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LovELAND Family 


FROM 1635 TO 1895 





Wethersfield, now Glastonbury, Conn., 


Inffomiatioii Bios^raphlcal, Historical and Traditional off the 

Various Families, including their Alliances and 

Descendants in the Female Line 

so far as Ascertained. 





'*Those who do not look upon themselves as a link connecting 
the Past with the Future do not perform their duty to the world." 
— DAinsi, Wbbstbr. 



• ••»• •• • 

• *. • • • . •• • • • 

• • • • • •. .• 


« • • • • 

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Prefatory Note 6 

Coat of Arms 9 

Letter — A. H. Snow 10 

Summary 11 

Thomas Loveland 14 

Third Branch 17 

Probate Records. 18 

Cyrus C. Loveland — Sketch 32 

R. A. Loveland — Sketch 40 

E. D. Goodrich — Obituary 49 

Letter — S. L. Goodrich 50 

Letter— Mary L. Welch 58 

Gen. F. W. Seeley — Sketch.... 65 

Urial Goodwin — Obituary 68 

Laura Goodwin — Obituary 69 

Letter — H. S. Loveland 93 

Letter — Mrs. D. Loveland 117 

John Loveland — Obituary 122 

John H. Dungan — Obituary 131 

F. L. Loveland — Sketch 133 

Abner Loveland, Sen. — Sketch 142 

L. H. Loveland — Obituary 155 

Abner Loveland, Jr. — Sketch.. 156 

E. B. Loveland — Sketch 159 

Col. F. C. Loveland — Sketch... 161 

Asa J. Loveland — Sketch 181 

Reuben Loveland — Sketch 191 

Chauncey Loveland — Sketch... 199 

Col. Chester Loveland — Sketch 202 

Sheriff C. C. Loveland — Sketch 207 

H. L. Steed— Sketch 209 

Double Wedding 210 

A. H. Snow — Sketch 210 

Mary A. Snow — Sketch 211 

Joel C. Loveland— Sketch 218 

Clara J. Loveland — Obituary... 222 
Edwin R. Loveland — Obituary 224 

W. A. Clark— Obituary 228 

Lucena L. Farquhar — Obituary 230 

Alvin Loveland — Obituary 232 

Williams. Baker— Sketch 261 

Lazarus Loveland — Sketch 268 

Jesse Loveland— Sketch 269 

Rev. A. L. Loveland — Sketch, 270 
Rev. A. L. Loveland — Obit.... 271 

B. W. Loveland — Sketch 274 

Fourth Branch 276 

Capt. John Loveland 286 

Capt. John Loveland— Will 288 

Capt. John Loveland 292 

The Dunhams 294 

Capt. Samuel Loveland 295 

Mrs. A. C. Loveland — Sketch.. 298 

John Loveland — Sketch 300 

Curtis Family 303 

W. G. Loveland— Sketch 306 

George H. Loveland — Sketch.. 308 

LaTour Family 311 

Charles D. Loveland — Sketch.. 312 
Index to Heads of Families..... 315 
Addenda 329 


' Coat of Arms, 

- Cyrus C. Loveland (31 ), 
'Hon. R. A. Loveland (51), 
•Mrs. Cyrus C. Loveland (31), 

A. H. Snow (316), 
■ Rev. A. R. Rich, D. D. (69I), 
*W. O. Loveland ( 1 19), 
•A.J. Loveland (150, iv), 
"Zimri L. Mcrriam (222), 
•Clarissa L. Merriam (222), 
-Abner Loveland (210), 
• CoL F. C. Loveland (227), 
'Hiram F. Loveland (249), 

• Chauncey Loveland (296), 

• CoL Chester Loveland (298), 

• Fanny Call Loveland (298), 
•Joel C. Loveland and Wife (300), 
• Mrs. Mary Ann Snow (316), 

- S. L. Loveland (367), 
■William S. Baker (388C), 

.John Loveland (28), 

• Capt. Samuel Loveland and Wife (27), 
-George IL Loveland (31), 
'Charles D. Loveltmd (32), 

opp. PAoa. 



















































The preparation of the Loveland Genealogy for publication 
has been wholly the product of my leisure hours, and shows in a 
marked degree what may be done with spare moments of time. 
I cannot forbear in this connection to call the attention of the 
younger members of the Loveland family to the value of spare 
time. From the very nature of your occupations you must have 
much of it at your command, and a wise use of it may be the key 
that will give you access to the domain of thought and the treas- 
ures of the mind, and fit you to take prominent places among men 
and fill desirable and lucrative positions in life. All that d stin- 
guishes one man from another in this world may be explained by 
the way he uses his time, especially his spare time. Whatever be 
his station or following, as he uses his spare time so will he achieve 
success. The doors of science, literature and art will swing wide 
open at its magic touch and like an Elihu Burritt, while striking 
sparks from the anvil, he can be forging a name for the ages. 

The gathering of the material for these volumes, as is well 
understood, has been the jo'nt work of myself and associate, as- 
sisted by many kind relatives and friends. To our helpers we ex- 
tend our cordial thanks. The work was begun many years ago 
and prosecu'ed by the slow process of correspondence during the 
leisure hours of busy farm life. Those who are farmers will read- 
ily appreciate the situation. But fatigue and care were banished 
by the loving interest of our cousins in the work, and replies to 
their friendly messages beguilcd^ many a weary hour. To day a 
feeling of sadness comes over us. One by one they have passed 
to the other shore, and there are many, many silent pens. But all 
did their work well; they are embalmed in the shrine of our mem- 
ory and they will never be forgotten. The arduous task of 
arranging and preparing for the press their material is of the 
past and we will ever associate it with the memory of our faithful 

Prefatory Note, 

We have been unable in these vohimes to give more than the 
most condensed history of individuals and families. Brevity has 
necessarily been the watchword from the beginning to the end, 
especially in this closing volume. If all the matter sent us had 
been printed it would have required double the number of pages. 
It has been found necessary, therefore, to rewrite many of the 
sketches and condense many of the records. We think we have 
effected this abridgement without detracting from their value. 
We have found place for every Loveland family sent us, and nd 
allied family has been omitted from the records that has taken the 
least interest in them before their going to press. 

The work may not be as exhaustive as some could wish, but 
the means sent us would permit of no further extension. Those 
who have desired and expected an earlier appearance of these vol- 
umes must remember that your editor could give only his spare 
time to the collection of the material and the preparation of it for 
the press. This work has incurred on his part constant expense 
and has been a task requiring great patience and labor. Those of 
our correspondents who may have failed to receive prompt re- 
plies to their communications will readily see the reason and par- 
don the omission or delay. 

We have been informed by some of our correspondents that 
they hear there is great wealth in the Bank of England belonging 
to the descendants of the first Loveland who came to America, 
and asking us about it, and what steps they should take to prove 
their right to their portion of it. We reply : There is not one 
word of truth in the report, and we caution the unwary to be on 
their guard against the schemes of designing men, and pay no at- 
tention to their stories. 

In conclusion we take a genuine pleasure in feeling that our 
long years of labor are brought creditably to a close. If the 
work pleases you, we are content. If it begets in your children a 
feeling of pride for the name they bear and a moral and philo- 
sophical respect for their ancestors, we are satisfied. 

We have endeavored to make these volumes a full and trust- 
worthy history of the Loveland family in America, and we have 
probably succeeded so far as is possible in works of this nature. 

3 The Loveland Genealogy, 

considering the means at our command. Completeness, however, 
is impossible in a work of this character covering a period of time 
.of over two hundred and fifty years and with so many scattered 
familes and lost records, and, withal, when so many who could aid 
in the work are disinclined to do so. 

No doubt many errors will be discovered in these volumes. 
Friends will confer a favor by reporting mistakes and omissions 
at their earliest opportunity. 

To the many relatives and friends who have aided in collecting 
the materials for these volumes we are under lasting obligations, 
and we can but express the hope that we may yet have the pleas- 
ure of personally meeting the many excellent and interesting 
people whose courteous communications have given us a feeling 
of acquaintanceship and friendship towards them which will re- 
main a bright page in our memory. 

July 20, 1895. 


The p'-ints of the coat of arms given in this volume require a 
word of explanation. The one entitled the Norfolk Lovelands, is 
from the earliest home of the Lovelands in England, the city of 
Norwich, in the county of Norfolk. 

It is believed that the progenitor of the Lovelands in England 
came over with the Norman invaders, who marched and fought 
under the victorious banner of Wi'liam the Conqueror, in 1066. 
The surname Loveland is derived from the Manor of Loveland, 
Norfolk County, England. Family surnames do not date back 
much further than the latter part of the tenth century. They first 
came into use in Normandy and were introduced into England by 
the Norman adventurers, many of the followers of William taking 
theirs from their paternal chateaux. At a very early date the 
Lovelands migrated to different parts of the British Isles, and to 
America. The Norfolk coat of arms is thus described : 

Arms. Sable. Three boars' heads. 
Crest : A boar's heads couped. Sable. 
Motto: Sans Crainte (without fear). 

The London coat of arms owes its modification to the follow- 
ing record: *'A certain Richard Loveland, whose patronymic 
name was Oldershaw, by license of the queen had his name 
changed to Loveland, that he might use the Loveland arms in 
connection with those of Oldershaw, to agree with the will of his 
aunt. Miss Mary Ann Loveland. His mother's name was Harriet 
Loveland." By intermarriage the Oldershaw coat of arms is 
quartered with the Loveland. There is also a change of crest and 
motto: The uplifted sword arm taking the place of the boar's 
head, signifying, doubtless, service in war. The London coat of 
arms was sent us by Richard L. Loveland, of London, to whom 
they now belong. 

On pages 10 and 1 1, Vol. II, we have given the family records 
of the ancestors of him who sent us the coat of arms. Opposite 

lO The Loveland Genealogy. 

page 8, same volume, is a portrait of his great-grandfather, from 
an oil painting. Thomas Loveland, Esq., was a contemporary of 
our first president, George Washington, and a gentleman of cul- 
ture and refinement. 


Brigham City, Utah, Jan. 17, 1894. 
J. B. Loveland y Fremont ^ O.: 

Dkar Sir: — I enclose you herewith a brief sketch of my life taken from 
*'Ut€Ji, Her Men and Resources." If it would be of interest for your work, 
I could forward you a copper cut of myself and also a cut of our residence — 
the latter is a fair picture of our modern brick house, costing about 1 10,000. 
I do not suppose, however, you would care for these, unless it would prove 
of some interest to Eastern readers in consequence of both my wife and my- 
self being born of Mormon parents. It may not be uri interesting to you to 
know that our people take great interest in the matter of genealogy. My 
father, Lorenzo Snow, born in 1814, at Mantua, Ohio, and whose father 
came from Vermont, has published a genealogical record and biography. 
It is not my purpose to recommend any of our religious beliefs to you, but 
as you have worked so assiduously under discouraging circumstances it 
may, perhaps, interest you to know a little of our ideas on this one subject. 
We believe that an All Wise Creator has instituted certain ordinances in His 
church to be administered by His appointed servants, among which is bap- 
tism; that one of his irrevocable laws is, that no man can enter into the 
highest state of perfection without obedience to this ordinance, but, as many 
billions of people have died without this knowledge, He has provided a way 
whereby this ordinance can be done by proxy — vicarious baptism, as the 
Savior died for others, vicarious death — ^so the children now and hereafter 
living upon this earth can go into the temples (four of which are now com- 
pleted ) and be baptized for their dead ancestors. Simultaneous with the 
building of these temples came a movement in the United States, England 
and elsewhere, to gather up genealogical records which is and will prove a 
great help in the work above referred to. The temple at Salt Lake averages 
seven hundred baptisms daily for those who have gone before. I hope I 
have not wearied you. You will thus see that we think an unseen power 
has been at work and that yourself witli many others are but blind instru- 
ments of Providence, in assisting to carry out some of his mighty purposes. 
Many think — you may think — this only a superstition, but you will find out 
some day — very likely in the hereafter — that all this work — temple work, 
etc. — has not been altogether in vain. I remain. 

Yours truly, A. H. Snow. 


"Our family with two others, Smith and Kimberly, came from 
Cngland. Loveland died on the passage. He was supercargo, 
and Smith and Kimberly were in his employ. Smith, Kimberly 
and the Widow Loveland and her three sons came to America. 
They together bought land of an Indian chief, the tribe assenting. 
When the land was surveyed some lay in what is now Glaston- 
bury and some in Wethersfield, Connecticut. The Widow Love- 
land^s land lay on each side of the Connecticut River. One of 
Mrs. Loveland's sons settled in Wethersfield, the other in Glas- 
tonbury. The third son was drowned in the Connecticut River 
ivhen passing from one side to the other. He died unmarried. 
The other two married." 

The above traditions of the origin of the Lovelands in this 
country was given us by L. H. Loveland, Brighton, Ohio, in his 
life time. Essentially the same has reached us from many other 
sources widely separated. Our first ancestors in this country were 
undoubtedly English, and the admixture of Scotch, Irish and 
Welsh blood in the family came in after the family began to mul- 
tiply on American soil. The Widow Loveland and her sons were 
of the first settlers of Wethersfield, coming here in 1635. ^^ 
find Kimberly at Dorchester at this time. 

Tradition is not clear as to the names of the Widow Loveland's 
sons. Savage, in his Genealogical Dictionary, helps us out by gi\- 
ing four by the name of Loveland. This work was very search- 
ing and claims to be a complete record of all the first settlers in 
New England for three generations. The quotation below, there- 
fore, no doubt, includes all the first Lovelands in this country: 


"Robert, Boston, 1645, a witness to a deed; may have removed 
to Connecticut; was taxed in New London, 1666; had four years 
before a lawsuit with Bigot Eggleston, of Windsor, about hides to 
be tanned. 

12 The Loveland Genealogy. 

"John, Hartford, died 1670; had a wife and probably children, 
but no more is known; perhaps the family was perpetuated at 

"Widow Loveland, pursued a remedial action for trespass, 
1649. Samuel Gardiner for himself, Thomas Edwards and 
Widow Loveman against Osman, defendants, in an action of tres- 
pass; damages £\, — (Colonial Records, Sept. 16, 1649.) 

"Thomas, Wethcrsfield, 1670; proposed for Freeman that year; 
had a grant of land 1674; perhaps ten years later was of Hartford." 

We have discovered the source from whence Savage drew the 
above information, and we are convinced that he has given us the 
traditional family. Thomas, no doubt,^qualified him«elf to use the 
right of suffrage as soon as the law would permit. This would 
?i^ the date of his birth in 1649. ^^ Robert and John we recog- 
nize the sons of Widow Loveland. From public records we learn 
that Robert died in 1668, and John in 1670, both old men. It is 
quite certain that after their death Thomas was the only one in 
America bearing the name of Loveland. He was doubtless born 
here and is the American progenitor of the Loveland family in 
this country. We take our count from him and all the families in 
these volumes are his descendants. But whose son was he? 
John's or Robert's? To settle this qu<?5tion it will be necessary to 
give a brief portion of their history. The names found in the suit 
of Widow Loveman and in John Loveland's inventory, their farms 
being near the Hartford line, renders it probable that with the ex- 
ception of Robert they all lived in the same vicinity. John Love- 
land appears to be a renter of land at the time of his death, having 
a part of his goods in his own house in Hartford and a part in the 
house of Mr. Edwards in Glastonbury. Thomas appears on the 
inventory as debtor and creditor to the estate. John was compar- 
atively a poor man. His whole estate was willed to his wife, no 
mention being made of children. It is doubtful whether he had 
any living at the time of his death. 

Tradition carries Robert to the Connecticut Valley on his ar- 
rival in this country. His advanced age at the time of his death 
would lead us to believe he was at least thirty-five years of age 
when his father died. He probably had much to do with the dis- 

Summary. 1 3 

posal of the cargo when tlie ship reached Boston or Dorchester. 
Though tradition assigned this work to Smith and Kimberly, yet 
he certainly must have had an oversight of it, and thus in a meas- 
ure qualified himself f(^ that calling which was the principal busi- 
ness of his subsequent life. He doubtless soon tired of his sur- 
roundings in their new wilderness home and sought occupation on 
the sea. The deed that he witnessed in Boston does not show him 
to have been a resident of that town, but from Calkins' History of 
New London, Connecticut, we learn that he was mariner and 
trader from Boston, 1658. Calkins gives a lengthy report of this 
energetic and enterprising man. After his retirement from the sea 
he made New London his home, and died there. His name is 
frequently mentioned in the public lecords of Connecticut, and he 
had the reputation of being a rich man; but the assignment of his 
property, which was of the nature of a will, to satisfy the demands 
of his creditors, would indicate that he had been unsuccessful. 
"In May, 1660," says Calkins, "the ship Hope, from Malaga, in 
Spjin, came into this harbor with a cargo. Robert Loveland was 

Tradition says Robert Loveland married. But we find no 
mention of a wife in any public record. This leads us to think 
that she may have died before he began his seafaring life. In 
fact her death may have been the principal cause of his taking to 
the sea. If he had had children what would have been more nat- 
ural than to have left them with his mother? We find Thomas 
in the vicinity of this mother, and for aught we know he was an 
inmate of her home. We now come to the question: Whose son 
was he? John's or Robert's? One of the well authenticated tra- 
ditions in our family is that we take our descent from the super- 
cargo. But there were two supercargos, father and son. The 
father died on the passage. Other facts bear on the question; 
Among the early family names we find the name of the ship of 
which Robert was supercargo; soon after Robert's death Thomas 
came into notice as quite a landholder; and the names of his sons 
— Robert, Thomas, John and Samuel. Robert, the oldest, was 
probably named in honor of his father, Thomas after himself, and 
John and Samuel after his uncles. It was a great fad in those 

14 TAe Loveland Genealogy, 

days to perpetuate family names. Thomas* probably married in 
1674, when he received the grant of land. 

We have exhausted the space allotted to this summary. Those 
who would learn more of the early history of the Lovelands in 
this country must consult our first and second volumes. We now 
repeat what we know of our American ancestor, 


We first find him in Wethersfield, now Glastonbury, Connect- 
icut. It IS recorded of him that he owned land in the "First Pur- 
chase" by the town, previous to 1670. This purchase was made 
in 1636. As the Indian grants to the individual settlers were in- 
cluded in the First Purchase, it gives color to the tradition cf L. 
H. Loveland, that the Widow Loveland and her three sons bought 
lands of the Indians on the Connecticut River. The name of his 
grandfather, -^ ho "died on the passage to this country," is a mat- 
ter of conjecture. But in accordance with English custom, it was 
probably that of his oldest son. The earliest home of the Love- 
lands in England is believed to be the city of Norwich, in the 
county of Norfolk. Lovelands lived in Norfolk County at a very 
early date, and at a very early date they migrated to different 
parts of the British Isles, and to America. Thomas Loveland 
was made Freeman of Wethersfield in May, 1670, by the Court at 
Hartford. — (Colonial Records, p. 132.) 

Before a member of society could exercise the right of suffrage, 
or hold any public office, he must be made a Freeman by the Gen- 
eral Quarterly Court. To become a Freeman he was required to 
produce evidence that he was a respectable member of some Con- 
gregational Church. Previous to 1670, however, this regulation 
was- modified by Royal Order, so that individuals could be made 
Freemen by obtaining certificates from clergymen acquainted with 
them, that they were correct in doctrine and conduct. But Thomas 
Loveland was an ardent supporter of the church and an influential 
member of the one in the society where he lived. All applicants 
to become Freemen were required to take the Freeman's Oath. 
(For oath see N. E. Gen. Reg. for 1849, p. 41.) In 1673 he was 
assessed to pay "Indian Purchase of 5,000 acres" on the east side 


Summary, 15 

of the Connecticut River, one-half p>enny per pound assessment, 
amounting to three shillings and four pence. This would make 
the assessed value of his real estate at this time ahout 80 pounds, 
and in 1674 he was granted by the town the last of the four score 
acre lots (lot 44) included in the "First Survey" of lands in Con- 
necticut. The lands bought by the town included in these two 
purchases were distributed to the inhabitants of the town from 
time to time. In volume 4 of the Land Records we find that the 
first division of the above lands (5,000 acres) was made April 28, 
1 70 1, by a committee from Wethersfield, Thomas Loveland receiv- 
ing No. ID, containing 120 acres. At other times thereafter he re- 
ceived various other grants of land in Glastonbury. One of spec- 
ial mention was 60 acres "for his good services in erecting the 
meeting house in 1693." We never made an exhaustive search to 
ascertain what disposition was made of his lands. From the Glas- 
tonbury Records of Deeds we quote the following: "Thomas 
Loveland, Sen., to his son, John Loveland, in consideration of ntit- 
ural effection, five acres including house; dated 1707, acknowledged 
Nov. 8, 1708. Thomas Loveland, Sen., to his grandson, Thomas 
Loveland, Jun., and his sons Robert and John Loveland, 100 
acres; John Loveland to have one-half, or 50 acres, Thomas 25 
acres adjoining John, and Robert the remainder, 25 acres; dated 
17 16, acknowledged Sept. 10, 1716." He must have died within 
a few years after making this deed. We have been unable to iden- 
tify him previous to 1670, or to find a record of his marriage, or a 
record of the settlement of his estate. 

The Glastonbury Centennial gives the family records of five 
of his children. Of the others, Thomas is proved to be his son 
from deed records, and Samuel because there was no other Love- 
land in Connecticut at the time of his birth old enough to be his 
father, and the date of his birth makes him contemporary with the 
children of Thomas. In the family record we place these names 
last, though we have re.ison to believe that Thomas and Robert 
were the oldest sons. The exact order is uncertain. Children 
born in Glastonbuiy: 

i. John2, m Keziah Williams, June 16, 1708. 
ii. Robert, m Ruth Gillam, Aug. 19, 1697. 


The Loveland Genealogy, 

Hannah, m William House, Dec. i, 1709. 
Mary, m Thomas Dickinson, June i, 1693. 
Elizabeth, m Benjamin Strickland, Dec. 2, 1708. 
Thomas, Jr., m Eunice House; m 2d. 
Samuel, b 1677, m Lydia Barnard, Oct. 4, 1705. 




• • 



The family of John^ Loveland and Keziah Williams and their 
descendants are found in Vol. I, Loveland Genealogy. Also the 
families of Hannah^, Mary 2 and Elizabt-th* Loveland. 

Vol. n contains the descendants of Roberts Loveland, and 
Vol. HI the descendants of Thomas^, Jr., and Samuel^ Loveland. 

The index figures to the right of Christian names indicate 
generations and relationship, as: George® Loveland (Elijah^, 
Joseph^, John^, John2, Thomas^ ). The names in the parenthesis 
are father 5, grandfather 4, etc., of George®, and Georgt® is the 
sixth generation in descent of Thomas 1 Loveland. Should any 
one bearing the name of Loveland be unable to find his name in 
the index, let him look for his wife or his mother's maiden name. 





THOMAS2 LOVELAND, JuN (Thomas^). After 1723 
he became Thomas, Sen. He m ist Eunice House, sister of Wil- 
liam who m Hannah^ Loveland (see Glas. Cen., p. 191). The 
names of Eunice's children do not appear on the Glastonbury 
records. A child of theirs was baptised (name not given) Oct. 
23, 1692, in the First Church, at Hartford, Conn. There was a 
division of the church on the east and west sides of the river about 
this time. This may account for the nonappearance of Eunice's 
children on the Glastonbury records. The Probate records give 
us one of her children, Thomas, who was chosen, in 1725, guard- 
ian of his brother Joseph. There is a strong probability that 
John*, who m Ruth Chapman in Say brook, Nov. 18, 1730, was 
her son, and we feel quite certain she had a daughter, Eunice*, 
and other children. Eunice probably died about 1701. Who his 
second >vife was is unknown. He had granted to him in 17 13, by 
the town of Glastonbury, 36 acres of land. Afterwards he re- 
ceived other grants from the town. The Probate records at Hart- 
ford give the probable time of his death, and the ages and names 
of his ininor children. Guardians were appointed for them in 1725. 
Elisha chose Thomas Welles; Mary, Benjamin and Elizabeth 
chose David Hollister, and Joseph chose his brother Thomas. 
These appointments would indicate that he died in 1725. Chil- 
dren born in Glastonbury : 

Eunice*, b 1692, m Richard Keeney. 

Thomas, b 1700, m Elizabeth Keeney. 

John, b 1 701-1707, m Ruth Chapman. 

Elisha, b 1709, m Hannah Hills. 

Joseph, b 17 T 2, m Hannah . 

Mary, b 1714, m Samuel Hodge, Jr. 

Benjamin, b 1716, m Abaigal Hollister. 
viii. Sarah, b 172 1, m Israel French. 
ix. Elizabeth, b 1723. 



• • 



• • • 








« • 

i8 The Loveland Genealogy, 


Vol. X, p. icxd: Elisha Loveland, a minor about i6 years of 
age, of Glastonbury, choses Thomas Welles as guardian, which 
court allows. 

This court appoints David HolHster, of Glastonbury, to be 
guardian unto Mary Loveman, minor, about 1 1 years of age; Ben- 
jamin Loveland, minor, about 9 years of age, and Elizabeth Love- 
land, a minor, about 2 years of age. Children of Thomas Love- 
man, Jr., late of Glastonbury. 

This court appoints Thomas Loveman, son of the above named 
Thomas Loveman, to be guardian unto his brother, Joseph Love- 
man, a minor, about 13 years of age, and his sister, Sarah Love- 
man, a minor, about 4 years of age.— -Dated 1725. 

Mary Loveland, dau. of Thomas Loveland, m Samuel Hodge, 
Jr., in 1748, and had three children, (G. C, p 196.) 

William Dinsmore was son-in-law to Thomas Loveland, but 
which dau. he m we do not know. Thomas Loveland gave him 
land in 1739. (G. C, p. 19S.) 

Eunice probably m Richard Keeney and had: Mary Keeney, m 
Samuel Bidwell, Jr., Dec. 22, 1720; Richard and Thomas Keeney, 
to whom their father gave land, 1626 and 1630. 

Sarah* probably m Israel French, Sept. 11, 1739. At mar- 
riage she was of Seymour, a part of Derby, Conn. He was 
among the early settlers of Seymour, b there Oct. 8, 1709. They 
had nine children. — N. E. H. and Gen. Reg., 1890, p. 369. 

THOMAS* LOVELAND (Thomas^, Thomas> ) was b at 
Glas., Conn., about 1700, d at Marlborough, Conn., Nov. 29, 1795, 
in the 96th year of his age. He was probably twice married; m 
1st in Glastonbury, Oct. 17, 1721, Elizabeth, dau of Richard 
Keeney. Benjamin, son of Alexander Keeney, who d in Glaston- 
bury, 1680, left seven children, of whom Richard was the young- 
est, being then six years of age. Thomas Loveland probably 
married for his second wife Naomi Taylor. We have been un- 
able to identify but four children who were born in Glastonbury. 
He probably had others. 

The Loveland Genealogy, 19 

8. i. Thomas*, b Aug. 30, 1726, m ist Mary White; m 2d 

Hannah Norkott. 

9. ii. Solomon, b 1730, m 1st Experience Stowell; m 2d 

Lucy M or ley. 

10. iii. Israel, b 1732-35, m Dinah* Loveland (see Vol. II). 
iv. Gad, d Sept. 6, 1776, in the army at N. Y. of a wound 

received in the fight at Long Island (see Conn. Ros., 
p. 1 1 and 52). 

In Glas. Fam. Rec, Book A., p. 46: "Thomas Loveland, Jr., 
and Elizabeth Keeney, dau. of Richard Keeney, were married 
Oct. 17, 1721." 

In Deed Book 5: "Thomas Loveland and his wife Naomi, 
Hepler Taylor and his wife Abiel, to Josiah Benton ; consideration 
£451. Dated June 13, 1743." 

Again, Deed Book 5: "Thomas Loveland, of Hartford, to 
Richard Keeney, Jr., of Glastonbury; consideration .£350. Dated 
Feb'y 15, 1742-3." This deed is probably made to his brother- 

Glastonbury Centennial: "Thomas Loveland, son of Thomas 
Loveland who was grandson of the original settler Thomas Love- 
land, m Mary White, dau. of Joseph White." 

Deed Book 7, p. 258: "Thomas Loveland to his son, Israel 
Loveland. May 11, 1767." 

The mother of Israel Loveland was probably Naomi Taylor, 
as the name of his first child is Naomi, and of his second Dinah — 
named for his mother and wife, probably. 

Land Records, Hartford, Vol. 5, p. 692: "Grant by the town 
of Hartford to Thomas Loveman on the east side of the Conn. 
River, by the Commissioners, to lay out three miles next to Bol- 
ton, 4 ch. 89 1. wide. Distribution, July 7, i73i«" 

"Lands of Thomas Loveland, his heirs and assigns. This may 
certify this 29th March, 1729, at the request of Thomas Loveland, 
did survey and lay out to him 28 acres and |, it being the said 
Loveland's father's proportion of the 6,ocx) acres of land granted 
by the town, Dec. 23, 1723. Signed: Thomas Wells, Thomas 

20 The Loveland Genealogy, 

We see by above that Thomass Loveland settled or lived 
within the bounds of Hartford and received a grant of land from 
the town, July 7, 1731. He sold out to Richard Keeney, Jr., his 
brother-in-law, for X350, Feb'y 15, 1742 3, and moved to Hebron 
as the 28 acres and \ granted to his father by Glastonbury Com- 
mons, in 1723, and to him as the representative of his father 
Thomas* estate, March 29, 1729, lay next to Hebron bounds. 

Glastonbury Records: "Thomas Loveland to Job Riley, con. 
JC300, 25 acres and dwelling house. March 12, 1740-1." 

To William Dinsmore, from his father (probably father-in- 
law), Thomas Loveland. Release of interest in land given by 
town to Joseph Strickland. Jan'y i, 1738-9. — D. B. 4, p. 320. 

Job Riley, of Glastonbury, conveys 42 acres. March 12, 1740. 

Deed Book 5, p. 125: "Thomas Loveland to his brother Ben- 
jamin. Nov. 22, 1744." 

Deed Book 4, p. 272: "Thomas Loveland to his brother Eli- 
sha;con. JC7. Oct. 10, 1737." This was about the time Elisha 
was married. 

There were Thomas Lovelands in the Rev. War (see Conn. 
Roster), but we are unable to divide the honors as there were sev- 
eral of that name in Conn, of suitable age during the war. 

DEA. THOMAS4 LOVELAND (Thomas«, Thomas*) was 
b at Hebron, Conn., Aug. 30, 1726, d there March 30, 181 1, a. 84; 
m at Glas., Conn., Nov. 26, 1747, Mary White, b there Nov. 26, 
1726, d at Hebron, March 22, 1756. We have also: She d May 
22, 1755, which we believe to be the correct date. He m 2d at 
Hebron, May 5, 1756 (we have May 3, also), Hannah Norkott, b 
at Middletown, Conn., May 16, 1733. from another source, b 
April 16, 1729. She d at Hebron, March 16, 181 2. Farmer. 
Children born at Hebron: 

i. Mary^, b May 20, 174S, d at H., Aug. 29, 1808. 

II. ii. Thomas, b March 13, 1750, d Feb'y 9, 1S12; m. 

iii. Elizabeth, b Oct. 23, 1752, d at H., March 25, 1824, 

iv. Ruth, b Jan'y 29, 1755. 

V. Maria, b Jan'y 29, 1755. 




• • ■ 








1 6. 


The Loveland Genealogy. 2i 

Daniel, b March 17, 1757, m Alice Kneeland. 

Hannah, b April 22, 1760. 

Lucy, b Dec. 3, 1762, d at H., 1824; unm. 

Amos, b Feb'y 6, 1764, m Hannah Half. 

£nos, b March 12, 1766, m Anna Finney. 

Abner, b Dec. 30, 1768, m Sylvia Kneeland (Vol. H). 

Asa, b Nov. 7, 1770, m Honor Wolcott. 

The above was copied from the Town Records of Hebron, 
Conn. From the same records: "Ruth and Maria, twin daughters 
of Thomas and Mary Loveland, and Mary were baptized May, 
1755; Daniel, bap. April, 1757; Hannah, bap. May, 1760; Lucy, 
bap. Jan'y, 1762; Amos, March, 1764; £nos, Aug., 1766; Abner 
and Thomas, J an'y, 1769; Asa, Nov., 1770; Molly, March, 1779; 
Elizabeth, Dec, 1781. Dea. Thomas Loveland d March 30, 181 1. 
Mary, wife of Thomas Loveland, d May 22, 1755. Hannah, his 
widow, d March 16, 1812, a. 78 y., 10 m. Mary Loveland d Aug. 
29, 1808, a 59 y., 9 m. Thomas Loveland and Hannah Norkott, 
of Middletown, m May 5, 1756." 

Deed Book 5, p. 30: Joseph White to Thomas Loveland. 
Dec. 15, 1747. 

Same book and page: Thomas Loveland to Joseph White, for 
other lands; Hebron. Feb'y 22, 1 750-1. 

THOMAS* LOVELAND ( Dca. Thomas* ) was b at Hebron, 

Conn., March 13, 1750, d probably in Northfield, Mass., Feb'y 9, 
1812; m probably at Gilead, Conn., previous to 1774, his cousin, 
Jerusha Loveland. There is a little obscurity about the descendants 
of Thomas^ Loveland. We find no record of his marriage. Dea- 
con Thomas and Robert Loveland's families of Hebron were 
neighbors and the descendants of both emigrated to the vicinity of 
Greenfield, Mass., as we find descendants of both in this vicinity. 
From an old clergyman's book of Greenfield we take the follow- 
ing, which we be believe pertains to Thomas* Loveland: "Thomas 
Loveland and his wife received into the church. May 8, 1774, from 
the church in Gilead. Thomas, son of Thomas Loveland, d June 
20, 1778. Thomas, son of Thomas Loveland, bab. March 28, 



• • • 







• • 


• • ■ 


22 The Loveland Genealogy. 

1779. Rachel, dau. of Thomas Loveland, d Sept. 15, 1782. Ra- 
chel, dau. of Thomas Loveland, bap. Sept. 15, 1782. Louisa, 
dau. of Thomas Loveland, bap. Nov. 20, 1774." The nanne 
here is spelled Loveman. This of itself is evidence that he was of 
the Hebron Lovelands. His grandson, E. M. Loveland, says he 
was in the Rev. Army. By trade a miller. Children born in 
Greenfield and Northfield: 

Louisa^ (Lovica), bap. Nov. 20, 1774. 


Jerusha, m Oliver Field, of Northfield. 

Thomas, d June 20, 1778. 

Thomas, bap. March 28, 1779, m Betsy Ellis. 

Rachel, bap. Sept. 15, 1782, d same day. 

Reuben, b Jan'y 24, 1785, m Hannah Park. 


THOMAS« LOVELAND (Thomas«) was b in Greenfield, 
Mass., 1779, d in Erie Co., Pa. He m Betsy Ellis. They had 
seven children: Eliza A.*^, m — Blakey, had thirteen chil- 
dren; Thomas, eight; Daniel, one; Jerusha, six; Sophronia, m 

Gresman, five; Mary, seven; Lovica, one. We failed to obtain 
anything further of this family. 

REUBEN« LOVELAND (Thomas«, Dea. Thomas*) wash 
in Northfield, or Greenfield, Mass., Jan'y 24, 1785, d in Conesus, 
N. Y., March 4, 1865; m ist in Northfield, April 20, 1809, Han- 
nah Park, b June 9, 1789, d in Mendon, N. Y., Nov. 10, 1827; m 
2d in Mendon, Monroe Co., X. Y., May 17, 1829, Sally M. In- 
man, b April 17, 1809, d in Mendon, Sept. 6, 184S. Six; years 
after his first marriage he emigrated to N. Y. Blacksmith. Whig. 
Universalist. Children, first born in Northfield, second in Perry, 
N. Y., the rest in Mendon: 

i. Miriam "7, b June 2, 181 1, d in N., Sept. 11, 1814. 

19. ii. Mary Park, b June 19, 1818, m R. Sherwood. 

20. iii. Hannah Maria, b Dec. 8, 1829, m Thomas Turner. 

21. iv. Rachel Jane, b July 10, 1832, m J. N. Denniston. 

The Loveland Genealogy, 23 

V. Lucinda Ann, b May 9, 1834, d in M., June 5, 1840. 

22. vi. Ellen Augusta, b April 18, 1836, m J. Barnhart. 

23. vii. Edwin Mortimer, b April 11, 1838, m R. D. Osgood. 

MARY P.- LOVELAND (Reuben*) was b in Perry, N. 
Y., June 19, 1818, m in Mendon, N. Y., March 20, 1842, Rens- 
salaer Sherwood, b there Aug. 23, 181 1. Children, the second b 
in Geneseo, N. Y., the rest in Mendon: 

i. Sarah Elizabeth « Sherwood, b June 13, 1848, m 

George Mathews, Aug. 24, 1882. 
ii. Emmerton Francis Sherwood, b Feb'y 3, 1851, m Jane 

Howett, Oct. 12, 1879. 
iii. Louisa Amelia Sherwood, b July 10, 1853, d at Con- 

nesus, Feb'y 26, 1885. 

HANNAH M.f LOVELAND (Reuben«) was bin Mendon, 
N. Y., Dec. 8, 1829, m there May 8, 1846, Thomas Turner, b in 
England. She d at Springwater, N. Y., May 17, 1864. Black- 
smith. Repub. Children, first four born in Mendon, the fifth in 
Cuylerville, N. Y., the sixth and seventh in Burns, N. Y., and the 
eighth in Springwater: 

i. Henry Judson^ Turner, b Dec. 9, 1846, m Sarah A. 

Miller; m 2d Mary Jane Sellers, 
ii. Philos Adelbert Turner, b May 24, 1848, m Phebe 

Van Buskirk. 
iii. Sarah Lavenia Turner, b March 19, 1850, d at S., May 

. 24, 1864. 
iv. Celestia Melvina Turner, b Jan'y 9, 1S52, m Philip 

V. Marilla Jeru^ha Turner, b Oct. 14, 1853, m Harry H. 

vi. Harriet Eveline Turner, b Aug. 14, 1858. 
vii. Amy Alveretta Turner, b May 19, i860, d May 24, 

viii. Carrie Maria Turner, b June 10, 1862, m George W. 


24 The Loveland Genealogy. 


RACHEL J.7 LOVELAND (Reuben«) was b in Mendon, 
N. Y., July lo, 1832, m in Conesus, N. Y,, July 10, 1870, John 
Nathaniel Deniston, b in Dryden, Tompkins Co., N. Y., June 4, 
1819. Farmer. Dem. 


ELLEN A. 7 LOVELAND (Reuben* ) was b in Mendon, 
N. Y., April 18, 1836, m in Danville, N. Y., Nov. 28, i860, Jacob 
Barnhart, b Nov. 28, 1829. Farmer, Rep. Children, first and 
third b in Springwater, N. Y., second and fourth in Conesus, N. Y. : 

i. Elmer Byron* Barnhart, b June 20, 1862, m Edith 

ii. Jennie Estella Barnhart, b Aug. 8, 1868. 

iii. Nellie Maria Barnhart, b Nov. 23, 1872. 

iv. Frank Jay Barnhart, b Dec. 22, 1875. 

EDWIN M.7 LOVELAND (Reuben«) was b in Mendon, 
N. Y., April II, 1838, m in Springwater, N. Y., Oct. 13, 1859, 
Rosina Delinda Osgood, b there April 2, 1837. He was a private 
in Co. G, 130th N. Y. Vol. Enlisted Aug. 12, 1862; dis. June 
30, 1865. Carpenter. Rep. Dunkards. Children, first two born 
in Springwater, the third in Dansville, N. Y., the fourth in Sparta, 
N. Y,, the rest in Union Tp., Pulaski Co., Mo.: 

i. Sarah Emeline* b Nov. 15, 1861, d July 26, 1876. 

ii. Jennie Alleen, b April 16, 1863, d May 26, 1863. 

iii. Arthur Eugene, b July 16, 1866, d July 5, 1867. 

iv. Frank Ernest, b Oct. 9, 1S68, d Dec. 21, 1888. 

V. Reuben Christopher, b Oct. 29, 1870, d in Melita, 

Mich., Jan'y 28, 1892. Teacher and Farmer, 
vi. George Edwin, b Sept. 21, 1873, d Aug. 16, 1874. 
vii. Harry Leroy, b Jan'y 11, 1876. 
viii. John Sherman, b Oct. 16, 1878, d Dec. 22, 1878. 

DANIELS LOVELAND (Thomas*, Thomass) was b at 
Hebron, Conn., March 17, 1757, m 1782, Alice Kneeland (Vol. 
II), b at Hebron, Conn., March 12, 1762. They removed to 


The Loveland Genealogy. 45 

Sandisfield, Mass., 1793, and both d there. He, May 15, 1829. 
She, June 5, 1837. ^^ ^'^^ '"^ ^^® Rev. War. Enlisted in Reg. 
of "Artificers," Aug. 7, 1777, for 3 years, Capt. Painter's Comp. 
— Conn. Ros., p. 176, 289, 316. Children, first fist, born in Heb- 
ron, the others in Sandisfield: 

24. i. Daniel", b May 6, 1783, m Sally 

ii. Russel, b May 12, 1786, d March 29, 1788. 

iii. Alice, b Feb'y 3, 1788, m Jacob Hinsdale, of Welling- 
ton, O. She d Jan'y 9, 1874. No children. 

iv. Lydia,b Jan'y 29, 1790, m Henry Dunham. She d 
March i, 1857. 

25. V. Polly, b Oct. 2, 1792, m William Peirce. 

26. vi. Hannah, b Sept. 10, 1794, m Rev. L. P. Hotchkiss. 
vii. Susanna, b April 27, 1796, d Feb'y 9, 1863; unm. 

DEA. DANIEL« LOVELAND (Daniel*, Thomas^) was b 
in Hebron, Conn., May 6, 1783, m at Sandisfield, Mass., Sally 
. He d Sept. 27, 1848. Children b at S.: 

i. Sarah', b Nov. 20, 1824, ^ '" Norfolk, Conn., Sept. 
2, 1883. 

ii. Benjamin, b April 11, 1827, d Sept. 9, 1844. 

iii. Joseph, b Aug. 6, 1828; unm. 

iv. Alice, b July 14, 1830; unm. 

v. Mary, b Feb'y 2, 1832. 

POLLY« LOVELAND (Daniel«, Thomas*) was b at He- 
bron, Conn., Oct. 2, 1792, m in Sandisfield, Mass., Jan'y 19, 181 3, 
William Peirce. She d Nov. 23, 1855. Children: 

i, Amos' Peirce, b Nov. 12, 1814; m. 

ii. William G. Peirce (Rev.), b Nov. 27, 1816; m. 

iii. Mary Peirce, b Dec. 24, 181 8, m John R. Elton, 

iv. Laura Peirce, b April 29, 182 1, d Dec. 16, 1855. 

v. Daniel Loveland Peirce, b Jan'y i, 1824. 

HANNAH« LOVELAND (Daniels, Thomas*) was b at 
Sandisfield, Mass., Sept. 10, 1794, d at Prattsburg, N. Y., Oct. 22, 

26 The Loveland Genealogy, 

1829; m at S., May 13, 181 2, Rev. Luman P. llotchkiss, b in Nor- 
folk, Conn., Jan'v 20, 1788, d at Naples, N. Y., Jan'y 24, 1848. 
Buried at Prattsburg. They were children together; brought up 
within a half mile of each other; they lived in Norfolk for ten 
years after marriage and then removed to Prattsburg, where she 
died and is buried. Two years after his wife's death he m Ann 
Oakley, of Naples. Some years after his second marriage he re- 
moved to Naples and resided there until his death. Children born 
at Norfolk, Conn.: 

i. Russel L.' Hotchkiss, b March 9, 1813, d at P., Aug. 
19, 1832. 

ii. Harriet Newell Hotchkiss, b Jan'y 8, 1815, m Rev. 
Schuyler Parker. 

iii. Luman Phelps Hotchkiss, b March 31, 1817, m Gab- 
rilla A. Miner. 

iv. Levi Hotchkiss, b May 22, 1819, m Anna N. Dwight. 

V. Elizabeth Hotchkiss, b Oct. 14, 1822, m Frank Hatch. 

AMOSs LOVELAND (Thomas*, Thomas^) was b at Heb- 
ron, Conn., Feb'y 6, 1764, d at Middlefield, N. Y., Feb'y 14, 1836; 
m Sept. 28, 1798, Hannah Haff, b about 1774, d at Cooperstown, 
N. Y., 1841. Amos Loveland enlisted in the 7th Reg., "Conn. 
Line" (Capt. Elderkin), May i, 1777, for three years. Discharged 
May I, 1780. Fought at Germantown, Oct. 4, 1777; wintered at 
Valley Forge, 1777-78; at the battle of Monmouth, June 28, 1778; 
encamped that summer at White Plains; wintered at Redding, 
1778-79; the following summer served on the east side of the Hud- 
son in Gen. Heath's wing; at the battle of Stony Point, July 15, 
1779; wintered at Morristown huts, 1779-S0; re-enlisted in 2d Reg. 
"Conn. Line," July i, 1780, for short term; served with the main 
army along the Hudson; went into winter quarters at Camp 
"Conn. Village," above the Robinson House, on the Hudson 
River, where he was again discharged, Dec. 9, 1780. — Conn. 
Roster, p. 166, 224. Children, the last born in Cooperstown, the 
rest at Sand Lake, N. Y.: 

27. i. Hiram*, b Sept. 25, 1799, m Anna Mackey. 
ii. Horace, b 1801, d in infancy. 







• • 



• • « 




The Loveland Genealogy. 2f 

Narina, b Aug. 15, 1804, d at M., Sept. 8, 1820. 
Harriette, b Oct. 10, 1806, d Nov. 20, 181 1. 
Juliette, b Oct. 10, 1806, m Noah Ripley. 
Ellis Haff, b Sept. 2, 1809, m Eliza Thornton. 
(Unnamed), b 1810, d in infancy, 
viii. Amos, b June 19, 181 2, m Pamelia Vine. 

Cyrus Clark, b Dec. 27, 1821, m Catharine Barney. 

Nov. 20, 181 1, a great tornado passed over Renssalaer Co., N. 
Y., which devastated the county. Harriette was out doors at the 
time and was killed by the falling chimney. 

HIRAM« LOVELAND (Amoss, Thomas*) was b at Sand 

Lake, N. Y., Sept. 25, 1799, m at Middlefield, N. Y., Jan'y i, 
1825, Anna Mackey, b in Ulster Co., N. Y., Aug. 9, 1802, d at 
West Farmington, O., Dec. 14, 1888. He d there Dec. 11, 1886. 
Farmer. Dem. Universalist. Abhorred alcoholic drinks and to- 
bacco. Children born in Middlefield : 

i. Maria S.", b Feb'y 21, 1827. 

ii. Ellis H., b March 4, 1831, d Oct. 27, 1857. 

iii. William B., b May 21, 1834, d Feb'y 28, 1884. 

iv. Mary A., b May 4, 1836, d Nov. 2, 1838. 

V. Louisa F., b Nov. 19, 1844, m at Warren, O., Sept. 10, 

1885, Frank Barkman, b at Richmond, Pa., Aug. 31, 

1858. Farmer. 

JULIETTE* LOVELAND (Amos*, Thomas*) was b at 
Sand Lake, N. Y., Oct. 10, 1806, m at Cooperstown, N. Y., Oct. 
10, 1839, ^o^h Ripley, b at Watertown, N. Y., Oct. 5, 1797, d at 
C, Feb'y 15, 1875. Shoemaker. Children, first two born at 
Cooperstown, the third at Portlandville, N. Y., and the last at 
Oneonta, N. Y.: 

28a. i. Harriet A.' Ripley, b June 16, 1840, m Charles Burley. 
283. ii. Eugene W. Ripley, b March 31, 1842, m Julia S. 


28 The Loveland Genealogy, 

in. Cyrus L. Ripley, b May 6, 1844, d at Fortress Mon- 
roe, May 20, 1862. He was a soldier in the Union 
28c. iv. Lucy A. Ripley, b June 6, 1848, m George Newkirk. 

By a former marriage Mr. Ripley had : 

V. Alden Ripley. Blacksmith. He m Helen Dickinson. 

They had three sons. He enlisted in the Union 

Army and d at Andersonville, Ga. 

vi. Delia Ripley, m Meritt Spooner. They live in Lyon 

Co., la. 


HARRIET A.' RIPLEY, b at Cooperstown, N. Y., June 
16, 1840, m at Oneonta, N. Y., March 5, 1856, Charles Burley, b 
in England, Sept. 23, 1823. He served in the Union Army, 
Carriage Painter. Children, the second born at Oneonta, the fifth 
at Cobbleskill, N, Y,, the rest at Cooperstown, N. Y.: 

i. Isabella^ Burley, b Aug. 20, 1857, m at Troy City, N. 
Y., Aug. 20, 1877, Daniel Gordon. He was a 
traveling merchant and is now dead. She d in New 
Orleans, Sept. 10, 1880. No children reported. 

ii. Frank Burley, b Feb'y 8, i860, d at C, Dec. 12, 1875. 

iii. Fannie M. Burley, b Nov. 6, 1861, d Dec. 1 1, 1886; m 
in Otsego, N. Y., May 22, 1882, Marcena T. Ding- 

iv. Edna G. Burley, b May 30, 1866, d at C, Nov. 27, 


v. Charley Burley, b July 6, 1869. 

EUGENE W.7 RIPLEY, b at Cooperstown, N. Y., March 

31, 1842, m in Otsego Co., N. Y., Jan'v 3, 1867, Julia S. Teeter, 

b at Clayville, N. Y., Aug. 3, 1849. Farmer. Children, the first 

two born at Cooperstown, the rest at Little Rock, la.: 

i. Grant E.8 Ripley, b Nov. 18, 1S68. Farmer. 

ii. Charles R. Ripley, b April 10, 1870. 

iii. Mattie J. Ripley, b April 13, 1872, d Sept. 12, 1873. 

iv. Arthur W. Ripley, b July 11, 1875. 

The Laveland Genealogy. 29 

V. Frederick M. Ripley, b April 6, 1877. 
vi. Minnie J. Ripley, b Dec. 2, 1S78. 
vii. Grace S. Ripley, b March 5, 1885. 

LUCY A.7 RIPLEY, b at Oneonta, N. Y., June 6, 1848, m 
at Milford, N. Y., Sept. 21, 1871, George Newkirk, b at Spring- 
field, N. Y., June 10, 1838. She d at Cooperstown, N. Y., April 
8, 1884, buried in Lake Wood Cem. Children born at Coopers- 
town : 

i. Jesse« Newkirk, b July 4, 1873. 

ii. Julia Newkirk, b Sept. 20, i875,d at S., March 15, 1877, 

iii. Almond T. Newkirk, b May 21, 1879. 

iv. Florabell Newkirk, b June 5, 1881. 

ELLIS HAFF« LOVELAND (Amos«, Thomas^) was bat 
Sand Lake, N. Y., Sept. 2, 1809, m at Cooperstown, N. Y., Dec. 
21, 1833, Eliza Thornton, b at Hartwick, N. Y., March 12, 1812, 
d at Bloomington, 111., Oct. 19, 1870. He d there June i, 1881. 
Cabinet maker. M. E. Ch. She was a descendant of Roger Wil- 
liams and Oliver Cromwell. Her mother's maiden name was Mercy 
Williams. Children, the last born at Janesville, Wis., the rest at 

Holder Cory', b Oct. 29, 1833, m Mary A. Bradney. 

Edwin Series, b April 3, 1835, ""^ • 

George Robert, b April 6, 1837, ^ '863-64, in the hos- 
pital at Memphis, Tenn. He was Orderly Sergeant 
in Comp. K, 5th Minn. 

Frances Eliza, b April 8, 1839, ^ ^^ ^"> '841. 

Mary Minerva, b March 25, 1842; unm. Baptist. 

Emma Maria, b April 4, 1843, "^ ^' ^' Drexler. 

Adelbert Derostes, b Aug. 4, 1845, <^ J"b'» >S8i. He 
enlisted at the age of 17 in the Minn. Mounted 
Rangers, with Gen. Sibley, to quell the Sioux dep- 
redations in Minn. At the breaking out of the Re- 
bellion he enlisted in the 3d or 4th Minn. I. and 
served until the close of the war. He d near Socor- 
rowjJN. M. 





• B ■ 






• • 


30 The Loveland Genealogy. 

35. viii. Alice Jane, b July 24, 1848, m G. A. Witherell. 

36. ix. Adaline Elizabeth, b May i, 1854, m H. C. Courtney. 

HOLDER C.-' LOVELAND (Ellis H.«, Amoss) was b at 
Cooperstown, N. Y., Oct. 29, 1833, m in Jasper Co., Mo., Aug. 
27, 1876, Mary Annie Bradney, b in Greenup, Ky., Oct. 16, 1S53, 
d in Crawford Co., Ark., June 22, 1890. Teacher and farmer. 
He served through the War of the Rebellion in Comp. C, 33d III. 
Inf. Gov. J. W. Fifer, or "Private Joe," was a comrade in the 
same company. Three brothers of his wife fought in the Union 
Army. One,- William H. H. Bradney, was captain in a Kentucky 
cavalry regiment and lost his life in Sherman's march to the sea. 
Mr. Loveland marched from Pilot Knob, Mo., with Gen. Curtis, 
to Helena, Ark.; returned to Pilot Knob and made a winter cam- 
paign in Mo. and Ark. Returned to St. Geneveive, Mo., and 
went on Vicksburg campaign. After the surrender he went to 
New Orleans, was in the Red River campaign with Gen. N. 
P. Banks. He was in Texas, at Ft. Esperanza, reconnoitering all 
along the coast, and came by the way of the Gulf of Mexico and 
the Atlantic Ocean to N. Y., thence to Springfield, 111., where he 
was discharged. W^e are proud of our loyal ancestors on both sides. 
My wife's people were loyal — of Virginia and Kentucky stock. 
Her brother, William, lost his life tearing up a R. R. bridge, 
fighting three companies of rebels with his one company. — H. C. 
L. Children: 

i. Ariadne®, b in Crawford Co., Kan., June 16, 1877. 
ii. Thorle, b in Jasper Co., Mo., Jan'y 4, 1^79. 
iii. Pansy Gladys, b in Joplin, Mo., June 23, 1881. 

EDWIN S.7 LOVELAND (Ellis H.«, Amos*) was b at 
Cooperstown, X. Y., April 3, 1835. ^^ ^'^***^ "^ ^ short time be- 
fore the breaking out of the Rebellion. He and his wife went to 
England. On his return he enlisted in the 26th Ills. Inf. He was 
killed on the boat when going home on a furlough to visit his 
wife and family. He and two other soldiers lay down where 
tome wood was piled, and something skiving away they were 

The Loveland Genealogy, 31 

crushed by the falling wood. His name is on the monument at 
Bloomington, 111., but he is not buried there. They had two sons, 
twins, and both died while he was in the army. We never saw 
him after he was married, and we never learned his wife's maiden 
name. He was living in Metamora, III., when he enlisted. — M. 

M. L. 

EMMA MARIA' LOVELAND (Ellis H.«, Amos*) wash 

at Cooperstown, N. Y., April 4, 1843, m at Bloomington, III., 

Oct. 1 1, 1S69, Henry Otto Drexler, b in N. Y. City, Oct. 24, 1839. 

Machinist and engineer. He learned his trade in New York City, 

and went to San Jose, Cal., about 1S77. He is now engaged in 

the fire department at San Jose. He was formerly in government 

employ. He served in the Union Army during the Rebellion, in 

Comp. C, 37th N. Y. Inf. They are members of the Pres. Ch. 


i. Agnes Maud^ Drexler, b at Bloomington, Sept. 13, 
1870. Teacher. Grad. class of 1 89 1, San Jose Nor- 
mal School. She is proficient in music. Organist 
in Cong. Ch., San Jose. 

ii. Mary Hygenia Drexler, b at St. Louis, Mo., Jan'y 4, 
^873, d Sunday morning at half-past six, at San 
Jose, Aug. 9, 1885, buried in Oak Hill Cemetery. 
She was a girl of much promise. 

ALICE JANE ' LOVELAND (Ellis H.S AmosS) was b at 

Cooperstown, N. Y., July 24, 1848, m at Bloomington, III., Dec. 

26, 1869, George Allen Witherell, b at Farmer City, 111., Dec. 25, 

1S41. Carriage trimmer. Baptists. Children, the second born 

at Eureka, 111., the rest in Bloomington: 

i. Edith May« Witherell, b Sept 24, 1870. Grad. B. 
High School, class 1890. She has a business edu- 
cation and is proficient in short hand and in the use 
of the type-writer. She m at B., Oct. 2, 1894, Wil- 
liam C. Stowell. 

ii. Mabel Clare Witherell, b Sept. 5, 1872, d in Kaii., 
Nov. 39, 1879. 

32 The Loveland Genealogy, 

iii. Ethel Witherell, b Aug 21, 1883. 
iv. Etta Witherell, b Aug. 21, 1883. 

ADALINE E.' LOVELAND (Ellis H.«, Amoss) was h at 
Janesville, Wis., May i, 1854, m at Bloomington, III., Oct. 27, 
1873, Hiram Clay Courtney, b near Mariinsburg, Va., Aug. 3, 
1853, d in St. Louis, Mo., Jan'y 26, 1880. R. R. employe. Chil- 
dren born in Bloomington: 

i. Edna MayS Courtney, b April 15, 1S76. 

ii. Herbert Ellis Courtney, b Sept. 3, 187S, d at B , Aug. 

8, 1879. 


AMOS« LOVELAND (Amos«, Thomas*) was b at Sand 
Lake, N. Y., June 19, 1812, m at Albany, N. Y., Oct. 13, 1835, 
Pamelia Vine, b there March 11, 1813, d there May 24, 18S2. 
He d there May 4, 1894. Merchant. Children b >rn at Albany. 
All buried in Albany Rural Cemetery. 

i. Robert A.', b Aug. i, 1836, d March » 2, 1845. 

ii. Cnrrie M., b Sept 25, 1837, d Feb'y 10, 1S43. 

iii. Amos A., b Feb'y 5, 1839, ^ Eeb'y 8, 1843. 

iv. Charlie C, b March 12, 1840, d July 19, 1841. 

V. Corn well C, b April 13, 1S42, d Feb'y 1 1, 1S43. 

vi. Cally M., b June 13, 1843, d May 2, 1854. 

CYRUS CLARK« LOVELAND (Amoss, Thomas*) was 
b in Cooperstown, N. Y., Dec. 27, 182 1, m at Santa Clara, Cal., 
Dec. 10, 1853, Mrs. Catharine Davis Barney, b at Chillicothe, O., 
Dec. 2, 1828. He d in N. Y. City, Dec. 17, 1885, buried in Green- 
wood Cem . Painter. He received but a comtnon school educa- 
tion and early in life was apprenticed to a Mr. Tweed in N. Y. 
City, who afterwards was known as Boss Tweed, of Tammany 
fame. His mother was a very devout and conscientious woman 
and early impressed upon him the importance of an honest and up- 
right life. The history of his life shows that her seed was sown 
on good ground. In the fall of 1846 he enlisted in the N. Y. 
Vols., under Col. Stevenson. This regiment made its memorable 


The Laveland Genealog-y. 33 

trip around Cape Horn and arrived in San Francisco, then but a 
village, in the spring of 1847. The discovery of gold held him in 
this State. After the close of the war he spent seven months in 
the mines. Making about $6,000 in the mines he returned east, 
invested in a drove of cattle and horses which he bought on his 
way up the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers from New Orleans. 
He crossed the plains with them in 1850. His diary across the 
plains shows a remarkable trip. Fights with the Indians, alkali 
water, thirst, incessant and weary watching, and the weary march, 
all got in their work. He settled in Santa Clara Valley. Here 
he married Mrs. Barney, a widow with two sons. This lady, 
whose maiden name was Catharine Davis, crossed the plains with 
her parents in 1850. She was young and a typical farmer's daugh- 
ter. She was a splendid horseback rider and could ride the wild- 
est colts. She was also an expert at driving teams, managing a 
team of six horses for days at a time. She bore Mr. Loveland six 
children. She was a hard working woman, and competent to 
take charge of outdoor work in her husband's absence, which she 
often did. Her main ambition in life was to build up a comfort- 
able home and educate her children, of which she fully saw the 
necessity. Having a stroke or paralysis she now (1894) leases the 
farm, but lives upon it, cared for by her two unmarried daughters. 
When Mr. Loveland grew old a desire to travel seized him. He 
spent a year in Europe, visiting England, France, Scotland and 
kissed the Blarney stone in Ireland. Afterwards he went east 
again and died in N. Y. City. He was a well read man, and 
though not ranking high in the literary world, yet had some merit 
as a poet. He was a strong Republican, and he and his wife 
Methodists. — A. C. L. Children born in Santa Clara: 

Fremont', b Nov. 19, 1853, m Lottie E. Sanderson. 
Fanny, b July 16, 1855, "^ Daniel W. Boone. 
Austin Clark, b May i, 1857. Grad. from the law 
department at Ann Arbor, Mich. Farmer and api- 
arist in Pala Tp., San Diego Co., Cal. In 1892 
was elected J. P. of that township. 
iv. Lillian Elizabeth, b Nov. 7, 1858. 
v. Naomi Josephine, b June 9, i860. 
39. ri. Lucy Lincoln, b Dec. 9, 1863, m James Relfe. 




• • 




34 7%^ Loveland Genealogy. 

FREMONT' LOVELAND (Cyrus C.«, Amos«) was b in 
Santa Clara, Cal., Nov. 19, 1853, m at San Diego, Cal., Oct. 18, 
1881, Lottie Elizabeth Sanderson, b at Leominster, Mass., May 
22, 1854. Farmer and stock raiser. The postoffice near their 
farm, where all their children were born, is now (1892) Bonsall. 
At first it was Mt. Fairview, the name of the school district, af- 
terward Osgood, then at Moosa. Children born at Mt. Fairview, 
San Diego Co., Cal.: 

i. Ralph Waldo8, b Oct. 17, 1882. 

ii. Ethel Vivian, b Jan'y 3, 1884. 

iii. Mabel Adelia, b April i, 1885, d April 4, 1885. 

iv. Arthur Stanley, b Oct. 19, 1886. 

v. Florence, Rachel, b Jan'y 15, 1888. 

vi. Floyd Fremont, b Jan'y 25, 1891. 

vii. Roswell Percival, b Nov. 8, 1894. 

FANNY? LOVELAND (Cyrus C.«, Amoss) was b in 
Santa Clara, Cal., July 16, 1855, m there June i, 1879, ^^'^*cl 
William Boone, b at Santa Clara, Nov. 7, 1852. He is a descend- 
ant of Daniel Boone of Kentucky notoriety. Farmer and stock 
raiser. Children born at Cowlytz, Lewis Co., Wash.: 

William Clark » Boone, b March 9, 1880. 
ii. Sarah Catharine Boone, b Sept. 5, 1882. 
lii. Alice Elizabeth Boone, b Jan'y 3, 1884. 
iv. Daniel Raymond Boone, b July 22, 1886. 
V. Fanny Ella Boone, b Nov. 5, 1888. 
vi. Clarence Boone, b Aug. 25, 1891. 


LUCY L.*? LOVELAND (Cyrus C.«, Amos«) was b in 

Santa Clara, Cal., Dec. 9, 1863, ^ ^^ ^^" Jose, Cal., March 11, 

1883, James Relfe, b at Caledonia, Washington Co., Mo., Oct. 8, 

1858. Farmer and stock raiser. Children born at Santa Clara: 

i. Lydia^ Relfe, b March 28, 1S84. 
ii. Annie Relfe, b Nov, 28, 1885. 

The Loveland Genealogy. 35 

ENOSs LOVELAND (ThomasS Thomass) was b in Marl- 
boro (formerly a part of Glas.), Conn., March 12, 1776, m at 
Spencertown, N. Y., Jan'y 15, 1789, Anna Finney, b at Warren, 
Conn., Jan'y 25, 1769. They moved to Westport, N. Y., from 
near Troy, N. Y., in 1806. lie d there Feb'y 2, 1844. He was 
a prominent citizen of this town during his life time here, holding 
the offices of Supervisor, Justice of the Peace and Overseer of the 
Poor. Farmer. Baptist. Children, first ?i\^ born at Sand Lake, 
N. Y., the rest at Westport: 

40. i. Sylvia*, b Oct. 21, 1789, m Marcus Hoisington; m 2d 

Dr. D. Holcomb. 

Asa, b Aug. 14, 1791, m Margaret Frazer. 

Erastus, b April 8, 1793, m Lucy Bradley. 

Amanda, b 1795, m Warren Harper. 

Lucetta, b March 2, 1797, m Leman Bradley; m 2d 
Eben Edgerton. 

Narcissa, b 1800, m Elijah Angier. 

Aretas, b April, 1803, "^ ^' ^'^ *^43> Emeline Man- 
ning, b 18 18. Family at Blackberry Station, 111. 
He is dead. Farmer. 

Datus E., b June 24, 1805, d at W., Oct. 2, 1805. 

Datus, b Sept. 4, 1806, d at W., April 4, 181 1. 

Harriet, b 1808, m James Stringham. Family at 

(Infant), b 1810, d 1810. 

Enos, b Nov., 1813, d at W., Nov. 3, 1833. 

SYLVIAN LOVELAND (Enos^, Thomas*) was b at Sand 
Lake, N. Y., Oct. 21, 1789, m at Westport, N. Y., Dec. 11, 1807, 
Marcus Hoisington, b Jan'y 29, 1784, d at W., Dec. 13, 18 10. 
Farmer. Bap. She m 2d at W., March 17, 18 14, Dr. Diodorus 
Holcoitib,,b at Granby, Conn., Feb^y 2, L7S0, d Sept. 25, 1859. 
M. E. Ch. She d at W., Nov. 3, 1839. -^^P- Children, first 
born at West Point, N. Y., the rest at Westport: 

i. Marcus' Hoisington, b May 25, iSio, m at W., May 
9, 1836, Anna Babcock, b at Panton, Vt., Feb'y 12, 
1812. Family. 




• • • 









■ • • 

VI 11. 





36 The Laveland Genealogy, 

ii. William Darwin Holcomb, b Jan'y 18, 1815, m Persis 
Everest at Moriah, N. Y., 1844. He d at Gales- 
burg, Ill.jjan'y 22, 1856. Family. 

ill. Henry Harrison Holcomb, b Nov. 13, 1816, m Amelia 
M. Ferris at W., Jan'y 20, 1844. She was b at Fer- 
risburg, Vt., Feb'y 10, 18 19. Family. 

iv. Amelia Sybil Holcomb, b Oct. 13, 1818, d at W., 
Sept. I, 1822. 

V. Benjamin Franklin Holcomb, b July 24, 1821, m at 
Moriah, N. Y., 1844, Elizabeth Towner. He was 
Capt. of a company in the 45th 111. Reg. Served 
three years. Family. 

vi. Almira Sylvia Holcomb, b Oct. 25, 1823, m George 
W. Cole at W., 1842. She d at Galesburg, May 
25, 1864. Family. 

vii. T ho mifcs Jefferson Holcomb, b April 1, 1826, d at W., 
Jan'y 27, 1827. 

\iii. Sylvester Spencer Holcomb, b Nov. 21, 1827, m at 
Jay, N. Y., 1854, Pearly Sumner. Family. 

ix. Thomas Addis Emmelt Holcomb, b April 9, 1831, m 
March, 1857, Martha Ann Lyon. 

X. Charles Wesley Holcomb, b May 6, 1836; m. 

ASA« LOV ELAND (Enoss, Thomas*) wash at Sand Lake, 
N. Y., Aug. 14, 179 1, m at VVestport, N. Y., May 5, 1814, Mar- 
garet Frazer, b at Grand Isle, Vt., April i, 1792, d at Plattsville, 
Wis., May 5, 1873. He d there April 21, 1880. Farmer. Bap- 
tists. Children born at Westport: 

i. Sarah', b 1816, d 1816. 

46. ii. Daniel Frazer, b Sept. 10, 18 17, m Eleanor Reed. 

iii. Random Noble, b Aug. 23, 1819, d in Cal., 1850. A 
miner. Unm. He went to Cal. 1849. Murdered 
for his monev. 

47. iv. Anne, b May 4, 1824, m Alanson By ham. 

V. Mary Jane, b Sept. 28, 1S28, d at Galena, III., Dec. 28, 
1856. Teacher. Baptist. 

The Lcvtland Genealogy. 37 

vi. Charles, b 1831, d in W., 1837. 
48. vii. Charles Asa, b Nov. 14, 1836, m Mrs. Elizabeth Eyre 


Asa Loveland moved to Westport with his parents when he 
was a boy nine or ten years of age. He lived there until July, 
1852, then with his family moved to Galena, where he lived until 
1866, when he and his wife (all their children having gone away, 
married or died) moved to Plattsville, where he lived with his 
son Charles until his death. He served in the War of 1812 and 
received a land warrant for his services. Margaret Frazer 
(French on her mother^s side), born on Grand Isle, in Lake 
Champlain, lived in Westport when she was married. She died 
on the 59th anniversary of her wedding day. These parents and 
their daughter Mary Jane are buried in Greenwood Cem., Galena. 

D. FRAZER7 LOVELAND (Asa«, Enos«) was bat West- 
port, N. Y., Sept. 10, 1817, m at Galena, 111., Feb'y 8, 1854, 
Eleanor, dau. of Eleanor Bellman and Richard Reed, b in Eng., 
Nov. 30, 1828, d at G., Aug. 5, 181^3. Mrs. Loveland came to 
Galena when a child. She was a member of Grace Episcopal 
Church and took a warm interest in its affairs. Her funeral, held 
from the family residence on Prospect Street, was the occcasion 
of the assemblage of a large concourse of friends of the family. 
The services were according to the ritual of the Protestant Epis- 
copal Church, and the services were very solemn and impressive. 
Buried in Greenwood Cemetery. Mr. Loveland left Westport 
for the West in March, 1846. He went by the way of the Hud- 
son river to N. Y., from there to Philadelphia and Baltimore by 
rail, across the mountains to Pittsburg by stage, down the Ohio 
River to Cairo and up the Mississippi to Galena, and then to La 
Crosse, Wis., arriving there April, 1846. On the Ohio River the 
peach trees were in bloom, at La Crosse the snow was one foot deep. 
He was in the lumber business here four months, he then returned 
to Galena and engaged in merchandizing. June, 1866, he retired 
from business^ Children born in Galena: 

38 The Loveland Genealogy. 

49. i. Jennie Bellman*, b March 6, 1858, m T. G. Wonderly. 
ii, William Ransom, b April 27, 1863, d July 23, 1863. 

JENNIE B.8 LOVELAND (D. Frazer^, Asa«) was b in 
Galena, 111., March 6, 1858, m there Nov. 17, 1881, Thomas Gor- 
don Wonderly, D. D. S., b Nov. 7, 1851 . Rep. Pres. No family. 

ANNE'' LOVELAND (Asa«, Enos^) was b in Westport, 
N. Y., May 4, 1824, m in Galena, 111., Oct. 8, 1853, Alanson By- 
ham. She d in Plattsville, Wis., Jan'y 12, 1877, buried in Suther- 
land, la. Children born in Benton Co., la.: Margaret J.*, Charles 
A., Frazer A. and Ben. L. Byham. 

CHARLES A.' LOVELAND (Asa«, Enos«) was b in 
Westport, N. Y., Nov. 14, 1836, m at Redwing, Minn., Oct. 3, 
1S67, Elizabeth Eyre Holmes, b at Long Buckby, Hamtonshire, 
Eng., Oct. 30, 1836. Farmer. Rep. M. E. Ch. P. O., Platts- 
ville, Wis. Children born at Plattsville: 

i, Daniel Ransom », b July 12, 1868, m there April 5, 
1894, Dell May Harclerodes, b at P., May 13, 1875. 
ii. Winfield Scott, b Sept. 7, 1870. 
iii, Charles Asa, b May 12, 1875. 
iv. Jessie, b Oct. 28, 1880. 

ERASTUS« LOVELAND (Enoss, Thomas*) was b at 
Sand Lake, N. Y., April 8, 1793, m at Westport, N. Y., March 
17, 1816, Lucy Bradley, b at Poultney, Vt., July 19, 1794, d at 
W., 1866. He d there from a fall. Farmer. Baptist. Children 
born at Westport: 

50. i. Diodorus Holcomb'', b Dec. 27, 1816, m Jeannette 


51. ii. Ralph Andrus, b Jan'y 17, 1819, m Harriet M. Kent. 
52« iii. Eliza A., b May 29, 1822, m Dr. David Lewis. 

The Loveland Genealogy, 39 

— * 

iv. Minerva, b Nov. 19, 1824, m at Waukesha, Wis., 
April, 1848, Cyrus Foote, b 1826. Farmer. Dis- 
ciples Ch. She m 2d Moses Hoyt, in Minn. They 
moved to Tenn. She d there 1889. 
V. (Dau.), bjune 15, 1826, d June 15, 1826. 
vi. (Dau,), b June 15, 1826, d June 15, 1826. 
vii. Thomas Bradley, b Sept. 17, 1827, d at W., Feb'y i, 

viii. £nos, b Sept. 17, 1827, d at W., Dec. 30, 1827. 
ix. Anson Andrews, b Aug. 24, 1830, m at Fox Lake, 
Wis., 1850, Esther Bills. They had: Ralph«, Ida 
May, Andrew, Nettie, Cora and Thomas. 
X. (Son), b April 4, 1834, d May 12, 1834. 
xi. Andrew Mills, b Dec. 15, 1835, d at Waukesha, Wis., 
Dec. 15, 1847. 

REV. DIODORUS H.' LOVELAND (Erastus^, Enos*) 
was b at Westport, N. Y., Dec. 27, 1816, m at Panton, Vt., July 
23, 1840, Mary Jean nette Patten, b at New Haven, Vt., Aug. 19, 
1823. He was a minister in the Troy, N. Y., Conference for 30 
years. Circuit preacher in the M. E. Ch. He is now retired on 
account of age and infirmities. Although not an educated man he 
has been a useful and acceptable preacher. Children: 

i. Edward James 8, b at New Haven, Vt., Sept. 14, 1844. 

ii, William Henry, b at Bakersfield, Vt., Aug. 27, 1846, 
d there March, 1847. 

iii. Mary Harriet, b at Montgomery, Vt., Nov. i, 1848. 

iv. William Ralph, b at Cambridge, Vt., June 18, 1851, 
m Huling, of Remington, Vt., 1875. 

v. Freddie Patten, b at Westport, N. Y., April 4, i860. 

HON. RALPH A.' LOVELAND (Erastus®, Enoss) was 
b at Westport, N. Y., Jan'y 17, 1819, m there March 25, 1840, 
Harriet M. Kent, b at Benson, Vt., Feb'y 29, 1818, d at East 
Saginaw, Mich., Dec. 23, 1887. He m 2d in San Francisco, Cal., 
March 8, 1894, Helen Crittenden, of San Francisco. P. O., East 
Saginaw, Mich. Children born at Westport: 

40 The Lcveland Genealogy, 

i. Daniel K.« Southworth, b Oct. ii, 1841,(1 Aug., 1842. 

53. ii. Frances Lucy, b Dec. 4, 1843, m P. D, Schofield. 

54. iii. Kate Augusta, b Jan. 26, 1850, m Rufus H. Roys. 

55. iv. Dan Kent, b Dec. 14, 1853, m Hattie S. Goodman. 
V. Ralph, b Nov. i, 1855, d Dec. i, 1855. 

vi. (Son), b Nov. 1, 1855, d Nov. 2, 1855. 

56. viL Mary Elizabeth, b Nov. 13, 1857, m A. C. Smith. 

57. viii. Ralph Erastus, b Nov. 23, 1863, m Blanche Bailey. 

' Hon. Ralph Andrus Loveland passed his boyhood at West- 
port. During the season of navigation he devoted his time to 
boating on Lake Champlain, Cham plain Canal and Hudson 
River; his winters attending the Essex Co. Academy, of which 
Mr. Orson Kellog, who was known far and wide as an educator, 
was Principal. An institution from which many students have 
graduated and become eminent. Among them was the late T. D. 
Shedd, D. D., of New York City. The pursuits of his early life 
gave him an insight into and a lively interest in the matter of 
water transportation, and it had an influence upon his later career. 

In 1845 he consolidated the interests he had personally ac- 
quired with those of the Northern Transportation Line. In the 
year 1857 he, with others, engaged in the lumber business at Al- 
bany, N. Y., under the firm name of White, Loveland & Co. 
This proved a successful venture and was continued until 1863. 
His health having become impaired, he disposed of his eastern 
business in 1865 and removed to Janesville, Wisconsin. Here his 
ability was promptly recognized by his fellow citizens, and he 
was elected Mayor of that city. Mr. Loveland had previously 
visited the great West, however, and had secured valuable prop- 
erty in Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota. In 1862 he became im- 
bued with the spirit of wool-growing. He purchased four thous- 
and sheep in Michigan which he took successfully to Iowa in 
one year. Full particulars can be found in a book by Henry M. 
Randall, entitled "The Practical Shepherd." Soon he outranked 
all in the State in that line of business by the proportions of his 

-l> 5 


The JLoveland Genealogy. 41 

Having recovered his health he again embarked in the lumber 
business. This time the venture was made in Chicago, with part- 
ners residing in Albany and New York. The enterprise proved 
a successful one for five years, when a calamity overtook him 
caused through his eastern connections in business. It was as tre- 
mendous as it was unforeseen and unmerrited on his part. A 
failure occurred which created wide spread disaster among many 
noted firms, it was termed the nine million dollar failure, and Mr. 
Loveland was one of the greatest sufferers through this. Over 
three hundred thousand dollars of indebtedness was placed on his 
shoulders, and all of this misfortune was caused, not by his want 
of prudence — because he was prudent, thoughtful and careful — but 
by the unwisdom of others. Every part of his legitimate loss 
was paid in full or satisfactorily settled, leaving him without a 
dollar. Such a blow as this would have utterly prostrated many 
men. Here he was at the age of fifty-five years entirely bereft of 
a munificent competence, the result of a life time of effort and 
struggle; but instead of dismaying him, the disaster seemed to in- 
vest him with new vigor. 

In 1 88 1 he induced eastern gentlemen of large means to strike 
hands with him and purchase a large mill and salt block in Sag- 
inaw and nine thousand and two hundred acres of valuable pine 
lands which proved a very successful enterprise, and the firm is 
now (1894) known as the Saginaw Lumber and Salt Co., of 
which Mr. Loveland is the president and general manager, also 
one of the largest stockholders, whilst his sons and son-in-law, 
Rufus H. Roys, are engaged with him. He is quite as active and 
vigorous now in promoting the business as the younger blood. 

In 1856 he was elected to the Assembly from the Essex Co. 
(New York) District. At the expiration of his term he was re- 
nominated at the convention, but declined to accept. The Sena- 
torial District, which comprised Essex, Warren and Clinton 
Counties, was not slow to recognize his abilities and nominated 
him as Senator of that district, which elected him by a handsome 
majority* At the expiration of his senatorial term he did not seek 
further political preferment. He was originally a Henry Clay 
Whig in politics, but since the organization of the Republican 

The Loveland Genealogy. 

party he has been an active supporter of its men and measures, be- 
ing a thorough Protectionist so far as the industries of the United 
States are concerned. Mr. Loveland has been a member of the 
Baptist Church since 1840, and an officer in the church for many 

In 1840 he was married, his wife being Miss Harriet M. Kent, 
a daughter of Dan M. and Mehetahle Goodrich Kent. She was 
a woman of rare intelligence and refinement. Her Grandfather 
Kent, also a number of her uncles, were prominent Congregational 
ministers of New England. The names of her children are found 
in their place in these record';. In 1887, after many months of 
patient suffering, on the 23d of Dec, after every effort had been 
exhausted by travel and medical skill, she passed away surrounded 
by her husband and children. The fragrance of her hopeful 
Christian life will ever be sweet to those who knew and loved her 
so well. 

Since he became a resident of the Saginaw Valley, his home 
being in Saginaw, Mr. Loveland has not filled any public office, 
his time and his energy being engrossed by the responsible cares 
of his busines enterprises. He is known and esteemed for his 
beneficence and the interest taken in tho»e who are less fortunate 
than himself. Hts fellow citizens term him a Christian gentle- 
man. For a number of years Mr. Loveland has found it pleasant 
and profitable to spend his winters on the Pacific Coast, and thus 
be free to some extent from business cares. During a sojourn in 
California he formed the acquaintance of Miss Helen Crittenden, 
a woman of refinement and culture and a member of an old and 
highlv esteemed family, the result of which was their marriage in 
San Francisco on the 8th of March, 1S94. Mr. Loveland has re- 
sided in the city of Saginaw the last thirteen years and has kept 
pace with that progressive and enterprising city which has doubled 
Its population within the last few years, now numbering over sixty 

Mrs. H. M. K. Loveland writes from East Saginaw, March 1, 
1S83: "Dear Sir — I send you with this a copy of information that 
we received with the "Coat of Arms" from James Voher, luiti- 

The Loveland Genealogy. 43 

quarian and genealogist. ♦ ♦ ♦ I think the coat of arms ought 
to be copied. My daughter, Mrs. R. H. Roys, who is something 
of an amateur artist, thinks she shall take a copy for herself. * ^ 
My own maternal ancestors, Goodrich and Hollister, were from 
Wethersfield and Glastonbury, Conn. My grandfather's name 
was Elisha Hollister. He had a large family — twice married. 
My grandmother Lucy was the youngest of the first family. 
Among the names of her sisters were Mehetabel, Experience, 
Martha and Pamelia. A friend of mine in Boston, who m Sarah 
Loveland (See Vol. HI), has a complete record of the Good- 
riches. My grandparents were married in Connecticut and came 
from there 1785 and settled in Vermont. My stepmother 
(French) had a sister who married a Loveland." 

NoTB. — The Hollister referred to above was doubtless the 
greatgrandson of John Hollister, who was admitted a freeman of 
Wethersfield in 1643. He married Joan Treat. He d 1665; she, 
1694. Their son, John, Jr., married Sarah, daughter of William 
Goodrich, Jr., in 1667. Thomas, the son of John and Sarah, mar- 
ried Dorothe, daughter of Joseph Hill, 1696. They had a large 
family. Elisha, aforesaid, the youngest, was b after 1714. The 
date of his birth not given. — Glas. Cen., pp. 183 and 191. 

FRANCES L.8 LOVELAND (Ralph A.*?, Erastus«) was 
b in Westport, N. Y., Dec. 4, 1843, m Proctor D. Schofield, June 
5, 1866. Children: 

i. Harriet Loveland 9 Schofield, b March 9, 1867, m Cor- 

bin A. Dana, Aug. 20, 1887. 
ii. Bessie Winnifred Schofield, b Feb'y, 1869, d Oct. 9, 


lii. Roy Waterbury Schofield, b Sept. 10, 1877. 

KATE A.» LOVELAND (Ralph A.', Erastus«) was b at 
Westport, N. Y., Jan. 26, 1850, m Rufus H. Roys, Nov. 26, 1874. 

i. Ralph Loveland® Roys, b Feb'y 14, 1879. 

44 7!itf Laveland Genealogy. 

ii. Lawrence Roys, b Oct. lo, 1884. 

iii. Allan Goodrich Roys, b July 12, 1889. 

DAN K.8 LOVELAND (Ralph A.^, Erastus*) was b 
at Westport, N. Y., Dec. 14, 1853, m March 16, 1886, Hattie 
Snell Goodman, dau. of Rev. John S. Goodman, a Baptist minis- 
ter, who with his wife, Mary D., went to Western Africa as mis- 
sionary, in 1853, returning on account of their health in three 
years. Children: 

i. Kent G.», b March 3, 1887. 

ii. Cara G., b March 21, 1889. 

iii. Ralph A., b Jan'y 17, 1S91. 

iv. Rufus Roys, b Nov. 26, 1894. 

MARY E.8 LOVELAND (Ralph A.', Erastus«) was b at 
Westport, N. Y., Nov. 13, 1857, m Alfred C. Smith, July 6, 1881. 

i. Sidney Loveland* Smith, b March 30, 1882. 

ii. Bessie Loveland Smith, b March 29, 1884. 

iii. Ralph Loveland Smith, b Aug., 1885. 

iv. Alfred C. Smith, b Feb'y, 1887. 

V. Marguerite Smith, b Feb'y, 1890. 

vi. Kenneth Smith, b Feb'y, 1890. 

RALPH E.8 LOVELAND (Ralph A.', Erastus«) was b at 
Westport, N. Y., Nov. 23, 1863, m Blanche Bailey, April 15, 189 1. 
They have: 

i. Trafton®, b July 20, 1894. 

ELIZA A.' LOVELAND (Erastus«, Enos«} was b in West- 
port, N. v., May 29, 1S22, m at Waukesha, Wis., June 2, 1852, 
Dr. David Lewis, A. B., b in New Haven, O., 1821, d Dec. 15, 
1880. Dr. Lewis was government surgeon in the Union Army 
during the Rebellion. Served in the hospital at Quincy, III. 
They had three children b at Upper Sandusky, O. The two 
youngest (sons) d in infancy. 

The Laveland Genealogy, 45 

i. Rosabelle* Lewis, b Aug. 3, 1855, m at Virginia, 111., 
April 4, 1877, James E. Lanham,b at Morgantown, 
W. Va., March 6, 1855. Contractor and builder. 
Rep. Bap. Wife and children Methodists. Chil- 
dren born at Ashland, 111.: 

1. James Harold® Lanham, b July 26, 1878. 

2. Fred Grant Lanham, b Sept. 9, 1882. 

3. Ada May Lanham, b March 20, 1885. 

4. Oklahoma Lanham, b March 25, 1889. 

5. Helen Lanham, b Dec. 23, 1891. 

AMANDA« LOVELAND (Enoss, Thomas*) was b at 
Sand Lake, N. Y., April, 1795, m at Westport, N. Y., Jan'y, 
1819, Warren Harper, b about 1774. She d in Ind. Farmer. 
Bap. They had a large family. We have the names only of 
Rhodelia'', Henrietta, Marietta, Horace, William and Caroline. 

LUCETTA« LOVELAND (Enoss, Thomas*) was b at 

Sand Lake, N. Y., March 2, 1797, m at Westport N. Y., March, 

1821, Leman Bradley, b 1785, d Nov., 1S22. Farmer. She m 

2d Ebenezer Edgerton, b in N. H., 1795, d 1855-58.. Farmer. 

They had Cephas''^ Bradley, b in W., Jan'y, 1822, m there 1847, 

Ruth Andrews, b 1825. Boatman. M. E. Ch. They had: 

Agnes*, Ella, Mary, Thomas, Caroline and Anna. 

NARCISSA« LOVELAND (Enoss, Thomas*) was b at 
Westport, N. Y., 1800, m there 1821, Elijah Angier, b 1793, d in 
Gainavillo, la. Farmer. Bap. Children born \n Westport: 

i. Orrilla' Angier, b March 31, 1822, m at W., 1847-8, 
Jonathan NichoUs, b at W., 1817. Farmer. Bap. 
They had Luella^, b 1849. 

ii. Charles Angier, b 1824, m at W^, 1854, Elvira Lewis, 
b at W., 1828. Mechanic. Bap. She was wid. of 
Sabra Morrow. They had, b at Garnavillo: Celia«, 
Lucy Jane and Roene Horton. 

46 The Loveland Genealogy. 

iii. Perrine Angier, b 1827, m at W., 1856, Drusilla Lewis, 

b 1830. Farmer. M. E. Ch. Family, 
iv. Persis Angier, b 1834, m 1854, David Renshaw, b 

1828. Farmer. Bap. Family. 
V, Anson Angier, b 1833. 
vi. Mary Jane Angier, b 1835. 
vii. Salinda Angier, b July 23, 1840, m at Garnavillo, 1S56, 

Freeman Beck with, b 1835-8. Lawyer. Baptist. 

Family at McGregor, la. 

ABNER6 LOVELAND (Thomas^ Thomas») was b at 
Hebron, Conn., Dec. 30, 1768, m there 1792, Sylvia Kneeland, 
stepdaughter of Eliphaz* Loveland (p. 189, Vol. II). Abner 
removed to Franklin, N. Y., about 1793, and d there Aug. 29, 
1798. She d there Dec, 1823. Farmer. His granddaughter, 
Mrs. Foote, furnished much of the information of his descendants. 
They had, born at Franklin: 

58. i. Benjamin K.«, b Aug. 26, 1793, m Clarissa Mann. 

BENJAMIN K.8 LOVELAND (Abners, Thomas*) was b 
at Franklin, N. Y., Aug. 26, 1793, m there March 2, 1814, Cla- 
rissa Mann., b in Hebron, Conn., Jan'y 30, 1794, d at Franklin, 
April 14, 1868. He d there Nov. 6, 1831. Farmer. Cong. Ch. 
His daughters, Sylvia and Rachel, live on the old homestead in 
Franklin. Children born in Franklin: 

59. i. Sylvia E.'', b April 5, 1820, m Russell Foote. 

ii. Althea A., b Dec. 22, 1823, d at Albany, N. Y., Sept. 

5, 1848. Unmarried. School teacher. Cong. Ch. 
iii. Clarissa, b Oct. 15, 1826, d at F., Feb'y 21, 1869. 

Teacher. Cong. Ch. 

60. iv. R'achel b Aug. 8, 1828, m S. A. \yheat.. 

61. v. Abner B., b July 4, 1830, m Rachel A. Chambers. 

