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Full text of "The genealogy, history, and alliances of the American house of Delano, 1621 to 1899. Compiled by Major Joel Andrew Delano, with the history and heraldry of the maison de Franchimont and de Lannoy to Delano, 1096 to 1621, and the royal ancestry of Lannoy from Guelph, prince of the Scyrri, to Phillippe de Lannoy, 476 A. D. to 1621, including other royal lines and a list of the Lannoy chevaliers de la toison d'or [golden fleece]"

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Gc M. L-. 





3 1833 01206 4074 

The Gcncalog :es of the 

American House of Delano 162 1 to 1 899 

Compiled by Major Joel Andrew Delano 




Arranged by Mortimer Delano de Lannoy 



IS — NEW- YORK — 90 




Copyright, 1899, by 

, Zkk"? 


1 Illustrations 

2 Towns of Delano 

3 Honor Roll 

4 Book the First 

5 Prince of Rheina-Wolbeck 

6 Explanation of terms 

7 The Amies illustrated 

8 The Coat-armor of Delano de Lannoy 

9 The Inherited Right to Bear Coat-Armor in America 
io Introduction 

ii The American Line in Brief 

12 History of Lannoy 

13 History of the Golden Fleece 

14 Royal descents of Lannoy & Franchimont 

15 The Royal Chart of Lannoy 

16 Book the Second 

17 Introduction by Major Delano 

18 Philippe De La Noye & daughters 

19 Part I Philip Delano Jr 

20 Part II Dr Thomas Delano 

21 Part III John Delano 
\22 Part IV Lt Jonathan Delano 

23 Part V Samuel Delano 

24 Part VI Unknown Branches 

25 War Records 

26 General Index 
2^ Record blanks 


Delano in Kern County California population 1890 — 401 
Delano in Winnebago Co. Iowa — 
Delano in Wright Co. Minnesota pop. 857 
Delano in Schuylkill Co Pennsylvania 

(Named for Warren Delano of N. Y. who owned land there) 
Delano in Butler Co Penna. pop. 182 
Delano Junction Penna pop. 65 

Delano or De Lano in Pierce Co Washington (named by Mr 
De Lano the founder) 

Delano County — 1875 — m South Dakota 
Delano (town) in Ontario Canada 
Lannoy in Flanders France pop. 1900 

Ncte: Many were named for Hon Columbus Delano 


The first military service rendered by this family in America was 
that of Philippe De La Noye (Delanoy or Lannoy) in the first 
Colonial War known as the " Pequot War " 1636-8 [Hist, of Ply- 
mouth 1835 — p. 82 — " Furnished 56 men (1637) for that service, 
who marched under Captain Miles Standish ; but the war ended 
before their arrival at scene of action " Between Pequot Indians 
01 Conn & Puritans, who under Mason fought & killed 600 Ind's] 


Those who have served in Congress- 


Hon Columbus Delano — Ohio — . 

A ' v j R 

Hon Charles Delano — Massachusetts f/ ' ' 

Hon Milton De Lano — New York 

Head of the House of Delano 
Samuel Ervin Delano Esquire of Bellevue 

Genealogist & Compiler 
Major Joel Andrew Delano of Grove 

Additional Genealogist 
Prof. Edward Chandler Delano of Sodus Centre 

Mortimer Delano of Xew-York 





: From 476 to 1621 A.D. 

[Commonly called Delano in America] 

Race and birth is what we are by the will of God 
Rank and class is but the shell of artificial life." 

Edited by Mortimer Delano de Lannoy 

The Present Head of the House of Lannoy is: 

His Princely Grace 

Edgar Honore Marie de Lannoy 

comte de Lannoy de Clervaux 


PRINCE de Rheina-Wolbeck 
(Fiirst von Rheina-Wolbeck) 


the Hereditary CHIEF of the 

House of Lannoy 
(Chef de la Maison de Lannoy) 

(See plate of Armes & Chateau) 







— bastard 


Bourgogne — Burgundy 

br.- -branch 

bur. — buried 

ch. -children 

d —church 

< h — chart 


dau. — daughter of — ^ 

de — of 

de la — of the 

des. — descent, descendant, descending 

diet. — dictionary 

diff. — differenced 

do, ditto — the same repeated 

d. y. — died young 

fam. — family 

Fig. — figure 

fr. — from 

Fiirst — Prince of the domain 

Gen. — genealogy. 

g n. — generation 

iiraf, comte — count, earl 

l.frzog, due — duke 

] st. — history 

. R. E. or Saint Empire — Holy Roman Empire 
K. or k. — killed 
Iiv. — lived or living 
..... — marriage, or married to 
:. aison — house, family line 
n arquis — marquess 
3 >P» — population 
• :>ss. — possibly 
y -ob. — probably 


rot- -refer to 
Res- -resilience 
Ritter, Chevalier — Kni 
roi — king 

:neur — lord 
seigneurie— lordship or estate 
sieur — sir 

Toisod d'Or — Golden Fleece 
tinm. — unmarried 
van & von — of 
van der — of the 
vicomte — viscount 
wid. — widow 


.• JDeJs rjo cLc Lor. 

Fig. i. 

Information identifying unconnected coat-armors with the lines 
of Lannoy to which they belong will be received with pleasure 
and a suitable acknowledgement. The color or metal of the 
shield is given first, then the principal charge on that shield or 
field and then any additional bearings follow. 
Dexter — right sinister — left 
Quarterly means a division into four parts 
Upper half — I & 2 lower half — 3 & 4 
Called metals: 

Or — gold, yellow — or. 
Argent — silver, white — arg. 

Gules — red — gu. 
Azure — blue — az. 
Vert, sinople — green — v. or sin. 
Sable — black — sa. 

Purpure — purple — [mauve & sometimes a crimson] — purp. 
Proper — the natural color of any object blazoned — ppr. 
" Heraldry is the scientific arrangement of forms upon a shield 
to represent the surname." 

The ch. are understood to have been born at place of parents' 
marriage, except when otherwise indicated. Present Res. if not 
given is at place of m. or where the youngest ch. was born. In 
all other cases ditto will give place of b. d. Res. m. etc. When 
place of death is not given it is at pi. of m. or Res. 

1 1 



i. — The complete achievement of the house of Delano [Lan- 
noy & Barbancon.] 

2 — Knight & war-horse bearing amies of Lannoy & Molembais 

see 10 — 

2A. — Armes of Lannoy ville used by the Mayor: sa. a chief arg. 

3. — The achievement of the Princes von Rheina-YYolbeck. 

4. — The armes of the seigneurs de Tourcoing: Lannoy, en sur- 
tout Barbancon. 

5. — The armes of Jean de Lannoy, seigneur de Molembais (pre- 
sumed ancestor of Philippe 1621). 

Lannoy grand-quarters 1 & 4 quarterly-quartered Manuel & 
Leon 2 & 3 en surtout the full armes of Philippe " le Bon " due 
de Bourgogne (Burgundy) 1 & 4, Bourgogue modern. 2, Bour- 
gogne ancient & Brabant. 3, B. anct. & Luxembourg, sur le tout 

6. — The ancient armes of Franchimont used by Hue seigneur 
de Lannoy 1338 (diff. with bordure). 

7. — A Knight (Chevalier) in the robes collar & fleece of the 
Order de la Toison d'Or (Golden Fleece). 

8. — Armes of Lannoy (branch not known). Crest used: An 
eagle's head between wings. 

9.— Hugh de Lannoy 1429. " Master of the Arbalestriers " 
bore Lannoy difi. by the " filet en bordure " ; as shown here. 

10.— The armes of Baudouin " le Begue " de Lanno 
Lille: Being Lannoy surmounted by Molembais. 

Cover. — Armes of Delano de Lannoy (outline). 

Back. — The Order of the Golden Fleece. 





ARMES: 1st & 4th — Argent, three lions rampai. 
— 2 & 1, armed & tongues gules crowned or. [Lann 
— Argent, three lions rampant gules 2 & I armet 
tongues or [Barbanqon]. 

CREST: The head & neck of a unicorn argent ^\j. 
& onglee or. Placed upon the ducally crowned heKiet. 

MANTLING: Argent and sinople — vert. 

MOTTO: Bonnes Nouvelles — good tidings. 

SUPPORTERS: Two unicorns argent, accornees crinee. 
onglees or. Placed to dexter & sinister. 

BANNERS: To dexter — White, 3 lions rampant vert armea 
tongues gules, crowns yellow. To sinister — White, 3 lions ran. 
pant gules armed tongues & crowns yellow. 

The whole supported upon a terrace of nature. 

Arranged according to strict HERALDIC law & the line of 
descent which proclaims this branch of Lannoy by the " Lannoy 
Pursuivant-of-Armes." [See Figure 1.] 

FLAG: The quartered armes of Lannoy & Barbancon — Field 
'n white; lions green & red; crowns, tongues & claws in yellow. 

BADGE: The head of a unicorn in silver & gold [argent & or]. 

/ogue May 9-16-23-30 1895 " 



nglish began the settlement of America, there 
i people in England, from one of which came 
.ritans; from the other the Cavaliers. The hrst 
v England; the latter formed the Virginia aristocracy. 
the settlers were gentlemen; both classes included do- 
ts of the best families of their respective countries — men of 
educational attainments representing the various learned 
.essions. Some were graduates of Cambridge or Oxford; 
lers, younger sons seeking a new home, either as bachelors or 
nily men. Nearly all the early settlers were not only entitled to 
;ear coat-armor, but were punctilious in its use. These are the 
families represented in the early history of heraldry in America. 
The position assumed by this select few has stimulated research 
in genealogy and heraldry — the same right being continually 
established by other American families. Intercourse was, as we 
all know, maintained with the old home and old friends, as well a s 
the slow means of communication would permit. 

What is said in this regard to New England may be applie d 
to the plantations of Rhode Island, Virginia, the city of New 
Amsterdam and its great outlying estates, ruled over by the 
Patroons, the Georgia and Carolina grants, and the Louisiana 
settlements, with the aristocratic French emigrees. Out from thi 
varied lot of European names and families came the Americar 

One finds that the settlers bore the coat-armor pertaining to 
their families. Not one, probably, of all these early immigrant, 
had the slightest intention or desire to alienate the new lands from 
the protection of the crown. They were loyal each to his father- 
land — over a century must pass before the break would begin. 
Why should they? Their old homes held many and dear relatives. 
Alone in a wild land their thoughts would naturally dwell on old 
ways and home customs, many of which they reestablished in t) 
new land. That the use of coat-armor was one of these miport 

•Id-home customs becomes apparent to all who take the trouble 

to study the every-day historv of Colonial times. There was also 

f - _ 

constant influx of Europeans into the plantations and colonies, 

bringing: the latest news and fashions, keeping alive the interest 
in European life and customs. And all this helped to continue 
vthe use of official and family coat-armor. 

The French Huguenots added their ancestral armes to the 
growing roll of American heraldry. Men who were otherwise 
quick to discard foolish and useless customs, respected and con- 
tinued with their surnames the use of seals and armes. We ac- 
cepted the common law of England through ancestors who en- 
grafted heraldry upon this country. That it may with honor be 
extensively developed, there should be little doubt from the present 
survey of the subject. 

Puritan and Cavalier both respected and looked to their father- 
land. Differing in religion, they both accepted, without question, 
!the custom long established by usage of coat-armor, as seen in , 
jtheir seals, bookplates, stained-glass windows and tombstones. 
iTo them a coat-of-armes was the one mark of esteem which all in 
; {a family might use, showing thereby that inseparable bond of 
kinship happily being revived to-day. They were animated by a 
'pardonable pride to possess one thing, by right of lineal descent, 
which could not be taken away, stolen, or used by another. In a 
kingdom one may be dispossessed of coat-armor by royal order, 
but Americans are more fortunate, for no power can deprive them 
of the family name and its coat-of-armes. 

The fact is indisputable that the different families retained their 
surnames as used by them before the establishment of the Repub- 
lic. Xo thought was ever entertained of doing otherwise, and 
coat-armor, including the crest, is the direct personal attachment 
of a name. 

As descendants of the European houses who used coat-of-armes, 
we find the settlers of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecti- 
cut, called Puritans, with which are included many Huguenot 
families coming from Leyden and other ports of Holland. Then 
the Dutch of New Amsterdam, now known as the Knickerbocker 
families. All through the south, as in Virginia, the Carolinas and 
Georgia, are found the Cavalier descendants. This list comprises 
he families who are known to have borne armes, not only before 
,ie Revolution, but after the Republic was established, and all of 
leir descendants to-day who possess or are aware of this inherited 
ight still use seals and armes upon family plate, carriages, etc. 
That dishonest as well as ignorant people use coat-armor belong- 
.ng to others, or false armes, does not in the least affect those who 
bear armes by right of lineal descent which can be established 
bevond dispute. Unfortunately there are people who assume a 
• to be theirs by right of desire. The law discourages this 
d of acquiring personal property, and as heraldic achieve- 
• are strictly incorporeal hereditaments, the law should pro- 
•eir rightful owners. 
. .mist not be thought that only the families mentioned have 


American coat-armor. On the contrary, many have found tl 
in later times through ee research and genealogical rec< 

and these are American amies just as much as the achievemc 
brought over by the early settlers. / 

Some will doubtless ask how Americans can use that which , 
belongs to a kingdom and connected with titled rank. In answer, 
first look at the Republic of Switzerland, which has had a regi 
established heraldry for centuries, its families being proud of theii - 
ancient descent, which coat-armor often denotes as well as prove: ; 
to those who understand it. 

Up to 1775 tno United States was under the crown, having 
royal governors for each colony. Tims, all official business, dee 
records and papers requiring seals were impressed with the g 
ernor's coat-of-armes, and in private matters with the amies ot» 
those interested. 

Deeds to estates, personal property, etc., were in all cases, with 2: 
few Tory exceptions, allowed to hold as legal. Coat-armor, being; 
personal property, was naturally included in this c : 
things, once connected with a kingdom. We have the proof 
this in the continued use of amies by the founders of the Republic . 
as Washington, Adams, Clinton, Franklin, and Jay. 

But most conclusive of all the mass of proof of the American! 
right to use coat-armor is set forth in these words of Washington: 

" It is far from my design to intimate any opinion that heraldry, 
Coat-armor, etc., might not be rendered conducive to public and 
private use with us, or that they can have any tendency unfriendly 
to the purest spirit of Republicanism. On the contrary, a different 
conclusion is deducible from the practice of Congress and the 
States, all of which have established some kind of Armorial De- 
vices to authenticate their official instruments." — From page 22 
J. F. Schroeder, D.D., " Maxims of Washington, Political, Social, 
Moral and Religious." 

Heraldry, though applied to coat-armor, is in truth a term for 
the work of the herald, and is much more than blazoning and mar- 
shalling arm 2s. The coat-of-armes is literally a dignified trade' 
mark, in the genealogical sense, or badge of the name and fam M 
to which it pretends. It is useful for the identification of pers 
and property, and is more to be relied on in research than t^ 1 
family names, which, by reason of variations in spelling in t [ 
records, etc., are difficult to follow, while the accuracy of a G&at-of- 
armes can always be relied on. It shows connection, desctVft an 1 
important marriages — being a guide to historians, genesth-gists 
and pedigree compilers. It began seven hundred years itbo as 
an aid to the identification of persons, and to-day it exists exactly 
in the same sense. The use of heraldic bearings is not indicative 
of rank or title. It is. and always has been, the distinction of a 
house, whether commoners, gentles or nobles. In all countries is 
this true to-day, and in them all men, if gentlemen— as we in 
America understand the term — are entitled to this name dtair 


on, lor legal as well as social purposes. Equally true is this of 
le helmet, erest, mantle or flourish and motto. Supporters, par- 
.cularly in England, are the part oi the coat-of-armes whole, 
.Inch belongs to those ennobled as a notice to that cirect. But 
n this country there is no reason win they should not be used 
.vhen inherited. In this country we preach that all men are equal, 
md long before that doctrine was accepted politically, coat-armor 
nade all men above servants equal. There is absolutely no class 
Dr distinction in heraldic bearings, all coat-armor is complete, and 
finished, and equal, one shield to another, the amies of a king are 
no more, no less, and no better than those of the poorest com- 
moner of the kingdom. Men have made a distinction as royal, 
loble, and commoner, but it is a purely personal attribute having 
no connection or relation with the usage of coat-armor. Indeed, 
many English and Continental familic s are far older and of a purer 
blood than most of the ennobled and royal houses of Europe to- 
day. In fact, abroad, as here at home, the true nobility of a 
country is the old families who seek no tinsel distinctions, but are 
content to be the backbone of the country. And these are the 
folk who bear coat-armor. In the English roll of armes to-day, 
there are some sixty-six thousand blazonings. Of these, less than 
three thousand are in the peerage and baronetage, the others are 
die gentry or people of England. 

In Europe the roll contains over one hundred thousand names, 
of which not over ten thousand are ennobled with titles. The 
Erench considered a gentleman as being noble — indicated by "de" 
— and all were equal as such — also true of their coat-armor. Their 
descendants here to-day have the same right as those of English 
descent. So it is true of the Dutch, German and other settlers 
from the continent. 

Again, we find coat-armor in the earliest times was closely con- 
nected with the bearing of surnames, the one begetting the other. 
These being called armes parlantes, canting armes, or armes 
which denote through the charge the surname: as castle & lion for 
Castile and Leon — stand and dish for Standish — sharp fusils for 
Montacute, Corbeau fo/ Corbet, Herons for Heron, falcon for Fal- 
coner, swineherd for Swinbourne, penfeathers for Coupenne, hi- 
ondelles for Arundell, hammers for Hamerton, cottonhanks for 
"otton, oxen for Oxenden, column for Colonna, broken bread 
'or Frangipani. bear for Ursini, suns for Pierson, apples for 
Appleton. rose for Roosevelt, fox heads for Foxcroft, cranes for 
Cranstovn, three hands conjoined for Tremaine. Thus is shown 
the close connection between heraldry and the surname. The lat- 
ter began with designating the place of residence, abode, occupa- 
tion and personal attributes. 

Not until after the XIII century were surnames established, 
and almost, if not at the same time, heraldry became a regulated 
usage. So from the first, armes and surnames in Europe have 
been synonymous for centuries. A man without armor, was one 
ignobilis or non noble — that is, not bearing coat-armor — and it 
was unnecessary for him to have a surname, as he was either a 

2 '7 

vassal, servitor, retainer or peasant. When he had gained or a 
sinned a surname then the possession of coat-armor soon followe< 
As to the right of inheriting a name that is so established as to 1 
understood and never disputed. A grant of coat-armor indicate 
an attachment to name, ana implies that it is a hereditament— 
never going with a title or estate, but strictly and solely with th< 
name to the immediate heir. As we accepted the right of inherit 
ing family names, and through usage the right to bear arme. 
jointly, naturally it follows that the right still exists, only ending 
when all branches of the house are extinct. In fact, the right can- 
not be vacated by disuse on the part of a family in the line o' 
descent, as is often the case, and any generation after, first estab 
lishing the right by connecting the lineage thus broken, can clair. 
and bear the coat-of-armes. 

Another positive proof oi the American use of armes is the Gor<= 
Roll, a collection of ninety-nine coat-armors, painted by hand 
and once the property of Gore, a Boston carriage-maker, dating 
from 1 701 to 1724. 

We now come to the official seals and coats-of-arms of th< 
United States and the several States. The following will show 
most effectively that coat-armor has been and still is officially used 
and, consequently, recognized by the National and State Govern- 

The Department of State published, in 1892, an account of the 
formation and adoption of the Great Seal of the United States. 
In 1776 Dr. Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Thomas Jeffer- 
son were a committee to adopt a form for an official seal. The one 
they devised was finally refused — quarterly of six. one each for 
England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Germany and Holland. After 
passing through several stages of modification the present form 
was adopted in 1885. The President has a semi-official seal. The 
State Departments, the U. S. Senate and House of Representa- 
tives, and the Department of Justice also have their proper official 
arms. Each State, on being admitted to the Union, adopted an 
official seal and coat-of-arms. 

The arms of the thirteen original States underwent various 
changes, some coming from the royal or colonial governors' coa*"- 
armor and seals. William Penn's arms were on the early seals c 
Pennsylvania and Delaware. Lord Baltimore's arms were alse 
used for the same purpose in Maryland. The royal seal of Eng 
land was used for Massachusetts until 1775. Xew Jersey used, in 
1664, the seal of Berkeley and Carteret. The history of these 
seals is an interesting proof of the official recognition of the 
growth of American coat-armor. 

The ecclesiastical and corporation seals form another distinct 
proof, sanctioned by use, of the right to bear coat-armor in this 
country. First is the great seal of the House of Bishops, the 
members having diocesan seals for official use. as the Bishops of 
California. Minnesota. Xew Jersey. Maryland, and Bishop Coxe of 
Xew York. Bishop Potter of this city impales his family arm- 
with those of the State — dexter. The city of Philadelphia has an 


thtfficial seal or coat-of-arms, and also Harvard College and the 
a theociety of Colonial Wars, the above being example? of a few out 
t : f the long list of corporati >ing such to-day. All individuals 

- ciay use their own proper ar. . either representing their 

• family arms or some seleeted device. Book-plates have been and 

, are being used more than ever for the display of heraldic designs, 
utilizing the family coat-armor. 

1 Xo surer or more convincing proof can be offered as evidence 
] of a custom than habitual usage. 

In closing, I can do no better than add that wnich Palliot, the 
great French authority of the seventeenth century, names armory, 
" La Vraye Et Parfaite Science Des Armoiries." The true and 
perfect — true because it cannot be falsely represented, and perfect 


* because it indicates name and descent at a glance. 


T 9 


The path back to the past knows but one true division line 
marked off at regular intervals by nature anu that is the *' genera- 
tion." In each is found the real history of the civilised world. 
Could the details of every family since its beginning and adoption 
by general use of the surname, have been preserved in writing we 
would have a perfect history of every state, city, and town in 
Europe and America. This will be found true in time to come 
regarding thousands of genealogies already written. The des- 
ignating individuals with two or more christian or given names 
is now absolutely necessary to distinguish persons of the sam 
family. Before 1800 it was rare that a person had more than on 
given name joining his surname. In time to come it will be 
necessary to have from rive to six or even more personal names 
to identify the various members using a common surname. 

To those who have given this subject thought the invention o. 
the surname is a wonderful thing. Usage has developed a certaii. 
sound inflected properly which indicates to the listener the nam 
of a family, and denotes that such who use it belong to that par- 
ticular house or family, in most cases derived from a common 
progenitor. But even before this a system of indicating the father 
of each person — above the peasant or serf — was in use. It came 
down from the dawn of known history, the Hebrew " ben " alway 
connecting father and son — the Roman " filius " — the Welsh 
li ap," the Gaelic " mac " and " o'," the Norman " fitz." 

Between these two usages heraldry began and many surname; 
sprang from the heraldic device or charge. It is undoubtedly 
here that the idea of a generic or birth-right surname began, and 
there is little doubt of armorial bearings being the real source of 
many modern surnames. 

An idea of the real significance of ancestral progenitors may be 
gained by reading the following: 

As we go back there are 2 parents, then 4 grandparents, the 
8, and so on. As each generation is added, the number of grand- 
parents increase. Tints: In the nth gen. there are 1,024 distinct 
surnames, the 15th gen. has increased to 16.384 ancestors. There 
are many families who trace back this distance with ease and cer- 
tainty in the paternal surname, but is there one among them who 
can give even half out of the above number of ancestral surnames. 

the 20th gen. — it is true — you number 524,288 progenitors, all 

same period or generation and this is only to about 1200 

There are families who trace back with perfect truth to the 

900. Now the 25th gen. gives 16.777,216 fathers and mothers 

the proper number of greats prefixed, and now we are only 
he Norman Conquest 1066. Here is the 30th gen. (being 
it 900 a.d.) in round numbers just 512 millions or one-third 
population of the world to-day. The 50th gen. would make 
)od sized family i ogy by itself — being loosely stated at 

" 500 trillions "— -a valuable book. Xow we approach the 
nning of the Christian Era — could any person trace back to I 
or about the 60th gen. and give the names of all his progenitors. 
•ouid have in his list 530,000,000,000,000,000, or 530 thousand 
ons. At that time either the world must have been over- 
rated or else one couple was progenitor to a good many 
hers and sisters, making the civilized world afterward rather 
;ly connected. In fact the figures arc beyond comprehension. 
11 shows that thousands of people living to-day have had the 
e ancestor not many generations back. Those who boast 
d descent forget that they are merely one of perhaps an 
dred thousand others counting that royal personage in a 
idabout way as one of their many progenitors, 
iterally speaking or rather telling the truth there is no such 
inction as royalty — those who at different periods achieved 
1 positions were themselves, or descendants of, seigneurs — 
is of the demesne — chiefs, etc. Consequently by counting 
k, all kings are reduced to not only collateral relatives but 
n younger sons of your lineal progenitor. Surnames and 
t-armors decrease in number as the 20th gen. is approached, 
those who wish to work out all their paternal and maternal 
estors must stop assigning to them armes and surnames after 
30th gen. Progenitors might then be known by numbers. 
: whole number of progenitors including your father and 
:her, to the 10th gen., adds up 1,022; most every one has that 
nber it is supposed. The 20th gen. makes your total 1,048,574, 
many as yet, but the 25th gives some 33 millions and there we 

better stop as the population of the world is inadequate to 
lishing sufficient ancestors, not to mention cousins. 
Vhexi we consider that all those who have gone before were 
Dlutely required, to give us being and a country to live in it is 
little to do in return to put together a list of their names and 
ons. Can we offer our coming generations better food for 
ly, reflection and serious ambition than this, to emulate their 
'fathers in the best they did? All truly great men have loved 

respected the memory of their forefathers. It is only the 
.11 narrow minded selfish being who fails to comprehend the 
: and its relation to our inherited qualities. 
he study of heraldry develops an entirely new way of seeing 

as it is. We no longer imagine that class or clique distinc- 
s are a separate caste each above the other, graded in these 
3 by money power. On the contrary there are only two 


classes in Life, not theory but practice. The first is m; 
all the armorial families of the world and include the imperial, 
royal, princely, ducal, all the titled nobles, the earldoms, count- 
ships, baronies, lordships, seigneuries, knights and gentle houses, 
they are all equal armorially to one another and inherit coat- 
armor equally — it is in reality an enormous brotherhood of 
Heraldic houses. The second is of all who are not — but in our 
times as well as the past one may easily rise to the social first 
class, it being under certain conditions free to enter. 

The descendants of the 2d class whose forefathers were peasants, 
tradesmen, bourgeois, clerks, artisans, mechanics, serfs, retainers, 
villains, tenants, soldiers, bastards and waifs, can and have risen 
to the first class and form to-day a large part of the boasted fore- 
fathers of many a haughty line. And now I think I have reached 
the true point of genealogies, a beginning, and will show that in 
the case of the most ancient lines they and theirs undoubtedly 
began in tribes, clans, and septs, their parentage lost and life a 
commune. We all can trace, when possible, back to but a dim 
and uncertain light. Intensely interesting to those who see within 
the meaning of all things and value at its true politic worth the 
glitter of title and power of precedence. 

An attempt has been made to give some data about each allied 
family — the whole line or the earliest ancestor in America 6c their 
origin in Europe. The coat-armors when indicated as of that 
family are inherited. When given as " of Eng.' 5 or some place on 
the Continent — means nothing is known about the right; armes are 
thus given to indicate the standing of the family in Europe. Only 
a search can prove in this case the connection. When uncom- 
mon surnames appear the armes are given to locate the family 
and in such case the origin is almost always one. It is presumed 
until shown otherwise that each family acquired their surname 
by birth and not by assumption or adoption. Mistakes will be 
corrected whenever those who know have the kindness to inform 
the authors. 

Such surnames as appear without notes, genealogies, or refer- 
ence to Savage's Gen. Diet, are hopeless md cannot be found in 
the armorial rolls of Europe. 

When uncommon fornames are prevalent in a line or its 
branches: or one or two names run in a line continually, it often 
indicates the cadette armes to be used in America. 

All coat-armor is inherited with the surname, from the founder 
if he bore such. Grants after 1500 a.d. may belong entirely to 
one line of a family tho' they are all from one progenitor. 
Armes cannot be used then except by descendants of the one line. 

Confirmation of old grants after 1S00 a.d. even do not prev< 
inheritance of the old coat. Also be sure that the Conf. is no. 
new grant so disguised as to give a pretence of an ancient armor. 

Coat-armors are not a mark of rank or distinction any more 
than the surname is. All gentles & nobles must bear such. If 
the Amcr. fam. has always been of gentle rank then the armes 
must exist as a birth-ri^ht. 

' Genuine and lawful arms recorde d in s< ime country " (with 
.ldic College) " whore the pedigrees exist connecting with- 
stion the present people with the old recorded people." 
Genuine arm? where the descent is traditional and may be 

The rest." (?)] 

' people ec many books have contributed to this work. A 
i — M. Joriaux of Paris, Herr Adolf Meyer of Berlin, Miss 
the late Dr Barna Delano, the " Record " Ed. by Mr R. H. 
A.M. LLB. — Astor Library, genealogies, magazines, etc 
number; the Mayors of Tourcoing ec Lannoy. Dr. Frank 
3 Mrs Samuel Clark, Mrs John D Townsend, Prof. E C 
& Mr. Burford DeLannoy of Eng. 6c Mrs Felix de Lannoy 
Irs. Thomas S Townsend & M. E. G. De Lanoy 

Mortimer Delano. 
-York, Jan — 1899 




i-a Arnulphe de Franchimonf 1 1 59. 

2-a Conrad do Franchimont. 

3-A Hellin marquis de Franchimont m. Agnes dau. of Otho 
duke of Bavaria. 

4-A Hellin II de Franchimont in. Agnis de Duras. 

5-A Jean de Franchimont in. Mahienne de Lannoy, 13 10 t 
Hugues de Lannoy 1096 a.d. 

6-a Hugues de Lannoy. 

7-A Guillebert de Lannoy (Gilbert). 

8-a Baudouin " le Begue." 

9-A Baudouin de Lannoy. 

io-a Philippe de Lannoy m. Magdelaine de Bourgogne. 
ii-a Jean de Lannoy. 

1 2-a Gysbert (Gilbert) de Lannoy 1545, grandson of io-a. 
•IVA Jean de Lannoy, of Leiden. 
14-A Philippe de Lannoy to America 1621 
15-A Had: Philip jr., Thomas, John, Jonathan, & Samuel Delan( 
[23d] [8 generations to 1897] 

[" a " refers to the lineal descent & the figure denotes the gen 


The beginning is naturally with the ancient town of Lannoy c 
which there is little enough written. In an ancient map oi Flan 
dria inscribed " Carolos Caluus Imp. — Balduino Ferrero et Iudi 
thae . . . etc " at the time of their reigns Charles the Bal 
of France and his son-in-law Baldwin Bras-de-fer 1st cc>mte c 
Flanders, thus making the date about 863 — is found a few mile 
from Isla, now Lille, a town called Alnetum later kn >.vn a 
L'Annois and Lannoy. That the town is even older is possibl 
for this country was under the rule of the Franks in the fift 
century a.d. the monarchy having been established by Clo**is 481 
The meaning of the name is not known. In ancient char ■ s it i 
variously spelled L'Annois L'Annoe L'Aulnais L'Auln ,;•'. I 
is more often called Alnetum. The illustrious family which bear 
this name is called in old latin works " Alnetanam familiam. 
See Olivarius Vredius 3 vols. " Historiae et Genealogies Com 
turn Flandriae 1650." See old map.) 


Lannoy is given as the title of a comic (countship) in Flandres. 
I It is some six miles from Lille to the oast. Tourcoing lies above 
to the cast, while to the South East is Tournay. Baedekers Guide- 
^Elouk describes it as an ancient decayed town once prominent in 
the Middle ages, and now readied by a drive from the nearest 
railway station at Roubaix, to the north. Flandres has formed 
a part of France since 1667, Lannoy now being in the " depart- 
ment de la Xord, France." 

Lannoy to-day is a small manufacturing town, 7 miles E.N.E. 
of Lille. The population is 1904. [Lippincotts Gazetter of the 
World, for 1895.] 

The first lord of Lannoy mentioned is Hugucs de Lann< >y 
"spoken of as a knight at the Tournoi d'Anchin in 1096. A Simon 
de Alneto also appears in the list. A charte des Chanoines [Can- 
'nons] de St. Pierre a Lille mentions Gilbert de Lannoy 1171 A.D. 
Again we find Hugues de Lannoy in the charte de 1'Abbaye de 
St. Aubert de l'annee 1186 a.d. 

" llu in 1 186 with consent of wife, Richilde de Sainghin & 
children Hugues, Jacquenard and Jean." — (From Histoire Genea- 
logique de Neufville par Abraham C. de Neufville 1869 Amsterdam 

Lannoy or Lanuois Abbaye de France in Beauvoisis diocese 
de Beauvais Ordrc de Cisteaux founded in 1137 by Jean seigneur 
de Rocherolles whose tomb is in the church. This seems to be 
but an outline of the lords of Lannoy before 1310 and all that can 
be found to date, though it is possible that this " Manuscript des 
de Lannoy commencing in 1096 and terminating in 1760" con- 
tains a more detailed account from 1096 to 1312. With the last 
seigneur de Lannoy and de Lys of the old house, is taken up that 
Franchimont to whom Mahut or Mahienne the heiress of Lan- 
noy and Lys was married in 1312 or [1310]. 

It is a curious fact that as heiress of the seigneuries de Lannoy 

and Lys she did not carry the armes to join or impale with her 

husband, Jean de Franchimont, who kept his armes and be- 

-.oothod them with the surname of Lannoy to his descendants. 

Les plus anciennes armoiries Franchises," 1 127-1300 par 

Y de Lesdain Archives Heraldiques Suisscs Xo. 2, 1897, 

Meuchatel Switzerland. 

is work, at page ~6, foot-note 19 — appears what is un- 

ly the old armes of Lannoy, differenced. 

i d'Aulnoy: trois tierces sous tin chef, [time 1238 a.d.] 

|emay " sccaux de la Flandre " Xo. 468. One form of 

r was written Aulnoy. This Jean was also of Flanders. 

ine is in English "John of Aulnoy or Annois." Armes: 

:s under a chief [a tierce is a kind of narrow bar drawn in 

f 3 each across the shield]. The colors not recorded. At 

• (letter fr. M. leMaire de Lannoy) is the ancient coat-armor 

inoy or "Annois" — sable, a chief argent — to sinister is a 

l.azoned as " Lannoy " — it may be the armes used for the 

urie of Lys. in 1300. surmounted by the mural crown for 

- 'Also the following armes: " de 1'Aunoy " which have been 


differenced from old I. annoy. Annoy or Aulnoy — : Aunov in 
Artois — Or, on a chief gu, 3 crescents arg. — Annoy in Picardie — 
(fain, extinct end of 15th cent.) Or, a chief gu. charge.; with a fr 
quartier of the Montmorency " Or, cross gu. bet. 16 e 
az." Annoy in Flemish France — gu. 3 fesses arg. on a chief az, 
3 etoiles or. Annoy: Or, chief gu. charged with a mullet 
dexter. A new ec valuable work in the press, and which contains 
heraldic seals data etc. about Lannoy Barbanqon etc. is " Si 
Armories des Pays-Bas etc." by J. Th. de Raadt Soc. Beige de Lib. 
16 rue Treuren berg Bruxelles. 

Lannoy, le 17 .Mars iSyS. 
Le Maire de la Yille de Lannoy 
Monsieur Mortimer Delano de Lannoy 
Poursnivant-of-Arms a Xew York 

DEPARTEMENT DU NORD Monsieur:-En reponse a 

votre honoree, je m empresse 

,„„„ ..„ de vous informer que, re'.a- 

, »%, fc> j.u tivement a la genealogie 

a a a r r> anciens seigneurs de Lannoy, 

MAI RLE DE LAMM ®Y la question est assez 

— • mais il faut pour cela fere 

beaucoup de recherches et 
consequemment employer du 

Les archives de La 

■ -A =S3 sjj J A "^ sont tres compliquees el 

^. V • O' .•',-• pourrais vous satisfaire du 

'Iv.iJ ^'- ■■'■/, jour au lendemain. 

^'^:i°J&r' Je sais que la ville de Lan- 

r**^ noy a en Fhonneur de re- 

Fig. 2 a-b. cevoir il y a denx ans,lavisite 

d'un jeune comte de Lannoy (Received a visit 2 years ago fr. a 

young Comte de Lannoy), il faut aussi faire des recherches i^our 

savoir oil il existe. 

Tout cela evidemment necessite des depenses, qu'il «Jn 
difficile de vous dire des maintenant. \ 

Pour payer ce travail et ces recherches qui necessite ro 
etre des deplacements, veuillez avoir 1'obligeame de m'ertrv 
francs d'acompte. :. 

Si la depense doit etre pins forte, je vous en previendrai^ 
envoyant les renseignements que vous jugerez devoir me do: 
et que vous vondrez bien specifier dans votre reponse. p 
A partir de ce jour, je commence a fairc verifier les A 
afin de gagner du temps. A 

Veuillez agreer, Monsieur, Fassurance de ma corsider 
distinguee C 

Le Maire :b 

Oscar Betr::-'u 
N. B. — Vous pouvez continuer a ecrire en anglais et si J 
plaisait mienx, je puis vous repondre en anglais. 



The seigneurie de Franchimont was situated in Normandy, west 
of Flanders. Normandie was a duchy first under Hrolf the 
Viking in 911 a.d. The exact location of Franchimont is not 

apparently known, it was raised into an estate or manor by: 

1 -a ARNULPHE de FRANCHIMONT [or Arnulf] seig- 
neur of the castle and domain of Franchimont in Normandie 1139 
a.d. " Created a comte by the Emp. Conrad," " m. a dan. of the 
seigneur dTvoy." [Genealogical Copie de la famille de Lannoy 
from 1 139 to 1866.] His son was: 
/ 2-a COXRAD de FRANCHIMONT [1175 ?] seigneur de 
li Franchimont. Became GOVERNOR of the pays du LIEGE & 
I Gov. of Bouillion (district of Liege) under Henry of Limburg. 
Bishop of Liege. Went to Italy with him and was charged by the 
Emperor (Frederick Barbarossa 1152-90 or Henry VI) to guard 
the " Relics of the Three Kings " when the precious depot was sent 
to Cologne. "He m. 1166 Ermingarde Walcourt or Wallecourt 
of Namur." His son was: 

3-a HELLIN de FRANCHIMONT [1225] comte and mar- 
quis de Franchimont. He married: Agnes the daughter of Othon 
1st or Otho due de Baviere (duke of Bavaria) & comte Palatine 
[she founded the monastery or convent of Saint Agnes]. See 
the Royal Chart of Lannoy and charts " A " "C" & " D," they 
had Hellin II. Agnes m. Hellin I (abt. 1245) ? born after 1229 
dau. of Othon due de Bavaria m. Agnes (about 1225 ? or later) dau. 
of Henry AT m. Agnes in 1193 A.D. Othon: was the son of Louys 
I, made duke of Bavaria in 121 5 by the Emp. Fred. II— He married: 
Agnes dau. of Henry VI. due de Saxe & de Bavaria & his wife 
Agnes comtesse palatine du Rhin [dau. of Conrad comte palatine 

of the Rhine & duke of Swabia 1156 of the Hohenstaufen line] 

see Royal chart — Hohenstaufen Armes: Arg. sometimes or, 3 lions 
leopardes gu. in pale Hen. VI was the son of Hen. V " the Lion " 
& Matilda of England see charts. Armes of Othon Ir duke of 
Bavaria: Bore: Losange en bande.d'azur & d'argent of 21 pieces. 
Armes of duchy of Saxony Burele of sable & or, 10 pieces: a crance- 
hn (wreath or crown) sinople posed in bande, over all. Note fr. 
Ency. Brit. Vol XVIII p. 166. In 1156 the Palatinate (Pfalz) was 
granted by the Emperor Frederick I to his step-brother duke 
Conrad de Swabia who was succeeded by his son-in-law Henrv 
due de Brunswick (father of Agnes) (son of Henry the lion): In 
1215 A.D. Frederick II the Emperor punished Henry for opposing 
him, by granting the Palatinate & duchy to Louis or Louys I due 
de Bavaria whose son (Otho) Agnes m. Otho II (or I of this line). 
In 1256 their heirs were Louis II & Henrv. 

[Vredius Table IV p. 115] 

Agnes, Comtesse Palatine du Rhin. Otho, Due de Baviere. 
Voyez Miraeus, dessus, fol. 1 14. Chronica Augustensis : Henricus,' 
•Jux Bavariae ab Imp. ejicitur: Otto, Palatums Comes de Scvra 


subjicitur vel substituitur. Ad. anno 1180. Henricus, Dux Sax- 
oniae privatur Docatu Bavariae lV ei Comes de Scheuren substi- 
tuitur, qui duravit annos quatin i i .\d aim 1 177. Reuf nerus, \ 
fol 4S0: Henricus Junior &c., ex Palatina tulit Henricum ante \ 
pa*entem defunctum occ. Irmgarden consortem Hermanni, 
Marchionis Badeni; Agnetem nuptam Othoni, Duci Bajoriae, qui 
socero, in Palatinatu Rheni & Electoratu successit. Agnes, Du- 
cissa Bavariae, idus Aprilis peperit filium, quivocatus est Ludovi- 
cus. Ad anno 1229. Anno 1240 Otho, Dux Bavariae, mittens 
Ludovicum filium suum, cum exercitu; ad terrain illam, sibi civita- 
tos Linz & Anasum, cum magna parte illius provinciae subjugavit." 

4-a HELLIN II de FRANCHIMONT [1275] Marquis de ' 
Franchimont. lie married 1225 ?: Agnis daughter of Guilbert 
Gysbert or Gilbert comte de Duras who married: Gertrude de 
Namur they had 2 sons 1st Balderic 2d Jean. Amies of Duras: 
Sable, seme (powdered) of fleur-de-lis or. The ancient armes of 
France same with the field azure instead of sable 1st used by Louis 
YI1I 1223-6. The family of Duras is of the pays de Liege and on 
the evidence of the armes may have been connected with the royal 
house of France. The armes certainly originated about the same 
time. See Royal chart. Of Namur: The ancient comtes dc 
Namur comtes de la Roche & de Durbuy, comtes de Luxembourg 
from 1136-96 Berenger comte de Namur lived 008 A.D. later came 
Henry comte de Namur had Godfrey de Namur had Alix de 
Namur m. 1171 abt. Baudouin IV comte de Haynault. Robert de 
Namur (a bend wavy) about 1300. Armes: Or, a lion sable, 
armed, tongue, and crown gules, some bore a cotice cliff, gules 
brochant sur le tout (over all). Crest: a pair of wings sable. 

The comtes de Namur held the office of " Advocati " of the 
Abbey Andenne but misusing their power the Emperor H. R. E. 
Henry the III, 1046, obliged Albert comte de Namur, to restore 
and hold only as a fief of the Empire [see Eccles. Her. Woodward 
1894]. Albert comte de Namur was living 1000 A.D. Philippe 
marquis de Namur 1206 William de Flandre comte de Namur 
1350. Whether Gertrude was of the old house or the later Hay- 
nauT-Flanders house of Namur is unknown but from the date she is 
probably of the last. 

[Eldest son and heir to Hcllin II] 

BALDERIC de FRANCHIMONT 3d marquis de Franchimont 
(1300) Chevalier (Knight) (Ritter) Joined Henry de Gueldrcs 
Prince-Bishop of Liege. He married: Ida de Rochefort, Rochefort 
d'Ailly — Auvergne & Forez in France. Armes: Gules, a bande 
ondee (wavy) argent, accompanied with 6 merlettes argent posi d 
in orle — Tenants: 2 angels, dalmatics azure, they had a daughter 
& heiress of the blood 

WALBURGE dc FRANCHIMONT (Wilburge) she married: 
Gisbert (Gysbert) comte de Tourinnes. The armes of Tourinnes 
not found. They probably bore the armes of Franchimont. They 
had one son 


THEOBALD marquis de Franchimont & comte de Tourinnes 
— He became a chanoine [cannon] of Saint Lambert at Liege. I Tc 
bequeathed at his death to this chapter the marquisate de Franchi- 
mont and all its dependencies. (1451.) Thus ended the senior 
line or house of Franchimont. Anncs of Franchimont: Are: 3 
lions sinople armed & tongued gu. oc crowned or. [see fig". 3]. This 
line became one in the person of Jean II seigneur de Lannoy Gov- 
ernor of Holland & 4th Chancellor of the Golden Fleece — [451 — 
Who thereupon bore Franchimont in full [see Siebmacher Hohe 
Adel ec Aim. de Gotha — Rheina-Wolbeck] . He became at this 
time (145 1) the head of both Lannoy and Franchimont. 


When the Franchimont armes were first in use we cannot tell 

!but like all the most ancient bearings they were undoubtedly 
among the first to be assumed and inherited by son and grandson. 
From the general data it would seem that the coat-armor originated 
I with Conrad de Franchimont who was governor of the region of 
I Liege [see pedigree], date about or just before 1200 A.D., his son 
I Hellin became the marquis de Franchimont and bore supposedly 
" Argent, 3 lions rampant sinople — vert ", so did Hellin II and his 
I eldest son Balderic his grandson Theobald the last marquis de 
'Franchimont, who bequeathed to the chapter at Liege the mar- 
iquisate, apparently about 1451. The See of Liege was founded 
V130 A.D. and transferred to Liege 709. It was a principality of the 
|ioly Roman Empire, the Prince-bishop belonging to the circle of 
Westphalia, he bore among other titles that of marquis de Franchi- 
naont, clearly that bequeathed about 145 1. Franchimont and the 
other titles were taken from the bishop and given by the king of 
France to the house of la Tour d'Auvergne. A Treatise On Eccle- 
siastical Heraldry by John Woodward LL.D. 1894 Scotland. 

The author further says that " the marquisate of Franchimont 
appears to have been in possession of the See in the eleventh cen- 
tury when the bishop vindicated his right to it against the ciaim 
of the duke of Lorraine." This is hardly possible unless the mar- 
quisate was given by Henry of Limburg to the Franchimonts for 
they had already possessed since n 39 the seigneurie de Franchi- 
mont in Xormandie. The coat-armor is 3d in the quartered coat of 
the Prince-bishops of Liege [Liittich] " Argent, three lions ram- 
pant vert (armed gules) MARQUISATE OF FRANCHI- 
MONT " — Balderic and Jean de Franchimont inherited the armes 
of their father Hellin II — which are — Argent, trois lions rampant 
de sinople arme et lampasse de gueules, couronne d'or — 2 & 1 — 
Being a silver shield with 3 green lions with gold crowns, 
claws & tongues red. Balderic carried the full coat of Franchi- 
mont which was finally incorporated by the bishops of Liege. 
Jean, the second son. differenced or used a brisure the proof of 
which is shown later on. This new Franchimont coat-^rmor was 
—Argent. 3 lions sinople crowned or, with a BORDURF. en- 


grelee gules and this was, with the various brisures, used by his 
descendants. One authority states that Jean preserved the amies 
of Franchimont — arg. 3 lions des sinople. Thus his desc< 
inherited the FRANCHIMONT coat-armor and assumed the ) 
heiress surname of LANNOY as their own. [See figures 2. 6 & 
9.] [There was a knight called Jean d'Allery 1310 of Picardy, 
and much later this house adopted the surname de Lannov with 
the amies [Argent, 3 lions sinople arme & lamp, de gules, couronne 
d'or] Rietstap vol. I. 1895 — it is also claimed that 2 authentic j 
chartes in Picardie 25 & 26, give d'Allery. It is very clearly an 
error and refers not to our Lannoy in Flandres but to LAXXOY 
d'AMERAUCOURT in Picardie 1300, and which is probably 
from Lannoy ancient. The connection by a marriage d'Al 
with Lannoy is in some obscure way brought in at this date — 
there can be no other clear reason for their using the Franchimont 
coat-armor and furthermore there is no authority for that usage. 
When and by what right did Allery use the Franchimont armes?] 

[2d son of Hellin II] 

5-a JEAN de FRANCHIMONT. About the year 1300 
A.D. Jean passed into Flanders with a suite of Franchimontois 
retainers and followers in number [3000] three thousand, whom 
he brought to the assistance of Gui de Dampiere comte de Flanders 
[1225-1305 did homage to St. Louis 1251 & 1294 his dau. m. Ed- 
ward pr. of Eng.] See Yredius. The fame and power of this seig: 
de Franchimont must have been indeed great to lead and control as. 
his own such a large body of followers. He married Mahienne, 
Mayenne or Mahaud de Lannoy daughter and sole heiress of the 
last seigneur de Lannoy and de Lys, from whom her husband as- 
sumed the seigneurie de Lannoy and their issue bore the surname 
of Lannoy ever after. The date of this marriage is generally given 
as 1 3 12, but this would make their eldest son who married in 1329 
only sixteen at that date, for this and other reasons the date m 
likely is 13 10. Jean married a second wife; Isabeau de O 
had by her no children. The descendants of JEAX & MAJ 
ENNE de FRANCHIMONT seigneur & dame de LAXXOY 
& de LYS, are as follows: [they had but one child] [also a son ?] 
Wallerand de Lannoy (doubtful) seigneur de Lannoy & de Lys 
married Isobel de Clary— [Possibly meant for 2d wife of J. 
Xo further account found. From the Annuaire de la Nobles 
The son and heir was — 

6-a HUGUES de LAXXOY [sometimes Hue or Hues]. He 
was born about 131 1 and died in June 1349. Succeeded as s< 
neur de LAXXOY & de LYS. Married in 1329 Marguerite 
de Mingoval daughter of Gilles de Maingoval or Mingoval a I\ r 
of the chateau de Bethune. She died aged 70 years an . 
buried beside her husband in the entry to the choir of the cht 
at Lys. L/pon her tomb is the Maingoval coat-armor, color un- 
known, being a shield or ecusson charged with a bande or bend. 
Hue de Lannoy chevalier gave a quittance the 23d of May 133S to 


Nicolas le Gros, lieutenant of the King's war Treasury. To which 
is affixed his official seal in red wax, a shield bearing three lions 
within a bofdure engrelee — engrailed — [Paris cabinet of M. Clair- 
ambault] — see Fig. 6. Hue was a seigneur from his father Jean 
and inherited his coat-armor differenced with a bordure. Proving 
that Jean (5-a) bore as a younger son the bordure for a brisure or 
difference. [This being a charge used to denote younger branches 
of families.] As a brisnre the bordure was used from 1251-75 in 
the proportion shown by 4, but from 1301 to 1325 it had increased 
to 18. "Archives Heraldique Suisses Oct. Xo. 10. 1S96." They 
dad the following sons Founder progenitors of the various family 
dnes of Lannoy in Flandres, Holland, France, Westphalia, Italy, 
England and America. I — Robert. II — Hugues. Ill — Guille- 
bert. IV — Jean " Pcrcheval." 

I: ROBERT de LANNOY seigneur de Maingoval & de LYS 
in 1349. He died without issue about 1366. His will or testa- 
ment 1366 was witnessed by HUES GILBERT & JEAN called 
PERCPIEYAL [meaning valley-head], his brothers. Further- 
more " Percheval " differenced with a brisure the shield of his seal 
thus: a border or hem? (ourlet) placed upon the shoulder of one of 
the lions, [fr. Pere Anselmes Gen.] Ourlet may mean Bourlet; 
this would explain the brisure much better. Bourlet is a wreath 
of several ribbons twisted into a hoop or circle. In this case the 
bourlet placed upon the shoulder would be used like & resemble a 
ring or annulet." IV: JEAN de LANNOY called "PERCHE- 
VAL" [Probably the youngest son] seigneur de la Motterie & 
d'Ogimont Married: Marie de Cordes surnamed Vaudupont (or 
Waudripont) ; dame d'Ogimont & de Waudricourt. [One gen. 
places him as the 5th son of Gilbert IV & Cath. Molembais — but 
this is very unlikely.] "A daughter was Marguerite de Lannoy 
married to Louis le Val — but it is not certain from which of these 
brothers was her father." His armes are: Lannoy differenced 
with an ourlet (bourlet ?) upon the shoulder of one of the lions. 
Not stated which Lannoy, with or without bordure, probably the 
former, they had a dau. Jeanne & Jean de Lannoy who follows: 
see Motterie Line: Armes of Cordes de Waudripont; o: Belgium. 
Ancient armes: Or, seme de trefles az., with 2 huchets (horns) ados- 
ses gu. garnished az.. brochant over all. Crest: Head & neck of a 
griffon or, between a wing or & az. This is apparently the crest 
used in fig. 8. 

RAOUL de LAXXOY & JEAN de LANNOY appear as 
ecuyers (esquires) in the company of the seigneur de Yierville in- 
corporated in that of Henry de Thienville sire du Mesnil-Garnier 
September 1368 — cabinet de Gaignieres — Probably younger sons 
who left no issue, or Jean is Jean " Percheval " and Raoul possibly 
a ;th son. 

Bibliography of Lannoy Genealogies 

Vredius Gen. Com. Flandres in 3 vols. — Annuaire de la Noblesse 
de France. La Belgique Heraldique, par Ch. Poplimont, p. 187 — 
Tome VI Paris 1866 Carion pub. 64 rue Bonaparte. Siebmachers 


Wappenbnch — Hohe Add see Rheina-Wolbeck Nurnberg i 
Hist. Gen. do Neufville — 1869. Almanach de Gotha Rheina-Y. 
beck 1805-7. Copie d'une Gen. de Lannoy 1139 — 1806. M 
Gen. de Lannoy en Flandre 1096- J 760. Old French Gens, in :o 
vols. Genealogie de la Maison de Lannoy Paris 1607 — fol. Th -' 
works contain various lines of Lannoy complete; for such refer r 
vols, named. All the lines are mentioned in this work, bin 
branches are not in full. In Diet. Hist, et Her. de la N< 
Francaise. Vol. I, 1896 by Mailhol Lannoy is given as beii 
parently extinct in France. / 

II: HUGUES II de LANNOY succeeded his brother Kc 
1366 and was living in 1373 seigneur de Lannoy de Lys & d 
goval. Lie made in 1373 an endowment in the church at 1 . 5 
where later he was buried. Married: Marie de Berlaimoni or 
Berlaymont daughter of Fastre de Bcrlaimont chevalier. (.'• 
armor: Azure, a bande — bend — argent charged with three e 
sable. Hugue II, inherited & bore his fathers' amies: Arc;. 3 li< ins 
rampant sinople crowned or, with a bordure engrailed gules: Tl 
had: Jean " le Ramager" who follows. 

JEAN I de LAXXOY snrnamed " le ramager " (the singer or 
warbler) seigneur de Lannoy de Lys & de Maingoval (son of 
Hugnes II). He built the chateau de Lannoy [castle at Lannoy] 
where we find " Jean de Lannoy ecuyer (esquire) who was at a re- 
view with six other ecuyers of his company April 22 1 378." 
de Lannoy one of nine ecuyers of the company of Binart du 
I'erray ecuyers (esquires) de la company de Pierre de Ha 
querque, seigneur de Raisse chevalier, captain of the 
d'Ardres, in Sept. 1410." "Jean de Lannoy one of fifteen 
ecuyers of the company of Antoine de Lay chev. Boch who was 
killed at Rosay in Brie Oct. 3 141 1." " Jean de Lannoy one of the 
ecuyers of the company of Guy de Laval seigneur de Gaure ecuyer 
banneret, who was killed at Pontoise Oct. 4 141 1." He married: 
Jeanne de Croy daughter of Jean seigneur de Croy GRAND- 
BOUTEILLER de FRANCE (killed at Agincourt 1415) (Chief 
Butler to the KING 1405 ?) & wife Marguerite de Craon — who re 
married Jean seig. de Sombresse — Amies Croy: Arg., 3 fasces 
gules — see chap, on Gold. Fleece — they had a 2d son Antoine d< 
Lannoy seigneur de MAINGOVAL who follows succeeded to hi.* 
bro. & the eldest son and LANNOY heir Jean II. Note: Jean 
" le Ramager " is called the first Jean de Lannoy showing that Jean 
de Franchimont was not counted as a Lannoy. 

JEAN II de LANNOY seigneur de Lannoy & de Lys. He was 
created a Chevalier de la TOISON d"OR in 145 1 (L) & was the 
fourth CHANCELLOR of that Order, under the due de Bour- 
gogne— He was an AMBASSADOR to England for the treaty of 
Peace with France 1453. beinq: the end of the " Hundred years' 
War " [Louis NI King of France & Henry VI of Eng.]. He was 
captain of " cent hommes d'armes " (100 men at arms) in the war 
against the Gantois. Gouverneur of the cities of LILLE, Douay 
& Orchies, Bailly d'Amiens Captain of Dourlens (DouUei ? and 
instituted in 1458 GOVERNOR of ITOLLANDE. Zelande & 


Frisc (Friesland . He acquired the estates or seigneuries de 
Rurames, Sebourg & te chateau de la Marche. lie died 1497 & 

was interred in the Church of Lannoy. 11 is succession to the head 
of Franchimont & Lannoy. Iking already the Chief of Lannoy 
he in 145 1 inherited from his kinsman Theobald marquis de 
Franchimont & comte de Tourinnes the RIGHT to bear the full 
undifferenced coat-armor of Franchimont now called Lannoy [see 
Golden Fleece 1 list. Chev. L " bore Lannoy plain "]. Thus laying 
aside his father & grand-father's coat oi " Lannoy with a bordure 
engrailed gules." In this way the House of Lannoy came to bear 
the full armes of Franchimont. He married 1st: Jeanne de Poix 
dame de Brimeu dau. of Louis de Poix seigneur de Brimeu & de 
Saint Messant had Jeanne de Lannoy dame de Brimeu m. Philippes 
de Homes seigneur de Gaesbeck son of Jean de Homes seigneur 
de Baussignies & wife Marguerite de la Tremoille. Married 2d: 
Jeanne de Ligne dau. of Michel de Ligne, seigneur de Barbancon 
& wife Bonne d' Abbeville. Armes: Arg. 3 lions gu. (see Tour- 
coing line). 1 — Bonne dame de Lannoy married her relative 
PHILIPPES de LAXXOY seigneur de Santes & de Rollaincourt. 
She died 1453 (see Willerval line). 2 — Marie de Lannoy dame de 
Sebourg m. Jean seigneur de Beaufort in Artois. 3 — Jacqueline 
de Lannoy m. Jean de Henin seigneur de Fontaines. 


ANTOIXE de LAXXOY seigneur de Maingoval [succeeds his 
bro. Jean II in 1497] [son of Jean de Lannoy & Jeanne de Croy] 
Premiere Maitre d'FIotel of the Emperor MAXIMILIEX I 1493 
1 5 19 married: Marie de Ville dau. of Quentin de Ville seigneur 
d'Andregmes & his wife Jeanne dame de SANZELLES they had: 
Jean III who follows — Jeanne de Lannoy married 1st. Philippes 
Villain seigneur de Lille 2d. Philippes de Poitiers seigneur de la 
Ferte who died without children in 1503. JEAN III de LAN- 
NOY seigneur de Maingoval de Rienlay & de Sanzelles — died in 
1498 and was interred at Cannes de Valenciennes married 1st. 
Catharine de XEUVILLE of the Great maison de Xeufville [Eus- 
tache de Xeufville 1047-1101 d'Arras in Artois. Armes ancient: 
Or, frette de gules.] they had: Jean IV who follows. (Jean III) 
married 2d, Philipote de Lalain dame de Rienlay dau. of Simon 
de Lalain seigneur de Hantes they had CHARLES lord of 
Sanzelles [see same further on]. Also a natural son: AN- 
TOIXE; batard de Maingoval, who was gentleman to the 
due d'Arschot married: Goucux — in the chatellenie de Ro- 
man they had 1st Baudouin de Lannoy he had 1 — Thierry de 
Lannoy 2 — Antoine de Lannoy & 2d Robert de Lannoy — who 
died in the war and was unmarried. Flis children differenced the 
armes of Lannoy with a brisure of a rose gules, placed in the mid- 
dle of the shield, between the three lions (fesse point). This family 
became known as Lannoy of Frise in (Friesland) the Netherlands. 
Armes: Arg., (3) trois lions sinople, armc et lampasse gu., crowns 
3 33 

or, accompanied with a rose gules, boutonne or; en abime ^in the 
center of the field). Cimier (crest): A moor issuant ceinture 
(belted) arg., tenant (holding 1 ) in right hand an arrow (Heche) or, 
in bane (bend sinister) the point on high, the left hand resting- on 
his hip. all ppr. Tenants (supporters): 2 moors (Mores) belted 
arg., each holding in his free hand an arrow or. 

JEAN IV do LANNOY seigneur de Molembais ec d'Andregmes 
married 1st Marguerite de Flandres called or surnamed de Praet 
in Brabant; they had: 1 — Antoine de Lannoy seigneur de Molem- 
bais ecuyer [esquire] to the Emperor CHARLES Y 1519-56 died 
unmarried. 2 &: 3 — Jacques and Louis died young. 4 — Louise 
de Lannoy dame d'Andregnies in. Louis seigneur de Revol. He 
married 2d Philippe de Plaines widow of Pierre de Bourbon seig- 
neur de Carency ec princes de Carency [extinct 1 515] they had: 
1st Nicolas de Lannoy seigneur de Molembais ec de Rienlay born 
1505 died at the Have 1540 who married: Anne de Lalain [dau. of 
Artus de Lalain seigneur de Bugnicourt & wife Jeanne de Habart 
dame de Noyelles-Wyon] they had: Charles de Lannoy seigneur 
de Molembais died in Spain unmarried [age 21 yrs. 8 months] 
1540-61 — buried at Madrid in Church of St. Claire cc Bonne de 
Lannoy dame de Molembais de Rienlay de Bugnicourt & de Herd- 
ant senechale d'Ostrevant she married Sept. 7 1554, Philippe de St. 
Aldegonde seigneur de Xoircannes lieutenant, captain-general & 
grand bailly de Haynault, died at Utrecht Mar. 5 1574 — His widow 
was living in 1592. 2d — Claude de Lannoy married Charles du 
Bois seigneur des Ouerdes [son of Jean du Bois seigneur du Bois, 
d'Annequin & de Noyelles & his 2d wife Jeanne du Bois dame de 

[The son of Jean III & Philipote de Lalain] 

CHARLES de LAXXOY seigneur de SAXZELLLS [born in 
Flandres & died at Gayette near Xaples 1527 & buried at Naples, 
church of S. Anna dei Lombardi (built 141 1) on the Piazza di 
Monte Oliveto — madonna chapel. In the right transept is his 
tomb in marble surmounted by the recumbent figure of this great 
man. Baedeker's South Italy]. Created a Chevalier de la 
TOISOX d'OR in 1516 [CXXXVI] Gouverneur de Tournay in 
1 521 & (Yiceroi de) VICEROY of XAPLES in 1522. Declared 
captain-general of the armies of the EMPEROR CHARLES V 
1519-56, of Spain; in Italy, and a Spanish Grandee of the first class. 
It was in 1523, after the death of Prosper Colonna, that he was 
GEXERAL-in-CHIEF. At the battle of PAYIA 1525 he took 
FRANCOIS I king of FRAXCE. his prisoner. After the treaty 
he released him near Fontarabia. Francois then offered to him 
the duchy of Burgundy; with which he would have become the 
Due de Bourgogne, but the deputies of France objected to dis- 
membering the monarchy. Charles V created him PRIXCE de 
SULMOXA comte d'ASTI and comte de la ROCHE in Ardenne. 
[The principality was near Xaples] AMBASSADOR to France 
1526-7. \Yas a friend of Adrian VI the POPE — he married: Fran- 
chise de Montbel dau. of Jacque de Montbe! (Savoie) chevalier, 


comte d'Entremonts & de Montbel seigneur d'Espine & his ist wife 
Jeanne de St. Maure they had: 6 ehil.: ist Charles de Lannoy 
seigneur de Sanzelles he was inuet (dumb) 2d Clement de Lannoy 
died before his father (1527) married ist Yoland des Usins thej 
had: I: Antoine de Lannoy m. Jeanne de Cardonne II: Caesar de 
Lannoy seigneur de Pratello (through his mother) m. Dorothee 
Aquaviva or d'Acquaviva (Naples) III: Marie — religeuse IV: 
Jeanne de Lannoy m. Laurent Papacoda marquis de Capode vico 
C'l't married 2d Hyppolite Castriotti no issue. 3d Phil, who follows 
4th Ferdinand de Lannoy qualified (duke") due de Bajonne, mar- 
ried Isabeau (Isabel) de la Palu dan. of Jean de la Palu comte de 
Yarax & de Claudine de Rye, his 2d wife — Fam. Ext. 1607 — Mar- 
guerite JPerrenot de Granvelle (maison de Rye de la Palud (Bresse) 
comtes de Varax & de la Roche — cxtinet Aug. 8 1657 — ) 5th 
Georges de Lannoy qualified also due de Bajonne (after his bro.) 
m. Julia Carlona 6th Pompey de Lannoy destined to the Church 
[following the edition of this work 17 12 " Pere Anselme," not 
found among the chil. of Chas. in the Hist. Toison d'Or par Maur- 
ice 1 667 ] . K tr yy j r- q 

[The 3d son of Chas. the Viceroy] 

PHILIPPES de LANNOY Prince di Sulmona (2d) (Sulmone) 
Chevalier de la TOISON d'OR (CXCYII). Served with the due 
d'Albe (general & uncle of Charles Y) at the siege of Thunis (Tunis 
1535) & of Gonlette. Was wounded at the siege of Algerice 
(Algiers 1541) and again with the Prince de Salerne (Salerno"* he 
defeated the famous General Strozzy in 1544. He commanded the 
Spanish and Italian cavalry in the war against the Protestants 
dAllemagne (of Germany) in 1546. He carried himself valliantly 
at the battle of Muhlberg on April 24, 1547 where John Frederick 
I due de Saxe (elector of Saxony) was made prisoner. Fie died in. 
1597 (this date is asserted). First married (after 1528): Isabelle 
Colonna [widow of Louis II de Gonzague comte de Sabionetta died 
1528] the daughter of Vespasien Colonna due de Trajetto & ist 
wife Beatrix Appiana de Piombino dan. of Jaque IV Appiani seig- 
neur de Piombino 1473 & Victoire Piccolimini to Piccolomo 1100 
A.D. Appiani armes: Lozange, arg. & purpure, sometimes gules. 
Colonna: Patricians of Rome in the nth century Dues di Venosa 
1418, Anialfi 1419, Marsi 1465, Trajetto 1493. Zagarolo 1569. 
Princes: di Salerno 1419 & Colonna. Armes: Gu.. a column arg. 
base, capital, & crown or. They had 6 chil. : 1 — Charles de Lannoy 
Prince de Sulmona, (3d) Chevalier de la TOISON d"OR 
(CCXXXYII) born after 1528 died 1568 — no issue m. Constance 
Caretto dau. of the Marquis de Final. 2 — Prosper de L died with- 
out children. 3 — Horace de Lannoy (don Horatio) [b. after 
1530 ?] died 1597 Chevalier de la TOISON d'OR (CCLXIX) (4th) 
Prince de Sulmona (after his eldest bro.) married: Antoinette 
d'Avalos dau. of Alfonse d'Avalos marquis de Pescaire & du 
Guasto & wife Marie d'Arragon dau. of Ferdinand due de Mont- 
JanP [see Maurice] Avalos of Naples m. de Pescara & de Guasto — 
see Rietstap — [Horace died without children one author states]. 


They had (3): Philippe de Lannoy (the 5th) Prince do Sulm ma & 
la^t. Chevalier de la TOISON d'OR lived 1G00 died before 1605 ] 
m. Porcia de Guevarra — end — their son died & two daus. The I 
principality di Sulmona on the extinction of the above house was j 
conferred Nov. 10, 1605 upon the Borghese family of Re:: 
hold it) " Sulmona or Sulmo was a city of the Peligni 211 B C. A 
Roman colony under Augustus & Ovid was born there Chas. V 
erected it into a principality which he bestowed upon Charles 
Lannoy of ' Pavia ' celebrity." — Ency. Brit. 9th Ed. 4 — Beatrix 
de Lannoy was the 2d wife of: Alfonse de Guevara comte de Poten- 

v cia son of Jean de Guevara comte de P & wife Porcia Ptolomea 

5 .Alf. widower of Beatrix d'Avalos]. 5 — Marie — religious. 6 — 
Y.ctoire de Lannoy m. Albert d'Aquaviva due d'Atry. Acquaviva: 
Originally of Germany passed into Xaples 10th century. In 1199 
was one of the 7 grand houses of the Kingdom Conti (count) di 
Sanflaviano 1382 Montorio 1383 Sanvalentino 1395 Giulianova 
1417 Palena 1467 Marquis di Bellante 1383 Bitonto 1480 Duchi 
(dukes) Gravina 1460 Martina 1481 Termoli 1496. Princes di 
Teramo 1484 dues di Atri 1401 & 1790. The armes quarter: Ar- 
ragon, Hungary, Anjou, Jerusalem & Aquaviva — Az. a lion or. 
Philippe [2d prince & 3d son Chas. the Viceroy] married 2d: 
Eleonore Doria della Nova. From this marriage descends the 
maison de Nova now residing at Mola di Bari Italy (Mola i: 12 
mil from the city of Bari on the Adriatic). Enfeoffed of the fol- 
low, estates di Bitetto 1744, Grumo. Noci, Guardia, Capriata, 
Carai ico, Magnavalle, Prata, Montemesole, Quaranta, Ruvalai, 
Tino, Paolo, Vulernai, Francienes, Sancelles, etc. Conti 

(counts^ di Potenza 1600 — d'Asti & di Venafro. Duchi di Bojano 
— Barons di Bitetio — Francesco Nova di Bitetto, baron & cav. 
(knight) Mauriziano 1808-74 m. Giuseppina Noya di Bitetto 
baroness 1810-84 had 1 — -Chief: Vincenzo Nova di Bitetto — baron 
— [baroni di Bitetto] unmarried born Mar. 31 1832 died Jan. 27 
1896. 2 — Carlo Nova di Bitetto" 1835-92 m. 1853 to Ottavia Caso- 
Iini 1832-83 had a: Francesco born 1854 m. 18S4 Matilde b. 1S62 
[dau. of Giovanni De Biase & Cecilia' Rossi], b: Alfredo Noya di 
Bitetto born tS6o captain in the Rova. 1 Carabinieri m. 1894 Bene- 
detta b. 1869 dau. of Vito-Sante Alberota? nza & Maria Caporusso. 
c: Maria Giuseppa Amalia Noya di Bitetto -j> orn lS68 m - Ma - V 6 
1890 to: Gofrredo di Crolla lanza cavaliere (km^ consul to Argen- 
tine Repub. & proffesor ("French language & literq ature ) & Director 
of the Giornale-Araldico Genealogko-Diploma'tj, 00 ( Heraldic 
Journal) & Secretary of Correspondence of the Roy a . al Accaclem;a 
Araldica Italiano. Family originally of Milano It. ah ' out 1 147 A *?' 
(Armes) Anna: Tierce en fasce (fesse) 1st Arger. iU an eagle diS ' 
played sable, 2d Or, a lion leopardito gules hu' old{n % a lance sa ' 
posed on shoulder. 3d Arg., 3 fasces ondees -urr.^; sses %vaVy ]' 
Crest: the lion issuant gu.— Supporters: 2 griffons spaccat. ' 5E ' f 
gu— Devise: Ne per crollar si spezza. d: Guglielmo Ferdin; '" 
b. 1871. 3 — Xicolctta b. 1837 m. 1868 Francesco Lamberti p? £"' 
cian, cav. Maur & Ord. Crown of Italv. 4— Ettore b. 18^8 m 1 
to Agncse b. 1850 dau. of [Vito Aiberotanza & Benedetta N 


uli Bitetto they had a: Maria b. 1S75 n: Bencdetta b. 1877 c: Bianca 
I). 1S79 d: Erncstiiia b. 1885. 5 — Maria Gaetana b. 1840 in. 
Antonio Qaudi de St.-Mihiel. 6 — Ferdinando Augusto 1841-94 
Comni. Knt. Ord. Crown of Italy & cav. Maur. in. 1875 to Giulia 
b. 1847 dau. of Vinccnzo Palmieri, marquis di Monfcrrato & 
Rosalba Xoya di Bitetto baroness they bad a: Vito Rodolfo b. 1S7S 
1:: Edgardo b. 1SS1 c: Manrico b. 1882 d: Olga b. 1887 e: Evelina 
b. 188S. .7 — Errico b. 1842. S — Alfredo b. 1849 in. 1S66 Caterina 
Cascella had a: Maria b. 1887 n: Gilda b. 1888 c: Violetta b. 1891 
d: Ernani b. 1802 e: Armando b. 1895. 9 — Ernesto b. 1852 — cav. 
Crown Italy — Anna: D'azzurro a tre leoni (3 lions) d'oro, coronati 
dello stesso, Hnguati dirosso (crowns or Cv. tongues red). Cimier: 
Un Ieone uscente e coronato d'oro (crest: a lion issuant) [sec: 
Annuario Delia Xobilta Italiana — Anno XVITI 1S96 Bari]. This 
coat is differenced from Lannoy by change of tinctures — Az. & or 
for Arg. & vert. 

Armorial Bearings of Viceroy of Naples 1527 

His father Jean III bore Lannoy with the " bordure engrailed 
gules," which was discontinued by the Viceroy who bore Lannoy 
differenced with a crescent gules in centre point [en coeur]. 
Philippe (his son) Resumed the armes of his grand-father & bore 
Lannoy with the bordure engrailed gules [see fig. 6]. Charles <Sc 
Horace de Lannoy (Brabant) Princes de Sulmone. Armes: 
Quarterly: 1 & 4. arg., 3 lions sinople of Lannoy. 2 & 3 gules, a 
column argent, the base & capital or, surmounted with a crown or, 
for Colonna (their mother). Cimierj The head &: neck of a wolf 
natural, between a vol-banneret argent (wings cut ofr square at top) 
Lambrequin: Argent & sinople. 

Feb. 24, 1525, the " bloody " battle of Pavia was fought. " Im- 
mediately after the Diet of Worms (1521) Charles left Germany and 
he did not come back for about eight years. During this time :us 
thoughts were chiefly taken up by his great struggle with Francis 
I., of France, who had seized the Duchy of Milan. In 1 525 Francis 
was made prisoner at the battle of Pavia. He was taken to Madrid, 
and was not set free till he had agreed to very hard terms; but he 
did not keep the treaty he had signed." [James Sime.] 

Lannoi (Lannoy) 

Francis I of France, after a brilliant campaign, in which he 
drove back the imperialists from Provence to the Milanese, very 
unwisely employed his army in sieges, instead of pursuing his 
enemies with vigor to the other side of the Carnic Alps. Accumu- 
lating errors he weakened an army of 40,000 men by dividing it; 
detaching from it a body oi 10,000 soldiers upon an expedition 
the kingdom of Naples. 

, After having taken Milan he commenced the siege of Pavia. 

\ 37 

That city, well fortified, had for governor Antonio de Leva, a g: 
captain, commanding a numerous and warlike garrison. 

The French monarch attacked the place with vigor, but he 
evinced indecision in his points of attack. The siege was pro- 
tracted. Pavia was reduced to extremity; the garrison mutinied 
more than once for want of pay; the governor was even in dread 
of seeing the city delivered up to the French by his unruly troops; 
but his genius equally firm and fertile in resources, contrived to 
keep them to their duty. (Charles de) Lannoi, viceroy of Nap] 
for Charles V., was informed of the distress of Pavia. 

The taking of that place might complete the disbanding of the 
imperial troops for want of money and subsistence; he felt that this 
was the moment to venture to attack his enemy, and to attempt an 
action, hazardous without doubt, but which might re-establish the 
affairs of Charles V. in Italy. He set out then, accompanied by the 
Marquis de-Pascara and the constable de Bourbon. At his ap- 
proach, the French monarch called a council; prudence would 
have commanded him to avoid an engagement, to raise the siege, 
and to refresh and enlarge his army: " Sire," said La-Tremouille 
to him, " the true honor in war is to succeed." 

" A defeat can never be justified by a battle; you risk your army, 
your person, and your kingdom, and you risk nothing by raising 
the siege." The monarch was deaf to the councils of wisdom; his 
romantic spirit fancied that his honor would be compromised. 

The Admiral Bonnevert promised so to dispose his troops that lie 
should conquer his enemies, that the imperialists should not dare 
to attack him, and that Pavia should fall into his hands. The king 
followed this fatal and pernicious advice. The troops were nearly 
equal in numbers on both sides, each reckoning about 30,000 men. 
The imperialists first fell upon the rear guard of the French, placed 
at the castle and in the park of Mirabel. They expected to carry 
it if the king did not come to its assistance; and if he did come, they 
should make him loose the advantage of the position in which he 
was fortified. 

What Lannoi anticipated, happened. Scarcely did the French 
monarch perceive the danger of his brother-in-law the Duke of 
Alenqon, who commanded the rear guard, than, impatient to 
signalize h'*nself he rushed forward at the head of his cavalry, and 
fell upon the imperialists. His artillery, placed with much skill 
by Gailon-de-Genouillac, and served with much spirit, fired at first 
with such success, that every volley carried away a file. The 
Spanish infantry being unable to resist this terrible fire precipitately 
broke their ranks, to seek shelter, in great disorder, in a hollow 
way. Such a brilliant commencement dazzled Francis; he forgot 
that he owed all his success to his artillery, believed himself already 
the conqueror, and came out from his lines. 

This inconsiderate movement placed the prince between his own 
artillery and the fugitives and rendered his cannon useless. The 
face of the battle was changed in a moment; the viceroy advanced 
with the gend'armerie and a body of arquebusiers; the King was 
pressed on all sides. The French gend'armerie did not, in this 

battle, sustain its ancient reputation; it was beaten and almost de- 
stroyed by 2.000 Biscayans, of astonishing agility, who, separating 
by platoons oi ten, twenty, or thirty men, attacked it with im 

ccivabk celerity and address. They were seen, all at once making 
a discharge, disappearing at the moment they should be in turn 
attacked, and reappearing unexpectedly, again to disappear. It is 
said that Antonio tie Leva had, for some time trained these arque- 
busicrs to fight thus in platoons between the squadrons of the 
Spanish cavalry, and that he had borrowed the manouver from the 
Greeks. A stratagem of Pescara's contributed still further to the 
success of the day. This general having approached the enemy's 
camp a little before the commencement of the battle, returned to 
his own to announce that the King of France had just published 
in his army a prohibition, under a capital punishment, to grant 
quarter to any Spaniard. 

This information although false, produced so strong an impres- 
sion upon his troops, that almost all the imperialists swore to spare 
the life of no Frenchman, and to die sooner than surrender. This 
oath rendered the Spaniards equally invincible in fight and fero- 
cious after victory. 

The French monarch sustained the powerful charges of the 
enemy like a hero. Francis of Loraine, and Richard de la Pole, 
the last heir of the house of Suffolk, endeavored, with some com- 
panies of Lansque'nets. to disengage him; but they were killed, 
hud the soldiers instantly turned their backs. Bonnevet perished 
fighting, and was regretted by nobody. Louis-dc-la Tremouille 
shared the same fate: nearly 9,000 warriors, all gentlemen, were 
left lifeless on the field of battle. The melee was terrible around 
the king. 

Left almost alone in the midst of a host of enemies, he inspired 
terror in all who ventured to approach 1dm. 

He had already immolated five of his assailants, when his horse 
was killed, the monarch fell, and a rush was made to seize him. 
Springing up. he recovered himself and killed two more Spaniards. 
At this moment Mo!ac-de-Kcrcardo, first gentleman of the 
chamber, perceived the peril of his master, and dispersed or killed 
all who stood in the way of his zeal. 

He placed himself before his exhausted Sovereign, protected him 
with his sword, and checked the savage impetuosity of the Spanish 
soldiery, but Kercado fell while defending the king, who refused 
to surrender to anybody but the Viceroy of Xaples: " Monsieur 
dc-Lannoi." said he, " there is the sword of a king who deserves 
consideration, since before parting with it, he has employed it in 
shedding the blood of several of your people, and who is not made 
prisoner by cowardice, but by a reverse of fortune." Lannoi fell on 
his knees, received the arms of the king with respect, and kissed 
his hand, while presenting him with another sword, saving, " I beg 
your pardon, your Majesty will accept of mine, which has spared 
the blood of many of your subjects. It is not becoming in an offi- 
cer of the emperor to behold a king disarmed although a prisoner." 
Francis was taken to Madrid and held as a prisoner for thirteen 



months and released. (Charles de) Lannoi was offered the Duchy 
of Burgundy by the King oi France provided the deputies were 
willing. They objected to the king- dismembering the French 
monarchy. Fr. " The Battle Roll," An Encyclopedia of the most 
famous battles and sieges in all ages. By Elbert Perce. 1858. 

>' III: GUILLEBERT dc LANNOY ;-a [Guibert or Gilbert] 
seigneur de Sautes, de Willerval, de Rollancourt cc de Beaumont 
Married: Catherine de Molembais dame & heiress. Coat-armor 
of Molembais: argent, four fasces (bars) azure. Guillebert bore: 
Lannoy Argent, j lions sinople differenced by a FILET en BOR- 
DURE engrailed gules. This is a very narrow border — a diminu- 
tive of the bordure [see tig. 9] Proving the bearer to be a younger 
son of Hue 133S who bore the bordure and left it to his eldest son 
Robert, who left it to the next eldest son, his brother Ungues II 
[see figs. 6 & 2]. They had: a: Hugues (VII) 1st son no issue 
b: Gilbert (XII) 2d son c: Baudouin (XIX) 3d son 8-a " le begue " 
Tourcoing House. All three were founder Knights of the Order 
of the Golden Fleece. ?,: GILBERT de LAXXOY A councillor 
and chamberlain to the due de BOURGOGNE [duke of Burgundy 
Philippe the Good 1419-67] & ambassador to England. Created 
a founder Chevalier de la TOISOX d'OR in 1429 [knight of the 
golden fleece] he died 1462. He was seigneur de Lannoy, de 
Santes, de Rollaincourt &; de Boulers. For Armes Bore: Argent, 
3 lions sinople — differenced by a filet en bordure engrailed gules, 
the whole differenced again by a label — lambel — azure of 3 points 
(lambeau). He had: — 2 sons — 1 — PIERRE de 

LAXXOY Chevalier de la TOISOX d'OR (& Philippe who fol- 
lows) — no issue — For Armes Bore: His fathers' coat in full (no 
lambeau) the whole again differenced in center point with a STAR 
of SIX POIXTS — Etoile — The seigneuries & estates of Lannoy 
Santes Rollaincourt Boulers etc. went finally to his great-great- 
grand-daughter (her tris ayeul) Francoise de Lannoy and her hus- 
band Maximilien comte d'Egmond — as follows — 2 — PHILIPPE 
DE LAXXOY s. de Willerval [2d son of Gilbert]— 22 Dec. 1498 
— m. Marguerite dame de Dampiere dan of Walerand de Chas- 
tillon seigneur de Dampiere & Jeanne de Savoisy — see Royal chart 
— had Guilbert de Lannoy seigneur de Willerval Pierre de Lannoy 
seigneur de Dampierre & de Beaumont — 21 July 1494 — Philippe 
II de Lannoy died 1535 14 Oct. Chevalier de la Toison d'Or Baron 
de Rollaincourt seigneur de Santes m. Bonne dame de Lannoy & 
Sebourg lived 1500 [Rollincourt armes: Arg., 3 mallets gules]. 
He was Councillor &: Chamberlain to the Emperor Gouverneur 
& Captaine des Tournay & Tournesiz they had Jeanne m. Henry 
Baron de Berselles Marguerite m. Jean d'Oignies Ungues de Lan- 
noy died 1525 or 1527 seigneur de Wahagnies cc de Tronchiennes, 
chevalier m. Marie de Bossut had Franqoise de Lannoy m. Max- 
imilian d'Egmond d. 1548 — comte de Buren Chew de la Toison 
d'Or had Anne d'Egmond who died 155S m. William de Nassau 
" the Silent " Prince d'Orange — [Founder of the Dutch Republic] 
Born 1533 Assas. 1584 — he married 3 times after 1558 — had 


Philippe William de Nassau Prince d'Orange d. 161S or 160S ? m. 
1C06 Leonor or Eleonore de Bourbon b. t 587 d. 1619 dau. of Henry 
I, Prince de Conde; Amies of L annoy de Willerval: — Brabant — 
Bore: Lannoy a la bordure engrailed de gules, [ar, 3 lions 
vert & bord. cng\ gu.] (see fig. 6). (Crest) Cinder: a lion rampant 
cle sinople entre un vol d'argent [lion between 2 wings]. 

A: [1 st son of Guillebert] HUGUES de LANNOY (Hue) seig- 
neur dc Santes chevalier councillor ec chamberlain du Roy (to the 
KING). Born 1384. He was noted for his courage & fervour 
in the war of Prusse (Prussia) against the Turks and the Tartars, 
and on his return was worthily employed by Jean due cle Bour- 
gogne [killed 1419] his Prince in the dispute which he had in 
France with those of the maison d'Orleans (house of Orleans). He 
was later captain de Poitiers & of Montargis ec created " Maitre 
des Arbalestriers du Roy " MASTER of the ARBALESTRIERS 
of the KING [Charles VI & Charles VII of France] by lettres 
given at Saint Pharon de Meaux January 22 1421. He exercised 
again this charge the 4th November 1422 (accession of Chas. VII) 
— A company of Cross-bowmen to command whom was one of the 
highest honors — (see Andre d'Espernon) " money-changer of the 
Treasure " and was made captain de laville (city"! de Compiegne 
June 20 1421 — HENRY VI (1422) King of England in considera- 
tion of the services which Ungues had rendered to the King 
Charles VI (d. 1380) his grandfather & to the King of England 
his father (Henry V d. 1422) gave to him the estate of Argies and 
the others which had fallen to Pierre de Bourbon sire de Preaux 
and which went consequently to the seigneur d'Offemont, which 
he sold in 1429 to Jacques de Crevecoeur seigneur de Thois. 
Philippe " Ie bort " duke of Burgundy created him the seventh 
Chevalier de la TOISON d'OR (VII) in 1429. In 1433 he was 
Gouverneur des pais d'Hollande de Zelande & de la Basse-Frise 
[GOVERNOR of HOLLAND: Zealand and Lower-Friesland] 
[Stadtholter von Holland]. He was himself famous in many 
sieges and combats in France and in Holland, and was also em- 
ployed in many treaties and (ambassade) embassies with the Chris- 
tim Princes. Made several voyages, to Saint Jacques in Galice 
(Galicia) and to Rome Italy. At last having renounced all the 
charges pensions and honours of the Court, he died the first of May 
1456 aged 72 years and unmarried. (1461 sometimes given ?). 
Was interred at the Collegiate Church of Saint Pierre de Lille 
(St. Peter at Lille), as borne on his epitaph (which gives 
the data Olivier de la Marche speaks very honorably in his mem- 
oirs, and said, of him: "Hue de Lannoy seigneur de Santes 
fut un des notables, des sages, des vaillans and des preu d'hommes 
chevaliers de son temps et fit moult de beaux voyages eut charge et 
ordonnance de plusieurs notables ambassades, executa la guerre 
et fit armes en clos dc sa personne centre Jean due de Sommerset 
et ailleurs et et'oit de ja fort vieil a celui temps et la raison pourquoy 
j'ecris longuement de lui e'est pour ces vertus et qu'il le valloit " — 
[Hue de Lannoy lord of Santes was one of the most eminent, 
Wise, valiant honorable and true knights of his times. He made 


many voyages (travels), had the charge and ruling of many m I 
embassies, performed in person on the field-of-armes in the war 
against John Beaufort Duke of Somerset L't. Gen. of the realm 
of France for Eng. 1443 to 4 and elsewhere, and was already very 
much worn out at that time, and the reason why I write a lon^ 
time of him, it is for his virtues and that he is worthy of it]. 
" His amies of the three lion;, sinople are contained in the catalog 
of those who have been Captains " : Armorial Bearings : He 
used the coat borne by his father (Guillebert) Argent, 3 lions ram- 
pant sinople, crowned or, armed & tongues gules differenced by a 
"Filet en Bordure engrailed gules." Crest: The unicorn head 
erased argent, mane & horn or. Histoire Genealogique et Chrono- 
logique de la Maison Royale de France — Par le Pere Anselme con- 
tinue par M. Du Fourny 9 volumes. A Paris Libraires Associez 
J 733 from Tome Huitieme (8th vol.) Page 72. 

Fr. a Hist, of the Netherlands 

" His first patron was the infamous John of Bavaria, the warlike 
Bishop of Liege, surnamed, from his cruelty to his own subjects, 
Jean Sans I'itie. On his death-bed this stormy prelate recom- 
mended Jan Van Eyck, *' his painter and varlet de chambre," to the 
magnificent Philippe le Bon, Duke of Burgundy. 

Of all the rich and rebellious towns of Flanders, Bruges, in the 
time of the Van Eycks, was the richest and the most flourishing. 
This prosperous commercial city was the favorite residence of the 
good Duke Philippe, who more frequently held his court there than 
in any other of his domains. Could there be more favorable con- 
ditions for the development of the fine arts? A prosperous city, 
with a wealthy bourgeois class, and a magnificent court, ruled over 
by a despotic monarch, who loved art for its own sake as well as 
from motives of ostentation. It was to this city and this court that 
Jan Van Eyck came, in the early part of the fifteenth century, ac- 
credited by the recommendation of Jean Sans Pitie, who not only 
left his painter, but likewise his dominions, to Philippe le Bon. In 
1428 he was employed on more open and important service. 
Philippe, who had already lost two wives, desired again to enter 
into matrimony, and being pleased with the description he had 
received of Isabel of Portugal, lie sent an embassy to that country 
to negotiate a marriage. With his ambassadors. Hue de Lannoy, 
and the Sire de Roubaix, he associated his painter, who was to 
paint the portrait of the young princess, and to send it home at 
once to Flanders, for Philippe to judge of, we may presume, before 
finally committing himself to the alliance. The ship in which the 
embassy from Bruges sailed was driven by reason of bad weather 
to put into three English ports, Sandwich, Plymouth and Fal- 
mouth, on her outward voyage, so that it is probable England had 
the honor of a visit from the great Flemish painter. Finally, how- 
ever, Portugal was reached in safety. December 18. 142S. and Tan 
Van Eyck obtained sittings from the lovely Isabel, and sent her por- 
trait painted " bien au vif " to her suitor. After having thus ac- 


complished his commission, he went on a pleasure tour through 
Portugal and some parts of Spain, returning to Lisbon the follow- 
ing July, when the portrait and the negotiations having proved 
successful marriage of Philippe of Burgundy and Isabel of Portugal 
was celebrated by proxy with great splendor, the feasts and re- 
joicings on the occasion lasting until September, when the youth- 
ful bride at last set sail for her husband's dominions. 

8-a c: BAUDOUIN de LANNOY— surnamed "le Begue" 
(_the stammerer) [Baldwin 3d son of Guillebert] seigneur de 
Molembais GOUVERNEUR de LILLE (L'Isle). In 1429 he 
became a FOUNDER chevalier de l'ordre de la TOISON 
d'OR [XIX] [Golden Fleece] he died 1474 married 1st: Marie 
de Melles dame de Caucourt & de Dolhain, died without issue 
31 May 1433 m. 2d: Adrienne de Berlaymont dit de Floyon 
dame de Solre-le-Chateau, died 29 April 1439 daughter of 
Jacques de Berlaymont seigneur de Solre-le-Chateau & his 
wife Catherine de Robersart they had one son who follows 9-A 
" Baudouin." Resided in the Pays de Lille [country or suburb] 
Flandres. Armorial Bearings: Argent, three lions rampant sin- 
ople, armed 6c tongued gules, crowned or, en coeur or abisme 
[center pojnt] an ecusson de Molembais: Argent, four fasces 
azure [fesses or bars] Casque crowned or — Crest: Head & neck of 
a unicorn erased argent, horn & mane or. (Mantling) Lambrequin: 
Argent and sinople. [see figs. 2 & 10]. From his mother he 
inherited the lordship of Molembais, " Pie relinquished his father's 
filet en bordure " & used as above — His devise or motto was: 
BONNES NOUVELLES— meaning " Good Tidings " or News. 
The Knights of the Golden fleece surrounded their shields with 
chain and fleece in gold 9-A. BAUDOUIN de LAN- 

NOY s. de Molembais & de Solre-le-Chateau — born before 1430 
died 7 May 1501. He was a Chevalier de la TOISON d'OR 
(LXXXIX), Chamberlain & Premier Maitre (Master) d'PIotel de 
Marie de Bourgogne & Maximilien arch-duke d' Austria [1459- 
15 19] — after 1477. Served with the due de Bourgogne at the siege 
of Beauvais in 1472 — & was Gouverneur de Zutphen he married: 
Michelle d'Esne dame de Conroy daughter of Ame (Anne) seigneur 
d'Esne d'Haullien & (wife ?) Habilan de Mannilla. She died 22 April 
151 1 they had Philliporte de Lannoy Anne de Lannoy Hughs de 
Lannoy a priest at Liege ec the heir Philippe who follows. Ar- 
morial Bearings: bore Lannoy in full differenced en surtout an 
ecusson with the armes de Berlaymont. Barry of six vair and gules. 
Crest, mantling & motto the same as borne by his father Baudouin 
of Molembais. He was knighted by Maximilien the Emperor 
[1493-1519]— io-a PPIILIPPE de LANNOY (Lannoi s. de 
Molembais, de Solre-le-Chateau & de Conroy for Cauroy) born 
before 1501 died 12 September 1543. Created in 1531 a chevalier 
de la TOISON d'OR [Gold. Fleece] (CLXXXIII) & also a 
Knight of the Golden Cross by the Emperor Charles Y, between 
1 5 19 & '43. Councillor & Chamberlain of the Emperor Chief of 
the Finances Grand-Master d'Hotel of the Queen of Hungary & 
Bohemia & the Seigneur de TOURCOING — Armorial Bearings: 


bore Lannoy in full differenced en surtout an ecusson with the 
amies d'Esnc: Sable, ten lozenges conjoined argent, placed 3, 3, 3 
& 1. [called an inescutcheon in Eng. Heraldry or escutcheon of 
pretence] he married ist Magdelaine de Bourgogne [Burgundy] — 

also called Marguerite, M; rgarel .. Madeline & Marie dame 

de Falaise born about 14S9 died 151 1 they had one son Jean who 
follows: She was the daughter of BAUDOUIN batard de Bour- 
gogne ec de Lille seigneur de Falais, de Bredam, de Sommerdick & 
de Manilly & ha. on de Bangnuolo. Envoy to Spain 1488 b. 1445 
d. 1508. He was taken prisoner at Nancy 1477 & a ransom was 
paid on another occasion 1490, of 12,000 livres (abt. 60,000 S) m. 
148S Marie Manuel de la Cerda dan. of (a) Jean Manuel de Yillena 
who m. Aldonce de Figuera. The evidence as follows is in favor 
of the alliance being Figuera or Figueroa — The recognised natural 
son of Philippe " le Bon " by Catherine dau. of Martin dc Tiesferies 
Ecuyer & Rieharde de la Blanque due de Bourgogne 1396-1467. 
See the Royal chart ec chart B. Amies: Or, an ecusson de Bur- 
gundy placed in chevron. 

The maison de Manuel 

Vredius Tabulae XIX p 407 — " II espousa MARINE Manuel, 

fille de Jean Manuel de la Cerde, comte de Sintra <Sc de Leonor 
d'Avclaneda, autres disent de Marie de Cordona & autres encor font 
ceste Dame de. Falais fille de Jean Manuel Seigneur de Belmont & 
d'Aldonse de la Vega Ce seigneur Espagnol estoit descendu de 
lTnfant Dom Manuel, fils de Ferdinand HI du nom Roy de Cas- 
tille." This was St. Ferd. Ill King of Castile & Leon 1200-52 & 
later Juan Manuel due de Pehafiel abt. 1325 is found. But nothing 
appears to give any final proof of either connection. The Cordovas 
comtes de Figueroa use in their quartered coat " Manuel & Leon." 
The Manuel family bore for armes: of Castile " Manuel cc Leon " 
of Spain comtes d'Atalaya " Portugal & Manuel " of Belmont 
"Manuel & Leon." (a) Jean Manuel bore Manuel: Gules, a 
winged hand holding a sword in pale or. & Leon: Argent, a lion 
gules — [see Royal chart fig. 5]. It is very apparent that this may 
be " Jean-Manuel batard de Portugal ec the founder de la maison 
MANUEL" his half-brother Alfonse V king of Portugal lived 
1432-81 — Jean was the 3d child of Edouard I King of Portugal, 
died 1438 — his birth must have been prior to that date, but after 
1434 this coincides with the date of the m. 14S8 of Marie Manuel, 
his dau. ? — Her brother was Jean Manuel de la Cerda seigneur de 
Belmonte & de Campos, and a Chevalier de la Toison d'Or. His 
birth and position must have been higher than usual to have se- 
cured for him this Honor, [io-a Philippe (Delannoy) of Tour- 
coing] (after 1511) married: 2d Franchise de Barbencon dame de 
Beauvois d. 1559 daughter of Jean de Barbanqon seigneur de Cany 
they had 1 — Baudouin de Lannoy born after 1512 died 11 October 
1559 seigneur de Tourcoing &; de Beauvois Chevalier de la 
TOISON d'OR in 1546 (CCXXXIII) Gouverneur de Tournais 
[Governor of Tournais] (Tournay) he married: Adrienne de 

44 they had 2 sons & i dau. Frangoise died young- Phili] 
de Lannoy died 22 Nov. 1554 his epitaph at Tournai Church of St. 
Jacques Louis de Lannoy died unmarried. " A coffer in the mm 
de Tourcoing (museum) contains his " Heart & entrails." It was 
found at the time of the enlargement of the Church of St. Chris- 
tophe in i860, hearing an inscription: " Hie jacent intestina cum 
carde illustrissimi dni, Balduini de Lannoy equitis, velleris aurati 
dni III, temporalis de Torcoing, cbiit ano 1559 XI oct, orate pro 
illo." " Here lies the intestines with the heart of the illustrious 
lord Bau. de Lannoy chew fleece of gold. $<\ lord temporal of Tour- 
coing d. etc. — pray for him." 2 — Philippe de Lannoy seigneur 
de Tourcoing &; de Beauvois from 1559 to his death in Rome 
1594 buried at Lavinia (b. before 1543 ?) married: Jeanne de Blois 
voungest daughter of Louis de Blois seigneur de Fuston they 
had Philippe de Lannoy died 1594 aged 14 yr. 3 — Louis de Lan- 
noy, prothonotaire apostolique (2 or 6) daus. as one author states 
Marie &: Catherine died young. 4th ? Francois de Lannoy seig- 
neur de Tourcoing from 1594 to 1603. Xot apparent whether son 
of " Philippe of Tourcoing " or " Baudouin d. 1559." End of the 
Tourcoing scigneurie. The armes of Lannoy de Tourcoing house 
[as borne by Baudouin 1512-59]. D'argent a trois (3) lions de 
sinople arm. et lamp, de gules crowned or — En coeur tin ecusson 
argent — Charge de trois (3) lions de gules crowned or — Casque 
crowned — (Barbancon). Cimier — unc tete et col de licorne argent 
accornee et crinee or — [Unicorn head] — out of a ducal crown or. 
Lamb'q'n — argent et de sinople — [See figs. 1 & 4]. Phil. (2) & 
Fran. (4) are sons of Bau. (d. 1559) according to this work [by 
letter]. " Histoire des Seigneurs de Tourcoing" par l'abbe Pro- 
vost — in the Bibliotheque Communale at Tourcoing. 

[The son of io-a Philippe & Magd. de Burgundy] 

ii-a JEAN de LAXXOY seigneur de Molembais de Solre- 
le-Chateau & de Conroy born before or about 151 1 died 25 May 
1560. Made Chevalier de la TOISOX d'OR in 1546 (CCVIII), 
Chamberlain to the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire Charles 
V — 1 519 to 1556: Gouverneur de Haynaut & captain-general of 
the same province of Flanders in 1559 [Hainault]. He married: 
Jeanne de Ligne dame de Barbanqon daughter of Louis de Ligne 
seigneur de BARBAXCOX & his wife Marie de Berghes they had 
a daughter and a son ? 12-A Gysbert the " Huguenot " who fol- 
lows with the proofs which place him in this line — Marie de Lan- 
noy dame de Molembais & de Solre-le-Chateau she died without 
issue 22 May 1567. She married: Jean de Glymes marquis de 
Berghes comte de Valhain & Chevalier de la Toison d'Or of Bra- 
bant — Made corntes de Glymes & of the H. R. Emp. in Dec. 22 
1643 — Created comics de Walhain April 1532, marquis May 1533 
& prince de Berghes 23 May 1686 [Bergues sitr l'Escaud or 
d'Escalup or Bergen-sur-le-Zoom] Rietstap. It is noticeable that 
Marie (d. T567) is not called in the genealogies, as a rule, an heiress- 


of-the-blood. Nor docs her husband appear to assume the 
neuries of Molembais etc. customary in such cases. It seems tl 
the seigneuries etc. went to Yolande de Lannoy (her aunt) & t 
to Marie de Lannoy (a neice). 

[Vredius 1642 Tabulae XIX page 40S-9] 

De Saincte-Marthe: Margareta Burgundica — Philippus Lano- 
yus, Dominus Molembasii "MARGUERITE de Bourgog 
cpousa PHILIPPES de Lanoy Seign. de Molembais, Cheva 
de Tordre de la Toison d'Or. 11 fut pere de Jean de Lanoy qui 
Jeanne de. Ligne, sa femme, eut Marie de Lannoy, Dame de Molem- 
bais ec de solre, femme de Jean Marquis de Bergues sur l'Escai 
mais ils n'eurent enfans." Also stated that: " Jean de Lam 
Seigneur de Molembais, succeda a son (to his) oncle de Falais es 
terres de la Plate " (uncle's estates). This was Philippe de Bour- 
gogne seigneur de Falais & de Sommerdick, who died unmarried 
1542 — " Heuterus: MARIA Lannoia Molembaise ac Solre Cas 
Domina, nupsit IOAXXI Bergensi Bergis ad Scaldim Marchi 
secundo (2d marquis de Berghes) ac Hannoniorum Praefecto, sed 
uterique, nullis procreatis liberis, obiit. — MS vetus: Yolent de Lan- 
noy, Marquise de Bergues Dame de S. Adolfs-landt, diet (call 
Octkens plate & de Soute lande; lesquelles deux terres doivent par 
.son trespas succeder aux enfans de Brcdam ses plus proches heri- 
tiers du coste de sa grande mere [which 2 estates at her decease 
went to the children of Bredam, her nearest heirs in line of 
grand-mother]. Item. Advisamentum vetus: Pour fonder Ie 
droict qui compete a Messieurs de Fromont & Someldyck es ter - 
<le S. Adolfs-lant & Soutelandt, eonviendroit bien esplicher, tan: Ie 
testament de feue la Dame de Ravestein, que aussi le partage fait 
apres le trepas de Mons. Philippe de Bourgonge, seigneur de 
Phalaix, sans hoirs, d'entre le seigneur de Bredam & le seigneur 
-de Molembaix de functs, aussy seroit il bon de veoir le contract 
antenuptial du viel (old) seigneur de Molembaix & de la Dame 
Marguerite de Bourgonge, grand pere & mere de la Marquise de 
Tuncte, de cujus successione agitur." " Heuterus: Margareta Bur- 
gunda nupsit Philippo Lannoio: Molembesii Domino. Idem: 
Philippus Lannoius Molembaisae ac Solre, Casteili Dominus. 
Eques Aurei Velleris: [Knit, of Gold. Fleece] primo duxit Mar- 
garetam Burgundicam: deinde Franciscam Barbansor.iam." Ar- 
morial Bearings: [of Jean de Lannoy] Grand quarters I & IV: 
Argent, 3 lions rampant sinople armed & tongued gules, crowned 
or. [Lannoy] Quarterly quarter II & III; I & 4 gules, a wn 
hand holding a sword in pale or [Manuel] 2 & 3 argent, a 
(gules) purpure [Leon] En surtout the full undifferenced quartered 
coat-armor of Burgundy (borne by Philippe III " le Bon ") 1 & ±: 
Azure, 3 fleur-de-lis or (France) a bordure gobone argent & gi 
(Burgundy-modern) 2: a — Bendy of six azure & or, a bordure g 
(Burgundy-ancient) b — sable, a lion or (Brabant) 3: a — 'Burgundy- 
ancient) b — argent, a lion gules (Luxembourg) sur le tout (ovei 


• ,> r< a lion e . Ires) Crest: a unicorn's head argent, 

accornee & crinee (horn & mane) or., out of a ducal crown or, 
placed on the helmei Mantling: argent <v sinople (vert) [see 
figure 5]. 

[The si '1 disinherited son of Jean] 

12-A GYSBLRT de LANNOY [Gilbert] [La Xoye or Lan- 
noi]. He was born at Tourcoing in 1 545 of the Roman Catholic 
faith, but became a Pr 1 Jtant, probably just after the time of the 
siege of Tourcoing 155 • >y the Protestants [commonly & at iirst, 
1560, called in derision '•Huguenots" — confederates]. To be- 
came such was quite sufri :ient to cause his being disinherited at the 
time of Jean's death in 1 560 — He may have resided at Tournay in 
Hainaut fur his son Jean was there 1599. [This city was captured 
in 1 581 by the duke of Parma.] It is certain that he must have 
been Philippe's (io-a) grandson. (Gysbert or Gyselbert is the 
Dutch or Xederlandisch for Gilbert— a fam. name.) Gysbert's sons 
were: Jean de Lannoy born about 1570 — & Jacques de Lannoy 
who married a young girl of Courtrai, May 1601. Recorded in the 
Walloon Church. Amies of Gysbert: A curious discovery was 
made when a coat-of-arms used by Dr Barna Delano was sent me — 
proving to be those of Barbancon — this and Gysberts birth at Tour- 
coing placed the line without question in that house. Dr Barna 
Delano while in Paris, early in 1870, applied to the " College 
Heraldique" college of Heraldry then in official existence under 
the 2d empire — Napoleon III: the amies given him as his by right 
of inheritance were BARBANCON: Argent, 3 lions gules— Crest: 
the unicorn used by the TOURCOIXG house of Lannoy. On 
his return to America he had a die made and used on note-paper, 
a sheet of which is water-marked 1873. Why the college should 
have ^ranted to him this coat instead of Lannov plain is a mystery! 
unless the reason was that " Gysbert the disinherited son had these- 
bv right from his mother? Teanne de Ligne, dame de Barbanqon. 
\ote: Philippe d. 1543 & 2d wife Franchise de Barbenqon left B 
^-armes to their son Baudouin d. 1559 see Tourcoing branch 
c Vmes. In this case there would have been no reason for sepa- 
iting the Lannoy & BarbeiiQon amies for Gysbert. He could 
! n ive used them or the mothers amies of Homes. But not Barben- 
'. r 'in alone, except that were his mothers name. Had he used Lan- 
1 noy & Barbencon then the Tourcoing house would have been 
meant, or his father's ? coat-armor of Lannoy Manuel & Burgundy: 
! then he would have been the heir — Could this have been known in 
1870? The amies are therefore Barbancon borne through Gys- 
\ bert's supposed mother Jeanne de Ligne. Who used the same 
' coat as Franqoise de Barbamjon, [their fathers were doubtless 
\ kinsmen]. From " Heraldry: Woodward & Burnett " Vol 2, 492. 
<; The princes of Arenberg . . . bear en surtout the arms of 
Ligne: Or, a bend gules, quartered with those of Barbancon Arg. 
I 3 lions rampant gules, crowned or. . . . for Margaret, sis & 
heir, of the last count of Arenberg married Jean baron of Ligne & 
Barbancon . . . Prince H.R.E. 1505." Also Barbancon 


(dues & princes) of Brabant, now extinct, b , 3 lions 

armed, lampasse 6c crowned or. Cry: Ba banqon! The hou 
Ligne seigneurs de Barbangon used the :' mes. It was 

with considerable hesitation and doubt I at I placed " Gysl 
as son of Jean — for more than a year i s : criticised the d 

let others judge, while: For gene;, we have — 1st The 

change of religious faith — often causing disinheritance 6c the 
moral of the name from all records, that future heirs might not 
herit (as Louis XI Y did 16S5). 2d The Barbancon amies & I 
noy crest given to Dr Delano 1870 by the College of Herald; 
Paris. 3d Gysbert names his son Jean 6c who names his 
Philippe 1621, Gysbert's supposed father being Jean & grand- 
father Philippe. 4th Marie de Lannoy not being designated 
" heiress." 5th The birthplace of Gysbert being Tourcoing 1 1 •' 5 . 
The births registered there do not begin until 1594 — 6th That there 
is certainly strong proof of Gysbert being a grand-son of 1 -a 
Philippe de Lannoy. Finally : Gysbert was of the Tourcoing house 
and a descendant is given the armes of Barbancon, which would 
in Heraldic law place him as above. 

13-A JEAX de LAXXOY or Lanoy was born about 1570 & 
died in Leiden 1604 he married at the Walloon church. (Tournai) 
January 13, 1596: Marie le MAHIEU of a Brabant family. Armes: 
Gules, a chevron or, accompanied in chief of 2 besants argent, & m 
pointe of a quintefeuille (cinquefoiH or. — they 

1st Esaie (Isaiah) de Lanoy baptised in the church of Tournai 
Hanan [Belgium] " le fils de Jean et MARIE le 26 March 15 
[M. le Maire de Tournai failled to find this in the Registres 
l'Etat-Civil-Jan 30 1896]. They were living in Leiden Holls 
September 26 1602. 


14-A 2d PHILIPPE de Lannoy (La Xoye). He was baptise-, 
in the Walloon church December 6th 1603, b. 1602. Those pres 
were, his parents 6c Tonnette de Lannoy (Antoinette) & Marguen: > 
de Lannoy [Marie de Lanoy married in 1605 her 2d husband Jea-- 
Pesyn or Pesin (TournaisisK Armes: Arg. 2 palmes sinople pose 
in saltire: & a cerf natural over all (sur le tout). She had no chis. I 
dren by this m. One reads in — " de Beschryoing der Stad Lei 
1762 i-st deel bl. 323 " — [Description of the town of Leiden 1762 
part I page t,2^] — by Frans van Mieris, of a home for the con- 
gfegation of the French Church having been built on the Pi< 
Kernhof by Jan Pesyn and Maria de Lanoy who died 1650 — Above 
the entrance, which seems to have been added later on bearin : I 
date 1633 or 1655, are inscribed in stone the following verses — 

' Hier ziet men int bet puin van ecu bonnvallig nest 

Een fraai geboungesticht door auchtlooze echtgeaooten 

Voor veel behoefligen schoon ereemden die versfc :n 

Zqu uit hun Yaderlandt en eredig hier gevest.' 



' Here you see of the ruins of a dilapidated hut — 
By a childless couple a fine structure built — for poor 
Strangers who were cast out from their Fatherland and 

peaceaMy here lived.' 

[Refering to the Pilgrims, the Walloons, Huguenots etc.] 

Also in a museum here in Leiden called the Leidsche Laken- 
hal are still to be seen in oils two portraits of Jan Pesyn, two ol 

Maria de Lanoy and one of her daughter by Jean de Lannoy. 
Photographs of these may be procured one of which is repro- 
duced in this history. [On one of the Hospice buildings, where 
Robinson lived; a copper commemoration plate was placed 
by the pilgrim descendants in 1S91 ?] Marie de Lannoy was ap- 
parently cf some service to the Pilgrims at Leiden as she establisl ed 
there before 1609 twelve houses or a hospice for those who were 
driven from their native land [per inscription]. Pastor John 
Robinson 1575- 1625 there took refuge and doubtless with him 
others of his congregation. This acquaintance with the pilgrims 
undoubtedly led the youth only 18 years old to join them later on. 
" In 161 1 John Robinson & others bought a house in the Kloksteeg 
where the '* Pesyn's Hof now stands (near St. Peters church) Ley- 
den Holland." As there is no record of a building for Pilgrim 
worship it follows that they probably used the Pesyn-Lannoy 
hospice, they were also restricted to worship in private houses. 
'* The will of Marie de la Noye concerning this foundation is now i.i 
Leiden— 1893." Dr W N du Rien— See. & Lib. of the Un'ty. 
Notice here that Philippe (1621) writes his surname both de Lanoy 
de Lanoie & de La Noye; also that Peter (1689) of New Amster- 
dam writes his surname both d'Lanoy, de Lannoy & de La Nov: 
& Jean of Eng. is de la Nov. This is sufficient evidence to defi- 
nitely place the surname and the common origin of the emigres. 
The Lannoy's were never a French family, being of pure Norman 
& Flemish blood, much superior to the English, French German 
etc. in civilisation during the later middle ages (900 a.d. to 1453). 

Philippe died in Bridgewater Mass. 16S1. He was married first 
in 1634 & 2d 1657 & had five sons & four daughters. He used the 
names peculiar to this line; Thus Philippe — Jean — ? Gysbert — Jean 
— Philippe — (1621) — Philip Jr. & John (Jean). He appears on 
Llotten's List of Emigres to America as: " Philip De La Noye." 
Lie left Leiden to join the ship " Fortune " the first vessel to follow 
the " Mayflower." It came from London England bringing the 
Patent of Government, John Pierce & 35 colonists. They landed 
at Plymouth Massachusetts on November the eleventh 1621. It 
was at this time that the Narragansets sent the famous bundle of 
arrows tied with a snake skin to Gov. Bradford, who returned it 
stuffed with powder and bullets. 

Passenger List of the " Fortune 1621." — Robt Cushman W'm 
Hilton John Winslow W'm Coner John Adams W'm Tench John 
Cannon Wm Wright Rob't Hickes Tkos. Prince (aft.Gov.) Stephen 
4 49 

Dean Moses Simonson (Simmons) Philip De La Noye (Delano) 
Edward Bompasse (Bumpus or Bump) Clement Brigges Jas. 
Steward (or, t) W'm Pitts W'm Palmer Jonathan Brewster Bennet 
•rgan Thos. Flavil Hugh Stacie (Stacy) W'm Beale Thos Cush- 
raan Austin Nicolas (Nicholas) Widow Foord Thos Morton W'm 
Bassite (Bassett). He was about the FIRST Huguenot in N 
England to found a house and leave descendants. Who are now 
known as the Delano's. This surname was changed by usage from 
de La Noye (de Lannoy) to de Lano & Delano— in the 2d genera- 
tion. [Huguenots: Dutch settlements— New York 1623 & '5, L. I. 
1632 N. E. 1650 & later Georgia, Va. etc 1660 etc & 1630. Maine, 
Annapolis, Florida . v ;- Canada were visited by Huguenots, before 
and just after 1608 but very doubtful if a single family left any 
descendants.] " Hypocrisie Unmasked by Gov. Winslow " states: 
~> " Philip de La Noye . . . from Leyden born of French 
parents; who coming to age of discernment, demanded also com- 
munion with us, and proving himself to be come of such parents 
as were in full communion with the French churches, was hereupon 
admitted by the church of Plymouth . . . and upon letters 01' 
recommendation from the church of Plymouth, hee was also ad- 
mitted into fellowship with tin- church at Duxbury." In Rami's 
History of the Huguenot Emigration to America Vol. r, p-158 it 
is stated that: "W'm Molines & Ids daughter Priscilla, afterward 
the wife of John Alden, and Philip De la Noye and others remained 
in Leyden." Major Delano will from this landing in America 1621 
carry forward the history of ten generations to our own times 

From " The Pilgrim Fathers of New England " 
By John Brown B.A. D.D. 1896 

" In the month of November the Nanset Indians passed on to 
Plymouth the intelligence that a ship was seen making her way into 
the Cape harbour. What could it be? No vessel had been seen 
since the Mayflower left, nor were they expecting any till the 
spring came round. England and France were then at war; could 
it be that these were Frenchmen, with hostile intent? A cannon 
was at once fired from the battery, to call in all who were out in the 
fields, and soon every man who could shoulder a musket fell into 
Ids place, and stood on the outlook. The alarm turned out to be 
needless. The stranger drawing nearer proved to be a friend, for 
the English flag was seen floating at her masthead. It was the ship 
Fortune, bringing thirty-five new colonists, among them being 
William Brewster's eldest son, John Winslow a brother of Edward, 
and Robert Cushman. 'The plantation' says Bradford, 'was 
glad of this addition to its strength,' ... In addition to her 
passengers, the Fortune brought the colonists a patent of their land 
from the Council of New England, drawn up in the name of John 
Pierce and his associates, . . . This document, bearing date j 
June 1, 1621, is still preserved in the Pilgrim Hall at Plymouth, '. 
and bears the signatures and seals of the Duke of Lenox, tin 


Marquis of Hamilton, the Earl of Warwick, and Sir Ferdinando 
o-es, . . . gave to Pierce and each of his associates a hun- 
dred acres of land." Thus our forefather Philippe De La Noye 
(Lannoy) arrived in the new land. The following will also show 
that Philippe acted as a soldier. " Standish further placed all able 
t<> bear arms under a general muster or training, forming with the 
new-comers a battalion some fifty strong." Philippe's (15-A) sons 
wore: j — Philip Delano or De La Xoye Jr — 1640 2 — Dr Thomas 
Delano or De La Noye — 1642 3— John Delano or De La Noye— 
1644 4 — L't Jonathan Delano or De La Noye — 1648 5— & Samuel " 
Delano or De La Noye — 1659. The Leiden Holland dati 
" Gvsbert 1545" was obtained in its raw and meagre state from 
.Mr Rammelman Elserier (W. I. C. R.— Elsevier) September 1879 
" Archiviste de Leidc " (died 18S4 ?) & II. F. G. Gerlings, " Lei- 
dsche Bankvereeniging " & the John A Delano, Diary & Edward 
Delano's visit to Amsterdam in 1852 when he was presented by W. 
K. Manderly to Monsieur de Lannoy, who gave him the impres- 
sion of his arms (Arg. 3 lions). [Nothing has been obtained to 
show who this Lannoy was, but he may have been of the Holland 
branch; which see.] Mr R. E. adds that: " His lists of births mar- 
riages baptisms & deaths give de Lannoi — de Lannoy — de Lano-— 
de la No — de la Noye — de la Nov — de Lannoy— de Lanno — de 
Lonoy — de Lannoy & Lano' often the parish clerk spelt as he 
pleased. No doubt but that ' de Lannoy ' was the cultivated way 
of spelling, some used ' de la Noye " other spellings are cor- 

Tourcoing 13 avril 1895 


Monsieur, J'ai l'honneur de vous informer que de minut'euses re- 
clierches ont ete faites dans nos Archives concernant la famille 
De Lannoy dont on compte i.u certain nombre de branches a 
Tourcoing. Nos plus anciens registres remontent: pour les nais- 
sances a 1594 [births] pour les manages a 1629 [marriages] et pour 
les de'ees a 1737 [deaths] Pour le voyez, il nous est de toute im- 
possibilite d'etablir la genealogie dont vous nous entretene?. 
Neanmcins, dans l'espoir que cela pourra vous etre utile, je vous 
donne ci-dessous toutes les naissances des De Lannoy on Delannoy 
de 1594 a 1620: [births] 4 Jan. 1619 — Jeanne Delannoy fille d'Am- 
broise [De Lannoy] et de Marguerite Desurmont 24 aout 
t<V>5— Pierre Delannoy [son of] Guillaume [de Lannoy] 20 
fevrier 161 1 — Guillaume Delannoy [ditto] 26 dec. 1612 — Marie 
Delannoy [dau of] Guillaume [de Lannoy] & Antoinette Bouche 

17 jan. 1616 — Caterine [ditto] 18 mars 1618 — Antoinette [ditto] 

18 juillet 1610 — Madeleine Delannoy [dau. of] Jacques [de Lan- 
'• ■•:« ] 24 now 161 1 — Philippe Delannoy [son of] [ditto]. 12 

. ier 1614 — Jean Delannoy [son of] Jacques [de Lannoy] & 


Marie Delannoy 20 nov. 1615— Catcrine [dau uf ditto] 18 juin 
1618 — Marie [ditto] 2 avril 1595— .Madeleine Delannoy [dau. ofl 
Jean & Marguerite Bouche 24 aout 1596 — Gilles [son of] | 
& ? 7 nov 1597 — Marguerite [dau. 01'j Jean Si Agnes Deberghe 
4 mai 1599— Jean [son ot'j Jean & ? 17 dec. 1600 — Marie [dau. of 
ditto] 27 oct. 1608 — Frangois [son of ditto] 14 nov. 1610— 
Jeanne [dau. of ditto] 9 avril 161 1— Jeanne Delannoy [dau. ofj 
Jean [de Lannoy] & ? 18 juin 1612— Pierre Delannoy [son oi 
ditto] 3 mars 1613 — Pierre [son of] Jean & Agnes 30 sept. 1614 
— Marie [dau. of ditto] Delebergue 3 sept. 161 5 — Marguerite 
[dau of] Jean vV .Marguerite Molbecaz 7 avril 1617 — Jean [son of J 
Jean & ? 1 oct 1617 — Marie [dau of] Jean & Caterine Cateau 
17 sept 1 6 1 9 — Jacques [son ot] Jean & Agnes Deberghue 4 nov 
1619 — Vincent [son of] Jean & Jeanne Lerouge 4 sept 1597 — 
Catherine Delannoy [dau of] Philippe [de Lannoy] & Paschasie 
de Le Yoye 14 Dec 1598 — Marie [dau of] Philippe & ? 20 nov 
1595 — Marguerite Delannoy [dau. of] Pierre [de Lannoy] & ? 
26 fev. 1597 — Marie [dau. ofj Pierre & Petronille Deletombe 14 
avril 1598 — Antoinette [dau of] Pierre & Jeanne de la Rue 11 
jan 1599 — Rose [dau of] Pierre Si ? I sept 1 599— Elisabeth 
[ditto] 30 nov 1600 — Antoinette [ditto] 26 jan 1601 — Marie 
[ditto] 17 mars 1601 — Jeanne [ditto] 12 mars 1603 — Pierre 
[son of ditto] 4 juillet 1605 — Catherine [dau. of ditto] 26 jan 
1606 — Cilles [son of ditto] 12 sept. 1610 — Jacques [ditto] 10 
sept. 1595 — Jean Delannoy [son of] Vincent [de Lannoy] <S: Marie 
Descamps 17 oct. 1598 — Elisabeth [dau of] Vincent & ? 15 
mars 1601 — Petronille [ditto] 11 fevrier 1605 — Vincent [son of 
ditto] 13 juillet 1611 — Marguerite [dau of ditto] 13 avril 1613 — 
Gabriel [ditto] & Marie Decamp 19 sept 1595 — Petronille De- 
lannoy — Nous ne possesons rien sur Gysbert de Lannoy (1545) 
. . . This letter is finished at the pages on the seigneurs de 
Tourcoing — The birth register begins 1594 thus excluding " Gys- 
bert 1545 " This list of " Delannoy or de Lannoy " appear to be 
all of one branch ec doubtless came from some younger son or 
cadette of the Tourcoing house [or even earlier branches] of Lan- 
noy, it is now apparently extinct, at least in Tourcoing. The 
writing Lannoy as Delannoy is simply an old and common clerical 
error. . . . Received from Monsieur le Maire de Tourcoing 
by Mortimer Delano. 

The principal families taken from the list & arranged are: " when 
cl;il were born " 1595 — Vincent de Lannoy & wife Marie Dcscam]^ 
& 1615 — Vincent de Lannoy & wife Marie Decamp [the same 
persons] 1595 — Jean de Lannoy & wife Marguerite Bouche 
1597 — Jean de Lannoy & wife Agnes Deberghe (de Berghe) & 1619 
■ — Jean de Lannoy & wife Agnes Deberghue — same — & 1613 — 
Jean de Lannoy & wife Agnes De le bergue (de le Bergue) [the 
same persons] 1597 — Pierre de Lannoy & wife Petronille Dele- 
tombe 1598 — Pierre de Lannoy Si wife Jeanne de la Rue i r 07 — 
Philippe de Lannoy & wife Paschasie de le Voye 1614 — Jacques 
de Lannoy Si wife Marie de Lannoy 1612 — Guillaume de Lannoy 
& wife Antoinette Douche i6ij> — Jean de Lannoy Si wife Mar- 


puerile Holbccaz 1617 — Jean do Lannoy & wife Caterine Cateau 
1619 — Jean do Lannoy 6c wife Jeanne Lcronge 1619 — Anibroise de 
Lannoy & wife Marguerite Desurmont [de Surmont or dc-sur- 
Mont ?] From the data I have been able to examine it appears 
that the lords of Tourcoing & the cadette families were all extinct 
by 1700, if not earlier. Tourcoing - is seven miles from Lille & has 
almost joined Roubaix. It has been famous since 1350 for woollen 
manufactures — It was besieged in 1477 ec by the Huguenots 1556. 
Population over 65000. 

