dec 29, 1853. ''He was 
a batter and wool dcaler» and postmastcr íor teveral yeara. He was one of 
thotc wbo in Scpt., i8a6b abducted the íámous WiUsam Morgan for attem^- 
ing to discloae the tecreu oí Freemasooxy ia a book which he was about 
to pttbiish.'* Childrcn (b. in Canandaigua, N. Y.) : 

+4954 Cornelia, b. Feb. 19^ 18x5; d. July &, i88a 

4955 Edmuttd Oapp, b. June 13» 1817; d. Aug. 4, 1846; uamarríed. 
+4956 Charles WiUianu, b. Marcb 20, 1819; d. Jan. 21, x86i» Toledo, 

44957 Henry Onderdonk, b. Feb. 3. 1823; d. Nov. 1888. 

4958 Caroline, b. Marcb 30, 1825; d. Feb. xó^ X873; nnmarried; aa 


4959 Catheríne, b. Feb. X9, X828; d. Nov. 2X, 1876; unmarried. 

4960 Willíam James, b. May 30» 1830; d. Feb., xfl^; served in War 

of the Rebellion, Second Michigan Cavalry. 
496X Andrew Jackson, h. Feb. 3, xfll33. 

4954 CoaifiLiA* CBBsaaouca, n. Ñor. 14 18137, Canandaigua, by 
Rev. A. B. Prevosi, Jndge Wiiliaai MUler oí Gault, Canadá; b. Oct 30b 
x8xo^ Ooeenstowfi, Upper Canadá. Qiildren: 

+49^ William Nicholas, b. Oct 2, 1838; m. P. Lonisa Lasb. 

4963 Edxnund Richard, b. Oct 15. 1839; d. Se|»t 25, x84a 

4964 Charles Chescbro, b. June t¿, X84X ; d. Oct x8, X843. 

4965 Henry, b. Feb. i, x843ff xa* June 22^ X869» Margarct K. Cald> 

well Lash. 
+4966 Elizabeth Anne, b. Feb. xy, X845: m. Z. A. Lash. 

4967 Robert, b. Marcb ló» X847; ^ Sept 6» 1887; unmarried. 

49^ James Chesebro, b. Feb. X9^ 1849; d. June 6b X8501 
44969 Cornelia Francés, b. Nov. 8, X850; m. John B. Lash. 

4970 Carolina Catherinc, h. Sept 6, X852. 

4962 WxLLUM* NxcHOLAS MxLLO, UL Sept 22^ X864, Fredcríca Loutsa 
Lash ; he is a member oí hiw firm oí Mulod^ Miller, Crowther k Moni* 
gomery, Toronto^ Canadá. Chtídren: 

497X William Lash, h. Sept xp, x866; m. Sept, x995, «— — Van 
Santen. Child : 

4974 Adehitde Catherinc^ b. Apríl % x8g7, Toronto^ Canadá. 

4972 Ethel Chesebro, b. Nov. tg, 1867. 

4973 Henry de Sturler, b. Dec 2X, X869; d. JaiL 29^ x888. 

^'On Monday, June s 1900^ t ledure was delivered in Queen's Hall, Lang- 
ham Place. London, England, 1^ Mr. W. N. Miller. Q. C, C S. R. of 
Toronto, Canadá, on Chrístian Science. The Earl oí Dunmore, wbo pre- 
sided at the meetíng, rose to introduce the lecturer.''«-Tib# Oburver, Lon» 


4966 EuzABcra* Anne Mnxn, m. Ang. 31, 1B71, S^buloo Acton 
lash; Uve in Toronto, Canadá. Cbildren: 

4975 WiUiain MUler, k May 28; x$73. 

4976 Cornelia Chesebro, b. Oct 17, 1874. 

4977 Zrbulon Grace, b. Dec aó^ 1877. 
41^ John Francia, b. Juiy 18. 1885. 

4969 CduriLXA* FkANCia Miun» m. Oct 30^ 1974 John B. Laah. 

4979 Elsie AnaaUaia, b. June 30, 187& 

4980 Margare! Lilian, b. Ang. 5. 1877; d. Jone 9, 1878. 

4981 Tanis Eüaabeth Chesebro, b. Aprü 18» 18^. 

4956 Charles' Woliams CHtsnao, n. Oct h 1844» Canandaigna. 
N. Y.* Georgiana A. M. Roiewame (dan, oí John and Martha [Hicka] 
Roiewame oí Comwallt England)» d. 1893. Children (tai in Canandai- 
gua, N. Y.) : 

+49B3 Charles Pterson, b. July xx, 1845; ot Susan Wolcott AUsoil 
49B3 Margaret R., b. July ix» 1845 (twin oí above); d «. 4 years. 
4984 Alice, b. March 6, 1847; d. New York City, 189-; unmarried. 

+4985 Jessie Duncan, b^ June 17, 1853; m. Richard M. Hewitt oí St 
Louis» Mo. 

+4986 John Lewis, b. May 4, 1858; nt Josephine (MacArthnr) Coat 

4985 Jisanf DuMCAN and Rxcbaid M. Hbwxtt. Children: 
4987 Louis Pierson; 4988; Alice. 

49B6 JoBM* Ixwxs Chzsibbo snd JosaPHxm. Children: 

4989 Georgie. b. Jan. xó^ 1883; d. Dec x8» x894* 

4990 Charles P. 

4991 Reno Camagie. 

49B3 Chablis* PnasoN Chssibbo, m. March x, x89a^ Susan Altson 
(née Wolcott), b. July xa, x84a, Steubenville, Ohia He served in the 
Union Anny duríng War oí the Rebellion; is General Car Accountant oí 
the Wabash Road, St Louis, Ma 

4957 HutiY* OmuERDONS Chisctbo, m. Francés WordeiL "He was 
attomey at law, and a member oí the Constitutional Convention oí x866 
axid X867; was Harbor Master in the dty oí New York írom XQ79 until the 
office was abolished.** Child: 

499a Frank Worden, ib« x880b Qara L. Chapin oí Canandaigna, 

GiNBALOGr op 'TBX Cbsubiiougb Family. 33S 

N. Y.; member of law firm of Chapia & Chetcbro; Uve la 
.Cioandaigiia» N. Y. Children: 

4Sm Robot Henry, k 1881. 
4994 Jamas Augustits» h, 1888. 

484a Sabar' CHzamoucH, n. 1811, WíUiam Pollard Brown (S250S), 
ti. Feb. 3, 1786^ Sconú^ton» Comí.; d Nov. 15, 1866; he was a Mechodist 
ministcr and a larmer of Schoharíe» N. Y. Children (b. ín Schoharíc^ 
N. Y.) : 

4gOS Winiaai, b. 1813; m. May ^ 183^ Laura Ann Beeman. 
4gg6 Silaa» b. Aprü 4* 1814; m. March &, 1845* EUnira Zimmer. 

4997 Amoa. b. Jiily* 1816; m. Nov. la^ 1845» E&x^ Wüliama; Uved ia 


4998 Chrístopher, b. x8x8; m. March as, 184$. Adaline M. Fletcher; 

lived ia Kantaa. 
+4999 Pan!, b. x8ao; m. Aprtl 14» x86o^ Anna E. Leonard. 
5000 Sarah, b. i8a3; m. June 37» 1853» Henry D. Roaekrana; lived 

in GaUupville, N. Y. 
500X Cyrua« b. 1824; m. June 27» 1853» Julia A. Beckwith. 
Sooa John ?., b. i8a6; m. July 4» 1855, Phebe Brink; lived in lowa. 

5003 Mary Ann, b. 1828; d. unmarried. 

5004 Deniíon, b. 1830; ni« Jan. a6^ 1870^ Eugenia Hart; lived and d 

in GaUupvsUe, N. Y. 

4999 Paul* BaowM, m. April 14 s86o^ Anna É. Leonaid (dau of Dn 
Ptentice Leonard of Esperance^ Schoharie Counigr, N. Y.). Children: 

Soos Charlea Leonard, b. Feh. 4, i86x; m. Feb. 9^ 1889^ Auna 
Josepha Cheacbro (49328). Child: 
5008 Ellioc Cheaebíra, b. Feb. 7, 1893. 

5006 Frank Deniaon, b. May 7, 1864; m. Feb. 5, 1894. Annie E. 

Mac George. 

5007 William Edward, h. May 2^ 1892; m. Nellic Otia of New 

York Cty; live in Yonkera. N. Y. 

4B43 EuAXXic* WnxiAMa Caianaoiioa, d. Oct 17» xfl|74; nt April 4, 
182X, Knox, N. Y., Sally Ripky (dau. of Nehemiah), b. June ix, 1802; d 
Dce- ay, X893, near Albaiqr, Greene County, Wia. He wat adopted by hia 
unde, Eliakim Williama, who m. Polly Denison; Eliakim Williams d 
March xi, X827, aged 62 years; Polly, bis wife, d 1823, aged 55 yeara; bolh 
buried in Knox, N. Y. Children: 

+5009 Eldridge, b. April 3, X822; n. 1850. Elmira Ketchum. 
50x0 Mary Abigail. b. Aug. xo^ X825; m. March 4* x847* Michad 

Van Auken. 
50XX Lttcy Ann, b. Nov. 3, X828; d Aug. 26^ X847. 
50x2 Henry, b. March 8. 1839; unmarried; Isves in Rock County, 


^.l6 Gkni.\logy or the Chcsiiboucu Family. 

5013 Charles, b. March 17, 184^: d. Sept. 11, 1873. Chüd: 
5D14 WiUMín, a lawyer; Uves in 

5009 Eunxwt* CaisiMouGB, m. i8m Elnñni Kctcbím (dau. oí 
Henry)» bi Oct 30^ 1850; living, 1899^ in Schultz, Greene Cooiity, Wit. 

5015 Mthon, b. Oct 23, 1851; d. Aug. í% 1471. 

5016 Simnoiu, bi Atig. 6, 1853 ; m. July 3, i9A Ubbie Harper. Chil- 

dren: Lee aad Lottíc. 

5017 Osear, bi Sept i, iS^Sl d. Oct 5, 1899; m. Joly I3, x88i, Maiy 

Moore. Child : Eaiie. 

5018 Alien, b. Nov. 2$, 1858; m. Jan« 31, 1886^ Liaste Baldwin. Chil- 

dren: Jessie and Jay. 

5019 Sarah, b. Aprtl 6, i85i; n. March 2, 1886^ James C Gillun. 

Child: John Eldrídge. 

5020 Edwin, b. July 29^ 1865; m. Nov., 1890^ Lou Snyder. Children: 

Zetta and Ray. 

5021 Eldrídge, b. July 9, 1868; m. Ada Gorham. Children: Emma 

and Roy. 

4844 Maby' CHBSiBaouGH, m. June 3, 1835, Dtniel Gallup (son oí 
John and Hannah [Densson] Gallup, m. Jan. 3, 1782), b. Sept 12, 1789^ 
Stontngton« Conn, Child: 

5032 Daniel Remington, b. Feb. i, 1837, Knox, N. Y.; m. Feb. 4, 
1861, Elizabeth Ann Schuyler; lives in Sloansville, N. Y. 

*484$ AaifiAiL* Chisubouch^ m. Aug. 4, 1822, Sylvesier* .Chesebrough 
(5084S), bi Apríl 25, I79fl; Vemon, Conn.; d. April 14, 1833; lived and d. 
in Knox, N. Y. Children (b. in Knox» N. Y.) : 

+5033 Jamison, b. Sept 19, 1824. 

+5Q34 Kicholas G., b. July 14, 1827; d. Aug. 31, 1887, Knox, N. Y.; 
m. Catherine Armstrong. 

5035 Eli, b. Nov. 18» 1830; d. July i, 1892, Knox, N. Y.; m. Sarah 

Van Aokcn. Children: 

Elisabcth, m. Sitterly; William T., Charles. 

5033 Jamison* CHtsnMucR^ living in 1900, Cobleskill, N. Y.; m. (i) 
Dee. 29b 1851, Almira Devendorí, d. Aug. 25, 1852; he m. (2) Nov. 3, 1853, 
Diana Shank, b. March 2, 1827, Mineral Spríngs, N. Y. Children (b. in 
Cobleskill, N.' Y.) : 

5036 Eílie A., b. May 17, 185$; m. Jan. 31, 1877, Abraham Borst 

5037 Frank Stoddard, b. Dec. 15, 1856; m. Aug. 14. 1883» Martha 

Borst (oí Isaac and Susan). 
+5038 Ida Letta. b. March i, 1859; nL Oct. 31» 1879» David C Lawyer. 

GiMBAUNnr or tbb CaBSBBaouoa FAMav. 217 

5099 John Wetlcy» k Jaly i& 1861 ; m. Mvch 24* iSpx. Faimy A. 
Rced oí Brooklyn» M. Y. Child: 

Chirles WilUrd, h. Ang. 3it iBoi). 

5040 Mary C, b. May 13. 1863. 

5041 Edna, b. D«c. iS, 1865; n. Amos Braman. 
504a Sttsan L., h. Ang. 24, 186B. 

S043 Margare! I., h. Feh. to. i47i; m. Sept xg» 1896. Sunley B. 
Patríck, b. Nov. 24, 1870 (son oí Silas and Looisa [Camp* 
bell] Patrick) ; Uve on Suten Island. N. Y. 

5038 Iaa and David C Lawyu. Chtldren: 

5044 Frank D.» b. Aug. x, i88a 

5045 Wellington J., b. June 7. 1882. 

5046 Grover C, h. Nov. 19^ 1884. 

5047 Florence, b. Dec x» X887. 

5048 Msldred, b. AprU 14. 1892. 

5049 Ella May. b. March xy» 1894* 

5050 Lbyd, b. Ang. 9^ 1897- 

505X Floyd, b. Ang. 9^ 1897 (twin ot above). 

Uve Mineral Springs» N. Y. 

5034 NxcBOLAS' G. CBtsmoucB, m. May % x85^ Catherine Am* 
slrong (dan. oí James and Sally Arnulrong). Children: 

5053 Sarah, n. George Ottman. 

5054 Carrie C m« — — > Baxter; lives in Schenectady, N. Y. 

5055 Watson Tm m. — — Haverly; lives in Beme, N. Y. 

5056 Coleman C» m. Flora Pansley, who d. in Beme, N. Y.» Fek 


4B46 Elias* CHismouos, d. Match xo^ iB^U Warren, IlL; m. (x) 
May, 1823^ Eve Bassler (dan. of Prederiek and Maiy Basslcr)» tai Oct 24 
x8oo; d. May 2$, x8Ci li^red in Kastíngs, Nek Childrsn: 

5060 Jemima* b. Sept xy, 1824; d. Sept, X842; nnmarried. 

506X Prederiek, h. Dec 23, x8a6; d. Jan.» 1854; onmarried. 

506a Asor, b. Jan. x» X829; d. March 20^ 1857; onmarried. 

50613 Panl, h. March xx» x83x; d. Sept, 1878; onmarried. 

5064 AUen, b. Nov. 19^ x8i33S d. Peb., 1851: «nmarried. 

50^ Esra, b. Jan. X4, 1836; d. Sept 22^ 1897; onmarried. 

+5066 Miles, h. Feh. 15, x8a8; m« Malilda D. Bennett. 

50^ Catherine, h. Jan. xx, X842; d. May, X842. 

4846^ m. (2) Minerva Bander. Child: 

5068 Marshall, b. Feb. 7» X850; lives in lowa Falla, lowa. ChiMrcn: 

5069 Roxie, b. x88x. 

5070 Son, h. X884. 

23$ Gbnialocy or th£ Chbsimouch Family. 

So66 Miles' ClusmoucM, m. Aiuil 8, 1868^ Matílda D. Bcimm of 
AUen's Grove, Wis.; d Sept 14» i§P4; he Hvct In low» City» lowa. 

5071 Mflet Bcnnctt, b. Aog. 17, §§79. 

5072 Elmwood Manwell, b. Ang. 5» 1888. 

985 Jakz* Cbbubbougx (ElUha\ 261 S), b. Sept 26^ 1756^ Stooiiif- 
too» Conn. ; m. Jan. 27» 1780^ Rhoda Woodworth, b. Sept 20^ 1796; d. Oet. 
1I9 18135; be wat Corporal in Company of Cápt Squire Hill, CoL Samoel 
McClellan't Rcgímcnt, Connectkiit State Troopt, 1778-1779^ Childrcn (b 
in Vernont Qmul) : 

5073 Jamiion, b. July 21» 1781; d. July 18^ 1822; nt Lydia Rogers of 

Vernon, Conn. 

5074 PoUy, b. May 18» 1782: m. — — Jotelyn o( Augutta, Me. • 

5075 Pertia, b. Aug. 2$, 1783; d. Oct. 2. 1840; m. Ezekiel Olcott of 

Vemon, Conn. 
+S076 Anson, b. No¥. 15, 1784; d. Jaa 2, i8a6; nu Stitan Curtti. 

5077 Lucia, b. Sept. 6, 1786; m. — — Symondt. 
+5078 daritsa, b. Dec 25. 17B7; m. WíUiam Curtii« brother of Sntan. 
S079 Jabea, b. June 19^ 1789; d. Dec 8» 1852; n. — — — . Chil- 

drcn (b. in West Hartford. Conn.) : 

Lemuel King, Eli» Jabea and Elam. 
+5080 Permelia, b. Jan. 7, 1791; d. May 21, 1874. Sufford, Conn. 
+5081 Luther, b. Sept. 24, 179a; n. Lavina June. 
45082 Rboda, b. March 18» 1794; d. May 12, 1824; m. William Curtía. 
+5083 Martin, b. Dec 15, I79S; <L April 9, 1862; ul Lois BiaaelL 
+5084 Sylvetter, b. April 25, 1798; m. Abigail Chesebrough (4845S). 

(See her Record.) 

9076 AxaoH* CMiaiaaoPCH and SuaAM (Cuma) bad dauí^ttra and 

Charlea H., who Urea m Chicago, IlL 

9078 QjüoaaA* CiiBsiBMUGB, n. (second wife) WiUiam Curtia» h. 
April 17, 1790^ Unadilla, Otacgo County, N. Y. Cbild: 

5085 Sarah, b. Feb. 23, 1832; nt March 14» 1856b Andrew Hopldna; 
Uve in SpringviUe, IJnn County, lowa. 

5080 PfeiMiLiA* Cntanaoüca, m. March 3, 1819^ Vemon, Conn., 
Flavel Hunt, b. Sept ifl^ 1787* Columhia, Conn.; d. April 17* i835t Vemon, 
Childrcn (b. b Vemon and Nonh Coventry, Cbnn.) : 

+S0B6 Laura Pennelia, b. Jan. 29^ 1820, Vemon; d. Aug. 3* X84& 

Rockville, Conn. 
+5087 Jabea Chetebrough, b. Dec x, 1822, Nortb Coventry; m. 

Francés Ann Ladd. 

loaLTncy. Child: 

GrniALocy or thb Chssbbiouch Family. aa9 

5088 Cynthia, b. May 2$, 1824. North Coventry; d. Dcc. is» i83S» 
+SO80 Jane» b. Feb. g, 1827, North Coventnr; d. Nov. ^ 1900, Colo- 
rado Spríngt, Col 
+mo Martin, b. Aug. 7> 1829. Vemotí; m. Martha Paddleford. 
S091 Mary. b. Jtdy aa, 18132, Vemon; d. Sepe ao^ 1835, VemoA. 

S086 Lauba' PaaiiBUA Hunt, m. Jaa 14, 1845, Somers, ConiL, Addi* 

5093 Tbcodore Hunt Tracy, b. May xó^ 1846^ RockviUe (Venion), 
Comí.; m. March lOb 1868^ Jemiíe Picrec, Elmwood, Peoría 
Comity» IlL Childrcn (k in Elmwood, IlL) : 

5093 Francés Montea, b. Dec id, 1868. 

5094 WiUiaoB Addifon, b. üec. 3, 1871; m. Aug. 13, 1892» 

Carne Enma Andrew. Child: 

Kalheríne Ruth, b. Dec 9, tgoo^ Jacloonvüle, Fia. 

5095 Jeannie Ruth, b. Jaa 14 íB7s; n. May 22^ 1899^ Lother M. 

Verbcck. Child: 

Cari Píerec, b. March aSi 1900, Malooln^ lowa. 

5096 Theodore Pierce, b. Nov. 19^ 1B76. 
9097 John Frederick, b. April 24, 18791 
509B Walter Brewster, b. April 12, i88x. 

5099 Robert Merle, b. Aug; ló^ i88fi. 

5100 Harían Gifford, h. Oct 2, 1889^ McQenny, Fia. 

9ofl!7 Jakz' CaiamouGB Hunt, m. Oct 21, i8m Willimantic, Conn., 
Francés Ann Ladd, b. May 10^ 1824, Frankltn, Coim.; d. Feb. i, 1892, Gales- 
burg^ lU. ''He was named by his grandmother Chesebrough for hís grand- 
isthtf , Jabes Chesebrough, and was to have a sheep, a lamb and a crown- 
piece, ¿iglish money.** Uves in Galesburg, IlL Chüdren: 

+5101 Lorraine Francés, b. July 14, 1832, Norwich, Conn. ; m. J. W. HilL 

+5102 Ellen Adelette, b. April 24, I8S4, Norwich. ; m. Dr. J. E. Cowan. 

5109 Wendall, b. April 5, 1956; d. July 14, 1861, Galesboig^ IlL 

+5104 KendaU, b. April s» f8s6 (twin of above), Galesburg, IlL 

510S Willie Henry, b. July as 1858, Galesburg ; d. May 10^ 1859* 

+5106 Charles Benton, b. July 19^ t86i, Galesburg. 

5107 Willis Rpy, b. March 17. 1866b Galesburg; m. Dec. 23» I90if Misa 
Nina Hardenbrook of Chicago^ IlL 

SfOf LoaaAiifs* FiANCia Hunt, m. Fek 9^ i974» Galesburg, UL, Joseph 
William Hill of Chicago, IlL Child: 

5x08 Maxfield» k July 4 1884, Chicago^ UL; d. in a few days. 


5IC» £u.kk' AiteJXTTE HvHT, líL Sept 2& 1973, Knoxvílle, IlL, Dr. 
James Edwín Q>wan oí Galesburg, IlL Cbildren (k tn Galcsbuig^ UL) : 

5109 Laun Francés, k Fck 14 1875; tñ, March 12, iBos$ Samuel Louis 

Patmore. dtld: 
Doris Cowan, h. Jan. ix, iSgí. 

5110 Hortense Lorraíne» k March 8^ 14791 

5104 KuroALL* HuMT, n. Sept iS^ 1888; Kenosha, Wis^ Mrs. looia 
Belle Rajrmond of Chicago^ IlL OiUd : 

51 16 Liidlle Francés, k July 3h 1890^ Chícaga 

5106 Chailis* Bbntoh Hunt, m. May u, 1880^ Galesimrg, IlL, Florence 
Drake String ham oí Galesburg, IlL Children (k in Galesburg, UL) : 

SI17 Loraine Esiella, k Oct. 37» 1881; m. Fek 27, 1903, Lee Henry 
Scymottr* Child: 

Charles Hunt, k Nov. 12, 1902^ Grand Forks, N. D. 

SI 18 Ethel Murílla, k Oct x8^ 1884. 
51 19 Ella May, k May a6^ i88fi. 

AU Kving; 1902, in Grand Forks, N. D. 

5089 Jane' Hunt, ul Dec ix, x856b Da Qooin, IlL, Benjamín Sgragoe^ 
d. Dec. 23, i979b Colorado Springs, CoL 

5090 MAKnN* Hunt, m. Sept 8, 1850^ Martha Paddleford, k Nov. x, 
iSad; Stafford, Conn; live in Stafford, Cona Children (k in Sufford, 



4$iao Erwin Martin, b. Oct 31, 1851; m. Sept xó^ x875i Etta Ackley. 
Cyníhia Pennelia, k June 14 1856; d. Sept 6^ 1900^ Fitchburg, 

$133 Annie María, k Nov. 8, x86i; m. Oct. 33, x888, in Staiíord, 
ConiL, Thomas Black. Child: 

5133 John N^ k July 31, 1890^ Stafford, Cona 

SX30 EiwiN* MAnxN Hunt, m. in Leicester, Mass., Etto Ackley. 
Children (k in Leicester, Mass.) : 

5124 Eru-in Harry, k Dec X3, iB^. 

5135 MabeL k June xó^ x979l 

5136 Lillian, k May 10^ x88x. 

5137 León, k March 3, x88fi. 

5X3X Cyntbia* Pbrmeua Hunt, m. Oct xs, 1B7Z, Stafford, Conn., 
Arthur E. King. ''Her death occurred under very sad drcumsunces, as 
she died on the moming that she was to go to attend the celebration oí her 
father's and mother's golden wedding, which was to have beei^ jm the 8th oí 

Genialocy of ths CHBtfmouGX Family. 241 

the nionth. Htr funeral took place on that day, Iningtng sadneu inttead 
oí jpy lo tlte household. She was a worthy woinasi, csteenicd by all who 
kiiew her; loved mott by thoie who knew her best; a filial daughter aad a 
lovtng wifc and mother/* Children: 

5ia8 Fred A^ b. March a6^ iB7S$ d. x6 years oí age. 
Siag Lottit s!, h. Nov. 15, 1976. 
5130 Lena E^ h. Oct 4 x97& 

SoBi LuTHia* CagamouGB, n. 1815, Lavina June, d. iQs3i Grtc»- 
viUe, N. Y. Children (b. in Grcenvslle, N. Y.) : 

+5131 Calvin, k 18x7; d. 1848; »• JuMt 1840^ Fanny Lalce. 

+5132 Alomo, h. 18x8; d. 1868; n. Alfa Jane Castíe. 

+5x33 James» k x8ao; d. 1867; 1x1. Charlotte Hennninway. 

5134 Qarítsa, h. ifta; m. Lewis Wieki. 

5135 Betscy, h. X824; d. 1847; m. 1847» Albert Watennan» oí 

Céhoes, N. Y. 
+5x36 Mary, h. 1827; d. 1848; in. Seth Pieree. 

5131 Calvin' CiissinoucB, m. June, 1840^ Fanny Lake (datt;-of Rea- 
ben), k Jone» i832| Greenville, N. Y. Child : 

3x37 Milton Henry, b. June 8, 1842, Greenville, N. Y.; xn. July 3* 
1B7I9 Hclen Layman, b. in Schoharie, N. Y.; liveí in Jack- 
ioaviUe^N. Y. ChUdren: 

5x38 Welles Layman : 

5x39 Emett M., b. July 7» X878L 

5x40 Annie P., b. Nov. 25, x^ 

5141 Pftnsy L.» b. Nov. ig^ 1893. 

5132 Alowzo' Chxsdbougb^ xn. Affa Jane Castle, 15 years of age; he 
mas a carptater and builder. Children: 

-hSi43 William R, b. 1844; xn. x87a Aüce Craw» 
5x43 John F., b. 1845; served in Qvil War. 

5144 Janes, b. 1847. 

5x45 Toouny June, b. x849i 

S146 Alonso M., b. i85X« 

5x47 Charles Edward, b. X85S 

5x48 Clarissa, b. 1857 1 d. 1857. 

5x49 Isabell, b. 1859; d. 1859. 

5x30 Albert, b. 1863; d. x86s 

S142 WuiAM* H. CBunaoucB, xn. x87a Alice Craw; he served in the 
GvilWar. Children: 

5x51 Jeuie, b. ifl{7S. 

5x32 Chloe Bell, b. Nov., 1^74. 

5x53 I* ^<coe C k x88a 


H* Gemialogy or thb Chummbovgu Famay. 

51 J3 Jambs* CHuaaouGH, d April xo^ 1867; m* Fek 8, 1853, Chtrlotte 
P. Hemminwty. b. Aug. 6» 1831, Coxsacldc, N. Y. Oiildren (bi. in 
Ctcenevflle, Greene County, N. Y.): 

5x54 Fred, b. Dte. 19, iBsS; Itvct in Albtiqr, N. Y. 
SX5S Fnnk, k Dcc as 18^ 

5136 Maky* (CHZsmouGB) and Sctb Pxnci. Childrcn: 

$ti6 James; Itvct in New York atjr, an engineer. 

5x57 George; Utcs in Belvidere, IIL 

5x58 Emily, m. Denison Garríson oí Freeliold, N. Y. 

5082 Rbcoa* CHKsmouGH. m. (firtt wife) Willianí Corda. Child : 

5x59 John S., k May ag^ x8x8; d. Féb. 27» 190X, Ointont lowa; m. 
March 3, i84i, Oxford, N. Y., Elizabeth Carpenter, b. Márch 
22, 1823» Green, Chenango County, N. Y.; d. Dec 27, 1899^ 
ainton, lowa. Children (b. in Oxford» N. Y.) : 

5x60 George, b. April i. X844. 
+5x61 Charles F., k April 3» 184& 
5x62 Comelius, b. Aug. x» X85X ; m. Sept» xflTa, Ennna Gulick 
oí Clinton, lowa ; now living in Wausau» Wis. 

Sx6x CuAUMM* F. Cuans, nt Oet 2, iBjy, Qinton» lowa, Nancy Hos- 
ford, b. Oct 2X, x8n Ottawa, IIL ; Uve in Qinton, lowa. Children : 

5x63 Mabei, b. Feb. 8, 1876; d. Sept $, iSBj* 

5164 Locy, b. Feb. 5, X878L 

5X^ Edith, b. April x6b X883. 

Sx66 Florcncc^ b. April 16^ i88¿ (twin oí above). 

5083 MAKrxif' CBXsnaouGB. xfk. Aug. 26^ 182X, Lois Bissell (dan. oí 
George and Lois [Cone] Bissell). oí Coventxy, Conn.; b. March 20^ 1799^ 
Boiton, Conn. Child: 

$167 Allred. 

507S Pnsu* (CHZsmouGB) Ox.cott. Children (b. in Vemon, Conn.) : 
Tirza, Harríet, John» Titos, Emeline, Alíred, Flora. 

986 EujAB* CBXsiaaouGa (Elisha*, 26x8), m. Oct sx, X787t Stoning- 
Con, Conn., Thankíul Willianis (dau. oí Elisha and Lucy [Denison] Will- 
iaxns), b. Nov. 12^ X768; Stontngton; d. May '22, x8s& He was a soldier in 
Revolntioiury War. Thcy removed írom Stonington, Conn.» to Knox, 
Albany County, N. Y., in X789. Children: 

5178 Eunice, b. Dec 29, 1788; d. Nov. 23, 1808; nnmarried. 

5179 Hannah, b. Dec 23, 1791; d. Nov., iBZiJKhininarried. 
+5180 Elijah, b. Jan. 28, X793; d. Dec, t86o; in. Susan ChapnaxL 

GmiALOGy or thb Cbssibmnigb Family. 143 

+5181 Jane» b. March 14. 1795; d. Feb. i6b 1832; m. Auttiii Bomcy. 
+5i8a Mary, b. Jisly 15, 1797; ^ Aog. ai» 1841; m. John Dcnisoa 

5183 Lacy W., b. Nov. 15, 1799; d. May 2B1 1837; anmarried 
•i-5184 Waiiaint, b. July 33, 1B02; d Jone 14, 1875; m. Roxana Oiap- 

'^ 5185 Eftther, b. Nov. 6^ 1804; d Nov. 6, 1806. 
+S186 Sarah Ann, b. Jan. 22, 1807; d Oct 38, 1845; m- Elias K. 


518D EujAH* CaiSEnoucx. m. March 5» 1816^ Guilderland, N. Y., 
Suian Chapman (dan. of Joñas and Susannah [Peabody] Chapnan), b. 
July 3. 1793» Sconington, Cona Oiíldren (b. in GuUderland, N. Y.) : 

+$12? Angeltne, b. March 34, 1817; m. Oct at, 184Q1 John Carhcart 

5188 Edward WUIar^ b. Ang. 11, 1819; m. María Wríght 
+5189 Alien Dentson» b. Apríl 18» 1833; m. May 17, 1848^ Rhoda Ana 

+5190 George Jamei Stevenion, b. Oct 5, 1839; m. laabella McBain. 

5147 ANdUNB* CüBsiaaouGB^ n. John Carhiart. wbo Itved in 3cott 
Cooniyt lowa. Children: 

5190a Sutan,, m. ¡¡km Tallman of Grínnell, lowa. 
S191 Edward^ d. young. 

5193 Albert. 

5t93 Melsssa, d yoimg. 

5194 Lester. ' 

5189 AixSM* D. CHBsm»ucu« m. Rhoda A. Jackson; livcd in Grand 
Rápida» Mieh. Children: 

5195 Frank Howard« b. Dec lOt 1850; Uves in South Haven, Mich. 
$196 Libbie» unniarríed; lives in Grand Rápida» Mich. 

5197 Oare, m. Avis Pa»sage; lives in South Haven» Mich. 
5x98 Jackson; unniarríed; lives in Idaho. 

5190 GiOMst* Jamis SnvEMSON CüisiaaouGB» n. Isabella McBain; 
he d in service in the Qríl War; Uved in Grand R^ids» Mich. ChUdren: 

$199 Jennie» m. Everetts; lives in Grand Rápida, Mich. 

5300 Crombie, lives in lowa. 

5301 Grant 

Si8x Jans* CBBsinaouGB, m. Feb. ló^ 1833^ Austin Booney^ d ^ríl % 
1826^ Knox, N. Y. Child: 

5303 Hannah Ann, b. ift^; d Feb. d i8il3- 

S44 GtMSALOCY or thx Chbssimugr Family. 

Sifls Maiy' CHismoucB* n. May 3, 1818^ Jchn Denison (igsMS), k 
Jone 4t 1793. Stoniíictoo, Conn. ; d Oct, i8$4. Children: 

SM^ Gflbert W^ h. June 7$ iSao; m. Sarah A. Swan. 

5ao4 Julia Ann, b. Oct 31, 1822; unmarried. 

saos Mary Jane, b. Oct & iSas; m. Peter Qickinan; foiir children. 

5ao6 Charles, h. Jan. ai, 1828; m. (i) Lydia Jackson, titter oí Rhoda 

Ann; m. (a) Sarah María Chesebro (saioS). 
Saogr Eli, b. May 9^ 18130; d. 1863» in Líbby Príson, in GvO War; 

SaoB Andrew, b. Feb. 9, 1833; m. Viana Pstcher. Oiild: 

Saop Mary Elizabeth, m. Charley Qow; Uve in Knox. N. Y. 

S184 WiLUAMS* CaisnaovcB, m. Dec. 30^ 1826^ Roxanna Oiapinan 
(dan. oí Joñas and Susannah [Pcabody] Chapman), k Aog. 15, 180a, Ston- 
inctoii, Conn. ; li ved in GuilderUnd, N. Y. Children : 

+5210 Sarah María, b. Oct. la, i8a9; d. Dec 19^ 1887; m. Charles 

Denison (5206S). 
•fS2ii Thaddeus, b. June is, 1832; m. Getty Ann Vine; live in Gnilder- 
Und, N. Y. 
5a» Esther Ann, b. Jan. 9, 1834; m. William Van Dyke; Uves in 
Rotterdam, N. Y. 
+5213 Mary Smith, h. Feb. 15, 1836; m. Simón Vine; Uves in 
Albany, N. Y. 
5at4 Jessie WiUiams, b. Ang. 20^ 1837; d. Aug. ao^ 1839^ 
sais Charles Wesley, k Aug. 10^ 1839; d. yonng. 

Saxo Sabab* Maua CHimwtiOB, m. Dec 15, 1859 (second wife), 
Charles Denison (5»6S), b. i8a8; living, xgoo^ in Guilderland, N. Y. 

Saió Lydia Angosta, b. Feb. 17. x86i. 
+5ai7 Edward M., b. Dec 15, 186a; m. Ida L. Pitts. 
5ai8 WUUam C h. March if, 1867; m. Oct 7$ 1896^ Jessie Fergnson. 

Saiy Ebwaid* M. Dnnsov, m. Ida L. Pitts. Children: 

5ax9 Sylvester, b. Ang. 10, 1887. 

Saao Blanche, b. Feb. 3, ifl^i. 

Saai Charles Earl, b. Aug. 26^ 1893. 

Saaa Esther AUen, b. Nov. 27, 1895. 

gait Thabbbds' CusmouGB, m. Getty Vine Children : 

Saas Ada, d. yonng; 5234. Charies, d. yonng. 

5aa$ Edna, m. WiU Gaffers. 

5aa6 Carríe, m. WUl Goodrích; Uves in Pasadena, CaL 

GfwiALOOY or TBi CHSimouGB Family. 245 

$313 Mioty* & Cbbsimoim», m. Simón Vine. Children: 

5297 Edna, d yoong; 5228» Clara, d yonng; 5329^ Ida. 
5230 Ellwood, m. Sadic Braman. 

Sx86 Saiab Amn* CHumoucB, d in Knox, N. Y.; m. Feb. i, 183a 
(fint wife), Elias K. Williams (son oí John and Tryphenas [Mainl Will- 
iams), d Jan. ig^ 1898^ Knox, N. Y., agcd 4; years. Children: 


+5231 Hannah Ann, b, Jtily 26» 1833; m. June 3, 1857, WiUiam Van 

+5232 Elmina, b. July 6, 1835; m. Nov. 2i, x8ss» Dante! Babéock. 
5233 Locjr Etiher, h. Oct 17» x8l35; m. Mareh 7, x866^ Lewis Brewer. 
Child: May, k May 15, 18791 . 
-1-5234 Sherman Miner, b. Jan. 14, 1839; m.. Dec. 11, x86x, Martha 

5235 George, b. April 12, 1841; d Afnil 9, 1842. 

5236 Mary Sopbronía, b. May 14» 1843; d April 20^ 1865; m. Oct d 

1863, Wniiam Avery. Child: Clara, b. Feb. xo^ 1865; n. 
— — - Quandt 

523X Hamiiab* Amb Wxllums, m. William Van Dyke; Uves in Sehe- 
nccudy, N. Y. Child : 

5237 Lttcy, b. Oct 7$ 1971 • xn. Sherman Rail. 

5232 EuiXNA* WxLUAMS, UL D. Babcodc Children : 

• ■ 

3238 Jessie, b. March xx, 1857; m. John Holenstein. 

5239 Don^ b. Nov. 19^ 1859^ 

5240 Maiy E., h. May 7» x86i. 
524X Elias, m. Matie Armstrong. 
5242 Ralph, m. Lanra Lockey. 

5234 Riv. Sbiiman* Mxbd Wxlliams, m. Martha Conover, d Scpt 
X4» X900; he was pastor of Methodist Episcopal Choreh ior tfitrty years; is 
a member ol Troy Conlerenee, Methodist Episcopal Choreh; Uves in New 
York Gty. Children : 

5244 Sherman Carlton, h. Dec 24, xttSj. 
52442 Minnie, b. April 28, 1865. 

5245 Sarah ?., b. June id x869l 

5246 Frederíck A., b. Nov. 22^ X870; a physidan; Uves in Boston, 



987 Maky' Cbksibioucb (Elisha', 26xS), d aged 73 years; m. Oct 
27, X78l^ Stonixigton, ConxL, Rev. William Brown, b. Oct 4, 1758; d April 
25, 1834. Knox, Albany Comty, N. Y. Children (K in Knox, N. Y.) : 

+5248 Mary, h. July X3* 1783; xn. Christopher Chesebrough (4836S). 
(See bis Record) 

Jitf GEVBAUxy op TBB CBBSsnoucB Family. 

•f5249 Beuc7, b. Sept 19^ 1784; <i- D«c- 5» i^Zl n. Orange BeeniaiL 
+5950 Willúun PoUard, b. Feh. 3, 1786; m. Sarah ChcMbroogh 

(48428). (See ber Record.) 
•fS^i David, b. Nov. 25» 1787; d. Apríl 7, 1878; m. ibrcc tíincs; fiftcea 
59Sa Isuc, b. Se^ iQb 1789; d. Aog. ^ 1837; »• (i) — * ; 

n. (a) P<|Py Cook, Oct 2$, 1819. 
5353 Jobo. b. April 9b X793; d. Nov. x, i8a8. 

5254 Ljdta* b. Noy. 2^ X793; ^ Marcb 18» 1869; onniarricd. 

5955 Daniel, b. Ang. 9» 1796; d. Jnlj % 1895. 

+5356 Aaapb, b. June 16^ S798; d. Jan. 3, 1834; m. Amanda Simmona. 

5357 Perais, b. Sept 37» 1800; d. July 8, 1845; ». Nancy llcCaxty. 

5358 Prífldlla, b. Dcc 39. 1802; d. March 35, 1833; nnmarried. 
+5359 Hannah, b. Jone 38, 1805; d. May I7f 1876^ Seward, IlL; m. 

Elnathan P. Tracy. 

5349 BBTfBY* BiowN, m. Jan. 3, 1897, Orange Beeman. Oüldrcn : 

5360 Mary, b. Oct 6, 1897. 

5361 Isaac» b. May x, i8ia 
5363 Erniice, b. April 13, x8x2. 
S¡6s Phebe, b. Oct 5, 1814. 
53Í4 Lacy Ann, b. May 29^ x8x& 

5365 Tmnan, b. Nov. 18, x8i& 

5366 William, b. Apríl 5. x83X. 

5367 BeUey, b. Marcb x6b 1824. 

5356 AaAPH* Bbowh, b. in Knox, N. Y.; n. Jan. t2, tSaa, Scbéhari*^ 
N. Y., Amanda Simmont, b. Feb. 29^ 1804, Scboharie, N. Y.; d. Dcc. x, 
tM» Chíldrcn: 

5268 Amanda, b. Jnly ift X836, Knox; d. May xo^ X878; m. May xs 
X85X» Tbomaa H. Smttb, b. x83a 
+5309 Bstbeft b. Sept 3X, 1827, Knox. N. Y.; m. Oiarlea B. HilL 
5970 Maiy Abigaii, b. Apríl 7, X839; d. Marcb xy» x86o; m. March 
3(3» x859i to CyrUlo & Lincoln; lived in Naples, Ontario 
Coonty, N. Y. 
$¡^ Noyea, b. Feb. 9b 1833, Knox. N. Y.; d. May X2» X8359 Prince- 
ton, Ind. 
+5272 William, b. Dec 22, 183J, Princeton, Ind.; nt E. A. Onder* 

5269 EfTRBa' Baowif, m. Jan. 2, 1849, Charles E. Hill, b. Sept 7» X824, 
Georgetown, D. C Children: 

+5273 Carolme G., b. May X5, 1850^ Port Richmond, N. Y.; m. C B. 

4-5274 Amanda Jane, k March 28, X852, Port Rtchmond, N. Y.; m. 

John B. Bergen. 

GBHSALOGr op TBS Chuibmugh Family. 347 

5375 George C, k Mov. 22, i8S3i Port Richmoad» N. Y.; d. Fdn 


5376 Elitt E., b. Nov. 22, X855, Port Richmoiid, N. Y.; d. Joly iQb 

+5277 WiUiaiii C, b. June 28^ 18 A Bridgetown, M. J.; m. IL D. 

+3278 Qiaríes &» h. Nov. 8, 1861, Trenton» N. J.; m. Mimiie Bordea. 
• +5279 l^^ry Emina D., b. Feb. 24 1864* Sáleme N. J.; m. F. R. 

45280 Wbiteball Stokei, b. Joly x6» iBSá, Bordentown, N. J.; m. K. 

+5^61 Sjbilla MeCanley, b. Dec 2^ x86gb Red Bank, N. J.; n. a R. 



5273 CAMum* GmifwooD Hnx¡, m. June g^ x97Si Charles E. Hilly k 
Jone 10^ 1851. Childrcn (b. tn Newark; N. J.) : 

5282 Charles Greenwood, b. March x^ x^Td. 

5283 Arthor Edward, b. March 22, x88a 

5284 Frederick Marshall, b. May 2011 x88& 
. • 

5274 AiCANBA* Jahé Hxll, fld. Sept 2% iBSg, John B. Betien, b. Nov^ 
184& Chüdrcn (b. in Red Bank. N. J.) : 

5285 Charíes HiO, b. Jnly 29^ 1870; n. Maj x6b x89S> HenrietU IL 

French. Child: 

52B7 Portia F., b. Aog. ^ 1897. 

5286 Eliaabeth Brown, b. Sept 2^ x87^ 

5277 WnxiAM* C HxLLy n. Oct, X885, Martha Dorothy Bronundl» b. 
May, x8s& Child: 

52B8 Dodleigh, b. Dec, x886» New York. 

5278 Cbailis* & Hxu» n. Oct 26^ x88gb Mkmie Borden, b. x8^ 

5289 Leslie Borden, b. Dec 2d> X89X, Red Bank. 

5279 Maxy* Emma D. Wtll, m. Mardi 7, X8B2, Frands Reeves nthtan^ 
b. May 23, 1855. Children (b. in Bridgetown, N. J.) ; 

5290 Esther Hill, b. April 7, X883. 
529X Charles Lesley, b. Jnly xi, x88$. 

5292 Mary Hill, b. Feb. xy, x888. 

5293 Harriet Reeves, b. Oct 26^ 1894^ 

Ss8o Whxibbaxx* Stoxss Hxu, n. Jan. 5, X892, Katfaarine AUaire^ k 
Jnly X7, X865- Child: 

5294 Gerone Allaire, b. Nov. 28, 1892; d. Nov. x8, x897. 

248 GtNBALocr or tbs Chbsbmouch Family. 

S2B1 Sybuxa* McCauly Rol, ul Jnlj 1, 1891. George R. huob, k 
Nov.i, ia$s ChUd: 

5J98 Bfther HiU, h. May 14. iSgs. Red Bank. N. J. 

5973 y/oJUAU^ Baowir, n. May ix i86x in Rockland Lakt, N. Y., 
EDcQ Augusta Ondcrdoiik» b. Dcc. 7. 1841, Rockland Lakc, N. Y. Chüdreii 
(k. tn Newark. N. J.) : 

SagB Harry Wbitney, b. Aug. s 18^ 

4*5999 Winiam Asaph, b. Jan. 93» 1867; m. Louisc Bremond. 

5300 Artbur Raymond, b. May 31, 1872. 

5301 Mary Lida Retasen, b. Jan. x, 1875. 

5999 WaxiAM* AsAFH BnowN, n. April ?3» 1890^ Louise Bremond, b. 
Nov.. xSfia. Oitld : 

3302 Hden L., b. May, 1891. 

5259 Hannah' BaowN, n. Dec 31, x8i3i» Knosc, N. Y., Elnatkan Ftncb 
Tracy (son oí Pembertoq Baker and Fanny [WiUiams] Tracy), b. Dcc. 2S 
i8qB; Knox, N. Y.; d. Nov. 7, 1879^ Seward, IlL; in i8ss removed from 
Knox lo Seward, Winnebago County» IlL Cbildrcn (b. ki Knox, N. Y.) : 


5304 Mary, b. Nov* 22, 1832; d. Jan. 18, i839^ 

53DS Eunice Gallup» b. July lOb 1837: d. Aug. i6» 1863, Food du Lac» 
Wis.; n. EUjab RandalL 
+5306 Jane María, b. Oct 23, 1839. 
+5307 George, b. April xa, 1843. 
+5308 Noyes Packer, b. Nov. x, X848, Guflderiand, N. Y. 

5306 Jani* Mabxa TaACy, n. Oct xo^ i8S9b Seward, IlL, James Skanm 
York» b. Mareb xft i835» Wysox, Bradford County, Pa. ; d. July 25» xgox, 
Rockford, IlL Cbildrcn (b. m Ridott» Stephcnson County, IlL) : 

- 5309 Mary Jane, b. July 16, x869l 
53x0 Hattie María, b. July 15, x874- 

Uve in Rockford UL 

5307 GaonoB* Tsacy, m. July X4, X863, Mary Scott, b. May 8, X847» 
Washington, Lycoming County, Pi. Child (b. in Sefvard, IlL) : 

531X MabeL b. Nov. 28, 1872; m. June x, X892, Dr. Charles E. Martin 
of Tiffen, Ohio. Chikl: 

5312 Mary Louise Martin, b. Oct 28^ x897f Seward, IlL 

5308 NoYis* PAcma Tmmcy, m. Fcb. 14, 1872^ Emroa Rose Houscwoit, 
k Jan. 1% 1854. Cbildrcn : 

5314 Fk>yd, b. Feb. t2> 1873* 

5315 Elnathan F., b. Jan. 2X, 1875; d. June 27, x894- 

GuriAuxnr or tbb CutMMnaoQm Family. 249 

S3i6 Mai7 Alicc. b. July 3$, iQtS. 

S3I7 Eunice Alma, b. Sept. 3, il^; d. Nov. as, 1881. 

S3i8 Cari Herbert, h. May 6^ 1881. 

5319 Iva Grace, h. Dec i, 188& 

53» Harold Watsoii, I1. Nov. i, 1891 ; d. May is, 1893. 

5321 MUdred Margaret, b. March 3. 1894. 


5351^ David» Bmwk. m. (i) Dec. 25, 1810^ Haanah Andrews, d. Jyly 
5t i8is; m. (a) Feb. 8, i8i<b Olive Andrews, d. Oct 9» 1841 ; n. (3) Dec 30. 
1841, Lana Lory. Children of first nurriage : 

Orsaniuss, b. Feb. 3, i8ia; d. StpL 6, 189a. 
Silvcy, b. Ang. 18; 1813; d. May 7, 184a. 
Alien, b. Dec ao^ 1814; d. Oct 1, 1843. 

Children of seccmd marriage: 

Asapb, b. Dec 18, 1818; d. Jan. 18, 1855. 
Almon, b. Ang. 27, i8ao; d. March aoii 1894. 
Hannah, b. July 7, 182a; d. Aug. a9b 1889. 
Elisha Harvey, b. Jan. 4, i8a5. 
Beriah Crandle, b. May 23, 1831; d. Ang: ai, i84aL 

Children ol third marriagt; 

+5331» Oliw A., b. Apríl 5, 1844; d. Dec 14, 1881; m. Peleg Chesbro 
(493oS). (See hts Record.) 
Levi, b. Jan. 18, 1846; m. ^gina Livtngston; Uves hi Coblet* 

kill. N. Y. 
Mary, b. July 3^. 1847; d. Oct 13, 18791 
John, b. July 17» 1850; m. Enuna £. Case of GallnpvUle, N. Y.; 
Uve tn Líttle Valley, CatUraugus Connty, N. Y. 
+S9Slb Elisa Jane, b. Sept 2$, 185a; m. Apríl 17. i979. Andrew Smlth. 

WiUiam A., b. Ang. 8, 1854; «. (1) ; m. (a) 

*; m. (3) Libbie Birdi. 

Rev. Beríah C, b. May 18^ 1856; d. Ang. 19, 1893, in 
m. Apríl 2$, 1888, Mary McQeUand of Chester, Pa.; he was 
a Methodist ninister of the Troy Conferencc 

SaSib EuzA* Janb Biowh, n. Andrew Smith; he servcd three ycars 
inCtvUWar. Children: 

Leroy, b. 1881. 
Charles, b. 1887. 

She U¥€% at and owns the homestead her father bonght in 1811 al 
riUe, N. Y. 

994 Hannah* Johnson (Sarah* Chesebmigh, a64S), m, Feb. 6, 1780^ 
Tbomas Taylor (son of Humphrey) of Westerbr, R. L Children : 

53^3 Hannah, b. Dec aa, 1780. 


53^ Hampbrey» h. Jiily 24, 1784. 

5324 John» b. June ai. 1787. 

. 5335 Thomas, h. Jan. a6b 1789. 

5326 Maitha, b. Nov. 4, 1791. 

5337 Reiiben, b. Dec. 5, 1793. 

995 EsTHU* Johnson (Sarih* Chcsebrougb» 264), m. March at, 1781» 
Wetterly» R. I., Wtlliam Rathbone Grecne (ion oí Capt. >^lltam and 
Jodstb [Rathbone] Grecne. first wiíe). b. Dec. 22^ 1761. Westerly, R. L; 
Itved in Weiterly» R* L ; tn 1840 she wat a widow. drawing a pensión Ibr 
his servkes In Revoliitionary War, and was Itving with ber son. Charles K. 
Rathbone^ tn Westerty. R. L Chtldren: 

5328 Wtlliam R^ b. Dec 15. 1781; d. May 13. 1782. 

5329 Peggy (Maitha), b. Feb. 4. 1783- 

5330 William Rathbone, b. April 13» 1785- 

5331 Pardon, b. June 17, 1787. 

5332 Sally, b. Feb. 22, 179a 

5333 Polly, b. Feb. 18, I793> 

5334 Nancy, b. May 9, 1794; d. March 11, 179^ 

5335 Lncy, b. Jan. 11, 1798. 

+5336 Fanny, b. June 13, 1800; m. Ichabod Burdick oí Hopldnton. 

5337 Charles Keene, b. April 12, 1803. 

5336 Fanny* Giunb, m, Nov. 22, 1818, Hopldnton, R. I., Ichabod 
Burdick, Jr. (son oí Ichabod and Hannah Burdick) ; lived tn Hopksnton, 
R. L Children: 

5338 Benjamin Franklin, b. Not. 3, 1819. 

5339 Georire Henry, b. March 23t 1821. 

5340 Albert Stilhnan, b.. July 26, 1822. 
534t Francés Eliaabeth, b. Feb. 22, 1824. 

5342 Martha Greene, b^ April 17, 1826. 

5343 Hannah Jdary. b. Qct. 7, 1897* 

996 PúLLY* Johnson (Sarah* Chesebrough, 264S), m. Jaa 28; 178ÍP, 
Westerly* R. I., Benjamín Greene (son oí Capt William and Judith [Rath- 
bone] Greene), k Dec. 14, 1765, Westerly« R. L Children: 

5344 Jndtth, b. June 3, 1788; Westerly. IL L 

5345 Matilda, b. Dec. 4, 1790, Richmond, R. L; d. July 18, 1796^ 


5346 Lydia, b. April 21, 1792, Voluntown, Conn. 

5347 Christopher, b. Feb. i, 1794, Voluntown, Cona. 

5348 Olive, b. Jan. 27, 1795, Voluntown. 

5349 Benjamín Barber, b. Nov. 5, 1797, Richmond, R. L 

5350 Pardon, b. March i, 1800, lúchmond, R. I.; removed to New 

York Sute. 

5351 Perry, b. Oct. 25, 1802, Hopldnton, R. I. 
+5352 Nathantel J., b. 1805, Hopkinton, R. L; m. twice. 

GtNBAUxnr or tbe Chuibmugm FxMaY. asi 

$3S^ NATRiorm.* J. Gjobns. d. Sept 2% iBBS, Scío^ Allegany Coumy, 
N. y.; m. (I) Nancy BAbcock; m. (a) Nov. i6b 1834 Brookfícid, N. Y^ 
Abígail Bed)c (dau. of Stcf^en and Dorcas [Cburch] Beebe)» d. Fcl».. 
184B; Angélica. N. Y. Child (firtt marríage) : 

David, d. yonng. 

Children of aecond narriage: 

5353 Mary A.» b. Sept 34, 1935; m. (i) Se|»C, i8s4t Stephen Shaw; 

m. (j) — Sbattuck oí Angélica, N. Y. 

5354 CaroHne MatUda, b. Peb. 2S, 1837; m. Oct 7, 1858, Paul J. 


5355 Henry P.» b. Oct. 5, 1838; n. Marcb 2a, 1860^ Sarah A. 


5356 Benjamín T., b. Oct ti, 1840; d. Feb. 24; 1881, Angélica. N. Y.; 

m. Jttly 4. 1860^ Caroline M. Davis. 

5357 Nanej E^ b. Dec. 12, 1842; m. Aprtt 13. 1861, Joseph S. Oarke; 

Uve in HartvUle, N. Y. 

5358 Jobn L.. b^ 1844; d. June 24, 1864: unmarried. 

5359 Abigail J.. b. April 28, 1847; m. 1866^ James Johnson; Uve in 

Belmont. AUegaiqr Conntj. N. Y. 

• ■ 

1002 SvLvism* CaisnaouGH (Sylvester*. 267). K March % 1764; m. 
— —» CoUins. Chüdien (b. in Dorsec and Tinmouth. Vt) : 

+5360 Abraham. d. Tinmouth. Vt. 1827. 

+5361 Isaac Marks. b. March 14, 1786; m. lonr times. 

•f53fia Jacobb d. Ilarch 18, 1813» m. 25 years; m. S. Baldwin. 

5363 Roben. 

5364 Sylvester. 

5365 Hannab. d. 186a. 

5366 R^MCca. m. Jasper ViaU ; removed to Bennington. Vt 

5367 ThermuthttS. 

536B PoUy. m. — — AUen. 

5360 Abbabam* CmsnouGH. m. Asenath Stcvens. d. in La Salle» 
Niágara G^nntx. N. Y.; be was educated for a pbTsidan. Children (k in 
Dorset, Vt) : 

5369 Joanna. d. unmaijied. 

45370 Julia ^in. b. Dec 24, 1812; d. Sept 15. 1890^ Mt Vemon. Ohio. 

4*5371 Abram Merritt. b. Nov. 14. 1814; d. Oct 14, 1883; nt Esther 


•f-5372 AkNisOb b. Nov. 8^ 1817; d. Jan. 30b 18^: m. twice. 

5373 Thermuthns. d. unmarried. 

5374 Elisa, d. unmarried. 

5375 Aaron C, d. in Brooklyn. N. Y.; m. Abbie L. Andrews; she is 

Uvtng; 190I9 in Providence. R. L (See Appendix— WiUs.) 

fSa GwMZMjoGY op THX Cbesbbiouoh Family. 

*f5176 Maiy Phynett, h. Oec. 25, 1835; d. Nov: ao, 1884; m. Tn T. 

5370 JuuA* Ann Chisbbouch, n. Scpt 15, 18140^ Henry aevdand 
Hillf. b. June 16^ 1816^ Brístol. N. Y. Chíldren (tu in Michigan) : 

+5J7B Olive C, b. June 12, 1841; d. Sept., iSs^; m. Henry Simonda. 
"t-5.179 Charlotte Ann» b. Aug. 15, 1843; n. Rev. Wm. T. Hntchina. 
5380 Henry S.» b. Oct t» 1845; m. March, 1895, Thiraa Cheae- 
brongfa (5393S). 
+5381 Aaron Merritt, b. Feb. 4. 1848; m. June, 1874. Althea A. Ford. 
5383 Julia Francés, b. June 9b 1^55; d. May, 1894: ». June, 1875, 
James Stewart. Child: 

5393 Julia Lottise. 

5378 Ouvs* C Hnxs, m. Oct, 1865, Henry Sinioods. Chüd: 
5383 Henry, Jr.; livcs in Mt« PleasanC, Mich. 

5379 CuASLont' Ann Hnxa, m. July 13, 1976, Mount Vemon, Ohiob 
Rev. Wtlliam Tucker Hutchins (son oí James Sgalding Hntchtns, b. in 
Killingly, Conn., and Julia María Moríll of Wrentham, Mass.), bi Jan. ao^ 
l8Lta Spríngüeld, Mass. Child : 

3384 William HUÍ, b. June 11, 1878, Westchester, Cona. 
Live in Spríngfield, Mass. 

5381 Aaion* MxaxiTT Hills, m. (i) June, 1974, Althea A. Ford of 
Madison» Ohio; ro. (a) — -* . Children oí firsc marríage: 

5385 Nellie F.; 5366, Anna A., and 5387, Henry Merrítt 

Children of second marríage: 

5388 James F.; 5389^ Charles Finney; 539a Mary Woodbrídge; 5391» 
Dwight Moody. 

5371 Abbam' Mhutt CBiaaB0ii6B« m. Esther Rice of Vermont; no 
children. His sisters Joanna, Thermuthus and Eliza never marríed, and 
lived wtth him at Niágara Falla, N. Y. ; he owned a large farm at La Sallen 
and d. there in Oct, 18813. He left in his Will $30^000 to endow the seminary 
at North Chili, Monroe County, N. -Y., and made it obligatory upon the 
trustces to diange itt ñame to The A. M. Chesbrottgh Sendnary,'* which 
had been founded by Rev. B. T. Roberts. 

5373 Alowxo* Chisbbougr, b. in Dorset, Vt; d. in Toledo, Ohio; 
nL (i) Thirza Campbell, b. Feb. 10^ i8ift Tinmouth, Ruthmd County, Vt 

5393 Thirsa, m. Henry & HiUs (5380S). 

GufiAuxnr or n» CütsmovoH FAnay. as3 

5.194 Sylvester. 

Sags SmnacL 

5396 Phrania. 

S3B7 Adclim. 

SjgB Aniu; ol -— * Mosct; Uves in Ocvcland, Ohso* 

5399 Mary, d in infancy. 

5400 Alonso. 

537a Alonzo' CHtfanouGH. m. (a) Jan. 8, i9S5> Miagara, N. Y., Sarah 
Jane Tufford (dau. of Philip and Sarah (Childsj Tufford), h. Oct 14» 
1825. Niágara Fallí. M. Y. ; d. Maj 17, 1893. Toledo. Ohia Oüldrcn: 

5401 Freemom Bartlett, b. Sept 4. 1856; n. July 7. 1883. MatOda 

•+54» Abram Morey. b. Jnly ty. 1860; n. June 13» x88$. Belle B. 

+54Q3 Francia Pntyn, b. July 17. 1860 (twin oí above); m. Apríl as 

1885, Addie McConnick. 
+5404 Aaron Calvert. b. Dcc. 4t i86s; vl June 27. x888^ Mattie Miki- 

more, Wett Brome. P. Q.. Canadá. 

5408 Abiam' M. CuaanooGH, m. Belle B. Brown. Chüdrca: 

5405 Ethel Belle. b. Dec 14, 1888. 

5406 Francia Edwin, b. Jan. 14. 18901 

5407 Jeanette. b. Ilarch 29^ 1897. 

5403 FkAMaa* P. CuaanouGH. m. Addie McCormiclL Childm: 

5408 Helen; 5409. William, and 5410^ Erwin. 

5404 Aaion* C CBianaouGH, m. Mattie Mihimore. Children : 

541 1 Grace. b. July 5. 1889^ Toledo. Ohio. 

54xa Harold Alonso, b. Oct 17. 1891» West Brome. Canadá. 

5413 Aaron Milton. b. Aug. a. 1895. Toledo. Ohio. 

5376 Maby* Phyxixt CBisaMNiOH. m. Oct as 184^ Byroo. Kcm P. O., 
Mieh.. Ira T. Hatch (son ol Ira and Claríssa (Smith] Hatch). b. Fcb. 19^ 
i8s4» Brigfatoo. N. Y. Children (bi. m. and Uve in Grand Rapids. Mich.) : 

454x4 Julia Mary. b. Jnne I9b 1844; n* Edward H. Hmit 

5415 Helen Claríssa, b. Jnne as 1849; d. June 4t i86a 

-1-5416 Ira Chesebroogh. b. Feb. is. 185X 

5417 Anna Cora. b. Dec 10^ 1854; <L J«n« 4 x^« 

45418 Ida McQellan. b. Jan. 8, 1863; m. Oct ^ x883t Charles Pratt 

54x4 JotXA* Maiy Hatch. m. Oct 19. 1869^ Grand Rápida. Mich.. by 
RcT. J. P. Tttstin. Edward H. Hant Children : 

54x9 Alíred Hateh. b. Aprü 19^ 1871. 


aS4 GBNiAUMnr or thb CRSsmoucH Family. 

5420 Helén, b. March 9. 1876. 

543X Woolsey Wdlct, k Sept 18» ig/S. 

5416 IiA* CmsBMVGB Hatcu, ül Scpt I4t 1976^ Iqr Rev. J. Morgan 
Smíth» Adelalde Portia Warrall» d June 13, 1893. Children : 

5428 Annie Portia Loniíe, I1. Ang. 9, 1877. 

5423 Francés Elizabeih, b. Feb. i, 1879^ 

5424 Irene Cbesebrougli, b. Nov« 16^ 1887* 

5418 Iba* M. CwrtWOToqi, «. Charlee P. Rathbone, Child: 

5425 Lanting K^ b. Dec 31, 1885. 

5361 Isaac* Mabxs CnsBaouca, k March 14* 1786^ Nortfa Adans» 
Hass.; n. (i) 1812, Phrania Jones, b. March 31, 1789^ near Baltimoreí Md.; 
d. there Nov. ft i8a8; he removed in 1853 to Pekín, N. Y.« and was a 
famer. Cbildroi (bi üi Bahimore, Md.) : 

+54^ EnU Sjhrester, b. Jialj 6, 1813; d. Ang. 19^ 188& 

+5427 Isaac Collins, b. Dec 14. 1814; d. Jan. 28, 1893* 

5428 Infuit, d. Jone 26^ 181& 

5429 Elizabeth, b. Oct. 4. x8x6; d. Oct. g, 1848. 

+5430 Lewis Reese, b. Sept. 12, 1818; d. Aprü, 1877; n* Sarah D. 

5431 Martha Washington, b. Feb. 22, 1820; d. Sept, 1883; n. x86s 

John Wolcott. 

5432 Rev. George W., b. Nov. 27, 1821; d. 1900; lived in Sheridan, 

N. Y. 
+S433 Phrania Joanna, b^ Jan. 27, 1824; d. April, 1898, St Loáis, Mo.; 

m. L. C Watkhis. 
+5434 Sanael Kennedy J.» b. March 9» 1826; m. Ann E. Morrison. 
S435 Beniamin Franklin, b. Oct. 3, 1828; 4 Jnly 27, 1829. 

5361 Isaac' M. CHisaaoooH, n. (2) 1829^ Elisabeth Dougherty; n. 
(3) Mary Jones (coosin of Phrania) ; m. (4) Mary Alien. He was 
a Civil Engineer; hb serviees weie enlisted by the Battimore and Ohio^ the 
New York and Harlem, the Boston and Providence, and naiqr oiher rail* 

5426 Euis* SYLVCSTia CBisaaoucH, b. Jnlj 6, 18x3, Baltimore Coontj, 
Md.; d. in Chicago, IIL; m. Dec 23, 18137, Baltimore, Md., Fliabrth Ann 
Preyer (dau. of Henrjr and Elisabeth Freyer) oí Baltimore ; he was Presi* 
dent of American Society of Civil Engineers, and was Chieí Engineer of 
West División of Aqticduct, New York City. Children : 

45436 Isaac Sompter, b. Jan. 19, 1839- 
4s437 Henry Freyer, b. Sept. 19. 184O, Totness, S. C 
5438 Iníant, d. in infancy. 

GufiAUxnr or tbi Cbisibmnigh Family. ass 

5439 L«wi«> Collins, b. Sept 5, 1842, Baltimorc, Md; d. Fcb. ag^ 
1844. Cambría, N. Y. 
+5440 EUis Sylvcster. b. Feb. la. 18491 

5436 Isaac* SuMrm CHtsnovcH, n. March 4t 1882, Chicago, III, 
liaiy Dignáis bi Feb. ao^ 1860^ ChicagOb IlL Giild: 

5441 Bestia b. Oct ft S883. 
Liw ta Chicago, IlL 

5437 Hmav* Fisyn CsimoucH, n. Manr &— . Child : 
544a Hairy, who ts a Gvtl Engincer. 

5440 Eixia* SYLVEsna CHisaaouca^ Ja., n. Mary Tebbetti. Child : 
5443 Elisabeth. 
Lived in West Newton. Mass., ia 190a 

5437 Isaac* Cgluns Cbisbrougr, n. Dcc. a6^ 1838^ Pittsfidd, Mass., 
Harríet Pomerogr (dan. of Lemuel) oí Pittsfield, d. 1975. He was a Gvü 
Engineer; was owner oí the Copake Iron Works, Co^ke, Colttmbia County« 
N. Y^ wbert be d.; was Chief Engineer of the Ohio River Road itntil 1861 ; 
served during the Gvil War, under Gen. Biiel's conunand. **A11 this family 
were mcmbers of the Protestant Episcopal Chnreh. Isaac ColUns Qietbrough 
was Warden of the Church of St John in the Wildemess, which was built 
tn i$5a by mcmbers of bis own and bis wife's ümUy; he was a Ufe member 
of tbe Western Sodetr of Engineers.'* 

+5444 ColUns, b. Dec a4, 1840; d. 189a, in Texas; nnmarried. 

5445 Chester Dewey, b. Nov. id^ 184a; d. 1876, Copake, N. Y. 
4-5446 Faniqr Fomeroy, b. Aug. 13, 1845; »• R^v. E. S. Pede 

5444 CouiNS* CnicsnoucH; served through the GvU War, Major of 
Cavalry, Volunteers, State of New York; was Gvil Engineer, and Uved and 
din Texas. 

5446 Pan NY* PoMnoY Chxsbbouch, m. Rev. Edward S. Ped^ d. 1883 ; 
00 childrcn ; she remains bis widow, and Uves at Copake Iron Works, New 

5430 Liwis' Rosa CHisaaouQH, m. Fcb. 10^ 1841, Sarah Dawes Sbep- 
ard (only child of Sitos Shcpard) of Tawiton, Mass. ; d. 189^ He was a 
conwntsston merchant and Hvcd in Brooklyn, N. Y. Childrcn : 

5447 Aagvstos Shcpard, b. Jan. a5, 184a; mimarrícd. 

5448 Sarah EUsabeth, b. Jnly la, 1843: n. WiUiam H, Bent of 

Tannton, Mass. 

as6 GmtALocY or thb Chubbmiucb Family. 

5449 Silis Shepard. h. May 31» 184S; d. unmarried 

5450 Lewís Reese, b. Feb. 24» 1847; d. young. 

5433 PjUAjru' JoAMNA CHtsnouGH, m. x847i Luke C Watksofl. Chil- 

Elisabeth» Jane» Auna (t%vin of Jane), Haity C 
lived in Su Louis, Mo., in 190a 

5434 Samuil* Kufimnr JsmiiNGa CHsaaaouGH, k March % i8a^ 
Baltíniorcb Md; m.- Feb. 6, 1848b Rochester, N. Y., Ann Eliaa Morríson 
(dau. of John and Chloe [Deniíoa] Morríion oí Forrestville, N. Y.), b. 
June as, 1837, Sherídan, N. Y. He removed to Chieago, 111., and ta pub* 
lithíng agent of Free Metfaoditt Publiahing House in Chicago, where he stíll 
Isvea. Children: 

+S455 Jobn Morríson, b. March s6, 1850, Forrestville, N« Y.; Uves 

in St Lottis, Mo. 

+5456 Iiaac Marks, b. Maj % 1852; m. Lnlu Dickaon. 

+5457 Mary, b. June ag, 1854; m. Herbert C Nash. 

5458 Emnia, b. May 8, 1856. Niágara Falls, N. Y.; onmarried. 

45459 George Roberts, b. Feb. ii, 1862; m. Sarah C BeiL 

5460 Lewís Carlton, b. July 25, 1864; d. Aug. 31, 1864. 

5455 JoBir* Monaxaoii CHiaaaoucH, m. Oct. 22, 1872^ Mary Elizabcth 
Leaycraft,. b. March 3Q1 i8sif New York City. Children (b. in St 
LoiiiSi Ma) : 

5461 Grace Leaycraft b. Sept. 20, i8y8; d. May 25, 1885. 

5462 Royal Sylvester. b. Jan. 20^ 1884; d. Feb. 25, 1884. 

5456 laAAC* MABxa Cbisbroucu, k in South Peksn, N. Y.; m. Dcc 
29b iffi^ Tuskalora, Ala^ Lnlu Dicksoii, b. Apríl 27, iS&it Alabana ; Uve in 
ChicagObllL Child; 

54tii3 Harold Thompson, b. Nov. 3, 1888. 

5457 Maiy* CniSBaoucH, b. Sonth Pekín, N. Y.; m. Dcc. 28; 1882, 
Socbetcer, N. Y., Herbert C Nash. Children (b in Sac Gty, lowa) : 

5464 George Chesbron^ b. Aug. 19, 1884. 

5465 Colltns Sylvester, b. Apríl 29^ 1887- 

5466 Robert Benedlct, b. AprO 2Q, 18891 

5467 Gamett Elizabcth, b. May 25, 1891. 
54Ó8 Margaret Emma, b. Oct. x8, 1893- 

5459 GiOKt* RoHEiiTS CnasBaoucH, b. South Pekín, N. Y. ; m. Dec. 2, 
1885, Sarah Celestia Betl of Hamburg, Pa. ; live in St Louis, Ma Children : 

5469 Walter Byme, b. Apríl xo, x888. 

GtNBAUMnr or tbb Chubbmuch FAMay. as7 

5470 LiicOle. b. Jialy 24, 1890. 

5471 John Williasa. bi June ao^ 1895. 

Safia Jacoi* CHnowKiGH, m. Nov. i, i8ix, Sabrina Baldwtn (daii. of 
Silaa and Príieaia [ary] Baldwin). Quid: 

547^ Sophfmiía, d. May 15, 1884. m. 72 yeart; m. (i) 1832. Catim 
Tracy (son o( Fcaluí and Elizabcth (Conkeyl Callin Tracy)t 
b. i8c7, d. Jialy 22. 1847; had no chíldren; lived ín Gtnton, St. 
Lawrencc Connty, N. Y. She n. (2) 185— ^ Amoa Smiib. 
who d. 1870^ and adopted Sophronia Jane Tracy» b. Ogdena- 
barg» N. Y., Oct. 20. 1841 ; m. Jan. 26, 1862, Fnlton, Oswego 
County, N. Y^ Rev. James Minton Pullman, b. Aug. 2t, 1845» 
Poitland, Chatauqua County, N. Y. Oifld: 

Frcderie Albert, b. Aug. 29» 186B; Uve in Lynn, Masa. 

Sahuiia Balbwin (widow of Jacob* Chesdiroui^ sj^a) m. (2) Fcb. 
^t 1814, James Livingstone oí Canum, N. Y. Chíldren : 

Louisa, ifi* ■ Johnson of Cantón, N. Y. 

Loratn, m. — Conkey of Camón, N. Y. 

Charlotte, n. Amasa Bums of Cantón, N. Y« 

Henríetta» d* ^ 

Elisabeth» d. — — w 


J. Baldwin, m. and lived in Cantón, N. Y., in igoi. 

I0Q3 OuvBa* CBBsnMUCH (Sylvestcr*, 267S), k North Kingston, 
R. I.; d. Sept xi, 1832, Adams, Mass.; m. Lavtna Aldrích (dau. of Noah 
and Tabitha [Inman] Aldrích) of Glouoester, R. Lpb. March xy* 1700^ 
Glooccsur, R. I.; d. before 1825. Childrcn: 

-f 5473 Oliver, m. Olive Masón. 

5474 Michah; waa a merchant in Adama, 1824. 

+547S David, d. Dec, 1836* 

5476 Nancy. 

X0Q3 Ouvn* Chxsbbbouch was a ¡MÍvate in Capt Levi Brown's Com- 
pany, CoL Asa Bames's (Berkshire County, Mass.) Rcgiment; was de» 
tachad Oct M 1781, and joined Gen. Stark at Saratoga. 

5473 Ouvia' CnaiBMUGH, Ja., m. 1809^ Olive Masón (dau. of Nathan 
and Roby [ Wood] Masón) ; the family removed to Romc^ N. Y., from Man- 
dieater, Vt Childrcn: 

4-5477 Mehitable Masón, b. May 25, 1810; m. Shnebal Wilmarth. 

5478 Masón, b. July s* 1812; killed hy an exploaion in Rome. 
+5479 Jcrome, b. May 25, 1815; m. 

5480 Catherine L., b. July 15, 1823; m. Fcb. 24. i8m George Pad» 
dock Robbins of Lee, Oneida Céunty, N. Y. 

«SB GufiAUxnr or tbs CmsmouGB Family. 


5479 Jbwub' CsninouGB. Childm: 

Gcorgc Masón, Frmnk, Callie, Rosa and Nina. 
Livtd in MarirfMn, Wis. 

^Tcromt* Chcsdntk asss j6 years. ^^¥**ff 'lftionfd First Liaiitcnant 
Match 22^ iSfiSi to rank from Match 8^ iMSp and dtcd May 3, 18^ at Grand 
Gtil( Miss; Conipany S. Eleventh WtKonsIn Iníantty Voluntcers; rcsl- 
denee Marfccsan, Gncn Lakt Coontj, Wis. In same conpaiqr. his sons ■■ 
Gaotgc* W. ChMbrOb Corporal, age ax ; Masón* Chesehro^ iirívate, age ai ; 
boch muscered out wich the company.** 

5477 Mbbitaiil* M. CBisnaoucH, m. April ag^ xQn Pownal, Vt, 
Shubal Wibnarth, Jr. (both oí Adanis, Mass.), b. April 4, iBog, Stamiord, 
Vt Childrcn (h. in Adams) : 

5487 Shnbal Masón, n. Ella Ware oí Markesan, Wis. 

5488 Gcorge Masón, d. Jan. 9, i8a4 *• 4 T^ars. 

5475 Davh»* Cebsobouch, n. (x) Nov. 17, 1809, Cheshttc^ Mass., 
Nanqr Jones of Cheshire; he n. (a) Julj 5, x8i8; Jane Raljra, h. Nov. jOb 
iTgpi Thej lived in Poughkeepsie, N. Y.; he was Major in War oí 181a, 
and a Ptoíessor oí Military Tactícs. Children oí first narriage: 

54QO Hcnrr: 5491» Lanra; 549>> Jerome; 5493^ David; 5494t Nancy 
fin of David). 

Children of seeond marriage: 

5496 .Jerome, b. Feh. 5, x8ao; m. Charlotte Jackson of Newark, N. J. 
5407 George W., h. Feh. 5, xa27f »» i&(9b Catherine Do n a l dso a 

54gB Lanra May, m. June ag» x8g7, Seth D. Godfrcy of Btook* 
lytK N. Y. 

Jame (widow of Davh») Chbsdbocgh m. (a) 1841» Rcv. Wateman 

1006 BusBA* CBssmouos (Sylvcstcr*. a67S), d. i83S> Springwater, 
N. Y.; m. Jan. a^ X797f Adams, Mass., Sarah Yaw, h. Sept 22^ 1767. 
ChiMtcn (k in North Adams» Mass.) : 

+5499 Sylvester, m. Elizabeth Edwards. 

+5500 Sarah, b. March 2^ 1792; d. March 9b x86ob Pulasld, Mtch. 

+550S Charlotte, b. July 14, 1794; d. Aug. 8, 189$, Palmyra, M. Y., 

in her xoad year. 

+55oa Daniel, b. Oct. as, 1795; m. Tabitha GnOe. 

+55Q3 Stcfrfien, h. March 15, 1797; m. twice. 

-f-5504 Hiram, b. Jan. % 1799; d. i8j6; m. Catherine Files. 

CimALooT or thb Cbih i ww c» Family. 

550S BIn< ^ March 16b 1803; m. Eathon Grotrtr. 

5906 EttshA» k Jan. 15, 1804; ol Scpt 8» i83S» PowaaL Vt, Olfart 

S9Q7 MuTi K Jan. la^ 1806; nL Oct l% iSaiL Pownal, Vt, Joba 

•f-5908 Marta, b. Feb. agb x8o8; d. Dac aB, i88s; n. Millón Holmaa. 
5909 Sophia» b. May 11» t8ii; nL John Thom. 

SI99 SvLviana* Cnsaaoiiciit "l March s i8oft Pownal, Vt, Bli»- 
bcth Edwardt» b. in Stamlord, Vt Children: 

S510 Homar; ssii« Jaromas S5^ Hiram; ssijt Hanry; S5i4i Edwin; 

S5XS ElUha; S5i<k EUu E.» ul «-— Stílaa. 

5517 Jane, nL — Simón; Uva in Pulaiki, MidL 

5518 Minanra, m. . Da Foreat; Uve in PnlaaU» MidL 

S90D Sabah* Diisibmii6h« nL Anc xi, 18x1, Pownal» Vt, Warner J. 
Hodgc, b. March 16b X794, Adaros, Mass.; d. Ang. 31, 1850; ''they r emoved 
to Jackton County, Mic¿, early in the thirtiei.'' Children (h. in North 
Adami» Masi.) : 

+5519 Homar Anson, b. AprU 10, i8xa; d. Oct 2a, x8s4i Concord, 

+55ao Carolina Lomira, b. July aa» X814; d. Aug. a^ x874i South 
Haven, MidL 
5531 Jane Elixa, b. Ang. a, X817; d. March jOb 1897; nnmarried. 
4-5532 Mary Lovina. b. June x6b 1819^ Sumíord, Vt 
4*5593 Hiram Chesabrough. b. Feb. 22, 1821; d March aob x8g7; nL 
EUa Críttenden. 
5534 Henry Stead, b. Jan. ai, x8a3; <L in infancj. 

5525 Horatio Ndioo, b. June 22^ 1824; m. and has chrec childraL 

5526 Milton Holmea, b. Nov. x?, 1825; d. Aug: 24, 1896; m. and had 

one child. 

5527 Sarah María, b. June aB^ 1827; d. young: 

45528 Sarah Adaline, b. Sept xob 1830; d. March aa, 1902^ Union 

5519 HoMaa* Aneon Hosc^ m. Sept 9b s832i Roxana Paine^ d. Oct 
26, 1854. Children : 

5539 Francas E. 

5530 Orville W.; Uves in Utah. 

5531 George F.; Uvea in Utah. 

5520 Cabouhi' Lomxba Hodgi, m. Mardi 17, 1830^ South Adams, Mass., 
Almond W. Masón, b. April s 1807, Adams, Mass.; d. May i, 1895, Minna- 
apolis, Minn. Children : 

5539 Sarah £., m. W. S. Burton; Uvea in New York Oly. 


5533 Mercyjane. 

5534 Ljdia Ann, m. — ^— > Middlemast; Itves in Minncapolis» Mina. 

5535 Angeline Monicm, m. and Itves in Minneapolis» llinn. 

5536 Cipt. Hlram L^ Uves In llinneapoUs, Minn. 

5537 Cora JeKnc, m. — -» Ralph. 

552a lÍAav* Lonif A Hooca^ n. May, i^^ Reuben Barnet, Mobile, Ala. 

Maitha Ann* Frederíck £., Hiram L. and Mary Jane. 

5523 HnAic* Cnwnwmmcu Hooca, m. Sept, i9s3» Coneord» Mich., 
Ella A. Críttenden ; Uve tn Jaekion» Mich. Cbildren : 

Honer D. and Herbeit A. 

552B Saiar' Aoauxs Hooca; m. Oct 4* 1854» PulasU, Mich., Dr. 
Timothy Baker (hts lecond wife), k Sei»t xd^ 1816^ Séneca County, N. Y.; 
d. Fdi. 20, iBgS^ Union Qty, Mich. ; was Sénior Warden of Grace Churcb 
in that ctty. Childien (b. in St John's, Mich.) : 

5544 Frands Warner, b. May 37, 1859; m. Sept 27, 18—9^ Mertie 

Talbooth; Uves in Muncie, Ind. 

5545 Roben H., b. March 3, 1863; Uves in Chicago, IlL 

5546 Henry. 

5547 Janet E.» b. March xo^ 1866; m. Mov. 24, x8px, W. D. Bennett; 

Uves in Union Gty, Mich. 

Ssoí CHAaLom* Chisbibouch, m. 1808 (aged 14 ycars). Salmón Hath- 
ainQ% b. Providence, R. L; d. 18134. Cbildren (k m Palmyra, N. Y.) : 

5548 John. 

5549 Qmthia, n. James Fields. 

5550 Sophia» n. Henry Jenner. 

555X Mary Jane, m. Henry Nottingham. 

555a George. 

5553 Henry. 

5554 Charles G. (living tn tgoo). 

SSoa Daitiil* Cmamouca, m. Tabitha Goile. CMldrcn : 

5556 Sarah, m. ' Waltera. 

5557 Elect, m. «— — Culver. Child: 

Daniel, UytM in MoshervtUe, Mich. 

5558 Ambrose. 

5559 Stephen. 

5560 Hannah, m. -— * Buck. 

5503 SiOREN* CflEBsoBOUCH» d. In Pulasld, Mich.; m. (x) Jnly ^ 

GimALOGT or tbb Chssibmnigh Famoit. a6i 

1820^ Pownal, Vt, Ennke Livcmiore^ b. Dcc 2, 1796b Staroford, Vt; both 
of Adams» Man.; he m. (2) — — — , Children of firai marriage: 

-1*5561 Alexander, b. Feb. 24» i&rx; d. x886» Mineral Park. Aris . 

556a Celettia. 

5563 Liicy» nu NUes Rathbone, 

4-5564 Mary Elisa, m. Charlea Scribner. 

5565 Cynthia, m. Alexander Scribner. 

5566 Hiran. 

Childnn of accond marriagt: 

Frank and John; Uve in Decatur, Mich. 

S561 Albxander* Chesebrough» n. 1859» Jane Rowell» b. 1823. Maid* 
stone^ Essex Cbimty, Vt ; d. Apríl í6. 1899^ Ean Clair^ Wia. Children (k 
in Ouian, Livingiton Conntyt N. Y.) : 

-^5569 Enory, b. Oet 7* 1843: m. 1874. Lilian Wampole. 

4*5570 Alexander Jerome, b. July 6» 1845. 

-Í-557i Mary Elisa, b. March 31. 1847- 

5573 Enily Jane, b. July 6, 1849; Uves in Ean Claire, Wii. 

5569 Emory* Chesxbhovqh, n. L. Wampole; he tervcd in Ovil War; 
ia an atlronomer and phrenologist Children: 

Delbert, Fletcher, Emory, Alton* Minnie, Cora and Lottie. 

5570 Alexander* J. Chesebrouch, m. 1866» Henrietu Colé; he served 
inavilWar. CUld: 

5579 Georgiana, b. Oct 31, 186BL 

5571 Mary* E.CuEaxBROUGH,nL 1876b CJarenceBrown. Children: 

5580 Mildred Bnrleigh» bi i877* 

5581 Einery Chesebrongh» b. i879; drowned Not. 13» 1894. 
5583 Dot, bi 1881. 

5583 George Henry, bi 1885* 

5564 Mary* Elisa CNEaERRCUOM, b. in Spríngwater, N. Y.; m. 1847, 
Dansville, N. Y.» Charlea Scribner (son oí Samuel and Silence Scribner), 
k 1813, West Sparta. N. Y.; live in Pulaski, Jackson County, N. Y. 

5¿84 Jennie R.» bi March 31, 1848; m. Levan! Hunt of Quincy, Mich. 
5585 Kate L.. b. 1850; m. Waher MaUoch. 

5504 HiRAM* CnsasBROVOH, m. Catherine Files o£ Mobile, Ala.; in 
|8|30 removed tp Mobile and iras a oommission merehant 

5589 Sarah. 

jfit GmBAUKnr or tbb CnismoiiOB Family. 

] joB Mahia* Chbsebroooh» m. June 17, 1835, M iltoo' Homes» b. Apríl 
«^ i8qs; d. Oct ao^ 18491 Children; 

5501 Dtnicl, b. Feb. 14» 1827; Iíycs tu PoUsks. Mich. 

5593 Myron, I». Feh. 7, 1829; d. Oct 27, 185a 
5Sgi3 Bvclincí b. Ilay a» 1831* 

5594 Sanh, b. Jmit I7t 1833. 

5595 Warner, b. Majr % tSss; d. Oct, 1869L 

5596 Melltsa, b. Oct ¿^ 1837; nnsnarrícd; Uves in Mothcnrille» Micb. 

5597 John W.» b. Jan. 21, 184a 

+559B Eugenia» b. Feb. 13, 1842; m. Norman Gtbbe» Aag. 4* 18&1. 

5599 Emily» b. Feb. 8, 1844 

5600 WflUam» b. Jan. lOb 1846. 

5601 Franda» b. Jan. 5, 1849. 

5598 EuoBNU* CuBasBEOVOit m. Norman Gibba. Qiildren: 

5601 Jennie H., d. April xo^ 1863. 

5603 NeUie A., b. Attg. 4. i866l 

5604 MUton £., b. Dec 38, 1870. 

5605 Tyler M., b. Feb. xa 1879^ 

Live in Wayland* Stenben Connty, N. Y. 

xooB NatxaiixBí* CBBsmouGX (Sylvetter*» ^S). d. Marcht ifll39^ 
North Adams» Maai.; m. Sallj Bedell of Platttburg^ N. Y.; d. April 93, 
1859^ widow» age 78 ycara, Maiiehester. Vt Children: 

+5^ EUaha, b. GranvOle. N. Y.; d. March 5» 188a. In Ui 88Ü1 year. 

5608 Esther» m. Otía Whitman, x8xa 

-1-5609 Eltaa, m. Hennr Brown. 

*t56xo Wflliam B^ b. Jone 3, 1800; d. Oct 30^ X844- 

5611 Oiad B.. m. Polly Alien. 

4-56ia laaac» d. Ang. 15, x89X» Northampton, Maes^ «> 97 jetra. 

•fS6x3 Sylveiteri b. Feb. 15» 1809; d. Jan. 23. 1887, North Adama. 

5614 Harrict m. John Gregor. 

4-5615 Freelove, m. Siephen B. Yoonga. 

5616 Natfaamd, d. Dec. ai, x97i, «. 55 ycara. 

5617 L^dia, mmarried. 

5618 Sarah» d. íl 15 yeara. 

5619 and 56ao Twin% d. yonng. 

5607 EuaBA* Ckianaouca oí Adama, Mata. ; m. Fcfai aa^ i8x6b Pownal, 
Vt. Poitj Smiih (dan. of Nathan and Jennie [ Wilson] Smsth) oí Williama- 
town» Maaa.; d. in WiHiamitown» m. 99 ycara. Children (b. in Granville, 
N. Y.): 

•H621 Jane, b. Dec a7. 1818; m. Warner Church. 
-Hfiaa Elisa Ann, m. Tomer P. Ostrander. 

GsmALocy or tas Cbbsibmiugk Famoy. a^ 

+Sfi3tz Eáwm, m. twice; livct in Chcthirc^ Misi. 

+5624 Alben W.» t. 1824: d. 186& 

+Sfi>5 Márviii, b, 1S24; m. Emily Forbuth. 

+5606 Martin Vaa Bnrtn, d. 1896^ in his 57th year. 

+¡627 Melissa, m. Thomat Johnion. 

5618 James Henrj, d. nnmarrted 

5639 William, d. young. 

9611 jAm' CanmoueH, m. Wanwr Chureh» b. in Vcnnont;* tcnrtd 
in tht Ovil War. Cbildm: 

+96130 Eauna, n. (1) Irving Wyman of Otwego, N. Y.; m. (a) Danid 
Boonc of New York. 
5631 Eugenia» n. Janes Chapnan» 1863. 
5^ Helen, n. Sept 26, 19^3, John Henry McCartn^. 
9Ú133 Homer, m. &rah Cady. 

96130 Emiia' B0011& ChUdrtn: 

9^ WiUian. 
5639 Louisa. 
96136 Josephine. 

9637 EuGUfiA** Wyuaji (dan. oí Eama* [Chordi] Wyman)» m. Angi 
S7» 1474 William G. Coleman, oí the United States Treasury Department, 

9603 Elba* Amit CHssoaoiiOB, m. Tiimer P. Ostrander oí Syracusc^ 
N.Y. ChUd: 

963B Homer, m. Lucy Butler of North Adama» Mass.; Ihres in 
Syracose» N. Y. OiUd: 
9639 Charles Tnmer. 

9633 Edwim* CnsunoiiOB» m. (i) Mary HoUand; m. (a) Arana FieM 
of Cbeshirc^ Mass. Children: 

9640 William. 
964S Edwsn S. 

96^ Miussa' CnsmouGB» m. Thomu JohnsooL Children: 

564a Mary, m. Charles Maddenl 

9643 Snsan, m. David W. Haslitt (9686S). 

91^ Lottise. 

9634 Amr* W. CwtsiüoncH» m. 1843» Adams» Mass.» Miriam Biacie 
(dan. oí William and Lonise Bracie)» d. July 18^ i8B6^ in 68d year. Chil» 
dren (b. in North Adams» Mass.) : 

9649 Hden, b. 1844. 

j64 Genbalogy op thk Cukummvqh Family. 

4-5646 Ann Janet, h. 1846; d. Feb. 11» 1868. 

-Í-S647 James Hn h. 1847; m- (O i^h Rnth Baxter; 

■648 Charles, b. 1853; ^ Nov. 19^ x895* Albaay, N. Y. 

5649 Walter, b. 1855- 

5650 I^retta. h. 1860; m. Dec 26. 1883, Dallas £. Anthony. 
565X Francés, h. 1862; d. 3iiarch 30^ 1864. 

5646 Amit* jAMsr CHiSEBaouGB, n. 1866^ Charles T. Evans. Child : 

+5652 Adah A., b. Mareh 7* 1867; n. Dec 1$, 1885. Charies E. 
Stewart (ag33N). 

5647 Jamks* H. CHBsmoucH, m. (i) Ruth Baxter; m. (a) Anf^ 2, 
18B2, Cora Chílson. Child of first marríage: 

-i-5653 Francés £., b. Ang. aS* x873- 

Children of sccond marríage: 

5654 Florence J., b. 1883. 

5655 Mínnie L., b. 1885; d. 1886. 

5656 Carne S., b. 188S. 

8^ Abax** a. Evans, ro. Charles E. Stewart ChUdren s 

5659 Evans, b. Sept 22. x886. 

5660 Dodley, b. Nov. xx, x89X. 

in Westerly, R. L 

5653 FaANCEs'* E. CBisunoucx, ro. Sept 27» i89S* Fred W. Field. 

S66x líalcom, b. Jnly flft xSgÓL 

5625 BÍAivxM* Chbsiiioucb, m. May 18; 184& Emily Forbosh, b. x8a& 
Children (b. in North Adams, Mass.) : 

-rS663 Homer, b. Sept 2^ X84& 

5663 Elísabeth. d. 1863. 

5664 Mary £., d. Sept 2$. 1862, in her gth year. 

866a HoMta* Cxnsano, ro. Sept 21, 1869» Sarah S. Proiity, b. Dec. 5, 
i953» Stamford, Vt Children (b. in North Adama, Mass.) : 

5665 Minnie, b. Jnne 13, 1873; d. x877. 

5666 John Langdon, b. July 13, X878; d. Ang. xy J878. 

Gbnbalocy or tbk Cbssimougk Family. a6s 

56a6 MAimii' Van Buíbn Chxssmoucu, m. Olive Bennctti d Sépt 
A 1880^ ín sm year* North Adamt, Miim. Childrcn : 

5667 Albcrt M., livet in Glens Fallí. 

5668 HarryT. 

5669 Elifha B., d. Jan. 17, 1879. in hit 37th ycar. 

5670 Daughter, m. W. W. McDonald oí Cheshire, Mass. 

5609 EuzA* CBBSESMyuGHt nL Harry Biowa Qiildrcn: 

Ezra and CaUb. 
5611 Chao* Baoww Chisibbougk, m. Polly Alien. Children: 
Moren, Stephen and Lyddy Ann. 

5610 WauAM* Beadue Cmisumiugb, n. Sylvina Haskins, h. Ang^ 
iSn; d. March 29, 1S42. Children: 

+S676 Adalixa Amelia, b. May 5, 1826; m. Winiam Hazlett 

+S¿77 Henry Otis, t. Dec 12, 1828: d. Aug. 21, 1895- 

5^8 John, d. «. 1 year. 

5679 James» d. young. 

56B0 George Hasktnson, h. Sept. 35, 1833; d. Sept 17, iSfis; m. Laqr 

5681 Wniiam. 

56B2 Alfrcd, b. Mardi 25, 1842 ; m. Marión Towle oí Savoy, Mass. 

+5683 Albert. b. March 25, 1842 (twín oí above) ; m. Phebe Cárter. 

5684 Harríet. b. Dec. 8, 1838; m. Sept. 20, 1865, Henry Martin Hall; 

Uves in Brockton, Mass. Children: 

5693 Francis Fowler, b. Apríl 25, 1867; m. March 3, 1892^ 

s^ary AiizaDetn wurus. 

5694 Jessie Imogene, b. Sept 30^ t^; m. Jan. 1» 1895» 

William Finnegan. 

5695 Wells Harvey, b. Jan. 14, 187a. 
S6g6 Wells Albert, b. Dee. 9^ 1877. 
9697 Ethel, b. Dec 4, i8;fi. 

S676 Aoauza' Amiua Cusiaao, m. William Haslett, b. 1821, Seol* 
land ; removed to North Adams in 1834 ; was a soldier in Civil War, Massa» 
cfansctts Volnnteers; living m North Adams» Mass. Children: 

5685 Marv S. 

5686 David W., m. Susan Johnson (5643S). 

5687 Emma E. 

5688 H.a 

SI677 HsMiY* Ons Cbubso, m. Mary Ann Terry. Children: 
Charles F., Ida, Sidney, James, Herbert and Mary. 

ad6 GnncAUxnr or thb Chiwwwooh Family. 

S6Bi3 AiJUT* W. CBitno, ql Phcbt Ctrter oí Adamt, h. May aa, 1847. 

56B9 Lconard A» 

jBgo Scv. J. Willace, a gradtiate of Brown UnsYenity. 

¿égi Charies H. 