SYLVIA E.7 LOVELAND (Benjamin K.«, Abners ) was 
b at Franklin, N. Y., April 5, 1820, m there April 7, 1842, Rus- 

The Loveland Genealogy. 47 

sell Foote. He d at Franklin, Jan'y 26, 1883, a. 72. Mechanic. 
Rep. Cong. Ch. P. O., Franklin. Children born at Franklin: 

59a. i. Augusta® Foote, b April 16, 1843, m M. Gibbons. 

ii. Albert Foote, b March 27, 1845, ^ ^^ I'^m Jan'y 3, 187 1. 
iii. Frances A. Foote, b Nov. 15, 1855, m at F., Nov. 19, 

1884, A. J.Jacobs, of Mason ville, N. Y., Merchant. 
Rep. They have, b at M., William H.», b April 7, 

AUGUSTAS FOOTE, b at Franklin, N. Y., April 16, 1843, 

m there Dec. 25, 1867, Marshville Gibbons, b Sept. 3, 1838, d 
Sept. 5, 1883. Farmer. Rep. Family all members Cong. Ch. 
Children born at Franklin : 

i. Frank* Gibbons, b Jan'y 17, 1869. Grad. of Del. Lit. 

Institute, class of 1886. Entered Hamilton College, 

1886; grad. 1890. Studied law in Buffalo, N. Y. 

Admitted Oct., 1892. Practicing in.B. 
ii. Dora B. Gibbons, b May 30, 1870. Grad. Del. Lit. 

Inst., class '89; now (1894) student in Mt. Holyoke 

College, at South Hadley, Mass. 
iii. Vernette L. Gibbons, b Jan'y 5, 1874. Student at 

Mt. Holyoke Coll. 
iv. Bertha J. Gibbons, b Feb'y 9, 1877. 

RACHEL? LOVELAND (Benj. K.«, Abner^) was b at 

Franklin, N. Y., Aug. 8, 1828, m there Nov. 28, 1849, Sylvanus 
A. Wheat, b April 7, 1823. Farmer. M. E. Ch. Rep. Chil- 
dren born at Franklin: 

i. Louisa A.® Wheat, b March 24, 1852, d April 6, 1852. 

ii. Mary A. Wheat, b Aug. 26, 1853, d Oct. 5, 1861. 

iii. Emma E. Wheat, b Oct. 27, 1855, ^ O^^* 23> 1861. 

iv, Alice C. Wheat, b June 4,. 1858, d Oct, 15, 1861. 

v. James W. Wheat, b Aug. 8, 1861, d Oct. 2, 1861. 

vi. Emma R. Wheat, b Sept. 15, 1862, m April 2, 1890, 
Arthur W. Rowell. He is a grad. of Oswego, N. 
Y., Normal School. They have: Mahlon W.», b 
March 2, 1891; Mary Avis, b Jan'y 4, 1893. 

48 The Laveland Genealogy, 

vii. Ella F. Wheat, b June 9, 1865. 
viii. Duane D. Wheat, b Aug. 7, 1867. 

ABNER B.7 LOVELAND (Benj. K.«, Abner*) was b at 

Franklin, N. Y., July 4, 1830, m at Walton, N. Y., Nov. i, 1854, 

Rachel A. Chambers, b there Jan'y 23, 1836, d at Franklin, June 

30, 1885. He d there May 28, 1882. Two sons, James E. and 

Albert F., are living on the homestead first occupied by their 

grandfather in Franklin. Children born at Franklin: 

i. Benjamin C.*, b Feb'y 12, 1856, d March 29, 1862. 

ii. Charles M., b March 12, i860, d May 28, 1861. 

iii. James E., b April 21, 1869. 

iv. Albert F., b March 14, 1876. 

ASAs LO\^ELAND (Thomas*, Thomass) was b at Hebron, 

Conn., Nov. 7, 1770, m at Tolland, Conn., Feb'y 14, 1796, Honor 

Wolcott, b at Tolland, Nov. 17, 1772, d at Manchester, Vt., 

Feb'y 24, 1831. He d there Aug. 30, 1838. Carpenter. Cong. 

Ch. Children born at Manchester: 

i. Horiice W.«, b Nov. 25, 1796, d at M., March 26, 181 1, 

62. ii. Abner, b Aug. 29, 1798, m Ann E. Swartwout. 

63. iii. Lucy, b Sept, 10, 1800, m Cyrus Munson. 

iv. Elizabeth, b Jan'y 12, 1803, d at M., Oct. 22, 1858. 
V. Newton, b Oct. 25, 1805, d at M., Nov. 3, 181 2. 

ABNER« LOVELAND (Asas, Thomas*) was b at Man- 
chester, Vt., Aug. 29, 1798, m at Troy, N. Y., April 12, 1826, 
Ann Eliza Swartwout, b there Jan'y 7, 1804, d at Troy, Nov. 29, 
1879. He d there Feb'y 19, i860. Children born at Troy: 

64. 1. Sarah Merrill', b March i, 1827, m Elijah D. Good- 

ii. Frances Amelia, b May 20, 1829, d Nov. 5, 1846. 

65. iii. Horace Newton, b Sept. 22, 1832, m Anna S. White, 
iv. George Henry, b June 23, 1836, d Feb'y 27, i860. 



T%e Loveland Genealogy* 49 

SARAH M.' LOVELAND (Abner«, Asa*) was b at Troy, 
N. Y., March 6 (we have also March i), 1827, m there June 7, 
1848, Elijah Decatur Goodrich, b at Farmington, Conn., Feb'y 
27, 1 82 1, d at Cambridgeport, Mass., Oct. 28, 1888. Children 
born in Boston, Mass.: 

i. Charles Newton* Goodrich, b Aug. 31, 1850, m at 
Medford, Mass., Nov. 29, 1882, Anna M. Grout, b 
at Brattleborough, Vt., March 13, i860. 

ii. George Decatur Goodrich, b Sept. 13, 1851, d in B., 
Feb'y 20, 1853. 

iii. Frances Loveland Goodrich, b July 3, 1863, d in B., 
March 19, 1864. 

Mr. Elijah D. Goodrich, of Cambridge, died suddenly of ap- 
poplexy while attending worship yesterday morning at Shepard 
Memorial Church. The sad event happened while Rev. Dr. Mc- 
Kenzie was in the midst of his sermon. Mr. Goodrich was noticed 
to fall over on his wife's shoulder, and as soon as aware what had 
occurred many friends in the neighboring pews rushed to his as- 
sistance, and the service was interrupted. Death, hbwever, re- 
sulted in a few seconds and the deceased was soon afterward con- 
veyed to his home at 309 Broadway, Cambridgeport. Mr. Good- 
rich was 67 years of age and a native of Farmington, Conn. 
Since 1850 he had resided in Cambridge, where he was well 
known. He, with Mr. Horace Whitney, who died a few years 
ago, were the originators of the Dover Stamping Company, and 
when the firm subsequently passed into a corporation, Mr. Good- 
rich was made its first president, which office he held for many 
years. He retired from that business some fifteen or more years 
ago, since when he had devoted his time to real estate interests. 
His fter\*ic68 as an appraiser of and expert in real estate had been 
frequently sought after, and his judgment in that direction was 
always considered very reliable. Mr. Goodrich had been during 
his life a very active man in religious and missionary work, as 
well as very philanthrophic in a quiet and unostentatious way. 

5o The Loveland Genealogy. 

He was once the superintendent of the Steam's Chapel Mission, 
and also of the Prospect Street Sunday School. For the past 
eight years he had been a member of the Shephard Church. His 
love for mission work led him to bear the expense of supporting^ 
several missionaries in Turkey, and he was also a leading spirit in 
missionary work in Mexico when it was first begun. Previous to 
his going to Cambridge Mr. Goodrich had lived and done business 
in New York, Albany and Troy, marrying a lady of the latter 
city. His wife and one son, Mr. Charles Newton Goodrich, of 
Medford, survive him. His son has been associated with him in 
the real estate business for the past 15 years. — Boston Morning 
Journal, Monday, Oct. 29, 1888. 

Cambridgbport, March 14, 1883. 
Mr. George Loveland: 

Dear Sir: — Yours of July 9th would have been answered at 
an earlier date, but I have been exceedingly busy and have been 
away from home a part of the time since it came to hand. I en- 
close a copy of our Family Record as is found in my grandfather^s 
family Bible. I regret I cannot give you more information about 
the places of residence of my ancestors. My grandfather went 
from Glastonbury, Connecticut, to Manchester, Vermont, when a 
young man. He married Miss Honor Wolcott, of Tolland, Conn., 
and was a carpenter by trade. They united with the Congrega- 
tional Church in Manchester in 1804, and soon after he was ap- 
pointed deacon, which office he held until his death, Aug. 30, 
1838. He was an exemplary Christian, and his name is honored 
to this day by the residents of the town. He died of apoplexy. 
My father, Abner Loveland, was born in Manchester, and went 
to Troy, N. Y., when about seventeen years of age, was a clerk in 
a flour store and in a few years became one of the firm. He re- 
mained in the flour and milling business until his death, for over 
forty years. He was honorably identified with the business in- 
terests of the city and held many oflices of trust. His death was 
regretted by all who knew him. He died of consumption, Feb'y 
19, i860, and as a token of respect the millers and flour dealers in 
Xroy closed their places of business and attended his fqner^l ip ^ 

The L,oveland Genealogy, 51 

body. He was pronounced a model clerk, merchant and Chris- 
tian. He was an elder in the First Presbyterian Church for many 
years. He died as he had lived, a Christian. His last words 
were: "1 trust all in the hands of my Redeemer." 

My youngest brother, George Henry Loveland, was born in 
Troy and lived there until his death, which occurred only eight 
days after father's death. He died of consumption. He was in 
the flour business and gave evidence of business qualifications of a 
high order. He was a kind friend, an affectionate son, and a 
model young man in every walk of life. We need more like him.. 
His death was an exceedingly triumphant one, such as few are 
f>ermitted to witness. He was only twenty-four years of age and 
unmarried. My oldest brother, Horace Newton Loveland, is in 
business in Boston, in the manufacturing of tin and sheet iron 
goods, of the firm of Doon Stamping Company. He married 
Miss Annie Sampson White, of Boston, about twenty-eight years 
ago. He has no children, and when he is taken to another world 
I suppose this branch of the family, as far as the name is con- 
cerned, will become extinct. My only sister, Frances Amelia 
Loveland, died Nov. 5, 1844, of fever, aged seventeen years. She 
was in the graduating class in Troy Female Seminary. She was 
a fine scholar and an artist. Brother and I are in possession of 
many oil paintings of her work, which we prize highly. I mar- 
ried Elijah Decatur Goodrich, June 7, 1848. His ancestors also 
came from Glastonburv, Conn. We have had three children. 
Two, a son and a daughter, died in infancy. We have one son 
living, Charles Newton Goodrich. He is in business with his 
father in Boston ; was married to Miss Anna M. Grout, of Med- 
ford, Nov. 29, 1882. 

There are no other descendants of Asa Loveland living, except 
a son of Lucy Loveland who married Cyrus Munson, of Man- 
chester. His name is Loveland Munson and he is a lawyer of 
considerable ability. He is in possession of Asa . Loveland's fam- 
ily Bible, and it is through him I have received the record I en- 
close. I found my father's record was not complete. M37 hus- 
band's office is No. 7, Exchange Place. Our family residence is 
in Canibridgeport, where we have resided thirty years. In com 

52 The Laveland Genealogy. 

paring the record I send you with the one you sent, I notice a 
slight difference in dates, and in the list of names of the children of 
Thomas Loveland the name Abner is given in my record where 
you have written Thomas. The clergyman of Marlborough made 
several mistakes which I corrected before sending the record to 
you. I knew he was wrong, but this one puzzled me, as no 
doubt it did you. I am respectfully yours, 

Sarah Loveland Goodrich. 

HORACE N.'' LOVELAND (Abner«, Asa^) was b at Troy, 
N. Y., Sept. 22, 1832, m in Boston, May 31, 1855, Anna Samp- 
son White, b at New Bedford, Mass., May 31, 1836. Manufac- 
turer of tin and sheet iron goods. Firm : Doon Stamping Com- 
pany, Boston, Mass. No children. 

LUCY« LOVELAND (Asa^, Thomas*) was b at Manches- 
ter, Vt., Sept. 10, 1800, m there Nov. 10, 1841, Cyrus Munson. 
She d at M., March 24, 1878. Born at Manchester: 

i. Loveland' Munson, b July 21, 1843, m at M., May 4, 
1882, Mary B. Campbell, b at Mendon, III., Oct. 13, 
1862. Judge Munson has an extensive law practice 
in Manchester. 

SOLOMON* LOVELAND (Thomas3, Thomas* ) was b in 

Glas., Conn., 1730, d in Pompey, N. Y., 1821, a. 91. He m at G., 

Experience ,b at G., 1721, d there Dec. 20, 1772, in her 52d 

year. She had three sons and two daughters. He m 2d at G., 
July 14, 1775 (another authority gives July 14, 1773), Lucy Mor- 
ley, b at G. She d at Pompey, 1854. Seven children. This 
family settled at Pompey in 1797. He was a sea captain, a very 
large, broad shouldered man, over six feet high, of great powers 
of endurance. There seems to be a diversity of opinion as to the 
names and order of birth of their children. The weight of the 
testimony is in favor of the following: Children born in Glas.: 

i. Experience*, d Dec. 20, 1772, m Wm. Morley, Feb'y 
6, 1770. 

The Laveland Genealogy, 53 

ii. Onner, b 1757- Engraved on her monument: "In 
memory of Onner Loveland, who died March 27, 
1839, a. 82. For fifty years she resided in the fam- 
ily of Samuel Welles and his children, a faithful 
friend and companion. This stone is erected in 
grateful remembrance and affection, of her care and 
kindness, by those who knew her worth and mourn 
her death." 

Gad, d young. 

Eli, b 1760, m Onner Porter. 

Joab, d in infancy. 

Joab, m Lucy Nicholson. 

Gad, b Nov. 18, 1777, m Lucy Catlin. 

Solomon. If m he left his family in Pompey. 

Elizabeth, m Manoah Pratt. Children in P. 

Esther, b Dec. 10, 1781, m Brazil Rich; m 2d Cyrus 

Sally, d at Ashtabula, O., 1837; ""f"* 

Lucy, m Elisha Couch, Sept. 8, 1799. She d at Rome, 
N. Y., and left children there. 

Erastus Root, son of Esther s, writes from Rivera, Cal., March 
20, 1S93: "I was at my grandfather's funeral. He died at Pom- 
pey, N. Y., 1821, a. 91. I have often heard my mother speak of 
her uncle. Gad Loveland, who died in the Rev. War. Solomon* 
died at Ashtabula, O. I never heard that he married. I was 
well acquainted with him. His sister Sally lived with him." 

ELI« LOVELAND (Solomon*, Thomas* ) was b in Glas., 

Conn., 1760, d there April 14, 1807, in his 46th year; m there 

Jan'y 22, 1783, Onner Porter, b in East Hartford, Conn., 1760, d 

there June 28, 1840, a. 80. Children born in Glastonbury: 

70. i. Clarissa®, b Oct. 26, 1783, m Solomon Wrisley; m 2d 

William James. 

ii. Anson, b Aug. 3, 1785. In War 1812. 

71. iii. Penelope (Nelly), b Sept. 15, 1787, m Charles Wil- 

liams; m 2d Hezekiah Wickham; m 3d Samuel Har- 








• m 








54 ^^^ Lovetand Genealogy. 

iv. Electa, b March i6, 1790, d in G., Aug. 28, 1858. 

V. Nancy, b May 13, 1792, d in G., May 26, 1792. 

vi. Leonard, b May 27, 1793, d in G., Feb'y 24, 1S04. 

72. vii. Oliver, b Jan'y 17, 1796, m Elizabeth Wilson; m 2d 

Margaret R. Fetter. 

73. viii. Eli, b June 6, 1798, m Nancy Clark. 

CLARISSA* LOVELAND (Eli«, Solomon*) was b in 
Glas., Conn., Oct. 26, 1783, d there June 28, 1842; m Solomon 
Wrisley, b in East Hartford, Conn., 1779, d in Glas., Feb'y 26, 
1810; m 2d, 1822, William James, of R. L Children, the first 
three born in Glas., the two last in Hartford, Conn.: 

i. Leonard*^ Wrisley, b Feb'y, 1803, d Nov. 4, 1803. 
70a. ii. Nancy Wrisley, b Sept. 23, 1806, m Stephen Hurlbut. 
iii. Rufus H. Wrisley, b Jan'y 31, 1809, m Nov. 24, 1834, 

Caroline Austin. Family, 
iv. Abby Loveland James, b March, 1824, m Feb'y 28, 

1847, George W. Fuller. Family. 
V. Ellen Frances James, b June 6, 1828, m in Knowles- 

ville, N. Y., 1854, John N. Ferry. No children. 

NANCY-y WRISLEY, b in Glas., Conn., Sept. 23, 1806, m 
there Feb'y 29, 1832, Stephen Hurlbut, Jr. He d in Glas., Sept., 
1866. She d Jan'y 24, 1875. Manufacturer. Repub. M. E. Ch. 
Children born in Glas.: 

i. George Almarin* Hurlbut, b Sept. 28, 1833, ^ Oct. 
10, 1882. Graduated from College of Physicians 
and Surgeons, N. Y. City, in 1857, practiced there 
until Dec. 10, 1S61, when he was appointed First 
Assistant Surgeon of ist Conn. Light Battery. 
Jan'y 9, 1864, he was promoted Surgeon 1st Conn. 
Cavalry, mustered out at Washington, D. C, Aug. 
5, 1865. After this he practiced medicine at in Glas. 
until his death. 

ii. Henry Hart Hurlbut, b July 6, 1836, d Feb'y 23, 1838. 

The Loveland Genealogy. 55 

iii. Hester Ann Hurlbut, b April 22, 1838. 

iv. Clara Amelia Hurlbut, b April 13, 1840. Teacher. 

These two ladies inherited the old Hurlbut homestead and 

farm in Glas., where Hester resides. Clara teaches in one of the 

New^ Haven schools, spending vacations at home. They are the 

last of the name of their branch. Have no known relative of the 

name. — H. A. H. 

PENELOPE* LOVELAND (Eli«, Solomon*) was b at 

Glas., Conn., Sept. 15, 1787, d there Feb'y 25, 1877; m at Glas., 

Charles Williams, of Eastbury, Conn . Shoemaker. He died and 

was buried at sea. She m 2d at Glas., Hezekiah Wickham, of 

Eastbury. A sailor; died and buried at sea. She m 3d at Glas., 

Samuel Harrison. Sailor; died at Hartford, Conn., on his way 

home. Buried at Wethersfield, Conn. Children born at Glas.: 

i. Penelope' (Nelly) Williams, d in G. 

ii. Eliza Williams, b Jan'y, 1808. 

71a. iii. Anson Williams, b Jan'y 4, 181 1, m Keziah M. Phelps. 

iv. Timothy Wickham, b July 20, 1 82 1 , m Helen Saper{ ? ). 
He d. No issue reported. 

71^. V. Electa Maria Wickham, b Jan'y 10, 1824, m Joseph 

W. Torbert; m 2d Fraray Hale. 

ANSON' WILLIAMS, b at Glas., Conn., Jan'y 4, 181 1, d 
at Saxton's River, Vt., July 16, 1880. Cabinet maker. He m at 
Northampton, Mass., May 7, 1835, Keziah Miranda Phelps, b 
there April 16, 1814. She m 2d William K. Wright, of N., 
March 24, 1881. Children, first born in Plainville, Conn., second 
at Saxton's River: 

i. Catharine Miranda* Williams, b June 28, 1840, m at 
Saxton's River, Oct. 23, 1861, John B. Minard. 
She d at S. R., April 13, 1863. Had Kate W.», b 
Jan'y 2d, 1863. Teacher. 

ii. Jennie Frances Williams, b June 22, 1853, m William 

F. Ford. They have, b at New Haven, Conn.: 

Jennie Lizzie®, b Sept. 4, 1872; Lena Williams, b 

Nov. 15, 1875, d 1878, and Carrie May, b Nov. 27, 


56 The Loveland Genealogy. 

ELECTA M.' WICKHAM, b in Glas., Conn., Jan'y 10, 
1824, m there Oct. 16, 1845, Joseph W. Torbfert, b 1804. I^yer. 
He was drowned in Burlington, Wis., June 2, 1851. She m 2d at 
Glas., Oct. 2, 1856, Fraray Hale, b at Glas., Feb'y 26, 1781, d 
there Oct. 11, 1871. Manufacturer. She a seamstress. Children, 
first and last born at Glas., second at Wilsonville, Conn., the third 
at Millburg, Mass.: 

i. James McClement® Torbert, b July 31, 1846, m June, 
1872, Catharine Lunt. They have Grant Lunt* 
Torbert, b Aug. i, 1874. 

ii. Henry Lee Torbert, b Nov. 24, 1848; m. No report. 

iii. Joseph Warner Torbert, b April 7, 185 1, d at G., Aug. 
16, 1853. 
71C. iv. Fraray Hale, b Sept. 29, 1857, m Effie C. Ives. 

FRARAY« HALE, b at Glas., Conn., Sept. 29, 1857, m at 

Wallingford, Conn., Sept. 8, i88f, Effie C. Ives, b there Nov. 9, 
1854. Book-keeper. Clerk in the office of Meriden Britannia 
Co., Meriden, Conn. Besides is now (1894) and has been for a 
number of years clerk of the borough in Wallingford. Epis. Ch. 
Children born in Wallingford: 

i. Fraray» Hale, b July 28, 1882. 

ii. Clarence Earl Hale, b Nov. 2, 1887. 

OLIVER* LOVELAND (Eli^, Solomon*) was b in Glas., 
Conn., Jan'y 17, 1796, d in N. Y. City, Oct. 14, 1875; "^ there 
March 10, 18 19, Elizabeth Wilson, b in N. Y. City, Aug. 17, 
1798, d there July 28, 1832; m 2d in N. Y. City, Sept. 5, 1833, 
Margaret R. Fetter, b in Newbury, N. Y., Nov. 13, 1803, d in N. 
Y. City, Aug. 28, 1863. Children born in N. Y. City: 

i. Isaac W.'', b Feb'y 11, 1820, d Feb'y 17, 1820. 

74. ii. Leonard, b March 7, 1821, m Margaret G. Travis, 

iii. John B., b Sept. 26, 1S23, d July, 1824. 

iv. Margaret E., b Feb'y 23, 1825, d July 5, 1825. 

V. Isaac W., b Sept. 14, 1827, d June 25, 1828. 

The Loveland Genealogy » 57 

vi. Electa L., b Oct. 21, 1829, d Nov. 22, 1835. 
vii. John F., b July i, 1834, d July 24, 1834. 

75. viii. Mary Louisa, b March 11, 1837, "^ Peter A. Welch, 
ix. Oliver, b May 3, 1840, d Dec. 1 1, 1843. 

LEONARD-? LOVELAND (01iver«, Eli*) was b in N. Y. 

City, March 7, 1821, m there April 2, 1850, Margaret G. Travis, 
b in N. Y. City, March i, 1825. He d there June 17, 1894. ^^" 
tired com. merchant. Methodists. Children born in N. Y. City: 

76. i. Elizabeth Vanworden«, b Oct. 23, 1851, m William 

G. M. Conklin. 

77. ii. Oliver, b Nov. 10, 1853, m Brisca Gernaud. 

iii. Frank, b Sept. 18, 1855, d Nov. 26, 1892. Telegraph 

operator. M. E. Ch. 
iv. Willard, b Aug. 27, 1857, d Feb'y 13, 1888. 
V. Mary Louisa, b Oct. 6, 1859. M. E. Ch. 

78. vi. Clara, b July 13, 1863, m Charles H. Lovelace. 

vii. Leonard, b Aug. 24, 1865. Dry goods clerk. M. E. Ch. 

ELIZABETH V.8 LOVELAND (Leonard'', 01iver«) was 
b in N. Y. City, Oct. 23, 1851, m there Feb'y 23, 1871, William 
George Miller Conklin, b in Essex Conn., Oct. 28, 1848. Born 
in N. Y. City: 

i. Florence Evelyn^ Conklin, b Sept. 3, 1872. 
ii. Roscoe Chamberlain Conklin, b July 6, 1879. 

OLIVER* LOVELAND (Leonard% Oliver*) was b in N. 
Y. City, Nov. 10, 1853, m there Jan'y 6, 1884, Brisca Gernaud, b 
at Nyack, N. Y., Sept. 13, 1859. ^^ ^ *" N* Y- City, Jan'y i, 
1890. Dutch Ref. Ch. Born in N. Y. City: 

i. Lillian Grace», b March 10, 1885. M. E. Ch. 
ii. Harold, b June 14, 1888. M. E. Ch. 

CLARA« LOVELAND (Leonards 01iver«) was b in N. 
Y. City, July 13, 1863, m there Jan'y 5, 1887, Charles H. Love- 

5? The I,oveland Genealogy. 

lace, b at Danbury, Conn., Oct. 5, 1858. Manf. aaah and blinds. 
Born inN. Y. City: 

i. George* Lovelace, b Nov. 15, 1887. 
MARY L.' LOVELAND (Oliver", Eli") was b in N. V. 
City, March 1 1, 1837, m there June 16, 1S57, Peter A. Welch, b 
in Rhinebeck, N. V., May 10, 1832. She d in N. Y. City, Sept. 
10, 1894. Children born in N. Y, City: 
75a. i. Minnie Loveland* Welch, b April 30, i860, m Rev. J, 

O. Wilson. 
75^. ii. Herbert Welch, b Nov. 7, 1S62, m Adelaide F. McGee. 
iii. Oliver Loveland Welch, b Jan'y 6, 1869, d Dei:. 11, 

iv. Wilbur Abbott Welch, b June 8, 1873. 


MINNIE L.« WELCH, b in N. Y. City, April 30, i860, m 

there May 29, 18S4, Rev. James Oliver Wilson, b in Manchester, 

III., April 10, 1849. She d Aug. 23, 1888. Born in Gill, Mass.: 

i. Marguerite Loveland* Wilson, b Aug. iS, 1887. 

REV. HERBERT' WELCH, b in N. Y. City, Nov. 7, 
m there June 3, 1890, Adelaide Frances McGee, b in Brook- 
<. Y., Aug. 10, 1866. Born in Bedford, N. Y.: 
i. Dorothy* Welch, b June 7, 1891. 

N. Y. City, 11 W. 127th St., June 6, 1S93. 
, B. Loveland.- 

EAR Sir — Your letter of May 28th was received and the 
athy you expressed for those in affliction was appreciated, I 
; you. I did not know that you desired any facts about my 
Y more than I had given you. I certainly am very willing 
so if they will be of any use to you. I will say of my 
r, Oliver Loveland, that he was one of the best of men, an 
ht, consistent Christian man. He was very active in church 
, and was a leading spirit in the church with which he was 
rcted. He was a Methodist. He was an honor to his fam- 

The JLoveland Genealogy, 59 

ily, and to any one bearing the name. My family have been urg- 
ing me to send you his photograph, that you might have it inserted 
in the book. 

Mv husband is not in anv active business, but finds his time 
fully occupied in attending to his personal affairs, and also in do- 
ing very much church work, such as attending meetings of differ- 
ent boards, etc. He is also connected with two banks, which also 
demands some of his time. He is a thorough Methodist, and a 
staunch Republican. I am also a Methodist. My son, Wilbur 
A. Welch, is just finishing his freshman year in Wesleyan Uni- 
versity, Middletown, Conn. My son Herbert and my son-in-law, 
Mr. Wilson, are Methodist preachers. Herbert went ' through 
Wesleyan University and graduated in 1887, having taken more 
prizes than have ever been taken by any one person. He then 
spent three years in the Drew Theological Seminary, at Madison, 
New Jersey. He graduated from there in 1890, and entered the 
ministry. He is now stationed at Summerfield M. E. Church, in 
Brooklyn, an important charge. Rev. J. O. Wilson, D. D., is also 
stationed in Brooklyn, at Simpson Church. He has a large church 
and is doing a fine work there. He is a graduate of Illinois 
Wesleyan University, and also graduated from Drew Theo- 
logical Seminary. I should have said that Herbert is a Prohibi- 
tionist and Mr. Wilson is a Republican. Minnie died near Brandt 
Lake, in what is known as the North Woods, a spur of the Adiron- 
dack Mts. She was killed in a runawav accident. She is buried 
in Woodlawn Cemetery, New York, where my father, mother 
and my son Oliver, who died two years ago, all lie. Hoping that 
I have not wearied you by the recital of all these facts, I am 

Truly yours, Mary L. Welch. 

ELI« LOVELAND (Eli^, Solomon*) was b in Glas., Conn., 

June 6, 1798, m at Northampton, Mass., Oct. 18, 1821, Nancy 
Clark, b in N., Jan'y 9, 1801, d in Marion, Ala., Feb'y 9, 1880. 
He d there July 1, 1877. Cabinetmaker. He was a strong ad- 
vocate of temperance, himself a teetotaler. They were Old 
School Presbyterians. Children, first four born in Northampton, 
the fifth in Glas., the sixth in Hartford, Conn.; the rest in Marion: 

6o The Loveland Genealogy* 

i. Augustus Porter', b Feb'y 6, 1823, d in M., Sept. 30, 

ii. Nancy (Ann) Edwards, b Dec. 4, 1824, m in M., 

March 12, 1840, Henry F. Godden, d in M., Oct. 

16, 1856. She m 2d in M., June 26, 1864, A. M. 

Sherill, b in Catawba Co., N. C, Sept. 10, 1809. 

She d in M., April 14, 1SS8. Their dau., Helen L.8, 

b there July 27, 1865. 
iii. Rebecca Maria, b July 28, 1827, d at N., Nov. 6, 1829. 
iv. Chauncey Clark, b June 24, 1830, d in H., April 11, 

V. Charles Eli, b May 7, 1833, d in G., May 10, 1833. 

vi. Helen Maria, b March 15, 1835, ^ ^^ ^^'i J"'*^ '5» 
1855; unm. 

vii. Martha Clark, b Aug. 15, 1837, "^ Rev. C. C. God- 
den, June, i860. Shed at DeWitt, Ark., Oct. 11, 
1862. No children. 

viii. William Henry, b May 25, 1840, d in M., Aug. 15, 

ix. Charles Edwards, b Oct. 26, 1842, m in Louisville, 
Ky., May 5, 1881, Kate Casey, b in Mayo, Ireland, 
May 20, 1851. Merchant. Pro. No children. 

JOAB« LOVELAND {Solomon*, Thomass) was b in Glas., 
Conn., m there 1799, Lucy Nicholson, b in Glas., 1781, d there 
June 14, 1854, a. 73. He d on Staten Island, N. Y., of yellow 
fever, in the fall of 1800. Born at Glas.: 

79. i. Adaline®, b July 22, 1800, m Josiah B. Holmes. 

ADALINE« LOVELAND (Joab«, Solomon*) was b at 
Glas., Conn., July 22, 1800, m there Sept. 7, 1826, Josiah B. 
Holmes, b in Glas., 1803, d there July 19, 1856. Mrs. Holmes is 
yet (1893) living, with eyesight, hearing and strength good. 
Born in Glas.: 

i. Margaret Lucy'' Holmes, b March 28, 1827. 

ii. Franklin Holmes, b Aug. 25, 1830, d Nov. 10, 1865. 

The JLoveland Genealogy. 6i 

iii. Ambrose Nicholson Holmes, b Aug^. 5, 1832, m at G., 
1856, Julia Plummet Harden. They have, b in G., 
Charlotte Hubbard *. 

79tf. iv. Adaline Holmes, b Nov. 4, 1835, m John C. Rockwell. 

V. Lucian B. Holmes, b Nov. 6, 1837, 

ADALINE' HOLMES, b at Glas., Conn., Nov. 4, 1835, ^ 
there April 5, 1855, John C. Rockwell, b at Bloomfield, Conn., 
Nov. 25, 1833. Children, first born at Weston, Mo., the second 
at Glas.: 

i. Clinton H.* Rockwell, b Feb'y 3, 1859, ^ «* G., 
March 10, 1880. 

ii. Lucy Adaline Rockwell, b March 29, 186S. 

GAD* LOVELAND (Solomon*, Thomas«) wash in Glas., 
Conn., Nov. 18, 1777, d at Ashtabula, C, April, 1851. He came 
to Pompey, N. Y., 1797, m there July 14, 1799, Lucy Catlin, b at 
Harrington, Conn., March 3, 17S4, d at Ashtabula, June, 1854. 
They came to Ashftbula in 181 2. Lucy was the dau. of Major 
Geo. Catlin, whose wife was a Davis. He was major of cavalry 
in the Rev. War. In the winter of 1810-11 Gad Loveland went 
with Ambrose Stewart to Ashtabula and took up a tract of land, 
now known as the Old John Brown Farm. June, 1811, he went 
to Buffalo in the sail boat Catharine (afterward the gunboat 
Summers, in honor of Lieut. Summers of 1812). He took his 
family by the same boat to Erie, where he worked as joiner. 
Afterward they settled on the Brown farm, cleared off a square 
piece of two and one- half acres of land and built a log house. 
He followed his trade and hired his land cleared. He was Justice 
of the Peace eight years. Children, the first five horn at Pom- 
pey, the rest at Ashtabula: 

80. i. George Catlin^, b July 16, 1800, m Phoebe Pierce. 

81. ii. Henry, b May 23, 1803, m Sarah B. Smith. 

82. iii. Laura, b May 6, 1805, m Urial Goodwin. 

iv. Emily, b June 6, 1807, d at x\., April 6, 1830; m there 
Sept. 2, 1827, Washington Graves. She was killed 
by lightning. They had Mary*^, b Aug. 2, 1828. 

62 The Loveland Genealogy* 

83. V. Lucy, b April 10, 1809, m John Pierce. 

vi. James, b Aug. 12, 181 2, m Isabella Ramsay. He went 
to Loveland, O., in 1840. Carpenter. He m the 
dau. ofjohn Ramsay, a well to do farmer, and in 
connection with him purchased a grist mill and set 
up a small store. Mr. Loveland being the resident 
manager and the first postmaster, the place took his 
name. No report of his family- 

84. vii. Sarah (Sally), b July 26^ 1814, m Ira O. Seeley. 

85. viii. Hiram, b June 22, 18 16, m Helen Scott, 
ix. Joab, bjune 18, 1818, d 1835. 

X. Orrin Fisk, b March 13, 1820, d July 16, 1824. 
xi. Mary Elizabeth, b Feb'y 18, 1822, m at Ashtabula, 
Oct. 21, 1847, John Donnels, b JanV 15, 1812, d 
March 6, 1870. No children, 
xii. John, b Oct. 13, 1823, d Nov., 1838. 
"66, xiii. Julia Ann, b Aug. 23, 1825, m Q. C. Cully, 
xiv. Harriet M., b June 7. 1828, d 1852. 
XV. Kate ( Emily Catharine), b June Jb, 1830, m at Love- 
land, O., 1878, Thomas Paxton, b Dec. 18, 1822. 
No children. Mrs. Donnels lives with Kate at 

GEORGE C.« LOVELAND (Gads, Solomon*) was b at 

Pompey, N. Y., July 16, 1800, d at Ashtabula, O., Feb'y 27, 1883. 
He came to Ashtabula in 1812, m there Dec. 16, 1S24, Phoebe 
Pierce, b at Lyme, N. H., Sept. 14, 1801, d at A., May 27, 1882. 
Carpenter and farmer. Episcopal. Rep. Children born at Ash- 

87. i. Eliza Ann*, b Oct. 12, 1825, m Orrin B. Hall. 

88. ii. Phoebe, b July 3, 1827, m George H. Bissell. 

89. iii. Henry, b May 18, 1831, m Julia M. Dickinson. 

90. iv. Mary Jane, b Feb'y 7, 1S34, m George W. Dickinson, 
v. Amos Pierce^ b Dec. 17, 1836, m at Maquon, III., June 

30, 1865, Calista A. Selby, b there June 14, 1838. 
He went to 111., 1853; to Neal, Kan., 1866. Farmer^ 
Ppis. Rep. No children. 

The Loveland Genealogy. 63 

91. vi. George Edward, b Dec. 7, 1840, m Jessie A. Wager, 
vii. Susan Amelia, b Oct. 13, 1843, m at A., Aug. 29, 1867, 

Albert A. Benham, b at A., Jan'y 6, 1847. ^^^® ^ 
at Elgin, 111., July 22, 1876. No children. 

92. viii. Emily Cornelia, b Feb'y 27, 1846, m F. W. Seeley. 

ELIZA A.'' LOVELAND (George C.«, Gad«) was b at 
Ashtabula, O., Oct. 12, 1825, d there May 20, 1864; m at Ashta- 
bula, Oct. 19, 1846, Orrin B. Hall, b at A., Dec. 18, 1823, d at 
Wayne, Mich., April 15, 1875. Both buried at Wayne. They 
moved to Mich, in 1846. Farmer. Meth. Rep. Children, first 
born at Wayne, the rest at Belleville, Mich.: 

i. Henry* Hall, b June 14, 1851, d at W., Jan'y 20, 1854. 
ii. Ida Jane Hall, b March 21, 1854, m at Romulus, Mich., 

Aug. 23, 1874, Marcus Monroe. Family, 
iii. Emma Phoebe Hall, b June 11, 1858, m at Plymouth, 

Mich., Nov. I, 1877, Charles Fox. Family. 
iv. Orrin Adelbert Hall, b Dec. 16, i860, d Dec. 26, i860. 

PHOEBE' LOVELAND (George C.«, Gad^) was b at 
Ashtabula, O., July 3, 1827, m there Feb'y 10, 1848, George 
Henry Bissell, b at Kent, Conn., Nov. 13, 1818. He moved to 
Austinburg, O., 1835. Farmer. Cong. Rep. Born at Austin- 

i. Eliza Jane* Bissell, b Sept. 14, 1849, ^ ^^ ^'^ Aug. 

28, i860, 
ii. Ruth May Bissell, b July 7, 1854, m at A., Dec. 12, 

1877, Joseph J. Rose. Family, 
iii. Ellen Frances Bibsell, b Nov. 16, 1857, d at A., March 

21, 1862. 
iv. Emma Phoebe Bissell, b Jan'y 15, 1861, d at A., April 

16, 1862. 
V. George Mills Bissell, b Jan'y 14, 1864, m at Plymouth, 
Mich., Jan'y 10, 1883, Sarah Ji. Ql^rk. Family, 

64 The Laveland Genealogy* 

HENRY' LOVELAND (George C.«, Gad«) was b at Ash- 
tabula, O., May 18, 1831, m there May 17, 1857, Julia Maria 
Dickinson, b at New Haven, Conn., Oct. 13, 1835, d at Ashtabula, 
March 27, 1874. She came to Ashtabula in July, 1848. He m 
2d April 22, 1890, Jane Huggins, b in Rootstown, O., Sept. 9, 
1835. Farmer. Epis. Rep. Children born at Ashtabula: 

i. Ellen Phoebe*, b July 11, 1858, 

ii. Fred Amos, b May 17, 1862, d at A., Oct. 5, 1865. 

iii. Harriet Eliza, b Sept. 29, 1867. 

MARY J.7 LOVELAND (George C.«, Gad») was b at 

Ashtabula, O., Feb'y 7, 1834, m there Sept. 7, 1S54, George 

Waite Dickinson, b at Watertown, Conn., May 11, 1831, came to 

A. in 1850. Moved to Memphis, Tenn., 1854; returned, 1859. 

Jeweler. Epis. Rep. Children, the second born at M., the 

rest at A.: 

1. Julia Wilcox* Dickinson, b June 25, 1855, m at A., 

William D. Richards. Wholesale grocer there. 

Fres. Dem. They have: Robert Dalzell', b Sept. 

19, 1884; Harold William, b April 23, 1890; Frances, 

b Sept. 22, 1 89 1, 
ii. Mary Frances Dickinson, b Aug. 26, 1857. 
iii. Ellen Florence Dickinson, b Jan'y 23, 1862, m at A., 

April 16, 1884, DeLacy Gillette Johnson, b Dec. 29, 

1856. Postal clerk. . Rep. They have Florence 

Lura», b Feb'y 22, 1890. 
iv. George Edward Dickinson, b July 30, 1865, m Oct. 

18, 1893, Mary Lucinda Haskell, b at A., Aug. 23, 

1S70. Jeweler. Epis. Rep. 
V. Fredeiick Blake Dickinson, b Nov. 18, 1871, m Dec. 

12, 1893, Nellie L. Stevenson, b Nov. 2, 1874. 

Postal clerk. Pres. Rep. 

GEORGE E.7 LOVELAND (Geo. C.«, Gads) was b at 
Ashtabula, O., Dec. 7, 1840, m at East Rockport, O., Sept. j. 

^ ^ 

A. H. SNOW. (316). 

The Loveland Genealogy. 6$ 

1872, Jessie Anna Wager, b there Jan'y 31, 185 1. He moved to 
Cleveland, O., 1864. Paymaster C. & P. R. R. Now (1894) 
claim agent Nickel Plate R. R. Epis. Rep. Children born at 
East Rockport: 

i. * Lura Elizabeth*, b July 5, 1873. 
ii. Jesse Gertrude, b June 19, 1879. 
iii. Amos Wager, b April 23, 1889. 

EMILY C' LOVELAND (Geo. C.«, Gad») was b at Ash- 
tabula, O., Feb'y 27, 1846, m there Aug. 5, 1863, Francis W.'' 
Seeley (84), b at A., April 12, 1837. They moved to Minnesota, 
1864. Children, first born in Ashtabula, the rest at Lake City, 

i. Emma Frances* Seeley, b Oct. 22, 1864, d at L. City, 

Sept. 18, 1865. 
ii. Frances Emma Seeley, b Sept. 25, 1866, m May 12, 
1888, George Jerome Allen, b Dec. 19, 1856. Pos- 
tal clerk. Epis. Rep. 


Frances W. Seeley, son of Ira O. and Sarah Loveland Seeley 
(84), was born in Ashtabula, O., April 12, 1837. His early edu- 
cation was obtained in the public schools. When he was nine 
years of age his parents removed to Marquette County, Wisconsin 
Territory, where his boyhood and youthful days were passed. In 
the summer of 1852 he, with his parents, removed to Minnesota 

He entered the regular army February 15, 1855, as private in 
Battery E, Third Artillery (Sherman's), and was promoted brevet 
second lieutenant Third Artillery, Sept. 19, i860; second lieutenant 
Fourth Artillery, Feb. 4, i86i; first lieutenant Fourth Artillery, 
May 14, 1861, and captain Fourth Artillery, July 11, 1864. He 
was on duty in the Adjutant General's office, Washington, D. C, 
from Feb. 21 to March, 1861, and joined Battery H, Second Ar- 
tillery, April I, serving with it at Washington, D. C, to April 5, 
1861, when ordered to Fort Pickens, Florida. Here the lieuten- 
ant served as adjutant general of the department under Col. 

66 The Loveland Genealogy. 

Harvey Brown from July, 1861, to Jan. 18, 1862, and was pres- 
ent at the action of Santa Rosa Island, Florida, Oct. 9, and bom- 
bardments of Forts McRae and Barrancas, Nov. 22, 1861, and 
Jan. I, 1862. 

He then left to join his own battery and regiment, which he 
served with at Washington City to March 10, when he took the 
field with the A.rmy of the Potomac, participating in the siege of 
Yorktown, Virginia; White Oak Swamp, Virginia, June 30, 1862; 
Malvern Hill, Virginia, July i, 1S62; Malvern Hill, August 5, 
1862; Fredericksburg, Virginia; Chancellorsville, Virginia, and 
Gettysburg, Penn., where he was twice wounded — having com- 
manded his battery in all the above engagements. On account of 
his wounds Lieutenant Seeley was forced to leave the field until 
August 15, 1863, when he rejoined the Army of the Potomac and 
commanded his battery to Oct. 1, i^>63. He was appointed regi- 
mental quartermaster and reported at Fort Washington, Md , re- 
maining on duty there until he resigned August 31, 1864. 

The following is an extract from the report of the Congres- 
sional Committee on the conduct of the war, Vol. i, p. 9, 1865 
series: **At the conclusion of the battle of Sunday, Capt. Seeley 's 
batter}-, which was the last battery that fired a shot in the Battle 
of Chancellorsville, had forty-five horses killed, and in the neigh- 
borhood of forty men killed and wounded; but being a soldier of 
great pride and ambition, and not wishing to leave any of his ma- 
terial in the hands of the enemy, he withdrew so entirely at his 
leisure that he carried off all the harness from his dead horses, load- 
ing his cannoneers with it; he even took a part of a set of harness 
on his own arm, and so moved to the rear." 

And from an extract from the oflFicial report of Major General 
Humphreys on the Battle of Gettysburg, and referring to the oc- 
casion of Longstreet's attack: "Seeley 's battery (K, Fourth U. S. 
Artillery) was placed at my disposal. ♦ ♦ ♦ The firing of 
Seeley's battery was splendid, and excited my admiration, as well 
as that of everv oflScer who beheld it. His loss in men and horses 
was heavy, including himself severely wounded." 

In Walker's "History of the Second Army Corps" his battery 
is mentioned in most favorable terms (referring to Malvern Hill): 

The Loveland Genealogy, fyj 

"The regular batteries of Kingsbury, Seeley and Ames, and the 
volunteer battery of Weeden, far surpassed the ordinary achieve- 
ments of artillery; they fairly smashed the artillery which the con- 
federates sought to bring into action; battery after battery on that 
side was driven from the field without being able to get a single 
shot out of one of their guns, while upon the daring infantry lines 
which pressed forward in the hope of carrying the crest, they 
rained a. fire which, for destructiveness, has seldom if ever been 
exceeded in the history of the war." In regard to Chancellors- 
ville: "One of General Sickle's batteries, K, of the 4th U. S., 
holds its post after all the infantry has passed to the rear, exchang- 
ing fire with the advancing enemy; only when these are close 
upon his guns does the gallant commander Seeley, condescend to 
retire, carrying along everything that might serve the enemy as a 

In "Historical Sketches of the U. S. Army", The regimental 
historian writes of his battery as follows: "May 3 it fought at 
Chancellorsville, losing Lieut. I.Arnold (Ordnance Department 
attached), wounded, and forty-four men and fifty-nine horses killed 
and wounded. It was in this battle on the height at Fairview, at 
the extreme left of the crest, while under the most terrific fire, that K 
Battery won the admiration of all who beheld it; and its record at 
Chancellorsville under Lieut. F. W. Seeley, that prince of battery 
commanders, must always form one of the brightest pages in the 
history of our field artillery. Its work may be equalled, but it 
cannot be surpassed." 

Capt. Seeley resigned Aug. 31, 186^, on account of physical 
disability resulting from wounds, since which time he has been a 
resident of Minnesota. He was recommended for several brevets, 
but his early separation from the service prevented action on them. 

His first business was entered upon as a merchant in Lake City, 
Minnesota, immediately after his resignation from the army. He 
was appointed postmaster there, serving for 12 years. For one 
term he was a member of the State Legislature. In 1S87 he re- 
moved to St. Paul, occupying the position of Adjutant-General of 
the State, with the rank of Brigadier General, for one term ( 18S7-8). 

He was married in 1863 to Emily C. Loveland of Ashtabula, 

68 The JLoveland Genealogy. 

Ohio. One daughter, Frances E. (now Mrs. George J. Allen) is 
the only child. — From "Officers Regular of the Army and Navy 
who served in the Civil War." Pub. by L. R. and Co., Phil., Pa. 

HENRY* LOVELAND (Gad», Solomon*) was b at 

Pompey, N. Y., May 23, 1803, d at Smithfield, Ky., Dec. 12, 

1 83 1, m at Ashtabula, O., Dec. 2, 1829, Sarah Burnette Smith, b 

at Clinton, N. Y., FebV 28, 1802, d at Ashtabula, Sept. 23, 1852. 

Children, first born at Ashtabula, the other at Unionville, O.: 

i. Henry Smith'', b June 11, 1830, m there March 28, 
1854, Eliza Smith Morey, b at Ashtabula, June 23, 
1834. He d there Feb'y 4, 1855. No children. 

ii. Henrietta Sarah, b Feb'y 8, 1832, m at A., Jan'y 18, 
i860, John Brown Galpin, b in Bethlehem, Conn., 
Sept. 6, 1830. They have, born at A., Jennie 
Loveland^ Galpin, b Dec. 12, 1862. 

LAURA« LOVELAND (Gad«, Solomon*) was b at 

Pompey, N. Y., May 6, 1805, m at Ashtabula, O., Sept. 2, 1827, 

Urial Goodwin, b at Oneida, N. Y., Nov. 5, 1796, d at A., Nov. 

1882. She d there May 22, 1892. Farmer. Rep. Cong. 

Children, first born at A., the rest at Saybrook, O. 

82a. i. Urial' Goodwin, b June 23, 1828, m Harriet Story; m 

2d, Malinda Van Scoyoc King. 
82^. ii. Laura Goodwin, b Jan'y 5, 1830, m S. D. Heath, 
iii. Lucy Goodwin, b Aug. 25, 1831, d Jan'y 6, 1837. 
iv. Chloe Goodwin, b Jan'y 3, 1833, d Dec. 31, 1836. 
V. Eliza Goodwin, b Aug. 5, 183S. United with First 
Baptist Church in Momence, 111., 1866; by letter 
with First Baptist Church in A., 1868. 
vi. Elizabeth Goodwin, b Feb'y 11, 1840. Joined Cong, 
Ch. at A., 1868. 
82c. vii. Julia Ethel Goodwin, b March 6, 1843, m A. Gary. 

Mr. Goodwin died on Thanksgiving at the ripe age of eighty- 
six. He was one of the early settlers of Ashtabula county coming 
here some sixty years ago. He resided with his family upon the 

Tke Lovetand Genealogy. 69 

farm where he died more than fifty years. His life was marked 
by strict integrity. He early gave his adherence to the anti-slavery 
cause by contributing largely to further its ends. He was modest 
and unassuming. A friend and helper of the poor and oppressed. 
He was a Congregationalist and a practical Christian in every 
sense of the word. — E. G. 

Mrs. Laura Goodwin^ notice of whose death appeared in the 
Telegraph last week, came with her parents to Ashtabula in 
181 2. The place was then a little settlement containing but one 
framed house. The year following her marriage, they removed 
to their farm in Saybrook, where she has lived for sixty-four years. 
In her 85th year she pieced ten quilts giving the most of them to 
the needy. She brought up several motherless children. She was 
a tender mother and loving wife — beloved by all. One by one the 
old landmarks are taken away, and but few remain of the pioneers 
of Ashtabula. Mother Goodwin lived a long and useful life, and 
her deathbed testimony was that most of that life she tried to live 
a Christian. — E. G. 


URIAL'' GOODWIN, b at Ashtabula, O., June 23, 1828, m 
there Aug. 10, 1849, Harriet Story, b at A., June 17, 1830, d at 
Momence, 111., Nov. 9, 1865; m 2d, at Grant Park, 111., Dec. 23, 
1868, Malinda Van Scoyoc (wid. King), b Nov. 16, 1834. Radi- 
cal on temperance. Farmer. Repub. Methodist. Children, the 
second born at Ashtabula, the rest at Saybrook, O. : 

82</. i. Charles Augustus* Gocdwin, b Oct. 15, 1850, m Min- 
nie Harmon. 
82^. ii. Ellen Elizabeth Goodwin, b Nov. 19, 1854, m Edwin 

E. Hatch. 
82/". iii. Albert Edward Goodwin, b June 3, i860, m Hattie 

M. Benham. 

CHARLES A8. GOODWIN, b at Saybrook, O., Oct. 15, 
1850, m at Austinburg, O., Minnie Harmon, b at Berlin, O., June 
15, 1858. Children, first born at Saybrook, the second at Atwater, 

i. Albert Mathias' Goodwin, b Nov. 19, 1880. 

7© The Loveland Genealogy. 

ii. Walter James Goodwin, b Oct. 14, 1883. 

ELLEN E.8 GOODWIN, b at Ashtabula, O., Nov. 19, 1854, 
m there June 15, 1875, Edwin Eugene Hatch, b at Southington, 
O., March 13, 1846. Farmer. Repub. Cong. Children born 
at Sajbrook, O.: 

i. Leroy Goodwin» Hatch, b July 19, 1878. 

ii. Myra Ellen Hatch, b Jan'y i, 1880. 

iii. Robert Edwin Hatch, b Nov. 10, 1881. 

iv. Fannie Gertrude Hatch, b Dec. 11, 1883. 

V. James Allen Hatch, b Dec. 5, 1885. 

vi. John Albert Hatch, b Dec. 5, 1885, d Dec. 5, 1885. 

vii. Walter Albert Hatch, b Jan'y 15, 1890. 

viii. Bertha Harriet Hatch, b Sept. 21, 1892. 

ALBERT E.8 GOODWIN, b at Saybrook, O., June 3, i860, 
m there Aug. 2, 1882, Hattie Malinda Bcnham,bat S., March 23, 
1863. Mechanic. Repub. M. E. Ch. Born at Ashtabula, O. : 

i. Fred Albert^ Goodwin, b Oct. 14, 1883. 

ii. Alfred Urial Goodwin, b Nov. 22, 1885. 

iii. William Henry Goodwin, b March 3, 1890. 

iv.- Clarence Benham Goodwin, b Sept. 4, 1893, Saybrook. 

LAURA7 GOODWIN, b at Saybrook, O., Jan'y 5, 1830, m 
there Jan'y 30, 1864, Seth Darius Heath, b at Chardon, O., March 
4, 1818. She d at Saybrook, March 23, 187 1. Born at Saybrook: 

i. Wilber W*. Heath, b April 19, 1864. Farmer, 
ii. Leroy Urial Heath, b Feb'y 9, 1866. Farmer, 
iii. Flora Elizabeth Heath, b Feb'y 24, 1870. 

JULIA E.7 GOODWIN, b at Saybrook, O., March 6, 1843, 
m at Jefferson, O., April 2, 1868, Alanson Gary, b at Sadbury, 
Crawford Co., Pa., Aug. 25, 1841, d at Saybrook, May 19, 1890. 
Farmer. Repub. M. E. Ch. Born at Saybrook: 

The JLovetand Genealogy, 7I 

i. Herbert Goodwin « Gary, b Dec. 13, 1868, m Mary 
Laird, in Ashtabula Nov. 16, 1892. Machinist. 
Repub. M. E. Ch. 

ii. Alice Elizabeth Gary, b Nov. 17, 1869. 

iii. George Elmer Gary, b Feb'y i, 1871. Farmer. M. 
E. Ch. 

iv. Edward Alanson Gary, b Dec. 15, 1873. 

V. Freddie Horton Gary, b Dec. 9, 1877, d March 4, 1879. 

LUCY« LOVELAND (Gads, Solomon*) was bat Pompey, 
N. Y., April 10, 1809, m at Say brook, O., Nov. 14, 1832, John 
Pierce, b at Lyme, N. H., Aug. 31, 1804. She d at Saybrook, 
July 21, 1870. Buried at Austinburg, O. The sixth family re- 
union of the Loveland- Pierce family, was held at his residence at 
Munson Hill, Aug., 1894. He is the oldest living member of either 
family. He has resided on the farm where he now lives since 
1816. Children born at Saybrook: 

83a. i. John Henry'' Pierce, b Sept. 12, 1833, m Josephine 


83^. ii. George Edward Pierce, b Feb'y 2, 1836, m Mary 

Ellen Harris. 

83^:. iii. Thomas Wilson Pierce, b Jan'y 18, 1839, "* Lucelia 


83^. iv. Lucy Manuella Pierce, b Jan'y 31, 1841, m Theodore 


83^. V. Susan Elizabeth Pierce, b Feb'y 17, 1847, "^ Edgar 


vi. Elijah Amos Pierce, b Jan'y 21, 1849, m at Tuscola, 
111., Oct. 26, 1 88 1, Kate Brown. Grocer. 

HENRY J.-y PIERCE, b at Saybrook, O., Sept. 12, 1833, "* 
at Maquon, 111., April 3, 1873, Josephine Hartsook, b at Summit, 
111., May 20, 1852. He d at Maquon, June 1 1, 1883. Mrs. Pierce 
says: "My husband changed his initials from J. H. to H. J., be- 
cause he went by his second name." Born at Maquon: 

i. Eddie* Pierce, b May 21, 1875, d at M., Aug. 10, 1875. 
ii. Charles David Pierce, b Sept. 28, 1876. 

72 The Loveland Genealogy. 

EDWARD G.7 PIERCE, b at Saybrook, O., Feb'y 2, 1836, 
m there Oct. 6, 1868, Mary Ellen Harris, b at S., Dec. 31, 1844. 
Initials changed as in the family above. Born at Ashtabula, O.: 

i. Mary Louise* Pierce, b Oct. 24, 1869, ^ Feb'y 7, 1872. 

ii. Charles Harris Pierce, b Dec. 26, 1870. 

iii. Edward Rufus Pierce, b Nov. 13, 1872. 

iv. William Harris Pierce, b May 23, 1874. 

THOMAS W.-y PIERCE, b at Saybrook, O., Jan'y 18, 1839, 
m at Geneva, O., Oct. 26, 1865, Lucelia Hotchkiss. Children born 
at Saybrook: 

i. Lucy Loveland* Pierce, b Aug. 19, 1868. 

ii. John Henry Pierce, b Feb'y 28, 1870, d July 20, 1S73. 

iii. Haltie Louisa Pierce, b Feb'y 1, 1872. 

iv. Thomas Carl Pierce, b Aug. 19, 1875. 

LUCY M.'' PIERCE, b at Saybrook, O., Jan'y 31, 1841, m 
there Dec. 25, 1862, Theodore Hall, b at Ashtabula, O., Aug. 29, 
1838. She d at A., Sept. 29, 1889. He m 2d at A., Jan'y 28, 
1893, Nellie Elizabeth Ketcham, b in Green Tp., Trumbull Co., 
O., Feb'y 6, 1862. Atty-at-Law at A. Children, first bom at 
Geneva, O., second at Ashtabula: 

i. Edward Pierce* Hall, b May 5, 1864. 
ii. Ruth Booth Hall, b Jan'y 18, 1866. 

SUSAN E.-? PIERCE, b at Saybrook, O., Feb'y 17, 1847, 
m there Sept. 10, 1866, Edgar Hall, b at Ashtabula, O., Sept. 16, 
1841. Atty-atlaw at A. Children born at Ashtabula: 

i. John Stephen 7 Hall, b Oct. 1 1, 1867, d Aug. 28, 1868. 
ii. Edgar Booth Hall, b May 2, 1869, d Aug. 16, 1870. 
iii. Theodore Hall, b Aug. 10, 1876. 

SARAH« LOVELAND { Gad «, Solomon*) was bat Ashta- 
bula, O., July 26, 1814, m there May 15, 1836, Ira O. Seeley. 

The Loveland Genealogy* 73 

She d at Appleton, Minn., Oct. i, 1868. He represented the Minn. 
Territory one term in Congress, d about 1889. Children, first four 
bom at Ashtabula, the next two at Berlin, Minn., the seventh at 
Wabash, Minn., and the rest at Mazeppa, Minn.: 

Francis Webb'' Seeley, b April 12, 1837, m Emily C. 
Loveland of family 92. (See her family.) 

ii. Julia Augusta Seeley, b May 20, 1841, d at Laporte, 
Ind., May 11, 1846. 

iii. Elizabeth Adelia Seeley, b Dec. 29, 1843, '^ ^^ Ashta- 
bula, Nov. 6, 1868, Orville F. Davis. They have: 
Ira Orton«, b March 13, 1877. 

iv. John Henry Seeley, b Jan'y 1 1 , 1 845, d at B., Feb'y 20, 

V. Robert Seeley, b Nov. 2, 1848, m at Zumbro Falls, 
Minn., Estelle Pomeroy. They have: Worden«, b 
Sept. 17, 1872; Clarence, b July 8, 1874; Ira Orton, 
b Oct. 4, 1876, and Maud, b April 10, 1880. 

vi. Elvira Seeley, b Feb'y 24, 1851. 

vii. Emma(?) Lane Seeley, b Nov. 20, 1853; '"• 

viii. Nellie Seeley, b Nov. 20, 1856; m. 

ix. Albert Seeley, b May 21, 1859, "^ ^^^ Somberger, 
July 17, 1880. 

X. Elmer Ellsworth Seeley, b Feb'y 17, 1861. 

HIRAM« LOVELAND (Gad«, Solomon*) was b at Ashta- 
bula, O., June 22, 1816, m Ellen Scott, b March 26, 1820, d Jan'y 
6, 1863. Harness maker and trimmer. They have: 

i. Lucy Ann'', b March 21, 1844, ^ March 11, 1857. 

ii. Scott, b Feb'y 18, 1847, ^ Sept. 7, 1854. 

iii. Charles, b April 24, 1849, d Feb'y 1 1, 1873. 

iv. William, b Dec. 3, 1852. 

v. Harry, b June 18, 1856, d Dec. 29, 1890, at Loveland, O. 

JULIA ANN« LOVELAND (Gad«, Solomon*) was b at 
Ashtabula, O., Aug. 23, 1825, m there April 9, 1843, Quintus C. 
Cully, b in Mohican Tp., Wayne Co., O., July 4, 1820. Many* 

74 ^^^ Lovetand Genealogy. 

facturer. Rep. Cong. She d at A., May 31, 1S80. Children 
born at Ashtabula: 

i. Ellen E'''. Cully, b March 17, 1844, d Jan'y 31, 1861. 

ii. James E. Cully, b FebV 4, 1846, d April 17, 1850. 

iii. John Loveland Cully, b Oct. 1 1, 1847, "^ ^" Cleveland, 
O., July 15, 18S4, Carrie H. Stevenson, b in Green- 
ville, Pa., Nov. 3, 1853. Civil Engineer. No family. 

iv. George Cully, b July 18, 1849, "^ ^^ Ashtabula Nov. 
15, 1873, Rosalind N. Gillet, b April 11, 1853. 
Children: Burritt N.«, b Oct. 23, 1875; Ellen F., 
June 18, 1877; Walter G., Aug. 25, 1879; Annie, 
May 25, 1881 ; Carleton, Dec. 29, 1683; R-^^^^i Aug. 
25, 1886; Grace, June 29, 1889. Civil engineer. 

V. Frederick W. Cully, b Aug. 11, 1S51. 

vi, Fannie Ida Culley, b Jan'y 19, 1854, d June 14, 1886. 
She was a grad. of the Ashtabula public schools, 
class of '72 which was the first class that graduated. 

vii. Arthur E. Cully, b June 4, 1-856, m at Franklin, Pa., 
Aug. 13, 1878, Ida E. Ellis. He d at A., Dec. 20, 
1881. They had Eva^, b July 7, 1879. 

ESTHERS LOVELAND (Solomon*, Thomass Thomas*, 
Thomas^) was b in Glastonbury, Conn., Dec. 10, 1781, moved 
with her father to Pompey, N. Y., 1797, m there 1799, Brazil 
Rich. He was b in P., and died there. She m 2d, in P., July 7, 
1805, Cyrus Root, b at Saratoga, N. Y., March 30, 1785, d at 
Milwaukee, Wis., Aug. 19, 1876. She d at Otsego, Wis., Sept. 
28, 1866. Farmers and Methodists. His father, Stephen Root, b 
Jan'y 11, 1755, d July 14, 1836. His mother, Elizabeth, b March 
14, 1744, d Oct. 17, 1834. They were m Nov., 1777. Children 
born in Pompey: 

69a. i. Russell* Rich, b Oct. 22, 1800, m ist, Mary Hale; m 

2d, Permelia Roena Adams; m 3d, Susannah Street. 

ii. Charles Root, b Jan'y 20; 1806, m in Utica, N. Y., d 

1870; had a son John Edward'', m Morton 

in Fonthill, Canada. They lived with their dau., 
Nellie Root Edwards, wife of Dr. Charles Edwards. 

69^. iii. Nelson Root, b March 6, 1808, m Maria Beard. 

69c. iv. Erastus Root, b Aug. 4, 1809, m Esther Pickett. 

The Loveland Genealogy. 75 

69^. V. Cyrus Root, b Sept. 26, 181 1, m Hannah Henton. 
vi. Elizabeth Root, b Feb'y 4, 1814, d Sept. 11, 1816. 
69^. vii. Philemon Frisbie Root, b May 20, 1816, d Nov. 5, 

1893, m Philadelia Fay. 
viii. Lucy Root, b Dec. 7, 1819, ^ '" ^'^ Sept. 4, 1818. 
62/". ix. William Root, b April 8, 1820, m Mary Shaver; m 2d, 

Henrietta Nason. 
X. Henry Root, b April 12, 1824, d Dec. 3, 1826. 

RUSSELL« RICH, b in Pompey, N. Y., Oct. 22, 1800, m 
in Auburn, N. Y, June 20, 1823, Mary Hale, d there Aug. 20, 
1825; m 2d, in A., Jan'y 28, 1827, Permelia Roena Adams, b Dec. 
28, 1802, d in A., July 2, 183 1; m 3d, in St. Johns, Canada, Oct. 
12, 1832, Susannah Street, b there Oct. 15, 1808. He d in St. 
Johns, Jan'y 12, 1849. ^^^ "^ ^" Lewiston, N. Y., Sept. 10, 1867, 
Adam W. Uline. They removed to Amherst, Wis. She d there 
Oct. 7, 1887. He, 1875. Mr. Rich was brought up by his aunt 
Sally Loveland, became a machinist and lived for many years in 
Auburn. He moved to Black Rock, N. Y., about 1830 and in a 
year or two to St. Johns where he established a large manu- 
facturing business — foundery, machine shop, and woolen factory. 
At the time of his death he had built more than half the woolen 
factories in Western Canada. Buried at St. Johns. Children, 
first three born in Auburn, the fourth at Black Rock, the rest at 
St. Johns: 

i. Alberf Rich, b Sept. 20, 1824, d July 4, 1S25. 

ii. Mary Hale Rich, b Sept. 3, 1827, m at Niagara Falls, 
N. Y., June 1843, Daniel Markle, b 182 1, d at St. 
Johns, June 30, 1856. They had: John Russell 

Rich*, b April, 1845 (m Addie ); Joseph, b 


iii. Sarah Maria Rich, b Sept. 2, 1829, m at N. F., Nov. 8, 
1848, George Smith, b in Middleport, N. Y., June 
2, 1819, d at Springtown, N. J., Sept. 3, 1873. They 
had, born in St. Johns, Oct. i, 1849, Fermelia 
Roena 8, m in Westboro, Mass., Sept. 1, 1870, 
Harland Forester Witherby, b in Grafton, Mass., 
Feb'y 12, 1846. Jeweler. 

76 The Loveland Genealogy, 

iv. Permelia Roena Rich, b June 25, i83i,d July 10, 183 1. 
V. Susannah Margery Rich, b Sept. 12, 1833, d Sept. 29, 


vi. Margery Eliza Rich, b April 19, 1835. Grad. from 

Fort Edward Institute, Fort Edward, N. Y., and 

from Wesleyan Ladies' College, Hamilton, Canada. 

Teacher in High school Waupaca, Wis. (1891). 

69^. vii. John Street Rich, b April 9, 1837, m Hannah Robert- 

viii. Esther Susannah Rich, b Sept. 4, 1839, "^ ^^ Fonthill, 
Can., Nov., 1862, David Keltie, b in Halifax, Nova 
Scotia. She d in Hamilton, Sept. 18, 1867, Grad. 
from Toronto Normal School; was a teacher many 
years in Hamilton Central schools. 

69^. ix. Permelia Roena Rich, b Oct. 17, 1841, m Rev. Alex- 
ander Langford. 

X. Fhebe Margaret Rich, b March i, 1843, m in Amherst, 
Wis., Nov. 29, 1875, Lewis Lombard, b in Readfield, 
Me., Aug. 5, 1828. They have, b in Amherst, 
Martha Maud*, b Nov. 21, 1876; John Lewis, b July 
8, 1879. 

691. xi Albert Russell Rich, b Jan'y 12,1 845, m Isabella Adams. 

xii. Samuel Rich, b 1846, djan'y 1, 1847. 

xiii. Lachlin Taylor Rich, b May 18, 1848, d Jan'y i, 1859, 

JOHN S.'' RICH, b in St. Johns, Can., April 9, 1837, ^ »" 
Hamilton, Can., Aug. 8, i860, Hannah Robertson, b in Ancaster, 
Ont., Can., Oct. 31, 1835. ^^ ^ ^" ^*^ City, Pa., Nov. 13, 1878. 
Educated in Can. public schools, went to Cal. in 1854 — overland 
route — engaged in mining, returned to Can. 1859 and engaged in 
mercantile business until 1865, went to Oil City that year and en- 
gaged in the oil business, buying and selling oil territory until his 
death. Children, first two born in Fonthill, Ont., Can., the third 
at St. Catharines, Can., the fourth at Oil City : 

i. Edith MariaS Rich, b April 23, 1861, m May 12, 1886, 
J. W. Kinnear, b in Tidioute, Pa., Aug. 2, 1859. 
Lawyer. They have: Jay Rich», b in Oil City, 
Jan'y 29, 1889, d in infancy; Raymond C, b in 
Pittsburg, Pa., Jan'y 29, 1889. 


The Laveland Genealogy. ^f 

ii. Alexander Robertson Russell Rich, b July 2, 1862, m 
in Oil City Nov. 8, 1889, Mary Burke, b in Limerick, 
Ireland, July 25, 1866. They have, Edith Esther®, 
b in St. Marys, Pa., Sept. 1, 1890. 

iii. Samuel Frederick Rich, b Feb'y 24, 1864, m in Wash- 
ington, Pa., July 14, 1887, Madeleine Bureau 
Acheson, b there Sept. 15, 1864. 

iv. Esther Susannah Rich, b Oct. 12, 1867. Grad. in 
Meadville Conservatory of Music. 

PERMELIA R.8 RICH, b in St. Johns, Can., Oct. 17, 1841, 
m in Fonthill, Can., Aug. i, 1861, Rev. Alexander Langford, b in 
Edinburg, Scotland, Nov. 12, 1835. He is a Methodist clergyman, 
and served the following charges: Cayuga, Innisfield, Sarnia, 
Chatham, London, Brantford, St. Catharines, Chatham (2d term), 
Hamilton, Winnipeg (Manitoba), London (2d), Brampton. He 
was president of the London Conference in 1881 and of the 
Manitoba District in 1886, and was chairman of the Chatham, 
Brantford, St. Catharines, Chatham (2d term), Hamilton, Win- 
nipeg, and Brampton Districts. Children born in Canada, first in 
York, two next in Innisfield, the fourth in Sarnia, fifth and sixth 
in Chatham, seventh in Brantford, eighth in St. Catharines, ninth 
in Hamilton: 

i. Arthur Leopold^ Langford, b June 27, 1862, m in H., 
Aug. 17, 1 89 1, Lizzie S. Stobbs. He grad. B. A. in 
Victoria University, Cobourgh, Can., in 1884; took 
a post graduate course in Berlin University in 
German, Ancient Classics, and Archelogy. He is 
Prof, of Classics in Winnipeg University, Manitoba. 

ii. Maria Rich Langford, b April 21, 1864. 

iii. Charles Embury Langford, b Nov. 10, 1865, d July 31, 

iv. Henry Langford, b April 4, 1S67. Grad. B. A. from 
V. U. 1888. Admitted to the Bar, 1891. At Rat 
Portage, Can. 

r. Frederick Langford, b April 23, 1869. Grad. in V. U. 
1889. Admitted to Meth. ministry 1889. Grad. 
Bachelor of Divinity from V. U. 1892. 

78 The Laveland GeneaUjg-y, 

vi. William Langford, b May 18, 1871. Matriculated in 

arts, V. U. 1890. Grad. M. D. 1894. 
vii. Nellie Langford, h Dec. 16, 1874. 
viii. George Langford, b May 8, 1879, ^ J"^y ^» 1880. 
ix. Edward Langford, b March 11, 1883, d May 17, 1883. 

REV. ALBERT R.? RICH, b in St. Johns, Ontario, Can., 

Jan'y 12, 1845, m in Blytheswood, Ont., Can,, Sept. 27, 1870, 
Isabella Adams, b in Kingsville, Ont., Can., Aug. 15, 1850. Mr, 
Rich was local preacher four years in Methodist Church of 
Canada, and during that time was pastor of Sandwich, Ontario. 
He was matriculated in Victoria University, Cobourgh, Canada, in 
1864, but was admitted ad cundem statem in Toronto University, 
and after teaching a few years, finished his course there in 1870, 
entering the itinerancy of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Erie 
Conference at the session of Sept. 1 8, 1 870, at Cleveland, Ohio, and 
was admit' ed Deacon, Sept. 18th, by Bishop Clark at same confer- 
ence, and was ordained elder by Bishop Peck in Erie, Pa., Sept. 6, 
1874. He traveled Irving, N. Y., Harmonsburg, Espyville, Con- 
neautville, Salem, Sandy Lake, West Middlesex, Grove City, 
Union City, and Ridgway charges, Pa. He has for eight years 
served as one of the secretaries of Erie Conference. P. O., Ridg- 
way. Children, first born in Irving, second in Dicksonburg, Pa., 
the third in Espyville, the fourth at Sandy Lake, the fifth at 
West Middlesex: 

i. Joshua Albert* Rich, b July 22, 1871, d in E., March 

7, 1874, buried at Sandy Lake, 
ii. John Street RusSell Rich, b Sept. 22, 1872. Entered 

Freshman in Allegheny College, Meadville, Pa., in 

iii. Claribel Susanna Rich, b Sept. 7, 1874. Entered 

Freshman in scientific course. Grove City College, 

in 1889. 
iv. Paul Adams Rich, b Jan'y 18, 18S3, d Aug. 31, 1883, 

buried at Sandy Lake, 
v. Henry Lloyd Egerton Rich, b Feb'y 17, 1884. 

The JLoveland Genealogy* 79 

NELSON « ROOT, b in Pompey, N. Y., March 6, 1808, m 
in Chautauqua Co., N. Y., FebV 18, 1835, Maria Beard. Hed at 
Sylvania, O., March 12, 1892. Children: 

i. Melvina'' Root, b Oct. 7, 1835; ^• 

ii. Louisa Root, b Sept. 18, 1836; d. 

iii. Silas B. Root, b Sept. 1 1, 1838; m. 

iv. Emma Jane Root, b July 19, 1843, m at Ripley, N. Y., 

Aug., 1869, Maurice Daughatay. They have Caleb*, 

b 1878. . 

ERASTUS« ROOT, Born in Pompey, N. Y., Aug. 4, 1809, 
m in Bennington, N. Y., Oct. 17, 1833, Esther Pickett, b in 
Herkimer Co., N. Y., Aug. 22, 1804, d Jan'y 13, 1892, buried in 
Little Lake Cem., Los Angeles Co., Cal. Mr. Root has heard his 
mother speak of her uncle Gad who died in the army in the Rev. 
War. Farmer. Dem. Freethinker. She, Spiritualist. P. O., 
Rivera, Cal. Children, first born in Bennington, the next two in 
Orleans Co., N. Y., the last at Grand Rapids, Mich.: 

i. Nelson^ Root, b Jan'y 18, 1835, m in Mo., July 4, i860, 
Ann Clark, b in Ireland, Aug. 10, 1838. Children 
born in Vernon, Li.: Edward E.8, b April i, 1861; 
Charles M., b Jan'y 17, 1858; Esther, b Jan'y 17, 
1858, d in Los Angeles, March 4, 1885. 

ii. Fanny Jane Root, b July 4, 1836, m in Markham, Ont., 
Can., July 15, 1854, William Abell. She d at Mt. 
Pleasant, la., Jan'y 10, 1877. 

iii. James Root, b April 20, 1840. Unm. Proprietor of 
the Rivera Tropical Nurseries. 

iv. ■ Emma Mariah Root, b July 29, 1846, d Aug. 19, 1846. 

CYRUS« ROOT, b in Pompey, N. Y., Sept. 26, 181 1, m in 
Erie Co., Pa., May 10, 1837, Hannah Ilenton, b in Venango, Pa., 
April 10, 1817, d in Otsego, Wis., Aug. 15 1S89. He d there 
^an'y 19, 1893. Children born in Ripley, N. Y.: 

So The Loveland GemetUogy* 

i. Helen M.' Root, b July 23, 1840,01 Oct. 4, 1863, John 
Sickles, b in Danube, N. Y., Oct. 30, 1830, d at 
Otsego, Nov. 30, 1865. They have, born at Otsego: 
Edith Maria B, b Aug. 9, 1864, (m Oct. 24, 1888, 
John C. Ashmore, b in Wis., Nov. i, 1859, d in Bath, 
S. D., Dec. 13, 1888, m 2d, in Minneapolis, Minn., 
May I, 1890, William Norton, b July 15, 1856), and 
Jessie C* Sickles, b March 16, 1866. 

ii. Henry T. Root, b May 24, 1843, m in Otsego, Jan'y 1, 
1869, Jane M. Mitchell, b in Edinburg, Scotland, 
Jan'y 12, 1849. Children, the last born in Rio, Wis., 
the rest in Otsego: Olivia H.«, b Sept. 19, 1870; 
Ralph M., b June 6, 1872; Harry, b Aug. 5, 1874; 
Alma M., b May 16, 1876; Carrie, b Nov. 12, 1878, 
and Clara, b Sept 29, 1887. 

P. F.« ROOT, b in Pompey, N. Y., May 20, i8i6, m in 
Ripley, N. Y., Dec. 6, 1836, Philadelia Fay, b in Bethany, N. Y., 
Feb'y 19, 1816, d in Otsego, Wis., Jan'y 25, 1888. He d there 
Nov. 5, 1893. Jeweler. Children, first three born in Ripley, the 
last in Otsego: 

i. Elizabeth Rosalie"^ Root, b Nov. i, 1837, m in Otsego, 
Aug. 20, 1862, Jabez Hunting, b in Ellisburg, N. Y., 
March 4, 1834. Farmer. Soldier in Co. R 32d 
Reg. Wis. Vols. He d at Atlanta, Ga., Oct. 30, 1864. 
She m 2d, at Columbus, Wis., Nov. i, 187 1, Henry L. 
Stevens, b at La Porte, Ohio, July 3, 1835. Car- 
penter. She had, Frank Mead^ Hunting, b July 12, 
1863, d Oct I, 1864. 

ii. Emmerson Resolve Root, b Sept. 97, 1841, d Pec. 31, 
1844. Drowned in Gaines, Orleans Co., N. Y. 

iii. Emmett Henry Root, b May 3, 1848, m in Randolph, 
Wis., Oct. 3, 1871, Ellen Dunham, b at Fox Lake, 
Wis., March 6, 1852. They have: Lulu M.« b at 
R., Aug. 9, 1872, and Eva May, b at Rio, Wis., 
June 30, 1880. 

Kkv. Ai-HKKT H. Huh, 1). I)., (H9I,) 

The Loveland Genealogy. 8i 

iv. Ellie Annabel Root, b Aug. 12, 1853, m in Otseg^o, 
Feb'y 22, 1877, James M. Young, b in Maine, N. Y,, 
Sept. 19, 1853. Merchant in Otsego, Wis. 

WILLIAM • ROOT, b at Pompey, N. Y., April 8, 1820, m 

at Ripley, N. Y., Oct. 8, 1844, Mary Shaver, b there Oct 5, 1828, 
d there June 8, 1853. He m 2d, at R., Dec. 22, 1853, Henrietta E. 
K. Nason, b at Lawrence, N. Y., May 13, 1829. P. O., Ashta- 
bula, O. Children born at Ripley: 

i. Alberf Root, b April 16, 1850. Killed by Indians at 
Pine Bluff, Wyoming Ter., Feb'y 25, 1870. 

ii. Adelaide Root, b Jan'v 2, 1852, m at Bloomington, 111., 
July 3» 1872, James McGregor. She d in Leeds Co., 
Ont., Can., Feb'y 6, 1879. '^^^y ^^^^ ^^^ Roy«, b 
July 20, 1877, d June 19, 1878. 

iii. Jessie P. Root, b Dec. 4, 1854, m at Brocton, N. Y., 
Sept. 12, 1881, Emma Barber, b at Nina, N. Y., 
Nov. 8, 1851. They have: Florence®, b in Erie, 
Pa., Feb'y 12, 1S83, and Louisa, b at North East, 
Pa., Aug. 19, 18S5. 

iv. Frank E. Root, b May 4, 1856, m in Buffalo, N. Y., 
July 19, 1 88 1, Maggie Dowcey. They have: 
Maud®, bjan'y 25, 1889, d March 27, 1892; Olive, 
b Jan'y 14, 1891. 

v. Mary E. Root, b April 5, 1858, m at Girard, Pa., June 
5, 1877, Augustus T. Dorman, b at Southwick, Mass., 
June 4, 1852. Children born at Ashtabula: Alda 
M.«, b Oct. 5, 1879; Harvey A., b April 4, 1881; 
Lulu B., b Oct. 2, 1882; Robert Hazen, b July 19, 

vi. Emory N. Root, b Oct. 10, i860. 

vii. Clarissa A. Root, b Sept. 2, 1862, d Sept. 2, 1862. 

viii. Nellie M. Root, b Jan'y 14, 1864, m William B. Gates, 
Oct. 14, 1891. 

ix. Lizzie E. Root, b June 13, 1865. 

X. Mark M. Root, b Sept. 16, 1866, d Aug. 23, 1869. 


The Laveland Genealogy, 

xi. Atnanda B. Root, b Sept. 22, 1869, d Oct. 21, 1884. 
xii. Minnie E. Root, b June ii, 1872, d April 2, 1875. 

ISRAEL* LOVELAND (Thomas«, Thomass, Thomasi) 

was b in Glas., Conn., 1732-1735, d at Grafton, Vt., 1827; m at 

Glas., Oct. 19, 1755, Dinah* Loveland (^Vol. II, p. 104; 3, vi), b 

in Glas., Jan'y 20, 1738, d at Grafton, 1826. Children born in 

Hebron, Conn., the Inst two in Gilsum, N. N.: 

Naomis, b Nov. 29, 1756, m Abner Bliss, M. D. 
Dinah, b Sept. 14, 1758, m Asa Wilcox. 
Israel, b^July 25, 1760, m Sarah Chapman. 
Alice, b June, 1762, m David Adams. 
Anna, b Sept. 11, 1764, m Baruch Bolster. 
Asher, b Aug. 23, 1767, m Mary Wright. 
Ruth, b Nov. 9, 1768, m Ebenezer Burdette. 
viii. Jared, b 1770, m Roxana Pease. 

Aaron, b May 26, 1775, m Hannah Reed. 
Eunice, m at Grafton, Oct. 6, 1796, Isaac Gleason. 
Rhoda, b July 9, 1785, m at Grafton, June 10, 1803, 

Perley Dutton. They had: Chandler^, Willard, 

Purley, Sabina, Rhoda and Harriet. 

Ephraim Mathews deeded to Israel Loveland 120 acres of land 
in Grafton, Vt., in 1787. Israel moved to Gilsum in 1778. He 
resided at one time in Stoddard, N. H., and built a house there. 
Mrs. Pettee says he was in his 95th year when he died. His age 
is settled by the following records: For 1824, '25 and '26, Israel 
Loveland and his wife were bid off to be taken care of for $2.33 
per week. On March 5, 1827, Israel Loveland alone was bid off 
for 89 cents per week. This shows Dinah died in 1826, and as 
1827 is^the last time Israel was bid off he must have died that 
year.— rpROK. J. S. L. 

93. . 

NAOMI6 LOVELAND (Israel*, ThomasS) was b at He- 
bron, Conn., Nov. 29, 1756, m Dr. Abner Bliss, b at Tolland, 
Conn., Nov. 29, 1752, d at Alstead, N. H., May 29, 18 12. She d 
there 1842. Children born at Alstead: 




• ■ 



■ • ■ 









• « 








The Laveland Genealogy • 83 

i. Naomi* Bliss, b July 28, 1782, m Seth Marvin, May 

26, 1834. S^^ ^ ^' -^'j '^59' 
ii. Ruth Bliss, b July 28, 1782, m Joseph Knight, Jan'y 

18, 1814. She d at A., Jan'y 25, 1815. 
Hi. Abner Bliss, b Oct. 30, 1784, m at A., Dec. 12, 1822, 

Sally Worster, b at A., Dec. 15, 1797, d there Nov. 

6, 1848. He d there Dec. 29, 1851. They had, b 

at A.: Ann Eliza'', b Aug. 5, 1823; Arvilla M., b 

April 26, 1826, d Aug. 14, 1828; Abner F., b July 

30, 1829, and Frederick, b May 29, 1833, ^ ^^^* ^3, 

iv. Lucinda Bliss, b Jan'y 8, 1787, m Timothy Swan, 

Feb'y 21, 1808. Both d at Plainfield, N. H. 
v. Sibyl Bliss, b April 12, 1788, m at A., Dec. 17, 18 10, 

Asa Wilcox, b at Newport, N. H., May 27, 1787. 

They had Orlando B.^ 
vi. Levi Bliss, b July 29, 1790, m at A., July 6, 1812, 

Polly Shepard. He d at Brookfield, Vt., 1829. 

Children: Nancy'''; Samuel S., bjuly 16, 1816; Pru- 
dence Ann, d 1859; Luke, d young; Levi, d young; 

Sophronia, d young; Mary, b 1826; Alfred, b 1829, d 

vii. Sally Bliss, b April 20, 1793, m Thomas Webster, 

Aug. 31, 1814. She d at Scranton, Vt. 
viii. John Bliss, b Oct. i, 1795; unm. 
ix. Nancy Bliss, b Nov. 12, 1797, m at A., Gardiner 

Shepard. She d at A., Jan'y 4, 1823. They had: 

Philena'', b Aug. 30, 1818. 

DINAH« LOVELAND (Israel*, Thomass) was b at Heb- 
ron, Conn., Sept. 14^ 1758, m. there Jan'y 11, 1781, Asa Wilcox, b 
at H., May 10, 1856, d at Surrey, N. H., Sept. 24, 1840. She d 
there July 30, 1850. Children born at Surrey: 

i. Asa« Wilcox, b Sept. 30, 1781, m Nov. 15, 1S04, Nel- 
lie Wetherbee, b at Nelson, N. H., Dec. 19, 17S1, 
d at S. Sept. 22, 1812. He d there Nov. i, 1869. 
They had: George'', b at S., Feb'y 6, 1807. 

The Loveland Genealogy, 

ii. Aaron Wilcox, b Feb'y 20, 1783, d at Rochester, N., 
Y. Had one child (dau.). 

iii. John Talcott Wilcox, b March 31, 1786, d at West 
Point, N. Y.; m Sarah Sawyer. They had: John' 
(killed by Mexicans in Texas) ; Ann, Jane and Aaron. 

iv. Dinah Wilcox, b Aug. 16, 1796, d Oct. 4, 1823; unm. 

ISRAEL* LOVELAND (Israel*, Thomas*) was b at Heb- 
ron. Conn., July 25, or July 30, 1760, m at Keene, N. H., March 8, 
1785, Sarah (Sally) Chapman, b there June 14, 1767, d at Gil- 
sum, N. H., Feb'y 28, 1825. He d there Sept. 23, 1850. Chil- 
dren born at Gilsum: 

102. i. Samuel Chapman*, b Aug. 25, 1787, m Eunice Stowe. 
ii. Sally, b Dec. 4, 1789, or 1790, m at Alstead, N. H., 

March 16, 1847, Elijah MansHeld, b at A., 1787, d 
at Keene, Jan'y 11, 1866. She d at Gilsum, Nov. 
29, 1866. 

103. iii. Isaac, b April 30, 1793, m Martha Farnsworth; m 2d 

Mrs. Betsey B. D, Davis, 
iv. Abaigal, b Aug. 8, 1794, m at Gilsum, Feb'y 5, 1839, 
Chauncey Jones. He d at Stoddard, N. H., March 
27, 1850. She m 2d at S., March 2, 1851, William 
Robb, b at S., March 15, 1787, d at S., July 10, 1874. 

104. v. Israel Belding, b April 19, 1799, m Sarah Thompson. 

REV. SAMUEL C.« LOVELAND (Israel*, Israel*) was 
b at Gilsum, N. H., Aug. 25, 1787, m at Weston, Vt., Aug. 21, 
181 7, Eunice Stowe. He d at Gilsum, April 8, 1859. Universal- 
ist clergyman and a scholar of some reputation in that sect. Au- 
thor of a lexicon of the Greek Testament, published at Wood- 
stock, Vt. He represented the town of Reading, Windsor Coun- 
ty, Vt., in the legislature in 1824-28; was assistant judge of the 
Windsor County Court in 1S32-33; a member of the '^Governor's 
Council," 1831-34, and was founder and publisher of the Christian 
Repository. Children, first born at Barnard, Vt., the rest at 






• • 


The JLoveland Genealogy. 85 

i. Fidelia'^, b Dec. 15, 1818, d April, 1852; unm. 
ii. Samuel Stowe, b Jan'y i, 1820, d 1820. 
iii. John Stowe, b March 7, 1821, m March 12, 1848, 
Jeannette L. Latham. He d in San Francisco, Cal., 
Nov. 28, 1853. They had: Angie Parker«, b there 
Jan'y i, 1853. 
George, b July 2, 1822, m Annette E. Noyes. 
Eliza, b Sept. 3, 1823, m Watts Hubbard Pettee. 
Eunice, b Sept. 21, 1824, d March 13, 1850; unm. 
Elhanan Winchester, b Dec. 9, 1825, m Aug. 15, 1855, 
Margaret Gray. She d Feb'y 8, 1856. He m ad 
Eunice Rice. He is a physician and surgeon at Red- 
wood City, Cal. 
viii. Mary, b Dec. 22, 1827, d Jan'y 16, 1828. 
ix. Sarah, b Oct. 28, 1829, d Oct. 8, 1850; unm. 