Motterie Line of Lannoy 

[Sec IV son of 6-a HUGUES] 

1 — JEAN de LANNOY seigneur de la Motterie & d'Ogimont 
" Percheval " m. Marie de Cordes, dame d'Ogimont — liv. in 1366 — 
had — Jean (2) & a dau. Jeanne m. Gerard de Coustre. 2 — JEAN 
de LANNOY seigneur de la Motterie & d'Ogimont (1400 or later) 
m. Isabelle du Mez, surnamed de Croix. Armcs: 1 & 4 or, canton 
gu. for Mez. 2 & 3 arg. croix az. for Croix had 1 — ANTOINE of 
Tournaisis 2 — Jeanne m. Thomas de Maillet, seig. de Berlette 
3 — Robert, founder of the d'Ogimont branch. 4 — Eleonore m. 
Colard de Beuvieres, seig. de Lauson. 5 — Pierre founder of seig- 
neurie d'Hardiplancque (to follow). 6 — JEAN de LANNOY 
seig. de Fourves, m. Jeanne, heiress of Baudimont, they had Jeanne 
dame de Baudimont, m. Pierre du Prez. 3 — ANTOINE de LAN- 
NOY seig. de la Motterie m. Philippote Abonnel Abbonel ditle 
Gros in French Flandres: 1433 A - D - Amies: Gu. fasce arg., bet. 3 
heads of moors, wreathed arg — they had 4 — ANTOINE de LAN- 
NOY seig. de la Motterie m. 1540, Jacqueline du Bois de Hoves — 
they had 5— LOUIS de LANNOY seig. de la Motterie, de 
Wasmes & du Moulin — died July 1565 — m. 1st, Marie Boulangier 
widow of Jean de Breton seig. de Mauville m. 2nd, Michelle d'Oig- 
nies. Armes: Gu, 3 heads of Moors arg, wreathed or. 1 — had — 
JACQUES (6) 2 — Jeanne m. — Jean de Hermin Lietard, seig. de 
Cuvillers, & baron de Fosseux. 3 — Claude de Lannoy [Chevalier 
to the Archduke Albert at Lille 1 559-1621] seig. du Moulin, 1600 — ■ 
in. Helene de Bonniere de Sonastre, dame de Fresnes & de Loz. 
They had — Helen dame de Moulin, de Fresnes & de Loz who m. — 
Jean Baptiste de Thiennes baron de Montigny. 6 — JACQUES de 
LANNOY, seig. de la Motterie, de Wasmes, d'Outrebecq, & de 
Carrery — died 1587 m. — Susanne de Noyelles, dame de Ponchel, 
will dated 1590 1 — they had — Guillaume de Lannoy, seig. de 
Wasmes — no alliance 2 — ADRIEN (7) 3 — Claude, founder of 
the Comtes de la Motterie (follows) 4 — Valentin, founder of seig. 
de Leeuwerghen. See Holl. Line — 5 — Marc, prior de Saint Brice. 
6 — Anne, cannoness at Mons. 7 — Susanne, cannoness at Mons. 
8 — Adricnne cannoness at Mons, abbess & princess of the Chape- 
tre N Nuvellcs 9 — Marguerite, cannoness at Monterge. 10 — 
Helene, cannoness at Monterge. 7 — ADRIEN de LANNOY, 
seig. de Wasmes, de TouiTiers, d'Outrebecqu & du Ponchci: m. 1st, 


Honorine Bauduia, d. — 1617 — dau. of jncque, seig. de Mauvil 
dc Villcrs, de Wagnonville & Anne de Longueval. m. 2nd, Cath- 
erine du Mez, surnamed de Croix. See armes for Gen — 2 — had 

Chief de Lannoy 

8— FRANCOIS, Comte de LANNOY, seigneur de Wasmes. 
de Toufilers & d'Outrcbecq, governor of Bourbourg — b. 1608 — d. 
1693 m. Mechtilde (ie Bergh, de Trips & du Munsterbilscn jst had 
—CHARLES FRANCOIS 2— Adrienne Philippine Thcrese, d. 
1710 cannoness de Nevelles [lady of honor to Marie Theresa of 
Spain wife of Louis XIV] in. 1675 Jacques ?darie de la Baume, 
marquis de Saint Martin, comte de Montreval & de Brausion. 
brigadier of Louis XIV armies, killed at the battle of Neerwinde. 
I0 93- 3 — Marie Joseph, comte de Lannoy [chamberlain to the 
Emperor Leopold] m. Claire Hippolyte de Starehemberg. They 
had — Marie Francoisc, b. 1685 — d. 1724 m., Maximilian comte de 
Starehemberg field marshal of the Imperial Army & governor of 
Vienne. [Of Austria c'ts 1643 & 1739 Princes de Starhembi 
1765 " arg. sur gu. panthere naissant az."] 4 — Ernestine Cathe- 
rine, dame de la Croix — etoile m. comte de Herberstein. 

Chief of Lannoy — at this time 

9— CHARLES FRANCOIS, comte de LANNOY, baron de 
Wasmes, seig. d'Outrebecq & de Maufait: b. 23 May 16.14 d. 31 
July 1726 m. 1st Marie du Fief, dame d'Espierres — Tournaisis — m. 
2nd, Marie Catherine Alexie du Bois, de Frennes & dame de Reg- 
nauville m. 3rd, Isabelle Petitpas (no issue) Lille 1600 Armes: sa, 3 
fasces arg. [By 1st wife] (1) — they had, Joseph de Lannoy, killed 
at the siege of Gibraltar 1704 — no alliance. (2) — & Robert La- 
moral de Lannoy baron de Wasmes, seigneur d'Espierres, d'Outre- 
becq & comte d'Annapes: brigadier of his majestie's armies, major 
of the gardes wallonnes 1727 m., Marie Antoinette de Robles, 
comtesse d'Annapes, widow of Michael Maxmilian de Grand, mar- 
quis de Hern & daus. Marie Charlottre m., 1C96, Philippe Albert 
de Kessel, comte de Wattignies, seig. de Flers & de Sesquin Bra- 
bant extinct 1747 — Armes: Or, a sautoir bretessees et contre bret., 
sa. Anne Francoise, died without marriage — 1725 Charlotte, no 
alliance Chas. Fran. (9) had by 2nd wife: (3) Gilles de Lannoy. 
captain of the regiment d'lsenghein: no alliance (4) PIERRE 
MAXIMILIEN de Lannoy (10) (5) Charles Francois founder 
of the seig. de Wattignies — see Gen. ii-a — Marie Francoise Alexie 
d. 1756, m. Charles Alexander Bernard, comte de Ballene, seig. de 
Esque lines m. 2nd Charles Joseph de Schynkle seig. de Weste- 

Chief of Lannoy 

10— PIERRE MAXIMILIEN, comte dc LANNOY & d'An- 
napes, baron de Wasmes, seigneur d'Estrees, d'Espierres, de Mau- 
fait, de Regnauville, de Waudrecq, de Lannoy, de Capel-de Guigny 


& du Zunthovc — [He was legatee of his brother (2 sou ?), Constan- 
line Robert Lamoral] captain of the gardes, brigadier of the a 
of his majesty: m. in 1728, Marie Francoise Eleanore d'Angeville 
dan. of Nazaire Joseph, marquis d'Angeville oc Marie Anne 
Antoinette Hangouart d'Avelin. Angeville amies: sinople, 3 
fasces or. they had FRANCOIS FERDINAND de Lannoy (ii-b) 
& Marie Thcrese Robertine b. 1729 m. Ignace Godefroid de Lan- 
noy, comte de Bcaurepaire, seigneur de Caucourt b. 1723, son of 
Charles Ignace Francois de Lannoy & d'Alix Babe Francoise 
Guye de Saint Vaart, & Marie Francoise Jacqueline d. 1761 — ursu- 
line nnn at Tournai & Irani Albertine 11-u — Francois Ferdinand 
comte de Lannoy & d'Annapes baron de Wasmes etc. seigneur 
d'Estrces, de Regnauville de Waudrecq, de Quinquempoix, de 
Guigny, & de Capel b. 1732 — Col. in the Grenadiers of France 1758 
marechal de camp (field-marshall) mem. etat noble d'Arlois m. 
1756 Marie Francois Constance Antoinette d'Assignies dau & heir- 
ess of Charles Francois Florent, marquis d'Assignies they had 
Constance Marie de Lannoy d 1797 m. 7 Aug 1780 Charles Florent 
de Nassau comte de Corroy 1748-1809 — no issue — ii-a — Charles 
Francois de Lannoy seigneur de Wattignies — (par donation de son 
(nephew) neveu) Philippe Charles -de Kessel (son) fils of Philippe 
Albert de-Kessel & Marie Charlotte de Lannoy he d. 1758 26 Aug, 
captain in regt of Solre-infantry. m. 1st Honorine Charlotte le 
Prince called du Chastel, dame de Rayneval, died without children 
in 1739 — 2d by contract of June 3 1740: Marie Caroline Francoise 
le Clement du Vault dan of Gedeon seigneur de l'lieraulle & of 
Francoise Albertine Bernard called du Eois Had 1 — Charles Fran- 
cois (12) 2 — Augustin Francois Joseph founder of the branch of 
seigneurs de la Chaussee (see Chaussee) 3 — Marie Charlotte 
Josephe born Dec 14 1744 d Oct 13 1768 Canonness of Chapitre de 
Denain 12 — Charles Francois de Lannoy comte de Lannoy & de 
Wattignies born Mar 25 1741 m. at Lille Mar 28 1762 2 daughters 
& no sons. 

(See Gen. 6th 3d son Claude) 

3d Claude de Lannoy [son of Jacques (6) d. 15S7] comte de la 
Motterie 1608 chevalier de la Toison d'Or [Knt. Golden Fleece] 
see also " L — Clervaux Line " (From Jean " Percheval " line) also 
Philippe de Lannoy comte de la Motterie died of a wound in 1658 
had 2 sons: Francois Hiacinthe de Lannoy de la Motterie — comte 
de Lannoy died 1725 aged yy — & Claude Maximilien de Lannoy 
comte de la Motterie [see Jean's 2d gen. — 3d son Pierre] Pierre de 
Lannoy founder of the seigneurie d'llardiplanques — seigneurs des 
Marais & d'Herpinghen had a 2d son: Jacques or Jean de Lannoy 
seigneur d'Hardiplanques Several generations follow down to 
Louis de Lannoy seigneur de Iiautpont who had Jean Baptiste de 
Lannoy Charles de Lannoy Anne de Lannoy Prob. extinct. 
The Lannoy-Clcrvaux Line 

Hugues de Lannoy s. de Lannoy & Lys 131 r-49 had 4 sons (see 
1st Lannoy) the 4th was Jean dit " Percheval " liv. 1366 already 
given in " Motterie Line " [One authority erroneously places him 
as a son of Guilleoert s. de Santes & Beaumont /-a] Jean II de 


Lannoy seigneur de la Motterie cc d'Ogimont " Percheval " — i 

— had Jean III de Lannoy seigneur de la Motterie & d'Ogimont 
had Antoine de Lannoy (3) [see " Motterie Line "J had Antoi 
II de Lannoy (4) had Louis de Lannoy (5) s. de Wasmes & 
Moulin d. 1565 Jacques s. de Wasmes d. 1587 (6) had a 3d son — 
3d Claude de Lannoy comte de la Motterie — 1608 — " Chevalier 
la Toison d'Or " Gouverneur (von) de Maastricht and a F< 
marshall (Field-marshall) Netherlands (Philippe IV made him a 
comte) had Albert Eugene de Lannoy comte de Lannoy baron de 
Clervaux m. Anna Margareta de Recde heiress of Bouland Jule- 
mont and Trembleur had Francois Ferdinand de Lannoy comte 
de Lannoy cc seigneur de Trembleur m. baroness von cler Horsr 
heiress von Ham. Armes: parti, 1 — arg. plein 2 — gu, treillisse arg. 
had Adrian Damien Gerard Ernst de Lannoy comte de Lannoy 
& de Clervaux seigneur de Ham, Bouland & Trembleur had Adrian 
Jean Baptiste de Lannoy comte de Lannoy baron de Clervaux & 
du St. Emp. [H.R.E.] gentilhomme de 1'Etat noble de Liege (gen- 
tleman of the noble estate) seigneur de Ham, Trembleur, & Neuf- 
ville. he married 17 August 1753: Constance Polyxene de Wigna- 
court — chanoinesse de Maubeuge died 1823 \V — armes: arg. 3 
fleurs-de-lis au pied coupe gu. — 1 lie library formed by the comte 
de Lannoy passed to his widow and was dispersed at the time of her 
.death — " Catalogue d'une superbe collection de livres .... 
(books) provenant de la succession de Mme la comtesse de Wigna- 
court douairiere (dowager) de M. le comte de Lannoy — Liege. 
Rongier, 1823, in — 80." A book-stamp of armes & crest of Lan- 
noy is shown in Guigard's Armorial du Bibliophile Vol. 2, 1890 — 
they had: Florent Stanislaus Amour de Lannoy died Sept. 23 1836 
comte de Lannoy de Clervaux Prince de Rheina-Woibeck The 
principality was obtained by marriage on May 7, 1785 to the prin- 
cesse Clementine Josephine Franzisca Therese de Looz-Corswarem 
Corswarem Looz born 29 June 1764 she died June 4, 1820 they 
had [Armes: quarterly: 1 & 4 — burele or & gu. (Looz) 2 & 3 — or, 2 
fesses sable (Diest) sur le tout (over all) ermine, 2 fesses gules (Cors- 
warem) She [Princesse Clementine] was the eldest daughter of 
Wilhclm Joseph reigning due (herzog) & comte von Looz-Cors- 
warem & Fiirsten von Rheina-Woibeck — 1792 — Grafen von Looz, 
Home, Nyel & Corswarem of the House of Heinaut & Ilesbaye 
His sons were Karl — 1769-1822 Joseph Arnold — 1770-1827 Thus 
the principality on the 7 Sept 1839 passed to the house of Lannoy 
The family of Looz-et-Corswarem is of the Qiateau de Bonlez 
province de Brabant Belgium Descendants of Arnold II de Los 
(of Limbourg) in 10S2 a.d.: seigneurs de Ghoer & de Corswarem — 
1 140 a.d. seigneurs de Xiel 1300 — de Hierges 1500 — Francois Ier 
de Looz — Corswarem in 1600 — Due de Looz et Corswarem 1734 — 
Present duke is Charles Leopold Auguste Louis Philippe due de 
Looz-Corswarem — born 1833 succeeded 1896 — m. & has 2 daus] 
Napoleon de Lannoy born Xov. 17 1807 died Mar. 7 1874 'Grafen) 
comte de Lannoy de Clervaux Prince de Rheina-Woibeck [Furst 
von R-W] married Oct. 19 1830: Marie Augustine comtesse de 
Liedekerke-Beaufort b. Feb. 21 1809 d. Dec. 21 1891 comtes in 


.vrge Armcs: Quarterly: I oc 4; gules, 3 lions or, armed, tongues 
& crowns azure. Liedekerke — 2 ec 3 Ermine, a bande coticee 
gules, Beaufort — Supporters: 2 griffons or. they had 2 sons Arthur 
Fsapoleon Auguste Alexandre Clement de Lannoy: Prince de 
l'hcina-Wolbeek comte de Lannoy — Clervaux born at Li< 
February 19, 1S33 died at Bentlage March 7 1895 never married 
[succeeded by his brother] Fiirstliclien Gnaden EDGAR HON- 
ORE MARIE de Lannoy Comte de Lannoy-Clervaux PRIXCE 
de RHEINA-WOLBECK & the Present CHIEF or Head of 
Lannoy born at Liege August 16 1835 Resides at the Chateau 
de Bentlage and is unmarried — Comtes of St. Emp. (H.R.E.) Feb. 
10 1526 Lannoy de Clervaux, at the court Royal of France Prus- 
sian title of Prince of Rheina-Wolbeck, order of primogeniture, 
title is hereditary, Sept 7 1S39 with the qualification of " Furstlichen 
Gnaden" (Grace princiere) Berlin Oct. 15 1840 Diplome dated 
Ems 28 June 1880 Hereditary Member of the Chamber of seig- 
neurs (lords) of Prussia: Oct. 12 1854 Prussian title of " Durch- 
laucht " in favor of the Prince. Berlin Oct. 22 1S61 Catholiques in 
religion, family seat the (schloss) Chateau de Bentlage, cercle de 
Steinfurt: Westphalia, Regence de Minister Prussia — Rheina on 
the Ems in Westpfalen see Almanach de Gotha for 1S96, 
1895 — 122 dy'r. p. 509 & 1843 p. 156, 1848 p. 178 Armorial Bear- 
ings [see fig. 3] Amies: Argent, three lions rampant de sinople, 
arme, lampasse de gules crowned or. Crest: the unicorn head of 
Lannoy ? Supporters: 2 Griffons or (gold) Devise: Votre Plaisir 
Manteau: Purple, doubled with ermine; surmounted with the 
crown of a Prince of the St. Empire (FI.R.E.) 

— Chaussee — 

Augustin Francois Joseph de Lannoy comte de Lannoy seigneur 
de la Chaussee Letters patent Aug. 29 1776 born 1745 m. at Tour- 
uay 1768 — had Ferdinand Joseph comte de Lannoy b. 1772 d. 1823 
m. 1807 A dau. only m. her " cousin german " Adrien comte de 
Lannoy 1834, & bro. Jacques Adrien Francois comte de Lannoy 
de la chaussee b. 1769 d. 1835 chamberlain to William I king of 
Holland (pay bas) m. 1791 & had 1st Adrien above 1834 3d — Paul 
comte de Lannoy b. chateau d'Hingene Anvers July 15 1810 2d — 
Gustave Ferdinand — b. Bruxelles Aug. 5 1800 He m. July 10 1827 
&: had 5 children 1st Charles Maximilien Lanormal comte de Lan- 
noy b. 1828 m. 1862 issue ? not known about 2d Ferdinand Charles 
Marie Joseph comte de Lannoy b 1833 m. 1858 ? & had 3 daus. 
Comtes de Lannoy de la Chaussee coat-armor — Brabant — 1 — Lan- 
noy Armes — Casque crowned — (helmet) Cimier — une tete et col 
de licorne d'argent accornee et crinee d'or — [Unicorn head arg., 
horn & mane or] Supporters — deux griffons regardant or, arm 
et lamp, de gules — [2 griffins or, claws & tongues gu.] Manteau 
— de gules double d'hermine surmounted d'une couronne a cinq (5) 
fleurons — (Red, doubled erm. & crowned). 

The Lannoy-Boissiere Line 

Christopher seigneur de Lannoy Gouverneur d'Amiens (1600) 
married Charlotte de Villiers-Saint-Pol — dame d'honneur de la 
Queen " maid of honour " to Anne of Austria [wife of King Louis 


XIII of France] their only son was: Charles comte de Lam 
chevalier de L'Ordre tie Saint Esprit " Order of the Holy G 
councillor of State (ist) Premier Master d'Hotel du Roi (the King) 
& Gouverneur de la ville de Montreuil 1626 & 32 & 34 seigneur 
de la Boissiere died in 1649 — married Anne d'Aumont widow of 
Antoine Potier, seigneur de sceanx. had Anne Elisabeth comtesse 
de Lannoy married ist Nov. 25 1643 — had issue — Bore the arims 
of Lannoy Supporters: 2 licornes (unicorns) argent Cinder 
(crest): the head of a unicorn argent & horn & mane or. The 
helmet crowned with a comtes crown. 

SEIGNEURS de LESDAIN fr Jean " Percheval " had: Jean II 
de Lannoy [see that line] who had a 3d son Pierre de Lannoy, seig- 
neur de la Motterie & d'Hardiplanques had Nicolas de Lannoy 
seigneur de Lesdain had Ungues de Lannoy s. de Lesdain had 
Nicolas II de Lannoy (1604) (see Pere Anselme's Gen. for line in 
full) he had Marie de Lannoy (This house ended with Antoine de 
Lannoy seigneur de Lesdain & d'Anglebert several generations 
later) she married (either before or about 1591) Odet de la None — 
died 1622 (15th gen.) seigneur de la None & de Teligny had Claude 
Marchal de la Noue Col of the Regt de la Noue extinct in male line 
1650 From Annuaire de la Noblesse 1S87 Genealogy de la Noue y 
(&) vicomtc Oscar de Pole (Odet was the eldest son of the Haut & 
puissant lord, Francois III " Bras-de-fer " (iron-armed) 1531-91 
14th gen. chevalier of the Order of the King & Gentleman of the 
Chamber du Roi, seigneur de la Noue-Briord Captain of the 
" Cinque-garde " (500 men-at-arms) & the greatest Protestant 
General of Ins time Lost his arm at the battle of Fontenoi or 
Fontenay-le-comte in 1570 & was killed at the siege of Lamballe 
1 591. Was author of several writings politic & military.) Fran- 
cois' first wife was Marguerite or Madelene de Teligny — their 2d 
son was Theophile de la Noue seigneur de Teligny m. Anne Hatte 
— had 3 dans. — They are lineal descendants of the 1st gen. Gamier 
de la Noue who lived in 1 152 The fief of La Noue is in the parish 
of Fresnay, county of Nantes, Bretagne — (Brittany) Charte of St 
Serge d'Angers & Salomon de la Noue in 1085 (de Nou) Armes: 
Argent, a trellis, sable, a chief gules charged with 3 wolves' heads 
erased or. Apparently differenced from the same armes bastonne 
(10 bastons sa.) instead of the trellis. 

Written while a prisoner of war in the castle of Tourney by Odet 
husband of Marie de Lannoy 

By Odet De la Noue, Lorde of Teleignie 

" That Adversitie is more necessaire Than Prosperite — and that 
of all Affliction Close Prison is most pleasant and most Profitable — 
[On 25th May 1594 entered on Stationer's Register] 

' Then may I well conclude with reason and assurance, 
That there's no better state then to be kept in durance, 
A sweeter kind of life I never proved then there; 
Nor was I ever toucht with lesser griefe and care, 


If that I care at all, it is for others cause, 

And for the miseries this time's corruption draws 

But being well assur'd that nothing here betideth 

Against ( iOI >'S ordinance and will, that all things guideth; 

And knowing: him to be good, just, and most of might, 

I gladly yeeld my selfe to the order he hath plight, ? 

For hec it is, that now makes me accept so well 

And like of his estate which others hate as Hell; 

He 'tis, that heretofore vouchsaf't me reiiif 

When as I was opprest with a more grievous grief; 

He 'tis from whom I hope in time to come no lesse 

Although a hundred-fold were doubtful my distresse 

Yea, hee it is that make? me profit every day; 

And also so content in this estate to stay, 

That of my libertie I am not now so faine 

To think my libertie a happier life to gain; 

For, I were well content from hence no more to go 

If I might profit most my friend^ and country so. 

Now here I humbly pray — expecting such an end — 

The Lord still towards me his favour to extend; 

And that He will vouchsafe still I ■ all at like grace 

To all that foi like cause are handled in like case." 

[Furnished by .' r - - W P. Delano of New Bedford] 

Maison de Lannoy in Picardie 
This line has not been found in the several pedigrees, that the 
line is of Flemish Lannoj there can be no doubt for the "gold 
chair. Derations surrounded the shield of the Lannoy 

armt - in memory of his bravery Raoul de Lannoy He 

was a iege 01 Quesnoy or after Hesdin in 1477 and was there 

decorated for bravery by Louis XI King of France — " One of the 
principal recompenses for brave knights (chevaliers) consisted in 
a gold chain placed around the neck, the links being in number 
according to their merit of valour The king in placing this on 
the brave Raoul said — " Par la Paque-Dieu, men ami, vous etes 
p farieux en un combat; il vous fr ut enchaisner, car je ne veux 
i oint vous perdre, desirant me servir de vous plus d'une fois " — 
[By the Go i of Easter! my friend you are very furious in a com- 
bat, if yout fault is enchained it is because I do not wish to see 

• !os>t and desire you to serve me many times yet] He was the 
first to mount the breach The chain was of 500 escus or ecus value 

t. $600.) He received also the command of a company of foot- 
; -i n. Raoul bore for armes: Argent, 10 annelets gules (annulets 
°r tigs J :.ced 3, 3, 3, & 1 — Tins is probably an assumption or 

• ■ grant to commemorate the decoration for the armes do not 
I 1 : been afterward used by any family of Lannoy See 

- Vraye etc. by Palliot Paris 1660 & Hist, du Blason Eysen- 
1 1848 & Science des Armoiries parle marquis de Magny Paris 
• 3 6. 

Lannoy d'Ameraucourt 
is line of Lannoy appears as the seigneurs d'Obriscaut et 


d'Ameraucourt and comtes de Lannoy They arc allied to Charle- 
magne the emperor through Jean de Lannoy chevalier who m. in 
1300 Blanche de Vermandois: their son was held over the baptismal 
font by his uncle Ungues de Vermandois who gave to him the 
estate of Obriscaut and charged him and his descendants to I 
the armes of Vermandois which was done Coat-armor: Or ; 
azure chcquy. (following MM. de St Marthe) This line doubt! 
came from the old house of Lannoy either long before the heiress 
married Franchimont in 13 10 or at that time through some cadet 
of Lannoy Here again there is no mention of the old Lar.: 
coat-armor. Item: Jean de Lannoy, chambcllan du roi bore in 
1480 (tin echiquete) a checker [chamberlain to the King] The 
family is now extinct? — This line of Vermandois is appan 
of the Line from Herbert II comte de Vermandois [see royal ch; 
Coat-armor Lannoy d'Ameraucourt [Picardie] Echiquete d'or et 
d'azur, de quatre tires, (checkered or & azure of 4 rows). 

In the register of the chamber of comptes is mentioned BEN 
de LANOY ecuyer 1452 Later seigneurs de Clermont '. I 
genealogy of this house is brief and claims no connection with 
Lannoy of Flandres Given in an old French Gen. Coll. of ten 
vols. The line is extinct or unknown after 1648 Coat-Arm 
Argent, an eagle displayed sable. Sec ;h " Notes on the Lan- 
noys of the 'Dossier' of this family," there will be found many 
resident in Normandy Final research will doubtless show an 
origin from ancient Lannoy 1096. 

House of Lannoy in Holland & New Amsterdam New- York) 

From: Jacques de Lannoy seigneur de la M< tt etc. overl 

1587 (died) [see Motteric line gen. 6] he had also a .<:'. n Valentin 
de Lannoy who founded the seigneurie de Leeuw ! n Henri 
Martin de Lannoy had Arnold de Lannoy of Leiden 1635 geb. 16 
May 1623 [Abraham de Lannoy also Jean de Lannoy Oct 6 1632] 
overl 14 Oct. 1668 had Dr Arnold de Lannoy geb. 165- 
14 July 1 7 10 — [20 Feb 1816 Brab. sept, diploma £ 
Nederland Adel Wappenboch 1883 Rietstap] Armoi 
de Lannoy [Brabant sept.] [AN. 20 fev. 1816] D'argent a tr 
lions de sinople arme et lampasse de gules couronne or — Cii 
un lion de 1'ecu issuant tenant une epee arg. garnie dor. 
porters: deux licornes d'arg. accornees crinees et 
Rietstap Vol 2d " argent, three lions vert rampant am 
gules, crowned or (gold) Helmet argent & or with crest a d< 
vert, armed & tongued gules, crowned or. dexter : iw ';. •! Is a. 
naked sword or & argent, mantle-flourish argent & \ rt 
porters: on a green leaf flourish two unicorns rampant ?rgc::>. | 
& manes or." 


1895 a " De Lannoy et Fils, Library at Ostend Belgium " £ 
1897 appear as " Chas. De Lannoy & Fils " [My letters m 
1 — Philippe de Lanoy of AMSTERDAM Holland m. Com 
Catalaine Nov 17 1618 2 — Andri de Lannoy bapt. NOV 2 i< 
" NO 222— LANNOY— de— Messire Jean de Lar.r.oy dit de 


Mongcval ne en Mars 1594 Chevalier Seigneur de Reijnenbourg 
Echcvin du pays du Franc de Bruges en 1639 — porta — [bears] 
Ecartele au 1 et 4 d'argent a trois lions de sinople couronnes 
armes et lampasses d 'or— au 2 et 3 de gueules au lion d'argent 

co'.ironne d'ur; et la queue en sautoir de meme qui est de Bronchorst 
1c tout cnte d'or en pointe — " '" Recueil Heraldique par F van 
Dyke Bruges 1S51 "' This Jean is of the Maingoval line [Mongc- 
val] & lord of Reijnenbourg An alderman of the country o: 
Bruges in 1639 — Amies are quartered: 1 & 4 Lannoy 2 & 3 gi\. 
a lion arg., with his tail of 2 pieces crossed this is the armes c; 
the Bronchorst fam. in Gueldre. In base of shield a small division 
of gold. His name appears in the list of " Consuls et Senators 
Perpetuis Terrae Franeae in Flandria " Senator of the Septem- 
trionalis District " Domino (lord) Ioanni de Lannoy Equiti, 
Domino de Rijnenburgh, &c." Hist. Comitum Flandrae, Vredius 
Brugis 1650 — 1897 " Le Bulletin Heraldique de France" As 
Chevaliers de l'ordre de " St. Lazare et de Notre Dame du Mont- 
Carmel (1000- 1789) Created a chevalier on 22 March 1717 — 
Nicolas de Lannoy bore: "D'argent, au chevron de gueules" 
(Argent, a chevron gules) also on the 25 February 1723 Jacques- 
Francois de ia Rue de Lannoy, chevalier de St. Louis, Lieutenant 
au regiment des Gardes franchises avec brevet de Colonel (Col. 
Reg't of French Guards) gentilhomme du due d'Orleans (Gentle- 
man to the duke of Orleans) bore: "D'argent. a 3 fasces de 
gueules" (Argent, 3 fesses gules) Literature of Holland Item: 
"The Baroness Juliana Cornelia de Lannoy (173S-17S2) was a 
writer of considerable talent, also of the school of Voltaire; her 
poems were highly esteemed by Bilderdijk, and she has a 
neatness of touch and clearness of penetration that give vivacity 
to her studies of social life" (Ency. Brit. 9th Ed. vol. XII) 
— her line not recorded — Armes de Lannoy of Holland Arg., 3 
lions sinople armed & tongues gules, crowned or. Crest: head & 
neck of unicorn arg. Item: " La Mer Polaire " (The Polar Sea) 
Voyages etc— par Ferd. De Lanoye 2d ed. Paris 1855 Hachette 
& Co — The dedication to " Jules Simon " sig. F'd de Lanoye 
Paris le 15 Nov 1S63 Item: Fr. " Katy of Catoctin " By Geo. A 
Townsend— pub. Appleton & Co 1886 p. 473— foot note— (this re- 
markable fact is brought to light) " Inscription in the Catholic 
Cathedral Cemetery Baltimore Md — Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Pray for 
the soul of Mary Christine Adelaide Delannoy wife of Junius 
Brutus Booth, Tragedian. She died in Bait. Mar. the 9th 18=8 ' 
et c — Col. F. A. Burr possesses the marital correspondence between 
J B Booth Sr and his first wife. His cruelty in leaving her and 
Ins child in London without bread, suggests the heartiessness of 
an assassin's father. Edmund Kcan contributed to send the* de- 
serted wife to Amcr." — Marie Delannoy — b. 1792 — Belgium br. 

of Lannoy m. Eon. 1S15 (not divorced until 1850) Junius B. Booth 
1706-1852 (They had a son who 1859 returned to Lon.) 1821 he 
deserted her & went to M'd m. 2d Mary Holmes: had chil.: one 
being the famous Amcr. tragic actor Edwin Booth 1833-93 — Junius 
s. of Richard b. 1756 ? s. of John Booth of Lon. 


The first of the Holland house of Lannoy in New Amst< 
[New- York j appears to have been Abrani or Abraham de la Nov 
From the Council Minutes of New Amsterdam: for January 24 
1652 — Resolution; grant permission to Abraham de la Nov to re- 
tail wines by small measure & lease to him the city tavern. '" Abrani 
d' La Noy — made schoolmaster in N. Ams. 1667-S From this 
date to that which follows 1 have found nothing though it is quite 
possible data may exist. This Abraham (1652) & the Abraham 
m. in 16S1 may be the same. In list of town payments for 1671 
again in 1673 at New Haerlem Abraham de La Nov appears. In 
1678 — Oct 2y, Engelberth Lott fr. Midwout married Cornelia 
de la Noy [New-York] In 16S0 Isaac van Yelck — widower 
married Catalyntje de la Noy [New-York] Abram had a dan. 
Mary married in 16S1 In 16S1 Aug 2$, Abraham De la Nov fr. 
Haerlem in Holland married Cornelia Toll, widow It is possible 
that Abram & Pieter were brothers, as they both came from Haer- 
lem Holland. A — In 1680 April 22 — Pieter de la Noy from Haer- 
lem Holland, was married to Elizabeth de Potter widow of Isaac 
Bedlow He had a daughter Catharine married 1684 From 
Dutch Church .Marriage Records Also mention of Dorothea de la 
Noy & Cornelia de Lannoy Jacobus de Lannoy m. to Cathariua 
Bcckman, jonge dochter mentions Maria de Lannoy Reformed 
dutch church ^March 27 1709) Abraham de Lanoy m. to Mar- 
gerieje Kloppcrs (July 17 1709) John de la Noy had a dau. Mary 
who married in 1779 a Riker of Harlem New- York John De la 
Noy had a dau. Elizabeth who married in 1S08, Benj. Mercer of 
Long Island Record cf Ref. Dutch Ch. in N. Y. C. — Baptisms — 
2 July 1755 mention of John de Lannoy 2 Nov. 1755 " Ouders " 
Jakob Brouwer, Maria de Lanoy — " Kinder " Maria 10 Dec. 1755 
mention Catharina de Lanoy "Ouders" 11 July 1756 Jan de 
Lanoy, Maria Crankheit kind. Jannetje — mention Maria de Lanoy 
5 Dec. 1756 Abraham de Lanoy, Hester Koning kind. Johannis 
15 May 1757 Abraham Le Noy, Ariaantje Montanje — kind. Sam- 
son Apr 5 175S Jakob Brouwer Maria de Lanoy kind. Pctrouo'.la 
Jan Lanoy Maria Krankheit & Abraham Lanoy Junr. & Helena 
Lanoy appear Nov. 7, 1759. Kind. Maria Sept. 26, 1762 Jan de 
La Noy & Lena de La Noy 22 July 1764 Abraham de La Noy, 
Lena do. etc 26 Sept '64 Maria do. 4 Nov Jan do. 3 Aug 1766 
Abraham de La Noy etc 17 Aug '66 Lena de La Noy etc 20 Aug 
1767 Maria La Noy etc 11 Oct '6~ Cornelia de La Noy; Hendrik 
Sikkels etc. 3 July 1768 Cornelia de Lanoy 2 Oct '68 Abraham 
de La Noy Lena do. etc 1 Sept 1769 Jane de Lanoy etc 11 Feb 
1770 Frans Lanoy, Simon Lanoy, etc 16 Dec '70 Abraham La 
Noy John de Lanoy Jane do. etc 23 July 1775 Abraham de Lanoy 
Junior Jane de Lanoy etc (This is all that can be found to date 
Des. after 1808 not known.) 

A—PETER (Tierre) de Lannoy [De La Noy] Appointed by 
William & Mary of England and elected the first Mayor of the City 
of New-York October 14 1689 Dec. 14 16S9 ordered that Peter 
de Lannoy be commissioned for receiving their Majesties reve- 
nues in the Province of New York He was Judge of the Court of 


Admiralty Sept. 17 1690 & Judge of Court of Oyer & Terminer. 
•• Committee of Safety " appointing Jacob Leisler to be Capt. of 

the Fort — signed and sealed by L* De L:i Noy [L. S.] & others 
June 8 1689 Again P. Dc La Nov Aug 16 1689 " Leisler's Proc. 

confirming the Elect, by the Citizens of the Mayor " etc " Where- 
as by order of ye Comni. of Safety . . . and votes of ye free- 
holders Come to Peter De La Noy Esq. for Mayor " " Appoint- 
ment of Leisler's Council Dec 11 1689 Present Pieter Delanooy 
Mayor " " Ordered that Mr Pieter d'la Noy etc " " Present at a 
council Dec 16 1689 Pieter d'Lanoy " " Fort W'm X. York 28 
oct. 1689. Gent'm — . . . (ends with) wearenpon such good 
Terms of breaking of Papists and arbitrary Yokes from our necks 
forever . . . yr Loveing friendes (others and) Pietr de Lanoy 
" L't Gov. & & Council Mar. 4 1689 P D La Noy " Certificate for 
lead N-Y 30 Apr 1690 Copy Signed Pr Delanoy, Collr Endorsed 
Mr dc Lanoy Coil's Cert " " Att a Court of Admiralty held in the 
Citty hall, etc. Sept. 17 1690 Present Pieter dLanoy Esqr 
Judge etc." " Anno Regni Regis Golielmi et Mariae &c New 
York To the honble Pieter D'Lanoy President & the rest . . . 
11 Nov 1690 Geo: Brcwcrton Regr " "Meeting of the wor- 
sliipfull Mayor Aldermen etc Feb'y 6 1G90-1 Present P De la Noy 
Mayr " Another document curiously signed P: De Lay Noy & 
signed to " Nicholas Bayard's Claim " who sewed for false im- 
prisonment (14 months) during late rebellion, at the hands of etc. 
Peter Lanoy & 19 others (amt of £5000) Sept 7th 1691 

To his Excelcncy Coll: Benjamine Efletcher Capn Generall and 
Governor of the province of New Yorke &c. 

The Humble Peticon of Peter Delanoy 

That during the administration of Capn Jacob Leisler deed in this 
province hee your petitionr was nominated and appointed Collector 
and Receiver generall by virtue of weh offices severall branches 
of their Maties revenue past through his hands for the payment 
of wch money hee did from time to time give acct to the said Leisler 
for and full Sattisfaccon did make for the money soe reed besides 
your Peticonr did advance on his own acct above four hundred 
pounds the most of wch was to Expediate the Albany fforces to 
resist the ffrench of Canada — But soe it is may it please your Ex- 
cellency that on the arrival! of Coll: Henry Sloughter the late 
Governour he was requir'd on a Certaine day to appeare before him 
and Councill and then and there produce all his accounts wch he 
accordingly did whereupon the said Governour and Councill with- 
out Audit or any Judiciall processe caused your Peticonr to be 
committed into the custody of the Sheriffe of the Citty and County 
of New Yorke, where hee still remaines a prisnor to his great dam- 
age &c — And hee now being Inform'd that your Excellency hath 
orders to Inspect said matter from the Lords of the Treasury and 
make report to them of the same lie humbly supplicates your 
Excellency that he him release from this his Confinemt being ready 
and willing at all times to attend any person or persons whom your 


Excellency shall nominate to Audit said accts of your Peticonr and 
whatsoever their said Lordshipps shall award in that matter he is 
ready to submitt to, This hee humbly offerrs to your Excellency's 
mature Consideration in all humility and prays hee may be re!* 
from his now Confinment and as in Duty bound shall every pray 

Endorsed Pr DcLanoy 

Pr DeLanoy pcticon 

debated in Council 

This is the time of Leisler's revolution? He deposed the Jaco- 
bite L't Gov. Nicholson & proclaimed W'm & Mary 1689 He 
assumed the L't Gov.'s position, but laid down his power in 1691 
Gov. Sloughtcr hesitated to sign the warrant which so unjustly 
caused his execution for treason? A paper says that "he ap- 
pointed Peter D Lanoy to collect the Rev's, allowing him a great 
sallary & all the perquisites of that office — " Gov. Leisler and the 
others were cleared of all charges made against them, by Parlia- 
ment at London Nothing more is found about Peter de Lannoy 
after the Peticion (1691) — Note: the various forms of Lannoy & 
the exact similarity of signatures Philippe De La Noye 1621 
Abraham & Peter De La Nov 1652 & 1671 all from Holland. 


Mayor Van Wyck (93d) has had two predecessors as first Mayor 
of New York— the first Mayor the city had and the first Mayor 
elected by the people. 

Seventy-seven Mayors have preceded Mr. Van Wyck in the 
office of Mayor of New York. Of these twelve were appointed by 
British Governors of the province. The others were elected by 
vote of the people. 

Thomas Willett was the first Mayor. In 1664 the British 
wrested New York from the Dutch and Col. Nicholls was made 
Governor. The next year he appointed Thomas Willett Mayor, 
to govern the city in company with five Aldermen and a Sheriff. 
Willett was one of the Plymouth Pilgrims, but had been for fifteen 
years a merchant in New Amsterdam. He was not a political 
partisan, and was selected because he could unite the Dutch and 
English in support of the new form of municipal government. 
Willett's influence with the Governor obtained the first establish- 
ment in this island of trial by jury. 

The city was then only a village of 1.500 inhabitants who lived in 
eighteen streets, all below what is now Wall street. It had only 
one church, the Dutch Reformed, inside the old fort at Battery 
place. Lender Willett the service of the Church of England was 
performed there and permission was given to the people to build 
a Lutheran church. 

For twenty-four years the people were apparently content v 
appointed Mayors. Then, in 16S9, they demanded a man v.' ' 
should be chosen by themselves. A religious war was imminent 
and the city was divided against itself. It was amid shouts of " X" 


ropery'* that Pieter De Lanoy, a Hollander, was elected Ma 
— the first to receive the office by the franchise of the people. Chi 
Oct. 14, protected by a j ' soldiers, he took his office in the 

old City Hall in Coenties slip. lie reconciled the opposing 

The northern boundary of the city then was still Wall street. 
The public treasury held about $3,865, and a year later the ass. 
value of all city real estate was $78,231. 


1. Thomas Willett, 1C65; 2. Thomas Delavall, 16C6; 3. Thomas 
Willett, 1667; 4. Cornelius Steenwyck, 1 668-1670; 5. Thomas 
Delavall; 6. Matthias Nicolls, 1672; 7. John Lawrence, 1673; 8. 
William Darvall, 1675; 9. Nicholas de Meyer, 1676: 10. S. Van 
Cortlandt, 1677; II. Thomas Delavall, 167S; 12. Francis Rombouts, 
1679; 13. William Dyer, 1680-1681; 14. Cornelius Steenwyck, j 
1683; 15. Gabriel Minvielle, 16S4; 16. Nicholas Bayard, 16S5; 17. 
S. Van Cortlandt, 16S6-1687; iS. Peter de la Nov, 1689-1690. 

The following' list of Delanoy des. now 1899 residing in and 
about New- York " Adeline Delanoy widow of Everett Delan< y 
Charles E. Delanoy — Frederick W. Delanoy — Daniel A. Delanoy 
— John A. Delanoy — Armes: Are apparently the Holland branch of 
Lannoy coat, with the demi-lion crest — William C Delanoy m. 
Annie W Corlies Res. 261 W. 84 St Mem: Grolier & Union 
League Clubs— Edwin P Delanoy— Res. 431^ 5th Ave Mem: 
Union League & Larchmont Yacht Club (brothers and Insurance 
brokers at No 2 Wall St.) Eliz. Peshine (wid. John A) Delanoy 
d. Mamaroneck N. Y. 10 Mar. '99 


Commencing From ABRAHAM. 1742 
(by E. G. De Lanoy of Yonkers) 

Abraham Delanoy Sr., b. Sept. 7, 1742; d. Jan'y 23, 1795. 

Rachel Martling, his wife, m. Sept. 28, 1764; b. Mar. 5, 1744; d. 
Aug. 25, 1822. 

1 John Delanoy, New York, b. Sept. 29, 1765. 

2 Abraham, New York, b. July 22, 1766; d. 1795. 

3 William, New York, b. Sept. 18, 1768. 

4 Jane, b. Dec. 6, 1770; d. July 9, 1772 ? 

5 Daniel, Phillipsburgh, b. Sept. 20, 1774. 

6 Mary, Phillipsburgh, b. Sept. 19, 1776. 

7 James, Phillipsburgh, b. July 2, 1779. 

8 Rachel, Fishkiil, b. Sept. 19, 1781. 

9 David, Phillipsburgh, b. July 29, 1783. 

10 Sarah, Phillipsburgh, b. Feb'y 4, 1787. 

11 Henry, Mt. Pleasant, Oct. 23. 1789. 

1 John Delanoy m. June 18, 1785, Susannah Davids wid. of John 
Hoper Martling & Davids see " Raymond's Tarrytown " 
Ch.— a Rachel, Phillipsburgh, b. Oct. 16, 1787. 

5 65 

1) Baleche}', Phillipsburgh, b. Dec. 4, 1789; cl. Jan. 9, 1790. 
c Susannah, Phillipsburgh, b. Mar. 12, 1791. 
d Mary, Tarrytown, Apl. 26, 1794. 
e William, Sparta, b. Oct. 5, 1796; Drowned at Sing 
June 23, 1805. 

2 Abraham Delanoy, Jr., m. April 4. 1790, Elizabeth, dau. o! 
Isaac Martling. He d. 30 Nov., 1S14. 

Ch. — a Rachel, b. Mar. 16, 1791. 

b William, b. Jan. 7, 1705; d. Dec. 20, 1S23. 

c Jane, b. Dec. 22, 1792; d. 1810. 

d Sarah, b. Dec. 12, 1796. 

c Isaac, b. Apl. 6, 1799. 

f John, b. June 1, 1S01. 

g Henry, b. July 1. 1804; d. Sept. 20, 1806. 

h Katharine, b. Nov. 11, 180S. 
John Bennett m. (a) Rachel July 22, 1S10; dan. Sarah d. 21 Apr 

3 William Delanoy, m. 11 June, 1795, Mary Seely. lie d. ; 
May, 1 Si 8. 

Ch. — a James, b. Mar. 17, 1796. 

b Jesse, b. July 14, 1797; d. Nov. 20, 1801. 

c Pamela, b. Mar. 25, 1799. 

d Matilda, b. Mar. 30, 1S01. 

e Richard B., b. Mar. 10, 1S03. 

f Jesse (2d), b. Nov. 11, 1804. 
5 Daniel Delanoy, m. 23 July, 1795, Mary Minnerly. She d. 
19 Apr., 1803. 
Ch. — a Jane, b. Apr. 5. 1796. 

b Mary, b. Dec. 26, 1797; d. ditto. 

c Abraham, Jan. 21, 1799. 

d James, Oct. 16, 1S01. 
7 James Delanoy, m. 24 Nov. 1799, Catharine Minnerly. 
Ch. — a Jane, b. Dec. 9, 1800. 

b Abraham M., b. Dec. 20, 1802. 

c Daniel, b. Feb'y 5, 1S05. 

d Annie, b. Mar. 15, 1807; d. July 2, 1S08. 

e Edward, b. Mar. 18, 1809. 

f Sinthy, b. Nov. 14. 181 1. 

g Henry, b. Jan. 25, 18 14. 

h Mahaley, b. May 11, 1S16. 
9 David Delanoy, m. Apl. 24, 1803, Elizabeth Minnerly. He d. 
Ch. — a Mary, b. Mar. 9. 1804. 

b James, b. Dec. 5. 1S05. 

c Stephen, b. Feb'y 25, 1808. 

d Madison, b. Aug. 24. 1816. 

e Harriett, b. Dec. 21, 18 18; d. 1S20. 
4 Jane Delanoy, m. 10 Sept. 1791, David Wilson. She d. 8 
Ch. — a Abraham, b. Nov. 26, 1792; d. Dec. 2, 1792. 

b Rachel, b. Jan. 16, 1794; d. in snowstorm, 1S02. 


c William, Twins, b. Jan. 16, 1704; lived one week. 

d Daniel, b. Aug. 28, 1795; d. Oct. 28, 1795. 

e .Mar}., b. Nov. 5, 1796; drowned at 6 yrs. 

f Jane, b. Dec. 20, 1798. 
8 Rachel Delanoy, m. 3 Nov. 1797, Richd Bartletr. 
Ch. — a Daniel, b. Jnne 20, 1799. 

b Richard, b. May 20, 1S00; d. Aug. 10, 1800. 

c Mahaley, b. Nov. 10, 1804. 

d Mary, b. Oct. 28, 1806. 

e Hiram, b. May 22, 1809. 

f William, b. June 19, 1S13. 

g Rachel, b. Oct. 5, 1S15. 
6 Mary Delanoy, m. 6 June, 1799, John Minnerly. 
Ch. — a David, b. Mar. 20, 1800. 

b Nancy, b. Jan'y 1, 1801. 

c James, b. Oct. 14, 1803. 

d Lanson, b. Aug. 30, 1805. 

e Henry, b. Sept. 10, 1807; d. Oct., 1S07. 

f Mary, b. Oct. 29, 1808. 

g Rachel, b. Dec. 4, 1S10. 

h Perry, b. Oct. 15, 1812. 

i Abraham D., b. Feb'y 18. 1814. 

j Caroline, b. Mar. 28, 1816. 
? Magdalene (or Mary) Delanoy, m. 4 Mar., 1804, Alanson 
Worden. (Worden Gen. 186S.) 
Ch.— a Delilah, b. May 2, 1806. 

b Harry, b. Nov. 2^, 1S07. 

c George Washington, b. Nov. 19, 1S09. 

d Rhoda, b. Mar. 6, 181 1. 

e Phuridy, b. Dec. 12, 1813. 

f Nathaniel, b. Oct. S, 1814. 

g Arthur, b. Nov. 28, 1816. 

h Johnson, b. May 2j, 1819. , 

11 Henry Delanoy, m. 25 Feb., 1815, Sally Hammond. He d. 
3 Oct., 1854; she d. 24 June, 1866. 
Ch.— a Margaret, b. Apl. 8, 1816. 

b Pamela, b. Jan'y 17, 18 18. 

c William Henry, b. Mar. 12, 1820; d. May 1, 1891. 

d Rachel, b. Feb'y 20, 1822. 

e Charlotte E., b. Jan'y 20, 1824. 

f States H., b. Jan'y 28, 1826. 

g Abraham, b. Dec. 17, 1827. 

h Isaac Martling, b. Oct. 21, 1830 (Athens, N. Y.). 

i John Jay, b. Jan'y 22, 1833. 
c 11 William Henry Delanoy, m. 2 Jan., 1841, Margaret Ann 
Ch.— c 1 Henry P.. b. Mar. 8, 1842. 

c 2 Mary F., b. Jan'y 5, 1844. 

c 3 Ann Eliza, b. Jan'y 26, 1846. 

c 4 William M., 

c 5 John M., twins, b. Oct. II, 1848. 

■ 67 

c 6 Emma, b. Jan. 23, 1852; d. Mar. 10, 1S6S. 
c 7 Edwin, b. Sept. 12, 1 
{ 11 States H. De Lanoy, m. 23 Sept., 1849, Cintha Minneriey. 
Ch. — f 1 Melvinda, b. Aug. 5, 1850. 
{ 2 John Jay, b. June 8, 1853. 
{ 3 Ezalene, b. Oct. 3, 1856; d. May 19, 1863. 
f 4 Allen Amasa, b. June 8, 1S60. 
f 5 Dora, b. Mar. 13, 1866. 
i 11 John Jay Delanoy, m. 18 Nov. 1S58, Elizabeth Wildy. 
Ch.— i 1 Fredrick, b. Aug. 23, 1859; d - ^ Ia > r l > l86][ - 

i 2 Hattie M., b. Apr. 22, 1862; m. 27 July, 1886, Sidney L. 
Vanderbilt; ch. Harry L. (fam. of N. Am. & I loll, 
abt. 1650, van der Bilt of Zelande Moll. Amies, 
ancient: Tierce in pale — 1 — or, a demi-eagle sa. 2 — 
arg.; an. S. contourne, brochant on an iron bar in pale 
sa. 3 — sa. 3 acorns or.) 
i 3 Beulah B., b. Apr. 27, 1868; in. 1891, Mr. Purdy; ch., 
d 11 Rachel Delanoy, m. 9 Apr., 1845, George Scofield. She d. 
10 May, 1S92. 
Ch. — d 1 Sarah, b. Jan'y 7, 1849. 

d 2 Emily, b. Aug. 12, 1850; d. Aug. 13, 1851. 
d 3 George Henry, b. May 22, 1852. 
d 4 Fredrick, b. May 10, 1854; d. Dec. 12, 1854. 
d 5 Charles, b. Apl. 5, 1856. 
b 11 Pamela Delanoy, m. Aug. 19, 1837, Nathaniel Cooper. She 
d. 14 Jan., 1864. 

Ch. — b 1 Judson A., Haverstraw, b. June 10, 1838; d. June 14. 
b 2 Sarah Jane, Ffaverstraw, b. Dec 2. 1840. 
b 3 Elizabeth Ann, Haverstraw, b. June Z-) 1841; d. Sept. 

14, 1842. 
b 4 George Martin, b. June 19, 1844; d. Sept. 14, 1848. 
b 5 John P., b. Jan'y 31, 1846; d. Dec. 17, 1848. 
b 6 Elizabeth Ann (2), b. Apl. 22, 1848. 
b 7 Hester D., b. June 14, 1850. 
b 8 Ira, b. Feb'y iS, 1853. 
b 9 Elsie, b. Jan'y 13, 1857. 
b 10 Henry D., b. Dec. 22, 1855. 
e 11 Charlotte Delanoy, m. Apl. 17, 1847, Edgar Minneriey. 
Ch. — William Henry Wildy Edgar Celes Dcrious Harry F. 
Clarency Desdamona. All d. y. Watson July 23, 1853. 
Res. N. Y. C. 
a 11 Margarett Delanoy, m. 1st John Patterson. 
Ch. — Edw. Patterson. 

Lizzie, m. Abraham De Revere of Tarrytown. 
m. 2d Abraham Bird. 
Ch.— Ida, m. 1875, Mr. Wiley; ch. Edward, Edith, & Barron. 


Annie, m. 1880, Fred'k Lovett; ch. Fred'k. 
h 11 Isaac M. Delanoy (connected with the N. Y. C. & H. R. R. 
over 40 yrs.) m. Cornelia Melvina Wandell (b. Aug. 14, 1827, at 
Nyack, Rockland Co., X. Y.; d. 1 Apr., 1889, at Hastings), Tarry- 
town, Westchester Co., Sept. 24, 185 1, by the Rev. Mr. Harris. 
Ch. — 1 son b. & d. Aug-. 31, 1852. 

2 Harry De Lanoy, b. Aug. 7th, 1853, Tarry town. 

3 Evert G., b. Jan'y 2d, 1856. 

4 Elmer Ellsworth, b. Jan'y 20, 1858. 

5 Marion, b. May 12, i860. 

6 Ernest, b. Sept. 15, 1S63, Cold Spring-, Putnam Co., N. Y. 

2 Harry De Lanoy, m. Cornelia Nelson McCormick at Cold- 
spring, Oct. 14th, 1877, by Rev. F. M. North. 

Ch. — Harry Nelson De Lanoy, b. Aug. 22nd, 1878, Tarrytown. 
Cornelius Manderville Nelson De Lanoy, b. Feb'y 19th, 18S7, 
at Hastings on Hudson, N. Y. 

3 Evert Garrett De Lanoy, m. Ida Dykman at Cold Spring 
Mar. 12th, 1S79, by Rev. F. Mason North. Res. 131 Buena Vista 
Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. 

Ch. — a Evert Dykman De Lanoy, b. Jan'y 4, 18S0, New York, 
b Ella Melvina, b. Jan'y 19, 1SS1, Cold Spring. 
c Jennie Mabel, b. Mar. 26, 1SS3, Yonkers. 
d Chester Hamlin, b. Mar. 13, 1886, & d. 26 .July. 
e Wellington Laurence, b. Jan. 15th, 1S91; d. Jan. 3, 1892. 

4 Elmer Ellsworth De Lanoy, m. Minnie L. Smith, Tarrytown, 
by Rev. J. S. Spencer, Sept. 7, 18S7 — has ch. 

5 Marion De Lanoy, m. to Susie E. Rupley, of Wilkesbarre, Pa., 
Nov. 18th, 1882, at Peekskill, N. Y., by Rev. B. H. Birch. Son 
b. & d. Sept. 8, 1883, at Cold Spring. He d. June 6th, 1884, do. 
from an injury. 

6 Ernest De Lanoy, m. Addella A. Jermain, Sept. 12, 1889, by 
Rev. A. D. Vail, White Plains, N. Y. — has ch. 

(Mr E. G. De Lanoy was, under Pres Harrison, Ass't Collector & 
Cashier 2d Dist Internal Rev. N. Y. C. — Gen'l Man. Telegraph 
N. Y. C. & H. R. R. to Buffalo— later in the Standard Oil Co— etc.) 

The House of Lannoy in America — 1850 — Amies used: " the 
Lions on a shield " as in Lannoy proper — Charles de Lannoy 
Councillor of Court of Appeals at Brussels Belgium — d. abt. 1873 
had 2 daus (Caroline who m. ? & d. 1897 Anna who m. ?) they had 
a cousin Charles de Lannoy — (these were about the last of the 
family known) & Felix de Lannoy b. Antwerp Bel. abt 1827 d. 1888 
He came to Georgia abt 1850 m. 1853 1st to Sarah J Ring she d. 
1857 In 1 861 on account of the Civil War he went to Chester Penn. 
m. 2d 1859 to Martha A Crosby (Res. 617 E 14 St Chester — who 
kindly furnished these records — Mar. 1898) (Crosby Gen. 1877) 
(Dr de Lannoy now of Telluride Col. — who follows — spent 8 yrs 
with his gr-father Judge Chas. Cyprien de L Holds a parchment 
gen. tree of titles armes etc of this br. also a reliquary cross traced 
to an ancestral Archbishop; of ivory, silver etc with bones of " St 
Blasius — 3d cent." & part of " True Cross " " see 2-A Conrad de 
Franchimont & Relics of 3 Ks.") He had 1 Dr Clarence W de 


Lannoy— b. 1855 m. 1SS5 Minnie Sloppy— ch. a— Felix Nicolas Jr. 
b. 1SS5 b — Norman d. 1890 c — Clarence d. 1890 d — Frank 
(Charles Francis) b. 1889 e— Paul Aloysius, b. 1892 f— Julii 
Caroline do Voigts b. 1893 g— Jacques Thomas b. 1895 h— 
Carl d. 1896— i— Norbert Bertram b. 1898 Res. Leadville Col. 2 
Sarah Constance do Lannoy — b. 1857 in. 1882 Benjamin F Mc 
— ch. a — Sylvanus G. b— Morley c— Constance de Lannoy 
d — James Henry e — Alice Evelyn f — Eleanor F 4 Anne 1 
Lannoy— b. 1862 5 Helen M de Lannoy— b. iS6$ in. 1802 S 
G. Comfort Ch. a — Martha de Lannoy — b Frederic de Lannoy 
Comfort 3. George Crosby de Lannoy b. i860 of Chester m. 2 , 
Apr. 1895 Louisa Victoria dan of (William Snowden 2d who m. 
Adelaide dan of Dr Gustavus Warfield: (Richard Warfield to M'd 
l( >37)— Thomas Gen. p. 513— son of Richard H. Snowden Snow- 
den amies: arg. on fesse az. bet. 3 escallops gu, — 3 mullets or. 
(1776) Maj. Thomas Snowden had Richard & Nicholas who m. 
Eliz. Wariield Thomas, they had Elenry L. Snowden m. 12 Dec 
1878 Mary Victoria dan of Thomas Hughes Birkey, bro. of W'm. 
J. A. Birkey Sr. sons of John Y Birkey— s. of Peter below (Rich. 
Snowden m. 1st Eliza ec 2d Louisa Victoria daus. of Dr Chas. Alex. 
Warfield) . Dr Birkey Sr. had Henry Birkey M.D. and William 

Jukes Alcock Birkey Jr. M.D. both of Newportville Penn.— (Pierre) 
Peter Birkey 1744-1826 (Corporal in Armands legion 2d Troop 
1 7/6-83) known personally to Washington & was in battles of 
Erandywine Germantown, etc. son of Adolphus de la Barriere fr. 

France abt. 1720-6 d. abt. 1745 for family reasons assumed the name 

of his friend, " Bergey " which became Birkey— of Wulmsdorf etc 

Penn. — "Pierre dc la Barriere m. 1746 Marie Bergey — Ids father 

Pierre sieur de Cucolle m. 1706 & was prob. the father of Adolph." 
Genealogie De la Barrieres 
(Archives de la Noblesse etc Joriaux) 
Nobles, messires, ecuyers, chevaliers, seigneurs de la Tucolle, la 

Barriere, Sigalas, Dondas, Clawerie, ITsle, Caplisse;— en Albret, 

Agenois, Condomois Bordelois, etc. 

Armes: " Degueules, a 3 chevrons d'or, hermines de sable." 
Guillaume de la Barriere bieu-faiteur-de l'abbay de Bonneval au 

diocese de Rhodcz en 1196, viviat encore en 1219 (de Courcelles, 

histoire des Paris de France, 1. v.). 

Guillaume de La Barriere, chevalier, vivait en 1241. C'ets petit 

etre le meme que celui qui precede, et il petit avoir en pour fils 


Guillaume de La Barriere qui fut teinoin-de l'hommage rendu le 

22 avril 1252, a l'abbaye-de Culle, par Raymond vi, vicomte de 

Turenne (Ibid.). 

I. Noble Pierre de La Barriere, 1st du nom, ecuyer, seigneur 

de Dondas et dc la maison noble de Sigalas, habitant dc Conneins, 

naquit en 1490. II possedait tine immense fortune, de entre autres 

bein celui de La Barriere dans le paroisse de la Gruere en Agenois. 

On a de lui un acte-d'e'ehange qu'il passa le penultieme du mois de 

Janvier 1548 (v. st.) Avec Jean Dureau, dit Pichol. II fit sent 

testament, a lage de Fans, le 26 juillet 1560, devant 


Ta\ us, notaire royal de Conneins; par-cet acte, il d 
fournoi-ses a l'hopital de bonneires pour il entn 
pauvres, et nomme ses enfants issus dc ses deux marriages con- 
tract avcc: ist Jeanne cie Vacque; 2d Sebiile de La Vinceur, 
nonibre de six. 

II. Francois de La Barriere, ecuyer, gouvcrncur pour le koi 
laville de Conneins., comme lc prouvent trois lettres des 29 avril et 
8 feivier 1591, et 11 avril 1592, recut diverses rec .noes de 
bien fonds les 14 mars, 22 mars, 21 mai et 9 juin 1600 et 13 a. 
lOoi. II fit son testament le 22 mars 1609. 

III. Noble Jean de La Barriere, ecuyer. ist du nom capitaine 
regimment de Citrans, deuxieme consul de Conneins hit choisi par 
les habitants de ceite ville pour haranguer Le-duc de 

son passage en 1618. II epousa, par contrat du 25 fevrier 1613 
sinue au greffe de la Gruere le 21 mai de la meme annee, da: 
Marie de Peyrusse— fille de noble Arnaud de Peyrusse, ist du m 
ecuyer, seigt de la maison noble de Bonnegarde, et de demoiselle 
Peyronne de la Rose; veuve en premieres noces de Guilhem de 
bastaing, ecuyer, sieur de Bellot. 

Marie de Peyrusse fournit en son nom et celui-de ses enfants, 
le-denombresment de ses biens au domaine du Roi, le 15 mai H 
aux memes qualitas, elle fit une acquisition le 7 mai 1651. De son 
manage etaient provenus: 

IV. Noble Jean de La Barriere, ecuyer, Il-du nam; capitaine au 
regiment francais commande par M. le due Candalle, par bre 
royal du 10 fevrier 1649, fut nomme ensuit Colonel du regiment de 
milices destine a renforcu la ville de Baycne, sous le gouvernem 
du marechal d'Abbret, comme le contaste un-certificat de-ce 
dernier, en date du 25 juin 1674. Habitant du lien de La Barriere 
juridiction de La Gruere, en Condomois, il passa divers actes en 
son nom, les 2 et 13 mars, 1651, et obtint le 15 juin 1666, de mon- 
seigneur Louis de Lorraine, eveque-de Condom, le confirmation 
d'un droit de banc et de Sepulture dans une Chapelle de l'eglise de 
La Marque paroise-de Saint-Etienne du Seilhan. II fit son 
tament le 5 mai 1675— et nom— ma ses dix enfants— issus— de 
manage, contracte le 14 decembre 1654, avec damoiselle Francoise 
de Mettau, de " la Ville d'Aigmllon. Cclle-ci etait fille-de feu Mr Me 
Bertrand de Mettau, lieutenant particulier au siege d'Aiguill« 
de damoiselle Marie de Parailhoux. Etant veuve, elle fit v.n 
echange de biens, le 28 decembre 1675. 

V. Noble Pierre de La Barriere du nom, ecuyer, sieur de la 
Cucolle, par succession de la damoiselle de Cournier, sa soeur, fut 
substitue a son frere aine par le testament de leur pere; nomme 
sous4ieutenant dune compagnie au regiment de Champagne, par 
brevet du 2 decembre 1691, et lieutenant de la meme compagnie,.!c 
15 fevrier 1696 il se trouvait en garnison a Bordeaux le 6 fevri 
1699, epoque a laquelle il fit faire l'enregistrement de ses armol 
dans 1' Armorial General de France, registre Guienne: " Degueules 
a 3 chevrons d'or, hermines de sable." En 1701. il etait. capitaine 
au regiment de Champagne. Habitant de la Cucolle. juridicti n de 
Durance, en Albret, il fut assigne k produire ses titres de noblesse. 


le 18 avril 1708, et fut maintenu-dans les qualites-de noble ct 
d'ecnycr, selon jugement rendu a Bordeaux, lc 5 Septembre r 
par Guillaume— Urbain dc Lamoignon do Courson, intendan 

Pierre de La Barriere fut porte sur la toxe de la noblesse do 
Guienne, le 15 Septembre 1725: II fit, le 8 juin 1740, son testament 
qui fut ouvert le 5 Septembre 1746, et dans leguel il nomma ses 
sept enfants. 11 avait epouse, par articles de mariage; en date du 
19 Janvier 1706, damoiselle Anne dc Beaujon fillc de Jean de Bi 
jon, lieutenant re maire du lieu et juridiction de la Gruere. en 
Condomois, et de damoiselle Esther de Massac. Anne de Beat 
testa lc 3 novembres 1749. Dudit mariage ctaient provenus — 1st 
Pierre, dout 1'article suit; 2d Noble Jean, dit Bares, moit an port de 
Paix, ile Saint Domingue; 3d Noble Joseph-Castille capitaine au 
regiment de Brie, chevalier de l'Ordre royal et militaire de St Louis, 
incarcere sous la Republique, et misen libcrte le 7 vendeiviaire au 
III., Adolphus line here 1725 to Penn.); 4U1 Noble Joseph- 
Cyrille pretre bernardin; 5th Anne, religieuse au convent de Prouil- 
lan, ipres Condom; 6th Francois; 7th Marthe. 

VI. Noble Pierre de la Barriere, III — du nom, ecuycr, ne'le 6 
mars 1712, fut nomme cadet-gentilhomme dans la compagnie de 
Monsieur dc Mornesia, le 28 Janvier 1731, successivement lieu- 
tenant de milices a 11, et cadet dans le compagnie de Metz, il f it 
nomme, le 20 juillet 1733, lieutenant de la compagnie du capitaine 
de Merac dans le bataillon-de milices de Baritault de la Gener. 
de Bordeaux, il servit ensuit dans les troupes rcglces comme lieu- 
tenant en second, ct fut eleve au grade de lieutenant en premier 
dans la compagnie de Lusignan, au regiment d'infanterie de Pe 
le 1st aout 1734, il servait comme lieutenant dans le regiment du 
Roi, le 26 mai 175S, epoque a laquelle le comte de Biron lui ecrivit 
pour lui annoncer que Sa Majeste lui accordait 200 livres de pen- 
sion, a 1'occasion des blessures-graves qu'il avait rec,us-a la bataille 
de Pavie et dc ses longs et honorables. 

Pierre, epousa, par contrat passe le 10 Septembre 1746, domoi- 
selle Marie Bergey, fille de Mr Me Raymond Bergey, docteur de la 
faculte de Montpellier,. habitant de la ville de Marmande, et de 
feue demoiselle Catherine Agougue de Laune. II transigea le 28 
Septembre 1753 avec Franchise et Marthe de La Barriere ses 
soeurs; fut taxe avec sa mere a capitation de la noblesse dTelection 
d'Agenois, pour une somme de 23 livres 8 sols, le 22 Juillet 175^. et 
fut reconnu pour noble, pen de temps-apres par les maire et consuls 
de la Gruere reunis en Jurade. II le 4 Janvier 1772, son testament 
clos et cachete, qui fut ouvert le 3 octobre suivant Enfin, le 15 Sep- 
tembre 1772, et pen de jours avant sa moit, voulant faire entrcr son 
fils unique pa-mi les eleves de l'Ecole royal militaire il requit 
proces-verbal de s^s titres devant Jean Alexandre Pouget, avocat 
en Parlement subdelegue de 1'intendance de Guienne au departe- 
ment de Casteljaloux. 



Lannoy of Hammersmith Armes: Azure, a chevron between two 
swans in chief & a pair of shears in base all argent Also called 
" Delaney " same armes & crest: A swan statant between wings 
proper. Lannoy of Hammersmith: From "Miscellanea Genea- 
logica et Heraldica '" Dec. 1897 Pub. Lon. p. 262 — Middleton 
Pedigree. By G. Milner-Gibson-Cullum Esq. F.S.A. Jean dc la 
Noy (Lannoy) (fr. Elandres ?) He was mercer to Queen Elizabeth 
(155S-1602) A descendant was the following: Benjamin 1 — De la 
Noy alias Lannoy, Merchant of St. Mary Axe, (b. abt. 1620 ?) Lon- 
don, buried at Stanstead Mounlfichet 12 November 1675, will 
dated 9 November 1675: proved 28 June 1676. He m. Anne 4th 
dau of Timothy Middleton (of Stanstead Mountfichct Essex — 1590- 

1655 At Oxford 1605 Grays Inn 1607 Entered his pedigree 
1634 High Sheriff of Essex 1644 m. 1614 Martha dau. & heir, of 
Robert Johnson Sheriff of Lou. 1617-18 — Arms: Az. chev. bet. 3 
falcons or) Proved her husband's will; bur. same place 19 Aug. 

1656 M. Armes: Arg., on a bend vert 3 wolves' heads erased arg. — 
(They descend from Ririd ap David of Gwyth (abt. 1400) & his 
wife Cecilia heiress of Philip grt-grd-son of Sir Alexander Middle- 
ton of Middleton Shropshire (abt. 1300) Gov. of Montgomery 
Castle) they had 4 chil. " 1 to 4 " (Both Jean & Benj. write " de la 
Noy " as " Peter 1689 & Philippe 1621 " did— thus De la Noy or 
Noye & Lannoy) 1 — Middleton 2 Lannoy eldest son: of Kings 
College Cambridge — B.A. 1669 M.A. 1673 2— Sir Timothy 2 
Lannoy Kut, Turkey Merchant: mentioned as a younger son 
9 Nov. 1675 In 1693 with his bro. -in-law Geo. Treadway he pur- 
chased the villa at Hammersmith, late the property of (the famous") 
Prince Rupert (who d. 1682) built by Sir Nicholas Crispe. Died 
12 Sept. 1718 aged y^> (b. 1645) & bur. 30 Sept. in Hammersmith 
Church, where there is a monument in script. Adm'on granted 
to his son James 7 Oct. 1718 & one 22 Jan. 1723-4 to Jane relict & 
Executrix of James — Arms: Azure, a chevron between two gcc5c 
in chief and a pair of shears in base argent; impaling, Argent, a 
fesse azure (Evidently his wife's coat-armor; possibly Burkin of 
Lon.) [This is apparently a recent grant to himself or Father The 
Lannoy armes either forgotten or unused] He m. Elizabeth d. 

19 Jan. & bur. 27th at H 1700-1 aged 38— They had 5 chil. " a. 

to e." a — James 3 Lannoy only son &: heir died 13 Jan. 1723-4 
"An eminent Turkey Merchant. He lay in state at his house at 
Hammersmith & was buried in the chapel there in a very sump- 
tuous manner. The procession being lighted by 200 wax-tapers " 
(' Brit. Jour.' 25 Jan. 1724, quoted in Lowndes ' Environs of Lon.' 
II, 410) Bur. 28 (? 18) Jan. 1723-4 at Ham. Will dated 1 July 1719 
—Proved 17 Jan. 1723-4 by relict & Ex.— He m. Jane only dau. of 
Thomas Frederick Esq of Westminster (who m. Leonora dau & 
heir, of Charles Mare?co of Lon.) & sis. to Sir John Frederick 1st 
Baronet— d. 13 June 1748 aged 55 yrs. & bur. St Olave's Old 
Jewry Will 1748 Prov. by John, Earl of Craufurd & Geo. Ross 


j 750 — Frederick armes: Or, on a chief az, 3 doves arg. — of the 
Westminster fam. — (She m. 2d 1726 James Murray — 2d duke of 
Athole d. 1764 — no tons survived) — they had: aa — Leonora 4 La 
noy only dau. bapt. 23 June 1720 at Fulham. In 174S she sold the 
bouse at Hammersmith then tenanted by the Duke & Dr. 
Athole, to Geo. Dodington, later lord Melcornbe She m. ? (Mar- 
; 1 lemen's Mag. " [748 Sept 14" Captain Godson 1 . 

'• Man-of-War to Miss Lanoy of Hammersmith" — Xo douht this 
is Leo. 4, did they h. . ? — Godson amies: Gu, a fesse bet. 6 

martlets or) — b. Leonora 3 Lannoy bapt. 30 Sept. 1692 bur. .; 
Feb. 1693 at H. c. Diana 3 Lannoy bapt. 17 Oet 1696 at 11. 
m. 1716 Geo. Knapp d. Catherine 3 Lannoy bapt 4 Oet . 
II. god-dau. of her uncle Sam'h, alive 28 Dee 1703 when I 
by him. e. Martha 3 J. annoy bapt 18 Dee 1699 bur. 5 D^c 1700 

at II. (of Benj.) 3 — Samuel 2 Lannoy, mentioned as younger 

son 9 Nov. 1675. He was a Governor of St. Thomas's lios- ; 
Will " of Fulham, Mi Idl sex, Merchant " 28 Dec. 1703; prov. 1703- 
4 by bro. Timothy; he left " the black Fad or Saddle horse which I 
now commonly ride upon to my cousin James Wittewronge E 

bur. 5 Jan. 1703 at II (of Benj.) 4 — Anne 2 Lannoy mentioned 

9 Nov. 1675: marr. licence, Vicar-General 2 Nov. 1686, spinster 
aged abt. 28 at her own disposal, alleged by Timothy Lannoy. To 
be married at St. Peter le Foor. On 2S Dec. 1703 her bro. 
Samuel left her " my bagg and little Trunk of Rings, meddalls 
stones and Jewells to be distributed amongst herself, her children 
and our brother Lannoy's children." In 1709 she quitted claim 
to the premises purchased by her brother and husband in Hammer- 
smith and Fulham fur £6900. Alive 1 July 1719 She m. George 
Treadway, Turkey Merch't aged 40 1686 Will of Fulham & bur. 

1702 at H. they had 2 sons & 5 daus. (Armes: Arg. a chev. 

az. bet. 3 trefoils vert.) Treadway ch. arc — Geo., Timothy, Anne, 
Elizabeth, Catherine bapt 1692, Mary bapt 1693 alive 1703 & Di; 

bapt. 1694 bur. 1695 at Ii Item: a John Lillingdine m. 1728 

Ann De Launoy. The family of Lannoy or Lanoy of Bletsho in 
Bedfordshire bear: Azure, three fleurs-de-lis or. Crest: A cheva- 
lier's, head armed with helmet & plume proper — The armes show 
no connection with the Flemish house of Lannoy — I am indebted 
to the kindness of Mr Burford Delannoy for this account of his 

branch of Lannoy — Avenue V Southard-on-Sea England 

Dear Sir — I give you pedigree as I have it. You will see a 
missing link, which I wish I could find. The Peter de Lannoy I 
understand, was one of the fleeing Huguenots. You will observe 
that I have retained my mothers name Yours etc B. Delannoy — 
Rec'd June 12, 1897 i-gen. Peter de Lannoy [a huguenot] citi- 
zen of London Member of Parliament for Southwark (a district of 
Lon.) — [1650] He was doubtless of the Holland fam. as the 
name "Peter" appears there — Armes: Argent, 3 lions rampant 
vert, crowns or, armed & tongued gules Crest: a demi-lion of the 
shield [Being the coat of the Holland fam's.] 2 ? de Lan- 
noy m. l'Estherne ? (a Thomas de Lannoy of Lon. was a grantee, 
about 1702, of the " West Jersey Society of London ") had 3 — 


John or Jean de Lannoy tie l'Estherne [possibly his mother's 
surname] d. 1725 m. Mary Cler le Mires died before 1724 [pr 
ably of " le Mire " lam. in Brabant] they had 4 — John or Jean de 
Lannoy b. 1605 d. 1757 m. 1716 Ann Druge of Canterbury died 
1766 they had 5 — John de Lannoy b. 1717 d. July 11, 17S9 m. £ 
30, 175S Rachel Lecluse they had 6 — Thomas de Lannoy b. S 
13, 1755 d. March 19, 1S30 m. Jan. 14, 17S5 Martha Pitman b. 1764 
d. 1837 Mar. 19 — they had 7 — Thomas Robert Delannoy b. Aug. 
30, 1787 d. Mar. 12, 1830 m. Sept. 5, lS — ? Mary Marshall they 
had — 8 — Fanny de Lannoy b. Mar. 25, 1S28 m. July 14, 1S53 Her 
son assumed the surname of Lannoy 9 — Burford Delannoy — 
1897 Thomas is used in the 6 8c 7 gens, this suggests that 
" Thomas of Lon. 1702" may be the son of Peter i-gen. & fa1 
of John 3-gen. Items: Lon. Directory for 1867 ''Victor Lannoy 
— artist — 86 St Johns wood terrace X. W." " de Lannoy & X 
— Manchester Warehousemen 14 Friday St. E. C." Coat-Armors 
of various cadette branches of the House of Lannoy, their lines 
not being fully worked out or known. Lannoy de Carnoy c i 
Flandre franchise (French Flanders) — year 16 May 1642 — 
Arg. 3 lions rampant sinople, arm., lamp. gu. & crown or. with a 
chief or, charged with a savage issuant of carnation (flesh col 1 I 
belted & crowned with ivy (lierre), tenant (holding) in dexter han 1 
a buckler (rondache) & in his sinister a club (massue) proper. 
Cimier: (crest) The savage issuant. Lannoy of Anvers year 1 
August 1689 Armes: Arg., 3 lions azure, arm., lampasse & 
crowned gules. Casque crowned (helmet) Cimier: A lion of the 
shield (ecu) issuant. Supporters: 2 leopards lionnes or. (lions 
regardant) Lannoy of Cambresis Armes: Sinople, charged with 
chevrons or. Lannoy of Lorraine year 14 April 1563 Am 
Azure, a ciboire (pyx) or: a chief argent charged with a flame 
gules. Lannoy of Tournaisis Armes: Argent, a tree out of a 
terrace sinople A branch of this family established at Hamburg 
bears the same armes augmented with: a chief azure, charged with 
2 etoiles or. (star 6 rays) Lannoy des Prets Country or district of 
Lille Armes: quarterly, 1 & 4 Argent, a lion rampant sinop.e, 
arm. lamp. & crown gules (Lannoy ditl.) 2 & 3 Argent, three 
fasces (fesses) sinople " La terre & Seigneurie de Launoy a plu- 
sieurs valeureux & puissans Cheualiers & Seigneurs de la dicte 
noble famille & etc. White 3 lions crowned purple rampant ' Re- 
cherche des Antiquitez et Xoblesse de Flandres par Philippe ce 
l'Espinoy Douay MDCXXXI ' — 163 1 — " This curious blazon 
may refer to a Lannoy flag or banner, it does not appear in the rolls 
as a coat Lannoy du Petit-Cambrai French Flanders Armes: 
quarterly 1 & 4 argent, 3 lions sinople arm. lamp. & crown gules. 
2 & 3 Azure, an etoile (6) or in chief and in pointe a montagne of 2 
coupeaux sinople, (a conventional mountain of 2 summits) Lan- 
noy from (Blason by Labitte) Armes: D'argent, a trois tetes de 
chien de gueules placed 2 & 1 (Arg., 3 d< gs heads gu.) The fol- 
lowing rare and valuable list of papers chartes manuscripts parch- 
ments deeds etc relating to the maison de Lannoy, is well worth 
publishing in the genealogy of this house They offer much for 


future investigation. Had there been time, and room in the 
book, the entire list with but a few exceptions would have been 
reproduced, as it is the existence of such papers is fully shown. 
Those who desire copies for themselves can procure such by 
writing: to Paris per address giving the " number & date" I am 
deeply indebted to the kindness of Monsieur Louis Joriaux Direc- 
teur of the Archives de la Xoblesse of Paris, for this most inter- 
esting- and unique paper. 

Archives Dc La Noblesse et du College Heraldique De France 

Paris — 68 rue de Miromesnil — 1896 (M. Joriaux) 

Dossier De La Famille de Lannoy (many parchments) 

Dates Des Chartes & No. Analyse Des Charles 

5822S 1346 Charte passee a Tournay dans laquelle il est question 

d'un Jakemes de Lannoy 
4075 I35 1 (similar chart) relative a Jaques de Lanoit 

96839 1359 another par Jehan de Lannoy dit Villepin (gives) 
quittance a Colart de la Piere 

854*5 J 366 Registre des anciens cucillsirs de la seigneurie de 
Tourly Picardie — 200 p. — (contains) Jehan de Lan- 
noy Guillaume et Antoine Lannoy etc 

8 5567 1369 Domaine du Roi — Vicomte de Vere (Normandie) 
Thomas de Lannoy pour sa seigneurie de Baatz 

79555 J 405 Charte fragment; nom de Guillaume de Lannoy 

71053 1416 Quittance au Comte de Vertus (by his Secy.) Guerrin 
de Lannoy Secy. 

8 4997 1447 Charte— question de X de Lannoy 

92884 1452 Quittance par Marc de Lannoy, receiver-gen. des. 
finances au duche de Normandie-signe: de Lannoy 
(son seel brise) 

79469 1457 Acle notarie a Pont l'Eveque Norm, present Guille 
de Lannoy 

86922 1462 Aveu (acknowledgement) Rendu par Fleury de Lan- 
noy seigneur de Villodon Norm, cause dit fief 

85026 1470 Role original, moustre, revue d'homme d'armes en 
Picardie sens Capt. Le Eastond — an archer was 
Pierret hoy de Lannoy 

— 1479 Donation par testament Gillct de Lannoy (en Brie) 

fils Pierre et Denisct de Lannoy 
94601 1495 Aveu par M Mallecran— (in which is) Jehan de Lan- 
noy (Norm) 
85474' 1498 Charte (in it) Rolin de Lannoy (Norm) 
96563 1500 Aveu par noble homme Richart de Lannoy ecuyer 
a Guille de Bouteillier (Norm.) 

— 1502 Aveu de fief de Troymanteau par Philippe dc Lan- 

noy Ecuyer seigneur de Molembais, de Solre-le- 

Casteau (Haynaut) 
85109 1507 Contrat de fieffe, 10 acres par Jean de Pymont (in it) 

Phlot de Lannoy (Montvilliers Picardie) 
95342 1 5 19 Contrat de 50 liv. rente par Pierre Lyon chev. sgr. 

du Valales procureur de messire Nicolas de Lan- 

noy chevalier de l'ordre du Roi, Conseillier, s'gr 
de Lannoy- etc connetable de Boullenois etc Pi- 
89562 1519 Acte relief par Guy La Personne (in it) Philippes de 

Lannoy s'gr de Molambctz — tuteur de -Michel de 
Barbentson, s'gr de Canny Picardie 
10509 1525 Vente tierce partie du fief & seigneurie des Echo- 
lettes; par Etienne & Charles de la Motte (in it) 
Jacques de Lannoy s'gr de Cotainville 

— 1526 Lettres pat. l'Emp. romain roi de Germ, Aragon, 

sicile — (creating) Charles de Lannoy & sa posterite 

Comtes & Comtesses de Lannoy — St. Emp. R. 

text latin 
87404 1530 Noms des (parishes) Lande — payant au Roi etc 

Raoul de Lannoy 
88771 1555 Contrat de mariage de Francoys d'Argies avec noble 

damoiselle Francoise de Lannoy — Picardie — 
92816 1560 Contrat de rente par messire Jehan de Lannoy — 

present un Martin de Lannoy (Ile-de-Fr.) 
95839 1560 ditto par Vincent de Lannoy (Xorm) etc 
84663 1560 Transaction entre Odart de Lannoy ecuyer s'gr de 

Moulinere & habitants (therein) Champagne 
8/^28 1568 Acquisition entre Denis du Guerenard etc (in it) 

Jehan de Lannoy 
94801 1569 Traite de mariage entre Jehan de Montenay baron 

etc & Marg. de Mornay; consentement de mere 

Jehanne de Lannoy, veuve de Jehan de Montenay 
50987 1575 Ouitt. etc with Jacques de Lannoy des gardes franqais 

du Corps du Roy (Orleans) 
95092 1578 Relief 2 fiefs etc de Thimoleon Goufter chev. & sieur 

de Thois Mary de dame Anne de Lannoy (Flan.) 
93902 1580 Trans, with messire Loys de Lannoy chev. capt. & 

gov. de St. Dizier & his epouze 
I0 537 x 5Si Acte notarie — Jehan de Lannoy chev. sgr. etc Charles 

de Lannoy et autres Sig. Lannoy; C. Lannoy made 

at Rambouillet 

— 1582 Quitt. — messire Raoul de Lannoy chev. conseillier & 

chamberlain du Roi Capt. de Centhomes d'Or- 

84165 1586 Trans, entre Gaspard Cocne bourgeois de Lille (in) 
Jehan de Lannoy & femme 

73001 1593 ditto — messire Savinian de Lannoy chev. de l'ordre 
du Roy Enseigne de la Comp. de due de Luxem- 
bourg — (as) heritier de Lois de Lannoy (his father) 
& Mile Francoise Durantris 
735 l 1595 Vente par Robert de Lannoy (fils de Jehan) Norm. 

12411 1604 Ouitt. par dame Maryc de Lannoy (sig.) veuve de 
feu messire Jacques du Mansel, Gov. de Nantes — 

94931 1609 Contrat de vente etc par nobl^ dame Jehanne de Lan- 
noy veuve de Jehan Ferey (Norm) 


— 1614 Quilt, etc par Claude de Lannoy sieur de Ho 

Gov. pour le Roy du Comtc d'Eu — sig: de L;; 
— Houdan 
I394I 1615 (Similar to 1609 above) 

— 1621 Actc devant les echevins de Tournay on figure 

sire Louys dc Lannoy Chew & S'gr Hautpont 

as procurer du S'gr de Guermonnal Gov. de 

Gravelines about portail au Coll. de la Motte a 

Don ay 
24700 1622 Aveu rendu a Phillippes de Lannoy, S'gr du Mesnil 

etc Lieu't de Cent homines d'armes du Roi; 

heritages de s'gn'ic de Bezu etc 
96107 1625 Acte notarie (in it) inessire Nicolas de Lannoy chev. 
— • 1607 Bail consente par Robert de La Rue de certaines 

lands of noble s'gr messire Robert de Lannoy chev. 

dc 1'ordre du Roy, sieur de Cricqueville 
73685 1626 Guilt, delivree par Charles comte de Lannoy chev. 

s'gr de la Boissiere etc Gov. de Mortrcuil-sur-M'.: 

(in it) Christof de Lannoy & sa femme sig: Charles 

de Lannoy 
15553 1629 Procuration sig. & relative au Comte de Lannoy s'gr 

de Brunoy 

— 1632 Ouitt. par Chas. comte dcL etc (as in 1626 above) 
12644 1632 Contrat entre le Roy represente par Mon's'gr. le Cte. 

de Soissons (Louis de Bourbon) Gov. du Dauphine 
etc assiste de Monsieur le Comte' de Lannoy Cons. 
1st maitre d'Hotel de sa Majeste & Nicolas Boudet 
— sigs: of Bourbon, Lannoy, etc 

— 1634 Ouitt. a Nicolas Le Page de Charles de Lannoy (sig.) 

Gov. pour le Roy de citadelle de Montreuil 

95468 1635 Attestation — figures Francois dc Lannoy 
2657 1637 Transport de 3350 liv. par heritiers de Francois de 
la Chastigncraie en favor de Jchan de Lanoy — 
bourgeois de Paris rep. par Phil, des Housseaux — 
son procureur 

74598 1643 Traite de manage entre Claude Dauphin avocat Cour 
du Parlemcnt etc (in it) Tanneguy de Lannoy S'gr 
de Cricqueville Pres't Cour du Par de Norm. Orig- 
inal sig. de Lannoy etc 

89718 1649 Extrait rcgistres du Conseil prive du Roy entre 
Francois d'Aguesseau s'gr de L'Ormaison & 
others; and Charles de Lannoy chev. & Madeline 
Le Maistre, sa femme 

24779 I ^° Constitution de rente (in it) Charles de Lannoy Cons, 
du Roy Pres. en l'election de Pont l'Eveque 

94914 1661 Attestation etc (in it) jean de Lannoy sieur de la 
Planche (Lisieux) 

85397 ^62 Accord entre Thomas Le Due & Antoine dc Lannoy 
(on Launay) & femme. Norm 

85397 1662 Bet. same & AntoineV wiie Marie Eudier 

85397 J 664 Quitt. par Marie Eudier etc 


7244 1664 Traite du mariage conclu par Adrien de Lanno) 
legitime et naturel de Adrien de Lannoy a ] I 
fleur Norm. 

— 1675 Copie contrat de mariage de Jean Baptiste Frai 

de Lannoy Chev. hereditaire s'gr Desprez ete 
89432 167S Contrat ete bet. Jean Chardon & Claude Marie de 
Lannoy femme de Charles de St Pierre sieur de 

— 1697 (April) Les Preuves de Noblesse de Louis Ceiart 

Comte tie Lannoi presente pour etre recti pag 
la Grand Ecurie du Roy. — remontant a 1469 
(armes: d'argent a 3 trois lions de sinople) (Im- 
portant doc. 25 p. Cab. d'Hozier) 
82002 1692 Rolle de la Moustre 6c revue de Mons de 47 horn: - 
d'armes sous Sieur de Lannoy du Carnoy, leur 
Capt. sig: A de Lannoy du Carnoy. 

— 17 13 Les Preuves de la Noblesse de Joseph- Alard de Lan- 

noi, presente (for) page (in) Grand Ecurie du 
(to the King) grand nombne de tetres et sa filiation 
remontant a (to) 1390 Armes: d'argent a 3 lions 
de sinople (14 pages folio Cab. d'Hozier) 

58319 1722 Transaction etc portant delaissement etc & la rati- 
fication etc par tons les heritiers de Henry du E ■.-.: 
par Marie-Anne de Lannoy veuve de Jean-Fran- 
cois du Bosc et leurs enfants & parents 

76492 1723 Certificat militaire delivre par (sig.) le Chev. de Lan- 
noy Capt. Lannoy Co. Reg*t de Boufflers (due 

70241 1727 Acte notarie — traites de mariage entre Charles Ernest 
Francois de Boischet comte d'Erps & dame A '.::- 
enne Florence de Lannoy relative to the succe- 

— I 73 I_ 34 Le Proces Verbal des Preuves de Noblesse filiati n 

& legitimation de noble Louis Charles Roger le 
Lannoy, escuyer, (for his) entree dans l'ordre de 
Sr. Jean de Jerusalem — this memoire is 234 p. in 
folio MS. contient recherches par less commande- 
ries de l'ordre pour seign's alliances etc Er. 
Archives du Grand Prieure de France & bore seal 
of do. also Lannoy armes in color " arg. 3 lions 

7/O40 1735 Procuration gen. par Tobie de Montenacy & epouse 
dame Jeanne de Lannoy (seal brise) Lille 

90397 1736 Lettre du le Barbier — au Tribunal de marechaux de 
Franc — entre le sieur Clement de St Germain & la 
Comtesse de Lannoy 
2496 1743 Information par le Lieutenant des marechaux de Fr. 
a Laon — (in it) Jacques de Lannoy — maitre chi- 
rurgien — 37 p. MS. 

— I 755 About Mile d'Espinois, niece of comte & comtesse 

de Lannoy 


— i/6o Certificate militaire par S'r. de Lannoy Capt. de Co. 

Lannoy Rcg't des Gardes francaises 

— 17C9 Copie Facte Capt. de Francois Joseph Henri comte 

de Lannoy & du St. Emp. R. 

— 1777 Extrait mortuaire (seals of echevins de ville & duche 

de Cambray) de veuve de Charles Francois Ignac, 
comte de Lannoy & du St. E. R. c. de Beaurepaire 
s. de Caucourt etc 

— 1779 Les Unit quartiers de Noblesse (4 paternal 4 mater- 

nal) de Florent Stanislas Amour comte Lannoy de 
Clervanx — for Ordre de Make 
■ — 1780 Corrcs. a M. de la Croix Gen. Ordre de Make; about 
entree of the sieur de Lannoy & Clervanx 

— 17S9 Certificat par le comte de Lannoy a Henri Louis 

marquis d'Aigremont — seal of Lannoy 

— 1694 Grand arbre genealogique pour Louis Cezar comte 

de Lannoi — page du Roi Grand Ecurie — 70 per- 
sonnages de 1380-1694 armes; " arg. 3 lions sin.'' 
(Cab. d'Hozier) 
— 1711-31 Notes etc Mercure de France abt. les comtes de Lan- 

— — MS. genealogie de Lannoy (Flandre) 1096-1760 (plu- 

sicurs branches) 

— — Gen, tres complete famille de Lannoy — pub. 1866 — 

fr. 1 139 — B. de P. 

— — Ditto — to 1349 (pub. 18S4) with sceaux armorial etc 

Notes on the Lannoys who appear in the " Dossier De La 
Famille de Lannoy " 

1346 — Jakmes de Lannoy at Tournay (near Lannoy) not traced 
or noticed in the pedigrees 1351 — Jacques de Lanoit at Tournay 
same ? 1359 — Jehan de Lannoy at Tournay 1366 — Jehan, Guil- 
laume & Antoine de Lannoy etc Picardie These may be of the 
Ameraucourt branch aliied to Vermandois 1369 — Thomas de 
Lannoy seigneur de Baatz Xormandie 1405 — Guillaume de Lan- 
noy 1416 — Guerrin de Lannoy secretaire to the comte de Vertus 
1452 — Marc de Lannoy receiver general of finances for the duche 
de Normandie [his seal differenced] 1457 — Guiile de Lannoy 
of Pont l'Eveque Nor. 1462 — Fleury de Lannoy Normandie 
1470 — Pierrethoy de Lannoy Picardie 1479 — Gillet & 2 sons 
Pierre & Deniset de Lannoy 1495 — Jehan de Lannoy Norm. 
1502 — Philippe de Lannoy Ecuyer seigneur de Molembais & de 
Solre-Ie-Chateau [see Molembais line] 1500 — Richart de Lannoy 
Ecuyer Nor. [see the Norman house] 1519 — messire Nicolas 
de Lannoy chevalier de 1'ordre du Rois (King) seigneur de Lannoy 
etc. constable de Boullenois Picardie 1519 — Philippes de Lannoy 
seigneur de Molambetz tutor to Michel de Barbenc,on seigneur de 
Canny [see Molembais & Earbencon line] 1525 — Jacques de 
Lannoy seigneur de Cotainville 1526 — Creation of Charles comte 
de Lannoy 1530 — Raoulin de Lannoy Anjoumois 1560 — Jehan 


& Martin de Lannoy lie de France 1560 — Vincent de Lan- 
noy [see Tourcoing list] 1560 — Odart de Lannoy ecuyer s 
neur de Moulinere (?) Champagne 1568 — Jehan de Lannoy 
1575 — Jacques de Lannoy treasurer of the Kings French body- 
guard Orleans 1580 — Loys de Lannoy chevalier capitaine & 
gouverneur de St Dizier 1 581— Jehan, chevalier & Charles de 
Lannoy at Rambouillet 1582 — messire Raoul de Lannoy cheva- 
lier conseiller & chamberlain to the King captain of 100 lances of 
ordonance 158(5 — Jehan de Lannoy (Lille) 1593 — messire 
Savinian de Lannoy chevalier de l'ordre du Roy Enseigne de la 
Compagnie de M'seigneur Ie due de Luxembourg, heir of his 
father Lois de Lannoy [see above 1580] \yjx, — Robert son of 
Jehan de Lannoy Xor. 1614 — Claude de Lannoy sieur de Houdan 
gouverneur du county d'Ku 1621 — messire Louys de Lannoy 
chevalier seigneur de Hautpont Tournay 1622— Philippes de 
Lannoy seigneur de Mesnil Lieu't. 100 men at arms of the 
King 1625 — Nicolas de Lannoy chevalier 1607 — Robert de 
Lannoy chevalier de l'ordre du Roy sieur de Cricqueville & 
Robert de la Rue [see Tourcoing list & Jeanne de la Rue, a con- 
nection is apparent here] 1626 & 1632— Charles comte de Lan- 
noy chevalier seigneur de la Boissiere etc gouverneur de la ville 
de Montreuil on the sea — & Christofle de Lannoy [see Lannoy- 
Boissiere line] 1632 & 1634 — monsieur le comte de Lannoy 
conseiller First master d'Hotel of His Majesty [same as 1626] 
1635 — Francois de Lannoy 1637 — Jehan de Lanoy bourgeois de 
Paris 1643 — Canneguy de Lannoy seigneur de Cricqueville 
Pres. in the Court etc Norm, [see above 1607 perhaps a 
son] 1649— Charles de Lannoy chevalier 1660— Charles de 
Lannoy councillor of the King President in the election of 
Pont l'Eveque 1661 — Jean de Lannoy sieur de la Planchc 
1662 — Anthoine de Lannoy or Launay in Normandie 1664 — 
Anthoine de Lannoy sieur de la Danjouere & wife Marie Eudier 
Norm. 1664 — Adrien de Lannoy son of Adrien Honfleur in 
Normandie 1675 — messire Jean Baptiste Franqois de Lannoy 
chevalier & seigneur Desprez 1697—" The Proofs of Noblesse " 
of Louis Cezart comte de Lannoi page of the Grand Mews of the 
King — traced to 1469 — bears for amies: arg., 3 lions sinople etc. 
1692 — Review at Mons, sieur A de Lannoy du Carnoy captain of 
47 men at arms [see armes de Carnoy] 1713 — " Proofs of the 
Noblesse " of Joseph Alard de Lannoi page in the Grand Mews of 
the King Tracing lines back to 1390 173 1-4 — The process verbal 
of " Proofs of Noblesse " of the Noble Louis Charles Roger de 
Lannoy escuyer — for entrance into the order of St. John of Jeru- 
salem An important memoir in folio 234 pages with the armes 
of Lannoy 1743 — Jacques de Lannoy Master chirurgeon at Laon 
176c) — Francois Joseph Henri comte de Lannoy of the Holy 
Roman Empire 1777 (died) — Charles Franqois Tgnac comte de 
Lannoy & H. R. Emp. comte de Beaurepaire seigneur de Cau- 
court, in the duche de Cambray — left 2 sons 1770 &1780 — The 8 
Quarters of Noblesse of Florent Stanislas Amour comte de Lannoy 
de Clervaux for entrance into the Order of Malta [see Lannov de 
6 81 

Clcrvaux line] M. de la Croix genealogist of the Order, relating 
to sieur de Lannoy de Clcrvaux 1789 — Certificate to the comte 
de Lannoy with Lannoy amies, manteau and ducal crown 1694 — 
Grand genealogical tree for Louis Cezar comte de Lannoi from 
1380 amies of Lannoy [see 1697] Most of the persons herein 
can be traced to the various branches of Lannoy, a few of Picardie 
and Normandie 

Other Franchimont coat-armors 

Franchimont of Holland. Bears Azure, a chevron or, accom- 
panied in base " pointe " with a half-moon or crescent or. Noth- 
ing further has been found relating to this house Franchimont 
de Frankenfcld of Austria in the year 1736 — Bears quarterly: 1 & 
4 or, an eagle sable 2 & 3 argent, a lion sinople, the jambe or limb 
sinister supported by a terrace sable placed in sinister base Hel- 
met crowned — An imperial crown proper surmounted with the 
devise " Quid corona nobilius? " Lambrequin: Or & sable The 2d 
& 3d quarters show a Franchimont connection, but in what way 
I am unable to find. 


This branch of Lannoy is of Styrie or the duchy of Styria Made 
barons of Belgium 12 January 1857 and chevaliers of Austria 8 
February 1861 Barons of Austria 7 March 1871. They bore the 
coat-armor of Lannoy de Lannoy The crest being the lion issu- 
ant etc. holding between paws a buckler oval [round shield] 
charged with a cross of Jerusalem giiles. Supporters: 2 lions or. 
Devise: " Obdura et vinces " Later as Barons of Austria 1871 — 
They bore: Lannoy above with the " hliere " or filet-en-bordure 
engrailed gules. Crests: Three helmets crowned — 1st The Lan- 
noy lion etc. as above. 2d 2 Tridents or posed in saltire between 
a vol coupe argent & sinople [2 wings] 3d The Lannoy unicorn 
issuant holding between paws an oval buckler azure charged with 
a fesse ondee [wavy] argent, from which arises a piramide or. 
Supporters: 2 unicorns argent, horns & maines or. Lambrequin: 
Argent & sinople. Same Motto. The house of Godel von Lan- 
noy — of Styrie Chevaliers of Austria 7 February 1862 Barons of 
Austria 12 June 1873 Use the amies of the Barons 1871 Godel- 
Lannoy — with a slight change in crests. Tridents loose & 3d 
buckler, gules across of Malta argent. Devise: " Rectitudo mea 
me sustinet Armorial General — 2 vols 1895 — J. B. Rietstap 


A Brief Outline 

of the Order of the 

Golden Fleece 

1429 to 1899 




" HISTOIRE de l'ORDRE de la TOISON d'OR Depuis son 
Institution jusqua' la Cessation des Chapitres Generaux " par le 
Baron de REIFFEXBERG Bruxelles 1830 [Vol. of Plates in 
folio] This history of the order of the Golden Fleece from 1429 to 
about 1700 begins with: Sommaire L'ordre de la Toison d'Or 
was instituted at Bruges Flandrcs January 10th 1429 by Philippe lc 
bou due de Bourgogne [Burgundy] & who married (3d time) the 
same day the Infanta Elisabeth (Isabelle) daughter of John King 
of Portugal. Philippe was the first CHIEF of the ORDER of 
the GOLDEN FLEECE — he was due de Bourgogne, due de 
Brabant, due de Limbourg & due de Luxembourg — Pair [Peer] 
de FRANCE, comte de FLANDRES, comte d'Artois, comte de 
Bourgogne, comte de Hainaut, comte de HOLLANDE, comte 
de Zelande, comte de Namur, & comte de Charolois. Marquis 
de St Empire, Holy Roman Emp., Seigneur de Frise seigneur de 
Salins & seigneur de Malines. Flis Court was the most brilliant 
and gorgeous in all EUROPE The center of ART LITERA- 
TURE and the skilled fine-arts Courtiers prelates scholars and 
soldiers came from all countries to see and study in this centre of 
culture and medieval civilisation. He rivaled his Cousin the 
KING of FRANCE and outshone the Court of ENGLAND 
He was the most powerful and puissant nobleman of his time and 
was in reality king though preferring to call himself " duke of 
BURGUNDY " His son CHARLES le Hardi, Bold, succeeded 
him in 1467 & was killed at Nancy 1476-7 He was the second 
CHIEF of this ORDER. His only child— daughter & heiress of 
all his possessions succeeded and became the most powerful al- 
liance sought after in Europe. Marie de Bourgogne was duchesse 
de Brabant etc. comtesse de Flandres etc. she died when 26 years 
of age. In 1477 sne married MAXIMILIEN archduke of 


AUSTRIA & later EMPEROR, he died 1519 By his marriage 
he became the third CHIEF of this ORDER and the sue 
descended to the Austrian House of HAPSBURG The present 
GRAND MAS 1T.R de l'< >rdre do la Toison d'Or, Austria, is S. M. 
Let R. FRANCOIS-JOSEPH Charles: Emperor d'AUTRICHE. 
XAGES and CHEVALIERS. The decoration consists of a 
sheeps fleece in gold pendant from a peculiar gold chain made 
up of alternating double fusils & pierres a feu (flints) interlaced & 
a motto, " Ante ferit quam micat " being the devise or badge of 
the Duke of Burgundy — A Red ribbon — [see heading] Some of 
the present CHEVALIERS of this ORDER, AUSTRIA, are: 
OTHOX I king de BAVARIA & comte Palatin du Rhine, his 
uncle Prince LUITPOLD the Regent, ALBERT king of 
king of ITALIE, Jean II prince de Liechtenstein, Charles I king 
of Roumania etc. MAXIMILIAN & MARIE de BOUR- 
GOGXE had Philippe le Bel Archiduc d'AUSTRIA king of 
SPAIX d. 1506 — His two sons were FERDIXAXD king of 
Hungary later Emperor 1556 who became king of Austria & the 
eldest son CHARLES V Emperor IT. R. E. 1519 & king of 
ESPAGXE, Spain, who was the CHIEF or Grand Master of the 
king of SPAIX, Castille, Leon, Aragon, Jerusalem, Xavarre, 
Grenada, etc. comte de Habsbourg etc. The order differs 
slightly from Austria in having leaves just above the fleece & 
a motto " Pretium Laborum Xon Vile " Those who are Cheva- 
liers: WILD ELM II emperor of GERMAXY [Allemagne], 
BERT prince de PRUSSE & regent de Brunswick, CHRISTIAX 
IX king de DENMARK, GEORGE I king des HELLEXES, 
peror & Autocrat of all the RUSSIAS & tsar of Moscow, OSCAR 
grand-sultan of Turkey, ALBERT EDWARD prince of WALES 
duke of Cornwall etc. Knight of the Garter, MUTSULIITO 
emperor of JAPAN, etc. The rightful CHIEF of this ORDER 
in SPAIN is Don CARLOS de BOURBON due de Madrid & 
king d'ESPAGNE as CARLOS VII (Charles) The present due 
d'ORLEAXS is to be made a Chevalier of the Austrian ORDER. 
" The discoverv that the Duke of Orleans is not eligible for the 
decoration of the Golden Fleece surprised the Court of Vienna. 
A new Knight of the Golden Fleece must have had Roman 
Catholic ancestors on both sides for eight generations, and his 
pedigree must be without flaw or stain for the same period. It 
appears not only that the Regent Orleans married an illegitimate 
daughter of Louis XIV (Mile, de Blois), but also that the late 
Duchess of Orleans (Princess Helena of Mecklenburg-Schwerin), 
the mother of the Count of Paris, was all her life a Protestant and 
a member of the Lutheran Church/' After Charles V died in 


1 55S the Chiefs were the Spanish Kings. When Austria acquired 
the Spanish Netherlands in 1715 the office of Grand Mas 
claimed as going with these provinces. The dispute remains un- 

The Order 
Philippe " le Bon," being moved thereto with devout zeal to 
undertake the conquest of the Holy Land, founded this order of 
Knighthood. The SOVEREIGN is he to whom the dukedom of 
Burgundy doth lawfully descend. The number of these Knights 
at the first election were four and twenty, besides the Sovereign; 
all of Noble blood [afterwards increased by Emp. Charles V]. — 
Their Habit a cassock of crimson velvet and over it a mantle of the 
same, lined with white which openeth on the right side, and is 
turned upon the left over the shoulder, embroidered round about 
with a border of FLAMES FUSILS and FLEECES, and a hood 
of crimson velvet on their heads. The collar is of gold wrought 
of flames and fusils, with the Toison or figure of a Golden Fleece: 
which Jason won at Colchos or as some suppose Gideon's Fleece, 
which signifies Fidelity or justice uncorrupted. And this COL- 
LAR or TOIZOX they are obliged — upon a penalty — always to 
wear, not to make any Alterations, and to sell or exchange it is 
deemed most unlawful. The SOVEREIGN hath in Himself 
authority absolutely to give and bestow this Honour, when and to 
whom he pleaseth. And whosoever entereth into the said dignity, 
must first renounce all other Orders of Knighthood — nevertheless 
all Emperors Kings and Dukes are excepted, unto whom it is 
dispenced, that they may wear the Ensigns of this order, i: they 
be the Chief of their own Order. These with other Statutes and 
Ordinances the Knights are sworn to observe and keep. Th 2 Day 
of their Assembly . . . was once in three years unless the 
Sovereign otherwise pleaseth. To this Order doth belong four 
principal Officers viz: a CHANCELLOR, a TREASURER a 
REGISTER and a KING at ARMS called " TOISON d'OR." 
[FROM GUILLIM P.-at-A. 1724.] This Order was ranked 
then, as now, the first and Highest in all Europe. The CHEVA- 
LIERS take precedence of all save KINGS. They enjoy great 
honours and privileges. The Chancelier Germain bishop de 
Chalon, and an old Chronicle both assert that Philippe founded the 
ORDER upon the exploit of GIDEON a Judge in Israel after 
1300 B.C. who slew the Midianites & used the miraculous fleece. 
Also to encourage his subjects to take great care of their flocks, 
whose wool formed a great part of the country's wealth. Thus 
representing patriotic bravery and home industry. The statutes 
also declare the recipient must prove four generations of noblesse 
both paternal & maternal The armoiries of the Chevaliers were 
placed in the Church. The number of knights is not limited to- 
day. The ORDER was conferred from the foundation to our 
own times upon gentlemen of the highest distinction, such as 
statesmen, generals, princes, kings & Emperors. In fact it is 
more highly prised than any other decoration. It has more of an 
international character than orders usualy possess. The histories 

are: Hist. de la Toison-d'Or par Guillaume Filastre, eveque de 
Tournay abbe de St-Bertin & CHANCELIER of the ORDRE 

—2 vols, folio Paris 15 17— Le blason dcs armoiries de tons les 
chevaliers de l'ordre de la Toison-d'Or, avec les noms suraoms 
titres et quartiers, eloges etc. par Jean Baptiste, Maurice heraut et 
roi d'armes de Sa Majeste Catholique: folio, la Haye 1667— Brux. 
Le Mausolee de la Toison d'Or, ou les Tombeaux des chevaliers 
de ce noble Ordre, contenant leurs eloges inscriptions devises 
epitaphes alliances et cris de guerre: in— 12, Amsterdam— Des- 
bordes 1689— Histoire du Blason Eysenbach— 1848— Order of 
Toison d'Or— Statuta Ordinis— Latin, Brit. Mus. Kings MS 420 
Rules and Ordinances of the Order of Knighthood called the 
Golden Fleece. On vellum and beautifully illuminated with Por- 
traits and Arms of Knights of the Order, 15th cent. B— M Harl. 
MS 6199 The Statutes of the Order of the Golden Fleece: a 
vellum folio in French describing the ceremonials used at the in- 
stallation of the English Kings & treatises on Heraldry etc. Stowe 
MS 211 B. M. Les Ordonnances de l'Ordre de la Toison d'Or: 
Anvers — folio. Le songe de la thoison cior: fait & copose par 
Michault Tailleuent, Paris. La Thoison d'Or by Guillaume 
Bishop of Tournay: Troyes 1530, fob Armoiries des Chevaliers 
de l'ordre de la Thoisoon d'Or jusqu' a 1546— B-M Add. MS. 2 1938. 
Ordinc de Cavalieri del Tosone da Sansovino Acad. Venet. Aldo 
1558. "Liure de lordre du Thoison dor" containing the arms 
of all knights to 1559 in colours B-M Add. MS. 26713— Cheva- 
liers de l'Ordre etc. Arms of the Knights with portraits of the 
Chiefs: Jan. 1429 to Aug. 1559-MS. No 230 Woburn Abbey. 
" Recocul de toutes les Fetes Chapitrcs de la tres noble Ordre du 
Thoison d'Or" 1429-1559; arms titles of Sovereigns & Knights & 
notes by the Rev. D T Powell B-M Add. MS. 20072— Ordenliche 
Beschreibung mit was stat. Ceremonien & Zierlichkeiten die 
Rom. Kay. May. etc— . . . Ertzhertzogen, Fursten & Herrn 
den Orden (less Guldin FIuss in desem 85 Jahr— von Paul 
Zehendtner von Zehendtgrueb, Dilingen 1587 Extracts relating 
to Knights of the Golden Fleece by M. Lois Gollut 1592 B.M. Eg. 
MS 1906 f 177 Arms of the Knights of the Order of the Golden 
Fleece, from Institution 1429 to 1602 Arms emblazoned & Por- 
traits B.M. Kings MS 421 Livre de l'ordre de la Thoison d'Or to 
1559; names titles & arms ec chapters of the Order 16th & 17th 
cents BM Add MS 21 939 Arms of Knights of the Gol. Fl. 16 & 
17 cent. B-M Add MSS 20072, 21938, 2G713, Eg MS 1906— A large 
& curious collect, of coats of arms coloured & in trick relating to 
Toison d'Or 17th cent. B-M Eg. MS 638 Statuts et Ord. du 
. . Ordre 17 cent B-M. Eg MS 641 La Toyson d'Or Par 
Salomon Trissmosin Paris 1613 Le Blason des Armoiries de tous 
les Chev. de l'Ordre etc fr. Institu. to present par J. J. Chifflet— 
French & Italian, Antwerp 1632 Brevarium Historicum ordinis 
Aurei Velleris oder historic des Toison-ordens, der Rittcr vom 
Guldenen Vliiss etc by Jules Chifflet Nurnberg 1741 Aries seu 
Aurei Velleris by Gott. Vendelinus, Ant. 16S8 Hist, de la insigne 
Orden del Toyson de Oro By Julian de Pinedo y Salazar 3 vols 


folio Madrid 1787 Anns of Knights Gol. Fleece 1429 to 1838 
" notes on their 'lives *' Rev. D T Powell 2 vols folio B-M Add. 
MSS 17437 & 8 J'.-M — British Museum at London The house de 
LANXOY had 17 knights of the Toison d'Or, three of whom 
where FOUNDER chevaliers and four were in the order at the 
same time — [A greater number than any other family] The 
house having the largest number of chevaliers was that of CROY 
[allied to LANNOY] whose total is 2S with 2 FOUNDER 
knights included. Called by PHILIPPE le bon "our cousin," 
La gencalogie de la maison de Croy; par Jacques de Bye Anvers 
1620 Gives —1st. the descent from ADAM to J APPLET ? 2d an 
ancient history of Germany which gives from JAPHET to the 
Kings of HUNGARY [Hongrie] ? and attaching thereto the 
house of Croy [a much disputed point] The Croy armes & those 
of Hungary are but slightly differenced the one from the other. 
Raoul was seigneur de Croy 1213 [see Bulletin de la Soc. Her. et 
Gen. de France Mar lo 1SS0 2d yr. no 5] 

[The first chapter] 

THE first fete of the 1st chapter was celebrated on Saint 
Andrews day 1431, the patron saint, in the Collegiate church of St 
Peter at LILLE — Flanders — The solemnity lasted three days with 
a different vestment for each day — 1st was a scarlet robe sym- 
bolical of the blood to shed in defense of the Church of GOD. 2d 
was of black for the Devil and their sins to be prayed for, & 3d 
of white damask to represent a life of purity on earth. The grand 
manteau of the ORDER was scarlet furred with ermine and an 
antique hood [see figure 7]. 

THE 20 CHEVALIERS present were: Le SOUVERAN, Jean 
seigneur de Roulaix, Roland d'Witkerke seigneur de Hemsrode, 
Antoine de Vergy seigneur de Chauplitte, David de Brimenr 
seigneur de Lignv, HUE de LANNOY seigneur de Santes — 
VII, Jean de la Clyte seigneur de Commines, Antoine de Toulon- 
jon seigneur de Traves, Jean de la Tremoille seigneur de Jonvelle, 
GILBERT de LANNOY seigneur de Willerval— XII, Jean de 
Villers seigneur de lTsle-Adam, Antoine seigneur de Croy, De 
Brimeu dit Florimont, Jacques de Brimeu seigneur de Grigny. 
BAUDOUIN de LANNOY gouverncur de LILLE— XIX. 
Pierre de Beauffremont seigneur de Chamy, Philippe seigneur de 
Ternant, Jean de Croy seigneur de Tour-sur-Marne, Jean seig- 
neur de Crequy, & Jean Germain CHANCELIER de l'ORDRE 
& Bishop de Nevers. 


No Date of Conferation Fornames Messire Died Number 
in roll of Chev. 

1 1429 & 31 HUGUES [Hue] de LANNOY Gouverneur de 
Holland 1456— VII. 

2 1429 & 31 GILBERT de LANNOY 1462— XII. 


3 1*29 & 31 BAUDOUIN [le beguej de LANNOY G^». of 
Lille 1474— XIX. 

4 1451 JEAN II seigneur de LAXXOY 4th CHANCELIER 
of the ORDER Gouverneur de Hollande 1407 — L. 

5 (1493) ? BAUDOUIN de LAXXOY Gov. of Zutphen 1501— 

6 ? PIERRE de LAXXOY seigneur de Fresnoy ?— XCVIII. 

7 ? PHILIPPE II de LAXXOY seigneur de Sanies & Rou- 
laincourt 1535 — CLXXXII. 

8 1531 PHILIPPE de LAXXOY seigneur de Molembais 1543 

9 1546 JEAN de LAXXOY en surtout Bourgogne armes 1560 


11 1516 CHARLES de L \XXOY viceroy of Naples seigneur 
de Sanzelles 1527 — CXXXVI. 

12 ? PHILIPPES de LAXXOY Prince de Sulmona 15Q7— 

13 ? CHARLES de LAXXOY bore Lannoy & Colonna amies 
156&— CCXXXVII. 

14 ? don HORATIO de LAXXOY (Horace) 1597— CCLXIX. 

15 ? PHILIPPE de LAXXOY [1600] Prince di Sulmona— d. 
before 1605 — ? — ? 

16 ? CLAUDE de LAXXOY (after 1600 liv.) 1608 comte de la 
Motterie Gov. of Maastricht ? — ? 

17 ? EUGENE-MARIE de LAXXOY [line not recorded] 1755 

The Differenced Lannoy armes 
Hue (VII) bore Lannoy the ecu brise with a filet en bordure en- 
grelle gules. Gilbert (XII) bore Lannoy (VII) brise with a lam- 
beau (label) azure of 3 pendants in chief. Baudouin (XIX) bore 
Lannoy plain or the full armes en surtout Molembais. Jean II 
(L) bore Lannoy plain, having inherited from the last of the first 
line of Franchimont 145 1 the armes in full. Baudouin (LXXXIX) 
bore Lannoy tS: Berlaymont. Philippe (CLXXXIII) bore Lan- 
noy & d'Esne. Jean (CCYIII) bore Lannoy, Manuel, Leon & en 
surtout the full undifferenced armes of Burgundy see chart. Bau- 
douin (CCXXXIII) bore Lannoy & Barbancon. Pierre (XCVIII) 
bore Lannoy (XII) differenced with a star (6) gules in centre 
point — no Iambeau. Charles (CXXXVI) bore Lannoy plain 
brise with a petit croissant [little crescent] gules in centre point. 
Philippe (CXCVII) bore Lannoy with the bordure engrailed gules. 
Charles (CCXXXVII) bore Lannoy plain quartering Colonna. 
Horace (CCLXIX) bore the same coat. 

Devises Heraldiques or Mottos of Lannoy 
1429 Used by Baudouin de Lannoy " le Begue " " Bonnes 
Nouvelles" (Good Tidings) & by Delano de Lannoy 1896 1429 
Used by Gilbert de Lannoy & later, to date 1896 by the Princes 
of Rheina-Wolbeck "Vostre Plaisir" (Your Pleasure) (votre) 
Lannoy de Folleville (Artois, Flandre) " Crain dons la mort mieux 


en aureus " also " Cremons (craignons) Lannoi, mieulx en 
aurons " Lannoy (Flandre, Brabant) "Me quod urit insequor" 
(je poursuis ce qui me consume) From Devises Her. par M. 
Louis de la Roqu 10 (" a Lannoy went to Russia " — bet. 

1600 & 1700 ? — one of his des. being - : " Count Delanoff a Minister 
of Instruction " He ? is found thus in the Almanach de Gotha 
'97: Instruction publique — J. D. conue Delianow (pronounced 
del-lee-on-off) Sec;>- d'Etat privc cons., senator & mem. Imp. 



(The Scythians erected a kingdom in Northern Germany & be- 
came Franks or Francom'ans) (Marcomir 1st King of the Sicambri 
(Scyrri) now Holland etc — to Hen. IV 1141) (Armes of Bavaria 
Losange en bande azure & argent) 

1 — Guelph prince of the Scyrri 476 a.d. 

2 — Guelph of Bavaria 590 

3 — Guelph chamberlain of France 613 

4 — Guelph comte of Bavaria 670 

5 — Adelbertus comte of Bavaria 756 

— Wolfhardus comte de Lucca 823 

7 — Boniface comte de Lucca 850 

8 — Adelbert due de Tuscany 871 

9 — Boniface comte de Lucca 884 
10 — Segisfrede prince de Lucca 900 
11 — Adelbert ma:quis de Tuscany 952 
12 — Otbert comte palatine 974 
13 — Otbert marquis de Liguria 1014 
14 — Azo marquis d'Este 1030 
15 — Azo marquis d'Este 1097 

16 — Guelph (Welf) comte d'Altdorf & due de Bavaria 1101 
17 — Henry III due de Bavaria 1120 
18 — Henry IV due de Bavaria & Saxc 1141 
19 — Henry V due de Bavaria & Saxe 1195 
20 — Henry VI due de Bavaria & Saxe 1200 
21 — Agnes married Othon due of Bavaria 
22 — Agnes married Hellin marquis de Franchimont 

Arnulf de Franchimont 1139 had Conrad Gov. of Liege 
21 — Hellin II marquis de Franchimont 
24 — Jean de Franchimont 13 10 

25 — Hugues de Franchimont seigneur de LANNOY 1349 — had — 
26 — Guillebert (Gilbert) de Lannoy 

2j — Baudouin de Lannoy "le begue" chevalier Golden Fleece 1429 
28 — Baudot! in de Lannoy chevalier Golden Fleece 
29 — Philippe de Lannoy chevalier Golden Fleece 1543 m. Magde- 

laine de Burgundy 
30 — Jean de Lannoy chev. Gol. Fleece 1560 

8 9 

3 1 — G) t del annoy (Gilbert) 1545 
3^ — Jean de Lannoy of Leiden 1604 

33— Philippe de Lannoy [La Xoyej 1681 to Plymouth Nov nth 
1 62 1 
(Founded the house of LAXXOY in America commonly 
called DELANO "42 gens " 1S99) (Gysbert is Dutch & 
Flemish for Guillebert etc) 

1— Priam king of the FRANKS 382 a.d. 
2— Sunno due of the FRANKS 390 

3 — Merovee prince of the FRANKS 

4— Mervig k of the FRANKS 448 
5— Childeric I k of the FRANKS 458 
6 — Clovis I " the Grand " King of France 511 
7 — Clotaire I K. of Neustrie 557 
8 — Chilperic K. of Soissons 584 
9 — Clotaire II K. of Austrasia 628 
10 — Charibert K. of Toulouse 630 
n — Boggis due of Aquitaine 688 
12 — Eude due of Aquitaine 735 
13 — Hunold due of Aquitaine 774 
14 — Waiffre due of Aquitaine 768 
15 — Loup II due of Gascogne 774 
16 — Adalaric comte de Gascogne 812 

17 — Centulle 812 

18 — Loup Centulle due de Gascogne 819 
" 19 — Donat Loup comte de Bigore 845 
20 — Eneco Arista K of Navarre 828 

21 — Ximenes Innigo K of Navarre 

22 — Innigo Ximenes K of Navarre 

23 — Garcias Innigo K of Navarre 885 

24 — Sancho I K of Navarre 933 

25 — Garsias II K of Navarre 966 

26 — Sancho II K of Navarre 990 

27 — Garcias Sancho K of Navarre 1000 

28 — Sancho III K of Navarre 1035 

29 — Ferdinand I K of Castille & Leon 1065 

30 — Alfonso VI K of Castille & Leon 1 109 

31 — Urraque Queen of Castille m. Raimond comte de Burgundy 

32 — Alfonso VII King & Emp. of Spain (VIII) 1127-35 d. 1157 

33 — Sancho I II King 1 1 57 

34 — Alfonse VIII [IX] K of Castile 1214 
35 — Blanche m. Louis VIII K of France 1226 
36 — St Louis IX K of France 1270 
37 — Philippe III K of France 1285 
38 — Charles de France comte de Yalois 1325 
39 — Philippe VI K of France 1350 
40 — Jean the Good K of France 1364 


41 — Philippe clc France due of Burgundy 1404 

42 — Jean due of Burgundy i • 

43 — Philippe. '" (he Good " Burgundy 1467 

44 — Baudouin — batard de Burgundy 150S 

45 — Magdelaine de Burgundy m. Philippe de Lannoy 1543 " chev. 

