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, 3 1833 01393 6080 






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Syracuse, N, Y. 
Courier Printing Co. 


Dedicated to the memory of Henry Bond, M. D., only son 
of Henry Bond and Hannah (Steams) Bond, to whom 
we are all indebted for the first genealogy of 
the Stearns family published in 1855, 
under the title of "Genealogies of 
the Families and Descendants 
of the early Settlers of 
Watertown, Massa- 


In the summer of 1892 a few persons in Syracuse, N. Y., 
and vicinity formed a New York State Association of the 
Stearns famihes, with E. C. Stearns, President, Edson J. 
Stearns, Vice President, and Mrs. Avis Stearns Van Wag- 
en, Secretary and Treasurer. It was the intention of the 
association to solicit additional memberships until a sufficient 
number should join them from all parts of North America 
and ultimately become a National Organization, with the 
purpose of taking that part of "Bond's Genealogies" per- 
taining to the Stearns families, as a basis for a new„work, and 
bringing the records of all who would co-operate in the 
movement down to the present time. After several 
months of earnest effort throughout the state so little inter- 
est was aroused in the subject, that the Association finally 
abandoned its object. The undersigned, then took upon 
herself, the arduous task. After the work was well 
progressed, and accumulating in large proportions the serv- 
ices of a competent genealogist was secured in the person 
of Mrs. M. E. Abbott. In the early stages of the work we 
received the manuscript compiled by Irving A. Stearns, of 
Wilkesbarre, Pa., which was of great assistance in arrang- 
ing the descendants of "my kinsman, Charles Sternes." We 
are also indebted for much information to Hazen's Hist, of 
Billerica, Brown's Hist, of Bedford, Stearns' Hists. of 


Rindge and Ashburnham, Dedham Records, Family Me- 
morial, by George Chapin Stearns, Barrus' Hist, of Goshen, 
Mass., Andrews' Family Genealogy, together with town rec- 
ords and family histories without number. Mr. Wm. H. 
Manning, of Worcester, and Mrs. Amelia D. Stearns, of 
Boston, M'ass., have given much individual assistance, and 
there are scores of others to whom our thanks are due. 

We shall always remember with pleasure and gratitude 
the interest and encouragement afforded us by our towns- 
man Major Albert Stearns, No. 4261, who has written the 
article on Heraldry. We are also indebted to our publisher, 
Mr. F. H. Johnson of Syracuse, N. Y., and J. Manz Engrav- 
ing Co. of Chicago, 111., and Bartlett & Co. of New York, 
for the very able, prompt and courteous manner in which 
they have executed our orders and to all who have seconded 
our efforts in the slightest degree, we wish here to express 
our thanks and appreciation. 
Very truly, 

July ist, 1 901. 


Heraldic Glossary, 

CHARGES — Subordinate emblems placed on, or next to 
the ordinaries. 

CHEVRON— Protection. Taken from the rafters of a 

CREST — Upper part, — above the helmet. 

CROSSES — ^Crosslets; four equal straight arms with small 
crosses on each. 

CROSSES — Flory; four equal straight arms with triple 
leaves on each, like lower part of fleur de lis. 

CROSSES — Patonce; four equal curved arms with triple 
leaves on each. 

CROSSES — ^Pattee; like a square with sides cut away an 
eighth part from each corner and four-fifths distance 
to center. 

DOVE — Loving constancy and peace. 

FALCON — Eager in the pursuit of a much desired object. 
FLOWERS— In general,— Hope, Joy. But each kind has a 

special sio-nificance. 

GRIFFIN — A fabulous animal having forefeet and head of 
an eagle with ears, also body, hind legs and tail of a 

HELMET — Surety in defence. Rank of owner determines 
its shape. 


MARTLETT— Like a swallow, but without feet. 

OLIVE BRANCH— Peace and Concord. 

The leading- and oldest classes of emblems placed next 
to the shield. 

OR — Gold or Yellow, betokens Wisdom, Justice, Riches, 
elevation of mind. 

PPR. PROPER— Natural form and color. 

SA. SABLE OR BLACK — Constancy, or more rarely, 


WHITE ROSE— Love and Faith. 

WREATH — A circle or ring- formed of a light and a dark 
rope of silk, twisted together. 

Armory or Heraldry, 

The fact that our fathers brougfht from England the family 
Coat of Arms, — that it was borne there three centuries ago, 
by a Sterne, who was the third citizen in the British Peerage, 
next to royal blood, — ^that a titled Stern was Honorary 
Colonel of a Regiment in England within the past ten years, 
(1891), — that it was well known in many counties there, — 
that patriotic and honored members of our family used it 
here, after the Revolutionary War (see Pitcher, opp P. 79), 
also, that several different "charges" appear to have been 
used in this country by the Stearns family, all resting upon 
the same base, i. e., the Golden Shield and the Three 
Crosses; all these things make it proper that something 
should be here said upon the above named subject, even 
though it be a very brief and rambling recapitulation of 
interesting published matter, which would fill many volumes 
as large as the familv Bible. 

It is quite natural our ancestors should suppose the 
Science of Armory or Heraldry would be practiced in the new 
country, for it was ancient, useful and noble. It may have 
been abused, notably in the times of Charles II. (1649-8.S), 
when titles could be bought, but so have all things, even the 
good ofifiees of the church. 

Heraldry in England was a purely military and feudal 
institution, dating from about Q.SO A. D. in the tournaments 
of Germany and imported bv the Norman invaders. Will- 
iam the Conqueror (1035-97) annointed some seven hundred 
of his followers ,to be Barons, dividing England up, making 
them Tenants-in-Chief from the Crown; none of these fam- 
ilies now remain in the land. 


The armorial shiela, like the signet ring, was used in the 
place of a signature, by many who could not write their 
names. At the time of signing- the great Magna Charta 
(1215), twenty-three English Barons affixed their marks, a 
cross; it was even sealed by King John without his signa- 
ture. The Sign of the Cross is often found upon shields and 
seals; over three hundred and eighty different forms of 
crosses are recorded. It was usually employed in the execu- 
tion of early deeds, to render the compact binding, and the 
custom of persons who are unable to write, still signing with 
a cross, is a survival of this practice. The Cross is the most 
honorable charge to be found in Heraldry, and its bearing 
is the express badge of a Christian; it was borne by the 
Crusaders and from this fact they received their name. 

Coats of Arms usually consist of a shield and helmet, with 
"ordinaries," and it may have "charges" of things animate 
oir inanimate, real or mythical, each in varied forms, (like 
the Cross referred to above), illustrated by one or more 
"Tinctures," (of which there are fifteen, the two precious 
metals, five colors and eight furs) affording opportunity for 
much art and brilliancy in make-up of armory, when thou- 
sands of pounds were expended upon a single outfit. They 
were often adorned by "supporters" 'on the sides, — see lion 
and the unicorn of England; sundry things might be shown, 
forming a "crest" above the shield, like the Starling of our 
first Isaac Stearns. Mottoes were shown; flowers, which 
speak such varied languages were freely used; the whole 
often encircled with "mantles" or lines of beauty. All the 
above had a distinct and well understood meaning in the 
Language of Heraldry, which even the illiterate gentlemen 
had to learn by heart. The charges upon the shield orig- 
inally represented the great deeds done upon the field of 

Heraldic devices were depicted upon flags, the rank of 
commander determining the size and shape of each. Some 
pennons had points like a swallow's tail, and when the owner 
did some especial act of gallantry, his Sovereign might pro- 
mote him on the field of battle by tearing off these points. 

The sails of the early men of war, are constantly repre- 
sented with armorial blazonrv. 


Coats of Arms were embroidered upon altar cloths in 
Boston, Mass., during- the sixteenth century. 

Heraldic rebuses were sometimes formed, by adding to 
the coat of arms, some object whose name sounded like the 
whole or a part of the family name. In parts of England 
the "Starling" was called a "Sterne;" this may have caused 
its use by a branch of our family there. 

The arms of the Duke de Medici are used in this country 
in front of every pawn shop, the three balls. 

The Sterne (or Stearns) coat of arms is known to have 
been booie by families in the following named counties of 
England: Berks, Buckingham, Cambridge, Hertford, Lan- 
caster, Norfolk, Nottingham, Suffolk, Sussex and York, 
comprising nearly one-third of that country. 

During the reign of Richard IH. (1483-85) Heraldry was 
placed under specific control, by the incorporation of a col- 
lege, which allowed no arms to be used without authority: 

"Arms of Descent" or Paternal Arms, belong to and dis- 
tinguish some particular family, and it was unlawful for any 
other family to assume them; the inheritance of such in the 
third generation, constituted a Gentleman in right of blood; 
in the fourth, a Gentleman of Ancestry, or a complete 
nobility, "Begun in the sire, growing in the son and complete 
in the grandson," qualifying the owner to be received at the 
Court of his ov^n and other Sovereign Princes. 

Coats of Arms could be willed away, given or sold, like 
chattel property, by undisputed owners. Often combats of 
Arms were resorted to for the settlement of claims to certain 
armorial designs. A man might assume and bear arms of a 
conquered enemy. 

Names were often changed, upon the bestowal of a Title, 
the family name of the Wandsworth Barony being Stern. 

Armorial Seals were believed to have been in England as 
early as 1030. Arms have been assigned to our Saviour; an 
escutcheon was still extant in 1892, in the Cathedral at 
Mayence, showing twenty quarterings, said to have been so 
placed, in order that our Lord might take highest rank as 
"a. gentleman;" a custom prevailing in "Mayence the 
Golden," that those only, who bore sixteen or more quarter- 
ines could aspire to this nobility. The first authentic seal, 


of which an impression is still in existence, is that of Edward 
the Conqueror (1042-66). Henry 1. hung an armorial shield 
upon the breast of Geoffrey of Anjou in 1122, upon his 
marriage to that King's daughter; but enthusiasts claim that 
it existed at a much earlier date, and would fain show it by 
Holy Writ in 1490 B. C, referring to Numbers H., 2, which 
orders "Every man of the Children of Israel shall pitch by 
his own standard, with the ensign of their father's house, 
far off about the tabernacle of the congregation, shall they 
pitch;" they also refei to Psalms XX., 5; LX., 4, and Isaiah 
XIII., 2. Sophocles, Herodotus, Virgil and other ancient 
writers give minute descriptions of the devices represented 
on the shields of their heroes, but they may not be strictly 
"Heraldic charges." 

This Science was useful in warlike times to distinguish, 
during the dust and confusion of battle, the different Knights 
who led and fought, encased in steel; the coat of arms being 
shown upon the shield, the breast and back; also upon the 
horse's blanket, both before and behind the saddle. The 
neglect to wear arms sometimes proved fatal; the last De 
Clare owed his death on the field of Bannockburn (13 14) to 
this cause, being captured by the Scots; his great value as a 
prisoner would have saved him for ransom. A typical in- 
cident showing the Chivalrv of those days, (which was a 
twin brother of Heraldry), happened upon this field, the day 
before the battle. King Robert the Bruce, with thirty 
thousand Scots opposed the advance of a hundred thou- 
sand English troops, who sought to faise the siege of 
Stirling Castle near by, and to conquer Scotland. A river, 
spanned by a single bridge, divided the two armies; an Eng- 
lish Knight, named De Bohun, thinking to win augmenta- 
tions to his escutcheon, being armed with the heavy spear 
and splendidly mounted, rode out in full view of the two 
armies and challenged King Bruce to single combat. Bruce, 
mounted upon a pony and armed only with a battle axe, 
crossed the bridge; each advanced to the encounter, when 
near together the Scot turned to the left, dodging the spear 
and drove his axe through the helmet and skull of his foe- 
man. The battle on the lollowing day ended with a victory 
for the 'Scottish King; doubtless this incident helped him 
greatly, for in those days, good or ill omens had great 


influence over soldiery, and the smallness of his army justi- 
fied an exposure which, at this day, would be called insanity. 
Heraldry has often served to determine the age and builder 
of ancient structures; the identity of portraits, titles to real- 
estate and especially in preserving records of family rela- 

It was noble, in that it enforced as high a degree of recti- 
tude and honor as the age would permit; it encouraged 
loyalty to the crown; mercy to prisoners; chivalry to the fair 
sex; bravery and skill at arms. Only the Noble were en- 
titled to wear arms and up to the fifteenth century, even such 
must have "won their spurs" or charges upon the field, all 
others were forbidden by law. In the times of Peter the 
Hermit (1050-1115) any one who slew an infidel was de- 
clared "noble' 'and could wear arms. 

Additions to coats of arms were carried to great extremes, 
being at times made to represent forty to fifty different 
things, by quarterings, crests, &c., such as noble descent, 
intermarriage of noble families, marriage to an heiress, 
(then her arms must be borne), skill in battle, rank of a son, 
or "cadency;" a fourth son could take the "martlett," a 
small bird, shown without feet, to indicate that a younger 
son had little land to stand upon, hence, must support him- 
self by his wings, i, e., his sword or his brain, and the pro- 
fession of arms or the church received and provided for him, 
seemingly a choice between slaughtering soldiers or saving 

The nobleman was obligeil by public opinion to wear arms; 
if he committed any act unworthy of knighthood, portions 
of his escutcheon were "voided," this being done for such 
acts as revoking his challenge, deserting the banner of, or 
lying to his Sovereign, cowardice, vainly boasting of martial 
achievements, efTeminacv, drunkenness or licentious con- 
duct, killinsr a prisoner with his own hancis, when not justi- 
fied by self defense, acting as a traitor to his king and 
country: for this last crime, the most disgraceful of all, the 
escutcheon was condemned to be borne reversed: all these 
things applied, not onlv to the actual culprit, but to his 
wTiole familv, until restored bv royal favor. 

When "villainous saltpeter" came into use, the closed 


helmets were laid aside, and armorial bearings fell into dis- 
use in time of war, but continued to be emblems of rank and 
a mark of gentle blood; in later years, the legal restrictions 
in England have been replaced by custom, gentlemanly 
usages and genealogies. 

This Science has been criticised, in that it encourages 
vanity, but it has been well said, ''He who careth not whence 
he cometh, careth little whither he goeth." Family pride 
will do much to restrain the young man from disgraceful 
deeds; the aegis of a good mother's love will follow him 
around the world, an ever present shield, and when all the 
mothers for many generations, have been good, the armor is 
doubly secure. Children are the mother's diadem; the more 
useful the child the brighter the jewels shine above her brow, 
bcause they prove greater care and skill on the part of the 
lapidary in the cutting and polishing; hence, the usefulness 
of genealogies like this, to register these things, and many 
sparkling brilliants may be found recorded in this volume. 
However, we will not regret that Heraldry has practically 
cased in these United States, except on seals used by the 
Country, States, Corporations, &c. So long as each of our 
large family continues useful and honorable, and the 
"Screaming Eagle," shown upon the arms of our country, 
may well represent now, that exuberance of spirit, due to 
the magnitude of the tasks accomplished and the good results 
likely to follow, as it did to our brave fathers, a century ago. 

From the foregoing, it may be seen that family arms may 
be modified in various ways, for different branches of the 
family, and these may again be changed by younger 
branches. Regarding the coat of arms of the Sterne or 
Stearns family in England and in this country, the oldest that 
we now have knowledge of, (which we will call No. i), is 
that of the Archbishop of York, (1664-83), whose family 
shield was or, a chev. betw. three crosses flory sa. crest a 
cock starling ppr. It had ornamental mantling and a ribbon 
below, without motto. This distinguished man, by right of 
his clerical position, took rank ahead of all others in the 
peerage, except the reigning family, the Archbishop of 
Canterbury and the Lord High Chancellor. We know this 
to have been an old English family and the arms were at 
that time doubtless many generations old. 


Other branches of the family m England bore three 
crosses of a different form; some the "patonce," others 
"crosslets" or "pattee." Records also show that the crests 
varied, some having a falcon, others a griftin or a dove. 
Authorities differ even about the arms of the Archbishop, 
but the above seems to be the most authentic. 

The College of Heraldry, in London, have recently sent 
us a copy in colors of "the Arms borne by Archbishop 
Sterne," or, a chev. betw. three crosses fiory sa., v^^ithout 
other augmentations. 

Bond's genealogy of our family shows a shield like No. i^ 
which "belonged to the occupants of the old Stearns Home- 
stead in Watertown," Mass., doubtless brought to this coun- 
try by Isaac Stearns in 1630, but it also bears the helmet, and 
cock starling for a crest, with ornamental mantling and rib- 
bon without motto below. 

No. 2, Mr. Charles R. Stearns of Creighton, Neb., 
sends sketch of a shield now in his family, borne by 
"Richard Sterne, Esq., son and heir of the most reverend 
father in God, Richard Sterne, Lord Archbishop of York."^ 
It is the same as No. i, except it has for a crest a wreath 
supporting a dove bearing an olive branch, and on the 
shield, under lower cross, the motto, Sustinet — to Sustain. 

Mr. Robert E. C. Stearns of Los Angeles, Cal., sends 
copy of one similar to No. 2. 

No. 3, The author, Laurence Sterne (1713-68), a great- 
grandson of the Archbishop, has his coat of arms as a 
frontispiece to Tristram Shandy and other books; it is or, a 
chev. betw. three crosses patonce, crest a wreath and star- 
ling; — no ribbon nor motto. 

No. 4, The imprint of another shield has been sent us, the 
same as No. i, except the crest is a falcon resting on a 
wreath; it was probably made for some one in this country, 
as it has neither helmet nor mantle, but has on a ribbon the 
motto. Absque labore nihlit; Nothing without Labor. It 
was made in London and bears the name below of Joseph 
Barker Stearns. 

No. 5, Mr. M. A. Stearns of Brooklyn, N. Y., has 
furnished the impress of a beautifully cut oval seal, 
three-quarters of an inch long, of same design as No. i^ 


except it has crosses patonce, with family name on the 
ribbon and chevron bears the motto Exitus actor probat. — 
The Event approves the Act. He says this seal was made 
about 1822 for his father. 

No. 6, Mr. James P. Stearns, of Springiield, Mass., 
sends photograph of a shield much like No. i, except 
it has for a crest a goat's head resting on a crown. 

No. 7, The Family Memorial, a neatly gotten up volume, 
pubHshed at Buffalo, N. Y., in 1891, by Mr. George Chapin 
Stearns, being genealogy of a part of our family, the 
descendants of Benjamin Stearns ,shows arms like No. 3, 
adding a ribbon below with motto Lahore et Scientia, — 
Labor and Science. 

The Pitcher of Hon. Isaac Stearns (No. 366) of Billerica, 

Mass., shown opposite page 79, which was probably made in 
Liverpool, England, and sent to the recipient about 1784, 

carries for a shield, or, three crosses flory, sa., substituting 
a garland of white roses and forget-me-nots in place of the 
helmet, with a mantle of same flowers, and has on ribbon 
below, "The Arms of Steams." He omits the chevron and 
starling, evidently with the view of establishing arms for 
the family here, which should discourage all warhke 


No. 4261. 

Orthography of N ante Stearns. 

Stearns, Sternes, Sterns, Starns, etc., etc., is undoubtedly 
a variation or corruption of the name Sterne, which has 
been effected in this country. It probably commenced in 
the pronunciation, and extended to the writing of the 
name. In the early town and county records the name is writ- 
ten Sterne, in Winthrops Journal it is also written Sterne. 
"It is also a well known name in the counties of Nottingham, 
Berks, Norfolk, Hertford, Suffolk and Cambridge, in Eng- 
land, but the name Stearns has not occurred to the writer, in 
any English work." In the will of Isaac Stearns ist. of the 
first generation, Vol i, the name is spelled Sternes, the 
surplus terminal "s" being sometimes used in England. The 
variation Starns and Starnes, is distinctly southern, while 
very few have retained the original and correct orthography. 
The varied spellings will be found as they were given by the 
writer of their records and all families of English descent 
have been transcribed in their proper places or in the ap- 
pendix. "In every instance where the lineage of this family 
has been traced back, it has been to one of the following: 
Isaac, Charles, or Nathaniel, what relationship existed be- 
tween the three is not known. Isaac in his will calls Charles 
"My kinsman;" it is noticeable, however, that all three 
named their sons, Isaac, Samuel and John, while the sons 
of Isaac, named their sons Nathaniel. 

^ Mrs. M. A. Whitney of Madrid, N. Y., writes, under date 
of Feb., 1894, "My father died when I was quite young, but 
I have often heard my Grandfather Stearns tell the story of 
the three brothers." 

Mr. Melvin H. Stearns of St. Louis, Mo., writes, under 
date of Oct., 1893, "I have never seen Bond's Genealogies, 


but the storv of the three brothers is quite familiar to me, 
2.S told by my uncle, Gould Stearns." 

Dr. Phineas Sewall Stearns of Buffalo, N. Y., writes, under 
date of Nov., 1893, "My father, Samuel, who was born in 
1784, assured me that it was a positive fact that the original 
Isaac, Charles and Nathaniel were brothers," and many 
others have given similar testimony. 

On May 17, 1662, Thomas Qark sold a parcel of land in 
Boston, Mass., bounded S. E. by land of Daniel Sternes 
(Suffolk Deeds IV., pg. 268). This is the only record or 
notice of this Daniel Stearns. The belief is entertained by 
many of the Stearns descendants that three Sterne brothers 
came to America together, named respectively, Isaac, Daniel 
and Shubael; that Daniel died unmarried or without issue; 
that Shubael and wife died, leaving two sons, Charles and 
Nathaniel to the care of their uncle, Isaac. Research in 
England has thus far failed to find the parents, brothers or 
sisters of Isaac Stearns, the emigrant from England. 

To Trace a Lineage, 

When only one number is mentioned in connection with 
a masculine name he is being numerated in the parental 
family, and has no descendants that are carried to the next 

When two numbers are used, the larger refers to him as 
the head of his own family and always mentions the parental 
names in this connection; hence to trace a lineage back, refer 
from the larger number to the lesser one, then trace back 
a few numbers until you find the parental names, which num- 
bers will in turn refer to the preceding generation. 


b. — born. chil. — children. 

d. — died. bapt. — baptized, 

md. — married. s. p. (sine prole) — without 

unm. — unmarried. issue. 

dau. — daughter. 


979 should read John Philander Perry 

976 refers to 5303 3669 refers to 181 1. 

1449 refers to 3054. 379^ refers to 1903. 

3054 refers to 1449 3872 refers to 1939. 

161 5 refers to 3298, 4203 refers to 5204. 

1713 refers to 5213. 4469 refers to 2491. 

2587 refers to 4597- 4586 refers to 2580. 

3118b refers to 5296. 4978 refers to 337.S- 

3373 refers to 1664. 5045 refers to 3525. 

The Arabella, 

From the Memorkl Historv of Boston, Mass., by Justin 
Winsor, Vol I, page 115, shows a small cut of the Arabella, 
reproduced from a painting either in Salem or Boston. 
This cut is a reproduction by William F. Halsall, repre- 
senting a part of the fieet which brought Winthrop and his 
company to Salem Harbor. The Arabella, the admiral of 
the fleet, a ship of 350 tons burden, carrying 28 guns and 52 
seamen, with Capt. Nathaniel Melbourne, master and pait 
owner. The Talbot, the vice admiral, is at anchor, while 
the Jewd, the coplin of the fleet, is the distant vessel on the 

From the History of Middlesex County by Samuel 
Adams Drake, Vol. i, page 25, we quote, 'Tsaac Johnson, 
esteemed the richest of the emigrants, inherited an estate 
of £20,000 from his grandfather, Robert Johnson, of North 
Lufifingham, in 1584; with his wife, Arabella, daughter of 
Thomas, third Earl of Lincoln, came over in Winthrop' s 
shio, "The Eap'le," which in his wife's honor was re-chris- 
tened The Arabella. Lady Arabella died at Salem, Mass., 
a few weeks after her arrival, and her husband, who sur- 
vived her only a few months, was interred at the upper end 
of his lot in Boston, in what is now known as the King's 
Burying Ground. 

The Arabella and her consorts experienced a varied and 
stormy passage and on the eiglith of June there came a wild 
pigeon into the ship. It was not until the seventy-sixth 
day that they came to anchor, on the twelfth of June, 1630, 
old style. 





Isaac Stearns. 


Early in the morning of April 8, 1630, Isaac Stearns and 
family, Sir Richard Staltonstall and family, Rev. George 
Phillips, Gov. Winthrop and many others embarked at 
Yarmouth, England, in the good ship Arrabella and ar- 
rived in Salem, Mass., on the 12th of June. The ship Jewell 
arrived on the 13th. The ship Ambrose on the i8th. The 
Talbot on July 2. The passengers not being satisfied 
with Salem as possessing the desirable advantages for a 
permanent settlement soon proceeded from Salem to 
Charlestown and were among the first settlers of Watertown, 
near Mount Auburn, Mass. In 1642 we find his homestall 
bounded on the north by the land of John Warren; west by 
the highway; south by the land of John Biscoe; east by Pe- 
qussett Meadow, a part of which meadow he owned. In the 
distribution of the estate of his son, Samuel, in 1724, this 
homestall, "where his grandfather had lived, "was assigned to 
his eldest son, Nathaniel. "Dec. 4, 1638, Isaack stearns and 
John Page were fined 5 shillings for turning the way about, 
(i e., changing the highway), and day was given till the next 
Courte. This was done at a Quarter Courte, holden at Bos- 
ton, Mass." He was admitted freeman, May 18, 163 1, which 
is the earliest date of any such admission, and he was Select- 
man several years. In 1647, he and Mr. Biscoe were ap- 
pointed by the selectmen, "to consider how the bridge over 
the river shall be built, and to agree with the workmen for 
doing it, according to their best discretion," says Dr. Francis, 
in his history, "This is the first mention of a bridge over the 
Charles River, at Watertown." 

Isaac Stearns' pedigree has not been ascertained, nor is it 
certainly known from what town he came, but it has been 
found that his wife was from the Parish of Nayland, in Suf- 


folk, and his first three children were born there. Mr. Somer- 
by obtained the following extract from the parish register of 

"Baptized, Jan. 6. 1626, Mary, dau. of Isaac Sternes. 

"Baptized, Oct. 5, 1628, Anna, dau. of Isaac Sternes." 

The names and ages of these two daughters seem to cor- 
respond with the supposed ages of the eldest two girls of the 
first Isaac Stearns, of Watertown; for, in the early records, 
Anna and Hannah were often used, the one for the other. 

Mr. Beedham, of North Wales, England, sends the follow- 
ing items: 

"1622, marriage of Isaac Sternes and Mary Barker. 
1623, baptism of child of same. 
1626, baptism of child of same. 
1628, baptism of child of same." 

It appears, from the appraisal of his estate which follows, 
that he was in comparative affluence for those early times, 
considering that he had previously given respectable por- 
tions to each of his seven children; for it embraces fourteen 
lots or parcels of land, amounting to 467 acres, with a due 
quantity of stock and farming utensils, provisions and house- 
hold goods. 

"A true inventory of the lands, goods and chattels of Isaac 
Sternes, Sen'r., taken the 28th, of 4th., 1671, who deceased 
the 1 6th of 4th, 1 67 1, prized and taken by us, whose names 
are here underwritten: 

Housen and homestall of twelve acres of land. . . .£100 00 

Four acres of upland and two acres of meadow. . 18 00 

Eight acres of upland 26 00 

Six acres of meadow 30 00 

Three acres of marshe 15 00 

Fourscore acres of upland 60 00 

Twelve acres of upland 12 00 

Nine acres of upland 5 o^ 

Sixty acres of upland 15 00 

Fifteen acres of upland 8 00 

Foure acres of meadow land 8 00 


Twenty-five acres of meadow land 60 oo 

One hundred and ninety acres of meadow land, . 40 00 

One hundred and five acres ot upland 10 00 

Two horses 10 00 

Foure oxen 16 00 

Six cowes 18 00 

Two heffers 4 00 

Three yearlings 3 00 

Seven sheep and five lambs 4 00 

Wearing clothes, linning and wooling 4 00 

Beding and tabell linning 4 10 ' 

New Cloath 4 10 

Swine, to the value of 4 00 

Beding and bedstead in the parlor . 4 10 

Cubbord, stooles and table 3 00 

Beding and bedstead in the hall 3 00 

One Moose skin o 10 

One old bed and other lumber in the old chamber i 00 

Sheep's wool o 08 

Two old chests, two spinning wheels, a chese 

press, and other lumber in ye low chamber . . i 00 

Beame and scales, waites and measures i 00 

One payer of quarnes and other lumber in the 

quarne house o 10 

Brass putter and iron and other utensils in the 

chimne 610 

Beer barrels, pondering tubbs and other small 

utensils i 00 

Corne and mealle i 00 

Mault and pease 2 10 

Lumber in the parlor chamber o 10 

Two bags of hopes 3 00 

Cart, plow, chains and other husbandry instru- 
ments 3 00 

Salt, meall and chees, other provisions 3 00 

Corne growing in the ground 6 00 

Tobacco in the rowle and leafe o 06 08 

Two muskets, one fowling peace, one sword .... 2 00 

To one cart rope o 05 


To sacks and hay in the barns o 15 

Not footed in original. I make £524 04 08 



"That this is a true coppie of ye orriginall attested in 
Oct., 1671, and yn put upon Record, and burned in ye fireing 
of ye court house, is sworn by Isaac Sternes and Samuel 
Sternes, i, 8, y2, in open court, at Cambridge." 

(From Vol. 4, pp. 129-130.) 

His will, dated five days before his decease, with his auto- 
graph signature, is extant on the files of the Probate Office of 
Middlesex County, and is as follows: 

"I, Isack Stearns, of Watertown, in the County of Middle- 
sex, being sick in body, but through the goodness of God 
in sound memory, do declare this to be my last Will and Tes- 
tament, in manner and form as followeth: 

"Imp. — ffirst, I return my spirit into the hands of God 
that gave it, and my body to the earth from whence it was- 

2dly. — My will is, that Mary, my beloved wife, should en- 
joy my whole estate, for her maintainance, so long as she 
shall live a widow; but if my said wife shall marry again, then 
my will is that she should enjoy only what the law intended 
and provided for in the law titled dowers. 

"3dly. — I give and bequeath to my grandchildren, the chil- 
dren of my Sonne John Sternes, fower score pounds, (which) 
being added to what my son had formerly, will be a double 
portion with the rest of my children. 

"4thly. — I give unto my son Isaac Sternes, seventy pounds,, 
which being added to what he have had already, will be his 
proportion according to the rest of my children. 

"5thly — I give to my son, Samuel Sternes, seventy pounds, 
which being added to what I formerly gave him will be his- 
proportion with the rest of my children. 


"6thly. — I give to my grandchildren, the children of my 
daughter Mary, deceased, five and thirty pounds; my grand- 
child, Isaac Lernot, to have ten pounds of the said 35 pounds 
— the remainder, which will be twenty-five pounds, to be 
equally divided to the rest; which said thirty-five pounds be- 
ing added to what I formerly gave my daughter, Mary Ler- 
not, will be an equal proportion with the rest of my chil- 

"7thly. — I give to my daughter Sarah Stone, forty pounds, 
which being added to what she formerly had, will be her pro- 

''8thly. — I give to my daughter EHzabeth Manning twenty 
pounds, which being added to what I formerly gave her, will 
be her proportion; further, my will is, that the said twenty 
pounds given to my daughter Elizabeth aforesaid, be secured 
for the good and benefit of the children. 

"gthly. — I give and bequeath to my daughter Abigail 
Morss, five acres of meadow, lying and being at Samuefs 
farm, to enjoy and possess for her and her heirs forever: and 
my will is, that my daughter Abigail Morss, may take the sa?(i 
five acres of meadow either next to Samuel's meadow, or 
next Capt. Mason's; and besides the meadow, I give to my 
said daughter Abigail, forty pounds, all which being added to 
what she have had formerly, will be her proportion. 

"lothly. — My will is, that my kinsman Charles Sternes, 
shall have ten pounds of my estate. Further, my will is, that 
my whole estate remain whole and unbroken for comfort 
and maintainance of my beloved wife, as above said, so long 
as she doth remain a widow — save only the five acres of 
meadow given to my daughter Abigail, which she is to enjoy 

"fifurther, I nominate and appoint my beloved sons, Isaac 
Sternes and Samuel Sternes, executors, to this my last Will 
and Testament, and have hereunto set my hand, this four- 
teenth day of June, one thousand six hundred and seventy- 
one, in presence of. 

"Before subscribing, my will is, that when those several 


legacies are paid out according to my Will within men- 
tioned, then my will is, that the remainder of my estate shall 
be equally divided among my children then Hving, and sO' 
subscribe the day aforesaid by putting to my hand in pres- 
ence of, 


(This signature was written five days before his decease.) 


I— ISAAC STEARNS, or Sternes, b. in England, 

md., 1622, Mary Barker, dau. of John and Margaret Barker, 
of Stoke, Nayland, Sujffolk, England. "This is proved cor- 
rect by an entry in Thomas Lechford's Note Book, pages 291, 
292." Isaac Sternes d., June 19, 1671, and his widow d., Apr. 
2, 1677; eight children. 

2— MARY STEARNS, bapt., Jan. 6, 1626, in the Parish of 
Nayland, Suffolk, England; md., (i), July g, 1646, in Woburn, 
Mass., Isaac Learned, b., Feb. 25, 1624, in England, only 
child of William and Judith Learned. Their marriage is re- 
corded in Woburn, as follows: "Isaac Earned and Mary 
Stearns, married, 9, 5 mo., 1646." In the county record, the 
names are Learned and Sternes. He d., Nov. 2y, 1657, at 
Chelmsford, and his wid. md. (2), June 9, 1662, John Burge, 
of Weymouth, by whom she had no children. The inventory 
of her estate wa-, dated Dec. 21, 1663, valued at £222, and 
Apr. 17, 1664, the Court allowed a division of the estate be- 
tween John Burge and the children of Isaac Learned. 

(a) — Mary Learned, b., Aug. 7, 1647, in Woburn, 
Mass.; about 1673, she was wife of Moses Barron. 

(b) — Hannah Learned, b., Aug. 24, 1649, in Woburn, 
Mass.; md., 1666, Joseph Farwell, of Chelmsford. 

(c) — William Learned, b., Oct. i, 1650; "eldest son;*' d., 
1684; unm. 

(d) — Sarah Learned, b., Oct. 28, 1653, i^"* Chelmsford, 
Mass.; prior to 1687, md. Jonathan Barrett, of 


(e) — Isaac Learned Jr., b., Sept. i6, 1655, in Chelms- 
ford; d., Sept. 15, 1737. 

(f) — Benoni Learned, b., Nov. 29, 1657, in Chelmsford, 
Mass.; d., Apr. 10, 1738. 

3— HANNAH STEARNS, bapt., Oct. 5, 1628, in Eng- 
land; md., Dec. 25, 1650, in Watertown, Mass., Henry Free- 
man; buried, June 17, 1656; no children. 

4— JOHN STEARNS (10), b. perhaps in 163 1, in Water- 
town, Mass., or, perhaps, the child who was baptised in 1623; 
of Billerica. 

5— ISAAC STEARNS, JR., (17), b. Jan. 6, 1633; admitted 
freeman, 1665; d., Aug. 29, 1676. 

6— SARAH STEARNS, b., Sept. 22, 1635, in Watertown, 
Mass., md., June 7, 1655, Dea. Samuel Stone, of Cambridge. 
She d., Oct. 4, 1700, and he d., Sept. 27, 1715. 

(a) — Samuel Stone Jr., b., Oct. i, 1656; d., June 17, 

(b) — Isaac Stone, b., 1659; d., Dec. 10, 1690. 

(c) — Sarah Stone, b., Feb. 5, 1661; md. (i), Nov. 5, 

1684, Edward Converse, of Woburn; md, (2), • 

(d) — John Stone, b.. May 12, 1663; d., Feb. 3, 1713. 
(e) — Lydia Stone, b., Nov. 25, 1665; md., July 26, 1684, 

Francis Bowman, Esq., of Lexington, Mass.; d., 

Dec. 10, 1719. 

({) — Mary Stone, b., Feb. 22, 1668; d. May 11 1669. 

7— SAMUEL STEARNS (24), b., Apr. 24, 1638; d., Aug. 
3, 1683. . 

8— ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., , 1640; md., Apr. 

13, 1664, Samuel Manning, b., July 21, 1644, son of William 
Manning, of Cambridge, Mass. She d., June 24, 1671, leav- 
ing two sons. 

(a) — Samuel Manning Jr., md. Debora , was liv- 
ing at Windham, Conn., in 1774. 


(b) — John Manning, b., Aug. 30, 1666; d., Feb. 3, 

9— ABIGAIL STEARNS, b., ; md., Apr. 27, 1666, 

Dea. John Morse, b., Feb. 28, 1639. She d., Oct. 16, 1690, 
and was the mother of nine children. 

(a) — John Morse, b.. May 10, 1667; d., soon. 

(b) — James Morse, b., Nov. 25, 1668; d., Apr., 26, 1718; 

(c) — John Morse, Jr., b., Mar. 15, 1669-70; md.. (i), 
EHzabeth Goodwin, m. (2), Hepzibah Stone. 

(d) — Joseph Morse, b., Aug. 25, 1671 ; d., June 24, 1709; 
estate administered by widow, Elizabeth (Sawtel) 

(e) — Abigail Morse, b., Dec. 23, 1673; d. Mar. 3. 1674. 
(f) — Abigail Morse b., Aug. 6, 1677; md. Dea. John 

(g) — Isaac Morse, b., Jan. 5, 1679; d., Nov. 24, 1694. 
(h) — Samuel Morse, b., June 21, 1682; d.. Probably be- 
fore 1702. 

(i) — Nathaniel Morse, bapt., Jan. 29, 1687-8, m., (i), 
Grace Dyer; md. (2), Phoebe Cook. 

Second Generation, 

lo— JOHN STEARNS (4), date of birth unknown, son of 
Isaac and Mary (Barker) Stearns, of Watertown, Mass.; one 

of the first settlers of Billerica, Mass. He md. (i), , 1653, 

Sarah Mixer, only dau. of Isaac and Sarah Mixer, of Water- 
town, Mass., to whom her father gave, among other things, 
"one-half of my vessel, Dilligent." She d., June 14, 1656, 
leaving one child, and he md. (2), Dec. 20, 1656 (by Thomas 
Hinckley, Esq.), Mary Lothrop. b., Oct. 4, 1640, dau. of 
Thomas and Mary (Learned) Lothrop, of Barnstable, Mass. 
Mr. Stearns d.. Mar. 5, 1668, and his widow md. (2), May 6, 
1669, Capt. Wm. French. Esq., of Billerica, Mass., by whom 
she had four daughters. Capt. French d., Nov. 20, 1681. 
aged 78, and she md. (3), June 29, 1684, Isaac Mixer Jr., of 
Watertown, Mass., being his third wife, and he a brother of 
her first husband's first wife. She was living in 1735, '"very 
aged." Inventory, Mar. 23, 1668-9, by William French, an- 
other, and Jonathan Danforth, £319. i8s., 4d. John Stearns 
had six children. 

IT— JOHN STEARNS (35). b., 1654, May. "second 
week," second birth recorded in Billerica; d., Oct. 26, 1728. 

12— ISAAC STEARNS, b., Apr. 17, 1658; d., Oct. 9, 1659. 

13— SAMUEL STEARNS, b., Sept. 3, 1659; disabled, 
probably lunatic; d., 1735, unm. In 1675, a son of John 
Stearns, of Billerica (said son being then aged sixteen), "was 
disabled," and the Court ordered that Lieut. French, who had 
married his mother, should have the charge of him. "In Apr., 
1722. the selectmen of Billerica petitioned the Court about 
Samuel Stearns, 'an impotent and discomposed person,' who 
had been, for some time, taken care of by Capt. John Stearns 
and Isaac Stearns, his brethren; that the selectmen may have 
toward his support, eight acres of land in the center of the 
town, belonging to said Samuel and in possession of Isaac 
Stearns." On Feb. 24, 1702-3, Mary Mixer gave to her son, 
Sanuiel .Stearns, 24 poles of land, a share of the estate of her 


first husband, John Stearns, which had been divided in Oct.;, 

14— ISAAC STEARNS (45), b., Dec. 23, 1661; d., 1739; 
apprenticed to his step-father, WilHam French, in 1675. 

15— NATHANIEL STEARNS, b., Nov. 30,1663; took 
oath of fidelity, 1685; d., . 

t6— THOMAS STEARNS (51), b., Dec. 6, 1665; appren- 
ticed to his step-father, William French, in 1675. 

17— ISAAC STEARNS JR. (5), b., Jan. 6, 1633, son of 
Isaac and Mary (Barker) Stearns, of Watertown, Mass.; ad- 
mitted freeman, 1665; d., Aug. 29, 1676. He md., June 24,, 
1660. Sarah Beers, dau. of Capt. Richard and Elizabeth Beers,, 
of Watertown, Mass. Capt. Beers was an original proprietor, a 
Capt. in King Philip's War, and was slain in battle, by the 
Indians, Sept. 4, 1675, at Northfield, Mass. Isaac Stearns 
Jr. settled at Cambridge Farms, now Lexington, Mass., and, 
after his death, his widow md. (2), July 23, 1677, Thomas 
Wheeler, of Concord,- Mass. Inventory, £300; six children. 

18— SARAH STEARNS, b., Jan. 14, 1662; md., Dec. 27, 
1678, John Wheeler, of Concord, Mass., who d., Sept. 27,, 


(a) — Joseph Wheeler, b., Nov. 27, 1679. 
(b) — Ebenezer Wheeler, Apr. 3, 1682. 
(c) — Thankful Wheeler, Apr. 3, 1682. 
(d)— John Wheeler, Jr., b., Dec. 6, 1683. 
(e) — Sarah Wheeler, b., Nov. 11, 1686. 
(f) — Abigail Wheeler, b., Dec. 29, 1689. 
(g) — Thomas Wheeler, b., June 24, 1692. 
(h) — Jonathan Wheeler, b., Apr. 19, 1696. 
(i) — Nathan Wheeler, b., Sept. 28, 1702. 

19— MARY STEARNS, b., Oct. 8, 1663; md., Jan. i, 1694, 
John Cutler, of Lexington. Mass., who d., Sept. 21, 17 14; she 
d., Feb. 24, 1733. 

(a) — Samuel Cutler, b., Dec. 20, 1694, d., May 12, 1742. 


(b) — John Cutler, Jr., b., June i, 1696; md. Jan. 9, 1724, 
Abigail Stone, of Lexington, Mass. 

(c) — Ebenezer Cutler, b., July 24, 1700; probably Capt. 

E. Cutler, of Weston; md.. Mar. 3, 1724, Anna 

Whitney, of Concord, Mass.; d., Jan. 17, 1777, in 

Lincoln, Mass. 
(d) — Mary Cutler, b., Apr. 3, 1702; md., Feb. 7, 1724, 

Capt. Samuel Bond, of Weston. 

(e) — Sarah Cutler, b., Nov. 20, 1704; d. Jan. 12, 1749. 

2.>— ISAAC STEARNS 3d. (56), b. Aug. 26, 1665. 

21 — Samuel Stearns (66), b., Jan. 11, 1667-8. 

22— ABIGAIL STEARNS, b., 1670; md., Nov. 23, 

1692, in Concord, Mass., Samuel Hartwell, b., Oct. 6, i665, 
who d., Nov. 2y, 1744, son of Samuel and Ruth (Wheeler) 
Hartwell, of Concord. She d.. in childbed, May 11. 1709, the 
mother of seven children. 

(a) — Samuel Hartwell, b., Nov. 12, 1693. 

(b) — Abigail Hartwell, b., Nov. 27, 1695. 

(c) — Joseph Hartwell, b., Aug. 11, 1698. 

(d) — Mary Hartwell, b., Jan. 13, 1700. 

(e) — Isaac Hartwell, b., Nov. 22, 1702. 

(f) — Ephraim Hartwell, b., Jan. 14, 1707; of Lincoln, 
Mass.; md., Nov. 7, 1732, Elizabeth Heywood, of 
Concord, Mass. She d., 1808, aged 94 yrs., having 
had ten children. He d., 1793. 

(g) — Lydia Hartwell, b.. May 2, 1709. 

23— JOHN STEARNS (78), b., , 1675; of Concord, 

Mass., afterwards, of Bedford, Mass., where he d., June 14, 
1734, aged 59. His will, dated May 29, 1733, mentions no 
wife, but five children. 

24 — Corporal Samuel Stearns (7), b., Apr. 24, 1638, son of 
Isaac and Mary (Barker) Stearns, of Watertown, Mass.; d., 
Aug. 3, 1683. He md., Feb. i, 1662-3, Hannah Manning, b., 
June 21, 1642, eldest dau. of William and Dorothy Manning, 
of Cambridge, Mass., and sister of Samuel Manning, whO' 
md. Elizabeth Stearns (8). Hannah (Manning) Stearns d.. 


Feb. 26, 1723-4. Mr. Stearns's farm or "homestall," fell into 
the possession of his son John, then to his grandson, Josiah, 
then to his great grandson, Phinehas Stearns, and did "late- 
ly" belong to the heirs of Mr. Abijah White (130-a) his great- 
greatgrandson. Inventory, Oct. 9, 1683, £481, 4s. He had 
ten children. 

25— SAMUEL STEARNS JR., b., May 4, 1664; birth re- 
corded in Cambridge, Mass.; d., June 7, 1671. 

26~HANNAH STEARNS, b., Dec. 8, 1666; md., (i), 
Dec. 26, 1684, Thomas Biscoe, by whom she had two sons. 
He d., previous to Oct. 15, 1690, and she md. (2), Sept. 28, 
1708, (his second wife), Samuel Gookim, Esq., b., Apr. 21, 
1652, son of Maj. Gen. Daniel Gookim. In 1690 Samuel 
Gookim was "Attorney to Mr. John Philips, Esq., Treasurer 
of the Colony of Massachusetts." In 1691, he was "Marshal 
-General" of Middlesex, and in 1697, he was High Sheriff. She 
had no children by her second husband. 

(a) — John Biscoe, b., Oct. 22, 1685. 

(b) — Thomas Biscoe Jr., Capt., b.. May 16, 1689. 

27~NATHANIEL STEARNS (85), b., Dec. 13, 1668; d., 
Aug. 24, 1716. In the division of his father's estate, he re- 
ceived the farm which had been the residence of his grand- 
father, Isaac Stearns. 

28— SARAH STEARNS, b., Apr., 23, 1671; md., Oct. 27, 
17]^. Joseph Winship, b., 1661, son of Lieut. Edward and 
Elizabeth Winship of Cambridge, Mass. His first wife, Sarah 
Harrington, d., Nov. 28, 1710, and Sarah Stearns was his 
second wife. He d., Sept. 2K, 1725. 

29— SAMUEL STEARNS Jr., (99), b., Mar. 29, 1673; 
was Town Clerk and represented Watertown from 1714 to 
1731 ; many years selectman and assessor. 

30— ISAAC STEARNS— (109), b., Dec. 31 1674; d., 

31— JOHN STEARNS (116), b., June 24, 1677; d., 1729; 
settled on his father's homestead. 

32— MARY STEARNS, b., Apr. 5, 1679; md. Nov. 2, 


1699, Samuel Jennison, b., Oct. 12, 1673, who d., Dec. 2, 
1732, son of Samuel and Judith (Macomber) Jennison, of 
Watertown, Mass, 

(a) — Mary Jennison, b., Aug. 17, 1700; md., Nov. 6, 
1773, John Gerrish, of Salem, Mass. 

(b) — Hannah Jennison, b., July 17, 1702; md. (i), Feb. 
15, 1724-5, Jonathan Stone Jr.; md. (2), John Godr 
dard, of Brookline, Mass. 

(c) — Samuel Jennison, b., Sept. 26, 1704. 

(d) — William Jennison, b., Feb. 9, 1706-7; grad. Harv. 

Coll., 1724; d., Apr., 1750, in Watertown, Mass. 
(e) — ^Nathaniel Jennison, b., Apr. 5, 1709; md., Oct. 23, 

1729, Abigail Mead, of Weston, Mass. 
(f) — John Jennison, b., Feb. 19, 1710-11; md., July 21, 

1740, in Lunenburg, Mass., Mary Hubbard, stster 

of Ruth Hubbard, who was wife of Rev. David 

Stearns (334)- He d., 1751. 
(g) — Lydia Jennison, b., Apr. 2, 1712; md., Jan. 11, 

1736-7, Rev. Ebenezer White of Brookline, Mass. 
(h) — Abigail Jennison, b., Apr. 22, 1715; md., Sept. 24,. 

1739, in Lunenburg, Jonathan Hubbard Jr. 

(i) — Mercy Jennison, b., Mar. 11, 1717-18; md., June 26, 

1740, Dr. Stanton Prentice, a physician, of Lan- 
caster, Mass. 

(j) — Sarah Jennison, b., Aug., 1720, d., Nov., 1720. 
(k) — Eunice Jennison, b., Feb., 1721-2; md., July 11,. 
1739, Joshua Richardson, of Woburn, Mass. 

33— ABIGAIL STEARNS, b., Apr. 16. 1680; md., Jan. 
10, 1706-7, Benoni Garfield, son of Capt. Benjamin and Me- 
hitable (Hawkins) Garfield. She d., July 11, 1710, leaving 
one child. 

(a) — Abigail Garfield, b.. Mar. 5, 1707-8; md., Dec. 6, 
1728, James Jones, of Weston, Mass. 

34— JOSEPH STEARNS, b., Dec. 11, 1682; d., Feb. 4, 

Third Generation. 

35— LIEUT. JOHN STEARNS JR. (ii), b., 1654, May, 
"second week," son of John and Sarah (Mixer) Stearns, of 
Watertown, Mass.; the second birth recorded in Billerica; 
md. (i), Sept. 6, 1676, Ehzabeth Bigelow, b., June 15, 1657, 
dau. of John and Mary (Warren) Bigelow, of Watertown, 
Mass. She d. April 18, 1694, and he md. (2), Apr. 22, 1696, in 
Maiden, Mass., Mrs. Joanna (Call) Parker, wid. of Jacob 
Parker, and dau. of Thomas Jr. and Joanna (Shepherdson) 
Call. He was much respected and had much influence. By 
first wife he had eight children and by second had one. He 
d., Oct. 26, 1728. and his wid. d., Dec. 4, 1737, aged 78 yrs. 

36— ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., Sept. 23, 1677, in 
Watertown, Mass.; md., May 22, 1707. Samuel Rogers, b., 
Apr. 5, 1672, son of John and Mary (Shedd) Rogers, of Bil- 
lerica. She d., Apr. 18, 1710, leaving no children. 

37— JOHN STEARNS, b., Jan. 22, 1679-80, in Billerica, 
Mass.; d., Apr. 4, 1679-80. 

38— SARAH STEARNS, b., Mar. 21, 1681-2; md., June 
16, 1702, Samuel Hunt, b., 1678-9, son of Samuel and Ruth 
(Todd) Hunt, of Billerica, Mass. She d., Sept., 1708, mother 
of two daus. 

(a) — Sarah Hunt, b., Oct. 22, 1703; md., July 19, 1722, 
Enoch Kidder, of Billerica; d., Jan. 26, 1750. 

(b) — Mary Hunt, b., Jan. 12, 1705; md., June i, 1731, 
John Trull, of Billerica. 

39— MARY STEARNS, b., July 23, 1684; md., May 28, 
1705, Samuel Barron, of Chelmsford, Mass. 

40~J0HN STEARNS, 3d. (132), b., Nov. 16, 1686 
Aug. 2, 1776. 

41— ISAAC STEARNS, b., May i, 1689; shipwrecked and 
lost in an expedition to Port Royal, in 171 1. 

42— ABIGAIL STEARNS, b.. Aug. 22, 1691; md., Oct. 


23, 1712, in VVatertown, Mass., Serg. William Wyman, b., 
1685, who d., 1753, second son of William and Prudence 
(Putnam) Wyman, of Woburn, Mass. She d., prior to 17 19, 
and he md. again. 

(a) — Abigail Wyman, b., Aug. 31,1713; md., Nov. 12, 
1735, Ezekiel Wyman, son of John and Rebecca 
(Read) Wyman. They settled in Lunenburg, where 
she had ten children. 

(b) — William Wyman, b., Mar. 10. 171 5; of Winslow, 

Sergeant Nehemiah Wyman was son of a second 
wife and was b.. June 25, 1722; his tenth child, Ne- 
hemiah Wyman Jr. md. Susanna Stearns (384), who 
d., Apr. 17, 1847, aged 85 yrs. 

43— SAMUEL STEARNS (143), b., Jan. 8, 1693-4. 
44— JOANNA STEARNS, b., June 24, 1697. 

45— ISAAC STEARNS (14), b., Dec. 23, 1661, son of John 
and Mary (Lothrop) Stearns, of Billerica, Mass.; appren- 
ticed to his step-father, William French, in 1675. d., , 

1739. He md., Mary Merriam, b., June 4, 1664, dau. of Jo- 
seph and Sarah (Stone) Merriam; five children. 

46— ISAAC STEARNS JR. (150), b.. Aug. 21, 1701. 

47— MARY STEARNS, b., Jan. 26. 1703; md., Sept. 27, 
1728, John Pollard, of Billerica. Mass. She d., Aug. 18, 1738, 
and John Pollard md. (2), Sept. 14, 1741, Alice (Wilson) 
Stearns, wid. of his brother-in-law, Isaac Stearns (150). 

(a) — John Pollard Jr., b., June 24, 1729. 

(b) — Jonathan Pollard, b.. May 13, 1731. 

(c) — Solomon Pollard, b., Oct. 15, 1732. 

(d) — Mary Pollard, b., Apr. i, 1734; d., May 25, 1736. 

(e) — Asa Pollard, b., Nov. 15, 1735; was the first soldier 

killed at Bunker Hill, 
(f) — Mary Pollard, b.. May 7, 1737; md., Feb. 15, 1763, 

Eliphaz Wyman, of Woburn. 


48— SARAH STEARNS, b., Mar. 26, 1704; md., May 19, 
1725, Ebenezer Johnson, of Woburn, Mass. 

49— MIRIAM STEARNS, b., Aug. 5, 1705; md., 1729, 
Thomas Patten, of Billerica, Mass.; d., Sept. 16, 1747, and he 
d., Oct. 10 of the same year. 

(a) — Mary Patten, d. 

(b) — Miriam Patten, b., Dec. 21, 1730. 

(c) — WilHam Patten, b., Sept. 24, 1732. 

(d) — Thomas Patten Jr., b., Apr. 2, 1734. 

(e) — Sarah Patten, b., Aug. 24, 1735; md. Timothy 

(f) — Mary Patten, b., Sept. 10, 1737. 
(g) — Isaac Patten, b., June 3, 1739. 
(h) — Jonathan Patten, b., Feb. 14, 1742. 
(i) — David Patten, b., Aug. 2, 1745. 

50— LYDIA STEARNS, b., Apr. 21, 1707; d., May 8, 

1784; md., , 1729, Samuel Belknap, of Woburn, Mass., 

b., May 24, 1707, who d., Jan. i, 1771. 

(a) — William Belknap, b., May 2y, 1730; md. Hannah 

(b) — Ruth Belknap, b., Nov. 11, 1731; d., June 2y, I73<i. 

(c) — Isaac Belknap, b., Dec. 14, 1733. 

(d) — Samuel Belknap Jr., b., Oct. 18, 1735; d., Mar. 31,. 
1 82 1. He was known as Capt. Samuel Belknap, 
and had a dau.. May Josepha Lydia Stearns Bel- 
knap, b.. May 2, 1771. 

(e) — Lydia Belknap, b., Feb. 28, 1737. 

(f) — Abel Belknap, b., Jan. 13, 1739; d., Nov. 15, 1804, at 
Newburg, N. Y. He had three wives and one of 
his ten children was Aaron Belknap, b., July 20, 
1789, at Newburg, N. Y.. who md., Apr. 15, 181 1, 
his cousin, Mary Josepha Lydia Stearns Belknap, 
dau. of his uncle, Samuel. 

(g) — Mary Belknap, b., Jan. 9, 1740. 

(h) — Ruth Belknap, b.. May 14, 1742. 

(i) — David Belknap, b., Jan. 14, 1744. 


(j) — Abigail Belknap, b., April 17, 1745. 
(k) — ^Jonathan Belknap, b., Sept. 7, 1748. 
(1) — Olive Belknap, b., Apr. 5, 1751. 

51— THOMAS STEARNS (16), b., Dec. 6, 1665, son of 
John and Mary (Lothrop) Stearns, of Billerica, Mass.; ap- 
prenticed to his step-father, William French, in 1675; md., 
June 20, 1688, Rebecca Chamberlain, b., Feb. 25, 1662, dau. 
of William and Rebecca Chamberlain, of Billerica. Thomas 
Stearns d., Feb. 9, 1696, and his wid. md. (2), July 14, 1699, 
George Farley, son of Caleb and Lydia (More) Farley. Mr. 
Stearns had four children. 

52— REBECCA STEARNS, b., Apr. 23, 1689. On Jan. 
22, 171 1, Rebecca Stearns with Benj. Frost and wife Mary 
sold to Geo. Farley, their step-father, "alF title in the lands of 
our father, Thomas Stearns, of Billerica." 

53— MARY STEARNS, b., June 18, 1692; md., Dec. 21, 
1710, Benjamin Frost, b., Mar. 8, 1688, son of James and 
Elizabeth (Foster) Frost, of Billerica, Mass; she d., Oct. — , 
1725; no children. 

54— SARAH STEARNS, b., Apr. 27, 1694; md., Jan. i, 
1720, Joshua Child, of Weston, Mass., afterwards of Water- 
town, Mass. 

(a) — Sarah, Child, b., Feb. 2, 1721. 

(b) — Joshua Child Jr., b., Sept. 26, 1723; md., June 2, 
1748, Mary Hinds, of Shrewsbury, Mass. 

(c) — Thomas Child, b., Sept. 16, 1726. 

(d) — Hannah Child, b., Oct. 10, 1727. 

(e)— Josiah Child, b., Dec. 20, 1728. > Twins 

(f) — Mary Child, b., Dec. 20, 1728. S 

(g) — Abraham Child, b., Apr. 26, 1732. 

55— HANNAH STEARNS, b., Aug., 1696. 

56— ISAAC STEARNS 3d (20), b., Aug. 26, 1665, son of 
Isaac Jr., and Sarah (Beers) Stearns, of Lexington, Mass.; 

md., , 1696, Elizabeth Stone, b., Oct. 9, 1670. The 

births of his first four chil. are recorded in Cambridge, and 
the rest in Lexington, Mass. He removed to Stoughton, 


Mass., about 1716. Administration of the estate of "Isaac 
Stearnes, of Stoughton" was granted to his sons, Simon and 
Jonathan Stearns, May 22, 1741. His inventory, £585, 2sh., 
6d., was dated June 25, 1741; nine children. 

57— ISAAC STEARNS, 4th (159), b., Oct. 19, 1697. 

58— SIMON STEARNS (163), b., Oct. 19, 1697. 

59— JABESH STEARNS, b., Jan. 27, 1700; d., Apr. 30, 

60— JONATHAN STEARNS (167), b., Nov. 20, 1701 ; of 

61— HANNAH STEARNS, b., Jan. 26, 1704; md., Nov. 
17, 1726, Capt. Ezekiel Upham, of Sturbridge, Mass., b., 
1700; d., Jan. 10, 1788. 

(a) — Ezekiel Upham Jr., b., Nov. 30, 1727. 

(b) — Hannah Upham, b., Dec. 4, 1729. 

(c) — Abigail Upham, b., Feb. 22, 1732; md., Dec. 21, 
1752, Ephraim White; d., Jan. 6, 1759. 

(d) — John Upham, b., Apr. 6, 1734. 

(e) — Asa Upham, b., May 18, 1736. 

(f) — William Upham, b., Oct. 29, 1738. 

(g) — Isaac Upham, b., Oct. 3, 1741. 

(h) — Nathaniel Upham, b., July 25, 1745. 

62— MARY STEARNS, bapt. Nov. 10, 1706; md., about 
1729, Dr. Edward Esty, of Stoughton, who lived to be 100 
yrs. old. They had fourteen chil, who all d., without families, 
except the two following: 

a) — Solomon Esty, who had one son, Solomon Esty 
Jr., who md. and d., early, leaving a son, Solomon 
Esty and a dau., Mary or Mercy Esty, both of 
whom lived in Newton, Mass. 

(b) — Mercy Esty, b., Nov. 14, 1730; d., Dec. 25. 1824; 
md., Nov. 21, 1776. David Sumner, of Milton, 
Mass., and had one daughter, Mercy Sumner. 

63— MARTHA STEARNS, bapt., Feb. 7, 1709-10; md., 


Nov. I, 1734, Daniel Talbot, of Stoughton, Mass., who d., 
Mar. 9, 1778. 

(a) — Amaziah Talbot, b., Sept. 7, 1837; d., aged 17 yrs., 
near Crown Point or Ticonderoga. 

(b)— Daniel Talbot Jr., b., Sept., 1740; d., Nov. 2, 1820. 
(c) — Martha Talbot, b., Aug. 14, 1742; md., June 29. 

1762, Seth Johnson, of Stoughton. 
(d) — Isaac Talbot, b., June 21, 1744; nid., Nov., 1769, 

Susan Turner, of Walpole. 
(e) — George Talbot, b., June i, 1746; d., Feb. 25, 1827. 
(f)— Sarah Talbot, b., Dec. 13, 1751. ) ^^j^^ 
(g) — Benjamin Talbot, b., Dec. 13, 1751. S 

Benjamin Talbot d., soon. 

Sarah Talbot md., July 10, 1783, Amos Guild; d., 

Aug. 10, 1829. 

(h) — Benjamin Talbot, b., 1753; a Lieutenant; d., 1778, 
Chesterfield, N. H., on his way home from the 
Revolutionary Army. 

64— EBENEZER STEARNS (174), bapt, July 8, 171 1. 

65— ABIGAIL STEARNS, bapt., Nov. 12, 1713; inten- 
tion of marriage with Samuel Brackett pub., Aug. 2y, 1737. 

66— SAMUEL STEARNS (21), b., Jan. 11, 1667-8, son 
of Isaac Jr. and Sarah (Beers) Stearns, of Lexington, Mass.; 

md.. Phoebe . He was tithing man and assessor in 

Lexington for several years, and was killed by a casualty, 
said to have been the falling of a tree, Nov. 19, 1721. His 
widow administered his estate, John Stearns of Concord (78), 
being her surety. She moved to Littleton, Mass., in 1730, 
with some of her chil. There was a "Caution of Chelms- 
ford. July 24, 1750, against settlement of Phoebe Stearns 
from Littleton." Samuel Stearns had eleven children. 

67— SARAH STEARNS, b., Jan. i^, 1696-7; md., May 21, 
1729, William Wheeler, of Stoughtonrby whom she had two 

(a) — Phoebe Wheeler, b.. 1730; d., Dec. 5, 1749, aged 
19 yrs. 


(b) — William Wheeler Jr., b., June 24, 1736; d., 1822, in 
Canton, Mass.; md. (i), Mar. 30, 1759, Martha 
Crane, of Stoiig-hton, Mass., who d.. Mar. 10, 1773, 
leaving one child; md. (2), Apr. 7, 1794, Hannah 

68— MARY STEARNS, b., Jan. 27, 1698-9; md., John 
Powers, of Shutesbury, Mass. 

69— ABIGAIL STEARNS, b., Feb. 8, 1700; md., Nov. 
28, 1717, by Rev. John Whiting, Joseph Temple, son of Abra- 
ham Temple, of Concord, Mass. 

(a) — Abigail Temple, b., Dec. i, 17 18. 
(b) — ^Joseph Temple Jr., b., Dec. 31, 1720. 
(c) — Sarah Temple, b., Mar. 19, 1722. 
(d) — Richard Temple, b., Mar. 7, 1724. 

70— SAMUEL STEARNS 184), b., Mar. 7, 1702; of New 
Sherburne, then, Hollis, N. H., d., 1787. 

71— RUTH STEARNS, b.. May 25, 1704; md., Feb. 5, 
1723, Oliver Livermore, of Watertown, Mass. She d. irt 
childbed, Feb. 8, 1724, leaving one child. 

(a) — Daniel Livermore, b., Jan. 28, 1724; was drowned, 
Aug. 6, 1744. 

72— PHOEBE STEARNS, b., Feb. 23, 1706; md., 

Cummings, of Uxbridge. 

73— REBECCA STEARNS, b., Apr. 15, 1708; pub., Feb. 
7, 1739, in Boston, intentions of marriage between Samuel 
Whittemore and Rebecca Stearns. They were md., Apr. 24, 

74— THOMAS STEARNS (194), b., July 4, 1710, of 

75— CAPT. JOHN STEARNS (206), b., July 23, 1712; 
of Dedham and Attleboro. 

76— JOSEPH STEARNS, bapt., Apr. 15, 171 5; md., June 
9, 1763. at Hollis, N. H., Mary Shattuck, of Monson. 

77— BENJAMIN STEARNS (219), b., Jan. 6, 1718; of 
Rutland, Mass. 


78— JOHN STEARNS (23), b., , 1675, son of Isaac 

and Sarah (Beers) Stearns, of Lexington, Mass.; of Concord, 
Mass., afterwards, of Bedford, Mass.; md., Apr. 26, 1699, by- 
Justice Minott, Mercy Davis, b., Aug. 12, 1677, dau. of Sam- 
uel and Mary (Medows) Davis, of Concord, Mass. He was 
a land-owner in Bedford, in 1729; d., June 14, 1734, in Bed- 
ford, Mass., and is recorded thus: "Father of Zachariah, 
Eleazer and Benjamin Stearns." From his will, dated May 
29, 1733, is the following extract: "I give and bequeathe to 
my daughter, Mercy Kendall, £5, and all the right I have in a 
-mulatto girl, named Mary, now living with me;" six children. 

79— JOHN STEARNS JR., b., Feb. 19, 1700; d., Oct. 
16, 1725. 

80— ZACHARIAH STEARNS (229), b., Feb. 6, 1702, in 
that part of Concord which is now Bedford, Mass.; in 1722, 
he belonged to Capt. Butterfield's Co. 

81— ELEAZER STEARNS (236), b., Sept. 8, 1704. 

82— MERCY STEARNS, b., Jan. 9, 1706; md., 



84— BENJAMIN STEARNS (243), b., Nov. 8, 1714. 

85— NATHANIEL STEARNS (27), h., Dec. 13, 1668, 
son of Samuel and Hannah (Manning) Stearns, of Water- 
town, Mass.; d., Aug. 24, 1716. He md. (i), 1694, EHzabeth 
Dix, b., Dec. 4, 1671, dau. of John and Elizabeth (Barnard) 
Dix. She d., June 16, 1712, and he md. (2), Oct. 29, 1713, 
Sarah Nevinson, b., July 22, 1672. After his death, his wid. 
Married, Apr. 24, 1718, Samuel Livermore, being his third 
wife. Nathaniel Stearns was selectman of Watertown, Mass., 
in 1 7 16; twelve children. 

86— NATHANIEL STEARNS, b., Oct. 8; d., Dec, 1694. 

87— NATHANIEL STEARNS JR. (254), b., Jan. 18, 
1696; d., 1749; had one son, Nathaniel Stearns 3d. 

88— ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., Sept. 26, 1697; md. (i), 
Jonathan Shattuck, b., Oct. 16, 1695, by whom she had two 
-chil. He d., July 17, 1724, and she md. (2), Dec. 15, 1726, 


Daniel Bond, a weaver, son of John and Hannah (Cooledge) 
Bond, by whom she repeated her record, and d., previous 
to 1742. 

(a) — ^Jonathan Shattuck Jr., b., May 16, 1721; d., July 

2, 1724. 
(b) — Ehzabeth Shattuck, b., Oct. 19, 1722; d., soon, 
(c) — Mary Bond, b., July 12, 1731. 
(d) — Isaac Bond, bapt., Nov. 18, 1733. 

89— HANNAH STEARNS, b., 1699; d., 1716. 

90— DANIEL STEARNS (256), b., Mar. i, 1701; d., 

91— LYDIA STEARNS, b., Nov. 2, 1702; md., July 29, 
173 1, Nalium Ward, of Boston, where they resided. Being 
engaged in mercantile pursuits, he made a voyage to Ja- 
maica, where he d., Nov. 15, 1738, after a few hours' sick- 
ness, having barely time to dictate and subscribe his will, 
drawn up by his attending physician whom he appointed 
one of his executors. At his interment, the flags of the 
shipping in the port were hung at half mast, and a prodigal 
waste made of his estate in the solemnities of the occasion. 
His wid., Lydia, with her two chil. soon removed to West- 
boro, Mass. 

(a) — Lydia Ward, b., 1732; md.. May 11, 1766, John 
Chandler, of Petersham, Mass., where she d., 1794; 
four chil. 

(b) — Lucretia Ward md., Jan. i, 1757, at Shrewsbury, 
Mass., Dr. Joshua Willard, of Petersham; eleven 

92— ISAAC STEARNS, b., July 24, 1704; a tailor, of 

Boston, Mass.; md. Mehitable , and d., previous to 

1732; one child. 

93— ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., Feb. 12, 1726. 

94— DAVID STEARNS, b., Aug., d., Oct., 1706. 

95— EBENEZER STEARNS (267), b., Apr. 22, 170S. 


■ 96— MERCY STEARNS, b., Apr. 22, 1708. 
Ebenezer was of Worcester. 
Mercy had Samuel Jennison for her guardian. 

97— DEBORAH STEARNS, b., Nov. 5, 1709; md., Oct. 
5, 1732, (pub. in Boston, Sept. 15), Benjamin Salisbury. 

98— PHOEBE STEARNS, b., Feb. 11, 171 1; md., Apr. 
2, 1731, Lieut. Josiah Greenwood, b., June 21, 1709, son of 
John Esq. and Hannah (Trowbridge) Greenwood, of New- 
ton, Mass. Phoebe (Stearns) Greenwood d.' Sept. 17, 1761; 
eleven chil. 

(a) — Esther Greenwood, b., Oct. 7, 1731. 
(b) — Nathaniel Greenwood, b., July 21, 1733. 
(c) — John Greenwood, b., Dec. 3, 1735. 
(d) — Sarah Greenwood, b., July 6, 1737. 
(e) — Alice Greenwood, b., Mar. 12, 1739. 
(f) — EHzabeth Greenwood, b., Nov. 21, 1740. 
(g) — Phoebe Greenwood, b.. May 20, 1744. 
(h) — Hannah Greenwood, b., June 8, 1746. 
(i) — Moses Greenwood, b., Aug. 14, 1748. 
(j) — Nevinson Greenwood, b., Oct. 22, 175 1. 
(k) — Ebenezer Greenwood, b., Oct. i, 1753; md., 1778, 
Hanna.h Winchester. 

99— LIEUT. SAMUEL STEARNS JR. (29), b., Mar. 
29, 1673, son of Samuel and Hannah (Manning) Stearns, 
of Watertown, Mass.; md., Mar. 2, 1698, Mary Hawkins, b., 
Apr. 30, 1677, who d., Apr. 23, 1759, dau. of Timothy Jr. and 
Mary (Treadway) Hawkins. On July 8, 1700, he bought 
of Daniel Smith and wife Ruhamah, for £100, all their 
right and title in the Hawkins estate and sold to the same 
parties, three lots of land and one-fourth of a corn-mill on 
Beaver Brook. Lieut. Samuel Stearns was selectman for 
seventeen years. Town Clerk for five years, Town Treas- 
urer for seven years, and Moderator of town meeting in 
1716; nine children. 

100— MARY STEARNS, b., July 20, 1699; d., Jan. 21, 


1740-41; md., May i, 1724, George Lawrence Jr., of Wal- 
tham, Mass., b., June 3, 1698, who d., Aug. 2, .jy^. 

(a) — Abigail Lawrence, b., Feb. 14, 1725; d., Dec. 8, 

(b) — Benjamin Lawrence, b., Jan. 30, 1728; died in 1754, 

abroad in the wars, 
(c) — EHjah Lawrence, b., Apr. 10, 1732; d., Apr. 14, 

(d) — Joshua Lawrence, b., Feb. 8, 1735; d., Nov., 1735. 
(e) — ^Jonathan Lawrence, b. and d., 1737. 
(f) — Eunice Lawrence, b., Sept. 19, 1738; md., Nov. 17, 

1768, Isaac Stearns Jr. (296). She d., Feb. 8, 


loi— TIMOTHY STEARNS (277), b., Oct. 8, 1701; of 
Framingham; d., 1757. 

102— SAMUEL STEARNS 3d. (287), b., Nov. 30, 1703; 
d., 1746. 

103— JOSHUA STEARNS, b., Dec. 15, 1705; d., 1724, 

104— SARAH STEARNS ,b., May 9, 1708; md., Nov. 15, 
1726, Isaac Barnard, of Sutton, Mass., b.. Mar. 13, 1702, son 
of James and Judith (Jennison) Barnard. Soon after the 
birth of their two children, they removed to Sutton. He 
was Justice of the Peace and d., Mar. 18, 1788, in Worcester, 
Mass., where she also d., Apr. 9, 1806. 

(a) — Isaac Barnard Jr., b., May 27, 1727. 

(b) — Sarah Barnard, b.. May 11, 1729. 

105— JONATHAN STEARNS, b., July 2, 1710; d., June 
26, 1738. 

106— PRUDENCE STEARNS, b., Apr. 27, 1713; md., 
Nov. 16, 1736, Francis Harrington, b., June 11, 1709. son 
of Edw^ard and Mary (Ocington) Harrington, of Grafton, 
Mass. She d., 175 1, in Worcester. Mass. 

(a) — Francis Harrington Jr., b., 1737; d., Apr. 6, 1768, 
Worcester, Mass. 


107— EUNICE STEARNS, b., Dec. 23, 1715; md., Nov. 
20, 1738, in Waltham, Mass., Nathaniel Adams (son of 
George and Martha (Fiske) Adams, of Grafton, Mass.), who 
was bapt. June 12, 1698. 

108— ANNA STEARNS, b., Aug. 2, 1718; md., May 26, 
1746, Capt. Joshua Fuller, of Newton, Mass., b., Apr. 12, 
1703, who d., Aug. 23, 1777; his wid. d., 1778; seven chil. 

(a) — ^Joshua Fuller Jr., b.. Mar. 2, 1747; a Lieut.; md. 
(i), 1773, Catherine Jackson; md. (2). Wid .Mary 
(Brewer) White; d., Nov., 1817. 

(b) — Anna Fuller, b., June 18, 1749; md., 1774, Eph- 
raim Whitney, who d., 1776, in the Revolutionary 

(c) — David Fuller, b., Apr. 18, 1751; md., 1779, Sarah 

(d) — Moses Fuller, b., Apr. i, 1753. 
(e) — Eunice Fuller, b., Feb. 15, 1756; bapt., Feb. 22, 
1756, in Waltham, Mass. 

(f) — Rachel Fuller, b., Apr. 29, 1760; bapt., May 4, 1760, 
in Waltham; md., Col. Josiah Fuller, his second 
wife; d., 1778. 

(g) — Nathaniel Fuller, bapt., Feb. 27, 1763, in Wal- 

109— ISAAC STEARNS (30), b., Dec. 31, 1674, son of 
Samuel and Hannah (Manning) Stearns, of Watertown, 
Mass.; md., Oct. 26, 1708, Mary Bemis, b., Sept. 24, 1688, 
<lau. of John and Mary (Harrington) Bemis, of Watertown. 
He d., 1737; inventory of his estate, Apr. 4, 1737, £1127, 
I9sh., 8d.; six chil. 

iio-DEA. ISAAC STEARNS JR. (292), b., May 14, 
T710; d., Nov. 25, 1779. 

Ill-— MARY STEARNS, b., Dec. 4, 1712: md.. May 7. 
1741, Jonathan Sanderson; d., Aug. 2y, 1741; s. p. 

112— SUSANNA STEARNS, b., Jan. 11, 171 5: md., Nov. 
18, 1736, Jonathan Smith, b., Jan. 23, 1714-15, son of Elisha 
and Patience (Brown) Smith, of Weston, Mass. 


113— NATHANIEL STEARNS (304), b, Apr. 23, 1718; 
of Holden, Mass. 

114— PELEG STEARNS (312), b., Jan. 2, 1720. 

115— JAMES STEARNS, b., 

116— JOHN STEARNS (31), b., June 24, 1677, son of 
Samuel and Hannah (Manning) Stearns, of Watertown, 
Mass.; md., Feb. 21, 1701, Abigail Fiske, b., June 12, 1684, 
dau. of John and Abigail (Parks) Fiske. He resided on 
the homestead of his father, and had a family of fifteen chil- 
dren; d., 1729; inventory of his estate, administered by his 
wid., Abigail, in 1735, was £952, 3sh., lod. In the settle- 
ment of the estate, mention is made of heirs of Peter and 

117— JOHN STEARNS JR. (314), b., Nov. 18, 1702. 

118— JOSIAH STEARNS (322), b., Oct. 14, 1704; d., 
Apr. II, 1756. 

119— JOSEPH STEARNS, b., July, 1706; d., Apr. 11, 
1756; unm.; insane. 

120— ABIGAIL STEARNS, b., June 3, 1708; md., Oct. 
7, 1735, in Lunenburg, Mass., by her brother, Rev. David 
Stearns. Col. Benjamin Bellows, afterwards of Walpole, N. 
H. "Bellows Falls" was named for him. "He possessed 
wonderful energy and decision with a great capacity for 
business, and was remarkable for almost gigantic form and 
strength, as some of his descendants have also been." She 
was the mother of seven children and d., Nov. 8, 1757, in 
Walpole, N. H. "She was the first tenant of Walpole 
burying-ground, had an excellent repute for energy, piety 
and motherly love, and her dust sweetly consecrated the spot 
wherein her race was afterwards to repose." 

(a) — Abigail Bellows, b., Dec. 10. 1736; d. at the age of 

20, while on a visit to Northfield, Mass. 
(b) — Peter Bellows, b., Jan. 6, 1739; d., Apr. 4, 1825. 

(c) — Benjamin Bellows Jr., b., Oct. 6, 1740; d., June 4,, 


(d) — John Bellows, b., Nov. 3, 1742; d., Aug. 19, 1812. 
(e) — Joseph Bellows, b., June 6, 1744; d.. May 3, 

(f) — Jonathan Bellows, b.. Mar. 29, 1746; d., Apr. 26, 

(g) — Abigail Bellows, b.. Mar. 20, 1748; d., Nov. 17, 


121— REV. DAVID STEARNS (334), b., Dec. 24, 1709; 
Harv. Coll., 1728; d.. Mar. 9, 1761. 

122— THOMAS STEARNS, b., Oct. 8, 171 1; md., Aug. 
9, 1774, Hannah Clarke, b.,Dec. 3, 1719, dau. of William and 
Hannah (Kee) Clarke, of Newton, Mass.; settled in West- 
minster, Mass. He was a Deacon, and d., Apr. 2, 1785, s. p., 
leaving the reputation of having been "a very good man." 
In his will, dated Mar. 29, 1785, "he left his wife, Hannah, 
£10, and the use of one-third of his real and personal estate. 
His executors, Capt. Phinehas Stearns, of Watertown, and 
James Stearns, of Lunenburg, were sued by his widow, 
who evidently considered them faithless to their trust. She 
became a public charge, in 1794, and d., Aug. 11, 1799." This 
is copied from the Hist, of Westminster, Mass., where no 
mention is made of his marrying (2), Lydia Hilton. Inven- 
tory, £628, losh., id. 

123— JAMES STEARNS, b., and d., 1712. 

124— HANNAH STEARNS, b., Dec. 20, 1713; d., Aug. 
44, 1779; md., Jan. 6, 1746, Dea. Samuel Johnson, b., Jan. 2, 
1723, son of Samuel and Rebecca Johnson, of Lunenburg, 
Mass. They were md. by her brother Rev. David Stearns. 
Dea. Samuel Johnson d., Feb. 10, 1794. 

(a) — Mary Johnson, b., Sept. 8, 1747; m.d., June 30, 
1768, Mighil Davis of Lunenburg; d., in Wethers- 
field, Vt. 

(b) — Benjamin Johnson, b., July 8, 1749; md., June 26, 
1788, Polly Wood; d., Feb. 27, 1827. 

(c) — Samuel Johnson 3d. b., Sept. 6, 175 1; md., Aug. 
3, 1784, Elizabeth Sanderson, of Lunenburg, set- 
tled in Winchendon, Mass. His dau., Betsy John- 


son, md., Apr. 14, 1808, Bartholomew Stearns 
(6647), of Winchendon. 

(d)— Lucy Johnson, b., Aug. 5, 1753; md., Feb. 2, 1783, 
John Billings Jr.; d., Dec. 12, 1793. 

(e) — Nathan Johnson, b., Nov. 6, 1755; md., 1786, 
Katherine Stearns (884), dau. of John and Martha 
Stearns, of Watertown. They settled in Rindge, 
N. H., where he d., Sept. 5, 1838. She d., Nov. 5, 

125— BENJAMIN STEARNS (348), of Lunenburg, b., 
' ; d., Nov. 22, 1761. 

126— PETER STEARNS, left heirs. 

127— DEA. WILLIAM STEARNS (352), b.. Mar. 11, 
1717-18; of Lunenburg; d., July 10, 1792. 

128— LYDIA STEARNS, b., Oct. 7, 1719; md., June 25, 
1739, Joshua Goodrich, of Lunenburg; ten children. 

(a) — Lydia Goodrich, b., Aug. i, 1740; md., Nov. 2y, 
1766, Joshua Pierce, of Leominster. 

(b)Mehitable Goodrich, b.. May 9, 1742. 

(c) — Relief Goodrich, b.. Mar. 25, 1744; d., Oct. 8, 

(d) — Joshua Goodrich Jr., b., Aug. 10, 1746. 
(e) — Catherine Goodrich, b., Aug. 28, 1749. 
(f) — Ruth Goodrich, b., Sept. 13, 1751; md., Dec. i, 

1772, Samuel Whitney, of Lun. 

(g) — Abigail GooHrich, b., Feb. 21, 1754; d., young. 

(h) — Abigail Goodrich, b., Nov. 24, 1756. 

(i) — Phinehas Goodrich, b., Oct. 17, 1759; d., Dec. 31, 

(j) — Lois Goodrich, b., Mar. 9, 1763. 

129— JAMES STEARNS, b., July 9, 1721 ; left heirs. 

130— LOIS STEARNS, b., Jan. 18, 1723; md., May 2, 
T749, Jonas White, b., Dec. 18, 1724, eldest son of Andrew 
and Jane (Dix) White, of Watertown, Mass.: d.. Nov., 1796. 


(a) — Abijah White, b., May 22, 1750. 

(b) — Jonas White Jr., b., June 7, 1752; Representative 

for six yrs; by wife, Ruth, had seven chil, 
(c)— Joel White, b., July 15, 1754. 
(d) — Lois White, b., Oct. 8, 1756; d. soon, 
(e) — Josiah White, b., Nov. 5, 1758. 
(f) — Abigail White, bapt., Aug. 10, 1760. 
(g) — Lois White, b., Feb. 4, 1764; md., Aug. 31, 1786, 

James Robbins, of Camb. 

i3i_COL. ABIJAH STEARNS, b., Dec. 19, 1724; md., 
Nov. 12, 1751, Sarah Heywood, of Lunenburg, where he 
settled and to the church of which he was dismissed. Mar. 
24, 1750. She d., Sept. 4, 1782. and he d., Nov. 6, 1783, 
s. p. By his will, dated Oct. 3, 1783, after numerous small be- 
quests to his other relatives, he gave his homestead estate 
to Stephen Whitney, who md. Relief Stearns (332), niece to 
Col. Abijah Stearns, and dau. of Josiah Stearns (118). 

Fourth Generation, 

132— JOHN STEARNS 3d. (40), b., Nov. 26, 1686, son of 
Lieut. John and Elizabeth (Bigelow) Stearns, of Billerica, 
Mass.; d., Aug. 2, 1776; md., 1715, Esther Johnson, b., Jan., 
1691, who d., Apr. 13, 1786, dau. of Capt. Edward Johnson, 
of Woburn, Mass. She was grand-dau. of William John- 
son, Esq., and great-grand-dau. of Capt. Edward Johnson of 
Woburn, who was author of the quaint History of New 
England, entitled, "Wonder-working Providencec of Sion's 
Savior in New England." They had ten children. 

133— ESTHER STEARNS, b., Nov. 9, 1716; d., Feb. 20. 

134— JOHN STEARNS, 4th. (359), b., May 27, 1718. 

135— ESTHER STEARNS, b., June 6. 1720; d., Aug. 
12, 1741. 

136— ISAAC STEARNS (366), b., June 16. 1722; d., Apr. 
23, 1808. 

137— JOANNA STEARNS, b., July 29, 1724; md., Aug. 
8. T754, Ebenezer Fletcher, of Westford, Mass. 

(a) — Josiah Fletcher. 

(b) — Solomon Fletcher. 

(c) — Lucy Fletcher, b.. Mar. 13, 1763. 

(d) — Esther Fletcher, b., June 9, 1762. 

(e) — Joanna Fletcher. 

(f)— Rachel Fletcher, b., Feb. 9, 1769. ) j^^^^^g 

(g) — Rebecca Fletcher, b., Feb. 9. 1769. \ 

138— EDWARD STEARNS (379), b.. May 9. 1726: d., 
June II, 1793. 

139— BENJAMIN STEARNS, b., Nov. 21, 1729; d., 
Aug. 24, 1734. 

140— JOSIAH STEARNS (391), b., Jan. 20, 1731-2: ^- 
July 25, 1788. 


141— WILLIAM STEARNS, b., Dec. 11, 1733; d., July, 

142— TIMOTHY STEARNS, b, Aug. 15, 1737; was in 
military service at Lake George in 1757, and belonged to 
Capt. Thomas Flint's Co.; d., Aug. 5, 1762. 

143— SAMUEL STEARNS (43), b., Jan. 8, 1693-4, son 
of John and Elizabeth (Bigelow) Stearns of Billerica, Mass. ; 
md., 1719, Rachel Crosby, b., Apr. 18, 1695, dau. of Joseph 
and Sarah (French) Crosby, of Billerica, Mass. He d. before 
1730, and his ►widow, Rachel, md. (2), Thomas Wyman, 
whose dau. Lucy md. Capt. Edward Stearns (379). Samuel 
Stearns had six children. 

144— RACHEL STEARNS, b., June 6, 1720; md., Apr. 
16, 1 741, Nathan Hutchinson, of Bedford. His name dis- 
appeared from tax-Hst in 1750. 

(a) — Nathan Hutchinson Jr., b., Aug. 4, 1742. 

(b) — Rachel Hutchinson, b., Jan. 2, 1744. 

(c) — Benjamin Hutchinson, b., Oct. 5, 1746. 

(d) — Samuel Hutchinson, b., Apr. 12, 1749. 

145— ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., Apr. 3, 1722; md. (i), 
John Bacon, b., June 16, 1716, son of Benjamin and Abigail 
(Taylor) Bacon, of Bedford, Mass. They were md. in 1744, 
and he d., May 26, 1760. She md. (2), Oct. 8, 1761, Capt. 
Jonathan Wilson, of Bedford, who was killed in the Lex- 
ington fight, Apr. 19, 1775. "in the forty-first year of his age." 
"He had bravely led his men through the memorable scenes 
of the early hours of the day, had been foremost in the chase 
across the Great Fields to intercept the enemy, and fell dead 
in the severe battle of the afternoon." 

(a) — Elizabeth Bacon, b.. 1745; d., Aug. 26, 1749. 

(b) — John Bacon, b., 1746; d., Aug. 30, 1749. 

(c) — Son, still-born, 1747. 

(d) — Jesse Bacon, b., Aug. 7, 1749; d., Aug. 26, 1749. 

(e) — Elizabeth Bacon, b., 1750; d., Feb. 15, 1754. 

(f) — ^John Bacon Jr., b., 1753; d., June 7, 1833, ^^^ ^^ 

(g)— Abijah Bacon, b.. 1754. ) ^^^.^^ 

(h) — Elijah Bacon, b., 1754. \ 


Abijah d., May i, 1776; Elijah d., Sept. 13, 1788. 

(i) — Reuben Bacon, b., 1757; d., May 22, 1775, in the 
eighteenth year of his age. "His young life was 
sacrificed at the opening of the Revolution.' 

(j) — Jonathan Wilson Jr., b., 1763; served a campaign 
of three mos. in 1780, in Rhode Island; md., July 24, 
1784, Rebekah Page; had four chil., two boys and 
two girls; d., Sept. 25, 1797. 

146— PRUDENCE STEARNS, b., Mar. 30, 1724; md., 
Jan. 21, 1742, John Needham, of Tewksbury, b., Jan. 26, 
1718, son of John and Mary (Jefts) Needham. She d., Dec. 
29, 1781, and he d., Feb. 15, 1800. 

(a) — ^John Needham Jr., b., Dec, 1742. 
(b) — Mary Needham, b., 1744. 
(c) — Prudence Needham, b., 1746. 

(d) — Elizabeth Needham, b., 1748; md., Jan. 16, 1770, 
Joseph Jaquith, b., July 7, 1745, son of Abraham 
and Hannah (Farley) Jaquith. Joseph Jaquith was 
at Lexington, Apr. 19, 1775; d., Mar. 7, 1827. His 
wife, EHzabeth, d., Nov. 7, 1820. 

(e) — Stearns Needham. 
(f) — Abigail Needham. 
(g) — Rachel Needham. 
(h) — Azubah Needham. 

147— SAMUEL STEARNS (404), b., June i, 1726. 

148— MARA STEARNS, b., July i, 1728. 

149— BENJAMIN STEARNS, b., ; chose Dec. 5, 

1737, Thomas Mirian to be his guardian. 

150— ISAAC STEARNS JR. (46), b., Aug. 21, 1701, son 
of Isaac and Mary (Merriam) Steams, of Billerica, Mass.; 

md., , 1723, Alice Wilson, b., Nov. 12, 1703, dau. of 

John and Elizabeth (Foster) Wilson. He d., Sept. 20, 1739, 
and his wid. md. (2), John Pollard, her husband's brother-in- 
law. Inventory of his estate, £1467, 5sh. ; he had eight chil- 

151— THOMAS STEARNS (419), b., Feb. 12, 1724-5- 
152— SARAH STEARNS, b., Dec. 10, 1726; md., Mar. 6, 
1746, Dea. Joshua Abbott, who "gave a bell and clock for 


the meeting-house and left, to the town of Billerica, a legacy 

of $1400, the income to be devoted to the promotion of 

sacred music." She d., Sept. 7, 1803, and he d., Aug. 8, 1807. 

(a) — ^Joshua Abbott Jr., b., Nov. 2, 1747; d., June 7, 


153— JONATHAN STEARNS (428), b., June 16, 1729; 

of Lancaster, Mass. 

154— JOHN STEARNS, b.. May 27, 1731; d., Jan., 1754. 

155— OLIVER STEARNS, b., July 5, 1733, of Tewks- 
bury, Mass.;JF'eb. 21, 1754, chose Joshua Abbott to be hia 
guardian. He was in service at Lake George, in 1757, in 
Capt. Thomas Fhnt's Co. 

156— ELIJAH STEARNS (432), b., June 15, 1735; of 
Rutland, Mass. 

157— ALICE STEARNS, b., July 21, 1737; md., Aug. 3, 
T758, Elisha White, of Lancaster. 

158— WILLIAM STEARNS, b., Jan. 15, 1738-9; d., Apr. 
22, 1756. 

159— ISAAC STEARNS 4th (57), b., Oct. 19, 1697, son 
of Isaac 3d and Elizabeth (Stone) Stearns, of Stoughton, 
Mass.; md., June 14, 1722, Rachel Randall, b., Nov. 15, 1697, 
dau. of Thomas and Rachel Randall, of Easton. Inventory, 
May 26, 1774, Noah Pratt, administrator; real estate, £400, 
I4sh., 3d.; personal property, £23, I3sh., 8d. Mrs. Stearns's 
name is given as "Rebecca," by some authorities; they had 
three children. 

160— ISAAC STEARNS (439), b., July 7, 1723. 

161— NATHAN STEARNS (441), b., July 12, 1728; d., 
Jan. 25, 1764. 


163— SIMON STEARNS (58), b., Oct. 19, 1697, twin 
brother of Isaac, son of Isaac 3d. and Elizabeth (Stone) 
Stearns, of Stoughton, Mass.; md., Dec. 13, 1726. in Dor- 
chester, Mass., Margaret Hixon. His will, dated Aug. 20, 
1774, was proved May i, 1776; his residencec was in Stough- 
ton; three chil. 

164— MARY STEARNS, b., Nov. 6, 1727; d., Apr. 6, 


165— MARGARET STEARNS, b., Jan. 2, 1730; ind., 
Nov. 28, 1762, Turel Allen, a farmer of Stoughton, b., Feb. 
21, 1733, son of George and Mary Allen; d., 1797, in Stough- 
ton, Mass.; s. p. 

166— SIMON STEARNS JR (443), b., Nov. 19, 1733. 

i67_jONATHAN STEARNS (60), b., Nov. 20, 1701, son 
of Isaac 3d. and Elizabeth (Stone) Stearns, of Stoughton, 
Mass. The following is copied from the Stoughton Records : 
"Jonathan Stearns of Stoughton and Experience Linkhorn 
of Taunton were joined in marriage by ye Wpl. Robert Spur, 
Esqr., May 24th, 1727." Linkhorn means Lincoln. Inven- 
tory dated Sept. 23, 1769; his son, Nathaniel, administrator, 
left wid. and six chil. He was of Stoughton, Mass. 

168— JONATHAN STEARNS JR., b., 1728. 

169— MARY STEARNS, b., ; md., Wilber. 

170— EXPERIENCE STEARNS, b., ; md., George 

Allen Jr., b.„ Apr. 7, 1736, son of George and Mary Allen, of 
Stoughton, Mass.; intentions declared, Sept. 28, 1759. She 
d., and June 26, 1777, he declared intentions of marriage 
with Mercy Jordan. 

171— ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., ; md. Elkanah 

Smith, of Taunton, Mass.; intentions declared, Oct. 26, 1757. 

172— RACHEL STEARNS, b., ; md.. May i, 

1766, by Nathaniel Sumner, Esq., Justice of Peace for Suf- 
folk Co., Sylvanus Clark, of Stoughton. 


174— REV. EBENEZER STEARNS (64), bapt. July 8, 
171 1, in Lexington, Mass., son of Isaac and Elizabeth (Stone) 
Stearns; a Baptist minister, of Stoughton, Mass. He md. 
(i), Sept. 19, 1734, Thankful Clapp, of Walpole, Mass.; md. 
(2), Aug. 12, 1762, Jane Phillips, of Easton. In 1734, he 
lived and owned real estate in Walpole. Mass. ; later he was 
pastor of the Baptist church in Stoughton; in 1750, he was 
living in Douglas, Mass.; in 1761, he removed to Easton and, 
in 1762, was settled over the Baptist church there; about 
1769, removed to Maine and settled on Sheepscot River, aft 
erwards, at Whitefield, Me., where he d. Record of Thankful 
(Clapp) Stearns's death read as follows: "My aged and 


honored mother deceased, May ye 22nd, 1761." We have 
the names of nine chil. 

Aug. 19, 1736. 

176— ACHSAH STEARNS, b., Jan. 10, 1739; md., Feb. 
3, 1757, Lieut. Ebenezer Marsh, of Douglas, Mass., b., about 


177— ELIJAH STEARNS, b., Feb. 25, 1741; d., Sept., 

178— EZEKIEL STEARNS (463), b., Feb. 20, 1743. 
179— MARY STEARNS, b., Feb. 13, 1745. 

180— SARAH STEARNS,^b., Mar. 31, 1747; md., Dec. 
2y, 1764, Job Hewitt, "both of Easton, Mass. 

(a) — Sarah Hewitt, b., Dec. 28, 1772; md.. Col. South- 
worth, of Easton. 

181— JOSHUA or JOTHAM STEARNS (465), b., Nov. 
30, 1748. 

182— NATHANIEL STEARNS (474), b.. Mar. 11, 1751. 

183— ABIGAIL STES'RNS, b., Mar. 20, 1753. 

184— -SAMUEL STEARNS JR. (70), b., Mar. 7, 1702, 

son of Samuel and Phoebe ( ) Stearns, of Lexington, 

Mass.; of New Sherborn, or Littleton, Mass., then of Hollis, 
N. H.; d., 1787. He md., Jan. i^ 1731, by Joseph Wilder, 
Esq., Keziah Robbins, of Littleton, Mass.; nine children. 

185— SAMUEL STEARNS 3d. (493), b., 1732. 

186— PETER STEARNS (soo), b., 1734. 

187— ISAAC STEARNS (514), b., 1736. 

188— JOSEPH STEARNS (523), b., 1738. 

189— RUTH STEARNS, b., 1741. 

190— KEZIAH STEARNS, b.. 1743. 

191— EBENEZER STEARNS (528), b., Dec. 25, 1744. 

192— PHOEBE STEARNS, b.. 1746; md., Apr. i, 1765, 
Levi Fletcher, of Dunstable. 

193— JOHN STEARNS (535). b., Oct. 15, 1750. 

194— THOMAS STEARNS (74), b., July 4, 1710, son of 


Samuel and Phoebe ( ) Stearns of Lexington, Mass.; 

of Littleton, Mass.; md. (i), Abigail Reed,_dau. of Ebenezer 
Reed of Uxbridge, who became the mother of three children. 
He md. (2), name unknown, mother of two daughters; md. 
(3), Mary Heald, of Chelmsford, who was mother of six chil- 
dren, and d., 1809. When his mother moved to Littleton 
he was twenty years of age, and because he was a minor, his 
mother bought in her own naine, of her eldest son, Samuel 
Stearns, eighty acres known as the "Powers farm" in the 
south part of Littleton, near Nagog Pond, for the sum 
of four hundred and fifty pounds. The next year she deeded 
the farm to Thomas for the same amount, and his children 
w^ere born on the homestead, which was left to his son,. 
Noah. He d., Dec. 28, 1784; eleven children. 

195— EBENEZER STEARNS (547), b., Jan. 28, 1744. 

,96— JOHN STEARNS (555), b., June 2, 1745. 

197— JOSIAH STEARNS (557), b., July 18, 1747. 

198— ABIGAIL STEARNS, b., Oct. i, 1749; d., young. 

199— MARY STEARNS, b., Sept. 8, 1751; d., young. 

20C^NOAH STEARNS, b.. Mar. 12, 1753; d., Sept. 22,. 
1829, in Littleton, Mass.; unm. The estate was left to 
Noah by his father, and the home was shared by his sister, 
Abigail, always called "Aunt Nobby." He enlisted inthe 
Revolutionary Army and served at Ticonderoga for three 
mos., besides serving several times as substitute for others. 
Noah Stearns was sutler at Fort Ticonderoga before it sur- 
rendered to General Burgoyne, and many times bought a 
quarter of venison from the Indians for a pint of rum. Sup- 
pHes were sent to him by his brother, Josiah, of Lunen- 
burg, on a cart drawn by oxen, and to feed the oxen beech 
trees were cut down for them to browse upon. Noah held 
different town offices, was collector in 1789, and was emi- 
nent for his Christian virtues. When his brother, Levi, and 
Levi's wife, EHzabeth, died within two months of each other, 
leaving a family of eight children, Noah and Abigail took the 
youngest three, brought them up as their own and left the 
estate to the youngest, Charles, thereby retaining the prop- 
erty in the family for over one hundred and twenty years. 

201— ABIGAIL STEARNS, b., Mar. 19, 1755; d., July,. 
1825; unm. She made her home with her brother, Noah. 


202— LYDIA STEARNS, b., Apr. 9, 1758; md., 1778, 
Joshua Cheever Fowler and settled in Savoy, N. H.; d., 1814. 
(a) — Thomas Fowler, b., Jan. 4, 1779, in Lunenburg. 

203— MOLLY STEARNS, b., Feb. 12, 1760; d., a widow, 
Oct. 14, 1813; md., 1780, Silas Smith, of Leominster, Mass. 

(a) — Molly Smith, b.. Mar. 24, 1781. 
(b) — Joseph Smith, b. ,Mar. 29, 1783. 
(c) — Asa Smith, b.. Mar. 13, 1784. 
(d) — Theresa Smith, b., Jan. 7, 1786. 

204— SAMUEL STEARNS (568), b., May 25, 1762; d., 
Aug. 2, 1838, in Cavendish, Vt. 

205— LEVI STEARNS (576), b., Jan. 12, 1765; d., Dec. 
25, 1810. 

206— CAPT. JOHN STEARNS (75), b., July 22, 1712, 

son of Samuel and Phoebe ( ) Stearns, of Lexington, 

Mass.; of Dedham and Attleborough. He md. (i), Aug. 
II, 1737, by Rev. Thomas Balch, Rebecca Dean of Dedham, 
Mass., where he resided until after the birth of his fifth child, 
when he removed to Attleboro. By first wife, he had ten 
children. He md. (2), Sept. 29, 1756, Widow Molly Pettee, 
of Dedham, whose maiden name was Corey, and who bore 
him two children. He was highly respected and esteemed 
in the town; was a Capt., Town Treasurer for a long time, 
and Representative toi the General Court, in 1775 and 'y6. 
"Capt. John Stearns of Attleboro, Mass., held a commission 
in colonial times, but was too old to enlist in the Revolution- 
ary War. He told his son, Joseph, to serve the country, and 
Joseph's father would care for the soldier's family and pro- 
vide for his necessities, as a soldier, as far as money could 
supply them. Capt. John also loaned the government two 
thousand dollars and took the Continental money in return. 
After the war was ended, at a Thanksgiving familv gather- 
ing, he burned the Continental money before them all say- 
ing, 'There is money the best invested of any I have ever 
spent for you.' " ' He had twelve children. 

207— REBECCA STEARNS, b., Nov. 7, 1737; md., 
James Daggett, of Rehoboth, Mass., pub., Oct. i, 1757, and 
had fifteen children. 


208— PHOEBE STEARNS, b., Feb. 25, 1739; md. John 
Bradford, of Rehoboth, and had five children. 

209— RUTH STEARNS, b., Nov. 13, 1740; md., Samuel 

210— HANNAH STEARNS, b., May 25, 1743; lived to 
an advanced age; unm. 

211— MARY STEARNS, b., July 29, 1745; md., 1785, 
Sabin Mann, of Medfield, Mass. She d., 1819; s. p. "Sabin 
Mann was Capt. of a company in Col. Wheelock's Reg't., ni 
the Continental Army. He md. (i), 1775, Hannah Plymp- 
ton, who d., 1782; md. (2), 1785, Mary Stearns, of Attleboro, 
Mass. He died in 1800 and requested to be buried in the 
lot back of the house, as he said he wanted to watch Chas. 
Hamant when he took toll at his grist-mill near by." ' 

212— SAMUEL STEARNS, b., Oct. 17, 1747; d., young. 

213— LYDIA STEARNS, b., Oct. 3, 1749; lived to ad- 
vanced age; unm. 

214— JOSEPH STEARNS (591), b., Oct. 7, 1751 ; d., 
June 2, 1829. 

215— JOHN STEARNS, b., Sept. 27, 1753; while a stu- 
dent at Princeton Coll., was accidentally drowned, at Beau- 
fort, N. C. 

216— ISAAC G. STEARNS, b., Jan. 7, 1756; a sailor, who 
became very wealthy. 

217— JOB STEARNS, d., young. 

218— ABIGAIL STEARNS, md., Lemuel Stratton, of 
Foxboro, Mass. 

(a) — Lemuel Stratton Jr. 

(b)— Mary Stratton. 

219— BENJAMIN STEARNS (77), b., Jan. '6, 1718, son 

of Samuel and Phoebe ( ) Stearns, of Lexington, 

Mass.; in 1746, a carpenter, of Rutland, Mass.; md., Nov. 
12, 1753, Mrs. Mary Warren, widow of Benjamin Warren, of 
Hardwick, Mass. After his decease, his widow md. Benja- 


min Hoyt, of Princeton, Mass., where she d., 1793; five chil- 

220— LEVI STEARNS (603), b., 1755. 

221— ELI STEARNS (609), b., Nov. 12, 1757; d., 1825. 

222— JOHN STEARNS, b., 1760; died on board the Jer- 
sey prison-ship; unm. 

223— MARY STEARNS, b., June 9, 1763; d., Oct. 6, 
iSc; md., 1780, Asa Rice, of Princeton, Mass., who was b., 
Aug. 6, 1757. 

(a) — Thomas Rice, b., May 20, 1781; a house carpenter; 

d., 1812, in Ellsworth, Me., of a casualty. He md. 

Mrs. Sally (Stearns) Skelton, by whom he had 

three children, 
(b) — Benjamin Stearns Rice, b., Nov. 20, 1783; in 1845, 

was a resident of Lancaster, Mass.; unm. 
(c) — Mary Rice, b., June 9, 1786; md., April 8, 18 19, 

Jesse Perkins and had four children, 
(d) — Jonas Rice, b., Oct. 25, 1792; unm. 

224— JONAS STEARNS, b.. Mar. 10, 1765; d., Nov. 8, 
1805; a house-carpenter, of Princeton, Mass. He md., Lydia 
Savage, b., Sept. 4, 1771. who d., Jan. 20, 1845, dau. of Seth 
and Lydia Savage, of Princeton, Mass. 

^ - Twins, d. early. 

226 — ) 

227— MARY ANN STEARNS, b., June 28, 1800; d., Aug. 
15, 1805. 

228— EDWIN STEARNS, b., June 2, 1802; d., Aug. 6, 

229— ZACHARIAH STEARNS (80), b., Feb. 6, 1702, in 
Bedford, Mass., son of John and Mercy (Davis) Stearns, of 
Concord, Mass.; in 1722, he belonged to Capt. Butterfield's 
Co.; in Feb., 1746, was of Merrimack, N. H. He md., 1727, 

Sarah , and settled in New Hampshire; enlisted in 

the public service in 1760; six children. 