GEORGE' LOVELAND (Samuel C.«, Israel^) was b at 
Reading, Vt., July 2, 1822, m at Montpelier, Vt., April 10, 1863, 
Annette E. Noyes, b in Northfield, Vt., Nov. 3, 1844. He d at 
Burlington, Vt., March 12, 1882. He was a printer in the early 
part of his life. Later he was a partner in a book store with Rev. 
Eli Ballou, and they published the Christian Repository for many 
years. Rev. Samuel C. Loveland was the founder of the paper 
many years before. George Loveland, like his father, was a Uni- 
versalist, and the paper the same, partially secular. He was a 
Democrat of the old school. Born at Montpelier: 

i. George*, b Dec. 31, 1864. 

ELIZA? LOVELAND (Samuel C.«, Israel^) was bat Read- 
ing, Vt., Sept. 3, 1823, m Oct. 31, 1848, Watts Hubbard Pettee, b 
at Weston, Vt. Children born at Weston: 

i. Lucia Lovia* Pettee, b Oct. 17, 1849. 

ii. Sarah Elizabeth Pettee, b Oct. 31, 1851. 

iii. Eva Claire Pettee, b Nov. 13, 1853. 

iv. Cora Lillian Pettee, b March 17, 1858. 

v. Mary Eliza Pettee, b May 10, i860. 

86 The Loveland Genealogy. 

vi. George Watts Pettee, b Sept. 21, 1862. 
vii. Frederick Pettee, b Sept. 6, 1865. 

ISAAC« LOVELAND (Israel*, Israel*) was b at Gilsum, 
N. H., April 30, 1793, m there Jan'y 18, 1819, Martha Farnsworth, 
b at Gilsum, May 16, 1800, d there March 14, 1842. He m 2d 
Aug. 16, 1842, Mrs. Betsey B. D. Davis, b at Sempster, N. H., 
Aug. 3, 1812. He d at G. Children born at Gilsum: 

i. Esther'', b March 8, 1821, m at G., Dec. 22, 1842, 

George W. Newman, b at Keene, N. H., Nov. 18, 

1818. Children b at G.: Florentine^, b Aug. 19, 

1843, d Sept. 24, 1843; Abba Stella, b July 4, 1844, 

d Dec. 21, 1848; George Elmore, b March 5, 1850 

(m); David Webster, b Dec. 16, 1851 (m); Isaac 

Barton, b Feb'y 5, 1853 (m); Charles Dudley, b 

Nov. 15, 1857 (m), and Fay Loveland, b Feb'y 2, 

ii. Syrena, b Sept. 3, 1822, m at G., Feb'y 26, 1839, ^^' 
vin C. Bingham, M. D., b March 19, 182 1. She d 
at Nashua, N. H., Oct. 25, 1846. They had: Ana- 
rettas, b Aug. 8, 1840, d Aug. 19, 1841, and Mar- 
thetta, b Oct. 18, 1843. 

iii. Martha Ann, b May 28, 1824, m at G., Dec. 10, 1844, 
Daniel Smith, b at G., April 14, 1825. Children b 
at G.: Daniel Elliott*, b March 3, 1847, d March 
II, 1847; John Algernon, b April 27, 1849 (m); 
Frederick Seymour, b June 24, 1853 (m). 

iv. Sarah, b Oct. 15, 1826, d Nov. 16, 1826. 

V. Abby, b June 16, 1S28, m at G., May 28, 1849, George 
Webster Gould, b at Stoddard, N. H., Aug. 17, 181 7. 
They have, b at Norwich, Conn: Webster V.*, b 
May 31, 1854; Florence, b Feb'y 8, 1858, and Alice 
Rogers, b Aug. 20, 1862, d Jan'y 31, 1871. 

vi. Elliott, b Aug. 29, 1832, d Aug. 19, 1835. 

vii. Isaac, b Oct. 16, 1834, d Dec. 7, 1869; unm. 

viii. Milton Elliott, b Nov. 20, 1837, m July 21, 1868, An- 
toinette V. Oliver, b in N. Y. City, Dec. 15, 1839. 

The Loveland Genealogy. 87 

ix. Moses Baruch, b May 14, 1842, d March 23, 1844. 

X. Stiletus Samuel, b April 14, 1S45, d Sept. 25, 1846. 

xi. Byron Stiletus, b Feb'y 13, 1849, "^ April 27, 1871, 
Clara Belding Lawrence, b at Winchenden, Mass., 
d there Aug. 10, 1873; m 2d Oct. 2, 1880, Fanny 
Helena Goodale, b at Readsborough, Vt., Dec. 35, 



ISRAEL B.« LOVELAND (Israel*, Israel*) wash at Gil- 
sum, N. H., April 19, 1799, ni there Feb'y 10, 1842, Sarah Thomp- 
son, b at Alstead, N. H., Oct. 3, 1816. He d at G., July 27, 1875. 
Children born at Gilsum : 

i, Viola', b March 22, 1844, d March 31, 1846. 
ii. Isaac Amasa, b Nov. 3, 1850, d March 7, 1868. 
107. ill. Israel Albert, b Nov. 3, 1850, m Lucy M. Bill. 

ISRAEL A.*? LOVELAND, M. D. (Israel B.«, Israel«) was 

b at Gilsum, N. H., Nov. 3, 1850, m there Oct. 21, 1875, Lucy 
Mahala Bill, b at G., Dec. 14, 1851. Dr. Loveland is a laborious 
student in his profession. He has made a careful study of the al- 
coholic habit and also of the various narcotic habits, and for several 
years has been receiving patients at his residence for his special 
treatment. In his researches he has discovered, as he verily be- 
lieves, the application and method of compounding a drug that 
acts as a specific in these habits and also as a specific in some func- 
tional nervous diseases. The Triple Gold Cure Company, of Gil- 
sum, of which Mr. Loveland is president, has recently (1894) been 
organized to systematically carry out his treatment of the alco- 
holic, morphine and tobacco habits. He claims the Triple Gold 
Cure treatment absolutely destroys the appetite for strong drink 
and for narcotic drugs. The cure is permanent and no bad re- 
sults are experienced during and following treatment. Mr. Love- 
land is a contributor to the best medical literature of the country. 
Children born at Westmoreland, N. H.: 

i. Fanny Viola^, b Aug. 2, 1876. 
ii. Ada Mahala, b June 15, 1881. 

88 The Loveland Genealogy* 

ALICE* LOVELAND (Israel*, Thomas' ) was b at Hebron, 
Conn., June, 1762 (another authority gives March, 1763), m Jan'y 
7, 1784, David Adams, b at Canterbury, Conn., March 7, 1757, d 
at Gilsum, N. H., Oct. i, 1844. ^^^ ^ there Oct. 13, 1846. He 
served in the Rev. War; mustered in at Cambridge, Mass., May 
26, 1775, participated in the Battle of Bunker Hill. He was three 
years moderator and selectman. He bid off a jjew in the Cong. 
Ch., which indicates his religious views. Farmer. Children born 
at Gilsum: 

96a. i. Elsie* Adams, b Oct. 28, 1784, m Ebenezer Bill. 
963. ii. Annie Adams, b Feb'y 2, 1786, m Amasa Chaffe. 

iii. Hannah Adams, b Aug. 21, 1787, m at G., Aug. 13, 
1820, Stephen Mansfield, b at Stoddard, N. H., Oct. 
31, 1788, d at G., Aug. 9, 1872. She d there May 
I, 1825. No children. 
96c. iv. Salome Adams, b March 22, 1789, m Calvin May. 
V. Amasa Adams, b March 19, 1793, d Sept. 26, 1806. 

96 A. 
ELSIE « ADAMS, b at Gilsum, N. H., Oct. 28, 1784, m there 
Nov. 7, 1802, Ebenezer Bill, b at G., March 30, 1776, d at Keene, 
N. H., Feb'y 9, 1850. She d there July 15, 1868. Captain in 
State militia. Served as treasurer four years. Farmer. Children 
born at Gilsum : 

Willard'^ Bill, b Dec. 8, 1803, m Clarissa Estey; m 2d 

Betsey Isham. 
Harvey Adams Bill, b April 30, 1808, m Susan B. 

Emily Bill, b April 30, 1808, d Sept. 19, 1879; "i^'"* 
Hiram Bill, b July 2, iSio, d July 29, 18 10. 
Mary Bill, b April 19, 1813, m Samuel Woodward. 


WILLARD? BILL, b at Gilsum, N. H., Dec. 8, 1803, m May 

I, 1834, Clarissa Estey. She d at Westmoreland, N. H., Dec. 19, 

1856. He m 2d Nov. 18, 1857, Betsey Isham. He d at G. In 

youth he loved knowledge and applied himself through life to its 






• • a 





The Loveland Genealogy. 89 

acquirement. He became a Bne scholar and for many years taught 
school with marked success. He resided on his farm in West- 
moreland until failing health required him to give it up. He 
served as captain in the State militia, was member of school board 
and selectman six years in G. Dem. Universalist. They had, 
born in West Moreland : 

i. Willards Bill, b Oct. 14, 1839, m Ellen O. Isham, 
April 12, 1866. They have, b in W.: Clara Fran- 
ces®, b June 23, 1869, and Jennie Lillian, b Aug. 21, 


HARVEY A.-J BILL, b in Gilsum, N. H., April 30, 1808, 
ra Dec. 30, 1840, Susan Butterfield Keyes, of Keene, N. H. He 
d at K., April 21, 1858. No children. He was brought up on a 
farm, learned the printer's trade in the office of the Cheshire Re- 
publican (Keene), becanne its manager and eventually its editor. 
From a notice of his death: "His editorial labors extended over a 
period of ten years, during which time the paper maintained a 
high reputation. Unswerving in his principles, a mind peculiarly 
disciplined to investigation and rigid criticism, his labors for the 
cause in which his heart was enlisted was acknowledged by all 
with whom he was engaged." 

MARY7 BILL, b at Gilsum, N. H., April 19, 1813, m April 
2, 1833, Samuel Woodward. He d April 19, 1876. Children, first 
born at Westmoreland, N. H., the rest at Gilsum: 

i. George Samuel* Woodward, b May i, 1834. Printer. 

ii. Mary Elizabeth Woodward, b May 27, 1838, m Wes- 
ley Austin, Oct. 7, 1875. 

iii. Harvey Woodward, b July 18, 1841, m Oct. 19, 1870, 
Mary A. Spinney. Children: Mabel Adelaide®, b 
Oct. 18, 1872; Leonard Samuel, b Oct. 24, 1876; 
George Ernest, b June 5, 1878. 

iv. Elsie Amanda Woodward, b May 29, 1844, m James 
Madison Hathaway, July 20, 1871. 

V. Laura Ann Woodward, b Feb^y i, 1848, d Oct., 1851. 

90 The Laveland Genealogy. 

ANNIE« ADAMS, b at Gilsum, N. H., Feb'y 2, 1786, m 
Jan*y 15, 181 1, Amasa Chaffe, b at Westminster, Vt., March 30, 
1786, d at Westmoreland, N. H., March 22, 1863. She d there 
March 13, 1815. Children born at W.: 

i. Annie L.'' Chaffe, b Sept. 26, 1811, m Otis Ammi- 

down, Feb'y 14, 1839. Family, 
ii. Constant Chaffe, b Oct. 15, 1813, d July 9, 1815. 

SALOME* ADAMS, b at Gilsum, N. H., March 22, 1789, m 
there Dec. 31, 1818, Calvin May, b at Charlestown, Mass., Nov. 
17, 1792, d at Swansey, N. H., Feb'y 13, 1875. She d there 
Feb'y 13, 1875. Children born at Gilsum: 

i. Anna Adams'' May, b Sept. 5, 1819, m March 2, 1854, 
Hardin Abee. He d at Swansey, Nov. 13, 1863. 
She m 2d, May 5, 1868, Roswell Whitcomb. She d 
at Swansey. 

ii. Amasa May, b Feb'y 5, 1821, d in N. Y. City, Oct. 

19, 1874; m June 11, 1845, Roxana L. Hayward, b 
in Surrey, N. H , Feb'y 28, 1824. Teacher. With 
Epes Sargent he was joint author of a series of 
school readers. They had: Sidney Harvey 8,b May 
31, 1847, lieut. in U. S. Army; Helen, b Sept. 16, 
1849; Kate I., b July 14, 1855. 

iii. Calvin May, b April 7, 1823, d at Keene, N. H., Sept. 

20, 1862; m Dec. 31, 1854, Jane E. Bemis, b in Sur- 
rey, N. H., Oct. 27, 1829. He was a brilliant scholar 
and magnetic speaker. They had: Mabel Estelle*, 
b May 31, 1859. 

iv. Lucy Amy May, b Dec. 19, 1827, d Dec. 20, 1827. 

V. Harvey Bill May, b Aug. 9, 1S31, m Abie C. Angell, 
Oct. 19, 1865. 

ANNAS LOVELAND (Israel*, Thomass ) was b at Hebron, 
Conn., Sept. 11, 1764, m Dec. 30, 1790, Baruch Bolster. Shed at 
Stoddard, N. H., Feb'y 19, 1833. Children, first two born at Stod- 
dard, the rest at Grafton, Vt.: 

The Loveland Genealogy. 91 

L Baruch* Bolster, b June 8, 1792. 

ii. David Bolster, b Oct. 24, 1 793. 

iii. Aaron Bolster, b July i, 1795. 

iv. Ziba Bolster, b May 25, 1797. 

V. Anna Bolster, b May 35, 1797. 

ASHER* LOVELAND, M. D. (Israel*, Thomas*) was b 
at Hebron, Conn., Aug. 23, 1767, m at Stoddard, N. H., 1790, 
Mary Wright, b there 1776, d there Oct., 1841. She was aunt to 
Silas Wright the N. Y. statesman. Dr. Loveland d at S., Aug. 7, 
1849. ^^ ^^^ ^ remarkably successful physician of his time. 
After he had ceased general practice he would occasionally be seen 
going to visit a patient, and it was at once known that some one 
was dangerously sick, or old Dr. Loveland would not have been 
called. He was a ready writer of songs and composed many for 
special occasions, such as the 4th of July. He was an ardent patriot, 
and sent his two oldest sons into the army in the war of 1 8 1 2 . He 
was a Democrat of the old school of Jefferson, and a liberal in 
religion. At eighty his memory was so tenacious that he could 
beat his grandson, fresh home from college, conjugating Latin 
verbs. He was a good and able man. — Prof. J. S. L. Children 
born at Stoddard: 

108. i. Roswell*, b Dec. 19, 1793, m Lucinda Stevens. 

109. ii. Samuel Wright, b Dec. 12, 1795, m Keziah B. Petts. 

He m 2d, Lucy Ann Holt, 
iio. iii. Erasmus Darwin, b March 25, 1805, m Mary J. Keith. 

He m 2d, Anna McCoy. 
III. iv. Mary Croft, b May 16, 1812, m Addison Nutting. 

ROSWELL« LOVELAND (Asher^, Israel*) was bat Stod- 

dard, N. H., Dec. 19, 1793, m there 1817, Lucinda Stevens, b at S., 
Jan'y 7, 1800, d at S., May 16, 1883. Her family (Stevens) in- 
cluded old Thad, of Penn. He d at Daysville, 111., March 3, 1839. 
Served in the war of 1812 on the Canadian frontier. He was 
Orderly Sergeant of his company, and was in the famous bayonet 
charge at the battle of Lundy's Lane. While stationed at N. Y. 

92 The Laveland Genealogy. 

city after the close of the war he was upset in a boat and swam a 
mile with clothes and boots on. In his life he had rescued several 
persons from drowning, and yet was himself drowned in a very 
narrow creek by breaking through the ice. Children, the second 
born in Londonderry, Vt., the rest at Stoddard : 

1 1 a. i. James Stevens'', b March 21, 1818, m Sophronia Drew. 

He m 2d, Helen E. Chandler. 

113. ii. Philena, b June 27, 1820, m Charles A. Cutter. 

114. iii. Henry Stevens, b July 21, 1822; m. 

iv. Samuel, b Dec. 22, 1824, m at Claremont, N. H., Nov. 
1848, Eleanor C. Reed. They have, b at Strasburg, 
N. Y., Loren A.», b 1851, d 1856; Carrie, b Aug. 
1859, m Elmer King. No family reported. 

115. V. Mary Jane, b Oct. 20, 1827, m David E. Blood. 

116. vi. Martha Ann, b March 12, 1832, m George Bailey. 

She m 2d, George Blodgett. * 

vii. Asher Alonzo, b April 14, 1834, m Susan Wood. No 

117. viii. Lucinda Valeria, b Nov. 17, 1837, "^ George Ruffles. 

JAMES S.' LOVELAND (Roswell«, Asher* ) was b at 
Stoddard, N. H., March 21, 1818, m there Persis Sophronia Drew. 
Divorced. He m 2d, at Charlestown, Mass., Jan'y 13, 1856, 
Helen Elizabeth Chandler, dau. of Frederick, and grand dau. of 
William Chandler. Her parents were from Quincy, Mass., and 
settled in Roxbury, Mass. She was b at R., Nov. 12, 1826. Since 
1888 Prof. Loveland has been President of the Mississippi Valley 
Spiritualist Association. Previous to this date and since he has 
been a public lecturer and author on spiritualism, and various re- 
formatory and scientific topics. He took a thorough course in 
medicine also, and lectured on anatomy and physiology. Children : 

i. Mary Lovinia®. In Constantinople, Turkey. 

ii. James Roswell, b July 13, 1859, at Medford, Mass. 

118. iii. Charles Fremont, b Sept. 17, 1861, m Georgia G. 


The Loveland Genealogy, 93 

C. FREMONT* LOVELAND (James S.^, Roswell«) was 

b in Willimantic, Conn., Sept. 17, 1861, m in Somerville, Mass., 
April 12, 1887, Mrs. Georgie Gertrude Lowry, b in Plymouth, 
Mass., Feb'y 19, 1862. When an infant she was adopted by 
Alonzo and Sophia Burbank. Mr. Loveland is a job and music 

FHILENA'' LOVELAND (Roswell«, Asher«) was b in 
Londonderry, Vt., June 27, 1820, m at Bellows Falls, Vt., June 2, 
1846, Charles A. Cutter, b in Jaifrey, N. H., June 28, 1819, d there 
Dec. 8, 1873. Farmer. Children, first born in Claremont, N. H., 
the second in Marlow N. H., the third in Jaffrey: 

i. Gustavus Adolphus* Cutter, b Feb'y 23, 1847. 

ii. Lucy Ann Cutter, b July 13, 1851, m Sept. 4, 1880, 

Leander Kneeland. They have Mary Catharine*, b 

June 3, 1881. 
iii. William Mark Cutter, b Sept. 21, 1857. 

HENRY S.' LOVELAND (Roswell«, Asher« ) was b in 
Stoddard, N. H., July 21, 1822, m at Half Moon Bay, Cal., July 
i3» 1856. He came to Cal., Aug. 9, 1844. Fam. not reported. 

April 9, 1884, H. S. Loveland writes from San Francisco, 
California. "Dear Sir: On returning from the southern part of 
the State I found your circular in relation to the genealogy of the 
Loveland family. I have been so long on this coast that my recol- 
lections are becoming somewhat dim so far as dates are concerned. 
My oldest brother J. S. Loveland who res'des in San Bernardino,' 
in this State, has received your circular, and as he has had access 
to the family records much more recently than myself and withal 
somewhat of a literary man, you will doubtless receive from him 
all the particulars you desire. All the Lovelands I have ever met 
agree that the family came from Bradford, Yorkshire, England, 
and settled in Connecticut in very early days. My great grand- 
father went from Conn., and settled in the town of Gilsum, N. H,, 
more than a hundred years ago. He raised a numerous family. 

94 T^^ Loveland Genealogy, 

many of whom became prominent men in that section of the 
country. A grandson of his was for many years town clerk of 
Gilsum and the records of that town would furnish abundant 
information in regard to the family. My great grandfather's name 
was Israel, and the grandson mentioned above as well as his father 
were named Israel. My grandfather was Dr. Asher Loveland of 
Stoddard, N. H., and his eldest son Roswell was my father, who 
was drowned in Ogle county, III., in 1838. My father was dis- 
tinguished in the war of 1812. He was Orderly Sergeant of his 
company at the famous battle of Lundy's Lane and led the company 
into the battle and off the field at its close. He belonged to a regi- 
ment called the Bloody nth commanded by Col. McNeil who was 
for many years Collector of the port of Boston. McNeil was 
severely wounded and carried off the field early in the action. My 
father's company had been deploye«l as skirmishers and met the 
enemy in force, losing every commissioned officer, and more than 
half their number. My father, however, led the company into the 
fight and contributed largely to the success of that eventful day, 
which you will remember was won at the point of the bayonet. 
The Americans had been driven back from a battery planted on 
the hill where the monument now stands that commemorates the 
battle, when General Miller, also a New Hampshire man and a 
relative of our family on my mother's side, was asked the famous 
historical question by General Ripley, 'Can you take that battery ?' 
and made the equally famous reply, 'I'll try sir.' Divesting his 
men of everything but the naked steel he led them up the hill 
down which they had thrice been driven with fearful loss. When 
within about thirty feet of the guns my father observed a gunner 
about to apply the match. He immediately converted his musket 
into a harpoon, transfixed the gunner and before another could 
take his place the gun was in the hands of the- Americans and the 
fight \vas' won. I never heard my father speak of thi4 incklent, 
but I did hear it told in the heart of the Sierra Nevada Mountains 
in 1849 by a man who was in the fight, but did not know that the 
son of the man he was describing was a listener. An uncle of 
mine, Samuel W. Loveland, was wounded in the early part of the 
battle and has been a pensioner ever since. My grandmother on 

T%e Laveland Genealog'y, 95 

my father's side was Mary Wright, a daughter of Major Wright 
of Stoddard, N. H., an officer of the French and Revolutionary 
wars, and grandfather of Silas Wright the famous New York 
statesman. My mother was Lucinda Stevens from the same family 
as the late Thad. Stevens, well remembered statesman of Penn. 
Her mother's family was from the celebrated Scotch Irish stock 
that escaped from the siege of Londonderry, during the Catholic 
Rebellion and settled the town of Londonderry, N. H. From this 
stock came the Morrisons, Wilsons, Millers, Starks, Greeleys, 
Sullivans, McNeils, and many others whose names adorn the history 
of the whole country as well the 'Old Granite State.' My ances- 
tors on both sides were remarkable for longevity. I had the 
pleasure of seeing all four of my great-grandfathers, great-grand- 
father Loveland having obtained the advanced age of 104 years. I 
should be glad to write to you more at length for I am proud of 
the Lovelands. I have never heard of one who was a sneak or a 
coward. Few of them ever become rich . The trickeries of money 
getting do not seem congenial to them, and they usually entertain 
and express very positive opinions which is not conducive to money 
getting, but many of the name as you have doubtless learned have 
been men of very distinguished intellectual ability, and I have yet 
to learn of one who has ever been convicted of violating the laws 
of his country. I shall be glad to hear of your progress in this 
matter and hope to see the result of your labors. You will doubtless 
expend much time and means, and I should be pleased to contribute 
so far as necessary my share of the expense as I expect much 
pleasure in the result of your labors. I came to California Aug. 9, 
1844. Vote the straight Republican ticket, am opposed to Chinese 
emigration, and hope to see Blaine the next President." 

MARY JANE' LOVELAND (Roswell*, Asher*) was h 

in Stoddard, N. H., Oct. 20, 1827, m there David E. Blood, b at 

Mason, N. H., Jan'y 15, 1846. She d at Santa Ana, Cal., Oct. 27, 

1892. Children: 

i. George E.s Blood, b at Mason, N. H., Sept. 3, 1847, 
m Dec. 25, 1866, Elizabeth Bailey, d Jan'y 1S72. 
He m 2d, at M., 1S82, Jane Adams. 

7Tk€ L<yveland Genealogy. 

ii. Henry P. Blood, b Nov. 26, 1850, m at Fitchburg<, 
Mass., Sept. 15, 1874, Lucy T. Beard. They have^ 
Albert H.», b Feb'y 29, 1876; Francis G., b Dec. 3, 
1877; Charles Edward, b Feb'y 16, 1884. 

iii. Mary F. Blood, b Aug. 16, 1854, m 1885, John P. 

iv. Ida M. Blood, b Sept., 1856, m Sept. 3, 1881, Roswell 
B. Hawley. Divorced on grounds of desertion. 
She has custody of children. She m 2d, in Mesopo- 
tamia, O., June 19, 1S92, James A. Wilcox, b there 
Sept. 17, 185^. Children: Ediih E.», b July 1882; 
Mabel F., b May 13, 1884; Helen B., b Nov. 26, 
1886, and Dare, b March 29, 1893, d May 18, 1893. 

V. Edward Loveland Blood, b Nov. 26, 1859, m in Boston, 
Mass., Jan'y 15, 1893, Fannie E. McCulloch. 

MARTHA ANN*? LOVELAND (Roswell«, Asher«) was 
b at Stoddard, N. H., March 12, 1832, m 1850, George Bailey. 
She m 2d, 1865, George Blodgett. She left Mr. Bailey giving her 
son by him the surname Loveland. She d at Stoddard, April 2, 
1887. Children: 

119. i. William Owen* Loveland, b March 20, 1859, m Abbie 

A. Stickney. 
ii. Frank Lincoln Blodgett, b in S., July 29, 1867. 
iii. Eva Blodgett, b 1869, d young. 

WILLIAM 0.8 LOVELAND (Martha A.\ Roswell«) was 
b at Thompson Station, R. I., March 20, 1859, "^ *' Fitchburg, 
Mass., May 23, 1882, Abbie Anne Stickney, b in Townsend, 
Mass., Oct. 15, 1858. Miller and lumber cutter. Deals in grain, 
flour, feed, lumber and fuel. Prohibitionist. Cong. Ch. Mr. 
Loveland writes: ''My father-in-law's family is large — father, 
mother and twelve children. All members of the Cong. Church. 
There are two doctors and two deacons in the family." P. O., 
Ashby, Mass. Children born at West Townsend, Mass.: 

The Ltroeland Genealogy, 97 

i. Harold William®, b Dec. 12, i884, 

ii. Nancy Rebecca, b Aug. 14, 1886, d Aug. 27, 1886. 

iii. Eva Stickney, b Oct. 24, x888. 

iv. Irving Everett, b Aug. 20, 1892, in Ashby. 

LUCINDA v.'' LOVELAND (Roswell«, Asher*) was b 
at Stoddard, N. H., Nov. 17, 1S37, "^ May, 1852, George Ruffles. 

i. Willie Edgar « Ruffles, b April 5, 1854, m at Antrim, 
N. H., Laura Jane Case. He d 1879. They had: 
Frederick*, d young, and Alice. 

ii. Charles Henry Ruffles, b Oct., 1855. In U. S. Army. 

iii. Flora Adelaide Ruffles, b Nov. 1, 1S56, m Sept., 1880, 
George S. Holt. Thev had: Waller •, d young, and 
Helen May, b Oct., 1 887. 

iv. George Roswell Ruffles, b Aug., 1859, m 1880, Hattie 
Hastings. They jiave: Gertie*, b 1884, and Harvey, 
b Sept., 1887. 

v. Harry Merton Ruffles, b FeVy 24, 1864. 

vi. Lucy Lillian Ruffles, b Jan'y, 1 867, d young. 

vii. Walter Irving Ruffles, b June, 1870, d 1876. 

viii. Eva May Ruffles, b May 23, 1874. 

SAMUEL W.« LOVELAND (Asher«, Israel*) was b at 
Stoddard, N. H., Dec. 12, 1795, m there June 16, 1821, Keziah B. 
Petts, b at S., March 30, 1792, d there Feb'y 6, 1870; m 2d at S., 
Jan'y 30, 1871, Lucy Ann Holt, b at Nelson, N. H., April 29, 
1825. He d at Munsonville, N. H., Nov. 5, 1890. Children born 
at Stoddard : 

i. Rebecca Melissa'', b Sept. i, 1821, m at S., Jan'y .^o, 

1846, John Stillman Jones, b at Charlestown, N. H,, 

June 23, 1825. He w^as killed on R. R. at Fitch- 

bui:g, Mass. They had: Ella^, Mary, Indiana, 

George, Alice and Martha Browning. 

ii. Ruth Miller, b Aug. 22, 182.^, m Ephraim Eaton Al- 
len. They have: Sally Adelaide^, b Oct. 29, 1848, 
m; Winfield Scott, b June 29, 1851, and Katie, b 
Feb'y 25, 1871. 

98 The Loveland Genealogy. 

Hi. Arvilla Copeland, b Sept. 12, 1825, d Aug. 31, 1841. 

120. iv. Andrew Jackson, b May 25, 1828, m Belle Adams. 

121. V. Francis Matson, b July 3, 1830, m Fidelia Fay. 

vi. Indiana Eaton, b June 23, 1833, m Nelson Nourse. 
They have: Albeit Everett^. 

122. vii. Samuel Josiahjb Dec. 13, 1835, mjeannette Hazeltine. 

Samuel Wright Loveland enlisted in the nth Reg., U. S. Inf., 
Jan'y 10, 18 13. He was discharged Jan'y 10, 1818. Has drawn 
a pension since 1824 for wounds received at the Battle of Bridge- 
water, sometimes called Lundy's Lane. He has voted eighteen 
times for President, the last time for Cleveland and Thurman. 
He has always voted the Democratic ticket. He was a successful 
teacher in early life, has been town clerk of Nelson, N. H., several 
years since he was 80 years old. He now (1889) is in his 94th 
year,' reads without glasses and goes out on the lakes and captures 
five and six pound bass as easily and readily as a young man. His 
standing in the community is evidenced by the fact that he is uncle 
to them all, all calling him Uncle Sam. He was wounded early 
in the Battle of Bridgewater, and some of the British lead has 
never been extracted from his arm. He has always been a fine 
song singer and was a member of the band when discharged from 
the Army. — J. S. L. 

ANDREW J.' LOVELAND (Samuel W.«, Asher^) was 

b at Stoddard, N. H., May 25, 1828, m Feb'y 24, 1870, Rose Belle 

Adams, b at Williamstown, Vt., 1844. Children, the first two 

and the last born at Northfield, Vt., the rest at Bridgewater, Vt.: 

i. Myrtie May«, b April 20, 1871. 

ii. Mina Petts, b Aug. 25, 1872. 

iii. George Parker, b June 18, 1873. 

iv. Ama Pamelia, b Jan'y 24, 1875. 

v. Carrie Adams, b May 31, 1882. 

FRANCIS M.7 LOVELAND (Samuel W.«, Asher«) was 
b at Stoddard, N. H., July 3, 1830, m at Nashua, N. H., Feb'y 24, 
1852, Fidelia A. Fay, b at Alstead, Oct. 8, 1831. Children, first 

The Laveland Genealogy, 99 

born at Bennington, N. H.; second at Stoddard; third at Morris- 
town, Vt. ; the next two at Munsonville, N. H.; sixth at Morris- 
ville, Vt.; the two last at Hyde Park, Vt.: 

i. Charles F.«, b Dec. 7, 1852, d at H. P., Dec. 25, 1861. 

ii. Willie, b Feb'y 19, 1858, d at H. P., Jan'y 23, 1862. 

ill. Clarence F., b June 25, i860, d at H. P., Dec. 25, 1861. 

iv. Frank A., b Aug. 19, 1862. 

V. Eddie L., b Dec. 30, 1864. 

vi. Herbert E., b Aug. 7, 1867. 

vii. Ernest M., b April 16, 1871. 

viii. Carrie F., b Aug. 29, 1873. 

Francis Matson Loveland has been farmer and blacksmith. 
He enlisted in the 9th N. H. Reg. for three years, Aug. 11, 1862. 
His son, Frank A., is a graduate from Burdette Commercial Col- 
lege, also of Boston Dental College. Office 2283 Washington St., 
Boston, Mass. Eddie is a boot and shoe salesman. 

J. SAMUEL'' LOVELAND (Samuel W.«, Asher«) was b 

at Stoddard, N. H., Dec. 13, 1835, m Janette Hazeltine. Children, 
the last born at Northfield, Vt., the rest at Morristown, Vt.: 

i. Nellie J. « Loveland, b Oct. 21, 1857, d Sept. 23, 1870. 

ii. Samuel W. Loveland, b Feb'y 27, i860. 

iii. Edward S. Loveland, b Aug. 9, 1862, d Nov. 26, 1864. 

iv. Hattie A. Loveland, b April 8, 1866. 

V. Gilson J. Loveland, b June 7, 1877. 

ERASMUS D.« LOVELAND (Ashers, Israel*) was b at 
Stoddard, N. H., March 25, 1825, m in Boston, Mass., Dec, 1840, 
Mary J. Keith. She d in Mobile, Ala., Oct. 9, 1849. He m 2d 
in Liverpool, Eng., 1857, Anna McCoy, of Liverpool. She d in 
Calcutta, India, 1863. He d in Stoddard, Dec. 25, 1887. Dem. 
. Universalist. Children, first born in Boston, the two next in N. 
Y. City, the three next in Mobile, the last in Liverpool: 

123. i. Ellen Theressa''^, b Sept. 29, 1841, m A. M. Hill. 
ii. Mary Elizabeth, b Oct. 3, 1842, d in N. Y., 1844. 

>oo The Lofoeland Genealogy. 

124. ill. Sylvester Darwin, b Sept. 10, 1844, m L. Celenda T. 


iv. George Washington, b Jan'y, 1846, d June, 1847. 

V. William Henry, b Nov., 1847, ^ March, 1848. 

vi. Anna, b Oct. 8, 1849, ^ ^^^ 9^ 1849. 

vii. Anna Margaret. 

The records of this family were lost at sea in 1858. The 

above dates are correct as far as they go. Mr. Loveland left his 

home in Stoddard when nineteen and engaged in the restaurant 

business in Boston. In 1842 he removed to N. Y. City, and in 

1846 to Mobile where he kept hotel. After his first wife's death 

he followed the sea for some years. After his second marriage 

he went to Calcutta and kept a shipping office. He made three 

voyages around the world ; was a man of pleasing address and of 

most excellent memory ; was an interesting talker, and his fund of 

anecdote and incidents of history and travel made him a welcome 

addition to many a social circle. On the subject of fishing he was 

authority. This was a sport of which he was very fond, and he 

indulged in it to within a few weeks of his death. — Nellie L. 

Hill (Ellen T.). 


ELLEN T.-? LOVELAND (Erastus D.«, Asher«) was b in 
Boston, Mass., Sept. 29, 1841, m in Temple, N. H., Dec. 8, 1861, 
Albert Marshall Hill, b in Rindge, N. H., Oct. 9, 1829, d in Fitch- 
burg, Mass., June 6, 1889. Children, first three born in Mason, 
N. H., the last in Fitchburg: 

i. Frank Albert ^ Hill, b Dec. 20, 1862, m at Ravenna, 
O., March 23, 1892, Sarah E. Kegerreis, formerly 
Mrs. Sadie E. Morehead, b in Houston, Pa., Oct. 2, 
1866. Born in Ravenna: Albert Henry*, b July 31, 
1893, d Nov. 2, 1893. 

ti. Fred Willis Hill, b March 26, 1864, m in Providence, 
R. I., July 2, 1887, Minnie Emma Sherman, b in 
Westerly, R. I., March 5, 1865. Born in Fitchburg: 
Albert Loveland », b June i, 1888, d June i, 1888. 

iii. Harry Norton Hill, b Aug. 9, 1867. 

iv. Joseph Charles Hill, b April 3, 1870. 

The Loveland Genealog'y. loi 

SYLVESTER D.'' LOVELAND (Erastus D.«, Asher*) 
was b in N. Y. City, Sept. lo, 1844, "^ O^'* '^» ^^83, L. Celenda 
T. Clough, b in Deering, N. H., Oct. 30, 1850. Mr. Loveland 
served eleven years in the U. S. service — two terms in the navy 
and one in the army. He served in the navy during the War of 
the Rebellion. Plier maker. Free Bap. Rep. No children. 
P. O^ Manchester, N. H. 

MARY C.« LOVELAND (Asher«, IsraeH) was born at 
Stoddard, N. H., May 16, 1812, m there Jan'y 32, 1837, Addison 
Nutting. Children, first two born at Mason, N. H., the next four 
at Temple, N. H., the last at Hancock, N. H.: 

i. Mary Frances'' Nutting, b Oct. 9, 1837, "^ ** Wood- 
bine, Md., April 2d, 1866, Samuel Leatherwood. 
Children: Anna Bell®, b Dec. 21, 1867; Harry Mar- 
shall, b March i, 1872; Mary Elizabeth, b Jan'y 4, 
1874; Joseph Hanson, b Jan'y 4, 1876. 

ii. Willis M. Nutting, b Nov. i, 1838, m May 20, 1863, 
Mary A. Dixon. They d at Newberne, S. C. — she, 
July 3, 1884; he, Sept., 1884. Children: Vinet Bur- 
ton«,bOct.2o, i864,d 1883; Frederick W.,b Dec. 20, 
1865; Harry Arthur, b Oct., 1867; Annie Florence, 
b Aug., 1869; Ida, b July 9, 1879; Nellie, Wrllie, 

iii. George Everett Nutting, b Jan'y i, 1844, "^ May 22, 
1865, Adaline Tenney. She d Jan'y 12, 1887. 
Children: Henry*, b Sept. 3, 1866, d 1866; Mary 
C, b Sept. 22, 1867; Walter Granville, b June 16, 
1873; Ella Frances, b March, 1879; Everett Willard, 
b March 4, 1881. Family at Waltham, Mass. 

iv. Warren Asher Nutting, b Feb'y 25, 1848, m Feb'y 25, 
1872, Mary E. Carlisle. They have: John Warren •, 
b in Boston, Mass., Dec. 31, 1873. 

V. Henry Elliot Nutting, b Nov. 29, 1849, ^ Feb'y 17, 

I02 The Loveland Genealogy. 

vi. Granville T. Nutting, b April 12, 1851, m Eva J. 

Gushing. Children: Helen C.*, b 1882; Phoebe, b 

May 22, 1886. Waltham. 
vii. Lizzie Maria Nutting, b Jan'y 2, 1855, m Nov. 18, 

1875, Orrin H. Wiswall. Children: May Ruth«, b 

Dec. 27, 1877, George G., b April 5, 1879; Herbert, 

b June 4, 1881 ; Eva, b Oct. 1, 1882, d Dec. 25, 1887 ; 

Nellie, b Dec. 26, 1883; Ada, b Aug. 27, i886. 

Marlboro, N. H. 


RUTH* LOVELAND (Israel*, Thomas*) was b at Hebron, 
Conn., Nov. 9, 1768, m at Pittsford, Vt., March 16, 1785, Ebenezer 
Burdette. She d at Sullivan, N. H., Jan'y 15, 1856. Children 
born at Grafton, Vt.: 

i. Ebenezer* Burdette, b Oct. 23, 1786. 

ii. Abel Burdette; m. 

iii. Israel Burdette, b March 22, 1792, m Martha Winchell, 

April 30, 18 1 5. 
iv. Ruth Burdette, b Feb'y 3, 1797, m — Gilson, 

Sept., 1815. 
V. David Burdette, b Nov. 7, 1799. 

The above record was copied from the Grafton Town Rec- 
ords, From the same records: "Abel Burdette was first constable 
at one time. Israel Burdette had a son, George, who settled in 
Troy, N. Y., became wealthy, went to Whitehall and died there." 
— FiiOF. J. S. L. 

JARED« LOVELAND (Israel*, Thomas*) was b at He- 
bron, Conn., 1770, d at Grafton, Vt., July 17, 1802, m Dec. 24, 
1794, Roxana Pease, b May 3, 1770, d at Grafton. Children bom 
at GraftOn: 

i. Anna^, b March 6, 1796. 

ii. Roxana, b March 12, 1798. 

iii. Rhoda, b Aug. 4, 1800, d Aug. 2, 1802. 

iv. , b 1803, d March 15, 1826; unm. 

Tie JLavetand Genealogy. 103 

AARON* LOVELAND (Israel*, Thomas*) was b at Heb- 
ron, Conn., May 26, 1775, m Feb'y 21, 1799, Hannah, dau. of 
Josiah Reed, b Oct. 4, 1780, d at Glen's Falls, Vt., Oct. i, 1852. 
He d at Townsend, Vt., 1866. Children, the first five born at 
Grafton, Vt., the rest at Surrey or Gilsum, N. H.: 

i. Aaron •, b April 30, iSoo. 

125. ii. James Loren, b June 15, 1802, m Sophronia Day. 

126. ill. Hannah, b Jan*y 26, 1805, m Jonathan Howard, M. D. 
iv. Dinah, b June 26, 1807, m Joseph Whitcomb, Oct. 23, 

V. Jared, b Nov. 22, 1809, m Eliza Ford, b at Ft. Miller, 

N. Y. He d in Rupert, Vt., Oct. 17, 1867, buried 

in Hebron, -N. Y. 
vi. Asher, b Jan'y 2, 181 2, d in Rupert; m. 
vii. Alfreda P., b Dec. 28, 1814, m George B. Ramsay. 

The above record differs somewhat from that found in the 
book of the Reeds, page 219. — J. S. L. 

JAMES L.« LOVELAND (Aarons, Israel*) was b at Graf- 
ton, Vt., June 15, 1802, m Nov. 12, 1827, Sophronia Day. He d 
at Saratoga Springs, N. Y. Children, first born in Keeseville, N. 
Y.; second in Gilsum, N. H., the rest in E. Townsend, Vt.: 

127. i. Daniel Day'', b Nov. 19, 1831, m Mary E. Orange, 
ii. Abbie, b 1834, "^ Gray. 

iii. Hannah, b Nov. 29, 1836. 

iv. Alfreda, b 1841, m Oliver Cromwell. 

V. Andrew Jackson. 

DANIEL D.7 LOVELAND (James L.«, Aaron^) was b at 
Keeseville, N. Y., Nov. 19, 1831, m in Sacramento, Cal., July 23, 
1864, Mary Elizabeth Orange, b in Bloomington, 111., Feb'y 4, 
1844. Carpenter. Rep. Meth. Children, the first two born in 
Sacramento, the last in Farmer City, 111.: 

i. Willie Loren«, b March 4, 1866, d June 14, 1866. 

_■ h_ 

The Loveland Genealogy. 

ii. Mary Ellen, b June 23, 1867, m in Fisher, 111., March 
23, 1888, James Ballou Fisher, b in F. Barber. 
Rep. They have: Nora», b in P., Nov. 23, 1S88. 

iii. Aaron Lincoln, b Sept. 4, 1870. Farmer in Fisher. 

HANNAH* LOVELAND (Aaron«, Israel*) was b at Graf- 
ton, Vt.,Jan'y 26, 1805, m in Gilsum, N. H., May 6, 1829, Jona- 
than Howard, M, D., b at Winchester, N. H., March 27, 1805. 
She d at Linden, N. Y., June zz, 1884, buried in Middlebury, N. 
Y. Children, the third and fourth born at Athens, Vt., the rest 
in Winchester: 

126a. i. Louisa Hannah'' Howard, b March 5, 1830, m A. Hull. 
iz6i. ii. Sarah Arvilla Howard, b March 31, 1831, m Albion 
E. Judd. 
iii. Myron Lemont Howard, b June 30, 1833, d young. 
iv. Aaron Eliab Howard, b Feb'y i, 1836, m in Middle- 
bury, May 4, 1862, Lois Voorhees, b at Mt. Morris, 
N. Y., Sept. 16, 1839. Merchant. They have, b in 
Attica, N. v., Mabel Eliza». b Aug. 31, 1872. 
V. Elvira Antoinette Howard, b Nov. 24, 1841, d May 2, 

LOUISA H.' HOWARD, b at Winchester, N. H., March 5, 
1830, m in Bethany, N. Y., April 11, 1861, Albert Hull, b in Lei- 
cester, N. Y., Aug. 27, 1831. Farmer. Rep, Univerttslist. P. 
O., Perry, N. Y. They have: 

i. Albert Howard* Hull, b Oct. 3, 1866, m in M'ddle- 
bury, N. Y., June 9, 189a, Gladys Morse, b there 
1865. He is a farmer and teacher. Rep. Bap. 
They have: Herbert Herrell*, b Oct. 20, 1893. 

SARAH A.' HOWARD, b at Winchester, N. H., March 
[I, 1S31, m in Linden, N. Y., Oct. 8, 1S56, Albion E. Judd, b in 
3reenfieid, N. Y,, April a6, 1831, d in Linden, June 13, i860, 
juried in Perry, N. Y. She m 2d in Linden, Nov. 8, 1S60, Ben- 
amin Franklin Baird, b in Shoreham, Vt., Sept. 4, 1813. She a 
Bap. P. O., Perry. Children born in Middlebury, N. Y.: 

The Loveland Genealogy, 105 

i. Henry Howard* Judd, b Aug. 12, 1857, m Oct. 11, 
1882, Emma Wolcott, b in Lamont, N. Y., Nov., 
1864. They have: Mildred*, b in Cuba, N. Y., 
Oct. 4, 1883; Albion, b in Attica, N. Y., Aug. 28, 
1887; Bessie, b in Lamont, July 26, 1889. 

ii. Jesse A. Baird, b Feb'y 25, 1862, m in M., Oct. 15, 
1885, William Knight, b in Lincolnshire, Eng., Dec. 
I, 1862. They have Clyde Frank", b in M., July 
13, 1886; Edna Jessie, b in Attica, Dec. 6, 1887. 

JOHN* LOVELAND (Thomas*, Thomasi) was b in Glas., 
Conn., 170C-1709, m at Say brook. Conn., Nov. 19, 1730, Ruth*, 
dau. of Joseph* and Sarah Chapman, b at S., March 16, 1713. 
The book of the Locks gives her birth March 6, 17 13, and her m 
Nov. 18, 1730. The Say brook record gives her m Nov. 18. The 
above record is from the 'Chapman Family," p. 43. The Say- 
brook record gives the date of birth of the first two children. We 
can find no record proving Ziba and Titus to be their children. 
We have made an exhaustive search of the Town Records of Say- 
brook and adjoining towns. They are doubtless natives of Say- 
brook. We can find only one married man there by the name of 
Loveland at the time of their birth. Our conclusion is they are 
the sons of John*. Children born at Saybrook: 

i. Ruth*, b April 28, 1733. 

128. ii. John, b Aug. 30, 1735; m. 

129. iii, Ziba, b 1737, m Rebecca . 

130. iv, Titus, b 1744, m Lydia* Chapman. 


JOHN* LOVELAND (John*, Thomas*) was bat Saybrook, 
Conn., Aug. 30, 1735. He settled in Adams Tp., Berkshire Co., 
Mass., and raised his family there. 

131. i. George*, b 1765, m Hannah Combs, 
ii. William, d in Mass. 

132. iiL Frederick, m Rhoda Combs (sister to Hannah), 
iv. Anna, m Joshua Combs (brother). 

io6 The Lavetand Genealogy. 

133« V. Chloe, b March 7, 1772, m Philip Potter; m 2d Jairus 


134. vi. Dudley, b 1779, m Priscilla Tracy ; m 2d Rachel Canon. 

GEORGE* LOVELAND (JohnS John«) was b in Adams, 
N. ^^ about 1765, d 1847, "^ ^^ Mass., Hannah Combs; shed 
fSoo. He m 2d, Fanny Beebe. Hannah had four children. No 
one has been found who could give much information concerning' 
Fanny's children. Mr. Loveland served in the Rev. War, after 
which he settled at Gill, Mass. His first work there was to make 
himself a log cabin. Children: 

i. Graty*. 

135. ii. John, b 1784, m Betsey . 

136. iii. George, b Oct. 4, 1786, m Azubah Bradley. He m 2d, 

Zilpha E. Harris. 

137. iv. Joshua, b Oct., 1791, m Susannah Hoag. He m 2d, 

Mary Frost. 

V. Roswell. 

vi. Hannah, m James Landers. She d 1885. 

vii. Thomas. 


JOHN« LOVELAND (George*, John*) was born at Gill, 

Mass., 1784, d 1861, m Betsey . Children born in Gill: 

i. Cephas'', b 1812. Drowned in Conn. River, 1847. 

138. ii. Chauncey H., b June 10, 1813, m Rhoda Williams, 
iii. Betsey, b 1819, d 1849. 

iv. Seviah, m Lorin Williams. She d 1879. Family. 

139. V. Henry L., b April 29, 1825, m Arvilla W. Webster. 

CHAUNCEY H.7 LOVELAND ( John «, George «) was b 
at Gill, Mass., June 10, 181 3, m Dec. 9, 1834, Rhoda Williams, b 
in Wendell, Mass., Aug. 6, 1813. He d at Montague City, Mass., 
March 2, 1889. In early life owner and captain of a freight boat 
on the Conn. River. Later, a farmer. P. O., Miller's Falls, Mass. 
Children born in Montague City: 

140. i. L. Isabel*, b April 4, 1836, m Henry A. Ryther. 

141. ii. Henry W., b Oct. 14, 1838, m Mary J. Piatt. 









• • 



• •• 


The Loveland Genealogy. 107 

Frederic A., b April 5, 1841, m Flora A. Taft. 
Calista A., b Dec. 25, 1843, m D wight D. Holden. 
Franklin W., b Aug. 30, 1S46, m Martha £. Brooker. 
George H., b July 10, 1849, ^ -^"g* ^o» ^^53- 
Arthur E, b July 28, 1852, m Carrie E. Rowe. 
viii. George E., b Feb'y 20, 1855, m Emma F. Hastings. 

L. ISABEL* LOVELAND (Chauncy H.^ John«) wasbin 

Montague City, Mass., April 4, 1836, m Dec. 7, 1859. Henry A. 

Ryther, b in Greenfield, Mass., March 6, 1835, d Aug. 19, 1864. 

Member of Co. C, 27th Reg., Mass. Vols. He was killed in battle 

before Petersburg, Va. Born in Greenfield: 

i. Frederick H .• Ryther, b April ^, 1 861, m in Greenfield, 
April 6, 1882, Louise Miller, b there June 27, 1864. 
Iron moulder at Miller's Falls, Mass. They have: 
Henry, b in G., March 26, 1883, d; Ethel L.,b 
at M. F., March 8, 1885; d. 

HENRY W« LOVELAND (Chauncey H.?) was b in Mon- 
tague City, Mass., Oct. 14, 1838, m in Gill, Mass., March 14, 1865, 
Mary J. Piatt, b in Gill, Dec. 8, 1837. Enlisted in U. S. service 
Sept. 27, 1861, disc. Sept. 27, 1864 — Co. C, 27th Reg., Mass. Vols. 
He d in Coos, N. H., Dec. 7, 1886, buried at Gill. P. O., Riverside. 
Born at Gill : 

i. Ernest P.*, b July 9, 1867. 

FREDERIC A.« LOVELAND (Chauncy H.-?) was b in 
Montague City, Mass., April 5, 1S41, m at Greenfield, Mass., Nov. 
15, 1865, Flora A. Taft,b in Montague City, Aug. 23, 1848. He 
enlisted in the U. S. service Sept. 26, 1861, served four years, was 
taken prisoner at the battle of Drury^s Bluff, confined in various 
prisons from May 16, 1864, until Feb'y 25, 1865. He was in 
thirteen battles, besides numerous skirmishes and was mustered out 
July, 1865. Member of Co. C, 27th Reg., Mass. Vols. Was 
promoted from Sergeant to Second Lieut. The last ten years 

io8 The Laveland Genealogy. 

(1892) has been roill-wright at Turner^s Falls, Montague Pap^ 
Mill. Children born at Montague City. 

i. George C.», b Feb'y 12, 1869, d Oct. 8, 1869. 

ii. Leon A., b April 24, 1870. 

iii. Nellie E., b July 17, 1872. 

iv. Mabel E., b Feb'y 7, 1874. 

V. Robert T., b May 10, 1876. 

CALISTA A.» LOVELAND (Chauncey H.'') was b in 
Montague City, Mass., Dec. 25, 1843, ^ ^^ Greenfield, Mass., Nor. 
23, 1864, D wight D. Holden, b in Greenfield, May 7, 1842. He 
enlisted in the U. S. service Sept. 27, 1861, served three years, 
discharged Sept. 27, 1864. Member of Co. C, 27th Reg., Mass. 
Vols. Master carpenter and builder. Children, first two born in 
Greenfield, the third in Deerfield, Mass. : 

i. Charles N.» Holden, b Sept. 25, 1865. 
ii. Arthur £. Holden, b April i, 1868. 
iii. Percy L. Holden, b May 20, 1880. 

FRANKLIN W.« LOVELAND (Chauncey H.'') was b in 
Montague Cit}-, Mass., Aug. 30, 1846, m in Greenfield, Mass., 
Martha E. Brooker, b June 12, 1846, d in G., Dec. 14, 1872, bur. 
at Riverside (Gill), Mass. Hotel proprietor at Erving, Mass. 
They have, born in G.: 

i. Lillian E.«, b Oct. 4, 1871. 

ARTHUR E.« LOVELAND (Chauncey H.^) was b in 
Montague City, July 28, 1852, m there April, 1878, Carrie E. 
Rowe, b there July 22, 1855. Carpenter at Greenfield, Mass. 
Born in Erving, Mass.: 

i. Edith M.», b Aug. 26, 1879. 

G. EDWARD* LOVELAND (Chauncey H.^) was b in 
Montague City, Mass., Feb'y 20, 1855, m in Greenfield, Mass., 
March 8, 1876, Emma F.* Hastings, grand dau. of Hannah* Love- 

7Tk0 L€fveland Genealogy. 109 

Imnd (George^, John^), b in G., April 15, 1858. Iron moulder. 
Now farmer at Turner's Falls, Mass. Children, first born in 
Montague City, the rest in Greenfield : 

i. Harry E.», b Dec. 4, 1876. 

ii. Jessie M., b May 17, 1880, d June 24, 1881. 

iii. Chauncey H., b March 25, 1884. 

HENRY L.-J LOVELAND (John«, George* ) was b in Gill, 
Mass., April 29, 1825, m in Brattleboro, Vt., Dec. 6, 1849, Arvilla 
W. Webster. She d in Gill, Sept. 16, 1875, a. 44. He d in Nor- 
walk, O., Sept. 13, 1892. Children, the second born in Conway, 
Mass., the tenth and eleventh in Gill, the rest in Montague City, 

i. Emma A.<, b March 28, 1852, m Austin D. Childs, 
in Brattleboro, May 26, 1872. Came to Norwalk 
1873. Have: Merill Mead», b July 8, 1888. 
ii. Cephas E., b May 15, 1853. Whereabouts unknown, 
iii. Nellie A., b Dec. 23, 1854, d Jan'y 4, 1862. 
iv. Frank W., b Aug. 8, 1856, m in Norwalk, July, 1879, 

Lizzie Ward. Family. 
V. Flora E., b Dec. 7, 1859, m in N., April, 1883, E. J. 
Russell. She d in Kaukauna, Wis., July 18, 1890. 
vi. Truman M., b May 26, 186 1, d Aug. 9, 1863. 
vii. Addie M., b March 3, 1865, m in N., Sept. 29, 18S6, 

W. N. Curtis, 
viii. Annie F., b Jan'y 18, 1867, m in Vernon, Vt., Feb'y 

7, 1883, Orra Harris, 
ix. Truman H., b Sept. 3, 1 868. 

X. Lucy W., b March 22, 1S71, d in N., Jan'y 17, 1892. 
xL Grace A.» b July 16, 1875. 

GEORGE« LOVELAND (George*, John*) was b in 

Adams, Mass., Oct. 4, 1786. He lived with his grandfather 

Combs at Thurman, N. Y., until he was fifteen years of age. 

His father then bound him out to Mr. Bradley, living in Vermont, 

to learn the mason trade. He m his dau., Azubah^ in 18 10, who d 

no The Loveland Genealogy, 

1814 leaving two children. He m 2d in Ballston Springs, N. Y., 
1814, Zilpha £., dau. of Joseph Harris, b in Saratoga, N. Y., Dec. 
21, 1795, d in Johnsburg, N. Y., Oct. 23, 1881. He d there March 
25, 1873. Lumber cutter and farmer. Dem. M. £. Ch. He 
was a model farmer, industrious and economical and left his family 
well provided for. Children, the first two born in Ohio, the third 
in Saratoga, the next four in Warrensburg, N. Y., the next three 
in Thurman, the next three in Moriah, N. Y., the last three in 
Schroon, N. Y.: 

i. Alexander'', killed in the Mexican War. 

ii. Lovina, m in O. No report. 

147. iii. Chauncey L., b March 19, 1815, m Minerva Spalding. 

148. iv. John Loren, b Sept. 12, 18 16, m Clarissa Ross. 

149. v. Laura Ann, b Sept. 12, 181 6, m Allen Ferris, 
vi. Mary, b 1818. 

vii. Azubah, b 1820. 

150. viii. George Dudley, b Sept. 15, 1822, m Althea Mead. 

151. ix. Roxeana, b Feb'y 15, 1824, m Eli Reynolds. 

152. x. Emeline, b March 11, 1826, m Anthony Snyder. 
xi. Lyman, b June 25, 1828, d May 6, 1853; unm. 

153. xii. Miles, b March 13, 1830, m Lucy Frazier. 

154. xiii. Daniel, b March 29, 1832, m Mary A. Armstrong. 

155. xiv. Frederick Thomas, b Aug. iS, 1834, "^ Mary Duell. 

156. XV. Margaret Ann, b April 16, 1837, "^ "S* Millington. 

157. xvi. Edward Martin, b Oct. 5, 1840, m Eva A. Jenks. 

CHAUNCEY L.' LOVELAND (George«) was b at Sara- 
toga, N. Y., March 19, 1815, d in Fulton Co., O., Sept. 19, 1845, 
buried in Ayer's Cem. He m at Crown Point, N. Y., Oct. 12, 
1837, Minerva Spalding, b there Jan'y 3, 1821, d at Brookfield, 
Mich., Sept. 1 1, 1879. *^^® "^ Jacob Numbers, 1846, who d Nov., 
1887. Both buried in King^s Cem., Eaton Rapids, Mich. U. B. 
Ch. Children, first born in Richland Co., O., the rest near Wau- 
seon, O. : * 

158. i. Loyal Chauncey*, b July 28, 1839, "* Hannah J. Sni- 

der; m 2d Mariah B. Scrafield. 

The Loveland Genealogy* iti 

159. ii. Harriet Theodosia, b Sept. 14, 1841, m B. W. Post. 

160. ill. Augustus Miles, b May i, 1844, "^ Laura A. Barnum. 

L. CHAUNCEY8 LOVELAND (Chauncey L.^) was b in 

Richland Co., O., July 28, 1839, m there Feb'y 23, 1861, Hannah 
Jane Snider, b there April 8, 1842, d in Blooming Grove, O., 
Sept. 18, 1877. ^^P' ^® "^ 2d in Richland Co., Jan'y 31, 1878, 
Mariah B. ScraBeld, b in Cambridge Shire, Eng., Jan'y 23, 1849. 
He d in B. G., Oct. 21, 1889. He was sergeant of Co. F., 45th 
Reg., O. V. I.; enrolled Aug. 5, 1862; served to the close of the 
war. Farmer. Disciples. Rep. P. O., Corsica, O. Children, 
first born in B. G., the second in Eaton Co., Mich., the next in 
Morrow Co., O.: 

i. Dau.>, b April 27, 1862, d same day. 

ii. John Charley, b May 6, 1869. 

iii. Eliza Austin, b Sept. 5, 1878. 

iv. Frank S., b Dec. 18, 1880, d Jan'y 12, 1881. 

V. Ernest Marshall, b Oct. 3, 1882. 

vi. Clifford D., b May 12, 1886. 

HARRIET T.« LOVELAND (Chauncey L.'') was b at 
Wauseon, O., Sept. 14, 1841, m Jan'y 19, 1858, Benjamin Wesley 
Post, b in Richland Co., O., June 10, 1831. Served twenty 
months in Co. I, 120th O. V. I.; enlisted Aug. 1 1, 1862; engaged in 
the siege of Vicksburg. Farmer. Rep. P. O., Eaton Rapids, 
Mich. Children: 

i. Emma Lovina» Post, b in Troy Tp., Richland Co., 
O., Oct. I, 1858, m in Hamlin Tp., Eaton Co., Mich., 
Nov. 15, 1 88 1, D. D. Van Allen, b there Jan'y 31, 
1855. Farmer. Dem. Children b at Eaton Rap- 
ids: Floyd, b Oct. 5, 1884, d Sept, 23, 1887; 
Emma Mildred, b Oct. 16, 1887; Forest Dean, b 
Aug. 19, 1892. 

ii. Mary Minerva Post, b Feb'y 15, 1868, m at Eaton 
Rapids, Oct. 11, 1891, George Laurbrun. They 
have: Nellie HazeU^, b Sept. 29, 1892. 

113 The Laveland Ge$ual0gy. 

AUGUSTUS M.8 LOVELAND (Chauncey L.'') was b at 
Wauseon, O., May i, 1844, m in Lexington, O., Oct. 6, 1869, 
Laura Ann Barnum, b in Bridport, Vt,, Jan'y 12, 1832. Carpenter. 
Dem. Cong. Ch. They left their old home in L., 1885, and 
came to Colorado Springs, Colo., for the benefit of Mrs. Love- 
land's health. He d here July 7, 1891. He is represented as a 
model man whose hand was always open to help the needy. 

JOHN L.' LOVELAND (George«, George* ) was b in 
Warrensburg, N. Y,, Sept. 12, 1816, m at Johnsburg, N. Y., Sept. 
i:^, 1843, Clarissa, dau of Elijah Ross, b at J., March 9, 1826, d 
there Aug. 12, 1882. Soldier in Union Army three years; drew 
a pension. He d at J., Dec. 29, 1890. Farmer. Dem. Children 
born at Johnsburg: 

161. i. Angel ine«, b Oct. 7, 1845, m David Kearns. 

ii. Stimulus M., b June 9, 1850; unm. When a resident 
of Johnsburg he was constable and collector two 
years, school collector one year, and assistant post- 
master. He is now (1892) lumber cutter in CaL 

iii. George L., b Dec. 17, 1855, d at J., 1873. 

ANGELINE« LOVELAND (John L.») wash at Johnsburg, 
N. Y., Oct. 7, 1845, "^ there Sept. 7, 1867, David son of Henry 
Kearns, b in Hemmingford, Prov. of Quebec, April 16, 1843. 
Teamster. P. O., Mendocino, Cal. Children: 

i. Carrie S.® Kearns, b at J., April 2, 1869, d at Little 
River, Cal., May 20, 1880. 

ii. Georgie H. Kearns, b in Wis., FeVy 11, 1878, d at L, 
R.,June 18, 1879. 

iii. Willie J. Kearns, b at L. R., Nov, 17, 1879, d there 
Sept. 19, 1880. 

iv. (Infant), b at J., Nov. 12, 1881, d there Nov. 12, 1881. 

LAURA A.'' LOVELAND (George«) was b at Warrens- 
burg, N. Y., Sept. 12, 1816, m in Schroon, N. Y., July 4, 1837, 



T%e Loveland Genealogy, 113 

Allen Ferris, b in Chester, Warren Co., N. Y., Jan'y 28, 1806, d 
there March 17, 1870. She d there Oct. 24, 1853. Children, the 
second born in Franklin Tp., O., the rest in Chester: 

i. George^ Ferris, b Aug. 6, 1839, ^ J"nc 28, 1858. 

ii. John Ferris, b Oct. 16, 1842, m in Thurman, N. Y., 
March 25, 1862, Mary Jane Hammond, b at Lake 
George, N. Y,, Aug. 18, 1848. Farmer. Rep. M. 
E. Ch. Born in Chester: Laura Ann®, b June 22, 
1863, m in C, 1885, Woodard Z. Wells. She d in 
C, June 4, 1888, buried in Olmsteadville, N. Y. 
Had two children, son and dau., who d at birth. 

iii. Zilpha Elizabeth Ferris, b April 25, 1848, m in War- 
ren Co., N. Y., Sept. 28, 1873, Jonathan S. Gates, b 
in Bolton, N. Y., Aug. 2, 1847. Merchant. She 
was the adopted dau. of her aunt, Mrs. Eli Rey- 
nolds. They have, b in Bolton: Walter Edward®, 
b Feb'y 23, 1874. 

GEORGE D.*? LOVELAND (George«) was b in Thurman, 
N. Y., Sept. 15, 1822, m in Warren Co., N. Y., Jan'y i, 1845, 
Alathea Mead, dau. of Andrew and Spisey Spegeil Mead (maiden 
name Moseman), b in Chester Tp., July 19, 1824, d there April 
II, 1884, bu"cd at Igerna, N. Y. He d there June 29, 1893. 
There are three postoffices in Chester T p.: Chester, Pottersville 
and Igerna. This family live in the part called Igerna. In early 
life he drove the river as boatman twenty-two springs in succes- 
sion. Later a farmer. Dem. Children, the second born in Johns- 
burg, N. Y., the rest in Chester Tp.: 

i. Naomi Ann^, b March 13, 1846, d in J., Oct. 27, 1846. 
165^. ii. Charles Francis, b Sept. 16, 1848, m E.J. Snyder. 

iii. Nathaniel Emerson, b Nov. 24, 1851. 

iv. Andrew Jackson, b Sept. 7, 1854. Farmer, carpenter 
and road builder. In this latter occupation he is a 
specialist, and few men in the Adirondack lumber 
region can handle a crew of men to better advantage 
or build a better road than he. 

114 ^^^ Loveland Genealogy. 

163. V. Hattie Florence, b Feb'y 19, 1857, m D. S. Witherbee. 

vi. Lellia Jane, b Sept. 21, 1S59, '^ ^^ Warrensburg, N. 
Y., April 26, 1893, Archie Edward Beldin, b in 
Newcomb, N. Y., May 22, 1871. Farmer and lum- 
berman. Rep. Bap. 

vii. Laura Emeline, b Sept. 15, 1862, m at Glen's Falls, 
N. Y., Aug. 30, 1S82, Frederick E. Lavery, b in 
Chester. Farmer and carpenter. She d in C, 
Jan'y 22, 1889. Methcxlist. They had, b in C: 
Helen Florence*, b Oct. 3, 1S83. 

CHARLES F.8 LOVELAXD (George D.?, George* ) was 
b in Johnsburg, N. Y., Sept. 16, 1S4S, m at Warrensburg, N. 
Y., Feb'y 4, 1875, Electa Jane Snyder, b at Newcomb, N. Y., 
Jan'y 22, 1855. She is the fourth child and only daughter of An- 
thony Snyder and Emeline' Lovelimd (152). Farmer. Both 
Methodists. P. O., Igerna, N. Y. Children born in Chester and 
buried at Igerna: 

Morton Erncst», b Jan'y 3, 1876, d Feb'y 3, 1881. 

ii. Lillian Maud, b April 17, 1877, ^ Sept. 11, 1877. 

iii. Shirley Morris, b March 25, 1S78, d Jan'y 25, 1881. 

iv. Leslie Snyder, b Nov. 2, 18S1, d May 25, 1S89. 

V. Henry Arthur, h Oct. 9, 1885, d Feb'y 9, 1886. 

vi. Harry Charles, b Oct. 9, 1885, d Oct. 7, 1886. 

vii. Berlin Frederick, b Aug. 21, 1890, d Aug. 29, 1891. 

viii. Bertha Florence, b Sept. 6, 1893. 

HATTIE F.8 LOVELAND (George D.', George«) was b 
in Chester, N. Y., Feb'y 19, 1857, m in Xewcomb, N. Y., Oct. 8, 
1887, Daniel Stillman Wetherbee, b in Newcomb, June 24, i860. 
Farmer. Rep. Nonprofessor. She Bap. She d at Newcomb, 
Feb'y 8, 1893. Her remains were taken to her father's at Igerna, 
Friday, Feb'y 10, and buried the next day by the side of her 
mother and sister in the cemetery near the Methodist Church at 
that place. In her death a sweet life has gone out full of hope 
and promise from earth. Calling her husband and family around 

The Loveland Genealogy. 115 

her bed she bade each farewell and asked them to meet her in 
heaven, then closing her eyes she peacefully sank to rest and 
eternal life. She was an affectionate wife, a dutiful daughter, a 
kind neighbor, social and companionable, and beloved by all who 
knew her. Children born in Chester: 

i. Marion Alathea® Wetherbee, b May 18, 1889. 
ii. Laura AUeen Wetherbee, b June 14, 1S92. 

ROXEANA' LOVELAND (George^, George^) was b at 
Thurman, N. Y., Feb'y 15, 1824, m in Chester (Warren), N. Y., 
Sept. 3, 1843, Eli Reynolds, b in Hebron, N. Y., Nov. 14, 1817. 
Followed lumbering 22 years. Farmtr. Rep. M. E. Ch. No 
children of their own, but they adopted and raised four. P. O., 
Hill View, N. Y.: 

i. Zilpha Elizabeth® Ferris (149, iii). 

ii. Amos H. Reynolds, b in Johnsburg, N. Y., Jan'y 5, 


iii. Mary Eliza Reynolds, b in Caldwell, N. Y., April 29, 

1870, m Marvin Lanfair. 
iv. Eva May Reynolds, b in Johnsburg, Feb'y 19, 1872- 

Twice married. 

The father of Amos H. was a Mr. Fish who died leaving 
Amos (three years) and four sisters who were taken by people to 
raise. Mary Eliza's father was a Mr. Loomis. She was about 
five years old when she came to our house. She has a home of 
her own now. — Mrs. Eli Reynolds. 

EMELINE'' loveland (George«, Georgc«) was b in 
Thurman, N. Y., March 1 1, 1826, m in Newcomb, N. Y., March 
20, 1845, Anthony Snyder, b in Germany, Oct. 16, 18 16. He 
Cftme tO;thi$ country With his f&thef in .18^7. Puddler iri.tKe'fnan- 
ufacture of stetel; later farmer, lumberman, guide and htinter. 
Rep. Cath. He d at Newcomb, May 5, 1S73, buried in Olm- 
sieadville, N. Y. She m 2d in Chester (Warren), N. Y., April 
29, 1880, William O. Donald, b in Donegal, Ireland, May 9, 1S39. 
Farmer. Dem. Cath. Children born in Newcomb: 

ii6 The Laveland Genealogy. 

i. Harriet Maria* Snyder, b Dec. 15, 1845, ^ 1846. 

ii. Henry Howe Snyder, b Feb'y 25, 1848, m in Troy, N. 

Y., Dec. 35, 1885, Kate Golden. She d Sept. 4, 

1888; buried in Troy. He d Sept. 4, 1887. No 

iii. Archibald Snyder, b May 3, 1850, d Jan'y 7, 1862. 
iv. James Robinson Snyder, b Feb'y 21, 1852, d 1853. 
V. Electa Jane Snyder, b Jan'y 22, 1855, m Charles F. 

Loveland ( 162). 
vi. George Morris Fred Snyder, b March 26, 1858, m in 

Essex Co., N. Y., April 9, 1882, Hannah Matilda 

Lewis, b in Bridport (Addison), Vt., Dec. 5, 1863. 

He d at Long Lake, N. Y., March 12, 1894. Dem. 
vii. Anthony Ellsworth Snyder, b Oct. 6, 1863; m. 

MILES'? LOVELAND (George*, George«) was b in 
Moriah, N. Y., March 13, 1830, m at Hadley, N. Y., May 23, 
1854, Lucy Frazier, b in Day, N. Y., April 9, 1831. Farmer. 
Dem. She Methodist. P. O., Riparius, N. Y. Children, first 
three born in Johnsburg, N. Y., the fourth at Day: 

i. Daniel Lorenzo*, b Feb'y 7, 1856, m in Thurman, N. 
Y., Dec. I, 1880, Armida Baker, b there Jan'y 26, 
i860. Employe in paper company at Palmer Falls, 
N. Y. She a milliner and dressmaker and member 
M. E. Ch. P. O., Warrensburg, N. Y. They have: 
Millie®, b Dec. 24, 1883. 

ii. Eugene, b March 18, 1862, d Sept. 1, 1869. 

iii. Miles M., b Jan'y 5, 1864, d Sept. 3, 1869. 

iv. Llewellyn, b July 3, 1870. 

DANIEL' LOVELAND (George«, George*) b at Moriah, 
N. Y., March 29, 1832, moved to Johnsburg, N. Y., with his 
parents, March 28, 1844, "^ *" Chester, Warren Co., N. Y., 
Feb'y 15, 1863, Mary Ann Armstrong, b in Johnsburg, May 
4, 1S43. Occupation, lumbering and farming. He has quite an 
extensive business of the former during the winter months. Rep. 

The Lavetand Genealogy. ti^ 

M. £. Ch. He was drafted at the last call for soldiers to sup- 
press the rebellion, and while on the way to the front the war 
closed. His family suffered a sad bereavement in 1883 by the sud- 
den death of three children by diphtheria. Buriel place: Johns- 
burg. Children born in Wevertown, N. Y.: 

164. i. Salome Belief, b Sept. 14, 1864, m Archibald Noble, 
ii. Charles Harrison, b June 5, 1866. Attended one course 

at Burlington, Vt., Medical College. Graduated at 

Albany Med. Coll., April, 1892. 
iii. Mark Lawrence, b Dec. 13, 1867, d Dec. 13, 1883. 
iv. Nora Ella, b Oct. 3, 1870, d Dec. 6, 1883. 
V. Gertrude Estella, b May 26, 1874. 
vi. Hollis Irving, b Oct. 7, 1877. 
vii. Grace Elizabeth, b Aug. 3, 1881, d Nov. 25, 1883, 

Wevkrtown, N. Y., April 22, 1890. 
Mr, /. B, Loveland: 

DsAR Sir: — You see, Mr. Loveland, we have had great 
trouble in the deaths of three of our children by diphtheria, taken 
so soon, that is in such a short period of time. Gracie, our dear 
little babe, so sweet and good, was first taken from us. We 
thought it was so hard to bear. She was a lovely child and such 
a sweet little singer, only two years old when she died. In one 
short week the Lord took another, Nora, the light of our home, so 
pure, so good. We thought we could never give her up, but the 
Lord knew what was best for us, so we had to part with her. 
She was loved by all. The same night she died, Mark, our boy, 
just commencing to make a start in his studies, was taken sick and 
in a few days he too was taken from us, and oh how desolate and 
lonely it left us; no one can tell only those who have gone through 
such trials. But what we know not now we shall know hereafter. 
I should be pleased to hear from you again, as you seem like an 
acquaintance. Yours respectfully, 

Mrs. Daniel Loveland. 

S. BELLE8 LOVELAND (DanieP, George«) was b in 
Wevertown, N. Y., Sept. 14, 1864, m there June 6, 1883, Archi- 

Ii8 The Loveland Genealogy, 

bald R. Noble, b in W., Feb'y 23, 1855. Druggist and (1890) 
postmaster. Now (1892) county clerk of Warren Co., N. Y. 
Rep. Meth. Born in Wevertown: 

i. Kate Elsie» Noble, b April 12, 1884. 

FREDERICK T.^ LOVELAND (George«, George*) was 
b at Schroon, N. Y., Aug. iS, 1834, m in Johnsburg, N. Y., June 
23, 1867, Mary Ann Duell, b in Chester, Warren Co., N. Y., 
Sept. 29, 1838. Farmer and lumberman. Dem. Children, first 
two born in Johnsburg, the last in Minerva, N. Y.: 

i. Annie^, b Sept. 3, 186S, m in Port Henry,' N. Y., 
March i, i89i,John Thornton, b in Plattsburg, N. 
Y., March 6, 1861. Lumberman. Guide in the hunt- 
ing and fishing season. Born in Newcomb, N. Y.: 
Charles H.^, b Jan'y 27, 1893; Forest William, b 
July 2, 1S94. 

ii. Cora Maud, b Jan'y 7, 1871. 

iii. Morris, b Sept. 27, 1872. 


MARGARET A.*? LOVELAND (George«, George«) was 

b in Schroon, N. Y., April 16, 1S37, m in Johnsburg, N. Y., May 

30, 1853, Samuel Millington, b in Queensbury, N. Y., May 2, 

1829. Farmer. P. O., Riparius, N. Y. Children born in 


i. George Frederick ^ Millington, b Dec. 23, 1854, m in 

J., Sept. 23, 1873, Melita Anette Robins, b in J., 

1845. Farmer. Dem. M. E. Ch. Children b 

in Johnsburg: Carrie Lina^, b July 5, 1874; Edgar 

JLirris, b July 20, 1875; Edith Olga, b July 20, 

ii. Agnes Jeannette Millington, b Jan'y 12, 1858, m in 

Chester, Warren Co., N. Y., May 30, 1882, John 

Orson Smith, b there March 27, 1858. Children b 

in J.: Joseph EarP, b May 13, 1883, d Oct, 17. 1885; 

Maggie May, b Aug. 27, 1884; Orson Harris, b 

Aug. 7, 1 886; Rosamond, b Dec. 10, 1890. 

The Loveland Genealogy, ii$ 

iii. Laura Emeline, Millington, b Feb'y i6, iS6o, m in 
Warren Co., Nov. 15, 1884, Melancton Dunkley, b 
in J., Nov. 27, 1866. 

iv. Chauncey Alexander Millington, b March 15, 1862,01 
at Griffin, N. Y., Dec. 5, 1886, Lona Margaret 
Bruns, b in J., Aug. 24, 1870. Children b in J.: 
Vaneta Andray®, b Nov. 8, 1887; J^^"^ Warren, b 
Nov. 21, 1S88; Gladys Horatio, b Feb'y 16, 1890. 

V. John Warren Millington, b Sept. 21, 1864, m in J., 
Oct. 13, 1889, Lille May Sanders, b at North River, 
N. Y., May 12, 1871. They have, b in J.: Samuel 
Winnifred^, b June 15, 1890. 

vi. Philip Sheridan Millington, b April 12, 1866, m in 

Warren Co., March 26, 1890, Edith Magan, b at J., 

April 12, 1870. 

vii. Archie Harris Millington, b Sept. 11, 1870, d Sept., 

viii. Rosa Lillian Millington, b April 13, 1872, m at Indian 
Lake, N. Y., Aug. 9, 1890, Columbus Bruns, b in J., 
July 16, 1866. 

ix. Leon Howard Millington, b Aug. 24, 1879. 

EDAVARD M.7 LOVELAND (George«, George^) was b 
at Schroon, N. Y., Oct. 5, 1S40, m in Troy, N. Y., April 26, 1872, 
Eva A., dau. of Mason and Ann Eliza McKee Jenks, b in Chester, 
X. Y., Aug. 12, 1852. Farmer and stock raiser. Moved to Iowa 
1888. Now (1892) dealer in wood and coal and proprietor of 
dray line at Forest City, la. He owns a farm two miles from the 
city. Dem. Wife M. E. Church. Children born in Johnsburg, 
N. Y., the seventh in Forest City: 

i. George Mason*, b Oct. 12, 1873. 

ii. Minnie Dell, b Jan'y 24, 1876. 

iii. Lina May, b Oct. 27, 1S7S, d July 19, 1888. 

iv. Mabel Inez, b Oct. 8, 1882. 

v. Omar Jenks, b April 2, 1885. 

vi. Edward Martin, b Sept. 6, 1887. ^ 

vii. May Eva, b Oct. 13, 1892. 

I20 The Lovetand Genealogy » 

JOSHUA« LOVELAND (George«, John*) wash in South 
Adams, Mass., Oct., 1791, m in Warren Co., N. Y., 181 3, Susan 
Hoag, b in Warrensburg, N. Y., d in Plymouth, N. Y., 1818; m 
2d at Thurman, N. Y., Feb'y, 1821, Mary Frost, b at T., Sept. i, 
1801, d at T., Dec. 2, 1870. He d there July 16, 1846. His 
mother dead, he was taken by his grandparents to raise (Joshua 
and Elizabeth Jefferson Combs), who lived at Athol, now Thur- 
man. Mr. Loveland served as sergeant in the War of 181 2, 23d 
Reg. N. Y. I. He was stationed at Flattsburg. Farmer. Deni . 
M. E. Ch. Children, the third born at Plymouth, the rest at 

i. Hannah'', b May 16, 1814, m at T., Oct. 25, 1858, Al- 
len T. Ferris, b in Chester, N. Y., Jan'y, 1803, d 
there March 17, 1870. No children. 

165. ii. Jefferson, b April 26, 1816, m Mary Ann Daggett. 

166. iii. Joshua C, b May 10, 1817, m Susannah Pendell; m 2d 

Susannah Daggett, 
iv. Mary Ann, b July 27, 1822, m in T., Sept. 3, 1843, 
John E. Kenyon, b in T., April i, 1820, d there 
Jan'y 18, 1890. Farmer. Rep. They had, b in 
T.: Frederick*, b May 9, 1848, m there May 15, 
1870, Dolly Kenyon. They have, b in T.: Lewis^, 
b Oct. 4, 1873; Abiel, b Jan'y 12, 1879. 

167. v. John, b Jan'y 29, 1826, m Sarah Jane Wilsey. 

vi. William, b May 31, 1829; m. His wife d. He has a 
son, William 8. 

168. vii. George, b Dec. 3, 1831, m Elizabeth Potter. 

JEFFERSON^ LOVELAND {Joshua«, Georgefi) was b at 
Athol, N. Y., April 26, 18 16, m there 1837, Mary Ann Daggett, 
b at A., Nov. 21, 1819. He d there Aug., i860. She d at Stony 
Creek, N. Y., Sept. 25, 1S91, buried at A. He held the various 
town offices. Farmer. Rep. Children born at Athol: 

i. Mary Jane^, b April, 1840, d Aug., 1859. 

169. ii. Frederick, b June 20, 1842, m Rebecca M. Trumbull. 


The Laveland Genealogy. 121 

iii. John J., b March, 1844, ^ April, 1848. 

iv. Sarah A., b Nov. 25, 1849, m at Lake George, N, Y., 

June 29, 1888, Wesley Twiss, b in Johnsburg, N. 

Y., Dec. 29, 1856. Farmer. Rep. No children. 

FREDERICKS LOVELAND (Jefferson^ Joshua') was b 
at Athol, N. Y., June 20, 1842, m in Warren Co., N. Y., Sept., 
.1863, Rebecca Minerva Trunjbull, b at Johnsburg, N. Y., March 
13, 1834. ^^- LfOveland enlisted Aug., 1864, in 186th N. Y. S. 
v.; participated in the Battle of Hatcher's Run, Oct. 25-27, 1864; 
in the capture of Fort Fisher, Jan'y, 1 865, and in the Battle of 
Five Forks, Va., April i, 1865. He did picket duty with his reg- 
iment in front of Petersburg in the fall and winter of 1864-5, fre- 
quently away to fight and then to return to their old post at Fort 
Sedgewick. His life was one of almost continuous battle while in 
the service. He was at the surrender of Gen. Lee and saw him 
give up his sword. He was discharged June, 1865. This regi- 
ment was landed at City Point, Va., the last of Aug., 1864, full 
one thousand strong, and embarked at the same place the last of 
April, 1865, with only 380 men. Mr. Loveland does not (1890) 
draw a pension. Farmer. Meth. Rep. P. O., Glens Falls, 
N. Y. Children born at Athol: 

i. Franklin*, b March i, 1865, d Nov. 2, 1882. 

ii. Nellie, b July 15, 1867, m at Warrensburg, N. Y., 

Dec. 2, 1890, John E. Marcellus, b in West Day, N. 

Y., July i8, 1861. Farmer. Dem. They have: 

Dallas^o, b Sept. 15, 1891. 
iii. Frederick, b Nov . 20, 1869, m at West Pawlet, Vt., 

April 19, 1894, Katie Parry, b at Granville, N. Y., 

Jan'y 28, 1872. Carpenter and builder. Rep. P. 

O., W. P. 

iv. Mary, b March 2, 1872, m at Warrensburg, Aug. 30, 
1890, Edgar Stowe, b in Newaygo, Mich., Oct. 14, 
1870. Farmer. Dem. They have: Anceli*, b 
June 22, 1891, d May 27, 1893, and Muriel E., b 
Aug. 30, 1892. 

V. Dallas, b April 5, 1874. 

122 The Loveland Genealogy, 

JOSHUA C LOVELAND (Joshua*, Georges) was b in 
Plymouth, N. Y., May lo, 1817, m at Athol, N. Y., April 15, 
1838, Susannah Pendell, b at A., March 11, iSiS, d there July 15, 
1869; m 2d at A. (now Thurman), Oct. 15, 1878, Susannah Dag- 
gett, b in A., Sept. 10, 1838. Farmer. Rep. Has held import- 
ant town offices. P. O., Athol. Children born at Athol: 

i. Susannah M.s, b Aug. 5, 1839, ^ Feb'y 6, 1843. 

ii. Maria, b Feb'y 27, 1844, m at A., Feb'y 27, 1864, La- 
fayette Everts, b at A., April 23, 1843. Lumber 
dealer and farmer. Rep. M. E. Ch. No children. 
170. iii. John L., b Feb'y 27, 1844, m Libbie Everts. 


JOHN L.8 LOVELAND (Joshua C) was b at Athol, N. 

Y., Feb'y 27, 1844, m there Nov. 21, 1867, Libbie Everts, b there 

July 30, 1851. Lumber dealer and farmer. Has held the various 

town offices. M. E. Ch. P. O., Athol. Children born at Athol: 

i. Delbert J.», b Oct. 18, 1870. 
ii. Franklin, b Dec. 12, 1875. 

JOHN' LOV^ELAND (Joshua«, GeorgeS) was b at Athol, 
N. Y., Jan'y 29, 1826, m there June 4, 1850, Sarah Jane Wilsey, 
b at Johnsburg, N. Y., March 19, 1834, d at A., May 19, 18S6. 
He d at Thurman, Feb'y 21, 1891. Rep. M. E. Ch. Children, 
second born at J., the rest at Thurman, N. Y.: 

i. Cordelia^, b June 18, 1851. 

ii. John Joshua, b March 17, 1853, d Aug. 11, 1855. 

iii. Benjamin Franklin, b Jan'y 13, 1857, d Nov. 30, 1862. 

iv. Eloise, b Dec. 8, 1863, m at T., Dec. 8, 188 1, John W. 

Cameron, b at T., July 22, 1853. Carpenter. Rep. 

M. E. Ch. They have: Benjamin Franklin®, b at 

T., April 19, 1887. 

John Loveland, ex-sheriff of Warren County and one of the 
best known men of this section, died Saturday noon, February 21, 
at his hotel in Thurman, aged sixty-five years. His death was not 

The Loveland Genealogy. 123 

unexpected, as he had been for the past three years a sufferer from 
Bright's disease which caused his death. The deceased held the 
office of sheriff two terms, being first elected in 1870 to succeed 
W. W. Hicks of Queensbury. He began his next term on January 
I, 1877, as the successor of the late Gideon Towsley of Chester. 
Mr. Loveland also filled at various times the offices of Supervisor, 
Justice of the Peace, and Commissioner of Highways. The funeral 
occurred from his late residence Monday afternoon at one o'clock 
and was conducted by Warrensburg Lodge F. and A. M., of 
which deceased was a member. — Warrensburg, N. Y., News, 
Thursday, February 26, 1891. 

GEORGE' LOVELAND (Joshua«, George^) was b in 
Thurman, N. Y., Dec. 3, 1831, m at Sandy Hill, Washington Co., 
N. Y., Sept. 28, 1858, Elizabeth Potter, b in T., May 25, 1831. 
He has held important town offices. Rep. Born in Thurman: 

i. Charles H.* b Nov. 19, 1S59. 

FREDERICKS LOVELAND (John*, John«) was b at 
Adams, Mass., m Rhoda Combs. He d in Newbury Tp., Geauga 
Co., O., a. 80. He came to Newbury previous to 18 1 8. He served 
through the Rev. War. The following is all we have been able to 
obtain of his descendants. Children: Diantha«, m William Brown; 
Lucy m Ezra Brown; Rhoda m Solomon Herendeen; Betsey m 
Benjamin Dresser; Clarissa m Jothan Houghton; Polly m Daniel 
Houghton; Harvey; Edson m Sally Daggett; Gilbert m Belinda 


CHLOEs LOVELAND (John*, Johns ) was b in Adams, 

Mass., March 7, 1772, m there Philip Potter. He d. She m 2d, 
Jairus Shaw, b in Surrey, N. H., April 14, 1765, d in Munson, O., 
Aug. 12, 1845. ^^^ ^ there April 29, 1846. It is said she once 
lived in Gill, Mass., and in Danby, Vt. Farmer. Bap. Her 
children by Potter were horn in Mass., by Shaw born in Shrews- 
bury, Vt.: 

133^- '• Eliza* Potter, b Dec. 16, 1801, m Daniel Bartlett; m 

2d, Joseph Bartlett. 

^24 The Loveland Genealogy. 

ii. Mary Potter, b May 26, 1803, d Dec. 11, 1858; unm. 
iii. Betsey Potter, m Thomas Billings in Mass. She d in 

Newbury Tp., Geauga Co., O., about 1827. 
iv. Meriby Potter. In the State of N. Y. 
V. Almon Potter, d in Hartland Tp., Huron Co., O., 1822. 
vi. David Potter. Nothing known of him. 
vii. Austin Shaw, b Jan'y 7, 1808. 

viii. Elvira Shaw, b Jan'y 11, 181 1, m Alexander McNish. 
ix. Anson Shaw, b Aug. 16, 1812, m and d in Monticello, 

O., Feb'y 21, 1886. 