Toison d'Or " 
46 — Jean de Lannoy Chevalier " Gold. Fleece " 1560 had ? — 
47 — Gysbcrt de Lannoy — at Tourcoing b. 1545 
48 — Jean de Lannoy — at Leiden 1604 
49 — Philippe de Lannoy Plymouth [La Noye] 1621 
[50th: 5 sons b. in Amer. & 8 gens, to 1899 — 58 gens] 


1 — St. Arnoul 611 a.d. 

2 — Ansegise 679 

3 — Pepin " le Gros " 714 

4 — Charles Martcl duke of the Franks 741 

5 — Pepin " the Short " King of France 768 

6— CHARLEMAGNE the EMP. 800 

7 — Pepin K of Italy Louis I K of France— 7 

8— Bernard K of Italy Charles II Emp PL R. E.— 8 

9 — Pepin II Judith m. Baudouin I — 9 

10 — Pepin comte de Vennandois Baudouin II — 10 

11 — Beatrix m. Robert II duke of France 

(Pep II) Adcla m. Arnulfe I— 11 
12 — Hugue " the Great " Baudouin — 12 

13 — Hugue Capet K of France Arnoul — 13 

14 — Robert the St. K of France Baudouin IV — 14 

15 — Alix de France m. Baudouin V comte de Flandre 

(had Bau. V)— 15 
16 — Judith m. Guelph duke of Bavaria 
17 — Henry III 
18— Henry IV 
19 — Henry V 
20 — Henry VI 
21 — Agnes m. Othon duke of Bavaria 

22 — Agnes m. Plellin de F 

23 — Hellin II de Franchimont 

24 — Jean m 13 10 Mahienne de Lannoy 

25 — Hugues de Lannoy had 2 sons " the heir " to Prince of 

Rheina-Wolbeck 1899 
26 — Guillebert & Hugues II 
27 — Baudouin (" le Begue ") 
28 — Baudouin 
29 — Philippe 
30 — Jean 
T — Gysberf 
32 — Jean 
33 — Philippe to Plymouth 1621 & 9 gens of Delano— 1899 — 

9 1 



i — Hrolf ist duke of the Normans & a Viking 860 a.d. 
2 — William Longsword " 

3 — Richard the Fearless " 

4— Richard the Good 
; 5 — Robert I the Devil 
6 — William I the Conqueror K. of Eng. 1066 
7 — Henry I " Beauclerc " 
8 — Matilda m. Geoffrey " Tlantagenet " 

9 — Henry II K. of Eng. 1 154—89 
10 — Matilda m. Henry V duke of Saxony 

l & Bavaria 


11 — Henry VI m. Agnes — ditto — dau. of Conrad 

1 son of 

12 — Agnes in. Othon duke of Bavaria 

13 — Agnes m. Hellin de Franchimont 

14— Hellin II 

Fred II 

Fred, of 

m. Agnes 

Witekind I 

?abt. 100 a.d. 



King of 



15 — Balderic 
(line ext, 

in MS') 

1370 Jean 
16 — H agues de Lannov 

17 — Guillebert 

18 — Baudouin "le B6gue" 

19 — Baudouin 

20 — Philippe 

21 — Jean d. 1560 

? I ? 
22 — Gysbert b. 1545- 

23 — lean of Leiden 

24 — Philippe to Plymouth 

1621 founder of the 
House of Delano, 
33 to 1899. 

Henrv IV 

Henry III 



Conrad II 




Conrad the 
"Red" 955 

m. Liut^arde dau of 

Egbert 775 



the Great 



the Elder 
K. of Wess. 

dau. of 



Otto I 

Emp. 936 

JEAN-MANUEL— founder of the maison MANUEL— (14883 


Son of Edouard I K of Portugal 
Jean batard of & K of Portugal 
Pierre King of Portugal 
Alfonse IV King of Portugal 
Denis King of Portugal 

Alfonse III King of Portugal m. Beat, de Guzman (bast.) [oi 
Alf. X. K. of Cast. s. of St. F. III.] 
Alfonse II King of Portugal 
Sancho I King of Portugal 
Alfonse I proclaimed 1 135 a.d. K of Portugal 


i i uf. t de Portugal 1094 m. Therese 

■, was c >mtesse tie Portugal 

! See royal ■ '" n 

,.■ ol " Jean-Manuel descended from 
, a\ of " Si." Ferdinand III K of Castille 

[21; & 1230 Alfonso IX K of Leon 1188-1230 
of Leon 1157-88 Alfonso VIII Raymond (VII) 
of Leon & Castille son of Raymond comte de B 
. J92 Urraque de Castile & Leon dau. of Alfonso VI 
9 King of Leon & Castille Ferdinand I " Great " Em- 
.x.v - of Spain 1056 King oi Castille ec Leon 
'(jean Manuel was the great-grand-father of Jean de Lannoy who 
The presumed ancestor of Philippe (1621) 


ROME: 600 B.C. 

\ctii was a powerful Roman Patrician family in Rome 600 
: r during the Republic between B.C. 500 & 350? they left 
;?.ome & settled at Ateste or Este in Venetian Lombardy [known to 
nve been in existence 136 B.C.] to — 
: 18 gens. 
' [2 gens. Caius Actius 390 a.d. of the castle d'Este, Senator 403 

15 gens. About 15 generations later 
' >, gens, lived Sigfrid seigneur d'Este who d. 945 a.d. 
.) — Azon I seigneur d'Este d. 970 son Thibaud d. 1007 marquis 

,• — Sigebert d'Este d. 995 
5 — Ungues marquis d'Este d. 1014 m. Marie dau. of Marquis 

t } — Azon II marquis d'Este [d. 1055 or 1097] 

Guelph (IV) due de Bavaria & Saxe d. 1101 

l— Henry III " Black " due de Bavaria & Saxe 
— Henry IV due de Bavaria & Saxe 
; — Henry V due de Bavaria & Saxe 

.—Henry VI due de Bavaria & Saxe m. Agnes comtesse Palatine 
. —Agnes m. Othon Ir. due de Bavaria 
. — Agnes m. Hellin marquis de Franchimont 
>— Hellin II 

: — Jean m. Mahicnne de Lannoy 1310 a.d. 
; — 11 ,'gues de Lannoy 
(r — Guillebert 
< — Baudouin " le Begue " 
( — Baudouin (II) 
(— P!- .:ppe 
( —Jean de Lannoy 

-frsbertb. 1545 (fr. Phil. 63) 
, — T .:-.n d. 1604 

ilippe de Lannoy [De La Xoye] to Nevv Eng 1621 
1 gens, to 1899 of Delano fcouniir:g 3 .gens, to a cent. 
lals 76 gens, over 2500 yrs.) 


G.»in& every direct . .:.: : ilir- -A V.i»- -t ...mestry from :;,. 

L earliest Unown du ■ identic or otherwise— 600 B.i - 

'■■■o? . r < At/ from .t careful and exhaustive 

researtrh of the is Royal Nohle S Gentle histories 

C^ntj - tees. -by Mortimer Delano <lc 


. J,.,n C ,h„ ..I J,,„ „|,. 

l ^ I" 

i ;;,. 

The Ruyjl descents arc by marriage of— 

i ranch. mont - Duras .S: Nai 
Lannoy " Vvrmunduis 

Lannoy ■■ Dam pier re 

Lannuy " nourj,'ojjne 

Frsincliiniwnt ber.amc ...-.ui.i.y t 

I I 

1 _L™. 



>:;: " "" I 





^««^ ^ 

,l„1X.°i—\ ■■«. 

.■Ivm)?'"""*"'" "'""" "'""'"" J 

,„,J'lX ~ ;,;; 

■S s.a«« St;:j;s,tSir'''SK : 

l S, nS * zd f™' 

,cd.n.nd... M ».S»l,lll.d'*nl«.d.« 

„.„„,„ ! Tl* Murder- , ; ,„ 

VjlLi; i , W 3-. J! o_K.rfK,...3.3| „..„ 


1, vV v i"f' )J '"''d m ,J "T"" J," " 

,"s,"^llV, 1 "'"'" " ; ' A "° 1 






llugje "ijpti" o.Ty-rrte 

Ulk ir. 1 ,,,5-855 K of 



1 ;.JJ. 


!* ";;,'; '';,';•' 

''■' Vn] 


rani'oisMihe French) Mai 

ir.'lvr 'v'v'r "7""V '""- ■■' -V :,",,!'. ',';; Ji.,™'. ■„,.., .,,»„■• r:xI;:' , '''''f' :, °K , ?ff" J "-' , ' ' fc 







: From 1621-1S99 : 



" The result of my labors for ten year? 
in tins field is lovingly dedicated to my 
daughters. 5 ' 

?V' 7* 


In preparing a eenealC£* ca ^ recor< ^ °f tnc Delano families of this 
country the compiler little dr eamed of the magnitude of the work 
nor what was before him. 

In a conversation with a broth!:, U£? n our own immediate 
branch in Feb 1889, we decided to commence a correspondence 
with that only to mid out if possible the source from whC ncc v ° 

A most absurd tradition repeated by our grand father and fat. 
which seemed very plausable was often told causing belief in ti! e 
story. After a time it faded away and light began to dawn The 
correspondence accumulated and my brother suggested that I had 
better continue and compile a record of the name in this coin 
Rather than abandon the work at this time, when many others 
had become interested, I came to the conclusion that I would try 
it and so pursued my investigations With this in view I caused a 
circular to be printed and sent out 

There is, and has been repeatedly expressed a general desire. 
to have the Genealogical Record of PuiLir De la No ye, & the 
Delano Family from the first settlement in this country, collected, 
arranged and printed, for the satisfaction and benefit of those now 
living and their descendants. 

Recently the matter has been revived, and during the past year 
a few individuals have devoted a large share of their time and lab« 
in searching early records, and corresponding with members of tl 
family now living. The undertaking has so far satisfactorily pr 
gress^d and we are encouraged to persevere, with assurance 
'ul results, and in this work we desire the aid of every mei 
-.x ui the family who can furnish any information. It is the wish 
to include (when completed) every person of the name of Delano ' 
and every person who has married into the family, male and female 
living or dead. We intend, as far as possible, to give the place an< ' 
date of birth, marriage, and death of each one. their occupa- 1 
or profession, and their residences at different periods. We de- 
sire, also, to include notices of the more prominent member- of 
the family, and hope their descendants and friends will furnish us 
with such incidents, remarks and biographical sketches a? tl 
think proper. 


We hope and (rust that every person who receives a copy of this 
circular will, without unnecessary give under the heading- 

given below, all the information desired, tracing back his ance 
as far as may be possible; and all collateral branches and descend- 
ants, giving in regard to each individual, the place and date of his 
or her birth, death., marriage, and to whom. Town, County, Pro- 
bate and Church Records, Family Bibles and Grave Stones may be 
consulted often and with great benefit; and as this is a matter of 
equal interest and importance to each one who bears the name i f 
Delano, we ask your hearty co-operation. 

Please give this careful and prompt attention, and when filled 
out return this circular to the undersigned. 

I am, respectfully yours. 

j. A. DELANO, 
Grove, Newaygo Co., Mich. 

A different mode of recording families has been adopted from 
those heretofore presented in genealogies, usualy numbered. The 
oldest branch is completed before taking up the next name in the 
family and given thus: ist of Jonathan Delano and so on. Biog- 
raphy and general history is given when known. Errors may be 
found throughout the work but the compiler has always tried to 
be correct. To speak of all personaly who have manifested an in- 
terest in the perfection of the work would be to repeat much of 
its contents, therefore I will only mention a number of the more 
zealous ones who have labored with me in gathering data. Prof. 
Edward Chandler Delano is entitled to great praise for obtaining 
the records of a large number of branches. 

Miss N. P. Delano of Xew Bedford shares the honor, for her 
energy and zeal in perfecting the Dartmouth records. L L Dc 
Lano of Atlantic has rendered valuable services. 

Rufus J Delano of St. Louis Mrs M Delano Knapp of Chelsea 
& Hon. Columbus Delano late of Mt Vernon his daughter Mrs 
E Delano Ames all have added much to the work in question. 

Dr Frank T Delano of Rockville Center has also been most 
active. My brother Dennis D Delano of Grand Rapids has as- 
sisted in solving many problems also Ellery L De Lano of Werat- 
chee One other person [whose grand father was Paul Delano 
of Fairhaven & Chili] is Mrs. Irene Delano YYalbaum of Valparaiso 
deserves special mention. 

I am under obligation to all who contributed to make the work 
complete, and shall ever hold their memory dear to my heart 

Some branches under the head of " broken " I failed to find the 
'connecting link to the parent stem; who becoming indifferent to 
the memory of their ancestors thus lost their identity. 

Genealogy though often a dry and untempting topic, either 
for reading or conversation, can sometimes be made most attrac- 
tive. When therefore a family has made history, helped in found- 
' ing states, rule 1 ^ple and led armies, it is safe to say 

that its gene' - ; «vill prove to be at least instructive reading. 
lAdd to this that . who can deny the real pleasure 

7 9? 

it will give to all who pre of that family. In our world to day 
it is not so much " who are you? " as " what have you done? 
Now some have the idea that the people of family rarely if ever 
make people of attainment iter p« pular error has ever 

been indulged at the expense of truth. Take up any authorise' 1 
history or biography of great men and women, and with scan 
an exception they are all ot the old and well bred families of 
Kurope and America This goes to show that the members of our 
family have only to exert their own ambition for the high places, 
for the rest they already possess. 

This family, as our book will show, has ever been honorable 
and well bred. The professions are all represented and the call of 
patriotism has ever found Delano's ready. 

As to this family in Europe, the history and royal marriages 
speak more eloquently than the few words allowable in a preface 

The compiler will indeed miss the words of kinship and good 
will that have come to him all the;\e years of preparation, and 
consequently trusts that all his kinsfolk (for has he not toiled over 
their lives, has he not felt with them the loss of dear ones, or read 
of their joys and successes of this lifsv Many who started with 
him have passed beyond and left him to record their part in life;) 
will not forget him then; and from time to time send in the events 
of their branches that he may thus keep on file up to date items, 
to be passed on to some other genealogist of the family, when the 
compiler shall no longer record for others. 

Yours then cordially 

my dear kinsfolk 
Joel Andrew Delano 
late Major of 51st Reg Indiana Volunteers 
At Grove Michigan 1898 

9 3 


Settlement of Philip Delano's Estate. 1682. 
(Plymouth Col. Wills, 4:2:120) The inventor; : 
"Phillip Delano of Duxburrow en.... 

this 4th cf March 1 '— ■ ' ' I to this Court 
3 att Plymouth the 7th cf Jul;. 168! and 

of S .11 Delano his son" mentions onlj per- 
sonal estate. The amount was 450, 13s. 

"Jul} th . . 682. 7Jheras Phili] Del ■■ " ' . 
burrow Deceas< =d: Did • before his Death 
press himselfe Concerning th D< spos* . 
of his i after his Decease and either tJ 
some forge tfullness of his mem< ry r hi) i In- 

feirmitie or the witnesses unacquainti 
some for issed in writ: Lse 

by the said Deceased then was a memorandum, then 
'. ich was su; I in £ to varey from 

-.hit from that csic- which might be h T n In- 
tent ; his son Thomas Delano fr hi appointed th 
as executor; and his t-on Samuel] Lano only son to 
the Relict of the said Deceased bring principally 
Concerned Doe mutually agree to p r sue th< 
"'ill of the Deceased according to £ " randu ; 
then onely Rectify ing a Clasue or . • in; 
hich - ' Conceive; which wee Conceive were then 
Mistakes; and wee he •■ may e rehended and 
en notice of by Comparing this Now Drawne with 
that bearing the Date the 22 of August 1681, 

Imp r : his house and land is Given tc his 3 eld< - 
and each of csic^ know theire proportions; and John 
th 25 acrees More att ID ssakett; 

Samuel! hath s horse Cow & 2 steers and ch; Li 
and Cart; 

Jane one Cow & heifer 

Rebeekah a yeerling heiffer; 

Debts and funerall expenses *o be Discharged 
out of tl ' vabl< s. 

his wife a Cow and to have the free use and of 
^r.e third cf the orchyard and land both upland ! 
seddow During her life; 

The yoake of old oxen to be Improved in Com 
amongst his t?:ree sonnes Phillip The::' Samueli; 
'nd when the ir» Lee is Don; To Revert wholly tc 
J hillio an — las 

his son Thorns s to be executor; 

The saw an ■ s • re S, 

pi "• by.C. ..H. -------- po±Is7~T ! 

notes and ir. rtioi 


. •. 

five shilli c< to be payed to his set 

lest Children: of which avenj two viz: Phi 
Thomas have rece: Lons 

All the Move:' ' his wif ! ath to be Dis- 

posed of Amongst his four youngest Children;" 

— MayfJ it, 

Vol. XI, j .250-5 


copied from Soldi c-rs 'v ai r--: Pri li ■'.: '■■''"'» contain- 
ing History of Indian Y.'ars of N.I,, from 1630-1677..., 
by George 7 B< ■ Ige. 

Philip Deianoy — Service in Pequod War. p. 457 


"At the General Court held in Plymouth June 7, 

It was enacted athat the colony send forth a com- 
pany to sid - Massachusetts and Connecticut in their 
<i • against the Pequod Indians, in . . _; ■ of 1 
innocent blood of the English which J J < Pe niods 
have shed. 

Thirty persons shall be sent for land service, 
and es many others as shall be sufficient to mar 
the barque. 

Leiftenant William Holmes is elect ■ leader of 
this company. 

Mr. Thomas Pre nee is elected to go with th 
pany and to be on the "Counsell of War". 

Names of the soldiers who volunteered to go up c 
the service but were net called into active servici . 
Thomas Clark .. Fran Is Billing ton, 

Richard Church, Henry Willi? , 

George Soule, Beregrin 7/hite, 

Samuel Jennr , Caleb Hopkins, 

Constance Southerne, Samuel "dash, 
John Barnes, Robert " LI, 

*>. Ns I del 1 .as, Hema Sampson, 

and his man Thomas Redding, 

Mr. Goarton, Love Brewster, 

John Cooke (if his fam- Joseph R '. a, 
ily can be provided), his man 

Mr. Step] :ins, 

John He } i rd, 
Thorn ! Lams, 

Nichols >land, 

Thomas- Pope, 
p hilip Delannoy 
George Kennerick 
John Irish 
Jacob Cooke 
John Phil I os 

■ ' n, 

I ■ J. i . 1 i . IV a 

John ' ker, 
Rich j i . CI igh , 
Henry Ewe LI, 

ia a Tu 
Tho. >■ • " Lie ay, 
John Jenkins, 
Giles Hoplins 
Thomas Goarton 

Items Regi ' g Philip D< L -\\, . 

1637. A Jury of 12 (four from Duxbury viz: Love 

Brewester, Experience Mitchell, Phiiij y, 
Moses Simmons.) were impanilled, ."to s t 
heig] yes about Plymouth Ducksburrow and 
Eele River." 

"of the twenty-sev - ' ' of families -.ho ar' - l Ln 
the ship For : - 621 these I at so? 
times proprietors of land in Duxbury. Robert Kiel ■ 
Thomas Prence, Moses Simmons, Philip Delano, I iw< 
Buznpus, William Palmer, Jonathan Brewster, Thomas 
Norton, & William Bassett. Simmons and Delano be- 
came permanent residents in the town; and her* most 
of their descendants have resided". — pp. 04-5. 

Delano. "His name was originally spei I . -La-N ; , 

and he is said to have been a French Pro- 
p.65 testant, who joined the church at Leyden . 
He was aged nineteen years on his arrival; 
was admitted a freeman Jan. 1st, 1632, ; 
early removed to Duxbury, and sett Lttle 
north or northwest of Alden, on the north 
side of Stoney or Mill Brook, below the si 
of the late tack L ? 2 factory. His fai 
confirmed to him in 1637, 
the ih at the farth? • end. town >n 
tl north, to Aid 's on 1 ith, id fr 
Bumpus' land on the west, to a1 
east, comprising • ' . 
man of much ] Lli ty , and nplo; Ln 

surveying Lands, i one of the 

grand inquest of the colony. 

Vide . Lsters. 

hilip Lano. to Willi? . . 1059 

Plym. Col. Deeds 2:2:41) "Phili] lano seni r .: 
he consent of Mary his wife hath ac Ldged the . 
f one halfe of his ; ir • . lands lyi] 
r Cushena or both; unto William Earle's for th< 
:f twenty pounds to be paii I ace . tg 
berof the said Phillip is paied in pte. a young re 
:tt eight pounds: and is Fu r bo Receive of 

id Willia ewe sheep to be deliv I att house, at Duxburrow next yeare ■'..'. • ill be In 
yar 1650; 

before rne John Aldin Assisl i 
Duxburrow the 3 d of the 10 month 1659" 

rh< earliest r< : • li -its (of Duxburry) were for ti 
:ost part respectable, and some of them possessed con- 
siderable property. Trie following list containing 
Ln part the names of those in the colony who w< r< taxed 
by order of the court, March 1633, will show the com- 
parative wealth of some of them. 

Mr. William Collier 2 5 

" Edward Winslow 2 5 

" William E as sett 1 7 

Elder William Brewster 1 7 

Mr. Jonathan 3rev/ster 1 7 

Gov. William Bradford 1 7 

Richard Church 1 7 

John Alden 1 4 

John Howland 1 4 
Captain Standish 18 

Francis Sprague 18 

:per ie nee Mitchell 18 

Philip Delano 18 

Fve nc i s We s to n ( We st? ) 15 
Christopher Words . I 12 



; Ply ) 9 



I C 9 

— F ' ' • ] -' 

Hist ; of f D-qyUiry , ;..7C 

■ " ? , Cf , '" ' r , J . , 

'j ; _'. I . p. 89. 

of Philip 1 .''.'"■' ' ' ' 

f - " ' ' " ■ ' : : f . ' : 

' ' : ' - et. 

-- "■ -• _'___ [i u End Ger '...._ i .' r?-' > 

. ~. .\ 9j _ .3? L. 

Cf Phi " V.'insLc spe< ks a.s fc : "1 rn 

f Frenci pare] " nd that ] " a fr Lr-ydei 1 
" : sr " ' " " [seeming, d 

! v:r " • ' -" , ■ • pen. j 

hurch of PI; th; end after, upon his r< m 

!':bi x : t L i ... , i ir. H: 1. 1 tridge is ."• >- 

■-or of the Church, ' let rs of rec - i ti : 

' - PI; . ] , - . 1 1 • Ln1 

phij • i th the church at Dy " . 

—ibid., p. 354, r te. 

early at . . 

! ri--inj . ' ." • . ". ' IE . 

j =nd d a ' : 7 ." 

— i- 1 • . , p.334, 

iPhil Lp Delanoy' oc aurs .. ■ ■ nt 

bs of land in Ih \ :et, r< • i '... 

— il Ld., p.? ' 

In 16! . ? ; ^ 1 io Delano: sold Ste 


—ibid., ;. 7 7S 

Philippe De La Noye 

Founded in 1621 


American Family of 

— Delano — 

Son of Jean de Lannoy & Marie le Mali 


Philippe De La Noye (Delanoy or de Lannoy) b. Leiden 1602 
bapt. 1603 d- Bridgewater Mass abt. 16S1 aged 79 years— to I 
mouth 1621— married 1st at Duxbury Mass ro^ec 1634 to He: 
Dewsbury of Duxbury married 2d at D- ax ^57 Mary Pon 
(wid. of James Glass) dau. of Willia- > ontus children: I. MARY 
(Delanoy or Delano) b. 1635 ?-_ 2 EST HER b. 163S-3. PHIL 1 ' 
E >!_T r7x 4 ^ H ° -AS (Dr) b 21 Mar 1642-5. JO' 
6^ WeRF^ i6 46 ? cl. unm. ? - 7 . JONATH • 
1647-8. REBEC^ i6 samuft 

wife) (1st m. T T . - 

John Soule- J° nathan Dunham- 
m. MarvW "3 d ' m - Elizabeth Ck 

Oth r /eston — 7 th m - Mcrc >' Warren - 

p h - r ' Elizabeth Standish 6th ch. & 3d dau. Jane— d. unm. \ t 
■ U 1PPC De la Noye, Leydcn Holl 1602 son of Jean and Ma:'" 
de Lannoy, of French protestant faith (Huguenots) who to esca " ^- 
the prosecutions of the Catholic party then in power went to Leiden 
He was baptized there in the Walloon Church 1603 and grew 1 
under the teaching and influence of the separatists of the estab- 
lished Church of England who fled to Holland in 1608 taking up 
their abode in Leyden. 
[ It is not definitely shown by any authority on the subject 

whether Philip was one of the passengers on the Speedwell or 1 
J which Bradford says set sail on that vessel; of sixty tons 
I from Delfthaven to Southampton England on or about the 
I dav of August 1620 and on the 15th both the Mayflower and 
Speedwell with one hundred and twenty passengers on board some 



of whom were for the first time joining the company, saile. 

Southampton. On the 23d they put into Dartmouth, with I 
Speedwell leaking and on the 31st sailed again, i urther 
to the Speedwell obliged a return to Plymouth where it \. 
abandoned and eighteen passengers including Robert Cushman 
gave up the voyage. It is presumed that Philip De-la-Noye v 
one. Davis's Ancient Landmarks of Plymouth', Goodwin's Pil- 
grim Republic & W'insor's History of Duxbury from which many 
extracts are taken. In 1621 another vessel was fitted out, the 
" Fortune" of 55 tons burden. Goodwin says on Nov nth 1621 
just one year from the day the " Mayflower" sighted the hills of 
Cape Cod their sentry on Fort Hill shouted "Sail, ho!" The 
joyful discovery was made that she was the " Fortune," ami 
he'r list of passengers we find that of Philip De-la-Noye his age 
given as 19 years old. In 1624 at the distribution of land Philip 
was awarded one acre as his share. It appears that lie gave up 
possession of this by reason of becoming a resident of Duxbury. 
Various writers speak of him in connection with others at that 
time. Winslow says, " Delano, original}- De-la-Noye. He was 
born of French parents and came from Leydcn to New Plymouth 
and coming to the age of discerning demanded communion with us 
and proving himself to become of such Parents as were in full 
communion with the French Churches was hereupon admitted by 
the Ch of Plymouth, and after, upon his removal of habitation to 
Duxborrow, where Mr Ralph Partridge is Pastor of the CI urch, 
and upon letters of recomendation from the Ch at Plymouth he was 
also admitted fttfP fellowship with the Ch at Duxborrow and 1 
dare say of him, if ocC asion requires he may travel from churc 
church throughout New £ England. He was admitted permam 
Jan 1632-3, being then a resMenc' ^ f Duxborrow." Winsor's Hist 
of Duxbury gives same account with ^' S &*** resldei \ Ce ' _ ] Ie 
was admitted a freeman Tan 1 i6 r -, and carly removed *° Du f" 
bury and settled a little north or nUwest 0: ' ^^t 
Hrook below the site of the ; rom the marsh 
-med to him m 1637 extending • &Q lth 

«t tfie tarther end of the town on the north to Aldcn's , . past conl 
and from Rumpus' land on the west, to the sea at tfc JLLi 
-nsing about forty acres. He was a man of much, n fZ ^Ja 

nd employed in surveying lands and was often one o .. 
inquest of the Colony. Records of Plymouth Colonv V< .1 I pp 2 c 
gives the following. " Philip Delano to Hester Dewesbury Do 1 
19-1634. Pie was taxed 18 shillings in 1633, an-! ^ j r . 

1634. On jury May 2-1637 "Volunteer in Pequot War Tune 7 • 
1637" granted 40 acres in Duxbury Oct 2-1637 drawn on fun 
Dec 4-1637 on grand jury June 4-1639. From Hist of Middle"- - 
borough Mass. in Vol 3 N E Hist and Genl Register 1849 is give:, 
the names of the first purchasers twenty six in numb r. I I ilip 

Delanoy's name in the list Appendix in His of Dux! ives 

the following The grant of Bridgewater to the i . of 

Duxbury was made in 1645. fifty four person, Philip Delan »'s 2d 
name appearing. Record of Deeds Plymouth 


pp 107 appear the names of those who by order of the purchas 
of Dartmouth met at Plymouth the 7th day of March 1652 to m 
alotment of their shares which had been purchased of the Indians, 
signed by John Winslow, John Cooke and Wamsutta in the pres- 
ence of Jonathan Shaw and Samuel Eddy N T ov 29-1652 Philip De- 
la-Noye with thirty six others which comprised about eight hun- 
dred acres as Philip's share, this purchase of his must have been 
given to his son Jonathan as he does not mention Jonathan in Ins 
final disposition of his property. Winsor Hist of Duxbury " in 
1637 a jury of 12, four from Duxbury were appointed by the 
Colony Court to lay out paths and highways and build Bridges in 
Duxborrow, Fhilip among them. 

Winsor gives the ch. names thus: 1 Philip Jr. 2 Thomas. 3 
John. 4 Jane. 5 Rebecca. 6 Samuel. 7 Mary. 8 Jonathan 
and 9 Hester. Davis thus: 1 Thomas. 2 Mary. 3 Philip Jr. 4 
John. 5 Jane. 6 Rebecca. 7 Jonathan. 8 Esther and 9 Samuel. 
After a careful investigation of the subject the compiler gives them 
as shown before in order of birth. 

Savage says " Philip De-la-Noye removed to Bridgewatcr where 
probably he died.'' " IJe made no will, but a statement was made 
that a memorandum was left showing somewhat the intent of 
Philip. The sons Thomas, Samuel, Philip and John are mentioned 
and daus Rebecca, and Jane, the bequests are, house and lot to the 
three eldest, and John 25 acres of woodland at Hammakeset — 
Rebecca; a yearling heifer — Jane; one cow and heifer. 1 lis wife 
Mary; to have a cow besides her thirds in orchard and land, both 
upland and meadow. Yoke of old oxen to be improved in com- 
mon by his three sons, Philip, Thomas, and Samuel. Samuel a 
horse, cow, two steers, chains and cart. Finaly the four youngest 
children are to receive all the movables at his wifes death. Samuel 
is mentioned as being the only son of the relict of desceased. The 
settlement was made July 5-1682, and is recorded in Vol 4, pp 120, 
of records in the registry of deeds of Plymouth. The regular 
probate records did not commence until abt 16S6. The surname 
De-la-Noye or Delano has undergone many changes. Philippe 
De-la-Noye & sons gradually left off the " ye " and wrote it 
Delano, often changed by ignorant clerks to Dillanoe... piljnpe, 
Dilnow, Dillino. Of late years some place a capitol L in- the; name 
and pronounce the name De La-no. Those # h t to combine 
the ancient and correct form should write the junjamc, J. uji'^'i'Dp* 
lano de Lannoy " 

(Pontus amies: Arg., a chevron bet. 3 boars he&ds* Sabfe.* jSvaiii? 
of Tournaisis France (Rietstap) Also: Histoire"de'""P*ont*u3* de' 
Thyard de Bissy suivie de la Genealogie de cette Maison par 
Gaspard Pontus de Thyard Neufchatel 1774 — & Notes hist, et gov.. 
sur Pontus de la Gardie et sur la Famille par Mahul du tome II 
Mem. de la Soc. Carcassonne 1858) (The Dewsbury fam is of 
Gloucestershire Eng. Dewsbury armes: & a crest: on a mount 
vert a martlet or (Fairbairn) The surname of Dewsbury is ap- 
parently a corruption of Duxbury This is shown by the simi- 
larity of the two crests — Duxbury coat-armor: Gules, a cross 


voided argent — Crest: On the stump of a tree growing v >f 
"a mount vert, a dove rising" proper. Also Do . y & 

Dokesbury of Chester Co " an;-, a cross hum tty voided gu. 
another — " arg, cross voided gu " of Cheshire (If this be true 
then this Dewsbury fam may have named Duxbury Mass. & not 
Standish as has been supposed heretofore) 

1st dan of Philip De-La-Noye. 
Mary Delano (b. 1635 ?) in. Duxbury Nov 29-1655 (d. soon after 
m. ? 1656) Jonathan Dunham, son of John and Abigail Dun' 
b. Plymouth 1636 d Edgartown Mass Dec 1S-1717 m. 2d 15 Oct 
1657 Mary (wid. of James Hurst), dau oi Henry Cobb, & his wife 
a dau of John Faunce. The fam. is in Eng. Dunham of Lincoln- 
shire, amies: Az, a chief indented or Querie Xo 1732 Bos. Eve. 
Transcript of Feb 10-1897 says, "Jonathan Dunham of Plymouth 
Mass. m Nov 29-1655 Mary, daughter of Philip Delano, she was 
his first wife. Oct 15 1657 he m. 2d Mary, dau of Elder Henry 
Cobb of Barnstable. He removed to Middleboro and afterwards 
to Edgartown. In will June 28-1717 he mentions "sons Daniel, 
Jonathan. Eleazor, Gershom, Samuel " and " dau Parker " (Han- 
nah ?) wid." H. M. P." 

Ans to Xo 1732. " Deacon John Dunham (of the Plymouth 
Church) 1588-1669, with wife Abigail 3 sons, ec dau came to Ply- 
/mouth abt 1628. His 4th son, Jonathan, was made freeman 1657, 
^vvas religious like his father, and worked among Indians as a 
missionary. He was ordained Edgartown 1C94. Jonathan rcpre- 
• sented Middleboro in the General Court and 1680 sold his pur- 
chase to bis bro. Joseph and moved to Edgartown. His bro. 
Benajah was b 1643 an ^ settled in Conn. D. C. D.") 

2d dau of Philip De-La-Xoye. 
Esther Delano (b. 1638) d. Sept. 12-1733, aged 95 yrs. m. 1st 
Dux. Samuel Sampson, son of Abraham — ? (dau. of Samuel Nash) 
Sampson, b Duxbury 1646 killed in " King Philips War." : 75 
m. 2 Dux. 1678 to John Soule son of George and Mary (Beckett) 
Soule of the " Mayflower" b Duxbury 1632 d. 1707, aged 75 yrs. 
1 Samuel Sampson Jr. b 1670 2 Ichabod Sampson. — 1 Joseph 
Soy$e;.f> "July 31-1679. 2 Joshua Soule, b Oct 12-1681. 3 Josiah 
Scrufe b" 1682 Winsor Hist of Duxbury says, " Abraham Sampson 
:[j>effi4fts$jto/of Henry,) of Duxbury 163S. admitted 1654, had land 

•"jrt'Illne F-isn, alive 7 a686, m a dau of Samuel Nash m 2d ? & 

'. ; Jiad/Abrjiham, Isaac, Samuel and George. Davis Anct Land'ks 
V .6f JPiVnV L-X'b'-Aham Sampson came from Eng abt 1629, and settled 
in Duxbury supposed to have been a bro of Henry. His ch were 
Samuel, b abt 1646 & m Esther — George 1655, m Elizabeth — 
Abraham 1658 m. Sarah (Lorah in Davis) dau of Alexander 
Standish — Isaac 1660 m. Lydia Standish, (sis of Sarah.) If he had 
two wives, it is prob that the 3 last ch were by 2d. 

" The Soule Fam. (Maine branch) By Dr Charles C Banks in 
" Old times in North Yarmouth " says " John Soule ('called eld t 
son) in will of his Father Ge luxbury) b al 

1632 m Hester, prob dau of Philip and Hester (Dewsbury) De-la- 


Noye the French Protestant who joined the Pilgrims in Holl; 
son of Jean and Marie (Mahieu) De Lannoy, and was baptized in 
the Ch at Leyden 7th of Dec 1603 [He m Hester Dewsbury in 
Duxbury 19th of Dec 1634 and the evidence that John Soule in ; 1 1 
dau rests on the fact that no other person of her name was b in 
Duxbury who could have been his wife.) His sons received their 
portion of the estate during his lifetime. The daughters on peti- 
tion 5th of Mar j 707-8, were awarded in equal divisions five lois 
of land situated in Middleboro, which was appraised at £17-5-0 
His personal property was valued at £24-12-12. Plymouth Pro- 
bate records Vol II pp 91 Among the items we find a libi 
mentioned, a rare thing in those limes except with Ministers, and it 
shows him to have been a man of a literary tendency, with un- 
doubtedly a cultivated mind. (The ch of John Soule are given as 
follows) 1 John. 2 Sarah, m Adam Wright. 3 Joseph, b July 

31-1679, m. Mary . 4 Joshua, b Oct 12-1681 m. Joanna Stud- 

tey 5 Josiah, b 16S2 m. Lydia Delano, May 25-1704 6 Moses, 
lived in Duxbury. 7 Rachel, m John Cobb, 1C8S. 8 Benjamin, 
m. Sarah Standish 9 Rebecca, m. Edmund Weston 1660-1723 son 
of Ed W — "Mayflower" The above records of Sampson and 
Soule are given in Winsors Duxbury and Davis's Landmarks, also 
data copied from Soule Gen. It was supposed by the compiler 
that the Soule records were to be relied on as being as correct as 
possible at this late date, and that Esther was the sole and only 
wife of John Soule. Data received from Mrs Charles L Alden who 
is engaged on a work which will show the Alden record & 3 gens in 
collateral branches; informs the compiler that Esther Delano was 
1st the wife of Samuel Sampson and 2d the wife of John Soule and 
that Joseph, Josiah. and Joshua Soule are her ch; gives Esther 
Sampson-Soule as bur. close to the stone wall near Jonathan 
Alden's family but no other stones immediately about her. Samp- 
son Gen gives: Samuel 2d. eldest son of Abraham 1st Sampson b 
Duxbury 1646 m Esther Delano or De-la-Noye infer he was the 
eldest born then from age of his son Samuel." His inventory was 
taken July 1-1678 exhibited at court held Plymouth July 28-1678. 
on oath of Esther Sampson, Widow Amount £27-15-6. Court 
gave order 167S, concerning estate, 'The children are but small, 
and the estate but little and the court assigns the whole to the 
Widow except one acre of meadow which is all the land the saith. 
Samuel Sampson died possessed of, which acre of meadow is to be 
reserved for the sons of the said Samuel — Esther Sampson relict of 
the said Sampson is towards marriage with John Soule, and the said 
Soule and the now Widow are willing that the estate be reserved 
for the future good of the children.' Old Colony records Wills 
3-108-120 1678 further perhaps Josiah Soule also, may be a son of 
Esther if dates reliable) 

NOTE: Will of L't Sam'l Nash lately recovered 1898 shows 
" Esther " (wife of Sampson & Soule) as his dau. & not a Delano 
The An. quoted left above to show why error was made This 
leaves Esther D'os life as unknown — Also as " 5 Jos. m. L. D'o " 
the Soule data should appear — 


8th ch & 4th dau of Philip De La Xoye 
Rebecca Delano (b. 1651 ?) m. John Churchill (who m. 2d 1715 
Hannah Mansfield wid. of Elnathan Bartlett) — son of John 
Churchill of Plymouth Mass fr. Eng. 1643 m. 18 Dec 1644 Hannah 
dau of William Pontus (sis. of Mary who m. 2d Philippe father of 
Rebecca) he d. 1 Jan 1662 had John— above — (& William 1656- 
1722 m. 1683 Lydia dau of Stephen & Abigail (Shaw) Bryant of 
Duxbury — also Jos., Hannah, Elcazer 1652, Alary 1654, & Henry 
165S who m. Mar} wid. Thos. Doty) (Gen. 1SS7— Churchill of 
Eng. amies: sa, a lion rampant arg. — sometimes debruised with a 
bcndlet gu. — Sir John Churchill of Churchill Knight in Somerset- 
shire (liv. abt. 1600) des. fr. the ancient fam. of the Churchills of 
Devon & Dorset-shires who flourished fr. the reign of John 1200 to 
Ed. I 1300) Ch.. a— Elizabeth b. 1687 m. Joel Ellis— b— Rebecca 
b. 16S9 m. Geo. Morton — c — John b. 169 — m. Bethiah dau. Eben- 
ezer Spooner — d — Sarah b. 1695 — e — Hannah 1697 m. Samuel 

Part I 

Philip Delano Tr 

[the 1st son] 

: and his descendants 



3 of Philip De-la-Noye 

Philip Delano Jr. or 2d b (& lived) Duxbury Mass. abt 1640 d. 
do. 1708 m. Dux. 1668 Elizabeth dau of William & Martha (Nash) 
Clark, b. & d. Duxbury (Clark Gens.— 5— 1857 to '82 & Na: 
1 Samuel, b abt J 670, probably un-m. as probate records of Ply- 
mouth Mass. Book 5, pp 93 says Adms appointed — Dec n-1732 
(no fam given) 2 Ebenezer b 1675 3 Philip 3d. b 167S 4 
Martha b 1680 5 Jane, b 1685 (selectmen were ordered to take 
care of her and improve estate) d Apr 7-1705 

(Plymouth Probate records, Book 2, pp 168 " Will Dec 11-1708. 
Unto my Son Samuel, all my lands in Township of Middlebury 
(Middleborough) or any other place whereof I have not made dis- 
posal already with all other goods movable and cattle whatsoever, 
saving unto my 3 daus, (viz) my dau Martha Delano, (she was 
widow of his son Ebenezer) Martha Harlow, Jane Delano. I give 
unto my dau Harlow 1 cow, dau Jane, 1 cow, dau Martha Delano, 
(wid) 1 cow and 1 swine. 

Philip Delano is made mention of in the renting of the common 
meadows of the town along with others, 1600. his name is sp< 
Delanoy, 1703. Measures were about to be taken by the town for a 
division of the commons, but was deferred on the remonstrance 
of the following Philip Delano sen. and 32 others among which was 
his bro. Thomas Sr. Sept. 12-1707 voted to every freeholder & 
housekeeper twenty acres of the commons, June 5-1710 they were 
divided Philip Delano, deceased, his son Philip Jr (2d) or 3d in the 
line Samuel Delano Sr. son of Philip De-la-Noye. Samuel 2<: sou 
of Philip 2d & Samuel 3d son of Samuel Sr. Dr Thomas Delano. 
Benony Delano, Joseph Delano, John Delano Sr. and John Delano 
Jr. The next divisions of marsh land was May 16 171 1 when all 
had an additional share. Philip Delano gave his son Ebenezer 
deed to land, to build a house on which my father Philip De-la- 
Noye deceased gave me at Pine Paint Book 7 — pp 255 records of 
Plymouth deeds. Book 8 — pp 254, Philip yeoman, and Thomas, 
tailor of Duxbury sells Francis Barron 90 acres in Middleboro N< v 
16-1701. (In Will of Lt Samuel Nash he gives a grand dau. E 
beth Delano and Mary Howland 1684 — was " Elizabeth Delano " 
mentioned wife of Philip Delano ?) 

2 of Philip Delano Jr (2d) 

Ebenezer Delano, d Dux before 11 Dec 1708 m. 20 Dec 16 
Martha dau of John & Mercy (Pabodie) Simmons, b Dux Nov 1677 
d. Pembroke Mass m 2 20 June 1709 Samuel West, b Dux Dec 23- 
1672, removed to Pembroke 1749. Ch b Dux 1 Amos b 1710. 2 
Nathan 1711. 3 Sarah 1712. 4 Moses 1716 (Franc:? Pabodii • 


Peabody of St Ubans Hertford Eng. b 1614 1635 to Mass see 
Augm. Oil Rolls Westminster Hall, Lon — amies: Rietstap: party 
per fesse nebulee gu. & az. 2 suns in chief or & garb arg below) 
1 Joshua, b Oct 30-1700. 2 Thankful, b June 8-1702. 3 Abia, b 
Aug 7-1704. in. Duxbury 16 Dec 1725 Nathaniel son of Ichabod 
Bartlett & Eliz. Waterman— b Marshfield Mass 11 Oct 1703 (Ply- 
mouth Deeds. Book 7, 355. Philip gives his son Ebenezcr deed to 
land, to build a house, which my father Philip deceased gave me at 
Pine Point, May 17-1706 His widow Martha & son Joshua assign 
his right grant to bro. Thomas and himself to Joshua.) 
1 of Ebenezer Delano 
Joshua Delano Sr. d. Dux Mar 1-1751 m. abt 1721-2 Hopestil dau 
of Jonathan & Lydia (Thacher) Peterson, b do Jan 20-1703 d July 
27-1775 1 LYDIA, b July 12-1723. 2 RHODA, b Feb 28-1731. 
3 SILVIA, b Jan 22-1733. 4 HOPESTILL (son) b June 19-1735. 
5 BEZA, b Nov 24-1737. 6 MARTHA, b Sept 21-1739. 7 
WELTHEA, b Dec 7-1741 8 JOSHUA Jr, b Sept 30-1744 9 
THANKFUL, b Jan 13-1749 (Probate records, Plymouth Mass. 
Book 12 167, June 27-1750, names wife Hopestill, daus I ydia 
Prince & Rhoda Winsor. Sons Hopestill & Joshua. Hopestill 
used for male & female.) '1 

1 of Joshua Delano Sr 
Lydia Delano d Kingston Mass Oct 22-1809 m abt. 1745 Thomas 
Prince, b in Kingston Mass. Aug 7-1720 d Jan 5-176S (Gen. 1888, 
John of Hull Mass. came 1633 b Berks, Eng. 1610 d 1676 at Oxford, 
s. of Rev. John Prince armes 1584: Gu, a saltire or; surmounted 
of a cross engrailed ermine) 1 Abagail. b Nov 1-1747, m. Theophi- 
lus Stetson had 11 ch. 2 Thankful b. Apr 6-1750, m Job Drew, 
b Kingston 1744, had 14 ch. 3 Thomas Jr. b Sept 9-1756, un-m 
d 1781 4 James, b Aug 10-175S, m 1st 1780, Eunice Foster had 
5 ch. m 2d Mary Jcnks, had 3 ch. 5 Lydia, b Apr 6~iyG2, m David 
Bcal had 8 ch 6 Sylvia, b June 20-1765, m Stephen Nye Drew b 
Kingston 1761, he had 10 ch. (Fr. J. Prince Ford of Wilmington 

John Drew Sr. b Devonshire Eng 1642 cSc d. Plymouth July 29 

* T -" "bt 1673 to Hannah dau of John Sen and Hannah (Pontus) 

, b Plymouth ' Pie was of Plymouth abt 1660, supposed 

illiam Drew, & gr son of Sir Edward Drew, knighted by 

Cliz. 1589. (Davis Plym. A L & Winsor Duxbury give 

ew; " a Welschman, and ship carpenter etc) Drew or 

oat-armor Ermines, a lion passant gules Crest: on a 

:rt a roe buck saliant or — In 1593 found by " Clarenceux " 

ltfully borne by Sir Edward Drewe of Kyllerton in Devon- 

rjeant-at-law 1 Elizabeth, b Feb 5-1673. 2 John Drew 

», m Sarah Delano, dau of Dr Thomas D of Duxbury 

in Middleboro 3 Samuel, b Feb 21 1678 4 Thomas b 
Nicholas b 1684 6 Lemuel b 1684 Twins ? m Hannah 

>hn — Samuel Drew m. 1st abt 1702 Lydia m 2d Ruth De- 
1 of Dr Thomas & Mary (Alden) Delano 1 Cornelius b. 

1702-3 2 Perez b 17 it 3-1730 3 

Zebulon 4 Lydia m ioo«c x v.i«.isuu ^ odinuci zu u I7 J 3 ? — dau 
Abigail m. Samuel Delano 6 Ebenezer m Martha Cobb. 7 
Abigail in. Samuel Delano 6 Ebenezer m Martha Cobb. 7 De- 
borah m Joseph Chandler 8 Hannah r Abijah 2 Nahum 3 Ruth, 

1 of Samuel — Cornelius Drew b Duxbury d Dec 16, 1762 m. 
Kingston 27 Feb 1729 Sarah dan of Ichabod & 2d wife Desire 
(Arnold) Bartlett (des. of Robt. of Plym. 1623) b 1710 d 1775 1 
Ichabod b 1730 2 William b 1731 m Dorothy Bartlett. 3 James 
b Sept 23 1733 m Deborah Nye 4 Zenas b 1735 m Saba Gray & 
Polly Ripley 5 Luranna b 1738 m Joseph Bartlett. 6 Cornelius 
m Sarah Stetson 7 Abijah m Betsy Stetson & Sylvia Washburn 
8 Sarah 9 Seth (Major in Rev.) b 1747 d 1824 

3 of Cornelius — James Drew of Kingston d. Feb 4, 1807 m. 1760 
Deborah Nye of Xew Bedford, Mass. d. Sept. 26 1S05, aged 65 
1 Stephen Nye b Aug 19 1761 m Sylvia Prince 2 Clement b 1763 
m Judith Briggs of Pembroke 3 James Jr b 1765 d. y. 4 Sarah 
b 1766 m Martin Brewster 5 Judith b 1768 m Col Joseph Sampson 
and Col John Thomas 6 James b 1771 d. y. 

1 of James — Stephen Nye Drew, d Dec 6. 1835, m Nov. 13, 1787, 
to Sylvia dau of Capt Thomas & Lydia (Delano) Prince and grand 
dan of Joshua Sen and Ilopestell (Peterson) Delano, b Dux' 
June 20-1765 d Kingston Aug 3 1837 1 James b. Aug. 14, 1788, d. 
Sept 12 1788. 2 Judith b Nov. 13 17S9 d March 20, 1790. 3 
Sarah b May 3 1791. 4 Judith b Jan. 2 1793, d. Nov 8, 1875 maiden 
5 Maria b June 7 1795. m. Jeremiah Lobdell 6 George Stetson b 
July 6 1797 d. Oct 14, 1798. 7 Betsey Prince b August 10, 1799, 
m Jonathan Bonney 8 Lydia Prince b. Nov 24. 1861, d. April 16, 
1895, maiden 9 George Granville b. July 29, 1804, d. July 5, 1805 
10 Stephen Nye b. Dec 22, 1806 d. Sept. 27, 1807 

3 of Stephen N — Sarah Drew d Jan 6, 1825, m. Kingston 8 Oct 
1818 Elisha Ford. 1 Stephen Nye Drew Ford, b Kingston, June 
20, 1S19, d. Wilmington, Del. Jan. 22, 1890, m Clara dau of Dr 
William & Martha (Barnett) Carpenter of Port Penn, Del. 1 d. 
tinn. 2 Lydia Prince Drew Ford. 3 William Tong Bonney. 4 
Charles Prince Bonney. 5 James Prince. 6 Sarah Drew. 

2 of Joshua Delano 1st 
Rhoda Delano d. June 1st 1799 or Mar 4-1812 ? m. 18 Feb 1746 
to Samuel Winsor Sr son of William of Boston Mass fr. Devonshire 
Eng b Boston May 14-1725 d Duxbury May 22-1770 1 Nathaniel 
Winsor, b Jan 15-1747. m Jan 10-1768, to Olive Soule. 2 Joshua 
b May 1-1749, m 1st Olive Thomas, 2d Ruth Thomas, 3d Deborah 
Fish, had Lucy by 1st wife who m Samuel Delano Jr. 3 Samuel 
Jr. b Aug 31-1751, m Nov 3-1774 to Asenith Hunt. 4 William 
b Jan 27-1753, m 1st July 23-1775. to Anne Hunt, m 2d Mob 1795 
to Priscilla Delano, dau oi Judah and Lydia, no ch by 2d wife 5 
John b Aug 31-1756, m Nov 6-1778 to Nancy Thomas. 6 James 
b July 19-1759, d Feb 21-1767. 7 Peter b Aug 21-1761. 8 Rhoda 
b June 5-1764, m Jan 1-1784 to Amos Brown. 9 Betsy b Feb 3- 
1768, m Job Sampson. 10 James b Mar 17-1770. m Sarah Gray o 


Scituate Mass. data of Samuel and Eunice (Delano) Gray, whose 
dau was Eunice ? dau. of Elkanah & Mary (Saunders) Delano in 
Tho's Delano Jr br. (See Deborah Delano in Cornelius br. & 
Charlotte in Joshua Jr br.) 

3 of Joshua Delano (isL) 

Silvia Delano m. J3ux. 2j Dec. 1752 to Charles Foster, son of 
Samuel & Margarett (Tilden) Foster, b & liv. Kingston Mass. 1730 
1 Lucy Foster, b 1753 d y 2 Lucy, b 1756. 3 James, b 1758, m. 
Fear clan of Seth & Fear (Howard) Washburn, b Kingston, 1766. 
Ch. 1 James, b 1703, m Sarah, dau of Daniel Ripley. 
4 of Joshua Delano (1) 

llopestill Delano, d Woolwich Me. Feb 15-1829, m. 1st 1758 

Kingston Abigail dau of Ephraim & Abigail (Kimball) (wid. Job 

Prince) Everson, b Kingston, May 16-1742 d Woolwich Apr 2- 

1809 m. 2d Feb 181 1 Sarah Ballard (Oliver) widow b & d Wiscassett 

Me 1 Ephraim Delano, b Kingston Aug 10-1760 2 Ebenezer, b 

Nov 2ist-i76i 3 Abigail, b Aug 1-1763. 4 llopestill (dau) b 

June 11-1765 5 Aaron, b Sept 10-1767, tin-ni. d May 27-1794. 

6 Richard, b Sept 19-1769, m. Huldah Stinson Mar 29-1794, 

drowned at Georgetown Me Dec 21-1794, no ch. 7 Thankful, b 

Oct 2-1771, m Lemuel White, June 10-1795, & d Feb 14-1801, no 

ch. 8 Peleg, b Oct 23-1773 9 Beza, b Mar 4-1776. 10 Lucy, b 

Woolwich Dec 28-1782. 11 Joshua, b Apr 8-1787. (llopestill 

Delano with Ins family and household goods sailed from Kingston 

in his own vessel, landing at Woolwich about 1775, bought land 

built a house and made his home there. II i s sons followed the 

sea, and were Masters of Ships, some of them were lost at sea or d. 


1 of llopestill Delano 

Ephraim Delano, d Boston Oct 6-1802, Captain of ship " War- 
rington "' m. 25 Sept 1781 to Mary dau of John Guy and Mar 
(Gilmore) Carlton, b Woolwich Me July 23-1761 I John Carlton 
Delano, b July 18-1782 2 Richard Everson, b Sept 9-1785. 3 
Thomas Percy, b Aug 15-1787. 4 llopestill (dau), b Mar 25-1790. 
5 Jane Carlton, b July 24-1792. 6 Susan Webb, b Feb 7-1795 d. 
Georgetown (Arosie) 4 Mar 1822 m. Woolwich by Rev Jonathan 
Adams 5 Oct 1819: Huston Stinson b Georgetown 7 Oct 1793 d. 
11 Sept 1880 no ch. 7 Aaron, b Feb 20-1798. 8 Ephraim Jr, b 

May 24-1802. 

1 of Ephraim Delano 

John Carlton Delano of Woolwich d. Aug 6 1S52, m. 10 Sept 

1807 Mary dau of John & Mary (Farnham) Curtis, b Woolwich 

July 21-1782, d June 2 1863. 1st Sophia Weston Delano, b Sept 6- 

180S d 16 Jan 1804 m. Thomas Tibbets b. 20 Oct 1815 no ch. 2d 

Lewis Delano, b Sept 11-1S10, d 4 Apr 1849 m. 1836 to Nancy 

Hodghins b. Path Me. — no ch. 3d Jot!. am Curtis, b May 19-1815, 

•'• d June 27-1837. 4th Mary Jane, b Nov 28-1S17. 5th Adaline 

Amanda, b Sept 14-1S19 

4 of John Carlton Delano 

Mary Jane Delano d. Feb 23-1896 m. Woolwich 24. Dec 1S40 
James Tibbets, b Woolwich, Jan 26-18:7. (Savage Gen. Diet. IV- 


300) I Sarah Otis Tibbcts, b Oct 6-1S41, in. Cleveland Buck 
Wright, Nov 6-1869 2 Jotham Delano, b May 13-1S43 (enlisted 
Aug 6-1862, Private Co G. 20th Reg Me. Vols.) d ? a 
war 3 Ellen Maria, b Mar 18-1847, in Hirven Lawr 
3-1SS5. 4 Nancy Jane, b Feb 20-1849. 

5 of John Carlton Delano 

Adaline Amanda Delano, Res. Medford .Mass. in. Woolwich 21 
Nov 1S41 Charles William Carter, b do Feb 5-1808, d Oct 21-1878 
1 Josiah Trott Carter, b Oct 14-1842, m. Margarett Morse Day, 
July 4-1867, d. Dec 3-1892 2 Lewis Delano Carter, b Jan 13-1844, 
d May 18-1875 Soldier 3 Sarah Otis, b May 7-1845, m. George 
Washington Otis, Nov 21-1S66. 4 Mary Soule, b Nov. 28-1846. 
5 Sophia Delano, b Feb 10 & d Mar 20-184S. 6 Lucy Esther, b 
July 15-1853. 7 Elizabeth Hannah, b Mar 4-1S59, d Apr 3-1SS2. 
8 Adaline Jannelte, b June 14-1862, d. 27 Sept 1S83, ra. F William 
Carlton, May 23-1883 

2 of Ephraim Delano 

Richard Everson Delano, lost at sea 1812 m. 27 May 1810 by 
Rev. Abncr Wade to Jane dau of John and Mehetable (Bowen) 
Gray, b Woolwich, Sept 5-1792 1 Jane, b Aug 23-1811, m Francis 
Trott, Dec 26-1S36 d there June 3-1840 no ch. (Jane adopted by 
Samuel H Fullerton) 3 of Ephraim Dclano 

Thomas Percy Delano, d Aug 14-1869, m. Feb. 181 1 to Mary 
dau of Benjamin and Joanna (Trott) Grover, b Woolwich, May 28- 
1791 d Feb 1-1SS2 (Savage) 1 Harriet Delano, b Jan 1-1812 
2 Matilda, b Jan 11-1814. 3 Benjamin, b May 5-1816. 4 Susan 
Jane, b Sept 14-1S18, un-m. d Aug 20-1865 5 Samuel, b Feb 12- 
1821, d Nov 3-1S33. 6 John Percy, b Jan 17-1826, m Adelaide L 
Crooker, Mar. 16-1872, b Mar 4-1841 — no ch. Bath, Me., Jan. 6, 
1894. — John P. Delano died last evening, aged 69 years. He was 
a retired sea captain, director in the Bath bank and a citizen 
highly esteemed by all. 7 Joan Grover, b Aug 4-1827, d Nov 5- 
1833. 8 Ephraim Carlton, b July 19-1833, d Nov 7-1833. 9 
Martha Joan, b Aug 15-1836, un-m. 

1 of Thomas Percy Delano 

Harriet Delano, d Feb 18-1885 m. 3 June 1839 to James F 
Gilmore, b Woolwich Me. Oct 30-1809. (Gen. 1S8S) 1 David 
Gihnore, b May 1-1840. 2 George, b Dec 1S-1841. 3 Frances 
Jane, b Sept 18-1843. 4 Mary Ellen, b Mar 22-1845, m. Charles 
Henry Reed, Aug 27-1871. 5 Martha Lilly, b Mar 1-1S46, d Mar 
4-1874. 6 Harriet Florence, b Oct 10-1847, m. Olando Collins, 
Sept 22-18S6. 7 Susan Elizabeth, b Dec 30-1849, m. William Fran- 
cis Trott, Mar 19-1885. Ch. — George Frederick Trott. b Wool- 
wich Jan 14-1886. 8 James Swing, b Dec 24-1851. 9 Agnes Delano, 
b Dec 23-1853, m. Alfred Tarbox Soule, Apr 28-1878. Ch.— Al. 
Morton Gilmore Soule, b Woolwich, Nov 5-1879. 10 Edward 
Everet, b Mar 6-1856, m. Lydia Ann Brookins, June 26-1887. 

2 of Thomas Percy Dclano 

Matilda Delano d. Vienna Me. Jan 26-1886, m. Jan 1837 John 
Hall, b Georgetown Me. Oct 20-1814, d Feb 8-1873. 1 Thomas P 


Hall, b Apr 10-1838, d Dec 6-1862 (U S Army Co D, 3 Me Reg. at 
Alexandria Va.) 2 Jane M., b Apr 22-1S40, m. Joshua Sanborn, 
Sept 1867. 3 Benjamin D. b Sept 23-1841, m. Rose J Cumner, 
1)007-1865. 4 Frank S. b Feb 14-1845. in Clara Call, Dec 10-1874. 

5 John W. b Oct 31-1847, in Clara J Gordon, June 20-1872. 6 
Clara S. Feb 22-1851. m. Albion G Whittier, Mar 23-1878. 7 Aaron 
D. b Feb 19-1852. m Effie J Brown, Mar 9-1877, d. Apr 17-1884, 
d. Feb 3-1885 3 o{ Thomas p ercy Delano 

Benjamin Delano d Mar 17-1875 in 1st 14 July 1853 New Or- 
leans Agness dau of Patrick Henry and Melinda (Merrick) O'O li- 
ner, b in Pittsburg Pa Apr 26-1836. (Lost on the British Ship 
"Hungarian" which was wrecked on Cape Sable Nova Scotia 
Feb 6, i860, all on board perished), in 2d 21 Apr 1866 Bath Me. to 
Heilen dau of James cc Caroline (Trask) Campbell, b. New Castle 
Me. Mar 31-1837. (No. iss.) 2 Annie Mackison, b Mar 20-1856, 
d Bath Mar 12-1868. 3 Ella, b Jan 23-1S58. (Lost on the Hun- 

1 SAMUEL ERVIN DELANO of Bellevue Ky b Dec 14-1854, 
Woolwich Flereditary Chief of the house of Delano. (Being the 
nearest & eldest direct lineal descendant of Philippe de Lanr.oy 
1621) married in New Orleans, Oct 26-1S81 Agnes dau of James 

6 Anna (O'Conner) Mackison, b New Orleans Oct 6-1858. (Ch. 
b. 1st Alleghany City Pa. 2d 5th and 6th New Orleans, 3d Pitts- 
burgh Pa & 4th Pascagoula Miss, 7th Bath Me) 1 Agnes Macki- 
son, b Aug 3-1882. 2 Isabelle, b Mar 24-1884, d New Orleans May 
18-1884. 3 Benjamin, b Mar 22-1885, d Mansfield Pa July 18- 
1885. 4 Samuel Ervin Jr. b Oct 2-1S87. 5 Annie Mary Bcrnedett 
b Sept 8-1893 6 Martha Joan b Mar 6-1895 7 Benjamin Percy, 
b Nov 16-1896. 

4 of Ephraim Delano 
Hopestill Delano (dau) m. Nov 4-1809 By Rev Josiah Winship 
Woolwich Me d. Dec 25-1836 John Stinson, b Arowsie Me. Oct 29- 
1787, d. Woolwich June 6-1S//. 1 Jennett Gilmore Stinson, b Apr 
8-1811 — un-m. 2 Margarett Mitchell, b June 4-1812, un-m — d 
Aug 22-1878. 3 Mary Pearson b Nov 13-1813, m Capt John Car- 
ter, Feb 18-1842. (A Ship Master for 30 years), d Woolwich July 
18-1884. 4 David Gilmore, b Nov 18-1S14, m Sarah Carlton Jan 
20-1853, d 1856, he d Sept 12-1885. 5 William Frederick, b May 
8-1816, m Elizabeth Butler Liverpool Eng. 1844. (Mate of Ship 
Michigan of Bath Me. lost at sea) Oct 31-1843 6 Charles Gardner 
M. b June 20-1817, m. Marry Potter, Sept 15-1848. 7 Ephraim 
Everson b Oct 28-1818, un-m (lost at sea from Brig Fawn, wrecked 
in Humbolt Bay) Oct 30-1848. 8 James Huston, b Nov 5-1819. m 
Elizabeth (Butler) Delano (wid. of William F.) Jan. 13-1856, he d 
May 9-1878. 9 Susan Elizabeth, b Dec 2-1821, un-m 10 John 
Pearson, b May 8-1823, m Penelope Theving Sept 5-18S3. 11 
George Hopestill, b Nov 13-1826, m Bos. Ruth Theving. 12 Julia 
Smart, d. y. 13 Julia Smart b Sept 7-182S, m John B Potter, Jan 
1-1855. 14 John Farnham, d y 15 Robert McKean 16 Henry 
Clay, b July 28-1833, d. May 8-1866 

1 11 

5 of Ephraim Delano 
Jane Carlton Delano, d. Aug 24-1823, m. 17 Oct 1S11 by Rev 
Josiah Winship to Samuel Hutchinson Fullerton, b Woolwich July 
25-1785, d. 1 )ec 9-1864. 1 Martha Ann, b Oct 25-1813. 2 Ephraim 

Delano b Jan 5-1816. 3 William James, b Nov 1S-1817 
Grace*, b July 14-1810, d May 15-1822 5 Jonathan Adams,. 
2-1821 d June 18-1822. 

1 of Samuel Fullerton 

Martha Ann Fullerton, d. Mar 9-1847, m. 24 Nov 1840 G: 
Green Stinson. 1 Jane Delano, b Sept 15-1841, m Edwin 
Davis, 1863. Ch. Grace Fullerton Rochester X. II. b Yarmouth 
Me. Aug 10-1864, m Feb 1S82 George F Colboth. 2 Ellen Mitcheh 
b June 18-1S43, m Isaac Judson Brookings. Ch. Frank Green b 
Nov 17-1875. 2 of Samue i Fullerton 

Ephraim Delano Fullerton m. 27 Jan 1847 Hannah Springer 
Gilmore. 1 George Delano Fullerton, b Jan 4-1849 2 Mary Gil- 
more b Apr 22-1851. 3 Charles William, b Apr 18-1853, m 
Amanda Laidlow Aug 27-18S8. Ch. Ruth Bell, b Somervil'e 
Mass. Aug 2-1S89. 4 Jane Joanna, b June 10-1855, d Dec 13-1865 
5 Frank Kelley, b Mar 4-1857. 6 James Edward, b May 31-1859. 
7 Permelia Gilmore, b Sept 30-1861 d Dec 22-1865 8 Samuel 
John, b July 18-1864. 9 David Gilmore b Nov 21-1866. 
3 of Samuel Fullerton 

William James Fullerton, of Woolwich m. 29 Dec 1846 Abigail 
Edgecomb. 1 Samuel Edgecomb, b Nov 28-18.47 d Jan 28-1850 
2 Ann Martha, b Feb 22-1851, m. Mcllville O Webb, Oct 6-1873. 
she d Feb 21-1 887. Ch b. 2d m Woolwich ballance in Ottawa 
Ks. 1 Harrold Melville, b Oct 14-1S74, d Mar 3 1875. 2 Addie 
Elizabeth, b Dec 11-1875. 3 Herbert Melville, b July 25-1877. 4 
Edith Carter, b July 14-1879, d June 7-1881. 5 William Nathan, 
b Aug 31-1881. 6 Zoe Torrey b Dec 28-1882. 7 Ruth Edgecomb 
b May 14-1884 3 Elizabeth Jane, b Mar 24-1855, m. Frank M 
Harnden, Oct 8-1876. Ch b Woolwich. 1 William Fullerton b 
Mar 4-1877. 2 Richard McKown, b June 30-1879. 3 Jennie 
Percy b Nov 13-1880. 4 Frank Raymond, b July 24-1882. 5 
Robert Delano Harnden, b May 12-1885. 6 Florence Adelaide b 
Sept 25-1887 4 Herbert Warren, b July 12-1859, m. Arietta P 
Shaw, Dec 20-1884. Ch. Elenor Abigail b Dec 6-1887 

7 of Ephraim Delano 

Aaron Delano, d. at sea Jan 1S32 m. 10 Jan 1826 to Betsy dau of 
Benjamin and Joanna (Trott) Grover, b Woolwich, June 3-1804. 
1 Aaron Ephraim, b Mar 6-1827, un-m of Woolwich 2 Mehetable, 
b May 27-1829, m. George Knapp Dec 18-1869, Newburyport Mass 
Jan 7th 1810. Res 2y Suffolk St. Chelsea Mass. No ch. 

8 of Ephraim Delano 

Ephraim Delano Jr. d. at Sea Nov 27-T861 m. Bath Me 9 Sept 
1834 Jane Travis dau of James and Mary (Sayward) Robinson, b 
do Feb 21-1812. d. Jan 20-1884. t Lucy Maria, b July 4-1835. 
Bath. 558 Washington St m. 21 Jan 1861 to John Hughes b. Eng 
18 Nov 1832 '1 George Delano Hughes, b Dec 1-1861, m Sarah 


Ann Armstrong, Nov 15-1883. 2 Charles Frederick, b Oct 14- 
1866. 3 John Edward, b Feb 4-1S69. 4 Jennie Delano, b Sept 
25-1871, d May 4-1890. 5 Melvin Russell, b Jan 9-1SS1. 2 George 
Hunt, b Nov 8-1836 (last heard of May 1882, when Capt of a ship, 
sailed from Eng) 

2d of Hopestill Delano 
Ebenezer Delano, d. Woolwich Me Nov 27-1S36, m. New Castle 

31 July 1781 to Susanna dan of & Sally (Day) Webb, b New 

Castle Me. Apr 1702 d Woolwich Apr 27-1834. "1 Lewis Delano, 
b Oct 2-iyS^, d St Kilts. Apr 3-1802. 2 Bradford, b Mar 7-1786.' 
3 Ebenezer Jr. b Apr 12-1789, un-m. d Georgetown Me. Aug 13- 
1820. 4 Aaron, b Sept 10 & d Oct 3-1791. 5 John, b Aug 29 6c d 
Nov 27-1792. 6 Albert, b May 8-1794. 7 Richard, b Tune 6-1797, 
un-m. d Woolwich Aug 17-1820. 8 George Stetson, b Mav 6-1799 
9 Edwin, b May 1S01, un-m. d Cuba, July 22, 1825 

2 of Ebenezer Delano 

Bradford Delano, d Arrowsie Mch 21-1862 m. Woolwich 27 Tune 
1809 to Lucy Colbourn,6 Leominster Mass d Bath Me J11IV27-KS67. 
(Colbrand of Colebourne of Stafford Eng. 1381 & other shires,' 
armes: arg., a chev. bet. 3 bugle horns sa.) 1 Daniel Merrill De- 
lano, b Feb 5-1S11, un-m. d at sea. 2 Ira Bradford, b Sept 2;- 1S12 
m twice, no issue, d Kittery Me 18S7. 3 Benjamin Franklin, b 
Nov 3-1S14. 4 William Frederick, b Dec 9-1816, un-m. d Phila- 
delphia, Dec 9-1835 5 George Stetson, b Nov 25-1819, un-m. d 
New Orleans 1S55 6 Susan Webb, b Nov 5-1822. 7 David 
Porter, b Mar 25-1825, un-m. d Mexico, 1850 8 Isaac Newton, 
b Apr 16-1828, un-m. d Arrowsie 1S55 

3 of Bradford Delano 

Benjamin Franklin Delano of Bath, shipmaster, d. Aug 9-1S88, 
m. Bath 31 Aug 1846 Rachel dishing, dau of Zebidiah and Sophia 
A (Whittemore) Farnham, b Arrowsie, July 25-1830 d Mch 5-18^9. 
1 Anna Julia, b July 9-1848, un-m. d Oct 15-1S73 & 2 Frederick 
Albert twins d Dec 11-1848. 3 George Stetson Delano, b Oct 18- 
1851 of Medford Mass 40 Salem St Editor Manufacturer Writer 
Lecturer etc m. Medford 19 Nov 1S73 Lizzie dau of Thomas 
Edward and Abbie Olivia (Tucker) Ready, b Quincy Mass. Tune 
22-1854. 1 Franklin Perry, b Nov 17 & d. ioT^'. 2 Cadmus 
Rashcl, b Nov 12-1876. 3 Perienne Studa b Aug 15-1S7S. 4 
Rexa, b Aug 22-1S80, d Mar 30-1SS5 5 Frank York, b Sept 10- 
18S1, d Mar 24-1885. 6 Newell Gerry, b Feb 20-18S3. 

Life-notes of & by Geo S Delano 

Medford 1896 
I had a private and public school education in Bath Me., finish- 
ing same in England & Belgium. Had charge of a ship before I 
was twenty. Married at 22— retired from the sea 6 mos later, and 
am now the owner of the largest manftg. of mattresses in N. E. 
sending goods the world over— Have been active in politics as an 
old time Democrat, Chairman of town comm. & senatorial comm. 

Have written romances under nom-dc-plume " Rollin Corey " 

Have spoken in public— known locally as a lecturer, 1895 presented 



Lincoln School Medford with a heroic bust of Abraham Lincoln 
done by Martin M -Now Grand Generalissimo of the 

Knights of Malta for Mass. aral locally interested in all the societies 
which are for Medford's good — & Editor, owner and Publisher of 
the " Medford Light," a monthly journal. 
6 of Bradford Delano 

Susan Webb Delano, d. Sept 28-1873, m. New York i°~ ' 
Capt Ezekiel Benson Drummond, b Arrowsie Apr 2-1821 
Washington St. d Xov 19-1892 1 Ella Tonuy ? b Oct 7-1849 d 
Dec 7-1S66. 2 Susan Farida, b Oct 26-1S51. 3 George Benson, 
b July 21-1858, m Minneapolis Mar 7-1894 Ida M Rydell. 
6 of Ebenezer Delano 

Albert Delano of Woolwich d. Mar 22-1869 m Woolwich Mar 
28-1819 Olive Grace dau of Zeladiah & Jane (Carlton) Farnham, 
b. July 2-1796 d July 31-1S91 1 Ebenezer Delano, b Mar 12-1820, 
un-in. (Private Co E 21st Me Inf Vol.) 2 Hiram Mortimer, b Apr 
26-1822. 3 Charlotte Buck, b Mar 9-1826. 4 Alice Sophia, b Dec 
25-1829. 5 Jane Mary, b Aug 29-1832, d Jan 14-1833. 6 Susanna 
Jane, b June 9-1834, Bath m. 9 Jan 1873 to Edward Bayles Trask 
b. Hallowell Me. 31 Oct 1837 7 Frances Almira b Dec 20-1840, 
d Aug 23-1880 

2 of Albert Delano 

Hiram Mortimer De Lano of Norwalk O. m. 1st Woolwich 14 
Oct 1S49 Mary Ann dau of Daniel B. & Abigail J (Norton) Ward, 
b Barnstable Mass Mar 13-1830 d Bath May 10-1854 m. 2d do 8 
July 1855 Julia Adelaide Ward (sis. of above) b Dresden Me. May 
15-1838. 1 Ella Gertrude De Lano, b Feb 24-1851 Woolwich. 2 
Albert Henry, b Mar 13-1854 Bath. 1 Frank Wilber, b Woolwich 
Oct 14-1857, now of Baldwin Col. m. What Cheer la. 2 July 1883 to 
Marie dau of Sylvester & Annie Thompson (Hope) Johnson b. 
Montezuma la. 16 Jan 1861 2 Mary Abbie, b June 5-1860, d June 
4-1861. Bos. 3 Ward b Apr 8-1865, d Bos Aug 15-1866 4 Her- 
bert Scott, b June 12-1870 of Norwalk 

1 of Hiram Mortimer De Lano 

Ella Gertrude De Lano Denver Col. 1143 Washington Ave. m 
Norwalk Oct 17-1S71 to Harrison Samuel Vaughn, b Hartland 
N. Y. Aug 30-1846 (Private Co A, 8th N. Y. H Art Regt lost right 
arm at Cold Harbor Va June 3-1S64.) 1 Mary Winifred, b Algona 
Iowa Aug 22-1872, m. Denver 26 Sept 1893 Marion Eugene 
Antrim b. Harveysburg O. 12 July 1874 no ch. 2 Sidney Wilber, 
b July 17-1876, d in Upper Mattole, Cal. Aug 3-1891 3 Harold 
Scott, b Apr 13-1882. 4 Florence, b Dec 20-1884. 5 Courtland, 
b Mar 2-1888. 

2 of Hiram Mortimer De Lano 

Dr Albert Henry De Lano of Lone Tree Iowa (Studied teleg- 
raphy, operating at Erie Chicago etc Med. grad, Un. Iowa 18S5-7 
Reg. pharmacist 1889) m Vermillion O. Apr 2d 1S79 Elsie Louisa 
dau of Benjamin X. and Catherine (Elson) Goodsell, b Vermillion 
Apr 5-1858. 1 Courtland Alvah, b Osceola Ind Sept II-1880. 2 
Albert Carl, b Mt Vernon I. Jan 25-1884, d Apr 26-1885. 3 Mil " 
dred, b Lone Tree Nov 28-18S9. 


4 of Hiram Mortimer De Lano 
Herbert Scott De-Lano, m Norwalk Sept 22-1891 Emma 
Josephine dau of Frank and Emma (Huber) Morris, b Venice Ohio 
Mch 15-1870 1 Frank Mortimer, b Col. City Col. May 2-1893 
2 Milton Herbert, b June 4-1896 

3 of Albert Delano 

Charlotte Buck Delano, m Woolwich June 11-1846 Robert Mc- 
Kown Harndcn, b Woolwich June 7-1825 1 Elizabeth Grace 
Harnden, b Mar 14-1847, m Nov 13-1SS4 George M Greenwood. 2 
Frank Melville, b Aug 7-1S52, m Oct 8-1876 Elizabeth Jane Fuller- 
ton. (Fullerton record Ephraim Delano br.) 3 Carrie Adelaide, 
b Feb 1-1854. 

4 of Albert Delano 

Alice Sophia Delano, d Apr 2S-1SS1 m. Woolwich Thomas Trott 
(see Treat) 1 Winifred Taylor, b Aug 15-1863. 2 Alice Bertha, 
b Aug 16-1864, d Portsmouth Oct 16-1SS0 3 Annie Parson, b 
Aug 4-1869, d July 15-1890. 4 Albertine Olive, b Sept 4-1870 5 
Blanch Gordon, b Dover N. II. Aug 10-1874. 

5 of Ebenezcr Delano 

George Stetson Delano, d Monona Co la. May 5-1885 m Wool- 
wich Dec 1827 Caroline Delano dau of Peleg and Sarah (Day) De- 
lano, b Woolwich Oct 7-1S06 d Portland Me Nov 8-1877. I Alice 
Susan, b Dec 18-1828, of Watertown Mass 2 Clara, b Nov 1820, 
d 1831. 3 Edwin, b Apr 17-1831 4 Henrietta, b Dec 1-1S32. 5 
Caroline Augusta, b June 21-1833. 6 Sarah Day. b Nov 7-1836 
New Castle 7 George Andrew, b July 20-1836, d Wiscassett 1838 
8 Marcus, b July 20-1842, Wis't. 9 George Andrew Delano, b 
Phippsburg Me July 28-1847 m Dec 1890 Mary Leary of 62 
Myrtle St Boston 

1 of George Stetson Delano 

Alice Susan Delano, of Alston Mass 30 Howard Ave m Damans- 
cutta Me. Sept 20-1852 Samuel Carlton Rundlett, b Alma, Me Aug 
6-1820, d. Portland Jan 1-18S3. 1 Addie Metcalf, b Alna Sept 20- 
1853, m. Isaac T Johnson, Oct 2d 1872 Ch. Bertha May, b Apr 
17-1874, Grace Gertrude b Aug 13-1875 Edith Maud, b Sept 9- 
1878. Res Alston 2 Fred Emelius, b New Castle Me Aug 7- 
1859, m. Minnie R Siisby, Oct 4-1SS2— Ch. Harold Allan, b Apr 2- 
1884, Ellsworth Turner, b July 4-1886 Earl ClifTton b Sept 21-1888, 
Dorothy Edith, b June 28-1893. 

3 of George Stetson Delano 
Edwin Delano, d. Sonora Cal. June 8-1890 m Damariscotta Me. 
Sarah Jane dau of Nathaniel and Eliza (Ewell) Mathews, b Waldo- 
boro Me. Feb 24-1835 1 Frank Edwin, b Sonora May 30-1867, 
un-m of Chelsea 

4 of George Stetson Delano 
Henrietta Delano, of Rodney la. m New Castle Mar 22-1853 
Willard Glover Kennedy, b New Castle Oct 11-1828. I Ella 
Aseneth, b Sept 21-1854, m. William Rounds, Oct 5-1869. 2 Mae 
Woodbridge, b Dec 16-1860, m Sept 6-1882 John Campbell Giiker- 
son. 3 Willard Hampton, b Waseca Minn Feb 12-1862, m. Jan 6- 


1SS5 Belle Cornish Sawin. 4 Arabella Alio-?, b Grant la. Sept 24- 
1868, d Apr 6-1 386. 

6 of George Stetson Delano 

Sarah Day De Lano, of Chelsea .Mass m Thomaston Me. July 
10-1855 Gorharn Austin Mathews son of Nathaniel and Eliza 
(Ewell) Mathews, b Waldoboro Me. Jan 25-1832 d Chelsea Dee 
29-1869. (Private Co A 1st Battery, 11. A. Fort Warren, Boston 
Harbor transferred to the Navy, Master-at-Arms on " Canonicus." 
Occupation, Sail Maker.) 1 Emma Adella Mathews, b Damaris- 
cotta Me. Sept 7-1856. Chelsea 17 Grove St. 2 Carrie Augusta, 
b Apr 29-1S58, in Chelsea, Nov 7-187S James Cassell, no ch. 3 
Alice Louiza, b Bos. Nov 22 & d Dec 15-1S62. 4 Clara Eliza, b 
Chelsea Aug 4 & d Sept 14-1866. 

8 of George Stetson Delano 

Rev Marcus De Lano, (Enlisted May 3d 1861 as Private Co B, 
1st Maine Inf 3 months. Discharged Aug 3-1S61 Enlisted 2d 
Co B, 10th Maine lnf for 2 years, was Corporal, Sergeant and 
Lieutenant, was with my Regiment in the Shenandoah Valley under 
Genl Banks afterward under Genl Pope and later with Army of the 
Potomac. Disch May 8-1863 In Sept 1884 I was received on 
trial in the North West Iowa Conference of the Methodist E Church 
received in full connection and Ordained 1886, 1891, Pastor at Will- 
iams, Hamilton Co I. Res. Rodney Iowa) m Sioux City Iowa Apr 
30-1876 Emma dau of Harnon & Rachel (Hollister) Renehan, b 
Ridgeway Wis. Apr 27-1856. 1 Edna Caroline b Fayette Wis Jan 
29-1877. 2 Maude Ardell, b Dakotah la Mar 2d 1890. 3 Edith 
b Williams la. Aug 31-1891 

3 of Hopestill Delano 

Abigail Delano, d. Jan 21-1841 m. 23 Nov 1784 James Blinn 
b. 1755 of Woolwich d. Nov 16-1S31 1 Richard Delano Blinn, 
m. Harriett Gregg (d. at sea near Kamtschatka) 2 Henry, m. Betsy 
Lowell had 3 children. 3 Aaron. 4 James Jr. 5 Abigail Delano, 

m. James G White 6 Lucy, m Bartlett White 7 Nancy, m 

James Hunnewell 8 Beza, m Elias Bailey 9 Joshua Blinn, b 
Wiscassett Me m. Dec 4-1822 Julia Hilton d. Nov 3-1861. She d 
Nov 6-18S3. • 

4 of Hopestill Delano 

Hopestill Delano (dau) d Woolwich Nov 20-1816 m 1st Wool- 
wich 1782 Peleg Bradford, see Bradford p. d. Jan 17-17S7 m 2d 
Woolwich Dec 17-1788 Abner 5 Wade, son of Joseph 4 — (Joseph 3 
— Thomas 2 — Nicholas 1) & Rachel (Turner) Wade b Scituate Mass. 
Nov 14-1746, d Woolwich Oct 24-1827. (Abner Wade in Revo- 
lution from Mass. Enlisted May 1775 to J an J -- l 777> as private and 
Sergeant. Lieutenant Jan 1-1777 to ^ a y 17&0 as Captain May 
1780 to July 4-1783, in 8th Mass. immediately under Washington. 
It is known he participated in battles of White Plains 1776, Tren- 
ton 1776, Princeton 1777, Saratoga 1777, Monmouth 1778 & York- 
town 1781. Was at Valley Forge 1777. Furnished by E Delano Wade 
Dover Me). 1 Eunice, b Mar 10-1783. d July 15-1818. 2 P< ' 
Jr. b Sept 27-1786. 1 Turner Wade, b Sept 23-1789. 2 Caleb, b 
Jan 5-1792, d Jan 2-1830 3 Abner Harnden, b Oct 14-1793, d 


Sept 19-18S1 4 Lucy Gilmore, b May -31-1795 d Jan 31-1837 5 
Aaron Delano, b July 31-1799, d Cal 6 Eben Delano, b Oct n- 
1801 d Oct 19-1801 7 Rachel Gilmore, b May 19-1803, d July 27 

1855 8 Joseph b Oct 1 1-1805 d Oct 17-1807 9 William Bragdon, 
b Apr 6-1810 d Aj r 29-1849. (Ancient town records of Kingston 
gives birth as "June 11-1765 " Wade descendants say Hopestill b 
"June 11-1759," t! 'is would make her eldest of the fam, inclined 
to think Kingston correct.) 

2 of Peleg Bradford & Hopestill Delano 
Peleg Bradford Jr m. Martha Soule (see Soule notes) d. Nov 23- 

1856 1 Hopestill, b Apr 12-180S, m Mch 20-1834. 2 Eunice B. 
b Oct 9-1S10, m Mch 4-1830. 3 Peleg (3) b Apr 1S-1812 4 Lucy 
W. b Mch 5-1814, m Dec 23-1839 5 Lewis S. b .Mch 21-1816, m 
Mch 24-1840 6 Bcnaiah P. b Sept 6-1S17, m Oct 2-1S45 7 
Martha S. b Mar 27-1819, m Aug 29-1842 8 Julia Ann, b July 31- 
1821, m Nov 23-1845 9 Samuel S. b June 15-1S23, m Nov 29-1850 
10 Joann G. b Aug 18-1825, m July 7-1846 11 Alary W. b Mch 9- 
1828, m Jan 14-1850. 12 Rachel G. b Jan 19-1830, m Nov 12-1855. 

3 of Peleg Bradford Jr 
Peleg Bradford 3d d Mch 27-1864 m. 20 Nov 1S39 Emily Waugh, 
d July 25-188S 1 Sarah Helen Bradford, b Mch 17-1840. 2 Peleg 
Bradford (4th) b Dec 20-1841. 3 William W b Dec 27-1843. 4 
Bartlett, b Feb 8-1846. 5 Owen D. b July 20-18.18. 6 Samuel b 
Feb 27-1851. Drowned Mch 24-1858. 7 Clara R b Sept 30-1853, 
m Oct 1876 d Sept 17-1891 8 Emma b May 29-1856. 9 Martha, 
b Aug 22-1862, m. 29 Sept 1S80 to Ben E Sylvester had 1— Ben E. 
b. 11 July 1881, 2— Fred B— b. 15 Nov 1883— (4 sons of Peleg in 
Civil War. Peleg (4) enlisted Co F, in 1st Me Heavy Arty July 
22-1S62, wounded in front of Petersburg Va, July 17 & Discharged 
Dec 12-1864 William. Enlisted Sept 1-1862 Co A, 22d Me. 
t)isch. Aug 14 1863. re-enlisted U S Navy 1864, disch. 1865. En- 
listed in U. S. A. 1867, disch 1870 Bartlett. Enlisted Co A 22d 
Me Sept 1-1862 disch Aug 14-1863, re-enlisted in Co F, 1st Me 
Heavy Arty Sept 26-1864 disch June 6-1865 Owen D enlisted 
Nov 3-1863 Co F, 1st Me Heavy Arty killed in battle near Welden 
R R Va Oct 2d-iS64.) 

1 Peleg Bradford (^c\) 
Sarah Helen Bradford, d. Feb 6-1895 ™- *7 Mar 1840 Daniel K 
Weld, d. May 29-1882 1 Mary Emma Weld, b Oct 22-1866, m 
Sept 3-1896 John Cotrell Hescock. 2 Fannie Weld, b Feb 22-1868. 
3 Albert Owen Weld, b Sept 12-1869. 

2 of Peleg Bradford (3d) 
Peleg Bradford (4th) m. 1S66 Eliza C McPherson, b Feb 12- 
1846. 1 Eva F Bradford, b Feb 18-1868, d Dec 1-1889 2 Emma 
C. b Jan 30-1869. 3 Fred B. b Aug 18-1870, m Georgie L Small 
May 9-1896 4 Frank P. 3 & 4 twins, m Nellie M Conarv, Tune 
24-1S94 5 Asa W. b May 1-1S72. 6 Charles E. b Apr 13-1874. 
7 Benjamin R. b Sept 21-1882. 8 Edward E. b June 3-1884. 
2 of Peleg Bradford (4th) 
Emma C Bradford, m 30 Jan 1890 Foster Brooks. 1 Foster M 


Brooks, b Feb 8-1S91 d 1S91 2 Eva B. b Feb 10-1893 3 Forest. 
M. b Sept 13-1S95 

5 of Peleg Bradford (4th) 

Asa W Bradford, ra. 31 Dec 189 1 Lillian E Dinsmore. 1 Eva 
Bradford, b Sept 24-1S92 2 Peleg Bradford (5th) b Feb 14-1894. 
4 of Peleg Bradford (3d) 

Bartlett Bradford, m. 31 Dec 1871 Melissa E Kimball, b Mch 13- 
1S47 1 Owen D Bradford, b Nov 1-1872, m 1895 Maria E Pack- 
ard. Ch. 1 Hazel B. b Dec 9-1895 2 Gladys E. b Jan 24-1897. 
2 Grace H. b July 12-1S75 3 Leora C. b Nov 20-1S81 4 Florence 
E. b June 13-1S84 5 Ruby L. b Nov 1 1-1SS6 

1 of Abner Wade & Hopestill Delano 

Turner Wade, d Jan 27-1S29 m. Woolwich 29 Dec 1814 Hannah 
Carlton dau of Zebediah and Jane (Carlton) Farnham, b Woolwich 
Apr 29-1794 d Sangerville Me Nov 16-18S4 (m 2d Deacon John 
Stinson of Woolwich Oct 23-1849 who d. 1877) 1 Jane Farnham, 
b Nov 10-1815, d Sept 5-1856 2 Abner Turner, b Nov 1-1817 d 
Oct 28-1S95 3 Abigail Everson, b Sept 13-1819, d Oct 12-1S57 
4 Joshua Farnham, b Jan 8-1822, d May 30-1848 5 Ebenezer De- 
lano, b Jan 13-1824. 6 Hannah Carlton, b Nov 3-1826, d Feb 3- 
1827 7 Hannah Farnham, b Dec 8-1827, d Nov 9-1841 
5 of Turner Wade 

Ebenezer Delano Wade, of Dover Me m New Sharon Feb 2- 
1847 Mary Ripley dau of James and Betsy (French) Dyer, b New 
Sharon Me. Aug 8-1823 1 Eben Eugene Wade, b Sangerville 
Mar 3-1846, d. Mar 26-1872 (grad of " Bates College " 1870, taught 
in Maine Central Institute Pittsfield where he d.) 2 Mary Augusta, 
b Parkraan Me Jan 29-1851 3 Flora Nellie, b P'n. June 16-1861 
8 of Hopestill Delano 

Peleg Delano. " He was a regular Master Mason of Lodge No 
25 registry of Eng and registered in the books of the Grand Lodge 
of Lon the 5th day of May year of Masonry 5796 or May 5-1796. 
Robert Leslie, Grand Sec Thomas Harper Dpr G Sec." d Wool- 
wich May 17-1833, m. Aug 15-1S01 ^arah Day, b Woolwich Sept 
10-17S0 d New Castle Me Nov 1 5-186 1 1 Clarissa, b Aug 2-1803, 
m. Joseph Cargill of Roxbury Mass ? 2 Caroline, b Oct 7-1806 
(see Rec. of Geo S. in Ebenezer line) 3 Orlando Loveless, b Dec 
22-180S. 4 Charles Maitland, b Feb 22-1812. 5 Lorenzo, b July 
11-1816. 6 Azula, b Mar 17-1819. 7 Albion King Paris, b Dec. 
24-1822, d May 29-1834. 

3 of Peleg Delano 

Orlando Loveless De Lano, of New Castle Me d Sheepscot 
Bridge Me July 12-1884, m. Rachel dau of Benjamin and Johanna 
(Trott) Grover, b Woolwich, Oct 1-1809. I Clara, b Nov 4-1S39. 
2 George Eugene, b July 22-1852. 

1 of Orlando Loveless Delano 

Clara De Lano, Res. Hudson Mass m. Llewellyn Deson Light 
(fam. of Oxford & Somerset Eng. Ancient amies: Gules, 3 swans 
argent. 1 Ida M. b New Castle Me Dec 16-1860, rn Mr Bailey 
2 Ellen M. b Damaricota Me July 26-1861 (see Joshua & Emeline 
Rec) 3 Clara, b Nov 14-1862, m Mr Derby. Ch. Edith M. b June 


21-1885 4 Lizzie M. b New Castle Tan 31-1S66, m Mr Littlcficld 5 
Orlando De Lano Light, b May 24-1868. 6 Joseph C. b Wiscas- 
sett Me Oct 31-1S ). 7 Rachel D. b June "-i$72 S Minnie P. b 
Nov 10-1875 9 Fannie C. b July 12-1879 

2 of Orlando Loveless Delano 
George Eugene De Lano of De Lano Washington 
(De Lano Wash. 1S90) 

" I started out at the age of sixteen and shipped in the ' Arcadia : 
of Bath Me loaded in Boston 1868 for San Francisco Cal., thence 
to Liverpool, Eng ec back to Boston. Jan 1870 joined ship 
'Austria' of Bath thence to St John N. B. to Liverpool to Bos. 
Nov 1S70 joined ship ' Prussia ' in Boston to New Orleans, thus 
making many similar voyages from many cities. Aug 188S took 
command of schooner ' Louis,' the first ' five masted schooner ' 
built on the Pacific coast at Coos Bay Oregon bound to Tacoma. 
Left the Louis in Tacoma and took charge of the famous clipper 
ship ' Seminole ' I left her last spring and am now Proprietor of 
' De Lano Beach ' destined to be a summer resort on Paget 

m. Jackson Miss. Edith Helen dau of Thomas Taylor and Emma 
Martin (Wallace) Weeks, b Jefferson Me Jan 8-1862. 1 Virginia, 
b Jeffersonville July 8-1SS2. 2 Gilmore Wallace, b Tacoma Wash 
July 21-1891. 

4 of Peleg Delano 

Charles Maitland De Lano (Resolutions; "Whereas it has 
pleased the Divine Architect to remove from time to eternity our 
worthy and beloved Brother, Charles Maitland De Lano, acting 
Grand deputy of Cherokee Lodge No 21 A. Y. M. and Master of 
the same, whereas the members of said lodge share in the general 
sorrow) d Apr 25-1861 m Park Hill Ind Ter. Dec 23-1845 Susan 
Ann dau of Wallace & Mary (Conrad) Van, b Chattanooga Tenn. 
Dec 3-1827 (m 2d Dr Levitt Thornton) d South West City Mo. 
June 17-1889. 1 Amanda Malvina, b Tahlequah I. T. Feb 2d 1849 
2 Caroline Sophia, b Feb 16-1853 & d June iS. 3 Orlando Alvin, b 
Feb 1- 1 855, d Apr 22-1S62 

1 of Charles Maitland De Lano 

Amanda Malvina De Lano, Res. South West City Mo. m Bon- 
ham Tex. Feb 12-1868 William J Thornton, b Chattanooga May 
6-1847 1 Susan Elizabeth, b Mar 17-1869, d Apr 9-1SS6 Bonham. 
2 Sarah Leona, b Feb 5-1871 S. W. City. 3 Minnie Estella, b Mar 
2-1874. 4 Eva Viola, b Oct 22-1876. 5 Alice Lee Maitland, b 
July 12-1879. 

5 of Peleg Delano 

Lorenzo Delano, d Cleveland Tenn. May 15-1857, m Park Hill, 
I. T. Nov 1849 Minerva Jane Lee (wid) dau of John O. & Emily 
(Meigs) Walker (Emily being a cousin of Genl Return J Meigs; 
her Father was ^ Cherokee.) b CTd Mar 24-1829, d July 6 or 7- 
1870. 1 Ella Delano, b Ft. Gibson Ind. Ter. Aug 30-1850 of 
Catoosa, I. Ter m Cl'd Sept 5-1871 Dr Joseph J Ford, b Cl'd Sept 
J9-1847. No ch. 2 Fannie, b Aug 10-1856, d Cl'd 


9 of Hopestill Delano 
Beza Delano (dau) d Oct 30-1S50 m Woolwich June 1S00 Capt 
Joshua Boynton, son of John and Temperance (Hayden) Boy n ton 
b & resided in Wiscassett Me 1773 d Brownhelm Nov 21-1851 
1 ch. b. 1S01 d. y. 2 Lewis Delano Boynton, b Aug- 5-1802. 3 
Thankful Delano Boynton, b Sept 4-1804 m Solomon Emerson 
(2 ch. Thankful S and Beza.) 4 Daniel Tucker, b Feb 15-1807 

5 ch. d. y. 6 Joshua Jr. b Mar 17-1S11 m. tS^ had Mary Beza 7 
Sophronia, b Nov 21-1813, Waterville Me 8 John Hancock, b 
Oct 13-1816 9 Elbridge Gerry b June 18-1820 

2 of Joshua Boynton and Beza Delano 
Lewis Delano Boynton, d. Elyria O Sept 9-1871 m. 1st Belgrade 
Me Apr 17-1822 Ruth Wellman, Belgrade Feb 22-1806 d. Lorain 
Co O. Jan 27-1840 m. 2d New Castle Mc Sept 27-1840 Azula King 
Delano (his 1st cousin) dau of Peleg and Sarah (Day) Delano, b 
Woolwich Mch 17- 181 9. 1 Sylvanus Cobb Boynton b Belgrade 
Sept 26-1823, m Lorain Co O. Oct 1851, had Delano Boynton 2 
Thankful Lewis b Olivet Mich May 29-1825 m Wm Emerson 3 
Maria Louisa, b O. Apr 23-1827, d Aug 25-1861 4 Joshua Se- 
bastian, b Mch 15-1829 5 Daniel Lewis, b Dec 1-1830, d Aug 1865 

6 Washington Wallace, b Cleveland O Jan 27-1833, m Elizabeth 
Terrell 7 Henry Clay b Sept 2-1834 d June 9-1863 8 Ruth Eliza 
b July 31-1836, d Oct 3-1866 9 Theressa Ann b Apr 29-1838 d 
Feb 14-1839 1 Charles Albion Boynton, b June 10-1842 m 1st ? 
m 2d Emma Lewis, May 11-18S0. Ch b Washington D. C. 1 
Charles, b Feb 1 1-1883. 2 Henry b June 30-1885 — Capt Co E 42d 
O V I 1 861 to '65 2 Clara Ellen b Elyria O. Sept 13-1844 un-m 
3 Milton Shakespeare, b S. Amherst Mch 18-1846, m Oberlin O. 
Aug 28-1867, to Mary M Eldred. Ch b Elena O 1 Clarence b Mar 
17-1869. 2 Lelia b Oct 2-1870. 3 Frank, b Feb 29-1872 4 
Frances b Aug 21-1873 5 PHnn, b May 14-1875 6 Harry b Jan 
2S-1877. Lelia m Elyria O. Jan 16 1895 to John Lersch; son of John 
and Parmelia (Boynton) Lersch. (Parmelia dau of Joshua Jr 
and g-d of Capt Joshua Boynton Sr) 4 Marianna Arabella, b 
Russia O. Aug 7-1847, m C C Spencer. 5 Diana Amanda, b 
Oberlin O. May 10-1849, m 1869 William Blovelt. 6 Rosella 
Theresa b Russia Feb 25-1853, d Jan 23-1859 7 Eugenia Azula, 
b Dec 21-1855 d Feb 19-1859 

7 of Joshua Boynton & Beza Delano 
Sophronia Boynton, d Waco Tex Jan 4-1885 m Russia Tp. O. 
Oct 20-1835 Almon Axtell, b Peru Mass. Sept 18-1811 d Poplar 
Bluff Mo. June 19-1873. (Thomas Axtell bap. Berkhamsted Eng 
1619 to N. E. ab 1642 son of W'm — also Extell) armes: Az, 3 axes 
arg) (Axtell Gen.) 1 John Boynton Axtell, b July 23-1836 & d 
Oct 5th. 2 John Almon, b Oct 15-1837, d Feb 9-1S38. 3 Joshua 
Delano Axtell, b Amherst Oct 20-1838, d Jan 23-1S39. 4 Teressa 
Ann, b Russia Jan 8-1840 d Oct 30-1854. 5 Ruth, b Elyria Feb 22- 
184". un-m d St Louis Mo Feb 3-1896 6 Ellen Cecilia, b Apr 3- 
1843, un-m. 7 Almon Orsemus, b Sept 26-1845, d Feb 18-1847 
8 Decatur, b Feb 8-1S48, m Little Rock, Ark Oct 13-1S75 to Mary 

Cantrell, b May 6-1856. 9 Daniel Benton, b Apr 29-1S50 & m 
June 16-1876 Rich. Ya. 

10 of Hopestill Delano 

Lucy Delano, d New Castle Feb 15-1841 m Woolwich Dec 10- 
1S05 Charles Nichols Sr, b New Castle July 12-1778 d Dec 22-1822 
I Charles Nichols Jr. b .May 13-1808, d July 8 2 Wilmot, b Aug 
3-1809, d Nov 21-1833 3 Charles, b Jan S-1S11, d Dec 2-1852. 4 
Hannah, b July 1-1812, m to Lewis Kennedy in New Castle Jan 17- 
1838, has Dr A L Kennedy, Boston. She d. New Castle Apr 26- 
1877. 5 Edwin, b June 1S-1814, d Sept 28-1S4S. 6 Hartley, b Apr 
7-1 Si 7. d Jan 29-1864. 7 Lucy Delano Nichols, b June 21-18 18, 
m Wm Hall Feb 6-1S40, d Black Rock Conn. 8 Marietta A b Jan 
8-1821 d Sept 20-1822 9 Caroline, b Jan 12-1823, d Mar 20-1852 

11 of Hopestill Delano 

Joshua Delano, Lost at Sea Apr 10-1821 m Woolwich May 24- 
1S09 Lydia dau of John & Margarett (Lancaster) Shaw, b Wool- 
wich Dec 19-1790, d Sept 1S29. 1 Emeline, b Apr 11-1S11. 2 
Peleg, b Nov 5-1S12, un-m. d Woolwich. 3 Abigail Everson. b 
Jan 29-1S15 4 Margarett Shaw, b June 3-1817. 5 Charles Nichols, 
b Feb 19-1819. 6 Joshua Hopestill, b Apr 9-1821, un-m. d Cal 

1 of Joshua Delano 
Emeline Delano, d Wiscassett Mch 20-1894 m Woolwich Aug 8- 
1847 William Dickinson, b Wiscassett Dec 30-1808, d Jan 17-1868 
1 William Allen, b June 1849, d Jan 17-1S63. 2 Albert Joshua, b 
Mar 3-1S54, of Hudson Mass m New Castle, June 13-1SS0 Ellen M 
dau of Llewellyn and Clara (Delano) Light, b Damariscetta Me 
July 26-1861 1 Clarence Albert, b Woolwich July 25-1881. 2 
Sydney Ray, b Mar 5-1884. 3 Grace Ella, b July 24-1S86. 4 Josie, 
b June 1-1S89. 

3 of Joshua Delano 

Abigail Delano, d Wiscassett Oct 30-1S95 m Woolwich Nov 17- 
1839 Francis J Brookings, b Woolwich, May 22-1S17 d Sept 9-1891 
1 Margaret Ellen Brookings, b Sept 25-1S42, Chicago 111 143-74111 
St Windsor Park 2 Emma Augusta, b Oct 2-1844. m L G Trott 
West Medford Mass. 62 Boston Ave 3 Abbie E. b Nov 1-1846, 
m L M Sanborn Waltham Mass 35 Washington Ave 4 Frances A. 
b Feb 4-1848, Wiscassett Me 5 Clara Jane, b Nov 24-1850. 6 
Sarah Ruth, b Feb 13-1852 Wiscassett 7 Caroline Gertrude, b 
Sept 9-1854, Chicago do Windsor Pk 8 Isabella, b Aug 17-1856. 

4 of Joshua Delano 

Margarett Shaw Delano, d Jan 1-1SS6 m Woolwich Henry 
Walker, b Woolwich, Oct 181 1 d 1891 I Margarett Ellen, b 1840, 
d Aug 16-1S63 2 Fred Stintson, b 1S42 d Feb 21-1862 

5 of Joshua Delano 

Capt Charles Nichols Delano, Master Mariner, d in Bath Dec 
5-1S87 m 1st Phippsburg Aug 15-1843 Frances Caroline Larabee 
or Larrabee b Phippsburg Jan 26-1824, d Bath Me Nov 4-1864 
m 2d Phipps'g Nov 17-1865 Beatrice Jane Larabee (Twin Sister 
of the above). 1 Mary Frances, b Bath May 25-1844, d Jan 20- 
1S45. 2 William Larrabee, b Jan 4-1846 Portland Me. 3 Char; ., 


Crosby, b Apr d-1848, d May 22-1849. 4 Mary Antionett, b 
Phipps'g June 25-1S50, Worcester Mass. 5 Charles Joshua b Oct 
22-1852, d Sept 6-1854 6 Frances Almira, b May 5-1854, Bath — 
1 Robert Pelham b July 10-1S62, d Oct 19-1883 
2 of Charles Nickols Delano 

William Larrabee Delano (Dealer in Lumber, Mouldings, Brack- 
ets and House finishing materials, No 48S Fore St Portland Me.) 
m. Brooklyn N. Y. Sept 10-1872 Rebecca E dau of Frederick and 
Susan (King) Waswick, b Brooklyn Mar 5-1854. 1 Carrie 
Frances, b B'lyn Mar 16-1873, d Aug 13-1874 2 Mary Frances, b 
Portland June 10-1875. 3 Edith Maude, b July 3-1877. 4 Ralph, 
b Dec 26-1880, d Jan 13-1SS1. 

4 of Charles Nickols Delano 

Mary Antionette Delano, m. Bath Me. Oct 25-18S2 Charles E 
Hebbard, Merch't of Worcester Mass 1 Caroline Pelham, b Sept 
22-18S6, d July 27 '87 

6 of Charles Nickols Delano 

Frances Almira Delano, m. Bath, Sept 12-1876 Frank W Weeks. 
I Mary E b Apr 9-1877. 2 Beatrice C. b Dec 3d 1878. 3 Charles 
N. b Aug 17-1880 4 Olive M. b Dec-3-1883 

5 of Joshua Delano Sr 

Bezu Delano (dau) d Me. before 1774 m 1st Duxbury 1755 Ben- 
jamin Allen, b Plymouth m. 2d Duxbury Samuel Drew, son of 
Ebenezer & Martha (Cobb) Drew, b Kingston Mass 1739 (He 
m 2d bef. 1777 wid. Hannah Cook) 1 Benjamin Allen Jr. b 1755. 

1 Beza Drew (son) b Kingston 

6 of Joshua Delano Sr 

Martha Delano, d Isle. 1820 (aged 82 ys.) m. Duxbury 1759 
Robert Cushman son of Robert and Mary (Washburn) Cushman, 
b Kingston, Oct 27-1738, d Woolwich 1799. I Robert Cushman, 
b Kingston Apr 11-1761. "Went to sea young. At the age of 
16, was taken prisoner by the French & confined in prison in 
France for two years. On his release, enlisted on board a ' Man of 
War' and it is supposed, perished in battle. 2 Mercy, b Dec 17- 
1762, m Charles Wade 17S2 Had 9 ch. 3 Hopestill, b Sept 2- 
1764. 4 Joshua, b Aug 26-1766, m 1st Rebecca Jordan m 2d Lydia 
Crockett. 5 Martha, b May 12-1769, m Luther Webb, 1790 6 
Beza, b June 24-1771, d. v. 7 Kenelam, b 1773, m Hannah B 
Nutter 8 Job, b 1774, m Hannah Woodward. 9 Leonisa, b Me. 
1778, m 1st Robert Nickols m 2d Ebenezer Haggett. 10 Francis, 
b Dec 4-1781 m 1st Betsy McKenney m 2d Lydia Hannewell. 
(Davis & Winsor. — ' Martha Delano dau of Joshua is married to 
Asa Chandler,' which seems to be an error. If the above Martha 
is the dau of some ether Delano, why her ch after her own bro. & 
sis.? The names Hopestell, Joshua, Beza and others run through 

2 or 3 gens in the Cushman Gen it is evidently a settled fact that 
this ' Martha Delano ' was the dau of Joshua and Hopestill (Peter- 
son). The Cushman line runs Robert 6 — Robert 5 — Robert 4 — 
Thomas 3— Thomas 2 160S-91 of Plym— Robert 1.) Cushman 
b. 1580 d Eng. 1625 weaver of Canterbury Kent apparently yeoman 


7 ol Joshua Delano Sr 

Wealthea Delano, m Duxbury 1760 Capt Pabodie Bradford, 
son of Hon Gamaliel & Abigail (Bartleit) Bradford, b Duxh 
Mar 8-1735 (He m 1st Lydia Freeman & had 1 son) d King 
Sept 5-1782 1 Pabodie jr. b 1757. 1 Lewis, b 1761, m Priscilla 
Tupper of Kingston, 2 Ira, b 1763. 3 Pameiia, b 1764, m Na- 
thaniel Little. 4 Charles, b 1767. 5 Cynthia, b 1770, m Rufus 
Washburn 6 Joah, b 1772. 7 Sylvia b 1774, m Ichabod Wash- 
burn 8 Wealthea, b 1776. 9 Lucy Bradford b 1778 10 Joseph 
Bartlctt, b 1783 ir Ira Delano Bradford, b 1783 (Bradford 
Armes: Argent, on a fessc sable 3 stags heads erased or. — Des. of 
William Bradford b. Austerfield Yorkshire Eng. 1590 to Holl. 1608 
m. 1613 & 1623 d. Plymouth 9 May 1657 Came in the " May- 
flower " 1620 Governor of the Plymouth Colony 1621-57 — au. Hist, 
of Plym. Plantation 1602-47 — (lost 1774 found at Fulham Eng. 
1855) son of William Bradford Jr. bur. 1591 son of Win B. yeoman 
1575 (bur. 1595) son of Wm Bradford (1550) Esq. ("Bradford 
family " by Horace Standish Bradford) 

8 of Joshua Delano Sr 

Joshua Delano (2d) d Kingston July 22-1816, m Duxbury Jan 
15-1767 Mary dau of Philip and Rebecca (Phillips) Chandler, b 
Duxbury Sept 25-1744, d. Aug 19-1824. 1 Charlotte, b Kingston 
Dec 4-1767. 2 Joshua Delano (3d) b Nov 8-1769, d. Havana Cuba 
2 Apr 1800 m. Kingston 18 Feb. 1796 to Abigail b. 19 May 176S — 
& (she m 2d Rufus Washburn 29 Jan 1809) dau. of Rufus & Mary 
Ripley; no ch. 3 William, b Feb 3-1771, un-m. Ship Master, d at 
sea Oct 27-1797. 4 Lucy, b Sept 18-1772, d Kingston Apr 12- 
J 7/6 5 Polly, b Sept 18-1774. 6 Lucy, b Mar zyiyyG. 7 Ben- 
jamin, b Mch 31-1778. 8 Rebecca, b 1782, m Zebulon Bislxe. 
(An't Land, of P. "Zeb. B fr Kingston m 1827 Sally Nichols Winsor 
Hist. Dux. no mention of his m. to above) 9 Wenlthca b-1785, d. 
1837 m. 1805 to Melzer Whitten Sr. son of 2d Elisha and Mary 
(Harding) (Howard) (widow of Jesse) Written, b Kingston. He 
m. 2d Deborah Caswell. 1 Melzer Jr. b Oct 25-1806. 

1 of Cornelius & 1 of Joshua Delano Jr (2d) 

Deborah Delano (dau of Cornelius) (1st wife) in Duxbury Oct 
27-1783, d Kingston Jan 1 1-1785 Charlotte Delano (dau of Joshua 
Jr.) (2d wife) d Mch 18-1858, both m. Peter Winsor, son of Samuel 
& Rhoda (Delano) W'insor, b Duxbury Aug 21-1761, d Kingston 
Apr 19-1845 1 Zenas Winsor, b 17S5, m Duxbury 1806 to Lu- 
anda Wadsworth, b Duxbury Sept 6-1785 — I Deborah Winsor, 
b Aug 6-1789 d July 19-1791 2 Charlotte Delano Winsor, b Mch 
16-1795, m Solomon Cary of North Carolina settled in Medford 
Mass. 3 William Delano W r insor, b Aug 23-1804 m 1827 to Han- 
nah Howard of Plymouth. He d Sept 13-1879 (See 4 Cornelius 
branch in 3 Amaziah — 2 Jonathan — 1 Thomas line. Probate 
records of Plymouth, Book 32, pp 179, 1801 Zenas Winsor, grand 
son of Cornelius is mentioned. " A Gen. Acct. of the Ancient 
Winsor fam. in the U. S. & of their Progenitors by Olney Winsor 
1847) Winsor crest: a unicorns head erased or, charged with an 


annulet bet. 4 cross crosslets az. Apparently fr. Windsor of Eng. 
amies: Gu., a saltire arg., bet. 12 cross crosslets or. — 

5 of Joshua Delano (2d) 

Polly Delano, d. k'n Oct 15-1858 m Kingston Feb 14-1799 James 
Fuller son of 4th John & Rebecca (Robbins) Fuller, b Kingston. 
1 Emily, b Nov 13-1799, m Charles Robbins, b Kingston, 1795. 
She d there Nov 18-1889 2 Mai 7 Chandler, b Nov 2S-1S02, m 
Capt William Churchill. She d. New Orleans June 22-1S29. 3 
James, b Jan 3, 1S0S, d Jan 18-1886. 4 Lucy Delano Fuller, b July 
27-1809, d May 5-1S16 5 Matilda, b Oct 19-1813, d Sept 29-1817. 

6 of Joshua Delano (2d) 

Lucy Delano, d Jan 4-1855 m Kingston 1802 Thomas "Wash- 
burn, son of Judah & Priscilla (Sampson) Washburn, b Kingston 
1779 1 Martha, m. William Allen Robbins b 1802 2 Edward 3 

7 of Joshua Delano (2d) 

Benjamin Delano, d Jan 19-1868, m Kingston Jan 30-1803 Su- 
sanna dau of Melatiah and Elizabeth (Bradford) Holmes, b Kings- 
ton June 20-1779 d there Aug 13-1866. 1 Eliza, b Nov 21-1803. 

2 Augusta, b Jan 27-1806, d Kingston Jan 24-1830, un-m. 3 
Susan, b Jan 16-1808. 4 Joshua Delano, b June 6-1809 of Kings- 
ton 5 Angeline, b Oct 27-1812. 6 Benjamin Jr. b Oct 16-1815, 
d Feb 20-1816. 7 Lucy, b Oct 30-1817. 8 Catherine, b Dec 4- 
1S20 of Boston 

1 of Benjamin Delano 

Eliza Delano, d Jamaica Plains Jan 9-18S0 1870 ? m Kingston 

Nov 3-1828 Ebenezer Trescott Farrington, b Medway Mass. Dec 

15-1804, d. Jamaica Plains Mass. Aug 6-1880. I Benjamin, b Feb 

1-1830, d July 5-1834. 2 Augusta, b Aug 21-1832, d July 9-1834. 

3 William, b Feb 16-1835, d ^ ar 22 & 4 Charles Frederick, b Apr 
21-1837 Gloucester Mass. 5 Henry Oliver, b Mar 20-1840, d Mar 
12-1849 6 Eben, b June 20-1844, d 27-1872 

3 of Benjamin Delano 
Susan Delano, Res Hudson Wis m 1st Kingston Feb 19-1832 
Melzer Whitten Jr. son of Melzer Sr. & Wealtha (Delano) Whitten 
b Kingston Oct 25-1806, d. June 24-1836, m 2d Kingston Nov 27- 
1857 Rev Thomas E Keely, b Ridgemont, Bedfordshire Eng. June 
22-1813, d Hudson Oct 5-1880. 1 Joshua Delano Whitten, b 
Kingston Aug 9-1833. 2 Melzer (3d) b July 28-1836. 

1 of Melzer Whitten Jr. & Susan Delano 

Joshua Delano Whitten m Medford Jan 12-1857 Elizabeth B 
Harlow of Middleboro Mass. 1 Edgar Herbert, b Prescott Wis 
May 7-1861, m Roberts Wis. Oct 22-1889 Sarah Longworth. 2 
Agnes, b 1866, m Hudson Oct 6-18S6, Charles Taggart. 

2 of Melzer Whitten Jr & Susan Delano 

Melzer Whitten 3d of Hudson Wis m Ottawa Ills. June 19-1859 
Martha J Cone, d Apr 9-1889. 1 Benjamin Delano Whitten, b 
Ottawa May 6-1860. 

4 of Benjamin Delano 
Joshua Delano Sr. m Kingston July 17-1842 Marcia dau of Will- 
iam and Betsy (Bryant) Simmons, b Kingston Sept 10-1813 d Mch 


19-1S95 1 Augusta, b May 8-1S43, d Kingston July 14-18S6, un-m. 

2 Mareia, b Aug 26-1845, m. Reuben Edson JJcinmon, Sept 27- 
1882 in Saratoga N. Y. 3 Joshua Jr. b Apr 14-1848. 

3 of Joshua Delano Sr. 
Joshua Delano Jr. of Kingston m Boston Jan 15-1873 Olive 8 
Bartlett dan of Stephen 7 and Mahala 7 (Barilett) Holmes, b Kings- 
ton Sept 17-1849. Stephen 7 — Nathaniel 6 — Ephraim 5 — Eph- 
raim 4 — Joseph 3 — John 2 — Win. 1 Holmes — Mahala 7 — Uriai 6 
— Urial 5 — Joseph 4 — Ichabod 3 — Benjamin 2 — Robert 1 Bartlett. 
1 Ruth Bradford, b Apr 18-1874. 2 Paul Holmes, b June 11-1875. 

3 John Holmes, b Aug 23-1879. 

5 of Benjamin Delano 
Angeline Delano, d Cambridge Mass Jan 28-1867, m Kingston 
July 10-1837 Rev John Davis Sweet, son of John and Eunice 
(Tucker) Sweet, b Norton Mass. June 22-1807. (Unitarian Clergy- 
man settled at Southbridge and Kingston, d. East Boston Dec 
29-1852.) 1 John Davis Sweet Jr b Kiug'n Oct 16-1838 (a Baptist 
Clergyman, m Attleboro Mass Elizabeth W Martin — he d Aug 9- 
1869.) 2 Benjamin Delano Sweet, b Nov 10-1S40, Boston 234 
State Si & 89 Commerce St m Pawtuckett R I Oct 22-1S67 Ellen 
Frances (Pervear) Webster. No ch. 3 Arthur, b Jan 20-1843, ( ' 
at sea June 15-1S60. 

7 of Benjamin Delano 

Lucy Delano, d Middleboro Mass Dec 16-1862 m Kingston Dec 
17-1838 George Waterman, b Middleboro 1 George Jr. 2 Fred. 
3 Alice, d Middleboro Jan 18-1872. 

8 of Benjamin Delano 

Catherine Delano, Res. Boston Mass. 233 Commonwealth Ave 
m Kingston May 3-1842 Oliver Ditson son of Joseph and Lucy 
(Pierce) Ditson, b Boston Oct 20-181 1, d Dec 21-18S8. (Famous as 
the publisher of Music etc in Bos & New York began 1840 of 
Scotch des.) 1 Mary Burr Ditson, b Boston July 1-1S43. 2 
Charles Healy Ditson, b Aug 1 1-1845, m By Rev W Orme Lamson 
Bos. Oct 7-1891 Alice Maud, dau of the late John Tappan, s. of 
Rev. Henry. No ch. New York City 17 E 38 St 3 Francis 
Oliver, b Mar 20-1849, d Hyde Park Mass. Nov 2-1886, un-m. 4 
James Edward, b Dec 15-1852, d Adirondack Mountains, Aug 7- 
188 1 un-m 5 Eva, b Mar 24-1861, d Bos. May 25th 
1 of Oliver Ditson & Catherine Delano 

Mary Burr Ditson, Res. Boston 233 Commonwealth Ave m. 
Boston Mch 5-1868 Col Burr Porter, b New Hartford Conn. Oct 
26-1831 Killed in the Franco-Prussian War at Josrcs France, 
Dec 10-1870. (He was a distinguished officer in the French Army, 
served through the Crimean War 1854-6 and also engaged in the 
Franco-Prussian War 1870, acting as Aide-de-Camp on the staff 
of Gen Chan) 1 (Katharine) Catharine Delano Porter, b Lawrence 
L 1 Sept 1869, m June 1891 Henry Hobart Porter Jr (mem. Un'ty 
Rockaway Hunt & Col. Coll. '86 Res. "Lauderdale" do. ch. 
Dorothy Dwight, b June 17-1S92. 

4 of Philip Delano Jr 

Martha Delano, m. Duxbury 1706 John Harlow son of 1st Sam- 


uel and Hannah ( ) Harlow, b Duxbury 1685 1 John, b 17. 7, 

m 1731 Mary Rider. 2 Elizabeth, b 1709 3 Rebecca, b 171 1. 4 
Martha, b 171 5. 5 Mary, b 1717. 6 Amaziah, b 1721, m. 1746 
Lois Doton 7 Thankful, b 1724. 

3 of Philip Delano Jr (2) 

Philip Delano 3d d Duxbury May 24-1761 m By Rev James 
Gardner Marshfield Mass. Jan 31-1716-17 Elizabeth Dingley, b 
Marshfield i6Si d Nov 7-1750 (Savages Gen. Diet. II 52) Dingley 
Yorkshire armes: Arg., a fesse bet. 3 mullets sa — ) 1 Mary, b Oct 
6-1717. 2 Elizabeth, b Nov 2-17 19. (Compiler considers her dau. 
of Phil.) m. Seth Doggett, son of Samuel & Bethsheba (Holmes) 
Doggett, b Marshfiekl ? Mass. Doggett of Norfolk armes: Sable, 
2 greyhounds combatant or — Gen. 1894. 3 Malachi, b Sept 20- 
1721, prob un-m. d. abt. 1744. (Plymouth Probate records, Bk 
10, p. 7S, estate settled 1745, Philip Delano his father administra- 
tor.) 4 Judah, b Aug 16-1724. 5 Abigail, b Nov 3d 1725. (Mem- 
ber of the Ch. Sept 12-1707. Voted to every freeholder and house- 
keeper 20 acres of the commons, and to those, who had previous 
grants, enough more to make up the 20, June 5-1710, it was 
divided among the freeholders of the town (168 persons, Philip 
Delano and ten other Delano's appear, May 10-1748; A pro- 
priortors right was given to each. Philip Delano receiving two 
" rights." Jan 16-1734 at a town meeting it was voted that Philip 
Delano and James Arnold be appointed a committee to procure a 
school master, and they obtained Jonathan Peterson Jr. In 17 17 
Philip Delano was appointed town treasurer until 1758 succeeded 
by son Judah Delano. Philip Delano in transfer of property in 
1 71 3 is mentioned as " mariner." Plymouth records of deeds, 
Book 34, p. 126 " Philip Delano mariner and John Delano Sr of 
Duxbury sell land." Plymouth Probate records, Book 16, p. 154. 
Will dated 1756 "To only son Judah, ' gun, sword,' fishing craft and 
all husbandry tools — ail the real-estate, buildings &c providing 
he furnish his sister Elizabeth with sufficient house room to dwell 
in while she remains un-married. To daughter Mary Tower, wife 
of Elisha Tower, a spoon, marked ' P. D.' Elizabeth Delano, a 
spoon marked ' E. D.' Abigail Soule wife of Abisha Soule, spoon 
marked ' P. D.' To these daughters above named, all the re- 
mainder of the estate live stock &c." John C Davis of Plymouth 
recently found the following ancient document among some old 
effects of his father: — " Plymouth SS. George the Second, by the 
Grace of God, of Great Britain, France, and Ireland King Defender 
of the Faith etc. To either of the Constables of the town of Dux- 
borough, In the County aforesaid, Greeting. 