230— JOHN STEARNS (622), b.. Feb. 17, 1728. 


231— ZACHARIAH STEARNS JR. (636), b., Feb. 11, 

232— DANIEL STEARNS (637), b., May 16, 1732. 

233— SARAH STEARNS, b., Aug. 9, 1734; md., 1754, 
Robert Usher, of Merrimack, N. H., who d., Oct. 13, 1793, 
at Medford, Mass. 

(a) — Sarah Usher, b., July 6. 1755; md. Joseph Nash. 

(b) — Abijah Usher, b., Feb. 15, 1757. 

(c) — Hannah Usher, b., Feb. 7, 1759; md., John Peters. 

(d) — Robert Usher, b.. Mar. 7, 1761. 

(e) — Daniel Usher, b., May 14, 1763. 

(f) — Fannie Usher, b., 1764; md. Mr. Wyer. 

(g) — ^John Usher, b., 1766. 

(h) — Mary Usher, b., 1768; md. Wyman Weston. 

(i) — Eleazer Usher, b., 1770. 

234— NATHAN STEARNS, b., Apr. 27, 1737. 

235 — ^DAUGHTER, b.. May 7, 1743; name faded from 
the record in Merrimack, N. H. 

236— ELEAZER STEARNS (81), b., Sept. 4, 1704, son 
of John and Mercy (Davis) Stearns, of Concord, Mass.; md. 
(i), , 1733, Abigail , who bore him three chil- 
dren; md. (2), . Mary . In 1732, Eleazer 

Stearns, of Bedford, had suit in Court vs. Daniel Stearns, of 
Watertown; in 1734, Eleazer Stearns, clothier, was of New- 
ton, Mass.; Mar. 9, 1741, caution of Littleton, Mass., against 
settlement of Eleazer Stearns, wife Mary, and three children, 
viz.: William, Eleazer and Mary Stearns, of Concord; six 

237— WILLIAM STEARNS (638), b., Apr. 27, 1734, in 
Concord, Mass. 

238— ELEAZER STEARNS JR. (647), b.. Mar. 14, 1737. 
239— MARY "STEARNS, b., Jan". 10, 1740. 


241— JONATHAN STEARNS (655), b., 1747. 

242— DAVID STEARNS (659), b, 1750. 

243— BENJAMIN STEARNS (84), b., Nov. 8, 1714, son 
of John and Mercy (Davis) Stearns of Concord, Mass.; md., 
.Sept. II, 1738, Dinah Wheeler, of Bolton, Mass., dau. of 
Josiah and Martha Wheeler. As she was the youngest 
dau., and had no brother, her parents aged and his 
parents dead, it is probable that he then removed to Bolton, 
not a long walk from his place in Bedford. Josiah Wheeler, 
father of Dinah (Wheeler) Stearns, d. in 1739, and be- 
queathed to "Dinah, fourth daughter, wife of Benjamin 
Stearns, 27 acres in the home-place, including half of the 
house and barn, and in other localities, 129 acres appraised at 
£515, 6sh." With what she received at her mother's death, 
Dinah and her husband had a fine fortune to start with in 
life. Benjamin was a cordwainer, and he died in Bolton, 
Mass., Jan. 5, 1755, while Dinah, his wife, d., Dec. 21, 1771, 
in Bolton, Mass. They had seven children, all born in Bolton. 

244— JOSIAH STEARNS, b., Apr.3 , 1740. There is no 
further record of him; probably d. young. 

245— SAMUEL STEARNS, b., July 13, 1741; was an LL. 
D., and published, from his own calculations, the first nauti- 
cal almanac ever printed in America. He was evidently a 
very eccentric man, and although of fine presence and great 
personal beauty, misfortune was his constant attendant. For 
supposed loyalty to King George III, he' was confined in a 
filthy prison in Worcester, Mass., for nearly three years, 
where he suffered for want of the common necessaries of 
life. He settled in Paxton, Mass., and was a medical prac- 
titioner there, a man of fair education, who published, about 
1795, a book written by himself and called "The American 
Oracle," which was a diary of chronological events, poetical 
efTusions, &c. He seemed to be on intimate terms with 
Sir William Herschel, the great, English astronomer, as he 
mentions receiving a letter from Sir William, Jan. 26, 1790, 
which says, "Mrs. Herschel, the Dr.'s sister, had discovered 
a comet on the seventh inst." Dr. Samuel Stearns md. (i). 
Mar. 31, 1773, i'"' Bolton, Mass., Sarah Witt, of Paxton, by 


whom he had one son. While in prison, in 1786, he wrote a 
poem, advertising himself as a widower, and md. twice in 

Dummerston, Vt. His second wife, Sarah , was 

born Nov. 23, 1746, and died Oct. 14, 1801. He md. (3), 
Nov. 10, 1803, Mrs. Elizabeth Albee-Kelly, of Bellingham, 
Mass., who was the Widow Albee when she md. Alexander 
Kelly, St., in 1797. Dr. Samuel Stearns d., Aug. 8, 1810, in 
Brattleboro, Vt., and on his monument are these words: "In- 
gratitude was the reward of his labors. — Peace to his ashes." 

246— SAMUEL STEARNS JR., b., Feb. 5, 1776; d., 
June II, 1777. The death of this child is noted in the public 
record as follows, probably dictated by his father: "June 11, 
1777, at five minutes past five o'clock in the afternoon, died, 
of maHgnant quinsy, after nearly forty-three hours of illness, 
Samuel, only child of Dr. Samuel and Mrs. Sarah Stearns, 
of Paxton, Mass. He was aged sixteen months and six days 

247— DANIEL STEARNS, b., Aug. 18, 1743; md., Nov. 
2y, 1788, by Rev. Timothy Harrington, in Lancaster, Mass., 
Deborah Carter, by whom he had twin daughters. Socially, 
he was rather aristocratic, and, like his brother, somewhat 
literary, having pubHshed a book of some kind, which, it is 
safe to say, is now out of print. In politics, he was a Tory, 
and, in Revolutionary times, his property, which was con- 
siderable, was confiscated, and he fled to England. He d., 
Jan. 30, 1818, of dropsy, and his widow, Deborah, d., Oct. 
10, 1834, of old age. 

248— MARTHA STEARNS, b., June i, 1792. ) . 

249— DEBORAH STEARNS, b., June i, 1792.) '"^" 

250— MARY or MERCY STEARNS, b., Oct. 2, 1745. 
She is mentioned in her mother's will, in 1759, but no fur- 
ther record is found of her in Bolton. She may possibly be 
the sister who married into the Herschel family. 

251— MARTHA STEARNS, b.. May 30, 1750: md., Dec. 
6, 1770, Simeon Houghton, of Bolton, Mass.; d., Apr. 3, 

(a) — Asa Houghton, b.. Feb. 3. 1775. in Bolton. 


252— SARAH STEARNS, b., Dec. 29, 175 1; md., Apr. 
14, 1772, in Bolton, Elijah Whitney, of Harvard, Mass. 

253— ASA STEARNS (664), b., Mar. 20, 1754. 

254— NATHANIEL STEARNS JR. (87), b., Jan. 18, 
1696, son of Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Dix) Stearns, of 
Watertown, Mass.; d., 1749. He md. and had one son. 

255— NATHANIEL STEARNS 3d. (676), bapt. Feb., 

256— DANIEL STEARNS (90), b.. Mar. i, 1701, son of 
Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Dix) Stearns, of Watertown, 
Mass.; d., 1747; a cordwainer, of Watertown. He md. (i), 
1722, Anna , by whom he had one child; md. (2), Mer- 
cy Grant, b., Sept. 20, 1702, twelfth child of Joseph and 
Mary (Grafton) Grant, He probably lived on the homestall 
of the first Isaac Stearns, near the Cambridge line. His es- 
tate was administered by his widow, who md. (2), Nov. 8, 
1753, William Godding, b., 1703. Mr. Stearns had ten chil- 

257— ANNA STEARNS, b., 1723; md., Alay 22, 1755, 
Dr. Stephen Calf, a physician, of Waltham, Mass. They 
were dismissed, Apr. 22, 1765, to the church in Westminster, 

(a) — Anna Calf, bapt., May 30, 1756. 

258— ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., Feb. 22, 1725; md., 
1746, James Budge, of Arlington, Mass. 

259— STEPHEN STEARNS (686), b., Sept. 21, 1726. 

260— ISAIAH STEARNS (694), b., Jan. 22, 1728. 

261— MERCY STEARNS, bapt., Aug. 5, 1733; md. (i), 
Aug. 22, 1753, Joseph Frothingham, b., Jan. 20, 1730. who d., 
Dec. 4, 1762; md. (2), pub. May 13,, 1776, Benjamin Piper, 
of Boston, Mass., b., July 20, 1738, an inn keeper. She d., 
Apr. 21, 1789. 

(a) — Mary Frothingham, bapt., Apr. 28, 1754; md. An- 
drew Newell, 
(b) — Katharine Frothingham, bapt., Aug. 31, 1755; d.. 


(c) — Katherine Frothingham, bapt., Jan. i6, 1757; ad- 
mitted to Baptist Church, Bostan, Dec. 5, 1790. 

262— DANIEL STEARNS, bapt., Aug. 5, 1733; went to 
Hardwick and enlisted in Capt. Ebenezer Learned's Co.; 
went to Crown Point, 1756, and was killed there. His brother 
Stephen, asked for letters of administration, Mar. 25, 1758. 

263— RUTH STEARNS, bapt., Dec. 9, 1733. 

264— NATHANIEL STEARNS (706), b., 1735. 

265— SARAH STEARNS, bapt., 1739; md., Apr. 20, 1761, 
WilHam Godding, b., Oct. 29, 1736, who went to Newton in 

(a) — WilHam Godding Jr., b., Dec. 27, 1761. 
(b) — Sarah Godding, b., June 13, 1763. 
(c) — Rebecca Godding, b., Oct. 1,4, 1764. 
(d) — Mercy Godding, b., July 14, 1766. 
(e) — Martha Godding, bapt. Nov. 13, 1768. 
(f) — Anna Godding, b., Aug. 2, 1770. 
(g) — Henry Godding, b., Sept. 10, 1772. 
(h) — EHzabeth Godding, b., 1774. 

266— MAR YSTEARNS, bapt., 1743; md., May 15, 1766, 
James Bradish, of Charleston, Mass. 

267— EBENEZER STEARNS (95), b., Apr. 22, 1708, 
son of Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Dix) Stearns, of Water- 
town, Mass.; a clothier, of Worcester, Mass. He md., Apr. 
12. 1737, by Rev. John Cotton, Mary' Spring, b., Nov. 20, 
1709, dau. of John and Joanna Spring, of Newton. He was 
killed in Worcester, Mass., Sept., 1777, by being thrown 
from a horse; she d., Oct., 1798. He was a grantee of 
1735, in Paris, Me.; nine chil. 

268— MARY STEARNS, b.. July 24, 1738; md., June 13, 
1757, Joseph Hastings. 

269— EPHRAIM STEARNS (709). b., Jan. 10, 1740. 

270— EBENEZER STEARNS JR. (720), b., Oct. 3. 1741. 

271— NATHANIEL STEARNS (728), b., Oct. 26, 1743. 


272— SIMEON STEARNS (736), b., June 10, 1745. 

273— JOANNA STEARNS, b., Apr. 7, 1747; md., Nov, 
7, 1764, William Gates. 

(a) — Lucretia Gates, b., Aug. 27, 1765. 

(b) — Anna Gates, b., Jan. 22, 1767. 

(c) — Elinor Gates, b., Jan. 2, 1769; d., Apr. 3, 1769. 

(d) — William Gates Jr., b., May 8, 1770 

274— BETSY STEARNS, b.. May 7, 1750; d., Apr. 13, 
1777; md., Oct. 13, 1772, Samuel Duncan. 

275— LUCRETIA STEARNS, b., July 7, 1752; md., Oct. 
12, 1780, Joseph Ball. 

276— WILLIAM STEARNS (744), b., Aug. 5, 1754. 

277— TIMOTHY STEARNS (loi), b., Oct. 8, 1701, sou 
of Lieut. Samuel and Mary (Hawkins) Stearns, of Water- 
town, Mass.; md., Feb. 27, 1728, Bethia Adams, b.. 1702,. 
daughter of John and Susanna (Breck) Adams, of Medway, 
Mass. They settled in Framingham, Mass., where he d., 
1757; nine children. 

278— SARAH STEARNS, b., Dec. i, 1729; d,, Feb. 8, 
1825, aged 95 yrs.; unm. 

279— TIMOTHY STEARNS JR., b., Aug. 28, 1731; d., 
Jan. 3, 1820, aged 88 yrs.; unm. He was eccentric and her- 
mit-like in his habits. 

280— NATHAN STEARNS, b., Aug. 22, 1733; drowned 
in Sudbury River, Feb. 28, 1778; unm. 

281— BETHIA STEARNS, b., Oct. 6, 1735; md., 1757, 
Col. Thomas Nixon, b., Apr. 27, 1736, son of Christopher 
Nixon of Framingham, Mass. He served as ensign in the 
French War, 1756; commanded a company of minute-men 
in 1775, and was commissioned as Col.; was reputed a brave 
and efficient officer and served throughout the war. He 
was drowned, Aug. 12, 1800, on his passage by water from 
Boston to Portsmouth. 

(a) — Kate Nixon, b., July 31, 1758; md., William Sto- 
well, of Worcester, Mass.; moved to Paris, Me.,, 
where she d., 1842. 


(b) — Thomas Nixon Jr., b., Mar. 19, 1762. 
(c) — Asa Nixon, b., Aug. 17, 1767; d., Dec. 7, 1771. 
(d) — Hannah Nixon, b., Sept. 21, 1772; md. John Nich- 
ols of Southboro. 
' (e) — Bethia Nixon, d., 1823, in Southboro. 

282— JOSHUA STEARNS, b., Aug. 8, 1737; d., July 24, 

283— JONATHAN STEARNS, b., Sept. 19, 1739; d., 
May 10, 1807, aged 68 yrs.; unm. 

284— JOHN STEARNS, b., June 5, 1741; md., in New 
ton; d. in Southboro. 

285— ASA STEARNS, b.. May 3, 1744; d., Aug. 13, 1751. 

286— HANNAH STEARNS, b.. May 20, 1746; her 
mother, Bethia, was appointed her guardian, Apr. 13, 1759. 
Hannah md. Benjamin Flagg, of Worcester, and d., 1843, 
aged 97 yrs. 

287— LIEUT SAMUEL STEARNS (102), b., Nov. 30, 
1703, son of Lieut Samuel Sr, and Mary (Hawkins) Stearns, 
of Watertown, Mass.; md., Feb. 13, 1732, Sarah Bowman, 
bapt, May 25, 1707, dau. of Capt. Nathaniel and Anne (Bar- 
nard) Bowman, of Cambridge, Mass.; d., Aug. 16, 1746; four 

288— EZEKIEL STEARNS, b., Dec. 29, 1732; d., 1734. 
289— SARAH STEARNS, b., Oct. 26, 1735; d. soon. 

290— SARAH STEARNS, b., Oct. 26, 1736; md., May 

24, 1758, Col. Abijah Brown, b., Nov. 27, 1736, who d.. May 

25, 1818, in Lincoln, Mass. He was one of the first to ascer- 
tain the proposed march of the British upon Concord and 
was active in giving the alarm. He was also in the battle of 
Bunker Hill. 

(a)— Abijah Brown Jr., b., Mar. 21, 1759; d., Sept. 12, 

1776, in the army at Skenesboro. 
(b)— Edward Brown, b., Jan. 21, 1761; settled in 

Rindge, N. H. 


(c) — Anna Brown, b., June 26, 1763; md., Aug. 23, 1781, 
Lieut Eli Jones, one of the heroes of Bunker 

(d) — Elizabeth Brown, b., 1765; d., 1766. 

(e) — ^Jonathan Brown, b., May i, 1767; d., Oct. 10, 1785. 

(f) — Abner Brown, b., Mar. i, 1769; d., unm. 

291— SAMUEL STEARNS (761), b., Nov. 14, 1739. 

292— DEA. ISAAC STEARNS JR. (no), b., May 14, 
1710, son of Isaac and Mary (Bemis) Stearns, of Watertown, 
Mass.; of Waltham, Mass. He was selectman for thirteen 
years (1754-72), and assessor in 1744 and 1753; md., July 21, 
1729, Elizabeth Child, b., Feb. 18, 1707, dau. of Daniel and 
Beriah (Bemis) Child. He d., Nov. 25, 1779, and she d., 
July 10, 1791, aged 84 yrs.; eleven children. 

293— ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., 1730; d.. May, 1732. 

294— JOHN STEARNS, b., Jan. 2, 1732; d., Jan. 4, 1735. 

295— SILAS STEARNS' (775), b.. Mar. 6, 1734. 

296— ISAAC STEARNS 3d., b., Jan. 18, 1736; md., Nov. 
17, 1768, Eunice Lawrence, b., Sept. 19, 1738, dau. of George 
and Mary (Stearns) Lawrence (100). She d., Feb. 8, 1802. 
and there is no record of children. 

297— PHINEHAS STEARNS (785), b., Feb. 28, 1738. 

298— SUSANNA STEARNS, b., Apr. 9, 1740; md.. Mar. 

26, 1765, Josiah Wellington, b., Apr. 4, 1745, son of Thomas 
Jr. and Margaret (Stone) Wellington, of Waltham, Mass.; 
d.. May 11, 1766. 

(a) — ^Josiah Wellington Jr., of New Braintree. 

299— JOSHUA STEARNS, b.. May 26, 1742; d., Oct. 

27, 1746. 

300— SARAH STEARNS, b., May 22, 1744; md., Jan. 16, 
1769* Joseph Hastings, whose first wife was Lydia Brown. 

301— JOSHUA STEARNS (795), b., July 10, 1748. 

302— JONATHAN STEARNS (807), b., May 22, 1750. 


303— ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., Mar. 17, 1752; md.,, 
Nov. 5, 1770, Phinehas Lawrence of Waltham. He was a 
deacon and selectman, b., Feb. 19, 1749, son of John and 
Mary (Hammond) Lawrence. 

(a) — Susanna Lawrence, b., June 18, 1771; md., 1793^ 
Rev. Nathan Underwood. 

(b) — Elizabeth Lawrence, b. and d., 1773. 
(c) — Phinehas Lawrence Jr., b., Feb. 19, 1775. 
(d) — Leonard Lawrence, b., May 6, 1777. 
(e) — Elizabeth Lawrence, b., Sept. 2, 1779. 
(f) — Priscilla Lawrence, b., Dec. 26, 1780. 
(g) — Mary Lawrence, b.. May 25, 1785. 
(h) — Nathan Lawrence, b., May 2y, 1787. 
(i) — Abigail Lawrence, b., June 18, 1789. 
(j) — ^Jacob Lawrence, b., June 11, 1792. 
(k) — Lucretia Lawrence, b., Jan. 19, 1797. 

304— NATHANIEL STEARNS (113), b., Apr. 23, 1718,. 
son of Isaac and Mary (Bemis) Stearns, of Watertown, 
Mass.; md., Oct. 22, 1747, Grace Hammond, b., Dec. 9, 1723, 
dau. of Thomas and Mary (Harrington) Hammond. They 
settled in Holden, Mass., and his will was dated, Feb. 7,. 
1776; six children. 

305— NATHANIEL STEARNS JR., b., June 30, 1749; 
md., Dec. 15, 1744, Lydia Gushing, b., Feb. 12, 1753, dau. of 
Gol. Job and Lucy (Stone) Gushing, of Shrewsbur3^ They 
settled in Paxton, Mass., where Mr. Stearns d., Jan, 1785, 
and his wid. md. (2), James Lamb, of Paxton, b., 1750, at 
Spencer, Mass., who d., Jan. 11, 1836. Mr. Lamb md. (i), 
Gharlotte Howard; md. (2), Lydia (Gushing) Stearns. They 
removed to Newfane, Vt., where she d., 1835, aged 82 yrs. 

306— NATHANIEL STEARNS 3d, son of Nathanniel Jr. 
and Lydia (Gushing) Stearns; d. young. 

307— MARY STEARNS, b., Sept. 4, 1751; md., Alpheus- 
Brown of Paxton. 

308— RUTH STEARNS, b., Apr. 20, 1754; md., Apr. 20, 
1774, Stephen Barrett, of Paxton, b., Feb. 8, 1753, who d., 


May 21, 1832. She d., 1777, and he md. (2), Molly Bar- 

309— PHOEBE STEARNS, b., Nov. 17, 1755; md., Nov. 
26, 1789, John Davis and settled on her father's homestead. 

, 310— REUBEN STEARNS (817), b., Feb. 6, 1759. 

311— EUNICE STEARNS, b., Feb. 8, 1761; md., Rev. 
John Foster, of Paxton. 

312 — PELEG STEARNS (114), b., Jan. 2, 1720, son of 
Isaac and Mary (Bemis) Stearns, of Watertown, Mass.; md., 
1753 Mrs. EHzabeth (Harris) Swineton, wid. of Mr. Swine- 
ton, and dau. of Capt. Peter Harris, of New London, Me. 
Mr. Swineton was a purser in the British Navy and was lost 
at r^ea, leaving one child, Rachel Swineton, who md., in 
Boston, Nathaniel Child, one of the "Tea-Party" boys, and 
d., s. p. Peleg Stearns settled first in Cambridge, on what 
has been known as the "Vassal Farm," where his only child 
was born. The latter part of his life was spent in Charles- 
ton, where he d.. Mar. 5, 1780, and his wid. d., Apr. 10, 

313— WILLIAM STEARNS (830), b., Apr. 10, 1754. 

314— JOHN STEARNS JR. (117), b., Nov. 18, 1702, son 
of John and Abigail (Fiske) Stearns, of Watertown, Mass.; 
md., Feb. 15, 1725, Anna Coolidge, b., July 23, 1706, dau. 
of Dea. John and Mrs. Margaret (Bond) Coolidge. They 
resided in Watertown until about 1741, when they removed 
to Westminster, Mass., where he d., 1775. "John Stearns 
of Watertown, had forty acres of land assigned to him, by 
order of the Court, he having a house and occupying it 
three years, agreeable to the order of the Court in 1718." 
This was probably John Stearns (116), father of the above 
John Jr., whose age at that time, was sixteen years. 
John Jr. was the father of seven children. 

315— MOSES STEARNS (848), b., May 29, 1728. 

316— JERUSHA STEARNS, b., Nov. 5, 1730; md., Feb. 
5, 1749, Darius Houghton, of Lunenburg, Mass.; removed 
to Windsor, Vt. 


(a) — Darius Houghton Jr., b., Oct. 4, 1751; d., Oct. 3, 

(b) — Darius Houghton Jr., b., Apr. 12, 1754. 

(c) — David Houghton, b., Apr. 8, 1756. 

(d) — Adonijah Houghton, b.. May 8, 1758. 

(e) — Asahel Houghton, b., Jan. 11, 1760. 

(f) — Elizabeth Houghton, b., Nov. 9, 1761. 

(g) — ^John Houghton, b., Nov. 21, 1763. 

(h) — Anna Houghton, b., Sept. 22, 1765. 

317— ANNA STEARNS, bapt.. Mar. 3, 1736. 

318— ABIGAIL STEARNS, bapt., Oct. 13, 1739; md., 
Mar. 10, 1757, in Waltham, Mass., Roger WelHngton, b., 
June 22, 1733, son of Benjamin and Lydia WelHngton. They 
were dismissed to the Second Church in Brookfield, Mass., 
Jan. 6, 1760. 

(a) — Oliver Wellington, b., Jan. 19, 1758, in Lexington, 

319— HEPZIBAH STEARNS, bapt. Nov. 12, 1741; md., 
Feb. 2, 1764, Benjamin Stratton, b., May 19, 1732, son of 
Joseph and Sarah .(Hagar) Stratton, of Waltham, Mass. 
"Mar. 8, 1763, caution of Waltham against settlement of 
Hepzibah Stearns from Westminster, May last, 1762." 

(a) — Lois Stratton, bapt., Feb. 16, 1772. 

(b) — Joseph Stratton, bapt., May 14, 1775. 

320— AARON STEARNS (858). b., Feb. 2. 1746. 
321— ELIAS STEARNS (867), b., Sept. 30, 1753. 

322— JOSIAH STEARNS (118), b., Oct. 14, 1704, son of 
John and Abigail (Fiske) Stearns, of Watertown, Mass.; d., 
Apr. II, 1756; a farmer and blacksmith, who settled on his 
father's homestead. He md. (i), Dec. 31, 1729, Susanna 
Ball, b., Mar. 16, 1708, dau. of James and Elizabeth (Fiske) 
Ball, who d., about 1740: md. (2), 1741, Dorothy Prentice, 
who d., Oct. 30. 1750, dau. of Rev. John and Mary (Gardner) 
Prentice, of Lancaster, Mass.; md. (3), Apr. 23, 1752. Mary 
Bowman, of Cambridge. Mass., b., Aug. 14, 1806. Inven- 


tory of his estate; real, £3610. O. T. ; personal, £1150, iQsh.; 
total, £4760, I9sh. Josiah Stearns was selectman, 1754 and 
^755- i^ 1750? he was appointed guardian of his brother, 
Joseph Stearns (119); eleven children. 

323— JOSIAH STEARNS JR. (877). b., July 11, 1730. 

324— SUSANNA STEARNS, b., Sept. 14, 1731; d. young. 

325— JOHN STEARNS (883), b.. May 8, 1733. 

326— PHINEHAS STEARNS (896), b., Feb. 5, 1736. 

327— JONAS STEARNS (904), b., Feb. 2y, 1738. 

328— PETER STEARNS, b., Aug. 3, 1742; enhsted in 
the French war and never returned, estate administered, 
in 1758, by his brother, Josiah (323). 

329— DOROTHY STEARNS, b., June 4, 1744; d., Nov. 
2, 1815; md., Dec. 12, 1765, David Coolidge, Jr., b., Sept. 3, 
1738, who died of small-pox, July 16. 1788. They resided in 
Watertown, Mass., and had eleven children. 

(a) — Susanna Coolidge, b., July 28, 1766; d., Apr. 2, 

1780, of consumption, 
(b) — William CooHdge, b., Jan. 12, 1768; d., Apr. 27, 
1820, in Watertown. 

(c) — Peter Coolidge, b.. Mar. i, 1770; d., Sept. 2, 

(d) — Dorothy Coolidge, b., Jan. 30, 1772; md. Thaddeus 

Richards, of Weston, 
(e) — Rhoda Coolidge, b., Mar. 14, 1774; md., Nov. 25, 

1791, Eben Richardson; d., Oct. 19, 1823, of can- 
(f) — Lucy CooHdge. b., Feb. 16. 1776; md. Samuel 

Learned; d.. Mar. 9, 1812. 
(g) — John Kittredge Coolidge, b., Feb. i ,1779; d., Apr., 

1836, in Cincinnati, O. 
(h)— James CooHdge, b., May 25, 1781; d., May, 1827; 

had two wives and eleven chil., of whom 8 d. young-, 
(i) — Mary CooHdge, b.. Mar. 29, 1783; md., 1802. 

Tames Richards; d., July, 1842, in Wheeling, West 



(j) — Sally Coolidge, b., Feb. 2, 1785; md. Martin Stoiie; 
d., June 4, 1815. 

(k) — Peter Coolidge, b., July 2, 1787; md. twice; seven 

33C^SUSANNA STEARNS, b., Apr. 20, 1746; d., young. 

331— WILLIAM STEARNS, b., Mar. 3, 1748; md. and 
settled in Lunenburg; d., s. p. 

332— RELIEF STEARNS, b., Apr. 10, 1749; d., Jan. 17, 
1803; nid., May 10, 1770, Stephen Whitney, b., Apr. 25, 
1743, son of John and Susan Whitney. They removed from 
Watertown to Lunenburg about 1783, to live with her uncle, 
Col. Abijah Stearns (131), who had no children and left 
Relief and Stephen his homestead estate. 

(a) — Stephen Whitney Jr., b., Jan. 25, 1771; md. Sally 

(b) — Relief Whitney, b., Nov. 11, 1773; md. Asa Tar- 

(c) — Lucy Whitney, b., Oct. 17, 1774; md., Mar. 5, 
1797, Solomon Day; d., Mar. 3, 1837. 

(d) — Abijah Whitney, b., Aug. 10, 1776; md., Feb. 6,. 
1812, Betsy Whitney. 

(e) — Lois Whitney, b., Jan. 26, 1779; md. Francis Wolf, 

of Boston, 
(f) — Nancy Whitney, b., Oct. 15, 1782; Hved with her 

bro. (Prentiss); unm. 

(g) — Polly Whitney, b., Nov., 1783; md., 1814, Joseph 
Burns, of Milford, N. H. 

(h) — Lucretia Whitney, b., Oct. 14, 1785; md., Robt. 
Cunningham, of Boston, who d. soon after mar- 

(i) — Prentiss Whitney, b., Nov. 2, 1787; md., 1814^ 

Sylvia Bicknell. 
(j) — Susanna Whitney, b., Aug. 16, 1789; d., 1807. 

333— MARY STEARNS, b.. Jan. 5, 1754; d.. Feb. 2, i8i6r 
md., Nov. 17, 1773. Benjamin Hurd, of Charlestown, b., 
Feb. I, 1750, d.. May 5, 1821. After the death of his first 


wife, Mary (Stearns) Hurd, in Feb., he md. (2), Aug. 29, 
i8j6, Mary Fessenden, b., Aug. 29, 1761, dau. of Benjamin 
and Barbara Fessenden. He was driven from Charlestown 
by the British, June, 1775, and returned, 1788. 

(a) — Grace Hurd, b., Sept 5, 1774, in Charlestown, 
Mass.; d., 1825; unm. 

(b) — Benjamin Hurd Jr., b., Aug. 29, 1777; d., 1813; 

(c) — Mary (Polly) Hurd, b., Aug. 23, 1779, in West 
Cambridge, Mass.; d., unm, 

(d) — Hannah Hurd, b., July 12, 1781, in Billerica, Mass.; 
d., 1846; md., Oct. 16, 1803, John Skinner, of Bos- 
ton, and had sixteen children. 

(e) — ^John Hurd, b., May 15, 1783, in Billerica; d., Oct. 
8, 1788. 

(f) — Isaac Hurd, b., May 15, 1785, in Billerica; of New- 
Orleans; unm. 

(g) — "Nabby" Hurd, b., Apr. 27, 1787, in Billerica; d., 
Dec. 4, 1791. 

(h) — John Hurd, b.. Mar. 30, 1789, in Charlestown, 
Mass.; twice married. 

(i) — Harriet Hurd, b., Nov. 16, 1791, in Charlestown; 
d., unm. 

(j) — Abigail Hurd, b., Nov. 14, 1793, in Charlestown, 
Mass.; md. Jechonias Thayer, a merchant of New- 

(k) — Josiah Stearns Hurd, b., Mar. 14, 1796 in 
Charlestown, Mass.; M. D., Harv. Univ., 1818; md., 
Oct. 19, 1826, Eliza Thompson, dau of Dr. Abra- 
ham R. Thompson, of Charlestown. Dr. J. S. Hurd 
d., Mar. 25, 1855. 

334— REV. DAVID STEARNS (121), b., Dec. 24, 1709, 
ison of John and Abigail (Fiske) Stearns, of Watertown, 
Mass.; Harv. Univ., 1728; a minister, of Lunenburg, Mass., 
where he was ordained, Apr. 18, 1733. He md., Apr. 7, 
1736, by Rev. John Prentice, Ruth Hubbard, a lady highly 
distinguished by the vigor of her mind and the virtues of 


her heart. Rev. David Stearns d., Mar. 9, 1761, and his 
widow md. (2), Nov. 9, 1768, Rev. Aaron Whitney, of Peter- 
sham, Mass., who d., 1779. She d., Nov. i, 1788; he had 
thirteen children. The following inscription on Rev. David 
Stearns's monument is an evidence of the respect and affec- 
tion of his people toward him: 

"This monument, erected by the town of Lunenburg, is 
sacred to the memory of The Reverend David Stearns, their 
much beloved and respected Pastor, who departed this life 
in the joyful expectation of a better, on the 9th day of March, 
A. D., 1761. In his private capacity, he was a kind husband, 
a tender parent, an affectionate brother and a faithful friend. 
In his ministerial character, his conversation was pure, en- 
tertaining and instructive; his doctrines plain and scriptural, 
and his life truly exemplary. He was adorned with hospital- 
ity, with singular prudence, and a most endearing benevo- 
lence; with a good knowledge of men and things; with a fer- 
vent zeal for the glory of Christ and the salvation of souls, 
and was governed by the united influence of these accom- 

Help, Lord, for the godly man ceaseth." 

335— RUTH STEARNS, b., Jan. 3, 1737; md.. Mar. 24, 
1757, Benjamin Redington, of Lunenburg. About 1797, the 
family moved to Langdon, N, H., where she d., 1798, and 
he d., 181 1, aged 82. 

(a) — Lucy Redington, b., Feb. 8, 1758; md!, Oct. 4, 

1787, Elijah Putnam, and had four children, 
(b) — Mary Redington, b., Sept. 15, 1759; md., at an 

advanced age; Dr. Taylor, of Charlestown, N. H., 

where she d., s. p. 
(c) — David Redington, b., July i, 1761; d., 1793, at 

Hudson, N. Y. ; unm. 
(d) — Benjamin Redington Jr., b., Apr. 7, 1763; d., 1790, 

at Walpole, N. H. ; unm. 
(e) — Ruth Redington, b., Apr. 30, 1764; md.. May 17, 

1787, James Gilchrist, who d., Nov. 2, 1838. 
(f) — Thomas Redington, b.. Mar. 29, 1766; md., 1796, 

Marv Stowell. of Worcester, Mass.; he d., 1S24. 


(g) — Rebecca Redington, b., Nov. 13, 1767; md., 1793, 

Levi Prentiss, of Winchendon, Mass. They d., in 

Covington, Penn. 
(h)— Hannah Redington, b., Nov. 6, 1769; md., 1788, 

John Prentiss, of Langdon, N. H., a soldier of the 

(i)_Isaac Redington, b., Oct. 10, 1771; md., Apr. 30, 

1797, Mercy Dana, of Barre, Mass. 

(j)— John Redington, b., July 3, 1774; d., 1777. 

(k) — Eunice Redington, b., June 17, 1777; md., Nov. 

13, 1799, Thomas Seaver, of Walpole, N. H. 
(1) — Susan Redington, b., 1779; d., 1799. 
(m) — Nancy Redington. md. Dr. John Brooks, of Ber- 

nardstown, Mass.; d., aged 40, leaving four chil. 

336— REBECCA STEARNS, b., Nov. 4, 1738; md., July 
ID, 1758, Thomas Sparkhawk, Esq., b., 1737, in Cambridge, 
Mass. He grad. Harv. Coll., 1755, and settled first in Lunen- 
burg, but, in 1769, removed to Walpole, N. H., where he 
was Clerk of the Court and Judge of Probate. He d., 1802. 

(a J — Thomas Sparhawk Jr., b .,Apr. 12, 1760, in Lunen- 
burg; md., 1791, Octavia Frink, and settled in Wal- 
pole, N. H. 

(b) — Oliver Stearns Sparhawk, b., July 23, 1764, in 
Lunenburg; d., Oct. 18, 1765. 

(c) — Rebecca Sparhawk, b., July 17, 1768, in Lunen- 
burg; d., 1792; md., 1788, Josiah Bellows Esq., of 

(d) — Oliver Stearns Sparhawk, b., July 16, 1771, in 
Walpole, N. H.; d., July 6, 1824; md. (i), Nov. 3, 

1798, his cousin, Hannah Stearns Whitney (342-c); 
md. (2). Sept. 5, 1819, another cousin, Naomi Spar- 

(e) — Mary Sparhawk, b., 1733; md., 1793, Josiah Bel- 
lows Esq., her deceased sister's widower. 

(f) — John Stearns Sparhawk; grad. Dartmouth Coll., 
1796; d., 1800. 

(g) — Jonathan Hubbard Sparhawk, M. D., b., 1781; ap- 


pointed surgeon in U. S. Army, in 1801; md., 1814, 
Clarissa Porter, of East Windsor, Conn.; d., 1819. 

(h) — Samuel Sparhawk, b., 1786; md., 1807, Sophronia 
Brown; d., 1835. 

337— ABIGAIL STEARNS, b., July 6, 1740; md., Sept. 
1, 1763, by Rev. Timothy Harrington, Rev. Ebenezer Spar- 
hawk, b., June 15, 1738, son of Noah and Priscilla Sparhawk, 
of Cambridge, Mass. He grad. Harv. Coll., 1756; settled in 
Templeton, Mass. She d., Apr. 21, 1772, leaving four chil., 
and he md., (2), Dec. 2, 1773, Naomi Hill, by whom he had 
eight chil, 

(a) — Ebenezer Sparhawk Jr., b.. May 28, 1764; md. Azu- 
bah Jepherson, of Rochester, Vt., where they set- 
tled; d., 1836. 

(b) — Henry Sparhawk, b., Apr. 26, 1766; md. Lucinda 
Lamb, and settled in Rochester, Vt.; had two 
daughters, who were deaf mutes; d., 1813. 

(c) — Thomas Stearns Sparhawk, b., June, 1768; d,, July, 

(d) — Thomas Stearns Sparhawk, b.. May 18, 1770; grad. 
Dart. Coll., 1791; settled in Bucksport, Me., where 
he d., June, 1807. He md., 1795, Mary Kinsman, of 
Hanover, N. H. 

338— ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., Apr. 20, 1742; d., 
Aug., 1800; md., June 5, 1765, by Rev. Timothy Harrington, 
to Rev. Zabdiel Adams, b., Nov. 5, 1739, son of Ebencze.- 
Adams of Quincy, Mass., and first cousin of John Adams, 
second president of the United States. He grad. Harv. 
Coll., 1759, and was ordained minister at Lunenburg, Sept. 
5, 1764, successor to his father-in-law; d.. Mar. i, 1801. 

(a) — Elizabeth Adams, b.. Mar. 22, 1766; md., 1787, Dr. 
Peter Snow. 

(b) — Anne Adams, b., June i, 1767; md., Nov. 3, 1791, 
Nathaniel F. Cunningham Esq., of Lunenburg, and 
died soon afterward. 

(c) — Hannah Adams, b.. Mar. 21, 1769; md., Dec. 7, 


1794, N. F. Cunningham Esq., her deceased sister's 

(d) — Zabdiel Boylston Adams, b., Aug. 25, 1770; d., 
Feb. 17, 18 14; grad. Harv. Coll., 1791; md. Martha 
Fox, of Fitchburg, Mass. 

(e) — Lucy Adams, b., Aug. 23, 1772; d. young. 

(f) — Mary Adams, b., July 17, 1774; md., Joseph Bel- 
lows Jr., of Walpole, N. H. 

(g) — Sarah Adams, b., Apr. 2, 1776; md., Nov. 23, 1801, 
Dr. John Hosmer, of Watertown, Mass. She d. in 
Charlestown, Mass.; he md. again and moved to 
Natchez, Miss., where he and his whole family died 
in one season, of yellow fever. 

(h) — Catherine Adams, b., Nov. 24, 1777; md. William 
Kimball and moved to the West, where she died, 
s. p. 

(i) — Henry Adams, b.. May 13, 1779; grad. Harv. Coll., 
1802; md. (i), Susan Foster, mother of his chil.; 
md, (2), Mrs. Sarah K. Hawkins. 

(j) — Frances Adams, b., Jan. 25, 1781; md.. May 30, 
1802, Samuel Houghton, of Fitchburg. 

(k) — Abigail Adams, b., Dec. 7, 1783; md. David Dev- 
ans of Charlestown, Mass. 

339— DAVID STEARNS JR. (918), b., Jan. 8, 1744- 

340— LUCY STEARNS, b., Nov. 16, 1745; d., Feb. 21, 

341— JONATHAN STEARNS, b., Nov. 2, 1747; d., Nov. 
12, 1747. 

342— HANNAH STEARNS, b., Nov. 14, 1748; d., Feb. 

I, 1784; md., 1772, Aaron Whitney Jr., a merchant of 

Northfield, Mass., and fourth son of Rev. Aaron Whitney, 

of Petersham, Mass., who md., 1768, for his second wife, 

Ruth, wid. of Rev. David Stearns (334). 

(a) — Aaron Stearns Whitney, b., Aug. 2y, 1773; d., Aug. 
6, 1796, in Charleston, S. C. 


(b) — Sally Baker Whitney, b., Feb. 28, 1775; a., July 15^ 
1825; md. Erastus Barnard of Canandaigua, N. Y, 

(c) — Hannah Stearns Whitney, b.. Mar. 27, 1777; d., 
Aug. 24, 1 8 18; md. her cousin, Oliver Stearns Spar- 
hawk Esq., of Walpole, N. H. 

(d) — William Henry Whitney, b., Jan. 22, 1779; md., 
May 30, 1802, Clarissa Wolcott, and settled in 
northern part of New York State. 

(e) — Nahum Hubbard Whitney, b., Aug. 15, 1781; set- 
tled in Vt. ; unm. 

(f) — David Stearns Whitney, b., Dec. 22, 1783; d. 

343— MARY STEARNS, b., Mar. 9, 1750; d., Mar. 19, 

344— JONATHAN STEARNS (925), b., Apr. 19, 175 1; 
grad. Harv. Coll., 1770; d., May, 1798, in Halifax, N. S. 

345— JOHN STEARNS, b., Apr. 20, 1753; d., Aug. 22, 
1775, in the Revolutionary Army, at Cambridge, Mass., 
where his grave-stone may still be seen. 

346— THOMAS STEARNS, b.. Mar. 8, 1756; d., unm. 

347— SARAH STEARNS, h., Apr. 25, 1758; md., 1781, 
Hon. Daniel Newcomb, b., Apr. 30, 1747, son of Jonathan 
Newcomb, of Wrentham, Mass. He was a senator in the 
State Legislature, and, for many years, a Judge of the Su- 
preme Court of N. H. She d., Nov. 13, 1796, and he md., 
1800, Mrs. Hannah Goldthwaite, of Boston. 

(a) — Sally Newcomb, b., Sept. 11, 1782; d., Apr., 16, 
1848; md. July 8, 1802, Hon. John G. Bond, b., 
Feb. 28, 1778, son of Dr. John and Mary (Moulton) 
Bond, of Newburyport, afterwards known as Col. 

(b) — George Newcomb, b., Oct. 16, 1783; a boy of great 
promise. He was examined and admitted to the 
freshman class of Dartmouth College, but before 
joining his class, was drowned, while bathing in the 
Ashuelot River, June 10, 1796, aged twelve years 
and eight months. 


(c) — Daniel Newcomb, b., Apr. 2, 1785; grad. Harv. 
Coll., 1803; M. D., Univ. Penn., 1806; in feeble 
health, 1808; d., May 13, 1809; unm. 

(d) — Seth Newcomb, b., Oct. 20, 1786; grad. Harv.CoU., 
1804; md. Joanna Gardner, of Cambridge, Mass.; 
d., Oct. 31, 181 1, in Keene N. H. 

(e) — Henry Stearns Newcomb, b., July 20, 1788; en- 
tered U. S. Navy, 1810; was lost on a homeward 
voyage, Nov., 1825. He m. Rhoda Mardenburg, 
dau. of a planter on the island of St. Christopher. 

(f) — Levi Newcomb, b.. Mar. 7, 1790; d., 181 1, while 
member of the Senior Class, in Dartmouth College. 

(g) — Fanny Newcomb, b., Oct. 31, 1791; md. Daniel 
Dennison Hatch, a merchant, of Keene, N. H., aft- 
erwards of Rochester, N. Y., where he d., Dec. 17, 

(h) — Charles Newcomb, b., Nov. 28, 1792; was two yrs. 
member of Harv. Coll., but, obliged to leave on ac- 
count of ill-health, became a farmer. He md.. Mat. 
22, 1822, Betty Hallett, of Yarmouth, Mass. 

(i) — Walter Newcomb, b., July 14, 1794; entered the 

U. S. Navy, in 1812; d., Nov. 24, 1822, in the island 

of St. Thomas, 
(j) — Patty Newcomb, b., June i, 1796; md. (i), Dr. 

Martin Johnson; md. (2), David Jones Garrett; 

lived in Cleveland, O. 

348— BENJAMIN STEARNS (125), of Lunenburg, b., 
-, son of John and Abigail (Fiske) Stearns, of Water- 

town, Mass.; md., Jan. 15, 1754, Anna Taylor, of Salem, 
Mass.; settled in Lunenburg, where he d., Nov. 22, 1761; 
three children. 

349— BENJAMIN STEARNS JR., b., Dec. 3, r754. 

350— JOSEPH STEARNS (936), b., Aug. 22, 1756. 

351— ANNA STEARNS, b., Feb. 7, 1759; went to Nova 
Scctia, with her mother. 

352— DEACON WILLIAM STEARNS (127), b., Mar, 


II, 1718, son of John and Abigail (Fiske) Stearns, of Water- 
town, Mass.; of Lunenburg, Mass., where he d., July 10, 
1792. He m,, Jan. 22, 1746, Elizabeth Johnson, b., 1721, 
dau. of Samuel and Rebecca Johnson, of Lunenburg; she d., 
P'eb. 25, 1784; four children. 

353_WILLIAM STEARNS JR., b., Apr. 20, 1749; grad. 
Harv. Coll., 1770; studied law and settled in v'Vorcester, 
Mass., where he nid., Apr. 24, 1776, Mary Dana, sister to 
Judge Dana, of Mass. "By the advice of his parents, he fol- 
lowed preaching for a short time, but, not gaining property 
as he expected, he studied physic without success. Pie then 
became a lawyer, because, as he said, he found people 
thought more of their wills than they did of their souls and 
bodies both." He d., Oct. 22, 1783, leaving two daughters. 

354— MARY (POLLY) STEARNS, b., Mar. 10, 1777. 

355— ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., Sept. 17, 1779. 

356_MARY STEARNS, b.. May 7, 1751; d., Sept. 28, 
1800; unm. 

357— JOSEPH STEARNS, b., Aug. 21, 1754; d., Sept. 25, 

358— JAMES STEARNS (939), b., Sept. i, 1758. 

Fifth Generation, 

359_jOHN STEARNS 4th (134), b., May 27, 1718, son 
of John 3d and Esther (Johnson) Stearns, of Billerica, Mass.; 
md., Sally Gate; about 1788, at the age of 70, he removed to 
Lovell, Me., from Billerica, with his niece, Esther (Stearns) 
Andrews, and his was the fourth family that settled there. 
He d. in 1804, aged 86 yrs., father of five children. 

360 — DAUGHTER, md. Garter, of Tewksbury, 


361— ESTHER STEARNS, md. David Butters, and set- 
tled in Lovell, Me. 

362— TIMOTHY STEARNS, md. and settled in Lovell, 

363— DAUGHTER, md. Maj. James Kilgore, of Bart- 
leit, N. H. 

364— LEVI STEARNS (948). 

365— DAVID STEARNS (957). 

366— HON. ISAAG STEARNS (136), b., June 16, 1722, 
son of John 3d. and Esther (Johnson) Stearns, of Billerica, 
Mass. He was a soldier in the French War, Representative 


and Senator in the State Legislature; highly respected as a 
soldier, a civil magistrate, a legislator and a Christian. A 
pitcher, sent from England, and bearing the Stearns coat-of- 
arms, was presented to the Hon. Isaac Stearns and descend- 
ed from him to the oldest son in each generation, being now 
in possession of Isaac Stearns, Hempstead, Long Island, 
who is a lineal descendant of the first recipient, Hon. Isaac 
Stearns; md., Feb. ii, 1748, Sarah Abbott, b., Apr. 22, 1729, 
dan. of Obed and Elizabeth Abbot, of Bedford, Mass., who 
d., Jan. 9, 181 5. "The old house, in South Billerica, where 
they lived, is still well-preserved, and, half-way up the front 
stairs, opening upon the landing, is the closet where the Hon. 
Isaac retired daily to pray, thus literally fulfilling the Divine 
m.andate, 'When thou prayest, enter into thy closet, &c.' 
His fatherly grief, on the death of his son, Dr. Obed Stearns, 
found vent in verse, written in a nice, clear hand, of Avhich 
one stanza is appended: 

God grant to me and my dear wife, 
All needed grace while in this life, 
To bear the chastenings of His rod, 
And give true homage to our God." 

His death occurred, Apr. 23, 1808; twelve children. 

367— ESTHER STEARNS, b., Apr., 13, 1749; m.d., Oct. 
19, 1773. Abraham Andrews, of Concord, Mass., and set- 
tled in Lovell, Me., where she d., Mar. 11, 1799, and he d., 
July 13. 1823. 

"Capt. Abraham Andrews was born Sept. 6, 1747, in Ips- 
wich, Mass.; a cooper by trade; served several terms of en- 
listment in the Revolutionary War and sank all his means in 
Continental money. After the war he removed, with his 
family, to Maine and settled on a free lot of land containing 
100 acres. His wife, Esther (Stearns) Andrews, came to 
her death from hardships and privations endured in that new 
country, while trying to raise her family. She had been 
well-bred, and it was a terrible change to leave her com- 
fortable, prosperous home and go to a howling wilderness, 

THE PITCHER, represented above, was made in Eng- 
land and is a valued heir-loom now held by Mr. Isaac Stearns, 
(No. 4257), recently a Principal of Public Schools in Hemp- 
stead, Long Island, but now (1900) retired and residing in the 
Borough of Brooklyn, N. Y. ; it having descended according 
to English usage through the eldest sons from his great grand- 
father, the Hon. Isaac Stearns, of Ballerica, Mass., (No. 366), 
to whom it was presented by American admirers in recogni- 

tion of his great services to country and State during the 
Revolutionary War. 

The coat of arms shown on this pitcher differs from those 
previously borne by the family, the distinctive changes being 
doubtless of Mr. Stearns' own choosing. He retained the 
three crosses upon a golden shield, but discarded the chevron, 
the warlike helmet and the migratory starling, substituting 
the garland and mantle of roses and forget-me-nots, showing 
that the family need not again take wing to any other country 
nor join in further knightly crusades, and that it should be 
decidedly Christian, even in a triple sense ; also that they 
might now expect the comforts, prosperity and happiness so 
graphically represented by the golden shield and the beautiful 
flowers. How prophetic this has proven to be we can all 
attest. On the front of the pitcher is shown the honored 
name and the Coat of Arms of his country. The remaining 
side shows a motto and broken chain surrounded by designs 
which speak volumes. The Goddess of Plenty with a spray 
of wheat and cornucopia of fruit ; the Goddess of War with 
cornucopia of flowers and torch inverted, in token of Peace, 
but ready to be raised at any moment ; our flag is shown, 
also emblems of war, both ancient and modern ; the whole 
surmounted by a mammoth screaming eagle, all suggestive of 
conscious strength and the great joy which then filled the 
hearts of our brave ancestry. 


such as the backwoods of Maine was at that time. Capt. 
Andrews died suddenly of heart-disease.'' 

(a) — Betsy Andrews, b., Sept. ii, 1774, md., Jan. 2, 1802, 
Capt. Stephen Barker, of Lovell, Me., son of John 
Barker, of Fryeburg, Me.; d., Feb. 16, 1844. 

(b) — Abraham Andrews Jr., b., Aug. 15, 1777] md. (i), 
1797, Hannah Barker; md. (2), 1805, Sally Frye; 
md. (3), 1840 Abigail Colby. He settled in Lovell, 
Me., and had sixteen children. 

(c) — Esther Andrews, b., 1780; md., May 24, 1803, 

Stephen Heald. of Lovell, Me.; d., Oct. 29, 1826; 

nine chil. 
(d) — Sally Andrews, b.. Sept. 18, 1785; md., May 29, 

1805, David Stearns (365), and settled in Lovell, 

(e) — Isaac Stearns Andrews, b., Aug. 13, 1788; rad., 

Oct., 1815, Sally Kimball 
(f) — Jacob Abbot Andrews, b., Aug. 22, 1790; d., June, 

1815; unm. 
(g) — Polly Andrews, b., Oct. 14, 1792; d., Jan., 1809; 


368— ISAAC STEARNS JR. (969), b., June 13, 1750. 

369— WILLIAM STEARNS (981), b., Aug. 4, 1752. 

370— BENJAMIN STEARNS, b., May to, 1754; d., 1756. 

371— SARAH STEARNS, b., Apr. i, 1756; d., Nov., 

372— BENJAMIN STEARNS (991), b., Sept. 12, 7757. 

373— SARAH STEARNS, b., Aug. 3, 1759: d., May 26, 
1807; m., Sept. 28, 1779, Thaddeus Davis, of Bedford, 
Mass., b.. Feb. 8, 1754, son of Stephen and Elizabeth 
(Brown) Davis. He was in the Revolutionary War from 
Bedford, and, later. Deacon of the Baptist Church in Wo- 
burn, Mass. 

(a) — Sally Davis, b., July 22, 1780. 

(b) — Thaddeus Davis Jr., b., Jan. 3, 1782; md., 1805, 


Sally Gilson, and his son Thaddeiis Horatio Davis,, 
md., May 4, 1837, Almira Stearns, (1966) who d., 

(c) — Betsy Davis, b., Dec. 30, 1783; md., Feb. 12, 1801, 
WilHam Stearns Jr., (982). 

(d) — Stephen Davis, b., July 20, 1787. 
(e) — Polly Davis, b., Apr. 2, 1789. 
(f) — Nancy Davis, b., May 28, 1791. 

(g) — Isaac Stearns Davis, b., Nov. 20, 1794; d., Nov. 8, 

1817, at New Orleans. 

(h)— Sukey Davis, b., Sept. 18, 1795; md. Capt. John 
Tidd; d., Aug. 26, 1822. 

374— MARY STEARNS, b., Oct. 25, 1761; d., Sept. 13, 
1834; md., 1787, Nathan Fiske, of Weston, Mass., b., Sept. 
7, 1760, son of Jonathan and Abigail Fiske. He d., Jan. 24, 

(a)— Polly Fiske, b.. May 9, 1788; d., Jan. 4, 181 3; unm. 

(b) — Harry Fiske, b., Apr. 29, 1790; a merchant, who d., 
Sept. II, 1826; unm. 

(c) — Capt. Sewall Fiske, b., Sept. 8, 1792; md., Apr. 8^ 

1818, Martha Stearns (976), dau. of Isaac and Mary 
(Crosby) Stearns, of Ashburnham. 

(d) — Prof. Nathan Welby Fiske, b., Apr. 17, 1798; grad. 
Dart. Coll., 1817; Prof. Amherst Coll., 1824. He 
md., Nov. 4, 1828, Deborah Waterman Vinal, who 
d., Feb. 19, 1844. Their dau., Helen Maria Fiske, 
b., Oct. 15, 1830, was the gifted "Helen Hunt-Jack- 
son," of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Prof. N. W. 
Fiske d., May, 1847, in Palestine, while on a journey 
for the recovery of his health. 

(e) — Maria Fiske, b., May, 1800; unm. 
375— TIMOTHY STEARNS (1000), b., Sept. 25, 1763. 
376— JOHN STEARNS (loii), b., Sept. 18, 1765. 
377— ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., Sept., 1767; d., July 
29, 1778. 


378— DR. OBED STEARNS, b Oct 2 17-70- . v m 
respected and esteemed physician; d.;' S^^t. I', //o^^'at^l^Ll'^j: 

379— CAPT. EDWARD STFARTVc; /t.q\ u at 

7q/' H. '^ ?/"^"''^ ^""^ Bedford, Mass.; d., June ii 
7?t d»^ Tx^ ^'^' * '755. Lucy Wymar,; b./ Au^ 2^ 
<x!!) H. """u '"'' ^^<=''^' (Crosby-Stearns) Wyman 

starns '^^l^™™^"'^ °f 'h« ™"Pany devolved on Edwarf 
ded Td JcttinueTft ^^J.^^";™-''^.^""^™^'' >>« he 
had ten cWldren! ™ ' '^■' ^°"- "^' '«°^; 'hey 

^^38o-LUCY STEARNS, b., May .4. .756; d.. May .0, 

ear^v i7th?R°^Sfon'aTvTnf '' '- ^YJ-^' '757; enlisted 
cord. Mass.. Apr g TZ^lTf^^' """' ^'^ father, at Con- 
tracted tbe diseLe f?;nff.^ic,'; I'TZyls^ry';'''''' '"''- 

I '^^ r^a'^rr fe To^ftis^^-^e^'' V^^ 

WbiteTllinV'^R^""';"^"'^' --y. ~ed a^^^ ba«,rf 
vvnite i^Jams, a Revolutionary oensionf-r w^ o».^ t . 

ants ' ^' "^'"^^^ ^"^"§^ ^ ^ift of their descend- 

(a)— Solomon Fitch, b., Nov. 8 178-^- md T«r.s c 

Fttller; settled in Littleton.' N^'^'.^bad twet'S 

^'^^^d^in^^obuV"'^ '^' ''''■' ""'■ J""" P^^^ -^ 
(c)-Moses Fitch Jr., b., Mar. 28, 1787; a Captain; md.. 


Polly Brown and settled in Bedford, Mass. He 
d., Aug. I, 1824, leaving one child. 

(d) — Elijah Fitch, b., Jan. 10, 1790; md. Mary Morse 
and settled in Boston, Mass.; d., Mar. 7, 1840, leav- 
ing a family. 

(e) — Rachel Fitch, b., Nov. 30, 1791 ; md., Feb. 18, 18 19, 
Joseph Brown, of Bedford, Mass. ; had two sons. 

(f) — ^Joel Fitch, b., June 12, 1794; md., Feb. 18, 1819, Su- 
sanna Hill, (brother and sister wed on the same 
day). He had seven children and d., Aug. 4, 1845. 

(g) — Nathan Fitch, b., Oct. 22, 1797; d., Feb. 9, 1800. 

383— EDWARD STEARNS, b., Jan. 10, 1761; d., May 
24, 1768. 

384~SUSANNA STEARNS, b., Dec. 19, 1762; md. Ne- 
hemiah Wyman, of Medford, Mass.; d. Apr., 17, 1847, aged 
85 years. 

(a) — Nehemiah Wyman Jr., b.. Feb. 17, 1786; of St. 

Louis, Mo. 
(b) — Edward Stearns Wyman, b., Oct. 5, 1787; d., Jan. 

6, 1809, in New York City, 
(c) — Francis Wyman, b., Apr. 27, 1790; clerk in the 
Navy Dept.; d., July 18. 1822. 

(d) — Susanna Wyman, b.. Mar. 24, 1792; md., 181 3, 

Benjamin Adams, 
(e) — Lucy Stearns Wyman, b., Mar. 15, 1794; md., 1820, 

Richard Rowland; d., Mar. 24, 1843. 

(f) — Elizabeth Wyman, b., Jan. 6, 1796; md., 1818, Arch- 
ibald Babcock. 

(g)— Nancy Wyman, b., Aug. 7, 1798; md., 1821, Hon. 
Charles Thompson. 

(h) — William Wyman, b.. Mar. 2, 1800; d., Apr. 11, 

(i) — William Wyman, b.. Mar. 10, 1801; md., 1833, Mary 
W. Lapham. 

(j) — George Washington Wyman, b., Jan. 10, 1804; d., 
1846, of consumption; unm. 


(k) — Isaac Steams Wyman, b,, July 31, 1806; d., x\pr., 
30, 1825, at Matanzas, aged nineteen years. 

385— ALICE STEARNS, b., Aug. 13, 1764; md. (i), Dec. 
7, 1786, Moses Abbott Jr., of Bedford, Mass. He d., Feb. 19, 
1802, and she md. (2), May i, 1806, Stephen Lane, of Bed- 
ford, Mass., who d.. May 7, 1827. 

(a) — Harvey Abbott, b., Mar. 24, 1787; d., Mar. 26, 

(b) — AHce Abbott, b., Sept. 22, 1788; d., May 2y, 1837; 

md. Simon Davis and settled in Bedford, Mass. 
(c) — Betsy Abbott, b., Feb. 25, 1790; d., Nov., 1792. 

(d) — Lucy Stearns Abbott, b., Feb. 11, 1792; md. Tim- 
othy Kinsman, of Vt., and settled in Bedford, Mass. 
Her eldest daughter, Lucy Angelina Kinsman, md. 
Alfred Mudge, the pioneer printer, of Boston, Mass. 
"The earliest member of the Mudge family, of 
whom there is any record in New England, was 
Goodman Mudge, who purchased, in 1649. (as ap- 
pears from an old deed), a house and five acres of 
ground in New London, Conn., for 'five bushels of 
wheat and a dog.' " 

(e) — Benjamin Abbott, b., Jan. 11, 1794; d., Apr. 29, 

(f) — Capt. Moses Abbott, b., Aug. 16, 1795; md., 1820, 
Susan Jaquith; d., July 7, 1836. 

(g) — Edward Stearns Abbott, b., Feb. 5, 1797; d., Dec. 
18, 1898. 

(h) — Oliver Reed Abbott, b.. Mar. 26, 1800; a captain; 
first wife died aged nineteen; md. again; d., June 
23, 1842. 

(i) — Eliza Abbott, b., Dec. 10, 1801; d., Jan. 5, 1802. 

(j) — Lydia Harriet Lane (child by second husband), b.. 
Mar. 26, 1808; md., 1827, Capt. J. W. Haywood; d., 
Dec 25, 1884. 

386— ABNER STEARNS (1020), b., July 9, 1766. 

387— LIEUT. EDWARD STEARNS JR., b., June 25, 
T768; md. (i), Polly Jones, of Bedford, Mass., by whom he 


had one son. She d., June 28, 1796, and he md. (2), Jan. i^ 
1798, Nabby Jones, sister of his first wife. He d., May, 1798, 
and his wid., Nabby, md. Rev. Ebenezer Hill. 

388— EDWARD STEARNS 3d., d., Feb., 1796, aged 
eighteen months. 

389— ELIJAH STEARNS (1027), b.. May 2, 1770. 

390- SIMEON STEARNS (1035), b., Apr. 17, 1772. 

391— REV. JOSIAH STEARNS (140), b., Jan. 20, 1732, 
son of John 3d. and Esther (Johnson) Stearns, of Billerica, 
Mass.; grad. Harv. Coll., 1751; ordained at Epping, N. H., 
Mar. 8, 1758, where he d., July 25, 1788, of cancer of the hp. 
He md. (i), Dec. 4, 1755, Sarah Abbott, b., Dec. 4, 1726, dau. 
of Uriah and Elizabeth (Mitchell) Abbott, of Andover, Mass. 
She d., Nov. 5, 1766, and he md. (2), Aug. 13, 1767, Sarah 
Ruggles, b., Nov. 6, 1731, who d., Apr. 2, 1808, dau. of Rev. 
Samuel and Elizabeth (Williams) Ruggles, of Billerica, Mass. 
He had six children by each wife. He was a close and care- 
ful student of the original Scriptures, and so familiar with the 
Bible that he could readily cite the chapter and book where 
almost any verse was to be found. In the Revolution, he 
was an ardent friend of liberty, gave his sons and sacrificed 
most of his worldly treasure to the American cause. He was 
a member of the State Convention at Exeter, Mass., in which 
he committed himself fully, even to the risk of his personal 
safety. On returning from it, he said to his children: 'Tf 
the cause prevail, it will be a great benefit to the country; 
but, if it fail, your poor old father's head will soon be a but- 
ton for a halter." Rev. Mr. Stearns was tall in person and 
ir.teresting in his pulpit performances. He held the untiring 
attention of his audience, which, frequently, filled the seats 
and aisles of his meeting-house, while, in pleasant, weather, 
numbers stood around the doors and windows. The follow- 
mg anecdote illustrates the dignity and influence of his char- 
acter: He happened to pass through a room, where a party 
of military officers were engaged in very free and profane 
conversation. The individual, who was speaking at his en- 
trance, suddenly stopped and seemed abashed. His com- 
rades rallied him on his timidity, as soon as Mr. Stearns dis- 
appeared. "Rev. Stearns would awe the devil," was the offi- 


cer's immediate reply. Rev. Dr. Tappan, Prof, of Divinity 
in Harv. Univ., says: "The Rev. Mr. Stearns sustained a 
character too great and too good to be passed over in silence. 
The God of Nature had endued him .with singular abilities, 
which, bv the aid of erudition, fitted him for extensive use- 
fulness. Elevated by the purer sentiments, he ever possessed 
a mind calm and serene. God, who is all-wise in council, was 
pleased to try his faith and patience in the furnace of afflic- 
tion. After a lingering and painful sickness, he died, of a 
cancer, in the fifty-seventh year of his age. In him, died a 
friend of justice, liberty, and energetic government, a vigor- 
ous watchman, a patient guide, an affectionate pastor, a 
prudent, kind husband, and an indulgent, but truly faithful 
parent. More joyful than a conqueror with his spoils he re- 
tired from the present scene of action. We trust that he 
has gone to a state of immortal bliss, and will be an asso- 
ciate of those who have come out of great tribulation." 

392— Sx\RAH STEARNS, b., Sept. 13, 1756, in Billerica, 
Mass.; d., Aug. 13, 1825; md.. May 29, 1781, Solomon Lane, 
of Bedford, Mass., b., Aug. 7, 1756. who was in the Continen- 
tal Army. 

(a) — Anna Lane, b., Aug. 19, 1782; md. (i), Nov. 28, 
1805, Samuel Dutton, of New Ipswich, N. H., and 
had four chil.; md. (2), Samuel Parkhurst, and had 
one dau. 

(b) — Josiah Lane, b., July 9, 1785; d., Apr. 18, 1787. 

(c) — Josiah Stearns Lane, b., Nov. 11, 1787; his wid. 
md. Aaron Bancroft, of Boston, Mass. 

(d) — Sarah Lane, b., Apr. 30, 1789; d., unm. 

(e) — Enoch Lane, b., Feb. 7, 1793; d., Oct., i299- 

(f) — Oliver Wellington Lane, b., June 16, 1794; md. 
twice and had ten children. 

(g) — Abigail French Lane, b.. Mar. 22,, 1799; d., July, 

(h) — Daniel Lane, b., Nov. 5, 1800; d., Oct., 1803. 

393— BETSY STEARNS, b., July, 1758; d. at the age of 
21 years; unm. 


394— DUDLEY STEARNS (1039), b., Apr. 8, 1760. 

395— JOHN STEARNS (1045), b., Jan. 13, 1762. 

396— JOSIAH STEARNS (1060), b., Jan. 23, 1764. 

397_ESTHER STEARNS, b. and d. in infancy. 

398— ESTHER STEARNS, b., July 14, 1768; d., Dec. 18, 
1843; ^^- Abraham Tilton, of Epping, N. H. 

(a) — William Frederick Tilton, b,, Oct. 16, 1795; md. 
Mary Osgood. 

(b) — Mary Bryant Tilton, md. Charles Blaisdell. 

399— SAMUEL STEARNS (1069), b., Apr. 8, 1770. 

400— TIMOTHY STEARNS, b., May 9, 1772; d., in 
Virginia; was a school-teacher; unm. 

401— WILLIAM STEARNS (1083), b., Nov. 23, 1773. 

402— MARY STEARNS, b., July 2, 1776; d., Nov. 21, 
1825; unm. 

403— ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., Mar. 9, 1779; md., 
Dec. 30, 1802, her cousin, Elijah Stearns, Esq. (1027), of 
Bedford, Mass. 

404— SAMUEL STEARNS (147), b., June i, 1726, in 
Billerica, Mass., son of Samuel and Rached (Crosby) Stearns, 
of Billerica; md. (i), Oct. 3, 1749, Elizabeth Hutchinson, who 
d., Mar. 12, 1750. He md. (2), Sept., 1750, Hannah Trask, 
b., Mar. 28, 1733. He d., July 23, 1801, and she d., Dec. 7, of 
the same year; twelve children. 

405— SAMUEL STEARNS, bap., Apr. i, 1750; d. soon. 

406— ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., June 20, 1751; md., 
Feb. 24, 1774, Henry Jefts Jr., b., July i, 1737. 

(a) — EHzabeth Jefts, b., June 11, 1775; d., Nov. 28, 

(b) — John Jefts, b., Feb. i, 1778; md., Apr. 25, 1799. 

Mary Safford, of Ipswich, 
(c) — Henry Jefts, b., Dec. 11, 1781. 
(dj — Aaron Jefts, b., Aug. 31, 1782. 


(e) — Elizabeth Jefts, b., June 23, 1784. 

407— HANNAH STEARNS, b., Oct. 3, 1752; md., Mar. 4, 
1779, Joseph Spaulding, of Chelmsford. 

408— NATHANIEL STEARNS (1088), b., Mar. 29, 1754. 

409— SAMUEL STEARNS (1090), bapt., Sept. 28, 1755. 

410- JONATHAN STEARNS (1091), b., May 9, 1758. 

411— JOSIAH STEARNS (iioi), b., May 16, 1760. 

412— JOSEPH STEARNS (1103), b., June 27, 1763. 

413— MOLLY STEARNS, b., Apr. 12, 1765; md., Apr. 
13, 1803, Jonathan Howe. 

414— ISSACHAR STEARNS (11 12), b., Apr. 3, 1767. 

415— ALICE STEARNS, b.. Mar. 4, 1770; md., Sept. 29, 
1789, David Trull, b., June 22, 1744, son of John and Mary 
(Hunt) Trull, of Billerica, Mass. 

416— ELIJAH STEARNS, b.. Mar. 29, 1774; md. 


418— HARRIET STEARNS, md. her cousin, Joseph 
Stearns Jr. (1107); Hved on the Lowell road; no children. 

419— THOMAS STEARNS (151), b., Feb. 12, 1724-5, 
son of Isaac arid Alice (Wilson) Stearns, of Billerica, Mass.; 
md., Mar. 14, 1751, Betty Manning, b., Aug. 2, 1720, dau. of 
Samuel and Elizabeth (Manning) Manning. They moved 
from Billerica to Ashby, Mass., where he d., Dec. 18, 181 1, 
and his wife d., Feb. 6, 181 7; eight children. 

420— BETTIE STEARNS, b., Dec. 2, 1751; md., Jan., 
1768, Capt. Abijah Wyman, of Ashby, Mass., b., Aug. 9, 
1745. He d., Nov. 24, 1804. 

(a) — Isaac Wyman, b., 1768; d., 1802. 

(b) — Stephen Wyman, b., 1772; d., 1852. 

(c) — Abigail Wyman, b., 1774; d., 1818. 

(d) — Abel Wyman, b., 1776; d., 1798. 

(e) — ^John Wyman, b., 1782; d., 1816. 

(f) — Other children, names unknown. 


421— ISAAC STEARNS (11 19), b., Dec. 31, 1753. 

422— RHODA STEARNS, b., Mar. 17, 1756; md. (i), 
Amos Wheeler; md. (2), 1794, Benjamin Barrett, b., Jmie 21, 
1762, at Ashby, Mass. She was his second wife. 

(a) — Sally Barrett, b., 1795, at Ashby, Mass. 

(b) — Cynthia Barrett, b'., 1797; md., Dec. 5, 1816, Isaac 
Foster, b., 1795, who d., 1838, and she d.. Mar. 15, 

423— JOHN STEARNS, b., Nov. 21, 1759; d., June 9, 

424— ALICE STEARNS, b., Apr. 30, 1762; md., June 2, 
1785, her cousin, Samuel Stearns (409). 

425— ABEL STEARNS (1124), b., Apr. 9, 1765. 

426— SARAH STEARNS, b., Nov. 11, 1767; md., Feb. 12, 
1789, Willard Spaulding, of Stoddard, N. H., b., July 10, 
I750> who d., Oct. 12, 1822; she d., 1832. 

(a) — Sally Spaulding, b.. May 30, 1790; md.. June 5, 
1810, William Munroe; d., Apr. 4, 1859. 

(b) — ^Susan Spaulding, b., Oct. 4, 1792; md., June 6, 
1816, Daniel Warren. 

(c) — Mary Spaulding, b., Aug. 28, 1795; md., Sept. 3, 
1828, Jonah Ball, of Boylston, Mass., who d., Mar. 
; 3, 1864. 

(d) — Willard Spaulding Jr., b., Jan. 8, 1798; d., Oct. 6, 

(e) — Betsy Spaulding, b., July 30, 1800; md., Feb., 1834, 
Asa Andrews. 

427— JOHN STEARNS, b., June 9, 1782. 

428— JONATHAN STEARNS (153), b., June 16, 1729, 
son of Isaac and Alice (Wilson) Stearns, of Billerica, Mass.; 
md. Abigail Moore, of Sudbury, Mass., and settled in Rut- 
land, Mass.; three children. 

429— RUTH STEARNS, b., Sept. 3, 1763; md., Nov. 26, 
1789, Jonas Davies, of Holden, Mass. 


430— SARAH STEARNS, b., May 18, 1768. 

431— JONATHAN STEARNS JR (1129), b., May 22, 

432— CAPT. ELIJAH STEARNS (156), b., June 15, 1735 
son of Isaac and Alice (Wilson) Stearns, of Billerica, Mass.; 
lived in Rutland, Mass. He md.^ Feb. 20, 1760, Lucy Lane, 
b.. May 3, 1732, dau. of Job and Martha (Ruggles) Lane, of 
Bedford, Mass., who d., Aug. 4, 1793, and he d., Oct. 3, 1801; 
six children. 

433— ELIJAH STEARNS, b., Oct. 14. 1760 d., Aug. 10, 

434— LUCY STEARNS, b., Jwne 26, 1762; md., Feb. 16, 
1783, Luther Stevens. (See Reed's Hist, of Rutland, Mass., 
pp. 101-5). 

435— MARY STEARNS, b.. Mar. 28, 1765; md., Sept. 
2y, 1797, Bezaleel Hale, of Stow, Mass. 

436— ELIJAH STEARNS JR. (1142), b., May i, 1767. 

437— JOSIAH STEARNS (1153), b., June 18, 1769. 

438— MARTHA STEARNS, b., Aug. 15, 1771 ; md., Apr. 
3, 1798, Joseph Wood. 

439— ISAAC STEARNS JR. (160), b., July 7, 1723, son 
of Isaac 4th and Rachel (Randall) Stearns, of Stoughton, 
Mass.; md., Nov. 20, 1744, Hannah Waters, of Stoughton, 
Mass., by Rev. Samuel Dunbar. Soon after the birth of 
his only child, he went away clandestinely, and was never 
heard of afterwards. 

440— HANNAH STEARNS, b., Aug. 3. 1746; md.. May 
3, 1770, Capt. Noah Pratt, b.. Mar. 5, 1748. About 1790, he, 
with his wife and children, moved to Winchester, N. H. 

(a) — Henry Pratt, b., May 14, 1771; md., Rebecca 
Jewell and had twelve children; d., Aug. 28, 1841. 

(b) — Nathan Pratt, b., Mar. 2, ijjy, md. Hannah Ham- 
mond; settled in Wincheste>, N. H. 

(c) — Hannah Pratt, b., Feb. 11, 1777; md. Reuben 


(d) — Sarah Pratt, b., Mar, 3, 1779; d., Apr. 2y, 1790. 

(e) — Susanna Pratt, b., Sept. 7, 1781; md. Erastus 

(f) — Noah Pratt Jr., b., Mar. 17, 1784; a physician, of 
Rockingham, Vt.; md. Sarah Brown; d., 1847. 

(g) — Olive Pratt, b.. May 17, 1787; md. Rufus Jewell, 
of Winchester, N. H.; d., Mar. 28, 1830. 

441— NATHAN STEARNS (161), b., July 12, 1728, son 
of Isaac 4th and Rachel (Randall) Stearns, of Stoughton, 
Mass.; d., Jan. 25, 1764; md.. Mar. 25, 1762, Mercy White, 
dau. of Jonathan White; settled in Wrentham, Mass. His 
wid. md., Feb. 13, 1766, Ichabod Ware, who was the father 
of her three children, Ebenezer Ware, Sally Ware and Cyrus 
AVare. Nathan Stearns had one son. 

442— ISAAC STEARNS (1161), b., Feb. 21, 1763. 

443— SIMON STEARNS JR. (166), b., Nov. 19, 1733, son 
of Simon and Margaret (Hixon) Stearns, of Stoughton, 
Mass.; md., Jan. 23, 1764, Mary Johnston, of East Bridge- 
water. They lived in Stoughton, Mass., until 1780; in 
Easton, Mass., until 1804; in Wilton, Me., until 1813, when 
they went back to Stoughton, where he d., Feb. i, 1816, and 
she d., 181Q. aged 80; five chil. 

444— OLIVER STEARNS, b.. Oct. 14, 1765. In 1780, 
when only fifteen years old, he went to Vermont, and was 
never heard of afterwards. 

445— RHODA STEARNS, b.. May 16, 1770; md., Daniel 
Streeter, of New Pollard, Me.; d., 1841. 

(a) — Vinton Streeter, b., 1794; boarding-house keeper; 

md. Susan Parker; nine children, 
(b) — Johnson Streeter, b., 1797; md.. 1822, Sophia 

Spaulding; three children, 
(c) — Stebbins Streeter, b.. 1799: a farmer; md., 1822, 

Mary Lane; five children. 

446— SUSAN STEARNS, b., Oct. 10, 1771; md. John Al- 
len, and settled in Stetson, Me. 

447— MARY STEARNS, b., July 16, 1778; md. Mr. Mo- 


land, who d., 1810, leaving a dau., with whom his wid. lived. 

448— BETHUEL STEARNS (1170), b., July 4, 1780. 

449— NATHANIEL STEARNS (173), date of birth un^ 
known, son of Jonathan and Experience (Lincoln) Stearns, 
of Stoughton, Mass.; md., June 29, 1769, by Rev. Samuel 
Dunbar, Eunice Kenney, of Stoughton, Mass.; d., insolvent, 
having been administrator of his father's estate. His inven- 
tory is dated, Nov. 17, 1788; three children. 

450— JOSEPH STEARNS, b., Jan. 31, 1770; md., Apr. 23, 
1789, by Rev. Jedediah Adams, EHzabeth Morse, of Stough- 

451— HANNAH STEARNS, b., Feb. 13, 1772; md., Apr. 
27, 1794, by Rev. Zachariah Howard, John Taunt. 

452— EUNICE STEARNS, b., July 19, 1774; md., 1794, 
John Taunt Jr. 

453— ELIPHALET STEARNS (175), b., Aug. 19, 1736, 
son of Rev. Ebenezer and Thankful (Clapp) Stearns, of 
Stoughton, Mass. Some authorities state the eldest son of 
this family to be "Eliphaz," but Dr. Bond, with others, calls 
him EHphalet. He md., about 1760, Miss Clark and moved 
to Vt. about 1 771, where he d., Apr. 3, 1803, aged 67 years; 
buried in Vermont. He had nine children. 

454— ELIJAH STEARNS (1185), b., Jan. 24, 1762. 


456— ASAPH STEARNS. From the Vt. Journal of Oct. 
21, 1796, Mr. William H. Manning, of Ayer, Mass., sends us 
the following literal quotation: "Abraham Jones and John 
Lee of Wardsboro, Windham Co., Vt., commissioners to re- 
ceive and examine the claims of the several creditors to the 
estate of Asaph Stearns, late of Wardsboro, in said county, 
deceased, (under the administration of Eliphaz Stearns, 
Esq.), represented insolvent, hereby give notice that claims 
must be presented, etc., etc." 

457— OLIVE STEARNS, md., Sept. 22, 1782, Jedediah 
Gould, b., May 19, 1765, who d., Nov. 6, 1825. 


458— PATIENCE STEARNS, md. Gorham. 

459— SALLY STEARNS, md. Fisher. 

460— HANNAH STEARNS, b., July 16, 1769; md., Jan. 
6, 1788, William Sears, of Dover, Vt.; they had ten chil- 

(a) — Drusilla Sears, b., Dec. 15., 1788; md., Georg"e Ben- 
nett; d., about i860. 

(b) — Otis Sears, b., 1790, at Dover, Vt. 

(c) — Clark Sears, b., 1794. 

(d) — Polly Sears, b., 1796; md. Jacob Perkins; d., about 

(e) — Betsy Sears, b., 1798; md. David Dillingham, 
(f) — Hannah Sears, b., 1800; md. John Tubbs; removed 

to Galway, N. Y. 
(g) — Sallv Sears, b., 1802; md. WilHam Sherman; d., 

(h) — Resolved Sears, b., Apr. 6, 1804; md., 1836, EHza 

Semple; settled in Randolph, N. Y. 
(i) — Alvin Sears, b., 1806; md.; d., about 1840. 
(j) — Eliza Sears, b., Oct., 1808; d., 1865; unm. 

461— PHINEAS STEARNS (1193), b., 1779. 

462— JOHN STEARNS is mentioned as a son of Eliphalet 
Stearns, but we have no record of him or his family. 

463— EZEKIEL STEARNS (178), b., Feb. 20, 1743- son 
of Rev. Ebenezer and Thankful (Clapp) Stearns, of Stough- 
ton, Mass.; md. and settled at Cambridge, Mass., where he d. 

464— EZEKIEL STEARNS JR. (1206), b.. June 17, 1774. 
There may have been other children, feut as "Ezekiel Stearns 
Jr. was left an orphan at an early age," he is supposed to have 
been an only child. 

465_JOSHUA or JOTHAM STEARNS (181), b., Nov. 
30, 1748, son of Rev. Ebenezer and Thankful (Claoo) 
Stearns, of Stoughton, Mass. There may have been twins 
named Joshua and Jotham, or, records may have changed 
the name in copying. We have only the record of Joshua 


Stearns, b., Nov. 30, 1748, who md., Sept. 10, 1778, Hannah 
Hughes of Mansfield, Mass., and settled in Foxboro, Mass. 
The Provincial Hist, of New Hampshire states that Jotham 
Stearns enlisted, Apr. 4, 1780, from Amherst, N. H., and 
marched with the Continental Army to Rhode Island. In 
1782, his name appears as a resident of New Hampshire: 
eight children. 

466— LEWIS STEARNS, (1216), b., 1779. 

467— EDWIN STEARNS, b., ; md. and settled in 

Newton, Mass. 

468— JOSEPH STEARNS (1223), b., Nov. 26, 1783. 

469— HUGHES or HUGH STEARNS (1237). 

470— BETSY STEARNS, md. Ezekiel Evans of Shel- 
bonrne, N. H. 

471— ABIGAIL (NABBY) STEARNS, md. Joseph 
Bradshaw, of Foxboro, Mass. 

472— MARTHA (PATTY) STEARNS, d., unm. 

"March ye nth, 1751," in Douglass, Mass., son of Rev. Ebe- 
nezer and Thankful (Clapp) Stearns; md. (i), Jan. 4, 1774^ 
Dorcas Sanger, who is said to have been one of eighteen 
sisters, all of whom lived to womanhood. She d., Oct. 11, 
1788, and he md. (2), Feb. 5, 1789, Polly Munroe, of Hins- 
dale, N. H. She d., Feb. 16, 1796, and he md. (3), July 28, 
1796, Grace Wheat, of Wardsboro, Vt. In 1774, he was 
living in Northfield, Mass., where his eldest son was born; in 
1776, he removed to Hinsdale, N. H.; about 1790, to Dover, 
Vt.; thence to New York State, where he d., Sept. 27, 1812, 
in Gorham, Ontario Co. The following is copied from his 
record book, by one of his descendants: "Oct. 1 1, 1788, then 
departed this life the wife of my youth; Feb. 5, 1789, then I 
was married to Polly Munroe; Feb. 16, 1796, then departed 
this life my beloved wife; July 28, 1796, then I married Miss 
Grace Wheat." The records call him Lieut. Nathaniel 
Stearns; eighteen chil. By first wife, Dorcas. 


475— WALTER CLAPP STEARNS (1248), b., July 1, 


476— SARAH STEARNS, b., Nov. 28, 1775, at North- 
field, Mass. 

477— POLLY STEARNS, b., July 7, 1777, Lt Hinsdale, 
N.H.; md. John Gould, son of John and Jane (Palmer)Gould; 
went first to Sullivan Co., N. Y,, then to Ohio, where he d. 
at an advanced age. 

478— ABIGAIL STEARNS, b., Aug. i, 1779. 

479— FOURTH DAU., b., Apr. 29. 1781; d., May 23, 

480— THANKFUL STEARNS, b., July i, 1783; md. Mr. 
Wheeler, of Bath, Steuben Co., N. Y. 

481— NATHANIEL STEARNS JR.. b., Oct. 2, 1786; d., 
Oct. 23, 1795. 

By second wife Polly. 

482— ORRIS STEARNS (1262), b.. May 29, 1790. 

483— AUSTIN STEARNS, b., Mar. 8, 1792. 

484— CHARLOTTE STEARNS, b.. Mar. 27, 1794. 

485 — A SON, b. and d. Jan. 30, 1796. By third wite, 

486— SOPHIA STEARNS, b., Apr. 30, 1798; md., 
1821, Solomon Keyes, a farmer,, pf West Henrietta, N. Y., 
where he d., Sept., 1839, and she d., 1865. 

(a) — Esther Keyes, b., Jan. 25, 1822; d., June, 1853, in 
Charlotte, N. Y. 

(b) — Lorenzo Keyes, b., Mar. 23, 1824; d.. May 'O, 
1833, at Henrietta, N. Y. 

(c) — Edwin Ruthorn Keyes, b., May 7, 1826; was for 
twenty years a prominent clergyman of the M. E. 
church, holding pastorates at Tarrytown, Sing 
Sing, Poughkeepsie, &c. In 1870, he became a 
Swedenborgian, preached at Portland, Me., and 
Philadelphia, Pa., and published a work setting 
forth the doctrines of Swedenborg. The latter 


years of his life he practiced law at Yonkers, N. 

Y., and represented his Assembly District in 1883 

and 1884. In 1863, he was chaplain of a Maryland 

Regt.; d., Nov., 1886, at Yonkers, N. Y. 
(d) — Warren Sumner Keyes, b., May 10, 1829; settled 

at West Henrietta, N. Y. 
(e) — Elizabeth Keyes, b., Sept. 5, 1832; d., Apr. 21, 1833, 

at Henrietta, N. Y. 
(f) — Homer Eldridge Keyes, b., Feb. 5, 1834; settled at 

East Rushton, N. Y. 
(g) — Rev. Jeremiah Judson Keyes, b., Aug. 5, 1836; a 

Baptist clergyman, of Buffalo, N. Y., later, of Caze- 

novia, N. Y. He was chaplain of a New York 
Regt. during 1864. 
(h) — Sophia Jane Keyes, b., June 8, 1838; d., Feb., 

1875, at Lima, N. Y. 

487— BETSY STEARNS, b., Oct. 10, 1799; d., Apr. 7, 

488— ASAPH STEARNS, b., Oct. 15, 1801; was of Ox- 
ford, O., in 1836. 

489— ALFRED STEARNS (1264), b., Jan. 2, 1803. 

490— WILLARD MARTY STEARNS, b., Sept. 30, 1805. 

491— WARREN STEARNS, b., Sept. 10, 1807; d., 1821. 

492— NATHANIEL STACY STEARNS, b., Oct.. 16, 
181 1 ; was drowned, May 23, 1818. 

493— SAMUEL STEARNS 3d. (185), b., 1732, son of 
Samuel Jr., and Keziah (Robbins) Stearns, of Hollis, N. H.; 
md. and had six children. 





498— CALEB STEARNS, perished in the St. Lawrence 



500— PETER STEARNS (186), b.,1734, son of Samuel Jr. 
and Keziah (Robbins) Stearns, of Hollis, N. H.; belonged 10 
Lieut. Frank Miller's Co., in 1762; served in the Rhode Is- 
land campaign, during the Revolutionary War, besides other 
service. He md. (i), Sept. 8, 1764, in Hollis, N. H., Abigail 
Wheat, dau. of Rev. Thomas Wheat, a Baptist minister, of 
Hollis, N. H., by whom he had nine children, most of whom 
were born in Plymouth, N. H., where he, a farmer, first set- 
tled. He md. (2), 1789, Judith Bartlett, by whom he had 
four children. He d., in Shelburn, Vt., 1813. 

501— PETER STEARNS JR. (1274), b., Dec. 14, 1767. 

502— POLLY STEARNS, b., June 7, 1770; md., (pub. 
Nov. 25, 1818), Elkanah Whipple. 

503— KEZIAH STEARNS, b., Aug. 1772; md. Stephen 
Foss. Their dau., Martha L. Foss, was the second wife of 
Major John Pulsifer, b., Feb. 13, 1781, whose first wife, Mary 
Palmer, bore him eleven children, Maj. Pulsifer d., Aug., 

504— REBECCA STEARNS, b.. Mar. 27, 1774; ma., 

505— SALLY STEARNS, b., July 30. 1776; md., 

Ford; d., in autumn of 1814. 

' ■;o6— ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., Feb. 23, 1778; md., 
—^ Clark. 

507— HANNAH STEARNS, b., Mar. 21, 1781; md., 
Simonds; d., Oct. 12, 1832. at Burlington, Vt. 

Apr. 22, 1784. 

509— ABIGAIL STEARNS, b., Sept. 10, 1786; d., 1807, 
at Rumsey, N. H. 

5ic>_jONATHAN STEARNS, b., Nov. 21, 1789. 

511— JUDITH BARTLETT STEARNS, b., Oct. 6. 1791 ; 
md., Oct. 4, 1809, Caleb Harding, b., Nov. 18, 1778. They 
resided in Charlotte, Vt., until 1840, then migrated to Peru, 


Clinton Co., N. Y. She d., in Northampton, Mass. 

(a) — Doran Bartlett Harding, b., Mar. 2, 18 12; minister 
of the M. E. Church and young man of much prom- 
ise; d., Feb. 19, 1836. 

(b) — Miranda Harding, b.. May 29, 18 14; nid.. Mar. 29, 
1838, Peter V. Higbee, of' Charlotte, Vt. 

(c) — Alvin Milton Harding, b., July 14, 1816; md., July 
12, 1840, Violet O. Chase, joined the Mormons and 
went to Salt Lake City. 

(d) — Lauretta M. Harding, b., Apr. 23, 1819; d., May 
28, 1841. 

(e) — Edwin Harding, b.. May 17, 182 1. 

(f) — Evan Bartlett Harding, b., Aug. 12, 1823. 

(g) — William Reed Harding, b., Oct. 6, 1S25; d., Oct. 

23, 1837. 
(h) — Eleazer Harding, b., Feb. 11, 1828. 
(i) — William Fiske Harding, b.. May 26, 1830. 
(j) — Hannah Simonds Harding, b,, Sept. 24, 1832. 
(k) — Helen M. Harding, b.. Mar. 27, 1835. 

(1) — Mary Frances Harding, b., Aug. 14, 1838; d., July 
25, 1845. 

512— JOHN STEARNS, b., Nov. 16, 1793. 

513— PHOEBE STEARNS, b., Dec. 8, 1795; d., 1855, at 
Albany, N. Y.; unm. 

514— ISAAC STEARNS (187), b., 1736, son of Samuel 
and Keziah (Robbins) Stearns, of Hollis, N. H.; md., Feb. 26, 
1767, Rebecca Jewett, of Hollis, N. H. They settled in 
Monkton, Vt., where he d., 1818, aged 82; eight children. 

515— REBECCA STEARNS, b., Dec. 16, 1767; md. Mr. 
Pomancy, of Ferrisburg, Vt. ; had four sons and six daugh- 

51^-SALLY STEARNS, b., Nov. 9, 1769; md. (i), Mr. 
Tibbets, and md. (2), Mr. Gaige; had five sons and two 
daughters; d., Adams, Jefferson Co., N. Y. 


517— PHOEBE STEARNS, b., Jan. 1771. ") . 
518— LOIS STEARNS, .b, Jan. 1771. \ ^^^'"^ 

Phoebe Stearns d. of a casualty. Lois Stearns md. Nathan 
Wilhams, b., 1772; had four sons and two daughters; d., Oct. 
I, 1846. 

519— SUSAN STEARNS, b., Mar. 10, 1772; went to 

520— ISAAC STEARNS JR., b., Feb. 17, 1773; had two 
wives; d., 1823, in Monkton, Vt. ; s. p. 

521— NATHANIEL STEARNS, b., 1774; md., had three 
children; d., 1840. He was blind for forty years before his 

522— REV. AMOS STEARNS, b., 1776; a Baptist clergy- 
man; moved to Argyle, Washington Co., N. Y. 

523— JOSEPH STEARNS (188), b., 1738, son of Samuel 
and Kekiah (Robbins), Stearns of Hollis, N. H.; md. (i), 
June 9, 1763, Mary Shattuck, of Monson. He md. (2), Mar. 
31, 1778, Abigail Wheat, of HolHs, N. H. We have no rec- 
ord of children by first wife; four by second. 

524— JOSEPH STEARNS JR., b.. Mar. 21, 1779. 

525— THOMAS WHEAT STEARNS, b., Nov. 15, 1782. 
in Hollis, N. H.; md., Sept. 6, 1814, Sarah Nevins, of Hollis, 

526— DANIEL STEARNS, b.. Mar. 22, 1785. 

527— ABIGAIL STEARNS, b., Sept. 12, 1789. 

528— EBENEZER STEARNS (191), b., Dec. 25. 1744. 
son of Samuel and Keziah (Robbins) Stearns, of Hollis, N. 
H.; md.,June 29, 1773, Rachel Ames, of Hollis, N.H. In 1774 
they settled at Monkton, Vt., where he d., 1816, and she d., 
1841. "very aged." "At the outbreak of the Revolutionary 
War, John Bishop, with several sons, and Ebenezer Stearns. 
were captured by Tories and Indians, taken to Canada, and 
the settlement of Monkton, Vt., broken up until after the 


war. Ebenezer Stearns owned and operated the first grist- 
mill mentioned in the records of the place." He had six 

529— EBENEZER STEARNS JR. (1291), b., 1775. 

530— JOHN STEARNS (1292), b., Apr. 14, 1778. 

531— STEPHEN STEARNS, b., 1780- about 1820, was 
living in West Plattsburg with a wife and three children. 

532— ROLLIN STEARNS, d., 1838, in Georgetown, 
Brown Co., O.; unm. 

533— SAMUEL STEARNS, d. in childhood. 

534— NATHAN STEARNS (1305), b., Mar. 19, 1788. 

535— JOHN STEARNS (193), b., Oct. 15, 1750, son of 
Samuel and Keziah (Robbins) Stearns of Hollis, N. H.; md. 
(i), July 7, 1768, Lucy Shedd, of Dunstable, N. H. "In 1774, 
Ebenezer and John Stearns, brothers, went to Monkton, Vt., 
and John Stearns was one to settle New Haven, Vt., in the 
same year, but both settlements were broken up by the In- 
dians and Tories until after the war." He md. (2), Mar. 1782, 
Sarah HaniHn, b., Sept. 22, 1760 of Monkton, Vt. He was 
a soldier of the Revolutionary War; d., July i, 1823; eleven 

536— POLLY' STEARNS, b., Sept. 21, 1782. 

537— SARAH STEARNS, b., July 13, 1784; d., Jan. i, 
1827; unm. 

538— CALVIN STEARNS (1315). b., Aug. 2, 1786. 

539— LUTHER STEARNS, b., July 13, 1788; md. Han- 
nah Ames, who d., s. p.; lived in Ellenburg, Clinton Co., N. 
Y. ; without family. 

540— BATEMAN STEARNS, b.. May 2, 1790; lived in 
Hinesburg, Vt. 

541— SUSANNAH STEARNS, b., Feb. 2, 1793; md., 
Dec. 7, 1809, Warren Parch, and lived on the boundary of 
Monkton and Ferrisburg, Vt. 


(a) — Polly Parch, b., Feb. 23, 1812; md., 1826, Seth 
Bateman, b., 1806. 

(b) — John Warren Parch, b., Mar. 15, 18 14; md., 1836, 
Sarah Washburn. 

(c) — Sarah Parch, b., Nov. 26, 181 5; md., 1840, John 

- (d) — Almira Parch, b., May 4, 1818; d.. Mar. 28, 1826. 
(e) — Clarissa Parch, b.. Mar. 3, 1820; d., 1822. 
(f) — Amanda Parch, b., Apr. 11, 1822. 
(g) — Loretta Parch, b., June 3, 1824; d., Mar. 11, 1825. 

(h) — Alvira Parch, b., May 20, 1828; md., Sept. 23, 1849, 
Harris Phinney. 

(i) — Eliza Parch, b., Dec. 11, 1829; md. (i), 1845, Henry 

Palmer; md. (2), 1848, Andrew Austin, 
(j) — Benjamin Franklin Parch, b., Oct. 30, 1832. 
(k) — Homer Parch, b., Sept. 26, 1834. 

542— SAMUEL H. STEARNS (1327), b.. Mar. 10, 1795. 

543— PARSONS STEARNS, b., 1797; d. young. 

544— HAMILTON JOSEPH STEARNS (1334), b., Jan. 
26, 1799. 

545— ORRIN STEARNS, b., Apr., 1801; d. in infancy. 

546— CLARISSA STEARNS, b., Apr. 10, 1804. 

547— EBENEZER STEARNS (195), b., Jan. 28, 1744, 
son of Thomas and Abigail (Reed) Stearns, of Littleton, 
Mass.; md., 1769, Chloe Wood, and Hved some years in Ux- 
bridge; then moved to the southwestern part of Vermont. 
He d. in Reedsboro, Vt. ; seven children. 

548— THOMAS STEARNS, b., Jan. 9, 1770; d., in Reeds- 
boro, Vt.; unm. 

549— GEORGE STEARNS (1341), b., Apr. 15, 1772. 

55c^-MERCY STEARNS b., Feb. 16, 1774. ) ^ . 
551— MICAH STEARNS, b., Feb. 16, 1774. \ -^^ms 
Mercy Stearns md., Feb. 24, 1816, Amos Pierce, of Graf- 
ton, Mass., b. Aug. 8, 1761, whose first wife was Molly Wes- 


ton. He served in the Revolutionary War and his second 
w'ife d., Apr. 24, 1844. He d., Mar. 11, 1845; ten children. 

552— DAVID STEARNS, b., May 24, 1776. 

553— MOSES STEARNS, b., Nov. 28, 1778; md. Sabra 
Whitney; d. at Reedsboro, Vt. 

554— JOSIAH STEARNS, b.. May 15, 1781; md. Miss 
Fuller and settled in Vermont. 

555— JOHN STEARNS (196), b., June 2, 1745, son of 
Thomas and Abigail (Reed) Stearns, of Littleton, Mass.; 
md.. Mar. 3, 1773, Martha Cleveland, of Westford. In 1774, 
they were of Petersham, Mass., afterwards of Templeton, 
Mass.; after the birth of their daughter, removed to Ver- 

556— PHOEBE STEARNS, b., 1775. 

557— HON. JOSIAH STEARNS (197), b., July 18, 1747, 
son of Thomas and Abigail (Reed) Stearns, of Littleton, 
Mass.; of Lunenburg, Mass. He md.. Mar. 6, 1769, Mary 
Corey, b.. Mar. 28, 1750, who d., Dec. 28, 1828. He was 
much employed in pubUc life. In 1775, he commanded a 
company of fifty men from Lunenburg. In 1776, he was one 
of the "Committee of Correspondence," with Abijah Stearns, 
William Stearns, George Kimball, Benjamin Redington, Jo- 
seph Hartwell and Daniel Gardner. He was very often As- 
sessor and Selectman from 1780 to 1805; Town Treasurer 
for eight years; Town Clerk from 1817 to 1822; Rept. for 
three years; Justice throughout the Commonwealth and 
Member of the Governor's Council, 1797 to 1799. He d., 
Apr. 7, 1822, and the following epitaph is on his tombstone: 

of the 
Are Deposited Here 

Having discharged the obHgations of a citizen and magis- 
trate, with integrity, prudence and fideHty, and personified 
the duties of a husband, parent, counsellor and friend, with 
faithfulness, kindness and affection, and humbly endeavored 
to live in the exercise of piety, faith, hope and charity, he 


calmly closed his mortal existence, in the hope of a happy 
nnmortality, through the mercy of God, by Jesus Christ, Apr. 
7,1822, at the age of 75." He had ten children. 

558— LUTHER STEARNS (1353), b., Feb. 17, 1770. 

559-^USANNA STEARNS, b., Apr. 6, 1772; d., Sept. 
30, 1784. 

560— ASAHEL STEARNS (1357), b., June 17, 1774. 

561— MARY STEARNS, b., Oct. 25, 1776; md., Nov. 20, 
1800, Hon. Edmund Gushing, Esq., of Lunenburg, Mass., b., 
Dec. 2, 1772, son of Hon. Gharles Gushing. He held some 
municipal office nearly all the time for forty years; was mem- 
ber of the Governor's Gouncil, 1826 and 1828; was the first 
Postmaster of Lunenburg and held the office twelve years. 
He was commissioned as Gapt., 1799; as Major, 1801; as 
Lieut. Col., 1808. 

(a) — Luther Stearns Gushing, b.. June 22, 1803; LL. B. 
Harv. Univ., 1826; Clerk of Mass. House of Rep- 
resentatives, 1832 to 1834; Judge of Court of Com- 
mon Pleas, 1844; Reporter of Supreme Court of 
Mass, 1848; author of Cushing's Manual of Par- 
liamentary Rules; Sec. of Boston Acad, of Music. 
He md. (i). May 19, 1840, Mary Otis Lincoln, of 
Boston, Mass., who d., May 21, 1851; md. (2), 
Elizabeth Cooper, of Cooper, Me. They settled in 
Boston, Mass., where he d., June 22, 1858. 

(b) — Mary Croade Gushing, b., May 6, 1805; md., 
Jan. 6, 1829, Zabdiel Adams Cunningham, son of 
N. F. Cunningham, Senator of Lunenburg. He d., 
May, 1830, and she d., Mar., 1887. 

(c) — Edmund Lambert Gushing, b.. May 3, 1807; grad. 
Harv. Univ., 1827; Tutor, 1828; LL. B. 1834; law- 
ver in Charlestown, N. H., 1848, and Rept. in State 
Legislature. He md. (i), Apr. i, 1835, Laura E. 
Lovell, of Charlestown; md. (2), Martha Robbins 
Gilchrist. He d., June 2, 1883. 

(d) — Henry Albert Gushing, b., May 4, 1809; d., June 
21, 1810. 


(e) — William Gushing-, b., May 15, 181 1; grad. Harv. 
Univ., 1832; studied divinity in Harv. Univ; 
preached temporarily in Sterling and Lunenburg; 
was principal of Westford Academy, 1848. He md., 
July 25, 1843, Margaret Louisa Wiley, dau. of 
Thomas Wiley, Esq., Treas. of Ficchburg, R. R. Co. 

(f) — George Augustus Gushing, b., Aug. 8, 1813; law- 
yer and Justice of the Peace, in Cambridge, Mass.; 
in 1848, Givil Engineer on the Portland and Au- 
gusta R. R. He md., Nov. 21, 1850, Lucia Whit- 
man Mitchell; d., Sept. 11, 1880. 

(g) — Caroline Augusta Gushing, b., Nov. i, 1815; unm. 

(h) — Martha Ann Stearns Gushing, b., Oct. 9, 1818; 
md., Sept. 5, 1837, Franklin Forbes, son of EH and 
Clarissa Forbes, of Cambridge, Mass. He grad. 
Amherst Coll., 1833; Prin. of Lowell High School; 
in 1848, Givil Engineer; in Lowell, Mass. 

562— THOMAS STEARNS (1360), b., Sept. 8, 1778. 

563— ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., Mar. 28, 1781; d., 
Dec. 2y, 1828; md., Jan. 13, 1803, Major Levi Houghton, of 
Lunenburg, Mass., b.. Mar. 8, 1774, in Worcester, Mass., 
who d., Jan. 27, 1865, marrying twice after her death. 

(a) — Josiah .Stearns Houghton, b., Nov. 22, 1804; md., 
Mar. I, 1827, at Leominster, Mass., Catherine 
White, b., Oct. 26, 1807, in Lancaster, Mass. They 
resided in Chelsea, Mass. 

(b) — Samuel Andre Houghton, b., Jan. 4, 1807; md., 
Sept. 3, 1834, in Townsend, Mass., Martha Warren 
Haywood, b., Mar. 6, 1810. 

(c) — Elizabeth Ann Houghton, b., Mar. i, 1809; md., 
Dec. 26, 1839; in Steriing, Mass., Joel Proctor, b.. 
Mar. I, 1805, in Littleton, Mass. 

(d) — Henry Albert Houghton, b., July 21, 181 1; d., 
Dec, 1811. 

(e) — George Albert Houghton, b., Sept. 9, 1812; md., 
Nov. 2, 1843, in Concord, Mass., Hepzibah Collins 
Brigham, b., Oct. 21, 1822, in Marlboro, Mass. 


(f) — Levi Richardson Houghton, b., Feb. lo, 1815; md., 
Sept. 28, 1837, Harriet Newell Hadley,«of Lunen- 
burg, b., Mar. 26, 1816. 

(g) — ^William Augustus Houghton, b., July 16, 1819; 
md., Oct. 14, 1842, Mary Jones Houghton, of Leo- 
minster, b., Apr. 2, 1817. 

(h) — Mary Corey Houghton, b., Oct. 24, 182 1 ; md., Oct. 
13, 1842, in Sterhng, Mass., John Howe, b., July 
10, 1814. 

(i) — Francis Houghton, b., Dec. i, 1826. 

564— SARAH STEARNS, b., Feb. 6, 1784; d., Nov. 17, 
1843, in Lunenburg, Mass.; md., 1805, Deacon James Pat- 
terson, who was also a Capt. In 1802, he was a bookbinder 
and stationer of Amherst, N. H.; in 1804, he was of Nashua, 
N. H.; in 1824, purchased a large farm in Dumbarton, N. 
H.; in 1831, returned to Nashua and engaged in manufac- 
turing; afterwards, of Lunenburg and Lancaster. 