She d Aug. 2, 1840. 
X. Allen Shaw, b Dec. 27, 1815, d in Danby, Vt., Feb'y 

i3» 1S32. 
133^. xi. Alvin Shaw, b Dec. 27, 18 15, m Lois A. Savage. 

ELIZA« POTTER, b in Mass., Dec, 16, 1801, m in Danby, 
Vt., 1819, Daniel Bartlett, b Feb'y 1 1, 1794, d in D., Dec. 11, 1822. 
She m 2d, 1823, Joseph Bartlett, b Aug. 2, 1791, d in D., Dec. 17, 
1875. She d there Sept. 5, 1849. She, Bap. They, carpenters 
and Quakers. Children born in Danby: 

i. Annis'' Bartlett, b Jan'y 11, 1821, m in D., 1839, 

Salathiel Canfield. Farmer. She d in Bloomfield, 

Pa., Jan'y 27, 1872. Family, 
ii. Alma Eliza Bartlett, b May 3, 1822, m Horace Barden. 

Family. P. O., West Pawlet, Vt. 
iii. Daniel Potter Bartlett, b Dec. 22, 1824, m Mary Olivia 

Emerson. Family in Danby. 
iv. Phebe Bartlett, b Aug. 16, 1826, m Frank Carpenter. 
Ji33^« V. Chloe Shaw Bartlett, b Oct. 29, 1828, m Silas Fuller, 
vi. George Loveland Bartlett, b Sept. 30, 1831. Killed at 

the Battle of Pittsburg Landing, April 7, 1862, buried 

in the field. He enlisted in the 41st O. V. L, Sept. 

1861. He m Sarah Jane Smith. Family. 

CHLOE S.*? BARTLETT, b in Danby, Vt., Oct. 29, 1828, m 
in Chardon, O., July 4, 1 846, Silas Fuller, b in Newbury, O., 

The Loveland Genealogy, 115 

Jan'y 25, 1823. Divorced from him on scriptural grounds May 24, 
1861. P. O., Chardon, O. Children, the first two born at New- 
bury, the rest at Chagrin Falls, O.: 

i. Eliza' Bartletts Fuller, b July 13, 1847, "^ ^^ C. F., 
Oct. 2, 1867, Carlos Harper. 

ii. Spencer Morgan Fuller, b Aug. 30, 1850, Alice M. 
Hickax. She d March 26, 1886. He m 2d, 1888, 
Lena Parkerson. Family. 

iii. George Wilmot Fuller, b June 7, 1854, m Dec. 12, 
1883, Carrie Heighton. Family. 

iv. Montravill B. Fuller, b Nov. 6, 1856, m Nov. 8, 1881, 
Amanda Rose. Family. 

ALVIN« SHAW, b in Shrewsbury, Vt., Dec. 27, 1815, m in 
Newbury, Geauga Co., O., Dec. 5, 1846, Lois Acenath Savage, b 
in N., June 9, 1828. Farmer. Rep. Disciple Ch. P. O., 
Painesville, O. Children : 

i. Rosetta Amelia*? Shaw, b Jan'y 16, 1848, d March 17, 

ii. Mary Ann Shaw, b March 6, 1852, m in Newbury, 
Dec. 26, 1871, Nelson Stone, b in N,, 1843. They 
have: Vene Walter *, b in Munson, O., June 3, 1873, 
and Franklin Shaw, b in Newbury, April 9, 1878. 

DUDLEYS LOVELAND (John^ Johns) wash in Adams, 
Mass., Sept. 14, 1779, m there Priscilla Tracy. They settled in 
Newbury, Geauga Co., O., 18 18. She d there 1821. He m 2d 
in N., 1823, Rachel Canon (Widow Burnett), b near Salem, 
Mass. Mr. Loveland served as sergeant in the 2d Brigade, 9th 
Division, Mass. militia, under appointment signed by Calvin Hub- 
bell, L. C. C, dated at Adams. He was a wagonmaker by trade, 
and cleared his farm in Newbury from the wilderness. He d here 
Nov. 28, 1855. She d here Oct. 24, 1869, a. 83 yrs. 5 mo. Chil- 
dren, first four born in Adams, the rest in Newbury : 

i. Dudley^*, m Susannah Bullock. She d at Munson, O., 
i860. He m 2d, 1864, Nancy Clements. She d at 
Claridon, O., 1883. He d there 1886. Their only 
child, Alonzo'', d 1856. 

126 The Loveland Genealogy, 

ii. Calvin, m Nancy McNish, 1841. They moved to 

Wyocena, Wis. He d in Iowa, 18S4. No children, 
iii. John, m Samantha Dunning, 1S35. ^^ ^ ^^ Mich. 

She d in 1856. They had: Harvey"', Amelia and 

one name not given, 
iv. Marshall, b March 28, 181 6, m 1865. He served in 

the Union Army during the War of the Rebellion. 
V. Adaline, b June 30, 1820, m Ira Dain. He d 1880. 

Children: Roxana', Hartwell and Mary Jane. 

171. vi. David Franklin, b Oct. 5, 1824, m Eliza Harvey. 

DAVID F.« LOVELAND ( Dudleys, John4) was bin New- 
bury, O., Oct. 5, 1824, m at Munson, O., Feb'y 14, 1S56, Eliza 
Hovey, b there June 29, 1837. He succeeded to the farm settled 
by his father in 1818. He d at this home June 26, 1887. Farmer. 
Rep. M. E. Ch. Children born in Newbury: 

172. i. George Franklin'^, b Feb'y 11, 1857, m Lizzie E. 

ii. Nellie E., b April 25, 1870. 

GEORGE F.'' LOVELAND (David F.«, Dudleys) was b 
in Newbury Tp., Geauga Co., O, (on the old farm that his grand- 
father cleared from the wilderness), Feb'y 1 1, 1857, "^ ^^ Burton, 
O., Sept. 24, 1885, Lizzie E. Walter, b in Sugar Creek Tp., Tus- 
carawas Co., O., Sept. 28, 1869. Farmer and stock raiser. Rep. 
M. E. Ch. He has charge of the old home settled by his grand- 
father. The ninth annual reunion of the Loveland Family of 
Northeast Ohio was held at this home in 1893. Born on the old 
farm in North Newbury: 

i. Flossie E.s, b Feb'y 3, 1891. 

129. . ' ' 

ZIBA* LOVELAND, SEN. (John*, Thomas^) wash 1737, 

m Rebecca . She d in Canfield, O.. He d in West Huron, 

Vt., Aug., 1822, in his S5th year. Children, last born in Canaan, 


173. i. Aaron 5, m Naomi Foster. 

The JLoveland Genealogy. 127 

ii. Charles, (probably). 

iii. Hannibal, m. Family not reported. 

174. iv. Ziba, b Nov. 8, 1777, m Anna Ames. 

AARON5 LOVELAND (Ziba*, John «) was b about 1765. 

This date is based on date of birth of his oldest son. When this 

son was b he lived in Canaan, Conn. At one time he lived 

near Plattsburg, N. Y. Afterwards, some fifteen years in Vt. 

His buildings were burned here and he then moved to Sheffield, 

Mass. He d away from home. He had nephews who moved 

to Grand Isle, Vt. The name of their father was Charles. 

He had a brother Obadiah (prob. Ziba). The above are selections 

from correspondents. These selections seem to connect him with 

the Grand Isle Lovelands. As the name Ziba is found only among 

the descendants of Thomas^ Lovcland, there is hardly a possibility 

that Ziba sen. can be other than the son of John and the father of 

the four sons given above. Aaron was a cooper by trade; m 

Naomi Foster. Children, first and second born in Canaan, the 

third at New Haven, Vt., the rest at Middlebury, Vt. 

175. i. Socrates®, b July 27, 17S9, m Lydia Taft. 

ii. Polly, b 1 79 1, m Josiah Whiting. Both d at West 
Farmington, O.; she, May 3, 1S52, he, Sept. 5, 1836. 
They had: Josiah"^, m Maria Chaffe; Corydon, m 
Nancy Moore; Sally, m Samuel Evans; Linda, m 
Frederick Taft, and Julia, m a Mr. Salsbury. 

176. iii. Lyman Foster, b 1797, m Polly Smith. 

177. iv. Lucius^ b iSoo, m Anna Bosworth. 
v. Sally, m Hiram Ladd. Family. 

SOCRATES« LOVELAND (Aaron6,Ziba4) was b at Ca- 
naan, Conn., July 27, 1789, m ^t Sheffield, Mass., Jan'y 7, 181 3, 
Lydia Taft, bfhereApfil 26, 1793, d at West' Far rtiingtorr; O., 
Jan'y 27, 1S67. He d there Nov. 19, 1870. He came to Ohio in 
company with his brother-in-law, Cliauiiccy Taft. They settled 
in Farmington, Jan'y 21, 181S. Farmer. Children, first two born 
in Sheffield, the rest in West Farmington: 

128 7%^ Laveland Genealogy, 

i. Lydia'', b Dec. 29, 181 3, m Isaac Brewer, They had 
Martha*, who m W. H. Day. 

ii. Edwin, b May 20, 1817, m Harriet Benton. The town 
of Loveland, la., took its name from the circumstance 
of his doing a milling business there. They had: 
Albert*, Carrie and Mary. No report. 

178. iii. Archy Taft, b April 6, 1820, m Clarinda Cotton. 

179. iv. Sherburn Harvey, b June 2, 1822, m Mahala Rood. 

V. Cordelia Ann, b June 6, 1824, m Urial T. Cotton. 

Born at W. F.: Marian*, b July 17, 1845, d Dec. 

22, 1847. 
vi. Anne Janette, b Feb'y 26, 1826, m James Tracy, 
vii. Martha Alvira, b March 9, 1828, m Daniel Powell, 
viii. Lucia Maria, b July 18, 183 1, m Emory Powell. She 

d at W. F., Oct. 5, 1867. They had: Fred* and 

ix. Chauncey Taft, b May 17, 1834, "" Cortensia Hatch. 

They have: Ella I.*, Lewis E. and May B. 
X. Henry Lucius, b June 4, 1836, d Aug. 28, 1837. 

ARCHY T.*? LOVELAND (Socrates*, Aaron*) was b at 
West Farmington, O., April 6, 1820, m at Parkman, O., Dec. 12, 
1844, Clarinda Cotton, b at Austintown, O., Dec. 8, 1828. He d 
at Parkman, Aug. 24, 1854, buried at W. F. Farmer, merchant 
and speculator. Whig. She m Feb'y 18, 1856, John K. Smith. 
The names of Smith children not reported. Mrs. Smith is the 
sixth generation in descent from the "May Flower." (See Cotton 
Family.) Children bqrn at Parkman: 

1 80. i. Darwin Cotton*, b April 19, 1846, m Amanda Crooks. 

ii. Frank Malcomb, b May 31, 185 1, d Aug. 12, 1865. 


DARWIN C* LOVELAND (Archy T.\ Socrates*) was b 
at Parkman, O., April 19, 1S46, m at Ravenna, O., Feb'y 26, 
1867, Amanda Melvina* Crooks (Vol. H, fam. 184), b at Aurora, 
O., Oct. 30, 1847. Carpenter in Missoula, Mon. Children, first 
born at Bainbridge, O.; second at Elkhorn, Neb.; the next two at 

Zi»m L. Mebriam. (a22.) 

The Loveland Genealogy, 129 

Chester, Mich.; the next at Des Moines, la.; the sixth at Colum- 
bus, Neb.: 

i. Myrtie Emma®, b Dec. 12, 1867, d Jan'y 24, 1868. 

ii. Theophilus Grier, b Sept. 11, 1869. He is named af- 
ter Judge Grier, a nephew of his grandmother. 

Hi. Harriet A., b Jan'y 31, 187 1, d Feb'y 14, 1871. 

iv. Hester M., b Jan'y 31, 1871, d March 3, 1871. 

V. McKinney Edwin, b March 21, 1872. 

vi. Mary Clarinda, b Oct. 5, 1879. 

SHERBURN H.' LOVELAND (Socrates«, Aaron«) was b 
at West Farmington, O., June 2, 1822, m at Braceville, O., April 
2, 1856, Mrs. Mahala Rood Taft, b in Canaan, Conn., Aug. 28, 
1820, d at W. F., Jan'y 1 1, 1880. He d there. Children born in 
W. F.: 

i. Lydia Taft8,b Jan'y 8, 1857, m Arthur Trew. 
ii. Henry Rood, b April 21, 1858. 

LYMAN F.« LOVELAND (Aaron^, Ziba*) was b at New 
Haven, Vt., about 1797, m Polly Smith. He d at Riverton, 
Conn., i860. He lived at Sheffield, Mass. Carpenter and mer- 
chant. Children: 

i. Warren B.'', m Josephine Smith, of Sandisfield, Mass. 
He lived in New Hartford, Conn., about thirty-five 
years. In the clothing business there and dealt in 
real estate. He is now (1893) proprietor and man- 
ager of the Miller House, in Great Barrington, Mass. 
Family not reported. 

ii. Ann, m Edward Rowley, of Colebrook, Conn. She d. 
No children. 

iii. Almira, m Ansel L. Adams, of Victor, N. Y. She d. 
No children. 

iv. Julia, m Albert Williams, of Collinsville, Conn, She 
d. No children. 

130 The Loveland Genealogy. 

LUCIUS* LOVELAND (Aaron*, Ziba*) was b in Middle- 
bury, Vt., 1800. Came to Ohio in 1S24, settled at West Farm- 
ington, and afterward removed to Eagleville. He m at W. F., 
Feb'y, 1826, Anna, dau. of Daniel and Anna Bosworth, b in Ronne, 
N. Y., Sept. 17, 1803, d in Lee Co., la., Jan'y 11, 1856. He d at 
E., Sept. 5, 1833. Tanner. She m 2d at E., Nov., 1835, Frank- 
lin Smith, b in Mass., i8cx). They moved to Putnam Co., Ind., 
where they lived a few years, and then they moved to la. Chil- 
dren, first two born in W. F., the next two in E., and the rest in 

181. i. Louisa*^, b Oct. 12, 1827, m Jesse Dungan. • 

182. ii. Albert, b May 20, 1829, m Belle Hood. 

iii. Darwin E., b Oct. 13, 1830, m Delia Cowles. He d 
Feb'y, 1875. Family in Fremont Co., la. .No re- 

183. iv. Frederic Lucius, b June 10, 1832, m Julia Cowles; m 

2d Anna Bosworth; m 3d Martha Rhode, 
v. Mary'' Smith, b April, 1837, m June, * ^599^^1""^* 1861. 
vi. Howard Smith, b March, 1840, d Feb'y, 1S56. 
vii. Frank Smith, b March, 1844. Stock raiser. 

LOUISA^ LOVELAND (Lucius«, Aarons) was b in West 
Farmington, O., Oct. 12, 1827, m in San Francisco, Cal., Feb'y 
15, 1857, Jesse H. Dungan, b in Harrison Co., Ky., March 24, 
1824, d in Eureka, Cal., March 6, 1889. P. ()., Eureka. 
Children born in Humbolt Co., Cal.: 

i. Jesse Henry^ Dungan, bjan'y 27, 1859, d May 1, 1879. 
ii. Lucy Amy Dungan, b May 13, 1863, m in Eureka, 

April 29, 1 89 1, S. I. Allard, b in Danvers, Mass. 

Dec. 29, 1866. Real Estate and Insurance business. 

They have, Jessie®, b March 25, 1892. 
iii. Stella Dungan, b Oct. 26, 1864. 
iv. Fred Loveland Dungan, b May 13, 1866. 
v. Mary Amelia Dungan, b Aug. 29, 1S67. 
^ vi. Inez Louise Dungan, b May 26, 1869. 

The Loveland Genealogy. 131 


Jesse H. Dungan died at his residence in this city yesterday 
morning. Deceased was born in Harrison County, Kentucky, 
March 24, 1824, and consequently lacked a few days only of being 
65 "years old at the time of his death. Mr. Dungan canne to Hum- 
bolt County in 1853, and settled at that point on Eel River which 
he has made his home ever since, until he removed to this city two 
years since. 

Mr. Dungan engaged in farming, having located in one of the 
most fertile sections of Humbolt County, and out of the wilderness 
carved one of the most productive and valuable farms in the val- 
ley, which was worked under his individual supervision until it 
was leased for dairy purposes upon his removal to this city. He 
also was anoong the first to engage in salmon fishing, and con- 
tributed largely toward establishing that industry, in this county. 
He also for many years owned and operated the lower ferry across 
Eel River, which will probably be always known as Dungan's 

He early took a prominent position in the enterprise and devel- 
opment of the county and was conspicuous in the political councils 
of his party. He was one of the three supervisors of the county 
for several years, commencing in 1857. Soon after removing to 
Eureka he was appointed Police Judge to fill the vacancy occa- 
sioned by the death of Judge Sevier, and also Justice of the Peace. 

Judge Dungan was a man of sterling integrity and most hon- 
orable record. He was respected by all who knew him during the 
quarter century of his residence here. He was endowed with a 
just, candid mind, which, with his wide information and practical 
knowledge, inspired the confidence and esteem of his fellow men. 
He was a kind and faithful husband, an affectionate father and an 
obliging neighbor. 

Four brothers and one sister survive him. Three oi the broth- 
ers, G. W., John and Thos., are residents of this county. His 
wife and five children (all grown) remain to mourn his loss. To 
these the sympathy and condolence of the many friends of deceased 
will be extended in this their great affliction. — Daily Humbolt 
Times, March 7, 1889. 

132 T%e, JLoveland Genealogy, 

ALBERT' LOVELAND (Lucius«, Aaron*) was b at 
Farmington, O., May 20, 1829, m Belle Hood. She d in Ham- 
burg, la., 1873. He m 2d, Helen . He left the Hawkey e 

State in 1875, and with his family crossed the Rocky Mountains 
and located in Humbolt Co., Cal. Subsequently he removed to 
other parts of the State, but his children still remained in Humbolt. 
Shoemaker. He was appointed postmaster at Ferndale by 
President Hayes and held his commission for eleven years. Justice 
of the Peace of Pacific Tp., Humbolt Co., three terms. Children, 
the first three born near Hamburg, the fourth in Ferndale: 

i. Emmet*, b 1857. 
184. ii. Weltha May, b May 4, 1862, m J. H. Trost. 

iii. Ernest Macauley, b April 14, 1868. He is an account- 
ant by profession, but becoming connected with the 
Daily Humbolt Times he has adopted journalism and 
is now manager of the Nerve Printing Company 
and publishers of ^^Nerve^', the most influential and 
widely circulated paper in Northern California. 

iv. Helen Alberta, b April 8, 1878. 

W. MAY« LOVELAND ( Albert' Lucius« ) was b near 
Hamburg, la.. May 4, 1862, m near Ferndale, Cal., Oct. 22, 1880, 
John Henry Trost, a native of Paducah, Ky., b June 26, 1854. He 
was the the Ferndale postmaster at the time of his marriage. He 
held the office eleven years, going in during a Republican adminis- 
tration and holding it until the election of Harrison. He then re- 
moved to Eureka, Cal., and engaged in the grocery business. At 
the end of three vears he returned to Ferndale and with others 
organized the Ferndale Bank of which he is now ( 1893) secretary 
and cashier; also one of the directors. He is Past Master of the 
Masonic Lodge. Dem. Cong. Ch. Children: 

i. Brice Loveland» Trost, b April 5, 1883. 

ii. Jesse Henry Trost, b March 20, 1SS5. 

iii, Mary Agnes Trost, b Jan'y 27, 1887, d Sept.* 27, 1887. 

The Lfroeland Genealogy. 133 

iv. Mattie May Trost, b April 7, 1888. 
V. Helen Gertrude Trost, b May 6, 1889. 
vi. Howard Stanley Trost, b May 28, 189a. 

FREDERIC L.? LOVELAND (LuciusS Aaron*) was b 
at Eagleville, O., June 10, 1832, m in Sidney, la.. May 12, 1870, 
Julia, dau. of Giles Cowles, b there 1847, d in Riverton, la., June 
9, 1 87 1. He m 2d, in Tabor, la., Anna Bosworth, b 1846, d in R., 
July 30, 1882. He m 3d, in Tabor, March 15, 1884, Martha, dau. 
of Hon. Joseph Rhode, b in T., Jan'y 6, 1850. Farmer. Dem. 

i. Julia Blanche*, b June 2, 1871, d May 6, 1872. 

ii. Nellie Blanche, b May 18, 1875. 

iii. Ana Louisa Inez, b July 30, 1880. 

iv. Bessie Lucille, b May 11, 1886. 

V. Edith Bernice, b»May 16, 1888. 

vi. Stella Marguerite, b March 23, 1890. 


Our Supervisor from the Fifth District is a farmer — that is he 
is engaged in raising grain and stock and fruit, near Winchester, 
in San Jacinto and Pleasant Valley Irrigation district. 

Mr. Loveland is a man ripe in years and experience, though 
hale and heart}*, with his faculties all in their prime. He was born 
in Ashtabula County, Ohio, but moved, in childhood, with his 
parents, to Indiana. He spent his early manhood in that state and 
Iowa, engaged in farming, stockraising and trading. He came to 
California in ^59, and after ten years on this coast, returned to 
^Hhe states.'^ In '79 he came back to California, and some six 
years ago settled in the Winchester country. Here he has been 
prosperous, and bids fair to spend the rest of his days in peace 
and comfort, surrounded by an interesting and happy family. 

Mr. Loveland is an eminently practical man, of quick intelli- 
gence, and the wide range and varied character of his experience 
has fully qualified him to take part in the management of the 
affairs of this county. His disposition is kindly and his manner 

134 ^^^ Loveland Genealogy. 

most cordial. He is in every way a true, good man, and a most 

worthy citizen. — Riverside County Reflex, Riverside, Cal., June 

24, 1893. 


ZIBA6 LOVELAND (Ziba*, John«) was b in Canaan, 
Conn., Nov. 8, 1777, m in North Hero, Vt., April 20, 1809, Anna 
Ames, dau. of Capt. Adon and Betsey Ames, b in Canaan, N. Y., 
Feb'y 17, 1786, d in Grand Isle, July 8, 1865. He d there Sept. 
12, 1855. ^^* Loveland was a resident of Grand Isle as early as 
1803, purchasing a farm here that year. In 1804 he was elected 
first constable in that town. Children, the last born at Plattsburg, 
N. Y., the rest at North Hero: 

Caroline R.«, b Nov. i, 1810, m William Wilsey. 
Janette, b July 14, 1812, m John Williamson. She d 

in Elkader, la., Sept., 1885. 
Aurilla, b June 10, 1814, m Carpenter Griswold. 
Homer, b June 23, 1816, m Rhoda Potter. 
Charles Ames, b March 3, 18 18, m Sarah Hyde. His 

dau. Helen '^ m in G. I., Nov. 17, 1870, Herbert W. 

Ladd. She was b in South Hero, Vt., 1846. Fam. 
Hannibal, b July 23, 1822, d Aug. 20, 1822. 
Frederick Mortimer, b Aug. 17, 1823, m Jane E. Pearl, 
viii. Sophia Ann, b Feb'y 17, 1825, d Jan'y 24, 1826. 
ix. Abraham LaDue, b March 9, 1827, d May i, 1830. 

CAROLINE R.« LOVELAND (Ziba«, Ziba*) was b in 
North Hero, Vt,, Nov. i, 1810, m William Wilsey, b July, 1810. 
She d in Lawrence, N. Y., Oct., 1884. Children: 

i. Albert? Wilsey, b 1831. 

ii, Abraham Wilsey, b Oct. 3, 1833. 

iii. William Wilsey, b Oct. 8, 1835. 

iv. Anne Wilsey, b 1840. 

v. Jane Wilsey, b Feb'y 12, 1842. 

vi. Phineas E. Wilsey, b Sept. 29, 1847, "^ Calista M. 
Macomber, in Grand Isle, Vt., May 4, 1878. 

vii. Elizabeth Wilsey, b May 15, 1851. 

viii. Helen Wilsey, b March 12, 1853. 



• • 



• • • 








The jLoveiand Genealogy. 135 

AURILLA« LOVELAND (Ziba*, Ziba*) was b in North 
Hero, Vt., June 10, 1814, m in Grand Isle, Vt., March 12, 1834, 
Carpenter Moss Griswold, son of James and Lois (Hyde) Gris- 
wold, b in Grand Isle, Oct. 12, 1809. She d Nov. 16, 1883. Chil- 
dren, first two born in London, Canada, the fourth in South Hero, 
Vt., and the rest in Grand Isle: 

i. Annie Caroline Elizabeth'' Griswold, b Feb'y 9, 1835, 
m in Plattsburg, N. Y., Sept. 22, 1875, Charles E. 

ii. Ursula Prudence Griswold, b May i, 1837, m in Mil- 
ton, Vt., Jan'y 22, 1863, Darius M. Wilcox. 

iii- Charles Wesley Griswold, b May 13, 1840, d in S. H,, 
July 28, 1842. 

iv. Lois Orilla Griswold, b July 9, 1843, m in Plattsburg, 
Feb'y 21, 1865, Hiram T. Hoag. 

V. Helen Frances Griswold, b May 2, 1848, m in Grand 
Isle, March 28, 1874, Herman H. Pearl. 

vi. Janette Griswold, b Sept. 26, 1852, d in G. I., June 18, 

vii. Homer Edgerton Griswold, b July 23, 1855, m in G. 
I., Jan'y 12, 1881, Edna S. Adams. 

HOMER* LOVELAND (Zibas, Ziba*) was b in North 

Hero, Vt., June 23, 1816, m in Diana, N. Y., Feb'y 15, 1842, 

Rhoda Burnett Potter, d March 6, 1852, a. 33. He d in Grand 

Isle, Vt., Oct. 26, 1845. Children, first born in St. Albans, Vt., 

the second in Swanton, Vt.: 

189. i. Frances Augusta*^, b Jan'y 5, 1843, m Edward Gordon, 
ii. Randall Homer, b March 29, 1844, d Aug. 2, 1844. 

FRANCES A.7 LOVELAND (Homer«, Ziba«) was b in 
St. Albans, Vt., Jan'y 5, 1843, m in South Hero, Vt., Feb'y 20, 
1867, Edward Gordon, of Grand Isle, Vt., son of Norman and 
Electa (Wilcox) Gordon, b in Grand Isle, June i, 1840. Chil- 
dren born in Grand Isle: 

136 The Loveland Genealogy, 

i. Carrie Electa^ Gordon, b June 30, 1868, d March 8, 

ii. Jennie Augusta Gordon, b July 10, 1869. 
iii. Ida Rhoda Gordon, b Aug. 24, 1S72. 
iv. ' Abbie Naomi Gordon, b Oct. 4, 1873, d Aug. 19, 1874- 

FREDERICK M.« LOVELAND (Ziba«, Ziba^) was b in 

North Hero, Vt., Aug. 17, 1823, m in Grand Isle, Vt., 1846, Jane 
E., dau. of Stephen and Rhoda (Griffith) Pearl, b in Grand Isle, 
1822, d there Feb'y 6, 1867. Children born in Grand Isle: 

i. Rhoda', b 1847, d April 28, 1881. 
190. ii. Frank Quincy, b Dec. 6, 1857, m Mary A. Chadwick. 

FRANK Q.-? LOVELAND (Frederick M.«, Ziba«) was b 
in Grand Isle, Vt, Dec. 6, 1857, m in Plattsburg, N. Y., Nov. 18, 
1886, Mary Almira Chadwick, b in Evansburg, Vt,, March 28, 
i860. Born in Grand Isle: 

i. Hubert Orson «, b March 7, 1889. 

Frank Q. Loveland writes Jan'y 4, 1889: — "Ziba* Loveland, 
Sen., had a brother, Hannibal, who d at North Hero, Vt., Aug. 
20, 1822. My father says he has heard his father say that Ziba 
and Hannibal came across the wide waters. Father says that his 
father had a brother that got mad and left home when i8 years of 
age and was never heard from afterwards. We think Ziba, Sen., 
and Hannibal came from England to Connecticut. My father 
thinks the name of the boy who left home was Aaron." 

From G. L., Jan'y 17, 1889: — "I find the Ziba, Sen., to whom 
you refer, in the Saybrook Record, and as the name and dates cor- 
respond so well I think we shall be warranted in supposing that 
he, or he and his two sons, Ziba and Hannibal, migrated to 
Canaan, and from thence to Vermont. I think the idea of their 
having come from England had the same origin that exists in the 
other branches of the family, that our ancestors came from Eng- 
land. This branch of the family seems to have been separated 
from the other branches for two or three generations and when 


T^he Loveland Genealogy. 137 

they appeared among the others would naturally talk about their 
ancestry. I believe the Saybrook Lovelands descended from 
Thomas', that John^ of Saybrook was his son, and was brother to 
Thomas*, Elisha, Joseph and Benjamin. We find Ziba a family 
name among Elisha's* descendants. Rev. Ziba is a descendant of 
Elisha^y and he had an uncle Ziba who died unmarried." 

TITUS* LOVELAND (John«, Thomas«) d in Durham, 
Conn., Nov. 29, 1815, in the 72nd year of his age; m Lydia^ 
Chapman (see Chapman Genealogy ),b in Durham, Jan^y 3, 1743, 
d there May 20, 1790. Farmer. He moved from Saybrook, 
Conn., to Durham a short time before the Rev. War. He was 
appointed guardian of Sarah Loveland, dau. of Jonathan Loveland, 
Oct. 5, 1783 (see Lib. v, p. 155). He was also appointed guard- 
ian of William, son of Jonathan (Lib. ri, p. 400). His sons, Titus 
and Richard, were administrators of his estate. Inventory (p. 
527) $3,834.46. Children born in Durham: 

Titus«, b May 5, 1768. 

i. Lydia, b Oct. 31, 1770. 

ii. Ezra, b Sept. 21, 1772, m Sarah Kelsey. 

V. Isaac, b Feb'y 5, 1 775, m Matilda Cone. 
V. Richard, b April 20, 1779. 
vi. Orpha, b Sept. 29, 1786. 

EZRA6 LOVELAND (Titus*, John«) was b in Durham, 
Conn., Sept. 21, 1772, m Sarah Kelsey. Children born in Durham : 

i. Nancy •, b Oct. 29, 1798. 

ii. Horace, b Jan'y 16, 1801. 

iii. Sabrina, b May 20, i8io, m Ford. 

iv. Mary, b Dec. 17, 18 12. 

V. Titus, b May 15, 1815. 

vi. Catharine, b Feb'y 15, 1818, m Fisher. 

vii. Rosanna, b June 25, 1824, m David S. Brooks. 

ISAAC* LOVELAND (Titus*, John») was b in Durham, 
Conn., Feb'y 5, 1775, m Matilda Cone. Children born in Durham : 


138 The JLoveland Genealogy. 

193. i. Isaac C* b Aug. 22, 181 2, m Susan Hall, 
ii. Louisa Matilda, m Jesse Brown; she died. 

194. iii. Elizabeth Ann, b Nov, 1, 1820, m Levi Brown. 

ISAAC C.« LOVELAND (Isaac«, Titus*) was b in Dur- 
ham, Conn., Aug. 22, 181 2, m in Killingworth, Conn., Susan 
Hall, b there March 29, 181S. Shoemaker. Came from Middle- 
town to D., and then to New Windsor, Colo. Children born in D.: 

i. Revilo', b March 13, 1838, m in Greely, Colo., Dec, 
10, 1872, Sarah E. Carpenter. No children. 

ii. Ellen, b June 22, 1840, m in K., Aug- 16, 1S63, John 
Newton Isbell, b in K., Nov. 7, 1837. Artist. 
They have: Gertrude Eloise^, b in New Haven, 
Conn., Sept. 24, 1864; Orlando Sidney, b in Bridge- 
port, Conn., Nov. 19, 1866; Ethel Emma, b in N. 
H., June I, 1880, d March 30, 1881. 

iii. Eldridge, b March 29, 1842. Whereabouts unknown. 

ELIZABETH A.« LOVELAND (Isaac^, Titus*) was b in 

Durham, Conn., Nov. i, 1.820, m in Middletown, Conn., Aug. 23, 

1841, Levi Brown, b in M., Aug. 19, 1817, d in Bloomington, 

Wis., Sept. 15, 1874. Hardware rtierchant. Children, first born 

in Patch Grove, Wis., the rest in Patois, Grant Co., Wis.: 

i. Emma J.' Brown, b March 4, 1S46, m in B., July 19, 
1868, William H. Holford. Merchant. They have: 
Elva J.8, U. Lee and Laverna L. 

ii. A^a Louise Brown, b Sept. 16, 1848, m in B., Dec. 7, 
187!, Cyrus Alexander. They have Elmer ». 

iii. Egbert Paoli Brown, b Dec. 15, 1852, d Aug. 8, 1855. 

ELISHA8 LOVELAND (ThomasS Thomas* ) was b in 
Glas., Conn., 1709. Vol. x, p. 100, Probate Records: "Elisha 
Loveland, a minor about 16 years of age, of Glas., chooses Thomas 
Welles as guardian, which court allows." Dated 1725. He m in 
Glas., Jan'y 19, 1737, Hannah Hills, b in G., June 24, 1716. Both 
d in G. From Glas. Centennial: '^Elisha Loveland m Hannah 





• ■ • 







The Lovfiland Genealogy. 139 

Hill or Hills, dau. of Josiah Hill, Jr., Jan'y 19, 1737. These fam- 
ilies were in Glas. in 1693. The Hill or Hills, of Glas., are sup- 
posed to be the descendants of William Hill, of Hoccanum/' 
Farmer. Owned and kept the ferry between Glas. and Wethers- 
field. Town Records of Glas., Book A, p. 88, gives his family : 

Elisha'*, b May 4, 1738, m Lucy Sparks. 

Elijah, b Nov. 16, 1742, m Sarah Smith. 

Hannah, b Oct. 31, 1744, d Dec. 4, 1769. 

Pelatiah, b Jan'y 13, 1748, m Ruth Sparks. 

Levi, b Nov. 19, 1749, m Esther Hill. 

Lucy, b June 8, 1754, m Thomas Forbes, Oct. 27, 1773. 

ELISHA* LOVELAND (Elisha«, Thomas^) was b in Glas., 
Conn., May 4, 1738, m Lucy Sparks (Widow Stratton). Conn. 
Roster, p. p. 86 and 176: "Elisha Loveland, or Loveman (as he 
was sometimes named), served in the Rev. War. First in the 8th 
Reg. and 2d Co. This Reg. was stationed on the Sound until 
Sept. 14, 1775, when it took part at Roxbury in Gen. Spencer's 
Brigade. The service of this Reg. expired Dec, 1775. He en- 
listed in this Reg. July II, 1775. Second, he served in the 3d 
Reg., Conn. Line, Capt. Barnard's Co. Enlisted March 30, 1778, 
for 3 years ; discharged Dec. 20, 1780." Children born in Glas.: 

199. i. Isaac s, m Judy Holden. 

200. ii. Abner, b April 18, 1764, m Lois Hodge. 

iii. Dorothy (Doley), m Walter Parsons. No children, 
iv. Lucy, thrice m. No children. 

ISAAC* LOVELAND (Elisha*, Elishas) was b in Glas., 
Conn., lived at Sandisfield and Otis, Mass., Brownville, N. Y., 
and Freedom, O. The Church Records of Eastbury: "He m 
Ruth (Judith) Holden, Nov. 30, 1784." She is buried at Gar- 
rettsville, O. He d at Freedom, April 28, 1832, buried at Hiram, 
O. He served in the Rev. War, 3d Reg., Conn. Line, Capt. 
Barnard's Co. Enlisted for 3 years, May 2, 1778; disc. March 4, 
1 781. Drew a pension. See Conn. Roster, p. p. 176, 316, 635. 
Children born in Litchfield Co., Conn.: 

140 The Loveland Genealogy. 

i. Tirzah«, b 1786, m Williams. They had Laura '^. 

ii. Honor, m Abner Smith, June 27, 1811. Settled in 
Brownsville, N. Y. She d March 24, 1874. She 
had a large family. Her son Orlow'' m Amelia 
Harriet Little, March 21, 1832. (See Little Gene- 
alogy 1 P- 36^-) 
201. iii. Colby, b March 9, 1790, m Lucy Larckom. 

iv. Laura, m Lyman Hunt. Large family. 

COLBY« LOVELAND (Isaac*, Elisha* ) was b in Litchfield 
Co., Conn., March 9, 1790, m in Otis, Mass., Oct. 20, 18 14, Laura, 
dau. of Paul and Comfort Larckom, b in Otis, April 2, 1797. He 
d at Freedom, O., April 2, 1876. Children, first two born in Otis, 
the three next in Clayton, N. Y., the rest at Hiram, O.: 

i. Tirzah*?, b July 27, 1815, m in F., Sept. 3, 1835, Bige- 
low Barber. He d in Windham, O., March 6, 1850. 
She m 2d in W., July, 1850. Francis X. Poor. 

Isaac, b April 16, 1817; unm. 

Levana, b July 20, 1819, m John T. Hunt. 

Laura, b Feb'y 25, 1821, m in F,, Nov. 23, 1847, James 
E. Udall. She d at Garrettsville, O., June 27, 1885. 

Elvira, b April 16, 1823, m Oscar F. Niles. 

Honor, b Sept. 4, 1828, m James L. Hunt. 

Orpha, b Sept. 4, 1828, m L. L. Udall. No family. 
205. viii. Sophina O., b April 30, 1832, m E. T. Caldwell. 

LEVANA7 LOVELAND (Colby«, Isaac«) was b in Clay- 
ton, N. Y., July 20, 1819, m in Freedom, O., March 9, 1838, John 
Theodore Hunt, b in Otis, Mass., Jan'y 25, 1815, d in Garrettsville, 
O., Oct. 11,1855. Farmer. Grocer. Dis. Ch. Children born 
in Freedom: 

i. Caroline Elizabeth * Hunt, b April 19, 1839, "^ '^^ ^*" 
venna, O., Nov. 12, 1863, Joseph E. Ranny; m 2d 
in Peoria, 111., Feb'y 17, 1882, Flavius J. Daniels. 
P. O., Garrettsville. 



• • • 







• • 


The Laveland Genealogy, 141 

ii. Loveland Colby Hunt, b July 25, 1844, d in F., Aug. 

22, 1S69. Mechanical engineer, 
ill. Florence F. Hunt, b Sept. 23, 1851, d Feb'y 14, 1857. 

ELVIRA' LOVELAND (Colby«, Isaac*) was b in Clay- 
ton, N. Y., April 16, 1823, m in Hiram, O., March 21, 1844, Oscar 
Fitzalan Niles, b in Brighton, O., Dec. 23, 1824. Carpenter. 
Rep. Disc. Children born in Freedom, O.: 

i. Henry Bigelow« Niles, b March 25, 1845, m at Brace- 
ville, O, Oct. 12, 1869. Ellen Ferguson, b in Ga- 
zetta,. O., Oct. 4, 1845. Dealer in lumber. Rep. 
Cong. Ch. They have, b at Garrettsville, O.: 
Grace Isabel^, b Aug. 12, 1870. 

ii. Carl Roscoe Niles, b July 24, 1848; unm. Moulder. 
Rep. P. O., Garrettsville. 

HONOR- LOVELAND ( Colby «, Isaac*) v^as b at Hiram, 
O., Sept. 4, 1S28, m in Freedom, O., July 12, 1848, James Lewis 
Hunt, b in Otis, Mass., May 21, 1824. Farmer. Rep. Disc. 
Children born in Freedom: 

i. George Wallace* Hunt, b April 21, 1849, '^ ^^ ^*" 
venna, O., Dec. 23, 1873, Addie Fox, b in R., Nov. 
^^ '^55' Family at Garrettsville, O. 
ii. Oscar Fitzalan Hunt, b Jan'y 13, 1862, m in F., July 
27, 1887, Sarah Elizabeth Houtz, b in Green, O., 
Feb'y 11, 1859. 
iii. Lura Hunt, b Oct. 2, 1864, m in G., March 15, 1888, 
Albert Davis. 
, 206. 

SOPHINA O.' LOVELAND (Colby*, Isaac*) was b at 
Hiram, O., April 30, 1832, m in Garrettsville, O., Oct. 7, 1851, 
Edward Treville Caldwell, b in Braceville, O., Nov. 28, 1829. 
Farmer. Rep. P. O , Garrettsville. Children, the third born 
in Hiram, the rest in Freedom, O. : 

i. Elva Corrinne* Caldwell, b Aug. 14, 1859, d at G., 
Aug. 25, 1859. 

142 The Laveland Genealogy, 

ii. £rnest Lerue Caldwell, b March 14, 1861, d at G., 

July 30, 1866. 
iii. Flora May Caldwell, b Feb'y 7, 1865, d at G., Dec. 

14, 1874. 
iv. Elmer L. Caldwell, b Jan'y 16, 1868. 

ABNERfi LOVELAND (ElishaS Elisha«, Thomas^, Thom- 
asi) was b in Eastbury Parish (Glas.), Conn., April 18, 1764, m 
there Jan'y 11, 1787, Lois, dau. of Benjamin and Lydia (Welles) 
Hodge, b in Glas., June 25, 1764, d at Brighton, O., Aug. 12, 
1835. He d there Sept. 6, 1847. Children, the first five b at 
Southfield, Mass., the rest at Otis, Mass.: 

Luman Elisha«, b Oct. 11, 1787, m Philecta Hawley* 

Loring, b July 21 1790, m Polly Warren. 

Luther, b Aug. 21, 1792, m Sophia P. Hills. 

Leonard Hodge, b Oct. 3, 1794, m Margaret V. Whit- 
lock; m 2d Anna Allen, nee Rulison. 

Abner, Jr., b Nov. 5, 1796, m Pamelia DeWolf. 

Sophia, b May 24, 1799, "^ Albert Niles. 

Dorothy (Doley), b March 12, 1802, m John Norton, 
m 2d Daniel Squires. Seven children, 
viii. Lovina, b Nov. 4, 1805, d at B., Aug. 11, 1825; unm. 
ix. Pamelia, b Nov. 24, 1807, d at Wellington, O., Oct. 
31, 1839. ^^^ ^^^ * teacher in the Norwalk Sem- 
inary, Norwalk, O. At the time of her death she 
was engaged to be married to Mr. Roswell Smith. — 
F. C. L. 
X. Phila Minerva, b June 7, 1811, m Samuel Osborne. 
She d in Webster City, Iowa. Her husband sur- 
vived her a few years. She left a daughter whose 
whereabouts is unknown. — H. D. N. 

Abher Loveland lived at home until sixteen years of age, and 
then enlisted in the U. S. Army for three months. He then en- 
gaged in the privateer service- (Rev. War). He was made pris- 
oner and cohfined at Quebec and Montreal. He escaped with 
three others and crossed the Sorelle River to Vermont, was recap- 




• • 



• • • 









■ ■ 


The Loveland Genealogy. 143 

tured and confined in Quebec until the close of the war. He then 
returned to Glastonbury. After his marriage he moved to South- 
field, where he lived until March, 1797. He then moved to Otis, 
Mass., and afterward to Glastonbury. In 182 1 he removed to 
Brighton, onto a farm which his son Abner had purchased for 
him. This was before the township was named and before the 
county was organized. This section then was a part of Medina 
County. His wife, Lois, lived at Sandisfield, Mass., and Otis, un- 
til her marriage. She had four sisters and one brother: Lydia, 
Anna, Jerusha, Eunice and Benjamin. 

My grandfather, Elisha* Loveland, was born and died in Glas- 
tonbury. He was a soldier in the Rev. War. He had two sons 
and two daughters: Isaac, Abner, Doley and Lucy. He died 
from a fall from a load of hay, and his wife, Lucy, afterward lived 
with my father. She had one daughter, Onor Stratton, by her 
first husband. The maiden name of Lois Hodge's mother was 
Lydia Welles. She married a Hodge, and her daughter Lois 
married Abner Loveland, my father. Lydia Welles lived to be 
^^ years old. Her oldest daughter married a Scoville, and lived 
to be 105 years old. My great-great-great-grandmother, Lydia 
Linkhorn, married Lord Goff in England (Welsh). Anna Hodge 
married a Webster, and died at 102 years (O. J. Hodge says: 
"She was b Feb'y 11, 1758, d Nov. 25, 1861, a. 104"). Benjamin 
Hodge, Sen., of Buffalo, N. Y., d at 98 (O. J. H. says: "Born 
1753, d 1837, a. 84"). Jerusha Hodge married Ebenezer Goodale. 
The Hodges are Scotch. Doley Loveland married Walter Par- 
sons, of Granville, Mass., and lived and died there. They had no 
children. Lucy Loveland was born in Glas., and died there (East- 
bury Parish). All our ancestors on the Loveland side are of Eng- 
lish extraction, but on the mother's side they are Scotch and 
Welsh. I saw my great-gramlfather, Elisha, when I was a boy.. I 
have been on his farm, and I am sure he was either the son* or 
brother of Thomas Loveland. (L. H. L. is right. Elisha's^ 
father and brother both bore the name Thomas, and so did his 
grandfather who was made Freeman by the Hartford, Conn., 
Court, 1670. J. B. L.) 

144 7^^^ Loveiand Genealogy, 

My father was a man of great memory, and I have from him 
that EHsha (Elisha*) was either the son or the brother of the one 
who came from England, and his name I am sure was Thomas. 
(L. H. and his father are both wrong. It is a fact which cannot 
be disputed that Elisha' was the grandson of Thomas ^ Loveiand, 
of 1670. They have not gone back far enough. Traditional and 
circumstantial evidence leads us to believe that Thomas ^ Loveiand 
was born in this country, and that his grandfather, whatever his 
name, died on the passage, leaving a widow and three sons to con- 
tinue the voyage to this country. His son Robert died at New 
London, Conn., 1669; John, another son, died in Glastonbury or 
in Hartford near the Glastonbury line, 1670; both old men. 
Another son, orobablv Elisha, was drowned in Connecticut River. 
These three men and their father and mother w^ere born in Eng- 
land. We believe that Robert was the father of Thomas* Love- 
land. The reason whv we have not commenced our count with 
the Loveiand who died on the passage, or with Robert, is, that 
we have no positive recorded evidence connecting them to him 
whom we know to be the progenitor of all the Lovelands recorded 
in the Loveiand Genealogy. We have therefore commenced our 
count with Thomas' Loveiand, grandfather of Elisha' Loveiand. 
- J. B. L.) 

I know nothing of Elijah (Elijah^), but think he lived up in 
the hills. I know nothing of Hannah*. I visited Uncle Levi* 
' and Aunt Esther when I came to Ohio. His wife was the daugh- 
ter of Ebenezer Hill, of East Hartford. I remember two of 
Levi's children: Hannah, b Aug. 25, 1775, and George, b Dec. 8, 

1776. L. H. LOVKLAND. 

LUMAN E.« LOVELAND (Abner^, Elisha*) was b at 
Southfield, Mass., Oct. 11, 17S7, m at Otis, Mass., Feb'y 18, 1813, 
Philecta, dau. of Ozias and Sarah Hawley. She was b at Otis, 
June 12, 1790, d at Huntington, Vt., Jan'y 2, 1829. He m 2d at 
H., Nov. I, 1829, Patty Fitch, b at H., May 15, 1799. Shed 
there March 24, 1864. He d there Dec. 14, 1842. He removed 
from Otis to Huntington in Feb'y, 181 3, and purchased a farm in 
the south part of the town. His second wife was the daughter of 

t'LARRISA Ldvelanii Mkrriam. (2-22.) 

The Loveland Genealogy, 145 

John and Anna Fitch. Mr. Loveland was elected Selectman a 
number of years^ was Constable two years and Justice of the Peace 
twenty-two years. He was always a farmer, and their children 
were all born at Huntington. 

i. Infant, b Nov., 1813, d Nov., 181 3. 
ii. Infant, b Sept., 18 14, d Sept., 18 14. 

212. iii. Corydon Luman'', b April 21, 1816, m Susan M. 


iv. Clarydon Elisha, b March 12, 1818, d at Charlotte, 
Vt., May 12, 1882, buried at H.; unm. 

213. v. Alonzo Hawley, b March 27, 1820, m Amanda A. 


vi. Philecta, b May 16, 1822; unm. 

214. vii. Sarah Lucy, b July 18, 1824, m George P. Hatch. 

viii. Minerva, b Nov. 19, 1826, d at H., March 13, 1845. 

ix. Abner James, b Nov. 12, 1828, m in N. H., Fcb'y 25, 
1872, Mrs. Sarah A. Perkins. She d at Springfield, 
N. H., Feb'y 25, 1890. No children. 

X. Theodore, b April 16, 1831 ; unm. 

xi. Catharine, b July 25, 1832, d at H., Nov. 26, 1S40. 

xii. Loring, b Nov. 24, 1833, d Oct. 18, 1859. Drowned 
in Minnetonka Lake, Minn. Body never recovered. 

xiii. George Burrows, b June 15, 1835, m Nov. 26, 1874, 
Martha E. Saul. He d Sept., 1891 ; buried in Forest 
City, Cal. They have: Howard Luman^, b July 7, 

215. xiv. Lovina Susan, b Nov. 15, 1836, m Irvin Smith Ring. 

CORYDON L.7 LOVELAND (Luman E.«, Abners) was 
b at Huntington, Vt., April 21, 18 16, m at Starksboro, Vt., Feb'y 
3, 1S40, Susan M., dau. of James and Eunice Morrill. Farmer. 
Children born at Westport: 

i. Helen Lorett^, b Jan'y 6, 1841, m H. D. Wedge. Fam. 
ii. Catharine Angelia, b Feb'y 15, 1842, m E. P. Colburn. 

iii. Sarah Jane, b April 27, 1844, m J. G. Beardsley. ShQ 

d Nov. 31, 1871^ 

146 The Laveland Genealogy, 

ALONZO H.'' LOVELAND (Luman E.«, Abner«) was b 
at Huntington, Vt., March 27, 1820, m at Jay, N. Y., Feb'y 24, 
1848, Amanda Angelica Southmayd, b at J., Sept. 28, 1823. 
Merchant and engineer. He d at H., Feb'y 14, 1892. Children, 
first born at Jay, the rest at H.: 

i. Mary Cynthia*, b Oct. 28, 1849, d Aug. 30, 1854. 

ii. Charles Herbert, b July 9, 1851, m at Fairfax, Vt., 
Nov. 21, 1877, Emma Loviah Northrop, b at F., 
May 12, 1856. Conductor on R. R. They have, 
born at Sommerville, Mass.: Frank*^, b May 12, 
1879; ^^^ Everette, b July i, 18S3. 

iii. Mary Emma, b July 28, 1855, m at F., June 30, 1880, 
John B. Drew, b at F., May 30, 1854. Born at F.: 
Fred Loveland®, b April 17, 1882. 

SARAH L.7 LOVELAND (Luman E.«, Abners) was b at 

Huntington, Vt., July 18, 1824, came to Ohio 1852, m at Freedom, 

O., Nov. 30, 1S54, George Putnam Hatch, b at Lee, Mass., Oct. 

18, 1824. Farmer. Rep. P. O., Farwell, Mich. Children, first 

born in Weymont, O., the rest in Kent, O.: 

i. George Bion* Hatch, b Aug. 19, 1858, m at Roots- 
town, O., April 4, 1S83, Lottie Everette. Formerly 
manufacturer of cheese, now of chairs. 

ii. Mary Lucinda Hatch, b Nov. 20, 1859, ^ **^ ^-^ 1867. 

iii. Charles Franklin Hatch, b May 7, 1S61, d 1867. 

iv. Wallie Bingham Hatch, b Nov. 19, 1862. 

v. Grant Putnam Hatch, b Dec. 30, 1S63. 

vi. Don Sherman Hatch, b Aug. 5, 1865, m at Farwell, 
Sept. 20, 1892, Mattie Davison. They have: Ena 
May», b April 28, 1893. 


LOVINA S.*? LOVELAND (Luman E.«, Abner^) was b at 

Huntington, Vt., Nov. 15, 1S36, m at Richmond, Vt., Oct. iS, 

1862, Irvin Smith Ring, b at H., Nov. 11, 1834. He served in 

the Union Army. Enlisted Aug. iiC, 1862; mustered in Sept. 26, 

The Loveland Genealogy, 147 

iS62;disc. April 4, 1864. Draws a pension. Served in the ist 
Vermont Cavalry. Car inspector. Rep. Cong. P. O., Con- 
cord, N. 11. Children, first born at Richmond, second at Dux- 
bury, Vt.; the third at Enfield, N. H.: 

i. Burton Lorings Ring, b June 28, 1865, m at C, Oct. 

29, 1S88, Mary H. Patterson, b at C, Dec. 14, 1858. 

Mason. Rep. Cong. They have: Doris Helen», 

b at C., Aug. 4, 1891. 
ii. Cora Ellen Ring, b Oct. 28, 1867, m at C, Dec. 15, 

1885, Charles L. Fellows, b at Canterbury, N. H., 

Sept. 25, 1857. Contractor and builder. Rep. 

Cong. Children b at C: Raymond Henry », b 

Jan'y 28, 1887; Enid Nina, b Feb'y 22, 1889, d Nov. 

7, 1890; Sydney Carl, b Dec. 9, 1890. 
iii. Georgie Lovina Ring, b June 18, 1872. 

L0R1NG« LOVELAND (Abners, Elisha*) was b at South- 
field, Mass., July 21, 1790, m at Brownsville, N. Y., Jan'y 4, 18 18, 
Mary (Polly) Warren, dau. of David and Elizabeth Chapin War- 
ren. She was a niece of Gen. Warren, and was b at Stephen- 
town, N. Y., June 28, 1800, d at Brighton, O., Feb'y 12, 1874. 
He d there Sept. 25, 1865. Mr. Loveland settled first in Jefferson 
Co., N. Y., and moved from there to Brighton, in 1833I Farmer. 
Children, first born in Orleans, N. Y., second at Clayton, N. Y., 
next four at Watertown, N. Y., the last two at Brighton: 

2i6. i. Mary Lois^, b March 17, 1819, m Abraham Myers. 

217. ii. David Abner, b March 24, 1822, m Helen Culver, 

218. iii. Linus Clark, b Aug. 21, 1823, m Martha A. Hogal. 

219. iv. Harriet E. L., b Aug. 15, 1S26, m Philander N. Powell. 
V. Benjamin Warren, b April 22, 1829, m in Wellington, 

O., July I, 1852, Maria Bentley. She d at W., 1867. 
He was killed in Houston, Tex., 1869. Had: Susan 
Pamelia^, b June 28, 1S53. 
vi. Susan Pamelia, b Dec. 16, 1831, m William H. Bell in 
Camden, O., June 14, 1874, b in Brighton, Feb'y 9, 
1831. Farmer, No children, 

148 The JLoveland Genealogy, 

vii. Leonard Whitlock, b Nov. 5, 1834, ^ May 9, 1854. 

He was killed accidentally while at work on a bridg^e 

across Sandusky Bay, O. 
viii. James M. D. A., b Oct. 22, 1837, "™ Elizabeth French. 

MARY LOIS'' LOVELAND (Loring«, Abner*) was b at 
Orleans, Jefferson Co., N. Y., March 17, 1819, m at Brighton, O., 
Nov. 16, 1843, Abraham, son of John and Nancy Haymaker 
Myers, b in Cumberland County, Pa., Dec. 25, 1818. Farmer. 
Children, first eight born in Brighton, the ninth in Center Tp., 
Williams Co., O., the rest in Washington Tp., Defiance Co., O.: 

i. Delavan Alvinza* Myers, b Sept. 8, 1844; m. 
216a. ii. Polly Lovina Myers, b Aug. 28, 1846, m Enoch 

iii. David Abner Myers, b Nov. 5, 1848. He went into 

the army Dec. 6, 1S64, as a substitute. He was in 

the battle near Nashville, Feb'y, 1865. Has not 

been heard from since. 

iv. Delazon Benjamin Myers, b Aug. 16, 1S52; m. 

v. Linus Loring Myers, bjuly 28, 1854; d.. 

vi. Leonard Franklin Myers, b May 7, 1856. 

vii. Loring Warren Myers, b Oct. 27, 1858. 

viii. Susan Elizabeth Myers, b March 30, i860, m J. R. 

ix. Harriet Pamelia Myers, b Aug. 5, 1862, m Alonzo G. 

X. Helen Estella Myers, b March 31, 1865, m Wilber. 

Two others d in infancv. 


POLLY L.8 MYERS, b in Brighton, O., Aug. 28, 1846, m 
in Center Tp., Williams Co., O., Feb'y 16, 1862, Enoch Metsker, 
b in Green Tp., Wayne Co., O., Nov. 4, 1840. Mason. Chil- 
dren, first three born in Center Tp., the fourth in Springfield Tp., 
Williams Co., O.; the fifth in Ogden Tp., Lenawee Co., Mich., 
the next two in Riga, Lenawee Co., the eighth and ninth in Pe- 
tosky, Emmet Co., Mich., the tenth in Evangeline Tp., Charle- 
voix Co., Mich., the eleventh in Hayes Tp., Charlevoix Co.; 


The Loroeland Genealogy. 149 

i. Lucetta Lovina» Metsker, b Aug. 16, •1866, d in O. 

Tp.,July II, 1878. 

ii. George Abner Metsker, b Aug. 15, 1868. 

iii. Daniel Franklin Metsker, b Sept. 15, 1870, d in S. Tp., 
June 18, 1873. 

iv. Elmer Peter Metsker, b July 19, 1874, d in S, Tp., 
Aug. 19, 1875. 

V. Herman Warren Metsker, b July 8, 1876. 

vi. Enoch Metsker, b Feb'y 2, 1879, d in R., Oct. 17, 1879. 

vii. Charles Eugene Metsker, b Sept. 28, 1880. 

viii. Rose Elizabeth Metsker, b Aug. 13, 1883. 

f' ix. Mary Lois Metsker, b Aug. 13, 1883, d ip P., Aug. 

\ i3» i8«3- 

X. Ralph Abram Metsker, b June 2, 1886. 

xi. Grace Metsker, b Sept. 5, 1888, d Sept. 9, 1888. 

DAVID A.'' LOVELAND (Loring«, Abner «) was b at 
Clayton, N. Y., March 24, 1822, m in Winchester, Conn., Dec. 
30, 1847, Helen Louisa Culver, b in Colbrook, Conn., Oct. 29, 
1825, d at Charlotte, Mich., Oct. 9, 1888. Farmer. Formerly car- 
penter. Children, first three born in Huntington, Mass. ; the fourth 
in Camden, O., the rest in Brownhelm, O.: 

220. i. Edward Eugene^, b Dec. 28, 1848, m Rasma E. 


ii. Helen Elizabeth, b June 23, 1850, d July 28, 1850. 

iii. Nellie Elizabeth, b Dec. 24, 1851, d June 11, 1881. 

iv. Lucien Oscar, b Jan'y 11, 1854. 

221. V. Arthur Warren, b Oct. 18, 1855, ^ Ellen E. Van Horn. 

vi. Fred Hewett, b July 4, 1858, m at East Lee, Mass., 
April 28, 1866, Agnes Charlotte Bristol, b in Pitts- 
\ field, Mass., Feb'y 7, i860. Dry goods store, Char- 

lotte, Mich. 

vii. Alfred L., b Oct. 16, i860, m in Lapeer, Mich., April 
22, 1884, Mary A. McCormick, b in Port Huron, 
Mich., Oct. 10, 1864. Railroad conductor. They 
had: Gertrude Maud», b at P. H., March 4, 1886, d 
there Aug. 8, 1886. 

^ viii. Frank Walter, b Jan'y 29, 1868. Painter. 

150 The JLoveland Genealogy, 

EDWARD E.8 LOVELAND (David A.^ Loring«) was b 
in Huntington, Mass., Dec. 28, 1848, m at Charlotte, Mich., Dec. 
16, 1873, Rasma Elnora Whelan, b in Chester, Mich., Oct. 11, 
1853. Carpenter and farmer. Children, first born at Winsted 
Conn., second in Chester, Mich.: 

i, Louise Wilber», b June 9, 1876. 
ii. ElmonJ.,b Dec. 16, 1S80. 

ARTHUR W.8 LOVELAND (David A.^ Loring') was b 
in Brownhelm, O., Oct. 18, 1855, m at Chesterfield, Mich., Oct. 
20, 1886, Ellen Eliza Van Horn, b at C, Dec. 5, 1865. Employe 
of the Chicago & Grand Trunk R'y Co., first as brakeman and 
for past five years as conductor. He has always taken a prominent 
part in labor organizations, served three years as master of lodge 
of the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen, and was elected dele- 
gate to their convention two years in succession. Was chief con- 
ductor of Div. 316, Order of Railway Conductors, for three years, 
delegate to their convention in May, 1890, and again in May, 
1893, at Toledo, O. P. O., Ft. Gratiot, Mich. Born at Pt. Huron, 

i, Ada Helen 9, b May 10, 1890. 

LINUS C.7 LOVELAND (Loring«, Abners) was b at 
Watertown, N. Y., Aug. 21, 1823, m at Akron, O., Nov. 25, 1853, 
Martha Ann Hogal, b in Talmage, O., May 9, 1835. Farmer. 
P. O., Brighton, O. Children born in Brighton: 

i. Harley Linus^, b Sept. 6, 1854, m at Ravenna, O., 
Dec. 7, 1881, Ella E. Wadsworth, b at Braceville, 
O., Dec. 20, 1855, ^ ^^ ^'^ J^"'y ^^» 1890. They 
had: Carrold Wadsworth», b March 4, 1885; Car- 
roll Harry, b Feb'y 4, 1SS9, d Sept. 2, 1889. 

ii. Henry Leroy, b Feb'y 8, 1856, m at Wakeman, O., 
Feb'y 9, 1886, Kate Murray, b at W., Dec. 1 1, 1S67. 

iii. Charley Harwell, b Nov. 11, 1857. 

iv. Alpheus Joshua Woodard, b June 4, 1859. 

The JLaveland Genealogy, 151 

V. Willie Lorian, b Sept. 27, 1861, m in Huntington, O., 
March 14, 1891, Grace Hattie West, b at Sullivan, 
O., Nov. 28, 1869. 

vi. Hettie, b Jan'y 29, 1863, d Sept. 13, 1864. 

vii. Welby Warren, b April 7, 1865. 

viii. Addie May, b Oct. 27, 1866. 

ix. Leon Ernest, b Feb'y 17, 1870. 

X. Alda E., b Sept. 15, 1872. 

HARRIET E. L.*? LOVELAND (Loring«, Abner*) wash 
in Watertown, N. Y., Aug. 15, 1826, m at Brighton, O., March 
17, 1850, Philander N. Powell, b at Rochester, N. Y., July 13, 
1818, d in Wakeman, O., Nov. 27, 1879. Mason. Disc. Chil- 
dren born in Camden, O.: 

i. Mary Pamelia* Powell, b July 4, 1852, m in Erie Co., 

O., Jan'y i, 1873, Heman Wilber, b there Jan'y 21, 

1849. Family in Birmingham, O. 
ii. Rachel Aurilla Powell, b March 6, 1855, m in Erie 

Co., O., July 1, 1873, Clark Wilber, b in B., June 

21, 1854. Farmer in Lenape, Kan. 

LUTHER« LOVELAND ( Abner^, Elisha* ) was b at South- 
field, Mass., Aug. 21, 1792, m at Otis, Mass., Feb'y 23, 181 1, So- 
phia Philona Hills, b at S., June 13, 1790, d at S., Jan'y 28, 1877. 
He d at Depauville, N. Y., March 20, 1849. Farmer. Children, 
first three born at Otis, the rest in Clayton, N. Y.: 

i. Henrietta Maria'', b Dec. 13, 181 1, d Sept. 5, 1815. 

ii. Abner Nelson, b Oct. 13, 1813, m in Ravenna, O., 
Dec. 25, 1889, Rose A. Chapman, b in Rootstown, 
O., Oct. 14, 1846. Dressmaker. Cong. Ch. P. O., 

iii. Philander Ward, b March 30, 1817, m Lucy Sperry. 
He d at Depauville, June 7, 1857. Farmer. They 
had: George Washington* and Sophronia Ann. 

iv. Sophronia Maria, b June 20, 1819, d April 29, 1843. 

152 The Loveland Genealogy. 

V. Henry Monroe, b Dec. 9, 1821, m Lovina Osborne. 
He d at D., June 13, 1858. They had: Henry Mon- 
roe* and Mortimer Dunreath. 
222. vi. Clarissa Maria, b March 4, 1823, m Zimri Merriam. 

vii. Mary Lovina, b March 23, 1827, d July 30, 1861. 

viii. Rotier, b Sept. 16, 1830, d at D., Sept. 10, 1855. 
Killed by the fall of a tree. 

CLARISSA M.*? LOVELAND (Luther«, Abners) was b 
at Clayton, N. Y., March 4, 1823, m there Dec. 27, 1848, Zimri 
L. Merriam, son of Isaac and Lydia Merriam of Adams, N. Y., b 
Sept. 17, 1825, d at Fulton, N. Y., Feb'y 26, 1887. She d at 
Syracuse, N. Y., Nov. 9, 1890. Miller. Had charge of large 
flouring mills in Jeff., Oswego and Onondaga Counties, N. Y. 
He looked carefully after his business and was universally respected 
and honored. After her husband's death she went to Syracuse to 
live with her dau. Eva. She was buried by the side of her hus- 
band. She was of a quiet, retiring nature, and her home was her 
realm. She was a loving wife and mother and "her children rise 
up and call her blessed." M. E. Church. He was a Republican. 
Children, first two born at Brownville, N. Y., the others at Pierre- 
pont Manor, Jeff. Co., N. Y. : 

i. Delmer D.« Merriam, b June 2, 1850, d Feb'y 8, 1856. 
222a. ii. William F. Merriam, b Sept. 12, 1S52, m Mary Butler. 
222^. iii. Zimri M. Merriam, b Jan'y 5, 1855, m Mary E. Matty, 
iv. Eva Estelle Merriam, b Aug. 12, 1856. Has been as- 
sociated with the Northern Christian Advocate for a 
number of years. Episc. Sent her mother's records. 


WILLIAM F.8 MERRIAM, b in Brownville, N. Y., Sept. 
12, 1852, m April 14, 1873, Mary Butler, b at Little Utica, Os- 
wego Co., N. Y., April 27, 1852. A miller in St. Louis Mills, 
Fulton, N. Y. Republican. Besides the three children that died 
in infancy, they have, born in Fulton: 

i. William F.^ Merriam, b June 19, 1876. 
ii. J. Edward Merriam, b Sept. 4, 1879. 


The Loveland Genealogy. 153 

iii. Clarence Merriam, b April 15, 1883. 
iv. Edith M. Merriam, b Feb'y 10, 1884. 
V. Lloid Z. Merriam, b June 20, 1888. 

ZIMRI M.8 MERRIAM, b at Pierrepont Manor, N.Y.Jan'v 
5, 1855, "^ ^^c- 29, 1887, Mary E. Matty, b at Hastings, N. Y., 
April 25, 1852. Carpenter. Rep. 

LEONARD H.« LOVELAND (Abnerfi, Elisha*) was b at 
Southfield, Mass., Oct. 3, 1794, m at South Brunswick, N. J., 
March 13, 1820, Margaret Vanderbeck Whitlock, b there Sept. 
10, 1802, Brighton, O., Oct. 3, i860; m 2d at Wellington, O., 
Aug. 31, 1862, Annie Allen, nee Rulison, b at Knox, N. Y., Dec. 
22, 1809. He d at Brighton, Aug. 18, 1887. Farmer and dairy- 
man. Rep. M. E. Ch. He is frequently quoted in these vol- 
umes. He was 88 years old when the writer got acquainted \mth 
him. We found him to be a man of remarkable memory and oe- 
lieve the facts stated by him and his father to be mainly reliable. 
The home of this family is in Brighton Township, Lorain Co., O. 
— J. B. L. Children, the first born in Brunswick, the others in 
Brighton : 

i. Abner Whitlock'', b Jan'y 2, 1821, d Oct. 13, 1821. 

223. ii. Cordelia, b Nov. 12, 1823, m H. S. Seeley. 

224. iii. Emeline Margaret, b March 4, 1833, m I. L. Comstock. 

CORDELIA'' LOVELAND (Leonard H.«, Abners ) wash 

in Brighton, O., Nov. 12, 1823, m there March 25, 1841, Hum- 
phrey Smith Seeley, b at Westmoreland, N. J., Nov. 22, 1817. 
She d at B., March 23, 1852. Children born in Brighton: 

223a. i. Morell Elroy« Seeley, b May 22, 1842, m Rachel C. 

Rulison ; m 2d Cordelia A. Rulison. 

2233. ii. Annie Renet Seeley, b Nov. 6, 1843, m Olive J. Ruli- 
son; m 2d John Eddy. 

MORELL E.8 SEELEY, b in Brighton, O., May 22, 1842, 
m there Sept. 30, 1868, Rachel C. Rulison, b in B., Feb'y 5, 1852, 

154 '^^^ Loveland Genealogy. 

d in B., March 28, 1873; m 2d at Oberlin, O., May 18, 1874, Cor- 
delia A. Rulison, b at B., March 18, 1849. Farmer. Rep. Mr. 
Seeley enlisted in the 103d O. V. I., at B., Aug. 5, 1862. At the 
siege of Knoxville, Tenn., Nov. 25, 1863, he was seriously 
wounded in the right leg, which confined him to the hospital until 
April 18, 1865. He was then discharged, but was unable to work 
for more than a year thereafter. Children born at Brighton: 

i. Herbert Eugene ^^ Seeley, b March 2, 1875, m in Clarks- 
field, O., Oct. 5, 1893, Jessie L. De Wolfe, b in C, 
Nov. 10, 1S75. He has a complete business educa- 
tion, was clerk in a bank at Oberlin in 1893, is now 
(1895) farmer on his great-grandfather's farm in 

ii. Leonard Elroy Seeley, b May 22, 1877. 

^NNIE R.8 SEELEY, b in Brighton, O., Nov. 6, 1843, m at 
Kalamazoo, Mich., Oct. 2, 1866, Olive Jesse Rulison, b at Brigh- 
ton, March 27, 1846, d there No\ . 19, 1874; m 2d at B., May 2, 
1878, John Eddy, b at Camden, O., June 3, 1839. ^' ^-^ Wel- 
lington, O. Children, first born at Brighton, the others at Fulton, 

i. Amber E.» Rulison, b Sept. 10, 1867, d Nov. 25, 1885. 
ii. Jesse Morell Rulison, b April 25, 1870, m Mina Belle 
Calkins, Nov. 10, 1S92. She was b at Wexford, 
Mich., Nov. 10, 1873. Farmer, 
iii. Efiie Mabel Rulison, b April 25, 1S70, m Clarence T. 
Robinson, March 30, 1893. He was b at Manches- 
ter, Wis., Sept. 14, 1868. Real estate dealer. 

EMELINE M.'7 LOVELAND (Leonard H.«, Abners) was 
b at Brighton, O., March 4, 1S33, m there July 3, 1851, Isaac 
Lancaster Comstock, b at Great Barrington, Mass., Oct. 18, 1828. 
She d at B., Oct 29, 1S74. Children, first three born at Brighton, 
the others at Wellington, O.: 

224a. i. Helen Manila^ Comstock, b April 20, 1853, m Walter 

D. Warren. 

The Loveland Genealogy, 155 

2243. ii. Jay Lancaster Comstock, b April 15, 1854, m Adah 


iii. Jasper Hugh Comstock, b June 16, 1861. 

iv. Wilbur Milan Comstock, b Aug. 21, 1866. 

V. Edith Margaret Comstock, b Aug. 28, 1868. 

vi. Ida Ruth Comstock, b Aug. 1 1, 1870. 

HELEN M.8 COMSTOCK, b in Brighton, O., April 20, 
1853, m at Wellington, O., Nov. 16, 1875, Walter Daniel Warren, 
b at W., Sept. 15, 1851. Farmer. Prohib. Born at Wellington: 

i. Clarence Luther^ Warren, b Jan'y 29, 1877. 
ii. Albert Isaac Warren, b March 6, 1881. 
iii. Emma Laura Warren, b Nov. 22, 1885. 

JAY L.8 COMSTOCK, b at Brighton, O., April 15, 1854, 
m at Henrietta, O., Jan'y 11, 1880, Adah Peck, b at Camden, O., 
May 20, i860. Born at Wellington, O.: 

i. Lee» Comstock, b Dec. 9, 1880. 
ii. Floss Comstock, b Jan'y 20, 1882. 


Leonard H. Loveland died Aug. 18, 1887, at the age of almost 
93 years. He was born in Southfield, Berkshire County, Mass., 
Oct. 3, 1794, and came to this county in July, 1821. His home the 
first settlement, himself the second settler. He lived to be the old- 
est citizen of Brighton Township. By persistent application in 
early life he had fitted himself for teaching, and developed those 
qualities of mind and heart which marked his success in later years. 
He was the leader of the first Methodist society organized in 
Brighton Township in 1827, which met at his house under the 
pastoral charge of the famous Harry O. Sheldon. He continued 
to be its leader for many years and a member to the close of his 

The companion of his early toils ^nd hardships passed away in 
i860, and two of their children had already died. Though after- 
ward left childless, the attention of his grandchildren and the de- 
votion of the wife of his later years have relieved the infirmities of 

156 The Loveland Genealogy. 

declining life. He preserved in a large measure his mental and 
physical powers to the close of his life. 

It will be seen that he was born while George Washington 
was President of the United States, and lived while twenty Pres- 
idents passed away. He saw the States of the Union increase 
from 13 to 38. He saw the population of his native country rise 
from three millions to nearly sixty millions. He saw the church 
of his choice increase from two hundred thousand to two million 
communicants or more. While he lived three generations had 
come and gone and thrice the population of the globe had passed 
away. — The Enterprise, Aug. 31, 1887. 

ABNER« LOVELAND (Abner«, Elisha*) was b at South- 
field, Mass., Nov. 5, 1796, m at Wellington, O., March 28, 1826, 
Pamelia De Wolf, b at Otis, Mass., July 16, 1794, d at W., June 
5, 1862. He d there March 2, 1879. Children, first two bom in 
Brighton, O., the rest at W.: 

Celestia Aurelia'', b Jan'y 12, 1829; unm. 
Corelia J., b July 12, 1831, m Daniel P. Reamer. 
Edwin Alonzo, b July 21, 1834, m Caroline Benedict. 
Frank Clarence, b Aug. 26, 1839, °^ Isabella Sayles. 

Mr. Loveland's parents moved from Southfield to Otis in 1797, 
where they lived until 1821. In 1807 he was sent to Sandisfield, 
Mass., where he lived four years with his uncle. He then returned 
home and remained until nineteen years of age. He was industri- 
ous, enterprising and economical, and his labors were wholly for 
his parents (who were in moderate circumstances) until his mar- 
riage. To obtain occupation to assist them, in 181 5 and thereafter 
we find him in New^town and Smithtown, Long Island, at Spots- 
wood, South Amboy, etc., N. J., and on Staten Island, N. Y. 

In 1819 he went to Ohio, where he arrived November 13th at 
the new settlement in the woods at Wellington, named after one 
of its then residents, Willian^ Welling. There were twenty-five 
souls, men, women and children, in this place when on this day in 
November Abner Loveland came among them and was a stranger 
to all. The next year (1820) he moved to Brighton Township 



• • 


• • 




7%^ Laveland Genealogy, 157 

Ltorain County, five miles west from Wellington, and with his 
own hands cleared a spot in the forest and built the first human 
habitation in the township. This section was then a part of Me- 
dina County, and the township not named. In July, 1821, his 
father, mother and three sisters, Lavina, Pamelia and Manerya, 
joined him from Massachusetts, also his brother Leonard H. with 
wife and infant son, all moving into the house Abner had pro- 
vided for them. 

In 1826 Abner Loveland, having bought another farm, mar- 
ried, March 28th, Pamelia De Wolf, from Otis, Mass. She was a 
lady of education and refinement who in that early day emigrated 
to Ohio with her brother, Mathew De Wolf, and others from their 
old home in Massachusetts. That she was a charming Christian 
woman and brought joy and sunshine into every household she 
graced with her presence, all who ever knew her bore witness. 
In the log house which he had built for their home she taught the 
first school in the township, had about one dozen pupils, and re- 
ceived about seventy-five cents per week each, paid by the parents 
of the children. In this manner she aided in clearing up their little 

At this place they remained until 1833, wheu he sold his farm 
and moved to Wellington again, bought a third farm in the woods 
and cleared it up. He subsequently be6ame much interested in 
stock raising, and his fine horses, cattle and sheep were for some 
years quite noted in that section of the country. He remained on 
this farm until 1855, when, having became quite well to do for 
that section of the country, he removed to the village of Welling- 
ton and built for himself and family a fine home where he led a 
retired life until his death. 

Abner Loveland was an honest, sagacious, practical, successful 
farmer, possessed of those qualities needed to make a hardy pio- 
neer. Reticent and of a retiring disposition, never seeking notori- 
ety, yet a man of strong convictions and ready to defend them at 
any cost. He was a reader of many^books and in his house also 
might be found the best secular and religious newspapers of the 
times. In later years, as soon as the New York Tribune and In- 
dependent were published, he became a constant subscriber and 

158 The Loveland Genealogy, 

was a great admirer of their early editors, Horace Greeley and 
Henry Ward Beecher. 

Politically he was in early life an old line Whig. He was a 
firm friend of the bondman, hence he gave his earnest and early 
support to the Liberty Party, then to the Free Soil Party. His 
house was a well known station on the underground railroad, all 
trains passing that way stopped there^ and the passengers received 
the needed rest and refreshment and assistance to proceed towards 
freedom. He was one of the responsible parties arrested in v\ hat 
was known as the Oberlin-Wellington Rescue Case, in which one 
John Price, a slave who escaped from Kentucky, was kidn ipped 
at Oberlin, Ohio, while on the way south with his owner, at Wel- 
lington was captured and escaped to Canada. 

It hardly need be added that Abner Loveland in his later days 
was a staunch Republican. He was also a strong temperance 
man. In church connections he was a Congregationalist, yet 
never sectarian. He was always in his place in the house of God, 
and by quiet helpfulness and self forgetfulness lie exhibited his 
Christian character. — F. C. Loveland. 


CORELIA J. 7 LOVELAND (Abner«, Abner^) was b at 
Brighton, O., July 12, 1831, m at Wellington, O., Jan'y 27, 1856, 
Daniel P. Reamer, b in Penn., March 10, 1833. No children. 
Mr. Reamer was for many years one of the leading merchants in 
Wellington and Oberlin, O. He is now retired from that busi- 
ness. They have a beautiful home at Oberlin given Mrs. Reamer 
bv her father, to which he has added a small farm of eighty acres 
just out of the city limits. His specialty is Jersey cattle, all reg- 
istered. — F. C. L. 


EDWIN A.' LOVELAND (Abner«, Abner«) was b in 
Wellington, O., July 21, 1834, ^^ there Fcb'v 12, 1856, Caroline 
Benedict, b in N. Y. City, June 30, 1835. He d in W., Nov. 4, 
1866. He was educated in the Wellington public schools and at 
an early age, while with his father, exhibited commendable pride 
in raising blooded horses, cattle and sheep. When his father re- 
tired from active farming in '855, he succeeded to the care and 

The Loveland Genealogy. 159 

management of the old homestead and farm of about 300 acres. 
He was a capable man of business in that line, a man of good 
judgment, active, shrewd, a natural trader and successful specula- 
tor in all things pertaining to a farm. During the Civil War he 
and his partner, Charles Phelps, supplied many horses for cavalry 
and artillery in the army. They also raised, purchased and 
shipped large quantities of stock to the New York market, realiz- 
ing large profit. He was a member of the Congregational Church 
at Wellington, a man of high character and universally respected. 
He had the confidence of everyone with whom he was acquainted. 
— F. C. L. Children born at Wellington: 

228. i. Edwin B.8, b Jan'y 17, 185S. 

ii. Frances E., b July 31, 1861, m Will L. Loveland (29, 
Vol. H). 

EDWIN BENEDICT LOVELAND, bjan'y 17, 1858, was 
at eight years of age deprived of the affectionate care and counsel 
of a father. His widowed mother soon thereafter removed to 
Oberlin, in order that her children might be afforded the best op- 
portunities of obtaining an education. The boy Edwin made his 
home with his aunt, Mrs. Reamer, who had no children, and re- 
mained there until he left college in the Junior year, about 1879. 
It was intended by his mother, aunt and Uncle Frank, that he 
should complete his college course, but he became impatient to en- 
gage in business, and with the firm resolve to carve out for him- 
self a fortune, perhaps, at least an honorable record, he sought the 
acquaintance of Mr. B. F. Hobart, who was largely engaged in 
coal mining in Missouri and Kansas. Without letters of introduc- 
tion or recommendation, other than his bright intellectual face and 
pleasing address, he made so favorable impression upon this 
shrewd, successful business man, that he gave him, in 188 1, a sub- 
ordinate place on a small salary as book-keeper in the yard of the 
Oswego Coal Company, at Wichita, Kansas. 

In 1882 the Rogers Coal Company was formed and Mr. Love- 
land became general agent of these two companies, and in 1SS3 
their vice-president. In 1882 Mr. Hobart moved to Springfield, 

i6o The Laveland Genealogy. 

Mo., and opened a bank there, and Mr. Loveland in 1884 also be- 
came vice-president of this bank. 

Another coal plant of this company was at Pittsburg, Kansas, 
then a snriall village, but now a city of about 20,000 people. The 
business of this corporation was much extended. They became 
possessed of coal lands in Kansas, Arkansas, Indian Territory and 
Texas, and formed what is now known as the Kansas & Texas 
Coal Company, with headquarters at St. Louis, Mo., and a paid 
up capital of $2,500,000. The president of this company is Mr. 
B. F. Hobart, and Mr. E. B. Loveland is vice-president and gen- 
eral manager. Mr. Hobart owns a controlling interest in the 
company. Mr. Loveland i?^ with others a large stockholder. 
Among the list of shareholders appears the name of James G. 
Blaine, of Maine; Richard C. Kerns; Hon. Stephen B. Elkins, 
Secretary of War; Mr. John T. Davis, of St. Louis; Powell Clay- 
ton, ex-Governor of Arkansas, and many others. This company 
owns mines at various points in the above named S'ates. and now 
employ over three thousand men, and turn out about five hundred 
car-loads of coal a day, conduct eight general supply stores and are 
interested in several banks. 

For some years Mr. Loveland made his home in the family of 
Mr. Hobart, but recently (1891) he has owned his home in the 
the most desirable part of St. Louis for residences, known as Van- 
deventer Place, and his widovyed mother prcvsides over his house- 
hold. He is unmarried. His sister, Frances E., married Mr. 
Will L. Loveland, of Denver, Colorado, who is a graduate of Ann 
Arbor College, Michigan, and descends from another branch of 
the original tree through Thomas *, of Glas., Conn. — F. C. L. 

COL. FRANK C." LOVELAND {Abner«, AbnerS) was 
b at W^ellington, O., Aug. 26. 1S39, m at Cleveland, O., Feb'y 23, 
1 87 1, Isabella Sayles, b there Feb'y 15, 1843. Children, first born 
in N. Y. Citv, the second in Brooklvn, N. Y.: 

i. Helen BerthaS, b Sept. 16, 1S74, d in N. Y. City, Feb'y 

29, 1876. 
ii. Frank De Wolf, b Jan'y 1 1, 1S80. 

COL. F. C. LOVELAND. (227). 

The Loveland Genealogy, i6i 


Of the many great bureaus necessary to the detail work of the 
National Government, perhaps none are more intelligently admin- 
istered or better systematized than the divsbursing agencies for the 
payment of pensions. These agencies, eighteen in number, located 
in large cities in as many States, except only the one at Washing- 
ton, D. C, the capital of the Nation, are the subject of interest to 
a great may people. Thence, either by personal payment or 
through the mails, on vouchers as to identification necessary in 
every instance, the checks which evidence the gratitude of the Na- 
tion in dollars and cents to its surviving veterans, or the widows, 
orphans and dependent parents of those who have died, to the 
number of 975,000, are conveyed to the beneficiaries. This, it 
should be remembered, is not a contribution by either of the polit- 
ical parties for the time being in control of the affairs of the Gov- 
ernment. And this we say, notwithstanding it is a subject much 
discussed and niuch abused by politicians. It is the act of all the 
people, through their representatives in Congress and the Presi- 
dent, ungrudgingly bestowed for value received in services ren- 
dered and sacrifices undergone on land and sea, through which the 
Nation was redeemed. When it is considered that these payments 
are usually small in amount, the highest being $300, for loss of 
both hands, and the lowest $6 per quarter; that they are made four 
times annually; that preceding each payment the same forms as to 
identification and making of vouchers are gone through with; that 
not a single dollar in currency is handled by the disbursing agents 
— all payments being by check to the order of the pensioner — some 
idea may be had of the detail work as also of the safeguards em- 
ployed by the government for its own protection in dispensing 
this evidence of its kind care. 

While some of the agencies cover a larger territory than others, 
it sufiBces our present purpose to say that the payments at each 
average more than 60,000, and it is probable that at this writing 
each agency exceeds that number. This means passing on 250,- 
000 sets of vouchers and the drawing of 250,000 checks every year 
by each agent These pension agents are required to give a bond 
to the Government in the sum of $300,000 each. 

1 62 The Laveland Genealogy, 

During the past six years the pension roll has been increased 
by nearly 500,000 names. While the work has more than doubled 
in every detail, the income of the officer in charge remains the 
same. As it is necessary that these agents should be men of the 
highest intelligence and ability their compensation ought to be in- 
creased in proportion to the additional responsibility, which is very 
great. As a rule— in fact we are not aware of a single exception 
— these pension agents are men who have seen service in 'war 
times, and many of them have lost their limbs, or bear upon their 
bodies other scars which evidence their devotion to home and 
country in the "days which tried men's souls." 

The location of these agencies and the names of the agents are 
as follows: Augusta, Maine, Hon. Joseph A. Clark; Boston, 
Mass., Hon. Wm. H. Osborne; Buffalo, N. Y., Major Jacob 
Schenkelberger; Chicago, 111., Hon. Isaac Clements; Columbus, 
Ohio, Gen. John G. Mitchell; Concord, N. H., Hon. Thos. P. 
Cheney; Des Moines, Iowa, Hon. Stephen A. Marine; Detroit, 
Mich., Hon. Edward H. Harvey; Indianapolis, Ind , Col. Nicholas 
Ensley; Knoxville, Tenn., Col. Wm. Rule; Louisville, Ky., Col. 
C.J. Walton; Milwaukee, Wis., Hon Levi E. Pond; New York 
City, N. Y., Col. Frank C. Loveland; Philadelphia, Pa., Major 
William H. Shelmire; Pittsburg, Pa., Hon. H. H. Bengough; San 
Francisco, Cal., Hon. John C. Currier; Topeka, Kan., Governor 
Geo. W. Glick; Washington, D. C, Hon. Sidney L. WilUon. 
Each and every one of them are good men and true. Each is 
worthy illustration and has a history. But the one we publish 
must answer for all. 

Col. Frank C. Loveland, U. S. Penbion Agent at New York, 
N. Y., was born in Wellington, Ohio, August 26, 1S39, ^^ New 
England parents. A student at Oberlin when the war broke out 
in 1861, he left there to enlist as a private in the 6th Ohio Cavalry. 
The records of the War Department show that at the front, for 
brave and efficient services, he was successively promoted to Ser- 
geant, Sergeant-Major, Second Lieut., First Lieut., Captain, Lieut.- 
Colonel and Colonel. He participated with his regiment in over 
50 skirmishes and battles, being always present for duty until very 
severely wounded by a shell in 1864, while with Gen. Phil Sheri? 

The Loveland Genealogy, 163 

dan, which disabled him for some months, after which he returned 
to the command of his regiment, where he remained until the 
close of the war in 1865, when he was mustered out. Coming to 
New York in 1866, he engaged in the jobbing dry goods business, 
and has resided here ever since. During Gen. Garfield's campaign 
in 1880 Col. Loveland, being an ardent Republican, was very ac- 
tive for his old army comrade and friend, and soon afterwards, 
under President Arthur's administration, he was appointed special 
agent for the investigation of pension rftatters in New York and 
New Jersey, in which position he remained until removed for po- 
litical reasons by Secretary of the Interior Lamar during Mr. 
Cleveland's administration. In May, 1889, he was appointed U. 
S. Pension Agent at New \"ork by President Harrison, to succeed 
Gen. Franz Sigel. This is one of the largest disbursing agencies 
in the country, its jurisdiction extending over all New York State 
east of Buffalo, and the greater portion of New Jersey as well as 
parts of Connecticut. On assuming this office Col. Loveland 
found very little system in practice and much less comfort in office 
accommodations, which with a constantly increasing pension roll, 
were throwing the district into almost hopeless chaos. 

With the energy of a soldier and the executive ability of an ex- 
perienced and practical business man he soon reorganized the de- 
partment, and has conducted its vast and rapidly increasing busi- 
ness with apparent ease and very little friction, winning commen- 
dation of all regardless of political affiliations. During quarterly 
payment months, he and his clerks work from seven o'clock in the 
morning until midnight, often including Sunday, in order that the 
deserving soldier or his widow shall not suffer by reason of any 
delay which any extra work on their part may prevent. 