We Command you that you summons The Town of Duxboro 
afores'd That they appear before our Court of General Sessions 
of the Peace to be H olden at Plymouth within for the County of 
Plymouth on the Third Tuesday of December Instant to answer to 
their Presentment made by the Grand jury at their Last Session & 
is for their Neglecting and Refusing to be Provided with a Gram- 
mar Schoolmaster for the Space of Four Months past Contrary to 
the Province Law in that Case made and Provided. Hereof Fail 


not and Make Timely Return hereof: Dated at Plymouth the Sixth 
Day of December In the Eleventh year of our Reign anno que 
Domini 1737 John Winslow CI " 

" Philip Delano, Constable, certifies on the back of this warrant 
that at a Town meeting in Duxborough upon ye 16th day of De- 
cember Anno Dom 1737 I summoned ye sd Town to Choos an 
Agent to Answer in their behalf at sd Court, viz, their presentment 
for not being provided with a Grammar School.") 
1 of Philip Delano 3d 

Mary Delano, d June 3-1795 m 1st Duxbury Jan 16-1735 John 
Hanks, b Dux. Oct 22-1709, d. 1742 (Ilankes in Eng.) m 2d Dux. 
Elisha Tower (John Tower of Hingham Mass. b. do Eng. 1609 d. 
1701 m 1638 Marg't lbrook, son of Robert of Hingham m. 1607 
Dorothy Damon & d. 1634 Anciently Torre or Torr of Warwick- 
shire 1 175 — Amies: (Towers) Azure, a tower or.) 1 Chloe, m. 
Mr Addington 2 John Hanks Jr. d. 1803 m Abigail 25 Mar 1773, 
dau of Ebenezer cc Zeniah (Soule) Sampson. 3 Nathaniel. — 1 
Asaph Tower. 2 Elizabeth b 1757, d 1759 3 Lydia. 4 James, 
b 1766. 

" Provin Mass Bay. Plymouth, ss. John Cushing Esq Judge 
of the Probate of Wills and letters of Administration To Mary 
Hanks of Duxborough in the Co of Plymouth Widow. Greeting. 
Whereas your husband John Hanks, late of Duxboro having goods, 
chattels &c. . . . Mary his Widow was appointed Administra- 
tor Sept 6-1742. John Cushing " 

A Bond was filed same date with Jesse Delano and JacetJ Dinglcy 
as sureties in presence of Ed Arnold and Samuel Weston, witnesses. 
Edward Arnold, Samuel Weston and Isaac Partridge were ap- 
pointed appraisors of the goods and chattels. The estate amount- 
ing to £290-1 

" John Planks Jr. executes a will Dux. Oct 20-1803. ... 'I 
give and bequeath to Abigail my dearly beloved wife the whole of 
my personal estate after my just debts and funeral expenses are 
paid ... so long as she remains my widow. I give unto my 
sister Chloe all the real estate after my wires decease.' Witness 
to this Will Joseph Pearce, Nathaniel Sampson and Elijah Delano." 
4 of Philip Delano 3d 

Judah Delano sr. (This record is copied from one by Judah 
Delano in his own writing 181 1, and presented by Daniel Perkins 
of W. Bridgewater Mass. son of Annis Delano & Calvin Perkins. 
Winsor Hist of Dux has the bapts only.) d Dux May 1816 aged 
92 vs. m Duxbury Oct 13-1743 Lydia Simmons, b Dux Apr 18- 
1724 d. 181 1 1 Alpheus, b Oct 2-1744. 2 Salome, b July 16-1746 
(she was " a most dutiful and pleasant child " d. Sept ye 2^, 1781 " 
un-m) 3 Malachi, b Oct 16-1748 4 Judah Jr. b May 1-1751 5 
Naomi, b Nov 7-1753, un-m. d 1834. 6 Priscilla, b Nov 22-1755. 
7 Jephtha, b Oct 29-1758 8 Philip, b May 24-1761 9 Tirzah, b 
Jan 22-1765, d Jan 9-1786 un-m. 10 Annis b Dec 17-1767. 

1776 Committee of Corespondence chosen (May nth) among 
eleven names appear Judah and Reuben Delano. Also 1777 
(March 17th) names appear 


On April 6-177S Judah Delano was chosen a committee of in- 
spection and safety with four others. June following was one of 
the assessors of north part of town to raise money for Militia I 

He was a man of note and occupied many responsible po> 
with credit and rendered valuable Rev. assistance 
1 of Judah Delano Sr. 

Alpheus Delano. (Rev. War Mass. Archives, following record 
is found ' Delano, Alpheus,' Apr 30-1778, Guelph Parish, J. 
Regt. Lambis Co. Segt 1 mo. Vol. 48. May 31-1778, Corps of In- 
valids, Minots Co. Segt. 4 mo. Vol. 61-Vol. 9.) d Friendship Me 
abt. 1826 m there 1770 Margaret Sides (father k. by Inds.) b 
Waldoboro Me. 1752 d Warren Me. June 12-1845 I Nathan, b Jan 
18-1771 2 Lydia b June 20-1773 3 Margarett, b Oct 27-1775 

4 Christopher Delano, b Jan 21-1778, m & d. in England no ch. 

5 Salome, b Mar 29-1781 6 Judah, b Apr 18-17S4 7 Philip, b 
Sept 12-1786 un-m. d at sea. 8 Elizabeth b 178S 9 Tolly, b Apr 

1 of Alpheus Delano 
Nathan Delano d. at sea bet. Boston & Monhagan Me. 9 Apr 
1826 m. Polly Lawry or Lowry b Friendship d. there May 19-1842. 

1 Margaret, b Oct 8-1799 2 c ^- 3 Christopher Delano, b Nov 18- 
1801. 4 Judah, b Jan. 10-1804 5 Annice, un-m. d Friendship 

1 of Nathan Delano 
Margaret Delano d. Friendship Oct 24-1891 m there Apr 11 or 
Aug 22 ?-i820 John Adams Haupt, b Wiscasset Me. Sept 12- 
1796 d Waldoboro Me June 24-1874. I Mary Ann, b June 28-1824. 

2 John Adams Haupt 2d b Nov 6-1826. John Adams Haupt 2d 
m. W'boro Nov 3-1853 Elizabeth, dau of Jacob & Betsy (Hall) 
Ludwig, b Waldoboro May 3-1837. (Gen. 1866) 1 Ida May. b 
June 2-1857, d Oct 2-1S65. 2 Milly Ette, b Oct 8-1859, d Aug 3- 
1861. 3 Melboum Leslie, b Aug 2-1865. 3 Lorenzo Washington, 
b Sept 18-1829. Lorenzo Washington Haupt m Waldoboro Aug 30- 
1853 to Emeline Clark Culer, b in Waldoboro Me. Dec 15-1834. 1 
Franklin Pierce Haupt, b Nov 5-1854, m Waldoboro Nov 9-1880. to 
Sarah Frances Shillings, b Bidcford Me Aug 13-1860. 1 ch. Leon 
Leslie, b Bideford Mch 23-1891 2 Drucilla Frances, b Apr 8- 
1861. 4. Margarett Elona, b Sept 17-1833. Margaret Elona 
Haupt, m Waldoboro Oct 10-1858 to Abial Genthner Engley, b 
there Apr 6-1835 1 Fred Leslie Engley, b Feb 3-1863, m Thomas- 
ton Me. Jan 31-1887, to Carrie May Wallace, b Waldoboro Dec 
30-1869. Ch. Clarence, b Oct 26-1894. 

3 of Nathan Delano 

Christopher Delano, d. Jan 8-1883 m Friendship Mch 5-1835 
Polly, dau of Martin & Margaret (Proct) Benner, b Waldoboro 
Feb 17-1799, d May 15-1889. 1 Daniel Winchenback Delano b 
Feb 23-1836, d Nov 29-1859. 2 Lewis b May 25-1839, d Apr 27- 
1842. 3 Cyrus Hills, b June 23-1841 of Lawry Me. 
3 of Christopher Delano 

Cyrus Hills Delano. Res. Friendship Me m Waldoboro Aug 1- 
1864 Ferellin Jane, dau of Josiah & Harriet (Vose) Mink, b Wal 
boro Apr 6-1S44. 1 Fffie Harriet, b Apr 17-1865 of Lowry Me 


2 Cyrus b May 14-1867, d Sept 10-1S69 3 Irvin Allen, b jv'y 8- 
1S68. 4 Albert Winchenback, b June 15-1872. 5 Perley Bum- 
ham, b Oct 8-1878. 6 Avery Edward, b July 14-1881. 
1 of Cyrus Hills 1 )elano 

Effie Harriet Delano, 111 Friendship July 1-1882 Cornelius A 
Simmons, b there Oct 13-1S60. 1 Chester Albert, b Dec 12-1883. 
2 Morris, b Feb 2-1885, d July 17-1885. 3 Irvin Delano, b Aug 6- 
18S8. 4 Lloyd, b Oct 31-1892. 

4 of Nathan Delano 

Judah Delano, d. June 2-1879 m - Friendship Jane dan. of Charles 
Winchenback or Winchenbauch, b Waldoboro 1S10 d July 12- 1: 92 
(Eaton's Warren Ale.) 1 Thomas Delano, b Feb 7-1826 2 Sarah 
Jane, b Nov 16-1830. 3 .Mary Ann b 1S32 4 Horace, b Alar 28- 

1 of Judah Delano 

Thomas Delano, Res. Lawry, Me m Oct 4-1857 ? to Diantha 
Davis, b Oct 24-1841 1 Gardner C Delano b Oct 4-1857 ? 2 
William b Apr 14-1859 3 Aaron C b Dec 6-1860 4 George b 
Feb 20-1862 5 Mary b Dec 20-1865 6 Hattie b May 15-1867. 
7 Edward b Oct 10-1868. 8 Rose b May 15-1870. 9 Lowry b 
June 6-1872 10 John b June 8-1876 11 Gardner b Nov 20-1S78. 
12 Jennie M b Feb 8-1 881 

2 of Judah Delano 

Sarah Jane Delano, Res Thomaston Me m 1st Mar 3-1860 J. 
B Oliver, b Feb 5-1841 m 2d Nov 18-1873 Albert C. Abbott, b 1840 
d Feb 9-1888 1 Herbert Anson Oliver, b Aug 2-1S61, m Melissa 
Spaulding of Rockland Ale. 

4 of Judah Delano 

Horace Delano (b 1834) Res. Friendship m. to ? 1 Eliza b Nov 
25-1872 2 Ada b Apr 8-1874 3 Alillie b June 12-1880 4 Levis 
Delano b Alar 22-1882. 

2 of. Alpheus Delano 

Lydia Delano, m. Friendship Seth Vose, b 1772 of Warren Me d. 
Oct 18-1846 1 Alpheus, b 1S01 2 Seth, b 1S03 d Feb 6-1834 3 
Nancy, m George Mink. 4 Eliza, b 1807, m. William Mink. 5 
Harriet, b Aug 9-1818, m. Josiah Mink b. 20 Oct 1816 d. 26 Sept 
1892 had Ferellin Jane Mink wife of Cyrus Hills Delano 6 Abi- 
gail, d Nov 18 1849 m - Reuben Chase of Boston. (Robert Vose 
b. Lancastershire Eng. abt. 1599 d. Milton 1683 to N. Eng 1654 
prob. fr. Voss Vaulx or Yaux) 

3 of Alpheus Delano 

Margarett (Peggy) Delano, m by Thomas Johnson J P in 
Bristol Ale July 24-1794 Afoses Copeland, b Sept 3-1775 d Aug 
I1853 x Capt. Amasa Copeland, m. 1st Lucy Hall, of Canton Me. 
Jm 2d Rachel Flerman. 2 Lydia D m Joshua or Josiah Morse 3 
Seth b 1798. 4 Capt Charles, of Marion Ale. ? m Huldah Dickey 
5 Eliza m Aug 14-1833 Ira Robinson 6 Margarett (6) m Jan 7- 
1838 William Birchland 7 Patience ( 6 & 7 twins) b Alar 1-18:4 
(7) m Geo L 

5 of Alpheus Delano 

Salome Delano, d Waldoboro July 23-1840, m. abt. 1799 J< 1 n 
9 129 

Laury, b Friendship d there Sept 1824. 1 Annis Laury, b Nov 29- 
1800, d Waldoboro :.lar 4-1874 m Friendship May 26-1822 Eben- 
ezer Bradford, of Me. 1 Adriana, b F'p Feb 26-1823. ra [ohn 
Sampson 1840, d Waldoboro, May 6-1800 Ch. Willard U. & 
Charles B. 2 Salome L. b F'p Apr 15-1826, m. John C Chapman, 
1856, d Putnam Conn. Feb n-1864 Ch. Everett S. & Emma M. 
3 Andrew E. b W'boro Feb 20-1S31, m. Broad Bay Me Angeline 
Pitcher, b Waldoboro, Nov 21-1831. Ch. I Edwin T. 2 Annie L. 
b. & d. y. 3 John E. b Oct 21-1864. 4 Lillian M. b May 1-1868. 
Annie B. b Oct. 16-1872. 4 Hannah L b June 3-1S33, m Ed 
Trowbridge, Waldoboro 1859, she d Nov 5-1SS7. Ch. Henry 
& Stella, who m A P Gould. 5 Rebecca M b July 1-1835, m Bos- 
ton to O. M. Bradford, Dec 1855, she d Xew York, July 7-1857. 
Ch. Ada M. 6 Hester A. b Apr 24-1S37, m Boston to J A Brad- 
ford, July 25-1S57. Ch. Edwin T & Fred Bradford 
6 of Alpheus Delano 

Judah Delano, of Friendship m 1st Thomaston Feb 21-1810 
Judith, dau of Adam ? (James) and Annah (Williams) Vv'eed, b 
South Thomaston Me. Dec 5-1792, d Friendship Nov 5-1842, m 
2d Waldoboro 1845 Kate, dau of Wallace Winchcnbauch, b Waldo- 
boro, d Friendship — (no ch.) 1 Malachi Delano, b Nov 21-1813, 
m Oct 17-1S41, Nancy Morse Friendship May 2S-1S15. No ch. 
Old but smart. Speaking of smart old men, Capt. Malachi Delano 
of Friendship, 82 years old, rose up Monday morning, brou- 
water, ground two scythes and mowed an acre of grass, but before 
dinner time was ready for another job. 2 Hannah, b Apr 10-1816 
3 Mary Ann, b Aug 13-1818. 4 Elizabeth, b June 4-1820. 5 
James, b Aug 8-1822, d Jan 27-1824. 6 James Weed, b Oct 
1823 of F'p m 1st Emeline Morse Apr 1846, m 2d Mary Ann 
Morse, m 3d Elizabeth Jamison. No ch. 7 Antionette, b Aug.! 
22-1S26. 8 Sanford, b July 18-1828. 9 Emeline, b May 30-18^ 
unm. Boston Mass 103 E Brookline St 10 Louisa, b Dec 9-1831. 
11 Nancy, b Feb 15-1834, d. abt. 1861 m. Thomaston abt 1857 G • 
Barton Perkins 1 ch. Emma — 12 Edward Prescott, Nov 27-1S35 . 
2 of Judah Delano 

Hannah Delano, Res. Lynn Mass. 15 Cedar St m Friendshi; 
Mar 26-1840 Silas Morton, b Friendship Apr 24-1816 of Waldo- 
boro Lost at sea, Oct 16-1867 x Albert Morton, b Apr 24-1843. 
Lost at sea, 16 O. '6y. 2 Adriana, b Aug 19-1846 m Adron Miller 
of Waldoboro & Lynn Mass Nov 7-1869. No ch. 3 Ella, b Lynn ; 
2yy Washington St Sept 22-1S54, m Lynn Oct 18-1877 George 
Creighton, b Warren Me. Sept 10-1844. Ch 1 Albert Morton, b ; 
Sept 6-1878. 2 Bessie Ellen, b Apr 21-1884. 3 Edith Kizzie, b 
Aug 19-1S86. 

3 of Judah Delano and Judith Weed 

Mary Ann Delano, Res. Boston 103 E Brookline St m Friend- \ 
ship, Oct 24-1839 William Jordan, b Appleton Ridge Me. Dec 22- 
181 5. (Jordan armes of Eng. : Azure, a lion rampant bet. 3 crosses 
crosslet or. also Jordan: Robert Jordan clergyman 161 1-79 cd. 
BalHol Coll. Oxford settled Richmond's Isl. Maine 1640 a chaplain 
to the " Trelawney Col'y"; son of Edmund of Worcester Eng 


(i6oo) Gen. 1SS2) 1 Emily Edwards Jordan, b F'ship Aug 4-1840, 
tn 1st Jan 25-1866 to Edward Robbins, b Union Me. m 2d Apr 
10-1883 to Samuel Watts, b S orge Me. Ch 1 Fred Jordan 

Robbins b Quincy J lis. Oct 9-1868. 2 Charles Lavis Robbins, b 
Boston Nov 23-1869. 2 Lavis Walsh, b Mar 14-1845, unm. 3 
William Henry, b Tho's'ton May 23-1848, m Oct 5-1870 Ella Smith 
of Bos. Ch b. Bos. 1 Frank Torrey, b Nov 30-1877. 2 Alice 

Smith, b Dec 29-1880 4 Antionette Delano Jordan, b F Mar 

19-1842, m. Oct 15-1862 Edgar Stackpole of Thomaston. Ch 1 

Mary Louisa, b Sept /-i^6t> 5 Annie, b F Dec 4-1S51, m. 

June 20-1877 t0 Henr y Bro wn of Bos. Ch: 1 Fannie Hardy, b 
May 6-1879. 2 Ge irge Taylor b Jan 29-1! 
4 of Judah Delano 
Elizabeth Delano, d. Friendship m Knox Me Sept 2S-1841 Al- 
bert Winchenbanch, b Friendship d Friendship 1893 ? 1 Daniel 
Winchenbauch or Winchenbach b. Jan 31-1844, m Sarah Burns 
of South Waldoboro Me. 2 Ella C Winchenbach, b Bos 10S1 1 
mont St Feb 18-1848, m Horace Winchenbach of South Waldoh to 
Ch Lottie Eva b Dec 14-1872, m John F Skinner Nov 6-1890. 3 
Lizzie A b Mar 17-1856 m Lorenzo Wallace of Portland Me 
she d. July 28-1877 1 dau Lizzie Mabel b Apr 1-1877 Dcdham 

7 of Judah Delano 

Antoinette Delano, Res. Dorchester Mass. 5 Hartford St m 
Thomaston July 27-1851 Asa Harden Caton, b Windsor Mass. Apr 
3-1827 (Caton of Norfolk Eng. bef. 1599 written Catton — Arn 
gu. 2 cats passant guardant in pale arg.) 1 William Jordan Caton, 
b Chelsea Sept 18-1855, Nov 2-1881 m Ada V Overholt, Ewing 
Penn. 2 Carrie Antoinette b Bos. Oct 24-1862 Oct 6-1886, m 
Samuel Hobbs. Bos 203 Westchester Park. 3 Eugene Lewis, 
b Bos Feb 28-1S69, un-m Dorchester 3 Plartford St 

8 of Judah Delano 

Sanford Delano, m 1st Friendship Nov 2-1 851 Harriett, dau of 
Charles & Catherine Winchenbanch, b Waldoboro Apr 4-1818 d 
Sept 14-1863, m. 2d Thomaston Jan 8-1S64 Helen Columbia, dau 
of Peter & Eliza Black, b Waldoboro Oct 6-1838. 1 Asa Caton 

Delano, b F July 25-1852, d Kanzas City Mo. Aug 19-1891 2 

Olive Frances, b F Nov 29-1853. 3 Adah Eugenia, b Warren 

Me Feb 20-1857. 4 Hattie A b Thos'ton Me Feb 22-1860 & d 

Apr 15th. 5 Flattie A b F July 31-1863 & d Nov 7th — 6 

Judith Eliza, b Sept 14-1864, drowned July 11-1879 7 William 
Jordan, b Apr 15-1866, d Mar 16-1867 8 Orient, b Jan 21-1868 
& d Feb 28th 9 Henry Levenraler, b June 13-1870 10 Annie, b 
May 27-1872. d May 1 1-187S. 1 1 May, b July 18-1874. 12 Maud, 
b Oct 22-1876, d Sept 28-1886. 13 Clara Louisa, b Nov 27-1878 
el Mar 24-1879. 14 Sanford Weed Delano, b Aug 24-1883. 
10 of Judah Delano 

Louisa Delano, d Nov 27-1890, m Oct 7-1S57 Joseph Bray, b 
Skowkegan Me. Feb 22-1833 (Savage Diet. I) I Sanford Bray, 
b Bos. Nov 12-1858. Somerville Mass 11 y St (Manu- 

facturer of Patent Glass Mosaics and Stained Glass) 2 Clara 



Louisa, b Charlestown Mass Nov 24-1864, d July 25-1871 3 Nellie 
Rebecca, b Aug 3-1S69 Somerville. 

12 of Juclah Delano 
Edward Prescott Delano, Res. Boston 1083 Tretnont St (Engi- 
neer Old Colony R.R. 30 yrs) m Roxbury Mass. June 28-1862 
Alary Jane, dan of Robert and Anna (Grafton) Davis, b Friendship 
Apr 15-1S37. 1 Eliza Frances Delano, b Bos. June 3-1864, un-m. 
d Roxbury June 14-1884. 2 Edna Josephene, b Apr 7-1870, m. 
Bos. 20 July 1892 to George Spraker Tucker, b Marshfield Mass 
17 Nov 1868 1 ch. Grace Helen b. 15 Nov 1893 3 Frank Ellis 
Delano b May S-1872, of 2 Folsom Ave Roxbury m. Bos. 15 > 
1894 Jennie Mary dau. of Daniel & Alice (Hammond) Fisher b. 
New Bedford 15 Mar. 1877 4 Helen Louise, b Dedham M; ss 
June 26-1874. 

8 of Alpheus Delano 

Elizabeth Delano, d Friendship Oct 26-1860 m Friendship Mch 
15-1811 James Copeland, b Warren Mc 1786 (Savage Diet. I. 
Copeland Armes: Arg., 2 bars & a canton gu.) 1 Caroline, m. 
May 6-1832 to Ezekiel Demith, she d June 20-1861 2 Elona De- 
lano Copeland, m. Oct 4-1834 to Richard Elliott of Thomaston. 
3 Oliver, b Oct 11-1S17, m Nov 23-1844 to Lydia J Sweetland of 
Waldoboro, she d Nov 11-1852 

9 of Alpheus Delano 

Mary (Polly) Delano, d Aug 12-1876 m Friendship Sept 20-1813 
Nathaniel Cobb, son of Roland and Jerusha (Bartlett) Cobb. b. 
Warren Dec 6-17S8, d. Sept 9-1869 — of Thomaston (Henry Cobb 
of Barnstable Mass. to Plym. 1629 b. Eng. d 1679 said to be of 
the Cobbs of Cobbs Court Romney Kent, fr. time Ed. II 1307-27 — 
armes: Arg., a chevron bet. 3 cocks gu.) 1 Nathaniel Jr. d Sept 
7-1820 2 Lewis, m May 27-1841 to Eliza Dickey 3 Mary m. 
Alexander L Copeland 4 Elethea 5 Elizabeth 6 Alden M 7 
Margarett, b 1829, d Oct 3-1833. 8 Rebecca Francis 
3 of Judah Delano Sr. 

Malachi Delano, m 1st Dux 1770 Patience, dau of Nathaniel , r c 
Ruth (Chandler) Burgess, b Dux 1752 d 1776 . (Thos. Burgess 
1603-85; to Salem 1630 fr. Eng.) m. 2d Dux 1778 Sybil Dela 
dau of ? Delano & ? (Delano) m 3d Bridgewater Mass Abigail 
Kingman prob. ? dau. of Henry Kingman, b. 1701 m. 2d 1742 
Abigail (wid. of Seth Copeland) & dau. of Thos. White of Brain- 
tree — son of Henry b. 1668 — John (b. Eng 1633) of Bridgew; | 
1685 — Henry of Weymouth Mass 1635 (Rep. 1638-52 fr. Dorset- 
shire Eng. b. 1595 or 16 16 ?) m 4th Middlcboro Mass Nov 13-1 J 
Lydia Cox. 1 Jabez Delano, b Dux. 1771, un-m. 2 Asa, b 
12-1772. 3 Nathaniel b July 12-1773 — 1 Nathan, b Sept 8-1780 
(by 2d) 

(Malachi Delano in the Revolution recorded in Mass Archives 
thus: Apr 14-1775 Duxbury Col. Warrens Regiment Capt Wa 
worths Co. Private, 3 days, Vol 13. Dec 10-1776, Duxbury, Col. 
Lothrops Regt. Capt Samsons Co. Private, 15 days to Bristol, Vol 
3. Mar 20-1777 Duxbury, Cant. Samsons Co. Private, Vol 

n 32 \ 

time not given. Winsor's Hist of Dux. pub 1849 gives ' Malachi 
Delano ' & others of Dux. " 179S an excise was laid upon all 
carriages for the of passengers, by the U S Gov. This 
included chaises, sulkies, chariots, carry-ails &c. The list of in- 
dividuals owning such and who were taxed living in Duxbury were 
sixteen, Ezra Weston, William Loring, Michael Louden, Mi 
Alden, Malachi Delai ' n Ally n. Joshua Hall, Nathaniel Win- 

sor, Samuel Chandler. Seth Bradford, Stephen Russell, Jotham 
Loring, Gamaliel Bradford, Benjamin Freeman, Jonathan Loring 
and George Partridge " No account is given of ' Jabez Delano' 
son of Malachi, in Hist of Dux or by descendants The parenl 
of " Sybil Delano, 2d wife of Malachi," the compiler has been un- 
able to acquire; may be of the " John " line) 
2 of Malachi Delano 

Asa Delano, d. there Mar 10-185 1 m Dux Dec 13-1795 Lydia 
Soule dau. of Joseph and Elizabeth (Sampson) Cushman, b Middle- 
boro Mass. Nov 19-1772 d Jan 31-1865. 1 Joseph Soule Delano, 
b Sept 27-1796, un-m. d Dec 31-1883. 2 Patience Burgess, b Sept 
1 1-179S. 3 Elizabeth Sampson, b Oct 28-1800, m Marshfield Mass. 
1853 to Barker Turner, she d Pembroke Mass. Aug 10-1881. No 
eh. 4 Otis Briggs, b Jan 28-1803, un-m. lost at sea, 1832 (Plym- 
outh probate records, Book 71, Feb 15-1836. Asa Delano of 
Dux. administrator estate Otis B his son) 5 Mary Soule, b Oct 
28-1805, un-m. d Sept 11-1836 6 Edith Alden, b Jan 5-1808, un-m. 
7 Lydia Soule, b June 23-1810. 8 Asa Sampson, b Oct 30-1812. 
9 Deborah Cushman, b Sept 17-1816, Millbrook Mass 10 Joshua 
Cushman, b Dec 12-1818, d Dec 3-1834. 11 John Porter, b Nov 
15-1822, d Sept 4-1825. 

2 of Asa Delano 

Patience Burgess Delano, d. July 6-1886, m. Dux. Simeon Soule, 
son of Simeon Sr & Jane (Weston) Soule, b Dux Oct 2-1790. 1 
Simeon Soule Jr. b Jan 13-1832 of Duxbury m Harriet Wilson. 

7 of Asa Delano 

Lydia Soule Delano, d. Dec 1S-1879, m Dux Jan 10-1833 Joseph 
William Simmons, son of William & Sarah (Hewett) Simmons, 
b Dux Apr 11-1S12 d. there Jan 17-1886 1 Otis B Simmons, b 
June 9-1837, d July 20-1S38. 2 Mary Otis, b Dec S-1S38, of Mil- 
brook m. Dux. 22 Feb 1863 George Thomas son of Pelham & 
Olive (Law) Chandler — b. Dux. 20 Sept 1839 2 ch. Lizzie Went- 
worth b. Dux. 2 May 1864 — Addie b. 3 June 1866 3 Sarah Turner, 
b Sept 12-1843, un-m. 4 George, b Oct 5-1848, m Addie Seabury. 

8 of Asa Delano 

Asa Sampson Delano, d. Dux. Mch 22-i^t,, m 1st Dux. Eunice 
Thomas, dau. of Joseph & Sally (Richmond) Burgess, b Plym 
Jan 31-1820 d. Apr 18-1S55 m. 2d Dux Abigail Johnson, dau of 
James <Sc Abigail (Bates) Weston, b Dux 19-Aug 1S25 1 John 
Porter, b Mch 8-1840, d Dec 17-1S60 2 Eunice Thomas, b Aug 
11-1842, m. Dux. 23 Oct 1863 Orson Murray Arnold b. Dux 10 
Dec 1844, had Carrie Frances b 2T, Dec 1864 1 Frank Johnson, b 

Sept 28-1859, d- J S June 1S92 m. Mary dau. of Daley b. Eng. 


she d. Bos. 24 May 1890 ch. Abby Frances b. 28 Sept 1885 Edith 
Ellen b. 10 Aug-. 1SS7 2 Ella May, b May 12-1862 & d July 15th 

9 of Asa Delano 

Deborah Cushman Delano, Res. Milbrook Mass m Dux Dec 11- 
1842 Melzer, son of John and Betsy (Stevens) Hunt, b D :\ Oct 
12-1819 d May 24-1891. 1 Lydia Frances, b Oct 15-1853, ra Dux 
Aug 18-1872 William P Johnson, she d there July 4-1893. 
3 of Malachi Delano 

Nathaniel Delano, in Pembroke Mass. (d. there) Abigail Fierce. 
b Pern Mar 17-1775, d Dux 1 Abigail Delano, b Dux Oct 13-1797, 
m Dux Nov 1S36 Ichabod Alden, b Dux Nov 4-1788, she d Feb 20- 
1888. No ch 2 Judith, b July 22-1799. 3 Salome, b Feb 22- 
1801. (Sec Melzer 6 Weston in 5 Ruth — 4 Jesse — 3 Joseph — 2 
Hazadiah — 1 Samuel br.1 4 Sophronia, b July 22-1825 5 Almira, 
b Apr 29-180S. 6 Nathaniel dishing, b Aug 22-181 1 7 Olive 
Cushing, b May 31-1S13. 8 Augusta Newel, b May 1-1818. 
2 of Nathaniel Delano 

Judith Delano, d Bos Oct 24-1847 m Dux May 1S22 Rev Jotliam 
Horton, b Bos Aug 24-1798, d Feb 2S-1S53 1 Mary Fletcher 
Horton b Gilmanton N. H. Jan 25-1823, m. Charles W Pierce 
Merch't of Bos. d. there had 6 ch. 5 living 2 Jotharn, b do. 1824, 
d. y. 3 Rev. Jotham Warren, b Nantucket Apr 28-1826. (Gradu- 
ate of Newton Theological Seminary. Baptist — He was, as his 
Father, before him, fearles in his advocasy of the Anti- Slavery 
cause, and died a martyr at the hands of a pro-slavery mob in New 
Orleans. Fie was Chaplain of the Peace Convention which met 
there at close of the Rebellion (1865). lie was killed while on his 
knees in prayer) 4 William b Marthas Vineyard Dec 6-1827, 
un-m. 5 Edward Francis, b Newburyport Mass Dec 15-1829. 
un-m. 6 Judith, b do. 1831, d. y. 7 Nathaniel Delano Horton, b 
Frov. R. I. Jan 1834, served 3 yrs in the Rebellion d. in Kan. ch. 
Alice 8 Richard Watson, b do. 1836, d. y. 9 Charles Melville, 
b Worcester Aug 29-1838, of Bos m. & has ch. Minnie 10 Judith 
Ellen, b Lowell Mass Nov 3-1840. 

10 of Rev Jotham Horton & Judith Delano 

Judith Ellen Horton (Mrs J Ellen Foster: prominent in Tem- 
perance reform W. C. T. U. Woman suffrage etc. Admitted to 
practice Law Courts of Iowa 1873 now a lecturer Founded 
Womans Repub. Assoc.) m 1st Bos Mar 14-1860 Addison Avery, 
b Bos 1837 d Chicago 1866 m 2d Dunton 111. July 1869 Elijah Caleb 
Foster, b Raglan, Prov Ontario, May 8-1842 1 Mary Elizabeth 
Avery, b W. Townsend Mass Dec 15-1860 d Manhattan Kan. Jan 
11-1866. 2 William Horton Avery, b Montreal Que. June 5-1863. 
(Name changed by articles of adoption to William Horton Foster.) 
m. Geneseo 111. 20 May 1885 Edith dau of Charles & Caroline 
(Loring) Dunham b. there 21 Mar 1864 1 ch. Warren Dunham 
Foster b. 13 Nov 1S86 1 Emory Miller Foster, b Clinton Iowa 
Nov 25-1870, m. Chicago 15 Oct 1893 Gertrude Margaret dau. of 
Charles & Alice Gertrude (Lyon) Leyenberger — b. Newark N. J. 
27 June 1870 ch. Judith Margaret b. 20 July 1894 Washington 


D. C. 1206 G St N. W. 2 Ellon Orilla Foster, b do. Dec 25-1871, 
d. Mch 8-1S76. 

4 of Nathaniel Delano 

Sophronia Delano, d. Dec 3-1874, m Dux. Mch 13-1827 Eben 
Taylor, b Marshfield Mass. Aug 24-1804 d Dux Dec 14-1887. 1 
Iluldah, b Marshfield Apr 17-1829, m Apr 19-1S51 Harvey Merritt. 
Brocton Mass .183 Warren Ave 2 Abby Pierce, b do. Nov 6-1830, 
m May 1-1853 Elijah Califf Crane. Worcester Mass. 157 Park 
Ave 3 Mary Ilorton, b Dux. Jan S-1838, m Oct 26-1854 ! 
Johnson Swett. 4 Emily Sophronia, b do. Feb 15-1S46, d Dec 

5 of Nathaniel Delano 

f Ahnira Delano, d Dux June 11-1877 m 1st Dux. Oct 30-1S30 
Whitcome S Cox, b Hanson Mass. Oct 15-1804, d Feb 2-1856 in. 2d 
Marshfield Oct 10-1865 Nathaniel Ford. 1 Almira Delano Cox, b 
July 16-1831, m South Weymouth Mass. May 25-1853 John W. 
Atkins, d Bos Jan 7-1877. S. Boston 20 Ward St 

6 of Nathaniel Delano 

Nathaniel dishing Delano, Res. Green Harbor Mass. in Dux 
Jan 1832 Abigail, dau of Eben and Huldah (Ames) Taylor, b 
Marshfield Mass. Nov 14-1811, d Dux. Sept 6-1862. 1 Abigail. 
b Mch 21-1S34, d 1S63. 2 George Delano, b Feb 22-1838 of Green 
Harbor m 1st Kingston Mass July 1868 Mary Jane, dan of 
Nathaniel & Mary Washburn b Kingston d Dux Dec 12-1: 
m. 2d Green Harbor July 24-1890 Ida Frances, dau of Francis 
Henry & Ida Swift (Norris) dishing, b Chelsea Mass. Jan 28-1S53. 
No ch. 3 Mary, b Sept 6-1841, d Dec 29-1891 

7 of Nathaniel Delano 

' Olive dishing Delano, d Medford Mass Dec 20-1896 bur Dux 
m Dux Dec 1-1836 Ivory Harlow, son of Lemuel & Deborah 
(Thompson) Harlow, b Dux Mch 27-1814, d Denver Col. Nov 1- 
1882. 1 James Frederick, b Oct 19-1837, m Dux Sept 9-1862 to 
Adaline Clark, he d Denver Aug 14-1884. 2 daus Emma Louise & 
Olive Goodwin (2 sons d y) 2 Elizabeth Blackmer, b Dec 15-1840, 
d Dux July 2-1842. 3 John Wild, b Oct 24-1843, d Nevinville 
Iowa, Nov 15-1858. 4 Edward dishing, b Dec 14-1845, d Dux 
Mch 4-1846. 

8 of Nathaniel Delano 

Augusta Newell Delano, d Seattle Wash. Aug 24-1894 m Dux 
Oct 2-1836 Arad Thompson Harlow, son of Lemuel and Deborah 
(Thompson) Harlow, b Middleboro Mass. Mch 20-1812, d Fowler 
Kan. Mch 11-1887. (Moved from Dux to Bos 1847, then to Nev- 
inville Iowa 1858, to Fowler 1877. Their golden wedding was 
celebrated there 18S6.) 1 Julia Augusta, b Sept 3-1837. Julia 
August Harlow m Nevinville May 4-1S59 Alonzo Martin Norman, 
son of William & Julia (Bemis) Norman, b Sheffield, Ashtabula 
Co Ohio Feb 18-1827. (Savage's Diet. Ill) 1 Fred Harlow, b 
Nevinsville Feb 14-1S60. 2 Edward Delano Norman, b Hebron 
Iowa Aug 7-1S62 3 Harriett Augusta, b do. Sept 13-1864. 4 
Arthur De Forest, b N— ville Oct 25-1871 5 Charles Walter, b do. 
May 16-1876 6 James Wyley, b Oct 24-18S1. 


i of Malachi Delano and Sybil Delano 
Nathan Delano Sr. d. Plympton Mass. Oct. 15-1851, m Kings- 
ton July ]-. , dau of Levi and * Lydia (B1 
Holmes, b Kin.; Sept [6-1781 (1 Dux Jan 6-1S03. (* Lydia 
Bradford, b 1749. dau of Benj imin, sun of Israel, son of Maj Will- 
iam, son of Gov Bradford of i'lvm.) 1 Mary, b Dux Sept 16-1 
d y. 2 Marcha, 1) Sept 12-1803 d. y. 3 Sarah Holmes, 1> 
12-1S05, un-m. d Feb 14-1826. 4 Briggs Bradford Delano, b Oct 
301808. 5 Sophia, b Jan 2-1810 d Oct 11-1826. 6 Nathan Jr. 
b Apr 4-1814. 7 Catherine, b June 16-1S22. S Sarah Pruden b 
Apr 25-1827 

4 of Xathan Delano Sr 
Briggs Bradford Delano, d. Apr 2S-1803, m Dux Dec 28-1833 
Sally, dau of Ephraim and Hannah (Morton) Bradford, b Plym- 
outh Oct 7-1S10, d Dux Nov 27-1S68. 1 Briggs Bradford De- 
lano Jr. b. Nov 11-1835, m Calcutta India to Miss Mathews — lie 
d there. — 2 Herbert, b Apr 27-1838, d. Bos. 5 Jan 1889 m. Bos. 1 
Oct 1862 to Miranda dau. of Joshua ec Mina (Libby) Weeks b. 
Me. had Herbert b. 30 Jan 1863 d. 4 Mar 1864 3 Mary Ellen, b 
Aug 4-1844, d Apr 17-1846 4 Man- Ellen, b Mch 11-1847, ^ Sept 
10-1849. 5 Sally Bradford, b Apr y-iS$2, m. Dux. 1 Jan. 1871 
Herbert Wright b. I'lvm. 7 Dec 1848 had Juliette Bradford b. 10 
Jan 1879 

6 of Xathan Delano Sr 
Nathan Delano Jr. d. Oct 7-1856, m Dux Nov 12-1837 Abby 
Weston, dau of Capt Samuel and Sarah (Kent) Hunt, b Dux Jan 
15-1818, d Marshfieid June 15-1895 (Gen. 1862) 1 Winihrop 
Eliis Delano, b Plympton Aug 19-1S3S. 2 Otis, b Dux Sept 10- 
1842. 3 EInathan, b Mar 2-1845 4 Edgar Franklin, b Sept 23- 
1851. 5 William James, b Mch 8-1S54. 6 Martha Hunt, b Jan 
31-1856. Res. Marshfieid Mass. m. Dux. 30 Apr. 18*76 William 
Marshall Lewis b. Marshfieid 8 Oct 1846— ch. 1— Abbie Florence 
b. 2S Mar 187S 2— Ethel Wilson b. 25 June 1SS2 3— William 
Percival Lewis b. 20 Dec 1S84 

1 of Nathan Delano Jr 

Winthrop Ellis Delano, d May 24-1891 m West Union Oregon, 
Dec 12-1869 Elizabeth, dau of George & Irene (Young) Blish, b 
West Union July 4-1S54 d. May 11-1889. (Savage's Diet. I) 1 
Bertha Abbie, b Dec 28-1870, d Apr 25-1SS7 2 Stella Jane, b 
Jan 13-1873, d Dec 22-1SS8. 3 Susan Irene, b July 31-1874. Bos- 
ton 43 Dover St 4 Lizzie Alice, b Sept 19-1876. Woodburn 
Oregon 5 Winthrop Ellis Delano Jr. b Feb 3-1879 Astoria Ore- 
gon 185 Harrison St 6 Ava May, b May 2-1881. Roxbury Mass 

2 of Nathan Delano Jr. 

Otis Delano, Res. Duxbury Mass. m Scituate Mass. Dec 13- 
1873 Elizabeth, dau of Leander & Lucy (Harding) Osborn, b E 
Bridgewater Mass. Apr 20-1853. 1 Winthrop Otis, b May 8-1874. 
d Sept 9-1875. 2 Winthrop Otis, b Dec 4-^7°- 3 Gracie Marion, 
b Apr 22-1881. 4 Walter Scott, b May 5-1882. 5 Howard Kclton, 
b May 3-1 891. 


3 of Nathan Delano Jr 

Elnathan Delano, Res. Bos 145 Tremont St m Boston Nov 17- 
; Rev O T Waller Hannah, dau of Robert & Mary AIT 
!) Maitland Xova Scotia, Jan 9-1842 d Bos Mch 9-18S3. 1 Edv. 
Everett Delano, b Bos. Dec 3-1867, d Jan 8-1883. 2 Allie May. 
b Dux. Dec 13-1869, .1 Aug 1870. 3 Arthur Nathan, b Oct 13- 
1871 of Milbrook Mass 4 Nellie Ordway, b Jan 28-1875 do 5 
William, b Dec 29-1876, d Tan 11-1883. 6 George Esty, b Dec 
20-1878, d Jan 19-1883. 7 Lizzie Daly, b July 6-1SS0. 

4 of Nathan Delano Jr. 

Edgar Franklin Delano, Ives. Bos 90 Union Park, W Roxbury 
in 1st By Rev E Edmunds, Bos Sept 21-1S73 Rose, dan of Andrew 
& Mary Eagan, b Dos 1850 m. 2d May 19-1881 ? Minnie Grimes, 
b Nova Scotia. 1 Frank Nathan Delano, b Bos. Mar 12-1875. 
2 Abbie Bertena, b Sept 2yiSy6. 3 Edgar Franklin, b Apr 5-1SS0. 
—1 Ettie May, b Sept 13-1886. 2 Elouise, b June 4-18SS. 

5 of Nathan Delano Jr. 

William James Delano Res. Bos 186 Magnolia St m Bos Aug 
15-1881 Mary Elizabeth, dau of Griffith & Sophia (Owens) Jones, 
b Bos Sept 26-1857. 1 Ellen Winnifred, b Chelsea Sept 19-1882. 
2 William James Jr. b Bos. Aug 2-1889. 

8 of Nathan Delano Sr 

Sarah Pruden Delano, m Kingston Mar 20-1847 Ansel Church- 
hill Jr. Son of Ansel & Eois (Caswell) Churchill, of New Bedford 
1 Sarah Mercy b. Plympton 2 Nathan of Plimpton Mass. 
7 of Nathan Delano Sr. 

Catherine Delano, Res. Halifax Mass. m Plympton Mass Dec 
8-1S39 Shadrach Standish, son of Shadrach & Mehetable (Clark) 
Standish, b Sumner Me May 3-1814. 1 Katie Delano Standish, 
b Halifax Feb 2-1845, m Halifax Oct 22-1S66 Morton Thompson, 
b do d. Oct 23-1893. 1 Morton Standish, b Aug 15-1867 2 
Hannah Porter, b Feb 13-1872, d Oct. 13-1893 3 Grace Alice, b 
Sept 21-1882. 2 Averick Ellen, b do. Dec 4-1849, m Walter F 
Partridge, July 24-1871. 1 ch. Annie Bille, b Oct 26-1873. 
4 of Judah Delano Sr. 

Capt Judah Delano Jr. (Rev. Mass Archives, Apr 19-1775 of 
Duxbnry, Col. Warrens Regt. Capt Wadsworth Co. 3 days, private, 
vol. 13) d. Bos Sept 9 1801 m Plymouth Mch 15-1781 Penelope, 
dau of Stephen & Abigail (Morton) Sampson, b Plym June 16-1761 
d. at her bro. James Sampson's Topsham Me. Apr 1814. I Salome. 
b Plym. Apr 29-1782, d there Sept 6-1783. 2 Penelope, b Apr 7- 
17S4 d Ap 9th 3 A Daughter, b Feb 3-1785, d Feb 4th 4 
Elizabeth, b Apr 4-1786. 5 Henry, b July 6-178S, d Nov 14-1790. 
6 Judah Delano (3d) b Feb 26-1792 7 Priscilla, b Dec 11-1793. 
8 Salome, b May 27-1796. 

"Plymouth County Mass. Registry of Deeds." 

(Book 71 p 276) (" Know All Men By These Presents Greeting 
That I John Hanks of Duxborough in the County of Plymouth, 
laborer, in consideration of one Pound, L money to me in hand 
paid by Judah Delano of Plymouth aforesaid, Gent, the receipt 


whereof I acknowledge do by these presents, Demise, release, & 
forever quit claim unto him the said Judah Delano his heii 
assigns forever all my rights & interest in the real estate of 
Mother Mary Delano, late of Duxborough, lying in Middle- 
borough which descended to her from her Father Thomas Delano ? 
late deed (see note) 

To have and hold to him tin- said Judah Delano his heirs and 
assignes forever, from me the said John Hanks my heirs and as- 
signs hereby warranting the same from all persons claiming under 
me or my Mother Mary Hanks forever. In Witness Whereof I 
have hereunto set my hand & seal this X day of February one 
thousand seven hundred & ninety one 

Signed, sealed and delivered in presence of attest, Jephl 
Delano. Lydia Delano 

John Hanks [Seal] 
Plymouth ss. Duxborough, Apr ist 1791 Then the above na 
John Hanks acknowledged the above instrument by him sub- 
scribed to be his free act & deed. Gamaliel Bradford 

Just Peace " 
Reed June 4-1792, & recorded, pr Rossetter Cotton Regr. 
Note (Mary Delano was dau of Philip (3d) & Eliz. Dingley) 
Book 72 p 278 Another deed bearing same date as former h : 1 
John Hanks to Judah Delano of land in Middleborough for the 
sum of 2 pounds Recorded April 20-1702. — 

Book yy p 108 Deed given by John Hanks Yeoman & Chloe 
Addington (widow) ans sister of John Hanks sells to Judah Delano 
land, iron ore &c in Middleborough dated Plymouth, Apr 16-1792. 
Witness, Rossettor Cotton & John Cotton. Acknowledged before 
Thomas Jackson Justice Peace. — 

4 of Judah Delano Jr. 
Elizabeth Delano, m ist Portland Me Elisha Pomroy Cutler, b 
Amherst Mass. d X. Yar. m. 2d X. Yarmouth Me Jan 23-1815 
Josiah Whitman Mitchell Sr. b Bridgewater Mass. June 6-1784, 
d Freeport Me Dec 1-1852. 1 Elisha Pomroy Cutler, b X. Yar. 
May 23-1812, d Bos Dec 21-1877. 2 Victor Moreau Mitchell b 
Freeport Oct 26-1815, d. in Hospital, Staten Is. X. Y. Oct 26-1846. 
3 Ezekiel Whitman Jr. b Dec 2-1817. 4 Frederick, b Feb 14-1820, 
drowned Rio Janairio S A. Sept 1845 5 Lucia, b Sept 3-1824, m 
1843 to George A Cushing, d. Lunenburgh Mass. 6 Sarah Eliza- 
beth, b Apr 26-1827. Cambridgeport Mass. 
6 of Judah Delano Jr 
Judah Delano 3d, A Soldier in " War 1812-15 " d Edcnton N. C. 
Aug 19-1839 m. Phila July 27-1817 Mary Ann, dau of John Arthur 
and Ann (Scott) Moore, b Dover Del. Apr 6-1799, d - St Louis Oct 
6-1S64. 1 William Judah Delano, b Phil June 27-1819. 2 Mary 
Elizabeth, b Wash. D. C. Jan 13-1822 3 Penelope, b Dec 25-1825, 
m St Louis to John T Coleman, Sept 1-1870, b Hampden Conn 
Sept 30-1813. No ch. 4 Rufus Bacon, b Oct 15-1S27, accidentaiy 
killed Washington Dec 1-1839. 5 Salome, b Oct 3-1830, d Wa^h 
Jan. 31-1833. 6 Catherine, b May 1-1G34. 7 Salome Titcomb, b 
Nov 19-1S37, d Wash. Sept 4-1839. 


I cf Judah Delano (3d) 

William Judah Delano, d Mobile Ala. Oct 1863 m 1st Was! 
ion Dec .23-1841 Sarah Ann, dan of Thomas and Elizabeth Z (Ed- 
monston) Given, b Wash Oct 7-1 821 d. Dayton Nov 8 1S58, m 2d 
Dayton O. 1853 Eleanor, dau of Peter & Anna Mariah (R< 
Odlin b Somerset O. Nov 2-18. '3, d. Memphis Tenn. Get 14-1850. 
(" Odlin Earn." ; Des. of John Odlin of Bos, i^y-'nt) m. 3d N. 
Or. ? 1 Maj. William Morgan Delano, b Wash. Dec 30-1842, 
un-m. d Stephen Ark. July 1869. 2 Harvey Hale, b Wash Dec 24- 
1844. 3 Rufus Given, b Phil. Dec 26-1846 d Dayton Mch 25-1848 
4 Rufus Judah Delano, b Dayton May 10-1854. 

(W'm J. Delano.) 

Began a printer in Washington. Moved to Dayton, took up 
railroading and telegraph. Here his partner financially ruined 
him. At telegraph office, as manager. To Memphis, Tenn. en- 
gaged in newspaper work. Yellow fever became epidemic, his 
wife dying, he threw his house open for the sufferers. Then to 
St Louis, Mo. At New Orleans he was engaged on the editorial 
staff of the " True Delta " when the war began. His family heard 
from him frequently by the "underground" telegraph. He was 
imprisoned in Fort Jackson by Gcnl. Butler and released by his 
successor, Genl. Banks, on condition that he would take the oath 
of allegiance or leave the country, tie chose the latter and went 
to Havana. There he was blockade running and while thus en- 
gaged died in Mobile, Ala. An upright and conscienscious man 
a sympathizer with the South. His political opinions were not 
those of his sons who were active in support of the Union. 

" H. H. D." 
(W'm M Delano.) 

Connected with a bank as teller. Just before the war he joined 
the " Halleck Guards," 1861 he resigned from the bank and was 
appointed 2d Lieut in the 23d Mo. Inf. After some service in this 
reg't he was appointed Capt in the 12th Mo. Cav., in which com- 
mand he rose to Major. He saw service in Mo. and the Southwest 
and also on the plains, his term of enlistment not expiring with 
the war '65. Returning to St Louis he entered a bank as teller 
for several years. His army experience rendered him restless and 
he went South with Texas or Mexico in view, but, while en route, 
and stopping with a friend at Stephen, he died. 

" H. H. D." 
2 of William Judah Delano 

Harvey Hale Delano, Res. Portland Oregon, m there Oct 16- 
1872 Ella, dau of Jacob and Sarah Elizabeth (Grant) Peters, b 
St Jo. Mo. Apr 15-1854 1 W'illiam Delano, b Dec 15-1873, d St 
Louis Aug 23-1882 2 Mabel, b June 30-1876. 3 Chester, b Mar 
29-1878, d Nov 30 18S0. 4 Helen, b Dec 29-1885 
1 of William Judah Delano 

Rufus Judah Delano (Came to St. Louis, at the age of four years; 
commenced instruction in the Public schools, afterwards entered 
Washington University where he passed eight years, graduating as 
Civil Engineer 1872, then attending St. Louis Law School of Wash- 


ington University, was admitted to practice of law 1S76. After his 
admission to the bar, he sought exclusive commercial, cor] 

and civil practice, in which he has been eminently successful. Al- 
ways a radical republican, lie has been continuously identified as 

a citizen with local and national politics without seeking office, 

his business clientage and home duties having- a preference. 

Mr. Delano is a member of and has been a prominent officer of 
many of the leading business and social enterprises of the City of St 

St. Louis, November 3. 1897. 
" The Union League Club of St. Louis is now fairly established in 
its new and permanent quarters, Twenty-seventh and Pine stn 
The house warming attendance was large, and speeches were made 
by prominent Republicans, among them President Delano of the 

The Club is of comparatively recent birth, being but little over 
nine months old. The president, Mr. R. J. Delano, is an attorney 
of considerable prominence, with offices in the Laclede building, 
southwest corner of Olive and Fourth street. He is a Republican 
of Republicans, an earnest debater, with strong convictions of what 
is right, which convictions are the rule of his action. The club 
could have no better guiding spirit in its youthful days, and should 
be congratulated on having selected him for the position. The 
time will surely come when Mr. Delano will be called upon to take 
part in councils of a higher nature, and that he will do himself full 
justice those who know him intimately implicitly believe. As a 
lawyer Mr. Delano ranks among the best in the city." 
m. there Oct 14-1885 Augusta Wilhelmina, dau of August and 
Wilhelmina (Wipperman) Nedderhut, b St Louis Sept 3-1863 1 
Eleanor Odlin, b Oct 23-1889. 2 Rufus Judah Delano Jr. b Jan 
28-1891 3 Sanford Judah, b Mch 6-1S95. 4 Mvra Priscilla, b Dec 

2 of Judah Delano 3d 
Mary Elizabeth Delano, Res Baltimore Md. 17 Mount Royal 
Terrace m. Washington Apr 30 1843 William Thomson Jr. son of 
William Sr. and Elizabeth (Baltzer) Thomson, b Georgetown D. C. 
July 6-1S17 d. Bait. Jan 30-1887 I William Judah Thomson, b 
Wash. Apr 27-1844, m Wash Dec 8-1870 Jessie Ross (Paymaster. 
U. S. Navy.) 2 Curtis Harrod, b Phil. Dec 30-1S47, un-m. Pav- 
master U S Navy, d Bait. July 13-1881 3 Annie Penelope, b Bait. 
Feb 27-1850, d Aug 18-1853. 4 Frank Penniman, b Aug 2S-1852. 
(In U. S. Naval Service.) 5 Elizabeth, b Apr 16-1855, m Rich- 
mond Va. July 20-1881 William B Briggs (Merchant, Partner in 
firm of Rinehart Childs & Co.) Ch. Jessie Thomson, b Bait Apr 

6 of Judah Delano 3d 
Catherine Delano, Res Bait 528 North Carrolton Av m Bait Nov 
27-1856 Edward Hanzsche Sr. b Bait Dec 13-1829, d. June 29-1896. 
1 Harry Delano Hanzsche, b Sept 22-1857. 2 William Thomson. 
b May 18-1860, m Nov 27-18S7, Mary McLam Hunt, b Bait Oct 18 
1862 2 ch. 1 Mary Delano Hanzsche, b June 18-18S9 2 Win 


Thomson Jr b July 28-1891 3 Edward Jr. b Sept 22-1864. 4 
Sophia, b Apr 24-1867. 

7 of Judah Delano Jr. 
Priscilla Delano, 


Kent's Oldest Citizen. 

Born December nth, 1703. at Plymouth, Mass. 

Died July 9th, 1897, at Kent, Ohio. 

From Kent, Ohio "Courier," July 10th, 1897. 

It was a sad message that the " Courier " carried to the public 
last Friday — that Grandma Spooner was no more. 

During the past few weeks this venerable lady had been grow- 
ing weaker. 

It was a peaceful sleeping away. The supposition is that she 
died about three o'clock. 

For years Mrs. Spooner was one of the most noted persons in 
Northern Ohio. Her birthday was always the object of much 
interest. That one could live to such an age and still retain all 
their faculties seemed miraculous. 

She passed her one-hundredth birthday anniversary and started 
on her second century, bright, cheerful and happy. This event 
was celebrated in the Universalist church, of which the deceased 
was a member, with due eclat. Hundreds came to grasp the hand 
of the centenarian and wish her many more years of life. Fur each 
one she had a kind word of greeting or advice. 

She was an honest Christian woman whose life was full of kind 
acts to all with whom she was connected. She had passed through 
joys and sorrows, triumphs and failures. She lived twenty-six 
years before Queen Victoria was born. During her life time great 
inventors, famous statesmen and noted writers have came and gone. 

The place where we now live was at the time of her birth beyond 
the borders of civilization. She lived before the steamboat, the 
telegraph or the telephone were known. 

Born while Washington was President, she has lived under the 
administration of every President of the United States. 

Priscilla Delano Sanford Spooner was born in Plymouth, Mass., 
daughter of Captain Judah Delano. When she was a small child 
her father moved to Portland, Maine. He owned and was captain 
of a passenger packet plying between Portland and Boston. 

Captain Delano often took one of his children with him on these 
trips. During one of them Priscilla took a deep interest in some 
object in the water and while gazing intently upon it she fell over- 
board. There was excitement on the boat and it was supposed 
that Prisciila's life was lost. While looking for his child the father 
saw her long hair floating on the water, lie caught the hair with 
his hands and pulled the nigh-drowned child from the water. It 
was some time before she fully recovered from her startling ex- 

At the time of Washington's death in 1799, there was a parade 
in Portland. Priscilla's older brother and sister were in the parade 


and Priscilla, then only six years of age, stood in the window of her 
home with crape on her arm. 

The deceased's brother, Judah Delano, Jr., was for a nui 
of years publisher of the " Sentinel," at Albemarle, X. C. Pre> i 
to that he was for fifteen years a proof reader on the " National 
Intelligencer," at Washington, D. C. 

Priscilla's father died in Boston when she was only seven years of 
age. After that she went to live with her uncle, James Samp 
of Topsham, Maine. Later she returned to school to Portland. 
Here she was a schoolmate of N. P. Willis, the poet. Priscilla first 
went to school when she was only four vears of aee, that b 
the custom in those days and often received pennies for her good 

After leaving school, Priscilla was married 1S11, to John San- 
ford. A few years later they moved to New Portland, making 
the perilous journey overland. 

Her husband died in 1840. He was an inventor of some renown, 
but while many of his inventions were a benefit to the world, they 
were not to him. He invented the " shoulder to the grindstone,'' 
a journal running between two wheels, now in general use. He 
also invented an improved winnowing machine, a curved plow- 
share and the hydraulic pulley. 

One of Mr. Sanford's most noted accomplishments was the 
erection of the famous old tide-mill which still stands at Bowden- 
ham, Maine, the only one of its kind in the world. The wheel is 
twenty-seven feet in diameter with part of the rim out of the water 
at high tide. The spokes are wide and set diagonally, like the 
vanes of a wind-mill. It turns eighteen hours of the day by tide 
power, running one way with the flow and the other with the ebb. 
With one foot fall of the tide the wheel gives fifty horse power. 

Mr. Sanford's last invention was straw board, or straw paper, as 
he called it, which he had made at the paper mill at Bowdcnham. 
His brother, Hezekiah Sanford, was with Commodore Perry on 
Lake Erie. His father was a sea captain and navigator. 

In 1S47, she married Dr. Spooner, a popular and skilled physi- 
cian. In the fall of 1872 sh? came to Kent. Of late years she had 
made her home with her daughter, Mrs. E. T. Sawyer, on Lake 
Street. She was a member of the Universal ist Church and at- 
tended there for many years until she became too feeble. News- 
papers were welcome visitors to her and she enjoyed them greatly. 
The funeral was held at Universalist Church, Sunday, at 2 p.m. 
Rev. H. K. Riegel, assisted by Rev. T. S. Smedley, conducted the 
sendees. The remains were interred at Standing Rock Cemetery, 
being borne to the grave by four aged neighbors. 
m. ist Topsham Me 1S11 John Sanford, b there Feb 22-1780 d 
New Portland Oct 1840 (Sanford Gen. 1894 — 70 p.) m 2d Xew 
Portland Me 1847 Dr Ward Spooner, b Marthas Vineyard Mass 
1775 d New Portland 1871 (Gen. i87i-'83; W'm Spooner at Plym. 
1637 d. 168.O Armes: Azure, a boar's head in bend or. 1 Judah 
Delano Sanford, b Topsham Aug 14-1812, un-m. d in Kent Ohio 
June 20-1870. 2 Thomas, d aged 2 ys. 3 Daughter, d y 4 Will- 


lain Titcomb, b Bowdoinham Feb 21-181S. 5 Mary Elizabeth, b 
Now Port May 28-182 >. 6 Susan Salome, d do. Feb S-1S23, un-m 
7 Harriet Peneloj e, b I iardiner July 19-1825, m Kent 5 Sept 1S66 
Wi'liam Paul Gettys b. Columbia Pa. 1 May 1825 1 ch. Mabel 
b 27 May 1S67 S Jol y Adams, b Freeman Me Mar 4-1829, 

mm. d 1809 9 Henry Cutler, b Sept. 11-1831. 10 Lueia Maria, 
b May 8-1834, m New Portland Dee 19-1852 to Edward T Sawyer, 
lit d Feb 10-1897. Xo ch 11 Thomas, b Aug- 1837, un-m d Kent 
Aug 14-1889. 

4 of John Sanford & Priscilla Delano 

William Titcomb Sanford, d Kent O. Sept 18-18S6, ra Dum- 
bcrton N. H. Nov 25-1S44 Sarah Jane, dau of Wiloby and Cyntha 
(Brown) Colby, b Woodhill Bow X. 11. Aug 17-1825 d Kent O. 
Mar. 1S-18S7. 1 Harriet Penelope Sanford. b Dum'ton Nov 6- 
1845, m - Manchester X. H. 11 Ap. 1863 Charles Rodney Dunham, 
Kansas City Mo 1704-1706 Grand Ave 1 William Burton, b Jan 
17-1864, m. Annie Marie Carter Oct 6-1S86 — 1 ch. Laura May b 
Kan City Mo. June 4-1888. 2 Fred Almond, b Kent July 17-1 
m Fanny Myrtle Cook, Oct 2-1888. Ch b Lenexa Ks. 1st Clarence 
Cook, b Jan 22-1890. 2d Willie Raymond, b Feb 25-1893. 3 
Charles Colby, b Cleveland O. July 26-iSyy. 2 Cyntha Priscilla, b 
Goffstown N. H. Feb 22-1847, m. Kent 4 July 1867 George Will- 
iamson b Aberdeen Scot Mch 19-1842 d Kent Sept 30-1894. 1 
Henry Pearl Williamson b Mar 1-1868, m Nellie Johnson Kent 
Feb 16-1888. Ch. Daisy b Aug 16-1889. 2 Sadie Violet, b Akron 
O. Feb 5-1875. m Kent John B Weber, June 2-1889. Ch 1st 
Myrtle Mossy b Apr 7-1890. 2d Lilly Violet b Brimfieid Oct 7- 
1892. 3d Clayton Glenwood, b Talmage O. Feb 20-1804. 3 
George Sanford b Kent Apr 12-1875. 3 Henry Cutler, b Oct 22- 
1849, m Calistia Swinehearta of Stow O. Jan 25-1882, he d Kent 
June 12-1882. No ch 

5 of John Sanford & Priscilla Delano 

Mary Elizabeth Sanford, Res Newburg N Y The Alton No 3 
Ann St m Worcester Mass. June 1-1855 Alvah Bellous French. 1 
dau. b. & d. Mar. 5-1856. 2 Alvah Sanford, b July 30-1S57. 3 
Florence Mabel, b Mch 12-1859, m Brooklyn L. I. Sept 5-1883 
Samuel Trafford Smock. Ch. 1st Sarah Elizabeth, b Aug 2-1 1 
d Dec 2-1891. 2d Florence Mabel, b Apr 14-1889. (Hcndrick 
Smock, Smack, or ? Schmolck ? fr. Holl. 1654 Xew Utrecht L. I. 
1669-89 son of Matthew — : Schmolck of IIoll. (Rietstap) amies : 
Az., a disk pierced with an arrow a fesse-in-divise arg. placed in 
chief) 4 Mary Elizabeth, b Sept 30-18C0. 

9 of John Sanford & Priscilla Delano. 

Hon Henry Cutler Sanford, Res. Akron O. (Locomotive engi- 
neer of " Ind 111 8c O." i855-'65 Prosecuting Attorney of Summit 
Co O. 1873-4, City Solicitor of Akron 1S76-7, Representative of 
Summit in 68th and 69th General Assemblies of O. 1S8S to 91) 
m North Amherst O. Jan 19-1857 Emily Jane, dau of Elam and 
Lydia (Wilcoxi^Eairchild, b Chester, O. Mar 19-1837, d Akron 
Mar 6-1890. 1 William Henry, b X. Amherst O. Feb 2-1850, 
un-m. Graduate of Akron High Sch. 'yj. Attended Buchtel Coll 


1878-79, grad from Cincinnati Law Sch. Class '83. Ativ at Law. 

2 Ira Burton, b Augusta 111. Aug 2-1860. Grad. Akron. ' Merch't 
m. there 19 Nov 1884 Carrie .May dan of Xemanthus S & Marg't 
Eliz. (Turner) Allen, b Granger O. 29 Aug 1862 cli. .Mabel Mi 

& Maud Emily twins b. 22 Nov 1SS6— Frances b. 12 May 1888 

3 May Fairchild, b Stow O. Jan 10-1868, un-m. Artist l 
Akron High Sch. '87. 

8 of Judah Delano Jr. 
Salome Delano, d Bos Sept 2yitX<,. m Freeport Me. 18 17 Will- 
iam Titcomb, b Portland May 8-1791 d Norridgewick Me Mch 17- 
1S50 (W'm Titcomb fr Newbury Lug. in "Hercules" 1634) 1 
William Henry, b New Portland, Mch 28-1819, '»• Mary Cro 
Jan 4-1844, he d Jan 16-1803. 2 Mary Ann Llizabeih, b Apr 9- 
1821, d June 1-1824. 3 Benjamin b Jan 13-1823, m Ann Williams 
Jamaica Plains Mass. 4 Marian Ann, b July io-i8_7, m. Mathew 
A Mayhew Nov 30-1854, she d Nov 9-1*862 5 Josiah Whitman 
.Mitchell, b Sept 6-1829, d Jan 25-1849. 6 Helen Maria, b Aug 15- 
1S32, m Aaron D Plant June 2 7 -i^ 5 2 t d July 14-1850. 7 Sophia 
Ann, b Mar 23-1835, un-m. Rockland Me 8 Lucretia Hamlin, b 
Feb 6-1S3S, m Geo. F French Roxbury Mass 13 Kenilworth St 

6 of Judah Delano Sr. 

Priscilla Delano, m Dux Mch 27-1796 William Winsor, son of 
Samuel & Rhoda (Delano) Winsor, b Dux Jan 27-1753. She had 
no ch. ? (dan of Joshua & Hopestill (Peterson) Delano, b 1731.) 
(Wm. Winsor m 1st Anne Hunt July 23-1775 & had ch. Melzer, 
Sally, Wuity, Clark, William, Nancy, Mary & Rhoda.) 

7 of Judah Delano Sr 

Jephtha Delano, d Dux Dec 23-1843 m 1st Dux. Dec 22-ij^ 
Rebecca, dau of Asa and Martha (Delano) Chandler, b Dux Oct 
2 5- 1 7^>4 (Roger Chandler of Duxbury 1637 fr. ? Colchester Eng. 
to Hoik m. Isabella dau. James Chilton of the " Mayilower 1620 ") 
d. Sept 1816 m 2d Dux. Sara Soule, (wid Churchill) m after 1816. 
No ch. (See Soule) 1 Salome Delano, b Apr 6-1785. 2 Martha, b 
May 25-1786. 3 Abigail b Aug 29-1787. 4 Joanna Sampson, b Nov 
17-1789, d Oct 31-1792. 5 Asa Chandler, b Dec 27-1791 d Oct 16- 
1792 6 Joanna Sampson, b Sept 3-1796, m as 2d wife to Martin 
Simmons Chandler Oct 11-1840, she d Dux Apr 16-1890. See 
Ichabod Delano & Lydia Wakefield branch 7 Asa Chandler De- 
lano, b Aug 17-1799. S Rebecca Malcolm, b .Mch 31-1801 9 
Henry Sampson, b Dec 29-1803. 10 Jephtha, b Sept 13-1806. 
(Mass Archives, Rev— Delano, Jephtha, 1775, 1 .May, Dux. Cot- 
tons Regt. Bradfords Co. Private, 3 mo. 8 d's. Vol 14-pp ^j. 1777, 
2d June, Duxbury, Jacksons Regt. Hastings Co. Segt 3 ys. Vol 
26. 1779, 15 July, Jacksons Regt. Hastings Co. Segt. 15 d's. Vol 

J 779» 3°-Sept. Duxbury, Jacksons Regt. Hastings Co. Segt. 1 
mo. Vol 48. 

1777, 8th May, Dux. Mass Regt. Jackson, Hastings Co. Segt. 
31 mo. 23 d's. Vol 29. 

1780, 31 Mar. Jackson Regt. Hasting Co. Segt. 1 mo Vol 48. 


i/So, 30 Apr. Duxbury, Jacksons Regt. Hastings Co Segt. I mo. 
1 d. Vol 48. 

1778 Duxbury, Bradfords Regt. Wadsworth Co Private, Vol 10. 

1777, 9th Sept Duxbury, Cotton's Regt. Arnold's Co. Private, 
8 mo. Vol 42.) 

(Plym Probate Records, Book 86, p 56, Aug 17-1841. Will 
proved 1744, Jephtha Delano of Duxbury names wife Sarah, dau 
Joanna wife of Martin Chandler, son Henry S. dau Rebecca Field, 
Martha wife of Nathaniel Weston, Salome wife of Nathaniel Snow, 
Abigail wid of Isaac Chandler, sons Asa C. and Jephtha Jr.) 

(It is supposed by dcs. in this br, that Martha Mother of Rebecca 
Chandler, was the dau of "Joshua and Hopcstill (Peterson) De- 
lano " and it is also asserted by dcs. of Robert Cushman that the 
Martha Delano to whom he was married was the dau of " Joshua 
and Hopcstill " and I am led to believe the latter, as they named 
several of their ch as customary, after gr mo. " Hopcstill, Joshua, 
Martha and Beza." Compiler) 

1 of Jephtha Delano Sr. 

Saloma Delano, d. May 23-1855 m 1st Dux Dec 6-1802 Peleg 
Gulliver, son of Peleg and Ruby (Sampson) Gulliver, b Dux 7733, 
d. Sept 2-1S07, (see Winsor's Hist. Dux. p. 249) m 2d Dux May 
1809 Nathaniel Shaw Snow, b Randolph Mass 1782 ? d Dux Dec 
1855 (Nicholas Snow of Plym. 1623 fr. Eng. m. 1627 Constance 
dau. Stephen Hopkins of the " Mayflower 1620 ") 1 Sally, b July 
15-1803 2 Caroline, b Jan 27-1805. 3 Peleg Gulliver, b Jan 21- 
1807. — 1 Mar; Ann Snow, b 1811 2 Susan Drew, b Nov 6-1814. 
3 Nathaniel Shaw, b Aug 11-1S19. 4 Rebecca Delano, b Feb 20- 
1824 m George P Freeman 5 Hannah Loring, b 1826. (Surname 
famous as " Gullivers Travels " by " Lemuel Gulliver " pub. 1726 
— real au. Swift — Gulliver of Eng. armes ? & crest: " a lion passant 
guardant argent ducally crowned or ") 

2 of Jephtha Delano Sr 

Martha Delano, d Mar 3-1873, m Dux. May 24-1803 Nathaniel 
Weston, son of Samuel & Abigail (Bisbee) Weston, b Dux Sept 
2-1779 d J line 6-1867 1 Maria, b June 12-1804 2 George Fuller, 
b Aug 24-1807 3 Betsy Fuller, b Sept 30-1809. 4 Martha Delano 
Weston, b Mar 29-1812 5 Rebecca Chandler, b June 20-1816, rn 
Mr Stetson 6 Sarah Soule, b Aug 10-1819 7 Samuel Newell 
b July 17-1821. 8 Nathaniel. 9 Susan, b Aug 12-1825 — twins — 

3 of Jephtha Delano Sr. 
Abigail Delano, d Dux July 22-1869 m Dux Oct 13-1804 Isaac 
Chandler, b Kingston Oct 3-1784 d Dux Nov 13-1838 1 Jephtha 
Delano Chandler, b Dec 11-1805. 2 Isaac Warren, b July 8-1807. 
3 Alden, b Nov 14-1809. 4 Abigail Delano Chandler, b June 28- 
J 8 T 3 5 Joanna Martha, b Mar 13-1822. 6 Ffenry Delano 
Chandler, b July 13-1825 7 Luther Soule, b Feb 2S-1828. 

7 of Jephtha Delano Sr 

Asa Chandler Delano, d So Boston Aug 9-1869, m Kingston 

Feb 27-1823 Christiana Drew, dau of Ebenezer & Mary Drew 

(Hollis) Covil or Covel, b Kingston May 4-1803, d Nov 2-1854. 

I George Henry, b Bos Oct 20-1823 2 Christiana Cordelia, b Apr 

10 145 

14-1825. 3 Adelaide Maria b Feb 14-1828 4 Mary Homer, b 
Dux Apr 22-1823. 

1 of Asa Chandler Delano 

George Henry Delano, Res. So Boston Mass. cor 4 & P St m 
So. Bos. Feb 14-1847 By Rev Theodore D Cook Caroline Wash- 
ington, dau of Aaron Kidder & Lydia Graves (Smith) Frederick, 
b Augusta Me. June 9-1830. 1 Mary Adelaide, b Bos. May 1-1848, 
un-m. 2 Carrie Malvina, b Aug 1-1849, do. 3 George Henry 
Delano Jr. b May 5-1850, do. 4 Emma Rowena, b Nov 5-1852 
5 Georgianna Seymour, b July 14-1854 6 Waller Frederick, b 
May 1S-1856. 7 Charles Orrin b Feb 20-1838, un-m 8 Lillian 
Homer, b Aug 1-1862 do. 9 Annie Maud Delano, b June 24-1869 
— S. Bos. 907— 4th St.— m. do 2-] July 18S7 Wilmot Whitaker b. 
Portland Me. 16 Ap. 1861 ch. Gladys Elena, b. 22 May 1888 

4 of George Henry Delano 

Emma Rowena Delano, d. Oct 14-1882 m So. Bos. Sept 10-1871 
Gustavus Eifler. 1 Mabel Gertrude, b Oct 16-1873 2 George 
Stephen, b June 5-1876 3 Emma, b Dec 26-1877 4 Charlotte, 
b May 7-1880 

5 of George Henry Delano 

Georgianna Seymour Delano, Res. So Boston Mass. 720 5th St 
m So Bos Oct 3-1S77 Eugene Fowle Richardson, b Bos July 14- 
185 1 1 Arthur Frederick b Oct 5-18/8 2 Ethel May, b Dec 20- 
1880. 3 Charles Eugene, b Dec 19-1883. 4 Albert Willett, b 
Aug 16-1890. 

6 of George Henry Delano 

Walter Frederick Delano, Res. Revere Mass. m Bos Oct 5-1880 
Annie Elizabeth, dau of Daniel & Harriet (Shey) Morrison, b in 
New Bedford Mass. Mch 13-1857. 1 Frederick Sebastian Delano. 
b S. Bos. July 17-1881. 2 Harriet Frances, b Oct 25-1882. 3 
George Henry, b Dorchester Mass Apr 1-1884 
2 of Asa Chandler Delano 

Christianna Cordelia Delano, d S. Bos. Apr. 24-1854 m So Bos. 
Oct 5-1845 Amos Hale Brainard, b Newburyport Mass. Mch 27- 
1824 Hyde Park Mass. 1 Genevieve, b S Bos. June 9-1847. 2 
Florence, b Brookline Mass Apr 22-1849, m George D Thayer, 
Temple PI. Bos. 3 Amos Daggett, b Bos. Sept 12-1850. 

3 of Asa Chandler Delano 

Adelaide Maria Delano, Res. S Boston 840 4th St m. 1849 
Moses H Libby, d. Mar 20-1891 (Gen. 1882—" John Libby of 
Scarborough Me. fr. Plym. Devon Eng. 1636 d. 1682-3 constable 
etc fam. of Worcester Eng. armes: ermine, a lion rampant az.) 
1 Frederick Homer, b Sept 30-1849. 2 Mary Adelaide, b Nov 30- 
1852. 3 Christianna Delano Libby, b July 23-1854 4 Edna Lang- 
ton, b Apr 19-1862. 5 Henry Normana, b Oct 7-1865 6 Roland 
Forbes, b Oct 9-1867. 

4 of Asa Chandler Delano 

Mary Horner Delano, Res. South Boston Mass. 835 4th St. m 
So Bos By Rev J H Fairchilds Aug T 4-185 1 (Bos. Recs. 3 Sept.) 
Thomas Church Byrnes, b Middleborough Mass. May 17-1831 


d Dec 1-1882. 1 Frederick Church, b Dec 22-1857 2 Grace 
Homer, b Dec 9-1S71 

8 of Jephtha Delano Sr. 

Rebecca Malcolm Delano, d Taunton Mass Dec 17-1879, m Dux. 
Oct 1-1819 Abner Field, b Taunton Feb 13-1795 d. do Sept. 28- 
1851 1 Eliza Everett, b Taunton June 15-1820. 2 Chester Isham, 
b Aug 7-1825 3 Susan Amelia, b Nov 12-1834 Taunton Mass 4 
Ezra Alden, b Mar 4-1837. 

9 of Jephtha Delano Sr. 

Henry Sampson Delano, d Dec 23-1881 m Easton Mass Apr 7- 
1830 Kesiah Kinsley, dau of Parmenas and Mehetable (Ames) 
Ames, b Easton Aug 29-1808, d. Dec 28-1890 (Gen. 1S90, William 
Ames bap. B niton Somersetshire Eng. 1605 d. Braintree Mass 
1653 armes: Arg., on a bend cottised sa. 3 roses arg.)— 1 Mehitable 
Ames Delano, b Dux. July 13-1832, d Aug 11-1833 2 Elwood 
Murray, b Easton July 6-1837, d Oct 23-1842 3 Henry Harrison 
Delano, b Sept 21-1840 m. Newton Mass 7 Oct 1879 Emma dau. 
of Preston & Emma (Hunter) Weaver b. Ohio 1846 ch. Susan 
Louise Delano b. Somerville Mass 9 Mar. 1880 Res: Maiden Mass. 
167 Linden Ave 4 Charles Maurice, b Oct 27-1842. 5 Lydia 
Maria, b Nov 11-1846 6 Emma Jane, b Dec 28-1852 m. Easton 
1 June 1874 to William Frederick Shaw b. Windsor Nova Scotia 
27 Oct 185 1 ch. 1 Lena Maud b 31 Oct 1875 2 Henry Frederick 
b 26 June 1877 

4 of Henry Sampson Delano 
Charles Maurice Delano, Res. E Rochester N H m 1st Easton 
Feb 15-1863 Helen Maria Pratt (widow) dau of William and Adelia 
(Hopkins) Towsley, b Rupert Vt June 27-1833, d Waukesha Wis. 
June 27-1867 m 2d E Bridgewater Mass May 6-1873 Caroline 
Elizabeth, dau of Harrison Weeks and Amelia Thomas (Wash- 
burn) White, b E Bridgewater Feb 12-1852 1 Thomas Shepherd 
Delano, b Easton Dec 11-1863. — Res - Brocton 12 Bartlett St. m. 
there 25 Dec 1886 Emma Jane dau. of John Sable & Eliza Turner 
(Zoy) Nottage b Hopkington Mass 6 Jan 1856 no ch. (Nottage 
of Eng. armes: Arg., 5 lozenges in cross conjoined) 1 Hattie 
May, b E. Brid'r May 1-1874 2 Marion Weeks, b Sept 7-1877. 
3 Amy Ann, b Brocton Mass Jan 1-1879, & d Mar nth. 4 Jephtha, 
b & d Jan 4 & 5-1880. 5 Frederick Newton Delano, b May 22- 
1882. 6 George Albert, b June 15-1885 

5 of Henry Sampson Delano 

Lydia Maria Delano, m Easton Mar 12-1873 Charles Knowles 

Dailey, b Brookfield Nova Scotia Apr 25-1840 1 Sylvia Grace, b 

May 28-1874 2 Cyntha Maria, b May 6-1876 3 Ralph Emerson, 

b Mch 12-1880, d Sept 6-1881 4 Ruth Westworth, b July 14-1882 

10 of Jephtha Delano Sr. 

Jephtha Delano Jr. d Cambridgeport Mass. Dec 9-1874 m 

Bos By Rev Paul Dean June 7-1829 Sarah, dau of Samuel and 

Eunice (De Witt) Pitcher, b Saco Me. Aug 8-1812 (Pitcher fam. 

fr. Eng. armes: Or, a bend gu. surmounted by another az.) 1 

William Quincy Delano, b Dux. Aug 12-1831. 2 John Willard, 

b do Oct 16-1833, d Nov 9-1837 3 Charles Henry, b Charlestown 


Mass Feb 9-1S36. 4 Joanna Sampson, b Feb 27-1838, d. Aug 21- 
1839. 5 SaraH Elizabeth, b Mch 18-1840. 6 Mary Davis, b Dec 
26-1842. 7 Jephtha 3d b Aug 9-1845 8 Helen Taylor, b Feb 19- 
1848, m. Cambridgeport 17 Mar 1870 Joseph Francis Howland b 
New Bedford 22 Jan 1845 cn - Florence Delano Howland b. Bos. 
22 Sept 1S76 9 Anna Dowdoin, b. & d. Aug 24-1853. 
1 of Jephtha Delano Jr. 

William Quincy Delano, d Aug 7-1864 m Bos Dec 22-1S58 Anna 
Clemtina, dau of John Fiecierick and Jane Hudson (Gxfford) Polio, 
b Bos Aug 4-1839 (.she m 2d June 30-1891 Bos Reuben Ring) 1 
Frederick William Delano, b Bos. Jan 9-1860, d Mar 4-1861 2 
Harry Dyer, b Somerville Mass Jan 27-1862, m Bos Dec 4-1889 
Mary Carroll, b Providence R I July 15-1867 no ch 
3 of Jephtha Delano Jr. 

Charles Henry Delano, Res. Somerville Mass. m there May 1- 
1860 Helen Maria, dau of Charles & Rebecca (Frost) Williams, 
b Claremont N. PL May 5-1837 1 Nellie May, b May 9-1861, d 
Sept 30-1871. 2 Edith Estelle, b Nov 7-1862 3 Mabel Guild, 
b Dec 31-1S74. 

5 of Jephtha Delano Jr. 

Sarah Elizabeth Delano, Res. Cambridgeport Mass m Charles- 
town Mass Dec 20-1S70 David Hall Barnes, b Cambridge Mass. 
Sept 11-1842 1 Arthur William, b Cambridgeport Feb 15-1872. 
2 Jephtha Delano Barnes, b Jan 20-1875 3 Alice Lillian, b Aug 

6 of Jephtha Delano Jr. 

Mary Davis Delano, Res. Boston 255 West Chester Park, m 
Bos By Rev C F Knight Dec 26-1865 Frederick Riley, b Bos July 
25-1842 1 Mary Elizabeth b Nov 29-1866. 2 Frederick William, 
b June 17-1868, d Apr 5-186-- 3 Frederick Hugh, b Dec 3-1870, 
d Jan 13-1873. 4 Annie Warren, b May 13-1S72 5 Lucy Frances, 
b Oct 12-1874 6 Kittie Plelen, b Feb 29-1876, d Feb 23-1877 7 
Effie Albertha, b Aug 6-1877, d Mar 14-1S79 8 Gracie Albertha 
b Jan 7-1880 9 Frederick Delano Riley b Apr 27-1883. 

7 of Jephtha Delano Jr. 

Jephtha Delano 3d Res Niles Mich m there June 30-1872 Anna 
Mary, dau of John Jacob and Magdaline (Francis) Sutter, b 
Elizabeth N J. Oct 18-1851 1 Jephtha Delano 4th b Nov 1-1880, 
d Aug 14-1881. 

8 of Judah Delano Sr. 

Philip Delano, (Rev War, Mass Archives 1775, 3 May and 7 Oct. 
of Dux. Thomas Regt. Crockers Co. fifer, 3 mo. 5 da. Vol 14 and 
56. 1777, Jan. Dux 7th Mass. Brooks Regt Wadsworth Co. 
During War Corporal Vol. 10. ) d. Dux Apr 29-1836 m Kingston 
1782 Mary, dau of Ezra and Elizabeth Fuller, b Kingston May 31- 
1763 d. Sept 1-1S35 1 Ezra Fuller Delano, b Duxbury Mch 20- 
1783, lost at sea 2 Tirza. b Nov 14-1786. 3 Abigail, b Mch 30- 
1791 m Wm Robinson had ch 4 John, b July 20-1793, lost at 
sea 5 Hannah, b May 16-1796, m Lewis Crehore, no ch. 6 Rufus, 
b July 11-1799. 7 Judah Belknap, b Sept 10-1804, m Rebecca 


'(Chandler) Ames, widow of Capt Emmons-Ames, she d Nov 17- 
1891, no ch. 8 James Fuller, b Oct 10-1807. 
\ 2 of rhilip Delano 

Tirza Delano, m Dux. 1805 ? Ichabod Keene, d Pembroke Mass. 

1 Mercy Shepherd, b Pembroke Dec 20-18 — m John P Sampson 

2 Ezra Fuller, b do Feb 20-18 — un-m. 3 Judah Belknap, in 
Hannah Bennett 4 William Whitridge, b do May 27-1809 twins 
m. 1 Eliza Ramsdell. 2 Mehitablc Bosworth. 5 Zoeth, b do Men 
20-1S12, m Mary J Small, d May 20-1851 6 Eliza Magoun b do 
Feb 1-1S14, m James M Richards Apr 14-1833 7 Mary Fuller, 
b Dux Sept 20-1817 un-m. d Apr 3-1842 8 Seneca Loring, b do. 
Apr 20-1820. 9 Caleb Turner, b Pembroke 1823, m Emeline 
Fuller 1866 10 Aaron Magoun, b do iSja. m Abbic Robinson d 
1861 II Briggs Otis, b do 1825, m Maria Chandler. 12 Andrew 
Jackson, b do Sept 28-1S26 m Julia Messer. lie d Nov 24-1884. 

6 of Philip Delano 
Rufus Delano Sr. d Swampscott Mass Dec 16-1864, m - Dux. 
Deborah, dau of Luther Pierce, b Dux Nov 16-1800 d Lynn Mass 
Feb 26-1875 1 Deborah, b Dux. Aug 1-1821. 2 Rufus Delano 
Jr. b Oct 18-1S22 3 Mary Fuller, b Aug 20-1850, d 16 Aug 1805 
m. Athol Mass 16 June 1852 Samuel Augustus Lewis, b Lynn 12 
Nov 1826 d. 3 Dec 1893 had Josephene Luther Lewis b Swamp- 
scott 9 May 1856 m. Attleborough Mass 21 Nov 1888 to Edward 
Angel Hammond no ch. 4 Ezra Fuller, b Mch 23-1833. (Soldier 
in late Rebellion, Co E 19th Regt Mass Vol Infty. Prisoner of 
War, d in Andersonville Prison Ga. Oct 2-1864, un-m.) 5 Augusta 
Robinson, b July 16-1835 6 Lizzie Frances, b Swampscott Ma> 


1 of Rufus Delano Sr. 

Deborah Delano, d. Swampscott Dec 22-1880 m Swampscott 
Oct 1-1844 Paul Newell, b Marblehead Mass. Oct 24-1822, d. May 
30-1872 (Gen. 1878 — Abraham Newell b. ? Essex Eng. 1581 Rox- 
bury Mass. 1634) 1 William Everett, b Dec 28-1S45, d May [874. 
2 Clara Forester, b June 16-1850. 3 Armenious Clark, b Mch 12- 

2 of Rufus Delano Sr. 

Rufus Delano Jr. d Swampscott Mass. May 29-1884 m 1st Lynn 
Mass Tabitha, dau of Paul and Mary (Le Croix) Ncwhall, b 
Marblehead Jan 7-1825 d Swampscott Jan S-1846 (Thos. Newhall 
b. Eng. d. Lynn 1674) m 2d do Elizabeth Keyes, b Marblehead 
Nov 28-1821 d Swampscott (Keyes Gens. i857~'8o & 'So— 310 p) 
m 3d 11 Dec 1S64 Swampscott Ellen Herbert, b Yarmouth Nova 
Scotia 1839 d June 17-1892 1 John Story, b Swampscott Jan 4- 
1846. — 2 Lois Newhall, b do Feb 12-1854.— 3 Arthur Butler, b 
do Jan 31-1866, d Sept 11-1884. 4 Nellie B b do Feb 15-1871, d 
Aug 10-1872. 5 Sarah Ellen, d do. Feb 3-1874. 6 Louis A b Aug 

1 of Rufus Delano Jr. 

John Story Delano, Res. Salem Mass 124 1 ; North St in Swamp- 
scott Apr 18-1869 Maria Darling Gilman, dau of Thomas Green 
and Mary Hawks (Phillips) Gilbert, b Marblehead Oct 29-1S49 


(Gens. i848-'5o & '64) 1 Frank Wardwell Delano, b Oct 30-1869. 
2 Florence Christiana, b Salem Feb 20-18S5. 
2 of Rufus Delano Jr. 
Lois Newhall Delano, Res. N Leominster Mass m 1st Bevcref 
Mass July 24-1873 Francis Perley Nourse, b Ipswich Mass. June* 
9-1850, d Swampscott Oct 14-1876 (Francis Nourse of SalerrJ 
Mass. 1618 1695 fr. Eng.— Richard Nourse of Chilling Place &J 
Oxford (1575) fam. also Bucks & Essex — Armes: Gu., a fesse bet.| 

2 chevrons arg.) m. 2d 25 June 1896 Frank Archibald. 1 Mabell 
Nourse, b Swampscott Sept 6-1875 

5 of Rufus Delano Sr. 

Augusta Robinson Delano, m Ipswich Dec 24-1856 Charles 

Henry Chapman, b Ipswich Dec 24-1836. 1 Aggie Jane, b Lynn 

Aug 11-1860, m Wenham Mass. George M Ellis 2 Frank Luther, 

b Dec 24-1865, m Lynn by Rev Dr Pullman, 1888 Nettie Lewis. 

3 Charles Leonard, b June 20-1867 

6 of Rufus Delano Sr. 

Lizzie Frances Delano, Res Lynn m Swampscott May 29-1859 
James Madison Kelty, b Lynn Feb 13-1840. (Keltie or Kelty of 
Scot., Armes: Az., a mullet bet. 3 crescents arg.) 1 Addie Frances, 
b Swampscott Oct 16-1860, m. Salem 29 May 1883 Dr Arthur 
Bartlett Mudge Res. Lynn 27 Graystone Park — b. there 14 Dec. 
1859 ch. 1 Arthur Warren Mudge b 12 Dec 18S5 d 25 Oct 1886 
2 Margaret Gertrude b 25 June 1886 (Mudge Gens. 1865, '68, & '71) 
2 Walter Mayo, b Lynn Oct 12-1872, un-m. 
8 of Philip Delano 

James Fuller Delano, d Dux May 5-1891 m Middleboro Mass 
Nov 20-1837 Priscilla, dau of Samuel 8c Esther (Churchill) Morton, 
b Middleboro June 24-1849. 1 Edgar Francis Delano, b Dux 
Sept 23-1843, d Sept 13-1846. 2 John, b Mch 7-1845, d Oct 7- 
1846. 3 Ella Frances, b Dec 25-1847 d Aug 25-1848. 4 Myron 
Lawrence Delano, b Mar 19-1852. Res. Lynn 103 Lewis St m. 
do. 3 Nov 1873 to Addie dau. of Edward Blake & Ann W (Smith) 
Churchill b. do 20 Nov 1852 ch. Charles Edwin Delano b. Feb 1876 
10 of Judah Delano Sr. 

Annis Delano, d W Bridgewater Aug 24-1859, m Dux Aug 5- 
1792 Capt Calvin Perkins, Master Mariner, d at sea 18 15 I Josiah, 
b Dux. May 30-1795 (lost at sea). 2 Elizabeth, b June 24-1797. 
(Eliza). 3 Nathan, b 1799 G ost at sea -) 4 Daniel, b Sept 25-1804- 

5 Deborah b Jan 1-1809. 

2 of Calvin Perkins & Annis Delano 
Eliza or Elizabeth Perkins, m. Dux Alden Winsor, son of Samuel 

6 Aseneth (Hunt) Winsor and grand son of Samuel Sr. & Rhoda 
(Delano) Winsor. (Rhoda dau. of Joshua & Hopestill) b Dux Feb 
2-1793, d. there ? 1 Catherine, b Aug 21-1821 2 Maria, b Oct 
31-1822. 3 Harvey Winsor, b July 3-1824. 4 Eliza Ann, b Mch 
15-1828. 5 Susan B. b Feb 26-1831 6 Samuel Alden b Mch 22- 
1836 7 James E. b Sept 23-1840 

4 of Calvin Perkins & Annis Delano 
Daniel Perkins 


Duxbury Pilgrim, 1895 

The oldest resident in West Bridgewater celebrated the 91st 
anniversary of his birthday September 25, 1S95. 

At age of 14 shipped on board a coaster as cabin boy and 
for 13 years on the sea. During one of his trips the vessel foun- 
dered off the coast of Portugal and he barely escaped with his life. 

He was employed in the Dwelley foundry over 50 years. He 
still retains a vivid recollection of the blockade of the ports of 
Boston and Duxbury in the war of 1812. 

m. 1S29 Maria, dau of Ezekiel & Mary (Thomas) Glass & gr dau of 
John and Berenice (Delano) Glass (dau of Ebcnezer Delano — " Old 
King Eben.") b Dux Apr 7-1S05 d W. B. Aug 24-1861 (Glass 
fam. of Scot. Armes: Arg., a lleur-de-lis bet. 3 mullets within a 
bordure gu. Savage's Diet. II) 1 Mary Perkins, b Dux. May 
2-1830, m. E. Bridge'r 14 July 1850 Henry Walton Howland son 

of Jason & Annie (Jones), b. W. B 29 Mar 1826 — eh. 1. Mary 

Florence b W. B. 23 Ap 1851 — 2. Annie Perkins b 26 Jan. 1854 
2 Annis b W. B. Aug 24-1833, m. Mr Marston 3 Nathan, b 
May 10-1838. 

5 of Philip Delano 3d 

Abigail Delano, m Dux. May 14-1741 Abisha Soule, son of 
Josiah and Lydia (Delano) Soule, b Dux Nov 25-1708 d. there 
Jan 4-1778 (see Soule) 1 Alethea Soule, bap 1743, m 1st Capt 
Joshua Hall, Sept 3-1762, m 2d Lt Levi Loring, she d Jan 5-1S23. 
2 Esther, d y 3 John Soule, bap 1747 moved to Maine. 4 Esther, 
bap 1750. 5 Lydia, bap 1752 6 Abigail. 7 Dewsbury Soule, bap 
1761, m 5 Jan 1777 Seneca Wadsworth (son of Wait and Abigail 
(Bradford) Wadsworth.) 8 Mary, bap 1763 un-m. 9 Nathaniel, 
bap 1767, m Lydia Freeman. 10 Abisha Jr. bap 1770 (See will 
of Philip Delano 3d) 


Part II 

Dr Thomas Delano 

[the 2d son] 

: and his descendants 


/•5 2- ,53 

4 of Philip De-Ia-Noye 
Dr Thomas Delano (Delanoy) b Duxbury Mass 21 Mar 1642 
d. 60. 13 Apr 1723 (Physician, tailor, surveyor, & constable) (His 
grave may be seen at Dux. beside the Aldens') m. 1st 1667 Mary 
Alden, dau of Hon. John & Priscilla (Mullins) Alden, b Dux abt 
1643 d do bef. Sept 12-1688 m. 2d 24 Oct 1699 Hannah Bartlett, 
(wid. of Ebenezer) 1 Benoni, b Oct 30-1667. 2 Thomas Jr. b. 
1669? 3 Jonathan (Sr) b. 1676 4 David. 5 Mary. 6 Sarah. 7 
Ruth 8 Joseph b Sept 1-1685. (Plymouth Probate records 1722, 
Book 4. " To son Benoni, 5 shillings, Thomas Jr. half a lot of land 
at Middleboro, easterly side of Assawampsett Pond, Jonathan 
beech lot, chest and " sword," David, 5 shillings, dau. Mary De- 
lano, best bed and furniture and half of the movable estate, also 20 
shillings due from John Drew at Middleboro, Sarah Drew, 5 
shillings, Ruth Drew, next best bed, bolster, blanket and coverlet, 
and one quarter moveable estate in doors. Grand dau Deborah 
Weston, bed bolster and remainder of moveable estate in-doors. 
To son Joseph, half of my moveable estate out doors and my hand 
irons. Witnesses, Samuel Weston Joshua Delano & Hannah 

It appears from registry of deeds in Plymouth that Thomas De- 
lano is mentioned as " Dr " and " Tailor." Winsor Hist of Dux 
mentions his being elected Constable 1691. 1676 Thomas Delano 
and John Rogers Jr appointed to survey public highways.) 

(John Alden of Hertfordshire & the Temple Lon. granted 1607 
a coat differenced from the ancient armes thus: Gu., a bezant bet. 
3 crescents all within a bordure engrailed ermine— anc't coat: Gu., 
3 crescents ermine. The real diff. is the bordure Surname is 
Aldam Alder Aldon Allden Alldin & Alden (Herts & Middlesex) 
(Gens. 1867, '89 & '98 chart '93) Alden: Hon. John Alden 1599- 
16S7 was apprenticed to a cooper at Southampton Eng. in 1620 
he sailed on & was a signer of the " Mayflower Compact " Served 
as a Magistrate in the Colony many years Rev Timothy Alden 
" Collect. Amer. Epitaphs " relates as authentic the incident about 
the " courtship of Standish " for whom he was interceding with 
Priscilla Mullens — she answered " Prithee John why do you not 
speak for yourself? " This was used by Henry Wadsworth Long- 
fellow (himself a dcs. of " Priscilla ") 1807-82, in his famous poem: 
"The Courtship of Miles Standish" pub. 1858 — (which contains 
abt 20000 words) He m. Plym 162 1 Priscilla dau. William Mullins 
(Molynes) of the Mayflower 1620 b. abt. 1602 d. Dux bet. 1680 & 


u Sept 1687 had 11 ch. (fam. Eng. puritans to Leiden. The sur- 
name in many forms was most common in Eng. & the Continent; 
origin unknown) an Alden m. Josiah son of Capt Miles Stan lish 
an Alden ? m. a Samuel Delano ? Sara Alden m. Alexander Stand- 
ish (son of the Capt.) (John Quincy 1767-1848 (6th Pres) — John 
1735-1826 (2d Pres. U. S.) — John 1 692-1761 — Joseph 1654-1737 m. 
1688 Hannah Bass 1667-1705, [dan. of John & Ruth (Alden; -.ass] 
son of Joseph 1C26-94 — Henry Adams of Braintree in 1634 des. 
fr. Roger Adams des. of Sir John ap Adam Km & lord d. 131 :, M. 
Par. & a baron 1299-1309 — of Charlton Adam Somersetshire fr. 
Wales. — armes: Arg., on a cross gu. 5 mullets or Bass of Eng. 
armes: Sa., a bordure arg. (Savage Diet. I). (Ruth sis. of T- . 

6 Dr Thos. Delano; thus John Adams 2d Pres. was grt. gr. nephew 
to Thos.) John Alden had David 2 1646-1719 — Henry 3 \6yi-zy::?> 
— John 4 1704- '83 — Henry 5 1734-1812 — W'm 6 1761-1S42 — Isaac 

7 17S9-1S60 — Charles 8 L. Alden m. Mary Langford Taylor Res. 
4 Gale PI. Troy N. Y. — 1 Antoinette S — 3 d. y. 5 John G 6 Lang- 
ford T 7 Charles S (Mrs Alden has contributed notes to this Gen. 
Her new Alden Gen. now pub. in " New Eng. Hist. Gen." mag. 

1 of Dr Thomas Delano 

Dr Benoni Delano, d Dux. Apr 5-1738, m. Dux. to ? 1 

Hannah, b 1697. 2 Beriah, b May 1698. 3 Rebecca, b 1702 d. 
aft. 1738 m. Dux 2 Mar. 1727 Amasa son of Daniel & Hannah 
(Randall) Turner b. Scituate Mass d. Lancaster do. no ch. ? sold 
his homestead to Joshua Soule " Winsor " (Plymouth Probate 
records, Book 7, Sept 12-1738. "Benoni Delano will. Division 
of estate, mentions eldest son Beriah, 2d son Lemuel," reps, of 
Hannah Harlow, deceased, & Rebecca Turner.) 

1 of Dr Benoni Delano 

Hannah Delano, d. 1719, m Dux. Oct 6- 17 15 Eleazer, son of 
Samuel & Hannah Harlow, b Plymouth Apr 18-1694. (He m. 2d 
& had Eliz. 1721 & Patience 1722 who m. Josiah Churchill.) (John 
1707-80 called "Apostle John" son of John Harlow of Plym. b 
1685 m. Martha Delano — son of Samuel 1652-1734 s. of William 
to Plym 1638 b. Eng 1624 d. 1691 Sergeant) 1 Eliphaz, b Mar 5- 
1716 2 Lemuel, b Nov 29-1717, m Joanna Paddock. 3 Dr 
Eleazer Jr. b Oct 17-1719, m 1st Abigail Thomas of Marshfield, 2d 
Abigail Clark of Plympton, 3d Mrs Datney of Bos Prominent 
Physician (W. T. Harlow of Worcester Mass is a des of Hannah 
also Miss M B Eairbanks of Farmington Me. gives Eleazer data) 

2 of Dr Benoni Delano 

Beriah Delano, d. Dux Aug 5-1748, m Kingston Mass Aug 11- 
1734 Naomi Merritt. (Thomas Merritt 16S0-1717 — was Deputy 
to Gen Court of Conn. 1699 Savage, Diet. Ill — Mcrrett of Lou. 
1666 Meritt of Wilts. Eng. Armes: Barry of 6 or & sa., a bend 
ermine Anc't. coat: barry of 6 or & sa. "Sire Johan de Meritt 
(Meryet) of Wilts." Roll of 1308-14) 1 Ichabod Delano, b June 
7-1735 2 William, b May 31-1737. 3 Sylvanus, b June 15-1739 
4 Lemuel, b Sept 24-1741 5 Elizabeth, b May 28-1743, m. Dux. 
31 Aug. 1769 John Cullifer, b (Gulliver) no ch. ? 6 Benjamin, b 


1/45 un-m. ? no further mention in hists. (Plymouth Probate ' 
records, Book n, 1748. Guardians appointed for dau. Eliz. Sons, ' : 
Sylvanus, W'm Lemuel, Ichabod, and Benj.) 

2 of Beriah Delano ) 

(Deacon), William Delano, bapt Pembroke Mass June 28-1772 
d Hanover Mass. May 5-1824 m 1st Pembroke 1761 Elenor 
Stevens (Briggs Ship Bldg N. R. au.) d Pern. Feb 3-1787 m. 2d 
do. Apr 2S-178S Deborah Xeal (Gen. 1856) b. 1742 d. Pem July 
25-1S12 1 Benjamin, b Pern. May 14-1775. 2 Nathaniel b Apr 
6-1777. (Plymouth Probate records, Book 58, May 19-181S. Will 
of W'm Delano of Hanover, Mass. " Son Nathaniel Delano, grand 
son W'm son of my son Benj. grand son Nathaniel son of my s n 
Nathaniel, grand dau Sarah Ross, six chil of my son Nathaniel, 
viz Sarah Ross, Nathaniel, Nickolas Lane, Benjamin, W'm Lane, 
and Joseph.") (Mass Arch " W'm Delano, of Pembroke Mass. 
West Parish, Private in Col Baileys Regt Capt Turners Co." Vol 
2$. Mar 4-1776, W'm Delano (Dillano), Pembroke Capt Hatchs 
Co. served 5 days. Vol 19.) 

1 of William Delano 

Capt Benjamin Delano Drowned on the coast of Barbary Jan 5- 
181 1 m. By Rev Thos Baldwin, Boston Aug 9-1801 to Nancy 
Little, b. 1773 d Bos Apr 1-181S (Gen. 18S2.) 1 William Delano, 
b Pembroke Jan 24-1802, un-m. d Norfolk Va Aug 1822 (? Lieu- 
tenant U. S. Navy) 

(It appears from documents in the possession of George W De- 
lano No 35 Nassau St N-Y. that Benjamin Delano above held a 
claim against the Spanish Government for stores taken from him 
in one of his voyages while engaged in the maratine and merchant 
service; before his death. Anexed is a copy of the proceedings 
in the case. Translation. " Don Manuel de los Reyes and Don 
Juan Patino Treasures, Principal Ministers of the Royal Revenue 
of this place and Island for his Majesty &c. 

Certify, That in consequence of the decree of the Govenor In- 
tendant and Captain General of this same place and Island dated 
yesterday there has been placed in these Royal vaults by Benjamin 
Delano the sum of Eleven thousand and six hundred dollars, two 
rials and twenty eight marevedas, being the proceeds of sundry 
effects which have been taken from him for account of the Royal 
stores, for provision and relief of this place, and of which sum we 
have taken possession on condition that it should be paid to him 
by the Treasurer General, of Mexico from the Royal Chests of Vera 
Cruz, deducting it from the first revenue to be remitted to this 
Post. In Testimony of which and that it may have been the said 
Benjamin Delano or his attorney to receive the said sum from 
the Royal Chest we give this present in the Royal Office of Porto 
Rico the eight of June, eighteen hundred and five. 

Signed, Manuel Reyas. Juan Patino 

Roewis Cetantes." 
May 13-1811 Abstract from Suffolk Co Mass. Registry of Probate. 1 

"Nancy Delano, widow, Appointed Administrator of Estate off 
Benjamin Delano late of Boston, deceased, Master Mariner also] 


Merchant. Aug 13-1S21 William Delano of Boston son and sole 
heir to Benjamin Delano late of Boston deceased, and son of Nancy 
Delano who has been Administrator of said estate until her decease, 
asks to have Thomas Welsh of Boston appointed Administrator 
de bonus non." 

Copy of letter written by Wm Delano from Norfolk Va, Apr 3- 

1S20, to Rev George Barstow of Pembroke Mass. 

Orig. copy in the quaint spelling etc of that day 

" Dear Sir. It is with pleasure I take this opportunity to write 
these few lines hoping that they meet you and your family well, 
with blessings of God. 1 now belong to the Columbus 74 (,guns) 
under the command of Commodore Bainbridge (W'm 1774-1833 
Com. 1812) fitting for sea in Hampton Roads, bound to the 
Mediterranean Squadron. I have had the misfortune to be 
severely wounded in a late duel which happened between a young 
gentleman of this place and myself, in consequence of which it 
rendered me to be in very low state of health, but I now find my- 
self fast recovering. I expect to be absent from the United States 
about two years, as soon as I return, I shall hasten to your place 
of residence to settle all my accounts, you have against n:e. I have 
several remarks that I had in view to make but cannot commit to 
paper. I am now in my countrys service. I shall endeavor at 
all times to serve faithfuly, which I am bound to maintain the 
credit of my country and 1 stand ready to defend at all times with 
honor to myself and the United States. In consequence of the 
late affair which took place between myself and the young man 
which I mentioned before originated by his heaving up insulting 
language respecting my situation, accusing me of being a coward 
which induced me to fight him, to convince him to the contrary. 
What I have written to you in this letter I hope you will not men- 
tion to any person, wishing you all the happiness and pleasure 
that the world affords, no more at present. Rcspectfuly yours 
with sentiments of regard and esteem Wm Delano 

W'm Delano was found on a street in Norfolk Va 1822, in a 
dying condition and taken into a house near by where he soon 
expired. The cause of his death is not disclosed in any of the 
legal proceedings on this estate which went to Nathaniel Delano 
his uncle and sole heir; (possibly a case of revenge, result of the 

2 of William Delano 

Nathaniel Delano, d Charlestown Mass Oct 6-1830 m. Salem ? 
Sarah Lane, b there & d Charlestown (Gens. 1S56 to '91) 1 Sarah, 
b Salem Jan 26-1800 2 Nathaniel Jr b July 14-1801 3 Mary Lane, 
b Nov 10-1802 d Aug 3-1809 4 Benjamin, b May 7-1805 5 Will- 
iam Lane, b June 30-1807, d Boston Dec 15 1857. James K 
Frothingham appointed Administrator of his estate, un-m. Mar- 
iner, Jan 11-185S. 6 Nickolas Lane, b Nov 27-1S09, d. Salem 13 
July 1890 m. do. 22 Feb 1884 Annie Matilda dau of Benjamin & 
Anstise Pence (Lane) Hill, b. Salem 25 May 1836 Res. Maiden 
Mass 7 Joseph b Pembroke Oct 27-181 1 8 Ichabod, b Charles- 
town July 14 & d 18-1817 



1 of Nathaniel Delano Sr. 

Sarah Delano, d Chicopce Mass Dec 11-1859 m Bos Nov 30-1S17 
William Ross, b Oct 4-1804 d Bos Sept 22-1832. (Savage Diet. 
Ill) 1 John, b Bos. Oct 5-1818 2 William Jr. b Nov 5-1820 3 
Ichabod Henry, b July 26-1822 m. & has dau Amelia of Provi lence 
R. I. 4 Jedediah b June 8-18-4 5 Edward b Feb 2-1826 o Sarah 
Bennington, b Mar 10-1828 7 Joseph b Jan 10-1S31 

2 of Nathaniel Delano Sr. 

Nathaniel Delano Jr d Somerville Mass Mch 17-1886 m. By Rev 
Thos Baldwin Bos June 26-1823 Sarah Gray Thompson, dau of ? 
and Catherine Noble, b Bos Sept 23-18^ d. Mar 4-1874 1 
Catherine Thompson, b Bos. Mar 19-1824 m Charlestown Mass 
June 6-184S Thomas Wallace Taylor b Bos Mar 30-1^24 1 Sarah 
Catherine, b Charlestown Dec 17-1849, d May 6-1850 2 Sarah 
Delano Taylor, b Nov 22-1S51 3 Nathaniel Wallace, b Apr 26- 

1855, d Oct 1 1-1870 2 Nathaniel d Bos Dec 29-1826 b Mar 1-1S26 

3 Sarah — twins, d Bos Dec 4-183 1 4 Nathaniel, b Aug 17-1830, 
d Bos Dec 8-1S33 Res. E Somerville Mass 

4 of Nathaniel Delano Sr. 
Benjamin Delano, m. By Rev Danl M Lord Bos Nov 1-1840 
Sarah B Cummings, b Boston (Isaac Cummings of Ipswich A 
1642 — John d. 1700 had sons & a dau. Sarah) 1 Eunice Delano, 
Res. E Boston Mass. Saratoga St 2 Benjamin Jr b. May 15-1S46, 
d June 15-1847 3 son b. Apr 16-1855 4 sou b Oct 16-1857 

7 of Nathaniel Delano Sr. 
Joseph Delano, d. May 1-1851 m. By Rev Sebastin Streator Bos 
Dec 17-1831 Eliza Jane, dau of Robert & Harriet Ann (Ros-- Hay- 
den b Bos Oct 13-1814 d. Jan 18-18S7 (Gen. 1888— W'111 Hayden 
prob. fr. Devonshire Eng. to Dorchester Mass. 1630 in Pequot 
War 1637) 1 Sarah Elizabeth, b Bos July 1-1832 2 Joseph War- 
ren, b Jan 14-1834 3 George Washington. 4 Laura Witherell 
b 1843 d. S. Bos. 10 Feb 1872 m. by Rev. A A Miner 3 Mar 1862 
Charles Messeroe (or Messerole), b. Portland Me 1842 Res. 
Everett Mass. 5 Richard b July 23-1849 

1 of Joseph Delano 

Sarah Elizabeth Delano, d Peabody Mass May 8-1895 m by Rev 
A A Minor Bos. Jan 1-1851 Levi Lincoln Bailey, b Bos June 12- 
1828 d Waltham Mass Mar 18-1894 1 Ada Elizabeth, b Bos. Oct 
22-1851, m Meriden N. H. by Rev B B Catlin, Nov 24-1S70 Charles 
S Stickney. 2 Levi Bliss, b Portsmouth N. II. Dec 14-1854, d 
Sept 7-1869 riainfield. 3 Charles Delano Bailey, b do Dec 19- 

1856, m Plainfield By Rev G B Smith, May 21-1878 Mary A Small. 

4 George Francis, b Medford Mass Sept 14-1862, m Weston Mass. 
By Rev Amos Harris, Mar 25-1884 Jennie B Matheson. 5 Sarah 
Maria, b Plainfield N. H. June 1 1-1S68. 6 Nancy Laura, b do Mch 

2 of Joseph Delano 

Joseph Warren Delano (De Lano), d San Francisco Cal abt. 1889 
m. By Rev A A Minor Bos. Oct 7-185; Hel( n Louise, dau of Tracy 
C. du Baird b London Eng Jan 15-1837 no ch. (Boston marriage 


records name is riven "Helen M L Wormcll " of New Be 
& Josepli Warren is mentioned as an " Actor.") 

Secretary of the Southern California Science Association ; 
on exhibition yesterday an interesting- relic of the assassin; 
in Ford's Theatre of President Lincoln. The performance 
" Our American Cousin," in which Laura Keene played. 
wore a dress of flowered white moire silk. In the midst of "the 
confusion that followed the fatal shot Laura Keene ran up to where 
the President was and held his bleeding- head in her lap until men 
arrived to move him. The blood of the martyred President stained 
a spot six inches square in the front of the skirt of her dress. The 
next day she cut the piece out and presented it to Mrs. De Lano 
of San Francisco, who carefully preserved the precious relic." 
3 of Joseph Delano 

George Washington De Lano, (For some years held public 
office at Charleston S. C. Corporation lawyer; office 35 Nassau 
St Res. 50 W 55 St N. Y.) m 1st Mattie J. dau of George W. & 
Henrietta P Ewing, b New York (Gen. 1858) m. 2d Martha jane 
Catherine Mattie 

5 of Joseph Delano 
Richard Delano Res Hartford Kan m Wellsville Kan Sept 27- 
1872 Florence, dau of John and Elizabeth (Bridegroom) Pettibone 
b Ann Arbor Mich. Nov 4-1853 (John Pettibone of Windsor C 
1658) 1 Laura VVitheral, b Wellsville July 27-1873 2 Leonora 
Marcy, b Aug 25-1874 3 Helen Mar, b Bos Apr 20-1876 4 Eliza 
May, b May 10-1878 5 Joseph Warren Delano, b Sept 4-1879 6 
Charles Howard, b Feb 28-1881, d Sept 10-1886 7 John Richard, 
b Evergreen Kan Jan 21-1885. 8 Sarah Elizabeth b Wellsville Nov 
19-1887, d Sept 13-1888. 

3 of Beriah Delano 
Sylvanus Delano, d bef Mar 13-1818 m 1st Dux 1760 ? Azuba 

b Dux 1742 d Jan 17-1764 m 2d Dux Dec 3-1764 Huldah 

Woodcock (Savage Diet. IV.) 1 Avery, b ? 1763 2 Mary, b 
? 1765 m. Dux. Mr Hodges (Probate records, Plymouth Mass. 
Book 49, Mar 13-1818. Names gr dau Susanna Lewis Nickerson 
Delano, and gives her five dollars, gives to gr chil Betsy Josselyn, 
Lucy Ryder, Marcy Delano, Caleb Delano, & Thomas Smalley 
Delano, one half of all estate both real and personal, and to dau 
Mary Hodges the remaining half.) 

1 of Sylvanus Delano 
Avery Delano, d Plymouth 1805 ? m Dux 1792 Betsy, dau of 
Thadeus and Elizabeth (Sylvester) Faunce. b Dux prob 1774 
(Savage Diet. II) 1 Betsy Delano b Dux. 1793 ? m . Dux. 1814 
Lyman (or Simon— Davis states) Josselyn Gen. Hist, of Anc't. 
farm ofjosselyn of Horkesley Essex Eng. 1880 (Armes: chequy 
gu. & az., on fesse gu. annulet or) 2 Lucy, b 1794 ? 3 Susi na 
Lewis Nickerson b 1796 ? 4 Mercy, b 1798 ? 5 Caleb Delano 
b 1800 ? 6 Thomas Smalley b 1802 ? 

2 of Avery Delano 
Lucy Delano, d Plym m Dux. 1815 Merrick, sen of 1st Job & 
Rebecca W (Diman) Rider, b Dux 17S9 d Plym (Savage Diet. Ill, 


l Lucy Merrick b 1817. 2 Elizabeth Lyman b 1825 3 Arabella, 
b 1835, m Plymouth 1S03 Walter Hamlett Faunce, b King 
Mass 1832 (m 2d 1874 Eliz Brown of Smithfield R I) Ch. 1 Lucy 
Delano b 1865 2 Charles Merrick b 186S 
4 of Beriah Delano 

Lemuel Delano, (Sergeant) d Sunderland Mass Dec 21-1792 
(Bought the old parsonage (built 1717) of Sund. in 1778) Served 
in Revolution as follows (1775 — 3 mos. fr. Hanover Mass. Regt 
Col Thomas Capt. Turner Co. 1776— Regt. Col. Cary Capt. Wins- 
low Co & "76 do. Regt " as sergeant " — 1777—19 days Regt Col. 
May Capt. Webber Co.) m Marshfield Mass Apr 20-1765 Mary, dau 

of ? Eames & Margaret , b Mass 1743 d Sunderland Oct 6- 

1824 1 Mary, b Marshfield Jan 23-1766, un-m. d Oct 24-1819 2 
Thomas, b do. Jan 26-1767, m 1st Nancy Stickney, m 2d Betsy 
King, no ch. he d Oct 20-1S06. 3 William, b do. Jan 28-1770. 4 
Elizabeth, b do. Mar 25-1772, un-m. d Feb 19-1838. 5 Charles, b 
do. July 18-1775 m 1st Waity Dewey, (Gen. '98) m 2d Lydia Allen, 
no ch. he d Dec 22-1850. 6 Jesse, b Sunderland Oct 29-1780. 7 
Urania, b do. May 25-1784, m Ephraim Robinson of Sunderland, 
no ch. she d. Feb 1-1875 (Savage Diet. II — Thomas Eames of 
Framingham Mass abt. 1650 fam in Eng. is Eames of Somerset.: 
also of Berks 6c Lon. Amies: Or, out of a fesse sa. a demi-iion 
issuant gu. The surname was originally Esme, Esmcy, Enies & 
Emmc & Emms. Sir Henry " Earn or Esme " was a " Founder 
Knt of the Garter " 1348) 

3 of Lemuel Delano 

William Delano, d. Sunderland Mass Jan 23-1855 m 1st Sund 
Sept 2-1797 Lucretia, dau. of Giles and Editha (Field) Hubbard b 
Sunderland Feb 11-1773 d Jan 24-1831 m 2d Sund. June 5 1831 
Dorothy Hubbard, (sis. of 1st wife) b Sund June 13-1790, d. Jan 23- 
1861. (Gen. abt — 1895 — 1000 yrs of fam. hist.) 1 Clarissa, b Sept 
8-1798. 2 Christopher, b Aug 31-1800. 3 William Hubbard, b 
Dec 1-1802 4 Edward Lothrop, b Dec 16-1804. 5 Anse'l Crocker, 
b Mar 20-1S07 6 Marietta, b Apr 27-1809. 7 Lucretia Hubbard, 
b Jan 25-181 1 8 Editha Maria, b Aug 25-1813 9 Jesse Lemuel, 
b May 27-1816, d Sund. Oct 12-1835— 10 ch. b 1832 d. y. 11 ch 
b 1834 d. y. 12 Henry Giles, b June 25-1836, d Sund. Feb 19-1S59 
1 & 8 of William Delano 

Clarissa Delano, d. Nov 22-1836 1st wife m Sund. Oct 22-1822 
Editha Maria Delano (sister) 2d wife m Sund. June 6-1S37 to 
Erastus Pomeroy, b Warwick Mass. May 31-1796 d Sund May 15- 
1879 I Lucy Smith, b Sund. July 31-1823, m J Q Adams June 
11-1846 2 Mary Lucretia, b South Hadley July 21-1825, m Wm 
Polly. 3 William Delano Pomeroy, b Sund. Feb 11-1828, m Eliza 
Richards, Nov 27-51 4 Ellen Maria, b Apr 10-1830, m George 
I Porter Dec 10-53 5 Martha Jane, b Dec 25-1832, m Alfred 
Prince June 1-71 6 Ann Frances, b May 23-1835 d Aug 9-1S51— 
I Harriet Matilda, b Nov 1-1837, m Benj Darling. 2 Edgar Josiah, 
b Oct 20-1839, m Emma J Loomis 3 Clarissa Delano Pom< 
b Sept II-1S41, m I Wm Sprow m 2 J. W. Stebbins 4 Frederick 
Lyman, b Aug 5-1843 m Lena H Robins 5 Arthur Elijah, b Aug 


18-1845, ni Nellie McGill 6 George Henry, b Nov 18-1847 m Kate 
Bowman 7 Charles Herbert, b 29-1850 d July 26-1851 8 Charles 
Herbert (2d) b Nov 5-1851, in Lizzie Hubbard 9 Albert Eugene. 
b Apr 10-1853 & d Sept 4th 10 Alice Barnes, b May 23-1856 
2 of William Delano 

Christopher Delano (Large coal-dealer) d. at his Res. 314 W 29 
St May 30-1885 m New York May 1-1825 Rachel dau. of Peter 
Fenton b New York Nov 20-1805 (Gen. 1867) d. July 21- 
1884 I Eliza Delano b Feb 12-1826 & d Oct 23d 2 Mary Ellen, 
b N. Y. Feb 1-1827. 3 Eliza b May 14-1828. 4 William Henry 
b. Aug 24-1S30 d. June 20-1831 5 William Henry b Sund. Aug 
30-1832. 6 Emma b N. Y. Apr 19-1S34, d July 24-1850. 7 
Christopher, b Sept 23-1S37 8 Rachel — twins d. y. 9 Josephcne 
b May 30-1841, un-m. 314 W 29. 10 Frances Adelia b June 22- 
1845 11 Albert, b Nov 25 & d 26th 1849. 

2 & 3 of Christopher Delano 

(3) Eliza Delano 1st wife d. Apr 21-1861 m N. Y. Feb 15 or May 
25-1848 (2) Mary Ellen Delano, (sis of Eliza) 2d wife d Brooklyn 
June 1S-1895 m N. Y r . 1862 Charles Bellows, b Brooklyn N. V. 
Feb 13-1825 d Mar 8-1890 of the Walpole N. H. fam. (Gen. 1855 
& '88 — Amies used: Bellowes of Lancashire, Eng.; sa. fretty or, 
on a chevron az. 3 lions' heads or) 1 Charles Bellows Jr. b N. Y. 
June 7-1852 — (Wine Merchants — ^2 New St N. Y. City) orig. 
Gracie & Co., 1830; Robert Gracie, 1843; Charles Bellows, 1847; 
Charles Bellows & Co., 1853; Charles Bellows, Agt., 1878; Cha 
Bellows, Jr. Att'y, 1890; Charles Bellows, 1891 ; m 1st June 18-1877 
Hattie Tawawa, dau of Samuel and Harriet (Whipple) Silsbce. b 
Xenia Ohio, Mar 1S53, d. Blythebourne Kings Co N. Y. Nov 30- 
1892 (Gen. 1880) m 2d Sept 19-1895 Elizabeth, dau of William B. 
and Emily (Pope) Litchfield, b St Paul, Minn Feb 1867. (Lawrence 
Litchfield the " Puritan," Gen. 1855 Eng. amies: Or, a sword az., 
surmounted by a crescent sa., bet. 2 crosses crosslet fitchee gu.) 
1 Kate Walpole, b June 1-18S5 — & 1 William Litchfield, b July 10 
& d Aug 19-1896 2 Kittie, b N. Y. Nov 1-1S63, d Apr 1868. 3 
Arthur Clifford Bellows, b May 30-1S65 4 Clarence Ernest Stanley, 
b Dec 22-1866. 5 Albert Edward b Cornwall-on-Hudson June 24- 

5 of Christopher Delano 

William Henry Delano, d. N. Y. Nov 11-1S76 m N. Y. Apr 14- 
1854 to Phebe Jane dau of John D. & Caroline (Carpenter) Birdsall, 
b N. Y. Apr 11-1834 1 William Henry Delano Jr. b Feb 2-T856, 
un-m. Res. 58 W 106 St N. Y. 2 Mortimer Christopher, b July 23- 
186 1 un-m. d Apr 6-1896 

10 of Christopher Delano 

Frances Adelia Delano, (314 W 29) m N. Y. Feb 16-1S69 to 
Henry Griffin Knapp, b Yorktown N. Y. July 21-1842 d N. Y. Oct 
18-1881 (Gen. 187S) 1 Josephcne Rachel, b Dec 18-1870, m 9 
Dec 1891 Thomas J Moran. (N. Y. Post-Ofncc) (son of Peter 
Moran & Eliza Lytic) ch. Harold Delano Moran b 26 Dec 1806 2 
Christopher Delano Knapp, b Sept 17-1872 3 Harry Griffin, b 
Sept 16-1878. 