5690 Mary E. 

S6ia laAAC* CBiano, n. Scpt 16» 1837, Hauah Aldcn, Pownal, Vt; 
boeh of Adam, liast.; ihc d. Ñor. jo^ 1867» in 79Üi yvar, North Adán», 
láaüb Childran: 

56gB LcwitIL,iiLHaiiiiabClarkc;UvcdmVolii€y, N. Y. ChUd: 

5699 Alvin, d. iSga; n. Deborah Mayett 

5700 Daugliter, d. yomiK. 

5701 Sarah, m. Elmer Pede 

5703 Minnic, n. Faltón; Ihre In Fittsíidd. Me. 

56x3 STLVifna* CaMMomnaam» n. Scpt ¡p, 1830^ Ljdia Dmamorc, t. 
No¥. 31, i8ic^ Conway, Masa.; d. Jan. 6, 1895, North Adama. Mass. 

5709 Jolm D., \k Joly 26, 1833; d. Fcfai la^ 1843. 

5704 Monroe. I». Jan. 27, 1836; unmarned. 

5705 Mary, b. Oct 14. 1838; m. Jerome Ketchom. 

5706 Dwight, h. May 25» 1841; n. Gcnevra Welch. 
+5707 Chad Brown, I». Fet. 5, 1844; d. Mareh 27. x89S* 

5708 Laura £., t. Dec 10» 1848; d. Jmí^só, 1852. 

S7Q7 Cbad* Baowir Cbisbbmiicb, n. Jttiy 5t 1863, Martha Jane Fralcns- 
bargh. He cnlisted tn QvU War Sept la 1862, Forty-nintli Massadrasctts 
Rcgimcnt» and was Coiporal, Company D, Sixty-first Regimenl; served 
tiiiOQi^ the War. Childrcn (t. in Notth Adams, Masa.) : 

5709 Ida Bell, I». May 9^ 1865; m. Dee. x8, x889i Andrew McAdoo. 
57X0 George Andrews» li. Aug. 5. x8^; m. Ang. 29, x888, Mary E. 

57x1 Merrett Edmnnd» b. Jan. 7, x870f m. Jtno x» 1895» Mary Doyk. 
5712 John Dwii^ h. Jone 5, 1974; m- x^ MsükI Shnttleworth. 


57x3 Daniel S.» b. March 3, X882. 

56x5 FkoLovs* CwmswjüGg, m. Sicphen B. Yoonga of Adams, Masa. 

57x4 Arthor. 
57x5 John. 

Gbmsalooy úp tbb CustanucH Family ^ 

5716 Jane» m. — — Brown. 

5717 ClarífM, n. Jenkfl KimbaU. 

S7i8 Caroline E., d.'Jttly 27, 1856» io her I7th year. 

loio Maiy* CmiifwoocH, (Sylvcsier*, a^S)« m. Oct 13» i8o4t Elisha 
Cówaii oí Adams» Mass. Cbildran: 

5719 Sabrina, n. WiUiam Davii oí Toponusc Cornert,'* Waym 

Cottiity, N. Y. 
STao Egbert 

lou EuBU* CxtanwuGH (Sj^ctter*» a67S), m. Jan. 7, 17961 Nonh 
Adán», Maaa., Amie Chaic (dan. oí Benjamín Cbaic oí Daitroouth, Mata.), 
t. March ao^ 1776; d. Febí i» 1799; he m. (2) Nov. ap, 1804» Adanú, Maai.. 
Lydia Eddjr oí Adanu. Children oí fint marriagt (t. in Norih Adanu, 

+579S Marcha, h. Dec. 26^ 1797; «marríad. 
57j6 Cynthia, b. March ti^ 1796; n. — — CrandalL 
S737 ElibtL 

5735 Martha* Oiesebrough waa a Qualctrcat and ts boried in Dr. Ira 
N. Maaon'a plot in Adama (Masa.) Céroctery. Her Will waa proved in 
Pittsfield» Mass., May 22, 1851. and aayt : *To nqr tiater, Cynthia Crandall; 
lo Caroline L. Maaon oí Chcahirc, Mase., wiíe oí Afanood W. Masón." 

xcapS Jamis* CHisnaoucB (James*, 275S), d. March 24 i&A •- 86 
yeara 2 momha 24 days; m. Naney Larldn, d. Feb. ii, 1850^ «. %i yeara; 
boeh boried in Aldcn, N. Y. He served in War oí 1812; honorably dia- 
chatied FA 27» x8is ChUdren: 

+5738 Jabea, b. AprU 25. 1785; d. Ang. 3. i85a^ 

+5739 Jamea, b. March % 1787; d. March 24. 1854. Alden, N. Y. 

+5740 Locy, b. Nov. 28, 1788; m. B. Ronneia. 

+5741 Polly, b. Feb. 28, 179^1; d. Oct 31, 1867; m. Stephen Jordán. 

4-574^ John Larldn, b. Jone 9b 1793» «• (t) Orilla Fairbanka. 

4-5743 Enoa, b. Nov. 9^ 1795; tsu SaUy Bardick. 

+5744 ZdNilon, b. Jan. 14* 1798; d. Dec. 7, 1866; m. Lucinda Fenner. 

5744a Son, b. Dec u, i8oa 

5744b Snsannah, bi March 30^ i8oft 

5744c Abigail, k Auf. 24, 1804; m. Hallet (Sreenman. 
+5745 Nalhan, b. Jan. 2^ 1807; d. Oct 15, i86x; m. twice. 

5738 jAan* CBaasaaoucB, m. and had Pdlly and Miles, and then he 
joined the Mormona. 

5739 jAMsa* CHtaiBaouGB, d. in Alden, N. Y.; m. Sally Foater, d. May 
12; x88o^ «. 88 yeara, Alden, N. Y. Children (b. in Duuhess County, 
N. Y.): 

Sally, b. Jone 2a; 1813; nt Jmie 15, 1839^ Oriando Bridgman. 

itt GpfiALOCY or mi Chssxiiough Family. 

James Lcwis, h. March 13, 1815; d. March, |88o; n. Elua Sher- 

man; had deven childrcn. 
Horace, h. May 11. 1S18; d. 1880. 

Ira M., h. Feb. s 1821 ; d. Aag. 18, 1858; m. Jane Cudderbeck. 
Electa, \k March 10^ 1824: d. May 6b 1854; m. Stephen Hnnt 
Darwtn Randolph, b. Oct. 18, 1838; m. Nov. 23. 1866^ Maggie 
Carney. Oiildren: 

Iva Isabel, b. Sept. 17, 1867; d. March aó^ 18691 
liaugliter, b. Dec 19, 1882; d. yonng. 
NelUe Maggie, b. May 15, 1871; m. June 19, 1890, Charlea 
Rapp oí Manila, N. Y. Chüdren: 
Cari Darwin. b. Feb. 19^ 1891, Alden, N. Y. 
Qair Frederick, b. Oct u, 189a. Alden, N. Y. 
Neva Maggie, b. Dec as, 1898, Harrísborg, Pa. 

5740 Locv* CxtsnwuoB RuirjvtLa (James* Chesdirough, xoa9S). 

Nancy, m. «i-^— Wheeler; Chrischance and Eunice. 

5741 Pdu.y' and StBPHSM JoaaAN. Children : 

Stephen, Samuel, Henry, James, David, Anrílla, Harriet, 
Chauncey, Hannah, Charles R., and Kate J., who m. . 
Chamberlaln and lives ia Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

5743 JoBV* LAaxiir Chbasibbo (oí James and Nancy) ; was a Baptíst; 
m. (I) Orilla Fairbanks. Children (b. In Madison County, N. Y.) : 

+S743a John L., Jr., b. June 14. 1817; d. Sept. 26b 1892; m. Patknce 

+8742b Joseph, b. Apríl 17* 1820; m. Antoinette Joslyn. 
-Í-5742C James £., b. Aug. 5, 1822; d. Dec 23, 1891, Alden, N. Y.; m. 

Rosamond Estabrook. 
+574ad Jabes, m. Mary IngersoL 

+574M J«red, d. Oct 21, 1865, se. 31 ycars; m. Mary Rogers. 
+S742f Orilla« m. Ansel Fenner. 

S742a JoBir* Lasxix CaxAsnao, Ja., was a member of the Methodist 
^scopal Church and a Commissioner; m. Nov. 22, i&ix* Fstience Penelope 
Wheeler, b. June 29^ 1819^ Children (b. in Cortland, IlL) : 

Daughter, d. young. 

Omar Délos, b. Oct. 12, 1844; d. Nov. 22, 1973; was Professor 
of Mathematics and Lightning Calculation in Iron Qty Col* 
lege, Pittsburg, Pa. 

Amelia Addleldc, b. Nov. 22, 1848; m. June 6, i893f Frank Ches* 
bro, son of Nathan. She is a musical director, and asso- 
dated in church and temperance work with Francés E. WiU* 
ard, D. L. Moody and others; lives in Attica, N. Y. 

GncBAiooy or rus ¿HfwnwoüOH Family* s6g 

S74^ JouPH* Chbasiw (Jolm* L.)» n. March j6^ 1847. Aatoiiicttt 
jMlyn» bi, March i4 1821 ; livtng in Conland, UL, xgos. Oúldrta: 

Orphany, I». Mmrch 23» 1848; m. Nov. 6^ 1866b M. E. Croistit; 

Uve in Wcllman, lowa. 
Lorinda, I». Scpt. sis, 1849; m. StpL aSt 1869^ M. Towafcnd; 

Uve in Perry, lowa. 
Lorenfo, bi Nov. 6, 1855; n« Sept 18^ 1877» Ida Thonpton; 

Uve in Kecner, Ark. 

S74ae jAMts* E. CHBASiao, m. Jan. 25, 1844, Roaamond Esubcook, h. 
March & 1825; d. Sept 12, 1894; be was a dealcr in patcnt riglita. Child 
h. in Aldcn, H. Y.) : 

Olivia, h. March 24. 1846; m. Oct la i86s. Robert H. Millar» 
K1842. ChUdren: 

Walter, b. Oct. 15, 187S 

Betsic, b. Jan. lo^ 1879; m. Feb. 15, 1899^ Thomas Cannon. 

Alice, b. April 22, iál3. 

in Cbwlesville, N. Y. 

S74^ Jabb* CaiAsnao (John* L.)» n. Mary Inccrtol, d. 1901* 
Childxn (Uve in De KaU» Cttx» lU.) : 

George, John, Byron, Mamie and Ida, m. — ^- Wríght 

574M JiOOB* CatAftaao (John* L.), n. Sept 12^ 1858^ Mary L. Rogara, 
in Cortland, lU. Children (b. in (¡enesco Townthipb lowa) : 

+ Heverhmd Rogers, b. Sept lOb 1859; Uves in (nlr^, CaL 

OrilU Lona, b. Julf t<K 1861; m. March 4, 1883, George Hancock; 

Uves in Palesiine, Tes. 

Enima Jane, b« Fdk 8, i86s: nt 1890, Dee Wort; Uves in Keamev» 

DiL HsfiBLAifn R. CHSsaao m. May 9^ 1883, Emna O. Wildey. He 
gradoated March 9, 1881, írom the Homeopathic Hospital CoUege, Qeve» 
landtOhio. Children: 

Arthar Wildey, b. Sept 19, 1886. 

Elmer Jared, b. Feb. 1 1, 1894. 

Donald Heverhuid, h. Jan. 14, 1899b Gilroy, CaL 

5743 Enos* Chbsimk^ m. Sally Bnrdick. ChUdrcn: 

Enos and Mary. 

5744 ZiatiLON* CHisaaBO, n. Ladnda Fenner of Brookftdd, N. Y., who 
d. Jnly 6b i837* ChUdren: 

+ Harry, h. Feb. 2a; i8t8; d. Dec 5, 1899; n. 1850^ Mary Boiisier. 
James, b. Jan. $^ 18201 


Bridlej, b. Aag. 24» sSm» <»• i9stib Ludada Rcyaelt. 
Mary. b. July !• 1817* 

ILuanr*. Cbhom ol Mary Boustcr. Childrai: 

+ Samintha, li. July 14 i9s3; »• Johfi W. Perry» 473. 
Naocy, I», líarch 261 1855; d. Feb. ij, i8S7- 
Maf7 Jane, h. Nov. 36, i8s7»X July 8, i8Ba^ 

Sakajitsa* CBSioao m. J. Pernr. Qiildren : 

+ Ella May, h. Oct ij, 1876; n. Nqt. 9^ i8g5. Chas. Jones. 
David Haity» h. Dec 5, 1478. 

Maf7 Aun» b. Oct Jp, 1880; n. Joly 16b 1807, Arthiir James 

EiXA** lÍAY Pbiy la Charles Jones. Children: 

Mabelt b. May xób 1896^ and Chas. Chester, b. Aog. % 190a 

Miünr** Amn PnutY n. A. J. Kidder. Child: 
Florence Wintíred» b. Noy. J9> 1898. 

Sa Natham* Ciusno, ni.(i) LaqrHerríckpd. Sept JOb i847;ni. (3) 
Sarah Yoemans. Children oí first nairiage (b. in Aldoi, N. Y.) : 


+5745» Lncy Amanda, b. Oct 31, 1834; «• Uriah Smith, Feb. Ut 185a 

+S745b Frank, b. Noy. 27, 1838; m. twice. 



Children oí sccond marriage: 


George, b. Dec 25» 1850; m. i877* Ella Sisler; live in Spring* 
YiUcN.Y. Children: 

Loren and Frank. 

S748* L.* Amamba Cassaao, m. Uriah Smith, b. Mareh 13, 189S1 Wol* 
cott N. Y. ChUdren (b. in Alden» N« Y.) : 

Deforest b. July ii« 185a. 

Lncy A., h. Jan. 6» i8s5i »• «— ^- Rohrer. 

Grove C, k May 15» 1864. 

574Sb FaAJix* Chisma m. (i) Noy. 24 1863, Nancy Bundy of Marilb, 
N. Y., d. April 15, X867; m. (a) Amelia Addldde Cheasdiro (daii. of John 
Larfcsn Cheasebro, Jr.). Child (first marriage): 

Grove. bi March 17, 1867» Marilla. N. Y. 

GimALOGT or tbb Qimimu oH Famíly. aji 

1090 Hairu* CwttfiíBO (Jonct*, J7SS, n. Marttia ; he wu a 

adlor. OíOdrai (li. iii HoyUíitoii. IL L) : 

Pfttty» li. Scpl. 19^ 1790; n. Lewis Whtder. 
+ HasT», Jr., b. Jnly 13» 1791; n* Faaay Deniaoii. 

Lydia, b. Jtáf 24. 1794- 
+ Satnnel Champlin, I». Aprü la, 1796. 
+ Nathan, m. Ljdia Downing. 

Rhody, m. Cjn» Beeba. 
4> Jared, n. Sarah Browa. 

Eli, m. Eliaa Blanding. 

Phebe» m. Lynan Pftlmer. 

HAaaia* CHmwi^ Jil (Hanit% loijoS), h. Joly 13» I79ii Rhode Island; 
d. Jone a6t 1862, agcd 70 ycan ix month» 14 dayt ; m. Fanny Dcnison (dan. 
of Nathanid and Famij [Shaw?) Deniaon). b. July 4 X79Bb Stmiingtoii» 
Com.; d. Dee. sa^ 1867» agcd 69 ycan $ months i day. Childrcn: 

+ Francca Maria, h. Iday 29, x8i8; d. Nov. 22, 1884; m. W. B. B. 

Ljniiaa Lcnqr» b. F^ xj» i8aa 
+ Nathanial Hcnry» b. Scpt 8, 1893; d. Not. 20, 1884; n. Oariaaa 

Mary Anaindat b. AprU x8, s8a6; m. (x) Lcnqr Pftfaiicr; n. (a) 

Calcb L» BordidL 
Lura» b. June 8^ iSag^ 

Eli, b. Apríl, 1833 ; d. Jone 11, x897;iii. AdclincChccicbra 
JBTn Ddanqr, b. April 17, x99& 
Ana Eliaa, b, Apríl 4* 18139; >»• Traman Cnnnb. 
Rigr, b. Apríl, xftu» d. May 14, x473; m. Kitty Watson. 

FkAHcn* Uaua CHitiaao m. July i, xai3g^ Watcnnan Billiags Babcock 
Palmer (ion oí Vote and Oarísaa [Whitney] Palmer oí Sloningioi^ Conn.), 
k Dee. 9b x8f4; livinf tn Utica, N. Y. Childrcn: 

Lyman Lerqy, b. May ay» 1840; d. Jnly 26, t86s: he cnliated in 
x86x in the Eii^-firtt Rcgiment oí New York Volunieers in 
the War oí the Rdidlion and waa badly wounded. 

Hiram Jaied, b. Jone xy, 1843; m. Amelia Risley; Uve h Romc^ 
N. Y.; he cnliated in the Eighty-fint Rcgiment oí New York 
Voluntccrt, Aog. 30^ x8fa; waa woonded. 

Arminda Maiia^ b. Jone 27^ x84y. 

Hcnry Randd, b. AprU 4* 1849; d. Aog. 26, X8491 

Sarah Lenora, b. June 14, x86a; d. same day. 

Mcdora Arlottcnc, b. July 37» 1855; d. Jnly xy, X878L 

Rilen Florcnccb b. Ñor. 2% x86a 

NATBAifxaL* Hnrcr Cnaaaw (Harria*, Jr^ Harria*, xcoo)f b. Scpt 1^ 
x8^; m. Oariaaa Sandert» b. Feb. ao^ 1833; d. Scpt 6, tSíB; he waa a dcaí- 

479 GntBAUKY or tbk CBisantoucH Famii./. 

mate and a urpenter bgr trade; livmg in WatervíUc^ N. Y. Childrcn (t. la 
Hamiltoii» Madtson Comity» N. Y.) : 

AUic. h. May i, 1863. 
Frank, b. Jnly 3, i86s; d. July i, 18^. 
Zayda A.» h, Ang. é^ 1871. 
Clara Looim, h. Feb. 3» 1874* 
f GtOTgt Eaek, h. Jan. 19, 1867; m. Anna D. Terry. 

Gkwb Eíbx CBsaoM m. Mardi aob 1893, Anna Doreaa Terry» b. M^ 
a, 1867, Sangerfield. Ondda Cotimy» N. Y.; live tn Gloversville, N. Y. 

Harold Allyn, b. Jan. 35, 1893; d. Marcb 3, 1893. 

Samubl* C Chxsoro (Harria*, 1030), m. and had two lona— William 
and Tracy; lived in Brookfield, N. Y. Nathan' Cheaebro (Harríi, 1030) 
bad son, Jerome; Jared* Cheaebro (Harria, lojo) bad ion, Híran, wbo bad 
aon, Alvin. 

10131 WnuAM* Cnisnao (James*, 375), b. Jan. 33, 1764: n- Lydia 
Pendleton (dan. of Benjamín and Lois [Burdick] Pendleton), b. Marcb 7» 
iTtB, Sionington, Conn. Children (b. tn Rhode Island) : 

4> WiUíam, b. Oct. 7, 1789; m. Sarah Jordán. 
+ Benjamín Pendleton, b. Feb. 37, 1793; d. Jan. 8, 1839; m* Lydia 

Jabish, b. AprO 4, 1794; d. Jan. 3, 1795. 
+ Lydia, b. April 30, 1796; d. Marcb lo^ 1866; m. Jebiel Taylor. 
-i- Paul. b. Attg. 30, 1798; d. x833f Tnixton, N. Y. 

Lois. b. Feb. X4* 1801 ; d. Aug. i, 1804. 

David, b. Jan. 17» x8q(3 ; d. Oct 10^ i&qr ; m. Nancy Berton. 

Ridiard, b. April 3. 1806. 

María, b. May 3t 1809; m. Elias Palrick. 

i, b. Ang. 31, 1813 (living in 1900); m. Albert Pierce. 

WiLUAic* Cniaiaro m. Sarah Jordán» b. Feb. afl; 1794. Children (b. in 
Cortland, N. Y.) : 

WiUiam, b. Ang. 31, 1813. 

Lois, b. Ang. 3cv 1815; m. (jould Mnrray, Tmxton, N. Y.; re- 
moved to Wisconsin. 

Caroline, b. March 15, 1817. 

Sophronia, b. Feb. 17» 1819; m. Henry Taylor (son of Lydia C 
and Jehiel). 

Lydia, b. Jan. 39. 1831. 
+ Harriet, b. Feb. 36, 1833; m. Oct. 11, 1840, Emillns Gorley. 

Sarah, b. Ang. 1$, 183$. 

Richard, b. Jan. 34, 1838. 

GniSAijocy or thk CusnMniGR Family. 273 

Haubt Qnstno m. Emilius Gurlcy. Cbttdren : 

Charies £., b. Jan. 25, 1843; d. yoimg. 
Oiarleí Edwin, b. Fel». 17. 1844I 
Sarah P., I». July 4, 1846; d. yoiing. 
+ Virginia, b. Jnne 2, 184S; m. B. B. Jones, Oct 9^ 18^. 
John, bi July 8. 1851; <L young. 

VoomA GuBLBY nu Bcnton BushncU Jones oí Homert N. Y. Childrcn: 

Pauline, b. Feb. as, 1870; m. Fay C Parsons, Jnne sfl; i8g6. 
Seynonr S.» b. June lOb 1873. 

Live in Cortland, N. Y. 

BsirjAifiif' PaifiiLXTON Chksebio (WtlHsni', 1031), m. Feb. 4 1816, 
Lydia Greennum (dau. oí Benjamin and Eunice [BiUings] Greenman of 
Rhode Island), b, Dcc; 14. 1797- Children (k in Brookfield, N. Y.) : 

+ Artcnus, b. Oct 6, x8i8; d. Maich flft 1848; m. Adaltne Oark. 

Benjamin ?., Jr., b. Marcb 23, 1820; m. Louise Ashley, Utic^ 
N. Y. 

Henry, b. Jan., 1823; unmarried. 
+ Elecu, bi Aug. 23, i8a6; m. Daniel Edwards. 
+ Hiram, b. July lOb 1828; d. Sept., i8$u» MUwaukee, Wis.; m. 

-i- Paul, b. April 27, 1832; m. Jane £. Denison. 
+ Elisa M., b. Dec. 13, 1836; m. J. Newton Rauson. 

Richard, bi Dec 3t 1838; unmarried. 

AassM US* Cassnao m. A|iril 13» x843f Adaline Clark, b. Feb. 14, 1824. 
Edmeston, N. Y. Children (b. in Lconardsville, Madison C6un|y, N. Y.) : 

Helen, b. Jan. 16» 1844; m. James Burdick, Feb. 4» 1863* 
Herbert A., b. Sept. 8, 1845; m. Carne Remington, b. Dec 

i^ 1853- 
Harriet, b. Oct 4 1848; d. Oct 14» i8|73- 

Eucra' CHBsnao m. April ló^ 1847, Daniel C Edwards, k i8ia Rhode 
Island; d. 1892; removed írom New York State to Wisoonsin in 1858L 
Children ? 

Fanny, b. Msy 13, 1849: m. — — CrandalL 

Janette, b. Sept 20, 1851 ; m. — — Bracc Children: 

Frank, Jessie and Leonard. 

Hbam' CHBsnao m. (i) Fannie StiU; m. (a) Elisabeth Griffiths; li 
and d. in llflwauke^ Wis. 

J74 Genbalogy or tbi Cbiídiough Family. 

Paul* Camno m. Oct ix i8s6» J^uie E. Deniton, b. in Brookfield. 
N. Y.; livíng in North Brookfield. N. Y. Childrai: 

+ Dr. Charíet Henry» h. Feli. as. 1S58; m. Jan. 14 iSBa, Ella M. 

Herbtrt, h. Scpt. i, 1863; m* June I7t 189$, Jenalt Rttmincle: 

livet in Shebóygan, Midi« 
LibUe, b. Oct 26b i86s; m. Oct 13, iffifi, W. £. StiUnian; livet 

in Meríden, Cbnn.. 
Frank, b. Dec 30^ 187S 

Di. Chaius* R Chiiiwo m. Ella Bardeen; Uve in Unadilla Forks, 
N. Y. aaidren: 

Hattic and Charles. 

Euza' M. Cbxsom) (Benjamín* P.) n. Oct $, x$S7> J- Newton Raoion 
of Utka, N. Y. ; live in Sheboygan, Midi. Oüldren: 

Clara E., b. Jan. 11, 1859; m. Jan. 11, iS79b Fred A. Dennett; 

one chfld. 
Jnlia P., b. Jone $. 1863; nt Nov. 15, iBga, John R. Dennett; 

ona child. 
Ella A., b. Oct a6b 1870; d. Nov. 8» x88a. 
Antoinette P., b. Oct. 4, iBjs; nt Ang. la, 1893, JaUan Zillier; 

one child. 

LyaiA* CBUsao (William% 1031) m. Jéhiel Taylor; lived and d. in 
Cortland, N. Y. Chtldren: 

Henry» bl Sophronia Chesebro (firtt conain). 
Cornelia, m. -— — Dnríejr. 

Paul* Casiano (W¡lliani\ 1031) ul Sarah Maion (dan. of Olivar and 
Sarah líaion» who removed from Vermont to New York State in 1813), 
b. Juna ao^ 1804. Childm (b. in Thixtonp N. Y.) : 

+ Oliver Pendletoa» b. Sept la^ 1824; m. Jnlia McOoiid. 
+ MaryM., b. Nov. 6b x8^;m. Charlea OarfcHewitt 
+ William Oicar, b. Feb. 12, 1830; m. Mary Knowkon. 

Ouvn* Paaouioa m. J. McClond. Chlldren: 

Richard P.» b. Feb. xs, 1852; livet in Jackton, Tenn. 

Nina L.» b. Jone aa^ 1859; m. C G. Lake; livet in Chetter» 

Howard Connty» lowa. 
Nellse» b. Julj léb 18^; m. John Williama; livet in Burlington. 


Gkmsalogy or tu Chisibmiich Family. a7S 

lÍAfty* M. CxtstfBO m. C C Hcwttt Childrcn: 

Elk, b. 1854; m. W. C. Brown; Isve in Chicago, IlL 

Oara, b. 1856; m. Fred Lacy; Kvc in Chicigo, ID. 

Eddsc b. 1860. 

Losa B., b. 1866. 

CharkTi b. 1869; Isre tn Marshatttown» lowa. 

Hattie, b. 18^; m. — — — Galloway; livc in MisaonrL 

WnuAif* OscAí CBütaao n. Mary Knowlton. Children: 

Leila» Ida» Gcorge, Ralph. EmOy and Sarah. who m. Henry 
Fníkr and Uves in Ccdar Rápida» lowa. 

Sabax (wsdow of Paul*) CáiaoM m. (2) Mdvin M. Marsh, b. 1813. 
1033 JoüPH* Laaov Cxssoao (Janea, a75S), b. in Rhode Island; m. 
Maitfaa Barber of Rhode Island. Chüdrcn (b, in Brookficld, N. Y.) : 

+574Í Paris Champlin, b. Aitg. 8, x8op; d. 1896; m. Lndna BedM. 

+5746^ Hcniy RandeL 

45747 Wekome C, k i8a3; n. Arena Bradlcy. 

Isaac Waterman. 


Nathan Miner; nnmarried.. 

Sylvescer; killed. 

Sally Margaret; m. Ira LeSngweU; went to Michigan. 


Sf^ Paus* CHAMfUir Chssom, n. 1807, Lutína Beebc, b. Jaa as» 
1806b Bfookfietd» N. Y.; d. 187a Children (b. in Brookfield, N. Y.) : 

Joseph Leroy» b. Ang. ii, i8a8; went whaling in 1850; nol 

heard oí. 
Emory B.» b. Febí la; 1830; d. i8s& 
Harriet E.» b. Jan. lób i8i3a; n. 1880, Myron Owens of Bnr* 

lington» Vt. 
Myron, b. March u. 1834; n* May xg^ 1862, Anna Cassady, b. 
Jttly 5» i837, Osgood, Canadá West. Children: 
Mary A. b. Apríl 4» 1863: m. Dec. 25» i870i John R. Bridges; 

liYC in Fairport, N. Y. 
Hattie L., b. Ang. 16^ 1864; n. x893, WilBaní Lloyd; Vnt in 

Roehester» rl • Y* 
Martha, bi Jan» 8, 1868; m. Nov. 14. 1883* George Belton. 
Matilda, b. Oct 28, 1869; m. Nov. 25, 1894. Walter Greene; 
live in Fairport, N. Y. 
+ Paris Champlin. k March a» i97i» m* Oct 6. i8g0i M. Hafley. 
Nellie £.. b. March 15» i877* 

376 GsNiAUxnr op trb Cbbsebougb Family. 

Paus' CRAMPUir Cbbsbsbo m. Matllda Haflcy, k Aprtl »s, i470^ 
Rochcster» N. Y.; Uve in Fairport» N. Y. Cbildrtii: 

Freddie M.. b. Feb. iB» 1892. 
Mabel J., b, March ta, 1893. 

5fi46i Hnciy* RAmBL CbisbíH) (Joteph* L^ IQ33). Children: 



Nathan Randd, d. May 24, x86o, Sangerfield* N. Y.; m. 1853, 
Jeannette Tice, d. Sepe. 1$$ 1865, Daríen, N. Y. Chüdren 

(b. inSangerfield,N. Y.): 
+ Emory Dtiane, b. Febí 7, 1855; ta, July 31, 1884, M. E. 
Minxida Jane, b. Aug. 4 i8s8; ol, i877f Elmor N. Tice. 

Eifoay D. Cbbsbbio m. Mary E. Wagner. b, Fek ift i86x, Buffalob 
N. Y. Child: 

Harold T.. b. 189& 

S747 WiLOOiiB C CHBsnao^ removed in x866 ínm Brookfield, N. Y^ 
to Michigan; m. 1840^ Lenox, N. Y^ Arena Bndlcjr. Chtldrcn (k in 
Albnny, N. Y.) : 

Miranda A. 
4- Cyraneottt, nu 1867, Oaríiia Loomia. 

Lovell Teft, b. Oct. 2$, 1860: m. Sept 25, x879b BeUe Snyder 
oí Eaton Rápida. ChUdrcn: 

Oiarlea, Margaret, Isabel, Mattie and Hennr. 

CvBAmoDa CBBSBBao nu Oariíaa Loooiis. Oiildren: 

Oara, David, Isadora, Gcorge^ William Raymond and Mar- 
garet Raymond. 

I03S IftAAC* Crbsibío (James*, 275) # Uved in Deansville, N. Y.; m. 
Snsanna Vinccnt (dau. oí Nicholas of Stonington, Conn.), b. May 8; 1779^ 

-f S748 Melíssa, m. Alfred Ross. 

-f S749 Joseph. m. Almenia Wagner (sister of Olivia). 

+5750 Nicholas Vincent, m. Olivia Wagner. 



+5750a Carríngton, m. Marj Hathaway. 

+S750b Alva, m. SaUy (Hathaway) Wood (widow). 

4-5750C Nanear» K Jao. 13» 1803; d. Scpt ^ 1864; m. twkc 

AlsiiMy ñu* EUcry Nicholt* 

DiUaoiit m. Loqr Brown; Uved ta Eaat Hamüloiit N. Y. 

Tnmiaa» n. Laqr Ksmball; Hvcs ía Oacida, N. Y* 

Lafayelte, m. Larj Ann Ki mb a ll . 

Pradcnet» m. EmcMry MUU. 

Miranda» m. Webster Nath. 

5748 IdiLttaa* CnsiDna^ bl Alfrcd Rosik Children: 

+ Wiaficld Scott» b. llareh 13» 1848; m. Dac jo^ iBn Mary 
Bmorancj» m. Martin Mtlvin; Uve la Eaat Hamüton» N. Y. 
Franldin Monroe, b. 1850; d. 1863. 

WuimLD SooiT Roaa m. Mary Jacoba; ia p rop r ie tor of thc Hibbard 
Honac^ Bridgewater, N. Y., igoa. Oifld: 

Mand M.» b, May la tBfS; n. i8g7» Frcd Picreab a giidnatt of 
Hanihon Q)l]cge and a practistng lawycr. 

5749 JosBTB* Cnsmo^ b. 1796; d. April 13» s85p; n. Almenia Wag- 
ner ; he waa a foldier in War of i8ia; a fumar. Children (bi in Norwich, 
Chenango Coonty, N. Y.) : 

+ Cornelina» m. Antoinette Aldrich. 

4- Isaac b. Feb. 6b i8a8;.m. Philena Ynle; ÜTea in Santa Cras, 

+ Franklin, b. Se^ 14, 1839; n. A|^ 18^ i8s5* Cornelia Handaoo. 
+ Frederíck. m. Anna Lamh. 
+ Amanda, m. Stewart Newell; Uve in ChUton, Wia. 

Betsey» m. Martin Raini^eka. 

Almira, m. Osear Hamlin. 
+ Catharine, m. Lemnel Fieids. 

Adaline, m. Ransom Lee; Uves in Chflton, Wia. 

FkAinaai* Cnamo m. ComeUa Handson, b, Dec. ifl; 184a ^•«^«!1, 
N. Y.; be servad in GvO War, Coo^any H, Sevcnteenth Rcgimcnt Infan- 
tiy, Wiaoonain Volonteera. Children: . 

AUce, b. FA i¿^ 1859; d. Mareb 3, 1883; m. Grove ChesAro\ 
Lora, b. Feb. 37» x86i; m. Dec so, 1877» Otto De Voss. 

Frederick, b. Oct la, 1878. 
Bessie, b. July 28, i88a 
Melta, b. Jone i^ 1885. 
Irene, b. May ay» x8g& 

^ QunALOGY or thb Chbsimouck FAiíay. 

Lived in tgc» in Oiilton, Calanet Cotmty» WU. 
Counuus* CBBnm m. AmoioctU Aldrícb; live in Mianciota. 

Grant, Maltíe and Sadicu 

UL Anna Lamb: Uve m Conwmy. lowa. Qüldren: 
Edwird» Nelly and Ru^. 

CáxmmuKa^ Ctaono m. L. Fielda. Childrcn: 

Jotephtne» Hcnry» Lconard, Gtty and Frcderidc 

Uycs so Lena, Oneonta G>anty, N. Y. 

AMAima* Ctaono nu S. NewdL Oiildren: 
Amanda. Hattie and Gertnide. 

laaAC* Cwfitww) (Joteph*, 57^) m. April n xSA Philena M. Yule, 
b. Jone «^ iSaOb Heridner GMntj, N. Y.; he tenred in Ovil War, Foity- 
eii^ Regtmmt Wiiconsin Volonteen; liret in Santa Cnis, CaL 

Charles Berthier, b. Sept 23, 1847» d. Oct 14» 184^^ 

Mary E., b. Sept 37, 1850; m. L. C Darling, d. iS74t Atoka. 

Indian Terrítory. 
Ida F., b. July 31, 1854; m. W. R. Springer. 
. Flora Adelaida, b. Dec. 8^ 1859; «• Dec 31, 1886^ H. C. Crow. 

Chüdren oí aboTe: 

Panl (oí Ida) Springer, bi Nov. as» 1876. 
Ray (oí Ida) Springer, h. March, 1878. 
diere (oí Ida) Springer, k Dec 1880; d. May a8, 1882. 
Ralph (of Ida) Springer, b. March, 1883. 
Faithe (of Ida) Springer, b. Oct 29^ 1888. 
Benlah (ol Floim) Croer, b. Ang. 3, 1880» 
Rttfay (of Flora) Crow, b. March, 1891. 
Clinton (of Flora) Crow, b. Feb. i, 1893. 
Mabd (of Flora) Crow, b. April, 1895. 

Sno NiCHOLaa* VmoicT Cbssübo, m. Olivia Eliaa Wagner. Childrcn 
(b. in New Yoric State) : 

+ Nicholas, m. Eliaabeth Dixon. 
+ Loremo, m. Julia Tafft 

Alva, d. New York Sute. 

Délos, d. in childhoodL 

Elisa Ann, m. Chauncey Bntton; live in Fond du Lac. Wis. 

Lucinda Jane, ul Nathan Main; live in Fond du Lac, Wis. 

Martha, m. Win Crawford; live in Fond du Lac, Wis. 

Nettie, Uves in Brookfield, N. Y. 

GtiitALOGy op THE CuiiinouoH Family. 199 

NxcBflLAS* ^ !■■*■■■** in EUxabcth DiauuL Chüdrai : 

. Wflliam; is Póttimster of Gravetvillc, Calnmct Coimlj, WU. 
Lorento» tivti at VaUej P. O^ Venion Cousity» 
Andréw, lÍTet in ChUton, Calumet ComitTt Wit. 
Henrj» Uves ia CSúUon, Calumet County, Wit. 
Theadore, d. yoong. 

Lsmjao* Clnoao m. Julia Taílt Childreii: 

Grove» m. Dec aSi tS^g^ Alice Chetebro (dan. of Praiddia). 

S75oa CAnuiaoif* Camno (Isaac*, 1^35)1 m. M. A. Hathaway; 
Uve in MatahaU, N. Y. Oiildrai: 

Hiram, Delia and Hep^jaaa. 

579ab Alva* Camno (Isaac% 1095). ov Sarah IL Wood; ttved in 
Manlian.N.Y. Children: 

Traman and Phineas. 

STSoe Navcy* Chihwwo (Isaac*, IQSSS), m. (1) Sept ^ iSai, Petcr 
Dutcber, k Jan. s !&»; d. Pek ai, xEa6; nu (a) Dec as 18^, Maxoa 
CheeselliOb b* Scpt 8^ 180B; d. March 7» ^^ Quldren of firit marríafe: 

Estber M., bi Oct a, i&x 
Susan Vincent, \k Doc 2$, i9a$; d. Aug^ iSyk 
Manr £., b. Apríl 8^ iSas; d. June a6. 1857. 
Alonso P., h. At^ 6b tSaS; ± Nov., 186& 

Children of second marriage (h. in Brookfiel4 Ñ* Y.) : 

HarríeuPt b. Sept 8^ 183B; d. Sept as, 189^ 
Marflla C, h. June as» x83x. «^-«u.*. 

+ Snvia M«, bi Peb. ai. 1833; n. Sc^ x, 1851^ Legnuí R. Staatoa. 
EUenr Q., bi Aug. 7, 1834- 
James A., b. March ift 183& 
Ariina A., b. Oct 13, 1838. 
Waiu D., b. April a3» i^x« 
Child. bi Nov. 8^ x84a: d. Peb. ift i843- 

SavtA* M. Cansmo m. Legran R. Stanton, k AprQ 34 iSaB^ a Broob- 
field farmcr; no children; adopted (Seorge E. Maxon (b. 185a) and Ida A. 
Maxon (k s9S7)- 

1034 Bbnjamik* CaxsBUO (James*, a7SS). m. 1795. Lois Slack Chil- 
dren (b. in StoningtOQ, Conn.) : 

+ Denison Horace^ b. July 17, 1796. 

+ Gurdon B., b. Sept. a3» 1799; »• 18^ Betscy Eliiabeth Waita. 

afio GtsriALOGY or rnc CHunaoucH Pauilv. 



Irencb k 180$; m. — — Hubbbrd 

Gonoir* B. CHtitwwi m. Bctscy E. WaiU^ li. Nov. aB» 1799, Cimliridge. 
Washington Conntj. N. Y. Childrcn: 

b, i8ai;d. 1848^ 
«f Lactnda, h. 1824; m. Ofiver A. Dickeoion, d. tSpj* 
+ Janm, b, 1826; d. itto; m. 

+ Gnrdon D., b. 1834» Naples, N. Y.; m. Nov. ^, i8s6^ Jotcphinc 

Ludii&A' Chssim) m. Olivar A. Dickanaoo; Uva in SUvar &aak» N. Y. 

Richard M.» bi 1849^ 

Lanía, b. 1861; m. Csrnu GOaa, 18^ 

jAMia* Catanao m. — * ; Uva in SUvar &aak»N.Y. 

Prank, h. i8s& 
Gcorga, b. 1868. 

GoRBOír* D. Onamo m. Joacphina Gould, h. April 17, 184a Corkwrighc, 
Chauuaqiia Coonty, N. Y; bostnasa, L. S. ft M. S. Railroad; Uvaa in Buf- 
fdObN. Y. Oúldiant 

+ Batti^ K Joña 97» s8fia; m. April 6, 18^7. Capí. Waltar Rob- 

damaita, k Jan. 97, 1864; d. Oct, i86s* 
+ NaUia^ k Mardi ^, i8fiB; n. Sapt la, 1893, Ridiard P. KaUqr. 
Ella» k May g^ i^: d. May, i8;a. 

HATm* CBBaaano m. Waltar RobinKin; Uva in Buffalo^ N. Y. ChU- 

Hasd Brjrdan, h. Apríl i, i89i. 
Lonia Oíaaabrongh, b. Aog. 7, 1895. 

Nbub* Caiamo m. R. F. Kalaar: Uva m Hartford, Conn. Child: 
Joaaphina Cordalia, b. Joña a6. i8g& 

Dnnaaii* HaaAoa Caiamo (Banjamin Chaaabro^ 1094; Jaaai, ^S), 


b. Júlf 17, I7g6^ Stooiagtoa» Qmn.; d. Jan. 24 iSs^; m. Mardi m itei 
Marjr Monier, b. Jum s^ i/Á Hudtoii» N. Y.; d. March a6^ i479> ChUdrcn: 

+ Robot, K Majr s» i8»i Ptaftdd, N. Y.; d. Oct as 1865. St 

Louia, Ma 
+ Jamca, k Mareh afl; x8a4, Bloomfield; nu H. Bcardalcjr. 
+ Caroliiiei li. Aug. afl; iflas, Wcal Bloomfield. 
+ Mafy, k March 14» ifiaB» Naplca; m. Oct 4, i9S4 Hiram Max- 

+ Hemy, b. Jone s ifl¡30^ Napias; m. Dee. ift 1855. Martha 


RouiT* Catasaao m. Oct ai, x^sa» Eliaabeth CorntU (dao. of Daald 
of Littk Niae Pártncrs Tract, Dutchcaa Coitiity, N. Y.)i b. Joly g^ iSn 
Woodboiy Falla, N. Y.; living, 190a, Livifl^ston, Uvtngston Coamy, N.Y. 

«f lUv. Gcorga Howafd, b. Maicb s, x86i3. 

Maiy Maxficld, bi Jan. tj, 1865; m. Dec, 1896^ Süaa Reynolda; 
Uviiit ia liifoiiia, N. Y^ xgoa. OiUd: 

Joaeph Howard, b. Sapt, i8g7. 

jAMia* CaianM la Jolr ^ i4S3i Hcarietta Beardakjr; líving; i9oa^ 
Hamnioiidapoit, N« Y. Childrens 

Hattte E., b. Fcb. 9, i8S5; ¿ Scfit M. i873* 
Asna B^ K Aug., 18^ 

Caboukb* CBX8BB8O m. Dee. 17, 1846b Elijah Wella, Sr., b. Febi la, 1809^ 
Fompqr HIO, Onondaga Coimij, N. Y.; d. Maj X3> 18B6; livea ia Napleib 
N. Y. CUldrai: 

Lac7 Sellia, h. Oct la, 1847* 

EUjah, k Jttly 13* 1850; at Majr lOb 1876^ Comalia HaaUia. 

Caroliaa Cheaebro, b. Oct aB. iB¿L 

Manr Moakr. b. Jaa. aB» iSss; at Oct 9» 1889^ D. Daaa LaA^. 

Georga Hearj, b. Jaa. 37, iBs7* 

ICaby* CBsaiBao at Hiraai Maxfield* Childrea: 

4- Dcaiaoa Horacc^ b. Nov. 17* 1896; aL Jvai^ 1881^ líiaaia C 
Jeaase, d. Joae aa^ 18614. 

DganaoN* HctACí lÍAxnoú m. Miaaie C Lewia. CUldfca: 

Bésale CaroUae, Jeaaie Scott, Manr Margaret, Hdea Lewia 
aad Hiraat 


HniST* Cbissbio m. Marthm Wtnantt, h. Feb. 14, 1829^ Bemoa, Yates 
Coufity; N. Y. ; living b RuihviUc^ N. Y. Children : 

Heiify Wtnants, b. Sept 4» x86o. 

Manr Talmadgc, bi Oct M, 1865; m. Aprü 6, 1887, Joha Snther- 

land Colc ChUd: 

Harry Chescbro» k Oct a8» 1892. 

Rsv. GuMiP HowAiD CBBsmo (Roberto Dcbímii IL, Bcnjantii, 
I034)f n- (t) Ang. 7» 1890b — — * , wbo d. 1891; ttu (a) Oct ¿ 1891» 

EUttbetfa Fbebe Hcdget; he it jt mimeter oí Mcthoditl Epítoopsl Oiiirdi 
lod 1 ncmber of New Yoric Coolereooe; livn ia West Tai^ücaaie» N. Y. 
Child (8m narriage) : 

Roben Howard, d. in 1891. 

1071 ZüfiAH* CannaoucR (Zdmlon*, 391), ol March x 1802^ Ston* 
ingtoo, CooLt Jooathan Ward» d. Dec 9^ 1848; & 74 jean. ChUdren: 

57SI Cordón* h. Jútf 1, 1803; d. Sept idb 1893. 
Iníant» b. and d. Dec i, 1807. 

S75< Albert, h. Ang. il» 18x0; d. Jan. 4, i8ix. 

5753 Winthrop, b. March a, 1819; d. Jan. 17, 1899^ Mrstic Coan.; nu 
May 24» 1853, Lucjr L. Spker (dan. of Eldredge) of Crotón» 
Conn. Chttdren (b. in Stonington and Mjrttic» Cona.) : 

+5754 LaáAéXU b. Jone 19» i854- 

5755 Addie Flora, b, Oct 15. 1858; d. Not. J6b i865t Stoa- 

iagtoa, Coaa. 

5756 Ceorge Edwia Tripp, b. Jaa. ift 186B: m. Sept 6b 1894, 

E. Bertha Chenej; he is a gñduate of New York 
CoUcge of Dcntistry; Uves in Myttk^ Conn. 

5754 LvcoMLL* WAUb m. Oct Jft 1877» Ixm C Hoxiei proprtctor of 
the Hoade Hoosc^ Myttic» Conn. 

107a Znoum* CanmouGS (Zcbnlon*, 291)» aL Hopcstill FeDows 
(dan. of Nathaniel), bi May i6b 1776b Stonington. Conn.; d. July i. 1858b 
Stonington. Children (b. in Stonington) : 

5757 Eldredge, b. Sept 3« 1801; d. Feb. 1824. 

45758 Sally Ann, b. Sept 13, 1803; d. Aug. 17, 1884. 

+5759 Dndley Eldredge, b. Oct 37, 1805; d. Jan. xa, x87S> 

57te Eliza, b. Jan. xa, xflio8; d. Feb. 8^ X87& 

+^x Andrew, b, Sept 15, x8io; d. Jnly 31, x8fi4; xn. twice. 

576a Eira Denison, b. May 7, x8x3¡ d. March a9b xStB; annurried. 

45763 Lacena Palmer, b. Sept 8^ X815; d. Jaxt xa, iBBg, 

5758 Sally* Airx Chiotwitch, m. Aug. ^ x8a9b William Mwrphy 

GmALOor or tbs Chesomugu Fauíly. a93 

oí Groton, Conn.; b, Maidi as, iflu; d Ftbi X7* 18Q7; lived tn Myttk, 
Comí. Chfldrcn: 

5764 WUliftni, b. April a, 1831» d. Jan. I7f i933> 

5765 John Rilcjr» k Dec aft xSaa; unmirricd. 
+S7tt George Hilcy» k Dcc. 30, i833* 

S767 Ann Augusta, k Not. 27, 1835; d. Aug. a^ 19QS, Mystic, 0»nn.; 

576B Manr Jane, K Dcc. 10, 1837; unmarried. 
+¿69 Wllian, h. Dac 10^ 1837 (twm oí abo^e). 
+S770 Lncena Bayuca, b. June aft 1841* 

S7tf (koMB* Halsy MiiaraY« m. Scpt la, i8S7f Jane Elisa Bridghan, 
k Aug.a6b i835;UvetnBfookl7n,N. Y. Oiildren: 

+S77I Roben Hale, b. Feb. aB; 1899; m. Maiy Louiíe Perron, FA 

10, i8g7. 
+577^ Carolina Nortb, b. Jnly x, 1861; n. Janee EllU Stark, Oct m» 

+S773 Jenny Bridgfaam, b. Nov. 8^ 18^; m. J. Hollia Gtbson, Not. 8^ 


+5774 George Halcj, b. Sei»t xtfb x8^; bl Manr A. Quintará, Ñor. 

7* 1894. 
+5775 Sarab dariaia, h. Nov. aB^ 1869; m. Frank Beaaley, Dec lOb 


577K Roñar* R Muanv^ n. M. U Pemn. Child: 

5776 Esther Chesebrougb, b. June a^ 1899^ 

5773 CAaouna* N. MuamY, n. Jamea E. Stark, k Marcb 5» x8S7« 

5777 George Ruasdl, b. Dec 29, 1889; ^ Jnly a3, x886i 
5^ Uojd Rider, K Not. 7» i8l^« 

5779 Janes EUis, b. Jan. a3» 1893; d. Julf 27. 189a. 

5780 Whitney WiUiana, K Dcc 16b X894. 

5773 JnfXY* B. MiiiraY, n. J. HolUs Gibcon. Children: 

5781 Stanley, k June xi, 1893. 

¿ta Jasper, b. Feb. a, 18952 d. July ix, X898. 

5783 Kenneth, k Jan. a9b 1897; d. Fek 26, X9oa 

5784 Ronald, b. Aug. í6, 189B; d. Oct ao^ X9oa 

5774 (koBGB* R Mimnnr, n. Mafy Quintard. Child: 

5785 Roger Ferris, b. June x, 1899; d. Od. 4 X9oa 

aB4 GufiALocT op THS CamnoDos FAioLy. 

577S Saiab* C M umy, m. Prank Bcaslcjr, d. May* iSgj. Childm : 

SJBS Alke Mmríon, b. Aug. ^» i9m. 
5797 Helen Francés, b. Ñor.» s8gs. 

5769 WiLUAM* Mmnnr, ol Claríita N. Bridgfaaa. Cbildroi: 

5768 Enily North* b. Feb. 35, 1870; anmirried 

5789 Clan Sbiprnan» b, Marcfa 37, s97S- 

5790 Harry CUíton» b. Apríl 7, 18771 d. Dcc 1^ 1877. 

5770 Ldcdta* Bayuu Muarav, m. Jnly 14, 1863, Miltoo R Ridcer 
of Eatl Foiand, Me; Oitldren : 

5791 Heiify Mflton, b. Apríl 8^ x866; d. StpL ^ s86& 
5793 Edward Pratt» b. May 3, 1868; d. Noy. 3, 1887. 

5793 Sarah Annie, b. Jan. 18^ 1870; d. May 35» 1874. 

5794 Gcnevra Elisa, b. Aug. 10^ ^373; wunarried. 

in MystiCi Conn. 

57S9 DsAOON DuoLcy' Einaircí CntsiaMXJCS, m. Aug. 37, t8a6b Celia 
A. Shcffidd of Sumingtooi Conn. ; b. Febi 30^ 1807. Children: 

+5795 Dvdley E., Jr., b. June 3, 1837: d. Feb. 4, 186B. 

+5796 Phebe Ann, k Feb. 16b 1831 ; d. De& 13, 1878^ 

+5797 Mary Ellen, bi Dec. 35, 1833; d. Dec X3» il^ 

5798 Layina Flsb» b. Apríl 30^ 1836; d. Aug. xi, 184! 

5795 Dmuy* Fiwrmni Chisdíoucs, J^, nu Dec. 7, 1848; lambe 
«Tilcox. Cbildren: 

5799 Layina Rsh, b. Sept. 3, 1849; d. Scpt 30^ 18491 

5800 Lyman W., b. Oct lo^ 1850; d. Noy. ft 1854. 

5801 Densson e], K Marcb 30^ ifl^; d. Noy. 13, i854* 

4-5803 lambe Minnie^ bi Oct 33^ 1856; m. Tbomu P. Brown» Scpt 

+5803 Esra D., b. Oct 3X, x859; n. Maiy E. Sweet, Dec 3X» 187& 

5804 WiUiam B., bi Apríl x6b 186Í3; d. Aug. 13, 18^ 

5805 Joseph &, b. A^ id^ 1863 (twin of aboye) ; d. Aug. 14 18613. 

5806 Andrew, K July 11, 1869; »• Helena A. Kinne, Marcb 7, x886i 

5807 Nellie W., b. Oct 31, 1867; m. Erasmns A. Button, Oct la, 

188& Children: 

5808 Nellie A., b. June 6, 1888. 

5809 Henry L., b. July 5, t8ga. 

5803 Iamtbb* M. CBissaaoDOK, m. Thomas P. Brown. Children : 

5810 George E.. b. Sept ft 1877; d. Apríl 10^ 1881. 

581 1 Thomas P., bi Noy. 26, 1880; d. March 33, 1891. 

QncsALocY op TUS Chwimwüoh Family. aSs 

5813 Gnett M., h. March 31, 1883. 

5813 Lena, b. Juna s. 18861 

5809 EzBA* D* CatSDKNi6B, m. Maiy E. Swcet CUldrcii: 

5814 Rite A., K Ang. ig^ 18^ 
5813 Carne L.. b. Jan. aó, 1883. 
3816 Ebie I., h. Aprü 17. 189& 

3796 Pana* Aiix Cnasmoiica» ol (i) Reuben Bcnnctt. Childm: 

3817 Dudlej E., h. Jnly 43» 1849: m. Nellie HoUand. 
+38x8 Celia Ann» b, Sept 37» i8S3; d. April ii, 1894; n* Horaoe 

3796 Wnxm Pana BairNirr, n. (a) Sept 8^ x86i, John A. TndKr 
(son of John W. tnd Sarah Tuelcer), bi Jan. 37. 1824» Charlettown» R. L; 
d. Mareh as I9A Slonington» Conn., where be had becn Sexton of the 
First Baptist Chareh lor 34 jears; also Yard Master of the Consolidated 
Railroad. Children: 

+3819 Eunice, b, Oct t% 1863; d. Sept 14 1891; m. C W. Biaadk 
5830 Vamisn; Uves in Providence» R. L 

3819 Euma* Tucna, m. Jone aa^ i88d^ Charics W. Biaadk Childrsa: 

5833 Albert T.t b. Ang. 17. 1887. 

3833 Phebe A., b. July 13, 1889; d. Oct 4» 1889^ 

3824 Robert» b. April 31, 1891; d. Oct 30^ 1891. 

3818 CkUA* Aaa Caaa oa ouo H^ bl Horace* Pabncr, 3i33N« ChOdrsa: 

3833 Albert &» h. Nov. 6b iS7X« 

38a6 Wmiam. b. Aog. 6. 1873. 
38^ Horace, k Jan. 34, i88a 

38a8 Bertha. b. Nov. 37, s886i 

3797 Maiv* Euia CftistnooGa. m, May 18; 1848^ Lyana H. Ward 
of Mystic» Conn. ChUdren: 

3839 Lynan D.» b. April 13» 1849; d. Sept aS» 1849^ 

3830 Jobn. 

3831 Lavina. 

3761 AaiNSw* CaasaanoDca, m. (i) Bctscy* Chcscbroogh Lcwia 
(47698), h. Feb. X 1816; d. May 7» tSSa; n. (3) Dec 30^ i8fia^ EUsabeth 
Reed of East lomic, Conn. Childnm (first marriage) : 

3833 Elisa A., d. Sept 33t 1830^ in her 3d nonth. 

3833 Hannah Maria, d. Marcb 39^ 1878; n. Benjamín F« CrandaO. 

985 GxMíAUxnr op tbx CanmoucH Family. 

+5834 Manr Jane, m. Benjamín F. Crandmll (second wile). 
+5835 John Fellows, b. July ^. 1848; m. María Stanton Palmer 
5936 Gcorge, d. Ang. s, 1976, c as years. 

5837 Horace Franklin, m. Maiy E. Gonld. 

Quid of second marríage: 

HopestíU F., d. Oct. 22, 1864, «. 9 montha. 

5834 lÍABY* Jahb Csianaoucs» m. B. F. ChmdalL CUld: 

5838 Ida M., m. Henry Bromley. 

5835 JoBx' FiLLowa CHitmnmioB» m. Nov. 30, 1871, María Staatoo 
Fataner (agáaS), k Sept 17» 184& Children (h. in Stoningtoo, Conn.) : 

5839 Lloyd Hontington, b. Jone 33, 1876. 

5840 Alna Beatríce, b. Oct 24, 189a 

S763 Lucijia' PAUcn CKBsmoucaí, m. 183& Joaiah Bayltesi bi Feb. 
i^ 1806; d. Ang. a9b 1882. Children: 

-fS843 Mary Jane, bi Juljr 7* i937; «• Marefa, i8s7t James H. Porter. 

5843 Alpheus, b. Se^. 30^ 1838b 

5844 Charles, b. Febí 8, 1940; d. 1841. 

5845 Josiah, b. NoT. 30^ 1841. 

5846 Josephine, b. De& a6, 1843; d. 18491 
+5847 John N.. b. Sept la, 1845; n. Annie Kirke. 

•1-5848 Franklin, b. Aog. 1. 1851 ; m. Sept 30, 1883* Clara Emma Ma* 

584a Maby* J. BAYUts, m. James H. Porter. Children: 

+5849 Xvy Elizabeth, h. Ñor. ift s8S9; n- iBSs. Joseph J. Rose^ 

5850 Kate Belle, h. Jone 13, 1861; m. Sept, 1884» AnsUn Blaachard, 

a phjrsician of Jamaica, N. Y. 

5849 Maet* E. PMob, m. Joseph J. Rose, a lav/er, d. Oct, 1892. 

5851 Rnth Bisabeth, b. May 4» xn& 
5833 María Holden, h. Dec J6b 1889. 

5853 Bessie Porter, k Not. 6, 1891. 


5847 Job»* N. Bayuis, m. Annie Kirke. Children: 

5854 Agnes, b. June i, 1869. 

5855 John Edward, b. Sept 7, 187X. 
$856 Lacena Viola, b. Dec 4, 1873* 

GmuuMnr op tbi Chwimwück Family. j8^ 

5857 Charles Dickens, k Dcc 16^ 1875* 

$858 Jotcpliiiie, h. No¥. 17, 1877. 

5859 Elcanor, b. Aprfl 6b 1979" 

5860 Chctter Kirk, b. Scípt 6, 1884. ' 

5861 Alfred Víctor, b. Ftb. a8, 1887. 

5848 FtANKUN* Bayuií, m. Qin E. líiume. Chfldrcn: 

58fia Alextnder, b. Jnly oá, 1885. 

5863 Clara Jotephine» h. Mareh 22, 1890. 

10^ AmNSW* CBomoiios (Zcbiilon% 991), ol Dcborsh Lewia» d. 
Sept 20b i8m aged 40 yaara. Children: 

+5864 Lokt. bi 1813; lott at tea» Sept 6. 185a. 

+5865 Marj Ana, b. 1816; d. Dcc a6b 1839. 

+5866 Andrew, b. Fcbu 17, 1819; d. March 4, 1900; m. twica. 

45867 Grace Mana, b. 1822; m. Sanlord Holdrcdgc 

5868 WiUíam. K 1827; d. Majr 17» 1830. 

5864 Lun* Cbbsibmiucs, m. Mary EHiabrth Ifincr, k June aa^ 1813; 
d. Nov. X4, 1869^ ChUdren: 

5869 Lttke ?., K Aiig. 191 1836; d. Scpt 3, 1861. 

5870 Mary M., b. Dcc, 1838; d. Sept 13, 1861. 
S^t Martha £., b. March 29b 1843: d. Oct 3, x86i. 

3865 Mamv* a. CMWumaoüM, ol Natfaaoid Braad. Chttdroi: 

3873 Wtlliam S., d. Oct 8b 1841» c 2 yaars. 

S^ Daaghter, m. Lcwis Crandall of Stoniagton. 

3866 AmNOEw' Caunaouos, d. ia Noith Stoaingtoa, Coaa.; ak (i) 
April 4 1847. Naacy Maria VfíkM (dan. of Lodowfck), d. Sept 16b 1848; 
n. (2) April 7» 1850^ Avit WilcQx (dan. of Maioa). Chtld (firat aiarriage) : 

5874 Naacy Mary, b. Maf 13, 1848; d. Ptb. 2b t8so> 

Chfldrca of tecoad amrriage: 

5875 Mary Fraacca, h. Aug. 18, 1831; d. Oct 13, 1853. 

5876 Mary Francés, b. Dec 26b 1854: d. Ang. 23. 1862. 

5877 Annie Elisa, b. Oct i, 1858; d. AprU 2S, 1869. 

3878 Hattie Lonite, b. Not. 7, 1863; n. June 24, s886b Georgt F. 

Barbonr; livet in Avondale, R. I. 

3879 Nancy BeU, h. Dec. 7» 1868; m. Dec. 25, 1889b Abraham L. 


jB^ (hACB* Maiu CamaouoB, ai. May, i86ob West Schayier, N. Y« 

j88 GmiAUxnr op tbb CBssmoucH FAiixLy. 

Sanlbrd Holdrsdge (ion of Willlam and Martha [Gty] Holdridge)» h. 
Aug. I, i8igb Schayler^ Herkinicr Countar, N. Y. ChUd: 

5880 Helen P., b. Febí 4. 1861; Uves in West Schuyler, N. Y. 

1076 WnxuM* CBismiODGH (Zdnilon*, 291), m. Elum N<qres (dan. 
of Naihaníel and Maiy [Saisnders] Nogrcs)» b. Aitg. t8^ 1809; d. Jan. s 
iSpi ; Uved in Crotón, Conn. Ouldren: 

5881 Nancjt b. Scpt s s8l3a; «• (i) Dec 18^ i8s3» in Ledyard» Conn.» 

John A. Fish (son of Anthony); m. (a) March 31» 1867, Dr. 
WiUiam C Hnssey of Norwich. 
5883 Winiam F.» b. April i» 1837; m. March a8. 1871» Bliaabeth 

5883 Almsra» b. Oct 8^ 1839; d. March lo^ 1863. 

S079 Zaauom* CBianaoucK (Zcbulon*, 295)» n. (1) Feb. 6, 179X, 
Stonington, Conn^ Fhebe' Ches^rongh (68£); m. (a) Abigail RandaU 
(10898) of Stonington. Children (h. in Stonington, Conn.) : 

+5884 Phebe, h. Jan. a, 1793; m. Joshna Rathbone Lawton. 

+5885 PoUy, nL Acors Wells Lawton (his first wife). 

+5886 Emma, m. Andrew Bíllings Holmes. 

5887 María, m. — — — Alien of (Soshen, Conn; one son. 

+5888 Alexander Grant, m. Harríet Wilcox. 

45889 Jane D., m. (1) — — ; m. (2) Acors Wells Lawton 

(third wife); no children; he died Feb. 16, i88x. 

S884 Pbbbi* CmsiaBouoa, d. & 59 ycars; m. Jan. xo^ i8tft Stonington, 
Cona, Joshna Rathbone Lawton (son of Joscph and Anna [Rathbone] 
Lawton), b, Apríl m, 1792, Stonington, Con&; d. iñA Pitufield, Mass. 

4 5890 Joshna Rathbone, b. Jan. 10^ i8ao; d. March xa x886k Pitts- 

field, Mass. 
+5891 John Henry, b. Oct 15, i8ax, (joshen, Conn. 
+5892 Charles Sunton, b. April 8, x8a3, (joshen, Conn. 
+5893 Moses Pendleton, b. June ax, X827, North East, Dotchess 

Coonty, N. Y. 
5894 Phcebe Jane, b. Jait i, X83O1 North East, N. Y. 
-f 5895 Sarah Jane, b. July 9b 1832, North East, N. Y. 

5896 Lncy, b. Sept 4» x^ North East, N. Y.; d. Oct ax, 1835, Great 

Barrington, Mass. 

5890 JosKUA* R. Lawtow, m. March X2, iS^ Sarah Adams (dan. of 
Horace) oí Romc^ N. Y. Children: 

5897 Minna Carolina, b. Ang. 21, xSso; d. Jone, x86& 

GBMBAUMnr op THS CamnoDOS Family. iBg 

589B Arthor Ljndoii, h. Jnnt la» i8s3; d. Mareh V. t8s4- 
5899 Cora Angelinc, b. July 13. i8s6; m. Nov. 24. t893* Pituftdd, 
MaM.» WiUiam E, Banies. Child: 

jpoo John Hcnry, b. Aug. i» iflSs» 

5891 Jom* Htmv Lawtoii, m. April aó^ 1846b Serení M&rb GniH. 

S9ai Lovise 11» Ix Sept i, 1850; d. Jmie 3* >86o. 

S9QS Ida J.« bu April as. 1853; «• Jnne St t877t Howard E. Wütoik 

5891 Cbaius* STAimar Lawioii» iil Jan. s» 1848^ Rohy Adama of 
Rmc, N. y. Childroi (k ta Egremootp Matt.) : 

^ffn Ella Jane, b. FeK % 1849; d. Dec a6b 1871. 
5904 Lyndon Charlea, bu Mardi 31, 1854» »• J>^ M^ >47*9b AUoe 
Swaa of Chicago^ ID. Childtai (b. in Chicago^ IIL) : 

5905 James, b. Jan. 14, i88a 

5906 Liiella Roby» bi Oct a8» 1883. 

5907 Marguerite, b. Scpt 18^ 1887. 

5893 Moeis* Pufauvoii Lawtoii« m. Jan. 4, 1849^ Egremoot, Maat., 
Francés M. Joyner; lives in Pittsfield» Mass. Cbildren (bi in Eg r emo nt , 

S9o8 Estber J.» b. May 14, 1850; m. Dec 21. 1870^ Emest A. Rosen* 

3909 Nelsop Joshoa, b. Oct ao^ i8s7; nt Dec 24. 1878, Fannie L. 


5910 Phebe, bu Oct la, 1859; m. Dec a8» 1880, Orlando P. Atwood, 

Pittsfield, Mass. 

5895 Saiab* Jams Lawton, m. Nov. ao^ 1896^ Charles C Childs. Cbil- 
dren (bi in Pittsfield, Mass.) : 

5911 Cora, bi Sept 34 186B. 
591a Cari O., b. April i6b 187a- 

And three who d. yoimg. 

3885 PoLLY* CaismovcH^ m. Dec a, t8ai, Stonington, Coon.» Acors 
Wells Lawton (son of Joseph and Anna [Rathbone] Lawtoo), b. May i, 
1797» Hopldnton, R. L Cbildren : 

+5913 Joseph F., bb Febu lo^ 1893; »• Maria Mathews. 
+5914 Zdwlon C, bi Feh. lo^ 1823 (twtn of above) ; m. twicc 

5913 JosarH* F. Lawtom, m. May 19^ t8s^ Goshen, Conn., Maria 
Mathews, h. Febí \% 1831. Cbildren (b. in Goshen, Conn.) : 

S9>5 Anna Maria, bi Dec sío^ i8SS* 


+59<6 Lottie Augnsta, h. Oct ai. i86t; m. Charles G. Bastdt 

5917 Manr Chesetirottgli, b. Aag. it, 1863; d. Not. ao^ i979^ Grtat 

Barríngton» Mass. 

S9i6 Loma* Augcka Lawton, m. Ñov. 15, i8Bi^ Grcat Bamagtoo, 
Blasi^ Oiarles G. Bassett OúM (bi in Egrcnoiic Mau.) : 

5918 AUison Lawton, b. Oct 34» 1884. 

59x4 Zaauum* C Lawtcui, n. (i) Match 17, 1845» Goiheii, ComLt 
Mary Wootter. k May, 1823; d. Nov. 26, i974; »• U) Mafch 4 i8^t Auna 
P. Ray. Chsldrai oí firsi ñarriage: 

5919 Lacj Jane, b. 1848; d. 1871. 

5920 Emina C, bi Apríl 7» 1854: d. Ang. 14, 1887. 

+S92I Ella C.t b. Apríl 7, 1854 (twin oí above); m. 1877, Theodora 
Otbonie oí Harüand. 

S9» Danid W.,b.Dae. as 1858; m. Apríl a, 1883* Child: 
5993 Mabel A., b. Aug. a6^ 188& 

S9n Ella* C Lawtoii^ ol Theodore Otborn, at Coldirook, Com. 

5934 Guríes, k March, 1878. 
S9tS hf ary E», b. July, 1880. 
5926 Oarence L., b. Jan. 4, 1887. 

SB^ Púlly' CaunaouoB, d. and her husbaiid, Acors W. Lawtoo» m. 
(a) May 10^ 1825, Betsey Ciarle» d. Apríl 15, 1862, Hartland, Conn.; ssx 
dttldreOt k in Gothen, Cono. 

5886 Emma* CwtmamrcH» m. Andrcw Billings Hobncs. Children: 

Elixabeth» m. James O'Bríeii of Great Barriagton, Mass.; re- 

noved to Western New York. 
Prederíck; Uved in Cortland, N. Y. 

58B8S Aljuaitbbi* GtAMT Cbssibw»ucb, m. Harríet Wikox (dan. of 
Nathan and Hannah [Wiicox] Wiicox), b. n Stonington, Conn.; d. March 
4 1846^ & 3a years; lived in North Sfonington, Comí. Children: 

5927 Charles, b. Jnly, 1838; m. Jan. lo^ 1868, Hannah Crooker. 
5908 Capt. George W., b. Jan. 15, 1841; m. Dec 24» 1866» Elizabeth 

Somers Crooker, b. Aog. 26, 184a, Bath, Me.; líve fai New 

London, Conn. Children: 

5929 Maud, bb Sept 17* 1867. 

5930 Hiram, b. Sept. 8^ 1869. 

GsiiBALoey or tbb Cmaamaocm Family. agí 

58B9 Jamb* D. Chuimniob, m. (i) Orrin B > rt fa6iom c w; one ion and 
danfbtcr. VhAt. who m. Giks Lawu» (ion of Aoon W. Lawton and 
Mcond wiie) ; Jant D. Cheiclifoagli, wtdow of Orrin Bartholoniew» m. (a) 
Acón W. Lawton, who d Fch. iti^ 18B1; iht was hii jd wife. 

io9s Ambja* CBiamoooB (Zdmlon\ ags)» d. ín Voluntown. Cona; 
n. Oet, 1806^ Capt Jonadian Graj Stanton (47asS), d. 6ct la, 1848^ Volun- 
town. Coon. Childrcn (k in Voluntown. Qmui.) : 

Sni G«- Gcorge V^lUam Chaicbrob b. JuHy aB^ 1807; d. Nov. 11, 
1077; m. Ifary Ann Chcadiro (aaiE). Sce hcr Record.) 

sosa Ifercy Gallup» k May S$ 1809; d. Ifarch 13, 1833; nnmarritd. 

S033 Zcbolon Franldin, k Jnly 14, 1811; d. Ifay ao^ 1866; m. Hannah 
E. Palmer. 

Sg34 Lydia Dclight, h. Joly M» 1811 (twin oí above) ; d. Aag. i, 1833; 

S99S Gcorge Waibington, h. Nov. 16^ i8aa; d. Aag. 7$ x833* 

S9I36 James Ifonroe, k Jnly aB, 1818; d. Sept 18^ 1886; m. Rhoda 

Ann Sims. 
S937 Henry Alien, b. Fek 9, i8as; d. Feb. aa, i8go; m. Phebe 

3938 Eliía Ann, b. Ifarch ay. i8a7; m. Ifaj 7» 1848, Caleb P. Potter, 

b. Jan. 14, 1834; was Postmaster of Voluntown, Conn.; Uve 

in Norwich, Conn. Oitldren: 

5940 Frank, h. March la, 1851. 

>S94i EUa» k Jone 13» 1854; <!• Sept 15, 1871* 

994a Albert L., k Aug. 9, 1838; Uves in Norwich, Conií. 

9943 Charlea Palmer, h. April 14, 1867. 

For other desccndants sce Stanton dn^alogy. 

lofl^ Tbomas* Rambau. (MoUy* Chesebrough, agBS), m. Wealthy 
Ann Sheffield, k in Stontngton, Conn.; d. Aug. 9^ i8a4t New York Gty. 
ChUdren (thrse h. in Stontngton, Coim.) : 

5946 Thomas Edwin, h. 1800; d. at sea. 

5947 Amanda Juliet, bi Dec. 11, 1810; m. Sept x, 1833, Cortland, 

N. Y., Germán Thompson. 

5948 Elisabeth Ifariett, h. Dec 11, 1810 (twin of above); m. June 12, 

x83^ New York, Abraham Nafis. 

5949 WOUam Rhodes, b. 1814» New York 

1093 PrnoM* RAMDOLni Ranoau. (Molly* Chesebrough, agBS), m. 
(i) Oct 15, x8i6^ Lucy Bradford, b. Fck ix, I793i Stooington, Cona; d. 
Sept II, x83a, Stonington, Cona; m. (a) Nov. aó^ 1836^ Groion, Cona, 
AdeUne E. Wdls, b. Jaa sá, x8ix Childrcn of first marriage (b. in Paw* 
catuck, Cona): 

59S0 Thomas Alexander, b. March 4, i8aa; d. Dec xx, x833f Ston- 


SgSi Wflliam Zebulon, bi Ifarch ao^ 1839; m. Oct 15» s8s9b Cathtríne 

Hiscock» Wcstcrly. 
596^ Charles Edward, b. Dcc 5, iSji; d. 1890; m. June 2% 185S, 

Mtiy EUa Reyooldi, Stoniagton, Conn. 

Oiüdren of Mcoad narriagc: 

5953 Dcnifon Qicsetrough, b. Aug. 21» 1838; m. March a» 1859^ 

Harríet Sheñíeld. 

5954 Lnqr Esthcr, b. May ai, 1841. 

5955 Hennr Oay, b. Sept a» 1843- 

5956 Warrcn ainton, b. Jiüy as, 1845. 

1086 PoLLY* Ranoall (Betscy* Chesebrough, a9BS), b. Oct 6» 1766. 
Stofiíngton, Cooil; d Nov. 30^ 1847» Lcdyard, Coso.; n. Nov. 11. I792f 
Josiah Gallnp (son oí Bcnadum and Hannah [Avery] Gallop), b. Jan. 29. 
176I9 Groton» Cohül; d. Jaa a9^ 1826^ Lcdjrard, Coon. Qiildren (b. in 
GroUNí» Qmui.) : 

5957 Josiah» b. Aug. 30. 1793; d. March, 1833. ín Ohio. 

5958 Ciarles Randall, b. July 9, 1795; d. Jan. 29. x868. 

5959 Benjamín Franldin, b. Aug. 1» 1797. 

5960 Ifary Ann, b. Aug. 30, S799- 

5961 Hannah Avery, b. Nov. ai, x8oi. 

I09S BiTsiY* Ramoau. (Molly* Chesebrough, agBS), n. Jan. aa, 1807, 
Norwkh^ N. Y. (his second wife), Dcacoo Elias Breed (son of Amos and 
Laqr [Randall] Breed), b. March la, 1782, Stonington, Conn.; d. Dcc. iti^ 
1849^ Norwich, N. Y. (his first wiíe was Lucelia Palmer, who leh two 
children). Childrcn (bi in Norwich, N. Y.) : 

Sgta Noyes Palmer, k Jan. ai, 1808; d. March lí, i8o9i Norwich, 

N. ¥• 
59d¡3 Noyes Palmer, b. July la, 1809; d. Dec. la, i835f Preston, N. Y. 

5964 Mary Eliaabeth. b. April i, 181 1. 

5965 Wüliam Randall, b. April la, 1813- 

5966 Charles Randolph, b. Aug. a3t 1815. 

59^ Martha AugusU R., b. June 15, 1817; d. April 19, 183a, Ñor- 
wich, N. Y. 
+5968 Hannah María R., b. Dec 15, 1818; d. May 27, 1873, Brook- 
lyn. N. Y. 

5969 Abby Jane, b. July 17, i8aa 

5970 Sarah Angeline, b. Feb. la, i8a3¡ d. June 16^ 1837, Norwich, 

N. Y. 

5971 George Edgar, b. Dec a8, i8a5; d. March aa, 1831. Norwich, 

N. Y. 
597a Samuel Sidwell. b. March ai, 1831. 

5968 Hannah' Mabia Bam, m. May 8^ 1838; Norwich, N. Y., Electus 

GsNBALoey or Tas Chssdmnm» FAicaY. j» 


Backns.UtcUield» b. Fcbi 15» 1813» Pompcj» N. Y.; d May 12, 1889^ Brook- 
l3ni>N.Y. Oúldrcn (h. in BrooMyn, N. Y.) : 

+3973 Waiian Backnt, k Nov. 16» 1839; m. Maj 12, 1864» Bmilj P^pc 

5074 Charles Tiffany, h. Ifarcfa 17» 1845. 
+507S Mary Elisa» b. Mareh a, 1847; »- Nov^ 1869b Walton E. Colmi, 
Brooklyíi, N. Y. 

5976 Aithitr Brcedt h. Aog. ai, 1890. 

5977 Hcloiac Marte, bi Aog. la, 1854; »- Joac ^5» 1874* Gcorgc 

Albtrt Altia, Brooklyn, N. Y. Children (b. ia BrooUyOt 
H. Y.): 

+5978 Gcorga Utehfield, b. Ang. ag^ iStS- 

5079 Laareace Blanchard, b. Nov. 11» 1878. 

5980 Hcloiac Maria, b. Mareh i« 1883; d. Aprü a, 188I 

9981 KaU Doryca, b. April 10^ 1886^ 

5978 GaoMB* Lncsnau Alum , vl Ocl as 1899^ Edilh Pcvcrly Gaa« 
kdL Child: 

50Ba Marloric Gaskcll, h. July at, 190a 

5973 WuiAM* B. LncaniLa^ m. Emily Pope CbOdrcn: 

5083 Hcloisc, b. Nov. 30, 1865; d. Scpt. 7t i86fi. 

5084 Eltaabeth, h. Fcb. 7, 1867; m. Scpt 19^ 1895. Charlea BeDowé 
5985 Cornelia, bi Ang. aB^ 1869. 

5085 Electns Darwtn, k Apríl aS» i97a* 

5987 Percy, b. Mareh 2$, i877« 

5988 Norman, b. Scpt a3f i879^ 

5075 MAay* Euza LncanaiA ul Nov., 1869^ Brookiyn, N. Y., Walter 
Ewing Collón. Children (b. in Brooklyn, N. Y.) : 

50B9 Lltchficld, b. Scpt ai, 187a 

5990 Henry Ewing, b. Jan. 8^ 1874- 

5991 Cornelia Baldwin, b. Ñor. ao^ 187S- 

1096 WnxiAM* RHoana lUiiaAU. (MoUy* Chetcbíoaghb 398), vl in 
Norwich, N. Y^ Phebe McLane. Child: 

5993 Charlea Waiian, h. Scpt 7, 1814. Norwich, N. Y. 

1097 CüABLia* PniM RAiinALL (Molly* Chet^roogh, 398), m. Scpt 
aób 1835, Homer, N. Y., Eonice P. Hotchldaí, h. June i^ 1806b Homer, 
N.Y.;d.Cortland,R Y. ChUd: 

5903 Henry Alonao, b. May aSt 1831» Cortland, N. Y. 

iioo Hamnah* Raitsau. (Rhoda* Cbcacbrongh, app), m. April la^ 
1704 (Arat wife), Jesse Breed (son of Amos and Lacy [I^dall] Breed), 

994 GiNiAJLOGY or THS Chssorougb Family. 

b. June I2t 1771* Sumíngton, Codd; d. Jan. 20f 1831, Hcmier, N. Y.; he m. (2) 
1825, Haiuiah* Randall (1094S). Children (b. in Stonington, Conn.) : 

5994 Hannmh T.» b. Mtrch 5. 1795; d. June 20^ 1837. Stonington. 

5995 Jtttt Billings» b. Julj 15, 1798; d. Feb. 20, 1876, Westerly» R. I. 

5996 Benjamín Frankiin, b. Feb. 3, 1801. 

5997 Joshua Randall, b. May 27, 1803. 

5998 Amos Palmer» b. Maj 13, 1805; d. Nov. 4, 1826. Stonington. 

5999 Calvin G.« b. Aug. 22, x8o8; d. Oct, 1872, Stonington. 

6000 Prndence Marj, b. Aug. 22, 1811 ; d. July 7, 1834, Norwicb, N. Y. 

6001 Lncy Pendleton, b Jan. 27, 1814. 

6002 Rhoda Angeline» b. Mareh 10, 1816. 

6003 Amanda, b. June 8. 1818; d. Jnly 3, 1818. 

iioi Joshua* Randall, Ji. (Rhoda* Chesebrough, 299S), m. 1796- 
Stonington, Conn.« Hnldah Siison, b. 1778, Stonington; d. 1850, Jersey 
Gty. N. J. Children (b. in Phartalia, N. Y.) : 

6004 Joshua. b. May 25, 1797; d. Oct. 15. 1852, in lowa. 
6ops Miranda, b. 1801 ; d. 1843. Norwich, N. Y. 

6006 Almira, b 1803; d. Aug. 26. 1840. Norwich. N. Y. 

6007 Zebulon Chesebrough. b. June 18. 1805. 
6006 Erastus. b. Aug. 17. i8ix 

6009 Noyes Sisson, b. Jan. 28, 1814. 

6010 Alvin, b. 1816; d. 1858, Jersey City, N. J. 
601 X Roswell Avery, b. Apríl 20^ i8x& 

XXO8 Cbesosoucb* Ranoaxx (Rhoda* Chesebrough, 299S). m. May 
S7. I7M Stonington, Conn., Prudence Miner. b Oct 177a Stonington. 
Cona; d. Dcc 24. 1862. Norwich, N. Y. Children: 

6012 Prudence. b. May 9^ 1800; d. July 11. 1837. Norwich. N. Y. 

60x3 Jeruaha. b. Aug. 25, 1802. 

60x4 Esther. b. Dec. la, X803; d. July 2X. x8q5. Brookíield, N. Y. 

60x5 Esther, b. March 24, 1806; d. Dec 4, x86s. Norwich, N. Y. 

60x6 Daniel Miner, b. Dec 5, x8xa 

60x7 William Denison. b. June X2. x8x2; d. Aug. 4, x859b Norwich. 
N. Y. 

XX09 Samusl* S. SX.ACIC (Amos*, 303S), m. Dec 24, X797. Sally Ann 
Leeds, m Stonington, Conn. ; witnesses, Samud Cbesebro and Amos Chese- 
.bfa Children: 

6018 Amos, b Sept. 30, 1798. 

6019 Httldah. b. Jan. 17. x8ox. 

6020 Sally Ann, b. Feb. 14, X803. 
6o2X Caroline, b. Aug. 4, x8qs. 

6022 Mary, b. Aug. 16, 1807. 

6023 Hiram. b. Feb. 9^ x8io; d. Oct 9, x8ix. 

GnfBALocY or ths CHBsnMUOH Family. jqs 

6oa4 Melista, b. Jin. 17, 1812. 

6025 Terífsa, b. Jtn. 17. 1813 (twtn oí abovc). 

6oa6 Locy, b. Sept. 5, 1814. 

I13I Hannah* Slacx (William*, 306S), n. Dcc 4 1803 (first wifc)» 
Denison Pftliner (son oí Denison tnd Marvín [Palmer] Palmer), U. Oct 
10^ 1781; d. Jan. I, 1842; he m. (a) Eliza Pendleton (widow oí Alien Chese- 
broogh, ai7£), b. Ang. 4. t8o8; d. Feb. 7, 1894. Children (b. in Stonington, 

6027 Denison B.. b. July 4, 1805; d. 1876, Villa Rica, Ga.; a gradnate 

oí Yale CoUege, 1826. 

6028 WilHam Slack, b. June 24» 1807; d. Feb. 24, 1834, Savannah, Ga.; 


6029 Coddington Billings, b. FéL S> 1810; d. in California, March. 

1852; a graduau oí Yale Cóllege, 1837. 

6030 Ephraim Wheeler, b. Aug. 4. 1812; d. April la, 1838; unmarried. 

6031 Nathaniel Nojes, b. March 23, i8xs; ^ May 18, 1837; unmarried. 

6032 Warren Slack, b. May i, 1818; d. May 29. 1845; m. Ann £. 

Chesebrough (226E). 

6033 Nathan Breed, b. July 25. 1821 ; d. Marcfa 13, 1847; unmarried. 

6034 Hannah Elisa, b. Feb. i, 1825; d. March 23» 1827. 

C3iUdren oí second marriage oí Denison Palmer: 

Hannah, b. 1838. 
Denison Alien, b. 1840. 

1 122 LucY* Slack (William\ 306S), m. Charles Miner (son oí Charles 
and Eunice [Holmes] Miner), b. April 2,^7791 Children (b. in 

6035 Lucy, b. Feb. 3, 1804. 

6036 Charles, b. March 15» 1806. 

6037 Willlam, b. Oct 6b 1808. 

1127 Maky* Slacx (William*, 306S), m. Nathaniel Miner Noyes (son 
of James and Eunke [Denison] Noyes), b. Nov. 15. 1783; <!. Aug. 2X, i87X- 

6038 Nathaniel M., b. May 7, 1812; d. May 3it i3p5; m. Hannah 


6039 William F., b. Sept. 24, 1813; m. Eliaabeth King. 

6040 Mary Ann, b. June 25, 1815; d. Aug. 14. 1863; m. Luke B. Noyes. 
604X Edwin D., b. Jan. 26, 1818; d. Jan. 10, 1851; m. Charlotte 

(Sawyer) Denison. 

6042 Leonard D., b. March 20, 1820; d. May 25, 1889. 

6043 Sabrá W., b. Jan. 6. 1823; d. Nov. 261 1887; m. John Niles. 

6044 Hannah Elisa P., b. Aug. 30^ 1829; m. July 10^ 1848, Ira Floyd. 

6045 Eunice Denison, b. July 16, 1832; m. James M. Crocker. 

JQÓ GiKiALocY or TBS Chisoiough Fauily. 

luB FAinnr* Slacx (WiUiísn*. 306S). n. Dcc aSt i8i4t Daind Hohirt 
don oí Elipbalct and Rebccca* [Chcscbrob oguS] Hobtit). Childrtn : 

6046 Elam Whedcr» h. Ñor. as» iSxs; d. May 5» 1909» Sttmmgtoa» 

Conn.; n. Julia GnsindL 

6047 Francés M^ h. May 18; 1817; d. Oct 22. 1853; m. Nclton 


6048 Locy S., b. June i, 18x9; d. Oct. 5, 1874. 

6049 WUliam S., b. Sej^. 26, 1831; d. Feb. i. 1854; m. Carolinc 

6090 Hannah ?., b. March 7» 1824; d. Ang. ix, X848. 
tiosx Nancy W., b. March ^ X828; d. Jan. 30» 1839^ 
605a Emma ?., b. Dec xti^ 1830; d. Nov. xai xfl^ 
6os3 F^hebe D.» b. Sept X4. 1834; d. Nov. 2$, 1848. 

XX36 Edwaid* Hamoox (Edward*» 3iaS), drowned Nov. 4 1824 in 
Lake Ontario^ N. Y.; xn. Oct 4, X797» Stonington, Conn., Nancy Mixier, b. 
Dcc X7y 178X» Stoníngton. Children (b. in Stonington, Conn.) : 

dQS4 Edward, bap. Oct 12, x8oa 

6055 Sally Ann» b. Oct ao^ x8o3; d. Feb. 24, X804. 

6056 Edward, b. Jaa a3« x8d3¡ d. March 5, x8x7, 

dos7 Edward M., b. March x(¿ x8o6; d. July X3, X807, in hit ad ycar. 

46^ Sarah, b. Sept ax, xSc^; d. Mty 1% x886; n. Nelion T. Arxns. 

4ti9S9 Qeihent Míner, h, March 3C^ x8xo; d. April 20, X893; xn. Sarah 

F. Mnrray. 

-1^060 Joteph Wríght, b. Oct X3. 18x3; m. Harriet Eliía Hovey. 

do6i Ethan Alien Deniioxi, b. Oct 5, x8x4; d. June 5, x8id. 

6063 Mary Ann, b. April x8; X8Í7: d. Feb. 5, x8$5. 

-HS063 Francés María, b. Nov. 9^ x8x9; m. Richard H. Fnny. 

6058 Sabab* HAMom, UL May ai, 1839^ Albaiqr, N. Y., Nelson T. 
Arma. Chfld: 

6064 Francia María, b. Jone ao^ X848, Albany, N. Y. 

6qS9 CUiftnT* M. Hamoox, n. Jnly X3» x8¡3St Norwich» Conn., Sarah 
F. Mvrray. Children; 

60^ Joseph Wríi^t, b. March x8; 1837; d. onxnarried. 

6066 Nancy Josephine, b. Dec xo^ X840; d. nnxnarried. 

6067 Francés María, b. Dec 9^ X843. 

6068 Anna Alíoretta. b. Aog. 3X, 18461 

6069 Lonis C C b. Nov. 8; x8s7; <!• Jone X5, X89X ; m. Sept xOi X883» 

Fríeda L. KroU. Children: 

6070 Bertha Isabella aemenfina, b. Jnly xa^ XÍ984. 

d07i Sarah Victoria Eliaa, b. Aug. ao^ x886i 

607a Louis George Waahington, b. May x, x889l 

Uve in New York Ctty. 

QwBALOGY or TBS CHtsmouoM Faxily. jg; 

6060 JonrH' WiucsHT Hamoox, d Scpt 17, 1900^ Asbisry Park, N. J.; 
n. Apríl g^ 183J, Albany, N. Y., Harríct Eliía Hovcy. Conunodore Jote^ 
Wrii^ Hincox wat bi in Stoaington, Coan^ in tht yctr 1813, and com- 
mcnetd work as cabin boy on tfae iteamboat Oniario, on Lakc Ontario^ m 
i8ss- At thas tmut fivt üfamboati did tfae ottire busineti oo the Hiídsoo 
Rivtr and the Wct( and Nortb, there bdnf no railroada. Tht loot oí Jay 
•trcct» Nonh River, waa the repair and laying-op placa lor itcamcn. In 
ifltSS Joteph was appoínted by Robert I* Stevcns aa Idaater oí thcstcaner 
Jokm Jayt and in i939 as General Agenl and Manager oí the Stevens íam- 
il/s Hoboken real estáte and ferries. In 1840^ wíth associates» he com- 
ncnced as owner oí the steamer Napcham, and conunanded her duríng an 
unp reced ente d opposition between New York and Albany, the sirííe being 
so bitter that a daring attenpt was nade on the iith oí June by the steamer 
Dg WUt Cumian to sink the NapoUam with 400 passengers in the Hodson 
Rivtr olF Barclay stitet, New Ymlc. Tbis was preventcd* ho%vevcr» by Han- 
cox firing on the ptlot thrse shots imttl he cansad has boat's engine to be 
stoppcd. From 1840 nntil 1861 Hancoz kepi np a conttnnoos opposition, 
always ready to brcak down high ratea oí ftire, and was legarded as a 
chanqnon lor the people's rígfats and a terror to tlie monopolista. When the 
Cvil War broke out Haneox íomished the Government, as transports, the 
steamers Hero, Narth Aimriea and Eéwin l^wis» most oí these continoing 
in service nntil 18^ In x866 he was the principal propríetor oí the New 
Yoric and Troy Steamboat Gmipany, and ran between Troy, Albany and 
Neia' York. In 1869 he was induced by the people oí Venexuela (under a 
specsal act to sail under the American flag) to place steamers to navigate 
their tnland waters. Duríng the Revolution in 18I71 three oí the Ttsic ls 
were seised, officers imprisooed and the steamers retatned until released by 
the United States warship Shúwmmi. The Venesuelan Government com> 
promised bis daims lor $I45i000l He represented Hudson Qnmty tn the 
New Jersey Legislatura in 1853. Jersey Gty owes part oí itt suoceu to 
Co mm odo r e Haneox. He was ene oí its first Aldermen, and always took 
an active intercst in itt pr o sp e rity ^ Children; 

•ftfQ73 Qement Demtng; k Feh. i, i833; d. Apríl 33» i8p3. 

6074 Edward, b. Apríl aó^ i83& 

-H507S Martin, b. June 19, 1843; ». Kate WalL 

«féoTó BisabeCh Granger, b. Sept ai, 1848; m. John N. Harriman. 

-f4ki7y Joscphine W^ b. Oct iti^ i8sx ; n. George Wuppermam. 

tfo6i3 FiANCia* Mabia Hamoox. vl July aB^ 18Í34, Troy, N. Y., Richard 
H. Fur^. Chikiren: 

6078 John Henry, b. May sa^ xSsS* Albany, N. Y. 

6079 Richard A. C, b. May aZt 18Á Uwm, Legrange County, Ind. 

6080 Janeé b. Oct ft 1844» Jersey GÍy, N. J. 
Att reside tn Pompton, Morris County, N. J. 

6073 Clshuit* DxMíifO Hajioox, m. Apríl 16» i^mCatheríne Ellen 
Lord (dau. oí William) oí Stonington, Cona 

jgB GcifSALocy or tbs CHimwuGH Family. 

6061 Nellie, h. Jone 5. 1851; m. Willjmm C AUan; Uve in Hobokcn» 

N. J. 
6083 Joscph W., I». Dec ao^ 1853; m. March 7. i88g, New York Gty, 

Nettse A. Nelson; livc in New York Gty. ChUd: 

6083 Leo, bi Dec lí» 1889. 

6076 EuzAiirB* GlAifcn Hjmcox, d AprU 16^ iS^; ul Dec é^ i86s 
New York Qty» John N. HarríntiL Children (live in New York Gty) : 

6084 Joeeph Wright» I». Jan. 31, 1867, BeUevUte, R J.; cashicr Ifer- 

cfaasiU' National Bank, New York City» 

6085 Eltsabeth Granger, k. March 31, 1869. 

6086 Orlando Hancox, h. Dec 9^ 1871. 

6075 Ri?. Mahih* Hajioox, m. Dec 18; 1867, New York Gtj, Kate 
Wall (dan. oí Hon. WilUasn WaU) ; U pastor oí the Chofch oí the Firtt 
Bom, JerH7 Gty, and rendes therc 

6077 JosiPRijfx* W. Hancox, n. May 24. i^TO, New York City, George 
Wnppermann; live in New York Gty. Children: 

-f^oQO Elisa Haneojc, h. March 8^ X871 ; n. J. & Acrman. 

6091 Adolph Edward, b. June 11, 1872» Jersey City, N. J.; n. Oct JÓ^ 

iBg7, Brooklyn, N. Y., Flora P. Stafford (dan. of Frank). 

6093 Margueríte Georgine, b. Nov. ix, 1875, Trinidad, W. I. 

6093 Josephine Wríght^b. Dec la, X878, Greenville, N. J. 

6094 Y. Gomes, b. March 27t i8Bs, New York City. 

6095 Raphael Kuhner, b. Jnly 6, 1883. New York Oty. 

6096 Carlos Domaso, b. Nov. jg^ 1887, New York City. 

6097 Frands Philip, h. Jone x, 1890, New York City. 

6090 EuzA* Hancox WumaMAKif, m. May 17, X893, New York Gty, 
James Stewart Aernnan; Uve in New York Gty. Children: 

6098 Mildred 

1139 Sally* Haxoox (Edward*, 3x28), m. Nov. i, 1801 (first wile), 
Roswell Breed (son oí John and Grace [Palmer] Breed), b. Jone 5, X776; 
d. Jnly so^ 1844; m. (a) Jaa xx, x8x8^ Prisdlla' Chcscliroagh (4742S), b. 
FéL afl^ X785; d. April 3» x8s7. Children (first marriage) : 

6x00 V^niam H., b. Nov. x8^ x8x3. 
-fóxox Edward, b. Dec 29^ X814; d. F^ 22, x886; m. Harriet L, Hebard 

6x01 EuwAtD' Bnni, m. April 14» X842, Harriet Lee Hibbard (dau. oí 
Gurdon and Irena [Frink] Hibbard) oí Windham, Conn. ; b. May 20^ x8x5 ; 
d. Feb. 3, x888; Gurdon Hibbsrd was a Sergeant in the Revolutionary War. 

Sarah A., b. Feb. I3« 1843; ^ Feb. 26, X843. 

GniSAUNnr or tbs Cbmmmmouqu Family. wgg 

Frtderk, b. Jan. 9. iaf4; d. Jan. % 1844- 

Charles Edward, b. S«i»t ift 1845: d. April 17» iMS- 
+ Hárriet Ircna, h. Se^ ift 1847: n. Sept jó^ íB^h Htnfy H. 

Gallup (19S7N). 
+ Andrew H.. b. Jiüy 18; 1849; m. Sept a}» iB^4» Hannab E. Swtet 

Rotwcll Alien» bi Febí 2, i8s3. 

Herbert Frínlc» b. April 11» 1858; d. Dec. 9^ 1858. 

Fannie Iftner, h, March 7, 1860; d. July M» 19?$. 

Amuuw* K Bno (Edward*. 6101S) m. Sept 2% t8|74t Hannah E. 
Sweci (dau. oí Dr. Stcphen and Phebe [Heatb] Sweet, widow of Thomas 
Holing), k Feb. ^ 1856; Uve in Norwich, Conn. Dr. Stcphen Swect waa 
celebratcd as a natural bone setter; inheríted from generations badc, the 
gilí descendí to bis dangliter and her diildrcn. Cbildrcn: 

Harriet Ella, b. Nov. 6, 1879. 