(a) — James H. Patterson, b., Nov. 8, 1807, in Nashua, 
N. H.; md., Nov. 24, 1834, Isabella Graham Gates, 
dau. of Barnabas Gates, Esq., of New York. They 
resided five or six years in London or Havre, after- 
wards in Boston, Mass. He was the originator and 
proprietor of the "Boston Parcel Post," and the in- 
ventor of the "patent water-proof cartridge." He 
and Mr. Keller are the inventors of a new wheel for 

(b) — Susan Patterson, b. and d., early. 

(c) — Mary Stearns Patterson, b.. Mar. 3, 181 1, in 
Nashua, N. H.; educated at Female Seminary, New 
Hampton, N. H.; and at Troy Female Seminary. 
She was Principal of the Female Dept. in Waterloo 
Academy, and, afterwards, in Cortland Academy, 
Homer, N. Y. ; unm. 

(d) — Stearns Patterson, b. Jan. 2, 1813, in Nashua, N. 
H.; entered Yale Coll., and, at the end of two years, 
was obliged to leave on account of ill health; after- 
wards, studied Divinity. He was a private teacher 
and preached occasionally, as his health permitted. 


(c) — Lucius Patterson, b., May ii, 1815; md., Oct., 
1844, Hannah Jane Marshall, of Nashua, N. H.; 
officer in Mass. State Prison. 

(f) — Oliver Stearns Patterson, b., Sept. 22, 18 18; studied 
medicine with Thos. Spencer, M. D. He was Prof, 
in Geneva Coll., where he graduated; practiced 
medicine in Waterloo, N. Y. He md., Sept. 26, 
1843, Caroline Fatzinger, b., Aug. 16, 1821, dau. of 
Jacob and Ann Catherine (Steinberger) Fatzinger. 

(g) — Sarah Stearns Patterson, b., Mar. 15, 182 1, in 
Nashua, N. H.; md., Nov. 20, 1844, John R. Rollins, 
Esq., son of John and Elizabeth (Sawyer) Rollins, 
of Newbury, Mass. He grad. Dart. Coll., 1836; A. 
M., 1840; Principal of Academy and Town Clerk of 
Lunenburg, Mass.; member of the N. E. Hist, and 
Gen. Societv, and clerk of the Fitchburg R. R. 

565— OLIVER STEARNS (1365), b., Mar. 4, 1786. 

566— SUSANNA STEARNS, b., Dec. 15, 1790; md., Jan., 
.j8ii, Joseph Bicknell; d., Aug. 22, 1813; s. p. 

567— ANNE STEARNS, b., Apr. 29, 1794; md., Oct. 7, 
1839, Benjamin Snow, b. Jan. 7, 1782, a retired merchant, of 
Fitchburg, Mass. ; she was his second wife. 

568— SAMUEL STEARNS (204), b.,May 25, 1762; son of 
Thomas and Mary (Heald) Stearns, of Littleton, Mass., served 
three years and three months in the Revolutionary Army. 
He md., 1791, in Keene, N. H., Phoebe Whittemore, b., 1773, 
in Winchester, N. H.; in 1802, moved to Cavendish, Vt. His 
death was caused by the fall of a tree, Aug. 2, 1828; seven 

569— NOAH STEARNS (1374), b., Apr. 19, 1793. 

570— ESTHER STEARNS, b., Feb. 14, 1799; settled in 
New Haven, Vt. 

571— SAMUEL STEARNS JR., b.. Mar. 19, 1801; a 
farmer, of Cavendish. Vt. 


572— LEVIRA STEARNS, b., Sept. g, 1804; md. David 
Odel, and settled in the West. 

573— LORENZO STEARNS, b., Apr. 16, 1806; a carpen- 
ter and joiner, who went to East Middlebury, Vt., 1824. He 
md., Oct. 7, 1830, Rachel Farwell, b., Oct. 8, 181 1, dau. of 
Jesse and Rebecca Farwell; s. p. 

574— CEPHAS STEARNS, b., Dec. 21, 1808; md., 1840, 
Orpha Turner; settled in Waltham, Vt. 

575— EMILY STEARNS, b., Sept. 9, 1810; lived in Wal- 
tham, Vt. 

576— LEVI STEARNS (205), b., Jan. 12, 1765, son of 
Thomas and Mary (Heald) Stearns, of Littleton, Mass.j^ d., 
Dec. 25, 181 1 ; a farmer, of Lunenburg, Mass. He md., Jan. 
7, 1794, Elizabeth Goodrich, of Lunenburg, who d., Oct. 11, 
1810; ten children. 

577— THOMAS STEARNS (1379), b., Apr. i, 1794. 

578— LEVI STEARNS JR., b., Mar. 19, 1796; d., Nov. 
II, 1800. 

579— ABEL STEARNS, b., Feb. 9, 1798, in Lunenburg, 
Mass. He went to the City of Mexico when a young man 
and was there during the memorable riot of 1828. In 1829, 
he went to California, then a Mexican state, to locate a tract 
of land for a relative. In 1842, he made the first shipment of 
California gold on record, ''being 18 3-4 oz. from the placer 
mines of San Francisquita, thirty-five miles northwest from 
Los Angeles." The certificate of assay which he received, 
Aug. 6, 1843, is now in the archives of the San Francisco So- 
ciety of Pioneers, of which body Mr. Abel Stearns was a 
member. In 1848, he was owner of several hundred thou- 
sand acres of land and fifty thousand head of cattle. He md., 
1840, Dona Maria Francisca Paula Arcadia Bandini, aged 
fourteen years, "a. lady who made his home attractive, and 
brought him into relationship with a "wide circle of leadings 
Californians." He d., Wednesday afternoon, Aug. 24, 1871; 
s. p. 

580— WILLIAM STEARNS, b., Nov. 17, 1799. ) 
581— ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., Nov. 17, 1799. f Twms 


William Stearns was a successful merchant of Boston, 
Mass., in the West India goods trade for over fifty years. He 
md., Oct. II, 1831, Dorinda Joslin, of Leominster, Mass., 
who d., Oct. 17, 1850, aged 43 years. He d., Nov. 19, 1875. 
From the Boston Transcript we copy the following: 

■'Mr. William Stearns was one of the oldest and most thor- 
oughly respected of our Boston merchants. He came to 
Boston, in 1818, as clerk to Silas Pierce; became Mr. Pierce's 
partner; then a member of the firm of Stearns & Crosby, on 
State St., and for many years has been at the head of the 
firm of William Stearns & Co., 60 Chatham St. Mr. Steams 
was exceedingly upright and honest, commanding the con- 
fidence and respect of all who knew him. Of quiet habits 
and retiring disposition, his career was a private one, but he 
will be long remembered for his sterling worth, and his con- 
stant, unstinted, unostentatious benevolence." 

582— ANNA MARIA STEARNS, b., Sept. 12, 1834; md. 
Peter L. Simmons, of Sharon, Mass., who d., July 22, 1900. 
Their only dau, Annie Dorinda Simmons, was md., Nov. 25, 
1899, to Edward Aspinwall of Providence, R. I. 

583— WILLIAM LINCOLN STEARNS, b., July 7, 1836- 
d., Apr. 12, 1866; unm, 

584— ELLEN DORINDA STEARNS, b., Apr. 19, 1843; 
md. Mr. Boles. 

585— ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., Nov. 17, 1799; md., 
Apr. II, 1819, EHas Joslin Jr., b., Nov. 10, 1795, a farmer, of 
Leominster, Mass., who d., July 11, 1884; she d., Jan. 24, 

(a) — William Stearns Joslin, b., Jan. 22, 1820; md., Oct. 
6, 1841, Elizabeth G. Morse, dau. of Daniel an(^ 
Abigail Morse, of Cambridge, Mass. 

(b) — Charles Loring JosHn, b., Jan. 12, 1823; of Leo- 
minster, Mass. He md., Oct. 28, 1846, Martha Jane 
Adams, dau. of Joseph and Martha Adams, of 
Townsend, Mass.; d., Jan. 2, 1893. 

(c) — John Elias Joslin, b., Aug. i, 1825; md., Jan. 14^ 


1846, Eliza Ann Dorrison, dau, of Samuel and Nan- 
cy Dorrison, of Lancaster, Mass. 

(d) — Francis Lincoln Joslin, b., Jan. 9, 1828; d., Dec. 22, 

(e) — Mary Elizabeth Joslin, b., May 16, 1830. 
(f) — George Warren Joslin, b., Mar. 9, 1832; d. Oct., 

(g) — ^James Thomas Joslin, b., June 23, 1834. 

(h) — Martha Ann Joslin, b., Feb. 13, 1837. 

(i) — George Clesson Joslin, b., Aug. 19, 1839; enlisted, 
when twenty-one years old, as Lieutenant in 15th 
Mass. Regt., Gen. Devens, then Col. He was in 
the battle of Ball's Bluff, '"swimming the river with- 
out clothing, his watch between his teeth, the shot 
falling thick around him." He was in 21 battles, 
went through the horrors of Libby Prison and An- 
dersonville, was exchanged, and, at the close of the 
war, bore the rank of Colonel. 

(j) — Ellen Louisa JosHn, b., July 16, 1842. 

58^LEVI STEARNS (1387), b., Dec. 15, 1802. 

587— ABIGAIL STEARNS, b., 1804; d. young. 

588— THERESA STEARNS, b., Jan. 11, 1806; md., Apr. 
II, 1832, James Warren Jr., of Littleton, Mass. They were 
md. at the old Stearns homestead, in Littleton, Mass., where 
he d., Feb. 13, 1838. She d., Feb. 7, 1882, in Dorchester, 
Mass. and is buried beside her husband and two children. 

(a) — Maria Theresa Warren, b., Jan. 23, 1833; d., Jan. 
II, 1838, in Littleton, Mass. 

(b) — Elizabeth Goodrich Warren, b., Dec. 2, 1834; md., 
Aug. 27, 1861, Rev. Thomas James Mumford, a 
native of Gillisonville, S. C. His parents were slave 
holders and he held pro-slavery views after coming 
to the North. His sentiments became anti-slavery 
through the influence of Dr. Channing's works, and 
he studied for the ministry with Rev. Samuel J. 
May, who became his warm personal friend and 
whose life he afterwards edited. He was called to 



the editorial chair of the Christian Register in Jan., 
1872, and under his management, it became one 
of the ablest religious papers in the country. He 
d., Aug. 29, 1877, at his home in Dorchester, Mass., 
after a short illness, leaving a widow and one son. 
Elizabeth Goodrich (Warren) Mumford was a 
teacher before her marriage, and, after her hus- 
band's death, opened a private school in her own 
house. She is a writer of acknowledged merii and 
is in the front rank of S. S. service in the Unitarian 
church, being one of the Vice Presi- 
dents of the N. Y. League of Unitarian 
Women, and Vice Pres. of the N. Y. Uni- 
tarian S. S. Union. We gratefully acknowledge 
the comprehensive records she has furnished for 
this work. Their son, Edgar Huidekoper Mum- 
ford, b., Sept. 20, 1862, became manager of the 
Worthington Steam-Pump Co., at EHzabethport, 
N. J., in 1886. 

(c) — George Washington Warren, b.. Mar. 2, 1838; d., 
Oct. 18, 1852, in Groton, Mass. 

589— NANCY STEARNS, b., June 30, 1807; md., Dec. 5, 
1833, Dr. Peter Manning, son of Peter and Rebecca (Car- 
ter) Manning of Townsend, Mass. She was his second wife. 
Their first two children were born in Merrimack, N. H., 
where the Dr. lived when they were married. In 1840 they 
removed to Lowell, Mass., where he was a practicing physi- 
cian for many years, afterwards, moving to Lunenburg, 
Mass. She d., June 14, 1888. 

(a) — William Stearns Manning, b., Jan. 6, 1836; d. in 

(b) — Jerome Fenelon Manning, b., Dec. 18, 1838. 

(c) — Lyman Bigelow Manning, b., Oct. 3, 1844; Civil 
Engineer; Capt of an Infantry Co.; was clerk in the 
Custom House, at time of his decease. He was 
drowned in the Merrimac River, June 14, 1871. 

590— CHARLES STEARNS, b., June 16, 1809; a mer- 
chant, of Littleton, Mass.; unm. He inherited the estate of 


his uncle, Noah Stearns (200), and was selectman, in Little- 
ton, for three years. He has manifested great interest in the 
compilation of this work and his extended knowledge of the 
family has been a source from which we have freely drawn. 
We are grieved to record his death, which occurred Apr. 4, 
1898, at West Townsend, Mass., being found dead in his 

591— JOSEPH STEARNS (214), b., Oct. 7, 1751, son of 
Capt. John and Rebecca (Dean) Stearns, of Attleboro,Mass.; 
d., June 2, 1829; md., Dec. i, 1774, Rhoda Tingley, b., Aug. 
17, 1755, who d., Dec. 21, 1837, dau. of Thomas. and Martha 
Tingley. In 1783, they moved from Attleboro to Tolland, 
Conn., and in 1792, he went to Mt. Pleasant, Wayne Co., Pa., 
reaching there on the 5th of March, with his two sons, 
James and Otis. In the early fall, Mr. Stearns returned to 
Conn, for his wife and six other children, and, with them, 
commenced the privations and hardships of pioneer hfe. His 
son, Jabez, was the first male child born in the town. "Wayne 
Co. was then a wilderness, with the red men lurking in am- 
bush and the bear, panther and wolf roaming unmolested. On 
one occasion Mrs. Stearns took her infant son, Ashbel, into 
the woods with her to save some sap that was wasting. Lay- 
ing him in a sap trough, she went about gathering the sap 
and, on her return, was horrified to see a large bear on a log 
beside the improvised cradle, in the act of seizing it with his 
distended jaws. With a wild shriek Mrs. Stearns fell forward, 
while their dog, Carlo, attacked Bruin and compelled him to 
retreat. At one time, being destitute of meat, Joseph was 
very much discouraged. His wife, believing in an over-rul- 
ing Providence, placed the kettle over the fire and said, "Now 
I have done my part, and believe the Lord will do His." Be- 
fore the water boiled, a fawn, apparently frightened, entered 
the field where the boys were at work and was caught by 
them." He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, and they 
remained at his father's house, after their marriage, until the 
close of the war. "He was plowing in the field when the bat- 
tle of Lexington was announce'd; left his team and started, 
but it was over before he reached there. Two of the eight 
men killed that day were his cousins; he helped sink the 
British ship. Roebuck." at Hellgate." He had ten children. 


592— LUCY STEARNS, b., Oct. 21, 1775; md. (i), about 
1797. Benjamin Dix, son of Elijah and Margaret Dix, who 
moved from Williamstown, Mass., to Penn. He d., Mar. 22, 
1805, and his widow md. (2), 181 5, Latham WiUiams, a 
farmer, of Brooklyn, Susquehanna Co., Pa. She d., Mar. 14, 

(a) — Lucy Dix, b., June i, 1798; md. Elisha WilHams, of 

Gibson, Pa. 
(b) — Margaret Dix., b., Apr. 19, 1800; md. Abraham 

Craton and went to Illinois, 
(c) — Benjamin Dix Jr., b., June 17, 1801; md. Betsy 

Blanchard and lived in Owego, N. Y. 

(d) — Rhoda Dix, b., Feb. 19, 1803, md. Philip Cratoi*. 

(e)— Elijah Dix, b., Feb. 17. 1805; d., Aug. 8, 1838. 

(f) — John Williams, b., 1816, son of her second husband. 

593— JOHN STEARNS (1397), b., Mar. 18, 1777. 

594— JAMES STEARNS (1406), b., Aug. 5, 1779. 

595— PHOEBE STEARNS, b., Oct. 10, 1781; md., Aug., 
J 803, Benjamin Newton, b., Feb. 3, 1777; resided in Penn. 
until Oct., 1835 ; then removed to Wyoming, Putnam Co., 111. 
(a) — Phoebe Newton, b., Apr. 15, 1804; md. (i), 1821, 
Hiram -Miller; md. (2), 1830, Robert Sharerj seven 
(b) — Nelson Newton, b., Nov. 22, 1805; md., Dec. 5, 
1830, Hannah Burdick, b.. Mar. 25, 1814; five chil- 

(c) — Sarah Newton, b., Apr. 18, 1809; md., Mar 20, 
1828, Peter Sharer, b.. Mar. 29, 1801; nine chu- 

(d) — David Newton, b., Sept. 6, 181 1; md. (i), Sept. 4, 
1834, Sarah A. Brondage, b., July 5, 1814. She d. 
in childbed, Feb. 11, 1838, and he md. (2), Adah 
Delamater, b., Dec. 8, 1816. 

fe) — Joseph Newton, b., Apr. 12, 1813; md., Jan. 3, 
1841, Jane White, b.. Jan. 4, 1822; three children. 


(f) — Benjamin Newton Jr., b., May 4, 181 7; a farmer. 

is) — Newman Newton, b., Apr. 19, 1819; a farmer and 

(h) — Flora Newton, b., Aug. 29, 1821; md., May 3, 

1845, H. S. Gregory. 

(i) — Naomi Newton, b., 1825; md.. Mar. 24, 1844, C. A. 
Mount; d., Nov. 16, 1847; two children. 

(j) — Rhoda Newton, b., May 14, 1827; d., Nov. 16, 1827. 
596— OTIS STEARNS (1417), b., Oct. 14, 1783. 

597— RHODA STEARNS, b., Jan. 22, 1785; d.. Mar 21, 
1833; md., Feb. 22, 1806, David Kennedy Jr., son of David 
and Eunice Kennedy, of Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 

(a) — Nancy Kennedy, b., Apr. 2, 1807; md., Sept. 5, 
1832, Kenneth Ansel Johnson, a clothier, son of 
Andrew and Elizabeth Johnson, of New Mil- 
ford, Pa. 

(b) — Alvira Kennedy, b., Sept. 20, 1809; md., Jan. 1849, 
William Brownscombe; d., July 29, 1891, leaving 
one dau. Jennie Brownscombe, a successful artist, 
who has studied in Europe and"^ whose etchings are 
published by Clacknor & Co., N. Y. City. 

(c) — Eunice Kennedy, b., Aug. 22, 181 1. 

(d) — Harvey Kennedy, b., Nov. 8, 1813; a merchant, 
of Honesdale, Pa.; md., Sept. 11, 1841, Catherine 

(e) — Rhoda Minerva Kennedy, b., Feb. 26, 1816; md., 
Sept. 8, 1835, Rev. Marcus K. Cushman, a Presby- 
terian minister. 

(f) — Harriet Kennedy, b., Nov. 26, 1817; md., Oct. 17, 
1844, William Bonner, son of Charles Bonner. 

(g)— David Kennedy 3d, b., Jan. 15, 1820. 

(h) — AthaHnda Kennedy, b., Apr. 23, 1822. 

598— JOSEPH STEARNS JR. (1426), b., Aug. 25, 1788. 
599— IRA STEARNS (1432), b.. Mar. 5, 1791. 
600— JABEZ STEARNS (145 1), b., June 18, 1794. 


6oi— ASHBEL STEARNS (1459), b., Sept. 24, 1796. 

602— POLLY STEARNS, b., Sept. 9, 1800; d., Oct. 8, 

603— LEVI STEARNS (220), b., 1755, son of Benjamin 
and Mary (Warren) Stearns, of Rutland, Mass.; he joined the 
Revolutionary Army, May i, 1775; was in the battle of Bun- 
ker Hill, in Capt. Jedediah Waterman's Co., and under the 
command of Gen. Putnam; went to Pomfret, Conn., in 1771, 
and lived there, except when in public service, until 1781, 
when he went to Enfield, Conn.; in 1799, he moved to Charl- 
mont, Mass.,where he d., Aug. 5, 1839. He md. (i), i78i,Lois 
Stoddard, of Pomfret, b., Oct. 10, 1759, who d., Oct. 13, 
1803; md. (2), Mrs. Sarah Butler, formerly a Joslin, of Leo- 
minster, who d.. Mar. 12, 1830, aged 73 yrs. He had five 

604— HORATIO STEARNS (1467), b., Dec. 21, 1782, 

605— ELI STEARNS (1481), b., Feb. 10, 1784 

606— ROXANA STEARNS, b., Aug. 9, 1787; md., May 
t6, 1815, Nicholas Groves, a farmer, of Charlmont, Mass.; d., 
Nov. 10, 1824, in childbed. 

(a) — Louisa Groves, b., Sept. 14, 1817; md., 1841, Mr. 

(b)— William P. Groves, b., 1819. 
(c) — Martha Groves, b., Nov. 23, 1822; d., May, 1838. 
(d) — Roxana Groves, b., Nov. i, 1824. 

607— MARY STEARNS, b., Sept., 1791; unm. 

608— CYNTHIA STEARNS, b.. Mar. 12, 1798; unm. 

609— ELI STEARNS ESQ. (221), b., Nov. 12, 1757, 3011 
of Benjamin and Mary (Warren) Steams, of Rutland, Mass.; 
a carpenter, of Lancaster, Mass. In 1775, he was an ap- 
prentice of a Mr. Whittaker, of Princeton, Mass., who « n- 
listed early in the Revolutionary Army. Eli Stearns was sent 
to the army at Cambridge for a short time, as 
a substitute for his master, and was there at the time 
of the battle of Bunker Hill, but was not in the battle. In 
1777, he enHsted, and in a scouting party commanded by the 


afterwards notorious Capt. Daniel Shay, was wounded by a 
ball from an Indian's gun, passing through his head, enter- 
ing the left cheek and coming out under the right ear. After 
being confined several months in the hospital at Albany, he 
became Assistant Commissary, and continued in the service 
until discharged in 1783. He was a Justice of the Peace and 
Representative in 1806, 1807, 1808 and 1809. He md., 1785, 
Mary Whitney, b., Nov. 12, 1758, who d.. May 24, 1828, "of 
mortification," dau. of Jonathan Whitney, of Lancaster, 
Mass. Eli Stearns d.. Mar. 7, 1825; twelve children. 
610 — Son, b. Sept. 30, 1786; d., Oct. 18, 1786. 

611— CHARLES STEARNS (1500), b., Nov. 15, 1788. 

612— HENRY STEARNS, b., Dec. 12, 1790; d.; Jan. 7, 

613— MARY STEARNS, b., Jan. 25, 1792; unm. 

614— ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., Nov. 18, 1793, md., 
June 10, 1818, Francis Faulkner Jr., of Billerica; settled in 
Keene, N. H., where he d., Dec, 1842, aged 54 yrs. He was 
a flannel manufacturer. 

(a) — Charles Stearns Faulkner, b., May 17, 1819. 
(b) — Elizabeth Jones Faulkner, b., May 25, 1822. 
£c) — Francis Augustus Faulkner, b., Feb. 12, 1825; 
grad. Harv. Univ., 1846; lawyer, of Keene, N. H., 
and member of State Legislature, 
(d) — William Emerson Faulkner, b., Apr. 16, 1828; d., 

Aug. II, 1840. 
(e) — Frederick Whitney Faulkner, b., Dec. 29, 1829; d., 
! Aug., 1830. 

' P — William Frederic Faulkner, b., July 7, 183 1. 
;• (g) — Marshall Whitney Faulkner, b., Aug. 19, 1834; d., 
Jan., 1835. 

6i5_SOPHIA STEARNS, b., Sept. 26, 1795; unm. 
616— HARRIET STEARNS, b., Nov. 21, 1797; unm. 
617— WILLIAM STARNS (1503), b., Nov. 2, 1799. 
618— CATHERINE STEARNS, b., Feb. 18, 1802; unm. 


619-SARAH WHITNEY STEARNS, b., May 13, 1804- 
Mass"" ''' ' "''^■' ^^^^' '^' '^^^' ^^"'°' ^''^'^' of Groton, 

(a)— Sarah Augusta Chase, b., June 30, 1834. 
(b)— Mary Catherine Chase, b., July i, 1836. 

620--NANCY STEARNS, b., Apr. 13, 1806; md.. May 17, 
1832, Otis Haskell, b., May 25, 1806, in Harvard, Mass., a 
cabinet maker of Claremont, N. H. 

(a)— Mary Haskell, b., June 24, 1835. 
(b)— Charles Haskell, b., July 7, 1839. 
(c)— Sarah Sophia Haskell, b., Mar. 10, 1844. 

621-AUGUSTUS STEARNS, b., Oct. 4, 1807: d., Sept. 
12, 181 1, '*of throat distemper." 

622-JOHN STEARNS (230), b., Feb. 17, 1728, son of 

Zachanah and Sarah ( ) Stearns, of Concord, Mass.; 

md., 1751, Rachel Codman and settled in Merrimack. N. 
H.; in 1772. they moved to Amherst, N. H., where he d 
Oct. 2, 1810. aged 82 yrs. May i, 1775, John Stearns was' 
enrolled in Archelaus Town's Co.. 27th Regt. Foot Sol- 
diers. Continental Army; on Apr. 15, 1776, he was in Capt. 
limothy Clement's Co., Col. David Oilman's Regt • Dec 20 
1778, he^ was in Capt. Simon Marston's Co., Col. Stephen 
leabodys Regt.. which was raised by N. H. for the Con- 
tinental service at R. I. He had eleven children. 

623— RACHEL STEARNS, b.. Nov. 12. 1752; md., May 
I, 1780, John Dutton; d., Jan. 17, 1829. 

(a) — Rachel Dutton, b.. Aug. 27, 1781. 

(b)— Abigail Dutton, b., Jan. 2. 1783: md., Nov 17 

1803, Jacob Abbot, 
(c)— John Dutton, b., Oct. 16, 1785. 
(d)— Frances Dutton. b.. Mar. 18, 1788. 
(e)— Timothy Dutton, b., 1790; during the war of 1812. 

was in the American Armv, with his father and 

brother. Samuel; d.. 1813, in the service, at French 



(f) — Samuel Button, b., 1792; was in the American 
Army during the war of 1812; md., Nov., 1824, 
Mercy Gilmore. 

624— JOHN STEARNS JR. (1508), b., Apr. 25, 1755. 

625— REBECCA STEARNS, b., Apr. 25, 1755. 
Rebecca md., July 6, 1780, Roger Button. 

626— JOTHAM STEARNS, b., Nov. 17, 1757; md., 
Aug. 25, 1785, Abigail Gould, and settled in Goffstown, 

N. H. 

627— RELIEF STEARNS, md. (i), Mr. Parker; md. (2),, 
Bea. Cyrus Eastman. 

628— BOLLY STEARNS, md., Sept. 4, 1822, Hon. Mace 
Moulton, of Manchester, N. H. 

629— NATHAN STEARNS (1509), b., July 22, 1761. 

630— ELIJAH STEARNS (1513), b., Oct. 17, 1763. 

631— ELEAZER STEARNS, b., Oct, 26, 1765; of Am- 
herst, N. H.; d.. Mar. 9, 1846; unm. 

632— REUBEN STEARNS (1520), b., June 28, 1768. 

633— ELIZABETH STEARNS, sometimes called Betsy 
Stearns, b., Mar. 31, 1771; md., Bee. 13, 1791, her cousin^ 

Zachariah Stearns ( ). They had one child. 

(a) — Leonard Stearns, d. unm. 

634— SALLY STEARNS, b., 1772; md. Mr. Anderson of 
Merrimack, N. H. 

635— JAMES STEARNS (1525), b., Aug. 30, 1774. 

636— ZACHARIAH STEARNS JR. (231), b., Feb. 11, 
1730, son of Zachariah and Sarah ( ) Stearns, of Merri- 
mack, N. H.; d., May 20, 1812, at Amherst, N. H. He was 
in Captain Peter Cross's Co., N. H. Vols., Continental Army, 
at Rhode Island, Aug. 7, 1778. 

637— BANIEL STEARNS (232), b., May 19, 1732, son of 
Zachariah and Sarah ( ) Stearns, of Merrimack, N. H.; 


settled in Amherst, N.H.; md. (i), Betsey Arbuckle, of Merri- 
mack, N. H.; md. (2), Miss Dutton. 

638— WILLIAM STEARNS (237), b., Apr. 27, 1734, son 

of Eleazer and Abigail ( ) Stearns, of Concord, Mass.; 

md. (i), Jan., 1755, Elizabeth Lawrence, of Ashby, Mass.; 
md. (2), Jan. 19, 1764, Ehzabeth Burt, of Harvard- Mass. He 
was of Littleton, Mass., at time of second marriage, and the 
first child by second wife was born at Harvard, Mass. 'Tn 
1769, he was lessee of one of the public lots in Rindge, N. 
H., but left there previous to the Revolution." From Har- 
vard they removed to Rindge, N. H., and subsequently to 
Rockingham, Vt., where he d.> 1804; eight children. 

639— WILLIAM STEARNS JR. (1538), b., Oct. 24, 1755. 

640— ISAAC STEARNS, b., Aug. 5, 1758. 

641— JONATHAN STEARNS (1545), b., 1760. 

642— JOHN BURT STEARNS (1547), b., Sept. 7, 1764, 
at Harvard, Mass. 

643— JABEZ STEARNS' b., Nov. 5, 1766, in Rindge, 
N. H. 

644— BARBARA STEARNS, b., July 30, 1769, in Rindge, 

N. H. 

645— ABIGAIL (NABBY) STEARNS, bapt, July 20, 

646— SARAH (SALLY) STEARNS, bapt., May 23, 1779. 

647— ELEAZER STEARNS JR. (238), b., Mar. 14, 1737, 

son of Eleazer and Abigail ( -) Stearns- of Concord, 

Mass.; lived in Rockingham and W^illiston, Vt., ^hen settled 
in Stockholm, N. Y., where he d., Feb., 1814, In his seventy- 
seventh year. He married twice, probably three times; had 
seven children- perhaps more; one of his wives, md., Dec. 6, 
1759, was Elizabeth Pierce, of Hollis, N. H.; another was 
named Ruth. 

648— DANIEL STEARNS (1555), b., 1760, in Hollis, 
N. H. 

649— PIERCE STEARNS (1561), of Williston, Vt. 


650— ELEAZER STERNE (5234). 

651— RALPH PARKER STEARNS, b., Aug. 19, 1778, 
in Rockingham, Vt.; md., July 24, 1800, Rhoda Winslovv; 
lived in Willistou' Vt., afterwards in Stockholm, N. Y., 
where he d., Apr. 26, 1863; s. p. 

652— BETSY S. STEARNS, b., 1781; md. Chester Cook, 
of Stockholm, N. Y., where she d., Dec. 17, 1834, in the 
fifty-third year of her age. 

653— DAUGHTER, d. 

654— ABEL HAWLEY STEARNS (1571)' b., Feb. 8, 

655— JONATHAN STEARNS (241), b., 1747. son of 

Eleazer and Mary ( ) Stearns, of Concord, Mass.; 

md., Hannah . He and his wife "owned the baptismal 

covenant," in the Baptist Church of Boxboro, Mass., Mar. 
4, 1792; had three children. 




659— DAVID STEARNS (242), b., 1750, son of Eleazer 

and Mary ( ) Stearns, of Concord, Mass. ; of Boxboro, 

Mass., afterwards of Hollis, N. H., where he d. He md. Lois 

, who d., Dec. 29, 1789, in Boxboro, Mass., aged 35 

yrs. She was admitted to the Boxboro Church, Sept, 20, 
1789, three months before her death; four children. 


661— NATHANIEL STEARNS- b., 1782. 

662— SIMEON STEARNS (1581), b., Dec. 2, 1784. 

663— MOLLY STEARNS, b., 1787. 

664— ASA STEARNS (253), b.. Mar. 20, 1754, son of 
Benjamin and Dinah (Wheeler) Stearns, of Bolton, Mass.; 
md., Nov. 8, 1781, in Paxton, Elizabeth Witt, b., July 19, 
1765. They removed to Hardwick, in 1785, where he d., Jan 


22, 1795. His estate inventoried £673, 7sh., iid. Asa's 
father died when Asa was about ten months old, and, at a 
suitable age, he was sent to live with his father's cousin, 
named Samuel Stearns, at the Gore, part of which afterwards 
became Grafton. At Asa's death, at least two-thirds of his 
personal property consisted of notes against his cousin, Sam- 
uel Stearns {184), which proved to be of no value. Eliza- 
beth (Witt) Stearns, his widow, md. (2), Nov. 17, 1805, 
Nathaniel Wood, b., Jan. 12, 1767, at Norton, Mass., who d., 
Dec. 17, 1853. She d., Aug. 8, 1846, in Mendon, N. Y.; he 
had seven children. 

665— JONATHAN STEARNS (1591), b., 1782, at Pax- 
ton, Mass. 

666— ALICE STEARNS, b., Mar. 25, 1784, at Paxton, 
Mass.; md.. May, i, 1808, Parley Williams, a farmer, of Hub- 
bardston, Mass., where she d., Sept. 12, 1847. He was b.. 
Mar. 17, 1786, and d., July 25, 1861. 

(a) — Harriet E. Williams, b., Apr. 29, 1809, at Peter- 
sham, Mass.; md.. Mar. 17, 183 1, Horace Morse, 
b., Jan. 5, 1805. 

(b) — Martha Williams, b., Apr. 12, 1818, at Hubbards- 
ton, Mass.; m., 1841, Abel Howe, b., Sept. 11, 1815. 

667— ELIZABETH (BETSY) STEARNS, b., Dec. 24, 
1785, at Hardwick, Mass.; md., Nov. 8, 1810, Dr. John 
Browning, b., July 31, 1785, who d.. May 31, 1866, at Men- 
don, N. Y., where she also d., Dec. i, 1867. 

(a) — John Stearns Browning, b., Oct. 6, 1812, at Hard- 
wick, Mass.; md., Oct. 29, 1851, at Ashtabula, O., 
Marian J. Bardeen, b., Nov. 4, 1831, at Fabius, N. 
Y., who d., Jan. 22, 1879. 

(b) — Eliza Browning, b., Oct. 6, 1816, at Hubbardston, 
Mass.; md., Apr. 6, 1840, at Mendon, N. Y., Isaac 
Smith Badger, b., Dec. 24, 181 1. She was a true 
wife, a fond mother, a Christian gentlewoman, who 
d., June 24, 1885, at Mendon, N. Y. 

(c) — Alfred P. Browning, b., Apr. 24, 182 1, at Mendon, 
N. Y.; md., Apr. 5, 1849, Delia Stearns (1600), b., 
Jan. 8, 1828, daughter of Artemas Stearns (1598). 


668— ALFRED STEARNS, b., Jan. i6, 1787, at Hard- 
wick, Mass.; by profession, a lawyer; grad. Williams Coll., 
1812; md., 1816, at Westfield, Mass., Dolly Ann Atwater, 
He d., 1833, at Edwardsville, III, and information attain- 
able of his family is very meagre. 

669— MARTHA STEARNS, b., at Westfield, Mass.; md., 
settled in St. Louis, Mo. 

670— JOHN STEARNS, was last heard from in CaH- 


672— HARRIET STEARNS, b., Oct. 15, 1788, at Hard- 
wick, Mass.; md., Dec. 29, 181 1, Amherst Hastings, a farmer, 
of Mendon, N. Y., b., Dec. 7, 1788, at Petersham, Mass., 
who d., Feb. 3, 1872. She d., Feb. 13, i860, at Mendon, N. 
Y. The Hastings family is very ancient and occupies a 
prominent and distinguished position in English history, hav- 
ing had nineteen peerages in England. The first of the 
family who enjoyed the peerage was Henry, Lord Hastings, 
son of William de Hastings, steward of Henry II. He was 
allied, by marrii./e, to the royal family of Scotland and Eng- 
land. George, the third Lord Hastings, was, in 1529, creat- 
ed Earl of Huntingdon. Sirs Henry and George Hastings, 
grandsons of the Earl of Huntingdon, had sons who be- 
came Puritans, and were obliged, by persecution, to leave 
their native land, and find homes in the New World. In 1634, 
Thomas Hastings and wife arrived on this shore, and, in 163B, 
John and family followed. Thomas settled in Watertown, 
Mass., then known as the Massachusetts Bay Colony, and 
was admitted freeman. May 6, 1635. From this Thomas 
Hastings was descended Amherst Hastings, who married 
Harriet Stearns (672). 

(a) — Henry Hastings, b. Apr. 14, 181 3, at Petersham, 
Mass., md., June 9,, 1844, at Mendon, N. Y., 
Clarissa Sherwood. He d., July 24, 1857, at Quin- 
cy, Mich, 
(b) — Daniel Hastings, b., Julv 7, 1821, at Mendon, 
N. Y.; md. (i). May 6, 185 1, at Bloomfield, N. Y., 
', Mehitable C. Peck, who d., Dec. 23, 1858, s. p.; md. 


(2), a lady from Lansing, Mich., and settled at 
Rapid City, Dakota, 
(c) — Harriet Stearns Hastings, b., Mar. 20, 1824, at 
Mendon, N. Y.; d., June 15, 1847. 

(d) — George Stearns Hastings, b., May 10, 1830, at 
Mendon, N. Y.; md., Dec. 31, 1861, Jerusha A. 
Backus; d., Mar. 19, 1881. 

673— POLLY STEARNS, b.. Mar. 3, 1790, at Hardwick, 
Mass.; d., May 8, 1791. 

674— SAMUEL STEARNS (1593), b., Feb. 8, 1792, at 
Hardwick, Mass. 

675— ARTEMAS STEARNS (1598), b., Oct. 12, 1793, at 
Hardwick, Mass. 

676— NATHANIEL STEARNS 3d. (255), b., Jan., 1736; 

bapt., Feb., 1736, son of Nathaniel and Stearns, of 

Watertown, Mass.; md., Oct. 9, 1760, by Rev. Daniel Bliss, 
Mary Farrar, of Concord, Mass. He d., Nov. 28, 1777; nine 

677— JOHN STEARNS, b., Sept. 17, 1761; md., Aug. 28, 
1783, by Rev. E. Ripley, Mary Farrar, of Concord, Mass., 
his mother's namesake. 

678— MARY STEARNS, b., Mar. 31, I764;md.. Mar. 31, 
1785, by Rev. Ezra Ripley, Dea. Andrew Parker, of Barre, 


679— NATHANIEL STEARNS, b., Apr. 25, 1766. 

680— MERCY STEARNS, b., Apr. 3, 1768. 

681— DANIEL STEARNS, b., Jan. 29, 1770; d., Jan. 
.30, 1770. 

682— ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., Apr. 17, 1771. 

683— ISAIAH STEARNS, b., Mar. 31, 1773. 

684— DANIEL STEARNS, b., June 19, 1775. 

685— BENJAMIN STEARNS, b., Nov. 8, 1777. 

68^-STEPHEN STEARNS (259), b., Sept. 21, 1726, 


son of Daniel and Mercy (Grant) Steams, of Watertown, 
Mass.; md. (i), May 24, 1748, Mary Boardman, dau. of 
Moses Boardman, of Cambridge. In 1760, he had a wife, 
Ruth, and, in that year, removed from Cambridge to Charles- 
town, Mass., where she d., 1773; md. (3), pub., Jan. 22, 1774, 
Susanna Robbins, who d., Apr. 12, 1789; he had seven chil- 

687— MARY STEARNS, b., 1750. 

688— STEPHEN STEARNS JR. (1605), b., June 17, 
689— RUTH STEARNS, bapt, Dec. 17, 1758. 

690— JOHN STEARNS, bapt., Dec. 13, 1761. 

691— PERSIS STEARNS, b., Nov. 24, 1763. 

692— INFANT, b. and d., Sept. 28, 1764. 

693— JOSHUA STEARNS, b., Jan. 3, 1766. 

694— ISAIAH STEARNS (260), b., Jan. 22, 1728, son 
of Daniel and Mercy (Grant) Steams, of Watertown, Mass.; 

of West Cambridge; md., 1750, EHzabeth . They 

were admitted to the Precinct Church, Cambridge, Sept. 16, 
1750. He d.. Mar. 11, 1768, and she md. (2), Dec. 7, 1775, 
Edward Fillebrown, who d., June 16, 1793. The estate of 
Isaiah Stearns was administered by his widow, Elizabeth, in 
1769; inventory, £139; nine children. 

695— BENJAMIN STEARNS, h., Oct. 18, I750id., Sept. 
8, 1770. 

696— ISAIAH STEARNS, b., July 19, 1752; d., Feb. 10, 

697— PETER STEARNS, b., Apr. 24, 1754; d., Nov. 3, 

698— ISAIAH STEARNS, b., June 5, 1756; d., Aug. i, 

699— PETER STEARNS, bapt., Jan. 14, 1759; md., 1785, 

Dorcas ; settled in Concord, Mass., where he d.. Mar. 

16, 1809. Dorcas Stearns, his widow, d., July 15, 1810, aged 
51 yrs. 


700— CHILD, b., Mar. 28, 1786; d., Apr. 5, 1786. 

701— CHILD, b., July 7, 1790; d., July 11, 1790. 

702— DANIEL STEARNS (1607), b., Dec. 17, 1760. 

703— JOSHUA STEARNS, b., Feb. 17, 1763; d., Nov. 9, 

704— ISAAC STEARNS, b., Feb. 27, 1765. 

705— HENRY STEARNS (posthumous), b., Aug. 10, 
1768; d., Sept. 12, 1769. 

706— NATHANIEL STEARNS (264), b., 1735, son of 
Daniel and Mercy (Grant) Stearns, of Watertown, Mass.-, 
about 1759, went to Medfield, Mass., to tend mill for Mrs. 
Ann (Clark) Cheney; md., Dec. 2y, 1762, Sarah Cheney, b., 
Dec. 16, 1727, who d., 1806, dau. of Ephraim and Ann 
(ClarK) Cheney, of Medfield, Mass.; d., 1774. 

707— NATHANIEL STEARNS JR. (1620), b., 1763. 

708— SARAH STEARNS, b., 1765; md., 1800, Abel Par- 
tridge Jr., son of Abel Partridge, of Medfield, Mass. 

709— COL. EPHRAIM STEARNS (269), b., Jan. 10, 
1740, son of Ebenezer and Mary (Spring) Stearns, of Wor- 
cester, Mass.; was a shoemaker by trade; settled in Peter- 
sham, Mass., of which he was Treasurer twenty years, and 
Selectman and Assessor for a very long time. He com- 
manded a company of militia during most of the Revolu- 
tionary War, and was afterwards a Colonel. "On the even- 
ing of Feb. 13, 1787, Gen. Benjamin Lincoln's command, of 
Worcester, marched against the insurgents under Capt. 
Daniel Shay, with Col. Ephraim Stearns's regiment in ad- 
vance. For thirty miles, from Hadley to Petersham, the 
troops marched that night through an almost mountainous 
country, and, during the latter part of the way, faced a vio- 
lent storm. Drifting snow impeded their steps and it grew 
so intensely cold that the majority of the force was frost- 
bitten. To the hardiest soldier that terrible night's march 
was something to be remembered for life. Within twelve 
hours after receiving the order to move, the advance guard 
had reached its destination, on Sunday morning. The in- 


surgents were taken by surprise and fled in hot haste, scat- 
tering in every direction." He md., 1764, Prudence Wilder, 
b., Sept. 16, 1746, who d,. Mar. 29, 1825, and he d.^ Sept. 2, 
1808; ten children. 

710— CORNELIUS STEARNS, b., Jan. 12, 1765; d., Apr. 
10, 1769. 

711— ABEL STEARNS, b., Oct. 6, 1768. 

712— ARETHUSA STEARNS, b., Oct. 6, 1768. 
Abel d., Dec. 19, 1768. Arethusa md., Mar. 23, 1786, 
Newhall Mason, who d., Sept. 18, 1803, in Petersham, Mass. 

(a) — George Mason, b., Nov. 6, 1787; d., Feb. 22, 1830. 

(b) — Edith Mason, b., Nov. 2, 1789; d., Mar. 17, 1827; 
md., Nov. 21, 181 1, Joseph Ward, b., July 19, 1783, 
and settled in Petersham, Mass. 

(c) — Amanda Mason, b., Jan. 13, 1792; d., Nov. 18, 

(d) — Lysander Mason, b., Oct. 12, 1795; d., June 5, 

(e) — Asenath Mason, b., Jan. 22, 1804; d., Nov. 4, 

713— POLLY STEARNS, b., Nov. 18, 1770; d., Jan. 
15, 1824; md., 1795, Elijah Hildreth, of Petersham, b., Dec. 
27, 1770, who d., June 4, 1823. 

(a) — Arethusa Hildreth, b., Jan. 3, 1796; d.. May 17, 

(b) — Clarissa Hildreth, b., Oct. 22, 1797; d., Mar. 3, 

1830; unm. 
(c) — A son, b. and d,, May, 1800. 
(d) — Luna Hildreth, b., Apr. 29, 1803; d., Apr. i, 

1825; unm. 
(e)— Elijah Hildreth Jr., b., July 8, 1807; md., Apr. 7, 

1830, Melinda Williams. 

714— EBENEZER STEARNS, b., Mar. 21,^1773; d., 
Dec. 10, 1787. 


715— JOHN STEARNS (1632), b, Jan. 28, 1775. 
716— SAMUEL STEARNS (1640), b, Oct. 3, 1776. 
717— JOEL STEARNS (1649), b., June 23, 1777. 

718— BETSY STEARNS, b., May 29, 1780; md. (i), Oct. 
9, 1804, Daniel Goddard, son of William and Rhoda God- 
dard. They settled in Reading, Vt., where he d., June 29, 
1840, and she md. (2), Apr. 23, 1843, William Clark, of 
Petersham, where she d., Sept. 11, 1846; s. p. 

719— SARAH or SALLY STEARNS, b.. May 9, 1789; 
md., July 29, 1832, John Carter, of Petersham, where she 
d., Oct. 19, 1868. 

720— EBENEZER STEARNS JR. (270), b., Oct. 3, 
1741, son of Ebenezer and Mary (Spring) Stearns, of Wor- 
cester, Mass.; md., Apr. 6, 1769, by Rev. Thaddeus McCar- 
ty, Martha Holbrook, b., May 30, 1743, in Sherburne, Mass, 
After the birth of three children in Worcester, they removed 
to Warwick, Mass., where he d., Aug. 4, 1828; seven chily 

721— JAMES STEARNS (1652), b., Jan. 8, 1770. 

722— CLARKE STEARNS, b., Oct. 17, 1771; d., July 
24, ^773- 

723— MARTHA STEARNS, b., Sept. 8, 1773; d., May 
15, 1862; md., Jan. 15, 1797, Nathan Leonard, of Warwick, 
Mass., b., Aug. 5, 1763, son of Moses and Rhoda (Smith)' 
Leonard. He d., July 18, 1833, in Warwick. 

(a) — Nathan Leonard Jr., b., June it, 1798; d., Aug. 8. 

(b) — Martha Holbrook Leonard, b., Jan. 21, 1800; md., 
(pub. June 25, 1822), Joshua T. Sanger; d., Feb. 5, 

(c) — A daughter, b., June 25, d., June 26, 1802. 

(d) — Experience Leonard, b.. May 6, 1804; d., Aug. 2, 

(e) — Experience Leonard, b., Jan. 5, 1807; d., July 18,. 
1882; md., Nov. 5, 1829, Daniel Hastings. 


(f) — Harriet Leonard, b., June 4, 1808; d., July 31, 1824. 
(g) — Elmina Leonard, b., Feb. 26, 181 1; d., Mar. 8, 

1887; md., June 7, 1835, Jonathan Gale. 
(h) — Sarah Leonard^ b.,_Feb. 23, 1813; d., Jan. 12, 

724— ELEANOR STEARNS, b., July 19, 1775; md., Oct. 
19, 1794, Samuel Ball, of Warwick, Mass.; d., Sept. 25, 1865, 
at Athol, Mass. 

725— EBENEZER STEARNS 3d. (1659), b., Aug. 6, 

726— CLARK STEARNS (1667), b., Dec. 21, 1779. 

727— SARAH STEARNS, b., Jan. 12, 1782; md., Feb. 
12, 1803, Josiah Proctor, of Warwick. 

728— NATHANIEL STEARNS (271), b., Oct. 26, 1743, 
son of Ebenezer and Mary (Spring) Stearns, of Worcester, 
Mass.; d., Feb. 17, 1819; a mason by trade. He md. (i), 
Oct. 13, 1768, Mary Rice, of Worcester, Mass., who was the 
mother of two children, and d., Sept. 17, 1772; md. (2), 
Mary Richards, of Roxbury, Mass., who was the mother of 
one son, and left him again a widower; md. (3), Feb. 25, 
1778, EHzabeth Stratton, of Northfield, who d., Mar. 23, 
1840; he had seven children. 

729— MARY (POLLY) STEARNS, b., Feb. 12, 1769; d., 
Mar. 15, 1844; md., Jan. 8, 1789, John Ball, of Warwick, 

(a) — Polly Ball, b., 1789; md., Aug. 21, 181 1, Cum- 
mings Lesure; was the mother of one son, Albert 
Lesure, who md. Lucy M. Morse, and lived in 
Winchester, N. H.; d., Aug. 21, 1826. 

(b) — Eunice Ball, b., 1791; md., Oct. 31, 1810, Joseph 
Wilson; d., Apr. 17, 1812. 

(c) — John Ball, md., Jan. 3, 1819, Harriet Moore; d., 
Mar. 4, 1836. 

730— EUNICE STEARNS, b., Dec. 27, 1770; d., Oct. 30, 
1854; buried in Warwick; unm. 


731— NATHANIEL STEARNS, b., about 1775. He 
was the child of the second wife, ran away from home while 
a boy and was never heard from. 

732— CALVIN STEARNS (1676), b., Nov. 5, 1778. 

733— JOHN STEARNS (1687), b., Aug. 20, 1780. 

734— TAMAR STEARNS, b., Feb. 17, 1783; d., Apr. 12, 
1861 ; unm. ; buried in Warwick. 

735— SAMUEL SPRING STEARNS (1701), b., Jan. 26, 

736— SIMEON STEARNS {272), b., June 10, 1745, son of 
Ebenezer and Mary (Spring) Stearns, of Worcester, Mass.; 
md. (pub. Jan. 12, 1772), Elizabeth Clark and settled in 
Warwick, Mass.; was in the campaign of 1777. He d., July 
24, 1800, (suicide). 

/37— JOSEPH STEARNS, b., Apr. 7, 1773. 

738— SIMEON STEARNS, b., Nov. 13. 1774; d. 

739— LEVI STEARNS, b., Sept. 24, 1776. 

740— SIMEON STEARNS JR. (1707), b., Apr. 30, 1779. 

741— ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., Mar. 25, 1782; md. 
Nathan Hastings. 

742— MARY STEARNS, b., Apr. 18, 1784. 

743— BETSY STEARNS, b., 1786; d.. Mar. 27, 1855. 

744— CAPT. WILLIAM STEARNS (276), b., Aug. 5, 
1754, son of Ebenezer and Mary (Spring) Stearns, of Wor- 
cester, Mass.; was Captain in the Revolutionary Army and 
his discharere, with some of the Continental money which 
he received for his services, has been treasured by his familv. 
He m., Sept. 16, 1775, Joanna Duncan, b., Feb. 8, 1757, who 
d., Aug. 13, 1834, in Jamestown, N. Y. He d., Feb. 14, 
1834, in Jamestown, Chautauqua Co., N. Y., and the follow- 
ing notice appeared in the Jamestown Journal; 


"Of those who sleep in dust so cold, 

Forever hid from human view, 
Should many a tender tale be told, 

For many a tender thought is due.. 

Died, in this village, at the residence of his son, William 
Stearns Jr., on the fourteenth inst., Capt. William Stearns, in 
the eightieth year of his age, leaving eleven children. Capt. 
Stearns was a native of Worcester, Mass., but had resided in 
this county some time, and we think it due to every patriot 
of 1776, to add a paragraph to their memory. He stood, as 
a minute-man, within a few miles of Boston at the time of 
the destruction of the British tea there. He was stationed 
near Boston, in the regular service, at the time it was evacu- 
ated by the British forces, and took an active part in the 
battle of White Plains. He lived to see those dearly-bought 
rights cherished and maintained by several generations and 
to feel that he had helped to secure that liberty which 
now blesses our American millions. Some twenty years of 
the latter part of his life were spent in public office, being, at 
one time Sherifif of Worcester Co., Mass. As an officer he 
always bore a high reputation for honesty and fidelity; as a 
private citizen, was of unblemished character; as a friend, 
true and faithful; as a neighbor, kind and obliging. Until 
his last hours, he had never had any disease prey upon his 
system, had never submitted to a surgical operation, nor re- 
ceived any medicine from the hands of a physician. A few 
years previous to his decease, he gave evidence of a hope 
of eternal salvation through the merits of our blessed Savior, 
although he was not a member of any religious sect." 

He was the father of fifteen children. 

745— FRANKLIN STEARNS, b., Apr. 9, 1776; d., 1849- 
50, in Lebanon, leaving no family. 

746— BETTIE STEARNS, b., Dec. 8, 1777; d., Nov. 3, 

747— BETTIE STEARNS, b., Aug. 28, 1779; md., Jan. 
25, t8oo, William Gates Jr. 

748— JOANNA STEARNS, b., Feb. 6, 1781; d., Nov. 
10, 1824; md., May 17, 1805, Joel Gates. 


749-WILLIAM STEARNS JR. (1713), b., Apr. 12, 

T ^^°r^™^^ STEARNS, b., Dec. 14, 1784; md., 1803, 
Joseph Garfield, of Jamestown, N. Y.; d., 1850. He was an 
officer of 1812, from the Puritan Garfields of Plymouth 

(a)— Hannah Garfield, b., 1805; md., Richard Hiller, 
and had one daughter. 

(b)— Eliakim Garfield, b., 1806; md. Priscilla Root. 

(c)— Anna Garfield, b., 1807; md. Horace Bacon. 

(d)— Joseph Garfield, b. and d., 1809. 

(e)— Samuel Garfield, b., 181 1; md. (i), Susan East- 
man; md. (2), Libbie Emory; d., 1882. 

(f)— Lydia Garfield, b., 1814; md. Martin Grout, who 
d., Oct. 16, 1879. She d., Nov. i, 1894. 

(g)— Joseph Garfield Jr., b., 1817; md. Lucy Ann Pal- 
mer and Had six children; d., 1885. 

751-JONAH D. STEARNS, b., Sept. 20, 1786; d., July 
3. 1793. / ' ^ J y 

752-SIMEON STEARNS (1715), b., June 28, 1788. 
753 — CHILD, b. and d., Mar. 19, 1790, 
754-EBENEZER STEARNS (1726), b., Mar. 13, 1791. 

1 ^^^~^^'^y^ STEARNS, b., July 17, 1793; md., Dud- 
ley Beebe, and settled in Kankakee, 111. 

756-ELEANOR STEARNS, b., Apr. 5, 1795; md. Ly. 
man Tombs; settled m North Bennington, Vt.: d. May 22, 

757-AMORY STEARNS (1732), b., Apr. 6, 1797. 

T8^f 7h^^^^xf ^^^^^' ^•' ^^^- ^^' ^798; md., Jan. 22. 

20%^. .Tm' •• ?'xf \7^^ ^- ^P'- ^' ^^37; she d., June 
20, i875» at Hoosick, N. Y. 

(a)_Joseph H. Harris b., Nov. 9, 1826; md., Sept. 14,. 
1848, Elmira N. Harris, b.. May 4, 1828. Their 


daughters, Mrs. Mary (Harris) Sheldon, and Mrs. 
Eva (Harris) Sheldon, are members of the order 
of Eastern Star, and Daughters of American Rev- 

(b)— William M. Harris, b., Oct. i, 1828. 

(c) — Ebenezer Stearns Harris, b., Sept. 4, 1834; md.. 
Dec, 1856, Elizabeth Rudd; d., Dec. 4, 1880. 

(d) — Mary P. Harris, b., Dec. 16, 1835; d., Feb. 5, 


759_jOSEPH H. STEARNS, b., July 28, 1802; d., July 
26, 1852, in Jamestown, N. Y.; md. (i), name unknown; md. 
(2), Anice Stowell. 

76c^MARY ANN STEARNS, md. George Chase. 

761— LIEUT SAMUEL STEARNS (291), b., Nov. 14, 
1739, son of Lieut. Samuel Jr. and Sarah (Bowman) Stearns, 
of Waltham, Mass.; d., Jan. 18, 1818. He md.. May 15, 1760, 
Mary Bigelow, b., Dec. 9, 1739, dau. of Jacob and Susanna 
(Mead) Bigelow, of Waltham; she d., Sept. 27, 1832; thir- 
teen children. The following abstracts from the Revolu- 
tionary War Archives, deposited in the office of the Com- 
monwealth of Mass., bear the signature of William M. Olin, 
Secretary, and the seal of the Commonwealth. They show 
the war record of Lieut. Samuel Stearns officially, and are 
published by special request: 

"Samuel Stearns" — Appears with rank of Lieut., on Lex- 
ington Alarm Roll, Capt. Abraham Pierce's Co., Col. 
Thomas Gardiner's Regt., which marched on the alarm of 
April 19, 1775, from Waltham to Concord and Lexington. 
Town to which soldier belonged, Waltham; length of service, 
3 days. 

Vol. 13, Page 57. 

"Samuel Stearns" — Appears with rank of Lieutenant on 
Muster and Pay Roll of Capt. Abraham Pierce's Co.. Col. 
Samuel Thatcher's Regt. Time of enlistment, Mar. 4, 
1776; time of discharge, Mar. 8, 1776; time of service, 5 
days. Residence. Waltham. Reported: — Marched by or- 
der of General Washington, on taking possession of Dor- 
chester Heights. 


Vol. 22, Page 1. 

"Samuel Stearns" — Appears among the list of officers as 
Pirst Lieutenant in Capt. Abraham Pierce's Co., (nth), of 
Waltham, Col. Samuel Thatcher's (ist Middlesex Co), Regt. 
Commissioned in Council, June 17, 1776 

Vol.41, Page 143. 

"Samuel Stearns" — Appears with rank of Lieutenant on 
Muster and Pay Roll of Capt. Joseph Craft's Co. Time of 
enlistment, Dec. 9, 1776; time of service, 5 days. Report- 
ed; — Marched by order of Council to join Col. Craft's Regt. 
at Boston. 

Vol. 17, Page 208. 

"Samuel Stearns" — Appears with rank of Lieutenant on 
Muster and Pay Roll of Capt. Abraham Pierce's Co., Col. 
SamueJ Thatcher's Regt. Time of enlismieni, Sept. 2, 1778; 
time of discharge, Sept. 6, 1778; time of service, 3 days. 
Residence, Waltham. Reported: — Company doing duty at 
Cambridge in expectation of the British troops landing at 

Vol. 22, Page 65. 

762— SAMUEL STEARNS JR (1739), b., Oct. 23, 1761. 

763— MARY STEARNS, b., Mar. 6, 1763; md., Sept. 22, 
1781, Capt. Jonathan Bemis, b., June 12, 1762, son of David 
and Mary (Bright) Bemis. About 1800, they removed to 
Paris, Me., where he d., July 5, 1828, and his wid. d., Nov. 
14, 1841. 

(a) — Mary Bemis, b., Sept. 15. 1782; d., Mar. 28, 1807. 
(b) — David Bemis, b., Apr. 24, 1784; md., Mehitable 

Field; d., Apr. 16, 1839. 
(c) — EHzabeth M. Bemis (called Betsy), b., Feb. 16. 

1786; d., Apr. 5, 1866; unm. 
(d) — Jonathan Bemis Jr., b., Feb. 26, 1788; md. Olive 

Hammond; Justice of the Peace in Lincoln, Me. 

(e) — Henry Bemis, b., Apr. 3, 1790; d., Apr. 6, 1790. 
(f) — Col. James Bemis. b., Mar. 26, 1791; a Col. and 
machinist; d., 1846. 


is) — Francis Bemis, b., Oct. i, 1793. 
(h) — Augustus Bemis, b., Dec. 9, 1796; of Cincinnati; 
md., Bathsheba L. Stowell. 

764— WILLIAM STEARNS (1743), b., July 28, 1765. 

765— SUSANNA STEARNS, b., Oct. 2, 1766; d., Sept. 1, 
1820; md. Silas Wright, b. in Plympton, Mass., a merchant, 
of Boston, where he died. 

(a) — Thomas Jefferson Wright, of Waltham. 

766— ABIGAIL STEARNS, b., June 24, 1768; md. (i), 
June 13, 1795;, Samuel Hastings, b., June 2"/, 1765, son of 
Josiah and Lydia (Ball) Hastings, of Waltham. He d.. Sept. 
29, 1803, and his wid. md. (2), Sept. 9, 1839, Dea. Thomas 
Bigelow, of Weston; she d., Nov. 8, 1862. 

(a) — Samuel Hastings Jr., b., Sept. 26, 1795; d., 1813. 

(b) — Marshall Hastings, b., Aug. 10, 1797; d., 180:*. 

(c) — Mary Stearns Hastings, b., July 18, 1799; d., 1802. 

(d) — Lydia Hastings, b., Dec. 24, 1800; d., 1802. 

(e) — Josiah Marshall Hastings, b. and d., 1803. 

767— THOMAS STEARNS (1753), b., Feb. 6, 1770. 

768— SARAH STEARNS, b., Apr. 20, 1772; d.. Mar. 11, 
1822; md., Jan. i, 1799, Nathaniel Brown b. Mar. 6, 1771, 
son of Dea. Amos and Anna (Sanderson) Brown, of Wal- 
tham. He md. (2), 1823, Mrs. Miriam Hastings, wid. of 
Eliphalet Hastings. 

(a) — Charlotte Brown, b., Feb. i, 1800; d., May 31, 

(b) — Charles Brown, b., Dec. 24, 1801; md., Nov. 20, 
1836, Mary Hastings Carpenter. 

(c) — Sally Brown, b., Dec. 15, 1803; d., Apr. 13, 1844, in 
Boston, of heart disease; unm. 

(d) — Abigail Hastings Brown, b., Nov. 13. 1805; md., 
Apr., 1832 Francis Gregory, of Waltham. 

(e) — Catherine Brown, b., June 5, 1807; <^-j Nov. 5, 
1833; md., Apr. 1832, Jesse Edson Farnsworth. of 


(f) — Nathaniel Brown Jr., b., Mar. 29, 1809; d., Nov. 
15, 1826. 

(g) — John Brown, b., Feb. 18, 181 1; nid., Feb. 12, 1834, 
Isabella Brown, of Boston. 

(h) — Anna Brown, b., Nov. 12, 1814, md., Oct. 1834, 
Jesse Edson Farnsworth, husband of her deceased 
sister, Catherine. 

769— JACOB STEARNS (1756), b., Feb. 15, 1774. 

770— JESSE STEARNS, b., Feb. 20, 1776; of Boston, 
Mass.; md. and his wife died, s. p.; he d., about 1835. 

771— LOIS STEARNS, b., Feb. 12. 1778; d., May, 1818; 

772— NANCY STEARNS, b., Sept. 18, 1780; md.. May 
7, 1801, John Brown, of Boston, b., Apr. 15, 1779, son of 
Capt. Francis and Mary Brown, of Lexington, who d., Dec. 
30, 1846; she d., Feb., 1863. 

(a) — ^Caroline Brown, b., June 5, 1802; md., Aug. 23, 

1834, William Cooper, of Bedford; d., Apr. u, 

(b) — Mary S. Brown, b.. Mar. 9, 1804; md., July 28, 

1825, John Beals, b., Jan. 20, 1801. 
(c) — John Sullivan Brown, b., Sept. 14, 1806; md. (i), 

Sarah Clough; md. (2), Dec. 26, 1834, Mary 

(d) — Susan W. Brown, b.. May 24, 1808; md., Apr. 23, 

1831, William Proctor, of Derry, N. H. 

(e) — Horatio Brown, b., July 24, 1809; md.. Apr. 22, 

1832, Susan Johnson; d., Dec, 1852, on a voyage to 

(f) — Lydia Ann Brown, b., Oct. 16. 181 1; md., Nov. 28, 
183 1, Edwin G. Watkins, of Boston, Mass. 

(g) — Louisa A. Brown, b., Sept. 14, 1813; md., Feb. 16, 

1837, James L. Bates, 
(h) — Hannah Elizabeth Brown, b., Nov. 10, 181 5; md., 

Sept. 23, 1833, Augustus R. Fuller; d., Aug. 24, 



(i) — ^Jane Isabel Brown, b., Nov. 23, 1822; md., Nov. 
29, 1841, Henry Walker, of Boston. 

773— HANNAH STEARNS, b., Nov. 30, 1782; md. Ben- 
jamin Kendall, a farmer, of West Cambridge, who d., July 12, 
1832, s. p., and his wid. d., in Weston. 

774— JAMES STEARNS, b., July 31, 1785; merchant, of 
Boston, who, in later years, settled on the homestead in 
Waltham; d., Sept. 3, 1857; unm. 

775— SILAS STEARNS (295), b., Mar. 6, 1734, son of 
Dea. Isaac and Elizabeth (Child) Stearns, of Waltham,. 
Mass.; of Waltham; md., Oct. 30, 1765, Elizabeth Welling- 
ton, bapt., Oct. 19, 1740, dau. of Jonathan and Lydia (Gove) 
Wellington, of Lincoln, Mass. In 1757, he marched from 
Waltham to Springfield, in Capt. Seth Blodgett's Co. He 
d., Dec. 31, 1804, and his widow, Elizabeth, d., 1824, aged 
84 yrs. ; nine children. 

776— LUCY STEARNS, b., Apr. 25, 1766; md., Oct. 21, 
1790, Isaac Lee, b., Apr. 14, 1764, a farmer, of Concord, 
Mass., who d., Aug. 25, 1835; she d., 1856. 

(a) — William Lee, b., May 10, 1791. 

(b) — ^Cyrus Lee, b.. Mar. 12, 1793. 

(c) — Lydia Lee. b., Jan. 24, 1795; md. (i), Nathaniel 

Hosmer; md. (2). Reuben Havnes: d., Oct. 9, 

(d) — Elijah Lee, b., Dec. 26, 1796. 
(e) — Lucy Lee, b., July 25, 1799; d. 
(f) — Isaac Stearns Lee, b., Nov. 11, 1801. 
(g) — Lucy Lee, b., Sept. 29, 1803; md. Joseph Miles. 
(h) — Mary White Lee., b., Nov. 21, 1805; md. Henry 

(i) — Louisa Lee, b., Aug. 26, 1807; d., Apr. 23, 1850. 

777— WILLIAM STEARNS, b., May 8, 1768; md., Milli- 
cent Estabrook, of Lexington, Mass.. b., Jime 8, 1777, who 
d., 1844; s. p. He was of Waltham. 

778— ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., May 4, 1770; md.. 


Dec. 1 8, 1794, Seth Hall of Hardwick, Mass.; settled in 
Mount Vernon, Me. 

(a) — Elizabeth Hall, b., 1795; m., Nov. 23, 1816, John 
Wilson Rollins, a farmer, of Mt. Vernon, Me. 

779— PHINEHAS STEARNS (1765), b., Apr. 7, 1772. 

780— EUNICE STEARNS, b., Apr. 15, 1774; md., Nov. 
2, 1795, William Hyde, of Newton, Mass., and settled in 
Hubbardston, Mass. 

781— ISAAC STEARNS, b.. Mar., 1777; d., Jan. 1787, in 
the conflagration at the burning of his Uncle Isaac's house. 

782— KEZIAH STEARNS, b., May 18, 1779; was un- 
married, in 1853, at Concord, Mass. 

783— ELIJAH STEARNS (1767), b., Nov. 23, 1781. 
784— SILAS STEARNS JR. (1773), b., July 26, 1784. 

785— PHINEHAS STEARNS (297), b., Feb. 28, 1738, 
son of Dea. Isaac and Elizabeth (Child) Stearns, of Waltham, 
Mass.; of Waltham; md., July 9, 1761, Mary Wellington, b., 
Nov. 29, 1742, who d., Feb. 13, 1790, dau. of Joseph and 
Dorcas (Stone) Wellington, of Lexington, Mass. They 
moved to Lexington as early as 1768, and he was in the bat- 
tle of Lexington. He d., Oct. 7, 1792, of small-pox; nine 

786— SARAH STEARNS, b., Dec. 29, 1761; m., Jan., 
1781, Isaac Hastings, b., Dec. 26, 1755, who d., July 2, 1831, 
son of Samuel Jr. and Lydia (Tidd) Hastings, of Lexington, 
Mass. He was on Boston Common with Capt. Parker, Apr. 
19- 1775' was at the capture of Burgoyne and detailed to 
guard the prisoners at Prospect Hill, Charlestown, now 
Somerville. His widow, Sarah, d., Mar. 15, 1834. 

(a) — Sophia Hastings, b., Oct. 17, 1781; md., June 18, 
1809, Isaac Saltmarsh Spring, of Standish, Me.; d., 
Nov. 1841, at Somerville, Mass.; three children. 

(b) — Isaac Hastings Jr., b., Nov. 3, 1783; lost at sea; 

(c) — Thomas Hastings, b., Feb. 12, 1786; md. Mary 


Baker, in Vt,; d., July, 1835, in Montreal, Canada. 

(d) — Abigail Hastings, b., May 20, 1788; md., Dec. 9, 
182 1, Jonathan Gary, of Boston, who d., Apr. 17, 
1855, aged 86 yrs.; s. p. 

(e) — John Hastings, b., July 12, 1790; was twice mar- 
ried; s. p. 

(f) — Phinehas Stearns Hastings, b., Oct. 13, 1792; md., 
1835, Mrs. Elizabeth Bowles, of Portsmouth, N. 
H.; s. p. 

(g) — Leonard Hastings, b., Sept. 6, 1794; d., Nov. 10, 

' (h) — Samuel Hastings, b., Sept. 24, 1798; md., Aug. 2y, 

1827, Lucy R. Reed, dau. of Sweethern Reed, of 

Lexington, Mass. 
(i) — Maria Hastings, b.. Mar. i, 1801; md., May 4, 1828, 

William H. Gary, a distinguished merchant, ol 

Brooklyn, N. Y., who d. suddenly; s. p. 

787— MARY STEARNS, b., Mar. 6, 1764; md.. Mar. 27, 
1788, William Stearns (764); d., Dec. 9, 1814, in Paris, Me. 
Nine children. 

788— PELEG STEARNS (1781), b., Apr. 25, 1766. 

789— JOHN STEARNS (1790), bapt., Apr. 24, 1768. 

790— PHINEHAS STEARNS JR., bapt., June i, 1770; d. 
in infancy. 

791— SUSANNA STEARNS, b., Aug. 8, 1774; md., Nov. 
29, 1800, Jonas Wyeth, of Cambridge; d., Mar. 28, 1855. 

(a) — Augustus Wyeth, b., Dec. 15, 1801; d., July 15, 
183 1 ; unm. 

(b) — Jonas Wyeth Jr., b., Dec. 14, 1806; d., June 3, 

1868, in Waltham, Mass. 
(c) — Emily Wyeth, b., Sept. 12, 1809; md. Mr. Reed, 
(d) — Susanna Stearns Wyeth, b., Oct. 3, 1816; d., Aug., 


792— ISAAC STEARNS, bapt., Nov. 3, 1776;- d., in in- 


793— REBECCA STEARNS, bapt., Aug. 20, 1778; md., 
Apr. II, 1805, Capt. David Wellington, a farmer, of Lexing- 
ton, Mass., b., Nov. i, 1771, son of William and Mary (Whit- 
ney) Wellington, of Waltham, Mass. She d., in childbed, 
Feb. 18, 1821. 

(a) — Hiram Wellington, b., Mar. 14, 1806; grad. Harv. 
Univ., 1834; LL. B., 1838; a comisellor-at-law, at 
Boston; md., Oct., 23, 1851, Ann A. Hudson. 

(b) — Rebecca Wellington, b., Apr. 11, 1808. 

(c) — David Wellington Jr., b., Aug. 15, 1810; a mer- 
chant, of Boston; unm. 

(d) — Mary Wellington, b., Mar. 31, 1813; md., Oct. 31, 
1840, George S. Cary, b., Aug., 1808, son of Jona- 
than Cary, of Boston. 

(e) — Francis WelHngton, b., Aug. 27, 181 5; lived on the 

homestead with his father; unm. 
(f) — Susan Wyeth WelHngton, b., Aug. 28, 1818. 

(g) — Avery Wellington, b., Feb. 14, 1821; a merchant, 
of Boston; md., Dec. 17, 185 1, Martha Lawrence 

794— DORCAS STEARNS, b., Aug. 7, 1780; md., Dec. 
I, 1808, Luke Chase Esq., b., May 15, 1782, son of Bradford 
and Abigail (Sibley) Chase, of Sutton, Mass., a Justice of 
the Peace and Dea. of the church, in Paris, Me. He d., 
Sept. 25, 1839, and she d., Aug. 6, 1859. 

(a) — Bradford Chase, b., Sept. 14, 1809; md., 1835, Mary 
Kimball, of Rindge, N. H., and settled in Grafton, 

(b) — Austin Chase, b.. May 3, 1813; a farmer and shoe- 
maker, living on the homestead of his father; md., 
Sept. 21, 1837, Lucy Batchelor, b., June 8, 1812, 
dau. of Dea. Mark and Mehitable Batchelor, of 
Grafton, Mass. 

(c) — Nathan Chase, b., Feb. 5, 1815; a farmer and shoe- 
maker, of Paris, Me.; md., Feb. 14, 1844, Mary 
Ann H. Thayer, b., Dec. 10. 1823, dau. of Ebenezer 
and Polly Thayer, of Paris, Me. 


(d) — Elias Chase, b., Apr. 19, 1818, in Barre, Mass.;. 
md., May 6, 1840, Laura Clifford, b.. May 19, 181 7, 
dau. of David and Mary Clifford, of Paris, Me. 

(e) — Luke Chase Jr., b., Jan. 25, 1821; in Barre, Mass.; 
md. Sarah Smith, of Scotland; settled in Lowell. 

795— JOSHUA STEARNS (301), b., July 10, 1748, son 
of Dea. Isaac and Elizabeth (Child) Stearns, of Waltham, 
Mass.; md., Oct. 8, 1772, Lois Pierce, b., Feb. 2, 1754, dau. 
of Ephraim and Lydia (White) Pierce, of Waltham. She d., 
Jan. 13, 1818, in Waltham, Mass., and he d., Nov. 6, 1822, in 
Waltham; eleven children. 

796— LOIS STEARNS, b., Feb. 18, 1774; d., 1795. 

797— ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., Apr. 13, 1776; md., 
Sept. 21, 1794, Joel Smith, b., June i, 1771, son of Ebenezer 
and Priscilla (Diamond) Smith, of Lexington, Mass. She d., 
Apr. I, 1836. 

(a) — Lois Smith, b., Feb. 18, 1795; md. (i) June 9, 1822, 
Jonathan Sanderson Jr., of Waltham; md. (2), June 
19, 1832. Patrick Sullivan, 
(b) — ^Joshua Stearns Smith, b.. May 8, 1796; md., Apr. 
23, 1822, Maria Lawrence, dau. of Phinehas Law- 
rence, of Lexington; d., Jan. 7, 1865. 
(c) — Levi Smith, b., Aug. 10, 1798; d., 1799. 
(d) — Levi Smith, b., Aug. 5, 1800; d., Nov. 5, 1800. 
(e) — Isaac Smith, b., Aug. 31, 1803; md., Apr. 11, 1833,- 
Adaline Thompson, of Sterling, Mass., who d., 
Apr. 30, 1843. 
(f) — EH Francis Smith, b., Nov. 24, 1805; md., Feb. 8, 
1843, Mrs. Sarah Livermore, of Waltham. 

(g) — Priscilla Smith, b., Oct. 14, 1808; md., Dec. 7, 1837, 
Darius Wellington, son of William Wellington, of 

(h) — James Smith, b., Dec. 2, 1813; d., Oct. 3, 1823. 

798— LYDIA STEARNS, b., Apr. 19, 1778; md., Apr. 
17, 1800, Elijah Smith, b.. May 28, 1769, son of Josiah and 
Hannah (Brown) Smith, of Lexington. They moved to 
Chelsea, in 1809, and to Medford, 1810, where he d., Feb.,^ 


(a) — Francis Augustus Smith, b., Dec, 1800; d. 

(b) — Horatio Austin Smith, b., June 12, 1802; md., Nov. 
27, 1828, Elizabeth Learoyd, b., Sept. 11, 1806, who 
d., Apr. 26, 1846, dau. of John and Ann Learoyd, 
who came from England, in 1801. 

(c)— Elizabeth Ann Smith, b., Nov. 27, 1803; md., Nov. 

15, 1821, Edmund Symmes, b., Aug. 14, 1795, son 

of John Symmes, of Medford. 
(d)— Susan Smith, b., Sept. 25, 1805; md., July 19, 1826, 

Nathan W. Wait, b., June 19, 1799, son of Nathan 

Wait, of Medford, Mass. 
(e) — Albert Smith, b., July 13, 1807. 
(f) — Sarah Bemis Smith, b., Oct. 4, 1809. 
(g) — Elijah Brown Smith, b., Apr. 4, 1813. 
(h) — Lydia Maria Smith, b., Feb. 3, 1817; md., June 6, 

1839, John Symmes Jr.. of Medford. b., Nov. 3, 

(i) — Octavius Smith, b., Mar. i. 1819; d. 

799— NANCY (ANNIS) STEARNS, b., May 13, 1780; 
md., May 16, 1805, Nehemiah Wellington, b., Jan. i, 1780, 
son of Timothy and Hannah (Abbott) Wellington, of Lex- 
ington. He d., May 11, 1857. 

(a) — Anna EJiza Wellington, b.. Mar. 2. 1806; d.. Oct. 

3, 1822. 
(b) — Augustus WelHngton, b., June 15, 1807; md. (i). 
Mar. 3. 1835, Tryphena M. Winship, who d., Dec. 
26, 1841, in childbed; md. (2), Sept. 1842, Mrs. 
Martha Hastings, 
(c) — Hannah Maria Wellington, b., Nov. 17, 1809; md., 
I June 15, 1836, Samuel Bridge, son of Jonas Bridge, 

of Lexington, 
(d) — Timothy W. Wellington, b., July 4, 181 1; of vShir- 
ley, Mass.; md., Nov. 4, 1835. Susan Ray, dau. of 
Samuel Ray, of Newton, Mass. She d., Apr. 28, 
1847, in childbed, 
(e) — Sullivan Wellington, b., Nov. 8, 1813; md., Apr. 
II, 1844, Isabel L. Hastings, of Waltham. 


(f) — Jonas Clark Wellington, b., Nov. 30, 1815; md., 
Oct. 17, 1839, Harriet Bosworth, dau, of Nathaniel 
Bosworth, of Attleboro, Mass. 

(g) — Horatio Wellington, b.,Sept. 6, 1817; md., Dec. 16, 
1841, Mary Bowman Teel, dau. of Amos Teel, of 
Charlestown, Mass. 

(h) — Avis Moore Wellington, b., June 27, 1819; md., 
Oct. 17, 1850, Emery Abbott Mulliken. 

(i) — ^Joseph Abbott Wellington, b., June 12, 1821; md.. 
Feb. 10, 1846, Ellen A. Smith, dau. of Billings 
Smith, of Lexington. 

800-SARAH STEARNS, b., Sept. 16, 1782; md., July 
8, 1804, Converse Bemis, b., Dec. 21, 1781. son of Isaac and 
Elizabeth (Green) Bemis, of Waltham. 

801— PRISCH.LA STEARNS, b., Mar. 12, 1784; md., 
(pub. Nov. 13, 1803), Moses Holden, of Shirley, Mass., b., 
June 6, 1776. 

802— SUSANNA STEARNS, b.. Mar. 24. 1786; md., 
Nov. 25, 1809, Capt. Francis Wheeler, a farmer, of Concord, 
Mass., b., Mar. 24, 1787, son of Noah Wheeler; nine chil- 

(a) — WilHam Henry Wheeler, b.. Mar. 30, 181 1; a 

(b) — Susan Elvira Wheeler, b.. Mar. 8, 1813; md., Sept. 
17, 1846, Henry Bemis Stone, a chaise and har- 
ness maker, of Stow, Mass., b., Dec. 25, 1808. 

(c) — Francis Augustus Wheeler, b., Apr. 2, 181 5. 

(d) — Joshua Stearns Wheeler, b.. Mar. 12, 1817; a shoe 
dealer, of Charlestown, Mass.; md., Jan. 7. 1840, 
Ann B. Johnson, b., Jan. 7, 182 1, dau. of Dea. 
Peter Johnson, of Waltham. 

(e) — Avis Moore Wheeler, b., July 8. 1819. 

(f) — Lois Jane Wheeler, b., Feb. 19, 1823; md.. May 
20, 1847, Capt. Richard Barrett, b., Aug. 30, 1818, 
son of Joseph Barrett, Esq., of Concord; a farmer, 
and at one time. State Treasurer. 


(g) — Noah Jefferson Wheeler, b., Aug. i6, 1826; d., 
May, 1833. 

(h) — Hersey Bradford Goodwin Wheeler, b., Jan. 22, 

(i) — Everett Austin Wheeler, b., Dec. 21, 1832. 
803— AVIS STEARNS, b., Aug. 15, 1788. 

804— LUCY STEARNS, b., Jan. i, 1792; md., Feb. 5, 
1817, William Bemis, b., Dec. 21, 1792, a merchant, of Wal- 
tham, son of Isaac and Elizabeth (Green) Bemis, of Wal- 
tham; nine children. 

(a) — Isaac Bemis, b.. May 4, 1817; a machinist, of 
Waltham, Mass.; md., Apr. i, 1840, Mary Sibley, 
of Salem. 

(b) — Ephraim Stearns Bemis, b., June 14, 1818; a pro- 
vision dealer, of Waltham; md., Oct. 15, 1844, Lucy 
Ann Draper, of Wayland, Mass. 

(c) — WilHam Henry Bemis, b., Feb. 5, 1820; of Way- 
land, Mass. 

(d) — Lucy Stearns Bemis, b., Apr. 29, 1822; d., Aug., 

(e) — Joshua Stearns Bemis, b., Nov. 5, 1823, of Way- 
land, Mass. 

(f) — Warren Bemis, b., June 23, 1826; of Waltham, 

(g) — Converse Edwin Bemis, b., Mar. 27. 1831. 

(h) — Francis Bemis, b.. May 29, 1832. 

(i) — Lucy Elizabeth Bemis, b., Dec. 6, 1836. 

805— CYLINDA STEARNS, b.. May 2, 1794; md., May 
14, 1826, Elijah Sanderson, b., Mar. 7, 1796, son of Nathan 
and Elizabeth (Bond) Sanderson; four children. 

(a) — Cylinda Maria Sanderson, b., Feb. 17, 1827. 
(b) — George Orlando Sanderson, b., May 28, 1829. 
(c) — Lucy Stearns Sanderson, b., Oct. 30, 1830. 
(d) — Converse Francis Sanderson, b., Apr. 23, 1835. 

806— EPHRAIM STEARNS (1800), b., June 15, 1797. 


807— JONATHAN STEARNS (302), b., May 22, 1750, 
son of Dea. Isaac and Elizabeth (Child) Stearns, of Waltham, 
Mass.; md., Apr. 29, 1778, Mary Bigelow, b., Mar. 3, 1756, 
dau. of Lieut. Josiah and Mary (Harrington) Bigelow, of 
Weston, Mass. He d., Dec. 3, 1833, in Waltham, Mass.; 
nine children. 

808— MARY (POLLY) STEARNS, b., Oct. 19, 1779; d., 
June I, 1 861; unm. 

809— ABIGAIL STEARNS, b., Sept. 18, 1781; md., Feb. 
14, 1812, Phinehas Steams (1765). q. v. She d., June 3, 
i860, in Waltham. 

810— LOUISA STEARNS, b., Nov 19, 1783; md., Feb. 
16, 1809, Jonas Livermore, b., Aug. 16, 1783, son of Abijah 
and Mary (Dix) Livermore, of Waltham, Mass. She d 
1835, in Watertown, Mass.; nine children. 

(a) — WilHam Livermore, b., Nov. 12, 1810; a chair- 
maker; md., June 8, 1841, Mary Belding, b.. Mar. 
13, 1818, of Chester, Mass. 

(b) — Abijah Livermore, b., Aug. 28, 1813; md., Nov. 
24, 1844, Laura A. Holman, b., July 4, 1820, dau. 
of Silas and Mary Holman, of Salisbury, Vt. 

(c) — Louisa Livermore, b., Aug. 14, 181 5; md. James 
E. Peasley, a slater, son of Jacob and Betsy Peas- 
ley, of Plaistow, N. H. 

(d) — ^Jonas Dix Livermore, b.. July 25, 1816; md. Eliza- 
beth Galbraith, b., Oct. 12, 1824, dau. of John and 
Rachel Galbraith, of Waltham, Mass. 

(e) — Thomas Livermore, b., June 12, 1818. 

(f) — Sarah Livermore, b.. Mar. i, 1820; md. Elbridge 

Goddard, a cabinet maker, of Newton Corner, b., 

Sept. 6, 1819. 

(g) — Mary A. Livermore, b., Apr. li, 1823: md., July 
16, 1843, James McGee, b., Mar. 6, 1823, a tallow- 
chandler, of Toledo, O. 

(h) — Martha Livermore, b., 1824; md., Nov. 8. 1846. 
John Bond, of Watertown, Mass. 


(i) — Catherine Livermore, b., Jan. 22, 1826; md. Daniel 
Webster, an engraver, of Somerville, Mass. 

811— ISAAC STEARNS (1808), b., Jan. 19, 1785. 

812— NATHANIEL STEARNS (1824), b., Mar. 15, 

813— GRACE STEARNS, .b, Jan. 19, 1790; md. (i), May 
28, 1815, Jacob Barnard, b., Jan. 4, 1789, an inn keeper, of 
Boston, Mass. He d., Aug. 7, 1830, and she md. (2), Dec. 
5, 1835, Dr. Nathan Richardson, of South Reading, who d., 
Sept. 17, 1837, aged 56 yrs. She d,, Nov. 26, 1872, in Wake- 
field, Mass.; seven children. 

(a) — Prentiss S. Barnard, b., Apr. 4, 1816; md., Nov. 26, 

1841, Lucy Ann Hinckley. 

(b) — Susan Barnard, b., Sept. 28, 1818; md., Apr. 3, 
1837, Dr. Solon O. Richardson, of South Reading. 

(c) — Henry Barnard, b., Apr., 1820; d., July, 1820. 

(d) — William H. Barnard, b., Sept. 10, 1821; d., Apr. 27, 

(e) — Mary Jane Barnard, b., Jan. 20, 1823; md.. May 15, 

1842, Eben Wiley, son of Benjamin B. Wiley, of 
South Reading. 

(f) — Benjamin F. Barnard, b., July 10, 1824; of Boston, 
(g) — James Barnard, b., Nov. 28, 1825; d., July, 1826. 

814— TONATHAN STEARNS JR., b., Apr. i, 1792; d., 
Feb. 6, 1803. 

815— PRENTICE STEARNS, b. and d.. Mar, 1795. 

816— URIAH BIGELOW STEARNS (1830), b., Feb. 25, 

817— REUBEN STEARNS (310), b., Feb. 6, 1759. son of 
Nathaniel and Grace (Hammond) Stearns, of Holden, Mass. ; 
md.. Mar. 10. 1779, Anna Stewart, b.. Mar. 4, 1760, dau. of 
Dea. Daniel Stewart, of Holden. In Feb., 1787, he moved 
to Brattleboro, Vt., where he d., Jan. 29, 1845. In 1786, 
they removed from Paxton, Mass., to West Brattleboro. Vt, 
and the brick house, which he built, was standing at the be- 


ginning of this decade. He served, for a time, in the Revo- 
lutionary Army, and was a prisoner until his death. His 
wife, Anna, d., Sept. 4, 1839; twelve children. 

818— EZRA STEARNS (1843), b., June 20, 1780, at Pax- 
ton, Mass. 

819— SAMUEL STEARNS (1854), b., June 16, 1782. 

820— CLARISSA STEARNS, b., Apr. 3, 1784; in Paxton, 
Mass.; md., John Estabrook, of Brattleboro, Vt. ; d., Apr. 15, 
1813; three children. 

(a) — Emery Estabrook. 
(b) — Clausa Estabrook. 
(c) — Lucinda Estabrook. 

821— RUTH STEARNS, b., Mar. 20, 1786, at Paxton, 
Mass.; moved to Brattleboro, Vt., in her infancy; md. (i), 
Sept., 1808, Charles Lamb of Newfane, Vt.; md. (2), Moses 
Sabin; settled in Williamsville, Vt.; d., 1875. She was the 
mother of four sons, two by each husband. 

822— PHOEBE STEARNS, b., Mar. 15, 1788, in Brat- 
tleboro, Vt.; md., 1809, Dr. Simpson Ellis, of Brattleboro. 
"They were attracted to New York State by the fame of 
the 'Genesee Country,' and, after two long weeks of weary 
travel, arrived in Steuben, N. Y., where they made their 
home, Oct., 181 5. There are few left who were then resi- 
dents of the place. Mrs. Ellis was a true type of what 
the genuine American woman should be, and was thrifty and 
industrious, genial and hospitable, the charm of the domes- 
tic fireside and ornament of the social circle. She died, 
June 8, 1877, at the residence of her son, A. F. Ellis, and her 
death was as quiet as her life had been peaceful. She will be 
long remembered as the loving mother, kind friend and gen- 
erous benefactress." — From the Steuben Courier. 

823— JOHN FOSTER STEARNS (1857). b., June 9, 

824— BETSY STEARNS, b., Apr. 27, 1792; md., Nov. 
23, 1815, Isaiah Richardson, of Brattleboro, Vt. ; settled in 
Brattleboro, where she d., July 3, 1874. He was First Lieu- 
tenant of a Vt. Co., in 1812; ten children. 


(a)— William F. Richardson, b., July 20, 1816; a stock- 
dealer of Brattleboro, Vt.; md., Apr. 12, 1840 So- 
phia Plummer; six children. 

(b)— Maria C. Richardson, b., Sept. 14, 1818; md., Oct 
16, 1839, T. M. Stoughton, of Riverside, Franklin 
Co., Mass.; d., Dec. 29, 1864. 

(c)— Henry Gates Richardson, b., 1821; d., 1823 

(d)-Lucy A. Richardson, b., June 4, 1823; md., Sept. r 
1847, Ansel L. Tyler; settled in Charlmont, Mass 

(e)— Charles J. Richardson, b., Nov. 15, 1825- a cap- 
italist; went to California, 1849; md., Nov. 18, 
1857, Victoria McArdle, of Seneca Co., O.- in 1860 
went to Princeton, III.; four children, as follows: 

(aa)— Elizabeth M. Richardson, b., Nov. 21, 1858. 

^''^^a^rTwfs ^^'^^''^'°"' ^" ^^t- ^3, 1883, at Eau 

(cc)— Charles P. Richardson, b., Sept. 20, 1869. 

(dd)— Anne Stewart Richardson, b., Mar. 10, 1873. 

(f)— John H. Richardson, b.. Mar. 3, 1828; phy- 
sician at Medford, Mass.; was surgeon in 52! 
Mass. Regt., during Civil War. He md., 1862, Liz- 
zie Ranney and had two sons. 

(g)-Frederick G. Richardson, b., Apr. 6, 1830; mine 
owner of Lincoln, Neb.; md., Nov. 29, 1859, Lizzie 
McArdle, and had two children. 

(h)— Austin L Richardson, b., July 22, 1832 7 

(1)— Oscar W. Richardson, b., July 22, 1832. S '^^ins. 

Austin md., Oct. 5, 1864, Mary Snedeker, of 
Jamesburg, N. J., where they settled. 

Oscar md., 1868, Sarah White, of Brooklyn, N 
Y.; enhsted in 2nd Vt., detailed for special serv- 
ice in Red River campaign; d., Feb. 10, 1882, at 
Brattleboro, Vt. 

(j)— Elizabeth A. Richardson, b., Jan. 10, 1836- md 
Nov. 25, 1857, Rev. O. W. Whitaker, now Bishop 
of Penn. She d., June 25, 1859. 

825— GEORGE STEARNS (1861), b., Apr. 21, 1794. 


826— HENRY STEARNS, b., Nov. 13, 1796; md. Emily 
Church of Brattleboro, Vt.; settled in Ellisburg, N. Y. 

827— DANIEL STEARNS (1866), b., Jun. 9, 1799. 

828— EMORY STEARNS (1876), b., Oct. 9, 1801. 

829— ALFRED STEARNS (1887), b., Sept. 11, 1804. 

830— DR. WILLIAM STEARNS (313), b., Apr. 10, 
1754, son of Peleg and Elizabeth (Harris-Swineton) Stearns, 
of Charlestown, Mass.; grad. Harv. Coll., 1776; studied 
medicine with Dr. Joshua Brackett, of Portsmouth, N. H., 
and commenced practice with Dr. Hall Jackson, of Marble- 
head. He soon relinquished the practice of medicine, and, 
after quahfying himself under the instruction of a chemist 
in Boston, he commenced the business of apothecary and 
grocer, in Salem, Mass., where he was very successful. A 
correspondent says: ''He never spoke ill of a person and 
was the most singularly honest man I ever knew.'" He rep- 
resented his town repeatedly in the State Legislature, often 
held municipal offices, and was most fond of that of Over- 
seer of the Poor, as affording him the greatest opportunity 
to gratify his benevolent feelings. He was noted for hos- 
pitality and public spirit. He took the lead in making the 
turnpike from Salem to Boston, and, at one time, owned 
one-eighth of the stock. The first large block of buildings 
in Salem was his. The night before the battle of Bunker 
Hill, he was employed the whole night in throwing up 
breastworks, and, during the action, was taking care of his 
parents at their farm at Plowed Hill. In the yard at the 
rear of their house. Major McCleary was killed by a ball or 
shell from the hill. Dr. Stearns md., Dec. 9. 1781, Sarah 
White Sprague, dau. of Major Joseph Sprague, of Salem, 
and grand-dau. of Col. Jameg White, of Atkinson. N. H., at 
whose residence she was born, Nov. 26, 1764. She was a 
descendant of Ralph Sprague, who, with his brothers, Will- 
iam and Richard, came over in the same vessel with Gov. 
Endicott and settled in Charlestown. She was also a direct 
descendant of William White, the first settler of Haverhill, 
Mass.; and of Rev. James Bailey, the first minister of Dan- 
vers, then called Salem Village; and of John Johnson and 
his wife, who were both killed bv the Indians, and their 


house burned, when Haverhill was sacked by the Indians, in 
1708. She d., Jan, 29, 1844. Dr. Stearns d., May, 1819, 
aged 65 yrs.; ten chil. 

831— JOSEPH E. STEARNS, b., Sept. 9, 1782; grad. 
Harv. Coll., 1804; High Sheriff of Essex Co. His name was 
changed from Stearns to Sprague by legislative enactment, 
at the request of his grandfather. He studied law with Hon. 
William Prescott, and settled in Salem, his native town. 
After practicing law a short time, he became an ardent poli- 
tician of the Democratic party, was an intimate friend of 
Judge Story, a friend and correspondent of John Quincy 
Adams and wrote numerous political papers. He was Dept. 
U. S. Marshal under Thomas Jefiferson, and Postmaster 
from 1815 to 1829. In 181 1, he was appointed Clerk of the 
County Court by Governor Gerry, which office he held only 
for a short time. In 1830, he succeeded his father-in-law 
(Hon. B. Bartlett) as High Sheriff of Essex Co., and held 
the office until 1851. He md. (i), Aug. 31, 1808, EHza Bart- 
lett, dau. of Hon. Bailey Bartlett, of Haverhill. She d., 
Apr. 16, 1817, and he md. (2), May 13, 1819. Sarah Leonard 
Bartlett, sister of his first wife. He d., Feb. 22, 1852; nine 

832— JAMES WHITE STEARNS, b., Apr. 9, 1784; was 
an apothecary and grocer, but went into the brewing busi- 
ness unsuccessfully. Besides six chil. who d. in infancy, he 
had the following seven: 

.833— LYDIA STEARNS, b., Oct. 6, 1812: md. Albert G. 
Bradstreet, a descendant of Gov. Bradstreet; resided in Dan- 

834— WILLIAM STEARNS, b., Dec. 29, 1814; of Softi- 
erville, Mass. 

835— JAMES WHITE STEARNS JR., b., Sept. 27, 1818; 
of Boston. 

836— J. EDWIN STEARNS, b.. Jan. 27, 1822; of Bos- 

837— RUTH E. B. STEARNS, b., Nov. 6. 1826; md. 
Samuel B. Willis, a trader, of Boston. 


838— THOMAS H. E. STEARNS, b., Aug. i, 1830; of 
Somerville, Mass. 

839_S. ALATHEA STEARNS, b., July, 1832. 

840— ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., July 24, d., Sept. 2, 
1787, aged six weeks. 

84i_WILLIAM STEARNS, b., Dec. 16, 1788; a Major- 
formerly a druggist and grocer; afterwards, retired from 
business and amused himself with horticulture and politics;, 

842— ELIZA STEARNS, b., June 23, 1791; md., Jan. 26, 
1834, Capt. James Silver, a shipmaster and merchant, who 
d., Apr. 18, 1837; s. p. 

843— SARAH WHITE STEARNS, b., July 13, 1792;; 

844_JOSHUA BRACKETT STEARNS (1890), b., Dec. 
21, 1794. 

845— CAROLINE STEARNS, b., Mar. 20, 1798; d., Nov.. 
13, 185 1, in Salem, Mass.; unm. 

846— HARRIET STEARNS, b., July 4, 1800; unm. 

847— RICHARD SPRAGUE STEARNS (1896), b.,, 

848— MOSES STEARNS (315), b., May 29, 1728, son of 
John Jr. and Anna (Coolidge) Stearns, of Watertown, Mass. ; 
md., June 13, 1754, Ruth Houghton; resided in Westmins- 
ter, Mass., until 1763, when they moved to Walpole, N. H., 
-where he d., Sept. 24, 1808; nine children. 

849— EPHRAIM STEARNS (1900), b., Apr. 6, 1755. 

850— ESTHER STEARNS, b., Apr. 11, 1757; md. James- 
Eastman and settled in Newfane, Vt. 

851— REUBEN STEARNS, b.. Sept. 4, 1759; was a 
farmer of Walpole, N. H., where he d., 1791 ; unm. 

852— RELIEF STEARNS, b.. Mar. 8, 1762; md. Simon 
Farrer and settled in Herkimer, N. Y. 


853— ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., Sept. 4, 1764; md. 
John Adams and settled in Walpole, N. H. 

854— LOIS STEARNS, b., Aug. 7, 1766; md. James 

855— BENJAMIN STEARNS (1915), b.. Oct. 11. 1768. 

856— LUCY STEARNS, b., Jan. 14, 1771; d., Nov. 29, 
1796; unm. 

857— ABIGAIL STEARNS, b., Feb. 27, 1775; md. Isaac 
Gibson, of Grafton, Vt. 

858— AARON STEARNS (320), b., Feb. 2, 1746, son of 
John Jr. and Anna (CooHdge) Stearns, of Watertown, 
Mass.; md., Feb. 6, 1766, by David Osgood, Esq., Esther 
Glazier, of Westminster. Her name is given in one record 
as "Glasure." "In those early days, a young man named 
Bellows received a General's commission in the Mass. Mili- 
tia, and, for some extra service in the Indian wars, was 
given, by King George, the grant of a large tract of land in 
the Connecticut Valley, in the present States of New Hamp- 
shire and Vermont, containing the greater part of the town- 
ship of Walpole on the east side of the river, and Westmore- 
land and Rockingham on the west side. When Gen. Bellows 
concluded to settle on his grant of land, he induced the 
two Stearns brothers, Moses and Aaron, to accompany him, 
by promising them their choice in farms at their own price. 
He, being owner of the land, had first choice, and selected a 
tract in the center of the township. Aaron Stearns came in 
next and chose three Hundred acres about two miles north 
of the center, known as "The Valley," and paid Gen. Bellows 
twenty-five cents per acre, or seventy-five dollars for the 
tract. Moses Stearns selected next six hundred acres ad- 
joining Aaron's and running back to the hill, for which he 
paid twenty cents per acre, or one hundred twenty dol- 
lars for the whole. At the breaking out of the Revolution, 
Aaron Stearns and his nephew, the "Deacon," eldest son of 
Moses Stearns, enlisted for the war and were under Col. 
Stark at the battle of Bennington. Esther (Glazier) Stearns 
was left with a family of small children, the eldest ten years 
of age, to get a living and carry on the farm as best they 


could during the seven years' struggle. At the close of the 
Revolution, Aaron returned to his family and the 'Deacon' 
to his father, Moses, who had improved his farm and built 
s substantial house, which has since been occupied by his de- 
scendants; the estate, according to English custom, always 
descending to the eldest son, the rest being sent off to open 
up new countries." Aaron Stearns settled, late in life, in 
Langdon, N. H., where he d., Sept. ii, 1807, and his widow, 
ir. 1820. Their first fo^r children were born in Westmins- 
ter, Mass., the others inWalpole, N. H.; eight children. 

859— JESSE STEARNS (1926), b., Aug. 3, 1766. 

860— LEVI STEARNS (1945), b., Dec. 29, 1767. 

861— LYDIA STEARNS, b., Feb. 29, 1770; md. Jona- 
than Martin, of Bradford, Vt; d., 1844; s. p. 

862— ZENAS STEARNS (1957), b., June 3, 1772. 

863— ESTHER STEARNS, b., June 24, 1775; md. Simon 
Mead; settled in Walpole, N. H.; raised a large family. 

864— JOHN STEARNS (1962), b., July 16, 1777. 

865— AARON STEARNS JR., b., Feb. 11, 1780. "? ^ ' «; 
866— RHODA STEARNS, b., Feb. 11, 1780. \ ^ 
Aaron Stearns Jr., d. young. 

Rhoda Stearns md. Joseph Brockway, and settled in 

867— ELI AS STEARNS (321), b., Sept. 30, 1753, son 
of John Jr. and Anna (Coolidge) Stearns, of Westminster, 
Mass.; md., Dec. 12, 1776, in Westminster, M-ass., Sarah 
Keyes, b., Dec. 21, 1756, in Shrewsbury, Mass. He was a 
clothier and resided successively in Walpole, N. H., Hart- 
land, Vt., Bradford, Vt., and Haverhill, N. H., where he d., 
Apr. 2, 1845. His wife died. May 21, 1842; nine chil- 

868— SALLY STEARNS, b., Jan. 28, 1778, in Walpole, 
N. H.; md., 1800, John S. Little, a farmer, of Corinth, Vt., 
b., Nov. 25, 1776, in Gofifstown, N. H., who d., Nov. 13, 
1851; she d., July 6, 1858; seven children. 


(a) — Sarah Little, b., Feb. 21, 1801; md., Mar. 17, 1822, 
Michael B. Taplin, b., 1791, in Corinth, Vt., a farm- 
er, of Morristown, Vt.; d., Sept. 15, 1854. 

(b) — Moses Little, b., July 23, 1802; md., Jan. 11, 1830^ 
Harriet Sanborn, b., Aug. 25, 1808, in Andover 
N. H.; d., Sept. 30, 1865. 

(c) — George W. Little, b., July 10, 1804; md., Mar. 7, 
1843, Susan G. Bearce, b., Oct. 5, 1820; d., Feb 
12, 1873. 

!d) — Amos Stearns Little, b.. May 15, 1806; a lawyer, 
md., Mar. 20, 183 1, Mahala Parker, b., July 13, 
1813, in Fairlee, Vt. 

(e) — Mary S. Little, b., Dec. 27, 1809; md., June 29, 

1838, WilHam H. Burdick, a house carpenter, ol 
Hanover, N. H., b.. May 16, 1808; d., Sept. 3, 

(f) — Hiram Little, b., Feb. 28, 181 1; a farmer; d., Jan. 

25, 1876; unm. 
(g) — Roxana Stearns Little, b., Aug. 24, 1814; d., 

June II, 1874; unm. 

869— BILLY STEARNS, b.. Mar. 11, 1780; in Walpole, 
N. H.; a farmer; d., Dec. 3, 1836; unm. 

870— ASA STEARNS (1973), b., Feb. 3, 1782. 

871— EZRA STEARNS (1980). b., Apr. 8, 1784. 

872— AMOS STEARNS, b., Apr. 26, 1786, in Hartland, 
Vt.; a merchant, of Marietta, O.; d., Dec. 6, 1812. 

873— MARY STEARNS, b., May 21,' 1788, in Hartland, 
Vt.; md., June 10, 181 1, Elisha Frary, a miller, b., Feb. 13, 
1790, in Whately, Mass. Their chil. were all born in Haver- 
hill, N. H., but afterward moved to Bradford, Vt.; eleven 

(a) — Nathaniel Frary, b.. Mar. 14, 1813; md.. Mar. 
I, 1837, Harriet Wells, b., in Putney, Vt. 

(b) — Mary Ann Frary, b., July 23, 1814; md., July 7, 

1839, Lorenzo Hills, of Middletown, Ct. 


(c) — Lucy S. Frary, b., Apr. 14, 1816; md., Feb. 20, 
1838, William C. torston; b., June 25, 1815, a 
shoe manufacturer, of Warren, N. H. 

(d) — Harriet N. Frary, b., Nov. 29, 1817; md., Ward 
E. Wright, a physician, b., Mar. 29, 1818. 

(e) — Susan B. Frary, b., Nov. 19, 1819; md., May 13, 

1841, Nathaniel M. Tewksbury, of Bath, N. H., b., 

Jan. 31, 1801. 
(f) — ^John S. Frary, b.,Oct. 26, 1821 ; a farmer and joiner; 

md., Aug. 7, 1843, Rhoda B. Martin, b. in 1822; 

settled in Wisconsin. 

(g) — Jedediah Frary, b.. Mar. 5, 1824; settled in Hook- 
sit, N. H. 