11 161 

3 of William Delano 
William Hubbard Delano, d. Sunderland Oct 29-1S49 m South 

Dccrneld Mass. Dec 25-1833 Miranda Billings, dau 01 Waitstill 
& Miliscent (Blodgett) Hawks, b S Dccrneld Aug 22-1810, d 
Hinckley 111. Feb 12-1885. 1 Harriet Sophia, b Sund. Mar 5-1840. 
2 Emily Amelia, b do. Apr 5-1843. un-m. of Hinckley 
1 of William Hubbard Delano 
Harriet Sophia Delano, Res. Hinckley m. Big Rock 111. May 7- 
1858 to Henry Munson Maltbie, b Mt Morris N. Y. Oct 27-1837 
1 Adella.b Hinckley Oct 11-1860, m Aug 22-1889 J onu William 
Dickman, b Defiance 0. Apr 22-1863 2 Emma, b Nov 4-1S63, m 
Mar 1-18S5 Oscar Hawley Fay, b Hinckley 1862 ch. 1 Maud, b Jan 
19-1887. 2 Carl, b Mar 23-18S9 3 Ada, b Aug 19-1894. 3 Milo 
Roy Maltbie Ph.D. b Apr 3-1871— res. 243 W. 123 St N. Y. (Sec. 
Reform Club Committee 52 William St Columbia Un. — au. of 
" Eng. Local Gov. Of To Day " — 296 p. & " Municipal Func- 
tions " in mag. of Municipal Affairs — Dec. 189S) 4 Harry, b June 
5-1875, d July 2-1879. 

4 of William Delano 

Edward Lothrop Delano, d Montague Mass Oct 19-1879 in 
Grouts Corner Mass Sept 15-1841 to Lucy, dau of John ec Hannah 
(Butler) Johnson, b Wcndel Mass. June 15-1S19 d. May 6-1 S92 
1 Mary Jane, b Montague Sept 19-18 — d 22 Dec 1878 m. do. 21 
May 1866 D wight Clayton Bangs ch. Edward Clayton b. 28 Nov. 
1867 of Little Falls N. Y. (Edward Bangs of Plym. 1 591-1678 Dep. 
Col. Ct. 1647 used same crest as Bankes of Lon.) 2 James Ed- 
wards, b Nov 1-1846, d Mar 1-1865 3 Clara Pomeroy, b July 2- 
1850, of Greenfield m. Montague 23 Mar 1870 William Francis 
Root h. do. 19 June 1846 d. Greenfield Mass 19 Oct 1881 2 c'.i. 
Frederick Delano Root b. 2S Aug 1876 & Clifford Wellington 
b 31 Oct 1878 (Gen. 1870) 4 Emma Elizabeth, b June 26-1860 

5 of William Delano 

Ansel Crocker Delano, d. Aug 25-1875 m 1st Sund. Jan 12-1831 
Persis, dau of Abraham Jr. & Elizabeth (Whitney) Sanderson, b 
there Oct 30-1804 d. Sept 8-1838 m 2d Sund Oct 16-1839 Julia, dan 
of Wiiliam & Tijzah (Hubbard) Bowman, b Hadley Mass. July 31- 
181 1 (Bowman Gen. 1885) d Sund Apr 2-1869. 1 Jesse Lemuel, 
b Aug 31-1835. 2 Jane Clarissa b Dec 14-1837, d Sept 11-1840— 
1 Jane Elizabeth, b Sept 18-1840, d Oct 2-1841 2 Francis Eugene, 
b Aug 27-1843, un-m of Sund. 3 Edward Arthur, b Mar 17-1848, 
un-m. Ft Wayne Ind. 4 William Hubbard, b Mar 25 & d Aug 
22 1850. 5 Clara Almira, b Nov 4-1852, m Springfield Mass. Aug 
16-1887 to Frederick Lee Whitmore, b & res. Sunderland (Gen. 
i855-'75) 1 Ralph Delano Whitmore, b May 1 2-1 883. 2 Philip 
Ferry b Sept 9-1892. 

1 of Ansel Crocker Delano 

Jesse Lemuel Delano, m Sund Sept 4-1860 Laura Thompson, 
dau of George and Hannah (Gay) Abbey,- b Belchcrtown Mass. 
Nov 14-1837, d. Sund. 14 June 1898 (Mrs Delano's deeds of kind- 
ness leave behind her a most enduring memorial) 1 Fanny Jane, b 


Nov 13-1861, un-m. d l : cb 25-1S96. 2 Cora Belle, b Dec 5-1862, 
d. Hadley Mass. 11 Apr 1892 m. Sund. 10 Apr. 1889 George Ed- 
ward Shipman b. Hadley 10 Apr 1859 ch. Raymond Delano Ship- 
man b. 12 Feb 1892 3 William Ansel Delano, b 20 June 1S67 Res. 
Amherst Mass m Sunderland Oct 13-1891 to Esther Louisa, dau 
of Wright N. & Mary Louise (McGuire) Waite, b Sund Nov 23- 
1867 (Gens. 1878 & '93) 1 Louis Philip Delano, b Amherst Oct 
20-1892. (Private Co G. 52d Mass Reg Vol Inf. In Red River 
Expedition under Genl Banks, at seige of Port Hudson La G. A. 
R. Pres Rcgt Assoc. 1897 Res. in the old homestead occupied by 
Delanos, for 120 yrs.) 

Hampshire Gazette Northampton Mass Oct 19 '98 
The Republicans of the 2d Franklin district have made an ex- 
cellent selection for representative in Jesse L. Delano of Sunder- 
land. He is well equipped for legislative work, and is a ready man 
at almost anything. He is a successful farmer, & has kept posted 
on current events. 

6 of William Delano 

Marietta Delano, Res. Salisbury Vt m Sunderland Jan 16-1S32 
Royal Graves, b Salisbury Dec 9-1804, d. Dec 9-18S0. 1 Henry 
M. b Sal'y June 3-1833, m 1st Sudbury Vt Amarilla Holmes, Nov 
20-1861, m 2d Orwell Vt Alice E Jenks, Oct 18-1890 2 Lucretia 
D. b Sal'y Nov 23-1835, m there Francis Dyer Jan 24-1854, h d 
Jan 9-1881. 3 Julius E. b Sund. Sept 7-1S38, of Brandon Vt m Aug 
28-1866 1st Sal'y Hannah Waterhouse, she d May 17-186S m 2d 
July 3-1S7S Pittsford Vt Mellie Leonard. 4 Mary S. b Sal'y Apr 
8-1842, m there Sept 23-1862 Eugene Farr, Bristol Vt ch. Edgar 
H. M.D. Coll. P. & S. 368 W 46 N. Y, 5 Ellen M. b Sal'y Sept 29- 
1846, d Feb 11-1875, m ^ T ° v -S-1866 Orrin Spencer. 

7 of William Delano 

Lucretia Hubbard Delano, d. Feb 13-1890 m Sund. June 12-1833 
William Wiley Russell, b Sund Dec 26-1S09 d. Nov 18-1S91 (Gen. 
1879) Ch b Sunderland 1 Edward Wiley, b July 2-1834 Chicago 
111. Old Rookery Bldg. 2 Edgar Francis, b Nov 25-1S50, of do. 
3 William Delano Russell, b Dec 2S-1851 (Grad. Amherst Coll. a 
chemist & went into Paper Manf'y Mills. Auditor of " Interna- 
tional Paper Co." N. Y. C. office 30 Broad St.) m. 1882 Kate M 
Shumway ch. Janet Lucretia b. 8 Apr 18S6 Res 205 W 85 
6 of Lemuel Delano 

Jesse Delano d. Newark N. J. 27 May 1867 (bur. Fairmount 
Cem.) (Abt 1798 he went to New York with Anson Green Phelps 
— they were apprentices together in Mass — He established the first 
manufactory of iron chests, later called safes. The fire of 1835 did 
much damage to his business etc. He became, for his day, one of 
the wealthiest citizens of old N. Y. — In Ann St owned land later 
bought by McKesson & Robbins 91 Fulton St — It is related that in 
1824-5 ne was with the committee of reception to Gen'l le marquis 
de La Fayette who greeted him with " How do you do, brother 
Huguenot " He resided around 1840 at No?. 1 & 2 State St corner 
of Whitehall on which was the brick stable: and facing Battery 
Park, his chil. & gr-chil also.— Served " War i8i2-'i5 " his name 


on Pension rolls as private Capt \Y'm S I lick's Co. 1st Reg't 
Dodge's N. Y. militia — fr. 2 Sept 1814 to 1 Dec 1815) in. N. Y. 
1805 Rachel Beach, b. do 1788 d. 7 Jan 1856 (dau Garret Sickles) 
1 Thomas, b Jan 13-1807 (Capt.) 2 William, b Aug; 7-1808 3 
Charles, b Mar 10-1810 4 Jesse D Jr b 1812 5 Maria b 1815 6 
Lemuel, b 1817, un-in Literary d. N Y Sept 1857 7 Rachel, un-m. 
d. Jan 1859 8 Sarah un-m. d. Newark Sept 10-1873 9 Ann, un-m. 
d. N Y Jan 180— 10 Jared d. at 4 yrs. (Garret Sickles or Sickeis 
b. 1758 Flatlands X. Y. ? d. 10 Dec 1822 Sergeant Rev. i776-"83 
Mem. Tammy Order of Columbia, of Artillery Yet. Corps & keeper 
of the " Old Bridewell " N. Y. (des. of Zacharias Sickeis b. Vienna 
Austria abt 1O30 to lioll & later a cadet at Cura^oa There met 
Stuyvesant eS: returned with him to Fort Orange 1655, Albany 1664 
N. Y. 1693 m. 1658-60 Anna dau. Lambert Van Yalkeubcrgh of 
N. Am. 1044 & Valkenburg Holl.) m. Rachel Beach Crane 1758- 
1823 (dau. of Elijah Crane i7i6-'90 m. Rachel Beach 1726-1803 
dau. Epenetus Beach d. 1750 s. of Zophar of Newark i662-'85 s. of 
Thomas Beach of New liaven 1654 m. Sarah i039-'84 dau. of 
Richard Piatt of Bovington Eng. :6o3-'48 N. Haven 1638 s. of 
Joseph of Hertford s. of Sir Hugh Piatt Knt. au. of " Agriculture " 
fr. Piatt of Playstow Essex armes: grant. 1578 az. on bend bet. 3 
escallops arg. a bezant — Elijah s. of Lieu't Jonathan Crane 1678- 
1744 X. J. militia m. Sarah 8 (dau of Major John 7 Treat 1650- 
17 14 Mem. Assem. Essex N. J. 1695-1710 m. Abigail (dau. 
Martin Tichener — X. Haven 1644 & Newark fr. France m. 
Mary dau John Charles) — s. of Robert 6 Treat Gov. Conn. Col. 30 
yrs. 1622-1710 "held charter fr. Andros 1688" — m. Jane (dau. 
Edmond Tapp 1st mag. X Haven — Eng fam.) s of Richard 5 1637 
fr. Eng grantee Conn. 1 584-1669 — m 2 Alice (dau Hugh Gaylord) 
Robert 4 1599 Richard 3 1571 W'm 2 1503 John 1 of Staple Grove 
b. 145S Gen. 1893 orig. Tratt or Trott) L't Crane s of Jasper Jr 
1650-1712 m. Johanna (dau. Samuel Swain, L't. Conn. Col. forces 
1663 Newark solds. 1667 & Capt. fr. Swain or Swayne fam. Eng. 
W'm 1444 grant of armes: az. chev. bet. 3 pheons or, on chief gu. 
3 maids heads) s. of Jasper Crane of N. Haven 1639 dep. Prov. 
assem. of E Jersey 1667 & 1st magistrate of Newark — 
1 of Jesse Delano Sr. 
Capt Thomas Delano, d. Feb 27-1881 m 1st N. Y. Aug 13-1828 
Margaret Emily, dau of Jacob Leaycraft and Judith (Low) Sebring, 
b New York Aug 5-1S10 d. Jan 22-1849, m - 2cl ^ T - Y. Nov 30-1852 
Jane Thompson, (wid) d N Y. Jan 9-1 861 no ch. Ch. b New York 
1 James Mathews Delano, b Sept 9-1831 un-m. d May 31-1888 
(Many yrs. an active worker in the Episcopal ch. — 1860 Priv Co G 
7th Regt) 2 Marie Antoinette, b June 30-1833, d Jan 15-1837. 3 
Thomas Edwin, b July 5-1S35 4 Charles Mortimer, b Aug 17- 
1837, d (suddenly at corner of Jane St) Nov 5-1856. 5 Emily 
Josephine b Sept 29-1839, d Apr 22-1844 Members of the Delano 
family once active in the 7th Reg't (Founded 1824, orig. 1806 1826 
known as " 27th Regt " later to 7th) L't. & Captain Thomas De- 
lano He was the 1st Capt. 4th Co (D) fr. Nov. 1S38 to Sept. 1839 
bro. Charles Delano ? served 1857-1868 1st Sergeant 7th Co (G)— 


Thomas Edwin Delano i 857-1861 ? 7th Co (G) — James Matthews 
Delano 1855-1863 ? 7th Co (G) — Jesse Delano (son of Win) 1868 
abt. (?) Eugene Delano 

. Sebring . 

Jacob L Sebring (father see C. J. 4 was a Merch't named " Cor- 
nelius ") b. 1780 Firm of Clarkson & Sebring 1S15 — m. Judith 
b. 17S6 dan. (of Samuel Low b. 1765 m 1st 5 May 1785 Margaret 
dan (of Henry Kip b. abt. 1740 & Judith — poss ? son of Henry 
Kip m ? bapt 1700 s. of Johannes Kip or Kipp bapt. 1655 na< ^ x 3 
ch. m. 1C81 Catharine dau (Dr \Y'm Hans Kicrstcde m. 1642 Sara 
Jansc dau. Anncke Jans of Albany 1663 N. Am. 1630 m. 1 RoelofT 
Jansen van Maesterlandt Holl d. 1636 "It has been alleged that An- 
neke Jans, or Anne Webber of Wolferthooson, Holl. was a daughter 
of William of Nassau, ninth Prince of Orange, sovereign Count of 
Holl and Zealand." (Joh. s. of Jacobus Kip b 1632 m. 1654 Maria 
de la Montaigne fr Holl. 1645 — s of Hendrick Kipp, Kip, or Kype 
b 1576 to N. Am. 1635 armes: az. chew bet. 2 griffons 
sejant & a hand in base arg.) (Samuel m. 2 aft. 1796 Ann Cregier 
had Joanna Augusta b. 5 Aug 1800 d. 18S7 m. 9 Mar 1826 Daniel 
De Vinne d N. Y. 10 Feb 1S83 b. Londonderry Ire. 1 Feb 1793 had 
Theodore Low De Vinne Res. ?6 St & W. End Ave Founded the 
De Vinne Press m. Miss Brockbank son Theo. B. Fam. to Ire. fr. 
Holl. where it was van der Vinne: armes — arg. ? a fesse imbattled 
bet. 3 trefoils ? vert.) Low or Lowe — Laurens Jansen b. Holl. 
1^51 founded Har. fam. s. of Jan Bastiaensen m. 1672 Mary dau 
Albert Roosa — ch. Albert, John & Lawrence took " Low " as their 
surname) Cornelius 4 J — Sebring — mercht of X. Y. — Jako b 3 
bapt. 1697 m. Tennetje Van der veer — Frederick 2 m. 171 1 Maria 
Provoost (pV)ss ? dau Jonathan 1651-1702 m. 1679 Cath. Vandcr- 
veer (dau ? Cornelius Veer fr Alkmaan Holl 1659 to L. I. s of Jans) 
s. of David i6oo-'56 fr. Holl. Huguenot m. Marg't van Woert — s of 
Jonathan — s of W'm. Armes: arg. 3 arrows piercing a mullet sa.) 
Cornelius 1 Sebering or Sebring of Brooklyn L. I. m. 3 Sept 1682 
Altie dau. Frederick Lubbertse (Lefferts) heiress to his estate of 
B'klyn 1687 — Mem. Kings Co Asscm 1695-1720 d. 1721 
3 of Thomas Delano 

Thomas Edwin Delano Res New York N Y 104 W 120 St 
Office 115 Fulton St (He joined 1856 co G (7) 7th Regt N. G. S 
N. Y. & served 11 yrs — fr. Private to orderly or 1st sergeant 1867 
Co. presented him with a " Memorial of Resolutions " Reg't 1S60 
escort of Pr. of Wales 1861 marched on B'way reviewed by Maj 
Anderson — to Wash. D. C. ree'd by Pres. Lincoln (see camp views) 
1862 & 1863 to W r ash. also suppressed the famous draft riots in 
N. Y. — 1861 the Reg't had quarters in the Wash. Capitol. He was 
on guard duty when the Pres. appeared in a corridor; causing him 
to salute 8c callout the guard " Mr Lincoln immediately begged 
pardon for thus disturbing him & other members of the guard 
adding ' he had mistaken his way in leaving ' " Over 30 yrs ago 
he joined his bro-in-law Chas. N Crittenton in his wholesale Drug 
& Proprietary Articles firm — 1S92 V. Pres. & Treas. incorpo- 
rated at 115 Fulton St.) m N Y July 7-1868 Susan Louise, dau of 


Clark & Adeline (Ball) Slosson, b Lawrenceville Pa Nov 26-1841 
1 Mortimer Thomas Delano, b (Hobokcn N. J. near Steven's 
Castle) 15 Aug. 1869. Mortimer Delano (dc Lannoy) fr. private 
schools to Col. Gram. Sch. 1886 entered School Political Science 
Col. Coll. class '88 (49th St.) 1 yr. — In Law Sch. class '91 Devoted 
much time to study of literature began Heraldry 1894; written for 
Vogue, Art Amateur, Art Student, N. Y. Herald etc Member of 
N. Y. Gen. & Bio. Soc. (226 \V. 58 St) Ilerold Soc. at Berlin Ger- 
many & Societe d'lleraldique of Switzerland. Res. 104 W. 120 
& Southampton Long Island, since 1894, in. N. Y. by Rev Dr 
Houghton " Ch. Transfiguration" 12 July 1892 Wilhelmina Mar- 
guerite dau. John Garthwaite Pierson M.D. & Marie Estelle 
Valentine— b. Bath N. Y. 8 Oct 1872 ch. Priscilla Alden Delano b. 
iS Dec 1S94 

from Vogue — 1896 


" On Monday morning, January the sixth, the baptism of Pris- 
cilla Alden Delano was held at Holy Trinity Church. The Rt. 
Rev. Henry Codman Potter, Bishop of New York, performed the 
ceremony, assisted by the rector, the Rev. Charles De Witt Bridg- 
man, the Rev. Ralph Howard Baldwin, chaplain to the Bishop, 
and the Rev. Charles Robert Dunham Crittenton. The godfather 
was Charles Nelson Crittenton, founder of the National Florence 
Missions. Mrs. Ralph Howard Baldwin and Miss Brunctta B. 
Herrman were the godmothers. The parents are Mr. and Mrs. 
Mortimer Delano (nee Pierson). Priscilla Alden is named for 
Priscilla, wife of John Alden, made famous in Longfellow's poem, 
and is the tenth generation in descent from this, her seventh great- 
grandmother. Present were Mr. Thomas E. Delano & Dr. John 
Garthwaite Pierson." 

The N. Y. Journal in Dec 1897 offered a prize of $1000. for the 
best forecast of the momentous events of the coming year 1898 
Thousands of predictions were received sealed up and stored away 
in iron boxes until the day before Jan 1 1899 The 5 Judges then 
selected " Prophecy No 1 186 " as the best and calling for its coupon 
signature found it to be the undersigned 
" To W R Hearst Esq. 

After a careful canvass of all the prophecies in the Journal's Prize 
Prophecy Contest; we do hereby award the prize of $1,000 to 
Mortimer Delano of 104 W. 120 St." 

Sig. John \V Keller, Henry Clews, Isidor Straus, E. H. Emery, 
Dr Cyrus Edson. 

" This is the Prophecy That Won the $1,000 Prize " 

" In general a year of prosperity for America (United States) 
Election of a Republican Governor for New York, small majority. 
Annexation of Hawaii as a territory to the United States. Failure 
of Spain in Cuba, and a forced declaration of war against the 
United States, followed by capture and defeat of troops and navy 
of Spain. Complete freedom of Cuba Agitation to annex it to the 
United States. Spain on the brink of a Carlist war and agitation 


for a republic. The United States decides to build the Nicaragua 
Canal. Pope Leo XIII dead, succeeded by Cardinal Serafino 
Vannutelli Threatened native uprising in India, with Russia in 
the background Completion and opening of the Siberian railroad. 
Germany seizing more land in China. Trouble between England 
and France in Middle Africa Change of Prime Ministers in Eng- 
land. Representative of Gladstone becomes Premier Secretary 
Sherman retires from the Cabinet. Queen Victoria abdicates. Ed- 
ward VII King. Success of a submerged torpedo boat in United 
States Navy. First appearance and use of a motor cycle. Great 
rush to Alaska. Population increased by hundreds of thousands, 
70 per cent from the United States. First railroad built in Alaska. 
Decease of Cornelius Vanderbilt at Newport. Race for the America 
cup won by the American yacht. Russia and the United States 
supreme on the Pacific. A little war between Russia and Japan. 
Altogether the year is not more remarkable than previous ones. 
It is perhaps more eventful than calamitous Fewer accidents than 
in 1897, and more natural changes in the geographical and political 
conditions of governments. Literature still continued at a low ebb, 
with but one or two remarkable works as in 1897 The stage nota- 
ble for but two productions meriting long runs. As in 1897 there 
is still room for very much improvement in the fiction department 
of the newspaper magazine, though this is equally true of the best 
periodicals. Altogether 1898 is a notable year for the close of this 
century, but not an epoch-making twelvemonth. Many things are 
at a standstill, but the new year, as usual, is full of promise. 

— Mortimer Delano. 

— Piersori or Pearson — 
The first found is David Perisone (Pierson) merchant of Forfar- 
shire ? Scot, he held an Eng. safe-conduct in 1369 [I am inclined 
to think this house originated in France and went to Scot, sending 
branches to Eng.] 1440 William Pereson was rector of Thoresby 
(York ?) 1452 Thomas Peirson was sheriff of York 1554 Robert 
Pearson commoner & freeholder of York and a noted Burgess, 
died. Armes of Pearson (Pierson) Yorkshire: Called also of 
" Tyer's or Tyre's Hill " this place not found is probably some 
ancient country-seat now unknown. Az., bet 2 pallets wavy er- 
mine, 3 suns or, placed in pale. Crest: out of cloud a sun. (Abram) 
Abraham Pearson (Pierson) of Thornton Yorkshire Eng m. July 
23 1607 Mary Drake he d Nov 24 1636 — they had 1 ch. bapt. 
161 1 & another 1614 f ? son of John Pearson of Thornton bur. at 
Paris Ch of Bradford York May 25 1C22 son of James Pearson of 
Thornton (1550 ?) — also Abraham son of John bapt. 1647 & Abra- 
ham 1676] supposed father of Rev. Abraham 1 Pierson b. or bapt. 
at Bradford 1613 in the West Riding of Yorkshire [Bapt. on regis- 
ter at Bradford Parish ch does not mean birth was at Brad.] Grad. 
Trinity coll Cambridge 1632 — to New Eng before 1639 Boston 1640 
Southampton L. I. 1640-7 founded Branford & also Newark N. J. 
1667 d. there Aug. 9 1678, m. Eng. Abigail dau.of Rev. John Wheel- 
right of Lincolnshire Eng & New Hampshire (Wheelwright Armes 
— used in Amer. 1740 — erm. on a fesse or, bet. 3 wolves heads; 3 


plates arg.) — Thomas 2 Pierson b Southampton 1641-2 at Brr 1 
1647-67 & d Newark i6S.| m. Mary Brown Abraham 3 Pie: 
1676-1756-8 Benjamin 4 Pierson of Piersonville 1701-83 m. Pa- 
tience Coe d. 1785 (Gen. 1859 — Robert Coc fr. Eng to N. E. 1634 
Coe or Coo of Norfolk Eng. amies : arg, 3 piles wavy gu J lenjamin 
5 Pierson of Morristown 1736-94 (a Lieut & Captain in '::e Rev. 
War — Co. fr. Morris co. N. J.) — David 6 Pierson 1763-1824 (pri- 
vate Rev. War — Co. fr. Morris co.) m. Abigail Thompson Ira 
Condit 7 Pierson 1806-72 m. Mary Pierson — Garthwaite dau of 
Jeremiah Crane G — (who served in Rev. War) des. fr. William 
Garthwaite of Eng & N. J. 1694 Dr John Garthwaite 8 Pierson 
b. Newark 1S36 (Mem. 71st Regt N. Y. G. 1861) m. 1858 Marie 
Estelle 1836-1SS9 dau. of W'm Smith Valentine iSo6-'89 of Newark 
m. Emily Bull — (s. of Charles of Roslyn m. 1805 ? Rachel dau of 
Henry ? Hopkins of E. E (fr. lchabod of Musketa Cove b. R. E 
1669 gr-s. of Thos. Hopkins 1650) s. of William Valentine (1750) 
bur. Westbury Quaker ch. L. E des. of Richard 1647 °f Hempstead 
1659 ? fr. Richard of Eccles parish Lancashire Eng.) Wilhelmina 9 
m. 1892 Mortimer Delano had Priscilla Alden 10 

Fr. N. Y. Gen. & Bio. Record 


By D. Williams Patterson. 

(Abridged & Rev. 1899) 

1. NATHANIEL SLOSSON 1, (2) (prob. s. of a Nath. ? fr. 
Eng. — of Yeoman des.) b. about 1696; bought land at Captain's 
Plain, Norwalk, Conn., Feb. 24, 1720-21; at Kent. Norwalk, March 
1, 1720-21 ; in each, deed described as " of Deerfield, Mass." He rn. 
Margaret, b about 1700, dau. of William Belden of Norwalk; "of 
Norwalk," Nov. 16, 1721, when Samuel Belden gave him a deed 
of all of said Belden's right in the undivided lands in Norwalk, " in 
consideration of the love and good will which I have and do bear 
toward my loving cousin, Nathaniel Slawson of said Norwalk." 
The value of this gift may bo. indicated by the fact that eighteen days 
later, to wit, Dec. 4, 1721, he was rated at £115, in the commonage 
of Norwalk. 

He sold land, with two dwelling-houses, at Pimpewaug, Wilton, 
for £600, March 31, 1730. The members of the ch at Wilton, at 
the ordination of Rev. William Gaylord, Feb. 13, 1732-3. 

Bought of Ebenezer Bishop, of Stamford, Conn., Nov. 1, 1738, 
"one right, Part, Share or Allotment in the Township of Kent, 
lately sold by ye government, which is in said colony of Connecti- 
cut, for which he paid £246 10s., and covenanted that he would, 
" by himself or his agent, within the space of one year and four 
months next after the date hereof, enter upon the said premises, 
build and finish an house thereon, not less than eighteen feet square 
and seven feet stud, and subdue, clear and fence six acres of said 
land, and continue thereon for the space of three successive years, 
commencing after the said one vcar and four months, unless pre- 


vcnlcc! by death or inevitable providence." In Kent, May, 1738, 
he drew lot No. 21, and tradition says that he settled thereon about 
the first of November, [739. Chosen constable of Kent, Dec. 4 
1739; town meeting was held at his house Sept. 1, 1740; 17.14, lie 
was a lister, his own estate valued at £55 10s. Joined the ch. in 
Kent, July 12, 1741. 

March 19, 1760, he deeded to his well-beloved son, Enoch 
Slosson, of Kent, ten acres. Margaret, d. Ap. 14, 1780. Me d. 
March S, 17S7. They were buried in the old cemetery north of 
the house in which he lived. 

Chil.of Nathaniel 1 (1) and Margaret (Belden) Slosson. 

2. I. MARY 2, m. Wescott, of Wilton, Conn. 

3. II. PRUDENCE 2, m. Kent, Conn., Sep. 25, 1741, THOMAS 
SKEEL, b. Dec. 27, 171 1, son of John, Jr., and Sarah Skecl; see 
Cothren's History of Woodbury, p. 709. They joined the church 
in Kent, Dec. 5, 1742. 

4. III. ABIGAIL 2, m. 1 Kent, Conn., Aug. 11, 1743, JONA- 
THAN SKEEL, b. March 10, 1721, son of John, Jr., Schell or 
Scheele Ger. fam. He bought land in New Milford, Conn., March 
22, 1751 ; and they joined the church in New Milford, Nov. 10, 1754. 
He d. before Nov. 1756; she returned to Kent, where she joined the 

ch. by letter from New Milford, June 4, 1759; she m. 2 Tracy, 

of New Preston, Conn.; d. Jan. 1S13. 

5. IV. SUSANNA 2, m. Kent, Conn., Dec. 5, 1753, John Hamil- 
ton; she joined the ch. in Kent, July 1, 1762. 

6. V. DANIEL 2 (14), m. Kent, Aug. 23, 1748, Eunice Lascll; 
she d. about a year after m.; he m. (2d), Keziah Benton, who joined 
ch. in Kent, Dec. 1762. He built the " Caswell house," moved to 
Richmond, Mass., where he joined the ch., in Oct., 17S5. He d. 
Feb. — . 1805. 

7. VI. JOHN 2 (21), m. Dec. 27, 1759 Hannah, b. Suffield, 
Conn., Aug. 26, 1741, dau. of William and Hannah (Copeley) 
Spencer. (See Goodwin's Genealogical Notes, p. 316.) 

8. VII. ENOCH 2 (24), b. Norwalk, now Wilton, Conn., Aug. 13, 
1733; in. Kent, Aug. 9, 1757, Sarah St. John; she joined the ch. 
in Kent, June 4, 1759, from Sharon. He joined the ch., March 29, 
1761. They moved to Stockbridge, Mass., joined ch., Nov. 7, 1762. 
His ear-mark, for cattle, recorded in Stockbridge, in March, 1768, 
" a half-penny in upper side of both ears " ; and he was chosen 
constable in 1769. 

The church book of Stockbridge has the following records: " At 
a meeting of the church, Aug. 17, 1786, on a complaint exhibited 
against Enoch Slosson, a member of the church, for charging Capt. 
Whittlesey with partiality, in giving his evidence under oath, and 
that he had sworn to that which he (Slosson) had never said or 

1793, they left Stockbridge, for Brown's Settlement, on the Bos- 
ton Purchase, with a portion of their children, in company with 
their son Ezbon. and his family. They reached their destination 
on the fourth day of March, and began their settlement in a 
bark-covered shanty, on the bank of the ereek, near where Sturte- 


vant's grist-mill stands, in the village of Newark Valley, T 
County, N. Y. This was the first house built on the site of the 

On the 17th of November, 1803, more than ten years after they 
settled in the wilderness, the first ch. in Tioga was formed. 1S20, 
Capt. Whittlesey, on his death-bed, acknowledged the wrong which 
he had done to Slosson; asking pardon of him and of the ch. She 
d. March 10, 1S19. He 3. Feb. 21, 1827. 

9. VIII. ELIJAH 2 {^i), b. Norwalk, recorded in Kent, Conn., 
May 10, 1735; enlisted in Capt. Benjamin Ruggles's company, Ap. 
6, 1756, and served fifteen weeks and six days. He m. Sharon, 
Conn., June 9, 1757, Eleanor, b. Litchfield, Conn., Ap. 17, 1738, 
dau. of John Gay & Lydia Colvcr. 

10. IX. ELEAZER 2 {j,y), b. Norwalk, recorded in Kent, May --. 
1737; lived in Salem, Westchester, Co., N. Y., Oct. 12, 1762. Said 
that " he moved to Grand Isle, Vt." 

11. X. NATHAN 2 (39), b. Norwalk, recorded in Kent, Jan. 30, 
1738-9; bap. Wilton, March iS, 1739; m. Oct. 13, 1768, Elizabeth, 
b. Stratficld, Conn., Feb. — , 1747, dau. of Jehiel and Elizabeth 
(Sackett) Hubbell, and g. dau. of Rev. Richard Sackett, pastor of 
the second church of Greenwich, Conn. He served in the war of 
the Revolution; was " a Sergeant Major in the cavalry," and was 
detailed to the commissary department. He was at the capture of 
Burgoyne. He joined the ch. in Kent, June — , 1807. He settled 
on the homestead of his father, in Kent, and there d. Oct. 5, 182 1. 
She d. Jan. 16, 1829. 

12. XL SARAH 2, b. Kent, Conn., March 24, 1741; bap. Kent, 
May 10, 1741; m. Amos Chappel of Sharon, Conn. 

13. XII. BETTY 2, bap. Kent, Oct. 28, 1744; d. y. 

(V) Chil. of Daniel 2 (6) and Keziah (Benton) Slosson. 

14. I. EUNICE 3, bap. Kent, Conn., Dec. — , 1762; d. num. 

15. II. JEHIEL 3 (49), b. Kent, Conn., Nov. 4, 175S; m. Rebecca, 
b. Roxbury, Conn., dau. of Nathan and Rebecca (Stone) Dudley. 
They settled at Greenfield, now Greenville, Greene Co., N. Y., 
where he d. Jan. 22, 1807. She d. Union, Broome Co., N. Y., May 
29, 1827. 

16. III. ANNA 3, b. Kent, Dec. 13, 1761; bap. Kent, Dec. — 
1762; m. Ap. 6, 17S5. AARON DELANO, b. Tolland, Conn., Nov. 
13 (according to Waldo's History of Tolland, while family record 
says 12), 1756, son of Sylvanus and Elizabeth (Abbott) Delano. 
He d. at Kent, Conn., Ap. 23, 1823. She joined church Kent, Dec. 
6, 1807, and d. at Maine, N. Y., Aug. 2, 185 1. He served through- 
out the Rev. War. His aunt, Susanna Delano, m. Capt. Noah 
Grant, the great grandfather of Pres. U. S. Grant. All but the 
second, bap. in Kent, 1807. 

1. Annis 4, b. Ap. 24, 1786; m. Whipple; d. Nov. 3, 1815. 

2. Elizabeth 4, b. Aug. 4, 1787; m. Stephen Thomas. 

3. Moses 4, b. Oct. 6, 1788; m. his cousin Anna 4 (54) Slosson. 

4. Horace 4, b. JuTy 30, 1790; m. Laura Wilson; settled in 

Cornwall, Conn., moved to Groton, N. Y.; had a son, 
Frederick 5, lawyer, of Rochester, N. Y. 

5. Cliloc 4, b. March 4. 1792; in. Sept. 27, 181 2, HENRY 
MAREAN, b. Canaan, Columbia Co., N. Y., Nov. 21, 
1777, son of Thomas and Esther (Patterson) Marean. 
Settled in Maine, N. Y., where he d. .May 12, 1855. She 
d. Maine, N. Y., July 23, 1858. 

1. Francis Henry 5, b. Union, N. Y., Oct. 9, 1S13; in. 

Feb. 14, 1836, Sarah Mooers, b. Hancock, N. Y., 
March 5, 1819, dau. of Michaiah and Lucy (Kitt- 
redge) Mooers. Children: 

1. Lucy 6, b. Ap. 24, 1838; m. Henry H. Dayton. 

2. Henry 6, b. March 14, 1842. 

3. Ellen 6, b. Feb. 11; d. Feb. 25, 1846. 

4. Marcus Marcellus 6, b. July 22, 1847. 

5. Arthur Edward 6, b. March 17, 1854. 

6. Minnie Ida 6, b. Sept. 7, 1856. 

2. Chester 5, b. Ap. 3, 181 5; m. Arvilla Taylor. 

3. Annis 5, b. Jan. 5, 1817; m. Win. Jackson Flint. 

4. Esther 5, b. Oct. 22, 1818. 

5. Emeline Chloe 5, b. May 15, 1821; m. Feb. 13, 1840, 

Amos Clark, of Maine, N. Y.; he d. March 3, 1840, 
and she m. (2d) Dec. 24, 1840, Jed Dudley. 

6. Louisa Jane 5, b. April 16, 1825; m. Otis Fuller. 

7. Marvin Clark 5, b. June 8, 1827; m. Olive A. Howard. 

8. Thomas 5, b. Feb. 26, 1833. 

6. Sylvanus 4, b. Sept. 17, 1793; m. Semantha Willoughby, 

Groton, N. Y. 

7. Keziah 4. b. July 19, 1797; m. Franklin Willoughby, Groton, 

N. Y. 

8. Daniel Slosson 4, b. Ap. 23, 1800; m. Janet Wilson, sister of 

Horace Delano's wife; settled in Cornwall, Conn., thence 
moved to Groton, N. Y. His son, Horace F. De Lano 5, 
grad. U. S. Mil. Acad., West Point, July 1, 1849; second 
Lieut. 2d Dragoons, Jan. 13, 1850; d. Ft. Bliss, Texas, 
May 28, 1854, aged 2S. 

9. Sarah Ann 4, b. Ap. 10, 1802; m. 2 Franklin Willoughby, 

whose first wife was h<"r sister, Keziah; settled in Groton. 

17. IV. NATHANIEL 3 (57), b. Kent, Ap. — , 1764; bap. Kent, 
Jan. — , 1765; m. Eunice Sisson. She d., and he m. (2d) Oct. — , 
1805, Mrs - Rhoda (Judd) Willoughby, b. Jan. 19, 1775, dau. of 
Ozias and Sarah (Wilson) Judd, and the divorced wife of Dr. 
Westal Willoughby. (Tradition says that Dr. Willoughby was in- 
nocent of the charge, the witness, on whose testimony the divorce 
was obtained, confessed on her death-bed that she had falsely 
accused him.) He d. Union, N. Y., Aug. 29, 1822; she d. Maine, 
N. Y., Aug. '15, 1857. 

18. V. SARAH 3, bap. Kent, Nov. — , 1766; m. DANIEL 

19. VI. JOSEPH 3 (6y), bap. Kent, Dec. — , 1770; m. Marana 
Hatch, Richmond, Mass.; he m. (2d) Nov. 21, iSri, Rebecca 
Palmer, of Stockbridge. 


20. Vll. CHLOE 3, in. Jeffreys, in Richfield, N. Y. 

Chil. of John 2 (7) and Hannah (^Spencer) Slosson. 

21. I. ALLEDINE 3, b Kent, Conn., Oct. 16, 1760; in. Mr. 

22. II. 3, a son, of whom tradition says that he was a 

distinguished lawyer of Buffalo, N. Y. 

23. III. HANNAH 3, b. Oct. 16, 1766; m. ELIJAH DEWEY, h. 
Lenox, Mass. Jan. 18, 1762, son of Israel and Mary (Pixley) Dewey. 
Settled at Lisle, N. Y., where he d. Oct. 15, 1840; she d. Sept. 29, 


Chil. of Enoch 2 (S) and Sarah (St. John) Slosson. 

24. I. MABEL 3, b. Kent, Conn., Oct. 5, 1758; to Newark Valley 
in 1794; m. Abram Johnson, from Cheshire, Mass. 

25. II. LUCINDA 3, b. Kent, Jan. 8, 1761; bap. Kent, Eeb. 22; 
m. Stockbrige, Mass., Nov. 26, 1778, ABIJAH WILLIAMS, 

son of Johna and (Clark) Williams. She d. Stockbridge, 


26. III. SARAH 3, b. Stockbridge, Mass., March 4, 1764; bap. 
Ap. 22; in. Ap. 4, 1782, 'William Hollcy; she d. about 1783. 

27. IV. ELECTA 3, b. St., Sept. 7, 1766; d. y. 

28. V. EZBON 3 (68), b. St., Jan. 28, 1769; bap. Feb. 5, 1769; m. 
Aug. 26, 1790, Electa, b. Stockbridge, Sept. 20, 1772, dau. of 
Azariah and Bculah (Brown) Williams. To the Boston Purchase, 
March 4, 1793. He was a farmer, tavern-keeper, distiller and 
trader; & first postmaster of Newark Valley. He d. June 2, 1838. 
She d. Feb. 12, 1S53. 

29. VI. ELECTA 3, b. St., March 3, 1772; bap. May 10, Newark 
Valley 1794; m. Dec. 9, 1799, ELISHA WILSON, b. Stockbridge, 
Aug. 13, 1767, son of Elijah and Mary (Curtis) Wilson. He d. 
Nov. 11, 1857. She d. Nov. 19, 1862. 

30. VII. JERUSHA 3, bap. Jan. 1, 1775; m. SAMUEL BALL, 
b. St., Nov. 13, 1777, son of Josiah and Esther (Ward) Ball. Settled 
Lawrenceville, Tioga county, Perm., she d. Feb. 5, 1870. Fie d. 
Knoxville, Penn. 

1. Frederick 4, killed himself. 

2. Nancy 4. 

3. Lodema 4. 

4. Adeline 4, b. Berkshire, Ap. 1, 181 1 ; m. Clark 4 (77) Slosson. 

5. Cynthia 4, m. Ezbon 4 (80) Slosson. 

31! VIII. RUTH 3, b. St., Aug. 24, 1777; bap. Sep. 28, 1777; m. 

, i/97» JOEL FARNHAM, b. Jan. 3, 1774, son of Benjamin 

Farnham. Settled at Owego, N. Y., he d. Aug. 15, 1S5S; she d. 
Aug. 30, 1862. 

32. IN. ENOS 3 (73), b. St., May 24, 1780; bap. June 18; left 
Stockbridge, with his father, 1793; m. Tioga, now Berkshire, N. 
Y., Aug. 8, 1803, Rebecca Culver, b. Towanda, Penn., Jan. I, 1784; 
a trader in Berkshire, and in 1S16, settled in Lawrenceville. where 
he built a large tavern; d. Sept. 8, 1819. She d. Oct. 17, 1S66, m. 
(2d) William McDougall. (He was b. in X. Y. his father W'm was 
a patriot & rich mercht. lost prop, in Rev. McDougall St. named 
fr. the fam. had a land grant fr. Geo. Ill— Her dau. Mary McD 


m. Dr Nelson Packer of Wellsboro Pa. had Hon. Horace B Packer 
— Mem. Congress 1898 — ) 

Chil. of Elijah 2 (9) and Eleanor (Gay) Slosson. 

33. I. DAVID 3. 

34. II. JONATHAN 3. 

35. III. STEPHEN 3, bap. Stockbridge, Mass., Feb. 4, 1769. 

36. IV. Betty 3, bap. St., June 12, 1774; 4 joined New Lebanon 

Chil. (b) of Eleazer 2 (10). 
2,7. I. DAU. 3, m. Smith. 

38. II. ELIPUALET 3. Lived in Poundridge, N. Y., Feb. 4, 
I/85, his wife, Elizabeth, dan. Anthony Bears, of Norwalk. 

Chil. of Nathan 2 (11) and Elizabeth (Hubbcll) Slosson. 

39. I. BARZILLAI 3 (Si), b. Kent, Conn., Dec. 27, 1769; grad. 
Yale Coll., 1791. Between Oct., 1797, and Oct., 1812, he repre- 
sented Kent in the Conn. Legislature, at fifteen sessions, lie in. 
Kent, June 1, 1795, Mary, b. Warren, Conn., Oct. 25, 1772, dan. of 
Nathaniel and Mary (Cass) Hatch. Fie d. Kent, Jan. 20, 1813. 
She d. Kent, Feb. 13, 183 1. 

40. II. NATHAN '3, b. Kent, town record says Nov. 23, 1771; 
bap. Kent, Ap. 12, 1807; represented the town in Conn. Legisla- 
ture, in 1821; d. Aug. 14, 18.15. 

41. III. JOHN 3, b. Kent, Nov. iS, 1773; was a lawyer of Ridge- 
field, afterward of New Milford, Conn.; was bap. Kent, Ap. 12, 
1807, and d. Ap. 15, 1807. 

42. IV. ABIGAIL 3, b. Kent, Jan. 3, 1776; d., grave-stone says 
Jan. 17, 1778. 

43. V. WILLIAM 3, (83) b. Kent, May 25, 1779; received, in 
1803, from Union College, the honorary degree of A.M.; was a dis- 
tinguished lawyer of New York; m. F"eb. — , 1806, Mrs. Catherine 
Alice (Schenck) Belin, of N. Y. She d. N. Y., Dec. 30, 1822; he d. 
at Augusta, Ga., Ap. 21, 1832. 

44. VI. ABIGAIL 3, b. Kent, Sept. 26, 1781 ; bapt. Kent, Ap. 12, 
1807; joined the ch., Nov. 1812; d. Dec. 10, 1855. 

45. VII. ELIZABETH 3, b. Kent, May 30, 1784; bap. Kent, 
Ap. 12, 1807; m. Oct. 17, 1809, LEWIS SPOONER, of Kent. 
d. July 10, 1827. 

46. VIII. HANNAH 3, b. Kent, July 25, 1786; bap. Kent, Ap. 
12, 1807; joined the ch. in Kent, May 2, 1847. 

47. IX. EZBON 3, b. Kent, Aug. 25, 1789; went to New York 
when fifteen years old; lawyer; and d. Oct. 27, 1828. 

48. X. MARY 3, b. Kent, Ap. 14, 1793; bap. Kent, Ap. 12, 1807; 
joined the ch. Jan. — , 1821; d. Oct. 10, 1838. 

Chil. of Jehicl 3 [15] and Rebecca (Dudley) Slosson. 

49. I. JEHIEL 4, (88) b. Greenville, Greene Co., N. Y., July 23, 
1788; m. Amy, b. Amsterdam, N. Y., Feb. 27, 1789, dau. of Cyrus 
and Amy (Allen) Ladd. He d. Maine, N. Y., July 12, 1856; she d. 
Mich., Sept. 8, 1858. 

50. II. BEDY 4, b. G., March 2, 1790; d. Union, N. Y., May 13, 
1840, unm. 

51. III. SALLY 4, b. G., July 18, 1792; d. Feb. 8, 1S07. 


52. IV. ORILLA 4, b. G., May 24, 1793; bap. and joined the 
church in Stockbridge, Mass., March 4, 1819; in. Feb. 10, 1813, 
ISAAC CURTIS, b. Stockbridge, Jan. 11, 1789, son of Isaac and 
Hannah (Iligbc) Curtis. He d. at Urockport, N. Y., Feb. 5, 1851. 

53. V. NATHAN 4 (94) b. C, Ap. 7, 1795; m. Newark Valley, 
N. Y., Dec. 1, 1828, Laurinda, b. Union, Oct. 23, 1797; dau. of 
Joseph and Experience (Stafford) Brown. She d. Maine, N. Y., 
Sept. 13, 1S52; and he m. (2d) Aug. — , 1854, lluldah, wid. of Moses 
Bennett. He d. Maine, N. Y., Feb. 2.y, 1858; she d. Pitcher N. Y., 
Oct. — 1859. 

54. VI. ANNA 4, b. G., May 2, 1797; m. Sept. 19, 1815, MOSES 
DELANO, her cousin, b. Kent, Conn., Oct. 6, 1788, son of Aaron 
and Anna 3, [16] (Slosson) Delano; farmer and blacksmith; settled 
in the north part of Union, now Maine, Broome Co., N. Y., in 1872, 
celebrated their "Golden Wedding.'' Children: 

1. Marshal 5, b. Union, N. Y., May 19, 1816; m. Nov. 15, 1838, 
Lydia, b. Union, Oct. 22, 1816, dau. of Ephraim H. and Hannah 
(Howard) Gibson. She d. Maine, March 30, 1851; and he m. (2d) 
Jan. 6, 1852, Lucy Jane, b. Aug. 15, 1822, dau. of Michaiah and 
Sarah (Newton) Mooers. I. Theron 6, b. Sept. 21, 1839; d. Dec. 
6, i860. 2. Alma 6, b. Aug. 15, 1843; m. June — , 1866, Orrin F. 
Hine. 3. Mary 6, b. July 13, 1862. 2 Caroline 5, b. Union, July 
31, 1819; m. Oct., 1845, Lewis Tyrrell, of Union, he d. Ap. 2, 1870. 
3. Sarah 5, b. May 16, 1824; d. Jan. 25, 1825. 4 Aaron 5, b. March 
18, 1826; m. March 24, 1850, Eliza, b. Otego, N. Y., Ap. 21, 1822, 
dau. of Jesse and Betsey (Hyatt) Bunnell. 1. Ellen Noriah, 6 b. 
Jan. it, 1851. 

55. VII. ABNER 4, (95) b. Greenville, N. Y., Oct. 17, 1S00: 
in. March 14, 1833, Nancy, b. Union, N. Y., July 11, 1798, dau. of 

' Thomas and Esther (Patterson) Marean. She d. Maine, March 2, 

56. VIII. GILES 4, (98) b. Greenville, N. Y., March 7, 1803; m. 
Nov. 18, 1830, Sarah, b. Tioga, now Newark Valley, May 13, 1804, 
dau. of Jonas and Thersey (Moore) Muzzy. 

Chil. of Nathaniel 3, (17) and Eunice (Sisson) Slosson. 

57. I. ANSON SEYMOUR 4, (100) b. Richmond, Mass., Octo- 
ber I, 1796; m. Oct. 16, 1827, Mary, b. Antrim, N. H., Oct. 31, 1795, 
dau. of Samuel and Nancy (McKean) Steele, and g. dau. of James. 
He d. March 10, 1861. She died Albany, Kansas, Sept. 1, 1S67. 

58. II. TRUMAN 4, (104) b. Richmond, Aug. 23, 1798, m. Jane 
Wilson of Union. 

59. III. William 4, (106) b. July 22. 1800; m. Julia A. dau. of 
Col. Abram Dc Witt of Chenango, now Fenton, N. Y. She d. 
Binghamton, N. Y., Dec. 24, 1844. 

60. IV. DR. FRANKLIN SISSON 4, (113) b. Dec. 8, 1802, 
Cleveland O., m. Julia, dau. of Abner West, of Richmond, Mass. 

Chil. of Nathaniel 3 (17) and Rhoda (Judd) Slosson. 

61. V. OZIAS JUDD 4, (116) b. Stockbridge. July 23. 1807: m. 
Union, Oct. I, 1833, Ann, b. Francestown, N. H., Sept. 10, 181 r, 
dau. of James Steele and Ann (Burton) Fisher. Pie d. Feb. II, 
1862; shed. Feb. 8, 1872. 


62. VI. HENRY BELDEN 4, (121) b. Stockbridge, Nov. 30, 
1808; m. Way — , 1833, Sabrina Leonard, b. Jan. 2, 1S10, dan. of 
Jonas and Thersey (Moore) Muzzy, of Newark Valley. He d. 
Owcgo, N. Y., Jan. 8, 1864, she d. Jan. 6, 1S67. 

63. \U. SARAH JUDD 4, b. Oct. 24, 1810; d. Feb. 7, 1S26. 

64. VIII. DANIEL 4, 1). Aug-. 31, 1812; d. Scranton, Penn., Aug*. 
24. 1853. 

65. IX. GROVE 4, b. Aug. 6, 181 5; d. Ap. 14, 1816. 

66. X. JOHN 4, b. Jan. 13, d. Jan. 14, 1817. 

Chil. of Joseph 3 (19) and Marana (Hatch) Slosson. 

67. I. MARTIN 4, settled Richmond, Mass.; m. Jan. 16, 1831, 
Sabra M. Avery, of Lenox, Mass. 

Chil. of Ezbon 3, (28) and Electa (Williams) Slosson. 
6$. I. CAROLINE 4, b. Stockbridge, Mass., Feb. 27,, 1791; came 
into wilderness of Boston Purchase, in 1793. She m. EZEKIEL 
RICH, b. Cherry Valley, N. Y., Aug. 14, 17S3, son of Simeon and 
Lucy (Lincoln) Rich. He d. Richford, Ap. 13, 1854. 

69. II. SARAH 4, b. Aug. 2, 1796; m. OTIS LINCOLN, b. 
Western, Mass., June 24, 1787, son of Thomas and Anna (Keyes) 
Lincoln. She d. March 28. 1844; he d. Dec. 7, 1863. 

70. III. WILLIAMS 4 (122), b. July 3, 1800: m. July 1, 1824, 
Maria, b. Lansing, N. Y., Jan. 29, 1807, dau. of Joseph and Phebc 
(Ilanville) Benjamin; resided Newark Valley; he d. May 26, 1872. 

71. IV. FRANKLIN 4 (125), b. Feb. 20, 1805; m. Jan. 19, 1832, 
Nancy, b. Cherry Valley, N. Y., Dec. 24, 1807, dau. of Rufus and 
Lydia (Knapp) Rich. To Owego, N. Y., in 1833. She d. March 
30, 1855. He d. Ap. 2, 1867. 

72. V. SEMANTFIA 4, b. Sept. 20, 1808; m. Jan. 16, 1843, 
SIMEON RICH GRIFFIN, b. Cherry Valley, N. Y., July 14, 
1805, son of Franklin and Ruth (Rich) Griffin. He d. Hartford, 
Sept. 12, 1869. 

Chil. of Enos 3 (32) and Rebecca (Culver) Slosson. 

73. I. MATILDA 4, b. Berkshire, N. Y., May 30, 1804; d. N. Y. 
m. William Dunham, of Richford, N. Y. ; he d. July 16, 1855; 2 
sons both d. & dau. Celia m. W'm Crittcnton (bro. C. N.) ch. 1 Rev. 
Chas. R. D. m. son Lawrence A. 2. W'm H. D. m. Myra Perkins. 
3. Geo. W. D. 4. C. Louise— Res. N-Y.— 

74. II. JULIA ANN 4, b. Berkshire, N. Y., June 27, 1806; m. 
John C. Stedman, son of John and Sylvia Stedman; she d. Unadilla, 
Mich., Aug. 1, 1866. 

75. III. SUSAN MARIA 4, b. Berkshire, N. Y., Ap. 6, 1808; m. 
James Maxwell, and d. Feb. 14, 1830. 

76. IV. CHARLOTTE 4, b. Berkshire, N. Y., Jan. 16, 1810; m. 
F. C. Culver, of Elkland, Penn. 

77. V. CLARK 4 (127). b. Berkshire, N. Y., Aug. 5, 181 r, m. 
Oct. 28, 1831, Adeline Ball. b. Berkshire. Ap. I, l8ll, dau. of 
Samuel and Jerusha 4 [30] (Slosson) Ball. She d. Lawrenceville, 
Penn., Sept. 16, 1870. He d. N. Y. 

78. VI. NANCY 4, b. Berkshire, N. Y., March 14, 1814; drowned 
in Lawrenceville, Ap. 26, 1820. 

79. VII. ENOS 4, b. Lawrenceville, Penn., Feb. 16, 1817; d. 


Chicago; m, Ellen Iloyt of Wilkes Barre, Penn., ch. 3 daus. & son 

William rn. & has ch. 

So. VIII. EZBON 4, b. Lawrenceville, Penn., Oct. 17, 1818; m. 
Cynthia Ball, dan. of Samuel and Jerusha 3 [30] (Slosson) Ball, 
res. Burlington, Iowa— son Edward of Lincoln, Neb. 

Chil. of Barzillai 3 [39] and Mary (Hatch) Slosson. 

81. I. JOIIX WILLIAM 4 (131), b. Kent, Conn, Dec. 20, 1795; 
m. Sept. 26, 1824, Hannah Patty, b. Kent, Jan. 5, 1803, dau. of 
Philo and Rhoda (Goodwin) Mills; d. Nov. 14, 1862. 

82. II. NATHANIEL HATCH 4, b. Kent, Oct. 5, 179S; grad. 
Union Coll, 1S17; d. June 8, 1824. 

Chil. of William 3 [43] and Catherine Alice (Schcnck) Slosson. 

83. I. JOHN 4, (136) (twin), b. Poughkeepsie, N. Y, Dec. 21, 
1806; grad. at College of New Jersey, 1S23; studied law; of New 
York; m. Elizabeth Steward. She d. Jan. 6, 1842. Judge of the 
N. Y. Superior Court, 'j2. 

84. II. WILLIAM 4 (140) (twin), b. Poughkeepsie, N. Y, Dec. 
21, 1806; m. Dec. 17, 1834, Margaret, b. Becker, Mass, dau. of 
Henry and Charlotte (Eowler) Veits. She d. July 9, 1S49. He d. 
March 8, 186S. 

85. III. HENRY 4, b. New York, Sept. — , 1S08; grad. Albany 
Medical Coll. 

S6. IV. BARZILLAI 4 (145), b. New York, March 1, 1810; 
grad. Columbia Coll, 182S; m. Jan. 24, 1833, Margaret, b. Ap. 9. 

181 1, dau. of Jonathan and Elizabeth ( ) Lawrence. (See 

Lawrence Genealogy, by Thomas Lawrence, page 104.) Dist. 
Atty. for Ontario County, N. Y. 

87. V. EDWARD 4, b. Poughkeepsie, N. Y, Oct. — , 18 14; grad. 
Columbia Coll., 1833; m. June 27, 1867, Annie, dau. of Hon. Gur- 
don Trumbull, of Hartford, Conn. Lawyer; d. Greenwich, Conn., 
Nov. 4, 1 87 1. 

Chil. of Jchiel 4 [49] and Amy (Ladd) Slosson. 

88. I. ORRILLA 5, b. Union, N. Y, May 1, 1814; m. Aug. 8. 
1865, John C. Curtis, Esq, b. Stockbridgc, Mass, Ap. 15, 1S02, 
son of Iram and Margaret (Carpenter) Curtis. 

89. II. HIAL DUDLEY 5, b. Union, N. Y.. Ap. 18, 1S17; m. 
Oct. 25, 1853, Rosa, b. Mrddlefield, Otsego Co, N. Y, June 8, 1823, 
dau. of Samuel and Harriet (Lee) Gordon. 

90. III. GAYLORD 5, b. U, Oct. 22, 1819; d. March g, 1841. 

91. IV. AMBROSE 5, b. U, Jan. 2 y, 1822; m. in Mich. Sarah J. 

92. V. CYRUS 5, b. U, Jan. 27, 1826; m. Mich. Lydia Darling. 

93. VI. CHARLES 5, b. U, Jan. 27, 1829; m. Dec. 25, 1S63, his 
cousin, Sarah M, b. 1832, dau. of Isaac and Jerusha (Ladd) Bio 1- 
good. She d. N. Y, Jan. 11, 1869. 

Chil. of Nathan 4 [53] and Laurinda (Brown) Slosson. 

94. I. LAURINDA ANNA 5. b. U, June 5, 1833; m. Jan. 22. 
1852, EUSTACE HATHAWAY, b. March t, 1825, son of David 
and Eliza (Church) Hathawav. 

Chil. of Abner 4 [55] and Nsr-y (Marean) Slosson. 

95. I. JOHN MAREAN 5. b. March 29, 1835; m. — Pinch. 


96. II. REBECCA EMILY 5, b. May 17, 1836. 

97. III. ALBERT 5, b. Ap. 10, 1838. 

Chil. of Giles 4, [56 J and Sarah (Muzzy) Slosson. 

98. I. ELIZA AMELIA 5, b. U., Dec. 27, 1831; m. Nov. 14, 
1849, James Taylor, b. Springfield, N. Y., March 17, 1S27, son of 
Thomas and Eleanor (Hurdman) Taylor. 

99. II. HENRY WILLIAM 5, ['154] b. U., Nov. 6, 1836, m. 
June 16, 1S59. Arbelia J., b. Coblcskill, N. Y., Dec. 19, 1841, dau. 
of Henry and Maria (Brooker) \'an Tuyl. 

Chil. of Anson Seymour 4 [57] and Mary (Steele) Slosson. 

100. I. NATHANIEL 5 [157], b. Maine, N. Y., Jan. 3, 1X30; 
m. Jan. 10, 1856, Caroline Jane, b. Candor, N. Y., Ap. 8, 1836, dau. 
of Edward and Philena (Marean) Dean, g. dau. of Edward and 
Phebe (Slade) Dean, and of Lewis and Patience (Kettle) Marean. 
Was 2d Lieut. Co. G., 3d Kansas Inf., 1861. 

101. II. NANCY JANE 5, b. Maine, N. Y., Feb. 29, 1S32; m. Ap. 
7, 1S53, JOHN LlVlNGSTON GRAHAM, b. Richford, Tioga 
Co., N. Y., May 27, 1832, son of John L. and Hannah (Gee) 
Graham. Kansas; he was Captain in the Eighth Kansas Inf., and 
killed battle of Chickamauga, Tenn., Sept. 19, 1S63. She m. (2d) 
March 18, 1868, Eli F. Bouton, b. Virgil, N. Y., Ap. 8, 1833, son of 
Nathan and Mary (Gee) Bouton. 

102. III. WILLIAM BUTLER 5 (159), b. Maine, N. Y., 
Nov. 2, 1S35; m. March 13, i860, Achsah Louisa, b. Chenango, 
N. Y., March 18, 1836, dau. of Orsamus and Louise (Lilly) 
Lilly. [Orsamus Lilly, b. Ashfield, Mass., Aug. 22, 1800, son of 
Foster and Deborah (Hall) Lilly, g. son of Jonathan and Sarah 
(Foster) Lilly, and of Reuben and Sarah (Howe) Hall, m. in 
Hawley, Mass., Aug. 13, 1826, Louisa Lilly, dau. of Silas and 
Lucy (Batcheller) Lilly, who d. Chenango, June 27, 1842. lie d. 
in 1857.] 

103. IV. SAMUEL 5, b. Maine, N. Y., Aug. 15, 1837. 
Chil. of Truman 4 (58) and Jane (Wilson) Slosson. 

104. I. JOHN 5. 

105. II. SARAH 5, m. Cutler. 

Chil. of Truman 4 (58) and Jane (Wilson) Slosson. 
106. 1. PIENRY ANDREW 5, (162) b. Binghamton, N. Y., Dec. 
1, 1832; m. June 8, 1861, Mary J. Greene. 

107. II. EUNICE SISSON5, b. Binghamton, Ap. 18, 1834; m. 
Jan. 1, 1856, CHARLES H. VAN NAME, b. Chenango, N. Y., 
Dec. 11, 1830; he d. Oct. 8, 1866. 

108. III. ABRAM DE WITT 5, (163) b. Binghamton, Feb. 12, 
1836; m. Elmira, N. Y., Jan. 12, 18C4, Sarah Hall; she d. Elmira, 
May 31, 1871. 

109. IV. MARY ELIZABETH 5 (twin), b. B., Nov. 20, 1837; 
m. Dec. 13, 1865, FREDERICK G. NILES, b. Ap. 12, 1837, son of 
Bryant and Eliza Niles. 

1 10. V. SARAH 5 (twin), b. B., Nov. 20, 1837. 

in. VI. JULIA AUGUSTA 5, b. B., Oct. 9, 18-10; m. David 
Crocker, of B. 

112. VII. WILLIAM 5 (twin), b. & d. Nov., 1844. 
12 177 

I I2a. VIII. CAROLINE LOUISE 5 (twin), b. 13, Nov - 
1844; <1. Feb. io, 1864. 

Chil. of Franklin Sisson 4 [60] and Julia (West) Slosson 

113. I. FRANCIS 5. 

114. II. HENRY 5. 

115. III. MARY 5. 

Chil. of Ozias Judd 4 [61 } and Ann (Fisher) Slosson 

116. I. ARTHUR BURTON 5. b. Newark Valley, March 7 
183S; bap. Oct. 5, 1847. 

117. II. EDWIN 5, b. N. V., Ap. 5, 1840; bap. Oct. 5, 1847; 
resides Newark Valley; in war of 1861, enlisting Aug. 9, 1S62; 2d 
Lieut. Co. B., 109th N. Y. S. V., Ian. 6, 1865; disch. 

118. III. ELOISE .MARIA 5, b. N. V., Ap. 10, 184s; bap. Oct 
5, 1847; m. Dec. 9, 1S6S, THEODORE FRELINGHUYSEN 
CHAMBERLIN, b. May 31, 1845; son of Daniel and Esther 
(Farrand) Chambcrlin. 

119. IV. SARAH ESTELLE 5, b. N. V., Aug. 13, 1847; m. June 
22, 1870, ROBERT FRANKLIN MOORE, b. Nov. 28, 1829, 
son of Peter and Eliza Harper (Hyde) Moore; civil eng. of Newark 

120. V. WILLIS MERTON 5, b. N. V., May 2$, 1849. 
Child of Henry Belden 4 [62] and Sabrina Leonard (Muzzy) 



BLOODGOOD, of Owego, N. Y. 

Chil. of Williams 4 [70] and Maria (Benjamin) Slosson. 

122. I. GEORGE WILLIAMS 5, b. June 24, 1825; m. Sept. 8, 
1847, Melinda Jane, b. Feb. 5, 1S27, dau. of Oliver and Freelove 
(Newell) Williams. He resides Newark Valley. 

123. II. EMILY VILLARS 5, b. Jan. 13, 1S27; d. Ap. 14, 1832. 

124. III. PHEBE ELIZABETH 5, b. March 9, 1830; m. Sept. 
17, 1850, Frederick Handel Todd, b. North Haven, Conn., Feb. 26, 
1819; son of Josiah and Elizabeth (Clinton) Todd. Drowned 
March 18, 1868. 

Chil. of Franklin 4 [71] and Nancy (Rich) Slosson. 

125. I. CAROLINE AUGUSTA 5, b. Feb. 13, 1S33; m. Dec. 
16, 185 1, EZRA WARREN REEVES, b. Owego, N. Y., Ap. 3, 
1826, son of Lorenzo and Maria L. (Clarke) Reeves. 

126. II. NANCY RICH 5, b. & d. March, 1S39. 
Chil. of Clark 4 [yj] and Adeline (Ball) Slosson. 

127. I. WILLIAM II. 5, b. Lawrenceville, Oct. 22, 1832; d. N. 

y, 1S95. 

II. Matilda, d. 1898. 

12S. III. CELIA 5, b. Law., Ap. 1, 1834; m. W. H. Rice; 2 sons 

129. IV. JOSEPHINE 5. b. Law., June 3, 1837; m. CHARLES 
N. CRITTENTON, of New York. She d. 18S6. 

1. Charles II. S. 6, b. March 31, i860; d. Dec. 14, 1861. 

2. Adeline Ella 6, b. May 25, 1864; m. Mr. Baldwin, Res. Ox- 

ford, Eng. 

3. Florence Josephine, b. 1877; d. I 882. 


i 3 o. V. SUSAN L. 5, b. Law., Nov. 26, 1S41; m. THOMAS E. 
DELANO, of New York. 

1. Mortimer T. 6, b. Aug. 15, 1869. 

2 of Jesse Delano Sr. 

William Delano, d Brooklyn Mar 4-1894 m 1st N. Y. May 5-1831 

Mary Andrews, dau of McClure & Mable , b. New York 

1807 d. Oct 10-1S37, m 2d N. Y. May 15-1839 Elizabeth Antoinette, 
dau of Garret & Catherine (Dean) Eoff, b N. Y. 180S d. Feb 21- 
1878. 1 Jesse Delano, b Newark Aug 24-1832, Priv. Co. " G " 7th 
Reg't d. N. Y. 18 Jan 1889 m. N. Y. May 1S62 to Mary Francis 
dau. of Thomas II & Sarah (Wilson) Dobbs b. N. Y. 20 Sept. 1S36 
Res 326 W 14 St no ch. 2 Emma b N-Y Sept 2S-1833 — twin 
3 Anna d. Aug. 28-1834. 4 Mary, b Apr 13-1S35, d July 18-i i 
5 Julia b Dec 13-1836 d Nov 20-1851 — 6 William Edward b N. Y. 
Dec 5-1841, d June 14-1842. .7 Alfred Henry, b May 4-1843, d 
Apr 23-1848 S Maria b Dec 16-1S45 d May 2-1848. 
2 of William Delano 
Emma Delano, Res. Brooklyn L. I. 310 Halsey St m N-Y May 
3-1854 Samuel Rowland Yoorhees, b New Brunswick N. J. May 
24-1830 1 Ralph Voorhees, b N-Y Nov 16-1S55 of Denver Col. 
2 Emma Louisa, b Mar 4-1S58 m William Aplin Asmington 1" t- 
bush N. Y. 3 William Delano Voorhees, b Mar 18-1863. Former 
Sec. Young Men's Christ. Assoc. Norfolk Va. un-m. d Brooklyn 
Mar 5-1S96. 4 Mary Ela, b Metuchen N. J. July 6-1870, un-m. 

3 of Jesse Delano Sr. 

• Charles Delano, d. Jan 30-1890 m N-Y July 31-1832 Catherine 
Cuningham, dau of Archibald & Ann (Gifford) Morrison, b N. Y. 
June 15-1809 d. July 8-1884 1 Ann Amelia Delano, b N-Y July 9- 
1833, un-m. 2 Maria Josephine, b Dec 2S-1834 m. Brooklyn 2 
Oct i860 James Geery b. N. Y. 2 Feb 183S of Booths Corners Pa. 
ch. 1 Margaretta-Frederica b. Brooklyn 1 July 1862 — 2 James Will- 
iam b Mt Vernon N. Y. 28 Mar 1866 3 Catherine Cordelia, b Nov 
28-1836, un-m. d Aug 27-1874 4 Sarah Elizabeth b Nov 13-1838, 
m. N-Y 27 Nov. 1864 Joseph Geery, b New York Nov 16-1839, 
d. Dec 20-1877 Brooklyn 432 Park Ave 1 George Washington, 
b Feb 22-1866, d 1867 2 Joseph, b Oct 10-1867 3 Edwin Gilbert. 
b Dec 14-1873 4 Francis Louise, b Dec 8-1876 5 Mary Francis 
b Nov 18-1840 6 Martha Louisa b June 9-1843, d May 28-1853. 
7 Henrietta Matilda b Sept 18-1846, m. N-Y 12 Sept 1S66 to Joseph 
Wilson Coburn 8 Charles Henry, b Wiliiamsburgh N. Y. Apr 
23-1849 9 Caroline Cornelia b Dec 4-1S51 d Jan 19-1S53 
5 of Charles Delano 

Mary Frances Delano, Res. Jersey City N. J. 145 Milton St 
m June 24-1866 William Henry Everiss, b Cheltenham Eng. May 
10-1836 d. Oct 12-1886 1 Edward, b Brooklyn 2 Alfred George 
b N-Y 3 Mary Frances b Elizabeth N. J. 4 Clarence Edgar 
b Brooklyn 

8 of Charles Delano 

Charles Henry Delano, Res Brooklyn L. I. 512 Lexington Ave 
(Pub. a trade journal at 150 Nassau St N-Y) m Edgarton Mass. 

J 79 

May 30-1872 Susan More, dau of Caleb Hunt & Charlotte. More 
(Butler) Hobart, b Braintree Mass. May 50-1852 (Gen. 1886 — Ed- 
mund Hobart of Hingham & Blickling Norfolk 1570-1646 to Mass 
1653 a des. of John of Norfolk 1300 Ancient armes: Ermine, 2 
flaunches sa. 1 Arthur Hobart Delano, b Brooklyn Dec 24-1873 
(150 Nassau) 2 Jessie b Sept 29-1875 3 Charles Albert, b Aug 
16-1S77 4 Alice, b Mar 13 & d Sept 0-1880. 5 Grace, b Nov 19- 
18S4. 6 Harold, b Dec 28-1886. 

4 of Jesse Delano Sr. 

Dr Jesse Delano Jr. d Miilburn N. J. Aug S-1S51 m Elizabeth 
N J. Dec 25-1833 Maria, dau of David and Charity (Woodruff) 
Nuttman, b 1813 d. Newark May 14-1866 1 Albert, b N-Y Sept 
30-1834. 2 Samuel Nuttman, b May 16-1837, un-m. Dallas Texas 
253 Elm St 3 Elizabeth Ann, b Mar 31-1839 4 Laura Campbell, 
b Springfield N. J. Apr 16-1843, un-m of Newark 5 Philip b Dec 
5-1844 un-m. d. suddenly abt. 1894 6 Mary, b June 1-1847, d Sept 
26-1854 7 Jean Hand, b June 12-1850. 8 Jesse Price, b Miilburn 
N. J. Dec 12-1851, d Jan 2-1857. 

1 of Jesse Delano Jr. 

Albert Delano, Res. Newark Office 15 Cortland St N Y (He 
was Hospital Steward 3d Regt New Jersey Vols, from Aug 12- 
1862 to June 23-1S64 & Hos. Steward in U S A. from June 23-1864 
to June 26-1865. See photo, taken at that time. Active Mem. 
G. A. R. post of Newark) m Newark Aug 27-1857 Margaret Dow, 
dau of Peter & Lydia (Drake) Anton, b New York Eeb 25-1835 1 
Jennie Findlay, b Newark Nov 23-1858. 2 Frank Elmer Delano, 
b Nov 13-1860, of Cleveland O. Enlisted 26 June 1898 in the 
17th Inf. (Col. Poland) transferred 19 July 1S98 to the 1st U. S. 
Inf. (Col. Miles) — Appointed Corporal 1st Co 10 Aug 189S— sta- 
tioned at Fort McPherson Ga. Spanish-Amer War of '98 now Ser- 
geant now in Cuba 1S99 3 Bertie, b Mar 28-1S66, d Aug 3d. 

1 of Albert Delano 

Jennie Findlay Delano, Res Newark N J. 173 Clinton Ave. 
Country place at Bclvidere N. J. called " Springdale Farm " m 
Newark Mar 16-1886 Samuel Clark, b Summit N J. Sept 9-1846 
(of Day Clark & Co Makers of " Fine Jewellry " br. 23 Maiden 
Lane N. Y. Mr Clark is an amateur Artist & owns a fine private 
gallery Four of his ances. were in the Rev. i776-'83 Nath. Bonnell 
Sanvl & John Clark and John Noe — he is the son of Samuel Clark 
& Mary Noe— s. of Daniel & Sally Wilcox s. of Samuel & Damarie 
Day s. of John to Elizabeth N. J. fr. L. I. Sam'l 1654 of Southamp- 
ton L. I.) 1 Wilson Delano Clark, b Newark Dec 29-1S86. 2 
Dorothy Mae, b Oct 27-1889. 3 Samuel Albert Delano Clark, b 
June 4-1892 

3 of Jesse Delano Jr. 

Elizabeth Ann Delano d Belleville N. J. Nov 19-1S86 m Newark 
Oct 7-1869 Thomas Hay, b Franklin Wis Oct 20-1839 d Valparaiso 
Chili S. A. June 21-1879 1 Mary Florence, b Val. Jan 3-1871 2 
Bertha Mabel, b May 15-1872, d. Cal. 1S9-- 3 Clinton Delano 
Hay, b May 23-1873, d. Archer Fla. abt 1S92 


7 of Jesse Delano Jr. 
Jean Hand Delano, Res. Newark 69 W-Kinney St m Ne 
Sept 22-1873 Robert Andrew Howarth, b Ya 1841 d Newark J 
22-1SS8 (? fr. Howart Eng. — Howard) 1 Grace Nuttman, b New- 
ark June 27-1874 2 Jesse Delano, b May 14-1879 d. 14 Sept 1898 
3 Mabel Woody, b Dec 10-1SS1, d Jan 22-1886 

5 of Jesse Delano Sr. 
Maria Delano, d Detroit Mich Apr 18-1875 m N-Y l8 38 David 
Magie, b Elizabeth N J. Aug 27-1795 d N. Y. Oct 31-1864 (Dry- 
goods merch't — Mac die, Scot.) 1 Gertrude Frelinghuysen, b 
N-Y Aug 24-1S39 m. Res Detroit 2 Dr David Magic b Jan 15-1S41 
Princeton Un. '59 Mem. Century & University m. Marg't. S Mc- 
Cosh 32 W 48 St. 3 Maria, d. y. 4 Mary Louise d. y. 

4 of Bcnoni Delano 

Lemuel Delano (1st), d. Dux. Sept 6-1778 m Dux. July 9-1741 
Lydia, dau of Ebcnezer & Mary (Ryder) Bartlett, b Dux 172 1 1 
Esther. 2 Lydia d. un-m. 3 Rebecca. 4 Hannah b 1749. 5 
Jerusha 6 Ichabod (moved to Maine.) 7 Elizabeth b Mar 2-1756. 
(See Barzilla Delano br.) 8 Amsy m John Barton. 9 Mary un-m. 
d abt 1828. (Plymouth Probate records, Book 50, 18 19 " Lydia 
Delano of Duxbury Mass. Distribution of estate To heirs of Be: 
Delano, Lydia Delano, Heirs of Esther Howard deceased, Rebecca 
Peterson, Amsy wife of John Barton, Betty, wife of Barzilla De- 
lano." Feb 16-1829. Plymouth Probate record Book 60 "John 
Barton appointed administrator estate of Mary Delano.") 
1 of Lemuel Delano and Lydia Bartlett 

Esther Delano, m Dux Dec 17-1772 Ezra Howard, b Dux 1750, 
d. Nov 25-1781. (Gen. 1884) 1 Ezra Jr. b Aug 1-1773. 2 Par- 
melia, b Feb 27-1776. 3 Daniel, b Mar 16-177S. 

3 of Lemuel Delano (1st) 

Rebecca Delano, m Dux. Apr 21-1773 Joseph Peterson (Winsors 
Hist. Dux.) 1 Daniel Peterson, b Oct 9-1775, m Bethia Weston 
ch. Daniel 1803, Hannah 1806, Amanthis 1807, Jerusha 18 
George 1812, m Hannah Prior, Martha, m W'm Prior. 2 Betsy, 
m Joseph Wadsworth 

4 of Lemuel Delano (1st) 

Hannah Delano, 1st wife of d. Sept 16-1778, m Dux. Dec 3-1772 
Joshua Winslow, son of Kcnelm Winslow — des. of (Kenelm 
Winslow of Salem b. Worcestershire 1599 d. 1672 son of Edward 
of Marshfield Mass. & Plymouth 1629, 1 560-1674 of Droitwitch 
Wor. Eng. (son was Gov. Edw. Winslow of the " Mayflower ") 
armes: Or, a bend lozengy arg. & gu. — ) Mrs Salome Delano (\ 
2d wife of b 1746, d Dux Dec 23-1781, m Dux 1780 — (Davis An- 
cient L. Winslow gen " Joshua of Dux. gr. son of 6th Kenelm, 
through his son Kenelm, m. etc. as above Gen. 1S77 & 18SS) 
2 of Dr Thomas Delano 

Thomas Delano 2d d aft 1712 & bef 1748, m. Dux. Hannah ? 
1 Thomas 3d b abt 1694 2 Deborah b abt 1696 3 Elkanah b abt 


I of Thomas Delano 2d 

Thomas Delano 3d m Dux 1726 Sarah 1 Thankful, b 

Provincetown Mass Aug 9-1727. 2 Sarah b June 17-1729, d j 
8-1730 3 Sarah, b May 24-1731, m Falmouth, Me, Oct. 1; 
Humphrey Richards, b Newburyport, Mass., Apr. 4, 1721. 1 
Mary b. Falmouth. 2 Sarah. 3 Elizabeth. 4 Susanna. 5 Bar- 
zillai. 6 John, b. Aug-. 14, 1767. 4 Hannah, b Aug 4-1733. 5 
Mary, b Apr 19-1735 6 Elizabeth b Falmouth Me 1740. 7 Bar. 
b do. 1745. (Intentions of m pub in Falmouth records. 1 Thank- 
ful & Samuel Dyer. 4 Hannah 6c James Small. 5 Mary & Daniel 
Strout Elizabeth & James Dyer, no record of fams) 
7 of Thomas Delano 3d 

Barzillai Delano, d. Cape Elizabeth Me June 20-1S20, m 1st do. 
Apr 7-1767 Mary Cobb, b Cape Eliz. 17.15 d. June 20-1783, m 2d 
do. May 30-178.J Hannah Dyer, b. 1745 d Cape Eliz Oct 22-1831 
(Gen. 1884) 1 Thomas, b 1768 2 Barzillai, b 1772 3 Joseph, b 
Oct 28-1773. 4 Elizabeth, m Cape Eliz Sept 21-1800 John Skillen. 

5 Ebenezer, b June 8-1780. 6 Hannah, b m Cape Eliz Oct 

23-1803 Ira Bradford. (Cape Elizabeth erected from Falmr. 
1765 1787 Barzillai Delano a delegate fr Cape Eliz to convention 
Portland Me to consider question of separating district of Maine 
from Mass. 1792 represented the Cape at General Court Boston. 
1 of Barzillia Delano Sr 

Thomas Delano, d. Portland, Me May 23, 1811, m Cape Eliz. 
Aug. 30, 1791 Abigail Mariner, b. Gloucester, Mass., d. St. Albans, 
Vt. 1. Mary b. Portland, m Rev. Joshua Chamberlin 2. Ezekk-1, 
b. May 1794. 3. Abigail, m. Frank Foster of Gardiner, Me. Had 
George went to Cal. 4. Rebecca, m. George Gordon of Baltimore, 
Md. Had Georgianna, Henrietta & George. 
- 2 of Thomas Delano 

Ezekiel Delano, Capt. " N. Star" lost at sea fr. New Orleans 
1S37 m. By Rev Elijah Hedding Apr. 6, 1817 Elizabeth Hutchin- 
son, dau. of Jonathan & Ann (Newhall) Ingalls, b. Lynn, Ma 
Mar. 20, 1793, d there Mar 10, 1874. 1. Thomas Ingalls Delano, 
b. Portland, Me., Jan. 21, 1818. 2. Elizabeth Irene, b. Feb. 5, 1820. 
3. Charles True, b. Boston, May 5, 1821. 4. Clarissa Ann, b Feb. 
22, 1824, d Apr. 13, 1S32. 5. Mary Maria, b Sept. 6, 1826, d. Apr. 

3. 1832. 

1 of Ezekiel Delano 
Thomas Ingalls Delano Sr. 72 Florence St., Somerville Mass. 
d. Somerville, Sept. 22, 1892, m. By Rev Theodore H Towne 
Bos., May 19, 1842 Maria Louisa, dau. of Daniel Thomas & Esther 
(Mellen) Gregg, b. New Boston, N. H., Nov. 15, 181 5, d. Aug. 5, 
1884. 1. Maria Therese, b. Boston, June 12, 1843. 2 Thomas In- 
galls Delano Jr. b Oct. 26, 1845, m - Somerville, Sept. 1, 1870 Ell a 
Maria, dau. of Sylvester & Abigail Sanborn (Dinsmore) Osgood, 
b. Charlestown, Mass., Dec. 30, 1844. 1. Thomas Ingalls Delano 
3d, b. & d. July 17, 1871. 2. Florence Elizabeth, b. Dec. 29, 1 
3. Therese, b. Maiden, Mass July 10, 1876, d. Somerville, Mar. 31, 
1882. 3. Esther Ann, b. Aug. 1, i8_{8. 4 Henry Putnam, b. 
Somerville, Sept. 29, 1850, drowned in Ipswich Bay, un-m. Aug. 

ii, i8/7- 5- Rowena Gregg b. Dec. 3, 1853, m. Somervilte J 
15, 1873 Hiram Washington Fisher, b Bos., Feb. 14, 1846. 1. 
Sarah Maria, b. Mar. 28, 1874. 2. Helen Louise, b. Melrose, N 
3, 1878. 6. Mary Jane, b. Oct. 26, 1856, m. Soraerville Oct 15, 18S3 
Richard Stanley Smith, b. Hartford, Conn., June 17, 1859. 7 John 
Gregg, b. Feb. 13, 1859. 

2 of Ezekiel Delano 

Elizabeth Irene Delano, d. Lynn, June 29, 1890, m. Boston, Nov. 
9, 183S Richard Connor, b Lvnn Nov. 3, 1817, of Lynn, Mass. 1. 
Sarah Elizabeth, b. Aug. 24, 1840, d Aug-. 22, 1884. 2. Eliza E' 
b July 31, 1844, d. Lynn 29 Jan 1895 in. William H. Drew, ch. son 

3 of Ezekiel Delano 

Charles True Delano, 353 Washington St., Boston, Mass. m 
Lynn, Aug. 24, 1845 Eliza Ann, dau. of Nathaniel & Phebe (V. ■ 
French, b Salisbury, X. II., Dec. 17, 1822. 1 Eliza Jane Del; 
b. Bos., June 11, 1846, m. Lynn, Mar. 14, 1866 Charles Fr< 
Ncill, b Lynn, Apr. 20, 1844 l Alice May, b May 2, 1867, m. 
Arthur II. Shirley, of Lynn. 2 Clara Ella Delano, b. Somer. 
Mass., July 29, 1S54, m. Lynn, Nov. 26, 1874 Frank Melville Br 
b. Lynn, Mar. 12, 1853. (Allen Breed (or Bread) 1601-92 
Winthrop 1630, Southampton L. I. 164 — ret. to Lynn Mass.) 1. 
George Flerschel, b Apr. 30, 1875. 2 Melville, b. Dec. 2, 1S76. 

2 of Barzillai Delano Sr. 

Barzillai Delano Jr. d Mar 26-1805 m Cape Eliz. June 12-1794 
Hannah Marriner, (m. 2d Portland Me Oct 1S0S Rev Jo- 
Taylor) — 1 Moses, b Nov 7-1795, d June 15-1800. 2 Frederick b 
Mar 23-179S, d Oct 11-1802 3 Sally b Sept 12-1801, d Oct 7-1 2 
4 Moses, b Feb 8 & d. 23-1S03. 5 Mary, b Feb 25-1805 d Feb 14- 

3 of Barzillai Delano Sr 

Joseph Delano, d Portland Me Aug 31-1831 m 1st Cape Eliz. Me. 
May 21-1797 Eunice Miller, b Cape Eliz Oct 20-177$ d. there Feb 
20-1798 m 2d do. Feb ? 1799 Joanna Woodbury (wid of John 
Simonton) b Cape Eliz Dec 6-1771 d there Mar 25-1845 (Gen. 
1887) 1 Eunice, b Portland Nov 16-1799. 2 Mehitable, b June 11- 
1802 m Portland Capt Richard Crockett. Had Richard, Charles 
Jenkins, & Joseph Delano Crockett 3 Barzillai Delano b Apr 6- 
1804. 4 Nancy, b Oct 23-1806, m 1st Portland 1824 to Robert 
Starr Leach, b Bridgewatcr Mass. Apr 12-1799, na ^ l Fanny, b 
1825. 2d & 3 Frances Elizabeth & Cyntha Bradford (twins), b Feb 
2-1827. He d. Nov 22-1826. She m 2d Wilson, had Chas W'm 
b. Mar 29-1829. Frances Elizabeth Leach m W'm P Duston, 
Auburn Me. — 5 Mary Cobb Delano, b Dec 31-1810, m Portland 
Apr 1842, John Hasty b there Feb 2-1805 d ^* ov 24-1889, had 
Eleanora Res. 206 York St — 6 Joanna Woodbury, b Mar 4-1812 
7 Joseph Woodbury, b May 4-1815. 

1 of Joseph Delano 

Eunice Delano, d. Frycbr.rg, Me Feb 7, 1885, m. Portland Me 
Feb. 10, 1S20 John Ilslcy, b. Newbury, Mass., Aug. 15, 1707, d. 
Fryeburg, May 3, 1874. (Prob. s. of Jonathan Ilsley of New "■ 
Ilsley Berkshire Eng. Armes: Or, 2 bars gemelles sa. in chief 3 


pellets) I. Eunice Jane, b Portland, Jan. 20, 1821. 2. Mary 
Elizabeth, b. Sept. 27, 1822, d Apr. 23, 1823. 3. Frances Joanna, h. 
Nov. 19, 1S24. 4. John Simonton, b. Apr. 22, 1827, d Juno 0. 1827. 
5 Joseph Delano Ilsley, b. Oct. 1, 1828, d. Jan. 9, 1S29. 6. Henry 
Buswell, b. Mar. 16. 1830. (Vet. War '6i-'6s.) Newark, N. J. 
7 Samuel b. Mar. 28, 1832, un-mar. (Serg. Co. E., 12 Me. Vols. 
Inf.) d. Baton Rouge, La., Aug. 8, 1863. 8. Stephen Chase, b. Feb. 
8, 1835, d. June 20, 1835. 9 Louisa Hurd, b. May 21, 1S36, in. 
Dr. S. A. Evans, of Conway, N. II., had Henry Clinton Evans of 
Leicester, Mass. 10. Edward Melville, b. Dec. 5, 1838, d. Aug. 

3 of Joseph Delano 
Barzillai Delano, d. Port. Oct. 13, 1S63, m. Portland Aug. 2, 1827 
Sophronia Merrill, clau. of Dennis & Betsey (Dyer) Dyer, b. Port- 
land, May 16, 181 1. (Gen. 1884) I. William Simonton b Oct. 
16, 1828, d. Sept. 11, 1829. 2. George William, b. Aug. 22, 1830, 
d. Jan. 10, 1S3S. 3. Frederick Huntress b. Cape Elizabeth, Feb. 
12, 1832. 4. Sophronia Merrill b. Portland Sept. S, 1834. 5. John 
Woodbury, b. Apr. 29, 1837, d. Jan. 25, 183S. 6. M jiiroe Barzillai, 
b. Mar. 14, 1840, d. July 14, 1841. 7. Ellen Ama.ida, b. May 26, 
1842. S. Susan Jane b. Dec. 5, 1844. 9. Frank Eugene, b. Jan. 6, 
1848, d. Feb. 22, 1S50. 10. Henry Howard, b. Jan. 4, 1850. II. 
Mary Elizabeth, b. June 2, 1852, d. Dec. 12, 1S54. 12. Russell 
Strecter, b. Feb. 9, 1854, d. Jan. 7, 1855. 

3 of Barzillai Delano 

Frederic Huntress Delano, Res. Portland Me. 20 Middle St. 
m there Jan. 7, 1S74 Rosina, dau. of Jeremiah Bartlett & Sallie 
Hamilton (Marshall) Foster, b Machias, Me., Aug. 2", 1835. 
(Gens. 1872 '76 & '85) I. Frederic Foster Delano, b. Mar. 9, 1875. 

4 of Barzillai Delano 

Sophronia Merrill Delano, 4 St. Lawrence St., Portland, Me. 
m. Portland Oct. 29, 1857 Andrew Smith Haven, b. Cumberland, 
Me., Aug. 6, 1829, d. & bur. at sea, Aug. iS & 19, 18S9. (Gens. 
1849 & '59) *• Ella Cleaves, b. Westbrook, Me., May 1, 1S59. 2 - 
Susan Ellen, b. Jan. 22, 1866, m. Mr Chandler, of Portland. 3. 
Lizzie Delano Haven, b. Portland, Oct. 7, 1867. 4. Josephine 
Smith, b Sept. 8, 1S71. 

7 of Barzillai Delano 

Ellen Amanda Delano, 47 Newbury St., Portland, Me. m. Port- 
land Nov. 14, 1866 Samuel Scholes, b. Durham, Eng., June 17, 
1835. (Eng. armes: Lozengy sa. & arg., on a sinister canton sa. 
annulet or.) 1. May Randall, b. Mar. 17, 1872. 2 Walter Delano 
Scholes, b. June 30, 1874. 3. Ella Haven, b Apr. 25, 1S76. 4 
Lizzie Delano Scholes, b. Jan. 22, 1878. 

8 of Barzillai Delano 

Susan Jane Delano, m. Portland Dec 29, 1S68 Frederick Augus- 
tus Drinkwater, b. there, May 14, 1S46. I. Frederick Howard, b. 
Aug. 7, 1870. 2. Louis Percis, b. Dec. 3, 1S77. (Sah'ord Lan- 
caster Eng. armes: Per pale gu. & az. on a fosse wavy arg. bet. 3 
garbs or, 3 billets az.) 


io of Barzillia Delano 
Henry Howard Delano, Res Brocton Mass. 258 Crescent St 
m. Portland Oct. 31, 1872 Julia Frances, dan. of John ec Julia 
Sophia (Dodge) Stinchcomb, b. . June 4, 1850. 1. Julia 

Gertrude, b. Dec. 28, 1S73. 2. Harry Aver, b July 23, 1S79. 3. 
Ella Mae b Brocton, Sept. 20, 18 

6 of Joseph Delano 

Joanna Woodbury Delano, d. Mar 7-187S m. Portland Dec 10- 
1835 Ezra Harford, b Portland Dec 10-1812 d. Jan 22-18S9 1 
Mary Ann, b Oct 29-1836, m Portland June 23 1856 Capt Stephen 
B Greer, she d there Jan 16-1875 (3 ch twin boys, d. y. Harry age 
2T, d Nov 10-1881 Winona) 2 Henry, b 1838, d Matanzas Cuba 
1854 3 Helen Maria, b Jan 1-1S42 ra. Portland 4 June 1863 Frank- 
lin Staples, M.D. b Casco Me. Nov 9-1833 Res Winona Minn. 
(Gen. 1880) (Graduated " Coll Physicians & Surgeons " N. Y. 
1862, to Winona) 1 Emma Gertrude, b Dec 21-1864, ni Winona 
Oct 9-1SS9, Seward D Allen, Atty at Law, Duluth Minn 2 Annie 
Harford, b Jan 16-1868, d May 29-1872. 3 Helen Ford, b Apr 1- 
1872. 4 Mary Louise, 5 Dec 3-1876, d June 26-18S1 4 Emily 
Gertrude, b May 21-1846, tin-m 5 George Albert, b July 18-1848 
m Portland Dec 27-18S3, Jennie M D Cross, of do. 6 Alice Lena, 
b July 1S-1S51, m Portland Nov 20-1872 William Welden Billson, 
b Springfield 111. June 7-1847 Res. Duluth Minn 1531 E 1st St 1 
William b St Paul Aug 1-1874, d July 7-1S88. 2 Arthur Thomas, 
b Jan 27-1877. 3 Harford Lemuel, b Apr 25-1879 4 Alice Hester, 
b Duluth Apr 19-1884 5 Lester Edwin, b June & d Nov 8 1SS8. 

7 of Joseph Delano 

Joseph Woodbury Delano, d. N. Y. Nov. II, 1S67, m. New York 
City, Sept. 2$, 1850 Eugenia Delancey, dau. of John and Elizabeth 
(Caught) De Lancey, b. Xew York, April n, 1S25, d. Roslyn, L. I., 
July 17, 18S2. (John prob. grt-gr-son of Etienne) 1. Caroline, 
b. New York, June 22, 185 1. Res Roslyn L. I. m. N. Y. Nov. 5, 
1879 Charles Edward Haydock, b N Y May 6, 1836, d. Mar. 9, 
1S81. I. Charles EdwarH, b Sept. 26, 1880. 2. Eugene, b. May 20, 
1853. 3. Josephine, b. Aug. 20, 1855. 4 Charles Crockett, b. Feb. 
16, 1857, m. has ch. Res. Lenox Ave N. Y. 5. Edward b. Sept. 26, 
1862, d. Roslyn, July 17, 1SS3. " de Lancey " of Picardy France. 
(Stephen) Etienne De Lanci vicomte de Laval & de Nouvian d. 
1741 ? 80 ys " a Huguenot gentleman " of the City of Caen Nor- 
mandy; driven fr. Fr. 1681 to Rotterdam, & to Eug. to New York 
1686. He m. 23 Jan. 1700 Anne dau. Hon. Stephan 3 Van Cort- 
landt s. of Olofr 2 N. Am. 1636 — Steven 1 — Kortland a town 
Holl. 1610 amies: arg. 4 windmill arms sa bet. 5 mullets gu. had: 
1 — James de Lancey 1702-60 Chief-Jus. & L't Gov. Prov. N. Y. 
1753 m. Anne Heathcote 2 — Susannah m. Yicc-Adm. Sir Peter 
Warren Knt. Path— of N. Y. 7— Anne m. Hon. John Watts 
3 & 4 Stephen & John d. un-m. 5— Peter Mem. Assem. W. Ches- 
ter 6 — Oliver Brig-Gen.. Mem-Council etc. Lancey amies: Az., 
a pennon arg. to dexter the lance or, over all a bar or — " de Lanci 
of Bologne armes: gu., a boeuf rampart arg., tenant a lance or, 
chief az. ch. of 3 fieurs-de-lis or bet. & under a lambel of 4 gu." 


2 of Joseph Woodbury Delano 

Eugene Delano, Res. Brooklyn (with " Moore & Co.; Harness 
& Carriages ") 59 Warren St N. Y. m. X. V. Aug. 28, 1S78 Lizzie, 
dau. of Oscar & Elizabeth (Dixon) Kernan, b. X. V. City, April 22, 
1859. 1. Joseph Woodbury, b. X. Y. Oct. 19, 1S79. 2. Edward, 
b. Brooklyn, July 3, 1881. 3 Lizzie, b. N Y Oct. II, 1883. 4. 
Eugenia, b. Mar. 9, 1885 5. Charles, b. Mar. 6, 1887. 6. Caroline, 
b. Brooklyn, Apr. 29, 1889. 

3 of Joseph Woodbury Delano 

Josephine Delano, 341 E 50th St X. Y. m. X. Y. Jan. 20, 1887 
Charles Edward Pell, b. X. Y. Dec. 20, 1S43. 1. William Henry 
Dannat, b Dec. 23, 1888. 

5 of Barzillai Delano 

Ebenezer Delano Sr. d Cape Elizabeth Me Sept 4-1842, m Fal- 
mouth Me Aug 14-1802 Mary Delano, dau of Thomas and Mary 
(Strout) Delano, b Falmouth Jan 19-1785, d Cape Eliz June 18- 
1866. (See Amaziah — Thomas br.) 1 Charlotte, b Cape E. June 
5-1803. 2 Mary, b Apr 19-1S04. 3 Ebenezer Jr. b May 5-1807. 4 
James, b May 2-1812 5 Ezekiel, b June 5- 18 19, un-m. (k. by light- 
ning on ship) June 1S41, while returning fr. Cuba 

1 of Ebenezer Delano Sr 

unailotte Delano, d Sept. 28, 1878, m. Cape Eliz. Dec. 26, 1823 
Green Walden, b. Lynn, Mass., 1796, d. Cape Eliz., Aug. 29, 1875. 

1. George, b. (Portland), July 22, 1825. Hotel Oxford, Boston. 

2. Charlotte, b. Sept. 13, 1827, d. Aug. 12, 1S79. 3 Jestina, b. Nov. 
11, 1S29, d. Oct. 7, 1S31. 

2 of Ebenezer Delano Sr 

Mary Delano, d. Nov 29-1839 m Cape Eliz 1828 Samuel Phil- 
brocks. 1 Charles Graham, b June 17-1S29. 2 John Henry, b 
May 31-1835 

3 of Ebenezer Delano Sr 

Ebenezer Delano Jr. lost at sea, Dec 12-1846, m Portland Me 
1S38 Eliza, dau of Xathaniel & Annie (Milliken) Boothby b 
Scarborough Me Jan 16-1816 d Portland, Me Apr 25-18S5 (Eng. 
Derbyshire armes: arg., on canton sa., lions paw in bend or) 1 
Albert Henry, b 1840, d 1842 2 Ellen Ianthai, b Nov 14-1S42, 
m Rochester X. H. May 19-1875 Samuel Paine Patrick, b Gorham 
Me. Apr 23-1841. Xo ch. (Res. E Boston Mass. 453 Meridian St) 
3 Ebenezer Greene Delano, b Dec 19-1846, of Portland m Lubec 
Me Feb 22-1872 Caroline Lampson, dau of John & Agnes (Ro- 
mans) Muirhead, b Lubec Xov 29-1849. (Scot, armes: Arg., on 
bend az. 3 acorns or) 1 Plerbcrt Payson, b Saco Me. Jan 22-1873. 
2 Edith Florence, b Xov 22-1875 3 George, b Oct 17-1S77, d Aug 
10-1S78 4 Jennie May, b Feb 21-1879. 

4 of Ebenezer Delano Sr 

James Delano, d Portland Dec 9-1878 m Midway Ga June 9- 
1840 Harriet Grata, dau of Joseph and Sarah (Barter) Lane, b 
Portland May 28-1S21 d Cape Eliz Sept 17-1884 1 Mary Phil- 
brooks Delano, b Cape Eliz. Jan 17-1843 m do. July 4-1865 Moses 
McKinney Hatch, b do. June 5-1840. Res. Barre Yt 1 Ruth 
Hatch, b May 27-1866, m Mr Locke. Res. Amesbury Mass. 2 


Ernest Henry, b Gloucester Mass Nov 11-1871, d Aug 23-1872. 

3 Charles Lane, b Jan 2-1874. 2 Sarah Ellen, l> Mar 11-1855, 

2 of Thomas Delano 2d 

Deborah Delano, d. Dux. in. Dux. John Weston son of Edmond 
2d Weston b. do 1695 d. do 1736 (See " Anct Landmarks Plym " 
& Mrs F. E. Weston, Roxbury Mass) 1 Isaac, m 1729 Alma Jenny 
of Dartmouth 2 Jonathan, in. May S-172S Mary Richards. 3 
Abner, m Mar 2-1S30 Experience Standish. 4 Eliaphiz, m. Pris- 
cilla Peterson. 5 David, m. 1st Suirtevant, 2d Abigail Smith 6 
Desire 7 Deborah. 

3 of Thomas Delano 2d 

Elkanah Delano Sr. m. Plymouth By Rev Nath. Leonard 31 Oct 
1728 Mary Saunders or Sanders (Davis A. L. P. p 84) 1 Elkanah 
Jr. b Dux ? 1730 2 Hannah, b 1732 3 Mary, b 1735 m. 1768 
Solomon FJolmes 4 Barzilla, b 1737. 5 Eunice b 1741 6 De- 
borah, b 1743 7 Sarah, b 1746 

5 of Elkanah Delano Sr 

Eunice Delano, m Dux 1761 Samuel Gray Jr. son of Samuel 
Sr. &: Patience (Wadsworth) Gray, b Kingston Mass. (Do. & 
Gray records, Winsor 6c Davis) 1 Mary, b 1763. 2 Abigail, b 
1765. 3 Sail}', b m Scituate Mass. 1779 ? James Winsor son 

of Samuel & Rhoda (Delano) Winsor, b Dux Mar 17-1770, had 9 
ch. 4 Lucy, b m Mass 1795 Zadock Bradford, son of Elipha- 

let & Hannah (Oldham) Bradford, b Dux Aug 11-1765. 8 ch 5 
Elizabeth, b m Stephen Churchill 6 Hannah, b m Samuel 

Hunt 7 Sophia, b m. Snow Magoon 8 Eunice, b m 

Ephraim Everson. 

6 of Elkanah Delano Sr. 

Deborah Delano, d Taunton Mass Jan 1-17S7 m Dux Gersham 
Holmes (5). — Gershom (4) — Richard (3) — John (2) — John (1) — 
d Taunton Nov 2-1824. 1 Polly, b Taunton May 16-1763. 2 Ger- 
sham Jr b Jan 2-1765 of Me. 3 Deborah, b Jay 19-1766. 4 Bar- 
zilla, b May 7-176S, m 3 wives — 2d Sally Elagg 5 Sally b May 7- 
1768 — 4 & 5 twins. 6 Thomas b May 30-1770 7 Otis b May 31- 
1772 8 Betsy, b June 30-1774 9 Joseph, b Aug 27-1779 10 
Hannah, b Jan 14-1782 m Ephraim Dana 11 Lydia, b Sept 25- 
178S 12 Hervey, b Feb 8-1790. 

6 of Gersham 5 Holmes & Deborah Delano 

Thomas 6 Holmes, d Taunton Oct 30-1853, m 1st Taunton Mass 
Apr 25-1793 Sylvia, dau of John & Dinah (Leach) Shaw, m 2d 
Hannah Buftington (wid of Asa Dean) lived Raynham & Taunton 
(Savage Diet. I;) 1 Deborah 7, b. Taunton m. Barzilla Dean of 
Raynham, later Easton Mass 1 Henry 8 Dean, b m Abby 

Tinkham of Taunton 2 Sarah Flagg, b m Adonijah WTiite 

of Easton 3 Thomas Holmes, b m Elizabeth Willis had 

Herbert Barzilla un-m. 4 Susan Washburn, b in W'm 

Blanchard, had Adrianna. 5 Elizabeth, b m Napoleon Bona- 

part Dana 6 Mary, b un-m 7 Sylvia Shaw, b m Fredk 

W Gushee no ch. 8 John Otis, b m Martha Fesenden. 2 

Susan 7 m. 31 Oct 1821 Isaac Washburn b Raynham Oct 1-1797 


d Mar 21-1838 1 Cyrus 8 Washburn, m Cordelia Leonard. Ch. 
3 d y 4. Lois 9 Euffington m Edward Benj. King had Jennie 10 
Washburn, Nellie 10, Arthur 10 Edward & Kate 10 Maria 2 
Charles Lawton S (civil eng) b Raynham May 11-1829, d 7 Feb 
1S57 in there Rachel Demorest S Tise of Hudson City (fr. Jane 
Van Houten 7 Tise— Helmigh 6— John 5 H— Helmigh 4— Josan- 
nis 3 Helraigse— Helmigh 2 Roelofse— Roelof) now Jersey City 
N. J. had Charles Lawton 9 Demorest Washburn B. S. Rutgers 
1875 Lawyer 1881 of Washington D C. b Feb 11-1856. 3 Si 
Mason 8. 3 Melancy 7. 4 Otis 7 b Oct 29-1801 5 John 7 Mason. 
6 Sylvia 7 Shaw. 7 Sally 7 Flagg 

3 of Dr Thomas Delano Sr 

Jonathan Delano Sr. d. Dux Jan 6-1765 m Duxbury, Jan 12-1699 
Hannah, dau of Thomas & .Mary (Churchill) Doten or Doty b 
Dux Dec 1675 son of Edward (1620) m. 1635 d. Apr 12-1764. 
(Doty-Doten Fam. in Amer. — " des. of Edward Doty of the May- 
flower 1620"— 1897— 1035 P- by Ethan Allen Doty X. Y.) '1 
John, b Oct 11-1699 2 Jonathan Jr. b Nov 3-1701 3 Nathan 
b Oct 26-1703. 4 Amasa, b Nov 15-1705, d May 14-1706 5 Ruth, 
b May 25-1707 m. .Mr Peterson 6 Amasiah, b Aug- 7-1709 7 
Hannah, b Dec 2S-1711. 8 Dorothy, b Apr 3 & d Dec 10, 1714 
9 Dorothy b Oct I4-I7 r 5 10 Ebenezer, b Mch 29-1717 1 1 David 
b June 3-1720. (Davis mistook him for L't Jonathan. Jonathan 
was a man of prominence in town affairs. May 17-1703 signed a 
remonstrance against the division of the commons. Sept 10-1707 
voted every householder and housekeeper twenty acres of the com- 
mons. June 5-1710 divided among the freeholders. June 10-1712 
the Salt Meadows was divided and distributed by lot to the pro- 
prietors, he obtaining his portion. See Winsor Plym Probate 
records Book 19. Will of Jonathan Delano, of Duxbury 1765 wife 
Hannah to have the whole estate during life (made some time bef. 
as she d first) Names eldest son John. Ch. of 2d son Jonathan 
deceased (Samuel, name of one) 3d Nathan 4th Amaziah, 5th 
Ebenezer. 2 gr sons (Jonathan & Oliver) sons of youngest son 
David who died in the army, daus Ruth Peterson & Hannah Soule, 
Sylvanus Curtis Jr & Hannah Curtis, ch of my dau Dorothy Curtis 

I of Jonathan Delano Sr 

John Delano, (Will 16 Nov 1774 gives 2d wife & ch. as below 
proved '76) d Pembroke Mass 1774-5 (he m. Sarah Cole in Winsor 
? prob. John s. of John Sr.) m 1st Duxbury Jan 30-1724 Ruth, dau 
of Benjamin and Bethiah (Pratt) Prior, b Dux Aug 4-1704, d. do. 
bef. 1749— (Savage— Diet. Ill) m 2d Kingston Mass Nov 15-1749 
Demaris, dau of Jacob & Lydia (Miller) Cook, b Dux. or Kingston 
abt. 1705 1 Zcbedee, b Dux. Eeb 27-1727. 2 John Jr. b 1742 3 

1 of John Delano Sr 

Zebedee Delano, d. Me. m Pembroke Jan 31-1750 Sarah Worthy, 
b Scituate Mass. & d. Me. (Eng. amies: Gu, a saltire arg., frel 
az. bet. 12 cinquefoils or) 1 Seth, b Nov 13-1751. 2 Ruth, b' 
Apr 6-1755, m - ? 3 James, b Mar 16-1758. 4 Jabez, b May 7- 


i/6o. 5 Sarah, b Mar 1-1763 6 Zebedec Jr. b Oct 25-1767 7 
Ebenezef, b Winthrop Mass Apr 8-1771. 

1 of Zebedee Delano 

Seth Delano, Sr. (in Rev service 1777 17S 1-1783, Col Nixon 
Regt., nth and in Navy. Capt McCobb, Winslow, Walcut Co 
from Suffolk Co and Winthrop as private, Sergeant, Corporal and 
Seaman. Mass Arch) d. Sept. 27, 183S, m. Kingston Feb 7-1782 
Rebecca Fish (or Roily VVyman ?) b. Kingston, Mass., Jan. 1, 1753, 
d. Dec. 8, 1827. 1 Hannah, b. Winthrop, Me., Mar. 2, 17S3, m. 
Fairbanks d. 21 May 1810 2 Lemuel, b. Oct. 2, 1784. 3 Ruth, b. 
Sept. n, 1787, d. Hallowell Me 12 Aug 1852 m. Aaron Stevens 
ch. 1 Henry b Hallowell 2 William 4 Rebecca, b July 25, 1; 
un-m. d. Dec 14 1848 5 Seth Jr. b. July 25, 1791. 6 Melzcr b. 
May 22, 1794. 

2 of Seth Delano Sr. 

Lemuel Delano, d Mar 21-1860. m. Nancy Eastman. 1 Violetta 
b. Strong Me. 2 Rufus Greenleaf, d New-York abt 1839. 3 
Martha. 4 Benjamin, d. Strong abt. 1890 

5 of Seth Delano Sr 

Seth Delano Jr. d Weyauwega Wis. May 10-1S60 m Winthrop 
July 26 1817 Hannah Budgham, b Leeds Me Mar 12-1795 d Wey- 
auwega May 1863 (1 to 5 d. y.) 1 Albertus, b Phillips Me June 
1819 2 Orlanda 3 Clarendine. 4 Aurilla 5 Harriet 6 Caro- 
line, b Jan 22-1S29. 7 Orlando Greenville, b Jan 20-1S31 8 
Thomas, b Apr 3-1832. 9 Rufus Greenleaf, b May 13-1S35 

6 of Seth Delano Jr 

Caroline Delano Res. Appleton Wis m Groton Mass. Feb 3-1S4S 
Samuel Flildreth Gjlson, b Acworth N. H. Feb 4-1826 1 Ellen 
Caroline, b Groton Nov 7-1848, m 1st 7 Oct 1865 Henry Pegrain 
m 2d Aug 18-18S0 Charles Hawthorne. 2 Matilda Hannah, b Jan 
14-1851, m June 16-1867 Charles Ennis 3 Emma Frances, b 
Lowell Mass Feb 23-1854, m Sept 27-1867 William Henry Smith 
4 Alice Philena, b Weyauwega Nov 14-1857. 5 Laura Clarendine, 
b Mar 13-1860 m. Charles Henry Sheldon 6 Anna Marion, b July 
10-1S63, m Oct 1891 Charles Wilber Morse 7 Fanny Maud, b 
?\Iar 9-1867. 

7 of Seth Delano Jr 

Orlando Granville Delano, d. Lowell Oct 2-1S70 m Lowell 1865 
Lucinda, dau of Samuel & Thankful D (Paine) Cramm b E Liver- 
more Me May 4-1S31 d Lowell Nov 4-1887 1 Flora Mabel, b May 
31-1869, m Livermore Falls Me. Jan 1-1889 Charles Harrison 
Farrington, b Chestcrville Me Aug 17-1870 (Gen. 1SS0) 1 Ruth 
Emma, b Chestcrville Nov 8-1892 2 Homer Francis, b Jan 26- 
1894. 3 Susie Ycrna b Livermore Falls Nov 27-1896 
9 of Seth Delano Jr 

Rufus Greenleaf Delano, Res Haverhill Mass m 1st Haverhill 
Aug 24-1865 Ellen Florane, dau of Samuel & Maria (Lceman) 
Gray, b Pittston Me. Mch 23-1S47 d Weyauwega Nov 1868, m. 2d 
Merrimac Mass Apr 30-1871 Helen Augusta, dau of Elisha and 
Eliza (Iluse) Tucker, b Merrimac May 1842. 1 Nellie Josephine, 
b Weyauwega Sept 17-1867, m. Bradford Mass 22 Dec 189-3 Joseph 


Edward Lister b. Hamilton Canada 1859 of Bensonhurst L. I. ? 

no ch. 

6 of Seth Delano Sr 
Melzer Delano, d. Feb. 20, 1S32 ? in. Rebecca Day, b. Kingston, 
Mass., Mar. 12, 1793. 1. George Washington b. Phillips, Me., Dec. 
18, 1820. 2. Sarah b. Jan. 27, 1S22, d. Sept. 5, 1825. 3. Seth b. 
Aug. 3, 1S23. 4. John F. b. May 15, 1828. 
1 of Melzer Delano 
Geo. Washington Delano, d Apr. 22, 1S88, m. May 15, 1850 
Olive Shorey, b Nov. 13, 1S33. (ling, armes: Arg., a lion rampant 
tail furchee purple) 1. Georgia A b. Oct. 14, 1851, in. Samuel 
Haskell. 2. Rebecca b. Dec. 28, 1853, d Jan. 10, 1854. 3. Eunice 
A b. Mar. 15, 1855 d. Dexter, Me., Mar 30, i860. 4. Martha J b. 
Dexter, Apr. 7, 1857, m Fred F Fields 5. John Marion b Mar. 14, 
1859. 6. George b. Apr. 15, 1861 & d Aug. 12th. 7. Eunice b. 
July 26, 1S63, d Jan. 14, 1879. 8. Olive H b. July 3, 1865, d Aug. 
10, 1SS2. 9 George E b. Oct. 30, 1868, of Dexter 10. Willard 
N b. May 17, 1872, of Augusta Me 11. Walter b. Sept. 6, 1S74, 
of do. 12. Maud G b. Sept 6, 1876. 

5 of George Washington Delano 
John Marion Delano, Res Dexter Me m. July 5, 1884 Etta 
Thompson b. St. Johns May 16, 1864, d May 23, 1891. 1. Marion 
B b. Dexter, June 11, 1885. 2. John b. Dec. 26, 18S6, d. Sept. 7, 
1S87. 3. Georgia O b. May 1, 18S8. 4. Erma E b. June 17, 1890, 
d. Dec. 12, 1891. 

3 of Zcbedce Delano Sr 
James Delano, (among first seventeen persons with brother 
Zebedce Jr & wife; who organized 1st Baptist Ch Livermore 1793. 
— James June 2S-1779 Col McCobb Regt. Capt Blunts Co. Private, 
3 mo. Vol. 2>7- Mass Arch) d Livermore Me. Apr 18-1S29 m. 
Mary, dau of Abram Wyman, b Woburn Mass ? d Livermore abt 
1835-6 (Sewall's (Hist. Woburn " Francis & John Wyman — 1640) 
fr. Eng) 1 Abel, b Winthrop Oct 5-1785 2 Sophia, b Livermore 
May 11 1787 3 Calvin, b Oct 23-1791 4 Leonard, b Jan 26-1794 
m Nancy Delano dau of Ebenezer. He d Livermore no ch 5 
Samuel, b Feb 1S-1797, m Mary Ann Edes. He d Bangor Me. 
Dec 12-1833. In War 1812. No ch. 

1 of James Delano 
Abel Delano, d North Turner Me ? m 1st Livermore Miriam, 
dau of William and Phebe (Pote) Wormell, b Portland Me. d 

Livermore m. 2d do Apr 27-1826 Betsy, dau of Zebulon and 

(Gibbs) Norton, b Livermore Nov 1803, d N. Turner Apr 4-1878. 
1 Emily, b Feb 22-1810. 2 Mary, b Nov 15 1814 3 Cordelia, b 
May 28-1818. 4 Sylvester Norton, b Sept 26-1826. 
1 of Abel Delano 
Emily Delano, d North Bridgton Me. Sept 11-1SS6 m. Obed 
Brown, b Stowc Mass. Dec 20-1809, d North Bridgton Apr 3-1859. 
1 Charles Lee Brown, b Livermore Dec 13-1835 m Buckfield Me. 
Nov 29-1860 Leonisa dau of Joseph & Mary (Johnson) Riggs, b 
Bridgton Apr 5-1838, d North BridgtCu Mar 11-1S91 of North 
Bridgton ch. Isabelle Inez, b do. Jan 3-1873. Hotel Greylock 


Auburn Me 2 Samuel Holt, b Bridgton Nov 10-1S37, m Octavia 
Gilk he d Oct 24-1S64. No ch. 3 Cordelia b Nov 26-1840, d May 
23-1846. 4 Susan Elizabeth, b Sept 7-1843 Portland 5 Mary 
Maria, b Apr 21-1845 m - ^ r - ^lorritt Portland 6 Henrietta, b May 
5-1846, m. Charles McKinncy Hebron Station Me. 

2 of Abel Delano 

Mary Delano, d Canton Me Sept 9-1S87, m Livermore Apr 7- 
1835 Samuel Holt, b Winthrop Me. Apr 24-1S0S, d Augusta Me 
Feb 4-1870 1 Martha Washington, b N. Turner Mc. May 13-] 1 
m Nov 14-1875 Win Elery Dresser Farming-ton Mc. of Canton 
2 Mary Farnham, b Feb 22-1844 d Sept 16-1845. 3 Charles Henry, 
b Dec 3-1846. 

3 of Abel Delano 

Cordelia Delano, Lewiston Me m Turner Dec 31-1843 Rev 
Ezekicl Martin, b Hebron Me. Mch 19-1820, d Lewiston Feb 3- 
1889. 1 Frank Wilson Martin, b Bridgton Me Nov 14-1844. 2 
George Fearl, b Stoughton Mass Mar 15-1S54. Auburn Me. 

4 of Abel Delano 

Sylvester Norton Delano, (Wagoner, Co C, Sth Rcgt Me Vols 
Served 3 yrs) m North Turner Jan 7-1S69 Ellen Antionctte, dau of 
Rev Ezckiel & Eliza (Farley) Vose, b Livermore Aug 3-1841 
(Rob't Vose b. Lancaster Eng. 1599 ? & d. Milton Mass. 16S3 came 
1654) 1 Inez Maria, b July 7-1870, m N. Turner Mar 17-U'NS 
Amos Nathaniel Leavitt, b Flodgdon Me. Aug 11-1S55. (Gen. 

2 of James Delano 

Sophia Delano, d Sept 21-1S63 m. John Simmons, b Lisbon 
Me 1783, d. Sept 9-1852 1 Caroline, b Canton Me 1S09 d July 31- 
1834 2 Loren, b 1S11 (His son Franklin S Simmons a cele- 
brated Sculptor of Rome Italy.) 3 Mary W. b 1813, d Dec 8-1841 
4 James, b 1815. 5 Calvin, b 1817 6 Martha Jane, b 1S19, d Jan 
12-1836. 7 William, b Jan 20-1820. Res. Canton 8 Samuel, b 
1822. 9 Franklin, b. & d. 1834 

3 of James Delano 

Calvin Delano, (He invented the " Independent tooth horsc- 
rake," obtained a patent Feb 24-1849. It was the first on which 
the driver could ride and manage, & invented the " side-hill plow.'' 
Was in War 1812) d Farmington Falls Me. Aug 20-1856, m 1st 
Livermore Me. Mar 1S17 Lucinda, dau of David 6c Prudence 
(Pitts) Reed, b Livermore 179S d. there Apr 6-1831 (Gen. 1861) 
m. 2d Winthrop Me July 4-1832 Lucretia, dau of Samuel 6c Polly 
(Brainr.rd) Richards, b East W'inthrop July 4-1803 d. there Mar 
17-1863 1 Charles Grandison, b Livermore Jan 27-1S1S. 2 Pru- 
dence Pitts, b Nov 19-1820. 3 Flavilla Ann, b July 13-1S26, d 
June 29-1843 4 Lucinda, b Feb 13-1831, d Oct 22-1S40. 5 Lu- 
cretia Roselle, b Sept 18-1833. 6 Mary Caroline, b Oct 4-1836. d 
Sept 24-1837. 7 Mary Caroline, b Feb 26-1S39 8 Susan Maria, 
b Dec 16-1841, m 1st John A Shepard m 2d George O Eustis Nov 
6-1870. No ch. E Boston Mass. 80 Eutau St 9 Sybil Hortensia, 
b Apr 4-1844. 


1 of Calvin Delano 

Charles Grandison Delano, Res. South Walpole Mass. m Vienna 
Me. May 18-1841 Ruiamah, dau of John A. & Ruth (Little) Ken- 
nedy, b Whitefield Me Dec 2-1822 1 Ruth Ann, b Nov 12-1845 
m East Boston Nov 18-180S Lotiis J Shepard, b Darmstadt Ger- 
many Nov 10-1849. J Charles Louis, b Sept 2-1809. 2 Flavilla, 
b Pittston Me Oct 30-1847, d Sept 20-1849. 

2 of Calvin Delano 

Prudence Pitts Delano, d Brighton Mass Apr 28-1893, m Boston 
Aug 3-1843 Manson Woodman, b Sidney Me. Nov 28-1816, d 
Brighton .May 8-1891 (Gens. 1856 ec '74) 1 Henrietta Louisa, 
b 1-armington Falls Me Aug 1-1850, in do. Nov 9-1870 Dr Charles 

F Haynes, b East Livermore June 1-1839. ^ es - Brighton 

Mass 1 Alice, b Boston ? Aug 10-1871, d Aug 5-1872. 2 Agnes 
Bell, b Jan 14-1873, d Oct 20-1879 3 Charles Woodman, b Dec 
31-1S74. 4 Marion Raymond, b Nov 1-1890. 2 Isabell, b Feb 
12-1853, d ^P r 12-1853. 3 Nettie, b May 21-1857, d Aug 26-1871. 

5 of Calvin Delano 

Lucretia Roselle Delano, d Farmington Falls Oct 9-18S4 m Aug 
19-1855 Charles II Barden. (Savage Diet. I, Fng. amies: Arg. 3 

swords conjoined in point gu.) 1 Calvin Herbert, b F Falls 

Oct 15-1859. 2 Fred M. b Dec 11-1866, d Nov 9-1867 3 Anna 
Roselle, b Dec 13-1869, m. Henry S. Russ, Mar 9-1890 of Farming- 
ton Falls 

6 of Calvin Delano 

Mary Caroline Delano, m Farmington Falls Mar 6-1864 Capt 

Levi II Daggett, b Industry Me. Feb 21-1840 Res. Somer. 