Helen Ifiner» h. May 24, 1884; d. Jvíf j, 1884. 

Edward Almy, b. Jone ax» 1885. 

1x40 Isaac* Hancock (Edward*. 3i^)f b. Jaa j, 1778; Stoníngion, 
Conn.; n. Maj 18; 1799^ Stonington, Rd>ccca Lewts (dan. oí William and 
Abigatl [Middleton] Lewis). Children (b. in Stonington, Conn.) : 

6ioa Abigail, d. unmarried. 

6x03 Nancj, m. July 4t i9n Stonington, Geofve Gabriel of Boston. 

6x04 Cornelia» m. Cbax;lcs Nash. 

6x05 Rébeeca. 

46x06 Isaac, b. Nov. 24, x8n; d. May ao^ x89a 

6107 Chaiies, xxl Almira Henipstead (dan. oí Edward and Fanny 
[Whittlescy] Henpstead). 

6x06 Isaac* Hahodcx, m. Axm Hempstead (dan. of Edward and Mary 
[Crary] Hempstead), b. Aog. 9^ X798; Stonington, Conn.; d. March 5, X896L 

4«xo8 Willianí E^ b. Oct a6^ 1894; Uved fai Mystic Cona, 190X. 
6109 Charles, b. July x8^ x8a6; d. Nov. la, X889; n. x87x. Carne Dean. 
6xxo Desier, b. March ¿» 1809; xn. x846^ Elijah Benjanin oí Norwich. 
6xxx Julia, b. Fcbi as. xSja; d. May a4, x87a; xn. x^ Noyes Staplin. 
óxxa Mary F.» b. Oct xa, x8is; d. April 2$, xpoo; n. x8^ Edward G. 
Spalding of Mystic, Conn. 

6x08 WxxiJAif * E. Hancock, m. March 4, X84X, Mary A. Henpstead 
(dau. of Edward and Fainiy [Whittlescy] Henpstead. Children: 

6x13 Frank, bi April xo^ 1843; unnarríed. 

6x14 Roswell,b. July X4, x844;d. July XI, X8461 

46XX5 Virginia, b. Oct a4, X846; n. Jan. X4. xQto^ Willian Holnes. 

-fóxxó Esulle^ b Feb 9^ X849; xn. Sept xs, xQto^ Edward Page. 

46x17 Noyes, b. Feb xa, x8si ; ttL Dec ax, ÍB69, Matilde Woodnansee. 

500 Gkwialocy or tbx Catsmouoa FAMiLy. 

46ti8 FerdfUand, b. Jone 20^ tSszl n. Scpt 8, 1873, Mary Abbie Ifoticr. 

6119 Hennaii, bi Scpt $^ i9S5; tmnirncd 

•fóiflo Evcrctt, h. FéL aB^ 1857; m. Oct 19^ i975i Itabel Siroiis. 

6iai Georce, k Joly ii> i8S9; mmafricd. 

6m3 Oiarkt» b. Oct as» <tti » ¿ Jut ai, 1890; tumarricd 

6123 Wtlliaiii» b. May 12, 1864; n. Oct 4» sÚo^ Jant M. Klm^ oí 

4«ia4 Hcnríeiu, b. Oct 16^ 1868; m. F^ ig^ 1890^ WUlsam IfcEliicj. 

6115 ViKOfiA* Hajtoocx, BL WUliam Hdiiict oí Norwkh. CbOd: 
óiaS Frederiek, b. April 18; x8!7i« 

6116 EanuB* Haxoocx, n. E. P^pe of Iferiden. OitMrtn: 
6ia6 Lida £., b. Ang. a3» 1874; n- Gaorge W. Davís. 
6137 Edward S^ Jr^ b. Fcb. 18^ i88a 

61 17 Novia* Hanoocx, m. M. Woodmaiiaca o< Groton. Oiildren: 

6ia9 Edward, b. Aag. i, iQ^a 
61JO Mary A^ b. Scpt 19^ 18B91 
6131 Goldie, b. Aof . 24 1893. 

61x8 FaaaiifAND* Hanodcx» m. M. Ifoticr of Watcriord. ChUdrcn: 

613a Florcncc, b. Ang. 3» 1374» 4. Oct 10^ X8I74. 

6133 Lcrogr H^ b. Scpt 5, 18^5. 

6x34 Hcrbcrt S^ b. March i, 1978L 

6x35 Editb ItL. b. Aoff. 30^ 188a. 

6x36 Pcnnclia, b. Oct 33» X8B91 

óxflo EvnBrr* Hanoocx^ m. L Strong of Long Itland. Child: 
6x37 RoawcU B^ b. Jone a3» 18791 

6xa4 HunoRTA* Hahoocx, ait W. McElxicj. CbOd: 
6x38 Ethd Maiid, b. Oct X7. x9g3. 

1x44 PMÍ.Y* Hancox (Edward\ 3iaS)« m. Jait 3, x8a8k Charlea* Bread 
(IX04N), b. March 170 X793; witncaaca, Axnoa and Zcbuk» Hanooz, Stoo- 
ingtoa Chüdrcn (b. in Stoaíngtoo» Conit) : 

6139 Charlea Williain, b. Fcbi 17» 18091 

6x40 Mariah, b. Jone afl^ x8xi« 

6x41 Joacph» b. May X7» x8x3. 

6x4a Roawcll. b. Scpt ax, 18x5. 

xisi DiAOON ZnuLON* Hamcox (ZcbuloQ*, 3x6S), ul Fdx 1$, 1807» 
Kathcríne Shcffield» b. Scpt X4« X788; d. June x^ x84a Children (b. in 


6is? Harrict, k Ñor. ai, 1807; d Aoff. i« liljó: n. Nov. 15, 1935» 

Gabriel V. Gardiacr. 
6153 Capt Z^nlon» b. Sept. ij, 1809; d. Mij aSt x999b Stoomgtoii» 

ConiL! tumiarrittL 

6f54 C»pt Fruiklm R, h. May jó^ 1811; d Ñor., 1886; n. (s) May 
9i« t84Si Flanees EneUac Noyes (dan. oí Natliaii and Sally 
(Spargo) N<qrss; m. (a) Mary Ann Brown. 

6155 Thooias Sbcflleld k Apríl 7» 1S13; d May 30, 1900^ Mystic^ 

CotuL; n. March ai» 18136^ Nancy Brown. 

6156 Albert, I». April 13, 1815; d OcL ai, 1901, Sprinfftcld Mass.; ul 

(i) Jone 4» 1847» Angelina Betts Swan; m. (a) Jaa i. 1873» 

Julia Anne Carr. Children: Edtth, WUlianL 

(157 Cadierinc, k May ao^ 1817; d Jnne 13, 1840; nt George Butler. 

61^ Ann Ellsabellit b. July AL 18x9; d Scpt 7i i$S3; »• John L. 
* Oark. 

(159 James Shefidd» b- Maich a^ x8ai; d Dec a8^ 1974; n. Abby 

(Burdíck) Henshaw. 

(160 William Henry, k Apnl % 1823: drowned Aog. i, i8S4; «»- 

6161 Francés Maria, k Jone a4, i8a6; d Jan. 31, s37S; nt WilUan 

1 157 Samobl* CaismoooB Hamoox (Zdmloo*» 316). ul Febí 10^ 
183a, Stooington, Coon.. Hannah* R diesebiougb (igópN). Children: 

61^ Samoel R, was a whaler and sailed ior a6 years whh Capt 
Bcnianin F. Pendleton ol Slonincton. 

6166 George» d young. 

115a Amos* R^mcox (Zebolon*» 3i6S)« ul FéL.a4, i8QSf Merey' Brced 
(iiQSN), b. Feh. 17, I79S- Children (h. in Slontngton, Céon.) : 

6167 Anos» h. Jan. ag^ x8o& 
6768 Metcy» bu S^l» o^ 1807* 

1153 BiTsiY* Hamcox (Zdmloo\ 316). m. — — » White oí Mystic, 
Conn. Children: 

6169 María. 
6x70 Sally Ann. 
6171 Francés. 

617a Lydia R, d Fdk 13» x847t «- 40 years; n. (i) Gilbert Davisoí^ 
b. 1894; d x8!37; ul (a) Anstín G. Beebe. 

1x58 Rbokm* C Hakoom, (Zebnlon*, 31o), ul Jaa i, 1824 Sally Daví- 
son (dan. ol John and Sarah [Rossiter] Davison), b. i8ds, d 18B1. 
dren Ch. in ^*w*Síí*>* *mí Gonn.) : 

6t73 Henry &, b. tflt38; d 1888L 

6174 Sarah, m. Denison Chesebioogh. 

6175 D. Phebe» b. 1841 ; d 184a. 



9 NATBAimi.' Cbbsdmugh (WiUian* Chesd»ioagli), bapi Jaa. as» 
idi30^ BottoOt England; d. Nov. as, i^ Sttmiogtocí» Coso.; n. i^ 
Hanaali (tcoood dan. of Capt Gcorge and Bridgcl [Thou^too] Dcniíoo) 
(his firtt wiie), b. Mij ao^ 1643; ftceivcd into the Firtí Chofch oí Ston- 
ingtoii Scpt M x677« He tarved in tha Cokmial ludían War; waa one of 
tbe firat nine manberi of tho Fim Chorch at Stonington* Conn.; waa a 
Fraaman of Connccticot. 1666; a signar oí the Pawcatuck Artidea» 1658; 
Sdactman of Stonington. 1675. Children (b. and bap. in Stoningtont Conn.): 

J'-fio Anna, b. Oct u^ idóo; d. Feb. 24, 1751 • nt Samad Rkhardioni 
4-II Sarah, b. Jan. 30, 1662; d. Scpt ft XTap; ul Lient, VniUasn 

+12 Naibaniel, b. Apríl 14» i€66; d. Apríl AL S712; »- Sarah Stantoo. 
+15 Brídget, b. Maich 15, 1669; d. Nov. afl^ 17»; ul twke. 
-fu Hannah» b. 1671 ; vl Joscph Prcntica. 

-j-15 Samuel» b. Febí 14. 1674; d. Jaa 19^ I75S-4; »- Priadlla Aldcn. 

-j-t6 Margarct» b. xd76; ul Joscph Stantoo. 

17 Maiy, bap. Jone M 1^8; <!• Dce> ^U 1^78; of ''tbe distcmpcr^; 

Tboroas Mineras Diary: The first stx children were bap. bj 

Rev. James Noyes Nov. xs 1674» and were the first children he 


Wdow Hannah (Deniaoo) Chescbnmgh m. (a) Capt Joscph Saattnn. 
(Sce Appendix.) 

xo Auma* Chbsbboogb (Nathanid'. p)» vl 168& Samuel Richardson 
(son oí Amos and Mary Richardson oí Boston. líass.]ti b. Feb. x8; xdsp; d. 
Jaa ax, X7xa-j. (Sce Appendix— Wlls.) Inventoqr oí her estáte Mareh 
ift 1750-SI» Stoniívtoo, Cona Children (b. and bap. in Stonington» Com.) : 

x8 Samud. b. Feb. ft iti86; d. 16B8L 

+19 Anna,b.Nov. xa,i688;d.Jul]r5> >7^;in- William Avery(adS). 

4-ao Frudcnce, b. Scpt xo^ xógo; m. Geoige Plumb. 

ax Samudt b. Apríl 7t 1^93* 

•faa Hannah» h. Aug. lOb x6ps ;»• Joittthan Browa 

+23 Kathrcn, b. Jaa xti^ 1697; m. WlUtam Thompsoa 

-i-a4 Mary» bap. June 30, X700; d. Apríl $• itSs; ul Joshua Holmcs. 

4-as Sarah» b. Scpt aob xógp; m. Saxton Palmer. 

XI Sabah CxnsiBBOUGM (Nathanid, 9)» m. bj Capt Gcorge Denison, 
J. P.» Stonington» Cona. Jan. 4» i697f l^tut, Wtlliam GaUnp (son oí Capt 

GiMBALocnr or tbb CummioB FxMaY. 999 

Joha, Jr^ and Hamah [Lake] Gallnp), b. 1658; d. May !$• I73i* He rcp- 
mentftd the town at the General Conrt, t7P3*i7oB-i7is and servad in the 
Colonial wan. Chlldien: 

26 Sarah, bapi Feb. 24 i^8B; n- Andrew Stanton. 
-f^ Maiy.bapi. Apríli. i6g5;d.May 13» i7j6;ntI>eaconJohnNoyet. 

aB Hanah, bap. Apríl 24, 1698L 
+9 Tenperance» k Feb. i» 1701; d. Marcli» 1778^ Durlianí» Cona; n. 
Rev. WOliam Worthingtoo. 

IJ Nathambl* CBmanovGH (Nathanid*, 9), n. Jaa 13, 169a, Saiah 
Stanton (dan. of Thomaa» Jr^ and Sarah [Denison» dan. oí Capt George 
and Brldget (Thompion)] Densson), h. 1673 (hia fim oonstn). He waa a 
lictttenam in King Pbilip'a War. C^ Nathaniel Cheielirousli waa D^ 
aty 10 tbe General Coort üom Stonington, Qmui^ 1695 luid 1705; waa Lien- 
tenant of the Timin Band in x6q6; and Captain in 1705; in 170a he waa 
ona of t^ conmtttaa Id ^**^**^ a ■■i*<*^8tiar«iwiw — tu Plainfield. Conn. ! lie 

waa a man of extraordinaiy aíic^ and was the legal orade of the town; he 
waa adnitted to the Firat Cburdi of Stonington Sept M« XTOt ; hia wife, 
Sarah, waa adnñtted Sept ai» 1701. . Childrcn: 

30 Sarah, h. Jan. 3, 1693; d. Jan. 8^ 1693. 

3X Sarah, h. Sept. 25, 1694; d. Ñor. 21, 1707. 

3a Hannah, h. Jnly a7t 1^97* • 

33 Nathaniel, k May si, 1700-1 ; d. Aog. 5, 1701. 

34 Thankfol, k April 4t 17Q3 : d. Ñor. d^ 1704. 

+35 Nathan» h. Aog. a, 1707; d. Aog. xo^ 1769; ul Bridget Noyea. 

13 Bbxocst' CiuiBBBOUGa (Nathanid', 9), n. (x) Dec 7, 1692, WtUiam 
Thompioa, d. Jone x, 170$, in hia 43d ytar; m. (a) Dec 7, XTog^ Joseph 
Miner (son of Thomaa and Graee [Palmer] Miner), d. Jan. 3X, xysi-a. 
Childrtn of fim marríage (h. and bap. in Stonington, Conn.) : 

36 Waiiam, b. Jnly 33» X695; »• Kathrcn Richardton (a3N). 

37 Nathaniel, h. Dec. 3, X697. 

+3B Jolm, b. Oct 8; X699; hap. Dec 30i idpp» vl Jemsha Pafaner. 

39 Samad, b. Oct a7i XTOi* 
-Ho Jedediah, b. Joly 10^ 1704; d. Sept 2$. 1736; m. Thankfnl 

Childrenof lecond marriage: 

+41 Bridget, b. Jan. 31, 1711: d. April 13, X766: m. Ñor. 4, 1730, 
Jonathan Chetebrongh (39S). 
43 Joaeph, bap. Joly 19^ 171X 
43 Chrislopher. 


X4 HAiiif AB* CiOiíaaoucH (Nalhanid*. 9). m. Ñor. 26, 1700^ Ston- 
higton, Conn., Joaeph Frentice (John),* bap. 1676. Children (bap. in Firtt 
Chorch, Prcaton, Conn.) : 

904 QunuLOGY or tbb CmrnnouoB Family. 

45 JoiQ>ii» bapu Mareh 14, 1703* 

46 Nathanicl, bap. Oct M» ITPS 

47 Jotsahp bap. Oct Mf XTPS 

48 Haanah» bapu Mareh as» 1708. 

^-49 Eliliii» bapi July ao^ 171a; n. AUgail Jamiioa 

May I4t 170^ wife oí Joteph Prentíce owncd tbe Covcaant; July AL 
I7PS, Hanoali» wiíe of Joteph Premicc^ admittcd to Conuntiiuon» and on 
Apríl i6t 1716^ Joteph Prentíce wat adnútted. (From Recordt oí Firtt 
Cbnreh, Prétton, Cona) 

XS *Saicubl* CxtgMmouQM (Nathaniel*, 9)» n. Iqr W. Woodworth» J. ?., 
Jaa 4, 1699^ DnadNify» Matt., PritdUa Alden (dan. of 'David'and Manr 
[Soothwoith] Alden of Duxhuiy» Mata.) ; David Alden h. 1646^ ton of John 
and Frítdlla (Moltnct) Alden, who were both pattcngen 00 the May- 
flowcr» i6ao; he wat Town Treaturer and retident of Doxbttfy, Matt.; 
Depoty to the General Court Samuel (called ''Seargent^) and wife Prit- 
dUa adnitted to the Choreh tn Stonington Jiily 15, X70S- Children (b. and 
bap. in Stonington. Cona) : 

+$1 Mary» b. Sept. ai» 1703; m. Joteph' Hewitt 

-j-Sa PrítdlU^ b. Nóv. 6» i7Q4rnL (i) Jabea Oietebroogh (6sS) : n. 
(a) Thooiat Palmer. 

53 Nathaniel, b. Aug. a9^ 1706; d. Apríl áa, 1709. 

«f 54 Amot» h. Feb. a, 1709; d. Sept. 13, 1770; m. Dettre Williamt. 

«f55 Hannah, b. Jnly x6b 171a; m. Capt Richard Shaw. 

+56 Sarah, b. Aog. 14» 17x4-5 • m. thrce dmet. 

«fS7 Pmdcnce» b. Fdx ¿, 1722; m. Capt John Stanton. 

*For coortthip of Samud and Frítdlla tee David Aldtn'i DQMghier^ 
writtcn by Jane Auttin. 

• 1 

16 Maicabit* CnaiBaouGH (Nathanid*, 9), bap. Apríl is xd77, Ston- 
ington. Cona; m. Jnly 18; 1696^ Joteph Stanton (ton of Capt John and 
Hannah [Thon^ptonl Stanton), h. Jaa 21^ 1668; d. X75X, Stoningtonj Cona 

-1-58 Hannah. b. Dcc X5. XÍS98; d. Jone aó^ X747; nt William Morgaa 

+S9 Margaret. b. Oct 7» xyox ; d. Dec. ix. 1740; m. Jonathan Copp. 

-fdo Zenriah. b. Sept a4. 1704; d. Oct xa, I77X ; m. Nehemiah Matoa 

4^1 Sarah. b. Feb. aa, 1706; d. Dec. xs, 17^7; m. William Hdtcy. 

-j-da Anna.b. Aog. d^ 1708; d. Oct xtib X7S9;nt John Avery. 

d3 Dorothy, b. Jnly a, 1710; d. Jdy xti^ X7X4. 

•HÍ4 Joteph. b. May x. lyxa; d. March 14. X77.i; n* Anna Wheder. 

4^ John. b. Sept 39, 1714; m. Prudence Chetebrough (57N). 

+66 Nathanid. b. Jtily a9^ 17x6; m. Mary Coit 

ao PkuoncB* RiCBAantON (Anna Chetebrough. 10). bap. Apríl 5, 
:69i ; m. Dcc a. xyoB; Stonington. Cona, (Seoige Plumb of New London. 

GniBALocnr or tbb CBSsmouoB FAMiLy. 30$ 

Cooil; k 1679; thtpwrcckcd aftar 1719; be wat a maiintr; livcd on Plomb 
Itland Childra^: 

-f€7 Prudcnec^ bi Ñor. iflL 1709» m. E^hraim Fellowt. 

H-€B Saarad, b.Oct4t 171^;^ Scpt St 1799; nt GraoeBabeock. 

as Hannax* RjCBABDao», bap. Oct 6^ 1695; ail Oct 5, 1718^ by 
Natianid Cbcscfarougb, J. P., Jonatban Brown (son oí Eleaacr aad Ano 
[Pendkton] Brown)» b. Ju|y u^ 1694» Stonington, Conn.; d. Jaa 14 173Í-X 

-t-é9 Nathankl, b, Ang. a^ 1719? m. Elii a bcth ^ > — > .^ 

70 Jonatban, b. Augi Mf IT^L 

71 Silben» k Scpt S >7a3; d. Ang. 1, I7as 

73 Hapabab» b. May flb I7á& 

-1-73 Jamas, b. Juna afl^ 1738; m. AWgaU Utl^. 

74 Elisabetb, b. Fcb. 1^ 1739^ 

33 KATHasn^ RiouaBao», bap. Scpt 19^ 1698; n. April as I73i, by 
Samuel Palmer, J. P., Sloniagton, Cona, William Tbompson (3Qf)t b. 
July ajto 1^95, Stontnglon, Conn. Cbüdren (b. in Stontngton, Conn.) : 

75 Bridgat, b. Jan. aó^ 1733. 

76 William, b. May 31» 1733; m. liargaret Hoban (widow). 
+77 Natbaniel, k Jone 4, 1735: d. Ang. ft 1760; nt Hamiab Mix 


+78 David, b. May aB^ 1738; m.'PriscillaLecdsf(i64N). 

79 Jonalbaí^ b. April 3, 17391 

80 Katbrto, b. Jone 14, 1731* 

81 Cbarles, k Apríl 18^ 1734; m. Scpt 19^ 17651 Locy Pabner (s^N). 
as Joe^h, b. Jan. 34, f 73S-6l 

-f8l3 Efibab b. Scpt Si 174X ;»• D»er Pabner (X69N). 

34 Maby* RiCBAaoson, m. Diíe. 6^ 1731, br Daniel Pabner, J. P^ in 
Slooington, Cono, Josboa Holmes (son of Josboa and Fear (Smiis] 
Holmes), b. Aog. 14, 1700; d. Oct a. 1777* Cbildren (b. in Stoning* 
ton, Coan.): (See Appandix— Linaaf aa.) 

484 Fear,'b. July 8; 1733; m. Andrew Main. 

-1-85 Pmdenec, b. Fck 37» 1734; d. Nov. 37t 1799: m. C^t Jonatban 

• 86 Mary, k May 6^ 173^ 

-f8|7 Josboa, k Dcc. 36^ 1736; d. Nov. n^ 1799» ^ Prodenoe Wbeeler. 

+88 Saiab, k Marcb 9^ 1739; m. Sylvester Walwoftk 

+89 James, k April 17» 1731 1 »• Zerviab Masón (asoN). 

+90 Anna,k Jone 34, 1733; m.Jedediab Brown. 

91 Tbankful, k Oct 7$ X73S 

+93 Abigai), k Oct 18; 1741 ; as. Roswell Smitk 

4^ Joecph, k Dcc. 9^ 1745; m. Martba Wbeeter. 

3o6 GBMBALooy or tbb CawumaiíOB Vauily. 

as Saiab* RiCBAiMOif, bt^ Scpt 30, 170S» Stoolngtoo, Gmul; m. 
ItMf 13» 17»^ Saxton Palmer (too oí Néhcnitah and Jerusha [Saxton] 
P^ntr), bi Nov. ag^ STOoi Oiildren (bu in Stoninsioiib Conn.) : 

94 Saxton, \k May i, 1793* 

95 Ferias, b. Fcb. 7. 1724-S 

^ Mary* Gallup (Sarah* Cheaditoafh, 11), m. Bíarcb x6^ 171& Sttm- 
tqgton, Cona, Deaeon John Nojea (ion oí Rev. James and Dorothy 
[Stanton] Nogres), b. Jone 3$ s4s ; d. Scpt 17, X75i- CUldren : 

•|-g6 Vnniam, bu Maich x8^ 1716; d. Nov^ 1809^ Canean Four Cor- 

ners,N« Y« 
-HJ7 Jobn, b^ May aa, 1718; m. Merey Breed. 
gB Joaeoh, bap. April i, 17»; d. May is t793. 
•(-99 James, b^ AprO 14, 1733; d. March xo^ 1806; m. Maigaret 

+100 Mam b^ Aof. 14, 1795; m. Joseph Chanqilin. 
+101 Sanü^ bap. April a, 1737; m. Andrcw Stanton. 
«í-ioa Anna,'bu Apríla^ 1799; m. Jobn Ftümer. 
4-SQ3 Joaqíbf bu Fcbu afl^ 1730-1 ; »- Fmdenoe Denison (543S). 

Deaeon John N^es m. (a) March .15, I73ft Eliiabeth (Bradíord) 
Whttíng of MootriUe, Conn. (widow oí Lietst Charles Whtting and dan. 
oí Samoel Bradíord oí Duxbury, Mass.). Child: 

Dorothy, bu Sept 17, 174a 

99 T^rsaAMCi* Gallup, m. Scpt ao^ 1726^ ^ev. Wniiam Worthing* 
ton (Ws seeond wift), bu Dec. s 1695; d. Nov. 16,. 1756^ Saybrook, Conn., 
ater a long pastorate; he was aleo one oí the ear^ Congrcgational minia- 
ters oí West Farish, Saylirooli^ Conn.; he was a gradúate oí Yale CoUcge 
171& Children: 

+104 KKtahfth, b. Fcbu ay» I7a8; d. Feb. 9^ 1791 ; n. twke. 

104a Sarah, bu April 5, 1730; d. June is I73^ 
+10S Tcmperance, bu April í^ 173a; d. Jone a6^ 1800^ Albany, N. Y.; 

m. twiccu 
+106 Sarah, bap. May 19^ 1734; m. CoL John Ely. 
+107 Mchitabd, bu Scpt 11, 1716; d. 1771 ; »- Michad Hopldna. 
108 Vmiiam, \k Nov. ai, 1740; d. tn Hudson, N. Y.; unmarried; he 
wtt a Colooel in the Revolotionaiy War. 

*Rev. WiUiam Worthington m. (i) Oct 13, lyao^ Elizabeth Masón (dan. 
of Capt Samoel and Elizabeth [Feek] Masón), d. Jan. i, I7as, «. 27 years. 

For accoont of the Colonial wedding of Te m per a nte Gallnp and Rev. 
*.Villiam Worthincton, written by Lovina* Fish Denison (a9Q3N), see 


3S Capt. and Diacom Natxan* CasataaoucH (Nathaniel*, la), bap. 

GI1IIALQ8V or na Caxanaoom Family. 3/07 

Scyt» 7f iToJi StflBJmttWb Comí»; n» Nov* 93^ 1797» V7 Rcv. Ebtiigfcr Rot* 
sictr» at Staningtoa» Coaa« Bridftt Noytt (daa. of Dr. JaoMt» Jr., aad Aaa 
[Sanford] Mogres). \k 170B; b^^ J11I7 » 1710; d Oct 24 1774. & 67 ytm; 
boih d in ScoB in glP D , Cooa. "Áprií ao^ 17391 boüi owoed the Cévcaam; 
aceitad tht oCct of Diacoo Scyt 4» I743; May g^ 1736^ Mra. Brid(ct 
Chaaabfooiii adaittad lo faU Coñmiufiíoii; April 18; 174^ Capt Nathan 
Oi ca ahí o uali adnt i tttd to fw tl CoonnuiioiL'' "Daacon Natfiaa Qit t f b r fti n h 
ownad all tht laad fran tht Itoad* to tht Voint' and Icft a larga iinn lo 
tach of Ua ftvt ioaa; to Matína» the tena landa wbtrt Capt Altx. Peinar 
now lifta; to NathairiH, tht fuá whcrt Chaiita Grandisoo Chtftbroagh 
li¥td; lo Ptkg^ tht (now) Thomaa Fafantr fam» taat of tht Road Mttting* 
Hooat; lo Kobtit, tht fana reetntly oc o i p i td by tht bu John Hult; lo 
WOltam» tht oc cup itd bf Erak»^ Edwftrda." (Ffoa notta anda 
iñ i9S3 bj Rtv. A. S. Chtstbrooghv D. D.) 

''Sfeomngton» Jan. y X7. A. D. 1765. Diacoo Mathaa Owaabmugh, Eiq.» 
of Stoniagtoa» Coaa., gavt aa acra of laadL lo trtct a awtthig«hoaat oa atar 
jt dwtUttif-honit of Mr. Nashaaitl Htwitfa.* (Firat Sodttgr Rteorda.) 

+1S0 Nathaa, h. Nov. 14 1718; at Aaaa Slaatoa. 
+111 Sanh, bu Jaa 2, 1731 ; d. Jiom 29, 1786; m. Thonaa Staami. 
+iia Kttarah,buStpta4 i73s;d.Fcbi 15, i79;;nLProiptrWttawrt. 
+113 Nathaasd^bi Jaa^i734-S;d.Fcbia4i8Q4;aLtwka. 
4*114 P^cg; bu Jaa i6b 173S-7; aL RAteea Barbar. 
4*115 Kobtft, bu Fth. aa, 1738-9; d. Jnlr 76, ift»; m. Haaaah Chaaa- 
brough (33^/* 
s6 Coddiagton, bu Fth. 11, t74í>i I d. Styt té, i7$u 

17 Brídgtt, Styt i3t 1743; d. Jaa 3, i«3i* Kaox. N. Y.; wl Charlta 
Chtithroagh (171S). 

18 Jaaiaa, h. Oct 14» 1744» d. Nov. 29, 174$. 

19 Aaaa, bu Jaa 26, 1746-7: d. Oct 10^ iSot; ai. Elijah Pftbatr. 
MO Jaaita, bu Stpt s» 1749: d. Styt 15» 1740^ 

+iai WUliaai, bu Oct ig^ 1730; d x8ao; nt Mtrcj Goddard 

JB Joan* TaoMMON (Bridgtt rhfuhffnngh, 13), bl Dtc. 4. I7ai, 
Jtmaha Pahntr (daa of Nditadah aad Jtmaha [Saattoa] PaiaMr). QiU- 
drta (bu and hap. ia S t on i n g ton , Cooa) : 

+iaa Buaki^ bu Fck 14» 1722-2; hap. July 12, 1730; m. Ebaatatr Car- 

sa3 John, h. Aog. x, 1734: hap. July x^ X73a 

124 Nathan, h. Fdx X4, X73S-6; hap. Jnly la^ 173a 

US Amos, bu Stpt 14. 1737; hap. Jnly xa, X73a 

xa6 Ztnriah,buOcta3, X739;ha|i. Jttly xa, X73a 

+127 John, bu Aog. x^ 1731 ; b^ Jaly 1% X733. 

-l-iaB Jamta, h. May 4. I733: bap. JnJy t% X733. 

40 Jtamua* TaoMraoif, n. Nov. xs 17391 by Rtv. Ehtntnr Roaihtr. 

loS GtifEAUNnr or thb Chi se— o uch Family. 

Wctteriy» R. L, Thaakíiil Htncklcjr (dao. ol Sunnd aad Marti» [Laihropl 
Htnddqr, both ol Stoningtoii. Cooil). bi March 23, 171a. Oúldren:. 

ijo Jadediah, k Jant ai, 1730; d Jaa. ft t793- 
131 Joacph, b. March ift 1732; d Maicb 2, 1733. 
13a Manha, bu May 7» 1734- 

Widow Thankfol n. (a) Jaa i» 1739^ Joaeph Chctcbrou^ (4oS). 

Widow Thanklnl m. (3) Fck as» i7S3f CapL Jamas Faminf (hia iceoBd 

4^ Subo* Pmmc K (Hamah* ClicaAroiigli,n4)' oí Prtaloiit Cdaa« 
ai Nov. 8; 1738b AhigaO Jaaitoo oí Scomngtoiiv Cooa. Chüdrans 

133 WtUiam. k Scpt 5; 1739; d Oct i« 17A Pfa«Mi» 

134 Jantaoo, bL Oct S I74i« 

135 Eliha» k StpL 6^ 1743* 
4>I36 Matfaaaial, k Magri4» 1745 ; n- Mcfcy Grtao. 

137 Abígai],buMagra3ii747;d)iil7 30^i7APfMoii» 
13B Saamel, b. Oct 4 1749; »- Aug. ag^ t77X* Asma Btajamtii (boih 
01 ScoQtiigtfm)* 


SI Maby^ CBiauMUGB (Samud't is), d bclora 17S8; n. Oct. s XT^Q^ 
CapL Jotaph Hawitt (ton oí Bcajaaun and Mary IFannmg] Hawítt), b^ 
Dcc. 13^ 169& *Ha m. (a) Jmia 4 I7S5» Mchitabel Brown, widow of 
Swan."— Ffom lettar of Sarah (Hawitt) Tappan (a756N) oí Pótsdam. N.Y. 

+ISX Wathanial, bu Aog. ix» XTax ; m. Rcbaeca Grant. 

isa Samuel, bu May ix, I7a3> 

•fiS3 Mary, bu Jan. ao^ 1723-^; ol Joscph Pagc; 

4-1S4 Haimali,buDacaa,i7aB;m. Shipard Whaaler. 

•fxsS Joa^b» bu May % 173S ; n- Sarah Babeodc 

X56 Aldoi, bu Nov. xs» X734 

IS7 PríadUa, bu May afl^ 1737; a Mov. 1% 17A Jota Swan. 

ISB David bu Oct afl^ 1739^ 

XS9 Prodoiccb bu Oct xo^ X74a; »• Aog. as, 176S Bliaa Lewis of 

Itfo DaiL, bu May 26^ X744; d tama day. 

x6x Annc, bu May 26, 1746; m. Jan. 26, 1769^ Amos Whippla. 

Sa PuacoLA* CHaaiaaouGB, m. (1) Dcc. 26, 1733, Jabea Chesebioiigh 
(6sS), bu Jaa 10^ 1701 ; sha m. (a) I733i Thomas Pahner (sonof Nehcmiah 
and Jaroaha [Saacton] Pahner). Children of first marriace: 

itfa Mary, bap^ AprO xo^ X7a6; Bvinc in X73S* 
xCs Jabei, bap. Joly 30^ 1737. 
+id4 Prísd|]a,b^^MayiflL 1739; nt I74d» Thomas Leeds. 

GnouiMV or tbs Cwtnawio» Family. 309 

Childm oí Mcoml nifíiisit: 

iCS Lucgr» bu Dcc 13» 1734; d Maich 4 i8aB; m. Charles Thonp- 
Mm (81N). 
+i<6 Tlioiitts»!^ Jaa 24 173B; d.lCay4i» 1811; m. ManrRoMÍtcr. 

ié7 Jaba, bu Jaa. 24 t74t« 
+iA Bridget, bu Apríl 5; 1743; d Ang. 23, 1813; m. Brnadimi Gallnpu 

+169 Dwrcb bu Jttlr ig^ 1746; n. Elshu Thonptoo (flisN). 

170 Saouid, bu JuM II, 1740^ 

84 Col. Amos* Cmhomui», ol Dcc ^ 1739^ S teain g to iL Coiul, 
Dmrt WOliains (daa._oí G6L Joba and Dcsirt [Daiifloii] Williaiiii)».bu. 
Aaf.^i7ia. "lie was1Jciit'CoL8diRcg^ Horat aad Fooc^oifColoQjol 
CéfUL fai New Eaglaiid Hit ooosniatioii froni Gov'r WiUian Pitldss datcd 
8 Jone 1768 ia in poitetiion oí hia dcaccndaiit— Gideon Pcny Oiefebroagh* 
(3oa7N) of Wettcrir, R. L Children: 

+171 Anoa, bu Dcc. 31. 1730; ol twka. 

+17^ Dcairt^ bu Maicfa 14 1733; «» Ephratei Miner. 

+173 Lydia Eather, \k Dcc. i, 1735; d April 2% iSas; m. Henpalead 

+174 Priadlla, bu JuM ii» 17JB; n. Williaai PendletoiL 
4-175 bfary, bu Mov. 13, 1740; d 1830; m. Rev. Nebcmiaii Palmer. 
+176 Sanoel, bu April 3» 1743 ; d Oct 11» 1815; m. Maiy Slack (304S). 
+177 Hamah, bu Scpt 27^ I74S; d i83Sf Groloii, Cooil; m. Joaefíii 

Stanton (zt3N). 
+178 John, \k April 4 1748; d J0I7 id i8is; nL Loia (Pahner) 

+179 Joahna. bu Oct. 14 I7S0* 
180 EHtabeth, hap. Jnl/ 37, 1755 ; m. Aof. aá, 1781» Oliver Hüliard 

Hamhau* CuanaouGa, n. Dac. 24 I73Q^ S to oing ton, Conn., Cape. 
Richard Shaw. Child : 

181 Jabcii bu and b^ m Scomngtoov Conn. 

''Scpt 10^ 173^ Hannah, wift ol Cape. Richard Shaw oí Eaat Hamplon, 
N. Y.» owaed the Covcnanc and had her ion Jabea baptísed" (Fint Qitireh, 
Stoningion^ Conn.). 

36 Sabau* CuiaiaaouGR. rl (i) Nov. 27. I739 (second wife), ^Capt 
Janea Gcer (ion oí Robert and Manha [Tyler] Geer) ol Crotón» Cénn.; 
bu Dec 7t 1711 1 <L 1755; abe m. (a) Ebeneaer BilUnga (ion oí EbeacKr and 
Phebe [Deniaon] BUlinf a) ; abe m. (3) March 3, 1762» Capt John Deniaon 
(hia loorth wtfe). Childrai ol fint narriage: 

aoi Mary, bu Ang. 30^ 1740; nL March a I7A BUaha Sattcrlec- 

310 GnriALooY or tbi CuMMumsiUQm Family. 

202 LfáiM. bu Nov. 10^ 1743; d. Scpt, iSas; m. (1) Joñas Sattcrlcc 

(tfaS) ; m. (a) James Avoy. 

203 Locjt bu May 16^ 1745; »• Sanford Billinga. 

104 JuMSf bu Febí 17» 1747^; n. (s) Liicj Hewítt; n. (a) Hamiah 

aos Saomcl, bu Dee. 13» I7S0; n. Calheriiie Eldradst. Child: 

Salty» m. Daa Worth&igloii. 

^CapL Janes Gccr n. (1) Mafcli a4 1736-7, Zipporah WUUanis. Child: 
Ztpgorah, bu Maich 18^ 1738-91 

St PftUBBMac* CanmouGB, Uving b 1783; n. Fdk 27, 1736-7» Ca^ 
Jolm Stanten .(6sN); livad.ta.Grotoii,.Coiiii. Bis Will pr^bated ia Neir_ 
London» Cóoa, Nov. id^ 1763^ mentions ^o wife Pmdenct; tó sons Saimieír" 
Amos and Roban; lo dang^iter Sarah Oicsebfoiígh; to daoghter Zcmah 
Fanning; to danghtcr Pmdenca Stanton," etc.; Wúl datad May ai, 1762. 
Childrtn (bu in Ledyard» Coon.) : 

ao6 Sarah, bu Jnly 31, 1739; m. — — -* Chcsdiroacfa. 

ao7 Zcfmhpbu Sept 11, I74a;m. Fanning. 

aoB John, bu May 17, I74S; »- Betscy Maplas oí Norwich, Coiul 

ao9 Samod, bu Nov. 10^ 1747; m. March 22, 1770^ Abigail Ayer, 

•f-aio Amos, bu Nov. 27, 1750; d. Scpt 6^ 1781 ; m. Thankful Billings. 

•j-211 Robeit, bu I7S>; onmarrícd. 

aia Pmdcnce, bu Nov. 7i I7S4; ». Lieut William Williams. 

ai3 James, bu Dec. afl^ 17561 

•fii4 Cassandra, bu 176a; m. Rohert Gecr. 

aii Rohert Stanton's Will piohated 1783 in S to oing ton, Conn., men- 
tions To oqr mother Pmdenee Stanton; to my sister Cassandra, wile oí 
Rohert Gecr; to John and James, sons of my late bfother Amos, and to 
my n^hew John Billings,'* ctcu 

58 ÜAirifAB* STAMtON (Margarct* Chesehroogh, 16), m. Sept ai, 
1721, William Mofgaa (aoo oí William and Margaret [Avcry] Morgan) of 
Norwich, bu April 7» lógy; d. May Mi X778; he m. (2) Sarah Seabury after 
1747. Children: 

ais Maigaret, bu Sept 81 1723* d. Scpt, 1745. 

216 Hannah, bu Jnly 18, 1725. 

217 Abigail, bu Aog. 5; 1727; d. 1746. 

218 Arní» bu June 26^ 1736. 

39 Maccasp* Stantoií, m. Dec afl^ 1721, Jonathan Copp (son of Joña* 
than and Cathcrínc [Laye] Copp), bu June 12^ 1694; d. Dec 9^ 177a: Chtl* 
dren (bu hi Stonington, Coon.) : 

-faao Dorothy, bu Nov. 25, 1722; d. April 2, 1810^ au 88 years; m. Peter 

GiifBAuxnr or tbb Chbsibmiigh pAniLy. 311 

•ftti Jooatliaii» bt^ Aog. is» 172$; m. Esther Sealmiy. 

+8» MargireC, btp. Jnly a^ 1727; d Juty a6^ I77a; ». Dr. Hobtrt 

Misoo (29sN). 
-Has Kathrine, bt^ Jo|y ig^ 1730; d. 1793; n. Nadiaa CoUi. 
+324 Jot^hf btpi Dec 3, 1733; d. Nov^ 1815; nt Riclid Deníioo. 

Jooatiíaa Cogp m. (j) June 30^ 174S1 Sarah Demiis (widow ol Samtiel 
HolMut)» \k Jan. 30^ 1710^ New London» Conn. Children: 

-f Seauel, b^ Apríl jo^ 17432 m. Dec, 10^ 1769^ DoUj Browñ. 
John, bu June 11. 1744» 
Mary» bu Nov. ^ 174S- 
Ebeñewf, bu March 3» 1747* 
David, b. Seyt 18^ 1748; d. March Jfl^ X79a 
David, \k Oct 30k 173^ 
Wflltan, b. Oct 96^ i7SSi 

Eüber, bu Oct j« 1754. 

Sanad Cppp m. Doroilqr Brown (dan. oí John and Dolí/ [Noyes) 
Brown^ dan. oí Dr. James Noyes). CUtdrtn : 

+ Sarah, bu Oct A i77o; m. Aaron Radibooe (son ol Rev. John). 
Doroilqr, bu Fcbu 12, 177a. 
Jonatfaan, b. Fcbu 3t t774> 
Betsejr, bu Dec. 2, I77S- 
litar, bu Aog. g^ 1777. 
John Brown, bu Ang. a^ 177^1 
Ester, bu Ang. 16^ i7Bi. 
Nanejr, bu Jan. is 1783* 
Sanníd, bu Ang. Jfl^ 1747; »• Jnly II, i8u, Phe^ Haigfat TheaU. 

Sarah Cppp m. Aaron Ratfabone^ bu July 2% 1770; she d. Jaa 5» ^h 
Ballston, N. Y. ; Aaron Bathbone m. (a) Elisa Chesdiroiii^ (S47N). 

tfo ZnvuH* STAimif, m. Jaa g^ I7aa^ Ndiendah Masón (son of Daniel 
snd Rebccca [Hobart, tfaird wife] Masón, who lived at Stoniogton and 
owned Mason's Island), bu Nov. 24 i6gi3, S to ning ton, Conn.; d. Mqr I3i 
176BI Children (bu in Stonington, Conn.) : 

4-9as Hobart bu Oct 6^ 17»; m. Margaret Copp (aaaN). 

ia6 Andrew, bu Oct la^ 1734; d. March afl^ i7aBu 

+227 Hannah, b. Jone 10^ I7a6; d. Jan. 24 1808; m. Henry (kOli^ 

-t-aa8 Andrew, bu Fcb. 3. i73o: d. Febu 16, i8ia; m. Mary Galli^ 

aap Jared, h. Joly ag^ X733; «• Hannah P^rke. 

-|-a30 Zenriah, bu Ang. 26, X73S; «• J^i^s Hohnes (S9N). 

61 Sasah* STAMTOif, nt Jone 1% 1738b WilUam Halsey Gemu^^)» b. 
1703; d. March 4t 1783* Children (bu in Preston, Conn.) : 

+a3i Wniian, ba». Seyt 30^ I739; »• twicc. 

3i> GmAUNnr or tbb Cammuoa Family. 

933 Sarah, b^ June aob I74t ; <L June 8; iSafl; Ptettoo ; unmarried. 
-{<r33 Jcremiali» bt^ June xo^ X743-4; <L Auf. as xfiag. 

te AirifA* SzAiiToii, m. Fck xg^ X733 iñnt wile). Jolm Avery (ton of 
CoL Chrístoplicr and AbígaU [P^rke] Avoy), b^ Oct ad^ XTQSi Gratoo, 
Cooa; d Maicb xx, 1789^ Preitoii» Cooa Oüldrcn (b. tn Prctcon» Conn.) : 

+234 John, b. Dec 6, X733; d. Jnly 23, X794 Prcstoo; m. twkc 
J135 Abigail, \k Apríl x» X735; n. John Hnrlbiit 
436 Aaot» btpi ^ril 24 1737* n* Aprü s^t 1760^ Hinnah Nilet of 

937 Anna» bu Apríl x^ X739; n. Thonaa NUet. 
+038 Mari^ret» b. Apríl ft X74X ; d Jaly 96^ X76ü^ Prctton; m. Jothoa 

+939 Ituc, b. March 94, X743; d Jnnt X7« x8x9^ Prcftoo; n. Uaxcy 
940 Jonu» b. Juty xs t74S; vl Jan. lá, 1772^ ICarr Avoy. 
H-94X Hannah, bu Oct 8; 1747; m. Ebcnetcr Brewtler. 

64 Lmn: Jonru* Stanton^ m. Nov. 6^ X735» Amia Wbeder (dan. of 
WilHam and Hannah [Gallup] Wbcelcr), bu Dec 94, i7t$$ Stoníngton, 
Conn.; d Oct 90^ X799i Chüdrcn (bi tn Stoningtonv Coul) : 

+949 Hannahv'bu Ang: 8» 17361 

+943 JoMph, bu May 3X» 1739; d 18133; n. Hannah Chetd*oagh 

+944 Margard, b. Nov. 3t 1741* d.Scpt lO^ i8xs 
+945 Isaac Whcdcr, bu Jan. I4i X743; d 1899^ DanvUle, Vt 
4-945 Williain» K Match s 1745* d. Jnly xa, 1898^ North Stonií^loa, 

+947 Anna, bu Fcb. 93, X746; d Apríl I4i 18x4. 

+948 Nathan, bu Dec xa t749: d Sept 96^ x8^ Syracoae, N. Y. 

+949 Ennioe, bu Nov. X9; X7Si » d Aprtt ift x8x3. 

H-aso Manha, b. Nov. ft X753. 

-^aSi Mftxy, bu Ang: 98; 1756; d Ang. 31, 18I35. 

-Í^SM Dorodqr, b. Jaa 97, X760; d Dec. 9$, 1899^ 

66 Nathamb.* STAinoir, m. Nov. 6^ X738^ Mary Coit (dan. of Rev. 
Toacah and Enerienee fWhederl Coit of Plainfidd Conn.). Chtldren 
(bu tn Picüoi^ Cona) : 

aS3 baac Whcekr, n. Martfaa Wtlliana. 

9S4 Hannah, d Aog. xd x89S «• 83 jcan ; tn. Minor Tracy. 

•f9S5 Experíenc e, tn. John Avety (934N). 

956 Thcophilna, m. Ann Bfewtter. 

957 Nithaniel, m. Aniy Avcry. 

958 Manha, n. John Claric of Norwtch. 

959 Daniel, d yonng. 

960 Joee p h, d yonng. 

GiifBAUxnr or nu CuBsmouqH FAMay. 313 

a6i. Mai7« d. aumiiicd. 
26» John, d. nimarríed. 


^ Fkunarcí* Pujicb (Pradcncc* Richardton, ao)» n. May 13. 1731» 
hf Rev. Mr. Rostellt Dcacon Ephnin Feliows (ton oí E|»hraim and Han- 
nah [Warner] Fdlowt) ol S to oing ton, Qmul; he d. A^rU 24 17801 Chil- 
dren (bu in Stoningtoo, Conn.) : 

J69 Hannah» h. Dcc, afl^ I73i« 

+J64 Ephratn» bu Oct a^ 1733 ; m. Rhoda Snsüi. 

a^ Georg^ bu Aug. 14» 1733; d. Dec 10^ 173& 

-fa66 Samuel, h. Oct 4» S737;n-Mra.Maf7UdalL 

267 Warner, bu Oct. 13^ I739i 

a6B John, bu Nov. 7$ i74a 

a69 Pmdcnce, bu Vof. a^ 174a; n. Ebeneaer ^l^nUiant. 

^ Sarah, bu^ 1744 

371 Jotcph, bu Oct 7. 1746: d. Jan. 30b ITS^. 

68 Samvil* Purya, d. in Hopldnton, R. L; nt Aug. i6u 1738b Grace 
Babcoek (dan. ol Jamen), bu Dec 31, 17»; d. Oct a^ I79S- CSiildren (bu in 
Sconington, Qmn.) : 

Í76 Gnet, bu Apríí apu 1739; d. 1811 ; m. 1760^ David Pafaner. 

a77 Twins, bu April 14, 1741 ; d. aame day. 

V^ (jeorgc, bu May a^ I74S; <L Oct a, 1765. 

279 Sarah, bu Jnly lo^ I744; n- John SaíFord. 

+a8o Samuel, bu Aog. S4i 1746; n- Griee Babeock. 

-i-aSx Jamea, bu Scpt 30^ 1748; d. Juty la; 1827; m. three ttmea. 

a83 EKiaheth, bu Jan. 29, 179^1 ; m. Oiríttopher Clark. 

afli3 Pmdence, bu May ii, 1733; d. SeRt 6, X7S4- ' 

-1-284 Joa^h, bu Jnly 2, 1733; d. Dec, 1815; nt (i) Deborah Minar. 

28S Mary, bu Jnly 17» I7S7; nt F^ lyn Sand Perktna. 

+a86 Nathanid, bu April 4, 1760; d. Dec. a^ 1841; m. Anna Lang* 
wofthy (2o8oS)« 

28^ David, bu March 6, 17^; d. Mareh 17, 1764. 

aB8 Tcn^erance, bu May 1, 1765; m. Roben Peddiam. 

69 NATHAiniL* BaowM (Hannah* Richardaon, 22), m. Kliiabeth 
k Children (bu in Stonington, Coon.) : 

290 Anna, bu May 22, 1743- 

291 Rnlna, bu Oct 30^ 1744 
29a Ch l M i 

a93 Hannah, bu Ang. 23, 1747. 

294 Henry, bu Mqr 3t t790u 

295 Nathaniel, bu Fcbu 7, I754> 
a96 Anna, bu M«y 31, I75S- 
397 Charlea, \k Juty lU 17S7. 

314 Gbmbaloqy or trx CamaoucH Family* 

agB Either» \k Aug. i8^ 176a 
J99 Qmii, \k JuL 13, 1765. 

73 Jambs* Bmmut, n. Jone a» 1748b Abigail Utl^ oí Stomnctao, Cena. 

303 Abicai]. bu Jan. 8» 1749L 

303 JaoMt» bi May 16^ i7So; d. aane day. 

304 Prodáccb bu Dec fl7i S7SS* 
3QS Jnnathaii, bu Dec ao^ i7S3i 

306 James, b. Msjr % 173^ 

307 David, bu Jntar a^ X758L 
306 Haooah, b. May 11, xTóx. 
309 Mary, bu Febí 23, 17^ 
3x0 Robcrt, bu May aa^ 17^. 

84 FkAi' HoLMis (Maiy* Richardaiw, 24), m. Jan. s X743-4i Iqr Waít 
Pafaaer» Stooinaton. CcmuIm Andrcw Main (son oí Tbomat and Ann 
[Brown] Main) oí S to oing ton, C00&; bu Aug. s, 1733. Children (bu in 

3x4 BcChiah, bu April 6^ 1745. 

3x5 Fear, bu Aug. 13, 1747. 

3x6 Annc, bu Nov. x8^ 1748; m. Maich ló^ X7ti6b Hexddah Lewii oí 

3x7 Andrcw, bu Joly 6^ X74gL 
3x8 Rnth, bu Scpt aa» X7sa 
3x9 Raciiel, bu Jan. 8; 1753. 

330 MoUy, bu Aiig. d^ 1755. 

331 Joahna, bu Oct 3t 1757* 
333 Elias, \k Oct 6, X760U 

333 Raobcn, bu Jan. aa^ 176^ 

334 Eunicc^ bu March X7, X764; m. Bcajamin Frink. 

Toniee Main oí Stonington, Conav «^ Bcnjamin Frink oí Stoning- 
ton, m. Oct a^ X793; Anna Main oí Síonington, Cono, and Willian Frink 
oí Stonington, nt Nov. ag^ XT^a."— Frpm Jnatice Babcock's Records, North 

85 Pfeinmci' Hcuns» n. Scpt xa^ X74S Capt Jonathan Pahncr (son 
oí Jonalhan and Mcrcj [Manwaring] P^ner), bu Dec, 33, XTao; d. Jfnly 
S x8dt3^ S t o nin g t on, Conn. Children . 

+337 C6L Jonalhan, b. — — 5, 1746; d. Jan. xo^ x8io; m. Lucinda 
3a8 Joshna, bu May x8, X747. 
339 Ashcr, bu Aug. a6^ X749. 
330 Pmdóiccb bu Scpt aa, X7SX ; m. Joscph Whcclcr. 
33X Jttdith, h. Oct d^ X7S3. 

GI1IIALQ8V or TBB C Himwwc m Pabulv. 315 

333 Edward» bu Sept s» t7SS> 

333 Sanh, bu Oct. i^ I7S7. 

334 Thanldiü, bu May fl7» X790^ 

335 Ct^ RcÁert, bu Jane 4» I76s; d Aug. 14. 18»; n. Mirtha 


336 Ennioc» bu Julr ^ I7^ 

337 Lycj» bu JoM 16b 17^ 

87 JotHUA* HoUcBS, n. Dec ifl; X75i« by Rev. Ebenescr Rotther, Pni> 
dcncc Whcekr (dao. oí Jomihan aad Ettber [Denison] Whecler) oí Stoa- 
ington, Com.; bu Dec ao^ X734> Oiildm (bu tn Stooingtoii. Coon.) : 

339 Joihia,buMaf€h3»i754;dApríltf^ I79S; «WMrríed 
34D Prodcncc» \k Nov. 2, 1733; d Aug. a^ 1844; m. Oct I3i 1774 
Beebe Dcniaoo. 

341 Efther. bu Oct s. I7S7. 

+342 Mmj. bu Oct 3i 1759; flLju.^ 1781. Joicph Bread 

+343 Edward bu 1763; m. Fcbi 13» 1789^ láolly Gnnt 

344 Thaúkíid bu Julj x8^ 17^; nt — — Treat 

+445 Sarah. bu Marcli ^, 1768; m. March 30^ I79S George Richardsoo. 

346 Jonathan, bu Fcbu as i77o; d miiiarríed 

347 Abígail, bu Jone 17, 177a; d June x6u I77& 

348 Rkhard bu March 22^ 1774; d annarrícd 

349 Willtan, bu ScRt 13. I77^: nt Hannah Whceler. 

350 Anoai bu Dec. 14» 1778; n. May 3, 1810^ Ph^e York. 

88 Saiah' Houcia, n. April 8» 1756^ hy Ebeneser Rouell, Sylvetter 
W«lworth (ion oí John and Sarah [DÍmn] Walworth) oí Gracoo» Conn»; 
ilain at Fort (Sriawold Conn^ Scpt 6, 1781, and leít cight children nndcr 
ax yeara. Childfen: 


+351 Locy, bu April ft 1758; n. WUliam Middlemu 

352 George^ bu Sept h X7S9; <L uunarricd 

353 Philena, bu Nov. a4 176»; d tn hcr xoist year; unmarried 

354 SylYcatcrt bu Nov. 4b X7As; Kvcd sn Myatk, Cont 
+355 Edward bu Jonc^ I7¿6; n. — — Co m ttock 

356 Hohnciv bu Match 31, X7M; Uved sn Myitic, Conn. 
• 357 Abigail h. AprU 8, X7«9^ 

89 jAMia* Houcia, n. Feb. s I755i Zcrviah Maaon (a3oN), bu Aug. 
^ X735t Stontngton, Gema Oiildrcn (b. m Stoningtoo, Cona) : 

+3S8 Jamo» bu April aa, X7S6; m. Jan. 18; 1776. Esiher Babcock. 

359 Jared b. April 1» 1737; ». Martha Wheeler. 

360 Zarviab» bu Dec afl^ 175& 

361 Gilbert, bu Scpt aa, 176a 

. +362 Masy» bu D^ ti, 1762; n. Scpt 28^ 1791» Nathan Holmcs. 
3613 Foorth ion, bu Match 24, 17^5; d May 7» X76s 
364 Roawell, bu Fcbu 10^ X76d 

3i6 GcNSALOGY or TBB Chisoiooch Family. 

J65 Charla, bu April 29^ 1768L 

$S6 Ndiemúh. k Fdk 25! 1771 » <t June ^3t ^77<- 

j67 Ephnum» \k Julj ao^ I77a; ^ Fci)>- 7. 1773- 

jS Heniy, k Mareh 29^ I774> 

90 Ahm A* HoucBS, m. Dec. ig^ 1751, Jedediah Brown (too ol Jedediah 
and Abtgail [Holmet] Brown), bu March Mt 17^6-9; d. Oct 31, 17^1. 

370 Jedediah, b. Dec. 17» 1752; m. June 30^* 1778^ Sarah Wheeler. 

371 Ln^, b. Oct 2^ 1754. 

-t-373 Shuebal, bu Oct S» ^758; nt May 16^ 17M Lydda Palmer. 

+374 Roisd, bu Aug. 27» 1760; m. StfiL 6, 1786^ Esther Williamt. 

+375 Thatcfaer, bu Oct I3t 1762; m. Aug. is x&A Eather W. Browa 

376 Abigatl, bu Jnly 31, 1764. 

377 Martha, b. Aug. 3, 1766. 

378 Ephrafan, bu Ang. 26^ 177^ 

379 Delire^ bu Jnly 26^ 1772. 

92 AnoAiL* HoLxia, nt March xi, 1762, Rotwdl Sniith (John, Nehe- 
niah, Nehcmiah, Néhen^ah) of Cokhesler, Conn. Chtld: 

381 Roawéll, m. Nov. 24 17781 

93 JoaiPH* HoLMKa^ m. Nov. 19^ 1767, by Rev. Jotcph FUh, Martha 
Wheeler (dan. oí Thooiat and Mercy [Williams] Wheeler of Stonington, 
Coon.), bu Oct X4, 1732. Qüldren (b. in Stonington, Gmn.) : 

^ Joteph, bu Nov. 14, I7tiflu 

389 Martha, bu Dec 22, X77Qi 

390 Mercy, bu March x, 1773. 

391 Polly, bu Jan. 23, 1775- 

392 RoaweU, bu Jan. ti 1777. 

393 Abígail, bu Mardi 2^ 17791 

96 WnxxAM* Novia (Mary* GtSíu^ 27). m. Dec x8^ 1739^ SyUl Whit- 
ing (dan. of Charles and Elizabeth [Bradford] Whitíng), b. Jnly, 1722; d. 
April 27» 179OL ChDdren (bu in Gtotan, Conn.) : 

+400 \iniliam, b. April 13, 1743; m. Elizabeth (jillette of Canaan, N. Y. 

+40t Sybil, bu Nov. 19^ 1745; »• Samnel Avery. 

-H02 Samuel, b. Nov. 9b 1747; m. Abigail Harding. 

409 John, bu 1750; m. Mdiitabel Wright 

+404 Maxy, b. Jnly 22, 1754; d. Aug. 23, 1841 ; m. Elihu Fhsnncy. 

+405 Teniperanoe, b. 1755; m. William Alien. 

406 Nathan, m. Asuba Baldwin of Kinderiiook, N. Y. 

H-407 K^icy, m. Joscph Hancock (xxxE). 

+408 Elizabeth, b. 1762; d. Sept 4. 1838: m. William Lewis. 

+409 Charles Whiting, b. March x, 17^; m. Abigail (Harding). 

4x0 Nathaniel, m. May 6^ 177% Temperance Champlin (430N). 

GuiBALoav op TBB CBismouGB Pamily. 317 

07 JoBif* Nofvis, nt Mty m X744 Stonington, Conn., Mcrcy Bracd 
(dao. oí John and Mafy [Prcntice] Brced)» b. Aof. 3, 1727 ; d. Aug. % 1811. 

41a JolUp bi Auf. j6^ 1745; m. Elbabeth Rogert. 

+413 Meicj» bi Jaa 7, 1747^; nt WiUian Siiton, Jr. 

4x4 Oiivcr, b. March 10^ 1750; d. Oct 7. I7S4- 

. 4x5 Gerfbon, b. 1751 ; m. Fck a^ I7n Maiy Stanton. 

416 Manr« \k Oct 29, i7Sai 

4x7 Olivar» b. May 9b 1755; n* (i) Thanklul Clark; m. (a) Eanícc 

+418 Anoi; bu Maich 18» 1758; m. Eonice Walworth. 
4x9 Anncb bu Jaa 7» X76X. 

99 jAMia* Nona, m. Aug. xa^ X756^ Margarct Woodboni oí Scoiland. 
Conn.; b, X725; d. J11I7 15» 1804. Children: 

4aa Margarct, k J11I7 9^ 1757; d. Jo|y 6» X777f of consomption; 

Esther, b. June a6^ I7S9; d. Feb. ^ 1747; n. Adam Statea. 
+434 Masy» \k Apríl 26^ 1761; d. Nov. 15» x;^; n. (i) John Pendlt- 
ton¡ nL (a) Adam Smca. 
425 Sarah. b. Jtür aa, X7^; d. Oct xs X784» of consomption; 

4a6 Eltrabeth, k April 5, X76& 

100 Mabt^ Novia, nL Fcfau 8; X753, Licut Jotcph Champlin oí Westerly, 
R.L Children: 

+427 Charlea» b. Mardi 84f 1754; d* ; m. Mary Woodbom. 

438 Mary. 

+439 William» b. X757; d. March a» 1848; m. X78i» Contení Lecdt 

430 Temperance» m. (x) Nathaniel Noyes (4ioN)* 

431 Sarah» m. Dec I4i iT&lt Amold Kenyon. 
433 Rebecca» d. aged 13 yean. 

433 Joaeph» m. Mercy Siason (i3oaN). 

434 Elliabeth. m. Amoa Boddington. 

435 Olivar. 

xoi Saeab* NoYsa (Mary^ Gallnp, ay)» m; June 34, X747» Stoningion» 
Conn^ Andrew Stanton (son of Samuel and Loís [Cobb] Stanton, aecond 
wife), b. July 4» 1721. ''April 15, 1779» Sarah Stanton adminiatered on 
estáte of Andrew Stanton, late of Stonington, dee'd." (Stonington WiUa.) 

10a Aim* Novaa (Mary* Gallnp» a7)» m. April aa, 1753^ John Palmer 
(son of John Mmer and seeond wife, Dorochy [Noyes] Paisner), bu March 
ai, xyap; d. ñi Virgil, Cortland Coonty, N. Y. Children: 

437 Sarah, b. March 8; X753. 

3i8 Gbhiauky op thb CBSsmoucu Famu.y. 

498 Nancy, na. Benjamín Sonte. 

439 PoUy« m. Daniel Lyon. 

440 John» bu Oct 10^ 177& 

103 JottPH* Novia» m. Jan. 97» 1763, Stonington» Conn.» Pmdenct 
Deniion (543S), \k Oct 8, 1743- Oiildren (bi tn Stonington» Cona) : 

441 Pnidenee, \k March $, 1764; nt Jan. ao, 17Q5» Heniy Thorn oí 


443 Sarah» \k Péb. 18» lyáí 

-t-443 Joteph» \k Sept 30^ IT^B; d. Aug. 24» 185a; nt (1) Zerviah 
Wheeler (I7^S) ; n. (3) Eunice Cbeiebroogh (76E). 

444 Averjr» b. Féb. 13^ 1771 ; ni. Feb. 13, XTM PoUj Slack. 

445 Thankfiil» b. Oct 29, 1773; m. Feb. 98L I793f Thomas Stantoa 

446 Zerviah» b. Oct s X77S ; ». Rev. William Stillmaa 

-t-447 John» b. Attg. 6, 1777; d* Apríl 30^ x866; m. (x) Elisabeth Chese» 
bfoo^ (7S7N). 
448 Anna» k Jan. 13» 1780; n. Fcbi 30^ 1798^ Elijah Darrow. 
440 Rebceca» k Marefa 6, 1/82; m. Feb. is x8oi, Edward Stewart 
450 Polly» h. Masch 6^ X78s: <L May 4t 1849; n. Samuel Stanton. 
45X Deniion» b. March 3» 1788; m. March 33» 18x5, Hannah Rouel 

104 ELOAacm' WomixifGTON (Temperance* Gallup» 39), m. (i) CoL 
Samuel GaJe oí Gothen» N. Y.; the m. (3) Feb. 4 I7^ Rev. Elnathan 
Ouunecy oí Durhaní» Conn.; b. Sept 10^ 1734; d. May 4» 1796; a gradúate 
oí Yak CoUege 1743» Children oí first marriage: 

453 Aaa Worthington» bu about 1756; d. Aog. 14» 1773» at Cape 

453 Benjamín» b, about 1758; drowned X796-7; lerved in the Revo- 

lutionary War» 1776^ as prívate in Coonecticut Regimcnt 

Children oí MeoBd marriage: 

454 Nathaniel William, b. Sept X3; 1761 ; d. Jan. 39^ x84a 

+455 Catheríne» b. Ang: 4 '7^; d. Apríl 13» 1841 ; m. R. R. Fowler. 

456 Efanthan Elihu, b. March is X7^; d. Af^ 8; X773* 

457 Worthington Gallup, b. BCarch 33, 1773. 

IQ5 TtoirsaANCí* Wobtbiiioton» m. (i) Dr. Motea Gale oí Gothen» 
N. Y* ; the m. (3) May 31» 1758^ Rev. Cotton Mather Smith (ton oí Samuel 
[oí Hadlcy» Matt.] and Jerutha (Mather] Smith, ton oí Rev. Henry oí 
Wethertfidd» Conn.), b. Oct 26, 1731, Suífield, Conn.; d. Nov. 37, x8o6^ 
Sharon» Conn. ; wat pattor oí the Congregatíonal Church at Sharao» Conn. ; 
gradúate oí Yale CoUege 1751» and Chaplain oí CoL Hinman't New York 
Regiment (Gen. Schuyler^t Brígade) tn Revolutionary War. Children oí 
firtt marriage: 

463 Tcmperance. 


GiifBAUxnr or thb CHumooGH Family. 319 

4^ Dr. WiUtam. d. I7m Gofhen, N. Y.; m. Phcbe Lay aad had 
iCYcral düldreo. 

Children ol iceoBd narriige (b. tn Sharoo, Comí.) : 

+4^4 Eliaabctht bu June ao^ 1739; d. Jul, 1788; m. Dr. & Wbeeler. 

+465 Jnliamitt b> Fdn 12, 1761 ; d. Jinit as x&o; m. J. RaddüL 

466 Thomat líüthtt, \k Jan. 21» 1763; d. Áptú it, 1763. 

+467 Jolm Cotton. \k Fdn 12, 1765; d. Dec 7» X&I5; m. M. Everteock 

^ Lucrctía, bi July ao^ 1767; d. 1773- 

+469 Mafy» b. Febí 6^ 1769; d. Jan. lo^ itei ; m. Rtv. D. Smtch. 

106 Sasah* WoKmniGioif, m. Jnly la^ i7Sft CcL Joba Elj oí Pachog 
(Saybrook), Coon.; d. Oct 3, xSoo^ » 63d ycar. He was a patriot during 
the Rcvolutioiíanr War. Cbildm: 

471 Wortbsngtoii, bap. AprO I3i 176»; gradúate oí Yala Collcgc 
.1780b M.D. 

478 Dr. Jofan, gradúate oí Vale CoUcge 1786^ A. M., M. C; Uvcd 

in Coxtaclrie, N. Y. 

+473 Eliaabeth, bap. Apríl 8» 1764: tn. Samuel Goodrícb. 

-¡-473 Etbelinda, bap. Apríl 8» 1764 í d. Aog. 14» 1839; n. WUliam 

474 Aaaie Amold, b^ July I3t iTtf í «. Dr. — ^ Gowkt. 

475 Lucretia, b. Fck 7, 1768: d. Pck 1% 17691 

476 Lucniia» b. Apríl 18» 1770; m. Dr. Gregory oí Sand Lake, N. Y. 

477 Tempenuice» b. Oct. lo^ 1772. 

479 Edward, bu Jan. 6^ 1777; a lawyer, Goahen, N. Y. 

107 MuRTAnL* WoBTBiiicroN, m. Jan. i6b 1760» Micbael Hopldni oí 
Saybrook» Conn. Cbildren: 

481, Augustus; 483^ George; 483. Silvia; 484 Etheltnda. 

lio Capt. Nathax' Cbbiibboimsh (Deacon NatbanS 35)» m. Dec. 6. 
^7S^ ky Rev. Ebeneter Rouiter. Stoningtoo» Conn., Anna Stanton (dan. oí 
Tbomas and Tbankíul [Denison] Stanton), bu Mareh 22» X732, Stontngton, 
Coon.; d. Maicfa 20, 1805. (See Appcndix— Wtlla.) CbUdren (b. in 
Stonlngton, Cooa) : 

-I-490 Anna* b. 1753; m. Robert Deniton. 

-1-49' Nathaniel, b. July 30^ I75S» ». Brídgct Stanton (S02N). 

+402 Abigall, b. July ao^ 1757; d. Blareb a9b y8o6; m. Robert Williams. 

403 Natban, bu Oet 81 1759* 

+404 Pereí, b. Marcb 2, 1762; d. Jan. lo^ 1851 1 tn. Príflcilto' Tbompton. 

498 Bridgct, b. May % 1764; m. Hempttead Bliner. 

496 Elam, b. Ang. 30^ 17^; m. Sarah Hewitt (a704N). 

497 Thomasv b. July a; 1770; m. Eunice Wctmore (5I7N). 

498 Dorothy, bu Feb. 7, 1773; d. Nov. 27, 1798, nnmarríed, Ston- 

+499 Edward, bu Feb. 4, 1775; m. Sophia Palmer (1081N). 

330 GniSALoeY or ras Cbssbhmxjgb pAiiiLy. 

iix Sabah' CHBsmouGH, m. Jan. iq, 1751, Ueut. Thonns Stasüon 
(son oí Thomas and Thanklul [Dcntson] Stanton)» bu Dcc 20, lyag, Sum- 
tqgton, Conn»; d. July 30, ^790^ Stonington. Children (k in Stoninglon) ; 

-f 500 Sarah, \k Nov. u» 1751 ; d. Oct 3» I7d6; m. Sinaon P^ntr. 

50X Peleg; \k No¥. 10^ 1753; ^ yotng. 
+503 Brídgct, k Jan. 18; 1756; d. 1836; m. Nathaniel Oicsdvougb 

+503 Pel^* b- March 13, X758; d. April oB, 1799; n. Lydk Hewitt. 

504 Mtrtjt b> Jnly ^ 17^; d. Jan. JO^ 1844; m. Prcntke Braad. 

505 Rowland, bi Aof. 10^ 176a. 

506 Thankfol b. Jan. 97» 1764; «. Chead*o Minar (68oN). 

507 Thonai, b. June t, 1766; d. March 24, 1824; n. Fek afl^ X793f 

Thankíul N<qrea. 
50B Natban Chescbron^ b. Oct. 15» 17^; killad Jan. 6, 1804, bjr a 

509 Robcrt» b. Jone 7b t77t¡ d. Sept, X77i« 
5x0 Hannah. bu Oct I7i I773; m. (fint wife) Fcbi x6, 1794» Richard 

Palmer (ion oí Denison and Marvin Pahner). 

xu KxmíAB' CnsaiHMXJGB, m. Nov. 18^ 1756 (leeoBd wiíe)» Hon. 
Prosper Wcdnore (aon oí Rev. Izrahiah and Sarah [Booth] Wednore oí 
Míddletown, Conn.), b. May 14, 1722, Stratford, Conn. ; he waa Sheriff oí 
New London Coonty íor many yeara. Children (b. in Norwich, Conn.) : 

+5XX Nathan» bi Aog. 2$» 1757; d. Nov. s I79i ; »• Eliaabeth Buahndl 

5X2 Axna» bu Jan. 20^ X759. 
+5x3 Maxy» bu May x6b X76X ; d. Nov. 29^ xft»; m. Sixnon Lathrop. 
+514 Sarah, b. Sept 27» X765; d. June 27, 1793; m. Lernud BuawdL 
-¡-5x5 Izrahiah, bu Oct 2X, 1766; d. July xx, 1837; m. Rebecca Cbcte- 
brottgh (53oN). 
5x6 Jamea, bu 1770; d. Oct x, X7fl7, at fea. 

5x7 Eonicc^ bu X774; d. Fcbi 20^ x8xx, Albany, N. Y.; bl Thonaa 
Cbeaébroogh (407N). 

Proaper Wetxnora m. (x) July 26^ X747, Anne Huntsngton (dau. oí 
Hcaddah), bu Auf. a 1722; d. Aug. X2, X754, and had ion, Andrew, b. X75X, 
d. in inlancy. 

The lóllowinc dates írom oíd burying ground, Norwích, Conn.: 

"Kcturah Wetmore, conaort oí Prosper, d. Febu X3, X747f 28^ 53 ycars; 
James Wetmore, aon oí Prosper and K., d. Oct x, X747» 2t sea, aged X7 
years; Prosper Wetmore^ d. Oct X5, X788^ in ^sth year; Sarah Buawill, con- 
sort oí Lemuel BuswiU, Jr., and dau^ter oí Prosper Wetmore, d. June 27, 
V793» i» ^^ ^9th year; WilUam Wetmore Buswell. son oí Lemuel and 
SanJi, d. March 3X, X793, in hts 3d year; Sally Buswell, dau. oí Lemuel and 
Bizabeth, d. Sept 26, 1798, aged 9 months; Lemuel Buswell, d. March 6, 
18x4. aged 53 n^rtT 

CiirsAuxnr or ms Cmbsibbouob Faiulv. 331 

113 Natnakub.* Chbsibbougb (Deacoo Nftthan\ 35)» m. (i) Fch. 
23, 17501 Hamiah Wheder (dan. of Isaac and Mary [Wheeler] Wheeler), 
b. Sc^ it 1739; d. July 5. 1763; m. (3) Feb. 3, 1766b Mary Hallam (dau. 
of John and Abigail [Noyes] Hallam), b. June 23, 1746; d. Nov, 17» 1833; 
líved in Stonington, Conn. '^n Jone 24, 1764, he owncd the Covenant 
and had bis two children baiHized. He was a lanner, and on the fírst cali 
for troops in Apríl, 177S to resist the Britísh aggrcssions he enltsted ín 
Third Company, Sixlh Rcgiroent, nnder G>1. Samuel H, Parsona, Connecti- 
cut trooi», as a prívate; was díscharged Dec lo^ 1775; enlisted agaín ín 
Dorkecfs Rcghnent; ¥ras taken prísoner Nov. 16^ 1776^ on the snrrender oí 
Fort Washington, New York Island, wtth 3818 other soldiers, under — — 
Magan. After bis retnm bome he enlisted a third time in the Fifth Com- 
paoy of the Fourth Battalion of State troops; was made Ensign, and 
served under Gen. Spencer in Rhode Island. He continued in the Army 
until near the cióse of the war." 

*ln the settlement of bis estáte bis hetrs, througb the mismanagement 
and bad advict of the administrator. Amos Denison, Esq., became involved 
in a loog and expensive lawsuit, which so wasted the fme estáte that nothing 
remained to the family bnt the widow's dower. His yonngest son. Charles 
Grandison, never marríed, but cultivated wbat was left of the oíd bome- 
stead, Itving wtth his mother, who died at the age of 87, and his sisters 
Keturah, Prudence and Mary.** — From Rev. Amos S. Chesebrough's Notes, 
of first marríage (h. in Stonington, Conn.) : 

530 Natbaniel, b. June &, 176a 
+531 Hannah, b. Nov. 17, 1761; d. 1800^ Mystic, Conn.; m. Beebe 

Children of seoond marriage: 

+Sa3 Natbaniel, b. Dec 35, 1766; d. Feb. 5, 1839; m. Maiy Sanford. 

533 Keturah, b. Oct 13, 1768; d. Dec 33, 1853; unmarríed. 

534 Pru d ence, b. Jan. 31, 1770; d. Jan. 38, 1843; unmarríed. 

33S Mary, b. June 30^ 177^; d. June 17, 1841 ; m. Nicholas Hallam. 
-i-536 Nathan, b. July 3S I775; d. Sept i^ 1846; m. Cynthia Crary 
S37 HaUam, b. Aug. i, 1779; "sailed from New York 1811 and never 
neard from. 
+538 Enoch Stanton, b. Aug. 38^ 1781; d. Sept 35, 1859; m. Sally 
539 Charles GrandisoQ, b. April 15, 1785; d. April 6^ 1855; unmar- 
ríed; served in War of x8i3. 

114 PkUG* CnmatoüCH, m. Feb. 37, 1773, Rebecca Barber (dau. of 
Rev. Jonathan and Sarah [Noyes] Barber), d. June, 1803, Albany, N. Y. 
He was Selcctman of the Town of Stonington, Qmn., lor a number of 
years; Town Clerk Dec 3, 1781 ; Representative in General Assembly 1778; 
was one of the direetors of the Lottery scheme. chartered by the General 
Court to buUd the first meeting-house in. Stonington Borougfa; signer of the 

3» GniiAianr or tbb CnMumonJom Family. 

Pecitíoo of 17761 RevcUmionaiy War; graduatc oí Yak CóUcge 1755; in 
iTflB he removed to Wapins Creek^ near Poughkeepaie, N. Y.; he d. ai 
Fithkill. Dutchew Comtf, N. Y.» Oct 30. 1793* Childrcn (h. in Stoning- 
tOQ, Coon.) : 

-f-SJO Rebeeca, h. Bíareh 7, 1773; d. x86o^ New York; m. Izrahiah Wet- 

more (sisN). 
+531 Clarista, h. Febí 13, 1775; d. 1800; m. John R. Todd. 
+S33 Bctier. b. May g^ 1777; d. Feb. 7f 1841» Glens Falls, N. Y.; m. 

4533 Pdcg; h. Attc: 37» 1779; ¿ Ithaca, N. Y. ; m. Sally Moore. 
-i-534 Benjamín FranUin» h. Oct i, 1781. 

535 Jabei, b. Nov. 2% 1783 ; d. 1802, Tahago, West Indiet. 

536 Sally Barbar, h. Fdi. aá, 1786; m. StpL 16, 184a Lewts Newman 

oí Glens Falla, N. Y. 
+537 María, b. Apríl g^ 1788; d. 1674» Bergen Point, N. J.; m. Alan- 

ton Fox. 
+338 Locy, b. NoT. &, 1790; d. Apríl 19. zSt^; m. twice. 
S39 Nancy, b. Dcc g^ 179^; d. 1799^ Albúiy, N. Y. 

115 RoBiiT* Chbsebbouch, m. Dec. 35, 1764, Sconington, Qmul, Han- 
nah Chetebrougfa (33E). Chtldren (b. in Stonington, Conn.) : 

540 Lieut Robert, b. Apríl g^ 1766; d. Feb. 7, 1856^ New York City; 


541 Coddington, b. Apríl g^ 1769; d. Jan. 06, 177a 
543 Hannah* b. May 39^ 1771 ; d. Dec ig^ 1797* 

+543 Sarah ?., b. Jan. áá, 1774; d. June ig^ 1850; m. Capt Isaac* 

-fS44 Minetta, b. March 6, 1776; d. Dec IS 1843; m. Dodlcy Palmer 

-fS45 Coddington, \k May 30, 1779; d. Feb. 36^ x474» Germantown, Pa., 

«; 94 yeara. 
-1-546 AndronicttS, \k Jnne 13^ 1783; d. Jnne 18^ 1835» New York Qty; 

m. Margare! Moore 
+547 Eliza, b. Sept ix, 1785; d. Ang., 18^ New Yoric Cty; m. Aaron 

+548 Junia, h. Oct 33, 1789; d. 184a >n Ohio; m. Phcbe Bcebe. 

119 AiiifA* CBnunoooB (Deacon Nathan% 35), m. Sept 37> 1767» 
Sqnire Elijah Pahncr (son oí Nehcmiah and Submit [Palmerl Pahncr), b. 
Sqpt 13, 1743; d. May 3i, 1833. Children (b. in Stcmíngton, Conn.) : 

548a Elijah, b. May 31, 1768; drowned Dec 30^ 1789, on passage írom 
Sonlh Carolina. 
-f-549 Anna, b. Sept 7* X770; d. in New Orleans; m. James Smith. 
-1-550 Neheroiah, h. Sept 17, 1773; m. Welthian Palmer. 
+551 Dudley, b. Aug. 17, 1774» d- Sept 33, 1853; m. Minetta Chese- 
brough (544N). 

GunALOGv or nu CBumouGH pAiiav. 323 

55a Etdc H„ h. Dcc 7. I777. 

553 Gnrdon, iil -— — Hobnes (din. oí Dr. Silat Holmet). 

554 Afaigail, h. 1763; d. June 11» 17861 

+5S5 Rlioda, h. Jan. i, 1786; d. Fdi. 8^ 18731 n. Dr. William Hydc 
556 Delia» hi 1789; d. Aug. 2X, I79i. 

ui WnxiAii* CgttiwoucH (Dcaeon Nathan\ 35), d. in Albany 
County» N. Y.¡ m. Nov. 13, 1771^ Merqr Goddard (dan. ol Ebcneier and 
Merqr [Stanton] Goddard of New London, Conn.) ; thqr rcmoved'to Benic^ 
Alliany County, N. Y., abont 178BL Chtldrcn (b. tn Suningtoo» Coon.) : 

557 Mercy, h. Jnly id^ 1774-5; d. Jnly g^ 1783. 

+558 Huldah, h. Ni»v. ig^ 1776; d. StpL i^ 1841; m. Beaalcd Howe 

+559 Ebenezer» h. Mareh 25, 1778; onnarríed 

+5te Saxtonp b. Ang. 10^ 1779; d. i86i; m. Mary Yoong. 

561 Nathan, b. Feb. ii, 1781 ; went to aea in 1793. onbeard oi 

+563 Ovid Obedt b. Febí 3, 1783; d. 1861 ; m. Maigaret Cooger. 

+563 Beriab, \k Marcb 2, 1785; m. Sarab Yoong. 

+564 Mercjr, b. Sept 29, 1786; m. David Jacksoo. 

5^ Maiy» \k July 9^ 1788L 

+566 Nicholai Goddard, \k May 2, Z790; m. dará Críppen. 

+567 Nqyes Palmer» b. 1793 ;.ni. Oairista Moore. 

4-s66' David, b. 1796; m. Mary Sagnr. 

569 Sarab, b. 1798; d. aged 17 ycarSi 

122 EumcB* Thompioic (John\ 38), d. Jan. 21, 1777, Hartford, Coon.; 
m. June 19^ 1738b Eleazer Carpenier (ton oí Benjanin), \k Nov. 9^ 1709; 
d. Jan. 30^ 1777, Hartíord, Coon. Children : 

570 Ata, \k Dce. 18^ 1759; ¿ JvIt xo^ 1801 ; m. (1) — — Dvnbaní; 

m. (2) Bonice Parleer. 
'-I-57X James, b» April 4, 174X * d. Nov. 4, 1813; m. April 5, 1761, Irena 

572 William, bi Oct, 17^; d. Dcc. 24, 18x4; ni. Pck 19^ 1767» Racbcl 


573 Brídger, \k Feb» 22^ 1744- 

574 Jotiah, b. April i^ 1745 : ni. Dec 20^ X770b Fbdie Porter. 

575 Catherine, b. Mareb 24, 1747; m. Solomo» West 

576 Ennicc^ b. Oct s 1748; m. Joabua Tilden. 

577 Phebc^ b. Dee. 2, 1749; m. — — Bentlcy. 

578 Ebeneser, b. Dec. yK ITS'» »- (1) Isabel Wbeelock; m. (2) 


579 Amos, b. Jttly 2X, 1755; m. (1) Jan. 27, 1780^ Hannah Hunt; m. 

(2) Anne Ma^r. • 

580 Bctsey. 

136 Nathanbl* Pniincí (Elibu*, 50), m. Feb» xS^ X767, Mercy Green 
oí Canterbnry, Coon.; be m. (2) Feb. 7$ ^TA Locy Campbell oí Volim* 
lown, Conn. Children oí first marríage (b. in Prestoñ, Coon.) : 

324 GiNEALocnr or tbb CatstnouGB Family. 

582 Elibu, b. Jan. 31, 1768; d. June 30^ 1768. 
5813 Elisha» h. Oct 3, 1770^ Norwicb, Cona 
584 Pelck, b. Oct 23, 1773, Norwích, Cona 

Child oí Mcond marráge: 
588. Charks» b. Nov. 22, 179a 

151 Nathanol* Hxwnr (Mary* ChcsdirouKb, 51). m. A^l 24. 
I74CK Rcbeeea Gnnt (dan. oí Jotsah and Grace [Prcntke] Gnuit), b. June 
20, 1723. Children (b. tn Stonington, Cona) : 

600 Joatah, b. May u, 1742 ; m. Jaa 27, 1763. Merey Willtanis. 

601 Grace, b. May 2$, 1744. . 

-hóoa Naibaniel, b. Oct is 1746; m. Anna Hobart 

603 Lncy, b. Feb. 13, 1748-9^ 

604 Mary, b. July ^ 1751 ; d. ApriJ 8^ 1753. 
dos Rebccca, b. Feb. 22, 1754. 

606 Joiefih, b. May 10^ 1756. 

607 Mary, b. Jaa as. X759. 

153 Masy* Hswitt, m. May i, 1746^ Joiepb Page, Jr. (ion oí Joicph 
and Mary (Saxton] (Miner) Page), b. Sept 25, 1720; d. Nov. 21, x8ia 
Children (bi in Stonington, Cona) : 

610 Joseph, bi Feb. (lait day), 1747; n. I779b Patience Whceler. 
+611 Mary, b. Jaa 3Q1 1748-9; nt Tbomas Miner. 
612 Hannah, b. Jnly 11, I750>i. 

Jot€|ih Page, Jr., m. (2) May g^ 1756^ Lucy Wbeeler (daa oí Tbomas 
and Muy [Miner] Wbeeler), b. June 14, 1737; d. Feb. 16, 1822. Children 
(b. in Sto n i n gton, Cona) : 

Locy, b. Dee. 12, 1756; d. Oct 29^ 1845; m. Cymt Ba b co ck . 
Phebe^ b. July 30^ 1758; d. Jaa 12, 1827; unmarríed 
Katherinc^ b. Mareh 23, 1760; n. Daniel Stanton (9S7S). 
Thonai, b. Feb. 26; 1762; d. Aug. 21, 1807. 
Bridget, b. July 30^ 1764 ; d. Feb. 10^ 18x4 ; unnarried 
Abigail, b. June 30^ 1766; d. March 14, 1800; unmarríed 
Martba, b. Aug. 31, 1768; d. Sept 3» 1857; nt Edward Stanton 

Cymt, b. Feb. 3, 1771 ; d. 1828; m. Evelina Wightmaa 

Faniqr, b. June x^ 1773; d. May la, i8s4; m- WiUiam Cheie* 

brough (7aE). 
Paul, b. July xS^ X775; d. Dec 23» X797» 2t lea; unmarríed. 
Saxton, b. Seiit x^ X777; d. Sept 5» X7^ 
Capt Itaae Wheelcr, b. Apríl a3« X780; d. June xo^ x82x; m. 

Ehnira Delire HnlL 

Gemialoqy or tbs CwtimwioH Family. 325 

154' Hankam* HiwtTT, n. Oct 18^ 1751, Shepard Whccler (son of 
Thomas uid Mary [Mlncr] Wbcdcr). U Fek la, 17261 Cbildrca: 

613 Mtfy, bL Oct 7» 1754. 
-I-614 Shepird, b. D¿. s 1756* d. Dee. g^ 1798; m. Lucy Whceler. 
615 Dtútt, hi 176B. 

IS5 JoitPR* HtwiTT, m. May a, 1751, Sarmh Babcock. C3ii]dr«n: 

617 Mary, h. 17S& 

618 Bfllingt, Ix 176a 

-I-619 Naünniel, U Fcbi, 1763; ^ i93i • m- Sanh Avcry. 

6ao Sunad, b. 176& 

6ai David, b. 176B. 

6» Grace, U. 177a 

623 Joteph, b. 177a. 

164 FuiOLLA* CBisnaoucH (Príadl]a^ s^), d. about 1810; n. (1) 
1746^ Thomas Lccds (too of Tboinat and Marx (WUliainal Lccds), \k 
Scfkt 24, 1724; d. at Togwonk; tbe m. (2) Marclraa, 1737» David Thooip> 
Hm (78N). Chtldrcn of fim marriage: 

-foso Tbomat, b. Sc|it 17, 1747; d. May 26^ Z796; m. Mary Halfy. 

-|-6si Maiy, b. Apríl, 1751 ; m. twice. 

+652 Hannah, b. Nov^ 1749; m. Amos Sbaw. 

Child of Mcond marriage: 

-I-6S3 Priicilla, b. May, 1767; m. Ca|ML Perca Cheacbrough (4O4N). 

166 TAoMAS* Palmh, Ja., m. March 23, 1767, Mary Rotiitcr (dan. 
of Rev. Ebesezcr and Hannab [White] Rouítcr), b! Dec. 8^ i73St Scoo- 
ington, ComL; d. April 8^ 1771. Chüdrca (b. in Stonington, Cona) : 

-f^ Hannab, b. Oct 93» iTtt; a Samuel Stanton (972S). 
-i-áSS Tbomat White» b. Jan. i, 1770 ; m. Lnqr Wheder. 

itt BiiociT* Pauíhi, m. Jan. 30, 1766^ by Rev. Natbanid Eells, Bcna» 
dmn Gallup (son of CoL Benadiun and Hamtah [Avery] Gallup) of Gio* 
ton, Conn.; b. June 29^ i74<t Stonington, Coosi; d. April xa, 1818^ Groloa, 
Conn. OiUdren: 

-t-6s6 Benadwn, b. Oct 26; 176& 

-i-657 Bridget, bi Oct s XTtt; d. March 24, 1842. 

$S8 James, h. May 37, 1771 i <L May 11, i$34. 

659 Desire, b. Nov. 20^ 1773; in- Amos Worthington of Springfidd, 

+660 John, b. May ^, 1776; d. 1849- 

•fdói Lacy, b. June 23, 1779; d. May 30^ i^T^b Groton, Conn. 

662 Simeón, b. Sept 29, i^i; d. April 13, iSs^ 

p6 GiNSAUKY or TSB Chiííib o ü oh Family. 

169 Ouns* Palmh, m. Jan. 14, 1767, by Amoi Oietebroiigh, J. P.. 
StoatQgton, Coaa, Dtha Thonipioii (83N). Children: 

66s Dmre, b. Jan. 29, 176BL 

4-^4 Mary, b. Fch. 2a^ 1770; m. Stlaa Wbecler. 

66s Joaqili* b. Oct 5» 177X. 

666 Sarab, b. Jan. 15. 1774- 

I7t Col Amos* CHSsmouGH (C>L Amot% 54). »- (x) Jan. 33, 175S 
Iqr Rcv. Mathew Graves, New L o n d on , Conn., Mary Christophers (dan. oí 
Richard), d. Ju]y aB, 1773, ín agih year; he m. (a) Nov. 10^ 1779, Anna 
York (dan. oí Stanton oí Westerly, R. L, and widow oí •— - 
Children oí first narríace (hi tn New London, Quin.) : 

ÚÍ7 Mary, b. Match 30^ 1737; m. Gideon Babcodc. 

668 Desier, b. Febí 4, 1739; a Charles Congdon. 

-f669 Abtgail, b. Jan. oá, 1761 ; m. George Hasard Ferry. 

670 Richard Christophers, b. Feb. ao, 1763 ; d. Atig. 13, 1777. 

H-^ Henry, b. StpL 30^ 1764; d. Nov. 4, 1843; m. three times. 

^ Lydia, b. Oct a^ 1766; m. ^— Leavitt 

^3 Francés, b. Aug. 37, 176B; m. Benedict Babcock. 

17a Duna* CnanaouGB, m. Dec 22, 1751, Ephratm Miner (son oí 
Riiíbs and Mary Miner) oí New London, Conn. ; b. July lo^ I73i* Chil- 
dren (k and d. in New L o n d on , Conn.) : 

4674 Dcsire, b. 1753; d. Seiit 24» i834; »- David Frink. 
675 l^hraim, b. Oct a6^ 1753; ¿ Jnly XS 1754 

173 LvmA* EsTBia Chisiibouoh, m. May 16^ 1754, Hempsiead Miner 
(son oí dement and Abigail [Henpstead] Miner), b. Aug. 4, 1734. ChiN 

4^ Nabby, n. Joseph Taylor. 
4679 Eonice^ m. Jonathan Chesebroogh, Sr. (7i8S). 
6B0 Chesebroogh, h> March ai, 1771 ; m. (i) Lucietia ChesdwoQgh 
(7aoS) ; n. (a) Thankfnl Stanton (506N). 

174 PttsciLLA* Cwiiii a nuo H, n. (bis seeond wife) ^Wtlliam Fendk- 
ton (son oí CoL William and L^rdia [Barrowsl Pendleton); went lo 
Ponfrct, Conn.; then, in 1769^ to Islesboro, Me.; she was living in Maine 
May i8b 1794 ^"^mb ahe exeented a deed, with her hnsband, conveying land 
m her son Tonathan. Children: 

686 Lydia. 

6B7 Mary, b. Nov. 14, 1766; n. Jan. aa; 1788; Isaiah Valeos, J]r., 

oí Westcrly, R. L 
688 Brídget, bi Nov. 15, 1769; m. Robert Famesworth oí Waldo- 

bofo^ Me. 
6B9 Jonathan. 
690 Oorothy. 

Gemialoqy or tbb CBMtajuaoam Faiulv. 337 

^Wniiam Pendleton's fiffsl wife was Judhh Carr» whosc ehildrcn wcrt 
Jobb Olivcr, Johi^ Hany, Joditli» and i»roliilqr ochen. 

175 Makt* CmanaoucB, d tn Broékfidd, N. Y.; m. May i, x7S9b 
Stoningtoii, ComL, Rev. Nehemtah Pklmer (too oí Ndicmlah and Snbmit 
(Palmerl Püner), h. May i, 1738; d. Feb., 1839^ Brookfield. N. Y. Chtl- 
dren (h. tn Stonington» Conn.) : 

+700 Mary, h. Nov. 29, 1760; bap. Oct 14» 17^; m. John Suntoo. 

701 Prifldlla, h. Nov. 37» X7^; hap. Oct M» 1764- 

703 Ndicniah, b. July ii, 1764; ba^ Oct M» 1764- 

703 EUjah, b. March 18^ 176& 

704 Lois, bi March 24. 176B. 

705 Child. 

706 Amos Chcaebrotigh, b. Nov. 18^ 177a 

707 Dcsire, b. Sejit 30^ 1773. 
70B Sabrá, b. Jtily 4 1774- 

709 Jothua, b. May ii, I77& 

710 Sarah, b. Oct 3, 1777. 
71X Snbmit bi Feb. 8^ 1781. 
713 Warren, b. A|»ríl 18^ 1784. 

713 Hnldah, b, March 13, 1747; d. Aug. Z7, 1883, Syracnse, N. Y.; 
n. Feb. 13, 1804, Thomaa Safford. 

176 Samuil* CuiioaouGH^ n. A|»ríl ^ 1772, Mary Slack (304S)i d. 
Aug. 3S 18x4 Childien: 

4714 Anoa, bi Dec. 14, 1773; d. Aug. 3, 1846; m. Phcbe Densson. 

4715 Abígatl, b. June 13, 1776; n. Nathan Langworthy. 

716 Destre, k Aug. 31, 1778; d. Jan. 16^ 1869; m. Robert WUUaniti 
"i^iy Elirahrfh, b. Sept ax, 1780; m. John Noyea. . 
+718 Mary, U Avg. 39^ 17^; d. July 33, i866¡ m. (i) Eliaha Fiah; nt 

• (3) Elihn Chctebfo (66E). 
+7x9 Prítdlla, bi March 36^ 1786; m. John Noyca. 
+730 GcoDBC, k Atig. id^ 1789; d. F^ 33, 1835; n. Bctacy Baaa. 

177 Hanxab* CmanaouGB, m. April 33, 1767, Stonington, Joicph 
Sunton (343N), bi May 31, I739b Stoníngton, Conn.; d. 1833; Crotón, 
Conn. Childrcn (b. m Gioton, Coiul) : 

+73X John, b. July as, i7tiB; m. PoOy Palmer (700N). 

733 Josqih, k.May XX, 17^; m. Polly Dcnnia. 

733 Anna, b. Atig. 13, X77i ; d. April % 1779^ 

724 Amoa, b. June 10^ X773; nt Sabrá Pahncr. 

+735 Desire, k Jnne xo^ X775; d. ^ril x4 186& 

736 Joahtta, bi Afiril x, X777; d. March 36; X779l 

737 Anna, b. May 3; X779; d. unmarríad. 

738 Joahna C, b. Jnne x, X78X ; m. Harríct Hewitt (— N). 

739 Hamiah, k May 33, X783; «- Samnel R Pahncr. - 

338 Gbnialooy or tbi CanmoucB Family. 

730 . Blarxt tK Joly 4» IT^S; ¿ anmarried. 