When it is remembered that nearly $10,000,000 per annum are 
disbursed at this agency to about 60,000 pensioners, it will readily 
be understood that the necessary detail and labor of the office is 
very great not alone during payment months, but in the preparation 
for each quarterly payment; and the fact that 15,000 pensioners 
come personally to the office and receive their checks, adds mater- 
ially to the work. About 45,000 pensioners have their vouchers 
executed where they reside, send them in and receive their checks 

164 7%tf Loveland Genealogy, 

by mail. This office under previous management never paid 2,000 
pensioners in any one day, but Col. Loveland has, by his more 
perfect organization and improved system for expediting business, 
in the same building and with but slight additional force of clerks, 
made a record average of over 8,500 pensioners paid per day for 
six successive days; on one of these six days the number of pen- 
sioners paid at office and by mail was 10,750, and amount dis- 
bursed $362,850. 

Another new and verjf creditable feature of this office under 
Col. Loveland's management is its "G. A. R. Mission," so called. 
For years it had been the custom of from one to two thousand old 
veterans to arrive at the Pension Office during the day and night 
before each quarterly payment began, in order to secure places in 
line, and stand there all night and until the doors of the agency 
opened and the payment commenced at 7 a. m. This practice is 
esteemed by many a privilege that they would consider a greater 
hardship to surrender than the exposure to the weather that it ne- 
cessitates. There are many saloons in the neighborhood, and they 
of course have been doing a paying business at these times at least, 
not alone during the night while the crowd wait, but the follow- 
ing days — by cashing the pensioners' checks at a high rate of dis- 
count- also having a fine opportunity to continue the sale of 
liquors to many of these unfortunate veterans. 

Now, through the efforts of Col. Loveland, a Giand Army 
Mission has been organized, the managers of which are Major- 
General O. O. Howard, of the U. S. A.; Gen. Alexander S. 
Webb, President of the College of New York; Col. Frank C. 
Loveland; Gen. P'red'kT. Loc'<e; Col. H. H. Hadley; Major- 
Gen. Wager 8wayne;Capt. Killian Van Rensselaer; Mr. William 
T. Wardwell, Treasurer of the Standard Oil Co ; Mr. Henrv 
Hall, Supt. of the New York Tribune, and Mr. John S. Huyler. 
It occupies the entire basement floor under the Pension Agency, is 
open all day and night during the payment months, and any old 
soldier or sailor can there be accommodated with sandwiches and 
hot coffee free of charge, and anv who choose to take part in sing- 
ing old army songs or Moody and vSankcy hymns can do so to the 
accompaniment of piano, violin and bugle. Col. Loveland has also 

The Laveiand Genealogy. 165 

had it arranged in this mission-room for all pensioners to whom he 
pays checks to have them cashed free of charge. The necessary 
expense of this mission, amounting to about $5,000 per year, is 
borne by the contributions of a few friends of Col. Loveland, he 
sharing equally with others. 

It hardly need be stated that the old veterans are loud in their 
praises of the Pension Agent for this protection from the weather 
and to their pockets, as well as wholesome supply for their stom- 
achs, not to mention the patriotic or religious features of the case 
that many appear to enjoy. The only parties who do not like the 
present arrangement at the Pension Office are the claim agents and 
saloon-keepers, who charge Col. Loveland with having ruined 
their business. 

Col. Loveland is an active business man, a tireless worker, a 
strict disciplinarian, a true friend to the soldier and a terror to the 
shyster claim agents who, before he took charge of this office, had 
free entree to all parts of it, and were usually in collusion with 
some clerk employed there in robbing soldiers at every oppor- 

Col. Loveland is a Royal Arch Mason, a member of The 
Patria Club, Ohio Society of New York, The Business Men's Re- 
publican Club, The Republican Club of New York, The New 
England Society, The Society of the Army of the Potomac, 
Gregg's Cavalry Association; Lafayette Post, 140, G. A. R.; The 
United Service Club, and the New York Commandery Military 
Order of the Loyal Legion. 

His grandfather and great grandfather having been soldiers in 
the Revolutionary War entitles him by enheritance to member- 
ship in the military order called The Sons of the Revolution, to 
which he belongs.- Home and Country Magazine, Oct.-Nov., 1892. 

SOPHIA* LOVELAND (Abners, Elisha*) was b in Otis, 

Mass., May 24, 1799, m at Brighton, O., March 21, 1824, Albert, 

son of Jonathan Niles, Jr., b in West Stockbridge, Mass., March 

31, 1803, d in B., March 24, 1855. She d at Bath, O., March 27, 

1868. Children, second and fourth born at Wellington, O., the 

rest at Brighton : 

1 66 The Loveland Genealogy » 

i. Oscar Fitzalan', Niles, b Dec. 23, 1824, m Elvira'' 

Loveland (203). 
ii. Henry De Lano Niles, b June 19, 1827, m July 16, 

1849, Lucina Augusta Baker. Family, 
iii. Lovina Charlotte Niles, b Jan'y 8, 1831, m April 16, 

1S49, Reuben Orrin Daniels, 
iv. George Franklin Niles, b Aug. 7, 1834; m. 
V. Delia Jane Niles, b May 22, 1842, m Sept. 22, 1861, 

Elias C. Sweet. No children. 

ELIJAH* LOVELAND (Elisha», Thomas*) was b in Glas., 
Conn., Nov. 16, 1742, m in SandisHeld, Mass., Sarah Smith. 
They moved to 'Hinsdale, Mass., and lived to be quite aged. They 
both d here. Children, first born in Glas., the rest in Hinsdale: 

Hannah^, m Smith. She d 1839, Fam. extinct. 

Lucy; m. Nothing further known. 

Hiel, b about 1778, m Sally Bartlett. 

Elijah, d from a fall in a barn. 

Alfred, b 1783, m Polly Russ. 

Levi, b 1784, m Polly Stoddard. 

Clara; m. 

Erastus, b Oct. 23, 1787, m Olive Forbes. 

HIEL5 LOVELAND (Elijah*, Elishas) was b in Glas., 

Conn., 1778, m there Sally Bartlett. They moved to Pittsfield, 

Mass., where there children were born. In 1826 they moved to 

Royalton, N. Y., where he d in 1828, a. 50. 

i. Sally Melinda® ; m. Had four children. One living, 
Mrs. Lucy*? Carter, at Allegan, Mich. 

A hiel Seymour, b Oct. 24, 1805, m Clarissa Hale. 

Lyman Anson, m and had: Mary Ann'', William and 
Martha Jane. 

Martha, m Alvin Soddles. No report. 

Stephen Bartlett, b July 3, 1809, m Philena Hyde. 

Josiah, b March 12, 1814, m Louisa Hyde. 

Hiram Dwight, b June 6, 1816, m Elizabeth Russel. 




• • • 







m m 



• ■ ■ 




■ • » 








• • 


The Loveland Genealogy. 167 

viii. Lorinda, d at Comstock, Mich., 1838, ^. 18. 
ix. Lovisa, m George Pratt. They had: Comstock'', and 
Julia. Julia d 1846, a. 10 mo. 

AHIEL S.« LOVELAND (Hiel^, Elijah*) was b at Pitts- 
field, Mass., Oct. 24, 1805, m at Gaines, N. Y., March 10, 1831, 
Clarissa Hale, b at Castleton, Vt., May 10, 1814. He d at Faris- 
ville, Kan., Aug. 24, 18S2. He was a man of remarkable memory. 
Farmer and cooper. Members Pres. Ch. P. O., Farisville. Chil- 
dren, first born at Gaines, second at Carlton, N. Y.; the third at 
Comstock, Mich.: 

237. i. Hiram Dwight', b March 30, 1832, m Lucy M.,Cos- 


238. ii. Eleanor, b April 28, 1834, m Benjamin Turner; m 2d 

E. M. Eades. 
iii. Elisha Gates, b June 24, 1839; unm. 

HIRAM D.' LOVELAND (Ahiel S.«, Hiels) was b at 

Gaines, N. Y., March 30, 1832, m June, 1855, Lucy M. Cossle- 

man. He d at Sullivan Center, 111., Sept. 12, 1878. Farmer. 

Children, first two born at Comstock, Mich., third at Kalamazoo, 

Mich.; next four at Chillicothe, 111., the last at Sullivan Center, 111.: 

i. Elizabeth Deborah », b March, 1856, d Sept. 22, 1859. 

ii. Clarissa, b Dec, 1857, d Sept. 25, 1S59. 

iii. A. I. Adis, b Sept. 22, 1859. 

iv. I.J. Don, b March 17, 1864, m Jan'y i, 1886. 

V. I. E. Dora, b June, 1866, d 1866. 

vi. Ella Estella, b Sept. 9, 1873. 

vii. I. E. Daniel, b Oct. 20, 1S76. 

viii. William Henry, b Aug. 16, 1877. 

ELEANOR'' LOVELAND (Ahiel S.«, Hieie) was b at 
Carlton, N. Y., April 28, 1834, m at Comstock, Mich., Feb'y 2, 
1853, Benjamin Turner. She obtained divorce and children. She 
m 2d at Chillicothe, 111., June 14, 1876, Edward Mitchell Eades, b 
at C., Jan'y 28, 1838. He served in the Union Army nearly four 

1 68 The Loveland Genealogy* 

years. P. O., Farisville, Kan. Children born in Ross, Kalama- 
zoo Co., Mich.: 

i. Elisha Ahiel* Turner, b Sept. 9, 1856. Farmer, 
ii. Lill Rosabell Turner, b March 12, 1858. Teacher. 

STEPHEN B.« LOVELAND (HieH, Elijah*) was b in 

Pittsfield, Mass., July 3, 1809. He went to Comstock, Mich., in 

1834, m Philena Hyde, b June 16, 1815, d at C, Feb'y 4, 1870- 

He d there Aug. 24, 1879. Children born at Comstock: 

i. Cynthia A.^ b 1836, d July 6, 1880. 

ii. Ahiel, b 1838, d in infancy. 

iii. Lorinda S., b April i, 1840, d May 16, 1874. 

iv. Alvin Settles, b Aug. 16, 1841, d Sept. 29, 1876. 

V. David Horatio, b Jan'y 28, 1843, d Feb'}' 24, 1883. 

vi. Mary Elizabeth, b Jan'y 18, 1845, ^ ^c^« '7i ^^^S. 

vii. Martha Jane, b Nov. 26, 1846, d Aug. 7, 1870. 

viii. Stephen Ahiel, b Dec. 1850. 

ix. Charles Rufus, b Aug. 26, 1854. 

X. Aden Hillard, b Oct. 6, 1859. 

JOSIAH« LOVELAND (Hiel«, Elijah^t) was b in Pittsfield, 
Mass., March 12, 1S14, went to Comstock, Mich., 1835, "^ there 
1840, Louisa Hyde, b June 8, 1823, d at C., Jan'y 13, 1872. He d 
there May 29, 18S2. He was postmaster at C. thirty years. Fam- 
ily record lost. Children born at Comstock: 

i. Charles?, b 1843, d 1847. 

ii. Cleora Orilla, b June 21, 1845, *"" ^* ^'j ^S^3» Edward 
K. Root. They have: Cora Mays, b March 28, 
1864, d Jan'y 3, 1872; Susan Myrta, b April, 1882. 
Plainwell, Mich. 

iii. Florence Antoinette, b July 28, 1847, m at. C, Oct. 
23, 1869, Robert K. Shand. They have: George 
J.8, b Aug. 28, 187S; Robert Leverne, b June 22, 


iv. Anson, b 18^9, d 1S52. 

The Loveland Genealogy, 169 

V, Orson Gilbert, b Oct. 25, 1852, m at Kalamazoo, Mich., 
Sept. 12, 1874, Elizabeth Janette McMillan, b at 
Perry, N. Y., Sept. 26, 1853. Tel. op. and P. M. 
They have, b at C: Edna Lomira^, b July 13, 1875; 
Roy Anson, b Nov. 9, 1876, d 1886; Ralph J., b 
May 17, 1878. P. O., C. 

HIRAM D.« LOVELAND (Hiels, Elijah*) was b at Pitts- 
field, Mass., June 6, 1816. He moved with his father's family to 
Royalton, Niagara Co., N. Y., in 1826, and to Comstock, Mich., 
in 1835. ^^ "^ Dec. 28, 1842, Elizabeth Russel, b in Ripley, 
Chautauqua Co., N. Y., March 19, 1819, d at Comstock, Jan'y 23, 
1 874,- and buried at Kalamazoo, Mich., Mt. Hope Cem. Miller. 
Children born at Comstock: 

i. George Thomas'', b April 9, 1846, m Anglia A. Aus- 
tin. No children. 

ii. Jay Maurice, b Oct. 9, 1853, m at Racine, Wis., June 
12, 1879, Fannie G. Gibson, b in Chicago, 111., July 
30, 1856, d at Denver, Col., Aug. 2, 1888. Two 
children, d in infancy. 

iii. Ella A., b Nov. 29, 1856, m Henry H. Brown. 

iv. Fred Henry, b June 1, i860, m in Buffalo, N. Y., June 
20, 1882, Kate Smith, b March 29, i860. R. R. 

ALFREDS LOVELAND (Elijah*, ElishaS) was b in Hins- 
dale, Mass., 1783, m there about 1805, Polly Russ, b there July 22, 
1787, d in Waterbury, Conn., Oct. 13, 1881. He d in Hinsdale. 
Children bom there: 

Caroline*, b March 2, 1806, m Lyman Stockwell. 
Hannah, b Aug. 30, 1808, m Henry Belden. 
Polly, b 1810, d, a. 13 mo, 
Mary A., b July 22, 1812, m Henry Warner. 
Alonzo, b Sept. 18, 1814, m Almira West. 
Julia E., b July 6, 1816, m William West. 
Lorenzo D., m Mary . 














170 The Loveland Genealogy, 

244. viii. John W., b Sept. 11, 1821, m Amelia Shepard, 

245. ix. Aurelia, b Aug. 18, 1822, m Calvin Smith. 

246. X. Milo, b Sept. 30, 1824 Mary A. Shepard. 
xi. Alanson, d, a. 13 mo. 

CAROLINE* LOVELAND (Alfred^, Elijah*) was b at 
Hinsdale, Mass., March 2, 1806, m at Stamford, Vt., Sept., 1831, 
Lyman Stock well, b in Whitingham, Vt., Feb'y 17, 1806, d there 
Aug. 5, 1867. Farmer. Rep. M. E. Ch. P. O., Reedsboro, 
Vt. Children born at Whitingham: 

i. Sarah Jane'' Stockwell, b Sept. 26, 1833, m at W., 
June 19, 1858, Edmund Blanchard. Family. 

ii. Mary Emeline Stockwell, b April 12, 1840, m at# W., 
Oct. 28, i860, Adin W. Shumway. Family. 

iii. William Henry Stockwell, b July 3, 1843; m. 

HANNAH* LOVELAND (Alfreds, Elijah*) was b in 

Hinsdale, Mass., Aug. 30, 1808, m in Stamford, Vt., March 27, 

1 83 1, Henry Belden, b at Whately, Mass., Aug. 30, 1808, d at 

Darien, Wis., Jan'y 20, 1850. She d at Cummington, Mass., Oct. 

15, 1877. Children, first three born at Pittsfield, Mass., the fourth 

at Whately, the rest at N. Hadley, Mass.: 

i. Hannah Maria'' Belden, b July 19, 1832, d May, 1838. 
ii. Polly Amelia Belden, b March 13, 1834, d April, 1841. 
iii. Henry Belden, b June 25, 1836, m in Washington, 

Mass., Feb'y 2, 1861, Ellen Maria Brooks, b in 

Northampton, Mass.,, Nov. 30, 1842. He enlisted in 

Co. G, 37th Mass., and served through the war. 

Family at Hartford, Conn, 
iv. Caroline Belden, b April 14, 1838, ,m at Deerfield, 

Mass., Feb'y 22, 1859, I^^nry A. Brown. Toledo, O. 
V. Seth Belden, b March 4, 1840, d Sept. 19, 1864, from 

a wound received at the Battle of W^inchester, Co. 

G, 37th Mass. 
vi. Charles Anson Belden, b May 23, 1842, m in Brattle- 

boro, Vt., Sept. 29, 1867, Ellen J. Bowers. 

The Loveland Genealogy. 171 

vii. James Belden, b Nov. 6, 1S44, m at Heartwellville, Vt., 
June 18, 1866, Almira Kennedy. He d in Cum- 
mington, Mass., April 28, 1874. Co. G, 37th Mass. 

viii. Thomas Belden, b June 5, 1846, m in Whately, Feb'y 
22, 1870, Lucy A. Lamb, b there March 7, 1851, d 
in Toledo, Jan 'y 17, 1884. He m 2d in T., Dec. 8, 
1886, Jennie G. Ellis, b in T., May 30, 1851. 

MARY A.« LOVELAND (Alfred*, Elijah^ ) was b in Hins- 

dale, Mass., July 22, 181 2, m at Pittsiield, Mass., Jan'y 16, 1834, 

William Henry Warner, b in Lanesboro, Mass., Oct. 17, 18 14, d 

at Waterbury, Conn., Aug. 13, 1870. Children: 

i. Mary Emeline' Warner, b at P., Jan'y 10, 1836, m at 
W., May 13, 1859, Henry William Wadhams, b in 
Goshen, Conn., Aug. 14, 1831, d May 26, 1864, 
from wounds received in battle. Lieut, of Co. K, 
14th C. V. She m 2d at W., Sept. 11, 1867, Orrin 
A. Robbins, b June 22, 1835. Sergt. in 6th C. V. 

ii. William Henry Warner, b Dec. 26, 1845, "^ ^' ^ "i 
April, 1872, Kate Sleeper. Family in Waterbury. 

ALONZO« LOVELAND (Alfred*, Elijah*) was b in Hins- 
dale, Mich., Sept. 18, 1814, m at Canaan, N. Y., March 25, 1842, 
Almira West, b there Feb'y 1 1, 1820. He d in H., Sept. 19, 1845. 
Farmer. M. E. Ch. She m 2d at C, April 25, 1852, Marshal 
Parson Bailey, b in Pittsfield, Mass., March 8, 1819, d March 4, 
1885. Children born in Stephentown, N. Y.: 

247. i. Sidney Moses'', b May 28, 1843, m Ella M. Gaston. 

ii. Henry S.'' Bailey, b March 31, 1855, d Sept. 19, 1883. 
iii. Olive E. Bailey, b Dec. 9, 1859, d Feb'y 3, 1863. 

SIDNEY M.^ LOVELAND (Alonzo®) was b in Stephen- 

town, N. Y., May 28, 1843, m in Richmond, Mass., June 2, 1869, 
Ella Maria Gaston, b there July 21, 1848. Gardener. Rep. M. 
E. Ch. Born at Lenox, Mass.: 

i. Mary Gaston^, b Jan'y 15, 1877. 

172 The Loveland Genealogy. 

JULIA E.« LOVELAND (Alfred^, Elijah*) was b at Hins- 
dale, Mass., July 6, 1816, m at Canaan, N. Y., July 18, 1836, 
William West, b there Sept. 10, 1 8 10. She d at Dalton, Mass., 
May 28, 1867. Born in D.: 

i. Josiah' West, b Sept. 13, 1837. 

ii. William West, b Nov. 21, 1847, m Melissa Pierce. 
He d at Pittsfield, Mass., Sept. 27, 1871. 

JOHN W.« LOVELAND (Alfred*, Elijah*) was b in Hins- 
dale, Mass., Sept. II, 1821, m in Worthington, Mass., April 4, 
1849, Hannah Amelia Shepard, b in Windsor, Mass., Dec. 4, 1824. 
Farmer. Rep. They have: 

i. Monroe Clifton", b in Williamstown, Mass., March 
20, 1850, m there Sept. 28, 1880, Claribel Torrey, b 
there Feb'y 20, 1853, d at Bethany, Mo., Nov. 16, 
1884. P. O., Bethany. 

AURELIA« LOVELAND (Alfreds, Elijah*) was b at 
Hinsdale, Mass., Aug. 18, 1822, m in Middlefield, Mass., Sept. 19, 
1844, Calvin Smith, b there Jan'y 6, 1814, d in Huntington, Mass., 
Dec. 10, 1882. P. O., H. Children born in Middlefield: 

i. Edwin Dudley' Smith, b Sept. 1, 1845, m ^^ Pittsfield, 
Mass., July 2, 1872, Mary E. Jones, b in Stock- 
bridge, Mass., Feb'y 25, 1851, d in Huntington, 
Feb'y 22, 1888. 

ii. Dwight Newton Smith, b June 17, 1847, d Aug. 8, 1849, 

iii. James Lofton Smith, b March 6, 1S57, m at Spring- 
field, Mass., Jan'y 15, 1877, Alice E, Newton, b in 
Brookfield, Mass., March 22, 1S55. 

iv. Frank Wendell Smith, b Sept. i, i860, m in Lebanon, 
N. Y., June 7, 1S79, Emma Petitt, b in Williams- 
town, Mass., Dec. 13, i860. 

MILOe LOVELAND (Alfreds, Elijah*) was b in Hinsdale, 

Mass., Sept. 30, 1824, m in Worthington, Mass., Feb'y 5, 1852, 

The Loveland Genealogy, 173 

Mary A. Shepard, b there Oct. 28, 1829. He d in Northampton, 
Mass., Oct. 28, 1885. Mechanic. Rep. Cong. Ch. Children, 
first born in Williamstown, Mass., the second in Worthington, 
the third in Florence, Mass., the rest in Northampton: 

i. Lucia Gertrude', b Dec. 18, 1854, m at N. Amherst, 
Mass., Feb'y, 1890, O. S. Senter. Att'y-at-law and 

ii. Lucius Shepard, b Dec. 14, 1856, d Jan'y i, 1858. 

iii. Annie Bell, b Sept. 15, 1861, m in N. A., April 26, 
1886, Frank Kingsley Cloud, b in Cold Creek, O., 
Nov. 18, 1852. Merchant. Cong. Ch. They have: 
Frank Kingsley «, b in Chicopee, Mass., April 9, 
1887; Annie May, b in N. A., Oct. 30, 1888. 

iv. Mary Shepard, b July 26, 1863, d Sept. 26, 1884. 

V. Jessie Brown, b June 10, 1S65. 

LEVIS LOVELAND (Elijahs Elishas) was b in Hinsdale, 
Mass., 1784, m there Polly Stoddard. He d in Florence, N. Y., 
Dec, 1865, in his 82d year. She d there 1844, ^* 73' They re- 
moved from Fittsfield, Mass., to Smithfield Tp., Madison Co., N. 
Y., in 1806, to Florence in 1824. Farmer. M. E. Ch. Children 
born near Hinsdale: 

248. i. Allen «, b 1797, m Betsy Dodge; m 2d Lucetta Rice. 

249. ii. Hiram F., b March 20, 1801, m Polly Rice, 
iii. Elijah, m Betsy Rose. Family extinct. 

250. iv. William S., b May 29, 180S, m Lucy Gant. 
V. Polly, m Ephraim Doolittle. No report, 
vi. Sarah Ann, m James Conolly. 

ALLEN« LOVELAND (Levis, Elijah*) was b in Hinsdale, 
Mass., 1797, m in Smithfield, N. Y., 182S, Betsy Dodge, b in St. 
Albans, Vt., 1801, d in Lenox, N. Y., July, 1848, a. 47; m 2d at 
Florence, N. Y., 1851, Lucetta Rice, b in Vt., about 1S12, d in 
Newark, N. Y., 1S81. He d in Lenox, July, 1S76. Children, 
first two born in Smithfield, the rest at Lenox: 

174 7%^ Loveland Genealogy • 

251. i. Levi Allen'', b April 30, 1829, m Isabel M. Munson; 

m 2d Tryphena H. Bellows; m 3d Marg. A. Braman. 

ii. Bradford Churchill, b Oct., 1831, d 1856. 

iii. Betsy Ann, b 1833. 

iv. George, b 1835, d, a. 14 mo. 

252. V. Joseph D wight, b Sept. 20, 1837, "^ Caroline R. Cooper, 
vi. Agnes Isabella, b 1853, m in L., 1879, J. ^" Walter, b 

in Orville, N. Y., 1S48. She d at at N., March, 
1885. Born there: Lnlu^, b Sept 2, 1880; Clarence 
Allen, b March, 1883. 

LEVI K^ LOVELAND (Allen«, Levis) was b in Smith- 
field, Madison Co., N. Y., April 30, 1829, m at Fairmount, N. Y., 
Sept. 12, 1856, Isabella Maria Munson, b at Great Bend, Pa., 
March 9, 1835, d at Newark, N. Y., Oct. 20, 1867; m 2d at N., 
March 10, 1869, Tryphena H. Bellows, b in Florence, N. Y., April 
3i '835* ^ ^t N., June 2, 1878; m 3d at N., Dec. 18, 1884, Margue- 
rite A. Braman, b at Marion, N. Y., Sept. 10, 1828. Mr. Love- 
land and his first wife were graduates of Cazenovia Seminary, N. 
Y. They taught school several years. He is now (1888) pro- 
prietor of a greenhouse in Newark. Pt ()., Newark Valley, N. 
Y. Children, first born at Liberty, Md.; second at Clockville, N. 
Y., the rest at Newark: 

i. Allen Walker «, b March, 1S58, d a. 4 m. 

ii. D wight Munson, b Nov. 8, 1859, ^ Dec. 13, 1879. 

253. iii. Bradford Churchill, b Feb'y 18, 1862, m Christian 

May Wilson. 

iv. Ann Maria, b Dec. 18, 1863, m in N., Sept., 1890, Ly- 
sander M. Wood worth. They have: Allen L.*, b 
May 31, 1893. 

v. Horace Hall, b March 9, 1866. Grad. Cazenovia Sem., 
class 1890. He then took a four years' course in 
medicine in the university at Ann Arbor, Mich. 
During interim of lecture course was assistant in his 
private practice and clinical work with Dr. Theo. A. 
McGraw, Pres. of the Faculty and Prof, of Surgery 
in the Detroit College of Medicine. He took the 
last year of his course at this college, grad. April 
19, 1894. Ass't surg. to Republic, Mich,, Iron MilU 

The Laveland Genealogy. 175 

BRADFORD C* LOVELAND (Levi A.*?, Alien* ) was b 
at Newark, N. Y., Feb'y 18, 1862, m at Metuchen, N. J., Oct. 14, 
1891, Christian May, dau. of Rt. Rev. Edward Wilson, D. D. 
He gra/juated in 1888 from the College of Medicine and Surgery 
of Michigan University, at Ann Arbor, Mich. He is now (1892) 
on the medical staff of the Sanitarium Company, at Clifton 
Springs, N. Y. Born at Clifton Springs: 

i. May Wilson**, b May 7, 1893. 

ii. Bradford Churchill, b Sept. 24, 1894. 

JOSEPH D.7 LOVELAND (Allenfi, Levis) was bin Lenox, 
N. Y., Sept. 20, 1837, "^ ^^ Oneida, N. Y., Oct. 22, 1861, Caroline 
Regina Cooper, b in Lenox, May 22, 1842. He d at Florence, N. 
Y., June 2, 1874, buried in Canastota, N. Y. Children, first born 
Oneida, second in Chittenango, N. Y., third in Newark, N. Y., 
fourth in Canastota, fifth in Liverpool, N. Y., two last in Ft. 
Plain, N.Y.: 

i. Caroline Emma^, b Aug. 5, 1862. 

ii. D wight Allen, b Dec. 17, 1863, d in C, Jan'y 2, 1865. 

iii. Harriet Elizabeth, b June 6, 1865. 

iv. Helen Isabella, b Sept. 23, 1866. 

v. Edwin Allen, b Jan'y 14, 1869, d in C, May 8, 1870. 

vi. Joseph D wight, b Feb'y 3, 1872. 

vii. Laura Anna, b Aug. 27, 1873, d in C, March 21, 1874. 

HIRAM F.« LOVELAND (Levi^, Elijah*) was b in Hins- 
dale, Mass., March 20, 1801, m in Florence, N. Y., 1824, Polly P. 
Rice, bin Vt., 1803, d in F., Sept. 26, ^884. M. E. Ch. He 
went to F. in 1824. The town was new and heavily timbered. 
Bear ravaged his cornfields and pigpen, wolves destroyed the sheep 
and young stock, panthers abounded and were dangerous. Mr. 
Loveland during his lifetime cleared many acres of land, cut 
hundreds of cords of wood, peeled thousands of cords of bark for 
tanning leather, made tons of potash, shoes for the family and 
everything else wanted fropfi an ax helve to a saw iwil}, {i^ 

176 The JLaveland Genealogy, 

owned and run a saw mill some thirty years. He celebrated his 
93d birthday with his children. Mr. Loveland's occupation was 
farming, and when a very old man he took great pride in his gar- 
den. He never wore glasses. His eyesight was perfect, and he 
retained his faculties to the end. He was a respected resident of 
Florence for seventy years, and d in Taberg, N. Y., Sept. 9, 1894. 
The funeral services were held in the M. E. Church at Florence 
and the remains were laid in the family lot in that village. The 
engraving represents him at 85. Children born in Florence: 

i. Lafayette', b 1825, d May 28, 1828. 

Stoddard J., m Sophroiii Balton. 

Stephen Rice, b July 1 i, 1829, m Caroline E. Rood. 

Philander [onathan, b Nov. 22, 1832, m Maryette Mc- 

Lydia M., b March 10, 1834, m Newton Gant. 

Lovisa T., bjuly 16, 1836, m Charles W. Gibbs; m 
2d Frederick Thalman. 

James H., b Feb'y 5, 1838, m Jane Judd; m 2d Kate 

viii. Mary F., b Jan'y 21, 1841, m Wesley Drake. 
ix. George W., d, a. 33. 

STEPHEN R.7 LOVELAND (Hiram F.«, Levis) was b in 
Florence, N. Y., July 11, 1829, m in Pulaski, N. Y., April 2, 1867, 
Mrs. Caroline E. Rood, maiden name Gibbs, b in Brookfield, 
Mass., Oct. 26, 1827. He has followed the occupation of farmer, 
mechanic and lumber cutter. Dem. He is naturally ingenious. 
Now (1894) a mechanic in a factory at Taberg, N. Y. No chil- 
dren. Mrs. Caroline E. Loveland has been twice widowed. Her 
first husband, Otis Cronk, was killed by the falling of a tree. 
She was left with three small children. Her second husband, 
James Rood was among the first to enlist in the Union Army to 
suppress the rebellion. He was killed in battle in 1S63. She is a 
member of the M. E. Ch. 

PHILANDER J.' LOVELAND (Hiram F.«, Levi«) was 
b at Florence, N. Y., Nov, 22, 1832, m at Camden, N. Y., Oct. 8, 




• • « 









• • 



• • 


H. F. LOVELAND. (349). 

The Loveland Genealogy. 177 

1862, Mayryette M., dau. of Chauncey and Chloe Scoville 
McCall (Scotch descent), b at C, Feb'y 24, 1843. Mr. Loveland 
followed the occupation of school teaching twenty seven years, 
and was an ordained minister of the M. E. Church. He retired 
from the ministry on account of failing health and since 1880 a 
packer of sugar corn at Taberg, N. Y. He is owner of the plant. 
He is a member of the Darius Chapter of the Royal Arch Masons 
of Camden, N. Y., and for nineteen years has held the position of 
High Priest of that order. Prohibitionist. Children, first born at 
Cleveland, N. Y., second, sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth at Cam- 
den, the third at Minaville, N. Y., fourth and fifth at Palatine 
Bridge, N. Y., the rest at Taberg: 

i. (Infant), b Aug. 13, 1863, d Aug. 30, 1863. 

ii. Stephen Burdette*, b July 30, 1864. Grad. Cazenovia 
Sem., N. Y., 1890. Now (1894) at Syracuse Uni- 
versity, N, Y. 

iii. Francis Chauncey, b July 22, 1866, d Dec. 12, 1867. 

iv. Iru Truman, bjan'y 17, 1869. Canning business. 

V. Philander Jonathan, b July 4, 1870, m at T., Aug. 7, 
1893, Jennie Isabel Clark, b at T., July 8, 1877. 
Engaged in the canning business at Sibley, 111. 
Rep. M. E. Ch. 

vi. Chloe Joanna, b Dec. 30, 1872. Grad. Cazenovia 
Sem., class 1892. Teacher. 

vii. Chauncey Warner, b March 8, 1875, d at T., April 12, 
1892. He was a student at Cazenovia. He returned 
home with the measles, and a cold setting in caused 
his death. He was a young man of lovely Christian 
character and bright intellect. His loving face and 
kind words will never be forgotten. 

viii. James McCall, b April 19, 1877, d Feb'y 10, 1878. 

ix. Benj. McCall, b March 13, 1879, ^ ^**y 29» 1880, 

X. Maryette Marion, b July 18, 1881. 

xi. Hiram Fuller, b Sept. 8, 1884. 

xii. Avis Claude, b Feb'y 11, 1888. 

lyS The JLaveland Genealogy. 

LYDIA M.'' LOVELAND (Hiram F.«, Levi«) was b at 

Florence, N. Y., March lo, 1834, m there Feb'y 27, 1858, A. N. 

Gant, b in Smithfield, X. Y., Aug. 25, 1 833. She d in Lawrence, 

Mich., Sept. 15, 1893. Farmer. M. E. Ch. Children, first born 

in Florence, the second in Smithfield, the third in Morrisville, N. 

Y., the fourth in Lawrence : 

i. Irene Elizabeth* Gant, b Nov. 21, 1859, m in Benton 
Harbor, Mich., Dec. 28, 187S, Georg^e M. Fish. She 
obtained divorce for desertion, J an'y 17, 1887. She 
m 2d, at Lawrence, Aug. 2, 1890, A. A. Armstrong, 
b at Waverly, Mich., Dec. 16, 1849. Foreman in 
R. R. shop at Paw Paw, Mich. Children: Zora 
M.» Fish, b Dec 2, 1879; Mason L. Fish, bjan'y 
12, 1 881; Ada Lydia Armstrong, b Sept. i, 1893. 

ii. Melvin A. Gant, b Oct. 7, 1861, d July 10, 1871. 

iii. Mina A. Gant, b May 12, 1863, m at L , July 31, 1880, 
Samuel Reynolds, b July 25, 1859. Children b at 
Arlington, Mich.: Mary E.», b June 11, 1881;- 
Stephen, b May 7, 1883; Jessie Fern, b Dec. 27, 
1887; Verow Benjamin, b Feb'y 7, 1S90; Celia 
Maria, b June 13, 1892. P. O., Lawrence. 

iv. Leverett Asa Gant, b Feb'y 8, 1875. 

LOVISA T.' LOVELAND (Hiram F.«, Levi^) wash at 
Florence, N. Y., July 16, 1836, m there July 1, 1S66, Charles W. 
Gibbs, b in Schaghticoke, N. Y., Oct. 14, 1835, din Williams- 
town, N. Y., June 14, 1867. Machinest. Member of Masonic 
Fraternity, at Camden, X. Y. She m 2d, in F., Dec. 24, 1873, 
Frederick Thalman, b in Alsace, Germany, April 2y, 1829. M. 
E. Ch. Children, the first born in VV\, the second in West Leyden, 
N. Y.: 

i. Charles W. S.8 Gibbs, b May 13, 1867, m in Taberg, 
N. Y., Dec. 8, 18S8, Margaret J. Bailey, b in Lee, 
N. Y., Nov. 13, 1866. 

ii. Frederick Hiram Thalman, b July 23, 1876. 

The Laveland Genealogy, 179 

JAMES H.-^ LOVELAND (Hiram F.«, Levi*) was b at 

Florence, N. Y,, Feb'y 5, 1838, m there Sept, 27, 1864, Mrs. Sarah 
Jane 'Myers Judd, b in Turin, N. V., Sept 10, 1827, d at Osceola, 
X. Y., Dec. 10, 1866. He m 2d, at F., March 28, 1868, Kittie V. 
Dickson, b in Bathurst, Lawark Co., Ontario, Dec. 23, 1846. In 
early life followed teaching. In 1864 he bought a farnn in Osceola, 
which he sold in 1887 and moved to New York Mills, N. Y. This 
family are Methodists and Mr. Loveland is Supt. of the Sabbath 
School. In 1883 he joined the Prohibition party ; previous to that 
time he was a leader among the Democrats and held the various 
tovvn offices. Children, the last born at N, Y. Mills, the rest at 
Osceola : 

i. Cora Dena*, b June 5, 1865, d Sept. 5, 1865. 

ii. Leonard Alvin, b Dec. 9, 1866, m at Topeka, Kan., 
Sept. 20, 1889, Emma Finger, b in Eudora, Kan., 
March 17, 1864. Farmer. They have: Freddie 
James», b at Vera, Kan., May 14, 1890, and Lina 
Jane, b at V., Nov. 26, 1891. 

iii. Minnie Anna, b July 1 1, 1869, m at Whitesboro, N. Y., 
July 18, 1888, Fred D. Stephens, b at Rome, N. Y., 
Feb'v 2, 1867. Engineer. Dem. Bap. They had, 
Howard David», b in Oriskany, N. Y., Aug. 3, 1889, 
d Sept. I, 1889. Glenside Cem., N. Y. Mills. 

iv. Nettie Jane, b April 2, 1871. M. E. Ch. 

v. Josephine Maria, b Oct. 12, 1872. Book-keeper and 
stenographer. M. E. Ch. 

vi. Russel James, b Jan'y 10, 1875. 

vii. Lilla Belle, b Jan'y 21, 1878. 

viii. 'Delbert Stephen, b March 31, 1879. 

ix. Howard Ralph, b Feb'y 17, 1881, 
X. Flora Elizabeth, b Nov. 20, 1882. 

xi. Grace Susie, b Aug. 19, 1885. 

xii. Chester Hiram, b Dec. 13, 1S86. 

xiii. Kittie Emma, b July 17, 1891, d Oct. 4, 1891. 

MARY F.' LOVELAND (Hiram F.«, Levis) was b in 

Florence, N . Y., Jan'y 21, 1841, m there May 15, i860, Wesley 

i8o The Loveland Genealogy. 

Drake, b in Charlestown, Albany Co., N. Y., Sept. 12, 1831. 
Children, first born in Durhamville, N. Y., second in Florence, 
third in Oneida, N. Y.: 

i. Manilla(?) U.8 Drake, b Feb'y 21, 1863, m at Lee 
Center, N. Y., April 2, 1882, Herbert Pelton, b at 
Lee, N. Y., May 9, 1859. Born at Lee: Mortimer 
W.«, b May 12, 1883; Carrie M., b Feb'y 15, 1885. 

ii. Asa W. Drake, b June 8, 1868. 

iii. George W. Drake, b Oct. 12, 187 1. 

WILLIAM S.« LOVELAND (Levis, Elijah*) was b at 

Hinsdale, Mass., May 29, t8o8, m at Bouckville, N. Y., Aug. 19, 

1S27, Lucy Gant, b iti Madison, N. Y., May 28, 1812, d at Topeka, 

Kan., Sept. 13, 1885. He d there Sept. 13, 1891. Children: 

i. Andrew J. '', b at Smithfield, N. Y., Jan'v 25, 1829, m 
May, 1850, Olive Deutcher. He d at Lockport, N. 
Y., 1876. Union soldier. Family. No report. 

ii. Nancy S., b at S., Aug. 2:, 1831, m Thomas Quick. 
She m 2d, Baldwin Hanan. Family. No report. 

iii. Riley J., b Feb'y 21, 1834. Whereabouts unknown. 

iv. George W., b Nov. 8, 1836, m 1S53, Emeline Deutcher. 

He served in the Union Army, d at Syracuse, N. Y., 

Dec. 25, 1883. Family. No report. 

V. William D., b Oct. 25, 1S38, m i860, Maria West. 
She d 1862. He m 2d, 1866, Emma Van Valken- 
burg. He served in the 17th N. Y. Vols., and d 
1876. Family. No report. 

vi. Lucia M., b 1840, d in infancy. 

vii. Caroline L., b Oct. 3, 1842, m at Osceola, N. Y., 1869, 
Daniel McCarty. She d at Friendship, N. Y., June 
24, 1892. No family. 

viii. Harry H., b 1845, ^ 1848. 

261. ix. Asa J., b Feb'y 6, 1848, m Catharine Fox. 

X. Bradford A., b March 28, 1851, m at Osceola, 1S69, 
Martha Chase, d there 1870. He moved to Topeka 

1S77, m 2d in T., 1877, Emma . Carpenter 

and engineer. Killed by a threshing machine, Sept., 

The JLoveland Genealogy, i8i 

xi. Horace W., b July 19, 1853. Engineer on R. R. He 
m at Topeka, 1879, Jennie Raglin. Family. No 

xii. Harvey D., b in Sullivan, N. Y., July 19, 1853, m 
Catharine Falvey, 1873. School teacher. Atty-at- 
Law in Topeka. No further report. 

ASA J.*? LOVELAND (William S.«, Levis) was b in Sul- 
livan, N. Y., Feb'y 6, 1848, m at RedBeld, Oswego Co., N. Y., 
July 7, 1867, Catharine Fox of N.J. In 1869 he moved to Erie, 
Pa., and in 1876 to Topeka, Kan. Foreman (1888) in Shawnee 
Mills, capacity 300 barrels per day. Carpenter until 1876. He is a 
member of Topeka Lodge No. 17, A. F. & A. M. They cele- 
brated their silver wedding and had a good time. Children, first 
born at Osceola, N. Y., the rest at Erie: 

i. Viola L.8 , b May 22, 1868, m at T., Dec. 25, 1887, 
Frank B. Ford, b in Sigourney, la., Oct 15, 1861. 
Born in T.: Asa J.s, b Nov. 11, 1888; Frank F., b 
July 29, 1892. 

ii. Harvey A., b Jan'y 5, 1870. Printer. 

iii. Rosamond L., b Sept. 25, 1876. 

We quote from the Kansas Home: "Brother A. J. Loveland 
of Capital Lodge No. 7, D. of H. (A. O. U. W.), has designed 
and published a work descriptive of 'the Team work used in the 
above named lodge. The book is a valuable work for D. of H. 
lodges and coming from a drill master with the reputation Bro. 
Loveland enjoys, insures it a rapid sale. D. of H. lodges will do 
well to send to Bro. Loveland for a copy at once and begin work 
in the right direction." 

ERASTUSs LOVELAND (Elijah*, Elisha^) was b in 
Hinsdale, Mass., Oct. 23, 1787, d at Washington, Mass., Aug, 15, 
1840, m Olive Forbes. She was b at Old Hartford, Conn., Feb'y 
18, 1790, d at Hinsdale, June 12, 1849. Buried at W. Farmer. 
Children born in Hinsdale: 

1 82 The Laveland Genealogy, 

i. Lewis^, b Aug. i8, i8i i, m Fanny S. Hill. 

ii. Amanda, b 1812, m William Roth. 

iii. Lucy, b Feb'y 18, 181 5, m William Beach. 

iv. Erastus, b 181 7, d at W., Sept. 3, 1843. Unm. M. 

E. Ch. 
V. William, b Feb'y 27, 1818, m Lucinda A. Tower, 
vi. Orin, b 1822, d at W., May 24, 1851, a. 29. 
vii. Emily, b 1824, d in infancy, 
viii. Almira, b Sept. 4, 1826, m John Day. 
ix. Louisa, b June 28, 1829, m Andrew J. Goodsell. 
X. Samuel H., b July 28, 1832, m. Has an adopted dau. 
xi. Emily, m ; died a. 24. 

PELATIAH* LOVELAND (Elisha», Thomas^) was bin 

Glas. (Eastbury Parish), Conn., Jan'y 13, 1748, m there Dec. 7, 

1774, Ruth Sparks, b at Glas., d there April 28, 1816, a. ^. He 

d in Glas., April 28, 1823. Rev. soldier. Entered service Aug. 3, 

1778, disc. Sept. 18, 1778. He was in the expedition to dislodge 

the British at Newport, R. L, and was in the battle of R. I., Aug. 

29, 1778. — Conn. Ros., p. 531. He taught the South Eastbury 

(Glas.) common school in 1778 at a salary of JC5 per month. The 

school master was an officer of the town to whom great respect 

and deference were to be paid. Blacksmith, and owned and tilled 

a farm. In addition to the above we have: Peletiah, a. 22, m 

Aug., 1767, Molly Sparks; m Dec. 7, 1774, Molly, Goodale. 

Molly Loveland d Aug. 18, 1816, a. 67. All b in Glas., and 

buried in Eastbury cemetery. Rev. Ziba Loveland writes: 

Pelatiah was my grandfather, his wife was a Sparks. I was well 

acquainted with the Sparkses. I never knew her Christian name, 

but I remember her well. She was a sister to Elisha's* wife. 

Children born in Eastbury Parish: 

i. Charity 5, b May 6, 1776, m in Glas., Sept. 3, 1796, 
Israel Weirs. Family in Oppenheim, N. Y. 

262. ii. Asa, b Jan'y 18, 1778, m Mary Stoddard; m 2d, Sally 


263. iii. Elisha, b Aug. 28, 1780, m Tirzah Fox. 

The Loveland Genealogy. 183 

iv. Polly, b Oct. 30, 1783, m Welden. Two sons. 

264. V. Reuben, b July 24, 1785, m Betsy Buck. 

vi. Katy, b May 19, 1787, m Dec. 18, 1805, Alfred Chap- 
pel. Family in Verona, N. Y. 

vii. Vicy (Lovisa), b Aug. 25, 1788, m March, 1807, 
Abraham Couch. She d 1878. Had four children. 

viii. Ziba, b April 25, 1791, d young. 

265. ix. Luther, b March 18, 1793, m Lucy Wickham. 

ASA« LOVELAND (Pelatiah*, Elisha«) was b in East 
Glas., Conn., Jan'y 18, 1778, m at Berlin, Vt., Nov. 29, 1798, 
Mary Stoddard, b in Glas., July 15, 1775, d at B., Aug. ^, 1849, 
He m 2d, at B., Feb'y 1 1, 1850, Sally Burbank nee Freeland, b at 
Hopkinston, Mass., Oct.^ 15, 1788, d at B., April i, 1861. He d 
there July 26, 1865. Blacksmith. M. E. Ch. Children born at 

Phoebe*, b Oct. 29, 1799, m Daniel Flagg. 

Welthy, b June 7, 1801, m at B., 1831, George G. 

Cook. She d at Northfield, Vt., Aug. 5, 1843. 
Asa, b May 27, 1803, m Harriet M. Bloss. 
Mary, b May 29, 1805, d at B., May 25, 1829. 
Reuben, b July 13, 1807, m Belinda Boutwell. 
John, b April 12, 1809, d at B., Aug. 23, 1809. 
Betsy, b Dec. 25, 1810, d at B., Sept. 28, 18 13. 
viii. Leonard, b April 17, 181 3, m Katharine Richardson. 
Charles, b Oct. 20, 1815, m Louisa Rowell. 

PHOEBE« LOVELAND ( Asa «, Pelatiah*) was bat Glas., 
Conn., Oct., 29, 1799, m at Berlin, Vt., March 25, 1819, Daniel 
Plagg? b there May 9, 1794, d at B., Jan'y 16, 1831. She d there 
June 25, 1824. Farmer. Cong. Ch. Children, first born at 
Middlesex, Vt., the rest at Berlin: 

i. Sarah 'LJ Flagg, b Jan'y 2, 1820, m at Berlin, June 22, 
1852, John S. Wright. She d Jan'y 2, 1856. No 





• • 



• • * 






• • 



• • • 




1S4 ^^^ Loveland Geneatogy. 

ii. Mary A. Flagg, b March 23, 1821, m at B., April 12, 

1843, Lyman G. Boutwell, b at Barre, Vt., April 2, 

' 1816. They have: Mary 0.», b March 25, 1845; 

George W., b Dec. 3, 1852; Florence N., b 1859, d 


ill. Phoebe Flagg, b Aug. 26, 1823, d at B., April 18, 1825. 

ASA« LOVELAND ( A sa «, Pelatiah*) wash at Berlin, Vt., 
May 27, 1803, m at Irasburg, Vt., June 27, 1830, Harriet M. 
Bloss, b there Jan'y 27, 1812. He d at Irasbury, April, 25, 1878. 
Farmer. Children born at Irasburg: 


Angeline W.', b May 30, 1831, m Joseph L. Deming. 
i. Mary Ann, b Jan'y 27, 1833, m John F. Colby, 
ii. Phoebe, b Sept. i, 1834, m George B. Hazen. 
V. Leonard, b Aug. i, 1836, d at I., Aug. 23, 1839. 
V. Roselthea C, b June 23, 1838, m Reuben Baily. 
vi. John C, b Aug. 31, 1840, m Ida P. Easterday. 
vii. James, b March 27, 1843, d Nov. 24, 1863. 
viii. Olive B., b May 4, 1845, m Emily S. Crittenden, 
ix. Walter M., b May 14, 1847, ^]^^^y Olstein. 
X. Oscar F. b April 27, 1849, "^ Emma C. Wells. 
xi. Leonard O., b June 29, 1S50, m Ellen S. Hart, 
xii. Elma E., b April 18, 1853, d Nov. 14, 1868. 
xiii. Harriet E., b Dec. 20, 1857, m Charles D. Barry. 

REUBEN* LOVELAND (Asas, Pelatiah*) wash at Berlin, 
Vt., July 13, 1807, m April 26, 1831, Belinda Boutwell, b at Barre, 
Vt., Oct. 9, 1812. Farmer. Adventists. Children, first four born 
at Northfield, Vt., the rest at Johnson, Vt.: 

i. Dorothy A.'', b March 11, 1832, m Orange Bailey, 

ii. Florinda C, b Sept. 10, 1834, d at N., Oct. 9, 1855. 

iii. Mary A., b Nov. 27, 1841, d at N., Dec. 12, 1858. 

iv. Welthy, b Feb'y 9, 1844, m Francis E. Peck. 

v. James H., b June 10, 1851, m Betsey E. Robbins. 


T'he Lovetand Genealogy, 185 

LEONARD* LOVELAND (Asa^, Pelatiah*) was b at 

Berlin, Vt., April 17, 18 13, m tliere April 23, 1846, Katharine 
Richardson, b at Barre, Vt., July 21, 1823. ^® ^ *^ West Ran- 
dolph, Vt., April 24, 1884. She d there March 24, 1886. Farmer. 
Children, first two b at Northfield, Vt., the last at West Randolph, 
the rest at Berlin : 

i. Infant son, b Jan'y 6, 1847, d Jan'y 6, 1847. 

ii. Charity A.'' b Feb'y 17, 1848, m Charles S, Shepard, 

iii. Mary Ellen, b Oct. 28, 1849, m Charles C. Boutelle. 

iv. John, b Aug. 27, 1851, m Mary J. Blay. 

V. Samuel R., b Aug. 19, 1853. Farmer. 

vi. Willie, b May 9, 1855, ^ ^* R-* J^^y 24? ^^57* 
vii. Katie F.,b July 8, 1867. 

CHARLES* LOVELAND (Asa«, Pelatiah*) was b at 
Berlin, Vt., Oct. 20, 1815, m there July 10, 1850, Louisa Rowell 
(widow of Joseph Huse), b at Corinth, Vt., Sept. 8, 1809. ^® ^ 
at Berlin on the old Asa* Loveland homestead March 16, 1856. 
Farmer. Mrs. Loveland says: "The Old Family Record (Bible) 
descended to Asa® Loveland, Jr. My father-in-law was a dear, 
good father and a friend to everyone." Born in Berlin: 

i. Emily'', b Nov. 23, 1852, d at B., Aug. 27, 1881 ; unm. 

ELISHA« LOVELAND (Pelatiah*, Elisha«) wash at East 
Glas., Conn., Aug. 28, 1780, m there March 7, 1803, Tirzah, dau. 
of Isaac Fox, b in E. Glas., Sept. 19, 1783, d there April 19, 1871. 
He d there Jan'y 2, 1852. Children born in East Glas.: — See 
Book B (Eastbury Records), p. 205. 

i. Tirzah«, b Jan'y 10, 1804, d Jan'y 13, 1823. 

271. ii. Cynthia, b Sept. 26, 1805, m Charles Welles. 

272. iii. Ziba, b Oct. 28, 1807, m ist, Pamelia Manning; m 2d, 

Huldah Perkins; m 3d, A. A. Royce. 

iv. Julia, b Feb'y 11, 1810, m in E. Glas., Feb'y 18, 1852, 
John Winchester, b at Hebron, Conn., Nov. 6, 1803, 
d at E. Glas., April 19, 1874. They had: Charles 
Ransom ''y b Feb'y 5, 1855. 

1 86 The Loveland Genealogy, 

273. V. Philander Cook, b July 22, 1814, m ist,Jane E.John- 

son; m 2d, Lucy E. Condrey. 

274. vi. Orlanza, b Oct. 21, 1817, m ist, Marinda E. Andrews; 

m 2d, Sarah S. Shepard. 
vii. Silas Flavel, b June 21, 1821, d Oct. 30, 1837. 
viii. Henry Albert, b Dec. 15, 1827, d Oct. 7, 1830. 

CYNTHIA" LOVELAND (Elisha^, Pelatiah*) was b at 
E. Glas., Conn., Sept. 26, 1805, m there Jan'y 12, 1834, Charles 
Welles, b at East Hampton, Conn., March 18, 1809. She d at E. 
Glas., Sept. 15, 1881. Children born at East Glas.: 

i. Tirzah Amelia'^ Welles, b Jan'y 23, 1835, m ist, 

Andrew M. Spencer; m 2d, Charles P. Greene; m 

3d, Joseph Snow, 
ii. Philona Matilda Welles, b Jan'y 14, 1836, m Jan'y 28, 

1857, Leverett T. Allen, 
iii. Henry Philetus Welles, b Oct. 27, 1839, "^ ^^^' ''> 

1868, Mary E. Mitchell, 
iv. Julia Phidelia Welles, b Dec. 8, 1842, m Nov. 28, 1865, 

Francis M. Pease. 
V. Seldon Han ford Welles, b Oct. 22, 1 845, d June 16, 1862. 

He gave his life for his country. 

REV. ZIBA« LOVELAND (Elisha«,tPelatiah4) was b at 
East Glas., Conn., Oct. 28, 1807, m ist, at Petersham, Mass., April 
27, 1833, Pamelia Manning, b there Jan'y 12, 181 1, d at Savoy, 
Mass., Feb'y 23, 1834. He m 2d, at Mansfield, Conn., May 24, 
1835, Huldah Perkins, b at Sterling, Conn., April 16, 1803, ^ ^^ 
Rahway, N. J., Aug. 21, 1858. He m 3d, in Gurleyville, Conn., 
Sept. 18, i860, Almira Adelaide Royce, b at Mansfield, July 5, 1825, 
d in Vernon, Conn., Dec. 3, 1S82. Children, first born in Plain- 
ville, second and last in Vernon, third in Manchester, fourth in 
East Glas., the fifth in Rockville. All in Conn.: 

275. i. Henry Allen "^j b April 29, 1836, m Sal encia Hawks. 

276. ii. Emory Manning, b Dec. 24, 1839, "^ Harriet E. Safford. 

^he t^oveland Genealogy. 187 

ill. Albert Eugene, b May 13, 1S43, d Sept. 19, 1862. He 
enlisted in the Union Army in spring of 1861 and 
was killed at the battle near Sharpsburg, Md. 

277. iv. Huldah Pamelia, b Oct. 27, 1845, "^ William H. Porter. 

V. Herbert Ro;jce, b Aug. 12, 1865. 

vi. Jennie May, b Dec. 21, 1868. 

Ziba was brought up a farmer. In early life a school teacher; 
joined the M. £. Church at 19; licensed as local preacher at 26; 
local deacon's orders at 31 ; local elder's orders at 35; retired at 38. 
Politics of himself and family, Republicans. 

HENRY A.7 LOVELAND (Rev. Ziba«, Elisha«) was b at 
Plainville, Conn., April 29, 1836, m at Southbridge, Mass. Dec. 7, 
1865, Saleucia Hawks, b there Aug. 25, 1838, enlisted in ist Conn. 
Artillery in spring of 1861, served to the close of the war. Farmer 
and teacher. Children, first born in Centralia, Pa., the three next 
in Vernon, Conn., the next three in East Haven, Conn., the last in 
New Haven, Conn.: 

i. Charlotte Elizabeth^, b Oct. 4, 1866, m in New Britain, 
Conn., Frederic Rackliff. In organ shop. Epis. 
They have: Mabel Loveland® Rackliff, b May 3, 
1890, and Frank Eugene Rackliff, b June 17, 1892. 
P. O., New Britain ; children born there. 

li. Bessie Lyon, b Sept. 4, 1868. 

iii. Albert Emory, b Nov. 30, 1869. 

iv. Arthur Lincoln, b May 22, 187 1, d Jan'y 25, 1877. 

v. Henry Daniel, b Jan'y 20, 1875, ^ Dec. 23, 1876. 

vi. Mildred Rosetta, b March 12, 1879. 

vii. Eugene Francis, b May 7, 1880. 

viii. Hattie Marion, b Sept. 4, 1883. 

EMORY M.7 LOVELAND (Rev Ziba«, Elisha^) wasbat 
Vernon, Conn., Dec. 24, 1839, "^ ^^ Rah way, N. J ., Sept. 20, 1858, 
Harriet Elizabeth Safford, b at Canterbury, Conn., Aug. 29, 1842. 
He was drafted during War of the Rebellion and sent a substitute. 
Carpenter. Master builder. P. O., Allen, Kan. Children, first 
born at Manchester, Conn., the rest at Berlin, Conn.: 

1 88 The Loveland Genealogy, 

276a. i. Helen Elizabeth*, b July 20, 1859, m Rev. Francis A. 


ii. Ida Adelaide, b Sept. 12, 1861, d at Allen, Kan., Oct. 

251 «S77. 
iii. Eva Adella, b Feb'y 17, i864^m in Kansas City, Mo., 

Sept. 30, 1880, Dorman Page Ingraham,b at Akron, 

0.,July 7, 1857. ^^""^ *" ^* C.: Amy Adella**, b 

Aug. 14, 1881. 

HELEN E.8 LOVELAND (Emory M.', Rev. Ziba«) was 
b at Manchester, Conn., July 20, 1859, m at Burlingame, Kan., 
March 9, 1880, Rev. Francis Asbury Piper, M. E. Ch., b in 
Fenton, Mich., Oct. 16, 1858. Children, first born in Kan. City, 
Mo., the second at Swartz Creek, Mich., third at Pella, Iowa, 
fourth at Lynnville, la., fifth at Chillicothe, la.: 

i. Henry Francis* Piper, b May 23, 1881. 

ii. Lorin Bradford Piper, b March 28, 1883. 

iii. Huber Bethuel Piper, b Oct. 6, 1886. 

iv. Margaret Faith Piper, b Nov, 22, 1888. 

V. Ernest Howard Piper, b Nov. 8, 1890. 

HULDAH P.-y LOVELAND (Rev. Ziba«, Elisha*) was b 
at East Glas., Conn., Oct. 27, 1845, m at New Haven, Conn., Dec. 
31, 1873, William Harrison Porter, b at Bolton, Conn., March 13, 
1840. Farmer. Repub. Metho<list. Born at Allen, Kan.: 

i. Carrie Louisa* Porter, b May 7, 1881, d Feb'y 17, 1895. 
ii. Edith Winnifred Porter, b July 26, 1883. 

PHILANDER C.« LOVELAND, M.D.(Elisha«,Pelatiah4), 
was b in E. Glas., Conn., July 22, 1814, m at Etowah, Cass Co., 
Ga., Dec. 2, 1847, Jane Elvira Johnson, b in Iredell Co., N. C, 
May, 1830, d at Etowah, Nov. 5, 1857. He m 2d, at E., Dec. 5, 
i860, Lucy Elizabeth Condrey, b in Iredell Co., Nov. 22, 1835. 
The Civil War ruined Mr. Loveland financially. He returned to 
the free North in June, 1868, and located in Mt. Vernon, Ind. 
He d there Nov. 17, 1894. Children, first born in Etowah, the 
rest in Itawamba Co., Miss.: 

The Lcveland Genealogy. 189 

i. Helen Louisa'', b Sept. 25, 1848, m in Hardin Co., 
Tenn., March 4, 1867, A.J. Odem, b in Lauderdale 
Co., Ala., April 16, 1844. She d at Walnut Grove, 
Hardin Co., Oct. 27, 1871. They had: Thomas 
Warren*, b Dec. 30, 1867; Mary Pyrena, b Aug. 30, 

ii. James Orlanza, b Feb'y i, 1852, m at Mariana, Ark., 
April 10, 1878, Mary Elizabeth Wallace, b in 
Madison, Ark., May 11, 1858. Contractor and 
builder. Children b at Mariana: Helen May*, b 
Sept. II, 1879; Belle AUicia, b Nov. 18, 1881. 

iii. Walter Burnham, b Oct. 9, 1854, d Oct. 14, 1859. 

iv. Pyrena Agnes, b Nov. 26, 1856, d Aug. i, 1878. 

V. Varina Davis, b Sept. 25, 1861, d Feb'y 12, 1863. 

vi. Preston Philander, b Oct. 9, 1863, m at Vernon, Dec. 9, 
1883, Annie Minnie Warfield,'h in Henderson Co., 
Ky., Dec. 15, 1865. ^Confectioner and music dealer. 

vii. Lulu, b Feb'y 3, 1866, m at Mt. Vernon, June 25, 1884, 
Edward Everett Shepard, b there Dec. 22, i860. 
Merchant at Fairfield, III. 

ORLANZA« LOVELAND (ElishaS Pelatiah*) was b at 
Oppenheim, N. Y., Oct. 21, 1817, m at East Glas., Conn., Feb'y 
13, 1842, Marinda Ellice Andrews, b at East Glas., April 6, 181S, 
d at Portland, Conn., July 17, 1855. He m 2d, at P., Jan'y 29, 
1856, Mrs. Sarah S. Shepard, b there May 6, 1818. He d there 
Dec. 28, 1879. Children, first born at Bolton, Conn., the next 
three at East Glas., the rest at Portland : 

Mary Fidelia', b Sept. 6, 1843, m Henry E. Fits. 
Martha Candace, b Aug. 15, 1845, m MarTc Mince. 
Katie Eliza, b Jan'y 6, 1849, d at E. G., Oct. 14, 1851. 
Katie Eliza, b Dec 13, 1851, m Peter Dunbebin. 
Eddie Orlanza, b May 12, 1857, d July 24, 1862, 
Nellie C, b Dec. 23, i860. 




• « 

.. . 

• • • 






190 The Loveland Genealogy, 

MARY F.7 LOVELAND (Oilanza«, Elisha*) was b at 
Bolton, Conn , Sept. 6, 1843, m at Hartford, Conn., Jan'y 13, 1868, 
Henry Ebbin Fits, b there Feb'y i, 1844. Children born at 
Hartford : 

i. Alice Parker* Fits, b Oct. 6, 1869. 

ii. Henry Loveland Fits, b March 5, 1872, d March 6,1872. 

iii. Florence May Fits, b Sept. 7, 1875. 

iv. Gracia Phelps Fits, b March 7, 1877. 

MARTHA C.^ LOVELAND (Orlanza«, Elisha^) was hat 
East Glas., Conn., Aug. 15, 1845, *" ^^ Portland, Conn., Dec. 24, 
1863, Mark Mince, b Jan'y 28, 1843. Children born at North 
Glas., Conn.: 

i. Sarah Elizabeth* Mince, b Nov. 5, 1866, d Oct. 5, 1867. 

ii. Willie Lewis Mince, b Oct. 9, 1869, d July 5, 1880. 

iii. Rosa Mince, b Sept. 16, 1872. 

iv. Willie Mince, b Nov. 6, 1880. 

KATIE E.' LOVELAND (Orlanza«, Elisha«) was b at 
East Glas., Conn., Dec. 13, 1851, m at Portland, Conn., Peter 
Dunbebin, b in Cheshire, Eng. Children, first born at Portland, 
second at Columbus, O.,- third at Peninsula, O.: 

Albert 8 Dunbebin, b Nov. 21, 1870. 
ii. Eddie Orlanza Dunbebin. 
iii. Charlotte Marinda Dunbebin. 

REUBEN « LOVELAND (Pelatiah*, Elisha«) was b at 
Glas., Conn., July 24, 17S5, m at Chatham, Conn., Dec. 28, 1808, 
Betsy Buck. She d at E. Glas. May 5, 1830, a. 46. He d at 
Jessup, Pa., Oct. 28, I^68. He was in the War of 1812 from 
Conn., Capt. Buell's Co. He united with the M. E. Church in 
1808 and was a class leader until he came to Pa., 1862. He d at 
the residence of his son-in-law, Marvin Hall. His zeal for God 
and his cause was unabated to the close of his life. His last words 
were: "All is clear." He was a man of very robust constitution. 





• • • 








■ « 


The Loveland Genealogy. 191 

and a great walker. He walked from Conn, to Ohio and return 
averaging fifty miles daily. — R. L. Children, first two and the 
last born in Glas., the rest at Portland, Conn.: 

Betsy «, b March 5, 1810, m Boland. 

Reuben, b Aug. 17, 1811, m Candace Moses. He m 

2d, Nancy Rossman. 
William, b Feb'y 2, 1813, m Amanda M. Sherman. 
Charity, b Sept. 3, 181 5, m Marvin Hall. 
Catharine, b Feb'y 26, r8i8, m Charles Willard. She 

m 2d, Wm. Jickells. 
Harriet, b Feb'y 22, 1821, m M. E. Bunce. 
Sarah, b Feb'y i, 1824, d at Fairdale, Pa., 1881. 
viii. Nancy Maria, b Oct. 12, 1827, d Nov. 3, 1829. 

REUBEN* LOVELAND (Reuben^, Pelatiah*) was b at 
Glas., Conn., Aug. 17, 181 1, m at Canton, Conn., June 9, 1834, 
Candace Moses, b there March 4, 1808, d at Milesburg, Pa., Feb'y 
23, 1845. ^^ "^ ^^> *" Clinton Co., Pa., Oct. 7, 1845, Nancy 
Rossman, b in Porter Township, Clinton Co., Pa., Feb'y 23, 1824. 
He d at Lamar, Pa., April 13, 1886. Children, first b in Glas., 
second in Milesburg, the rest in Lamar, Pa.: 

Isaac', b May 29, 1835, '^^ Catharine Poorman. 

Wilber Fisk, b Sept.. 9, 1841, m Hannah Watson. He 
m 2d, Josephine Custard. 

Henry Dill, b Aug. i, 1846, m Frances B. Watson. 

Amelia Amanda, b Nov. 12, 1848, m Ira C. Eddy. 

Harriet Alice, b Aug. 1, 1851, m Philip Krape. 

Reuben (Rev.), b Nov. 29, 1853, d Sept. 29, 1879. 

William Hall, b Aug. 21, 1857, "^ Laura Holt, 
viii. Charles Wesley, b April 12, i860, m Clara Belle 

ix. Lyman Milford, b Jan'y 19, 1863. 

Mr. Loveland moved from Connecticut to Center County, Pa., 
in 1838, and in 1845 settled in Lamar where he engaged in the 
manufacture of axes, and succeeded in building up a prosperous 
business which is still carried on by his sons. Being of Methodist 





• • 



• ■ a 








■ • 



■ • • 


192 The Laveland Genealogy. 

parentage and converted when a small boy he immediately identified 
himself with a small Methodist class of which he soon became the 
leading member. Mainly through his efforts a church was soon 
erected and Methodism firmly established in the community. He 
filled well the offices in the church open to laymen. The itinerant 
always found a warm welcome at his house, and one of his sons 
(Reuben) became a traveling preacher. — G. W. 

ISAAC LOVELAND (Reuben«, Reuben*) was b in Glas., 

May 29, 1835, m at Lamar, Pa., Sept. 22, 1857, Catharine Poor- 
man, b near Cranberry, Pa., Nov. 25, 1837. He came to Pa. with 
his parents when three years of age. In 1852 he went to New 
Haven, Conn., and learned the trade of carriage blacksmithing. In 
1858 he moved to Jasper Co., la. He followed blacksmithing and 
farming until 1880, since which time he has been engaged in the 
manufacture of axes in the R. Loveland Ax Co.'s establishment 
at Lamar. His specialty is the art of tempering axes. Rep. M. 
E. Ch. Children, first born at Newton, la., the rest at Kelly, la.: 

i. Cordelia 8, b Sept. 10, 1858, m at L., Dec. 3, 1884, 
Alfred W. Mitchell, b at Fleming Center, Pa., Oct. 
5, 1851. Axe forger. Rep. M. E. Ch. Born at 
L., Reuben Isaac»,b Feb'y 19, 1886; Glenn Ralston, 
b July 19, 1889; Ralph Loveland, b Oct. 13, 1891. 

ii. Arthur Meyer, b Nov. 30, i860. Teller in bank at 
Oberlin, O. 

iii. Reuben Eddy, b Nov. 24, 1863, m Dec. 31, 1890, 
Jennie R. Jackson of Avon, O. Grad. of Oberlin 
College, class 1890. Now (1892) Asst. Prin. High 
School at Monroe, Wis. 

iv. Minnie Luella, b July 21, 1865, m at Clintondale, Pa., 
Jan'y 13, 1885, Frank A. Shields, b at Hublersburg 
Center, Pa., Jan'y 21, i860. Woodsman. Dem. 
• • Evangelical. They have: Florence Estella*, b 
Nov. 13, 1885; Grace Viola, b Oct. 30, 1887; Mary 
Elizabeth, b July 5, 1889; Jennie Luella, b Sept. 19, 
189 1. 


The Z,cveiand Genealogy. 193 

V. Candace Matilda, b May 20, 1870. Grad. at State 
Normal School, Lock Haven, Pa. Teacher, Johns- 
town, Pa. 

vi. Harry Wilber, b Feb'y 27, 1S74. Clerk, Oberlin. 

vii. Grace, b Nov. 3, 1S78, d at K., Nov. 5, 1878. 

WILBER F.' LOVELAND (Reuben*, Reuben*) was b at 
Milesburg, Pa., Sept. 9, 1S41, m Hannah Watson, d. He m 2d, 
at Siilona. Pa., Dtc. 21, 1S71, Josephine Custard. Merchant. 
Hep. M. E Ch. Children, first and third born at Lamar, Pa., 
the ^coiid at Clintondale, Pa.: 

i. Ida Mays, b 1S61. 

ii. Harry Dill, b Nov. 20, 1872. 

iii. Reuben, b March 17, 18S1. 

HENRY D.'' LOVELAND (Reuben«, Reuben*) was b at 
Lamar, Pa., Aug. i, 1846, m there June 24, 1S69, Frances Belle 
Watson, b in Porter Tp., Clinton Co., Pa., June 6, 1S50. Mr. 
Loveland and his brother Charles, since their father's death have 
full control of the business at Lamar of manufacturing axes. Rep. 
M. E. Ch. Born at Lamar: 

i. Harry Thomas^, b July 5, 1870, d at L., Nov. 27, 1871. 

ii. Mina Elizabeth, b Sept. 10, 1872. 

iii. Nancy Bell, b May 31, 1875. 

iv. James G. Blaine, b Oct. 4, 1880. 


AMELIA A.'' LOVELAND (Reuben*, Reuben 5) wash at 
Lamar, Pa., Nov. 12, 1848, m at Lock Haven, Pa., Nov. 22, 1870, 
Ira C. Eddy, b in Lamar, June 2, 1848. Clerk in clothing store. 
Repub. M. E. Ch. Born at Lock Haven: 

i. Lyman Ernest®, b Sept. 27, 1872. 
ii. Earl Hamlin Eddy, b Dec. 2, 1874. 

H. ALICE' LOVELAND (Reuben«, Reuben^) was b at 
Lamar, Pa., Aug. i, 1851, m there July i, 1875, ^^i^ip Krape, b 

194 '^^^ Loveland Genealogy, 

at Clinton ville, Pa., Nov. lo, 1851. Employe in axe factory. 
Children born at Lamar: 

i. Frances Maude? Krape, b Jan'y 6, 1878. 

11. Reuben Benson Krape, b May 19, 1880, d Sept. 16, 

iii. Karl Krape, b May 10, 1882, d Sept. 15, 1882. 
iv. Elsie Almira Krape, b Sept. 27, 1886. 


WM. H.' LOVELAND (Reuben«, Reuben* ) was b at 

Lamar, Pa., Aug. 21, 1857, m at Snow Shoe, Pa., Oct. 6, 1881, 

Laura Holt, b there Aug. 21, 1861. He d at Lamar, 1888. Painter, 

and employe in axe factory. Rep. M. £. Ch. Born at Lamar: 

i. Pearl, b Aug. 21, 1882, d Sept. 15, 1882. 

ii. Nora M., b March 15, 1886. 

CHARLES W.'' LOVELAND (Reuben«, Reuben*) was 
b at Lamar, Pa., April 12, i860, m at Tyrone, Pa., Jan'y 16, 1884, 
Clara Belle Watson, b at Lamar, July 12, 1865, Student in Al- 
legheny College, Meadville, Pa., 1880- 1883, then teacher to 1890; 
settled at Anderson ville, Ind., in 1S84. Repub. M. E. Ch. He is now 
(1888) partner with his brother Henry in axe factory at Lamar. 
Children, first two born at Andersonville, the rest at Lamar: 

i. Leslie Loraine*, b Nov. 20, 1884. 

ii. Stella, b March 14, 1886. 

iii. Edwin, b April 16, 1889. 

iv. Amy, b Aug. 22, 1892. 

V. Edwin, b Oct. 2, 1893. 

WILLIAM« LOVELAND (Reuben«, Pelatiah*) was b at 
Portland, Conn., Feb'y 2, 1813, m at Bridgeport, Conn., Oct. 11, 
1837, Amanda M. Sherman, b at Monroe, Conn., Sept. 21, 1817. 
She d at Bridgeport, Aug. 9, 18S5. Carriage maker, Bloomfield, 
Conn. Born at Bridgeport: 

i. Walter S.'' b March i, 1852, m Eleanor Lee. Mer- 
chant. They have: Eleanor Harriet^, b at B., April 
22, 1880: Louisa, b at Hartford, Ct., Sept. 30, 1883. 

ii. Wilber F., b April 7, 1854. Merchant. 

« The Loveland Genealogy. 195 


CHARITY* LOVELAND (Reuben«, Pelatiah*) was b at 
Portland, Conn., Sept. 3, 18 15, m April 3, 1836, Marvin Hall, b 
i8i2. He d at Fairdale, Pa., Dec. 23, 1887. Children born at 

i. Laura Eltruda? Hall, b March 28, 1838. 

ii. Helen Matilda Hall, b March 4, 1841, d at F., March 

18, 1843. 
iii. Marvin Webber Hall, b Nov. 17, 1843. 

iv. Julia Ann Hall, b Dec. 5, 1847. 

v. William Orrin Hall, b Nov. 8, 1850. 


CATHARINE* LOVELAND (Reuben^, Pelatiah*) wash 
at Portland, Conn., Feb'y 26, 1818, m Dec. 25, 1836, Charles 
Willard, b April 5, 1813, d May 6, 1885. She m 2d, at East 
Townsend, O., Nov. 5, 1878, William Jickells, b in Linconshire, 
Eng., Nov. 25, 1829, d in Brighton, O., April 12, 1893. Farmer. 
Member Kipton, O., G. A. R, Post. M. E. Ch. Children: 

i. Leverett H.' Willard, b. Sept. 24, 1838, d Feb'y 10, 

ii. Albert A. Willard, b April 23, 1843, d Feb'y 19, 1845. 
iii. Reuben L. Willard, b Feb'y 21, 1848, m Nov. 17, 

1868, Ida Thorp, 
iv. Charles B. Willard, b Nov. 17,1 854, m Alice Wetherly. 


HARRIET* LOVELAND (Reubens, Pelatiah*) was b at 
Portland, Conn., Feb'y 22, 1821, m at Brighton, O., May 30, 1842, 
Edward S. Bunce, b at Sheridan, N. Y., Aug. 17, 181 7. Farmer. 
Children, first born at B., the two next at Fredonia, Wis., the last 
at Townville, Pa.: 

i. Mary Albina'' Bunce, b Aug. 22, 1845, d at F., March 

26, 1852. 
ii. Alvira Jane Bunce, b Aug. 16, 1847, d at F., March 31, 


1^6 The Loveland Genealogy, 

iii. Luther Loveland Bunce, b Jan'y 2, 1849, m at New 
Richmond, Pa., Dec. 31, 1874, Florence Ann Hutchin- 
son, b at Little Cooley, Pa, Aug. 5, 1851. H d at 
Townville, Pa., April 19, 1879. Family. 

iv. Emma Jane Bunce, b Sept. 11, 1859, m at T., Dec. 23, 
1879, Jonathan W. Clark, b at New Richmond, 
Feb'y 6, i860. Family. 

LUTHER5 LOVELAND (Pelatiah*, Elishas) was b in 

East Glas., Conn., March 18, 1793, tn May 15, 1S14, Lucy Wick- 
ham. He d in New Haven, Ind., 1863. She d in lona, Mich. 
He was a soldier in the war of 181 2; enlisted under Capt. Buell 
July 18, 1813, to Sept. 16, 18 1 3. Born in Glas.: 

i. Lucy«, b Jan'y 22, 18 15, m William Barnes. 

293. ii. Luther, b Oct. 10, 1816, m Mary M. Clemmer. 
iii. Lucius, b Sept. 30, i8i8, d Nov. 8, 1844. 

iv. Lucretia, b Nov. 18, 1820, m Purdy. 

V. Levi, b Jan'y 11, 1823; d, 

vi. Robert H., b Jan'y 9, 1825, d Oct. 20, 1844. 

vii. Hezekiah W., b March 17, 1827. 

viii. Cyrus, b July 14, 1830. 

ix. Polly, b April 13, 1832, m Worthington Parker. 

LUTHER« LOVELAND (Luther«, Pelatiah*) was b in 
East Glas., Conn., Oct. 10, 1816, m Oct. 22, 1840, Mary M. Clem- 
mer. He d May 6, 1890. Children born in Hicksville, O.: 

294. i. Phebe Jane', b Oct. 14, 1841, m Harrison Shaw, May 

20, 1858. 

295. ii. Lucius C, b June 3, 1844, m Margaret J. Shroll. 

iii. Sarah Catharine, b Oct. 27, 1846, m Amos Keener, 

Dec. 22, 1864. Three children, 
iv. John N., b Nov. 9, 1848, m July 7, 1870, Sarah Henley. 

She d Oct., 1874. He m 2d, 1876, Ella Eaton. No 

report . 
V. Lucy Ann, b July 5, 1851, m Cyrus C. Kilgare, Dec. 

12, 1877. She d May 19, 1S78. 

The Loveland Genealogy. 197 

vi. Pelatiah, b Sept. 21, i8>3, d Oct. 5, 1874; "nf"- 
vii. Mary F., b Feb'y 27, 1859, "" Lewis Eck, Feb'y 14, 


PHEBE JANE'' LOVELAND (Luther«, Luther«) was b 
in Hicks ville, O., Oct. 14, 1841, m there May 20, 1858, Harrison 
Shaw, b in Palmyra Tp., Portage Co., O., Dec. 9, 1835. ^® 
came to H., 1851, and to Coffey ville, Kan., Aug., 1878. Farmer. 
He d at C, Nov. 15, 1S93; buried by the Masonic Lodge of that 
place of which he had been a member thirty years. Children, 
first nine born in H., the rest in C: 

i. Mary Jane* Shaw, b Nov. 19, 1859, djan'y *7» ^860. 

ii. Julia Ann Shaw, b March 22, 1861, d Nov. 18, 1861. 

iii. Perry Franklin Shaw, b Jan'y 20, 1 862, d Sept . 27, 1 863. 

iv. Eve Marinda Shaw, b March 23, 1864. 

V. John Nicassius Shaw, b Dec. 14, 1866. 

vi. Laura Charlotte Shaw, b April 4, 1869, d Oct. 26, 1873 

vii. Wallace Edward Shaw, b Oct. 4, 1871. 

viii. William Sherman Shaw, b Sept. 25, 1874. 

ix. Clyde Harold Shaw, b Feb'y i8, 1877. 

X. Hattie A. Dair Shaw, b Dec. 10, 1879, ^ »• i^ days. 

^ xi. Claude Raynon Shaw, b Jan'y 5, 1883. 


LUCIUS C.7 LOVELAND (Luther«, Luther«) was b in 
Hicksville, O., June 3, .1844, m Dec. 22, 1864, Margaret J. Shroll. 
He is a breeder of Red Polled Cattle at Newville, Ind. Children: 

i. Frank S.s b March 4, 1866. 

ii. Luther J., b Oct. 19, 1867. 

iii. Cora, b May 4, 1870. 

iv. Ora, b May 4, 1870. 

V. Maud M., b Aug. 19, 1873. 

vi. Ray P. b Sept. 18, 1S75. 

vii. Maggie, b March 13, 187S, d April 26, 1880. 

viii. May M., b Oct. 19, 1880. 

ix. George L., b April 23, 1882. 

198 The Laveland Genealogy. 

LEVI* LOVELAND (Elisha*, Thomas*, Thomasi) was b 
at Glas., Conn., Nov. 19, 1749, m there April 20, i775» Esther, 
dau. of Ebenezer Hill of East Hartford, Conn. Levi Loveland 
was in the Rev. War from Glas. As there were two of the same 
name who bore part in that s'ruggle it is difficult to specify the 
services of each. Those interested will find frequent mention of 
them in the Conn. Roster. Mr. Loveland settled on the Western 
Reserve in Ohio about 1803. Farmer. His children were proba- 
bly all born in Eastbury Parish, Glas. There were several of his 
children buried there. — Book B, p. 67. 

i. Hannah s, b Aug. 25, 1775, m there Nov. 16, 1797, 
Elisha Forbes. They had, Francis* Forbes, who m 
Amanda Dodge. No children. Family extinct, 
ii. George, b Dec. 8, 1776, d a. i y., 6 m. 
iii. Esther, b 1778, m Samuel Graham, 
iv. Asenath (Folly), b 1780, m Martin Owens. 
V. Lois, b Nov. 26, 1781, d Dec. 8, 1781. 
vi, Joel, b 1782, d 1794. 
vii. Chester, d young. 

viii. Elijah, b May 20, 1789, d Sept. 20, 1794. 
296. ix. Chauncey, b Oct., 1795, m Nancy Graham. 
X. Lois, d in Ohio. 

CHAUNCEY 6 LOVELAND (Levi*, Elisha*) was b in 
Glas., Conn., Oct. 1795. He came with his parents to Ohio in 
1803; m in Madison, O., 1815, Nancy Graham, b 1796, d at 
Carthage, 111., Sept. 20, 1845, ^^ ^ ^^ Bountiful, Utah, Aug. 6, 
1875. Children born in Madison: 

Levi«, b Feb'y 20, 1816, m Hannah Pease. 
Chester, b Dec. 30, 1817, m Fanny Call. 
Sophia, b 18 19, m Charles Weaver in Amherst, O., 

1839. Both d here 1840. 
Almond, b 1822, d at Carthage, 1842. 
Hannah, b May 28, 1825, m Seth Dustin. 
Joel Chauncey, b Aug. 5, 1835, m Amanda Simmons. 




• • 


■ • • 







The Loveland Genealogy * 199 

After his father's death, Chauncey Loveland came in possession 
of the homestead in Madison. He was of a very industrious dis- 
position and never content unless profitably employed. ' In 1836 he 
moved to Lorain Co., O., where he lived about ?i\^ years. His 
sons Levi and Chester joined the church of Jesus Christ of Latter 
Day Saints in 1837 and moved in 1840 to Carthage where they 
'were soon joined by their parents. Here his wife and son died. 
In the spring of 1846, he married Mrs. Sally Horn Crockett, and 
after joining the church started with other members of it for 
Council Bluffs, Iowa. In 1847 he went to Utah with the Mormon 
pioneers, leaving his family at the Bluffs. In 1848 he crossed 
the plains again, taking his family with him. They located at 
Bountiful, ten miles north of Salt Lake City. During the gold 
excitement he visited California, exploring the mining regions 
quite extensively before his return. The remaining yea's of his 
life he resided on his farm and took great pride in securing fine 
horses. In disposition he was kind and una^sumin^ and never 
aspired to positi'^ns in public life. As a pioneer and adventurer he 
ranks among the bravest. He had three wives and held the 
position of High Priest in the church. His life was full of love 
for his fellow men which was manifested by his good deeds toward 
them. He is buried in Bountiful Cemetery. — H. L. S. 

LEVI« LOVELAND ( Chauncey «, Levi*) was hat Madison, 
O., Feb'y 20, 181 6, d at Council Bluffs, la., July 31, 1846, m at 
Madison, O., Feb'y i, 1836, Hannah Pease, b at Hamden, O., 
March 23, 1814. P. O., Belleville, Wis. Children, first horn in 
Amherst, O., the second in Ni-uvoo, 111.: 

301. i. Maria Antoinette'', b Sept. 11, 1838, m Thomas Oakes. 
ii. Nancy, bjan'y 27, 1844; unm. 

MARIA K^ LOVELAND (Levi*, Chauncey«) was b in 

Amherst, O., Sept. 11, 1838, m at Cannon River Falls, Minn., 
May 7, 1858, Thomas Oakes, b in the Sate of New York. 
Children, first born in Pecatonica, 111., the rest in Exeter, Green 
Co,, Wis.: 

200 The Loveland Genealogy. 

i. Edgar Levi* Oakes, b Dec. 13, .1859. 
ii. Edith Lillian Oakes, b Fcb'y 8, 1867. 
iii, Florence Lucy Oakes, b Dec. 23, 1870. 


CHESTER* LOVELAND (Chauncey«, Levi*) was b in 
Madison, O., Dec. 30, 181 7, d at Call's Fort, Utah, March 5, 1S86. 
Farmer. He was elected Colonel (Sept. 10, 1865) ^^ ^^ ^"^^ 
Reg. Infy, ist Brigade Nauvoo Legion, Military District, U. T. 
He was commissioned by Governor Durkee. He m at Madison, 
Feb'y 15, 1838, Fanny Call, b at Fletcher, Fairfax Co., Vt., May 
II, 1816; m 2d, in Nauvoo Temple, Jan'y 15, 1846, Rosannah 
Winters, b in Bartholomew Co., Ind., Dec. 6, 1825; m 3d, in 1853, 
Celia Simmons, b April 4, 1831 ; m 4th, at Salt Lake City, Utah, 
Nov. 17, 1866, Rosetta Adaline Snow, b in Pisgah, la,, in 1846; 
m 5th, Sept. 5, 1868, Louise Faulkner, b in England, Aug. 12, 
1847. Chester Loveland and his descendants all believe in and are 
members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Not 
one of them has married, so reported, outside th's church. 

Children of Fanny Call : 

302. i. Fanny Emoret'^ b at Amherst, O., Dec. 13, 1838, m 

Perrigrine Sessions. 

303. ii. Chester Carlos, b at Carthage, 111., April 23, 1841, m 

Mary Ann Barnes. 

304. iii. Agnes Melissa, bat Warsaw, 111., Jan'y 30, 1844, m 

Chester Rufus Call, 
iv. Levi Cyril, b at Pottowattomie, la., Oct. 19, 1S46, d 
there July 7, 1 850. 

305. V. Heber Chauncey, b at Pottowattomie, Dec. 19, 1848, m 

Columbia F. Call. 

306. vi. Anson Cassim, b at Bountiful, Utah, March 1 1, 1853, m 

Lydia R. Call. 

307. vii. Orson Clinton, b at Bountiful, June 25, 1855, "* Mary 

Isabelle Gardiner, 
viii. Josiah Call, b at Call's Fort, Sept. 21, 1861, d at 
Brigham City, Utah, March 18, 1862. 


The Loveland Genealogy. 201 

Children of Rosannah Winters: 

308. i. Sarah Sophia, b at Potto wattomie, la., Nov. 2, 1848, 

m Charles Valentine, 

309. ii. Don Carlos, b at Bountiful, May 11, 185 1, m Eliza R. 

iii. Seth, b at Bountiful, Aug. 3. 1854, d Oct. 25, 1872; 
killed by a runaway team. 

310. iv. Nancy Jane, b at Bountiful, April 26, 1859, m John 


311. V. David, b at Call's Fort, Aug. 15, 1861, m Julia 


312. vi. Fannie Ro«jannah, b at Call's Fort, Jan'y 9, 1864, m 

William T. Harper, 
vii. Eldorus Bertram, b at Brigham C'ty, Dec. 15, 1866. 

Children of Celia Simmons: 

i. Joel, b at Bountiful, Dec. 3, 1854, d there 1855. 

313. ii. William Elmer, b at Bountiful, Dec. 3, 1856, m Sarah 

F. Whitworth. 

314. iii. Almon Francis, b at Bountiful, May 7, 1859, m Eliza- 

beth H. Dewey, 
iv, Lorenzo Chester, b at Brigham City, Jan'y 9, 1868, d 

there July 14, 1874. 
v. Mary Adaline, b at Brigham City, Dec. 19, 1869. 
vi. Rosetta Abigail, b at Brigham City, Aug. 7, 1875, ^ 

there Nov. 12, 1875. 
vii. Myrtie Adell, b at Brigham City, April 17, 1878, d 

there Sept. i, 1878. 
viii, Oliver George, b at Brigham City, Oct. 2, 1882. 
ix. Isadore, b at Brigham City, Aug. 28, 1884, d there 

Sept. I, 1884. 