Mass (Served 4 yrs in war 1S61-5 private 1st Me. Cav & held every 
non-commissioned and com office, mustered out as Capt) (Hatch 
Flist. of Industry Eng. amies: Arg. on chief az. 3 crescents or.) 
1 Fred Levi, b Jay Me Dec 1-1869, m Alice W Anglin, July 13- 
1S91. 2 Emma Carrie, b July 30-1875. 3 Orrin Elmer, b Decr- 
ing Me June 3-1877, d East Bos. Oct 19-1886 
9 of Calvin Delano 

Sybil Hortensia Delano, m Farmington Me. June 14-1865 Her- 
bert Augustus Brown, b Wells Yt July 15-1S40. Marengo, Iowa 
(U S Navy, Boston May 1S62. Sailed on " Housatonic." Joined 
blockading fleet off Charlestown S. C. — Feb 17-1864 blown up by a 
Rebel Torpedo, went down in 5 minutes, near drowning, later 
promoted Engineer & transferred to different vessels. June 1865 
came north on " Tuscarora " to Boston, went to Me. m & moved to 
Iowa.) 1 Herbert Charlon, b Webster Iowa Apr 12-1866. 2 
Minnie Roselle, b Genoa Bluff Iowa June 23-1868, m Fred Haus 
Apr 16-1891. 3 Arthur Wallace, b Aug 23-1870, m Anna Laura 
Simmons, Apr 22-1891. 4 Elvin Delano Brown, b Apr 1-1875. 5 
Laura Lucretia, b Apr 9-1877. 6 Charles Moses, June 24-1879, d 
Aug 11-1880 7 Aubrey Raymond, b Mar 23-1882 
4 of Zcbedee Delano Sr 

Jabez Delano Sr (He settled on what was known as first meadows 
Man of great endurance. When J2 he walked from Livermore 
to Augusta a distance of 40 miles in one day. Lived with son Abiel 


at death. Mass Arch Rev War. Jan 12-1776, Col Whitcomb, 
Regt. Capt Trescotts Co private 10 mo. 15 da Spelled Dilino. 
Vol 47. Aug 20-1; 77, Col Bullard Regt. Capt Fuller Co. private, 
3 mo 10 da. Spelled Dalano. Vol 19. Feb 1-1777, Freyburg, 
Col Wesson, private, 2 ys. 7 mo. Spelled Deleano. \'ol 9. Aug 
1 5~ l 777> Col Vose Regt. Capt Tuckerman Co. Vol 10. Jan 1- 
1777, do. 12 mo. 5 da Vol 48 — pp 2>j>3- Jan 15-1778, Plymouth, 
Col Sproat Regt Capt Briggs Co 3 yr. Vol 42 1778 do. Capt 
Tuckerman, private Vol 61 1780 Capt Blunt Co. private, 3 mo. 
17 da Vol 25 1780, 30 July, Col White, Capt Briggs, Sergeant, 
9 d. Vol 1 1782 Ipswich, Col Brouks, Capt -Mills, 3 yrs. Vol 74 
1781 Col Vose, Capt Mills, private 3 yrs. Vol 50) d Livermore 
Aug 24-1848 m 1st Livermore Crace Daley d Peru Me. Feb 29- 
1832 m. 2d do Polly Campbell, b Livermore d. do. Mar 2-1847 * 
Sarah, b Oct 23-1785 un-m. d Sept 25-1830 2 Zebedee, b Oct 3- 
1787 m ? both d. Livermore He Sept 1848 Xo ch. 3 Abial, b 
Dec 7-1789 4 Rhoda, b Mar 27-1792 m Paris Me. May 8-1842 
John Prince. Xo ch. 5 William, b Oct 4-1794 6 John, b Oct 15- 
1796. 7 Jabez Jr. b Mch 11-1799. 8 Abigail, b May 19-1801 9 
Sophia, b July 10-1804 10 Daniel, b July 10-1807 
3 of Jabez Delano Sr. 
Abial Delano (in War 181 2) d Rumford Me m Andover Me. 
Sarah Runnels, dau of Samuel Marston, b Andover Me. d Rumford 
Jan 25-1S75 (Gen. 188S W'm Marston Sr. 1 502-1672 to Salem 
Mass 1634 ? fr. Yorkshire) 1 Harriett Marston b Rumford Dec 
10-1820. 2 Francis Swan b Oct 3-1830. 3 Dollie Ann, b m 

Asa Proctor of Andover Me 4 Bell Farnum, b & d. 3 yr. 

1 of Abial Delano 

Harriett Marston Delano, m Mercer Me. Mar 7-1847 Joseph 
Hall Roberts, b Rome Me. July 9-1822, d Rumford Dec 25-1886. 
1 George Walker, b Rumford Oct 4-1848, m Cena A Edmonds, 
Oct 30-1873. 2 Dudley Foy, b Aug 4-1850, m. Lizzie II Grach 
Sept 17-1S76. Mexico Me 3 John Pinkham, b Mar 24-1852, m. 
Mar 7-18S0 Edith E Mandin Mexico 4 Lorcn Hubbard, b Bethel 
Me. June 16-1855, m Nov 13-18S1 Adel M Ryerson. N. Wood- 
stock Me 5 Josie May, b Rumford Oct 9-1849. Mexico 

2 of Abial Delano 

Francis Swan Delano, Res. Rumford Corner Me. (Enlisted July 
21-1862, Co C, 20 Me Inf. Disch Private June 4-1865) m Rumford 
Me. Aug 18-1853 Phebe Lottie, dau of Kimball & Delilah G. 
(Kennesson) Hall, b Rumford Oct 17-1835 1 Sarah Isabella, b 
Andover Me Jan 27-1855 Res. Auburn Me. m Lewiston Me. Dec 
24-1882 Willis Leroy Ellis, b Belgrade Me. Jan 22-iSt,7 (Gens 
18S8 & '93—483 p & '93) 1 Herbert Leslie, b July 25-1883. 2 
Julian Irving, b. Aug 26-18S4. 3 Everett Leroy, b Auburn Me 
Jan 22-1SS5. 4 Emma Estclla, b Dec 30-1887. 2 Jephthah Atkin- 
son Delano, b Rumford Mar 4-1857, m 1st July 12-1S77 Wealthy 

Burgess, b Peru Me. 1861 m 2d Eliza F dau of Chandler & 

Angelia Hammond, b Peru Apr 2-1868. 3 Julien Irving, b Apr 25- 
1862 d Mar 23-1872 4 Perly Kelly, b Dec 19-1865 Res. Rumford 
>3 *93 



Me. m. to Olive Lillian, dau of Adam & Annie (Coolidge) Cro 
of Upton Me. Ch. Willis Almont, b Rumford Feb 28-: 
Edgar Abiel b Dec 10-1869, un-m. 6 Hattie -Maria, b Aug 30^ 
1875, m Mexico Me. Nov 5-1890 to Lewis Loren Glover, b Rum- 
ford Jan 31-1868. {Gen. 186;) 1 Walter Lewis, b Rumford July 
15-1S92. 2 Alvin Eugene, b Jan 28-1894. 
5 of Jabez Delano 
William Delano d Milton Plantation Me June 25-1876 m Bethel 
Me Oct 14-1819 Abigail, dau of Benjamin & -Mary (Harper) Swett, 
b Bethel Apr 17-1800 d Sept 20-1879 (Gen. 1851) 1 Phebe 
Elliott, b Bethel Aug 20-1820. 2 William Emery, b Nov 3-1823. 
3 Lucy Ann, b Sept 17-1825. 4 Otis Benjamin, b Sept 17-1827. 
5 Charles Seneca, b June 18-1830 & d July 9. 6 Nancy Jaackson, 
b Milton Plantation Oct 12-1S31. 7 Miranda Knight, b Apr 28- 
1834. 8 Mary Swett, b July 27-1836, un-m 9 Martha Jane b 
June 20-1839. 10 Dexter Allen b Dec 14-1841, un-m. d Apr 16- 

1 of William Delano 

Phebe Elliott Delano, d Clay Center Kan Sept 1-1887 m Rum- 
ford May u-1852 Dr Joseph Small, b Freeport Me. Feb 23-1807, 
d Bryants Pond Me. Oct 11-1872 (Lapham Hist. Rumford) 1 
William Emery, b Dixfield Me Apr 16-1854, m Portland Mary E 
Place, Jan 1,1874, he d. there Apr 17-1885 2 Nannie Woodbury, b 
Rumford Falls Me m Clay Center Kan Apr 15-1879 W'm Edward 
Dunaway, b Merrittstown Pa. Oct 7-185 1 3 Abby Delano Small, 
b Milton Me Mar 21-1860, m Rochester N. Y. Dec 21-18S1 Herman 

W Erskine. Ch 1 George, b Syracuse Sept 2S-1882. 2 Edith 

b Weedsport N. Y. Jan 25-1886. 3 Florence, b Mar 31-1890 
2 of William Delano 

William Emery Delano, Res. Stoneham Mass. m 1st Medford 
Mass. Mar 5-1849 Mary, dau of William H. & Mary (Giles) Knee- 
land, b Sweden Me Dec 10-1821 d Stoneham June 16-1879. (Sam- 
uel Kneeland to Bos. 1656) m. 2d East Boston July 28-1883 Sarah, 
dau of Michael & Mary J. (Elliott) Maguire, b Picton Nova Scotia, 
July 12-1850 1 Azro Emery b Pos. Dec 6-1849. 2 ^ Iar y Wilma, 
b Aug 3- 1 851. 1 Ethan Lucius b Stoneham Oct 11- 1884 2 Violet 
Jane, b June 14-1887. 

1 of William Emery Delano 
Azro Emery Delano, d. Mar 23-1894 m Norway Sept 19-1875 
Emily Frances, dau of William B. & Rebecca Collins (Gurney) 
Upton, b Norway Oct 4-1850 (Gen. 1874 & '93 John Upton bap. 
Ptislinch Devon, Eng. 1625 Mass. bef. 1639 d. 1699 s. of W'm m. 
1613 s. of Geo. — Mem. Par. bur. 161 1 des. of John 1432-89 des. oi 
Hamelyn 1227 gr-son of Thomas de Uppeton d. 1140 Cornwall, 
founded 1066 a.d. " Mis. Gen. et Her. 1892 " Armes: Sa, a cross 
moline arg.) 1 William Azro Delano, b Stoneham Mass Aug 8- 
1876. Res. Norway Lake Me. 2 Arthur Hastings, b Rumford 
Mar 20-1S79. 3 Mary Kneeland, b May 14-1881. 4 Vinton 
Emery, b June 1-1883. 5 Carroll Lee, b May 30-1885. 6 Harriet 
Aurelia, b Norway Mch 26-1888. 


2 of William Emery Delano 
Mary Wilma Delano, Res. Helena Montana m Sept 2y 
Rev Romanzo Lester Bruce, son of Charles & Harriett (Olliver) 
Bruce, b South Reading Mass Apr 1-1847. I Aubert Edker, b 
Stoncham May 24-1875 2 Robert Ernest, b Oct 14-1877. 3 Mary 
Harriet, b Bradford Vt July 15-1884, d Apr 15-1886 

3 of William Delano 

Lucy Ann Delano, Res. Middleboro Mass m Sweden Ale. Oct 
14-1855 John Wyman Nevers, b Sweden Sept 25-1S29. 1 Helen 
Augusta, b Milton Pt. Me. Oct 27-1856 2 Ella Frances, b E. Bos. 
Jan 2d 1S59 d Sept 16-1862 3 Frank Lincoln, b Mar 21-1S62 
of Charlestown Mass. 

4 of William Delano 

Otis Benjamin Delano, d Stoncham Mass. Oct 8-1882 m Poland 
Me Apr I-1851 Margarett Ann, dau of William & Johanna (Lover- 
ing) Rowe, b Oxford Me. July 1-1830 (Savage Diet. III.) 1 Will- 
iam Rowe Delano, b Stoneham May 14-1853, m <!s: Res. 1193 N. 
Roby St Chicago 111. (Printer.) 2 George Benjamin, b Poland 
Apr 22-1856. 3 Horace Hill, b Minot Me Mar 2-1S66 of Stoneham. 

4 Orietta Cutter, b do Sept 11-1S62 d Woodstock Me. Mar 9-1864. 

5 Charles Otis, b Poland Feb 15-1863, un-m. New Haven Conn 

6 Emma Clara, b Minot Dec 30-1869 un-m. 

2 of Otis Benjamin Delano 
George Benjamin Delano, d Maiden Mass. Aug 28-18S7, m 
Stoneham Dec 25-1877 Jennie, dau of Merritt & Janett (Boardman) 
Cobb, m 2d Kimball res Portsmouth N H 1 Merrit Otis, b W. 
Medford Mass. July 27-1S78. 2 Janett Anderson, b Marchfield 
Mass. 3 Josie May, b Maiden Mar 12-1886 
6 of William Delano 
Nancy Jackson Delano, m Milton Plantation Me May 22-1853 
Charles H Smith, b Concord N. II. 1 Clara A. b Hopkinton N. PI. 
Mar 17-1856, m. George B Kelly Oct 1-1880, d. July 25-1884 2 
John C. b do. May 22-1862. 

7 of William Delano 
Miranda Knight Delano Res. S Woodstock Me m 1st Milton 
PI Mar 31-1861 Elisha Swan, d. Nov 6-1S62 m 2d do. Sept 10-1865 
John Bryant, d. June 23-18S1. 1 Willard E & 2 Willie O twins, 
b. Sept 17-1867 3 Walter S. b Aug 19-1874. 
9 of William Delano 
Martha Jane Delano Res. Rumford Center Me. m Milton PI July 
3-1859 to Danville Wheeler Russell, b N. Turner Bridge, Me. Aug 
27-1840. 1 Alonzo Webster, b Milton Sept 16-1861, in Aug 31- 
1882 Julia F Harding. Ch. Fred W Apr 14-1884. Frank J. June 
8-1885. Annie M. June 3-1888. 2 Ella Jane, b Mar 9-1869, m 
July 22-1891 by Rev A C Abbott, Milton PI Orin II Bowker, of 
Peru Me. 3 Sidney Adoniram, b Dec 19-1873 (all of Milton Plan- 
tation). 4 Abbie May, b May 10-1880 d Feb 10-1885. 
6 of Jabez Delano Sr 
John Delano, d Carthage Mar 17-1865 m 1st Bethel Me. 1820 
Mehitable, dau of Benjamin & Mary- (Harper) Swett, b Bethel Feb 


8-1798 d Jan 31-1849, m 2d Sumner Mar 23-1850 Aseneth, dau of 
Isaiah & Sarah (Ripley) Cushman, b Sumner Me. Aug 18-1799 (l 
Carthage Me. May 19-1872 (Wm D'o m. her sis. Abigail Swett, 
Jabez m. her sis. Jane Cushman) 1 Benjamin, b Peru Me d. y. 2 
Elias, d. y. 3 Louisa, d. y. 4 William Wy man, b Feb 4-1827 5 
Elias Nelson, b June 2-1831. 6 Louisa Bradley, b Dec 19-1833. 
7 John Wesley, b Nov 20-1836. 

4 of John Delano 

William Wyman Dc Lano, (Farmer & Bapt.) d Peru Me Dec 14- 
1881 m Franklin Plantation Me. Nov 27-1855 Betsy Rosette, dau of 
John and Sally (Blaisdell) Dorr, b Franklin Plant July 22-1830, d 
Jay Me. June 8-1887. (Edward Dorr of Bos. etc 1648- 1734) 1 
Fred Aaron, b Peru Jan 9-1857. 2 John Horace, b Frank. Plant. 
Dec 24-185S. 3 Laura Jane, b Apr 13-1866, in. Minot Me 28 Nov 
1889 Sidney Holt Mechanic Falls Me 

1 of William Wyman Delano 

Fred Aaron De Lano, (Taught sch. at 17, for ten years, during 
winch was mem. of the School board and twice Supervisor of 
Schools), m Oxford Me. July S-1887 Mary J Tubbs Bowie, dau of 
William and Harriett (Crooker) Tubbs, b Hebron Me. Sept 15- 
l $53- (W'm Tubbs Dux. Mass. " Pequot War 1637 " 1635 fr. 
Sutton ? Isle of Ely Cambridge Eng.) 1 Alton Irwin, b Feb 13- 
1889. 2 Harry Cook, b Mar 7-1890. 

2 of William Wyman De Lano 

John Horace De Lano, m July 3-1879 Anna Oliver, b. Ind. Oct 
7-1860 d. Sept 13-1889 1 William Albert, b Mich. Sept 18-1SS1. 
2 Lula Etta, b Aug 1-1885. 3 Flossie Anna, b Me. Feb 6-1S88. 

5 of John Delano 

Elias Nelson Delano (Enlisted Aug 1862 Private Co C, 20th Me. 
Inf. Wheelwright), d Rockland Me Aug 3-1880, m Carthage Me 
Aug 1855 Rosalind, dau of Jacob & Harriett Newell (Curtis) Berry, 
b Carthage July 18-1834, d Rumford Me Oct 24-1862 (Savage 
Diet. I) 1 Jacob Nelson, b Dixfield Me Feb 4-1857, un-m Knigbt- 
ville Me. 2 George Thompson, b Rumford July 16-1861, m 
Monmouth Me Apr 24-1890, Bertha Helen, dau of Emery & Helen 
(Vose) Walton, b Kingfield Me. No ch. Res. Cape Eliz. Me. 

6 of John Delano 

Louisa Bradley Delano, d. Mar 8-1876 m Me June 6-1855 Daniel 
Wiggins Libby, b Oct 17-1830 d. Feb 20-1876 (John Libby of Me. 
1636 fr. Devon. Eng. Gen. 1SS2 — Libby of Worcester armes: er- 
mine, a lion az.) 1 Lewellyn A. b Carthage Me Mar 11-1856, d 
Mar 13-1876. 2 Elgin W. b Oct 8-1857, d Mar 7-1876. 3 Ellen 
May, b Mar 26-1858, d Mar 1-1876 4 Lucion, b 1S60, d Mar 9- 
1876. 5 Florian, b Feb 18-1861, d Mar 10-1876 6 John D. b 
d May 5-1886. 7 Flora Nellie, b m. Frank Richmond. Chap- 
man Kan 8 Myra Ella, b Mar 28-1868. Newry Me 

7 of John Delano 

John Wesley Delano, Res. Mapleton Me m Dixfield Me. Nov 12- 
1867 Calista Ann, dau of Harvey & Lorinda (White) Park, b there 
June 17-1843. 1 Effie May b Carthage Me Mar 24-1877. 2 


Marion Frances & 3 Mary Ann, twins, b May 6-1879. 4 Ansel 
Davis, b Peru Me Oct 3-1880, d Mar 24-1886. 5 Rosette Mabel, 
b Apr 1-1S84. 

7 of Jabez Delano Sr 
Jabez Delano Jr. d Apr 23-1854 m Sunnier Me. Jan 29-1835 
Jane, dan of Isaiah & Sarah (Ripley) Cushman, b there Sept 23- 
1792 d. Nov 14-1873. 

10 of Jabez Delano Si- 
Daniel Delano, m. Lydia Maxim of Me ("Huguenots" who 
settled in Kent to Plymouth abt. 1650 — Abt. 17S5 Nathan Maxim's 
2 sons went to Wayne Me. (Lydia prob. a gr-dau) 1 Lorenzo, 
b Me. 2 Dexter 3 Annis of Lewiston Me 4 Charles Greenleaf, 
b Aug 4-1840 5 Orlando 

4 of Daniel Delano 
Charles Greenleaf Delano, (Private Co K 17 Me. Vol. Inf. 1st 
Brigade 1st Div. 3d Army Corps, '61-5) m Dixfield Me. Mar 19- 
18/0 Abbie, dan of Jeremiah & Lucretia Saunders 1 Strauss L. 
b Nov 8-1876, d Mar 25-18S1 2 Charles M b Feb 10-1878. 3 
Euclydd F b June 4-1880. 4 Helen E b Feb 25-1882. 5 Annie L 
b July 8-1884. 

6 of Zebedee Delano Sr. 
Zebedee Delano Jr. (Livermore 1793, received a license by that 
ch 1799, was ordained and became pastor ch in Lebanon and Ber- 
wick abt 1802, where he was active till 1S31 then retired. " A his- 
tory of the Baptist in Me." by Rev Jonathan Millett Portland, 
1845.") d Lebanon Me after 1831 m Livermore Me. 1790 Abigail 
Cottle, b Martha's Vineyard Mass. Apr 9-1766 d. Leb. Aug 31- 
1857 (W'm b. 1626 & E'd. Cottle of Nantucket s. of Edward of 
Salisbury Eng. Armes (1580) or, a bend gu.) 1 Susan, b Oct 18- 

1791, un-m. d 1863 2 Hannah b May 21-1793, m Libby, she 

d Nov 24-1815 3 Abigail, b Nov 13-1795 4 Sally (Sarah) b June 
5 _I 797- 5 Eliza b Mar 30-1799, m Pitman, she d Mar 25-1832. 
6 Mary (Polly) b May 13-1801, un-m. 7 Ann, b July 25-1803. 8 
Parnel, b Aug 30-1805 d Dec 26-1815. 9 James Cottle, b Aug 21- 
1807 I0 Ruth b Lebanon Nov 16-1809. XI Olive b Aug 3-1811 
d Jan 8-1816 

3 of Zebedee Delano Jr. 

Abigail Delano, d Salmon Falls N H. June 18-1877, m Lebanon 
Me 1816 Stephen Pray, b N. Berwick Me Aug 6 1791, d. S. Ber. 
Aug 16 1S74 1 Oliver Libby, b N. Berwick Oct 1818. 2 Hannah 
Delano Pray b Nov 1820 3 John, b Oct 1822. Lynn Mass. 4 
Andrew b Feb 1825 Charlestown Mass 5 Humphrey b Feb 13- 
1827 Rolinsford N II 6 Ann Elizabeth, b Sept 25-1S29, m 
Fernald. Salmon Falls N H 7 Sarah Maria, b Nov 1S32. 8 
Abigail, b Aug 1834. 

4 of Zebedee Delano Jr. 

Sally (Sarah) Delano, d Berwick Me Dec 24-1866 m Lebanon 
1830 James Lord, b Berwick Aug 8-1782 d do. Nov 30-1846. 1 
Charles Thomas, b Berwick Maiden Mass 2 Olive Jane m Mr 
Russell. Alington Heights 111. 


7 of Zebedee Delano Jr. 

Ann Delano, d. Great Falls, N. II., Nov. 29, 1847, m - Lcbanc 
Aug. 1835 James Longee, (his 2d wife) b. London, N. II., 1793 
Gt. Falls, Dec. 20, i860. 1 William Abbott, b. Boscawen, N. I 
Feb. 21, 1837, d. Manchester, N. H., June 27, 1858 (a dau. Kate 
by 1st m.) 

9 of Zebedee Delano Jr 

James Cottle Delano, d. Great Falls, N. II., Jan. 4, 1875, 
Lebanon Feb. 7, 183S Abigail, dau. of Charles and Experien 
(Fall) Goodwin, b. there Nov. 10, 1S09. 1. Oliver Clark, b. Aug. 
1S39, d. Gt. Falls, N. II., Sept. 15, 1841. 2. Adelaide Augusta, 
Gt. Falls, Dec. 24, 1842. 3. Albert Oliver b. Aug. 14, 1844. 

2 of James Cottle Delano 

Adelaide Augusta Delano, of N. Berwick Me m. 1st Grt. Fa 
Dec 7, 1865 Joseph Bradley Blaisdell, b. South Berwick, Me., O 
14, 1S41, d there Jan. 7, 1867, m. 2d do. Sept. 25, 1870 Freem 
Hatch Webber, b. North Lebanon, Me May 3, 1839. 1 Jose 
Delano Blaisdell, b S Berwick, Jan. 13, 1867. (Savage Diet I) 

3 of James Cottle Delano 

Albert Oliver Delano, (Alderman 1890) d. Waltham, Mass., Jan. 
7, 1890, m. East Rochester, N. H. May 8, 1S70 Sarah Eveline, dau 
of Azael & Zintha Stetson (Woodworth) Lovejoy Pascoag, R. I. 
b. Boston, Nov. 5, 1S46. (Savage Diet. Ill, Eng. armes: Gyronny 
of 12, gu. & or) 1 Albert Lovejoy, b. Farmington, N. H., Nov. 5, 
1871, d Mar. 4, 1872. 

10 of Zebedee Delano 

Ruth Delano, d. Great Falls, N. H., Jan. 6, 1865, m. 1st Lebanon 
1832 Oliver Clark, b there Dec. 12, 1805, d. Grt Falls, 1839, m 2d 
Grt Falls, May 1844 Lorenzo Dow Tilton, b North Sandwich, N. II. 
1810, d. Grt Falls, Dec. 18, 1847. (Savage Diet IV) 1 Sarah 
Abbie, b Grt Falls, Nov. 12, 1837. 

7 of Zebedee Delano 

Ebenezer Delano, d Livermore m. Me. Nancy Titus, d Livermore 
(No Delano's on records of b. in Monmouth Me as asserted) 1 
James, b Me. 2 Jesse. 3 John, b May 29-1S01 4 Preston. 5 
Hannah, b July 19-1805 6 WilLam, b Sept 10-1807 7 Nancy, m 
Lemuel Delano, son of James, no ch. 8 Rufus. 9 Lewis 10 
Levi 11 Huldah. 

1 of Ebenezer Delano 

James Delano, d. after 1S62 m. Me. Polly, dau of Nathan & Sarah 
(Wheeler) Brown, b Concord N H. d. Me 1 David Brown, b 
Livermore July 2-1829 2 Charles Manville b Peru Me (Private, 
Co I, 7th Me. Inf. d in Hospital, Washington D. C. after expedi- 
tion to James River 1S62) 3 Sarah Brown, m Jacob Lovejoy. 4 
Emerson d. at Uncle Rufus Delano's Lynn Mass. 
1 of James Delano 

David Brown Delano, d Maysville Me m West Peru Me Sept 2- 
1852 Mary Jane Hall (wid) dau of Philo & Mehetable (Judkins) 
Bean, b Parkman Me May 20-1830. 1 Delmar Veltroit, b Mays- 
ville, now Presque Isle Me. May 27-1853. Ui».-m Island Falls Me. 
2 Emma Theodato, b Apr 10-1855. 3 Sumner Newel b Dec 12- 


1857, d July 2-1862 4 George David, b Feb 12-1861. 5 Aurillius 
Vernon, & 6 Orrin Judd, twins, b Oct 27-1864 (6) d Dec 12-1877 
7 Fred Lincoln, b July 2-1866. 8 Lilly May, b June 10-1868. 9 
Sarah Brown, b Jan 27-1871 

2 of David Brown Delano 
Emma Theodate Delano, m Presque Isle May 31-1874 Edward 
Thibodeau, b Caribou Me. Apr 2-1S53, (fr. ? Thibaudeau of Brit- 
tany France) 1 Bertram David, b Mar 20-1875 d Oct 31-1879. 2 
Grovena Edward, b Jan 27-1877, d Nov 10-1S79. 3 Myrtle Eliza- 
beth, b Mar 29-1881, m Presque Isle Dec 30-1895 William Thomas 
Cassidy b Amity Me Mar 2S-1867. 

4 of David Brown Delano 

George David Delano, m Mattawamkeag Me. Dec 24-1887 
Alma Estilla, dau of John Warren and Helen Cordelia (Fowler) 
Trask, b Mattawamkeag July 4-186S. (Gen. 1877) 1 Ralph 
David, b Milo Me. Oct 26-1888, d Jan 27-1889 2 Lela Estilla, b. & 
d. Feb 12-1S91 3 Carl Warren, b Ft. Fairfield Me May 29-1893 
4 Cecil La Roy, b Mar 26-1895 

5 of David Brown Delano 

Aurillus Vernon Delano, Res. Mars Hill Me. m Sept 24-1892 
Myrtie Bell dau of David T. & Mary Ann (Chase) Townsend b 
Mars Flill 1 Blanch Lolora, b Mars H. Mar 11-1893. 

7 of David Brown Delano 

Fred Lincoln Delano m Presque Isle Nov 1 1-1894 Almira Lovina 
dau of Charles E. & Alice Melissa (Hayes) Wilson, b there Oct 5- 

8 of David Brown Delano 

Lilly May Delano, Res. Bridgewater Me. m Presque Isle Nov 10- 
18S4 John Robert Hamilton b Momicello Me. Dec 21-1863 1 
Harry David b Dec 5-1885 2 Ernest William, b July 12-1887 3 
Lowell Niles, b Dec 25-1889. 

9 of David Brown Delano 

Sarah Brown Delano, Res Boston 54 Delmatia St m Presque Isle 
Sept 28-1892 Spurgeon Robert Gorham, b St Johns, N. B. Apr 20- 
1861 (Pierce, Hist. Gorham Me. ? Eng. Armcs: Gu, 3 shacklebolts 
conjoined in fesse point c r.) 1 Mary Gladys, b Bos. July 8-1893 

2 of Ebenezer Delano 

Jesse Delano, m. Sally Britton 1 Samuel Delano, b Livermore 
Me July 4-1826, d. do. 11 June 1856 m. Bucksfield Me. 2j Nov 
1854 Margaret Maybury dau of Benjamin & Mary Caroline (Hog- 
den) Chipman b. White Oak Hill Poland Me. 1 1 Aug 1826 (Savage 
Diet. I) 2 Elizabeth b 1839 (she went to Boston ; in death record of 
do. is one " Elizabeth Delano " d. Sept 5-1S61 age 22) 3 Jesse 

Lee, b 1844 ? 

3 of Ebenezer Delano 

John Delano Sr d Abbott Me May 11-1865 m Guilford Me. Dec 
8-1825 Mehitable, dau of Samuel & Mary (Lord) Warren, b New 
Gloucester Me Mar 27-1806, d Abbott Dec 22-1869 1 Rosilla 
Allen, b Sept 8-1827. 2 Mary Nancy, b Aug 7-1829. 3 Huldah 
Jane, b June 10-1831. 4 Samuel W'arren, b Nov 19-1833, un-m. d 
Abbot Village Apr 9-1860. 5 John Jr. b Jan 22-1836. 6 Sarah, 


!) Nov 24-1837 7 Levi, b Dec 24-1840, un-m. (Private Co M, 1st 
Me Cav d Lynchburg Va July 16-1862.) S Everett Martin, b Dec 
9-1842, un-m. Corporal Co E, 1st Me. Heavy Artillery, d Wash- 
ington D. C. Mar .--1864.) 9 Adelia Melissa, b Jan 4-1845, un-m. 
d Lewiston Me Dec 1-1866. 10 Washington Warren, b Ecb 4- 
1847. ll Clara Antoinette, b Feb 20-1852. 
1 of John Delano Sr. 
Rosilla Allen Delano, Res. Millersburgh 111 m Monson Me Sept 
20-1846 Stephen Ford Tarr. (Savage Diet IV) 1 Henry Ford 
Tarr, b Guilford July 17-1847, m Millersburgh Ills. Feb 1-1891 to 

2 Mary Jane, b Winslow Me Aug 9 & d. Sept 9-1849 3 

John Delano Tarr, b Fairfield Me Aug 19-1851, m Viola Ills. Feb 

8th 18S2 to 4 Jennie Mehctable, b Monson May 6-1853, 

m Aleda Ills Mar 19-1887 to d Mt Pleasant Iowa, Apr 11- 

1890. 5 Cora Adelia, b Greenville Me Apr 30-1S56, in Millers- 
burgh Jan 23-1884 10 6 Sarah Delano Tarr, b Millersb. 

Nov 16-1860, d Millersburgh July 16-1861 7 Levi Everett, b Jan 
6-1865. 8 Leiia Ada, b Sept 12-1S6S. 9 Oscar Warren, b Mar 31- 

2 of John Delano Sr 

Mary Nancy Delano, Res. Abbot Village Mc. m there Aug 13- 
1855 Amos Lord, b Norway Me. Dec 5-1822. 1 Elvira Annah, b 
Abbot Apr 19-1857. 2 Elsie Mehctable, b June 30-1859, d Sept 3- 
18S0. 3 Lura Abby, b Dec 20-1860, d Sept 2-1886. 

3 of John Delano Sr 

Huldah Jane Delano, Res. Wilton Me m Abbot July 21-1S56 
Charles Gannett Sawyer, b Greenville Me. Apr 13-1832. I Leiia 
Eva, b Greenville Me June 6-1 S57. 2 Wfllard Eugene, b Aug 23- 
1859. 3 Ida Maria, b Nov 25-1S61 4 Charles Everett, b Bangor 
Me Jan 7-1864 

5 of John Delano Sr 

John Delano Jr. Res. Abbot Me. m 1st Abbot Feb 28-1864 Mar- 
garet, dau of John Ouincy & Betsy (Whiting) Adams, b Pitsfield 
Me. 1S38 (not the Prcs.) d Abbot Dec 25-1874, m 2d Athens Me 
Feb 25-1877 Harriett Elliott, dau of Adam Elliott & Mary Pru- 
dence (Baxter) Giles, b Stark Me. Aug 1-1848. (Gen. 1864.) 1 
Everett Martin, b Abbot Jan 12-1865, d Lowell Mass. May 24- 
18S9. 2 Amos Lord, b Feb 14-1867, of Guilford Me. 3 Lizzie 
Maud, b June 22-1S69. 1 Horace Elliott, b Apr 16-187S 2 Clara 
Antoiette, b Dec 24-1S82. 

6 of John Delano Sr 

Sarah Delano, Res. Socaster S. C. m Abbot Oct 2-1884 (2d wife) 
James Elkana, son of Samuel 6c Mary (Ellis) Duesbury, b Colum- 
bus N. C. Sept 23-1824 (fr. Dewsbury) (by 1st had 8 ch.) 
10 of John Delano Sr 

Washington Warren Delano, Res. Abbot Village Me. m La 
Grange Me. June 21-1877 Elizabeth Rowe, dau of Lysander W. and 
Lucy Ann (Rollins) Ilartwell, b Milo Me. Sept 21-1847. (Gen. 
1887) 1 Richard Ilartwell, b Abbot Mar 1S-1879. 2 Edward 
Warren, b Sept 16-1880. 3 John Philip, b June 7-1884. 4 Helen 
Lesley, b May 30-1885 


ii of John Delano Sr 
Clara Antoinette Delano, Res. Abbott Village Mc m Abbot June 
18-1876 John Harris Blanchard, b do. Get 30-1848. (Thomas 
Blanchard of Lorraine Fr. to Lon & Charlestown Mass. 1639 
" HugUenot" des. of Alain Blanchard of Rouen 1418-19 (Lorraine 
1619) armes: Or, a " croix ancree " gu. bet. 4 etoiles sa.) 1 Delia 
Mae, b Lewiston Me May 20-1877. 2 Newton Carrol, b Abbot 
June 14-1S79. 3 Elsie Mehitable, b Oct 3-1SS1 4 Ralph Delano 
Blanchard, b Oct 4-18S6. 5 Mary Margery, b June 18-1S92. 

5 of Ebenezer Delano 

Hannah Delano d. Dec 7-1864 m Guilford Me Dec 6-1832 by 
Elder Thomas Macomber Isaac Stevens, son of Moses & Susannah 
(Wharflf) Stevens, b Litchfield Me June 30-1S07 d. Guilford Apr 
24-18S3. 1 Judith Ann, b Mar 27-1834 m. By Rev Martin J Steer 
Lewiston Me 20 Oct 1867 Edward Sedgley b. Limington Me. 1 
May 1S10 d. Greene Me 6 June 1886 eh. Win Ervin b. Greene 27 
May 1871. 2 Hannah Marian, b Sept 1-1836, d Feb 15-1837. 3 
Hannah Maria, b Dec 16-1837, m Dover Me June 12-1S64 to 
Albion Barrows Edes, b Guilford June 6-1837. (Savage Diet. II) 
1 Mary Abbie, b Guilford Aug - 16-1866. 2 Russell Henry, b Oct 
20-1868. 3 Zelda Cora, b Nov 24-1872, m Guilford May 8-1889 
Edwin Webber Davis, b Abbot Me. Jan 15-1863. Ch. Alton Pat- 
ton, b Sept 2-1891. — 4 Sarah Mehitable, b Sept 30-1S39 d Abbot 
June 19-1893, m. By Rev Martin J Steer, Lewiston Me Apr 23- 
186S William Pearson (Pierson), b Stockport Eng. Feb 23-1838 
1 Willis Alfred b Lewiston Aug 6 & d. 24th 1869. 2 Winifred 
Maria, b Abbot June 27-1872 3 Wilford Eugene, b do Feb 13- 
1875. 5 Bathsheba. b May 29-1843. d Biddeford Me. Oct 25-1859 
6 Isaac Ebenezer, b June 26-1847 d June 18-1864 at Petersburg 
Ya, a soldier. 

6 of Ebenezer Delano 

William Delano, d Guilford Me July 15-1S89, m Livermore Me 

June 24-1832 Abigail, dau of John & (Paul) Sanders, b there 

Dec 22-1814, d. G. Aug 10-1886 1 Elvira Sanders, b Livermore 
Oct 24-1833. 2 Adaline Melissa, b Sept 17-1835 3 William Henry, 
b Dec 8-1837, d Guilford Aug 25-1840. 4 Amanda Abigail, b 
Guilford Sept 17-1840. 5 William Henry (2d) b Dec 22-1842, d 
July 2-1858. 6 Louis Clifford, b Oct 16-1847, d Feb 27-1850. 
1 of William Delano 

Elvira Sanders Delano, Res Guilford Me m Guilford Oct 21-1855 
Stoddard Carter Cheney, b Guilford May 15-1830 d there Apr 19- 
1880 (Elisha Cheney " Chenery " X. Livermore Mc. b. 1801 s of 
W'm of Jay fr. Mass des. of Lambert fr. Eng. 1630 — founded Eng. 
1375 by Richard of Shurland des. fr. Ralph de Caineto 1066 ad. 
Anct. armes: erm., on a bend sa. 3 martlets or.) 1 Nellie Amanda, 
b Sept 12-1857, d Sept 18-1877 2 Henry Delano Cheney, b Aug 
17-1859, d May 27-1876 

2 of William Delano 

Adaline Melissa Delano, d. Guilford m Guilford Edward Cobb, 
b Livermore Dec 30-1830. Bangor Me t Acidic Pcrsis. 2 Flor- 
ence Webster. 


4 of William Delano 
Amanda Abigail Delano, m ist Guilford Me Mar 1S-1S60 N< 
Bradford Haskell, b Guilford June 5-1840, Private Co I 22cl Regt 
Me Vol d. Baton Rouge La. (1861-5) (Capt Win 1 [askell to Mass. 
1632 fr. Eng. armes: Vaire, arg. & sa.) m. 2d do Apr 11-1S66 Walter 
ITobart, b Salem Me Xov 15-1816, d Guilford June 27-1875. 1 
Fred Nelson, b Aug 17-1861. Guilford 2 Adaline Amanda, b 
Sept 9-1862.— 1 Austin Walter, b Feb 11-1869. Guilford 2 Stella 
Gertrude, b Mar 26- 1875 

2 of John Delano ist 

John Delano 2d, d Duxbury Aug 8-1825 m. Sarah Arnold, b 
Weymouth Mass. 1745 d Dux. July 1-1825 1 William, b Dux. 
May 15-1769, un-m. d May 1832 2 Elisha, b Feb 22-1771, uu-m. 
d 1S20. (Probate rcc of Plymouth, Book 46 Apr 4-1820 Fetters 
of administration to Nathan Delano of Duxbury, & Seneca Loring 
of Pembroke & Book 53, May 17-1821 Estate of Elisha Delano 
settled. Sig John Delano.) 3 Betsy, b Feb 7-1773. 4 John 3d 
b Feb 7-1775. 5 Samuel, b Dec 15-1777. 6 Charles, b Apr 10- 
1779. 7 Nathan, b May 15-1781. 8 Sally, b Nov 12-1783. c 
Ruth, b Nov 11-1785, un-m. d Dux Feb 18-1872 10 Harvey, h 
Oct 18-1789, un-m. d Dux 1862. 

3 of John Delano 2d 

Betsy Delano, m. Lemuel Haskins, b Scituate Mass. 1 Betsy, I 
Mar 1810. 2 Ruth, b. 1813. 

4 of John Delano 2d 

John Delano 3d d. Dorchester Mass. Mar 1-1849, m Milton Mass 
Feb 3-1 801 Sally, dau of Benjamin & Hannah (Field) Henshaw, b 
Milton Mar 1-1779, d Bos July 26-1859 (Daniel Henshaw of Lei- 
cester Mass. — m. 1724 Eliz. Bass of Bos. gr-dau of Ruth dau. of 
John (1) Alden — gr-s. of Joshua b. Liverpool 1643 sent to N. Eng. 
1653 s. of W'm k. at siege of Liverpool 1644 s °f Thomas Henshaw 
of Taxter Park Lancashire d. 163 1 — ? armes: (Chester) Arg. a 
chevron bet. 3 heronshaws sa.) 1 Sarah, b Dorchester Jan 6-1802 
2 Betsy Arnold, b Jan ist 1804 un-m. d May 13-1877. 3 John 
Jr. (4) b Nov 8-1805 4 George, b Aug 5-1808. Dorchester Mass 5 
Jane, b Sharon Mass Nov 12-1810. 6 Abigail Field, b May 8-1813. 
7 Mary Taylor, b Oct 3-1816. 8 Sophia, b June 16-1819. 9 Elisha, 
b Dorchester Nov 15-1823, un-m. Boston Mass 15 Marshall St. 
1 of John Delano 3d 

Sarah Delano, d North Attleboro Mass. May 16-1887, m Dor- 
chester Mass Apr 29-1827 William Crossman, b Taunton Mass 
Jan 10-1802 d. ? (Savage Diet I) 1 John Delano Crossman. 
b Nov 22-1S27, m. Emily Louisa Williams, May 13-1865, he d 
Nov 21-1882. 2 Charles, b June 12, 1829, d Apr 11-1830 3 Mary 
Delano Crossman, b July 21-1842 un-m. E Milton Mass 
3 of John Delano 3d 

John Delano 4th d Attleboro Mass Dec 8-1886 m. By Rev Otis 
A Skinner ist Boston Nov 24-1841 Juliett dau of Jabez & Phebe 
(Parsons) Wilder, b Hinsdale Mass. 1818, d Dorchester Mass. Apr 
19-1843, m. 2d Pittsfield Mass Sept 1844 Lois Phebe Wilder (Sis of 
above) Worthington Mass d Attleboro Mass. Feb 19-1894. 1. 


Juliett Wilder, b Dorchester Apr 14-1843, un-m. Res Chicago Ills 
425 Center Ave (a Teacher.) 2 Frank Wilder Delano, b Sept 19- 
1849, un-m of Galesburg 111 (Telegraphy) 3 Edward Parsons, b 
Sept 9-1853, in. Alida of Hoyt, Montana Apr 12-1888, b Pekin 111 
Sept 4-1856, dau of James E. & Evalyn (Curry) Smith. No ch. 
4 Charles Wilder Delano, b Dec 22-1S56, un-m of Hoyt 5 Mary 
Lois, b Mar 26-1S58, m Huntington Mass. Jan 1-1S80 Lewis Shep- 
herd, b Foxboro Mass. Sept 23-1857. Res. do. no ch. (Gen. 1S78 
— Thos. & Edw. Wilder came bef. 1638 to Mass. s. of Thomas d. 
1634 s. of John d. 158S dcs. of Nicholas at Bosworth 14S5 Berkshire 
Eng. amies: Gu, fr. a fesse or, ch, with 2 barrulets az., a demi-lion 
issuant or.) 

4 of John Delano 3d 

George Delano, Res. Dorchester Mass m. Dorchester Dec 27- 
1843 Emeline Delano, dau of Charles Sr. & Bethia (Prior) Delano, 
b Duxbury Jan 11-1S15 1 Charles Walters, b Dec 9-1844,^ July 
21-1845 ~ Emma Thomas, b Nov 18-1845, d Nov 6-1S52. 3 
Helen, b Feb 26 & d Aug 11-1847. 

5 of John Delano 3d 

Jane Delano, Res. N Attleboro Mass. (for all) m Dorchester Dec 
1- 1 83 1 David Joy Marble, b Cohassett Mass Oct 5-1S07, d Roxbury 
Mass. Dec 19-1865 1 Enos Franklin, b Cohassett June 17-1833, 
m Nov 20-1858 Mary Amelia Bennett. 2 George Delano Marble, 
b Dor. Aug 22-1836 m Sept 19-1883 Julia Elizabeth Wise. 3 David 
Henshaw, b Roxbury Sept 10-1843, m ^ cc 4-1870 Mary Carroll. 

6 of John Delano 3d 

Abigail Field Delano, d Milton Mass May 7-1855 m Dorchester 
Oct. 10-1842 Daniel C Hutchinson, b Me (Gens. i852-*7o) 1 
Daniel Alonzo, b. Milton Sept 16-1843, m - Abigail Ann Green, he 
d Feb 13-1886. 2 Theodore, b Feb 6-1845, d Mar 29-1849. 3 
Horace Henshaw, b Nov 21-1847, "n-m Wrentham Mass 4 Alice 
Jane b Oct 11-1851, m Charles B Hathaway. Westboro Mass 5 
Abigail Sarah, b Apr 18-1855, m - l 7 J u b' l ^ 2 George Henry 
Ayers. Boston No. 6 Old Heath St 

7 of John Delano 3d 

Mary Taylor Delano, d Milton Aug 26-1887 m Dorchester Oct 
3-1844 Lucian Crosby, b N. H. Aug 23-1816 d Milton May 21-1S51. 
(Gen. 1877) 1 Josephine, b Milton Apr 23-1846, un-m. d Dec 23- 
1888. 2 Amy, b Aug 28-1847, m 1 July 1876 Rev. Hilary Bygrave. 
Belmont Mass. 

8 of John Delano 3d 

Sophia Delano, d Roxbury Mar 26-1890 m Dorchester Mass 
May 12-1844 Moses M Jackman, b Enfield N. H. 1821 d. West 
while building a section of the Pacific R.R., Oct 7-1867 1 Charles 
Onslow, b Rox. July 4-1845, d Jan 9-1846. 2 Edith May, b Bos. 
May 13-1S60, m Aug 15-1S78 William K Simpson of Newburyport 
5 of John Delano 2d 

Samuel Delano, d Cohasset Jan 9-1855 m. Cohasset Mass Han> 
nah (wid of Warren Joy) & dau of Thomas & Sally Bates, b do. 
July 27-1785 d. Mar 5-1868. 1 Sarah Bates, b Apr 17-1809, un-m. 
d Apr 8-1834 2 Ruth, d Feb 7-1812 3 Mercy Bates, b Apr 5- 


1S13, d. y. 4 Elizabeth Pratt, b Aug 17-1S15 5 Mercy Bates, b 
Mch 20-1S17, un-m. d July 5-1854 6 Charlotte b Aug 12-1820. 
7 Samuel Harvey, b June 2-1825. 

2 of Samuel Delano 

Ruth Delano, d Cohasset Jan 5-1SS4 m Cohasset Dec 22-1836 
Alfred Whittington b do. Dec 26-1806 d. June 17-1887 1 Sarah 
Abigail, b Dec 5-183S, m Cohasset Sept 1-1S69 John Caleb Brooks, 
b Dorchester Sept 1-1841 Res. Boston Mass 12 Joy St 1 George 
Alfred, b Bos. Feb 4-1871 2 Mary Alice Whittington, b May 5- 
1S74. 3 Lilley Ann, b July 4-1879. 4 William John, b Jan 31- 
1SS1, d Feb 5-1881. 2 Ophelia, b Oct 3-1841, d Oct 2S-1894 un-m 

3 Hiram Whittington, b Nov 5-1843, Res Boston 31 State St. & 
402 Worthington Bldg m Bos Nov 6-1872 Alice Parker, dau of 
Nathan H & Alice Killam (Parker) Streeter, b. do. Nov 8-1842 
(Stephen Streeter abt. 1630 fr. Eng. Kent armes: Arg. on a chev. 
gu. bet. 3 hurts — ch. with fleurs-de-lis — 3 birds arg.) 1 Amy Delano 
Whittington, b Feb 27-1874, m Bos Nov 3-1896 George Mahon 
Eggleston b Hartford Conn. Nov 10-1869 (Savage Diet II) 2 
Tlayward Parker, b Aug 5-1S80 4 William, b Mch 14-1846, d Aug 
19-1860 5 Maria Bates b Oct 26-1847, un-m 6 George Alfred, 
b May 29-185 — m Ellen ? no ch. 7 Charlotte Mercy b Oct 13- 
1854, m Charles Henry Streeter no ch. 

3 of Samuel Delano 

Elizabeth Pratt Delano, d. Jan 10-1874 m Cohasset Apr 7-1837 
Edward Tower, b do. Dec 3-1807 d. Mar 6-1873. * Samuel Delano 
Tower, b May 21-1838. 2 Hannah Elizabeth Delano Tower, b 
Mar 4-1849. 

5 of Samuel Delano 

Samuel Harvey Delano, Res. Newburyport Mass. m 1st New- 
bury port Nov 25-1851 Ann Salome, dau of Samuel and Olive 
(Weymouth) Moody, b do Apr 9-1S34 d. do. Mar 14-1858. (Gens 
1847 '50 & '51) m. 2d do. May 17-1864 Caroline Emery, dau of 
Simeon Cooper, b Newburyport 1 Warren Joy Delano, b Jan 5- 
1853, un-m Boston 18 Chester Sq. 2 Samuel Moody Delano, b 
Aug 13-1855 m. St Louis Mo 19 June 1895 Florence dau of John 
Wesley & Eglunia (Dyson) Deal b. Chambersburg Pa 17 July 1865 
no ch. Res 627 W. Adams St Chicago 111. 3 William Dean De- 
lano, b Mar 7-185S, un-m with " Blackstone Natl Bank" Boston 

4 Anna Mabel, b Oct 5-1870, m. Newburyport 16 Feb. 1888 George 
Newell Ordway (Savage Diet. Ill) 

6 of John Delano 2d 

Charles Delano Sr. d. Apr 30-1866 m Duxbury Bethia, dau of ? 

Joseph & Bethia (Peterson) Prior (see Winsor) b Duxbury d Nov 

20-1 S3 1 1 Charles Jr. b Apr 1 1-1807. 2 William Prior, b Dec 29- 

180S. 3 Melzar Prior, b Jan 29-181 1. 4 Elisha, b Feb 15-1813. 

5 Emeline, b Jan 11-1815. (See Geo.— John Jr. br.) 6 Albert, b 
Jan 6-1817. 7 Sarah Arnold, b Dec 29-1818, m Dux Sept 5-1851 
Otis McFarland, b Pembroke June 15-1827. No ch. she d. June 
9-1894 Kingston Mass. He d. Apr 28-1889 8 Elizabeth, b Dec 
3-1820, m Sept 10-1868 to John Oldham (son of John & Margery) 
b Pembroke July 20-1814. No ch. She d Jan 5-1S92. (Savage 


Diet ill — Oldham Lancaster Eng. amies: sa, a chevron or, bet. 
3 owls arg. on chief or 3 roses gu.) 9 Otis, b Feb 17-1823. 10 
Mary Prior, b Feb 17-1825, m Jan 1S60 Cornelius Bradford as 2d 
wife. 1 ch d y. She d. Nov 22-1883 ll Martha, b June 15-1827, 
m as 2d wife " David Delano " of David, Oliver ec Hosea br. 12 
James Harvey, b -May 10-1829. 

1 of Charles Delano Sr. 
Charles Delano Jr. d Dux Apr 10-1882, m there 1827 Esther, dau 
of Ezra & Rebecca (Holmes) Howard, b do Dec 16-1S02, d do 
Mar 21-1893. 1 Henry, b Mar [9-1828. 2 Lewis, b Dec 30-1830, 
d Dux July 3-1856. 3 Julictt. b Dec 15-1S32 4 Ellen Frances, b 
Dec 30-1834, d Dux Sept 1850 5 Elizabeth Williams, b Mar 11- 
1836. 6 Hiram Thomas, b Dec 30-1839 7 Albert, b Apr 3-1840. 

1 of Charles Delano Jr 
Henry Delano, E Boston Mass 26 London St m 1st Medford 
Mass. Apr 17-1849 Lucitta, dau of James & Olive (Wilson) Eaton, 
b Antrim N H. Oct 2-1829, d Charlestown Mass. Nov 10-18GS. 
(Gen 1885) m 2d Lynn Mass June 18- 1 871 Augusta, dau of Isaac 
and Elanor (Hobbs) Hemcon, b Plymouth Nova Scotia. Oct 12- 
1849. 1 Esmerelda Porter, b Medford Feb 12-1852, m Feb 12- 
1873 Herbert E Fisher. Ch. Irving J. b Somerville Mass Oct 6- 
1877. 2 George Henry, b Aug 22-1857, d Oct 14-1890. 3 Annie 
Buckman, b Charlestown Sept 4-1859, d Aug 29-1862 4 Edward 
Lorenzo, b Nov 22-1861. 5 Willie Eaton, b. & d. Nov 13-1863. 

3 of Charles Delano Jr 
Juliette Delano, Res. S Duxbury m. Thomas McNaught, b Port- 
land Me July 4-1830. 1 James Lewis, b Dux. Mar 14-1857. 2 
Charles Thomas, b June 24-1858, d Apr 24-1S75 3 Henry Lincoln, 
b Oct 5-1862. 4 Mary Ellen, b Aug 17-1864. 5 Fannie Osborne, 
b Feb 24-1S74 

5 of Charles Delano Jr 

Elizabeth Williams Delano, Res. Dorchester District Boston 531 
Adams St m Duxbury May 30-1857 George Gardner, b Medford 
Mass. May 26-1836 1 Luella Maria, b S. Boston Feb 7-1860 m 
July 10-1879 Julian Fisher she d May 2-18S5. 2 Winthrop Lewis, 
b Hanover Oct 21-1864, m 21 Oct 1885 Ella Arnold. 3 Esther 
Warren, b Harrison Sq. Mass Sept 6-1868, m 27 Dec 1889 Frank 

6 of Charles Delano Jr 

Hiram Francis Delano, d. Dux Jan 19-1881 m. Duxbury Helen 
Frances, dau of David Lewis & Rachel T (Taylor) Peterson, b 
Plymouth Feb 14-1845 1 Lewis Howard, b Feb 6-1865 2 Will- 
iam Francis, b Sept 18-1871 3 Helen Louise, b July 27-1S78. 

7 of Charles Delano Jr 

Albert Delano (Blacksmith) Res. Weymouth Mass. m South 
Boston Sept y-1862 Christine, dau of Benjamin & Maria F (Clos- 
son) Simpson, b do. Sept 24-1844. 1 Benjamin Herbert, b Dor- 
chester Mass. Aug 12-1863. 2 Caroline Augusta, b Jan 27-1867, 
d Weymouth Nov 13-1889. 3 Ellen Frances, b Mar 17-1871, d 
S Bos July 8-1878. 4 Alice Gertrude, h Mar 17-1874. 5 Albert 
Edward, b Apr 18-1880. 6 Royce Channing, b Feb 23-1883. 


i of Albert Delano 
Benjamin Herbert Delano, m Dorchester Apr 2S-1SS9 to Mary 
dau of Patrick & Winifred (McGrail) Crowne b Co. Cavan, Ire.' 
Mar 25-1862. (Ire armes Quar.: sa., cc az., a cross engrailed or) 
1 Alary Elizabeth, u Weymouth Sept 24-1889. 

2 of Charles Delano Sr. 

William Prior Delano, d. Newb't. Sept 15-1865 m Newburyport 
Mass. June 3-1853 Elizabeth Ann, dau of Simon & Anna (Merrill) 
Cooper, b West Newbury Mass. Dec 29-1832. (Savage Diet. I) 
1 Frank Cooper Delano, b Pembroke Mass. Apr 30-1854, m New- 
buryport Mass. Dec 2-iSSo Josephine, dau of Luther & Lydia 
(Page) Ordway, b Xewburyport Aug 6-1860. (Coffins Newbury 
Mass) Ch. Planch Prior, b Merrimac .Mass. Sept 25-1SS4. 2 
William Otis Delano, Boston 45 Commercial St b Nov 5-1858, m 
Boston June 19-1884 Grace Lillian, dau of Ivory G. & Jerusha F 
(Britton) Curtis, b Boston Aug 20-1861 Ch. Curtis, b Nov 17- 
1889, & Alice, b Feb 26-1891. 

3 of Charles Delano Sr 

Melzer Prior Delano, (Ship Carpenter, killed New York struck 
by limber Jan 7-1864, m By Rev Paul Dean Boston Feb 2-1834 
Susan Frances, dau of John & Nancy (French) English, b Concord 
Mass. Nov 6-1813, d New York 360 W 49 St July 24-1891 (Savage 
Diet. II) 1 Susan Frances, b Medford Mass Dec 12-1834. °2 
Joscphcne Augusta b June 3-1836 & d. Oct nth & 3 Henrietta, b 
do— twins— d. Sept 13th 4 Abram Thomas, b Dec 13-1837, un-m 
5 Jerome Augustus, b Apr 15 or 17-1839, m. Annie Hosford no ch ? 
of do 6 George William, b Aug 23-1840, un-m. of do 7 Abbie 
Maria, b Apr 3-1842 8 Edgar Warren, b June 1-1S45. 9 Oscar 
Melvin, b July 23-1846 & d Aug 25th. 10 Ella Medora, b Aug 
27-1S48 & d abt Nov 27th. 11 Emily Amelia, b Dec 25-1850. 12 
Arthur Franklin, b Jan 29-1852. 13 Edwin Francis, b Feb 4-1853. 
14 Hellen English, b Aug 15 & d the 30111-1854 
1 of Melzer Prior Delano 
Susan Frances Delano, Res. Bradford N H. m 1st Medford Mass. 
Jan 1-1856 Zebulon Titcomb, d. 1867 (Titcomb's Early N. Eng. 
People) m. 2d Jan 10-1867 W S Moon, b Ilopkinton N. Y. Aug 
12-1845. 1 Leona Delano Titcomb, b Medford June 2-1859, m 
Everett Mass Sept 30-1878 John C Dunham of Boston. Ch. Win- 
throp Dunham, b Boston Jan 30-1880 She d Bradford Dec 23- 
1884. 1 Fannie Augusta Hopkinton & 2 Frank Augustus Moon 
(twins), b Apr 25-1S69 (2) d Sept 20th 3 Emily Rhoda, b Boston 
June 2-1S70. 4 Susan Melzina, b Dec 25-1871 5 Lizzie Ettie, 
b Bradford June 6-1876 

7 of Melzer Prior Delano 
Abby Maria Delano, Res. 203 W r 52 St New York m New York 
May 2-1861 George Wellman I Tomans, b Salem Mass. Mar 12- 
1832 (John Ilomans of Dorchester Mass. b. N. Foreland Kent 
Eng. 1703 m. 1748 Eliz. des. of John (1) Alden) 1 George Apple- 
ton, b Mar 4-1862, m Norfolk Va Mar 26-1891 Josephene A Turner. 
2 Elsie Wallace Hope, b Nov 29-1863, m New York June 2-1891 
Thomas T Hunt ch. dau. 


8 of Melzer Prior Delano 

Edgar Warren Delano, m 1st Boston July 1-1865 Elizabeth A., 
dau of Hiram & Ellen (McCarty) Greer, b Boston June 15-1847 m 
2d New York Sept 19-1886 Margarett, dau of Henry cc Norah (Mc- 
Cormick) Maher, b July 11-1860. 1 Ella Frances, b Alar 4-1866 
d. at 3 mo. 2 Edgar Hiram, b May 16-1868 (book keeper with gr- 
father) 3 John Melzer, b Mar 19-1870 (bank cashier) 4 Frank 
Warren, b June 15-1875 (drug clerk) 5 Morton Henry, b Aug 
6-1SS9. 6 Edwin Franklin b July 13-1891 

11 of Melzer Prior Delano 

Emily Amelia Delano, d New York Dec 25-18S6, m Burlington 
Vt May 2-1865 George Washington Stone 1 George Melzer, b 
Bos. 2 Enna 

12 of Melzer Prior Delano 

Arthur Franklin Delano, (b 1852) Res. Springfield 111. m. Clara 
L Ifovey. 1 Melzer Prior b. Somerville Mass. 2 Jesse May, b. 
Griggsville 3 Lothair Hovey, b. do. 4 Ola b. Chopin 111. 

13 of Melzer Prior Delano 

Edwin Francis Delano, Res. Hotel Buckingham St Paul Minn 
m Fitchburg Mass. Dec 23-1874 Hortense Henrietta Marie, dau 
of Isaiah & Mary A (Preston) Bacon, b Tunbridge Vt Mar 5-1857. 
1 Eila Marie, b Nov 13-1S75. 

4 of Charles Delano Sr. 

Elisha Delano, d Dux. Apr 1S79 m 1st Pembroke Mass. Dec 
9-1838 Ann Phillips, dau of Seth & Joanna (Turner) Whitman, b 
do. May 30-1809 d. June 9-1841 (Gen. 1SS9) m. 2d Duxbury 
1842 Eliza Delano, dau of Nathan & Huldah (Bates) Delano, b 
Dux Mar 6-1808 d. Dux Oct 21-1894 1 Bethia, b June 16-1843, 
un-m. d Dux Jan 28-1S87. 2 Ann Phillips, b Sept 8-1845 J Taun- 
ton Mass. Feb 23-1897. 3 Barker, b Mar 27-1847, d Sept 8-184S. 
4 Marcia, b Oct 8-1849, d l u] )' 2 -^57- 

6 of Charles Delano Sr 

Albert Delano, d W Brookfield Mass Sept 16-1891 m 1st Med- 
ford Mass. Sarah, dau of Jonathan & Judith (Kenelear) Sampson, 
b do. m. 2d do. Rebecca Shoals (wid.) dau of John & Mary (Sim- 
mons) Wright. 1 Edwai A Marcellius, b Newburyport Mass. Sept 
7-1845 (Res. Alexandria Ya. 11 10 King St In Co. "B" 1st Bat- 
talion Mass Heavy Artillery 1S65 — Engineer Ya. Midland R.R.) 
m. 10 Oct 1881 Mary Ella Sanborn b. Augusta Me. 15 Apr 1853 no 
ch. ? 2 Sarah (both by 1st) 

9 of Charles Delano Sr 

Otis Delano, d Newburyport Sept 7-i8<_,6 m Newburyport Mass 
Oct 8-1846 Sarah, dau of Thomas and Abigail (Dutton) Merrill 
b. do. Sept 3- 182 1. 1 Herbert Otis, b July "7-1847. 2 Abbie Mer- 
rill, b June 24-1849, m. Newburyport 23 Oct 1S73 Michael Patrick 
Breen, b. Limerick Ire. 3 William Prior, b Sept 11-1851, d Dec 
20-1859. 4 Charles Irving, b Oct 23-1853. 5 Orrin Cross, b 
Apr 18-1856, d Sept 28-1863. 6 Walter Henry, b July 13-1S59. 
48 State St. Newburyport m. do. 19 Dec. 1889 Alice M. dau. of 
Hiram & Annie M (Bridges) Leach b. do 2 Nov. 1859 no ch. 7 
Sarah Belle, b Sept 19-1864, or '66 m. Newburyport 24 June 1890 


Leverett J Do Veber, son of William & Annie De Veber, b 

Mangettville N. B. Apr 4-1860. (? l'r. " de Weber," of Europe) 

I of Otis Delano 

Herbert Otis Delano m Merrimac Mass Apr 30-1872 Margaret 
Putman, dau of Charles & Lucy (Poyen) Palmer, b E Haverhill 
Mass. Dec 25-1847. 1 Sarah l'ayson, b Feb 20-1873. 2 Alice 
Herbert, b June 17-1876. 

4 of Otis Delano 

Charles Irving Delano, d Merrimac Feb 21-1886, in Newbury- 
port May 1S77 Jlattic E dau of Henry T & Harriet E (Bartlett) 
Moody, b. do. d. do. Sept 15-1890. 1 Stella Margaret, b Merri- 
mac Mar 10-1880, of Xcwburyport Mass. 

12 of Charles Delano Sr 

James Harvey Delano, (Private 3d Indt Div Mass Vol Militia 
Apr 27th to Aug 5 1864) m Newburyport Mass. Aug 8-1850 
Mary Olive, dau of Merrill & Mariane (Caldwell) Chase, b do Sept 
6-1831 (Gens. 1867 to '94) 1 Mary Ellen, b June 22-1S52. 2 
Annie Arabelle, b Apr 12-1855, d May 25-1859. 3 James Chase, 
b Sept 3 & d. 24U1-1857. 4 Margaret Chase, b Feb 3-1859. d July 
25th 5 Annie Elsworth, b Sept 20-1861. 6 James Chase (2d) b 
June 21-1864. 7 Grace Arabelle, b Aug 22-1866, d Aug 17-1870. 
8 Carrie Fiske, b Apr 23-1868. 9 Fred Louis, b Salisbury Mass 
Mar 13-1871 10 Sophia Moody, b do. Mar 3-1873 & d Sept 3d 
1 of James Harvey Delano 

Mary Ellen Delano, m Newburyport July 21-1875 Philip Bartlett, 
b Amesbury Mass Nov 2-1849. 1 Philip Challis, b Amesbury May 

5 of James Harvey Delano 

Annie Elsworth Delano, m Newburyport June 1-1882 John 
Aubin Wilson Sr. b Salisbury Mass July 4-1858 1 John Aubin Jr. 
b. Salisbury Jan 26-18S9. 2 Olive May, b Newburyport Feb 10- 


6 of James Harvey Delano 

James Chase Delano, m Newburyport May 23-18S9 Gertrude. 
dau of Robert C & Elizabeth (Phinney) Bragg, b do. Dec 29-1868. 

1 Earl Raymond, b Nov 25-1889. 2 Carrie Blanche, b Oct 28- 

8 of James Harvey Delano 
Carrie Fiske Delano, d. New't July 10-1886 m. Newburyport 
Sept 30-1884 Edwin Haigh, b New-York Aug 31-1864. 1 Leroy 
Delano Haigh, b Jan 26-1886. 

7 of John Delano 2d 
Nathan Delano, d Duxbury 1856 m Pembroke Mass. Dec 4- 
1804 Hulda, dau of Comfort & Abigail (Magoun) Bates, b do. Oct 
12-1781 d Dux Oct 13-1867 1 Barker Delano, b Dux. Dec 1805 

2 Mary & 3 Eliza Twins, b May 6-1808. (See Elisha, s. of Chas. 
Delano Sr) 4 Sylvina Delano, b Apr 1-1812 d May 17-18 
Duxbury Dec 4-1836 Spraguc Freeman, b do. Oct 2-1812 d. June 
1878 (Gens, i860, '75 & ? 8i) 1 Huldah. b Aug 1842 m Mr 
Thrasher of W. Duxbury 2 Nathan, b Aug 1844, d 18S5 5 Marcia, 


b Feb 13-1815. m Sept [840 Horace Hall of Pembroke, b Ma 

Mass Jan 1800, d Aug 1876 she d [888. Xo ch. 
i of Nathan Delano 
Barker Delano, (Probate roe of Plymouth, Book 80, Nov . s - 
Abigail wi'.l. of Barker Delano of Pembroke. Dower assigned 

Book Si. Aug 12-1830. Nathan D'o. guardian to Abigail, i 
Ann, ec Jane Frances D'o, mentions Robert Barker admii 
of estate of Barker D'o) d Pembroke 1837 m Pembroke Tan 27-1828 
Abigail Cook b Pembroke 1 Abigail, m. Mr Cunningham of Wey- 
mouth Mass. 2 Lama Ann. 3 Jane Fran 
2 of Nathan Delano 

Mary Delano, d Braintree Mass. 1885, in Duxbury Jan 17-1831 
Charles Henry, son of Seth and Joanna (Turner) Whitman, b Pem- 
broke Oct 3-1807 1 1 list Shi]) Bldg X River Mass By Briggs, Kos 
1889.) 1 George Turner. 1> Pembroke Nov 28-1831. d. Aug 8 or 9- 
1833 2 Ann Eliza, b X Bedford Mar 29-1834 or ^j, d Sept 19- 
1838 3 Henry Barker, b Pembroke July 28-1838. m Jan 3-1J 
Ruth E. dau of Azel X Harriet (Thomson) Thomas. (Priv. Co B 
29 Mass Vols.) — 4 ch 4 Seth Bernard, b Dec 17-1839, d Apr 9- 
1841 or 51 5 Peter Salmon, b Nov 23-1842 m Nov 1 1-1867 Anna 
Keene. 2 ch 6 Charles Turner, b Pembroke Eeb 14-1847 7 
George Raymond 

8 of John Delano 2d 

Sally Delano (1783) d Eayette Me. 1863, m. John Hewett, b & d 
Marshficld Mass. 1 John Jr. 2 Sarah. 3 Joseph. 4 Elisha. 
5 Charles. 6 George, (all d.) 

2 of Jonathan Delano 1st 

Jonathan Delano 2d (Probate records of Plymouth Mass. Bk 9. 
"Will dated Mar 7 1744, proved May 20-1745, executor Samuel 
Winslow father-in-law. Wife Rachel ^-t, the estate, son Jonathan 
all real estate in Rochester Hannah, Eliz. & Martha. A portion 
to be divided among the ch by 2d wife, viz Amasa, Samuel, & 
Irania. 1775 Edmund Ouincy sold 134 acres of land in Xew 
Braintree to Jonathan D'o of Rochester. Co Plymouth, in will 22 
Apr 1756, Worcester Co Mass Probate rec. he bequeaths to his 
sisters Eliz. wife of John Penn ? or Penny of Goodfield near the 
Oblong or " Nine Partners " Dutchess Co. X. Y. & Hannah wife of 
Sampson Wetherell of Xew Braintree portions of his estate 
(Jonathan 3) Bk 44, Plymouth Deeds, Rachel D'o (3d wife) 
weaver, of Sharon Litchfield Co Conn sells land to James Bumpas 
of Wareham. Our parents Edward & Martha B. of Wareham Jan 9- 
1755) d Rochester abt 1744-5 m. 1st Elizabeth 5 Winslow— (Samuel 

4 Kenelm 3 — Kenelm 2 — Edward 1) dau of Samuel and Mercy 

(King) Winslow b Rochester Jan 28-1707-8, d do ? abt 1734 or 5 
m. 2d Rochester Mass Dec 3-1736 Elizabeth, dau of Samuel & 
Ruth (Alden) Sprague b. do. July 4-1699 d - do. 1741 ? (Gens. 1S28- 
'94) m. 3d Wareham ? Mass Dec 9-1741 Rachel Bumpass or Bump, 
dau of Edward & Martha Bumpass, b Wareham Mass. d Sharon ? 
or Oblong X. Y. (Edw. Bompasse on " Fortune 1621 ") I 
Elizabeth Delano, b Rochester Nov 11-1725- 2 Jonathan 3d b 
Feb 2S-1727. un-m. d aft. 1756. 3 Hannah, b June 11-1730— 4 
14 209 

Samuel, b Oct 6-1734, d y. — 5 (Lieut) Amasa, 1) Jan 261737, un-m. 
Killed in "French and Indian War" 1759 (see .Vet. of Capt. 
Amasa) 6 Samuel, b .May n-1739 ( . ;>\ 7 Jrania b Oct 25-1740, 
d y ? — 8 Joanna b July 22-1742 9 Martha, b Feb 5-1843. 
1 of Jonathan 1 )elano -d 

Elizabeth Delano (of Goodfield X. Y. 1756) m Hardwick ? Mass 
Oct 5-1741 John Penn or Penny, of Hardwick ? or New Braintree 
(Solomon Penny res. Dutchess Co. 1778 — Thomas Penney to Mass. 
1633 Scot. & Eng.) 

3 of Jonathan Delano 2d 

Hannah Delano, d Barre ? Mass prob aft 1800 m Rochester Mass 
Mar 6-1748 Sampson Wetherell, d Barre abt 1800. 1 Jonathan 

b Hardwick Mass. Jan 7-1749, m Mehetable 177 1 ? of New 

Braintree. Ch. 1 Catherine, b 1772 m Xoah Bartlett. 2 Jonathan 
b 1774, d 1776. 3 Mehetable b 1776, m Jonathan Sternes. 2 Han- 
nah, b May 2-1 751. 3 Sampson. 4 George. 5 Ephraim. 6 

2 of Sampson Wetherell & Hannah Delano 

Hannah Wetherell, d Genesse Co X. Y. prob m X'ew Braintree ? 
Mass Humphrey 5 Willard (son of Maj. Josiah 4 — Joseph 3 — 
Benjamin 2 — Simon 1) b Rutland Ma^s. Nov 29-1757 D at Alex- 
ander (Town of Bethany) Genesse Co abt 1800 d. Oct 23-1846 (Rev. 
Capt Dexters Co Col Learned's Regt Jan 1776) (of Sussex fr. 
" Milliard of Caen '* Nor. Amies: Arg, on chevron sa., bet. 3 weels- 
flasks ? (eel-pots) 5 ermine-spots. Major Simon Willard b. Hors- 
monden Kent Eng. 1605 to Mass 1634 s. of Rich.) 1 Harvey, b 
Nov 24-1781. 3 Sampson. 4 Sophronia 5 Sarah 2 Hannah, 
b Jan 24-1792 d. Columbia X. H. 17 Aug 1842 m. Charles Sperry, 
b Claremont N. H. Oct 17-1793 d Lowell Mass. Jan 31-1872 1 
Charles, b Columbia 1820 3 Susan, b 1824 4 Sarah, b 1826 5 
James, b 1830. 2 Simon Willard, b Jan 7-1822 d. Stockton Cal. 
13 Sept 1886 m. Albany X. Y. 21 Jan 185 1 Elizabeth, dau of George 
Russell & Eliza (Day) Barker, b Sandy Hill X. Y. Oct 13-1830. 1 
George Barker, b Nov 185 1 2 James Willard, b Nov 1854 3 
Austin, b Aug 1859 4 Ethel Willard Sperry, b Mar 23-1S64 m. 
Stockton 6 Oct. 1886 William Henry Crocker, son of Charles & 
Mary Anne (Deming) Crocker, b Sacramento Jan 13-1861 Res. 
San Francisco 1150 California St a. Ethel Mary, b San F. Sept 18- 
1891 b. William Willard, b June 29-1893 c. Helen Victoria, b 
Dec 18-1896. 5 Elizabeth Helen Sperry. b Oct 6-1871 m Paris 
France Oct 6-1894 Prince Audre Poinatowski, b do Jan 24-T864. 
Ch. Stanislas Auguste Poinatowski, b Aug 31-1895. (Princes 
Poniatowski of Poland — amies of Ciolek (surname) Arg., a bull 

6 of Jonathan Delano 2d 
Capt Samuel Delano. Sr. d. Dux. Nov 6- 18 14, m Duxbury Apr 
5-1762 Abigail, dau of Samuel 3 (b. 17 13) & Faith (Peterson) Drew 
(s. of Sam'l 2 — John 1 — ) b Kingston Mass. 1749 d. Dux. Sept 25- 
181 1. 1 (Capt.) Amasa Delano, b Feb 21-1763, m Hannah Apple- 
ton (wid) of Boston, no ch. d abt 1823. Ship Master. (Sec life.) 
2 Nancy, b 1764, d. y. by scalding 3 Irene, b May 6-1765 4 Alex- 

ander, b 1767, drowned 1771 5 Samuel Jr. b Dee 5-1769 6 Abi- 
gail, b Sept 28-1771 7 Nancy (2d), b 1775 m deacon George Lor- 
ing Nov 24-1796, she d Sept --'-1797. no eh. 8 Eli 
b Nov 25-1778 9 William, b Apr 25-1783. (Capt S D'o— soldier, 
sailor ec ship-builder of Duxbury. In against 

French and Indian? 1757-8-9 under Geo. II. Sergeant Capt Gama- 
liel Bradfords Co in No ia, at Ticondi rown Point, 
Fort William Henry &c Brave, discreet, and prudenl Idier. 
After peace of 1763 in ship carpenters business; a master builder 
many years. 1772 to Braintree .Mass in ship building aboiu 2 
years returning to Duxbury & continued this work for years. Was 
at Roxbury 1776 when the British troops held Boston. Under 
Genl Thomas when ordered to Dorchester heights in .Alar 1776. 
Was taken ill recovered & Apr 29 joined the brig- " Independence," 
Capt Simeon Sampson. Captured on her and carried to Halifax, 
carpenter 5 mo. " Dilino " vol. 52 — 3 m '77—6 mo. etc. afterwi 
impressed on board the " Rainbow " Man-of-War, 44 guns. When 
the Hancock frigate was taken by this ship, he was on board soon 
after exchanged and put ashore at Boothbay Me. Mass Arch. 
Sept 23-1776, Brigantine ditto After Rev. Captain of a Militia Co. 
Plymouth Probate rec. Book 45. Will Apr 20-1814 names sons 
" Amasa, Samuel W'm & dau. Irene Bates. Abigail Thomas, & 
Eliza.") (Lieut. Amasa Delano (uncle of Capt Amasa) officer in 
Rogers Rangers under Geo II against French & Indians 1757-9. 
Though very young was esteemed for bravery good conduct, and 
at twenty was a lieutenant. While with a party of rangers on an 
expedition near the Canadian lines; was led astray by the guides; ill- 
lost in the wilderness They were obliged to separate and to hunt 
food. The party commanded by Amasa consisted of iS privates 
and 1 officer besides himself Reduced to the greatest extremity; 
they were compelled to eat an " Indian child " whom they found 
in the woods. On coming to the Indian settlement and their un- 
fortunate conduct regarding the child known were massacred in a 
horrible manner) — (Capt Amasa D'o — Asa a child (11) rescued his 
bro. Samuel fr. drowning) 

He was remarkable for tenderness of feeling toward others The 
young hero caught the spirit of the times. He would not rest at 
home; though but twelve visited the camp at Roxbury, spent much 
time there in watching the movements of the little army. 

In the summer of 1777 when his father was a prisoner of war on 
the " Rainbow " information came that Burgoyne had advanced 
from Montreal to Lake Champlain. Recruits were called for by 
the Provincial Congress, many marched to join the army under 
Genl Gates. But fourteen he was one of the first to come forward 
and enlist, though a man in stature, courage and enterprise. 
Went to Boston with others of his townsmen under command of 
Capt Joseph Wadsworth of Duxbury. He met his father return 
from captivity at Halifax, who, to his great mortification insisted on 
his leaving the army and gi >ing home, being under age was obliged 
to submit. In latter part of 1777 an expedition was prepared to 
take Rhode Island, then in possession ot the British. A large body 

of the militia was under Genl Spencer. About fifty were sen; I 
Duxbury. He was permitted to join the company of militia on 
this expedition, under I.t Elisha Baker, who said: " Delano would 
have gone on to the island with the picket guard to reconnoitre the 
British lines every night if he had been allowed." 

This campaign lasted a few months. Young Delano returned 
home in the autumn but his ardor for military life and adventures 
had not abated. The winter, it is believed, he passed in attending 
a private school, but in the following summer being fifteen, he 
served a few months in the militia under Genl Heath & belon 
to the guard of the British army, captured at Saratoga, at Prospect 
Hill, Cambridge. 

In the summer of 1779 with several other young men he went 
to Boston and entered on board of the privateer " Mars," sailed 
one cruise, which continued till the spring. Here it is said he 
suffered such hardship as to lose his health. After his return he 
remained until well again 1781 he entered on board a merchant- 
man the " Russel " belonging to Messrs R 6c J Leach of Salem 
Mass. He made a voyage to Cape Francois, West Indies lie 
returned fall of 1781 & winter of 1782 sailed from Boston to the 
West Indies in a schooner belonging to deacon Williams with 
other vessels under convoy of the " Flora and Caesar," private 
armed ships of the U. S. The weather was so boisterous they 
separated from the convoy, and were taken by the " Chatham." a 
British ship, 50 guns. The Schooner had a set of " English papers," 
on sight of which she was freed This was not an uncommon prac- 
tice in that day. On returning he continued at home and labored 
with his father ship building. " They built the Brig ' Peacock,' 
this year 1782 for E Parsons Esq of Boston, and in this ves 
he afterwards sailed to Martinico and Porto Rico in the West 
Indies to Virginia, to Bilboa in Spain." He continued to sail in 
different vessels, his brothers Samuel Jr 6c William with him. Was 
in the Merchant Marine Service until 1798 cast away on Cape Cod 
Dec 28-1798, & loosing everything he retired and settled down 
married a widow and wrote his book of voyages This book is not 
only unique but well and clearly written, all who can are advised 
to read it) 





i.\ Tin: 












PA . r . 

The building and launching of the ship Massachusetts— Major Shaw, - - 21 
Eli Hayden— William Hackett— Daniel Briggs— The family of Briggs, - 22 
Re)narks on building and hading ships, ....... 23 

Measurement of the Massachusetts, ........ 24 

fob Prince Esq. went as commander, - - - - - - - -25 

The officers of the ship, ...... ... - 26 

List of names, rank, Hsrc, of the crew, ........ 27 

Superstition of sailors — Moll Pitcher, ........ 30 

Sailing of the Massachusetts for Canton, 32 

Trouble caused by a false alarm given by one of the sailors, - - - - 34 

Variation of the compass, - - - - - - - - - -35 

Importance to know liow to take lunar observations — Books and instruments 
necessary for an officer, .---------36 

Remarks upon the Javanese — Pigeon Island — Thomas French killed by • 

ing from the main yard, - - - - - - - - - -37 

Remarks upon Consuls, - - - - - - - - - ~ 3" 

left Batavia, and arrived at Canton, ...-----39 

Sale of the Massachusetts, and separation of the crew, ----- 40 

Repairing a Danish Ship at Canton, - - - - - - - -4 1 

Parting with t/ie crew of the Massachusetts, 42 

Remarks upon the crew, .......... jb. 

Whampoa, description of, - - - - - - - - - - ib. 

Entering the English service under commodore McClure, on a voyage of sur- 
vey and discovery, ..---------43 


Some description of th ing to the expedition, - - - - -i i 

Remarks upon the Typa, - - - - - - - - - - 4O 

......... ^ 

Change oj ........... j>, 

Babuyane Islands, - - - - - - - - - - - -4S 

---------- ib. 

Being bitten by a centipede, 53 

Port San Pio Qui nto — people of Luconia, ib. 

Going on shore after turtle, 54 

Conspiracy of the boatswain, - - - -55 

Sailed for the P 57 


Description of tht Pe lew Islands, - - - - 5S 

Abba Tkulle, kit i'elew Islands, ------- 

Expedition to Artingall, 60 

The king's manner of treating his enemies, ------- ib. 

Manner of conducting the expedition, - - - - • - - -61 

Singular manner of putting their eanoes under way, - - - - -62 

Remarks upon the chiefs and people of Artingall, ------ 63 

Peace concluded between the king and his revolted chiefs, - - - - 64 

Sixty women delivered as hostages to secure the peace, • - - - - 65 

Treatment of prisoners, ---------- 66 

Striking instance of retribution, in the ease of Madan Blanchard, - - 67 

Some remarks during a second visit to the Pelew Islands, - - - - 63 

Arra Kooker, ------------ ib. 

Commodore McClttre's plan of an establishment on the Pe/ew Islands, - - 69 
Religion of the people of these islands, - - - - - - - -7 1 

Manner of making choice of friends, - - - - - - - - 7 2 

Marriages, ---73 

Letter of Samuel Snook, lieutenant of the Panther, - - - - - 74 

Some remarks upon the Pelew Islands, of what took place after we were there, 76 

Departure from the Pelew Islands, --------78 

St. Stephens, Pulo-Myssory, Manouaran, and JVaygoo Islands, - - - ib. 
Hostility of the natives of New Guinea, -------79 

Some remarks upon them, ---------- 80 

Watering place at Manouaran Island, - - - - - - - -81 

Revenge Straits — Butanta Shoal, ----ib. 

Animals and birds of New Guinea, and adjacent islands, - - - - 82 

Sago tree, description of, - - - - - - - - - -S3 

Savage Town, ------------84 

Passage to the Spice Islands — Bouro Islands, ------ 86 

Arrival at Amboyna, ----------- 87 

Description of (he nutmeg — Dr. Hoffman, -------88 

Inhabitants of Amboyna, ----------89 

Sailed for .Yew Guinea — McClure's Inlet, ------- 91 

Battle with the natives. Dr. Nicholson killed, 9 2 

Unsuccessful attempt to get water at Cut-throat Creek, - - - - - 97 

Fresh-water-bay, ------------ 98 

Remarks upon .Yew Guinea, ......... 99 

North coast of New Holland, KM 

Arrival at Timor, ........... 103 

Remarkable instance of a boat arriving there from Xew South JVales, - - 104 
Description of Timor, 105 

The expedition under the command of lieutenant /'Ugh, in his Britannic 

Majesty's ship Bounty, to Otaheite, in 

Lieutenant Bligh's account of the mutiny which happened en board the 

Bounty, headed by Fletcher Christian, ir 3 

Names and stations of the crew of the Bounty, n ~ 



Captain Edwards 1 account \yage i>: tke Pandora in sean 



Captain M ' ' ' of the Ad xnaccouni 

of the settlement on •../, 126 

Sir George Staitte' 's letter -subject, 127 

Pitcairns Island, discovery of ......... 13c 

Letter . •: .' author, 137 

Particulars of captain Fol in? on Pitcairn's Island, - - -139 


Reflections on the history of tnent on Pitcairn's Island, 145 


Passage from Timor to Ben en— .'aid — Governor of Padang, 152 

Pulo Bay — Bene ad-basin, description of, - - - 154 

Island of Sumatra, - - - - - - - - - - -156 

Batavia, arrival ' the city, - - - - - -157 

Mosques of the Malays, - - - - - - - - - -160 

A tom-tom, described, - - - - - - - - - - - 161 


Passage from Batavia through the Straits of Billiton, ----- 162 

Borneo Island — N % on its coast — Mountains and produ - - 163 

Beach-le-mar, or Swalloo, ---------- 1C4 

Philippine Islands, - - - - - - - - - - -165 

City of Manilla — its inhabitants, --------- 166 

Remarks on a passage through the Sooloo .' ------ 167 

Balambangan — Inhabitants — Monkeys — Harbour — Bangua Perk — /la/abac, - i63 

Cagay an- Sooloo — To-wee- To-wee, - - 169 

Description of the island and town of Sooloo, - - - - - -171 

Going on shore at Sooloo, by the assistance of an old Moor, -who -was a subah- 

dar in the Sultan's guard, -with the circumstances attending tJie enterprize, - 175 
The commodore and officers invited by the sultan tt %o on shore, - - - 17S 
The Sultan's Seraglio, - - - - - - - - - - -179 

Alexander Dalrymple Esq, some mention of, ---... 181 

A voyage to Sooloo might be profitable, ........ 182 

Passage from Sooloo through the sea of Celebes, - - - - - -183 

Gilolo — Mortay — IFaygoo, - - - - - - - . - -184 

Second visit to the Pele-w Islands, - - - - - - - -186 

Some further remarks on the inhabitants — Abba Thullc — Arra Kooker — 
Raa Kook, - - - - - - - - - - - - -187 

Description of their canoes — tarra-root — swalloo, ...... igi 

Passage from Pelew to Canton, 195 


Difficulty between captain Stewart of the ship Eliza and the Chinese govern- 
ment, ............. 196 

Settlement with the English government for my two years services, - - 197 

Sailed from Canton in the Eliza, for Ostend, ib. 

Treachery of the Malays, 198 

Arrival at the Isle of France, - - - - - - - - -199 

Re/narks upon the inhabitants, and the effects produced by the revolution in 
France, ------------- 200 

Reflections upon privateering, --------- 203 

Number of inhabitants in the Isle of France, 205 

Island of Bourbon, description cf, -------- - 207 

Passage from the Isle of Franeejo Bombay — Hurricane, ... - 208 
Make Island — Seychelles bank, ......... 209 



Remarks ••■ iptain Johnson, on the coai 

Arabia Felix, - - - - - - - - - - - -210 

Arrival at Bombay, - - - - - - - - - - -211 

Description of Bombay — Productions, commerce, 1 £rv., - - 212 

Cabra-di-capello, and cobra-manilla, 21G 

Sural, description of, 217 

Islands of Elephanta an ■.curiosities?/, 21S 


Passage from Bombay to Calcutta, 220 

Coast of Malabar — Goa — Mr. Wedgborou 221 

Tillicherry — Calicut — Cape Comorin, 223 

Island of Ceylon, description of , 224 

Coast of Coromandel, ----------- 229 

Power of the Priests, and singular method of deciding guilt by ch 230 

Tranquebar — Pondicherry — Pagodas — Madras, - - - - - - 231 

Difficulties in enteriftg the river H fly, - 232 

Bore of the tide — Arrival at Calcutta, 233 


Description of Bengal, - 237 

lis productions, animals, commerce, and inhabitants, ----- 233 
Calcutta, description of, ---------- 239 

Fort William—the tank of Calcutta, 241 

Water of the Can r es, the properties -which the natives believe it to possess, - 242 
Custom of ivomen being burnt with their deceased husbands, - - - - 243 

Different casts among the Hindoos, - - - 245 

River Hoogly, description of, - 247 

Famous black hole at Calcutta, - 24S 

Serampore — Chandenagore — Chinsurah — Bay of Bengal, . . . . 249 

Left Calcutta in the ship Three Brothers, for Philadelphia, ... 250 

Arrival home, with reflections, ......... 252 

Remarks on building and fitting out ships, - - 253 

Departure from Boston in the ship Perseverance, - - - - - - 257 

St. Paul's Rocks — Fernanda Noranka, ....... 258 

Falkland Islands — A r orth-west-harbour, - - 259 

Description of birds on the Falkland Islands, ...... 261 

Manner in which these birds form their rookeries, ----- 263 

Coast of Patagonia, and Terre del Fuego, 264 

Port Famine, some description of, ........ 2C5 

Straits of Magellan — Staten-Land, - 269 

Passage round Cape Horn, - - - - - y - - - - -271 

Islands Diego Ramirez, ---------- 273 

Arrival on the coast of Chili, ......... 274 

Description of the coast — Baldivia, — Conception — Valparaiso — Coquimbo — ntd 
the island of Chi loe, .......... - 275 

Island of Mocha, 276 

Kingdom of Chili, remarks on, ......... 277 

Port of Talcaquana — Remarkable account of two English whale ships, - 2?o 

Vancouver's description of the harbour of Valparaiso, - - - - - 283 

Subject of killing -.0 hales — Daring attempt to kill one, ----- 2S5 

Account of the death of captain Howe, -------- 290 

Customs and manners of the inhabitants of Chili, - 292 

Their manner of treating prisoners, ........ 296 

Action between the ship Vulture, captain Thomas Folger and a Spanish ship 
— Rising of the Spaniards on board the prize ship, an 1 putting the J 

men to death, 297 

Harbour of Coquimbo — the Andes, -------- 299 

Affair of the English privateer Antelope, 3 or 




Description of Massa Fuero, 3°4 

Account of the ■ . i of skin- 
ning and preparing the skins, --------- 306 

Description of Juan Feme \tsoe, 30S 

Attempt to land on Juan Per nan ■■/.', ... 309 

Island of St. Maria, 313 

The glow worm found here, - - - - - - - - - -316 

Town of Arruco, and the river on the main, ....... 317 

Particulars of the capture of the Spanish ship Tryal, at the Island of St. 

Maria, 3lS 

Remarks on the crew of the Per severance at the time of the capture of the 

Tryal, 320 

Particulars of the capture of the Tryal, - - 3 = 6 

Arrival at Conception with our prize, -------- "■,-') 

Official Documents of the intendency at Conception, 332 

Letter from the Marquis de Case Yruso — The answer, - - - - 35 r 

Letter from Don Juan Stoughton, and answer, ------ 353 

Description of the island of Si. Felix, -------- 354 

St. Ambrose and Easter Island, --------- 355 

Account of the discovery of Pilgrim Island, 357 

General description of the kingdom of Chili, its boundaries, productions, man- 
ners, and customs of its original inhabitants, 6rc. ----- 360 

Port of Xasca, - 367 

Passage from Massa Fuero to the Gallipagos Islands, 36S 

Gallipagos Islands — Stephen's Bay — Captain Colnett's description of it, - - 369 
Chatham Island, description of, -------- 370 

Hood's Island, landing on it, 'with a description, - - - - - - 37 1 

Charles's Island, description of its soil ana' trees — Settle/?* .' on it by an 

I) ishman, ------------- 372 

James's Bay, anchored in it and found two Spanish brigs, prizes to (he 

English ship Henry of London, --------- 373 

Captain William Watson, of the Henry, character of— Captain Anderson of 

the Castor and Polux, 374 

Description of James's Island, - - - - - - - - -375 

Terrapin, or land tortoise, description of, ------- ib. 

Manner of keeping them on board of a ship, their food, erV. - -377 

The land guana, and sea guana, --------- 373 

Lizards, snakes, and other reptiles, ........ 379 

The pelican — Singular manner of diving— Ping dove — Divers, ... 380 

Directions for getting water at James's Island, 3S1 

Narborougk Island, described, - - - - • - - - -332 

Remarkable phenomenon, of a cloud charging a mountain with fire, - - 3S3 

Watering place at Albermarle Island, - - 3 '4 

General remarks upon the Gallipagos Islands, ------ 385 


Passage to the Sandwich Islands, 3S7 

Owhyhee, description of, ---------- ib. 

Tamahammaha, king of the Sandwich Islands, 388 

Mowee described, ------------ 3S9 

WoaJioo anchoring place, ---------- 39*3 

Alexander Stewart, the king's natural son, tai v, - - - 391 

Difficulty caused by Stewarts mother, -------- 392 

Small pox, inoculation with after arriving at Canton — Kine pock, - - - 393 
Alexander Stewart goes on board an /'.>:., i ' hip— the boy named ' 

mention of, _..--------- 394 


George M ■ " : acierof ----..... »qc 

General remarks . ;.• the Sandwich Isla . . - - - - - - . 30$ 

( tin John a. -----...._ ^qq 

captain Sole, - - - - ib. 

Narrative of lit .......... ^ OI 

Latitude and longitu .■'.■ of ■ the i .... 403 


Passage to Canton — Directions for sailing through between the Ladrone 

Islands, ............. 404 

Entering the Straits of Formosa, .-.-..--. 405 
/ ititude and Ion rings of the straits oj . . and Vela-rete 

rocks, - - - - 406 

Directions for sailing into Canton Bay — Grand Lama Island, ... 407 

Island of Lintow — Necessary to report at Macao and obtain apilot and permit, 

before a ship can go up to Canton, ........ 40S 

Directions in g d manner of doing business, - - -409 

Dutch Supercat . how disposed of at Canton — Some remarks 

upon Japan, their manners, laws, and customs, - - - - - 411 

Instance of a fisherman raising captain Stewart's skip at Nangasaqui, - - 412 
Sailing from Canton— Directions for making a passage from Canton to the 

United Slates, - 414 

The Keeling or Coco Islands described, - - - - - - - -417 

Directions in doubling the Cape of Good J I - - - - - -418 

Necessary to go to the eastward of Bermuda, in making a port east of New 

York, ------ 419 


jRe marks upon fitting cut and preparing for a voyage to the South Sea and 
North West Coast of America, - - - - - - - - -420 

Reflections on tearing America on this voj - - - - - -421 

Danish schooner Experiment, from Africa, spoken, 423 

Island of Trinidad described, ......... 424 

Remarks irf on the islands of Tristian de Cunha, 425 

Directions for a passage to the eastward of Van Die maris Land. - - -427 

King's Island described, - - - - -42S 

Cape Barren—Koifs Bay — Banks's Straits, - 430 

Clark's and Preservation Islands, 431 

Sea Lion and Penguin Islands — Sloop Reck — latitude and Longitude of Kent 's 

Bay, 433 

The Sisters — Flinders Island — Storm Bay Passage, ..... 434 

Harbour in Bass's Straits, 435 

Derwent River, 437 

Frederick Henry Bay, 43S 

Settlement at the Derwent River, 439 

Kanguroo, and other animals, birds and fish, description of , ... 441 

Swans — remarkable instance of sagacity in a Swan, - - - - - 442 
Interview with the natives of Van Die man's Land, ..... 445 

Captain Cook's account of these n at;: 446 

Settlement of New South Wales by the English, - 44S 

Description of the birds, quadrupeds, <rc. of New South Wales, - - - 45 1 


Transactions at New Holland, Van Diemans Land, and Bass's Straits, - 460 

Letter to the Governor of New South Wales. - - - - - - 461 

Affray with the convict cast of fed by Morrill, .... 464 

Return of the Pilgrim from Sydney, 4^5 

Remarkable escape from drowning, 4 r, 6 

Departure from Bass's Straits — Description of the Snares, . - - - 472 

Bounty Islana Hon of, 474 

Passage across the South Pacific Ocean, ._.--- -47^ 

Description of a bay on the coast of Peru, ------ - 477 


Artca, description of , ------.... 

■ 4 ^ 
The bay and port of Pisco, - - - .-. .., 


Description of Callao, and ci tidal of Lima, m 

Account of 

Road Lima, - 

Remarks upon Earthquakes, - ,c Q 

City of Lima, description 

Viceroy of Lima, 493 

The Inquisition, son-.: ■ e 

Trial and pun, _ g 

-/'•"'' Inquisition, 407 

Mint at Lima, description of , ,,5 

Description of the Churches in Lima, 5 o- 

Situation, trade, and productions of Lima, c Q 6 

Remarks on prisoners at Lima, , IO 

General remarks on the kit Peru, en 

Number of inhabitants in I ,13 

Colleges, Meterohgical Statement, &-y. r Iq 

Inhabitants of the kingdom of Peru, r 2 i 


Departure from Lima— Description of the Lobos Islands, - - - .524 
Town of Paita—Gulph and town of Guayaquil— Point Helena— Town and 

river Tumbez, -_ 9 

- 5 _o 

Departure from the coast of Peru, .,,, 

Description of Wake's Island and Rocks, ~ib. 

Passage to Canton— Remarks upon the Chinese Empire, .... 530 

Marriages among the Chinese, - 533 

Marriage ceremonies among the Hindoos, 5-3 

Funerals of the Chinese and places of interment of the dead, .... 534- 

Lord Macartney's embassy to China, c-^ 

Dutch embassy to China, description of, r~6 

Foreign women not allowed to enter the Chinese empire, - 540 

Custom of Chinese women having small fee.', cjx 


Departure from Canton, ,.3 

Some particulars and description of the Cape of Good Hope, - - - -544 

Customs ana manners of the inhabitants, 515 

Method of travelling — Lion s Run:*, -----.__ ^43 

Hottentots — Caffres — Bosgessmen, cc 

Animals,- productions, and curiosities of the cape, ---... 556 
Passage across the South Atlantic Ocean and arrival at Boston, ... erg 


Remarks upon Embargoes and other commercial restrictions, - 561 

Voyage to the Island of St. Bartholomews, 562 

The Perseverance seized by the government there, ------ e65 

Makes her escape and runs out by the batteries, ...... 566 

Description of the manner of effecting the euterprize, 5-0 

Passage home, - - - - . . . . . . . -c,"i 

Hurricane, ------....... ^- 2 


In preparing this book for the public, I have had several objects 
in view. The principal one was the hope and belief that a large 
part of the information, which it contains, would be new and inter- 
esting to the community. In regard to the Oriental Islands par- 


ticularly, remarks are made, anecdotes are told, i 

described, and principles and traits of character among the natives 

are brought to light, which, I trust, my readers will find worthy 

of their attention. 

Having kept journals of my voyages and travels, which were 
made at the time minute and full upon whatever was extraordinary, 
and being satisfied that the publication oi what I had seen and 
experienced would be useful, especially to seamen, 1 also desired 
to employ and amuse my mind in this work, and to spend, in a 
rational and profitable manner, a number of months which might 
otherwise have keen left a prey to melancholy and painful medita- 
tions. I esteem it an occasion of peculiar gratitude to Providence 
when a man, depressed in his spirits, can fall upon a mode of be- 
guiling his sadness which is equally reasonable and useful in regard 
to the community, and at the same time agreeakle and reputable 
in regard to himself. 

My friends too were solicitious that I should draw up this narra- 
tive, and give it to the press. It is hoped that their partiality will 
not be greatly mortified by the compliance with their advice, and 
the respect to their opinions, which I have here shown. No 
man from the United States has enjoyed the same opportunity 
for observation and discovery in the Eastern Ocean, which was 
afforded to me by the voyage I made with commodore McCIure. 
My remarks upon the navigation along the coast of Xcw Holland, 
Van Dieman's Land, New Zealand, and round Cape lb>rn, will 
also be new to my readers, and I am confident, of great real value. 
Although I have to regret that my book is not better, I trust that 
my countrymen will find it containing information and exhibiting 
a spirit, of which, notwithstanding its faults, they need not be 
ashamed. There arc many suggestions made in it on the various 
subjects connected with ship building, with practical navigation, 
with the management of crews, with the conduct of seamen on 
shore and in port, and with the duties of owners and masters, which 
I am confident are deserving of the notice, recollection, and atten- 
tion of persons employed in these departments of life. It was 
also thought expedient to introduce such information concerning 
the places which I visited, as might render the book interesting 
and instructive to landsmen, and as should give me an opportunity 
to offer my sentiments, as they occured. upon various topics in 
morals, condition, and character. 

In undertaking this work, I was aware of the difficulties which I 
should have to encounter, in consequence of my want of an early 
and academic education, although I have always seized every pos- 
sible opportunity during my whole life for the improvement of my 
mind in the knowledge of useful literature and those sciences that 
are immediately connected with the pursuits to which I have been 
professionally devoted. My efforts have not been without suco 
and I have been often employed in giving instructions to midship- 
men, other subordinate officers, and seamen, in mathematics, as- 
tronomy, and navigation. — These difficulties therefore were not 
greater in regard to me than they have been in regard to many 

other voyagers and travellers, who have very properly and usef 
employed their pens in writing accounts of their observations 
discoveries for the public. 1 wished this narrative to have my own 
character, sentiments, and manner, sul ily to such a revision 

by some of my friends, before the manuscript went to pi 
would free it from any gross errors in grammar, and peculiar 
obscurity in the construction of the sentences. I know thai 
book is unequally written, that the order i^ not always as ha] 
as it might have been, that the facts and observations are miscel- 
laneously presented to the reader, and that sometimes those bel 
ing to the same subject are separated from each other at too 
a distance. The nature of the narrative i> such as to render . 
necessity miscellaneous in a high degree, but the considerable 
fects in point of arrangement have arisen, not merely from my in- 
experience in the business of book-making, but from the fact that 
the press was set to work before my manuscript was revised, the 
sheets were printed as fast as they were prepared, and informal 
sometimes came in, after its proper place was occupied with i I 
matter. I do not attempt to justify this; I only desire to record my 
most sincere regret for the existence of those circumstances winch 
have compelled me to carry my book through the press in 

My manuscript was very nearly completed for the whole 
before it was offered to any one for correction. It has undc-rg 
no alteration in respect to the facts, the general arrangement, the 
matter introduced, or the spirit and tenor of the sentiments and 
reflections. Although I am but little qualified to appear before the 
public in this way, yet the responsibility of every thing in the book, 
where credit is not given, is entirely my own. A number of my 
friends have been successively employed to revise the different 
parts of the manuscript, and in consequence of this, the style is in a 
degree varied according to the several hands. In the first par: of 
my narrative, that which is included in the period when I was with 
McClure, the reflections are the most numerous, as I made them 
the most frequently myself in the narrative, and the thoughts were 
considerably filled out in the correction of the sheets for the press. 

The names are spelled differently in different books. The or- 
thographv in this work is supported in every instance by some 
printed authority. The three plates I have procured in addition 
to the original design, without any addition to the terms and ex- 
pense contemplated in the prospectus. The whole is written with 
a spirit of independence, without wounding the feelings, as I trust, 
of any good man. Perhaps my remarks may sometimes appear to 
pay too little deference to popular prejudice. I hope however, that 
what I have always felt may always appear in my expressions, and 
that is a uniform respect and attachment to all the good and gen- 
erous qualities of our nature, and an unaffected veneration for the 
laws of Providence and the principles of true religion. 

It may be considered by some of my readers that I have been at 
times too minute in giving details in this narrative concerning offi- 
cers and crews, the manner in which they were treated, and the 


attention paid to their effects after their death. But notices of 
this kind are valuable to the cause of morality and humanity, and 
will help, I trust, to stimulate others to do the same things for their 
fellow men which are recommended here. What I have negl 
myself, and what I have seen deficient in other commanders of 
vessels, have led me to make such remarks in the course of this 
work as I thought would be useful to the community, and par- 
ticularly to those who are called upon, not only for acts of justice, 
but for those of disinterestedness, at sea. 

It will be observed that the table of contents is made out very 
full in order t<> answer in some measure the purpose of an index. 





The Ship Massachusetts — Shaw — Hayden — Hackett — Briggs — 
The object of the Voyage of the Massachusetts — Her Crew — 
Passage to China — arrival at Batavia — at Canton — Occurrences 

The voyage, with which I shall commence my narrative, was 
made in the ship Massachusetts. She was built at Quincy in one 
of the branches of Boston harbour, and was launched in Septem 
1789. An agreement was made at Canton in China, with major 
Samuel Shaw, a Bostonian, to build the Massachusetts for the linn 
of Shaw & Randall, both of whom had been officers in the American 
army during the revolution, and had travelled to India after the 
peace of 1783, when the army was disbanded. Of Randal I know 
but little. Shaw was aid de camp to general Knox, who com- 
manded the artillery during the whole war, and who often told me 
that Shaw enjoyed the full approbation and confidence of all his 
superior officers. He was a man of fine talents and considerable 
cultivation; he placed so high a value upon the sentiments of 
honour that some of his friends thought it was carried to excess, 
and said it would do him no good. He was candid, just, and gen- 
erous, faithful in his friendships, an agreeable companion, and 
manly in all his intercourse. He died with a complaint of the liver, 
on a voyage from Canton to America, a succeeding voyage to that 
in which I was with him. He was buried in the ocean off the 
Cape of Good Hope. 

The contractor with Major Shaw for the building of the ship 
was Eli Hayden of Braintree, a man of abilities in his profession, 
and who deserved more than he has received from the community. 
Pie built a small vessel, which was rigged as a brig, and went round 
the Cape of Good Plope to China in 1787-17S8, an enterprise then 
considered as of very great importance. His fate has been like 
that of too many others. After making many exertions in an hon- 
est and useful pursuit, and gaining a competency by his industry, 

In* found himself often circumvented and was obliged to return 
with loss into the country. He moved to Vermont, not well re- 
warded for his sendees and integrity. 

The draughtsman of the ship was captain William Hackett of 
Amesbury on the Merrimack. He was also superintendant. He 
had formerly built the Alliance . . which sailed with such 

success during the war of the revolution. His knowledge and 
judgment in his business were oi the first order, his temper amiable, 
and his character excellent. lie was cousin to colonel John 
Hackett, who bui venty four at Portsmouth, that was after- 

wards presented to the French government. 

The name of the master builder of the Massachusetts was Daniel 
Briggs. lie was one of the best men I ever knew to keep a large 
company of men at work, and to make their labour productive. 
The family of Briggs in Pembroke, Plymouth county, was cele- 
brated for extraordinary merit. There were five brothers. Elisha 
continued in his native town an excellent ship builder. Alden was 
brought up a blacksmith, was remarkable for the talents he showed 
in the heavy work of a ship, was the mechanic employed for the 
Massachusetts in this department, and afterwards became a mer- 
chant. Enos is a ship builder at Salem, and built the Essex frigate. 
Daniel united mercantile speculations with ship building, and has 
lived many years in Milton. Thomas was educated a ship builder 
also, went to sea afterwards as captain, transacted business as a 
merchant in Boston for many years, and died in Dorchester in i ■ - 
beloved and respected by all who knew him. The five brothers 
were employed upon the Massachusetts. It would not be proper 
for me to say here all that I know and feel in praise of this family. 

3 of Capt Samuel Delano Sr 

Irene Delano, d. Duxbury Sept 5-1828 m. Dux. Seth Bates Jr. 
son of Seth Sr. & Anna (Neal) Bates, b Hanover .Mass abt. 1759 or 
60 Bap Hanover ch. July 31-1774 1 Amasa Delano Bates, b Han- 
over or Scituate prob. Apr 13-1792, (in " War 181 J." Taken pris- 
oner & d Dartmoor prison Eng. 1814) — 2 Betsy, b Oct 31-1794 m 
Patton 3 Nancy Delano Bates, b Eeb 9-1798, bap. Mar 4-1; 
m Samuel Soule (son of W'm & Priscilla (Sampson Soule.) 4 
Seth 3d b Mar 26-1801 5 Hannah Clark, b Oct 19-1803 (Fr. L 
Vernon Briggss "Hist & Records of 1st Congregational Ch of 
Hanover ") 

5 of Capt Samuel Delano Sr. 

Capt Samuel Delano Jr. d. Dux. July 14-1853, m Duxbury May 
15-1794 Lucy, dau of Joshua & Olive (Thomas) Winsor, b do. May 
I7-I/75 d- do - Feb 15-1S67 1 Olive Thomas Delano, b Apr 19- 
1795, un-m. d Marshfield Mass. Jan 29-1891. 2 Alexander Delano, 
b June 1 1-1796, (left home in 1823 & never heard of after.) 3 Lucy 
Winsor, b Nov 23-1797, d. 10 May 1898 4 Samuel yl. b Jan 19- 
1800, un-m. d New Orleans Oct 9-1820. 5 Almira b Apr io-l 
un-m. d Duxbury Mar 14-1894. (A contributor to this Gen.) 6 
Henry Tolland, b Oct 9-1809. 7 Benjamin Franklin, b Nov 2y 
181 1 8 Nancy, b Nov 8-1813 9 VVinslow Thomas, b Aug 18-1820. 


(Account and documents relating to the assistance rendei 
" Rodney," by Samuel Delano Jr fr. Delano's " \ oyagi " & the 
" Centinal." Wed Xov 26-1792. "On Friday last a verv severe 
north-east storm commencedj and continued until Sunday morning, 

attended we fear with much loss to the mercantile interests. In this 
storm, the ship " Rodney " of Lon., Capt Whytock sailed from this 
port on Thursday, went on shore at Marshfield, entirely lost, She 
rode out the gale until seven o'clock Sunday morning, when strik- 
ing the ledges with great force, her upper works separated from her 
hull, and went on ashore, with all the ships company, who were thus 
providentially saved, the captain's lady among them. Was loaded 
with lumber, and had a great number of cattle and horses upon 
deck which were lost. . . . The Rodney anchored in the storm 
off Marshfield near Branches point, to prevent bein e on 

shore; but the wind increased to such a violent gale that she 
dragged her anchor, and struck on Branches ledges. 

The young men of Duxbury hastened to the relief of the suf- 
ferers, Mr Samuel Delano Jr was but a little before many others 
in giving assistance. Capt Gamaliel Bradford was the second 
man on board the Rodney from shore. " Tribute of Gratit 

"George Whytock Commander of the Rodney fr. London of 
etc Nov. was shipwrecked on Duxbury beach etc takes this public 
method to return his most grateful thanks to the benevolei 
of Duxbury, Marshfield and vicinities, for their humane, spirited 
and generous exertions in affording him and his ship's crew as- 
sistance. To all this is sincerely proffered, and particularly to 
Captain Samuel Delano Jr of Duxbury for his singularly benevo- 
lent, noble and spirited exertion, who at the risk of his own life 
ventured into the boisterous waves (and providentially reached the 
wreck) for the kind purpose of preventing the sufferers attempting 
to land in their then situation, but to wait until the tide would admit 
of their getting safely on shore, and to infuse into their almost ex- 
hausted spirits every possible degree of fortitude, with an assurance 
as soon as it was possible for help to reach them from the beach 

Signed George Whytock 

for himself, family and ship's company, see Columbian Centinal 
Dec 3-1792 " 

Cambridge, Dec, Monday 

I intended yesterday to have mentioned to you an affair, which 
I think deserves the notice of the Humane Society. 

You will judge, however, whether it will be proper to lay it before 
them You saw the account in the paper, of Whytock's misfortune 
— Samuel Delano Jr of Duxbury, exposed himself to save the 
people on the wreck. They would undoubtedly have perished, 
had he not reached the wreck, and given them some information 
respecting the situation, and state of the tide His life was very 
much endangered 

Many people on the beach supposed he never would reich the 
wreck. Yours A Era. .! ford 

Rev John Clarke Boston 


Bos Jan 4-1793 
Mr Samuel Delano Jr 

Sir The Trustees of the Humane Society of the Commons . 
of Mass having been informed of your very signal and hum; 
exertion in committing yourself to a rough and bostrous sea, in a 
most inclement season, to save the lives of the officers and crew of 
the ship Rodney, Capt Whytock stranded on Duxbury shore oil 
the 25th of Nov last have ordered a Gold .Medal to be struck, em- 
blematic of the circumstances of your benevolent and very hazard- 
ous exertions and request your acceptance of the same, as a small 
testimony of the high sense they entertain of your merit and of 
great humanity and benevolence exhibited by you on this occa 
in obedience to their orders 1 have now the honor of transmitting 
you this medal together with the wishes of the Trustees that _. .; 
may always enjoy the sublime pleasure arising from the conscious- 
ness of having done so much good to your fellow creatures 1 am, 
sir, in the name and behalf of the Trustees of the Humane 
of Mass your most obedient and very humble servant. 

S Tarker, Cores. Secrot; 
Sir Bos Jan 5-1793 

I have the honor to receive your much esteemed favour of t) 
of January, accompanied by a most liberal compliment (through 
your hands) a Gold Medal, emblematical of the -hipwreel; of Uie 
ship Rodney The attempt 1 made on said morning (provident! 
succeeding) to aid and assist the distressed oiticers, &c, with the 
crew of the Rodney, was most amply compensated by the gene;- >us 
tribute of Capt Whytock and the ship's co.; but if any action o; 
life has merited the generous and esteemed tribute presented me 
from the Hon Humane Soc, I consider myself under every | 
cipal of gratitude to return them my most grateful thanks iov 
honorable testimony of respect, and shall ever esteem it my great- 
est happiness freely to acknowledge their generous and benevolent 
compliment With every sentiment of respect, I remain your most 
obedient and very humble Servant Samuel Delano Jr. 

Rev Samuel Parker Cores Sec of the Hon Humane Soc 

Bos Jan 5-1703 

Dear Sir 

George Whytock, commander of the ship Rodney of London, 
stranded on Duxbury beach, on the 25th November 1792 begs 
leave to return his grateful thanks to the honorable Humane So- 
ciety for their generous and benevolent notice of the gentleman 
who steped forward in the midst of danger, to aid and assist him, 
his family and ship's company when they were in a most perilous 
and distressed situation by shipwreck. 

With sentiments of the sincerest respect I am your most obedient 
and very humble servant George Whytock 

Rev S Parker Cor Sec of the Hon Humane Soc 

The foregoing is copied from documents in the possession of the 

Humane Society of Mass. 

Au es t Charles Lowell 

Bos Mar 24-1817. Cor Scc 

15 . 225 

The Gold Medal is in possession of Di Delano i 

gr son of Capt Samuel & sou of Henry Tolland late of West Med- 

6 of Capt Samuel Delano Jr 

Henry Tolland Delano, d Medford Mass Oct 9-1893, ra Charles- 
town Mass Nov 14-1841 Mary Ann. dan of William and Sarah 
(Gibson) Dalrymple, b Groton Mass. May 7-1813 d W Ford 

Aug 1-1891 (Gen. 1878 " Duncan Dalrumpill (1400) fr. barony of 
Dalrymple Airshire Scot. Adam 1250 etc Amies: Or, on a saltire 
az., 9 lozenges or — ) 1 Henry Elvin, b Bath Me. Dec 12-1842 d 
Jan 4-1843. 2 Amelia Dalrymple, b Nov 18-1843. 3 Almira, b 
Sept 7-1845 4MaryAddie,b Feb 27- 1848, m. Medford Mass 23 S 
1883 William Joseph Cheeney of & b. W. Medford 8 Mar 1831 no 
ch. 5 Willard Dalrymple, b Aug- 2-1850. 6 Henry Collingwood 
Delano, b Charlestown Jan 12-1855 R es - Dedham Mass. m New- 
tonville Mass. Nov 20-187S Lydia Margaret, dau of Thomas & 
Eliza (Emmons) Bowles, b Bath Me. May 21-1S55 (Gc-n 1851) no 
ch. 7 (Dr) Samuel Delano, b do. Oct 3-1859, un-m. (M.D. of Bos- 

3 of Henry Tolland Delano 

Almira Delano, Res. West Medford Mass. m Charlestown Mass. 
Sept 28-1S70 Daniel Gardner Mansfield, b Cambridge Mass. Mar 
6-1847. (Gen. 1885) 1 Henry Gardiner b Cambridge Feb 9-1872 
2 Edgar Winsor, b Sept 5-1874. 3 Roger Delano Mansfield, b 
Aug 28-1S76. 4 Bertha Dalrymple, b W. Medford June 19-1883 

5 Marion Winslow, b Mar 6-1886. 6 Elizabeth Fanuell, b Dec 13- 

5 of Henry Tolland Delano 
Willard Dalrymple (Delano), Res. West Medford, Mass. (Willard 
dropped the " Delano " & assumed the surname of his Mother) 
m Minneapolis Minnesota Mar 4-1890 Julia Roberts, dau of Jason 

6 Lydia (Roberts) White, b Norton Mass. Jan 19-1863. 1 Philip 
White Dalrymple, b Minneapolis ? Feb 4-1891 2 Sidney Cclling- 
wood, b June 19-1892. 

7 of Capt Samuel Delano Jr. 
Benjamin Franklin Delano, d Chelsea Mass. Nov 11-1892. 

His trade of shipwright he learned of Augustus Sampson, who is 
still living at the age of eighty-six. He worked for many years 
in Medford as foreman and master builder, constructing some of 
the finest ships. Afterwards for nearly forty years he carried on 
the business of repairing vessels at the North End, his place of 
business for all that period being at the head of Lincoln's Wharf, 
Boston. Mr. Delano was well known and always had a kind word 
for all. He was an affable gentleman. 

m. 1st Medford Mass Nov 30-1843 Rhoda Briggs, dau of Cal 
& Rhoda (Briggs) Turner, b .Medford 1816 d Chelsea Apr. 17-1850 
m. 2d do Apr 10-1853 Caroline Turner, (sis of above), b do. 1808 
d Chelsea Sept 7-1875 (Rhoda (dau of Elisha, 3d of Seth,) b Mar 4- 
1779, m Calvin Turner Sr. see " Ship Bldg. on N. Riv " By Briggs) 
1 Lucy Winsor, b Chelsea Oct 2-1844, un-m. d Feb 25- r 


8 of Capt Samuel Delano Jr 

Nancy or Ann Delano, d Lynn Mass Apr 17-1878, in Duxl 
Jan 1837 Jeremiah Samuel Gray, b Bath Me. 1812 1 II 
Franklin Gray, b Bath 1 >ec 3-1S37, m X Y City Nov 4-1859 El 
bcth, dan of Joseph & .Mary Aim (Andrews) Stratton, b do. I 
11-1839. Ch. William Henry, b X. V. Aug -7-1860, m Colun 
O. May 1SS9 Kate Singleton, b Columbus 1866. Ch. Elizabeth, 
b June 8-1890. 2 William Thomas, b 1841. Lynn Mass. 3 Mar- 
cellus, b 1844. (Private Co I 27th Regiment Mo. Inf. Vol. 
l86i-'65) 4 Minot Moody, b Chelsea 1857. (Private in U. S. 
Reg Army 5 yr. & in Modoc War 1S72, under Genl Canby.) 

9 of Capt Samuel Delano Jr 

Winslow Thomas Delano, d Duxbury Apr 22-1868, m I 
Nov 27-1856 Katherine, dau of George & Hannah (Drew) Winslo .v, 
b Dux Nov 22-1833 Boston 40 W Newton St 1 Fanny Fore 
b Aug 2-1 S57 Boston 36 Sears Bldg 2 George Winslow, b Aug 
8-1860, Boston 3 Willard Place & Alston Mass. 3 Gracie Thoi 
& 4 Carrie Shillaber & 5 Benjamin Franklin, (triplets) b Chelsea 
12 Jan 1868 Boston 228 Causeway St 

6 of Capt Samuel Delano Sr. 

Abigail Delano, d. abt 1848 m abt 1792 Capt Winslow Thomas, 
of Marshfield son of Nehemiah & Abiah (Winslow) Thomas, b 
July 21-1763. (Gens. iSyy-^G ?) 1 Nehemiah, b Duxbury 
12-1793. 2 Nathaniel, b Sept 20-1794. 3 Charles, b June 3-1; 
4 Briggs, b Feb 14-1798. 5 Abigail, b Mar 10-1800. 6 Na 
Delano Thomas, b Feb 11-1802. 7 Lucy, b Dec 26-1804. 8 Will- 
iam Delano Thomas, b Jan 7-1806. 

8 of Capt Samuel Delano Sr. 

Elizabeth Thomas Delano, d Aug 26-1859, m 1st Nov 13-1808 
Capt Broadstreet Moody, d Apr 11-1820 m 2d F'eb 13-1822 Chai 
Thaxter. (Tho's Thaxter to N. Eng. abt. 1638) 1 Elizabeth Broad- 
street, b Bath Me. Oct 19-1809, d. June 6-1838. 2 Abigail Min 
b Duxbury May 31-1811, d Jan 17-1847. 3 Sarah Southworth. b 
Bath Apr 3-1814. d May 7-1816. 4 Nancy Delano Moody, b Mar 
27 & d Apr 29-1816. 5 Broadstreet Delano Moody, b Mar 18-1817. 
5 of Capt Broadstreet Moody & Elizabeth Thomas Delano 

Broadstreet Delano Moody, d. Newton Mass Sept 15-1880. m 
Aug 10-1840 Martha Adams. 1 Franklin Harnard Moody, b 
Bangor Me Mar 16 & d. May 25-1842 2 Elizabeth Broadstreet, 
b & d. Apr 5 & 6-1844. 3 Thomas Broadstreet, b Sept 3-1845. d 
Oct 27-1848 4 Abbie Minott, b Cambridge Mass Sept 20-1847. d 
June 3-1849 5 Martha Adams, b July 26-1849. 6 William Owen, 
b Dec 9-1S50, m. Florence Thompson Dec 23-18S3 7 Harriss 
Minott, b July 20-1853. d Jan 17-1856. 8 M Brooks, b Nov 5-1854. 
9 Bessie Delano Moody b Newton Mass. Feb 26-1865, m Sept 12- 
1887 George T Allen d Apr 13-1888. 

9 of Capt Samuel Delano Sr. 

William Delano, Sr. Lost at Sea Feb 23-1833, m Kingston I 
Dec 8-1814 Fanny Drew, dau of Philemon and Fanny (Dr 
Sampson, b Kingston May 15-1791 d Duxbury May 10-1848. 1 


William Jr. b Duxbury Sept 24-1815, lost at sea Feb 23-1833. 2 
Fanny Drew, b Sept 0-1810. 3 Charles Thomas, b June 22-1818, 
lost at sea Feb 23-1833. 4 Henry Chandler, b Nov 21 -18 jo. 5 
Abigail Drew, b Aug 10-1823. 6 Marion Bradford, b Sept 9-1826. 
7 Samuel, b Nov 23-1828 

2 of William Delano Sr. 

Fanny Drew Delano, Res. E Templeton Mass. m Duxbury Dec 
22-1833 Henry Simmons, son of Charles & Lydia (Weston) Sim- 
mons, b do. Aug 13-181 1 d E Templeton Jan 11-1892. 1 Aldcn, b 
Nov 4-1836, d Dux Oct 16-1837 2 Henry Delano Simmons, b 
July 26-18.10. 3 Lydia Weston, b Aug 14-18.12, d Oct 27-1843. 
4 Agnes, b Feb 6-1847, m - Kingston 4 Jan 1874 Frank Stillman 
Gage b. Phillipston Mass 2.y Oct 1845 no ch. 

2 of Henry Simmons & Fanny Drew Delano 

Henry Delano Simmons, Res Hyde Fark Mass m 1st Kingston 
Nov 5-1866 Rebecca, dau. of Constant & Fatience (Sampson) 
Alden, b Kingston d. July 24-1867 m. 2d Boston Apr 19-1869 Lizzie 
Rogers, d Pembroke Mass. Dec 1889. 1 Eugene Walter, b Med- 
ford Mass. Dec 23-1S70. 2 Gertrude Frances, b Jan 7-iSj^ 3 
Mabel Drew, b Jan 1-1875 4 Rufus Alden, b Oct S-1882. 

4 of William Delano Sr. 

Henry Chandler Delano, (Drowned near Ceredo West Virginia 
in Ohio River by upsetting of his pleasure boat " Kitty Clyde '* in 
a storm May 21-1860) m Duxbury Nov 22-1845 Lydia Ellis, dau of 
Job Ellis & Lydia Dunham (Doton) Brewster, b do. Sept 10-1821 
(Elder William Brewster of Plymouth Col. 1560-1644 d. Duxbury 
on " Mayflower " 1620 Camb. Un. 1577 Amsterdam 1608 & Leiden 
of Northampton, Essex & Suffolk, armes: Az, a chevron ermine 
bet. 3 cstoiles arg.) 1 W'illiam Henry, b Mcdford May 11-1848, d 
Mar 28-1850. 2 Charles Henry, b Woburn Apr 2-1851. 3 Albert 
Thomas, b do Aug 18-1852, d Jan 29-1853. 4 Abbie Cora, b E. 
Bos. Aug 3-1854. 5 Ada Angelia, b do Jan 1-1S57 (d. June 26th) & 
6 Ada Eugenia twins (d. July nth) 7 Henrietta Virginia, b Ceredo 
Mar 28-1860. 