(h)— Sarah P. Frary, b., Feb. 15, 1826; md., Mr. Wright, 

of Lynn, Mass. 
(i)— Elisha H. Frary, b., Oct. 25, 1828 
(j) — EHza H. Frary, b., Aug. 29, 183 1. 
(k) — Albert L. Frary, b., Apr. 25, 1834. 

874— RUFUS STEARNS (1992), b., Mar. 19, 1791. 

875— ROXANA STEARNS, b., Jan. 28, 1794, in Brad- 
ford, Vt.; of Haverhill, N. H.; unm. 

876— LUCY STEARNS, b., Sept. 19, 1797, in Bradford, 
Vt. ; md., Aug. 9, 1842, Chester Farnham, a farmer, of Hav- 
erhill, N. H., b., Feb. 12, 1773. 

877— JOSIAH STEARNS JR. (323), b., July 11, 1730, 
son of Josiah and Susanna (Ball) Stearns, of Lunenburg, 
Mass.; md., 1765, Abigail Emerson, b., 1732, in Plumb Is- 
land. They settled first in Lunenburg, and, about 1770, 
moved to Westminster, Mass. They spent the latter part 
of their lives in Wilmington, Vt., where he d., Jan. 31, 1802, 
and she d., in Westminster, Mass., Sept., 1802. He *vas 
insane for some years and recovered; had five chil. 

878— ABIGAIL STEARNS, b., Feb. 6, 1766. in Lunen- 
burg, Mass.; md., about 1790, James Miller, of Westminster, 
Mass., and removed to Wilmington, Vt., where he d., 1818; 
seven chil. 


(a) — Abigail Miller, md., Reuben Sawin; d. at West- 

(b) — Lucy Miller, md. Jonathan Harris; d., at Marl- 
boro, Vt. 

(c) — Elizabeth Miller, md. Silas Richardson; lived with 
her mother, at Wilmington; s. p. 

(d) — ^John Miller, md. Elizabeth Policy, of Athol, Mass. ; 
moved to Poland, Chautauqua Co., N. Y. 

(e) — Asa Miller, md. Polly Oliver; settled in Poland, 
Chautauqua Co., N. Y. 

(f) — James Miller Jr., d. in childhood. 

(g) — Joseph Miller, md. and settled in Poland, Chau- 
tauqua Co., N. Y. 

879— SUSANNA STEARNS, b., Feb. 18, 1768, in Lunen- 
iDUrg, Mass.; became insane at the age of fifteen years and 
continued so, insanity being hereditary in her father's family. 

880— ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., Aug. i, 1770, in- 
Westminster, Mass.; d., 1838, in Hubbardston, Mass.; md. 
(i), 1790,- John Whitney, of Westminster, who d., 1800; md. 
(2), James Walker, who died the next year, leaving no issue; 
md. (3), Luke Warren; six chil. 

(a) — ^John Whitney Jr., d. 

(b) — John Whitney Jr., md. Miss Allen. 

(c) — Elizabeth Whitney, md. Asa Merriam. 

(d) — Melinda Whitney, md. Mr. Raymond. 

(e) — Mary Warren. 

(f) — Aaron Warren. 

881— JOSIAH STEARNS 3d. (2006), b., May 25, 1773. 

882— DANIEL STEARNS (2016), b., May 18, 1776. 

883— JOHN STEARNS (325), b.. May 8, 1733, son of 
Jcsiah and Susanna (Ball) Stearns, of Lunenburg, Mass.; 
md. (i), May 15, 1760. Martha Harrington, b., Aug., 1736, 
dau. of Joseph and Martha (Hastings) Harrington. This 
marriage is recorded at Hampton Falls. N. H. He md, (2), 
Feb. 2, 1779, Mary Parks, dau. of Ephraim Parks, of Lin- 


coin, Mass. He settled in Watertown, Mass., south of the 
residence of his brother, Phinehas; afterwards resided a few 
years in West Cambridge, and, about 1798, moved to Bethel, 
Me., where he d., Oct. 16, 1804, and his widow d., 1818. In 
1757, he was appointed guardian of his uncle, Joseph 
Stearns (119), then insane, and, in 1776, was himself put un- 
der guardianship for the same malady, with which he was 
more or less afflicted the rest of his life; twelve children. 

884— KATHERINE STEARNS, b., Dec. 16, 1759; md., 
1786, Nathan Johnson (124-e). They settled in Rindge, N. 
H., where she d., Nov. 5, 1833, and he d., Sept. 5, 1838; four 

(a) — Nathan Johnson, b., Apr. 16, 1787; d., in his third 

(b) — Catherine Johnson, b., Jan. 17, 1789; md., Aug., 
1812, John Demary, from whom she was divorced 
on account of his bad habits; resumed her maiden 
name; returned to her father, and d., Dec. .i6, 
1832. She had one child, John Demary Jr., b., Apr. 
22, 1814, who was a mechanic of Rindge. 

(c) — Thomas Johnson, b., Apr. 9, 1791; non compos 
mentis; lived with his brother, Nathan, 

(d) — Nathan Johnson Jr., b., Oct. 2, 1793; md., July, 
1829, Sarah Cobb, b., Feb. 4, 1799; settled in 
Rindge, N. H. 

885— JOHN STEARNS Jr. (2030), bapt. Aug. 22, 1762. 

886— THOMAS STEARNS (2039), bapt., Jan. 22, 1764. 

887— JOSEPH STEARNS (2050), bapt., Sept. 22, 1765. 

888— JOSIAH STEARNS, bapt. May 31, 1767; d., aged 
three years. 

889— CHARLES STEARNS (2055), bapt., Jan. 8, 1769. 

890— MARTHA STEARNS, bapt., Sept. 16, 1770; md., 
Aug., 1799, Dea. Thomas Fuller, whose first wife was Eliza- 
beth Bond. He was of Jay, Me., and d., June 26, 1844, 
aged 80 yrs. ; eight children. 

(a) — Salome Fuller, b., 1800; md., Mr. Carlton; had one 
son, with whom she lived in Dixfield, Me. 


(b) — Myra Fuller, d., 1842; unm. 
(c) — ^John Fuller, d., 1831; unm. 
(d) — Martha Fuller, md. Joseph Webster, of Wilton, 

,(e) — Maria Fuller, d., June, 1846; unm. 
(f) — Catherine Fuller, d., 1816. 
(g) — George Washington Fuller, md., Martha Noyes, 

of Jay, Me., and lived on the homestead, 
(h) — Isaac Fuller, md., resided in Wilton, Me. 

891— MARY STEARNS, b., Mar. 14, 1773; d., aged 
eleven years. 

892— SALLY STEARNS, b., 1779; md., Apr. 9, 1801, 
Amos Twitchell, a stone cutter, of Bethel, Me.; two chil., 
both deceased. 

893— JOSIAH STEARNS (2068), b., Jan. 17, 1784. 

894— MARY STEARNS, b., Jan., 1784; md., 1805, Win- 
chester Macomber, of Jay, Me. Ten children. 

895— ISAAC STEARNS (2074), b., Jan. 12, 1786. 

896— CAPT. PHINEHAS STEARNS (326), b., Feb. 5, 
1736, son of Josiah and Susanna (Ball) Stearns, of W^ater- 
town, Mass.;- a farmer and blacksmith of Watertown; was 
a Lieut, under Capt. Samuel Barnard, at the Lexington 
alarm and was among the earliest to take up arms in the 
Revolution. He commanded a company on Dorchester 
Heights when the British evacuated Boston, and, with Sam- 
uel Barnard and John Randall, all of Watertown, assisted 
at the renowned "Boston Tea Party." He was offered a 
Colonel's commission, but the care of his young children 
upon the death of his first wife, and a family of apprentices 
and journeymen prevented his continuance in the publlt 
service after the British left Boston. He was distinguished 
for his benevolent and cheerful disposition, which was 
strongly marked in his open, manly countenance. This, 
with his good sense and strict integrity, made him a favorite 
of all who knew him. He md. (i), 1767, Hannah Bemis, b,. 
June 22, 1749, oldest child of Capt. Jonathan and Huldah 


(Livermore) Bemis, of Watertown, Mass. She d., about 
1776, and he md. (2), Nov. 23, 1780, Esther Sanderson, b., 
Feb. 24, 1747, dau. of Jonathan and Mary (Bemis) Sander- 
son, a cousin of his first wife. His second wife d., June, 
1793; seven chil. 

897— HANNAH STEARNS, b., Apr. 28, 1768; md. (i), 
May 21, 1789, Henry Bond, b., Jan. 14, 1762, son of Col. 
WilHam and Lucy (Brown) Bond. When a youth of four- 
teen, Henry Bond accompanied his father to New York, 
Mar. 1776, from there to Canada, and was with his fathef 
at his death, soon after which he returned home. He, with 
his bride, in June, 1790, moved to Livermore, Me., where he 
had previously purchased land and one-half of the first grist 
and saw mills erected in the town. He was one of the first 
deacons of the first church organized there, and, in the win- 
ter of 1794, was the second schoolmaster of the town. The 
first schoolhouse, there, was built a short distance north of 
his mills. He d.. Mar. 2y, 1796, leaving two children, and 
his wid. md. (2), May 17, 1798, Zebedee Rose, a house- 
wright and farmer of Livermore, Me., by whom she had two 
more children, and d., Aug. 13, 1803. 

(a) — Henry Bond Jr., son of Henry and Hannah 
(Stearns) Bond, was born Mar. 21, 1790, in Water- 
town, Mass.; grad, Dartmouth Coll., 181 3; was 
tutor there nearly two years; A. M., 1816; M. D., 
1817; settled first in Concord, N. H., and, in Nov., 
1819, moved to Philadelphia, where he resided, un- 
married, devoted to his profession. He was the 
author of several articles in the Medical Journals, 
and of "The Genealogies and History of Water- 
town, Mass," which is unrivaled by any similar 
work ever published in this country and that part of 
his genealogies pertaining to the stearns family has 
been reproduced in these pages. We consider it due 
to the author to reprint here a memoir of this re- 
markable man. from the pen of Horatio Gates Jones, 
A. M.. Cor. Sec. of the Hist. Soc. of Penn. "In the 
month of March, 1806, Henry Bond commenced 
his academical course, at~Hebron Academv, and 

Henry Bond. 


remained there until Sept., 1809, when he was 
admitted to the freshman class of Dartmouth Coll., 
and was duly graduated, in Aug., 1813. While in 
college he exhibited a fondness for the exact sci- 
ences, and was considered a good mathematician. 
When he was grad. his class numbered forty-one, 
although, during the sophomore year, it had as 
many as sixty members. Among his classmates 
were Rev. Joseph B. Felt, LL. D.; Rev. Benjamin 
F. Farnsworth, D. D., Rev. Austin Dickinson, 
Frederick Gushing, M. D., and Rev. Rufus William 
Bailey. Immediately after his graduation, Henry 
Bond commenced the study of medicine under Dr. 
Cyrus Perkins, who was Prof, of Anatomy in Dart- 
mouth Coll., and Dr. Nathan Smith, Prof, of Sur- 
gery. In Mar., 1815, he was elected a tutor in the 
college and resigned in Aug., 1816. The period he 
spent there as tutor was full of interest and excite- 
ment, for it was in the midst of the troubles about 
the charter of Dartmouth Coll., the history of 
which has become incorporated with the judicial 
decisions of our country, and is so closely connect- 
ed with the fame of New Hampshire's noblest son, 
— the lamented Webster. In Dec, 1816, Henry 
Bond- received his medical degree, and, early in the 
following January, commenced the practice of his 
profession in Concord, N. H. During his residence 
there, he delivered each summer for three years a 
course of popular lectures on chemistry, and, at 
the same time, continued his general literary stu- 
dies. In 1818, he was chosen to deliver the ora- 
tion before the New Hampshire Alpha of the Phi 
Beta Kappa Society, and selected as his theme, 
Traits of American Genius.' The mss. of the ora- 
tion shows that devotion to his profession had not 
produced a distaste for the paths of literature. 
Having relatives in Augusta, Me., Dr. Bond con- 
cluded to settle there, but, wishing to perfect him- 
self in a knowledge of his profession, in Novem- 
ber, 1819, he went to Philadelphia to attend lee- 


tures at the University of Pennsylvania, whose 
medical department, there as now, enjoyed a world- 
wide reputation. Here he formed several new and 
strong friendships — and when, m 1820, he was* 
about to remove to Augusta, where an office had 
already been engaged, he was persuaded to make 
Philadelphia his permanent abode. His trunks had 
been packed for his departure, but the inducements 
offered 'were so kind and generous, that he con- 
sented to stay. He accordingly commenced the 
practice of medicine in Philadelphia in the spring 
of 1820, and, having, as a new beginner, consider- 
able leisure, he taught, at his office, classes in prac- 
tical and general surgery. These classes were well 
attended and were continued for several years. The 
character of the medical profession of Philadelphia 
has always been high-toned, and, in a great meas- 
ure, exclusive. Hence, it so happened, that the so- 
cieties which the earlier physicians of Philadelphia 
formed for their mutual improvement, were diffi- 
cult of access, except by those of acknowledged 
merit. Yet, in Dec, 1819, Dr. Bond was elected 
an honorary member of the Philadelphia Medical 
Society and he continued to be an active member 
of it, until it became extinct. In 1823, there was 
organized, in Philadelphia, the Kappa Lambda So- 
ciety, the object of which was medical improve- 
ment, with special reference to medical ethics. Of 
this society he became an early member, and was, 
for some time, its secretary. In May, 1824, he de- 
livered an address before the New England So- 
ciety of Philadelphia, which was pubHshed, at the 
request of the society. Having- once attained a 
position and giving evidence of professional emi- 
nence, as well as personal worth. Dr. Bond found 
himself gladly welcomed by his medical brethren 
into their societies and private coteries. In the 
course of several years, he was successively elected 
a Fellow of the Philadelphia College of Physicians, 
in 1825; its Secretary, 1832; one of its censors, in 


1844. In 1840, and again in 1850, this college sent 
him as a delegate to the Decennial National Con- 
vention, held in Washington City, for revising the 
United States' Pharmacopoeia. In May, 1846, he 
attended the first Medical Convention which met 
in New York to organize a National Medical Asso- 
ciation, and he generally attended its subsequent 
meetings. In 1847, he was a member of the con- 
vention held in Lancaster, Pa., for the purpose of 
organizing a State Medical Association, and he 
was one of the committee which drafted the con- 
stitution. He was also a member of the Board of 
Health of the city of Philadelphia from 1833 to 
1838, and its President during 1837-8. 

It is thus seen that Dr. Bond's talents and pro- 
fessional ability were appreciated by his brethren — • 
those who are supposed to be the best judges — and 
this was all the more flattering from the fact that 
he himself was modest and retiring to a fault. He 
had energy, perseverance and talents, but he was 
not obtrusive and hence he was indebted to his own 
sterling merit for his advancement. In due course 
of time he attained considerable practice, which 
continued to increase from year to year, until, by 
habits of careful economy, he had acquired a com- 
petency sufficient for his support; but, even then he 
did not desist from active duties, until failing health 
and devotion to a new study compelled him to 
husband his strength. His chief branch of prac- 
tice was obstetrics, to which he paid much careful 
attention and in which he was very successful. He 
was accustomed to make a note of every such case 
that was under his care, and a small volume, still 
preserved, shows the exactness with which he 
noted every event connected with his obstetrical 
practice. His mechanical as well as surgical 
knowledge was particularly displayed in contriving 
some useful instruments and apparatus, which 
are now in general use by the profession, and which 
will long perpetuate his name as one of the bene- 
factors of mankind. 


But the great work of Dr. Bond, to which he 
devoted the latter part of his life, and in which he 
became so deeply and engrossingly interest- 
ed, was The Genealogies and History of 
Watertown." This remarkable book, which 
attained its present magnitude from a 
very small beginning, originated in the prepara- 
tion of a Genealogy of the Bond Family, which Dr. 
Bond had begun as early as 1840. At first, he de- 
signed it to be a mere family memorial, but, as he 
advanced in his researches, he found that much 
material, other than what he first sought, grew 
upon his hands, and then the idea occurred to him 
of making it general in its character, so as to in- 
clude all the early families of his native town. The 
work was begun and as it advanced the author 
seemed to appreciate the importance of the re- 
searches in which he was engaged. His views are 
worthy of special notice. He beHeved that, "Gene- 
alogies, besides gratifying a natural and enlight- 
ened curiosity, may exercise a salutary influence, 
tending to maintain in their social position families 
already elevated, and to elevate the lowly," and he 
also firmly held, "that when persons affect an ut- 
ter indifference to their lineage, or a history of the 
past generations of their families, and deride any 
attention to them as a foolish weakness and van- 
ity, they are contravening an innate principle, and 
it may be generally suspected that they have some 
knowledge of a lineage they would consign it to 
oblivion, because it is untitled and without good 
renown. While pursuing his investigations. Dr. 
Bond visited various localities in New England, 
and spent much time in examining town records 
for facts not to be found elsewhere. He employed 
persons to make copies of records and other valua- 
ble documents and was materially aided by his 
friend, Horatio G. Somerby Esq., who made re- 
searches for him in England. His correspondence 
on this subject extended throughout the whole 


country, and he hesitated at no expense or trouble 
to unravel some disputed point or make clear some 
intricate genealogy. For several years he gave 
nearly all his leisure time to the collecting and ar- 
rangmg of the materials thus gathered from every 
quarter, and when he had so far succeeded as to 
bring this heterogeneous mass of dry and dull sta- 
tistics into shape, he submitted the question ot 
immediate publication to his friends, and, by their 
advice, the first part was printed, but not published, 
in 1852. This was done, as may be remarked of 
the entire book, with the greatest diffidence on the 
part of the author, who was as sensitive of the 
world's opinion of his effort, as if he were freshly 
entering the arena. So modest were his own ideas 
of the value of his work, and so reluctant was he 
to speak of it, that the book was nearly completed 
before even his professional associates knew that 
he was engaged in such a labor. To one, who, en- 
tering the Doctor's study, found him reading 
proof, he remarked, 'T shall let you see this now, 
but don't speak of it to others." To the writer, 
who made his acquaintance while in the midst of 
the publication, the Dr. said that he did not care 
to have people know what he was doing, as they 
would be sure to laugh at him. This may have 
been owing to the fact that, in Philadelphia, little 
attention is paid to genealogical studies. The 
great work was finally completed and given to the 
public in 1855. It met with warm praise both at 
home and abroad, and the doctor's heart was often 
made glad by receiving from his friends their com- 
mendatory letters. 

It does not become the writer of this memoir to 
criticise the great work as a literary labor, or as a 
correct and truthful Genealogical History of the 
Watertown Families. It speaks for itself, and wilt 
ever remain an enduring witness of the untiring 
energy, the unflagging research, and the indomita- 
ble zeal of its respected and lamented author. But 


this much he can say, that when the last page was 
written and the pen laid aside, Dr. Bond might 
have exclaimed without fear of being criticised for 
egotism, "Exegi monumentum, acre perennius.'" — 
for when the marble which marks his resting place 
shall have crumbled to ruins, this work will sur- 
vive, and succeeding years, as they rapidly haste 
away, will only add increased lustre to his name and 
embalm it in the minds of the thousands who shall 
yet tread the soil of his own loved New England. 

It has been stated that Dr. Bond was well known, 
beyond the limits of his own profession, as a lover 
of antiquarian researches. His renown as a stu- 
dent in this department led to his election to vari- 
ous posts of honor throughout the country. In 
addition to the societies already named, he was 
also chosen a member of the Academy of Natural 
Sciences, the National Institute, the Ameri- 
can Statistical Association, the New England 
Historic-Genealogical Society, the American Anti- 
quarian Society, and the Historical Societies of the 
States of Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Wis- 
consin and Massachusetts. 

In the month of August, 1858, Dr. Bond visited 
New England, and was warmly received by his 
large circle of friends. Within a month after his 
return to Philadelphia, while passing through the 
grounds of Washington Square, he was suddenly 
stricken down with paralysis and although 
he ralHed afterwards yet his nervous sys- 
tem was completely shattered, and his mind was 
much impaired. For many years he had suf- 
fered from an aflfection of the heart, and this sud- 
den prostration of his powers produced a marked 
change in his general health. He still kept up his 
correspondence — corrected his large Genealogical 
"VVork — visited a few patients — and always seemed 
glad when friends called to see him; but it was ap- 
parent that his days were numbered. On the morn- 


ing of the fourth of May, 1859, he was found life- 
less in his room. It is supposed that, during the 
night, he had risen to procure something, and 
either had an attack of apoplexy, or, fell down and 
struck his temple. On the Saturday following his 
death, he was interred in the Laurel Hill ceme- 
tery, near Philadelphia. His funeral was attended 
by a large number of his medical and personal 
friends, and the religious services were conducted 
by the Rev. x\lbert Barnes, of whose church, the 
First Presbyterian, of Philadelphia, he had been a 
member for many years. Dr. Bond, at the time of 
his decease, was in the seventieth year of his age. 
He had never been married. He left a will dated 
Apr. 3, 1858. After devising the bulk of his estate 
for life to three of his near relatives in Philadelphia, 
he makes Dartmouth College his residuary lega- 
tee and directs the income to be appropriated to 
the purchase of books for the college library. He 
couples with this legacy the following directions: 
"Any student of the college of the name of Bond, 
a descendant of William Bond, Esq., and his wife, 
Sarah (Bisco) Bond, who settled in Watertown, 
Mass., as early as the year sixteen hundred and 
fifty (1650), shall be entitled to receive and shall 
receive of the income of this legacy to the college, 
one hundred dollars a year, so long as he shall con- 
tinue an undergraduate at said college." He also 
bequeathed to the college for their library all his 
miscellaneous books, including those relating to 
history, genealogy and antiquities, not otherwise 
disposed of. 

To the New England Historic-Genealogical So- 
ciety he bequeathed his inter-leaved :opies of the 
Watertown Family Memorial; his manuscript 
books or papers pertaining to town or church his- 
tories, including his scrap-book, containing the rec- 
ords of birth, deaths and marriages in Woburn; also 
his files of letters relating to genealogy or antiqui- 
ties; and all the unbound copies of the Watertown 


Memorial. These MSS. are exceedingly valuable^ 
comprising, with his correspondence, his entire col- 
lection of materials, from which he prepared his 
great work on Watertown. The copies of the Me- 
morial number at least one thousand volumes; and 
the Society, to show their estimate of this legacy — 
the first which has ever been bequeathed to them — 
have placed them in the hands of trustees, who de- 
sign to invest the proceeds arising from the sale of 
the book, in a fund, which, out of regard to the 
donor, is to be called "The Bond Fund." The 
trustees of this fund are Messrs. Almon D. Hodges, 
Frederic Kidder and John Ward Dean. 

As a man, Dr. Bond was most highly esteemed 
wherever known. As a Christian, he was sincere 
and honest. He was a regular attendant and mem- 
ber of the Presbyterian church, a believer in the 
great doctrines of the Christian faith, who availed 
himself of church privileges, but was not actively 
engaged in outward religious duties. He seemed 
averse to the exhibition of emotional feeling in 
that which related to spiritual life. As a physician, 
he occupied a high position, especially in the city 
where he lived and died. 

D. Francis Condie, M. D., of Philadelphia, a- 
leading member of the medical profession, in a 
recent communication to the writer, says: "'Dr. 
Bond was well-grounded in both the theory and 
practice of all the branches of the healing art. His 
favorite branches were, however, surgery and ob- 
stetrics. In both of these departments he de- 
vised several original instruments and apparatus, 
and suggested important modifications of one or 
more of those in common use, all of which have re- 
ceived the sanction of the most distinguished prac- 
titioners. The practice of Dr. Bond was by no 
means confined to the departments just referred 
to. In that which embraces the pathology of the- 
rapeutics of internal diseases generally, he had an 


extensive clinical experience, the results of which 
afforded a favorable evidence of his expertness as 
a medical practitioner. 

"The mind of Dr. Bond was marked by depth 
and soHdity, rather than by quickness and brilliancy 
and applied itself with the utmost zeal to the cul- 
tivation of the exact sciences — such as demand 
close and cautious investigation and are based 
solely upon demonstrable truths. He was averse to 
every species of hypothetical reasoning, and had 
Httle faith in any proposition sustained by a chain 
of collateral arguments rather than by positive 
facts. He was slow* in the formation of his judg- 
ments, but when finally determined, it was no easy 
task to shake his confidence in their correctness. 

"The position which Dr. Bond held, as a member 
of the medical profession, was one of the highest 
respectability. It was among those who had an op- 
portunity to become fully acquamted with his med- 
ical knowledge and skill — his classical attainments 
— the sincerity and truthfulness of his character — 
his stern integrity — and to experience, day after 
day, his unfaiHng urbanity of deportment, that he 
was appreciated at his true value. In Philadelphia, 
which was the field of his entire medical career. 
Dr. Bond enjoyed the respect and confidence of 
his professional brethren. With all their organi- 
zations, with scarcely an exception, he was affiliat- 
ed, and upon him was conferred almost every office 
of trust and honor within their gift; and he A^as 
made the recipient of such honors as indicated the 
high estimate formed by his medical brethren of his 
attainments — professional, classical and literary — 
as well as of his moral worth." 

Such is a brief sketch of the Hfe and labors of 
one, whom to know, was to esteem most highly; 
whose memory will long be cherished by a large 
circle of warm and attached friends, and whose 
name will ever occupy a high rank among the gene- 
alogists of America. 


(b) — Hannah Bond, b., Apr. 15, 1794, in LivermorCy 
Me.; d., Nov. 24, 1827; md., Sept. 25, 1816, William 
Dewey, b.. Mar, 25, 1793, in Middleboro, Mass., a 
merchant, of Augusta, Me., afterwards, of Phila- 
delphia. He md. (2), May 13, 1828, Louisa Hey- 
wood, who d., Aug. 14, 1829, and he md. (3), Sept. 
21, 1830, Susan Bond, a cousin of his first wife. 
Hannah (Bond) Dewey was the mother of three 
children, as follows: EHza Dewey, b., Aug. 16, 
1817; md., Aug. 19, 1845, Samuel Sterling Sher- 
man, b., Nov. 26, 181 5, in Rupert, Vt., who grad. 
Mid. Coll., 1838, was tutor in Univ. of Ala., and 
Pres. of Harvard Coll., at Marion, Ala.; also Henry 
Bond Dewey, b., Dec. 13, 1818; a merchant, of 
Para, Brazil; also Louisa Dewey, b., Mar. 14, 
182 1, of Philadelphia. 

(c) — Zebedee Rose, b., Nov. 30, 1799, a millwright 
and farmer, of Livermore, Me.; md., Apr. 23. 1827, 
Harriet (Gardner) Gibbs, dau. of Capt. Jacob and 
Sarah (Hathaway) Gibbs. 

(d) — George Stearns Rose, b., Feb. 2, 1802; a farmer, of 
Livermore, Me.; md., Oct., 1827, Mary Francis, b., 
July 22, 1804, in Weld, Me. 

898— SUSANNA STEARNS, b., Nov. 24, 1769; d., June 
17, 1831, in Brookline, Mass.; md., 1792, Capt. Charles 
Bond, b., Feb. 16, 1769, bro. of Henry Bond, who md. her 
sister, Hannah. In 1808, they moved to Surry. N. H., and 
afterwards to Keene, N. H., where he d., Nov. 19, 1810. 

(a) — Samuel Bond, b.. May 2, 1793; bred a cabinet and 
chair maker; settled in Adams, JefTerson Co., N. 
Y., of which county he has been Representative in 
the State Legislature; Ruling Elder in the Presby- 
terian Church. He md., Nov. 3, 18 17, Rosalinda 
Fisher, b., Nov. 8, 1794, dau. of Dea. Thomas 
Fisher, of Keene, N. H. 

(b) — Charles Bond Jr., b.. Jan. i, 1796; a watchmaker, 
of Boston; unm. 

(c) — Phinehas Bond, b., Aug. 20, 1797; successively. 


pastor of the Baptist Churches in Cherryfield, East- 
port, Warren and Fayette, in Maine; in Brewster, 
Mass.; in Rumney, xV. H.; in Valley Falls, R. 1. He 
md., Sept. 25, 1826, Sarah Gushing, b., Jan. 31, 

(d) — Hannah Bond, b., July 19, 1800; d., Jan. 21, 1812. 

(e) — George Bond, b., Feb. 9, 1803; d., Feb. 3, 1817. 

(f) — Susan Bond, b., June 26, 1805; "^<i-» Sept. 21, 1830, 
William Dewey, merchant, of Augusta, Me. He 
moved to Philadelphia, Pa., in 1835, and entered 
into the coal trade. 

(g) — Mary Bond, b., Sept. 12, 1807; md., Feb. 13, 1837, 
Rev. Francis Prescott, educated at Hamilton Sem., 
N. Y., successively pastor of the Baptist Churches 
of Clarkesville, Charlestown and Cooperstown, N. 
Y. Previous to marriage, she had been a mission- 
ary, at Grand Rapids, Mich. She d., Aug! 20, 1842, 
in Clarkesville. 

(h) — William Bond, b., Sept. 2y, 1809; bred a printer 
in Boston; began the study of medicine with Dr. 
John Hubbard, of Hallowell; was, afterwards, in the 
Univ. of Penn., which position he was compelled 
to relinquish by ill-health. In the autumn of 1836, 
he' went to Mississippi, for the sake of a milder 
climate, and resided, successively in Clinton, Ver- 
non and Vicksburg, engaged in the drug and book 
trade. He d., Jan. 23, 1851, in Philadelphia, un- 
married, greatly respected and beloved. 

899— WILLIAM STEARNS, bapt, Jan. 6. 1771; d. 

900— WILLIAM STEARNS, bapt., Feb. 26, 1773; d., 

Oct. 27, 1781. 

902— MARY (POLLY) STEARNS, b., Dec. 9, 1783; 
md., Feb., 1803, John Gibbs, a farmer, of Livermore, Me., 
eldest son of Dea. Pelatiah Gibbs, of Livermore, Me.; four- 
teen children. 


(a) — Pelatiah Gibbs, b., Jan. 7, 1804; md., Dec. 7, 1837, 
Anna Norton, b., Oct. 23, 1809, dau. of Rev. Ran- 
som Norton, of Livermore. 

(b) — Lucy Stearns Gibbs, b., Oct. 12, 1805; "^^v May 

3, 1849, Thomas Seaverns, relict of her sister, 

(c) — ^Sarah Gibbs, b., Mar. 27. 1808; d., Nov. 11, i8d7; 

md., Mar. 7, 1834, Thomas Seaverns, of Brookline, 

Mass., b., Dec. 20, 1806. 
(d) — Mary Gibbs, b., Jan. 3, 1810; d., Oct. 21, 1848, m 

Quincy, 111.; unm. 

(e) — Susan Gibbs, b., Apr. 9, 181 1; unm. 

(f) — Henry Bond Gibbs, b., Nov. 18. 181 3; a farmer, of 
Quincy, 111.; md.. Mar. 12, 1840, Abby Ann Green, 
of New York City, who d., Mar. 27, 1848. 

(g) — John Gibbs, b., Sept. 29, 181 5; of Brookhne, Mass.; 

md.. May 11, 1845, Hannah Richardson, b., Apr. 

15, 1810, dau. of Thomas and Elizabeth (Hall) 

Richardson, of Newton, Mass. 

(h^ — Nancy Parker Gibbs, b., Apr. 20, 1817; unmarried. 

(i) — ^Franklin Gibbs, b., Apr. 13. 1819; of Boston; md. 
Oct. 24, 1847, Minerva J. Marston, b., Feb. 15, 
1827, dau. of David and Clarissa Marston, of North 
Hampton, N. H. 

(j) — George Stearns Gibbs, b., Nov. 23, 1820; a farmer, 
of Quincy, 111.; md., May 26, 1849, Hannah Car- 
ver, b., Mar. 22, 1819, in Livermore, Me. 

(k) — Charles Gibbs, b., Aug. 9, 1823; d., Apr. 22, 1833, 
of scarlet fever. 

(1) — Phinehas Stearns Gibbs, b., Oct. i, 1825; settled on 
his father's homestead. 

(m) — Hannah Bond Gibbs, b.. July 15, 1827; md.. June 
17. 1846, Isaac Noyes, a farmer, of Augusta, Me., 
b., June 28, 1810. 

(n) — Amanda Malvina Gibbs, b., Nov. 22, 1830. 

903— LUCY STEARNS, b.. July 21. 1786; md. (i), Jan. 
24, 1808, Capt. Robert Sharpe Davis, a farmer, of Brookline, 


Mass., b., May 9, 1785, son of Ebenezer and Lucy (Sharpe) 
Davis, of Brookline. He succeeded to the farm of his father, 
which was covered with beautiful mansions and gardens, and 
linown as Linden Place. He also inherited valuable land 
from Mr. Samuel Craft, who md. Susanna Sharpe, a sister 
of his mother, and who d., s. p. Capt. Davis d., Aug. zy, 
1821, and his wid. md. (2), Jan. 19, 1829, Dea. Elijah Corey, 
of Brookline, Mass., b., Nov. 7, 1773, who was a Deacon 
of the Baptist Church in Brookline, and a Trustee of New- 
ton Theological Seminary; five children. 

(a) — Samuel Craft Davis, b., Feb. 18, 1809; a merchant, 
of St. Louis, Mo., of the firm of Davis, Richardson 
and Tilden; md., Aug. 30, 1840, Caroline Tilden, of 

(b) — Robert Sharpe Davis Jr., b., Jan. i, 181 1; a pub- 
lisher and bookseller, in Boston, Mass.; md., Sept. 
13, 1837, Mary H. Shannon, dau of John and Sarah 
(Blunt) Shannon,, of Portsmouth, N. H. They re- 
sided in BrookHne. 

(c) — Sarah Davis, b., Sept. 24, 1812; md., June 24, 
1834, Rev. Grover Smith Comstock, son of Hon. 
Rev. Oliver C. Comstock, M. D., of Rochester, N. 
Y. They sailed, July 2, 1834, to join ihe Baptist 
Mission in the Burman Empire. She d., Apr. 28, 
1S43, ^t Ramsee, Arrican, of dysentery, and he d., 
Apr. 24, 1844, at Abyud, Arrican, of cholera, leav- 
ing a son and a daughter. 

(d) — Lucy Stearns Davis, b,, Jan. 26, 1816; md., Sept. 
21, 1843, Daniel Rogers, b., in Alton, N. H., a mer- 
chant of Boston, and resident of Brookline. 

(e) — Phinehas Stearns Davis, b., June 23. 1818; md., 
Apr. 26, 1847, Elizabeth Lambert, of Boston. He 
was a partner in business with his brother, Robert 
Sharpe Davis, of the firm of R. S. Davis & Co. He 
was a Colonel in the Civil War, was .nortally 
wounded in the trenches before Petersburg, Va., 
and d., July 12, 1864. His regiment was regarded 
as one of the best disciplined regiments in the 


904— JONAS STEARNS (327), b., Feb. 27, 1738, son of 
Josiah and Susanna (Ball) Stearns, of Watertown, Mass.; be- 
longed to Capt. Bezabeel Eager's Co., of Westboro, Mass., 
in 1757; md., May 14, 1758, Submit Davis, of Lunenburg, b., 
1742. He was a cabinetmaker, and Deacon in the Congre- 
gational Church; about 1768, removed to Chesterfield, N. H., 
where he d., Sept. 13, 1782. She d., Feb. 24, 181 5, in Marl- 
boro, Vt. ; eleven chil. 

905— SAMUEL STEARNS (2091), b., May 14, 1759, in 

906— JONAS STEARNS, b., Sept. 9, 1761, in Shirley, 
Mass.; d., Oct. 19, 1773. 

907— SUSANNA STEARNS, b., May 6, 1764, in Ches- 
terfield, N. H.; md.. May 30, 1794, Guy Hills, tanner, currier 
and cordwainer, of Argyle, Washington Co., N. Y. ; seven 

(a) — Alva S. Hills, b., Mar. 8, 1795; d., Dec. 25, 1825. 

(b) — Samuel D. Hills, b., Mar. 11, 1797; md., June 7, 
1820, Elizabeth . He d., Jan. 31, 1842, leav- 
ing widow Elizabeth and seven children, in Potts- 
town, N. Y. 

(c) — Susan M. Hills, b., Aug. i, 17Q9; md., Oct., 1822, 
Edward S. Eddy, of Rome, N. Y. 

(d) — Arethusa M. Hills, b., July 15, 1802; md., Aug. 9, 
1828, Jacob Moiser, of La Grange, Ind. 

(e) — Polly S. Hills, b., Aug. 26, 1804; md., Dec. i, 1824, 
Charles G. Oaks, of Rose, Wayne Co., N. Y. 

(f) — Minerva Hills, b., Aug. 25, 1807; md., Mar. 15, 
1831, her cousin, Daniel Higby, of Hoosick Falls, 
N. Y., who d., June 27, 1839. 

(g) — Eliza R. Hills, b.. May 18, 1810; md., Aug. 21, 
1828, Daniel M. Green, of Verona Mills, N. Y. 

908— AMOS STEARNS, b., July 10, 1766, in Chester- 
field, N. H.; of Marlboro, Vt.; md., Aug. 19, 1790, Lucy 
Fletcher, of Chesterfield, who d., Dec. 11, 1809, ^iid he d., 
May 15, 1829. 


909— NANCY STEARNS, b., Dec. 14, 1791; was Widow 
Berrons, of Marlboro, Vt. 

910— LUCY STEARNS, b., Apr. 21, 1802; was Widow 
Ball, of Marlboro, Vt. 

911— ABIJAH STEARNS (2106), b. Jan. 22, 1769. 

912— THANKFUL STEARNS, b., Feb. 4, 1770, in Ches- 
terfield, N. H.; md., Cyrus Knapp, b., Dec. 8, 1769, in Taun- 
ton, Mass., who, while a young man, settled in Dover, Vt. 
They had eight children, of whom, Hiram Knapp, who md. 
his cousin, Elvira Stearns (21 13), was the fifth. 

913— ^SUBMIT STEARNS, b., Sept. 2, 1771, in Chester- 
field, N. H.; md., July 14, 1793, Jeremiah Day, of Elizabeth- 
town, N. C. ; ten children. 

(a) — Betsy Day. 
(b)— Luke F. Day. 
(c) — John Russell Day. 
(d)— David V. Day. 
(e) — ^Jonathan B. Day. 
(f)— Polly R. Day. 
(g)— Sally Day. 
(h) — Samuel S. Day. 
(i) — Laura S. Day. 
(j) — Nancy S. Day. 

914— SARAH STEARNS, b., Feb. 5, 1774, in Chester- 
field, N. H.; md., 1795, Edmund Lawrence. After her hus- 
band's death, she resided at Day, Saratoga, Co., N. Y., with 
her sons. Steward and Franklin, where she d.. Mar. 10, 1850; 
nine children. 

(a) — Edmund Lawrence Jr., b., Jan. 26, 1796, in West- 
minster, N. H.; md.. Mar. 3, 1818, Ellathera Perry, 
b., Mar. 15, 1799; settled in Day, Saratoga Co., N. 
Y., where he d., Jan. 4, 1840. 

(b) — William Lawrence, b.. Mar. 21, 1798, in Marlboro, 
Vt.; d., May 3, 1813. 

(c) — Nathaniel Lawrence, b., Feb. 22, 1800; d., Dec. 18, 


1843; md., Aug. 8, 1824, his cousin, Mary Miller, b., 

1806. He was a Justice of the Peace and often 

entrusted with town business, 
(d) — Jonas Lawrence, b., Apr. 18, 1802; d., Nov. 29, 

(e) — Sally Lawrence, b., Feb. 17, 1804; d., Mar. 10, 


(f) — Steward K. Lawrence, b., Jan. 3, 1806; a carpen- 
ter, of Day, N. Y.; md., Jan. 15, 1828, Olive Ste- 
phenson, b., 181 1. 

(g) — Ruby Lawrence, b., Feb. 25, 1808. 

(h) — Rhoda Lawrence, b., July 18, 1810; d.. Mar. 13, 

(i) — Franklin B. Lawrence, b., Oct. 5, 1812; a farmer, 

of Day, Saratoga Co.. N. Y. ; md., Jan. 17, 1839, 

Sarah C. Savage, b,. Apr. 16, 181 1. 

915— RELIEF STEARNS, b., Jan. 29, 1777, in Chester- 
field, N. H.; md., Feb. 11, 1800, Judah Higby, b., July, 1777, 
who d., Apr. 12, 1851. She d., Nov. 16, 1849; eight chil- 

(a) — Relief Higby, b., Jan. 21, 1801; md.. Mar. 8, 1825, 
Asaph Knapp, of Dover, Vt., afterwards, of Marl- 
boro, Vt. 
(b) — Lovina Higby, b., May 6, 1803. 
(c) — Selah Higby. b., May 4, 1805; md., Jan. 28, 1832, 

Eliza Wenzell. 
(d) — Daniel Higby, b., Apr. 5, 1807; d., June 27, 1839; 

md., Mar. 15, 183 1, his cousin, Minerva Hills, 
(e) — Elijah Higby, b., Apr. i, 1809; md., Dec. 20, 1833, 

Roxana Adams, of Wilmington, Vt. 
(f)— Polly Higby, b.. May 16, 181 1. 
(g) — Warren Higby, b., June 6, 1813; md., Sept. 24, 
1835, Roxelany Yaw, of Dover, Vt. 

(h) — Betsy Higby, b., Nov. 20, 1815; d., Aug. 29, 1817. 

916— POLLY STEARNS, b., Sept. 22, 1780, in Chester- 
field, N. H.; md., Daniel Miller; resided in Guilford, Vt., 
Concord, N. Y., Yorkville, Kalamazoo Co., Mich., where 


she lived, a widow, with her sons. Her daughter, Mary Mil- 
ler, b., 1806, md., Aug. 8, 1824, her cousin, Nathaniel Law- 
rence, and was also left a widow. 

9i7_jONAS BOARDMAN STEARNS (21 12), b., Jan. 
25, 1783- 

918— DAVID STEARNS JR. (339), b., Jan. 8, 1744, son 
of Rev. David and Ruth (Hubbard) Stearns, of Lunen- 
burg, Mass.; md., Oct. 20, 1763, Mary Low, b., Jan. 11, 
1740, in Ipswich, dau. of Jonathan and Sarah Low, who 
moved from Ipswich to Lunenberg. He d., July 14, 1773, 
and his widow md., 1776, Jedediah Easterbrook, by whom 
she had four children; Mr. Stearns was father of four chil- 

919— DAVID STEARNS, b., Apr. 14, 1765; d., June 

920— DAVID STEARNS, b., 1766; a clerk and afterwards 
a partner of Mr. Soley, a merchant of Charlestown, Mass.; 
the firm being Soley & Stearns. He md., Oct. 30, 1796, 
Catherine Cochran, b., Oct., 1775, dau. of William and Mary 
Cochran, of Watertown, Mass.; d., a few years after mar- 
riage, of a fever; two children. 

921— MARY MORRIS STEARNS, b., 1799. 

md., 1826, John Eichbaum, of Nashville, Tenn. 

923— MARY STEARNS, b.. May 9, 1768; d., Apr. 5, 
1776, of scarlet fever. 

924— THOMAS STEARNS, b., June, 1769; d., Apr. 11, 
1776, of scarlet fever. 

925— JONATHAN STEARNS (344), b., Apr. 19, 1751, 
son of Rev. David and Ruth (Hubbard) Stearns, of Lunen- 
burg, Mass. ; studied law with Col. Worthington, of Spring- 
field, Mass., a gentleman of much distinction in his day and 
a royaUst. Mr. Stearns imbibed the principles of his pre- 
ceptor and, at the beginning of the Revolution, was obliged 
to leave the town. He went to Westminster, Vt., where 
he rendered himself obnoxious by the stand he took when 


the people undertook to stop the tory courts. After being 
secreted several days in the house of his brother-in-law, 
Judge Sparhawk, of Walpole, N. H., he went to New York 
and became a Judge Advocate in the British Army. From 
New York he went to Halifax, N. S., where he became emi- 
nent in his profession. At the time of his decease. May 23, 
1798, he held the office of Solicitor-General for the Province 
of Nova Scotia, and the following account is taken from an 
obituary notice of him, published at that time: "Possessed 
of a firm and independent mind, enriched by a liberal educa- 
tion and a thorough acquaintance with the laws of the coun- 
try, his political course was marked with an unaccommo- 
dating integrity. As a professional man, he pursued the 
interests of his clients with the most indefatigable persever- 
ance; and. in his legislative capacity, he rendered the most 
important service to this Province, by his uniform endeavor 
to promote its interests and its prosperity." He md., 1785, 
Mehitable Robie. dau. of Thomas and Mary Robie, who had 
been compelled to f^ee from Salem, Mass., to Halifax, on ac- 
count of their political sentiments. Mr. Robie had been a 
merchant in Salem, whither he returned, and lived to a very 
advanced age. Mrs. Steams d.. 1801-2, after which the chil- 
dren of Mr. Steams resided with their grand parents in Sa- 
lem; ten children. 

926— HARRIET STEARNS, b., June 27, 1786; d., Nov., 
1818, in Boston; unm. 

927— MARY STEARNS, b.. Sept. 4, 1787; d.. Mar. 30, 
1814. in Boston; unm. 

928— WILLIAM STEARNS, d. in infancy. 

929— CHARLOTTE STEARNS, d. in infancy. 

930— WILLIAM STEARNS (21 16), b., Mar. 13, 1792. 

931— ELIZA STEARNS, b., Apr. 25, 1793; d., Feb. 2, 
1813; unm. 

932— HENR YSTEARNS (2129), b.. May 11. 1794. 

933— ANNE STEARNS, b., May 30, 1795: d.. Dec. 24, 
1835; unm. 


934— CAROLINE STEARNS, b., Sept. 3, 1797; d., Oct. 
15, 1820; unm. 

935— JONATHAN STEARNS JR., b., Sept. 3, 1798; d., 

936— JOSEPH STEARNS (350), b., Aug. 22, 1756, son 
of Benjamin and Anna (Taylor) Stearns, of Lunenburg, 
Mass.; md., 1778, Anna Putnam, of Danvers, Mass.; d.. Mar. 
1782, leaving two sons. His wid. md. (2), Peter Nourse, of 
Danvers, Mass., moved to Langdon, N. H., and had four 
daughters. She md. (3), James Campbell, of Ackworth, N. 
H., and had one dau., Amanda Campbell. Mrs. Stearns- 
Campbell d., Sept. 20, 1846, aged 78 yrs. 

937— BENJAMIN STEARNS (2137), b., Feb. 27, 1779, 
In Lunenburg. 

938~JOSEPH STEARNS JR., b., Dec. 27, 1781 ; of Dan- 
vers, Mass., where he d., Aug. 8, 1858. 

939— JAMES STEARNS (358), b., Sept. i, 1758, son of 
Dea. William and Elizabeth (Johnson) Stearns, of Lunen- 
burg, Mass.; md., 1780, Elizabeth , and settled in Lu- 
nenburg, Mass.; moved to Ashburnham, Mass., for a few 
years; thence to Grafton, Vt., where he d., June 30, 1820. 
His widow d., Aug. 18, 1827, at Saratoga Springs, N. Y., 
aged seventy years; eight children. 

940— THOMAS STEARNS (2143), b., Jan. 19, 1781. 

941— JAMES STEARNS JR. (215 1), b., Mar. 29, 1782. 

942— WILLIAM STEARNS, b., Jan. 14, 1784; d., Feb. 
8, 1784. 

943— ELIZABETH STEARNS, b.. Mar. 14, 1786; d., 
June 4, 1829; md., 1814, Capt. James Rhoades, of Grafton, 
Vt., brother of Lydia (Rhoades) Stearns, her sister-in-lavv; 
four children. 

(a) — William Rhoades, b., Nov. 26, 1815; md. (i), Nov. 

2, 1841, Lucia Chamberlin, of Barnard, Vt., who 

"~^ d., May 19. 1848; md. (2), Apr. 11, 1849. Lavinia W. 

Swan, of Boston; moved to California, and died 

there, Feb. 12, 1873. 


(b) — Elizabeth Rhoades, b., Apr. 29, 1819; md. Josiah 
Willard, of Grafton, Vt., where she died, Apr, 12, 

(c) — Sarah Maria Rhoades, b., Feb. 25, 1821; md., Apr. 
II, 1848, Benjamin Frankhn Danforth, b., Feb. 10, 
1826, who d., Apr. 30, 1897. His widow d., May 
23, 1897. They had four children: Charles Dan- 
forth, b., Apr. 9, 185 1, d., Jan. 25, 1852; Geo. Mar- 
shall Danforth, b.. May 19, 1853, who weighed 270 
lbs. when twenty years of age, and on Apr. 15, 1880, 
md. Emma A. Jones, was father of two pairs of 
twins, and died, Dec. 5, 1891; James Rhoades Dan- 
forth, b., Apr. 19, 1859; Anna Elizabeth Danforth, 
b., Mar. 23, 1861, and md., Aug. i, 1888, George W. 

(d) — James Rhoades Jr., b., Jan. 12, 1827; d. in Boston, 
of small-pox. 

944— WILLIAM STEARNS, b., July 14, 1789; md. and 
had dau., Lucy Stearns; d., June 18, 182 1. 

945— MARY (POLLY) STEARNS, b., Feb. 24, 1791; 
md. Mr. Shoudy; d. in Saratoga Springs, N. Y. 

946— ABRAHAM STEARNS, b., May 29, 1793; was 
killed, Aug. 9, 1826, while blasting rocks; no family, 

947— SARAH STEARNS, b., Apr. 11, 1796; md. Mr. 
Mosher, of Saratoga Springs. 

Sixth Generation, 

948— LEVI STEARNS (364), date of birth unknown, son 
of John 4th and Sally (Cate) Stearns, of Lovell, Me.; md. 
Sally Cox, dau. of Samuel and Lydia (Cooper) Cox, and her 
grand parents were Matthew and Elizabeth (Russell) Cox; 
settled in Lovell, Me. ; eight children. 

949— WILLIAM STEARNS, m. Miss Heald, of Lovell, 

950— JOHN PENDEXTER STEARNS (2160), b., Aug. 
19, 1810. ^ 

951— MARY (POLLY) STEARNS, md. William Wat- 
son, of Lovell, Me. 

952— LYDIA STEARNS, md. Hannibal Kneeland. 

953— LEVI STEARNS JR. md. Miss Swain. 

954— SARAH (SALLY) COX STEARNS, m., Apr. 14, 
1832, Liberty Holden; Rev. Stephen Sanderson was the offi- 
ciating clergyman. Their son, Liberty Emery Holden, is 
Pres. of The Plain Dealer Publishing Co., of Cleveland, O., 
and md., Aug. 14, i860, Delia Elizabeth Bulkley. dau. of 
Henry G. and Susan E. (Brown) Bulkley; eight children. 


956— CELIA STEARNS, md. John C. Poland. 

957— DAVID STEARNS (365), b., , son of John 

4th. and Sally (Cate) Stearns, of Lovell, Me.; a farmer, 
of Lovell. Me., where all his children were born; md.. May 
29, 1805, his cousin, Sally Andrews, b., Sept. 18, 1785, dau. 
of Capt. Abraham and Esther (Stearns) Andrews (367), of 


Lovell, Me. He cl, Nov. i6, 1855, and she d., Sept. 8, i860, 
at Lovell Centre; eleven children. 

958— CALEB STEARNS, b., Apr. 5, 1806; d., Aug. 18, 

959— STEPHEN STEARNS (2179), b., Jan. 11, 1808. 
960— CALEB STEARNS (2191), b., Nov. 18, 1810. 

961— MARY STEARNS, b., Apr. i, 1812; md., Apr. 27, 
1834, x\bel Heald, a farmer and merchant of Lovell, Me., 
where their children were born. She d., May 3, 1862, and 
he md. (2), her sister, Harriet Stearns (967); thirteen chil- 

(a) — Henry F. Heald, b., July 16, 1835. 

(b) — Georgianna Heald, b., Dec. 12, 1836; d., Dec. 15, 

1858, at Lovell; unm.M 
(c) — Mary Eliza Heald, b., Apr. 20, 1838; d., Feb. 5, 

1856, at Lovell; unm. 
(d) — Martha C. Heald, b., Dec. 11, 1839; d. 
(e) — Edward P. Heald, b., Feb. 5, 1843. 
(f)— Isabella Heald, b.. Feb. 12, 1845. 
(g) — Selwin Heald. b.. July 7, 1846; d. 

(h) — Sarah Stearns Heald, b., Feb. 12, 1848; md., Sept. 

3, 1867, Henry M. Stearns (4324). 
(i) — Charles Heald. b., Jan. i. 1850. 
(j) — Abel Austin Heald, b., June 29, 1852; d., July 2, 

1873; unm. 
'k) — AHce Heald, b.. Mar. 21, 1854; d., June 20, 1872; 

(l)_Nellie Heald, b., Aug. 23, 1856. 
(m) — Josiah Heald, b., Apr. 18, 1859. 

962— HARRIET STEARNS, b., Jan. 18, 1814; d., Jan. 
7,' 1825. 

963— TIMOTHY STEARNS, b.. May 26, 1818; d., June, 

964— TIMOTHY STEARNS, b., 1820; d., Oct. 11, 1841; 


965— MEHITABLE STEARNS, b., Jan. 20, 1824; md., 
Dec. 26, 1846, Samuel Gilkey, a carpenter, of Portland, Me.; 
three children. 

(a) — Alva A. Gilkey, b., Aug. 8, 1849. 

(b)— Willis D. Gilkey, b., Feb. 8, 1857. 

(c) — Hattie S. Gilkey, b., Nov. 3, i860. 

966— HENRIETTA STEARNS, b.. Mar. 8, 1826. 

967— HARRIET STEARNS, b., Mar. 8, 1826. 

Henrietta md. Thos. Tibbitts, a farmer, of Lovell, Me. 
She d., July 29, 1886, leaving several chil.; among them are 
Sidney Tibbitts and Albert Tibbitts. 

Harriet Stearns md., June 19, 1865, Abel Heald, her de- 
ceased sister's husband; one child. 

(a) — Willis Heald, b., Apr. 27, 1870; d., July 13, 1872. 

968— HORATIO STEARNS (2199), b., July 25, 1828. 

969— ISAAC STEARNS JR. (368), b., June 13, 1750, 
son of Isaac and Sarah (Abbott) Stearns, of Billerica, Mass.; 
md., Dec. 18, 1777, Mary Crosby, b., May 16, 1754, dau. of 
Jessaniah and Mary (Hosley) Crosby, of Billerica. They re- 
moved to Ashburnham, in 1778; he was a Sergeant in the 
Revolutionary Army, and d., Apr. 29, 1807, in Ashburn- 
ham. His wid. d., Oct. 24, 1839; eleven children. "Isaac 
Stearns Jr. was one of the minute-men who rallied at the 
first alarm, Apr. 19, 1775, and was also one of the intrepid 
band of forty men, led by Ethen Allen, that took Fort Ticon- 
deroga. He was a soldier in the siege of Boston for eight 
months and participated in the battle of Bunker Hill. Col. 
Prescott and Sergeant Stearns stood side by side in the re- 
doubt, as the British soldiers marched up the hill. The ques- 
tion was how near should they be allowed to approach for the 
fire to be most effective. The following conversation passed 
between them: 

Col. Prescott — 'Stearns, are they near enough?' 
Sergt. Stearns — 'No, not yet.' 
Col. Prescott — 'Are they now?' 
Sergt. Stearns — 'Not quite.' 


Then, after a little pause, Sergt Stearns exclaimed, 'Thtre, 
that will do,' and the order was given to fire, with the result 
so well known. Mrs. Mary (Crosby) Stearns drew a pension 
till her decease. On Sunday mornings, the saddle and pil- 
lion were put on their one horse, and, together Isaac Stearns 
and his wife would ride on horseback to church." 

970— BETSY STEARNS, b., Aug. 31, 1778; d., Nov. 6, 
1854, in New Ipswich, N. H.; unm. 

971— ISAAC STEARNS, b.. Mar. 12, 1780; d., June 16, 

972— ISAAC STEARNS 3d. (2203), b., Oct. 28, 1781. 

973— MARY STEARNS, b., Feb. 19, 1783; d., July i, 
1846; md., Apr. 29, 1805, Job Davis, who, after her decease, 
md, her sister, Sarah. They settled in Ashby, Mass.; ten 

(a) — Isaac Stearns Davis, b., July 11, 1806; d., Feb. 13^ 
1882; md., July 10, 1833, Lydia Davis Blood, b., 
Apr. 26, 1807, dau. of Daniel and Betsy Blood; 
seven children. 

(b) — Orpha Stearns Davis, b.. May 4, 1809; d., Aug., 
1868; md., 1844, Samuel Esterbrook, and settled in 
Ashby, Mass. ; two children, 

(c) — ^John U. Davis, b., Feb. 7, 181 1; d., May 14, 1885. 
md. (i), Nov. 2y, 1834, Mary Taylor, who d.. Mar. 
2, 1844; md. (2), 1846, Sarah E. Esterbrook, who 
d., Dec. 25, 1891; nine children. 

(d) — Susan H. Davis, b., Feb. 2, 1814; d., Apr. 12, 1889; 
md., Sept. 14, 1837, William Swift Bennett, of Lo- 
well, Mass.; four children. 

(e) — Mary A. Davis, b., 1816; d., Apr. 10, 1842. 

(f) — Onslow P. Davis, b., Apr. 24, 1818; d., Oct. 27, 
1884; md., Sept. 16, 1847, Susan M. Raymond, of 
Gardner, Mass.; two children. 

(g) — Philo Davis, b., 1820; d.. Nov. 26, 1841. 

(h) — Jonas P. Davis, b.. Dec. 14, 1821; d.. Dec, 1868: 
md., Aug. 4, 1857, Louisa Horton. He was a Prin- 
cipal of Public Schools in Brooklyn, N. Y. ; four 


(i)— Job Davis Jr., M. D., b., Jan. 28, 1823; d., Mar. 18, 
1866; md., Jan. i, 185 1, Mary E, Bedell. He was 
a physician of Brooklyn, N. Y., where he was made 
Alderman in 1855 ; four children. 

(j) — Lucinda M. Davis, b., Aug., 1824; d., Apr. 8, 1885; 
md., 1849, Silas Raymond, of Winchendon, Mass.; 
one son, Herbert. 

974— JESSE STEARNS (2208), b., Aug. 29, 1784. 

975— SARAH STEARNS, b., Feb. 4, 1786; d.. May 13, 
1862; md., Dec, 1846, Job Davis, her deceased sister's hus- 
l^and, and settled in New Ipswich, N. H., where he d., i^pr. 
6, 1850. 

976— MARTHA STEARNS, b., Oct. 19, 1787; md., Apr. 
8, 1818, Capt. Sewall Fiske, of Weston, son of Nathan Fiske, 
who md. Mary Stearns (374); eight children. 

(a) — Alonzo Sewall Fiske, b., Oct. 4, 1818; md., Sept 
12, 1843, Susan Maria Colburn, b., Aug. 31, 1824, 
dau. of William and Nabby (Reed) Colburn, of Lin- 
coln, Mass. 

(b) — Gustavus Henry Fiske, b., July 18, 1820; d., unm. 

(c) — Mary Malvina Fiske, b., June 3, 1822; md., Sept. 
12, 1843, Jeremiah Stratton Russell, of Worcester, 
Mass., who d., Nov. 2. 1844, leaving a son, Jere- 
miah S. Russell Jr., b.. Oct. 31, 1844. 

(d) — Martha Elvira Fiske, b., Mar. i, 1824. 

(e) — Maria Henrietta Fiske, b., Oct. 11, 1825; d. 

(f) — Henry Gustavus Fiske, b., Apr. 13, 1827; of San 
Francisco, Cal. 

(g) — Edmund Sylvester Fiske, b., June 11, 1829. 

(h) — Abigail Warren Fiske, b., June 9, 183 1. 

977— ORPHA STEARNS, b., May 19, 1789; md.. 1827, 
Joel Davis, son of Josiah Davis, of New Ipswich; d., Mar. 9, 
1866. A dau., Rebecca Davis, was living when the family 
removed to Lowell, in 1828. 

978— JOHN STEARNS, b.. Mar. 11, 1791; grad. Union 
Coll., 1821; was a teacher, in Washington, D. C, where he 


6., Sept. lo, 1824; unm. He had also been licensed to 

979 — ABIGAIL STEARNS, b., Jan. 31, 1793; md., June 
5, 1818, Chauncey Perry, of Rindge, N. H. In 1823, they 
removed from Rindge to New Ipswich, where she d., Apr. 14, 
1853. Four of their sons, John Perry, Philander Perry, Al- 
bert Perry and Isaac Stearns Perry, were clergymen and two 
more sons, Chauncey Perry Jr., and Timothy Perry, were 
lawyers in Brooklyn, N. Y. "Their aged father, having as- 
sisted his sons to a liberal education, could review with proud 
satisfaction their honorable careers." 

980 — ALICE STEARNS, b., July 11, 1796; d. (a suicide)^ 
May 24, 1812, aged 15 years. 

981— WILLIAM STEARNS (369), b., Aug. 4, 1752, son 
of Isaac Jr. and Sarah (Abbott) Stearns, of Billerica, Mass. ; 
md., Sept. 25, 1777, Lydia Davis, and settled in Ashburnham, 
Mass., where he d., Aug. 13, 1826, and his wid. d., July 31, 
1835; nine children. 

982— WILLIAM STEARNS JR. (2216), b^ June 19, 

983— LYDIA STEARNS, b.. Mar. 24, 1780; md., Feb. 5, 
1799' Samuel Foster Jr., and removed, the same year, to 
Stoddard, N. H. She d., July i, 1867, and he d., Apr. 24, 
1868; nine children. 

(a) — Stearns Foster, b., Dec. 26, 17Q9. 

(b) — Lydia Foster, b., Aug. 22, 1801. 

(c) — Maria Foster, b., Apr. 29, 1804. 

(d) — Hosea Foster, b., Apr. 13, 1806. 

(e) — Selina Foster, b., July 5, 1809. 

(f) — Emily Foster, b., Dec. 19, 181 1. 

(g) — Samuel Foster, b., Nov. 29, 181 5. 

(h) — Electa Foster, b., Nov. 10, 1817; d., Dec. 25, 1818. 

(i) — Electa Foster, b., June 10, 1825. 

984— SOLOMON STEARNS, b., June 18, 1782; a mer- 
chant, of New Orleans, La., where he d., Feb. 9, 1815; unm. 

985— ASA STEARNS, b., Oct. 14, 1784: grad. Harv. 


Univ 1807; d., Dec. 20, 1809, while a student of Divinity; 

986— TIMOTHY STEARNS (2224), b., Sept. i, 1786. 

987— CALLE STEARNS, b., Mar. 24, 1789; md., Dec. 
20, 1810, John Farrar, b., Apr. 15, 1784, son of Jacob Farrar, 
of Concord. She d., Mar. 26, 1843, rnother of eight chil, 

(a) — Eliza Caroline Farrar, b., Oct. 21, 181 1; md., June 

25, 1835, Oliver Brooks; settled in Denmark, la. 
(b) — George L. Farrar, b., Oct. 3, 1813; md., June 5, 

1838, Sophronia M. George; d., Apr. 13, 1882. 
(c) — Charlotte Farrar, b., Nov. 2y, 1816; md., Apr. 4, 

1840, Henry Tuckerman. 
(d) — Roxana Farrar, b., Apr. 18, 1821; md., Apr. 21, 

1842, Abraham Bowden. 
(e) — Maria Farrar, b., Sept. 16, 1823; md., Aug. 28, 

1845, Ezekiel Bartlett. 
(f) — Susan Farrar, b., June 24, 1826; md., Sept. 20, 1846, 

Eliphalet S. Wood, 
(g) — Lydia Farrar, b., Sept. 28, 1828; md., Jan. i, 1852, 

George L, Beals, b., Jan. 11, 1830. 

(h) — Calle Farrar, b., Oct. 8, 1830; md. Edwin H. Ely, 
of Clevelandj O. 

988— CHARLES STEARNS (2234), b.. Mar. 21, 1791. 

989— ROXANA STEARNS, b., May 7, 1793; md., Feb. 
15, 1821, Rev. Amasa Jones, b., Apr. 18, 1796, son of Asa 
Jones, of Rindge, N. H. He was a missionary to the Little 
Osage Indians, and d., Apr. 17, 1870, in Missouri. She d., 
Oct. 17, 1875. 

990— CHARLOTTE STEARNS, b., Sept. 8, 1795; md., 
July 12, 1820, Reuben Rice Jr., b., Jan. 20, 1789, son of 
Reuben and Sarah (Metcalf) Rice, of Ashburnham; d., 1849; 
one son. 

(a) — Charles Stearns Rice, b., Oct. 18, 1824. 

991— BENJAMIN STEARNS (372), b., Sept. 12, 1757, 
son of Hon. Isaac and Sarah (Abbott) Stearns, of Billerica, 
Mass.; d.. May 24, 1836; md., Feb. 15, 1792, Susanna Frye, 


of Fryeburg, Me., b., June i6, 1765. She was the daughter 
of Judge Simon Frye, who was the first Chief Justice of the 
State of Maine, also a member of the first Board of Over- 
seers of Bowdoin College. Benjamin Stearns and his Uncle 
John were among the first settlers in New Suncook, now 
Lovell, Me. On the north of New Suncook was an unbroken 
wilderness as far north as Canada, while, on the south, the 
settlements in Fryeburg were about fifteen miles by the In- 
dian trail, then the only road. Over ;:his trail, Mr. Stearns 
was obliged to carry his corn on his back to the nearest mill 
in Fryeburg, whenever he wanted meal. He frequently made 
the journey both ways in a single day, until after he had 
cleared land enough to feed cattle during the long winter. 
He was noted for his personal courage and great physical 
strength and activity. He was a soldier in a Mass. Regt. of 
Infantry, until the close of the Revolutionary War, and was 
Justice of the Peace for a long time. His wife, Susanna, d., 
Sept. 27, 1829; eight children. 

992— DR. ISAAC STEARNS (2239), b., Dec. 30, 1792. 

993— BENJAMIN STEARNS JR. (2244), b., Sept. i, 

994— JOHN F. STEARNS, b., Aug. 1, 1796; d., Oct. 15, 
1 8 19; unm. 

995— SOLOMON STEARNS (2257), b., July 21. 1798. 

996— NATHAN STEARNS, b. and d., 1800. 

Q97_SUSANNA STEARNS, b., Oct. 28, 1801; d.. 1802. 

998— OBED STEARNS (2271), b., Feb. 4, 1804. 

999_SARAH FRYE STEARNS, b., July 24, 1806; md., 
June 3, 1842, Le Roy Rensselaer Mills, a farmer, of Dun- 
barton, N. H., where she d., Apr. 29, 1868. 

looQ— TIMOTHY STEARNS (375). b., Sept. 25, 1763, 
son of Hon. Josiah and Sarah (Abbott)) Stearns, of Billerica, 
Mass.: md., Nov. i, 1787, Sarah Lane, b., Oct. i, 1765, dau. 
of John and Sarah (Abbott-Hildreth) Lane, of Bedford, 
Mass. They settled in Billerica, where their ten children 
were born and where he d., Aug. 8, 1816. His wid. d., June 
13, 1849. 


looi— TIMOTHY STEARNS JR., b., Sept. 8, 1788; d., 
>«ov. 22, 1 791. 

1002— SALLY STEARNS, b., Sept. 21, 1790; d., Feb. 
23, 1793- 

1003— TIMOTHY STEARNS JR., b., Nov. 12, 1792; d., 
Apr. 6, 1795. 

1004— JOHN STEARNS, b., Sept. 15, 1794; d., Mar. 3, 

1005— SEWALL STEARNS, b., Sept. 2. 1796; Justice of 
the Peace of Billerica; md., June 23, 1836, Lucretia Hill, b., 
Mar. 3, 1807, dau. of Job and Susanna (Blanchard) Hill; d,. 
Oct. 31, 1849. 

1006— SARAH STEARNS, b., July 8, 1798; d., June 16, 

1007— OBED STEARNS (2283), b., Mar. 21, 1801. 

1008— SARAH ABBOTT STEARNS, b., Feb. 27, 1803; 
for several years before marriage was principal of a large 
Female Seminary in Chillicothe, O.; md., Dec. 14, 1842, Dea. 
Aaron Lawrence, b., Dec. 23, 1804, in Hollis, N. H., son of 
Aaron and Lucy (Putnam) Lawrence. He was formerly a 
merchant, of Amherst, N. H., but, in 1841, retired from busi- 
ness on account of ill health. He was also an extensive 
hop-dealer. His first wife was Lucretia Claggett, b., 1806, 
dau. of Hon. Clifton Claggett, of Amherst, N. H. His second 
wife d., Oct. 15, 1865, and he d., Sept. i. 1867; two daus. 

(a) — Sarah Lucretia Lawrence, b., Nov. 6, 1843; d., 

Aug. 8, 1870. 
(b) — Anne Maria Lawrence, b., Apr. 4, 1847; ^-t Sept. 

15. 1S67. 

1009— ECKLEY STEARNS, b., June 12, 1805; md., 
Sept. II, 183 1. Hannah Pratt, of Weymouth; s. p.; d., Aug. 
9, 1872, of peritonitis, at Woburn, Mass. 

loio— TIMOTHY STEARNS JR. (2287), b., Jan. 23, 

loii— JOHN STEARNS (376), b., Sept. 18, 1765, son of 


Hon. Isaac and Sarah (Abbott) Stearns, of Billerica, Mass.; 
md. (i), Feb. lo, 1801, Mary, Lane, b., Aug. 15, 1776, dau. 
of Samuel and Elizabeth (Fitch) Lane, of Bedford, Mass. He 
was a farmer, of Billerica, and "lived beside the Concord 
River, in the south part of the town." His first wife d., Nov. 
30, 181 5, and he md. (2), May 13, 181 7, Susanna Winn, b., 
Nov. 2, 1771, dau. of Joseph Winn, of Burlington, Mass. He 
was killed, Nov. 5, 1836, by the locomotive. Phoenix, on the 
Boston and Lowell R. R., at Woburn, Mass., where he was 
then residing. His wid. d., Jan. 28, 1842, in the Stearns 
homestead in Billerica, where their eight children were born. 
"The Stearns property in Billerica has been for more than 
two centuries in the family. On these acres four Stearns 
famihes located, in different generations, and erected dwell- 
ings for their own accommodation. John Stearns, born 1765, 
built the present Stearns homestead and established a home 
on one quarter of the farm, where his grandson was a late 
owner. Among many treasured family relics is a rude oic- 
ture, representing the family-tree, with a heart-shaped apple 
to record each birth in the family of John and Mary (Lane) 
Stearns, married Feb. 10, 1800, according to this record. 
The first fruit, on this family tree, was Franklin Stearns, b., 
1802, who spent his life of four score years on this farm, 
with a faithful wife, who laughingly boasted "I was born m 
the year one." 1801. She was the last of thirteen children of 
Benjamin Lane, who lived near the Stearns settlement." 

1012— FRANKLIN STEARNS (2288), b., Jan. 25. 1802. 

1013— MARY STEARNS, b., Dec. 28, 1803; md.. May 
13, 1832, William Whitford, of Billerica, b.. Oct. 5, 1799, son 
of William Whitford, of Hillsboro, N. H. She was his second 
wife and the mother of six children; d., Apr. 8, 1882, at Con- 
cord, N. H. 

(a) — John Stearns Whitford, b., May 22, 1833. 
(b) — Edward Lorenzo Whitford. b., July 28, 1836. 
(c) — Mary Elizabeth Whitford, b., Apr. 18, 1838. 
(d) — Francis Oliver Whitford, b., Apr. 21. 1843. 
(e) — Emma Maria Whitford, b., Feb. 13, 1845. 
(f) — Addison Bernard Whitford, b., Apr. 29, 1847. 


1014— JOHN OWEN STEARNS (2295), b, Aug. 3, 

1015— ONSLOW STEARNS, b., Feb. 2, 1807; d, Feb. 
22>, 1808. 

1016— ELIZA ANN STEARNS, b., Oct. 4, 1808; md., 
May 17, 1832, John Dennis Billings, b., Nov. 10, 1805, son of 
John Billings, of Lincoln, Mass. She had two children and 
d.. Mar. 3, 1875; he d., Mar. 2y, 1871. 

(a) — Mary Ann BilHngs, b.. Mar. 18, 1833, '^^ Bedford, 
Mass.; md., Apr. 28, 1853, Oliver Josiah Lane, b., 
Jan. 29, 1828, son of Oliver Wellington and Cath- 
erine (Walton) Lane, of Bedford, Mass. "OHver 
J. Lane was a carpenter and builder, often in town 
office and held the office of selectman for twenty- 
five years — the longest service of any one in the 
history of the town. He served as Moderator of 
more town meetings than any other citizen." 

(b) — John Winn Billings, b., Jan. 16, 1837; d., Jan. 9, 

1017— ONSLOW STEARNS (2304), b., Aug. 30, 1810. 

1018— LORENZO STEARNS, b.. May 13, 1813; d.. May 
13, 1836, at EHzabethtown, N. J.; unm. 

1019— BERNARD STEARNS, b., Nov. 23, 1815; md., 
Dec. 30, 1851, Lavinia Beatrice Haines, b., Jan 29, 1830, 
dau. of Simeon Haines, formerly of Haddonfield, N. J. They 
settled in Poughkeepsie, N. Y., then removed to Elizabeth, 
N. J., where he d., May, 1879. 

1020— ABNER STEARNS (386), b., July 9, 1766, son of 
Capt. Edward and Lucy (Wyman) Stearns, of Bedford, 
Mass.; d., Dec. 11, 1838; Captain and machinist of West 
Cambridge, Mass.; md. (i), May i, 1796, Anna Hill, b.. May 
II' ^777' dau. of Jonathan and Sarah (Stevens-Whiting) Hill, 
of Billerica. She d., Oct. 22, 1807, and he md. (2), June 30, 
1808, Mrs. Anne Estabrook, b., Jan. 27, 1780, wid. of John 
Estabrook, and dau. of Thomas Russell, Esq.. of West Cam- 
bridge. She d., Nov. 29, 1839, and their bodies are interred 
in Shawshine Cemetery, where a sarcophagus has been 


erected by a grateful posterity. "Abner Stearns was about 
liine years of age at the beginning of the Revolutionary 
War and was sleeping beside his brother, Solomon, when 
they were awakened at an early hour of Apr. 19, 1775, by 
their father, Lieut. Edward Stearns, who announced that 
the British were coming. Distinctly the reports of the mus- 
ketry were heard, during the engagement, as they were 
wafted on the breezes of that April morning. He often en- 
tertained his family, in after life, with descriptions of his 
feelings on that day, and, of the activity of each member of 
the family old enough for service, in preparing food, running 
bullets and making cartridges. This experience developed 
his military inclinations and he became prominent in the 
militia of the state. His commission as Ensign of the Bed- 
ford Co., dated Oct. 17, 1793, bears the signature of Samuel 
Adams upon it, and is treasured, with many other military 
papers, by his descendants. He was also a mechanical genius 
and of an inventive turn of mind. He planned a machine for 
splitting leather, started a woolen factory, a grist mill and a 
machme for preparing dye-goods, also, ran a fulling-mill 
and a spinning-jenney of seventy-two spindles. The impres- 
sion made upon the business world and in the mechanical 
arts by Capt. Abner Stearns, and his family, is of national 
repute." He had six children, 

1 02 1— ABNER STEARNS JR. (2312), b., Apr, i, 1797. 

1022— MARY ANN HILL STEARNS, b., May 23, 1809; 
md., May i, 1834, Jonas Munroe Esq., b.. Mar. 17, 1795, of 
Scotch descent. His first wife was Abigail French Stearns 
(1071), dau. of Rev. Samuel and Abigail (French) Stearns, 
of Bedford. Mass., and she d., Jan., 1833; he d.. May 11, 
1879; Mrs. Mary (Stearns) Munroe, d., 1893, mother of four 

(a) — George Henry Monroe, b., Nov. 15. 1835; nid., 

Oct. II, 1 87 1, Caroline M. Brower. 
(b) — Jonas Edward Munroe, b., May 4. 1837; was in 
the Union Army; md., Nov. 2, 1865, Ellen M. But- 
(c) — Caroline French Munroe, b., Apr. 21, 1839, > 'p^j^^g 
(d) — Catherine Frances Munroe, b., Apr. 21, 1839. 5 


Catherine d. in infancy. 
Caroline nid. Chas. E. Gleason. 

1023— EDWARD HARRISON STEARNS (2316), b., 
Dec. 16, 1814. 

1024— GEORGE SULLIVAN STEARNS (2317), b.. 
May 17, 1816. 

1025— ALBERT THOMAS STEARNS (2333), b., Apr, 
23, 1821. 

1026— HENRY AUGUSTUS STEARNS (2341), b., Oct. 
23, 1825. 

1027— ELIJAH STEARNS (389), b., May 2, 1770, son of 
Capt. Edward and Lucy (Wyman) Stearns, of Billerica, 
Mass.; d., Apr. 10, 1831; for many years a merchant, of Bed- 
ford, Mass. 'Tn Mar., 1822, Dea. Michael Crosby, Zebedee 
Simonds, James Webber and Elijah Stearns, Esq., were 
chosen as tithing-men and sworn to the faithful discharge of 
the trust. They were instructed to keep such order on 
Lord's Day, in the meeting-house and the Centre school- 
house, as they might think proper, and long poles or staffs 
were furnished as instruments of authority, to be especially 
used during public worship." When the stage-coaches made 
Bedford a popular thoroughfare, a Post-office was estab- 
lished there, and, in 1825, Elijah Stearns, Esq., was ap- 
pointed the first Postmaster. The first mail that left the 
town contained but one letter. Postage was an item of im- 
portance, and rates ranged, according to distance, from six 
cents to twenty-five, with optional pre-payment. Elijah 
Stearns was Justice of the Peace from 1805 until his decease. 
He md., Dec. 30, 1802, Elizabeth Stearns (403), his cousin, 
dau. of Rev. Josiah Stearns, of Epping, N. H,; she d., Sept, 
25, 1862; seven children. 

1028— EDWARD STEARNS, b. and d., Dec, 1804. 

1029— EDWARD JOSIAH STEARNS, b., Feb., 1806: 
d., Dec, 1806. 

1030— MARY ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., Oct. 31. 
1807; d., July 12, 1818. 


1031— EDWARD JOSIAH STEARNS (2350), b., Feb. 
24, 1 810. 

1032— ELIJAH WYMAN STEARNS, b., Jan. 8, 1813; 
grad. Harv. Univ., 1838; was a teacher for several years, and 
later, a druggist in Bedford. 

1033— GEORGE O. STEARNS, b., Aug. 30, 1815; a Sur- 
geon Dentist, in Pittsburg, Pa., later in New Haven, Ct. 

1034— SAMUEL FRENCH STEARNS, b., Apr. 25, 
1818; Surgeon Dentist, in Boston, Mass.; md., Nov. 20, 
1848, Catherine Elizabeth Frost, dau. of William R. Frost, of 
Boston; d., 1889. 

1035— SIMEON STEARNS (390), b., Apr. 17, 1772, son 
of Capt. Edward and Lucy (Wyman) Stearns, of Bedford, 
Mass.; md., 1802, Sarah Cole, dau. of Onesimus Cole, of 
Sherburne, Mass. They settled in Bedford, Mass., where he 
d., Apr. 17, 1846, and she d.. Mar. 8, 1863; three children. 

1036— ELBRIDGE WYMAN STEARNS, b., Apr. 22, 
1803; nid., Dec. 17, 1826, Ruth Tidd Wright; settled in Bed- 
ford, Mass., where he d., Dec. i, 1876, and she d., Oct. 31, 

1037— LUCY MINERVA STEARNS, b., Sept. 6, 1805; 
md., May i, 1823, Ezekiel Warren Preston, of Bedford, 
Mass. She d.. May 5, 1884. 

(a) — Elbridge Warren Preston, b., Nov. 8, 1824; d., July, 

(b) — Lucy Maria Preston, b., Dec. 10, 1826; d., July. 

(c) — Sherman Stearns Preston, b., Feb. 28, 1828. 

1038— SALLY MIRANDA STEARNS, b.. May 12, 1808; 
md., Oct. 12, 1829, Stephen N. Nichols, of Westford, Mass.; 
d., June 6, 1848. 

1039— DUDLEY STEARNS (394), b., Apr. 8, 1760, son 
of Rev. Josiah and Sarah (Abbott) Stearns, of Epping, N. 
H.; went to Saco, afterwards to Fryeburg, Me., where he 
md., Apr. 6, 1784, Lydia Burbank, b., 1760, dau. of Benja- 
min and Jane S. Burbank, of Kennebunk, Me. The next 


year (1785), he settled in Hiram, Me., as a schoolmaster. 
He left home, Dec. 20, 1793, on the pretence of visiting his 
kindred and never returned. It was reported that he was 
drowned in Canada, in 1812. His wid. d., Nov. 23, 1830; five 

1040— JOSIAH STEARNS, b.. Oct. 24, 1785; a merchant, 
of Portland, Me.; md., 1812, Hannah Newell, of Lisbon, Me.; 
d., July 24, 1824. 

1041— WILLIAM STEARNS, b.. Sept., 1788; of Passa- 
dumkeag, Me. 

1042— BETSY STEARNS, b.. Mar. 7, 1790; md., 1812, 
John Buttrick Brown, b., Dec. 8, 1790, in Baldwin, Me.; set- 
tled in Sebago, Me.; seven children. 

(a) — William Stearns Brown, b., Aug. 26, 181 3; a mill- 
man, of Sebago, Me.; md., Nov. 29, 1840, Adah 
Storer, b.. Mar. 5, 1820, dau. of Capt Amos and 
Sybil P. Storer, of Sebago, Me. Their first two 
children were twin boys. 

(b) — Betsy Stearns Brown, b.. May 7. 1816. in Sebago; 
afterwards of Lynn, Mass. 

(c) — Silas Buttrick Brown, b., June ii, 1818; a sea- 
man, of Greenville, Me. 

(d) — David Brown, b. Apr. 19. 1820; a farmer, of Se- 
bago. Me. 

fe) — Thomas Munroe Brown, b., Feb. 7. 1824; of Green- 
ville. Me. 
(f) — Hannah Brown, b.. Mar. 10. 1827; of Lynn. Mass. 

(g) — James Lawrence Brown, b., Feb. 21, 1832. 

1043— DUDLEY STEARNS JR., ])., Sept. 9, 1792; en- 
tered the LTnited States naval service and it is not known 
what became of him. 

1044— JANE S. STEARNS, b., Feb. 16, 1794: md., Apr. 
12, 1812, Charles C. C. Carlton, a merchant of Portland, Me., 
b., Aug. 25, 1784, in Exeter, N. H.; she d., Nov. 9. 1824; six 


(a) — Mary Jane Carlton, b., Feb. 3, 181 3; d., Mar. 28.. 

(b) — Theodore Carlton, b., Feb., 1815; d., Apr., 1815. 
(c) — Frances Ann Carlton, b., Feb. 28, 181 6; nid., 1837, 

Albion Prince, a tailor, of Portland, Me. 

(d) — Harriet P. Carlton, b., July 17, 1818; md., 1836, 
Benjamin F. Rounds, a cooper, of Portland, Me. 

(e) — Eliza O. Carlton, b., Apr. 15, 1821; md., Nov. 14, 
1 84 1, Thomas Springer, b., Feb. 18, 1820, a hatter, 
of Portland. 

(f) — Samuel N. Carlton, b., Apn 11, 1824; a shoe manu- 
facturer, of Lynn, Mass.; md., Sept. 2y, 1846, Re-^ 
becca E. Rand. 

1045 — JOHN SEARNS (395), b., Jan. 13, 1762, son of 
Rev. Josiah and Sarah (Abbott) Stearns, of Epping, N. H.; 
entered the Revolutionary Army at the age of sixteen. He 
was a very prosperous farmer and a Justice of the Peace for 
a long time. He lived several years in Pittsfield, N. H.^ 
and about 1802, moved to Deerfield, N. H., where he d., 
Jan. 23, 1843. He md., 1783, Sarah Lane, of, Poplin, N. H., 
b., May 16, 1759, who d.. Apr. 25, 1845. They had thirteen 

1046— SALLY STEARNS, b.. May 21, 1784; d., Dec. 17. 

1047— BETSY STEARNS, b., June 29, 1786; d., Dec. 29, 
1826: md., Sept., 1807, Hon. John Chadwick, Esq., b., Jan. 
7. 1786. in Deerfield. N. H. They removed to Dover, N. H., 
where he received several very important public trusts, such 
as High Sheriff of the Co., &c., &c. After her decease, he 
moved into Maine: five children. 

(a) — Nathaniel G. Chadwick, b., Apr. 21, 1808; a car- 
penter; d., Aug. 12, 1831. 
(b) — John Stearns Chadwick, b.. May 2y, 1810: a mer- 
chant of Bangor, Me., Justice of the Peace and 
County Treasurer; md., Nov. 26, 1834, Sarah Clark, 
of Dover, 
(c) — Edmund Chadwick. b., Jan. 12. 1812; grad. Bow- 
doin Coll., 1840; studied Theology in the Bangor 


(d) — Peter Chadwick, b., Mar. 31, 1814; Justice of the 
Peace, of Bangor, Me.; md., Nov. 15, 1839, Nancy 
T. Jenkins. 

(e) — Elizabeth A. Chadwick, b., Oct. 26, 1816; md., 

1840, Col. Reuben Hayes, b., 1806, a farmer and 
Justice of the Peace, of Madbury, N. H. 

1048— JOSIAH STEARNS (2351), b., Mar. 10, 1788. 

1049— RUTH STEARNS, b., Nov. 6, 1789; md., Dec. 
13, 1810, Hon. Dudley Freese, of Deerfield, N. H., b., Oct. 
16, 1787. In early life he was a teacher, afterwards, a farmer, 
a miller and a land surveyor. He was a Representative in 
the State Legislature, and a Judge of the C. C. P. He d., 
Apr. 5, 1843, i^ the house in which he was born; she d., Jan. 
5, 1885, having entered her ninety-sixth year; seven chil- 

(a) — Sally Freese, b., Aug. 7, 1812; md., Nov. 10, 1835, 
William Norris, of Lowell, Mass. He d., Oct. 17, 

1841, and his wid. md.j_Aug., 1843, George W. 
Norris, of Lowell, bro. of her first husband. 

(b) — Dudley Freese Jr., b., Mar. 29, 1814; a trader, of 
Deerfield, N. H., who d., June 14, 1838. 

(c) — Mary E. Freese, b., Sept. 9, 1817; md., Nov. 17, 
1836, Enoch F. Stevens Jr., b., Oct. 30, 1808, a 
trader, Deputy Sheriff and Postmaster. 

(d) — Abigail S. Freese, b., July 22, 1819; md., Dec. 31, 
1840, Capt. Jeremiah D. Tilton, b., Mar., 1816, a 
farmer and shoemaker, of Deerfield, N. H. Her 
third, fourth and fifth children were triplets, b., Feb. 
10, 1844, and named Sarah T. Tilton, Sarah Tilton, 
and Sarah F. Tilton. The last named died the 
same day. 

(e) — Caroline S. Freese, b., June 19, 1821; md., Jan. 
15, 1843, Nathan Griffin, b., July 3, 1817, a teacher, 
land-surveyor and farmer. 

(f) — William G. Freese, b., June 24, 1823; a farmer and 

(g) — Martha W. Freese, b.. May 10. 1827. 

1050— JOHN STEARNS, b., Oct. 23, 1791; d., 1793. 


1051— JOHN STEARNS (2374), b., Oct. 28, 1793. 

1052— SAMUEL STEARNS (2384), b., Apr. 10, 1795. 

1053— MARY STEARNS, b., Jan. i, 1797; md., Dec, 
1818, Jonathan Goodhue, a farmer, of Deerfield, N. H., b^ 
June 27, 1790. In 1836, he moved to Amesbury, Mass., 
where she d., Aug. 19, 1844; five children. 

(a) — Sally S. Goodhue, b.. Mar. 12, 1820; md., May 9, 
1842, Joseph Jewell, of Southampton, N. H. 

(b) — Abigail J. Goodhue, b., Apr. 28, 1822; md., Nov. 

21, 1842, Samuel Stevens, of Amesbury, Mass. 
(c) — Caroline Augusta Goodhue, b., Aug. 3, 1824; md. 

Dr. Garland of Hampton, N. H.; d. in Gloucester, 

(d) — Elizabeth C. Goodhue, b., Dec. 27, 1825; md. 

Weare Olififord, of Lowell, Mass. 
(e) — Amanda M. Goodhue, b., May 24, 1830; unm. 

1054— ABIGAIL STEARNS, b., Nov. 20, 1798; d., Dec. 
2, 1 8 14, of spotted fever. 

1055— JOSHUA STEARNS (2396), b., Jan. 3, 1801. 

1056— WILLIAM STEARNS (2404), b., Aug. 5, 1803. 

1057— SALLY STEARNS, b., Mar. 21, 1805; md., Apr. 
5, 1825, David Lamprey, a farmer, of Northampton, N. H. 
They settled first in Concord, afterwards in Deerfield, where 
she d., June 14, 185 1; ten children. 

(a) — Nancy C. Lamprey, b., May 11, 1826. 

(b) — Morris J. Lamprey, b., Dec. 9, 1827. 

(c) — Sally Stearns Lamprey, b., Mar. 20, 1829. 

(d) — John Stearns Lamprey, b., May 23, 1830. 

(e) — Martha F. Lamprey, b., Oct. 8, 1832. 

(f) — Malvina C. Lamprey, b., Nov. 10, 1834. 

(g) — William B. Lamprey, b., Nov. 30, 1836. 

(h) — Daniel C. Lamprey, b., Apr. 6, 1839. 

(i) — Uriah L. Lamprey, b., Apr. 5, 1842. 

(j) — Almond S. Lamprey, b.. May 15, 1843; ^-j Sept.. 


1058— BRYANT STEARNS, b., Jan. 22, 1807; Justice of 
the Peace, machinist and farmer, of Deerfield, N. H.; md., 
Jan. I, 1834, Sally G. Vesey, of Deerfield, b., Feb. 2, 1810, 
who d., Sept. II, 1834; d., Dec. 31, 1838, bequeathing |2,8oo 
for charitable purposes; one daughter. 

1059— SARAH E. STEARNS, b., Aug. 23, 1834; d., Sept. 
26, 1834. 

1060— JOSIAH STEARNS (396), b., Jan. 23, 1764, son 
of Rev. Josiah and Sarah (Abbott) Stearns, of Epping, N. 
H.; md.^ 1791, Sarah Whittier; a carpenter and farmer, who 
settled, about 1788, in Mount Vernon, Me.; six children. 

1063— BETSY STEARNS, b., Dec. 13, 1793; md. (i), 
Elder Ward Locke, who d., Nov., 1828; md. (2), 1829, Sam- 
uel Cushman, of New Gloucester, Me.; three children. 

(a) — Hiram Ward Locke, b., 1819; a teacher, in Mis- 

(b) — Polly Cushman. 
(c) — Frances Cushman. 

1064— SARAH STEARNS, b., Sept. 9, 1795; md., Oct. 
15, 1815, Varnum Cram, of New Sharon, Me.; seven chil- 

(a) — Vafnum Howard Cram, b., Aug. 19, 181 7. 

(b) — Mary Elizabeth Cram, b., June 23, 1823. 

(c) — Emily Kelly Cram, b., Mar. 19, 1826. 

(d) — ^Warren Augustus Cram, b., Apr. 29, 1829. 

(e) — Laura Ann Cram, b., Sept. 4, i8j2. 

(f) — Sarah Josephine Cram, b., July 17, 1834. 

(g) — Hiram Loren Cram, b., Apr. 29, 1837. 

1065— HANNAH STEARNS, b., Apr. 7, 1798; d., June, 
1840; md., 1817, Jesse Lovejoy, of Fayette, Me.; six chil- 

(a) — David Porter Lovejoy, b., Apr., 181 9. 
(b) — Maria Fuller Lovejoy, b., Aug., 182 1. 
(c) — Perley Ray Lovejoy, b., July, 1823. 
(d) — Sarah Whittier Lovejoy, b., Aug., 1825. 


(e) — Lee Augustus Lovejoy, b., 1827, 
(f) — ^John Rodney Lovejoy, b., 1829. 

1066— SOPHIA STEARNS, b., Aug. 31, 1800; md. (i), 
Apr. 22, 1824, Cyrus Whitney, of Chesterville, Me., who d., 
1829, and she md. (2), James M. Manson, of Farmington^ 
Me., who d., 1841; six children, 

(a) — Hervey Stearns Whitney, b., Mar., 1825. 
(b) — Martha Warren Whitney, b., 1827. 
(c) — George Frederic Manson, b., 1832. 
(d) — Sarah Maria Manson, b., 1834. 
(e) — Rosamond Cushman Manson, b., 1837. 
(f) — Esther Jane Manson, b., 1841. 

1067— JOHN R. STEARNS, b., Sept. 2, 1805; a silver- 
Smith; md. and settled in Boston. 

1068— SAMUEL STEARNS, b., July 4, 181 1; a house- 
carpenter, of Boston, Mass.; unm. 

1069— REV. SAMUEL STEARNS (399), b., Apr. 8, 1770, 
son of Rev. Josiah and Sarah (Ruggles) Stearns, of Epping, 
N. H.; grad. Harv. Coll., 1794; Pastor of the Congregational 
Church in Bedford, Mass., where he d., Dec. 26, 1834. He 
pursued his theological studies under the direction of Rev. 
Jonathan French, of Andover, whose daughter, Abigail 
French, became his wife. May 9, 1797. "It is worthy of re- 
mark, that, during the whole of his protracted ministry of 
thirty-nine years, he was never absent from his people at any 
communion season but one which occurred about two weeks 
before his death." When the church was repaired and newly 
furnished, in 1886, a memorial window was consecrated to 
his memory. In this, the extended hand holding the uplifted 
cross is artistically represented, and the following inscription 
is seen: 


Rev. Samuel Stearns, 1796-1834." 

Mrs. Abigail (French) Stearns, wife of Rev. Samuel 
Stearns, was born. May 29, 1776, and died, Dec. 2, 1858. 


^'Wise and good, respected and beloved, she sleeps in Jesus, 
and her memory is precious." "The body of Rev. Samuel 
Stearns was interred in the family vault of the old burial- 
ground at Bedford, and there remained until the death of his 
widow. Madam Abigail Stearns, in 1858, when they were 
both deposited in cemented vaults on the western slope of 
Shawshine Cemetery. Of their thirteen children, eleven 
reached maturity and no other Bedford family has exerted 
so great an influence in the world of letters. They all re- 
ceived the highest advantages for education that the schools 

The following epitaph is found in Shawshine Cemetery: 
"Peter, a Revolutionary soldier, freed slave of Rev. Josiah 
Stearns, of Epping, N. H., faithful hired servant of Rev. 
Samuel Stearns. Born, 1750, died, 1807. 

A Good Christian." 

Peter "Freeman" served in the Revolutionary War and 
was freed by his master, Rev. Josiah Stearns, whose son, 
Rev. Samuel, met him in Boxford, Mass., many years after, 
took him to his home and cared for him until death. He 
was buried near the door of the tomb where the body of 
Rev. Samuel Stearns lay for many years. 

1070— INFANT, b. and d., 1798. 

1071 ABIGAIL FRENCH STEARNS, b., Jan. 7, 1800; 
md., Nov. 24, 183 1, Jonas Munroe, b.. Mar. 17, 1795. She 
d., Jan., 1833, leaving one child, and her husband, md. (2), 
Mary A. H. Stearns (1022); one dau. 

(a) — Ellen Maria Munroe, b., Aug. 30, 1832; md. John 
Clifford; d., Jan. 20, 1887. 

1072— SAMUEL HORATIO STEARNS, b., Sept. 12, 
1801; grad. Harv. Univ., 1823; d., July 15, 1837, unm. He 
was a feeble child, of a serious, thoughtful mind. He entered 
Phillips Academy, Andover, when little more than fifteen 
years of age, and united with the church in Bedford, of which 
his father was pastor, June i, 18 17. His course in Harvard 
was pursued with difficulty on account of physical weakness, 
but his part in commencement exercises was the Latin salu- 


tatory, and on taking his second degree, three years after, he 
delivered the master's valedictory in Latm. Mr. Stearns 
spent some months as teacher in Phillips Academy and joined 
the Junior class in the Theological Seminary, at Andover, in 
Dec, 1825, completing his course there in 1828. He preached 
in Philadelphia during the following winter, as an assistant 
to Dr. Skinner, and, after seasons of preaching in various 
churches, was ordained pastor of the "Old SoutTi Church'* 
of Boston, Apr. 16, 1834. His health began to fail and he 
asked a dismission from the church and society where his 
beautiful spirit and brilliant talents had been manifested so 
short a time. He spent months traveling through the mild 
latitudes of the continent, and was on his homeward journey, 
having reached Paris, when strength failed and he passed 
away. His remains were brought to this country and de- 
posited in Mt. Auburn, Dec. 26, 1837, the fourth anniversary 
of his father's death. 

1073— SARAH CAROLINE STEARNS, b., Apr. 15, 
1803; md., Sept. 27, 1827, Rev. Forest Jeffords, b., Aug. 4, 
1794, son of Samuel Jefifords, of Wells, Me. He was installed 
in Middleton, Mass., 1832, and resigned there in 1844; nine 

(a) — Jane Abigail Jefifords, b., June 29, 1828; md., Nov. 
22, 1849, Augustus G. Colby, of Springfield, Mass. 

(b) — Sarah Caroline Jeffords, b., Feb. 6, 1830; md., Jan. 

17, 1855, Joseph M. Pettingill, of Amesbury, Mass. 

(c) — Samuel Stearns JefTords, b., Nov. 15, 1831; md., 
June 19, 1853, Charlotte B. Davenport, of Dorches- 
ter, Mass. 

(d) — Olive Maria Jefifords, b., Oct. 7, 1833; md., Sept. 

18, 1861, Rev. John F. Gleason, of Bedford, Mass. 
(e) — Elizabeth Sperry Jefifords, b., Aug. 31, 1835; md., 

Aug. 16, 1866, Jacob W. Haskell, of South Bos- 

(f) — William Reed Jefifords, b., May 19, 1837; md.. Mar. 
7, i860. Maria Perry, of West Cambridge, Mass. 

(g) — Jonathan Forest Jefifords, b., June 20, 1838: md., 
Dec. 4, 1858, Anne Melissa Hurd, of Newton, 


(h)— Charlotte Leavitt Jeffords, b., Aug. 17, 1839; md., 

Jan. I, 1873, George W. Capron, of Providence, 

R. I. 
(i) — ^Josiah Atherton Jeffords, b., Sept. 16, 1842; md. 

Caroline Blanchard, of Cambridge; d., Jan. 11, 1889, 

at Charlestown, W. Va. 

Mar. 17, 1805. 

1075— MARY HOLYOKE STEARNS, b., Nov. 14, 
1806; d., June 8, 1881; unm. 

1076— JONATHAN FRENCH STEARNS (2416), b., 
Sept. 4, 1808. 

29, 1810; md., Dec. 8, 1831, Dea. Charles James, of Med- 
ford, Mass.; five children. 

(a) — George Edwin James, b., Sept. 25, 1832; md. (i), 
Eveline C. Ring, b., Oct. 30, 1835. They had two 
children, and she d., Apr. 30, 1867. He md. (2), 
Elizabeth A. Townsend, b., Nov. 26, 1839, and had 
three more children. 

(b) — Lyman James, b., Aug. 9, 1834; was Lieut, of 
Co. E., 3d. Mass. Cav., G. A. R.; d., Dec. 12, 
18.64, at Winchester, Va., of wounds received at the 
battle of Cedar Creek, Va., Oct. 19, 1864. 

(c) — Mary Elizabeth James, b., May 7, 1836. 

(d) — Charles Waldron James, b., Sept. 22, 1847; d., 
Aug. 26, 1850, at Bedford, Mass. 

(e) — Harrison Webster James, b., Nov. 12, 1852; md. 
Alice Kimball Webb, b., Jan. 4. 1855. 

1078— JOSIAH ATHERTON STEARNS, b., Sept. i, 

I, t8i2. 

George W. Stearns d., Oct. 12. 1812. Josiah A. Steams, 
A. M., Ph. D., was one of the veteran schoolmasters of Bos- 


ton, whose intelligence, conscientious and untiring eltorts 
have done so much to build up and perpetuate the excellency 
of our common school system. He was for thirty-nine years 
in the servicec of the city of Boston, as usher in the Adams, 
and head-master of the Mather, Lawrence and Norcross 
Schools. His former pupils, numbering tens of thousands, 
remember him as a careful, thorough teacher and a genuine, 
open-hearted friend. The following memorial is self-ex- 


In School Committee, Sept. 26, 1882. Resolved, That in 
accepting the resignation of Josiah A. Stearns, master of the 
Norcross School, this committee is glad to place upon the 
records a recognition of the many admirable qualities with 
which Mr. Stearns has advanced his office, through a teach- 
ing service, in the employment of the city, of more than 
thirty-nine years. 

Resolved, That his most fitting memorial is in the love 
and veneration of the hundreds of. men and women, whose 
youth he helped to train in high and noble ways, and who, 
in his old age, will continue to call him blessed. 

Resolved, That we extend to him most cordial wishes that 
he may live long to enjoy the satisfaction of honor, love, 
obedience and troops of friends, which he has earned in 
his public work and private worth. 

Resolved, That these resolutions be entered upon the rec- 
ords of the Board, and a copy thereof, properly engrossed, 
be sent to Mr. Stearns. 

Adopted unanimously. 

Attest: Phineas Bates, Jr., Sec. 

Mr. Stearns was actively identified with the Masonic Fra- 
ternity for more than twenty-nine years. For years, he pre- 
sided at the altars of the lodge, chapter and commandery, 
At his funeral, Columbian Lodge conducted the impressive 
burial service of the fraternity and Joseph Warren com- 
mandery performed escort duty. Mr. Stearns was also a 
veteran Odd Fellow, having been a member of the order 


inore than twenty-five years. The old homestead at Bed- 
ford became his property after the decease of his mother 
and he lavished much of his ample salary on the transforma- 
tion of the rocky acres into productive fields. He wrote sev- 
eral hymns of much merit and was active in planning and 
carrying out each "Memorial Day" service. He d., Sept. 
8, 1883; unm. 

1080— CHARLOTTE ESTHER STEARNS, b., Sept. 17, 
1814; md., Oct. 10, 1837, Rev. Jonathan Leavitt, her fathers 
immediate successor in the ministry, who was b., Oct. 21, 
1800, son of Roswell and Dorothy (Ashley) Leavitt, of Cor- 
nish, N. H. He was dismissed from Bedford, in 1840, to 
enter upon broader fields of labor at Providence, R. L, and 
there remained, as pastor of Richmond St. Church, for a 
quarter of a century. Mrs. Leavitt d., Feb. 2y, 1850, and 
he d., Oct. 7, 1877; two children. 

(a) — Edward Chalmers Leavitt, b., Mar. 9, 1842; a 

prominent artist of Providence, R. L 
(b) — Charlotte Elizabeth Leavitt, b.. Mar. 4, 1846; md. 
Edward E. Slocum, of Providence, R. L 

1081— ANN CATHERINE STEARNS, b., Oct. 10, 1816; 
an able assistant in furnishing family history. 

1082— EBENEZER SPERRY STEARKS (2420), b., 
Dec. 23, 1819. 

1083— WILLIAM STEARNS (401), b., Nov. 23, 1773, 
son of Rev. Josiah and Sarah (Ruggles) Stearns, of Epping, 
N. H.; Deacon of the church and Justice of the Peace in 
Epping; md. (i), May 6, 1800, Mary Bryant, dau. of Walter 
Bryant, Esq., of New Market, N. H. She d., Oct. 16, 1806, 
and he md. (2), Jan. 3, 1809, Abigail Richards Howe, b., May 
29, 1774. dau. of Lemuel Howe, of Templeton, Mass.; four 


1085— REV. JOSIAH HOWE STEARNS, b., Oct. i, 
1812; grad. Dartmouth Coll.. 1840; md., Sept., 1844, Eliza 
Kilby, b., Apr., 1820, dau. of John Kilby, Esq., of Dennis- 


ville, Me., where Rev. J. H. Stearns was ordained and in- 
stalled as pastor, Nov. 6, 1844. We have but the record of 
one daughter. 

1085 1-2— ABBY THAIYER STEARNS, b., Apr. 22, 
1847; "^d., Oct. 20, 1880, Dr. Frank Wood Spalding, b., 
Apr. 29, 1844, in Bingham, Me. He grad. Bowdoin Coll.,^ 
1872; N. Y. Univ. of Med., 1875, as valedictorian of his class. 
In 1896, was on medical staff of Clifton Springs, N. Y., Sani- 
tarium; no children. 

1086— MARY E. STEARNS, b.. Mar. 6, 1815. 

1087— SAMUEL R. STEARNS, b., Aug., 1817; d., Oct., 

1088— NATHANIEL STEARNS (408), b., Mar. 29, 1754, 
son of Samuel and Hannah (Trask) Stearns, of Billerica, 
Mass.; md. (i), Feb. 10, 1784, Sarah Carleton, bapt., May 
26, 1765, dau. of John Carleton, of Billerica. She d., and he 
md. (2), Aug. 6, 1791, Lydia Wilson. He died soon after 
his second marriage, leaving one son. 

1089— NATHANIEL STEARNS JR. (2421), b., Feb. 5, 

1090-SAMUEL STEARNS JR. (409), bapt. Sept. 28, 
^755) son of Samuel and Hannah (Trask) Stearns, of Bil- 
lerica, Mass.; md., June 2, 1785, Alice Stearns, b., Apr. 30, 
1762, dau. of Thomas and Betty (Manning) Stearns, of Bil- 
lerica. His name disappears from the tax-list of Billerica, 
in 1788. 