Children of Louise Faulkner: 

i. Edward, b at Brigham City, Dec. 1, 1869, d at Dewey- 
ville, Utah, Dec. 23, 1878, bur'ed at Brigham City. 

ii. William, b at Brigham City, May 31, 1871. 

iii. Lawrence Moroni, b at Brigham City, Oct. 28, 1872, d 
there Dec, 1873. 

203 The Loveland Genealogy. 

iv. Louisa Sarilla, b at Brigham City, Aug. 17, 1875. 

V. Duane, b at Brigham City, Jaa*y 25, 1S78. 

vi. Rebecca Jane, b at Deweyville, Feb'y 8, 1S80. 

vii. Lillian, b at Deweyville, Dec. 18, 1885. 

Col. Chester Loveland was raised on a farm in Ohio, and his 
educational advantages were only such as the pioneer school af- 
forded. It was in the pioneer school he formed the acquaintance 
of Fanny Call whom he married in 1838. He joined the Latter 
Day Saints in June 1837, *"^ moved with his father to Lorain 
County where he lived until 1840, when he removed to Carthage, 
111., and purchased a farm. On account of his religious belief, in 
1845, he and his sick family were attacked at midnight and their 
home and household goods were burned, by a mob, led on by a 
lawyer named Stevens. In the fall of 1S45, he moved to Nauvoo, 
111., and was appointed captain of the Nauvoo Legion in its first 
organization. During the turbulent times through which the 
church passed he had many hair breadth escapes. In one instance 
a leaden ball designed to take his life came so near as to graze his 
face, scorching it sufficiently to cause the skin to peal off. He 
relates this incident of himself: "I was on a jury when some of 
our brethren who had been falsely accused were brought to trial 
before eleven mobocratic jurors. I held that jury thirty-six hours, 
until they were nearly starved. Two verdicts were before us: 
One guilty, the other not guilty. Eleven signed the guilty verdict 
and insisted that I should do the same. No gentlemen, I said, 
before I will sign that paper I will die here on this floor, and the 
red ants may carry me out through the key hole." The result 
was: Every man signed the verdict of not guilty and the innocent 
went free. He entered into plural marriage, January 15, 1846, 
having sealed to him in the Nauvoo Temple a second wife by the 
name of Rosannah Winters. The following spring he went west 
and took up a farm at Council Bluffs, Iowa, which he cultivated 
until 1849, when he was employed by the U. S. Government to 
asssist in building Fort Kearney on the Platte River. About 
the first of May, 1850, he was appointed captain of the first 10 in 
Captain Willies^ company of 50, and started with his family for 

The Loveland Genealogy, 203 

Salt Lake City, Utah. During the journey he buried his son Levi 
who died with cholera which was then raging in the country. 
After a long, perilous journey of four months he arrived in Salt 
Lake City, September, 1850. He located soon after in Bountiful, 
Davis County, where he built a log cabin to shelter his family 
through the winter. To procure food for his wives and children 
he burned charloal on Weber River which he sold and delivered 
to blacksmiths in Salt Lake City. In 1853 he was appointed 
Lieutenant-Colonel by Pres. Brigham Young, then Governor of 
Utah, with instructions to organize a regiment in the northern part 
of the Territory. He subsequently carried out these instructions 
and was commissioned Colonel by Governor Cummings, which 
position he held until his death in 1886. 

In the fall of 1853 he married Celia Simmons. In 1855 he went 
to Carson Valley which at that time was a part of Utah, but is 
now Nevada, to assist in locating a colony of Latter Day Saints. 
During one of the explorations at Walker's Lake, they were 
overcome with thirst, and so intense were their sufferings that 
every man's tongue was swoolen out of his mouth. Providentially 
some Indians met them and brought water to their relief. Never 
was a humane act better appreciated, for which the Indians were 
clothed from head to foot with new suits. Returning home in the 
fall, he removed his family the next spring to Carson Valley and 
succeeded Orson Hyde in the presidency of the mission. He was 
called again to Utah in the latter part of 1857, previous to the 
arrival of Johnson's army in Utah. During the defensive opera- 
tions in Echo Canyon he acted as commissary. The following 
spring he and family went south with other church members to 
Provo but returned the same year to Bountiful. In i860 he moved 
to Call's Fort where he resided on a farm. While here he ex- 
perienced many perilous adventures, so frequent in pioneer life. 
He kept a hotel for transient miners and emigrants; his only 
neighbors for some time were his son sheriff C. C. Loveland and 
family. Late in the fall of 1862, about forty-five emigrants known 
as Captain Smith's Company were en route for California. On 
Raft River they were attacked by Indians who killed four and 
wounded nine others of the company. All their teams and pro- 

204 The Laveland Genealogy. 

visions were stolen and the company left without food. By 
almost superhuman strength and fortitude three emigrants made 
good their escape and called upon Col. Loveland to rescue the 
remaining members of the company. The Colonel with three 
others started for the scene of trouble and upon their arrival found 
about thirty men women and children on the verge of starvation. 
All they had eaten for nine days previous was wild berries from 
the mountain shrubs. Although the teams and provisions ivere 
lost the remaining members of the company were rescued and 
shared the hospitality of the whole-souled Colonel. 

In 1865 he moved six miles south to Brigham City. He was 
elected first mayor of Brigham City. This position he held with 
honor and credit two consecutive terms (four years). He subse- 
quently was assessor and collector of the county for several years. 
Through his influence and ability he did much to formulate the 
laws and ordinances of the beautiful city of Brigham, which rightly 
is styled the "City of Homes." He married Rosetta Snow, 
November 17, 1866. Early in the year 1868 he was appointed 
captain of a company to go to the terminus cf the Union Pacific 
R. R. on the Platte River after an emigration of Latter Day 
Saints who were on their way to Utah. They were attacked by 
Indians on the Sweet Water who stole their teams. However the 
anfmals were recovered, but not without a hard struggle in which 
four Indians were killed. The company arrived safely under the 
judicious management of the Colonel. He married Louise Faulk- 
ner, September 5, 1868. The Colonel was six feet two inches in 
height, weighed 2^0 pounds, had blue eyes, a high forehead, and 
brown curly hair. He had a fine physique. When in his military 
suit and mounted on his horse he was the admiration of ail. He 
was a stranger to fear and never shunned positions of danger 
where duty called to rescue either friend or stranger. In physical 
development he was evidently formed for a champion — tall and 
robust he might well pass for a modern Ajax in strength and agility. 
Although he acquired considerable wealth during his life, yet 
owing to his proverbial generosity and whole-souled disposition he 
never became rich. He was the friend of the poor and needy. 
No one ever left his door hungry. In politics he was a Democrat 

The Loveland Genealogy. 205 

Probably no one did more to bring into subjection this desert 
country than the honored and courageous Col. Loveland. His 
fame as a leader and pioneer will be handed down for generations 
to come. Fond memories of his honesty and friendship will ever 
be cherished by his numerous posterity. He was. beloved by all, 
especially children whom he always noticed and made happy. On 
March 5, 1886 he passed peacefully away. — H. L. S. 


F. EMORET7 LOVELAND (Chester*, Chauncey«) was 
born at Amherst, O., Dec. 13, 1838, m at Salt Lake City, Utah, 
Sept. 13, 1852, Perrigrine Sessions, b at Newry, Me., June 15, 
1814, d at Bountiful June 3, 1893. Children, the second born at 
Carson Valley, Nev., the rest at Bountiful, Utah: 

302a. i. Fanny Emoret^ Sessions, b Oct. 25, 1855, m James H. 


ii. Alice Sessions, b 1856, d at B., 1S57. 

302^. iii. Chester Sessions, b May 22, 1858, m Isabel J. Corbage. 

302c. iv. Agnes Sessions, b March 26, 1861, m John R. Stoddard. 

V. Sylvanus Sessions, b March 22, 1864. 

302</. vi. Lucina Sessions, b Oct. 4, 1865, m J. A. Waite, jr. 

vii. Orson Sessions, b Aug. 18, 187 1. 

viii. Sylvia Sessions, b 1873, d at B., 1874. 

ix. Samantha Sessions, b Feb'y 9, 1874. 

X. Perrigrine Sessions, b Feb'y 17, 1875. 

xi. Chancy Sessions, b Sept. 9, 1880. 

Perrigrine Sessions was the last of the three pioneer settlers of 
Bountiful. During his life he was devoted to missionary work. 
He crossed the plains six times and traveled over fifty thousand 
miles. He was the son of David and Patty Sessions. Much of 
the latter part of his life was spent in laboring in the temples for 
the dead and much means was used for that purpose. 


F. EMORET8 SESSIONS, b at Bountiful, Utah, Oct. 25, 
1855, m there March 7, 1870, James H. Baird, b at Quincy, 111., 

2o6 The Loveland Genealogy. 

Feb'y 5, 1848. Blacksmith. Children, first two born at Bountiful, 
the next five at Centerville, Utah, the next five at Farmington, 
Utah, the last at Mountain Green, Morgan Co., Utah: 

i. Sylvia* Baird, b May 4, 1871, d at B., May 5, 1871. 

ii. Hyrum Baird, b April 11, 1873. 

iii. Perry Baird, b Aug. 6, 1874, d at C, April 21, 1876. 

iv. Minnie Baird, b Feb'y 9, 1876, 

v. Chloe Baird, b Aug. 10, 1877. 

vi. Zina Baird, b Jan'y 10, 1879. 

vii. Asa Baird, b May 24, 1880. 

viii. Eliza Jane Baird, b Aug. 17, 1881. 

ix. Walter Baird, b March 10, 1883. 

X. Emorette Baird, b June 15, 1885, d at F., March 26, 


xi. Chester Baird, b Nov. 14, 1887, d at M. G., Jan'y 7, 


xii. Chancy Baird, b Jan'y 31, 1890. 

xiii. Clarence Baird, b Jan'y 6, 1892. 

CHESTER8 SESSIONS, b at Bountiful, Utah, May 22, 
1858, m at Salt Lake City, Utah, Oct. 2, 1879, Isabel Jane Corbage, 
b at Bountiful, March 28, 1S62. Farmer. Children, the third born 
at St. Johns, Arizona, the rest at Bountiful: 

i. Chester <> Sessions, b July 5, 1880. 

ii. Edward Sessions, b Aug. 25, 1882. 

iii. Laura Belle Sessions, b Jan'y 4, 1885, d at B., Aug. 13, 


iv. Roy Sessions, b June 10, 1886. 

V. Willey Ray Sessions, b Nov. 13, 1888. 

vi. Alice May Sessions, b May 16, 1891. 

AGNTESs SESSIONS, b at Bountiful, Utah, March 36, 
1861, m at Salt Lake City, Utah, Sept. 26, 1876, John Robert 
Stoddard, b at Bountiful, Jan'y 26, 1855. Farmer. Children born 
in Richmond, Cache Co., Utah: 

i. Agnes Emorette » Stoddard, b Aug. 5, 1878. 

The Loveland Genealogy, 207 

ii. John Henry Stoddard, b Sept. 26, 1880. 
iii. Lucina Jane Stoddard, b March 15, 1882. 
iv. Mary Alice Stoddard, b May 6, 1884. 
V. ,Anna Lenore Stoddard, b Feb'y 11, 1886. 
vi. Perry Stoddard, b Jan'y 19, 1888, d in R., March, 1891. 
vii. Joseph Victor Stoddard, b June 26, 1890, d in R., 
Aug., 1890. 

LUCINA8 SESSIONS, b in Bountiful, Utah, Oct. 4, 1865, 
m at Salt Lake City, Utah, March 29, 1883, John A. Waite, jr., b 
at Bountiful, Feb'y 16, 1863. Farmer and stock raiser. Children, 
first born at Bountiful, the rest at Mountain Green, Utah. 

i. Lucina» Waite, b Aug, 12, 18S5. 

ii. John Earl Waite, b Oct. 23, 1SS7. 

iii. Elbert Ernest Waite, b Aug. iS, 1889. 

iv. Alvin B. Waite, b May 6, 1892. 

CHESTER C.7 LOVELAND (Chester*, Chauncey«) was 

b at Carthage, Hancock Co., 111., April 23, 1841, m at Salt Lake 

City, Utah, Jan'y 12, i860, Mary Ann Barnes, b in Tippecanoe 

Tp., Salt Springs Co., Dec. 22, 1S42. Children, first four born at 

Call's Fort, Utah, the rest at Brigham City: 

i. Henry Carlos^, b Oct. 22, i860, d at C. F., Jan'y 27, 
1861, buried at B. C. 

315. ii. Sarah Jane, b Aug. 6, 1862, m Henry L. Steed. 

316. iii. Mary Ann, b Dec. 25, 1866, m Alphonso H. Snow. 

317. iv. Fanny Lillian, b Sept. i, 1871, m Alvirus E. Snow. 
V. Agnes Luella, b Dec. i, 1S76, d at B. C, Feb'y 3, 1878. 

Sheriff Chester Carlos Loveland, son of Col. Chester Love- 
land and Fanny Call, was born in Carthage, 111., April 23, 1841. 
In his boyhood, during the winter months, he attended the rude 
schools which the Mormons had at that time, and by close appli- 
cation acquired the rudiments of a practical education. At the age 
of seven we find him inducted teamster to break prairie sod on his 
father's farm in Iowa, and at nine driving the same ox team across 
the plains to Utah. At the age of fourteen, during the necessary 

2o8 The Lcveland Genealogy. 

absence of his father, with the aid of his sister Agnes, two years 
younger, he harvested the crops and secured the provisions for the 

In 1856 he went to Carson Valley to assist in cutting timber, 
and, during the same year, with others made a journey to Cali- 
fornia for supplies. It was while on this journey that the sheriff 
for the first and only time in his life felt fear. Jle was placed on 
guard one dark and stormy night, and being young his imagination 
discovered lurking Indians near his beat. His hair was lifted but 
not with a scalping knife. A stray ox from the herd was the inno- 
cent cause of his trepidation. In i860 he married Mary Ann 
Barnes. This estimable woman has been a "crown to her husband'' 
and "her children arise up and call her blessed." They settled on 
a farm at Call's Fort. The next year he was elected constable of 
that precinct. This honor was conferred on him for acts of courage 
in arresting criminals: He was called on to assist in the capture of 
a notorious thief; at the critical moment the commanding officer's 
heart failed him and the sheriff was ordered to make the arrest. 
With only one trusty compani >n he entered the camp of six 
desperadoes, placed them under arrest and setured the thief. This 
courageous act gave him prestige and from that time to the present 
( 1895) he has been an officer in active service. 

In 1866 he was chosen assistant captain of a posse organized to 
bring a company of Mormon emigrants across the plains to Utah. 
The next year he moved to Brigham City, Utah, where he was 
chosen Lieutenant of a military organization called the "minute 
men" formed for the protection of settlers against the Indians and 
horse thieves who were causing great distress among the people. 
He was also appointed deputy sheriff this year and during the con- 
struction of the Union Pacific Railroad in 1869, acted on the police 
force. He held the office of deputy sheriff until 1877, when he 
was elected Marshal of the city. He served eight years. He also 
belonged to the "Standing Army," a military force organized to 
protect the settlers from the attack of Col. Johnson's Army, and, 
should circumstances demand, destroy every vestige of improve- 
ment. He enlisted in iS68« 


The Loveland Genealog'y. 309 

In 1881 he was elected sheriff of Box Elder County and with 
the exception of two years has held that office to the present time, 
being re-elected at the last election. 

His early pionec^r life and his natural bravery have developed 
in him the essential characteristics for an eminent officer of the law, 
and to day he is recognized as one of the oldest and best in the 
territory. We cannot here give space to relate the many dangers 
he has passed thro'igh in his official career, but many a time he has 
left h's brave wife and family, and with but one assistant recovered 
stolen property from the Indians and desperadoes. In making ar- 
rest«« of desperate characters he has never had occasion to kill a 
criminal. He is very cautious and uses great tact in his official 
work, and many noted murderers, train robbers, and burglars have 
been brought to justice by his skill. 

The sheriff resembles his father somewhat, though less in 
sta'ure. He has black hair and blue eyes and is the most popular 
man in Box Elder County. He is a firm believer in democratic 
principles and was one of the first in the county to divide on party 
lines. He is congenial in his nature and so free hearted that his 
generosity is a detriment to his financial prosperity. He enjoys 
himself never better than exchanging jokes with his numerous 
friends. — H. L. S. 

SARAH JANE8 LOVELAND (Chester C.\ Chester*) 
was b at Call's Fort, Utah, Aug. 6, 1862, m at Logan, Utah, June 
18, 1884, Heniy Lee S'eed, son of Henry and Lydia Rebecca 
Reed Steed, b in Farmington, Utah, July 11, 1862. He was 
raised a farmer. Grad. of Utah University, class 1883; Prosecut- 
ing Attorney for Davis Co., Utah, 1883 1885; County Sup. of 
Dist. Schools. 1885 1889; chosen Principal of Dist. Schools of 
Farmington, 1890, and instructor in Davis Co. Academy; moved 
to Brigham Ci*y, March, 1890, and engaged there in the hardware 
business, his present occupation. Democrat. We quote from the 
"Brigham Bugler" of April, 1884: "Last week President Cleve- 
land nominated Henry L. Steed of this city for Probate Judge of 
Box Elder County, and Saturday the nomination was confirmed 
by the Senate. Mr. Steed is a popular young man of this city; 

210 The Loveland Genealogy. 

has held numerous offices of publig trust, in all of which he has 
given perfect satisfaction, and he will no doubt bear this new 
honor with equal credit to himself and to the gratification of his 
party." Children born in Farmington: 

i. Henry Leclyde* Steed, b Feb'y lo, 1886. 
ii. Jennie Lysle Steed, b Jan'y 25, 1889. 

A Double Wedding. — It is with sentiments of genuine pleas- 
ure that we record the union of two happy and well mated couples 
which was consumated in Logan Temple on Wednesday last. Al- 
phonso H. Snow, son of Apostle Lorenzo Snow of Brigham City, 
became the husband of Miss Minnie Lovel ind, a beautiful, intelli- 
gent and amiable young lady of that place, and Henry L. Steed as- 
sumed an eternal alliance with Jennie, her sister, equally endowed 
with the qualities most desirable in a wife. The br des are the 
daughters of Carl Loveland, Esq., Sheriff of Box Elder County." 
— Utah Exchange. 

MARY ANN8 LOVELAND (Chester C, Chester^) was 
b at Call's Fort, Utah, Dec. 25, 1866, m at Logan Ciiy, Utah, 
June 18, 1884, Alphonso Houtz Snow, b at Brigham City, Utah, 
Oct. 13, 1858. Merchant. Dem. Children born at Brigham 

i. Alphonso Houtz » Snow, Jr., b March 28, 1885, ^ 

March 3, 1891. 
ii. Percy Loveland Snow, b Oct. 17, 1886. 
iii. Carl Loveland Snow, b June 13, 1889. 
iv. Victor Hugo Snow, b May 3, 1892. 
v. Chester Loveland Snow, b Jan'y 7, 1894. 

We quote from a work published in 1892: "Utah, Her Citizens 
and Resources." Mr. Alphonso H. Snow, manager of the Box 
Elder Stock and Merchantile Co., is one of the leading business 
men of Brigham City. Having been identified, both in private 
enterprises and public positions with various interests of the city, 
he has proven himself a highly qualified and enterprising business 
man and a sterling citizen. He entered active commercial life in 
1880, and now ( 1894) devotes the most of his time in directing the 

The Laveland Genealogy. 211 

affairs of the extensive companj- of which he is manager. 1884- 
^ he acted as Prosecuting Attorney for Box Elder County, has 
filled the position of Recorder of Deeds and County Clerk, has 
served in the city council and as Rep esenta ive in the Utah Legis- 
lature. He is director of the Utah Loan and Trust Co., and the 
Ogden Investment Co., both large corporations of Ogden, Utah. 
He was app inted postmaster in 1895, is a staunch supporter of 
the Democratic party and believes in the adoption of such public 
measures as are likely to promote the general good of the Terri- 
tory. He was educated in the University of Utah and is a man of 
progressive ideas. His wife, Minnie Loveland, is a bright intel- 
lectual woman and a lender in the society where she moves. She 
was the prime movtr of the Woman's Suffrage Association for 
Box Elder County during the past two years, is now president of 
a young ladies' organization of seven hundred members, a very ac- 
tive and important association, organized for mutual improvement, 
and is also. a writer of some note. 

FANNY L.« LOVELAND (Chester C.^ Chester*) was b 

at Call's Fort, Utah, Sept. 1, 1871, m Jan'y 30, 1889, Al virus E. 
Snow. Divorced April 9, 1892. She m 2d in Brigham City, 
Utah, March 29, 1894, Emil Maeser of Provo, Utah. They are 
now (1894) in Germany, where he has gone as a Mormon mis- 
sionary. Children born in Brigham City: 

i. Alvirus E.® Snow, b July 3, 1890. 

ii. Chester Alvero Snow, b May i, 1892, d Sept. 27, 1892. 

AGNES M.' LOVELAND (Chester*, ChaunceyS) was b 

at Warsaw, 111., Jan'y 30, 1844, m at Bountiful, Utah, Jan'y 12, 

i860, Chester Rufus Call, b at Ramus, Hancock Co., 111., May 13, 

1841. She d at Bountiful, Aug. 22, 1867. Children, first born at 

Call's Fort, Utah, the rest at Bountiful: 

304a. i. Agnes Emoret« Call, b May 4, 1861, m Lamoni 

ii. Anson Chester Call, b April 29, 1863, d at B., Oct. 26, 

212 The Laoeland Genealogy^ 

iii. Mary Fanny Call, b Sept. 23, 1865, d at B., Feb'y 28, 

iv. Vastie Melissa Call, b Aug. 22, 1867, d at B., Dec. 19, 


AGNES E.» CALL, b at Call's Fort, Utah, May 4, 1861, m 
Lamoni Tolman, b at Bountiful, Utah, March 14, 1S58. Farmer. 
Born at Chesterfield, Idaho: 

i. Chester Lamoni* Tolman, b Oct. 13, 1882. 

ii. Judson Leo Tolman, b Feb'y 25, 1885, d at C, June 

5» 1885. 
ill. Agnes Lavon Tolman, b April 24, 1887. 
iv. Rufus Call Tolman, b Sept. 3, 1889. 
V. Cyrus Carleon Tolman, b Dec. 8, 1892. 

HEBER C LOVELAND (Chester^, Chauncey«) was b 
at Pottowattomie, la., Dec. 19, 1848, m at Salt Lake City, Utah, 
Jan'y 19, 1867, Columbia Filmore Call, b at Filmore, Utah, Jan'y 
28, 1852. P. O., Chesterfield, Idaho. Children, the first, third 
and fourth born at Brigham Ci'y, Utah, the second at Centerville, 
Utah, the fifth at Call's Fort, Utah: 

318. i. Heber Carlos®, b Oct. 21, 1867, m Elizabeth Jones 


319. ii, Henrietta Columbia, b Oct. 23, 1869, m S. B. Call, 
iii. Josiah Howe, b Dec. 7, 187 1, m in Logan City, Utah, 

Nov. 26, 1893, Esther Ada King, dau. of Thomas 
Franklin and Lucy Ann King, b in S. Weber, Utah, 
June 20, 1873. They have Lucy Columbia®, b in 
C, Oct. 28, 1894. 

iv. Fanny, b Dec. 31, 1873. 

V. Alzina, b Feb'y 6, 1878, m at Salt Lake City, March 
22, 1894, Israel Ernest Thompson, son of David 
Wilkin Thompson and Permelia Elizabeth Barlow, 
b in Bountiful, Utah, Dec. 12, 1S69. 

HEBER C.8 LOVELAND (Heber C, Chester") was b at 
Brigham City, Utah, Oct. 21, 1867, m in Logan, Utah, Nov. 28, 



The Loveland Genealogy* 213 

1888, Elizabeth J. Higginson, b in Bountiful, Utah, Nov. 9, 1866. 
Born in Chesterfield, Idaho: 

i. Chancy Carlos', b Oct. 19, 1889. 
ii. Elizabeth Ray, b Oct. 24, 1891. 
iii, William Carman, b Dec. 27, 1894, 

HENRIETTA C.« LOVELAND (Heber C.', Chester*) 
was b at Centerville, Utah, Oct. 23, 1869, m at Log<in, Utah, Nov. 
26, 1884, Sydney B. Call, b at Bountiful, Utah, Dec. 27, 1861. 
Farmer and stock raiser. Children born at Chesterfield, Idaho: 

i. Eliza Columbia* Call, b Sept. 16, 1886. 
ii. Arnold Benajah Call, b Feb'y 18, 1889. 
iii. Henrietta Filmore Call, b Feb'y 26, 1891, d Sept. 19, 

iv. Elva Fanny Call, b April 30, 1 894. 

ANSON C' LOVELAND (Chester*, Chauncey«) was b 
at Bountiful, Utah, March 1 1, 1853, m at Salt Lake City, April. 7, 
1874, Lydia Rosetta Call, b in Filmore City, Utah, June 9, 1856. 
Parmer. P. O., Chesterfield, Idaho. Children, the first born at 
Brigham Cit\', Utah, the next two at Deweyville, Utah, the two 
next at Smithfield, Utah, the rest at Chesterfield: 

i. Anson Josiah*, b June 25, 1875. 

ii. Chester Howe, b Jan'y 1, 1877, d at D., Jan'y i, 1878, 

buried at Call's Fort, Utah, 
iii. Rosetta Caroline, b Oct. 21, 1878, d Sept. 26, 1880, 

Call's Fort, 
iv. Lydia May, b Aug. 14, 1881. 
v. Alzina C, b Sept. 16, 1883. 
vi. Levi, b July 28, 1886. 
vii. Agnes, b Jan'y 25, 1888, d April 9, 1888. 
viii. Ethel, b Sept. 10, 1889. 
ix. Cyril, b Aug. 16, 1891. 
X. Rosco Clinton, b Jan'y 18, 1895. 

ii4 The Loveland Genealogy. 

ORSON C.^ LOVELAND (Chester*, Chauncey«) was bat 

Bounliful, Utah, June 25, 1853, m at Salt Lake City, Utah, March 

6, 1879, Mary Isabelle Gardner, b at North Ogden, Utah, March 

27, 1861. Farmer. P. O., Dewey ville, Utah. Children, the 

second born at Gentile Valley, Idaho, the rest at Dewey ville: 

i. Margaret Isabelle*, b April 10, 1880. 

ii. Agnes Loretta, b June 30, 1882. 

iii. Lucinda Maud, b Sept. 17, 1884. 

iv. Fanny Estella, b Oct. 9, 1886. 

V. Florence Ethel, b Nov. 18, 1888. 

vi. Beatrice Emoret, b Sept. 24, 1891. 

S. SOPHIA'' LOVELAND (Chester*, Chauncey«) was b 
at Pottowattomie, la., Nov. 2, 1848. Moved to Bountiful, 1850, 
and to Call's Fort, Utah, i860; m at Salt Lake City, Utah, April 
20, 1867, Charles Valentine, b in Holm, Denmark, May 2, 1846. 
Farmer. Moved to Smithfield, Utah, 1883, and to Salem, Idaho, 
Oct., 1885. Children born at Call's Fort: 

308a. i. Rosannah Elvira* Valentine, b April 3, 1868, m David 

ii. Agnes Catharine Valentine, b Oct. 5 1869, d at C. F., 

Oct. 6, 1870. 
iii. Sarah Sophia Valentine, b June 13, 1871, m Dec. 31, 

1890, Joseph, son of Kauren and Edward Larsen, b 

at Hyrum, Utah, Jan'y 22, 1869. They have, b at 

Salem: Sarah Delilah^, b Jan'y i, 1891; Jennie 

Lavon, b March'21, 1894. 
iv. Charles Bertram Valentine, b March 3, 1873, m Sept. 

12, 1893, Minerva, dau. of Mary and Arvis C. Dille, 

b at Hyrum, Sept. 10, 1872. 

V. Chester Valentine, b Feb'y 7, 1876, d same day. 

vi. Myrtie L. Valentine, b Oct. i, 1878, m Feb'y i, 1894, 
Christian, son of Carrie and Peter Mortensen, b in 
Denmark, Feb'y 22, 1867. 

vii.^ Venice Jane Valentine, b Jan'y 4, 1880, d at C. F., 
Aug. 14, 1883. 

The Loveland Genealogy. 215 

viii. Wealthy Susanah, dau. of Cordelia and C. F. Lutz, b 

Oct. 3, 1888; adopted when three weeks old. 
ix. Jesse Seymour Valentine, b at S., Sept. 29, 1891. 

ROSANNAH E.« VALENTINE, b at Call's Fort, April 3, 
1868, m at Salt Lake City, Feb'y 28, 1884, David, son of Kauren 
and David Nelson, b in Lehi, Utah, Oct. 2, 1855. He moved to 
Salem, Idaho, July, 1883. Farmer. Children born at S.: 

i, James Valentine® Nelson, b Feb'y 14, 1886. 

ii. Sarah Inez Nelson, b Aug, 13, 1888. 

iii. Kauren Luella Nelson, b Dec. 1 1, 1890. 

iv. Evelyn Nelson, b Feb'y 5, 1892. 

v. Violet Clare Nelson, b March 31, 1893. 

DON C' LOVELAND (Chester«, ChaunceyS) was b at 
Bountiful, Utah, May 11, 1851, m at Salt Lake City, Utah, Oct. 
25, 1874, Eliza R. Harper, b at B., Oct. 25, 1855. .P. O., Albion, 
Idaho. Children born at Call's Fort, Utah: 

i. Hannah R.*, b Oct. 14, 1875. 

ii. Eliza R., b June 2, 1877, d at G. F., Jan'y, 1878. 

iii. Thomas, b Feb'y 22, 1880. 

iv. Edna, b Feb'y 9, 1882. 

V. Isabel, b April 2, 1884. 

vi. Ida, b April 29, 1885. 

vii. Seth, b Dec. 4, 1892. 

NANCY JANE*^ LOVELAND (Chester*, ChaunceyS) was 
b at Bountiful, Utah, April 26, 1859, '^ ^^ ^^^^ Lake City, Utah, 
Dec. II, 1879, John Gibbs, b at Call's Fort, Utah, March 26, 1855. 
Farmer. P. O., Gentile Valley, Idaho. Children, first born at C- 
F., the rest at G. V.: 

i. Nancy Adells Gibbs, b May 8, 1881. 

ii. John Chester Gibbs, b Oct. 9( ?), 1882. 

iii. Mary Rosannah Gibbs, b Aug. 8, 1884. 

iv. Seth Gibbs, b Jan'y 25, 1886. 

ii6 The Loveland Genealogy. 

DAVID7 LOVELAND (Chester*, Chauncey«) was b at 

Call's Fort, Utah, Aug. 15, 1861, m at Salt Lake City, Utah, Dec. 
6, 1883, Julia Hunsaker, b in Box Elder, Utah, Nov. 28, 1865. 
( Mrs. Loveland is of Swiss descent. Her father Abraham Hun- 
saker, b in Jonesboro, III., Nov. 29, 1812, her grandfather Jacob, 
b in Fayette Co., Pa., Dec. 4, 1781, her g.-grandfather Jacob, b in 
Pa., May 6, 1759, her g.-g.-grand father John, b in Switzerland, 
May 22, 1728, her g.-g.-g.-grandfather Hartman Hunsaker, b in 
Switzerland, was the first with his family to come to America.) 
Children born in Honey ville, Utah: 

David Chancy*, b Nov. 15, 1884. 
ii, Chester, b Jan'y 5, 1887. 
iii. Vera Delila, b May 6, 1889. 
iv. Oscar Fitz Allen, b Feb'y 25, 1892. 
v. Harvey Ray, b Oct. 5', 1894. 

FANNY •R.'' LOVELAND (Chester^, Chauncey«) was b 
at Call's Fort, Utah, Jan'y 9, 1864, m at Salt Lake City, Utah, 
Jan'y 30, 1884, William T. Harper, b at C. F., April 7, 186 1. 
Farmer. Children, the fourth born at Call's Fort, the rest at 
Albion, Idaho: 

i. Hannah Myrtle« Harper, b April 30, 1885, d at A., 

June 30, 18S5. 
ii. William Chester Harper, b Sept. 26, 1887. 
iii. Fannie Rosannah Harper, b June 29, 1S89, d June 30, 

iv, Thomas Ray Harper, b June 17, 1890, d at A., Feb'y 

6, 1891. 
V. Seth Franklin Harper, b Nov. 25, 1891. 

WILLIAM E. '^ LOVELAND (Chester*, Chauncey«) was 
b at Bountiful, Utah, Dec. 3, 1856, m at Salt Lake City, Utah, 
March 6, 1879, Sarah Florence Whitworth, b at Florence, Neb., 
June 2, 1 86 1. Children, first three born at Call's Fort, Utah, the 
fourth at Chesterfield, Idaho: 


The Loveland Genealogy. 217 

i. George Elmer®, b March 11, 1880. 

ii. Sarah Florence, b Feb'y 27, 1882. 

iii. Mary Celia, b Nov. 20, 1884. 

iv. William Chester, b Aug. 5, 1887. 

ALMON F.' LOVELAND (Chester*, Chauncey^) was b 
at Bountiful, Utah, May 7, 1859, "^ ^* Dewey ville, Utah, Nov. 20, 
1880, Elizabeth Hariet Dewey, b at Call's Fort, U'ah, Sept. 1, 
1863. Farmer. Children, first, third and si^jth born at Dewey- 
ville, second at Gentile Valley, Idaho, the rest at Chesterfield, 
Idaho : 

i. Celia Elizabeth*, b Oct. 5, 1882 

ii. Harriet Adelaide, b March 7, 1884. 

iii. Almon Francis, Jr., b Aug. 10, 1886, d at C, April 4, 

1 89 1, 

iv. Florence Ellen, b Jan'y 23, 1889. 

V. Susie Myrtle, b May 5, 1891. 

vi. I vie May, b Feb'y 13, 1894.. 

HANNAH* LOVELAND (Chaunceyfi, Levi*) was b in 
Madison, O., May 28, 1825, m in Hancock Co., 111., 1846, Seth 
Dustin, b in N. Y., Oct. 21, 1825. P. O., Garden City, Utah. 
Children, first born at Council Bluffs, la., the rest in Utah: 

i. Edwin' Dustin, b May 28, 1847; "^« 

ii. Sophia Dustin, b Feby 22, 1849; m. 

iii. William Dustin, bjune 28, 1851; m. 

iv. Chauncey Dustin, b Feb'y 8, 1853; d. 

V. Chester Dustin, b March 10, 1854. 

vi. Hyrum Nephi Dustin, b Oct. 27, 1855; m. 

vii. James B. Dustin, b Dec. 24, 1S57; ^* 

viii. Chauncey S. Dustin, b Nov. 27, 1863; m. 

ix. Levi Dustin, b April i, 1865; m. 

JOEL C.« LOVELAND (Chauncey^, Levi*) was b in 
Madison, O., Aug. 5, 1835, m at Salt Lake City, Utah, by Pres. 
Brigham Young, Dec. 13, 1857, Amanda Simmons, b in the 

2i8 TAe Loveland Genealogy. 

County of Leeds, District of Johnstown, Upper Canada, Jan'y 25, 
1838. In 1853, Isaac Bullock in charge, he with others, was called 
to make a settlement in Green River Co., Utah, returning to 
Bountiful, Utah, in 1854. Two years later with his brother 
Chester and others he went to settle the Carson Valley, Nevada, 
region. September, 1857, he was called to intercept the U. S. 
Army then on its way to Utah, and prevent its access to the Salt 
Lake Valley. In the spring of 1858, on account of the U. S. 
Army, the Bountiful people moved south to Provo Bottoms, re- 
turning in July. March, 1861, he moved to Call's Fort, returning 
in June. The Morrisite War broke out June, 1862, and he was 
engaged in a three day's battle. They moved to Woodruff, Utah, 
in 1873, and to Fish Haven, Idaho, in Oct., 1878. He early 
espoused the Mormon cause and was present at the martyrdom of 
Joseph and Hyrum Smith, who were murdered by a mob in dis- 
guise, at Carthage, III., June 27, 1844. Children, second born at 
C. F., the seventh and eighth at W., the ninth at F. H., the rest 
at B. : 

320. i. Rhoda Elvira'', b Sept. 17, 1858, m Oscai'L. Schenck. 

321. ii. Joel Chauncey, Jr., b April 25, 1861, m Maria S. 


322. iii. Harlon Edward, b Nov. 11, 1864, m Amelia Jane 


iv. Chester, b April 9, 1867, m at Logan, Utah, Oct. 17, 
1894, Lydia, dau. of William and Janette Roberts, 
b in Bloomington, Idaho, July 8, 1875. 

V. Almon, b Aug. 31, 1869, d at B., Aug. 21, 1870. 

vi. George, b Oct. i, 1871, m at Paris, Idaho, Sept. 17, 
1894, Alice Florence, dau. of George and Susan 
Gardner, b June 6, 1870, in England. 

vii. Nancy Amanda, b June 5, 1875, d at W., June 16, 
1877; buried in B. 

viii. Hyrum Melvin, b Feb'y 13, 1878. 

ix. Dora Lillian, b Aug. 9, 1881. 


RHODA E.7 LOVELAND (Joel C.«, Chauncey*) was lb 
in Bountiful, Utah, Sept. 17, 1858, m in Laketown, Utah, Marjjth 

The Loveland Genealogy* 219 

24, 1877, Oscar Lorenzo Schenck, b at Belvidere, 111., Dec. 23, 
1849, d in Fish Haven, Idaho, May 21, 1882. Stock Raiser. P. 
O., F. H. Children, first born in Woodruff, Utah, the rest at 
Fish Haven: 

i. Oscar Lorenzo® Schenck, b Dec. 23, 1877, ^ May 21, 

1862; buried at F. H. 
ii. Joel Melvin Schenck, b Nov. 5, 1879. 
iii. Harlon Amos Schenck, b Feb'y 19, 1882, d at F. H., 
May 3, 1882. 

JOEL C' LOVELAND, JR. (Joel C.«, ChaunceyS), was b 
at Call's Fort, Utah, April 25, 1861, m at Salt Lake City, Utah, 
Oct. 8, 1883, Maria Sarah Shirley, b in Big Cottonwood, Salt 
Lake Co., Utah, Feb'y 23, 1864. Farmer. Children, first four 
born in Garden City Utah, the fifth at Fish Haven, Idaho: 

i. Charles Joel*, b Aug. 4, 1884. 

ii. Chauncey LeRoy, b Feb'y 5, 1886. 

iii. Sidney, b May 3, 18S8. 

iv. Chloe, b March 28, 1890. 

V. Oscar, b July 3, 1S92. 

HARLON E.^ LOVELAND (Joel C.«, Chauncey «) was b 
at Bountiful, Utah, Nov. 11, 1864, m at Logan City, Cache Co., 
Utah, Oct. 17, 1888, Amelia Jane Welker, b at Bloomington, 
Idaho, April 19, 1871. P. O., Border Station, Idaho. Children 
born at Fish Haven, Idaho: 

i. Harriet Amanda*, b Oct. 3, 1889. 

ii. Amelia Adaline, b July 15, 1891, d Aug. 20, 1892. 

iii. Annie Luella, b Oct. 19, 1893. 

JOSEPH* LOVELAND (Thomas^, Thomasi) was b in 

Glas., Conn., about 1712, m there about 1738, Hannah . We 

find in the History of Derby, Conn.: "Joseph Loveland m 

Hannah . Lived in Stratford, Conn. They had: Joseph, b 

Feb'y 8, 1739." We have never been able to find the family 
record of Joseph* Loveland. Mrs. Judd, his grand-daughter says: 

220 The Loveland Genealogy, 

"Joseph* had a brother Ashbel who was probably b in Stratford 
or Derby. The two brothers took the oath of fidelity, 1777." 

323. i. Joseph*, b Feb'y 8, 1739, m Lois Chatfield. 

324. ii. Ashbel, b 1841, m Patty (Martha) Wilmot. 

JOSEPH* LOVELAND (Joseph*, Thomas^) was b in 

Stratford, Conn., Feb'y 8, 1739, m in Derby, Conn., Aug. 18, 1762, 
Lois Chatfield. He was a soldier in the Rev. Army; Capt. of 
4th Com., 2d Reg. Conn. Alarm List. Commission presented to 
him by Commander-in-Chief Jonathan Trumbull, Esq., on the 
25th day of May, 1 770. Conn. Roster, p. p. 424, 549, shows further 
war service. Children born in Derby, now Oxford, Conn.: 

Lois*, b July, 17, 1763, d young probably. 

Clark, b Aug. 11, 1765, m Hannah Pierson; he m 2d, 
Lydia Goodwin. 

Treat, b Sept. 6, 1767, m Betsy Prindle. 

Sarah, b Dec. 2, 1770, m John Pope. 

Miles, m Betsy Ann Twitchell. 

Arnold, b Aug. 25, 1778, m Clarinda Twitchell. 

Betsy Ann, m in Oxford, Conn., June 26, 1795, Moses 
Wheeler, b in O., March 4, 1773. 

329. viii. Lewis, m Susan Pierson. 

CLARK6 LOVELAND (Joseph*, Josephs) was bin Oxford, 
Conn., Aug. 11, 1765, m Hannah Pierson. She d at Morris, 
Conn., Jan'y 24, iSio, in her 38th year. No children. He m 2d, 
at M., Lydia Goodwin. She died at M., Sept. 21, 1850, in her 
76th year. He d here July 17, 1851. Children born in Morris: 

330. i. James Lewis", b Jan'y 9, 181 2, m Maria DeForest; 

he m 2d, Mrs. Louisa Cables, 
ii. Willis W., b Sept 7, 181 3, m March 22, 1836, Eunice 
DeForest, b in Bethlehem, Conn., Oct* 30, 1815, d 
June 20, 1889. He d at M., March 30, 1863. They 
had: George Seymour', b at M., Jan'y 10, 1849, ^ 
in New Haven, Conn., April 22, 1876, Lizzie Jane 
Young, b there March 8, 1847. They have Emily 
May8, b Jan'y 12, 1877, d July 12, 1877; Willis 
Seymour, b Jan'y 23, 1879. 



• • 



• • • 







• • 


The Loveland Genealogy, 221 

331. iii. Nathaniel Goodwin, b Aug. 9, 1815, m Sarah J. Stone. 

332. iv. William Judd, bjune 15, 1817, m Almeda Landon; 

he m 2d, Lydia Moore. 

JAMES L.« LOVELAND ( Clark «,Joseph4) was b in Mor- 
ris, Conn., Jan'y 9, 1812, m there Aug. 9, 1830, Maria DeForest, 
b 1810, d in M., June 22, 1872, a, 62. He m 2d at M., March 31, 
1875, Mrs. Louisa Cables. He d at M., Oct. i, 1882. Farmer. 
Cong. Ch. Children born in Morris: 

i. Lydia Goodwin'', b June 17, 1832, m Linus Gilbert. 

ii. Harriet Elizabeth, b Sept. 15, 1833, "^ 'S* Curtis. 

iii. Louisa Judd, b Sept. 17, 1835. 

iv. James Lewis, b July 31, 1841, m M.J. Watson, 

V. Mary Eliza, b July 31, 1846, m John Ruwet. 

vi. Ellen Maria, b Feb'y 4, 1848, m Charles Kilbourn. 

vii. Edwin Willis, b 1852, d July 7, i860. 

NATHANIEL G.« LOVELAND (Clark^, Joseph*) wash 

in Morris, Conn., Aug. 9, 181 5, m there Nov. 29, 1838, Sarah Jane 

Stone, b in M., Jan'y i, 1816, d there March 6, 1863. He d there 

June 3, 18^5. Carpenter. Cong. Ch. Children born in Morris: 

333. i. Clark Stone'', b Sept. 20, 1840, m Catharine Kilbourn. 
ii. Dwight Henry, b Jan'y 4, 1848; unm. Farmer. 

CLARK S.7 LOVELAND (Nathaniel G.«, Clark*) was b 
in Morris, Conn., Sept. 20, 1840, m in Birmingham, Conn., April 
25, 1865, Catharine Kilbourn, b in M., Nov. 19, 1841. Teacher 
and farmer. The oast twenty years member and secretary of the 
Morris Board of Education and acting visitor. She Epis. He 
Cong. Ch. He d at M., April 24, 1895. Children born in Morris: 

i. Clara Janes, b March 20, 1868, d March 10, 1888. 
ii. Ernest Kilbourn, b Jan'y 27, 1871. Grad. N^ Y. Col- 
lege of Pharmacy, 1894. Epis. Ch. 
iii. Florence Leila, b Oct. 23, 1885. 

222 The Loveland Genealogy, 

Mr. C. S. Loveland writes from N. Y. City, Sept. 25, 1888: 
"Clara Jane left home Jan'y 30, 1888, for a course of study at the 
State Normal School at New Britain, Conn. After five weeks of 
school work she was taken down with nervous prostration, in- 
duced by hard study coupled with great anxiety for her father 
who she knew was to leave home about that time for N. Y. City 
for the purpose of a surgical operation. The nervous prostration 
soon developed into typhoid fever, and on Saturday mornings, 
March loth, she quietly fell asleep to waken on the other shore. 
On the following Monday morning — the day of the memorable 
blizzard of 1888 — her parents, with the remains, left New Britain 
by train for their home in Morris. After an hour's ride, and when 
within five miles of Waterbury, the train became blockaded with 
snow. After two days and two nights spent on the train we 
reached Waterbury Wednesday morning, just at daybreak, but 
could proceed no further. The following day the roads were 
opened sufliciently so that we could resume the sad journey, and 
we reached home, fifteen miles from Waterbury, on that day, just 

at night." 

WILLIAM J.« LOVELAND (Clarke Joseph*) was b at 
Morris, Conn., June 15, 1817, m there April 20, 1842, Almeda 
Landon, b at M., 1820, d there Nov., 1854; m 2d Lydia Moore. 
He d in New Haven, Conn., 1864. Children born at Morris: 

i. Amelia Jane'', b April 20, 1844, ™ ^" M** J^^'y 24* 
1878, Arthur W. Judd. She d at N. H., Aug. 9, 
1890. No children. 

ii. Charles Joseph, b Feb'y 2, 1848, d Aug. 14, 1849. 

iii. Theron J., b Aug. 33, 1853, m in M., Nov. 27, 1874, 
Ida Strickland, b in M., Jan'y 25, 1856. Paper 
hanger. Children b at M.: Lillian Almeda®, b 
Jan'y 22, 1876; Ximenia Diana, b Jan'y 26, 1877, ^ 
March 22, 1S79; Theodora Belle, b Jan'y 10, 1879; 
Lena May, b June 9, 1881; Maud S., b March 16, 

TREATS LOVELAND (Joseph*, Josepha) was b at Ox- 
ford, Conn., Sept. 6, 1767, m Betsy Prindle. She d in Thomp- 




• •• 







The Loveland Genealogy. 323 

son, O., 1829. He d there 1841. Farmer. They moved to Castle- 
ton, Vt., 1809, and to Ohio in 1815. He and his wife joined the 
Cong. Ch. in Oxford, Nov. 4, 1802. At this date his six children 
were baptized. Children born in Oxford: 

334, i. Truman*, b Jan'y 19, 1791, m Clara Lyman. 
Lois, b May 11, 1793, m William Bagley. 
Alanson, b June 17, 1795, m Sophia M. Orms. 
David, b 1797, m Hannah Nye. He d at Thompson, 

1875. No report. 
Alvin, b Dec. 17, 1799, m Emily K. Merill. 
Horace, b Nov. 21, 1801, m Eliza Vail; m 2d Sarah 

Vail (sisters). 

339. vii. Hanford, b Feb'y, 1803, m Jaenette Clark. 

viii. Jaenette, b 1804, m Harry Mann. Both dead. Left a 
family. Whereabouts unknown. 

TRUMAN« LOVELAND (Treat*, Joseph*) wash at Ox- 
ford. Conn., Jan'y 19, 179', m at Castleton, Vt., Dec. 5, 1821, 
Clara Lyman, b there Sept. 23, 1794, d at Thompson, O., Aug. 3^ 
1843. He d there Feb'y 27, 1844. Farmer. Children, first four 
born at Castleton, the rest at Thompson : 

i. Rollin Carlos', b April 5, 1823, m Mary Lawrence, 

ii. Charles Clark, b Nov. 4, 1824, m Sarah M. Tyler, 

iii. Clarissa Ann, b Jan'y 21, 1825, d Jan'y 31, 1825. 

iv. Mary Jane, b May 24, 1827, m Hackley Burton. 

V. Marcia Louise, b Jan'y 5, 1829, m Stephen Hollis. 

vi. William Henry, b March 28, 1831 ; m. 

vii. Clara Augusta, b Dec. 27, 1832, m Calvin Moffatt. 

viii. Caroline Sophronia, b April 1 1, 1836, m Israel B. Curtis. 

340. ix. Edwin Ruthven, b June 29, 1837, m Mary E. Bosley. 

EDWIN R.' LOVELAND (Truman«, Treat«) was b in 
Thompson, O., June 29, 1S37, *" ^" Chardon, O., July 4, 1859, 
Mary Eliza Bosley, b there June 19, 1834. ^^ ^ ^" Mesopotamia, 
0., Sept. 16, 1892, at 4:44 A. M. In 1885 Mr. Loveland was the 
leader in the organization known as the "Descendants of Treat 

224 ^^^ Loveland Genealogy, 

Loveland." The tenth annual reunion of this society was held at 
the home of his widow in Aug., 1S94. Born in Mesopotamia: 

i. Ralph Lyman*, b Sept. 20, 1875. 

We quote from the Geauga Leader of Oct. 7, 1892: "Mr. 
Loveland enlisted in the 41st O. V. L, Oct. 10, 1861, and was with 
the regiment at the Battle of Pittsburg Landing, April 7, 1862, 
when a grape shot wounded him and so shattered his leg that he 
. was discharged. The knee has ever since been stiff and several 
fragments of bone have at different times been taken from the 
limb. He has suffered very much and the leg has given him much 
trouble. After receiving his wound, while at the hospital, his 
wife went to him and remained with him until he had sufficientlv 
recovered to be brought home on a cot, the last of November. 
He was a punctual and faithful charter member of C. A. Eddy- 
Post, No. 558, G. A. R., which post and the W. R. C. in a body 
attended the funeral. Hall Post, of Farmington, was also present 
in a body, and members of Patchin Post, Burton; Delos Northway 
Post, Orwell, and comrades from Bloomfield and other places 
were also present. The funeral was very large. The services 
were held in the M. E. Church, the Rev. G. H. Fairbanks, of 
Troy, preaching the sermon. The post had charge of the services, 
mostly. Kind friends contributed flowers plentifully, including a 
beautiful floral pillow from the W. R. C, on which was arranged 
in beautiful design "Comrade Rest," of which Mrs. Loveland was 
a charter member; also a beautiful floral pillow from Mrs. C. M. 
Bates, a handsome floral cross by Mrs. J. H. Laird, and floral star 
by Mrs. L. E. Peck. Fine and appropriate music was furnished 
by a double quartette, directed by Mrs. L. E. Peck." 

LOIS« LOVELAND (Treats, Joseph*) was b in Oxford, 
Conn., May 11, 1793, m in Castleton, Vt., May 11, 1814, William 
Bagley, b in N. H., Jan'y 14, 1791, d m West Liberty, la., Sept. 
2, 1838. Clothier. Owned mill property at Duncan's Falls, O., 
and carried on dyeing and dressing cloth, later a farmer. She d 
in Tipton, la., Jan'y 6, 1852. Mr. Bagley laid out and named the 
town of West Liberty. Children, first born in Hampton, N. Y., 



The Loveland Genealogy, 325 

second in Geauga Co., O., the next six in Athens Co., O., the 
ninth in Muskingum Co., O., the tenth in Logan Co., O., the last 
in Princeton, 111.: 

335«' i. Phoebe Adaline'' Bagley, b May 1, 18 15, m William 

Corns; m 2d Marquis Kirkpatrick. 
ii. Mary Ann Bagley, b March 17, 1817, m at Muscatine, 
la., July 13, 1837, John D. Wolfe. She d in Cal., 
1884. No family. 
335^. iii. Louisa Mariah Bagley, b Sept. 10, 1819, m William 

A. Clark, 
iv. William Alanson Bagley, b June 2, 182 1, m at Musca- 
tine, June 27, 1847, Lucretia Burgan. No report. 
V. Nancy Bagley, b April i, 1823, m at W. L., Dec. 30, 
1846, Calvin Cole, b in Portsmouth, O., Oct. 14, 
1819. Rep. M. E. Ch. They have, b in Wind- 
ham, la.: Lois 8, b Nov. 9, 1852; Charles, b Nov. 12, 


vi. Elizabeth Jeanette Bagley, b Aug. 25, 1826, m at M., 
April 13, 1845, William D. Mann. She d at Du- 
buqe, la., Jan'y 23, 1846. She left a son, where- 
abouts unknown. 

vii. Samuel Bagley, b Oct. 3, 1828, d Aug., 1830. 
335^' viii. Amy Bagley, b March 6, 1830, m Hezekiah Healy. 

ix. Alvin Bagley, b Nov. 7, 1832, d a. 3mo. 
335*^' *• Lucena Loveland Bagley, b Dec. 5, 1833, m Frank P. 


xi. Horace Bagley, b March i, 1837, m Nancy Drake. 
She d one year after marriage. He enlisted in the 
35th la, and d in the hospital at Memphis, Tenn., 
buried there in the National Cemetery. They had: 
Franks, b 1858. 


PHOEBE A.'' BAGLEY, b in Hampton, N. Y., May i, 

^815, m in Muskingum Co., O., Jan'y 7, 1832, William Corns, b 

April 8, 1805, d at West Liberty, la., Sept. 5, 1846. They moved 

to la., April, 1803. She m ?d at Muscatine, la., April 21, 1853, 


326 The Loveland Genealogy. 

Marquis Kirkpatrick, b Oct. 29, 1810, d at Atlantic, la., Jan'y 8, 
1888. P. O., Atlantic. Children, first born at Taylorsville, O., 
second in Lima, O.; the next three in W. L., the sixth in Pedee, 
la., the last in Indianapolis, la.: 

i. Emily« Corns, b Oct. 19, 1832, m at W. L., Sept. 19, 
1852, William O. Billups. No report. 

ii. William Corns, b Oct. 27, 1834. 

iii. Lois Corns, b July 19, 1837, m in Indianapolis, Feb'y 
12, 1857, Everett Hutchinson, b at Bucyrus, O., Oct. 
I, 1827. They have: William Charles*, b Nov. 28, 
1857, d i860; Edward Everett, b Oct. 20, i860; 
Fannie Adaline, b April 9, 1864; Elizabeth Lois, b 
July 6, 1866; Mary Nellie, b Sept. 19, 1871 ; An net- 
tie Grant, b Jan'y 27, 1874; Clarence Emory, b 
Jan'y i, 1884. 

iv. Alonzo Corns, b March 31, 1845, m at I., March 6, 
1873, Mary Jane Ellis, b Sept. 23, 1850. They have: 
William Otway«, b Dec. 11, 1873, d 1875; Flora 
Etta, b July 4, 1877, d 1879; Harry Albertas, b 
April 5, 1883, d 1883; Clara Albertis, b April 5, 

V. Amos Corns, b Oct. 17, 1840. Killed in the Red 
River expedition. 

vi. Julius Kirkpatrick, b May 11, 1854, m in Walnut, la., 
March 24, 1887, Lola Calkins, b in Venango, Pa., 
July 2, 1865. 

vii. Milo Kirkpatrick, b Feb'y 8, 1856, m in W., June 30, 
1885, Clara Calkins, b in V., Sept. 10, 1856. 

LOUISE M.^ BAGLEY, b in Dover Tp., Athens Co., O., 
Sept. 10, 1 8 19, m in Muscatine, la., Jan'y 28, 1839, William 
Aylesworth Clark, b at Canaan Four Corners, N. Y., Dec. 13, 
1809, d at West Liberty, la., Sept 21, 1893, buried in Oak Ridge 
Cemetery. Farmer. Rep. Pres. Ch. Children born in West 

The Loveland Genealogy. 22'j 

1. Sarah Aylesworth* Clark, b Jan*y 10, 1840, m in W. 
L., May 6, 1857, Isaac Decatur Vose, b in Frederick- 
town, O., March 4, 1830. She d at W. L., May 19, 
1874. He served three years as Lieut, and Capt. in 
the nth 111. Inf. Born at W. L.: Mary Louise', b 
Feb'y 19, 1865, m there Oct. 26, 1887, George Wil- 
liam Dilloway, b in Boston, Mass., May 12, 1857. 
P. O., Muscatine. 

ii. William Aylesworth Clark, b Nov. 27, 1841, m at M., 
Nov. 20, 1 87 1, Laura Louisa Blanche Haveley. She 
d at M., May 17, 1885. He m 2d at M., Dec. 15, 
1887, ^usan Augusta Arnold. He served as Lieut, 
and Capt. in Co. D, 35th la. V. I. Broker. They 
have: Kate Louise >, b in M., Aug. 6, 1874. 

iii. John Sylvester Clark, b March 11, 1844, d Jan*y 27, 

1866, bur. in W. L. 

iv. Katie C. Clark, b Feb'y 13, 1846, m in W. L., Oct. i, 

1867, Joseph Henry Cornwell, b at New Lebanon, 
N. Y., June 29, 1818. Rep. Fres. Ch. Born at 
Rochester, N. Y.: Catharine Louise', b Jan*y 19, 

v. Elizabeth Jeannette Clark, b July 17, 1848, d at W. L., 
Feb'y 17, 1868. 

vi. Mary Louise Clark, b Feb'y 4, 185 1, m at W. L., 
April 22, 1875, Charles Edwin Chesebrough, b at 
W. L., Aug. II, 1848. Book-keeper. Born at W. 
L.: Albert Clark', b April 14, 1876; William Ed- 
win, b Sept. 21, 1878; Charles Robert, b May 15, 

vii. Robert Schenk Clark, b May 17, 1856, m in W. L., 
Nov. 26, 1879, Eva Belle Aldrich, b at Montrose, 
la., Jan'y 14, 1857. Farmer. They have: Blanche 
Louise', b at W. L., Oct. 12, 1883. 

viii. Joseph Henry Clark, b Sept. 8, 1858, m at W. L., 
Sept. 3, 1881, Mary Dana Shipman, b at W. L., 
Sept. 13, 1861. He farms the homestead. No 

ix. Fannie Clark, b Aug. 5, 1861, d Feb'y 12, 1868. 

228 The Loveland Genealogy. 

Mr. Clark came to Iowa at the age of twenty-seven years, to 
find on its broad prairies a home and a fortune. He gave evidence 
of his characteristic foresight and good judgment Hy his choice of 
locations. Having but little money he first laid claim to the 160 
acres on which he lived and died. Afterward when the land came 
into market and subject to entry, having unwavering confidence 
in the future greatness and prosperity of his adopted State, he bor- 
rowed money at the usurious interest then asked and invested it in 
timber land, thus laying at that early day the foundation of the 
ample fortune left as an enheritance to his wife and five children 
who survive him. 

Mr. Clark was a typical pioneer, finding congenial work for 
his brain and hands in attending strictly to his own business; he 
was satisfied to allow his neighbors the same privilege. Yet he 
was not indifferent to the success of those less fortunate than him- 
self and would give from the store of his ripe experience valuable 
advice when asked, never obtrusive and usually retiring. He was 
not born to shine in social circles, his mind sought solid, not froth, 
and his reading and thought was that of a practical man. Like 
most frontier-men he was undemonstrative in his hospitality, yet 
you could feel it was free and welcome as the prairie air you 
breathed. There was always a place at his table and home for the 
friend or neighbor, or stranger guest. Although a business man, 
he was free from the methods often practiced by the modern busi- 
ness man, no questionable smartness or deep laid tricks; he hated 
meanness and his promise once given was never broken, but it was 
never given hastily. In all the forty-nine years of the writer's ac- 
quaintance with William A. Clark this trait has beea the most 
prominent of his character. In his long and wearisome and often 
painful sickness, he displayed the same quiet endurance and patient 
waiting for the result that was true to his nature and almost stoical. 
It is by such men as this "The wilderness is made to blossom like 
the rose" and Sta'tes grow prosperous. 

AMY' BAGLEY, b at Athens, O., March 6, 1830, m at Tip- 
ton, la., May 17, 1855, Hezeki^h Healy, b in Windham Co., 
Conn., Sept. 7, 182^. She d at St, Helena, CaU, April ^ 18^1, 

The Laveland Genealogy. 229 

He d at Colfax, Cal., July 22, 1894. Carpenter and fruit raiser. 
Rep. Cong. Ch. P. O., Colfax. Children born at Moscow, la.: 

i. Edwin Ruthven^ Healy, b April 22, 1856, m at Peta- 
luma, Cal., Sept. 19, 1881, Addie Violet Gossage. 
Portrait painter. Rep. Cong. Ch. Children: 
Clyde Elbert», b at Oakland, Cal., ^ug. 30, 1882; 
Ethel Emma, b at O., Jan'y 26, 1884; Nellie Myrtle, 
b at P., Aug. 5, 1886; Virgie, b at P., Dec. 14, 1887. 

ii. Clarence Loveland Healy, b Sept. 15, 1859. Electri- 
cian. . Rep. 

iii. Nellie May Healy, b Aug. 18, 1862, m at Sacramento, 
Cal., Aug. 31, 1893, Frank W. Soracco. 

LUCENA L.' BAGLEY, b in Cherokee, Logan Co., O., 
Dec. 5, 1833, m at West Liberty, la., Sept. 19, 1852, Francis Par- 
vin Farquhar, b in Fredericktown, O., Dec. 17, 1826. They re- 
moved to F., Dec, 185S; returned to W. L., April 15, 1873; re- 
moved 'o Audubon, la., April 3, 1886. She d here Dec. 7, 1893. 
Farmer. Rep. P. O., Audubon. Children, the first three and 
the last born at W. L., the rest at Fredericktown : 

i. Ada Aurelia* Farquhar, b Sept. 24, 1853, d at A., 
Nov. 4, 1886. 

ii. Louisa Elma Farquhar, b June 17, 1856. Teacher. 

iii. Horace Edwin Farquhar, b June 17, 1858. Merchant. 

iv. George P. Farquhar, b Aug. 15, i860, m at W. L., 
Oct. 18, 1882, Lizzie Marie Barkalow, b at W. L., 
March 25, 1863. Farmer. Pros. Ch. They have: 
Ethel Blanche^, b at W. L., Sept. 27, 1883; Arthur 
Bruce, b at Atalissa, la., June 17, 1889, d July 4, 

v. Fred Curran Farquhar, b Feb'y 18, 1863. Farmer. 

vi. Amy May Farquhar, b May 18, 1865. 

vii. Francis Arthur Farquhar, b March 27, 1868, m in A., 
Jan'y 27, 1892, Nellie M. Leach, b in I^rlington, 
Wis., June 17, 1870. Teacher. 

viii. Mary Belle Farquhar, b Feb'y 3, 1877. 

iyy The Loveland Genealogy. 


DiBD — At her home in Melville Township, Dec. 7th, at 10:30 
A. M., Mrs. Lucena Loveland Farquhar, nee Bagley, aged 60 
years and 2 days. 

Mrs. Farquhar was born in Logan County, Ohio, Dec. 5, 1833, 
and was married to Mr. F. P. Farquhar in Muscatine County, 
Iowa, Sept. 19th, 1852. There have been eight children, seven of 
whom are living. 

Mrs. Farquhar was a woman in whom the elements of charac- 
ter were strong and positive and yet genial and winning in her 
spirit and manner, possessing a magnetic kindness which made her 
generally and greatly beloved. She was a devoted wife and 
mother, and her death has brought to the home sorrow of an un- 
speakable loss. Mrs. Farquhar did not profess her faith in Christ 
in the divine appointed way, but gave evidence that she possessed 
the reality of faith in the risen Redeemer as her Savior and Lord. 
Two hymns sung at the funeral were to her favorite hymns: 
"Nearer my God to Thee," and. "God be with you till we meet 

The funeral was attended at the home, the services conducted 
by Rev, £. Dickinson, and the remains laid to rest in Maple Grove 
Cemetery. A large gathering of friends and neighbors gave evi- 
dence both b}' their presence and evident sorrow of the general 
sense of loss. — Audubon, Audubon Co., la.. Republican, Dec. 14, 

ALANSON« LOVELAND (Treat*, Joseph*) was b at Ox- 
ford, Conn., June 17, 1795, m at West Haven, Vt., Jan'y 22, 181 7, 
Sophia M. Orms, b there March 11, 1790. He d at Madison, 
O., April 6, 1846. She d there April 2, 185 1. Children, first 
born in Hampton, N. Y., the second in Fair Haven, Vt.: 

341. i. Cornelius'', b Oct. 29, 18 17, m Fanny Stetson. 

342. ii. Alanson, b March 2, 1823, m Laura W. Long. 

CORNELIUS' LOVELAND (Alanson«, Treat«) was b at 
Hampton, N. Y., Oct. 29, 1817, m at Leroy, O., June 26, 1850, 




• • 







• • 


TAe Loveland Genealogy. 331 

Fanny Stetson, b in Hamburg, N. Y., June 29, 182 1, d at Lcroy, 
April 13, 1879. ^^ ^ ^^ BloomBeld, Oakland Co., Mich., Sept. 
6, 1872. Children, first, second and sixth born at Madison, O., 


the rest at Leroy : 

Emma Annette*, b April 3, 1851, m Gilbert M. Wood. 
Alma Augusta, b July 7, 1853, m Daniel Taylor. 
Delia Ann, b March 24, 1856, m George H. Barber. 
Amelia Adelaide, b Nov. 4, 1857, m I. £. Magargil. 

Frank Elson, b May 25, 1859, ^ '" ^'9 ^^ 4' iS?^- 
Mary Maria, b Oct. 26, i860, d at L., Jan'y 20, 1862. 
Ida La Verne, b Feb'y 12, 1863. 

EMMA A.8 LOVELAND (Cornelius^, Alanson«) was b at 

Madison, O., April 3, 1851, m at Commerce, Mich., Jan'y 28, 

1868, Gilbert M. Wood, b in Woodstock, Madison Co., N. Y., 

Oct. II, 1829. P. O., Vassar, Mich. Born at Commerce. 

i. Edwin Lamar*, b Dec. 6, 1868. 

ALMA A.» LOVELAND (Cornelius'', Alanson«) was b at 

Madison, O., July 7, 1853, m June 2^, 1871, Daniel Taylor. 

Children, first born at Commerce, Mich., the rest at Milford, 

Mich . : 

i. Minnie M.» Taylor, b April 8, 1872. 

ii. Norman Taylor, b Oct. 18, 1882. 

iii. Ora L. Taylor, b March 15, 1885. 

DELIA A.8 LOVELAND (Cornelius', Alanson*) was b at 

Leroy, O., March 24, 1856, m July 3, 1871, George H. Barber. 

Children, first born in Wayne, Mich., second at Commerce, Mich., 

third at Northville, Mich., fourth at Lyons, Oakland Co., Mich.: 

i. David George® Barber, b May 19, 1873. 

ii. Frank Cornelius L. Barber, b Dec. 12, 1875, d at Sa- 
lem, Mich., Dec. 6, 1880. 

iii. Clauda Otis Barber, b Nov. 6, 1879, d at Milford, 
Mich., May 27, 1887. 

iv. Grace Le Verne Barber, b.May 21, 188 1. 



i^2 *the Loveland Genealogy* 

AMELIA A.« LOVELAND (Cornelius'', Alanson*) was b 
at Leroy, O., Nov. 4, 1857. Dressmaker before marriage. She 
m at Painesville, O., Nov. 19, 1890, Isaac Evans Magargil, b in 
Lancaster, Pa., March 11, 1849. Carpenter. Rep. M. £. Ch. 
He is an employe P. & W. R. R., in repair shops, Painesville. 

AL ANSON 7 LOVELAND (Alanson*, Treat* ) was b at 
Fair Haven, Vt., March 2, 1823, m at Madison, O., July 4, 1843, 
Laura W. Long. Farmer. Children born in Madison: 

i. Henry Alanson^, b April 9, 1844, m Sept., 1864, 

Emma Ford. She d. He m 2d April, 1867, Delia 

Caldwell. No report, 
ii. Lamar Mann, b Feb'y 1, 1847, m at Leroy, O., Dec. 

14, 1869, Jemima Maranda Caldwell. No report, 
iii. Ella Adella, b June 8, 1852, m at M., July 3, 1870, 

Jay William Scott. No report. 

ALVIN« LOVELAND (Treat*, Joseph 4) was b at Oxford, 

Conn., Dec. 17, 1799, m at Castleton, Vt., Sept., 1822, Emily Kas- 
son Merrill, b there Feb'y 8, 1802, d there Sept. 6, 1863. He d 
there Sept. 27, 1S83. It is the tradition in this family that the 
Lovelands sprang from three brothers who settled in Conn. Chil- 
dren born in Castleton: 

i. Julian MerrilP, b May 6, 1823, d at C, Jan'y 8, 1884; 

unm. Grad. Middlebury Coll., Vt., 1840. Teacher. 
347. ii. Emily Jane, b Jan'y 3, 1828, m John A. Beals. 

iii. Laura Eliza, b April 27, 1838, m at C, Dec. 23, 1868, 

Walter G. Shaw. Gen. ticket agent Rutland & 

Bennington R. R., Vt. No children, 
iv. John Julius, b June 16, 1840; unm. 
V. Albert, b Dec. 11, 1846, m Dec. 23, 1868, Lucia L. 

Spaulding. He d April 23, 1870. Shoemaker. 

They had: Albert Williams, b Jan'y 8, 1870. 

At one o'clock Monday afternoon a good old man closed life's 
weary course and went peacefully to rest. Alvin Loveland was 

The Laveland Genealogy. 233 

one of the oldest men in town, and we believe there are but one 
or two now living who were here when he came to Castleton from 
Connecticut nearly three-quarters of a century since. For 60 
years he had been a consistent member of the Congregational 
Church in Castleton, having joined it in 1823. Recommenced 
working at the shoemaking business here about 70 years since and 
toiled at it cheerfully until a recent period. Mr. Loveland was an 
honest, gentle-hearted man, and, although modest and unobtrusive, 
was one of the most intelligent and companionable of men; he 
preferred to serve humanity by honest toil at his vocation. His 
dislike of office and participating in public affairs was decided, but 
all the same, those who knew him well honored and esteemed him 
highly. Among them the writer can bear testimony to the fact 
that there were few men to be found in the ordinary walk of life 
possessing a more thorough knowledge of English literature and 
current events. He was a man of good judgment and correct busi- 
ness principles. The writer has had intimate business relations 
with Mr. Loveland, having been in a situation where he passed 
months and years in his society; saw him often during his patiently 
borne illness, and was with him at his death; he therefore feels im- 
pelled to bear his humble testimony to the worth of a good old 
man and to express a fervent hope that "after life's fitful fever, he 
sleepeth well." 

EMILY JANS'? LOVELAND (Alvin«, Treat*) was b at 
Castleton, Vt., Jan'y 3, 1828, m there March 2, 1854, John Ash- 
ley Beals, b in Wells, Vt., Feb'y 9, 1S28. Farmer. P. O., Galva, 
111. Children, first born in Victoria, 111., the rest at Galva: 

i. Sarah Emily* Beals, b Feb'y 19, 1855, m at G., June 
9, 1881, Ernest Sumner Hunting, b in Boston, Mass., 
Dec. 18, 1855. Farmer. They have: Ernest Alvin», 
b March 10, 1882; Lyman Arthur, b Sept. i, 1883; 
Emily Ruth, b May 27, 1885; Florence May, b 
April 27, 1887. 

ii. Alice Laura Beals, b Oct. 24, 1856, m at G., June 9, 
1 88 1, Fred Guernsey Foote, b in Buffalo, N. Y., 
March 17, 1853. They have: Mabel May®, b in N. 
Y. City, Dec. 7, 1883. 


234 ^^^ Lakeland Genealogy. 

iii. Henry Alvin Beals, b July 23, 1858, d Jan'y 4, 1862. 

iv. Mary Eliza Beals, b March 19, i860, m at G., Oct. 30, 
1883, Alva Waite Foster, b at Victoria, May 2, 
1859. Farmer. They have: Nellie*, b at Beatrice, 
Neb., March 10, 1885, d March 15, 1885. 

V. Harriet Merrill Beals, b Nov. 11, 1861. 

vi. Clarence Beals, b Feb'y 6, 1865, d Feb'y 27, 1865. 

vii. Albert J. Beals, b Jan'y 11, 1866, d April 4, 1866. 

viii. William Ernest Beals, b Nov. 6, 1870. Farmer. 

ix, Arthur Raymond Beals, b July 4, 1873. Farmer. 

HORACE* LOVELAND (Treat*, Joseph*) was b at Ox- 
ford, Conn., Nov. 21, 1801, m at Poughkeepsie, N. Y., March, 
1822, Eliza Vail, b there April 11, 1802, d at Troy, N. Y., 1833; 
m 2d at T., 1834, Sarah Vail (sister), b at P., May 16, 1812. 
Children born at Troy: 

May'', b June 30, 1823, m Henry L. Palmer. 
Sarah Jane, b Sept. 20, 1828, m D. L. Deyoe. 
Eliza, b April 18, 1833, m Harvey H. Hayes; m 2d 
David B. Ramsey, 
iv. Henry Edward, b Oct. 23, 1837, "* ^^ T., Jan'y, 1865, 
Angeline Becker. Lumber inspector. They have: 
Horace B.*, b at West Troy, N. Y., Dec, 1865. 
V. Charles Alvin, b Oct. 3, 1841, m Dec. 24, 1872, Elsie 
Sheldon, b at Bedford, O., March 4, 1841. Em- 
ploye in N. W. Mut. Life Ins. Co., Milwaukee, 
Wis. They have: Perry P.*, b at M., Sept. 16, 
1875, d March 20, 1876. 
vi. George Morgan, b Dec. 23, 1849. Artist in M. 

MARY' LOVELAND (Horace«, Treat«) was b at Troy, 
N. Y., June 30, 1823, m there May 18, 1843, Henry L. Palmer, b 
at Mt. Pleasant, Pa., Oct. 18, 18 19. She d at Milwaukee, Wis., 
June 22, 1854. Pres. of the N. W. Mut. Life Ins. Co., of Mil- 
waukee. Children, first two born in T., the last at M.: 




• • 



• • • 


The Laveland Genealogy. 235 

i. Jessie* Palmer, b Nov. 14, 1844, m at M., July 6, 1865, 
Dexter N. Kasson, b at Broadalbin, N. Y., Feb'y 8, 
1840. Life ins. They have, b at M.: Jessie M.*, 
b July 3, 1869; Alice Palmer, b Jan'y 13, 1876. 

ii. Horace L. Palmer, b March 20, 1849, m at Waukesha, 
Wis., April 10, 1884, Alice Morris. They have: 
Henry L.», b at Oconomowoc, Wis., Jan'y 31, 1885; 
Daisey Elsie, b at M., July 19, 1887. 

iii. Frank Palmer, b Feb'y 16, 1853. 

SARAH JANE'' LOVELAND (Horace*, Treat*) was bat 
Troy, N. Y., Sept. 20, 1828, m at Milwaukee, Wis., March 28, 
1853, David L. Deyoe, b in Ulster Co., N. Y., Oct. 23, 1828. Phy- 
sician. Children, first born at Independence, la., the next two at 
Milwaukee, the last at St. Louis, Mo.: 

i. Irving P.* Deyoe, b March 8, 1854, d March 6, 1865. 

ii, Charles L. Deyoe, b June 28, 1857. 

iii. Mary G. Deyoe, b Aug. 26, i860, 

iv. Bessie V. Deyoe, b Feb'y 22, 1867. 

ELIZA -y LOVELAND (Horace*, Treat*) was b at Troy, 
N. Y., April 18, 1833, m at Milwaukee, Wis., Aug. 21, 1854, 
Harvey H. Hayes, b at Prattsburg, N. Y., Aug. 12, 1831, d at 
Madison, Wis., Aug. 12, 1857; m 2d at M., Oct. 26, 1865, David 
B. Ramsey, b at Hancock, N. H., Sept. 13, 1829. Conveyancer. 
Born at Madison: 

i. Frank L.* Hayes, b May 28, 1855, d July 25, 1855. 

HANFORD* LOVELAND (Treat*, Joseph*) was bin Ox- 
ford, Conn., Feb'y, 1803, bap. May 13, 1804, "^ ^" N- Y. City, 
Dec. 8, 1835, Janet Clarke, b at Newburg, N. Y., Feb'y 11, 181 1. 
She was the sixth child of James Clarke and Janet Reid of Mad- 
derty, Perkshire, Scotland. He d in N. Y. City, Jan'y, 1853. 
She d at the home of her son-in-law, W.J. Pattison, in New Or- 
leans, La., Nov. 16, 1893. She was a devout Presbyterian. Chil- 
dren born in N. Y. City: 

236 The Lcveland Genealogy^ 

]. James Hanford'', b April 12, 1838, m i860, Amantha 
Settoon, of Ponchatoula, La. Connected with his 
father in the saw mill and land interests of the latter 
near P. He d there Dec. 20, i86o. No children. 

ii. Joseph Alvin, b. Nov. 22, 1839, ^ ^^ Havanna, Cuba, 
Nov. 14, 1855. 
351. iii. Caroline b. Aug. 20, 1841, m William J. Pattison. 

Joseph Alvin Loveland went to Havanna, Cuba, under his 
uncle, Santiago Clarke, who was at that time the superintendent 
of civil engineers for the island. The promise of exceptionable 
ability in the young engineer was nipped in the bud, for after but 
few months' residence he died of yellow fever. He lies there 
buried in the family tomb of the Marquis de la Caux. — A. T. P. 

CAROLINE' LOVELAND (Hanford«, Treat«) was b in 

N. Y. City, Aug. 20, 1841, m in New Orleans, La., June 20, 1861, 
William James Pattison, b in N. Y. City, Oct. 27, 1828. Only 
child of William Pattison and Elizabeth Kemp of N. Y. City. 
Mr. Pattison is an elder in the First Pres. Church in N. O., and 
with his wife and family are members of it. He comes from the 
good old Scotch-Irish family of that name in County Antrim and 
Argylshire. He has been a resident of N. O. for fifty years and 
consequently indentified with the southern cause, in whose army 
he served. Before the war a member of the wholesale grocery 
house of Hall, Kemp & Co., and then of the cotton business of 
Allison, Pattison & Co. The close of the war found him with 
little property. He is now (1893) the manager of the great cot- 
ton interest of Richardson & May. Dem. Residence, 214 Third 
St. Children, first and last born in N, O., second in N. Y. City, 
the third in Brooklyn, N. Y., and the fourth in Cornwall, N. Y.: 

i. Alfred Taylor® Pattison, b Aug. 13, 1862. 

ii. Cora Jeanette Pattison, b Dec. 14, 1864. 

iii. Charles Ernest Pattison, b March 4, 1867. 

iv. Elizabeth Kemp Pattison, b Sept. 7, 1868. 

V. Annie Pattison, b May i©, 1870. 

The Laveland Genealogy, 237 

Alfred Taylor Pattison is a graduate (A. B.) of Davidson Col- 
lege, North Carolina, class 1882, and is now (1893) a member of 
the firm of Pattison & May, New Orleans, foreign dry goods com- 
mission merchants. Democrat. His brother, Charles Ernest Pat- 
tison, a matriculate of Tulane University, New Orleans, is now 
connected with the St. Louis & New Orleans Anchor Line. Dem. 

MILES« LOVELAND (Joseph^, Joseph«) m in Oxford, 
Conn., Feb'y 22, 1798, Betsy Ann Twitchcll, b at O., 1778, d 
there July 13, 1827, a« 49. He was b in O., and d there. Dates 
unknown. They renewed their covenant with the Cong. Ch. at 
0., Oct. 13, 1799. Farmer. Children born at Oxford: 

i. Amanda*, b June 20, 1799, m in New Milford, Conn., 
Dec. 9, 181 7, Alba Morehouse, b in Washington, 
Conn., April 3©, 1794, d at Hartford, Conn., March 
20, 1849. ^^^ ^ there June 5, 1870. Dem. Epis. 
They had: Hannah'', b in W., Dec. 26, 1820, m in 
H., Aug. 31, 1857, Sidney Wadsworth, b in H., 
July 13, 181 3, d there June 29, 1887. Farmer. Dem. 
Epis. They had one child who d in infancy. 

352. ii. Giles, b Jan'y 23, 1801, m Larinda Hurlburt. 

iii. Harper, b July 21, 1803, d in Watertown, Conn., April 
8, 1851 ; unm. 

iv. Julia Ann, b Feb'y 18, 1805, m at Washington, Nov. 

3, 1825, Levi Judd, b in Bethlehem, Conn., April 7, 
1797, d at Washington, June 27, 1877. She d Jan'y 
8, 1892, buried in Washington. They had: George 
L.', b in W., Sept. 17, 1826, m Jane Rose. She d 
Jan'y 6, 1892. 

V. Sheldon, b Dec. 17, 1806, d young. 

vi. Miles, b Jan'y 30, 1810, d unm. in Ohio. 

353. vii. Betsey Ann, b April 6, 181 1, m Rufus Miller. 

viii. Sheldon Clark, b Oct. 3, 1S12, m at New Milford, 
Oct. 3, 1842, Mrs. Lucinda Hall French, b in Win- 
chester, Conn., April, 181 1, d at N. M., 1890. They 
had: Betsey Ann'', b at N. M., Sept. 10, 1843, "™ 
there July 4, 1865, Philip G. Marsh, b at Bath, N. 
Y., June I, 1837. They had: Milton L.s, b at N, 
M.^ Sept. 3, 1869. 

238 The Laveland Genealogy^ 

ix. Maria, b May 7, 1818; m. Went west. 

X. Nancy, b Aug. 15, 18 19, m Russel Smith. Family. 

No report, 
xi. Jane, b Jan'y 24, 1821 ; unm. 

GILES« LOVELAND (Miles*, Joseph*) was b in Oxford, 

Conn., Jan'y 23, 1801, m in Roxbury, Conn., Jan'y 21, 1829, La- 
rinda Hurlburt, b in R., June 26, 1805. ^^ ^ Nov. 22, 1866, 
buried at Zoar Bridge, Conn. Children born in Newton, Conn.: 

i. Julietf, b May 6, 1830, m George Barrett. No rept. 
ii. Stiles, b Dec. 29, 1831, m June 5, i868, Mrs. Mary 

Curly. No report, 
iii. Emily, b Jan'y i, 1834. 
iv. Cornelia, b June 19, 1836, d Oct. 3, 1841. 
V. Henry E., b Sept. 3, 1838, d Oct. 4, 1841. 
vi. Augusta, b Feb'y i i, 1841. 
vii. Henrietta, b Oct. 7, 1843. 
viii. Amanda, b Jan'y 27, 1845. 
ix. Henry G., b Sept. 12, 1847, m Dec. 24, 1871, Julia 

Tuttle. He d. They had: Grover N.», b June 25, 

x. Nancy E., b Oct. 16, 1851. 

BETSEY ANN« LOVELAND (Miles«, Joseph*) was b at 
Oxford, Conn., April 6, 181 1, m there Nov. 7, 1836, Rufus MiU 
ler, b in Bedford, N. Y., Nov. 1, 1816. Children: 

i. Henry Atwater'' Miller, b Sept. 5, 1837. 

ii. Maria Seward Miller, b Jan'y 20, 1839, "^ William 
Waters. She d. No report. 

iii. Rufus James Miller, b Sept. iS, 1841. 

iv. Elizabeth Ann Miller, b Oct. 14, 1843, m William 
Waters. She d. No report. 

v. Emma Jane Miller, b Jan'y 11, 1851, m Thomas D. 


ARNOLD* LOVELAND (Joseph*, Joseph*) was b at Ox- 
ford, Conn., Aug. 25, 1778, m at O., Nov. 25, 1798, Clarinda 

The Loveland Genealogy. 239 

Twitchell, b at O., July 21, 1781. She d in Broome Co., N. Y, 
He d at Hillsborough, Wis., July 26, 1864. Soldier in War 1812. 
Free Mason. Farmer. Children born at Oxford: 

354. i. Joseph*, b Aug. 22, 1800, m Hannah Woodruff. 

355. ii. Albert, b Aug. 28, 1802, m Margaret Tompkins, 
iii. Harriet, b Dec. 28, 1804, d July 9, 1806. 

iv. Isaac Nelson, b April 16, 1807, m Verity Bennet. 

V- Jay, b Sept. 8, 18 10, m Phoebe Bound. 

vi. Harriet, b Dec. 28, 1812, m Ambrose Hines. 

vii. Jane, b May 22, 18 15, m Norman Monroe. 

viii. Jeannette, b Sept. 11, i8i7« 

ix. Clarissa, b Oct., 18 19, m Cross. 

356. X. Starr, b June 6, 1822, m Catharine VanDeusen. 
xi. Abijah, b Dec. 9, 1824, d Nov. 2, 1825. 

xii. Eliza, b Dec. 12, 1827. 

JOSEPH« LOVELAND (Arnolds, Joseph*) was b at Ox- 
ford, Conn., Aug. 22, 1800, m Fanny Woodruff. Children born 
in Windsor, N. Y. : 

Mordecai H.'', b Sept. 13, 1824, m Martha Huiigerford. 

Urial, b Sept. 5, 1828, m Lucy W. Stanton. 

Charles L., b Sept. 16, 1830, m Laura A. Saunders. 

Silas W., b April 16, 1833, m Sarah J. Vail. 

Jay Riley. 

Amy, m Oliver H. Carpenter. No report. 

Sarah A., b March 16, 1840, m Orrin Woodruff. 

MORDECAI H.' LOVELAND (Joseph*, Arnold«) was b 
in Windsor, N. Y., Sept. 13, 1S24, m at Binghamton, N. Y., Oct. 

3, 1855, Martha Hungerford, b Nov. 6, 1833. ^® ^ ^^ ^'^ Feb*y 

4, 1855. Carriage maker. Children born in Binghamton: 

i. Lizzie May8, b Jan'y 9, 1862, d June 14, 1864. 

ii. Sarah Dell, b May 29, 1865. 

iii. Charles Hurd, b June 22, 1867. 

iv. William Henry, b Aug. 8, 1873. 




• • 



• • • 








240 The Loveland Genealogy. 

URIAL? LOVELAND (Joseph*, Arnold*) was b in Wind- 

sor, N. Y., Sept. 5, 1828, He went to Wis., 1849, m in Mound- 
ville, Wis., Feb'y 28, 1854, Lucy Wilkes Stanton, b in Birming- 
ham, Eng., Aug. 7, 1837. He served in the Union Army from 
Aug., 1862, to the close of the war. P. O., Kingston, Wis. Chil- 
dren, first two born in Kingston, the three next at Monticello, 
Wis., the two next at Dekorra, Wis., the rest at Packwaukee, 

i. Rhoda Fanny », b March 19, 1855, d Nov. 2, 1856. 
ii. George Henry, b Sept. 23, 1856, m at Poynelt, Wis., 
Jan'y, 1877, Alice Buzzle. They have: Lucys', b 
Jan'y, 1880; Clara, b April, 1882. 
iii. Herbert Albert, b June 23, 1859, m Nov. 29, 18S4, 
Ida Dalton. No report. 

iv. Jennie Clair, b March 23, 1861, m Jan'y 29, 1885, 
Samuel Dalton. No report. 

V. Charles Urial, b Oct. 14, 1862, d June 5, 1864. 

vL May Ethel, b Nov. 26, 1864. 

vii. William Ashbel, b Dec. 6, 1866. 

viii. Sarah Josephine, b Nov. 23, 186S. 

ix. John Frank, b Dec. 24, 1870. 

X. Harry Stanton, b Oct. 29, 1872. 

xi. Lucy (Lulu) Ellen, b April 12, 1875. 

xii. Minnie Alma, b June 25, 1877. 

CHARLES L.7 LOVELAND (Joseph*, Arnolds) was b in 
Windsor, N, Y., Sept. 16, 1S30, m at Weyauwega, Wis., Nov. 7, 
185s, Laura A. Saunders, b at Schuyler, N. Y., Oct. 30, 1838, d 
at W., Nov. 27, 1889. Carpenter. Prohib. P. O., W. Chil- 
dren, first two born at Lind, Wis., the third at Metomen, Wis., 
the rest at W.: 

i. Laura D.*, b Nov. 24, 1856. 

ii. Evelyn M., b Aug. 25, i860. Teacher, 

iii. Fannie L., b Aug. 21, 1866. 

iv. Bert C, b Dec. 12, 1S67. Rep, 

Vt Gr^cie E., b May 10, 1881, 

S. L. LOVELAND. (367). 

T^e Lcveland Genealogy. 241 

SILAS W.T LOVELAND (Joseph^, Arnold«) was b in 
Windsor, N. Y., April 16, 1S33, m at Her rick, Pa., Nov. 5, 1859, 
Sarah J., dau. of Rev. C. L. Vail, b in W., Feb'y 3, 1830. 
Farmer. Rep. She a Free Bap. P. O., Windsor. Children, 
first b at Kirk wood, N. Y., the rest at W.: 

i. Idella^, b Aug. 29, 1864, m June 29, 1889, George Da- 
venport. No report, 
ii. Luther, b Nov. 10, 1865. 

iii. Martha, b Dec. 16, 1867, m Deroy Riley. No report, 
iv. Myrtle, b Aug. 27, 1870. 