2 of Henry Chandler Delano 

Charles Henry Delano, m Somerville Mass July 19-1877 Harriet 
Newell, dau of Moses W. & Huldah Green (True) Thompson, b 
Yarmouth Me. Mar 1-1S54. 1 Bertha May, b Woburn Mass. May 
11-1878'. 2 Helen Louise, b Oct 24-1886 3 Charlotte Lydia, b 
Oct 28-1889. 

7 of Henry Chandler Delano 

Henrietta Virginia Delano, m Woburn Mass. July 6-18S6 John 
E Osborne, son of John & Martha (Carroll) Osborne, b Mom 
New Brunswick Sept 15-1864 I Lewis Winn & 2 William Brewster 
twins b Feb 20-1887 (2) d. Feb 23d. 3 Carroll Brewster, b July 
24-1888. 4 John Everett, b Nov 26-1890 

5 of William Delano Sr. 

Abigail Drew Delano, d Duxbury July 17-1860, m Dux Sept 29- 
1839 Alden Simmons, son of Charles & Lydia (Weston) Sirnn* 
b do May 4-1801 d Scituate May 1 t-i^Si I William Cowper Sim- 
mons, b Aug 29-1846, d 18 — ? 


6 of William Delano Sr. 

Marion Bradford Delano, m New York Nov 22-18/15 Hiram 
Winsor, son of Charles & Beulah (Wadsworth) Winsor, b Dux- 
bury Nov 10- 181 5 d do. July 5-1S86 I Ida Gray, b June 3 & d 
Dec 5-184S. 2 Willie Bates, b Aug 25-1852, d June 6-1858. 3 
Bertha May, b Dee 11-1 858, d Sept 17-1859 4 Willie I 
Winsor, b June 6-1860 d. July 6-1895 m Cambridgcport Mass Apr 
12-18S7 Anabel, dau of John & Maria Jane (Sarah) Yeamans, b 
New Brunswick, Sept 9-186S. 1 Herbert Cleveland, b June 23 & 
d. Oct 28-1889. 

7 of William Delano Sr. 

Samuel Delano, d Cohasset Mch 29-1873 (Enlisted Nov 14-1861 
Acting- Masters Mate " Huron," South Atlantic Squadron. Re- 
signed Mar 5-1S64) m Duxbury Mch 17-1S51 Maria, dau of Charles 
and Mary (Woodworth) Sampson, b do. June 22-1832, d do. Mch 
31-1871. 1 Ella Maria, b Dec 21-1851, d. un-m. 2 Fanny Drew, 
b Aug 26-1856 d. un-m. 3 Lillian Mcriel & 4 Rufus Sampson twins 
b July 6-1859. 5 Elorence GifTord, b Dec 23-1864, m Kingston 
June 27-1883 Arthur Holmes, Res. Duxbury Mass. 1 Arthur 
Elliott 2 Ruby Valentine. 

3 of Samuel Delano 

Lillian Mcriel Delano, Res. Whitman Mass. m 1st Duxbury Dec 
22-1878 Fred C Cushman, b do. Jan 13-1857, d. Marshfield May 18- 
188 — m. 2d E Bridgewater Mass July 20-1886 Jelhel B Hardin 
b do. Dec 11-1836 1 Estclla Alden, b Sept 28-1879. 

4 of Samuel Delano 

Rufus Sampson Delano, Res. Ridge Hill Mass. m Hanover 
Dec 25-1880 Flora Liszette, dau of William Jr. and Patience Chub- 
buck (French) Prouty, b West Scituate Mass. June 17-1862 (Rich- 
ard Prouty of Scituate 1667) I Charles Rufus, b W Scituate 
changed to W Norwall Aug 16-1S82. 2 Fanny Priscilla, b Apr 
9-1884 3 William Henry, b July 8-1886. 4 Benjamin Harrison, 
b Nov 12-18S8. 

8 of Jonathan Delano 2d 

Joanna Delano, m Sharon Conn May 6-1 j6y Israel Penoyer. 
(Pennoyre of Scot.) (" Born M'd & Died " by L. Van Alstyn : of 
Sharon — also Rev. A. Titus of Tufts Coll. Mass was requested by 
Mrs E. W. Crocker of San Fran, to find records etc; his efforts 
were so zealous as to be successful) 1 Susanna P., b May 21-176S. 
3 of Jonathan Delano 1st 

Nathan Delano Sr. d Plymouth ? aft 1775 (Davis Nathan D'o 
bought of John Drew, Admst of Nickelas Drew, 1743 property in 
Plymouth built a house on the lot and sold it 1771 to George 
Watson Bought another piece 1745 from Joshua Drew, sold same 
1775 to his dau Bathsheba & hus. Again 1736 of Mr Dunham, 
sold to Thomas Doty 1737.) m Duxbury 1726 Bathsheba, dau of 
Nathaniel and Joanna (Clark) Holmes, b Plymouth ? Mass. Nov 
21-1703 d. do. Apr 21-1755 1 Ruth, b Duxbury 1726 2 Sarah, b 
1729 m. Dux. James, son of John & Jean (Bess) Crandon, b Dart- 
mouth Mass. 1728. (Davis A L. of Plym.) 1 John Crandon, b 
1751. 3 Bathsheba b 1731 m. Dux. James son of Elisha & Hannah 


Doty or Dotcn b. 1728 4 Joanna, b 1733. m. Dux. aft. 1770— 2d 
wife — Nathaniel son of Nathaniel Sr. & Maria (Clark) Morton b. 
1731 5 Hannah, b 1735 m. (2d -wife) Dux. Janus son of Robert & 
Susanna (Cole) Harlow b. 1732 6 Nathan Delano Jr. b 1737 m. 
Sarah dau. of John & Sarah (Bartlett) Cobb b. 1745 7 Amasa b 
1739. 8 Ichabod, b 1742 9 Abigail b Nov 6-1745 d Plymouth 
May 10-1747 

1 of Nathan Delano Sr. 

Ruth Delano, in. Dux. Benjamin Churchill, son of Stephen & 
Experience (Ellis) Churchill, b Plymouth ? 1725 1 Wilson, !> 1746, 
m Lydia Darling Ch. Lydia, Wilson b. 1780, Hannah. 2 Ben- 
jamin, b 174S, m Phebe (Tinkham) Randall, (wid of Enoch) 17S2. 
ch. Nathan, & Benjamin 17S5. 3 Abner, b 1750 
6 of Jonathan Delano Sr. 

Amaziah Delano, d Dux. Aug 5-1790 m Duxbury Jan 8-1730 
Ruth, dau of Abraham & Penelope (Sampson) Sampson, b. Dux 
July 2-1713, d. do. 1 Ezekiel, b Dec 19-1731 2 Thomas, b Aug 
30-1734 d y. 3 Hannah, b Feb 1S-1736. 4 Zenas, b Dec S- 1 7 
(Killed by Indians, in French War 1760.) 5 Cornelius, b Oct 10- 
1742 6 Jemima, b Feb 8-1744, m Benj. Gooding of Pembroke 
Oct 11-1764 7 Thomas, b Oct 9-1747 8 Sylvia, b 1751 m Solo- 
mon Walker. 9 Barzilla b Dec 11-1755 10 Ruth, b 1757. (See 
Jonathan, son of David, m her cousin) 

I of Amaziah Delano 

Ezekiel Delano, d. North Yarmouth, Me., aft 1794, m. there 
Sept. 14, 1755 Martha, dau of Edmund and Mercy Chandler, b do. 
Nov. 10, 1737, d. do. Mar. 1814. (Gens 1872 & 18S3 of 131 5 p.) 
1. (Unnamed) b. & d. Nov. 2, 1756 2. Amaziah, b 16 June 1758. 
3. Rhoda, b 1760, m. July 1, 17S5 Amaziah Reed N. Yar. 4. Sarah, 
b 1763, m. May 18, 1786 Benj. Merrill N. Yar. 5. Edmund Chand- 
ler, b 1766. 6. Mercy, b 1768, m. Mr Mitchell N. Yar. 7. Hannah, 
b 1770, d. un-ni. Falmouth. 8. Ezekiel, b 1773, drowned at sea, 
181 5 9. Dorcas, b 1777. 

1 of Ezekiel Delano 

Amaziah Delano, (Mass Arch. Rev 1779, 7th July, North Yar- 
mouth Col Mitchell, Capt Gray, Private, 2V2 mo. Penobscot Ex- 
pedition Vol 36, 1780, iSth Apr. Falmouth Me. Col Prince. Capt 
Pride. Private, 7 mo. 18 da Eastern service. Vol 52. Vol 36) d. 
N. Yar. June 22, 1851, m. 1st N Yarmouth June 16, 1782 Margaret, 
dau. of Jonah & Hannah (Wallace) Austin, b. Dighton. Mass., 
1759, d. Gray, Me., 1805, m 2d bef. 1S07 to Elizabeth Thompson m. 
2d Jan. 25, 1852 John Lcighton of Gray, & d there, Oct. 10, 1862. 
1. Stephen, b. 1784, d. Gray, 1796. 2. William, b. June 14, 1786. 
3. Asenath, b. Gray, Dec. 19, 1788. 4. Enos, b. June 16, 1790. 5- 
Judith, b. 1792. 

2 of Amaziah Delano 

William Delano, Sr. (to Sodus (now Sodus Centre), New York 
1812) d. there Apr. 25, 1875, m. 1st Gray, May 1, 1804 Eleanor D. 
dau. of Joel and Mehitable (Nash) Libby, b. Gray. June 15. 1786. 
d. there m. 2d Madison, Me 1809 Lucy, dan. of Elisha & Hannah 
(Noble) Hayden, b. Gray, Oct. 4, 178S. d. Madison, Apr. 12, 1S10. 


(Gen. iSSS) m. 3d do. Apr. 29, l8ll Hannah Hay Jen (sis. of ab 
b. Gray, Oct. 18, 1792, d. Sodus Centre. Oct 18, 1827. 1. \ 
b. Gray, Feb. iK 1805. 2 Elia Ann, b. Madison, Apr. 11, 1 
d. do. 1814. 3 William Harrison, b. Nov. 7, 1813. 4 Lucy Eliza 
Ann, b. Sodus, Aug. 24, 1815. 5 Elbridge Gerry, b. Sept. 13, 1817. 

6. Elvina Ann, b. Aug. 19, 1S19. 7. Gardner Warren, b. July 29, 
1821. 8. Rufus Chandler, b. Sept. 17. 1823. 9. Asenath Ann, b. 
Oct. 31, 1S25, d. Aug. 14, 1827. 10. Martha Judith, b. & d. Oct, 
13 & 14, 1S27. 

1 of William Delano Sr. 
William Delano Jr. d. Bangor, Me Aug. 3, 1879, m. Gray N 
1827 Abigail Cobb, dan of Reuben and .Mary (Legard) Hill, b. do. 
Oct. 25, 1807, d. Bangor, Oct. 15, 1886. 1. Elvira Ann, b. Pel). 4, 
1829. 2. Mary Eleanor, b. Apr. 6, 1S30, un-m. d. Augusta, Oct. 18, 
1891. 3. Emily Jane, b. Sept. 12, 1831. 4. Sarah Abigail, b. Oct. 

7, 1833. 5- Calista Olive, b. Troy, Me. July 22, 1835. 6. Martha 
Willard, b. May 5, 1838. 7. Julia Asenath, b Apr. 11, 1840. 8. 
William Fairfield, b Mar. 2, 1S42. 9. Augusta Viola, b. Plymouth, 
June 4, 1844, d. B. 10 Mar 18S3 m. Bangor 28 Nov 1866 to Francis 
Emmons Warren b. do. 9 Aug 1844 10 Walter Franklin, b. do. 
May 18, 1846, un-m. d. Boston, Nov. 27, 1874. 11. Cephas Whit- 
ney, b. Bangor, Oct. II, 1S48, un-m. d. do. Oct 30, 1863. 12. 
Irena Faustina, b. do. Jan. 13, 1S51, m. Bangor 11 Nov 1873 John 
Lester Cosmey b. Eden Me. 31 Aug 1850 1. Stanwood Hill, b 
Dec. 16, 1874. 2. Lyndon Edgar Marion, b. Jan. 10, 1SS2. 

I of William Delano Jr 
Elvira Ann Delano, d. Bangor, April 19, 1849, m. Plymouth, 
June 18, 1848 Daniel Doyen, b. Upper Keswick, N. B., July 2, li 
d. Lincolnville, Me., Dec. 9, 1870. (Doyen found in Normandy 
Lorraine & Artois France) Ch. Elvira Ann Doyen, b. Bangor, 
Mar. 31, 1S49, m. do. Oct. 7, 1869 Warren Augustin Jordan, b. do. 
May 7, 1846 (Gen. 18S2) 1. Martha Emily, b. Oct. 6, 1870. 2. 
Fred. Augustin, b. Apr. 13, 1872. 3. Joshua Lloyd, b. Mar. 18, 
1874. 4. Walter Middleton, b. Mar. 11, 1876, d. May 2, 1886. 5. 
Herbert Daniel, b. Apr. 25, 18S0. 6. William Doyen, b. Aug. 4, 

3 of William Delano Jr. 

Emily Jane Delano, Levant, Me. m. Bangor, Apr. 30, 1S49 Sam- 
uel Doyen, b. Upper Keswick, July 2, 1S26. 1. Francis Izora, b. 
W. Levant, Apr. 7, 1850 & d. Aug. 9th. 2. Rosetta Evalyn, b. 
Aug. 6, 185 1, d. Bangor, Sept. 2, 1869. 3. Florence Eleanor, b. 
Feb. 12, 1853, m. 25 June 1S72 Geo. Willard Emery Barrows, 39 
Ohio St., Bangor, b Nov. 12, 1852. Ch. Willard Emery, d Jan. 25, 
1874. 4. Walter Justin, b. Aug. 2j, 1865 d. Bangor, Sept. 29, 1865. 

4 of William Delano Jr. 

Sarah Abigail Delano, d. Bangor Apr. 25, 1SS1, m. 1st Bangor, 
July 31, 1854 Joseph Samuel Jenkins, b Sangerville, Me., Apr. 20, 
1833, d. Madison, Wis., July 17, 1877. m. 2d do. Mar. II, 1873 
Reuben Hamm Damon, b. Wales, Me., July 25, 1S10. (Gen. 1882) 
1. Wallace Joseph Samuel Jenkins, b. Fitchburg, Wis., July 13, 
1855, m. Bangor, Nov. 9, 1877 to Lorinda Colby, dau. of Theodore 


and Mary June (Fletcher) Jellison, b. Ellsworth, Me., Mar. 1 . 
i. Walter Theodore Jenkins, b. Dec. g, 1878. 2. Edward I 
b. July io, 1880. 3. Cora Ellen, & 4. Dora Evelyn, twins b. r6 Mar 
1884 (4) d. Oct. 17, 1885. 2. Austin Leroy, b. Baraboo, Wis. Oct. 
24, 1856, un-m. d. Bangor, June 15, 1879. 3. Arthur Milton, b. 
Madison, Sept. 3, 1859, m - Bangor, Feb. 11. 1883 Harriet Ai 
dau. of Jesse Lombard cc Elizabeth (Jam andall, b. Ori 

ton, Me., Jan. 8, i860, a. Burton Leroy, b. Oct. 1, 1883. b. I 
May, b. Nov. 9, 1884. c. Wm. Partridge, b. June 22, [886. d. 
Jos. Samuel, b. Feb. 15, 1888, d. Jan. [4, [890. e. Han. 1.1 Nelson, 
b. Oct. 12, 1889. f. Raymond Prescott, b. Apr. 20, [891. 4. I 
Idella, b. Lakeview, Wis. Oct. 31, 1862, m. Bangor, Sept. 10, 1 
Herbert Lee Cox, b. Cambridge, X. B., Jan. 11, 1858. 5. Alice 
Damon, b. Bangor, May 31, 1875, un-m. 

5 of William Delano Jr. 

Calista Olive Delano, m. Bangor, July 31, 1854 John Wi 
Jenkins, b Boston, Dec. 13, 1828. r. Orietta Velma Jenkins, b. 
Fitchburg, Wis., July 27, 1855, in. Bangor, Sept. 22, 1875 Francis 
Hadley Cosmey, b. Eden, May 3, 1853 (fr. ? "de la Cosine" of 
Lorraine 1504 Rietstap) 2. Charles Wesley, b. Dec. 16, 1856, m. 
Bangor, Jan. 11, 1879 Man- Maria, dau. of Robert and Lavina 
(Stewart) Henry, b. Digdewash, N. B., May 5, 1857. 1. Harry 
Selden Jenkins, b. Sept. 17, 1S80. 2. Frank Wesley, b. Aug. ^?, 
1882. 3. Mildred Christine, b. Aug. 12, 1884. 4. Leroy, b. Apr. 
13, 1S89. 3. John Harvey, b. Madison, Sept. 14, i860, d. do. June 
7, 1861. 4. Elvira Evelyn, b. Bangor, Aug. 20, 1864, un-m. 

6 of William Delano Jr. 

Martha Willard Delano, 9 Stafford St., Boston, m. 1st Ba 
Mar. 11, 1855 William Penn Hussey, b China, Me., June 14, 1827, d. 
Bangor, Jan. 28, 1S66. (Savage Diet. II) m. 2d do. Jan. 1, 1867 
James Nelson Crowell, b. Monroe Me Jan 1, 1832. Ch. William 
Franklin, b. Bos. June 17, 1875. 

7 of William Delano Jr. 

Julia Asenath Delano, d. Bangor Nov. 8, 1892, m. Bangor, Feb. 
22, 1857 Henry Xormand Smith, b. do. Nov. 14, 1837. I. Juliette 
Friscilla, b. Dec. 7, 1857. 2. Clara Florena, b. June 3, 1859. 3. 
Emily Viola, b. Yeazie, Me Feb. 28, 1861. 4. Lora Estelle, b. 
Oct. 4, 1S62. 5. Normand Almanzo, b. Bangor, May 22, 186S. 6. 
Everett Alasco, b. Nov. 18, 1869. 7. William Delano Smith, b. 
June 10, 1871. 8. Abigail Asenath, b. Jan. 5, 1873, m. Bangor 4 
May 1892 to George Walter Banton b. La Grange Me 12 June 1867 
1 of Henry Normand Smith & Julia Aseneth Delano 

Julietta Priscilla Smith, 187 Central Ave., Chelsea, Mas-, m. 
Boston, Jan. 20, 1878 Charles Clifford Garran, b E. Boston, Oct. 
24, 1S56. (Eng. amies: Arg., a sword az. on point a mullet 
over all a saltire couped sa.) 1. Henry Franklin, b. Bang' 
12, 1878. 2. Normand Smith, b. Chelsea, Mar. 25, 1885. 3. Ward 
Delano Garran, b. do. Nov. 19, 18- 

2 & 4 of Henry Normand Smith & Julia Aseneth Delano 

Hurbert Franklin Gatchell, b. Orono, Me., Apr. 25. 1859, m. 1st 
Chelsea, Mass., Nov. 21, 1880 (2) Clara Florena Smith, d. Bangor 


July 10, 1SS2, m. 2d Bangor, Mo.. Apr. 29, 1886 (4) Lora 
Smith. 1. Clara Florena, b. May 31, 1882. (X. Eng. branch la 
Savage Diet. 11 Jeremiah Gatchell founded Va. br. abt. 1625 I 
chell armes Somersetshire (Conf. ? 1703) Ermine, a garb. & on a 
canton az. an annulet or.) 

3 of Henry Normand Smith & Julia Asenelh Delano 

Emily Viola Smith, d. Lewiston, Me., Apr. 14, 1883, m. Ba 
Dec. 6, 1880 John Turner. 

5 of Henry Normand Smith & Julia Aseneth Delano 

Normand Almanzo Smith, m. Bangor July 3, 1889 Flora. Adella, 
dau of John Chase and Mercy Francina (Brown) Lowell, b. 1'; 
pect, Me., May 14, 1866. 1. Julia Wilson Smith, b. May <. 1 
(Percival Lowell of Newbury Mass fr. Bristol Eng\ 1639 son of 
Rich. m. a Percival— of Quarlewood Scot armes: Gu: 3 mascles 

8 of William Delano Jr 

William Fairfield Delano, d. B. Feb. 12, 1883, »"• Bangor, Oct. 
26, 1862 Mary Jane, dau of Hiram Brambrage and Emily Jane 
(McCIure) Odlin, b. do. Feb. 25, 1843. (Gen. 1893) 1. William 
Albert, b. Sept. 16, 1863. 2. Annie Mabel, b. Sherbrooke, Canada, 
Feb. 3, 1865, m. Dexter, Me., July 13, 18S9 Samuel Marsh, b. 
Palmyra, Me., Feb. 4, 1854. r Florence Ada, b. Palmyra, Dec. 3. 
1890. 2 Ralph Henry, b. Newport, Me June 3, 1893. 3. Florence 
Etta, b. Bangor, Feb 7, 1867, m. Bangor 8 Nov 1893 John Burgess 
Newcomb b. Carmcl Me 9 July 1S72 4. Ernest Waldo, b. Jan. 31, 
1870, d. Jan 12, 1872. 5. Roscoe Hiram, b. Jan. 27, 1874, un-ni. 
6. Ralph Irwin, b. June 22, 1878. 7. Jennie May, b. Aug. iS, 18S2. 
1 of William Fairfield Delano 

William Albert Delano, of Hampden Road, Bangor, m. 1st do. 
July 24, 1882 Eva Emma, dau. of John and Martha (Boynton) Pay, 
b. Medway, Me., July 28, i860, d. there Mar. 10, 18S7, m. 2d do. 
April 14, 1889 Lizzie, dau. of Richard and Ann (Fleming) Allam, 
b. Orono, Me., Aug. 1, 1871. 1. Orie Manford, b. Nov. 3, 18S4. — 
1. Marion Gertrude, b. Aug. 1, 1890. 2. Hazael Marguerite, b. 
Nov. 23, 1891. 3. Fairfield Franklin, b. Mar. 9, 1893. 

3 of William Delano Sr 

William Harrison Delano, d. Greenburgh, N Y Apr. 28, 1857, m. 
Tarrytown, N. Y., Mar. 11, 1838 Eliza Jane, dau. of John and Sarah 
(Lawrence) Losee, b. Greenburgh, Sept. 17, 181 7, (m. 2d Mr. 
Laurens, Res. Ardsley-on-Hudson N. Y.) Ch. John Losee De- 
lano, Res. Portchester N Y b. New York, Dec. 11, 1840, m. Port 
Chester, Sept. 11, 1869 to Aimee Matilda Meader (wid) dau. of 
George A. & Amy (Smith) Gibbons, b. London, Eng., Feb. 23, 
1837 no ch. 

4 of William Delano Sr 

Lucy Eliza Ann Delano, d S. Centre, Apr. 4, 1885, m. Sodus 
Dec. 7, 1830 Albert Polhamus (of Holl. & N-Y armes Ouar.: 1 & 4 
az, a lion or. 2 & 3 arg. a fesse & in chief a wheel, in point a heart 
all gu. — Rev. Johannes Polhemus 1654 — of Polheim fam.) b. Town 
of Western, Dec. 7, 1809, d. do. Sept. 29, 1875. 1. Cordelia Alice, 
b. Lyons, N. Y., July 23, 1832, m. John Rose, Grand Rapids, Mich. 


2. Nathan Hayden, b. Sodus Centre, Oct. 19, 1834. 3 
Harrison, b. Jan. 30, 1837. 4- Lucy Marion. 1). Nov. 4, 1838. 5. 
Helen Marr, b. Jan. 14, 1841. 6. Wm. Jlenry, b. Aug. 5. 1 
7. Edgar Gardner, b. Nov. 13, 18.14. un-m. 8. Philip Theodore, b. 
Iford, Mich., Sept. 3c), 1847. 9- Hannah Maria. 1>. S tre, 

Oct. 21, 1852, m. William Black; d. Cleveland, O., Auj . 
io. John Chandler, b Aug. 1, 1858. 

2 of Albert Polhamus cc Lucy Delano 

Nathan Hayden Polhamus, m. Streetsboro' Corners. 0., July 1. 
1858 Margaret Louisa, dan. of Win. and Eliza (Matthews) Thomp- 
son, b Harmony, Penn., May 28, 1831. 1. Frank Edgar, b. May 8, 
i860, m. Akron, O., Sept. 17, 1884 Anna Belle, dan. of Julius 
Dwight and Harriet Augusta (Clement) Marshall, b. Cuyahi 
Falls, O., Dec. 3, 1S65. 1. Hattie Clement, b. Mar. 30, 1- 
Anna Louisa, b. Ft. Wayne, Ind., Apr. 0, 1863. un-m. 3. Sarah 
Edith, b. Hudson. O., Jan. 30, 1865. m. Cleveland, O., Nov. 7, I 
John Arthur Riehl, b. Phil. Pa., May 21. 1853. 

3 of Albert Polhamus & Lucy Delano 

Albert Harrison Polhamus, m. Ft. Wayne, Apr. 26, 1S60 Mary 
Jane, dan. of Zebulon & Flannah (Webster) Kecne, b. De Ruyter. 
N. Y., Oct. 24, 1841. 1. Albert Zebulon. of Ft. W— b. Aug. 21, 
1S61, m. Grand Rapids, Mich., Apr. 23, 1883 Matilda Jane. dau. of 
Win. & Frances (Moffat)' Russell, b. Ft. Wayne. Ind., Nov. 1, 1866. 
No ch. 2. William Harrison, of Ft. W— b. Aug. 30, 1863. m. do. 
Apr. 22, 18S6 Jessie Belle, dau. of Win. & Elizabeth (Cutter) Carter, 
b. Ft. Wayne,* July 20. 1866. 1. Gertrude Carter, b. Mar. 28, 1 
2. Laura Belle, b. Feb. 19, 188S. 3. Frances Ashcr, b. Apr. 30, 
1866 6c d. May 17th. 4. Mary Lillian, b. May 6, 1867. 5. Kittie 
Eliza, b. Oct. 3, 1869. 6. John Gordan, b. Sept. 1, 1873. 7. Annie 
Grace, b. Jan. 26, 1S78. 8. Flora Rose, b. Oct. 10, 1883. 

4 of Albert Polhamus & Lucy Delano 

Lucy Marion Polhamus, d. Batavia, N. Y. Jan. 29, 1877, m. S. 
Centre May 8, 1S59 Joseph Phelps Walker, b. Sodus, d. there Nov. 
21, 1S64. 1. Frank Albert, b. Sodus Point, Apr. 28, 1S60. d. do. 
Jan 20, 1862 2. William Shanlin Walker, Air Line Jc. Toledo 
Ohio, b. S. C. Oct. 4, 1862, m. Toledo, O., Jan. 24, 18S5 Anna 
Jeannctte, dau. of Richard and Naomi (Darby) Chandler, b. Mar- 
gate, Eng., Aug. 16, 1864. 

5 of Albert Polhamus & Lucy Delano 

Helen Marr Polhamus, Parma Mich. m. S Centre Dec. 30, 1862 
William Henry Jewell, b Lyons, X. Y., Oct 1, 1841 (Jewell Gen. 
i860). I. Clayton Win. Jewell, b. in Springport, Mich., Jan. 27. 
1S67, m. Sandstone, Feb. 26, 1890 Mary Lucy, dau. of James Anson 
and Emma Caroline (Hilliard) Comstock, b. do. Nov. 17, 1S68. 
2. Clyde Albert, b. Sandstone, Mich Oct. I, 1870. 

6 of Albert Polhamus & Lucy Delano 

William Henry Polhamus, Society for Savings, Cleveland, O. m. 
Cleveland, O., June 14, 1866 Olive Jane, dau of Charles Ludwig and 
Hannah Northrup (Eddy) Bander, b. Schenectady, X. Y.. Sept. 15, 
1846. 1. Olive Estelle, b. Mar. 29, 1869, m. Cleveland Dec. 31, 
1891 to William Albert Robbins, b Biddeford, Me., July r, r 


2. Francis Albert, b. Feb. 2, 1S75. 3. William Robert, b. Aug. 
1879. 4. Allie May, b. April 25, 18*2. 5. Edith Mabel, b. Jan. 17, 

S of Albert Polhamus & Lucy Delano 

Philip Theodore Polhamus, in. Charlotte, Mich., Feb. 20, 1868 
Emma Rosella, dan. of Rob't McCoy and Mary Ann (Dwinell) 
Wheaton, b. Chester. Mich., Feb. 17, 1850. (Savage Gen. Diet. 
IV) 1. May, b. June 24, i860, d. Valparaiso, Ind. Aug. 20, 1870. 
2. Edgar Howard, b. Valparaiso Sept. 7, 1870, d. Pueblo, I 
Mar. 17, 1S95. m. Chicago, Mar. 4, 1890 to Bernice Elwynne, dan. 
of Lucien Jefferson ami Helen Jane (Clark) Driggs, b. Bron 
Mich., Sept. 24, 1S72. 1. Ivan Driggs Polhamus, b. Lansing, 
Mich., Apr. S, 1894. 3. Robert McCoy, b. Oct. 9, 1872, m. Muncie, 
Ind July 3, 1893 Manetta, dan. of Win Whiteman, b. Torre 1 [a 
Inch, Mar. 2, 1874. 1. Edith Lucile, b. Apr. 8, 1894. 4. Harold 
Rex, b. Charlotte, May 2, 1S77. 5. Royal Albert, b. Apr. 12, 1879. 
6. Edith Lucille, b. Dec. 1, 1883. 

10 of Albert Polhamus & Lucy Delano 

John Chandler Polhamus, Ft. Wayne, Ind. in. Sodus, Aug. I, 
1881 Justina, dau. of William & Angeline (Clark) Benton, b. Will- 
iamson, X. Y., Aug. 28, 1858. 1. Angeline Eliza, b. May 2, 1. 

5 of William Delano Sr. 

Elbridge Gerry Delano, of Clyde N. Y. (Served 5 yrs. 1842-47 in 
the Reg. IT. S. Army, Corporal, 2d U S Art. at Ft Mifflin near Phil. 
Again fr. 1862-65 Civil War— Co. M, 9th X. Y. II. Art.) m. Bed- 
ford, Mich., June 13, 1847 Sophia, dau. of Josiah and Lucy (Beebe) 
Hungcrford, b. Leroy, O., Oct. 25, 1829, d. Sodus Centre, May 27, 
1874. 1. War Eagle Delano, b. Feb. 17, 1850, un-m. 2. Harriet 
Anna, b. Sodus Centre, Feb. 2, 1S54, m. do. Jan. 13, 1887 William 
' Henry Hamilton. Ch. Harriet Almeda, b. Huron, X. Y., May 31, 
1SS8. 3. Lettie Sophia, b. Mar. 28, i860, d. Aug. 28, 1863. 4. 
Jessie Benton, b. June 2, 1862, d. Sept. 7, 1S63. 5. Ulysses Sheri- 
dan, b. Dec. 10, 1865. 6. Lillian Viola, b. May 5, 1869. 

5 of Elbridge Gerry Delano 

Ulysses Sheridan Delano, m. Clyde, X Y Jan. 22, 1893 Libbie, 
dau. of Younglove and Sarah (Aurand) Hadden, b. Savannah, X. 
Y., 1866. 

6 of P21bridge Gerry Delano 

Lillian Viola Delano, Hall's Corners, X. Y. m. Savannah June 
11-1892 Charles Leslie Carter, b. Savannah Xov 15-1861. Xo ch. 

6 of William Delano Sr. 

Elvina Ann Delano, m. 1st Sodus May 14, 1840 Edwin Henry 
Stnrges, b. Pittstown, X. Y., Sept. 30, 1816, d. Sodus C. Sept. 12, 
1863, m. 2d do. June 24, 1874 Author Tobey, b. Pawlet, Y't, Dec. 
13, 1801, d. Pittsford, X. Y., Mar. 30, 1876. 1. Mary Brayton, b. 
Dec. 4, 1842, un-m. 2. Clarissa Paddock, Lyons, X. Y. b. Jan. 19, 
1845, m - S - Centre, Xov. 12, 1862 William Henry Penoyar, b. 
Lyons, July 10, 1842. 1. Minnie Myrtilla Tcnoyar, b. Lyons, Dec. 
29, 1863, m. do. Dec. 6, 1882 to William Henry Button, b. S Centre, 
Apr. 8, 1857. 1. George Henry, b. Apr. 25, 1884. 2. William 
Edwin, b. Apr. 23, 1886. 3. Stanley Leroy, b. Oct. 31, 18S7. 2. 


Eliza Elvina, b. Feb. 23, 1865, ra. do. Jan. 10, 1891 Gayton Elmer 
Gascoigne, b. Hulberton, X. Y., Sept. 5. (Gas* 

fam. of York, Bedford, Norfolk etc. Az, 3 lucie's heads 

3. Maud Sturges, b. Juno 1S, 1870. 4. Olive Retta, b. May 16, 1N74. 
3 of Edwin II Sturgis & Elvina Delano 

Manley Edwin Sturges, (Res. 15 W. 32 St. X. Y.) m. do Nov. 
27, 1888 Sarah Elizabeth, dau. of Valentine and Susanna [Hilli . 
Martin, b. Lyons, Nov. 22, 1865. 

4 of Edwin H Sturgis & Elvina Delano 

William Delano Sturges, (Res. do.) 111. Syi . N. Y. M; 

1874 to Retta, dau. of Solomon Roster & Sarah Jane (Bush) Lee, 
b. East Kendall, N. Y., Dec. 26, 1853. I. Edwin Manley, b. 
Buffalo, X. Y., April 2, 1S75. 2. Ward Lee, b. June 6, 3. 

Adah Clara, b. Xov. 12, 1880, d. E Kendall, Oct. 16, 1883. 4. 
Sarah Elvina, b. do. Nov. 24, 1892. 

7 of William Delano Sr. 

Gardner Warren Delano, d. Vernon, Mich., Mar. 24. 1863, m. 

5 Centre, Oct. 6, 1S47 Phebe Ann, dau. of Abel and Perm lia (IIos- 
ford) Bryant, b. Geneva, N. Y., Oct. 16, 183 1. (She m. (2) Win. 
B. Hendee, b. Yt, Dec. 13, 1815, at Vernon, Sept. 27, 1876.) d. 
Durand, Mich. Xov. 9, 1895. 1. Josephine Melissa, b. Oct. 8, 1S48, 
m. Vernon, Aug. 13, 1872 William Harrison Putnam, b. O 
Mich., Mar. 11, 1845. *• Homer Delano Putnam, b. Durand, Feb. 
11, 1874. 2. Ethel May, b. do. May 23, 1878. 2. Edwai : on 
Delano, b. Dec. 15, 1849, m. Vernon, Xov. 19, 1S78 Jennie Esler, 
dau. of James and Mary (Linsley) Shaw, b. Carthage, X. Y.. Dec. 
31, 1861. 1. Sumner Cline, b. Durand, July 12, 1881. 2. Grace 
Erine, b. do. Aug. 27, 1887. 

8 of William Delano Sr. 

Rufus Chandler Delano, m. Sodus Centre, X. Y. Mar. 4, 1S47 
Almeda Matilda, dau. of Edward and Mary Ann (Jacobs; Taylor, 
b. do. Jan. 30, 1S25. 1 Edward Chandler Delano, b. Sodus Centre, 
Nov. 30, 1854, m. Clyde, X. Y., Jan. 25, 1888 Emma only 

dau. of Albert Gerry & Lucy Eliza (Smith) Graham, b. Rose, X. Y., 
May 24, i860. Xo ch. (Gen. 1864 old Scottish legends say the 
Grahams des. fr. Greme liv. 420 who was Chief of the army under 
Fergus II & later Gov. of Scot. Henry de Graham of Edin. 1189— 

6 1225 William de Grame appear — Armes: Or, on a chief sa. 3 
escallops or.) 

Prof. Edward Chandler-Delano. 
(Article prepared by Prof. Lewis H. Clark, Historian.) 
He is the only child of Rufus Chandler Delano (one of the best 
known and most respected citizens of the county), and Almeda 
Matilda Taylor, a direct des. in the 8th generation, of John Taylor 
who came from England with Governor Winthrop in V 30, and 
settled at Windsor, Conn, in 1639. His grandfather. William 
Delano, removed from Madison, Me., in 1812, to the then almost 
unbroken wilderness of Western Xew Y'ork, and settled in I 
of Sodus, was one of the sturdy pioneers of that prosper ion. 

Acquiring knowledge quickly, and devoting himself 


gence to a course of study, the subject of our sketch early secured 
a thorough, practical preparation for his chosen life work, in the 
field of education. 

He began teaching in 1874, and was for several years empl 
as principal of the public sell, of Sodus C. Under his manage- 
ment it was carefully graded, and became noted for the thorough- 
ness of its work. 

In 1SS1 Mr. Delano was elected School Commissioner of Wayne 
Co. with 118 schools under his care. This he held for six years, 
leaving upon the schools the distinct impress of his executive force 
and ability. Incompetent teachers were weeded out, schoolhouses 
repaired, new buildings erected, grounds graded, and trees planted, 
to a greater or less extent in all the towns, a work more decisive 
and far reaching in its beneficial effects than has been done by 
other school commissioners there before or since. 

These services attracted attention beyond the limits of the county. 
He was an active member of several educational bodies, and had 
much to do in formulating and shaping the trend of cultivated 
thought in the Empire State. In 18S5 he was unanimously elected 
President of the New York State Association of School Commis- 
sioners and City Superintendents, a position that he filled with 

He was active in urging the necessity of a state system of uniform 
examinations, and led in the successful movement to secure the 
pledges of school officers throughout the state, to voluntarily accept 
such a system, although the first legislative enactment establishing 
it had been vetoed by the Governor. 

As a result the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Dr. 
Andrew Sloan Draper, (Pres. of 111. State Un.) in 1888, invited Mr. 
Delano to become the head of the newly created Bureau of Ex- 
aminations, in the State Department of Public Instruction, at 
Albany. As first incumbent of that responsible position, lie 
established and popularized the work, not only by his practical 
knowledge of the subject, and skill in organizing; but with his 
pleasant, intelligent, affable manner in meeting and disarming 
adverse criticism in all parts of the state. 

At the change of political administration, in 1893, he delivered 
to his successor an office which he had largely created and wisely 
developed, and which through succeeding years continues to give 
evidence of his clear foresight and thorough ability. 

Well informed, promoting literary and moral culture around him, 
having a large circle of acquaintances among the educators of the 
state, an acute and intelligent observer of public affairs, he enjoys 
the respect and confidence of all. 

3 of Amaziah Delano 

Asenath Delano, d. N. Y. Feb. 16, 1847, m. No. Yarmouth, Mo.. 
May 12, 1808 Nathaniel Bacon, Sr. b. do. July 13, 1786, d. Mercer, 
Me. Feb. 14, 1868. (Savage Diet. I) 1. Samuel Hale, b. Nov. 2, 
1809, un-m. 2. Nathaniel, b. Dec. 1, 181 1. 3. Lucy Parsons, b. 
Mar. 17, 1S14. 4. Mary Gilmore, b. Feb. 3, 1816. 5. Margaret. 
b. Apr. 14, 1818. 6. Henry, b. Aug. 30, 1820. 7. Maria Conville, 


b. Juno 7. 1822. 8. Parsons, b. June 30, 1824, un-.n. 9. J amC s 
Tcrnll, b. Apr. 24, 1826. 10. John Gray, b. June 17, 1831. 
2 of Nathaniel Bacon Sr. & Asenath Delano 
Nathaniel Bacon Jr. d. .Mercer, Me. Sent. 22, 1882 m. Augusta, 
Me. Nov. 7, 1839 Margaret Greenleaf, dan of John and Mercy 
(Greenleaf) Williams, b. Mercer, July 13, 1815, d. do Sept. 25, j 
I.John \\ illiams Bacon, b. Portland, Me. }nh- 1, 1849, m. 
cer, Oct. ro, [875 Mary Eliza, dau. of James Confofth & lane Ann 
(Groves) Corson, b, Xorridgewock, Me., Mar. 8, 1855, d. Mercer, 
Sept. 2, 1880, m. 2d New Sharon, Me., Feb. 24, 1884 Nellie Azubah', 
dau. of James Robinson & Julia Ann (Rowe) Jewell, b. do. Oct 
1867. (b 2d, 1. Nathaniel, 3d b. Lynn, Mass., Nov. 15, 1886. 2. 
Susie Velma, b. Apr. 2, 1888. 3. Mary Asenath, b. Mar. I, 1890! 
4. Henry Jewell, b. Aug. 4, 1S91. 5. Nellie Edith, b. Oct. 8, I 
6. Philip Delano Paeon b Mercer July 25 1897 

3 of Nathaniel Paeon Sr. & Asenath Delano 
Lucy Parsons Paeon, d. Portland iS Oct 1898 m. N. Yar. Dec. 
1 7, 1835 Henry Bailey Hitchcock, b. do. Dec. 4, 1814, d. do. May 
14, 1889. (Gen. 1894) 1. Harriet Bailey, b. June 13, 1837, d. 
Yarmouth, May 21, 1866, m. Portland, Me., Dec. 22, 1 \- . >avid 
Gray, b. N. Yar. Nov. 22, 1831, d. Boston, Mar. 23, 1885.^ No ch. 
2. Lucy Parsons, b. Feb. 9, 1839, m. N. Yar. Oct. 10, 1859 Algernon 
Odell Smith, b. do. July 14, 1838, d. do. Dee. 21, 1SS8. 1. Hattie 
Gray, b. Dec. 27, i860, d. Sept. 25, 1S75. 2. Edgar Reed, b. Nov. 
26, 1S62. 3. Storer, b. Oct. 25, 1864. 3. Josephine, b. Dec. 17, 
1840, m. N. Yar. Dec. 22, 1859 Thomas Lewis Curtis, b. Precport, 
Me!, Sept. 6, 1830. 1. Lulu, b. July 24, 1864, d. June 10, 1870. 4. 
Mary Lincoln, b. Dec. 31, 1848. 5. Henrietta Bailey, b. Apr. 30, 
1853, <1. Yar. July 25, 1SS1, m. Yar. Oct. iS, 1874 George S. Greg- 
ory, b. Northville, Mich., Peb. 11, 1853. 1. Henry Hitchcock, b. 
May 7, 1878. 6. Sarah Lincoln, b. Aug. 11, 1855, 45 Mayo 
m. Portland, Me., July 2^, 1881 Alden Mitchell Pettengill, b. 
Cumberland, Me., May 7, 1S55. I- Lucy Abbie, b. Jan. 9 , 18S3. 
2. Alden Francis, b. Aug. 21, 1S92. 

4 of Nathaniel Bacon Sr. & Asenath Delano 

Mary Giimore Bacon, y 2 Boston St., Somerville, Mass. m. Bos- 
ton, Oct. 20, 1S52 John Barnard Bailey, b. South Weare, X. H., 
July 10, 1814, d. Billerica, Mass., Mar. 30, 1888. Xo ch. 

5 of Xathaniel Bacon Sr. & Asenath Delano 
^Margaret Bacon, d. Charlcstown, Mass., Dec. 11, 18S7, m. X 

Yar Aug. 4, 1844 John Mason Baker, b. do. Aug. 31, 18 12, d. 
Cambridge, Aug. 15, 187S. Xo ch. 

6 of Xathaniel Bacon Sr. & Asenath Delano 

Henry Bacon, d. Bedford, Mass. Feb. 15. 1884, m. Boston, Dec. 
24, 1844 Frances, dau. of James and Sarah (Carde) Carde, b. Kent, 
Eng. May 17, 1821. 1. Asenath Frances, b. Nov. 11, 1840, m. 
Bedford, June 13, 1874 Herman Lindner Bachelder, b. ton, 

Mass., Nov. 6, 1849. 1. Lindner Francis, b. Charlcstown, Mas , 
Sept. 20, 1879. 2. Adeline Louise, b. Everett, Mass., July 2^, 1 
2. Harriet, b. Dec. 24, 1849, m. Bedford, Jan. 26, 1876 Theod 
Mason Norton, b. Tinmeuth, Vt., May 4, 1850. Xo ch. 3. Henry 


Bacon, 280 Causeway St., Boston, b. Sept. io, 1851. in. Brookline, 

Mass., Oct. 24, 1872 Susan Caroline, dan. oi Ephraim and Caroline 
(Hill) Church, b. do. Dec. 3, 1851. 1. Harry Bartlett, l>. May 25, 
187/,. 2. Grace Wakefield, b. Everett, May 9, 1880*. 3. Helen, 
b. do. Oct. 2, 1881. 

7 of Nathaniel Bacon Sr. & Asenath Delano 
Maria Conville Bacon, d Somerville Mass Apr 25-1897 in. X. 
Yar. Jan. 20, 1841 Daniel Prince, b. do Feb. 6, 1S10, d. Portland 
Oct 4-1891 1. Hortense, b. Portland, Sept. 17, 1846, in. Charles- 
town, Mass., Apr. 17, 1866 Henry Churchill Bradford, b. do. Sept. 

5, 1840. 1. Harry Prince, b. Mar. 16, 1868. 

9 of Nathaniel Bacon Sr. & Asenath Delano 

James Terrill Bacon, m. Cobham, Ya., Mar. 15, 1855 Susan Stan- 
ford, dan. of James Howell and Sarah Ann (Stanford) Lewis, b. 
do. Oct. 7, 1829. 1. Susan Stanford, b. Brooklyn, L. I. Dec. 28, 
1870, m. Cobham, Oct. 15. 1891 Ernie George Money, b. Moul- 
mein, Burmah, Nov. 2j, 1855. l - Isabelle Delano Money, b. Nov. 
20, 1892. 2. Amelia Maria, b. Feb. 8, 1894. (" Marcle Magna " 
manor was gained by Francis Money Esq. of Wellingborough m. 
1723 Eliz. dan. of W'm Washbourne who m. Hester b. 1675 dan. of 
Sir John Ernie Knt. of Wilts. (Richard of Ernie in Sussex 1250) 
who m. 1674 Vincentia dau. of Sir John Kyrle bart. of " Much 
Marcle" — Burke, Hist, of the Commoners Yol 3-1838 — Francis 
had James Money Esq Lieu't-Col. d. 1785, had 1 son William 
Money of " Much Marcle " b. 1748 had a 3d son George — " Keeper 
of Rec. Supreme Ct. etc" Calcutta India m. 1S17 ? gr-father of 
" Ernie Geo. above armes: chequy arg. & gu. on chief sa. 3 eagles 
or. — Ernie armes: arg., on bend sa. 3 eagles or) 

10 of Nathaniel Bacon Sr. & Asenath Delano 

John Gray Bacon, 59 Wallace St., m. Cambridge, Jan. 9, 1872 
Mary Ann, dau of Thomas & Eunice B. (Cilley) Stearns, b. do. 
Nov. 3, 1839. No eh. 

4 of Amaziah Delano 

Enos Delano, d. Fairfield, Me. Mar. 29, 1868, m. No. Yarmouth, 
Mar. 28, 1810 Hannah Earrabee, dau. of Stephen and Ann (Harris) 
Prince, b. do. Apr. 1, 1788, d. Falmouth, Me. Oct. 14, 1870. 1. 
Amos Prince, b. Gray, Me., Dec. 17, 1S10. 2. Margaret Austin, b. 
July 27, 1812. 3. Amaziah, b. Limington, Me. April 10, 181 5. 4. 
Sarah Bothby, b. Mar. 22, 1S17, d. 1818. 5. Lucy Nason, b. Feb. 

6, 18 1 9. 6. Stephen b. May 4, 1821, un-m. d. Ya., June 1850. 7. 
Willard Greenleaf, b. No. Yar. July 11, 1824. 8. Barzilla Small, 
b. Aug. 15, 1826. 9. William Prince, b. Feb. 25, 1829. 

1 of Enos Delano 
Amos Prince Delano, (tins br. in Whitman Gen. 1832 & '89) d. 
Winslow, Me. Jan. 22, 1879, m. Skowhegan, Me. Apr. 7, 1832 Han- 
nah Kincaid, dau. Daniel ec Lucy (Kincaid) Whitman, b. do. May 
22, 181 1, d. Waterville, Me. Aug. 21, 1889. 1. Amy Ann, b. Corn- 
ville, Me., Mar. 9, 1S34, d. Skow. Oct. 9, 1838. 2. Benjamin Prince, 
b. Skow. May 22, 1836. 3. Clarissa Jane, b. Palmyra, Me. April 
13, 1838. 4. Margaret Ann, b. Madison, Me. June II, 1840. 5. 
Asenath Bacon, b. Skow. Oct. 26, 1842. 6. Clarinda Augusta, p. 


Fairfield, Me. Oct. 6, 1S45. 7. Delilah Stickney, b. do. Feb i 

2 of Amos Prince 1 )elano 

Benjamin Prince Delano, m. Fairfield, Dec. II, 1859 Maria, dan. 
of Bryant and Winnie Ann (Pushor) Tozier, b. Waterville, June 
2S, 1829. j. William Ellsworth, b. Waterville, A] r. 1 
Anna Alfraetta, b. Oct. 31, 1805, un-m. 3. Herbert Leslie, b. 
Sept. 18, 1868. 

I of Benjamin Prince Delano 

William Ellsworth Delano, Res. 102 Pine Grove Ave. Lynn 
Mass. m. Waterville Nov. 17, 1883 Nellie Irena, dan. A 
and Olive Brown (Berry) Dodge, b. Deeds. Me., Apr. 1 ■ . . 
(Dodge Gens. 1879 to '94) 1. Florence Irena, b. Winslow, -Me., 
Sept. 8, 1884. 2. Asa Dodge. 3. Myrtle Elvena, b Warren Mass. 
Nov 1-1893 

3 of Benjamin Prince Delano 

Herbert Leslie Delano, m. Waterville, Oct. 16, 1886 Lucy Edith, 
dan. of Samuel and Nancy Lord (Littleheld) Whitchonse, b. I 
grade, Me., Jan. 9, 1S71. (Eng. amies: gn, on bend arg. . 
hounds passant sa.) 1. Mildred, b. Winslow, Me., July 26, 18S8. 
2. Herbert Ray, b. Mar. 20, 1890. ' 

3 of Amos Prince Delano 

Clarissa Jane Delano, m. West Waterville, Me. Oct. 16, 1855 
John Davis, b. Albion, Me., June 5, 1833. 1. Frances Maria, b. 
Winslow, Me., Aug. 28, 1857, m. China, Me., Sept. 29, 18S3 John 
Augustus Hamlin, b. Winslow, Sept. 20, 1857. 2. Amos Maines, 
b. P'eb. 9, i860, m. Winslow, Dec. 6, 1887 Bridget, dan. of James 
White, b. St. George, Quebec, Oct. 8, 1863. 1. Emmons Edward, 
b. Waterville, Jan. 20, 1890. 3. Myra, b. Sept. 10, 1S61, m. Winslow 
May 19, 1SS0 Charles Edwin Bremner, b. do. May 8, 1S53. (Eng! 
armes: ermine, chevron bet. 3 hands sa.) 4. Annie Louisa, 1). Sept. 
28, 1863, m. Waterville, Dec. 25, 1884 Henry Thomas Winters, b. 
Unity, Me., July 5, 1862. 1. Amos Arthur, b Winslow Nov. 5, 
1885. 2. Irving, b. Waterville, Oct. 30, 18S7. 

4 of Amos Prince Delano 

Margaret Ann Delano, m. Winslow, Me. June 10, i860 Daniel 
Augustus Phillips, b. do. July 9, 1839. 1. Stillman, b. May 1, 1S61, 
m. Unity, July 26, 18S5 Susie Ellen, dau. of Asa and Harriet 
(Hartus) Douglass, b. Freedom, Me., Nov. 29, 1886. 1. Percy 
Stillman, b. Benton, Me., Apr. 12, 18S7, d. Mar. 20, 1888. 2. 
Charles Augustus, b. Sept. 5, 1863, d. Dec. 13, 1864. 3. Charles 
Edward, b. Mar. 29, 1867. 4. Frank Everett, b. Apr. 17, 1869, d. 
Dec. 5, 1874. 5. Frederick, b. June 13, 1871. 6. Daniel Werthy, 
b. May 28, 1875. 

5 of Amos Prince Delano 

Asenath Bacon Delano, N. Whitefield, Me. m. W June 

22, 1861 William James Bremner, b. Winslow, Aug. 20, 1840. I. 
Mary Helen, b. Jan. 26, 1863, m. 1st Lowell. Mass., Feb. 12, 1882 
John Henry Dillon, b. Pawtucket, R. I., Dec. 23, 1856, m. 
Damariscotta Mill?, Me., June 3, 1889 George Austin Clark, b. 
do. Mar. 13, i860. 1. William James Dillon, b. Dam. Mills Feb. 


21, 1884. i. Annie Fuller, & 2. Carrie Dodge Clark— twin.-;, b. 
Mar. 2J, 1894. 2. Frankie .May, b. Jan. 14, 1865, d. Mar. 15, ; 
6 of Amos Prince Delano 

Clarinda Augusta Delano, in. 1st Winslow, Aug. 20, 1870 1 
Frederick Guillifer, b. do. 1840, d. do. Aug. 15, 1884, in. 
land, Dec. 15, 1887 Charles A. Drown, b. Winslow, 1842. 1. 
b. June 12, 1S71. 2. Frederick James, b. Jan. 12, 1873. 3- Rossie] 
b. Feb. 13, 1881. 4. Linnie, b. Oct. 3, 1883. 
7 of Amos Prince Delano 

Delilah Stickney Delano, of Gardiner Ale m. Winslow, Nov. 19, 
1871 Ariel Warren Sotheard, b. do. Dec. 9, 1835. 1. Hannah Me- 
lissa, b. Waterville, Oct. 31, 1872. 2. Lydia May, b. Winslow, Mar. 
2 5> i875- 3- Elbridge Gerry, b. Sept. 24, 1877. 4- Unnamed, b. 
Feb. 15, 1880, d. Waterville, Aug. 27, 1881. 5. Annie Alma, b. do. 
May 4, 1S88. 

2 of Enos Delano 

Margaret Austin Delano, m. Xo. Yarmouth, Dec. 29. 1833 Cyrus 
Noyes, b. Falmouth, Me., Apr. 23, 1806, d. do. Aug. 24, 1' 
(Gen. 1894, Nicholas & Rev. James of Newberry (bros.) 1634 :'r. 
Choulderstown sons of Rev. W'm Noyes of Wiltshire Use N 
armes of Cornwall & Sussex Az, 3 crosses crosslet in bend a 
It is possible that " Xoye " is fr. " de la Noye ") 1. Lucy Ann, b. 
Apr. 10, 1S35, un-m. d. do. Apr. 18, 1870. 2. Josiah Noyes, 5 Prov 
ince Court, Boston, b. May 26, 1837, m. Boston, June 8, 1864 
Minnie, dan. of Walter and Mary (Burnett) Steele, b. Liverpool, 
ling., May 17, 1845. I. Alice Granville Noyes, b. Mar. 21, 1865, 
m. Boston Dec. 1, 1885 Frank Jones, Jr., b. Halifax, N. S., Aug. 
15, 1859. I- Margaret Pauline, b. Aug. 15, 1S88. 2. Dorothy 
Granville, b. Sept. 22, 1890. 2 W r alter Wallace, b. Nov. 7, 1867. 

3. Cyrus Adolphus, 8 Province Court, Boston, b. Jan. 2, 1840. m. 
Medford, Mass., Dec. 3, 1863 Sarah Frances, dau. of Samuel and 
Sarah Walton (Homans) Richards, b. Portland, Me., Mar. 25, 1844. 
No ch. 4. John Merrill, b. June 25, 1845, un-m. d. New York- 
Harbor, (yellow fever) Aug. 5, 1869. 

3 of Enos Delano 

Amaziah Delano, d. Falmouth, Me. Aug. 18, 1874, m. Langor, 
June 16, 1840 Mary Emily, dau. of Edward and Eunice Wells 
(Lang) Gould, b. Montville, Me., May 2, 1820 (Gen. 1872) 1. 
Frederick Augustus, b. Apr. 24. 1841, d. Feb. 14, 1844. 2. II 
Maria, b. Jan. 12, 1845, d. Skowhegan, Me. May 16, 1848. 3. Hen- 
rietta, b. Skow. Me., Nov. 19, 1847, d. Jan. 19, 1848. 
5 of Enos Delano 

Lucy Nason Delano, East Deering, Me. d E Deering Me Jan 16- 
1894 m. Falmouth, Me. Feb. 11, 1841 Edward Noyes. b. do. Nov. 

4, 1800, d. do. Oct. 19-1868. 1. Frederick Melville Noyes, b. Apr. 
28, 1842, m. Boston, Apr. 9, 1864 Adaline Maria, dau. of Isaiah 
Winslow and Roxana Theodate (Godfrey) Killey, b. New Orleans, 
La., July 17, 1841. 1. Addie Melville, b. Flushing, N. Y., Jan. 14, 
1867, d. Maiden, Mass., Oct. 17, 1872. 2. Annie Shelton, b Maiden 
Sept. 15, 1873. 3- Nellie Josephine, b. Jan. 10, 1879. 2. Enos 
Augustus, b. May 16, 1847, un-m. d. Augusta, Me. Mar. 6, 18S9. 

16 241 

3. Edward Nason, Faulkner, Mass. b. Falmouth, Aug;. 3, 1850, m. 
Maiden, May 10, 1873 Eva Gates, dan. of Asa and Sarah Scott 
(Dunkle) Ward, b. Wardsboro, Vt., Jan. 27, 1846. 1. Harry Gil- 
bert, b. Oct. 9. 1875. d. May 12, 1878 2. 1 lorence Eva, b. July 31, 
1881. 3. Myron Xason, b. Aug. 19, 1883. 4. Charles Wilber, 
Somerville, Mass. b. July 10, 1853. in. Falmouth, Sept. 27, : 
Rosina Alberta Colsin, dan. of Thos. Robert and Maria (Babb) 
Peters, b. Devcnport, Eng., Sept. 18. 1858. 1. Harry Charles, b. 
Aug. 6, 1879. 5- Ernest Wendell, Walpole, Mass. b. Mar. 22, 1857, 
m. Cumberland, Me., Nov. 1, 1884 Ad . Brown. 1. Blanche 

Alida. b. Walpole, Mass., May 4. 1887. 6. Margaret Ella, b. Nov. 
13, 1859, d. Dec. 22, 1802. 7. Benjamin, b Jan. 28, 1S62 m. Everett, 
Mass., May 10, 1893 Metta A Knowlton. 

7 of Enos Delano 

Willard Greenleaf Delano, (Private — Co. E, 1st II. A. Maine 
Vols. — killed Petersburg, Ya., June 18, 1864), m. 1st Bangor, Dec. 
12, 1846 Clarinda Richardson, d. Bangor, Me., Feb. 8, 1849, m. 2d 
do. Dec. 11, 1852 Sarah Rowe, dau. of George & Deborah 'Dryer) 
Emery, b. Maxfield, Me., Nov. 10, 1829, d Somerville ' Nov 
21-1893 (Gen. 1890) 1. Frederick Wilber Delano, Ellsworth, Me. 

m. to ? 1. Yelzora Savage, b. May 5, 1854, Somerville. Mass. 

m. Boston, Dec. 2, 1879 Horace Angea Forbush, b. Cambrid 
Me., Sept. 15, 1852. No ch. (fr. ? Forbes Gen. 1892) 2. Emma 
Frances, b. July 17, 1S57. 3. Walter Herbert, b. July 2, 1861. 

3 of Willard Greenleaf Delano 

Emma Frances Delano, Medford Centre, Me. m. Bangor, Sept. 
23, 1S77 Charles Henry Bailey, b. Howland, Me., May 6, 1S56. I. 
Winiefrid Belle, b. Maxfield, Me., Jan. 5, 1882. 2 Horace Aimer, 
& 3. Florence Annie twins b. Howland, June 9, 1883. 4. Blanche 
Elizabeth, b. Maxfield, May 24, 1886. 5 Earl Willard, b. How- 
land, Mar. 31, 1888. 

4 of Willard Greenleaf Delano 

Walter Herbert Delano, (Commander Mass. Sons of Veterans), 
m. 1st Bangor Dec. 25, 1879 Emma Frances, dau. of Abner Seely 
and Elizabeth (Emery) Bailey, b. Howland, Nov. 2S, 1859. d. do. 
July 19, 18S1, m. 2d Sharon, Mass., Aug. 30, 1886 Gertrude Hewins, 
dau. of Elon and Sabrina (Greenleaf) Richards, b. do. Aug. 20. 1859. 
1. Francis Bailey, b. Howland, July 13, 1881. — 1. Roland Hixon, 
b. Sharon, Oct. 31, 1887. 2. Carleton Chase, b. do. Nov. 19, 1890. 

8 of Enos Delano 

Barzilla Small Delano, d. Fairfield, Me Feb. 23, 1868. m. Fair- 
field, Aug. 17, 1850 Mary Ann, dau. of Amos and Mary Ann 
(Stevens) Avery, (Gen. 1893) b. do. April 17, 1831 (m. 2d Norridge- 
wack, Me Dec. 30, 1876 Benjamin Perley Hersome, b. W. Water- 
ville, Me., Nov. 21, 1821.) 1. Stephen Small Delano, b. Jan. 7, 
1852, Skowhegan Me. m. Fairfield Nov. 2, 1878 Annie Belle, dau. 
of Warren Lander and Caroline (Tozicr) Tozier, b. Waterville, Me. 
Iv Gladys Ola, b. Jan. 17, 1884. 2. Sarah Ellen, b. Dec. 30. iS 
3. Ann Maria, b. July 14, 1855, d. July 28. 1856. 4. Etta May, b. 
July 8, 1862. 5. Alice Maria, b. Sept. 3, "1867, un-m. d. Norridge- 
wock, Feb. 18, 1883. 


2 of Barzilla Small Delano 

Sarah Ellen Delano, m. Skowhegan, Me Fob. 5, 1SS0 Samuel 
M Emerson, b. Saco, Me., Mar. 12, 1858. (Gen. [887 Joseph of 
Me. 1620-90 ed. Oxford In. son of Thomas of Mass 1642 r fr. Eng. 
des. of Sir Ralph Emerson Knt. 1535 of Foxton Durham armes: 
Party per fesse indented or & vert, on bend engrailed az, 3 ! 
passant arg.) 1. Fannie Altana, b. Nov. 29, [880. 2. Alice May, 
b. Norridgewock, Me. Sept. 30, [883. 

4 of Barzilla Small Delano 

Etta May Delano, m. Norridgewock, Me. May 1, 1SS8 Charles 
Herbert Crosby, b. Kingfield, Me.. July 8, 1864. Xo ch. (> 

9 of Enos Delano 

William Prince Delano, of Bangor Mr m. J'-ucksport, Mc 1856 
Maria, dau. of Joseph and Eleanor (Lamphere) James, b. do. 1. 
Frank, d. Sept. 18, 1862. 2. Llewellyn, d. Feb. 1, 1862. 
5 of Amaziah Delano 

Judith Delano, d. X. Yarmouth, Me., July 20, 1834. m. Gray Me 
180S Larrabee Harris, (Gens. 1861 to 'Sj) b. X. Yar. Dec. 31, 1780, 
d. do. Mar. 9, 1849. l - Lydia, b. Jan. 7, 1809. 2. Amaziah Delano 
Harris, b. Nov. 18, 1810. 3. Stephen Larrabee, b. Harrison, Me. 
Aug. 15, 1812. 4. Almira b do Sept. 25. 1814, un-m. d. X. Yar. 
Mar. 14, 1840. 5. Asenath, b. Limington. Me. Oct. 21. 1816. 6. 
Jane Berry, b. do. May 27, 18 iS. 7. Ezekiel Delano Harris, b. X. 
Yar. Oct. 3, 1820. 8. Joseph Russell, b. Nov. 26, 1822. 9. Oiive 
Russell, b. May 25, 1S25. 10. Eliza, b. Aug. 27, 1827. 

1 of Larrabee Harris & Judith Delano 

Lydia Harris, d. X. Yar. Nov. 30, 1852, m. X. Yar. Apr. 19, 1829 
Jason Hamilton, b. do Jan. 11, 1808. I. Eliza Ann b. Sept. 19, 
1829, d. 30 Nov. 1861 m. 1st John Bond m. 2d Henry Prince 2. 
Frances, b. Oct. 26, 1833, un-m. 3. Mar. 25, 1858. 3. Horatio, b. 
Sept. 6, 1836. 4. Harriet Jane, b. Feb. 2, 1840. 5. Margaret 
Bacon, b. Jan. 19, 1848. 

3 of Jason Hamilton 

Horatio Hamilton, m. Lawrence, Mass., July 29, 1862 Laura 
Anna Kincaide, b. Augusta. Me., Dec. 25, 1842. (Scotch) I. 
Herbert Horatio, b. May 4, 1863. 2. Ernest Wendell, b. Mar. 19, 

4 of Jason Hamilton 

Harriet Jane Hamilton, d. X. Yar. Sept. 3, 1878, m. Lisbon, Me., 
Feb. 16, i860 James Doten. b. X. Yar. Feb. 9, 1S29. 1. Florence 
Stone, b. X'. Yar. Oct. 10, 1862. Linwood Hamilton, b. Oct. 16, 
1869. Theodora Belle, b. Aug. 24, 1871. 

5 of Jason Hamilton 

Margaret Bacon Hamilton, d. Portland Aug. 26, 1876, in. Port- 
land, Me., Oct. 2, 1873 Frank Benjamin Knight, b. do. Mar. 17, 
1841, d. do. Nov. 22. 1879. Portland. Me. (Savage Gen. Diet. 
Ill) 1. Frederick Earnest, b. X. Yar. Dec. 18. 1874. 

2 of Larrabee Harris & Judith Delano 

Amaziah Delano Harris, d. Xew Gloucester, Mc Sept. 13, 1889, 
m. N. Yar. Mar. 19, 1837 Elleanor, dau. of Samuel Higgins, b. No, 


Yar. June 8, 1810, d. N Gloucester, June 1, 1871. 1. Harriet Eliza 
Harris, b. X. Gloucester Mar. 15, 1838, in. X. Gloaa 
25, 1865 Zadoc Allen Rowe, b. do. Mar. 5, 18.34. Xo ch. 2. James 
Webster, b. Feb. o. 1839. d. Apr. 25. [868. 3. Win Henry ! 
son, b. Dec. 10, 1840, <!. Feb. 21. 1867. 4. Samuel Stanwood, h 
Nov. 30, 1842. d. June 24, r868. 5 Mary Ellen, b. Oct. 11. 
d. Oct. 1, 1864. 6. Amaziah Delano, b. Aug. 12, 1846, d. An 
1847. 7. Amaziah Delano, b. July 23, 1848, «i. Apr. 29, 1X7,. 8. 
Lydia Almeda b. June 26, 1851. d. Nov. 3. 1876. 9. Charles Fre- 
mont, b. Sept. 6. 1855, d. Oct. 4, 1883. 10. Horatio Hamilton, b. 
May II, 1859, d. July 25, 1. 

3 of Larrabee Harris & Judith Delano 

Stephen Larrabee Harris, d. X. Berwick, Me. Sept. 2, [888, m. 
Poland, Me. Mar. 14. 1839 Margaret Waterhouse, dan. of Win. 
and Dorothy (Garland) Jackson, b. do. Dec. 19, 1816, d. New 
Gloucester, Jan. 2-\, 1896. 1. Hewitt Larrabee Harris, b. New 
Gloucester, Nov. 7, 1839, d. do. Dec. 10, 1841. 2. Ella Judith, b. 
June 20, 1841, m. X. Gloucester Aug. 16, 1870 Samuel A. Nash, 
M.D., b. Raymond, Me., June 26, 1840, d. N. Berwick, Jan. 5, 
1893. 1. Lena, b. X. Berwick, Sept. 16, 1876. 2. Daisy, b. Apr. 
12, 1879. 3. Helen b. Mar. 19, 1843, (1 - M ar 20, 1843. 4. Hewitt 
Larrabee, b. Eeb. 2T„ 1844, d. Oct. 24, 1857. 5. George Melvin. b. 
Jan. 4, 1846, d. Nov. 16, 1849. 6. Albert, b. & d. 1847. 7. Phebe 
Ann, b. July 3, 1848, d Feb. 12, 1850. 8. Annie Jackson, b. Aug. 17, 
1851, Portland Me. m. Raymond, Jan. 1, 1870 Joseph White Brown, 
b. do. Dec. 5, 1847. r - Maud Everett, b. Mar. 28, 1871, m. Port- 
land, June 25, 1889 George William Hunter, b. Boston. Eeb. 22, 
1866. 1. Helen Longfellow, b. Brockton, Mass., May 5, [890. 2. 
Clara, b. Gray, Me., Nov. 9, 1878, d. Nov. 16. 1S78. 3. Ava Mar- 
garet, b. May 11, 1880. 4. Harris Jordan, b. Portland. June 15, 
1887. 9. George Melvin, b. Aug. 15, 1853. d. Ouincy Mass Mar. 1, 
1891, m. Quincy, Apr. 6, 1879 Caroline Cushing Baxter, (widow) 
dau. of Lewis Eldridge and Olive (Furber) Bradford, b. do. Oct. 
25, 1850. 1. Stephen Larrabee, b. Sept. 16, 1880. 2. Jennie John- 
son, b. July 29, 1882. 3. Mary Edna. b. Mar. 6, 1886. 10. Sarah 
Milliken, b. Jan. 27, 1859, m. New Gloucester Apr 15, 1883 Elbridge 
True, b. do. Apr. 2y, 1859. 1. Mabel Rose, b. Jan. 1, 1885. 2. 
Lewis Penncl, b. May 2, 1891. 

5 of Larrabee Harriss & Judith Delano 

Asenath Harris, d. X. Yarmouth, May 30, 1886, m. Limington 
Me. July 5, 1834 Dennis Higgins, b. Cape Elizabeth, Me. Mar. 28, 
1807. 1. Ellen, b. X. Yar. June 25, 1836, d. Aug. 25, 1837. 2. 
Ellen, b. Gray, Me. June 4, 1838, m. Gorham, Me., April 24, 1861 
Eben Hawkes, b. Windham, Me., July 17, 1834. 1. Elizabeth 
Ellen, b. Windham, Oct. 24, 1863, m. Portland, Me.. July 4, [886 
Geo. Warren Osgood, b. Gray, Me.. July 18. 1864. 2. Granville, 
b. Mar. 4, 1865, m. Goshen, N. H., Apr. 23. 1887 Olive Morse, dau. 
of Jos. Moses and Almira (Ryder) Sawyer, b. Xew Gloucester, Me.. 
Aug. 28, 1870. 1. Ethel, b. Pownal. Me.. Oct. 29. 1888. 3. G 
b. N. Yar. Jan. 28, 1867. 4. Orrin, b. F^b. 2. 1879. 3. Granville, 
h. N. Yar. Sept. 11, 1840, d. N. Yar. Eeb. 8, 1874, m. Laconia, N. 


'■ • 

11.. Feb. 10, 1871 Caroline Demarest, d. Auburn, Me., Jan. 16, 1873. 
No ch. 4. Edwin, b. Doc. II, 1842, d. Mar. j_\ 1844. 5. Chas. 
Edwin Osgood, b. June 3, 1845, m. Auburn, Me., Juno 2, 1 
Laura Augusta Tubbs (wid) dau. of Charles and Diana (Dri 
Parker, b. do. Jan. 8, 1840. 1. George Henry, b. Apr. 4, 1871. 2. 
Alma Melissa, b. Mar. 29, 1875. 6. Frances I rsula, b. June 7. 
1847, m. Otisfield, Me., Apr. 21, 1885 Frank Marion Getchell, b. 
Machias, Mo.. July 15, 1840. 1. Evalona, b. X. Yar. Aug. 20, li 
7. Mary Eliza, b. Nov. 9, 1849, nl - Gray, Mo., Dec. 31. 1867 Levi 
Shadrach Foster. 1). do. Nov. 4 1844. 1. Carrie May. b. Apr. 13. 
1873. 2 - Frank Leslie, b. July 20, [880. 3. Mildred Eliza, b. July 
2, i8S3. 4- Harry Frederick, b. Jan. 1, 1886. d. X. Yar. Mai. 
[888. 5. Albert Barker, b. X. Yar. Sept. 25, [887. 8. Samuel 
Larrabce, b. Dec. 2y, [851, d. Mar. 20. 1881, m. June 2^. 1875 Laura 
Anna. dau. of James Sullivan and Mahala (Lamont) Parker. 1. 
Maurice Sullivan, b Jul) 25, & d. Sept. 6. 1876. 2. Frank Samuel. 
b. Apr. 14, 1S78. 3. Grace Annah, b. Nov. 25, [879. 4. Maui ice 
Sullivan, b. May 25, 1881, d. May 28. 1882. 9. William Henry, b. 
May 3, 1S54, m. 1880 Mary Goodwin, d. 14 Mar 1881 no ch. 10. 
Frederic Stone, b. Dec. 7, 1856, un-m. d. Nov. 28, 1880. 11. 
Amos True, b. Mar. 1, 1859. 

6 of Larrabee Harris & Judith Delano 

Jane Berry Harris, d. Windham, Me. Dec. 19, 1853, m. X. Yar- 
mouth, May 2/, 1842 Charles Lord Marston, b. do. Nov. 3, li 
d. West Pownal, Me. Dec. 6, 18S0. (M. fam. 1888— W'm Marston 
to Mass 1634 Shropshire armes: sa., a fesse dancettee ermine, bet. 
3 fleurs-de-lis arg.) 1. Francis Lovell Emerson. 4i2 : - C< >nc;ress 
St., Portland, Me., b. Nov. 1, 1847. m. 1st Boston, May 24, 1867 
Sarah Ellen, dau. of John and Abbic Putnam (Dexterj Stickney. b. 
Concord, X". H., Sept. 24, 1847, m. 2d Richmond. Yt., Sept. 16, 
1889 Elveretta, dau. of Freeman and Dorcas (Holt 1 Nelson, b. 
Canaan, Me., June it, 1855. 1. Byrmina Maud. b. Aug. 18, [868, 
m. Boston Oct. 30, 1885 Francis John Hird, 125 Pludson St., Bos- 
ton, Mass. b. Arbroulh. Scotland. Oct. 2S, 1S65. 1. Stella Caroline, 
b. Oct. 24, 1888. 2. Hugh Francis, b. E. Somcrville, Mass.. May 
6, 1873. 2. Anvelette Estelle, b. Xew Gloucester, Me. Apr. 18, 
1849, d- Mattapan, Mass.. Oct. 17, 1886. m. Portland. Me., Xov. 
17, 1865 Charles Littlefield, b. Topsham, Mass., Jan. 1, 1846. (Gen. 
18S1 — Edmund Littlefield to Me. 1637 fr. Tichfield Eng. — Armes: 
vert, on chevron arg. bet. 3 garbs or; 3 boys heads) 1. Albert 
Henry, b. Mar. n, 1866. 2. Ada Belle, b. Oct. 3. 1868. m. Matta- 
pan, Mass., Xov. 25, 1886 James Irving, b. Halifax. X. S . Nov. 3, 
1863. 1. Ella Mildred, b. Mar. 8, 1890. 3. Ferdinando Hooper, 
b. X. Yar. Oct. 2y, 1850, m. E. Boston, Xov. 3. 1875 Katherine 
Frances, dau. of Thomas and Joanna (Costigan) Morrison, b. St. 
Johns, X. F., Oct. 5, 1858, 11 Linden Place. Boston. 1. Louise, 
b. Jan. 13, 1 88 1. 

7 of Larrabee Harris & Judith Delano 

Ezekiel Delano Harris, of West Pownal, Me. m. X. Yarmouth 
Nov. 19, 1843 Eunice Stinchfield, dau. of David and Dorcas Emery 
(Littlefield) Marston, b. do. Aug. 29, [823. 1. Almira Harris, b. 


Dec. 2S, 1844. 2. Sarah Marchant, b. N« icester, Me. Aug. 

4, 1S46, d. July 29, 1850. 3. Abba Adner, b. June 9, 1848, d. Mar. 
14. 1849. 4- Dorcas Enery, I). Dec. 29, [849. 5. Frederick, b. 
Aug. 25, 1S51. 6. David Marston, b. Oct. 6, [853. 7. Eliza Cush- 

niau, 1). July 31, 1S55. 8. John Larrabee, b. June 6, [857. 9 
Martha, b. Apr. 20, 1859. ro. Millard, b. Jul) o. 11. Olive 

F. Allen, b. July 15, 1862. 12. N'ellie Jay, b. ( >ct. 13, ll 
i of Ezekiel Delano Harris 
Almira Harris, of Auburn, Me., in. Lewiston, Me., Jan. 30, 1876 
Thomas Henry Vosmus, b. S. Auburn, Jan. 4, 1828. No ch. 

4 of Ezekiel Delano Harris 

Dorcas Enery Harris, Auburn, m. Portsmouth, X. H., Nov. 14, 
186S Albion Kendall Paris Marston. b. X. Yarmouth, July 31, 1841. 
1. Albert Lewis, b. Pownal, Me., Jan. 9, 1S72, d. Saccarappa, Me., 
June 9, 1873. 2. Ernest Linwood, b. Sacc. June 7, 1873. 3. Fred- 
erick Albert, b. Gorham, Me., Jan. 12, 1877. 4. William Everett, 
b. do. Oct. 3, 18S0, d. Pownal, Aug. 6, 18S2. 5. Harriet Alice, b. 
Gorham, June 8, 18S5. 

5 of Ezekiel Delano Harris 

Frederick Harris, m. Auburn, Oct. 25, 1882 Alice, dau. of Wm. 
Atkinson and Eliza Jane (Lunt) Bickerton, b. Brunswick, Me., 
June 18, 185S. 1. Yirgie Adelia, b. Mar. 12, 1889. 

6 of Ezekiel Delano Harris 

David Marston Harris, m. Lewiston, Me., Oct. 8, 1879, Caribou, 
Me. Annie Eliza, dau. of Edward Wilson and Ellen (O'Lara) Ride- 
out, b. Presque Isle. Me., July 10, 1853. 1. Alton Garslon, b. West 
Pownal, Feb. 6, 18S1. 2. Edward Ezekiel, b. Leeds, Me., Nov. 10. 
1883. 3. Clarence Elma, b. Caribou, Mar. 18, 1889. (See Corliss) 

7 of Ezekiel Delano Harris 

Eliza Cushman Harris, S. Auburn, Me. m. Manchester, X. II.. 
Dec. 31, 1873 Stanley Gore, b. Gray, Me., Sept. 6, 1849. l - Eugene 
Waldo Gore, b. Auburn, May 8, 1875. 2 - Arthur Leroy, b. Jan. 4, 
1877. 3. Bertram Lesley, b. Dec. 21, 1878. 4. Eva Maud, b. July 
26, 1881. 5. Blanche Estelle, b. Jan. 2^, 1886. (Gore Gen. 1875 
-8 p.) 

8 of Ezekiel Delano Harris 

John Larrabee Harris, Minot, Me. m. Auburn, Me.. Aug. 29, 
1874 Marietta, dau. Wm. Henry and Marietta (Harvey) Martin. 
b. Dansville, Me.. Sept. 5, 1857. 1. Wendell Irving, b. Xew 
Gloucester, Me., Apr. 6, 1876, d. Poland, Me., Apr. 29, 1890. 2. 
Clarence Ezekiel, b. X. Yarmouth, Me., July 9, 1877. 3. John 
Franklin, b. Dec. 31, 1S78. 4. Charles Lester, b. Oct. 7, 1880. 5 
Maud Mary, b. Sept. 23. 1S82. 6. Ansel Dunn, b. Mar. 17. 1884. 
7. George Martin, b. Jan. 2^, 1887. 8. Bessie Emma, b. Poland, 
Nov. 9, 1888. 

9 of Ezekiel Delano Harris 

Martha Harris, m. Auburn. Apr. 20, 1882 Alonzo Abbott Gowell, 
b. Oxford, Me., Nov. 14. 1861. 1. Lindon Harris, b. Dec. 22, 18 
2. Albert Montrose, b. Mar. 2, 1885. 

12 of Ezekiel Delano Harris 
Nellie Jay Harris, m. Auburn. At; 5 Frank Auj 

Vosmus, b. do. July 1 Ch. Elmer Addison, b. Jan. S, 1887. 

8 of Larrabee Harris & Judith Del 

Joseph Russell Harris, .Merrill St.. Portland, Me., m. Pow] 
Me. Aug. 15. 1846 Harriet Caroline, dau. of Joseph and Patience 
(Bartol) Lufkin, b. do. Aug. 1. 1821, d. Portland, Sept. 25, 18 
(Lufkyn Eng. amies: sa, on chevron bet. 3 eagles; 3 mullets) 1. 
Adcliza Patience, b. X. Yarmouth, Feb. 28, ] -.1 Cumberland 
St., Portland, m. Portland, Jan. 1, 1S74 Eastman Holden, b. 
Me., Get. S, 1S47. No eh. 2. Mary Caroline, b. Dui Vie. 

Jan. 20. 1850, Lawrence. Ma-, m. Portland, Dec. 25, 1879 Oscar 
Mills, b. Great Falls. X. H., Dee. 18. [850. No eh. 3. Henrii 
Cruger, b. Nov. S, 1852. 4. Joseph Lufkin, b. July 24. 1854, 35 
Stone St., Portland, m. Portland, Apr. 23. 1874 Ada Isora, dau. of 
Win. Stone and Rowena Porter (Walton) Thompson, b. X. Water- 
borough, Me., Aug. 11, 1855. 1. Ethel Maud, b. May 11. 1875. 
2. Charles Russell, b. July 6, 1877. 3. Phillip Holden, b. Dec. 7, 
1S79, d. Jan. 11, 1887. 5. George Bartol, b. Mar. 28. 185'' 
ham, Mass. m. Portland, Apr. 16, 1884 Charlotte, dau. of Jos. 1'. 
and Elizabeth Ellen (Libby) Parsons, b. do. Nov. 2. 1861. 1 . Nellie 
Bartol, b. Mar. 30, 1S85. 2. Harriet, b. Stoneham, Mass., May [8, 
1886. 3. Marion, b. do. Dec. 28, 18S9. 

9 of Larrabee Harris & Judith Delano 

Olive Russell Harris 13 Highland Park Ave. Roxbury, Mass. m 
Auburn, Me. July 28, 1844 William Frederick Stone, Sr. b. Bellows 
Falls, Vt., Oct. 5, 1822, d. Boston Mass. Apr 25-1894. 1. William 
Frederick, Jr. b. X. Yarmouth, Feb. 15, 1846, Slaughter, Wash. m. 
Marysville, Cab, Nov. 25, 1875 Rhoda Augusta, dau. of Owen and 
Sarah (Harrison) Doremus, b. New York City, May 7, [845, d. 
Alturas, Cab, Mar. 29, 1889. 1. Win. Doremus Stone, b. Nov. 5. 
1881. (Gen. '98 Cornelius ? Doremus fr. Holl. abt. 1690 to X. Am.) 
2. Frederick William, twin of William Frederick, b. do. Alturas, 
Cab m. Sacramento, Cab, 1873 Lulu Mellon. Xo ch. 3. Emily 
Maria, b. Xew Gloucester, Mar. 12, 1847, m. Portland Me., Nov. 6, 
1866 Toshua Edwin Waterhouse. Xo ch. (Savage Diet. IV Eng. 
founded by Sir Edward Waterhouse, Lincolnshire 1250, armes: 
Or a pile engrailed sa.) 4- George Burt, b. Boston, July 21, 1850, 
m. Augusta, Me., Jan. 24, 1883 Abbie Wells, dau. of Daniel and 
Sophia Elizabeth (Duell) Lawrence, b. Pittston, Me., July 26, 1852. 
1. George Lawrence, b. S. Boston, Nov. 1, 1886. 

10 of Larrabee Harris & Judith Delano 

Eliza Harris, d. Bridgton, Me.. Mar. 16, 1855. m. Gray. Me.. 
Feb. 28, 1850 Job. Cushman, b. Oxford, Me., Mar. 11, 1820, d. 
Bridgton, May 27, 1877. Xo ch. 

5 of Ezekiel Delano 

Edmund Chandler Delano, d. Cumberland, Me. 1824. m. X. 
Yarmouth Mar. 8. 1796 Martha Merrill, dau. of Eliphalet & Martha 
(Mayo) Morse, b. Falmouth, Me.. Sept. 14, 1769. d. Portland, June 
14, 1852. 1. Rufus Chandler, b. Aug. 23, 1797. 2. Ezekiel, b. Jan. 
13! 1/99- un-m. Lost at sea. 3. Amaziah, b. Jan. 23, & d. Dec. 


25th 1800. 4. Charlotte, b. May 18, 1801, d. y. 5. Elizabeth, b. 
Aug. (>, 1802. 6. Ge >rge, b. 1804. 7. Zilpha, b. May 4, 1807, ,x - 

Lucy, b. Nov. 3, 1812. 

1 of Edmund Chandler Delano 
Rufus Chandler Delano, Sr. d. N. Y. Dec. < v; . 1846, m. N T ew 
York City, 1823 Sarah, dau. of James and Sarah (Franklin) Hutch- 
inson, b. London, Eng., Jan. 20, 1796. d. New York, I >ec. 20, i 
I. Ezekiel Delano, b. Feb. 5. [824. 2. .Martha Elizabeth, b. Aug. 
14, 1825. 3. Rufus Chandler Delano Jr b. Sept. jo, 1827, d. (- ( let 
1890 m. Mary ? d. Greenwich 13 Sept [883 no eh. 4. Henrietta 
Smith, b. Dec. 24, 1831. 5. Louisa, b. Mar. 4, 1834, d. June 1, 1S37. 
6. Lucy Ann, b. May 7. [836, d. June 22. 1837. 7. Louisa Ann. b. 
Sept. 6, 1838, un-m. d. Greenwich, Conn. June 12, 1867. 

1 of Rufus Chandler Delano Sr. 

Ezekiel Delano, d. Savannah, Ga., Jan. 30, 1893 (on a visit), m. 
New York Nov. 6, 1845 Elizabeth Deacon, b. County Caven, Ire- 
land, Dec. 15. 1820. d. Greenwich, July 6, [881. 1. Rufus Chan 
Delano, b. New York City, Dec. 6. 1847. d. Feb. 5, [848. _■ 
Thomas Henry, b. Greenwich, Conn., Dec. 10, 1851. 3. Rufus 
William, b. Jan. 23, 1S53. 4. Sarah Elizabeth, b. Nov. 26. 1854. 
5. Louisa Ann, b. May 19. 1S56, d. Feb. 4, 1861. 6. Martha Etta, 
b. June 5, 1858, un-m. 7. Louisa Ann, b. Feb. 18, 1863, un-m. 
d. June 9, 1890. 

2 of Ezekiel Delano 

Thomas Henry Delano, Res. Greenwich Conn. m. there Nov. 
12, 1884 Lucy Molthrope, dau. of Stephen G. and Cornelia G. 
White, b. do. Feb. 26, 1858. (Pub. & Ed. of a tobacco Trade- 
Journal At 102 Chambers St., New York.) 1. Cornelia Adelaide, 
b. Oct. 27, 1885. 2. Sadie Eloise, b. June 29, 1889. 

3 of Ezekiel Delano 

Rufus William Delano, d. Greenwich, Feb. 7, 1883. m. Tort 
Chester, N. Y., Jan. 5, 1S75 Stella Wells, dau. of Charles & Frances 
(Wells) Odell, b. New York City, Mar. 18. 1858. (fr. Odehull Eng. 
amies: arg. 3 crescents gu.) 1. Florence Louise, b. Port Chester, 
Sept. 13, 1875. 2. Lulu Frances, b. Greenwich, July 27, 1877. 
4 of Ezekiel Delano 

Sarah Elizabeth Delano, m. Port Chester, Jan. 5, 1875 William 
S. Reynolds, b. Stamford, Conn., Dec. 4, 1S52. 1. Howard Delano 
Reynolds, b. Greenwich, Oct. 31, 1875, d. July 23, 1876. 2. Will- 
iam Everett, b. May 9, 1877. d. Mar. 30. 1882. 

2 of Rufus Chandler Delano Sr. 

Martha Elizabeth Delano, d. Greenwich, Mar. 17, 1873. m. New 
York Jan. 1843 Thomas Hagen Carney, b. Carlisle, Penn., 1821. 
d. New York, Apr. 2~ , 1850. 1. Thomas Hagen, 207S Lexington 
Ave., New York, b. Mar. 24, 1844. 2. John, b. Dec. 13, 1847. d. 
New Orleans, La., Apr. 14. 1864. 

4 of Rufus Chandler Delano Sr. 

Henrietta Smith Delano, m. New York Aug. 6. 1856 Joseph 
Alexander Gray, b. Crohan. Ireland. Nov. 8. 1829. 1. Eliza Jane, 
b. Chicago, 111.. June 16. 1857, d. do. June 7. 1858. 2. James Alex- 
ander, b. Holland, Mich., Nov. 11, 1858, d. Greenwich, Mar. 15, 


i875- 3- Sarah, b. Holland, Mich., Jan. 8, 1861, d. do. Jan. 13, 

i86r. 4. Joseph Henry, b. Nov. 1 1, 1863. 5. Sarah Ruth, b. S« 
7, 1865, m. Charles H. Downes, 9 Cortland Place, S. Norwa 


5 of Edmund Chandler Delano 

Elizabeth Delano, d. Portland, Me. Dee. i.<. 1S77. m. X Yar- 
mouth Dec. 10. i8ji Thomas Chase, 1>. Windham. Me. Sept. 7. 
1797, d. Portland. Sept. 6, 1854, 1. Martha Ann, h. Freeport, Me. 
Oct. 1, 1822. d. 2. Julia, b. Mar. 8. 1824, d. Cumberland, Me. July 
4, 1828. 3. Philip Sweetser, b. Cumberland, Jan. 29, [826, d. 4. 
Charles Poland, b. Jan. 13. (828, d. 5. Emily Allen, b. Apr. [6, 
1830, m. A. Reed, 59 Brown St.. Portland. 6. William Jordan. 1>. 
Jan. 2j, 1833, d. Otisfield, Me. Aug. 25, 1842. 7. Ezekiel Delano. 
b. Cumberland. Feb. 26, 1835. 8. Francis Henry, b. Dec. 13. \{ 
9. Samuel Ray, b. Dec. 27, 1839, d. 10. Almena Stevens, b. Otis- 
field, Apr. 7, 1842, d. Aug. 26, 1849. 

6 of Edmund Chandler Delano ? 

George Delano, m. 1826 Rhoda B., dan. of James ami Mary 
(Murray) Cook. d. Sebago, Me., 1830. 1. George Washington, b. 
Sebago Dec. 12, 1826. 2. John Cook b. 1828. (Prof. Delano of 
Sodus Center who compiled this thinks this "Ceo. D'o " a s. of 
"Edmund Chandler D'o" On record is " George Delano b. X. 
Yarm. 1804 who m. Starke Me. Ruth Dutton. had son Benjamin 
b. 1S30. The compiler believes the two " Georges " are the same) 

1 of George Delano 

George Washington Delano, d. Victoria Harbor, Nov. I, 1880. 
m. Bridgton, Me.. May 1, 1849 Angelina Perlcy, dau. of Nathaniel 
and Charlotte Temple (Smith) Burnham, b. Bridgton. Aug. 13, 
1827. Victoria Harbor, Ontario, Canada. (Gens 1869 & '84) 1. 
Leonora Temple, b. Dec. 20, 1849, un-m. d. Gloucester, Dec. 26, 
1871. 2. Mary Foster, b. Bridgton, Mar. 10. 1851, un-m. d. Vic- 
toria Harbor, May 2j, 18S1. 3. George Edwin, b. Bridgton, Sept. 
2, 1853. Lowell, Mass. 4. John Henry Delano, Victoria Harbor, 
Ontario, Can. b. do. Nov. 22, 1855. m. do. 1 June 1880 to Ellen 
Jane dau of Edwin and Louisa (Fisher) Cottrell b. Birmingham 
Warwickshire Eng. 23 Sept. i860 ch. George Washington Del 
b. Bridgton 26 Feb 1882 (Sir Clement Cotterell was — Groom- 
Porter to James I (1602-25) amies: arg. a bend bet. 3 escallops 

2 of George Delano 

John Cook Delano, d. Feb. 22, 1S69 m. 1853 Sarah Elizabeth 
Demuth, b. 1836 of Portland Me (her mother a Copeland) 
Eaton, Hist. Thomaston Me) 1. Addie Florence, b. Thomaston, 
"Mar. 6, 1857, m. Jeremiah Murphy. 2. George Frank. Lewiston, 
Me. b. S. St. George (now Port Clyde 1, Me., Feb. 24, 1S61. 
7 of Edmund Chandler Delano 

Zilpha Delano, d. Portland Sept 18-1803, m. 1^; Cumberland, Me. 
Feb. 28, 1835 Lewis Haley, b. Kittery, Oct. 22, 1804. d. at sea. 1 
m. 2d Kittery, Me. Oct. 10. 184 \ Samuel Leach, b. do. Oct. 30. 1808, 
u. do. June 30, 1868. 1. Joseph Leach, b. Sept. 8, 1836. d. at sea 


8 of Edmund Chandler Delano 
y Delano, d. Portland, Apr. 22, 1894. m. Cumberlan 
8* _ William Henry Jordan, b Westbrook, Me.. Apr. 22, 1811, 
pxlland, Jul; 8, [860. 1. Martha Morse, b. Portland April 

in. & d. no ch. -?. Charles Henry, b. Nov. 13, 1840, m 
ngch.: — Win. Henry, Merrill S., and Charles E., of Port- 
1 ' 3. Frances Ellen, b. Aug. 21, 1842, in. Horace G. Donnell, 

] iland, ch. Jas. \\\, Cape Elizabeth, a dan. in Frank Colton, 
] I Boston. 4. Abbie Hatch, b. June 3, 1844, d m. Laurence C. 
Matthews, Warren, Me., 1 dan m. Samuel H. Richmond. 
9 of Ezekiel Delano 
cas Delano, d. Cumberland, 1841, in. X Yarmouth Abel 
•rill, b. do. Nov. 3, 1777, d. Cumb. Jan. 12. 1S70. 1. Edmund 
ndler, b. Nov. 3, 1809, m. & d. 2. Joanna Jordan, b. Nov. 3, 
1, m. & d. 3. Benj. Delano, b. 1816, un-111. d. at sea [834 4. 
Daniel Sweetsir, b. Dec. 17, 1S1S. 5. David Sweetsir, b. Cumher- 
iand, 1822, m. & d. (Cumberland was taken fr. X. Yarmouth — 

5 of Amaziah Delano 
Cornelius Delano, d Dux. Apr 29-1801 (was a shipsmith 1773 
the first " minute company of militia " was raised in Duxbury 
!y a Regt of the 2d Co Cornelius was chosen Ensign. Mass 
Arch Rev Apr 19-1775 of Dux. Col Warren, Capt Wadsworth, 
mt, 3 'lays, Vol 13. Dec 10-1776, Dux, Col Lothrop, Capt 
Samson, Sergeant, to Bristol R I. 15 days. Vol 3. Sept 27-1; 
Capt Elliott, Vol 30. Probate records. Plymouth Mass. Bk 32, 
1801 Division of estate of Cornelius D'o. Guardians appor 
for sons, Cor. Jr. & Geo. eldest son Zenas. 2d Darius eldest dau 
Susanna Chandler. 2d Sylvia Chandler & Zenas Winsor gr-sun. 

6 s. of Peter and Deborah (Delano)) m. Duxbury Mass June 24- 
1762 Sarah, dau of Reuben and Rebecca (Simmons) Peterson, b. do. 
abt 1741 d do. 1816 1 Deborah, b Duxbury July 11-1763- (See 
Peter Winsor, Ebenezer— Joshua branch) 2 Zenas, b Dec 27- 
I/65 3 Susanna, b Oct 19-1768 4 Sylvia, b Dec 4-1 770 5 
Sarah, b Apr 24-1773 d Nov 15-1780 6 Darius, b Apr 27-1775 

7 Philemon, b June 17-1781 & d July 29. 8 Cornelius Jr. b July 1 5- 
1782 9 George, b July 27-17S4. 

2 of Cornelius Delano 
Zenas Delano, d Duxbury abt. 1827 (Probate rec of Plymouth 
Book 60 Aug 3-1827 Daniel C D'o of Duxbury administrator 
of estate) m. ist Dux. Wealthea m. 2d Lydia, dau of Thomas & 
Rhoda (Blackmore) Chandler, m. 3d ? 1 Daniel Chandler, b 1798. 
— 1 Wealthea m. Thomas Low. — 1 Lewis 2 Briggs 
t of Zenas Delano 
Daniel Chandler Delano Sr. d Duxbury Oct 18-1867 m. ist Dux. 
Hannah Low, b do Aug 14-1800 d. do. Oct 18-1848 m. 2d do. Abi- 
gail Brewster, b Kingston Mass. Apr 1794 d. Feb 5-1880 1 Daniel 
lano Jr b Dec 1824 d Neponset Mass Apr 9-1885 m. Dux. to 
th Ro< ers, dau of Jacob & Sally (Churchill) Curtis, b Dux- 
pr 10-1825 d do. Jan [8-1889. ia Rodney Delano, 

June 26-1848 k. Aug 5-1865 (by iigntning while looking out of 


window) 2a Edgar F b Sept 7-1850, d July 13-18 

F b Nov 18-1858 d Jan 11-1862 — 2— Hiram Delano b Dux- 
bury aft. 1825 Res. Marshfield Mass. m. 1st Sarah Marshall, dau of 
Warren & Hannah (Churchill) Whitney, b Pembroke Mass d. ? 
m. 2d Rowena, dan of Warren & Marion Hall, b Mai 

field. 1. Benjamin, b Marshfield ? eh. b & d. y. 

3 of Cornelius DHano 

Susanna Delano, d Marshfield m Duxbury 1790 Thomas Chand- 
ler, b do. (Winsor) 1 James, b Marshfield 2 Henry. 

4 of Cornelius Delano 

Sylvia Delano, m Duxbury Aaron, son of Thomas & R 
(Blackmore) Chandler, b do Lost at sea. (Winsor) 1 Pelham, b 
July 22-1795 2 Nancy, b Aug 17-1799- 

6 of Cornelius Delano 

Darius Delano, d. Va Sept 23-1S29 m Virginia 1827 Betsy, dau of 
Abner Howe 1 Susanna, b Richmond Co Va Sept 5-1828, d. 
un-m. 2 Mary, b Nov 10-1829, d. un-m. 

9 of Cornelius Delano 

Capt George Delano d. Nov 20-1848, (In charge of a " woolen 
factory " in Charlestown Mass.; during " war of 1812" ran a pa( 
ship to Charleston S. C. with supplies, settled in Ya. 1820) m 
Plymouth Jan 1-1801 ? Lydia. dau of Thomas & Lydia (Tribl 
Burgess, b. do. 1784 d. Dux m 2d Leonardtown Md 1823 Nancy, 
dau of Joseph & Polly (Holavy) Davis, b near Warsaw Va 
near Oldhams Va. Oct 11-1863. (Gen. 1884) 1 George Delano, 
b. Duxbury Sept 29-1801, m Kingston Mass. Sally Robbins; no ch. 
both d Plymouth, he Mch 23-1853. 2 Lydia, b Oct 30-1803. un-m. 
d Plym Mar 22-1856 3 James, b Nov 21-1805, un-m. d Pem- 
broke Mass. July 26-1S70 4 Polly Burgess, b Tan 19-1807. 5 
Emily, b Jan 7-1809 6 Thomas Burgess, b Aug 27-1812 7 
Amanda, b Nov 8-1814, m Boston 1839 Michiah M George no ch. 
8 Gustavus, b July 8-1819 m 1st Catherine Bosworth (Savage I 
Diet I) m. 2d to Parthena Sherman. No ch. New Bedford Mass 
24 Purchase St. 9 Henry Chandler, b June 24-1822—10 Jo 
Patterson, b Oldhams Sept 20-1824 11 Augustus, b Apr 19-1826 
12 Sarah Ann b July 27-1S28. 13 William Patterson, b June 27- 
183 1. 14 John Wesley, b Sept 21-1833, d Sept 1 1-1842. 15 Mary 
Catherine, b Or: 26-1836. 16 Pelham Chandler, b July 27-1839. 
17 Virginia Frances, b May 10-1842. 18 Annie Elizabeth, b May 
11-1845. 19 Sv.san Hannah, b Oct 17-1848. 
4 of Capt. George Delano 

Polly Delano, d Duxbury Oct 29-1883, m Dux. Ian 
19-1842 Will:?.— Stevens Simmons, b Kingston Mass. Jan 19-1805 
d Dux Jan 26-1889. 1 William Henry, b Dec 11-1842, d St Helena, 
Jan 16-1879. 2 Gustavus Delano Simmons, b July 23-1845, in 
Sarah Southv. ; rth. Duxbury Mass 

5 of Capt George Delano 

Emily Delano, d Marshfield Mass Oct 12-1891 m Marshfield 
1832 Seth Ar :".. b Duxbury Sept 7-1810 d Marshfield Ma) 
1886. iGc rs Sept 1833. d Jan 1837 2 Edwin, b Nov 1854. 
3 Lucretia T". . .- - son, b July 1836, Mr Foster of Marshfield 4 


Charles, b May 18; ridgewater 5 George Russell, b Oct 

1840, of Plymouth Mass. 6 Henry, 1. X. . d Marshfield 

i860 7 Lauretia Drew, b Oct [848. 8 Horace, b Sept 1850, of 
Bridgewater (1 dan m . Capt. Bouncy of Kingston) 

( 'apt < lei rge I H lano 
Thomas Bur. , { g ?2 m p em _ 

broke Mass. May 3-1840 Elizabeth, dau of Nathan and Hannah 
(Roach) Stevens, b ! pt 12-1812 d Hanson Sept 3- 

[8 .5 1 Helen Frances, b Hanson. ( >cl 1-1843 - mas 

Delano, b Pembroke Oct 1-1845, Brocton Mass 662 Warren Av m 
there Nov 14-1888, [da Marion Fadden (wid) dan of Seth & 
Augusta (Blake) Edson, b do Nov 28-1863. No ch. (Gen. 188 1) 
1 of Thomas Burgess Delano 

Helen Frances Delano. Res. Hanson Mas-, m East Cambridge 
Mass. Sept 10-1871 Robert Muirhead, b Tryon, Prince Edwards 
Island Oct 21-1843 "' ! ' Scot amies: arg, on bend az 3 acorns or) 1 
Elizabeth Thomas b June 2-1872 (contributor to this Gen.) 2 
George Erwin, b Hanson & 3 William HI win twins— b. May 5- 
1875 4 Helen Lydia, b Oct 1-1879. 5 Joseph Delano Muirhead, 
b Sept 13-1884. 

9 of Capt George Delano 

Henry Chandler Delano. Res. Marshfield Mass. m New Bedford 
Mass. Sept 7-1843 Ann Louisa., dau of Gilbert & Bethany (Shaw) 
Manchester, b Westport Mass. Dec 14-1827 1 Amanda I 
b Apr 30-1845. d Marshfield Oct 1851 2 Emma Elizabeth, b 
Lowell July 31-1847. 3 Alphonso Fay, b Marshfield May 31-1 : 
4 Charles Henry, b Duxbury Nov 9-1853. 5 Samuel Sanf 
Delano, b do. Feb 22-1858, m Springfield O. Mar 15-1880 to 
Fannie, dau of John M. & Fannie (Peat) Oldham, b Xenia O Jan 
30-1852. Boston 260 Dover St (Savage Diet. Ill) Xo ch. 6 
Leslie Linwood Delano, b Marshfield Oct 10-1861. m Chicago 111. 
June 27-1886 to Julia, dau of Michael & Catherine (Gannon) Gavin, 
b Middleport, Pa. May 15-1860. Xo ch. 7 Marcia Cushman. b 
July 23-1865 8 Frank Appleton, b Oct 9-1868. 

2 of Henry Chandler Delano 

Emma Elizabeth Delano. Chicago 821 Washington Bldg m 
Marshfield Mass. Nov 25-1864 Alonzo Weston, b Duxbury Sept 
16-1841 1 Mary Arvilla Irene, b East Boston Sept 10-1865 2 
Eber Carpenter, b July 9-1868 

3 of Henry Chandler Delano 

Alphonso Fay Delano. Res. Hyde Park Mass. m Marshfield 
Mass. Xov 28-18J2 Emma Lyvinia, dau of Daniel and Susan 
(Lewis) Stevens, b do. Mch 29-1848. 1 Susie Lee, b Hyde Park 
Feb 25-1875. 2 Raymond Palmer Delano, b Apr 16-1880. 

4 of Henry Chandler Delano 

Charles Henry Delano, Chicago 111. 610 Jackson Boulevard 
m Marshfield Sept 14-1873 Sarah Jackson, dau of Asa Trufant 
& Catherine Margarite (Johnson) Reed, b Weymouth Mass. May 
8-1853. J Leon Weston, b Weymouth Feb 6-1876. (Electrician) 
Chicago 530 S. 42 Ave 2 Agnes BicknelJ b Aug 28-1S82. 


7 of Henry Chandler Delano 

Maria Cushman Delano, m Marshfield Mass. I >ec. 24-1888 Will- 
iam Perkins Rand, b Littleton Mass. Mar -'8-1855 (Rob't Kami to 
Mass 1635 ?) 1 Avis Louise, b Feb 4-1891. 

8 of Henry Chandler Delano 

Frank Appleton Delano, m Hanover Mas 9-1888 Fannie 

Porter, dan of John Porter & Fannie Maria (Porter) Hendei 
b X. Scituate Mass Aug 28-1870 1 Howard Appleton, b Norvvcll 
Mass. Mar 5-1889 2 Frederick Burton, b Apr 24-1891. 3 Ruth 
Limvood, b July 26-1893 A Henry Franklin b Nov 15-1895 
10 of George Delano 

Joseph Patterson Delano, m [st Warsaw Va Aug- 29-1847 Lu- 
cinda, dau of Moses cc Mary (Smith) Self, 1) Oldhams Va Jan ; 
1826 d. Warsaw Jan 18-1871 m. 2d do. May 18-1878 Ella, dau of 
James & Susan (Moore) Sisson b Warsaw Dee 1-1840 (or Session 
orig. Normandy; to Ire cc br. at Penrith) 1 ( leorge Taylor, b Sept 
8-1878. 2 Moses Self, b Oldhams July 9-1850. 3 Eimifa, b War- 
saw Jan 9-1853 4 Joseph William b Dee 10-1855. 5 Cordelia, 
b May 28-1858. 6 Pelham, b July 14-1861 7 Robert James, b May 
7-1863 8 Mary, b. Mar. 25-1S67 9 Susan Ann b Mar 7-1872 d 
July 2-18S7. 10 Bettie Alice, b June 2-1S74 

1 of Joseph Patterson Delano 

George Taylor Delano, m ist near Warsaw Richmond Co. Va 
Oct 6-1868 Naomai, dau of John C. & Lucy (Bryant) Clark, b 
Richmond Co Aug 10-1853 d. do. Oct 5-1870, m. 2d do. Aug. 15- 
1871 Matilda Clark (Sis. of above), b Richmond Co July 13-1848 
<1. do. Dec 2-1888, m. 3d do. Aug 3-1889 Retta. dau of Kelly II. & 
Julia (Hinson) Bowen, b Xewland Va. Sept 9-1869. 1 Mamie, b 
Mar 25 & d Sept 27-1870. 1 Naomi Tebcdore, b Mar 5-1872 d Jan 
8-1873. 2 John Credy, b May 9-1873. 3 Jake Taylor, b Nov 9- 
1874. 4 Dollie Blanche, b Jan 18-1S77. 5 Bunny b May 20-1878, 
d Oct 8-1879 6 George Henry, b July 14-1880, d Oct 15-1S88. 
7 Birdie Augustine, b Oct 14- 1 881. 8 Eugene, b July 9-1882. 9 
James Randolph, b Jan 31-188-j. 10 Bessie Matilda b Nov 14- 
1885. 11 Herbert, b Dec 2-18S8, d Sept 12-1889. 1 Philip 
Andrew, b Mar 1 2-1 891. 

2 of Joseph Patterson Delano 

Moses Self Delano, of Warsaw Va. m ist Richmond Co Va Jan 
25-1870 Susan Ann, dau of James and Virginia (Pare) Packett, b 
do. Sept 24-1853 d. do. Sept 10-1S72 m. 2d do. Dec 31-1872 Harriet 
Packett, (Sis. of above) b do. July 25-1855. 1 Cora, b near Warsaw 
Oct 10-1873. 2 Jerome Dormeon, b Sept 4-1875. 3 Laura Baxter, 
b July 15-1877, d Aug 24-1886. 4 Richard Harvey, b July 26- 
1880. 5 James Irving, b Apr 29-1882. 6 Adneam Chester, b Oct 
8-1884, d Feb 26-1886. 7 William Jeter, b Jan 22-1887. 8 Lewis 
Carlton, b Sept 28-1889. 9 Orrin Calvert, b Nov 20-1892 & 10 
Ellis Carter, twins — 

3 of Joseph Patterson Delano 

Emma Delano, m Richmond Co Jan ig-1873 Randolph Davis 
Clark, b do. Sept 1850. 1 Cora Blanch, b near Warsaw Dec 22- 
1874. 2 Bunie James, b Feb 13-1878. 3 Cordelia, b May 17-1880 


4 Carlton Randolph, b Dec 17-1884. 5 Loucnima, b May 1 
d Oct u-]8So, 6 Mary Emma, b Ma; : 

4 of Joseph Patterson Delano 

Joseph William Delano, Res Warsaw Ya. m Richmond Co Aug 
28-1S7S Virginia, dan of Eli and Ella Packett, 

June 4-1862 1 Eli Patterson, b Warsaw Apr 10-18; 
Sisson, b July 19- [882 3 Otis Cleveland, b July 28-1884. 4 Tiny 
b Aug 19-1887, d July 12-1888. 5 George Milton, b Aug 12-lS 

5 of Joseph Patterson Delano 

Cordelia Delano, d Richmond Co Oct iS;S, ra Richmon 
May 27,-iS.jj James Anthony, b do. Sept 20-1847 1 Emma, b Oct 
1878, d Jan 1879 

6 of Joseph Patterson Delano 

Pelham Delano, Res. Rehoboth Va m Alexandria Va 
Tinny, dau of William and Nannie (Beb) Doggett, b near White 
Stone \"a Apr 1865 (Gen. 1894) 1 Emily Deshed, b Ways 
Pittsylvania Co Va Sept 13-1SS6. 2 Joseph, b Sept 1887, d. ? 
3 Joseph Pelham, b Oct 188S. 

7 of Joseph Patterson Delano 

Robert James Delano, Res. White Stone Va m. near Kilmar- 
nock Va Sept 5-1892 Allie Pitman, b. i860 (Gen. 1868) 

8 of Joseph Patterson Delano 

Mary Delano, m Warsaw 1891 James Gallagher, b near W, 
July 28-1861 1 Lilian Irene, b near Warsaw Oct 19-1891 2 Ner- 
retta Susan, b Dec 10-1892. 

10 of Joseph Patterson Delano 

Bertie Alice Delano, m Warsaw Nov 22-1891 Lewis Randolph 
Packett, b do. Mar 15-1869. 1 Herman Martin, b Aug 18-1892 

11 of Capt George Delano 
Augustus Delano, d Oldhams Va. 1867, m Oldhams Mar 

of Elisha and Elizabeth (Rice) Spurlin, b Hague Westmoreland Co 
Va 1816 d Oldhams Mar 18-1891. 1 Augustus Rice Delano, b 
Sept 16-1857, m Oldhams Va Oct 9-1S73 Sarah Rebecca, dau of 
Samuel W. and Sarah Ann (Delano) English, b 1854 (Her line 
follows) 1 Grayson Otho, b Sept 9-1874. 2 Mary Ann. b July 
17-1877. 3 Julia Elizabeth, b Sept 29-18S0. 4 Benjamin Au{ 
tus, b Jan 8-18S8. 

12 of Capt George Delano 

Sarah Ann Delano, m Oldhams Dec 24-1844 Samuel Walter 
English, son of James, b Cumberland Co Va Dec 24-1816. I 
Juliett Augusta, b Sept 15-1845 2 George Washington English, 
b Oct 2-1847. m Fannie Lewis, 1874. Ch. 1 Lydia A. 2 Sarah 
W. 3 Cloyd W. 4 Rosa A. 5 Maggie E. 6 Lewis Cornelius. 
3 Samuel Walter, b Dec 19-1849. d Sept 5-1854 4 Susan Virginia, 
b Oct 1-1851, m Philmore Douglass. Dec. 25-1869. Ch 1 I i 
S. 2 Luther R. 5 Sarah Rebecca, b Jan 7-1854 (m. A. R. : 
6 Sam'l Gamalia. b Feb 6-1856 7 James William, b Dec . 
8 Benjamin Walter, b Sept 16-1859. 9 Thomas Luther, b 
1862. 10 Annie Elizabeth, b Apr 2 " Alice Paduca, b 

June 28-1867. 


13 of Capt George Delano 
William Patterson Delano, Res. Pilot Grove Mo. m Alexandria 

Va May 7-1859 Martha Susanna, dau of Aquilla & (Taylor) 

Dulaney, b Cecil Co Md. Feb 14-1843, d Mo. Feb 15-1889 (fr. i 

Launay, France) l Pelham Emery, b Bell Air Mo. May 23-1J 
d Feb 7-1877. 2 Anna Laura, b Oct 10-1861 3 Sterling Pric< 
Nov 17-1862. 4 Mary. 1> Jan 21- : Lillie, b Aug 25 1865 d 

Nov 1-1866. 6 Martha Ettie, b Jan 29-1868. 7 William, b Pilot 
Grove Mar 13-1870 Sl< Sept 1 5-1 871 9< 

Aquilla, b Aug 28-1873. 10 Addie May. b Mar 21-1875. " 
Emery Dwight, b Jan 24-1878. 12 Ira Fester, b Aug ll-li 
13 Umilta,bMch 27-1883. 

2 of William Patterson Delano 

Anna Laura Delano. Res. Arlee Montana m. Mo. July 7- 1 > 
Frederick Bertrand Dade, b .Mo 1 John W b Dec 23-1887. (Hay- 
den— Va. Gens. Dade of Norfolk Eng. 147? & Suffolk earlier, 
armes: gu, a chevron bet. 3 garbs or) 

3 of William Patterson Delano 

Sterling Price Delano, Res. Palestine Mo. m Missouri July 3- 
18S8 Ivy Dora, dau of Charles and Eliza Bell (Coffman) Diltz, b 
Ky. Jan. 1-1871 1 Anna Bell, b Aug 20-1889. Mary Luella, b 
Dec 21-1890 

6 of William Patterson Delano 

Martha Ellie Delano, Res. Palestine Mo. m Mo. Dec 5-] 
Hanson Hamilton Diltz, b Ky June 24-1867. 1 Aquilla, b Cooper 
Co Mo. Sept 17-1889. 

15 of Capt George Delano 

Mary Catherine Delano, m 1st Oldhams Va Robert Beauchamp, 
b do. Sept 1826 (Hugh de Beauchamp with " W'm the Conqueror " 
1066; fr. him came many br— Robert de B. of Somerset 1156 had 
Robt etc armes: vaire, az. & arg. Rob't was a fam. name: extinct 
in main line 1360—) m. 2d do. June 3-1869 Robert Henry Hudson, 
b Kinsale Ya. Mar. 19-1826 1 Mary Jane, b Cumberland Co Ya 
Jan 7-1854. 2 Robert Walter, b May 6-1855 3 Anna Elizabeth, 
b May 27-1857. 4 James Augustus, b Jan 12-1S61— 1 Milton 
Henry Hudson, b May 5-1870. 2 Wade Hamptc n, b July 21-1874 

3 Muscoe Russell. 

16 of Capt George Delano 

Pelham Chandler Delano, d. Oldhams Oct 14-1887. m Alex- 
andria, Ya. Feb. 3-1867 Paduca, dau of Elicia & Elizabeth (Short) 
Spilman, b Hague, Westmoreland Co Ya Apr 2-1817 1 William, 
b Oldhams Feb 3-1868. 2 Emmett, b Feb 2-1869 3 Frank, b 
July 12-1872 4 Nannie, b June 10-1873 5 Brewster, b Apr 28-1874. 

17 of Capt George Delano 

Virginia Frances Delano, m Westmoreland Co 1862 James Gill, 
b Del. Townsend Del 

18 of Capt George Delano 

Annie Elizabeth Delano. Res. Baltimore Md. 1207 X Striker St 
m Alexandria Va. Mar 8-1865 Joseph T Robinson, b Westmore- 
land Co Oct 4-1844- 1 Wooster, b Washington T). C. May 26- 
1866. 2 Gladys, b Locust Grove. M'd July 15-1S68. 3 Iva, b 


Townsend Del Oct 10-1870. 4 Adelaide, b Baltimore Nov 
5 Marion, b Apr 7-1878. 6 Coiinne, b Nov 2-1880 7 Irvan, b 
Elizabeth X. J. Oct . eb 16-ii 

19 of Capt George Delano 

Susan Hannah Delano, d Westmoreland Co [868, m near Old- 
hams 1862 Robert Hudson, b near Kinsale \'a Xo ch. Oldhams Va 
7 of Amaziah Delano 

Thomas Delano, d. 1833. (Winsor, " Thomas Delano son of 
Amaziah m Azuba Wormall Dec 23-1762, prob his 1st wife, later 
went to Me." Mass Archives, Rev. Apr 1-1778, Greaton's : 
Partridges Co. Private, 8 mo. Vol 22) m. Cape Elizabeth, Me., . : 
24, 1774 Mary (.Molly) Strout, b. 1753. I. Thomas, b. Falmouth, 
Me., 1775. 2. James, b. 177S. 3. Ezekiel, b. 17S1. 4. Mary 
(Polly) Delano b. Jan. 19, 1785, in. Ebenezer Delano, son of 
zillai & Mary (Cobb.) 5. Nathaniel, b. 17N8. 6. Clarissa ' 
b. May 8, 1791, m. Spencer Delano, son of Jonathan & Ruth (De- 
lano). 7. Joshua, b. 1794. 8. Ann Delano, b. 1796, d. Portl 
Feb. 2, 1874, m. Falmouth 1817 James Riggs, b. Wes 
1792, d. Portland, Feb. 21, 1S64. (Savage Diet J II) 1. Margaret 
Ann Riggs, b. Westbrook, 1819. 2 Harriet Crane, b. 1820. 3. 
Isaac Morse, b. 1822. 4. William Cobb, b. 1824. 5. Rebecca 
Morse, b. 1827, in. to William Small, of Portland. 6. Chas. Porter- 
ficld, b. Aug. 24, 1829. Appleton, Wis. 7. Sumner Cummii 
b May 2^, 1S31. Portland. 8. George Washington, b July 30, 
J S33- 9- John Wallace, b. 1835. I0 - Louisa Ophelia, b. 1S38, m. 
to William Taylor, 31 Ellsworth St., Portland. 
7 of Thomas Delano 

Joshua Delano, lost at sea 1831, m. Portland, Me. May 14, 
Maria, dau. of Samuel and Susanna Pearson, b. do. 1S01, d. Fast 
Boston, Nov. 1867. 1. Maria, b. 1S24. un-m. Saratoga St., East 
Boston. 2. William Henry, b. Xewbcrn, X. C, Sept. 24, 1S28. 3. 
William Pearson, b. Portland, 1825 & d. June nth. 4. Susan 
Pearson, b. do. 1831, d. Mar. 3, 1832. 

2 of Joshua Delano 

William Henry Delano, 41 Tremont St., Chelsea, Mass., in. Cape 
Elizabeth, Aug. 2, 1850 Ann Maria, dau. of Shedrick and Harriet 
(Cross) Roberts, b. do. Nov. 3, 1830. 1. Susan Ellen Delano, b. 
Aug. 26, 1851. 2. Charles William, b. Sept. 3, 1S53. 3. Horatio 
Roberts, b. Aug. 30, 1855, m. Laura Ellen Williams 1 ch. 79 Carroll 
St. Chelsea 4. Henrietta Pearson, b. Sept. 14, 1858. 5. Shedrick 
Roberts, b. Chelsea, Mass. Feb. 29, 1862. 6. George Edwin, b. 
do. June 27, 1870. d. Oct. 1871. 

1 of William Henry Delano 

Susan Ellen Delano, Chelsea, Mass. m. Boston, Sept. 2, 
Charles Wellington Chickering, b. Plymouth. Mass.. June 18, 1841. 
(Nath. Chickering of Mass. m. 1674 at Dedham bapt Wrentl 
Eng. 1647 s. of Simeon, s. of Henry of Ringsford d. 1627 s. of 
Stephen of Wicklcwood s. of Thos of Wymondham d. bef. 1538 
" Chickerin " Xorwich armes: arg, on chevron vert 3 cockerells 
arg.) 1. Lillian Sylvina, b. Nov. 10, 1870, m. Mr. Chapel. 


2 of William Henry Delano 

Charles William Delano, Chelsea, in. Jan . Julia Minon. 

I. Helen, b. Nov. 6, 1887. am, b. . 

4 of William Henry Delano 

Henrietta Pearson Delano, Wendall St., Cambridge, Mass. m. 
Chelsea, Mass., May 31, 1S77 James Henry Salmon, 1; 
Feb. 8, 1S50. (Savage Diet IV) 1. Janet Roberts, b. Api 
1878, d. Cambridgepurt, Apr 10, 1S89. 2. Alice, b Camb't ! 
8, 18S3. 

10 of Amaziah Delano 

Barzilla Delano, (1773 a Co. of " minute men " was organized at 
Duxbury by Maj. Judah Alden, Officers Ichabod Alden ' 
Andrew Sampson Lt & Judah Alden EnsigTi. Among 36 men in 
the Co were Nathaniel, Luther, Barzilla & Thomas Delano. By 
accident Barzilla at Duxbury had his left thumb blown off. Ships- 
blacksmith, to Me. abt 1801. Lydia (wid. of Lemuel Do) of Dux. 
1819, Bk. 50. Distribution of estate. To heirs of Beriah D'o 
Lydia D'o. Heirs of late Esther Howard d. Rebecca Peterson. 
Amsy wife of John Barton & Betty wife of Barzilla) d Sidney Me 
July 19-1835 m Duxbury July 4-1779 Elizabeth Delano, dan of 
Lemuel & Lydia (Bartlett) Delano, b do. Mar 2-1756, d Sidney 
Feb 18-1835. * Francis, b Aug 5-1780. 2 Amaziah, b June 25- 
1782, d. Apr 10-1783. 3 Sophia, b Dec 26-17S3. d. 25 Jan iNji in. 
Josiah Gordon 4 Caleb, b Nov 25-1785 5 Betsy, b Nov 23-1; 
m. Mr. Jimerson 6 Mary, b Apr 10-1789. 7 Hannah, b May 11- 
1791 8 Julia, b Dec 11-1792 9 Sylvia, b May 17-1796. 10 Bar- 
zilla Jr. b May 1-1798. 11 Ruth, b June 4-1800. 

1 of Barzilla Delano & Elizabeth Delano. 

Francis Delano, d. Sidney July 29-1S64, m Litchfield Me. Oct 31- 
1813 Mary, dau of William and Mary (Allen) Rowe, b Gloucester 
Mass. June 27-1790, d. Sidney Jan 28-1864. 1 Sophronia Abbott, 
b. Augusta Aug 15-1814, m. Sidney Ambrose II Bartlett no ch. ? 
2 Erastus Brooks., b Sidney May 22-1816. 3 Reliance Smith, b 
Mar 11-1819, d. ? m. rst Sidney Joseph Dutton m. 2d Samuel 
Douglass no ch. ? 4 Alcander Cook, Mar 30-1822. 5 Mary Ma- 
tilda, b Dec 15-1827. 

2 of Francis Delano 

Erastus Brooks Delano, Res. Larone Me m Sidney Sept 28-1843 
Sarah Hoxie, dau of Abel & Mary (Hoxie) Goddard, b do. Feb 15- 
1823. (Lodowick Hoxie or Hauksie Mass fr. Eng. [650 W'm 
Goddard b. Lon. to N. Eng. 1665 s. of Edw. of Norfolk 1650 pr 
destroyed by " Cavaliers " — Saxon fam., Hampshire & Wilts. 1215 
Armes: Gu, a chevron vaire bet. 3 crescents arg. — Gen. [£ 
1 David Dudley, b July 5-1844. 2 Sarah Jane Lawrence, b Ma) 
1845, d. Feb 20-1852. 3 Moses Winslow, Mass 15 Green- 

wich St. b Fairfield Me May 25-1847, m Boston Sept n 
Mary, dau of Geo S. & Catherine (Roberts) Judd b Salisbui 
shire Eng. June 30-1851 Xo ch. 4 Daniel ' : > Apr 1 1- ! 5 

Mary GifTord, b July 15-1850, d Feb 22-iS-^ 6 John Warren, b 
Apr 10-1851. 7 Erastus Brooks Jr. of Portland Me b May 4-1853, 
m West Gardner Me Oct 13-1875 Florence Eliza, dau of Frank & 
17 -17 

Phoebe l : Farr) Wadsworth, b do. Sept 12-1856. No cli. 