1091— JONATHAN STEARNS (410), b., May g, 1758, 
son of Samuel and Hannah (Trask) Stearns, of Billerica^ 
Mass.; md. (i), July i, 1784, Molly Wright, by whom he had 
three children. In 1789, Jonathan separated from his first 

wife, Molly, and md. (2), Betty , by whom he had six 

children, born in Billerica. After leaving her first husband. 
Molly Wright md. a Mr. Davis, and moved to Gouldsboro, 
Me., where Mr. Davis died and she went to Brewer Village, 
Me., where she lived with her son, Samuel Stearns, until his 
death, in 1842. She died, 1847, over eighty years of age. 

T092— SAMUEL STEARNS (2426). b., 1785. 


1093— ELCY STEARNS, b., 1787; went with her mother, 
to Gouldsboro, Me.; md. Moody Lunt and settled in Bucks- 
port, Me. She had one dau., now deceased. 

1094— DANIEL STEARNS (2437), b., Dec. 19, 1788. 

1095— JONATHAN STEARNS JR. (2445), b., Sept. 6, 

1096— DAVID STEARNS, b., Jan. 15, 1800. 

1097— OTIS STEARNS (2452), b., Aug. 20, 1804. 

1098— CHARLES STEARNS (2459), b., Oct. 31, 1806. 

1099— DORINDA STEARNS, b.. May 4, 1808. 

1 100— CLARISSA STEARNS, b., Apr. 12, 1810. 

iioi— JOSIAH STEARNS (411), b., May 16, 1760, son of 
Samuel and Hannah (Trask) Stearns, of Billerica, Mass. ; md. 

1 102 — JOHN STEARNS, md. his cousin, Zilpah Stearns 
(1108), dau. of Joseph Stearns. 

1 103— JOSEPH STEARNS (412), b., June 27, 1763, son 
of Samuel and Hannah (Trask) Stearns, of Billerica, Mass.; 
md. (i), Dec. 5, 1787, Zilpah Crosby, b., Oct. 26, 1767, who 
d. about 1825, dau. of Jacob and Hannah (Russell) Crosby, 
of Billerica; md. (2), May 11, 1828, Elizabeth Prentiss, b., 
Sept. 19, 1780, who d., Sept. 25, 1835; eight children. 

1104— SAMUEL STEARNS, b., 1789; went West and 
was never heard from. 

1 105— MARY STEARNS, b., 1791; md. Marshall Pierce, 
of Chelmsford, Mass. 

1 106— ROYAL STEARNS, md. Susanna Lawrence, of 
Lexington, Mass.; d. about 1824. 

1 107— JOSEPH STEARNS JR., md. his cousin, Harriet 
Stearns (418), dau. of Elijah Stearns (416); no children. 

1 108— ZILPAH STEARNS, b., ; md., her cousin, 

John Stearns (iioi), son of Josiah. 

1 109— HIRAM STEARNS, d. young. 


mo— MAHALA STEARNS, b, Aug. 7, 1809; md., Apr. 
17, 1831, James A. Lovejoy; three children. 

(a) — Anne Frances Lovejoy, b., Apr. 9, 1832; d., Oct. 

20, 1861. 
(b) — Sarah MeHssa Lovejoy, b., Sept. 18, 1835; md., 

Feb. 2y, 1862, Joshua B. Brigham, of Providence, 

R. L; d., Nov. 25, 1867. 
(c) — ^James Alonzo Lovejoy, b., Feb. 5, 1842; d., Jan. 

6, 1869. 

181 1, in No. Chelmsford, Mass. 

1112— ISSACFIAR STEARNS (414), b., Apr. 3, 1767, son 
of Samuel and Hannah (Trask) Stearns, of Billerica, Mass.; 
md., Sept. 16, 1790, Dolly Page, of Bedford, Mass.; six 

1113— SETH STEARNS (2482), b.. 1805; d., 1870. 






1 1 19— ISAAC STEARNS (421), b., Dec. 31, 1753, son of 
Thomas and Betty (Manning) Stearns, of Billerica and Ash- 
by, Mass.; according to Dr. Bond, md., Mar. 12, 1778, Mary 
Crosby, He was a hatter, by trade, and was in Shay's Re- 
bellion in 1786; settled in Sudbury, Mass.; d., in Haverhill, 
N. H., about 1836. The Ashby records give, '"Isaac Stearns, 
d.. May 13, 1775." If that Isaac Stearns were a son of 
Thomas and Betty (Manning) Stearns, the one who md. 
Mary Crosby, and was in Shay's Rebellion must have been 
another person. We give the record as it comes to us; 
four children. 

1 120— JOHN STEARNS (2489), b., Jan. 28, 1787. 

1 121— DANIEL STEARNS (2495), b., 1789. 



1 123— HENRY STEARNS, is known to have had one 
son, James Stearns. 

1 124— ABEL STEARNS (425), b., Apr. 9, 1765, son of 
Thomas and Betty (Manning) Stearns, of Billerica, Mass.^ 
of Ashby, Mass.; md., Dec. 28, 1786, Susanna Hartweh, b., 
Sept. 22, 1763, dau. of Jonathan and EHzabeth (Tarbell) 
Hartwell. She d., July 4, 1841, aged yy years and he d., 
Jan. 13, 1849, ^^ Newton Centre, Mass., and was buried in 
Ashby, Mass. He was a soldier of the Revolutionary War; 
four children. 

1125— JOHN STEARNS (2496), b., Dec. 15, 1788. 

1 126— ABEL STEARNS JR. (2505), b., Apr. i, 1796. 

1 127— ISAAC STEARNS, b., Feb. 3, 1800; d., in Ashby, 

1 12S— SUSANNA STEARNS, b., 1803; d., very young. 

1 129— JONATHAN STEARNS JR. (431), b.. May 2, 
1771, son of Jonathan and Abigail (Moore) Stearns, of Rut- 
land, Mass.; md., 1803, Tabitha Newton, of Princeton, Mass., 
who d., July 25, 1835, at Holden, Mass. They settled in Rut- 
land, Mass., where their twelve children were born and 
where he died. May 8, 1844, but was buried at Holden, Mass. 

1130— CHARLES STEARNS, b., Aug. 3, 1803; d., Dec. 
23, 1853, at Grafton, Mass.; unm. 

1 131— ABIGAIL STEARNS, b., Nov. 21, 1804; d., June 
2y, 1840, at Holden, Mass.; unm. 

1 132— ALICE STEARNS, b., Oct. 23, 1806; d., Apr. 
1858, at Templeton, Mass.; unm. 

1 133— RUTH STEARNS, b.. Mar. 22, 1808; md. Charles 
Ellis, who d., Oct. 28, 1866, in Uxbridge, Mass. She d., Feb. 
I, 1841, at the same place; two children. 

(a) — Miss Mary Ellis, their daughter, was Principal of 
Mt. Holyoke Female Seminary,_South Hadley, for 
several years; afterward, was of Mills Coll., Alnieda 
Co., Cal. 

(b) — Albert Ellis, their son, d., 1863; unm. 


1 134— MARY STEARNS, b., Jan. 7, 181 1; d., Sept. 25, 
1 83 1, at Holden, Mass. 

1135— AZUBAH N. STEARNS, b., July 24, 1813; d., 
Aug. 2'/, 1 83 1, at Holden, Mass. 

1 136— JOHN STEARNS (2513), b., Apr. 16, 1815. 

1 137— DOLLY STEARNS, b., Feb. 22, 1817; d., Aug. 

14, 1819, at Rutland, Mass. 

1 138— DOLLY STEARNS, b., Oct. 6, 1819; md. Mr. 
Miller, and had one child; d.. Mar., 1852, at Johnstown, P. Q. 
(a) — Lizzie Miller, d. in infancy, 

1 139— MARTHA ANN STEARNS, b., Feb. 28, 1821; 
md. Joseph Snow and had three children, 
(a) — Mary Snow, d. young 
(b) — Fred Snow, 
(c) — Lizzie Snow. 

1 140— WILLIAM STEARNS, b., May 8, 1823; d., Nov. 

15, 1844, in Holden, Mass. 

1 141— DANA STEARNS, b., Sept. 6, 1827; d., Oct. 9, 
183 1, in Holden, Mass. 

1142— ELIJAH STEARNS, JR. (436), b., M^y i, 1767, 
son of Capt. Elijah and Lucy (Lane) Stearns, of Rutland, 
Mass.; md. (i), June 25, 1795, Jane Boyes, dau. of John and 
Martha (Dickee) Boyes, of Rutland, Mass., where he set- 
tled; md. (2), Dec. 22, 1801, Sally Harrington; md. (3), Apr., 
181 5, Mrs. Sarah Sawyer, wid of Tombs Sawyer, of Bolton, 
Mass. About 1806, he moved to Alstead, N. H., and, a few 
years later to Fairlee, Vt., where he d., Mar. 15, 1841, "an 
honest, industrious man, a sincere, humble Christian, full of 
the faith of the life to come;" nine children. 

1 143— JOHN STEARNS, b., 1796; md. and settled in 

1 144— MARTHA STEARNS, md. Amos Reed, a farnier. 
of Ackworth, N. H. 

1145— INFANT, d. 
By second wife. 


1 146 — ASA STEARNS, a house-carpenter, of Boston, 
Mass.; md. Catherine Brickett; s. p. 

1 147— ELIJAH STEARNS 3d., md. Sabrina Foote, and 
settled in IlHnois; one daughter. 

1 148— ADELINE CORNELIA STEARNS, b., Apr. 30, 
1841; md., Sept. 3, i860, Samuel Camp Hayes, b., Mar. 24, 
1834, Deputy U. S. Marshal, of Chicago, 111. She d., in 
childbed, May i, 1879, leaving three children. 

(a) — Almina Mary Hayes, b., Oct. 11, 1862. 

(b) — Gertrude Sabrina Hayes, b., May 13, 1864. 

(c) — Adeline Frances Hayes, b., Apr. 29, 1879. 

I I4Q— FRANCIS STEARNS, of Boston, Mass. 

1150— INFANT, b. and d. 
By third wife. 

1151— CYRUS STEARNS (2518), b., Feb. i, 1816. 

1 152— ADELINE STEARNS, b., June 17, 1817; md., 
Apr. 3, 1841, David Hancock, a farmer, of Worcester, Vt. 

1153— CAPT. JOSIAH STEARNS (437), b., June 18, 
1769, son of Capt. Elijah and Lucy (Lane) Stearns, of Rut* 
land, Mass.; md., Jan. 28, 1795, Ruth Hunt, of Milton, Mass., 
who d., Jan. 10, 1848, aged 78 years. They settled in Leo- 
minster, Mass.; seven children. 

1 154— ELIZA STEARNS, b.. May 24, 1795; d., Aug. 3, 

1 155— CHARLES STEARNS (2521), b., Aug. 23, 1796. 

1 156— NANCY STEARNS, b., Apr. 24, 1798; md., Apr. 
19. 182 1, Martin Wilder, of Leominster, Mass.; nine chil- 

(a) — Anne E, Wilder, b.. Mar. 23, 1823; md., Jan. 14, 
1847, Francis S. Cutting, of Worcester, Mass.; d., 
July 14, 1850. 

(b) — Cassius E. Wilder, b., Nov. 24, 1824; d., Oct, 31, 


(c) — Charles E. Wilder, b., Aug. 17, 1826; of Worces- 
ter, Mass. 
(d)— Henry S. Wilder, b., Oct. 18, 1828; d., Apr. 24, 

(e) — Maria A. Wilder, b., Nov. 13, 1830; d., Apr. 14, 

(f) — Francis M. Wilder, b., June 23, 1832. 
(g) — George H. Wilder, b., Nov. 30, 1835; d., Aug. 29,. 

(h)— Abby C. Wilder, b., Oct. 3, 1837. 
(i) — Helen A. Wilder, b., Sept. 13, 1841. 

1 157— ELIZA STEARNS, b., Feb. 13, 1800; md., June 21, 
1818, Artemas Richardson, of Leominster, Mass.; settled in 
Worcester, Vt. ; five children. 

(a) — Henry A. Richardson, b.. May 15, 1819; md., 1845, 
Harriet Bliss, of Northampton, Mass.; settled in 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

(b) — Eliza Ann Richardson, b., June 3, 1822; md. about 
1845, Edwin Holmes, of West Boyleston, Mass. 

(c) — Emily A. Richardson, b.. Mar. 11, 1830. 

(d) — Ellen A. Richardson, b., Oct. 6, 1835. 

(e) — Charles Torrey Richardson, b.. Mar. 25, 1846. 

1 1 58— EMILY STEARNS, b., Dec. 9, 1802; md., Nov. i, 
1826, Phinehas Burditt, of Leominster; d., Feb. 21, 1849. 
(a) — Horatio N. Burditt, b., Sept. 6, 1827; of Brookline, 

(b) — Harriet A. Burditt, b.. May 17, 1829. 
(c) — Ellen F. Burditt, b., Sept. 6, 1833. 

1159— ALMIRA STEARNS, b., Apr. 3, 1804; md.. May 
14, 1834, Stephen Metcalf, of Worcester, Mass., who d., 
May 19, 1836. She d., July 17, 1838. 

(a)— John S. Metcalf, b., Mar., 1836; d., July, 1838. 

1 160— WILLIAM STEARNS (2530), b., Nov. 18, 1812. 

1 161— ISAAC STEARNS (442), b., Feb. 21, 1763, in 
Wrentham, Mass., son of Nathan and Mercy (White) 


Stearns, of Wrentham; md., Nov. 4, 1788, Susanna Smith, 
b., Dec. 31, 1765, who d., Apr. 30, 1840, dau. of Nicholas and 
Hannah Smith, of Mansfield, Mass. They settled in Mans- 
field, where he d., Aug. 23, 1837; eight children. 

1 162— ISAAC STEARNS JR. (2536), b., Jan. 18, 1790. 

1163— LOVICA STEARNS, b., Sept. 22, 1792; md.. Mar. 
22, 1822, Bezaleel Hall, a farmer, b., Sept. 6, 1787, son of 
James Hall, of Middleboro, Mass.; d^, Jan, 29, 1872, at 
Mansfield, Mass. 

(a) — Dau., b. and d., Sept., 1825, in Barnard, Vt. 

1 164— SUSANNA STEARNS, b., Nov. 3, 1794; d.. Mar. 
17, 1869; unni. 

1165— ASENATH STEARNS, b., Dec. 27, 1796; d., Oct. 

30, 1855; md., June 5, 1821, John Shedd. 

1 166— RACHEL STEARNS, b., Dec. 2, 1801; md., Apr. 
5, 1837, James Sullivan Randall, b., Aug., 1805, son of Job 
Randall, of Easton; she d., Feb. 20, 1864. 

(a) — Asenath Jane Randall, b., Jan. 19, 1839. 

1 168— POLLY STEARNS, b., Aug. 14, 1804. ) rj. . 
1 167— SALLY STEARNS, b., Aug. 14, 1804. \ ^ 
Polly d., Jan. 29, 1868, in Mansfield, Mass. Sally d., Oct. 

31, 1890, in Mansfield. Both unmarried. 

1 169— WILLIAM STEARNS (2546), b., Aug. 2, 1808. 

1170— BETHUEL STEARNS (448), b., July 4, 1780, son 
of Simon and Mary (Johnston) Stearns, of Stoughton, Mass.; 
md., 1803, Sarah Butterfield, b., Nov. 29, 1782, in Wilton, N. 
H., a farmer of Wilton, Me., who d., Apr. 7, 1834, in Stough- 
ton, Mass.; fourteen children. 

1 171— BETHUEL MELVIRA STEARNS, b., Sept. 21, 
1804; unm. His will, dated Sept. 13, 1880, leaves all his es- 
tate, real, personal and mixed, to his niece, "Ada L. Lander, 
who has resided with me in time past, and is now commorant 
of Lawrence, in the commonwealth of Mass. * h= * That 
the said Ada L. Lander shall, by virtue of this, my last will 
and testament, become the absolute owner, in fee simple, 
of all my said estate." The will was executed in Foxcroft, 
Piscataquis Co., State of Maine. 


1 172— SARAH W. STEARNS, b., Feb. 23, 1806; d., 

1 173— LEWIS ELLISON STEARNS (2555), b., Aug. 6. 

1 174— ALBERT IRVIN STEARNS (2561), b., Jan. 19, 

18, 1812. 

1 176— WILLIAM H. STEARNS, b. and d., Aug., 1813. 

1 177— GEORGE PICKERING STEARNS, b., Oct. 30, 
1814; a farmer, of Gardner, Me.; md., July 25, 1842, Martha 

1178— CHARLES WESLEY STEARNS (2564), b., Nov. 

2"/, 1816. 

1 179— SALOME DAVIS STEARNS, b., July 28, 1819, 
in Wilton, Me. 

1180— CLIMELA RANEY STEARNS, b., Feb. 10, 1821. 


b.. Feb. 10, 1 82 1. 

Clirnela md.. May 7, 1848, Samuel Morse, of Fairfield, Me. 
Clarissa was of Lubec, Me. 

Apr. 4, 1823. 

22, 1824; of Hampden, Me. 

1 184— RUTH AURIL STEARNS, b., July 11, 1828, at 
Bower Brook. 

1185— CAPT. ELIJAH STEARNS (454), b.. Jan. 24, 
T762, son of Eliphalet and (Clark) Stearns, of Ver- 
mont; md. (i), Jan. i, 1790. Lucretia Johnson; md. (2), Apr. 
13, 1819. Catherine Clisbee. He was a soldier in the Revo- 
lutionary War and was known as Capt. Stearns. The follow- 
ing extract is from the Hist, of Cuyahoga Co., O.; "Eliphalet 


Stearns was a Capt. in the American forces during the Revo- 
lution. His son, Ehjah Stearns, served with him and was 
promoted to a lieutenancy, in which capacity he rendered 
zealous servicec in the cause of liberty." He settled in Dover, 
Vt., but, in 1815, bought a large tract of land twelve miles 
west of Cleveland, O., of which his sons took possession. He 
died, Jan. 25, 1823, in Dover, Vt.; seven children. 

1 186— ANSON STEARNS, b., Aug. 25, 1791; d., Oct. 14, 

1 187— DAVID JOHNSON STEARNS (2568), b., Aug. 
24. 1753- 

1188— ALVAH STEARNS, b., Oct. 24, 1755; d., .-872. 
He had a large family, many of whom are still living, but 
we have been unable to get any information from them. 
Elwyn Stearns, Coe Ridge, O., Erwin Stearns, Elyria, O., 
and Emerson Stearns, Kalamazoo, Mich., are said to be his 

1 1 89— VESPASIAN STEARNS (2577), b., June 3, 1798. 

1 190— ELLIOTT STEARNS (2586), b., Dec. 21, 1803. 

1 191— ELIJAH STEARNS JR. (2595), b., July 4, 1806. 

1 192— ASAPH GRAVES RICE STEARNS (2619), b. 
Jan. 13, 1811. 

1193— PHINEAS STEARNS (461), b., 1779, in Massa- 
chusetts, son of Eliphalet and (Clark) Stearns, of 

Vermont; about 1787, his father removed to Vermont, and 
Phineas "was raised" there. He md., 1801, Mary Cooper, 
who was born in Connecticut; went to Western N. Y., then 
to Western, 111.; d., Sept. 27, 1866, and is buried in Prairie 
City, 111.; twelve children. 

1 194— CLARK STEARNS (2631), b., 1802. 

1195— SALLIE STEARNS, b., 1804; md. Thomas Jores 
and settled in Naples, Ontario Co., N. Y., where she d., about 

1 196— PARLEY STEARNS (2640), b., 1806. 

1 197— MIRANDA STEARNS, b., 1808; md. Nev/comb 
Wilcox and settled in Mich., where she d.. 1882. 


1 198— ASAPH STEARNS, b., 1810; d. in infancy. 
1 199— SANGER STEARNS (2644), b., 1812. 
- 1200— JEFFERSON GOULD STEARNS (2652), b., 

1201— MADISON STEARNS (2660), b., 1818. 

1202— NANCY STEARNS, b., 1820; md. Gilbert Green 
and settled in Illinois, where she d., 1850. She is said to have 
had two daughters. 

(a) — Frances Green, 
(b) — Ellen Green. 
1203— HARRISON STEARNS (2664), b., 1822. 
1204— LUCRETIA STEARNS, b., Nov. 19, 1S24; md.. 
1849, Henry Mariner, b., Mar. 10, 1818, a farmer, of Bush- 
nell, la., where they settled and where she d., Mar. 24, 1884; 
two children. 

(a)— Mary Mariner, b., June 2, 1850, in Canton, 111.; md., 
1873 W K. Stewart and settled in Monmouth, 
where she d., Sept. 2, 1886. They had four chil- 
dt en. 
(b)_Ada Miranda Mariner, b., Feb. 2, 1854; a teacher 
in Peoria, 111. Her assistance has been valuable m 
tracing this branch of the family, while her brief 
autobiography is: "I am not married, I am not 
1205— MARION MERRITT STEARNS, b., 1826; d., 

1206— EZEKIEL STEARNS JR. (464). b., June 17. 

1774 son of Ezekiel and Stearns, of Cambndge. 

Mass.; md., 1798, in New Castle, Me., Mrs. Nancy Dodge, 
whose maiden name was Nancy Somes, b., June 25, 1774. 
in Newcastle, Me. In 1837, thev removed to Boston, Mass.. 
where Ezekiel Stearns d., Apr.' 2, 1848, of small-pox; nine 

1207— WILLIAM STEARNS, b.. Mar. 28, 1799, at New- 
castle, Me.; never married; "d., Sept. 3, 1818, of typhus fever, 
at Newcastle, Me. 


1208— EZEKIEL STEARNS 3d., b., Dec. 29, 1800; md. 
(i), Elizabeth Osborne, of Belfast, Me.; md. (2), Jane Lunt. 
He settled in Thomaston, Me., and was, for a while, overseer 
at the Penitentiary there; d., Dec. 12, 1847, at Newcastle, Me. 

1209— JANE STEARNS, b., Feb. 27, 1803, in Newcastle, 
Me.; md., Capt. John Downey and settled in Olney, Me. 

1210— MOSES STEARNS (2670), b., July 19, 1805. 

1211— LUCINDA STEARNS, b.. May 16, 1807; md. 
Stephen Winchester, a soap manufacturer, of Boston, Mass. 
Lucinda was the mother of two children, a boy and a girl, 
names unknown, and her mother resided with her until her 

1212— ADELINE STEARNS, b.. Mar. 8, 1809; md., 
Francis Dodge, of Newcastle, Me.; settled in Areata, Cal., 
where he died. 

1213— STINSON S. STEARNS (2679). b., June 25, 

1214— MATILDA STEARNS, b., Sept. 27, 1813; unm. 

1215— GEORGE N. STEARNS (2691), b., Nov. 6, 1818. 

1216— LEWIS STEARNS (466), b., 1779, son of Joshua 
of Hannah (Hughes) Stearns, of Foxboro. Mass.; a mason, 
of Boston, Mass.; md., Nov. 28, 1805, Rebecca Gage, of 
Bradford, Mass. His four children were born in Boston, 
after which he removed to Middlebury, Vt., where he d., 
Jan., 1840; six children. 

1217— LEWIS STEARNS, b., 1808; d., in infancy. 

1218— ISAAC GAGE STEARNS, b., Oct., 1810; a lec- 
turer on advanced thought, known as Prof. Stearns in many 
states of the Union. He md. (i), Mary Wilkins, of Louis- 
ville, Ky.; md. (2), Hannah , who survived him; s. p. 

1219— LEWIS PAYSON STEARNS, b., 1812. 

1220— MARY WEBSTER STEARNS, b., 1812. 

Lewis Payson Stearns was a baker, of New London,Conn.; 
d., unm. 


Mary Webster Stearns was a teacher at Lynn, Mass., for 
thirty-tive years; d., unm. 

I22I— CAROLINE STEARNS, b.,Apr. 3, 1814; md.,1837, 
Dr. Daniel Perley, b. in Boxford, Mass., who grad.. Dart. 
Coll., 1828, M. D., 1831. They settled in Lynn, Mass., where 
he died after a long and honorable medical career; four chil- 

(a) — Howard Perley, md. Elizabeth Newell. 

(b) — Charles Stearns Perley, md. Mary Melcher. 

(c) — Mary Perley, died, unm. 

(d) — Charlotte Perley, d., aged seven. 

1222— CHARLES SAFFORD STEARNS (2697), b.. 
May 29, 1818. 

1223— JOSEPH STEARNS (468), b., Nov. 26, 1783, son 
of Joshua and Hannah (Hughes) Stearns, of Foxboro, Mass.; 
a mason of Wrenthan, Mass.; md. (i), 1807, Sally Fisher, of 
Boston, b., 1784, who d., July i, 1836. He md. (2), 1838, 
Esther Starkey, b., Sept. 18, 1800, dau. of Nathan Starkey, 
of Troy, N. Y. By wife Sally he had ten chil. ; by wife Esther, 

T224— JOSEPH SHELDON STEARNS (2701), b., May 
19, 1808. 

1225— THOMAS FISHER STEARNS, b., 1810, in Bos- 
ton, Mass. 

1226— HARRIET BARNES STEARNS, b., 1812; md. 
Warren Aldrich, of Lowell, Mass. 

1227— NELSON JOSHUA STEARNS (2706), b., 1815. 

1228— MARTHA MARIA STEARNS, b., 1818; md. 
Harrison Grover, of Lowell, Mass. 

1229— EDWIN L. STEARNS, b., 1822. in Mansfield, 
Mass.; settled in Lowell. 

i23(^-HENRY CLAY STEARNS, b., 1825; of Lowell, 
Mass.; d. 

1231— CHESTER E. STEARNS, b., 1827; of Lowell, 
Mass.; d. 


1232— SARAH JANE STEARNS, b., 1830. 

1233— CHARLES EDSON STEARNS, b., 1833; of Lo- 
well, afterwards of Boston, Mass. 

1234— ESTHER BRIGGS STEARNS, b., Aug. 28, 1839. 

1235— MARY STEARNS, b., Oct. 29, 1841. 

1236— ALMIRA STEARNS, b., Feb. 28, 1844- 

1237— HUGHES or HUGH STEARNS (469), b., 

md. and had ten children. He was son of Joshua and Han- 
nah (Hughes) Steams. 










1247— MOSES MOODY STEARNS (2714), b., 1824. 

1248— WALTER CLAPP STEARNS (475), b., July i, 
1774, son of Lieut. Nathaniel and Dorcas (Sanger) Stearns, 
of Northfield, Mass.; md., Aug. i, 1797, Tryphena Shattuck, 
b., Sept. 7, 1777, of Hinsdale, N. H., where he settled and d,. 
Feb. 19, 1859; thirteen children. 

1249— FANNY STEARNS, b., Dec. 23, 1797; md., 1825, 
Oliver Adams, a farmer, of Hinsdale, N. H.; nine children; 
d., Aug. 14, 1867. 

(a) — Lucy Ann Adams, d.. May 2y, 1863, in Hinsdale, 

N. H. 

(b) — Sarah Bagg Adams, md. Wilson Harris and set- 
tled in Cleveland, O. 


(c) — William Biddle Adams, md. Polly Winchester and 
settled in New Hampshire. 

(d) — Henry Adams, md. (i), Helen Hastings; md. (2), 
Eva Pettee; settled in Hinsdale, N. H.; d. in Salem, 
N. Y. 

(e) — Oliver Mills Adargs, was a private in the Civil 
War; settled in Napa, Cal.; unm. 

(f) — ^CaroHne Frances Adams, b. in Hinsdale, N. H.; 
md. Solon N. Alexander and settled in Bellows 
Falls, Vt. They had three sons, the youngest of 
whom, Solon N. Alexander Jr., w^as born, i869,^t 
Saxtons River, Vt., and was drowned in the Con- 
necticut River, Apr. 16, 1895. The following no- 
tice of his death is taken from the Bellows Falls 
Times, of Apr. 25, 1895: 

"One of the saddest occurrences for many years was the 
death by drowning of two of our most popular 
young men, S. N. Alexander Jr., familiarly known 
here from boyhood as "Ned," and James Fitzger- 
ald. They started out in a small cedar canoe, and 
were seen by several apparently enjoying their 
ride. Not returning that night, a search was in- 
stituted, and the canoe was discovered, caught in 
some willows about two miles below Putney, the 
paddles gone and no sign of the boys. There is no 
doubt that they perished in a whirlpool and under- 
tow, just above Putney Station. Mr. Alexander 
was twenty-six years old, the youngest of three 
sons of one of the oldest residents of our town, who, 
as well as his estimable wife, is almost prostrated by 
this calamity. "Ned" was to have been married in 
June to Miss Carrie Lamson, and. for several weeks, 
carpenters have been at work remodeling the house 
they were to occupy. He was cashier of the Falls 
Mountain Co.'s Mill, and a great favorite with ev- 
ery one." His mother adds this tribute: "From 
early boyhood, he looked with contempt on any- 
thing unmanly." 


(g) — Luthera Theresa Adams, md. Orlando Jasper, and 

settled in Tilton, N. H. 
(h) — Hannah Augusta Adams, settled in Springfield, 

Mass.; unm. 
(i) — Emeline Gratia Adams, m. Noyes W, Fisk and 

settled in Springfield, Mass. 

1250— ROXANA STEARNS, b., 1799, in Hinsdale, N. 
H.; md., Nov., 1826, Asaph Spencer, and removed to Sar- 
dinia, N. Y,, where she died. 

1251— JOHN STEARNS (2721), b., Aug. 10, 1801. 

1252— EMILY STEARNS, b., 1803, in Dover, Vt; md. 
Caleb Spencer, and settled in Hinsdale, N. H.; d., Jan., 

1253— RHODA STEARNS, b., 1805, in Dover, Vt.; d., 
May 12, 1822; unm. 

1254— ELLIOTT STEARNS (2734), b., Apr. 6, 1807. 

1255— MARIA STEARNS, b., Feb., 1809, in Hinsdale, N. 
H.; md., Aug. 29, 1836, David Blanchard; settled in Hins- 
dale, N. H., where she d., Mar. 29, 1889. 

1256— GRATIA STEARNS, b.. May, 181 1, in Hinsdale, 
N. H.; md., 1832, William Spencer; settled in Hinsdale, 
where she d., May, 1838. 

1257— NATHANIEL STEARNS (2736), b., Jan. 14, 

1258— HORACE STEARNS, b., 1815, in Hinsdale, N. 
H. ; d., 1823, at same place. 

1259— WALTER STEARNS, b.. 1817. in HinscTale, N. 
H. ; settled in Worcester, Mass.; d., 1868, in Providence, R. 
I.; unm. 

T260— MARY STEARNS, b.. 1819, in Hinsdale, N. H.; 
md. (i), Feb. 22. 1840, William Spencer, her brother-in-law; 
md. (2). Mr. Allen, of Winchendon, Mass. She d.. in Fitch- 
burg, Mass. 

1261— CHARLOTTE STEARNS, b., 1821, in Hinsdale, 


N. H.; md., May, 1837, Dr. Frederick Boyden; settled in 
Hinsdale, N. H., where she d., Sept. 5, 1849. 

1262— ORRIS STEARNS (482), b., May 29, 1790, son 
of Lieut Nathaniel and Polly (Munroe) Stearns, of Hinsdale, 
N. H.; d., Mar., 1831. He md. (i), Gracia Sabin, of Naples, 
Ontario Co., N. Y.; md. (2), . 

1263— MARCUS C. STEARNS (2740), b.. May 28, 1816, 

at Naples. N. Y. 

1264— ALFRED STEARNS (489), b., Jan. 2, 1803, son 
of Lieut. Nathaniel and Grace (Wheat) Stearns, of Dover, 
Vt; blacksmith by trade; md, (i), Feb. 16, 1825, at Bergen, 
Genesee Co., N. Y., Mary F. Pierson, b.. Mar. 10, 1807. She 
d., Dec. 5, 183 1, and he md. (2), July 3, 1832, Esther C. 
Norris, b., Mar. 17, 1805. She d., Nov. 17, 1863, and he md. 
(3), Jan. 5, 1865, Mrs. Hannah (Norris) Weeks, a younger 
sister of his second wife, and she survived him. By his first 
wife he had four children; by his second wife five; by his 
third wife, none. Alfred Stearns kept a Record Book, from 
which these facts are taken. 

1265— ALFRED ALMERION STEARNS (2760), b.. 
Mar. 23, 1826 

1266— WARREN S. STEARNS (2765), b., Dec. 22, 1827. 

1267— AGNES MARILLA STEARNS, b., Sept. 24, 
1829: d.. Mar. 21, 1831. 

1268— MARY MARILLA STEARNS, b., Sept. 11. 1831; 
d.. Jan., 1832. 

1269— ANN ELIZA STEARNS, b.. May 18, 1834; md., 
185 1. Frank Pembor, and settled in Attica. N. Y.; d.. May 
22, 1884, in Grand Rapids, Mich.; two children, 
(a) — Edgar A. Pembor, of New York City. 

(b) — Grace Pembor md. James Mattison, of Varys- 
burg, N. Y. 

1270— BENJAMIN STEARNS, b., Sept. 23. 1836; of 
Silver Creek. N. Y. 

1271— ADELBERT STEARNS, b.. Tulv 23, 1838; d.. 
Sept. 17. 1838. 


1272— GRACE A. STEARNS, b., Aug. 31, 1840; md., 
Sylvanus Starring, of Silver Creek, N. Y. 
(a) — Alfred Starring. 

(b) — Ora Starring, md. Charles Horton, Esq., of Silver 
Creek, N. Y. 

1273— CHANDLER WHITE STEARNS, b., Oct. 18, 
1845; was in the Civil War in the 3d. Mich. Cav.; d., Oct. 
8, 1864, in hospital at Duvall's Blufif, Arkansas, of quick 
consumption, contracted in the service. 

1274— PETER STEARNS JR. (501), b., Dec. 14, 1767, 
son of Peter and Abigail (Wheat) Stearns, of Plymouth, N. 
H.; a carpenter by trade; is said to have had three wives. 
The names of the first and second wives are unknown, but the 
third wife was Irene Barnes, dau. of Marcus Barnes, of Ches- 
terfield, Essex Co., N. Y. In 1810, he removed from N. 
H., to Peru, N. Y., where he engaged in farming, and d.^, 
Jan. 7, 1849. He was a devoted Christian and foremost in 
building the First Cong. Church of Peru, of which he was 
Deacon until he died; a man highly respected by all; seven 

1275— PETER STEARNS 3d. (2775), b., Dec. 9, 1794. 

1276— CHARLES STEARNS, b., 1796; md. Susan Foote 
and settled in Beekmantown, N. Y., where she d., June 6, 

1277— RHODA STEARNS, b., 1797; md., 1817, Arthur 
H. Merrill, a farmer, of Peru, N. Y., where she d., Feb. i, 
1884; eight children. 

(a) — Rev. Franklin Merrill, b.. Mar. 22, 1818, in Peru, 
N. Y.; md., Aug. 24, 1842, Mary Guildersleeve,^ 
and settled in Schuylerville, N. Y., where he d., Apr. 
6, 1862. 

(b) — Asaph Merrill, b., Dec. 28, 1820; md., Dec. 1841, 

Mary Ann Griffin, and settled in Plattsburg, N. Y., 

where he d., Aug., 1882. 
(c) — Sarah Merrill, b., July 20, 1822; md., Feb. 20,. 

1844, Caleb Cornell, of Peru, N. Y.. where she d.^ 

June 6, 1847. 


(d) — Arthur Merrill, b., July lo, 1824; md., Aug. 4, 
1844, Adaline Guildersleeve and settled in May- 
wood, 111., where he was running a feed store. 

(e) — John Merrill, b., Aug. 24, 1826; md., Apr. 18, 1855, 
Lydia Van Valkenburgh, and settled in 111. 

(f) — Hiram Merrill, b., Oct. 30, 1828; md., Oct. 10, 
1852, Carola Story, and settled in Peru, N. Y. 

(g) — David Merrill, b., June 6, 1833; md., Julia Hatch 
and settled in Kalamazoo, Mich., where he was do- 
ing an extensive milHng and flouring business. 

(h) — Harriet Merrill, b., Oct. 15, 1836; d., Oct. 30, 1856, 
at her father's residence, in Peru, N. Y. 

1278— THOMAS STEARNS, md. Fannie Banker, and 
settled in Peru, N. Y., where both d.; no children. 

1279— SARAH STEARNS, d., in Chesterfield, N. Y. 

1280— ASENATH STEARNS, b., 1806, md. Joel Smith, 
and settled in Beekmantown, N. Y.; d., Mar. 28, 1876, in 
Peru, N. Y. 

1281— JOHN STEARNS, md. Lucy Hewitt and settled in 
Red Wing, Minn., where both d. 

b., Apr. 22, 1784, son of Peter and Abigail (Wheat) Stearns, 
of Plymouth, N. H.; md. (i), June 29, 1809, Levina Harding, 
of Pomfret, Vt., by whom he had seven children. She d.. 
and he md. (2), Mar., 1845, Clarissa Lovett, of Warren, Vt., 
by whom he had one dau. He was a preacher of the M. E. 
church, and served as a circuit rider for a number of years; 
was the first settled minister of Warren. Vt., and in 1810, 
the year following his first marriage, is recorded as sup- 
plying the M. E. Church of Bradford. Vt. In 1829, the M. 
E. Church of Ripton, Vt., was organized with seven mem- 
bers and Rev. N. W. Stearns as pastor; in 1839. he removed 
to Lincoln, Vt.. where he was buried, although his death oc- 
curred. May, 1856. at Ripton, Vt. ; eight children. 

1283— SUSAN STEARNS, b.. June 25, 181 1. at Stratford, 
Vt.; md.. June 14. 1840. at Peru, N. Y.. Charles A. Chase; 
settled near Colfax, in state of Washington, where she d., 


Jan. 9, 1898. Her daughters have been successful teachers, 
as was their mother. 

1284— JOSEPH MERRILL STEARNS (2792), b., Oct. 
7. 1815. 

1285— TIMOTHY STEARNS, b., Dec. 29, 1818. 

1286— CEPHAS STEARNS, b., Dec. 29, 1818. 
Both died in infancy. 

1287— JAMES LINDSAY STEARNS (2800), b., Oct. 
25, 1820. 

1288— MARY DANA STEARNS b., Dec. 29, 1822, at 
Warren, Vt.; md., Nov. i, 1840, at Lincoln, Vt., Winthrop 
G. Gove, who d., Jan. 22, 1892, at La Camas, Wash. She 
has given much assistance in securing the records of her 
father's and grandfather's famihes; four children. 

(a) — William E. Gove, b., Oct. 18, 1841; md., Dec. 17, 
1874, Ada C. Beers, of Fond-du-lac, Wis., who d., 
Feb. 22, 1881; a lawyer of Buckley, Wash., where 
his mother kept house for her son and his three 

(b) — George N. Gove, b., Aug. 9, 1843; with his bro., 
William E., served in the Civil War; Wm. in Co. G., 
14th Regt., Vt. Vol.; George in Co. F., 17th Regt., 
Vt. Vol. George N. Gove was a traveling man, 
with a home at Essex Junction, Vt. 

(c) — Loraine E. Gove, b., Dec. 8, 1846; d., Nov. 15, 
i860, at Lincoln, Vt. 

(d) — Orlando C. Gove, b.. May 27, 1852; d., Oct. 8. 
1890, at Portland, Ore., leaving a widow and three 
sons, who live at Frontenac, Minn. 

'1289— ELIZA FISK STEARNS, b.. Mar. 3, 1825, at 
Warren, Vt.; md., Aug. 5, 1849, at Lincoln, Vt., Converse P. 
Chamberlain. She d., Aug. 3, 1858, at Lincoln, Vt.; three 

(a) — Leslie Chamberlain, b.. Mar. 10, 1852. 
(b) — William Chamberlain, b., Mar. 27, 1855. 
(c) — Eliza Chamberlain, b.. May 20, 1858. 


1290— ELVIRA MINERVA STEARNS, b., Apr. 27, 
1846, at Lincoln, Vt. ; md. Walter J. Severy, and settled in 
Warren, Vt.; two chil. 

(a) — ^Julian Severy. 

(b) — Clarissa Severy. 

1291— EBENEZER STEARNS JR. (529), b., 1775, son 
of Ebenezer and Rachel (Ames) Stearns, of Monkton, Vt.; 
Dr. Bond says that he moved to Sardinia, Brown Co., O., 
in 181 7, and, in 1844, went to Illinois, where he raised a 
numerous family. 

1292— REV. JOHN STEARNS (530), b., Apr. 14, 1778, 
son of Ebenezer and Rachel (Ames) Stearns, of Monkton, 
Vt. ; a Baptist clergyman, who was ordained in Whitney, Vt., 
Sept. 18, 1817; in 1849, was at Tyler, Winnebago Co., 111.; 
md., July 22, 1804. Asenath Campbell, b.. Oct. 18, 1785, dau. 
of David Campbell, of St. Albans, Vt. Rev. John Stearns d., 
May 18, 1870, in Phoenix, Jackson Co., Ore. ;. twelve chil- 

1293— HARRY FRANKLIN STEARNS (2808), b., Oct. 
18, 1805. 

1294— DAVID EBENEZER STEARNS (2810), b., Feb. 
II, 1808. 

1295— ORRIN ORLANDO STEARNS (2817), b., Feb. 
27, 1810. 

1296— MYRON NEWELL STEARNS (2825), b., Jan. 
I, 1812. 

1297— SAMUEL EASTMAN STEARNS (2833), b., 
Mar. 22, 1814. 

1298— ANNIS MARIA STEARNS, b., Feb. 5, 1816, at 
Monkton, Vt.; was md. by her father, Rev. John Stearns, 
Aug. 21, 1842, to Robert Keating Jordan, at Sardinia, Brown 
Co., O. She d., June 28, 1850, in Pendleton, Hamilton Co., 
O., leaving three children. 

(a) — Robert Wayland Jordan, b., Sept. 8, 1843; md. (i), 
Matilda Lewis, of San Francisco, Cal., who d. with- 
out chil.; md. (2), Mary Reed, of New York City, 
and d., Jan. i. 1887, at Minneapolis, Minn. 


(b) — Emily Maria Jordan, b., Apr. 6, 1847; md. Henry 
Vrooman, of Oakland, Cal, who soon rose to 
prominence as an attorney. He was State Sen- 
ator and leader of the Republican party in his state; 
died, 1887, with enlargement of the heart. They 
had four daus., of whom Rachel Vrooman was a 
graduate of the Univ. of California. 

(c) — ■William Henry Jordan, b., Sept. 3, 1849, ^^ Cin- 
cinnati, O.; md. (i), Alice VV. Thompson, who bore 
him one dau., AHce L. Jordan; md. (2), Mary F. 
Knowlton, by whom he had four chil., only one of 
whom, William H. Jordan Jr., survives; md. (3), 
Mary Laura Trainor, by whom he has one child, 
Lawrence Jordan. He is a Yale man, at one time 
Supreme Grand Master of the A.'O. U. W. of U. S. 
and Canada; was twice elected to the Legislature 
of California, and was Speaker of the House for one 
term. By profession, a successful lawyer, of San 
Francisco, Cal.; State Pres. of Sons of American 

1299— AVERY PERRY STEARNS, b., Sept. 25. 1818, 
in West Haven, Vt. ; was, at one time, a lawyer, in Brants- 
ville, Ky. ; at another time, was Pres. of Grundy Coll. He 
never married, and d., Oct. 2y, 1859, in Oregon. 

1300— WILLIAM ORSON STEARNS (2850), b., Nov. 
13, 1820. 

1301— VELINA ASENATH STEARNS, b., Jan. 13. 
1S24, in Panton, Vt. ; md., 1844, Rev Benjamin F. Leavill, 
and settled in Fulton, O. 

1302— LOUISA MELISSA STEARNS, b., Julv 2, 1825, 
in Panton, Vt.; md., 1846. Rev. Charles Button, of IHinois. 

1827, in Panton, Vt. 

1304— HARRIET JANE STEARNS, b.. Apr. 7, 1829. 
in Elizabethtown, N. Y. ; d., June, 1830. 

1305— NATHAN STEx\RNS (534). b.. Mar. 19, 1788, 
son of Ebenezer and Rachel (x\mes) Stearns, of Monkton, , 


Vt.; md., July i6, 1809, Mary Monkton, of Grand Isle, Vt, 
b., Jan. 28, 1791 ; moved, 1817, to Perryville, Ashland Co., O.; 
seven children. 

1306— LUCIUS SAWYER STEARNS, b., June 15, 1810; 
left home, aged eighteen or twenty, and not heard of since. 
A possibility exists that this may be the artist. Col. J. B. 
Stearns, of New York City, who was born in 1810, at six 
years of age moved with his parents to "the then far West, 
Ohio," and at sixteen years of age "left home in consequence 
of cruel treatment by my father and have never seen him 
since." Col. J. B. Stearns was a very secretive man and 
would never divulge his father's name. 

1307— WARREN LEWIS STEARNS, b., Jan. 19, 1814; 
md.. Dec. 31, 1838. Jane McCraden; d., Jan. 20, 1846, in Cin- 
cinnati, O.; one dau. 

1308— MARTHA ELIZA STEARNS, b., Aug. 23, 1839. 

22, 1817; md., Apr. 12, 1835, Philemon Holland Plummer 
Esq., b., Apr. 27, 1800, Postmaster of Perryville, O. 

1310— HORACE LOOMIS STEARNS, b., July 31, 1821 ; 
md., Jan. 14, 1844, Barbara Ann Charrow, b., Aug. 17, 1822, 
who d., June 25. 1845: one dau. 

131 1— BARBARA ANN STEARNS, b., Dec. 24, 1844. 

1312— NORMAN LANSON STEARNS, b.. May 27, 
1824; md. June 27, 1844. Rebecca Smith. 

i3i3__ALONZO MERRILL STEARNS, b., Dec. 14, 

1314— MILO ELOFTUS STEARNS, b., Oct. 4, 1830. 

1315— CALVIN STEARNS (538), b., Aug. 2, 1786, son 
of John and Sarah (Hamlin) Stearns, of Monkton. Vt. ; md. 
(i), 1813, Hannah Cogswell, of Charlotte, Vt., b., July 6. 
1794, who d.. Dec. 8, 1821, the mother of three children; md. 
(2), 1825, Margaret Carlton, b., Sept. 23. 1803. by whom he 
had eight children; settled in Clinton Co., N. Y. 

1316— ORRIN STEARNS, b., Dec. 26, 1814. 


1317— MARY ANN STEARNS, b., Dec. 19, 1816. 
1318— JOSEPH HAMLIN STEARNS, b.. May 17, 1819. 

1319— MANDANA DORCAS STEARNS, b., Mar. 20, 

1320— JOHN CARLTON STEARNS, b., Aug. 30, 1827. 

1321— SARAH ANN STEARNS, b., Oct. 22, 1829. 


1323— LEONARD ASA STEARNS, b., Dec. 31, 1837. 

1324— ELECTA ANN STEARNS, b., Apr. 12, 1840. 

1325— ALONZO BATEMAN STEARNS, b., Feb. 10, 

1326— MELVIN JULIUS STEARNS, b.. Mar. 29, 1846. 

1327— SAMUEL H. STEARNS (542), b., Mar. 10, 1705, 
son of John and Sarah (HamHn) Stearns, of Monkton, Vt.; 
a tanner of Jackson, Mich.; md., 1837, Deborah Corwin, b., 
Aug. 30, 1814; was a private in the war of 1812; d., 1856. 
His first four children were born in Jackson, Mich. ; six chil- 

1328— MARY A. STEARNS, b., May 5, 1838; md. Mr. 
Palmer and had four children, who md. and had families. 

1329— SARAH A. STEARNS, b., Jan. 30, 1840; md. 
William Watters, and her son, William W. Watters, resided 
at Ogden, Utah. 

1330— JOHN C. STEARNS, b., Oct. 12, 1841; served in 
the Civil War, and died in the service. 

1331— GEORGE C. STEARNS (2854), b., Dec. 21, 1844. 

1332— SAMUEL T. STEARNS, b., Mar. 31, 1847; settled 
in Fargo, North Dakota. 

1333— HANNAH A. STEARNS, b., Nov. 22, 1848; md. 
Mr. Lunkie and settled in Detroit, Mich.; had five chil- 


26, 1799, son of John and Sarah (HamUn) Stearns of Monk- 
ton Vt • a tailor, of Beekmantown, Chnton Co. N. Y.; md. 
(1) ' Sophronia Wheeler, b.. Mar. 10, 1802. She d., Oct. 19, 
1843, and he md. (2), Rebecca Mix, b., Jan. 29, 1815; six 

i335_WINSLOW STEARNS, b., Dec. 6, 1825. 


1338— FRANCIS STEARNS, b., Jan. i, 1836. 

1339— MARY STEARNS, b., Jan. i, 1836. 
Both died soon. 

1340— MARY EMELINE STEARNS, b., Feb. 9, 1845- 
1341-GEORGE STEARNS (549). b., ^Pr-iS, .1772, son 
of Ebenezer and Chloe (Wood) Stearns of Uxbndge, ^^ 
hr^rn nt Reedsboro Vt.; a farmer of Cardiff, Onondaga uo., 
NY He n^ about 1792, Hannah Bailey of Cardiff, where 
he d., 1859, father of eleven children. They came to La- 
fayette, in 1817. 

1342— ALPHEUS STEARNS (2861), b., Nov. 16. I795- 
1^43— SUSAN STEARNS, b., Nov. 10, I797; i»d., 1816, 
Joseph Owen Seely, and settled in Onondaga Co N. \., 
ihei e she d., Apr. 23, 1859, the mother of eight children. 

i.,4_CHLOE STEARNS, b., Sept. 14. I799.> Reeds- 
boro Vt.; md. David Selah Stocking; d., 1867, m Kansas; no 

i343_GARY STEARNS (2867), b., Dec. 4, 1801. 
1^46-0 LIVE STEARNS, b., 1803; md Worthy Whit- 
ney and settled in Onondaga Co., N. Y.; d.. in California; 
two children. 

(a) — Hamilton Whitney, 
(b) — Joanna Whitney. 


i347_TIMOTHY STEARNS (2873), b., Sept. 6, 1805. 

i348_JABEZ TALBOT STEARNS (2878), b., 1807. 

1349— HANNAH STEARNS, b,, 1810, at Reedsboro, 
Vt. ; md. Aaron Griswold, and settled in Cardiff, N. Y. ; after- 
wards moved to Waupaca, Wis. They bad five children. 

1350— EBENEZER STEARNS (2881), b., 1812. 

1351— RUBY STEARNS, b., Dec. 1S14; md. J. Wesley 
Whitney, and settled at Ripen, W'3.; d . Aug. 22, 1897; one 

(a) — Imogene Whitney. 

1352— BENJAMIN ABBOTT STEARVS (2893), b., 
1816; md. Eliza Kinney. 

1353— DR. LUTHER STEARNS (558), b., Feb. 17, 1770, 
son of Hon. Josiah and Mary (Corey) Stearns, of Lunenburg, 
Mass.; d., Apr. 30, 1820; grad. Harv. Coll., 1791; A. M., 
Harv. and Dart.; Tutor in Harv. Coll., and for some time 
master of a celebrated school, in Medford, Mass., where he 
settled; M. B., 1791; M. D., Harv. Univ., 181 1; M. M. S. S.; 
distinguished as an obstetrician. He md., Dec. 29, 1799, 
Mary Hall, of Brattleboro, Vt., b., Sept. 28, 1773, who d., 
June, 1833; three children. 

1354— ELIZABETH HALL STEARNS, b., Feb. 14, 
1806; d., Oct'. 28, 1828; unm. 

1355— GEORGE LUTHER STEARNS (2902), b. Jan. 
8, 1809. 

1356— HENRY LAWRENCE STEARNS, b.. Mar. 30, 
1812; of Medford, Mass.; unm. 

1357— ASAHEL STEARNS (560), b., June 17, 1774, son 
of Hon. Josiah and Mary (Corey) Stearns, of Lunenburg, 
Mass.; grad. Harv. Coll., 1797; LL. D., 1825; studied law 
and settled in Chelmsford, now Lowell, Mass., in 1800; 
moved to Charlestown. in 1815, and to Cambridge, in 1818. 
In 1817, he was elected Prof, of Law in Harv. Lmiv., which 
office he held until 1829. He was one of the Committee for 
revising the statutes of Mass., in 1836, which laborious duty 
is said to have hastened ' his death which occurred Feb. s. 


TR^n In i8« he was made Treasurer of the Society for 
Propaeating th^ Gospel among the Indians of North Amer- 
ica ^Hrmd., 1800^ Mrs. Frances Wentworth Slrepard 
::idow of Daniel Shepard, f Amherst, N, H. -^ ^^- ° 
Benjamin Whitney, Esq., of Holhs, N. H., High ot 
Hillsboro Co.; two children. 

1358-MARY HALL STEARNS, b., Dec. J,5, 1S02; d., 
Aug. 30, 1836; unm. 

,8ol o-rad Harv. Coll., 1824; LL- B., .827. He was ap- 
^otoed Steward of Harv. Univ., in f 44. -d remained ,n 
that office twenty-six years; d., Jan. 31, '»72. "n"- 

i-jfio— MATOR THOMAS STEARNS (562), b., Sept. 8, 
1778 son of Hon. Josiah and Mary (Corey) Stearns, of Lu- 
i fbui-g Mass.; in ^8.3. Major; in x8t8. Justice of the Peace. 
,nd a farmer, of Lunenburg, where he d.. Nov .^ US26. 
He md Feb 26, 1806, PrisciUa Cushing, b July b, 17/9- 
dau. of Hon Charies Cushing, of Hingham, Mass.; lour elm- 


1 361—0 LIVER STEARNS (2906), b., Ji^e 3 1807. 

1362-HANNAH CROADE STEARNS, b., Jan. 7, 1810; 
a teacher, of Worcester, Mass.; unm. 

i363_THOMAS STEARNS JR. (29x5), ^^ ^-^- '7, 

.8X4^ md Aug., 1843, Joseph S. Cabot, Esq., Mayor of 
Salem, Mass.; d.. May, 1844- 

n6;-OLIVER STEARNS (565), b.. Mar 4, '786, son 
of Hon. Josiah and Mary (Corey) Stearns, of Lunenburg 
Mass • erad Harv. Coll., 1808; studied law and settled in 
Amesbufy Mass., of which place he was Repres«^e m 
t8iq He md 1810, Dorcas Varnum, dau. of Hon. J. ^. 
Varnum Es'.Tof Dracut, Mass. Oliver Stearns d., June 7, 
1826, in Dracut; eight children. 

1366-ANNE DORCAS STEARNS, b. Aug. 2, 18 11 in 
Dracut; md., Sept. 15, 1832, Freeman Huggms, of Saco, Me., 


son of Eben and Charlotte Huggins, of Cornish, N. H. He 
d., Aug. 28, 1833, and she d., Jan. 21', 1838; one child. 

(a) — Frances Anne Huggins, b., July 19, 1833; md. 

Leonard E. Burbank, of Nashua, N. H., b., Sept. 

2, 1832. 

i367_CHARLES OLIVER STEARNS (2925), b., Nov. 
8, 1813. 

29, 1815; md., July 6, 1845, Joseph Chandler, b., Feb. 23, 
181 6, a farmer, of Winthrop, Me., son of Noah and Lucy 
Chandler. She d., Apr. 18, 1862; one son. 

(a) — Charles Chandler, Hved in Blaine, Me.; b.. May 14, 

1369— GEORGE PARKER STEARNS, b., Sept. 22, 
1817; a printer; was manager of the Lowell Journal and 
Courier; d., Apr. 20, 1845; unm. 

1370— LUTHER STEARNS (2933), b., Aug. 17, I8^o. 

1371— WILLIAM HENRY STEARNS (2941), b., Nlar. 
29, 1822. 

1372— LAURENS STEARNS, b., Jan. 7, 1825. 

1373— MARY ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., Jan. 7, 1825. 

Laurens was a machinist, who d., May 21, 1846; unm. 

Mary Elizabeth md., Apr. 19, 1849, William Harlow Hull, 

b., Jan. II, 1824. senior member of the firm of Lawrence 

Wilde & Co.. of Boston, Mass. He was son of Amos ar.d 

Betsy (Cook) Hull; four children. 

(a) — Frank Laurens Hull, b., Jan. 21, 185 1, in _D.*acut, 
Mass.; md. (i), Jan. 14. 1885, Emma W. Waibddge, 
who d., May 27, 1885; md. (2), Oct. 26, 1886, Alice 
M. Parker, of Lowell, Mass.; d., July 5, C894, in 
Norfolk Neb.; buried in Omaha, 
(b) — Fred Stearns Hull b., Dec. 22, 1858, in Dracut, 

Mass.; d., Apr. 26, 1877; unm. 
(c) — Kate Florence Hull, b., Oct. 21, i860, 
(d) — Harry Harlow Hull, b., Dec. 4, 1865: md.. June 3, 
1890, Grace Blood, of Lowell, Mass.; a dau^-hter, 
Mary Hull, b., Nov. 13, 1895. 


i374_NOAH STEARNS (569), b., Apr. 19, 1793, son 
of Samuel and Phoebe (Whittemore) Stearns, of Cavendish, 
Vt; md., 1816, Betsy Brown, of Cavendish, and settled in 
Parishvilie, N. Y., where he d.; four children. 

1375— ELLIOTT N. STEARNS, b., Dec. 23, 1816; md. 
(i), 1 84 1, Emeline Tupper, and settled in Middlebury, Vt.; 
md. (2), Nov., 1872, Clementine Jane Cogswell, of East Mid- 
dlebury, Vt., b., Oct. I, 1834, who d., Dec. 28, 1880. 

1376— ELIZA STEARNS, b., Sept. 13, 1819; d., June, 

I377_LAURA STEARNS, b., June 17, 1823; d., Dec, 


1378— HENRIETTA STEARNS, b.. May 12, 1831. 

1379— CAPT. THOMAS STEARNS (577). 1^-. Apr^ i' 
1794 son of Levi and Elizabeth (Goodrich) Stearns, ot Lu- 
nenburg, Mass.; a Captain, and a tanner and currier, of Leo- 
minster, Mass. He md. (i), June i, 1817, Thirza Burrage, 
who d.. May 24, 1819, s. p., dau. of Dea. William Burrage, 
of Leominster, Mass.; md. (2), Nov. 2, 1820, Polly Brigham, 
b Dec 2Q 1792, dau. of Joel and Elizabeth (Maynard) Brig- 
ham, of Leominster. Capt. Stearns d., Dec. 15, 1861; seven 

i38(>_WILLIAM ALONZO STEARNS, b., Aug. 14, 
1821 ; of Boston, Mass.; md. Mary Shute. 

1. 81— OLIVER STEARNS, b., Mar. i, 1823; md Oct. 
2-^ 1847 Charlotte AHce Whitcomb, dau. of Alonzo Josiah 
and Emily (Johnson) Whitcomb; of Worcester, Mass.; d., 
Oct. I, 1898, in Santa Monica, Cal 

1382— GEORGE STEARNS, b.. Mar. 16, 1826; d., Apr. 

19. 1826. 

i383_THIRZA STEARNS, b., Sept. 28, 1827; d., Sept. 

20, 1846. 

1384— HENRY STEARNS (2946), b., Aug. 19, 1829. 


1386— MARY ANN STEARNS, b., Feb. 22, 1833; md. 
Josiah Pierce; d., Apr. 14, 1883. 

1387— LEVI STEARNS JR. (586), b., Dec. 15, 1802, ton 
of Levi and Elizabeth (Goodrich) Stearns, of Lunenburg, 
Mass.; a farmer, of Townsend, Mass. He was Justice of the 
Peace for thirty-eight years; held the officce of Assessor and 
Selectman; was Overseer of the Poor for six years, and Tax 
Collector many years. He md., Oct. 5, 1826, Direxa Jewett, 
of Townsend, Mass.; d., Sept. 25, 1885; eight children. 

1388— PHOEBE JEWETT STEARNS, b., Jan. 28, 1828; 
resident of Townsend; unm. 

1389— NOAH ELIHU STEARNS (2951), b., Feb. 20, 

1390— SOLOMON JEWETT STEARNS (2956), b., May 
19. 1833. 

1835; md., Oct. 18, 1859, Varnum B. Mead, of Acton, Mass.j 
settled in West Acton, where she d., Mar. 20, 1900. 

(a) — George Varnum Mead, b., Mar. 18, 1861, in Town- 
send, Mass.; md., Nov. 17, 1883, Effie R. Wright, 
of West Acton; settled in Somerville, Mass., and 
have one son, Francis Varnum Mead, b., Aug. 19, 
1885; commission merchant, of Boston, Mass. 

(b) — Frederic Stearns Mead, b., Feb. i, 1863, in West 
Acton, Mass.; md., Sept. 18, 1884, Lizzie M. Gates, 
of West Acton, and settled in Arlington, Mass. 
They have two chil.: Frederic Stearns Mead Jr., b., 
Sept. 18, 1885, and Edward Adams Mead, b., Mar. 
30, 1896. 

(c) — Adelbert Francis Mead, b., June 11, 1866, in West 
Acton; md., Nov. 16, 1889, Theodosia Bertha 
Wright, of West Acton; settled in Somerville, 
Mass., and have four chil. : Marion Elizabeth Mead, 
b., Aug. 28, 1890; Sumner Adelbert Mead, b., Oct. 
30, 1892: Lucian Wright Mead, b., June 15, 1895, 
and Varnum Cleveland Mead, b., Aug. 5, 1898. 

1392— ABEL GOODRICH STEARNS (2962), b., Oct. 
15, 1838. 


1841; d., Aug. II, 1882, in California; unm. 

1394— LEVI WARREN STEARNS, b., July 30, 1844; 
ind. Martha Hildreth, of Townsend, where they settled; one 

June I, 1895, Dr. Chas. A. Keene, of Fitchburg, Mass.; Vivi- 
an S. Keene, b., June 18, 1897. 

1396— THIRZA MELINDA STEARNS, b., Apr. 26, 
1847, ^^ Townsend Mass.; d., Oct. 9, 1848. 

1397— JOHN STEARNS (593), b., Mar. 18, 1777, son of 
Joseph and Rhoda (Tingley) Stearns, of Attleboro, Mass.; 
md., Sept. 8, 1801, Polly Thompson, b., Jan. 3. 1780, dau. of 
Epaphras and Margaret Thompson, of Conn. They settled 
in Preston, Pa., where she d., Jan. 23, 1843, ^^^ he d., Sept. 
3, 1849; eight children. 

1398— ORINDA STEARNS, b., Aug. 8, 1802; md. (i), 
Mar. 24, 1825, Isaac ^heal, who d.^ and his wid. md. (2), 
May 18, 1839, Rodman H. Barrows, who d.. Mar. 28, 1842; 
six children. 

(a) — EHza L. Theal, b.. May 13, 1827; md., Mar. 6, 

1845, Oscar Stearns (3040), q. v. 
(l,)_Charles E. Theal, b., Nov. 8, 1832; d., Mar. 3, 

(c) — Ella O. Barrows, b., Feb. 5, 1840. ? ^ . 
(d) — Edwin H. Barrows, b., Feb. 5, 1840. S 
Edwin H. was a soldier in the Civil War. 

(e) — William Barrows, b., Aug. 14, 1842. ) rp . 

(f) — Rodman Henry Barrows, b., Aug. 14, 1842. ) 

Rodman Henry served in the Civil War and was 
badly wounded in the face. He was a pensioner 
until his death, 1888, in Gibson, Pa. 

1399— LUCINDA A. STEARNS, b.. Mar. 8. 1804: md., 
Jan. 3, 1847, John Simpson, of Gibson, Pa. 

1400— MANNA STEARNS (2963), b., Nov. 14, 1806. 
1401— OTIS T. STEARNS, b.. Mar. 8, 1809. 


1402— JABEZ D. STEARNS, b., May 6, 181 1; d., May 
20, 1828. 

1403— JOHN STEARNS JR. (2968), b., May 10, 1813. 

1404— MARY A. STEARNS, b, Apr. 20, 1819; md., Feb. 
6, 1838, Curtis F. Sherwood, son of Jabez M. and Amoretta 
Sherwood; four children. 

(a) — Henry W. Sherwood, b., Nov. 20, 1838; was sol- 
dier in the Civil War. 
(b) — Helen M. Sherwood, b., Nov. 23, 1840. 
(c) — Harriet A. Sherwood, b., Mar. 22, 1842. 
(d) — George F. Sherwood, b., Feb. 29, 1844. 

1405— SHELDON U. STEARNS (2973), b., Apr. 10, 

1406— JAMES STEARNS (594). b.. Aug. 15. 1779, son of 
Joseph and Rhoda (Tingley) Stearns, of Tolland, Conn.; md., 
1802, Abelina Harding, dau. of Amos and Wealthy Harding. 
In 1822, they emigrated to Richland Co., O., where he d., 
May 5, 1837; ten children. 

1407— LYDIA STEARNS, b.. June 6. 1804, in Pennsyl- 
vania; md. James Wells and settled in Ohio; died in Mich. 

1408— AMOS STEARNS (2977), b., Jan. 8, 1806. 

1409— PHOEBE STEARNS, b., Jan. 21, 1808; md. Hi- 
ram Stevens and settled in Ohio, where she d. 

1410— JUSTUS STEARNS (2984), b.. July 8 1810. 

141 1— WILLIAM STEARNS (2998), b., Feb. 13, 1815. 

1412— RHODA STEARNS, b., Feb. 17, 1817, in Penn.; 
md. in Ohio. 

1413— MERSENA STEARNS, b.. May 24, 1819, in Ohio; 
md. William Hibbert and settled in Ohio, afterwards in 

1414— WEALTHY STEARNS, b., Oct. 22. 1821. in 
Ohio; md. William Herbert, and settled first in Indiana, 
afterwards in Ohio. 


141 5— SILAS STEARNS, b., Apr. 10, 1824, in Ohio; md. 
Zilpha Fennel, and settled in Ohio; d. in Michigan. 

1416— OTIS STEARNS (3005), b., Feb. 9, 1827. 

1417— DEA. OTIS STEARNS (596), b., Oct. 14, 1783, 
son of Joseph and Rhoda (Tingley) Stearns, of Tolland, 
Conn.; a Justice of the Peace and Deacon of the Baptist 
Church; md., Nov. 30, 1809, Lois Potter, b., Apr. 10, 1788. 
They settled in Gibson, Pa., where she d., July 7, 1858, and 
his death occurred in 1869; eight children. 

1418— LOVISA STEARNS, b., Dec. 5, 181 1; md. Dec. 
26, 1837, Reuben Harris, of Jackson, Susquehanna Co., Pa., 
b., Mar. 19, 1805. son of Joshua and Clarissa Harris, of Ver- 
mont. She d., 1884; three children. 

(a) — Ella Harris, md. Eli Bloxham and had six chil- 

(b) — Eunice Harris. 

(c) — Mason Harris, deceased. 

1419— MARILLA STEARNS, b., July 7, 1816; for many 
years in poor health; d., Oct. 12, 1887, at the old homestead, 
in Gibson, Pa.; unm. 

1420— LOCINA STEARNS, b., Nov. 5, 1818; md., Mar. 
15, 1838, Eli Barnes, b., Aug. 31, 1817, son of Joel ind Dolly 
Barnes, of Gibson, Pa. She d., Apr. 23. 1878, and he d.. Mar. 
22, 1882; four children. 

(a) — Lois Alzada Barnes, b., May 13, 1839; md. Horace 
Payne, and had two children. 

(b) — Martha E. Barnes, b., June 13, 1850. 
(c) — Edward C. Barnes, b., Jan. 24, 1854. 

(d) — Charles C. Barnes, b., Aug. 11, 1856; md., Apr. 15, 
1879, Effie Barrett, b., Feb. 14, 1857. 

1421— ALMON OTIS STEARNS ('3018), b., July 19, 

1422— WILLIAM WARREN STEARNS (3022), b.. 
Mar. 15, 1824. 


1423— ALBERT A. STEARNS, b., Dec. 22, 1826; d., 
Apr. 2y, 1827. 

1424— CATHERINE A. STEARNS, b., Aug. 19, -.828; 
d., July 7, 1829. 

1425— HORACE WHEELER STEARNS (3027), b., 
Feb. 12, 1832. At a family gathering of Dea. Otis Stear is's 
children, they all agreed to drop the "a" from the family 
name, and his descendants have since spelled their name 
Sterns. One of them says, with pardonable pride, that, 
"there is no Sterns who does not pay one hundred cents on 
every dollar." 

1426— JOSEPH STEARNS JR. (598), b., Aug. 25, 178S, 
son of Joseph and Rhoda (Tingley) Stearns, of Tolland, 
Conn.; md., Feb. i, 1820, Melissa Gaylord, dau. of Amasa 
and Mindwell Gaylord. In 1839, they settled in Bloomfield. 
Richland Co., O.; five children. 

1427— SAMUEL AUSTIN STEARNS, was a soldier 
from Iowa, during the Civil War. After the war, he lost his 
wife and children, and d., 1888, at a Soldiers' Home in 



1430— RHODA MINDWELL STEARNS, md. (i), Mr. 
Cary; md. (2), 1886, Mr. Bradbury, of Peru, Chautauqua 
Co., Kansas, where she d., 1887 or 1888, leaving descend- 


1432— IRA STEARNS (599), b., Mar. 5, 1791, son of Jo- 
seph and Rhoda (Tingley) Stearns, of Tolland, Ct.; md., 
Apr. 28. 1814. Maria Plumb, b., July 14, 17Q.S, dau. of Jacob 
and Rhoda Plumb. They resided in Mount Pleasant, Wayne 
Co.. Pa., until 1826, when thev removed to Harford. Sus- 
quehanna Co., Pa., where he d., Dec. 18, 1870, and she d., 
Jan. 14, 1886; eleven children. 

1433— EDWIN IRA STEARNS (3036), b.. May 12. 1815, 


1434— CHARLES PLUMB STEARNS, b, Dec. 22, 
181 7, in Mt. Pleasant, Pa.; md., Sept., 1854, Julia Ann Stark, 
who d., 1871, in Wayne Co., Pa. He d., 1886, in Colorado, 
and we have no record of children. 

1435— ALVIN STEARNS, b., Jan. 18, 1819; md.,Aug. 22, 
1843, Julia Peak; was a farmer, of Harford, Pa.; she d., Dec. 
25, 1891 ; they had four children. 





i44C^OSCAR K. STEARNS (3040), b., Apr. 17, 1821. 

1441— GEORGE W. STEARNS (3049), b., Feb. 8, 1824. 

1442— MARIA R. STEARNS, b., June 4, 1827; md., 
Sept., 1857, James B. Patterson, and settled in Susquehanna 
Co., Pa.; two children. 

(a) — Walter Patterson. 

(b) — ^Clara Patterson. 

1443 — Ansel Joseph Stearns, b., June 6, 1829; a farmer, of 
Harford, Pa.; md., Anne Brewster, and settled in Harford, 
Pa.; three children. 




1447— AMANDA M. STEARNS, b., Oct. 27, 1831; md., 
Mar. 17, 1857, John Robinson, a farmer, of Dyberry, Wayne 
Co., Pa.: four children. 

(a) — James Robinson, 
(b) — Frank Robinson, 
(c) — Fred Robinson, 
(d) — Mabel Robinson. 

1448— MARY E. STEARNS, b., Jan. 30, 1834; md., i860, 


Jacob Dutcher, and settled in Harford, Pa., where she d., 
Jan., 1888; one daughter, 
(a) — Florence Dutcher. 
1449— ALONZO M. STEARNS, b., Feb. 19, 1837. 

1840, in Harford, Pa.; md., 1868, Eliza Thatcher. He was 
a sergeant in the Civil War; served nearly four years and 
was wounded in the leg, late in the fall of 1864. From this 
wound he never fully recovered, and d., at his home in 
Owego, N. Y., of consumption, caused by exposure and his 
wound. His death occurred in 1879, and we have no record 
of children. 

1451— JABEZ STEARNS (600), b., June 18, 1794, son of 
Joseph and Rhoda (Tingley) Stearns, of Mt. Pleasant, 
Wayne Co., Pa.; a farmer, of Damascus, Wayne 
Co., Pa.; md., Feb. i, 182 1, Rowena Worcester, dau. 
of David and Polly Worcester, and settled in Damascus, Pa., 
where he d.. Mar. 19, 1874; seven children. 

1452— HARRIET EMILY STEARNS, b.,Nov. 9, 1822, in 
Mt. Pleasant, Pa. Her clear and concise records have been 
valuable aids in this branch of the family. She remained un- 
married and devoted her Hfe to teaching. She left Franklin 
Academy in Aug., 1837, and in Sept. of the same year com- 
menced teaching in Damascus, Pa. Her last term ended in 
Nov., 1877, in the vicinity of her first work forty years be- 

1453— LAURA MARIA STEARNS, b., July 26, 1824; d., 
Sept. 8, 1830. 

1454— DAVID WORCESTER STEARNS (3061), b., 
Mar. 21, 1826. 

1455— POLLY CHURCH STEARNS, b., Aug. 21, 1828; 
md., Apr. 26, 1846, Ira Steinbach, of Gibson, Pa., and settled 
in Sullivan Co., Pa.; eleven children. 

(a) — Emma Adelaide Steinbach, b., Feb. 28, 1847; md., 
Apr. 4, 1871, Arthur Bushnell, and has three chil- 


(b) — Alice Janette Steinbach, b., May 17, 1848; md., 
Mar. 28, 1873, Alva J. Noble, and has three chil- 

(c) — Infant dau., b. and d., Nov., 1849. 

(d) — Leroy Lindley Steinbach, b.. May 9, 1851; md., 
Aug. 4, 1 880, Alma Stone. He was a furniture dealer 
in Bradford Co., Pa., and had one dau., Helen Ed- 
wina Steinbach. 

{e) — Ellen Galelia Steinbach, b., May 24, 1853, in Da- 
mascus, Pa.; md., Feb. 27, 1885, Taylor S. Robbins, 
of St. Joseph, Mo., and settled in Plymouth, Mo.; 
one son, Vere Harding Robbins, was b. and d., 
1886; another. Earl Wynne Robbins, b., 1887. 

(f) — Florence Irene Steinbach, b., Nov. i, 1855, in 
Jackson, Pa.; md., Sept., 1873, Albert Hazen and 
had four children. 

(g) — Lafayette Delos Steinbach, b.. Mar. 8, 1858, in 
Jackson, Pa.; md., 1884, and had one daughter. 
His wife, d., 1886, and he md. (2), 1888; resided at 
Monson Station, Pa. 

(h) — Charles Arthur Steinbach, b., Aug. 26, 1862, in 
La Porte, Pa.; d., Dec. 25. 1881. 

(i) — Belle Genevieve Steinbach, b., June 23, 1864; md,, 
July 12, 1883, B. F. Housekneckt, of Sonestown, 
Pa.; had three children. 

(j) — 'Clayton Sterne Steinbach. b., Aug. 3, 1867; died, 
aged three months. 

(k) — Beatrice Eloise Steinbach, b., July 20, 1870: md., 
Apr. 14, 1888, in Sonestown. Pa., George Figler. 
They lost two infant daughters, and now have 
Alma Lucille Figler, b., Aug. 10, 1892. 

1456— LAURA STEARNS, b., Nov. 25, 1830, in Mt. 
Pleasant, Pa.; taught for several years, then turned her at- 
tention to art; studied in Clinton Institute, Cooper Insti- 
tute, and the Academy of Design, in New York City. She 
paints portraits in oil, pastelle and crayon, and has been very 
successful in pictures of fruit, flowers and landscapes; made 
her home with her eldest sister, in Scranton, Pa.; unmarried. 


1457— IRENE J. STEARNS, b., Dec. 8, 1833, in Mt. 
Pleasant, Pa.; was a teacher for several years; d., June 11, 
1872; unmarried. 

1836, in Mt. Pleasant, Pa.; taught school for a short time; 
d., Jan. 7, 1 861; unmarried. 

1459— ASHBEL STEARNS (601), b., Sept. 24, 1796, son 
of Joseph and Rhoda (Tingley) Stearns, of Mt. Pleasant, 
Pa.; md., Feb. 21, 1819, Sophia Hare, b., Apr. 17, 1799, dau. 
of Stephen and Elizabeth Hare, of Ellington, Conn. They 
settled first in Mt. Pleasant, and, about 1830, moved to Clin- 
ton, Pa., where he d.. Mar. 13, 1882. and was buried in the 
churchyard at Aldenville, Pa. 

"Mr. Ashbel Stearns lived to see Wayne Co. develop from 
a forest to its present condition, during the administrations 
of twenty-one presidents, and to see the Union develop from 
thirteen colonies to the greatest nation in the world. For 
over sixty years he and his devoted wife trod the path of life 
together, up the rugged hill, not always strewn with roses, 
halting on the summit, then down the shady side to the 
stream dividing the known from the unknown." They had 
seven children. 

8, 1 82 1, at Mt. Pleasant, Pa.; md., Sept. 15, 1847, George 
Fulkerson, of Mt. Pleasant, b., Dec. 27, 1819. They set- 
tled at Clinton, Pa., where she d., July 8, 1855. 

1461— STEPHEN WARREN STEARNS, b., Jan. 28, 
1824, at Mt. Pleasant, Pa.; md. Elizabeth Aiten. and settled 
first in Lisbon, la., afterwards in Kansas. 

1827, at Mt. Pleasant, Pa.; d., July 2, 1855, at Clinton, Pa. 

1463— NANCY ELVIRA STEARNS, b., Nov. i, 1828, 
at Mt. Pleasant, Pa.; md., Samuel Shaw, and settled at Great 
Bend, where she d., Nov. 3, 1874. 

Feb. 6, 1833. 


1465— RUTH ALMIRA STEARNS, b., Aug. 3, 1834, 
at Clinton, Pa.; md. James Kennedy, and settled in Clinton^ 
where she d., Feb., 1873. 

1466— MARY ELIZA STEARNS, b., June 27, 1838; md. 
Jerry Van Barringer, and settled in Susquehanna, Pa.; d., 
Oct. 22, 1868, at Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 

1467— HORATIO STEARNS (604), b., Dec. 21, 1782, 
son of Levi and Lois (Stoddard) Stearns, of Enfield, Conn.; 
d., Dec. 12, 1833; a farmer, of Charlmont, Mass.; md., June 
20, 1801, Vashti Wilder, b.. Mar. 2, 1788, dau. of Abel and 
Dorothy Wilder, of Charlmont; eleven children. 

1468— LEVI WILDER STEARNS (3070), b., Nov. 24, 

1469— LOUISA STEARNS, b., Nov. 7, 1807; md., O. 

0. Loomis, who d., 1874, and she resided with her unmar- 
ried sister, at North Adams, Mass. At the advanced age 
of eighty-seven years, she sent word to the compiler of this 
work, that she was too old to collect family history. 

1470— NANCY EMIL STEARNS, b., Oct. 23, i&io; d., 
Aug. 24, 1 8 14. 

1813; a trunk maker, of New York City; md., Sept. 20, 1834, 
Sarah Bovie, b., Feb. 22, 1815, dau. of John and Tabitha 
Bovie, of Pownal, Vt.; two children. 

1472— AUGUSTUS STEARNS, b., Aug. 4, 1837; d., Jan. 

1, 1845- 

1473— ELVIRA STEARNS, b., Nov. 29, 1839; d., Mar. 
20, 1845. 

1474— EMILY STEARNS, b.,Jan. 11, 1815; md., Nov. 14, 
1833, Jonathan Hartwell, Jr., son of Jonathan and Hannah 
Hartwell, of Charlmont, Mass., where he resided, a stone 
cutter; three children. 

(a) — Mercy Maria Hartwell, b., Aug. 6, 1835. 
(b) — Olive Louisa Hartwell, b., Oct. 19, 1838. 
(c) — Henry Stearns Hartwell, b., Aug. 16, 1843. 


1475— DOROTHY STEARNS, b., Apr. 2, 1817; md., 
Oct. 3, 1843, Pliny Dewey Walbridge, b., Feb. 9, 1820, son 
of Charles and Sarah Walbridge, of Bennington, Vt. He 
was a saddle and harness maker, of Adams, Mass. 

1476— VASHTI STEARNS, b., Aug. 3, 1819; md., \pr. 
8, 1838, David Ingraham, b., Apr. 4, 181 3, son of Obadiah 
and Juba Ingraham, of Savoy, Mass., a farmer, of Savoy; two 

(a) — Julia Ann Ingraham, b., Sept. 2, 1840. 

(b} — Mary Emma Ingraham, b., Nov. 23, 1844. 

1477— MARY STEARNS, b., Nov. 26, 1821; md., Nov. 
27, 1850, in Savoy, Mass., Daniel D. White. 

1478— EDWIN HORATIO STEARNS, b., June 12, 
1826; d., Aug. 17, 1829. 

1479— HENRY OTIS STEARNS, b., Oct. 30, 1828. 

1480— ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., Nov. 24, 1831; re- 
sided in North Adams, Mass., with her sister, Mrs. O. O. 

1481— ELI STEARNS (605), b., Feb. 10, 1784, son of 
Levi and Lois (Stoddard) Stearns, of Enfield, Ct.; md., Dec. 
29, 1808, Martha Webber, dau. of Col. Ebenezer Webber, 
of Palmer, Mass. They settled in South Hadley, Mass., 
where she d., Apr. 20, 1841, and he d., Nov. 19, 1841; twelve 

1482— INFANT, b. and d., 1809. 

1483— CHARLES ROLLIN STEARNS (3076), b., Aug. 
25, 1810. 

1484— INFANT, b. and d., 1812. 

8, 1814, in South Hadley, Mass.; md., Dec. 20, 1837, Caroline 
Bush, of Westfield, Mass. They resided in New Haven, 
Conn., until Mar., 1856, when they removed to Portsmouth, 
O. In May, 1865, he was elected ruling elder in the First 
Presbyterian church, of Por-tsmouth, O., which oflFice he held 
until his death, Jan. 19, 1890. His business was that of a 
brick mason and contractor; two children. 


i486— SARAH FRANCES STEARNS, b., Jan. 12, 1840; 
md., Jan. 29, 1863, at Port Jervis, N. Y., Chauncey B. Relyea; 
d., in childbed, July 23, 1866, leaving a dau., named Mary 
Esther Relyea, b., July 23, 1866, who d., Sept. 22, 1870. 

1S45, at New Haven, Conn.; unm. She resided with her 
mother at Portsmouth, O., and has been of much assistance 
in this work. 

1488— WILLIAM STEARNS, b., Mar. 13, 1816; md., 
Sept. 26, 1842, Elizabeth F. Hawks of Buckland, Mass., who 
d., June 6, 1850. He d., Sept. 26, 1845; o^^ daughter. 

1489— C. CORDELIA STEARNS, b., June 8, 1843; 
known as Delia Stearns. 

i49c^GEORGE STEARNS, b., Feb. 13, 1818; d., July 4, 
1840; unm. 

1491— ALONZO L. STEARNS, b., July 4, 1820; md, 
July I, 1844, Sarah A. Torrey, of Springfield, Mass.; settled 
at Janesville Wis., where she d,, June 8. 1878. He was a 
teacher and d., Apr. 20, 1884, at Janesville, Wis.; two sons. 

1492— GEORGE H. STEARNS, b., June 18, 1852, at 
Aurora, 111.; d., June 28, 1872, at Pueblo, Col.; unm. 

1493— CHARLES TORREY STEARNS, b., Aug. 3, 
1855, at Aurora, 111.; locomotive engineer, of Janesville, Wis. 

1494— ELI STEARNS JR., b., Oct. 12, 1822; d., Oct. 15, 
1852; unm. 

1495— DEA. HENRY STEARNS, b., June 2, 1825, in 
South Hadley, Mass.; was a Deacon, and highly respected; 
md.. May 16, 1849, ^^ Northampton, Mass., Janette Edgar- 
ton, and settled in North Amherst, Mass., wherg he d., Jan. 
31, 1894; one dau. 

1496— MARY S. STEARNS, b., Dec. 25, 1851; d., Sept. 
7, 1882. She md. Mr. Ingram, and had one son, Edward 
Stearns Ingram, b.. Mar. 14, 1879, who d., Aug. 15, 1880. 

1497— MARTHA STEARNS, b., Aug. 21, 1827; d., Oct. 
7, 1841. 


1498— LEVI WEBBER STEARNS, b., Mar. 4, 1830; d., 
June 21, 1841. 

1499— CYNTHIA SOPHIA STEARNS, b., Jan. 21, 
1833; d., Aug. 31, 1840. 

1500— HON. CHARLES STEARNS (611), b., Nov. 15, 
1788, son of Eli and Mary (Whitney) Stearns, of Lancaster, 
Mass.; was bred a mason, and has been extensively en- 
gaged as a builder; settled in Springfield, Mass., in 1812. 
Besides numerous municipal appointments, he has been Rep- 
resentative and Senator in the State Legislature, and was 
projector and proprietor of the water works of Springfield, 
Mass. He md. (i), Dec. 30, 1816, JuHa Ann Woodward, 
<lau. of Rev. Aaron Woodward, of Wilbraham, Mass., and 
granddaughter of Rev, Dr. Benjamin Trumbull, the histo- 
rian, of New Haven, Conn. She d., Jan. 28, 1833, and he 
md. (2), May 6, 1834, Mrs, Amanda Norcross, dau. of Abner 
Brown Esq., of Monson, Mass., and widow of Hiram Nor- 
cross. She d., Apr. 7, 1836, and he md. (3), Jan. 10, 1838, 
Mary Stebbins, dau. of Festus Stebbins, of Springfield, Mass, 
Hon. Charles Stearns, d.. Mar. 11, i860, at Northampton, 
Mass. ; two sons. 

From "Old Springfield, its inhabitants and mansions," by 
Charles Wells Chapin, we copy the following extract: 

"Hon. Charles Stearns, son of Eli and Mary (Whitney) 
Stearns, was the most enterprising man of his day in Spring- 
field. He early became an operator in real estate, and built 
and owned many houses. He was the originator and chief 
manager of the Springfield Aqueduct Company, which is now 
merged in the present city water works. His controversy 
with Gen. James W. Ripley, in regard to the change of man- 
agement of the U, S. Armory from a civil to a military su- 
perintendency, occurred in 1845. A few years before the 
close of his Hfe, he was engaged upon a history of Spring- 
field, Mass., which has never been published, as the manu- 
script which he left was unfortunately destroyed." 

"In 1854, Hon. Charles Stearns gave, to the city of Spring- 
field, a plot of land, extending two hundred sixty feet from 
Worthington St. to Bridge St., and fronting eighty ft. on 


each. It contains a fountain and some trees, and was called 
Stearns Park. In 1845, there was trouble over a strip of 
land Mr. Stearns had bought of Col. Israel Trask in 1827. 
A U. S. engineer, after surveying the land, claimed it be- 
longed to the U. S. Government, and, knowing that Mr. 
Stearns intended to cut the land into building lots, put up 
some sheds in front of Mr. Stearns's property in order to 
test the question. Mr. Stearns at once ordered his workmen 
to tear down buildings and fence and himself cut down the 
first fence post. Col. Ingersoll appeared and ordered the 
Stearns party away, but they refused to stir, and, although 
they had fierce words, no personal violence was done. This 
was called the "Stearns Riot," for which Mr, Stearns and 
men were arrested, and tried in Boston, with the verdict, 'Not 
guilty." " 

Sept. 24, 1817; grad. Yale Coll., 1837; studied medicine with 
Dr. W. J. Walker, of Charlestown, Mass.; M. D., Penn. 
Univ., 1840; admitted to the medical staff of U. S. Army in 
1842, and served one campaign in Florida. At the end of 
that war he was discharged, and in 1845 and '6, made the 
tour of Europe. 

1844; d., Oct. 3, 1845. 

I503_WILLIAM STEARNS (617), b., Nov. 2, 1799, 
son of Eli and Mary (Whitney) Stearns, of Lancaster, Mass. ; 
a mason of Boston; md., Apr. 30, 1826, Elizabeth Sawyer 
Wilder, dau. of Joseph Wilder, formerly of Lancaster, Mass., 
afterwards of Boston; settled in Boston, Mass. He d., Nov. 
6, 1866, in Jamaica Plain, Boston. As a builder, he was con- 
nected with the erection of the State House, Revere House, 
Old Tremont House, and Old Tremont Temple, of Boston; 
four children. 

1504— WILLIAM HENRY STEARNS, b., Feb. 18, 1827, 
in Boston, Mass. He left Jamaica Plain, Boston, Aug. 26. 
1869, with the intention of going on a vacation, and has 
never been heard from since. 

1828; taught the first English school at Apra, Island of 


Upolu, Samoan Islands, from June 30, 1856, to Nov., 1857. 
Settled in Boston, Mass.; unm. 

1506— CHARLES ALFRED STEARNS, b., May 18, 
1830, in Boston; enlisted in Co. F., nth. Mass. Regt. He 
d., July 24, 1861, at Sudley Church Hospital, Bull Run, Va., 
of a wound received in the battle of Sunday, July 21, 1861; 

1507— NORMAN WHITNEY STEARNS (3088), b., 
Aug. 23, 1831. 

1508— JOHN STEARNS JR (624), b., Apr. 25, 1755, son 
of John and Rachel (Codman) Stearns, of Merrimack, N. 
H.; md., Oct. 9, 1781, Sarah Blanchard, b., Jan. 3, 1766, 
at Dunstable. They removed to Cambridge, Vt., where 
she d., 1846. 

1509— NATHAN STEARNS (629), b., July 22, 1761, son 
of John and Rachel (Codman) Stearns of Merrimack, N. H.; 
md., about 1790, Miriam Blaisdell, dau. of Henry Blaisdell, 
of Goffstown, N. H., where Nathan Stearns settled. He 
bought, Mar. 22, 1800, of John McDale, land and buildings, 
including saw-mill and water-privilege, and, Jan. 27, 1801, he 
sold same property to Henry Blaisdell, Jr., bro. of his wife. 
In the war of 1812, he was in Capt. M. C. Mill's Co., nth. 
U. S. Infantry, and, on the rolls, is reported "prisoner of 
war." He d., in the service, "in the barracks, of fever," 
previous to May 11, 1813, when his widow was appointed 
adm. of his estate, and, later, David L. Morrill was appointed 
guardian of his three children. 

1510— HENRY BLAISDELL STEARNS (3096), b.,July 
7, 1798. 

15 1 1— ELIZABETH STEARNS, md. Moses Gould; d., 
in Candia, N. H. 

1512— NATHAN STEARNS JR. (3102). b.. May 2, 1801. 

1 5 13— ELIJAH STEARNS (630), b., Oct. 17, 1763, son 
of John and Rachel (Codman) Stearns, of Merrimack, N. 
H.; md. (i), Oct. 27, 1785, Eunice Wells, of Gofifstown, N. 
H.. by whom he had two children: md. (2), Prudence Wells, 


sister of his first wife; md, (3), 1802, Mary (Polly) Rollins^ 
b., May 3, 1777, dau. of Moses Rollins and descendant of 
Nicholas Rawlins, of Newbury, Mass. She d., Sept. 28, 1855, 
mother of seven children, making ten children of Elijah 
Stearns. It is said that he died by drowning. 

1514— ELIJAH STEARNS JR. (3107), b., Sunday. Oct. 
15, 1786. 

1515— EUNICE WELLS STEARNS, b., Sept. i, 1702; of 
Goffstown, N. H.; unm. 


1517— MARY WELLS STEARNS, b., Oct. 26, 1796; 
md. Ebenezer Wyman, of Hopkinton, N. H., who was born^ 
Mar. 15, 1794; she d., July, 1872. 

1 5 18— MARGARET STEARNS, b. 1798, in Goffstown, 
N. H.; md., about 1830, Benjamin Choate, b., June 16^ 1805, 
who d., Mar. 15, 1858; she d., Nov. 15, 1864; two daugh- 

(a) — Mary S. Choate, b., June 2, 1836; d.. May 15^ 

(b) — Hannah Choate, b., Sept. 30, 1837; d., Jan. 31. 


By third wife. 

1519(a)— EDWARD RAY STEARNS (3117V b., Jan. 18, 
1803, in Goffstown, N. H. 

15 iQfb^— RODNEY STEARNS, b., Dec. 12, 1804; d. 
at Weld, Me. 

1519(c)— RHODA STEARNS, b., Aug. 13, 1807; d., Sept. 

20, 1836, at Weld, Me.; unm. 

I5i9(d^— ELIZA STEARNS, b., Dec. 12, 1800: d., Mar. 

21, 1835, at Welde, Me.; unm. 

1519(e)— MOSES ROLLINS STEARNS, b., Aug. 14. 
1812; d. at Weld, Me.; unm. 

1519(0— GRATTUS STEARNS, b., 1814; d., May 5. 
1825, at Weld, Me. 


i5i9(g-)— CHARLES STEARNS, b., Jan. i, 1820. at 
Weld, Me.; d., Nov. 13, 1849, ^^ Sachamento, Cal.; unm. 

1520— REUBEN STEARNS (632), b., June 28, i''68, son 
of John and Rachel (Codman) Stearns, of Merrimack, N. 
H.; md., Mar. 28, 1799, Miriam Whiting, b., Apr. 20, 1775, 
dau. of John and EHzabeth Whiting, of Amherst. N. 
H. He d., Nov., 1842, and she d., Sept. 9, 181; i, in Bedford, 
Mass.; four children. 

1521— LUCY STEARNS, b., May 17, 1800; d., Dec. 7, 
1877; md., Oct. 3, 1820, Isaac Harradon, b., 1792, who d., 
July 30, 1866; three children known. 

(a) — Willard N. Harradon, b., 1822; was a printer and 
soldier of 9th Regt, N. H. Vols.; d., Apr. 30, 1872, 
at Manchester, N. H. 

(b) — Reuben L. Harradon, b., 1832; d., Mar. 21, 1871. 

(c)— Charles Harradon, b., 1844. 
And others. , 

1522— SOPHIA STEARNS, b., 1801; md., Dec. 18, 
1821, Timothy Jones Jr., b., July 28, 1793, who d., June 24, 
1882. She d., July 7, 1830, and his second wife was Han- 
nah Carr; four children. 

(a) — Abigail P. Jones, b., Mar. 31, 1823; md. George 
W. Currier, of Manchester, N. H. 

(b) — Kendrick Leavitt Jones, b., June 18, 1826; d., 
June I, 1833. 

(c) — Mary F. Jones, b., Apr. 16, 1828; md. John J. 

Boynton, of CHnton, Mass. 
(d) — Nancy P. Jones, b., Dec. 7, 1829; d., Aug. 20, 
1S47, i" Lowell, Mass. 

1523— ALMIRA STEARNS, b., May i, 1806; md., Oct., 
1826, Bradley Blanchard, of Dunstable; d., Feb. 28, 1827. 

1524— LOVE STEARNS, b., 1812; d., May 4, 1832, in 
Lowell, Mass., aged twenty years. 

1525— JAMES STEARNS (635), b., Aug. 30, 1774, son 
of John and Rachel (Codman) Stearns, of Amherst, N". H.; 


md., 1798, Lydia Glover, of Nottingham West, b., July 29, 
1780, who d., May 2, 1863. They settled in Amherst, N. H., 
where he d., Jan. 14, 1854; twelve children. 

1526— ABIGAIL STEARNS, b., 1799; md. Reuben Har- 
dy, of Hollis, N. H. 

1527— HARRIET A. STEARNS, b., Apr., 1801; md., 
Mar. 14, 1844, Minot Blood, of Amherst, N. H., b., 1803, 
who d., Aug. 4, 1870. She d., Feb. i, 1883, in South Merri- 
mack, N. H. 

1528— HIRAM D. STEARNS (31 19), b., Nov. 27, 1802. 

Aug., 1804. 

i53C^JAMES STEARNS JR., b., 1806; md. Miss Patch, 
and settled in Vt. 

1531— BETSY STEARNS, b., 1808; md. William Pitcher; 
d., in Attleboro, Mass. 

1532— ADELINE STEARNS, b.. 1810: md., Nov. 13, 
1 83 1, Charles Gregg, of New York City. 

1533— CAROLINE R. STEARNS, b., Aug. 13, 1812; 
md., Dec. 2, 1834, Alexander McC. Wilkins, of Merrimack, 
N. H. 

1534— MARY STEARNS, md. James Langdell, and set- 
tled in Lowell, Mass. 

1535— FRANCES STEARNS, md.. Sept. i, 1838, Henry 
W. Brown, of Providence, R. I. She died in Amherst, 
N. H. 

^ 536— CHARLES STEARNS, md., and settled in New 
York City. 

1537— JANE STEARNS, md. Wm. King, of New Jersey. 

1538— WILLIAM STEARNS JR. (639), b.. Oct. 24, 
1755; son of William and Elizabeth (Lawrence) Stearns, of 
Ashby or Harvard, Mass.; a farmer of Rockingham, Vt., 
who ser\'^ed for three years as a soldier in the Revolutionary 
War, and received an honorable discharge at its close. He 


II id., 1 78 1, Lydia Glazier, b., Feb. 27, 1760, who d. about 
1848, dau. of William Glazier, of Rockingham, where Mr. 
Stearns d., Jan. 12, 1842; six children. 

1539— ZERAH STEARNS, b., Dec. 22, 1782; d., Jan. 24, 
1785, at Rockingham, Vt. 

1540— BETSY LAWRENCE STEARNS, b., Apr. 12, 
1785; md. Nathan Kendall, of Rochester, Vt.; had a large 
family, of whom we have but one name, Mrs. Pier, of Fond- 
du-lac, Wis. 

1541— EBER STEARNS (3127), b., Oct. 23, 1787, in 
Rockingham, Vt. 

1542— DR. JEHIEL STEARNS (3135), b., Feb. 6, 1790. 

1543— WILLIAM STEARNS 3d., b., Jan. 10, 1794; d. 
Aug. 14, 1804, of an accident. 

Jan. 10, 1804; d., Nov., 1864. 

1545— JONATHAN STEARNS (641), b., 1760, son of 
William and Elizabeth (Lawrence) Stearns, of Ashby or 
Littleton, Mass.; a farmer, of Rockingham, Vt., where he 
died. His descendants have knowledge of but one son and 
do not know his wife's maiden name. 

1546— JOHN STEARNS (3143), of Grafton, Vt. 

1547 —JOHN BURT STEARNS (642), b., Sept. 7, 1764, 
son of William and Elizabeth (Burt) Stearns, of Harvard, 
Mass.; was a soldier of the war of 1812, and a farmer, of 
Rockingham, Vt.; md. Ruth Eastman, about 1794; d., 1848; 
seven children. 

1548— JOHN STEARNS (3154), b., 1795. 

1549— JABEZ STEARNS (3158), b., Oct. 9, 1797. 

Davis, of Saxton's River, Vt., and lived over 78 years. 

(a) — Lucretia Davis. 

(b) — Louise Davis, md. George Walker, 
(c) — Stearns Davis, md. Eliza Tai-bell. 
(d) — Lucia Davis, of Saxton's River. 


1551— OTIS STEARNS (3165), birth unknown. 

1552— MARIA STEARNS, md., 1833, George Minard, 
of Rockingham, Vt,; settled in N. Y. State, and was engaged 
in construction of the Erie Canal. 

(a) — Mary Minard. 
(b) — William Minard. 
(c) — John Minard. 
(dj — Maria Minard. 

1553— WILLIAM BURT STEARNS (3169), b., Dec. 18, 

1554— SAMUEL EASTMAN STEARNS (3176), b.^ 

1555— DANIEL STEARNS (648),b., 1760, son of Eleazer 
and EHzabeth (Pierce) Stearns, of Holhs, N. H.; lived in 
Burlington, Vt., about forty years; d., 1845, i^ St. Amand,. 
P. Q. He drew a pension as a Revolutionary soldier; was 
Fifer in the Vermont Regt. mentioned in the Vol. of Rev, 
Rolls, N. Y. He md. Nancy Wellman. 






name has been variously given (649), date of birth unknown, 
son of Eleazer and Elizabeth (Pierce) Stearns, of WilHs- 
ton, Vt. ; in 1791, was named in the census of Burhngton, Vt., 
as having no family; in 1800 and 1810, named in census of 
Williston, Vt., but not in 1820. Like his bro. Daniel (1554), 
he was a Revolutionary soldier; md. Mary Arnold, and had 
seven children, b. in Williston. Vt. 

1562— DR. TRUMAN STEARNS, b.. May 10, [791; a 
physician of Port Kent, N. Y. He md. Amanda Allen, dau. 
of EHhu Allen, of Williston, Vt.; d., Sept. 29, i860, while 


on a visit to Webster, N. Y. We have only the name of 
one son. 

1563— CHARLES STEARNS, m. and d., 1871, in Chi- 
cago, III. 

1564— NATHAN STEARNS, b., Feb. 22, 1793; md. Em- 
ily Morse, b., Sept. 6, 1799 who d., Oct. 7, 1883, in Burling- 
ton, Vt., dau. of Calvin and Esther (Morgan) Morse; of 
Williston, Vt., until 1847, then of Burlington, until Tiis death, 
Aug. 19, 1875; "o record of children. 

1565— ELON STEARNS (3186), b., June 17, 1795. 

1566— LYMAN STEARNS, b.. May 25, 1797; d. 

1567— ARNOLD STEARNS, b., Apr. 12, 1800; d., in the 

1568— LYMAN BRAINARD STEARNS, b., May 25, 
1805; d., Jan. 8, i860, in Williston, Vt.; md. and had one 

1569— NELSON STEARNS, b., Sept. 25, 1807; d., Jan.. 
7, 1892, in Webster, N. Y.; md. Lucetta Marlette; one son. 


md. Miss Nettleton, of Syracuse. 

1571— ABEL HAWLEY STEARNS (654), b., Feb. 8, 

1786, son of Eleazer and Stearns, of Rockingham, 

Vt.; md., Feb, 2, 1809, Deborah Kelsey, and settled in 
Stockholm, N. Y., where he d., May 13, 1843. When quite 
a young lad, he went to live with Mr. Jonathan Wood, of 
Hartford, Washington Co., N. Y., where he remained untit 
he was of age. He had nine children. 

1572— RALPH PARKER STEARNS (3203), b. Nov. 28, 

1573— JONATHAN WOOD STEARNS, b., Sept. 25, 
181 1 ; md. Esther E. Weaver, and settled in Stockholm, N. 
Y., where he d., Oct., 1881; s. p. 

1574— ISAAC KELSEY STEARNS (3208), b., Apr. 7.. 


1575— ABEL HAWLEY STEARNS JR., b., Nov. 25, 
1 81 7; md. (i), Sophia Kent; md. (2), Eliza Perrin; settled in 
Stockholm, N. Y., where he d., Apr. i, 1888; s. p. 

1576— ELIZA ANNE STEARNS, b., Sept. 27, 1819; md., 
Aug. 21, 1842, Rev. Philander Persons; at the age of y6 
years sent her family record for use in these pages; d., Oct. 
7, 1896, in Castorland, N. Y., at the residencce of her son, 
Boardman; two children. 

(a) — Boardman Persons, b., Sept. 9, 1843; served three 
years in the Civil War. 

(b) — Rollin P. Persons, b.. May 13, 1853: d., Oct. 6, 

1577— JASON W. STEARNS (3212), b., July 16, 1821. 

1578— BENJAMIN H. STEARNS (3223), b., Sept. 7, 
1S23; d., Oct. 4, 1896. 

1579— REUBEN KELSEY STEARNS (3227), b., Aug. 
12. 1825. 

1580— NATHAN WALLACE STEARNS (3234), b., 
Nov. I, 1827. 

1581— SIMEON STEARNS (662), b., Dec. 2, 1784, son 

of David and Lois ( ) Stearns, of Boxboro, Mass.; 

with his parents, moved to Hollis, N. H., in his childhood. 
He md., Aug. 18, 1812, in HolHs, N. H., Lydia Bailey, dau. 
of Capt. Daniel Bailey. Immediately after their marriage 
they removed to Winchendon, Mass., where all their children 
were born, and where he d., Oct. 5, 1837; nine children. 

1^82— SIMEON STEARNS JR.. b. and d., 1813, in Win- 
chendon, Mass. 

j583_SIMEON ALBERT STEARNS, b., Mar. 14, 1815. 

1584— LYDIA STEARNS, b., and d., 1816, in Winchen- 
don, Mass. 

i585_DANIEL BAILEY STEARNS (3241), b., Apr. 10, 

1586— MARY ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., Sept. 11, 
1819, in Winchendon, Mass. 


1587— REBECCA STEARNS, b., and d., 1821. 

1588— LUCY STEARNS, b., June 4, 1822, in Winchen- 
don, Mass.; md. Timothy Frye, and settled in Weld, Me. 

28, 1823. 

1590— LYDIA STEARNS, b., Feb. 13, 1825; md. (i), Jo- 
seph T. Goss, and settled in Hooksett, N. H.; md. (2), Rev. 
M. Patten; d., Sept. 16, 1849. 

1591— JONATHAN STEARNS (665), b., 1782, son of 
Asa and Elizabeth (Witt) Stearns, of Hardwick, Mass.; md., 
and went from Hardwick to Brandon, Vt. He and his wife 
were the first two cases of what was called "the winter 
fever," that dreadful epidemic of 1812-13. They were at- 
tacked in Apr., 1813, and both died, Mr. Stearns on the 
seventh of Apr., and Mrs. Stearns on the eleventh of the 
same month. Their deaths were deeply lamented by their 
neighbors and acquaintances. We only know of one son. 

1592— MAJOR JONATHAN STEARNS, a merchant 
and manufacturer, of Malone, N. Y.; went from Vt. to N. Y. 
on foot, carrying his effects in a pack. 