SARAH A.-y LOVELAND (Joseph«, Arnold^) was b in 
Windsor, N. Y., March 16, 1840, m there May 25, 1856, Orrin 
Woodruff, b in W., Aug. 18, 1831. Manufacturer of tobacco and 
cigars at Binghamton, N. Y. Children: 

i. Wilber A.« Woodruff, b Aug. 14, 1857, "^ April 2, 

1886. No report, 
ii. Ida M. Woodruff, b May 15, 1861. 
iii. Ellen A. Woodruff, b March 10, 1863. 
iv. Fannie E. Woodruff, b Sept. 4, 1864. 

ALBERT* LOVELAND (Arnold*, Joseph*) was b at Ox- 
ford, Conn., Aug. 28, 1802, m at Windsor, N. Y., Nov. 29, 1826, 
Margaret Tompkins. He d Sept, 25, 1875. Children: 

i. William T.', b Feb'y 10, 1828, m at Alfred, N. Y., 
June 18, 185 1, Mary L. Warren. They have: Lu- 
ther E.8, b Aug., 1854, m; Josephine, b Dec. 9, 
1856, d Jan'y 21, 1871; John A., b July 30, 1861; 
Murray U., b Sept. i, 1869; Fayette D., b April 19, 
1 871; Margaret A., b June 15, 1874, d Jan'y i, 1875, 

ii. Electa, b Aug. 9, 1830. 

iii. Henry H., b May 2, 1838. 

iv. Emily M., b Nov. 16, 1844. 

242 The Loveland Genealogy. 

STARR* LOVELAND (Arnold*, Joseph*) was b at Ox- 
ford, Conn., June 6, 1822, m in Windsor, N. Y., Dec. 9, 1S44, 
Catharine VanDeusen, b in W., Sept. 6, 1822, d at Elroy, Wis., 
April 14, 1894. He d at Hillsborough, Wis., June 29, 1885. 
Fifer for Co. D, i6th Wis. P. O., Elroy. Children, first three 
born in Verona, Wis., the fourth at Madison, Wis., and the last 
at H.: 

i. Edwin Nelson', b Feb'y 13, 1849, "* *** Glendale, 

Wis., Dec. 1, 1874, Caroline D. Burdin, b in West 

Almond, N. Y., June 6, 1855. No children, 
ii. Clarissa Adelia, b April 20, 1851, m in Elroy, Nov. 9, 

1881, Hiram Moshier. Shed in Wiston, Wis., Nov. 

6, 1883. 
iii. Hannah Emily, b Oct. 7, 1854, m in E., Aug. 7, 1S74, 

William Bones, b in Essex, Eng., Aug. 11, 1844. 

Have: Gilbert Raymond*, b Nov. 2, 1877; Edith 

May, b June 16, 1879. 
iv. Lydia A., b Sept. 18, 1856, m in Hillsborough, July 3, 

1887, Edward Isaacs, b at Pound Ridge, N. Y., 

Jan'y 12, 1859. No children. 
V. Albert Lewis, b Aug. 14, 1863, d June 20, 1885. 

LE WIS« LOVELAND (Joseph*, Joseph* ) was b at Oxford, 
Conn., and d in Wolcott, Conn., 1809; m Susan Pierson, b Sey- 
mour, Conn., 1768, d in Harwinton, Conn., Dec. 5, 1850, a. 82, 
buried in Thomaston, Conn. Epis. Ch. Children, first three born 
in O., the rest in W. : 

Miles«, b Oct. 3, 1795, m Tryphena Carter. 

Keziah, b May 26, 1798, m Miles Barnes. 

Nancy, b 1801, m Adin Horton; m 2d Richard F. 
Welton. He d in H., June 5, 1838, a. 44. She d in 
H., Feb'y 13, 1856, a. 55. No children. 

Susan, b Nov. 12, 1806, m Edmund Todd. 

Lewis Pierson, b 1809, "^ Huldah A. Beach. 




• • 


« • • 






The Laveland Genealogy* 343 

MILES« LOVELAND (Lewis*, Joseph*) was b in Oxford, 
Conn., Oct. 3, 1795, m in Wolcott, Conn., 1817, Tryphena Carter, 
dau. of Stephen and Tryphena Upson Carter, b in W., Nov. 17, 
1800, d in Forestville, Conn., Nov, 21, 1889, buried in Plainville, 
Conn. He d in P., Nov. 26, i860. Dem. Cong. Ch. Upson 
Carter was a Rev. soldier. Children, first seven born in W., the 
next two in P., the rest in Harwinton, Conn.: 

Julia Emeline'', b Sept. 28, 1819, m J. M. Bunnell. 

Susan, d in Wolcott, a. 7. 

Hannah Reed, d in W., a. 2. 

Stephen Lewis, b April 2, 1827, m Maria A. Todd; m 
2d Elizabeth M. Kellogg; m 3d Marcia J. Kellogg. 

Susan, b 1830, d a. i y., 8 mo. 

Joseph Miles, b Feb'y 6, 1832, m Josephine Beach. 

Myron Carter, d in P., a. 4. 

viii. Albertina Delight, b Nov. 13, 1837, m J. L. Davis. 

Mary Jane, b May 3, 1840, m Loren Burnham. 

Antoinette, b Sept. 25, 1842, d Jan'y 5, 1853. 

Nancyette, b Sept. 25, 1842, m Henry W. Hinman. 


JULIA E.-? LOVELAND (Miles*, Lewis«) was b in Wol- 
cott, Conn., Sept. 28, 1819, m in Plainville, Conn., Feb'y 25, 1844, 
John Mackson, son of Sheldon Bunnell, b in Oxford, Conn., Feb'y 
27, 1812. He d in Robertsville, Conn., Aug. 9, 1871. Black- 
smith. Dem. Cong. Ch. P. O., Riverton, Conn. Children, 
first four born in Canaan Valley, Conn., the two next in Norfolk, 
Conn., the last in Clayton, Mass.: 

366a. i. Emogene Delight* Bunnell, b March 22, 1845, m 

Charles D. Smith. 

ii. Lyman Phelps Bunnell, b Oct. i, 1846, d at Canaan 
Valley, Nov. 16, 1847. 

iii. John Lewis Bunnell, b March 29, 1848, m in Ridge- 
ville, Conn., Oct. 16, 1872, Ann Eliza Mead, b in R., 
Feb'y 4, 1833. Carpenter. Rep. Cong. Church. 
They have; Marion Eliza o, b in Winsted, Conn., 
Dec. 24, 1874; Anna Bertha, b in Danbury, Conn., 
Dec. 31, 1880. ^ 









, 368. 


• • 







37 >• 


244 '^^ Laveland Genealogy, 

iv. Edward Carter Bunnell, b Oct. 21, 1S49, d at C. V., 
Feb'y 25, 1850. 

V. Myron Edward Bunnell, b April 23, 1851, m in Brews- 
ter, N. Y., Nov. 27, 1879, Lottie Estelle Lee, b in 
Uxbridge, Mass., Dec. 7, 1857. Carpenter. They 
have: Roy Irving*, b in W., March 22, 1881; Ivan 
Lee, b in W., Jan'y 19, 1885; Harold Maxson, b in 
D., Oct. 4, 1887; Hattie Belle, b in D., Jan'y 2, 1890. 

vi. Elbert Loveland Bunnell, b March 25, 1856, m in N., 
Jan^y 25, 1882, Abbie Rebecca Clark, b in Goshen, 
Conn., Nov. 25, i860, d in Hartford, Conn., Nov. 
20, 1888. He m 2d in New Hartford, Conn., April 
25, 1894, Rose Belle Johnson, b in Harwinton, Conn., 
July 8, 1866. Farmer. Democrat. No chiMren. 
P. O., N. H. 

vii. Everett Eugene Bunnell, b July 2, 1859, ^ ^" Harwin- 
ton, May 12, 1886, Anna R. Reynolds, b there Nov. 
7, 1865. Carpenter. Rep. Cong, They have: 
Eugene Henry », b in W., Jan'y 14, 1888; Louis 
Henry, b in H., July 13, 1889. 

EMOGENE D.« BUNNELL, b in Canaan Valley, Conn., 
March 22, 1845, m in Norfolk, Conn., Nov. 21, 1863, Charles D. 
Smith, b in Hartland, Conn, Aug. 22, 1840. Scythe maker. 
Rep. Cong. P. O., Riverton. Children, the third born in Clay- 
ton, Mass., the rest in Riverton, Conn.: 

i. Frederick Coe» Smith, b Dec. 21, 1864, m in Winsted, 
Conn., Oct. 2, 1887, Ida Canlield, b in Colebr«K>k, 
Conn., Sept. 4, 1870. Mechanic. Rep. Cong. 
They have: Inez Louisa^o, b July 7, 1889. 

ii. Charles Clifford Smith, b June 8, 1866, d in R., Aug. 
2, 1873. 

iii. Anna Louise Smith, b Oct. 8, 1870. 

iv. Dewitt Clinton Smith, b Nov. 18, 1873. 

STEPHEN L.' LOVELAND (Miles«, Lewis«) was b in 
Wolcott, Conn., April 2, 1827, m in Plainville, Conn., Sept. 5, 

The Laveland Genealogy. 145 

1847, ^^na Ann Todd, b in East Plymouth, Conn., April 18, 
1831, d in Rochester, 111., July 10, 1856; m 2d in Buckeye, la., 
April 23, 1858, Mary Elizabeth Kellogg, b in Elizabeth town, N, 
Y., Oct. 10, 183 1, d in Marshalltown, la., J^ne 8, 1864; m 3d in 
M., Nov. 29, 1865, Marcia Jane Kellogg, b in E., Dec. 5, 1833. 
Machinist and engineer. Repub. Pres. since 1847. Church el- 
der since 1879. Supt. of Sab. school. He left Conn, in 1854 and 
settled in 111. Moved to Iowa in 1857, settled at M. Remained 
here until 1880, then moved to Mlftn., settled in St« Charles until 
1887, ^^^^ ^^ Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Children, first born in P., 
second in Andover, Conn., third in East Plymouth, Conn., fourth 
in Rochester, 111., the two last in M.: 

i. Lewis Miles*, b Sept. 13, 1848, d Sept. 19, 1849. 

Elvah Mary, b April 28, 1852, m J. E. Curran. 

Charles Stephen, b April i, 1853, m Sarah C. Car- 
mody; m 2d Mary Jane Dunn. 

Stephen Green, b July 10, 1856, d in R., Aug. 16, 1856. 

Franklin Kellogg, b Jan'y i, 1859, "^ Victoria M. 

vi. Hattie Jane, b Dec. 16, 1862, m in St. Charles, Minn., 
Sept. I, 1880, Frank W. Connell, b in Fulton Co., 
N. Y., Dec. 28, 1859, Painter and paper hanger. 
Rep. Cong. Ch. They have: Lewis Churchill^, b 
in Marion, la., April 29, 1881 ; Geneva Henrietta, b 
in Cedar Rapids, Dec. 24, 1884. P. O., C. R. 

ELVAH M.8 LOVELAND (Stephen L.^ Miles«) wasbin 
Andover, Conn., April 28, 1852, m in Green Mountain, la., June 
27, 1868, Josiah Enoch Curran, b in Frmklin Co., N. Y., July 14, 
1846. Painter and paper hanger. Repub. She church member. 
Children, first born in Missouri Valley, la., the three next in New 
Jefferson, la , the fifth in Marshalltown, la., the sixth and seventh 
in Grundy Center, la., the eighth and ninth at Spirit Lake, la., 
the tenth at Eldora, la., the next two in Shamrock, Neb.: 




• • • 




246 The Lavetand (Genealogy. 

i. Mary Maria* Curran, b Nov* 10, 1869, m at Spirit 
Lake, la., Aug. 17, 1885, Osborn Eddy, b in Crans- 
ton, R. I., April 7, 1847. They have: Evangeline* *•, 
b Sept. 16, 1886; Arthur, b Sept. 30, 1887; Eugene 
Nelson, b Feb^y 9, 1890. 

ii. William Wynecoop Curran, b April 20, 1871. 

iii. Stephen Lewis Curran, b Sept. 26, 1872. 

iv. Frank Julius Curran, b July 21, 1874. 

V. Marcia Jane Curran, b Feb'y 6, 1876, m at Spencer, 
Neb., Jan'y 21, 1894, Errick Hedlund. 

vi. Allen Bertie Curran, b April 20, 1879. 

vii. Myrtle Olie Curran, b Sept. 15, i88o. 

viii. Clarence Edward Curran, b June 27, 1884. 

ix. Albertina May CuiTan, b May 2, 1885, d in Alden, la., 
Oct. 31, 1885. 

X. Gertrude Delight Curran, b Oct. 17, 1886, d in E., 
Nov. ID, 1 886. 

xi. Harry Ernest Curran, b Sept. 9, 1888, d in S., Sept. 
28, 1888. 

xii. Justin Eric Curran, b March 22, 1890. 

CHARLES S.« LOVELAND (Stephen L.7, Miles*) was 
b at East Plymouth, Conn., April 1, 1853, m in Marshalltown, 
la., Feb'y 2, 1876, Sarah C. Carmody, b in Marysville, Ky., Oct. 
13, 1857, d in M., July 16, 1879; "^ ^^ *" Boise City, Idaho, Feb'y 
2, 1886, Mary Jane Dunn, b in New Orleans, La., March 14, 
1846. Born in Timber Creek Tp., Marshall Co., la.: 

i. Lydia Leuellan®, b Dec. 27, 1876. 

FRANKLIN K.e LOVELAND (Stephen L.% Miles«) was 
b in Marshalltown, la., Jan'y j, 1859, "* there Jan'y i, 1880, Vic- 
4:oria Maria Nelson, b in Delaware Co., la., Oct. 10, 1857, 
Farmer. Rep. P. O., Dow, la. Children born in Vernon Tp., 
Wright Co., la.: • 

i. Hannah Walter*, b July 8, 1883. 
ii. Vemie, b Nov. 24, 1884. 

The Loveland Genealogy. 347 

iii. Irving Eugene, b Jan'y 7, 1890. 
iv. Lena May, b May 12, 1892. 

JOSEPH M.'' LOVELAND (Miles*, Lewis*) was b in 
Wolcott, Conn., Feb'y 6, 1832, m in Torrington, Conn., Oct, 24, 
1852, Jane Josephine Beach, b in Plymouth, Conn., Sept. 9, 1834. 
Moved to la., 1855; Cal , 1873. Carpenter. In the Union Army: 
Co. H, 32d Iowa. P. O., Olive, Cal. Children: 

i. Nettie Josephine 8, b in T., Sept. 15, 1853, m in Boons- 
borough, la., April 2, 1872, George W. Hutchings, 
b in Lawrenceburg, Ind., Dec. 21, 1849. Moved to 
Fresno, Cal., 1876. They have: George Edwin»,b 
July 3, 1876, d Jan'y 15, 1879; Pearl Everett, b Oct. 
23, 1881 ; Birdie Alice, b Oct. 3, 1883. 

ii. Emma Jane, b in Alden, la., Nov. 23, 1858, d 1859. 

iii. (Son), b Jan'y 16, 1862, d same day. 

ALBERTINA D.^ LOVELAND (Miles«, Lewis*) was b 
in Plainville, Conn., Nov. 13, 1837, m there Sept. 3, 1856, John 
L. Davis, b in Seymour, Conn., Feb'y 20, 1831, d at Van Buren 
Hosp'tal, at Miliken's Bend, July 10, 1863. He enlisted Aug. 26, 
1862, in Co. K, 23d la. They settled in Alden, la., 1856, after- 
ward moved to Marshall, la. She now lives in Forestville, Conn. 
Draws a pension. They had: 

i. Ella M.* Davis, b in A., July 10, 1857; m. Has fam- 
ily. No report. 

ii. Edward Benson Da^is, b in M., Nov. 26, i860, m in 
New Haven, Conn., Oct. 5, 1887, Mattie E. Shew, 
b there March 16, 1862. They have: Harold Love- 
land® Davis, b in N. H., Oct. 10, 1889. 

MARY JANE' LOVELAND (Miles«, Lewiss) was b in 
Plainville, Conn., May 3, 1840, m in Hardin Co., la., Nov. 15, 
1857, Loren Burnham, b in Montague, Mass., June 26, 1831. 
Born ill Alden, la.: 

^d 'The Lovetand Genealogy. 

i. Ernest Charles^, b Sept. 24, 1858, m in Hardin Co.^ 
Aug. 10, 1 881, Belle Hucy, b in Paw Paw, Mich., 
Feb'y, 17, 1862, d in Hardin Co., Mar. 26, 1882; m 2d 
at Eldora, la., May 29, 1888, Flora Clarriel, b in K., 
April 14, 1867. They have: Roland Edward*, b in 
Fresno, Cal., March 31, 1889; Albert DeRoy, b in 
Burrough, Cal., Dec. 24, 1890. 

ii. Frederick Lyman Burnham, b Jan'y 21, 1861, d Dec. 
18, 1864. 

iii. Irene May Burnham, b Dec. 16, 1862, d Nov. 27, 1864. 

iv. Eugene Lewis Burnham, b Oct. 2, 1865, m in Fresno 
Co., Cal., Jan 'y 29, 1888, Sadie Musick, b in Napa 
Co., Cal., March 3, 1865. They have, b in Fresno 
Co.: Henry Loren*, b March 8, 1889, d June 19, 
1890; Clarence Leslie, b Sept. 19, 1890. 

V. Albert Miles Burnham, b July 9, 1868. 

vi. D wight Edson Burnham, b Aug. 11, 1871. 

vii. Lucie Alice Burnham, b Aug. 29, 1873. 

viii. Maurice Wardell Burnham, b July 17, 1876. 

NANCYETTE7 LOVELAND (Miles*, Lewiss) was b in 
Harwinton, Conn., Sept. 25, 1842, m in Plainville, Conn., Jan'y 
29, 1859, Henry Waite, son of Augustus P. and Harriet Cables 
Hinman, b in Litchfield, Conn., April 30, 1837. Ca«e maker in 
clock shop. Dem. Epis. Ch. P. O., Forestville, Conn. Chil- 
dren, first three born in P., the rest in Forestville: 

i, Hattie Maria^ Hinman, b Jan'y 2, i860, m May 12, 
1 880, Evered Wardell Day. They have: Rupert 
Stanley^, b Feb'y 9, 1881; Evered Wardell, b 1883, 
d 1884; Cornelius Winfield, b Feb'y 14, 1886; Harry 
Hinman, b July 11, 1891, d Dec. 9, 1892. 

ii. Cora Jane Hinman, b Aug. 2^^, 1862, m Nov. 28, 1883, 
Wright L. Glidden. They have: W. Lanis^, b 
Oct. 17, 1884; Albert N., b Nov. 7, 1885, d Jan'y 28, 
1888; Jessie C, b July 14, 1887, d Jan'y 5, 1888; 
Earl Stanley, b May 6, 1890. 

The Loveland Genealogy. %\^ 

ill. Mary Antoinette Hinman, b Oct. 12, 1864, m May 4, 
1887, J. E. Prior. 

iv. Tryphena C. Hinman, b March 5, 1867. 

V. Gertrude Delight Hinman, b Oct. 4, 1871, m in Hart- 
ford, Conn., Nov; 28, 1892, William Mortimer, only 
child of Daniel B. and Lucj* Shepard, b in H., June 
17, 1868. They have: Daniel Miles«, b in Water- 
bury, Conn., Feb'y 25, 1894. 


KEZIAH* LOVELAND (Lewis*, Joseph*) was b in Ox- 
ford, Conn., May 26, 1798, m in Wolcott, Conn., Thanksgiving 
Eve., 181 7, Miles, son of Jonah and Abaigal Curtis Barnes, b in 
Harwinton, Conn., April 21, 1795, d at Plymouth, Conn., July 20, 
1862. She d in W., Oct 30, 1886, buried at P. Farmer. Jonah 
Barnes was a private in the Rev. War, Children born at Ply- 
mouth : 

i. Betsy Humiston'^ Barnes, b June 12, 1819, m in P., 
June II, 1836, Ephraim Beecher, son of Moses and 
Patty Beecher Gilbert, b in Watertown, Conn., 
Jan'y i, 181 2, d at Wolcott, Feb'y 10, 1890. She d 
at Waterbury, Conn., Sept. 14, 1842. Children b in 
Plymouth: Annis A.«, b July 13, 1837, ^ April 15, 
1838; Mary Ann, b March 28, 1840, m at Bristol, 
Conn., Nov. 14, 1859, George Mills Bassett, b at 
Harwinton, April 22, 1838 (She d at Cambridge, 
111., May 6, 1863); Betsy, b April 25, 1842, m at 
Bristol, Conn., March 13, 1866, William Wallace, 
only son of William and Sarah Gilbert Bradley, b at 
Southington, Conn., Oct. 29, 1842. 

ii. Annis Barnes, b Nov. i, 1821, d March i, 1830. 

SUSAN« LOVELAND (Lewis*, Joseph*) was b in Wol- 
cott, Conn., Nov. 12, 1806, m in Plymouth, Conn., Oct. 10, 1830, 
Edmund Todd, b in P., Aug. 14, 1803, d in Bridgeport, Conn., 
Aug. 16, 1869. She d in Meriden, Conn., April 10, 1864. Chil- 
dren, first born in Franklin, N. Y., the rest in Meriden: 

350 The Laoeland Genealogy. 

i. Sarah Ann'' Todd, b Aug. 14, 1831, m in Plainville, 
Conn., Oct. 11, 185a, Lucius Burnham, b in Mon- 
tague, Mass., Dec. 10, 1826. Family in Tacoma, 

ii. Ellen Augustine Todd, b April 14, 1840, m in M., 

June 16, 1859, William H. Bang^, b Jan'y 14, 1836, 

d Aug. II, 1S69; m 2d Nov. 25, 1870, George W. 

Page. Family in Meriden. 

iii. Edmund Delbs Todd, b April 26, 1843, d in hospital 
at New Haven, Conn., Nov, 26, 1864. In the Union 
Army ; 2d Conn. Heavy Artillery. Buried at M. 

LEWIS F.« LOVELAND (Lewis«, Joseph*) was bin Wol- 
cott, Conn., 1809, m in Plymouth, Conn., April 19, 1835, Huldah 
Amanda, dau. of Barnias and Sylvia Humiston Beach, b in P., Nov. 
23, 1816, d in Harwinton, Conn., June 7, 1836. He d there Oct. 
10, 1838, a. 29. Both buried in P. Shoemaker. They had: 

i. Huldah Amanda'^, b in H., June i, 1836, m there June 
10, 1858, Albert Martin, son of Enos Bunnell and 
Mrs. Matilda Barnes Moses, b in H., Sept. 16, 183S. 
Divorced Sept. 29, 1865. Neglect caused by strong 
drink. He d in H., May 29, 1875. She m 2d in P., 
Dec. 3, 1871, Nathan Thomas Painter, b in P., Nov. 
8, 1826, d there June 21, 1886. Children b in Har- 
winton: Charles Albert*, b May 3, 1859, m Minnie 
Flora Brown; Frank Lewis, b April 25, 1861, m 
Emma Austin; Ella Maria, b March 13, 1864, d June 
15* 1865. P. O., Plymouth. 

ASHBEL* LOVELAND (Joseph*, Thomas*) was b at 

Stratford, Conn., about 1741, m Patty (Martha) Wilmot, of 
Woodbridge, Conn. They settled at Watertown, Conn., 1770. 
He d there April 22, 1827. She d there Sept. 3, 1796, a. 60. 
The house he purchased in 1770 remained standing until 1885, and 
had been occupied by five generations. He carried on an exten- 
sive business of tanning and currying and was a manufacturer of 
shoes. Children born in Watertown: 

the JLcvetand Genealogy » 351 

375. i. Truman •, b about 1759, m Ann Elizabeth Wooster. 
ii. Martha, m Stark. Family. No report. 

376. iii. Landon, b 1773, m Rosannah Hungerford. 

TRUMAN* LOVELAND (Ashbel*, Joseph*) was b in 
Watertown, Conn., 1759, m in Oxford, Conn., Ann Elizabeth 
Wooster, b there about 1766, d at Seymour, Conn., April 2, 1842, 
a. 76. He d there March 13, 1839. Farmer. Served through 
the Rev. War. Enlisted aboard the marine ship Trumbull of 28 
guns, April 2, 1777. His name is in the list of Conn, pensioners. 
The Trumbull was captured off the Delaware Capes by two 
British ships, the Iris snd Gen. Monk, in 1781, after a gallant re- 
sistance of more than one hour, during which time she was com- 
pletely dismantled. Children born in Derby, Conn.: 

i. Ruth Ann*, m David Hotchkiss, of Derby. They had : 
Eliza'', m Rufus Buddington, of Stratford, Conn. 
(Large family); and Truman, m. Family. No 

ii. Eunice, m Edmund Storrs. Family. No repoit. 

377. iii. Sarah Minerva, b Sept. 21, 1802, m Silas Hawkins. 


SARAH M.« LOVELAND ( Truman «, AshbeU) was b in 

Derby, Conn., Sept. 21, 1802, d at Oxford, Conn., Jan'y 2, 1888; 

m about 1824, Silas Hawkins, b 1756, d at O., Oct. 15, 1844. 

Buried in the Old Quaker Farm Cem. Children born in Oxford: 

i. Silas'' Hawkins, b Dec. 8, 1825, d July 3, 1890; unm. 
377dr. ii. Charles Hawkins, b March 31, 1828, m Louisa J. 


CHARLES'' HAWKINS, b at Oxford, Conn., March 31, 
1828, m Dec. 17, 1848, Louisa Jane Johnson. Farmer. P. O., 
Oxford. Children born in Oxford : 

i. Sarah Mi nerval Hawkins, b Jan'y 17, 1853, d at O., 

July 18, 1863. 
ii. Mary Louisa Hawkins, b Feb'y 16, 1855, d at O., May 

19, 1875. 

352 7%^ Ltyveland Genealogy, 

iii. Charles Nathan Hawkins, b Aug. 5, 1858, d at O., 
July 7, 1863. 

iv. Ira Lincoln Hawkins, b March 16, 1861, m in O., 
April 12, 1881, Martha Jane Hubbell, b in O., May 
18, 1859. They have: Mabel Louise •, b in O., Sept. 
2, 1885. 

V, Grace Amelia Hawkins, b Aug. iS, 1865, m in O., 
April 27, 1890, David Frank Roberts, b in Stratford, 
Conn., Sept. 2, i860. They have: Elsie May®, b 
in O., April 27, 1891. 

vi. Robert Zachariah Hawkins, b May 21, 1873. 

Charles'^ Hawkins writes, 1890: "From the birth of my grand- 
father, Zachariah Hawkins, to the present time is 174 years. 
Father was 69 years old when he married my mother, Sarah M. 
Loveland. His first wife was Sarah Perry, b}' whom he had 
seven children. He was married to Sarah Perry, Feb'y 25, 1781. 
She d Feb'y 24, 1820, a. 58. My grandfather, Capt. Zachariah 
Hawkins, was five time 4 married. He left a widow, had 14, chil- 
dren, 85 grandchildren and 95 great grandchildren. His son Silas, 
my father, was own brother to Elijah Hawkins who married Abi- 
gail Loveland. I live within a stone's throw of where Elijah and 
my grandfather died. I enherited some of the land. I have in 
my possession a captain's commission of Capt. Zachariah Haw- 
kins, dated the 22d of March, 1760, in the 33d year of the reign of 
Sovereign Lord George the Second, King of Great Britain. We 
support the Episcopal Church and vote the Republican ticket, and 

are quite temperate." 


LANDON« LOVELAND (Ashbel*, Joseph*) was b at 
Watertown, Conn., 1773, m there Rosannah Hungerford, b in W., 
1769, d there March 23, 1843, a. 74. He d there March 4, 1834, 
a. 61. Carried on his father's business in Watertown; also farmer. 
Mary Ann inherited the family Bible containing the family rec- 
ords. She took it with her to Ohio. No one can trace it. Sup- 
posed to be lost. — Emily. Children birn in Watertown: 

i. Edmund •, b 1797, d Aug. 19, 1817, a. 20. 
378. ii. Ashbel, b March 21, 1800, m Ruanna Lewis. 

The Laveland Genealogy. 253 

iii. Maria, b 1805, d Aug. iS, 1824, a. 19. 
379, iv. Mary Ann, b Aug. 29, 1808, m Hiram K. Noble. 
3S0. V. Emily, b June 12, 181 1, m Chauncey Bidwell. 

vi. Emeline, b June 12, 181 1, m William Peck. She d at 

W., Sept. II, 1833. 
vii. Truman, m Miss Hayden, of Waterbury, Conn. They 
removed to Rochester, N. Y. Merchant. From 
Rochester he went to Canada, where he died. 

ASHBEL« LOVELAND (Landon*, AshbeH) was b in 

Watertown, Conn., March 21, iSoo, m there Ruanna Lewis, b in 

Watertown, April 7, 1799. He d there July 5, 1885. Children 

born at Watertown: 

381. i. Eliza Ann'', b May 13, 1821, m Chas. R. Hinman; m 

2d Abel W. Smith. 

ii. Maria J., b June 6, 1823, m Jan'y i, 1846, Edward 
Morse. They have: Ellen J.®, b June 19, 1847, ™ 
William Wheeler. Family. No report. 

iii. Edmund, b Feb'y 12, 1825, d Aug. 2, 1836. 

iv. Aim ra E., b April 4, 1828, m in W., Sept. 15, 1847, 
Henry E. Judd, b in W., March 23, 1825. They 
have: Albert «, b Feb'y 6, 1849, "^ Martha Riggs; 
and Ella, b 1874. 

382. v. Emeline, b Feb'y 19, 1832, m Charles McNeil. 

ELIZA ANN*? LOVELAND (Ashbel«, Landon«) was b at 
Watertown, Conn., May 13, 1821, m the»e May 10, 1843, Charles 
R. Hinman, b at Torrington, Conn., May 11, 1821, d at W., Aug. 
21, 1859. Carpenter and farmer. She m 2d at W., Nov. i, 1876, 
Abel W. Smith, b at Northfield, Conn., Jan'y 25, 1820. She d at 
W., Nov. 20, 1891. She owned the Loveland homestead at 
Watertown where five generations had been born. Children: 

381a. i. Edla R.« Hinman, b April 21, 1846, m Merritt Hem- 

minway, Jr. 

ii. Berkley L. Hinman, b at W., Aug. 6, 1849, m at W., 
Sept. 18, 1870, Gertrude Ladd, d there Jan'y 20, 
1884. He m 2d Nov., 1886, Alice Riggs. Boot and 
shoe dealer. No children. 

254 7%^ Loveland Genealogy. 

EDLA R.« HINMAN, b in Thomaston, Conn., April 21, 

1846, m at Watertown, Conn., Sept. 14, 1864, Merritt Hemmin- 

way, Jr., b at W., Aug. 9, 1842. Partner in M. Hemminway Silk 

Company at W. Children born in W.: 

i. Charles Merritt* Hemminway, b May 16, 1867, m in 

' Brooklyn, N. Y., Nov. 4, 1891, Jeannette Cochran 

Callender, b there Jan'y 12, 1867. He grad. at Yale 

Coll., class 1 888. Has charge of Philadelphia office 

of silk company. 

ii. Harry Hinman Hemminway, b Nov. 5, 1869, m Oct. 
18, 1892, Charlotte B. Lewis, b in W., Dec. 29, 
1873. Grad. (1887) from M'»hegan Lake Military 
School, Peekskill, N. Y. With his father in silk 

EMELINE'' LOVELAND (Ashbel«, Landon«) was b in 

Watertown, Conn., Feb'y 19, 1832, m Feb'y 5, 1851, Charles Mc- 
Neil, of Litchfield, Conn., b Feb'y 25, 1823. Druggist at Tor- 
rington, Conn. Chi'dren born in Tofrington: 

i. Frank* McNeil, b July 13, 1853, m at T., Aug 31, 
1876, Addie U. Brooker, b at T., 1856. In drug 
store. They have: Gertrude H.», b Feb'y i, 1879; 
Arthur B., b Feb'y 24, 1881, d March 20, 1886; 
Ruanna Loveland, b Sept. 16, 1885. 

ii. Merritt McNiil, b Sept. 13, 1865, m at T., Feb'y 8, 
1888, Gertrude McClellan Hunter, b in Gardner, 
Me., April 7, 1865. In drug store. 

MARY ANN* LOVELAND (Landon«, AshbeH) was bat 
Watertown, Conn., Aug. 29, 1808, m there Sept. 20, 1831, Hiram 
K. Noble, b in Colesville, N. Y., April 18, 1808, d in Litchfield, 
O., April II, 1865. She d there Jan'y 5, 1886. Children, first 
three born in Colesville, fourth in Rochester, O., fifth in Litchfield: 

i. DeForesf Noble, b 1832; d. 

The Loveland Genealogy, 255 

ii. Benjamin D. Noble, b Jan'y 19, 1833, m at Canaan, 
O., April 30, 1856, Mary A. Kimmal. She d in 
Wellington, O., Oct. 3, 1883. They had: Eva» and 

iii. Mary Rosanna Noble, b Nov. 29, 1834, m in Brigh- 
ton, O., April 10, i8>5, Charles H. Stone. They 
have: Florence M.*, b in Strongsville, O., July 14, 
i860, m Oct. 3, 1882, Char4es F. Matterson, of Litch- 
field, O. * 

iv. Edmund B. Noble, b Aug. 10, 1841, m Delia French. 

v. William W. Noble, b Jan'y 25, 1846, m Mary S. 
Henry. Druggist in Berea, O. 

EMILY« LOVELAND (Landon^, Ashbel*) was b in Water- 
town, Conn., June 12, iSii, m there Jan'y 14, 1834, Chauncey 
Bidwell, b in W., July 8, 1805. P. O., Thomaston, Conn. They 

i. Henry A.'' Bidwell, b in Thomaston, April 8, 1841, m 
at South Windsor, Conn , Oct. 4, 1865, Emily Wol- 
cott. She d Feb'y 14, 1879; m 2d Oct. 18, 1879, 
Martha S.Johnson. They have: Jennie M.«, b in 
Brooklyn, N. Y., Dec. 22, 1875; Ida L., b in Wind- 
sor, Conn., Jan'y i, 1879. 

BENJAMIN« LOVELAND (Thomas^, Thomasi) was bin 

Glas., Conn., 1716, m there Abigal Hollister, b in G., Jan'y 26, 

17 13. He d in Glas., 1754. Court appointed David Hollister his 

guardian in 1825, the date of his father's death. The estate of 

Benjamin Loveland was administered by John Miller and Abigal 

Loveland. His dau. Hope chose Thomas Harris as guardian. 

His son Benjamin d in the army at Havannah, 1762^ in the French 

and Spanish war with Eng. Children born in Glas.: 

i. Abigail, m Benjamin Hunter, Feb'y 4, 1761. She 
had a dau., AbigaH. See Glas. church and deed 

ii. Benjamin, b 1742, d 1762. Glas. records. 

256 The Loveland Genealogy, 

ill. Hope, b 1744. Court record. 

iv. Rosea, d 1777. His brother, Lazarus, ad mV. 

384. V. Asa, m Mary . His brother, Lazarus, admV. 

385. vi. Lazarus, b 1750, m Rachel Reeves. 

ASA* LOVELAND (Benjamin*, Thomas^) was b in Glas., 

Conn. He was a soldier in the Rev. War and d in the army at 

Roxbury, Mass., Oct. 24, 1775. He m in Glas., Mary . 

Children born in Glas.: 

386. i. Abigail, b Oct. 20, 1771, m Elijah Hawkins. 

387. ii. Benjamin, b Nov. 22, 1773, m Hannah Hinman. 

388. iii. Sarah, m Scott Baker, 
iv. Martha, m Anson Little. 

ABIGAL6 I^QYELAND (Asp*, Benjumin*) was b in Glas., 
Conn., Oct. 20, 1771, m in Oxford, Conn., Elijah Hawkins, b 
there July 2, 1748, d there Feb*y 23, 1809. She d there May 10, 
1830. Farmer. Children born in Oxford: 

386a. i. Asa* Hawkins, b Aug. 18, 1796, m Hannah Wooden, 
ii. Phebe Hawkins, b Jan'y 23, 1802, m — ^— Morris. 

One child. All dead, 
iii. Sarah Hawkins, b July 1 1, 1804, m Clark Tomlinson* 

They had: George'' and William. No report, 
iv. Martha Maria Hawkins, b Sept. 30, 1807, m ■■ 

Burr. She d April 20, 1829. No fam. 

ASA« HAWKINS, b in Oxford, Conn., Aug. 18, 1796, m 
there Hannah Wooden, b Oct. 11, 1798, d there Feb'y 12, 1885. 
He d there Dec. 9, 1868. Children born in Oxford: 

i. Lewis "7 Hawkins, b March 29, 1822, m in O., Dec. 24, 
1854, Mary Grace Holbrook, bin O., July 14, 1834. 
They have, b in O.: Henrietta Augusa', b March 
30, 1856, m Frank P. Wooster, Oct. 15, 1879; Mary 
Lewis, b Dec. 20, 1858; Phebe A., b Nov. 25, 18641 
d Aug. 3, 1869. 

The JLoveland Genealogy, 357 

ii. William Hawkins, b July 15, 1824, d Oct. 22, 1825. 
386^. iii. Jane Hawkins, b Feb'y 20, 1828, m M. F. Sharpe. 

iv. Maria Hawkin«, b Aug. 14, 1831, m in O., Oct. 21, 

1855, Samuel Everett Hubbell, b in O., June, 1830. 

She d in C, Feb'y 2, 1879. Family at O. 
V. Mary Hawkins, b Jan'y 24, 1834, d May 20, 1834. 
vi. John Hawkins, b May 4, 1836, m in O., Aug., 1866, 

Harriet Wooster. No family, 
vii, Phebe Hawkins, b June 2, 1838, m in O., July 4, 1858, 

George Lewis Hubbell, b in O., 1833, d there Aug. 

12, 1867. She m 2d July 27, 1876, William L. 

Chadwick. Family, 
viii. Samuel Hawkins, b Sept. 30, 1840, m in O., Sept. 30, 

1869, Celestia W. Stoddard, b in O., April 21, 1848. 


JANE'' HAWKINS, b in Oxford, Conn., Feb'y 20, 1828, m 
there Nov. 25, 1849, Minot F. Sharpe, b at Newton, Conn., June 
6, 1828. She d in Seymour, Conn., Dec. 17, 1873. They had, 
born in N.: 

i. Franklin Newton » Sharpe, b Oct. 26, 1S55, m in Hart- 
ford, Conn., Sept. 17, 1S84, Charlotte E. White, b 
there, 1862. Broker. They have: Roy Sherman®, 
b in H., Dec. 3, 1886. 

ii. Carrie Estella Sharpe, b Oct. 22, 1857, m in S., Sept. 
23, 1879, William Nelson Woodruff, b in Orange, 
N. J., June 23, 1846. Inventor of Woodruff's sys- 
tem of keying. No family. P. O., Hartford. 

BENJAMINS LOVELAND (Asa^ Benjamins) was b in 
Glas., Conn., Nov. 22, 1773, m at Oxford, Conn., Feb'y 29, 1796, 
Hannah, dau. of John Hinman, b in O., Sept. 13, 1777, ^ ^^ Scipio, 
N. Y., Dec. 18, 1847. He d there Nov. 19, 1845. Carpenter. 
Children, the first three born in O., the rest at Scipio: 

389. i. Abijah«, b Nov. 1 1, 1797, m Polly Cowell. 

3J9. ii. A§^i b P^c, ?5, 17^9, m Susan (;:, Hinpan, 

358 Tike Loroeland Genealogy, 

ill. Alfred, b Dec. 25, 1801, m in S., Dec. 10, 1S28, Eliza 
Ramsey. She d in S., Jan'y 4, 1842. He ni 2d in 
S., Diantha Fish. He d in Auburn, N. Y., Oct. iS, 
1870. Family. No report. 

iv. Sarah, b June 14, 1804, m in S., Feb'y 20, 1822, Ste- 
phen Reynolds, b Dec. 19, 1798, d Nov. 23, 1847-48. 
She d at Eaton Rapids, Mich., Jan'y 4, 1850. They 
had sixteen children. 

V. Abigal, b May 15, 1806, d Aug. 18, 1806. 

vi. Martha, b Aug. 18, 1807, m in S., June 30, 1839, Jacob 
Bela Powers. She d in Groton, N. Y., Nov. i, 
1852. He d there Sept. 15, 1879. No family. 

vii. Mary, b Nov. 13, 1809, "^ ^^^ •^•» J^^'.V ^6, 1837, Mar- 
cus Powers, b in Groton, Feb'y 23, 1811, d in Mo- 
ravia, N. Y., Dec. 3, 1887. Family. 

viii. John Coe, b June 29, 181 3, m at Ingleside, N. Y., 
March 20, 1856, Nancy Stone, b at Geddes, N. Y., 
May 18, 1819. He d at I., Aug. 23, 1887. No fam. 

ix. Michael D. H., b Sept. 10, 1816, m at Ithaca, N. Y., 
Nov. 24, 1839, Caroline Ackerman. She d Jan'y 13, 
1894, a. 71 y., 6 m., 3 d. No family. 

ABIJAH« LOVELAND (Benjamin*, Asa*) was b at Ox- 
ford. Conn., Nov. 11, 1797, m at Auburn, N. Y., Feh'y 27, 1821, 
Polly Cowell, b at Albany, N. Y., Dec. 26, 1797, d at Grand Rap- 
ids, Mich., Sept. 10, 1865. He d there June 21, 1872. Carpenter. 
Both buried at Homer, Mich. Children, the third born in Scipio, 
N. Y., the fourth in Ira, N. Y., the rest in Auburn: 

391. i. Polly Ann', b Jan'y 28, 1830, m Bela S. Brooks. 

ii. John Wesley, b Jan'y 4, 1833, m July 3, 1S54, Caro- 
line Van Bramer. He d at Detroit, Mich., Feb'y 
11, 1883. They had: William A.« ' No report. 

iii. Stephen Henry, b Oct. 22, 1834, m in Mentz, N. Y., 
Dec. 18, 1861, Anna Iloughtaling, b in Kingston, 
N. Y., April 29, 1841. Merchant. Rep. They 
have: Minnie®, b in Auburn, April 28, 1865, m in 
Quincy, Mich., Dec. 16, 1S80, Hugh C. Alger, b 
there 1863. They have: Olin Loveland®, b March 
>3, 1883. 


The Loveland Genealogy, 259 

iv. William Benjamin, b July 7, 1836, m in Auburn, Dec. 

14, 1859, Elizabeth Van Keuren, b in Mentz, N. Y., 

Jan'y 6, 1837. He d at Grand Rapids, Jan'y 8, 1893. 

No children. 

392. V. Abijah Hinman, b July 23, 1838, m Mary A. Babcock. 

POLLY A. 7 LOVELAND (Abijah«, Benjamins) was b in 
Auburn, N. Y., Jan'y 28, 1830, m there Aug. 5, 1851, Bela Smith 
Brooks, b in Roxbury, N. Y., May 26, 1823. Rep. M. E. Ch. 
They moved to Mich., 1865. She was 2d wife to Mr. Brooks. 
His first wife was Caroline Martha Woodworth, b in Georgetown, 
N. Y., July 22, 1823, m in Cincinnatus, N. Y., Jan'y i, 1843, d in 
Scipio, N. Y., March 14, 185 1. M. E. Ch. Children: 

i. Harriet Celestia Brooks, b in Marathon, N. Y., Nov. 
17, 1844, "^ May 9, 1872, Charles C. Philbrick, b in 
Cassopolis, Mich., Nov. 22, 1864. Hardware mer- 
chant at Grand Rapids, Mich. Rep. M. E. Ch. 
No children. 

ii. George Leibbens Brooks, b in Scipioville, N. Y., 
March 29, 1847, ^* ^- Ch. He d Aug. 24, 1864, 
in the service of his country. National Cemetery, 

iii. John Howard Brooks, b at S., March 12, 1851, m at 
Jonesville, Mich., Oct. 4, 1872, Ruth Campbell, b 
Nov. 5, 1852. Farmer. M. E. Ch. They have: 
Plarvey Olin, b Sept. 30, 187S; Harriet Irene, b 
Feb'y 9, 1884; Raymond Richmond, b June 21, 18S7. 

iv. Stephen Olin® Brooks, b Feb'y 28, 1S53. Mercantile 
business in Detroit, Mich. Graduate of a commer- 
cial college. Republican. 

ABIJAH H.7 LOVELAND (Abijah«, Benjamins) was b at 
Ira, N. Y., July 23, 1838, m at Auburn, N. Y., Sept. 25, 1866, 
Mary A. Babcock, b in Cortland, X. Y., Dec. 21, 1S44. Carriage 
maker. P. O., Hastings, Mich. Children, first two born Jn Af, 
third in AUen^ Mich,, fourth in Hillsdale, Mich.; 

26o The Loveland Genealogy^ 

i. Fred D.», b Aug. 9, 1867, m March 3, 1887, Delia 

Vrooman, b in Hastings, Nov. 26, 1867. Tailor, 
ii. Will H., b Sept. 12, 1868. Clerk in store, 
iii. Frank Stephen, b Sept. 8, 1873, d July 11, 1886. 
iv. Lizzie L., b Sept. 23, 1877. 

ASA« LOVELAND (Benjamin*, Asa*) was h in Oxford, 
Conn., Dec. 23, 1799, m at Auburn, N. Y., May i, 1828, Susan 
Caroline Hinman, b in Derby, Conn., July 20, 1806, d Oct. 24, 
1855; he d Feb'y 9, 1849; both buried in Fair Haven, a suburb of 
New Haven, Conn. Manufacturer of brushes. Children, first 
born in Scipio, N. Y., the second in Auburn; 

i. Harriet Caroline'', b May 15, 1829. She lives in New- 
Haven, Conn., and rendered valuable aid in collect- 
ing the records of her relatives. She is a woman of 
more than ordinary ability. 

ii. Almeda Hinman, b Sept. 17, 1833. 

SARAH« LOVELAND (Asa*, Benjamin*) wash in Glas., 
Conn., and d in Bridgeport, Conn., 1794-95, of smallpox. She m 
1790, Scotl, son of Anthony Baker of Cape Cod, Mass., b about 
1768. His older brothers were soldiers in the Rev. War, and soon 
after its close the family settled in Nova Scotia. Scott came from 
. there to Bridgeport about 1785. They moved to Bakerville, 
Conn., about 1810, where he d Sept. 19, 1852. Scott Baker m 2d 
Mary Beush and had children. Names not reported. Tanner 
and shoemaker. Children born in Bridgeport: 

388a. i. Asa« Baker, b 1791, m Deborah Keeler. 

388^. ii. Jesse Baker, b Sept. 18, 1794, m Charlotte Burr. 

ASA« BAKER, b in Bridgeport, Conn., 1791, m at South 
Salem, N. Y., Oct. 14, 1S13, Deborah Keeler, b there Dec, 1789, 
d in New Hartford, Conn., Dec. 24, 1S71. He d in Granville, 
Mass., Sept. 30, 1833. Farmer. Children, first two born in 
BakerviUe, Conn., third in New Hartford, the rest in ORnviU?; 


The Jiavetand Genealogy. 3^1 

388c. i. William Swayze'' Baker, b Nov. 28, 18 14, m Fanny 

M. Rogers, 
ii. Sarah Baker, b Sept., 181 6; unm. 
388^/. iii. John Fletcher Baker, b Oct., 181 7, m Clara Benjamin. 
388^. iv. Scott Baker, b March 2, 1819, m Abbie E. Burwell. 
V. Charles Linus Baker, b July 4, 1824, d May, 1849. 
vi. Emily Baker, m Hiram Pond. He d. She m 2d 
Chauncey Johnson. They had: Ella Emily*, b 
Aug. 22, 1852, m G. S. Carroll — no family; Myra 
Louise, b Dec, 4, 1858, d July 9, 1878. 

WILLIAM SWAYZE7 BAKER, b in Bakerville, Conn., 

Nov. 28, 1814, m at New Hartford, Conn., Nov. 15, 1S40, Fanny 
M., dau. of Daniel and Margaret Rogers, b in N. H., Sept. 16, 
1821. He was a lecturer and teacher and was associated with the 
Hon. Horace Mann, Hon. Henry Barnard and others in educa- 
tional work. He d in Collinsville, Conn., March 16, 1886. Chil- 
dren, first two born in Harwinton, Conn., the last in Burlington, 

388/". i. Edward Everett* Baker, b April 16, 184a, m Rosetta 

L. Fenn. 
ii. Albert Hebard Baker, b Oct. 18, 1845, d ** New Berne, 
N. C., May 21, 1862; unm. He enlisted in the 8th 
Conn., and d in the government hospital; reinterred 
May, 1S70, in South West Cemetery, Canton, Conn, 
iii. Frank Russell Baker, b April 15, 1855, "^ ^^ Hartford, 
Conn., Nov. 14, 18S8, Anna A. Gray, dau. of John 
Chevious and Emma Kingman Hall Gray, b in Hol- 
land, Vt., June 30, 1S59. Carpenter and farmer. 
They have: Robert Howard Baker, b Aug. 10, 
1886; adopted from the county home. His name 
before adoption was Robert Boax. His father and 
mother were husband and wife and no relation of 
the Bakers. P. O., Collinsville, Conn. 

William S. Baker was remarkable in his boyhood for being of 
a studious nature. By diligent home study winter evenings, sup- 

i62 The hoveland Genealogy. 

piemen ted by the district school and a few terms at an academy, he 
mastered the intricacies of mathematics and elementary science. 
His father being poor necessitated him to go out early to service, 
and when, in 1833, his father was killed by the kick of a horse, 
the care and support of the family fell to the management of him 
and his mother. His qualifications enabled him to teach school. 
By this occupation and farming he managed to support the 
family. We find him in turn teaching the district schools at Gran- 
ville, Mass., Bakerville and Nepaug, Conn., and later in charge 
of the new academy at Bakerville. 

He was a good school teacher, and enthusiastic and conscien- 
tious in his work. His services were in great demand by school 
committees, and their competition to secure him gave him wide 
spread notoriety. He was a pioneer in the normal methods of in- 
struction, which at this time were but little known in the New- 
England towns, and a strong advocate of graded schools. Nov. 
15, 1840, Sunday, he was publicly married to one of his former 
pupils in the Bakerville M. E. Church. This accomplished and 
intelligent lady, Fanny Matilda, was the youngest daughter of 
Daniel and Margaret Smith Rogers, a descendant of John Rogers, 
the English martyr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Baker both taught school the first year of their 
married life, in West Brewer and West Dennis, Mass. They then 
set up housekeeping at the Cape, where he taught during the win- 
ter of 184 1 -2. Here his special talent attracted the notice of Hon. 
Horace Mann, the great New England educator, who was devot- 
ing his whole time to the cause of education. Mr. Mann secured 
his services in normal school and institute work. In 1848 we find 
him editor of the Rhode Island Practical Teacher. In 1851 he 
entered the employ of Hon. Henry Barnard, LL. D., as itinerant 
educator, traveling and speaking in every school society in the 
State and making many lifelong friends. In 1856 he went to 
Minnesota and Missouri, where he was engaged in educational 
work three years. In 1857-8 he was agent of State Teachers' Asso- 
ciation, headquarters at St. Louis. In 1865 he accepted a position 
with Collins & Co., as traveling salesman in the western and 
southern States. He visited the Andersonville Rebel Prison, col- 

*rhe JLoveiand Geneatogy. 26^ 

lected the material for his lecture on the "Atrocities of Anderson- 
ville," which drew large audiences. He also visited many of the 
Freedmen schools, advising them on the possibilities of getting 
education under difficulties. The last few years of his life were 
devoted to farming and teaching select schools, winters. He was 
a strong anti-slavery man, benevolent to a fault, ever ready to as- 
sist the needy, and if necessary sacrifice his last dollar for their 
good. In school government he was firm, yet kind and full of 
sympathy for the unfortunate. He sought by a pure life to lead 
others to high morals and noble daring. Who shall say his work 
"was not well done, and that the many crosses he had to bear will 
not lead to a brighter crown? — F. R. Baker. 

In Barnard's Journal of Education, Vol. 14 (New series, Vol. 
4), Sept., 1 864, is a portrait of Mr. Baker and a complimentary 
sketch of his educational work. Through the courtesy of Hon. 
Henry Barnard, at the request of his son Frank, we are enabled to 
have the same portrait of this distinguished educator in this volume. 

EDWARD E.8 BAKER, b in Harwinton, Conn., April 16, 
1842, m June 19, 1864, Rosetta Lavina Fenn, b in Burlington, 
Conn., May 23, 1844. ^^ served in the Union Army: Battery 
B, 1st Conn. Artillery. Millwright and builder. Children born 
in Harwinton: 

i. Dennis G.» Baker, b Jan'y 2, 1867, m in W., Jan'y 26, 

1888, Carrie, dau. of Jonathan Balch. They have: 
Addie Louiseio, b in H., March 18, 1889. 

ii. Emma Aurilla Baker, b Aug., 1869, m in H., April 4, 

1889, Clifford Wood. She obtained divorce and m 
2d in H., Nov. 29, 1894, Frank A. Cleveland, b in 
H., April 26, 1869. 

iii. Eva Louise Baker, b Feb'y 8, 1875, d March 13, 1878. 


JOHN F.7 BAKER, b in Hartford, Conn., Oct., 1817, m in 

Salisbury, Conn., May 14, 1847, Clara Benjamin, b in Sheffield, 

Mass., July 29, 1824, d in New Haven, Conn., Oct. 16, 1890. He 

d at Bristol, Conn., March 11, 1895. Both buried at Winsted, 

^^4 ^^^ Lovetand Genealogy. 

Conn. Children, first born in Salisbury, second in New Hartford, 
Conn,, the third in Winsted : 

i. Emmerson J.8 Baker, b Feb'y 14, 1848, d Oct. 8, 1849. 

ii. Emma C. Baker, b Sept. 25, 1850, d Sept. 8, 1851. 

iii. Ellis B. Baker, b Sept. 24, 1854, m in Meriden, Conn., 
Sept. 15, 1876, Mary G. Frost, b in Bristol, Conn., 
Nov. II, 1852. Supt. of Southern N. E. Telephone. 
Children: Ellis B.», b in M., July 24, 1877; Caroll 
F., b in Springfield, Mass., Jan'y 2, 1880. 

SCOTT7 BAKER, b in Granville, Mass., March 3, 1819, m 
in Bakerville, Conn., Sept. 20, 1846, Abbie E. Burwell, b in Mil- 
ford, Conn., March 31, 1818, d April 30, 1894. Wood turner. 
Children, first three born in Bakerville, the last in Birmingham, 

i. Robert Scott » Baker, b Aug. 16, 1847, ^ I^ec. i, 1865. 

ii. Mary Louise Baker, b Jan'y 4, 1849, "^ '^ ^-j Nov. i, 
1S66, William L. Flynn. Supt. of the Detroit Knit- 
ting and Corset Works. They have, b in Detroit, 
Mich.: Robert Lansing^, b Sept. 10, 1867; Bertha 
Gardiner, b June 17, iS7i,d Jan'y 2*, 1889; William 
Burwell, b March 4, 1S75. 

iii. Clara Elizabeth Baker, b Nov. 21, 1854. 

iv. Scott Robert Baker, b Oct. 2, 1856; m. Has a dau., b 
Sept. 21, 1894. Physician. No report. 

JESSE« BAKER, b in Bridgeport, Conn., Sept. 18, 1794, m 
there Charlotte Burr, b there Dec. 21, 1795, d in East Hartford, 
Conn., 1S69-70. He was in the War 1812, Traveling preacher. 
Died west. Children: 

388^. i. Asa Burr'' Baker, b Oct. 15, 1S15, m Prudence Rhodes, 
ii. Jesse Lee Baker, b Nov. 23, 1S16, d July 2, 1824. 
iii. Mary Baker, b Dec. 11, 1818, m Sanford S. Under- 
wood. She d in Hartford, Conn., July 17, 1887. 
No report. 

The Lovetand Genealogy, 265 

iv. Sarah Ann Baker, b June 8, 1822, m Charles Corps. 

She d in Windsor Locks, Conn., May 15, 1847, 

No report. 
388^. V. Caroline Baker, b Oct, 10, 1824, m F. I. Frisbie. 

vi. George Baker, b March 9, 1827; m. No family. He 

was in the Mexican War, and died of a fever soon 

af t^ the capture of Mexico. 
388/. vii. Harris Baker, b Jan'y 4, 1829, m Charles Deming. 

viii, Jane C. Baker, b Jan'y 9, 1831, d May i, 1835. 
388/. ix. Charles Wesley Baker, b March 8, 1834, m Philadel- 
phia Scott. 
X. Charlotte Jane Baker, b June 20, 1836, m Sept. 12, 

1855, Benj. Wilcox. She d in East Hartford, Nov. 

5, 1892. They had: George K.«, m Lizzie Palmer; 

Frederick B., m Kate Lester. 

ASA B.' BAKER, b Oct. 15, 1815, m in Glas., Conn., Nov. 

20, 1836, Prudence Rhodes, b in Wethersfield, Conn., Sept. 24, 

1 818, d in Plainville, Conn., April, 1857. Children, first born in 

Glas., second in Middletown, Conn., the rest in Plainville: 

i. Marshall Asa* Baker, b Oct. 2, 1837, ^ Nov. 29, 1844. 

ii. Herschell Blirr Baker, b July i, 1839, "^ ^^ Forestville, 
Conn., Oct. 12, 1864, Sarah Atkins, d in P., Sept. 
20, 1871. He m 2d June 6, 1887, Josephine Pal- 
meter. They have, b in P.: Edward Burr*,b April 
16, 1868; Lottie May, b April 24, 1871. 

iii. Everett Murray Baker, b Dec. 9, 1841, m in Sunder- 
land, Mass., Oct. 30, 1871, Eliza Winslow. They 
have: Minnie Belle®, b in P., Feb'y 17, 1873. 

iv. Georgianna Baker, b Oct. 4, 1843, d July 29, 1852. 

V. Marshall D. Baker, b May i, 1845, d July 21, 1852. 

vi. Ransom Lee Baker, b May 4, 1847, m in P., Sept. 23, 
1868, S. Electa Carter. They have, b in P.: Elton 
Burwell®, b Jul}' 19, 1869; Charles Ransom, b Dec. 
22, 1876. 

•vii. Herbert Henry Baker, b May 6, 1849, ^]^^y ^i? 1852. 

266 The Lovetand Genealogy. 

CAROLINES BAKER, b in Burlington, Conn., Oct. 10, 
1824, m in Farmington, Conn., Jan'y 1, 1843, Frederick Israel 
Frisbie, b in Middlebury, Conn., March 7, 1821. Foreman in fac- 
tory of railway news agents' supplies. Rep. Cong. Ch. P. O., 
St. Louis, Mo. Children: 

i. Ellen Augusta^ Frisbie, b in Hartford, Conn., Sept. 8, 
1847, m in Bunker Hill, 111., April 10, 1873, Wil- 
liam Ferrel Bohn, dealer in railway news agents' 
supplies; office and factory in St. Louis, Mo. Chil- 
dren b in St. Louis: Harry Frisbie*, b March 2, 
1874; Charles Duncan, b Jan'y 29, 1876; William 
Frederick, b Aug. 24, 1878; Jesse Isabel, b June 29, 
1880, d Aug. 13, i88i ; Lillian May, b July 4, 1882; 
Ethel Jennie, b Feb'y 4, 1885; John Wesley, b Nov. 
1, 1888; George Perry, b June 13, 1891. 
ii. Charlotte Jane Frisbie, b in New Haven, Conn., May 
21, 1855, m in St. Louis, June 12, t888. Commodore 
Perry Short. Children b in River Falls, Wis.: 
Harry Perry*, b Aug. 2, 1889, d July 11, 1890; Jo- 
seph Emory, b Nov. 24, 1891, d Sept. 23, 1892; 
Frederick, b Nov. 24, 1891. 
iii. Jennie Whitney Frisbie, b in Watertown, Conn., Jan'y 
20, 1859. 

HARRIET' BAKER, b in East Hartford, Conn., Jan'y 4, 
1829, m there Jan'y 4, 1848, Charles Deming, b there Oct. 29, 
1826. She d in St. Louis, Mo., Dec. 15, 1886. Brokerage and 
commission. P. O., St. Louis. Children: 

i. Charles Elliott* Deming, b in E. H., April 22, 1850, d 
in Alton, 111., Aug. 19, 1858. 

ii. Alice Baker Deming, b in E. H., May 17, 1852, m 
Jan'y 14, 1873, Robert Lester Willis. Children bin 
St. Louis: Roy Lester®, b Jan'y 12, 1875; Zoe Bes- 
sie, b April 29, 1S78. 

iii. Frank Lucius Deming, b in St. Louis, May 2, 1857, m 
there Pauline Gray. Children born in St. Louis: 
Harry *, Caroll E. and Helen. 

T'he Lovetand Geneatogy. 3^7 

iv. Everett Brainard Deming, b in St. Louis, Sept. 13, 
i860, m Carrie: Spratt, b in Galena, 111. They had: 
Cecil Kershaw®. 

V. Arthur Willie Deming, b Sept. 24, 1862. 

vi. Laura Lillian Deming, b Oct. 19, 1865, d April 19, 1870 

vii. Harriet Judd Deming, b in St. Louis, July 21, 1868. 

CHARLES W.'' BAKER, b in Glas., Conn., March 8, 1834, 
m in N. Y. City, Jan'y, 1864, Philadelphia Scott, b in London, 
£ng., June, 1839. Children, first and third born in St. Louis, 
Mo., the second in Burlington, Conn.: 

i. George W.« Baker, b Nov., 1864. 

ii. Emma J. Baker, b March, 1866, m in St. Louis, Dec. 
7, i886, Frederick L. Frantz. They have: Florence 
B.», b in St. Louis, Dec. 19, 1887. 

iii. Lillie L. Baker, b Aug., 1870. 

LAZARUS* LOVELAND (Benjamin*, Thomas^) wasbin 

Glas., Conn., about 1750, m there Aug. 4, 1773, Rachel, dau. of 
John Reeves. No record of her birth or death. She probably 
outlived her husband, who d at South Glas., Feb'y 21, 1823, a. 73. 
He wras in the Rev, War. (See Conn, Roster, p. 385.) The 
Glas. Record of Families, Book B, p. 140, gives: 

Rachel^, b Dec. 13, 1774. 
ii. Anna, b April 16, 1776. 

iii. Hosea, b Feb'y 14, 1778 (Paine Gen., b Oct, 26). 
iv. Asa, b Oct, 26, 1779. 
v. Luther, b Aug. 16, 17S1. 
vi. John, b July 6, 1784, d at sea Feb'y 16, 1806. 

393. vii. Jesse, b Sept. 6, 17S6, m Lucretia* Paine, 
viii. Sarah, b Feb'y 9, 1789. 

ix. Molly, b Feb'y 12, 1791 (nicknamed Nabby). 

394. X. Lydia, b Dec. 1, 1792, m Luther Paine. 
xi. Harvey, b Feb'y 4, 1795. 

xii. Oliver, b Aug. i, 1798, d at S. Glas., Sept. 13, 1822. 
xiii. Samuel (one authority James), b July 22, i8oo. 
xiv. Polly, b May 10, 1S02 (Paine Gen., b Aug. 2). 

268 The L&Beland Genealogy. 

Lazarus Loveland lived and died in the same house where his 
son Jesse was born and died, and where the nine children of Jesse 
were born. He entered the American Army early in the War of 
the Revolution, and continued in the service to the triumphant 
cessation of hostilities. He was an active participant in most of 
its important battles. While he aimed to make his own home a 
constant source of happiness to his family, his own daily life illus- 
trated the Puritanical exactness and rigid applications of principles 
so characteristic of the times. His la*er years were pleasantly 
spent in quiet retirement, and in the cultivation of his little farm, 
beautifully situated among the hills of his native town. It gave 
him pleasure to recall and vividly describe the many heart thrilling 
experiences through which he had passed while fighting his coun- 
try's battles whenever he found an attentive and interested listener. 
The old house in which he passed his symmetrical and well 
ordered life was burned in the year 1873. Rachel Loveland, wife 
of Lazarus Loveland, was a very social woman and naturally en- 
joyed the society of a large circle of friends and acquaintances. 
She was conscientious in the strictest sense, and particularly punc- 
tilious regarding the observance of the Sabbath. She had also a 
tenderly sympathetic nature which prompted generous gifts of 
material aid and the expression of loving words of consolation to 
the poor and afflicted. She died at a very advanced age, a mem- 
ber of the Presbyterian Church, She was beloved by all who 
knew her. 

JESSES LOVELAND (LazarusS Benjamin*) was b in 
South Glas., Conn., Sept. 6, 1786, m there Aug. 30, 18 13 (Paine 
Genealogy), Lucretia*, dau. of John Paine, b in Southold, N. Y., 
April 21, 1794, d at S. Glas., Sept. 10, 1876. He d there Sept. 
19, 1868. Children born at S. Glas.: 

i. Rollin Reeves*, b Oct. i, 1817, m 1856, Lydia Jean- 
nette Richmond, b at Meriden, Conn. Carpenter, 
They had, b in East Hartford, Conn.: James M.'', b 
June 13, 1838; Frederick, b Oct. 15, 1861. 






■ • 


• • • 


The Loveland Genealogy, ^ 269 

ii. Charlotte Ann, b Aug. 3, 1819,' m at Wellington, 
Conn., Emory Williams. She d at Wellington, 1869. 
They had: Jennie'^ and a son. Jennie m and has 
two children and resided (1S79) ^^ Holyoke, Mass. 
She was a gifted singer and received appointments 
in the choirs of several churches. Her brother served 
in the War of the Rebellion. After his return home 
to Holyoke he was found dead ; supposed to have 
been shot. 

iii. Luther Paine, b April 26, 1821, m at Hartford, Conn., 
Celia Hard. They had: Frank'', m 1881, and Alice, 
m 1881. 
James Monroe, b Feb'y 14, 1823, d 1836. 
Alfred Lawrence, b Feb'y 24, 1825, m Martha O. Lee. 
Francis Harvey, b July 2, 1828, m Harriet P. Doolittle. 
Lydia Jane, b May 12, 1830, d Nov. 14, 1846. 
Benjamin Franklin, b July 6, 1834, m at New Haven, 
Conn., 1866, Mary Hobson Bolles, b in New Lon- 
don, Conn. They have: Lydia Jane', Albert Rol- 
lin, Flora Ann, Mary Eliassic, Lena Frances and 
Benjamin Franklin. 

ix. Harriet Lucretia, b May 17, 1836, m at Hartford, 
June 13, 1854, William Henry Durang, b at Wilbra- 
ham, Mass., Dec. 3, 1S21, d at Brooklyn, N. Y., 
March 19, 1874. She d there Oct. 18, 1889. They 
have, b in B.: William Henry'', b May 3, 1855, ^"^ 
Charles Edward, b April 23, 1859. 

Jesse Loveland was a housebuilder by occupation. He was 
born in the house in which he lived and died. He led an unevent- 
fill life, was a quiet man, a great reader and a deep thinker. He 
was identified with the reform party of the times, rallied under the 
banner of "Jefferson and Liberty." On his return from the w^ar 
(1812) he was enlhusiastically received by his fellow townsmen 
and was chosen captain of the town militia company by acclama- 
tion, wliich office he held many years. He was earnestly patriotic 
and ^^y9t?4 to the welfjir^ of his country. His ^vife^ Lu^r^tj^ 

370 The Lcveland Genealogy. 

Paine Loveland, w^s a most exemplary Christian woman and an 
ardent and consistent member of the Wethersfield Episcopal 
Church. Her memory is held in deep affectionate remembrance 
by her large family of children. She was a woman of deep and 
enthusiastic religious nature. She did not reason to conclusions, 
she simply believed all things, hoped all things and was happy in 
that condition. She had a wonderful store of information regard- 
ing the useful things of life and its duties. She was family phy- 
sician, tailor, instructor and woman of all work. She was emi- 
nently a home woman and derived her chief happiness from its 
daily round of experience. 

Their son, Benjamin Franklin Loveland, learned the art of 
moulding in all its branches. The confinement proving irksome 
he engaged in the business of whaling — had command of a vessel 
many years. He was a courageous captain and single handed sub- 
dued a mutinous crew who had demanded the surrender of the 
vessel for piratical purposes. He is at present (1884). engaged in 
the business of stock raising on the Pacific slope. He owns large 
tracts of land including several islands. He resides at Coupville, 
Island County, Washington. 

REV. ALFRED L.« LOVELAND (Jesses, Lazarus*) was 
b in South Glas., Conn., Feb'y 24, 1825, m at North Granby, 
Conn., Oct. 9, 1850, Martha Olivia Lee, dau. of George and Ada- 
line Hayes Lee, of Granby, b there Jan'y 12, 1828. He d at N. 
G., Sept. 22, 1884. Children, first born at Norwich, Conn., the 
rest at Granby: 

i. Flora', b Aug. i, 1851, d Aug. 17, I865. 
ii. Lottie, b Sept. 15, 1858, d Aug. 16, 1865. 
iii. Marius, b Oct, 9, 1867. In Texas. 

Mr. Loveland in early life learned the mason's trade, but being 
of a literary turn of mind he sought every opportunity to add to 
his store of practical and useful knowledge. When his attention 
was called to the ministry he entered upon a course of study under 
the supervision of Rev. H. B. Soule, and was ordained by the 
Hertford Countj^ Assopiation of Universalists, Jan'jr^ iSijS. JJi§ 

The Loveland Genealogy, 271 

ministerial labors were with the congregations at Granby, Nor- 
wich, Lyme, Goshen, Bark ham, Street, Winchester and Somers, 
Conn,, and Granville, Mass. He owned a large and successfully 
conducted fruit farm at North Granby. He was a frequent con- 
tributor to various religious, reformatory, agricultural and scientific 
periodicals. He held the appointment several years of State lec- 
turer under the auspices of the Order of the Patrons of Husbandry. 
Martha Olivia Lee, wife of Rev. A. L. Loveland, graduated at 
the Southwich, Mas^., High School, and before her marriage 
spent several years in teaching. Her sister, Mary Victoria Lee, 
only other child of George Lee and Adaline Hayes, graduated 
from the medical department of Michigan University at Ann Ar- 
bor. She is a successful lady physician. 

Mrs. Lovoland's grandfather, Orrin Lee, was a person of rare 
natural gifts and accomplishments. He had noble endowments of 
mind characteristic of the highest type of development which 
prompted a continual life of usefulness. His venerable and com- 
manding presence constituted a perpetual inspiration in the direc- 
tion of honor. 



With the unerring revolu'ion of Time's wheel we are brought 
again to the Sabbath day of rest, and into the sacred sanctuary 
dedicated to the one universal God who is the same yesterday, to- 
day and forever. 

But fiwe Sundays ago a little band of faithful worshippers 
heard from this desk those sweet words of Christ — "Blessed are 
they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall 
be filled," — and they came from one whose hunger and thirst had 
b/en filled with joy and peace; who had drank at the fountain of 
living waters, and been fed by the Hand of Infinite Love. 

How carelessly the words fell on those who listened to the be- 
loved teacher! They could not understand how life's short day 
was ebbing to its close. After fifty-nine years of a continuous step- 
pine towards heaven^ in the ripened beauty of m^n)io94 ^1^4 f^r* 

272 The JLoveland Genealogy. 

reaching influence and glorified consumation of a ministerial career, 
the death angel has laid his icy touch upon the shepherd of this flock. 

**I have laid help upon one who is mighty; I have exalted one 
chosen of the people." "And we are the people of .His pasture 
and the sheep of His hand." 

But a few days ago, a dav so filled with sorrow and mystery 
that it seems almost like a dream, underneath this desk, shrouded 
in its emblems of woe, surrounded by tributes of loving hands 
like a king in regal state, lay the piisior and friend whose life had 
been made up of heroic deeds, and whose heart-throbs had been 
given to the cause of truth and the good of humanity. 

From the hillsides and valleys they came -a vast throng, tear- 
ful and mourning because of t'^eir great love for him. Indeed, a 
mighty man among men had fallen! Upon bis noble brow God 
had set his sign and seal and giving to the world an assurance of a 
man. My feeble pen can give no fitting memorial tribute to the 
life and character of a man like him. 

Like many of you, I have set at his feet and been taught les- 
sons of faith and resignation. From the open page of nature^s 
book he has gained inspiration and led us step by step through na- 
ture up to nature's God. When sorrow has entered our own 
dwelling, and sickness and death has walked hand in hand with 
us, across the hills has come many a ray of sunshine, and words 
of blessed promise have fallen upon our bleeding hearts like dews 
of heaven upon the thirsty earth. 

He was tender and gentle as a woman, with the self reliance 
and fearlessness of a Christ. Is it sacrilege that when the frail tene- 
ment was given back **earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to 
dust," in yonder quiet cemetery thoughts of the Savior's grave 
came to us? And as apology for our own fast falling tears it was 
a blessed comfort to think that even Jesu^s wept at the grave of 
one he loved. 

It is a rare thing to find a character of inflexible uprightness of 
purpose and wherever such exist they are the salt of the earth. 
The living strive but the dead alone are glorious, fh^ ^^S^^ ^^ ^ 
goo4 lif^ ney^r goeg gut, 



Tke lAfveland Genealogy, 273 

We say of the casket that shielded the gem of utmost value as 
Mre lay it to its repose after life's fitful fever is over: "It sleeps 
vrell!" But the memory of those who pass through the "Beauti- 
ful Gates Ajar" are sunsh'ne in our hearts forevermore. To the 
w^idowed heart of her who has walked in daily companionship for 
thirty four years of sunshine and shade, and to the one deprived of 
the watchful care and guidance of a father's love, do we feel 
especially drawn, for only in the home circle can they truly under- 
stand how fearful a thing it is to love what death can touch. 
Like those who sat seven days and seven nights to comfort one of 
old, we find no words but sit down with the multitude — for upon 
aM has the shadow fallen and all are mourners. 

As we enter this church we seem to see again the fond eyes 
beaming with wondrous beauty, the tongue moves in silvery sweet- 
ness at the movements of the soul, and the beloved presence falls 
upon us like a father's benediction. The very air is full of his 
presence and his influence lingers around us like grateful perfumes. 
The gentle guide, with hand white as the driven snow, beckons 
us on and makes us patient to "labor and wait." As he led and 
taught us here, so will he greet us on the confines of the new 
country — and what marvels of travel will he unfold to our enrap- 
tured vision as we move on in that existence where every presence 
is a halo and a joy forever! 

In the lofty chambers of God's great universe, like clouds 
gather the beckoning hands, and like doves home to their win- 
dows are we winging our way. Those in the sere and yellow 
leaf of their pilgrimage, the youth in life's green spring, and the 
little buds of a summer's day are passengers to the skies. 

In this dispensation of Providence we find it hard to see the di- 
vine will done on earth as it is done in heaven, and amid the busy 
sound of life's duties we pause and look out upon the hills of God 
from whence cometh strength. 

In the consciousness of our great immortality we revel and ex- 
patiate in the life to come. It is the omnipresent thought and re- 
lieves the burdened heart and casts off the pain-throbs of this mo- 
mentary existence. Through the blessed teachings of our trans- 

274 7il^ JLaveland Genealogy. 

lated Shepherd we sit down to the feast of the immortals, and in 
this high life we find God our father who dwelleth in immortality. 

As of those who have heen down in the midst of sorrow and 
the vale of tears, we find it especially sweet, as we come to the 
feast, to feel in our inmost soul that we have a friend who ^^stick> 
eth closer than a brother," and we realize all that sweetness in the 
knowledge that Jesus is our companion who leads the way to the 
new and ever increasing discoveries of that world of light where 
no darkness shall enfold us nor mystery trouble us. 

One by one "we shall know as we are known." Voices will 
come to us out of the mist like the sound of many waters. Music 
softer than the harmony of the spheres shall sing down the hills of 
heaven, and in the home of "many mansions" loved one shall meet 
the "one gone before;" pastor and people shall be reunited, and 
there shall be no more sorrow or tears, and in the end "God shall 
be all in all." "Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh 
ifl the morning." 

FRANCIS H.« LOVELAND (Jesse«, Lazarus*) was b at 
Glas., Conn., July 2, 1828, m at Hartford, Conn., 1856, Harriet 
Preston Doolittle, b at Woodbury, Conn., Sept. 28, 1834. ^^ 
was a master mechanic and d at H., Sept. 19, 1883. She is now 
the wife of Henry AUender. Children born in Hartford: 

i. Charles Lee'', b Jan'y 11, 1S58, m in Chicago, 111., 
Feb'y 17, 1884, Grace Evans. He holds a respon- 
sible position on the staff of the Chicago Herald. 
No children. 

ii. Edward Collier, b Sept. 7, i860; unm. He lives in 
C, and is in the electrical business. 

iii. Benjamin Walter, b Nov. 27, 1S64, m at Manchester, 
Conn., May 20, 1891, Clara Gertrude Robbins, b at 
East Haddam Conn., April 5, 1867. They have, b 
at Hartford: Florence Robbins*, b Oct. 8, 1892; 
Helen Robbins, b Oct. 17, 1893. 

Benjamin Walter Loveland went with his parents to Chicago, 
March, 1878. He attended school here three years and studied 

T%e Loveland Genealogy. 275 

music. In 1881 he returned to Hartford and engaged in the life 
insurance business with the Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance 
Company. He holds an important position in this company. He 
is organist of the Pearl Street Congregational Church, where he 
has charge of a fine quartette choir. He has been director of sev- 
eral choral societies in and about Hartford, and given a large num- 
ber of concerts with great success. He and his wife are members 
of the Episcopal Church. 

LYDIA« LOVELAND (Lazarus*, Benjamin«) was b at 

South Glas., Conn., Dec. i, 1792, m there Aug. 30, 1813, Luther 
Paine, b in Springfield, Mass. She d here July 2, 1824. For 
history of this family see Paine Family Book. We are indebted 
to Dr. H. M. Paine (its author), of Albany, N. Y., for the records 
of Jesse ^ Loveland and his sister Lydia, who married brother and 
sister. Children born in Glas.: 

i. Betsey Melissa* Paine, b April 22, 1814. 

ii. Lydia Sophronia Paine, b Aug. ii, 1816, d at Warre, 

Mass., July 3, 1826. 
iii. Adaline Cynthia Paine, b April 6, 1819. 


SAMUEL2 LOVELAND (Thomasi) d in Glas,, Conn., 
Sept. 27, 1772, in the 95th year of his age. From Prof. Hoadley, 
State Librarian at Hartford, Conn., who has a copy of the First 
Cong. Ch. Rec. of that place: ^'Samuel Loveman m Lydia Barn- 
ard, Oct. 4, 1705." Glas. Town Records: "Samuel Loveland be- 
gan to beat the drum the first Sabbath in the month, which is the 
6th of April, 1701" (supposed for the purpose of calling the people 
to meeting). Colonial Records, 1706-1716: "At a meeting of the 
Governor and Council in Hartford, May 22, 171 2: Resolved, that 
an order be given the Treasurer to pay Samuel Loveman of Glas., 
a soldier in Col. Whitney ^s Reg. in the late expedition against 
Canada, JC3, i8s." Deed Records: "Joseph Dickinson to Samuel 
Loveland (March 2S, 1731)9 four acres of land with mansion 
house thereon standing. — Samuel Loveland to his son, Charles 
Loveland (March 31, 1731). — Samuel Loveland to Samuel Love 
land, Jr. (Nov. 28, i737)> forty acres of land. — Samuel Loveland 
to John Loveland, for the love and affection I bear towards him, 
that he may be accommodated with land to work upon. — Samuel 
Loveland to his daughter Beriah, wife of David Dickinson (Dec. 
22, 1756)." Samuel Loveland removed from this pi rt of Glaston- 
bury to that part which later became the northern part of the town 
of Marlborough. Marlborough was incorporated as a parish out 
of portions of Hebron, Glas. and Colchester. The first house in this 
section was built by him in 1747. Fourteen subscribers "hereto, in- 
habitants in Colchester, Hebron and Glastonbury" petitioned (May 
15, 1736) the General Assembly for a separate place of worship: 
"We would humbly show to your Honors our Difficult Circum- 
stances, our living so far from any place of the publick worship of 
God, some living seven, some eight miles and several of us have 
so weakly wives that are not able to go to any place of publick 
worship." They asked the privilege of "hiring an orthodox min- 
ister to preach the word to and amongst us." Samuel Loveland 
was one of these petitioners, and Charles Loveland and Nathan 

T%e Laveland Genealogy, 277 

Dunham signed a similar petition in 1737. On the first petition 
the Assembly granted the petitioners liberty to employ a minister, 
but did not release them from taxes for the support of the ministry 
in the ecclesiastical societies to which they respectively belonged. 
— History of Hartford County, From Hartford Probate Records: 
**Will of Samuel Loveland, approved Dec. 9, 1772. John Love- 
land, Executor. Gives all his movable estate to his vfxie Lydia, 
and the land lying on the east side of the High Way. Gives his 
son Charles five shillings; his son John five shillings; his daughter 
Abigal ten Pounds; his grand-daughter, Abigal Porter, six Pounds; 
his daughter Beriah ten shillings. Will dated 10 Jan'y, 1765." 
Samuel Loveland at various times received his quota of the public 
lands from the town. The births and deaths of his children are 
found in the Middletown, Conn., Records. Middletown was 
formerly a part of Glastonbury. 

Charles*, b about 1706, m Silene . 

Samuel, b about 1709, m Rebecca Rowland. 
John, b Aug. 30, 1716, m Susannah Miller. 

Abigal, m Porter. 

Beriah, m David Dickinson. 

CHARLES* LOVELAND (Samuel^, Thomas') was b in 

Middletown, Conn., about 1706, m Silene . Deed Records: 

"Samuel Loveland to his son Charles (March 31, 1731). — Charles 
Loveland and Silene, his wife, to John House, March 11, 1730-31. 
— John Barnard to Charles and John Loveland, of Glastonbury, 
July 14, 1749." He removed to Hartford, Conn., previous to the 
Rev. War, as is shown by deed record. His son Charles'* m in M., 
1776, and was Corporal in Capt. Warner's company in the Rev. 
War. He enlisted for the war, April 25, 1777, from Hartford. 
He had one son, Charles^, b in Hartford. From William A. 
Loveland, of Sioux City, Iowa, we have: "My grandfather's name 
was Charles Loveland. He was b in Hartford and was the only 
son of his father. From Hartford he moved to Halifax, Nova 
Scotia. He was married three times, the second time to my grand- 
mother, Maria Raynard, in 1814." They had five children, only 









2*j8 The Loveland Genealogy. 

one, Charles Daniel, the father of William A., married. Charles* 
Loveland probably had one other son named Samuel^, who moved 
to Wooster, Mass. From William H. Loveland, of Elizabeth, N. 
J., we have: "My Father Samuel Barnard* Loveland, was b in 
Wooster, Mass., Dec. 15, 1799." We have no positive proof that 
Samuel Loveland was the name of Samuel B.'s father, but we are 
quite sure Samuel B. was Charles* Loveland's grandson. Chil- 
dren born in Hartford : 

i. Charles*, m in Middletown in 1776. 
ii. Samuel (supposed name). 

Charles Loveland served in the Rev. War. — See Conn. Roster, 
p. 176. He had only one son, Charles*, who moved to Halifax, 
where he was three times married. The name of his first wife 
unknown. By her he had: James*, died unmarried, lost at sea, 
and Sarah, married William Knock, or Nock, of Halifax. They 
moved to Louisville, Ky. He married 2d Maria Raynard, 1814. 
She died in Halifax, 1821. Had two children: Charles Daniel*, 
born Nov. 15, 1815 (married Sarah A. Hunt. He graduated at a 
medical college in Philadelphia, Pa., practiced in Louisville, Ky., 
Pittsfield and Havana, III. At this latter place he married. His 
only living child, William A.'', has a family at Sioux City), and 

William*, lost at sea in his fifteenth year. He married 3d 

Freeman, and had Maria* who married Judge Charles W. Clark, 
of Kansas City, Mo. 

Samuel Loveland moved to Wooster, where he married and 
had a family. We have been unable to identify but one son, Sam- 
uel Barnard*, born in Wooster, Dec. 15, 1799, married there about 
1820, Susan Dalerymple, who died at Wooster, Jan'y, 1822. He 
married 2d in N. Y. City, Jan'y 5, 1826, Margaret Sidmon, born 
in Rockland Co., N. Y., July 4, 1798, died in N. Y. City, June 
12, 1863. He died there June 16, 1S83. Six children: Lyman*, 
born in Wooster; Susan, born in Wooster, Jan'y 10, 1822, married 
Elias Crandell; Laura P. H., born in N. Y. City, Jan'y 28, 1827, 
married there Nov., 1843, Jeremiah Keyser, born there Nov. 14, 
1831 — family; William Henry, born in N. Y. City, May 20, 1828, 
married there Feb'y 7, 1852, Catharine Matilda Akley, bom there 

The Loveland Genealogy, 379 

Nov. 25, 1830 — family in Elizabeth, N. J.; Samuel Hasting, born 
in Philadelphia, Pa., March 29, 183 1, died 1850, lost at sea, and 
Charles Blanchard, born in N. Y. City, Jan'y 6, 1835, niarried 
there April 20, 1861, Sarah Julia Bergen, born Dec. 2, 1841 — 
family in Elizabeth. 

SAMUEL8 LOVELAND, JR. (Samuel^, Thomasi), wash 

in Middletown, formerly a part of Glas., Conn., about 1709. He 
was recorded Freeman in 1730. Deed Book 4, p. 314: "Samuel 
Loveland to Samuel Loveland, Jr., forty acres, Nov. 28, 1735." 
Lyme, Conn., Records give: "Samuel* Loveland, Jr., m Rebecca 
Rowland, March 6, 1735, and had Samuel, b Dec. 12, 1735." In 
New Jersey Roster: "Samuel and Charles Loveland in the Rev. 
War, from Burlington Co." Glas. Deed Book: "Charles Love- 
land, Sen., of Little Egg Harbor, N. J., executor of the last will 
and testament of Samuel Loveland, deceased, to Daniel Ward, one 
piece of forty acres; dated Nov. i, 1797." This deed carries the 
New Jersey Lovelands back to Glas. Mrs. Thomas F. Loveland, 
New Gretna (formerly Egg Harbor), N. J., writes: "Charles and 
Samuel Loveland came from Conn, and settled here." From the 
above we conclude that Samuel » Loveland left Lyme for Egg 
Harbor after the birth of Samuel and had Charles . These two 
were in the Rev. War. The New Jersey Lovelands claim descent 
from these two brothers. 

5. i. SamueH, b Dec. 12, 1735; m. 

6. ii. Charles, m Phoebe . 

SAMUEL4 LOVELAND (Samuels, Samuel2) was b at 

Lyme, Conn., Dec. 12, 1735. Soldier in the Rev. Army from 

Burlington County, N. J. Children born in Egg Harbor (now 

New Gretna), N. J.: 

7. i. Samuels; m. 

8. ii. Charles, m Sarah Grant. 

SAMUELS LOVELAND (SamueM, Samuel*). Children 

born in New Gretna, N. J.: 

a&> The Lovetand Genealogy, 

9. i. Samuel < 9 m Hannah Gale. 

ii. Catharine, m Ebenezer Sooy. 

ill. Jemima, m Daniel Townsend. 

iv. Joanna, m William Adams. 

V. Jesse, m Elvira C. Loveland (Family 10). 

SAMUEL« LOVELAND (Samuel*, Samuel*) was b in 
New Gretna, N. J., m Hannah Gale. Both dead. Children born 
in N. G.: 

i. James''^, m Mary Darby. They have: Melinda*, Jesse, 
Joanna, Abbie. 

ii. Joanna, m William Ford. Have: Maurice", William, 

iii. Sarah Ann, m Thomas Winterbottom. Have: Let- 
tice*, Annie, Thomas. 

iv. Melinda, m Rufus Butterfield. Have: Urelda*, 

V. Jesse. 

vi. Benjamin, m Sarah Carter. Have: George', Ida, 

vii. Daniel, m Hannah Gilford. Have: Leah*, Sarah, 
Addie, Ellis, Annie, Lewis, Frank, Bella. 

viii. Reuben, m Louisa Allen; m 2d Mary E. GaskiU. 
Have: Joseph*, Jesse, Laura, Abbie, Ella, Benja- 
min, Mary Jane, Norris, Rose, Lettice, Hannah 
Lida, Gussie, Delia, Florence, Julia. 

CHARLES* LOVELAND (Samuel*, Samuel*) was b in 
Egg Harbor, N. J., m Sarah Grant. Children born in New 
Gretna, N.J. : 

i. Hester*, 

ii. Sarah, 

iii. Charlotte. 

lol iv. John, m Rachel J. French. 

V. Charles Wesley. 

T%e Loveland Genealogy. 381 

JOHN« LOVELAND (Charles*, Samuel*,) was b at New 
Gretna, N. J., m Rachel J. French, They have, born at N. G.: 

i. Thomas F.', m Mary E. Loveland (Family 15.) 

ii. Henry P., m Julia H. Weeks. They hare: Harvey*, 
Harry, Russel. 

ill. Marshal A., m Mary Etta Crowley. Had: Edward 
Kirk8, Mary Etta, Carrie E., Rachel J., Henry P. 

iv. James W.; d. 

