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Family of 

William BBS37SE3R, the Pilgrim 

Compiled by 

George S. Porter. 

Norwich, Conn. 


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I. (ELDER) WILLIAM BREWSTER was born durin L . the last half of 
the year It>66 or the first half of I£>67. This is determined by an 
affidavit at Leyden, Holland, Tune 2a, 160y , in which ne, his 
wife Mary and nit. son Jonathan declared their a b es to be respect- 
ively 42, -40 and 16 years. bis father; William "Brewster, of Scroo- 
^-j by, Nottinghamshire, nel-d various offices of responsibility in that 

A place, was of good family and belonged to the gentleman class, the 
~^J family arms eing identical with those o f ' the Suffolk branch. 
*5-v Sept. Io, 1607, trie Ecclesiastical court of York issued a warrant 
for the apprenehsion as a Brownist of the younger man, describing 
hira as "William Brewsfer of Scrooby, Gentleman". He married Mar2 r 

i , and migrated to Hew England in 1620, in the "Mayflower", 

located in Plymouth, became the rulin. u elder of the church and one 
oi the most distinguished of the Pilgrim laymen. His wife Mary, 
whose maiden name na& never been recovered, "dyed in Plymouth in 
new England the I7th of Aprill , 1627", and was survived by ner hus- 
^ band fourteen years, lie "dyed at Plymouth in WeVj England the 10th 
OS Aprill 1644". 

Second Generation. 
Children of (Elder) William (I) and Mary ( ) Brewster: 

i. Jonathan, born in Scrooby, Aug. 12, Ijy3, followed his 
parents to New England in the "Fortune", arriving at 
Plymouth in November, I 621. He married April 10, 
1624, "Lucretia 01 dam of Darby", probably a sister of 
John Oldham of Plymouth in 1625, whom T onathan Brews- 
ter called "brother". About Io60, he removed his fam- 
ily to Duxbury, which place he represented in the Gen- 
eral court of the colony in 1639, '41, '42, '45 and 

Thence ne removed to Hew London, Conn., about 1649, 
wnere ne was admitted an inhabitant Feb. 2j, Io4y-j0, 
locating in that portion which was later established 
as tforwich, nis farm lying in both towns. He was a 
deputy to the General court of Connecticut in Io^.O, 
'uo, 'do, ' 67 and 'd8. According to a letter dated 
Sept. I, 1656, written by Jonathan to his sister-in- 
law, Sarah, widow of Love Brewster, ne and his whole 
family "resolved for Old England" the following year. 
It is no&sible that two of his sons, William and Jon- 
athan returned to England, but the remainder of the 

family remained here. Jonathan Brewster died Aug. 7, 
I6"i>9, and was buried in the old graveyard at Brewster' 
tor's Neck, which is now- in the town of Preston. A 
portion of his footstone still remains to mark the 
spot of his interment. His wife died March 4, 1678-9. 
Their children were: 

William, born in Plymouth, March 9, I62d, married 
Oct. Id, I6bl, Mary Peimo (?) of London, and per- 
haps lived in England. 
Mary, born in Plymouth, April Io, 1627, married Nov. 10 
I64d, John Turner of Scituate. 

Jonathan of Duxbury, born at Plymouth, July 17, 
Io29 162^, may have gone to England. 

Brewster Family. 2. 

Ruth, born at .Tones Ri^er, Oct. 3, 16.51; died in 
New Lonoon, April 30, 1677 ; married (I) March 14, 

16 jI , John Pickett of New London, .ho died at sea, 
returning from ^arbadoeb, Aug. Io, Ioo7; married (2) 
July 16, 1668, Charles Hill, foraerly of London, 
England, a son o + ' George Kill of Barley, county j-,e - 

Benjamin of Brewater's Heck, born at Duxbury, Not. 
17, 1665; died Sept. 14, 1710} married "Ann Darte 
the last Daye of febeare: I6j>*60" , who may have been 
the widow of Ambrose Dart of Boston >vho married Anne 
Adis, uaughtcr of Willi em Addis of Cape Ann, the 
24tn of the 4th month (June) I6S3. he father, Wil- 
liam Addis, was a resident of New London at the tine 
of "Renjamin Brewster's marriage. She died Hay 9, 

17 oy. 

Elizabeth, born in Duxbury, Hay I, Io37 , married (I J 
Sept. 7, IuD3, Peter Bradley of New London, who died 
April 3, 1662; and (2) Christopher Christophers, who 
died July 2.5, 1687. 