(Gen. 1883 — Christ. & W'm W t<> Bos. [632 Yorkshire armes: 

Gu, 3 fleurs-de-lis arg. stalks) S Isaac Hoxie, b July 3 
9 Eliza Gifford, b Aug 12-1858. 10 Sarah Jane Lawrence, b June 
8-1861 11 Olive Wing, b Dec. 29-1862, d Sept u-1877. 
1 of Erastus Brooks Delano 

David Dudley Delano, d Aster Sept 21-1886 m Iowa. Dec 25- 
J877 Hattie, dau of James & Mana Ann (Whaley) Johnson, b 
Ridgv.way Mich. Jan 7-1855 (she m 2C1 E. W. Bartholomew Aug 
8-1888.) 1 ' ; .:y Olive, b Blue Grass Jan 4-1879. 2 Irving F 
b Dec 15- J David, b Harlem Feb 2j-\^S2. 4 Elsie Grace, 

b Astor (all Iowa) Nov 20-1884 

4 of Erastus Brooks Delano 

Daniel Gifford Delano, m Skowhegan Me Dec 20-1873 Addie 
Frances, dau of John and Susan (Mclntire) Weston, b do. Mch 12- 
1854. I Susie Weston, b Vinai Haven Me. May 2S-1876. 2 Lena 
Maud, b May 20-1S77. 

6 of Erastus Brooks Delano 

John Warren Delano, m Skowhegan Me. Dec 29-1877 Etta 
Maria, dau of James Weed & Rowena Brown, b Westbrook Me. 
Dec 9-1853. 1 Lena Belle, b Aug 8-1879. 2 Archie Ervin, b May 
9-1882 3 Stella May, b Oct 8-1884. 4 Lillian Vesta, b Dec 6- 
18S6 5 Ernest Clyde b Dec 25-18S8, d Jan 5-1889. 6 Alba Gladys, 
b July 2S-1890. 

8 of Erastus Brooks Delano 

Isaac Hoxie Delano, Res. Pleasant Valley Iowa m La Clair I. 
Oct 20-1886 Martha, dau of William & Elizabeth (Stafford) Mor- 
gan, b do. Mch 19-1862 1 Arthur Harrison & 2 Alva Morgari, 
twins b. Jan 10-1889 (2) d. Mar 9-18S9. 

9 of Erastus Brooks Delano \ 
Eliza Gifford Delano, m Skowhegan Dec 24-1880 Granville 

Harrison Palmer, b South Litchfield Me Jan 14-1841— Res. db. 
1 Lewis Edwin, b S. Litchfield Dec 18-1881. 2 Mary Olive, p 
Dec 3-1883. 

10 of Erastus Brooks Delano 

Sarah Jane Lawrence Delano, m Richmond Me. Aug 21-1886 
Charles Henry Hodges, b do. Oct 20-1852 (Savage Diet II) 1 
Gertrude Elenor, b Lewiston Me. Nov 24-18S7. 2 Ralph Cray- 
don, b Mch 24-1890 

4 of Francis Delano 

Alcandcr Cook Delano. Res. Mars Hill Me. m Xorri 
Me. Oct 29-1850 Elethcar Weston, dau of Simeon & Mary I Pen- 
dleton) Morse, b do. May 17-1824. 1 Ellen Cheney, b Lowell 
Mass. Apr 1-1852. 2 Frank Alcandcr, b Oct 22-1853. 3 El 
Jane, b Oct 19-1854, un-m. 4 Wellman Jenness, b Sidney Me 
Sept 9-1856. 5 Clara Farnam, b May 24-1858. 6 Albion 
b Oct 7 un-m. 7 Forest Rowe, b Easton Me June 22-1 

8 Andrew Simeon, b Feb 7-1865, un-m. 

1 of Alcander Cook Delano 

Ellen Cheney Delano. Res. Morrison Col. m 1st Tabique N. B. 
Tune 13-1874 George Washington Brown, b New Brunswig d 


Sept 11-1878, m 2d Sept 14-1882 Gustavus Hoyt. 1 Mattie Brown, 
b Easton Me June 11-1873 2 EUery, b -Mar 17-1879— 1 Frank 

Hoyt, b Morrison Aug 17-1883. 2 Bessie, b Nov 12-18J 
2 of Alcander Cook Delai 
Frfcik Alcander Delano, m Easton Me. Oct 20-iS-^ Lucy, dau 
of Moses Leig-hton and Susannah Eliza (Packard) Hamilton, b 
Frankfort Me July 2-1855. (Savage ] )ict 1 h 1 ( Jertrude May b 
July $-iS 7S , d •' Letter F » Me Mar 23-1879. 2 Leonard Frank 
Hamilton, b Ft. Fairfield Me. Aug 21-1877. 

4 of Alcander Cook Delano 

Wellman Jenness Delano, of Easton Me m 1st Ft Fairfield Me 
Aug 2S-1883 Harriett Erskin, dau of John \Y. and Mary E (1 > 
Haines, b do. Aug 28-1864 d Easton Feb 19-1886 in. 2d Dan; 
port Mass. Apr 2 1890 Mary Etta, dau of Calvin Frank . 
Jane (Wiggin) Richardson, b do. June 18-1868. (W— G< 
R— Gen. '76) 1 Rezper, b Easton June 16-1885, d Mar 22 

1 Philip Wellman, b do Apr 17-1891. 

5 of Alcander Cook Delano 

Clara Farnam Delano, m Easton Me Apr 21-1887 Ansel 'I 
b Enfield Me. Mar 30-1854. (Gen. 1S89 Phil. Towle m. 1657 to 
N. Hamp. bef. 1640 — of Scot, armes: Sa, 2 swords in saltire, a 
bordure arg.) 1 Gracie, b Mar 18-1S90. 

7 of Alcander Cook Delano 

Forest Rowe Delano, m Mars Hill Me. Apr 17-1889 Etta Matilda, 
dau of Goodell & Martha Maria (Wiswell) Silsby, b do. Aug a >- 
1864. 1 Martha Elethcar, b July 1-1S91. 

5 of Francis Delano 

Mary Matilda Delano, m 1st Sidney Me Dec 31-1850 Theo 
'Wilson Longley, b do. Sept 12-1828 d Oct 5-1858. (Savage Diet 
III) m 2d Isaac Stevens, b Belgrade ? 1 Mary E. b Nov 6-1851 

2 Martha W. b Feb 16-1853. 3 Susan M. b Oct 30-1855. 4 Theo- 
dore Wilson b Xov 19-1857. Oakland Me — 1 Herbert F Stevens, 
b May 25-1862 2 Amy E. b June 5-1866. 

4 of Barzilla Delano & Elizabeth Delano 
Caleb Delano, Sr. d. Dixfield Me Dec 14-1847, m 1st Sidney 
Me July 8-1812 Mary Morrill of Vassalboro Me. b. 1792 d. Dixfield 
. May 23-1S30. (Intentions of m. record Sidney p 473 pub. 13 June 
\"i2 with m.) m .2d to Fanny, dau of Stephen Kenney or Kinney, d 
..'Dixfield 1 Caleb Jr. b. Dixfield 1813 ? 2 Ira Lemuel, b Mar 
2Y8-1814. 3 Elvina b Aug 30-1822. 4 Nancy b Apr 1824 5 
:\ lansfield Toland b 1826 ? 6 John Jacob Astor b. 1S28 ? 
n 1 of Caleb Delano Sr. 

\l Taleb Delano k. Battle of Winchester Ya. Sept 19-1864 (Private 
1 iCo D 1 2th Regt Me Vols.) m. Sarah Jane, dau of Josiah & Eunice 
J )G (Coolidge) Bennett, b Canton Me. d. do. Feb 1-1S94 1 Josiah 
(iBennett, b Dixfield Me d. y. 2 Adclbert d. y. 3 Mary VVil 
4 Adelbert. 

3 of Caleb Delano Jr 
tf Mary Wilson Delano, Res Dixfield Me m 1st Elias Marsh, m. 
[ 2d Leroy Hall. 4 ch. I Alice 2 Harris 3 William 4 Sarah. 


4 of Caleb Delano Jr 

Adelbert Delano, Res. Canton Point Me m ist Jay Hill Me. Jan 
30-1809 Amanda Melvina, dau of Caleb Park and Abigail (New- 
man) Marsh, b Dixfield .Me Feb . d Canton Aug 14-1875 
in. 2d Eunice, dan of Harrison and Eliza (Bennet) Harvey, b Dix- 
field Apr 9-1856 (Savage Diet U) m. 3d Dec 25-1^3 Harriet 
Harmon. 1 Ellis, b Oct 8-1869. — l Adelbert b Dec 
Melvina Grace, d. ? 

2 of Caleb Delano Sr 

Ira Lemuel Delano Sr d. Canton Me 1 tec 25-1883 m 1st Boston 
by Rev Thomas Driver July 26-1840 Sarah Ann Rowel, d Boston 
Feb 9-1842 m 2d Canton Sept 1 5-1843 Isabella Coolidge, dau of 
Capt Josiah and Emma (Coolidg< I Bennett, b ilo. 1821 <i. do. Aug 
5-1874 (John Coolidge, 1630 of Watertown; b Cambridge — d 
of Thomas Colynge b. ? 1427 of Arlington, Amies: vert, a grifl 
ramp, or.) 1 Eunice Galautha, b Canton June 14-1844. 2 Sarah 
Ann, b Dec 24-1845. 3 Elvira Isabel, b Nov 11-1848. 4 Susan 
Jane, b Sept 15-1850. 5 Mary Ella, b July 11-1852 6 Ira Lemuel 
Jr. b Feb 11-1S55. 7 Caleb Mansfield, b Oct 4-1859. 

1 of Ira Lemuel Delano Sr 

Eunice Galautha Delano, Res 231 J St Sacramento Cal. m Can- 
ton Nov 16-1S62 George Osgood Hayford b do. May 14-1843 1 
Clarence Ralston & 2 Carroll Leslie twins, b. rem Me. Mar 8-1S64. 

2 of Ira Lemuel Delano Sr 

Sarah Ann Delano, Res. 850 W Madison St Chicago III m 
Lewiston Me Apr 15-1S75 De Witt Clinton Chase, b Peru Me Dec 
3-1837. 1 De Witt Clinton Jr b. Chicago Aug 2j-iSSy. 
3 of Ira Lemuel Delano Sr 

Elvira Isabel Delano, m Canton Nov 13-1869 William Henry 
Harrison Washburn, b Hartford Me. Jan 26-1841 1 Leonice 
Grace, b Sept 13-1871, m Canton Sept 1-1892 John Dillon b do.). 
Ch. Sherman Elmore b Aug 19-1893 she d June 21-1895. 2 Ethel." 
Lynn b Dec 7-1874, m Canton Sept 15-1894 James Madison Hollis 
of Mexico Me Ch. Thelma Gertrude b Mar 16-1896 

4 of Ira Lemuel Delano Sr 

Susan Jane Delano, m Dixfield Me. Mch 26-1876 Andrew Jack-_ 
son Marsh, b. do. Oct 26-1844 l Florence Marsh, b Cleveland O. 
Sept 17-1881. 2 Harold Newman, b May 2-18S7. 

5 of Ira Lemuel Delano Sr 

Mary Ella Delano, Res. Rocklin Cal. m Canton Me. July 28-18; 
Alden Allen Wilson, b Shelburn N H. Oct 25-1S56 1 Ira Bent, L? 
Shelburne Apr 21-1879. 2 Eugene Mansfield, b Apr 24-1880. ,. 

6 of Ira Lemuel Delano Sr **« 
Ira Lemuel Delano, Jr. Res. Rocklin Placer Co Cal. (Proprietor! 

of the "Rocklin Granite works.") m Canton June [8-1880 Mary- 
Serene, dau of James and Susan M (Woodbury) Ripley, b do Feb 
15-1861. 1 Louis Everett, b June 10-1881. 2 lata May, b Pom- 
eroy I. Jan 5-1883. 3 Albert Ripley ; 1. May 15 1885. 4 Rubie 1)B 
June 19-1S93 d Oct 28-1895 & 720-7 St S. Francisco < 

7. Co 

7 of Ira Lemuel Delano Sr 
Caleb Mansfield Delano, Res Rocklin m Canton (Easl 
1882 Hattie, dan oi Frank & Lydia Wellman (Young) Mayo, b 
N Turner Me. June 13-1863 (Rev. John Mayo to Mass 1639 of 2d 
ch. Bos) 1 Mildred Marsh, b May 15-18 

3 of Caleb Delano Sr 

Elvira Delano, m Milton Mass. Nov 26-1840 Henry P Doble, 
b Buckfield Oxford Co Me Jan 25-1820, d. Oct [9 
setshire, amies: Gn, a doe bet. 3 bells arg.) 1 Sarah Abbie, b 
Braintree Mass. Apr 17-1842, in. Feb 5-1861 George W. Trasl . b 
West Quiney Mass. Feb 21-1846. Res. Rocklin Cal. 1 .' 
Eugenie, b W. Q. Dee 18-1866 2 Georgie May, b May 10 . 
Oct 5-1873. 3 Charles Frederic, b Feb 24-1875 2 Charles I 
b 1845, d Mar 9-1S54. 3 Susie Jane, d. y. 4 Susie Jane, b July 
II-1852, m July 25-1876 Frank Fuller, Res. Boston Mass. 1 Susie 
Edith, b Bos Nov 9-1S79. 

4 of Caleb Delano Sr 

Nancy Delano, (b. 1824) d. Dixfield Me. Dec 19-1853 m. Joseph 
Snell d. Braintree Mass. (prob. fr Josiah d. 1753 who m. 1699 Anna 
dau Zachariah s. of John 1 Alden Tho's Snell of Mass. 1665— ? 
des. fr. Thos. of Wiltshire, Sheriff 1600— amies: quar. gu. & az, 
over all a cross fleury or.) 1 Henry. 2 Alden. 3 Joseph 
5 of Caleb Delano Sr 

Mansfield Holland Delano (b. 1826 d. ?) m Me Susan Caldcr- 
wood d. ? (Eaton's Me. hists. Sir Archibald Calderwood; Steward 
to James IV— 1490 — Isobele de Calrewode of Lanark. Scot. liv. 
1296 — amies: arg. a palm tree out of mount, surmounted by saltire 
gu., on chief az. 3 mullets arg.) 1 Joseph Henry. 2 Mary Louise. 
3 Caleb Lemuel. 4 Eldora. 

6 of Caleb Delano Sr 

John Jacob Astor Delano, (1828) of Weymouth Mass. m. Pris- 

cilla Brown. 1 John— d. y. ? 2 Sarah 3 John 4 Elvira 5 

Fanny 6 Ethel 

6 of Barzilla Delano Sr 

Mary Delano, d Sidney Dec 25-1851 m. John Abbott. (Gen. 

] 1847) l Jonas, b Sidney Apr 7-1809, d June 26-181 1. 2 Sopho- 

1 lia, b Jan 29 & d June 26-181 1. 3 Joseph Lyman, b Apr 24-1812, 

f J Aug 29-1883. 4 John Buckman, b Dixfield Nov 2-1814. 5 

' 'Villiam F Sewell, b Jay May 8-1817. 6 Abigail Sowle, b do. May 

'■ !3~iS20. 7 Emcline Wells, b Waterville Me Sept 3-1822. 8 Jane 

\ T ason, b Sidney Mar 22-1825. 9 Henry Perry, b Jan 8-1S28. 10 

7 Hwin Craig, b Nov 9-1830. 11 Charles Melvin, b Feb 17-1833. 

7 of Barzilla Delano Sr & Eliz. Delano 

* lah Delano d. Sidney Me. Sept 27-1850 m 181 1 Ralph 

D (Gens. 1871 to '85) 1 Lydia, b Winsboro Me. un-m. 2 

, m Elizabeth Wood (who follows) of Oakland Me 3 

'■> Sidney m. Edward Longly. 4 Galon, in. Sarah Briggs 

n. James Keeth. 6 Louisa, m. Daniel Webster. 7 Bar- 

ino Wood, m. Jane Reynolds, of Campello Me 8 Ruth, 

vam " Kimball 


8 of Barzilla Delano Sr & Eliz Delano 

Julia Delano, (b. 1792) d. Dixfield Me ra. Obadiah Wood. 1 
Francis, b Dixfield 2 Sophia, m. Amos Le< nard. 3 Elizabeth 

Wood, (m. B. W. pre.) Oakland Me 4 Sarah. 5 \ , rton, m. 

Emely Sowle. 6 Perry. 7 Sylvanus. 

9 of Barzilla Delano Sr & Eliza Delano 

Sylvia Delano, (b. 1796) m. Freeman Craig. 1 Louisa, in. Ben- 
jamin Warner. 2 Betsey, m. Mr. 1 3 George. .} Freeman. 
5 John Buckman. 6 Ezekiel. 7 Sylvanus. 8 Louis. 

10 of Barzilla Delano Sr & Eliz Delano 

Barzilla Delano, Jr (drowned Cold Stream Pond Enfield Me. 
Dec 14-1834), m. Nancy Rogers, clan of William & Jane (Davis) 
Davis, b Dartmouth Me Apr 30-1797 d. Lincoln Me Apr - - 
I Albert French, b Corrina Me Jan 1821, lost at sea. 2 Daniel 
Shepherd, E Winn Me ec 3 Elizabeth Jane, Burlington Me twins 
b. Sept 18-1823. 4 Phebc Shepherd, b Apr 25-1S25, Lincoln Me 
5 Amanda Barker, b Waterville May 22-1827, d ? 6 Stephen Lay- 
ton, b Corrina Oct 29-1S28. Lincoln. 

2 of Barzilla Delano Jr 

Daniel Shepherd Delano, Res. East Winn Me m Lincoln Me 
Nov 25-1852 Maryette,dau of Melzar & Maryetta (Coburn) Turner. 
b do. May 28-1836. 1 Silas Shepherd, b Apr 25-1858. 2 
b Jan 24 & d Mar 7-1860 3 Ada Maria & 4 Ida May, twins b A 
25-1861, (4) m. Eli Delano who follows 5 Esther Coburn. b July , 
30-1864. 6 Daniel Isaiah, b Lee Me Jan 13-1867, d Mar 15-1868. j 
7 Lucy Ann, b Sept 30-1870, d Sept 1-1871 8 Fanny Adelia, b 1 
Aug 30-1874. 9 Cecil Shepherd, b P'eb 25-1878. 
1 of Daniel Shepherd Delano 

Silas Shepherd Delano, m Lee Me Sept 23-1882 Abbie Amanda, 
dau of Charles K. &; Mary (Maxwell) Johnson, b do. Mar 8-1864 

1 Hattie May, Sept 16-18S4 2 Lee Derwood, b Apr 13-1887. 3 
Ernest Albert, b June 21-1S90. 

3 of Daniel Shepherd Delano 
Ada Maria Delano, m. Leee Me. May 13-1882 James Alfred 
Read, b Orono Me June 5-1856 1 Carl Sylvester, b Feb 19-18 

2 Eben Brown, b Nov 19-1884. 3 Harry Daniel, b June 7-1888. 
4 Charles Herbert b Sept 16-1890 

5 of Daniel Shepherd Delano 
Esther Coburn Delano, m. Lee Me. Sept 30-18S2 John Danville 
Cole, b Springfield Me Jan 16-1859 1 Iza Ruth, b Springfield Oct 
14-1884. 2 Harold John, b July 9-18S6 3 George Danville, b Lcp 
July 17-1888. 4 Amy Edna, b Sept 5-1S90. 

3 of Barzilla Delano Jr. 

Elizabeth Jane Delano, Res. Burlington Me m 1st Burlingtr 

June 25 William Jipson. d Burlington m. 2d C Gates. 

Bashaba b July 28-1847, d Feb 2-1889 2 Albert, b May 30-lf 

3 William, b Apr 3-1856. 4 Frank, b Mar 31-1859. 5 Wal. 
b Mar 23-1867. 6 Emma, b Apr 29-1869. 

4 of Barzilla Delano Jr , 
Phebe Sheperd Delano, m. Lincoln Me Mar. 19, 1S42 Wii 

C. Davis, b Baldwin, Me., Dec. 24, 1824. 1. Eliza, b Matta\ 


keag, Me., Mar. 26, 1S51. 2. Hiram O b. July 21, 1853. 3- ^' r - 
zilla Delano Davis, b June 3, 1855. 4. Ambrose 11 b. Burlin< 
July ii, 1858, d. do. Aug. 15, [J 

6 of Barzilla Delano Jr 

Stephen Layton Delano, m Lincoln Me. June 18-1854 Joanna, 
dan of John & Nancy (Coburn) Warren, b do. Mar 7-1834. 1 
Sarah Jane Enfield Me b Mar 11-1856 in. Josl lohn 

Doanc of Plym. ? 1623 b. Eng. armes: az, crmil or a unic< 

2 Eli, b Jan 20-1858. 3 Nettie b Nov 18-1860, d Jan 7-1863. 4 
Prince Ehvell, b ]i.n 18 [862 5 Lydia Anzine b Feb - ;. C 
Ruth Mcdora, b May 6-1866 7 Henry Willmut b Apr 30-] 

S Clinton Warren I) Sept 4-1870 9 Hattie Warren b Jan 4-1874. 
2 of Stephen Layton Delano 

Eli Delano, Res Lincoln Me m Lee Me Apr 10-1879 ^a ^ a . v 
Delano, dau of Daniel S. 6c Maryettc (Turner) Delano, b Lincoln 
1861. 1 John, b Lee June iS & d Aug 3-1881. 2 Iva May, b 
Lincoln Me Jan 13-1884. 3 Ira, b do. Apr 20-1887. 4 Ami b do 
Nov 20-1S90. 

5 of Stephen Layton Delano 

Lydia Anzine Delano, m Lincoln Me. Apr 11-1890 Ichabod 
Swinburn, (of Durham — armes 1551 : party per fesse gu. & arg. 

3 einquefofls counterchanged within a bordure componee arg. & 
az.) 1 Stephen, b June 17-1891. 

11 of Barzilla Delano Sr & Eliz Delano 
Ruth Delano, d. Dec 2-1829, m. Joseph Murray. 1 Reuben. 
2 Amaziah, m Nancy Wyman he d Apr 10-1883. 3 Joseph. 

7 of Jonathan Delano Sr. 

Hannah Delano, d. Woolwich Me Sept 25-1768 m Duxbury Jan 
4-1733 Deacon Ezekiel Soule, son of Joshua & Joanna (Stu 
Soule, b do. Feb 17-1711 (Hist. Dux) 1 William, b Wonhrirh 
1738. 2 Lucy, b 1740. 3 Lydia. 4 Amasa. 5 Hannah. 6 John. 
; 7 Deborah. 

9 of Jonathan Delano Sr. 
Dorothy Delano, m Duxbury Nov 26-1734 Sylvanus Curtis, son 
of Francis & Hannah (Eosworih) Curtis, b Plymouth 17 10 1 
Hannah, b 1739. 2 Sylvanus Jr. b 1740. (Served in Capt Subte- 
nant's Co. 1755) d. West Indies, 17C6 

10 of Jonathan Delano Sr. 

Ebenezer Delano, d. Duxbury Mar 23-1794 (" Hist of Dux." 

. called "Old King Eben.") m 1st Dux. May 16-1745 Lydia 

' Wormall, d. Duxbury Mass. Sept 4-1856 m. 2d do. Dec 29-1757 

1 Deborah Delano, (her parents both Delano's but names & line 

r ot found) 1 Nathaniel. 2 Luther Delano, m. Dux. 20 Jan 1774 

\ na dau. of Amos Sampson & Deborah (Sampson) b. do. 1753 

»' cd- "* 3 Pernice. 

or- j f Ebenezer Delano 

:S C niel Delano Sr. d. Duxbury 1S14 (Plymouth Probate rec 

Cat- 3 U _ Order for distribution of estate. $124.31 which by 

^ oV -s to Nath Jr. Heirs late Lydia Pierce, Luther D'o, 

< cd > Vadsworth, wife of Robert, John Do, & Abigail) m Dux 


Mch 3-1774 Deborah Sprague (Gens 1828 to '94) 1 Y. 

(Wealthy), 1) Dec 2yi;yS. 2 Nathaniel Jr (2d) b Oct 1 

3 Luther, b Oct 22-1781. 4 Lydia m. Mr Pierce 5 John, ' 
5-1789 6 Abigail, m. to Amriah Tucker 1 Abigail, m at H< •] kin- 
ton -Mass. 2 Olive m. cio. 3 Judith, m Edwin Eaton. I .. 1 
Mary. 2 Abigail. 3 Olive. 4 William (adopted by Orin Belknap 
of Marshfield) 

1 of Nathaniel Delano Sr. 

Wealthea Delano (2d) d. Duxbury Oct 24- 1 848 m Dux Aug 15- 
1799 Capt Roller: Wadsworth, son of Wait & Julia Barl 
(Robinson) Wadsworth, b. do. July 3-1774, d do. Sept .. 
1 George Wadsworth, b Aug 17-1802. m Catherine Alex 
Apr 23-1848, he d Nov 1S78. Ch. — Katie M. m. D Murray Bos- 
worth — Ch. George, Leslie, and Russel 2 Wait, b Aug s . 
un-m. d N Plymouth Nov 5-1891. 3 James, b Dec 13-1815, m. 
Wid. Parmelia (Robins) Morton, Feb 23-1841, he d. Oct 10-18; 
— 3 ch. d. y. 4 Wealthea, b May 19-181S, m Henry Mange, Dec 
23-1832. She d. Jan 12-1S36. No ch. 5 Rebecca S. b May 17- 

5 of Capt Robert Wadsworth & Wealthea Delano 

Rebecca S Wadsworth, North Plymouth Mass m Duxbury A 
5-1S38 Charles Cobb. 1 Rebecca, b Plymouth Mass Jan 23-183 
un-m. 2 Charles S. b Charlestown May 12-1841, m. Julia E W. 
dau of Samuel Briggs. No ch. 3 Wealthea E. b N<. •■ .rd 

Sept 26-1844, m. N Lewis Savcry. Ch. Charles L. .(Gens. 1S87 
& 1893. Amies: Gu, a fesse vair bet. 3 unicorns heads or.) 4 
Elmira F. b Kingston July 16-1849, m. Winsor T. Savcry. Ch. 
Robert W. and Hellen F. 

2 of Nathaniel Delano Sr. 

Nathaniel Delano Jr d Duxbury Oct 12-1864 m Dux Eliza' 
dau of Judah & Deborah (Weston) Hunt, b do 17S0 (Gen. 1802) ) 

1 Nathaniel 3d b June 19-1807. 2 Alden, b Apr 24-1809. 3 Hir, 
b July 10-1S12. 4 Ellis, b Dec 13-1815 5 Andrew, un-m. 
Mexican War, 1846-8 to Cal. i860) 6 Deborah Williamson, b 

I of Nathaniel Delano Jr 
Nathaniel Delano 3d d. Dux. Feb 3-1893 m 1st Duxbury Dec 2- 
1830 Sarah, dau of Joseph and Sally (Hunt) Brewster, b do. July 
21-1810, d. do. July 18 1832 m 2d do Apr 24-1835 Nancy, dau of 
Charles & Beulah (Wadsworth) Winsor, b do. July 2- 18 10, d 
Nov 3-1876. 1 George Ellis, b Oct 21-1831. — I Sarah Frances, b 
Feb 17-1836, d Mar 14-1839. 2 Frances, b Jan 8-1839. un-m. 3 
Oscar, b Jan 16-1841, d Aug 15-1863 (Private Co I, 4th Mass. Vols.) 

4 Ada Brown, b Nov 2-1842, un-m 5 Edwin Forest, b Feb 3-1847. 

1 of Nathaniel Delano 3d 
George Ellis Delano, Res. 228^ Rollins St Seattle Wash. mMi 
ford Mass. Apr 6-1863 Lizzie M. dau of Reuben & Rebec. 
nell) Hews, b Boston Jany 24-1846 (Savage Diet II) 1 Geo' 
Merrill, b Dec. 25-1865. Bella Vista Ranch San Greg- 

2 Frank, b Nov 5-1868. Seattle Wash. 3 William Eaton, b i 
7-1873. 4 Bertha Rebecca, b Nov 21-1874. 5 Alice Winif 


b Canton Mass Jan 27-1882. 6 Ellis Aklen, b Kingman Ks Sent 

5 of Nathaniel Delano 3d 
Edwin Forest Delano, Res. 4 Jackson Place Plymouth Mass. m 
Chelsea Mass. Oct 19-1886 Mary Jane (wid. of John Frazee), dau of 
William R. & Caroline Jane (Watson) Williams, b Sydney, Cape 
Breton Nov 16-1855. I Clarence Edwin, b Plymouth May 17- 
1887. 2 Erville Bryant, b July 19-1890. 3 Edna Frances b Nov 

2 of Nathaniel Delano 2d 

Alden Delano, d. Duxbury July 20-1892 m Dux Nov 9-1842 
Mehitable Peterson, dau of George & Silvia (Thomas) Doane, b do. 
Oct 27-1824, d. do. May 27-1895 1 George Alden, b Abington 
Dec 6-1849, of Duxbury m Nov 27-1884, Carrie Lewis 

3 of Nathaniel Delano 2d 

Hiram Delano, d. Duxbury June 24-1895 m Dux Nov 15-1838 
Betsy, dau of Levi and Anna (Oldham) Holmes, b do. Jan 26-1S15 
d do. Aug 6-1889. I Adelbert, b May 5-1841. 2 Hiram Thomas, 
b Oct 29-1843. 3 Augustine Allen Delano, b June 8-1846, m Dux. 
21 June 1881 Priscilla Wright. 4 Annie Holmes, b Apr 24-1S49. 
5 Emily James, b Dec 29-1851. 6 Mary Ednah, b Nov 6-1855, m 
Dux 2S Dec 1880 Albert Soule. 7 Carrie Lester, b May 10-1861. 
\ 1 of Hiram Delano 

Adelbert Delano, m Duxbury June 15-1880 Mary Shannon. 1 
Andrew James, b Feb 1-18S1. 2 Mary Elizabeth, b July 8-18S5. 
2 of Hiram Delano 

Hiram Thomas Delano, Res. Silver Lake Mass. (Railroad Sec- 
tion master) m Duxbury Mar 14-1879 Emeline, dau of William 
W. & Melvina Augusta (Arnold) Fish, b Hanover Mass. Jan 8- 
1853. 1 Eva Thomas, b June 15-1879. 2 Blanche Augusta, b July 
17-1884. 3 Bennie Irving, b June 26-1885. 4 Harrison Morton, 
b Feb 24-1889 

4 of Hiram Delano 
Annie Holmes Delano, m Duxbury Mass. Dec 6-1868 Benjamin 

S Jenkins, b Plymouth 1844 1 Harlan Winslow b Plymouth Sept 

5 of Hiram Delano 

J. Emily James Delano, m Duxbury Aug 19-1876 James Simmons, 

to do. 1844. Island Creek Mass. 1 Hattie Lovering, b Plymouth 

'(kept 14-1877. 2 Albertine Darling, b Nov 13-1884 

yi 4 of Nathaniel Delano 2d 

\\ Ellis Delano, Res. Syracuse N Y m Middleborough Mass. May 

l ^1840 Jane Ellis Standish, dau of John of Plympton son of (1st) 

. M">hn & Jane (Churchill) Standish b Plympton Mass. Jan 25- 

'7: '6, d Brockton Mass Nov 30-1879. 1 Jane Ellis, b Stoughton 

j -ve: s. Feb 21-1841 m. do. 21 Nov 1868 Silas son of Jesse & Almira 

» 74511) Davenport (Gen 1876) b. Canton Mass 12 Mar 1832 no ch. 

v .aura Eldora, b Apr 18-1844, d Mar 18-1845 3 Laura Elber- 

>?•'■-■ , b Feb 12-1840 d Aug 2-1850 4 George Murry, b Feb 4- 

y ij d Jan 12-1850 5 Edith Frances, b M^y 12 & d Stoughton 



Dec 10-1850 6 Marietta Standi h, b Sept U-1852. 7 Fred La- 
Forrest, b Sept 18-1855. 

6 of Ellis Delano 

Marietta Standish Delano, Res. Gloucester Mass in Stoughton 

Mass. Sept 18 -;■ rge F. TI,v [ Martin & Elizal 

R (Symonds) Thayer, b Randol] s. Aug 13-1844. (Gen 

1874) 1 Bell Standish, b Ran 873 2 Jennie Ma 

b Gloucester May 17-1875. 3 .Mary Elizabeth, b Aug 8-1881, d 
Aug 4-1882. 4 Burt Wales, b Sept 15-1884. 

7 of Ellis Delano 

Fred La Forrest Delano, m Brocton Mass. May 19-1886 Mary 
Annette, dau of Nathan and Mary J (Tweed) Kingman, b E. 
Bridgewater Mass. Apr 5-1863 (Gen. 1887) 1 Mildred Standish, 
b Nov 26-1SS7. 2 Ellis Ringman, b May 30-1S89. 
9 of Nathaniel Delano 2d 

Deborah Williamson Delano, d May 9-1879 m Duxbury Apr 
1843 ? John Thomas 9 Ripley b do. Dec 2-1S21 (son of 8 Thomas 6c 
Rebecca A (Sampson) Ripley of Dux & Kingston 7 Daniel, 6 Kim- 
ball, 5 Abner, (not he who m Eliz White). 4 Hezekiah 3 John 
W'm of Hingham, Mass 1638, fr. Wymondham Eng.) 1 A1 
Bartlctt, b Jan 31-1843, m 1 Jan 1863 John H Veazey. She d ?■ 
2S-1873. 2 Ella Henry b Bridgewater May 13-1847, m. 22 Feb 
1864 George W Rathburn. 3 Andrew Alden. b Aug 15-1849, d. 
un-ni Mar 1S-186S. 4 Lizzie Tieree, b Quincy May 5-1354, m X' >v 
1878 Charles W Brown. She d Mar 9-1S81 5 Flora, b Aug 21- 
1858, m Oct 26-1889 Henry A Young of Campello Mass 6 Geor- 
giana, b S Boston June 13 & d 16th 1S64 

3 of Nathaniel Delano Sr 

Luther Delano, d. Plymouth June 27-1852, m. Duxbury Judith, 
dau of Judah & Huldah Hunt, b do. d do. May 25-1813 1 Ellis 
b 1806 d ? 2 Emily Ann, b Mar 20-1812. 
2 of Luther Delano 

Emily Ann Delano, d Plymouth June 29-1879, m Duxbury Oct 
29-1843 James Reed, b Plymouth Oct 10-1813 d. do. Feb 14-1895 

1 Judith Ellis, b Aug 28-1845, "i Plymouth Mar 4^iS66 Levi Ran- 
som, b Carver Mass. Oct 7-1841 (Gen 1882) 1 Mabel .Mien, b 
Nov 27-1870, m Plymouth Oct 8-1895 Charles F Henry. 2 James 
Reed, b Dec 29-1880. 

5 of Nathaniel Delano Sr 
John Delano Sr. d. Duxbury Aug 1877, m. 1st Dux Sally, dau 
of William and Deborah (Randall) Sampson, b do. Oct 4-1; 
d. dp. Aug 5-1843, m. 2d do. Susan Nye, (fr. ? Benjamin Nye of 
Mass m. 1640) d. Duxbury I Prudence Sampson, b June 3-1814. 

2 John Jr. b Sept 16-1817. 3 Christiana Lb Apr 28-1821, d Apr 14- 
1822. 4 Lewis Sampson, b Mar 1-1S23. 5 Leand - , b No\ 
24-1826, d Jan 5-1S32. 6 Robert Thomas, b Aug 21-1830. 

1 of John Delano Sr 
Prudence Sampson Delano, d. Duxbury Feb 13-1884, m Dt 
Jan 20-1833 Capt Charles Frost, b do. Sept 28 Apr 

1895 1 Alonzo, b Nov 16-1834, un-m, of S Duxbury 2 Err 
Weston, b May 6-1855, m Duxbury Aug 30-1874 William II 


Burgess, b do. July 30-1853, drowned June 6-i^ 9 . Ch H 
William, b Feb 11-1880 irles 

2 of John Delano Sr 
John Delano Jr. d Duxbury Mch 8-1894, m Dux. fan 
Mary, dan of Ruel Swift and Mary (Borden) (Swift) Drew b 
Bridgwater Mass. July 18-1827, «1. Dux. Dec j-iK 3 , | 
Oct 4-1868 m Dux. May 20-1890 Harvey Jacob Re 3 u itch- 

burg Mass. 1 Mary Keith, b Dec 15-1^0. 2 Darius 
Reynolds, b Dec 29-1891 3 Gladys Borden, b Jan 5-1895 
4 of John 1 U lano Sr 
Lewis Sampson Delano, d. Kingston Mass Aug 25-1S71 m in 
Scituate Mass Apr 12-1845 Mary Thomas, dan of Thomas i 
(Jenkins) \ inal, b do Mar 3-1826 d. YV Bridgewal 
(Deane, Hist. Scituate) m 26 Kingston Oct 7-1855 Mary lane, 
of \\ illiam & Mary S (Weston) Barstow, b Duxbury Feb 14- ; 
1 Cora Lincoln b Feb & d Sept 12-1846. 2 Leander Thomas 
lano, b Aug 11-1854, un-m of Kingston Mass. 
6 of John Delano Sr 
Robert Thomas Delano (Ship calker) Res. 220 Shotwell St San 
Francisco Cal m Cohassett Mass July 8-1855 Hannah Creh 
dau of Thomas & Chloe (Jenkins) Vinal, b Scituate Jan 7-1S30. 
1 Lysander Thomas, b Scituate July 28-1856. 2 Garri ma, 

b Cohassett July 19-1858. 3 Sarah Gertrude, b S. Francisco . 
13-1865. (Teacher of music) 

1 of Robert Thomas Delano 
Lysander Thomas Delano, Res. 355 nth St San Francisco m 
there Nov 16-1887 Susan Bell Hart (wid) dau of James Green and 
Nancy B (Williams) Allison, b Solano Co Cal Sept 21-1860 (m. 
1st & had John Hart, b 30 Mar. 18S0) 1 Leland Hubbard, b Oct 

3 of Ebenezer Delano 

Berenice Delano, m Duxbury May 30-1773 John Glass, son of 

J ames, b do. 1739 d. do 1829. 1 Ezekiel, b Sept 10-1775, m. Miss 

Tfhomas of Marshfield. (Served in flying artillery in Canada War 

of 1812) 2 Jonathan, b Sept 23-1776, m. Desire Chandler, b Nov 

-•2-1778. 3 Levi. 4 Lydia. 5 Mary. 

1 1 of Jonathan Delano 
David Delano, d. in the " Army at the westward " of small pox 
K760. (He & Levi were Soldiers, engaged against the French & 
Indians in the west, prob New York.— Plymouth probate rec. Bk 
k ). Inventory of estate of David D'o taken 1761, distribution of 
pt operty 1765 wid Sarah named. Dec 2d- 1763 Thomas Chandler 
a tppointed guardian of Jonathan D'o s. of David & nephew of said 
'j fhos.) m 1st Duxbury May 28-1740 Abigail, dau of Samuel and 
1 Margaret Chandler, b do July 1-1721, d. do. bef 1758 m. 2d do abt 

'- 758 Sarah 1 Levi Delano, b 174T, un-m. d " Army at I 

[westward" of small pox 1760. 2 Martha, b 1743. 3 Zispah, b 
745 4 Jonathan, b 1748. I Oliver, b Jan 13-1759. 
y, 2 of David Delano 

y.artha Delano, d. Dux. Apr 21-1783 ? m Dux. June 30-1763 
v son of Philip and Rebecca (Phillips) Chandler, b do Mar 1- 


i/43- i Rebecca, b Oct 25-1764. (See Jephtha I tli of ]•. lah.) 

2 Peleg, m 1st Mary Darling 1791 m 2d Clarissa, 3 
Asa. 4 Jesse, b Oct 19-1776, m Abigail b Oct 1; 1783. 

4 of David Delano 

Jonathan Delano, d Woolwich Me 1833 (Mass Arch roc thus. 
May 2-1775, Plymouth, Col Cottons Regt. Capt V. 
Corporal, 3 mo. 7 d. Vol 16. Apr J4 & May 7-1777, 1 lux. I 
Putnams Regt. Capt Morse Co. Vol 42. 1778, Dux 
Co. 3 yr. joined Morses Co. Vol i_- Mar 14-17 Jenne, 

private, 4 days, Vol 2.) m Duxbury Sept 14-1774 Ruth 1 lau 

of Amaziah & Ruth (Sampson) Delano, b do 17 • 
1842 1 Charles, b June 1775 un-m. lost at sea. 2 Mary, b 1777, 
d Georgetown Me 1866, un-m 3 Thomas, b Jan 19-1778. .; j 
b 17S0. (Impressed into the English Navy 1812, never heard fr.) 
5 Sophia b 1782 6 Elizabeth, b 1785 7 Spencer, b Woolwich 
July 4-1789. 8 Ruth, b 1794 d 1796 9 Mary Ann, b Feb 24-1801. 
3 of Jonathan Delano 

Thomas Delano, d in Bath Me. m Seguin Island,* n Me. 

Abigail Larry, (wid of Robbins) b Georgetown Oct 1-177" ' ! Vas- 
salborough Me Sept 29-1838 1 John, b Jan 20-180S. 2 Charles, b 
1810 3 Ruth Ann, b June 10-1813 4 George Washington, b 1S14 

5 Calvin Ballard, b Bath Me July 28-1816 6 Elkanah, b S. I. Feb 

I of Thomas Delano 
John Delano d Boston Apr 29-1882 m Woolwich Me 1S33 Cathe- 
rine, dau of Nathaniel and Mary (Carlisle) Gould, b d 24- 
1S14 d Bos. Feb 20-1892 1 Mary Abigail, b Nov 4-1 S33, d Aug 
10-1835 2 Lewis Gould, b Oct 4-1S35 d Feb 21-1839. 3 Mary 
Abigail, b Starke Me July 4-183S 4 Augusta Jane, b do. May 3- 
1840. 5 Lewis Gould, b Dexter Me Aug 4-1842, d June 11-1855 

6 Ann Elizabeth, b do. Dec 4-1844, un-m. Res Alston Mass. No 

3 Willard place 7 Charles Turner, b Orono Me Apr 4-1847, d: 
June 11-1855 8 Francis Elmer, b do Sept 12-1849, d O ct 10-1851 
9 Frances Anderson, b Bath Me Oct 22-1851 10 George Wood- 
bury, b do. Feb 1-1854. 

3 of John Delano 

Mary Abigail Delano, d Boston Jan 20-1897 n1 - Bath, Dec. 25, 
1854 James Edwin Young, b. Madison, Me., Apr. 3, 183 1, d. 
Savannah, Ga., Sept. 10, 1876 1. Carrie Lizetta, b March 9, 185S. 

4 of John Delano 

Augusta Jane Delano, 4 Hamilton Place, Boston, m. Bath, Oc t. 
31, 1857 Joshua Kecne, b Waldeboro', Me., May 4, 1834. d. 
Savannah, Mar. 20, 1872. 1. Franklin Augustus Keene, b. Dec. 
12, 1858, d. Cambridge, Mass., Apr. 25, 1S86. 
9 of John Delano 

Frances Anderson Delano, d. Boston, Mar. 24. 1884. m. Phila- 
delphia, Mar. 10, 1870 William Montgomery Palmer, b. do. Mar 
28, 1844, d. do. Dec 26-1896 I. Franklin Woodbury, b. Mar. i 
1872, m. Phil. Jan 15-1S94 Lillie Catherine Weiss 2. Ann 
Frances Meller, b Boston, Nov. 4, 1883. ,<? 


io of John Delano 
George Woodbury Delano, AUston, Mass. m. Boston, Apr. 30, 
18S5 Mary Bean 1 Nathaniel and Ellen (Bean) Ham, b. 

Wayne, Wis., June 24, 1850. No ch. (L't John 1 lam oi N. 11. m. 

1668 — ? fr. Ham or 11 a me Eng) 

2 of Thomas Delano 

Charles Delano, d. M. X. B. 1886 m Miramichi New Brunswick 
abt 1832 Hannah, dau of Abraham and Jane Vanderbec, 

b do. 1810 d do. 1862 (Paulus Van Derbeck of Flatbush L. I. fr. 
Bremen 1643 ? van der Becke of J loll, armes: arg, 3 annulets gu. — 
of Bremen (1587) Or, a fesse ondee az.) 1 Elkanah, b 1834, m & 
had Sarah Jane Delano, m William Parks, she d. Aug 30-1894 had 
4 ch 2 James, b 1836 3 Alexander b 1838 4 Ruth Ann b 1840, 
tin-in 5 Abraham b Feb 14-1848 6 Rebecca, b 1850. 
2 of Charles Delano 

James Delano, (1836) Res. Derby X P. m. ? 1. Charles William. 
James Alexander Delano m 1894 Bessie Murphy has 1 son How- 
ard Michael John Thomas, d ? Elkanah d ? Thos. Jonathan. 
Waiter Calvin Calvin Geo. Washington. Eldin Albert. Hannah 

3 of Charles Delano 

Alexander Delano, m. Miramichi, X. B., Feb. 1861 Lydia, dau. of 
Timothy and Annie (Mcintosh) Robinson, b. do. 1S39, d. Derby, 
N. B. Nov. 11, 1884. 1. Annie Elizabeth, b. Apr. 20, 1862. 2. 
Jessie, b Feb. 2, 1864. 3. Mary Hannah, b. June 3. 1866. 4 
Martha Jane, b. Mar. 18, 186S. 5. Bella Robinson, b June 9, 1871. 
674 East 6th St., St. Paul, Minn. George Washington & James 
William, twins b. Mar. 22, 1S73. 8. Ella b. Feb. 3, 1876. 9. 
Timothy d. ? 10. David, b. Mar. 3, 1881. II. Albeit B. b. Mar 10, 
1884, d. Feb. 19, 1886. 

1 of Alexander Delano 

Annie Elizabeth Delano, m. Derby, Nov. 13, 1883 Albert Brycn- 
ton, b. do. Aug. 9, 1855, Bryenton's Office, Miramachi, X. B. I. 
David Xewton & 2. Lydia Laura, twins b. Feb. 19, 1885. 3. 
Howard Dudley, b Mar. 13, 1SS6. 4. Thomas Everett, b July 
21, 18S7. 5 Florence Lorine, b Nov. 11, 1891. 
4 of Alexander Delano 

Martha Jane Delano, in. Derby, Jan. 7, 1891 John A. Parks, b. 
do. i864 v 1. Lawrence, b. June 18, 1892. 

5 of Charles Delano 

Abraham Delano, d. Miramachi, Nov. 9, 1878. m. St. John, X. B. 
Feb. iS, 1871 Elizabeth, dau. of Ronald & Julia (Herington) Mc- 
Donald, b. St. Nicholas River, X. B., Dec. 2. 183O. Kin- ton 
Richibacto X. B. 1 Hannah b. Nov. 29. 1871, d. Mar. 30, 1873. 2 
Julia FJlcn b Mar. 2?. 1873. m. Richibacto. X. B. Nov. 25. I 
Robert Campbell b, Kingston, X. P.. May 22, i86_p Res. Waltham, 
Mass. 1 Marian, b Kingston Xov. 4, 1891. 2 !' July 20- 

1895. 3 Catherine b. Richibacto, Apr. 25, 1875. <!. Feb. 28, 1SS0. 
4 Abraham James, b. Derby, X. P.. Dec. 19, 1877, d. Richibacto, 

Mar. 10, 1880. 


6 of Charles Delano 
Rebecca Delano, Res Blackville X 1) m. Miramichi X. l; 
William John Underhill, d. 1887. 1. I Abram, 1.. 1 

Catherine cV Hannah twins b. 1879. 4- Mary Ellen, b. . 
Lucy Ann 1.. 1886. o & 7 ch— d ? 

3ofTh< lano 

Ruth Ann Delano, d X Line -In Me -Mar 21-1897 m. Dexter, 
Me., Nov. 18, 1848 Levi Witham, b. Thornd) 
(of Lincolnshire Eng. bef. 1400) 1. Uberto b. Orono, Me., I 
iS, & d 25, 1850. 2. Sarah Haley, b. Lincoln Ctr. Mar. 7, 1851, 
d. Aug. 23, 1854. 3. Hannah Witham. b. X. Lincoln Feb. ; 
m do July 13-1879 Hezekiah Silver, b June 30-1846. (Hist. Rum- 
ford Me— Eng.) 1 Charles Ezra, b Feb 9- 1 88 1 . 2 Edith A1 
b Oct 21-1883, d May 7-1885 3 Irvine Levi, b Jul;. 2 », d 

Mar 20-18S7 4 Eugene Harold, b Mar S-18 . 
4 of Thomas Delano 
George Washington Delano, d Portland Me Eeb 10-1SS2 m Vas- 
salborough Me Abigail Bassett, dau of Moses & Lucretia (Bassett) 
Smart, b do. d. Portland 1 Melville Samuel, b Apr 29-1836, un-m. 
d ? 2 Henry Alpheus, b Apr 29-1838 un-m. d. ? 3 Charles 
Spencer, b June 5-1840 4 Theodore Vernal, b Augusta Me June 
17-1843. 5 Susan Adelia, b Mch 1845 6 George Orlando, 
7 Ella Ann, b Mar 9-1852 8 ? ch d ? 9 ? ch d ? 
3 of George Washington Delano 
Charles Spencer Delano, Res E Wilton Me. m. Augusta, Me 
July 18, i860 Harriett Julia, dau. of Brackett and Susan (Rideout) 
Marston, b. Clinton, Me., Mar 24, 1836. 1. Willis Allen Delano, 
b. Sept. 28, 1861, m. Hyde Park, Mass., Oct. 20, 1S86 Prancena 
Israelette, dau. of Israel Leighton and Elizabeth Wentworth 
(Leighton) Sanchrs, b. Osipee, X. H., Nov. 17, 1S55. I. Julia 
Louise, b. Somerville, June 20, 1892. ?. Charles Vernal, b. ... 
Andover, Mass., Sept. 20, 1S73. 

4 of George Washington Delano 
Theodore Vernal Delano, Res 283 Silver St S Boston m. Augusta 
Me Jan. 26 1864 Mattie Ellen dau. of Brackett and Susan 1 Eli 
out) Marston, b. do. Oct. 6, 1843. 1. Theodore La Payette Delano, 
b. Sept. 27, 1866, m. ? 1883 Marie Ellen McKcnzie 1 Abigail 
Marston b. 1884 2 Mattie Ellen b. 1888 3 Willis La Fayette 
Delano b. 1891 2. Henry Alphonso, b. Portland, May 5, 1868, m. 
Sarah Prances Ray 3. Charles Brackett, b. Cambridge, Mass., 
July 4, 1S76. z.7, Hotel Isabella, Thomas Park, South Boston. 
7 of George Washington Delano 
Ella Ann Delano, m. Nov. 17, 1869 John P Stevens, b Oct. 2, 
1844. 1. George Orlando, b. Nov. 1, 1873. 158 Neponset Aw, 
Boston. 2. Prank Leonard, b. Oct. 13, 1874. Houghton, X. Y. 
5 of Thomas Delano 
Calvin Ballard Delano, d. Detroit, Jan 30, 1890, m. Whitefield, 
Me. Sept. 1, 1844 Julia Quinlan. dau. of Isaac and Sarah (Hutchins) 
Tibbetts, b. Bo I by, Me.. Nov. 17, 1816. d. Di troit, Me. May ia 
1887. 1. Llev.xllyn Sturgis, b. Yassaiboro', Me., Auj 15. 


2. Emma Francos Carlton, b. Feb. 6, 18.;;. 3 Myra Ellen, b N 
26-1849 4- Orson Miller, b Nov. II, 1850. 

1 1 f Calvin Ballard 1 )elano 

Llewellyn Sturg 0, d. Vi i', Pet. 21, 1S68, in. 

Edgecomb, Me. Oct 27, 1867 Adelaide Sarah, dan. of Osborn and 
Rhoda (Lampson) Trask, b. do Apr. 23. 1845, d. Va ! tar. 

23, 1873. (Gen. no, who follows) 

1. Llewellyn Herbert, b. Vassalboro', ' 

2 of Calvin Ballard Delano 

Emma Frances Carlt< n D :lano, Pittsfield Me. m. Detroit, Me. 
Dec. 6, 1S71 Joseph H Phinney, b. Waldo, Me., July 3 . 1. 

Russell C. b. Aug. 4. 1874. 2. Addie Belle, b. June 14. 1 

3 of Cab. in mo 

Myra Ellen Delano, m. Detroit, Feb. -'" ; . 1883 Thomas Fletcher 
Phinney, b Waldo, Dec. 16, 1841, d. Detroit, Nov. 7, 1891. No ch. 

4 of Calvin Ballard Delano 

Orson Miller Delano, b. Vassalboro', Me., Nov. II, 1850, m. 
1st Edgecomb, Me. Nov. 18, 1871 ' ' Sarah Trask (widov 

Llewellyn Sturges Delano his bro.) d. Vassalboro', March 23, 1873, 
m. 2d Betsey Gove Trask, (sis. of above\ b. .4, 

1852. 1. Arthur Edward, b Vassalboro', M ir. 22, [873. 2. Calvin 
Whitman b. Edgecomb, Feb. 19, 1880. 3. Walter Ervin b. Booth- 
bay, June 26, 18S8. 

6 of Thomas Delano 

Elkanah Delano, d. Winslow Me May 12, 1888. m. Winsl 
Feb 9-1845 Ruth, dau. of Squire and Annie (Reynolds) Spa 
b do. Mar 7-1825 d. do. Sept. 1, 1S8S. 1. George V. 
b. Mar 8. & d Aug. 21 1S46. 2. Thomas Jefferson, b. Apr. 

3. Ruth Ann b. Nov 29-1850, d. Mar. 24, 1866. 4. Fannie A b. 
Jan. 10-1853, d. Sept. 2^. 1868. 5. Milford Lewis b. May 15-1 

6. Lester Joseph, b. Aug 18-1859 7 Walter Sargent, b Nov 2-1 

d July 10-1869 8. Preston Emery, b. Sept 17-1866 tin-m 9. At- 

wood Crosby b. July 3-1869 10 ? d. y. 

2 of Elkanah Delano 
Thomas Jefferson Delano, Res. Augusta Me 10 Murray St m 
Albion Me. July 7-1889 Ada Belle, dau of Levitt & Alrnira (Withce) 
Reynolds, b Winslow May 27-1861 no ch. 

5 of Elkanah Delano 

Milford Lewis Delano, Res. Augusta 10 Murray St m China Me. 
May 22-18S6 Lillie Frances, dau of Levitt & Alrnira (Withee) Rey- 
nolds, b Winslow Dec 27-1869 1 Annie Alrnira, b Fairfield Me. 
July 11-18S9. 

6 of Elkanah Delano 

Lester Joseph Delano, Res Augusta 5 Maple St m Winthrop Me. 
Oct 19-1884 Flora Evelyn, dau of Richard and Amelia Win 
(Greaton) Brainard, b Rcadfield Me. 1 Jennie Evelyn, b Augusta 
Nov 2-1889. 2 Merton Lester, b Oct 25-1892. 
9 of Elkanah Delano 
Atwood Crosby Delano, Res. Lawrence Mass. m Lawrence Oct 
25-1893 Gertrude May, dau of William and Mary Knox (Fowler) 


W ainwright, b Boston Mass. Oct I7 -i8 73 . (Francis W. or Wayn- 
wnght of Chelmsford Essex Engd. Mi , ,!, , 

chevron az, a lion bet. 2 fleurs-de-lis arg.; a bordure engrailt 

—in chief a crescent az. lor ditT.) 

5 of Jonathan Delano & Ruth Delano 

Sophia Delano, (b. 1782) m. 1st Solomori Walker, Che m 1st 
Sylvia Delano dau. of Amaziah and Ruth Delano,) m. 2d Daniel 


6 of Jonathan Delano & Ruth Delano 
Elizabeth Delano, (Dux) m. Joseph .Mitchell. 1. Joseph Will- 
iam, b. Feb. 20, 1813. 2. Silas Stearns, b. Apr. 30, 1815, of Hath 
Me. 3. Margaret Potter. 4. Harriet Barker. 5. Thomas O. 

6. George F. 

7 of Jonathan Delano & Ruth Delano 

Spencer Delano, d Boston Apr 18-1841 m Falmouth Me. 1817 
Clarissa Delano, dau of Thomas & Mary (Strout) Delano, ; 
May 8-1791 d Lynn Mass. June 15-1881 1 Nancy Jane, b Se 
Island Oct 4-1S19 2 Rebecca Ann McCobb, b Sept 13-1821. 3 
George Melvin, b June 17-1823. 4 Martha Mary, b Stage Island 
Oct 8-1S26 5 Nathaniel b Portland Me July 27-1830. 6 Eliza- 
beth, b. do 1832 d. Bos. 2 Feb. 1852 m. there 1850 to Richard Dixon 
ch. Elizabeth (Seguin and Stage off the coast & part of George- 
town Me) (Note above remarkable incident, Geo. M. 1 Delano 
1823 s. of Spencer 2 Delano & Clarissa Delano (dau. Thos. Delano) 
s. of Jonathan 3 Delano & Ruth Delano (dau. Amaziah Delano) s. 
of David 4 Delano etc 2, 3 & 4 light-house keepers, Seguin Isl) 

1 of Spencer Delano & Clarissa Delano 

Nancy Jane Delano, Res Lynn Mass. m. 1st Portland William 
Faze, b. 1837, d. Cal. ? m. 2d Bucksfield Benjamin Jenkins, d. Au- 
burn, Me. 1. Jennie Maria, m. Mr. Miller (89 Hollingsworth St., 

2 of Spencer Delano & Clarissa Delano 

Rebecca Ann McCobb Delano, of Grand Isle m. Boston, Oct. 
16, 1842 Alexander Swift Pearl, b. South Hero, Vt., July 16, 1809, 
d. Grand Isle, Vt. Apr. 18. 187S. 1 Warren Swift b. G Isle, Jan. 20, 
1846. 2. Clarissa Delano Pearl, b. Aug. 11, 1848, m. Mr Ma- 
comber. 3. Ellen Maria, b. Bangor, Nov. 14, 1853. 4. Emma 
Elmira, b. Aug. 31, 1856, m. Mr Sheldon, Fair Haven. Yt. 5. 
Marion Ward, b. Aug 29, 1S60, m. Mr Griswold. 

3 of Spencer Delano & Clarissa Delano 

George Melvin Delano, d. 23 Apr. 1898 (Post Master I ley worth 
111. 1861 by Owen Love-joy; & served 37 yrs. longest on record) m. 
Chelsea, Mass., Nov. 8, 1851 Anna, dau. of William OT 
Bridget (Welch), b Oarac Unsuer, Ireland. Feb. 2, 1823. 1. I [ary 
Jane, b. Boston, Sept. 8, 1852, m. Hey., Dec. 20, 1876 Byr< >n Leoni- 
das Harrington, b. Hillsdale, Mich.. Oct. 30, 1851. 1. Georj 
Byron, b. Normal. 111., May 20, 1880. 2. George Spencer, b. Sprii 
field, Ilk, June 5, 1845, un-m. d. Heyworth, 111. May 18, [877. 3. 
William Delano, b Springfield Oct. 6, 1859 (Station Agent at Hey- 
worth) m. do. Sept. 8, 1883 Mary, dau. of Augustus and Allephase 


(Clarrige) Short, b. Randolph, 111., Oct. 31, 1859. 1. Effie .' 
b. July 20, 1884. 2. Edward Egbert, b. Dec. 31, r 

4 of Spencer Delano & Clarissa Delano 
Martha Mary Delano, Res Normal 111. m. Boston, July 25, 

Samuel Adams Eaton, b. do Dec. 10, 1825, d. Richmond, Va., Apr. 
27, 1870. 1. Frederick Gustavus Eaton, b. July 22, 1849, R es - Ft 
Scott Kan. m. St. Louis, Mo., May 3, r88o Anna Marie, dau. of 
John Michael & Katharine Elizabeth (Darmstetter) Schwinn, b. 
Columbia, Pa., Jan. 8, 1841;. No ch. 

5 of Spencer Delano & Clarissa Delano 

Nathaniel Delano, m Cambridge Mass. Oct [7-1852 Olive I 
dau of Ebenezer and Olive Lucy (Gilpatrick) (? Kilpatrick) Saf- 
ford, b Newburyport Mass. Oct 1-1833 d. Fairbury Neb. Jan 
188S. (Thos Safford of Mass. bef. 1641) 1 Olive Lucy, b Bio im- 
ington, 111. Jan 1 & d. 20th-i854 2 George Henry, b Apr 4-. 
3 Clara Anna, b July 9-1857 4 Charles Eben b Oak Grove ill. 
May 5-1861 5 Edward Nathaniel, b May 30-1865 6 William 
Walter, b May 30-1867 7 Albert & 8 .Mired b July 16-1872 twins 

2 of Nathaniel Delano 

George Henry Delano, Schuyler, Neb. m. Oak Grove, 111. Jan. 
12, 1879 Salina Alice, dau. of Asa and Sarah Ann (Allen) Lupl 
b. Blue Mound, 111., Aug. 28, 1858. 1. Edith Belle, b Blue Mound, 
Mar. 27, 18S0. 

3 of Nathaniel Delano 

Clara Anna Delano, Minneha, Kan. m. Bloomington, 111. June 
1 7> l &75 David Lone Roberson, b. Log Lick, Ky., Mar. 2; 
1. Dillard Evert, b. Wichita, Kan., Feb. 1, 1876. 2. Olive Lucy, b. 
May 9, 1879. 3- Sarah Elizabeth, b Feb. 24. 1883. 4. David Lone, 
b. Mar. 28, 18S5. 5. Charles Edward, b. Nov. 7, 1887. 

4 of Nathaniel Delano 

Charles Eben Delano, m. Bloomington, 111 Nov. 27, 18S3 Ella 
Bryan, dau. of George Freeman and Nancy Edna (Railsback) 
Kennedy, b. do. Apr. 4, i860. 1. Rev b. Oak Grove, 111.. Jan. 
17, & d. Oct. 1, 1885. 2. Olive Fay, b. Fairbury, Neb., Sept. 27, 

5 of Nathaniel Delano 

Edward Nathaniel Delano, m. Fairbury, Mar. 29, 1888 Eva, dau. 
of James and Mary Jane (Greeson) Gregory, b. Richland, Iowa, 
Mar. 17, 1870. 1. Gertrude, b. July 14, 1889. 

9 of Jonathan Delano & Ruth Delano 

Nancy Ann Delano, d. Apr. 27, 1874, m. Georgetown. Me., Oct. 
26, 1S26 Nathaniel Sylvester Oliver, b. do. Nov. to. 1802, d. Aug. 
19, 1872. 1. Julia Ann Matilda, b. Nov. 22, [827, m 1st Jesse 
Briggs Hunt m. 2d Lowell Leland Hinds — Chelsea Mass 2. Free- 
man Clark, b. Mar. 14, 1830, un-ni. (Private Co G 12 Mc Regt) 
3. Albion Keith Paris, b Woolwich, Mc. Nov. 20, 1832, m Mary 
Eliza Trafton 4. Llewellyn, b. Mar. 20. 1835, m Lizzie Morrill 
Fort Popham, Phipsburg, Me. 5. Harriet Lauretta & 6. Lydia 
Flavilla b. Oct. 23, 1837 twins (6) m David Baker Oliver 7. 
Stearns W r illard, b. Oct 27, 1839, d. ? 8. Amanda Maria, b. Georgc- 
18 273 

town, Aug. 16, 1842, m. Thomas Emmons Scott, d. ? 9. Osborne 

Dunlap, b. -Mar. 14, 1846, m Ellen E Battled' d. 
Only Ch of David Delano 
Oliver Delano Sr. v In Rev. '76) d. Jan 7-1846 m. Duxbun 

6-1783 .Mary, dau of Joshua cc Mary (Waste) Chandler, b do 
I3-j;oo, (.1 Oct 7-1846. 1 Dau. b. & d. Jan 20-1784. 2 David, b 
Jan 6-1787, un-m. d. at his sis. (4) Venice 1823-4. 3 Hosea, b i ^!> 
13-17S9. 4 Mary Chandler, b Apr 22-1791, m. J 'cleg Shaw Res 
near Venice X. Y. both d. ? ch. 1 Edward F 2 Theron E 5 Allen, 
b Eeb 21-1794, drowned June 5-1798 6 Oliver Jr. b Mar 17-1797, 
d 1S06. 7 Abby, b 1800, un-m. d July J-1^^2. 
3 of Oliver Delano 

Hosea Delano Sr. d Venice m Duxbury May 1-1817 Hannah, 
dau of Joshua 6c Ruth (Chandler) Brewster, b do. Mar 31-1; 
Feb 25-1855 1 Oliver Baker b Jan 31-1818. 2 Joshua, b Oct 
29-1819, sailor, lost at sea, fr Havre France to New Orleans Mar 3- 
1845 3 Ilosea Jr. b Dec 10-1821, un-m. d Sept 26-1846. 4 Debora 
Brewster, b Dec 2yiS2^. 5 David b Nov 30-1827. 6 Fred 
b June 14-1830, un-m. Marshiield Mass. 7 Charles Chandler, b 
Jan S-1837, un-m. Kingston Mass. 

1 of Hosea Delano 

Oliver Baker Delano, (Carpenter), Res Brookline Mass. m Clare- 
mont N II. Apr 11-1847 Hannah Read, dan of Josiah and Sarah 
(Read) Holt, b do. Nov S-iS2^. (Gen. 1864) 1 Charles Edwin, 
b Brookline Apr 21-1848. 2 Lizzie Frances, b Oct 24-1849. 3 
Clarence Augustus, b Sept 25-1851. 4 Frank Oliver, b F< 
d Aug 6-1864 5 George Herbert, & 6 Fred Henry, twins b Apr 3 
1856 & (6) d May 14th *" 7 William Henry b. Jan. S-1858 8. Y. 
Read, b Jan 9- 1*861, d Jan 7-1863. 9 Hattie Eliza, b Nov 8-1S63. 

2 of Oliver Baker Delano 

Lizzie Frances Delano, m Brookline Mass. July 14-1867 Charles 
A Pons, b Cambridge Mass. July 19-1846 (Pons of Pic 
Roannais etc in Guyenne. Quercy etc France — all armorial) 1 
Frank Theodore Pons, b Feb 23-1868. 

3 of Oliver Baker Delano 

Clarence Augustus Delano. (Merchant) m Boston Nov 25-1880 
Lucy, dau of Winslow & Hannah (Boynton) Bowker, b Machias 
Me Sept 29-1851 (" Machias Cent. Cel." of Eng. amies: ; 
bendlet bet. 2 eagles az.) 1 Margaret Bowker, b Brookline Mass. 
Feb 16-1888. 

5 of Oliver Baker Delano 

George Herbert Delano, (Carpenu-n, m Boston Nov 4-1879 
Stella, dau of Charles & Mary (Campbell) Lee. b do. May 20-1860 
1 Oliver Herbert, b Brookline Mass. Nov. 29-1880. 2 George 
Warren, b July 5-1883. 3 Mary Stella, b Apr 25-18X5. 4 Agnes 
Holt, b Jan 28-1888. 5 Charles Fred, b Jan 10-1891 
7 of Oliver Baker Delano 

William Henry Delano, m Brookline Mass. Tan 8-1886 C 
A. dau of Daniel & Flora (Mclntyre; Morrison, b Mabou, Inver- 
ness Co C. B. Island, Nov 18-1863. 1 Mabel Holt, b Newton, June 

24-1886, d Aug 8-1887 - Harry Walter, b Brooklinc May 14- 

9 of Oliver Baker 1 >elano 
Hattie Eliza Delano, m BrookUne Mass. June 7-188] Da^ 

Kenrick, b do. Dee 25-1858. 1 Aliee Read, b June [8-1882. 2 
Charles Arthur, b May 22-1884. 

4 of Hosea Delano 

■ Deborah Brewster Delano, m Duxbury Apr 8-1849 Louis Martin 
Bailey, b do. May 12-1826. 1 Catherine Worth, b Feb [6-1850, d 
Feb 17-1857. 2 Ada Louis, b Apr [6-1853 '1 Feb 18-1857. 3 
Arthur Hosea b Aug 3-1856, m Ida M Little, July 1881, b Clere- 
mont X. H. 1856 4 Deborah Adaline, b Dec 8-1868, m Fred W 
Llowland, Dec 25-1888, b Hanson Mass. 1862 

5 of Hosea Delano 

David Delano, m 1st Duxbury Oct 5-1851 Sylvia I [olmes, dau of 
Levi and Sylvia (Holmes) Chandler, b do. Mar 29-183 1 d I . 
Sept 25-1859 m. 2d Kingston Mass. Jan 6-1861 Martha Delano, dau 
of Charles Sr. and Bethia (Prior) Delano, b Duxbury June 15-1 
1 Horace Chandler, b Sept 27-1852, d Mar 10-1855 2 Isadora, b 
Sept 7-1854. 3 David Holmes, b Kingston Oct 20-1856 4 L 
Chandler, b Nov 2-1859. — J George Otis, b Jan [4-1862, d June 21- 
1867 2 Ruth Emma, b Jan 17-1865, d Apr 5-1873. 3 Melzer 
Parker b Jan 2-1867. 4 Walter Everett, b Mar 17-1871. 

2 of David Delano 

Isadora Delano, d. Kingston, Mass Sept. 4, 1892, m Plymouth 
Nov 11-1875 J os< ^ Hernandez, (Son of Jose & Mary) b Cuba, Apr 
28-1847. 1 Fred Antonio, b Kingston, Mar 10-1876. 2 Sylvia 
Delano Hernandez, b July 26-1877. 3 Lawrence Irving, b Nov 30- 
1880 d May 14-1885 

3 of David Delano 

David Holmes Delano, m Kingston Mass. Jan 1-18S0 Manuella 
May, dau of Hiram & Almira (Benney) Weston, b Duxbury Nov 
: , 2-i856, d Kingston June 9-1892 no ch 

4 of David Delano 

Lucy Chandler Delano, m Plymouth Apr 7-1880 Claude Mel- 
notte, son of Hiram & Caroline Edes (Barton) Chandler, b Dux- 
bury June 7-1857. I Edgar Hartly, b Kingston Aug 1-1884. 

3 of David Delano & Martha Delano 

'Melzer Parker Delano, m Kingston Mass. Nov 25-1891 Annie, 
dau of William J. and Phebe (Simmons) Rogerson, b North Tryno, 
l?rince Edwards Island, June 10-1867 d Kingston Dec 10-1893 no 

4 of David Delano & Martha Delano 
Walter Everett Delano, m Kingston June 7-1894 Eudora Lewis, 

<idau of Thomas Simmons and Sarah Loring (Lewis) Blanchard, b 

{East Weymouth Mass. Feb 14-1867. No ch 

4 of Dr Thomas Delano 

David Delano 1st (Plymouth Probate rec Ek 13. Will dated 

1750, proved 1755 names wife Petty, son David and gr son Lemuel. 

Ch rec of Middleboro give David Sr. as uniting with ch June 9- 

1719) d Middleboro bet. 1750 and 1755 m Middleboro Mass Jan 9- 


1705 Elizabeth, dan of Obadiah & (Bennett) 

abt 1682 d do. prob aft 1755 (G< ns. . 

to Plymouth 1631 & Middleborough) 1 I 

Mass. abt 1709-10. 2 ? Abner, m Middl( L ug 30-1; 

Mar) Alden. 

j of 1 )avid Delano 1st 
David Delano 2d (1 le joined cli of Midd. Oct 8-1742 
Probate records Bk 16, 1763 guardian appointed lor son 1 
d. Middleboro abt [763 m do -Mar 17-1745 Deborah, dan ■ 
Mercy (Ford) Holmes, 1> do 17 17 d. do. aft. 1754 1 Lemuel, b Jan 
8-1746. j Betty, b Apr 30-1750 3 Abigail, !> Nov 5 i; 
David Delano 3d b Oct 10-1754, m Middleboro Jan 5-1777 to 
Phebe Leach, no ch ? 

1 of David Delano 2d 
Lemuel Delano, m Abington Mass Nfov 1 [-1768 Rachel 
b do. 1 Mary, bap. Hanover Mass. May 20-1770. d Oct 1-1775 
2 Lemuel Holmes, bap Nov 18-1770. d Sept 30-1775 3 David bap. 
Oct 2-1774 4 Petty bap. Aug 13 & d Sept 27-17; 5 Vinsor 
" Lemuel son of Beriah as m Rachel." des of Beriah — Lemti 
he m Mary Eames. Davis gives " Lemuel of Marshfield, s of 
Ichabod m Mary Eames." — Hist, etc ch of Hanover, Brig 

6 of Dr Thomas Delano 

Sarah Delano, d Middleboro ? (Davis) m Duxbury John Drew 
son of 1st John & Hannah (Churchill) Drew, b Plymouth ? 1676 

7 of Dr Thomas Delano 

Ruth Delano m. Duxbury (2d wife) Samuel Drew (bro of John) 
b Plymouth ? 167S. (? m. 1st Lydia Delano, br. unknowi 
Cornelius, b 1702 2 Perez, b 1704, m Abigail Soule of Dux. 3 
Zebulon. 4 Lydia, m Isaac Peterson. 5 Samuel b 1713 6 Eben- 
ezer m. Martha Cobb 7 Deborah m. Joseph Chandler 8 Hannah. 
(by 2d) 9 Abijah Drew. 10 Nahum 11 Ruth 

8 of Dr Thomas Delano 

Joseph Delano, d. Duxbury May 22-1770, (to Ashdod Nov 5- 
1723, west side of east br south river. Plymouth Probate rec. Bk 
20. Will of Apr 23-1770 proved Aug 6-1770 names son Reuben, 
Lydia, wife of son Benj. dau. Rebecca, wife of Fullerton, dau Zc- 
biah, dau Lucy, son Benj.'s 5 ch, two gr ch. Reuben Jr & Elijah — 

s. of Reuben Sr. — ) m. Dux. Hannah b prob. do. : ' do. ! 

Jan 16-1763. 1 Rebecca, b Oct 17-1720, m John Fullerton 1746.) 
(Marshfield records notes on Soule " Hist, of Dux ") . lin, ' 

b June 6-1722. 3 Zibiah, b Apr 7-1724 4 Reuben, b July 6-172'', » 
5 Lucy, b Jan 26-1729. 6 Elijah, b July lyx-^i. d Jan 1-1; 

2 of Joseph Delano 

Benjamin Delano Sr. of Pembroke Mass. m 1745 Lydi 
Nathaniel & Rebecca (Poor) Jackson, b 1721 1 Benjamin T r & 
2 Lydia, twins b Pembroke 24 June 1746 3 Joseph. 4 William, 
bapt Nov 16-1760 — 6on register New Xorth Ch. Bos) 5 Ch. 
I of Benjamin Delano Fr 

Benjamin Delano Jr. (1816, Bk 48. Will gives wife Mar 
provement of whole estate during her life. The heirs were 7 ch. 


of son Win. dead; daus .Mary Leonard & Sail) I h, 

division of real estate of Benj I >'o of Scituatc ( let 21-1822, follow- 
ing named as having shares set off, -Mary Leonard, Sarah Foster 
& heirs of Win Foster deed) d. Scituate Mass. June 19-1811 
Scituate Nov 2-1769 Mary, dau of William & Mary (B 
Brooks, Scituatc d Scituate Aug 10-1789. 1 William, I 
2 Mary, b 15 Dec 1776. 3 Sarah, b 30 Mar 1782. 

In " Ship buildii ah River Mass." by L Vernon B1 

1889 Bos mention made of Delanos who built the Wanton \ ard, 
located on what was called the Molly Stetson Place, soon after 1 

Benj. D'o Jr fust from Pembroke 1770 settled on the ancient 
Richard Dwelley place, north side of the brook later at Til: 
His house on east side of road, has since been occupied 1>> Maj. 
Samuel Foster. D'o sisters own place. The earliest record pre- 
served of Delano vessels is 1790. The Sch; " Rover," 79 t< 5, of 
Duxbury; owner: Sylvanus Delano, of do. Benj. Delano built lure, 
in 1804, t^ Sch, " Charles " [23 tons of Dux. This is the last on 
record of which he was master carpenter. William Delano his son 
b. built many very large vessels. Prior to the time he bi 
Wanton yard had been divided in two; The Delano's in one, 
and Fosters soon began in the other. After serving his time and 
building one vessel in Hanover 1700 William came I 
and built that year the ship " Indus, - ' 338 tons of Bos. In 1.^00 
the Sch. "Hannah," 11S tons of Bos. and the Ship " Harlequin," 
336 tons of Bos. 1801 the Ship " Alexander Hodgden," 377 I 
of Bos. 1802 the ship Columbine, 270 tons of Bos. 1805 I 
Topaz, 385 tons, lie was master-carpenter 1806 of ship " I rai 
215 tons, owned by David Sears of Bos. the same year lie built Ship 
"Augustus" 325 tons, 1809 Ship *' Ida," 363 tons both of B >s. 
The next built was one of the two famous vessels spoken 1 f by 
Deane as being the largest ever built on North River. Inn failed 
to give their names, first was built 1810 by Win D'o and second 
was finished 1815 by his fam. first was the " Lady Madison " 450 
tons of New York, she was 112 feet long, 30 broad, & I 
owned by Thomas Hazzard Jr of New Bedford & Jacob Barkei of 
N. Y. He may have begun the " Mt Vernon," finished [815 by 
Samuel Hartt a relative of his wife. William built a large ship in 
Hanover and prob. at this yard the '' Lady Gallatin " 358 
Hanover; 1S11. lie was master carpenter, Miller & Smith, ma 
It took a great deal of liquor, in those days, to build a vessel, which 
was charged to the vessels as was the material used in building 

The following are copies of two charges from an old ac 
book. To jS gallons West India Rum drunk in the summer of 
181 1, while at work on vessel — S104. In 1813, To 80 gallons I 
and Rum from March 22d to Aug 25th at 9 shillings, $120, 1 il 
liquor was discontinued in the yards. 

Wm Hartt Delano & Benj. Franklin Delano worked in the 
ship yard in company from the time they were old enough until the 
former removed to east B VV'm II. was often called " Lord 

North." Benjamin F was educated under the Rev Samuel Deane, 
and displaying quite a talent for ship building, was placed in tiie 


draughting office of the Brooklyn Navy Yard where he served 
his time 

He returned to South Scituate Mass. and in company with his 
eldest bro. and Joseph Clapp built 1829, the Sch " Only I >aughter," 
70 tons of Hingham [833 Stephen White and others I 1 rrand 

Island on Niagara River X. Y. and 1 ; ]• D'o to convert 

the forest of oak timber that was there into v k with 

him his two bros. William Jl & Edward H, and twenty picked men 
from his native town. 

The venture proved a success, and they built seven vessels. He 
also built the first steam vessel that plied between 1 ton , v 'c 

Boston. 1S47 ne received an appointment as Naval Const] 
and was stationed at Portsmouth X Jl. and from there was trans- 
fered, 1850 to the Brooklyn Navy Yard where he was Chief Naval 
Constructor, retired June 11-1873. 

At Portsmouth he constructed the " Saranac." He construeted 
twenty-one war vessels from 1861-65, among them the daring dis- 
patch boat " Iroquois," the '* Oneida," " Xyack," " Wampan 
and " Mattawaska." He also converted numbers of harmless 
merchantmen, bought by the government, into death-dealing war 
vessels, and worked day and night over his plans for their recon- 

The life of Edward Hartt Delano was not unlike that of his bro. 
Benj. He served in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, was with hi? brother 
later, and 1848 was commissioned Xaval Constructor, and ordered 
to Pensacola Fla. and afterwards transfered to Norfolk V 
Charlcstown Mass. He built the U. S. steam frigate " Merrimac," 
and Admiral Farragut's famous flag-ship, the " Hartford," d 
Charlestown while in charge at that station. See reproducti 
the " Hartford " fr. " Harpers Weekly " 1865 — to whose rigging 
Farragut was lashed — at Mobile, etc) 

1 of Benjamin Delano Jr 

William Delano, d S Scituate Feb 2 or 15-1815 (Will 181; 
41. Guardians appointed for daus Mary E.. Prudence C. Sarah, 
Lucy S. ( Sons W'm II., Benj F., and Edw. II.— Bk 50 Sarah Do 
appointed guardian to Mary, Prudence, Benj Lucy, Edw. Win. & 
Sarah, minors Dec 3-1822.) m By Rev John Lathrop Boston Dec 
27-1803 Sarah, dau of Edmund & Elizabeth (Clark) Hartt, b Bos- 
ton Aug 18-1778 d do. 1861 1 Mary Elizabeth, b Scituate 1803, 
un-m. d Apr 20-1872 2 William Hartt, b 1804. 3 Prudence Clark, 
b May 4-1806 un-m. d Norwell Mass. Feb 4-1S94. 4 Benjamin 
Franklin, b Sept 17-1S09. 5 Edward Hartt, b Aug 12-181 1. 6 
Sarah, b 1813, un-m. d Xorwell Mar 13-1891 7 Lucy Snow, b 
1814, un-m. d do. Apr 8-1890. 

2 of William Delano 

William Hartt Delano, d. East Boston July 21-1883. (Will Suf- 
folk Co Probate Rec proved Aug 20-1883, mentions bros. Benj 
F., Alfred, Otis son of Benj F., Sis. Prudence C. Sarah II. Lucy S. 
Edward F son of late bro. Edw. dan. Emma L. & wife Sarah.) m 
Scituate Mass. Sarah, dau of Simeon and Hannah (Southworth) 
Brooks, b do. d E Bos. Oct 29-18S7. 1 Sarah Ann, b 1829 d 


June 28-1843 2 Mary Frances. 3 Mario, b June 22- 
1835. d Boston Aug 14-1854. 4 Emma I- E Boston Mass 440 

Meridian St 5 William Ilartt, d. y. 

.} < >f William 1 )elano 

Benjamin Franklin ! Chief Naval Cons'r '73 V. S. N.) 

d Brooklyn Apr 30-1882 m South Scituate Mass. [835 Jane, 
Seth & Abigail (Otis r, b do. 1810 (( >tis Gen. 1850-1) 1 

Alfred Otis, b Scituate [839, un-m d Norwell Apr 21-1891 2 Char- 
lotte, b Portsmouth Mass 1845, un-m. d Nyaek N. Y. 1872. 
5 of William 1 )elano 

Edward Hartt Delano. (Naval Cons'r U. S. N.) d Charlestown 
Apr 9-1859 m 1st South Scituate -1843 Mary Randall, dau 

of William & Wealtha (Alden) James, b Quincy Mass. Jan 1 . 
d Dorchester Mass. Sept 10-1854 m. 2d S Berwick Me. June 15- 
185S Avoline S dau of Joseph Frost, b do. d. Boston Sept [2-1 
1 William Edward, b Norfolk Ya. Sept 6 & d. the 27th 1853. 2 
Edward Franklin Delano, b Dorchester Mass Aug; 21-1854. un-m 
(Res. 169 High St Taunton Mass.) 

2 of Benjamin Delano Jr 

Mary Delano, m. 16 Oct 1804 (2d wife) Rev Elijah Leonard, 
son of Deacon Elijah cc Hannah, b Raynham Mass. Apr . 
d. Marshfield Mass Feb 8-1834 (He m 1st Molly Wales in Rayn- 
ham May 1 3- 1 791 dau of Dr Perez Forbes She d May 29 1- 
(Thomas Eeonard of Mass 1643 fr. Ponty pool Wales des. of Lcn- 
nards of Essex Eng. amies: Or. on a fesse gu. 3 lleur-dc-lys or.") 
1 Benjamin Delano Leonard b. 22 Aug. 1805 d. 17 Aug;. 1S20 

3 of Benjamin Delano Jr 

Sarah Delano, d. 8 Dec 1864 m. 10 Jan 1805 Samuel 
son of Elisha & Grace (Barstow) b Scituate 1779 1 Sarah Delano 
Foster, b 22 May 1810. d. 21 Mar. 1887 m 29 Nov 1832 John K 
Nash of S. Scituate b. 8 Mar 1801 d. 30 Mar 1880 (son 1 
Nash & Deborah (Gushing;') Ch. John Cushing Nash b. 26 Feb 
1839 d. 19 Jan 1892 m. Sarah C dau of Samuel Brown of Sciturr.e 
& Harnil (Clapp) b. 8 Sept 1840 2. Sarah L. b. & d 1864. 3. 
Helen Eliza, b. 1869. d. 1870 1. Mary Louisa Foster Nash. b. 
Jan. 4-1862, m. Aug;. 15-1882 Arthur Lindorf Power of Boston (son 
of Tileston Cushing; Power of Georgetown Me. & Clara (Stone) 
1. Nelson Foster, b. Feb. 11 & d Nov. 22-18S4. 2. Samuel Fo 
b. May 29 & d 30 1885 3 Howard Stone b Dec 29 1888 of Norwell 
Mass 2 Mary Louisa, b South Scituate 1824 un-m. d. 2T, July 1841 
3 of Benjamin Delano Sr. 

Joseph Delano, d Boston (Dux 1775—3 mos Co1 Cotton Regt 
'76 15 d. Col. Lothrup '75 Warren '77 2d exp. Cotton '76 2 m 5 d 
Marshall, corporal '77 1 m. R I Carpenter *So 6 d. Hathaway do. 
6 d. '77, 2 m. Car. '78 Marshfield— 5 m. 15 d. Jacobs, Plym 
I RegO Intention of marriage May 16 & m New North Church 
Boston May 29-1783 Sarah (wid. of W'm Hill) dau of Joshua and 
Sally (Dix) Reed, b Medford Mass. Nov 6-1701 .1 Boston May 13- 
1843 (m. 1st 1778 & m. 3d— after hus. d.— Mr Beals) 1 Maria b 
Oct 28-1784. 2 Sophia, b Nov 6-1785. 3 Benjamin, b Nov 14- 
1787. 4 Esther Fmtz, b Mar 24-1790, m. Boston by Rev Baldwin 


26 Nov 1807 Samuel 1 [all no ch. ? 5 Marj Jacl 
m. Boston by Rev. Thos. Baldwin 4 Oct [812 Sim Iner no 

ch. ? 6 Lorana Perry, b Dec 9-17; ; d. un-m. 
1 df Joseph I 
Mariah Delano, d. Cambridge Mass -May 1 
Jan 1-1805 William, son of William and Rebecca (Johnsoni 
Cheever, b Salem Mass. Dec 23-1782, d. Bos. (Gen. 1882) 1 
William Cheever, b Sept 9-1805, d Bos Nov [6-1822. 2 Maria. 
b Dee 9-1806, d Oct 3-1807 3 Sarah Ropes, b Mch . I, d 

May 28-1810. 4 Samuel Hall, b Sept 16 [810. 5 Sin* 
b Apr 6-1813, m - Sept 26-1837 Martha W Parker, he d [8; 
George Henry Cheever. 6 Lorana Delano Cheever, b ' 15. 

7 William Winthrop, 1> J >ec 27-1822, d Savannah Ga July 14-18 

8 Esther Maria, b .Mar 27-1825, d Apr O-1830. 9 Joseph Delano 
Cheever, b Feb 7-1827. 10 ( ieorge I [enry, b Apr 23-1831. 

4 of Joseph J >elam 1 (1st) 

Reuben Delano Sr. d Duxbury .Mar 7-1797 (Plymouth Probate 
res. Bk 34 1797 names vvid. Deborah. He was one of the prominent 
men of the day. Chosen selectman 1778 1776 one of a "com- 
mittee of corespondence and safety," continued through 17771 m 
Dux Deborah, dan of Benjamin and Rebecca (Delano; Southworth, 
b do. Jan 24-1734 d do. Feb 21-1802 (Benj. b. 1680 s. of Edward 
m. .Mary dau VV'm Pabodie cc Eliz. (Alden) — s. of Constant of 
Plymouth 1614-85 came 1628 (& bro. Thos.) s. of Edward South- 
worth b & d Eng. m. Alice Carpenter (who m 2i\ 1623 Gov. Bl 
fordj des. of John of Salmsbury dcs. fr. Sir Gilbert of Southworth 
Hall Lancastershire (1300) Armes: Gu., a chevron Let. 3 crosses 
crosslet argj 1 Elijah, b Sept 10-1755 (in Rev. '7(0 d Duxbury 
Jan 8-1785 un-m. 2 Rebecca, b Sept 25-1757, un-m. d Dux. Nov 
2 - 1 777- 3 Reuben Jr. b June 26-1761 4 Deborah, b July 25-1765. 
5 Beeri, b Oct 9-1771, lost at sea 6 Sarah, b Feb 18-1775 un-m d 
abt 1846 

3 of Reuben Delano Sr. 

Reuben Delano Jr. d Duxbury Mar 27-1840, (In Rev '76 Suc- 
ceeded to the homestead of his father. Selectman of Duxbury 
i8o8-'l5) m Dux. Luna, dau of Benjamin & Hannah (Wadsworth) 
Chipman, b Kingston Mass. Feb 17-1766 d Dux Mar 3-1831 (Sav- 
age Gen Diet. I) 1 Elijah, b Oct 21-1792 2 Anna, b Apr 20-1705 
un-m. d Sept 24-1824 3 Cyntha, b Sept 29-1797 4 Celia, b Sept 
21-1802 d. un-m. 

1 of Reuben Delano Jr 

Elijah Delano, d. Duxbury Nov 27-1867 m Dux Dec 2-1824 
Martha, dau of Isaiah and Mercy (Weston) Alden, b d<>. Feb 22- 
1796, d. do. Nov 26-1860 1 Anna, b Sept 2-1825, m Thomas J 
Elliott of Charlestown Mass. Oct 4-1855 no ch. 2 Martha James. 
b Oct 7-1^28, m. Alvin I;aker of Duxbury June 4-1854. She d 
Aug 22-1871— no ch. 3 Mercy Maria, b Oct 31-1831, un-m. Res 
8 Brighton St Charlestown. 4 Henry Mudge, b June 28-1837. 
4 of Elijah 1 )elano 

Henry Mudge Delano, d. Gloucester Mass July 12-1887, m. By 
Rev. J S Bingham East !'•■ ton Feb 22-1867 Sarah, dau of Henry 


& Judith (Clyne) Pigeon, b Boston (of Kent Norfolk etc 

use amies) 1 Benjamin Alden Delano, 61 

Broad St Boston 2 Anna Eliott, b Dec 18-1870, d Mar 1 

3 Arthur Barnes, b Mar 22-18; 

4 of Reuben Delano 

Deborah Delano, d Kingston Nov 2 1 Dux Tl 

Holmes — (Joseph 4 — Joseph 3 — John 2 — William i ), 1> Kii 
Jan 28-1755 d. d°- P eD 24-1828. 1 Olive, b .Mar _\; 
b July 16-1798, un-m. d Bos. 3 Thomas Jr. b Jan 29-1800, m S 
3-1837 Hannah Gurney of Sandwich Mass. he d Mai 21 4 

Isaac Bartlett, b Feb 7-1802 un-m d Feb 4-1830. 5 Araunah Full- 
ington, b July 13-1804, un-m. d May 29-1831 6 Gains, b £ 
1806, m 1st Nancy Faunce Aug 5-1829 she d 1839, m 2d 1. 
Shields, he d June 8-1885 7 Amasa, b Aug 12-1810, M; 
Mariner, d at sea Jan 30-1834. 

1 of Thomas 5 Holmes & Deborah Delano 

Olive 6 Holmes, d. June 21-1854 m Kingston Mar jy-i^.:j 
6 Bartlett — Uriah 5 — Joseph 4 — Ichabod 3 — Benjamin 2— 
1 b Kingston July 23-1789 d. at home of his son Dr Bartli 
2-1883 x Mahala, b Oct 13-1823 d Kingston Mar 27-1895 m i >ux- 
bury Jan 14-1842 Stephen 7 Holmes, son of Nathaniel 6 — Ephraim 
5 — Ephraim 4 — Joseph 3 — John 2 — William 1 ; 8 
(Chandler) b do Sept 10-1S15. 1 Henry Smith, b Aug 12-1$ 
m Boston Harriet Elizabeth Smith. A soldier in Civil V 
1861 to 5 in 4th Mass Vols. Drowned with son on Mass bay while 
sailing 1878 2 Susan Brigham, b Oct 28-1845 un-m. 3 Caroline 
Brooks, b Oct 23-1847, m Kingston, Nov 30-1881 Lt Hen; 
Ripley U S A she d May 1 1-1882 4 Olive Bartlett. b Sept 17-18 
(See Joshua Delano branch.) 5 Aseneth Chandler, b Mar 21-J 
m Buffalo June iG-iSy^ Wm Lodoovic Jones, she d May 27-1! 2 
6 Ichabod, b Nov 22-1852, d Oct 8-1853 7 Addie Eugenia b Aug 
25-1854, m Kingston Jan 3-1880 Erank Herbert Dawes of 1 
bury. 8 George Bartlett, b May 24-1856, m Kingston Jan 25 
Carrie Frances Bailey 9 Nathaniel Stephen, b Oct 17-1857, d 
Sept 8-1859 10 Frederick Uriah, b Mar 17-1859 m Kingston Dec 
1882 Mary Emma (Keeley) Chandler. 11 Maud Stephen, b June 
29-1870 d Nov 29-1880 2 Dr. Frederick William Bartlett, b Jan 
8-1826 m X Y City Jan 1 1855 Adelia, dan of Dr James & Elizabeth 
Hunter of Brookline Ontario. He d Buffalo Mar [7-1897 3 
George, b Sept 19-1827 m Kingston July 17-1853 d California 
June 27-1854 4 Ichabod, b Sept 29-1829 m Honolulu Sand. 
Islands (Hawaii) Jan 27-1855 Caroline Fran. Id, he d San 

Francisco 1874 5 Thomas Holmes, b Oct -1-1831. m K 
Apr 2-1855 Caroline Elizabeth Fuller, he d Buffalo Jan 12- 
6 Robert Bruce b Mar 16-1833. m San Francisco Aug 20-1865 1 
dau of John Cady of S. E. 7 Eugene, b June 7-1835, d Oct 26, 
7862, un-m 


Part III 

John Delano 

[the 3d son] 

and his descendants 


Zt*' 28 3 

5 of Philip De-la-Noye 

John Delano Sr. 1> Duxbury Mass. m. there Mary Weston, dau 
of Edmund Weston Sr.b. 1606 d. r686fr. Lon. Eng. [6 Eliz. 

& Ann." to Dux. 1640 bore arms 1643 Surveyor 1652 m. I 
life a Delano ? The first in Eng. was 1 [ayleric de Weston (Surrey) 
time Hen I — 1100 A.D. Armes: ermine, <>n a chief a?. 5 i 
1 Israel Delano, b 1679 ? d 1704, un-m 2 Lydia b 1680 ? 3 
b 1683 ? (See Jabez Delano of Dartmouth branch) 4 
b 1685 ? 5 Mercy b 1687 ? 6 John Jr b 1689 ? (Winsor mak 
mention of John's wife. Davis states: he m. Mary W. no ch are 
mentioned. As there are several D'o ch to place they are 
to John ? other branches being complete, Winsor mention J< 
public transactions; in 1690 lived on the north side of the path 
which led from the Mill to South River & his name appears among 
those who leased the commons. 1703 measures wen to be 

taken by the town for a division of commons. Sepl 1 2 
voted to every householder, 20 acres, June 5-1710 divi 
lows John Delano and 165 others. Feb 24-1719 John D'o Sr. 
Cordwainer. sells to John D*o Jr, his son, his farm where he dwells 
in Duxbury. Mary D'o witnesseth. Book 15 1721. John Sr to 
Thomas D'o Sr and Joshua D'o 3 acres of upland given by his 
father Philip deceased part of farm where he dwelt with us. After 
enjoyed by Thomas D'o) 

2 of John Delano Sr. 

Lydia Delano, d Dux Nov 24-1763 m Dux May 25-1704 J 
Soule, son of John & Esther (Delano ?) Soule, b do. 1682 d. June 
25-1764 (Davis & Winsor) I Jonathan, b Turn 23-1705, d Apr 
4-1776. 2 Mary, b Apr 4-1706, m Joshua Cushman of Lebanon 
Conn. Jan 2-1733 formerly of Dux. 3 Abisha, b Nov 25 170S, m 
May 14-1741 Abigail dau of Philip (3) and Elizabeth ( Dii 
Delano. 4 Micha, b Apr 12 -171 1. m May 30-1740 Mer< 
worth. 5 Nathaniel, b X0V4-1714, m Apr 27-1775 Abigail 1 
of Scituate Mass. (Gen 1894— armes: (Eng.) Sa, a martlet arg. 
bet. 3 ducal crowns or.) 6 Lydia b Oct 2-1719 
4 of John Delano Sr 

Nathaniel Delano Sr d Dux abl [734 m Duxbury Oct 24-1714 
Mercy, dau of Thomas Bonney (cht. 1878) m. 2d John Castis 1 
Mercy, b 1715 2 Eli/ Delano br.) 3 Lydia, 

m 1st Ichabod Wormall, 2 ch. m 2d Mr Curtis 4 Nathaniel Jr m 

Mary he d ? no ch 5 Zervieh. m. Joshua Briggs June 3-174 2 


6 Mary. (Book ; 5, Lydia & Zerviah, dans of Nathaniel 

late of Dux. Chose John Prior Alden of Dux their 

guardians & Mr Alden h< r ch. 

Nathaniel and. Mary. When the estate was divided; dau 
both wife of El I Curl 

Prior dau Zerviah & Joshua ' iry. Bi ok 13 ] 

thaniel Delano Jr of Dux estate settled Mar 8-1754 to wid Mary, 
to sister Prior, Mercy Curtis my mother, r & Lydia 1 

& Joshua & Zerviah Briggs, Israel Sylv in of Mary 


1 of Nathaniel Delano Sr 
Mercy Delano, d July 20-1799 m Ist Oct 14-1735 John 1 ' 
of Benjamin & Bethiah (P Mch 21- 

1712 m. 2d Nov 25 1755 Mr Ramsdell \vl Lydia m. Samuel 

Whitcomb of Cohassett. 1 Hannah, b Aug 10-1736. 2 Nathaniel, 
b Oct 31-1739. 3 Ruth, h Apr 11-1742. 4 John Jr. b Nov 5-1744, 
m Apr 13-1767 Lydia Osyer 5 Elias Prior, b Dec 21-1747. 

5 of John Delano Sr 

Mercy Delano, (not L't Jon. ist's dan.) m Duxbury Nov 25-1713 
William 3 Spooner (Samuel 2 — William i), b 1689 1 Philip, b 
Nov 9-1714. 2 Nathaniel, b Sept 10-1716. 3 Joseph, 1> May 19- 
1718. 4 Mercy, b Aug 20-1721 5 Anna, b Sept 29-17 Sam- 

uel, b Aug 31-1726. 7 Mary. 

6 of John Delano Sr 

John Delano Jr d Dux m Duxbury July 2-171S S iti of 

John ? and Patience Cole, b d 1 1694 d 1 eb 10-1764 (Gen. 18 
1 Israel, b Oct 4-1720 d Sept 4-17615. 2 Isaac, b 1722 3 Patience 
b 1724 4 Thankful, b [727 5 John :y\ b 173 >. I Bi ok 34. Plymouth 
Co Deeds, Sarah wid of John DO of Duxbury, sells to Samuel ( 
house of her late husband, where Miles Sampson now dwell- 1741.) 
2 of John Delano Jr 

Isaac Delano, (Winsor) d Duxbury 1777 m Pembroke Mass. 
May 30-1755 Hannah, dau of Abraham & Sarah (Simmons) Row- 
land b do. 1734 (Gen, [885 Winsor cc Davis) 1 Isaac Jr. b Dux- 
bury 1760 2 Hannah 3 Abraham b Mar 12-1776 
1 of Isaac Delano Sr 

Isaac Delano, Jr. d Boston Sept 11-1833 (Mass Archives, Rev 
He enlisted May ist-1775 ( apl Saml Bradfords Co. Col Theophilus 
Cottons Regt Private, 8 mo service. Sept 2yijyb. Capt Calvin 
Partridge Co. Col John Cushing Regt disch Nov 20-1776, Private. 
Enlisted Dec 10-17;' id Arnold Co. Col. Thomas Loth- 

rops Plymouth County Regt for service in Rhode Island, served 
12 days. Sept & Oct 1777 on Pay & Muster Roll of Capt Nehe- 
miah Aliens Co. Col Theo] n R I. 

served t,^ d. July 30-1778 Capt Calvin Partridge Co. Col Josiah 
Whitings Regt services in R I Priv. 1 mo. 15 d June 5-1780, I 
acre 21 in Statue 5. ft. 7 in in coi | n light, enlisted 6 mo. in 

Capt Daniel ' 'o. arrived Springfield July 8-1780 I 'i ivate Capt 

Joseph ni °- on 

pay roll for "six montl rvice in 

Continental Army during 1780. Marched July 3— disch July 4- 


1781.) m Duxbury Aug 26-1782 Elizabeth White, d 

& Dorcas (Palmer) Ripley, b Mass. 1700 d Cambri 

1846 (Gen. 1867) 1 John, b y. 2 Lucy, b July .; 

3 Nathaniel, b 1786 4 Elizabeth, b Sept 30 

Palmer, b Nov 7-1790. 6 Benjamin, b Feb 1794, itn-m. In war 

of [812. (Capt by the British, d Dartmoor ; 1814) 7 

Hannah, b Dec 20-1794 [y, b Apr 30-1799. 9 Nancy, I 

21-1801. 10 Judith, b Oct 15-1803. 11 Isaac 3d b Dec 1803 12 

James, b Mar 4-1808. 

2 of Isaac Delano Jr 

Lucy Delano, d Nov m Duxbury Samuel Loring, son of 

William & Alethea (Alden) Soule Loring, b do. Nov 3-1775 (Gen. 
1891 — Loringe — of Suffolk iord — armes: quarter) 

gu., a bend engrailed sa. Sir Neele Lorengc 1348, Founder Knt of 
the Garter) 1 Abigail Soule, b Dec 1-1805. m Peleg Barker, 
7-1847 2 Ichabod Alden, b Feb 17-1807. 3 Samuel Jr. b May 21- 
1809, (lost at sea.) 4 Lucy, b July 7-1812, m Henry Lor;: 
Pembroke Mass. 5 Laura Anne B b Feb 19-1815, m Samuel Jr. 
son of Samuel Sr & Nancy - Loring, she d Dux July 

20-1893. 6 Benjamin Delano Loring, b May 16-1817, m Hattie 
Higgins, d 1891 7 Isaac Delano Loring. b Aug 18-1S20. 
3 of Isaac Delano Jr 

Nathaniel Delano, d Havana Cuba m. Duxbury Ruth Dingley, 
b Marshfield Mass. d Dux Feb 10-1830. (she m. 2d James Loring, 
son of Daniel and Mary (Thayer) Loring, aft his 1st wife d. N 
1816 ch Mary & Frances, b Dec 29-1827.) 1 William Delano, d ? 
m. & had William E Delano 2 Ruth. 

4 of Isaac Delano Jr 

Betsey (or Elizabeth) Delano, m Marshfield Mass July 17-1805 
John son of Calvin & Mary (Wakefield wid. Alden) Partrid 
Dux Nov 22-1782 (was wid of Col Ichabod Alden killed at Cherry 
Valley, N. Y. Nov 11-1777, had 2 ch John b Nov 25-1774 & Re- 
becca P b Aug 7-1777, m 2d Col Calvin Partridge Oct 24-1779.) 
I Betsey Warren b Duxbury May 30-1807, d Sept 1859. m. Dux. 
Charles Sprague, d Apr 1885 I Charles Warren 2 Anne. 

b Norton Mass Mar 23-1837, m. Stowe Mass 14 Apr 1866 William 
Abram (s of William Gorham Hathaway & Nancy Wheeler (Clem- 
ent) b. Providence R. I. 17 Oct 1S36) 3 Mary Partridge 2 Lu- 
cretia b Mar 2-1809, m Harvey Sprague. 3 Ruth, b Nov 23-1814, 
m Peleg T Keene. 4 Mary Wakefield b Nov 15-1817, m Daniel 
Wright. 5 John Jr. b Oct 29-1S20, m 1st Mercy Talman, in 2d 
Sarah disking. 6 James Delano Partridge, b Oct 16-1827, m 
Eliza Baker, Weymouth Mass. 

5 of Isaac Delano Jr 

Dorcas Palmer Delano, d Kingston Jan | m Duj 

1809 Nathaniel, son of Abijah & : >n) Drew, b King- 

ston 1784 t Nathaniel Delano Drew, b Kingsl m Nancy 

Bartlctt. 2 Mary, b 7813, m Seth J Winsor. 3 Isabelle, b 1819, 
m Cornelius A Bnrtlett 4 John Newton, b T8jr. m Car 
Beytes, Kingston Mass 5 Albert, b 1825. d y. 6 Albert (2) b 


1829, m Mary S Swift 7 Horace Judson, b 1832, in Mira 
Bugbec Holmes. 

7 of : 
Hannah Delano, d Duxbury Aug 17-1874 m Dux. 1817 1 

George Winsor, son of James & Sarah (< 

20-1792 d. Mar 1873. 1 Frances James, b Jul) 22-1820, m. 16 Apr. 

1848 John B Drew — had 3 ch. 2 George I [< pburn, b Apr 8-1 

d July 22-1824 3 George Hepburn 1 12- 

1852 4 Walter Everett, b June n-1829. 5 

July 17-1831, m Clara Sampson 6 Julius Auj 1834, 


8 of Isaac Delano Jr 
Sarah Delano, d Xo. Cambridge .Mass Apr 30-1881 ra I 

town Mass Mch 14-1821 John Russell i. 

Dec 29-1795 d Xo Cambridge July 12-18; 1 Will- 

iam Adolphus, b June 6-1822. m Emily M Sanderson. J 
Cambridge June 28, 1S96. 2 Sarah Russell, b Feb 14-1824 ra 
Lemuel D Curtis Tiverton R. I. 3 John Francis, b Medford 
Aug 9-1827, m Emma H Burt. 4 Mary I 

m Joseph T Littlefield 5 Charles Delano Kidder, b Aug 31-1831, 
m Alice O'Donnell X Y City 351 Broadway. 6 Georj blin, 

b Apr 21-1S34, m. Mary E Squires. 7 Isaac Henry, b Aug 3- 
d Sept. 24-1S38. 8 W'alu-r Everett, b Eeb 8-1839, m « • 
Brown, Brooklyn 1104 Putnam Ave 

9 of Isaac Delano Jr (1) 
Nancy Delano d Chelsea Mass Oct 2-1S82 m Charlestown July 
10-1822 Capt Otis White, b X. II. 1798. d Boston Sept 23-1863 (of 
" Charlestown Artillery"' iS22-'2?) 1 Joseph Warren, b Sept 21- 
1823. (See James Delano br.) 2 William Merrill, d y 3 Otis 
Everett d y 4 Capt. Edwin Augustus, b Eeb 8-1S29 Res Ch: 
town 37 Green St (Chaplain 1st Mass Regt P M. Grand Canton 
Bunker Hill Xo 7. P. C. P. B Hill Encampment Xo 5. PGB 
Hill Lodge Xo 14.) m Boston July 22-1S52 Sarah Jane dan of Will- 
iam & Susan Margarett (Lang) Hiscock, b Boston July 22-1S35 
1 George Otis, b May 3-1853. 2 William Edwin, b Aug 31- 1 
5 Otis Everett (2d) b July 5-1831. 6 George Henry, b Lynn Mass 
Mch 21-1834. 

10 of Isaac Delano Jr 

Judith Delano, d Dover X II. m Charlestown Oct 15 
Lucius Everett, d Dover (Richard Everett of Mass 1636) 1 Ch 

(Edward. 2 Elizabeth. 3 L't Walter (Apr 1-1861 Co K 5th Mass 
3 mo disch. as 2d L't Sept 16 1862 [st L't Co II 9 mo disch July 
2-63) 4 Clarendon. 5 Theodore. 6 Fanny. 

11 of Isaac Delano Jr 

Isaac Delano 3d d Charlestown July 29-1840 (He introduced the 
. Trombone into this country, was many years leader of the ' 
Band of Boston " San.; mains above kindly furni 

by Mrs A P Foster, Roxbury Mass.) m Char! 
Elizabeth Thayer dan of Is; : C. & Joanna n) Froth 

ham, b Charlestown Aug 7-1810 d. x88 4 (Win Frothingham of 


Holdemess Yorkshire E] gham — 

armes: az, a bend bet. 6 mullets or) i dau. d. v. 

i-' of Isaac Delano Jr 
James De Lano. (40 yrs. Union Steamboat Co service organized 
first brass band,) d Buffalo X V. Apr 17-1X7.1111. 1 yett 

m. 2d Emeline James. 1 Helen L. m her cousin Joseph Warren 
White she d. Saugus ' Co June 1889 & bur. Everett M 

ch. 1 James Kendall Delano, b Nov 16-18 |0, m. Jan [8? iise 

Pottengcr — ch James Kendall Jr. b 8 87 2 Emma, b Apr 

10-1844. 3 Elizabeth, b Aug 2-1846, d 1849 4 Edward K b July 
20-1850. 5 Ella J b Apr 1.1-1852. d 1853 6 Te Tc b S 36o. 

2 of James Delano 

Emma De Lano, Res. 61 Norwood Ave Buffalo X. Y. m is: 
Ansel W Wood, m. 2d. 1871 Loui> 1' Beyer. 1 James De Lano 
Wood b July 17-1859 of Buffalo (Mem. Health De] . 
& 32d Mason) 2 Frank L Beyer, b July 2-1^2, of Buffalo 1 
Mason & I. O. O. F.) 

4 of James Delano 

Edward K De Lano, (Prof, of Music) Jves. Buffalo X. Y. m 
Christine Brown. 1 Edward J b Apr 21-1872, m. 18 Hie 

Fond ch. Edward J Jr. b. Feb. 1893 2 Fred O b Nov 26-1S73. 3 
Maud b 1S75 4 Clara b iSjj. 

(3) ? son of Isaac Delano 

Abraham Delano, or Delanoy b. Plymouth, Mass., Mar. 12. 1776, 
d. Sing Sing N. Y. June 10, 1828 m. Sing Sing, July 2, 1798 Sarah 
Martling d. May 14, 1840. 1. Isaac Martling, b Apr. 1. 1799. 2 
Ebenezer Delano, b Dec. 5, 1810, m. 3 Jan 183S to Catherine 
Foshay 3 John, d. Athens, X. Y. 1855, m. ? no ch. 4 Abraham, 
b. Athens, d. do. June 10, 1828. 5 & 6 2 daus. ? (Abraham is not 
certain see Delanoy br. at Xew Am.) 

1 of Abraham Delano 

Isaac Martling Delano, d. Hudson, Sept. 15, 1873, m. 1st Xew 
York City, May 10, 1820 Jane Bennett, dau of Jonas Honeywell 
and Sally F. (Coffin) Orsor'b. Sleepy Hollow, X. Y.. June 15, 1803, 
d. Athens, X. Y. Oct. 4, 1842, m. 2d Hudson, Nov. 20, 1850 Anj 
ine Kenney (wid.) 1 Rachael Emeline 2 Ethelinda 3 Mary 
Elizabeth. 4 Clarissa. 5 Sarah, m. Mr Titlar of Sing Sing 6 
Josephine F m. Mr Wan Loon of Athens (Jacob of Albany m. 1772 
prob. fr. Jan Van Loon of Holl.) 7 John. 8 Jonas Honey • 
b. Athens, May 14, 1834. 9 George Washington, b. X. Y. City 
May 30, 1836. 10 William R Delanoy b. Hudson, Dec. 10, 1 
Chester Mass. m. 31 Dec 1879 Harriett Louise Beach (wid) ch. d. y. 

(" There has been no person in town more willing to contribute 
his services to every good cause than William Delanoy, For ra 
years there has not been a public entertainment with a benefit at- 
tached that he has not been called upon to take a part. He has 
been at the call of Catholics, Congregationali^. M ts or 

non-sectarians alike and never failed to res] 

(Some in this br. use Delano & oth« noy) 

8 of Isaac Martling Delano 
Jonas Honeywell Delano, in. 

J [udson, Feb. I, 1854 Catherine I lau. of William and J 

(Bunt) Gardner, b. do. May 1837, d, Albany . 1 >ec. ; 

JJennetL Delano, b. 1858, Res. & m. Albany 13 No> 

Lewis Hainault b. Sorrell, ( 

Brabant (1758) amies: gu. 1 & 2 sa, chev in ( 

2 & 3 or, chev gu. bet. 3 almoners pur.) 1 John Albert b 13 Jan . 

2. Sarah Willett, b. [861, in. Albany 28 Feb. 1887 D; 

Darrow b. Greenbush X. Y. 10 Aug. 1861 1 Katie b. 26 Feb 1 

2 Roy Davis b. 2 Oct 1889 3 1 -7 Nov , 

Louisa, b. 1863, un-m. 4. Charles, b. & d. 1865. 5. 

ling, b. & d. 1867. 6. Arthur, b. 1869, d. 1870. 

9 of Isaac Martling Delano 
George Washington Delano, 353 W -'4 St New Y 

m. 1st Hudson, July 14, 1859 Hattie Louise, dan. of Thos 
Marilla (Pond) Clarlot, d. Nov. 30, 1880, m. 2d New York City, 
Nov. 23, 1SS5 Amelia, dan. of Edward Henry & Mary Cat::. 
(Grey) Guest, (Penn. Mag. VII & XII— Henry 
Handsworth manor Staffordshire Eng. 1658 to Chester Penn. : 
s. of W'm 1610-62— Henry— John— Richard d. 1541— John Gl 
or Geste des. of " Gest & Sarac " of " Lavertestoche " Wilts ICX 
amies: az, a chevron or bet. 3 shovelers heads, also swans 
I. Minnie Emeline Delano, b. Coxsackie, X. Y., June 6, l86l, m. 
New- York to Charles Henry Flint. I. Hattie. b 1883 2. Flossie, 
b. 1885 2. George Edward, b. Xcw York City, Aug. 23. ii 
5 of John Delano Jr 

John Delano 3d Lost at Sea July 1771 m Pembroke Mass May 
22-1 75S Ruth Cox, Reed into Ch at Pembroke Sept 29-1771. d. 
Pern. 1 Ruth, bapt Aug 6-1760, m Ebenezer Whitman 2 Sarah, 
bapt Apr 3-1763, m Gersham Ramsdell 3 J ohn 4th bapt. Apr 14- 
1765 4 Israel, b Aug 7 & bapt. Sept 20-1767. 5 Abel, bapt 
15-1770 d. 1799 m Jan 21-1796 by Rev Samuel Angier 
Pindrin (Plymouth Probate rec. B'k 20. John D'o of Pembr 
1771 wid. Ruth has her Llihds set off 1772. Bapts in the 2d Ch of 
Christ Pembroke, communicated by Mrs E M Avery of Cleveland 
O. to N E Hist & Gen Reg Vol 49. lS 95-) 

Plymouth Reg of Deeds, Bk 55 Know All Men By These I 
ents: Greeting. That we Abigail Cox, formerly wife of 
Hanks;— & Joseph. Hannah, Huldah, & Sarah Han Pem- 

broke in Co of Plymouth, for Twelve Pounds paid by . lano 

of Pembroke, Mariner, do give, etc convey from our heii 
said John D'o, heirs etc a piece of land in Pembrol 
5 acres which Jonathan Peterson had of Daniel I! 

In Witness Whereof, 27 Nov 1769 

(Wit. Jabez Cole. Edward Cox) 

3 of John Delano t,<\ 
John Delano 4th Intentions of m pub Boston Feb 
by Rev Peter Thacker do. Tune 28-1792 Betsy 1 >everick I 
t John 5th b 1795 2 Oliver, b Mar -6-1799. 3 Betsy, m Truro 
Mass. Xov 25-1819 Benjamin Long. 
19 2S9 

i of John IV.;.: > 4th 

John Delano 5th d Truro Mass .V m Truro Apr 

3-1821 Elizabeth, dau of E i Mary (Payn) Atkins, b < 

14-1802, d Provincel *: 12-1874. 

both Deveraux, b Dec [-1821, m Provincetown Mar 21 
nah Payne, b Orrington Me. June [-1811 d Provino 
May 4-1875. No ch. _• Mary Atkins, b Jan [7-1825. 3 Zeruiah 
Atkins, b Oct 22-1827 (1 - N- Truro 7 Jan 1850 m. da 3 X< 
John Smith Jr. b. do. 21 Oct [827 ch. Zerrie Atkins 4 Harriet 
Newell, b Oct 12-1829, d. X. Truro 26 July [853 m. do. 25 I 
1850 Janus Henry Allen b. Heath Mass. d. Eureka Nevada Mar. 
1889 ch. Rev. James Francis Allen b. Provincetown 25 l 1 
m. Worcester 15 May 1873 Ida Alecia, dau of Barnabas 1 
Lydia Alecia (Howe) Rice, b West Boylston Mass. May 
Res Lynn Mass 50 South St 1 Robert Francis, b Colerain, M 
Nov 2S-1884. 2 Ida Alecia & 3 Florence May. twins b. \"< 
port Mass Aug 22-1888 5 Betsy Augusta, b July 1 6 

John Delano 6th, b Aug 3-1835. 7 Isaiah Atkins, b Ai 
8 Emily Frances,, b Oct 5-1839, m. Worcester William Ansel W; 
burn — 3 ch — d. y. 9 Jane Louisa, b Oct 5-1842. m 1st Province- 
town 10 Jan 1S65 Isaac F Cook m. 2d Worcester Thomas Baird 
2 of John Delano 51I1 

Mary Atkins Delano, m Provincetown Dec H-1843 Sylvanus 
Smith Kcnyon, b do. Mar 29-1815 (John & James Kcnyon of R. I. 
abt 1695 — des. ? fr. fam. of Peel Hall Lancaster Eng. fr. " 
de Lanton, lord of Kcnyon" (1216-72) — armes: sa, a chev. en- 
grailed or. bet. 3 crosses flory arg.) 1 Benjamin Walker, b 
20-1845, m. Worcester Mass 6 Feb 18GS Ella Rosina d :ael 

6c Deborah M (Parker) Howe b. do. 13 Dec 1851 ch. Addie Louise 
b. 16 June 1880 Hartford Conn 185 Pearl St 2 Francis Crocker, b 
Jan 20-1850, d ? 

5 of John Delano 5th 

Betsy Adgusta Delano, Res. Worcester Mass. m 1st X Turro 
Dec 2-1851 John Smith Jr. b Hn Nov 6-1825 Lost ai Sea 
1854 m 2d Provencetown Mch 2-1862 'Elijah Deane b Eastham 
Mass. Jan 23-1816 d Prov. May 7-1884, m 3d Wore. 11- 

1894 Henry Clark Willson, b do July 11-1829. 1 John F( 
Smith, b Aug 6-1853. 1 Philip Sheridan Deane. b Sept [7-1864. 

6 of John Delano 5th 

John Delano 6th m 1st X Truro Feb 16-1850 Sarah Will 
dau of Henry and Julia Ann (Atkins) Johnson, b do Oct I 
d Worcester May 6-1865 m. 2d Y. 1 Mass Dec 15-1869 Jane 

Eunice, dau of Benjamin & Mehetablc ( Winter 1 Prentii 
3-1847. 1 Charles Wesley, b Mch 1 2-1 871. 2 Carrie Mae. b June 


2 of John Delano 4th 

Oliver Delano. (Truro rec. ? b. 3 Apr 1707 ' ! 

Mass. Mar 30-1852, m. Jane b N T ew York, Jan 

d Truro Jan'23-1850 1 William b Truro Oct i; 
Long, b Sept 24-1828, un-m. d Jan 16-1850. 3 J anc Hutchins, b 


Sept 27-1831, un-m. d Nov 20-1851. 4 Israel Oliver, b Jan ;.;- 
1S34, d Aug 12-1849. 5 Benjamin Long, b June 2-1843. 
4 of John Delano 3d 
Israel Delano, Ret. & d Macedon X. V. Aug 1 
with an Uncle in Conn. Jac< ' . until twent ,ith 

another young man started on foot axe I Y. 

in Wayne Co 178S or 9; took up government land) in 1 X. 

Y. Martha, dau of Judge William and Sarah (Wil . b 

N. Eng. Apr S-1777, d Macedon Aug 8-1832. 1 Claris 
don, Feb 29-1796, m. Isaac Colvin ch. 1 Sarah 2 Ashley 3 ' I ..thy 
2 Polly, b Jan 7-1 7 ,s , m. Lyman Bates eh. —a dau. d. 3 
b Oct 12-1801, m. Alexis Packard ch. 1 Amity d. ? 2 Martha 3 
Rosanna 4 Israel Delano Packard (Gen. 1871) 4 Israel Jr. b 
Sept 4-1810. 5 William Rogers, b Apr 6-1 Si 2, un-m. I 
Swift, b July 12-1814. 7 Luther Rice, b Sept 9-1816 8 Sarah 
Wilcox, b June 6-1820, m. Hugh Rankin had 3 ch. 
4 of Israel Delano Sr 
Israel Delano Jr. b Sept 4-1810, m. Mary Ann Bussey, (an 
arg, 3 bars sa. of Lincoln Eng. etc) 1 Martha Delant 1 in Mr. 1 1 
ford Hartland Mich (Savage Diet I) 2 Delia m. Mr Browning 
6 of Israel Delano Sr 
John Swift Delano, d Gun PI. Oct 4-1889, m Gun Plain Mar Dec 
6-1850 Phebe, dau of Major & Phebe Xash. 1 William I 
b May 4-1S51. 2 John Delano Jr b Oct 10-1852, Res ell 

Mich. m. 25 Oct 1875 Jeannette dau. of Morgan & Sarah Storms 
b. Gun Plain 10 Oct 1851 3 Phebe Elizabeth, b 
Israel Dyer, b July 6-1857. 5 Charles Eugene, b Mar 19-1859. 6 
Lillie May, b July 28-1862. 7 Mary Vesta, b Sept 6-1S65, m. I 
Plain Nicholas Schwitzer 

1 of John Swift Delano 
William Rogers Delano, Res Plainwell Mich m May 8 
Mary Stone, dau of Edward & Emma Crisp 1 Raymond W 
b Gun Plain Mich June 23-1877. 2 Bernice M b Feb 14-1 882. 3 
Richard Crisp b Aug 15-1887. 

7 of Israel Delano Sr 
Luther Rice Delano, Res. Plainwell Mich m Gun Plaii 
Dec 13-1848 Maryett, dau of John and Laura (Rice) A1 n, b 

do. Feb 11-1830 1 Sarah, b Apr 1st 1850, d Apr 16-1851. 2 
Clarisa, b July 9-1851, m Plainwell Oct 26-1892 Charles A Bush, b 
Gun Plain Mich Dec 25-1842. 1 ch Mary Delano Bush, b C 
1893 3 Martha Rogers, b June 27-1853. 4 Mary, b Martin Mich. 
May 14-1858. 5 Harriett, b Nov 22-1860. 6 Freeman Luther, 
b Feb 27 & d Dec 17-1865 7 Nettie, b Aug 1st 1867, m. Martin 
6 June 1887 Eli Closs b. do. 1861 

3 of Luther Rice Delano 
Martha Rogers Delano, m Martin Mich Dec 16-1879 Edwin 
Corey, b Lvsander, X. Y. Aug 26-1855 Monteith Mich 1 Har- 
land, b Nov 23-1889, d Apr 9-1890. 2 Grace D b Apr 28-1891 d 

Sept 1- 1 893 


4 of Luther Rice Delano 

Mary Delano, m Martin Nov II-1880 John Hunt, b do. Oct 10- 
1858, Owosso Mich Ch. Clara Lvle, b Nov 18-18 

5 of Luther Rice Delano 

Harriett Delano, m Martin Sept 1 4-1! Cov- 

entry, O. of Shelbyville Mich 1 Hazel Mildred, b Aug 17-1886. 
2 Zella, b May 17-1890. 3 Roger Zael, b Oct 2-18