731 RotMrrt, May 6, 1747 • n- Hannah Hewitt. 

178 JoHV* CHSsmouGH, n. Oct & I777t Loit (Palmer) HUliard (dau. 
oí Nebenuah and Sobmit Palmer and widow oí Joeepli HUliard)» h. Sept 
7. 175X» Sto n i n gton, Coon.; d. May 1, 1844» WhiteaboTOb N. Y. 

aoa Lydia* Gna (Sarah Cheid>roagli, 56N)» m. (x) Nov. 4, 1761, 
Stonington» Cono. Joñas Satterlee (6628), h. May 4, 1743; ihe m. (a) 
I785t Jamea Avcry. Children \k tn Groton. Coon.) : 

751 John, d. in in&ncy. 

7S3 Jonaa, b. Oct 37f 1764; d. March 8^ i9S3i Lcdyard; m. Lydia 

753 PoUy» tK May 2S, X7^; d. Biarch 8^ 1823; m. Fcb. x, 17891 Pérez 

754 Locy, b. X770; d. Apríl 10^ X84X; m. Afnil 3, 1796» Chetter 
+755 Bliaha, b. Oct 29, 1773; d. May x8^ 1859; «• P^ly Avery. 
756 Brídget, h. Feh. xx, X775 ; d. JaiL x^ x8s6; m. JaiL 3, I793t Samuel 

309 LucY* Gna (Sarah Oieaebroagh, 56),* m. Jan. 24, x76o^ fay Joseph 
Fish, Capt Sanford Billíngt (son of Ebenezer and first wife, Mary [Noyes] 
Billings), b, Apríl 31, 1736; d. April 35, x8o6l Children (b. tn Stoning- 

760 Eben e i er , h. JaiL 37» X76X ; d. April 7f 1797; mmarried 

761 Sanlord, \k April X5, X763; d. Jan. 33^ X787; immarried 
763 Robert» \k Dec. xs X764; d. F^ xs» X796; mmiarried 
763 Son, K April 7. 1767; d. April 30^ X767. 

+7^ Gilbert, b. Nov. 35, x7tiB; m. Lncy Swan (xTttS). 

H-7t^ Coddiiigton, Ik Oct 35, 1770; d. Feb. i¿, X84S, New Loodon, 

766 N^yes, b. March 38, 1773; d. Oct 17» xygy; mmarriod. 

+767 Lncy» b. Jone 30^ X775; m. Siephen Mcech. 

7tt Jamea Gcer, \k Oct 4i 1777» d. Jnly 3^ X79B; mmarriod. 

769 Sarah, b. Jaly xy. X78X ; d. Jan. 8^ x8oo; mmiarried. 

770 Washington, b. Dec. 3X, X783; d. Sept 9^ X799; ««Mrried. 

3X0 Aifos* STAmoM (Pnidcnce* Oiesébroogh, 57), killed at Fort 
(jriswold, ComL, S^t 6^ X781 ; m. Thankfol BUlings. Children: 

785 James, a sailor, lost at sea; mmiarried. 

+786 John, b, X774; n. Bathsheba (Hles. 

787 Lucy, m. Latham Williams. 

788 Amy, m. Judge William Williams of Ledyard. Conn. (first 


789 So^iia, m. «— ^ Morgaa 

GmiALOGr ov tbb Chimib o ü cm Family. 329 

314 GiStAJcnA* STAjrmr» n. Roben Gccr (ton oí Amos and Mary 
(Wri¿itl Gccr) (bolh oí Crotón, Conn.), h. March 16; 1761. Children: 

79i Abigmil. U Oct xa, 1783; d. Fdi. a6^ 1789^ 

793 Roben, b. Se|it 3Q1 1795- , 

794 Amos, b. Apríl 13, 1790; d. Febí (lau day), X79t. 

aao DoMTBY* Corp (láargaret* Slanton, 59), m. Apríl 29, 1742, Sion- 
inglon, Cona, Petcr Crary, 3d (son oí Peter, ad, and Ann [Cnlver] Crary), 
oí Crotón, Cona, d. Auf, ao^ 177& Children (b. in Crotón, Conn.) : 

799 Dorothy, b. March 19^ 1744; d. onniarríed 

-1-800 Nathan, K March a6^ 1746; d. May 30^ 181$; m. Sarah Pafancr. 

+801 PMer, b. Jone i€^ 1748; m. Lncretia Pahner. 

80a Honphrey, \k OcL a6b 1730; d. Jnly, 1791. 

-1-803 Hamiah, b. Mardi a6^ X753; d. Apríl 35, x8i6; nt Joacph Copp 

-1-804 Jonathan,bi Jme 16^ 1735; d. Sept^ 18x7; ni.BridgetBrown. 

-I-80S WiUiam, b. Dec ^ 1739» d. Jan. 7, 1783. 

331 Josf ATRAN* Copp, ou May X7» X747t Esther (Rogers) Scabory (daiL 
of James Rogeri, late oí New London, Cona, and wídow oí Cakb Sea- 
Uiry). Chüd: 

806 John, K Jone as 174& 

333 MAaoAaiT* Copp, m. Nov. xo^ X748b Stomngton, Coon. (first wiíe), 
Hoban Maaon (33sN), h. Oct 6, X783, Maaona laland; waa a gradnate oí 
Yak Collcge X748L Oiildrvn: 

-i-8xx Margaret, b. Jtme 17, i7So; d. Sept 61 1798; m. John Ciffen; both 
d. lame day, he aged 34 ycara. 
8X3 Loia, b. April 39^ X7S¿ 

813 Ebiathan, b. March 17, X7S4. 

814 Cathcríne, b. Dec 39^ 1755; d. Jan. 4, X76X. 
-1-8x5 Hcniy, b. Apríl 3i X758; m. Aaiy Wtlltanis. 

8x6 Zerviah, b. Jan. 3^ XT^a 

8x7 Eliphal, bi Sept 39^ X76x ; d. Nov. 33, X763. 

8x8 Hobart b. Nov. xs, X764. 

8x9 Lttke^ K May 7, X7ti7. 

335 HonAKr* Masón (333N), n. (3) Nov. xo^ X774i Silvia Babcodi; 
went to Nova Scotia. Children: 

8ao Dndky, h, Sept 34, X77S 
83X Nancy, k Feb. as, X778L 

333 KATHiaxNif Copp, m. Dec. afll X757» Nathan Cobb (son of Kenxy 
and Mary [Babcock] Cobb) oí Stonington, Conn.; b, X734; d. 1807. Chil- 
dren (k tn Norwich, Conn.) : 

830 Henry, k Jan. s, X739: d. May 30^ XTÓx. 

330 GniBAUxnr or tbb Chimib o ü ch Family. 

831 Hcnfj Scanton, bi Jone ^» 1761 ; m. Maiy Cobb. 

83a Kaihcríne, b. Ñor. 14 1760. 

933 Jennha» h. Scpt ifl^ 1764. 

934 Margiret, h. Afníl X7f X76& 

935 Muy» k Jntsr ¿^ 17Á 

J84 Joitra* CoTF, m. Dec 11, i7S7i New Loadon, Comi^ Ricbel Dcni- 
son (dan. of Duiíd and Racbel [Starr] Deníton)» bi S^t JO^ 1734; boch 
dctooid&mi of Eider WiUianí Biewetcr; he wis e gold and ttlver nnith. 
Oiildren (b. tn Giocon» Coon.) : 

•1-936 EHfabefh, b. Nov. u, 1758; nt twice. 

4937 Joaeph, \k Jme 2$, 1760; d. S^t g^ x937; m. Hannah* Cnxy. 

-1-938 Rachd D.t bi July ai, 1762; d. i939; m. Samnel Edgeeonhi 

939 Marfaret, h. Nov. 19^ 1764; d. Dec. 7, 1765. 

840 Ann» b. May as 1766; d. Jone it, lyé^ 

841 Jonathan» b. Aog. ^^ 1767; d. Jan. a; 1774. 
-1-843 Daniel, b. Aog. 4» 1770; o. Sarah Alljm. 

943 PcfSy» k Joly 13, 1773; d. onmarríed. 
+944 Katherine, b. Oct 7* 1775; i- Joljr 7f 18»; n- twke. 
-1-845 Jonaihan Shipky, b, Fék 13» X7^ 

aa7 Hannab^ Makuc (Zerviah* Stanton, 60)» m. Oct 4» I750k Henry 
Gallop (loa of Lieot Benadom and Eonice [Cobb] Gallop). b. Oct 5. X7as 
Gffocon» Conn.; d. Nov. ix, x8xx. Children (b. in Crotón, Conn.) : 

4-846 Ndieniah, b. Jone xg^ X75X ; m. Elizabcth Brown. 

+847 Eonice, b. Aog. 7, 1755; d. Joly x, xSag; n. Samoel Dennia. 

-1-848 Henry, b. Oct X7» X758; d. Nov. aa, x93i: n- Deaire Stanton 


-f849 Andrew, b. Jan. a6^ X761 ; nt Nancy Wddon. 

+950 hrtá. b. Nov. aa, X7^; d. Oct afl; x868; m. Blary Whipple 

851 Hannah, onnarríed. 

aa8 AifDiiBW* MAaoif (Zerviah^ Stanton, 60), m. March aob i7S4t 
Maxy Gallop (dao. of Samod and Mehitable [Bloont] Gallop), b. Jan. a^ 
X737; d. May 13, X797. Childrm: 

. -)-9s' Mehttabkb b. 1755; d. May ax, x93a; m. Tbomat Oary. 

4953 Ndieniah, b. Apríl xo^ X757; d.Octax,x8i6; m. Brídget Deniaoa 

a3X WxLUAM* HALaiY (Sarah* Stanton, 6x), n. (x) Locy ; m. 

(a) — — ; removed to New York State. Children of firtt 


9S5i Mary, b. Dec 30^ 1763; 9s6^ Nathan; 837» Mullían; 858b 
Livingttoa; 85A Theopbiloa. 

Children of lecond marriage : 
86ob James ; 86x, Heniy. 

GunALOGv or tmb Chbsebiough Fakxly. 331 

933 Col. JntiiiAH* Halssy (Sanh* Stamon, 61), m. Jtn. 1» 1769^ 
EsUier Parlad. Apríl 31» 1833; scrved in Revolutionary War; lived in 
Prttum, aad wu a lawyer m New London Q»iamy. Children (b. üi 
PreftoQ» Comí») : 

-t-84 Phebc, b. Sc|it 22, 1773 ; d Match 8^ 1803 ; m. Heseldah Goddard. 
666 Jcramah Shipky, K Oct » 1774; d. Sc|»t 12, i8s5; m. (i) 
Aptil 3it x8ii, Faimy Ayer; m. (3) Sept 32, 1818^ Sarah 
867 George Waabhigtoii, h. Apríl i, 1777; d. Jime 14. 1818; m. Lticy 
4466 Sally Ann» b, Nov. 6, 1779: d. March 16, 1808; m. Hesekiah 

869 William Pitt, h. March 4» 1782; d. Nov. 24. 1609; m. Sally Ayer. 

870 Esther, & S^ 18^ 1784; d. S^t 11, 1819; m. March 3^ 1806b 

Adin Cock. 
•H7X Silai Plowdeoí h. Jan. 6^ 1747 ; d. Atig.» 1814 ; unsnarríed. 
872 PoUy, b. Apríl 6, 1769; d. Oct 27, 1663, Red Hook, N. Y.; m. 

181 1, Palmer Cook, 
973 John Jay, b. Apríl iSt X79i ; d. Scpt 4, 161 1, St Bartholoniew's 

Island; «miarried. 
8|74 Harríet W^ h. Aug. 37» X704; d. in Brooklyn, N. Y.; n. William 

A. Walker. 

334 JoBM* Avmr (Anna Stantoo, 62), m. (1) Jan. 23» 1752, 0. S.» Mary 
Partee; m. (2) Apríl 14» tTTO, Experíence Stanton (355N). Children: 

8|7S Elisabelh» h. Auf. 33^ tTS^; d. yoong. 

876 Zipporah, b. Scpt 23» 1753; m. (i) Thomas Williams; m. (3) 

Daniel Cook; m. (3) Elias Woodward. 

8177 John, h, Dec. 14» X7S5; d. Nov. lo^ i6is; m. Lncy Ayer. 

876 Ama, b. Dec. 3t 1757; d. Nov. 39^ 1769. 

879 Sannel,b. June 3, 1760; d. 1836; m. Sarah Eldredge. 

88d Rohert, h. Sept 38^ 1763; drowned May 31, 1764. 

861 WiHiam, b. March 23» I7<^; d. Dee. s» 1796; m. Margaret Avery. 

6Bd Haanah, \k Dec 17» 1767; »- David Avery. 

Children oí second marriage (b. in Presión, Conn.) : 

885 Robert Stanton, b. Feb. 35, 1771; d. June 37* 1646; m. (1) June 

14, 1807, Sarah Crary ; m. (3) June 8, i&j^ Nancy Crary. 
866 Nalhaniel, b. March 14, 1773; d. March zo^ 1847, Preston. Cona ; 

8Q7 Amos, b. Nov. 3, 1774; <L Nov. 35, 1840; m. Dorothy Crary. 

886 Joñas, b. March 17. 1777» <L Sept 34, 1778L 

869 Mary, b. July I4i I779; <L Dec 31» i6a6. Preston« Conn.; 

600 Chrístopher, b. Oct 4t 1781 » ^ March lo^ i837 • m. 1806b Olivia 


333 GnrsAUxnr or tbb Cbxskbbodgh Family* 

93B MAKAatT" AvnY, m. Dec. 21, 1758; Dr. Jotbua Downcr (son oí 
Andrew and Sarah Downer) oí Prcston, Cooil; h. Atig. á^ 173S Ponfird, 
Coon.; d. Juhr ii» 1705, Preston, Coüsl; he was Surgeon in Eigbth Rcgi- 
nent, Qnmcctkut Müitia. at Fort Gríswold, Rcvolotíonary War; hit aoo» 
Dn Avcrj, was Ataittant Surgeon tn same rcgúncnC. Qiild: 

90a Matiarct, b. Julf 17» 176a 

Margarct Avery Downer d. Jnly a6^ 1760^ and Dr. Joshua Downer nt 
(a) Febí 25. 1763, Huldah Craiy (dan. oí Robert and Sarah [Tiaor] Crary) 
oí Presión, Coo¡l; b. May 6» 1743; sbe was adnútted to Firsi Chnrch oí 
Prcston Féh. aflL 1790; he was admitted March g^ 1789^ and thdr chíldren 
were bafi. in First Churdi oí Preston. Chíldren: 

Dr. Aveiy, h. Nov. 17» 1762; d. July id^ 1854; m. Abígail Mott 
Margare!, b. Jan. x, 171^; d. May xg^ xSÍjx; m. Dr. WUliam 

Robinson oí Stonington, CohHi 
Appleton, b. Oct 24, 1766; d. April, 1833; m. Jtiliette Rathbone 

(dan. oí John and Enniee [Wells] Rathbone). 
Afuia, b. Dec. s ^7^1 ^ Aug. x, X848; m. Thomas Prentice. 
Joshua, b. Dec. 4, 1770; d. Oct 25, X835; m. Sarah Rathbone 

(dan. oí John and Enniee [WellsJ Rathbone). 
Rfltert, b. Dec. 26^ X772. 

Adolphtts, bi Jan. xo^ X775 ; d. x843i Ithaca, N. Y. 
Charles Lee, b. Jan. 25. X777 ; d. in Philadelphia, Pa. 
Elisha, b. Apríl X5, 1779; removed to Pennsylvania. 
Sarah, b. Jnly 31, X781; d. Nov. 5, X840; m. Charles Smith oí 

Soohia. b. Scot 2X XT&i: d. Ans. 24. ifox : m. Daniel Brisan. 
John, b. May 31, X78B; removed to Úhio, aii trace ium. 

239 Isaac* Avnnr, m. JaiL 3, 176S, Mercy Williams (dan. oí Thomas 
and Mercy [Raymond] Williams), b. JaiL 24, X74S. Groton, Cooil Children: 

893 William Williams, h. Feb. 26; 17^; d. May 25. 18x3. 

894 Amos, b. Jone xs t7^; m. Sosan Starkweather. 

895 Isaac, h, Aug. xo^ X77X. 

896 John Stanton, h. Oct 7f 1774; d. Feb. 15, X79SL 

•fS97 Abigail, b. Oct X3, X776; d. July 2fll X854; m. Elisha Crary. 

89B Margaret, \k Feb. 23, X779; d. Sept 30^ 1856; unmarried. 

899 Mercy, b. May X4, X78X ; m. William Grant 

900 Heniy Alíred, b. Oct X4, X783; <L Pcb. xo^ x8xa 

24X Haitiiab* Avby m. Nov. X7, X768, Ebenexer Brewster, both oí 
Preston, Conn. Children (b. in Preston, Cona) : 

oox Anna, b. Aug. 20^ X769. 
903 Haimah, b. June X2, X77X. 

For other descendants oí Axma Stanton Avery (62N) see Swtefi 
Avery Ctnealogy, 

GiicBALOOT ov nu CHisimHiUGH Family. 333 

242 Hannab* Stakton (Lieiit Joseph*» 64), m. Oct afll 175^ Otarles 
Heti-ht (son of Maj. Israel and Anna [Brccd] Hewttt), Ix Aug. i^ 173a 
Chüdren (k in Nonh Stooington» Conn.) : 

903 Charles, b. A119. lá, 1757; served in Revoltitionary War and d. 
at sea. 

H-904 Hannah, b. Dec », 1758; m. C>L Joscph Smith. 

-I-90S Stanton, bi Oet 8^ 1760; m. Lucinda Grant 

906 Isaac, bi Jan. 28, 1762; m. X7S7i Cynthía Swan. 

-{-907 Elif b. Jnly 31, 1764; m. Bctsey Williams. 

906 Peres, K April 29, 1770; nu Fcb. la. I707» Nancy Williams. 

909 Palmer, b. Jan. 14, X777; m. F^ 23, 1800^ Euníce Williams. 

910 Anna, b. Aug. ^, 1779; m. Feb. 3, 1802, Jonáthan Avery. 
-f9ix Mary, \k Dec. i, i^i ; d. Jan. 23, iSso; m. Richard Wbeeler. 

244 Maicaut* Stamiün, m. Jan. 21, 1762, Isaac Frínk (son ol Isaac 
and Anna [Npyes] Frink), b. July 20^ 1741. Children (K in Stoning* 
Ion, Cona): 

912 Wílliam, b. Nov. 23, 1762; m. Wealthy Downer. 

913 Isaac, b. Apríl 26, 176$, 

914 Anna, \k Cict 24, 1767. 

915 Elias, b. Feb. 9^ 177a 

916 Cyrus, b. Jan. s I77X 

917 Polly. b. Feb. 2^ X77& 

918 Darítts. b. Feb. 26. 1778 (twin of above). 

919 Eunice, b. Feb. 24, i^ 

245 Isaac* Whislo Stanton. m. Sept 19. 1765, Ruth Ayer (dau. of 
John and Abby [Cook] Ayer), b. in Stonington, GMm.; d. in Dansville, Vt 

-1-9» Abigail, b. Jaa 7, 1767 ; n. Levi Coiltns. 

923 Anna, b. Nov. 4, 1768; 

924 Henry, h. Dec 7, i77o> 

925 Polly, b. Sept 2í, 1773. 
gao Harniah, b. June 23. 177^ 
937 Erastus. b, Sept 9^ 17^ 

928 Isaac W., b. Apríl ro^ 1781. 

929 William Jervaise, b. Aug. 27. 1793> 

930 John Ayer, K Dec 7» V78s> 

931 Joseph, b. March 15, 1789. 

932 Ruth, b. Aug. 19^ 179a 

246 WiuiAii* STAmüM, m. (i) Nov. 10, I773> Hannah Williams; m. 
(2) Hannah Foster. Child of first marríage : 

9it Thankful, b. July 23, 1774; a Nov. 27f I794t Elias 

Hannah, m. Daniel Masón (36S1N). 

334 GmiALOGY ov tbb CBmnoucH Family. 

247 AirifA* Stantov m. Dec. 15» 1768; James Allyn (too oí Jamct and 
AUhca [Avcry] Allyn) of Grocon, Conn.; \k July ^, 1739; d. «; 86 ycars. 

934 Junet, h. Oct a^ 1769L 

935 JoMph, h. Nov. g^ 1771. 

936 Anna, \k Jan. 22, 1774; m. «-— Nilea. 

937 Althttt h. Ang. 6, 17761 

938 Jaba. b. Jan. la^ 17791 

939 Charles, h. Sc|»t afi; 1781; d May 13. 1868^ Montville; m. Lois 


940 Martba. b» Apríl 17» 1784; n. Stephen Billims. 

941 Hannah, h. July 7. 17S7; d. S^t 3. I747> 
943 Roswell, b. July ii. 17^ 

248 Nathan* STAjrmr. m. Dec 23. I777i Stonincton, Cosm^ Anna 

Stanton (971S), d. Sept í7, 1823. Florida, N. Y. Children: 

• * 

. -943 Nathan, b. Jnly 4. 1779; n. June zi, 1804, Mary Dcniaon. 

, '944 Anna, d. yonng. 

.• 945 Daniel, b. Iday 17. 1781 ; d. Ang. 27. 1783. 

946 Amos. b. Feb. 11, 1783; d. Aug. 23. 1793. 

947 Anna, b. Dec. 7. 1784; m. Jan. 23» 1802. Florida, N. Y.. Aaa Cady. 

948 Joseph. b. Dec 20^ 1786; m. Jone 25. 1809, Jane Vandeveer. 

949 Benjamín Frankltn. b. Feb. 12. Z789; m. (i) Nov. 24, i8is 
v Martha B. Rogers; m. (2) Charlotte Jenldns. 

•". 950 Elizabeth, bu April 26^ 1791 ; d. Oct 2. 1791. 

. 951 John Jay. b. June 7» 1793; in- Sefit. 26^ 181^ Lucy F. Palmer. 

,952 Hiram. \k Feb. 26^ 1796; d. Match 9^ Z797» Florida, N. Y. 

-Hk^ Sophia. b. Nov. 23, 1798; m. Robert Gccr (979N). 

249 EumcB* Staxion. ul James Denison (i743S). d. April 26^ 1813. 

954 Joscph A., b. Dec. 22. 1774; m. June 9^ 1802» Rachd Chase. 

955 Anna, b. Dec x. 1780; m. Nathan Gecr. 
996 Dimmis. b. Feb. 3. 1783; m. Stephen Paine. 

957 Eunice S., b. June 17» 1785; m. Dec 16^ 1811, Dr. Timothy Paige 

938 Locy, b. April 4, 1788; unmarried. 

959 James, b. Oct 24, I79i- 

960 George. b. June 21. 1794 ; d. July 25, Z796. 

250 Mashia* STAiiTOir. m. Dec 22. Z774» Capt John Hohncs (son of 
John Holmes of Stonington, Conn., and Hannah [Halaey] of Southampton. 
Long Island), b. March 9^ 17491 Children: 

961 Hannah. b. t775; zn- luoic Wheeler (son of Isaac and Ruth 

[Swan] Wheeler). 

Gemialoqy qt tus CHisnMUGH Family. 33$ 

g6a John, m. (1) Nanqr Whcder; m. (a) Roih Wbcelcr (dau. ol 
• Isaac and Ruili [Swanl Whcclcr). 

963 BUaSf imiiiafrícda 

964 Lyqr, m. — - Coates of Noith Stonington, Comk 

965 Nancy, unmarried. 

3SX Maiy* STAinoii m. May 17» 1781, Stoningtoot Coiul, David Geer 
(son oí Ebcnctcr and Prndenee [Whedcr] Gcer) of Groton, Gwi. ; b. Juna 
i8k 1755; d. Avg. 31, 1^35. Children (b. in Ledyard. Quin.) : . 

-1-972 Dorotíiy, \k Apríl 22. 1782; d. March, 1870; m. E. D. Gcer. 

•H173 David, h. Jaa 20, 1784; d. Fcb. 12, 186a; m. Anna Galliap. 

-H174 WüUam Sumon» b. Oct 28, 1785; d. Sc|it iSt 1871 ; m. Lovisa 


-H175 Pnidence, h. March 30^ 178B; d. July 61 1971 ; m. Isaac Gallufi. 

+976 Joscph, h. Febi i^ 1790; d- April, 1864: m. Lura Witter. 

977 Cyms, b, AfNÍl i» 1792; d. Febu 22^ I797. 

•H178 Anna, h. A119. la. 1794; n. Samuel Geer. 

-j-979 Robert, b. Nov. jq^ 1796; n. Sophia Stanton (9S3N). 

•{-9B0 Isaac Wbeeter, U Jone i» 1801 ; d. Jan. s 1835; m. twice. 

-f9Bi Charles» b^ Aug. 19^ 1893; »• Eliiabcth B. HalL 

2S2 DoMTBY* Stamtmc, vl May 22, 1785» Noyes Palmer (61 E). Chil- 
dren (h. in Stonington, Coon.) : 

-f98a AUen, b. S^t l, 1786; d. Biarch 2S 1866; m. Elizabeth Pahner 
. -Hft Sally María, b. June 26, 1747; »• Randall Brown. 

-1-984 Noyes, k Apríl 20^ 1790; d. Feb. 18^ 1869; m. three times. 

985 John, b. Mardi, 1793; d. StpL 19^ I793- 
4986 Dorothy, b. March 13, 179S; d. Apríl 15, 188& 
-1-947 Benjamin Franidin, b. Oct 15. Z797; d. Nov. 23, 1878; m. twice. 
-f988 Alexander, h. Aug. 30^ 1800; d. Jan. 29^ 1893; m. Hannah Adelia 

264N Epiuuaii* Fkiijowa (Prudence* PlumK é7)> m- Apríl 24, 1766^ 
Rhoda Smith oí Stonington, Conn. Children (b. in Stonington, Cona) : 

-f 1000 Dr. Ephraim, h. Jan. ^, 1767; d. July 18^ s8si» Mont%-01e; m. 
Dorothy Cbester. 

looi Jeremiah, b. Fcb. 24, 17^; m. May yK 1802, Lois Minor. 

1002 Rhoda, K Jan. 3, 1771 ; d. June 12, 17Í2. 

1009 Asa, b. March 5, 1773* 

1004 Martha, b. Feb. 2, 1775: m. Heniy Robinson. 

loos Pmdcnce, b. Oct I7t 1777 ; <b- Nathan Miner. 

i'^oo Da. EPHaAiii* Fnxows, m. Apríl 4, z8oa, Dorothy Cbester (dau. 

3Sfi GwBAUxnr or tbs CiiiftiMmiCM Family. 

oí Joteph and Elizabeth [Otís] Chester), d. March 24. i8¿i, XfonivíUe. 

+1006 Francia, li. Nov. ao^ 1803; d. Apríl as, íSBS, Hartford, Coon. 
H-1007 John, b. Dcc la, 1805; m. Mary NoUc. 

1006 FaAiffCia* Fkixowa. n. (1) Nov^ 1837, Mary Colton (dau. of 
Cape Gad Cohon), d. March ag^ 1861 ; he n. (a) Catheríne Ann Hum- 
phrqri (daa of Henry Glasgow oí Virginia and widow oí John Hiun* 
lihreya) ; he waa a lawyer in Hartford, Conn. Qitldren of firtt marriage: 

1008 Mary Eliaabeth, h. Aog. 2^ xá3& 
lOQp Francia, b. May 8» 1830; nC Annie T. Clark, 
loio Gcneveret b. July x, 1833; n. Abraham Baldwtn. 
1011 Charlea ¿, h. June X7> 1834; m. Jone ao^ i86x. Emily C Baldwin. 
Children (h. in Orange, N. J.) : 

xoxa Carolina W., h. April x8» x86a; nt June 30^ 1890^ Rev. 

Frank J. Paradise of Andover, Maat., Dean of Christ 

Chnrch, New Orleana, in 18961 
1013 Rev. Edward Colton, b. Feb. aa, 1864; m. Elbcl A. Wil- 

cQx; Pastor of First Congrcgational Church, Derbyt 

Conn., in X896L 

X007 John* FkLLOwa, nt Mary Noble. Children: 

XOX4 John Smith, b. July 15, 1839; d. May xq, 1853. 

X015 Adeline María, b. Jan. 29^ X84X ; unmarried. 

X016 Marión, b. Aug. X3, X843; nt Augustus D. Herriek. 

10X7 Rhoda Hden, b. July xx, X845; m. Charles C Tiffany. 

10x8 William Henry, b. Dcc. a3, 1849; d. Oct 3i x9si« 

X019 Fanny, b. June X3, x8c7; d. July a6^ x8S7« 

xoao John Chester, b. Apríl 5, 1859; nt Enuna Davis. 

a66 Samctl* Fwllow^ (Prudence* Plumb^ 67N), m. March 7, X76& 
Mra. Mary Udall of Stonington, Conn. 

loai Mary, h. March ay, 1766 (N. S.). 

xoaa Martba, b. July 7» 1767- 

1023 Samuel, b. Feb. 4 1770. 

xoa4 Sarah, b. April xa, X77^ 

xoas Abigail, b. Jan. 3X, X774. 

xoa6 Exra, b. July ao^ X77& 

a8o Samuil* Ptuica (Samuel*, 68). m. Feb. a8^ 177X, Grace Baboock 
(dau. of Timothy). Children: 

xoay Sarah, m. •^-— » Sumner. 
XQsB Grace, m. Samuel Campbell. 
xoa9 Samuel, m. Eliaabeth Baldwin. 

GiNSALOGY or Tss Cbiskbbough Family. 337 

1030 Grcen, h. Sept ag^ 1780; d. June to^ 1854; m. Melinda Rich- 

IQ3I Loís. 

1Q33 PhilurA. n. ■■ BUke. 

aBi Jamis' Plumb (Sanuel% ttN). d. in Halifax, Vt; n. (x) July 
J6b X7<S7i Lydia Saiford, d. Dec ao, X7B3 ; m. (2) Jan. 9$ iT^S» Phebe Miner, 
d. Apríl 23» i8q6; n. (3) Sept ig^ 1808, Eunice Miner. Children oí ñrst 
nuuriage Ol in Stooington» Conn.) : 

1034 Gcorge, b. Nov. 19^ 1768 ; m. 1790^ Martha Whitoo. 

1035 Ljdia, b. Jan. 2, 1771 1 t¡L Dec. 23, 1793, — — ~ Miles. 
XQ36 DatLt b. and d. Mareh x, I773> 

X037 Gract, b. Maich i4 1774* nt Jan. 15, 179$» George Boardman. 
1038 Janiea, b. Jin. 7, 1777; ni. Oct 8» 1806^ Lodnda Alien. 
IQ39 Sabrá, b. March 11» 1779; m. Oct 6, 1806^ Osiaa Smead. 

Children of tecond marríage (b. in Slonsngton, ConxL) : 

X040 WiHiam, b. Dec 2$, 1785* nt Oct 22, X815. Olive Eames. 

X04X Elisha, b. March 27, 1787; d. July x8, 1823. Henderaon, Ky. 

XQ42 Sanford. b. Feb. 3, 1790; m. Oct 4 X821, Berílla Surk. 

1043 Phebe, b. March 29^ X793; nt Joseph Day. 

1044 Samuel, h. Atig. 8» 1794; d. June 2, I799> 

IQ45 Saxton, b. Jan. í¿, 1797; n. June 28^ 1827, París, IlL, Harriet 

IQ46 Darítts, b. Jsn. 15, 1799, Halifax, Vt ; went to California. 
X047 Luke, b. JasL 29, 1801 ; d. Sept 29^ 1819^ Windsor. 
1048 Ozias S., b. Aug. 28^ 1802; m. (x) Catheríne Rosa; m. (2) Mary 

Underwood; lived in North Adamt, Mass. 
X049 Edson, b. July xo, x8o6| Haliíax, Vt ; went West 

284 Josira* Plumb (Samoel*, 68), lived in Castkton, Vt; m. (x) 
Dec s» I773i Deborah Miner oí RuUand, Vt ; m. (2) Snsaniiah Woodward, 
1 Oct 22, X803, Rutland, Vt He served in Revolutionary War at Fort 
Gríswold, ConiL Children oí first xnarríage: 

xoso Eunice, b. June 28^ 1775. 

lOSi Oliver, b. Jan. 24, 1777* 

X052 Elisabeth, b. March 22, 1779. 

+X0S3 Elias, b. Nov. 29^ 1780; d. Oct xx, X84& 

X054 David, b. Oct X4> X782. 

4-X0S5 Samuel Mtnor, b. Dec X4, X784 ; d. March 6, X852. 

xos6 Elisha, b. May 22, X787. 

X057 Martha, b. Jan. X2, X789L 

Children oí second marríage: 

X058 Joseph Woodward, b. June 27, X79& 
. X0S9 Polly. 
X060 Suaaimah Woodward. 


X053 Elias* Plumb, m. Apríl 20, í8o6, Susannah Kíngsley, d. Sept. 18. 
1810» in joch year; líved ín'CromweU« Vt. Children: 
io6x Ira Brown, b. Jan. 27, 1807. 

1062 £li2a Woodworth, b. Jan. 2, i8ia 

XOS5 Samuil* Mum Plumb» m. Feb. 6, 1812, Lott Hsyntt, b. May 17. 
1793 ; d. May 12» 1847. Children : 

1063 Lottisa A., b. 1814; m. 1835, Rev. Thomat Grcen. 

X064 Dr. Sylvanut R, b. Feb. 19^ 18x9: d. Aug. 13,. x88o; m. (i) 
Charíty Kniffen; m. (a) Nancy Peaae. 

a85 Natbahiil* Plumb (Samuer, 6BN), m. Aug. 19^ 1781. Anna 
Langwortby (joSoS), b. Nov. 4» I7^; d. June s» 1853; he was a soldier in 
the Revoiutioaarj War. Childnen : 

1066 Anna» b. Aug. 19^ 1782; d. in Pamela, N. Y.; m. Thomas 

1067 Son» b. SepL 18» 1784; d. 1784. 

1068 Lucinda, b. SepL 3» 1786; d. in Brownsville, N. Y.; m. Abner 

X069 Altana, b. Jan. 20, 1789; d. in BrownsviUe, N. Y.; m. Samuel 

xpTO Tcmperance, b. Aug. Ja 1792; d. in Warren, Pa. 
1071 Sophia, b. June 7. 1794; d. July, 1796. 
1073 Ennicf, b. Sept x$, X796; d. x88x, Grand Havcn, Mich.; m. 

Shadirach Evans. 
X073 Polly, b. Sept 20, X798; d in Bro%vnsville, N. Y.; m. George* 

Plumbb Jr. 
X074 Grace, b. Aug. X3, x8oo; d. in Pillar Poixit N. Y.; m. Charles 


X07S George Clinton, b. Aug. 30, x8o8; m. (x) Betscy Ann Moffat; m. 

(3) Mary Robinaoo. 
1076 Sophfonía, b. Oct 4 i&H! ^ » Shabne/s Giove, III; m. Bald- 

win Woodmff. 
X077 Olive, h. Mareh 17» 1807; d. X869; m. Stepben Rogers. 
1078 Charles Pinckney» bw Nov. xp, x8xx; m. three times; Uved in 

BfownsviUe, N. Y. 

For olher desoendants oí Pmdence Richardson Plumb (3oN) see 
Plmmb Gtn^alogf. 

S27 Col. JoirATiuar' Palmo (Pmdence* Holmes, 85), d. Jait 3, 18x0, 
s. 64 years; m. Nov., X782, Stonington, ConiL, Lucinda Smith (dau. oí 
Oliver and Zerviah [Bingham] Smith), d. Fdx 3, 1834. s. S9 yctn; he was 
Custom House Officer in Philadelphia ; his eonmiission signed X79X by 
George Washington, President United States. Children (b. in Stoning- 
ton, Coim.): 

+1Q79 Lucinda, m. Samuel TrumbulL 

GniBALooy or nn Chimmüoh Family. 3M 

+10B0 Suwht d. PA xs iSírs, iii goib ycar; nt Coddifigtoii Chcsc- 

Ivongli (S4SN). 

+ioBx Sophia, b. 178^; m. Edwird Chetebroogli (499N). 

icBs Olhrcr, d. Oct ag» xSdL c 9 Tovs. 

u43 Joaatliaii» Jr^ d. munarricd m Philadelpiíia, Pa. 

xofi4 Edward, oi. Harrid Ana Hydc 

u4s Oltw. 

X0B6 Lvcrcda, k Jul. 1795; d. Oct, f79S* 

io8|7 Albcft* 

xoBB Godirqr L., d. May a» xSss» at sea. c as ycars. 

XC99 LoamiA* Palmus m. Joly la, 1799^ Samuel TmniMiU (ton of 
John), h. Oct, 1778; d. Jolsr 7, iMb Sloiitngtoii, Cana Childrtn: 

xoQp Samad, k llaich id^ ito; d. A^ la, 180L 
logo Lucinda, k llarch 6^ i8ox; m. llaj 11, i8xg^ Tlnmaa B. Stokca. 
1091 Jobn Jeffcraoo, k JaiL:Q, 1803; d. PA ao^ XB04. 
109a John, k Pck :q, 1805. 

X09S Charka Hcni7»kDae. iflL i8o7;d. Jaa.9b iSoBl 
H-X094 Sarah Sopbta, k Dae. 2, 1808; d. Aug. 31, x886; nt Majr f, x8ai^ 

Piancia Pandldon {ion oi Guit ToDaihaa and Luor Hineklcy 

[Pcndlctoo] Pcndkion). 

1095 Hliiabeth Praneet, k Aus» xji 1811 ; nt -*— > Swaat 

1096 Tbomai Jefferaoo, bu Itfarch 7$ 1814: d. Match ao^ 1814. 

1097 Jamca Madiaon, k March 7, 18x4 (twin of above) ; d. Itfarch 

^ 18x4 

X09B Uarit Loniit, k April as i8xS; m. StpL x6^ 1836^ Cyrcneua C 

X099 Luc7, k June a9^ x8x7; d. Pdn 4 s497» Lawrenec^ Kan.; nt Her- 
mán Pield. 

xxoo Andrew Jackaon, b. Scpt 6, xSigi 

xxox Samuel PranUsn, b. Scpt x6^ x8a& 

34a Macr^ Houna (Joahua', 87), m. Jan. aa, X78X, Joacph Bread 
(ton oí Natfaan and L4icgr [Baboocfc] Brecd), b. Julj 9^ X758L Children (b. 
in Slontnaton. Coon.) : 

XX03 Joacph Palmer, b. X78X ; d. unmarrícd. 

+XX04 Charlea, b. llarch X7, X783; nt PoUy Hancox (XX44S). 

+XXQ5 Mcrqr, b. FA. X7, X78S; a Amoa Hancox (xxsaS). 

XX06 Lucy, k May ao^ X7é|7; UL CoUina, 

XX07 Nathan, b. Jan. a6b X799; nt March a9b x8x6^ Fanqy Hancox 

ixoB Anna, k Jan. 6^ XTpx. 

X109 John, b. Nov. ¿, 1792. 

xiio Prudcncc, k Nov. 7$ 1794; st — — Unet. 

xixx SaUy, b. March xx, X79B; m. Pendletoa 

. xxxa AUgail, m. — — Gleaaon. 


345 Saiah' HoLMit (Jothua* $7N), m. Marcli 30. X79S Sconíngton» 
ConiL, Georgí Ridurdaon. Chüdrco (b. in Stonington» Conn.) : 

XX13 SaOj, b. Marcb I7t X79& 

IS14 Hannah, k Idareh xa ITPB, 

1X15 GeorgCb b. Oct xg^ x8oa 

xxx6 Anna» b. Apríl 1$, X803. 

XXX7 Stcfto. b. Dcc 7» iMl 

xix8 Jooatban. b. Oct as» x8o& 

IXXQ Thankful» b. May og, i8xa. 

343 Edwíükd* Houcift (Jotbua*, $7), in. Fdn 15, 1789b MoDy Grant 
(dati. oí Joshua and Sarah [Breed] Gianl), b. Maxth a» X77X; d. x8x7. 
dildrai (k in Noith Stonington» Conn.) : 

xxao Prentícfb b. Fek xo^ 1793; d. xSax; nnniarricd. 

xxax Joahua, bu Match la; 1796; d. Oct, x95X. Onetda Lalfe, N. Y.; 

xxaa Roüell» b. May aa, XTSlB; n. Maxtha* Holmat. 

xxa3 Hoiea Whecln; b. May 18» x8oo; m. Sophionia WUbur. 

xxa4 Silat» b. July xy, X8013 ; m. April a, xflias, Sarviah Wbcdcr. 

xxas Maryt b. April, X805; d. July, X8S9; omnarrícd. 

xxa6 Ettnkcb b. April la^ 180B; n. X847» Lmcr Tockar. 

ixa7 Edward. b. Jan. 5, i8xx; d. May xx, X858; n. Nov. aob x834, 
Meliasa Ann Whaelcr. 

Por oúicr dctccndanu oí Edward* Holncs sea Grami Génealoiy. 


36a Uámx* HauiMB (JaflMS*» 89), m. Scpt a8, iTpt, Nathan Holniet 
(ion oí Tbooiai ai¥l Tcpperancc Holrács), b. Nov. aa, X77i« Childrcn (b. 
tn Slonsngtonp Conn») z 

xxaB Natfaan» b. Aug. 93, X792- 
ixap Tcmperanct^ k Jnne as» X794- 

3SXN Locy* WALwon (Sarah* Hofancí, 88), m. William Middleton. 


John, ttk . and had WUliaa R, (korge W., John, 

Jr., ai¥l Mra. Pcnfidd oí Gioton, Conn. 

355 Edwaid' Walwoktb (Sarah* Holmct, 88), m. Comstock; 

bad leveral diildien, one oí whon, Edward, Jr., m. Becky Brígfatman, and 
thqr wcrt the parante oí Mr^ Adelina Fish oí Noank, Conn., who d. Jan. 
X7» 1890^ in her 9ad ycar; the had eight children. 

For ocher descendente oí Sarah (Hohnea) Walworth (88N) tee 
íVaiwortk Gtnetíogy. 

PAmby. 341 


5S8 Jambí* HoufBS (Jaais% 89). m. Jia iflL 177^ Bsthcr Babeodb 
Oiildroi (k ia North S l ot ua g i oii, Coan.) : 

1130 Ephrainii k AprO 1»^ f77& 

1131 Iknry» b. Aug. jo^ v/Bx 
tija Robert» k Jin. i, i^te 

fil3 Esther. k Itfarch s^ 17S4; d. ia iaiancy. 

1134 Ennicc, k llaidi s 17^4 (twin oí above) ; d. in ialaiicr. 

siis Nthcariih» k 178! 

sia6 Hatard, k J11I7 i, 1788; sl Pamqr Dcaiioo. 

1137 Esthcr, k Scpt u^ 179a 

itj8 James» k Itfarch 24 1793; 

XI3P Noffti» k Apríl iB^ I7S3. 

173 SuuiaAL* Baowii (Ana* Hofanca» 90)9 oi. May íú^ 1790^ bj Jaitiet 
B a bc o ck , Ljrdda Palmer. Childrca: 

PUtcnci^ Naacj» TóOf, Rotwel]» Shnebal» Bets^. 

374 Rmwill* Biowir, m. Sept 6^ 1788^ Stonington. Cooil, Bsúitr 
Wttliama. QOldm: 

1140 RocwcU, k Itfarcli 13» 1790^ 

1141 WiUiam» k Jone s I79B> 

1148 Eliat, k Aug. ifl^ 1794. 
1143 Esdicr, k Jone ifl^ 179& 

375 Tbaicbbi* Baoww; m. x8oo^ Eathcr (Williams) Browa (widow of 
his iHOCber Roswell). Childrcn: 

+1144 Thatchar, k Aug. 31, 1800; m. Aug: 3» xfl?!, Enniea Spalding. 
X14S Klioda, k Jaa is tñaa. 
1x46 Jcdcdiah, k Jone 23, 1805. 

1144 TBATcan* Baowiif m. Euniee Spalding. Childrca: 

XS47 Thatchcr Edwia» k Scpt 14, iSaa; d. March ao^ 190a 

1x48 Eanicc^ k Oct. ao^ 1824; d. Nov. x6^ 1834. 

1149 DaiL, k ApríJ X, x8a6i d. Apríl 3» i8a6i 
X150 Enaicc» k June x, iSaB; d. Dcc 30^ t8si> 
IX5X Amaada, k Fck 3» x93S* 

xxsa Daniel, k Fck xa^ X834; d. Scpt 93, x8¡3& 

1x53 William Burrows» k June 34 xflisa 

XXS4 John Spalding, k June I3i i84X. 

1X55 Leland Smtth, k Oct aSi X843 ; d. Fck 4> x47a 

XX56 Eanice Victoria» k March ati^ 184& 

US7 Luqr Anna» k Oct ft X848; m. Julj 8^ 1868; Charles & Ryon. 
Childrcn (k in Slonington, Conn.) : 

1x58 William Eugcnc» k July xo^ X8691 
XX59 Frank Edwin» k March ati^ x8!;3. 

342 GsMBAUxnr or tbs Cnvunoaan Family. 

400 WiixuM* No\u (William\ 96), b. Apríl 13» 1743; m- Elizabeth 
GUlette and lived in Norwidit N. Y.; he wu Judge and Scnator. Children: 

náS Sybil» m. Bra^ton Alien (xiS7N) ; lived tn Vii^in»- 
1167 George^ k Majr ^ itA Canaan, Conn.; d. June 13» iSss; ">• 
July 17» 1804» Canaai^ Omul» Maitlia Coftu (dan. oí John and 
Sarah Curtii)» k Aug. xo^ 1787; d. hUnh 4 1864- Children: 

X171 William Curtía» h. Aug. xg^ 1805; ^ Tke. 2% X864; n. 
(x) Annie Traqr; m. (a) Julia F. Tallmadge of New 
York Gtj. He waa one oí the moet entnent Uw/cri 
oí hia tímc^ a leader oí the Bar in New York Gtj. 

XX73 Gcmge, d. May xo^ x85a 

XX73 Martha, d. July XX, x479; n. Henry Dwight Mniliams, 
d. x8sH-. Mra. Martha Williana and her hua- 
band on their retum írom China lo New York 
during the Gvil War were cafitnred by the rebel pri- 
Tateer Skimamdoah, and many oí their worka oí art 
and curios were plundered and deetroyed; they were 
aíterward awarded danages irom the ''Alabana Fund." 
She published a very interetting acoount oí their 

XX74 DiUon, d. uxunarried. 
XX75 Charlotte, d. unmarried. 

xx;6 Elisabeth Rachel, d. Oct 97* x88|7; m. Richard H. More- 
honae. Child: 

Walter, now living in Fkwencc^ Italy. 

XX77 Artemesia, d. Aug. 3X, x478; m. Bradlqr B. Buit. 
XX78 Sarah Ann, nt Auguatua H. Johnson. 
+XX79 Margaret Eliaabeth, b. Mareh lá, x8ao; d Aug: xs, x89s; 
nt Heniy W. RockwelL 
X180 Harriet Curtís; unmarried 

XX79 MAiGAnr* Euzabeth Novia, m. Henry Wdls Rockwell (son oí 
Thomas and Mehitabk Rockwell), b. March 3, x8x8; d Fek 3i x879^ 

xx8a Harriet Noyes, k May 7, X843; d May X3, x^; unmarried 
1x83 Frederick Henry, k July x6^ X845; d Nov. X3, x8sa; unmarried 
X184 Henry Nqyes, b. July 4 X849; nt Ñor. 6, x87o^ Marión Stuart 

Out water. 
xxBs George N<vcs, b. Jan. X4 x8ss; nt June 24 x877f Emma Lord 
xx86 William Curtís Noyes, b. Aug. ag^ x8s6; d Dec 6, 1897; 

40X Sybil* Noybs (Wüliam*, gSN), m. Samuel Avery (bis first wiíe). 

OgméOjoof m tvb Chummun» FAMav. 343 

ii$7 SfhSU nk a ion of Prctideiit Littlcs of Yale Colkgc; üfá in 
fb*«##iw Qiildrai! 

iifiS Harriet 
ixQp Elia. 

4» Samuil* No/ii (William** 96)» sl AbigaO Harding (dan. of CapL 
Harding of New York). Oiild: 

Scth, nk Laqr Hofmar of Middldown, Coon.; sarcral childicn» 
of whoai wtrt Cipt Charlea; Marjr; Aogustut, who sl aad 
livcd tn HndaoQ, N. Y^ and had a larga íumkft of whoni were: 
Julia; Harrict; Grotvenor; Sally* 

404 lÍAgY* Nov» (William% 96)> d, in Cooperat o wn, N, Y.; nt Mardi 
15» 17B1» New CanaaQ» N. Y^ Hon. Jndga Elibu Phtnncj» k Jo^r Mi 17A 
New Milford, Conn»; d. J11I7 la^ 1813» Cooperstown» N. Y.; he removed 
f ron Connecticiit to Cooperslown FA, afl; i7«St and wu one of iia tet 
icttlcrt: in tlie foUowinc Aoril he ieaoed the fint neweoaoer oabÜihed in 
New Yofk Staté wcst of Attianí; called Thé OUego H^raU. Children (K 
tn New Onaan» N. Y.) : 

laoo Hcnrjr» h. Oct ao^ 178a; d. Se^t Mi 1850; onmarried. 

+IJ01 Katberine^ k Aug: 31, 1783; d. Oct 17» i899b Coope nt own, N. Y. 

+iaoa EUbn, h. Jiity f, 178S; vl Nanor W. Tillany. 

10013 George Gordon, h. Jnne 13» 1747; d. Jan. 7» ifiíB; unmarried. 

+1004 SoghiM. h. Jnne 15» I79p; d. Apríl xi» 1866b Sununili Wia. 

fOQS P0II7» k April 30b 1799; d. Fek lOb I793> 

loof * KATKianft* Panmiy, nt Jnne 05, 1803, Elijah Hydc Mctcal^ k 
Sept 8b 1778b Eatt Haddam, Conn»; d. Sept 14 i8n, Coope nt own, N. Y. 
Oiildren (k in Coope nt own, N. Y.) : 

iao6 Henry Phtnney, K May is 1804; d Jaa aob 1869; onmarried. 

+IJ07 Mary, h. Jnne 18» x8o6; d. Frfa. 07» 1883» Clifton Springs» N. Y. 

xoq8 John. h. Aog; iB, x8o8; onmarried. 

+xaoQ Katherine, K AprO is 18x1; d Fek xflL i8p& 

12x0 Sophia King, h. Jnly db i8i3» d Oct lOb 1885; onmarried 

I3IX Elijah Hjde, Jr^ h. Jo^ ift X815; d May gb 1856; onmarried 

X207 Maiy* MncALT, m. May 4 1836b Cooperstown» N. Y., Isaiah Til* 
fany (eon of «CoL leaiah Tiffany and Nancy [Whiting]» dan. oí CoL WiU- 
iam Bradiórd and Amy [Lathrop] Whiting)» h. April 23» x8ox ; d Aog. 2b 
i8Bg^ difton Springí, N. Y. Children; 

+1212 Maiy Phinney» k May 23» tSay; d Joly xi. x88ob Clifton 

SpringSy N. Y. 
■ 1213 Isaiah. Jr., h. Dcc. 28. X828; d Jan. xgb x830l 

•Col. Imlab TOlaar ttmd ia tbt Rtveletleo. 

344 GmfiAtocy or ram CaunMUGS Famov. 

+iax4 Ctlfaeriiic Metcal^ b. Nov. J6b x93i ; d. Jaa 6^ 1893. 

lais Hcnry Phtsnqr, h. July 4, 1934. 

I3i6 John Latbroii^ b. Jul/ S x937; d. Ans» x, x938L 

iai7 Gractp li. Jone 37» 1840; <L Segt 2» X84S 

12x8 John Latbroii^ k June 25, X844; d. April 93, 1848L 

laia ILunr* Phxh mnr TiryAifY, oi. Nov. jo^ x86x, Utka, N. Y^ WiUiam 
Fofter (ton of Hcnry and PoUy [Hubbtrd] Fostcr of Norwich, Vt» and 
iHOCber oí Hcnry Fo«tfr, the loimdcr of CUfton Spríngs Saniuriinn, New 
York)» bw Scpt x6^ x8x8^ Norwicfa, Vt; d Dec ay, x8Bx, Laa Vegas. 
ChOdrm (b. in Oiftoo Springí, K Y.) ; 

13X9 Henry H., k Aug: 26» i962; d. Dec. 4 X863. 
12» Grace TiÁiqr» b. Nov. ao^ X864; d May 24, x8^ 

X2X4 OranniB* Mncatr TttFAinr, m. Aog. 31, x47a John Fraier of 
Miisiasipin, gradúate Wett Poim Military Acadenqr, C^tain of United 
Stetet Regulara; lenred m lleidco; Brigadier-General in the Confedérate 
Amy duríng the Gvil War. Child: 

X2a3 Mary lletcal^ k Aug. a8; x97X ; n. June x, x89Sp Robert H Vin- 
cent. b. Sept 22, X869L Children (k in Clifton Spríngí, N. Y.) : 

X234 Marión Fraser, b. June 2, x993- 
X225 Marjori«i b. Feb. 23» X898; d xgoi. 
1226 Stewart Tilfaiiy. b. Nov. 25» xgoa 

X2D9 Katbhxhs* Mstcalt, m. May 4 X83X» James Madison Stocking 
of Utica, N. Y.;b. NoT. 24 x8úft Utica, N. Y.; d Jaa xxrxSSa, Utica^N. Y. 

i2aB Mary, d in infancy. 

+1299 Sophia Fliiabetb, h. Dec x6^ xfl|33; nt Oct so^ i86a^ Dr. Thomas 
& Blodgett 

XJ90 Francés Hydc^ b. June 4 X836 ; unmarried 

1231 Sttsan Porter, b. Fek x, 1438; umnarried 

1232 Samuel, k Fck 21, X840; Uves in Atlanta, Ga 
xa33 Mary, b. Jaa xx, 1842; m. Dn Frank Roof. 

X234 Fredtfick Tiffai^, k May 4 X844; la — — — Hart 

X2Q2 EUHU* PmxMNiy, m. Nov. x6^ x8xs, Clifton 3prixig8, N. Y«, Nancy 
Whitmg TlCaiqr (daa of CoL Isaiah), d Febi X3, x84g^ Cooperstowa 
N. Y., s. 57 years. Children (b. in Cooperstowa N. Y.) : 

+xa3S Henry Frederiek, k Dec 1$, x8x6; d Oct 28, x875; n. CaroUne 
Martha Cooper. 
X236 Elihu, b. June 20^ x8a3; d Sept 20^ X892» Cóoperstown, N. Y.; 
m. June X2, 185X, Sarah Lispenard Stewart, who d July 23» 
X902, s. 75 years, Cóop ers t o wn, N. Y.; son, Akxander, b. 
Jaa X, X864- 

GmAUNSY or tbs CmstBiouQB Family. 34S 

1^37 Harrict Bndlord» k Apiil 30^ 1895; oi. June 4 i&i9b Itev. Oarln 

King McHarg: 
I2j8 Ana Whttíng^ b. Fcbi 4 1827; d Mmich 13, 18^; tmniarried 
ia39 John Lathrop Tifany. bu Jan. 17» iSag; d June4 1854; munarricd 

1935 Hsifiy* Fkmncx Paurifiy, m. Feb. 8^ 18491 CaroUne Maitha 
Cooper (dan. oí ajames Fenímore Cooper) oí Cooperttown, N. Y. Children: 

1140 Hcniy, d yoong. 

1241 Sttian, bu Maith s» i8p; nt Oct ai. 1^4 Jacob Suthcrlaad 
Irving^ d Apiil i» i88i. Chikl: 

Hcnry Sothcrland, b. Aug. a, x87s 
134a Frederick Nojci, b. Dcc xa^ 1854: d. Dec. 14 x80a; fnnarried 
ia43 Charict John, bu Dec 94 iSSÍ 

xao4 SoTBiA* Fhinüby» m. Corncliiia Slingerland King. Children: 

+X246 Ellcn^.b. May as, x8i8; d Fdiu xa, 1889; m. Lyman Otía. 
+xa47 Manr SUngerland b. May 2$, X821 ; d Nov. xx, x89S; m. Oct % 
1844 Eidihtn JackKML 

1246 Eludí* KxMG, m. Itfareh xa^ X837, Lyman Otía. Children: 

xa^ya Sophia, b. F^ 3, iBjg; d Aug. 6, iñ» 
xa48 Dan., d tn inlancy. 

XM9 Jsy C, b. March 3X, X848; Isvea in Oihkoah, Wia.; ». 
Oct y, x8!78; Alida Jewctt Children: 

xaso Graee, bu March ati^ x88o; d May as, x8si3- 
12SI Faye Alice, bu May 30^ x^pd 

ia47 Miünr* S. Kxn, m. Edwin Jackson. Children: 

xasa Vniton Slingertond, bu Jan. s 1847; d Jone 23, i8B6u 

xas3 Edwin, k Joly 30^ x8A Coopentown, N. Y.; m. Jme aa; xaSx, 

Adelaida Backoa of Toledo, Ohio; he ia Preaidenl Mcrchantif 

National Bank, Toledo^ Ohio. 
US4 Merwtn, k April x^ x8S4 BuiFalo, N. Y. ; m. De¿ 8L xQgy, Detroit, 

Mkh« Alice E. Backoa. ChUd: 

Edwin, ad b. Oct xy, x8A Toledo^ Ohk». 

409 IkMrBAiiCB* Novia (William*, 96). m. Proi Vniliam Alien of 
Canean, N. Y.; th^ lived and d tn West Viíginia; ttx children, two of 

xas6 Martin, a banker in New York Gty; left one chikl, who ia an 

Epiacopal minister tn Ddaware. 
xaS7 Brayton, m. Sybii Noyes (xx66N) of Norwich, N. Y., and wcnt 

to West Virgmia. 

• j. FtaiaMra Csopw «■§ the irtat aetellst 

34^ GsNBALOGV or THB Chuomucb Family. 

407 Lucy* Noy» (WÍllUa% gd), n. Joscpb Hancock (iixB). Chtl- 
dfco (b. in Volnntown, Conn. 

ii6a Lucj» m. — — GaUí^i 
+ia^ Pelcg^ <L Jan. 4, i8¡55, c é7 jretn; m. Nov. 37, x8^ Bcta^ 

•f ia64 Lydk Chesbro^ bu x9oo; d Sept 4 i87s; »- Reoben Randall. Jr. 

u^ SybU,iiL WilcosL 

u^ FfeUG* Hamoock» sl Bctsey Bordick (dan. oí Joshua aad Elia- 
bcth [Boftch] Bordick)» d June xs i47a» «• 7^ sreara. Childrcn: 

xa67 LocTt d ArtU ax, xSja. 
Xfl6B JohnH^d 0ct4 i86B;'iiiiiiiarrícd 
+X269 Joscph N<vct» k Nov. J7t X&15; d Nov. 6, i8g6; m. Emeluie 

X370 Pelcg, b. X827; d x8px ; m. Maiy H. Fortjtb. 

X27X Nathanicl, d 1894;. mmiarricd 

1273 Beaaie, d Dcc. 4 xEs^; nmnarricd 

X373 Lucj; Itvca in Stonington, Cona 

xa69 JoiCFB* Novia Haxoox^ ol Emeline Pendleton (daa oí Sarah 
Sofiliia Pcndlctoo (X094N)» b. Febí 8; 1899; d Dec. IJ» 1891. Cbñá: 

1274 Bcaaic; livca in Stooinglon, Conn. 

U64 Lyioa* C HiOfOocK» n. Nov. i&, x8x6^ Volnntown» Omn., Renben 
Randall» Jr. (too of Renben and Elizabeth [HiU] Randall), b. May x 1793» 
Volnntown, Conn.; d Dee. s i^» Volnntown, Conn. Cbildren (bu in 
Volnntownp Cena) : 

U75 Joiq>h Alien» b. Aug: i% x8x7; d Feb. 9^ 1859. 

x^ Charies Nojci, b. Nov. xg^ x8x8. 

X977 Pdeg Pabner» k March s i8aa 

1:98 Harriel NeweU, b. Feb. xo^ 1822. 

X379 Lney Elszabeth» b. Marcb x6^ 1824 

xaBo Sarah Ann» bu líareh 14 X82& 

xaBx darissa PUlinda» b. June X4 x8aB; d Aprü aob X833» Volnntown. 

xaSa Lxdta Delight, b. Aug. 17, X830; d Oct 3X, X851, Volontown. 

XflBls Henry Lester, b. Oct ix, i$3i ; d Nov. xa» x8Sx, Volontown. 

xaB4 Beta^ CaroUne, b. Aog. xo^ X934 

uBs Sosan Emil/» b. Apríl xo^ xgjó; d Nov. a8» x8^ LAaaon, Conn. 

xaB6 Oariaia Maria» b. April aa; X84X. 

408 Elxzabbtb* Novia (V^liam*. 96), d in Cóoperttown» N. Y.; n. 
Williaffl Lewia (ton oí William and Abigail [Middleton] Lewis)» b. X764; 
d Jan. a7» X843» Cooperstown» N. Y. ; was a teaman and aerved in War oí 
x8xa. Cbildren (b. in Stonington» Conn.) : 

QtMJUum or tBM CRWUwmm cm Vauíly. 347 

i^ WilUanv k April J6b I79t: d. Uuáí, i479; ib- Ano Sision 

(x3XiN) ; he kept tbe hoíd at Cboperstowa» N. Y. 
+uBB Edward» bu Ñor, a2^ 1793; m. Ethelinda Edwardt. 

xago Nojci, d Aog. u, xSaób ml aB yem; n. Ana Fblier. Child: 

Nqyet, Jr. 
U9> HlJnbcth, b. Jnlj 7, 1804; m. (i) Giben Stteon (X314N) ; n. (2) 

Benjamín F. Kiii. 

laSB Bbwíüd* Lew», ol Ethaimda Edwardt. Children: 

uga Niqrea» K Oet fl^ iSis 

19913 Bdwafdf d< ramamed* 

1294 Theodore, b. F^ 4 iS^it Weit Scodcbridge, Man. 

I9QS Maritttt, d* onnarried. 

409 Cmamlu* WBxnHG Novia (WiUiam*. 96). m. AbitaQ (Haiding) 
Ncqrca. Children: 

ijgj 9ybU» n. Daniel Haré ol Sefaoharie Coonty» N. Y. 
lagB Abby» nt Searis ol Rhode Iiland 

413 MncY* Novia (John% 97), nt April xo^ 1766^ Slonington, Con&. 
Winian Siaaon, Jr., k Jnly la^ 1744; d. Oct 15, f79& Children: 

+X301 Gilbert, k Mardi 13» V^l d. Sept xi, X840; nt Desire líaiiL 
t$ta MerqTt b. April xs X77X ; nt Joac^h Champlln (433N), 

X393 LocTt b. Jan. 98. X773- 

1304 Abigail. b. Jnly xx, X77S- 

X3Q5 Hnldah» b. Fek 98. X77& 

X3o6 Nanqr» b. Jnly g^ X7fla 

X3a7 WiUiain» k April ng^ X784. 

xaoB P6lty» b. May ao^ X7á!7. 

'X309 Haniiah,.b. Ans» as» XTpn. 

X30X Gxunx* Sxaaoif, m. Idareb aa» X79X» Deaire liiain, k Mareh 31, 

X77a; d Ñor. X7» x84a. Oiildren: 


X3X0 PóUy» b. Noy. 17, xTpx ; d yonnf. 

X3XX Eather Ann, b. Dec 8» X7gi3; d. Fek xfl^ xSTs; n. William Lewia 

X3xa Betscy» b. Sept xg^ X796; d .^ril xx, x869^ 
1313 Noyea, b. Sept ax» X79B; d Ang. 7, xSTx 
13x4 Gilbert, b. Sept x, x8oo; d Jiily 27, 1876; nt Eltaabeth Lewia 

X3XS MOUnm, b. Sept 6, xSoa; d April 6, 1875- 
X3x6 Loqr, d Nov. a6b iBgix 

llS GntiALOGr or tbb Cbbsumdcb Family. 

1317 Charles, I1. Aprfl is 1807; d. Aug. 21, 1874. 

1318 EmUsTi b. June 7i 1809; d. Féb. ift 1^5. 

S319 Bcniaoitii F^ k A^rfl 20, ttii ; d. Scpt 8^ i89S- 
13» Cyrus» li. March S 1813; d. Maith 2^ 1813. 
I3ai OltTcr, h. May s, 1816; d. 1885. 

418 Amos* Noyks (John*, 97)» nt Eunice Walworth (dan. oí James) 
ol Ron^ N. y.; h. Dec. jg^ 1762. Children (k in Elleshuis. N. Y.) : 

13» Eunice^ ». Bfadkgr Frtenan oí Romc^ N. Y. 

13ÍSI3 Amos* 

1324 J«tse. 

1335 Nathan. 

1326 Nancy, nt David Towslej. 

13:9 Hnldah» n. Jacob Towslej (hrocher of David). 

493 Bsma* Non» (Jaines% mN), ol AprÜ 11, 1778 (firac wífe), 
Adán ^***^* Childfcns 

+1328 Adán, k May 7$ I77P; d. Jan. 12, i8fi4; nt Famqr Ches^ro 

1329 Noyes, k Jan. 27. 1781 ; d. Maidi 8» 1819; omnanried. 

1330 Esther» k Dee. ^ 1782; d. Jaa Mi 178S 

• 1331 Salley, k Nov. is X7S4; d. Dee. 7t i^i7i ni. WilUam States oí 

1332 Rttssel, k Sept X4i x;86; d. Jan. 5, I797* 

424 Mast* Novia (Janics% 99), sl (x) John Pendlctoo, a sea c^tain» 
who d. Nov. II, 1786; she m. (2) ApriJ 8^ I7fl7t Adam States (his second 
wifs). OiUd of first nurriage: 

1333 John, h. 1786; m. Meiqr Cbesebroogh (89E). 

ChiM oí seeond narriage: 

1334 PoUy, k Nov. 6i X768L 

Adam States m. (3) Jnly 26^ 1789b Cymhia Brown oí Noith Stoning- 
101^ CotuL Children: 

Qrnthia, k May 2, 1790; m. Erastns Wentworth (seeood wiie). 

Ichabod, h. April 1$, 1792; unmarried. 

Esther, k Jn^ 24 1794* nt Erastns Wentworth (first wiie). 

Códdington, bu Feh. 20^ 1797; unmarried. 

Gilbert H., b. Joly 30^ 1799; d. June 10, i^TX* 

John ?., k Fek 2, 1802; m. Sabrá Brown oí Westerly, R. L 

Maiy Áxm^ b. Aug. 27, 1804; m. Lemuel Vose. 

Elisa Redinond, b. Match 22, 1807; unmarried. 

Bcnjamin F., b. Mareh is» 1809; m. Harriet Burtch oí Stoia- 

GtMXALomr or tas CBSStnoiiox Family. 349 

AdiuB States carne üron Rjre^ N. Y., to Stoningtoii» Coqil, with hit 
ancle Peter States; the mine was formerlx Siaeta and the ÍMmlj Distcb. 
Adam States terved in the Revolmiooaiy War, iti the Battle of Whtta 
Plains and Valley Forge. He d March i, 1826. 

427 CiUBUt* Cbamvuii (Manr* Noyes, too), n. July 16^ 1780^ Mary 
Woodhnrn ol Presten, Cona; d. Sept a» ifliaSL Children: 

X335 CbarleSt k Aprfl 98, 1781 ; m. Eunice Abbe. 

i33fi Willíam» k Jaa Jft 1:^; ñ. i8ia» Mary Kenyon. 

1337 Mary, h. March 3» 178S; nt 1811, James Babeock. 

1338 Joseph, h. June ii, t;^; n. Nov. j8^ i8ao^ Delight Wilbnr 

ChampUn (ol Jeffry). 

1339 Anna. h. Nov. 4 I790; nt 1816^ Charles Ajer. 

1340 ChristopheTt k llarch 12, 1793; totu Miranda Avery. 

134X John Noyes, k April sy, 1794; n. (f) Florinda Ayer; ». (a) 

Mará Pitcher. 
f34a Pmdence, h» Aiig. 10^ 1796; n. Lester Webster. 
X343 Israel Hewttt, h. Nov. 13, 1798; ». Lovina Gifford. 
X344 Hannah, k Jnly 30^ x8u; nt Disdley HiUs. 

4¡g Catt. Wiixiam* CsAMfUii« nt 1781, Content Brown (dan. of 
Disha ai¥l Content [Leeds] Brown of Lcyden, Mass.), h. 1758; d. JiUy i, 
184J; heservedintheRevolotíonary War. Children: 

X345 «filian, nt EUsabeth Dedrick of Catskill, N. y. 

X346 Gcorge, d. yonng. 

X347 Content Leeds, h. Sept a, X789; d. Sept x, xflTo; m. Nathanid 

+X348 SopUa Downer, h. Sept 7»'X79t; d Feh. xo^ x478; n. Janes 

X349 Mary Noyes, h. Jaa a8, x;93: <L in Kenosha, WíSm «. 99 ycars; 

m. Hastings Cutle of Athens, N. Y. 
X3S0 Christopher, h. 1808; n. Lydia Ackerly of Dnrham, N. Y. 

X348 SonuA* D. CHAMYUír, nt Sept as» 1809^ James Udatl of Hart- 
ford, Vt, h. Sept 19^ 1779» ^ Oet 6^ xá^. Children: 

X3St Lydia Louise, k Dcc. xx, x8xo; d. Dec xo^ x8M; m. Oct aBL x83a 

Henry K. Brown. 

X3Sa Mary, h. Feh. a, x8xa; m. Sept xx, X837, Arad Thomas. 

X353 Adeline, h. Ang; 8; x8x3 ; m. Jone 5» i8^. Owen Taft 

I3S4 Sophia, k Jaa 9» 18x5; d. Féb. X9^ x893* 

+X3SS CaroUne V., h. May xx, x8x7; m. R. W. Biish. 

X356 James Champlin, h. Jnly a3» 18x91 

1357 William Wallace^ h. Jaa ft x8ax ; d. Féb. xo, X844- 

X3s8 Slisabeth, k Jnly xy» x8a4. 

X3S0 Edward W., k Jaa a4, x83t 

X360 Henry Douglass» h. Feh. a4, x8¡33; m. Laora Kcyes. 

350 GsNEAUxnr or tss CasstnoiicH Family. 

IJS5 OaouMS* V. Ubaix» m. Oet 2% 1846^ R. W. Biish. ChOdreii: 

ia6i Jnlla Bnih. 

S369 Roben, d jFomig. 

I3di3 James, b. Nov. 8^ 1955. 

1364 HefUTf bi A^ 31, 1857. 

443 JosiPH* NoYit (Joeeph\ 103)» n. (1) Nov. 30^ í79K Zenriah 
Wheeler (X763S), d April 6, 1806; ol (a) Jan. ^ 1811, Ennke Cbefe- 
brougli drSE). Children oí fint marriage: 

13^ Waiian. b. Aiig. 3Q1 1791; d yoong. 
1366 JoKph« b. Fdx as X793; nk Grace Billingí Deniton. 
IJ67 Thoniai« k April 5, 1795; n. Oct 24 i8ox, Eoniee Denisoa. 
X36B Paul W., b. March 5, 1797; n Féb. 27, 1834, Eunke N^yes. 
1369 Cyiuf, b. April xz, 1799; d yoang. 

X370 George W^ b. Sqpt 30^ x8of ; n. (x) Hannah P. Deniíoo; m. 
(2) Pradence D. Brown; m. (3) Emily F. Deotaon (dan. oí 
Isaac and Levña Denison). 
+X37X Nathan &, k JaiL 7, X804; d Ang. 27, x8g8; m. Nanor Denison. 
X373 Locy Ann, b. Nov. 4 x8Ós- 

For children oí second marriage see 76B. 

X37X Natbaji* S. Noyis, m. Nov. 23, i8jB» Nanqr Denison (x68oS), 
d Nov. afi; x8g3, Mystic, Coiul C3iildrcn: 

X373 Nathan D., b. Jan. 20^ 1832; m. Aog. 4 x8S7* Adelia M. RandalL 

X374 Vniliam H., b. March X9^ X834; d yoong. 

I37S ElishaC,h.Féb.7> x836;d70img. 

X376 Harriet É, k Oct zx, xS39; d Nov. ax, X90X, Mystic, Conn. 

X377 A. Lontsa, b. March X9^ x84a; m. B. F. Williams. 

1378 Fannj S.,hL May XI, x844;ni. David LGallup. 

X379 Henry CÍajr» h. Maich 19^ X848; m. Nov. 17, x^4 Sarah Heath. 

4S5 CATBnmB* Cbatocby (Elisabeth* W. Gale, X04N), m. Maich X4 
X79Qb Reuben Rose Fowler (son oí Cald> and Anna [Rose] Fowlcr), b. 
Jone 17» X7ti3i Durham, Conn.; d Aog; x6^ X844 Children: 

X38X \\niliam Chaimcer, b. Dcc, X790; d Jone 25, 1792. 

+X381 William Chauccy. 

X383 Elú» Ann, bu Dee. xx, X795; d March 24 1849^ 

X384 Charles Augustos, b. April X3, X79B; d Sept X3, x83S> 

+X39S Catherine Worthington, m. Joseph W. Hand 

X381 WxLXiAM* Cbauncsv FowLOt, m. July 2X, x83S» Harriet (Web- 
ster) Cobb (daa oí Noah Webster, LL.D., and widow oí Edward Cobb 
oí Portland, Me.), d March. 30^ X844 Children: 

X386 Emily Ellsworth. 

GtmALoor ar tmm Chotimotüch Family. 351 

ij8^ Charlet Qianncty, a Uwyer» Ntw York. 

ijñ WUliam Worthiostoo, a lawyer, New York; a gradnate of 

Anhant Collcga» 
15B9 Webster Wimhropb b. March 3, 18135; ^ Sept x, 1845. 

1395 GiTBniíix* WonHXNCTOM Fowua, m. Joeeph W¡ii1x>ni Hand» 
d May 35» i844i «sed 53 jfcan. Children: 

lan Charles Chamiecj; 1391» láary Metgs; xsn Mary Joanna; 1393, 
Chamioey Meigs; 1394, Cstberine Chauncey; I39S, Eliaabeth 
Wortliliigtoii; 1396^ Oáurles Fowler. 

464 Blbabbtb* SMim (Tenperaiice' Galc^ los)» m* Dr. Samuel 
Wheekr of Red Hook» N. Y.; a Sorgeon in tlie Rcvolatíonary War» 
a*»TtiMii «A Gen. Wash ia gtoaffi '»* Mf MtMt Children: 

1397 Dan^ ol Herbert Van Wagenan oí Poni^ikeepsse, N. Y. 

139B Elúa kíaria» d Jnly 13, i9sft New Haven, Conn.; m. íBoó, Hoa. 
John Allred Davenport of New Haven» Conn.; k Jone 34» 
itSSi Stamíord, Conn.; d Oct 14, 1864. New Haveo, Conn. 

1399 Julia Matilda. k Ifec 3^ 1806; d June 22^ x93& 

X400 Rey. John Sydney, h, SépL a6^ xfioB; gradúate of Yale 

CoUege X833; m* Jv>7» 1^3^ Hlfiabtth S. Leverett 
X401 Theodosia, k Nov. fl; xSxo; m. Oct 33» xfl!33i Ruuell C 

Wheeler. . 
X409 Rey. James Sydney» k Nov. is> 18x3; gradúate of Yale 

CoUege X830; was Rector of Grace Episcopal Church» 

Alhany» N. Y.¡ m. Sept 7» iSs^b Mehttabd NewdL 
1403 Mary» k Aug. 7» 18x4; m. Oct 15» x93& Josiah W. 

Wheeler of Ntw York. 
X404 Elisabeth W.» d unmarried 

édSs JmjAjffA* Smxtb, m. Nov. so^ X786^ Hon. Jaeob RaddifFe of 
Albaiqrt N. Y.» Justice of the Si^reme Conrt of New York» and Mayor of 
Ntw Yoric Ckf from x8xo to x8x& Chikiren: 

X4D5 MaHa, m. W. Tülman of Troy» N. Y. 
X406 Julia» m. — — ^ Spencer of Eliíahfth, N. J. 
X407 Charles, m. <— — Ganscvoort 

467 Hon. John* Conoir Smhb» m. xtQs» Margaret Evertson (dau. of 
Jaeob) of Fleasant Vall^» N. Y.; he was a gradúate of Yale College ifii^ 
»9%A yttMM Governor of CoonecticuL Child: 

X408 William Mather, m. x8oft Helen Uvingston (dau. of Gilbert R.) 
of Red Hook; N. Y. Children (k in TivoU. N. Y.) : 

1409 John Cotlon» k Match 3X» x8xo; d Nov.» xaín9; un- 

3p Gbwialooy or tbi CmMMMtmoüam Family. 

-!i4io Roben Wofthmgtoii, b. Mty aB; i8ix ; d Sci»t lo^ ifl^; 
tn. Gcrtrudt Boldcn. 
Mil Gtlbcft Livíngttoo» k Mty, 1812; d Oct, 1S3S. 

14x0 Romr* WoKTHiNCTOir Sumí, ol Jan.» 1835, Gertrude Boldcn 
(dan. oí Dainid oí Cannel, N. Y.). Chsldren: 

MI2 Gillert Livifigston; Hved in Sharon, Com. 

1413 Helcn Evcnson» an authoreu; tuunanicd 

1414 Geitnide Boldcn, n. Robcrt Clinton Gccr of Brooklyn, N. Y. 

469 Maiy' SiciTH, nL Joly 9^ 1793 (fint wiíc), Rcv. Daniel Smitb 
(ton oí Petcr and Maiy Smith oí New Canaan, Qmui.) oí Stamíord, Conn. ; 
he was Pastor oí the Gmgrcgational Chorch oí Stamíord, Conn.; k Aug. 
3» 1764. Children (b. in Stamíord, Coon.) : 

+141S Jnlia Ann, b. Aprü $, 1794; ». Oct $, iSao^ Dr. Milo I* Nortfa 
oí Hartford Conit, and New York Gty. 
1416 Thomai Bíather, k Mareh 7» 179^; m. Sept a6^ iSaa, Mary G. 
Woods (dan. oí Rcv. Lconard Woodi oí Andover, Masa.) ; 
was Presidcnt oí Amherst College; gradúate oí Yale CoUege 
x8x6; d Sept 6, 1864. P^rtland Me Children: 

X417 Rcv. John Cotton Smith, D. D.» LL.D., k Ang. 4, i8a6; 
d Jan. 10^ 18881 New York Ofr; gradnatc Bowdoin 
College 1847; Rector oí the Chorch oí thc Ascensión, 
New York Gty, írom x86o to 1881 ; nt Harriet Applc- 
ton oí Ipswich» Mass. Children: 

+14x8 Mary, m. N. Putnam Richardson. 
X419 Sarah, m. Rcv. Stcvens Pcrry, Episcopal Bishop 

1415 JuuA* AxfM Smxth^ m. Dr. Milo U Nortk Children: 

14» Thomas Mather, k Aug. 4, 183$; gradnatc Williams Céllegc 
1847; m. April id 1849^ Mary Wayland; Uve in New York Oty. 

1431 Edwmrd P., k July id i83S; nt Fek i, 1860^ Cathcrine West- 
cott; Uve in New York 

14x8 Maxy* Smitb, m. N. Pntnam Richardson. Children: 

Rcv. Lconard W.; Uves in Albaoy, N. Y. 
Anne^m. Arthnr Bcnnctt 
Peny; Uves in Davenport, lowa. 

«Rcv. WiUiam Worthington m. (a) Temperancc GaUi^ (apN), thc 
grandmothcr oí EtheUnda Ely (473N). 

Maiv WoBTBiifGTON (daa.oí*Rcv. WiUiam Worthington and firstwiíe) 
d Jone j8, 1783; m. Fek 14, 1745» CoL Aaron EUott (son oí Dr. Jared; 

GniAUxnr or tbb CBismouoa PAMiLy. 353 

Rtv. JoMpli: Jobi tbe Apotck) ; he wis a Deacon, Colootl aad Physktan 
io KiHlafwonh, Cooa Quldren* 

Hannah, k Aug: 31, 1746; m. Nov. ^ X773. Gen- Rtoben 
Hopldiit (ton of Stephen of Haitford), b. June 1, 1748; d. 
1819^ Edwardtville» IIL; he was a lawyer in Goahen, N. Y. 

láary, k JvHj tu 175^1 n- xtA Dr. Christopher Ely of 
i^ymtf Comí* 

Samuel Smtthsoo, k Jn|j 2, 1753; d. Apríl aa^ i8xx 
+ Dr. WiHiam, k Jone a( 1755; ^ Se^ 1^39; ol Etheh'nda Ely 

Dr. Aaroo» k Ang. xs. X7S8; d Aog. 5, x8xx, St Geaevieve, La. 
Joaeph» k Nov. 9^ 1760; a ^jtidan al Montgonery, Orange 

Cotmtr» N. Y.; n. <— — MeKiniter. 
Beajaflirin» k Dcc g^ XTtia; d. Nor^ 18481 
Elitahtfih, k Dcc g^ 1761 (twia ol above) ; d aunarried 
Sybílt d Toung. 

479 EuzAianí' Ely (Sarah* WortUugttm» xo6)« d March 3, x9l37t 
Berlín; m. July 21^ 1784, Rev. Samuel Goodñeh (ion ol Rev. Eliav and 
Kaiherixie [Chamoey] Good ri ch of Berlin, Cooa)» k Jan. xa, 176^; d 
A|>ríl xg^ x835, Berlin. Chtldren: 

14» Sarah Worthsngtoo, k Aug. 7* I7%; nt (x) Amoa Cooke; m. 

(2) Hoa Fred Wolcott 
X4a3 Elisabeth. K Aprü 96^ X7fl|7; m. Rev. Noah Coe. 
X424 Abigatl, k Nov. a^ X768 ; m. Rev. Samuel Whhtksexr. 
X435 Charles Auguituí, k Aug. 1% X790; la Sarah Upson. 
1436 Catherine, k Dcc. 4, X79X ; m. Duiiel Dnnbar. 
•(•X4a7 Samuel Gríawold k Aug. xg^ X7g3: »• (i) Adeline Bradlcj; 

m. (a) Manr Boit. 
X4j8 Elihu Oiauncej; k Nov. xfl; X795; d June g^ 1797. 
X4ag Ifary Axm» k May ag^ X799: hl Hon. Nathaniel Benadid South 

ol Woodbury. 
X430. Emily Chauneey, k Nov. 2$, x8ox ; d Oct aa^ x8q^ 
X43X Emily Chaunoey, k Nov. X3, xSqs; m. Rev. Darius Mead 

1427 Samuel G Goodrich puhliihed PgUr PúrUys MagúMÍmi; alao a 
hticorjr of the United Sutes, and a gcography and several ocher works lor 
young people. (See Encyclopaidia of BiograpkyJ) 

473 Ethslxusa* Ely (Sarah* Worthtngton. 106), m. Dr. WDliam 
ElioKXher half-coustn), a gradúate of Yale College X774; studied medicine 
with Dr. Benjamin (¡ale, and removed in x8ox from KíUingworth, Gooil, 
to (aoshen, N. Y. Children: 

X43> Horace WilliaaBí, k X788; livcd hi (kishen, N. Y« 
X433 Sally Ethelinda, k X790; d xSao; m. xSxy, Rev. Benjamin GOder* 
slceve of MiUedgeviUe, (¡a. 

354 GmBALooY ar tkb Chictwmctch Family. 

1434 Onrlocte, k X798; d. x8aob immarricd, Msllcdgevilk» G«. 

4.1455 Bctscy, b, 1794; m- Jndge Zechirfah N. Hoffman. 

1436 Hciuj \raiiaiii» b. Ang. 14» 1797; lí^cd in Elnun, N. Y. 

1437 Francés María, b. 1798; la Dr. Hudion Kintlqr oí New Yoric, 

b. 1796^ Torríngford. 

1435 Betüy Euoit, m. iBíó, Jndfe Zyhariah N. Hoffnaii oí Red 
Hook» N. Y. ; renoTcd to New York Qtj. Ghildrcn: 

Ifaiy FthfHml fj b. iSaB. 

WiUiam Heniy, b. x8l3o; IdUed acridentally 1849. 

Eda EUsabetfay k 1834» 

499 AxMA* CaBSOMUí» (Nathan% xxoN), nt March 17, t774» Ston- 
ington» Coan^ Robert Dcnison (aon of Daniel and Esther [Wheeler] Deni* 
•on), b. Dec. X2, 1749: in X793 reni O Ted to Knox» Albanj County, N. Y. 
CSiildren (k in Mystíc, Coon.) : 

4-X43B Anna, b. Fdi. % 1776; m. Daniel Chetebroogh (711S). 

1439 Robert k X777;<l-yranf. 

1440 Claríssa» b. 1779; nv Nicholas Vanderbogait 

1441 Nathan, k March 2, 1781 ; m. Dec X5» 1803, EUiabeth Tbomp> 

ion; rcmoYed to Canadá 
+1449 Phebe, k Dec 3i\ 1783; m. Amos Chesebroogh (7X4N). 
X443 Renaalaer, k March 2, 1784; n. Mary Wood; lÍTcd in Canadá. 
X444 Martha, k Ang. 36b x;^; n. Nov. 2$, 1807, Dr. John Wood. 
X445 Eather, k Nov. 15, 1790; m. Oct 31, 18x5, Alexander Thooipaon. 
X446 Ptolly, k X798: m. x8x7. William Vandcrbogart; renovcd to 

For other dcaecndants of Ama (Chead^rongh) Deniaon (490N) lee 

4gn Natravxb.* CntaaiamioH (Nathan*, xxo), m. Oct 14 I78l7t 
Bridget Stanum (5nN). Children: 

X447 Ira, ioUowed the tea and was drowncd oC the coast oí Ireland. 

+X448 SaUjr, m. Richard ChapdL 

+X449 Vaahti, k Nov. xo^ X790; d. Jnly 24, XS56; m. Nathan Ba b c o dL 

X450 Esds; d. yonng. 

X45' Bndget, d. of contuniption ¡ iwwnarrted. 

X453 Harmina, d. onmarried. 

X448 Sallt* CBiaaaoDOB, m. X823, Richard ChapelL Chüd: 

X453 Nathan C, k March a6^ X833; d. S^t X3, 1889; m. Aug. 9^ 
X853, Mary A. Gallup, k Dec x, X835, Plainfidd, Conn. Chil- 
dren (k in Norwich, Conn.) : 

X454 Raymond D., k May X3, idta 

X455 Minnse J., k Sept a6^ 1863; m. David S. Adams; Uve 
in New Haven, Conn. 

GtmALoor or tbb QumaouoB Family. sss 

1449 Vashh* Cww M W P O g, n. Aug. ^ iflijf Nathuí Babcodc 

1456 ElltB« k June 14 iML 

S4S7 JulkttCb k Fch. 7f s99o; Uves iii Btoókfidd, N. Y. 

i4Sft Shcnvood R^ b. Sci»t iB^ 18Í31 ; d March i» x888L 

1459 Ptttai Fitch, k Aprfl ai, i934» 

4pi Abkuil' CaisiHHNiGa (Nathan', xio), m. Fdi. ii» 1780^ Stoo- 
intoB^ ComL. Robtrt WiUtanit Caoo oí Robeit aad Rtfcfrra [Mnoilordl 
WiUiMM» Km OÍ CoL Jota and Dtsira [Deniioiil WiUiama). k May 15. 
1755; d. Oet S» i834« Mystie, Coon. Chüdm: 

1460 Rébert, m. Detirt Cbtidiroiigli (7x6N). 

1461 Rcbacca, d Fdk 36b t^ a. yo ytars; aunarritd 

I4fia BcCKT, d Magr, iflkís; ok (1) C BoUne; n. (a) — — Pcmoa. 
+14^ láary Williaaii» k Jas. 34. 1790; d Fdi. as i867i Oaon- 

daga, N. Y. 
-(•1464 Ama CbcidMMgli» k Pck a( 179>; d. AprU z, i9^ MjHic 
14^ Nathaa C. n. (l) Huldah Patoetcr; m. (a) Famqr Laagwortlqr 

S4D0 AuomaSh ^vcoc to UUiioisa oavcf oaafo oohl 
X407 Haimali» d Joly 4» i93o; m» Samuel Babcock 


1469 llAmr* WttUAMa» 01. x8og^ Nidwlaa A. Knowlcs (ton oí 
EbeiiMCf aad Dorcat [Noithnip] Kaowlet oí Somh Kingston, R. L)» k 
Dce. 1, 1780; d Mardi as, x86& Children (k tn Onondaga, N. Y.) : 

+X469 Ahbf Am, k Fdi. a¿ x8io; d Majr xo^ xSgs* 
• X470 Roban W^ k Maidi 3, x8ia; m. Jan. 1% x84S« R A. Wdck 
X47X Nidwtea Á, k Oct is. X814; d S^t XX, x84S» New York Oor; 

X47a Gmnland W^ k Oet 16, xSxó; d Jnly a( xQpo; m. Pck i4 

x$S9b Hdcn M. Jcnnings. 
X473 Gaofgt K, k Jtme a4. xfiax ; d Ayril ag^ X899; m. Oct a& i4A 

Esthcr B. Ti^ fw !*f i 
X474 Horac«, k May i, 1814; d Oct aj» 1891; m. Sci»t a4. x8A 

Flith tb i Robmcon» 
X475 Hannab E^ k Jnly x, xaa6; m. Oct, x860^ James HutíL 
X476 Wanlon R^ k Jmie i, x8a9: d Nov. 29, ttB$; m. Mn. Safah 


X469 Abby' AxfN KxowLia, m. Dee. 13, i83a> Joscph B. Coogdoo (son 
of William Congdon and Jndith Brown, dan. oí Pelcg and Mary [Coggs- 
well] Bfown) of Rhode Island; k Maich d x8xo^ Somb Kingston, R. L; 
d Fdi. xo^ 1884; (WtUiam Congdon was son of Cbailes and Saiib 
[Kimwlcs] Congdon, son of William Congdon). Cbildren : 

X477 Maiy Williams, k Dee. a6^ 1833; m. Marcb a7> 1863, Josepb A. 

3S6 GtNiAUxnr op na Chbsibkouch Family. 

Hi47d WiUÍHOi Nícholas, b. Feb. 22^ 1837; m. twice. 
V479 Mlby Áim, b. July a7» 1844; m. Scpt x& i86s G. Carder Whal^. 

1478 WauAM* NicBOLAi CowoDoif, UL (x) Nov. 23^ íB^ Játiy Dor- 
cu Tuckcr; m. (2) Jan. xj, i88x, Hirríet I* Whakar. Childrcn oí fim 

m8o Galusha K.» k Jan. ift i86x. 
X481 Elmer B., b. Oet X, 1864. 

X464 Anna* C WnxxAiis, m. (x) Oct xo^ 18x3, Excldel Tníts, d al 
sea Jttiír» x8x9; m. (a) «— Brown; m. (3) — — Bennetl. Childm oí 
iírfliiiaiTÍage : 

X483 Abby Ann» b. June iB^ X8X4; d. Fdi. 4» x4;6; munarned. 

X483 Caleb E., b. Maich ao^ x8x6; d. Nov. $, 1896; ol Eliía A. Slark. 

X484 CMb í, Ju b. Ang. z, x899; Uves ín Wcü Myttk, 

X485 Jobn S^ b. Jan. as, X844; d. Fab. xfl; x^4. 
X486 Elizabetb &, b. Jnly 7. 1852 ; d. Apríl 9^ x88a. 

494 Vwttz* CHBamaouGU (Nathaa\ xioN), d. in Boirah, Coon.; ol 
Juna, XTfliSi PriactUa Tbompaon (6s3N)> d. Mareb, X843; be servad in tbe 
Rcvolmionaiy War and in War oí x8x2. Chsldren (b. in Stoningtoo» Coon.) : 

-f i4Sr Jedediab, k Oct 2X, X787; d. Ang. 2X, x^4, Utica. N. Y. 
+X488 Manba, b. Jone j, X790; d. Oct xx, 1865. 
+X499 Elam» k Nov., X79X ; d. Aprü 3i\ 1867» Norwich, Com. 
4-X490 Jttlñ Trím ^ Nov. 28; X794; d. Feb. xi, X83X. 

X49X IkXtf^ d. in inluer 
4-X492 Am, k Attg: 23i 1797; d. Aprü xj, x8^; m. Bexúamin Bnrdick. 
+X403 Eanica Wctxnore, k Mareb xo^ x8oo¡ m. Eliaha £. Rogara. 
+X494 Cvoline Lalbaob k April s x8Qa; d. May 24. X89X. 
4-X495 Patriek Heniy Lec^ k March 8; X807, Boarak Conn.; d. Oct 20^ 
xggg^ WiUtnantíc, Coon. 

X496 Francea María» k Nov. 7, x8o9b Boarak Coon.; d. Maicb 22^ 
x88% Albioo. Wia.; «married. 

X487 JaagBUH* CatannouGB, m. Dcc 31, x8x^ PariSi N. Y.» Tbankful 
Fowlcr (dan. oí Elisha and Olive [Woodward] Fowler), k Jnly Zh iTPit 
SpringfieUl, Mass.; d. Oct 3, X867. Oriskaiisr Falla, N. Y. Children (k in 
París. N. Y.) : 

+X497 Donglass, k Jone ^ x8x9; d Apríl 4, x^x, Saratoga, N. Y. 

X498 Délos» k May» x83x; d xSsó; onxnarríed 

1499 Jane S.f k Nov. 2» 1814; d Nov. 2X» x^s 

+XSOO Jolia Ann» k Oct 20g x837t Waterville» N. Y.; d Fek 28; 1894* 

GnsALogy or tbb CHtsiiMHioB FAMav. iS7 

1501 Jttlins F^ k Scpt ^ i93i¡ d. Dcc 10^ I0n Ntw York Gqr; 

1508 James, k Nov^ ifll33; d. March, iflljá^ Orískaay Filis, N. Y. 

1503 Katbcriiie F^ b. July iji iflljl 

1407 DouGLAM* CmsgiwwTCH, d AprU 4. i^Tit Sarstoga, N. Y.; hl 
Nov. aB; 1867, Bertha Grnsehinska, who m. (a) after 1871, A. B. Scofidd 
oí BfooÚyn, N. Y. Chüdrcn: 

1504 Dooflau Edward, b. Dcc. x, x868; m. Mafch 4, 1897» Myrtha A. 

Pfft j^if^ Colorado Springs, CóL 
XS05 Bertha Looise, k Ifay fl; ifl|7a 

xsoo JuuA* Amm CftUDaouoB^ m. May la, 18A James Hmter Perry, 
b. Seiit % 1819L Children (k io Utka. N. Y.) : 

1506 Julia Rosetta» 

1507 James Harten 

+1508 Kau Hamer, k May ig^ 1854; «• Hcnry A. DooUttk. 

IS08 Kati* Hinma FlEBaY, m. Jnly ifl^ 1876^ Hcnry Addingtoo Doo* 
Httl^k May a7» i«S7. P^rís Hill, N. Y.; d. May ai, 1897. WhstcsbomiN.Y.; 
reside in Utaea, N. Y. ChUdren: 

iSio Julia Hunter, k 1877* 

iSii Louise Xatheríne, k May a, 1880; d. Dcc 18; 188& 

151a Hcnry Isaac k Mardi 27, 1S83. 

1513 Don Almeda, k Ang. 8; 1885; d. Jan. 8; s887. 

1514 Addinkton, k Dcc 19^ i8ga 

S488 Mastsa* CBiaaaoDOH, m. Fek 11, i8x4t Adán Burdick^ k Jnly 
9, 1788; d. Ang. » 1864. Childrcn: 

1515 Perca Chcschrotigh, k May as, 181S; m. (i) Fck Mt i8l9fi^ Cslh- 

crine C Bardeen; nt (a) Jan. 27$ 1896^ Eliaabelli Sou. 

1516 Julia Arní, k Jan. 8; 1817 : d. Nov., 1874; m. Jn|y 4, 1844, Samod 

1SX7 Harrict Louisa, k Nov. 8; 1819: m. (i) Oct x8; 18A Jobn M. 

Tmman ; m. (a) Jan., 1847, Wtlliam P. Bcntky. 
IS18 Elisha, k Dcc ¿, 1831; m. Nov. xj, 1856^ María B. Edmond. 
+ISX9 JoscpÚne^ k Apríl 10^ i8a4; m. Jaeob Langworthy (aofisN). 
isao Julitts, k Nov. 13, laás; d. x86i. 
xsax María, k Jan. 4, i8s8; m. Oct, x8s3, John S. Coon. 
isaa Edward Austín,kSci»t 18; 1839; m. May 3, x8sa,NancyLbCooa 
isa3 Martha Janett^ k May % i8¡33; m. Oct ix, 185^ Thooas J. 