Grace, born at Duxbury, Not. I, 1639; died in New- 
London, April 22, 1684; married Aug. 4, Iooy, Dan- 
iel Wetherell of the latter place, a son of Rev. 
William and Mary ( v isher) Wet.herell of ocituate, 
Plymouth colony, ho was born in Maidstone, county 
Kent, England, Nov. 29, Io30, and died - 

April 14, 1719. 
Hannah, born in ^uxbury, Nov. 3, 1641 ;• married Dec. 
23, Iu64, Samuel Starr of New London. Sne was liv- 
ing as his widow, "?eb. Z2 , 1687-8. 
ii. Patience came to New England in the- "Ann", in July, 

- 1623. Sne married Aug. o, 1624, Thomas Prence, and 
died in 1634. 

iii. Fear came in the "Ann" to New England in July, 1623. 
■ She married as his second wife, before Hay 22, 1627, 
Isaac Allerton. 
iv. A child died in Leyden, Holland, June 20, Iu09. 

v. Love((2). 
vi» Wrestling came to New England in the "Mayflower" , in 

- 1620, with his parents and brother, Love. He was liv- 
ing May ^2, 1627, but died before nib father. Gov. 
Bradford said he "dyed a yonge nan vnnaried". 

2. LOVE BREWSTER came to New England in the "Mayflower", in 
Io20, with his parents i.nd brother Wrestling. Be married, "ay Id% 
1634, sarah, a daughter of William Collier of Duxbury. They made 
their home in that place occupying the house belonging to his fath- 
er, v.hich, after the Elder's death, come into Love's possession. 
Gov. Bradford, in speaking of Love "rewster's family in IuoO, said 
that he "left 4 children, now liuing" , all of whom were mentioned 
in their father's will which bore date Oct. 6, I6b0, and which was 
nroved March 4, IouOtI. 

his widow, Sarah, carried after Sept. I, 1666, Richard Parke 
(or '"arks) of Cambridge, wno aied in I66j. She was livinr "arch 
2, 1679-80. 

Third Generation. 
Children of Love (2) and Sarah (Collier) Brewster: 
i. Ss.rah married, about 16^)6, Benjamin, a son of Robert 
and Mary (Warren) Bartlett. 
Nathanielii. Wiiiijua of Duxbury, was called "eldest sonn and heire 
apparent" in the will of nib father. But little is 
known of him. he died in Io7o, leavin b a widow, nei- 
ther of whose nameb is known. He was probablv child- 

Brewster Family. 3. 

iii. William, (3). 
ivi Y/restling of Puxbury, carpenter, was called "my young- 
est sonn" in his father's will. He married itary, 
whose identity is unestablished, by whom xie nad three 
sons tmd fi-»-e daughters. He died Jan. I, 1696-7, and 
his widow married, May k.6 , IVOO, John Partridge of 
Duxbury, who aied April a, 176,1, she then removed to 
Kingston, where some of her children had settled, and 
dieu there as per her gravestone, "Novbr. ye 12th 1742 
Aged BO year II mo & 27 days". 
Their children were: 

Mary, torn Feb. 10, 1678-9 j died April 17, 1761, 
aged 82 years. She married as his second wife, Jo- 
self Holmes of Kingston, born July a, I6ob; died 
June 26, 1733 , aged 6iJ years and 23 days, a son of 
Rev. John and Mary (Wood) Holmes. 
Sarah married in Puxbury, March 4, I70b-6, Caleb 
Stetson of Plymouth, born in March, 1682, a son of 
Thomas and Sarah (Podson ) Stetson. 

Abigail married in Duxbury, Oct. 28, 1707, Elisha 
Stetson, a brother of Caleb, who married her sister 
Sarah. He died Feb. II, I/ JvJ , and sne May o, T7oi. 
Jonathan of Puxbury until 1727, when he disposed o^ 
nis property there and removed to Lebanon, Conn., 
married March 6, I70y, lary, daughter or his step- 
father, John Partridge of Puxbury, by her mother 
iiannah seabury.Mary was born May 2, IdV3. 'a' 1730 
Jonathan Brewster purchased land in Windham;" Conn? ,' 

^tf Lebanon" in the deed, and removed 
died^e?- W. S/ISf ^ ° UtllVed "" **• -« 
Hannah married Benjamin, son of David and Harv 
(Soutnworth) Alden, „< died Jan. V^V%U 74 

Elizabeth married Ephraim Bradford, and died Dec. 
5, 1741 , in her olst year, 
b Aug.4,Ioy5 ,—Y/restling o r Kingston, c. ordv.ainer, became a deacon 
of the church in that placfle. He married, July 12, 
1722, Hannah Thomas, born Aug. 30, 1698, a daughter 
of James and Mary (Tilden) Thomas of Puxbury. Pea- 
con Wrestling Brewster died Jan. I, 1767; his widow 
died Aug. 2^ , 1788. 