1593— SAMUEL STEARNS (674), b., Feb. 8, 1792, son 
of Asa and Elizabeth (Witt) Stearns, of Hardwick, Mass.; 
md. (i), at Enfield, Ct., Sept. 18, 1818, Philena Chapin, b., 
July 27, 1795, dau. of George and Lucy (Parsons) Chapin, 
She d., Aug. 2, 1844, at Buffalo, N. Y., the mother of four 
children, and he md. (2), Nov. 18, 1845, Ellen O'Conner, b., 
Apr. 25, 1800, in New York City. Samuel Stearns d., June 
1. 1857, and his widow, Ellen, d., Jan. 8, 1890, at Buffalo, 
N. Y., aged nearly ninety years. "Samuel Steams learned 
his trade as builder in Hardwick or Braintree; went to En- 
field, Conn., about 1814; from thencec to Mendon, N. Y., 
about 1817, with the family of Jabez Taylor, returning to En- 
field, in 1818, for his bride. 

"He made the journey from Connecticut to the Genesee 
Valley with his wife, in a covered wagon, known, in western 
phrase, as a "prairie schooner," of one-horse power, in about 
ten days, and settled in Mendon, N. Y., then in Ontario Co. 


In 1824, he moved to Black Rock, now Buffalo, and en- 
-gaged in the manufacture of cabinet furniture, with a young 
man by the name of Cutler. In 1829, separating from his 
partner in business, he removed to Lockport, but returned 
to Buffalo, in 1842, where he remained until his death, in 
1857. He died in the communion of the Protestant Epis- 
copal Church, of which he had been a consistent member for 
nearly thirty yrs. He was genial, benevolent and kind, very 
much respected by those who knew him, for he was one of 
God's nobility, 'an honest man;' " four children. 

1594— GEORGE CHAPIN STEARNS (3245), b., Sept. 
3 1819. 

1595— NORMAN STEARNS (3261), b., May 31, 1823. 

I S96— ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., Sept. 19, 1828, at 
.Buffalo, N. Y.; d., Oct. i, 1828, at Buffalo. 

1597— FREDERIC STEARNS (3266), b., Apr. 8, 183 1. 

1598— ARTEMAS STEARNS (675), b., Oct. 12, 1793, at 
Hardwick, Mass., son of Asa and EHzabeth (Witt) Stearns, of 
Hardwick; md., Sept. 29, 1824, Mary Harris, b., June 6, 
1803, at Fabius, N. Y. Their six children were all born in 
Mendon, N. Y., where he d.. May 7, 1848. 

1599— JAMES HARRIS STEARNS, b., May 11, 1825; d., 
Dec. II, 1845. 

1600— DELIA STEARNS, b., 1828; md., Apr. 5. 1849, 
Alfred P. Browning, of Mendon, b., Apr. 24, 1821, son of 
Dr. John and Elizabeth (Stearns) Browning (667); two chil- 

(a) — Clara Browning, b., Nov. 5, 1849, ^t Mendon, N. 
Y.; md. (i), Sept. 14, 1872, Matteson Dawley, b., 
1853, in Mendon. He d., May 2, 1873, ^^^ she md. 
(2), Dec. 12, 1876, Wm. J. Woolston, b.. Mar. i, 
1847, i^ Victor. They had one daughter, 
(b) — Clarence J. Browning, b., Mar. 27, 1856, in Men- 
don; grad. Lima Sem., 1877, taking the highest 
prize for scholarship; studied law in Rochester and 
passed examination in 1882; now practicing law in 
Rochester, N. Y. He md., Mar. 5, 1883, Harriet 


Stearns Hastings, b., Oct. 20, 1862, dau. of George 
Stearns Hastings and Jerusha (Backus) Hastings. 

1601— WILLIAM B. STEARNS, b., Oct. 11, 1830; d., 
July 22, 1832. 

1602— LUTHERIA STEARNS, b., Dec. 27, 1833; rnd. 
(i), Oct., 1852, John Kimberlain, b., Mar., 1833, in Dryden, 
N. Y. He d., Sept. 1869, leaving one son and she md. (2), 
Mar., 1871J J. C. Johnson, who d., Jan., 1873. She d., Sept., 
1887; oi""^^ son. 

(a) — Arthur Kimberlain, b,, Nov., 1857: md., and had 
one child; settled in Texas. 

1603— AUGUSTA STEARNS, b., 1838; d., Apr. 30, 

1604— SAMUEL SEYMOUR STEARNS, b., Oct. 14, 
1840, in Mendon, N. Y.; md., Jan. 9, 1868, Mary Isabella Mc- 
Mahon, dau. of Rev. Isaiah and Margaret (Todd) McMahon. 
He was a graduate of the Medical Department of Michigan 
LTniversity, a fine chemist and an affectionate husband. He 
d., Apr. 7, 1886, at Kankakee, 111.; s. p. 

1605— STEPHEN STEARNS JR. (688), b., June 17, 
J 756, son of Stephen and Mary (Boardman) Stearns, of Cam- 
bridge, Mass.; was in the battle of Bunker Hill; for some 
time was Gen: Washington's tent-master and was in the 
army during the Revolutionary War. He md., May 2, 1781, 
Mary Robbins, and settled in West Cambridge, where he 
d. about 1810; one child. 

1606— STEPHEN STEARNS 3d. (3277), b.. Aug. 24, 

1607— DANIEL STEARNS (702), b., Dec. 17, 1760, son 

of Isaiah and Elizabeth ( ) S:earns, of Arlington, 

Mass.; bapt., Dec. 23, 1760. He was in the Revolutionary 
War and carried, through his subsequent life, an injured 
wrist, the result of a sword cut received in the service. "Dan- 
iel Stearns was entered on pension roll, Aug. 8, 1818, on 
account cf service in Mass. Continental Line pension being 
$96 per annum, beginning Apr. 10, 1818. He d., per pension 
records, June 19, 1824, and whole amount of pension was 


$498.66 — grade private. He md., Sept. 7, 1783, Elizabeth 
Knowlton, b., Mar. 17, 1764, dau. of Abraham and Sarah 
(Lord) Knowlton, of Cambridge, Mass. They lived some 
years in Bolton, Mass., removed, in 1795, to Dummerston, 
Vt., and, in 1809, to Brattleboro, Vt., where she d., Aug. 6, 
]820; twelve children. 

1608— ISAAC STEARNS (3284), b., Oct. 1 1, 1784. 

1609— SALLY STEARNS, b., Aug. 17, 1785; md., Feb. 
I, 1804, Darius Norcross, b., Oct. i, 1781. They lived at 
Lockport, N. Y., where he d., Dec. 2y, 1838. She d., Nov. 
I, 1863. 

(a) — Willard Norcross, b., Oct. 27, 1804. 
(b) — Betsy Stearns Norcross, b., July 27, 1812; md. 
John Dissinger. 

161CK-ABIGAIL STEARNS, b., Dec. 2y, 1787; md., June 
20, 181 7, Shepherd Norcross. They lived at Lockport, N. 
Y., where he d., June 17, 1850, and she d., Apr. 7, 1873, 
mother of eight children. 

(a) — Daniel Stearns Norcross, b., Mar. 4, 1818; d., Oct. 

18, 1827. 
(b) — Abbie E. Norcross, b., Feb. 9, 1820; md., 1842, 

Rufus White; d., Mar. 2^, 1846. 
(c) — Imlah Norcross, b., Jan. 8, 1822; d., May 2, 1832. 
(d) — Isaac M. Norcross, b., Dec. 4, 1823; md., Dec. 16,. 

1847, Mary Ann Mills, 
(e) — Bethuel Norcross, b., Apr. 5, 1825; md., Dec. 16, 

1847, Mary Jane Harrington. 

(f) — Darius Norcross, b., Oct. 22, 1827; md., June i^ 

1853, Margaret Vander Worcher. 
(g) — Sally Norcross, b., Feb. 24, 1830; md., Mar. 2^, 

1848, her brother-in-law, Rufus White. 

(h) — Shepherd Norcross Jr., b. Aug. 28, 1833; md.,. 
Oct. 23, 1855, Delia Goodspeed; d., 1865. 

161 1— DANIEL STEARNS JR. (3293), b., Nov. 12, 1789. 

1612— LYDIA STEARNS, b., Sept. 30, 1791; md., Dec. 
18, 1810, William S. Marsh, b., June 15, 1788. She d., May 5, 
1814; he d., Aug. 18, 1867. 


; (a) — Harriet E. Marsh, b., Oct. 6, 1811. 

(b) — Frances M. Marsh, b., May 3, 1813; d., June 10, 

1613— BETSY STEARNS, b., Jan. 30, 1793; md., Sept. 
12, 1816, Isaac Barber, b., Apr. 8, 1793. He d., Mar. 10, 
1867, and she d., Nov. 7, 1874; five children. 

(a) — Rhoda L. Barber, b., June 7, 18 17; md. Willard 

(b) — Isaac W. Barber, b., Oct. 3, 1818; md. Emeline 

(c) — Almira E. Barber, b., Apr. 22, 1822; md. John V. 

(d) — Charles S. Barber, b., Oct. 23, 1827; md., Nov. 11, 

1856, Carrie Allen. 

(e) — Lucinda M. Barber, b., Feb. 20, 1831; md., Sept. 
27, 1859, Albert Howe. 

1614— LUCY STEARNS, b., June 29, .796; md., Apr. 7, 
1818, Joel Brown, b.. Mar. 22,, 1795. They lived m Lowell, 
Mass., where she d., Sept. 3, 1868, and he d., Sept. 20, 1870; 
eight children. 

(a) — Charles S. Brown, b., Dec. 29, :8iS; md., Dec 3, 
1845, Sarah A. Casley. 

(b) — Charlotte E. Brown, b., Apr. 29, 1821; md., Nov. 
30, 1848, Seth P. Fairbanks. 

(c) — ^Joel Dwight Brown, b., June i, 1823; md., Aug. 
II, 1844, Maria Ingalls. 

(d) — John N. Brown, b., Apr. 20, 1825; d.. Mar. 30, 

(e) — Mary Harriet Brown, b., Apr. 22, 1828; md., Oct. 
23, 1850, Lewis Snell. 

(f) — Esther L. Brown, b.. Mar. 13, 1831; md., Nov. 26, 

1857, Ford Morton. 

(g) — James M. Brown, b., June 23, 1833; md., Dec. 8, 
1850, Rhoda J. Thomas. 

(h) — ^^Joseph Frank Brown, b., Aug. 13, 1838; md., June 
13, 1 861, Mary E. Page. 


1615— CHARLES STEARNS, b., July 17, 1800. 

1616— CHARLOTTE STEARNS, b., July 17, 1800; md., 
June 13, 1824, Leavitt Howe Gibbs, b., Mar. 26, 1798, son 
of Joseph and Elizabeth (Laws) Gibbs, of Ashpurnham, 
Mass. They lived in Ashburnham until 1864, and subse- 
quently with their children. He d., Dec. 11, 1875, in Whit- 
insville, Mass.; and she d., 1887; six children. 

(a) — ^Joseph Gibbs, b., Apr. 28, 1825; md., Sept. 30, 
1849, Martha A. Dunn, dau. of John and Martha 
Dunn, of PhilHpstown, Mass. He was, for many 
years, a merchant tailor, of Fitchburg, Mass., and 
removed, 1887, to Chicago, 111. 

(b) — Charles Stearns Gibbs, b., Apr. 10, 1827; d., Apr. 
29, 1856; unm. 

(c) — Henry A. Gibbs, b., Apr. 8, 1831; md., Sept. 30, 
1858, EHza A. Blodgett, b.. Mar. 16, 1836, dau. of 
James and Mary Blodgett, of Ashburnham, Mass. 

(d) — George Leavitt Gibbs, b., Feb. 20, 1837; md. Helen 
Louise Whiting, dau. of Chas. P. and Sarah I. (Hal- 
liday) Whiting. She d.. May 9, 1885, and he d., 

(e) — Ellen M. Gibbs, b., July 2y, 1839; md., Aug. 10, 
1864, William H. Hurd, b., Oct. 8, 1834. son of 
John and Sophia (Hitchcock) Hurd, of Montague, 
Mass. They resided in Keene, N. H.; s. p. 

(f) — Harriet C. Gibbs b., Feb. 2, 1842; d.. Julv 17, 

1617— SAMUEL STEARNS (3301). ^- Aug 27, 1802. 

1618— SELINDA STEARNS, b., Nov. 8, 1805; md., Dec. 

23, 1824, Luther Streeter, b.. Mar. 27, 1803; seven children. 

(a)— Sarah L. Streeter, b., Sept. 16, 1825; md. Chester 

O. Wood. 
(b)— Cynthia P. Streeter, b., Aug. 27, 1827; md. An- 
drew J. Noble. 


(c) — Edward S. Streeter, b., Aug. 14, 1829. 

(d) — Adaline A. Streeter, b., Sept. i. 1832; md. Isaac 

W. Lowell, 
(e) — George A. Streeter, b., Jan. 7, 1835. 
(f) — Hannah J. Streeter, b., Apr. 25, 1837. 
(g) — Caroline F. Streeter, b.. Mar. 26, 1840. 

1619— HARRIET STEARNS, b., Feb. 25, 1808; md., 
June 4, 1833, Moses Seavey, b.. May 12, 1807; lived in 
Charlestown, Mass. ; four children. 

(a) — Francis Seavey, b., July 4, 1834. 

(b) — Edwin Seavey, b., Dec. 4, 1836; d., Sept., 1864; 

(c) — Albert Seavey, b., Dec. 20, 1840. 
(d) — William Henry Seavey, b., Apr. 16, 1843. 

1620— NATHANIEL STEARNS JR. (707), b., 1763, 
son of Nathaniel and Sarah (Cheney) Stearns, of Medfield, 
Mass.; md., 1791, Mary Turner, dau. of Sam.uel and Ruth 
(Smith) Turner, of Medfield; nine children. He was chosen 
Dea. of the old church, in 1825, but resigned the office in 
1827, and became one of the first members of the Orthodox 
Church; d., 1848; was in the war of 1812, and his widow drew 
a pension. 

1621— ABIGAIL (NABBY) STEARNS, b., 1793; md. 
Joseph Ingles, of Mendon, Mass. 

1622— NATHAN STEARNS, b., 1795; md., 1816, Susan 
Aiken; d., 1826, in Exeter, N. H. 

1623 NATHAN STEARNS JR., is said to have left a 
widow and two sons in Willimantic, Conn. 


1625— MARY STEARNS, b., 1796; d. young. 

1626— REBECCA STEARNS, b., 1797; md., 1830, Joel 
Boyden, of Mendon, Mass. 

1627— SARAH STEARNS, b., 1799; md., 1819, Reuben 
Taft, of Mendon. 


1628— AMOS STEARNS (3309), b, 1801. 

1629— KEZIAH STEARNS, b., 1803; d., 1822. 

1630— LUCY STEARNS, b., 1804; md., 1824, Lyman 

1631— NANCY STEARNS, b., 1808; md., 1828, William 
D. Ingles, of Mendon, Mass. 

1632 — ^John Stearns (715), b., Jan. 28, 1775, son of Col. 
Ephraim and Prudence (Wilder) Stearns, of Petersham, 

Mass.; md., 1808, Lydia ; settled in Petersham, where 

he d., Oct. 9, 1825; seven children. 

1633 — SON, b., Jan., d., May, 1809. 

1634— LEANDER STONE STEARNS, b., Apr. 20, 
1810; d., Dec. 10, 1810. 

1635— LURINDA STEARNS, b., May 10, 1812; d., Mar., 

1636— MARTHA STEARNS, b., Jan. 16, 1814. 

1637— PRUDENCE STEARNS, b., Jan. 2, 1817. 

1638— JOHN FRANKLIN STEARNS, b.. Mar. 6, 1819. 


1640— SAMUEL STEARNS (716), b., Oct. 3, 1776, son 
of Col. Ephraim and Prudence (Wilder) Stearns, of Peter- 
sham, Mass.; md. Lydia Clement, b., May 8, 1777, who d., 
July ID, 1817; settled in Athol, Mass., where he d., Dec. 3, 
1 817; eight children. 

1641— EPHRAIM STEARNS (3319), b., July 19, 1799. 

1642— SAMUEL STEARNS JR., b., July 6, 1801; d., 
Sept. 26, 1826, in Hillsboro, Jasper Co., Georgia. 

1643— PROSPER STEARNS, b., Nov. 11, 1804; d., Oct. 
17, 1823, in Athol, Mass. 

1644— MARY ANN STEARNS, b., Oct. 19, 1807; md., 
Jan. 13, 1836. George Stevens, of Charlestown, N. H., and 


settled in Rochester, N. H.; d., 1864, in Montague, Mass.; 
three children. 

(a) — George Stearns Stevens, b., Aug. 22, 1840; d., Apr. 

I, 1842. 
(b) — Mary Amelia Stevens, b., Jan. 3, 1843. 
(c) — Martha Amanda Stevens, b., June i, 1845. 

1645— LYDIA AMANDA STEARNS, b., Jan. 20, 1809; 
md.. Mar. 7, 183 1, Sumner Boutwell, bro. of Gov. G. S. Bout- 
well; d., July 10, 1865, in Hanover, N. H. 

1646— GEORGE MASON STEARNS (3330), b., Nov. 
20, 1812. 

1647— ADDISON WILDER STEARNS, b., Mar. 30, 
1815; d., Aug. 31, 1818, at Athol. Mass. 

1648— JAMES CLEMENT STEARNS (3339), b., July 
10, 1817. 

1649— JOEL STEARNS (717), b., June 23, 1777, son of 
Col. Ephraim and Prudence (Wilder) Stearns, of Petersham, 
Mass.; md., Apr. 28, 1804, Lucy Carter, b., Apr. 30, 1779. 
lit d., Sept. 17, 1858, in Petersham, Mass., and his widow 
d., Jan. 3, 1859, at the same place; two children. 

1650— DOLLY D. STEARNS, b., Jan. 21, 1806, in Peter- 
sham, Mass.; md., Apr. 19, 1829, Henry Patch, b., Nov. i, 
1806, in Hawley, Mass. They settled in Lowell Mass., where 
he d., Jan. 4, 1849; she d., Dec. 17, 1887, in Petersham. Thej 
had one daughter. 

(a) — Lucy A. Patch, b., Aug. 19, 1836, in Lowell, Mass.; 
md., July 12, i860, James H. Stowell, b., Dec. 9, 
1834, son of Daniel and Pamela (Miles) Stowell. 
One son, Henry Miles Stowell, b., Jan. 8, 1868. 

165 1— GEORGE STEARNS (3342), b., June 17, 1817. 

1652— CAPT. JAMES STEARNS (721), b., Jan. 8, 1770, 
son of Ebenezer Jr. and Martha (Holbrook) Stearns, of Wor- 
cester, Mass.; md., Jan. 22, 1799, by Rev. S. Reed, Sarah 
Chase, b., Mar. 7, 1769, in Sutton, Mass. They settled in 
Windham, Vt., of which place he was one of the first select- 
men, and where he d.. Mar. 24, 1838. She d., Sept. 28, 1857; 
six children. 


1653— SALLY STEARNS, b., Nov. 12, 1799; md., Apr. 
7, 1829, Micah R. Farr, b., Mar. 17, 1806; d., Jan. 26, 1879; 
vSix children. 

(a) — Martha Farr. 

(b) — ^James Farr. 

(c) — George Farr, of Chester, Vt. 

(d) — Sarah Farr. 

(e) — Almon Farr. 

(f)— Albert Farr. 

1654— POLLY STEARNS, b., Dec. 10, 1801; d., Mar. 
17, 1885; unm. 

1655— JAMES STEARNS JR. (3359), b., Mar 4, 1804. 

1656— CLARK STEARNS (3368), b., Sept. 8, 1806. 

1657— ELIZA STEARNS, b., Sept. 9, 1808; md., Jan. 8, 
1835, Bliss Goddard; d., Nov. 15, 1885; four children, 
(a) — Emily Goddard. 
(b) — Henry Goddard. 
(c) — ^Josiah Goddard. 
(d) — David Goddard, of So. Londonderry, Vt. 

1658— EMMA CHASE STEARNS, b., Sept. 2, 1811; md. 
(i). Nov. I, 1832 Roswell Sherwin, by whom she had one 
dau.; md. (2), Curtis Robinson, and had one son; d., July 5, 

(a) — Mary Sherwin. 

(b) — George Robinson, of Vt. 

1659— DEA. EBENEZER STEARNS 3d. (725), b., Au^. 
6, 1777, son of Ebenezer Jr. and Martha (Holbrook) Stearns, 
of Warwick, Mass.; md. (i), Feb. 27, 1803, Eunice Ball, who 
d., Dec. 18, 1805; md. (2), Apr. 11, 1808, Hannah Hastings, 
who d.. May 5, 1879, aged 92 years. He was a farmer of 
Warwick, Mass.; was drafted in the war of 1812; went to 
Boston, but saw no active service; d., Oct. 20, 1837; seven 

1660— MARY STEARNS, b., Nov. 15. 1803; md., Oct. 12, 


1846, Calvin Woodward, of Orange, Mass., where she d., 
Jan. 29, 3867; no children. 

1661— SAMUEL BALL STEARNS, b., Nov. 28, 1805; 
d., Mar. 12, 1840, in Boston, Mass.; unni. 

1662— EUNICE STEARNS, b., Mar. 17, 1809; md., May 
29, 1832, Noah Adams, of Winchester, N. H. At the age 
of 85, she was reported by her nephew as "still very active, 
able to read and sew without spectacles, and has filled out 
the blank sent for her family record;'' two children. 

(a) — Ebenezer Stearns Adams, b., Feb. 27, 1833, in 

Winchester, N. H.; md., Jan. 27, t86i, Rosetta 

Palmer, and settled in Winchester, 
(b) — Mary Elizabeth Adams, md., Oct. 2'^, i860, Daniel 

R. Spaulding, of Richmond, N. H.; removed to Fitz 

William, N. H.; no children. 

1663— HANNAH STEARNS, b. and d., Aug. 20, i8ii. ' 

1664— CLARK STEARNS (3373), b., Aug. 20, X813. 

1665— HARRIET STEARNS, b., Dec. 27, 1819; md., 
Apr. 24, 1849, Sabin Kelton, of Worcester, Mass.; settled in 
Warwick; two children. 

(a) — Alice Josephine Kelton, b., July 13, '850; md. F. B. 

Spalter, a lawyer, of Winchendon, Mass. 
(b) — James Edwin Kelton, b., Sept. i, 1854; md. Emma 
Jilson, and settled in Orange, Mass. 

1666— EBENEZER STEARNS 4th., b., Dec. 14, 1825; d., 
Aug. 6, 1827. 

1667— CLARK STEARNS (726), b., Dec. 21, 1779, son 
of Ebenezer Jr. and Martha (Holbrook) Stearns, of Warwick, 
Mass; a farmer, of Rouse's Point, N. Y. ; md., June 4, 1807, 
by the Rev. Mr. Smith, Hannah Leonard, b., Mar 31, 1778, 
who d., Jan. 27, 1859. He was one of the pioneers of the 
town of Champlain, and prominent member of the M. E. 
Church of Rouse's Point, N. Y., where he d., Oct. 4, 1867; 
six children. 

1668— ALEXANDER STEARNS, b., Apr. 17, 1808, at 
Rouse's Point, N. Y. ; raised and equipped a company of 


riflemen for New York Militia, of which company he Aras 
captain, from 1838 to 1850; has been one of the leading 
farmers of the town of Champlain. 

1669— CLARK CHANDLER STEARNS, b., July 28, 
1809, at Rouse's Point, N. Y.; md., Jan. 28, 1840, Ann 
Campbell, of Clarenceville, N. Y. They settled in Cham- 
plain, where she d. Mar. 31, 1885; he d., Aug. 27, 1887, at 
Rouse's Point. 

1670— SARAH ANN STEARNS, b., Feb. 22, 1813, at 
Rouse's Point, N. Y. ; md., Dec. 25, 1839, Warren Calvin 
Fairbank, b., Sept. 15, 1801, a farmer, of Rouse's Point, 
where he d., Sept. 6, 1872. He was never very strong 
physically, but of firm and determined character. She d., 
Jan. 27, 1890; four children. 

(a) — Clark Stearns Fairbank, b., Nov. 18, 1840; a 
farmer, of Rouse's Point, who md., Feb. 13, 1873, 
Ann Celia Lansing, b., Sept. 22, 1841, dau. of 
James W. and Mary Ann (Fitch) Lansing; no chil- 

(b) — Marian Helen Fairbank, b., Mar. 23, 1847; d., 
Feb. 23, 1851. 

(c) — Dr. Alexander Warren Fairbank, b., Dec. 19, 
1852; grad. in medicine, at Albany, N. Y., 1874; 
md., June 25, 1876, Eva Little; a practicing phy- 
sician, at Chazy, N. Y. ; three children. 

(d) — John Calvin Fairbank, b., Jan. i, 1855; md., Nov. 
27, 1877, Clara M. Van Buskirk, dau. of Francis 
and Mary (Farrow) Van Buskirk, of Port Hope, 

1815, at Rouse's Point, N. Y.; md., Sept. 7, 1852, Mary 
Yale, of Essex, N. Y. They settled at Rouse's Point, N. 
Y., where he d., Jan. 22, 1892; two children. 

1672— HELEN STEARNS, b., Dec. 4, 1855; d., Apr. 3, 

1673— HANNAH OCTAVIA STEARNS, b.. May 24, 
3859; md., June 8, 1888, Harry B. Beresford. 


1674— MOSES LEONARD STEARNS (3376) b., Feb. 
2S, 1817. 

1675— HANNAH AUGUSTA STEARNS, b., Nov. 7, 
1820, at Rouse's Point, N. Y.; md., June 22, 1848, Columbus 
Smith, a mill-wright, who d., Dec. 9, 1878; she d., Mar. 2Y, 
1872; two children. 

(a) — Hannah Laura Augusta Smith, b., Apr. 9, 1853; 
d., Feb. 24, 1870. 

(b) — Susan Gertrude Smith, b., Feb. 24, 1855; md., 
June 26, 1875, Duncan McCormick, a lawyer, of 
Montreal, Canada. Their son, Alexander McCor- 
mick was b.. May 22, 1876. 

1676— CALVIN STEARNS (732), b., Nov. 5, 1778, son 
of Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Stratton) Stearns, of War- 
wick, Mass.; a carpenter, of Northfield, Mass. He md., 
Nov. 24, 1807, Statira P. Richardson, of Boston, b., Mar. 20, 
1789, sister of George P. Richardson, Esq., of Duxbui*y. 
Calvin Stearns d., Oct. 21, 1857, and his widow d., Nov. 9, 
1870; ten children. 

7, 1808; md., Aug. I, 1850, Martin Maynard, of Orange, 

20, 1810; md., Feb. 14, 1839, Hervey C. Field; d., June 24, 
1894; two children. 

(a) — Calvin Stearns Field, b., Sept. 4, 1841; enlisted, 
Sept. 3, 1861, in Co. B., 22nd Regt., Mass. Vols. 
He was wounded at Gettysburg, July 2, 1863, and 
d., July 4, 1863, "having given his young life for 
his country." 

(b) — Charity Statira Field, b,, July 7, 1847; md. (i), 
Sept. 3, 1868, Dexter Lyman Crandall, b., Sept. 7, 
1846, in Lunenburg, Mass., son of Samuel H. and 
Susan (Wheeler) Crandall. She was divorced from 
him, and md. (2), Jan. 14, 1883, in Gill, Mass., Capt. 
FrankHn Doolittle, of Hinsdale, N. H., who legally 
adopted her son, Lyman Hervey Crandall, b., June 
5, 1869. 


1679— EUNICE WILSON STEARNS, b,, Dec. 20, 1812; 
d., Dec. 7, 1837; unm. , 

1680— GEORGE AUGUSTUS STEARNS (3380), b., 
Nov. 15, 1815. 

1681— CHARLES HARRISON STEARNS (3385), b.,, 
Nov. 22, 1817. 

1820; d., Jan. 20, i860; unm. 

1683— CHARLOTTE OAKES STEARNS, b., Aug. 19, 
1822; md., Sept. 25, 1845, Capt. Samuel Lane, of Northfield, 
Mass., who was one of the selectmen in 1857, '61, '62, '63, 
'64. She d., Mar. 25, 1874; two children. 

(a) — Carra Maria Lane, b., Mar., 1851, d., Mar. 4, 

(b) — Flora Electa Lane, b., Feb. 14, 1853, d., Oct. 20,. 


1684— MARSHALL SPRING STEARNS (3388), b., 
Nov. 25, 1S24. 

1685— ALBERT DINSMORE STEARNS (3392), b., 
Jan. 24, 1826. 

(3398), b. Mar. 28, 1830. 

1687— JOHN STEARNS (733), b., Aug. 20, 1780, son 
of Nathaneil and Elizabeth (Stratton) Stearns, of Warwick, 
Mass.; md., Feb. 6, 1805, Sarah Gale, of Warwick, b., Oct. 
20, 1784, who d., Jan. 16, 1857. He d., Dec. 29, 1861, in 
Brattleborc, Vt. ; eleven children. 

1688— EDWARD STEARNS, b., May 14, 1805; d.. May 
29, 1805. 

1689— EDWARD ALLEN STEARNS, b., June 30, 1896; 
a mechanic, of Brattleboro, Vt.; md., Sept. 15, 1834, EHza 
C. SaHsbury, b., 1812, who, in her eighty-third year, was 
living at Lakeport, N. H. He d., July 29, 1856; one son. 

1690— EDWARD ALLEN STEARNS JR., b., Dec. 26, 
1839; was in the Civil War; d., Sept. 18, 1890. 



1691— JONATHAN GALE STEARNS (3402), b., Sept. 
30, 1S08. 

181 1 ; md. (i), Mar. 18, 1834, James Sullivan Hodge, of War- 
wick, Mass., who was killed in the Civil War. She md. (2), 
Feb. 9, 1868, Arad Webster, of Northfield, Mass., where she 
d., Feb. 19, 1872; one daughter. 

(a) — Sarah Jane Hodge, b., 1838; md. Frederick J. Law- 
rence, a mechanic, of Orange, Mass., who served as 
private, in the Civil War. Their only child, Her- 
bert Eugene Lawrence, b., Apr. 10, 1859, is con- 
nected with Colt's First Regimental Band, of Hart- 
ford, Conn. 

1693— LUCRETIA BALL STEARNS, b., Feb. 19, 1814; 
md., Jan. 19, 1833, Abijah Eddy, b., Aug. 7, 1808. She d., 
May 13, 1876, in Somerville, Mass., and Mr. Eddy d., Nov, 
25, 1880, at the same place. Abijah Eddy was a merchant, 
of Winchester, N. H., New Braintree, Mass., and Somerville, 
Mass., and was also a member of Mass. Legislature, from 
Warwick ; seven children. 

(a) — Angelia Maria Eddy, b., July 5, 1834, at Warwick, 
Mass.; md., May 19, 1859, Emerson O. Saben, b.,. 
Apr. 30, 1829, in Winchester, N. H.; three chil- 
dren. ' 

(b) — George Wells Eddy, b., July 25, 1837; md., Nov. 
25, 1853, Etta Stratton, of Winchendon, Mass. 
They settled in Ashburnham, Mass., where he d., 
Nov. 25, 1892. 

(c) — ^Maverette Ellen Eddy, b.. May 2, 1840, in War- 
wick, Mass.; has been a successful teacher of vocal 
music in Boston, Mass. 

(d) — Thomas Wilson Dorr Eddy, b., May 11, 1844, in 
Warwick, Mass.; d., 1848, in Winchester, N. H. 

(e) — Frederick Abijah Eddy, b., May 15, 1847, at Win- 
chester, N. H.; md., Dec, 1871, Clara Kelley; a 
bookkeeper, of Boston, Mass.; three children. 

(f) — Theodore Clapp Eddy, b., Aug. 19, 1850, in Win- 
chester, N. H.; d., Sept. 15, 1873, at East Somer- 
ville, Mass. 


(g) — Arthur Stearns Eddy, b., Mar. 4, 1855, at Hub- 
bardston, Mass. 

1694— NATHANIEL STEARNS (3404), b., July 25, 

1695— JOHN STEARNS JR. (3416), b., Sept. 25, 1819. 

1696— AUGUSTUS AMORY STEARNS, b., July 4, 
1822; md., May 19, 1846, Sarah Lamson Gale, of Warwick, 
Mass.; settled in Brattleboro, Vt. ; one daughter. 

1697— FLORA ANNETTE STEARNS, b., June 20, 
1853, "^ Brattleboro, Vt.; d., Apr. 13, 1868. 

1698— ANDREW JACKSON STEARNS, b.^ May 19, 
1826; md., Sept. 5, 1850, Harriet T. Rixford, of Winchester, 
N. H., b., Dec. 11, 1827. He d.. Mar. 4, 1890; one daugh- 

1699— CORA JANETTE STEARNS, b., June 30, 1852, 
at Brattleboro, Vt.; md., Dec. 25, 1882, J. B. Robinson; no 

1700— DWIGHT C. STEARNS, b.. May 4, 1829; d., May 
7, 1829. 

1701— SAM SPRING STEARNS (735), b., Jan. 26, 1786, 
son of Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Stratton) Stearns, of War- 
wick, Mass.; a carpenter, of Northfield, Mass.; md. (i), 1818, 
Olive Ball, of Athens, Vt., b., June i, 1799, who d., Aug. 29, 
183 1. He md. (2), May 3, 1832, Mrs. Betsy Newcomb, of 
Keene, N. H. He d.. May 15, 1849; ^ve children. 

1702— PHILENA BALL STEARNS, b., July 19, 1819; 
d., Feb. 14, 1831. 

1703— HARRIET OLIVE STEARNS, b., Feb. 9, 1824; 
d., July 21, 1825. 

Jan. II, 1826. 

Jan. 5, 1828. 


1706— HANNAH EDWARDS STEARNS, b., Sept. 15, 
1830; md., June 18, 1850, Edwin Sanderson, and settled in 
Putney, Vt.; seven children. 

(a) — Katie Isadore Sanderson, b., Apr. 14, 1853; md., 

Dec. 30, 1876, Edwin S. Marsh; settled at Cambria, 

Mich., and had seven children, 
(b) — Frank Sanderson, b., Dec. 16, i860; d., Oct. 23, 

(c) — Jane M. Sanderson, b., Mar. 9, 1863; d., Feb. 21, 

(d) — Willis Lincoln Sanderson, b., Apr. 20, 1865; md., 

Dec. 7, 1889, Nellie C. Woodley; settled in Sioux 

City, la. 
(e) — Charlotte Olive Sanderson, b., Sept. 9, 1867; md., 

Sept. I, 1886, Frederic E. Smith; settled in Dover, 

N. H. 
(f) — Helen Edna Sanderson, b., Aug. 24, 1870; md., 

Aug. 24, 1892, Andrew J. Ayer. 
(g) — Lucy Sanderson, b., Jan. 22, 1874. 

1707— SIMEON STEARNS JR. (740), b., Apr. 30, 1779, 
son of Simeon and Elizabeth (Clark) Stearns, of Warwick, 
Mass.; md., 1808, Eunice Leonard, b., 1787. He d., Aug. 26, 
1859, and she d., Aug. 4, 1865; five children. 

1708— GEORGE SIMEON STEARNS, b., Mar. 10, 1809, 
at Roxbury, Mass.; d., Nov. 18, 1812. 

1709— MARY ANN STEARNS, b., Aug. 11, 1810. 

1710-SUSAN STEARNS, b., Oct. 9, 1812, at Fisher's 

171 1— WILLIAM RICHARDS STEARNS, b., Sept. 29, 
1814; d., July 26, 1843. 

1712— GEORGE LEONARD STEARNS, b., Nov. i, 
1825, at Warwick, Mass. 

1713— WILLIAM STEARNS JR. (749), b., Apr. 12, 
1783, carried forward to 5214. 

' 1715— COL. SIMEON STEARNS (752), b., June 28, 


1788, son of Capt. William and Joanna (Duncan) Stearns, of 
Worcester, Mass.; md. (i), Irene Newcombe, who d., at 
Waterville, Oneida Co., N. Y., 1831. Col. Stearns lived at 
Winhall, Vt., until most ol his children were born, then re- 
moved to Lebanon, Madison Co., N. Y., where he d., Jan. 
8, 1849. His second wife was Susan Hodges, by whom he 
had one daughter; nine children by first wife. 

1716— AURELIA STEARNS, b., Dec. i, 1812; md., Ly- 
man Sanderson and settled at La Salle, 111., where she d.. 
May, 1886. 

1717— SIMEON STEARNS JR., b.. Mar. 25, 1814; 
d., June 10, 1836, at Lebanon, N. Y.; unm. 

1718— FRANKLIN STEARNS (3442), b., Mar. 3, 1815. 

1719— DANIEL STEARNS (3453), b., Oct. 26, 1816. 

1720— IRENE STEARNS, b., July 7, 1818; md. Thomas 
Olmstead, and settled in La Salle, 111., where she d. 

1721— "DOLLY" STEARNS, b., June 15, 1820; of Man- 
lius, N .Y.; md., Oct. 24, 1843, Orson Ladd, b., Apr. 21, 
1810, of Lebanon, N. Y. Her proper name was Dorothy 
Stearns, and she d., July, 1898, in Potsdam, N. Y.; three 

(a) — Franklin Ladd, md. Anna Frink. 

(b) — Simeon Ladd, d., aged 48. 

(c) — Bettie Ladd, md. Mr. Wilcox. 

1722— LUVANCY STEARNS, b., July 14, 1822; md. 
John Ferris, and settled in Decatur, 111.; three children, 
(a) — Franklin Ferris, 
(b) — Simeon Ferris, 
(c) — Virginia Custine Ferris. 

1723— WILLIAM C. STEARNS (3459), b.. Jan. 12, 

1724— LUCINDA STEARNS, b., Aug. 12, 1827; md., 
and went to Decatur, 111., where she d., Feb. 22, 1863. 

1725— MARY STEARNS, dau. by second wife. 


1720- EBENEZER STEARNS (754), b., Mar. 13, 1791, 
son of Capt. William and Joanna (Duncan) Stearns, of Woi- 
cester, Mass.; md., Oct. 10, 1813, Melinda T.igelow Harris. 
He was a Drum Major in the war of 181 2; spent most of 
his life in Hoosick, N. Y.; d., Nov. 3, 1855, in Cazenovia, N. 
Y. ; five children. 

i727~JASON DUNCAN STEARNS (3462), b., Aug. 7, 

1728— EBENEZER HARRIS STEARNS (3465), b., 
Apr. 3, 1816. 

1729— WILLIAM GATES STEARNS (3467), b., Mar. 
27, 1818. 

b., Apr. 22, 1820. 

1 73 1— MARY PAMELIA STEARNS, b., June 28, 1824, 
at Hoosick, N, Y. ; md., Feb. 22, 1842, Charles Armstrong; 
d. May 19, 1844. 

1732— AMORY STEARNS (757), b., Apr. 6, 1797, s«n of 
Capt. William and Joanna (Duncan) Stearns, of Worcester, 
Mass.; md., July 29, 1821, Maria De La Mater, b., Oct. 20, 
1800, dau. of Benjamin and Isabel (Beverly) De La Mater. 
They were md. by Rev. Elijah Herrick, at Florida, N. Y., 
and the witnesses were Duane Shuler and Helen De la 
Mater. In 1824, they settled in Jamestown, N. Y., where he 
d., Feb. 15, 1875; six children. Maria (De La Mater Stearns 
d., Mar. 22, 1889. 

1733— JAMES DELAMATER STEARNS (3481), b., 
Apr. 29, 1822. 

1734— WILLIAM DUNCAN STEARNS (3487), b., Nov. 
2, 1823. 

i735~JOSEPH HASTINGS STEARNS, b., and d., Dec. 
15, 1826, in Jamestown, N. Y. 

1736— LYDIA ANN STEARNS, b., Jan. 7, 1828; d., Aug. 
19, 1870; md., Sept. 10, 1846, Ira Blakesly, of Jamestown, N. 
Y., who d., Feb. 5, 1858. They had four children. 


(a) — Amory James Blakesly, b., July 7, 1847; rad., Dec. 
25, 1873, Jennie E. Johnston; a telegraph operator, 
of Jamestown, N. Y., with two daughters. 

(b) — William D. Blakesly, b., Feb. 19, 1850; a business 
man of Jamestown, N. Y.; md., Sept. 10, 1872, 
Adelia M. Herrick, and has three children. 

(c) — Edward Stephen Blakesly, b., Nov. 30, 1852. 
(d) — Clarissa Maria Blakesly, b., Sept. 26, 1856; md., 
July II, 1875, Addison Devillo Case. 

29, 1830; d.. May 17, 1834. 

1738— BETSY STEARNS, b., Oct. 29, 1832; md., Feb. 
4, 1852, at Jamestown, N. Y., by Rev. Henry G. Blynn, Solo- 
mon Mills, b., May 5, 1829, son of Hiram and Mary (Hun- 
gerford) Mills, of Mayville, N. Y. Solomon Mills was a 
master mechanic, in charge of all the machinery in the mills 
for manufacturing alpaca goods, owned by Wm. Hall & Co., 
at Jamestown, N. Y. He d., July 16, 1886, a worthy man 
and highly respected citizen. They had seven children. 

(a) — Mary Antoinette Mills, b., June 13, 1853, d., Mar. 
24, 1872. 

(b) — Eva Caroline Mills, b., July 26, 1855; md., May 2, 
1874, by Rev. Jas. A. Robinson, Charles H. Russell, 
son of Howard and Hannah (Bacon) Russell, of 
Kiantone, Chautauqua Co., N, Y. 

(c) — Anna Maria Mills, b., Feb. 21, 1857; md., Dec. 24, 
1877, by Rev. Spurille Burford, at Jamestown, N. 
Y., George Halsall, son of James and Mary (Marsh) 
Halsall, of England. 

(d) — Sarah Lavancha Mills, b., Aug. 4, 1858; md., July 
10, 1877, by Rev. Spurille Burford, at Jamestown, 
N. Y., Ashton Sedgwick, son of Richard and ^./Earia 
(Ashton) Sedgwick, of Bradford, Eng. They set- 
tled in Jamestown, N. Y. ; no children. 

(e) — James Hiram Mills, b., May 9, i860; md. (i), 1883, 
Jennie Frank, who d., 1892, leaving one son; rnd. 
(2), Aug. 23, 1893, Alice E. Hayward, of Fredouia, 
N. Y., b., Nov. 24, 1871. 

Betsy Stearns Mills. 


(f) — Helen Isabella Mills, b., Dec. 9, 1867; md., Oct. 
18, 1883, Daniel Pratt Westcott, of Jamestown, 

N. Y. 

(g) — Lena May Mills, b., Dec. 15, 1870; md., Jan. 18, 
1890, Claude Westcott, of Jamestown, N. Y., 
brother of her sister's' husband. 

1739— SAMUEL STEARNS JR. (762), b., Oct. 23, 1761, 
son of Lieut. Samuel and Mary (Bigelow) Stearns, of Wal- 
tham, Mass.; d., June 13, 1805; a farmer and miller, first of 
Waltham, and, afterward, of Lexington, Mass.; md., 1799, 
Elizabeth Brown, b., Dec. 30, 1770, who d., Apr. 16, 1833, 
dau. of Capt. Francis and Mary (Buckman) Brown, of Lex- 
ington; three children. 

1740— SAMUEL STEARNS 3d. (3500), b., Aug. 20, 

1741— CHARLES STEARNS, b., May 22, 1804. d., May 
28, 1830, in Boston, Mass.; unm. 

1742— EDWIN STEARNS, (3513). b., May 22, 1804. 

1743— WILLIAM STEARNS (764), b., July 28, 1765, 
son of Lieut. Samuel and Mary (Bigelow) Stearns, of Wal- 
tham, Mass.; md.. Mar. 27, 1788, his cousin, Mary Stearns 
(787), b.. Mar. 6, 1764, dau, of Phinehas and Mary (Welling- 
ton) Stearns, of Waltham and Lexington. She d., Dec. 9, 
1814, in Paris, Me., where he owned 300 acres of land, in 
1798. He d., Nov. 25, 1850, at the same place; nine chil- 

1744— MARY STEARNS, b'., Aug. 8, 1788; md., July 7, 
1807, Jacob Daniels, a farmer, of Paris, Me., who d., Mar. 
2S, 181 1, and she d., Mar. 24, 1813, lea^ang one child. 

(a) — Sally Daniels, b., Apr. 10, 1808; md., May 24, 
1838, Samuel Foster, of Norway, Me., b., Jan. 27,, 
1809; four children. 

1745— WILLIAM STEARNS JR. (3519), b., Nov. 8, 


I74^PHINEHAS STEARNS (3528), b., Nov. 8, 1892. 
1747— ABIGAIL STEARNS, b., Mar. 28, 1795; d., Feb. 

2y, 1822. 

1748— SAMUEL STEARNS (3538), b., Oct. 26, 1797. 

1749— THOMAS STEARNS, b., Jan. 12, 1800; d., Sept. 
6, 1803. 

1750— MARSHALL STEARNS (3543), b., Feb. 11, 1802. 

1751— NANCY STEARNS, b., Apr. 13, 1805; md. (i), 
Mar. 24, 1835, Samuel W. Doe, b., Mar. 19, 1813, in Sum- 
ner, Me. He d., Aug. 19, 1843, ^"^ his widow md. (2), Sept. 
2^, 1844, William Russ, Esq., of Paris, Me., who was born, 
Feb. 10, 1815, in Farmington, Me., son of Daniel and Louisa 
Russ. He d., a few years later and his widow md. (3), Adam 
Purvis, of Gray, Me., who d. about 1870. The widow, Nancy, 
d., July 23, 1890, in Watertown, Mass.; three children. 

(a) — Abigail Stearns Doe, b., Dec. 31, 1835; md.. May 
12, i860, George W. Proctor, who d., July 18, 1869, 
in Watertown, Mass. They had two sons, Charles 
Francis Proctor, b., Sept. 21, 1862, md., Apr. 25, 
1888, at Utica, N. Y., Kittie Louise Johnson; Sam- 
uel Eugene Proctor, b., Nov. 8, 1864; md., Oct. 27, 
1892, at Waltham, Mass., Emma Sperry. b., in Chi- 
cago, 111. 

(b) — Rhoda Ann Doe, b., Sept. 23, 1837; md., Apr. i, 
1857, James Edgar Gill, of Watertown, Mass., b., 
May 5, 1835; had five daughters. 

(c) — Samuel W. Doe Jr., b., Dec. 26, 1841 ; md., Mar. 21, 
1864, Phoebe A. Estes, b., Aug. 14. 1842; four chil- 

1752— THOMAS STEARNS (3555), b., Dec. 9, 1808. 

1753— THOMAS STEARNS (767^, b., Feb. 6, 1770, son 
of Lieut. Samuel and Mary (Bigelow) Stearns, of Waltham, 
Mass.; a furrier and merchant,, of Boston, Mass., where he 
d., Mar. 19, 1836. He md., Nov. 5, 1798, Sarah Buckman 
Brown, b., Apr. 23, 1775, dau. of Capt. Francis and Mary 
(Buckman) Brown, of Lexington, and sister of his brother 


Samuel's wife, Sarah (Brown) Stearns, d., Jan. i, 1865; two 

1754— HORACE STEARNS (3565), b., Oct. 25, 1800. 

June 24, 1804, in Waltham, Mass.; md., Sept. 21, 1835, Al- 
bert Thorndike Smith, M. D., Harv. Univ., 1835, and son 
of Ebenezer Smith, of Beverly, Mass. She d., June 14, 1844, 
leaving one son. 

(a) — Frederick Albert Smith, b., Aug. 7, 1837. 

1756— COLONEL JACOB STEARNS (769), b., Feb. 15, 
1774, son of Lieut. Samuel and Mary (Bigelow) Stearns, of 
Waltham, Mass.; a Colonel and merchant, of Boston, where 
he spent a long and prosperous business life, highly respect- 
ed by all who knew him. He md. (i), July 7, 1803, Sally 
Call, b., Sept. 20, 1784, who d.. Mar. 20, 1820, dau. of Na- 
thaniel and EHzabeth Call, of Boston; md. (2), Dec. 14, 
1820, Mrs. Hannah (Call) Davis, b., Nov. 7, 1779, sister of 
his first wife. He d., Jan. 10, 1856, in Boston, Mass.; eight 

1757— NATHANIEL CALL STEARNS, b., June 10, 
1804; d., May 5, 1821. 

1758— GEORGE BUMSTEAD STEARNS (3568), b., 
Jan. 20, 1806. . 

1759— ELIZABETH CALL STEARNS, b.. May 30, 
1808; md., Apr. 30, 1846, Thomas Tolman, Esq., b., Feb. 20, 
1 791, a counsellor-at-law of Boston, grad. Brown Univ., 
181 1, grad. Harv. Coll., 1822, son of Samuel and EHzabeth 
Tolman, of Stoughton, Mass.; one dau. 

(a) — Elizabeth Stearns Tolman, b., Apr. 25, 185 1. 
1760— OLIVER STEARNS (3586), b., June 28, 1810. 

1761— CHARLES JACOB STEARNS, b., July 14. 1812; 
merchant of Boston. 

1762— SALLY CALL STEARNS, b., Apr 9, 1814; d., 
Jan. 22, 1820. 

1763— JOHN BUMSTEAD STEARNS, b., Nov., 1817; 
d., Feb. 9, 1820. 


1764— NATHANIEL CALL STEARNS (3591), b, Sept. 
24, 1822. 

1765— PHINEHAS STEARNS (779), b., Apr. 7, 1772, 
son of Silas and Elizabeth (Wellington) Stearns, of Wal- 
tham, Mass.; md., Feb. 14, 1812, his cousin, Abigail Stearns 
(809), b., Sept. 18, 1781, dau. of Jonathan and Mary (Bige- 
low) vStearns, of Waltham, Mass. 

1766— MARY ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., Oct. 8, 
1819; md., Feb. 8, 1844, Benjamin Wellington, b., June 13, 
1816, son of Richard and Hannah Wellington, of Waltham, 
Mass. She always lived on the Waltham homestead, where 
she d., Dec. 2"/, 1880, and her husband d., Nov. 14, 1891; 
four children. 

(a) — Mary Elizabeth Wellington, b., Feb. 20, 1845, in 
Waltham, Mass.; unm. 

(b) — Ellen Frances Wellington, b., June 8, 1847; i^^^v 
June 7, 1876, at Waltham, Thomas Henry Arm- 
strong, a lawyer, of Boston, b., July 24, 1847, son 
of Elias Benjamin and Abigail (Parkhurst) Arm- 
strong, of Watertown, Mass. They lived in Bos- 
ton until 1882, afterwards in Waltham, Mass. 

(c) — Carrie Perkins Wellington, b., Oct. 25, 1852; md., 
Jan. I, 1882, James Metivier, a teacher, of Cam- 
bridge, Mass., b., June 4, 1853, son of Jacques and 
Marie Metivier. They lived in Cambridge, Mass., 
from 1883 to 1888. 

(d) — Edward Wellington, b., Dec. 9, 1855; md., Nov. 
22, 1882, Mary Worcester, b., Nov. 14, 1858, dau. 
of Benjamin and Mary (Ruggles) Worcester, of 
Waltham, Mass. He was A. B., Harv., 1877; they 
live on the Wellington family estate. 

1767— DEA. ELIJAH STEARNS (783), b., Nov. 23, 
1 781, son of Silas and Elizabeth (Wellington) Stearns, of 
Waltham, Mass.; a Deacon and cabinet-maker; md., Oct. 
30, 1808, Mary Osgood Greene, dau. of Rev. Thomas Greene, 
of Yarmouth, Me. They lived at Eastport, Lubec and Ca- 
lais, Me., then settled in Brooklyn, N. Y., where both died, 
she on Aug. 29, 1849, ^^^ he on May 13, 1872; five chil- 


1768— SALOME BARSTOW STEARNS, b., Nov. 27,, 
1809; md., 1827, William H. Tyler, of Calais, Me.; d., Mar. 
3. 1828. 

b., Dec. 7, 1811. 

1770— JOHN GREENE STEARNS, b., Apr. 25, 1815; 
d, 1817. 

1771— THOMAS GREENE STEARNS, b., Apr. 12, 
1816; md., 1845, Mary Louisa Hutchinson, and settled in 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

1772— JOHN GREENE STEARNS (3601), b., Oct. 11, 

1773— REV. SILAS STEARNS JR. (784), b., July 26, 
1784, son of Silas and Elizabeth (Wellington) Stearns, of 
Waltham, Mass.; d., Aug. i, 1840, in Bath, Me., of typhoid- 
pneumonia. He md. (i), Nov. 30, 1815, Hannah Oakman 
Sprague, who d., Sept. 20, 1824, in Bath, Me., dau. of Ebed 
and Abigail (Tufts) Sprague, of Boston; md. (2), Jan. 5, 
1826, in Bowdoinham, Me., Mary Lunt, dau. of Joseph and 
Priscilla Lunt, of Litchfield, Me. He served an apprentice- 
ship with James H. Foster, an upholsterer, of Boston. At 
eighteen years of age, he became a member of the First 
Baptist Church, of Boston, then under the pastoral care of 
Rev. Dr. Stillman, and, after serving his full term of appren- 
ticeship, began earnestly to prepare for the Gospel min- 
istry. He studied with Rev. Mr. Williams, of Wrentham, 
Mass., and, afterwards, with Rev. Dr. Greene, of North Yar- 
m.outh, Me. In the spring of 1806, he was licensed to 
preach, and was ordained at North Yarmouth, Me., Oct., 
1807. He preached in Freeport, Me., for two years, and was 
installed first pastor of the First Baptist Church in Bath, 
Me., Dec. 6, 1810, which office he held until his decease. 
He was devoted to the cause of education and was one of 
the earliest founders and a trustee of Waterville Coll. "Silas 
Stearns was a man of high standards, superior talents, widely 
useful and honored." It is said by another: "That he was 
no Parson Pliable is evident from his readiness to be mobbed, 
-even by his friends, for willingness to be present and support 


an anti-slavery lecturer, in the beginning of that fire-brand 
topic." Dr. Adam Wilson, who acknowledged indebtedness 
to him for relieving Dr. Wilson from skepticism when in 
Bowdoin Coll., said: "There are few of whom it could be 
written with such manifest truth, 'He was an IsraeHte, in- 
deed, in whom was no guile.' " A sketch of Rev. Silas Stearns 
will be found in Sprague's annals of the American Baptist 
Pulpit. He had seven children. 

b , Oct. 20, 1817. 

By second wife. 

Aug. 27, 1826. 

1776— MARY HOMER STEARNS, b., Sept. 22, 1828, 
at Bath, Me.; md. (i), Oct. 14, 1848, James D. Rivers, M. D., 
of Gainsville, Ga., who d., about i860; md. (2), 1870, Charles 
H. Briggs, of Pine Grove, Col., where she d., July 8, 1872. 

May 28, 1 83 1. 

1778— SILAS BALDWIN STEARNS, b., Mar. 7, 1833; 
d., Apr. 26, 1834. 

1779— ELIZA WALDRON STEARNS, b., Sept. 5, 
1835; d., June 25, 1839. 

1780— SARAH COMINGS STEARNS, b., July 27, 1837; 
md. (i), Dec. 18, 1859, James N. De Silva, of Bath, Me. He 
d., Aug., 1864, in Brooklyn, N. Y., and she md. (2), 1881, 
David P. Low, of Bath, Me. In her later life, Mrs. De Silva- 
Low made her home with her son, in Pensacola, Fla. 

(a) — Henry G. De Silva, of Pensacola. 

1781— PELEG STEARNS (788), b., Apr. 25, 1766, son 
of Phinehas and Mary (Wellington) Stearns, of Waltham, 
Mass.; md., May 22, 1794, Susan Phinney, b., July 8, 1775, 
dau of Benjamin and Chloe Phinney, of Lexington, Mass. 
They settled in Cambridge, Vt., where he d., Mar. 22, 1840;^ 
eight children. 



1782— PHINEHAS STEARNS (3621), b., Feb. 11, 1795. 
1783— HENRY STEARNS (3627), b., Aug. 14, 1797. 

1784— JUNIUS BRUTUS STEARNS (3635), b., July 30, 

1785— JOHN STEARNS (3645), b., Aug. 16, 1802. 

1786— ELIAS PHINNEY STEARNS, b., July 24, 1804; 
a trader, of Peoria, 111., and, for many years, postmaster and 
express agent, at Robin's Nest, or Jubilee, 111. He d., unm. 

1787— SUSANNA MARIA STEARNS, b., Feb. i, 1806; 
d., Feb. 5, 1819. 

1788— MARY W. STEARNS, b., Oct. 20, 1808; md., 
Aug. 18, 1830, in Cambridge, Vt., John Alexander Willey, 
who d., Mar. 14, 1845, i" Henderson, Knox Co., 111.; six 

(a) — Mary Willey, b., Sept. 24, 183 1. 

(b) — Susan Phinney Willey, b., July 9, 1835. 

(c)— Deborah D. Willey, b., Feb. 25, 1837. 

(d) — John Alexander Willey Jr., b., Aug. 25, 1843. 

(e) — Henry Willey, b., Sept. 28, 1845. 1 r^ • 

(f)— Herbert Willey, b., Sept. 28, 1845. ) '^^' 
Herbert settled at Aurora, 111. 

1789— BENJAMIN STEARNS (3651), b., July 15, 1813. 

1790— JOHN STEARNS (789), bapt., Apr. 24, 1768, son 
of Phinehas and Mary (Wellington) Stearns, of \A/'altham, 
Mass.; his parents moved to Lexington, Mass., in 1768. He 
md., May 22, 1794, Chloe Phinney, b., 1770, bapt.. May 10, 
1772, eldest dau. of Benjamin and Chloe Phinney, of Lex- 
ington. It was a double wedding, when the two Stearns 
brothers married the two Phinney sisters. All of their chil., 
except the youngest, were born in Waltham, Mass.. from 
which placec they moved to JafTrey, N. H., 1810, where she 
d., Oct. 19, 1833, of chronic dysentery; nine children. 

1791— MARY MORSE STEARNS, b.. Feb. 9, 1795; md., 
Sept. 30, 1818, WilHam Ainsworth, Esq., b., Aug. 24, 1792, 


son of Rev. Laban Ainsworth, of Jaffrey, N. H. Wm. Ains- 
worth was a grad. of Dart. Coll., 1811; resided the latter part 
of his life in New Ipswich, N. H.; was a Coimsellor-at-law 
and Pres. of the Manufacturers' Bank. He d., June 14, 1842, 
in Concord, N. H., while Representative in the State Legis- 
lature. "He was an intelligent, wise and discreet man, of 
irreproachable integrity;" four chil. 

(a) — Dr. Frederick Smith Ainsworth, b., Apr. 14, 18 >o; 
grad. Dart. Coll., 1840; M. D., Harv. Univ., 1844. 
Spent two years in professional studies in Paris, 
and settled in Boston. 

(b) — Mary Minot Ainsworth, b., Feb. 24, 1822. 
(c) — William Parker Ainsworth, b., Dec. 22, 1825. 
(d) — ^Josiah Stearns Ainsworth, b., Aug. 14, 1832: d., 
Oct., 1833. 

1792— CAROLINE STEARNS, b., Nov. 23, 1797, in 
Waltham, Mass.; md., Feb. 10, 1825, at Burlington, Vt., 
Moses Thurston Runnels, b.. Mar. 5, 1790, in Vershire, Vt., 
who d., Oct. 5, 1831. His first wife was Adaline Willey, of 
Jericho, Vt., who d., Sept. 10, 1821, at Hinesburg, Vt., on 
her way home from Saratoga Springs. Caroline Stearns 
was a former pupil of his, in Cambridge, Vt., and d., Apr. 7, 
1876, in Sanbornton, N. H. On her tombstone is the simple 
inscription: "She hath done what she could." They had 
one son. 

(a) — Rev. Moses Thurston Runnels Jr., b., Jan. 23, 
1830, in Cambridge, Vt.; grad. Dart. Coll., 1853; 
Pastor of Cong. Church, of Sanbornton, N. H.; md., 
July 9, 1 86 1, Fannie Maria Baker. 

1793— FIDELIA STEARNS, b., Oct. 25, 1799, md., Feb. 
26, 1828, Albert Smith, b,, June 18, 1801, son of the late Hon. 
Samuel Smith of Peterboro, N. H., grad. Dart. Coll., 1825, 
M. D., 1833, medical practitioner in Peterboro, N. H.; three 

(a) — Frederick Augustus Smith, b., June 18, 1830. 

(b) — Susan Smith, b., Feb. 4, 1832; d., Apr. 20, 1836, cf 

(c)— Catherine Smith, b., Dec. 5, 1837. 


1794— JOSIAH PHINNEY STEARNS, b., May 22, 
1801; of Rochester, N. Y. ; unm. 

1795— CHLOE FRANCES STEARNS, b., Mar. 16, 
1803; d., Oct. 4, 1825. 

1796— MARGARET STEARNS, b., Mar. 18, 1805; md., 
Nov. 18, 1834, William Sydney Smith, b., Dec. 14, 1803, 
paper manufacturer, of Belleville, U. C, son of the late Hon. 
Samuel Smith, of Peterboro, N. H.; five children. 

(a) — William Ainsworth Smith, b., Feb. 9, 1836. 

(b) — Samuel Garfield Smith, b., Apr. 20, 1838. 

(c) — Josiah Phinney Smith, b., Oct. 20, 1840. 

(d) — Sidney Stearns Smith, b., Feb. 8, 1842. 

(e) — EHzabeth Ellen Smith, b.. May 18, 1845. 

1797— DEIDAMIA STEARNS, b., Aug. 17, 1807; md., 
Nov. II, 1832, Martin Wiers, a merchant, of Cambridge, Vt., 
b., 1804, son of Gen. S. Wiers, of that town. She d., in 
childbed, July 2, 1834; s. p. 

1798— SUSAN STEARNS, b.. May 30, 1809; md., Sept. 
2, 1834, John Smith, a farm_er of Peterboro, N. H., b., Apr. 
17, 1803, son of the late Dea. Jonathan Smith, of Peterboro, 
N. H. ; six children. 

(a) — Mary Frances Smith, b., Jan. 7, 1836. 

(b) — John Stearns Smith, b., Nov. 27, 1837. 

(c) — Jonathan Smith, b., May 26, 1840; d., July 31, 
1 84 1, of scarlet fever. 

(d) — ^Jonathan Smith, b., Oct. 21, 1842. 

(e) — Susan Phinney Smith, b., Oct. 13, 1844. 

(f) — ^Caroline Smith, b.. Mar. 3, 1847. 

1799— ELIZABETH STEARNS, b.. Mar. 14, 1813; md , 
Oct. 8, 1838, William Smith, a merchant, of La Harpe, III., 
b., July 8, 1801, son of the late Dea. Jonathan Smith, of 
Peterboro, N. H., and older brother of her sister's* husband; 
four children. 

(a) — William Henry Smith, b., Nov. i, 1839. 
(b) — ^Jonathan Smith, b., July 30, 1842; d.. Mar. 9^ 1843, 
in Peterboro, N. H. 


(c) — Mary Elizabeth Smith, b., May i8, 1844; d., Sept. 

14, 1844. 
(d) — Albert Smith, b., Dec. 30, 1846; d., Dec. 17, 1847. 

1800— EPHRAIM STEARNS (806), b., June 15, 1797, 
^bn of Joshua and Lois (Pierce) Stearns, of Waltham, Mass.; 
d., Dec, 17, 1859. He md., Jan. 15, 1822, Rachael Learoyd, 
b., Dec. 9, 1799, in Bradford, England, who d., May 8, 1883, 
at Waltham, Mass., dau. of John and Anne Learoyd, of 
Boston, Mass.; seven children. 

t8oi— LOIS ANNE STEARNS, b., Oct. 18, 1822; d., 
July 26, 1889; unm. 

1802— SARAH BEMIS STEARNS, b.. Mar. 21, 1825; 
md. Dexter J. Cutter, of Dorchester, Mass. 

1803— GEORGE ANDREW STEARNS (3655), b., Sept. 
2, 1827. 

b., Apr. 2, 1830. 

1805— ANNE ELIZA STEARNS, b., Oct. 29, 1832; unm. 

1806— RACHEL MARIA STEARNS, b., May 23, 1836, 
in Waltham, Mass.; md., Nov. 30, 1865, Everett A. Wheeler, 
b., Dec. 21, 1832, of Waltham, Mass., where he d., Nov. 4, 
1898. They had three daughters, born in Providence, R. I. 

(a) — Edith Maria Wheeler, b., Nov. 11, 1866. 
(b) — Rachel Elizabeth Wheeler, b., June 4. 1868. 
(c) — Marion Learoyd Wheeler, b., Dec. 17, 1870. 

1807— EPHRAIM STEARNS JR. (3666), b.. Mar. 8, 

1808— ISAAC STEARNS (811), b., Jan. 19, 1785, son of 
Dea. Jonathan and Mary (Bigelow) Stearns, of Waltham, 
Mass.; md., Aug. 15, 1810, Narcissa Morse, dau. of Joseph 
and Martha Morse, of Waltham, where she d., July 15, 1816; 
md. (2), Apr. 15, 1817, Mrs. Hannah French, dau. of Charles 
and Lydia Wheeler, of Concord, Mass. She d., Jan. 3, 1828, 
in Spencer, Mass., aged 41, and he md. (3), Mrs. Betsy Stone,, 


b., July 28, 1789, dau. of Jonathan and Experience Bent, of 
Sudbury, Mass. Isaac Stearns was a farmer, of Spencer, 
Mass., and d.. May 3, 1837, in Oakham, Mass. His third wife 
survived him, and d., Aug. 7, i860, in Oakham; fifteen chil- 

By first wife. 

1809— NARCISSA M. STEARNS, b., Mar. 8, 181 1; md. 
(i), Apr. 21, 1831, Edward Hall, gunpowder manufacturer, 
of Spencer, Mass., son of Capt. Edward and Susan Hall, of 
Providence, R. I. She md. (2), Mr. Allen, and d.. Mar. 29, 
1893, in Worcester, Mass.; six children. 

(a) — Edward Henry Hall, b., Dec. 4, 1832. 

(b) — Abby S. Hall, b., Sept. 7, 1835, mother of Prof. E, 

Hall Nichols, of Harvard Coll. 
(c) — Rev. James E. Hall, b., Apr. 20, 1838, pastor of 

Cong. Church, in Quincy, Mass.; later of Cal. 
(d) — Mary N. Hall, b.. Mar. 19, 1841; md. Lieut. Geo, 

Burr, of Worcester, 
(e) — Julia A. Hall, b., Mar. 2y, 1843; d., April, 1846. 
(f)— Jane F. Hall, b.. Mar. 9, 1848, md. Mr. Harback. 

1810— ABIGAIL STEARNS, b.. Mar. 25, 1812; md., 
Sept. 30, 1838, William R. Perkins, shoe manufacturer, of 
Reading Mass:, son of Elliott and Anne Perkins. Mrs. Abi- 
gail d., June 12, 1894; four children. 

(a) — William Henry Perkins, b., Jan. 17, 1840, at Read- 
ing, Mass. 

(b) — Waldo Elliott Perkins, b., Sept. 9, 1842. 

(c) — Walter Hamilton Perkins, b., Dec. 18, 1845; rad. 
(i), Laura Gleason and had one child, Blanche 
Gleason Perkins, b., 1873; md. (2), June 19, 1894,. 
Nancy Smith Adden. 

(d) — Abbie Stearns Perkins, b., Nov. 28, 1850; md. Ed- 
mund Harrison Granger and had two children, 
Clover Granger and Zelda Granger. 

181 1— ISAAC NEWTON STEARNS (3669), b., Sept. 12, 


July 15, 1816. 
By second wife. 

1813— ALMIRA STEARNS, b., June 28, 1818, in Spen- 
cer, Mass.; md., Oct. 14, 1846, Austin Adams b., Dec. 22, 
1820, son of Dr. Charles and Sally Adams, of Oakham, 
Mass.; d., Mar. 17, 1896, in Oakham, Mass.; one son. 

(a) — Edward Austin Adams, b., May 5, 1848, in Law- 
rence, Mass. 

1814— MARY MARIA STEARNS, b., Nov. 19, 1819; 
md., Apr. 15, 1846, William Mason, a wheelwright, son of 
Joseph and Melinda Mason, of Princeton, Mass. She d., 
Feb. 17, 1861, in East Brookfield, Mass. 

1815— GEORGE STEARNS, b., Dec. 30, 1821; d., 1822. 

1816— HANNAH ELIZA STEARNS, b., Dec. 30, 1821; 

md., Oct. 7, 1846, Calvin Grover, a cabinet-maker, of Fox- 

boro, afterwards of Charlestown, Mass., who d., Apr. i, 

1866, at Dedham, Mass., and she d., May 17, 1893; two 


(a) — Louise J. Grover, b., Apr. 8, 1850, in Charlestown, 
Mass.; an artist, residing in Dedham. 

(b) — George Calvin Grover, b., Mar. 16, 185 1, in Fox- 
boro, Mass.; d., Aug. 15, 1881. He graduated from 
the Boston Institute of Technology with high hon- 
ors, and was afterwards a promising young archi- 
tect. While spending his vacation at Gloucester, 
Mass., in 1881, he was drowned while bravely work- 
ing to rescue a party of boys. 

1817— LYDIA ANN STEARNS, b.. Mar. 5, 1824; md., 
Feb. I, 1854, John T. Bigelow, who d., Aug. 4, 1858, in Oak- 
ham, son of Jesse Bigelow, of Oxford. Report says she md. 
(2), a man named Stearns, and settled in Oakham. 

1818— ADELINE WHEELER STEARNS, b., Dec. 27, 
1827; md., Apr. 15, 1847, William S. Spear, son of Luther 
and Hannah (Conant) Spear, of Oakham. He was a farmer, 
of Oakham, b., Jan. 23, 1824; one son. 


(a) — Fred Parley Spear, b., May ii, 1862, at North- 
bridge, Mass.; md., May 5, 1891, Mary Stearns 
(3680), dau. of Isaac and Mary (Wood) Stearns, of 
Spencer, Mass. Mr. Spear was a grain dealer, in 
Worcester, Mass., and had one child, Idell Adeline 
Spear, b., June 23, 1892. 

1819— FANNY LORETTA STEARNS, b., Mar. 25, 
1830, in Spencer, Mass.; md., May 25, 185 1, Dwight Bul- 
lard, a carpenter, who d.. Mar. 15, 1887, son of Joel and 
Nancy (Dwight) Bullard, of Oakham; three children. 

(a) — Lizzie Jane Bullard, b., Feb. 3, 1853, in Worcester, 
Mass.; md., May 20, 1885, Sabin A. Morse, son of 
Jasper and Elizabeth Morse, of Oakham. He was 
a machinist of Spencer, Mass., where he d., Dec. 25, 
1886, aged 36 years. His wid. d., Feb. 22, 1893. 

(b) — Charles Dwight Bullard, b., June 29, 1859, in Oak- 
ham, Mass.; md., Nov. 10, 1890, Emma R. Bailey, 
b., Apr. I, 1862, dau. of George A. and Eliza (John- 
son) Bailey, of West Brookfield. Mr. Bullard was 
a meat and provision dealer, of Worcester, Mass., 
and had one son, George Harold Bullard, b., Feb. 
13, 1892, in Worcester. 

(c) — Josephine Etta Bullard, b., Oct. 27, 1866, in Oak- 
ham; resident of Oakham. 

1820— GEORGE STEARNS (3685), b., Aug. 12, 1831. 

1821— MELINDA STEARNS, b., Jan. 7, 1833; md., June 
2, 1853, WilHam Mellen Thompson, b., Sept. 7, 1826, son 
ofAsahel and Melinda (Crawford) Thompson, for many years 
a merchant of Oakham. She d., July 21, 1864, and he d., 
Dec. 27, 1891, in Spencer, Mass.; two children. 

(a) — Charles M. Thompson, b., Dec. 13, 1857; md., Dec. 
8, 1881, Lillian E. Brewer, b., June 16, 1861, dau. 
of John and Orpha (Richardson) Brewer, of Spen- 
cer, Mass. They had two chil. : Ruth Janet Thomp- 
son, b., Sept. 2, 1887, and Percy Harold Thompson, 
b., Aug. 6, 1894. 
(b) — Fannie M. Thompson, b., Oct. 15, 1863, in Oak- 
ham; md., Oct. 21, 1881, William C. Ayres, b.. Apr. 


22, 1862, son of Whipple and Julia (Packard) Ay res, 
of Oakham. They have two chil. : Clement Ayres, 
b., Dec. 13, 1882, and Ida D. Ayres, b., Jan. 7 1884, 
who d., Feb. 28, il 

1822— SUSAN J. STEARNS, b., and d., April, 1834, in 
Oakham, Mass. 

1823— CHARLES HAYNES STEARNS (3689), b., Mar. 
28, 1836. 

1824— NATHANIEL STEARNS (812), b.. Mar. 15, 1787, 
son of Jonathan and Mary (Bigelow) Stearns, of Waltham, 
Mass.; md. (i), Apr. 10, 1817, Sophia Hammond, dau. of 
Jonathan and Elizabeth Hammond, of Waltham; md. (2), 
May 17, 1837, Sally Bigelow, dau. of Converse and Betsy 
Bigelow, of Sherburne, Mass. In the war of 1812, Nathaniel 
vStearns belonged to a military company which did garrison 
duty at Boston Harbor; d., Sept. 10, 1849; four children. 

1825— HORATIO HAMMOND STEARNS (3692), b., 
Apr. I, 1818. 

1826— LOWELL STEARNS, b.. Mar. 14, 1820; a farmer, 
o fCarlisle, Mass.; md., Jan. i, 1856, Esther M. Green, of 
CarHsle, Mass.; d., Apr. 21, 1877; one daughter. 

1827— GERALDINE GREEN STEARNS, b., Apr. 15, 
1861; md.. May 11, 1879, G. Gilbert Wilkins, of Carlisle, 
Mass. They settled in Boston, and had one son, George Guy 
Wilkins, b.. Mar. 29, d., Apr. 19, 1883. 

1828— MARY ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., Nov. 5, 
1826, in Littleton, Mass.; md., June 18, 1846, Moses Taylor, 
b., Apr. 16, 1822, son of Silas and Sophia Taylor, of Acton, 
Mass. He was a farmer of Acton, and they had eight chil- 

(a) — Silas Hammond Taylor, b., Mar. 25, 1847; md. 

Mary B. Thompson, of Oxford, N. S. ; and had five 

(b) — Moses Emery Taylor, b., Mar. 15, 1849; md., Jan. 

15, 1874, Clara Tuttle, of Acton; three children. 

(c)— Lyman C. Taylor, b., Nov. 14, 1851; md., Apr. i, 
1874, Addie Tuttle; two children. 


(d) — Lizzie S. Taylor, b., Dec. 2, 1853; md., Sept. 4, 
1878, Dr. Charles B. Sanders; four children. 

(e)— Simon D. Taylor, b., Nov. 2, 1855; d., May 26, 

(f) — Mary E. Taylor, b., Apr. 29, 1859; md. (i), Oct. 
28, 1878, C. A. Pickens; md. (2), Nov. 21, 1889, F. 
E. Conant, of Acton. 

(g) — Arthur W. Taylor, b., Nov. 13, 1863; md., Jan. 11, 
1894, Helen Hamilton, of Lowell, Mass., where 
they settled. 

(h)— Charles C. Taylor, b., Oct. 4, 1868. 

1829— WILLIAM EDWARD STEARNS, b., Feb. 9, 
1828, in Littleton, Mass.; md., May 2, 1861, Caroline La- 
throp, of Acton; d., July 18, 1886. 

1830— URIAH BIGELOW STEARNS (816), b., Feb. 
25, 1800, son of Jonathan and Mary (Bigelow) Stearns, of 
Waltham, Mass.; d., Sept. 15, 1848; a farmer, of Waltham; 
md., Dec. 23, 1824, Alice Smith, b., Jan. 28, 1801, dau. of 
Amos and Rhoda (Whitney) Smith, of Waltham; ten chil- 

1831— ALICE STEARNS, b., Feb. 12, 1826; md., Apr. 19, 
1849, Nathan Underwood, of Lexington, Mass., son of John 
and Sarah Underwood. They settled in Cambridge, Mass., 
where she d., Jan. 23, 1876; four children. 

(a) — Francis Herbert Underwood, b., Aug. 27, 1850; d., 
Aug. 27, 185 1, in Lexington, Mass. 

(b) — Fred Herbert Underwood, b.. Mar. 20, 1852; d., 

Oct. 30, 1874, in Cambridgeport. 
(c) — Alice Jeannette Underwood, b., Sept. 3, 1854; md., 

Sept. 17, 1879, Dr. Frank O. Webber, a physician, 

of Cambridgeport. 

(d) — Ella Gertrude Underwood, b., Mar. 26, 1857; d., 
Oct. 14, 1874, in Cambridgeport. 

(e) — Walter Hill Underwood, b., Dec. 14, 1862, in Wal- 
tham; md., Nov. 3, 1880, Mary Brooks, and settled 
in Manchester, N. H. 


1832— SARAH STEARNS, b., May 30, 1827; settled in 
Waltham, Mass.; unm. 

1833— AMOS STEARNS (3696). b., Nov. 29, 182S. 

1834— PHIXEAS STEARNS, b.,, Feb. 21, 1830; md. (i), 
Dec. 31, 1S57, Man,- J. Smith, who d., Dec. 15, 1871; md. (2), 
Apr. 23, 1882, Abbie M. Gould; settled in West Somerville, 
Mass.; two daug^hters. 

1835— ALICE FR„-\NCENA STEARNS, b., Sept. 12, 
1859, in Lexington, Mass.; d., Mar. 2S, 1863. 

1836— GR.\CE BARNARD STEARNS, b., Sept. 7, 
1862, in Lexington, Mass. 

1837— JONATHAN STEARNS, b.. Feb. 16, 1832; d., 
Feb. 12, 1879, in Waltham. 

1838— RHODA ANN STEARNS, b.. May 28. 1834: d., 
Aug. 16, 1834. 

1839— RHODA ANN STEARNS, b., June 16. 1836: set- 
tled in Waltham, Mass. ; unm. 

1840— MARY JANE STEARNS, b., Apr. 18. 1838: md.. 
Jan. 16. 1867. Edward T. Peabody, of Waltham, Mass.; one 
child. .-i 

(a) — -\lice Stearns Peabody, b., Feb. 17, 1868. in East 
Somerv-ille, Mass. 

1841— GEORGE HENRY STEARNS (3701), b., Jan. 7. 

1842— LUCY FRANCENA STEARNS, b., Jan. 18, 1843: 
d., Oct. 18. 1872. in Waltham, Mass. 

1843— EZRA STEARNS (818), b., June 20. 1780, son of 
Reuben and Anna (Stewart) Stearns, of Brattleboro, Vt. ; 
md.. Nov.. 1802, Polly Frazer. b.. Dec. 13. 1784, dau. of 
Daniel Frazer, of Brattleboro, Vt. They moved from Brat- 
tleboro to Ellisburg, Jefferson Co.. N. Y.. in 1806 on a sled 
with an ox team, and were fourteen days making the 
journey. He was Town Clerk of Ellisburg. for nineteeu 
years. Supervisor several years, and Coroner of the county; 


d., Dec. lo, 1871. Polly (Frazer) Stearns, d., Aug. 12, i860; 
ten children. 

1844— LUCINDA STEARXS, b., Nov. 22, 1803; md., 
Jan., 1824, Capt. Chester F. McLean, who. in the early part 
of his life, was a sailor on the Lakes, and, later, a farmer, of 
Ellisburg. He d., Jan. 2/, 1875, aged 78 yrs., and his wid. 
d., Xov. 21, 1896; six children. 

(a) — William Chester McLean, b., Aug. 19, 1825; md., 

May 2y, 1864, Sarah Kemp, 
(b) — Electa Maria McLean, b., Xov. 6. 1829: md.. Oct. 

2j. 1 85 1, Geo. X. Stearns ( — ); d., Xov. 23, 1876. 
(c) — Charles Henry McLean, b., Oct. 24, 1831; d., July 

10, 1863. 
(d) — Ezra Stearns McLean, b., Oct. 20, 1833; md.. May 

5, 1859, Ellen L. Wood; of Batavia, 111. 
(e) — Menzo DeAllom McLean, b., Xov. 28. 1840: md., 

June 14. 1863. Ellen Ramsdell; d.. Mar. 21, 1873. 

(f) — Eugene Franklin McLean, b., June 17, 1845; "^^^ 
Jan. I, 1865. Helen Clark; d.. Mar. 5, 1873. 

1845— MARY STEARXS, b., Xov. 23, 1805: md., July 18, 
1830, Dr. William H. Fisk Jr., son of Dr. W. H. and Mary 
Fisk; d., s. p., Sept. 26, 1890. Her husband. Dr. Fisk, d., 
Apr. 13, 1835.. 

1846— REUBEX SIDXEY STEARXS, b., Xov. 25, 
1807; n^d. Elizabeth Diedrick; d., Apr. 13. 1847: no chil- 

1847— CHARLES E. STEARXS (3707), b., Xov. 2^, 

1848— ADELIXE STEARXS. b.. May 30, 1812; md.. 
Mar. 2, 1835, Col. Lucian Fisk Hudson, son of Amos and 
Mary Hudson. They settled in Ellisburg, N. Y., where he 
was a machinist and Colonel of Infantry, and where she d., 
Oct. 13, 1894: seven children. 

(a) — George Stearns Hudson, b.. Dec. 2, 1835: md., 
Feb. 9, 1862, Elsie J. Mattison: a cabinet-maker, 
bv trade. 


(b) — Mary Adaline Hudson, b., Apr. lo, 1838; md., Mar. 
16, 1865, James M. Colon, a sailor. 

(c) — Ezra Hamilton Hudson, b., May 19, 1840; a ma- 
chinist; md., Jan. 10, 1866, Mary E. Wilds. 

(d) — Alice Sophia Hudson, b., Dec. 20, 1842; md., Nov. 
12, 1866, Hamilton E. Root, a farmer. 

(e) — Lucian Fisk Hudson Jr., b., Aug. 10, 1846; md., 
Mar. 25. 1876, Adaline Bassinger; a farmer. 

(f) — Louise A. Hudson, b., Apr. 19, 1850; md.. May 12, 
1885, Fred J. Jaycox, a civil engineer. 

(g) — Frederick Eugene Hudson, b., July 12, 1853; a 
machinist; md., 1873, Maria Ramsdell. 

1849— MILVERN STEARNS (3715), b., Dec. 17, 1815. 

1850— SAMUEL EUGENE STEARNS (3717), b., Sept. 
19, 1817. 

185 1— CLARISSA ANN STEARNS, b., Oct. 27, 1820; 
d., Oct. 14, 1822. 

1852— EZRA FRAZER STEARNS, b., July 11, 1823; d., 
Jan. ID, 1840. 

21, 1825; d.. May 30, 1890; unm. 

1854— DR. SAMUEL STEARNS (819), b., June 16, 1782, 
son of Reuben and Anna (Stewart) Stearns, of West Brattle- 
boro, Vt.; a physician, of West Brattleboro, where he d.,June 
25, 181 7. He md., 1810, Elsie Austin, of Dunham, Lower 
Can., who d., Jan. 31, 1848, in Brattleboro, Vt., aged 53 yrs; 
two children. 

1855— ANNA STEWART STEARNS, b., Apr. 23, 1812, 
in West Brattleboro, Vt. ; md.. May 7, 1833, Luther Sar- 
geant, of West Brattleboro; four children, 
(a) — Samuel S. Sargeant. 
(b) — Alfred A. Sargeant. 
(c) — Daniel F. Sargeant. 
(d) — Elsie A. Sargeant. 
1856— SAMUEL H. STEARNS (3723), b.. May 20, 1815. 


1857— JOHN FOSTER "STEARNS (823), b., June 9, 
1790, son of Reuben and Anna (Stewart) Stearns, of Brat- 
tleboro, Vt.; md., Feb. 9, 1820, Mrs. Catherine (Knapp) 
Alexander, b., Mar. 18, 1785. They settled in Dummerston, 
Vt., where she d., Aug. 16, 1855, and he d., Nov. 25, 1872; 
three daughters. 

1858— SUSAN STEWART STEARNS, b., Oct. 24, 1820; 
md., June 11, 1844, George Sheldon, b., 1818, a farmer and 
antiquary, of Deerfield, Mass.; she d., suddenly, Oct. 7, 1881; 
three children. 

(a) — Susan Arabella Sheldon, b., Apr. 10, 1845; md., 

Mar. 14, 1 87 1, Edward A. Hawks. 
(b) — John Sheldon, b., Feb. 13, 1848; md., Oct. 24, 1871, 

Ellen Louisa Arms, 
(c) — Frank Sheldon, b., Jan. 21, 1853; d., Jan. 19, 1859. 

1859— FRANCES WARD STEARNS, b., Nov. 11, 1822; 
md. (i), Jan. i, 1846, Jonathan Root Childs, b.. May 18, 1822, 
editor of Chicopee Journal, active and prominent in political, 
military and church affairs, who d., Mar. 2, 1857; md. (2), 
May 21, 1859, George A. Arms, b., 1815, a merchant, of 
Greenfield, Mass.; no children. 

1824; md., Jan. 31, 1865, Luther Dustin, a farmer, of Brat- 
tleboro, Vt. She d., Feb. 11, 1890, leaving no children, and 
he md. (2), Apr. 18, 1891, her cousin, Martha J. Stearns 

1861— GEORGE STEARNS (825), b., Apr. 21, 1794, ?on 
of Reuben and Anna (Stewart) Stearns, of Brattleboro, Vt.; 
d., Aug. 28, 1831, at Seneca, Co.. O. He md., Jan. 8, 18^2, 
in Bath, N. Y., Sophia Baker, b.. May 26, 1797, who d., June 
5, 1839, in Seneca Co., O.; four children. 

1862— JOHN B. STEARNS (3726), b., May 9, 1824. 

1863— GEORGE W. STEARNS (3738), b., July 10, 1826. 

1864— DANIEL STEARNS (3745), b., Apr. 12, 1828. 

1865— ALFRED STEARNS (3749), b., Sept. 6, 1830. 

1866— DANIEL STEARNS (827), b., June 9, 1799, son 


of Reuben and Anna (Stewart) Stearns, of Brattleboro, Vt.j 
d., July 17, 1884, at Big Rapids, Mich.; vas distiller, farmer, 
merchant, and Judge of Probate; md. (i), Mar. 6, 1823, 
Sarah E. Coburn, b., Jan. 13, 1802. She d., Apr. 10, 1829, 
and he md. (2), Feb. 4, 1830, EHzabeth Martin, b., Mar. 31, 
1810, who d.. May 26, 1863, by drowning in the Muskegon 
River, Mich.; nine children. 

1867— CHESTER E. STEARNS (3754), b.. May 28, 

1868— SAMUEL COBURN STEARNS (3760), b., Nov. 
16, 1827. 

By second wife. 

1869— GEORGE FOSTER STEARNS (3763), b., Jan. 
9, 1832. 

1834, at Ellisburg, N. Y.; md., Mar. 22, 1852, Hiram Baker. 
She d., Aug. 2, 1865, and her husband md. again; one son. 

(a) — La Fora Stearns Baker, b., Sept. 21, 1853; md.,Feb. 
22, 1873, Emma Cooper; d., Feb. 22, 1894. 

1838, at Ellisburg, N. Y.; md., Oct. 25, 1858, Dr. Daniel F. 
Woolley, and, at the time of the World's Fair and Colum- 
bian Exposition, in 1893, resided at Argyle Park, Chicago, 
111.; four children. 

(a) — Vernor Stearns Woolley, b., Oct. 5, 1863, in Big 
Rapids, Mich.; md.. Mar. 25, 1881, Regina Clara 

(b) — Kate May Woolley, b.. May 28, 3 866, in Big Rap- 
ids, Mich.; d., Aug. 31, 1883. 

(c) — Jessie Woolley, b., Apr. 29, 1871; d., Sept. 14, 

(d)— Edith E. Woolley, b., Sept. i, 1872, at Big Rapids. 

Mich.; md., Apr. i, 1891, at Argyle Park, Alfred 

D. Crawford, of Detroit, Mich. 

1872— MARTHA HELEN STEARNS, b., Apr. 3, 1843; 
died six hours after birth. 


1873— DANIEL EZRA STEARNS (3766), b., Sept. 15, 


1874— MARY CORDELIA STEARNS, b., June 6, 1848, 
at Ellisburg, N. Y.; md., June 4, 1868, Robert A. Griffin; 
settled at Big Rapids, Mich., where she resided until the 
death of her husband, Apr. 9, 1885, when she removed to 
her daughter's home in Duluth, Minn.; two children. 

(a) — Minnie Louise Griffin, b., Mar. 23, 1869; md., Sept. 

4, 1888, Charles J. Darrah; one son. 
(b) — Fannie J. Griffin, b.. Mar. 21, 1871; d., May 31, 


1875— ALFRED PHILIP STEARNS (3770), b., Aug. 
10, 1850. 

1876— EMORY STEARNS (828), b., Oct. 9, 1801, son 
of Reuben and Anna (Stewart) Stearns, of Brattleboro, Vt. ; 
settled on the old homestead, where his father, Reuben 
Stearns, had lived; remained there until 1872, when he re- 
moved to Hinsdale, N. H., where he d., Apr. 12, 1880. He 
md., Dec. 12, 1827, Olive Mixer, of Brattleboro. Vt., and 
his ten children were born at the paternal homestead. His 
widow d., Jan. 17, 1896, aged ninety years. 

1877— MARGARET A. STEARNS, b., Nov. 7, 1828. in 
Brattleboro, Vt.; moved to Hinsdale, N. H., with her par- 
ents; unm. 

1878— JOHN FOSTER STEARNS (3776), b., Apr. 
6, 1830. 

1879— GEORGE M. STEARNS (3779), b., Feb. 26, 1832. 

1880— ELLEN S. STEARNS, b., Feb. 12, 1834; md„ May 
T, 1856. James A. Hawks, b., 1834; settled in Deerfield, 
Mass.; ten children. 

(a) — Anna A. Hawks, b., Mar. 9, 1857. 
(b)— Jennie E. Hawks, b., June >*", 1858. 
(c) — James D. Hawks, b., Apr 5. i860, 
(d) — Emory H. Hawks, b., Jan. 30. 1862. 
(e) — Addison C. Hawks, b., Feb. 21, 1866, 


(f) — Oscar A. Hawks, b., Mar 24, i^6c). 
(g) — Minnie E. Hawks, b., Apr. 19, 1872. 
(h) — Arthur S. Hawks, b., Nov. 15, 1874. 
(i) — Albert G. Hawks, b., Nov. 12, 1876. 
(j)— Olive M. Hawks, b., Mar. 28, 1878. 

1881— MARTHA J. STEARNS, b., Sept. 26, 1836; nid., 
Apr. 18, 1891, Luther Dustin, a farmer, of Brattleboro, Vt., 
whose first wife was Sarah Alexander Stearns (i860); no 

1882— ESTHER J. STEARNS, b., Nov. 22, 1838; ind., 
June 2, 1876, John H. Gale, and settled in Hinsdale, N. H.; 
no children. 

1883— ADDISON E. STEARNS, b., Feb. 22, 1841; en- 
listed in Sept., 1862, at Brattleboro, Vt., i n response to the 
eall for nine months' volunteers. He was a member of 
Co. B., 1 6th Regt., Vt. Vols., and was in the battle of Get- 
tysburg. He returned to his home, July 24, 1863, and Aug. 
4, 1863, died of disease contracted m the army by hara 
ii>arches to the battle-field. "He gave up his Hfe for his 

1884— JAMES H. STEARNS (3782), b., Mar. 22. 1843. 

1885— AUGUSTA A. STEARNS, b., May 28, 1845; d., 
Sept. 19, 1848. 

1886— JULIA A. STEARNS, b., May 10, 1848; settled 
at Hinsdale, N. H.; has shown much interest in this work. 

1887— ALFRED STEARNS (829), b., Sept. 11. 1804, son 
of Reuben and Anna (Stewart) Stearns, of Brattleboro, Vt. ; 
md., May 15, 1832, Mary C. Bullock; settled in ElUsburg, 
Jefferson Co., N. Y., where he d., Oct. 30, 1836; two chil- 

1888— STEWART B. STEARNS, b.. May 18, 1833, in 
Ellisburg, N. Y.; was a soldier of the Civil War, and d., 
Sept. 30, 1863, in hospital at New Orleans, La. ''Another 
name added to the list of buried heroes." 


1889— ABBY ANNETTE STEARNS, b., Sept. 6, 1835, 
in Ellisburg, N. Y. 

1890— JOSHUA BRACKETT STEARNS (844), b., Dec. 
21, 1794, son of Dr. William and Sarah White (Sprague) 
Stearns, of Salem, Mass.; for several years, a midshipman, 
and then engaged in trade. He md. (i), 1822, in Baltimore, 
Md., Louisa Hutchings King, aged fourteen years, who bore 
him one son. They separated and were divorced, he marry- 
ing (2), Sept. 4, 1829, Sarah Churchill, of Boston, who d., 
and he md. (3), July, 1846, Anne Wilson; five children. 

Sept. 25, 1826. 

1892— FRANCIS F. STEARNS, b., July 13, 1830. 

1893— SARAH ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., Jan. 15, 

1894— MARIANNE STEARNS, b., Aug. 9, 1847. 

1895— JOSEPH SPRAGUE STEARNS (3790), b., 1850. 

1896— RICHARD SPRAGUE STEARNS (847), b., 1802, 
son of Dr. WilHam and Sarah White (Sprague) Stearns, of 
Salem, Mass.; md., 1821, Marianne Theresa St. Agnau, aged 
fifteen years, a native of the island of Grenada, which he 
visited as a trader; three children. 

1897— WILLIAM ST. AGNAU STEARNS, b., Sept. 27, 
1822; grad. Harv, Coll., 1841; Counselor-at-law in Maiden, 
Mass.; gave up the practice of law in 1892. He md.. May 10, 
1849, H. Emily Whitman, of Maiden; settled in Salem, Mass., 
in the house built by his great-grandfather, Major Joseph 
Sprague, in 1750. 

b.. Sept, 27, 1824; md., Jan. 19, 1848, Henry Barrett, of 
Maiden, Mass., b., Oct. 19, 1807; she was his third wife; five 

(a) — Lucy St. Agnau Barrett, b., Dec. 21, 1848, in Mai- 
den, Mass.; md. Rev. Geo. P. Huntington, 
(b) — Harry Hudson Barrett, b., Mar. 10, 185 1, in Mai- 
den, Mass. 


(c) — Richard Stearns Barrett, b., May 2, 1854; md., 
June 30, 1879, Ella Martha Devens. 

(d) — Caroline Stearns Barrett, b., Mar. 14, 1859; d., 
Sept. 14, 1859. 

(e) — Caroline Stearns Barrett, b., July 24, i860. 

1899— SARAH WHITE STEARNS, b., July 11, 1828; of 
Maiden, Mass. 

1900— DEA. EPHRAIM STEARNS (849), b., Apr. 6, 
1755, son of Moses and Ruth (Houghton) Stearns, of West- 
minster, Mass.; a farmer and deacon, of Walpole^ N. H.; 
md., Dec. 13, 1781, Molly Oilman; d., Oct., 1843. A relative 
in writing of them says: "I saw the good Deacon and Aunt 
Molly, in 1837. They were both past four score years, but 
in good health and enjoying life as well as they did thirty 
years before." He served in the Revolutionary War in 1776; 
thirteen children, 

1901— SIMON STEARNS (3793), b., Feb. 26, 1783. 

1902— CALVIN STEARNS, b., June 24, 1784; md. De- 
borah Allen, who d. shortly after marriage. He was a mer- 
chant, of Boston, Mass., and d., Apr. 27, 1840, in Walpole, 
N. H.;s. p. 

1903— STEPHEN STEARNS (3798), b., Apr. 27, 1786. 

1904— EPHRAIM STEARNS JR., b., June 2, 1788. 

1905— MOLLY STEARNS, b., June 2, 1788. 
Ephraim Stearns Jr., d., July 4, 1806, was drowned while 

1906— MARY (POLLY) STEARNS, b., Aug. 16, 1790; 
md., July 7, 1823, Zephaniah Kidder, of Walpole, N. H.; one 

(a) — Harriet Kidder, b., 1826. 

1907— LYMAN STEARNS, b., Aug. 13, 1792: d.. Mar. 
27, 1803. 

1908— CURTIS STEARNS (3803), b., June 23, 1794. 


1909— WILLARD STEARNS, b., June 6, 1796. 

1910— WILDER STEARNS, b., June 6, 1796. 
Willard Stearns was a trader, of Boston, Mass.; md., 1827, 
Harriet Pettingill, of Charleston, Mass.; d., 1828; s. p. 
Wilder Stearns (3809). 

191 1— ELIJAH STEARNS, b., July 27, 1798; a merchant, 
of Boston, Mass.; md., 1832, Sarah Blanchard, b., Dec. 17, 
1799, who d., 1873 dau. of Joseph and Sarah (Brown) Blan- 
chard of Billerica, Mass. He d., Aug., 1861, in Boston, Mass. 
They had three children. 

191 2 — SARAH STEARNS was the only surviving^ child, 
in i860. 

1913— HARVEY STEARNS, b., June 3, 1800, of Wal- 
pole, N. H.; md., Jan., 1829, Rebecca Brown, of Leominster, 
Mass.; d.. Mar. 24, 1853, in Walpole, N. H.; s. p. 

1914— DR. GEORGE STEARNS, b., May 10, 1802; M. 
D., Harv Univ., 1827; settled and died in Groton, Mass. 

1915— DR. BENJAMIN STEARNS (855), b., Oct. 11, 
1768, son of Moses and Ruth (Houghton) Stearns, of Wal- 
pole, N. H.; studied medicine with Dr. Johnson, of Walpole; 
settled, as a physician, in Hillsboro, N. H., where he md., 
Nov. 15, 1798, Mehitable Symonds, b., Oct. 30, 1775. In 
1804, they moved to Antigonish, Nova Scotia, and after- 
wards to Pictou, N. S. This family and that of Jonathan 
Stearns, Esq. (925), after their removal to Nova Scotia, 
changed the orthography of the name to "Sterns." Mehita- 
ble (Symonds) Sterns, d., Mar. 13, 1826, and Dr. Benjamin 
d.. Mar. 15, 1850. One of his descendants informs us that 
Dr. Benjamin Sterns built the first frame house ever erected 
in Antigonish, N. S., getting the frame from the United 

1916— ABIGAIL STERNS, b., Aug. 12, 1799, in Truro, 
N. S.; md. (i), 1818, John Page and had three children; md. 
(2), Micadia Rice, and had two more chil. ; d., May 24, 1873, 
at Saxonville, Mass. 

(a) — Alexander Page, d., 1881, in Providence, R. I., 
leaving one daughter. 


(b) — George Page, md. and had a family, in London- 
derry, Nova Scotia. 

(c) — Mary Page md. Mr. Reed, and had six children, in 
Providence, R. I. 

(d) — Henry Stearns Rice, md. and settled in Boston; 
one son. 

(e) — Abigail Rice, md. Mr. Hooper, of Saxonville, 

1917— NANCY STERNS b.. Mar. 17, 1801; md., 1825, 
Kimball Coffin; settled at Mt. Stewart, Prince Edv^rard's Is- 
land; had eight chil.; d., Dec. 22, 1888, Morell, Prince Ed- 
ward's Island. 

(a) — Anne Coffin, md. Solomon Mutch and settled in 
Newfoundland. One son, Percy Mutch, was lost at 
sea. They had seven other children. 

(b) — Jane Coffin, since Mrs. McEwen, of Mt. Stewart, 
P. E. I. 

(c) — Elizabeth Coffin, since Mrs. H. Douglas, of Prince 

Edward's Island. 
(d) — Caroline Coffin, since Mrs. R. Ferguson, of Prince 

Edward's Island. 

(e)— Kimball Coffin Jr., of Morell, P. E. I. 
(f) — Edwin Coffin, of Charlottetown, P. E. I. 
(g) — Duncan Coffin, P. E. I. 
(h)— Robert Coffin, P. E. I. 

1918— BENJAMIN STERNS JR. (3820), b., Jan. 2S, 

1919— HENRY STERNS (3832), b.. Mar. 30, 1805. 

1920— EDWIN STERNS, b., Feb. 21, 1807; a drygoods 
dealer, of Halifax, N. S.; md., 183 1, Elizabeth Wellner; d.. 
Mar. 22, 1856; s. p. 

1921— FRANLIN STERNS (3848), b., Feb. 23, 1809. 

1922— MARIA STERNS, b., Jan. 25, 1812; md., Dec. 10. 
1838, Duncan McLellan, of Providence, R. I. They went to 
Missouri, then to Stockton, Cal, where she d., June 25,. 


1884, leaving several chil., one of whom was a dau., named 
Mrs. McCormack. 

1923— CAROLINE STERNS, b., Nov. 9, 1814; md. Ben- 
jamin Coffin and settled at Mt. Stewart, P. E. I. They had 
seven chil. residing at P. E. I., with the exception of one son, 
Fulton Johnston Coffin, who went, as a missionary, to the 
island of Trinidad. 

1924— WILLIAM STERNS (3859), b., Oct. 12, 1819. 

1925— LUTHER STERNS (3867), b., Jan. 8, 1822. 

1926— JESSE STEARNS (859), b., Aug. 3, 1766, son of 
Aaron and Esther (Glazier) Stearns, of Westminster, Mass. ; 
md., Oct. 6, 1791, Betsy Gilson, dau. of Joseph and Betsy 
Cooledge (Pierce) Gilson. Her father, Joseph Gilson, servefl 
through the Revolutionary War, mostly under Gen. Wash- 
ington; was in the battle of the Brandy wine and was wounded 
in the head by three buck-shot, which lodged between the 
scalp and skull. They were never extracted and he carried 
them to his grave. Mrs. Stearns's mother, Betsy Cooledge 
Pierce, was great-aunt to Franklin Pierce, President of the 
United States. Jesse Stearns and wife moved to Langdon, 
iN. H., in 1800, then to Grafton, Vt., from there to Wal- 
pole, N. H., to the very farm they started from. She was a 
noble daughter of noble parents, and one of her children, 
writing of her ^ays: "She was kind, gentle, generous, without 
a fault, always studying the comfort and enjoyment of oth- 
ers." They had ten children. 

1927— JOSEPH G. STEARNS, b., Sept. 16, 1792: of 
Corinth, Saratoga Co., N. Y. ; md., Jan. 2, 1814, Prudence 
Houghton. He was the eldest child of a large family and 
proved a valuable assistant to his father, in many rigorous 
New England winters. 

1928— AARON STEARNS, b., July 3, 1794: md., Sept. 
25, 1820, Sarah P. Symonds, b., Salem, Mass.: a farmer, who 
d.. May i, 1851, in Geneva, O. His widow md. (2), Moses 
Murphy, who lived only three weeks after her death, in 1872. 
They had eight daughters. 

1929— HARRIET H. STEARNS, b., 1820, in Walpole. 


N. H.; d., Nov., 1894, in Geneva, O.; md. (i), Nelson Win- 
chester, who d., at Madison, Lake Co., O.; md. (2), Mr. Al- 
len, who d. in Harpersfield, O.; six children. 

I93(^-CATHERINE S. STEARNS, b., 1822, in Walpole, 
N. H.; md. (i), in Fredonia, N. Y., Araunah R. Buck, by 
whom she had six children. The oldest son d., July, 1893, 
in Earned, Kas.; the second son d., several years before; one 
dau., Mrs. Alice Burdett, d., in Trumbull, O.; the oldest dau., 
Mrs. Cornie Ingraham, settled in Hamlet, Chautauqua Co., 
N. Y.; second dau. settled in Earned, Kas., and the youngest 
dau., Mrs. Cora Prentice, in Geneva, O. 

1931— MARY ANNE STEARNS, b. in Stockholm, N. 
Y., 1824; md. Mr. Dodge, and settled in Trumbull, O.; s. p. 

1932— BETSY GILSON STEARNS, b., 1826; d., 1827. 

1933— HANNAH OLIVE STEARNS, b., 1828. in Stock- 
holm, N. Y.; md., 1846, at Geneva, O., Gershom P. Simons, 
who d., Aug., 1888, at Rock Creek, O. She had one son. 
Rev. Ernest A. Simons, of Alliance, O. 

1934— SARAH ELIZA STEARNS, b., 1830, in Stock- 
holm, N. Y.; d., 1849, ii^ Geneva, O. 

1935— DIANA S. STEARNS, b., 1834, in Stockholm, N. 
Y. : when last heard from, was living at Spring City, Mo., 
with her fourth husband, named Wright. 

1936— CLARA B. STEARNS, b., 1836, in Catteraugus 
Co., N. Y. ; md. Mr. Burnham; no children. 

1937— ALVA STEARNS, b., Aug. 10, 1796; md., June 2, 
1825, Mary Darling; d., Aug. 19, 1859. 

1938— BETSY P. STEARNS, b.. Dec. 15, 1799; md., Apr. 
29> 1835, Noah Spafiford. She was crippled by rheumatism 
for many years, but raised a large family of step-children. 

1939— JOHN COOLEDGE STEARNS (3872), b., June 
30. 1802. 

1940— DAVID STEARNS, b.. Aug. 3. 1804: d., Nov. 23, 
1839; md., Dec. 26, 1836, Philenda Gleason. 



1941— LYMAN STEARNS (3883), b. Mar. 11, 1808. 

1810; d., Sept. II, 1819. 

1943— ZENAS H. STEARNS, b., Jan. 2, 1813. 

1944— HARRIET STEARNS, b., Apr. 10, 1815; d., Oct., 

1945— LEVI STEARNS (860), b., Dec. 29, 1767, son of 
Aaron and Esther ((jlazier) Stearns, of Westminster, Mass.; 
md. (i), Eunice Hill, of Ackworth, N. H., who d., about 
1798, leaving one child; md. (2), Keziah Wetherbee, b., 
Sept. 27, 1774, dau. of Ephraim and Keziah Wetherbee, of 
Lunenburg, Mass.; eleven children. 