Alwood; Uves in Albion, Wis. 
isa4 Sarah Francés, k Nov. as, x83Sf d. June 10^ 184a 

1489 Elam* CnsEaaouGa, m. Fck ift iSaa^ Norwieh, Cona. Betsey 

ifi Gbmbalogv op thb CHXKinoucH PAitay. 

11 Himtington («ha. oí Jotepli aad Ntncy [Morgan] Hantington oí Nor- 
wicb» Coiro.), d. Aug. j, 1869^ Norwicb, Conn. Children: 

+X535 Nancy Huntíngton, b. June 4, 1893; m. Apríl 4, i839b Jobn 
Maplet, Jr. 

1536 Sanh Laerctsa Cwcw, k Fdi.. 2897; d. Bíarelit 1890; ol (1) 

Dr. Samuel £ Maynard; m. {2) Rev. Houy Miller, LLD. 

1537 Balitee Príieilla, d a. 6 ytart. 

1526 Elain Pera Alden, b. Jone as t9$i; m. (i) Emily Brown; m. 

(3) s8— *, Ama Eliaa Tracy; Uve in East Syraciisc^ N. Y. 
1599 Dyer LorenMb b. Jan. 24, 1834; kOM Dee. 2% 1873; n- Nanqr 

D. Morgan oí MontvUle, Conn. 

152$ Namct ■ H. CHSSBaR^uoH, m. John Maples, Jr. (ton of John and 
Jcmima [Smítb] Maples oí Mootvílle, Conn.), k Jan. 17, 1805; d. Fck 10^ 
iflSi. Children : 

tS30 Nancy Jcmima. k Oct 26, 1840; m. James W. Newton. 

1531 Eansce PriadUa» k May 33, X&Í3; m. John T. Crary. 

X53a Sarah Elixabeth, k June 16^ 1845; n. (x) Cortland C Avery; 

m. (3) William J. MerrüL 
XS33 Claríiaa Jeanette^ k Dee. 3X» 1848; m. Samuel D. Billinga. 
1534 L Alicer k Jan. 37» 1855 ; m. John H. Ford. 

X490 JuuA* TUn* CHiSBMOUca, m. Aug. xa, x83X (firtt wiíe), Jona- 
than Babcock, k July aob XTM* d. May 38; X864. Children: 

X535 Cornelia, k Marth 33, X833; d. Mardi xa, 1843. 
1336 Julia Cheaebrough, k Fek xo^ X83X; d. June t% 190a, Hamit- 
ton, N* X • 

1494 CAMUMg* Latham Chiotoüch, m. Fek 6, iS$2 (second wiíe), 
Jonatban Babcoek; lÍTed in Brookfield, N. Y. Children: 

4-X537 Charles F., k May 3^ X833; ^ Jaa* 37» 1883; m. A. A. Rogers. 
. +t538 Hamden R., k July 8; x83S; m. A. D. Beebe. 
XS39 Geofge H., k Dee. 33» 1841 ; d. Aug. 14, x8g7. 
1537 Cbaius' F. Baiooci^ m. Dee. xti^ 1874, West Union, lowa, Anna 
AsRogera. Children: 

X543 Julia A.» k May 31, xS^ 
1544 P^rex IL, k NoT. xy» x877- 

X538 lUicagir* R. Baiooci^ ul Dee 3, X857» A. Donette Beebe. 

-hxS4S Dolph Lh k Aug. xo^ x^; m. Mattie J. Langworthy (3xa3N). 
X546 Nettie U, k Aug. xo^ x8S9 (twin ol above) ; m. Dcc. 37» x88^ 
Hamilton, N. Y., Arthur M. Preston. Child: 

Elsie D., k Jan. 33» x887» Hamilton, N. Y. 

XS47 Lois C k Oct X3, X869; m. William F. Langworthy (3096N). 

GufBALocy op THB OttMomoncM Family. is9 

I49S Amm* CBnuMora, n. Bcajamiii Burdick» d Jttlj, ilTd. 

IMO HaniiiiHi,kSc9tii,i8a6;iiLji4y7»i847.WUUaaiLiLCooa: 

livcd tn Utka, WU, 
154X Elam £^> Maich a, 1838; m. June, iMi* Kitt A. Hathaway : 

livcd In Dcnuiig; N. M* 
IS43 Jaací» h. Jaly » i$3i ; m. Fdi., 1W3, Hclcn Ch cicb r o; Ihrcd in 

Uonardsvilk. N. Y. 

1409 BmncB* Winion CHnaaouoá, m. Jan. i, iSas, Eliiha Edger^ 
too Rogcn» k Dcc. 22» 179% Norwicli, Cora.; d Fch. 24. i9S3* Childrea 
(b. in Norwicfa, Cooa) : 

+1548 Foftcr» k Nev. a, sSaj; n. twkti 
+1549 Bkaier» b. April ¿Si ifli7> »- Naacgr 11 Mvrfcar. 
+T550 Elisha Francia, h. June 3» 1839; nt Jiidith A. Mariqr. 
1551 Buniec Augnata» > Ang. ifl; 1831; m. (1) Edwtn Franklla 

Cramb; ol (a) Dr. Bcnjamin F. Wolíf. 
155a Hcnnr. h. Jubr 27, 1833; nt Jone ?• x857f Hailriet Ara Morgu 
(dan. of Ouurlca and Mary [Carcw] Morgan oí Norwiclw 
Coon.), b. Nov. ai» i837. 
1553 Proderick^ h. Dcc. iti^ 183S; a Sarah darista Saith. 
X554 Horace» k Fek» 183S; m. Elizabetb Beckwith (dan. oí Capt 
Robert and Sarah Bcdcwtth) of Norwieh, Cooa; d Fdi. sg^ 
iQbS; he livca in Norwidí» Cooa 

1548 FoBUK* Rocna» m. Nov., X847. FMiahfth Hamiltm Grace (daa 
of John Hcnry and Mary Ann [Hnntington] Grace) of Norwieh, Cooa ; 
h. Ang. 3, X897, Norwieh, Cona; d Dec. 9^ x857; ñ. (a) Maiy Zerviah 
Morgaa Childrcn of firat marriage: 

1556 Mary Hnntsngtoo, k Ang. 7, X848L 

XS57 Eliaha Pdrter» k Jaa ti» x8S4; d Oct 10^ 1854. 

X558 Eliaabeth Gncc^ k Ang. 2$, 1896^ 

1549 BLBAXn' Rocna» n. April 3» 1853» Nanqr Mana Morfqr, k Oct 
a^ 1825. Childrcn: 

I5S9 Elcaacr» k Mardi a7» 1854. 
X560 Edith Mana, k Scpt 15» I8SS 
1561 Flomee Jeanette» k Nov. 7» x857. 

1550 BuaBA* F. Rocna, n. Jaa 27, 1853» Judith Ara Mnrf^» k June 
a, 1830; he wat a kwyer in Norwieh» Cooa Childrcn: 

X96a Lucy Edgerton, k Jnly ag, x8S4- 
19^3 Alicc Bhuiche, k Dec. xa» x85S 
15^ Sarah Virginia» k May 1% i8S7. 

36o Gensalogy op thb CasunoucH Family. 

UQS Patucx' HtKEY Lb Cbbskmkhich^ m. Oct la, 1836^ Emily Boni- 
ham oí HebroD, Cono.; b. Fdi. as 1816; d Oct, 18961 Chüdrcn (h. in 
Bocnh. Cdoil) : 

1565 EnnlT Bornlianí, t. Dcc. 9^ 1838; d May a6^ x86B; m. Mafch 31, 
1863, Dr. Charles H. Eggletton; lived tn Marthall, Mich. 
+1366 Josic, k Oct a3. X840; m. William H. Portar. 

1567 L. Auia, b. Oct la, 1843. 
+150 Cilherinc TmmbtiU, b. Jone % 1845; m. Charles D. Way. 
+1569 Joseph Trumboll Burnham, b. Ang. ao^ 1848; d Maidi 18; 1887; 
m. E. Gager. 
XS70 Csaslos, b. Nov. 8; x8so; d June as i97d 
XS7I Maiy Lyoo» k May s i9s6; d Oct s X900^ Wtllimamic. Coon. ; 
m. Nov. 8b x88a» John I* Himtar. Cbild: 

Berenkc, d Aug: 4. 189S 

1366 Jiasia' CsESsaaoucH^ nt Oct as x86gb Willtain R Pdrter ; Uvas 
in Marshall, Mich. Childrcn: 

Robart Bumham, Gcorge WüJiam, Jessic» Barenicc. 

1868 CATBHXifB* Téümbull CHBsaaaoifCH, m. Sept la, 1866^ Charles 
D. Way; Uve in Gilead Conn. Childrcn: 

1376^ Charlas D^ Jr.; XS77» Cassios. 

1569 Joaim* TkUMBULL B. CsiaEsaoucH, m. i$7s Elhi María 
Cagar (dan. of John P. Cagar oí Sootland Conn.), k Ang. 31, 1849^ ChiM: 

1378 Bdward b. Oct a, xS^S Upton» Mass.; Uvas in Nawarlc, N. J. 

499 Edwabd* CmsaaawcH (Nathan*, xxoN), n. Sofihia Palmar 
(io8xN), d Sept aá, x8aa. Childrcn (b. in Ricbnioind Va.) : 

1380 Dr. Alexander Forrester, b. X809; d Dec. 24, X89X ; m. Eugenia 
Caldwell; lived in Savannah, Ca. 
+XS81 Edward Coddington. b. Oct 27. i8x& 
X38S Francés Serbia, b. 1816; d April 30^ i8S3; nnmarríed 

X38X EawABD* C CnsmouGH^ m. Dec 17, 1846^ Hannah Pearson, b. 
Oct aa^ 182a, Philadelphia. Pa.; d March ax, 1897- Childrcn (k in Cer- 
oaantown» Pa.) : 

X583 Ruth Emma» k March a, X848; d Ang. x8; X885; unnarried 

4>IS84 Jonathan Pafaner, k Jan. 24, 1832; d Afiril 30^ X884, Philadelphia. 

X583 Francés Sophia, k June X7. X853; d Sq^ as i476; unmarríed 

X586 Edward Forester, k July xy, 1857; d May xs x88s 

xs87 Isaac Pearson. k Aug. 29^ 1858; d Dec xa» 1838. 

XS84 JoMATiUN* Palmis Chssoiough, hl Oct ao^ 1874, Clara Evans, 
k Dec X7. x85S; d. Fek % X89S Phibtdelphia. Childrcn: 

GwsALoay or tbs CmammioH Family. 361 

iSflS Edward C, k Sept 10^ íBni d. March a6^ t88|7. 
xsfl0 Fnnocs S^ k Jníy 7» i979^ 
1590 J. Pftlmtr» k June a6b itti. 

SOO Sasah* StaÑton (Sanh* Chesdiroiigh, iix), d Oct % 1796» Stoo- 
tngum, Conn.; nt Dce. 1% X773» Stoningtoo, Cóiiil, Simeón Palmer (ton 
ol Abijah Palmer and Brídgct [Stanton]» hit Mcond wiie)» k Oct 4 
1744; livcd tn Stoningtoo» Comí. Childrcn: 

Robert» k Ang. 7t X774. 
Sarah, k Scpt S* I77& 
Bridget» k Fek l, X779^ 
Thankful, k Oct aog X78x. 
Betacgr, k Fek xti^ X784> 
FrandSv k Jone »f^ X793. 
Mary, k Ame. 97» I79& 

509 LxBUT. Pkuc* Stamiom (Sarah* Cbeaebroiigk xxxN). m. Jone xa 
X78X, Lydia Hewitt (dau. of Rofuf and Abigail [Frínk] Hewitt), k Nov. 
4» X7S7; ihe m. (2) Dee. x^ x8x^ Joehoa Browa (tala teeood wile). 

XS9X Lgrdsa» k X783; d. x8oo; m. X799^ Gnrdon CrandalL 

X5oa Sophta. m. Eiioch Crandall of Charleatowiip R. L (bia aeeond 

XS03 Bridget» ol x8aBb laaac Peodletoa 

XS04 Abby, OL Enoch Crandall (bia firtt wiíe). 

X50S EÜMft k May a, 1789; d. March xfl; iSsfi, Rockferd, IlL; m. Nov. 

97» xSxa, Nancf Davia (dan. of John and Abigail [Baker]). 
tSBÓ Ezri, k X79X ; d. 1832; ul iÍíx Locinda Hewitt (dan. of Sianton 

Lucinda [Grant] Hewitt). 
1507 Rowland, k X70S; m. (x) Oct 26, 1820^ Hannah U Hewitt 

(dan. of Eli and Betacgr [WiUiama]) ; m. (a) — — Avery. 
xsg8 laaac, k I799; nt (x) Jan. 14 1826^ Nanqr H. Smith; m. (a) 

Seyt a9b x8m Ama Slark. 

For deaccndanla aee SUMion dm^logy. 

51 X Nathak* WimoaB (Ketorah* Oietebrongb, 112), m. Fek xa, 
X784, Norwich, Conn., Elisabeth Biiabnell of Lebanon, Coiut; k Fek 5, 
176X; d. July X7, 1849; he wat Depnty Sheriff of New London Coonty. 
Ouldcen (k hi Norwidi, Conn.) : 

+XS99 Procer, k Nov. xs, X784; d. A|>ril 24. x826^ Lebanon, Conn. 
+xte> Angnatua, k Nov. 6, X786; m. twice. 
x6ox Ebeneser Buihnell, k Dec. 23, 1789; d Jvne^ x79Q^ Lebanon. 

XS99 Paoarca' Wimcn» m. Dec. X7» X817, Alpame Hinckley ; lived in 
Lebanon, Comt Childrcn: 

+x6os Martha Elliott, k Fek 20^ X822: m. Hcnry Pahnec 
+xtiQ6 Harriel Hinckley, k Fek ax, 1B24; ». Thomai F. Rogara. 

jSa GnriALOGy ar thb CsxsnMniGH Family. 

1600 AuGUSTUt* Wimcn» nt (x) Feh. a^ 18x6^ Emür T. Hindcl^y, 
d April 3, 1825; m. (2) Nov. 279 x&S» Sanh Htnckkj (his fim wtíc's 
tticcr), Oiildra oí fint mirriage: 

xti07 WiUiani Aagmtiit, b. April Sf iSiB; d. Jtily 7» x8i3X. 
+xtiQ6 Dr. CSuurles Hincldey, k Fcb. 8^ 1820; d x898^ Hilo, Sandwich 
1609 Edwin Dimoo» b. Dcc 6, xtex ; d Sept ift X823. 
16x0 Edwin Dottoo, b. Scpt xg^ X893- 

CUMm oí teeood marriage (bi in Lcbaaon, Coon.) : 

x6xx Emsij Cornelia, b. JaiL 4» s8i7' 

+x6i9 Calherine, k Afiríl x^ ifl^i. 

x6x3 Sarah Jane. b. Dec 2$, X834, Hébron, Conn.; d Jan. i, 186a 

+x6x4 WiUiam Anguttut, b. May d 183& 

x6x2 CATRSUin' Wmicn» nt May 24. x8s3, WiUiam R. Gay. Chil- 
dren (k tn Lebanon, Coon.) : 

16x5 Erona Francés, k Marcb 7t i857* 
x6i6 Maiy Reed k Nov. xs, x8^ 

x6x4 WxLHAH* AüGUSTus WiTiiou» k May d '838; m. Jnne 37» 1858^ 
Abbie F. Peckham; had several children, one of whom was: 

16x7 Gcorge Perry» k March 30, x86a 

xdos Maitsa' Euiott Wmiou» nu March, X853, Hemy Pahner. 

x6x8 Lydia Lootae, k Sept xd x854; d. Oct 27, i8s7- 
16x9 Willard Henry, k Fek id x8S9^ 

itio6 HAnnT* Hxxoojnr Wsnioai, m. Nov. ád 1844 Thomas F. 
Rogen (son oí Bctaey). Chsldrcn: 

x6ao Ellcn Lathrop, k Sept d 184S; ^ April xd X847. 

xóax Daxiiel Htmtington, k Nov. 30, 1847. 

x6a Ella Aogiittínei k June 4, X852. 

X693 Katie Ellioet, k Nov. x, x8S4- 

Uviiv in Hartford Cona, x8g9L 

xdoS Dtu Cmjmmm* Hxircxxxv Waní oai, m. Sept 25» x84d Lticy & 
Taylor; tfaey sailed íor tfae Sandwich Islanda as Missionaries; he was a 
gradoate oí Pittsfield (Mass.); practised medicine in Lebanon, Conn. 
Children (k fai Sandwich Islands) : 

X624, Charles H. ; 1625, Fannie ; xdad Kate Willis ; x637f Laey Taylor. 

SX3N Maiv* (PoUy) Wimott (Ketnrah* Chesebroogh, xxa), m. Dcc 
xg^ X78^ Norwich. Cona (first wiíe), Simón Lathrop (son oí Elijah and 

Gbmbalocv op tbb CHtsoMiuoa pAitay. i6s 

Siisaiimh ILofd] Latlirop oí Norwidw Comí.)» h, Fck 24, 1760^ Norwidí, 
Com.; he ol (2) after 1806^ Amelia (Grcen), widow oí — — Davii. 

Gordooi k'Joly a, 1784; d Dcc. 7, 178& 

Gordoa, ad, b. May 30^ 1786; ol Manr Kcyes oí South Carolina; 

lived and d. hi Charleaton, S. C Child: Mary. 
Janea, h. Ang. 22^ 1788; loet al tea; hl Freelove HuntingUMi 

(dau. oí Capt Simeón and Fieeiove [Chester] Hmitington oí 

Norwkh, Cooa) ; ÜTed in New York Oty. 
SimoQ, k Ang. 4 1791 ; hnried in New Orleana, La. 
Edward. k Fdi. 18; I79S; d. Oct % 1834; m. (x) Sophia Gria- 

wold oí Norwich, Conn.; d. Nov. a, i&ra; m. (2) Maiy Clarfc 

oí Franklin, Coiui. 
+ Betacgr» h. April 4 1797; n. (i) Oct JOb i8iti^ Anguttine Rogera; 

m. (a) Nov. ti^ ifl^ Roger Bailey oí Lebanon» Conn.; d. 

Jan. 13, i86a 
George Henry, k Nov. i^ 1799; m. Dec. 29^ 1850^ D^> Ann 

Dnnham (dan. oí Sj^veater Dnnham), k Fek aog 1817. 
Maiy Ann, k Nov. 3, 1803; d. , 1803, 

Jáary Ann, ad, k May 27, 1806; m. Nov. 26, 1829^ Daniel Lathrop 

Hnntingtoa. (For dócendama aee HumHugton Mimoin.) 

Baraiv' Lathmt m. Angnatina Rogera» Childrcn: 

Thonaa F., k Afiril lo^ t8ai ; m. Nov. 28; 1844 Harriet Hincklcy 

Wetmore (x6o6N), and r em o ve d hi 1874 to Souih Coventry. 
Mary Anguacine, k Oct 20^, t8a3 ; d. Ang. 4, i8s2. 
Daniid Hnntington. 

Ella Angnata; in iS^4 removed to South Coventry írom Leba* 

514 Sabas* Wcnicn, m. ^Lcmuel Bnaweil, Jr. (aon oí Lcmud and 
Anna [Lovctt] Boawell), k Jn|y 4» tyói; d. Mareh 6, 1814. Child: 

i6a8 WUliam Wetmore, k 1790; d. Mareh 31, 1793^ Norwich, Conn. 

*Lemael Bnaweil, Jr^ n. (2) Jan. 17, 17^ Bliaabeth Miner, both oí 
Norwich, Coon. Childrcn: 

Sally, d. Sept 28; stA «> 9 montha. 

Francea, k Ang. S* 1799^ 

Charlea, k Jan. 6, iBobl 

Sally Wetmore, k Maich 9^ 1804. 

John Lovctt, k Mareh 9^ 1808. 

515 IsaABiAH* WmcoaB (Ketnrah* Cheaebrough, 1x2), d. in Hamil- 
ton, Upper Canadá; m. Fdi. 11, I797f Fishldll, Dntchesa County, N. Y., 
Rehecca Cheaebrough (530N). Childrai: 

•1629 James, k Nov. 2^ 170BL 

364 Genbalogy op tbb Crudmuoh Family. 

1630 George Washington, k Dcc. as» 17991 d- April 19^ 1822. 

1631 Ann» d. yonnf. 
X632 Isnhiah, d. yonng, 

x^ Schiqrler, b. May xSt iftA 
xtii34 Sarah Ana» d. yonng. 
1635 Lncy» d yonng. 

S2I Hannab' CxmnMXJQH (Nathanid*, X13)» m. Nev. 21, 1784 (firtt 
wiíe). Bccbe Denúon (dau. of Daniel and Eathcr [Whceler] Deniion), K 
Feb. aa^ 1761 ; d. Nov. 6^ iBag, Children (K in Stonington, Cooa) : 

lásfi Hannah, h, X785; m. Mofcs Root 

+1^ Keturah, k Scpt JOb X797; n. Dr. Eaot Lewit. 

1638 Nancy, k 1790; m. Soloia o n Wbite 

1639 Beebc, K July 28; 1794; m. Harriet Tboni]Mon. 

1640 Jeremiahy t. X796; d. yonng. 

1641 Willianí, k 1797; d. yiMing. 

x&ía John, k Aprí] ^ 1799* »- Jane Faifchild. 

iti¡37 Kbtuiah* Demx80N« m. Jone 28; iSxa, Dr. Enot Lewts oí Nor- 
wicb, Vt Childrcn (k tn Norwich, Vt) : 

Williaa; Willsam E.; Oiarles D.; Ann Emeraon. 

Locy Mary, k Ang. 24, 1822; d. Sepe. il. 1874, Mystic, Conn.; 
m. Sept 20b s&A Capt Bcajamin F. Holmes, k July 18^ 1822, 
Mystíc» Conn.; d Aug. 31» 18921 Poquonnoc, Com. Child: 

Ama Mattlda. k May fl; x8s4; m. A|iríl 2, 1891, Samuel C 
Brockington ; living tn GroCon, Cooa 

522 Natbamul* CHsanaocJGH (Nathaniel\ 1x3)» m. May 29^ 179% 
PoUy Saníord of Newport, R. L Childrcn: 

+X649 Frandt, k July a7f ttm; d Oct 2, x8fi4- 

4*1650 Elisa AiUt d Aug. xti^ X827; n. (first wiíe) Simeón Palmer, 
xósx Maiy Ann, m. — — Mygatt of Stonington, Cona 
x6s2 Hallam, k Scpt 3» 1804; d Apríl 12, 1850; m. Ang. 29^ x83a 
Mary GrüBn. 

x6so EuzA* A. CataianoUGB, m. Fek 26b x824t Rev. Simeón Pfthner (son 
of Peleg and Mary [Burtch] Palmer), k Aug. s I799; d Fek 26^ X894; he 
was a Bapciit miniíter; had nine childrcn (k in Stonington, Cooa) ; he 
m. (2) Ang. 5, 1828; CaroUne TiffaQy. 

1649 Fricas* CaisnaouGB, m. Sept 23, 1832, Mary Murphy, d Sept 
2, X863, New York Gty. Children : 

1655 Hallam, k June 20^ 1833 » d Sept 1% 183^ 
+1656 Elisa, k May 2, 1835 ; m. I* B. Van Alstyne 
1657 Matilda, k May 23, 1838; m. William J. Pkot oí New York Gty. 

GnfiALooY or tbb CmsmoucH Family. 365 

1658 Haonali, k Jone aB; 1841 ; d. Nov. 16^ 1875; m. Jerome Scoct, a 

1699 Fnacti L, k May 29, 1844; d. Nov. a» iBgC, Togue, Me; he was 

a Free Maaon, aad servcd tbrough tbe Civil War; m. (i) 

Anna Grccn; sn. (2) Cathcríne Myring. 

1696 Euza' CsianaouGB, m. Oct 26, 1855. New Yorlc Gty. Lloyd B. 
Van Alstync^ b. Apríl 2, 1832; St Albant» Vt; in October, i8^»i while 
doing pólice dttty in tbe Tomba Príson, he rcceived a wound from a íemale 
priaoner which resuhed in tbe lou ol hit rigfat eye; living in Rotherlord» 
N. J. Oiildfcn: 

fótfo Mary Loaite» b. Sept 26, 1856^ Brooklyn» N. Y.; m. in Pftría, 
Fianc^ I. McCmnu 

1661 Francif Labyette^ b. Jone x» 1858^ Brooklyn» N. Y. 

1662 Loraine, b. Jan. is» 1860; m. Feb. 20^ 18&2» Albert C Lorey» 

United Statea Marahal; Uve in New Yoric City. 

1663 Lucina Melvin, b. Jan. % 1862, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; d. Aiig. 7, i86j, 

Brooldyn, N. Y. 

1664 Matikla Emily, k Dec. a7f xWj. Brooldyn, N. Y.; d. Aiig. 6, 

i86gb New York. 
láSs William Heniy, k Feb. 4. x866^ Brookiyn. N. Y.; d. Aof. 24, 

1869^ New York. 
1066 Virginia Qara, k Mareh 21, x868; m. Dec. 24, i88g^ Wesley £. 

Bryde. Child: 

Wealey I*, k Oct 17. i8m Brooklyn, N. Y. 

+1^ Syhria Anne Howling; k June 16^ x97<x 
x668 Lkqrd Waabington, k July 20b x^Ta ; n. Jnly X4, x8g7. Lulo Sealea. 

Son, k and d. aame day. 
táSg Edward Comeliiia, k May 2X, x^s* 

Í6B7 Sylvu* A. R Vam ALaTym» m. Fek xx, x8px, Arthor Van Roden» 
Children (k in Rntberlord, N. J.) : 

xdyi Loraine Eliía, k April 6, xgpa. 

i^ Clara Looia^ k Fek & X894; d. Joly jB^ X894. 

Por otiior deteendanta ol Hannah Cheaebroagh Beebe (52XN) ice 

526 Natran* CHtssaaouGa (Nathaniel*, 1x3), m. Oct X2» x8q4, Cyn- 
thia &ary (359xN), d. Jan. id^ x86x, Knox, N. Y. Children (k in Never- 
ttnk^ SoHivan Coonly, N. Y.)': 

xd73 Bnoch Stanton, k May 9, x8o6; d. July 2X, X807. 
+x^4 Pmdence Mary. k Oct s xA^S d. xg^Ob Knox, N. Y. 
+x^S Mehitable Cyntbia, k Oct 2S i8is; m. William T. Beebe. 

X6Í74 PauvHCB' Maiv CagaiaaouoH, m. Sept 3i x93ft Dr. Charlea 

j66 GmsALOGY or tbb Chbsibrouch Famay. 

Edwin Dayton (foa of Ourlct aad Muy Dayton)» d. May ift i8A úi hit 
43d Tcar. Childrcn (b. tn Kdoz, N. Y.) : 

. 1^76 Edwm Chetebrob b. Nw. % i&(o; n. Mary Mofvan. Child: 

+1677 Nathan Hadlejr, b. Maj 5» 184a; d. 1899; n. Joama Schooo- 

16^ . Charlea Crafy, b. March a3, 1847; d. May 18; 184& 

ié75 MmiTAiu' Cyhtbia CmuamofOGa, d. Apríl x« 1884; m. Oct 
aa» i83A WiUiam T. Bcebe (ton oi Thoiiiat and Ellen Baebe ol Kn», 
N. Y.), k JnJy la 18x4. Gosldcrland, N. Y.; hvt in DunntviU^ N. Y. 

16^ WtlUam Jabea, b. Jan. x, 1S469 Guflderland, N. Y. ; n. Oct 23, 
x877. Amia IL Hüton, bu Dcc. as x86a Children : 

xtfBo Burton J., b. Jan. 27» x8Ba, Giñldcrland, N. Y. 
x68x Mary IL, b. June aa, X884, Giúlderland, N. Y. 

x677' Natha]«* Hásuy Dayioxt, n. Joanna Schoonnaker; livtd in 
Cohoeii N. Y. Childrcn: 

Beulah; Hattse; Nathan H. 

SaS EifoCB* Stanton CHatnaoucB (Nathaniel*, 1x3), n. Jan. x, x8xx, 
Sally Sheffield (dan. of Ca^ Aniot and Sarah [Goddard] Sheffield), b. 
Nov. 18^ X793; d. July s 1863. Children (b. in Stonington, Conn.) : 

1667 Franeet Maria, b. Dec. a, x8xz ; d. March xa, X814. 

-f x688 Rcv. Axnot Sheffield, h. Aug. aa^ x8x3. 

+xti89 Elltworth, b. Jnly xo^ x8x6; d. Oct 24, X864. 

+X690 Abiqr Sheffield, bi Aug. aa, x8x8 ; d. Feb. X7, x88ol 

+X69X Dr. Nicholat HaUan, b. May iB, 1821 ; d. A^ 6, 1899^ Sum- 
mt, N. J. 

luga Danid Carew, b. Nov. 17, X833; d. Aug. 24, x8a& 

xdB8N AMoa* SnimiLD CnnaanoucB, b. Aug. aa^ x8x3, Stontngton, 
Com.; n. Nov. 16, X84X, Harriet Chaimian (dau. of George Henry and 
Lncy Chainnan), bi April xs, 18x9; d. June X4, X897, Saybiook, Conn. He 
wu graduated fron Yale Univertity in x8i35 and from Yale Theological 
Seminary ui X840; he wat ordained to the Congiegational Minittry at 
Pattor of the Oiurch in Cbetter, Conn., Dec x, X84X; he held pattoral 
charget alto at Glattonbury, Vemon and Duihan, Ccmul; he hat been a 
merober of the Corporation of Yale Univertity, and m X885 received from 
the snttitution the honorary degree of D. D. ; he it the author of tcveral 
bookt on Churefa worfc and Chrittian Nurture. Children: 

-fx693 Sarah Lonita, b. Aug. ax, x84a; m. Henry Rógen Jonet. 

X694 Harriet Chaproan, b. Jan. x, X845; d. Feb. 7, iB^ 
+xti95 Sheffield, bi July xti^ X847 • n. Julia Clark. 

G«ifiAL06T or TBS C HiMi w y oH Family. 2ftl 

i6g9 Sabah' LouiftA CRinnoucH, n. Dc& $• s^X Cafit Hcnry 
Rofers Jones, U. $• A^ b. March ^ 1836. Children: 

+itf96 Aam Stevcnsoo» b. Scpt ^ 1M4; n. WilUam M. Browo. 

2697 ScMii d. joang^ 

+1^ Louin Wadsjvorth, b. Oct i, iQts; «• P^nl E. Jooet. 

4-x^ Harríct Cfampoiaii» b. Jan. 7> x976; m. Frank J. Spragoe. 

1700 CatbcríM Mills, b. Dec. 17* i8)& 

1701 Hcnry Rogtn, b. Jone aa^ iMa. 

i^» Charles Chc K l g oBg h , bu Jol j a8b ittfi. 

1695 SKimiLii' CHsai aau íJ Cg, m. Oct 14, ii79^ Jnlia Oark (dan. of 
Albert GaUatin Oark of Toledo^ Ohio), b. Aug. 14 i9sx Children: 

1703 Eva Lkqrd, b. March 4» 1884. 

1704 Hattíe Chapinan, b. Nov. a7» 1885; d. Scpt 27, 1881 

1705 Rassd Claric, b. AprU 81 iSttL 
Live in St Louis, Vb^ 

i6g6 Ahita* SxiviHaoír Joma, n. Scpt 14, 1887, bgr Rev. Anos S. 
Chescbrongh, D. D., William M. Brown. Children: 

1706 Looisc Wadsworth, b. Scpt 14» 18891 

1707 William Mark, Jr., bi Scpt 30^ 1891. 

169B Lomas* Wa0swobtb Joma, n. Oct as 1899^ Paul Etigene Jones 
(son ol Ljsander M. Jones); ts attomcy-at-law, and resides in Brook- 
l7n,M. Y. 

1699 ÜAaaiBr* Cbafican Joma, n. Oct ii, 1899b Frank J. Spragne of 
New York; gradúate of United States Naval Acadenqr at Annapolis, Md^ 
and Vice-President of the Spragne Electric Company of New York Gty, 
whcft he resides: Child: 

1708 Robert Chapman, b. Aug. 3, 190a 

itiBp BtLawonm* C naaaM O U O», nt (i) Jan. 18b 1841, Anna Lonisa 
Addison (dan. of the Ute Thonas Addison of New York Cttj), b. Feb. 
aob 1893; d. Oct 4» tSiS: nt (^) April lo^ 1847, Annie Enpbonia Keamey, 
k Jone I, 1824; d. Jan. 13, lÚS; he was a merdiant, New York Gty; 
removed to Atchison, Kan. Children of first marriage: 

+171S Anna Lonisa, b. April % 1843; nt John J. Ingalls. 
+17» Francés Lodsa, k June 18^ 1844; d. Dec. aa, 1893; nt CoL 
Andrew S. Hughes. 

17x1 AiriTA* LouiaÁ C ma a aa o o o», m. Scpt v% x86s Hon. John James 
Ingalls, b. Dec apb 1035» Middletown, Mass.; d. Aug. iti^ I90Q^ Las Vegas, 
N. M. He was a gradúate of Williams CoOcge; he stndicd Uw at 

jfiB GiMBALOGy or tbs Cbisoiovgh Family. 

Havcrhfll; in 1858 he icttlcd tn Somner» Kan^ then the only Anti- 
Stovrry town in Kaims; entcred into politics; removed to Atchiiofi, Kan.; 
was State Senator in iSfia, and candidate lor Lientenant-Governor in 1863; 
wat elected Umicd States Senator from Kanaaa in 18172, re-elected tn 1478 
and i88S9 ñ i8d^ wai Preiídent |iro tem. of the Sñate; he retigned tn 
Pehmarjr» 1890^ and lived in retirement al Atchiion; he was one of the 
leaders oíf the Republican partjr, and at one time was considered tlie niost 
brüliant member ol the United States Senate 

1713 Ellsworth, bi Jone 18; i856L 

1714 Ruth, bi Jaly 30^ 1B67 ; d. Fd». IS. 18^4. 

1715 Ethel, b. Nov. 14» 1868; m. Oct 14 iBg4, T>r. Edward Giles Bfaúr. 

1716 Ralph, b. Febí 14 1970; Captain, senred in Commissary Depart- 

ment» U. S. A^ in Northern Lnaon» Philippines. 

1717 Addison, b. Feb. iti^ i9^; d. Oct iB, x97& 

S718 Constance, b. Aug. 25, 1473; d. Dee. iti^ ipoo; m. Apríl 12, 1899^ 
Robert Porter Shick of Reading, Pa. 

1719 Sheffield» b. March sB, i9;s; m. Jan. 9^ 1901» Lucy Gmiell Van 

Hoesen of Lawrenee, Kan. Child: Robert Chesebrought b. 
Nov. I9b 1901. 

1720 Faith, bi May 30^ x8^; d. May 3if i977* 

1721 Marión, h. Scpt aé, iS^ 
173a Mtiriel, b. Auf. SI» x88i. 

1723 Lottisa, b. April 6, 1883; d. Aog. 6, x88¡3- 

17x2 FkANCis* LoinSA CHisaaioucH, nu Sept 27* 18^ CoL Andrew 
S. Htighes, b. Dee. 1% 1843; he is Traflic Manager of the Denver and Rio 
Grande Railroad, and resida in Denver, CoL Children. 
X724 Katheríne Neal, b. Aug. xti^ x868; d. Oct. xs X894- 
X72S Bela Metcal^ bu Sept X7, x970^ 
. X726 Dlsworth Chesebrough, bu May xpb X873; drowned Oct 8; x89a 
X727 Anna L. Addison, bi Mardi 8; iB;s^ 

X690 Any* SHsmiLD C HMiiía o tic a, nt Feh. xti^ 1841, Capt Joseph 
Edls Smith (3718N). Children: 

+1728 Sarah Looisa, bu May xi, 1842; d. Sept 27, xQts. 
X799 Anna Elisa, b. March 8» 1844; d- Sept 29^ i$74; nt Nov. 10^ x868^ 

Thomas Scdgwick Steele. 
X730 Ellsworth Chesebroogh, b. Jan. 28^ X846; m. Jan. 28b 1893, Manon 

1731 Joseph Eells, Jr., b. Nov. 22, X848; d. April 30^ x88x. 
X732 Abl^ Chesebrough, bi Aug. 6, X854; m. Dee. 3» i979b George W. 

Mathews, b. Apríl 4. 1849. Child : Dlsworth W., b. Sept as 

X883; d- April 29^ X894. 

X728 Saiah* Louxsa Smxtb, m. June 30, 1866» Giles Babcock, b. Sept 
3Db X840; he is an attomey*at-law. Oiild: 

X733 Oliver Bnel, b. March sB, x87a 

Family. 369 

iti9S Di. MiCHQtAS* HiOLAM CHtsmouGBf OL Nov. 2I9 18A Hcn- 
riccta Httfidd (fUu. of Gübcrt T. Hatíidd of New York), t. Ñor. i^ 
lEa; d. Jan. i, 1899^ Sanmitl» N. J.; wm the owner ol the Bccchwood 
Hotel, Sammil, M. J.; a gradoate of the College of Phytictaiia and Sur- 
fcont, New York Gty, and rctircd from practice in 1869; he left an cítale 
eatimated al $300^000^ all, esccept a few beqocfts, to he held in tmsl lo biñld 
and maintain an orphan aqrluní In Sununit* N. J^ the initittttkín to be 
naned The Oics^roach Proteatant Orphan AtjlnaL 

S3I CumiA* CntamoucH (Pekg*, 114)» «. in Albany, N. Y., John 

I71S Roben PttlaaU, k tyv. 

53a Bcraiy* CamanoucB (Pekg*, 114)» n. (i) 1805, Gkna Fallí, 
N. Y^ WUliam Freeman, h. 1761, Morriitown, N. J.; d. iSifl; Gkna Fallí, 
N. Y.; n. (a) April 5, iSai, Judge Heniy Spencer of Gkni Falla» N. Y. 
Children of firai marriage: 

+1736 Jane De Hart, b. Jnne S, t8o6b Albanj, N. Y.; d. Match 7» x&lft 

Ballaton Spa, N. Y. 
+1737 Roben, hi Scpt 18L i809b Qneenibnrg; N. Y.; d. Jone aob i88^, 

Platnfield. N. J. 
iTaS Waahington, b. May, i8ia; ahipped on a whaler at New I^ondon, 

iflija; and never heard oi 

1736 Jans* Db Hast FknicAír, n. Ftík 2X iBsh Rev. Noman Fox 
(ion of Jehiel and Jeruaha Fox) of Cheiter, N. Y.; b. Sept 17» iTPa. Hooiic 
Fallí, N. Y.: d. Oct 3> i86j, Painted Poat, N. Y.; he wai a gradúate of 
Unkm CoUegc^ Schenecudy, N. Y., 1817; Member of Aiiembly 181^1830; 
Baptin nñniner in Balliton Spa and Sehenectady; in 1860 removed to 
Pdnted Poat, N. Y. Children: 

1739 Adaline^ b. Feh. 17, 183^ Oieater, N. Y.; d. Nov. 7, 1890^ BsU- 
aiMi Spa, N. Y. 

+I74D Alanion Jehiel, b. Nov. 7, i833i Gleni Fallí, N. Y.; n. twice. 

+174X Rev. Norman, bu Feb. tj, ÍB36. Glena Fallí, N. Y.; m. twice. 

+1743 Willtam Freeman, b. Jan. xs, 1840^ Balltton Spa, N. Y. 

+X743 Charlea Jamei, b. April 9, 1848, Ballaton Spa, N. Y. 

+1744 Mary Eliaabeth, b. July 11, 1844, Ballaton Spa, N. Y. 

+1745 George Heniy, h. Oct fl; 18416^ Ballaton Spa, N. Y. 

1740 ALAnaoN* JiHiiL Fox« m. (x) Abbie Hale (dan. of John D. Hale 
of Ballaton Spa, N. Y.), d. x$7i, Painted Poat, N. Y.; m. (2) íS;^ Cor» 
nclia Stdibini (dan. of PriUmder Stebbini of Ptoinfield, N. J.); Uveí in 
Detroit, Mich. Children of firat marriage: 

+X746 Ada, b. April 14, X86Í3; m. Walter H. Freeman (X773N). 
X747 Julia McKnight, b. X869. 
X748 Stnan McArthur, b. Oct a, xfl^ 


Chililfcii of teoond mamase: 

1749 Jotcph Stebbins, b. Jan. 3, 1880: d. Occ. as» t884- 

1750 Alaittoii, b. Nov. 14» x88x. 

X741 Rif. NcBMAif* Fox, Ji., IB. (x) Julia MclCnighl, d X869; n. (a) 
Jcnaic Blcackcr of New York Citj» d 1880; livet in Morriatown, N. J.; 
he wat graduaied from the Univertity of Rocheitcr, New Yofk; and the 
R oc h e ater Tbeological Semtnary, 1855; wat pastor of Baptíit Chaxch. 
Whttdial]» N. Y.; cnteied the Chril War as Chaplain of the Scventy- 
•eventh Resiment New York In&ntfy; rcceived degree of Doctor of Lawa 
fron Unlirertxljr of Rodietter. Child of firat narríage: 

1751 Arthor Benjamín, bi Sept Xft 18691 

Children of teoond marríage: 

X7Sa Alice Bleeekcr» h. Jone xs 1876. 
X753 Noel, h. March 18b x47& 

X743 WxxxuM* FiBiMAii Fm, m. x8^ Mary A. Shattocfc (dan. of 
Levi Shattuck of Corning; N. Y. ; retida in Albaiqr» N. Y.; he wu a gradú- 
ate of Union Collcge, Schcnectadr» N. Y., x86o; Lientenam^Colond in the 
Gvil War, One Hundred and Seventh New York Volmiteert; author of 
lUgiméniúl I^asus m ihg CMi W»; now Siiperimcndent of Forettry 
Committion of the State of New Yoric Children: 

X7S4 Charlea Shattuck, h. Ñor. %. x868L 
X7S5 Emma, b. June 24, xQtol 

X743 CsAiLia* jAMia Fox, m. x8^ Lonite O. Wright (dan. of'Hon. 
John C Wright, Juttice of the Supreme Court) ; he wat a gradúate of 
Union College, Schenectady, N. Y., x86x ; wat Lieutenantt Captain and Major 
of the One Hundred and Sevcnth New York Volunteert in the Gvil War. 

1796 Nonnan Wriito bu Juty aa, xBtf. 

I7S7 CaroUne, bu April ax, xSópi 

X7S8 Herbert, b. Fd». 7t i$73- 

X799 Waher, b. Fd». ax, X878L 

X760 Geofge Henry, b. Au¿ X5, xSSa. 

X744 liAiy* EUZAMETB Fox, m. x87a Rev. Robert S. MacArthur, D. D., 
Paator of Calvaiy Baptitt Chnreh, New York Gty; live in New York Gtj. 

X761 Robert Fox» b. Nov. 7$ i87x. 

X76a Gertrude Eugenic; b. Feb. 6, X8I73. 

X7^ Edith Stuart, b. Apríl 8^ x974; n- Nov. X4, xSgOb Montague 

Howard (ton of Joteph Platt Howard). 
X764 Kenncth Cauldwell, b. Oct 6. X882. 
X7^ Marión Eliiabeth, b. Feb. 14, X884. 

GiNBAUNnr or tbs Chimí wi u oh Family. 371 

1745 OiU GipRGB* Hbnry Fox, nu 187a, Hmrriei Lovisa Gíbbs of 
Tituflvüle. P«u; he was a gradúate oí theUníveníty of Rochesier, Kew York. 
1867; oí Pennflylvania Medical College» 1870; served duríng the Cvil War 
ia the Seveoty-ieventh New York Volunteers; is a practísíng ptiysiciaii, 
New York Qty» and author of aeveral medical worki. Children: 

1766 George Howard, b. July 4, 1873. 

1767 Adalíne. b. Nov. 33, 1875. 

1768 Alanioo Gtbbi» b. Aug. ^ 1879. 

1769 Helen, b. Sept. 19b 1882. 

8737 RoBBRT* FftXBMAN, m. Oct 8» 183a, Elisabeth A. RoberU (dan. oí 
Wiiliam and Beteey [Gaylord] Robards [oame changed by ber brocher 
Charlee] \ b. Blay 23, i8i3» Queeneburg» N. Y»; d. Jan. 8» 1878» Phúnfield 
N.J. Children: 

+1770 Wtlllam Sidney, b. Jan« la, 1834; Clinumville, N. Y.; d. Aug. 35, 

1876b New York City. 
+1771 Emmellne MaiUdat b. Jone 33, 1836; m. Charlee J. Fox (1808N). 

1770 WiLUAM* SiDNBY Frexman» «. Oct. 1$, 1857» Sara Howard (dan* 
oí Nathan and Francee [T^ylor» l>oty] Howard), b. Oec 33. 1835. Troy, 
N.Y. Children: 

177a Harry Molten» b. Sept. 11, 1858: d. Fd>. 18» i86i. 
+1773 Walter Howard» b. Feb. 15, 1864* 

1774 Robert Sidney, b. Oct. as» 1869: d. July 18» 1871. 

1773 Waltbx* Howaxd Fxbbman, m. Ocl 19. 1887» Ada Fox (I746N). 

1775 SCuart Fox, b. Aug. 19^ 1888, Sl Ignace, Mich. 

1776 Howard Brooke, b. Dec 33, 1889» St. Ignace, Mich. 

1777 Edgar Welle, b. July 13, 1891, Detroit, Mich. 

Uvtá in Phüafield, N. J. 

1771 Em MBLINB* Matilda Frxbman, vl Charles James Fox (1808N); 
d. i870b Plainfield, N. J. Children (b. in Plain£eld, N. J., and New York): 

1778 Lottise, m. De Witt C. Ivins. Children: Clinton; Hope; Charles. 

1779 Sheridan, b. 1863; d. May, 1895, ChicagOb IlL; unmarried. 

533 PsLBG* Chxsxbrough (Polcg*. lu), UL 1810, Sally Moore (dau. oí 
Benjamín and Hannah [Gillett] Moore) of Sussex County, N. J ; b. 1791, 
Deckerstown, N. J.; d« Feb. 7, 1843; he was a member of the íinn oí 
Chichester & Chesebrough, uilors, New York City; in 1811 he removed to 
Ithaca, N. Y. Children (b. in Ithaca, N. Y.): 

1783 Claríssa, b. Oct 3, 181 1 ; d. April 3, 1813. 

37> GsnAUKY or tri Cnwsamovou Vauuy. 

itU Emineline, b. Nov. 35, 1813; d. Jan. lOi 1893; onmmrríed. 

+>78S CUríssa, b. Nov. 11, 1817; n. Voloey Bnindagc 

. +17S6 Benjamín Fnuikltn, b. Nov. 29, i8ao: d. Jmn. 33, 1871; m. 


+1787 Peliv, b. Nov. 3o, 1836; m. Mury Elitnbcth Goodwin. 

+1788 Helen, b. Feb. 36^ 1833; m. Honce M. Drake. 

1785 Clakissa^ CassBBROUGH. m. Jttly s* 1836* libaca. N. \n Volney 
Bnindage; a fumer; removed to Delavan, Wis. Chüdren: 

1789 Benjamín Franklin, b. July 30b 1838. 

1790 Theodore, b^ Sept. lOi 1840; d. Apríl 8, 1843. 

1791 Sarah Emeline, b. May 37. 1844; m. — — — Babcock. 

1792 Theodore Alonso» b. May 6b 1848; á. Apríl 17, 1883. 
1703 Claríisa Augotta, b. OcL i, 1850: m. — — — Winne. 
1794 Calisu Viola, b. June 7. 1855 ; m. — Hug gins. 

1786 Ebüjaihn* Fraiiklxm Chbssb&ouoh, m. Dec. 3if s^Ob Zemah 
Cooo (dan. oí Levi Cooo). Cbildren: 

i79Sf Benjamín Franklin; 179^ Mary Looisa; nuL.lL Culver; 1797* 

1787 Pblbo* CHBf bmouoh, m. 1849» Mary Elinbetb Goodwin, b. Feb. 
37, i837i Dryden, Tompkins County» N. Y.; be wat eniolled in Seoond 
Regiment Provisional New York Cavalry in 1863. Civil War, and served 
twó years; Uves in Iibaca, N. Y. Chtldren: 

1798 Charies E.. b. Ang. i. 1850; d. Jan. I4f 1890; m. Jone t» 187^ 

Helen Ivison. 

1799 Frederíck P^ b. March 36b 1853; m. Jan. 39, 1879b Carne C 

Baker. Cbildren: 

1800 Editb Francis, b. Oct X4, T879. 

1801 Adelaida, b. Apríl 7, 1881 ; d. Aug. 6» i88i. 
1803 Cbarles Frederíck, b. Sept 5, 1891. 

1788 Hblbm* CaBsnaouOH, m. May 13, 1850^ Horace M. Dmke^ b. in 
llfaaca, N. Y.; live in Aubom, N. Y. Cbildren: 

i8q3 Nellie, m. George BiUings oí Anbnra, N. y. 

1804 Ffmnkie. 

S34 BBNjAMXif' Feamcun Chesbmouoh (Peleg*, 114): served in tbe 
United Sutes Navy during tbe War oí i8i3; lived in New York Oty. 

1805 Caroline, d. July 3, 1813» in ber 3d year; bnried in ** Dntcb N. W.** 


GmiALOGir or tas Cnsnwwcu Family. 573 

537 Maha* CBttmouaB, n. i8]& Alantoa Fox (too of Jdud and 
Jtrttshft Fox), k Jaa m xtQJ* New CiOftaD; d. Joly 13, i8« New York 
Qtj. He wu liiarslial and Jodge of Warren Omnty, N« Y. Children (bu 
in Sandy HUÍ and Chctter, N. Y.) : 

+1806 Helcn Maria. b. VA. 11, 1816; d. Dcc. 4. i80gb Pawling, N. Y.; 

n. Lorcnao Powert. 
+i8q7 Mary F., b. Jiily 3i 1819; n. George Waic 
+1808 Charles Janei» t. 1823; m. Emmeline Frecman (iTyiN). 

1809 Sarah, k 182$; d. Sept 3i 1861, Saratoga, N. Y.; n. Jan. a, 1844, 

n>e Wttt C Hay. 

1810 Sheridan, b. i8a6^ Chesier» N. Y.; d. Aog. S, 1844, New York 


1806 HxuN* M. Fox, n. i83Si Lomuo Powers of New Yoric, d. 
1861. Children (b. tn New York City) : 

1811 Enmia F., b. De& $• 1835; <L Aug. % 1900, Pawlsng, N. Y.; m. 

1861, Daniel M. P6rter, a lawyer of New York City, d. Apríl 

3, 190a, «. 74 7t«n. 
i8ia Jnlia, d. April sti^ 1854 ^ 16 ftan. 
1813 Hden, b. 184a; d. Jone ajt 1881 ; m. (s) Sept, i8fa, CoL EUas 

M. Greene; m. (a) Geoiie P. Han. 

1807 Maxy* F. Fox, m. Jime afl; 1843, George Wait (ion of Lcvi and 
Bctsey [Jonet] Wait of Groton, Masa.), d. 1881, Albaiqr, N. Y. Children: 

18x4 kfarie F., b. Nov. x6^ 1853; lives in New York Gty. 
x8x5 Helen Louiae, bi Sept ai, 1854; Uves in New York Gty. 

538 LvcY* Chxsibboiigr (Pelcg*, 114), n. (i) Oct 29^ x8is Albany, 
N. Y., Lient Lewis Gemain, U. S. N. (son of Gol Obadiah (sermain, 
United Stotei Senator fron New York), d. April 14, x8i8p Sackctt's Harbor, 
N. Y., & 30 years; he was a nidshipman on the Causütution al the time 
she triumphed over the GuitrUri and the Java dnring the War of i8xa^ 
and was pronoted to a Lieutenant for bis bravery; she n. (a) x8a6^ Cana- 
joharie, N.. Y., James Babcock Alton, d. Dec. xti^ x844. te. S7 jurs. Chil- 
dren of first marriage (b. in Sackett's Harbor, N. Y.) : 

x8i6 Lewis Superior, bi Oct fl6^ x8iti^ on United Sutes man-of-war 

Superior: d. March ^ x883« Tampa, Fia. 
X817 Frands Mallalqr, k x8i8; d. i8aa 

Children of seoond marriage: 

+X818 Sarah Chartottc^ bu May 24, i8a8; m. F. nry H. Albright 

-|-x8x9 Manan, b. Sept x8, 1830; m. David P. HulL 

-j-x8ao Henrietta TaykNr, k May 3> 1833; m. William J. Abrams. 

• Dt Witt C Hay, b. Mty i, 1S17S d. l»ly ü, 1887. TtrrytMm. N . Y.; foa oi Jadft WU- 
llM aad Soplda (Payae) Hay of Santofm SRrlaei, N. Y.; m. (a) Sept. jb. iMj, Saratofa 
Spriaga, M. Y., Martatta Dos Ptckartoe (daa. oi Capt. Aagaataa aad Cafoliot C WMto] 
Ptcktfinf U Sackttt's Harbor, M. YO. d. Ftb. 13. i9oi. Tarrytowa. N. Y. 

J74 Gkmsalogy or tbb CussiBiouGa Family. 

1818 Sabah* Chaujútis Alton, m. July 9. 1Q50, New York City. 
Hcnxy H. Albríght (son of George and Maigarct Albríght)» b. Hay ag. 
rfti7, Philaddphia; d. Scpt & 1897. Children (t. in Grcen Baj, Wu.) : 

ste Afthitr Cárolt b. M^ 17, X851 ; d 1853. 

ifiaa Emma Louiíe, b. April 16, 1854; ot Jone, 1883, Green Bay, Wím., 
George Henry Tbomas. Child: Carol Margaret, bi May B, 
x885t Omaha» Néb.; Hve in Green Bay, Wis. 

x8at3 Carolyn MilUcent, b. May 14 i8s& 

1834 Frederic Sheridan, b. Aug. 8; 1863. 

1825 Hany Ahoo, b. Scpt 2, 1S71 ; m. Oct z^ s8sMf San Franctteo» 
^A l^ Una Letítia Simpson, 

Mri. H. H. Albríght Uves (190a) in PttUburg, Pa. 

1819 Mabun* Altok, n. Dec. 17, 185S David Punderson Hull (son 
of David and Fannie [Dickerson] Hull)» d. Nov. aa 1884. Children : 

1837 Mabelt b. Aug. iti^ x8S7; d. May xi, X863. 
+x8a8 Marian, b. May 24, x86o; n. Charles Frands HulL 
x8a9 Helen Alton, b. Sqpt n x866; m. Feb. xa, i8m Milwaukee, Wia^ 

Charles McGrtgor Mortíner. Child: Manon McGregor, b. 

Aug. 20^ X803. 
x830 Jessie Alton, b. April 29^ 1869; m. June 14» 1892, Byron Arthur 

Moigaa. Children: 

Ruth Ida, b. Oct xi, X893. 

Byron Arthur, Jr., b. May as X89;. 

1818 Maixaji* Hüll, ul Aug. 4» X884, Milwaukee, Wis^ Charles Fran- 
cis HuU (son ol Henry and Sarah [Sandland] Hull). 

xfl|3X Alton Sandland, bi Aug. x. |á8s, Saginaw, Mich. 

XS32 Clifton Morse, bi Sept t9,hl^ Hartwdl, Ohia 

X833 Marie Janet, b. M^ xs, i89X. 

x8l34 Mabel Francés, b. Apríl xs X894, Hartwdl, Ohio. 

x8so Hehurta* Taylou Alio», n. Sept 24, 1854, Canajoharie, M. Y., 
WUliam James Abrams (son of Isaac Tallmann and Ruth [Hall] Abrams), 
k Mareh 19^ x8a6; Cambridge^ N. Y.; living in Green Bay, Wis. Children: 

xfli37 Kat^ b. June xo^ 1856^ Sehenectady, N. Y.; nt Dec. x8, 1884, 

Hamilton Townsend. 
X838 Ruth, bi Feb. 6, X863, Green Bay, Wis. ; m. Jan. s i^t Cárter 

MeVetgfa Tobcy. 
x8;39 Winlord, b. Jan. 20^ x868k Careen Bay, Wis.; m. June 4, 1894, 

Ottelia Rhode. 

S40 Ludt. Roñar* Chiss8bouch, Ja. (Robert*, xxs), m. (x) Feb. s 
1783, Stonington, Conn., Lucy Palmer (dan. of Denison and Marvin 

(Sm No. iftaH.| 

GnoBALooy or tas Cmnmmmou Pamilt. 37S 

[Primer] P^mcr), k Dec. 7» 1766^ Stoningtoii, C011&; d. Nov. 1, if^; n. 
(a) Aprii s, 1793, Stoningtoo, Onul, Contcnt Rathbont (dan. ot Joloii Jr.» 
and Enake [Wells] Rathbone, and granddaogbter of Ror. Joba Ratldioiic), 
b. Jone 17* <775; d. liay ag^-xKa. Stamíord, Comí. On Ftík 8^ i8xi> doring 
the war with Eiígiand, QMgrau paaicd an act aothoriang the borrowing of 
litfyoooyiooo; bis namt is anong the list of patriotíc cititcotp m that cmer- 
ccncy anbieríbinc Sio^ooo: John Ralhboiie and hia ion John Rathbone. Jr.. 
alao tvbacribed laivooa He was one of the foonden and the fim Prcsidcnt 
of the Foltoo Bank of New York Gtj, offianiaed in 1834; wat prominent 
amoof the oíd neichants of New Yoiic Qty» and wu lenior mcmber of 
the fina of Oics^nMch k Van Alen» importen» New York Gtj. Quid of 
firat marriage: 

i&(0 Robert F^bncf. bu Jolj as, 1788; d. S^pt ft itSs^ Stomngloab 

CbQdren of seeond marriage: 

1841 Laey» k Jnly % 1703» S t o nia gton, Cona; d Dee. 14» 1703» New 

York Otar- 
184a Harriet Content, k Oct la^ 1795» New York Gty; d. Jone 4 

+1843 Robert John» bu Jan. sB^ 17A New Yorfc Qty; d Dec 30$ i>to 

New York Gty. 
+1844 Henry Angvatns» k Ifareh 7» 180S, New Yorfc Qtj; d April a^ 

t886b Flnshmg; N. Y. 
+1845 Caiolfaie, k Jan, ai» i8oa» New York Chy; d April i% i80i» New 

Yorfc Gty. 
+1846 Content Augostá, k Sept 14 1807, New Yorfc Ckfi d Joly $^ 

i9A New York Oty. 
1847 Edward» k 1809^ New Yorfc Qty; d onmarried 
+1848 Harriet Grant» k Mardi 10^ s8ia^ New York Qty; d Joly afl^ 

soQDu stanivorQ. ^^omi. 

+1849 LaeiaLoitiia»k Jimeaob 1814 New Yorfc Otar; dAug. ai» i$0Si 
Rye; N. Y. 

1843 Roant* Jonii CHaaa aao u oa» m. May i» 18A Anne Berming^bam 
(dan* of * Richard and Kaiherine [DowUng] Bermingliam)^ k Jone 30^ 1S16; 
d Jmie iflb i9A New York Qty; bnried in Chetebtongh Vaute (No. 58)» 
''St Markt in the Bonerie»" New York Gty. Chiklren (k in New York 

i8so Robert. k May» 1839; d Aug. 1% 184a 

+1851 Amia» k Jone aé, 1841 ; m. Fierre W. WUdcar. 

-f-iSsa Content Rathbfwiei 

•fi^ Aogiitta Stnyireaant 

+X854 Mary Louiae. 

•Hk fitfcer Mrvi4 te Napeltoa's Amy aad «at Ulltd ia BattieolWat«loOk tfis. 

S76 Qkmmmjoot or tas Cbuii— mcH Fam^y. 

+i8SS EUcn Caiaimc 

iSsS Isftbd, t. May» 1851 ; d. Pcb. 6b i9S5* 
+i9S7 Fnnocs Isabel, b. May jg^ i8s& 

- Roben Jobu Cheaebfo u gh (1843)» ^ gradúate oí Yak CoUcge 1817. waa 
admittcd to tbe New York Bar aad practíacd law for iercrml years; be and 
bia brocber Hcniy Auguatna Oicaebroagb wcre acmbera oí tbe fina oí 
Cbeaebroagb k Van Alen, inportera oí diy gooda, New Yorfc Qtf; tbeir 
warebonae waa dcstrojed by tbe great fire oí 1835. Alter tbe pank oí 
1837 be rcnewed tbe practica oí law; be wu coanad for tbe Faltón Bank, 
and waa conaidered one oí tbe ablest real eatate lawyera in tbe Qty oí 
New Yorfc; be waa a Lieotenant in tbe One Hnndrcd and Twenty-6ítb 
Rcfinient oí Inímtiy, New York State Militia, For^r-fiíUi Brigada aiod 
Second Omak», tbe brigada being located in New Yorií Oty; bia date oí 
rank ia notad aa Joly 8^ 18x9* (See Amnmai lUgisUr §md Müitary Rast0r, 
publiabed by B. Thaikinoe, Mareh ai, i8ei.) 

i8si Akna' CnsamoiiOB, wbl Oct 4» tS^ New York Gty, Fierre 
Wealcott WUdey (ion oí Fierre Wikicy, b. 1800^ d. April ay, x8S4. «nd Mary 
Ann Manderille, bi.XTVf d. Apríl 18b iS^S» Tanytown, N. Y.) oí Tarry- 
town, N. Y.; b^ May xa^ 1840^ Tanytown, N. Y. Fierre Wüdcy waa tbe 
ton oí Caleb Wúáey (b. 1770^ d 1843) and D^orab Van Kortryk (now 
callad Mekeel) ; Cald» WUdey, ion oí Tbomaa and Jnditb WUdey; Tbomaa 
Wildcy wu a meniber oí tbe Westcbeater Rcginent oí Lávica daring tbe 
Reifoliitk»afy War, and wu kUled in tbe Battle oí Wbite Fkina, N. Y.; 
bb nana ia on tbe nonoment oí Revointionary soldiera in tbe oíd Sleepy 
HoUow Cemetety, Tanytown, N. Y. Mary Ann MandevUle (bu X797) 
wu tbe dangbter oí Janea (k 1760^ d. 1849) and Mary [Weatoott] Mande- 
vUle oí PeefcakUl, N. Y.; Janea MandevUle aerved ¡n tbe Revolotkmary 
War in tbe compaoy oí Ua brotbcr, wbo wu Cagtain in tbe Wcatcbeater 
Cavalry Rcginent, and wu a príaoner in tbe "'oíd Sagar Hooae" tn Willian 
atrect; New York Gty. Tbe MandeviUe bomeatead at FtodcskUl wu 
de a troya d by fire íron a abeU tbiown íron a Britiab írigate dnring tbe 
Revolutionaiy War. On tbe Caleb Wúátf fana» Tanytown, Maj. André 
wu captnred, Scpt 93, 1780^ croaaiog tbe brook, and wu l earebed in tbe 
bnabu on tbe WUdey Fann. Fierre Weatoott WUdey entered tbe Oau oí 
x86o at Yale CoUcge, tben entered tbe aan|e dau oí Colnnbía and wu 
gndoated in x85o; rcceived dcgree oí A. M. in Columbia CoUcge x86i3, and 
A. M., Honoría Caoaa, Yalcb x8Ss; wu gradnated íron Columbia Law 
School and rcceived dcgree oí LL^B. x86Í3; adnicted to Bar in New York 
Qty x86i3, and bu aince practiaed law tbere^ 

X853 Comnrr* Rathioics CmaiaaoüOH, n. June 4, x863> New York 
Gty, Robert C Kcamy (X949N). Cbildrcn: 

1858 Robert Cbcacbrougb, b. Nov. 6, X864. 

1859 Henry Stuyveaant, bu Dcc. ay, x868. 

igS3 AucuaTA* SiUYViaAMT CnniaaouGii, n. May 7, x873, New York 

i I 



(Sm No. ilfilU 


««. ittjN. 
PfMi Pbsbwnpta ukco b 19C3. 

Ntt. ■■64N. 

No. .KJ.N. 

Fiuv rnotucniph Rkm in 190» 

GnfBALOGY or THB CuuMMtoocM Family. 377 

CHy. Wüliam J. Hochttactter (son oí Fdix and Mary [Kahl] Hochslactter 
ol Dirmsudtt Gcrmany), bi Nov^ 1844; is a promtnent member of the 
Cotton Exchange, New York Ctsr. Chtldren: 

1860 A daughter, <L May 4, 1881. 

1861 Son, bi and d. April ift 1883. 

1854 yLAKf* LoiniB CmsnaouGH, m. Jan. íS, 1876^ New York Cty. 
Wahon Mfldcr bcrger Peckham (son oí Dr. Walton Hazard Peckham, m. 
1839 Margaret A. Mildcfbergcr, widow ol Robert Stuyvesant), bi Aprtt 
aB^ 1843» New York Qlj. Children: 

18S2 Son, bi and d. March i, 1877. 

1863 Walton Cbescfarongh, bi May 14, 1878^ New York Cty; m. 

April 13» i8m May Cfottqr Huny (dan. oí Edmund Abdy 
and Emily A. [Renwkk] Hnrry of New York Cty). <3üld: 

May Hnny, bi April a, 1900, Paria, Franca. 

1864 Wheder Hasard, Jr., bi Aog. 2, iBBo, Newport, R. L; gradúate 

of Yale College, Qua of 1903. 
iB6s Marie Lonia^ k March 8^ 1887» New Yorie 

i8ss Ellbm ' CAaouliB CBsamoucB» m. Oct a3, 1879^ New York Gty» 
Samuel Anthony (Soldschnidt (son of *John and Celestsne [Judah] (jold- 
schnñdt), h. Sept 17, 1848; New Yoric Qty; he graduated from the CoUege 
of the Gty of New York 186B; and the School of Mines, Columbia Col- 
Icge, 1871 ; recdved dcgrces of A. B<^ A. M., E. M. and Ph. D. ; he was 
lor some years connected wtth the Depa rtm e nt of Health, New York Cty; 
¡i President of the Columbia Oiemical Worka. Ciild : 

1867 D»tt.f h. April 27. 1883, New Yorie Cty; d. April a8( 1882. 

i8S7 FkANCia' Isabel Chisobouch. m. Oct 24, i877> New York 
Cty, Wyltys Edmund Dowd (son of fRev. Dr. Curies F. and Harríct M. 
[North] Dowd), bi F^ t8^ i8S5; ^ lu» bcen lor many years Secretary 
of the Whiting Manufscturing Company, New Yorie Cty, and prominent 
in its management Ciild: 

1868 Wyllyi Edmund, Jr., b. Oct 13, 187S1 New York Cty; a 

gradúate of the Scsentific Depa rtm ent of Yale University, 
Cass of 1900^ and has adopted mechanical engineering as his 

• Jolia Goldtchaldt (soa of May ud Piaay (Mmy] GoUschmidt), b. Stpi. ss. iBot. 
Hambaiv, GcraMay: d. Stpt. «• 1S77; m. juaté» ajSt Ntw York City. Coloitiao Judah 
Cdaa. of BoaiamiaS. «ad Eliaobttb [HolbtrtJ Judah), b. Juat as« itij: d. Nov. 19, 1S9I. Ntw 
York City. Ü^ üaiAéútu GémsmUty*} 

t Sov. Dr. Cbarltt P. Dowd (Wyllyt* W.« Lutbor.* Bbtnoior,* ttc.-too D0wé GétuiU^ 
ég7K «<•• is Prasidcat of Toaplt Grovt St aiaary • Saratofa Spa, N. Y., wboio bo bat rttidod 
siaco iS6S, is tbt autbor of ■tftral workt ou ataadard data. Tbt timo ayataai aow adoptad 
aadia nía cbroufbout tba'Uaitad Stataa aod Europa waa origiaatad aad workad aot by Dr. 
Dowd, wbo árat ptaiantad it btfora a railway coavaatioa la Ntw York City ia iSSs. 

378 GsNiAUxnr op tbb Cbisibiougb Family. 

1844 HnrxY* AuQUftTUft Cbiseimiigm, m. Aug. la, 18133, ^Marios 
Maxwell Woodhull» k Apríl xi, 181 x» New York City; d. June aB^ x88s» 
New York Gty; he wu a gradúate oí Yale College i8ao; was a partner 
in tbe firm oí Chesebrough & Van Alen, New York Ci^. Children: 

1869 Catherine^ h. and d. in London» Eogland. 
+1^70 Katherine Van Zandt, h. Dee. i&, 1833. London, England. 
-j-f8^x Roben Angnatua, bi Jan. 9, 1837, London, England. 
+X873 William Heniy, h. Oct x6^ 18381 New York Oty. 

18^3 Maxwell WoodhuU, b. Feh. ao^ 1842, New York Gty; d. July 

1870 Katbxmnb* Van ZAXivr CxisnaouGB, d. May 3, 1885, Leglioni, 
Italy; m. Dec. xs 1858^ New Yoric Gty, Henry Juliuf Cannnann (loo oí 
Otwald and Sarah Barton [Gülespie] Canwnann, who was a siiter of Bithop 
George De Normandie GtUetpie of the Efíitcopal Diocese of Western Michi* 
gan), bi Dee. 9, iB$S. Chüdren (h. in Fordhan, N. Y.) : 

+X874 Oswald De Normandie, b. Oct x6^ i859- 
-Í-x^5 Manan, h. May ao^ x86x ; d. Féb. ay, 1896; ChicagOb IlL 
+x^ Henry Herríes, bi Ajiril 2$» x866i 
X877 Katieb b. Ang. xx, x8l$3; d. Aog., x8^ 

iBÍi William Chesebrou^ k July aa, x868; senred in Siiaiiish- 
American War, Troop A, New York Cavalry, U. S. V., rank 
of Sergeant; is a lawyer in New York Gty. 

1874 OswALD* Db NatMANiHB N. GkMMAXx, m. (x) Nov. 81 x888; 
Mande Orarcfa (dan. of Judge E. R. and Eliza Oiurcfa of Montrcal, Orn- 
ada), b. Jone 3, x86a, Quebec, Ornada; d. May 7. 1900, New York Gty; 
m. (a) Sefit X3i X902, Albany, N. Y., Alice Eaton (dan. of Calvin W. 
Eaton of Albany, N. Y.) ; he is a lawyer and Vice-President of the Chese- 
broogh Mannfactnríng Company, New York City. Children of firtt mar* 
riage (k in New Brighton, N. Y.) : 

x8^ Athol, h, July 12, iBgo, 

x88o Mande De N., k Dec ft x8g3. 

íSn Masian* Cammaxx» m. Jnne, x886^ William D. Baker of Chicago, 

x88x Katherine, b. July 4» i887« ChieagOb IIL 
xS^ Hbkiy* H. Caicmaxx, m. Apríl 2$, x88p^ New Bedlord, Mass., 

•MsflM MMnraU Woodhvll wat a dM. of Richard M. WoodbttU ud Mftrioo M. Mu- 
«•U, vho wat a dan. of Jaaot Memor MaswoU aad Kathorina Vaa Zaadt, wbo wao adaa. ol 
Jacobat Vaa Zaadt, ihm Ravolutionary patriot. Kaihorina Van Zaadt had tbt boaor of 
opoaias tho firat laauforai ion BalU aa tka partatr of Gon. Wasbingtoo. jaaot Hoaitr 
MairaroU waa a toa of Wllliaaa M ainvall, fouadtr aad Praaidaat of tho Baak of Now York, 
Now York City. 

Fra» fbotscfvph II k» !■ tws- 


No. if7>N. 

Tbe larnuur al VuvÜM. 

Piftai fnucBftBtib iHkcn in tftfL 

GtMBALOcy op TBB CniisnouoH Family. 379 

llary Hooper Abbe (dan. oí Dr. Bdward Payscm aad Mary Hoopcr 
IBlackler] Abbe), b. Sept a3» 1865. Childrcn: 

188a WUliam Abuiscm Abbe, h. Sefit ^ iB^S, New Brightoo, N. Y. 
i88i3 Hcmy Herrícs, bi Aug. 32» 1901, Magnolia, Mass. 

1871 RoKKT* AucutTVt Chssibmugh, b. Jan. ft 1837, London, Eng- 
land; m. Apríl aB^ 1864, New Rochdle, N. Y^ Margaret McCredy (daia. 
of Dennis and Lavina M. [Wolbert] McCrcdr), bi Sept yx i84i;'d. 
Afiril 4.1887. Roben Angustos Chesebrpugh began thc manoiacture of 
petrolenm and coal oil productt tn i8s8» bdng among the first lo embark 
tn tUs indnstry. The bnsiness steadily developed, and in i970 he dts- 
covcr e d and patented the product imiversally known as vaseline. In 1Q76 
he organized the Chesebrough Manalictiiríiq^ Coinpany, which has since 
grcatlj developed, hanng branches in London, París, Berlín and MontreaL 
In 1881 he erccted thc oíBee building hiátig Battery Park, New York City, 
which has since bcen removed and replaced by the present Battery Parlé 
BttUdtng; the new Chesebrough Building being erccted on the comer oí 
Pearl and State streets, factng the paric, and the new Marítime Bnildiiq^, in 
the rear of the Battery Park Biñlding. All thrce are owned by the Chese- 
brough Bnsldtng ConqMoy. Children (b. tn New Yoric Qty) : 

1884 Robert Maxwell, k Féb. ^ 1865. 

1885 William tíenry, bi Aug. 17, 1866 ; Prestdent of the Chesebrough 

Building Company and Century Realty Company, N. Y. City. 
x8B6 Aogttsttne, b. April i, 186B; d. July xÓ^ 186& 
1887 Frederíck Woodhull, b. Jone ft i97o; m. June aB^ igos, Vallcy 

Forge, SIdncy Mathews (dau. of Mrs. Edward J. Mathe%is). 
x888 Manon Maxwell, bi Jan. 3, 1873; n. Apríl a8^ x8g7f George 

Howard Davison of Millbrook N. Y. 

i88p Howard Chesebrongh, b. May 30, x809l 
1890 Margaret Woodhull, b. Oct 24, 1901. 

1873 Col. WnxuM* Hsmtv CHammocH, m. Aug. g, 1Q74, Enana 
Daty (dau. of John T. Daly of New York). CoL William R Chesd>rough 
at the beglnning of the Gvil War left with the Seventh Regiment for 
Annapolis, where he was appointed First Lteotenant tn t|ie Elevcnth United 
States In^ntry by President Lincoln and assigned tó duty as aide-de-camp 
to Gea Robert C Schenck. He participated in both the engagemenu at 
BuU Run, in the second of which, bis corps being enttrdy broken up, he 
was supposed to be antoitg the missing; but, on the contraiy, he had 
reported for duty to Gen. SiegeL Ataang other engagements he served in 
the campaign of the Shenandoah Valley under Fremont and Milroy, and 
was higfaly complimented for a reconnoissance made here by swinuning the 
ríver íu aie face of the enemy. He was promoted to be Colonel, and later 
made Adjutant-General of the Eighth Anny Corps, having headquarters at 
Baltiinorc. This was duríng the last year of the war, and the difficulties in 
successfully handling the rebel element at this point rcqnired grcat skill 

58q Gensauigy or ths Cbxsibiough Family. 

and dcriiton. Col. Cbefetroagh during these four jeart of adtve ser* 
vkc^ in whidí he wai at the ffonC in many battlct, was nevcr 
woimdcd. Befone tbe dote of the war he retigned* and at its temunatíoo 
wai appoiiited Secretafy of Legatk» at London, under Gen. Schenck. 
This poaition he resigned after abont two years to accept the agenpy of the 
Chesdirotigh Manufacturíng Company in London, whkh poaition he stül 

xftiS CABQUifB* CHiaiaaoucB, m. x837, Sir Richard Tighe, b. i8io^ 
Wfftmcath, Ireland, d. May 7, i8s4 New Yoric Oty. Child: 

1893 Richard, bi and d. x&ia 

1846 CoNfSMT* AucuaTA CBiaD80U€B« UL Ntcholai William Stnyve- 
tant, Jr. (son of Nicholas W. and Catheríne [Livingiton] Stnyvesant), d. 
Fdi. 1, ifl^i, New York Qty, k. 66 jrean; interred in Govemor Peter 
Stnyvesant's Vault, ""St Marica Church in the Boueríe," New Yorie Gtj. 

x8g3 Catherine Chesebroogh, h. Ang^ 1837; interred Ñor. 16^ 1829^ 
St MarWs Cémetery. 

1894 Nicholas William, k July aB^ iSap; d. suddenly Aog. m i8^3í 

Port Chester, N. Y. 

1895 Caroline Augusta, h. 1833; interred Apríl 3, i8s7» St Marfc's 

Cémetery; m. April is, 1854, Benjamín Onderdonk (son of 
Ri^t Rev. Bishop Benjamin Tredwell Onderdonk, who was 
chosen Bishop of New York in 1830^ h. 1791 in New York Gty, 
d. April ao, i86x), b. i8a8L 

1896 Robert, h. Oct 2X, 1835; n. Fanny Gtbson (dau. of James R.). 
+1897 Hensy, h. Sept a, 1837; m. twice. 

+i8g6 Margaret Livingtton, bi Joly ao, 1839: n. 

1897 lümnt* SruYViaAifT, m (i) May a3. 1866b New York Gty, 
Caroline Hoppock (dau. of Ely), d. July 2&, 1894, Quogue, Long Island; 
m. (2) Sept 28^ x8s^ Astoria, N. Y., Kate Marión SprouUs of New Yorie 
Gty. ChiÜdrcn of fiñt marriage: 

1899^ Ampista, d. young; 1900^ Harry, d. yoong; 1901, Caroline Made- 
Ime^ d. young. 

i8g8* MAncABR* L. SruYVBaAiiT, m. (i) April 25, 1861, New York 
Gty, John Howard Wainwright (son of Ri^ Rev. Jonathan Mayhew 
Wainwright D. D., D. C U Oxon., Provisional Bishop of the Protesttot 
Episcopal Church, Diocese of New York, 1853-1854; h. June is» 1829; d. 
April 6^ 1871 ; and Amelia Phelps of New Haven, Conn.) ; she m. (2) 
July 6, iS&K Wimam U atlin of Ryc^ N. Y. Qúlárm of firtt marriage 
(k m New Yorie Gty) : 

1902 John Howard. b. Feb. 14, 1862; m. April 28, 1886, Catherine 
Esúier Walker (dan. of Francia Thompson and Catherine E. 
[Penfold] Walker of New Yorie Gty). 

GtMBALocy or thb Cubsoboucb Family. 381 

+1903 Stvyvesant. b. June 13, 1863. 

+1904 HoQ. Jonathmn Maybcw. b. Dec 10, 1864. 

4*1905 Richard Tighc. b. May !?• 1868. 

1903 Stuyvbsamt* Wainwright, m. Sept. 17, 1889. CaroHnc Snowden 
(dau. oí A. Lowdoc and Eliiabeth [Smitb] Snowden oí Philadelpbiat Pa.) 

1906 Stayveaant,b.Jan. 30b 1891. 

1907 Snowden, b. OcL 9. 1893; d. Feb. 14, 1894* 

1908 Juhn Howard, b. Feb. 9^ 1896. 

1909 Lowdon Snowdon, b. Apríl 5, 1898. 
1909a Caiol Livingtton, b. Dec 2. 1899. 

1904 HON. JONATHAN* MaYUBW WaINWEIOHT, m. NoT. 33, 1893, 

Laura Wallace Bucbanan (dau. o£ James A. and Roaa [Parran] Buchanan 
€i Baltimore, Md.); Hve iu Rye, N. Y. He was Adjutant and Captain, 
Twelfth Regiment. New York National Guard; ai the outbreak of the 
Spanisb-Amerícan War he organtsed Campany L of the Twelfth Regiment, 
New York Volunteert; rank of Captain duríng the war; is member of 
Aiiembly from Wesichester County* N. Y.; is a üwyer in New York Gty. 

i9Q4a Laura Fonroie.b. Dec ay, 1893. 

1905 Richard* Tiokb WAiiiwaiGHT, m. Apríl 30^ 189$, Alice Town- 
aend Crawford <dau« of Davit and Carolme [Townsend] Crawford of New 
York Oty); Uve in Rye, N. Y. Children: 

1910 Richard Tighe, b. Feb. 3, 1896; d. July 3, 1903, Rye, N. Y. 
1910a Alice Crawford, b. OcL 38, 1898. 

1848 Harribt* GaAMT Chbíbbrouoh, id. May 9^ 1833. New York 
Qty, Theodore Davenport (ion of Maj. Hon. John and Mary Sylvester 
[Wellt] Davenport) of Stamford, Conn^ b. Jan* a6^ 1793; d. Sept 7. 1885, 
Stamfoffd, Qmuu Children (b* in Stamlord, Cena.): 

+1915 Theodore, b. Feb. 35, 1834: n. Georgia Waten. 

+1916 Mary Caroline, b. Noy. 9^ 1836; á. Aug. 13, 1891. 

1917 Roben Chetebrough, b. Sept, 1838; d. May 3, 1843. 

+1918 John, b. Aug. 38, 1840; m. Helen D. Gautier. 

+1919 James Boorman, b. Dec 19, 1843; m. Mary Freebom. 

1930 Richard Tighe, b. Feb. 37, 1846; d. Feb. 8, 1847. 

+1931 Helen Matilda, b. March 9, 1849; m. Hon. Samuel Feasenden. 

1933 Sophia Moen. b. March 8, 1851; d. July, i8si. 

19IS Thbodorb* Davbmfobt, m. Aug. 6, 1863, Stamford, Conn., 
Georgiana (Williams) Waters (dau. of Willüun H. and Asuba [Cragin] 
Willianw). (Mrs. Geoigiana Waters. had dau. Nelly.) Children: 

1933 Harriec Chesebrough, b. March 16, 1864; d. Dec 9^ 1890. 

jSa GxvBAUxnr or thi Cbxsibkiugb Family. 

I9a4 Tbeodore, b. May $, 1865; d. Nov. Ui 1901, Washington» D, C. 

192$ Georgia ElUabetb, b. Dec 19^ 1869; d. Sepe 7. 1875* 

. 1936 John, b. Jane, 1871; d. Sept 7, 1875. 

1937 Adelaide Hutchings, b. Aug., 1877; d. July» 1878. 

1916 Mary* Caeolinb Davbmport, m. Nov. 9^ 1853, Stamfoid» Ghul, 
Calen A. Cárter (son of Dr. Calen Cárter) of Nevir York City; d. Nov. lo, 
1898, in 67th year, Stamford, Conn.; he was Democratic Senator from the 
Tweilth Diatríct of Connecticut, 1874. Chlldren (b. in Stamiord* Conn.): 

1988 Calen A., b. De&, i8S4; d. Avg.. 1855. 
+1929 Edward Basa Little, b. Dec 13, 1855; m. A. S. McCrackca. 
+1930 Calen A., b. Nov. 33, 1857; m. Anna C. Smith. 

1931 Theodora Davenpoit, b. July 3» 1869; m. Sept. 15, 1893, Daniel 

193a Welles Davenport, b. Jan. 33, 187a; d. Blay 13, 1874. 

1939 EowARO* B. L. Cartbh, m. June 19^ 1884, Anna S. McCracken. 

1933 Edna Sanford, b. Sept. 39,, 1891. 

1934 Sanford Davenport, b. Sept. 38, 1898» Stamford, Conn. 

193D Calbm* a. Caetee, m. Apríl I3, 1888, Anna C. Smith; he is a 
lawyer and Town Qerk of Stamford, Conn. Child: 

1935 Kenneth Woodruff, b. Jan. 33, 1889. 

1918 JOHM* Davenpoet, m. May 38, 1873, New York, Helen D.Gautier 
(dan. of Dr. Joslah and Carolina M. [Taylor] Cautier), b. 1846; Uve in Stam- 
ford, Conn. Child: 

1936 Harriet Chesebrough, b. Aug. 14, 1883, Stamford, Conn. 

1919 James* Booeman Davenpoet, m. Nov. 1, 1871, New York City, 
Mary Freebom; live in Stamford, Conn. Chlldren: 

1937 Mary Freebom, b. OcL 16, 1873; m. Jone 30b 1894» Rev. Israel 

Ceorge Brown. Children: 

1940 Ceorge Davenport, b. March lo^ 1895. 

1941 Anna Putnam Malbone, b. Jan 37, 1900. 
1943 Mary Freebom, b. Jan. 19, 1903. 

1938 Theodora, b. March 7, 1874; m. June 3, 1899, Joseph Rockwell 


1939 John, b. Oct. i8, 1876. 

1931 Helbm* Matiloa Davenfoet, m. Jane 36^ 1873, Stamford, Conn^ 
Hon. Samael Fessenden, b Apnl 12, 1847; he has for many years been 


District-Attorncy oí Fairíkld County, Q>nii^ and takei an active intereit 
ifi politics, having served leveral times as Chainnan oí the RepnbUcan 
State Coaunittee, member of the Electoral OiUege, etc. Children (k in 
Stamlbrdt Cooa) : 

1944 Harríet Chesebrough, bi June ft 1Q74: d. July 21» 1874. 

ig4S Helen Gauttcr, b. Aug. 10^ 1Q7& 

1946 Gladstone, bi Oct 6, i88a 

1947 Cootent, h. Sept is 1883* 

184P Lucia* Louxsa CRismoiíGH, m. 1836^ Philip Reade Kearny (son 
of Robeit and Anna [Livingston] Kearny, and eousin oí Gen. Philip 
Kearny, who was distsngntshed in the Mexican and Gvil wars), bi 1813, 
New York Gty; d. Jane aj, 1B69, París, France. He entered the New 
York Lile Insurance and Tnist Company soon after it was organized, in 
i8i3o; became real estáte Secretaty in 1845, Secretaty in 184^^ and, there 
being then no Vice-President, he was really the controlling power oí the 
company. He was regarded as ooe oí the ablest financiera and business 
mcn of his time. Children: 

+1948 Anna Uraigstoa, b. Sept 6^ i8t37« 

-j-1949 Robert Chesebrough, h. July ao^ 1839; d. Oct 3h <886; m. C R. 
Oiesebroogh (185JN). 
I9S0 Edward Augustus, b. June 24, 1841 ; d. Jaa 26^ 1861, New York 
Gty; onmarríed. 
+1951 Harriet Chesebrought h. May 30, 1844; m. C S. Schenck. 

1952 ReadCb b. Aog. 13, 1846; d. Jan. s» 1^ 
+19S3 Lncsa Loutsa, b. Oct % 1848; d. March tg, 1977; m. J. W. 

1948 Anna* Livingston KiAtNY, m. Nov. 25, i86ob Ichabod P. 
St^hcns, d. 188—; Uves in New York Ciy. 

19S4 Lonisa, h. March 27, 1863; m. ^nril 18^ 1883, Capt Engene 

Kifkland (son of Edward and — <««- Tliome Kirkland). 
tpss Benjamín, h. Nov. 6, 1864. 
1996 Amn, h. Sept 4» 18661 

1957 Amelia L, h, March 17, 186BL 

1951 HAnsT* C KiAaNY, m. Apríl 27^ 1865, New Yorie Gty, Giarlcs 
Stewart Schenck (son of Courtnty and Elin [Stewart] Schenck of New 
York Gty), h. Dec. 7, 1840; Uve in Rye, N. Y. Giildren: 

1958 Lada Loitisa, h. Joly 19^ 1866. 
1999 Hden EUse, bi Féb. ift 186BL 
1960 Stewart Courtney» h. Sept 26^ 18^ 

I9S3 Lucia' Louisa Ksainy, m. May $• i86ft New York Gty, James 
W. (}tttntard (son of George and Adele [Morgan] Quintard). Qúlárta: 

jB4 GcKiALOGY or THi Chisebiouch FAMaY. 

tg6i Francés Adeki k June 8^ iflíri ; m. Apríl 12, 1893» Louis L. Sal- 
iord Child: 

J964 Luda Adcle, h. Oct 7t x^QS 

igfia Manden h. July 31» i473. 

1963 Florence Estelleb li. Apríl 6, 1Q75; m. Nov. 14, 1894. Rye, N. Y^ 

Bradford B. McGregor (loo oí the late Ambroie M. 

McGregor), d. SepL 7» X903. 

543 Saiah* CHncanooGB (Robert*. iis)f m. Caiit laaac* Chese- 
brongh (loBoS), d. SepL 22, 1S47. Children (h. in Stonington, Conn.) : 

-t*i9^ Jabez, k Marcli i4 1798; d. Dec g. i930. 

+1966 Isaac, b. March i4 X798 (twin oí above) ; d. Oct 4» i8aa 

+19^ Hannah Harríct, d. Oct 4 xS34i «- 34 ycm; m. Samad C 

Hancox (IX57S). 
1970 Capt Andronktts, k De& 18^ 1800; d. Nov. s 184% Baltúnore, 

Md.; tmnamed. 
197X Sarab Palmer» b. June 29, 1807; d. Jan. 11. 1884, Baltimorcii Md.; 

m. Deacon James Gallup (a68sN). 
+1973 Capt Robert Coddington, h, Apríl aB, 181 1; d. Nov. 2, iB^h 

Rio de Janeinx 


Isaac Cbesebrough (1966) was appointed Orderly Sergeant in Third 
Coropanr, Ftfty-first Regiment oí New York, June 30^ 1817, and Ensign 
oí same compan/ May 7, 1818^ and Lieutenant oí same oompany Feb. 23, 
t8ao; papera ssgñed by De Vñtt Clinton. 

1967 Ja«* CBBsnaouGH, m. Oct 22. t8ao» Lucretia Coats (dan. oí 
Amos and Anna Coau oí Stonington Point, G>nn.). bi Apríl 4 ITSA Chil- 
dfcn (bi in Stonington Point» Cona:) 

+1973 Hannah Eliiabcth, h. Nov. 20, 1821 ; m. Albert Hyde. 
-i-1974 Rev. Isaac, k Sept 30^ 1824; m. Asenath Walls. 

1973 Hahnah' Euzaktb CHisnaouGH, m. Oct iB, 1841, Albert 
Hyde^ b. Mardi 4 t82t, Sterling, Conn. Children: 

+1975 Harríet Elizabeth, b. Sept 15, 1842; m. Edwin A. Card. 
1976 Hemy Albcft, k Dec 2S 184B; d. Feb. 21, iSsa 

1974 I^- Isaac' CHcanaoucB, m. Apríl s» 1843» Asenath Walls, k 
Aug. S^ 183a He was ordained to the ministry Fdi. 13, 1850^ u>^ ^i^as 
Pastor oí Baptist Chiireh, Chester, Conn.; in 1901 Pastor oí Baptist 
Chnrch, Vcmon, R« L Children: 

1977 Mary Lucretia, bi >fareh 5, 1845; d. 1863; m. Silas Rhodes oí 
Gaines, N. Y. Child : Hattie, m. Charles L. Davis. 
+1978 Jane Elizabeth, b. May 23, 1847. 

GnfiALOGT or tbb CstsmoucB Family. jSs 

1979 Sarih Amelia, h. Aus. 23, 1851 ; m. Dcxtcr B. Paul; Uve in Etst 
Proridencc, R. L Cbüd: Beuie D. 

iffr Hattk E^ h. i9ss; ¿ y«n0* 

igjS Habbbt* E. Hvnt, iil E. A. Card of Groton, Coan. Childfcn: 

igBi Dr. Frank Edwin, m. Benha Shepardion, 
iSlte CharlieHenffy.m. EdtlhPerkiiit; UvetnGroioiitCoiiii. Children: 
Arthur Melvin» George Albeit, Beuie Lonise. 

1978 Jamb* EuaAnra OmmoucB, m. Htory Mumlord TQltiigliast 
of East Greettwich. R. L; Sre in DavisviUet R. L Childfcn: 

19813 Hcnnr M^ Jr^ in. Bertiía Plact^ dildren: Clara, aifbrd. 
19B4 dará, d. in deh ycar. 
X99s Mabd Adella. 

tg73 RoMax* Caon ma t on CaMwumaoaB, m. May it, 1837, Sotan Peicy 
Watta» b. April adi tSiOk Baltlmore. Md.; d. Oct 13, 18941 Phila^ Pcnn«; 
he was Caplatn of the Baltímore clq>per slup Aqmidneck, dildfcn (h. in 
Baltinor^ Md.) : 

+X994 Andronicya, h. May 24, 1S38; m. twkc. 

-j-t99S Sarah Eleanor, h, Sept 1$, 1839; n. William M. Thackara. 

1996 Lydia, b. April 3, i&íx ; d. Oct 4 184a. 

. +1907 Sosan Percy, h, Dec a, 1842; d. Jone a7t 1893; ni. Franklyi 

+1998 Roben Coddington, h. Féh. 4 1844; d. March 17, i^t Cal- 
cotta, India. 

1999 Isaac Dixon, h. Ñor. 2% 1846; d. Jone 6, 1886, Baltímorc, Md. 

9000 Margare! Moore, k Oct 2&, 18^; d. Aog. s» 1850. 
•l-jooi Hannah Harriet, k March 31, 1850; m. John Hennon Chaie. 
-j-aooa Hemy Oay, h. Dec 2^ 185a; nL Marie Looise Kalkman. 

J0Q3 Thomaa Whitridgc^ h. Dec. ifl^ 1854; d. Jone 6^ x85S 

1994 Aitanoincua* CBsanaoucH, m. (i) May lo^ 1864, Enuna Francés 
CoíBn; m. (2) Dec ft x874» Edsth Saonders, b. April 7, 18» New York 
Qty; Uves in San Francisco^ CiL Children of second marríage: 

2004 Arthor Sewall, b. SefiL 23. x877f Oakland, CaL 

2005 Paol Saonders, h, Nov. 7» i879^ Oakland, CaL 
aoo6 Edith Saonders. h, Sept la, 18B1, Oakland, CaL 
2007 Helen Saonders, bi May i, 1884, San Francisco^ CaL 

X995 Sabab' Euanob OmmouoB, m. Fcb. 16^ 1864, Bahimorc, Md., 
WUliam M. Thackara of Philadelphia, h. Féb. 22, 1829; d. Jone 20, 1894; 
Uves in Philadelphia, Pa. Children: 

2008 Addcb bi April 30^ 1865, Stoniogton, Cona 


586 GnfiALOGY or tri Ckisibiouob Family. 

2oog Smuk Chcsebrough, h. Sept ^ 186$, Phtkddpbtt, Pa. 

aoio Mane Cowell, b. Fdi. 7* i^9» Phíladelphia» Pa. 

aoii Robert Cbcsebrougli, k Oct. la, lAj^g^ PhUaddpliia, Fa. 

1997 SuaAír' Pfeacy CnismouGB, m. Aug. 12, x8Sg^ Baltímore^ Md, 

Franklin Sanden oí Baltímore, Md; k June i, 1834. Baltímore, Md. 

Childrcn (k in Baltímore» Md.) : 

aoia Eleanor» b. June i4 i97<kl 

aoi3 Annie, b. July 31, 1971 ; d. Joly 6, 1872. 

+9014 Tbomas Georgc, b. Jaa 7» i973- 

aois May, b. May la» i974l d Apríl i6^- 187& ' 

aoi6 Sttsan Percy, b. Jaa ai, 1876; d. Apríl ig^ 187& 

aoiy Edith, b. Jaa 4, i97& 

aoi8 Manríce Franklin, b. May 3, 1880; d. Jaa 17, i88& 

aoi9 Sophia Mardock, b. Dcc 5, 1881. 

aoi4 TBOMAa* G. Samobs, la Oct 3Xf i9>i, Brooklyn, N. Y., Carolyn 
Andenon Momgomery (daa oí Rcv. James and Mary Eliiabeth (Ander- 
ton] Montgomeiy), b. Jaa ao^ i977f Eliaibeth, N. J. Child : 

Elttabffh Percy» b. Sept 18; 1902, Baltímore^ Md. 

199B Catl Roanr* Coonurcroii CRisnaoucH» Ja., m. June ai, x866^ 
Baltímore, Md., Sarah EUen Pagels, b. Dcc x4 184S; d. Jaa lo^ 187a, 
Baltímore^ Md. He was C^cain oí tíie cUpper ahtpe Grey Eagk and 
Dad^mg Sproy, trading between Baltímore and Rk> de Janeiro; was shtp- 
wrccked once; duríng a mutíny at Valparaíso he recdved injuries from 
whkh he nevcr reoovercd. Child (b. in Baltímore^ Md.) : 

aoao GeoTfe Henry Pagels, b. June a3, 1867. 

aooi Haitnau* Haioiit CBcsmoucB, m. Fd». ag^ 1876^ Baltímore, 
Md^ John Mermon Chase, b. Jaa 7, 1845, Amapolts, Md. Children (b. 
in Baltímore, Md.) : 

aoai Hermon Palmer, b. Jaa ao^ i8|77- 

aoaa May Sanders, b. Aug. 1% 187& 

aQ23 Philip Williams, b. Sept 16^ 1883. 

ao84 James Le Rcqr, b. Sept 13, i88s 

aoás Oliver Chescbrongh, b. Oct 30^ 189a; d. May i, 1895. 

aooa Hnmy* CLay Cresomnicb, la Dcc ft 1880^ Baltímore, Md., 
Mane Louise Kalkman, b. Sept 11, 1860; Uve in Oakland, CaL Child: 

aooó Mane Louise, b. Sept a6, 1881. 