John of Kingston, carpenter and innholder, married 
Rebe.<ah, a daughter of John and PebeKah (Bartlett) 
Bradford of that place. Sue was born Pec. T4 KI0 
and died about the year 1771. He died between Sept.* 
^0, 1769, and Jan. I, 1770, upon which latter date 

administration upon his estate wa_s_jr ranted _t. fei^ 

widow. ~ " - ***° 

3. WILLIAM BREWSTER of Puxbury, was called "my second sonn" 
in the-will of his father. He married, Jan. 2, Io72, Lydia, a 
daughter of George and saran (Tracy) Partridge, became "a freeman 
in Io89, and for many years was a deacon of the churcn. He died 
i4ot. 3, 1723, "Aged Wear 78 year", as is learned from His grave- 
stone m South Duxbury. His widow died Peb. 2, 1742-3. 

Fourth Generation. 
Children of William (3) and Lydia (Partridge) Prewster- 
l. Sarah, born April 20, 1674. 
ii. Nathaniel, (4 J. 

Brewster Family. *• 

J.ydia, born Peb. II, 1680. 

William of Duxbury, and before 1701 of Wrenxham, and 
lastly, about 1766, of Exeter parish, Lebanon, Conn., 
born "ay 4, 1683, married, May 20, 1708, Hopestill, a 
daughter of Joan and Abigail (Andrews) Wadswo.rth of 
Duxbury. lie aied in Lebanon, Dec. 26, 1760, as did his 
widow, March 2d, 177 d. 
They had children: 

Oliver, of Lebanon, born July 16, 1703, married, 
Mar en £.2, 17 32, Martha wadsworth,. 

Ichabod of Pembroke and Lebanob, born Jan. Io, 1710- 
II j. -died in I7y7; married, .Tune 6, I73o, Lydia Bar- 

Elisha of Middletown, Conn., born Oct. 2y , I7I5j 
died in I789j married, sept. 30, 1742, Lucy Yeomans. 
Seth, at one time of Wrentjiam, born Dec. 20, 1720; 
married (IJ Jan. 14, 1746-6, JerushaWare; (2) June 
y, 1752, Eunice Mann; (6 J Sept. 16, 1767, Hannah 

Lot of Woburn, physician, born March 2j, 1723-4; 
died Tan. 16, 1766; married April 4, I7o4, Lucy Reed 
of that place. 

Huldah, born Feb. 20, 1726-6; died April 27, I7o0; 
married, June 16, 1746, John Gould, born Feb. 26, 
1718; died March 12, 1777; a son of John and Lydia 
(Jacob J Gould of Hull. 
. Mercy, born Dec. 7, I680, married, Oct. 6, 1706, Ed- 
ward Arnola. 
. Benjamin of Preston, Conn., born July 7, 1688, married 
(I J in that place, Oct. Id, 1716, Elizabeth Witter, 
born March 3, Iuy4; died Feb. 21, J740-I; a daughter 
of Ebenez'er and Dorothy (Morgan) Witter. He married 
(2) June 10, 1741, Sarah Caulkins of Norwich, who died 
prior to Jan. 24, I76j. Administration on his estate 
was granted Nov. 7, J7j2. 
Children oy first wife: 

William of Preston, Canterbury and Windham, born 
Sept. 16, 1714, married (I J 'fared 24, 1737, Damaris 
Gates; and (2) Jan. Io , I7d2, Esther Sabin. 
Grace, bapt. April 7, 1717; died before her father. 
Simon of "reston, born June 10, 17^0; died June 2y-, 
' 1001; married, May 2d, 17 42, Anne Andrus. 
Judah, born April 7, 1723; :ied young. 
Abel of Norwich, born May 2ii, I72d; died Aug. 13, 
1787; married (I J July 2o , I7o0, Racnel Wetmore, who 
died March 30, I76y, in her 30th year; married (2) 

Susanna . 

Judah, born ^eb. 27, 1729; died before his ^atner. 
Elizabeth, born Oct. 27, 1732; died Dec. 22, I8O0; 
married April 4, I7d0, Samuel, a sou of Joseph and 

Hannah (.yrevster ) Freeman, who -di-&d~ffe«^2tf, IdOJ. 