1946— JOHN GLAZIER STEARNS (3886), b., 1795. 




1950— RHODA STEARNS, md. Jacob Sherman, a hat- 
ter, of Leroy, N. Y. ; seven children; one dau., Lucy Sher- 
man, md. E. G. Holmes, of Detroit, Minn. 

195 1— NANCY STEARNS, md. Mr. Henry, a farmer, 
of Savoy, N. Y. They moved to Ohio, where he died, leav- 
ing children. 

1952— POLLY STEARNS, md. Joseph Bannister, a 
farmer, of Alexander, N. Y. 

1953 — LUCY STEARNS, md. Alanson Cheesman, a 
farmer, of Alexander, N. Y. 

1954— BETSY STEARNS, md. and d.; s. p. 

1955— LYMAN STEARNS, a farmer, of Alexander, 

N. Y. 

1956— CURTIS STEARNS, md. and settled in Ohio. 

1957— ZENAS STEARNS (862), b., June 3, 1772, son of 
Aaron and Esther (Glazier) Stearns, of Westminster, Mass.; 


a clothier of Newbury, Vt.; md., Mar. 9, 1796, Betsy Heath 
and had nine children. During the latter part of his life, he 
resided with his son, Isaac, in Corinth, Vt. 

1958— PHINEHAS STEARNS, b., 1797. 


i960— SOPHRONIA STEARNS, b.", ; md., Mar. 31, 

1836, Crowell Hatch, a tailor, b., Aug. 13, 1810, in Portland, 
Me.; she d., Sept. 25, 1865. 

1961— ISAAC STEARNS, of Corinth, Vt. and five others, 
v»'"ho died in childhood. 

1962— JOHN STEARNS (864), b., July 16, 1777, son of 
Aaron and Esther (Glazier) Stearns, of Walpole, N. H.; md., 
1800, in Otsego, N. Y., Abigail Olds, b., July 8, 1779, dau. 
of Daniel and Abigail (Granger) Olds, of Woodbury, Conn, 
He left Walpole in the winter of 1798, and lived in several 
towns of New York State until 1845, when they settled in 
Utica, Oneida Co., N. Y.; nine children. 

1963— CLARISSA STEARNS,_b., June 14, 1801; md., 
July 10, 1838, Willis Sperry, a blacksmith, of Summer Hill. 
Cayuga Co., N. Y. ; s. p. 

1964— SOPHRONIA STEARNS, b., Jan. 29, 1803; md., 
Jan. 23, 1825, Isaac Farrell, b., Oct., 1804, son of Isaac and 
x^vnna (Parmenter) Farrell, of Nova Scotia. Sophronia's hus- 
band was a piano manufacturer, of Norwich, Chenango Co., 
N. Y. 

(a) — John Dwight Farrell, b., Jan. 20, 1826; a black- 
(b) — WilHam Theodore Farrell, b., Oct. 10, 1835; ^ 

piano-forte finisher, 
(c) — Catherine Samantha Farrell, b., June 13, 1837. 
(d) — Sarah Helen Farrell, b., May 18, 1839. 

1804; d. 

1966— ALMIRA SAMANTHA STEARNS, b., Nov. 18, 
1806; d., 1882. 


1967— HUBBARD CHURCH STEARNS, b., Feb. 22, 
1809; by trade a joiner, afterwards, a boarding house keeper, 
of Utica, N. Y., then, of Cleveland, N. Y., where he d., Apr. 
5, 1879. He md. (i), Jan. 5, 1831, Eunice Clarissa Curtiss, 
b., May 16, 1809, dau. of Abel and Hannah (Atwater) Cur- 
tiss, of Southbury, Conn.; md. (2), Dec. 20, 1855, Mrs. De- 
borah (Bowen) Paddock, of Cleveland, N. Y.; s. p. 

1968— BETSY STEARNS b., Apr. 7, 1812; md., July 15, 
1846, Peter Hatfield, b., 18 12, who was a farmer, of Sum- 
mer Hill, Cayuga Co., N. Y., and who had two children by 
a former marriage; Betsy (Stearns) Hatfield had no chil- 

15, 1814; of Homer, Cortland Co., N. Y. 

1970— JOHN GLAZIER STEARNS, b., Mar. 15, 1818; 
d., soon. 

1971— ZENAS DANIEL STEARNS, b., Feb. 14, 1820; a 
cabinet-maker, of Utica; md., May 3, 1845, Maria Catherine 
Rich, b., Dec. 28, 1827; one child. 

Feb. 19, 1846. 

1973— ASA STEARNS (870) b., Feb. 3, 1782, son of Elias 
and Sarah (Keyes) Stearns, of Walpole, N. H.; md., 1807, 
Sophia Higby, Conn. In 1806, he moved to Rutland, 
O.; in 1815, to Alexander, O.; in 1835, to St. Mary's, O.; six 

1974— DR. RUFUS WILSON STEARNS (3889), b., 
June 21, 1809. 

1975— HORACE S. STEARNS, b., July 22, 181 1; d., 
Dec. 6, 1813. 

1976— AMOS KEYES STEARNS, b., Mar. 5, 1813; a 
physician, of Exeter, Green Co., Wis.; md., Dec. 16, 1846, 
Charlotte E. Durgin, of Exeter. 

1977— LOUISA ABIAH STEARNS, b., Jan. 16, 1815; 
md., Jan. 8, 1834, Robert Lindsay; d., Apr. 19, 1841, leaving 
three children. 


1978— JOEL AUSTIN STEARNS, b., Dec. 28, 1817; d., 
Apr. 18, 1835. 

1979— ELMER A. STEARNS, b., Oct. 28, 1819; d., Oct. 
21, 1821. 

1980— EZRA STEARNS (871), b., Apr. 8, 1784, son of 
Elias and Sarah (Keyes) Stearns, of Hartland, Vt.; a house- 
carpenter, of Boston and Charlestown, Mass.; md. (i), Apr. 
29, 1808, Desire Holmes, b.. Mar. 2, 1784, dau. of John and 
Desire (Everett) Hohnes, of Dedham, Mass. She d., Mar. 

20, 1809, and he md. (2), Oct. 21, 1810, Susanna Belcher, b., 
Jan. 18, 1792, in Chelsea, Mass. His first eight children 
were born in Boston, where he d., Jan. 10, 1850; the other 

two were born in Charlestown. His widow d., Dec. 21, 
By first wife. 

1981— CHARLES HOLMES STEARNS (3895), b., Aug. 

21, 1808. 

By second wife. 

14, 181 1 ; d., June 18, 1838. 

1983— EZRA STEARNS JR., b., Dec. 21, 1812; a boot 
and shoe manufacturer, of Maiden, Mass.; md., Apr. 12, 
1834 Avis Jones, who d., 1841. He represented Stoughton 
in the Mass. Legislature; one daughter. 

1984— SUSAN JONES STEARNS, b.. Mar., 1839. 

1814; md., Oct. 12, 1834, Thomas Pratt Pulsifer, b.. May 19, 
1810. They settled in Boston, Mass., where he d., Nov. 16, 
1875; five children. 

(a) — Abby Augusta Pulsifer, b., Sept. 14, 1835, in Bos- 
ton; d., May 14, 1838. 

(b) — Edward King Pulsifer, b., June 27, 1837; d., Dec. 
5, 1849. 

(c) — Abby Elizabeth Pulsifer, b., Dec. 3, 1838; unm. 

(d) — Maria Adelaide Pulsifer, b., June 6, 1840; md., 
May 19, 1864, in Boston, Reuel William Dean, b., 


*; Oct. 28, 1835, in Brimfield, Mass., d., Feb. 28, 1870. 

Of their three children, the eldest, Thomas Pulsifer 
Dean, b., Dec. 15, 1865, has been an esteemed cor- 
respondent in this work. His brother, Paul Dean, 
was born July 26, 1867, and his sister, Pameha 
Cummings Dean, was born Mar. 13, 1869. 
(e) — Thomas Pratt Pulsifer Jr., b., Aug. 6, 1842; d., July 
6, 1843. 
1986— JOHN BELCHER STEARNS, b.. May 16, 1816. 

1987— DR. AMOS R. STEARNS, b.. May 11, 1818; a 
physician, of Wisconsin. 

1988— SUSAN M. STEARNS, b., Oct. 10, 1820; d., Dec. 
I, 1843- 

1989— DAVID B. STEARNS, b., Oct. 6, 1822. 

1990— AUGUSTA F. STEARNS, b., Feb. 24, 1825; md., 
Jan. 15, 1846, Capt. Edward Barricott, a ship-master, of 

1991— WILLIAM HENRY STEARNS (3909), b., July 
22, 1829. 

1992— RUFUS STEARNS (874), b.. Mar. 19, 1791, son 
of Elias and Sarah (Keyes) Stearns, of Bradford, Vt.; a 
farmer, of Haverhill, N. H.; ,md., Feb. 22, 181 5, Sarah P, 
Davis, b., Nov. 18, 1794, who d., Feb. 4, 1877, at Haverhill, 
where he d., July, 1861; thirteen children. 

1993— JAMES A. STEARNS (391 1), b., Jan. 21, 1816. 

1994— MARIA STEARNS, b., Aug. 16, 1817; d., Apr., 

1995— HORACE STEARNS (3927), b., Nov. 28, 1818. 

1996— EZRA B. STEARNS (3935), b., Jan. 28, 1820. 

1997— HIRAM STEARNS (3937), b.. Mar. 6, 1821. 

1998— WARREN STEARNS (3947), b., Oct. 9, 1822. 

1999— GEORGE W. STEARNS, b., Feb. 16, 1824; a 
farmer, of Manchester, N. H.; d., Oct. 25, 1874. 


200O— DAMON Y. STEARNS, b., Aug, 24, 1825, at 
Haverhill, N. H.; d, Aug. 4, 1892, at Manchester, N. H.; 
md. Mrs. Mary A. Batchelder, b., Mar. 5, 1818, who d., Jan. 
4, 1893. 

2001— ELIZABETH D. STEARNS, b., Apr. 16, 1827; 
md., at Manchester, N. H., Edmund Griffin: d., July 23, 
1884, at Warren, N. H.: one son. 

(a)— Eddie R. Griffin, b., Feb. 11, 1857, at Bradford, Vt. 

2002— MARY L. STEARNS, b., Dec. 8, 1828, at Haver- 
hill, N. H.; md., July 5, 185 1, at Newbury, Vt., Benjamin F. 
Warren, b., 1829, a farmer, of Haverhill, son of Benj. L. 
Warren; she d., June 16, 1896; one daughter. 

(a)— Sarah E. Warren, b., Oct. 5, 1858; d.. May 4, 1878. 

2003— AMOS STEARNS (3958), b., Nov. 17, 1830. 

2004— JOHN S. STEARNS (3965), b., July 13, 1834. 

2005— SARAH B. STEARNS, b.. May 30, 1837; settled 
in Warren, N. H. , 

2006— DEACON JOSIAH STEARNS (881), b., May 25, 
1773, son of Josiah Jr. and Abigail (Emerson) Stearns, of 
Westminster, Mass.; a deacon of the Baptist Church, in 
Wilmington, Vt. ; md.. May 15, 1800, Lucy Allen, b., 1776, 
eldest daughter of Simeon and Candace (How) Allen, of 
Princeton, Mass.; nine children. , 

2007— ELMIRA STEARNS, b., Oct. 2^. 1800; d., Feb. 
15, 1820. 

2008— WILLIAM STEARNS, b., Aug. 29, 1802; a car- 
penter, farmer, clerk and Deacon of the Baptist Church; md., 
Dec. 3, 1829, Virtue Bills, b., July 17, 1808, only dau. of 
Hiram and Virtue Bills, of Wilmington, Vt.; he d., May 
6, 1848; s. p. 

2009— RUFUS STEARNS (3967), b.. Sept. 3, 1804. 

2010— LUCY STEARNS, b.. May 27, 1806; md., Nov. 4. 
1824, Moses Dix; in 1838, removed to Perkins Grove, 111. 
She is said to have had ten children. 


20II— JAIRUS STEARNS, b., Mar. 4, 1809; a carpenter; 
md., Jan. 10, 1834, Mary Batlis. 

2012— HORACE STEARNS (3974), b., Feb. 23, 181 1. 

2013— ELEANOR STEARNS, b., Feb. i, 1813; md., Feb. 
15, 1831, Jason R. Liscom, a wheelwright; three sons. 

(a) — Horace Liscom. 
(b) — Martin Liscom. 
(c) — ^John Henry Liscom. 

2014— CAROLINE STEARNS, b., Jmie 24, 1815; md., 
Nov. 19, 1833, Henry HalHday, a farmer and tanner; d., 
Nov. 15, 1846; six children. 

(a) — Horatio Halliday. 

(b) — Infant, d. 

(c) — Lucius W. Halliday. 

(d) — William Stearns HalHday, d. 

(e) — ^^William Stearns Halliday. 

(f) — Caroline Halliday. 

2015— CORINTHA STEARNS, b., June i, 1818; md., 
Oct. 14, 1838, Henry Bridge, a farmer and teamster; three 

(a) — Pearl Bridge, 
(b) — Loren Bridge, 
(c) — Cornelia Bridge. 

2016— DANIEL STEARNS (882), b.. May 18, 1776, son 
of Josiah Jr. and Abigail (Emerson) Stearns, of Westminster, 
Mass.; md., Aug. 7, 1800, Elizabeth Heywood, b., Feb. 4, 
1780, dau. of Timothy and Patience (Stebbins) Heywood, 
of Westminster. Mass. In 1804, they moved to Wilming- 
ton. Vt., afterwards to Brattleboro, Vt.; in 18 18, to Gerry, 
Chautauqua Co.. N. Y., and in 1846 to Freeport, Stephenson 
Co., 111. The common af¥Hction of his family, insanity, char- 
acterized the latter years of his Hfe; thirteen children. 

2017— LOUISA STEARNS,' b., Nov. 14. 1800. 

2018— PHINEHAS STEARNS, b., Aug. i, 1802; d., 
Sept., 1803. 


2019— MARY STEARNS, b., May 25, 1804; d., Aug., 

202(^PHINEHAS STEARNS (3980), b., Mar. 20, 1806. 

2021— DANIEL MERRILL STEARNS (3984), b., 
Sept. 23, 1807. 

2022— ISAAC NEWTON STEARNS, b., May 24, 1810. 

2023— HORATIO NELSON STEARNS, b.. May 24, 1810. 

Isaac Newton Stearns (3988). 

Rev. Horatio Nelson Stearns, b., May 24, 18 10; 
entered the Christian ministry, in 1834; in 1837, be- 
came an itinerant minister of the Pittsburg Conference of 
the M. E. Church; in 1848, was presiding elder of the Erie 
Annual Conference. He md., Aug. i, 1838, EHzabeth Bear, 
dau. of Rev. Jacob and Jane Bear, of Beaver, Pa.; s. p. 

2024— MARY STEARNS, b., July 10, 1812; md., Mar. 4, 
1830, Robert Scofield, son of James and Margaret Scofield. 
of Gerry, Chautauqua Co., N. Y.; six children. 

(a) — Margaret Scofield, b., Sept. 29, 183 1. 

(b) — Aurelia Ann Scofield, b., July 19, 1833; d., Ma}^ 

(c) — Mary Ann Scofield, b., Aug. 16, 1835. 
(d) — Silas Charles Scofield, b., Nov. 6, 1837. 
(e) — Catherine EHzabeth Scofield, b., May 8, 1842. 
(f) — Milton Edson Scofield, b., Aug. 20, 1846. 

2025— CHARLES STEARNS (3993), b., Mar. 15, 1814. 

2026— ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., July 11, 1816, in 
Brattleboro, Vt.; md., Aug., 1840, in Chicago, 111., William 
B. Piatt, Esq., of Aurora, Keene Co., 111., a counselor-at-law 
and member of the State Senate; four children. 

(a) — Helen Piatt, b., June 19, 1841; d., Apr., 1842. 

(b) — John Piatt, b., Sept. 16, 1842. 

(c) — Laura Piatt, b., Mar., 1844; d., Dec, 1844. 

(d)— Helen Piatt, b., Oct. 2, 1845. 


2027— ALVALINA STEARNS, b., Sept. 12, 1819, in 
Gerry, Chautauqua Co., N. Y.; md., Jan. 31, 1836, Hiram 
Scofield, brother of her sister, Mary's, husband; in 1837, they 
moved to Crawford Co., Pa., and in 1844, to Illinois; three 

(a) — Phoebe Eugenia Scofield, b., Mar. 13, 1837; d., 

Feb., 1838. 
(b) — Almeda Scofield, b., May 19, 1839. 
(c) — Corintha Eliza Scofield, b., May 26, 1846. 

2028— ELMIRA STEARNS, b., Oct. 30, 1822, in Gerry, 
N. Y. 

2029— WILLIAM STEARNS, b., Oct. 10, 1824, in Gerry, 
N. Y., where he settled. 

2030— JOHN STEARNS JR. (885), bapt, Aug. 22, 1762, 
son of John and Martha (Harrington) Stearns, of Water- 
town, Mass.; a farmer, of Bethel, Me.; md., May 23, 1791, 
Priscilla Holt, of Bethel, Me., b., June 2, 1768. He d., Sept. 
14, 1826, and she d., Jan. 4, 1848; eight children. 

2031— JOHN STEARNS 3d, b., July 25, 1792; d., June 
13, 1820; unm. 

2032— CALVIN STEARNS, b., Aug. 24, 1793; a school- 
master and deputy sheriff; md., Feb. 8, 1825, Susan Brown, 
h., 1799, dau. of Asaph and Hannah (Shaw) Brown, of Bethel, 
Me. He d., Feb. 23, 1825, fifteen days after his marriage, 
and his widow became the wife of his brother, James. 

2033— HENRY STEARNS, b., Aug. 7, 1795; a farmer, 
on the paternal homestead; unm. 

2034— JOSEPH STEARNS (3996) b., Apr. 2, 1797. 

2035— HANNAH STEARNS, b.. Nov. 11, 1799; md., 
1827, Capt. William White, of Gilead, Me. 

2036— JAMES STEARNS (4005), b., July 8, 1802. 

2037— PRISCILLA STEARNS, b.. May 14, 1806; d., Apr. 
8, 1847; unm. 

2038— ABIGAIL STEARNS, b.. Sept. 3, 1811; md.. Dec. 


19, 1839, Alonzo Holt, of Rumford, Me., b., July 5, 1809, 
who md. (2) May 12, 1857, Polly Kimball; five children. 

(a) — ^John Newton Holt, b., Aug. 7, 1842. 

(b) — Emily Page Holt, b., Jan. 15, 1844. 

(c) — ^James Holt, b.. May 11, 1845. 

(d) — ^Jarvis Alonzo Holt, b., June 17, 1850; d., Aug. 

29, 1854. 
(e) — Charles Frost Holt, b., Sept. 29, 1852; d., Feb. 15, 


2039— THOMAS STEARNS (886), bapt. Jan. 22, 1764, 
son of John and Martha (Harrington) Stearns, of Water- 
town, Mass.; a farmer, of Bethel, Me. He md.. Sept , 

1792, Lois Colby, of Fryeburg, Me., b., Sept., 1771; ten 

2040— MARTHA (PATTY)^ STEARNS, b., Apr. 12, 
1794; d., 1848; md., 1815, Nathan A. Foster, of Newry, Me.; 
eleven children. 

(a) — ^Asa Foster, b., Oct. 15, 1816; d., Dec, 1816. 

(b) — Son, b., and d., 1817. 

(c) — Asa Foster, b., July i, 1818. 

(d) — Thomas J. Foster, b., May i, 1820; d.. Mar., 1843. 

(e) — Louis Foster, b., June 11, 1822. 

(f) — Thomas J. Foster, b., Oct. 8, 1824. 

(g) — Reuben B. Foster, b., July 25, 1826. 

(h) — Caroline Foster, b., June 25, 1828. 

(i) — Martha Foster, b., Apr. 28, 183 1. 

(j) — Mary F. Foster, b., Mar. 11, 1834; d., Sept., 1836, 

(k) — Nathan Foster, b., May 12, 1839. 

2041— MARY (POLLY) STEARNS, b., Apr. 18, 1795; 
md., May 4, 1814, William Holt, of Bethel, Me.; seven chil- 

(a) — Mary Ann Holt, b,, Apr. 16, 181 5; md. Orin Swan, 
of Bethel, Me., and had five children. 

(b)— Hiram H. Holt, b.. May 27, 1818; md. Sarah Kim- 
ball, of Bethel, Me., and had one child. 


(c) — Galen C. Holt, b., Feb. 2, 1821; md. (i) Lydia Fos- 
ter, of Newry, Me.; md. (2), Maria Burbank of Gil- 
ead, Me. 

(d) — Ward B. Holt, b., Apr. 12, 1827; md. Florentine 
Browne and had one child. 

(e) — William Orlando Holt, b.. Mar. 23, 1830; md. De- 
borah Young, and had one child. 

(f) — Marcia Eliza Holt, b., Sept. 29, 1832; md. Frank 
Davis, of Minot, Me., and had one child. 

(g) — Humphrey B. Holt, b., 1835; md. Catherine Bean, 
of Bethel, Me.; two children. 

2042— SUSAN STEARNS, b., Dec. 30, 1797; d., Feb. 28, 
1873; md., Dec. 4, 181 7, Capt. Joseph Holt, of Bethel, Me., 
also called Deacon Joseph Holt; four children. 

(a) — Lydia Maria Holt, b., Nov. 20, 1818; md., Feb. 18, 
1845, Wells Forbes, of Hill, N. H. They settled 
in Falls Church, Va. ; five children. 

(b) — Joseph Holt, Jr., b., Sept. 10, 1823; md., Oct. 4, 
1864, Frances A. Bird, of Bridgton, Me.; settled 
in Bethel, Me.; two children. 

(c) — Sarah M. Holt, b., Aug. 30, 1828; md., July 28, 
1852, Rev. Samuel Estes, of Bethel, Me. She d., 
Feb. 5, 1885, in Sanford, Me.; five children. 

(d) — Infant son, b., Jan. 25, 1839; d., Jan. 28, 1839. 

2043— LOIS STEARNS, b., Mar. 20, 1799; md. Jacob 
B. Littlehale, of Newry, Me.; had a large family of eleven 
children, but we have been unable to get names. Some of 
her sons were in the Civil War. She is said to have been 
"one of the best of women," and died at the age of ninety- 
three years. 

2044— SUMNER STEARNS (4012), b., June 21, 1802. 

2045— HARRIET STEARNS, b., Mar. 6, 1804; md. Mr. 
Robbins, and settled in Newry, Me. ; three children. 

2046— SALLY STEARNS, b., Aug. 11, 1806; md. Peter 
Powers, and settled in Bethel, Me.; four children. 

2047— THOMAS STEARNS (4020), b., Jan. 18, 1807. 


2048— RUFUS STEARNS (4034), b., Mar. 8, 181 1. 

2049— MAHALA STEARNS, b., Feb. 11, 1821; md., 
1844, Joseph Smith, of Cambridge, Mass. 

2050— JOSEPH STEARNS (887), bapt., Sept. 22, 1765, 
son of John and Martha (Harrington) Stearns, of Water- 
town, Mass.; md., July 12, 1807, in Waltham, Mass., Mrs. 
Betsy (Hagar) Stearns, wid. of Daniel Stearns (Charles 
Stearns (6246), and dau. of Benjamin and Esther (Child) 
Hagar, b., Jan. 8, 1776, who d., Oct. 9, 1843. 

Joseph Stearns served his apprenticeship as a blacksmith 
with his uncle, Capt. Phinehas Stearns, and settled in Wal- 
tham, Mass. In 1812, relinquishing his trade to engage in 
agriculture, he moved to Weybridge, Vt., and, in 1816, to 
Middlebury, Vt.; four children. 

2051— JOHN STEARNS, b., Nov. 19, 181 1; md. Harriet 
Tower, of Addison, Vt., b., Nov. 19, 1820. 

2052— ELIZA STEARNS, b., June i, 1813; d.. Mar. 6, 
1834; unmarried. 

2053— SYLVIA STEARNS, b., June 11, 1814; d., Dec. 
24, 1833; unm. 

2054— CATHERINE STEARNS, b., Feb. 11, 1816; md., 
Aug., 1844, George Peck, a machinist, of Granville, N. Y., 
born in Saratoga Co., N. Y., son of Benjamin Peck, for- 
merly of Smithfield, R. I. 

2055— CHARLES STEARNS (889), bapt., Jan. 8, 1769, 
son of John and Martha (Harrington) Stearns, of Water- 
town, Mass.; a farmer, of Bethel, Me. He md., Oct. 8, 1791, 
Thankful Bartlett, of Bethel, Me., who was born Mav 17, 
1776, and d., Feb. 3, 1853; eleven children. 

2056— THEODORE STEARNS (4038), b., Mar. 4, 1793. 

2057— CHARLES STEARNS JR. (4050), b.. Mar. 10, 

2058— THANKFUL STEARNS, b., Oct. 17, 1798; d., 
Mar., 1801. 


2059— THANKFUL STEARNS, b., Apr. 9, 1801; md., 
Apr. 29, 1820, Anthony Bessey, b., 1791, son of John and 
Meicy (Morton) Bessey, of Paris, Me.; nine children. 

2060— PHINEHAS STEARNS (4057), b., Dec. 17, 1803. 

2061— JONATHAN STEARNS (4063), b., Aug-. 4, 1806. 

2062— NATHAN STEARNS, b., Apr. i, 1809; md., Apr. 
I, 1832, Mary Ann Frost, of Bethel, Me. He d., Aug. 25, 
1833, and his wid. md. Perley P. Pratt, a Mormon preacher 
and editor, and went to the West; one daughter. 

2063— MARY ANN STEARNS, b., Apr. 12, 1833. 

2064— SALOME STEARNS, b., July 14, 1812; md., Sept. 
22, 1832, Jonas Barbour Willis, of Hanover, Me.; five chil- 

(a) — Charles S. Willis, b., Feb. 12, 1834. 

(b) — Nathan J. Willis, b., Jan. 24, 1836; d., Sept., 1838. 

(c) — Octavius N. Willis, b., Aug. 7, 1839. 

(d) — Salome B. Willis, b., Jan. 24, 1841. 

(e) — Francis H. WilHs, b., Nov. 19, 1844. 

2065— BETSY E. STEARNS, b., Sept., 1814; md., Dec. 

4, 1843, Isaac Adams, of Gilead, Me., who was born May 
26, 181 5; four children. 

2066— MARTHA STEARNS, b., Aug. 31, 1816; md., Jan. 

5, 1840, Stephen Bartlett, of Hanover, Me.; two children. 

(a) — Sarah M. Bartlett, b., Dec. 16, 1841. 
(b)— Charles P. Bartlett, b., Aug. 18, 1843. 

Apr. II, 1821. 

2068— JOSIAH STEARNS (893), b., Jan. 17, 1781, son 
of John and Martha (Harrington) Stearns, of Watertown, 
Mass.; a farmer, of Gilead, Me.; md., Nov. 28, 1805, Eliza- 
lieth Wight, of Gilead, b., Jan. 17, 1782; five children. 

2069— ERI STEARNS, b., June 19, 1806. 

2070— JOEL STEARNS, b., Dec. 6. 1807; d., Sept. 9, 


2071— ELIZA STEARNS, b., Mar. 23, 1809; md., Sept. 
23? ^^33, Aaron Conner, of Gilead, Me.; six children. 

(a) — Frances Mahala Conner, b., Apr. 7, 1834; d., Aug.^ 

(b) — Ophelia Conner, b., June 6, 1835. 

(c) — Joel Conner, b., May 20, 1837; d., Oct., 1842. 

(d) — Frances Mahala Conner, b., Aug. 4, 1839. 

(e) — Madison Conner, b., Jan. 18, 1842. 

(f) — Nathan Conner, b., Apr. 12, 1844. 

20/2— RUFUS STEARNS (4075), b., Apr. 19, 181 1. 

2073— OLIVE STEARNS, b.. Apr. 7, 1813; md., Oct. 28, 
1834, Daniel Conner, of Gilead, Me.; four children. 

(a) — Elizabeth Conner, b., Sept. 2, 1836; d., Oct., 1842. 
(b) — ^Josiah Conner, b., Mar. 8, 1838. 
(c) — Sarah Conner, b.. Mar. 18, 1840. 
(d) — Albalina Conner, b., May 4, 1842. 

2074— ISAAC STEARNS (895), b., Jan. 12, 1786, son of 
John and Martha (Harrington) Stearns, of Watertown, 
Mass.; md., Feb. 11, 1812, Ann Wight, of Newry, Me. In 
1834, they moved to Elmira, N. Y., where his wife d., 1837. 
He md. again and settled at Rock River, 111., where he d.,, 
Aug., 1845; seven children. 

2075— DANIEL STEARNS, b., Sept. 5, 1812; d. 

2076— ANNA STEARNS, b., Aug. 6, 1814; d. 

2077— ISAAC STEARNS JR., b., Nov. 12, 1816. 

2078— DORCAS STEARNS, b., Dec. 18, 1818; d., Aug., 
1845, at Rock River, 111. 


2o8o~JOHN STEARNS, b., 1823. 


(901), b., Oct. 2y, 1 781. son of Capt. Phinehas and Esther 


(Sanderson) Stearns, of Watertown, Mass.; d., Sept. ii, 
1836; was a captain and a trader, in Brookline, Mass.; md., 
Mar. 23, 1808, Hannah Goddard, b., Sept. 8, 1786, who d., 
Mar. 25, 1829, dau. of Joseph and Mary (Aspinwall) God- 
dard, of brookline, Mass.; eight children. 

(4079), b., Dec. 23, 1808. ' 

2084— JOHN GODDARD STEARNS (4094), b., June 
27, 1810. 

2085— BENJAMIN STEARNS, b., 1813; d., Aug. 9, 1814. 

2086— HANNAH GODDARD STEARNS, b.. Mar. 18, 
1815; unmarried. 

2087— JOSEPH GODDARD STEARNS (4107), b.. May 
24, 1819. 

2088— BENJAMIN STEARNS, b., Jan. 2, 1821; d., July, 

2089— MARY MAY STEARNS, b., May 8, 1822: d., 

2090— LUCY ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., Sept. 3, 
1825; md., Sept. 2, 1847, Francis Henry Corey, a farmer, of 
Brookline. Mass.. b.. Jan. 27, 1827. son of Elijah Jr. and 
Mary (Richards) Corey, of Brookline, Mass. 

2091— SAMUEL STEARNS (905), b.. May 14, 1759, son 
of Jonas and Submit (Davis) Stearns, of Lunenberg, Mass. ; 
md. d), Aug. 16, 1782. Sarah Davis, of Chesterfield, N. H., 
b., Nov. 16, 1764. She d., in childbed, June 13, 1805, and 
he md. (2), Mar. 25, 1806, Lydia Preston, who d., Feb. 28, 

T820; md. (3), Mar. , 182 1, Mrs. Hannah (Farr) Hil- 

'dreth, who d., Nov. 3, 1841, and he d., Jan. 15, 1844; four- 
teen children. 

2092— SAMUEL STEARNS JR. (4109), b., Oct. 2, 1784. 

2093— SARAH (SALLY) STEARNS, b.. Aug. 30. i787r 
md., 1810, Nathaniel Amidon, of Chesterfield, N. H., where 
she d , Sept, 3, 1856. 


2094— SOPHIA STEARNS, b., Apr. 10, 1792; md. (i), 
Ashley Stockwell, and removed from Chesterfield, N. H., 
to Hartford, Washington Co., N. Y. They had two sons 
and two daughters. She md. (2), Mr. Newton, and had two 
sons; d., in Hartford, N. Y. 

(a) — Ashley Stockwell Jr., settled in one of the western 

(b) — Porter Stockwell, deceased. 

(c) — Sophia Stockwell, md. Myron Foster and settled 

in Charles City, la. 
(d) — Maria Stockwell, md. Lucian Foster, bro. of her 

sister's husband, and settled in Charles City, la. 
(e) — Henry Newton, deceased, 
(f) — ^James Newton, settled at Charles City, la. 

2095— SQUIRE SEWALL STEARNS, b., Feb. 9, 1794; 
d-, 1795, at Chesterfield, N. H. 

2096— SQUIRE SEWALL STEARNS (4125). b., Dec. 
1' 1795- 

2097— STEPHANUS STEARNS, b., Sept. 18, 1799; d., 
1800, in Chesterfield, N. H. 

2098— CELESTIA STEARNS, b., Dec. 29, 1800; d., 1800. 

2099— SERAPH STEARNS, b., Feb. 5, 1803; md. Will- 
iam Prentiss, since deceased; three children. 

(a) — Clarissa A. Prentiss, b., Apr. 10, 1827; md., Sept. 

2y, 1852, Samuel Stearns 3d (5173), her cousin, 
(b) — Sarah Prentiss, md. Charles Hawks; d. 
(c) — Almira Prentiss, md. Warner Curtis, and settled 

in Illinois. 

2100— SALOME STEARNS, b.. June 13, 1805; d., July 
4, 1805. 

2101— LUMAN STEARNS, b.. Feb. 18, 1807; d., June 
J 4. 1830. 

2102— ABIATHAR STEARNS, b., Nov. 27, 1809; d., 
Aug., 1857: md. Judith Perry, of Hartford, N. Y. 


2103— PRESTON STEARNS (4136), b. Mar. 20, 181 1. 

2104— LYDIA STEARNS, b., Oct. 23, 1815; md., Apr. 
7, 1849, Russell Farr, of Chesterfield, N. H., where she d. 

2105— JEREMIAH DAY STEARNS, b.. Mar. 15, 1818; 
d., Mar., 1819. 

2106— ABIJAH STEARNS (911), b., Jan. 22, 1769, son 
of Jonas and Submit (Davis) Stearns, of Chesterfield, N. H.; 
md., 1792, Lydia Davis, of Lunenburg, Mass., and settled 
in Windsor, Vt. He became insane and is supposed to have 
been drowned in Lake Champlain, about 181 5; five children. 

2107— MARY H. STEARNS, b., Nov. 19, 1798, in West 
Windsor, Vt.; md., 1818, Julius Allen; settled in Chelsea^ 
Orange Co., Vt., where she d.. May 20, 1861. 

2108— ROYAL C STEARNS (4144), b., July 8, 1800, in 
Windsor, Vt. 

2109— LOREN W. STEARNS (4159), b., Oct. 23, 1803. 

21 10— BETSY DAVIS STEARNS, b., Mar. 13, 1805, in 
Windsor, Vt.; md. Israel Washburn, of Holly, N. Y.; d., Oct. 

24, 1892; one daughter. 

(a) — Mary Washburn, md. Prof. John Homer French, 
a prominent educational man of New York State. 

21 1 1— ALFRED STEARNS, b., 1807, was a phrenolo- 
gist, went to New York State, and has never been heard 
from by the Vermont relatives. 

21 12— JONAS BOARDMAN STEARNS (917), b., Jan. 

25, 1783, son of Jonas and Submit (Davis) Stearns, of Ches- 
terfield, N. H.; md., July 4, 1803, Po% Page, b., Mar. 19, 
1786. They settled in Marlboro, Vt., but in April, 1840, 
removed to Somerset, Vt., where he d., Feb. 6, 1846; three 

21 13— ELVIRA STEARNS, b., Sept. 10, 1804, in Marl- 
boro, Vt.; md., Oct. 21, 1824, Hiram Knapp, b., Feb. 7, 1803, 
fifth child of Cyrus and Thankful (Stearns) Knapp, (912) 
of Dover, Vt. He was a farmer, of Stratton, Vt., where he 
d., Sept. 18, 1859. His widow d., Mar., 1880. 


21 14— MARY A. STEARNS, b., July 7, 1806, in Marl- 
boro, Vt.; md., May 6, 1830, Erastus Estabrook, and settled, 
first, at Dover, Vt., afterwards at Somerset, Vt.; d., Feb. 
6, 1846. 

21 15— LYMAN STEARNS (4176), b., May 30, 1814, at 
Marlboro, Vt. 

21 16— WILLIAM STEARNS ESQ. (930), b.. Mar. 13, 
1792, son of Jonathan and Mehitable (Robie) Stearns, of 
Halifax, N. S.; obtained an academical education, at Exeter 
Academy, N. H.; returned to Halifax, N. S., about 1807, 
and soon after entered the British navy, on board H. B. M. 
ship Bellone, 74 guns, and, after a cruise of several months, 
part of the time in Chesapeake Bay, he quit the naval service, 
commenced the study of law with his uncle, Robie, of Hali- 
fax, and was admitted to the bar of Nova Scotia, Apr., 18 13. 
He remained in Halifax until 1820, when he settled in Liver- 
pool, N. S. He md. (i), July 20, 1824, in Liverpool, N. S., 
Margaret J. G. Powers, who d., Aug. 28, 1826; md. (2), June 
28, 1828, Amelia Caroline Calkins; twelve children. 

21 17— HARRIET STEARNS, b., Nov. 11, 1825; d., 1831. 

21 18— MARGARET STEARNS, b., Apr. 22, 1829. 

21 19— ELIZA STEARNS, b., Aug. 13, 1830. 

2120— ROBIE SEWALL STEARNS, b., Feb. 8, 1832. 

2121— WILLIAM HENRY STEARNS, b., Aug. 15, 

2122— EDWARD STEARNS, b., Dec. 20, 1834. 

2123— ANNE STEARNS, b., Jan. 5, 1837. 

2124— HENRY STEARNS, b., Nov. 20. 1838. 

2125— THOMAS CALKINS STEARNS, b., Aug., 1840: 
d., Sept., 1840. 

2126— AMELIA CAROLINE STEARNS, b., Aug. 25, 

2127 — 

Twin daughters, b. and d., Apr., 1843. 

2128 — 


2129— HENRY STERNS (932), b., May 11, 1794, son 
of Jonathan and Mehitable (Robie) Stearns, of Halifax, N. 
S.; was bred a merchant in Salem, Mass,; settled in Spring- 
field, Mass., about 1803, and for many years .vas a merchant 
on Main St., having formed a co-partnership with William 
Sparhawk, under the firm name of WilHani Sparhawk & Co. 
On the death of Mr. Sparhawk, June 27, 1834, the late Jo- 
seph C. Parsons became a partner, imder the firm name of 
"Sterns and Parsons," as this branch of the family had adopt- 
ed the spelHng "Sterns." In 183 1, Mr. Sterns was agent 
for William Pierce and Son's Nursery, of Flushing, L. I. 
In 1849-50, he was agent for the Manufacturers' Fire In- 
surance Co., of Boston, Mass., for State Mutual Fire In- 
surance Co., and the New England Mutual Life Insurance 
Co., also of Boston. He was Treasurer of the Springfield 
Savings Institution from 1849 to 1858; when he was suc- 
ceeded by Henry S. Lee. He md., Feb. 28, 1826, Sophia 
Dwight, b., Dec. 31, 1801, third dau. of James Scutt and 
Mary (Sanford) Dwight, of Springfield, Mass. She d., July 
9, 1885, at Rome, Italy, aged 83 years and 6 months. Mr. 
Sterns d., July 29, 1859; seven children. 

2130— MARY SEWALL STERNS, b.. Mar. 15, 1827; 
d., Feb. 26, 1829. 

2131— MARY SEWALL STERNS, b., Feb. 12. 1829; 
afterwards became Countess Marie Catucci, of Rome. Italy. 

2132— ELIZABETH ROBIE STERNS, b., Dec. 16, 1830. 

2133— HENRY ROBIE STERNS, b., Mar. 29, 1834: d., 
June 10, 1838. 

II, 1837; d., Mar. 3, 1838. 

2135— SOPHIA DWIGHT STERNS, b.. May 2, 1840. 

2136— HENRY STERNS, b., Jan. 2, 1843; d., Anr. s, 

2137— COL. BENJAMIN STEARNS (937). b., Feb. 27, 
1779, son of Joseph and Anna (Putnam) Stearns, of Lunen- 
burg, Mass.; a Col., of Langdon, N. H.; md., Apr., 1806. 
Bathsheba Egerton, dau. of James and Bathsheba (Walker) 


Egerton, of Langdon, N. H. The mother of Mrs. Benjamin 
Stearns Hved to the advanced age of 92 yrs. and 12 days. 
Col. Benjamin Stearns was much respected and beloved as 
a citizen, but his mind became depressed and deranged from 
apprehension of pecuniary embarrassment, and he commit- 
ted suicide, June 11, 1817. His widow md. (2), Dec. 26, 
1820, Elisha Garfield, of Langdon, N. H., by whom she had 
four children, and five children by Col. Stearns. 

2138— JOHN WALKER STEARNS (4183), b., Sept. 12, 

1808; a gentleman farmer, of Detroit, Mich.; afterwards, of 
fitchburg, Mass.; unm. We are indebted to his interest 
and courtesy for many items in this work. 

2140— ABIGAIL SNOW STEARNS, b., Mar. 16, 1810; 
md., Apr. 5, 1832, Luke Putnam, a horticulturist, of Dan- 
vers, Mass.; two children. 

(a) — ^John Wells Putnam, b., June 2, 1833; d., June 22, 

(b) — Anne Maria Putnam, b., July 3, 1834, at Ack- 
worth, N. H. 

2141— NANCY MARIA STEARNS, b., Apr. 18, 1815; 
md., Dec. 26, 1839, William Moore Morrison, a provision 
merchant, of Boston, Mass. 

1817; md., June 29, 1842, Samuel Willard Prouty, a farmer, 
of Ackworth, N. H., who d., Sept. 19, 1876, leaving one son. 

By Mrs. Stearns' second husband. 

(a) — Esther Jane Garfield, b.. Mar. 8, 1822. 

(b) — Benjamin Stearns Garfield, b., June 19, 1823. 

(c) — Edmund Holden Garfield, b., Feb. 6, 1825. 

(d) — James Freeman Dana Garfield, b., Aug. 17, 1828. 

2143— THOMAS STEARNS (940), b., Jan. 19, 1781, son 
of James and Elizabeth ( ) Stearns, of Lunenburg, 

Mass.; md., 1812, Lydia Rhoades, of Grafton, Vt., where 
they settled and he d., Feb, 15, 1856; seven children. 


tcZ'Vr^f^^l^f^^^^^^' ^" ^^"^- ^7. 1813, in Graf- 
ton, Vt, where she d., Nov. 17, 1832; unm. 

2145-WARREN STEARNS (4191), b., Feb. 6, 1815. 
2146-DAVID STEARNS (419s), b., Jan. 2, 1817. 

vf'^V^/i^^^ ^7f^^^^' ^■' ^^b- ^4, 1819, in Grafton, 
yt., md., July 4, 1848, Ruel M. Cook, of Keene N H • d 

Apr. 20, 1890, in Putney, Vt.; five children. ' "' '' 

(a)— Mary Ella Cook, b., Apr. 16, 1849, in Keene, N. 
H.; md., Oct. 8, 1867, Albert Martin Daggett, of 
Grafton, Vt. 

(b)-Jennie Lydia Cook, b., Jan. 22, 1853; md., Dec. 19, 
1882, George David Smith, of Putney, Vt., where 
they settled. J' ' 

/9^~~T.l'°"'^' Winfield Cook, b., June 2, 1856. ) r^ . 
(d)— Phoebe Wealthy Cook, b., Jan. 2, 1B56. \ ^'^"''• 

Both died in Sept., 1858, twenty days apart. 
(eJ-Myra Alzina Cook, b., Jan. 28, 1861, in Grafton, 

Vt.; md., Apr. 16, 1879, Edward Webster Aiken, 

of Putney, Vt. ; four children. 

Vt"'f~i^u^^^. STEARNS, b., Oct. 13, 1821, in Grafton, 
Vt.; d., i^eb. 4, 1823. ' 


vrf~F^J^^^ STEARNS, b., Oct. 13, 1821, in Grafton, 
Vt.; d., Feb. 4, 1823. 

V.^'^V^T™^.^™^^^^' ^•' ^^'- 4' ^^^6, in Grafton, 
Vt.; md., Nov. 26, 1846, Wesley Gilson, of Grafton, where 
she always lived, and d., Feb. 16, 1864; two sons. 

(a)— Albert Wesley Gilson, b., Feb. 9, 1840: md., Dec 
3, 1872, Persis Fairbanks, of Springfield, Vt., who 
d., in Leominster, Mass., five months after their 
marriage. He d., Nov. 20. 1875, in Calistoga, Car. 
(b)— Ernest Roscoe Gilson, b., Aug. 7, 1852; md., Nov. 
4.^ 1873, Lottie Fairbanks, sister of his brother's 
wife. They settled at Springfield, Vt., where their 
son was born, in 1882. 

2151-JAMES STEARNS JR. (941), b.. Mar. 29, 1782. 


son of James and Elizabeth ( ) Stearns, of Lunenburg, 

Mass.; d., Aug. 20, 1854. He md., Dec. 29, 1808, by Rev. 
Ezra Ripley, Nancy Woods, of Concord, Mass., b., May 16, 
1788, who d., July 22, 1849. James Jr. and his descendants 
have spelled their name "Sterns." He was a stone mason 
by trade and settled first in Concord, Mass., but removed 
while the family was young to Saratoga Springs, N. Y. ; eight 

2152— JAMES WOODS STERNS (4199), b., Saturday, 
Mar. 25, 1 8 10. 

2153 — BABE, b., Mar. 29, 1812; d., Mar. 30, 1812. 

2154— CHARLES SPRING^STERNS (4208), b., Tues- 
day, Mar. I, 1814. 

2155— CALVIN DEMOND STERNS, b., Monday, Aug. 
26, 1816; md. Eliza McKay and settled in Amsterdam, N. Y. 
They had one daughter, who d., young. He d.. Mar. 19, 
1896, in Iowa. 

Wednesday, Sept. 30, 1818. 

2157— NANCY ELIZA STERNS, b., Friday, Jan. 7, 
1820; d., about 1890; md. Dr. Chas. Brownell, and had two 

2158— WILLIAM STERNS, b., July 18, 1825; d., Apr. 
30, 1826. 

2159— JULIA ANN STERNS, b., Sept. 19. 1828; d., June 
26, 1849, in Saratoga, N. Y. She md. Edgar Lawrence, and 
had one child, Theodore Lawrence, who was adopted by 
his aunt, Nancy Ehza and bore the name of Brownell. 

Seventh Generation, 


Roxana Barker, of LovelL Me who H tS.S .V' ^ .u^ ^ 
four children Aff^- u T \ , '' ^^4o, the mother of 
md (2) Jul"-i fi^J '1^^ ''^^'h he removed to Ohio, and 

from V'e/mo'nt ' H s ' second'w^ e'h^n ' t"" ^^^^"'^ ""« 
and he d Aor -jo tSS, f ?^ ^^J'ore him mne cWIdren, 

the names^o? thf fijff ?o u" fh^.^n^"- °^- ^^ "ave on., 
2165-^MARY OLIVE STEARNS b Oct 26 tR--, a 

S^^u'""^ Lauriston Little, b., Sept. 23, 1874. 
(b)— Charles Little, b., Apr. 10, 1877. 
(c)— Alta R. Little, b., Nov. 29, 1879. 
(d)--Murdock Little, b.. Mar. 14, 1881 
(e)— Blanche Little, b., Sept. 11,' 1884. 
(0— Omar Little, b., June 18, 1886. 
(g)— Erma Little, b.. Mar. 5, 1889. 
(h)--Augusta Little, b., Apr. 10, 1892 


2166— ROXANA STEARNS, b., Jan. 16, 1855; md Mar. 
8, 1882, Adoniram Judson Greenfield, a farmer, of Ashley, 
O. ; five children. 

(a)— Charles Raymond Greenfield, b., Mar. 22, 1883; d., 

Apr. 29, 1885. 
(b)— Lloyd S. Greenfield, b., Sept. 19, 1884. 
(c)_Alice Mabel Greenfield, b., Mar. 15, 1887. 
(d)— George Harold Greenfield, b., May 4, 1889. 
(e)— Seward William Greenfield, b., May 24, 1892. 
2167-ALFRED LESTER STEARNS, b^,Feb^ 5, 1857, at 
Cardington, O.; a farmer, near Denmark, O.; md., Dec. 10, 
1891, Rosa Flanagan, of Marion, O.; four children. 
2168— RAYMOND STEARNS, b., Sept. 30, 1892. 
^i6q_CLYDE STEARNS, b., Sept. 18, 1894. } j^ins. 
2170— CLOYDE STEARNS, b., Sept. 18, 1894- ) 
2i7i_DOLLIE INEZ STEARNS, b., Dec. 21, 1896. 

.i7._TOHN WEBSTER STEARNS, b., July 4, i860, 
at Cardington, O.; a commercial traveler of Barnesville, O. 
He md., Dec. 14, 1891, Mollie Shaffer, of Barnesville, O. 

2i7._WEALTHY ALICE STEARNS, b., Oct. 26, 
i862,^it Cardington, O.; md., Sept. 15, 1882, Rev Charles 
F. Crane, a Methodist minister, of Sunbeam, ill., three 

(a)— Zelma R. Crane, b., Feb. 14, 1887. 
(b)_Roy Hensell Crane, b., June 3, 1890. ) ^^.^^^ 
(c)— Ray Judson Crane, b., June 3, 1890. ) 
Ray Judson d. in infancy. 

2174— ISAAC CLIFFORD STEARNS, b., Sept. 4, 1865, 
at Cardington, O.; a farmer, of Caledonia, O. He md., Nov. 
25, 1886, Nora Cohen, of Caledonia, O.; one child. 

2175— HATTIE ETHEL STEARNS, b., Nov. 27, 1887. 

2176— NORA DELL STEARNS, b., Apr. 3, 1868; md., 
Feb. 16, 1 89 1, WilHam A. Lucas, a farmer and stockman; 
three children. 


(a) — Edith Lucas, b., Sept. 12, 1893; d., Aug. 21, 189^. 
(b) — Fairy Glade Lucas, b., July 7, 1896. 
(c) — Verne Lucas, b., Aug. 18, 1899. 


14, 1780, at Cardington, O.; resident of Bennington, O. 

2178— HANNAH MYRTLE STEARNS, b., Nov. 25, 
1872, at Cardington, O.; md., Oct. i, 1889, George M. Lucas, 
of Marion, O.; three children. 

(a) — Ralph Forrest Lucas, b., Jan. 11, 1892. 
(b) — Opal Marie Lucas, b., Aug. 22, 1895. 
(c) — Kinsella Ward Lucas, b., Nov. 3, 1897. 

2179— STEPHEN STEARNS (959), generally known as 
Capt. Stephen Stearns, b., Jan. 11, 1808, son of David and 
Sally (Andrews) Stearns, of Lovell, Me.; a farmer and lum- 
berman, of Lovell; md. (i). May 7, 1832, Mary Russell, b., 
Mar. 12, 1814, at Boston, Mass., who d., July 31, 1849, at 
Lovell, Me.; md. (2), Mar. 12, 1850, Mary Elizabeth Gor- 
don, of Fryeburg, Me., b., Aug. 7, 1824, who d., June 5, 
1882, in Audubon Co., Iowa. He d., Jan. 15, 1863, in Lovell, 
Me., where all his eleven children were born. 

2180— SARAH RUSSELL STEARNS, b., Dec. 29, 1834? 
md., Oct. 5, 1854, Josiah Heald Stearns (4182), son of Gen. 
Solomon Steams, of Lovell, Me. 

2181— GEORGE RUSSELL STEARNS (4219), b., Sept. 
30, 1836. 

2182— CAROLINE STEARNS, b., Dec. 25, 1838; d., Feb. 

15. 1843. 

2183— JAMES CUTLER STEARNS (4222), b., Sept. 10, 

2184— THEODORE STEARNS, b.. Mar. 25, 1842; d., 
Feb. 5, 1848. 

1843; nid., 1863, George W. Leighton, of Westbrook, Me.; 
removed to Indiana, where she d., 1887; five children. 


(a) — Isola Leighton, b., 1864. 

(b) — Lillie Leighton. 

(c) — William Leighton, d. 

(d) — Flora Leighton„ 

(e) — George Leighton. 

2186— HENRY WILBER STEARNS (4227), b., Jan. 4, 

2187— MARY ARABELLA STEARNS, b., Nov. 30, 
1847; md., Feb. 8, 1868, Warren S. Oilman, of South Ber- 
wick, Me. 

(a) — Harry W. Oilman, b., Mar. 22, 1875. 

2188— STEPHEN STEARNS JR. (4230), b., July 23, 

2i89^SEWELL FLY STEARNS (4234), b., Oct., 1851. 

2190— ELLA MARCIA STEARNS, b., June 5, 1863; re- 
sided with her mother until her mother's death; obtained a 
good education by her own efforts, supporting herself by 
teaching. She is a popular and successful teacher in the 
pubHc schools of Audubon, la. ; unm. 

2191— CALEB STEARNS (960), b., Nov. 18, 1810, son 
of David and Sally (Andrews) Stearns, of Lovell, Me.; a 
farmer, of Lovell, where he d., Apr. i, 1881; md., Jan. 18, 
1834, Eliza Russell, b., Mar. 4, 1820, dau. of Oeorge Russell; 
seven children, b., in Lovell, Me. 

in Lovell, Oxford Co., Me., Apr. 29, 1839. He made prep- 
aration for college at the Coburn Classical Institute, Water- 
ville. Me. During vacations he taught school to earn the 
means necessary to obtain his education. As a teacher he 
was successful. In the falf of 1859 he entered Colby Univer- 
sity, was a thorough, hard working student, and his scholar- 
ship was well above the average of his class. He was not 
graduated, though the honorary degree of A. B. was con- 
ferred upon him by his Alma Mater in 1877. True to his 
high ideals of patriotism and justice, he left college and en- 
listed as a private in Co. E., 12th Maine Volunteer Infantry. 

Marcellus L. Stearns. 


He was promoted to First Lieutenant in 1863. His first serv- 
ice was in the ''Department of the Gulf," being with General 
B. F. Butler in New Orleans in 1862 and commanding for a 
short time the Government Schooner, Hortense, on Lake 
Pontchartrain. Lieut. Stearns was one of the volunteers of 
the "Forlorn Hope," at the siege of Port Hudson, to whom 
Congress voted medals in honor of their bravery and gallant 
conduct. He was also with Gen. N. P. Banks on the ill-fated 
"Red River Expedition" in the Spring of 1864. In June of 
the same year he was transferred to Virginia. Lieut. Stearns 
led several charges at Winchester with conspicuous gallantry, 
and in this battle received severe wounds. An extract from 
a letter written on the field to Capt. Stearns, father of the 
Lieutenant, says: "I write to inform you that on the iQth 
inst. your son was wounded in a charge upon the enemy 
near this place. He received a musket shot in the right arm, 
just above the elbow, which necessitated amputation near the 
shoulder. The charge was a most desperate one, and our 
brigade was in the very hottest part of it. Lieut. Stearns had 
his sword wrenched from his hand by a musket ball while 
bravely urging his men forward. Our forces charged the 
enemy three times before they finally gave way." Lieut. 
Stearns was then transferred to the Veteran Reserve Corps, 
being commissioned Mar. 25, 1865, as Second Lieutenant, 
and assigned to Co. H, 20th Regt., V. R. C. He then studied 
law in the office of Josiah H. Drummond, in Portland, Me., 
until he was transferred to the Freedman's Bureau, under 
Gen. O. O. Howard, and sent to Wheeling. W. Va.; after- 
wards he went to Quincy, Fla., where he discharged the dif- 
ficult, and often dangerous, duties of his place, firmly and 
conscientiously, winning the entire confidence and esteem of 
the freedmen and the dislike and opposition of the un-recon- 
structed rebels. He was mustered out of the U. S. Service 
Jan. I, 1868, and continued his home' at Quincy. In 1867 
he was a delegate to the Republican State Convention, and 
was especially prominent as an organizer of his party. Just 
after his admission to the bar he was elected a member of 
the Constitutional Convention, which, under the reconstruc- 
tion acts of Congress, formed a new State Convention. Dur- 
ing the same year he was elected to the Legislature and was 
made speaker of the House of Representatives, which ofifice 


he held for four years. As a speaker, he was careful and im- 
partial in his rulings, and in spite of the bitter partisanship 
which prevailed, he secured the confidence of 'both parties in 
his official integrity. In 1869 he was appointed U. S. Sur- 
veyor General of Florida by President Grant. In 1872 he 
was elected Lieutenant Governor of the state and upon the 
death of the Governor in the next year he was inaugurated 
Governor, which office he filled for three years. Governor 
Stearns married Ellen Austin Walker, dau. of Rev. Horace 
D, Walker, of Bridgewater, Mass., Dec. 12, 1878. During 
the following year Governor and Mrs. Stearns made a tour 
of Europe, and returned Aug., 1887. He then removed to 
Atlantic, Cass Co., la. Here he was made President of the 
Atlantic National Bank, which place he held until compelled 
to resign by reason of ill health. On Jan. 4, 1890, he suf- 
fered a severe stroke of paralysis, and while on his way to 
the Hot Springs, Ark., his train was overturned, and his right 
shoulder fractured, so that his physician forbade his bathing. 
His last summer in life was passed at his boyhood home, 
in Lovell, where he died, Dec. 8, 1891. Lake Stearns, in 
Central Florida, was named in his honor. 

2193— AUGUSTUS STEARNS, b., Sept. 15. 1840: d., 
July 20, i860. 

2194— TIMOTHY STEARNS (4238), b.. Mar. 30, 1842. 

2195— ECKLEY T. STEARNS (4245), b., Aug. 30, 1843- 

2196— RENSSALAER CRAM STEARNS, b., July 26, 
1845; during Civil War served in Co. E., 12th Regt., Me. 
Inf. Vols. ; was in mercantile business with his brother, Tim- 
othy, in Quincy, Fla. He md., June 20, 1878, Mary Ida 

2i97_FRANK COY STEARNS (4249), b., Nov. 22, 

2198— GEORGIA STEARNS, b., Oct. 18, 1859; d., Nov. 
19, 1864. 

2199— HORATIO STEARNS (968), b., July 25, 1828, 
son of David and Sally (Andrews) Stearns, of Lovell, Me.; 
md.. May 26, 1864, Sarah Maria Brackett, and settled in 


Colebrook, N. H.; afterwards removed to Lovell^ Me.; 
served in 23d. Regt., Me. Inf., during Civil War. 

2200— GEORGE WARD STEARNS (4254), b., Apr. 18, 


2202— FRED SEWARD STEARNS, b., Oct. 21, 1869, 
in Lovell, Me.; d., Dec. 18, 1897. 

2203— ISAAC STEARNS 3d. (972), b., Oct. 28, 1781, 
son of Isaac Jr. and Mary (Crosby) Stearns, of Ashburnham, 
Mass.; md., Nov. 7, 1822, Belinda Bedlow, b., Nov. 18, 1791, 
who d., 1847, dau. of Stephen 3d. and Sarah Bedlow, of 
Hingham and Ashby. ''Her father, Stephen Bedlow 3d., was 
son of Stephen Badlam Jr., who was son of Gen. Stephen 
Badlam, who was son of William Badlatn, of England. Ste- 
phen Badlam Jr. was Captain of a ship and lost at sea; a son 
was born and his name was recorded by the Town Clerk in 
characters that were difficult to decipher. After the death of 
the mother and Town Clerk, an uncertainty arose as to 
the real name, and it was decided to be Bedlow, which has 
beeji adopted by the descendants of the family, although 
Badlam was the family name in England. General Stephen 
Badlam joined the American Army, Apr. 19, 1775, and was 
commissioned General, but, on account of ill-health, was 
obliged to resign in 1776, but in 1799, was Brig. Gen. of 
Mass. Militia." From the time of the marriage of Isaac 
Stearns 3d. and Belinda Bedlow, to 1837. they resided at 
Rindge, N. H.; removed to New Ipswich, N. H., where he d., 
Jan. 30, 1863. 

2204— SARAH STEARNS, b., Sept. 27, 1823; d., Feb. 12, 

2205— ISAAC STEARNS 4th. (4257), b., Sept. 24, 182^. 

2206— SARAH WHITNEY STEARNS, b., Dec. 24, 
1827; d., Aug. 7, 1874: unm. 

2207— MAJ. ALBERT STEARNS (4261), b., Dec. 20, 


2208— JESSE STEARNS (974) b., Aug. 29, 1784, son of 
Isaac Jr. and Mary (Crosby) Stearns, of Ashburnham, Mass.; 
md., June 6, 181 1, Lucinda Davis, who d., Oct, 9, 1868, dat*. 
of Josiah and Abigail (Hubbard) Davis, of New Ipswich, N. 
H. He was a well-known school teacher for twenty-two 
years, and d., Nov. 18, 1866. Both are buried in the ceme- 
tery at New Ipswich, N. H. "Mrs. Jesse Stearns owned the 
first chaise in the town, having bought it with money re- 
ceived from the estate of her father." 

"There are several noticeable features in the family of 
Jesse Stearns. The three daughters were graduates of Ladies' 
Schools, and married clergymen; all the sons studied with 
the purpose of entering the ministry; the strong, philan- 
thropic tendency is manifested in the grandchildren, and it 
may be emphatically called 'an educated family.' 

Feb. 24, 1812, in New Ipswich, N. H.; grad., Amherst Coll., 
1836; Tutor, 1839; grad., Andover Theol. Sem., 1842; was, 
for twenty-four years, the honored and beloved pastor of 
the Cong. Church in Billerica, Mass. "He was a scholar of 
exceptional quality and diligence, and his preaching was 
thoughtful and instructive. In 1864, he was a member of 
the Mass. House of Representatives, and for a number of 
years had charge of the Billerica schools. After leaving his 
pastorate at Billerica, he served nine years in Clearwater, 
Minn., then retired from active pastoral labor and made a 
pleasant home in Zumbrota, Minn.,°where he d., Nov. i, 
1882." He md., June 27, 1843, Lucy Murdock, of Rutland, 
Mass., who d., Oct. 31, 1881; no children. 

2210— EVELINE LUCINDA STEARNS, b., Feb. 16, 
1814; md., Nov. 14, 1835, Rev. Samuel S. Tappan. She was 
an authoress when young, having written many books; d.. 
Mar. 27, 1850; two children. 

(a) — Sarah Salisbury Tappan. b., Nov. 11, 1836; a beau- 
tiful and accomplished woman who md. Dr. Elliott 
Berdan, of Paterson, N. J. 
(b) — Arthur Tappan. 

221 1— REV. JOSIAH MILTON STEARNS (4268), b., 
June 17, 1818. 

Abigail M. Stearns Cummings. 


2212— ISAAC CROSBY STEARNS (4280), b., Feb. 28, 

2213— ABIGAIL MARY STEARNS, b., July 24, 1822, 
in New Ipswich, N. H.; md., Oct. 28, 1847, Rev. Seneca Cum- 
mings. "Her early training was in the thrifty New England 
town where she was born; afterwards she studied at Mary 
Lyon's Mt. Holyoke Seminary, and became a successful 
teacher until her marriage. She and her husband served in 
missionary work under the A. B. C. F. M., in Foochow, 
China, from 1847 to 1855, being among the earliest mis- 
sionaries there, and their help in the Foochow mission was 
appreciated by all the little band then gathered, which laid 
the foundation for the future work of that successful mis- 
sion. They returned to this country in 1855, on account 
of ill-health, bringing two small children. Mr. Cummings 
died suddenly in the fall of 1856, and her health was never 
restored. A constant sufferer she was confined to her New 
Ipswich home for the last thirty years of her life, entering 
peacefully into rest, Nov. 16, 1895. Her intellectual powers 
and keen interest in her wide circle of friends and relatives 
made her the beloved center of family communication. Lov- 
ing others she was herself beloved, and her quiet influence 
for good from her cheerful sick room will ever last with those 
who knew her. She kept pace with all good literature and 
improvements for the betterment of the world and the spread 
of Christian culture. Many were the kindly messages and 
helpful words she penned or spoke, and young people loved 
to talk with her and be her friends. It was a bitter disap- 
pointment, with her active temperament, to be shut in from 
work, and, especially, to give up her missionary life, but no 
one who knew her could doubt that she exemplified, in her 
patience and self-sacrificing zeal, the true spirit of the Christ 
she served." 

2214— LUCY ESTABROOK STEARNS, b., Apr. 16, 
1826, in New Ipswich, N. H.; grad., Mt. Holvoke Seminary, 
1849. She md., Sept. 6, 1852, Rev. Charies Hartwell, of 
Lincoln, Mass., and they went, the same year, to Foochow, 
China, as missionaries of the Congregational Board of For- 
eign Missions. 


She was the mother of seven children, all born in Foo- 
chow, China, where she d., July lo, 1883, and was buried 
beside her three daughters. Rev. and Mrs. Hartwell vis- 
ited America in 1865, remaining until 1867, when they re- 
turned to China, leaving their surviving children, except the 
youngest, in care of her brother, Isaac Crosby Stearns, of 
Zumbrota, Minn. 

(a) — Mary Evelyn Hartwell, b., Apr. i, 1854; d., Aug. 

7, 1864. 
(b) — Charles Stearns Hartwell, b., Sept. 3, 1855; has 

led an interesting and varied life; teacher in Boys' 

High School, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
(c) — Lucy Cummings Hartwell, d. in infancy, in Foo- 

chow, China. 

(d) — Emily Susan Hartwell, b., /\pr. 16, 1858; remained 
in Foochow, China, until six years of age; grad., 
Wheaton Sem., Norton, Mass., 1883; returned to 
Foochow as a missionary on the death of her 
mother, but was compelled by ill-health to return 
to this country, in 1887; Field Secretary of Wom- 
en's Board of Missions and of Minn. Woman's 
Home Missionary Union; unm. In 1897, she again 
returned to Foochow. 

(e) — Annie Lucinda Hartwell, b., Sept. i, i860; d., 
Aug. 13, 1861. 

(f) — George Edward Hartwell, b., July 20, 1862; d.. 
Mar. 24, 1875. in Zumbrota. 

(g) — Carrie Amelia Hartwell, b.. June 10, 1864; md., 
Aug. 10, 1887, Edward A. Tupper, of St. Paul, 
Minn.; three children. 

2215— JOHN NEWTON STEARNS (4285). b., May 24, 

2216— WILLIAM STEARNS JR. (982), b., June 19, 
1778, son of William and Lydia (Davis) Stearns, of Ash- 
burnham, Mass.; md., Feb. 12, 1801. Betsy Davis, b., Dec. 
30, 1783, dau. of Dea. Thaddeus and Sarah (Stearns) Davis 
(373) of Bedford, Mass.. later of Woburn. Wm. Stearns Jr. 
d., Sept. IQ, 1823. in Bedford, and his wid. d.. July 27, 1844; 
seven children. 


2217— HORATIO DAVIS STEARNS, b., Jan. 19, 1802; 
d., 1803. 

2218— SELINDA STEARNS, b., Sept. i, 1804; d., Apr. 
2y, i860. 

1806; d., 1808. 

2220— WILLIAM ALBERT STEARNS (4287), b., Oct. 
12, 1809. 

9, 181 1 ; d., June 8, 1888. 

Aug. 16, 1814. 

2223— ISAAC DAVIS STEARNS (4300), b., July 21, 

2224— CAPT. TIMOTHY STEARNS (986), b., Sept. i, 
1786, son of William and Lydia (Davis) Stearns, of Ash- 
burnham, Mass.; a Captain, of Ashburnham; md., Jan. 26, 
1820, Eliza Adams, b., Nov. 19, 1796, who d., July 18, 1883, 
dau. of Capt, Ebenezer Thomas and Polly (Goodwin) Adams, 
of Ashburnham. Capt. Stearns d., Oct. 25, 1843, while on 
a journey with his family to Missouri. His family completed 
the journey, but, after a brief residence at Little Osage, Mo., 
returned to Ashburnham; nine children. 

2225— ELIZA ROXANA STEARNS, b., Jan. 2, 1821; 
md. (i), Oct. I, 1842, Cecil D. Ball, of Little Osage, Mo., 
Avho d., Nov. 24, i860; md. (2), June 2, 1863, Col. Robert W. 
McNeil, of Nevada, Mo. 

2226— MARY ADAMS STEARNS, b., July 21, 1822; 
md., June, 1844, her cousin, Isaac Davis Stearns (2223), and 
resided some years in Missouri. She d., July 11, 1854, in 

2227— TIMOTHY WRAY STEARNS, b., Sept. 30, 1824; 
d., Oct. 16, 1825. 

2228— TIMOTHY WRAY STEARNS, b.. Mar. 16, 1826; 
resided at Little Osage, Mo.; d., Oct., 1885; unm. 


2229— WILLIAM DIKE STEARNS, b., Feb. 17, 1828; 
d., Nov. 17, 1861; unm. 

2230— EDWIN JEWETT STEARNS (4303) b., Jan. 17, 

2231— EMMA LINCOLN STEARNS, b., Jan. 30, 1833; 
md. (i), Apr. 26, 1862, Charles E. Burnap, of Fitchburg. He 
d., and she md. (2), Oct. 14, 1875, Jonas Wood, b., Oct. 15, 
1819, son of David and Mary (Earle) Wood, of Rindge, N.H. 

2232— URANIA ANDERSON STEARNS, b., Oct. 23, 
1835; md., Jan. i, 1857, John P. Whitney, son of William 
and Fanny (Lincoln) Whitney, of Ashby, Mass., where they 

2233— JOSEPH HENRY STEARNS, b., Feb. 12, 1838; 
md. (i), 1868, Martha C. Bradshaw; md. (2), 1879, Addie 
Modrel; both wives from Little Osage, Mo., where he set- 

2234— CHARLES STEARNS (988), b.. Mar. 21, 1791, 
son of William and Lydia (Davis) Stearns, of Ashburnham, 
Mass.; md., Oct. 19, 1821, Rebecca Converse, b., Feb. 18, 
1794, dau. of Zebiilon and Sarah (Merriam) Converse, of 
Rindge, N. H. He was an Ensign of the militia, in 1814, 
but soon removed to New Ipswich, N. H., where he d., Mar. 
6, 1838. His widow d., Sept. 3, 1870, in Lowell, Mass.; 
four children. 

2235— EDWIN JONES STEARNS, b., Oct. 6, 1823; d., 
Apr. 16, 1842. 

2236— SUSAN DAVIS STEARNS, b., 1826; d.. Mar. 
23, J 868; unm. 

d.. Mar. 23, i860; unm. 

2238— JANE REBECCA STEARNS, b., 1835; d., Oct. 
29, 1836. 

2239— DR. ISAAC STEARNS (992), b., Dec. 30, 1792, 
son of Benjamin and Susanna (Frye) Stearns, of Lovell, Me. ; 
studied medicine in Fryeburg, Me.; attended lectures at 
Dart. Coll.; settled, a physician, in Dunbarton, N. H., 


where he practiced medicine thirty years and was postmaster 
for many years. He md. (i), May 25, 1826, Eunice P. 
Marshall, b., July 6, 1804, dau. of Benjamin Marshall, Esq., 
3f Dunbarton, N. H. She d., Oct. 30, 1830, leaving two 
children, and he md. (2), Apr. 25, 1833, Elizabeth Carleton 
Lund Paige, b., July 30, 1798, dau. of Jeremiah Paige, Esq., 
of Dunbarton, N. H. Dr. Isaac Stearns d., Aug. 31, 1850, 
and his wid. d., Nov. 13, 1871; four children. 

2240— SUSAN FRANCES STEARNS, b., Feb. 9, 1828; 
md., May 2^, 1854, John Gutterson, of Dunbarton, N. H. 
They afterwards lived in Henniker, N. H., where he owned 
a saw and grist mill. 

(a) — Kate Marion Gutterson, b., Dec. 4, 1855; md.,Nov, 
19, 1877, Richard L. ChiJds, a farmer, of Hen- 
niker, N. H. 
(b) — Clara Crawford Gutterson, b., Aug. 4, 1859. 
(c) — Alice Marshall Gutterson, b., Feb. 10, 1861. 
(d) — Sarah Boynton Gutterson, b., Dec. 25, 1868. 

II. 1829; md., Nov. 28, 1850, John F. Dow, of Randolph, Vt.; 
settled in Meriden, Conn. 

(a) — Eunice Stearns Dow, b., June 26, 1852; md., Aug. 
13, 1873. Florince W. Shelley, of Merriden, Ct.; 
settled in Creston, la. 

(b) — Sarah Frances Dow, b., July 27, 1854. 

, (c) — Ellen Wales Dow, b., Sept. 5, 1861. 

2242— SARAH PAIGE STEARNS, b. and d., July, 

2243— ISAAC HENRY STEARNS, b., May 3, 1837; 
md., Nov. 3, 1870, Mary Lena Savage; no children. When 
only fifteen years of age he went to Montreal, Canada; was 
bookeeper for some years, then engaged in the manufacture 
of farming tools, and later was proprietor of the Albion 

Sept. I, 1794, son of Benjamin and Susanna (Frye) Stearns, 


of Lovell, Me.; md., Dec, 13, 1819, Mehitable Frye Swan, 
dau. of Joseph T. Swan, Esq., of Fryeburg, Me. "He 
was a Deacon in the Congregational Church and a pro- 
gressive and successful farmer. He was distinguished for 
his pure life, great faith, piety, and active interest in all 
religious matters." His death occurred, Sept. 29, 1872, 
in Lovell, Me.; twelve children. 

2245— JOHN FRYE STEARNS, b., Feb. 26, 1821; d., 
]^»[ar. 4, 1827. 

2246— CHARLES S. STEARNS (4307), b.. Mar. 13, 

2247— JULL\ A. STEARNS, b., Mar. 5, 1823; unm. 

2248— HARRIET STEARNS, b., Apr. 8, 1825; md. (i), 
Dec. 20, 1846, Henry Banks, who d., Sept. 11, 1847, leav- 
ing no children; md. (2), May 29, 1849, Isaac Crooker, a mer- 
chant, of Saco, Me. They removed to Boston, Mass., to 
Bristol, 111., and, in 1873, to Corning, Adams Co., la., where 
he d.. Mar. 22, 1879. 

(a) — Frank Carroll Crooker. b., Oct. 27, 1854; md., May 
I, 1879, Wilhelmeta Dunning. 

(b) — Fred Walter Crooker, b., Dec. 31, 1856; d., June 

15, 1875- 

(c) — Nellie Augusta Crooker, b., Feb. 23, 1858; md., 
Nov. 27, 1879, Hon. Edward H. Hunter, of Corn- 
ing, la. 

(d) — Minnie Crooker, b., June 15, 1861; d., July 11, 

(e) — Edward Stearns Crooker, b.. Mar. 11, 1867. 

2249— AUGUSTA STEARNS, b., Oct. 17, 1826; md.. 
May 2, 1847, Galon C. Evans. 

2250— JOHN F. STEARNS (431 1), b., July 5, 1828. 

2251— OLIVIA STEARNS, b., Dec. 4, 1829; md., June 
25, 1854, George P. Jones, of Lovell, Me., afterwards a 
prosperous dentist of Norway, Me. 


(a)— Frany I. Jones, b., May, 1859. ^ Tv^ms 

(b) — Mabel E. Jones, b., May, 1859. \ 
(c) — Mary E. Jones, 
(d) — Harry P. Jones. 

2252— BENJAMIN FRANKLIN STEARNS,, (43 16), b., 
Sept. II, 1831. 

2253— ROWLAND H. STEARNS, b., June 20, 1833; d., 
Jan. I, 1864, from disease contracted while in discharge of 
army duties. He enlisted in the 3d. Maine Inf. Vols., ancr 
proved himself a truly brave soldier of the Civil War. 

2254— ELIZA ANNE STEARNS, b., Sept. 28, 1834; 
md., Nov. 29, 1862, Samuel L. Hatch, of Lovell, Me. 

(a) — Ernest Stearns Hatch, b., June 30, 1869. 

(b) — Maggie M. Hatch, b., June 10, 1873. 

2255— EDWARD PAYSON STEARNS, b., June 7, 1837; 
enlisted with his brother in the 3d. Maine Inf. Vols., and d., 
Mar. 6, 1864, from disease contracted in his country's 

2256— HENRY M. STEARNS (4324), b.. Mar. 28, 

2257— GEN. SOLOMON STEARNS (995), b., July 21, 
1798. son of Benjamin and Susanna (Frye) Stearns, of 
Lovell, Me.; a Brigadier-General, of Lovell; md., Jan. 11, 
1824, Sarah (Sally) Heald, b., May 30, 1804, dau. of Dea. 
Josiah Heald, of Lovell, Me. Gen. Stearns was educated 
at Fryeburg Acad., and was for many years an active, in- 
fluential man in the affairs of his native town. He was a 
successful farmer, a good neighbor and an excellent Chris- 
tian. He left to his children the heritage of a stainless in- 
tegrity and a fair portion of worldly possessions. His death 
occurred Apr. 16, 1849, and his widow was made his ex- 
ecutrix. She d., Dec. 25, 1866; thirteen children. 

2258— MARY HEALD STEARNS, b., July 10, 1824; 
md., Apr. 11, 1850, William Hutchins, of Lovell, Me. 

(a) — Amy Hutchins, b., Feb. 20. 1851; grad. Camb. 
High School, July, 1868, and from the Salem Nor- 


mal School, Jan., 1870; a teacher, in the Hillside 
Grammar School, Boston, Mass. 
*(b) — Edward Everett Hutchins, b., July 16, 1852; d., 
Jan. I, 1854. 

(c) — NelHe Aurette Hutchins, b., Nov. 15, 1853; gi"a-d. 
Camb. High School, July, 1870; from Camb. Train- 
ing School, July, 1871; engaged in teaching in the 
Shepard Grammar School. 

(d) — William Everett Hutchins, b., Jan. 13, 1858; 
grad. Camb. High School, June, 1875; grad. Harv. 
Coll., June, 1879; studying law. 

(e) — Edward Weston Hutchins, b., July 12, 1859; d., 
May 29, 1863. 

2259— SARAH FRYE STEARNS, b., May 9. 1826; md., 
Feb. 4, 1848, Charles Flint, of Sweden, Me.; d., Julv 2, 


(a) — ^Charles Francois Flint, b., Jan., 1849. 
(b) — Solomon Stearns Flint, b., Aug., 1850. 
(c) — 'Benjamin Flint, b., Dec, 185 1. 

2260— LUCY ANN STEARNS, b., May 13, 1828; d., 
Jan. 21, 1829. 

2261— BENJAMIN STEARNS, b., Sept. 17, 1829. 

2262— JOSIAH HEALD STEARNS, b., Sept. 17, 

Both d., Sept. 18, 1829. 

2263— LUCY ANN STEARNS, b., Oct. 16, 1830; md., 
Oct. 9, 185 1 ; Henry Russell, of Lovell, Me. 

(a) — Anna Leveria Russell, b., Sept. 13, 1852; md., 
Sept. 22, 1872, Eckley T. Stearns (4245). 

(b) — Dr. Henry Albert Russell, b., Mar. 10, 1855; stud- 
ied medicine in Washington, D. C: grad. Med. 
Dept., Harv. Univ.. 1881; practiced medicine in 
Washington, D. C. 

(c) — Dean Walker Russell, b., July 11, 1857. 

(d) — Solomon Stearns Russell, b., Feb. 2;^, i860; d., 
Sept. 2, 1862. 


(e) — Nellie Barker Russell, b., Dec. lo, 1862. 
(f)— Fred Coulter Russell, b., Feb. 23, 1866. 
(g) — Edward Erwin Russell, b., May 9, 1869. 
(h) — Lucy Blanche Russell, b., Oct. 29, 1871. 

2264— JOSIAH HEALD STEARNS (4328), b., Feb. 

I?", 1833- 

2265— HENRY ALBERT STEARNS, b., Nov. 12, 1835; 
d., Dec. 16, 1853. 

2266— SOLOMON SARGENT STEARNS (4338), b., 
June 18, 1838. 

2267— JOHN FRYE STEARNS, b., July 2, 1841; d., 
Jan. 18, 1843. 

1844; d., Mar. 5, 1849. 

2269— ASHLEY STEARNS, b.. May 23, 1846; d., July 
9, 1846. 

2270— SUSANNAH EUDORA STEARNS, b., July 11, 
1847; md., June 30, 1872, Albert F. Roberts, of Boston. 

(a) — Edith Olivia Roberts, b., June 11, 1874. 
(b) — Mildred Stearns Roberts, b., June 17, 1876. 
(c) — Marian Roberts. 

2271— LIEUT. OBED STEARNS (998),, b., Feb. 4, 
1804, son of Benjamin and Susanna (Frye) Stearns, of 
Lovell, Me.; md., June 3, 1835, Eliza Barker, b., Oct. 16, 
1813, dau. of Capt. Stephen and Betsy (Andrews) Barker, of 
Lovell, Me. He was a worthy and respected citizen of 
his native town until 1884, when he went to Norway, Me., 
with his youngest child, Seward S. Stearns, and d., there, 
June 16, 1891; eleven children. 

2272— SIRENA EMELINE STEARNS, b., Sept. 3, 
1837; md., Mar. 13, 1867, Timothy S. Stearns (4238), 01 
Lovell, Me. She d.. Jan. 8, 1895: seven children. 

1839; d., July 6, 1854. 


2274— ARTHUR TAPPAN STEARNS (4344), b., Apr. 
23, 1840. 

Jan. 18, 1842. 

2276— STEPHEN B. STEARNS, b., Feb. 19, 1844; en- 
listed during the Civil War, in the service of the United 
States, as private in 30th Regt., Maine Vols.; d., Aug. 21. 
1865, during the journey home, from dysentery contracted 
in the swamps of the Carolinas. "Another young life given 
up for our native land." 

2277— AUSTIN W. STEARNS, b., May 30, 1845; served, 
during the Civil War, in 12th Me. Inf. Vols.; supposed to 
be living in the state of Washington. 

2278— CORWIN B. STEARNS, b., May 20, 1847; d., 
July 29, 1854. 

2279— LYMAN B. STEARNS, b., June 23, 1849; sup- 
posed to be located in Alaska. 

2280- OBED F. STEARNS, b., Sept. 11, 1851; d., Aug. 
8, 1854. 

2281— CHARLES SUMNER STEARNS, b., Aug. 29, 
1853; d.. Mar. 7, 1855. 

2282— SEWARD SMITH STEARNS (4349), b., Mar. it, 

2283— OBED STEARNS (1007), b.. Mar. 21, 1801, son 
of Timothy and Sarah (Lane) Stearns, of Billerica, Mass; 
md., May 27, 1827, Mehitable Carleton, b., Jan. 7, 1803, 
dau. of Amos and Esther (Manning) Carleton, of Billerica. 
Mass. He was a farmer of Billerica, in the southern part or 
the town; three children. 

2284— OBED JOSIAH STEARNS, b., Oct. 17, 1830. 

2285— AMOS CARLETON STEARNS, b., Oct. 31, 
1831; md., Oct., 1856, Mary A. Hartwell. 

b., Oct. 9, 1835; deacon of Congregational Church in Wo- 


burn; gave one of the rose windows in Amherst Coll. Church 
as a memorial. 

2287— REV. TIMOTHY STEARNS JR. (loio), b., Jan. 
2Z, 1810, son of Timothy and Sarah (Lane) Stearns, of 
Billenca, Mass.; grad. Amherst Coll., 1837; studied Theology 
at Andover; taught in his sister Sarah's Seminary at Chilli- 
cothe, la.; after that was Prin. of High School, at Columbus 
O. Was pastor at Worthington, O., Kingston, O., Mt' 
Pleasant, la., and Ft. Madison, la. He md., Dec. 13 1837 
Catherme Taylor, of Athens, O.; d., July 19, 1861. We 
have been unable to ascertain the names of their two chil- 

2288-FRANKLIN STEARNS (1012), b., Jan. 2s, 
1802, son of John and Mary (Lane) Stearns, of Billerica, 
Mass.; a farmer, of Billerica; md., Dec. 28, 1828, Sarah (Sally) 
Lane b Dec. 18, 1801, dau. of Benjamin Lane, of Bedford 
and Ashburnham. He lived near the Concord River and 
Bedford Ime; d., May. 29, 1886; six children. 

1830 m Billerica, Mass.; d., Aug. 16, 1882, at the home- 

2290— MARY JANE STEARNS, b.. Mar. 22, 1832, in 
Billerica, Mass.;.md., Apr. 19, i860, John Reed, son of Rev. 
Dr. and Eliza (Doane) Reed, of Schenectady, N. Y. (Eliza 
(Doane) Reed was dau. of James Doane, f^rst mayor of 
New York City). John Reed d.. Mar. 11, 1869, at Palatka, 
Ha., where he had gone for his health. After her husband s 
death Mrs. Reed kept house for her brother, until her de- 
cease, Nov. II, 1893. 

(a)— John Owen Stearns Reed, b., Jan. 5, 1863; d., 
Dec. II, 1892; unm. 

(b)— Margaret Emma Reed, b.. Mar. 31. 186=;; home 
at Elizabeth, N. J. 

2291— SARAH OLIVE STEARNS, b., Mar. 23 1834- 
d., Apr. 29, 1838. ^ c>^' 

2292-~SARAH MARIA STEARNS, b., Apr. 17 1838- 
md., Sept. 28, 1859, Asa Duren, of Carlisle, Mass. ' ' 


2293— LUCRETIA ANN STEARNS, b, Jan. 25, 1842; 
md., Sept. 25, i860, John Proctor Davis, of Carlisle, Mass., 
where they settled and where their eleven children were 

(a) — Mary Rebecca Davis, b., Feb. 9, 1862. 

(b) — ^John Palmer Davis, b., Jan. 28, 1864. 

(c) — George Perry Davis, b.. Mar. 30, 1866. 

(d) — Martha Elizabeth Davis, b., Nov. 13, 1867. 

(e) — Alden Reed Davis, b., Apr. 22, 1870. 

(f) — Lizzie Jane Davis, b., Apr. 17, 1872; d.. May 3, 

(g) — Sarah Lane Davis, b., Mar. 5, 1873. , 
(h) — Emma Stearns Davis, b., Jan. 4, 1875, 
(j)— Austin Howard Davis, b., Aug. 30, 1877. ( j^^j^^g. 
(i) — Albert Wright Davis, b., Aug. 30, 1877. ) 
(k) — Sidney Augustus Davis, b., Mar. 28, 1880. 

2294— JOHN BILLINGS STEARNS, b., Fet). 13, 1845; 
as he was proud to say, he "was born at the old homestead 
and lived at the old homestead;" unm. 

2295— JOHN OWEN STEARNS (1014), b., Aug. 3. 1805, 
son of John and Mary (Lane) Stearns, of Billerica, Mass.; 
of EHzabethtown, N. J.; a director and Superintendent of 
the New Jersey Central Railroad; md., Apr. 5, 1842, Mar- 
garet Cursey Walker, b., Oct. 9, 1821, dau. of William and 
Sarah (Pennypacker) Walker, of Rehoboth, Pa.; d., Nov. i, 
1862; seven, children. "In the early part of this century, 
partr of a dinner set was in possession of the Stearns family, 
which was said to be the first earthenware made in this 
countr3^ But one piece is left, and that was in possession of 
John Owen Stearns, of Elizabeth, N. J. The Stearns coat- 
of-arms, with the name, Isaac Stearns, was on one side; on 
the other, a picture of Benjamin Franklin, with the motto, 
'Peace, Plenty and Independence.' 

Mrs. Onslow Stearns, of Concord, N. H., has a silver tank- 
ard made from silver dollars, for Timothy Steams and his 
wife, Sarah, which bears date of the seventeenth century." 

Onslow Stearns. 


No. 2295. 


2296— MARY ATHALIA STEARNS, b., Dec. 30, 1842; 
md., William N. Olmstead, of Philadelphia, Pa. They set- 
tled first in California; then, in Elizabeth, N. J. 

(a) — Edward Olmstead. 

(b) — Margaret Stearns Olmstead. 

(c) — Katharine Nesbit Olmstead. 

2297— ANNIE AUGUSTA STEARNS, b., Apr. 22, 
1844; md. Edwin J, Florance, and settled in EHzabeth, N. J. 

(a) — Emma Stearns Florance. 
(b) — Margaret Curry Florance. 

2298— WILLIAM WALKER STEARNS, b., Oct. 9, 
1845; ^^- Ethelyn Clairborne Brodee, of Virginia. 

2299— EMMA HOYT STEARNS, b., Oct. 23, 1847; 

2300— JOHN ONSLOW STEARNS, b., Aug. 24, 1849; 

May 30, 185 1 ; md. Mary Wilson, of Bethlehem, Pa. 


2303— MATILDA M. STEARNS, b., June 8, 1853; md. 
George Barber Edwards, of Elizabeth, N. J. 

(a) — George Barber Edwards Jr. 
(b) — Margaret Stearns Edwards, 
(c) — ^John Owen Stearns Edwards, 
(d) — Matilda Stearns Edwards, 
(e) — Anna Howard Edwards. 

2304— ONSLOW STEARNS (1017), b., Aug. 30, 1810, 
son of John and Mary (Lane) Stearns, of Billerica, Mass.; 
one of the most distinguished sons of Billerica. "At seven- 
teen years of age, he was a clerk in Boston, Mass.; in 1830, 
joined his brother, John, in Virginia, in the construction of 
the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal. He then became interested 
in contracts for building various railroads about Philadel- 
phia and Baltimore, and, as long as he lived, continued a re- 
markably successful railroad career. In all positions, his 


sagacity, ability and integrity were conspicuous and com- 
manded the confidencec of the pubHc. In 1862, he was elect- 
ed a member of the New Hampshire Senate, and, in 1863, 
became its President. Six years later, he was chosen Gov- 
ernor of New Hampshire and re-elected in 1870, though his 
consent to be again a candidate was reluctantly given. His 
administration of the affairs of the State was practical, non- 
partisan and highly successful, particularly so in managing 
the finances." He md., June 27, 1845, Mary Abbott Hol- 
brook, dau. of Hon. Adin Holbrook, of Athol,"and later, of 
Lowell, Mass. Their home was in Concord, N. H., where 
he d., Dec. 29, 1878. "To the performance of all his duties, 
he brought a more thorough equipment than was possessed 
by any man in New England and surpassed in completeness 
by few men in the country. Beginning at the foundation 
of railroad construction, there was no department in rail- 
road management, with whose details he was not familiar. 
Few men have had imposed on them more arduous labors. 
To the performancce of these, he devoted not only his days 
but many hours of the night, and to the pressure of their 
burden may be attributed his comparatively early death." 
He had five children. 

2305— CHARLES ONSLOW STEARNS, b.. May 31, 
1846, in Concord, N. H.: partner in firm of John A. Lowell & 
Co., Engravers and Printers; md. Isabelle Knight, and set- 
tled in Boston. Mass.; two d aughters. 

2306— FRIEDA STEARNS, b., Dec. 30, 1874, in Boston, 

2307— THALIA STEARNS, b.,Apr. 26, 1876; d., Dec. 21, 

2308— MARY LAURINDA STEARNS, b., Apr. 2, 1849, 
in Concord, N. H. ; md. Gen. John R. Brooks, U. S. Army. 

2309— MARGARET ABBOTT STEARNS, b., Jan. 21, 
1855. in Concord, N. H.; md. S. W. Ingalls, and settled in 
New York City. 

2310— SARAH HOLBROOK STEARNS, b., Jan. 14, 
1857, in Concord, N. H. 


23 1 1— GRACE STEARNS, b., Nov. 21, i860, in Concord, 
N. H.; md. (i), Solon Hill; md. (2), Robert H. Rolfe; set- 
tled in Concord. 

2312— ABNER STEARNS JR. (1021), b., Apr. i, 1797, 
son of Capt. Abner and Anna (Hill) Stearns, of West Cam- 
bridge, Mass.; the oldest child of Capt. Abner and the only 
child by his first wife Anna (Hill) Stearns. He ran the 
mill on the homestead for a while, then engaged in the busi- 
ness of a machinist in various places, as, Winchester, N. H., 
Bennington, Vt., and, later, went to Texas, where he d,, 
Dec. 17, 1835. He is mentioned by many as "a very in- 
genious man," "a natural machinist," and, "one of a family of 
inventors." He md., 1824, Mary Dresser, of Chesterfield, N. 
H., b., Feb. 2, 1800. After Mr. Stearns's death, in 1835, his 
widow md. James G. Nelson, of West Rupert, Vt. Mr. 
Stearns had two children. 

2313— PHESERIA ANN STEARNS, b., Apr. i, 1825; 
md., Jan. 18, 1848, Levi Dwella Hopkins of West Rupert, Vt. 

2314— WILLIAM ABNER STEARNS, b., Oct. i, 1827; 
md. (i), Anne Scott, who d., without issue; md. (2), Mary 
Hower. A nephew of one of his wives was brought up by 
William Abner Stearns and took his name, still holding him 
in grateful remembrance. The nephew's address was W. E. 
Stearns, Assistant Engineer of the BerHn Iron Bridge Co., 
East Berlin, Conn. 

2315— JULIA ARDELLE STEARNS, b., Jan. 22, 1869, 
at West Rupert, Vt. ; only child of Wm. Ab"er and Mary 
(Hower) Stearns. Recent address, Washington, D. C. ; unm. 

2316— EDWARD HARRISON STEARNS (1023), b., 
Dec. 16, 1814, son of Capt. Abner and Anne (Russell-Esta- 
brook) Stearns, of West Cambridge, Mass. ; took a course of 
three years, at Andover, after which he taught school at 
Provincetown. He conducted the business of the home 
farm after the death of his parents; started the business ol 
wool-carding: had a farm, at Stoneham, besides adding a 
planing-mill and general wood-working establishment. His 
buildings were destroyed by fire, after which he erected a 


set of iire-proof buildings. After improving saw-mill ma- 
chinery in Cincinnati, O., Hamilton, O., and Covington, Ky., 
he bought lands in Erie, Pa., and, in i860, was the founder 
of the Stearns Manufacturing Co., of Erie, Pa., the largest 
establishment of the kind in the West, and known through- 
out the world. The inventive genius of the father was an 
inheritance with his son. He was credited with over thirty 
patents, which was the outcome of his own mind and all 
proved successful and valuable. To the small shop erected 
in i860, addition after addition was made and the business 
increased, until the name of the Stearns M'f'g Co., was 
known wherever a belt of timber country was found. 

Mr. Stearns was an ardent AboHtionist and not afraid to 
express his opinion in a decided manner. He was an ex- 
ceedingly charitable man, always ready to assist one in 
trouble, but never ostentatious or making a show of good 
works. His adopted daughter, Mrs. William O. Mehl, writes, 
"During the last year of his life, he made the remark that 
v»/hat gave him much satisfaction was that, 'as far as I know, 
I have never wronged any one out of a dollar. He was a 
well-informed man, a profound thinker, a pleasmg talker, and 
a man of the most upright and honorable character." In 
religious belief, he was a Swedenborgian. He md., Oct. 23, 
1837, Harriet Cutter Raymond, dau. of William Raymond, 
of Charlestown, Mass.; d., Aug. 14, 1880, in Erie. Pa.; s. p. 

2317— GEORGE SULLIVAN STEARNS (1024), b., 
May 17, 1816, son of Capt. Abner and Anne (Russell-Esta- 
brook) Stearns, of West Cambridge, Mass.; took a short 
course of study at Andover, and, when eighteen years of 
age, went West to engage in the milling and lumber busi- 
ness. In 1840, he was at Cincinnati, O., engaged in printing 
and stereotyping; stereotyped the first copy of the Mormon 
Bible; became the leading manufacturer of printers' ink, 
and, in 1849, founded, with his brother, Henry, the Wadding- 
business, one of the oldest manufacturing concerns in Cin- 
cinnati. The Dominion Wadding Co., of Montreal, Canada, 
is a branch of the same industry. He md.. May 30, 1844, 
Amelia Stephenson, by whom he had nine children, and she 
was dau. of Wm. Stephenson,"of England. He buillt a fine 
residencec at Wyoming, O.. was a founder, elder and trustee 


of the Presbyterian Church at that place, and d. there Nov. 
24, 1889. The Cincinnati Commercial Gazette, after an ex- 
tended tribute of respect for him says: "He was a rich 
man, but he has left something better than gold to those 
who mourn his death; he loved honorable labor and died 
in the harness. Multitudes will mourn the death and revere 
the memory of George Sullivan Stearns." He had nine 

2318— GEORGE HERBERT STEARNS (4351), b., Mar. 
14, 1845. 

2319— EDWIN RUSSELL STEARNS (4355), b., Jan. 
10, 1847. 

2320— ALFRED MONROE STEARNS, b., Jan. 29, 
1849; md., Apr. 18, 1872, EHzabeth Palmer. 

2321— GRETA STEARNS, b., Jan. 9, 1875. 

2322— CLAYTON PALMER STEARNS, b., June 24, 

2323— ANNA RUSSELL STEARNS, b., Apr. 7, 1851; 
"d., May 13, 1852. 

2324— HELEN FOSTER STEARNS, b., Jan. 12, 1853; 
md., Jan. 19, 1882, Josiah Dwight. 

(a) — Charlotte Dwight, b., July 4, 1883. 
(b) — Russell Stearns Dwight, b., Sept. i, 1885. 
(c) — Anna Dwight, d.. May i, 1891. 
(d} — Harold Dwight, b., Jan. 4, 1892. 

2325— AMELIA GEORGE STEARNS, b., June 5, 1855; 
md., Mar. 25, 1879, Rufus Alan Cowing. Four children. 

10, 1857; n^d., June 22, 1881, Mecia Lena Sjout; three chil- 

2327— MARGARET ROSE STEARNS, b., Mav 31, 
1882: d., Oct. 14, 1886. 



2329— HARRIET STEARNS, b., Aug. 19, 1889. 

2830— HAROLD ENGLISH STEARNS, b., July 21, 
1859; md., June 4, 1884, Lela Eleanor Curtis; Treas. of Do- 
minion Wadding Co., Montreal, Canada. 

1888; d., Oct. 10, 1892. 

2332— ARTHUR HARRISON STEARNS, b., July 24, 
i86i;d., Mar. 27, 1880. 

2333— ALBERT THOMAS STEARNS (1025), b., Apr. 
23, 182 1, son of Capt. Abner and Anne (Russell-Estabrook) 
Stearns, of West Cambridge, Mass. ; descended from families 
of Revolutionary fame on both sides, his mother being a 
daughter of Thomas Russell, of West Cambridge; spent a 
year in the grocery trade, at West Cambridge (Arlington), 
in the placec of business known as the Russell store, which 
was rifled by the British in 1775. His mechanical taste was 
early manifested, and he started the lumber business, at 
Neponset, Mass., which has developed into a large enter- 
prise, so that the A. T. Stearns Lumber Co., which includes 
father and sons, is well known throughout the country. 
They have introduced cypress lumber into New England, 
thus developing a new feature of the lumber trade. A mill 
is established at Apalachicola, Fla., where the Cypress Lum- 
ber Co. is under the personal supervision of his youngest 
son, Frederick Maynard Stearns. 

"Mr. A. T. Stearns has patented several inventions now 
in use. He is a self-reliant business man, whose integrity and 
benevolence give him an honored place in society." Mr. 
Stearns md., June 11, 1843, Salome Maynard, who d., Feb. 
7, 1 88 1, dau. of Samuel Maynard, of Sudbury, and mother of 
seven children. 

2334— ALBERT HENRY STEARNS (4359), b., Aug. 
15. 1844. at Waltham, Mass. 

2335— WALDO HARRISON STEARNS (4364), b., Oct. 
21, 1847, at Waltham. Mass. 

2336— FRANCIS MAYNARD STEARNS, b., Feb. 17, 
1850, at Dorchester, Mass.; d., June 17, 1853. 


2337— ANNA RUSSELL STEARNS, b., Oct. 14, 1852, 
at Dorchester, Mass.; d., Dec, 31, 1853. 

Nov. 23, 1854. 

2339— SALOME STEARNS, b., Feb. 3, 1859; d., Feb. 
14, 1859, at Dorchester, Mass. 

2340— ARDELLE AUGUSTA STEARNS, b., Feb. 10, 
i860, at Dorchester, Mass.; md., Oct. 19, 1886, Frederick C. 
Moseley, of Dorchester, Mass. 

(a) — Frederick Russell Moseley, b., Jan. i, 1889, at Dor- 
chester, Mass. 

b., Oct. 23, 1825, son of Capt. Abner and Anne (Russell-Es- 
tabrook) Stearns, of West Cambridge, Mass.; attended 
Phillips Acad., Andover, for two years; in 1846, engaged in 
the manufacture of cotton-wadding. In 1850, he started 
for California, by way of the Isthmus of Panama, with ma- 
chinery for a steam-laundry. The vessel proved unsea- 
worthy, floated about on the Pacific for four months, and, 
all on board were allowed only four ounces of bread and a 
pint of water each, per day. When Mr. Stearns reached his 
destination he was a physical wreck, but rallied, set up his 
machinery and successfully established the first steam laun- 
dry in California. He also ran the first regular steam ferry 
between San Francisco and the present City of Oakland. 
On his return east he entered into the manufacture of cotton 
wadding, and has been Superintendent of the Union Wad- 
ding Co. from its beginning at Pawtucket, R. I. The Co. 
has mills at Augusta, Ga.. managed by George Russell 
Stearns (2343), and at Montreal, Canada, managed by Har- 
old English Stearns (2330), and by Deshler Falconer Stearns 

The inventive genius of the family is well represented by 
Hon. H. A. Stearns. He has obtained a number of patents 
on cotton-gins, and the railway safety-gate is his patent. He 
has filled many important places of trust, and was elected 
Lieut. Gov. of R. I., in 1891. He is the largest stockholder 


in the Kilby Man'f g. Co., of Cleveland, O., and has a cattle- 
ranch in New Mexico; is a member and liberal supporter of 
the Central Falls Congregational Church. He md., June 26, 
1856, Kate Falconer, of Hamilton, O.; eight children. 

Aug. 7, 1857. 

2343— GEORGE RUSSELL STEARNS (4371), b., Jan. 
19, i860. 

2344— WALTER HENRY STEARNS, b., Jan. 3, 1862; 
md., June 5, 1890, Abbie Harris Razee. 

2345— KATE RUSSELL STEARNS, b., July 21, 1864, 
of Pawtucket, R. L 

j866; grad. Amherst Coll., i! 

2347— HENRY FOSTER STEARNS, b.. Mar. 3, 1868; 
of Augusta, Ga. 

2348— ANNA RUSSELL STEARNS, b., Jan. 4, 1873; 
d., Feb. 7, 1874. 

18, 1875; of Pawtucket, R. L 

"It is noticeable in the family record of the last three sons 
of Capt. Abner and Anne (Russell-Estabrook) Stearns, that 
each had three daughters; that one of each trio was named 
Anna Russell; that each namesake of the grandmother died 
in infancy." — Brown's Hist, of Bedford. 

235o_REV. EDWARD JOSIAH STEARNS (103 1), b., 
Feb. 24, 1810, son of Elijah and Elizabeth (Stearns) Stearns, 
of Bedford, Mass; grad. Harv. Univ., 1833; an Episcopal 
clergyman and author; Rector of Grace Church, at Elkton 
Ridge Landing, Md., and teacher of a classical school in 
Baltimore, Md. ; d., July, 1890. We have been unable to se- 
cure any record of marriage or family. 

235i_JOSIAH STEARNS (1048), b.. Mar. 10, 1788. son 
of John and Sarah (Lane) Stearns, of Deerfield, N. H.; a 
farmer, of Wilmot, N. H., whose family relations extend to 


three wives and twenty-two children; d., Sept. 15, 1857. He 
md. (i), Aug. 22, 181 1, Jane Thompson, of Deerfield, N. 
H., b., July 18, 1791, who bore him ten children and d., June 
II, 1822, in childbed. He md. (2), Sept. 4, 1822, Mrs. Su- 
san (Sawyer) Cross, b., June 19, 1791, who bore him five 
children and d., May 14, 1828. He md. (3), July 8, 1828, 
Nancy Brown, of Andover, N. H.. b., Mar. 2^, lynq who d 
July 28, 1853. 

2352— HANNAH STEARNS, b., Apr. 14, 1812; d Oct 
15, 1812. 

2353— INFANT, b.. May 19, 1813; d., May 20, 1813. 
2354— INFANT, b. and d., Feb. 12, 1814. 

2355_ABIGAIL STEARNS, b., Dec. 17, 1814; md., Jan. 
23. 1839, Jeremiah E. Hurd, b., June 4, 1809, who d., Oct. 21, 
1871, at Barnston, Canada East. She d.. May 31, il 

(a)— Sarah J. Hurd, b., Dec. 3, 1839; md., Nov. 10, 

(b)— William J. Hurd, b., Feb. 17, 1841; md., Julv r 
1870. ' "^ 

(c)— John S. Hurd, b., Sept. 5, 1843. ) 

(d)-Elizabeth A. Hurd, b., Sept. 5, 1843. ) "'' 

(e)— Fannie A. Hurd, b., Aug. 29 1845; md-, Nov. ig, 
1872; d., Oct. I, 1886. 

(f)— Susan F. Hurd, b.. May 19, 1857; md., Dec. ?i. 

2356— WILLIAM STEARNS (4372), b., Jan. 16. 1816. 

2357-JOHN STEARNS, b., Apr. 10, 1817; d., Dec. 18, 

2358— INFANT, b. and d., June 10, 1818. 

2359-HANNAH STEARNS, b.. May 5, 1819; md., Oct. 
14, 1841, Chase Sanborn, b., Oct. 3, 1804, who d., Apr. ^, 
1858; they settled in Wilmot, N. H.; no children; d.. Tune 
18, 1895. 

2360-SAMUEL STEARNS (4377). b., Dec. 8, 1820. 


2361— INFANT, b. and d., June i, 1822. 

2362— INFANT, b. and d., June, 1823. 