S44 MnrsTTA* CsisiaaoucB, (Robert*. iisN), la Dudlcy Palmer 
(SSiN). Childrcn (b. in Stonington, Cona) : 

aoa7 Lucy Ann, d. 1887, unmarrícd. 

GmBAUxnr or ms Cbssdmdcb pAiiiLy. jS? 

-|-9oaB EUia Oiescbrough, d. Sept, 1884; m. Jacob L Waync. 
-1-9039 Mirgard Moorc, b. Feli. 6^ 1814; d. Jone ao^ iSfia, Moont Ver- 
non» Ohioi 

aojo Minetta, d. 1886; n. Riehird Ll^yd. 

JO31 Francés Minctta, d. Sept ^ 1810^ in 7Ü1 ycar. 

aosi llargam Mooce^ d. May 5» 1811, in jd ycnr. 

aoa8 Eusa' C PAUcn» n. Jacob L Wayne 

aQ3 Lloyd» n. — — \ Oiildren (Uve in Cinrinnati, OUo) : 

9004 Thomas Llqjrd; aosSt Dodley Palmer; aoA Charlotte 
Wright; J037. Lloyd» Jr.; 21^ WtUiam Hyde; ao» 
Henry Woods; 9040^ Eliza Palmer. 

aoag MAnoAisr' Moon PAum, m. July 8^ i833i Cinetnnati, Ohiob 
Moeea Wbile (son oí Rev. Calvin and Phebe (Camp] Whtle; Pbebe Camp 
oí Newarkt N. J^ was dan. of Capt Nathaniel Omp^ a Revolotionary 
oAcer)» b. April 11» I799b Stamlord, Conn.; d. May 2, 1973, Urbana, Ohia 

+ao4i Carleton, b. May xx, X8I34, Gnrinnari, Ohio; d. Fcb. 14, x886^ 
Marictta, Ga. 
9043 Clement» b. Nov.'a» 18136^ Stonington, Conn.; d. Sept 96b 1838; 

Qncinnatit OhiOi 
9043 Motes, b» Aof. x4 18139^ Cindnnati, Ohio; d. Ang. % 1843» 
Derby, Conn. 
-f9Q44 Eliza Lloyd, b. May x6b x846b Derby» Conn.; m. Charles G. Smith. 

904X Cabluon* Wrxib, m. Nov. ii, 1857, Germantown, Pa^ Lissie H. 
Ornin (dan. oí Dentón and Lucretia P. Dunn). Children: 

9045 I>enton Dwm, b. May 6, x8s9i Cindnnati, Ohio; d. Nov. 5, x8^ 

Columbus, Ohia 
-fao^ó Carleton, Jr., b. Seiit 93, 1860^ Gndnnati, Ohio; nu AliceLather. 
-1-9047 Lacy Palmer, b. Nov. lo^ 1863, Columbus, Ohio; nu Georfe 

Hess, Jr. 

9048 Margaret Palmer, b. Oct x, iÍ6g, Chicago^ IlL 

9046 Cailston* Wbiti, Ji., m. Oct 17, 1888^ Alice Luther, b. Feb. 2, 
X863; d. Oct 95, X893. Child: 

9049 Carleton Luther, b. Oct xs, 1893. 

9047 LucY* PALMta Wbhb, m. June lo^ x886b George H. Hess, Jr., b. 
Oct ig, X863. Children: 

aoso Dorothy Howe, b. Jan. X7, x888L 
9Q5X Carleton White, b. Dec 99, x89a 

j88 Gknvalocy w thx Cbesomiuch Family. 

3044 EuzA* Lloyo Whitb, m. Aiig. i4 x8% Coliunbiit, Ohio^ Charles 
Gcorge Smidí (son of Gcorge and Sally [Lyon] Smtcb), b. July aj» i93U 
Eaton» N. Y. 

• -I-JQS2 Charles Geoisc^ b. Jaa 76, 1868; Chicago^ IlL 

ao53 Moscs White, b. Scpt 20. i8Sg^ Urbana, Ohia 

3PS4 Elís^ Upydt b. Joly ai» 1971» Urbana» Ohia 

3QSS Jacob Wayne» b. June 93» x973» Urbana» Ohio. 

aos6 Engente Gorhain» b. June ig^ 1875» Urbuia» Ohia 

aos7 Florance Lyon» b» Aug. xo^ i%n» Urbana» Ohia 

flQSS Goy Murdoch, b. July a4» ifllT^ Urbana» Ohia 

aoS9 Yale Lyon» b. April 16. 1881» Urbana» Ohio; ¿ Sept 5, 1883. 

ao6o Chandler White» b. March 11» 18813. 'Urbana» Ohia 

ao6i Hcnderaon Rathbone» b. Oct 4» i8m Washington» D. C 

aosa Cxi AiLSS* (koKS Smith» m. Oct lo^ 1888; Chicago» III» Julia E. 
Mercer (dau. of Rey. L. P. Mercar). Childr»: 

ao63 Cornelia Mereer» b. Aug. 10^ 1889. 
ao63 Elisabeth Penrose» b. July 4» 1891. 
ao64 Charles Carleton» b. May 17» 1894* 

545 CoDoiirGTON* CrntsmoucB (Robert*, 1x5)» m. 1803, Sally Pahner 
(1080N) ; no children. In x8i8 Coddington* Chesebroug^ removed írom 
New York to Qnrinnati, Ohio; in 18136 removed to Philaddphia» Fa.» and 
engaged in fish and provisión busineu; was a successful mcrchant; in 
x8S3 retired from active business and established bis residence in Ger- 
mantown» Pa. ; in religious iaith he was a Swedenboigian. 

546 AirBBOjncus' CHESgaaoucB (Robert*» X15)» n. Sept ai» i8i4 
Margaret Moore (dan. oí Bbze and Margaret [Remnqr] Moore)» d. Nov. 
10^ x86o^ New York Oty» s. 7a years. Children: 

-faoós Blasius Moore^ b. Nov. 15» 18x8; d. April 15» 1866^ Fort Wash* 

iogton» New York. 
ao66 Baltharar Andronieus» b. May a4» xSax ; d. Feb. xo^ 184$^ 
ao67 Charles Augustus» b. Nov. 10^ 1824; d. Dcc 6^ 1900^ New York 

City; m. (i) 18440 Mary Elisabeth Wríght» d. Dec m x859» 

m. (a) March 1% 1862» New York Gty» Elttabffh Gortoa 

Child of first marriage: 

ao68 Charles Augustus» b. Feb. 8^ 1848; d. Fdii» x8Ba. 

Children of second marriage (b. in Fort Washington» New 
York» and Northport» Long Island» N. Y.) : 

+ao69 William Moore. b. May 21. 1863. 

aoTO Isabella Francés, b. Apríl ly, 1865 ; d. Sept xy» 18(5. 

+ao7i Margaret, b. July la» 18661 

ao7a Alonso» b. July 8; 1868; d. Oct 14» i86a 

n fbvtMnaiib uJun in t*ip- 


X7S Lewif Bahus, b. Scpt i, 1869; m. (i) Jan. 14 1894 

Mary O. Udall; m. (2) June 6, 1900^ Bcrtha B. Bel* 

llnger of St Jobnivillc, N. Y. . 
J074 Augustos» h. Marcfa 4» 1873; n. Oct %$, 1901, Laura 

Crosby oí Brooklyn, N. Y. 
+J075 Albert, h. Aug. 27» i974; A Fdi. 9^ 1889^ Mande Crosbf 

(siscer oí Laura). 

2076 Robert, b. March s i477; <!. July lo^ 188^1 Northport, 

Loog Island. 

2077 Tbonias Frederíck. b. Aprü 2^ 18791 

2075 Aunr* CmsinoucB, m. Maude Crosbsr. 

Alberu Maude. b. Aug. x4 1899^ Brookiyiip N. Y. 


Blaaus Moore Chescbrough (2063) duríng the adminittratkm of Presí- 
dcitt Pieicc was sene to Austria as bearer of dis^tcbes to tbe Aatríean 
En¥oy at Vienna; wbile tbere he became Colond of a rcgimcnt of Croats 
in the Austrian Amqr» and the title of G>unt was conferrcd on híra by the 
Imperial Govemment After bis retum to this country he lived in princely 
styk at Fort Washington, New York City, where he d. April t4 186& 
His carriage borc on one of its panda the anns of Austria» and on the 
other a portrait of Gea Hainau. 

2069 WnuAM* Moon Chisiibough (Charles' A.)» m. April 10^ 1887» 
Luisíu Fox (dan. of John J. Fox of Northport. Loog Island)» b. July t4 
1864. Children: 

2076 Charles Cortón» b. Nov. 1% 1888L 
2079 FUtihffh Marguerit^ b. Noy. 1» 1893. 

2071 MAnBAisr* MoQiB CifttiMwiiOH» OL NoT. M» x888^ Walter 
MeCorfck» attonicy-at*law» New York Gly. Chtld: 

20B0 Robert Chesebrooi^ h. Oct 17* x89a 

547 SUZA* CHgstiawiOH (Robert% iis)f n. 1821» New York City 
(second wife)» Aaroo Rathbone (son of Rev. John)» b. July 25» 1770^ whose 
first wife was Sally Copp (dan. of Samuel and DoUy (Brown] Copp). 

+2o8t Robert J. Chesebrough» b. Aug. 23» 1835; m. Juliet Bleecker; he 
is very prominent in business of fíre and marine insurance and 
is President of several insurance oompanies in New York Gty. 

+^o6s Aaron Hendersoo, b. Nov. 7» 1827; m. twice. 

2081 Roanr* J. CHmmouGB RATaaom, m. April to^ 1849^ Juliet 
Bleecker (daa of James W. and Sarah E. (Fanning] Bleecker, dau. of 

390 GtiTBALocY or THB Chxsebioucb Family. 

Edmimd and £lízabeth M. (SheAeld] Fanning). Childmi (b. in New 

+9C43 Jolicc B., b. Apríl 23. 1850; m. WUliaiii M. EarL 
+2064 Mary Louiic B^ b. Oct 27» iBs2; m. Joicph C WiHiams. 
+ao8s Robeit Blccckcr, b. Jnly 12, 1Q56; m. twkc 

Jo93 Juusr* B. RatrbomBp m. Oct 15» 1973» Willum M. Earl (son of 
Janes and Esthcr [Hunt] Earl oí Jersey Gty, N. J.) Childrcn : 

J066 Julict It. b. Ang. 34» 1^4; m- Oct ?• t9>i, Joseph Harper Jasper. 

Cbüd: Joliec Earl, b» JoJy % igoa. 
90B7 Anita Mills, b. Féb. as, i47^ 
ja68 liUian, b. Seiit ^ i979- 
aoBp Gcrtnsde Mnrray, b. Oct 26, 1881. 

9084 Maby* Loum B. Rathioiib, m. Seiit 30, i974> Joscph C. Willtanu 
(son of Samuel and Sarah A. (Jones] WUliams). Children: 

jogo William Ralhbopc^ b. Oct 29, i97S 

J091 Robert Chesebroug^ b. Jan. 7, 187^; d. Jan. sí^ t47& 

aoga Rogcr, b. Dec 6b i97& 

JoBS R.* BuicxB Rathbonx, m. (i) March 5, i9;8, Helcn Dennís; 
UL (9) Pdk ai, 1894, Flortnce C Kenny. Children oí first marríage: 

aoga Robert Cbesebrough, b. Dec ^ 1878; vl Dcc 10^ 1902, Qeveland, 

Ohio» Beuy May Burdick (dan. oí Russdl E. Burdick). 
ao94 Roland Bleccker, b. Fdk 8^ 1885. 

aoBa Aamn' HB:fBsaaoN Rathbonb, m. (i) Carolina Regally oí Phila- 
ddphia, Pa.; m. (a) Nov. ag^ 1865, Sumington, Conn., Margare! Loper 
(dau. oí Capt Richard Fanning and Margare! [Mereer] Loper) ; he is 
pronúnenl in marine insurance business, New York. Children (b. in 
New York Gty) : 

aopS Margare! Loper, b. Oct aa, 1866; nt Dec i4 1885, George 
Justos Busse Child: 

aog8 Margaríu Rathbone, b. Dec. 18^ 188& 

3096 Richard Fanniny Loper, b. Apríl, x868 ; m. Féb. 14 1897, Lillian 
Viola McGowan of Brooklyn, N. Y. Children: 
Elixabeth María, b. Aug. 34, 1898L 
Aaron Henderson, b. Sept a8b 190a 

aoQ7 Eliía Chesdirougb, b. Nov. 17. 1869; nL Nov. 10^ 1891, Ralph 
Wood Keqyon (son oí Ralph Watson and Julia [Watennan] 
Kenyon), b. Fcb. 13, 1896, Brooklyn. N. Y. Qn\á: 
ao99 Theda, b. Sept I9i 1894- 

GniBALOCY or ths Chksibbooch Family. 191 

S48 JUNiA* CHismiouGH (Robert*. ii5)« m- Pbebe Becbc (dan. oí 
Nathan). Childrcn (b. in Cincinnsti, Ohio) : 

atoo Robcrt John, 
-faiox WUliaiB Henry. m. Mirgaretta Jennic Taylor. 
axoia Ucwdlyíi. 

axoi Jnlia Emmat d. aged la yeurt. 
2109 Ccoi ge. 
2104 Jonti. 

aioi WnuAif* Htmnr Csisibiougu, n. March 4. i847« Margarctu 
Jennie Taylor, k Jan.. iSag^ Maytville, Ky. ; shc ii Matroo of thc Methodtst 
Home ior Aged Wonea tn Philadelphia» Pa. Chtldrai: 

axos Georgc Coddington, bi Dcc ift 1847; d. Jan.. i97S 

aio6 William Gcyer. b. Dcc 2$, 1849; d. June. 1867; mmiaiTied. 


549 Anna* Paucie (Afina* Chcsebron^ X19)» vl Nov. as» 1795» 
James Smith ol (Srocoo. Coon. 'Childrcn: 

aioj James, m. and had sons James and HempL 
-faxoB Anna. d. Nov. 11. 1868; m, 60 ycars. 
axo9 Phlmer. d. tn New Orleans. La. 

axoB Anna* SMrra, m. April as, 1827, WOliam Hcnry Kitchen, a 
-nicrchant of Natcbez. Miss.; d. 1856^ New Orleans, La. Childrcn (h. in 
New Orleans, La.) : 

axai Benjamín Flint 

aiaa WíUiam Hcnry, d. Oct lo^ 1887. 

2123 Maj. James Dudley. Childrcn: James; Willie. 

+2124 Harriei Helen. d. Fdk i4 1894* 

2125 Jnlins. 

2126 Phhner Smith, d. Nov. 26, 1867. 

2127 Robcrt, d. Jan. 2S, 1833 ; Itved in New Orieans, La. 
+2128 Loa Ana, b. Apríl 23. 1848» Alcxandria, La. 

2x24 HAiaxcr* Hilen Kitcbin, m. Judge Edward Simón, Jr., of St. 
Martinsville^ La., a gradúate of Harvard University and admitted to thc 
Bar in Massachusetts; now Judge of thc District Court of St Martinsvillc. 
La. Childrcn: 

2x32 James. 

2x33 Eugenia, m. Capt H. M Williams, U. S. A. 

2134 Alicc, m. William Bienvenu; live in St Martinsville, La. 

2X3S Walter; lives in Charlcston, S. C. 

2136 Lcopold ; lives in St Martinsville, La. 

2x37 Lorena; lives in St Martinsville, La. 

2x28 Lou* Ana Kttcbin, lives in New Orleans, La. ; m. Aug. X4» 1867. 

393 GBMXAUNnr or nuc CiustnoucH FAifn.y. 

New Orlcans, Lewíi P. De La Hontiaye (son oí Peltaire), b. Nov. 32, 
X845, Fnmklin, La. Children : 

4-^138 Loiiia Fdmer, m. Mamíe A. Caaon. 
ax39 Ella. 
3x40 Leila. 
1141 Mniliam. 

ax43 Edna, m. March 6^ 1899, H. W. Rayner. Children: Henry W. 
and dan. 

axaB Locjxa* PAUiía Dt La HouaaAYí, m. Nov. x6b 1894 Mamie A. 
Catón. Chfldfcn: 

9143 May Louiíep b. 1897; si44» Benton Caaon. b. Aug^ 190a 

550 Caft. NiHUCiAa* PAUcaa (Anna* Chescbrough» 119)9 m. Nov. 
23» i8oa Welthian Palmer (aecond wiíe) (dan. oí Deniíon and Marvín 
[Pftlnerl Palmer)» b. March 31» 1779; d. Sept 13» x8o7. Children (b. in 
Stonington, Conn.): 

ax47 Welthian» b. Sept 17» x8ox ; d. Nov. 4 x8^; n- Wüliam Bcverly. 

2x48 EUjah» b. Attg. ag^ x8Qa; d. July ao^ x8a& 

ax49 Nehemiah» b. March 17» X804; d. X890; ol Francés M. Phhner 

axjo Horace» b. Dcc a3» 1806; d. March 3X» x879; m- three times. 

axso HotACB* PAUcaa» m. (x) May xo^ X837, María Tinker oí Lyme» 
Coon.» d. April xS^ x847» afcd 38 years; m. (2) Fanny CordeUa Tinker, d. 
Sept 7» x866^ aged 47 years; xn. (3) Mrs. Julia Smith Johnson. Children 
oí secoaid marriage: 

axsi Cymhia; 2x52» William; 2x53» Horace» m. CeUa Ann Chesebfo 

55S Rhoba* PAXJáia (Anna* Chesebrough» xx9)» m. March 23» x8o6^ 
Dr. William Hyde (son oí WiUiam and Zerviah P. [Hyde] Hyde)» b. July 
2X» X7fll3; d. Nov. xx» x85x» Stonsngtan» Conn. Children (h. in Sconing* 
toi^ Coim.): 

2X54 Wflliam» b. Dec 2X» x8o6; d. Nov. 26, x8o& 

-I-2X5S I>r« William» b. Oct 27» x8o8; m. twice. 

2x56 Gurdon T.» b. Dec 5, x8x2; d. Sept 23» x8x4. 

2X57 Gurdon» d. Dec 24» x83X. 

2x58 Harríet C» b. July 3h x8i7 ; d. Nov. 2X» X822. 

2X59 Daniel C» b. Feb. xa» X820; ta Dec 20^ 1847, Elisabeth Fordham. 

2160 Harríet Ann, b. Oct 6^ X822; d. Feb. 15, X847; m. Edwin A. 


2x61 Henry P. b. March 13» 1825 ; d. Feb. x, x8a6. 

2162 Benjamín P.» b. March 22, 1827; d. Aug. X4, x8sBL 

GuciAiDCY or TBB CBSSsnouGH Pamily. 393 

ai^ Carolsiie^ b. May 23, 1839; d. Jaiu lO^ 1857: 
2164 Jamct, bu June 24, 1835 i m. Manan L. Darrow. 

2155 Di. Wiluam* Hydb, m. (i) March 2, 183^ Hepzibah (Pbelpt) 
WiUiama (1564S). d. May 6^ 1841 ; m. (2) Sept 11, 1843. Ellen Williams 
(dan. oí Maj. Wniiam and Nancy (Babcock] Williams), b. Feb. ix, 1820; 
d. Fck 24» 1899^ Stonington, Coon. Oiildrtn oí fírst marriage: 

2i6s WUliam, b. Nov. 17. 1836; d. Jnly 20^ 1856. 

2x66 Charles W^ b. April x, 1^; d. Jan. 14, i839- 

2X^ Edwaid, b. Oct i^ 1839; d. Dec 22, 18391 

. 2x68 Son, b. April 29^ X841 ; d. M^ 6^ x84X. 

558 HuLBAB* CBXsiiaoucH (WiUtam*, X2i), m. May 25, x8oo^ Rev. 
Bcsaleel Howe, b. July 14, 1780; d. June 24 1854. Children: 

2xti9 Dau^ b. and d. Aug. 28» 1801. 

4-2x70 Benjamín Fowler. b. Jnly 2X, i8qs; d. Sept 23, 1884. 

2x71 WilUam Chesdnottgfa, b. Aug. 8^ 1804; d. Sept 2% 1813. 

-1-2x72 Silas Bezaleel, b. May 2, x8o6; d. Aug. 1% 1869^ 

-1-2x73 John Wesley, b. Feb. 2X, x8o8; d. Feb. xo^ x879l 

4^X74 Timotíiy Andrns, b. Feb. x6^ x8xo; d. March 4, x886l 

2x75 Lacy Ann, b. Apríl 2X, x8u; d. Fdi. x, x83x; unmarried. 

2x76 Abigail Elizabeth, b. Feb. x, x8x4; d. Jaa X4, 1889; unmarried. 

-1-2x77 Scnart Dean, b. July 5, x8x4 Albany; d. 1867. 

-1-2x78 Robert Davis, b. April x6^ x8x8; d. Nov. 27, x88a 

4^X79 Samuel Chandler, b. April X4, x8ao; d. March X4, 1864. 

2x70 BurjAMur* F. Howi, m. 

2x80 Nancy, m. John Lockwood; Uve in Mount Vemon, N. Y. 

2x8x Mary Elizabeth, m. WUliam Raynor. 

2x82 Caroline, m. — — — Johnson. 

2x72 Sixjka' Bit Alfil Howi, nu — — . Children: 

2184 Benjamín F. 

2x8$ Alexander. 

2x86 John Lkqrd. 

2187 Margarel, m. — — — Chamberlain. Child: Mrs. Grace* Raynor. 

2x73 JoHii* Wbslxy Howb« m. June xo^ x839^ New York, Anastasia 
Burdge (dau. oí Richard and Lydia Burdge), b. July 20^ x8o9b Milton, 
N. Y.; d. Aug. XX, 1890^ New York. Children: 

•f2x89 Charles Wesley, b. July 26, X831 : vl Sof^ia Emens. 

4^x90 John, b. May 26; 1838; m. Adaline Sleppy in Petersburg, Va. 

2X9X Harriel, b. Feb. 7, 1840; unmarried. 

-f 2x92 Silas, b. Apríl 29^ 1842 ; m. Margare! Martin in New York. 


919S Robeitt h. Apríl 8^ t&iá 

J194 Benjamín F^ b. June 16^ 1848; m. Annie Whittng oí Brook- 

lyn, N. Y. 
aigs Willtam B^ b. Dee. s6, 1850; onmarried. 

aigo JÓHH* HowB, m. Adaline Sleppy. Children : 

3196 John W^ b. Scpt I9b x866; m. Apríl 23. 1894. Florence Rowe. 
ai97 Lucy A^ h. Apríl as x868; wunarríed. 

axga Sxlas* How^ m. Marg^m Muttn. Children: 
Helen; Mary; William; Anna. 

ai89 Chailss* Weslsy Howe, m. Jan. 5, 1857, Sophia E. Ement (dan. 
oí Willíam A. and Elixabeth [Roberts] Emens), h. Oct a8» 1836. Children 
(h. in New York Gty) : 

aaoa Richard Donglasi, k Jaa as. 1858; d. July 27. 1858^ New 

York Qty. 
2303 Anastasia, b. Feb. 6^ i8S9i 

3304 George Augastns, b. June 34 1860; niL Oct 15» 1894, Lissie 

Sabrína Nickerson. 

3305 Lizzie Francés, b. Oct 61 1861. 

3306 Frank. b. Nov. 15. 1863; d. March 30^ 1865. New York City. 

3307 Edgar Burdge, b. June 14. 18S5; d. March 3X. 1867. New York 

+3308 Charles Wesley. b. Aug. 30^ 1867 ; m. Sophie Veith. 
3309 William Bnrdge. b. Feb. 33f 1870; d. Idarch 33^ i874f New 

York City. 
33X0 Robert Winstow. b. Sept 7$ ÍB72. 

3308 Chailis* Wesucy Howb« Jwl, m. Jnne 18^ X89X. Sophie 
tina Veith (dau. oí Joseph and Idary Magdalene (Schaeíer] Veith). b. 
Jan. x6^ 1872. Children: 

331 1 Wesley Veith. b. Jnly 17, 1893. East Orange. N. J. 
33X3 Walter Emens. b. June 5. x894f New York City. 
33x3 Alice. b. Nov. 30^ 1898; Jersey Gty. N. J. 

3x74 TxMOTBY* Anxaus Howx. m. (x) Dec 6, X836. New York Gty. 
Jane Elixabeth Armstrong. d. JUne t8. 1843 ; m. (3) Oct 8. 1845. Georgiana 
E. Wilson. d. May 33. X867, New York City. Children oí first marríager 

33x4 Andrus BezaleeL 

32x5 Sarah Armstrong. 

33x6 Lucy Aim. 

33x7 William SimpsoBL 

GniBALOCY or tbs Cresomiich Family. 395 

oí Mcood oiarríage: 

2ZíB Callen BiTant. 
1219 Jane Blirabcth. 
aaao Roben Tbomai, a physicsaa 

ai77 Stuast* Diak Howb, m. April 24» iSA Ruthetta Hallock (dau. 
oí James and Ann (Dertiy] Hallock). b. Fdi. 28, 1814. New York. Chíl- 
dren (b. in New York Gtj) : 

2281 Eauna, b. Jan. 8^ 1841 ; m. H. Ridunond Ford. Child: Ada £., 

b. Dee. 23, 188S. 
2222 Andnis F., b. Nov. 23, 1843; d. AprU % tSgS 

2178 Roñar* Davis Howi» m. SepL 24 1850, Sarah Eliza Bland (dan. 
oí Hon. James and Martha Wyche Silla oí Virginia), b. Feb. 16^ 18301 

+2224 Juliel Peale, b. Aug. 26, 1866. 
2225 Robería, b. Oct 27, 1976; d. aged 10 months. 

2224 Jutasr" Pbali Howi, m. Jone 17, 1891, Rev. Nolan Batley Har- 
mon oí the Mississt|»pi Methodist Coníerenoe, now stationed at EllisvUle, 
Miss. Children: 

2226 Nolan BaUey, b. Jnly 14. 1892. Merídian, Miss. 

2227 Robert Howe, b. Oct 5, 1894, Bay St Louis, Miss. 

2228 John Wesley, b. Dee. 21, 1896^ Merídian, Miss. 

2x79 Samiibl* CBANiiLaa Howi, m. May 20^ 1847, New York Gty, 
Mary Catherine Lañe (dan. oí Joshoa Sands and Sarah Ann (Dariingl 
Lañe), b. Jaa 24, 1822, New York Qty; Uve in New York Gty. Children 
(b. in New York Gty) : 

2229 Huldah Elisabcth, b. Apríl lo^ 1848. 

2230 Frands Lañe, b. Oct 7f i85i- 

2231 Sara Lonise^ b. Apríl 21, i8S4; <!• 1891. 

2232 Carríe Ches^irough, b. Feb. xa, 18^7. 

2233 Robert Samuel, b. Sept 6^ 1862; d. 1864. 

Sfio SASnoN* CHiSEaaouGH, d. in Wyandot Cottnty. Ohio; m. Mareh 
10^ 1800^ Mary Youngs (oí HoUand Dutch parentage), b. 1780. Beth- 
lehem, N. Y.; d. 1843. Children (b. in Bcthlehem, N. Y.) : 

2234 Silas, b. March 10^ 1801 ; d. Aug. 18^ 1832 ; unmarried. 

2235 Catherine, b. Feb. 24, t8Ó3: m. Daniel Van Burén. 
+2236 Sarah, b. June 7t 1804 ; d. Aug. 18, 1834, Decatur, N. Y. 
4-2437 William, b. Apríl 9b i8ú6: d. Aug. S, i373. 

+22^ Mathew Youngs, b. Sept 8, t8o8; m. Margaret BelL . 

42239 Mercy, b. Aug. ic^ 1810; d. 1892. 

J96 GsNBAUxnr or ths CmsoMNicH Familit. 

•hi340 Haonah, b. Oct aob i8ia; m. Samnel Shouii. 

2141 Httldah, h. March la, 1815; m. Samuel ShcÑip (sccond wile). 

-1-2242 George W^ b. Marcfa 12, 1817; d. i$s6 in Caliloriita. 

-1-2243 Sunoel Youngs, b. Jan. 22» 1820; d. March 12» iSgs. 

2244 Mary A^ b. June 9, 1823; d. 1855. 

2236 Saaah* CBisnaouGH, m. Dcc. 25, i8m Jamct E. Lantiiig (mu 
oí Evert and Jennet [Campbell] Lanstng), b. March 24, 1807; d. Feh. 27» 
i8m Wcttiord, N. Y. Childrcn (b. in Dccatnr, N. Y.) : 


2255 Marr Jcmec» b. Jan. 23» xfli33; d. Aug. 25, 189B; m. Jan. 1» x8s7» 

Alonzo Herríck. 

2256 James, b. May 9» 1834; m. Jnly 4> 1857. Sarah A. Ríchardson of 

Pooltney, Vt» d. Apríl 25, 1895- Children : 

2257 Sarah Lonella, b. July 21, 1863. 

2358 CaroUne M., b. Jaa x, x866; Uves in Troy, N. Y. 

2259 Htigh H., bu March 14, i970; m. June 29, 1894, Lilian 


2260 Ralph Saxum. 

226X Jeannette E., b. Dcc. 29^ i373- 
2262 Mary J^ b. Jtily 8^ i47^ 

2337 WouAM* CBEsnaovGH, m. Jan. 7, 1833, Charlotte Lucretla 
Kaple, b. May 15, 1809; d. Oct 2X, 189a Children (b. in New York State) : 

22^ Saxton, b. Jan. 15, 1835; d. Jidy 21, i83& 

2264 Mary, b. Apríl 24» 1836; m. John A. Smith. 

-f2265 Mathew Yoongs, b. Feh. 7, 1838; d. Nov. 24, 1884. 

4*2266 Huldah, b. Oct 26» 1839; d. Oct 24 x89a 

H-2267 William Hcnry, b. Oct 14. 1841. 

2268 Harríet Emeline, b. March 31, i844> 

-^2269 George Washington, b. June 18^ 1846. 

4*2270 Elisa Brown, b. Aug. X7, 1847; d. Dcc 14, 189a 

-(-2371 Saxton Arana, b. Sept 13, 184$^ 

4^272 Sarah Naomi, b. Sept 10^ 1851. 

2273 Samuel, b. March 4, 1853; d. Aug. 31» i9S3* 

-f 2274 Charlotte Matilda, b. March 7, 1837. 

22^ Mathsw* Youngs CHtsnaoucn, m. Dcc 24, 1863, Sarepu A. 
Baker, b. June 4, 1837., Children: 

22B1 Oren P., b. Oct 14. 1864; m. Dec 261 1892, Mittie C. OcaxcUnd. 
Child: Forest W., b. Feb. 2, 1894. 
+2282 Nettie L^ b. Jan. 17, x866; m. Sept i, 1887» Wessley H. Bennett 

2283 June A., b. May 16^ 1874; m. Nov. 15, 1893, Norman H. Reagan. 

2284 Fern S., b. Feb. 12, 188a 

2282 Narnt* L. CHSsmaouGB^ m. Wessley H. Bennett Children : 

GüRALonr of tbb CHumoucB Tauíly. jgz 

aaBS Eva C, b. Oct 22^ 1889. 

ajQz Flognl F^ b. Feb. S, íB^H ^ Ja». Zh x89S- 

aa66 Huuuh* CHim i m cH, n. Dcc 18^ 1867» Benjainiíi FranUin 
Karta» bi Dcc j6^ 1833. Childnn: 

2391 Tettora MiUis, b. Nov. ic^ 1868L 

239a Peari Hcnry, b. July ai, 1878; d. June 8^ 1891. 

aa67 Wiluaii* Hamnr CBssiBaoDGH, m. May 4» i97h liabclk V. 
Nigb» b. Marcb 9, 1844. Ouldrcn : 

2393 Pannk Kaplc, b. April 30, 1875. 

2394 Carric Bell» b. Nov. XX, X87& 

2369 Gnwai* WA8BXiiGimr CBianaooGH, n. Jan. 7» x873» Catberine 
Ann Lyútt b. Ajiríl 23, i8S3; lí^o » Carey, Obia Qiildren: 

2395 Myrta Gracc^ b. Jialy 17, 1874; nu Apríl 18^ 1894, Willia Henry 


2396 HaUie Viola, b. Aug. 6^ s«;d 

237D EuzA* Baowir CntanMyuQB^ nu Dee. 30^ 1869^ EUJab Cordian 
llngk, b. May 2, 1846; d. Jtily 9b 1883. CMldren: 

2397 Uli«ñ May, k Jaa 30^ 1473; n- Marcb 14, i89Si WslltamD. Kirk 

Cbild; TcMora Adelaida^ b. Feb. ty, 1896. 
239B William Cordian, k Jone i4 x888. 

297S Sáxtom* Aiuw A CBuanouoB, m. Marcb 20^. 1879^ Avia C Tay* 
lor, k Jaa 29^ X85& Cbildren: 

2300 Jennie Lacretia, k Sept 2, x88a 
2901 Maiy May, k Nov. 4, 18813. 
3(303 Daxid Sascton, k Nov. 30^ 1889^ 

2373 SAaAH* Naomx CiusiaaouGB, n. Dcc 19^ 1871, Joie|»b Shiiman, 
k Sept 9b 1848; d. Pck 23^ 1889^ Childrent 

2303 Lcora Adell, k Sept 23^ 1872; d. Oct 14» x894; n- Fek 23^ 

1894 A. W. Daily. 

2304 Hattíe Ellen, k Jialy I7f i47& 

2305 Charlotte Ann, k Oct % 1883. 

2306 Carleton Cbesebrooi^ k Sept xo^ 1885* 

2307 Lynn Kaple, k May 5, 1888L 

2374 Cbablori* Matoju CHa aaa aouGH, m. Fek 6, 1B77, Joeepb 
Heck, k Aug. II, 1856. Cbildren: 

2308 Charlotte Locrecia, k Jiily 1, 1883. 

jgB GsNBAUxnr or thb Ciustnouca Familt. 

3309 Ina Matíldi, b. Dcc 5, 18861 
ajio Mary Emelcnc^ k Jtily aS; 1893. 

2^38 Mathiw* YouKGt Cbisbm^ m. Margarct Bell, b. 181 1» New 
Scotíandt N. Y. Children: 

23,12 Mary Ellen, b. 18Í31; d. Dec, x8^; m. 1Q57, John Jickion 
Hkkt. Oiildren: 

3314 Im» h. Attg.» 1858; m. Oct, i88l, Edward S. Maya 

3315 Ada, I1. Dcc, 1863; n. May, 1884, Aadrew J. Tappcn. 

3316 Lott, b. M^, 1867. 

3313 Sasan, b. 1833. 

3339 Mncy' CntamoucH, m. 1838» Richard WilUains (too of 
Stefihen WilUansi oí Stonington, Conn.), d. 1872. Children: 

3317 Sarah, b. 1839; m. (i) G. W. Canfield; m. (3) Matthew Pbelpt. 

+4318 Saxton C b. Feb. 33» 1831 ; m. Emily Wisner. 

3319 Stephcn V^ b. 1833; d. i8sa 

3330 George W^ b. 1834; d. 1838. 

3331 Samnd Yonngí, b. 1837; mmarried. 

3333 Mary E^ b. 1840; m. John K. Chapnian. Child: Sarah, nu 
WUliam Peaice. 

3333 William H., b. 1844; nu Sntan Banngardncr. 

3334 Htildah, b. 1845; n. Warren W. Broolci. 
3333 Harriet, b. 1849; tn. William Beaverson. 

• 3336 Loey, bu 1853; m. Lame Boncher. 

33x8 Saxion' C WnxxAMa, m. x85a^ Emily Wisner, b. 18381 Child: 

Corwin A^ k x866; m. 1887, Ella Lombard. Children: 

«337 Mary, b» x888L 

3338 Ralph, b. X892. 

3339 Earl, b. 1895- 

3340 Hankab* CnsisaaouGB, m. Samnd Shoup (hls first wile). 

3344 Hnldah, m. H. E. Weaver of Carey, Ohia 

3345 Saxton C 

3343 Geoms* W. CBSsnaouGB, m. Fdk 3, x839b Jnlianne Martin (dan. 
of Jacob Martin), b. Oct 5, x8x8; d. April 33, x886l Children (b. sn New 
Scotland, N. Y.) : 

+3346 Hannah Catheríne, b. Dec X9b 1839; d. Oct 6, X9oa 
+3347 Jacob Martin, b. Oct 8; 1841 ; m. 1863» Angeline Yonng. 
3348 George W^ b. Jan. xi, X844; d. Jaa 39^ x84$. 

GtmKALOcy or- m CiusnaoucH Family. 199 

+^349 Mary EUtabetli, bi Dcc 3i, i&|6; tn. Capt Junes RjilL 
-H3S0 JnlÍA Asma, bi Ang. 13» 1&19; m. Capt Henry Crottnse» d. 
Match 31, 1901. 
4351 Silat W.. bi Sept is 1S51; m- Apiil ao^ 1881. Harriet Jane 

33S2 Míltoii Piercc^ bi Fcb. 8^ 1853 ; d. May s 1S5& 

9346 Haniiab* C Caxamo, n. July 4» iS57» Henry Clay Reíd; a 
Sefgeant m the Civil War, d. 1884- Children: 

-I-93S3 Harnee Anna, bi Jone 6, 1861 ; m. twice. 
a3S4 Millkent Rliíaherh, bi March 7, 1863; m. Jan. i, 1897, Charles 

Edwin Grooi. Chtld: Charles E, Jr., bi Jan. 35» i£^ 
9355 Junes Heniy» k May y» 1864; d. July 11, 1865. 

3356 Martin Stlas» k Jan. la» i8!7o; n. Apríl 4» 1899b Enuna Sianton; 

be is a gradúate oí Albany Medical Cóllege^ 1893. 

3357 Marión E^ k Jan. 13» x8!70 (twin oí above) ; n. June 30^ 1896b 

Charies W. Mott Children: 

3361 Marión Ethel, bi July 17, x897- 

3362 Emna Catherine, b. June 17» 1899* 

3353 HAtuir* AxifA Rud, a. (i) Oct 31, i88s Dr. Franklin 
De Voll; n. (3) June 33, 1896b Rev. Benjamin S. RoUins. Children of 
lirst marriage: 

3358 Francés Etbel* b. Sept 31, i885; d. May 30^ 1891. 

3359 Florence M^ b. Sept s 1889^ 

Child of seeond marriage: 

3360 Harold Seaman, bi April 33^ 1897. 

3347 Jacob* MAsnif Chbidiouoh, n. (i) *x8^ Angelina Yoong; d. 
Dee. 13» 1880; m. (3) i8p— , EtU Hungerlord; live in Guíldertond, N. Y. 
Children of first marriage: 

3964 Harry, b. July is 1865; m. 1886b Cora Relyca. Children: 
Frank; Howard; MabeL Live in Canadá. 

3365 Carrie Estalla, b. Nov. 3, 1866; m. Harry J. Ostrander. Chil- 

dren : Oarcnoe ; Howard. Live in Albany, N. Y. 

3366 Flocence Ida, bi May 5» 1869; m. Leo B. Shire. Child: Eva, 

bi Jan. lOb 1893. Uve in Albany, N. Y. 

3367 Lillian J., b. Fcb. 38; igyi : m. Feb. 3. 18891 Ira Smith. Children: 

Harry; Beitha May; Marshall Arthur; Dortha. 
336B Edward Y., bi April iB; i974; m. Ida M. Chesebro (3537S). 
Children: Flocence Ida; Haxel E.; Ruth Byron. 

3369 Silas W., h. Sept ipb 18^; d. May jOb 1900L 

3370 Anna May, b^ Oet % 18^ 

Children of seoond marriage: 

3371 Lewis R; 3373, George W. 

40O GiNiALOGY or TBs Chisiwoüoh Family. 

3349 Maby* Eusabbtb Caismo^ nu Sept ^ 1869, JtiMs Rytll, d. 
Fcbi 2B, 1881 ; he was a Captain in the GvU War. Children: 

3373 Auna Lorena, h. Nov. ai, i8!7o; d. May 2a, 1875. 

3374 Man llotttc^ k June x^ 1^73; ol June 37» t894f Rev. Edgar 

Slater Vradenburg. Chüd: Qiarlotte Elúabeth, bi Feh. 8» 

3375 Juliana, h. Marcb lo^ 1Q76; m. June 8^ 189$* Henry Augutt 

Stronsnan: Oiild: Henry Rntsell, h. Jan. 3S i897- 

3376 James Edward, bi May aA, 1978; m. Dcc ii, 1897, Anna Relyea. 

Child: Fkmnce, b. May 19^ 1899. 

3350 JxjUA* AvN A Cbwmmmbo, m, Capt Henry Crounie, wbo organiaed 
a rcgiment in 1861 and went to the War oí the Rebdlion, served two yeart 
and d. March ai, 1901 ; hia widow Uves in VoorfasesvUlc^ N. Y. 

3243 Samuil* y, CBEsnaouGB (Saxton\ 560), ni. June 17, 1841, 
Albany County, N. Y., Catheríne Sccor, h. Apríl 12, 1823; lived in Carey, 
Ohio; a farmer. Childrcn: 

3395 Sarah, h. Dee. aa, 184a; d. Oct 17, 1865; n. Benjamín Lndwig. 
3393 HuldiJi, h. Aug. xo^ 1844; m. J. C Shuler. Child: 

, 339B Samuel Y., nu Nov., 1891, Toledo, Ohio, Kate Sievee. 

4-3394 Saxton C, b. May 14, 1846; m. Elvira Plan. 
+339S Mary, k Oet 8» 1848; m. Nov. 7» 1867, D. N. PowelL 

3396 Silai B., b. Oct 5, iB$ti m. Rebecca Hammood* Children: 

Giqr; Veme; Madge. 

3397 Ollie, b. Aug. ty, 1864; m. WiUiam 

3394 Sazion * C CatasiBOUCB, m. Elvira Platt ; live in Sheldon, lowa. 

Samuel Ira; Loren; Albcrt; Albrítty; Florell; Blanche. 

3395 Masv* CBisnaoucB, m. D. N. Powell; live in Findlay, Ohía 

3405 Anna C, k Apríl X4> t87i. 

3406 Laura B., b. Dcc 4, 1875. 

3407 Stdla En b. Jan. ao^ i9^ 

3408 Trera M., k March 33, 188a 

563 OvxD' CBtaiBBOUGa (WiUiam\ 121). ± x86x, CoUedcfll, N. Y.;, 
m. 1803, Margaret Conger (dau. of Jamea Conger, a Revolutíooary loldier), 
b. in Beme, N. Y.; d. i9;a, CobleakUl, N. Y. Children (k in Worcea- 
ter, N. Y.) : 

+3413 Elizabefh, b. May la, 1804; d. March 5. 1861. 
+34x4 Caroline Matilda, b. Apnl a8, x8o6; d. Nov. ax, X89& 


Gbnialocy or ns Cbssibmmjcb Family. 401 

+2415 Mercy» bi 1810; d Dec 18^ 1847: m. Jobn Brown. 

+2416 Huldah, m. Híbbard Todd. 

2417 EbcaescTt m. 1844, EUiabcth Hariúnson oí Altoiisr» N. Y. 

+2418 James, n. Mam Ckrpenter. 

+«419 Esthtr FUnt, k Jan. 18^ 1818; a. twice. 

+2490 Maivarct Wairen» k May 15. i8ao; n. twkc 

+2^1 Nicholaa Goddard, bi Jnly 33» 1821 ; m. Eliaabeth AbeL 

+2422 LiiC3r,bLMarcli2, i834;d. Apríl 18, i8gs;iii. AsnoaFlinL 

2413 EusiüKTH* CBsanaoucB, nu Dcc 7$ 1823» Worcctttr» N. Y.» 
B a rn a b aí Foller, k Oct 13, 1797; d. May i» 1884. Childrcn: 

+2423 Naney, b^ Oct 23. 1834; m. James Lawycr. 

+9424 Elman James, k May lo^ i8a8; m. Margare! Mano. 

242S Rosamood Crippen, d. tmmarríed 

2436 Child. 

+2427 Harnee Aurelia, b. Mareh 26^ 1842; m. Joba Harwood* 

2423 Nancy* FuLUt, m^ Oct i, 1848b James Lawyer, bi Jan. is» 183BL 
in CobleskUl, N. Y. 

2428 Elisabetb Cbcsebrougfa, b. , 1849; d. Sept s i96u 

2424 Elman* Jamss Fuun, m. Aug. 7, i8s3t Margareí Mann, b. 
March 30^ 18Í35. Cbildren: 

-1-2429 Vinna, bi Dec. 8; i8S9^ 

+2430 Leslie Oíase, k Febí 4» 18Í2; d. Dec. 23. i893- 

2431 James Lawyer, h, May 14, 18(3; m. Dec 2, 1886^ Clara Brown. 

Child: Nellie, b. Sept 4. 18Q7. 

2429 ViKHA* FuLUB, m. Nov. 8^ t88i, John Schoyler Lawyer, b. Aug. 
7t i^ Children: 

2432 ' Ella Fuller, b. Mardi t8^ 188Í3. 

2433 Frank Boaídman, b. June 30^ 1885. 

2430 LasuB* Chasi Fullo, ul Oct 21. i883> Elitabeih Davis, bi Jan. 
a9. 18Í4. 

2434 Blanche, k Oct S 1884- 

2435 Charlotte, bi Jan. $• i887- 

2427 HAMOBr* AuBBUA FuLLii, m. Aug. 10^ 1867, John Harwood, K 
March 24, 184a Child: 

2437 Annette Elisabeth, b. Nov. 14. 1868; m. Oct 18^ 1884, Charles 
Augustus Summer, b. Aug. 28^ i859i Children: 

2438 Elhel Beatrice, bi Nov. 15, i88s: d. Nov. 6, 189& 

400 GtifSAUMnr or tbi Cbmujuooqh Family. 

2439 Hirrid Philena, k Aug. 14» i8Q7« 

1440 Harrison, bi Nov. 8^ 1889; d May aA, 1891. 

2414 CAMUJfB* Cbbsuwuch, n. March 8» i8aB^ Rkbard Dcrrick 
Hilloii, b. Jan. 14» 1804; d. Sept s xQ3- Chtldrcn: 

4-2441 Anrilla Emira, b. Aug. 24 1830; d. Fdk 11, 1899. 

4-2442 Juditb Anii, bi Fcb. 27» 1832; d. Jnly iSt 1900^ 

2443 Margaret Elizabelh, b. Aug. iti^ i933; d. 1836. 

-f2444 Williain Jamcstk July 12» i8i35;d. July is 1864. 

2445 Petar Van Denacn, bi April 7, 1838: d. Jan. % 1852. 

+2446 Frank Alón», b. Jone 24 1844 

2441 AmLLA* E. HiLioif^ n. Oct ii, i85Si Grecnlcaf Horatio Davis, 
bi March 16^ 1834. Child: 

2447 Caroltne Loii, h. Oct 2S 1860; m. Nov. 18^ t88o^ Forrcst Wetr 
Mnrphy, b. Sept 22, 1857 ; Uve in Qiiincy. IlL Child : 

2448 Anna Loit» b. Nov. 30^ 1881. 

2442 Juotm* Ann HiLioif« a. Fred Holaling. ChUdren: 

Martin; Arthnr; Lisaie; Richard. 

2444 WiLUAM* jAMia HiLioif, m. May 11, 1859^ Eneline Salitbory, k 
Jnly 12» 1836; d. Apríl 12^ x$74. 

4-2453 Janc^ Emira, b. June 21, 1861. 

2454 John Richard, b. June 12, 1863; d. Febí 21, 1867. 

2446 FBAjrx* Alouxo Hsltom, ul Dcc 28; 1876b Emma Sophia Russell, 
b. Oct I2t t8s>. Childm: 

2455 Ridiard Ruaiel], k March 9^ 1884. 

2456 Rnsiell De Nomandy, b^ Sept 5. 1894- 

24S3 Jani* E. HiLiOM, UL Juty 18^ i887t WiUiam Harmon Kieman, b. 
May JÓ, i866l Chfld: 

2457 R^ph Maurice, bi Sqit 18^ 1891. 

2415 MncY' CmanaouGB, m. March 9i iÍ3h Worcester, N. Y^ John 
Brown, b. July 12, 1809; d. Oct 9, 1871. Children: 

-M459 John Lorcn, bi Dec 2t, 1831 ; d. Dec 23, 1899* 

+3460 Janes Chesebrongh, k Feb. id^ 1833; d. Jaa 7» 1899. 

2461 Mary Hill, b. Apríl 2, 1835 ; d. Aug. 18» 1854. 

2462 Estber Elizabeth, k Dec 18» 1836: m. Sept xpb 18691 Benjamin 

Franklin Sanbom. 
+3463 Loniía Eliza, b. Nov. 5. 1838; m. Vispasian Danlorth. 

GBNBALOcnr op TU Cbesobougb Family. 403 

+2464 Huldah Ann, b. June 30^ 1840 ; m. Spcnccr Pratt 
3465 David Jackfon, I». Oct 5» >843; d. March aft 1894; ». May 97, 

íSBo, Kate D. Zcndcr. 
2466 Hekn Pratt, h. Sept i, 1844; d. Oet !$• i845- 

2459 JoHH* Lamf Bbown, m. Dcc. 7, 1857» Hannah Parker KnapPb U 
Jnbr » i8i38L Childrcn: 

+24/S7 Charles Arthur, b. Jone 22, 1862. 

246B Frcd David, bi FcL 27, i86s 

2469 Mary Loiiise, k Oet 27, 1867. 

2470 John Emcit» fai July i» 1878L 

2467 Crabucs* Aitmur Baowif, m. Dee. 15» i8Q7t Aiinabcl Wiacniaii» 
h. Jnne 3» 186BL Childrcn: 

2471 Oliven k July 20^ 1892. 

2472 HarokL fai Aug. 28; 1894: d. Scpt 21, 1894. 

2460 jAifia* CHisnaouGH Bbown, nt Dcc. lo^ 1867/ AnnjtLatrd 
Arthur, k May 12» 18491 Childrcn: 

2473 Eva Arthur, b. Mareh 13, 1869 ; d. Jan. 20^ 1972. 

2474 Mary Chesebrough» b. Nov. 5, 1972. 

2463 LouiSA* EuzA Bbowh, m. Oct St i86s ^tpasian Danlorth, b. 
Nov. 5, 183a Childrcn : 

2475 Walter Brown, fai Jútf a7t 1868; ni. Oct is 1893, Abbie Dot- 

trídge Adama, b. Jtily 2, iQTa Childrcn: 

2477 Etther Louise, h. Dcc 6, 1893. 

2479 Kenneth Adán», fai March 29^ 1895; d. Jan. 19^ 1897. 

2479 Margueríte, k May 3, 1897. 

2476 James Franklin, b. Feb. 9^ 1874. 

2464 HuLSAB* Anh Bmwh, m. Dcc 9^ iSs8^ Spencer Thomas Pratt, 
b. June 18^ 1836; Uve in Brooklyn, N. Y. Childrcn: 

2480 James Edward, b. Feb. 14, 1860; d. Aug. 27, i86a 

2481 James Arthur, b. Feb. 21, 1862 ; d. Match 29^ 1862. 
H-1482 Charles Spencer, b. Dcc 2$, 1863; m. twicc 

2483 Arthnr Vispasian, b. Nov. 5, 18^; m. June 20^ 1900^ Myrtle 

£. Jacox. 

2484 John Rice, b. July 21, i^; m. June 2, 1897, Ada F. 

2482 CilAaLBS* SriNcnt Pkait, m. (1) Feb. 28; 1884, Mary Rtchie; 
m. (2) Nov. 28, 1894, Roberu Todd (2493N). Child oí first marriage: 

2485 Spencer David, b. Jan. 7, 1885. 

404 Genialocv or tbb CuisinouoB Family. 

24x6 HuuuH* CHSsnflOUCH, m. ín Worcester, N. Y., Hibbard Todd 

2486 NathankL 

+24fi7 Robot FaullcDcr, I». March 7» 1838; d April 2a, 1893. 

4-3488 Eben Oiesebrougb, bi Oct a. 1845; d Apríl aS; 1885. 

3489 Harríet Elixabeth, d young. 

a490 Genevievc^ d yoong. 

24817 Roanr* Favuciiib Tooo, m. Aug. ao^ 186a, Louitc McGarrah, b. 
Nov. is i8i39; d Apríl 7, i80& Cbildren: 

a49i Maiie Louisa. 

+a4ga Roberta, oi. C S. Pratt (348aN). 

2493 Esmna RntselL 

2494 Clareiice Faullcner. 

3488 Ebbm* CwTifaacwTCH Tcoo^ m. June 30^ 1972, Mary Jane (Abra- 
bam) Lañe» b. Dec. 14, 184& Cbildren : 

2496 Grace Maman, k Mareb 17, 1974; d Aug. 3, 1889^ 

2496 Beitba, b. Jan. d i977; d Aug. is 1877. 

2497 Edna CaroHne. h. Oct 7» i978; d Sept 7, 1891. 

2498 Laura Louiae, b^ Oct 3, 188a. 

2499 Jobn Eben, b. Dec 20^ f 88s 

2418 jAMia* Caiataao, m. Jan., 1837, María Carpenter of GreenviUe, 
N. Y. Oúldren: 

+2900 Ovid bi Oct 12, 1837, GreenviUe, N. Y. ; m. Jane Ann Casa. 
2SDI Mary, d aged 14 yeara. 

2900 Ovia* CntaiaaoucH, m. Aug. 3, 1863, Jane Ann Cass, b. Aug. 7, 
184^ OakviUei N. Y.; d Jan. 21, 1889; be enlisted in tbe GvU War Aug. 
i^ 1861, in Tbird New York avalry ; lived in Maryland N. Y. 

2902 Charles Anguatus, bi May 9^ 1864, Maryland N. Y. 
+2503 Enuna, k Dec lo^ 1867, Weülord, N. Y.; a. C H. Adans. 
2504 Dettie, b. July 7» iQto^ Middlefteld N. Y. ; m. Lonit R. Frceman. 
290S Jobn Jewctt, b. Oct i, 1871, Maryland N. Y.; m. Oct 28; 1896» 

Mary Dana Conkling. 
2506- Clarence David b. Nov. 12, 1873. 
2S07 Fannie Elgina, b. Mardi fd 1876, Milford N. Y.; m. Apríl 17, 

189S. Floyd D. Wenn. 
250B Jennie, k July 29^ 1880^ Maryland N. Y. (Changad ñame to 

Manñe Marinua.) 
2509 Florence, b. Sept 19, 1881 ; callad Stewart, lives with aunt 

2SQ3 Emma* CHaaaaao^ m. Oct 4, 1884, Otsego, N. Y., Charles Henry 
Adama. Cbildren: 

GtmKALocy or tbi C Him an u cH Family. 4QS 

3SI0 LndM Olio» k Nov. j6^ i8B& 
^11. Jemie May, b. Dce. u, 1889^ 

2419 Estbh* P. CanuMUCH, n. (1) May is i999b Albaiqr, N. Y., 
MoMS B. Skcphtiit» h. Fch. 29, 1814» d. Oec 9, x$74; »- (>) Aug. 8^ 1886^ 
Jaeob Jackaoii» b. Jnly j6^ 1813; d. Apríl 17» i88|7. Childrcn oí lint 

-HS» Sarah Francct, bi June f. 1840; n. FA 29, iñBo. WUliam Harry 

3SI3 Eban t acr Oicscbroiight b^ Jone ai» 184a; d May 14» 1843. 
9514 Loey Clare» b. Sepe i^ 1844; d Scpt 14» 1865. 
asís Auna EKtab c th, b. JuIy 4» 1853; m- Aug. 3, 18B3» Janti Hood 


3513 Sabah* FkANcn SnrBKiia, m. Williain H. TntbiU. Child: 

3Si6 Walkar Stephens, b. Oct t, 1867; vl Jwm ift iSga, TIUse Botcb. 

3517 Mnnianí RaymcMid, b. Jan. 13, i8!p7. 

3518 Fraaoet Helena, bi Jone 14, igoa 

3430 Mabcauita* WAttm CaianaouGX, m. (i) Dee. x, 1843, Renbcn 
Arnold Goodiicb, b. i8id^ Oucgo Coiinty, N. Y.; d. Oct 30^ 1863; m. (3) 
Heniy Biown. Oiildtcn oí lint narríage: 

3519 Florence, bi 1846; d. aged 3 mootbs. 
+3590 Prank Morton, b. Oct xft 1848; n. tbrce timet. 
-fasai Ida Ettella, bi Fcb. 7, i8sx ; d. Marcb 7, i88s; m. Sepe i, 1869^ 
Fiedcrick Mone Adam, b. 1841. 

35» FkAHX* MoBioii GoooKiCH, a. (x) Aug. ix, x86Bk Sarab FWiabfth 
Ftrguaon of Colifetlrill, N. Y., k Jan. 30^ X85X ; d. Marcb X7» X883; »- (a) 
May s x885t Maiy Frands Morris, d. x807; n. (3) Feb. X3, X898; Efanira 
Ricbardion Slocimi; retidct in Hanford, CaL Childrcn of lint narríage: 

H-3S38 Ida Estalle^ bi April x, x8|7X ; m. M. A. Sheman. 
3333 Chartei Fcrgiison, b. July x, x8^; d. Dee. 37» X894. 
3534 Margaretta Maudc, b. Dcc 4, iBfñ; d. Feb. xy, x88x. 

3333 Iba* EanuB Gooobicb, ni. Marcb xd^ X893, Mihon Andrew Sher- 
man, b. Jnly X3, x868; Uve in Chicago, UL Cbildren: 

3S^ Jeteieb bi Oct 30^ xSgs. 

35a6 Frank Mihon, b. Sept 3X, X895. 

3527 Roger Andrew, b. June 3S x8g7. 

343X NxcBOLAa* G. Chisibbough (Ovid*), m. Nov. 3, 18441 Eliaabeih 

4o6 Gexealogy or thb Chiubwiiigb Family. 

Abel (daa oí Andrew and Jevinctte [Daviton] Abel), k Oct i, 1834. 
Albany, N. Y. ChUdren: 

+3529 lÍMTy Augusto, bi Sept 1% I&|5- 
2S30 Nellie, b. Fcb. I9b i&í^: m. Scpt 24, 1885, Jerh Wickwire Hop^ 
Idus (soo oí Abaer and Lydia [Wickwire] Hopldns), b. May 3» 
1836; resides ia Los Angeles, CaL 

3539 Maiv* a. CBmnovcB, nu Dee. 31, 1868^ William Heniy Wttl- 
iains. Children: 

3S3X Charles, b. Jan. 7$ i^^í d. Aug. 9^ ifl!;7« 
3S33 Pansy Edna, k June i^ x479^ 

3423 Lucy' CHisnaoucB, n. Match 11, 1846^ Amos Flint, bi May 5, 
1818; d. Nov. I, x80& Children: 

+9533 Florence, b. July 13, i8L|q; a. April 4, 1866^ Wallace Harding. 
as34 Phtneas, b. Aug. id^ 1859; d. May is iB73- 

- 3533 FLottMd* FliMT^ BL Wallaee Harding; Uve in Cóldwater, Mich. 

353$ George Frankiin. b. Dee. 3» 1BS7. 

3536 Louts Ktngsbufy» b. April 3^ ifl^ 

3537 Amos Flintt b. May 3» 1^74. 
3S3B Roes Wallace, b. Jaa 4^ z^ 

563 BiaiAH* CHistiuoüCH (William*, I3i), m. Sarah Young oí New 
Seotiand, N. Y.; removed from Stonington, ComL, to New Yoric Stote. 
ChUdren (k in Woicester, N. Y.) : 

2S39 Joel Young; m. Hannah Dunbar of Bcthlehem, N. Y. 
• 3540 Esther, b. 1837; d. June 18^ i9;o, Ohio; m. Henry Brown (bis 

first wile). 
aS4i Catherine, b. i93S: m. John Harbinson of Albany, N. Y.; lived 

in Denver, CoL 

- as42 Saxton; lived in Ohia 

3543 Sarah, d. 1843, unmarríed, Albany, N. Y. 

- 3544 Joshua C, bi Sept, 1838; r emov e d to Ohio in 1854- 

564 MncY* Cbbsomijgb (William*, I3i), m. Febí 33, 1813, David 
Jackson, b. Jaa I7> 17^^ New Scoüand, N. Y. Children: 

3545 David Chesebrough» b. March 3. 1816; d. Sept 3» i36& 

+3546 Eleanor Jane^ k Aug. 13, 1817; d. 1846. 

2S47 John Bamett, b. May 3. 1819; d. April, 1866; m. 1847, Mary 

4-3S4B Abraham Ellison, b. March 30^ t88X ; m. Sarah Edgerton. ' 

-|-aS49 Sarah, b. Sept 30^ 1833; m. James M. Chesebrough (35a6S). 

+^S0 Esther Ann, b. Aug. 3, 1834 ; m. Charles S. Stiles. 

+3551 William James, b. June 19, 1838; d. Dee. 39i 189& 

GtmKALOcy or ras Chisibmvgh Family. ' 407 

3546 EiXAifOft* Jani Jacxson, m. April. 1834, WiUiam GUL Children: 

2ssa Jolm» k 1935. 

35S3 David Jackson, bi Nov. S i937- 

+9554 Eletnor EKtabcth, b. Jan. 6, 1840; d. Nov. 14, i80s. 

2555 Gcofvc» d. Oet 9» i8Q7. Yoimgttown, Ohia 

as54 EUAKOR* EuzABsrp Gill» a. Nov. s i857i West Troy, N. Y., 
WilUam Gil!» b. Fch. 22, 1934» d. Oct 9i 1897. Children: 

H-2SS6 WiUian. b. Sept 4» tSsS» West Tror. N. Y. 
2557 Otear Charki» b. March 13, 1860^ Albaiqrt N. Y.; d. Dce. 17» i88q^ 
Albanv» N» Y. 
+2558 Fred, bi Maj ift t8fi2» Albany» N. Y. 

2559 Hcnry RayaNMid, k Idaj 23, 1865; d. StpL lá, 1886^ Yoonga- 

town, Ohia 

2560 Frank Chesebrongh, h. Aug. 19^ 1867; n. May 31» 1890^ Hannah 

HansoRL Child : Frank, h. May 13. 1891. 

2561 Mercy» b. June 2a, 1869. 

2562 Edwtn Chetcbrough, k Dce. 26b i87it Albany, N. Y. 

2563 Charles M., bi Feb. 17, 1474, Albany, N. Y. 

2564 Eleanor.Elizabcch, b. Jan. 29^ 1876, Albany. N. Y.¡ a. Jnly 3, 

S895, joteph Cooper oí Yonngstown, Ohia 
256$ David Jackson, bi Aug. 3, iQ77» Albany, N. Y.; d. Sept 12^ 1Q77, 
Albany. N. Y. 

2556 WouAM* Gnx, UL July id^ 18B5. Youngstown, Ohio, Jeanctte 
Irene Porter. Children (bi in Youngstown» Ohio) : 

2566 Alian William, b. June 27. t886L 
25A7 Myrtle Eulalula, k July 11, 1889^ 

2568 Margarec Porter» b. Aug. S, 1892. 

2558 FkiD* Gnx» m. Aprü 7» 1886^ Youngstown, Ohio^ Mary Hisabeth 
Cdnran. Children * 

2569 Osear Walter, b. Mareh 27, 1887. 

2570 Ceeil Frederiek, b. Féb. 12, 189a 

2571 Raynond Philip^ b^ Oet 8^ 1892. 

2548 AatABAM* Euisov Jacxson, a. 1858^ Sarah Edgertoa Children: 

2573 VnUiam, b. June fft 1859^ 

2574 Agnes, k Jan., 1861 ; ni. George Johnston. 

2550 EsTBH' Amn Jacxson, m. Sept 8^ 1841, Charles S. Stiles. 

+2575 Clara Agatha, b. Nov. 4, 1846; ni. June, 1869^ Alfred Ballcy. 

4faB GmEALOGV or thb CeistfnouGB Family. 

3576 Sanh Anna, b. Nov. 34, 1848; d. Dec i6b 1890: m. Oet 4, 18I71, 
Charles J. Femkle. Child: Charles S^ k Aug. 3, 1873. 
+2S77 Elcanor Janc^ k 1856; m. H. W. Browa 
857B Emilia, h. April ai, 1860; d. March 17, 189a; a. June, 1889^ 


3575 CuütA* A. Snus, n. Alfred Bailcjr. Chsldrcn : 

3579 Carleum, k Apríl 3i, 187a 

3580 Clara Augusta, k 1873. 

3577 EiXANoa* Jami Smis, m. Dc&, 187a, Hcnry W. Brown, d. Apríl 

II» 1899, Jersqr Ctty, N. J. Chüdrcn: 
35b William IL, b. Dec, i874> 

3583 Clara R., b. Scpt, 1877* 

3584 Richard, fai June, i88i. 

3585 Henry, b. Jone, 1883. 

3586 LttU 11, fai May, 1891. 

3351 WiLUAif* Jamss Jacxson, m. 1859^ Julia S. Parry; live in 
Indianauolia. Ind. Children: 

3587 Carne 11, b. Oct, 1860; m. Dc&, 1880^ Frank S. Hereth; live 

tn Chicago^ IlL Children: 

3589 Edward William. h. Oct 39^ i8Ba; d. Nov. 7» tBBS. 

3590 Julia Charlotte, k Fch. 14, 188a 

3591 Mary Maigaret, b. Oct ¿, 189a 
3593 Helen, b. Afiril 30^ 1892^ 

3588 Wflliam David, k Nov., 18^ 

566 NiCBOLAS* GooBAiD CHssnMXiGa (V^lliam*, I3i), m. 1813, Sarah 
Crippen oí Worcester, N. Y.; r emov e d 1830 to New Haven, N. Y. Children 
b( in Wofcesier, N. Y.) : 

3S93 María, d. unmarried. 

3894 Silas C, m. — — Schermerhorn : Children: Nicholas; Silas; 

+3S9S Mary, fai 1818 ; m. William H. Jennison. 

4-3596 Sophronia, fai Oct 34, 1830; d. March 30^ 189& 

3597 Nathan, m. Angeline Wood. Children: George; Jennison. 

3598 William, m. Jane Moody. 

+3599 Schuyler C, b. Oct 3, 1827; m. Semanthy O. Jones. 


3595 Maby* CHKsnaoucH, m. Oct 8^ 1840^ William Henry Jennison, 
b. Apríl 35, 181 5, New York City; live in Washington, D. C Children: 

3605 Helen Mary, b. Oct 7, 1841, Oswego, N. Y. 

3606 Sarah Chesebrough, b. Jan. 37. 1847» Brooklyn, N. Y. 

GtwBAiooY or nu CHismooGH Family. 409 

3jg6 SorHaoiriA' CHWtwogCH, m. July 21, 1840^ WUliam B. Pirtons ; 
Uvcd in Ofwcgo» N. Y. Childroi; 

+3607 Mary Elitabcth, b. Aug. 19^ 1841; n. Manh 17, 1869^ F. M. 

a6oB SiUi Ewtr4 h. May aB; 1843; killcd May 6, 1864. ín Cvfl War. 
JÓog William Byron, k April 3» 1845; d. Aug. 19. 1899. 
j6io Gcof«e Elmer, k Sept S 1848; m. Fcb. !$• 1871. Child: Lottic 

May, b. 1873. 
j6ii Sarah María» bi Nov. 30^ i8si : nt Fcb. 26, iB73. F. A. Colvin. 

Child: Hcnry E., b. Oct iB; i87& 

a6o7 Masy* Euzabbth PAisoifa, a. Fraak M. Baker; Uve in OswcgOb 
N. Y. CUldren: 

361a Ftorcnee Bertha» b. Sept 3, 187a 
a6i3 Juliiit Frcd» b. Dce. iB; 1875. 

9S99 ScBUYUi* C CBiaoM^ m. Jan. 7, 1852, Senanthy O. Jones» h. 
Oct a7» i830i Greenwich, N. Y.; Uve in Denuter, N. Y. Children: 

+9616 Sarah M., b. Jnly 8^ ifli^s* 

J617 Jane E., b. May 13, i8S9; d- Sepe 22, 1863. 

a6i8 Polly EÚ b. April 9, 1B62; d. April ii. 1863. 

a6i9 James A.» b. Marcb 3» 18614. 

j6i6 Samah* M. CBismo, m. Marcb tti^ i87Xt C R Malan. Children: 

afiao WiUie De Forest, b. Maich 3& 1873; n. Aug. 4» 1894» Cora 

afin Helen M., h. Mareh as 1882. 
a638 Semanthy, b. Aug. a6b 1889^ 

SIS7 Novia* P. CBismouoH (WiUiam*» lai), nu Oarissa Moore (dau. 
oí James and Susan [Henij] Moore) ; removed írom Worcester, N. Y., 
to Rutland, Ind. Children (b. in Worcester, N. Y.) : 

+a&Q Chark)Cte Jane. 

4-3684 Harriet EUxa, m. Thomaa Dow. 

26»s Levanche Leonora» d. 1893; m. Dr. Abner Otis Keikigg, who 
was coonected with tbe management oí the Sute Intane 
Asylum at Pougfake^sie^ N. Y. 
+a6a6 Mary Ann» m. A. J. Kent 

+3627 Loutsa María, k July 36b 1827 ; d. July 34, 1885» Macomb» lU. 
+3da8 Susan Oara, b. May 30^ 1S30; d. Jan. 5. 1^3. 
+a639 John Bower» d. 1890^ Kentland, Ind. 
+3630 Huldah Howe, d. Sept 34, 1898. 
+3631 Rosamond Joscphine^ d. i8d^ La Porte, Ind. 

3633 Robert Franklin; unmarríed; Uves in Kentland, Ind. 

410 GufBAUxnr or ths Cbbsibiouch Family. 

2603 Chabloitb* J. CBEstnoucB» m. Warren Raymond Fowler: 
pinoocert in Canyon City. CoL, from Utica, N. Y. Children: 

+a6¡33 Charlea» n. Nellie Lloyd. 

-Í-^34 Qara, d. i880i Silvcr Cliff» CoL; m. Lcmiid Freer. 

adiaa CHABLsa* FowLia, a. NcUie Uoyd (daii. oí Biahop Lloyd oí 
lowa). düldroi: 

263S Charlotte, m. J. F. Fraacr oí Pueblo^ CoL 

J636 AUoe F.. d. unmarríed. 

j6Í37 Ccofige Anoa. 

2638 Frcderkk Lkvd. 

2639 Chetter ArthnrJ 

2634 CUtA* FowuDt, iiL Leoiad Freer (ion oí the late Judge Freer 
oí Chicago^ IlL). Childrai: 

a&|0 Elak Freer; 2641, Margaret; 2642, Mabel; 2643» Raynond 

a6a4 Hauist* Euza CaianaoiiaH» la Thomas Dow, a banker; 
rcnovod from Utíca* N. Yt to Whitbj« Canadá. Children: 

2644 Leonora» n. (t) — — — > Rote oí Rutland, Ind.; m. (a) William 

McCabe oí TorontOb Canadá. Child : Levanche. 

2645 Snsan» d. c 15 years. 

1646 Clara» m. Rev. Malcolm MacGillioray oí Kingston, Canadá. 

atiaó Maiy' Axn CBsaiaaouca, m. 1838, Alexander Janes Kem (first 
wife) of Utica, N. Y. ; livcd in Orískany, N. Y. ; removed to New Albany» 
Ind^ and later fetmded the town oí Kentland» Ind. Children: 

2648 Clara, m. Dr. Dwii^t R. Burrell, Medical Director oí Insane 
Asylwn, Canandaigna, N. Y. 
2649 l^^vy Louiie, m. Dr. Lloyd Talbot Dorsey of Chicago, IIL Child: 

2^ Rosamond. 

2637 LoiTisi* María CHssmociGB, m. Sept 19. i855« Whitesboro^ N. 
Y. (seoond wife), Leonard Holhuid (son of Lather and Betsey íSpooner] 
Holland), h. July 26, 1815, Belchertown, Mass.; d. May 29^ i885; a mer- 
chant and banker; líved in Macomb, IIL Children: 

2^1 Edward, b. Apríl 30^ 1857, Lacón, UL ; d. May 3, i8s7* 

2652 Louise Marie, b. June 14, 1859^ Peoría, III ; m. James H. Bacon, 

President of the Bank of Salt Lake, Salt Lake Ctty, Utah. 

2653 Frank Leonard, b. June 25, 1862, Peoría, IIL; lives in San 

Frsncisco, CaL 

2654 William Brídgman, b. Dec. 3, 1864, Peoría, IIL; lives in San 

Francisco, Cal. 

GtmKALOcy or tbi CatsuMUOH Family. 411 

^6$$. Dr. Phtio Lcoo, b. Maj a7f 18^ Macomb^ IlL; gradúate oí the 
Northwestern University. Chicago» IlL; Retident Phjrtidaii oí 
St Lolce*! Hospital, ChicagOb IlL; member oí the Iminaniiel 
Bapcist Church* Chicago» IlL; Master oí Masonic Lodge; d. 
March a^ 1899^ Chicago^ IlL, and waa bnríed wtth íull Masonic 

a6a6 Susan* Claia CaisnaouGB» a. Samuel Guild Fowler (son oí 
Adijah and Ljrdia Essen [Guild] Fowler), fai July 31, iSai ; d. March m 
188Q, North Cóhocton, N. Y.; lived in Utica, N. Y. ChUdrcn: 

a6s6 Noyes Kent, h. March 24» 1849; m. June s i8BSi Mary Esther 

2657 Frankltn Charles, k Feh. 13, 19$%; a. Feh. 2, 1883, Jessie L 

Rice. ChUd: 

a66o Susan Jane^ k Oec 18» x88s- 

a6s8 George Samuel, b. May 31, t953; m. Dcc 20, íBfg, Linda Marse 

3699 Benjamin Augustus, b. Nov. a^ 1868^ Lima, N. Y«; Uves in 


9609 Joaif* Bowia CiiBsinoiiOH (N<qres* Palmer, 967N), m. Ella 
Hofle; lived in New Albany, Ind^ and Bay City, Mkh. Childro: 

a66o Clara Louise, m. Rollin R. Coppock; Uves in P^ria, IlL 

a66i Geofge Kent, m. Edith Boslow; lives in Cindnnati, Ohia 

j66a Leonora, d. 1888; m. George Saunderson. 

aááis Rosamood. m. •«— » LeoDold: lives in Reminston. Ind. 

2664 Marión Hogle (son) ; Uves in Bay City, Mich. 

atiijo HuLBAB* HowB Csisnaouca, m. (i) t8S3» (Seorge Asher Rob- 
mson; m. (a) Samud & Fowler (bis seeond wiie) ; m. (3) Nov. 29, 1893, 
Dr. I* M« Godfrey; Uve in Kentland, Ind. Children oí first roarriage: 

a66s John, m. Jane Shattuck; Uve in St Lonis, Ma 

a666 Clara, m. WiUiam R Carpenter; Uve in St Louis, Mo. 

a66B Frederick Amos, d. umnarried in Kentland, Ind. 

2631 RoBAMom* Jostraim CetaBaaoucH, m. (seeond wife) Alexan- 
der James Kent Children (living in KentUnd, Ind.) : 

aoyv Rosamond, d. young. 

a^ John Alexander. 

a^3 Levanche Eliía, m. James Ledyard Morrison. 

a^4 CarroU Carey. 

4X3 GiifiAUíor or tbs CHiannwüOH FAiciLy. 

56B Davd* CsismooGH (WtII¡ani% lai), m. i8ift Mary Sagaír (dan. 
of Stutt Sagar) oí Bcthlebcm, N. Y. Oúldrai: 

a^5 WUUtiii David, M. D^ b. i8ao; d. tSfi. New York Citf. 

2Ú76 Haimah Elleii, h. Scpt 6, iSa2\ a. Sagar oí Bcthle- 

hem. N. Y. 
1677 Staau Sagar, b. 1824. 
a4F8 Ira Duboit, b. iSaB; d. Jnly ii, 18Q7; m. Dee. 4, 1849^ Elcnor 

Cbríitiiiaii, d. 190a Ouldrcn: 

Wniiam H.» b. Jone 4, 1851 ; d. Jtme 7, 18661 
Eliza Ano, b. Dec, 1853; Uves in FultoaviUe, N. Y.; nu Aug. 
JCH 1876^ JoMph Thomas ShiUcy, d. 189$- ChOd: 

Coy C, b. Feb. 34, 1885* 

Liberty Lowell, b. Feb. 4, i8s5i d. July 5, i866l 
Emilia María, b. Jan. 4, 1858; m. (i) Oct 20. i87S Janes A. 
Pctríe, d. 1896; m. (a) May 9^ 1901, John R. Dtitcher; Uve 
in Gloversvillc^ N. Y. Chíldren of first marriage: 

WiUiam Ira, b. Jaa a, 1879; d. Nov. a6b 1897. 
Rayinond Prínce, k Dee. s 1884. 

David Ira, b. Nov. ift i8s8¡ m. Oet a6^ 1881, Sara A. Jobn- 
100; Uves in lUon, N. Y. Chíldren: 

Roy David, b. Aug. iti^ 188a. 
Glen Ira, b. Scpt % i88a 

Harvqr DongUs, fai Dee. xa; 1860; m. Feb. ax, 1885, Amia 
Athertoo; Uve in Utica, N. Y. Childm: 

Florante Esler, b. June xi, x888L 
WiUiam Albert, b. Apríl xft X89& 
Edna Elenor, b. Dcc 30^ X90X. 

EUa Louise, b. Sept as» 1863; m. Oct 3, x883» Frederic T. 

Ward; Uve in Mohawk, N. Y. 
George B. McClellan, b. Sept 25, X863 (twin of above); m. 

June 3, 1885, Margríte E. Johnson; Uves in Ilion, N. Y. 
Orpha Lida, b. March xo^ x866; m. Sept aa, x886^ Isaac F. 

Patterson; Uve in PattersonviUc; N. Y. Chttdrcn: 

Ruth N., b. June ay* x887* 
Harold, b. Nov. 5, x88a 
Elcnor, b. May a9^ X8991 

Albert HoweU, b. Dcc 6, 1869; d. Feb. a8, 1896; m. Aug., 

X894» Jennte PercelL 
Lena Maud, b. Dee, ÍB72; m. June xs. 1893» Louis Albert 

Diss; Uve in lUon, N. Y. Child: 

Louis Ira, b. Nov. 8^ 189^ 
2679 JnrusiLA* CABPENiia (James*, 571 N), k June 24, 17^ Coventry, 

GciiBAUMnr ar tbs Cubsomugb Family. 413 

Conn.'; m. June 21, 1785, Reubcn Spftlding (son oí Reuben and Mary 
[Piercc] SiMÜding), bi Dcc IS ^7 A Plainfield, Conn. ; one oí their children 

s68o Dr. jAMBft.SPALDfNO,b.Marchao. 1793. Sharon, Vt.; d« Mardi 
>S« 1^53; VL Noy. 2, 1830^ Elixa Reed, b. Oct 13, 1798, Hampftead, N. H. 
Childrta (b. in Montpelier. Vt): 

+j6Bi James Reed, b. Nov. 15, iSax ; d. Oct. la, 1872 ; m. Máry 
£. Atwater. 

2682 Manha Eliza, b. Aug. 29, 1833; ^ Sept 2^ 1823. 
+a683 William Q>wper, b. Sepe. 4, 182$ ; m. three tímes. 

2684 Martba Elisa, b. Oct is. 1837; d. Oct 3Qi 184& 

3685 Elitabeth. k May 5, 1831 ; d. Oet 3St 1832. 

a686. Jane María, b. May 37, 1833; n. June 7, 1869, Dr. Abner 
Warner oí Wethersfíeld, Conn. Child: Georgc. 
+36Q7 Georire Burleigh, b. Aug. 11, 183$; ni. S. L. Olmstead. 
-1-3688 Isabella, b. Nov. 2&, 1837 ; m. Cooke Lounsbury. 

368D Mary, bi Ang. 9» 1841 ; d. Aug. 39i 184X. 

3681 James* Rbd Spalding, m. Jan. 18^ 1865, Caukill, N. Y., Mary 
Dizabcth Atwater, b. June St i837; ^^ was founder of the New York 
Wwrtdm x86a aild: 

3690 Mary Atwater, b. Oct 24. 186& 

36B3 WnuAM* Cowm SFALmifc, M. D., m. (i) Aug. 3, i8S5» Isabella 
McLaughlin, d. Nov., 1855; m. (3) March lo^ 1857, Anna Amelia Potter, 
d. July 4, 1888; m. (3) Mrs. Susan D. McRae; Uve in Watertown, Wis. 
Child of second marriage: 

Mary Irwin, b. Aug. 13, 1875. 

36Q7 GioncB* BunxicB SFAtmifc, D. D., LL.D., m. Aug. 6, f86i, Sarab 
Livingstón Olmstead, b. Oct 38, 1838; Little Falls, N. Y. : Pastor of tbe 
First Presbyterian Church at Syracuse, N. Y. Children : 

3695 Maiy Livingstón, b^ Dee. á, 1862. 

3696 Martha Reed, b. June 17» 1864- 

3697 Katheríne Olmstead, b. Oct 33, 1866; d. Aug. 39i i88t. 

3698 Gertrude Parker, b. Jan. 19^ 1869; nt Dec 31, 1895, Dr. Frank 

Lavimore Henderson of St Louis, Ma 

3699 Geofge Brown, b. Dec. 19, igTa 


3688 IsAKLLA* Sfalding, m. Juuc 8^ 1864, Cooke Lounsbuiy of Hart- 
ford, Conn. Children : 

3700 James Reed. 

3701 Jerniie^ m. Herbert Strong. 

3702 Ralph. 

414 Gensalogy or trb Cbssebbouch Family. 

602 Natbaniil' Hewitt (Nathanter, 151), m. Nov. jo^ 1766» Aima 
Hobast oí Stonington» ConiL Children: 

3703 Eltphalet Hpbait, b. Aug. 7, 1767. 

2704 Sarah, b. Jan. 2» 1769; m. Elam Chesebrongh (406N), 

2705 John, b. June jO, 1770. 

2706 Nathaniel* b. Marcb 12» 1784. 

611 Maky' Pace (Mary* Hewitt, 153)1 ». SepL 8, 1765 (firtt wifc). 
Dcacon Thomas Mtner (ion oí Charles and Mary [Wh«eler] Miner)» b. 
March 11» 1743; a Revoluttonaiy toldier, Aug. 29^ 1778» in Rhpde Úand 
Rcgiment; also Connccticut Regiment. Qiilártn: 

7707 Peres, b. Dec 29^ 17^; went to Vermont; had son, Pérez. 

270B Príicilla, b. April 2¡^ 1769; d. young. 

2709 Rev. Asher, b. Jan. 30^ 1772; m. Lucy Spalding. 

+2710 Adam, b. Jnly 5, 1774 ; d* Feb. 25, 1847 ; m. BetKX Frínlc 

2711 Razwell, b. Aug. 29^ 1776; d. in T^cc, Mati. 

2712 Sally, b. May 6^ 17791 

27x3 Phcsbe, b. Nov. 4, 1781 ; m. { Brown; had dan.» Mary. 

2714 Betscy, b. Aug. 23, 1783. 

2710 Deacon* Ahau MiNia, m. Aug. 30^ 1795, BeUey Frtnk (dau. oí 
Daniel and Elisabeth [Davisl Frínk), b. Sei»t lOb 1778; d. Feb. 20^ i8sa 
Children (b. in Stonington, Conn.) : 

Adam, b. July 20^ 1796; m. Nov. 15, 1832, Manila E. Alden. 

Betsey, b. Aug. 20, 1798 ; d. March 7> 1799* 

Dr. Thomas, b. Feb. 26; 1800; m. July 25, 1825, Laura E. Fair- 

Sarah, b. Oct 17, 1802 ; m. July i, 1844, Elizur Merriam. 
+ Príscilla, b. Oct 16^ X804; d. June 20, 1Q78; m. Luman B. 

Eltsha Frínk, b. May 8» 1807; m. (i) Feb. 12, 1834, Almira 
Parsons; m. (2) Adaline Spellman. 
+ Mary Emeltne, b. July 30^ 1809 ; m. Sei»t 23, 1834, Okott Osbom. 

Dudley Frínk, b. June 14, 181 1 ; d. March 22, 1813. 

Joseph F., b. March 8; 18x3; nL May 8^ x84a Jane M. Spelfanan. 

Benjamín Franklin, b. March 30^ 18x5; uxmíarried. 

Nathaniel Pahner, b. Dec 2, x8x7; m. March 4. 18441 AbigaU T. 

Nancy Mathers, b. Aug. á, x82X ; m. June 8; X843, Dr. Henry K. 

Melíssa Uoyd, b. Jan. 8» X824 ; m. June 8, X843, James W. Spell- 
man (tvother oí Dr. Henry K. Spellman). 

PaiscxLLA* MiNEB (Adam*, 27x0), xil Feb. X7, 1829, Luman B. Parsons. 
Children : 

Harríet Elizabeth, b. Jan. 26, X832; d. May 15, X833. 


Mary Jane, b. Jone sA, 18I33; d. Nov. la, 1862; m. Henry M. 

Pccblct. Chíld : Edwín Henry» h. Nov. 3, 1863. 
Hcniy Samud, k Scpt jo^ i835: nu Nov. i^ i8Sra Mmrictu 

Johnaon. Child: Sarmh M., b. Aug. 19, 1883. 
Sanh Q>rdeUa, h. Apríl 4. 1837; m. Maj sB, 1861, Hcnry B. 

Melian Mtner, b. A|iríl 11, 1840; m. Jan. ao^ 1872. Henry K. 

Eniilx Abnira» b. May fl6^ 1842; m. Jan. 12» iQtó^ Rev. Augustiis 

Alvord; Uve in Barkhampitedt Oxin. Child: Frederick P.» 

b. Jone 21, 1Í78L 
Harriet Elizabedi» b. Oct 2, 1844 

Maby* Emiuns Miim (Adam*. 2710), m. Olcott Osbom. Oiildren: 

Marietta, b. Jan. 4. 1857; m. Nov. 29, 1866^ Goddard R. Ford. 
Eliaabeth María, m. Sept. i, i470i Harvey Williamt Partrídge; 
Uve in Pittsfield, Maat. 

6x4 LsuT. Sbbpabd* WBtua, m. Fdk. 13, 1780^ Lticy Wheeler (X7S5S)« 

271S Sihepard, b. Mareh xx, itSx. 

27x6 Phinehaa» b. A|iril 3, 1784. 

27x7 Cyri», b. Nov. X3, X792. 

9718 Rttfut, b. Oct 2» X79S. 

6x9 NATBAjfUL* Hbwxtt (Jotcph*, X5s)» m. X787, Sarah Avery of 
Crotón, Gmiil ; d. 1833. Children (b. in New Lo n do n , Cbnn.) : 

+27x9 Rev. Nalhaniel, h. Aof. 26; X78B; d. Fch. 3» 1867, Brídge* 
poftf Conn. 
4720 Sarah, b. Aug. x, X790; hl Argalus Harmon of Coventiy, Vt 
272X Nanqr Anna, b. Jnly 2X, X792; m. Calvin Harmon of Cov- 
enlry, Vt. 

2722 Joteph, b» May 5. X7M ' 

+2723 Henry, b. Oct 8; X797 ; m. Alathca F. Brush. 

2724 Mary Pmdence, b. May lá, t8oo; hl x850k Darius Wébb of 

Haxnden, Co nn . 

27x9 Rsv. Natxu^nxil* Hicwxtt, D. D., m. Sept 26^ x8x6^ Rebecca 
Woolicy HilUiouM (dau. of Hon. James and Rebecca [Woolaeyl Hill- 
houte), b. Jone X2, X794; d. Jan. 4, X83X ; he wat a gradúate of Yale CoUege 
x8g8 ; Pastor of Sccond Congrcgational Church of Brídgeport, Conn., t83a 
Children (b. in Fairfield, Conn.) : 

2725 Rebecca Hillhouse, b. June 22, 1817; d. July 30^ 1831. 

2726 James Hillhouse, b. June 14» 1819; d. Scpt 14, 18x91 

2727 Rev. Nathaniel Augustus, b. Nov. 27, x&k>; ¿ July 3, 1897, New 

Yorií Qty; he was a gradúate of Amherst CoUcge xSsÁ and 

4i6 Genbalocy or tbb CiusmocjGB FAuav. 

was Dcacon oí the Protestint Episcopal Chureh ; in 1&46 «ras 
receívcd ínto the Román Catholic Chureh, New York Gty, 
and bccame one oí the Panlist Fathers oí St Paul's Cborcht 
takíng the ñame Attgustine Francís. 

3728 Sarah Elizabeth» h. April S, 1833 ; d. Nov. 6^ 1891. 

2739 James HtUhoose, b. April S^ 1823 (twin oí abovc) ; d. Jan. 

3. 1824. 
+3750 Henry Stewart, h. Dec 35, 1835; d. Aug. ig^ 1973, New York 

2^30 Hbnby* SnwAar Htwnr^ m. Catherine Hurd; he was educated 
at Yale College; served in the Army duríng the Civil War as Sargeon; 
brevetted Cokmel in March, 1865; aíter the War be settled in New York 
Gty and had charge oí the House oí the Good Shepherd. Chíldren : 

3731 Nathaniel» b. Nov. 33» 1848; d. Oct. 13, 189a 

3733 Samuel Ferrís Hurd, b. July 9^ 1853 ; m. Cora A. Hawes. Child : 

Samuel F. R, Jr. 
-f-3733 James Hillhouse» b. Nov. 18^ 1854; m. June 30^ i^, Eleanor 

3734 Augustine Francia, b. Dec 6, 1856; d. June 3, 1883. 

3735 Paul Joseph, b. Dec. 9^ 1858; d. Jan. 7, 18591 

3736 Agnes Joscphine, b. March 17, 1860; m. Nov. 13, 1885» Valery 

Havard» M. D., U. S A. Children: Eugenie; Marie. 

3737 HenrietU Mary, b. July 30, 1853. 

3738 Katheríne Sophia, b. Jan. 3, 1866 ; d. Aug. 30, 1867. 

■ 3739 Rebfcca Woolsey, b. March ¿i, 1867. 

3740 Sarah Elizabeth, b. Jan. 19^ 1869; m. Aug. 36, 1893, James Henly 

Fríer, U. S. A. Children : Sarah ; James H. 

3741 Henry Stuart, b. Aug. 14, 1870; d. March 15, 1872. 

3733 Jamis* H. Hewitt, m. Eleanor Tomlinson. Children: 

3743 Catherine Hurd; 3744, James Hillhouse; 3745, Eleanor Tom- 
linson ; 3746, Agnes Woolsey ; 3747, Naulie ; 3748; Dorothy. 

3733 Hbnby' Hbwitt (Nathaniel*), m. 1835, Alathea F. Bnish oí 
Vergennes, Vt Children: 

3753 Henry, b. 1839; d. 186& 

3754 George, b. 1830; d. young. 

3755 Charles N., b. 1835; m. 1869; lives in Red Wing, Minn. 
+21756 Sarah Alathea, b. July i, 1837 ; m. Feb. 34, 1857, Charles Ogden 


3757 Alexander, b. 1843; d. young. 

^56 Saxab* Alathea Hewitt, m. Charles Ogden Tappan, b. April 
17, 1831 ; d. Aug. 3Q, 189S Children : 

3758 Ogden Hewitt, b. June 13, x86a 

GnnuiooY or rtu CHiwwwioa Family, 417 

2739 Mary Altthca, k Fck i» 1864. 

^60 Rnüi Dcaaor, h. Oct. 15» 1868L 

2761 Sftrah Liicrcttftt t. Fck 8^ i9ni ¿ Fck i, ifl^S 

27^ OiaríM Edward, k Jone 1, 1Í7& 

(Hcwitt Rceofdfl hom Mn. Sanh* Tasipan of Poudun, N. Y^ tnd 
Hcomtu* U. Hcwitt of Brídgcport, Coan.) 

6so Tbomai* LnM (Príscflla* ChcMteougfa, 164), m. Fdk. 11» 1773» 
Maiy Haky (dan. oí Jolm and Deborab [Fanoiag] Halcgr). d. Scpt g^ ifl^^ 
CL 81 jcan» Childm: 

+37^ Jothiia» m. Pcaca Ptftridge (dan. of Asa Paitridgt). 

+2764 Chrístoplicr, m. twke 

+2765 John, m. Harrict Qmébtoa^ (473BS). 

'i'2766 David, b. 1790; d. 1827; m. 1817, Dcmarina Chapman. 
27^7 Jedediah, b. 1790 (twin of abovc) ; n. (i) Manr Roasittr Stan» 
ton (2QS5N); m. (2) Abbic Eldrcdge Baboock. He ettab- 
Hthed the celcbratied Leeds Fomdnr in New Oiieans» La.; 
after his death liii aons. Charles J. and Thonas, snceeeded him 
as iMutners; Charles J. Leeds was Mayor of New Orleans,and 
d. Jnlj 9, iBsB, in his 7Sth year; Thoinas Leeds d. while serv- 
tng as Giptain of the New Orleans Light Hotm Cavalry in 
the Confedérate Amy during the GvU War. 
27^ Sally, m. Samuel Slack. 
2769 Thoinas. 

+2770 Hannah, n. Amos GrinnelL 

2771 WUliam» d* unmarried. 

2^ JosBUA* Lusa, m. Peace Partrídge. Children : 

2772 Julia. 

2773 Joshua. 

2774 EmeUne^ d. Nov. i, 1897, m. 91 yearsi MysdCp Cooa; m. Thomaa 

+2775 Asenath María, m. Lyman Dodlqr* 
2976 Mary. 
4^77 Xhonas» 
4I778 Al o mo i 
9779 John. 
2780 Peace P., h. 1817, Mystic, Cbnn.; d. A|nil 23, 1896^ Mystic, 

Conn.; m. -— Grant 

2775 AsmAn* Mabia Lnaa, m. Lyman Dndl^. Children: 

+^i Uriah Hayden, m. Prudence Fiah, 2915N (Asa*, 290iN). 

¿82 Mary, d. ^. 

^8l3 Harríet, m. Jan. i, i872i Leonard W. Morse of Mystic, Cbnn. 

^84 Prancis, d. onmarried. 

4i8 GniBALocy or rtu Csismouca FAMav. 

3785 Williain» d ^. 

^86 Charles Grinnell, d. ; m. Oct 7» 1863, Helcn Fish Sawyer. 

37$7 Endine Edwmrds» m. Capt WUliam Lewú Brcaker. 

3788 Lnnnda Leedt. 


3764 CHftUTOPHn* LnM, 111.(1) Mary Hchnt, d. May dO, 1817» «^ 
33 yaan; m. (a) Mareb 7» 1819^ Mercj Hobart, d. June á, i857i ^ 75 ycars; 
he waa a ibiphuflder in Myttic» Gmn. Children oí first marríage: 

3790 Manr, b. Feb. 22, 1804; m. Mareh. 1828^ Elias Hewstt Wheelcr. 

Manr* A. W. Perry, daii. oí Maiy Lceds (3790), Uves tn 

Willimamic, Conn. 
+3791 Sarah, d. Mareb 6, x834> New Orleans« La. ; m. James Greenleaf. 
2793 Frank Helms. 
3793 Chríslopher Nelsoo, d. July 14, i8s9b «^ 44 years ; ttiunairied. 

3765 JoBN* Lusa, m. Harríet* Chesdirougfa (dao. ol Amos, 983S), h. 
May 37» 1778; d. Feb. 16^ 1809; bnríed in Road Cemetery. Children (b. iu 
Stooington. Coon.): 

3794 Harriet, m. Jan. 36^ 1839 (seoond wife), Dr. Masón Maming 

(son of Dr. Lnther Manning). 

3795 John, m. Lnrínda Davis. 
^96 Chríslopher. 

3766 Dav»* Lms, m. Damaríns Chapnian, d. 18^3, Stomnfton, Coon. ; 
he was a shipbitilder in Mystic, Conn. Children: 

44797 Ann Eliaa, b. Feb. x, x8i8; m. Edwin R. (Sallup of Ledyard, 

379B Francés, b. May 17, 1819; d. Dec. 31, 18B9; m. Ira H. Qih. 
3799 Charles Henry, b. Apríl 16^ 1833; d. 1840; munarried. 
+3800 William Enoch, b. March 33» 1834; d. 1864; m. Ruth S. Gon, 
Child: Fannie, m. Randall Brown of Mystic, Coon. 

3797 Ann* Elba Lusa, m. May á, 1841, Edwin R. (¡allup (son of 
Rnssell and Hannah [Morgan] Gallitp), b. 1819^ Children: 

3B01 David, b. Dec 17, 1843; m. Nov. 30^ 18^ Fannie N<qres. 
380B Anna Morgan, b. Jone 30^ 1845. 