They lived in Preston. 

Amos of Canterbury, Conn., born June 22, 173d; died 
before 1778; married Jerusha, a daughter of David 
Knight of Norwicn. 

Cyrus of Stillwater, N. y. , and Norwich, Vermont 
oorn Aug. 18, 1738; died in 1816; married (I) ^bi- 
tha Jones, who died without issue; married (2 J Fan- 
-.iS^if" nC was . graduated at Y a i e college in I7o3 

Children by second wife: 
Jonas, born 'une Id, 1742; died before tfarch 7 

'uu.^. ia left no children. 
5?iJ , 7 . b * pt ' NOV " "■ I74i > died Nov. 14, 17/7- , kr 
Bre^t:"?^' * &on ° f ■*"** «* -"clidah (white? 

Brev/ster Family. 

ELiaa, bapt. Kay 0, 1748; died before his father. 
Joanna, bapt. April 24, 1762; married, Jan. 23, 
1777, Daniel Morgan, born Oct.. I, 17 14; died Feb. 
Id, IBI7; a son of Samuel and Elisabeth (Forsyth.) 

Morgan of Preston. 
vii. Joseph of I>uxbury, born "'arch 17, I6yo-4; died April 

20, 1767; ne married Elizabeth , >.ho died xn 

April, 1786. 

They had children: 

Lemuel, married Jan. 2y , 1766, Abigail, a daughter 
of Jonn and pebekah (Bradford) Brewster, and died 
about 1774. The lived in Kin ( ston. 

Eunice married Uov. 22 , 17 j8, Tiimotnr Walker of V,"il - 
mington, born Tuly Zu , ±732; died May 9, IbOy ; a 
son of Samuel and Hannah ( j Walter. She died 

June 2, 1816, aged ag»d 84 years. 

Truelove was drowned Jan. la, I7o7, when about 21 
years of u, e. X ,,. )T n t, v^v v 

~iii. Joshua of Duxbury, married, March 13, I72I-2, Deborah 
Jackson, born March II, 1703-4, a daughter of Slea„ar 
and Hannah (Ransom) Jackson of Plympton. Sne Med in 
Duxbury, Sept. I, IVoy, as did ne March 27, 1776, aged 
78 years. 
Tneir children were: 

Nathan of Duxbury married three times and ha;., a 
family. he died Nov. 3, Ib06, aged 64. 
Sarah married Nov. 8, 1748, Josepft Wri L ht of Plymp- 
Job married, Sept. I, I7y4, Elisabeth Ellis of 

Plympton, and had a family. 
4. NATHANIEL BREV/STSR of Duxbury, born Nov. 8, Io7o , married, 
■nee. 24, I70o, Mary Dwell ey , born about 1384, a daughter of Richard 
and Eamie (Glass) Dwelley of Scituate. The will of Nathaniel 
Brewster, dated web. II, and proved April 7, I7oo, named his wife 
Mary, and all of his five cnildren. Kis widow died -Tuly 29, 1764. 

Fifth Generation. 
Children of Nathaniel (4) and Mary ("Dwelley) Brewster; 

i. Samuel, twin of Mercy, born April 5, 1708; was living 
in I7oy. 
ii. Mercy, twin of Samuel, born April j, 1708, married, 
Aug. 18, 1731, Nathaniel Woodcock of Attleborough, a 
son of Israel and Elizabeth (Gatcnel) Woodcock, 
iii. Ruth, (6 j. 
iv. William of Duxbury until I7j0, and perhaps longer, born 
Feb. 14, I7I4-I5j died about I7o3; larried, Jan. I, 
1748-7, Priscilla Sampson. 
Their children were: 

Daniel, bapt. in Duxbury, Nov. I, 1747. 
Nathaniel,B2Lrcxjs±, ban*, in Duxbury, ::c^;— £i --T7UO. 
Stephen, bapt. in ^uxbury, Nov. II, 17 jo. 

r. Josepnpf -uxbury, born r uly 3,. 1818, diedJS£*3k^ 
- I/9I; married, Nov. 26, 1740, Jedidah White. 

Tneir children were: a t 

Tadock, horn "'arch lo , bant. Anril 18, 1742 Duxbury. 
Kary, bapt. at Attleborough. M 

Josepn, bapt. at Attleborough. 
Ruth, bapt. & t Attleborough. 

T.ruelove, bapt. at Duxbury, Jan. 13, 1760. 