V. John B., b March 25, 1837, m at N. G., Jan*y 34, 1864, 

Mary E. Hatfield, b at Egg Harbor, N. J., Oct. 8, 

1844. Sea captain. Dem. Pres. Ch. They have: 

Jennie R.*, b July 23, 1865 (m Sept. i, 1887, James 

Kelsey); Sophia A., May 21, 1869; Lizzie, b 1872. 

vi. Sarah L., m Robert F. Makeen. Have: Craig', John 
and Samuel. 

vii. Elvira C, m Jesse Loveland (Family 7). 

viii. Abbie A., m Charles W. Palmer. Have: Charles 
W.8, Victor, Claude, Nettie. 

ix. Asbury. 

CH ARLES* ^LO VELAND ( Samuel«, Samuel^ ). We have 
no record of his birth. From New Jersey Roster: "Samuel* and 
Charles* Loveland in the Rev. War, from Burlington County." 
From Glas. Deed Book: "Charles* Loveland, Sen., of Little Egg 
Harbor, N. J., executor of the last will and testament of Samuel 
Loveland, deceased, to Daniel Ward, one piece of forty acres; 

dated Nov. i, 1797-" He m Phoebe . Children born in 

Egg Harbor (now New Gretna): 

11. i. Charles^, m Mary Gleason. 

12. ii. John, b Aug. 9, 177 1, m Martha Grant. 

CAPT. CHARLES6 LOVELAND (Charles*, Samuel* ) 

sailed a brig and made foreign voyages. He m Mary Gleason. 
Children : 

13. u Charles', m Elizabeth Wilson, 
ii. Mary, m David Monroe, 

a82 The Loveland Genealogy. 

iii. Abigail, m Lonsdale; m 2d Culpepper. 

iv. Elizabeth, m Clayton Kindle. 
V. Esther, m John Baker, of Phil., Pa. 
vi. Henrietta, m in Phil. 

vii. Catharine, m William Leek. Had: George '', William, 
Mary, Catharine. 

14. viii. Robert, m Carlton. 

CHARLES* LOVELAND (Charles*, Charles*) m Eliza- 
beth Wilson. ChUdren born in New Gretna, N. J.: 

i. Mary'' ; d. 

15. ii. Oliver B., m Mary Jane Cramer. 

iii. Catharine, m George W. Dubuisson. Children: Ab- 
bie*, Catharine, Louisa, Charles, Robert, Faremene. 

iv. Abigail; d. 

V. Elizabeth, m Joseph Cale. Children: Phebe^, Charles, 

vi. Charles, m Anna Young. Children: Mary Jane*, m 
William Darby; Sarah L.; Charles; Caleb C, m 
Annie Cramer; Abbie, m Frank White; Kate, m 
Harrison Totten. 

CAPT. OLIVER B.7 LOVELAND (Charles«, Charles*) 
was b in New Gretna, N. J., m Mary Jane Cramer. Children 
born in N. G.: 

i. Caleb C.*, drowned 1S60. 

ii. Mary E., b April 25, 1837, m Capt. Thomas F. Love- 
land. Children: Katie M.^, d a. 6; Jeanie E., d a. 5. 
iii. Abigail, m Alfred H. Matties; family, 
iv. Julia A., m Henry C. Adams; family. 
V. Charles D., m Syrena O. Cromley; family, 
vi. Oliver B., m Eliza Cramer; family. 
vii. William Towers, m Mary E. Hickman; family, 
viii. Arthur T., m Maggie Cromley; family. 

The Loveland Genealogy, 283 

ROBERT* LOVELAND (Charless, Charles*) was a miller 

by trade; m Carlton. They had several children, but we 

have the names of only two: 

i. Charles'', lived in Burlington Co., N. J., m and had: 
Oliver H.8, b June 10, 1834 (m Abbie H. Fisher. 
They had: Walter^, b Oct. 9, 1858; George, b May 
20, i860, and Oliver, b July 10, 1862), d Sept. 7, 
1862; William; John, d; Mary, d, and Rachel. 

ii. Caleb, b Nov. 30, 181 3, m at Vincentown, N. J., Feb'y 
13, 1842, Mary Ann King Themeley, b there Febjy 
I, 1821. 

Caleb Loveland died at Vincentown, N. J., Feb'y 24, 1859. 
Children: Guy B.«, born at Vincentown, Dec. 23, 1842, died there 
Dec. 19, 1 87 1 — married and had family; Thomas J. W., born at 
Vincentown, Oct. 6, 1844, married Dec. 31, 1865, Esther F. Rog- 
gers — family; Lydia T., born July 11, 1847, married June 21, i868, 
Josiah S. Houston; Anna R., b Dec. 18, 1849, married Feb'y 23, 
1868, Leander B. Clerenger; John M. R., born May 26, 1852, 
married Sept. 15, 1871, died March 13, 1874; Adelaide A. H., 
born Aug. 27, 1855, married April 27, 1874, Enoch W. Cooper — 
she died. 

JOHN« LOVELAND (Charles*, Samuel«) settled in Salem 
County, N. J. The family record of his father states: "John 
Loveland, son of Charles and Phoebe Loveland, was b Aug. 9, 
I 771, and his wife, Martha, dau. of Joseph and Susan Grant, was 
b April 25, 1776." They both d at Daretown, N. J.; he in 1847, 
she in 1849. Children: 

16. i. Charles®, b Sept. 3, 1796, m Catharine Pearce. 

ii. Susannah, b Sept. 22, 179S. 

iii. Letitia, b Oct. 24, 1800. 

iv. Ann, b June 25, 1S03. 

v. Phoebe, b Nov. 30, 1805. 

vi. John, b Dec. 4, 1807, m Rebecca Shinn, b at Mt. 
Holly, N. J., June 20, 1810. He is dead. They 
had: Emma Curtis'?, b at Freesburg, N. J., Sept. 23, 
1 83 1, m and had two children* 

284 The Loveland Genealogy. 

vii. Joseph G., b Oct. 11, 1809; m. No report, 
viii. Hannah, b Nov. a8, 181 1 ; d. 

17. ix. William, b Sept. 10, 1813, m Rebecca Shinn. 
X. Hannah, b March 3, 1816. 

xi. Sarah, b Feb'y 20, 18 19. 

CHARLES« LOVELAND (John«, Charles*) was b at Mt. 
Holly, N. J., Sept. 3, 1796, m at Point Pleasant, N. J., Aug. 5, 
18 1 7, Catharine Pearce, b there May 31, 1798. Both d at P. P.; 
he March 20, 1878; she Dec. 4, 1882. Children: 

18. i. James'', b Aug. 18, 1820, m Ann E. Havens. 

19. ii. John, b Feb'y 15, 1823, m Catharine A. Wardell. 

JAMES'' LOVELAND (Charles*, John*) was born at Point 
Pleasant, N. J., Aug. 18, 1820, m there Sept. 8, 1848, Ann Eliza 
Havens, b there Nov. lo, 1828. P. O., Bay Head, N. J. Chil- 
dren born at P. P.: 

i. Frances G.*, b March 10, 1849, ^i^^Y '^i i^5i- 

ii. Lydia Ann, b June 5, 1851, m Sept. 8, 1872, Charles 
Osborn Pettet, b in Burrsville, N. J., March 24, 
1847. Children b at B. H.: Willie®, b Dec. 20, 
1873, d Dec. 29, 1873; Robert Chetwood, b Aug, 
16, 1877; William Thompson, b June 27, 1881. 

iii. Catharine, b May 29, 1853, d June 5, 1859. 

iv. George Contoit, b March 12, 1855, m at P. P., April 
23, 1885, Anna J, Moore, b Dec. 9, 1868. Have: 
Clarence », b at B. H., May 5, 1888. 

v. Charles Banks, b Sept. 11, 1856, m May 26, 1881, El- 
mira Hulse, b March 29, 1857. Have: Ada Ge- 
neva®, b at B. H., March 26, 1883. 

vi. James Edward, b March 4, 1859, ^ Aug. 26, 1880, 
Flora J. Brewer, b May 17, 1861. Have: Laura*, 
b at B. H. 

vii. Mary Catharine, b Aug. 25, 1861, m Dec. 20, 1883, 
Daniel Culver, b May 29, 1856. Have: Harry R.*, 
b at B. U. 

Tke Laveland Genealogy. 285 

viii. Alfred Sherman, b Feb'y 18, 1864, m July 14, 1886, 

Annie E. Herbert, 
ix. Margaret Stout, b Feb*y 9, 1868, d July 7, 1878. 
X. Carrie Gran^, b Nov. 30, 1876, d July 7, 1878. 

JOHN'' LOVELAND (CharlesS John«) was b at Point 
Pleasant, N. J., Feb'y 15, 1823, m there Oct. 8, 1846, Catharine 
A. Warden, b at Burrville, N. J , Oct. 21, 1828. He d at Bay 
Head, N. J., July 20, 1879. Children born at P. P.: 

i. Edward G.*, b Feb'y 7, 1847, d Sept. 3, 1849. 

ii. John Edward, b July 18, 1851, m at Waretown, N. J., 
Feb'y 27, 1876, Celestine Derby, b at Highlands, N. 
J., Feb'y 14, 1859. Children b at B. H.: Lillie 
Thompson®, b Jan'y 30, 1877; Fred Harrington 
Levy, b June 25, 1879; Leander Waterbury, b March 
19, 1882. 

iii. Caroline, b June 15, 1854, d Sept. 7, 1858. 

iv. . Warren Nash, b July 24, 1857, d Nov. i, 1858. 

V. Samuel Wardell, b Dec. 20, i860, m at P. P., Oct. 2, 
1889, Jennie Devon, b Jan'y 28, 1867. 

vi. William Tread well, b July 19, 1866. 

WILLIAM* LOVELAND (John«, Charles*) was b at 
Medford, N. J., Sept. 10, 1813, m at Friesburg, N. J., Feb'y 10, 
1834, Rebecca Shinn, relict of his brother, John. She was b at 
Mt. Holly, N. J., June 20, 1810. Farmer. He d at Shirley, N. 
J., Aug. 3, 1888. She d there Aug. 10, 1888. Both buried in 
the old Pittsgrove grave yard. Children born in Cohansey, N. J.: 

i. Fi:ances Ann'', b Oct. 4, 1834, "^^ Lemuel ShuU. 

ii. Theodore Henry, b Sept. 13, 1836, d Nov. 23, 1836. 

iii. Rebecca Willis, b Nov. 18, 1837, "^ ^^ Wm. Gentry. 

30. iv. John Reeves, b Aug. 10, 1S40, m Caroline C. Kates. 

31. V. Robert Maclay, b March 16, 1843, m Jane Stevens; m 

2d Amelia McNickols. 
vi. Joseph, b Nov. 4, 1845. Expressman, 
vii. Samuel M.^ b March 2, 1848, d July 23, 1849. 

286 The Loveland Genealogy. 

JOHN R.' LOVELAND (William«, JohnS) was b at Co'- 
hansey, N. J., Aug. lo, 1S40, m in Germantown, Pa, Dec. 28, 
1865, Caroline Cecelia Kates, b at G., Aug. 1 1, 1836. He s« rved 
in the War of the Rebellion nine months; ^\as in the first Battle 
of Fredericksburg: Co. C, 24th N.J. V. Supt. in one of the de- 
partments of the works of William Sellers & Co. Dem. Lu- 
theran. P. O., G. Children born in Germantow' : 

i. Minnie Rebecca^, b July 2, 1867, m in Phil., !*a . DiC. 
20, 1884, Charles Albert Paul, b Dec, 1865. She d 
April 14, 1886. Ivy Hill Cem. He tra els in the 
interest of the oil bu-iness. Epis. Rep. Born in 
G.: Charles Albert^, b Dec. 6, 1885, d Jan'y 18, 
1893. He was a bright, intelligent boy. He d at 
the home of his grandparents, John S. and Emily 
D. Paul, Phil. 

ii. Walter Henry, b Jan'y 26, 1870 With Bailey, Banks 
& Biddle, jewelers, Phil. 

iii. Emma Gertrude, b May 29, 1872, d July 20, 1888. 

ROBERT M.*? LOVELAND (William«, John^) was b at 
Cohansey, N. J., March 16, 1843, m at Bridgetown, N. J., June 4, 
1864, Jane Stevens, b there May 24, 1841, d at Daretown, N. J., 
June 19, 1877. Teacher before marriage. He m 2d at D., 1878, 
Amelia McNickols. Farmer and agent for farm implements and 
fertilizers. Lutheran. P. O., Aldine, N. J. Children born in 

i. Elim M.8, b Dec. 17, 1866. 

ii. David Herbert, b March 16, 1879. 

JOHN8 LOVELAND (vSamuel^ Thomas^) was b in Glas., 

Conn., Aug. 30, 1716, m there Sept. 6, 1744, Susannah, dau. of 

William Miller and Susannah Kilbourn, b in Glas., Sept. 28, 1721, 

d in Middletown, Conn., July 14, 1784. He d there Jan'y 30, 1776. 

(See Glas. Centennial, p. 192.) Children born in Middletown: 

i. Susannah**, b July 12, 1745, d June 21, 1750. 

The Loveland Genealogy. 287 

ii. Mary, b Jan'y 2i, 1747, d June i, 1750. 
iii. John, b May 7, 1748, d June 4, 1750. 

22. iv. Susannah, b Feb'y 11, 1751, m James Jones; m 2d 

Samuel Chamberlain. 
V. Mary, b Feb'y 19, 1753, m John Paddock, 
vi. Lucy, b Feb'y 3, 1755, m William Paddock, 
vii. John, b Feb'y 28, 1757, d May 22, 1759. 

23. viii. Mehetabel, b Jan'y 29, 1759, m Samuel Paddock. 
ix. Martha, b May 2, 1761, d Sept. 8, 1762. 

24. X. Samuel, b Feb'y 8, 1763, m Dorcas Jones. 

25. xi. Martha, b July 4, 1767, m Robert Paddock, 
xii. (Infant), b Feb'y 20, 1776, d same day. 

Capt. John 8 Loveland removed to Middletown about 1750. 
The records there show that he bought of Thomas Canfield, of 
Durham, for .£380 current money, "Land on the West Side of 
Connecticut River, on the i ith Day of July, in the 24th year of 
the Reign of Our Sovereign Lord, George the Second, of Great 
Britain, &c.. King, Anno Domini 1750." It appears he was a 
man of public spirit. He opened a street through his land from 
what is now South Main Street to High Street and gave it to the 
town, and it is called Loveland Street. Another proposal of his 
and the action taken in Town Meeting was as follows: 

To the Inhabitants of the Town of Middletown at their Lawfull Meeting 
held in said Middletown the 24th of December, 1764: — The Memorial of 
John Loveland of said Middletown humbly showeth and proposeth to this 
Meeting that on proper Incouragement he would Build a Wharf of one hun- 
dred and 20 feet in Length East and West, Butting Southerly on Sumner's 
Creek and of the Width of 50 feet whereof the Westernmost half part should 
be free at all times for the use of the people of Middletown to land Wood 
and lay Lumber on Provided that the Remainder Shall be at your Memori- 
alist own Use for him and his heirs &c., and that if the Town Desire or it 
shall be judged Reasonable he would give a Two Rod Highway across the 
land about 15 Rods to lay next the River West of Highwater Mark in Ex- 
change &c. Praying that a Committee be appointed to act and make an 
agreement with him in Behalf of the Town for the Exchange &c. with full 
Power to pass the Title on Each Party and make such further Covenants 
about Building & Maintaining as shall be thought Reasonable and as in duty 
bound shall ever pray. Dated in Middletown, 24th December, 1764. 

John Lovki^and. 

388 The Loveland Genealogy. 

On the foregoing Memorial, Voted: That Seth Wetmore, Mathew Tal- 
cott, Esq's, and Mr. Richard Alsop be a committee to view said place and 
Consider any Challenges that any private person or persons may have on 
said place or any part thereof and fully to Compromise and accommodate 
the matter if it can be done and fully to pass Deeds &c., Take Deeds of 
Conveyance and make Records &c., if not to make Report to the Town at 
next Meeting. Past. Test., Sbth Wetmore, Moderator. 

At a Meeting of the Inhabitants of the Town of Middletown Regularly 
Assembled in said Town on the 20th of August, A. D. 1765, By Special 
Order of the Selectmen of said Town — ^The Report of Messrs Seth Wetmore, 
Esq. I Mathew Talcott, Esq., and Richard Alsop Relative to Capt. John 
Loveland building a Wliarf at the Creek — Read and thereon Voted that the 
said Loveland have added to the Sixty Feet, Ten Feet more and if they sup- 
pose the Width of the Wharf to be too little to make it wider at the River 
and make proper Deeds and Covenants as in his said Loveland *s Memorial. 

Test., Joseph Ci^Rk, Town Clerk. 

The Wharf was built and known for years as Loveland's 
Wharf, and the street was opened, not directly along the bank of 
the river but some distance back, leaving a lot between it and the 
river, which in 1797 was set off to Samuel^ Loveland, grandson 
of John Loveland. * 

On the 8th day of December, 1775, John Loveland made the 
following will: 

I, John Loveland, of the County of Hartford and Colony of Connecticut, 
being at present in a languishing state of health and knowing that it is ap- 
pointed for all men once to die and the time most uncertain and being 
through the great goodness of God of Sound disposing mind and memory 
and esteeming it duty to sett my bouse in order before my earthly Taber- 
nacle be dissolved. Do make my last will and Testament in manner and 
form following. I recommend my soul into the hands of God who gave it 
and my body to the earth to a decent and Christian burial at the direction 
of my executors hereafter named. Hoping for a free pardon of all my sins 
and a resurrection to Eternal Life- in and through the merits sake alone of 
Jesus Christ my Great Redeemer and Advocate and as touching such 
worldly goods wherewith it has pleased God to bless me in this life my will 
is that after my just debts and funeral charges be first paid and satisfied out of 
them the remainder be disposed of in manner and form following, viz.: I 
give and bequeath to Susannah, my well beloved wife, one-third part of my 
Personal Estate to be at her disposal forever, and also the use and improve- 
ment of the one-half of my Real Estate for and during the term of her nat- 
ural life, and this I give to her in Lieu of her Dower in my Estate and also 


The Laveland Genealogy. 289 

to enable her to afford any assistance to my younger children as she may 
judge them to stand in need of. And further my will is and I do hereby 
order that all the rest and Residue of my Estate, both Real and Personal, be 
divided into Eight equal parts to be disposed of in manner and form follow- 
ing: I give and bequeath to my oldest daughter Susannah, now the wife of 
Cap. James Jones, and to her heirs and assigns forever, one of said Eighth parts. 
I give and bequeath to my second daughter, Mary Loveland, and to her heirs 
and assigns forever, one of said Eighth parts. I give and bequeath to my 
third daughter Lucy, now the wife of William Paddock, and to her heirs and 
assigns forever, one of said Eighth parts. I give and bequeath to my daugh- 
ter, Mehetable I^oveland, and to her heirs and assigns forever, one of said 
Kighth parts. I give and bequeath to my only son Samuel, and to his heirs 
and assigns, three of said Eightli parts. I give and bequeath to my young- 
est daughter Martlia, and to her heirs and assigns forever, one of said Eighth 
parts. And further my will is and I do hereby order that that part of my 
Real Estate that I have herein given my wife the use and improvement of 
during her life Shall at the Expiration of her term be Divided and Distrib- 
uted in ye foregoing proportion to and among my children above named. 
And further my will is that what I have or shall advance for the settlement 
of any of my daughters at their marriage shall be accoimted as part of their 
proportion aforesaid in my estate which may be seen in my account of ad- 
vancement for my oldest daughter and which has been the mle I have en- 
deavored to keep with respect to my three daughters so as to make them 
Equal, which I have particularly aimed at. My will is that the Family I 
leave be provided for one year after my Decease out of my Estate. My fur- 
ther will and pleasure is that if my Executors hereinafter named Shall 
Esteem it for ye Better Interest of my children to sell or dispose of any or 
all of my Land in the Township of Hartford or Glastonbury, then and in 
such case I do hereby authorize and fully impower them to do the same. 
And I do hereby appoint and nominate my well beloved wife Susannah and 
my son-in-law, James Jones, to be Executors to this my Last Will and Test- 
ament. In Witness whereof I have hereunto Sett my hand and Seal this 
8th Day of December, A. D. 1775, and in the i6th year of His Majesties 
Reign — John Lovki^and. 

Signed, sealed, pronounced and declared in presence of 

Jabez Hamlin, 
John Paddock, 
Samueiv Paddock. 

The will approved and recorded April 8, 1776, and his estate 
was appraised on the loth of April, A. D. 1776, at .£2,903, i8s., 
3d. (Lib. 3, p. 350), and was distributed on the 24th of March, 
1777. It included 4 houses, 4 barns, 2 stores and a wharf, a black- 

390 The Loveland Genealogy, 

smith shop, a fishing place and half of the fish house, one-quarter 
of a schooner, 4 horses, 2 yoke of oxen, 10 cows, 9 head of youn^ 
stock, 80 sheep and lambs, about 140 acres of land, besides house- 
hold goods and farming utensils, etc. The homestead was set off 
to his wife, and in 1787, when her portion of the real estate was 
distributed, it was set off to Samuel Loveland, his only son. 

In the inventory of Capt. John Loveland's estate, among a lot 
of household goods and farming utensils, are mentioned a sword, 
valued at is., 6d.; a pair of old pistols, 6 shillings, and a book of 
explanations of commands, 2 shillings. 

It is supposed that he was a Captain of militia, but the writer 
has found no record showing whether he took any active part in 
any of the wars of his day. 

John Loveland and his wife Susannah were buried in the old 
burying ground in the north part of the city of Middletown, near 
the river and the Portland Ferry. The inscriptions on the grave 
stones are as follows: 



Who died Jan. the 30th, 1776, in 
the 60th year of his age. 

My children and grandchildren all, 
Death here to you aloud doth call; 
Your earthly father is now dead, 
And you're survivors in his stead. 
Remember you must die also, 
And to the dust must shortly go; 
See then you walk in ^^dsdom's road, 
*Till you're prepared to dwell with God. 




Who died July 14, 1784, in the 
63d year of her age. 

All changed the body seems to say, 
This life a shadow fleets away; 
Ye children hear the solemn voice, 
Let heaven and virtue be your choice. 

The Loveland Genealogy. 291 

SUSANNAH* LOVELAND (John*, Samuel^) was b in 
Middletown, Conn., Feb'y 11, 1751, m there May 16, 1771, Capt. 
James Jones, b in R. L, Sept. 26, 1747, d Oct. 11, 1788. Capt. 
Jones sailed from home Sept. 30, 1788, with his brothers James 
and Samuel, and his brother-in-law, SamueH Loveland. They 
were supposed to have been wrecked on Nantucket Shoals, Oct. 
II, 1788. She m 2d in M., Sept. 12, 1790, Samuel Chamberlain. 
She d in M., Dec. 30, 1835. Children born in M.: 

i. Susannah s Jones. 

ii. William Jones, d in Ashtabula, O., March 8, 1869, a. 

86 y., 3 m., 9 d. 

iii. John Jones. 

iv, Jacob Jones, d Oct. 2, 1798, in his nth year. 

V. Randal Jones, d May 29, 1789, a. 8. 

vi. Samuel Jones, d April 18, 1794. 

vii. Elijah Chamberlain. 

viii. Ebenezer Chamberlain. 

ix. Sarah Chamberlain, m Joshua Johnson. 

X. Anna Chamberlain, m Timothy Cornwell. 

xi. Esther Chamberlain, m Arba Bradley. Six^children. 
Family extinct. 

xii. Clarissa Chamberlain, b March 16, 1792, m John F. 
Brown. They moved to Ashtabula, 181 5. She d 
there 1829. He d there 1882, a. 95. Family. 

MEHETABEL4 LOVELAND (Johns, Samuel^) was b at 
Middletown, Conn., Jan'y 29, 1759, m there May 13, 1782, Sam- 
uel Paddock, b at M., June 18, 1758, d at Meriden, Conn., Nov. 
21, 1825. She d there July 1, 181 7. They removed to Meriden, 
1806. Farmer. Children born at Middletown: 

i. Mehetabel* Paddock, b May 14, 1783, d June 9, 1783. 

ii. Samuel Paddock, b Feb'y 22, 1784, m in Meriden, June 
22, 1813, Polly Sears, b Dec. 2, 1782, d Oct. 26, 
1822; m 2d Jan'y 22, 1823, Charlotte Yale, b April 
19, 1797, d May 31, 1864. He d Aug. 7, 1869. He 

went to Meriden in 1806. Farmer, Family, 

293 The Loveland Genealogy. 

iii. Mehetabel Paddock, b Oct. 25, 1786, m Ira Yale. 
She d in Middletown, Dec. 6, 1814. He d there 
Dec. 9, 1814. Family. 

Four daughters of Capt. John* Loveland married brothers, 
sons of Zachariah Paddock, Jun., of Middletown, who died there 
May 13, 1800, in the 73d year of his age. His wife, Hannah, died 
there March 3, 18 19, in the 8ist year of her age. 

SAMUEL* LOVELAND (John«, Samuel*) was b in Mid 
dletown, Conn., Feb'y 8, 1763, m there 1784, Dorcas, dau. of 
Capt. James Jones, b in R. I., 1765. He was lost at sea, Oct. 11, 
1788. In the distribution of his father's estate the homestead was 
set off to him in 1787. She m 2d in M., Capt. Seth Robert*?. 
She d there Aug. 22, 1814. He d there April 12, 1801, a. 52. 
Children born in M.: 

26. i. John*, b Sept. 23, 1785, m Phila Dunham; m 2d, 

Nancy Dunham. 

ii. Samuel, b 1788. He d of sickness caused by shipwreck 
and exposure at Machias, Me., Oct. 22, 1808. In the 
year 1807 he went as mate in the brig H. Hyde to 
• the West Indies. 

JOHN6 LOVELAND (SamueM, John*) was b at Middle- 
town. Conn., Sept. 23, 1785, m there Feb'y 20, 1808, Phila Dun- 
ham, b at Colchester (Westchester Society), Conn., April 7, 1788, 
d in M., July 2, 1817; m 2d in M., Jan'y 2, 1820, Nancy Dunham 
(sister of Phila), b at C, March 13, 1792, d in M., Oct. 26, i860. 
He d there Aug. i, 1857. Sea captain. Children born in M.: 

27. i. Samuel*, b Dec. 10, 1S08, m Almira C. Francisco. 

28. ii. John, b May 15, 1810, m Elizabeth C. LaTour. 

29. iii. Eleazer Dunham, b April 10, 181 2, m Lucinda Wakelee. 

iv. Henry, b Nov. 5, 1814; unm. He d Jan'y 22, 1844. 
Buried at sea: Lat. 15°, s.; long. 84°, w. He was a 
born sailor, and from his i6th year went on long 
whaling voyages to the Pacific Ocean. The journal 
of his voyages, which is quite lengthy, is an interest- 
ing history of that dangerous pursuit. 

The Lovetand Genealogy, %^% 

V. Jane Philena, b June lo, 1816, d Sept 24, 1845; unm. 
Member of the South Congregational Church. 

vi. Mary Ann, b July 18, 1823, d June 6, 1854; unm. 
Teacher, Cong, Ch. 

vii. Nancy, b March 5, 1825, d May 10, 1837. 

30. viii. William G., b Nov. 2, 1827, m Jane £. Judd. 

31. ix. George Henry, b Jan'y 4, 1830, m Christina LaTour, 

32. X. Charles Dunham, b Oct. i, 1834, m Catharine Cleora 


Capt. John* Loveland, when a boy, lived for a long time with 
Col. Mathew Talcott, one of Middletown's prominent men. 
Early in life he became possessed with a desire to go to sea. The 
following is a copy of his "Protection," now in possession of the 
writer, his son, George H.: 


' [coat of arms.] 

No. 33edt 

I, Jedediah Huntington, Collector of the District of New 
London, do hereby certify that John Loveland, an American Seaman, aged 
Eighteen, or thereabouts, of the height of five feet, eight inches and a half, 
of dark complexion, has this day produced to me proof in the manner di- 
rected in tlie act entitled: *'An act for the relief and protection of American 
Seaman/' and pursuant to the said act, I do hereby certify that the said 
John Loveland is a citizen of the United States of America. 

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal of office, this 
nth day of May, 1803. JBD. Huntington, Collector. 

His first voyages were to the West Indies. He continued in 
that trade for several years, and it was in one of these early voyages 
he narrowly escaped being impressed in the British naval service. 
He, with several other American seamen, were captured in a port 
in one of the West India Islands and taken on board an English 
man-of-war (Frigate Belvidere), but through the interference of 
the authorities of the port, who would not allow the pilots to take 
the ship to sea until the men were released, they escaped impress- 

It is not definitely known in what 3'ear he first took command 
of a vessel, but in 1810 he was master of a vessel in the trade be- 
tween Middletown, New York and Richmond, Petersburg and 

•^94 ^^^ Lov'eland Genealogy. 

Norfolk, Va., and continued in that trade during the War of 1S12. 
He followed the sea until' 1840. During the War of 1812 he was 
in command of the fast sailing vessel Torpedo. For a lime he 
successfully eluded the English vessels guarding the east end of 
Long Island, but he was finally captured by a British man-of-war 
while becalmed, losing his vessel and cargo and for a time his per- 
sonal liberty. 

He visited the Westero Reserve, Ohio, about this time, pur- 
chased 120 acres of land on the banks of Lake Erie, near Ashta- 
bula. But he soon gave up the project of turning farmer, built 
himself (18 14) a commodious house in Middletown, on the corner 
of South Main and Loveland Streets, on the site on which his 
grandfather's house formerly stood. In 1816 we find him part 
owner and master of the new schooner John and engaged in trade 
with Virginia and other southern ports. In 1820 he sailed on a 
foreign voyage and was shipwrecked in the Mediterranean Sea, in 
a storm. He and his crew all escaped safely to shore. From 
1820 to 1823 he had command of the schooner Gold Hunter, and 
made many profitable voyages in her and brought home much 
gold from his coasting and West India voyages. . From 1823 to 
1827 he made many profitable voyages to the West Indian Islands 
in the brigs Packet and Washington, his cargoes being largely of 
horses and oxen. From 1827 to his retirement from the sea he 
was in command of the sloop Neptune in the coasting trade be- 
tween Middletown and New York. 

The closing years of his life were spent in quiet comfort in his 
home in Middletown. He was a member of the Congregational 
Church there, and a Whig in politics. He was a kind husband 
and father and a highly respected citizen. — G. H. L. 


William Dunham (a descendant of Jonathan Dunham, of Fly- 
mouth, Mass., 1633) and Persis Dunham, m in Colchester, Conn., 
Nov. 10, 1739. He d there Nov. 10, 1781. Farmer. Cong. Ch. 
They had: Eleazer^, b Dec. 15, 1742, d Feb'y 10, 1809, and Persis, 
b 1747, d Nov. ID, 1772. 

Eleazer^ Dunham m Elizabeth Sexton. She d 1820. Farmer. 

The Loveland Genealogy. 295 

Three children: Elizabeth*, b April 7, 1763, m Samuel Loomis; 
Eleazer, b Jan'y 2, 1765, m Lois Isham; William, b July 14, 1767, 
m Sarah Isham. 

Capt. Eleazer* Dunham and Lois Isham m Nov. 25, 1784. 
She was b July 8, 1761, d at Middletown, Conn., Aug. 21, 1804. 
He d there April 29, 1837. Seven children, born in Colchester: 
Roxana*, b 1786, d 1794; Phila, b April 7, 1788, m Capt. John 
Loveland; Nancy, b March 13, 1792, m Capt. John Loveland; 
Ephraim Isham, b 1794, d 1875, unm; Dolly and Roxana, b 1796 
(Both d unm. The former, 1873; the latter, 1865); Gershon, b 
1798, d 1803. 

The parents of Sarah and Lois Isham were John Isham and 
Dorothy, dau. of Nathaniel Foote. They were m Dec. 19, 1751, 
and had eleven children. Dorothy Foote was a descendant of Na- 
thaniel Foote, of Colchester, Conn., 1634, — See Foote Gen. 

CAPT. SAMUEL* LOVELAND (John«, Samuel*) was b 
in Middletown, Conn., Dec. 10, 1808. He was named after his 
father's brother, who d a few weeks previous to his birth. He m 
in N. Y. City, Sept. 23, 1832, Almira Christiana Francisco, b there 
July 15, 1813, d at New Brighton, Staten Island, N. Y., July 22, 
1865. He d there May 21, 1868. Her mother was Leah Kipp, 
oldest dau. of Henry and Catharine Doremus Kipp, and sister of 
Christina Kipp. Capt. Samuel Loveland began his seafaring life 
with his father in Nov., 1824. They sailed from Middletown in 
the brig Packet, with a cargo of horses and merchandise, for the 
island of Antigua, West Indies. There is no record that he ever 
sailed with his father again, but some time after he made voyages 
from New York City to the West Indies and southern ports of 
the United States, and to Europe — Lisbon, Amsterdam and other 
ports. Later he was in the trade between New York and Galves- 
ton, before Texas became a State. Still later he was in the em- 
ploy of the Bulkley Bros., of Fairfield, Conn. They owned the 
line of packets (Union Line) running between New York and 
Charleston, S. C. Later he was given command of one of their 
vessels (Brig Moses). It was in her he encountered on the Jersey 

296 The Laveland Genealogy. 

coast the wintry gale which wrecked the ship John Minturn and 
in which the pilot, Thomas Freeborn, lost his life. Capt. Love- 
land's wife and adopxted son, John Henry, a little child, were with 
him. They considered it providential that they did not share the 
fate of the Minturn. In 1846 he was given command of a new- 
ship (Fairfield). He sailed in her about eight and a half years as 
a packet between New York and Charleston, occasionally tak- 
ing a cargo of cotton and rice to Liverpool, returning to New 
York with passengers; sometimes going to New Orleans or Ap- 
alachicola, and thence to European ports, returning with passen- 
gers. In 1854 the Bulkleys gave him command of another new^ 
ship (Mary Ogden, 969 tons). He took command at Warren, R. 
I., and sailed from there to Charleston and took in a cargo of 
rice and cotton for Havre, France, and returned to New York 
with freight and passengers. He continued in this trade two years. 
Sept., 1856, he went up the Saguenay River, a branch of the St. 
Lawrence, and took in a cargo of deals for London, £ng. His 
last voyage in the Mary Ogden was from New York to Antwerp, 
Oct., 1859. His wife was with him and they had a rough voyage 
of twenty-three days to Flushing. They visited many places of 
interest in Holland and the city of Brussels. The Bulkleys now 
put him in command of the ship Hero. At the time he received 
his orders he and his wife were attending the anniversary of the 
Fulton Street Prayer Meeting, Sept. 24, i860. The notice was a 
short one and within twenty-four hours she was on her way to 
Antwerp. He made two more voyages to Antwerp and then de- 
cided to quit the sea. This Christian sailor led a seafaring life for 
thirty-eight years, and during all that time we have no record of 
his meeting with any serious mishap. He had the confidence and 
patronage of one of the best New England firms. He and his 
wife were members of the Methodist Church and strong advocates 
of total abstinence, and as strongly opposed to slavery. They 
were married by the Rev. Henry Chase, pastor of the Mariners' 
Church, in Roosevelt Street, N, Y. She was a teacher previous 
to marriage. She accompanied her husband on many of his voy- 
ages, at one time spending a week in Paris, sightseeing. It was 
Capt. Loveland's custom to have religious services on board the 

The Loveland Genealogy. 297 

ship at sea on the Sabbath, inviting those of the crew who felt dis- 
posed to attend. He would read a part of a sermon and sing and 
pray devoutly. The meetings were pleasant and salutary. Their 
adopted son attended the Brooklyn, N. Y., schools and went on 
several voyages with his father. In August, i860, he sailed from 
New York to Liverpool in the ship Red Gauntlet. In Dec. of 
that year he sailed in the ship Talisman from New York to San 
Francisco. He died there after two or three years' residence and 
is buried in the Lone Mountain Cemetery. After Capt. Love- 
land's retirement from the sea he accepted the appointment of as- 
sistant governor (Nov., 1863) and steward of the Sailors' Snug 
Harbor, at New Brighton, N. Y., Mrs. Loveland to act as matron. 
Their duties were to look after the welfare of about four hundred 
old or disabled men, most of them "old tars," who were there 
comfortably provided for. They spent the remainder of their 
lives there and are buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn, L. I. 
Mrs. Loveland, when a girl, found pleasure in doing kind acts for 
needy people. She frequently visited the alms house in the village 
where she lived, carrying flowers and reading the Bible to the old, 
feeble women there. Some time after her marriage she became a 
member and then secretary of the Mariners' Family Industrial So- 
ciety of the port of New York, whose object was to furnish relief 
to the needy widows of seamen. It was through the efforts of this 
society that legislative aid was obtained to build the Mariners' 
Family Asylum on Staten Island. She was also for some years 
one of the managers of the Female Guardian Society of New 
York, under whose management the Home of the Friendless in 
Fourteenth Street was carried on, and were also the proprietors of 
the Advocate and Guardian, a paper devoted to the purposes of 
the society. She did much earnest work in both of these societies, 
writing articles for the paper and going on journeys to look after 
the welfare of the children that were placed in homes at a distance 
from New York. She was a talented writer and through all the 
early struggles of the society was ever ready to toil in season and 
out of season. Many heart-breathed effusions from her pen are 
found in the Advocate. The stanzas addressed to Jenny Lind, 
which brought the gift of five hundred dollars to the Home in a 

298 The Loveland Genealogy. 

time of special need, show a high order of talent Her frequent 
voyages with her husband made her familiar with the perils of 
seamen and the wants and exposures of their bereaved and often 
destitude families. The following lines from a poem written by 
her in behalf of the Mariners^ Family Industrial Society, indicate 
the type of feeling that prompted her to untiring effort: 

And 'mid the city's wild unrest 

Heaves the young widow's aching breast — 

The sailor's child is here; 
The sailor's mother, grey with care, 
For her lost boy sends up a prayer, 

While few her angtush cheer. 

Ah! selfish motives, sway us not! 

We fain would cheer the mourner's lot — 

The widow's tear would dry; 
Would hush the orphan's cry for bread, 
And bid the hungry all be fed, 

And every want supply. 

From the twenty-second annual report of the Mariners' Fam- 
ily Industrial Society and Mariners' Family Asylum, 1866: 

It is with great sorrow we chronicle the death of two of our 
most devoted managers of the board during the past year: Mrs. 
Capt. S. Loveland, one of the founders of this society and institu- 
tion and for several years its secretary, and Mrs. T. Truslow. 
And while we must ever gratefully and tenderly cherish their 
memory in our hearts, we feel it due to the living and the dead, 
here to offer a tribute of love to their memories. 

In attempting a brief memorial of this highly esteemed and 
rarely gifted lady, your secretary feels her utter incomp>etence to 
give anything of a just tribute to her memory, and might fain 
wish that the mantle of her able and distinguished predecessor 
might fall upon her, that like her she might be able to portray the 
character of the saintly departed. It was not her privilege per- 
sonally to know Mrs. Loveland, but from her intimate friends and 
co-workers in the society we here represent, we catch gleamings 
of noble life, of lofty character, of inspired devotion to the cause 

The Loveland Genealogy. 399 

of her Divine Master, that reflect a heavenly radiance all along her 
pathway. Gleamings emanating from the glorious effulgence of 
the great "I am," gilding the coronet of Jehovah, and reflecting a 
bright halo of glory upon the brow of the immortal Mrs. Love- 
land, with whom angels hold sweet converse of earth's holy mis- 
sions of charity and love. Possessing rare endowments, with a 
mind highly cultivated, a lofty purpose of soul, acute observation 
and almost intuitive perception, her strong mind readily grasped a 
subject and comprehended it in all its bearings, and loving and 
firm in purpose, no sacrifice was accounted too great — no toil too 
arduous — no obstacle too difHcult to overcome in the accomplish- 
ment of what her heart prompted as duty. In testimony of this, 
the M. F. I. Society, from its earliest history to the present, bears 
ample proof. She with Mrs. R. Lambert and our beloved first 
directress, Mrs. Hawkins, twenty-two years ago connected with 
the Female Bethel Society of New York, conceived the idea of 
merging that society into the present organization, and from that 
time forth, during the eight years of legislative lobbying, writing, 
hoping, fearing, she ceased not her untiring efforts until the de- 
sire of her heart was accomplished. She lived to witness the lay- 
ing of the corner-stone of our noble edifice. She lived to see from 
its lofty height the flag of our nation triumphantly wave — that 
flag, the stars and stripes made by the trembling hands of the old 
ladies sheltered within these hallowed walls. She lived to receive 
the blessing of those ready to perish but for her foresight and 
timely aid, ere she was bidden to "come up hither" to enter upon 
a higher, holier sphere of usefulness. One of her last acts of de- 
votion to this cause was to gather from the reports of the society a 
complete history of the same, which has been published for its use. 
The temperance cause found in Mrs. Loveland a warm advocate 
and able supporter. With voice and pen she assailed the greatest 
evil and scourge of our land. Many rare gems of poetry which 
graced the temperance journals at that time, and even to the pres- 
ent day, were hers. She was the reputed author of "The Inebri- 
ate's Daughter," than which no lines ever stirred the fountains 
of the soul more deeply: 

Go. feel what I have felt 

300 The Loveland Genealogy. 

Well might we imagine her sympathetic heart to feel this stingy: 

And stamped upon her brow so mild, 

That withering curse, the Drunkard's Child! 

And the deep emotions of her soul in closing: 

Tell me I hate the bowl! 

Hate is a feeble word: 
I loathe, abhor, my very soul 

With deep disgust is stirred. 
Whene'er I see, or hear, or tell, 

Of the dark beverage of hell. 

Seamen, for whom she labored so earnestly, listen to these 
words as though blazoned upon the light-house of eternity, and 
from her voice wafted across life's ocean to you: JVo Drunkard 
shall enherit the Kingdom of Heaven. 

Of the social and domestic virtues and Christian character of 
Mrs. L., we hesitate to speak, feeling that we tread upon holy 
ground. To her loving husband, kindred, and intimate friends so 
sorely bereaved, we leave this sacred privilege, feeling that they 
only can fully appreciate her true worth and the sweet fragrance 
of her Christian graces. 


JOHN« LOVELAND (Johnfi, SamueU) was b in Middle- 
town. Conn., May 15, 1810, m in Brooklyn, N. Y., June 25, 1S37, 
Catharine LaTour, b in N. Y. City, Sept. 9, 18 19. He d in 
Bloomfield, Walworth Co., Wis., Feb'y 20, 1886. Children, first 
born in N. Y. City, the rest in Bloomfield: 

John Gaylord'', b July 15, 1838, m Julia Freelove. 

Henry Caius Marius, b Sept. 11, 1841, m Helen Hill; 
m 2d Hannah Aspinall. 

LaTour, b Feb'y 4, 1851, m Annie Hill. 

Treasure Kipp, b May 29, 1859, "^ Mary C. Lenon. 

Elizabeth Amelia, b July 16, 1861, d Jan'y 14, 1878. 
This lovely young woman was a student in the Ro- 
chester, Wis., Seminary at the time of her death. 

After graduating from the old brick school house in Middle- 
town, Mr. Love land served an apprenticeship at gold spectacle 
making in his native town. He worked at this trade here and in 




• ■ 



• • • 





The Loveland Genealogy. 301 

Berlin, Conn., and Springfield, Mass. ; later in New York City 
for several years. His health failing from the confinement of this 
work he decided to try farming. In company with his father-in- 
law, James LaTour, they emigrated with their families (May i, 
1841) to Bloomfield, arriving there on the 21st of May. They 
entered government land in the Oak Openings, Mr. Loveland 120 
acres and Mr. LaTour 80. A few years later Mr. Loveland added 
40 acres more to his first purchase, and still later another 40. 
Farming was new husiness to both these men, but they soon got 
used to it and liked it and prospered. In the winter of 1854-5 ^^* 
Loveland and his wife made a visit to their old home in Conn., 
and twice afterward. They also visited sons in Kansas and Ne- 
braska. He was stricken with paralysis Feb'y 16, 1SS6, and four 
days later passed peacefully away. His estate fell to his wife by 
will. She continued on the farm until 1892, when she sold it and 
bought a smaller farm in Spring Prairie, same county. Her 
youngest son carries on this farm for her. 

JOHN G.' LOVELAND (John«, John*) was b in N. Y. 

City, July 15, 1838, m at Bloomfield, Wis., May 12, 1863, Julia 
Freelove, b at South Barre, N. Y., 1847. He lived on his father's 
farm until 1873, when he moved to Miltonvale, Kan., and home- 
steaded 160 acres of land. His son William carries on the farm 
for him. Children, first four born in B., the rest in M.: 

i. Caroline Isadore^, b Feb'y 22, 1864, m July 2, 1880, 

Washington McKelvey, b at St. Clairsville, O., Nov. 

11, 1S60. He works in a machine shop in Kansas 

City. Family, 
ii. William Gaylord, b Oct. 19, 1S67. 
iii. Julia Cecelia, b April 17, 1869, m Oscar H. Loomis of 

Janesvillc, Wis. Farmer in Tillamook, Oregon. 


iv. Ida Jane, b Aug. 20, 1S71, m Jeremiah Deal, b in Ind. 
Farmer in Oklahoma. Family. 

V. Irena Locasta, b Feb'y 6, 1S75, m Sept. 12, 1892, Wil- 
liam Kaiser, b in Henry Co., 111. Farmer in Mil- 

303 The Loveland Genealogy. 

vi. Olive Adelia, b Sept. 20, 1877. 

vii. Elizabeth Margaret, b July 27, 18S0. 

viii. Grey, b April 30, 1883. 

ix. Arroda, b 1889. 

X. John, b April 13, 1892. 

HENRY C. M.'' LOVELAND (John»,John«) was b Sept. 
II, 184 1, in a log house about a mile from Lake Geneva, Wis., 
where his parents lived about five months while building a house 
on their new farm in Bloomfield, near by. He m in Waukesha, 
Wis., March 23, 1868, Helen, dau! of Josiah and Hannah Hill, b 
in Bloomfield, Vt., July 18, 1849, ^ ^" Bloomfield, Wis., Feb'y 22, 
1872. He m 2d in Rochester, Wis., July 4, 1876, Hannah Aspin- 
all, b in Waterford, Wis., July 5, 1852. He worked on his 
father's farm until 1891, running a threshing machine each year 
during the threshing season. He now owns 160 acres of land near 
Oelwein, la. Children, the first ten born in B., the rest near O.: 

i. NellieB, b April 18, 1869. 

ii. Harley, b April 14, 1870, d in B., March 23, 1891. 

iii. George Henry, b Feb'y 2, 1872, d May 2, 1872. 

iv. Cera Dell, b Sept. 22, 1877. 

V. John, b Nov. 3, 1879. 

vi. Emma C. Thursby, b April 14, 1881. 

vii. (Twin boys), b June 26, 1884, d same day. 

viii. Leubin Henry, b Dec. 27, 1S86. 

ix. Geneva H., b May 21, 1889. 

X. Hannah Maria, b July 3, 1891. 

xi. Carlotta Jquetta, b Nov. 20, 1892. 

LaTOUR? LOVELAND (John«, John*) was b in Bloom- 
field, Wis., Feb'y 4, 1851, m in Waukesha, Wis., Oct. 2, 1873, 
Anna Hill, b in Bloomfield, Vt., May 26, 1852. They lived in B., 
Wis., until April 30, 1878, when he moved to Atlanta, Neb., and 
homesteaded 160 acres of land. Children, the first born in B., the 
rest in Atlanta: 

j, CharlesS b Aug. 7, 1875, 

The Loveland Genealogy* 303 

ii. Mabel Elizabeth, b Aug. 18, 1881. 

iii. Ethel Adaline, b Aug. 18, 1881. 

iv. Nellie Ann, b May 15, 1884. 

V. Minnie Christina, b Nov. 5, 1885, d May 18, 1886. 

vi. LaTour, b Jan'y 24, 1888. 

vii. George Henry, b April 1 1, 1893. 

TREASURE KIPP? LOVELAND (John*, John^) was b 

in Bloomfield, Wis., May 29, 1859, m in Lake Geneva, Wis., July 

31, i88:, Mary C. Lenon, b in LaFayette, Wis., March 17, 1862. 

Farms his mother's farm. Children born in B.: 

i. Eddie Kipp*, b Feb'y 9, 1884. 
ii. Adelbert, b June 13, 18S6. 
iii. Harley, b May 13, 1891. 

ELEASER D.« LOVELAND (John*, SamueH) was b in 
Middletown, Conn., April 10, 1812, m in New Haven, Conn., 
Feb'y 9, 1835, Lucinda Curtis Wakelee, b in Huntington, Conn., 
Aug. 22, 1813, d in Shelton, Conn., Jan'y 11, 1892. He d in 
Trenton, N. J., June 3, 1859. ^ worker in tin and sheet iron. 
He worked at his trade in New Haven, Philadelphia, Pa., and 
New York City, and later in Newark, N. J. Children, first four 
born in Phil., the fifth in Huntington, the rest in N. Y. City: 

Augusta'', b June 23, 1836, m Abraham C. Depew. 
Charles Henry, b Nov. 7, 1838, d June 28, 1840. 
Frances Amelia, b Oct. 17, 1840, m C. M. Kitchell. 
Emily, b March 3, 1843, d July 28, 1843. 
Henrietta Jane, b July 18, 1845, "^ ^' J« Reynolds. 
Almira Christiana, b May 25, 1847, d July 30, 1847. 
Eleazef, b June 20, 1848, d July 20, 1848. 
viii. Emma, b May 4, 1850, d June 30, 1850. 


Joseph* Curtis (Vol. H, p. 224; Fam. A), b 1650, m Bethia 
Booth, Nov. 9, 1676. Children: Elizabeth^, b 1677; Ama, b 
1679; Ephraim, b 1684, m Elizabeth Styles, dau. of Francis Styles 
(noted in the settlement of Wjnsor, Ct.), and grand-dau. of Sir 



• • 



• ■ • 







304 The Loveland Genealogy. 

Francis Styles, Bart., of Millbrook, Bedfordshire, Eng. ; Joseph, b 
1687; Nathan, b 16S9; Jonah, b 1692; ^ethia, b 1695; Eleazer, 
Ebenezer and Eliphalet, b 1699. 


Ephraim» Curtis, b 1684, d May 9, 1775, m Elizabeth S yles, 
1707. Had twelve children: Stiles^®, b 170S; Henry, b 1709; 
Anne, b 171 1 ; Phebe, b 1713; Elizabeth, b 1715; Ephraim,b 17 17; 
Elizabeth, b 1719; Martha, b 1721; Ruth, b 1723; Edmund, b 
1725; Elnathan, b Jan'y 4, 1726; Bathsheba, b 1728. 


Elnathan 10 Curtis, b Jan'y 4, 1726, d Jan'y 3, 1812; m Sarah 

Uffoot, of Stratford. Ten children: Charity »i,b 1745; Ruth, b 
1748; William, b 1750; Phebe, b 1752; Charity, b 1754; Sarah, b 
1757; Anne, b 1759; Stiks, b Feb'y 3, 1761 ; Ellie, b 1763; Betsey, 
b 1765. 

StilesH Curtis, b Feb'y 3, 1761, d Nov. 8, 1827; m Clara, dau. 

of Elijah Adams. She d May, 1796. He m 2d Betsey Hitch- 
cock. Ten children: Hannah^^; Susan, b 1789; Zephy ; Joseph ; 
Betsey; Stiles, b 1797; Aaron, b 1798; Sally, b 1800; Morgan, b 
1802; Polly, b 1803. 


Susani2 Curtis, b 17S9, m Joseph Wakelee. Children: Wil- 
liam**; Susan; Nicholas; Stiles; Lucinda, b Aug. 23, 1813, m 
Eleazer Dunham Loveland; Maria; Charles; Hannah. 

The lack of dates arises in part from records being lost in the 
Housatonic River during a time of great flood. 

AUGUSTA' LOVELAND (Eleazer D.«, John«) was b in 

Phil., Pa., June 23, 1836, m in Brooklyn, N. Y., July 3, 1852, Ab- 
raham Cooper Depew, b in B., Feb'y 23, 1825. Draughtsman. 
Children, first born in B., the second in N. Y. City, the fourth in 
Middletown, Conn., the rest in Bridgeport, Conn.: 

i. Frank Loveland^ Depew, b July 24, 1853. Machinist, 
ii. Isabel Depew, b Nov. 25, 1S54, d at B., Nov. 7, 1870. 
iii. Emily Loveland Depew, b July 30, 1857, Book-keep, 


T%e Loveland Genealogy. 305 

iv. Fanny Depew, b June 17, 1859, d in Newark, N. J., 
June 19, 1863. 

V. Alice Dunham Depew, b July 7, 1867. Miss Depew 
is our correspondent for the Curtis papers and other 


FRANCES A.' LOVELAND (Eleazer D.«, John«) was b 
in Phil., Pa., Oct. 17, 1840, m at Newark, N. J., Aug. 13, i860, 
Charles M. Kitchell, b in Palestine, 111., Feb'y 17, 1835, d at N., 
March i, 1879. ^^® ^ there Dec. 5, 1886. Hatter. Soldier in 
the Union Army. Marched with Sherman from Atlanta to the 
sea. Children: 

i. Lillian A.* Kitchell, b at Morristown, N. J., Oct. lo, 
1 86 1. Book-keeper with a firm in Newark. 

ii. Edith L. Kitchell, b at N., May 28, 1866. Type- 
writer. P. O., Newark. 

H. JANE*? LOVELAND (Eleazer D.«, JohnS) was b in 
Huntington, Conn., July 18, 1845, "^ there Jan'y 5, 1869, Samuel 
J. Reynolds, b in Reynoldsville, N. J., Dec. 23, 1840, d at Newark, 
N. J., Oct. 27, 1884. Book-keeper. After his death the family 
returned to Shelton, Conn., where she d March 21, 1889, in the 
room in which she was born. Children, first three born at Petro- 
leum Center, Pa., the last at Newark: 

i. Ida L.8 Reynolds, b Dec. 22, 1869, d Aug. 11, 1887. 

ii. Ada M. Reynolds, b April 6, 1872, m at Syracuse, N. 
Y., Feb'y 16, 1S88, William Hockey, b in Eng., 
Feb'y 2, 1864. Engraver on glass. P. O., Shelton. 
They had: Ida MayS, b Oct. 2, 1888; Milton Reyn- 
olds, b June 20, 1890, d July 25, 1891; Herold 
Reynolds, b Apr-l 14, 1893. 
. iii. Frederick William Renolds, b Dec. 2, 1875. P. O., 
Waterbury, Conn. 

iv. Fanny Belle Reynolds, b Jan'y 16, 1879. Shelton. 

WILLIAM G.« LOVELAND (Johns, SamueH) was b in 

Middletown, Conn., Nov. 2, 1827, m at New Britain, Conn., July 

3o6 The Loveland Genealogy, 

13, 1857, Jane £. Judd, b there July 16, 1S38. He d in Menlo 
Park, Cal., Sept 17, 18S6. Children born in M.: 

40. i. Clara Jane^, b Nov. 18, 1858, m James G. Ferguson. 

ii. Edward William, b Sept. 7, i860, d Nov. 28, 1862. 

iii. Emma C, b June 30, 1863, m in M. P., Aug. 10, 1890, 
Gustave Laumeister, b at San Jose Mission, C^l., 
Jan'y 27, 1865. She d in M. P., Sept. 14, 1892. 
They had: Emma^, b Sept. 12, 1892. 

iv. Mary Frances, b Aug. 1, 1865, m in M. P., Nov. 25, 
1882, William E. Robinson, b in Sierra Co., Cal., 
1835. She m 2d in M. P., Oct. 8, 1888, Osgood 
Hilton, b in Wiscasset, Me., Nov. i, 1850. Ship 
carpenter. Now (1893) in the U. S. naval service, 
aboard U. S. Steamer Charleston. She d in M. P., 
Dec. 21,^1889. Children: Grace* Robinson, b Dec. 
17, 1883; Mary Adella Hilton, b Sept. 22, 1889. 

V. Alice J., b Aug. 19, 1867. Teacher. 

Mr. Loveland attended the Middletown schools in his boyhood 
and obtained a fair education. April, 1844, he began hi« appren- 
ticeship at house carpentering, which was terminated when he 
reached his majority. Before beginning business for himself he 
worked at his trade several years, either as journeyman or partner. 
In the fall of 1854 he built himself a shop and began business on 
his own account. For twenty-two years he was master builder in 
his native town, erecting some of the finest and best buildings 
there. Among them the South Congregational Church, costing 
$75,000; the Middlesex Assurance Co.'s building, the Episcopal 
Chapel at South Farms, and many costly dwellings. Nov. 8, 
1876, he went to California. He built several stores in Oakland. 
Aug. 2, 1877, he was joined there by Mrs. Loveland, and the next 
month they moved to Menlo Park and he went to work for Gov. 
Stanford on his Palo Alto ranch. During the summer of 1878 he 
worked on J. C. Flood's house and on Gov. Latham's place, re- 
suming his work at the ranch the next year. In 1882 he was 
given charge of the work on the lower ranch. Sept. 13, 1886, 
while passing the ranch stables on his w^ay to work, his horse be- 

The Laoeland Genealogy. 307 

came frightened by the barking of a dog and ran away, striking 
one of the wheels against a tree and throwing him out. He re- 
ceived inward bruises which terminated the next day in paralysis 
of his left sjjde. He died the 17th. The funeral took place from 
the Menlo Park Presbyterian Church. Mrs. Stanford and others 
sent beautiful flowers. He was interred in Union Cemetery at 
Redwood City. Kind and sympathizing friends did all they could 
to alleviate Mrs. Loveland's sudden affliction. Gov. Stanford paid 
the funeral expenses. 

Mrs. Loveland now lives at Menlo Park in the home left her 
by her husband. She received the appointment of postmistress 
there under President Harrison, and in Jan'y, 1893, was reap- 
pointed. Their daughter, Emma C, was an accomplished musi- 
cian and gave instruction in vocal and instrumental music, piano 
and violin. She was the organist and leader of the choir of the 
Presbyterian Church. She was of a sweet and kindly disposition, 
an active church worker and ever thought of others before self. 
Her sister, Mary F., was a woman of more than ordinary attrac- 
tions. With large, black eyes, comely features, easy manners, 
neat and tasteful attire, she was noticeable in any society. Her 
mind was active, observant and of quick perception. Among 
friends she was sprightly, buoyant and full of life and cheer. A 
lover of music, with a good voice well trained and true, she was a 
valued aid in all social entertainments. She was generous in dis- 
position with a large sense of justice and had no sympathy with 
meanness. As a friend she was true and loyal. Her character 
and her attainments made her a successful teacher in the kinder- 
garten and public school. She united with the Presbyterian 
Church four years before her death, and the crowning joy of her 
life was to witness her husband an avowed disciple of her Lord. 
When near her last hour they together partook the memorials of 
His death. 

Alice J., another sister, is an accomplished scholar and teacher. 
She loves her profession and her specialty is the kindergarten. 
She is also a great home body, and between the two charmers she 
is content with either, though the former at this date (1894) de- 
mands the larger share of her affections. 

3o8 The Laveland Genealogy. 

CLARA JANE^ LOVELAND (William G.«, John«) was 
b in Middletown, Conn., Nov. i8, 1858, m in Menlo Park., Cal., 
Nov. 17, 1878, James G. Ferguson, b in Barrie, Scotland, Jan'y 7, 
1851. He came with his parents from Scotland when a boy, 
learned the trade of house carpenter with William G. Loveland in 
Middletown. Foreman of a gang of men in the employ of the 
Southern Pacific Railway for many years. At present master 
builder at Menlo Park. She is an accomplished musician. Organ- 
ist and leader of the Presbyterian Church choir for a time; also a 
teacher of vocal and instrumental music. Children born in Menlo 

i. John® Ferguson, b Sept. 25, 1879. 

ii. Emma Ferguson, b June 6, 1881. 

iii. Ada Helen Ferguson, b March 19, 1887. 

GEORGE H.« LOVELAND (John*, Samuel*) was b in 
Middletown, Conn., Jan'y 4, 1830, m at Canandaigua, N. Y., May 
I, i860, Christina LaTour, b in Brooklyn, N. Y., Aug. 6, 1837. 
Children : 

41. i. Frank Kipp'', b Feb'y 14, 1861, m Maggie J. Smith. 

42. ii. Samuel, b Sept. 21, 1864, m Margaret Agnes Dwyer. 

Mr. Loveland, in common with his brothers and sisters and his 
boys, had the advantages of the Middletown schools and acquired 
in them a sound, practical education. In 1846, with the consent of 
his parents, he began a seafaring life with his brother, Capt. Sam- 
uel Loveland, shipping from New York in the Fairfield. He 
continued with his brother five years. Tiring of the short coast- 
wise and European voyages, he concluded to take a longer one 
around the world. On the joth of October, 1851, he went on 
board the clipper ship Wild Pigeon as she lay at anchor in the 
East River bound for San Francisco. On Monday, the 13th, 
weather favorable, Mr. Loveland at the wheel, the ship weighed 
anchor and proceeded to sea. She crossed the equator Nov. loth, 
and early in December doubled Cape Horn. Jan'y 7, 1852, lat. 
5° south, the crew witnessed a total clipse of the moon. The 

The Loveland Genealogy, 309 

equator was again crossed, J an'y loth, in Ion. 119° west, and the 
ship came to anchor in San Franciscp harbor, Jan'y 27, at 6 P. M. 
The cargo discharged and a new one taken in, on the 1 6th of Feb'y 
the ship cleared for Hong Kong, China. She took the N. E. 
trade winds about the 8th of March, crossed the i8oth meridian of 
west longitude on the nth and came to anchor in Hong Kong 
harbor on the 30th. Here Mr. Loveland found himself one day 
behind in his reckoning and was obliged to drop the 31st of March 
from his journal. The ship was visited here by the officers of the 
U. S. sloop-of-war Saratoga and the war steamer Susquehana, 
who were looking after Uncle Sam's interests in that quarter of the 
globe. A few days later the ship came to anchor below Canton, 
took in a cargo of Banca tin, tea and silks, and on the 4th of May 
made sail for New York, crossed the equator May 31st, another 
total eclipse of the moon July 2d, passed the Cape of Good Hope 
July 19th, took the trade winds Aug. 5th, crossed the equator 
again Aug. 18th, and arrived at New York Sept. 10, 1852, mak- 
ing the voyage in just eleven months. 

After a vacation of three months Mr. Loveland shipped again 
for California in a larger vessel. This time he did not circumnav- 
igate the earth, but returned by way of Cape Horn. While in 
California he made several trips from San Francisco to Puget 
Sound for cargoes of piles and square timber, the last time going 
as second mate. After his return from California in 1854 he gave 
up the sea and went to work with his brother William in Middle- 
town, building houses. He followed the joiner's trade mainly un- 
til his retirement from active business in 1888. He visited his 
brother John in Wisconsin in 1857, where he became acquainted 
with Miss Christina LaTour, whom he afterward married at her 
sister's, Mrs. O. M. Smith, in Canandaigua. They lived in Middle- 
town awhile, but in 1861 concluded to try farming. They settled 
on a farm in Springfield, Wis., which Mr. Loveland owned. In 
1868 they sold out, returned to Middletown and built themselves a 
comfortable house at 15 Loveland St., in which they lived until 
their removal, 1888, to their new home, 527 Dixwell Ave., New 
Haven, Conn., where they now reside. 

3IO The Loveland Genealogy • 

Christina LaTour, his wife, came with her parents to Wiscon- 
sin when a child. She was a pioneer's daughter. Her education, 
though practical, was limited mainly to the pioneer schools. She 
was early trained by a wise mother in the useful domestic arts, and 
from breadmaker to dressmaker she carries a skilled hand. Her 
mother's death necessitated her living with her married sisters, and 
it was from the home of one of them that she passed to-a home of 
her own. She united with the South Congregational Church in 
Middletown in 1868 and immediately identified herself with the 
work of that church. She has a heart of sympathy for the afflicted 
and for homeless children. We find her doctor and nurse at the 
bedside of the sick, and sheltering and procuring homes for home- 
less children. After the death of her son's wife she assumed the 
care of Mildred, his infant daughter. This lovely little girl is now 
( 1895) a student in the New Haven schools. Her teacher speaks 
well of her and she bids fair to be an ornament to her sex. It is 
needless to say that Mrs. Loveland is proud of her three grand- 
children, and that they all worship her. We expect to hear a 
good report of these children as the years go by. 

FRANK K.7 LOVELAND (George H.«, John«) was b in 

Middletown, Conn., Feb'y 14, 1861, m there May 10, 1882, Mag- 
gie Jeannie Smith, b in M., July 28, i860, d in New Haven, Conn., 
Jan'y 28, 1888. This estimable woman lost her life in giving 
birth to her first-born. She was buried at M., in Indian Hill 
Cemetery. Mr. Loveland learned the machinist trade at Pratt & 
Whitney Co.'s shop, in Hartford, Conn., serving an apprentice- 
ship of 11,800 hours. He followed his specialty of die-sinking in 
Middletown for several years, but desiring a larger field of opera- 
tions he removed to New Haven, Conn., 1885, and entered the 
employ of R. H. Brown & Co., at die-sinking. Dec, 1891, he 
bought a new house in this town, 527 Dixwell Ave., and on Christ- 
mas day moved into it with his parents. Child: 

i. Mildreds, b in New Haven, Jan'y 24, 1888. 

SAMUEL' LOVELAND (George H.«, John*) was b in 

Springfield, Jackson Co., Wis., Sept. 21, 1864, m in New Haven, 

The Laveland Genealogy. 311 

Conn., June 10, 1888, Margaret Agnes Dwyer, b in Birmingham, 
Conn., June 12, 1866. He was named Samuel at the request of 
his uncle, Capt. Samuel Loveland, who kindly remembered him 
in his will. He learned the machinist trade at Pratt & Whitney 
Co.'s shop, in Hartford, Conn., commencing his apprenticeship of 
1 1,800 hours in 1880. Since Feb'y, 1886, he has been an employe 
at die-sinking with R. H. Brown & Co., in New Haven, Conn. 
He lives at 23 Bristol St. Children born in New Haven: 

i. Agnes®, b March 11, 1889. 
ii. LaTour, b Aug. 6, 1892. 

Latour family. 

ANTHONY LaTOUR came to America in 1777 with Gen. 
Lafayette. He served in the American Army until the close of 
the war. He was an expert swordsman, having learned the art in 
the French service. He became a patriotic citizen of the new re- 
public, lived in New York City and was honored with a prom- 
inent place in the procession on the occasion of Lafayette's mem- 
orable visit to America. He m Elizabeth C. Hughes. Children 
born in New York City: Sarah, b March 29, 1781 ; Anthony, b 
April 15, 1783; John South, b Dec. 20, 1785; Rachel Margaret, b 
Jan'y 31, 1788; Jane Elizabeth, b Feb'y 22, 1791; Richard James, 
b May 23, 1793; James Cochran, b Aug. 22, 1795; Anthony W., 
b July 2, 1797; Jeremiah Wool, b July 6, 1800; Mary Ann, b Oct. 
II, 1805. 

JAMES COCHRAN LaTOUR, b Aug. 22, 1795, m Chris- 
tina Kipp. She was of Dutch descent. Her great ancestor, Roe- 
loff Jantzen, m Anneke Weber in Holland, 1624. Their dau., 
Sara Jantzen, b 1625, m Cornelius Van Borsun Voors, 1667, 
Their dau., Johannen Voors, b Sept. i, 1669, m Cornelius 
Doremus. They had seven children. Their son, George Dore- 
mus, b 1694, m Maritia Berden. Four children. Their son, Hen- 
drick Doremus, b 1719, m Egge Van Houten. Six children. 
Their dau., Catharine Doremus, b 1762, m Henry Kipp, 1785. 
Seven children. Their dau., Christina Kipp, b in N. J., Jan'y 10, 
1798, m James C. LaTour, Aug. 2, 18 18. Dentist. Later a 
farmer. He d in Bloomfield, Wis., Nov. 23, 1883. ^^^ ^ there 

312 The Laveland Genealogy. 

Oct. 15, 1856. Children, the last born in Brooklyn, N. Y., the 
rest in N. Y. City: 

1. Elizabeth Catharine, m John Loveland (Fam. 28). 

ii. Sarah Ann, b Sept. 29, 1821, d July 28, 1822. 

iii. Adaline Amelia, b Aug. 27, 1823, m Dr. Horace Wil- 

kins Johnson, of Kenosha, Wis., Nov. 6, 1842. Both 

d at Harvard, 111.; he, Feb'y 24, 187 1; she, March 

20, 1 893. Their son. Col. Manfred, b in K., May 2, 

1854, is a physician in H. 
iv. Sarah Jane, b Aug. 23, 1825, m Oreb Montague Smith, 

of Canandaigua, N. Y., Aug. 6, 1844. Merchant in 

C. Family. 
V. James Cochran, b Oct. 5, 1827; m. Family, 
vi. Christopher Columbus, b Jan'y 18, 1830, m Martha E. 

Wheeler, Feb'y 14, 1856. Soldier in Union Army. 

vii. Almira Christina, b July 17, 1832, d May 9, 1835. 
viii. George Washington, b Feb'y 22, 1835, m Charlotte 

Amelia Burdick, Nov. 10, 1855. Soldier in an 111. 

Reg. He was killed in the battle at Island No. 10. 

Family dead. 

ix. Christina, b Aug. 6, 1837, m George H. Loveland 
(Fam. 31). 


CHARLES D.« LOVELAND (John^, Samuel*) was b in 
Middletown, Conn., Oct. i, 1S34, m at Bethel, Conn., March 30, 
1858, Catharine Cleora Linsley, of North Haven, Conn., b at 
Meriden, Conn., Oct. 30, 1834. She was a teacher before mar- 
riage. Children, the first born at Paris, Wis., the rest in Middle- 

i. Frederick Dunham'', b Oct. 8, 1859, ^ Sept. 5, 1888. 

ii. Samuel Marcus, b July 23, 1862, d March 24, 1881. 

iii. Grace Dunham, b Oct. 30, 1S66, d Feb'y 12, 1867. 

Mr. Loveland was admitted to the Middletown High School 
at the age of ten years. His instructor was Orange Judd, later 
editor of the American Agriculturist. After his graduation in 
1 850 he served an apprenticeship at house carpentering with Lyon 



The Loveland Genealogy. 313 

& Billard in West Meriden, Conn. In 1853 he united with the 
Congregational Church there. Soon after his marriage (May 8) 
he settled in Paris, where he worked at his trade and farming. In 
i860 we find him back in Middletown in partnership with H. S. 
White as coal merchants. He retired from this business in 1875, 
and at thi« date we find him master builder in New Haven, Conn. 
In this town and vicinity he erected many costly and substantial 
buildings. In the spring of 1890 he received a proposal from his 
wife's cousin, Henry P. Baldwin, president of the Haiku Sugar 
Co. and manager of the company's plantation on the island of 
Maui, one of the Hawaiian Islands, to come and take charge of 
the carpenter work on the plantation of Hamakuapoko. He ac- 
cepted the offer, settled up his business and April 30, 1890, they 
started on their long westward journey, visiting relatives on the 
way. May 23d they bid sweet America good-bye and embarked 
on the Australia and steamed through the Golden Gate for Hono- 
lulu, arriving there the 30th of May. Friends and relatives met 
them at the wharf. Late in September their household goods ar- 
rived by the way of Cape Horn. Soon after they were pleasantly 
settled in Maui and Mr. Loveland took charge of the carpenter 
work on the plantation. He is now (1895) a citizen of the Ha- 
waiian Republic. 

Mrs. Loveland was the daughter of Marcus and Clarissa Fow- 
ler Linsley, natives of North Brantford, Conn. They "moved to 
Paris, Wis., in 1856, and while a citizen of this State he repre- 
sented his county in the legislature. After his wife's death he 
married again and moved to Belvidere, 111. Mrs. Linsley 's sister 
was the wife of Rev. Mr. Baldwin, missionary to the Sandwich 
Islands. His sons and daughters there are among the most prom- 
inent people of the new republic. Mrs. Loveland is a genuine 
Christian woman. It can be truthfully said of her as of one of 
old: "The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her. She 
worketh willingly with her hands. She looketh well to the ways 
of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness." In girl- 
hood she faithfully improved her school advantages and acquired 
a good education. She is fond of music and is an accomplished 
pianist. She taught her first school when fifteen years old. She 

314 ^^ JLoveland Genealogy. 

was an earnest worker in the North Congregational Church of 
Middletown, joining it at an early age. After removing to New 
Haven Mr. and Mrs. Loveland united with the Davenport Con- 
gregational Church. She is a passionate lover of flowers, and in 
the clime inhere she now lives she indulges this taste to the full. 
Her sons were members of the Davenport Church- They were 
young men of lovely character, refined and noble. They had cul- 
tivated minds, but an unfortunate illness in their boyhood sapped 
their constitutions, made them invalids and brought them to early 
graves. They are buried at New Haven, in Evergreen Cemetery. 

MARTHA* LOVELAND (John*, Samuel*) was bin Mid- 
dletown, Conn., July 4, 1767, m there May 5, 1785, Robert Pad- 
dock, b in M., Nov. 10, 176c, d there Jan'y 30, 1S44. Shed there 
Jan'y 11, 1854. Farmer. They were liberal in their support of 
the Baptist Church. He gave $5,000 towards building the new 
church, and she, after her husband's death, gave $1,000, the inter- 
est to be applied annually in the support of the ministry. Chil- 
dren bom in M.: 

i. Clarissa* Paddock, b March 26, 1787, m in M., May 
28, 1S07, Elisha Birdsey, b Nov. 16, 1783, d Dec. 11, 
1826. She d April 29, 1871. Family. 

ii. Martha Paddock, b Sept. 25, 1789, d Dec. 3, 1793. 

iii. Martha Paddock, b Oct. 1, 1794, m Ralph M. Rogers. 
He lost his life at the burning of a theatre in Rich- 
mond, Va , Oct. 7, 1 8 15. She m 2d Joseph Miller, 
of M. She d Aug. 10, 1879. No children. 

iv. Lucy Paddock, b Dec. 30, 1797, m in M,, Oct. i, 1817, 
Elisha Plum, b Sept. 30, 1793. After his death she 
m Halsey Hubbard. Family. 

V. Harriet Paddock, b Dec. 17, 1802, m May i, 1822, 
Elijah Lucas, of M. Family. 

vi. Julia Ann Paddock, b April 26, 1812, m Alfred Hub- 
bard, b in M., July 4, 1803, d there March 26, 1890. 
She d there Oct. 9, 18S8. Large family. 



Abee, 90 

Abell, 79 

Ackerman, 258 

Adams, 75, 78, 88, 90, 95, 98, 

135, 280, 282. 
Ackley, 278 

Aldrich, 227 

Alexander, 1 38 

Alger, 258 

AUard, 1 30 

Allen, 65, 97, 153, 186, 280 





Angel 1, 













45. 189 

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54, 89, 169, 250 

35. 259 
224, 229 

Bailey, 44, 95, 96, 171, 178, 


Baird, 104, 105, 205 

Baker, 116, 166, 260 to 267, 






81, 140,231, 238 








































Bill, or Bills, 











196, 2o7i 249 
124, 125, 166 

182, 247, 250 




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' 8, 255 

39, 87, 88, 89 








The Laveland Genealogy. 

















Bradley, 38, 45, 109, 







Brooks, 137, 

Brown, 71, 123, 138, 

250, 291 


Burnham, 247, 
















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124, 138,239 

243, 265, 280 




90, 127 




Chapman, 84, 105, 137, 151, 

Chase, 180 

Chatfield, 220 

Chesebrough, 227 

Childs, 109 

Clark, 591^3.79' ^77i ^9^^ 
226, 227, 235, 244 

Clariel, 248 

Clements, 1 25 

Clemmer, 196 

Clerenger, 283 

Cleveland, 263 

Cloud, 173 

Clough, 101 

Colby, 184 

Colburn, 145 

Cole, 36, 225 























Chaff e. 




Index to Heads of Families. 





105, 106, 123 


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De Forest, 

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Dewey, • 




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Dorm an. 







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Curtis, 109, 

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The Lcveland Genealogy, 


































Ford, 55 






Free] and, 





22» 74i 





















178. 257 
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233» 295 
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232, 280 
'27, 234 
63, 141, 181, 185 


36, 116 



'7> 148,255,281 


39, 46, 47, 

103, 181, 


























Good sell, 








Gray, 85, 







Hall, 63, 72, 





120, 264 

54, 124, 125 



178, 180 

214, 21S 



81, 113 

176, 178,215 



221, 249 


82, 281 






6S^ 69, 220 

28, 135 



280, 283 


103, 261, 266 





56, 75> 167 
'38, i95>237 



Index to Heads of Families. 







. >7. 143 






45i 125, 

215, 216 





109, no 











108, 139 












43. '55 


97, 108 




26, 70, 

128, 146 


97. »94 












26, 72, 251 



252, 256 





144, 227 
































228, 229 



























239. 252 








140, 141, 278 




254. 255 




80, 233 





Hill, Hills, 

43, 100, 

:3s, IS'* 



182, 198 



96, 247 




196, 226 




'34. '68 

Hinman, 2 

48, 253, 

254. 257, 











120, 135 






88, 89, 295 


The Loveland Genealogy. 



























Johnson, 64, 




255> 261 

LaTour, 300, 


Jones, 84, 97, 

172, 291, 292 



Judd, 104, 105, 

179, 222, 237, 



253» 306 









Lawrence, 87, 

148, 223 







Leather wood, 




Lee, 194, 

344, 270 






17, 18 









Lewis, 44, 45, 46, 116, 

2531 254 


137, 281 






140, 256 















Loomis, 115, 

295> 301 







Loveland — 

%^ w 



Aaron, Israel, 




Aaron, Ziba, 




Abigal, Asa, 




Abijah, Benjamin, 




Abner, Asa, 



92, 112 

Abner, Abner, 




Abner, Elisha, 




Abner, Thomas, 




Ahiel S., Kiel, 




Alanson, Treat, 



24, 46, 93 

Albert, Arnold, 



83, 105 

Albert, Lucius, 




Alfred, Elijah, 




Alice, Israel, 



127, 134, 253 

Allen, Levi, 




Alvin, Treat, 


Index to Heads of Families, 






Amos, Thomas, 


Edward M., George, 


Anna, Israel, 


Edward A., Abner, 


Anson C, Chester, 


Edwin M., Reuben, 


Anson F., Chester, 


Eleazer D., John, 


Arnold, Joseph, 


Eli, Eli, 


Asa, Thomas, 36, 48 

Eli, Solomon, 


Asa, Asa, 


Ellis H., Amos, 


Asa, Benjamin, 2 j(, 

, 260 

Elijah, Elisha, 


Asa, Pelatiah, 


Elisha, Elisha, 


Asa J., William S., 


Elisha, Pelatiah, 


Ashbel, Joseph, 


Elisha, Thomas, 


Ashbel, Landon, 


Eliza A,, Erastus, 


Asher, Israel, 


Emeline, George, 


Augusta, Eleazer D., 


Emily, Landon, 


Benjamin, Asa, 


Enos, Thomas, 


Benjamin K., Abner, 


Erastus, Enos, 


Benjamin, Thomas, 


Erastus, Elijah, 


Catharine, Reuben, 


Erasmus D., Asher, 


Charity, Reuben, 

Esther, Solomon, 


Charles, Asa, 


Ezra, Titus, 


Charles A., Asa, 


Frank C, Abner, 


Charles, Charles, 281, 

, 282 

Francis H., Jesse, 


Charles, John, 


Frederick, John, 


Charles D., John, 


Frederick L., Lucius, 


Charles, Sam., 277, 280 


Frederick T., George, 


Chauncey H., John, 


Gad, Solomon, 


Chauncey, Levi, 


George H., John, 


Chauncey L., George, 


George C, Gad, 


Chester, Chauncey, 


George D., George, 


Chester C, Chester, 


George, John, 106, 

, 109 

Chloe, John, 


Giles, Miles, 


Clarissa M., Luther, 


Hannah, Aaron, 


Clark, Joseph, 


Hannah, Chauncey, 


Clark S., Nathaniel G., 


Hanford, Treat, 


Cyrus C, Amos, 


Harlon E., Joel C, 


Daniel, Daniel, 


Harriet, Reuben, 


Daniel, George, 


Heber C., Chester, 


Daniel, Thomas, 


Henry C. M., John, 


David A., Loring, 


Henry, Gad, 


David, Chester, 


Henry S., Roswell, 


D. Frazer, Asa, 


Henry L , John, 


Dinah, Israel, 


Hiel, Elijah, 


Don C, Chester, 


Hiram, Gad, 


Pudley, John, 


Hiram D.^ Hiel^ 



The Lcveland Genealogy. 


Loveland — page. 

Hiram F., Levi, 175 

Horace, Treat, 234 

Isaac, Elisha, 139 

Isaac, Israel, 86 

Isaac, Titus, 137 

Israel, Israel, 84 

Israel B., Israel, 87 

Israel, Thomas, 82 

James S., Roswell, 92 

James L., Aaron, 103 

James H., Hiram F., 179 
James, Charles, 284 

Jefferson, Joshua, 1 20 

Jesse, Lazarus, 268 

foab, Solomon, 60 

oseph, Joseph, 220 

oseph, Thomas, 219 

Joseph, Arnold, 239 

John, Charles, 281, 283, 285 
John, Thomas, 
John, John, 
John, George, 
John L., George, 
John, Joshua, 
John R., William, 
John, Samuel, 
John G., John, 
Joel C, Chauncey, 
Joel C, Joel C.,. 
Joshua, George, 
Joshua C, Joshua, 
Josiah, Hiel, 
Julia A., Gad, 
Keziah, Lewis, 
LaTour, John, 
Landon, Ashbel, 
Laura, Gad, 
Lazarus, Benjamin, 
Leonard, Asa, 
Leonard H., Abner, 
Leonard, Oliver, 
Levi A., Allen, 
Levi, Elijah, 
Levi, Elisha, 



1 12 



286, 292 







' 73 











Levi, Chauncey, 


Lewis, Josyh, 
Lewis P., Lewis, 



Linus C, Loring, 


Lois, Treat, 


Loring, Abner, 


Louisa, Lucius, 


Laeius, Aaron, 


L«icy, Asa, 


Lucy, Gad, 


Luman E., Abner, 


Luther, Abner, 


Luther, Luther, 


Luther, Pelatiah, 


Lydia, Lazarus, 


Lyman F., Aaron, 


Mary A., Landon, 


Mary C, Asher, 


Mary L., Oliver, 


Margaret A., George, 


Martha, John, 


Martha A., Roswell, 


Mehetabel, John, 


Miles, George, 


Miles, Joseph, 


Miles, Lewis, 


Nathaniel G., Clark, 


Oliver R., Charles, 


Oliver, Eli, 


Orlanza, Elisha, 


Orson C, Chester, 


Pelatiah, Elisha, 


Philander C, Elisha, 


Polly A., Abijah, 


Ralph A., Erastus, 


Reuben, Asa, 


Reuben, Pelatiah, 



Reuben, Reuben, 


Reuben, Thomas, 


Robert, Charles, 


Robert M., William, 


Roswell, Asher, 


Roxeana, George, 


Ruth, Israel, 


IndcM to Heads of Families. 





Samuel W., Asher, 



35. >86 

Samuel C, Israel, 




Samuel, John, 292. 




Samuel, Samuel, 279. 

, 280 



Samuel, Thomas, 




Sarah, Asa, 




Sarah M., Abner, 




Sarah, Gad, 




Sarah M., Truman, 




Socrates, Aaron, 




Solomon, Thomas, 




Sophia, Abner, 
Starr, Arnold, 







Stephen B., Hiel, 




Susan, Lewis, 




Susannah, John, 








Thomas, Thomas, 17, 18, 20, 



21, 2i 




Titus, John, 




Treasure K., John, 



Treat, Joseph, 




Truman, Ashbel, 



124, 126 

Truman, Treat, 



" 3*243 

William E., Chester, 




William, John, ^ 




William G.,7ohn, 




William S., Levi, 


Miller, 23, 107, 


286, 314 

William, Reuben, 




Ziba, Elisha, 




Ziba, John, 




Ziba, Ziba, 








186*, 192 









239, 281 





222, 284 

Mac key, 







68, 69, 70 













235» 256 




»o4, 253 





Mann, 46, 223, 

► 225 




Tke Laveland Genetitogy. 




















52» 174 












148, 179 








214, 246 


>35. 136 




102, 186, 199 




•55. »84i 253 











H5» '86 


141, 165, 166 




i»7i 254,255 




20 . 








80, 142 


















35. 6*> 7'» 172 




220, 242 






























142, 152 






53. '88. 277 








"3. 135 


287, 291, 314 


128, 151 






268, 275 


53. 167 






234, 265, 281 












26, 196 



Index to Heads of FatnUies. 









62, 103, 235, 258 
















92, 103 


1 19, 240 














115, 178, 244, 258 







133. 265 



232, 267 


85. 173. 175 








74. 75. 78 







. 73. 153 


















27. 28, 29 







ii8, 171, 184,274 




218, 252, 292 








154. 306 

Shaw, 123, 

124, 125, 

197, 232 






261, 283, 314 

Shepard, 83, 

172, i73i 

185, 189 







74, 79, 80, 8i, i68 


100, 194 


63. »25, 173,237 




















47. '85 



















i53» 154 






200, 217 


109, 169 








The ZxTDeland Genealogy* 


Smith, 44, 6S^ 75, 86, 1 18, 124, 
128, 129, 130, 140, 166, 
172, 238, 244, 253, 

186, 200, 210, 21 L 


























"4» "5» 





139, 182 

1 ID, 232 

80, 91, 179, 286 



Stoddard, 173, 183, 206, 257 
Stone, 84, 125, 221, 255, 258 

81, 121 





107, 127, 129 

18, 231 























Todd, 245, 
























Van Allen, 

Van Bramer, 

Van Buskirk, 

Van Deusen, 

Van Horn, 

Van Houten, 

Van Keuren, 

Van Valkenburg, 







87, 212 
29, 118 


249, 250 







125, 128 





23» 167 


237» 239 



234, 241 




239, 242 









Index to Heads of Families, 





• i5o> 237 






83) 96, 135*256 




55, 106, 269 










126, 174 










122, 134 




56, 58, i75» 282 






147, 155, 241 








193, 194, 221 


1, 280 


83, 109 


















48, 105, 255 






113, 184, 186 






92, 231, 263 


151, 171, 172 




75,83, 114, 195 


239. 257 


' 47 




220, 253 

Wood worth, 

174, 241, 259 




251, 256, 257 


90, 103 




20, 52, 257 


55. 91. 183 








291, 292 




81, 220, 282 


55. 56, 196 



39, family 50: Rev. D. H. Loveland d in Chicago, 111., Feb'y 26, 
1895. Trinity M. E. Church. 

105, fam ly 126B: if, Clyde Frank®, d April 6, i8^S* 

146, family 214: George P. Hatch, d March 16, 1895. 

150, family 221: Thetla Elmetta, b at Port Huron, Mich, Jan'y 6, 

181, family 261: Born to i, Rosamond Vivian, May 27, 1894; iii, 
m Feb'y 21, 1895, Leon G. Currier, b in Rochelle, 111., 
Aug. 9, 1874. 

221, family 333: Clark S. Loveland, d at Morris, Conn., April 24, 
1895. We quote from the Litchfield, Conn., Enquirer: 
"He was one whom you could always depend upon in any 
situation where he was placed. A thorough man in all his 
undertakings. Always prompt in church work; a sustain- 
ing prop in all church matters; a member for years of the 
board of education ; a prominent and helpful member of our 
grange; a loved husband and father. Such men are rare to 
be found and can hardly be spared. He will be greatly 
missed by the church as well as the town." 

145, family 200, Vol. II: Mrs. Laura V. Draper, d in Upland, 
Pa., Feb'y 21, 1895. From the Chester, Pa., Times: 



Mrs. Laura Draper, wife of John A. Draper, of Church street, 
died last evening shortly after 8 o'clock, at her home, of a compli- 
cation of diseases. The end came very peacefully. Realizing 
that the end was near, she bade her husband, little son James and 
other relatives farewell on Wednesday, then sank into unconscious- 
ness and remained in that state until death came. Occasionally she 
would sing and though weak and emaciated from the long combat 

The Loveland Genealogy. 

with disease, her voice was remarkably clear and sweet. It was a 
touching scene, this dying Christian on the banks of the river of 
death, singing her soul into the spirit land, and it brought many 
tears to the eyes of the watchers by the bedside. 

Mrs. Draper is the daughter of Thomas Earnshaw of this city, 
and after her marriage she moved to Upland, She was an active 
worker in the church, Sunday School and Endeavor Society as 
long as her health permitted, and as she possessed a voice of rare 
sweetness and power, her talents were employed in church music. 
She was still a member of the choir at the time of her death. She 
was 32 years of age. The funeral will take place on Sunday af- 
ternoon. Services will be held in the church at 2 o'clock, followed 
by interment at Hinkson's Corner. 


The funeral of Mrs. Laura Draper in Upland yesterday after- 
noon was attended by a great concourse of friends, fully 1,200 
people passing through the lecture room of the Methodist Church, 
where the casket was placed, and viewing the pale but peaceful 
face of the dead. All the ministers made feeling addresses upon 
the life work and character of the departed which brought tears to 
many eyes. The choir sang favorite hymns of the deceased mem- 
ber, whose vacant chair in the gallery was draped in her memory, 
and the congregation a'so softly sang a verse of a hymn often used 
by Mrs. Draper. 





J> r ■ 


^■^ :^.? 


r.--'- '" ^ > -J.'-^-' ^ 

r/1^- ^^'/-^r^- ^-;/^/