3791 Sasau' LiiM (Christopher and Maiy [Helms], 3764N), m. 
James Greenleaf (son of Robert and Hannah [Amold] Greenleaf), b. 
Scpt 9i 1797: d. Ang. 9^ 1840^ New Orleans, La. Child : 

Leeds, b. March 6^ 1834; d. June 13, 1894; ni. Dec. 31. 1863, 
Joscphine Sldnner. Child: 

Gbnbmjogy or tub Cbxsbbhough Family. 419 

aSoj Olivia^ k Nov. 8; 1868^ New OrlctnSp La.; m. Jia 1^ 
1889^ Jotcph Edgar Hiuuiíctttt of Atlanta, Ga. 
Childrcn : 

Asme Graenlca^ b. June 14, 189a 

Lceds Greenleal, b. Feb. ^» 1893; d. Mardi 17. 1892. 

Joseph Edgar, b. Oct 15, x^ 

Uve in Atlanta, Ga. 

J770 Hammab* Luna, m. Anioa Grinnell (whote firtt wtíe was Mercy 
DeniiOQ, d. Nov. 5, 1807» » ber a8th year). Chtldren: 

Amos; Caroltnt; Charles; Edward; Edwin; Jane; Juliav m. 
Elam Wheeler Hobart (luBS). 

^x Maey* Lbos (Priadlla* Cheadirotigh. 164N), m. (1) 
I774t Francoít Michel, Jr., a sea captatn ; Anglsctsed bis ñame to 
she m. (3) Capt Charles Peck ol Lyme, Conn. Children of first marríage 
(b. ni Groton, Conn.) : 

+a804 Capt David» d. Nov. 35, 1835 : m- ^ocsr Avery. 
+^805 Jamesi b. Feb. 5, 1776; d. May la i93i I m- Hannah Latham. 
+a8o6 Priscilla, d Dcc 2a, 1866; m. Amos Denison Smith. 
+j8q7 Maiy, m. Youngs Morgan (aojoS). 

a8oB Nancy, d. 18B7, ^ zoo years; m. Albert Latham. Child: Hon. 
Francia W. of Brownsville, Tex. 

1609 Joseph (twin of above), killed Jnne xs, X794i » Tth year. 

aBxo Fierre, d. at sea 1800^ «. 15 years. 

aBix Janette, b. 1793; d. 1888; m. Alíred Whtte. 

aSiia Francois (twtn of above). 

3604 Catt. Davxo* MncHBL» m. Oct lOb 1803, Locy Avery (dau. oí 
Ebeneier and Hannah [Morgan] Avery), b. July ix, 1784; d. Nov, 4. 1853, 
in Texas. Chtldren: 

aBxa David, b. July 6. X803; d. Feb. 4, x8o6. 

38x3 Fnmds F., b. Dec. 3, x8o6; d. X867, in Louisiana; m. Ada- 

line , 

38x4 Ebeneier A., b. Sei»t 4, x8g8; d. X843 in Georgia. 
38x5 Thpnas L., b. Oct 3> 18x1 ; m. and Uved in Apalachicola, Fia.; 

was the father of Thomas B. Mitchell of Dallas, Tex. 
+38x6 Collqr Chew, b. May X4, 18x3 : d June 37, X84X, in Turkey. 
38x7 Hannah Morgan, b. Dec x8; X8X4; m. Charles W. EIdrídge of 

Hartford, Comu 
38x8 Mary M., b. Aug. lá, x8i6; m. July 9^ 1843, John Henry Brown 

of Dañas, Tex. 
38x9 Lucy Am, b. x8x8; d. Nov. xob x8x9l 
36ao Peter, b. Aug, ^, x8x9; d. Oct 3, xSax. 

4ao Gknkalogy or tbs CBisinoucB Faumly. 

aSai I.ucy Ano, b. Aug., 1825; m. M. A. M^yers of New York. 

Colby Chew Mitcbel (aBió) and hit wiíe were Mistionaríct at Manden. 

ifipS Oírt, Jamis* Mjtchbll^ m. Jane 12» 1800^ Hannah LaUíam (dau. 
oí Capt WUltam Latham). b. Fet. 2^ 1780; d. Jan. sB, 1854; he wat 
United States Marthal of Conneeticttt under President Jackton. Children : 

jfiaS Hannah A^ b. Jan. 9» i&»; d. Dec 22, 1804. 

a8a6 Jameii b. Jan. 15, 1804; d. 1893; nt Fanny Avery (dan. of 

Thomas Avery). 
afiay Ca|»t Joacph R, b. May oB, i9os; d at sea Jone 24» 1846; m. 

Caroline Latham (dan. of Luke Latham). 
2BaB Francss WUltam, b. Jfune 15, i8xx ; d. x8g3 ; m. Ablqr Ann Halcy. 
2829 Hannah Augusta» b. Sept M 16x2; iil Charles Peck of Lyme, 

26130 CoL Hewy A.» d. Oct xx, x86s» Groton» Q>nn., from wounds 

reeeived in the Gvü War; m. Dec ig^ X849, Sarah A. Haiml- 

toa Child: 

2931 WiUiam H.» b. Afiríl xti^ 1855 ; Uves m Michígaa 

2806 Pbxscxlla* MxicHiLL (Mary* Leeds, 65XN), m. Apríl 8, xtA 
Capt Amos Deníson Smith (son of GUbert Smith), a sea cai»tain; b. Nov. 
>4t 1778» Groion» Cbnn.; d. Fcb. 26; X826. 

+9833 Eunice^ b. Feb. X2p 1799; d. Oct xy, xg72; m. Hoa Albert Gallup. 
28133 Francia, b. Aug. xg^ x8oo; xa Caroline Celia Smitb of Stoning- 

^m, ^^oni^ 
2834 Amos D., b. April 30^ x8qs; m. Sarah A. Franklin of Proví- 

dencc^ R. L 
28135 1^1^ ^ b. Feb. X4. x8g8; d. July 2» 1B70; unmarried. 
26136 Gov. James Y., b. Se|it 1$, 1809; m. Emily Brown of Provi- 

dencc^ R. L; he Govemor of Rhode Island. 
2837 Priscilla» b. May x, x8~; m. Samuel Foster of Dudley, Mass. 

2832 EuNXCB* (Mxtcbhx) Smxtb, m. April 26^ x8i8; Hon. Albert 
Gallup of Albany, N. Y.; b. JaiL ao, X796; d. Nov. St 1851. Children: 

2839 Caroline, b. Aug. 5, x82X ; m. May X4, x8sx» R«v. Sylvanus Reed; 

fór many years sbe kept a sdiool for young ladies in New 
York Gty. 

2840 Albert S.,- b. Sept 20^ X823. 

284X Prisdlla, b. June 2X, X828 ; m. George H. Whitney. 

2842 Lucy, b. May xx, X832; m. Henry D. Paine. 

2843 Edwin C^ b. March 2X, 1835 ; m. Anna B. Calket 

2844 Eunice S., b. April X4. X840. 

2845 Francia W., b. July 15» X84X ; d. Sept xy, X842. 

GsiUALooy or ths Cbisbbmhicb Family. 421 

a8o7 Maby* Mitchux, m. Youngs Morgan, 20308 (ton of Mary 
Avery [59^1 Morgan), h. 178a. .Chtld: 

1R46 Fanny, k i8qs : n- Amata Spraguc of Rhode Island, b. in Cran- 
ston, R. L; niurdercd about 1844 by a dischargcd lervant, 
who wat hanged lor the críme, protcsting bis innoccncc; a 
lew yeart later anotíier man who had bcen employcd on tbc 
larm retumed to Irdand and eonfeucd he was the murdcrer. 

2847 Hemy. 

2848 Famqr. 

a849 Jolia. 

9850 Mary Ann, k 1825; m. (a) Francis Latham oí Grocoo, 


2051 Almira, b. 1828; unmarríed. 

2852 Gov. William, b. Sept 11, 1850; m. 1864, Kate CSiase 

(daiL of Chicf Juitice Salmón P. Chase), d. July, 1899. 

2853 Amata, b. 1832 ; m. Maiy Warburtoo. 

WUliam (2852) and Amata (2853) Spragtie were cducatcd at Irving 
Inttítme, Tarrytown, N. Y. Witliam wat War Govemor oí Rhode Itland, 
and In 1861 he took the íield in peraon at the head of the Suu Voluntecrt. 
He wat United Statet Senator and the youngett member of that body. 
Amata at 17 wat manager oí^he Sprague Manufacturing Workt; he wat 
Colonel on hit brother't ttaff in the Qvil War; they bnilt the Narragantctt 
racetrack; he d* Ang^ 1902, at hit retidence, Gmetut Heightt, Rhode 
Itland. The ancettort of the Spraguet were the earliett cotton manu- 
ftcturert in Rhode Itland. WiÚiam Sprague, 2d, wat the firtt calicó 
primer in America. In iBj^ thetr millt at Pawtucket proditced more thau 
all the other factoríet in New England combined. 

6S3 Hannab* LiiM (PritciUa* Chetebrough, 164N), d. Apríl 5, 1849^ 
Myttic, Qmn.; m. 1773-4, Amot Shaw, b. 1742^ South Otrolina; a toldier 
of the Revolurioii, Nathan Hale't Ccmipany; d May, 1814; hit parentt 
emigrated írom Stonington, Conn., to South Carolina, and retumed to 
Long Itland, N. Y. Chüdren : 

4-6522 Jabei, b. 1775; d Sept 20» 1812; m. Hannah Bailey. 

-¡-652b Jerenúah, b. May 25, 1777; d. Oct. 26^ 18131 ; m. Bethia Davitoa 

652c Thomat. 

652d Amot, b. 178X ; d. 1813 in United Sutet tervice ; m. .Lydia Bailey. 
Child: Lucy, b. 1869. 

• • • • 

652a Jau2* Sbaw, m. Hannah Bailey. Children: 

Jabez; Hannah; Frank; Nathan H.; Mary; Hiram, b. after hit 
father't death; m. Detire Bírch of Stonington, Conn. Chil- 
dren: Hiram; Malvina; Jane; Thomat; Hattie; Annie. 

4aa GtifBALOGY or tbb CBSsmoirai Family. 

^b JusMXAH* Sbaw^ m. Bctbia Diviion (dao. oí Chrístophcr and 
Jad [Laseel] Davison), b. Apríl i^ 1779; d. Oct. 13, x93i; be and bis 
brothcr Jabea were lea captatnt and in tbe War oí x8ix Children: 

Jeraniab, b. Jnly 15, x&»; d. Ang. 14, i47i ; ni. Dec afi^ 184S 

Mfi. Marjr Ann Brockway. 
Giirdon» b. 1804; d. Dec jo^ 18x1. 
-Hésaf Nanqr, b. May x6^ 1807; d Apríl aa, 1888, New London, Comu 

aged 8x yeart. 
Alien, b. Oct 17. 1809; d. Nov. g^ 181961 
Gordon, b. Maj xgi x8i3; d. Ang., 1833. 
Anoe, b. Dec. 37, 18x6; d. May 37, 1845. 

6sxt NAJiar* Shaw, m. (i) Nov. 6, i83X, Jeremiab Lewís (son oí 
Ichabod and Cyntbia [Baikj] Lewis), b. Feb. 39b 1801, Noitb Stontngton, 
Omui.; Itved in New London» 0»in.; be was k»c on tbe CroceCt wbaling 
groundt Indian Oeean, Feb. 18^ 1849; sbe m. (3) John K. Pimer, b. in 
England, d. Jan. lOb 1884. Chlld of ñnt niarriage: 

Eliaa Mary Lewis, b. Jnly 39^ x833i New London, Omui.; m. 
QcL 33, i849b Charles Adonijah Bnsh (son oLHemy and I 

Olive [Annable] Bush), b. Jan. 2% 1837, Canaan, N. Y.; d. ^ 

Jone jOb X903» Cantón, Ohia Children (b. in New London, 

+ Rev. Alien Shaw, b. Jnly 8^ 1852^ 

4- Annie Lewis, b. Jone acv i8S4; d Scpt x, 1883; <n- Warren 

Peter Woodbnry, b. Sept 18^ 1856; m. Nov. 36; 1894, Mary 

EUaabeth Underwood. 
Dr. George llarland, b. Apríl lá, i8s9; d. liiarch 37, 1893, 

Washington, D. C; m. Nov. X9^ x886, New Haven, Conit, 

Nellie Tyler. 
Charles Haskell, b. Jnly 2$. 1873; m. Jrnie X3, 1902, Jesste 

IVmona ^V eed. 

Rbt. Amut'* Shaw BuaH, a gradúate of Yale Cóllcge x87^ Vale 
School xfl|79; Pastor of Congregational Chureh in Kansas 189B; 
now Superíntendent for Colorado Congregational Sanday Sehool and 
Pnblicatíon Socicty oí Boston; lives in Denver, CoL; m. Nov. xi, x88q^ 
Ella Snmce Benton (dau. of David R. and Ennice T. [Hillsl Benton), b. 
May 7i >853, New Haven, Conn. Child : 

Alden Marland, b. Nov. 30^ x8ai3. 

ANNXt" Lswxa BusH m. May d» x88o^ Warren Koons oí Cantón, Ohio. 

Lottic May, b. May 39^ i8Bx ; Marland Warren, b. Aug. 3X, x883> 
654 Hannab* PALuxa (Thomas*, Jr., x66), d. June 30^ 1843, m, 7$ 

GncsAUxnr or tbb Cbisoiough Fauoy. 4*9 

ytñn; m. Samuel Sunton, 973S (Phincat, 253S), d. Feb. 4» 183& Qiildrai 
(b. in Stooington, Qmui.) : 


3854 Samuel, b. 1789; d. Féb. 27. 1861 ; immarríed. 

aSss Mary Rotsiter, b. 1791 ; m. Jedediah Leeds (¿T^N). 

J856 Phineas, b. Dcc 17. 1795; m. Fanny Babcock (Dudlcy). 

2857 Charles Thompson, b. Dee. 8, 1797 ; m. Oct 4, 1837, Ama Pahner 

a8s8 Joseph Warrcn, h. Oct 18, x8oo; m. Nov. 1, 1821, Grace N. 

Palmer (áP4oS). 
s$S9 Thomas Palmer, b. Apríl 30^ 18013; <L June 1» 1878; m. Manha 

' 2860 Horatio Nelson, b. x8qs ; d. Sept. 1839^ New Orleans ; mmiarríed. 
2861 Alexander Hamiltoii, b. 1808; d. Nov. 8^ 1842. New Orleans; 

2B62 Benjamín Franklin, m. Sarah Wheeler. 

65S Thomas* Whiti Palma (Thomas*, 166), d. May 4, 1854; m. 
Nov« 1$, 1795, Loqr Prentice Wheeler (dau. oí Thomas and Locy [Pren- 
tice] Wheeler), b. May 7, 1774; d> Jan. 7, 1837. Children: 

2863 Lucy, b. Nov. 9^ 1796; d. Dcc 3, i8ao; m. John J. Sunton. 
2664 Thomas W., b. S^ 21, 1798; d. Oct 10^ 1801. 
+386S Mary Rossiter, b. Aug. 10^ 1800; d. Apríl 7t 1831; m* Deacon 

Noyes Pahner (984N). 
+2866 Alden, b. Jaly 17, 1802; m. Nancy D. Pahner (2974S). 
2867 *I>r. Eugene, b. March 26^ 1806; m. Jane . 

"* 2868 Hannah, b. Feb. 4, 1807; d young. 

2869 Lydia E^ltne, b. Feb. 19^ 1813 ; m. Joseph Warren Stanton (bis 

second wife). 
26170 Thomas W., b. JoJy 20^ x8i& 
2^1 Hannah Elizabeüi, b. June, 1821 ; d. Jan. 27, 1824. 

2866 AuBN* Palma, d. March 22, 1E76; m. Oct 10^ 1831, Nancy 
Davts Palmer (2974S), b. Feb. 22, 1810; d May 12, 18861 Children (b. in 
Stcuiinston. Conn.) : 

2Q72 Harriet Jane, b. Jtily 26; 1832; d June 4, 1884, Stonington, Cona 
+28^ Mary Rossiter, b. March 16^ 1834; nt Henry Martyn Palmer 
2Q74 Thomas, b. Aug. 13, x83S; m. June 15, 1874» Minnte Pond of 
Independcnce, lowa. 
-I-2Q75 Alden, Jr., b. Sept 4» 1837; d. May 2, i859, Stoningion» Conn. 

2876 Lncy Woodbridge, b. De& 26; 1839. 
+2l^ Eugene, b. Nov. 29^ 1841 ; m. Mary A. Chesebroufl^ C3Q47N). 

• jSS7 ** Ntw York Clly. D«. 4. ittj. by His Honor, Mayor Edtoa, si Dolaoirico*s, 
Albtrt Ltootaf of Loaisiana to Htnnlnt Kubiao, ds«. of Dr. Rndolpb Rnblao aad f rsad* 
dso. of Or. Bogoao Palmtr.** 

4H GxvcALOGY or tmb CHBsnuHHiCH Famsly. 

2878 Lyiüa Emelsne. h. May 3, 1846 ; m. Noyet Stanton Palmer 

afl^ Eliza Baboock, b. June it, 1849; m. P. W. Palmer (J99SN). 

aB|73 Maiv' Roasim Pauíii, m. Nov. 3, 18(3, Heiuy Blartyn Filmer; 
Uve m Stonlngtofiy Comí. Cháldren : 

a68o Mary Roasiter» b. Jmie 5, 1866; d. Apríl 3, 1874. 
aB8i Noyes, k June 2. 18691 

aQ75 Auiar* Pauío, Ja., m. Feb. ao^ 18^ Euntce* A. Noyes (dan. oí 
Ptal W. and Ennice [Avtfy] Noyes oí Stonington» Conn.). Children: 

a8Ba Fanny Stanton, h. Dec. 26, i8Ss- 

a88¡3 Alden Rossiter, h. June 17» 1867 ; d. Apríl 19^ x886i 

3884 Paul Noyes, b. Oct 8^ 1869. 

6s6 BüTABUM* Gallot (Brídget* Palmer, x68), m. Oct 14. 1793. 
Fish (dau. of Natfaan and Catheríne Fisb), b. Sept ai, 1770- 
Oiildren (b. m Gioton, Conn.) : 

•ffl88s Janct» b. Nov. as, I793; d. Aug. 7» 1869, llystic, Conn.; m. 

a886 Austtn, b. Feb. 34, 1796; d. young. 

a887 Roswell, b. Maicb 11, 179B; d. Jnly 34, 18x7. 

a888 Maiy, b. Marcb 4» 1800; d March 13, i975; m- Nathan Smhb 

(bis íonrtb wife). 
J889 Palmer, b. June 14. iSoa; d. Dec 31, t886; m. Desire BalL 
aBgo Benadnm, b. June 3, 1804; d. June sñ. 18^1 ; m. Marcb 15, i8a8, 

Moselle I. Moore. 
aBpi Cyntbia, b. Aug. 14, 1806; m.' Richard Wbeeler (a958N). 
+aÍ9M John, b. Marcb t, 1809; m. Roxanna Fish (31S3N). 
•1-9993 SopÚa, b. June i^ i8ia; d. June 4. 1835; m. William Edward 

aB94 Roswdl, b. July 94, 18x7. 

aSSs Jambs* Gallup, m. (i) June 5, 1820, Abigail Spicer of Ledyard, 
Coon.; m. (a) Sarah P. Chcsebrough (1971N) ; he was Sénior Deacon of 
Union B^tíst Church, Mystic, Conn.; dected Probate Judge of Groton, 
ComL, in 1840. Childfen of íirst marríage: 

a895 CaroUne W., b. June 19^ x8ax ; d. Jan. x, X892. 

9896 Prudence D., b. June 3, 1834; d. June 14, 1900^ Mystic, Conn.; 

m. Isaac D. Gates. 
a897 Mary E., b. Apríl 3, xSap; d. March á, X8I33. 

3898 Harríet W., b. Aug. xo^ 1835 ; m. Oct. 3. 1858^ Gcorge W. Stetson 

of Norwich, Conn. 

3899 James, b. Aug. 8; 18381 

GtMiALOGY or TSB CHisoMOca Fauily. 4n 

aB93 SoTBiA* GAiLur. m. Aug. lOb 1834, WilHam Edward Smíth (son 
of Edward and Phoebe l^L [Wickham] Smíth). Child: 

agoo Sophia Gailupb k Jiine 3, i835> Crotón, Conn. ; bcr half-brothcr» 
Hcmy Alien Smitht conipilcd the Ntkemiah Smiik Gfnéahgf, 

6sj BftiBGBT* GALLur (Brídtet* Palmer, 16B), m. June i7i 1789^ Dcacon 
Sands Fiab (aon of Nathan and Catberine Fith), b. OcL i¿ 17^ Crotón, 
Conn.; d. Aug. 20, 1838. Cbildren (b. in Mystic, Conn.) : 

+jgoi Asa, b. Jnljr 17, 1790; d. April xk s86i; m. Pnidenee Brown 

agoa Hannah, b. March 10^ 1793; m. Frcd Dentson (son of Daniel). 
2Q03 ^Lavinia, b. Oct. i, 1794! m. Feb. 18^ 1817» Isaac Denison, Jr. 
3904 Simeón, b. Jan. 18^ 1797; d. Apríl 25, 1863; n. Eliza RandalL 
2905 Sands, b. Feb. J7, 17991 
ago6 Charles, b. Feb. 3. 1801 ; m. Esther B. Williams. 
J907 CapL Nathan (L, b. Scpt 17, 1804; »• Jan* 9$ 1833, Emeline F. 

M i n er. 

9908 Alden, b. Aug. 7« 180B; d. Oct 5, 18A Mystic, Conn. ; m. Sally 

Am Bsebs. 

9909 Brídgct, b. Aug. ai, tSii; d. Scpt 17. 1845: m. June 18^ 1833, 

Capt WilUam Qift (son of Nathantel and Enniee [Dentson) 

J901 HoN. Asa* Fuh, m. Scpt n t8i8^ Stonington, Coaa, Prudenee 
Brown Dean, b. June a3» 1799» ^ Dee. 24» s8^5» Mystic, Conn.; he was 
Senator and Judge of Probate, Stonington, Coiñk Chtldren (b. in Mystic, 

+9910 James Dean, h. Aog. 7$ 1819; m. three times.; 
9911 Sands Helme, b. Sept 19^ t8ai.; d. Nov. 5, 18991 Brooklyn, N. Y.; 
m. Emeline Bcebe. 
+99» Hannah Fish, b. June t, 18I93; d. July 95, 18991 Mystic, C6na; 
m. March ts» 1843» Elias Perkins Randall (596E). 
9913 Silas, b. Oct 2^ 1895; m. Apríl 10^ x8si» Mary D. Stoddard. 
99x4 Asa, b. Aprfl 11, tSsB; d. April 11, i^; m. Eleanor Fellows 
+^15 Prudenee, b. Aug. i, 1830 ; m. Uriah Hayden Dudky. 

9916 Benjamin, b. Sept 9, 1834; unmarried. 

9917 John Dean, b. Feb., 1837; d. Aug. 99^ t83& 

9918 Fanny, b. Scpt $# t839: m- Juu i, x86t, Caleb Smith WoodhulL 

9910 Jamis* Dian Fish, b. Aug. 7, 1819; m. (i) June 4» 1843, Mary E. 
Blodget; m. (9) March 18; i4;9, Bdle Rogers; m. (3) May 90^ 1884, 
Sallie Reber; Uves in Brooklyn, }t. Y. Chúáren of first marriage: 

••909 DM to ProvMmct. R. !•• Aif. 16^ i9m. R«v. Frad«ric Dtnisoa, b. 8«pt jS. iSi^^ 
Myttk, Cooa. (soaof Imm aad Lavlola* [Fish] DmitM). Ht Mnrtd ■• Cbaplaia ámUm 
tím Civil Wsr, sad wu aothor of oíaajr v«laabl« «orks. 

4^6 Genbalogy or thb Cbbseiioucr Family. 

•f Asa, h. Aug, ifl; 1844; m. Annic Brown <3g8iN). 

+ John Dean, h. Jane ig^ 1846; m. Oct ix, tS^t, Julia B. Forcé. 

Haniiah, h. Jan. 29, 1849; m. Jone 22, 1876, Dr. Hennan & Street 

Oiarles, h. Dee. n 1850; d. Oct. 17, 188$. 

Annie, t. Sept g, 1854. 

Irving, b. Jan. 4. t86i ; n. Sept xa, X894, Ida Kauffch. 

Dean, k Apríl 30, 1864; d. June 3, x894' 

Oiild oí second marriage: 

Rev. Paul Rogen, b. Nov. jg^ x8;a; m. June 14. 1899^ Addie R. 
Frederíckt ; Uves at Springfield, Vt. 


Qiild oí third marriage: 

Alke Reber, b. Fcb. a^ i88s 

JoBN* DtAN FtSH, a banker, New York City; m. Oct xx, 1871, JoHa 
B. Forcé; Uves at Hempstead, N. Y. Oiildren: 

Edith Blodget, b. Sept as, 1872. 

E. Mildred, b. Oct IX, x874> 

Arthur La Forcé, b. Oct as, i^; d. Sept a, x888. 

Agnes Louise, b. Oct a, 187^ 

Robert Tisdale, b. April 29, 1882. 

Henry Denison, b. Aug. á, X884. 

HUda M., b. Dee. xs x88& 

Helen Dean, b. Feb. 7* 18891 

291$ FktmircE' Fxsb, ixl April lOb i8sSf Uriah Hayden Dndley 

(ion oí a77sN). Children : 


agsx Frands. 

-l-agaa WUUam Be^e, b. Jtsly x, x8s7; m- Mary Lotúsa Otts. 

agaj Fanny Fish. 

a924 Harriet Dudley. 

a93S Mary. 

agaa Wxlliam* Bm Dmun, nt Mary L. Otis; Uve in Brooklyn, 
N. Y. Children: 

agaó Fanny, b. Oct xSi x88& 

3927 Rtith, b. Sept 23, X882. 

apaS Margaret, b. Nov. ag^ X884. 

agag Helen, b. Oct 3$ 18861 

agjo Hayden, b. April 26, 1888. 

apox Katherine, U Jone 30, x89a 

apsa Lyman Otts, b. March xx, X897. 

Eliza* F. DtNXSON (dau. oí Lavinia Denison, 3903N), b. Aug. xa, X833: 
B. May 6, 1856, Dudley W. Stewart Children: 

+3933 Charles £., b. Dee. ao^ X859; m. Adah A. Evans (S652S). 

UBMBAUxnr or twm CHBsmooQH Family. 437 

3934 Hciify T.. b. Scpt 16^ i853; d. Dcc 10^ 1864- 
agus Francés D.» k Oct 18, 1866; la June g^ 189a» Gcorge O. Miner. 
Child: Owen &, h. Sept 14» 1894. 

3033 Chaius* £. SnwAiT, m. Dcc 15, i895» Adah A. Evans (56528). 

agt36 Evans, b. Sept 23, 18861 
ag37 Dudl^. k Nov. 11» i89X. 

660 John* Gallcf (Bridgct* Palmer» 168), m. Lucy Clark oí Wind- 
ban, ContL Children: 

3940 Eliza, k July 10^ 1804; n. March 31» 1826^ Obadiah Walda 

3941 Eniljrp k Jaa 26, 1806; n. Sc|it 3, i8^, Benjamín P. Baldwm. 
3943 Edward C* b. Aug. 14. 180& 

3943 Lucy, b. Aug. 3, x8io; m. Nov. 17, 1833, James L Sikes. 

3944 Dr. John Chester, b. Fdk. 35, 1813 ; m. MartUa Honghton. 

3945 Charles A., b. Feb. 37, 1814. 

3946 Nalhan L, b. Maich 39^ 1816; m. Lucy Braddock. 

3947 Esther, b. AjmíI 11, 18x8; m. May 19^ 1843, William C Polter. 

3948 James» k May 35, x8ao; m. Hannah Capron oí Palmyra, N. Y. 

3949 Thomas P.,b. July 5»i8l93:m. AbbieTryon. 

3950 Harriei, b. July 14. t88S; d. Jan. 31, t84X. 

66x Lucv* Galluf (Brídget* Pahner, 168), m. Dec i, 1803. Crotón, 
Com., Stcphcn Halqr (son oí Calcb and Mary [Hclm] Haley), b. July s» 
1773, Grotoo, Conn.; d. Oct 18; 1854, Crotón, Cooa One oí thetr children, 
Dudl^' Haley (b. Jone 4t t8x6; d. Oct 3i 1890^ Brooklyn, N. Y.), m. Dec 
Mi 1843, Rebeeca Freeman Voorhies, whose son, Albert* Halcy (b. Nov. 15, 
1843; d. Fck 4» 190X» Brooklyn, N. Y.), m. Apríl 33, 1866; Catherinc Hal^ 
oí Mystic^ Conn. (b. Oct 3, 1849). Child: Lucy, b. March 31, t877, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

ff4 Maiy* Tbommon (Desire* Palmer, 169), m. Nov. 13, XTQft Silas 
Whceler, both oí Stonington, Conn. Children: 

3958 Richard, b. Jone I3^ x8oo; m. Cynthia (jallup (3B91N). 

3959 Hiram, b. Feb. 9, i8qs; m. Feb. 17» 1833, Mary Wheeler (dan. oí 

Samuel and Rebeeca [Prentice] Wheeler), both oí Stonington, 
Conn. Children: 

3900 Hiram W. 

3961 Samuel Amold, m. Sept 30^ i86a^ Martha Emma Greene. 

Child: Mary Burrows, m. Charles Elliott White oí 

Groton, Co nn . 
3968 Judge Ralph, b. May 14, 1843; Judgé oí Superior Court; 

Uves in New London, Conn.; u Helen M« Graves. 

4iB GnoALOcnr or thb CBisinouGH Family. 

3969 Hon. Silas B<^ h. June 25, 1A45 ; repretcntcd thc Town of 
New London» Coiul, at several ictsíoiis oí thc Gen- 
eral Assembly; m. Maiy A. Coopcr. 

2964 Maiy AiigusOL 

66g Abigail* Cbesibbough (CoL Amos*» i7i)t «• Jme ix» 1786b 
Prcstoo» Q»uL« George Hazard Perry (son oí Freeman and Mercj 
[Hasardl Perry, m. 1755) oí South Khigttoo, R. L (Preston Reeordi.) 
Children (k ín South Kíngiton» R. L) : 

as6S George Hasard. 

2g67 John. 

jflpp freeman* 

agdp Harry. 

-1-9970 Rev. Gtdeon Babcock, h. Oct 11. 1800; d. Sept m i9?% Hop- 
IdnsviUe^ Ky. 

2971 Daughter. 

2970 Rsv. Ginv)N* Pnay, m. A\i¡by Stewart (dan. oí Nathan Stewart 
oí BrookfieJd» N. Y.)f d. Jn^ 14. x8^» «^ 82 years; he waa a Ri^tiat 
miniíter in Stonington, Coatu Children: 

2972 Dr. Oliver Hazard Perry. 

2973 Rev. Henry G. 

2974 WilUsa 

2975 Enily B. 

d7i Hgmty' Chzsbbiougb (CoL Anioe*, 171) oí WhHeitown, N. Y., 
n. (I) Feh. 3, 1793. Elizabeth Hnrlbist (dau. oí Capt Joeeph and Eliza- 
beth Hurlhut oí New London» Conn.), h. Jan. 23, 1764; d. Oct. 20, 1794 
New London, Conn. ; m. (2) Asenath Maxon ; m. (3) Elizabeth Congden, 
d. Aug. 6, x8sx. Children (b. in Sonth Brookfield, N. Y.) : 

2977 Elizabeth E., m. Alonzo Phdpi, A. M. Child: Arlooene, b. 
Feb^ 1845: d. 185X. 
•1-2978 Harry, m. (i) Phoeba Nichols; m. (2) Enñly Csrttman. 
4-2979 Dr. Anot» b. May 29^ 1837; d. Dec 12; 1895; m. Luey A. 

2978 Habiy* CHismoDCB. Child: 

2981 Harry, b. Sept 27. 1867 ; m. and has Arlouene, b. Oct. 31, 1893. 

2979 Dk. Amos* Chisibiough, m. Feb. 14. 1856^ Luey Adelaide Hunt- 
ington (dau. oí Justinian Huntington)» b. Apríl 4» 1836^ Sonth Brookfield» 
N. Y.;livedioSouthBrookfield»N. Y. Children: 

2983 Oarence H., b. July 28, 1860; m. jan. to, 1883, Minnie G. Hooker. 

Child : Florence. b. Oct 22, i886u • 

2984 CaroU A., b. Apríl 7» i8fi3 ; m. Jan. 25, 1888, Cora A. Wheeler. 

2985 Dr. Philo, b. Oct 2g, 1866; líves in West Edmeston, N. Y.; 


GmiAUxnr or tbb Chssbibough Family. 490 

674 Dnns* MiMt» (Dctire* Chetebrough» 17a), m. Jone 2, 1773. New 
Londoo» Coniu David Frínk (son oí David and Eunice [Gallup] Frínk oC 
Gfoton, Coon.), k Jnne. i7Sa Childrcn: 

+9995 Emiec^bL Aprtl 13, 1774; m. John Prentisf oí New London» Gmn. 
9gg6 E^hriin, k Fcb. i, 1777; d. Nov. 13, i&a; onmaiTied. 
3907 Adam, k Jnly 4, 17S0; d. March 8, 1869: n. Oct 4» i8i3, Qa- 

finda SnttiL 
J99B John R» h. March 6, 17B3; nt Dec. 17» i9c6, Ann Kilbourn (dan. 
oí Freenan Kilbonrn oí Hartford, Conn.). Chtid: John, h. 

Oct 4» tña^' 
Q9gg Abigail, k Jnly 37, 178$; inunarried. 

3000 Fanny» h. March 22, I7ffi; d. Aug^ 1863; unmarried. 

3001 David» h. Sept 18^ I79i- 

3003 Andrew Miner, h. Jone 39^ 1793; d. June I9b 1867; n. Adaline 
Breath oí New York. 

399S Eumcs* Fkimx, m. Nov. i» 179$, New London, Conn., CapL John 
Premias, Jr., k 1773; ^ March 11, 1833, «. 59 yeara. Oiildren (b. in New 
London» Coin.) * 

3009 John Adama, h. Jone id^ 1796; d. Aug. 35» 1833» North Carolina; 

3004 Mary Avery, b. Sept $, I797; d. July 13, 1Q79; m. Dec 30, 1831, 

C F. Daniels. 
300$ David Frink, b. Sept 33» 1799; d. Nov. 13, t8i6^ St Fierre, 

Martiniouez onmarried. 

3006 Sally Ann, k Attg. 3i, 1801; n. March 13, 1833» WiUian F. 


3007 Francés, k May 7, 1803; d. Dec. 11, 1869; onmarried. 

3008 Ckroltne B., b. June 34, 1805; d. Aug. 30^ 1834; m. Sept 7, 1833» 

John Danforth. 

3009 WUltam, bi April 14, 1807; d. Aprü 1, 1847; unmarried. 

3010 Adam Frink, b. May 33» 1809; d. July 35, 1B7B; m. (i) Sarah 

Foote; m. (3) Gertmde Mcrecr. 

3011 Charles» b. March 3» 1811 ; d. July id^ 1884; unmarried. 

3013 Edward, b. May 10^ 1813; d. May 37, 1893; m. Sept 3, 1844, 

Carolina Lee Mullbrd oí Long Island, N. Y. 
3013 Andrew Jackson, b. April 37, 1815; d. April 3, 1853; unmarried. 

Í96 Nabiy* Mima (Lydia* Esther Chesebrough, 173), m. July 34, 
1791, Iqr Eider Elihu Chesebrough, Stonington, Conn., Joseph Taylor (son 
of Gcorge and Abby [Smith] Taylor). Children: 

+678a Polly Smith, b. July 34, 1793; d. Nov. 16, i87X : m. twice. 
678b Joseph, b. Sept i, 1794* 

^8c George, b. Dec 36^ 1796; d. at sea March 39, 1817; unmarried. 
-i-^8d Bctscy Ann, b. Feb. 9, 1802; m. (i) Jaa 13, 1835, Hiraro Bill of 
Lyme, Conn.; m. (3) Sept 10^ 1826^ Stonington, Conn.,. Joña* 
than Chesebrough (3730S). 


678a PoLLY* SiáiTa Taylob, m. (i) George Brown; m. (2) April 15, 
iflEía» Stonington, Conn., WUliam CheMbroagh (2732S). Oiild oí íirst 

Abbie Mam, m. Edmnnd Stíllman of Wcstcrly, R. L 

700 POU.Y' Pauii» (Mary* Cheidiroiigh, 175), m. John Stantoo 
(jaiN), b. Joly as» 17^, Groion» Comí.; removed to SyracuM, N. Y. 

J014 John, n. Pcggy Dodgc 

3015 Palmer, b. 1795 r m. Almira Bamet; lived and d. in Jackton, 


3016 Joseph. 

3017 Hiram. 

3018 PoUy, m. Joliufl liasoa 

3019 Hannali, m. Alien Rice. 

714 Amos* Cbbsibbough (Samuel*. 176), m. July ao^ 1801, Phebe 
Densson, 1442N (Anna, 490N), oí Knox, N. Y.; d. Oct. 9^ iS^ó^ Stoning- 
tOQ» Conn. Children (b. in Stonington» Conn.) : 

3000 Grace, b^ July 13, 1803 ; d. i893« 

3031 Edmund D., b. Aog. 26, idos; d. April 30, iB/S; m. 1840^ Naney 

A. Qiít 
+30» Henry D., b, Dec. 5, 1807; d. March 16^ 1871: m. Sophia 

+3023 Richard C, b. March 14, 1810; d. May as 1849^ Red Creek, 
Wayne Coumyt N. Y. ; m. Nancy Chesebrougb. 
3084 Child, b. 181 1. 

3oaS Samuel, b. Oct 8^ 1814; d. «. 18 years. 
+3oa6 Amos, b. Dec i6b 18x6; m. Eunice D. Gates. 
+3087 Gideon Peny, b. Aug. 17, 1823; m. Ann Adelia Lasher. 

3002 Hbnby' D. Caasnao, m. Nov. 10^ 1831, Sophia Williami (dan. 
oí Thomas and Abigail [Hempstead] Wtlltams), b. Dec 9b 1803, Sconing» 
ton, Conn. ; d. July ift 1901. Children (b. in Groton, Conn.) : 

+3028 Charles Henry, b. Dec 16^ 183a ; d. April 18^ 1901, Putnam, Conn. 
+3039 Phebe Jane^ b. April ao^ 1835 ; d. July a, i8¿7f Mystic, Conn. ; m. 
C H. Davis (a83iS). 

3028 Juoa Cbailis' HiiitY Caiaiaao, m. April xa, x86o^ Maiy 
Nevins Lord, b. Oct 5» i8j8; Norwich Town, ConxL; lived in Putnam, 
Conn. He held many offices— Tax CoUector, Asséssor, Deputy Judge oí 
tbe City Court since the incorporation oí the city; was Grand |Iigh Priest 
oí the Royal Arch Masons oí Comiecticut 

3109 Pbibe' Jane CBESisao. m. Jan. 8» 1856, Norwich, Conn., Charles 

GncBALocy or -ncs CussmoucH Family. 431 

Hcnry Davit (aSaiS), b. Sept 11. iSjS; lived in Norwich, Conn. Childrcn 
(b. in Norwich, Cono.) : 

3030 Charles Hcrbert, b. Nov. 17» i8S7; cL Feb. ai, i4;6l 

3031 Mai7 Elixa, b. AimíI 21, 1863. 

3033 Edward Everctic» b. Feb^ 8^ i8$$; m. Anaetu Hall of Nor- 
wich, Conn. 

3033 Sophit Williams, b. Apríl 9^ 18661 

1033 RiCBAiD* CHfttSTorBBas CBEsnaouGB, n. Scpt, 18381 Nanqr 
Chcscbrough, asoiS (Daniel, 7XiS), b. Sefit 4» >8oOb Knox, N. Y.; d Feb. 
15» x8m Red Creek, Wayne Coonty, N. Y. Child : 

3034 Samuel Mervin Oiesebrmigh, b. Oct I7t x839b Conquest, N. Y.; 

m. Jttly 3» X867. Jane Viele; Uve in Polasld, N. Y. 

3006 Amos' CnsoMniOB, m. Sept 34, 1850-1, Ennice Dentson Gates 
(dau. oí Zebediah and Mercy [Denison] Gates), b. Apríl 33, 1837. Chil- 
dren (b. in Sconington, Cdon.) : 

+3W Amos G., b. Jan. 14, 1855 ; m. Nelly M. Bartlect 
+$0316 Samuel 2L, b. Sept igb 1^: m. Maiy J. Bartlett 
-1-3087 MercT Annettc; b. A|»ríl i. x86t ; m. Austin Everelte Potter. 
+3098 Dr. Edmund Denison, b. March 36^ 1863; m. Grace Laura Mans- 

3035 Amos' G. CwfSino, m. Sept 4» i^A Nelly M. Banleit (dau. óf 
Joseph L. Bartlett, Deputy Sheriff oí Simsbury, Conn.), d. Mareb 31, igo«, 
Brooklyn, N* Y., a. 4t yiars. Cbildrsn: 

3039 Martha Gates, k Sept. aa^ iQTgi 

3040 Eunice Bartlett, k Oct 3h 1884. 

3041 Henry Strong^ k Aug. 37, 18^7. 

3036 Samuil* 2L CBumo^ m. May 17» 1883, Mary J. Bartlett (dan. 
of Joseph L. Bartlett). Child: 

3043 Samuel Joseph, k Ang. 34, t8B8L 

Amos* & and Samuel* Z. Chesebro are commiislon merehants, New 
York Gty. 

3037 Mncy* Ammitie Cbbsobo, m. Sept 3, 1886^ Austin Everette 
Potter (son oí Thomas Potter) oí (¡roton, Conn.; Uve in New London, 


3043 Everette Chesebro, k Aug. 6^ 1891. 
3038 Da. Edmund* Dinisom CtotSEBao^ m. Nov. 36^ i8m Grace Laura 

43a Genialogy or tbb Chiubmiuch pAMav. 

Mansiield (dau. oí Jacob R Uansfídd oí Providcnce, R. L). b. Aog. 7» 
1866; he is a practítíng pliyaidan and livct in Providcnce, R. I. Childrcn: 

3044 UiJdred, b. May M i^SM- 

3045 Edmund Denison» d. Jaa 7» >899b ae, 8 nonths 4 dajra. 

3027 GnuM* Puy Caunao, nt Scpt 5» 1854» Ann Addia Lashcr, b. 
Apríl afl; 1835, Duaneaburg, N. Y.; d. Jan. 6^ 1900^ Angmllav Stonington, 
Conn. Childrcn (b. in Anguilla, Conn.) : 

3046 Geor)B« Wb. Ang. ao^ 185S 

+3047 Mary A^ b. July 30» 1857; n. Bugent Pdmer (a677N). 

^048 Nancy ^jma, b. Nov. og, 18591 

3049 Phdw D., bi Dec. a7» x86i ; m. Sept a7, 1893, John B. Daachy. 

3Q50 Daniel F., b. Jan. 97, 1864; d. Feb. 15, 1893. 

3Q5I Edna, b. July ag^ i866l 

3qsa Gideon Perryt b. Oct 15» x86BL 

3053 Grace Loiiiie, b. Dec 10^ 18I73. 

3047 Miünr' A. CHianwiucB^ m. Jone ft 1881, Eugene* Palmer. Chil- 
dren (b. in Stonington, Conn.) : 

3054 Hcnry Rhodet, k Oct. aó^ 188a., 
J0S5 Daniel Stanton, b. Sept. 2$, 1884. 
3056 Adelia A^ b. Dec. a, i8Q7« 

715 AiiCAiL* Chssebbough (Samuel*, 176), m. Dec. ai, 1800^ Nathan 
Langwortlqr (Samuel), b. Nov. ag^ 1777; d. July 17» x8i39> Childrcn (b^ 
in Hopldnton, R. L) : 

+30S7 William Franklin, b. June a, 1802; d. Sepe. 93, 186a; m. Desire 
A. Basa. 

3958 liary Ann, b. May 18^ 1803; d. Feb. 8^ 1858; unmarried. 

+3QS9 EUai^ b^ P«b^ Ht 1805; <L Dec. 31, 1891 ; m. N. B. Hozie. 

-Í-3ote Fanny, b. Aug. a3« 1806; d. Oct a, 18^7; m. Nathan* C WiUiama. 

3061 Hansiah, d. ac 3 yeart a montha. 

306a Robert, d. c 13 yeara. 

+3063 Jacobs b. Feb^ 4» i8ia; d. Oct la, 1881 ; m. J.' Burdtck (X519N). 

+30^ (korge C b. Sept x8^ 18x4; d. Oct 16^ 1B31B; m. twice. 

-1-3065 Charles Babcock, k March xx, x8x6; d. May ay, 188& 

+3066 Samuel, b. Oct aft x8x8; d. Aug. ft x88& 

3057 Whxxam' FiAMKUN LAMCWoaTBY, m. July a, x83a, Desire Alien 
Bass, b. Apríl a4, x8xo; d. Dec a3, 1889. Childrcn: 

+3067 Lucina D., b. May 19^ X833; m. James H. Carr. 

3068 Amos, b. x8;35, 

+30^ Louise A., b. Feb. 2$, X836 ; m. Frank C Hunttngton. 

+3070 HoUum, b. Apríl xy, 1839 ; m. Oct a, 18^ Rosina £. Pope. 

307X Mary Jane, b. Oct 19, X84X ; d. June 9, 1855. 

GncBALocy or tbb CBEsnaouca Family. 4i3 

+3073 Morffta, b. Apríl ii, 1844; n. Sarmb Wekfa. 

3073 Herbcrt» b. Aog. 25, 18462 d. Apríl 17, 1847. 

+3074 Cirric» bL Feb. 27» 1848: d 1880; m. David J. Hinklcj. 

+3075 Irvng, b. Ans. 22, lési ; n. Esnina Phclpa. 

30tf7 LudJfA* D. LAMCWOtTBY, ID. Nov. 15, 1858^ James H. Carr» k 
A^ 14» x8a5; d. Ñor. iti^ 1803. Chüdrcsi: 

+3076 Franldin U b. July 10^ 18^3; m. Dillit Hawlcy. 

3077 Dcborah. b. Oct 8^ 18^; d. A^ril aB; 1873- 

3076 FkAMXUM* L. Oüta, m. May as» x897« Dillit Haw^jr. Cbildrcn: 
• • ^^ 

3078 Dcborah» b. ICafoi s^ i88aL 

3079 Eliic» b. Oct Qb i8ga 

3069 Louisi* A. Lamowobthy. m. April is» 1856^ Frank Hamiagton. 

3080 Shirlcy Li, bi Aug. 5, x959; »• Ndlic E Rogcrt. Oiild: Frank 

Ct b. Noy. 5, 1889^ 

3081 IvaloOb b. Oct 10^ 1860; m. Oct 7, i88Si Geno C Rogeia. Chtld: 

Harold R. k May 12, 1889. 

3082 Ludia, b. May xa» 1863. 

+3083 LuetU, b. May xa» X863 (twin of above) ; xd. Frank M. Spooncr. 

3084 Charles F.» b. Féh. X9» X865; m. Dora M. Brooka. 

3083 LusiTA* Lamcwobthy^ nt Oct a7f 1886^ Frank M. Spoooer. 

3085 Lawrenoe U» b. July aa, x887- 

3086 Makohn Greencb b. Feb. ay» 1893. 
30^7 Jean Francés» b. Scpt ag^ 1893. 

3070 HdLLUM* LAMOwonHY» m. Oct a^ X862» Rostna E Pope; Uve in 
Hamihon» N. Y. Chttdrco; 

+3090 William F.» k May 4» 18(4; m. July x» iBgo, Lois Carolina Bab- 
cock (X547N). Children: Carolina Pearl» b. April 4 1891; 
Margarct R, b. Oct ax» X893. 
3091 Ofthello &» bi Nov. 26, X865; xn. May as x893> Josephine Rieh* 

ardson. Child : Orthetta R.» b. Apríl a3» x8g7. 
309a Roae Pope» b. Dec. 30» x87a 

3093 Flpy Pearl» b. May X3. x873; n* Dec. as 1897» Henry Bailey 

Rathbone. Child : Josephine L.» b. June as X899. 

3094 Claire Elna» b. Oct 8^' 1879. 

3073 MOKAM* Lamcwobtby» n. Sept 4» 187a Sarah Welch. ChUdren: 

3009 Wahff Jay» b. March 19» x873 ; d. Dec» 1887- 
3x00 Chiytoo A^ b. June 26, X874. 

' fl 

434 Gbmialooy or nm Cncsmoucu Familv. 

3101 Uayd Benon, b. Mareh 15, 1B76. 

3102 Floyd Martín, k March 15, iQtó (twtn oí above). 

3103 Leater Rajr, b. March 30^ 1978. 
3x04 LcUa liafy, b. Feb. aa, 188& 

3074 Cairib' LANGwoaTHY« n. David J. Hinklcy. Childitn : 

3105 Olivar Earl, b. Dcc. 17» iS|7S 

3106 Edna A^ b. itta 

3075 Utvxif 6* Lamgwobtby, m. Sept 3, i973. Emnia Phelpa. Childreo : 

3107 Cnthbert J^ b. Nov. 13, 18B0. 

3108 Warm IL, b. Nov. as» iffia. 

3109 Howard T^ k May aft i88s 

3QS9 Buza' LjuiGwoaTBY, m. Jan. 15, 1834 Nathan Brown Hoxie, b. 
Oct XI» x&ia; d. Dcc. 26^ x88s Children: 

3x10 Jane Loniaa» b. Jone 22, xflaB; d. May 17, t9ag, 
+3XXX Solonon, b. July og, xSap; n. La^ P. Stickney. 
+3>X3 Samnel Langworthy, b. Apríl 17, 1832; m. Sept XS i8s7» Rosctta 

3XXX SoidOMOM* HdxiB, ni; ScpL aa» 1859^ Liicy P. Stickney. 

3x13 Charlea Deíoreat, b. Ans. xa, x86o; m. July 3, x888^ Annie 

Florence Gaaton. 
31x4 Jcnnie Lincoln, b. Nov. x8^ X863. 
31x5 Robeit Franklin, b. April og, x8aL 

3XU Samuel* L. Hoxa, n. Sept 1$, x8S7» Rosctta Pope. Children: 

3xx6 Nathan Samuel» b. March X7, x8s9; m. Phebe Drake. 

3XX7 Elsner Elaworth, b. Dcc. 5, x86x. 

31x8 Acnet Eltaa» b. Mareh xs, x866; d. Apríl, X8691 

3060 FAifMY* Laitgwobtby^ SI. Oct, x8c (leoond wiíe), Nathan* 
Cheaebfooch Williania (son oí Abigail Wiüiama» 403N). Child: 

31x9 Charlea Mortixner» b. Apríl aoy X849; ni. Jaa aB; x874» Any 
Verulia Frink. Children: 

3xao Huríand Aaher» b. Nov. xa, x874 1 d. Feb. 12, x8Bo. 
3xax Edward Glenn, b. July 6» x877. 

306Í3 Jaooi* Lamowobthy^ nt Apríl 3, X852, Joacphine Bnrdick 
(xsxpN). Child: 

3xaa Martha Joacphhíe, b. Apríl d^ x8s8; n. Nov. x, x88x» Dolph L. 
Babcock (X545N). ChUd: 

3»3 Harold Hamdcn, b. Nov. X4» 1883, AlbkMi, Wia. 

GsNiAUxnr op ras CBtimouGH Family. 431 

3064 OumcM^ C Langwortmy, m. (i) Jan. 12, 1836^ Mary Ann York, 
b. Jan. 12, 1817; d. Jan. 11, 1866; m. (3) Deborah G. York. Children ol 
íírst marriage; 

3134 Edwin £, b. Ang. 14» i837; m- Sept 24» iStSt María Tolca. 

Oiild: Nellie. b^ Dec. 3. 1869; 
3ias Carollnt Althca, h. Oct ift 1839; d. Jan. 11, 18B3; m. Jan. 3, 1861, 

Orín B. Deniaon. 
3116 Urbana, b. Fcb. 33, 1842; n. Scpt 34, 186& Loiitse M. Huntmg- 

too. Oiild: Mary H^ b. May $$ iQt^. 
+3U7 Albiirtna, b. Jan. 3$» 1847; »• (x) Nov. 34i i867i Addie M. 

Spícer; ni. (3) Jan. 11, 1894» lida M. Skinncr. 
3138 Arlooene, b. Nov. 18^ i8ss; n. Nov. 13, 1893» Frank P. Wrígbt 

3137 ALiinmia* Lamgwcbthy, n. (x) Addia M. Spicer. Children: 

3131 Georgiana» b. Nov. 33» 18I74. 
3133 Roas» b. Nov. 30^ i88x. 
3133 Rosa, b. Sept x^ 1891. 

3065 CHAiLia' Baboocx Lamcwoktby, nt 18^ BctSQr Wilbur Bar- 
daan. OiiMnn: 

+3134 Charlea Ehner, b. Nov. á, 1840; n. twice. 

3135 Norman James, b. March i, 1843; d. Dec ift x97o; m. x8^ 

Lottiaa Dearbom. 

3136 Lamont V\^bttr, b. Aug. ta, 1843; n- Nov. 8^ 1886^ Laura Eliía- 

beth Moore. Children: Charlea Herbert, b. May 34i x888; 
George Lamont, b. Oct 18^ 1890; d. Aug., 1894. 

3134 Cbailis' ELMta Lamowoktby, m. (i) Feb. 38; 1861, Martha 
Francea Brace; n. (3) Sept 14 i8Q7t Maiy Ellen Harker. Oüldren ol 
iiral marriage: 

3137 Ellen Francea, b. Dec. 15, 1863; d. Oct 31» 1863. 
+3138 Fred Brace, b. June 36b x866; d. Jan. 6, 189a 

3x39 Emma Lavinia, b. June ift X8I73. 
3x40 Henry Lamoot, b. Ang. xSi x8^S 

Children of seeood marriage: 

314X Sari Elmer, b. Dec 2, 18891 
3x43 Elma Eliaabeth, k July 7, 189X. 

3x38 FaiD* BiACB Laucwovby, m. May 33, 1888^ Carríe M. Cuttíng. 

3x43 Fred Harríaon, b. March 37, 18891 

3066 Samuil* LAUGwoKniY, m. Sepe, t, 1846^ Sophnmia C Burdick, 
b. Jan. 30^ x8a6L 

4i6 Geiocauxsy or tbb Cbihbioucb Family. 

3146 Kfttc Francesca» b. Jan. 24, 1848; m. Ort. 2$, 1869, Charles D. 


3147 Cora May, b. March 22» 1853. 
31^ Ella Jane, bi May 20, i8sS 
3149 Margarcc Bcllc» b. Aag, ai, 1863. 

7x8 Maby* CannaoucH (Samuel*, 176), m. (i) Dcc 3, 1804 (teeond 
wile), Elitha Fish; m. (2) OcL 8^ 1843 (teeond wiíe), Rev. EUhn Cheae- 
brot4^ (6SE). dildren (b. in Cokhetter, Conn.) : 

+3150 Mary Cheiebrough, b. Jan. 30^ 1806; m. Thomas P. Rogcn. 

3151 LuQTt b. Sept 22, 1808; m. Deacon — — Downer (second wiíe). 

3152 EUaabeth, b. A|»r¡l 9, x8io; m. Israel Jones. 

+3x53 Roxanna, b. May 21, 1813, Goshen, Conn.; d. Nov. i, 1Q76; m. 
John' (sallnp. 

3150 Maiy' C Fxsb, m. June 1, iSas Thomas P. Rogers. Children: 
Phebe; Eltsha; Samuel; Maiy; Thomas Colton. 

3153 Roxamma' Fun, m. John (jallup (2893N) of CSroton, Conn. 

315P Ann Judson, b. July 29^ 1839; d. Oct 23» x84a 

3160 Elisabeth Jones, b. July 15, 1841 ; m. Aug. 18^ 1863, Capt John 

P. Wtlbur. 

3161 John» b. Dec. 14, 1844; »• Oct 11, 1870^ Ellen £. Noyes. 

3163 Mary Fish, b. Dec 14» 1844 (twtn oí abovc) ; m. July i, x974» 

William H. RandalL 
3X^ Roswell, b. Jan. 13, 1847; d. March 13, 1852. 
3x64 Samuel Chcsebrougfa, b. Sept 26, tSsi ; m. Dec. 24, 1889. Annie 

J. Bohannon. 

7x7 BsTStY* Cbbsobouch (Samuer, X76), m. Dec 25, 1800 (first 
wiíe), John Noyes (447N), both oí Stonington, Conn.; he m. (2) her 
ftister, Prtsdlla* Chesebrough. Children (b. in Stonington, Comu) : 

3x6$ Samuel, b. Oct xx, x8ox ; m. Julia Colc 

3x66 Jesse D., b. July 30^ 1804; d. Dec i, X884; m. (x) Eliza Crandall : 

m. (2) Mary Gavitt; m. (3) Maiy* Noyes (Thomas'). 
3x67 John, b. July 2, x8o6; d. Oct xx, 1840; unmarried. 
3168 William, b. March xx, x8xx ; d. Nov. X4, X878; m. Susan Alien. 
3x69 Eliza Mary, b. Oct, 18x2. 
3x70 Albert, b. 18x6; d. Dec 26; x86i ; m. (i) Lydia Hibbard; m. (2) 

Maiy Cárter. 
3X7X Amos C, b. x8x7; d. Aug. xx, 1837; unmarried. 
3x72 Martha, b. x8x7 (twin oí above) ; d. F^ x, X825. 

GxifiAuxnr or tbs CHSstsiouGa Fautly. 437 

730 GiOBCE* CaiSEMioucH (Samuel*, 176), m. Betscy Bus (her first 
btisband) . Children : 

3173 Gcorgc L. 

3174 Elizabeth. 

3175 Thomas R. 

735 Disnoc* Stanton (Humah* Gietcbrotigh, 177), m. Nov. 17, 1793» 
Hcnry Gallnp (848N). Children (b. in Grotoo, Coan.) : 

+3x76 Allredt h. March afl; X79B; d. Dec. 24» iS54-5f Salem, Coon.; m. 

Elira* W. Hewitt 
+3x77 Desire Am» b. March a6, 1805; d. Jaa Sft X8S3; m. Elisha* J. 

3176 Alfsid' Gau.up, m. Oet iQb 1833, Eliza* W. Hewitt oí Groton, 
Comí. (dau. oí Pahncr Hewitt, $opN), h. March 3, 1803, Grotoo» Comu; d. 
Féh. 31, iB^ New Londoo» Cñm. Children (h. in Grocon, Conn.) : 

3178 WtUiam Alomo, b. June aB; 1837 ; d. Aug. 31, 1843. 
+3179 Aottin Okott, b. Dec. 37f 1838; Ledyard, Conn.; d. April la, 

3180 Eliía Augoua, b. SepL 5, 1830; d. Sept 3, 1833. 

3181 Mary Ann, b. Jmie 3, 1833; d. Sefit & 1833. 

3183 Harriet Avery, b. Oct i, 1836; m. Dec 3S« 1853, Avery Morgan. 

3183 Laura Ellen, b. May ¿, 1840; m. Oct 8^ 1857, Saníord W. 


3184 Lottii Saníord, b. June 30, 1846; m. June 7> i866y Elhi Hitchcock. 

3179 AusTXM* Olcott Gallup, a Judge at Salem, Conn.; m. Jan. as, 
1855» LuQT A. Rathbone, d. March 30^ 1893^ «. 61 yean, Salem, Conn. 

3185 Da.. WAun* L. Havins (son oí Laura Ellen Havena, 3183N), b. 
Dec 39^ 1861 ; m. Oct tá, 1889^ Minnie H. Stevena. Children: 

Thelma; Laurencc 

3186 MiMiini* Gallup (dau. oí Louit S., 3i84N, and Ella), b. Oct 6, 
1867; m. Oct id^ 1887, Hilton Brooks. Children: 

3188 Louit ; 3189^ Walter ; 3190^ Margery ChrittobeL 

3x77 DianB* Anm Gallvp, in. Nov. 27» X833, Elisha' J. Hewitt (son 
oí Palmer Hewitt, 909N), b. Dec afl; 1800; d. May 6, 1867. Children: . 

+3x91 Claríssa Ann, b. Oct xx, X834; d. Sept 34, X855; m. James U. 

+3x93 Henry Palmer, b. Aug. aoy 1826; m. Eunice Giít Denison. 
+3193 Elisha Avery, b. April X5, X838; m. twicc 

43B QnauajooY ar tbs Chbbdhnigh Family. 

+3194 Alden Wheaton, b. Oct 29, i8y>; d Apríl 3, 1885, Rachd B. 
3195 Osctr Herben, h. Apríl 8, 1S33; á. June 8^ i8s9; onmarricd. 
+3196 Gcorgt WUliams, b. J.aly », 1836; m. twke. 

3197 Maiy EUeiit b. Sept i» 1841. 
+3198 Charles Jeffenoo, b. March 15» 1844; m. Mary E. Halladay. 
3199 Eunice Augusta, b. Dcc i, 1847; nv Oct 22, 1884, Charles H. 
Eimnons. Chíld: Manan, b. June aa i886l 

319X Claussa* Aum Hmmr, m. James M. Wood. Children: 

3900 Roswell Parle, b. Feb^ i, 1844, 

3aoi Mary Am, b. 184& 

3202 James Jefferson, b. March 29^ 1849 

32Q3 In Monroe, b. liíay, 1855. 

3192 HsNBY* pALMta Hbwitt, m. Aug. 26» i849b Eumce Qift Demsoo. 

3204 Hiram Pérez, b. June 14» xSS^- 

3205 Albert Fraiter, b. Sept & 1858L 

3206 Ira AlUn, b. Feb. 24, 1862. 

3207 Inei Irene, k March, 18^ 

3208 Fannie Estelle, b. July 16^ x8^. 

3209 Lena Qift, k July 29^ 187a 
32x0 Osear Jefferson, b. May x, x874> 

3t93 EusBA* Avnnr Hswxtt, m. (x) Jone s i9s6b Matilda Williams; 
m. (2) Nov. Sf t862, Elisa A. Hewitt Children oí seoond marríage : 

32XX Annic Maria, k Oct 2, x86BL 
32x2 Lncy Austin, k April 16, x$72. 
32x3 Theresa Benjamín, b. Dee. s i97& 

3194 Axanf ' W. Htwxrr, m. Sept 6» x8tSf Rachel B. Avery. Children : 

32x4 Richard Wbeeler, b. Oct 27» x866i 

32x5 Alice Maria, k April 4» 1869 

32x6 Amy Avery, b. Dec X9b x873- 

32x7 Grace, b. Feb. og, xQt^i 

32x8 Albert Jefferson, k July 9b XS77. 

32x9 Herbert Wheaton, b. April 6. x88a 

3196 Gnonct* W. Hswirr, m. (x) June ix, x866b Maggie E. Eddings; 
m. (2) x8|7X. LuQT M. Wells. Children: 


3220 Earl, b. Aug. 11, 1867 (first marriage). 

322X Miriam, b. x972 (second marriage). 

3222 Norah, b. Dee. 2^ XQ77 (second marriage). 

GniBALocy or tbs CaisnaouGB FAMav. 439 

3igB Charla' J. Hxwirr. m. Nov. ^ í9n» Mftry Elizftbcth Halladay. 

3393 Mary Bclle» h. Oct 9» i97& 

3224 dlcn Gertnide, b. Dec. 6^ 1^79^ 

3225 Ralph Halladay» b. Fcb. 3t 1882. 

3226 Hemy Jeffenoo, h. Dec 25, 1883- 

755 Eluha* SATTnuB (Ljdsa* Gcer, 202), m. Apríl 3, 1796^ PoUy 
Avery» boih oí Grocoo» Coan, Children: 

3228 Lydia G^ b. Nov. B, 179B; m. Jiine 17, 1821, Samuel G. AUyn. 

3229 Elisha Avery, b. Nov. ic^ 1800; m. Aug. 24, 1825, Hestcr 


3230 Jooat» b. Mareb 26; 1803; m. May 36, 1826b Caroline Tatcm. 

3231 Sttian, b. Jone 25. x8os; m. March ift 2826, Frank KimbalL 

3232 Julia Am, b. March 15, 1808; m. Aug. 27, 1850^ John G. Satterlee. 

3233 Dwight Aldeiit k Apríl 17» 1814; n. Apríl 2, 1851, Charíty H. 


Elisha Satterlce's children from Ictter oí C A. Salterkc» Gales Ferry. 


764 Goanrr* Bilumgs (Luqr* Geer, 203). d. May i, i8sfib Griswold» 
Conn.; m. 1792, Luqr Swan (17688), b. Jaa 5, 1770; d. Dec 16^ 1854. 

3234 Sanlord, k June 2t, 1793; d. Sept 22, 1820. 
3234a Lucy, d. young. 

3235 Luqr» b. June 30^ 1798; m. Ather Coates. 

3236 Robñt, b. May a3» 1800; m. Caltsta Kinney. 

3237 James, k Jan. 2, 1802; d. aged 20 years. 

3238 George W., b. Dec 9b 1803; d. Feb. 14, 1973; unmarríed. 
+3239 Horatio Nelson, b. Nov. 26^ 1805; m. Maiy Ann Fish. 

. 3240 Gilbert, b. Sept I9b 1807 ; d. young. 

3241 John S^ b. March 4, 1809; d. Aug. 28; 181X 

+324^ Bcnjamin F., b. Jaa 1$. 181 1 ; m. twict. 

3243 Mary ?., b. Jaa 24, 1813; d. March 2a 1856; m. Dewitt C 


3239 HoaATio* N. Bnxiiccs, nt Jaa 30^ 1938; Mary Ann Fish. Children: 

3244 Locy H.t m. (i) John L. Spalding; n. (2) Capt Kingsbury. 
+3245 Saniord N., b. May 16. 1841 ; m. Lucy E. Maia 

3246 Edward E^ m. twice. 

3247 ^2ry AdelaidCb m. Charles D. Thompsoa Children: Lucille; 


3245 Sampobd' Nblsom BnuMGS, m. Oct 26; 1867, Lucy E. Main (daa 

440 GiNtALOGy or trs CBismoucB Fauxly. 

of Charles H. and Almiim [E^gl^ton] Main of North Stonington, Conn.) : 
he fervcd ín tbc Gvil War; Uves in North Stonington, ConxL Children: 

5248 Byroo, h. Jaa 4t x^ 

3249 Mary, b, May 15» iBjt ; tú. Arthur G. Whedcr. 

3250 WUliamW. 

J251 Lncy, h. June ao^ tffií. 

5352 Grace W^ b. Dec. iS^ 1882. 

5253 LilU M.. \k Jnly 6, x886l 

3254 PrísctUa Alden» b. May 29^ 1892. 

3255 Saníord N^ b, Attg. 17» iflte* 

3242 Bbwjamxii* F. Bujungs» m. (1) Dec. 28; 1834» Ann Pahner (dan. 
of Liither Pahner oí Stonington, Conn.), d. Oct 23. 1866; m. (2) Feh. 12^ 
x86B^ Abl^ Jane Starfcweather (widow of Denison Stewart). He was a 
fanner; also, at the age of 16 years, commenced teaching and taught 
twenty*five terms. Children of firsi marnage: 

Ann Sarah» nt (1) Harria Boardman; n. (2) Dr. Henry Car- 

James F. 

Mary P., m. C C Palmer oí North Stonington, Conn. 
Lndus N. 
Arthor P. 

7&S Conninnoif* Bxlumgs (Liicy* Geer, 203)» d. Féb. 6^ 184S: «- (i) 
Sept 13. 1797» Eunice Williams (dau. oí William and Unice [Prentice] 
Williams), d. Aog. 5, 18x1, m. 44 years; m. (2) July x8^ 1819, Mrs. Ann 
(Wikox) Babcoclc Childnn of fint marnage: 

Coddington, h. Sept. 3, 1798; d. Jan. X9i X807. 

Hon. Noyes, h. Mardi 31, x8oo; d. Apríl 24, x86s, New Londoo, 

Conn.; he was gradnated írom Yale College X819; Lieutenant* 

Govemor of Connccticut in X846 ; m. Oct, x8a6, Isabelle Stuart 
Hoa William Williams, b. Feb. í6. 1B02; d. Jone 30^ X8Q7. New 

Londoo, Conn. ; a gradúate of Yale College X821 ¡ m. Apríl 6» 

X828; LoiitseTrotL 
Eonice W., h. Jone xs 1804; d. Sept 26, i9ni n. Nov. as. i^^ 

Dr. Ralph Famsworth of Norwich, Onm. 

Children oí second marriage: 

Aiw, h. May, x82x; d. March 24, 1890^ New Londoo, Conn.; tn. 

Oct 2S, X84X, Calvin Goddard WiUiams. 
Harríet, h. Jan. X3. 1832; d. Dec. lá, xQtó; m. Theodore D. 

Códdington, h. Feb. 8^ 1834; d. Jan. 24, X896, Phihulelphia, Pa.; 

m. Nov. 15, lasSt Mary B. Williams (410^)- 

767 LucY* Bitu.HGS (Lucy* Gecr, 2Q3N), d. Feb. 26, xgjy. Preston, 
C6nn.; m. March 20^ X796b Stephen Walbrídge Meech (Thoroas and 

GnfiALOGY or tbs Chisimougb Family. 441 

Lttcrctía [K¡fRbtlÍ]'Mccdi, m. Oet 5, 1769; boih of Pre^ton, Cénn.), k 
May aob 1770» Prcston, Conn.; d Sept 22, 1859^ Pretton. Cono. Children 
Ok isi Prctton and Lcbanoo, Conn.) : 

3362 Stephen Walbridgc» b. Apríl 23. 1797; d. Oct ifl^ I797- 

3263 Harriet* b. Aug. 14» 179B; d. May 18L I799b Prcston, Cdmi. 

3264 Sarah Btllings, h. Fcb^ 4» 1800; d Jaa 21, t86a; unmarned 
+326$ Liiey» b. Dcc. is tfloi ; d Oct 10^ 1848; m. Edwin Fitcb. 
+3966 Sicphcn Wiloox, b. Jan. 25» 1804; d May 31, i8S7; n. Ann Elisa 

+3267 Sanlord Billings» b. ScpL 11» 1806; 4. Sept 27, 1854; m. Mary 

Ann Allyn. 
3268 Harríet Locrciia, b. Jan. 25, 1809; d March tS, iSog, Leba- 

noop Cotm. 
+3369 N^yca BOIingt, b. June 17» 1810; d Apríl 23. i477* Crotón, 

Conn.; m. Susan Spicer. 
+3270 Locretia Kimball, b. Nov. 11, 1812; d Jan. 6, i8tSf Norwich, 

Cona; n. Eraíhu P, Minen 
327t Eunice Billingtt b. Mafch 4» 1816; d Jnly ft i937. St Louit, Ma ; 

32^ Ldcy* Bnxima Mnca, m. Sept 11, 1824 Presión, Cono, 
Edwin Fitch (son of Rofna and Zipporah [Smith] Fitch), b. May 23, 
1801, Presión, Conn.; d Sept 26; 1883, Lisbon, Conn. Children (b. in 
Bosrah, Conn.) : 

Siephen Edwin, b. Sept 14» i8a6; d March 8; i^; nnmarried 
+ María Locy, b. Sept i, 1827; d May 15, 1886^ Millord, Conn. 
Rolos, bi Jone 12^ 1831; d Oct 18^ 1878^ Janestown, N. Y.; 

m. Maiy C ChnrchilL 
Janes BlUincs, b. May 10^ i8S3; d Aog. i, 1896^ Nashville^ 

icnn.; n. Mainparel M^yers. 
Harríet Walbridge, b. May 8^ 1835; Uves in Janestown, N. Y.; 

David Cordón, b. Oct ix, 18137; d Dec. 20^ 1860; onnarríed 
Isabelle Eonice, b. Nov. is 1845; n. J. & W. Hnntington oí 
Washni^too, D* C 

Maiu' Lucy FncH n. (1) Jnly 2S i8m Henry Whitney (son of 
Siephen Whitney) of New Haven, Conn.; d March 21, 1856; nt (2) Nov. 
20^ i86e^ Nathan A. Baldwin, d May 20, 189B. Children of first narríage: 

+ María, b. May 26, i8sh New Haven, Conn.; n. Robert C 

+ Ckroline Suydan, b. Nov. 17. i8s3» Millord Conn. 

Child of second narríage: 

Naulie, b. Dec 27» 1864. Millord Cona ; m. May 13. 1886, Dr. 
Morlón Crimell of New York City. 

442 GiwiAiflCY or TBS CBBinwiuGH Family. 

Maiu* WBiTifKy m. Apríl ^ 1870, Robeit Cambridge LivtngstOk. 
Uve in bUp, N. Y. Children: 

Robcrt C, b. Mareh i, ifl^i. 
John Gríiwold» b. Scpt ás, 1872. 
Hcnnr Whitnesr, b. Fcb. afi; iá!74> 
Mand Mana» b. Aug. xo^ x97S 
Johnston, Jr.» b. Dcc ig^ il^ 
Lousí, Jr., b. Jan. S, x8Bo. 
CaroHne, b. Dec. i, 1881. 

CABOUifi* SuYBAU WBirNEY ». (i) Oct i8, íSjh Jobn Gríswold, d. 
Nov.» íByi ; n. (a) Jime 3. x974» Cornelina Fellowa» b. in Lomaville, Ky. : 
Uve in New York City. Children: 

ComeUns, Jr.» b. Jan. i» 1979. 
Caroline Whitncy, b. April 24. i88x 

3a66 HoM. Stipmin' Wiloox MncH, m. Sept afl; i8a6, Prestont Cono, 
Anne Elisa Hydc (dan. oí Rev. John and Suian [Nott] Hyde), b. Mareh 2, 
1807, Hani|»f on, Conn. ; d. in Norwich, Conn. ; he was a gradúate of Yale 
CoUege iSaó; member of the Sute Lcgislature írom Norwich, Conn. 
Children (b. in Preitoo, Conn.) : 

+ Elisa Walbrídge, b. 1827; d. May, 18861 Still water, Mich. 
Mary Elisa, b. July 18^ 1829; d. July 29, 1829. 
Stephen, b. Dec 7, 1831 ; d. 1831. 
John Stephen, b. May 18^ x83& 
Susan Ann, b. July, 1838; d. Aog., 1838. 
John &, b. Oct, 1839: d. 184a 
Edmnnd. H., b. Jaa 7, 1842; d. Ang. 2, t84S 
Henry Cedí, b. Dec. 3, 1843 ; d. July 29^ 1845- 
Stephen, b. Jnne i« 1845; d. Sept, 1845. 

Elba* WjamscB Mbch m. Se^ 3, 1849^ Gen. Heniy W. Birge, who 
aerved in the Gvü War. Children: 

Henry Gilman, b. July s i9soi 
Anne Elisa, b. Nov. 26^ 1852 ; d. young. 
Stephen Mecch, b. Nov. 29^ 1854; d. young. 
WiUiam Bond, b. Nov. 16^ 1856. 

3267 SAMfotD* Bnxufca Mnca, m. Mareh 24, x8^ Norwich, Conn., 
Mary Ann AUyn (dan. oí Stephen B. and Elisabeth [Charlton] AUyn), b. 
Mareh 18; 18Q5: d. May 24, 18531 Norwich, Conn.; he Uved in Norwich, 
Conn. Children : 

+3272 Stephen Billíngs, b. Feb. 1% 1838 ; m. Louisa W. Bond. 
3273 Locy, b. Aug. 23, 1839; d. Jan. 20^ 1840. 

GiMBALttsy or na Cbbsibbougb Family. 443 

3374 Mary Ann, k Noy. 23, 1840; d Scpt 161 1841. 

3275 Aim Elizabeth» b. Jfta 3, 184a: d. Scpt 16» 1&42. 

3376 LoiiiM Addaide, b. Feh. 7f x843; d. Feb. 37* xft43- 

. 3377 Saníord Allyn, b. May ig^ 1844 ; d. Aug. 31, 1844- 

3373 SmuN* BiLUMCi MncB. m. Oct 7. 1863, Norwich, Cona, 
Louisa Witers Bond (dau. of ReY. Alva Bond, D. D., and Sarah [Rkhárd* 
son]) ; Uve in Norwkb* Conn. Cbildren: 

3378 Nancy» b. Aug. 15, 1864; m. Oct ta, i8Q7f Norwich, Cona, 
Bowcn Whittng Pieraon oí New York (fon oí Rcy. Job 
Píenon), b. Jaa 5» 1858» Victor, N. Y. Child: 

3380 Qaríssa, k Jime 8L i8goi New York. 

3979 Louite Bond, b.. Fek la» 18691 

3369 NoYis* BnxixGi MncB, m. Marcb 11, 1860^ Groton, Conn., Sotan 
Spícer (dan. oí Cafit John Grant and Clarítta [Kímball, wídow oí Stod- 
dard] Spkcr), b. Dec. 34, i839b Crotón, Omn.; he wat a merehant tn St 
Lottis, Ma, and removed lo Grolon, Conn., in x86a Children (b. tn 
Grocon, Comí.) : 

33B1 Annc^ bi Feb. 4» i86i. 

3383 Susan Bülingt, k March 18^ 186a. 

3afl|3 Saníord, b. Dec. 15, 1863- 

3370 LucasHA* KiMBALL MiiCB, m. Feb. 8L 18133, Erastns P. Míner, b. 
Aug. 3, i8o8k Stonington, Conn.; d. Dec. 9^ 187$$ Norwich, Conn. Children 
(b. tn Norwich, Conn.) : 

EUsa Perkins, b. June a^ 1833; d. Noy. 13, 18^ Norwich, Conn. 
+ Sarah Lucretia, U Oct 16^ 1835; n. in Norwich, Córni. 

Willtam Peridm, b. Dea 13» 1837; m. Abbte BatchclderoíUaine. 

Ennice Billingt, b. Feb. la, 1840; d. Aug. 6, 1841. 

N^ret Btllinga, b. Jan. s» 184S; m. Dec. 3, 1878^ Mra. Eugenia 
(Foreü) Tnie ; livet in Chicago^ IlL 

Amia Walbridge, b. Oct t8; 1846; d. Noy. s ittl3t Norwich. 
Conn.; untnamed. 
+ Siephcn Meech, b. Feb. ta, 1848; m. íour timei. 
+ LuQT Billings, b. June ii, i8so; m. twice. 

Frederíck Babcoek, b, March a6^ i^; d. Jan. 11, 1855. 

Amy Wiloox, b. Feb. la, 1856; d. Apríl 35, 1861. 

Sabab* Lucietia MiMBa la 'June 7i 186a Charles P. Cogswell, b, Dec 
8, 183S. Children (Uve in Norwich, Cona) : 

Atice Walbridge, b. Feb. 34. 1864. 
Anqr Lucretia, b. June aa 1867. 
Charles Perkins. b. Juhr 14. i86a 

444 Gknialogy or m CunnwiiGa FAMity. 

Snraxir' MircH Mum m. (i) Katc Sullivan, d. in Brooklyn. N. Y., 
•ged j6 yean; m. (2) Matilda McDonough, ¿ in N«w York; m. (3) Itt- 
bella B. Smitb» d. Apríl sob i8g7. Brooklyn, N. Y.; n. (4) Fefai 11, 1898^ 
Brookiyn, N. Y., Lena Davcnpoit, b. Nov. 6^ i977f New York. Children of 
firtt marríage: 

John WilUanip b. 1880; m. in 190& 

Loqr, b. 1882. 

Margaret Katherine^ b. 1884. New York. 

Cbild o{ íourth marríage: 

Sosan Meech» b. Dcc. 31, 1808. 

LucY* BiLUMGS HxMB m. (i) Dec i« 1869^ Nelaoo Ralhbum; m. (2) 
Jnne i. tSA William S. Brown, b. Jan. 28^ 1848; living in Cantón» Mass. 
CbiWm. oí «C004 ««»..: 1 

Liicy Meech, b. May 20^ i977- 

John Roland, b. Sept 26, 1878. 

Anne Walbrídge» b. Sepe ^ 188a 

Leonard R* b. Nov. s» i88s> 

Eugene Forest, bi Aug. 2, 1883. 

Mary Hodges, b. July 29^ f886; d. Oct 4t 1889. 

Dorothy» b. June» 1891. 

786 John* Stanton (Amos*, 210), d. March 4t 18I32; m. Apríl 9. 1797» 
Bathshdia Giles (dau. oí Thomas and Bathsheba [Haynes] Giles), d. Sept 
14, .18961 Oiildren: 

32S4 James, n. Mary Holdredge. 

3285 Lavtnia, d. 1825; n- Capt Ebenezer Gallup (3664N). Child: 

Lavinia S., m. Capt Charles Stanton. 
32B6 Amos» b. July 2f, 1803; m. Ardelia Stanton. 
+$¡6; Angelina, b. April 3, 1807; d. Aug. 9b 1883; m. Capt Ebeneaer 

GaUup (3664N). 
3288 John, lost ai sea; nnmarríed. 
3269 Robert, m. Jemima Guile» 

3290 Lucy, bi Jone 14, 1812; m. Sanford Williams. 

3291 Prudente, b. 1814; m. Chrístopber Palmer. 

3292 William, b. June 8^ 1829; m. Lydia M. WUliams. 

3287 AxauNA* Stanton, m. May 12, i8ati^ Capt Ebenezer Gallup 
(3664N), b. AprU t;, 1800; d. Apríl 10^ 1864. 

3293 Ebenezer, b. Feb. 14, 1827 ; m. Ellen Forley. 

3294 John N., b. March 29^ 1836; m. Mrs. Sarah (Brown) Dewey. 
+3295 Hcnry A., b. Nov. 13, 1842 ;.m. Mrs. Phebe (Peckham) Brown. 

3296 Anne B., b. July 21, 1847; m. Jan. 1, i873t ^dojMl W. McCracken 
(son oí Henry and Sarah .[Huntley] McCracken), b. Nov. 12, 
1845, Bolton, Conn. 

Cmxexlogy or tbs Cubseuough FAicay. 445 

3J98 HuftY* A. Gallup, m. Mrs. Pbebe P. Browa Childrcn: 
jagj Angie^ m. Roben S. ChapeL 

jagB Annic (twin oí abovc)» m. Cynis Allyn. Child: Ruth Gallu^ 
3299 Loqr, m. Fnnk B. BushnelL Child : Howard R. 
1300 Ourlcf Hcnry» m. Brídic May Powert. 
3301 Lisaie May, m. Joaeph Dexter Anstín. 

800 Natham* Craby (Dorothy* Coppb 2ao), m. Dec 16^ 1773. Sarah 
Ftlsner, d May iti^ 1836b aged 84 ycars; lived tii Roxbory, N. Y. Childrcn: 

+3903 Archshald, d. 19761 

3304 NaUíaiit b. Sept 34 1777; d. Nov. 14, 1777. 

33QS Pcter. 

3306 Hnmphrey, h. Apríl a3» 1781. 

3307 Nancy, m. Laurcnee Cíonk. 

3303 AacaiBALo* Cmunr, m. — — . Childrcn : 

Ardiibald; Humphrfy; Jane; Rachcl; Henrietta; María; 
Lodnda, m. «— -* Craft; Motes P., m. — — , and 

has son, W. E. Crary, oí Alhany, N. Y. 

8of Fma* CkAav (Dorothy* Cóppi 2ao), m. Dec 8; 1771, Stontngton, 
Cona, Locrctía Pklmer (dau. oí Dr. Nathan and Phebe [Billingsl Palmer)» 
hi Oct itib 1751 ; d. April aó, iSax Peter Crar/s sons, Pcter. Edward and 
John Snith Craij» iormed the paitnership of the oíd New Yoric merchants, 
P. k J. S. Oary. in Pearl street; they were patriota of the War of i8ta; 
and svbacribed |ioyooo to the War Loan. Childrcn : 

+3323 PhoBbc, h. May lo^ 1773; d. Joly 93. 1^47; n- Dr. Daniel Lord. 
3326 Edward, h. Mareh lo^ I77S; d. March 13, 1869; onmarried. 
3337 Lncretia, b. Jnly 3f, 1779» <L Sept 9^ 17801 
+3338 Peter, h. Feb. la, 1781 ; d. Nov. 3, i&ia, New York Qty ; n. E B. 

+3339 John Snñth, b. Mareh f8k i79St ^ Nov. i. i837» New York Gty; 
nL H* navena. 
3330 Giles Rn b. Sept 17» i79o: d. A«g. 7, 179S 

338$ Pbcibb* CaAKY, m. May 34 1793, Stonington, Conn., Dr. Daniel 
Lord (son of Daniel and Elisabcth [Lord] Lord) of Crotón, Conn.; b. 
Nov. 14, 1774; d. July 33, f84S Child: 

3331 Hon. Daniel, b. Sept 33, i79St Stonington, Conn. ; d. March 4t 
1868; m. May iti^ i8il^ Siisan De Forest, bi June 3, 1799; d. 
May 12, 1879. He was one of the great lawyers of New York 
Gtv; he úid bis partner, Henry Day, were Trastees nnder 
the various wills and deeds of the Astor family, and the firm 
of Lord, Day k Lord always nanaged the Astor esutcs; a 
gradúate of Yaie 1814; A. M. i8ao; LL.D. 1846. Childrcn: 

+3338 Daniel De F., b. April 17, 1819; m. twice. 


J353 Joba Cnnr, bi Marcb 7» 1821 ; m. Fcb. 1% 1846^ Mar- 
gare! Hawley. 
+3314 Phcbe Liicretia, bi May 31, 1823; »- Henry Day. 
33JS James Couper, \k Jme 22^ 1825; ^ Sept 3. 182S 

3336 James Couper, h. March 17, 1837; m. 1852» Margaretta 

H. Brown. 

3337 Sarah, b. Apríl fo^ 1829; m. Apríl 2$, x88^, Henry Craigh 


3338 Edward Crary, b. Sept 27» 1831 ; m. 1864, Emtly María 


3339 George De Forest, bi Nov. ai, 1833: a gradoáte of Yate 

x8s4S m. 1877» Francés T. Sbeltoo. 

333a Damul' Db FoaasT Lobd, m. (i) Oct 15» 1844» Mary Howard 
Batler (daiL of Gen. Benjamín F. Boller» Atlomqr*General of tbe United 
States), b. Dec. 34 1823; d. Jan. 23. i88a Chíldrcn: 

+3340 Daniel, b. June 17» 1846; d. Apríl s 1^99» New York Gty; m. 
Silvia Livingston Bohon. 
3341 Franklin Butler, b. 1850; m. Josephine Gillet. 

3340 Daiobl** Lobd, ul Silvia Livingston Bolton. Cbildren: 

334a Daniel, b. Marcb 7, 1671 ; ± Jone 20, 1893. Cbicago, IlL 

3343 Francés B., m. Oct. 2$, 1899^ Orígen Storrs Seymonr (son of 

Judge Morris W. Seymotir of Brídgeport, Conn.) ; a gradúate 

of Yale 1894* 

3334 Phibb* U LoBD, m. Henry Day, a distinguished lawjer of New Yoric ; 
one of tbe finn of Lord, Day & Lord; a Tnistee of tbe-great Astor estates; 
a graduau of Yate 184S Cbildren : 

3344 Susan Lord, m. R. Hall McConnick. Cbildren: Henrietta; 

Elizabetb ; Pbebe. 

3345 Henry Lord, b. Sept 9, 1852; d. July 8; 1860. 

3346 Elizabetb Sldnner, b. Dec. 31, 1854; d. Nov. aa^ 1891 ; m. John 


3347 John Lord, b. Apríl 13, i8S7; d. Dec 19, 1871* 

3348 George Lord, b. x8te; d. Dec. 14, 1900; m. 1896^ Adéte Mittant; 

he was a gradúate of Prínceton College 1882. 

3349 Susan De F., bi Sqit 8; 1864; m. Apríl 4t X900k Dr. Charles 


33^ Pma* CkAiY (Peter% 801), m. March 11, 1802, Stonington^ Coon., 
Elisa B. Dcnison (iSOsS), b. June 19^ 1781; d. March 3, 1848. In 1801 
Peter Crary sold all bis lands and buildings in Stonington to Asnos Pklmer 
and removed to New York Gty. Children : 

-(-3353 Lncretia Armenia, bi Jan. 5, 1803; d. July 25, 1881. 

GniBAijocy or ms CusmoDCR Family. 447 

+3aS4 Edward Charles, h. June 9. 1805; d Jan. ax, 184& 
+J355 Evelina» ti. Jone s 1807; m. Richard L FranklitL 

33S3 LvcacnA* Aimucu CkAav, m. Apríl 8; t834t James Ladlimí 
Morris, b. Aug. u\ 1796; d. Jan. aj, iQtSL Qiildren: 

1356 Elizabeth Crary, h. April ij, iSas; d. umnarried. 

+33S7 Francés, h. Jnne x, xSs6; n. Charles Bill Waring (3555N). 

J358 Locretia, b. Sept a8^ i8a6; d. unmarried. 

13S9 Edward Crary, h. July aa, x8i3o; d. Aug. 9, x86s; unmarried. 

+3360 Julia, b. June 3. ifll33; m. Gea Van Burén. 

+3361 Cornelia, h. June X4i s937; m. R. C Hellenstcin. 

4a3fe Mary Hamilton, b. Oct a6^ 1841 ; m. twiea. 

3360 JvUA* Momia, m. Aug. aSt i3^ Gen. Daniel Tompkins Van 
Burén, b. Jan. 15, iSsó; d. July id^ xSga Childrcn: 

3369 Edwin Morris, b. Oct ai, i86s; m. Oct a3, xSps. Carolina 

3364 Frands Person, b. May ax, x868L 
33^ Laurcns Hardy, b. Feb. 10^ x8Sri« 
3366 Julián Tompldns, b. June a4 X874 

3361 CouNiLiA* MoRBis, UL April 29, i9S7> Robert C Hellenstein. 

33^ Robert M., h. Nov. i, 1858; m. April 8^ 1891, Jessie Alien. 

3368 Leonard, b. Dcc. 4t 1861; d. Oct a3t 18691 

3369 James Morris, b. Dcc. a3. X8S5; Organist oí Grace Church, New 


336a Maiy* HAiciuoir Momia, m. (x) June 5, 1861, Thomas Simpsoo, 
d. April % x4;7: nu (a) Sept 19^ 1883, William Edwin Stiger. Childrcn 
of firirt marriagí: 

aSTO James Morris, b. Oct 9% x86a; d. April id^ 1864. 

+3371 Lewis Gouvemeur, b. Aug. 14, x86s; m. Helen Francés Waring. 

337a Theodore, b. Feb 19^ 1870; d. Aug. aa; x88s* 

3373 Francés Waring; b. Oct xo^ 1873; d. June aai 1874 

3374 William, b. July 24, iB7$ ; d. Nov. 29, x87S 

Child of seoond marriage: 

3375 David Milkr, b. May 6, 1883; d. June 4t t887- 

3371 Lswxs** G. SiMrsoif, m. Nov. 14. 1888; Helen Francés Waring. 

3376 Halen, b. Aug. a4 1889. 

3377 Lewis Morris, b. Oct 31, 189a 

3378 Ruth, b. April 8^ 1894» 

3379 Maiy Hamilton, b. x4g7. 

44B GKMiALOcnr or tbm Chisbhioucu Family. 

J354 Edwaro* Chabl» Duünr, m. June 20^ 1831» New York iTity» 
Cornelia Livingston Fulton (dan. oí ^Robert (U. 176S» cL i8isl and Harríet 
[Livinffiton] Fulton, nho was dan. oí Walter and Cornelia [Schuyler] 
Ltvínguoo), h. Aoff. 6, 181a, New Yoric City; d. Oet &. 18(13» New York 
Gtj. Children : 

-f 5380 Rev. Robert Fuhon, m. Agnca B. Van Kleeek. 
3381 Edward Frands, d. July 17» 1870^ k. 31 years, onmarried. 

3383 Charles Franklin. 

+3383 Ella Cornelia, n. Hermán H. Cannnann. 

3384 Lcnat d. Nov. aB, S84& 

3380 Riv. Romr* Fulion CkAiy, m. Sept 11, f86a» Agnet Boya Van 
Kleeek (daii. oí Rev. Robert Boyd Van Kleeek, D. D., and Margare! 
Schenek [Teller], dau. oí Isaac De Puyster and Elsie [Schenck] Tdler. 
He is Rector oí the Chiucli oí the Holy Comforter, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

3385 Amy ; 3386b Cornelia Fulton ; 3387» Alice ; 33B8» Ella ; 3389» Pnlton. 
3390 Edith Livingston, m. June 3, 1896^ Charles H. Von Braem 

Robetts. Children : 

339f Charlea, b. April $. 1897. 
¿jga Edith L., b. Maj xi, x8g& 

3383 Ella' Cormbua Ciaiy, ul June 5, i87s» Hermán H. Cammann 
(son oí Dr. George Philip Cammann and Catheríne Loríllard, dan. oí Jacob 
Loríllard) ; Uve in New York Gty. Children: 

3303 Edwin Charles. 

3394 Robert Fulton, d. Aug. 6b 18961 

3395 Hermann Muhlenberg, d. in inlancy. 
3as6 Herbert Schuyler. 

33SS Eviuxa' CkAiy« m. Richard Lanrenee Franklin, b. x8o8. Cbildrcn : 

+33Q7 Elixabeth Crary, b. Feb. a, f8a8; m. Samuel D. Babcock (453xS). 

3398 Evelina, m. Morton Ferris. 

+3399 Cornelia, b. Sept 12, 1831 ; »• Charles H. P. Babcock (4S32S). 

3400 Emily, d. young. 

3339 John* Smxth CtAav, m. June 30b 1812, Henríetu Havena (dan. 
oí Philetus Havcns), b. Nov. 14. X7^; d. Sept ao. x833» New York Gty. 

-f S40I Phebe Lord, b. Aug. f Ob 18x3 ; m. Chrístian Edward Detmold. 
+3409 Henríetu Lcuise» b. Oct x6b x8x^; d. Jan. ax, 1863; m. 1837» Dr. 
George Leowolf. 

*Kob«t Faltos, iarcator of the 

GmiALOGY or tbs Custmoucs PAMiLy. 449 

3403 Harríct Elisibcth, b. Aug. 31, 1817; unmaiTied. 

3404 Abbjr Lucrctia, bi May 13, i8ao; ± Kov. 6, 1821. 

3405 Manon Virginia, b. Jan. ag^ s8a6; ¿ Scpt lOb iSsS- 

3405 Phob' Lobd CaAtY, n. Joly jg^ 1835» Chrístian Edward Dctmold. 
bi Feb. la^ 1810; d. July 2, léS;. ChiMren: 

+3406 Zella Trdawny, d. Nov. 7, 1891 ; n. Nov. 93. 18^ Joacph T. 
3407 Wilhdnina» n. Scpt i6b 1869^ Coont Gastón d'Ancbot of 

3406 Zsi»LA* Dbticolp, m. J. T. Lcntilbon. Chlldren: 

340B ZcUa, m. April 3, 1893, Lient Charlcf B. Whcdcr, U. S. A. 

3409 Emily Louita, m. Apríl 19. 1894, John P. GuUford. 

3410 Mane De Toun, m. July la, iC^^ Cbester C Boynton. 

+3411 Eugcnc, m. (i) Nov. i^ 1896^ Roaa P. Buchanan; n. (3) Fch. 
J7i 1900b Florenet Bcrgh Brown (40228). 
34M jQ§€th De Toun, m. June ao^ iBs7» Loniae Everett. 

3413 Lconie. 

3414 Edwafd. 
34SS Mina. 


3402 HnniiiTTA' Loims CkAav, m. Dr. George Leowoll, b. 1809^ d. 
March 14. 1835. Chsldren: 

3416 Julia Louise, b. 1938; d. Scpt la, f887; unmarricd. 

3417 Alíred. 

3418 Henríetta, b. 1854; unmarried. 

804 JoNATHAM* CkABY (Dorothy* Copp, aao), m. June lo^ 1781, Bridget 
Brown (dau. of John Brown of Newport, R. L, and Stonington, Conn., and 
Dolly Noyes, dau. of Dr. James Noyes of Stonington, Conn.). Children (b. 
in Stonington, Conn.; bap. ^'Heteldab Woodniíí) : 

3420 Dolly d. i8S4» unmarried. 

34ai Lucretia, d. young. 

4*34aa William, bap. Aug. ^ 1807; m. Huldah . 

+34^ Amelia, bafi. Aug. 3, 1807 ; m. Abraham Van Qeel 

+3424 Eliza Lord, bap. Aug. 3, 1807; m. Nov. 27, 1817, George Duryea. 

342S PhdM, bap. Aug. 3, 1807; nt — Galway. 

+34^6 Giles R., b^i. Aug. 3, 1807; d. 1881 ; m. three times. 

34aa Wiuiax* Ciaiy, m. Huldah . Children: 

3437 William Edward, b. Sept. a4, 1815 ; d. Feb. 7, 1881 ; m. July 7, 

1859^ Julia Sayre. 
34aB John, bap. June 2$, 182a 

45P GsMiALocy or trs Chbsoiiouch Family. 

S4¡aO Gcorge DuiTca, b. July 3, f8?3; d. Dcc. 21, 188^; m. June s iBso» 

Mary Sayrc 
3490 Francés Ellzi, m. Ctpt ' Baistéw. 