Brewster Family. °« 


3. RUTH BREWST! BR, born Dec. y, 171 1, married May 0, 173a, ^Jo- 
seph Morgan of Preston, Conn., bapt. April 27, 1701, ^ son of 
Gapt. John ?torgan of Preston about 1692, 'ay hi fa second wife, widow 
Elizabeth Williams, (a daughter of Lieut. Uoy. William Jones of new 
haven). Joseph Morgan was commissioned captain of the Preston train 
band, May 18, I7oI, by iiov. Thomas Fitch, he died in '"reston, May 
24 , 1764, a^ed 65. His widow survived him,' living to the age of 
j6 years, the latter part vvitn her daughter, Mary IToble, in Canaan, 
Conn., where she died and was buried in 1807. 

Sixth Generation. 
Children of Gap*. Joseph and Ruth (Brewster J (oj Morgan: 

i. Olive Morgan, born Hay 8, 17^7, married William Brews- 
ter of Lebanon. 
ii. Isaac Morgan, born March 29, 1733, married, March 26, 
I7b9, Alice Spalding, a daughter of Benjamin Spalding 
fxixxKEKxiyiErxMsrsxTix of Plainfield, ■ nd settled on the 

Preoton homestead, but subsequently removed to ""lain- 
field. he was commissary in the Revolutionary war, 
and a portion of the trench troops inder Gen. Lafay- 
ette, were quartered for a few days on nis famm in 
Plainfield. J - e died there May ^-J , 1796, aged o7 , as 
did his widow, Jan. 6, 1808, aged 67. 
iii. Consider of Quaker Hill and afterward of Sheffield, 

Mass., born June 28, 1740, graduated at Yale in 1762. 
He died in Sheffied in 1802, aged 61. He married Ruth 
Moseley of Glastonbury. 
iv. Tydia, born Sept. 7, 1742; died, unmarried, about J8I0 
v. Joseph of Preston as late as 1771, removed to Canaan, 
and was living there during the nevolutio, ^nera ne 
was probably a Tory. Uo further record. He was born 
May (4, 1745. Lie had six children. 
vi. Dwell "organ, born April 12, 1749; died Sept. 19, 

1764, aged Ij years. 
v. Mercy, born April 8, I7oI; died tlov, 2, I7a4, aged z 4. 

vi. Mary, bom June 20, I7o3, larried Roble, and 

settled in Canaan. 

-, , t * 

From "The Brewster Book", in^^gister, b3/286 : 283-xI2-I09. 
Jonathan Brewster, b. April 2, 1694; d. about 1753; carried (I) 
Feb. 2a, 1718-19, RuthMargan, b. d. 

dau. of 

. e a. (2) April 29, 1736, Lucy Andrus. 

jie was son of Jonathan h Judith (Stephens) Brewster of Norwich, 
gdson of Benjamin &. Ann Darte ) Brewster of that place, grt -gdson 
of Jonathan & Lucretia (Oldham) Brewster of the same place ,: grt- 
L rt-gdson of Elder Wm. Brewster* by his wife Mary. 
Ch. by 2d wife: 
Sarah, b.' Oct. 17, 17 37. 
Andrew, b. Aug. I, I7 3 l J. 
Judith, b. May 31, 1744. 

Joshua, b. 'ay 0, 1747. 1912543 

Hexekiah, b. Aug. II, 1749. 
Lucy, b. Oct. II, 1751. 
Mary, b. April I, 1754. 
Prom same, p. 443: . 442 -28b -II3-109 . 

Simon Brewster, b. June 10, 1720, d. June 209/ 29, 1801, son of Ben- 
jamin Brewster of Breton, ~oy his aee-en-d-wt^e first wife Elizabeth, 
dau. of Ebenezer h Dorothy (Korgeai ) Witter, gdson of will i am and 
Brewster of Luxbury, by his wife Lydia, a dau. of George and Sarah 
(Tracy) Partridge, grt -gdson of Le-b- Love 3rewster of Luxbury, who 
come in the Mayflower with his parents & bro. Wrestling, by .'lis w. 
Sarah, dau. of Wm. Collier of that place, & grt -grt -gdson of Elder 
Wm. Brewster by his wife Mary. 

•\ v Simon Brewster m. in , May 25, 1742, Anne Anarus. 

Children recorded at Breston: 

y r 




In 13 

, 1743. 


b . 







lb , 




I, 1751. 

Anne , 

d. ; 








1757 : 




. II 

, I7b9 


. b 

. Oct 

. 22 

, 1761. 


, b, 

. Aug 

. 23 

, 1763. 

" ercy , 



I , : 

[7 65.