3423 Ambua' CkAiY, m. Abraham Van Qcef (ion of Isaac Van Clcel 
and Dorcas [Pumyea], m. Match 37, 1769), h. July 3, 1785; cL Match 7, 
197a ChUdm: 

3431 Caroline. 

3432 Locf ctia» UL John Thonas. 

3433 Henríctta, m. Gcorge Desnond. 

3434 Anna« m. Edgar Tuttle. 

3435 Lonisc. 

3424 Elba' Lobd CkAav, nL Gcorge Doryea ol New York. C3iildrcn : 

+3436 Georgiana» m. Adrían B. Hohnes. 

3437 Edwin A., d. yoong. 

3436 GnKiAMA* DuiYEA, UL Adrían B. Holnes. Children: 

3438 Chrístína» nnmarried. 

3439 Kathryn, ul Hannon J. Blanveh. 

3440 Anna* onmarríed* 

3441 Elcanor» nL C W. Gould. 

3442 Adrían. 

3426 Gana* R. CkABY» ul (1) Emily Enery; hl (2) Tamor Ann 
Brown; ul (3) Mary Van Der Coák, Children: 

3443 WtUtanL 

3444 Charles Hcnry» d. 1866; nnmarried. 

3445 Augiisttis, d. young. 

3446 Amelia» d. youngi 

3447 James Thompson, d. 1877: nnmarríed. 
344B Frank; d. youngi 

3449 Gertnidc^ d. young. 

805 WnxiAif' CtAav (Dorothy* Coppb 220), m. 

34SO William; 3451* bobel 

81S Himy* Masón (Margaret* Cóppi 222)» d. Apríl 24. 1836^ New 
London, Conn. ; m. Apríl 21, 1782» Groton, Conn., Amey Williams (dau. ol 
Capt John Williams of Groton, Conn.), b. Oct 8; I7€i3; d. June 28^ 1840^ 
New London. Cona Children (b. in New London, Conn.) : 

3452 Heniy, b. March 21» 1783; lost at sea. 

3453 John, b. Nov. 22, 1784 : m. Paulina Goddard. 

GnnuLOGY or tbi Chbsibmuor Family. 451 

-f 34S4 Frederíck, U. March & itQT : d. Feb. 24» 1860^ Brooklyn, N. Y. 

3455 Sophia, ti. Oct 15, 1789; niunamed. 

3456 Cárolincb b. Septi iti^ 1791 ; m. Capt. James Lanphcer. 

3457 Liicy. b. Jan. 38; 1795; m. — — — MUlard. 

3458 Gurdím, b. Aprü 6, 1797; m. Faimy Wbeat. 

3459 Ralpb, b. Feb. 25, 1800; amnarried. 
3459^ l^Uiyi b. Oct I9b 1804; d. Jone 23, 1834. 

3454 Famaicx* Maíon, m. May ti^ 1812, Trenton, N. Y., Francés 
Eldredge BttUngs (dan. oí Daniel BUUngs), b. Oct ti^ 1787: d. Nov. 23. 
i853f Brooklyn» N. Y. Chíldren: 

3460 Francés, b. Jaa n, 18x3; d. Dec. 30^ 1854; n- Maiy sSi 1834 
. Norwajr, N. Y., Qiarles Stanton. 

+3461 Mary Ann, b. July 17, 1815 ; m. Oct IS l835i Norway, N. Y., 
Peter C Tomer of New London, Cornt 
346S Frederíck, b. Oct 21, 18x7: d. Sept 19. 1881. San Francisco» CaL ; 
m. Dec 8; 1842, Qotílda Smith, b. Aug. 4t 1823; d. Feb. 7t 
x85a ChOdren: 

Frederick Eldredge» b. x845> 
John EUiott, b. x84a 

3463 Sophia C b. Sept i8t 1819: onmarricd. 

3461 Maiy* Aun Masón, n. Peter Comstock Tnrner (son of Gqy 
and Grace [Gnostock] Tttrner of New L o n do n , Conn.)» b. Jone 15, 1804; 
d. Aug. lOb 1883- Children: 

3464 Frederick Masón» b. Joly X2, 1837; d Sept 23, 1864; onmarried. 

3465 Francés Masón, b. Dec 6b 1839; d. Feb. 21, 1843. 
+3466 Grace, b. Feb. 23, 1842; m. Frank H. Ama. 
+3467 Lntber G, b. Jone 8^ 1845; m. M. U Stearns. 

3468 Elisha, b. July 22, 1848; m. (x) Dec 1% i8rt, Minnie W. Harria; 

m. (2) Jobr» 1888, Ndlse Darrow. 

3469 Alice Slanton, \k Dec X5, X849; m- Sept X7, I9Q^ New London, 

Conn., John Wbitncy Barlow, Brigadier-General, U. S. A. 

3466 GtACí* TuBim, xn. April xi, x8^ New London, Conn., Frank H. 
Anns, Fsymaster, U. S. N.; b. June x, x835, Norwich, Conn.; tost in Saxnoa 
from U. S. & VamMia March 16, x88& Children: 

3469a Frank Thomton, b. Dec 9b x866; Paymaster, U. S. N. 
3469b Alioe Eldredgcb b. June ^ X87& 

3470 Gtiy Tnrner, b. April 5, 1882. 

3467 LvTBia* G. TüiNia, n. Oct i, x885t New York, Mary Louise 
Stearns. Children: 

347X Marjorie Stearns, b. Nov. 13, x88& 

3472 Alice Masón, b. Aug. % 1888. 

3473 Masón, b. May 281 X89X. 


931 Lbot. Hnrty' Stanton Con (Kathcrinc* Cóppi 22iti), m. March 
6b 1791, Maiy Q)bb (dau. oí Ebeneier and Mary [Brown] Cobb) oí Ston- 
ingtoo, Cónn.; U. Aug. 7. 17691 Chüdrcn (bi tn Norwkh, Coon.) : 

3475 Francca» b. AfiríJ J7, 179a. 

3476 Catherine, k Jone la 1794» d Scpt ai. 17961 

3477 Hcnry Hallett» \k Scpt 7» I79Í^ 

3478 Alfred, b. Dcc. S 1797- 

3479 Catherincb b. Aug. 1, i8oa 

3480 liary, b. Maicb as, 1803. 

3481 Nathan, b. Scpt 17. i&4; d. 1880^ Syraetnc, N. Y.: m. Franeca 

Siqrder. Chüd: 

3488 Franeea, m. Dr. «— — Staventon. 

8136 EuzABRU* Corp (Joaqih\ 334), 111.(1) Juna sob I779i Banjamúi 
Hcmpaiaad (ton oí Joahua and Lydía [Bnreb] Hcmpatcad), b. May 8^ 
I7S3; d. Scpt ab X798; m. (a) i&A WtlUam Harria. Cbildrcn oí tim 
narriaga (b. in New L ondo n , Coon.) : 

+348a EUaabecht b. Jtme 17. 1780; d. Sept lOb 184S: m- David Holt 
3483 Benjamín, b. May B, i;^; m. (x) Jamaba Morgan, d. Scpt 16. 
1807; m. (a) Elixabetb Granga. 
4*3484 Nancy, b. Scpt 18; X78s: d. March aBb 1835; m. Robert Holt 
+3485 Charlee Ttumer, b. Sept 18; 1785 (twin oí above) ; d. Peb. aob 

1855; m. Margare! Millar. 
+3486 Henry, b. April sá. 1788; d. Féb. & 1883; »- Nancy Barbar. 

3486a Harriet, b. Apríl 8; 1790; m. Joteph HilL 
+3487 Lydia, b. March as X794; d. A«g. ss 1876b Stockbridge, Maaa. 

348a EuzABitB' HiMpaiBAO, m. Nov. la, i8oob David Hok, K May 30b 
1779: d. Jan. 8b t8s^ Cbildrcn: 

David, b. Fetal 14, 1803; m. Oct zx 1818^ Ann Lemon. 

Mnilian, b. April aob 1805; d. Dcc. 6b 1830; munarried. 

Benjamín, b. Sept 34 1807; d. Dcc. 34 i8c7- 

Eliaa, b. June I9b 1809; nt July i, 1844» Hon. Charlea M. Barber. 

Charlea H., b. Apríl a, f8ia; d. April 7, 1813. 

Benjamín, b. March is, 1817; m. Oct 8; 1838; Loia Arní Barber. 

Daniel Morae, b. Jone 6b 1819; m. June 34 1841, Ephraim S. 

Anna, b. Dcc. 6b i8aa; m. Oct is. 1844» Daniel S. Durríe 
Harríet HUÍ, b. Feb. aob i8a6; nt Sept 6b i84gb Geoige F. laley. 
Charlea, hi March 15, i8a— ; m. Ellen Field. 
Mary, b. May a8^ 183—; m. Nov. 13, 1855, Homar Hobba. 

3484 Nancy* HsMFariAOb m. Oct 8; 1803, Robert Holt (ton oí John. 
Jr., and Martha [Coit] Holt), b. Jan. aSi 178a: d. March a, 18^ Cbildrcn: 

Martha Coit, b. July lOb 1804; d. Sept as, 1834- 

GniBALocy or ms CHisnaoucv Famu.y. 453 

Richanl Cóit, h. Dcc J3. 1805: d. Oct 18L iSs?. 

Elisa Ann, b. Sefit 1. 1806; m. Oct 26, i934. William Colfax. 

Everhardt h. Sepe 9. 1810; m. Nov. a, i934. Francés J. Colíax. 
+3488 Abigaíl Mercer, bi Mareh 3, 1814; nt Nov. 3, 1834, Hcnry G. 

Robeit. K July as, 1816; d. June ao^ 1953. 
+3489 Hcnry Williams, b. June 10, 1819: lost at sea, Aug., 186a. 

George Pottcr, b. Mareh ti^ i8si ; d. June 38; 1833. 

Hilen Oark, b. Sept 16^ 1823; d. Oct 23, i8fia; m. Sept &. 1847, 
Chcster K. Btsbo^ 

Sarah Stoddard» b. Aug. 11, i8a6; m. April 19, 185a» Oiarles M. 

a . 

Georgiana, b. July 16^ 1831 ; m. Aug. 31, 1834. Siñieoo Snith. 
George Augusius» b. ^ril f» 18(33; d. OcL 5, 1833. 

3489 Catt. HBmnr* Woliams Holt, m. June ly, 1847» Lucy Ann Alien 
Bisbop» b. Nov. as 1823; d. Jan. ay, 1881. Child: 

3490 Annie» b. Match i8t 1848; m. April 15, i8Sr3, Frederic Morgan 
Smith (son oí Nathan* D.), b. Aug. 97» 1847; Uve ia New 
Londott» Comt Childrcn: 

3491 Nathaa Holt, h. Jan. 25, 1874 

3493 Frederíck Morgan, b. Mareh 14, 1^5. 

3493 Richard Bishop, b. Nov. 5, 18761 

3494 Hcnry Holt, bi Feb. 19. x88i. 

3495 Lucy Bishopb b. July 18; 1883. 

3485 CHAiLgs* TuaNsa HiMnTiAD« m. Margaret Millar, b. July 23, 
1788; d. April I, i8l73> Childrcn: 

3496 Francés H., b. Sept S 1810; d. Aug. aa^ 1S78; m. William 


3497 Eliaabetb, b. Nov. 15» 1813» m. (i) Jeremiah Mahooey; m. (a) 

William Sisson. 
34g8 Charles, b. Mareh x, 1817; d. Jan. a6b 1863; m. Mary Champlin. 

3499 William S., b. Jan. 22, 18»; m. (i) Elizabeth Hempstead; m. 

(a) Catherine Harris. 

3488 AaiCAiL* MiBcaa Haut, ul Nov. 3, 18134, New London, Conn., 
Hcnry G. Dennis. Childrcn: 

3500 Augustus, b. Dcc. 27, 18361 
350X Abba IL. h. Dcc. 27 f x837« 
3503 Ann R, b. July 7, 184a 

3503 Hcnry, b. April 30^ 184a. 

3504 Sarah B., b. Nov. 9b 184& 
35Q5 Francia B., b. May 30^ 1855. 

454 Gbnbauky or tbb Cbiseuoucs Family. 

34B6 Hnrty'- Hempítiad, m. Aug. 7, iSoQ, Nancy Barber, b. Aug. 17» 
1790; ¿ Jan. 13» 1973' Childrcn: 

3506 Henry Pmtís, bi July a» 1809; d March 6^ i8Sr4; m. Sefit 3, 
184S» Lucgr KcaniQr. 
+3507 Nancy» b. Aug. 3, 1811 ; ¿ Scpt 29, 1894; m. Hcnry Coit. 
350B Benjamín Barber, b. Aug. og, 1813; d. May 11, x897: unmamed. 

3509 John Prentú» bi Oct 21, i8is; d. May 35, 1863; m. (i) June 18, 

1844» Abl9 A. Creen; n. (a) Harríet Layroen. 

3510 Deniflon, b. Oct a 1B17; d Jan. 4. 1895; m. July 18L 1844» Francés 


3511 Harríet, b. Jan. 19, i8ao; d. June iti^ 1900; m. Febí 39, i852, 

Danid Lee. 
351a Diaa, bi Dec. 1, 1S13; d. May as, 1884; m. Oct i, i8s7» Ellen 

35'3 Coít, b. Marcfa ao^ 1837 ; d June lOb 1831. 

3514 Wolcott, b. June lOb 18^; d. June 33, 183a. ] 

3515 George Washington, b. Jan. 5, 1833; d. March 8, 1875; un- 


3507 Nancy* HsMPSTgAa, m. May lá, 1830^ Heniy Coít Chíldren : 

3Si6 Martha Ann, K March 8; 1831 ; m. June 33, 1863, Henry Pember. 

3SI7 Henry, b. Jan. ft 1834; ¿ May 3, 1869; unmarríed. 

3Si8 Nancy Barber, b. Apríl 30^ 1836; m. Maich 4. i8S5» D- Wrigbt 

3519 Oiarlotte R^ b. St¿L 24 i8i3& 

3Sao Harríet Elíaabetb, b. June lá, 1841 ; d. Febí 37, 1877. 

3487 Lysia* HiiimiA^, m. 1814, Lother Flumb (seeond wíle), h. 
1778; Richmond, Mass.; d. Nov. 33, 1831, Albany, N. Y. Chíldren: 

4*3331 Mary Dísabeth, b. June lOb 1815 ; d. 1897 : m- Leví Wíllard. 

4*3323 Harríet, b. i8s8; m. 1840^ Erastus Burghardt 

+3533 Henry Luther, b. Peb. a8^ t8ao; d. Jan. 18^ 1894; tn. twice 

3534 WUlíaní R, b. Jan. 11, 1833; d. 1894. 

3535 Jerome Bonaparte, b. i8a6; d. June 9^ s86i. 

3536 Charles Hempttcad, bi i8a8; d. 1900; was furopríetor oí the Red 

Líon Inn, Stockbrídge, Mass. ; m. 1867, Mert Heaton. 

3537 Francés Ellen, h. 1831 ; d. May 13, 1864. 

3S3I MAaY* Elbabctb Plumb, m. Levt Wíllard. Chíldren: 

3538 WíUíam W., b. 1844; nt Kítty Dorkm: Chíldren: Grace; 

Mary E. 

3539 Sarah P. W., bi 1849; m. Austín G Gorham. Chíld: Grace. 

3533 HAaaixr* Plumb, m. 1840, Erastus Burghardt. Chíldren: 

3533 John H., b. 1841 ; m. Abby Curtís. 

3534 Francés E., b. i8s^ 

3535 Charles P., b. 1846; m. Alíce Palmer. 

GmiALocY or thb Chwiwoiioh Family. 455 

1536 Edward K, b. 1849; m. x970b Eman Fasrehild. 
3517 Maiy E^ b. 1954; m. i97«\ John F. Bailcjr. 

3538 Wallace W.. ti. 1856; m. Lucy Palmer. 

3Sa3 Hnny* L. Plumb, m. (i) Oct 2, 18451 Sarah Stiiart (dan. ol 
Jcremiah Stuart), ¿ March 24. 1848^ Stockbrídge» Masa.; m. (2) July i&, 
1850^ Francci S^moor. Child oí first marríagc: 

3539 Charles Stnart, b. Fcb. ift 1847; n- ^h Esiher Webster of 

Pittsfield, Mass. Children: 
Henry W., b. i8Sr4* 

Children of sccond marriage: 

3540 Anhur Wtllard, b. March 18; 1853; propríctor of the Maplcwood 

Hotel, Pitufield, Mass. ; m. 1897» Nellie Duprey. Child : 
Francés Josette^ b. Oct 12, 1897. 

3541 Harry S^ymour, b. i8fi2 ; m. 1889^ Ada L. Shepardson of Pitts- 

field, Mass. Children: 

3543 Francés P., b. 1891. 

3543 Anhur W., b. 1893. 

3544 Osear R^ b. 1897. 

3545 Ivan S.. b. 18991 

837 JosiPH* Cépp (Joseph*, 224), m. Hannah Crary (8a3N)» d. Apríl 
2S 181& Children: 

3549 Betsey, b. 1781 ; unmarríed. 

3550 Hannah, d. Jan. 26^ 1808^ in her 2xst year; unniarríed. 

3551 Nanqrt d: Nov. 5, 1806^ in her lyth year; bitríed in Stonington 

3552 Joseph, b. 1791 ; d. Nov. 17, 1841 ; onmarríed. 

3553 María Adaline, b. Dec. 9. 1794; d. Aug. 29^ 1863; m. Dec 2, 1825, 

Samuel Waríng, b. June 30^ I79> ; d. July 31, 1831. Children : 

3554 Samuel Copp^ b. Aug. 18; 1826; lost on the Areiic Sept. 

«7» 1854. 
+3555 Charíes Bill, b. Apríl 15, i8a8; d. Oct 12, 1854; m. 
Francés Morrís (3357N). 
3556 James Wilson, b. July 9^ 1830; d. Sept xob i83i- 

3555 Cbailss* Bu. WAaiMC, m. May 2, 1850^ Francés* Morrís, b. June 
I, x82d Children: 

3557 George Webster, b. Nov. 12, 1851 ; d. Feb. 22, 18561 

3558 Eltzabeth Morrís, b. Sept. i, 1853; m. Apríl 17, 1873, Frederíc 

Raymond Lefferts (son of Marshall Leffeits), b. Oct 8; 185a 
Children : 

456 GcifXAUxnr or tbm Cmsmouos FAuíLt. 

ISfo May Waríng, bi May a, 1674; »- Feh. ii« 1897, Sclah 
Brewtter Stfoiv. Child: Thoinas Shcpard* b. Jan. 
381 1808. 
Fredcnc R^ Jr^ b. Aug. a, i97S 

I56S Francés Morría, b. Jan. 30^ 18^; d Apríl 13, 1882. 

3563 Elizabcth, b. Oct 3, iQtR 

3564 Evelina Franklin, b. Aug. % 1880; ± Aug. 8^ 1881. 
35^ Caiyl, b. Jan. 16b 1883. 

3566 Charlea Waríng. b. Sefit xi, 1884: d March aSi 189a 

8(38 Racbsl' DiMiaoN Copp (Jotcph% 224), d. 1839; m. Dcc ix, 1791 
(leoond wtíe), ^Samuel Edgecombe (ton oí Deacon Samuel and Dorothy 
tSmith] Edgecombe oí Groton, Coon.), bu Fefai a8^ 1760; d. Fefai as 1843- 

3568 Julia, b. Dec ot, 179a; d. June 8; 1851 ; m. Jan. 1, 1815. Edmund 


3569 Samuel, b. May ^ 1794; d. Jan. 26, 1819; unmarried. 

3570 Sarah, b. Jan. 7. X796; d. Feb. 18; 1864: m. Ftb. 13, 1820^ Daniel 


3571 Albert, b. Scpt 30^ X797; d. July 7» x8Sr4: m. (x) Aug. 29^ x8x9. 

Mary Bell; m. (2) Feb. 20^ xa22, Lncy Aveiy' m. (3) May 2X, 
x826b Claríssa H. Fisb; m. (4) Sept 30^ X867, Emily Burrowt. 
3579 Harríet, b. March xá^ x8oo; d. March 9^ 18137; m. Dec X4, x8a8^ 
Sanford MorgaxL 

3573 Daniel, b. Jan. 2, x8o2; m. (x) June 2, X834, Harriet Aabbey; in. 

(2) Sept a, X827, Esther Standish. 

3574 John, b. Aug. 26, X803; d. Nov. 24, xg78; m. Aug. x, lEaó» Atbf 


^Samuel Edgecombe nt (x) March xa X788» Katy Williams oí Stoning* 
ton, Conn., who d. Dec. 26^ X79a Children : 

Mary, h. Sefit 24 X789; d. Sept 7» X843; m. Jan. 24 x8xa John 

S. Moxley. 
Katherinc, h. Dec X3, X790: d. Dec. 4 x$78; m. Aug. ti^ x8x5, 

Gilbert Morgan. 

84a Damul* Cépp (Joseph*, 234), m. 1795» Sarah Allyn (dan. oí Joseph 
and Mary [Belton] Allyn). 

+1579 Belton Allyn, b. May 22, X796; d. March s ^^ 
+3580 Daniel Denison, b. July 8; X798; d. March X3, x8s9; m. Eunice 
3S8x Sarah María, b. June 2, x8ox ; d. July 30, j868L 
-f 3582 Rev. Joseph Addison, b. X8Q4: d. Nov. 7, X869; m. Phedora 
3583 Georgc 
+3584 William, d. Dec. 15, 1889; m. Charlotte 

GmiALOGY or tbb CHSsoMnioB Family. 457 

-|-J59$ Elia, d. June, 1889^ c 76 yean; m. Shubad Mccdu 
-fl58^ Maír Elitabeth. d. Apríl 10^ 1870^ m. 61 yean; m. Heseldah 

3579 Bilton' Aixyn Copp, m. Aug. is 1833. Betsey Aim Barber, bi 
Nov. ay, 1809; d Se|it 9, 1894. Children: 

-f 3SQ7 Ellcn Barber, b. July 20, 1834 ; m. Chríttopher Avery. 

-f3588 Sarah María, b. May 29. 1836; m. Frank Larabee. 

3589 Daniel, b. March 4, 1^38; imraarríed 

3590 John JcneRh, b. June 38; 1840; m. Apríl 5, i^ Dlen Chestcr 

3501 Cathcríne Burdkk, b. Aug. 37, 184a ; umnarríed. 
3593 George D., b. Nov. jy, 1845» d. Jan. 26, 1853. 

3503 JaH^t b* Aug. 13, 1848; unmarríed. 

3504 Willlam, b. FeK a, i8sx ; unmarríed. 

+2505 Belton Allyn, b. Jaa 8, 1854; m. Betiey W. Avery. 

35Q7 Elum* BAaMa Cépp, m. Nov. 1, 1870^ Chrístopher Avery. 

3S06 Oirístopher, b. Sept 4. 187a. 

3597 Mary Jane, b. Aug. 14, i97S 

3588 Saiah' MAau Corp, m. Aug. 15. 1862, Frank Larabee. Children: 

3598 Rachel, b. June ao^ 1863. 

3500 Kate, b. Nov. 15, 1865; d. May 11, 1883. 

3600 Bftsey Barber, b. Apríl S, 1974. 

3595 BiLTON* AixvN Cépp, Ja., m. Oct. 18; i88a^ BcUqt Wood Avery. 

3601 Behon Allyn, b. Sept I, 1883- 
3603 Emily Avery, b. Feb. 7» 188& 
3603 Joieph Addiaon, b. Dee. ay» 18891 

3580 Damiil* DticiaoN Cépp, m. Apríl 8, i$3a, Eunice Walda 

+3604 Mary, m. Feb. 7, 1855 CoL Aaron Wilbnr. 

3605 Charles, d. June la^ 1873 • unmarríed. 

3606 Sarah, b. 1838; d. March a5, 1863; m. Dcc, 1860^ James H. 

+3607 Fedora M., d. Dec i, 1866; m. Junius McNulty. 

3608 Daniel, b. Aug. 5, 1845; d. June 10^ 184& 
+3609 Louisa W., d. March 35, lí^; m. 1867, Alexis MeNulty. 

3604 Mxay' Can, m. CoL Aaron Wilbur. Children: 
3610 Henry W.; 3611, Mary A.; 36ia^ Fedora L; 3613, Minnie L. 

4S8 dmALocnr or thb Cbesowuoh Faiolt. 

3614 Satie E., m. April jo^ 1895» Schuyler C Bnndt Chfldrcn 

¿óis Schiqrler, b. Joly jo^ 1808. 
3616 Son» h. 1900. 

3582 Rfv. JottFH* AonsoN Corp, m. Fedora Ishan, d Scpt 5, 1900^ 

j6i7 Laun, b. 1847- 

3618 Loicrecia, b. 1849; m. F. W. Edgar; Uve ia Easton, Pa. Childrcn: 
Fedora, b. s88o; Hairy, b. 1882. 

3584 WnxiAM* Corp, nt Charlotte Lindtay. ChildrcD: 

3621 María, b. 1840; Uves in Prcaooc, Wis. 

36» Joaeph, b. 1843, 

3623 Bcnjaniíi. 

jfiA4 AUce. 

3585 EuzA* Cérp, m. Shubad Mecch. Childrcn: 
363$ Charlet, Uves in Lebanon, Cona ; 36adb EUaa. 

3S85 MAmr* Eusabitk Copp, m. April 17» i8l32, Hockiah Mecch, b. 
l8|pi, d. May, 1884. Childrcn : 

3627 Sarah, b. Dcc 20, 1833. 

3636 María, bi March 14, 1835; d. f88a 

3609 1^2ry E^ b. March ti^ 1843; liveí in New Haven, Comí. 

3607 FkMRA* Mabcabet Corp, m. 1861, Junius CampbcU McNnlty. 

3^ Eva Fedora, b. Oct i^ 1862. 
3631 Asthor Wilbor, b. Oct ift 1864. 

3609 Louisa' Walso Cüpp, m. May, 1867, Alexia McNolty. Childrcn : 

363a Florencc Eloise, b. March $, 1868; d. onmarrícd. 

3633 Aaron Wilbor, b. Oct 6b 18691 

3634 Alexis C b. Oct 3> 1973; sn- Se^ lo^ 1896^ Edna Lccda. 
ÜíS Lonis Frank, bi Jnly 17, 1875- 

844 KATRiaiMB* CüPP (Joseph*, 224), m. (f ) 1794. Jasper Avciy (100 
oí Capt Jasper, bi 1743 and killed at Fort Gríswold, Conn., Sept &, iT^Xt 
and Eliaabeth [Snúth] Avery oí Crotón, Cona), b. Dcc, 1768; lost at sea 
in i8oe; m. (2) Joly 8; i8qs» Jssper Morgan (ton oí William Avery Mor- 
gan (b. Nov. 24, I7S4] and Lydia Smith [dau. oí Nathan Morgan oí Crotón, 
Conn.], who ni. May 4, 1776), K Jan. 3, 1783; livcd in Crotón, Conn., and 
Washington, Mass. Childrcn oí first narriage: 

4fo Giinuuxnr or tbi Chwctmwiügh FAicay. 

1861, Charles Dresbach (ton of Samuel Drcsbach) ; livc m Yookert, N. Y. 
Childrcn of firtt marriage: 

jM Henry AogutCut» k Fcbi 6^ 1837; d. Jan. 4, 1869; munarried. 
3647 William Frederíck. k Iday la 1842 : Hves in New York City. 
jM Georgc^ b. May is> i845« 

Ja^er Morgan's wife, Katherine (844N), d. Joly 7» iSaa, and he m. (2) 
Ifareh la x8a3, Abigail Chaffee of Windaor, Conn.» who d. Jan. 31» 193^; 
he m. (3) Sept la» 1833, Sarah liícCatiley Gillet of Windsor» Conn., and 
had two children. Hta brother, Deniaon Morgan, m. Oct la xSiSi Urania 
Bralnard, and they were the párente of Rev. Dr. Wniiam Ferdinand Mor- 
gan, Rector of St Thomas's Oinrch, New York Gty ; b. Dec 21, x8i& 

36143 * MoncAif^ n. Orlando Jocelyn. Childrcn: 

3649 Nina, UL — Vyie; 3$S0^ Edward; 36sXf Grace. 

845 JoMATHAJf* Cort (Joa^*, 334), n. — — - . Child: 

3(sa Samuel, m. — — — . Children: 

3653 Samuel 

3654 Mary, m. Lconard Williams. 
3^5 John. 

3656 David, unmarried. 

846 NiHgiiiAH* Gallup (Hannah* Masón, 227), m. Jan. 28; 17813^ 
pf>«hf»h Brown (sister of Elijah Brown), d. x8oo^ Grocon, Conn. Qiü- 
dren (k in Groton, Conn.) : 

. 3^ Elizabeth, k Nov.* 10^ 1783- 

3^ Nehemiah M., k Fek 12, 1785; d. Jan. 21, 1871; m. April 26^ 
1812^ Hnldah Wheeler of Stonington, Conn. 

3659 John S., k Apríl Si X787- 

3660 Orenda, k March 8^ 1790L 

3661 Elisha, k June 22, 1792 ; m. March 31, s8i6b Content Wheeler 

of Stonington, Conn. 
366a Luke, k Apríl 17, 1794. 

3663 Surviah, k Oct i6b 179& 

3664 Capt Ebeneser, k April 27, 1800, Ledyard, Cona; d. March lOb 

1863; m. (I) 1822, Lavinia Stanton, 3^N (John, 786N) ; m. 
(2) May 12, 1B26, Angeline Stanton (3287N). 

847 EuNiCE* Gallup (Hannah* Masón, 227), m. Oct 16^ 1783» Samuel 
Dennss (son of Benjamín and Thankful [Bliss] Demis), k May 4, 1756; 
d. Aug. 31, 1821. Children: 

3665 Eunice, k March 22, 1785. 

3666 Henry, k Oct 9, 1786. 

3667 Anna, b. March 10^ 1788L 

GncsAUxnr or thb CiritfwroüOH FAMity. 461 

3668 Benjanrin, k May 5, 1789. 
$669 Betscy, k March 21» 17^ 

3670 Jarcd Gallufi» h. June 18L 1796; n. (i) Jnly 7» iba, Lorfanamiy 
Dayit; m. (2) Aug. 4 1833, Nancy A. Congdoo. 

849 Anbuw* Gaixup (Hannah* Masón, 227), m. Dec. i^ 1792, Nancy 

3671 Etmk^ bu Jan. i6b 1794; d. July a^ i877f Norwieh, Conn.; n. 

March i6b i8a3» Benjamín Rotisc 

3672 Nancy, k Oct 15, I79S; d. Feb. 2, 1^75; m. (i) March is> 1839, 

Asa Bamcs; m. (2) Charles Bottolph. 

3673 Harríet, b. Sept 20, 1798; d. Apríl 8L 1888. 

3^4 Saiah Allyn, h. July 27» 1804; d Sept 20^ 1822; m. Sept 13, 1822^ 

*""— Denison. 
3674a Andrew Henry, k March 29, 1811; d. May 15, 1886; m. (1) 

Nancy (Greene) Ayer; m, (2) Mary Lyman. 
3675 Asa Lyman, k F«k 22, 1814; m. Dec 9, i&a Hliaa Galliip (dan. 

of Nehemiah t3658N] and Hnldah [Wheeler] GaUup). 

850 Jahp* Gallut (Hannah* Masón, 227), m. Mary Whipplc, k April 
4. 1774; d. 1842; he was a ship master and Jnstice of the Peace in Presión, 
Cona Children (k tn Presten, Conn.) : 

+3676 Joseph Henry, k Sept 14, 1808; d. May 23, 1861, Norwieh, Cona 
+3677 Henry Joseph, k Fek xi, 1810; d. Nov. i, 1882; m. Eliiabeth 


3676 Jostra* ÜBUBY Gaixup, m. Nov. 24, 1834, Sarah Parísh of 
Brooklyn, Cona ; he was a gradúate of Yak CoUege iBaj, and a mathe* 
matídan and astronomer. Chtld: 

3678 Sarah Josephine, k July 8L s837; a Charles Gibson of AK 

bany. N. Y. 

3677 Hnray* Jostra Gaixup, m. Elisabeth Fox, k April 22, 1824, 

East Hartford, Cona ; lived tn Poqnetannock, Cona Children : 

3679 Heniy Jared, k May 11, 1851. 
3tto Mary Elisabeth, k Jone 26^ i8sS- 

3681 Wniiam Clarenee, k April 7, i8s8l 

3682 John Masón, k May 31, 1861 ; d. Aug. 31, 1865. 

For other descendantt of Hannah Masón Gallup (227N) see GaUup 

Sp MtBiTAtUE* Masón (Andrew*, 228), m. Jaa 9» vn^ Thomas 
Crary of Groton, Cona (son of Nathan and Dorothy (Wheeler] Crary), 
k Oct I, 1744; d. Nov. 4 i8¡34. Children (k in Stonington, Cona) : 

+368^ Thomas, k Jaa 11, 177S; d. Dec. 28; 1851; m. Polly Holmes. 



3688 Mary, k Maich 2S, i777l <L Jin. 27, 1866; m. Hempttctd. 

J669 Masón, b. Nov. 15, 1779; d. Sept. 20^ 1855; m. — — — Bcach of 


3600 Eimice, h. May as, 178a ; nt Tylcf of Albaqy. 

+J691 Cynthia, bi May ai, 1786; m. Nathan Chcsebrough (5s6N). 

369a Ajsot, b. May 16, 1788; d. Dec 11, x86g^ 

3693 Andrew, b. Jnly 7, 1790; d. Aog. 22^ i8sa; mmiarried. 

3694 Ephraim, b. Feb. 5, 1793; d. March as, 1830. 

3695 Jabea, b. Apríl i, 1796; d. Feb. 29, 187a; uninarríed. 

3667 Thomas* CtAicy, m. Fek 2, 1797, Polly Holmes (dan. of Jcre- 
miah and Elizabetb Sanford tFrínk] Hoimca), b. Oct 8L X77B; d. Marcb 
ft 186a. Qiildrcn: 

-1-3697 Calven, b. Aug. 11, 179B; d. June i, 1878. 
+3698 Mehitabel M^ b. May i6b x8oi ; d. July, 1889. 

3607 Calvut* CiAiy, m. Marcb. la^ 1833, Elisa HUÍ, b. Dec i, 1803; 
d. Oct as, 1897. Cbíldren: 

+31699 Horace H., b. Attg. 29, i8a4; d. Jone 10, x89& 

3700 Mary, b. July ai, i8s6; d. March 26^ s83a 

+3701 Joaqih Masón, b. Dec 31, i8a8. 

+3702 Mary Ann, b. Jan. 30^ 1831 ; m. John A. Yoong. 

-i-3703 Thonuu, bu Jan. aa, 1834; m. Francés M. Bradley. 

H-37Q4 Deníson, b. Oct la, 1836; m. E. J. Hoxíe. 

-Í-370S George, b. Oct 29, 1839; ol May A. Fish. 

+S7c6 Jerry, b. June 14, 1843 ; m. Laura A. Dunham. 

4*3707 Sarah Esther, b. April a4, 1845 •' m. Denison Fish. 

The forcgoing family are rcmarkable for their great sise. The 
of the lather, Calven* Crary, was 6 feet, weight a3S pounds. 
Horace, height 6 feet 4 tnches, weight a68 pounds ; Joseph M^ height $ feet 
IX inches, weight aoo pounds; Thomas, 6 feet a inches, weight 164 pounds; 
Denison, height 6 feet a inches ; weight 184 pounds ; George^ height 6 feet 
I indi, weight 170 pounds; Jerry, height 6 feet, weight aoo poundt— being 
aa average height of over 6 feet i inch and aoi3 pounds in weight 

3699 HoRACB* H. CtAicy, m. Oct 3, 1853, Polly Burr, d. July, 1899^ m. 
66 years; lived in Binghamton, N. Y. Children: 

3708 Enmu, k Sept 4$ i859> 

3709 Grace A., b. Jan. 3, 1865. 

. 37x0 Thomas B., b. Sept a6b x86& 
37X1 Calven, b. April 3, x868L 
37xa Mary E., b. Aug. a, 187& 

3701 JoscPH* Masón Cbaby, m. Ann B. Hill, b. Sept 2^, i83S; Uves 
in Jersey Gty, N. J. Children : 

37x3 Ida, b. March 4, 1836. 

GufSALooír or tbs CuamoucH Family. 463 

3714 £diuit bu Sept 20, 197a 
J7I5 Giissi^ b. Oct 9b iQt^- 

37U Masy* Akn Ouünr, m. John A. Yotmg. b. Apríl 3, 1835; lived 
in Wtiren, P^ Cbildrcn: 

5716 Carne, b. Joly 23, 185& 

1717 Isabel, b. July 3, M7. 

3718 Joseph. bu Feb. ai, 1869; d. 1^7^ 

3719 Charlotte, b. Sept 7» i^3- 

37Q3 Tromas* CáAKY, m. Sept M. iB6s, Francés M. Bradley, b. Nov. 
acM8tf; Uve m Hancock» N. Y. aildren: 

3730 Rofcoe, h. April 31, i8^. 
3721 Láveme, b. April 35, 18691 
3733 Deloe, b. Sept % 1884. 

3704 DiNtsoN* Cbaiy, m. Aug. 50, 1^71, Elma J. Hoxi^ b. Ang. 31, 
1849; Uves in Canisteo^ N. Y. Children: 

3733 Warner P^ b. May 37, 187^; d. i87& 

3734 Edward &, k Joly 2, i873- 

3735 Preston, b. Nov. 15, 1875. 

3736 J. Denison, b. Aug. 33, i877- 

S7^ Grant H., b. Aug. 39^ 1879; d. 1881. 

3738 Hetty Aiin, b. Nov. 8; 1881. 

3739 AUen Hoxie, b. Nov. 13^ 1883* 

3730 Amcy, b. i88s 

3731 Horace, b. i88^. 

3705 GioncB* CaASY, m. Jone iSt 1869^ May A. Fish, h. June 6, 1840; 
Uve in Liberty, N. Y. Children: 

5733 Ella, b. Ang; 7, 187a 

3733 Lnde, b. Nov. 39^ 1871 ; d. iB^ 

3734 Howard, bu April 26, 1^3; d. 1B79. 

3735 Willie, b. May ft 1875. 

3736 Jcnni^ b. Fch. 3i, 1878L 

3706 Jtaar* Cbaiy, m. Sept 13. i87a Laura A. Dunham, b. April 33, 
1846; Uves in Sheffield, Pa. Children: 

3737 Horace A., b. June i, 1873- 

3738 Miner D^ bu Aug. 4, 187S 

3739 Oaic Y., h. April 3, 1878. 

3740 Marión, bi Dec. 17, i88a 

3707 Sabah* EsTBia Craby, m. Jan. 33, 1873. Denison Fish, b. March 
31» 1839; Uves in Liberty, N. Y. Children: 

464 Oanáiaat or tbx CBBStnouea pAiciLy. 

3741 Rtlph M^ b. Sept 10^ i979i 
5743 DcniíoQ, b. Oct 15, 1884. 

. 369B HsBiTAiB.* M. Ceaby, m. Nov. 7» ifiai» James Mortoo. ChOdrai: 

5743 üiay E^ b. üiay. S824. 

3744 Thomai Cniy» b. Dcc. 182^ 

5745 Jay. k Aprit 1844. 

QS3 NnuiAa* Masox (Andreir** 198N), m. Nov. 6, 1782, Bridgel 
Denstoo (dan. oi Deacoo Joteph and [Mrt.] Brídget [Noyet. Wbeder] 
Dcnisoo). b. Idarch 23, 17613. (Joaqih» George and Mercy [Gorham] 
Deoíioo— «11 detccndantt are Mayílowers.) Qiildren: 

3746 Mary, k June Si S743: n- Nov. 13» 1806^ Amoa Minar. Child: 

AmÍM, b. Ang. 20^ 1807. 

3747 Mdittabel, b. Sept 19^ 1784; m. Alexandcr Latham. 

3748 BrídgeC, b. Apríl % 178& 
3740 Andrew, b. Jone 2^ 178& 
3750 Joaeph, b. Aprü 4» I790L 

-I-3751 Daniel, b. July 23» 1792 : m. Hannah* S. P. Williaau. 
37S3 Peleff» b. Ang. 30, 1794. 
3753 Ndiemiah, b. Nov. 14, i8oa 

3751 Daxbl* Masón» m. Feb. 10^ 1817, Hannah' Stanton Ptindersoo 
WUliams. 933AN (dau. of Tbankfnl* Williasis, 933N)» b. Match &, 1796^ 
Siaoingtoo, Cooa ; d. March 9^ 1857» Mason's Island, Conn. Qiildren (b. 
on Mason's IsUnd, Stonington, Conn.) : 

3755 Hannah, bu Dec 4, 1817; d. aged 6 years. . 

3756 Daniel, b. Apríl 22, 1819; d. Aug. 7» 1845» Dixon» IlL 

3757 BrídgeC, b. Jan. 17» 1821 ; «unasried. 

-1-3758 Mafy» b. Oct 14 1822; m. June 2, 1847» Alexander F. Yomg. 

3759 Hannah, b. Sept 28; 1825; d. Jnly 26^ 1887. Mason's Island. 

3760 John, b. Jan. 28^ 1828. 

3761 Andrew, b. Feb. 28; 183a 

3762 Elizabcüi, bu Apríl 17» 1S32; n. John G. Colgfove of Taylor- 

vflle, IlL 

37S8 Masy* Masov» n. A. F. Yoong; Uve in Mystíc» Conn. Children : 

3763 Mary Eliiabcth, b. Jnne i. X849; d. Oct 7» 1849^ 

3764 Mafy Augusta, bu Jan. 13, 1852. 

3765 Alice Elisabcth, b. Sept 12, i8s3- 

3766 Ella Louise, b. Pek xi, x8¿ 

865 Pbdk* Halsky (Jeremiah*, 233), m. Feb. 8» 1795, Hexddah 
Goddard (first wife) (son of Daniel Goddard of Shrewsbufy, Mass., and 
wife, Mary Willard of Grafton, Mass.). Children (b. in Preston, Conn.) : 

GiiftALocY or THS CKtsiMKMiea FAicii.y. 465 

3794 JeraiiMh. b. Scpt 18» 1795- 
1795 Pftnlii». h. Jane 3, 179& 

868 Sally* a. Halsby (Jereiiiiah\ 233). m. Febí 1» 1807, Hexddah 
Goddard (tecood wiíe). Chiíd: 

3796 Heieksmh MílUrd, b. Oct 21» 1807. 

Hezddah Goddard m. (3) Jan. 27, 1810^ Eunice Rathbonc (dau. of 
John and Eunice [Wells] Rathbonc of New York City). 

ig7 Abigail* Avoy (Isaac*. 239)» nt April la 1800^ Elisha Crary 
(son oí Oliver Crafy), h, Febu 8L 1761. Chtldren: 

3800 John Brewster, b. Dec 22, 1800; d. Jone 5» 1844. 

3801 Elisha Avery, b. Apríl 25» 1802; d. March 27. 1855. 

3802 Isaac Edwtn, b. Oct 2, 1804; <L May 8L 1854. 

3803 William Grant, k Nov. 26, 1808; d. July 25. 188I 

3804 Abby, bu May 27, 1813; m. Apríl 12, 1840» Warren Gx>k. 
+380$ Lucy» b. May 4» 1815; d. Jan. 17, igoo; m. Dec I3f 1843, Chester 

Smith Prentice. 
3806 Oliver Wolooct» bu Dec 21, 1819; m. Apríl 19^ 1864, AgneChe 

380S LucY* CáABY, m. Chester Snñth Prentice (Samuel), b. Aug. 15, 
1816. North Stonington. Q>nn.; d. March 1» i8g7, Preston, Coon. Chtldren: 

3807 Jttdge Samuel Osear, b. Aug. 8, 1850; Judge of the 

Court ; lives in Hartford, Conn. ; m. Apríl 24, 1901, Anne Comb 
Post (dau. of the late Andrew J. Post) of Jersey City, N. J. 

3808 Isaac Herbert. b. Oct i, 1853; m. Aug. 14, 1883, Henríetta 

Vickers Hopkins. 

3809 Charles Franklin. b. Nov. 26b 1857; d. Dec 9, 1857. 

go4 Hamiiam* Hbwht (Hannah* Stantoo, 242), m. Jan. 26, 1783, Col. 
Joseph Smith (son of Joseph and Zipporah Smith), b. July 6b 1755* Chil- 
dren (b. in Stonington, Cooa) : 

+3810 Jos^, b. 1784; d. Feb. 27, 1846; m. Nancy Eells. 
3811 Heniy, b. May 25, 1788; d. Apríl 16b 1866; m. Dec 8^ 1824 Abby 
D. Pabner (2969S). 
-1-38x2 Charles H., bi May 8, 1790; m. twicc 

38x3 Nathan, bu Apríl 5, 1792; m. Charlotte D. Eells. 
-1-3814 Nancy, b. March 19^ 1794; m. Alexander G. Smith (4097S). 
3S15 Giles Crary, b. Dec 2, 1797 : m. Hannah Wheder. 
3816 Mary, b. Scpt 14, 1800; m. Nov. 29, 1829^ John D. Palmer 

3810 Jostra* Smith, m. Féb. 9. 1806, Nancy Eells (dau. of Capt 


466 GmxALooY or tbb CBStmouGR Family. 

Joicph aod Alma [Sunton] Eells), bi Sepe. ii. 1786; d. Nov. ij, 1^75. 
CbiJdren (h. in New London, Conn.) : 

3817 Bctscy Eells, k Oct 24» 1806; d. Nov. 26^ 180& 
+3818 JoKpb Eells. b. Fek 27, 1808; d. March 15, i8g3; la Abby 

Shcffield Chesebrottgh (lógoN). 
+3819 Aime Elixa, b. Nov. 23, 1809; d. April i, i8g6; m. John F. 

Tmmbull (sccond wile). 
+38ao Mana Lousse» b. Aug. 24, i8x i ; m. twíce. 
3821 Charles Henrr* h. July 19^ 1813, Oxford, N. Y.; d. Aug. ai, 1888: 

m. Oct 3, 1844, Asm Shcffield French. 
3Ba3 Charlotte Niles, b. Oct 31» 1816; d. July la iSg;; la Olivcr 
York, Jr. 
+3823 Sttsan Mafy, bu Sept 13, 1818; m. Benjamin Franklin Palmer. 
987N (sccond wile). 
'3824 Nathan Giles, b. Sept 28, 1820; m. Lucy Ann Pendleton (3091S). 

3825 Samuel Newell, b. July 20^ 1823. 

3826 Benjamin Eells, bi March x, 1826; m. May 24, I&|9^ Catherine 

3B27 Edward S., b. Sept i. i8a6; m. May 5, 1851, Sarah Boyden. 

3819 Akn' Elisa Sictrn, m. Sept 21, 18291 John F. TrumbuU (son oí 
John and Lucy TrumbuU), b. July 21, 1796; d. Oct 28; i974* Children: 

3838 Edwin B., bi June $# 1830; m. May 17, 1864, ^len P. Hakes. 

3819 John F., bu Nov. 21, 1831. 

3830 Elisa Niles, b. July 15. 1833; m. Hon. Henry C Robinson oí 
Hartford, ComL 

-I-3B31 Harríet, b. March* 25, 183B; m. Ira H. Pahner (4000N). 

3832 Locy, b. Dec 13, 1841 ; m. D. W. Hakes. 

3833 Stiles Slanton, b. Dec. 30, 1843. 

3834 James Van Alen, b. Sept 13» 1848; m. March 24. 1880^ Belle 

Burtch (239E). 

3835 María Babcock. 

3820 MAaiA' LouiSA Smith, m. (i) Oct 6^ i83iff Oudley Mnmíord 
Woodbrídge oí Hartíord, Conn.; m. (2) Dec. 31, 1838^ Elisha Faxon. 
Children oí firat marríage: 

3836 Joseph, b. Aug. i, 183^; m. March 3, 1856^ Maiy Elisabcth Curtis. 

3837 Lucy Rodman, b. Oct 16b 1834: Hves in Stonington, Coíul; 


Children oí sccond marríage: 

3838 William Cleveland, b. Jan. 3, 1841: m. Oct 11. 1870^ Jennie 

Lathrop Osbome. 

3839 Akxander Hallam, b. Dec. i, 1842. 

3840 Mary Denison, bu Dec 11, 1846. 

3841 John TrumbuU, b. Feb. 28; i849> 

GsMSAUxnr or n% CatUBMiuGii Family. 4fi7 


3842 Kancy Eclls, k March 17» 1851 ; m. Nov. % íB6g, Hcnry Scymour 

Mygatt; Uve tn New Müíord. Conn. 

3843 María Loiiita, h. Oct 8» 1854; m- May 18; i897, Byron James 


5812 CHAkLBS* HiwiTT Smith, Ri. (i) Jan. 18; 18Í32, Emina Aon 
Stamon (dau. oí Benjamín Franklín and María [Davis] Stanton, m. Sept* 
1808), b. Atig. ta, 1813; d. Apríl s6b 1833; n. (2) Féb. 28; 1837» María 
Stanton (dan. oí Elias Stanton). Chíld oí first marríage: 

3844 Emma Ann, b. March 17, 1833» Stonington, Conn. 
Qiildrcn of second marríage: 

3845 Harríet María, k May I5t 1839; d. Jan. 1^ 1842. 

3846 Henfy» b. Sept ii, 1841 ; d. Dec. 31» 1843. 

3847 Charles Sunton, b. Dec 15, 1843; d. Apríl 5, 1852. 

-f-3848 Joseph, b. Apríl 20» 1846: d. Oct 4, 1892; m. Susan* Almtra 

3849 Mancy Davis, b. June i, 1852; d. Féb. 1, i8s3- 

3848 JostPH* Smith, m. March 12, 1868^ Susan* Almira Brown 
(3976N). Children (b. in Stonington, Conn.) : 

3850 Charles Hewitt, b. Sept 12^ íBji. 

3851 María Stanton, bi July 12, 1873. 
3S52 Benjamin Franklin, b. Sept 11, 1^75. 

3853 Randall Brown, b. June ¿^ 187a 

905 Stanton* Hswitt (Hannah* Stanton, 242N), m. May 15, 1784, 
North Stonington, Conn., Lucinda Grant, b. Oct 3, 1766^ North Stoning- 
ton, Cona; d. Jan. 7, 1847» North Stonington, Conn. Children (bi in 
North Stonington, Conn.) : 

3854 Charíes, b. July 13, 178S-6; d. Sept 29^ 1843. Preston, Conn.; m. 

Eunice Wíiter. 

3855 Stanton, bu July 13, 1788; d. Aug. 25, 1847; n- Mary Avery. 

3856 William, b. Jan. 23. I79i ; d. Jan. 25, 1869; m. Elisa WUliams. 

3857 Olivcr, b. Oct is. I79S: tn. (i) Julia Punderson; m. (2) Sarah 

Browning (dau. of Thomas Browning). 

3858 Lucinda, b. Apríl 17, 1797; d. Dec I9i 1857; m. Esra Stanton. 

3859 Ephraim Grant, b. Apríl 20, 1800; d. Sept 14. 1855; m. Elisa 

Prentice (dau. oí Asher Prenticc). 

3860 Elisa, b. Apríl 17, 1803; d. in North Stonington, Conn.; m. 

Henfy Prentice. 

3861 Mary, bi May 19^ 1808: d. May á, 1849; m. Asher Prentice, Jr. 

3852 Denison, b. Jan. 19^ x8is; d Oct 16^ 1888; m. Mary Browning 

(dau. oí Thomas Browning). 

907 Eu* Hbwitt (Hannah* Stanton, 242), m. Apríl 24, 1796^ Beuey 
Williams. (3iild: 

46B CxKEMJoar or thb CBtsmoiica Family. 

38^ Bciiadiiin,-b. April ao^ 1808; m. Jan. 5, 1937 (first wtfe). Desire 
Wbeder RandalL Cbild: 

3864 Rebeco Wheelert h, Nov. 7» 1951» North Sumíngtoii, 
CatuL ; m. AfMÍI y^ i^T^ Stopington, UL» Henry Ken- 
dríck Cbcsebro (4793S). 

911 Maky* Hswitt (Hannah* Stamon, 242), m. May 25, 1811» Richard 
Whcelcr (scoond wiíe) (son oí Richard Wheeier and Silence Borrows, m. 
Dcc 24» 1760), h. April 30» 1769; d* Feb. ?• 1847. Children: 

911a Hannah S., h. July 26^ 1812; m. Giles C 

9ixb Maiy, b. March 27, 18x4; hl Charles* G. Hewitt (Eli, 907N). 
H-9XIC Richard Anson, b. Jan. 29^ 1817; m. (i) Jan. 12, 1843, Francés 
Mary Avery, d. Sept j, 1855 ; m. (2) Nov. 5, 1856^ Lucy Ann 
Noyes (dan. of Joseph, S366N), b. Dec 21, 1827. Children oí 
first marriage: 

Eliaa M., m. Henry Tyler. 

Emily A., m. Dec 5t 1900^ Seth* Noyes Willianu (Lucy Ann 
Noyes» i37aN) of Mystic, Cona 

Child of scoond marriage: 
Grace D. Wheelcr. 

9x1c RiCBAiD* A. WHBLia, h. Jan. 29, 1817; ex-Jiidge Probate Conn, 
Stonington, Conn., and anthor of ¡ViugUr^s Histary of Stonmgtún, Histary 
of the First Ckurck of Sianuígtún, etc. Lives in North Stonington, Cooa 

922 Abigail* Staiiton (Isaac* Wheeier, 245), m.. Sept 13, 1797^ Pres- 
|oi^ ¿odah Lcvi CoUiíu (son of Ephraim and Abigail (Zollins), b. Jan. x, 
X76)k Prcston, Ccmn. ; in X775 he enlisted in the Revolutionary War, at xs 
ycars of age, in CoL BedelVs Regiment of New Hampshire; dischaií^ed in 
X776; his father, Ephraim Collins, was also a soldier in the same company, 
also his brother Richard. Children (b. in Bradlord and Corinth, Vt, and 
Chelsea, Vt): 

3865 Sarah Marsh, b. Ang. xs, X78B; m. April 6b x8o7, Corinth, Vt, 

John McKean. 

3866 Levi, bi Nov. 27, X789; m. Eliaabcth Towle. 

3867 Isaac W. S., h. Dcc 2X, X79X ; d. in Romeo, Mich. ; m. Permelia 


3868 Abigail Dow, b. Nov. 7, 1793; d in North Dansville, Vt; m. 

Samuel HilL 

3869 Ruth Ayer, b. Jaiu 3, X796: d. in Pítuburg, Pa.; m. Charles 

+3970 Ephraim, b. May 18; 1798; Chelsea, Vt; d. March 25, X863. 
Keokuk, lowa. 
3871 Mary Stanton Phillips, b. May 30^ x8ox; d. in Romeo, Mich.; 
m. 1819, Aurora, N. Y., Jairus 

GncsAUxnr or tbi Cbksibmugh Family. 469 

jBB^a Haimah T., h. Ang. 7, 1803; d. in aimon, Mkh.; m. Dr. Lcvi 

3Q73 Loiiitt Bíatfiret, b. May la 1807; d. tn Romeo» Midi.; n. 

Stcphcn Fiteh. 
j^4 Henryt b. May 16^ 1809; d. in Romeo» Mich.; m. Elisabeüi 

3S70 EratAiM* CcMJ4NS« m. March 6^ 1933, Misstisippi, Margare! 
(dan. of WtUiamioii V. Lcwis oí North CaroUna). Oúldrai: 

347S John SormooTt d. in inlaney. 

3876 Georgc Wadiingmi, kiUed tn OvO War, 186a (Compony A, 

Firsi lowa Cavalry). 

3877 WtUiamaon Lewis, m. A. B. Evant. 
3^ Margarct Looisa, m. J. W. Sicklea. 

3879 Maiy acmentine; mcmber oí thc American Misaionary Soctciy 

and a Mitstonary to ihe Sioux Indiana. 
3B80 Irene Jane, m. James Mooroe Gtbenon. 

3881 Ephraím Jamea, m. Asubah Parker. 

3882 Ruth lowa» m. Joeeph L. Canby. 

973 Dotoray* Gna (Mary* Stamon, 231), m. April 15, 181a, EUjah* 
Dcnison Geer (1660S) oí Preston, Conn.; k April 17, 1783; d. Ang. 10^ 
1848L Cbildrcn (bi in Preston» Conn.) : 

3883 Dolly Amanda, b. April 11, 1813; m. Mareh ^ 1849^ J. W. 


3884 Sally Ann, k Jone a, 1815. 

3885 Elijah Denison, h. Nov. 15, 1817; d. Fek 6, 181& 

3886 Mafy Ellen, b. Nov. 22, 1819; d. Jme i, 188^; m. April 10^ 1848L 

James L. Geer (seeond wiíe). 

3887 Wtlliam Sunton, b. May 21, 1822; d. Nov. 18; 1842. 
3B88 David Attslin, b. Ang. 17, 1814 

3889 Delia Jane, k Mardi 13, 1827. 

973 David* Gao (Mary* Stanlon, 231)» m. Jan. 11, i8ia Anna* Gallup 
(dan. oí Isaac* and Anna [Smich] Gallup), k Sept 3, I787t Groton, Conn. ; 
d. Féb. 12; x86o; Itved in Lebanon, Cona Cbildrcn: 

3890 Cyms &, b. Feb. 27, t8ix; d. May 16, 1883; m. May 31, 18361 

Eunice Slark. 

3891 William F., k Jnne 30^ 1812; d. Aog. 26, 187S; nt (x) Oct 22, 

i837f Mary Jane Lathrop; m. (2) March 23, 1869^ Anna M. 

3892 Thankíul S., b. May 10, 1814 : d. Féb. 4» 1885 ; m. Jaa 14, 1838. 

Elias B. Avery (seeond wtíe). 

3893 Sarah A., k Jnly 20^ 1818; d. Fcb. lOb 1890; m. Oct 28^ x&a 

H. Nelson Stark. 

490 GniBALooy or tbi Catsmocnni Family. 

jBm David, Jr^ b. Mirch Si iS^i ; m. Match 37, 1844 Lorínda Snith. 
jggS Erastiis, kOct 9b 1893; m. (i) May 33,1853, AlnúraRSaxtofi; 
n. (3) Nov. 31, 1860^ Fnaccs A. Gccr. 

974 WouAic* Stautoii Gna (Maiy* Scantoo, 3$!), m. Féh. M, 1816» 
Lovisa Brewiter, k Jan. 33, 1797. Oiildrcn: 

3^06 Isaac Waiti, h. Fcb. 33, 1817; m. May 34, 1843, Marrictu Loomit. 

j8g7 Charles Franklisi, h. Maich 31, i8ao; m. July ^ 184% Cathcríne 


38g8 Marcos Jusuus, k Feh. &, 1823. 

3899 James Monroc, h. Nov. 15, 1814 

3900 Elisa Lovisa, b. Sept 13, i8a8; d. Sept 6, 18491 

3901 Henry Oay, h. April 4, ifli33. 
3908 Mary Sophia, b. Nov. 33, ifli37* 

975 PftUBBiici* Gna (Mary* Staiicon, 351), m. Mareh 12, 1813^ Isaac* 
Gallopb Jr., b. Jaa 31, 1789: d. May 2, JBS7; served in the War oí 1813 as 
Ensign, from New Loodon, Cooa, in Stephcn BiUiogs's Rcsimcnt 
Children (b, in Prcston, Cono.) : 

3903 Maiy Ann, b. Dcc la 1813; d. Jan. 4, 1836^ Presión, Conn.; m. 

Jan. 1, 1835, Elias B. Avery (first wiíe). Child: Mary Ann, 
k Dec 30^ 1835; n. William Gccr. 

3904 Prodcnce Ahntra, k Mareh 4, 1815; m. Nov. I9b i834f James L. 

Geer (first wife). 

39QS Emeline, b. Fdx 37, 1818; m. Apríl lo^ 1845, Oilando Smith oí 
Ledyard, Conn. 
+3906 Isaac, b. Nov. 13, i8ao; m. María T. Davis. 

3907 Julia, b. April 4» ^^l «• Oct 30^ 1847, Jacob A. (accr of Led- 
yard, Coon. 

3906 Isaac' Gallvp, m. Mareh 33, 1845, María T. Davis (dan. oí 
Tbomas and Mary [Shaw] Davis) ; livc in Preston, Conn. Children (b. 
in Preston, Conn.) : 

-I-3917 Henry Haskell, hi Jnne 2, 1846; m. Harríet* Ircna Breed. 
H-39a8 Ella María, k Apríl 39, 1850; m. Nov. 3, iSTa 
1939 Charles Davis, k May 16, 1857; m. May 13, 1880^ Grace R. 

Child: Harry Wh b. Jnne 8b 18B1. 

5937 Hbniy* Hasxbll Gallut, m. Sept 26^ 1871, Harríet* Irena Breed 
(dan. oí Edward Breed, 6101S) ; live in Norwidí, Conn. Children: 

3930 Walter Henry, b. Apríl 3, 1873. 

3931 Fanny Ella, b. Dec 8^ ^876; d. Sept. 26, 1878L 
3933 Qarence Breed, b. Dee. 35, 1880; d. June 6b 1881. 
3933 Susce Irena, b. Apríl 17, 18B4. 

GnfBALomr or tbs CamoMUGM FiociLy. 471 

$ga8 Ella* Maixa Gallup, m. Nov. 2, 1870^ Avery D. Whcclcr (100 
Qi Ekfticr and UaáaúM [Morgan] Whcder); livt in Norwích, Conn. 

3934 Ncllie Mary, b. Fcfa. 4. i^3- 
3035 Loois Avenr. b. Oct 16^ i977* 

Por Cfditr dcseendants oí Pmdcnct Gallnp (g7SN) sce GMup Gemalúg^ 

976 Josmt* Gm (liary* Siamon, asiN), m. Fdi. 23, laiób Lora 
Witter, b. Sept 23, 1795; livcd in Lcdyard, Corá. Children: 

3041 Emily, b. Jum ft 1817; m. Mardi 2, ifli37, Albert G. Avcry. 

3M2 Eliaa Witter, k Dec 24, ifi». 

3943 Francés Ardelia, b. Jnly 2S» 1826. 

3944 Ennice Angelines k Feb. 27, 193& 

978 AiriiA* Gao (Mary* Stanton, 251), m. Oct 3» x8m^ Samnel Gcer 
(too oí John Wbeelcr and Sally [Deniaon] Gcer), b. Nov. 30^ 1788^ Prct- 
ton. Cena; d. Féb. 27. i477« Children: 

3945 Maiy. 

3946 Pmdence Ann, m. Mocea E. Norman of Ledyard, Qmn. 

3947 Lttcy Ennna, nt Eraatoa Kinne ol Phúnfield, Conn. 

979 Romr* Gna (Mary* Stanton, 251), m. Oct 25, 1820^ Sophia 
Stanton (953N) ; lived in Syraetas^ N. Y. 

3948 Robert Ndaon, b. Jan. 17. 1822; n. Sophia M. Ward. 

3949 Gcorge Clinton, b. April 26^ 1824; n. Jnne 25, 1852, Addia 


3950 Mary Anna, b. Oct 14. 1825; n. Oct 25, i8!S3, Janea J. Belden. 
Dan., k Oct 27. 1827; d. next dajr. 

3951 William Henry Harriion, b. Aug. 14, 1829; ul Oct 4, t8S4 

Ocavia F. Ca^r. 

3952 Nathan Stanton, k Ang; 16^ 18Í32. 

9B0 laAACf Wagnat Gna (Mary* Stanton, 2Si)» ul (i) Jan. ft 182S 
Aaenath WiUiana; n. (2) May S, iBaB, Experíenee Avcry. Child oí 
eral narriage: 

3953 Aaenath WiUiana, b. May 26, i8s6; n. Andrew Avery. 

Children of aeeoni narriage: 

3954 Isuc Wheeler, k April 10^ 18291 

3955 David, k Sept 13. 1832. 

3956 Delia, k Mareh 24» 18381 

3957 Maiy Louaaa, k Mareh 3t» i^ 

473 Gnoioanr or tbs Cntsmom» PAMay. 

ggi Chaus* Gm (Manr* Sumon, 251), m. Jan. 12, 1931, Elizabedi 
B. Hall. h. Aiig. I3p 180& Oúldren: 

9958 Hdeo. k Aiig. 23, 1933: d. Scpt 14. i833- 

3999 Mirr Eliaabcth, b. Jnly 22. 1834. 

3060 Liiey Amia, b. Apríl 7, ifli37' 

3961 Carolinc TracTt h. Apríl 4. iS39. 

39^ Jotqih Stamon, h. Sepe 6, x&p. 

pb Aun* Palmh (Dorothy* Stamon, asa), m. Jan. 14» x8ia Elún- 
baúl Palmer (ao4E). ChUdren: 

3963 John D. 

3964 EUxM, d. Sept 9b i857f ia Siit Tctr; »- Apríl xa, x93S, Henry A. 


3965 Brídget,k x8ao; dOctS, X847; mnamcd. 

3966 No/es, b. 182a; lote at sea Feb. 15, X846; mmurríed. 

3967 Amoi Alien, m. (1) Hannah Chesebroiigh (3962S); m. (a) 

Emma Ches^foui^ (3S6iS). 

9BI3 Saixy* Uaiia Palmib (Dorochy* Stantmi, 9sa)i n- x8o9,Capt 
Randall Brown (too of Jothua and Joanna [Rogert] Brown oí Stoolng- 
too^ Coon), k Jme 20^ 1793; d. Dcc 13, x88^. Children: 

-|-39tt Randall, Jr., b. Marcfa afl^ 1807; n- Maiy Aim Holmea. 

3969 Sally P., b. X809; d. yomg, 

3970 Prndence Dean, b. June 24, x8xo; m. George W. Najret. 
397X Rcv. Jothoa Rogara, k Jme, 18x2; m. Suaan Almira Brown. 

+3973 Nogret Palmer, k Mareh 27, x8i6; m. Martha Dcnitoo Npyea. 

3973 Joanna Rogara, k 18x8; d Oct xob X84S; unmarricd 
3g73a Son, d in iniÉncy. 

3973b Son, d in inlaney. 


3908 Rajcbaxx' Baoww^ m. Jan. x, 18132, Maiy Ann Holmet; lived in 
lávala CmuL Children: 

3974 Maiy Ann, bapi Sept xo^ X837; d Dee. 22, 1896^ m. 63 ycars. Oíd 

Myalic^ Conn.; m. Capt Franklin Hanoox. 

3975 Sarab, bap. Sept xob x837; m. Elias WiUiama. 

-1-3676 Sotan Almira, m. Mareh xa^ x866b Joacph Smith (3848N). 

3977 Jeremiah, mimar ried 

3978 Randall, Jr., m. — Leeds. 

3979 Fanoy, nnmamed 

3972 Novia' PALMia Baowir, m. Jan. xx, X842, Martha Demson Nojres 
(dan. of Thomas and Eimice Williams [Dentton] Nqjret), k Fek xx, 
x8s6; livet in Myttic, Gma Oiildren: 

J980 Harríet Eliaa Palmer, k Oct x8; 1844; m. Fek $# 18^1 Edmund 
Stantoo Noyet. Child: Joteph, k Jone 27, x87i- 

GniBAUNnr or thb CHistnoucR pAMav. 473 

+1981 Annie. b. M^ 14 1847; n. twice. 
3D8a Manha Hekiii b. Maj 6^ 1849; n. Jan. x, 1884, Henry C 

3981 Annh' Bboww, m. (i) Apríl 4 x8^, Asa* Fith (ion of James* 
Dcaa Fish» agioN) ; m. (a) May, 1889^ John Macdonald. Children of 
first marriage: 

3984 Manr Esther, k Ang. la, 18681 

3985 Noyes Brown, h. Jnly ao^ x8^x 

3986 James Dean, k Nov. ai, 1873. 

3987 Frederíck, b. Dcc xo^ xQts 

3988 Isabelle Rogers, b. Aug. x8, 1B77. 
$gl30 Charles Hennan, k Aiur. xx, x8^ 

3990 Prudence Dndley, b. Oct a6, X885. 
Child of seeond marriage: 

3991 Annie, b. Fefa. 8^ xS9a 

9B4 Dbaoon Nona* Fax-mb» (Dorothy* Stantoo, asa), d. Fdx xS^ 
x869b ftged 79 ycars; m. (x) Jan. 4t t8x^ Brídget Denison (dau. of Pdeg 
and Mary [Gray] Dcnisoo), b. May aS; 1794; d. Jmie 6^ x8x8; m. (a) Sepe 
ay, x8a4, Mary Rossiter Palmer (a865.N) ; m. (3) Mareh 8b x844, Harriet 
V^Hieelcr, d. Oct xy» 1853, m. p years; he was Deacon of thc First Cóngre- 
gatiooal Qmith of Stontngton, Conn. Oitldren of firsi marriage: 

3993 Noyes, b. Nov. xa, x8xy; d. Fek X3, x8x8L 

Children of seeond marriage: 

3993 N<qres Stanton, k Mareh a9, x8a6; m. Lydia Emeline Pahner 
+3994 Henry Martyn, k Pck Xft 1829; m. Mary Roasiter Pahner 

Child of tUrd marriage: 

399S Franklin Wheder, k Mareh x^ X845; m. Sept xa, x883» Elisa 
Babcock Ptümer (a8|79N). 

987 Bbmjamxit* Fbamxlxn pAX.Mn (Dorothy* Stanton, as»), m. (x) 
Dec 3X, 1823, Harriet Elisa Hart (dan. of Rev. Ira and María [Sherman] 
Hart) of New Haven, Conn.; k X803, d. x84a; m. (a) Stisan Mary Smtth 
(38^N), k Sept 3. x8x8; d. July x8b x888^ Pomona, CaL Children of first 

3996 Franklhi Alexander, k Apríl as, X825; m. Arabdla Stoddard. 

3997 Charles Theodore, k Jaa as» 1827; <L Fdx x8; X897, Berkeley, 

CaL ; m. Hattie Day. 

3998 María Sherman, k Nov. x6b X829; m. Selden S. Wakelcy. 

3999 Harriet Elisabáh, k Dec 2, xSs^; m. Thomas W. RusselL 
H-4000 Ira Hart, k April x8, x836i «• Harríet Trambnll (sSjxN). 

474 GufiALOGT or tbb Chssiibough FAXiLy. 

4001 Heniy Af b. Dec.aj» XS42; m. Jcniíie Day. 

OiiM of Moond marriafe: 
Edwia TnmibiilL 

4000 IiA* HAtr pALam, m. Nov, & x86— , Hairiet* TmnlmU (jSaiN). 
Children (bi m Stontafttoo, Conn.) : 

40Q3 CoL Arthur Tnunbull, h. June g, 1863; d. Dec 30, XQOi» Fort* 
]an<L Me.; n. (x) Enuna Ptfsont; n. (a) xS^St Laon Brown 
oí Binghamlon. N. Y. 

4004 Heiuy RotÑnioii» a graduate oí Brown Univeraity; m. Jone X4, 

xgoo^ Riett Woodmil Babcock. 

4005 Fnnk T. 

0B8 AisxAjffin* PAuna (Dorochy* Stanton, 953), m. Jan. a6^ x93X, 
Hannah Adelia BUlings (dan. oí Stf^en Billings), d. Nov. sB, i9¡^ in 
Oüi year. Oiildren: 

4006 Edwtn Alexañder» n. Jone 3, 18^ Jane Grant 

4007 Seejüíen Bülings, n. Nov. xS, iB5Í, Julia Newbary. 

400B William Hemy, b. Aog, 7^ X840; d. June X9^ x^x; xn. Dec xj^ 

x970^ Francés Collins oí Hartford. Cona 

4009 James Allyn, b. July 7» X843 ; d. Maj 21, x^Ta 

40x0 John Stanton, b. Sqit oB^ 1846. 

40XX Noyes, b. June iB; 1847; d. Nov. 25, X85X. 

4013 Charles Franklin, b. May 30^ X849 ; d. Oct xg^ X85X. 

40x3 Adelia, b. Aug. 6, X854; d. May 30^ xSss 




sa Busba' Chisomucb (Wtllbm^ Cbcsd>rough, t)» btp. June 4 
1^» Boatoiv Muil; d. April x» x670b Stontngton, Cona.; m. Aprtl 20^ i6(s 
StontQgtmi» CofHL. bgr Wlliam Cbctebrough, Commissioner, Rcbeeei 
Palmer (dau. oí Wtlter and R^ceea [Short] Pftlmer). He tigaed tbe 
Pawcalaek Anklcs in i$58; was a Frceman of Ccmsicctictit 1666; waa a 
Depiitj to the General Céurt tn 1669, Only child : 

13 Eliho, h. Dec 3, 1668; d. June aQ, 17SO1 Ste nin g t o n , Ccma; m. 
July 4 x6A Stonington» Cotrn^ Hannah Miner (dan. of 
Manauah and Lydia [Moorel Miaer)» h. Nov. 30^ i477; ^ 
Au0>2a»i75t. Children: 

+14 Hannah, b. P^ as 1699; m> Elisha Chcscbroiigh (6sS). 
+IS Sarah, bi Dec 3, 1700; m. Zebediah Mtx. 
+16 Elthti,bLNav. 3Q^i704;d. Oct37» i76p;m.EstherDcnnia. 
+17 Lydia, h. Mareh la 1709-10; d. Julj 99^ 1760; m. Jolm 

+18 Rebccca, h. Match x6^ 171 1 ; n. CáL Joseph Champlia 
X9 Eliaha. h. June 30^ 1714: d. Aug. 12, 1719; huríed w 


RgMCCA CHunaouGH (widow oí Elisha, la) «..John Baldwta. (Sec 

XS . Sabah* CHunwucn (Elihu*, 13), n. Feh. 14, I73S* Stonington, 
Cénn^ Zebediah Mix (son oí Thomas and Hannah [Fitch] Mix of New 
Havcn, Conn.), b. Dec. la, 1697: bap. Nov. ao» 1698; Presión^ Cona 
Children (h. in Stonington, Cdnn.) : 

ao Amos, bap. Peh. 6^ I7a& 

-Hax Zebediah, h. Match 3, i7aB; m.. Olive BelL 

aa Hannah, b. Jan. 11, 1730; m. Nathanicl Thompson (77N). 

+a3 Sarah, h. Nov. 3, 1734 ; d. Jaa 19, 1790 ; m. Noyes Palmer. 

+a4 Rebccca, m. July ay, 1760^ John Chesebrough (iSaS). 

as Ljdia, b. July 13, 174& 

16 EUBU* Chisxcrough (Elihu*, 13), m. Feh. 18; 1740^ Esther Dennia 
(dau. of Ebenezer and Sarah [Hough] Dennis), b. (>ct a3, 1711, New 
London, Conn. ; d. Dec. 5, 1768; New London. Conn. Children . 

+a9 Esther, h. Nov. 27. 1740: d. Oct. 18, 1803; m- Cápt Jonathan 
Chesebrough (xl^S). 

476 GixiAUxnr or tbb Cwigwopoa Fauwí. 

+30 Elihti, b. June 9^ 1743; d. Aus» a6^ 1781 ; n. Phcbe Dcniaoa. 
+31 WilUiiiii» h. Jan. 7, 2745; d Dce. ai» X&40; n* Bsthcr WiUiams. 
+3> Hamafat h. Jan. 3. 1747; d Sepe 6^ 1804; ». Roben Chcat- 

broo^ (nsN). 
+33. Flifahcfh, b. láarcb $$ X749; »> Tbomu Staaton (940S). 
•1-34 Naboúit b. Apríl x, 1731; ^ Jui. i7i 1804; n. Phcbe Ptíner 
35 Rebefcah» bi Oct h X754; d F^ 8; 17601 

17 Lnu* CBnoMOOB (Eliha\ 13)» n. Dce. ^ 1736^ ^ Thomu 
Baldwiob J. Pst ScoQtngton, Cora., John Willtania (aoo of John and Desire 
CDenicon] Wálianu), b. May xx* x7Mi Stontngton» Cona; d llarch ax, 
itoql StoninfltiML Conn. CAh decccndanta Mayflowera thionch Deaife 
Scniaon.) Childicn: 

36 Dcatre^ b. Jvty \% 1737. 

. 37 Ljdia,b.llafdi 31» 1739; d.Jii]y 99^x760. 

+3B PradeneCp b. Dee. xx» X74X ; m. CoL Pdeg Noyca. 

+39 Hannahv b. Jaa 16^ 1743-4; n- Capt William Stanton (a46N). 

+40 John» b. Jolj I» 1746; m. Conten! Deniaon. 

4X EUho, b. Joly 99^ X748L 

4a Tbankfii], bapi April 14 X75X. 

43 Imd, b. April 4. 1755- 

44 Zerviah» b. Apríl \% 1737; n- Aug^ X795. WiUiam Woodbrídge. 

x8 KinocA* CnsnaouoH (El¡ha% X3), m. CoL Joacph Chanpltn (con 
of Cape Christopher and Eltzabeth (Deniaon] Ch^ ir pl in 3cc Deniaon 
Unage— Appendix)» b. Ang. 4 1709^ Weaterly, R. L ; d Dee. ao^ X79a. 
(All dcccendcnti Mayflowcra.) Childíren: 

+45 Ljdia» bap. Oet 7» 1733; »> John Haneoelc. 

+46 Joceph. bap. Feb. 17, 1734; n. Abigail Pahner. 

+47 Esther. b^ Jan. x, I73S-6; d before 1791 ; m. Jonathan Laagford 

+48 EUho, b^ Jone 19^ X737 ; m. Rohannah Lewia. 

+49 Chriatopher, b^ April a9^ 1739; d July xs, 1781, Newport,R. I.; 
m* Phcbe Thafaton*. 

50 Uriah Oliver» bap. April x8; 1742. 

51 Rebeeeav bap. 0¿L a, 1743* 

+Sa Anna. bap. Ang^ as X74S: «• Benjamin Miner. 

ax ZmiiUB* Mxx (Sarah* Cheaebrough, 15), n. Dce a, X7sx« Ston- 
iagton, Conn., Olive Bell (dan. of William and Anna (Qdnilqr] Bell), bap. 
April la^ 1730^ StoningtOQ, Cona Children: 

S3 Anna, bap. Maicfa 4, 1733. Stonington, Conn. 
+54 Amos, bap. Jone x6^ 1754, Mtddletown, Conn. ; m. Sept a, 1779^ 
Amelia Pcnnoyer. 

55 Zcbediah, bap. Mareh 14» I7S4 Middletown, ConiL 

56 William, bap. Jan. a9^ X757-8^ Middlelown, ConiL 

GiNBALooy or tbs CuuMnaüQU Family. 477 

57 Willtasn, btp. Oct ai, 17501 Middletown, Gmn. 
^ Ephnim, bapi July ift i;6i, Míddletown, Conn. 

59 Joba, bt^. Scpt 16b 17^ Middlctown, Conn. 

60 Sanh, bafi. Maicb 2» I7<Í6. Middktown, Conn. 
60a Molly, bapi June 7t iT^t Middlctown, Cona 
tiob Tbomas, ba^. Fct. 12» 1769» Míddkto^ii, Conn. 

From Cburch Record*, Middlctou-n» Conn.: ''In Mareh, 1760^ and 
Feby, 17(5, a Zebediah Mix oí Middletown bought a housc and one acre 
oí land in the central part oí this town, and in December, 1769» a Zebedtab 
oí SheAcld, Mass., sold the same." 

J3 Sakau* Mix (Sarah* Cbesebroogh, 15), m. June 2, 1754» Noyes 
Pdmcr (son oí John {and scoond wtíe] Dorothy [Noyes] Pahner), b. 
Aog. ag^ 173a; d. Nov. 96, 17Q3, Stonington, Conn. Qiildren: 

«fói Npycs, b. Oct ift 1754 ; d. At«. 8; 1807; m. 2$3N. 

62 John» b. Jan. 11, 1757: d Jan. 23, 177& 

63 Alien, b. Feb. 17, 1759 ; d Jan., 177& 

-K4 Amos, b. Jan. 30^ 1761 ; m. Betsey Stanton (47245). 
65 Zebediah, b. May aa^ 1764; d. Sept aQ, 1790. 

30 LnuT* EuBU* CHWtwouoH (Eliha*, 16), a Lieittenant in the 
Revoltttionary Army; m. 1768^ Stonington, Conn., Phebe Denison (dan. ol 
Daniel and Esther [Wheeler] Denison), b. Dec & 1747: d. April 8; 1833; 
she m. (a) Jan. 30^ 1793, Dttcon (Stlbert Smtth oí (Sroion, Comn.; m. (3) 
Feb. 18; 1818; Eider SUas Bnrrows oí (Sroton, Conn. Children (first 

•ftf Rcv. Eliho, b. March 26^ 1769; d. April a^i 1868; m. twice. 
' +C7 Daniel, b. Jan. la, 1771; d. May i6b 1841» Crotón, Conn.; m. 
Jan. 6, 1793, Famqr Williams^ 
4^ Phebe, b. March ix, 1773; d Jone ai, 1815; m. F^ 7, 1791, 
Zcbnlon Cbesebroogh (1079S). 

69 Esther, b. Feb. a5, I775; d Nov. 16^ X775; buríed in Weqneto- 


70 Henry, b. June 15, 177B; d. March 6^ 1780; buried in Wequetc- 

+71 Nancy, b. Oct & 1780; m. Samuel Corwin oí Long Island. 

31 Deaoon WauAM* CBXStBBouca (Elihtt*, x6), m. Feb. 3, 1774, 
Stonington, Conn., Esther Williams (dau. oí William and Martha 
[Wheeler] Williams), b. Jaa 8; 1743! d. June a, 1814. He was a member 
oí the Sccond Preslqrterían Cburch, Aubam, N. Y., at the time oí bis 
decease, at Fleming, near Aubnm, N. Y., and is buried in Syracuse, N. Y. 
Children (b. in Stonington, Conn.) : 

+7^ William, b. Dec 11, 1774; ¿ May a6^ 179B; m. Oct a; 1796^ 
Fanqy Page. 

478 • GufBALOoY or tbb Cbisibwugh Family. 

+73 Ettíier. b. Aug. q6, 1776; d Scpt 2T, 1^49; m- twke. 

-f74 ^hnini. t». June X2» 1778; d Jiily. 1858; BuffalOb N. Y.; m. 

Harríet Pkkett Latincr. 
+75 Manhi, b. Jiily 7, 1780; d Scpt 35» i8--» Myttic« Cona; n. 

CóL WíUiam RandalL 
+76 Etmke, b. Dcc 17, 1781; d Nov. 4 1844; »- Joicpb Noyes 

77 Lttke, t. ^ril i. 1783; d July 5, 1783. 
+78 Henry» t. May 13, 1784; d Scpt IJ, i86g^ Wiieoiissii: la. twke. 
+79 Süas, b. Nov. 19, 1786; d June 14, t845f Syracuse, N. Y.; m. 

Phebe Esther Williant. 

33 EuzAKTH* Chssbmouob (ElUiu*, 16). m. Apríl 35, 1771, Stoning- 
ton, Cona, Tbomas* Scamon (94oS)* b. 175a Stonington, Coim. Chtidren: 

80 Etther» b. 1771. 

8t Rebccea, b. Oct 31, 1773. 

83 Abigail, b. Apríl xs 177^1 tn. Asa Chesebrough ^^iS). 

83 Robert, b. S^ 381 X77& 

84 Thonus, wem to Virginia in 1817. 

34 NABora* Chcsisboucji (Elihu*, 16), m. Oct sg^ X775> by Rev. 
Nathaniel Eells, Phebe* PaltfSer (8x3S), d Apríl 33, 1787, in joch ycar; 
bnríed sn Wcquetequock. Cbildren: 

%j*ljicy, b. Aug., 1776; d May 6, 1777. 
86 Tilabotb, d at sea 00 a whaling voyage. 

97 Frederíck, d Ai*. 35, 181Q, c 39 years; m. Prísdlla Miner 
+88 Fanny, d Aug. 3X, 1861, c 79 years; m. Adam States, Jr. 

+89 Mercy, d June i, i8s^ c yx years; m. John Pendlcton (1333N). 

90 Paul S., d June 13, 1792, in 6th year; buríed in Wequetcquock. 

38 PiuocNCí* WnuAMS (Lydia* Chesebrough, 17), m. June i, 1763. 
Stonington, Cona, Col. Peleg Nc^es (son oí Capt James and Grace (BiU 
lings] Noyes), b.-May 34» X74i, Stonington, Cona; d March 3, i8os» 
Stonington, Cona; lived in Stonington. Children (k in Stonington. Cona) : 

91 Peleg, b. Feb. 4» I7^ 

+9S John, b. Sept 39^ 176$; n. Elisabeth Stantoa 

93 Elihu, b. Dee. 3» 1767; m, Mary Stanton (daa oí Lodowick). 

94 Desire, b. Jaa 30^ 1770; m. Joseph Eldredge. 

95 Lydia, b. Dec. 381 1771- 

96 Daa, b. Aug. g, 1774; d Aug. log X774> 
+97 Ebenezcr, b. Aug. % 1775 ; m. Lucy Stantoa 

+98 Nathaniel, b. Apríl 32, 1778; m. (i) Nancy Slack (1136S) ; m. (3) 
Ruby West. 
99 Lydia, b. Jaa 3X, 1781. 

GniALOGY or tbb CaisnaoocH Family. 479 

+100 Gnct, h. Jaa ai, 1781 (twtn ol above) ; d Jone» 1890; m. May 
t, iSiog Jothna Noyet. 
loi Hannah, h. Oct 17, 1764; d. Maich ft 1869: immarrícd 

40 Jobm' WnuAiit (Lydia* aietcbroagli, 17)» m. Jaa 18; 1770^ 
Conum Dcniaon (dan. of Deacon Joteph» Jr., and Conlcnt [Hewítt, Rúa- 
adl] Dcmaon: Joaeph, Gcorge and Merey [Gorham]. dao. oí John and 
Dcaire [Howlandl Gorham), b. Jaa ag^ 175a. (AJÍ deiccndanu May- 
flowen.) Ottldrai: 

loa John, b. Nov., 177X- 

IQ3 Elihu, b. Oct 8; 1773. 

104 I^rdia, b. May 93» 1774. 

105 Joaeph, b. Maich 37, 177& 

106 Briégttt b. Jaa la ítÁ 

107 Dctirt, b. July 18; 1780; bap. Dec 93. 1784. 

108 WiUianí, k May 4 178a ; bap. Dcc aj» 1784. 

109 Stanton, b. May 4 178a (twin oí above) ; ba|i. Dcc aj, 1784. 
lio (Scorge» k Oct 3i 1784; b^ Dee. 93, 1784. 

45 Lyma* Cbaiipum (Rebecca* Chcsebroogh, 18), n. Oct & 174A 
John Hancock ol Stontngton, Cona Cbildrai: 

III Joacph, m. Locy Noyes (407N). 

na *Eliha 

113 Elisabcth. 

114 Hannah. 

46 JonTH* CBAnruN (Rcbcoca* Oietebrotigh, 18), m. Jaa i, 1755» 
Abigail Pahner (daa oí John and Dorochy [Noyca] Palmer)» b. May 11, 
17361 Child: 


lao Abitail, bap. Aog. 26, 1764 and ^same day Widow Abigail 
Champlin owned the Covcnant"* 

47 EiTBca' Cbam niN (Rebccca* Oicacbroligh, i8), n. Dec 2$» 'I7S& 
Jofiathan Langíord. Oíaldr»: 

lai Jonathan, n. ■ Batley. 

laa Joacph, m. Phcbe Shepherd. 

' 48 EuHU* CBAnruN (Rebcoca* Chetebrotigh, 18), m. Ruhaimah 
Lcwis (daa oí Capt Nathantel Lcwts oí Hopldnton, R. I.), b. Oct 7. 
1739^ Child: 

ia6 Nalhaniel, d. Apríl 18; 1836^ in Toth year, Block Itland, R. L; 
nt Thvikíal HulL 

*Slih« Baacock (ttj) wat m RcvolmioMnr «oldicr. A svom tuitmcat vm madc br 
•n hk sunrlvlaa chtldrts te JttM^ ilin te «hicli tlMi^-BUIin, Dtborth uká Bdwwd Has- 
Mch Witiy 0lata thtt thtj «m th«i tiridiatt ol New Loados Comicy, Coaa., 

48o GufiALOGT or TBi Chbuhkiuqh Family. 

49 CBUiTorHiK* Champun (Rcbcoea* Chesebroagli, 18)» la. Jaa i» 
1769^ Phebe Thurston (dau. oí John and Eltzabeth [Oxx] Thiirscon of 
Ncwport, R. I.)» t». Apríl 14» 174A Ncwport, R. L; d March i» 1823, 
Provídcnct, R. I. Childrcn (li. in Ncwport* R. I.) : 

130 Jolm Thuntoii, b. Febí 8; 1770; d. Júlj 24» x8ijo; n. Pendope 


131 Rebccci, li. Nov. 4, 1771; d. Jaa ai, 179$: m. Nov. 5, 1791» 

Stephen Dcxter ol Providence, R. L 
133 Uríah Ollver, k Dec. 24 1772; m. Dec 25, I799b Eliaabcth S. 
De Ptqrtter, Kcw York. 

133 Elixabech, h. Nov. 27, 1774; d. March 24» x8io; m. Sepe 22. 

179^ John Church. 

134 Phcbe^ h. Oct 20^ 1776; m. Oct 17* 1798. Stephen Dexter (icoond 

13$ Chríttppher Joaeph, b. Dec. 281 1778 : d. Joly. 1780^ Ncwport, R. I. 

52 Anna* Champun (Rebeoea* Chetebrough, 18) • m. Dec 24, 17^ 
Capt Benjamín Miner (son oí Qement and Abigatl [Hempttead] Miner 
oí New London, Comí.), k June 17, 1742; d. Jan. 13, 18135, Brídport, Vt 
He wai Capcatn in the Revolntionary War, and aíter the war removed to 
Bridport, Vt.; Capuín oí Eastern Battalion, Morris Coonty, N. J. (See 
Oñcirs and Men of New Jersey im the Revolutionary War, page 401.) 
Lived ín BrídporL Vt Qiildren : 

+136 Benjamín, h. Atig. 27. 1767; d. Ang. 14, 1851; hl PoUy 

137 Rebccca, t. 1768; d. I77l- 

138 Wíllíam Bolt, h. 1770 ; m. 1798^ Rebeoea KcndalL 

139 James, h. 1772 ; m. Sally Bagley. 

140 Joaeph, b. 1773; m> (O Sal]y Post; m. (2) Sallj Dertqr. 
14X Qement, b. 1775; m. (1) Patty Bonís; m. (2) Sally Crane. 

54 AMoa* Muc (Zebedíah*, 21), b. June 10, I754f Míddletown, Conn.; 
m. Sept 2, 1779^ Amelia PemiQyer; removed to Wysox, Pa., Oct 2, 1824* 

WíUiam Pafaner; Zebedíah; Anna; Sarah; Olive; Ichabod A.; 
; Amelia; Hiram; Julia; Ckorge A.; Joseph. 

64 AMoa* pAUfn (Sarah* Míx, 23), m. Jaa 12, 178S, *Betsey' Stan- 
ton, 47^ (her first husband). Oiildren (k in Stoníngton, Cona) : 

200 Amos, d. June 10^ 1788^ c i year. 

-i-201 Zeba D., b. May 30^ 1790; la twice. 

202 Amos, removed to New York State. 

203 John, removed to New York. 

+204 Elizabeth, d. March 4, 1840^ c 50 years ; m. Jan. 14, 1812. Alien 
Palmer (9a2N). 

GniiALooy or ns CmsiBMniGH FAicay. 481 

*Bmiv* (Stamtoii) Palmbi (47248) m. (a) —— BrewUcr. Chtld: 
20$ Luqr Am» m. April ao^ i8ao^ John R. Cullmiii 

joi Zda' D. pAUcn, m. (X) Dcc 23, i8t6^ Idwy' Palmer (29708); 
m. (a) May x6^ 1827, Eliobcth* Palmer (30058), h. Mardi as x8o9» 8tock- 
Mdn Mass. ChOdiren offirst marriage: 

ao6 Zeba D. Amos. h. Dee. 8; 1817; d. Oct la, x8xi^ 8coiiiii8toii, 

ao7 Emimd Lemnel» h. Oct ax, X819; d Aug. 22^ xflTft Brook- 

íjUf Na Z« 

ao8 Idary. b. F^ ao^ xSaa; d. Sept aa» x8aB; 8tooiiigtoii, Com. 
ao9 Marj Abigail, h. Aiw. 17, 1824; m. Apríl $$ 1855, Nathan New* 

ton Ttffanj (son oí Nathan and LoU [Lord] Tiffany)» h. 

liareh 7» x8xa» Hadlyme, Cdnn.; d. April ag^ 1882, Bridge- 

hampton. Long Island. Ghild : 

axo Nathan Newton, h. Jan^ X857; m. Oct x, X882, Frederíca 
(krtrude Corwitb (dau. oí Silas White and 8usan M. 
[Rogers] Corwith oí Brtdgehan^ton, Long Island). 

axx Nathan N., Jr^ h. Jone ao^ x88¡3, Bridgefaarapton, 
Long Island. 

Oiüdren oí sccond marriage : 


Harríet m. Frcderick D. HawUns oí California. Children: 

Edmond I* ; Charles ; Bessie. 

66 Rxr. EuBU* Chisdboogb (Lietst Elihu*, 30), d tn Stonington, 
C6nn.,aged 99 years, x mooth, 3 days; m. (i) Mardi ao» 179X, Lydia* 
Ches^rongh (xoBx8), h. July 10^ 1770; d May 3X, X841; m. (a) Oct 8; 
X843, Maiy* (Chesehrongh) Rsh (7x8N), d Ju^ 22, x86d He was 
ordained in 8tonsngton, Conn., March 31, x8xob and held the pastorate oí 
tfae First BaiHist Chutch there for twenty ycars. Children oí first mar- 
riage (b. in Stonington, Com.) : 

+212 Elihti, h. Jan. 3, XTpa; d 8ept ao^ x88x ; m. Nancy Pendlctoa 
-fax3 Denison, h. 1794; d Ang. 31, 1834; m. Idartha Denison. 

ax4 Lydia, h. X796; d April x6^ iBo^ 
-faxs Gilbert 8mith, d Aug. a; X85X ; m. twice. 
+ax6 PrudencCi h. Oct 8; x8qo; d June xog x88x; m. Samuel Lang- 

•t-ax7 Alien, h. X803; lost at sea Sept, xfllsa; m. Elisa Ann Pendleton. 
4-2x8 Fred D., h. Oct ao^ X805; d Jaa 20^ x8g8k Stonington, Conn.; m. 

Mary* Ann Chesebra 
+2X9 Lydia Fellows, b. Oct x, 1807; d March a7, X893, Stonington, 

Conn.; m. Joseph Knight 

«l-a» Amelia, b. July % 1809; d. Maidi 14» iSsS, Stonington, Cona; 

m. Tbomms J. Whceler. 
•I-33I Marx Am, h. Sepe ag^ 1811 ; n. Brig.-Geii. WilUam* C Stanton. 

au EuBu' Cnanao^ m. Jan. lo^ iSxft Nanqr Bdl Pcndleton (dau. 
of Abd and Abigail [Stanton] Pcndleton)» h. Jaa 6^ 1796; d. May 26, i9;u 
He waa one oí tbe defenderá of Stonington againit the Britiih Aug. ta, 
í8i^ Childien: 

+aaa EUhn, h. Nov. 37, 18x9; küled Sept 6^ 1861; n. Mar/ Am 
J93 Charies R, b. Ai*. a6^ x83X ; d. A^l 6^ 1883; m. Oct aob 1844 
Pnidcnce PoCter. Child: Warren P^ h. x&iS* 
4^34 Enoch, b. Nov. 90^ X&13; m. Margaret Conant 
•M3$ Nancy María, b. Sept as» 1815; m. Capt Btllings Bortch. 
4-336 Anna Eliiabrth, b. Aug. 39^ x8a7; d Dce. ^, X893, Brooldyq, 
N. Y.; in. twice. % 

237 Francis Marión, b. Aug. X7, xSap; mniarried. 
-1-398 Eraitns S, b. May X3, x8p; xn. Eneline I* Haneox. 
339 Pnidenee Mary, b. Oct 23, X834; nnmarried; Uves in Brook- 
lyii, N* Y. 
+390 Harriet, b. Dec xx, x896; xn. Oicar Miller. 
+93X Deniaon Alien, k F^ 3X, x839; n. Jenima Gflei. 

EuHiT* CEMuam, xn. Nov. 13, X843, Marj Aiu Wilbor (daa of 
and Sarab [Ingbain] Wilbur) of Noank, Com.; be waa a New 
Lüodon whakr. Oiildren : 

4-933 Walt¿ Scott, n. Sept 9^ x87x, Pmdence Ann Spicer of Noank, 

Coim. Cbild: Mary L» b. X878. 
333 Elibti, drowned Nov. x, x47S • «• Oct xx, x87a Faxuiie CromweU. 
+334 WUliam Ira, b. i8s3; ». April xx, x477> Mary E. Lord of Eait 

Marión, N. Y. 

334 EiiocB* QiiSiBM^ xn. Dec. 3^ x8s5* Margaret Conant; be aerved 
in tbe War