2363— INFANT, b. and d., Nov. 18, 1824. 

2364— LYDIA JANE STEARNS, b., Nov. 23, 1825; md., 
Nov. 24, 1847, Daniel S. Peaslee, b., Jan. 5, 1820; settled in 
Plastow, N. H. 

(a) — John L. Peaslee, b., Dec. 20, 1848; d., Oct.6 

(b) — Flora M. Peaslee, b.. Mar. 22, 1850; md., Oct. 12, 

(c) — Frank O. Peaslee, b.. Mar. 12, 1851; md., Dec. 31, 

(d) — Susan E. Peaslee, b., Oct. 18, 1853; md., Jan. i, 

(e) — Horace A. Peaslee, b., Nov. 22, 1854. 

(f) — James S. Peaslee, b.. Mar. 31, 1856; d., Sept. 4, 

(g) — Walter E. Peaslee, b., Dec. 6, 1858; md., Jan. 6, 


(h) — James E. Peaslee, b.. Mar. 28, 1859. 

(i) — Hannah J. Peaslee, b., June 17, i860. 

(j) — Abbie A. Peaslee, b.. Mar. i, 1862; md., Nov. 11, 

1885; d., Nov. 24, 1886. 
(k) — Clarence W. Peaslee, b.. Mar. 4, 1864: d., Aug. 2^, 

(1) — Emma N. Peaslee, b , Nov. 24, 1865; md., Oct. i, 

(m) — NelHe F. Peaslee, b., Mar. 25, 1868; d,, Apr. 6, 


2365— JAMES C. STEARNS, b., Jan. 23, 1827; md. (i), 
Jan. 24, 1850, Emily Bowen, b., Jan. 2, 1825, who d., Aug. 5, 
1851; md, (2), Oct. II, 1853, Eunice S. Richards, b., June 26, 
1827; no children. 

2366— INFANT, b. and d., May, 1828. 

2367— SUSAN STEARNS, b.. Nov. i, 1829; md., Dec. 


2,1, 1850, Seth Goodhue, b., Apr. 25, 1827; settled at Wil- 
mot, N. H. 

(a) — Infant, b. and d., Sept. 12, 1858. 
^b) — Fred E. Goodhue, b., July 18, i860; md., Sept. 22, 
1887, Josie L. Spaulding; was Postmaster at Wil- 
niot, N. H., in 1896; two children. 

(c) — Mary A. Goodhue, b., Aug. 15, 1865; md., Nov. 28, 
1889, Dr. C. A, Lawson. 

(d) — Seth E. Goodhue, b., Jan. 22, 1868; md., Aug. 22, 
1893, Florence L. Langley. 

2368— JOSIAH LANE STEARNS (4385), b.. Mar. 19, 

2369— NANCY STEARNS, b., Feb. 4, 1832; d., Jan. 17, 

2370— MINOT STEARNS (4395), b., Feb. 7, 1833. 

2371— SARAH E. STEARNS, b., Apr. 11, 1834; d., 
Jan. 6, 1835. 

2372— TIRAS STEARNS, b., June 19, 1835; enlisted as a 
private in Co. D., 112th. Regt., 111. Vols.; was shot on the 
battlefield, Oct. 23, 1863, in a charge near Philadelphia, East 

2373— PLUMA F. STEARNS, b., Aug. 15, 1836; md., 
Sept. 7, 1859, Joshua Holland, b., Feb. 22 1835; settled in 
Wilmot, N. H. 

(a) — Tiras Stearns Holland, b., Oct. 31, 1863; md., Jan. 
8, 1889. 

(b)— Burt E. Holland, b., Aug. 18, 1866. 
(c) — Nettie M. Holland, b., Jan. 24, 1868; md., Sept. 
7, 1889. 

(d)— William S. Holland, b., July 19, 1870. 

2374— JOHN STEARNS JR. (1051) b., Oct. 28, 1793, 
son of John and Sarah (Lane) Stearns, of Deerfield, N. H.; 
a joiner and cabinet maker, of Deerfield; md. (i). May 4, 
1817, Margaret M. Wallace, of Deerfield, b., May 3, 1792. 
She d., Aug. 11, 1841, and he md. (2), Feb. 22, 1842. Abbie 


Tarlton, of Epsom, N. H., b., Sept. i6, 1798; nine chil- 

2375_REV. SAMUEL STEARNS, b., Dec. 6, 1817; a 
Free- Will Baptist clergyman, of Nashua, N. H.; md. Eliza- 
beth Latham, of Lowell Mass. 

2376— SALLY F. STEARNS, b., Jan. 25, 1819; d., Nov. 
16, 1825. 

2377_ABIGAIL STEARNS, b., Jan. 6. 1821; d., Nov. 
4, 1825. 

2378— MARY J. STEARNS, b., Dec. i, 1822; md. Wm. 
Yeaton, of Epsom, N. H.; settled in Enfield, N. H.; has a 

2379_SUSAN C. STEARNS, b., Oct. 16, 1824; md. 
Aionzo A. Cox, of Enfield, N. H., where they settled; had 

2380— GEORGE W. STEARNS, b., July 14. 1826; d., 
Jan., 1828. 

2381— SARAH A. STEARNS, b., Dec. 7, 1828; md. Da- 
vid Philbrick, of Pittsfield, N. H. ; had children. 

2382— MARGARET A. STEARNS, b., Dec. 15, 1830; 
md. James Hoyt, of Northwood; has children. 

2383— JOHN G. STEARNS, b., June 19, 1837; md. (i), 
Susan Swain, dau. of Rufus Swain, of Northwood; md. (2), 
Lucy Hoyt; one child. 

2384— DEACON SAMUEL STEARNS (1052), b., Apr. 
10, 1795, son of John and Sarah (Lane) Stearns, of Deerfield, 
N. H.; a Deacon of the Congregational Church, farmer, and 
cabinet maker; a soldier in the war of 1812; md.. Mar. 4, 
1818, Mary French, of Deerfield, N. H., b., Nov. 5, 1799. 
They settled first in Wilmot, N. H., and, in 1828, returned to 
Deerfield an3 occupied his father's homestead. He d., Jan. 
I. 1 86 1, in Deerfield. N. H., and his widow d., Feb. 5, 1869; 
nine children. 

2385— RICHARD JENNESS STEARNS (4402). b., May 
25, 1819. 


2386— WILLIAM BRYANT STEARNS, b., Mar 21, 
1821 ; md, Sept. 9, 1845, Caroline Thompson, of Concord,' 
^. H.; settled on his father's former homestead, in Wilmot 

N. H, ' 

2387--SARAH E. STEARNS, b., Apr. 17, 1823; md. (i), 
David Smith of Deerfield, N. H.; md. (2), Moses Clement 
of Salisbury, N. H. She d., leaving one son. 
(a) — David A. Smith. 

2388-ABIGAIL J. STEARNS, b., Oct. 2, 1825; md 
Richard Jenness Sanborn, of Deerfield; one son, VVoodburv 
banborn. ^ 

2389— HORACE BUTLER STEARNS, b., July 27 
1827; md. Mrs. Sarah Buswell, of Wilmot, N. H • settled 
m Deerfield, N. H.; one daughter. 


T T'l^^f"^^ f"^^ STEARNS, b., Aug. 16, 1829; md. 
i-uther lasker, of Northwood; no children. 

2392-JOHN STEARNS, b. July 2S, 1832; md. Clara 
Rand, of Deerfield, N. H.; one child. 


/^^1~"S^ "^FJ CLINTON STEARNS, b., Sept. 14, 
1835; d.. Mar. 1838. ^ ^' 

r8^f ^7^rf ^^l^^.^^^^™^ STEARNS, b., Sept. 23, 
1838; md. Oilman Rand and settled in Deerfield N H • two 
sons. ■ *' 

(a)— Walter Rand, 
(b)— John Rand. 

of 'T^f~^^^?^u ^TEARNS (1055), b., Jan. 3. 1801, son 
ot John and Sarah (Lane) Stearns, of Deerfield N H • a 

n ""'/'i^'^^^'f^"^^' "^^^ J^"- ^^' 1826. Betsy' Page"of 
Deerfield b., Aug. 5, 1805; d., 1884, in Deerfield, N H 
seven children. >• ^x., 

2397-ANN ELIZABETH STEARNS, b.. Jan. 2s 1807. 
rnd. Joseph Veasey, and settled in Deerfield, N. H. ^ 
(a) — Bryant Veasey. 


2398— JOSHUA BRYANT STEARNS (4416), b., Dec. 
27, 1828. 

2399— OILMAN STEARNS (4422), b., Aug. 12, 1830. 

2400— MARTHA J. STEARNS, b., June 2y, 1832; md. 
William Thompson, of Deerfield; had three children. 

2401— SALLY STEARNS, b., Nov. 24, 1835; d., Dec. 31, 

2402— WILLIAM R. STEARNS (4424), b., Sept. 20, 
2403— SALLY STEARNS, b., Aug. 22, 1841 ; unm. 

2404— COL. WILLIAM STEARNS (1056), b., Aug. 5, 
1803; son of John and Sarah (Lane) Stearns, of Deerfield, 
N. H.; a Colonel and machinist, of Dover, N. H.; md., Dec. 
12, 1826, Martha Winkley, of Barrington, N. H., b., Mar. 6, 
1803. He has been a Representative in the State Legisla- 
ture; four children. 

2405— JOHN WINKLEY STEARNS, b., Nov. 22, 1828. 

2406— MARTHA E. STEARNS, b., May 27, 1831; d., 
Nov. 4, 1835. 

2407— WILLIAM B. STEARNS, b., Jan. 25, 1838. 

2408— ISABELLA STEARNS, b., Dec. 11, 1839. 

(1074), b., Mar. 17, 1805, son of Rev. Samuel and Abigail 
(French) Stearns, of Bedford, Mass.; grad. Harv. Univ., 
1827; overseer of Harv. Coll.; D. D., 1853; inaugurated Pres. 
Amherst Coll., Nov. 22, 1854; LL. D., 1862. "He was taken 
to the church, as was the prevailing custom at that time, 
and baptized on the day of his birth, which was a cold Sab- 
bath in March. He was a precocious scholar and very forward 
in the Latin language. The year after his graduation from 
Harvard, he spent in teaching, as principal of the Duxbury 
Acad., and there formed the acquaintance of his future 
wife. His course of Theology was taken at Andover. He 
was ordained pastor of the First Cong. Church in Cam- 
bridgeport, Dec. 14, 1831, and retained the position twenty- 

William A. Stearns. 


three years, then leaving, with reluctance, to enter upon a 
broader field of labor, as President of Amherst College 
where he remained until his useful life was terminated by 
death, June 8, 1876. He was an active member of the Mass 
Board of Education for eight years, and a leading light 
among the members of the corporation of Phillips Academy 
and the Theological Seminary at Andover. The Amherst 
College Church, or Memorial Chapel, was erected durino- 
the presidency of Dr. Stearns. The three rose-windows 
were given as testimonials of regard for the president, by 
Dea. Eckley Stearns, of Woburn, Mass., Gov. Onslow 
S ?/"", ^l^^^ Hampshire, and the Church of Christ at 
Bedford, Mass. Dr. Stearns was Pres. of the Mass. Home 
Missionary Society for seventeen years. 

"The people of Bedford who were associates of Dr. Stearns 
have dehghted to honor this distinguished son of the town 
and rejoice that he found here a birthplace and early home- 
that he loved to turn his steps here, when active service per- 
mitted, and that the cherished hope of his declining years 
was to complete his life where it began. But this was not so 
ordered; death met him in the midst of activity with his 
baccalaureate sermon partly finished." 

From Brown's History of Bedford Dr. Stearns md. (1), 

am" '''' '^^!v^'^.f'.'^ "^^^"^ ^^^^^^' b" ^8^3, dau. of Samuel 
Alden and Abigail (Drew) Frazer, and grand-dau. of Capt. 
Thomas and Rebecca (Alden) Frazer, of Duxbury, Mass. 
^he d.. 1855. and he md. (2), Aug. 27, 1857, Olive Coit Gil- 
bert; SIX children. 

2410— ELIZA CHAPLIN STEARNS, b., May 20, iS^v 


24ii_wiLElAM FRENCH STEARNS (442s), b Nov 
9, 1834. ^^ ' 

1840: gave up his life for the Union, fighting within the en- 
emy s hnes at Newbern, N. C, Mar. 14, 1862 ''One of the 
guns, which Adjutant Stearns and his comrades captured 
and near which he fell, was presented to Amherst College bv 
the commanding Gen. A. E. Burnside, as an expressive 


trophy^ of the bravery of Adjutant F. A. Stearns, and the 
patriotic devotion of his father." 

F. A. Stearns was Adjutant in the 21st. Regt., Mass. Vols.; 
was twenty-one years of age, and unm. His father, Dr. 
Stearns, has paid a fitting tribute to his memory by publish- 
ing a book entitled "The Life of Adjutant Stearns.'* 

2413— ABIGAIL ELOISA STEARNS, b., Nov. 30, 1843, 
at Amherst, Mass.; md., June 29, 1869, James Hattrick Lee; 
settled at Milton, Mass.; six children. 

(a) — James Stearns Lee, b., Aug. 8, 1870, at Lawrence, 

(b) — William Frazer Lee, b., Aug. 22, 1872, at Law- 
rence, Mass. 

(c)' — John Alden Lee, b., June 6, 1874, at Smithtown 
(St. James), L. I. 

(d) — Frances Lee, b., Jan. 19, 1880, at Canandaigua, 
N. Y. 

(e) — ^Henry Howey Lee, b., June 12, 1881, at Canandai- 
gua, N. Y.; d., June 22, 1891. 

(f) — AHce Lee, b., Sept. 10, 1886, at Canandaigua, N, Y. 

2414— REBECCA FRANCES STEARNS, b., Sept. 27, 
1847; md., July 20, 1876, Rev. William V. W. Davis, of Pitts- 
field, Mass.; three children. 

(a) — William Stearns Davis, b., Apr. 30, 1877. 
(b)— Harold Stearns Davis, b., Oct. 8, 1881. 
(c) — Fannie Stearns Davis, b.. Mar. 6, 1884. 

2415— WINFRID ALDEN STEARNS, b., July 13, 1852; 
md., Feb. 24, 1885, Anna Augusta Ballam, a Canadian Eng"- 
lish lady; Prof. Atlanta Univ., Atlanta, Ga.; no children, 

b., Sept. 4, 1808, son of Rev. Samuel and Abigail (French) 
Stearns, of Bedford, Mass.; grad. Harv. Univ., 1830; D. D., 
Princeton Coll., 1850; installed pastor of First Presbyterian 
Church, Newburyport, Mass., Sept. 16, 1835. "While in 
Harvard College, the Hon. Charles Sumner was his class- 
mate, and, for a time, his room-mate. He and Charles Sum- 

Winfrid A. Stearns. 


ner were founders of ^The Nine/' a literary society con- 
nected with the college. He remained fourteen years at 
Newburyport, then accepted a unanimous call to the First 
Presbyterian Church of Newark, N. J., where he was relieved 
from active duty after thirty-three years of faithful service 
in this, his second charge. He was made pastor emeritus, 
Apr. I, 1882, and given a liberal support for life." His death 
occurred, Nov. 11, 1889, at Brunswick, N. J. Dr. Stearns 
md. (i), Joanna Chaplin, of Cambridgeport; md. (2), Nov 
15, 1843, Anna Smith Prentiss, of Portland, Me., who d., Jan.' 
2, 1869. Children, who inherited grand qualities from these 
parents have done valuable service in the world- three chil- 
dren. ' 

Nov. 20, 1844. '' 

. ^418-LEWIS FRENCH STEARNS, b.. Mar. 10, 1847 
in Newburyport, Mass.; was Professor of Theology in Ban- 
gor Theological Seminary; md. Elizabeth M. Benson of 
Bangor, Me., where he d. Feb. 9, 1892. 

24i9_ANNA PRENTISS STEARNS, b., June 27, 185 1; 
md Austin Scott, LL. D., Pres. of Rutgers Coll., New Bruns- 
wick, N. J. 

b., Dec. 2S, 1819, son of Rev. Samuel and Abigail (French) 
Stearns, of Bedford, Mass.; grad. Harv. Univ., 1841; studied 
theology and was ordained as a minister of the gospel but 
his hfe-work was teaching in institutions of higher educa- 
tion. He was Prin. of the Female High School in New- 
buryport for five years and took charge of the State Nor- 
mal School of Mass., in Sept., 1849, being its third Principal; 
his predecessors having been Rev. Cyrus Pierce and Rev 
Samuel J May. "Mr. Stearns was d evoted, earnest, exact 
and gentlemanly and won the cordial support of both teach- 
ers and pupils. He impressed his pupils with the dignity of 
the teacher s work, and his influence upon them was last- 
ing Printed diplomas were f^rst given at the close of his 
first year of work in the State Normal. In Sept i8=;q 
Prof. Stearns resigned to take charge of the Female Acad- 


emy at Albany, N. Y. He was Chancellor of the State Uni- 
versity at Nashville, Tenn., and Prin. of the State Normal 
School there for several years, and died while performing 
these double duties, in 1887. In the last years of his useful 
life, he was honored with the titles of D. D., and LL. D. He 
was twice married and a widow and three children sur- 
vive him. He md., Aug. 23, 1854, Ellen A. Kuhn, dau. of 
John Kuhn, of Boston, Mass. 

2421— NATHANIEL STEARNS JR. (1089), b., Feb. 5, 
1789, son of Nathaniel and Sarah (Carleton) Stearns, of 
Billerica, Mass.; md.. May 28, 181 5, Sarah Dowse, b., Dec. 
28, 1792, who d., Apr. 24, 1873, ^^ Billerica, Mass., dau. of 
Joseph and Sarah (Sprague) Dowse. Nathaniel Stearns Jr. 
was a lumber dealer, of Billerica, Mass., where he d., Oct. 
31, 1845; four children. 

2422— CATHERINE STEARNS, b., Mar. 19, 1817; md., 
Dec. 28, 1836, John Wilson, of Salem, N. H.; d., Sept. 14, 
1872; s. p. 

2423— JUDITH STEARNS, b., Nov. 6, 1820; md., 1840, 

Anthony Jones, of Billerica, Mass., b.. Mar. 3, 181 1, whose 

first wife was Nancy Richardson, mother of John Anthony 

Jones, b.. May 12, 1837. who md. Clarissa C. Stearns (2407). 

(a) — Albert Haines Jones, b., Oct, 27, 1841 ; md. EHza- 

beth Rice Kimball: d., Oct. 13, 1873. 

(b) — Nellie Maria Jones, b., Nov. 15, 1851; md., Sept. 
26, 1872, Frederic Cyrus Bemis, of Cleveland, O. 

2424— ADALINE STEARNS, b., Feb. 24, 1825; d.. May 
24, 1828. 

2425— EMILY STEARNS, b., Sept. 2, 1826; md., Apr. 
8, 1855, Rufus Farwell, b., Jan. 12, 1825, who d., Nov. 28, 
1872. son of Samuel and Mary (Parker) Farwell, of West- 
ford, Mass.; s. p. 

2426— SAMUEL STEARNS (1092), b., 1785, son of Jon- 
athan and Molly (Wright) Stearns, of Billerica, Mass.; 
moved to Brewer Village, Me., in the early part of the nine- 
teenth century, where he remained until his death, in 1842; 
a tanner and currier, also boot and shoe manufacturer; later 


in life was lumber dealer and ship-builder. "In politics he 
was a Whig; in religion, a Methodist; highly esteemed as a 
citizen and business man; of undoubted integrity and free 
from every biasing and corrupting influence or motive, es- 
pecially with reference to dealings between men in fulfill- 
ment of contracts, discharge of agencies, trusts, &c." The 
orthography of the name was changed by this family to 
"Sterns," because a colony from Cape Cod, with whom Sam- 
uel Stearns transacted business, gave the "a" too much prom- 
inence in their pronunciation, and the descendants now liv- 
ing continue the same arrangement or form of spelling. He 
md., 1805, Emma C. Billish, of Brewer, Me., where he d., 
Nov. 7, 1842; ten children. 

2427— SAMUEL STERNS JR.. b.. 1806; d., Aug. 17, 
1827, at Brewer, Me. 

2428— WILLIAM SHAW STERNS, b., 1808; md. (i), 
Tryphena R. Nickerson. b., 1814, who d., July 22, 1853; md. 
(2), Dec. 2y, 1855, Martha Doak, both of Brewer, Me. He 
d., Dec. 19, 1865; s. p. 

2420— CHARLES GARDNER STERNS (4441), b., Apr. 
3, 1811. 

15, 1813; md., June 20, 1835, Benjamin Goodwin, of Brewer, 
Me., where she d., Apr. 4, 1894. 

2431— JOHN STERNS, b., 1816; d.. in infancy. 

2432— ELIZA ANN STERNS, b., 1818; md., Jan. 8, 
1837, Benjamin Fowler, of Brewer, Me., where she d., Oct. 
22. 1886. 

2433— JOHN WARREN STERNS, b., 1820; had a se- 
vere attack of scarlet fever in childhood, which incapacitated 
him for any business through life; d., Sept. 4, 1871, at 
Brewer, Me. 

2434— HANNAH JANE STERNS, b., June 29, 1823; 
md., Dec. 29, 1842, Willis Patten, who has been nearly a 
lifelong resident of Brewer, Me., and to whose faithful re- 
search we are indebted for most of the information gained 


of Jonathan's children by his first wife. Mr. Patten was 
born, Oct. 3, 1820, son of Thomas and Sally Patten of Ames- 
bury, Mass., who moved to Brewer, Me., in 1833. He has 
cheerfully and promptly responded to many questions con- 
cerning the family, to which he is so closely alHed, and has 
transmitted the results of his labors, obtained by questioning 
surviving relatives, studying monuments, Bible records, &c. 

2435— HARRIET STERNS, b., 1826; d., 1827, at Brewer, 

2436— MARY M. STERNS, md. Oliver H. Harriman, of 
Brewer, Me. 

2437— DANIEL STERNS (1094), b., Dec. 19, 1788, son 
of Jonathan and Molly (Wright) Stearns, of Billerica, Mass. ; 
about one year after Daniel's birth, his parents separated, 
she with the three children taking up her residence in Maine. 
Daniel Sterns md., 181 3, Sally Ware, and settled in Orring- 
ton, Me.; seven children. 

2438— JAMES AUGUSTUS STERNS (4449), b., Sept. 
II, 1814, at Orrington, Me. 

2439— MARY E. STERNS, b., July 18, 1816; deceased. 

2440— LOVICA A. STERNS, b., Sept. 5, 1818; deceased. 

2441— ELCY I. STERNS, b., Dec. 27, 1821; d., Aug. 28, 
1896; md. (i), Jan., 1844, Lorenzo Brackett, who died; md. 
(2), July 25, 1855, Josiah Stackpole, who d., July i, 1894. 

2442— ADALINE O. STERNS b.. Dec. 5, 1825; md., 
Oct. 15, i860, Amzie L. Ayer. 

(a) — Dana Sterns Ayer, b.. Mar. 5, 1862; md., Oct. 2, 
1890, Susan Marie Witherspoon. 

2443— HARRIET M. STERNS, b., Dec. 7, 1828; de- 

2444— SARAH E. STERNS, b., July 13, 1831; m. James 
H. Norton, of Charlestown, Mass. 

2445--JONATHAN STEARNS JR. (1095), b., Sept. 6, 
1798, son of Jonathan and Betty ( ) Stearns, of Bil- 
lerica, Mass.; md., Dec. 21, 1823, Eliza Stearns ( ); 

six children. 


2446— CATHERINE STEARNS, b., Apr. 6, 1824. 
2447— ELIZA ANN STEARNS, b., June 22, 1826. 
2448— ESTHER STEARNS, b., Oct. 30, 1827. 
2449— SARAH STEARNS, b., Oct. 17, 1829. 
2450— HENRY STEARNS, b., Aug. 7, 1833. 
2451— GARDNER STEARNS, b., Aug. 9, 1837. 

2452— OTIS STEARNS (1097), b., Aug. 20, 1804, son of 

Jonathan and Betty ( ) Stearns, of Billerica, Mass.; a 

farmer, of Billerica. He md., Mar. 12, 1829, Esther Spald- 
ing, b., Jan. 10, 1803, dau. of Jonas and Mary (Wheeler) 
Spalding, of Carlisle, Mass.; d., Aug. 7, 1864, and his widow 
d.. May 16, 1880; five children. 

2453— GEORGE OTIS STEARNS, b., Jan. 17, 1831; 
md., Feb. i, 1855, Susan A. Wood, of Manchester, N. H., 
where they settled; no children. 

2454— ELBRIDGE STEARNS, md. and settled in 

2455— MARY LAVINIA STEARNS, md. William Aus- 
tin and settled in Concord. 

2456— HARRIET STEARNS, md. George H. Miller, and 
settled in Concord. 

2457— SEWALL HILL STEARNS, b., Aug. 20, 1843; 
md., 1868, Mary S. Cutler, who d., May 29^ 1874. 

1869; md., and settled in Lowell, Mass. 

2459— CHARLES STEARNS (1098), b., Oct. 31, 1806, 

son of Jonathan and Betty ( ) Stearns, of Billerica, 

Mass.; md., 1827, Lorinap Wilson; d., Aug. 21, 1864; eight- 
een children. 

2460— CHARLES HENRY STEARNS (4458), b.. May 
I, 1828. 

2461— LUCY ANN STEARNS, b.. May 18, 1829; md. 
Joseph D. Targett; d., Nov. 29, 1875. 


2462— GEORGE EDWIN STEARNS, b., Apr. 13, 1831; 
md. Emeline Carey. 

2463— WILLIAM BOWMAN STEARNS, b., Aug. 14, 
1832; md., Nov. 20, 1858, Olivia Antoinette Converse; set- 
tled in Billerica, Mass. 

J 869. 

2465— WILLIAM ARTHUR STEARNS, b., July 14, 

2466— MARY STEARNS, b., Oct. 28, 1833; d., Oct. i, 

2467— LEANDER STEARNS, b., Nov. 20, 1834; d., Oct. 

2, 1835. 

2468— ALBERT STEARNS( 4460), b., Jan. 19, 1835. 

2469— CALVIN STEARNS, b.. Mar. 17, 1836; d., Oct. 
3^ 1836. 

2470— ALFRED STEARNS, b., June 10, 1837; d., Oct. 

3. 1837. 

II, 1838. 

2472— ALDEN STEARNS, b., June 17, 1840; d., Aug. 
14, 1840. 

1841; md. (i), Aug. 15, 1862, Levi W. Hutchinson; md. (2), 
July 2, 1871, John Anthony Jones, of Billerica, Mass.; set- 
tled in Bolton, Mass. 

2474_CALVIN STEARNS, b., June 10, 1842; d., Aug. 
23, 1842. 

2475— MARTHA STEARNS, b., Dec. 12. 1843; d., Oct. 
26. 1844. 

2476— LAURA STEARNS, d., Aug. 2, 1845. 

2477— ORREN STEARNS, d., Sept. i, 1846. 

2478— WARREN STEARNS, d.. Aug. 27, 1847. 


2479-LIZZIE STEARNS, d., Sept. 23, 1849. 

,sff«t~^??°'^? BONAPARTE STEARNS (iiii) b 

Mass "llZf./"" ^"f ^ (^^^''y) Stearns, of Billenca,' 
Mass., a morocco dresser, by trade, who settled in Charles 

ZJ Mas' The' ^"'T'' fT' *''° ^^ '848. in ChL^es: 
^r-^hVed^o'^aTuX '"''''" " ""'"°""' ^^ 

:84t:n-Ssrwn,"^a1s"""^ ^^"^^^^ (-^^)' '^•. 

a„fD^f(?L?ftt^rns' ^oV B^^df'";''!!' ^"'^ °' ^^'^^^^ 
unknown.^ k^hl^:^^d:'n fr^S "^i ofone^r 

Wa're''Ma's"^md^M''!l'^T^™ STEARNS, b.. 1846. in 

Wash wfth P n ^^'■"''' i ■■ '"<^*'<'<="t °f Edison, 

wash., with P. O. address. Excelsior, Wash.; five children 






2489— JOHN STEARNS (1120) b Tan ,8 ,-,«, 
of Isaac and Mary (Crosby) StearnX of Sudbury mIss^'- vvas 

set" d'Tt Gurne "n, °' l^'^i'"'-' '«'7. Lydia SmTh.' '" 
settled at Gurnee, 111., where he d., Aug. i860; five children 

22,11^^^^^^ STEARNS, b., Nov. 29, 1818; d., July 
c-.,?aVP8^2'' '''''^^''' J^- ^^'^^' ''•' «^^ ^4, r82o; 
4T^^'''''^ "^^^"^^S' "- S-P'- 4. '823; d.. May 25. 
.3,T8'5«^^'''^ '''^^''^'' "■' "^^^ ^5. 1826; d., Apr. 


2494— GEORGE KIMBALL STEARNS (4472), b. Feb. 
13, 1828. 

2495— DANIEL STEARNS (1121), b., 1789, son of Isaac 
and Mary (Crosby) Steams, of Sudbury, Mass.; ''when a 
young man, he went to New York State, then a wilderness, 
and was not heard from until 1850, when his brother Henry's 
son, James Stearns, found him or some of his family." 

2496— JOHN STEARNS (1125), b., Dec. 15, 1788, son 
of Abel and Susanna (Hartwell) Stearns, of Ashby, Mass.; 
removed from Ashby to Cavendish, Vt., in 181 5, and "lo- 
cated on road 18, upon the farm now owned by his son, 
Christopher W." He md. Abigail Hartwell; d., Aug. 12, 
1848; eight children. 

2497— THOMAS STEARNS, b., 1815, in Cavendish, Vt; 
md. Lucretia A. Hill, and settled in Cavendish, where he 
d.; s. p. 

2498— JOHN HARTWELL STEARNS, b., Jan. 4, 1817, 
at Cavendish, Vt. ; md. Relief Tarbell; no issue. 

2499— GEORGE HAMMOND STEARNS, b., Dec. 27, 
1820, at Cavendish, Vt. ; md. Olive Smith and settled in Cav- 
endish, where he d., leaving no male issue. 

2500 — SUSAN STEARNS, d., at nine years of age. 
2501 — ABEL STEARNS, d., at seven years of age. 
2502 — ADAMS STEARNS, d., when eight years of age. 
2503— LUKE STEARNS (4476), b., June 2, 1828. 

b., Jan. 17, 1835. 

2505— ABEL STEARNS JR. (1126), b., Apr. i, 1796, son 
of Abel and Susanna (Hartwell) Stearns, of Ashby, Mass.; 
d., Nov. 20, 1874, at Wethersfield, Vt., where he was en- 
gaged in farming; md. Persis Lawrence, of Lunen- 
burg, Mass.; seven children. 

2506— JOHN STEARNS (4487), b., Oct. 31, 1819, in 
Lunenburg, Mass. 


2507— WILLIAM STEARNS, b., May 6, 1821, in Lunen- 
burg, Mass.; md. Anna Maria Hall, and settled in Newton 

2508— CYRUS STEARNS, b., Oct. 6, 1823, at Lunen- 
burg, Mass.; never married; d.. Mar. 23, 1846, at Somer- 
ville, Mass. 

2509— EMELINE STEARNS, b.. Mar. 10, 1825, in Lu- 
nenburg, Mass.; md., May 18, 1843, John Howard Billings, 
,b., Jan. 6, 1813, who d., May 5, i860, son of James and 
Relief (Petts) Billings; settled in Ashburnham, Mass. 

(a) — George H. Billings, b., June 25, 1844; of Leo- 
minster, Mass. 

(b) — "Leafy" Maria Billings, b., June 7, 1848; md., Nov. 
16, 1866, James A. Willard, of Townsend, Mass. 

(c)^ — Charles Austin Billings, b.. May 7, 1856; md., Oct. 
24, 1868, Efifie Packard, dau. of Horace C. Packard. 

2510— AUGUSTA STEARNS, b., Nov. 10, 1830, in Cav- 
endish, Vt.; md. Charles Bean, and settled in Waltham, 
Mass., where she d., Nov. 6, 1875. 

2511— MARCIA STEARNS, b., Oct. 10, 1832, at Caven- 
dish, Vt.; md. William Hosmer, and settled in Chester, Vt. 

2512— OTIS STEARNS (4496), b., Dec. 25, 1834, in Cav- 
endish, Vt. 

2513— JOHN STEARNS (1136), b., Apr. 16, 1815, son 
of Jonathan Jr. and Tabitha (Newton) Stearns, of Rutland, 
Mass.; md., Sept. 26, 1837, Harriet Elizabeth King, b., Nov. 
9, 1817, who d., Sept. 26, 1892. They settled in Templeton, 
Mass.; two children. 

2514— HELEN ELIZA STEARNS, b.. Mar. 23, 1840; 
md. (i), Nov. 2, 1858, Walter S. Rodmon, from whom she 
was divorced; md. (2), June 2y, 1885, Fred. C. Cooley; d., 
Oct. 28, 1892. 

(a)— Fred W. Rodmon, b., Oct. 25, i860; R. R. en- 
gineer; md., Dec. 19, 1883, Lizzie P. Clark, and 
settled in Northampton, Mass. 

2515— JOHN ADIN STEARNS, b.. Feb. 7. 1842. at 


Swansea, N. H.; md., July 31, 1868, Ellen Maria Perley, b. 

Sept. 10, 1846, in Gardner, Mass.; settled m Templeton, 

Mass.; two children. 

2516— MARY EVELYN STEARNS, b., Nov. 13, 1871- 
25i7_JOHN HENRY STEARNS, b., Feb. 13, 1874- 

2Si8— CYRUS STEARNS (1151), b., Feb. i, 1816 son 
of Elijah Jr. and Sarah (Sawyer) Stearns of Rutland Mass.; 
a farmer, of Fairlee, Vt.; md., June 9, 1840, Charlotte 
Clough; two children, 

2519— HENRY STEARNS, b., Apr., 29, 1841. 

2520— EMELINE STEARNS, b., Mar. 11, 1843. 

2=121— CHARLES STEARNS (1155). b., Aug. 23, 1796, 
son of Capt. Josiah and Ruth (Hunt) Stearns, of l^eominster. 
Mass ; moved to Ashburnham, Mass., m 1820, and, for ten 
years, owned and conducted the post route from Ashburn- 
ham to Worcester, selling the same to Ivers White, m i«30. 
He established and carried on a shoemaking business until 
his death, which occurred suddenly, July 11, 1874. He was 
a man of good ability, affable in manner, and unfading in 
kindness to his fellowmen. He was much employed in town 
affairs serving as selectman and on many important com- 
mittee's; was Town Clerk for twenty-four years and Deputy 
Sheriff for ten years. He md., Jan. i, 1824, Rebecca Greene 
Robbins, b., Feb. 9, 1802, dau. of Baruch and Polly (Bailey) 
Robbins, of Sterling, Mass.; she d., Mar. 9, 1887. Both 
Charles Stearns and his wife, Rebecca, were fine musicians, 
and their seven children inherited this gift, being well- 
known as a musical, family. 

'^=;22— EMMA HOBART STEARNS, b., Dec. 18, 1824; 
d., Feb. 25, 1893; md., July 16, 1851, Charles Wright who 
d Tan I 1880, in Ashburnham, Mass., son of Phinehas and 
B;tsy (Hunt) Wright, of Northfield, Mass They resided 
ir Worcester, Mass., Springfield, O., and . Ashburnham, 
Mass.; had one child, which only lived four days The fol- 
lowing article was copied from one of the local papers of 
Ashburnham, at the time of Mrs. Wright s death : For 
many years Mrs. Emma H. Wright has conducted a news- 


room and variety store at the home place on Main St. She 
has, however, been most prominently known as local corre- 
spondent of "The Gardner News." While her brothers and 
sisters were musicians of high rank, Mrs. Wright's ability 
ran in a literary line and her work in this field was altogether 
acceptable. She possessed a breezy, original style, with a 
diction choice and poetic; in short, such a combination of 
talent was her portion as to render her productions always 
inviting. Her first service for the News was rendered about 
twenty years ago, describing the dedication of the Academy 
building, and her last work was the report of the burning of 
that building." 

2523— CHARLES LORENZO STEARNS, b., Aug. 31, 
1826; d., Aug. 14, 1839. 

2524— REBECCA HILL STEARNS, b., Sept. 3, 1828; 
md., Oct. 21, 1847, Capt. Addison A. Walker, b., Sept. 22, 
1817, son of Danforth and Betsy (Bigelow) Walker, of New 
Ipswich, N. H. He was of the firm of Rockwood and Wal- 
ker, manufacturers of wooden ware, and was also widely 
known as a fine clarionet player. Mrs. Rebecca (Stearns) 
Walker has been well-known as a soprano singer and teacher 
of music, as a leader in musical circles, whose cultured voice 
led the choir in her native town several years. She has ren- 
dered much assistance in arranging the sketches of this 

2525— 'JOSEPHINE PIERCE STEARNS, b., Sept. 3, 
1830; md., July 18, 1850, Hartwell Tenney, b., Apr. 4, 1825, 
in Marlboro, N. H., son of Archie and Susanna (Jones) Ten- 
ney. They removed to Ashburnham in 1862, where he d., 
Dec. 31, 1891, and she d., May 25, 1892. 

(a) — Nellie Josephine Tenney, b., Sept. 6, 1857; d., July 
31, 1859. 

(b) — ^Charles Stearns Tenney, b., Sept. 2^, i860, in 
Marlboro, N. H.; md., Sept. 21, 1891, Sarah Louise 
Stevens, of Fitchburg. Mass. 

(c) — Mabel Winthrop Tenney, b., July 6, 1863, in Ash« 
burnham: md., Apr. 10, 1890, Henry Lawton May, 


b., Dec, 26, 1862, in No. Brookfield, Mass., grad. 
Yale Coll., 1887; three children. 

2526— FRANCES BARRETT STEARNS, b., July 20, 
d., Sept., 1833. 

2527— GEORGE HENRY STEARNS, b., Sept. 28, 1834; 
md., Jan. i, 1873, Martha J. Greene, b., May 11, 1849, in 
Munroe, Orange Co., N. Y. During the Civil War, he was 
musician in the Brigade Band, Twentieth Army Corps; was 
with Gen. Sherman in his famous "March to the Sea;" after 
the war, settled in Ashburnham. 

2528— DAISY STEARNS, b., Oct. 22, 1873; d., Aug. 30, 

2529— CASSIUS CLEMENT STEARNS, b., Aug. 2^, 
1838; md., 1873, Gertrude Bottomly, of Leicester, Mass., 
who is a fine naturalist. "His musical taste and ability were 
manifested at an early age and his proficient execution in 
boyhood is pleasantly remembered by the residents of his 
native town, Ashburnham, Mass, He played the bass viol 
in the Congregational Church before his stature would per- 
mit him to reach the strings, and Mr. Miller, the chorister, 
made a cricket for him to stand upon. After thorough study 
of the piano and organ with B. F. Leavens, and of the violon- 
cello with Wulf Fries, he removed to Worcester in 1859, 
where he has been organist and director in several church 
choirs. But he is best known as a teacher and composer of 
music, including, in his compositions, masses, church mu- 
sic, piano studies and songs. Mr. Stearns has given an 
apt expression of his love for his native town and a sensitive 
appreciation of its scenic attractions, in several musical com- 
positions, suggested by, and dedicated to the mountains and 
lakes of the landscape." 

253(^-DEA. WILLIAM STEARNS (1160), b., Nov. 18.- 
1812, son of Capt. Josiah and Ruth (Hunt) Stearns, of Leo- 
minster, Mass.; a Deacon, and harness-maker, of Lancaster, 
Mass.; md., July 12, 1838, Mary Ann Brown, of SterHng. 
Mass.; d., Oct. 21, 1884; five children. 

2531— MARY FRANCES STEARNS, b., Oct. 5, 1839; 


md., Jan. 15, 1863, George M. Morse, M. D., of Clinton, 
Mass., where he had successfully practiced his profession 
for many years. 

(a) — Esther Crafts Morse, b., Jan. 4, 1864. 

(b) — Mary Stearns Morse, b., Nov. 19, 1867. 

2532— MARTHA ANN STEARNS, b., Feb. 28, 1842; 
md., Feb. 12, 1867, George W. Weeks, a manufacturer, of 
Clinton, Mass.; d., June 10, 1868. 

1843; ^^-^ Feb. 23, 1886, Jonathan Smith, of Clinton, Mass., 
a lawyer and assistant justice of District Court. 

2534— HELEN MARIA STEARNS, b., Mar. 27, 1846. 

2535— WILLIAM JOSIAH STEARNS, b., Mar. 7, 1854; 
d., Jan. 20, 1891, of an accident, at Fitchburg, Mass. He was 
Cashier of the Fitchburg National Bank, at the time of his 

2536— ISAAC STEARNS JR. (1162), b., Jan. 18, 1790, 
son of Isaac and Susanna (Smith) Stearns, of Mansfield, 
Mass.; a magistrate and Representative of Mansfield; md., 
July 26, 1818, Sarah Fillebrown, b., Apr. 2, 1798, dau. of 
Bethuel and Elizabeth Fillebrown, of Easton^Mass. He re- 
sided some time in Providence, R. I., publisher and pro- 
prietor of a newspaper called "The Providence Free Press," 
which was devoted to anti-slavery and anti-free-masonry. 
He has been a frequent contributor to newspapers, chiefly 
articles relating to agriculture; d., June 16, 1879; nine chil- 

2537— SARAH STEARNS, b., Apr. 27, 1819; d., Msfi-. T9, 

2538— ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., June 12, 1823; md., 
June 6, 1844, Nathaniel Jackson Wheeler, a painter and 
glazier, son of Wheaton Wheeler, of Norton, Mass.; six 

(a)— Isabella Wheeler, b.. Oct. 11, 1846; md. J. E. Will- 
(b) — James A. Wheeler, b., Oct. i. 1848; md. Georgiana 


(c) — Edward Ernest Wheeler, b., June 14, 1853. 

(d) — Lizzie Wheeler, b., Aug. 21, 1856; md., Alonzo 

(e) — Cora May Wheeler, b., Apr. 30, 1859. 

(f) — Florence Wheeler, b., Nov. 12, 1870; d., Oct. 15, 

2539— ISAAC HOLDEN STEARNS (4503), M. D., b., 
June 14, 1825. 

b., Oct. I, 1826. 

1830; md., 1854, Hiram Robbins, and settled in Abington, 
Mass., where their five children were born; d., Apr. 26,. 


(a) — Lizzie Robbins, b., Sept. 6, 1855. 

(b) — Horace Robbins, b., Nov. 12, 1856. 

(c) — Charles Herbert Robbins, b., Aug. 9, 1858. 

(d) — ^John Robbins, b., Nov. 2, 1861. 

(e) — Susie Robbins, b., Aug. 9, 1872. 

Mar. 21, 1833; never married; "lived at home with the old 

2543— ORANGE SCOTT STEARNS (4533), b., Feb. 26, 

2544— MARIAN STEARNS, b., Feb. 8, 1837; md., July 
24, 1859, Horace S. Buck, who d., May 23, 1882; seven 

(a) — Mabel Augusta Buck, b., Apr. 30, i860; rnd., Oct. 
3, 1886, F. L. Williams. 

(b) — Alice Marian Buck, b., July 7, 1862; md., Jan. 26, 

1889, Ernest Pratt, 
(c) — Horace Holden Buck, b., June 14, .864; d., May 

16, 1882. 
(d)— Howard Wilbur Buck, b., Feb. 15, 1869; d.. May 

29, 1882. 


(e) — Harry Chester Buck, b., Jan. 2, 1871; d., July 8, 

(f) — George Myron Buck, b., Apr. 13, 1874; md., Apr. 
5, 1896, Grace A. Packard; three children. 

(g) — Evelyn Mary Buck, b., June 9, 1876; d., Nov. 24, 

2545— ELLEN STEARNS, b., Sept. 9, 1839, in Norton, 
Mass.; md., 1862, Frank Buck; eight children. 

(a) — Edgar Franklin Buck, b., Aug. 21, 1863. 
(b) — Alphonso Buck, b.. Mar. 12, 1865. 
(c) — Abbott E. Buck, b., June 25, 1867. 
(d) — Floridel Buck, b.. May 16, 1869. 
(e)— Ruth Ella Buck, b., Apr. 27, 1871. 
(f) — LilHan Isabel Buck, b., Mar. 14, 1873. 
(g) — Frederic Holden Buck, b., Jan. 23, 1875. 
(h) — William Dexter Buck, b., Feb. i, 1877. 

2546— WILLIAM STEARNS (1169), b., Aug. 2, 1808, 
son of Isaac and Susanna (Smith) Stearns, of Mansfield, 
Mass.; md., Nov. 17, 1831, Nancy Hicks Walker, b., Sept. 
21, 1807, dau. of Nehemiah and EHzabeth Walker, of 
Dighton, Mass.; seven children. 

2547— WILLIAM LOWELL STEARNS (4537), b., 
Nov. 6, 1833, in Mansfield, Mass. 

2548— LE ROY VERNON STEARNS, b., Oct. 21,, 

2549— NANCY AUGUSTA STEARNS, b., Jan. 24, 
1837; d., Oct. 21, 1837. 

2550— NANCY JOSEPHINE STEARNS, b., Oct. 11, 
1839; d., Jan. 30, 1841. 

2551— ELIJAH WALKER STEARNS, b., Jan. 27, 1843, 
in Mansfield, Mass.; md. (i), June 11, 1867, Mary Brown,' 
of Mansfield, who d., Oct. 22, 1874, aged 28 years. He 
md. (2), Nov. 24, 1880, Elizabeth A. Phillips, of Easton, 
Mass. E. W. Stearns was enrolled, July 21, 1864, in Co. K., 


5th Regt., Mass. Vol. Inf.; on duty in Maryland; discharged, 
Nov. 16, 1864; one daughter. 

2552— ETHEL E. STEARNS, b., Apr. 27, 1893. 

9, 1845; md., Jan. 6, 1876, George F. Austin, who d., Dec. 
25, 1897, at Mansfield, Mass.; five children. 

(a) — Grace W. Austin, b., Apr. 3, 1877. 

(b) — George W. Austin, b., Apr. 14, 1879. 

(c) — Lillian W. Austin, b., Jan. 7, 1882. 

(d) — Nellie Austin, b.. Mar. 17, 1884; d., Mar. 25, 

(e) — AHce J. Austin, b., Feb. 13, 1888; d., Jan. i, 1893. 

2554— WILHELMINA STEARNS, b., Oct. 17, 1848. 

2555— LEWIS ELLISON STEARNS (1173}, b., Aug. 
6, 1807, son of Bethuel and Sarah (Butterfield) Stearns, of 
Wilton, Me.; md., Aug. 2y, 1835, Hannah Walker, b., Dec. 
1, 1820; settled at Bower Brook, Me.; five children. 

2556— ARABELLA STEARNS, b., Aug. 12, 1836. 

2557— BRUCILLA STEARNS, b.. Mar. 3, 1839. 

2558— CLARABELLA STEARNS, b., May 3, 1841. 

2559— AMBROSE STEARNS, b., Apr. 4, 1843. 

2560— LEONARD STEARNS, b., June 5, 1846. 

2561— ALBERT IRVIN STEARNS (1174), b., Jan. 19, 
1809, son of Bethuel and Sarah (Butterfield) Stearns, of 
Wilton, Me.; carpenter, by trade; md., Oct. 29, 1835, Rhoda 
Jacobs of Sturgis, Mich. He served as private in an Illinois 
Regt., during the Civil War, and d., Mar. 28, 1863, at Men- 
don, Mich. ; two children. 

2562— CHARLES IRVIN STEARNS (4545). b. Apr. 28, 
1838, at Bloomington, 111. 

Aug. 28, 1842, at Westfield, 111. 


2564— CHARLES WESLEY STEARNS (117B), b, Nov. 
27, 1816, son of Bethuel and Sarah (Butterfield) Stearns, of 
Wilton, Me.; a farmer, of Monson, Me.; md., 1839, Hannah 
Brown, b., Mar. 23, 1823; three children. 

2565— ARAMINTA STEARNS, b., Nov. 20, 1841. 

2566— BETHUEL STEARNS, b., June 18, ?844. 

2567— CHARLES STEARNS, b., Dec. 9, 1846. 

2568— DAVID JOHNSON STEARNS (1187), b., Aug. 
24, 1793, son of Capt. Elijah and Lucretia (Johnson) Stearns, 
of Dover, Vt.; md., Feb. 3, 1819, Polly Barnum; a farmer, 
of Olmsted, O., where he d., Sept. 25, 1883; eight chil- 

2569— SYDNEY STEARNS, b., Dec. 5, 1819; d., July 
II, 1822. 

2570— BUELL STEARNS (4551), b., Apr. 30, 1821. 

2571— WILLARD STEARNS (4563), b., Jan. 4, 1823. 

2572— MARY MATILDA STEARNS, b., Mar. 26, 1824; 
md. E. F. Howe, and settled in Mt. Sterling, Wis. 

2573— LUCY JANE STEARNS, b., Sept. 18, 1826; md. 
Charles S. Underbill, of Olmsted, O. 

2574— HIRAM J. STEARNS (4580), b., Apr. ii, 1829. 

2575— HEMAN STEARNS (4584), b., Apr. 19, 1832, at 
Olmsted, O. 

2576— DAVID JOHNSON STEARNS JR., b., Sept. 4, 
1840; d., Aug. 24, 1850. 

2577— VESPASIAN STEARNS (1189), b., June 3, 1798, 
son of Capt. Elijah and Lucretia (Johnson) Stearns, of Do- 
ver, Vt.; md. (i), Aug. 31, 1820, Priscilla Thompson; md. 
(2), Mar., 1850, Artemisia J. Thompson; d., Sept. 26, 1862, 
in Olmsted, O.; eight children. 

1821; md. Newell Nelson. 


2579— BETSY STEARNS, b., Mar. 22, 1823; md. Da- 
rius Briggs. 

2580— ELIJAH THOMPSON STEARNS (4586), b., 
Jan. 2, 1825. 

2581— ORLANDO CLAYTON STEARNS, b., Aug. 24, 
1830; of Missouri. 

2582— OSCAR DE ALTON STEARNS, b., Sept. 12, 
1833; was of Helena, Mont. 

2583— EMELINE STEARNS, b., June 16, 1836; nid. 
James H. Jewell. 

2584— HESTER STEARNS, b., Sept. 16, 1838; md. John 
G. Briggs. 

2585— LUCY STEARNS, b., Feb. 28, 1842; md. Mahlon 

2586— ELLIOTT STEARNS (1190), b., Dec. 21, 1803, 
son of Capt. Elijah and Lucretia (Johnson) Stearns; of 
Dover, Vt.; md., Sept. 15, 1825, Aurilla M. Thompson; set- 
tled at Olmsted, O., where he d., Aug. 25, i860; eight chil- 

2587— GARDNER STEARNS (4507), b., Mar. 6, 1827. 

2588— SUSAN MANDANA STEARNS, b., Dec. 14, 
1828; md. Rev. J. F. Rice, and settled in Olmsted, O.. where 
she d., 1886. 

2589— EDMUND STEARNS (4605), b., Jan. 14, 1831. 

2590— LYDIA AURILLA STEARNS, b., Apr. 4, 1836; 
d., Sept. 29, 1847. 

1839; d., Jan. 10, 1857. 

1841; md. Rev. N. A. Saxton. 

1845; md. Dr. J. W. Stone. 

2594— LOIS AMANDA STEARNS, b., Sept. 19, 1848; 
d., May 3, 1849. 


2595— ELIJAH STEARNS JR. (1191), b., July 4, 1806, 
•son of Capt. Elijah and Lucretia (Johnson) Stearns,^ of 
Dover, Vt.; md. (i), Apr. 24, 1831, Wealthy Usher; md. (2), 
Dec. 14, 1855, Hannah Mattison; d., June 28, 1891, at Olm- 
sted, O.; thirteen children. 

2596— ASHER STEARNS (461 1), b., Jan. 14, 1832, at 
Olmsted, O. 

2597— MARY LUCRETIA STEARNS, b., May 25, 
1833; md. James Romp, 

2598— WATROUS USHER STEARNS, b., July 13, 
1834; d., July 13, 1861. 

2599— LORING STEARNS, b., Sept. 22, 1838; d., May 
22, 1863. 

2600— ORFILA STEARNS, b., Feb. 15, 1840. \ ^ . 
2601— OPHELIA STEARNS, b., Feb. 15, 1840. i" ^^"^' 

These twins were born at Olmsted, O., and both lived to 
mature age. Ophelia Stearns md. George Stevens. Orfila 
Stearns md., Jan. 28, 1874, Isabella Fitch, .nd settled at 
Olmsted, Cuyahoga Co., O., where their two daughters were 

2602— BERTHA GENORA STEARNS, b., June 18, 


2604— ELIJAH STEARNS 3d., b., Apr. 12, 1842, at 
Olmstead, O., md., Nov. 17, 1880, Ella Pa Delford, and 
settled at Olmsted, O.; two sons. 



1844, at Olmsted, O.; md., Oct, 4, 1873, Annette Fitch, and 
settled at Olmsted; four children. 


2608— NEVA M. STEARNS, b., Sept. 4, 1874. 

2609— E. JOSEPHINE STEARNS, b., Feb. 14, 1876. 

2610— HOWARD GUY STEARNS, b., Sept. 14, 1877- 
d., Sept. 7, 1878. 

261 1— EDNA W. STEARNS, b.. May 4, 1879. 

25, 1845, at Olmstead, O.; md.. Mar. i, 1871, Margaret 
Elizabeth Bramley, and settled at Olmstead; one daughter. 

2613— MARY ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., Aug. 8, 

2614— WILLIAM HARRIS STEARNS, b., Jan. 3, 1848; 
d., June 3, 1861. 

2615— WEALTHY STEARNS, b., Aug. 28, 1849; md, 
Thomas Hall. 

2616— MYRON AQUILA STEARNS, b., Feb. 27, 1857, 
at Olmsted, O.; md., Apr. 9, 1878, Josephine Rollins, and 
settled at Eaton, O.; one daughter. 


2618— BYRON STEARNS, b.. Mar. 7, 1859; d., Sept. 
8, 1864. 

2619— ASAPH GRAVES RICE STEARNS (1192), b., 
Jan. 13, 181 1, son of Capt. Elijah and Lucretia (Johnson) 
Stearns, of Dover, Vt. ; md., July 18, 1836, Lucinda 7\bigail ^ 
Howe; d., Dec, 1890, at Mt. Sterling, Wis.; eleven chil. ^ 

262C^-MARY LOUISE STEARNS, b., Apr. 19, 1838,' 
md. Cyrus Lilly. 

2621— LUCIA ABIGAIL .STEARNS, b.. May 31, 1840; 
md. Cyrus P. Dryden. 

2622— WILLIAM ALLEN STEARNS, b., July 16, 1842; 
settled at Mt. Sterling, Wis. 

2623— LEWIS CASS STEARNS, b., July 11, 1844; d., 
May 26, i860. 


1846; md. Grove H. Warner. 

2625— HELEN AURILLA STEARNS, b., Aug. 28, 
1848; md. James M. Reublin. 

2626— EDWARD FREMONT STEARNS, b., Sept. 18, 
1850; in 1896, was at Beaver City, Neb. 

2627— FRANK RICE STEARNS, b., Nov. 28, 1852; in 
1896, was at Lowell, Wis. 

2628— ELLA IDA STEARNS, b.. Mar. 11, 1855; d., Dec. 
22, 1865. 

2629 EFFIE MAY STEARNS, b., Apr. 17, 1858; md. 
Frank Wardwell. 

1862; d., Dec. 27, 1865. 

2631— CLARK STEARNS (1194), b., 1802, son of 
Phineas and Mary ( Cooper) Stearns, of Southern Vt.; a 
cooper, by trade: md., Irene Fuller, and settled in Canton, 
111., where he d., Aug. i, 1891; eight children. 

2632— ELIZA STEARNS, b., at Rochester, N. Y.; md. 
William Heath,, and settled in McDonough Co., 111., where 
she d., 1878. 

2633— MIRANDA STEARNS, b., at Rochester, N. Y.; 
md. Converse Watrous, and settled in Iowa. 

2634— ANN STEARNS, b., at Rochester. N. Y.: md. 
Edmund Breed, and settled in Illinois, where she d., 

2635— PHINEAS STEARNS (4616), b., in Indiana. 

2636— CELIA STEARNS, b., in Camon, 111.; md. Lloyd 
Thorne, and settled in Dakota. 

2637— HORACE STEARNS, b., in Cancon, 111.; served, 
during the Civil War, in 103d Regt., 111. Vols.; was wound- 
ed in left knee; md. Louisa Sampson, and settled in Mis- 


2638— LUCRETIA STEARNS, b., in Canton, 111.; md. 
Jonathan Woodruff, and settled" in Oregon. 

2639— HARRISON STEARNS, b., in Canton, III; md. 
Sarah Waugh, and settled in Kansas. 

2640— PARLEY STEARNS (1196), b., i8o6, son of 
Phineas and Mary (Cooper) Stearns, of Vermont; md. Han- 
nah Rawalt; settled in Canton, Fulton Co., 111., where he d.; 
three children. - 




2644— SANGER STEARNS (1199), b., 1812, son of 
Phineas and Mary (Cooper) Stearns, of III.; md. (i), Clara 
Follett, who was the mother of his lirst four children; md. 
(2), Sarah Laughery, who was the mother of his last three 
children. He settled in Prairie City, 111., where he d., 1888. 

2545— DE KALB STEARNS, attorney by profession; 
settled in Nebraska. 





2650— PAUL STEARNS, of Prairie City, 111. 


2652— JEFFERSON GOULD STEARNS (1200), b., 
1816, son of Phineas and Mary (Cooper) Stearns, of III; 
was named for his Aunt Olive's family, she having married a 
Gould. He was born in New York State, probably in Chau- 
tauqua Co. ; moved to Canton, 111., in "the thirties," and, in 
1870, settled in Kansas, on a Western farm. He md. Jane 
Wilson, who bore him seven children. 

2653— ALEXANDER W. STEARNS (4621), b., 1849, 
in Illinois. 


2654— GEORGIA STEARNS, md. Mr. Mitchell, and 
settled in Kansas. 

2655— VICTORIA STEARNS, md. Mr. Shrader, a farm- 
er and hay-dealer, of Canton, 111. 

2656— ZALMA ALVA STEARNS, a farmer, of Okla- 
homa Territory. 

2657— WILLIAM STEARNS, b. and d., in Illinois. 

2658— AMANDA J. STEARNS, teacher of art and mu- 
sic, at Battle Creek, Mich.; md. Mr. Kirby. 

2659— EDMUND B. STEARNS (4622), b., 1861. 

2660— MADISON STEARNS (1201), b., 1818, son of 
Phineas and Mary (Cooper) Stearns, of 111.; md. Mary Hill 
and settled in Western Iowa; d. 



Three other children of Madison and Mary (Hill) Stearns 
died in infancy. Have been unable to get any > esponse from 
this family. 

2664— HARRISON STEARNS (1203), b., 1822, son of 
Phineas and Mary (Cooper) Stearns, of III; :nd. Amanda 
Russell, and settled in Towanda, Kas.; five children. 

Feb. 2, 1845. 

2666— WALES D. STEARNS (4633), b., 1847. 
2667— JEFFERSON C. STEARNS, b. and d. 

2668— FLORENCE L. STEARNS, md. Adair Waite, 
and settled at Towanda, Kas.; three children. 

(a) — Vena Waite. 
(b) — Mariner Waite. 
(c)— Abdellah Waite. 

2669— SANGER S. STEARNS, b. and d. 


2670— MOSES STEARNS (1210), b., July 19, 1805, son 
of Ezekiel and Nancy (Somes-Dodge) Stearns, of Newcastle, 
Me.; md., 1833, Juliette Barney, of Taunton, Mass. They 
settled first, in Taunton, then removed to Newcastle, Me., 
on his father's farm. After remaining there several years, 
they removed to Boston, Mass., where he engaged in the 
manufacture of perfumes; d. in Kokomo, Ind.; six chil- 

2671— SUSAN STEARNS, b.. May 7, 1834, in Taunton, 
Mass.; d., Dec, 1834. 

2672— CHARLES DODGE STEARNS, b., July 17, 
1836, at Taunton, Mass.; md. (i), June 14, 1864, Sarah 
Baldwin Barney, of Maiden, Mass; md. (2), 

2673— HARRIET PIERCE STEARNS, b., Oct. 29, 1839, 
at Newcastle, Me.; md., Mar. 4, 1862, Capt. Jerome Brooks 
Hildreth, of Boston, Mass. 

2674— GEORGE BARNEY STEARNS, b., Jan. 22, 1846, 
at Cambridgeport, Mass. 

2675— MARY ELIZA STEARNS, b., Sept. 3, 1849; md., 
Sept. 17, 1874, John Smith Nichols, of Maiden, Mass. 

2676— FRED MASON STEARNS, b., Feb. 19, 1856, at 
Cambridge, Mass.; an engraver, of Boston, Mass.; md., Oct. 
28, 1886, Agnes Augusta Magoun, of Boston; two daugh- 

2677— HELEN LOUISE STEARNS, b., Apr. 29, 1890, 
at Boston, Mass. 

2678— MARY AGNES STEARNS, b., Jan. 27, 1892. 

2679— STINSON SEWELL STEARNS (1213), b., June 
25, 181 1, son of Ezekiel and Nancy (Somes-Dodge) Stearns, 
of Newcastle, Me.; md., Feb. 8, 1842, Minerva Jane Reed, 
of Huntsville, Mo. They settled first at Osceola, St. Clair 
Co., Mo., where he was engaged in tanning and had a large 
saddle and harness shop. He left Osceola in 1862, stopping 
at Sedalia, Mo., where he first secured his bride. He left 
there in the spring of 1866, and settled on his farm near Fay- 
etteville, Washington Co., Ark., where he also engaged in 


the business of tanning. During the Civil War, he served 
for six months in the militia, was in Co. A., under Capt. 
Chris. Hoover; was mustered out, 1863, in Henry Co., Mo.; 
nine children. 

2680 — CHILD, b., 1843; d., young. 

2681— MARTHA J. STEARNS, b., Jan. 12, 1845, at 
Osceola, Mo.; md., Feb. 16, 1862, Edward S. Elhs. She d., 
Feb. 14, 1877, of pneumonia, at Creech, Ark., and he md. 
(2), Fanny Mullins; four children. 

(a) — Edward F. Ellis, a physician, of Hindsville, Ark, 
(b) — Robert S. Ellis, died when three years old. 
(c) — William Ellis, a farmer, near Hindsville, Ark. 
(d) — Mark St. Clair Ellis, grad. Naval Acad. Annapolis, 

2682— THEODOSIA V. STEARNS, b., July 24, 1847, at 
Osceola, Mo.; md., Feb. 11, 1869, Thomas J. Mullins, of 
Fayetteville, Ark. They have six children; the eldest, a 
daughter, md. Walter Banks and lived on his farm, adjoin- 
ing that of her father. Two sons were in the employ of the 
O. R. and N. Co., at Harrison, Idaho, while the other sons 
were at home, near Fayetteville, Ark. 

2683— LAURA S. STEARNS, b., Feb. 7, 1850; d., Nov. 
10, 185 1. 

2684— CYRUS PERSIA STEARNS, b., Aug. 10, 1852; 
md. (i), 1878, Susan Mullins, by whom he Iiad two chil- 
dren. She d., 1888, of consumption, and he md. (2), 1895, 
Etta Bray, near Fayetteville, Ark.; settled on farm near 
Wallville,'lnd. Terr. 

2685-^MATTIE STEARNS, b., 1879; teacher at Creech, 

2686— DON STEARNS, with his father in Indian Ter- 

2687— JOHN WILLIAM STEARNS (4638), b.^ Feb. i, 

2688— ELIZABETH A. STEARNS, b., Aug. 3, 1857, at 


Osceola, Mo.; md., 1878, Garland W. Phillips, of Fayette- 
ville. Ark., in the employ of the U. S. Government, as Cus- 
toms Inspector, at Port Townsend, Wash. They have four 

i860, at Osceola, Mo.; md., Nov., 1882, Annice Appleby, 
of Fayetteville, Ark. They have four children, whose names 
we have not learned. 

2690— MOSES STEARNS, b., Nov. 17, i860, at Osceola, 
Mo.; at home on the farm, near Fayetteville, Ark, 

2691— GEORGE N. STEARNS (1215), b., Nov. 16, 1818, 
son of Ezekiel and Nancy (Somes-Dodge) Stearns, of New- 
castle, Me.: a painter, of Taunton, Mass.; md. (i), 1841, 
Mahala Ann Bullock, b., June 28, 1816, dau. of Thomas Bul- 
lock, of Rehoboth, Mass. She d. at Little Rock, Ark., and 
he md. (2), 1864, Sarah J. Turner; settled in Oakland, Cal.; 
five children. 

2692— MARIA MELVILLE STEARNS, b., Sept. 12, 
1842; md. John Hennessy, of Fayetteville, Ark. 

2693— GEORGE THOMAS STEARNS, b., May 18, 
1844; d., Jan., 1846. 

2694— SARAH ALMA STEARNS, b.. Sept. 12. 1847; 
md. and settled in Kansas. 

2695— MINNIE BELLE STEARNS, b.. Mar. 25, 1866, 
in Adrian, Mich.; md., June 17, 1885, Henry S. Stem, and 
settled in Eureka, Cal. Their son, LesHe Stern, b., Apr. 6, 
1886. is the joy and delight of the family. 

2696— WALTER A. STEARNS, b., July 10, 1871, at 
Adrian, Mich.; unm. 

2697— CHARLES SAFFORD STEARNS (1222), b.. 
May 29. 1818, son of Lewis and Rebecca (Gage) Stearns, of 
Brattle'boro, Vt.; a printer and publisher, who was, at differ- 
ent times, proprietor of several newspapers, and, at the 
time of his death, was one of the firm of a publishing house 
in New York City. He md., 1844, Mary Slyter, of Sauger- 
ties, Ulster Co., N. Y., who d.. Mar. 23, 1887; he d., Sept. 
26, 1887; three children. 


1845, in New York City; md., 1869, Harry B. Philbrook, of 
Vermont, who was then practicing law at Washington, D. 
C; six children. 

(a) — Burton Philbrook, b., June 7, 1870, in Washington, 
D. C. ; grad. Rutgers Coll., and now practicing law 
in New York City. 

(b) — Mary Philbrook, b., Aug. 6, 1872, in Washington, 
D. C; was first woman admitted to the bar in New 
Jersey and is now practicing law at Newark, N. 

(c) — Florence Philbrook, b., July 28, 1874, in Brooklyn, 
N. Y.; is stenographer in Medical Dept. of Man- 
hattan Life Ins. Co., New York City. 

(d) — Robert Philbrook, b.. Mar. 4, 1877, in Jersey City, 
where he resides. 

(e) — Elizabeth Slvter Philbrook, b., 1882, in Jersey 

(f)— Dean Noble Philbrook, b., Sept., 1886; d.. May, 

2699— CHARLES STEARNS, b., Apr. 13, 1847, in New 
York City; studied law at Columbia Coll. Law School; d. 
in his early manhood, Feb. 21, 1878, at New York City. 

2700— MARY STEARNS, b., Jan. 21, 1849, in New York 
City; was educated at Vassar College; studied medicine in 
New York City and Europe; served in several government 
hospitals in the Indian service in the territories. She md. 
(i), Aug. 17, 1872, John Fredericks, a journalist, of Brook- 
lyn, N. Y.; md. (2), Jan. 29, 1887, Newton S. Putnam, of 
Globe, Arizona; no children. Mrs. Mary Putnam, M. D., is 
practicing medicine in New York City, Brooklyn IBorough; 
has served on the Board of Health, and been resident phy- 
sician of a public institution in New York City. 

2701— JOSEPH SHELDON STEARNS (1224), b.. May 
19, 1808, son of Joseph and Sally (Fisher) Stearns, of Fox* 
boro, Mass.; md. Esther Page, b., Sept. 8, 181 1, who d., 
Mar. 20, 1847, dau. of Oliver Page, of Walpole, Mass.; four 


2702— JOSEPH OLIVER STEARNS, b., Jan. 7, 1836. 

2703— ESTHER EMILY STEARNS, b., Oct. 2, 1838. 

2704— HENRY WILLARD STEARNS, b., Apr. 23, 

2705— CHARLES WARREN STEARNS, b., Nov. 29, 

2706— JOSHUA NELSON STEARNS (1227), b., 1815, 
son of Joseph and Sally (Fisher) Stearns, of Wrentham, 
Mass.; md., Mar. 27, 1837, Diana Harding, b., Feb. 25, 1816, 
dau. of Rufus Harding, of Mansfield, Mass. ; four children. 

2707— ELIZA JANE STEARNS, b., Apr. 6, 1839, in 
Mansfield, Mass.; unm. 

2708— HENRY LEWIS STEARNS, b., July 6, 1846, at 
Walpole, N. H.; md., Apr. 17, 1878, Hepsa T. Davis, of 
Taunton, Mass.; settled in Mansfield, Mass.; two children. 

2709— MARION SECOR STEARNS, b., Nov. 7, 1884, in 
Mansfield, Mass. 

1888, in Mansfield, Mass. 

2711— MARY LOUISA STEARNS, b.. May 31, 1849, 
in Walpole, N. H.; md., Feb. 14, 1869, Lysander B. White, 
of Easton, Mass.; seven children. 

(a) — Ernest Le Roy White, b., Jan. 15, 1870, at Mans- 
field, Mass. 

(b) — Minnie Louisa White, b., Oct. 6, 1872, at Mans- 
field, Mass. 

(c) — Ada Genevieve White, b., Dec. t8, 1873, in .Mans- 
field, Mass. 

(d) — Harry Lysander White, b., Jan. 22, 1879, at Mans- 
field, Mass. 

(e) — Percy Elwin White, b., Feb. 17, 1882, at Somer- 
ville, Mass. 

(f) — Fred Levels White, b., June 16, 1885, at Cam- 
bridgeport, Mass. 

(g) — Lottie Diana White, b., Aug. 18, 1887, at Mans- 
field, Mass. 


1852, in Mansfield, Mass.; md., Oct. 9, 1876, Sarah J. Turner, 
of Mansfield, Mass.; one son. 

2713— CHARLES NELSON STEARNS, b., July 18, 
1879, ^^ Mansfield, Mass.; d., Aug. 23, 1880, at same place 

2714— MOSES MOODY STEARNS (1247), b., 1824, 

son of Hugh and Stearns, of Grafton, N. H.; was 

quarter-master on the Monitor, in the renowned fight with 
the Merrimac, during the Civil War; afterwards was sub- 
marine diver for the U. S. Government, at Charlestown 
Navy Yard; five children. 

2715— JOSEPH G. STEARNS, b., 1849; unm. 

2716— ANNIE R. STEARNS, b., ; md., Henry C. 

Pack and had two children. 

2717— WILLIAM R. STEARNS, b., 1864; d., Jan. 14, 
1888; md. and had one son. 


2719— WALTER STEARNS, b.. May 9, 1866, at Chelsea, 
Mass.; teacher and composer of music. 

2720— REUBEN STEARNS, b., 1870. 

2721— JOHN STEARNS (1251), b., Aug. 10, 1801, son 
of Walter Clapp and Tryphena (Shattuck) Stearns, of Dover, 
Vt. ; a farmer, and dealer in horses and cattle; md., Feb. 9, 
1825, Esther Webster, b.. May 23, 1802, who d., Aug. i, 
1879. They settled in Hinsdale, N. H., vv'here he d., Dec. 
2, 1884. Esther (Webster) Stearns was from Northfield. 
Mass.; eight children. 

2722— RHODA JANE STEARNS, b., Jan. 4, 1826, at 
Hinsdale, N. H.; md., Apr. 11, 1848, Jonathan Leroy Pres- 
ton, of Northfield, Mass., where they settled; four chil- 

(a) — Dwight L. Preston, b., Jan. 28, 185 1 ; md., Apr. 10, 
1873, Carrie M. Stratton; two children. 

(b) — John A. Preston, b., Sept. 17, 1854.; md., June 6, 
1876, Anna M. Shepardson; d., May i, 1892. 


(c) — Pitts W. Preston, b., Aug. 15, 1856; md., Apr. to, 
1884, Cora B. Holton. 

(d) — Lucie J. Preston, b., Nov. i, 1859; md., July 12, 
1884, Frank C. Merrill; a son, Leon P. Merrill, b., 
Dec. 28, 1884; she d., Jan. 21, 1885, and her hus- 
band d., Feb. 2, 1888. 

2723— ELVIRA STEARNS, b., Dec. 5, 1827; md., May 
10, 1849, Dwight Lyman Sanderson, of Chesterfield, N. H.; 
settled in Hinsdale, N. H.; five children. 

(a) — Leonard Webster Sanderson, b., Sept. i, 1853; 

md., Apr. 28, 1878, Evelyn C. Reed, of Northfield, 

Mass.; six children, 
(b) — John Stearns Sanderson, b., Oct. 19, 1855, of Clin- 
ton, Mass.; unm. 
(c) — Charles Clark Sanderson, b., Mar. 29, 1858; md.,. 

Mar. 9, 1886, Nellie Fletcher Smith, of Chnton^ 

Mass.; settled in Waterbury, Conn, 
(d) — Ellen Frances Sanderson, b., Sept. 28, i860; md., 

Feb. 28, 1883, William B.'Towne, of Keene, N. H.^ 

three children, 
(e) — Edward Boltwood Sanderson, b., Nov. 4, 1868; 


2724— DWIGHT WEBSTER STEARNS (4640), b., Tan. 
28, 1830. 

2725— JANETTE STEARNS, b., Apr. 25, 1832; md.. Apr. 
12, 1855, Leander Thomas, of Brattleboro, Vt., who d., Jan. 
2, 1895; three children. 

(a) — Sidney W. Thomas, b., Aug. 14, 1856; d., Mav 18, 

(b) — Esther N. Thomas, b., Aug. 24, 1865. 
(c) — Harry N. Thomas, b., Jan. 28, 1876. 

2726— FRANKLIN STEARNS, b., Aug. 27, 1834; md., 
Mar. 14, 1865, Martha L. Tyler, of Hinsdale, N. IL, where 
they settled. 

2727— NEWTON STEARNS, b., Oct. 29. 1836; md., 
Oct. 29, 1863, Louise Judd, of South Hadley, Mass.; settled 
in Hinsdale, N. H.; one child. 


2728— CARRIE J. STEARNS, b., Oct. 22, 1876; of Hins- 
dale, N. H. 

2729— CHARLES STEARNS, b., Apr. 6, 1839; i-^d., 
May I, 1861, Sarah Fisher, of Hinsdale, N. H., where they 
settled; three chil. 

2730— JOHN F. STEARNS, b., Feb. 12, 1864; d., July 
24, 1864. 

2731— FRED C. STEARNS, b., Jan. 3, 1867; d., Dec. 
II. 1891. 

2732— GRATIA STEARNS, b., June 22, 1869; d., July 
24, 1870. 

2732 1-2— PITTS STEARNS, b., July 13, 1841. 

2733— ELLEN STEARNS, b., Dec. 11, 1S43; '^^^^ Apr. 
6, 1868, George P. Slate, of Bernardston; settled in Hinsdale, 
N. H.; one dau. 

(a) — Charlotte Stearns Slate, b., Oct. 2, 1875. 

2734— ELLIOTT STEARNS (1254), b., Apr. 6, 1807, 
son of Walter Clapp and Tryphena (Shattuck) Stearns, of 
Hinsdale, N. H.; md., Apr. 7, 1836, Betsy DarHng-, and set- 
tled in Hinsdale, N. H., where he d., Nov. 14, 1881. 

2735— ALTHEA M. STEARNS, b., Jan. 4, 1838, 1'n Hh s- 
dale, N. H.; settled in Hinsdale; unm. 

We take great pleasure in acknowledging here the work 
Miss Althea M. Stearns has done in collecting tnd a'.Tsi?g- 
ing the genealogy of this branch of the family. At the be- 
ginning of this undertaking, nothing was known regarding 
the first wife of Rev. Ebenezer Stearns, of Stoughton, but 
the fact that such a person once existed. By her untiring 
efforts and continued correspondence, Miss Stearns finally 
established the first wife's identity as an ancestress of her 
own family and has carefully and minutely traced the de- 
scendants to the present generation, while ministering to 
the needs of a sick and aged parent. Would there v/ere 
more like her in loyalty to family ties! 

2736— NATHANIEL STEARNS (1257), b., Jan. 14, 


1813, son of Walter Clapp and Tryphena (Shattuck) Stearns, 
of Hinsdale, N. H.; a hotel-keeper, of Worcester, Mass., 
and of Providence, R. I., where he d., Mar. 31, 1871. He 
md., June 22, 1838, Sarah Augusta Phelps, b., Aug. 25, 1814,. 
in Holden, Mass., who d., July 11, 1870, in Providence, R. 
I; three children. 

Nov. 20, 1838, in Holden, Mass. 

2738— SARAH MARIA STEARNS, b., June 2, 1840, in 
Worcester, Mass.; md. (i), Charles Boree, of New York 
City, who d., July 2, 1862, in Providence, R. I., without issue; 
md. (2), her deceased sister's husband, Albert Adams, by 
whom she had two children, who died. After the death 
of Albert Adams, she md. (3), in Providence, R. I., Thomas 
Dwyer; no issue. 

2739— ELLEN AUGUSTA STEARNS, b.. Mar. 11, 
1842, in Worcester, Mass.; md., May, 1863, Albert Adams. 
She d., Aug. 26, 1863, and her bereaved husband married 
her widowed sister. 

274C^MARCUS C. STEARNS (1263), b., May 28, 1816, 
son of Orris and Gracia (Sabin) Stearns, of Naples, Ontario 
Co., N. Y. ; d., Apr. 8, 1890. He was a merchant of Chi- 
cago, 111., where he settled in 1836. "His distinguishing 
characteristics were firmness, force of character, indomitable 
energy and great executive ability, potent agencies for ad- 
vancement of men to important stations in life. Quietly and 
unostentatiously he worked his way from a clerkship to a 
place among the capitalists and financiers of Chicago, and 
left the impress of his individuality upon its industries and 
commerce, with which his name will always be associated." 
He md.. Mar. 28, 1842, Margarette E. Clarke, b., Jan. i, 
182 1, who d., Dec. 21, 1898, dau. of James Archibald and 
Elizabeth A. (Irvine) Clarke, from England; five children. 

2741— GEORGE R. STEARNS, b., May 19. 1844, md., 
1868, Maria Kinsell, and settled in Chicago, 111., where their 
six children were born. 

2742— MARCUS STEARNS, b., Aug. 13, 1869. 

Marcus C. Stearns. 


2743— MARY STEARNS, b., Oct. 11, 1870. 

2744— MARJORY STEARNS, b., Apr. 7, 1872. 

2745— JESSIE STEARNS, died young. 

2746— GEORGE STEARNS, b., Feb. 16, 1874. 

2747— ROXANNA STEARNS, b., Jan. 10, 1879. 

2748— RICHARD I. STEARNS, b., Mar. 25, 1847; a 
manufacturer, of Chicago, 111. He md. Addie W. Yeger, of 
Clifton Springs, N. Y. ; no children. 

2749— JOHN E. STEARNS, b., Feb. 14, 1852; md., 1874, 
Isa Hunt, of Denver, Col., where they first resided, then 
removed to Los Angeles, Cal., where he died, leaving three 

2750— ISA STEARNS, b., Oct. 2, 1876. 

2751— MABEL STEARNS, b., July 4, 1878. 

2752— NELLIE STEARNS, b., Aug. 5, 1880. 

2753— MARGARETTE E. STEARNS, b., May 13, 1856; 
d., Apr. 30, 1899. 

2754— MARCUS C. STEARNS JR., b., Aug. 10, 1859; 
of Chicago, 111.; md. Nina Miles, of Ohio; five children. 




2758—4. INFANT, d. young. 


2760— ALFRED ALMERION STEARNS (1265), b., 
Mar. 23, 1826, son of Alfred and Mary (Pierson) Stearns, of 
Bergen, Genesee Co., N. Y. ; contractor and carpenter of 
Grand Rapids, Mich.; md., July 29, 1849, Jane E. Search, 
of West Henrietta, Monroe Co., N. Y. He was Justice of 
the Peace in the town of Henrietta for eight years, and Su- 
pervisor for two years; three children. 

2761— MYRON D. STEARNS, b., Jan. i, 1852, in West 


Henrietta; settled with his parents at Grand Rapids, Mich.; 

2762— CHARLES EDWARD STEARNS, b., May 22, 
1857, at West Henrietta, N. Y., where he d., Feb. 15, 1864. 

2763— WILLIAM DUNN STEARNS, b., Aug. 11, 1859; 
md., Jan. 30, 1883, Gertrude Hazen, of Holland, Mich. They 
settled at Toledo, O., where he was car accountant and Sec. 
to Gen. Man. of C. J. & M. R. R. Co. 

2764— HAZEL LENORE STEARNS, b., July 13, 1888, 
at Holland, Mich. 

2765— WARREN S. STEARNS (1266), b., Dec. 22, 1827, 
son of Alfred and Mary (Pierson) Stearns, of Bergen, N. Y.; 
a blacksmith, of Michigan; md., Sept. i, 1850, Corneha Fiel^, 
of Cohocton, Steuben Co., N. Y. In 1853, they removed to 
Michigan, and settled in Constantine, St. Joseph Co. Dur- 
ing the Civil War, he served as private in the 24th Mich. 
Inf.; three children. 

2766— MARY F. STEARNS, b., July 25, 1851, at Ken- 
nedy villCj, Steuben Co., N. Y.; md. George Simons and has 
three children. 

2767— HENRY W. STEARNS, b., Jan. 10, 1859. 

2768— CHARLES W. STEARNS, b., Jan. 10, 1859. 
Henry W. Stearns, md. Sarah I. Teague, and has four 





Charles W. Stearns, md. Zella Loupee, and has two 



2775— PETER STEARNS 3d (1275), b., Dec. 9, 1794, 


son of Peter Jr. and ( ) Stearns, of Peru, N. 

Y.; born at Plymouth, N. H.; md., 1816, Sophia Wood, of 
Leicester, Mass., b.. Jan. 9, 1793, who d., Sept. 24, 1884. He 
was a soldier, in the war of 1812, being engaged in action 
at Plattsburg, N. Y. ; afterwards a farmer, of Westford, Vt. ; 
d., Feb. 15, 1855, at Fairfax, Vt. Some of his descendants 
use the spelling S-t-e-r-n-s; twelve children. 

2776— REV. WILLIAM T. STEARNS, b., Nov. 17, 
1817, in Peru, N. Y.: a minister, who settled at Fletcher, 
Vt.; md. Phoebe Beeman; d.. May 20, 1891. 

2777— MARY WOOD STEARNS, b., July 21, 1819, in 
Westford, Vt.; md. John Maxfield, of Fairfax, Vt.; three 




2778— SALLY STEARNS, b., Jan. 23, 1821; md. Benja- 
min Bell; d., Aug. 29, 1865. 

2779— HARRY KENT STEARNS (4657), b., Nov. 12, 

2780— RUFUS WOOD STEARNS (4666), b., Apr. 18, 

2781— CHARLES A. STEARNS, b., Dec. i, 1826, in 
Westford, Vt. ; md., 1847, Sarah Sac Rider, of Boston, Mass., 
from whom he separated, in i860; he d., Sept. 18, 1895; 
three children. 

2782— CHARLES STEARNS, b., , 1848. 

2783— SARAH JANE STEARNS, b., , 1850. 

2784— FRANCES HOYT STEARNS, b., 1851; lived 
with her mother. 

2785— NANCY STEARNS, b., Sept. 14, 1828; md. Lewis 
Story, of Fairfax, Vt. 

2786— ASENATH STEARNS, b., July 24, 1830, in West- 
ford, Vt. ; md. Anson Story, of Fairfax, Vt., who d. 


2787— HANNAH A. STEARNS, b., Nov. i, 1833, at 
Westford, Vt.; was educated at New Hampton Institute, and 
taug"ht school ten years before her marriage; md. WilHam 
Bellows, of Fairfax, Vt., and, after his death, taught school 
again and cleared ofif a mortgage from the farm. She had 
no children. Her rehgious creed is given in her own words: 
'T am a true believer in the religion of Jesus Christ, and 
expect to have a home in Heaven." 

2788— JOHN W. STEARNS, b., Aug. 24, 1835, in West- 
ford, Vt.; md. Belle Hammond, and settled in Rutland, Vt. 
It has been almost impossible to gather information from 
the Stearns families of Vermont. The report reached us 
that John W. Stearns had been Mayor of Rutland, Vt., but 
we have been unable to confirm it. Whether from innate 
modesty or dislike of correspondence, the Vermont rela- 
tives are very hard to get acquainted with. 

2789 — AN ONLY CHILD, said to be a very talented 
young man, attending Harvard College. 

2790— ARTEMAS R. STEARNS, b., Jan. 30, 1838, in 
Westford, Vt. ; md. Cynthia Pease, and settled in Rut- 
land, Vt. 

2791— ELLEN M. STEARNS, b., Feb. 18. 1840, in West- 
ford, Vt. ; youngest of a family of twelve children; md. Ed- 
ward Mills, of Peabody, Mass. 

2792— JOSEPH MERRILL STEARNS (1284), b., Oct. 
7, 1 81 5, son of Rev. Nathaniel Wheat and Levina (Harding) 
Stearns, of Ripton, Vt.; md., Aug. 5, 1840, Phila Smith, and 
settled, a farmer, in Lincoln, Vt., where he d., Nov. 12, 1884; 
seven children. 

2793— DORAN HARDING STEARNS (4672), b., Nov. 
3, 1841. 

July 28, 1843; with her brother, Elwood Smith Stearns, oc- 
cupied the homestead built by their father, at Maple Hill- 
side, South Lincoln, Vt. 

2795— LEVINA HARDING STEARNS, b.. Mar. 31. 


1845; "^d., Mar. 19, 1866, at Bristol, Vt., Lewis T. Page; in 
1896, was living near her son, Rev. John Page, of Lewis- 
ton, Me. 

Nov. 13, 1847; "^d., June 19, 1871, Calvin Francis Murray; 
settled at Murray Hall, Lincoln, Vt. 

2797— ELWOOD SMITH STEARNS, b., July 25, 1850, 
at Bristol, Vt.; settled on his father's homestead, at South 
Lincoln, Vt., with his sister, Sabra W. S. Stearns. 

2798— JASPER MERRILL STEARNS, b., Apr. i, 1852; 
d., Dec. 5, 1870, at Lincoln, Vt. 

2799— ALMA ELLENA STEARNS, b., Sept. 27, 1858, 
at Lincoln, Vt.; d., June, 1859, at same place. 

2800— JAMES LINDSAY STEARNS (1287), b., Oct. 
25, 1820, son of Rev. Nathaniel Wheat and Levina (Harding) 
Stearns, of Barre, Vt. ; md., Mar. 2, 1847, EHza M. Ralph, 
of Warren, Vt., b., Aug. 25, 1827. He was a farmer of Lin- 
coln, Vt., where he d., Mar. 17, 1874; four children. 

2801— MILTON JAMES STEARNS, b., Jan. 27, 1848; 
in Lincoln, Vt.; md., Nov. 17, 1873, Carrie Briggs, of Bris- 
tol, Vt., b., Dec. 24, 1853. They settled near Portland, Ore.; 
one son. 

2802— RALPH MILTON STEARNS, b., Dec. 19, 1881. 

2803— DANIEL WHEAT STEARNS, b., July 18. 1850, 
in Warren, Vt. ; md., Jan. i, 1876, Susan Delilah Schermer- 
horn, b., Oct., 1853, in Michigan. They settled at Vancou- 
ver, in the state of Washington; one daughter. 

2804— GRACE VOLNETTE STEARNS, b., Nov. 17, 
1880, at Winnamuck, Ind. 

2805— MARY GOVE STEARNS, b., July 30, 1856, at 
Lincoln, Vt.; unmarried. 

Dec. 31, 1868, in Lincoln, Vt. ; md., 1890, Margie C. Varney, 
of Starksboro, Vt., b., Nov. 17, 1872, in Lincoln, Vt. They 
settled at Portland, Ore. ; one son. 


2807— CLAYTON WESLEY STEARNS, b, Jan. 17, 
1891, at Portland, Ore. 

2808— HARRY FRANKLIN STEARNS (1293), b., Oct. 
18, 1805, son of Rev. John and Asenath (Campbell) Stearns, 

ofMonkton, Vt; md., 1828, ; d., Apr. 14, 1840. Dr. 

Bond says he left four daughters and one son. 

Moines, la.; a blacksmith, by trade. 

2810— DAVID EBENEZER STEARNS (1294), b., Feb. 
II, 1808, son of Rev. John and Asenath (Campbell) Stearns, 
of'Monkton, Vt.; a carpenter and joiner, by trade, but fol- 
lowed farming- after thirty years of age; in 1853, went across 
the plains from 111. to Ore. He md., Sept. 19, 1840, Fidelia 
S. Cannon, b., Sept. 30, 1820; settled in Tyler, Winnebago 
Co., III.; d., Aug. 31, 1886, in Jackson Co., Ore.; six chil. 

281 1— OSCAR LEVY STEARNS (4682), b., Sept. 24, 
1841, in Winnebago Co., 111. 

2812— ORSON AVERY STEARNS (4687), b., Jan. 9, 
1843, in Winnebago Co., 111. 

2813— NEWELL DOSKEY STEARNS (4691), b., Nov. 
24, 1845- 

2814— ARMINDA MELISSA STEARNS, b., Jan. 28, 
1848; md., June 14, 1869, James Purves; ten children. 
(a)_Ernest A. Purves, b.. Mar. 8, 1870. 
(b)_Robert B. Purves, b., Nov. 29, -1871. 
(c)— Olive M. Purves, b., Apr. 9, 1873. 
(d)— Charles S. Purves, b., Jan. 2, 1875. 
(e)_Grace G. Purves, b., June 2, 1877. 
(f)_Maude A. Purves, b.. Mar. 22, 1879. 
(g)_Nellie P. Purves, b., Feb. 8, 1881. 
(h)_Roy J. Purves, b., Jan. 12, 1887. 
(i)— Archie R. Purves, b., July 10, 1889. 
(j)— Lewis Purves, b., Dec. 12, 1892. 
2815— GEORGE A. STEARNS, b., July 19, i8.S5; d., Feb. 

12, 1869. 


2816— EMMA M. STEARNS, b., Dec. 25, 1857; d., Nov, 
II, 1862. 

b., Feb. 27, 1810, son of Rev. John and Asenath (Campbell) 
Stearns, of Monkton, Vt; grad. Brown Univ., i8.-?7: md., 
Sept. 14, 1837, Nancy Crawford Valentine, who d., Mar. 27, 
1849, in Manchester, N. H., dau. of Elijah F. Valentine, the 
worthy Assistant Steward and Patron of Cambridge Univer- 
sity. Rev. O. O. Stearns was ordained at Sturbridee, Mass., 
Sept. 26, 1837, a few days after his marriage, and, in 1850, 
was pastor of the Baptist Church in Manchester, N. H. 
Settled last at Lodi, Wis., where he d., Oct. 2y, 188=;. His 
wife, Mrs. Nancy C. (Valentine) Stearns, filled the resnon- 
sible position of a teacher, in Cambridge, Mass., for several 
years with ability and success. ''Naturally of a retiring dis- 
position, she was most happy in the bosom of her familv, 
occupied with the duties of a wife and mother, for which 
relations she was admirably fitted by her mild and cheerful 
temperament, and her truly Christian meekness and pa- 
tience. Suddenly and unexpectedly prostrated upon a bed 
of sickness, she endured, with exemplary resignation, the 
sufiferings with which she was visited, and, after a few days 
of pain and anguish, calmly breathed her last, in the full 
assurance of a happy resurrection beyond the grave." They 
had five children. - 

2818— PROF. JOHN WILLIAM STEARNS (4694^ b., 
Aug. 10, 1839. 

2819— JAMES HENRY STEARNS, b., Jan. 9, 1841, at 
Hampton Falls, N. H.; Harv. Univ., 1862; md., May 15, 
1869, Ruth N. Chapin, of Dubuque, la.; no children. In 
1871, they removed to Freeport, 111., where he was a lawyer 
and telegraph manager. 

2820— GEORGE ALBERT STEARNS, b., Mar. 30, 
1843; Harv. Univ., 1865; a lawyer, of New York City; Supt. 
of PubHc Instruction in the Argentine Republic, S. A., and 
Principal of the Normal School, at Parana, S. A. . He md. 
(i). Mar. 30, 1868, Julia Adelaide Hope, who was the mother 
of his son; md. (2), Aug. 17, 1874, Eleanor Merrill, who was 
the mother of his daughter. 


2821— ALBERT ORRIN STEARNS, b., Dec. 31, 1870. 

2822— ELEANOR IRENE STEARNS, b., July 14, 1887. 

2823— CHARLES ARTHUR STEARNS (4699), b., Aug. 
I, 1844. 

2824— EDWARD FRANCIS STEARNS, b., Aug. 16, 
1846; Chicago Univ., 1869; md., Dec. 2y, 1871, Eva E. Bur- 
roughs, dau. of Pres. Burroughs; Prin. Wayland Univ. In- 
stitute, Beaver Dam, Wis.; of Chicago, 111. 

2825— REV. MYRON NEWELL STEARNS (1296), b., 
Jan. I, 1812, son of Rev. John and Asenath (Campbell) 
Stearns, of Monkton, Vt.; grad. Granville Coll., O.; in 1850, 
was pastor of the Baptist Church, in West Plattsburg, N. 
Y.; was pastor of the Baptist Church in Santa Clara, Cal., 
at the time of his death, Dec. 29, 1868. He md. (i), Apr. 
12, 1838, Caroline Sophia Meade,^,b., Mar. 18, 1816, dau. 
of James and Sarah (Howard) Meade, of Monkton, Vt. She 
d., Dec. 29, 1844, and he md. (2), Nov. 12, 1845, Dorcas 
Rebecca Ray, b., Feb. 4, 1822, dau. of Calvin and Dorcas 
(Howard) Ray, of Hinesboro, Vt. He md. (3), Aug. 25, 
1868, Mrs. Lavinia R. Valentine, by whom he had no chil- 
dren. "Rev. Myron Newell Stearns ranked high as a min- 
ister of the Baptist denomination and a writer for religious 
journals. He was considered among the best of the pioneer 
teachers, and, at one time, held a professorship in the only 
Baptist college in Oregon. He underwent the hardships of 
pioneer life in the West, making a home for his family two 
thousand miles from civilization, among war-Hke Indians, 
who, at one time, savagely drove him from his home. All 
this called for a greater and dififerent degree of bravery from 
that shown by many who fought for their country in the 
army." His first wife was mother of three children; his 
second wife, of four more. 

2826— THERESA MARIA STEARNS, b., Jan. 29, 1839; 
md., Apr, 23, 1857, Judge Payne Page Prim, who, for twen- 
ty-one years, was Judge of the Supreme Court of Oregon. 
The following brief sketch of Judge Prim's Hfe is furnished 
by his family. 

"Payne Page Prim was born in Wilson Co., Tenn., May 


2, 1822. He received a common school education with one 
and one-half years at an acedemy, after which he taught 
school to acquire means to secure a legal education. Was 
graduated from the Law Dept, of Cumberland Univ., Leb- 
anon, Tenn., 1848; was admitted to the Tenn. bar in 1849, 
and practiced law in Sparta, White Co., Tenn., until 1851, 
when he sought new and broader fields at the West. Upon 
reaching Independence, Mo., he joined an immigrant train, 
crossed the plains to Oregon, by means of ox teams. He en- 
gaged in mining until 1856, when he resumed the practice 
of his profession, in Jacksonville, Ore., where he has since 
resided. He was elected Prosecuting Attorney of the First 
Jud. Dist. of Ore., in 1856, and, in 1857, was chosen dele- 
,gate to represent Jackson Co., in the Convention called to 
[frame a State Constitution, preliminary to the admission of 
[Oregon into the Union. In 1859, he was appointed, by 
'Gov. Whittaker, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court 
-of the State, which position he held one year by appoint- 
iment, then was elected and continued to hold it, until 1880. 
'In 1882, he was elected State Senator for four years, and, 
I when Mr. Cleveland became President, Judge Prim's friends 
[urged his appointment to the Chief-Justiceship of Washing- 
[ton Territory. Their recommendations have become public 
^property, and are given by such men as Hon. W. W. Thayer, 
Hon. L. L. McArthur, Governor Penoyer, Hon. James K. 
Kelly, and others. He gave up all business at the age of 
seventy-five, but is known to all as a man whose character 
has been above reproach in every walk of life, and who has 
taken a prominent part in developing the Judicial and Leg- 
jislative branches of the State Government of Oregon." They 
'had three children. 

(a) — Ella Lamiza Prim, b., Feb. 3, 1858, in Jackson- 
ville, Ore.; md., 1881, Charles Nickle, and had three 
children; d., June 8, 1889. 
(b) — Charles Prim, b., July 25, 1859, at Jacksonville, 
Ore.; attorney-at-law; md., Aug. 18, 1881, Effie 
Bybee; had five children, 
(c) — Ida May Prim, b.. May 2y, 1868, at Jacksonville, 
Ore.; md.. May 12, 1889, Montgomery J. Canning, 
wholesale pharmacist, of Portland, Ore. ; one child, 
Eloise Canning, b., Sept. 5, 1890. 


2827— LEANORA ASENATH STEARNS, b., July 12, 
1841; md. William Pogue, and settled in Douglas Co., Ore.; 
d., 1880. She was the mother of ten children, whose names 
we have not ascertained. 

2828— MYRON JAMES STEARNS, b., Oct. 4, 1843; 
when last heard from was unmarried, but obliged to change 
location frequently, on account of ill-health. 

2829— JOHN RAY STEARNS, b., Dec. 18, 1848; md. 
and settled at Ashland, Ore.; had two children. 

2830— LOUISA STEARNS, b., 1851; md. William Pen- 
gra, and settled at Eugene City, Ore.; three children, 
(a) — Edward Pengra. 
(b) — Clara Pengra. 
(c) — Claude Pengra. 

2831— WILLIAM STEARNS, b., Jan. 8, 1854; d., Jan., 

2832— SIDNEY SUMNER STEARNS (4702), b., Aug. 
20, 1856. 

b., Mar. 22, 1814, son of Rev. John and Asenath (Campbell) 
Stearns, of Monkton, Vt.; d., Dec. 12, 1890, in Idaho. He 
md., Nov. 12, 1844, Susan Terry Whittaker, b., May 5, 1826, 
dau. of Israel and Lucinda Whittaker, of Cincinnati, O. 
"He was a pioneer Baptist missionary of Oregon, having^ 
crossed the plains in 1852, and was also the founder and 
chief patron, during his life, of the Colfax- Washington Col- 
lege, a leading educational institution of the Northwest.'^ 
He had nine children. 

2834— LOUISA OLIVIA STEARNS, b., Sept. 26, 1845; 
md. Charles Andrew Stewart; two daughters, 
(a) — Mary Louisa Stewart, 
(b) — Olivia C. Stewart. 

2835— EMILY VIOLA STEARNS, b., Aug. 10, 1847; 
d., Aug., 1852. 

2836— FRANCES JULIET STEARNS, b., May, i849r 
d., July, 1850. 


2837— EDWIN AVERY STEARNS, b., Sept. 5, 185 1; 
md. Adith L. Messenger; two children. 
2838 — Harriet Susan Stearns. 
2839 — Joseph Harlow Stearns. 

2840— ANNA MARIA STEARNS, b., Dec. 15, 1853; 
md. Julius Frank Niles; one son. 
(a) — Horace Lathrop Niles. 

2841— JOSEPH ORRIN STEARNS (4707), b., Oct. 
15, 1855- 

2842— DAVID STOCKSTILL STEARNS, b., Sept. 18, 

2843— GUSTAVUS MYRON STEARNS, b., Sept. 18, 

Twins and leading real estate dealers, of Portland, Ore. 
David S. served as CityAssessor of Portland during 1892 and 
1893; Gustavus M. was Pres. of the Telfer and Stearns Real 
Estate Co., and Director in the Portland Trust Co. David S. 
md., Feb. 17, 1884, Martha A. Wilkinson; no children. Gus- 
tavus M, md., Nov. 10, 1883, Josephine C. Haas, b., Sept. 
25, 1856, in Cincinnati, O.; three children. 

2844— CHARLES JOSEPH STEARNS, b., Feb. 20, 
1885, at Portland, Ore. 

2845— RUTH AGNES STEARNS, b., Feb. 11, 1889; d.. 
Mar. 12, 1889. 

21, 1891. 

2847— ANDREW JAMES STEARNS, b., July 27, 1859; 
md. (i), Izetta J. Newbury, dau. of W. S. Newbury, ex- 
mayor of Portland, Ore., by whom he had two children. 
They separated, and he md. (2), Vernie B. Stover; settled 
in Grangeville, 111.; two children. 



2850— WILLIAM ORSON STEARNS (1300), b., Nov. 


13, 1820, son of Rev. John and Asenath (Campbell) Stearns, 
of West Haven, Vt.; md., Dec. 25, 1845, Maria A. Camp- 
bell, who d., Mar. 22, 1884, in Cherokee Co.^ Ill, dau. of 
Newman Campbell. They settled in Illinois; three children. 

2851— LOUIS C. STEARNS, b.. May, 1848; d., June, 
1855, in Iowa. 

2852— NEWMAN O. STEARNS, b., Nov. 16, 1849; cl-, 
Apr. 15, 1866. 

2853— EMMA C. STEARNS, b., July 4, 1857; d., Sept. 
21, 1865. 

2854— GEORGE C. STEARNS (1331), b., Dec. 21, 1844, 
son of Samuel H. and Deborah (Corwin) Stearns, of Jack- 
son, Mich.; Baggage Master of L. S. and M. S. R. R., at 
Jackson, Mich.; served, during Civil War, in Co. E., ""hird 
Regt., Mich. Cav. He md., 1869, , and had six chil. 

2855— HARRY L. STEARNS, b., Dec. 10, 1870; stu- 
dent at Ann Arbor Univ., Mich. 

2856— CHESTER A. STEARNS, b.. Mar. 30, 1873; stu- 
dent at Ann Arbor Univ., Mich. 

2857— FLORA K. STEARNS, b., Mar. 26. 1883. 

2858— ZORA G. STEARNS, b., Oct. 19, 1885. 

2859— GEORGE CLYDE STEARNS, b.. May 15, 1887. 


2861— ALPHEUS STEARNS (1342), b., Nov. 16, 1795, 
son of George and Hannah (Bailey) Stearns, of Lafayette, 
Onondaga Co., N. Y.; born at Reedsboro, Vt.; md., 1818, 
Mary Annie SnifTin and settled near Syracuse, N. Y. ; d., 
, 1869, s^t Baraboo, Wis.; five children. His occu- 
pation was farming. 

2862— GEORGE STEARNS, b., ; md. Deborah 

Furman, and settled at El Dorado, Wis. ; a farmer. 

2863— SUSANNA STEARNS, b., , at Tully, N. 

Y. ; md., Feb. 14, 1844, Cyrus Henderson, b., Apr. 9, 1824, 


son of Peter and Sally (Munson) Henderson of Tully, N. Y.; 
seven children. 

(a) — George W. Henderson, b., May lo, 1845; ^-j Sept. 

II, 1847. 
(b) — William Henry Henderson, b., Sept. 19, 1848; md., 
Aug., 1866, Damaris Gardner, of Otisco, N. Y. 

(c) — Sarah Ann Henderson, b., June, 1856; d., Feb., 

(d) — Jennie M. Henderson, b., June 10, -1859; nid., 

Mar. 29, 1877, George T. Green, of Lafayette, N.Y. 
(e) — Frank Henderson, b., Sept. 5, 1865; went to Odell, 

North Dak. 

(f) — Nellie Henderson, b., Aug. 2y, 1868; d., Feb. 27, 

(g) — Alice W. Henderson, b., Feb. 3, 1870, in Lamar- 
tine. Wis. 

2864— WILLIAM STEARNS (47i4),b., Oct. 12, 1826, 
at Tully, N. Y. 

2865— MARY ANN STEARNS, b., , near Syra- 
cuse, N. Y.; md. Dr. Calkins and settled, first, at Lamar- 
tine, Wis.; afterward, at Brandon, Wis. 

2866— LUTHER STEARNS, b. near Syracuse, N. Y.; 
md. Charlotte Bigford and settled near Waseca, Minn. 

2867— GARY STEARNS (1345), b., Dec. 4, 1801, son of 
George and Hannah (Bailey) Stearns, of Cardiff, Onondaga 
Co., N. Y. ; md. Betsy Palmer, of Onondaga Co., N. Y. ; d., 
1880, at Whitney's Point, N. Y.; five children. 






2873— TIMOTHY R. STEARNS (1347), b., Sept. 6, 
1805, son of George and Hannah (Bailey) Stearns, of Car- 


diff, N. Y.; born at Reedsboro, Vt.; md. Patience Wolcott^ 
who was born at Cazenovia, N. Y.; d. June, 1893, at Homer, 
N. Y.; one child. 

2874— LYMAN MARTIN STEARNS, b., Aug. 23, 1833; 
a farmer and local preacher, of Homer, N. Y. ; md., Oct. 15, 
1857, Lydia A. Jillson; three children, 

2875— CHARLES H. STEARNS, b., Feb. 25, 1859. 

2876— ELLEN ST. JOHN STEARNS, b., Sept. 29, i860. 

2877— PHOEBE BELL STEARNS, b., Dec. 13, 1864. 

2878— JABEZ TALBOT STEARNS (1348), b., 1807, son 
of George and Hannah (Bailey) Steams, of Cardiff, N. Y. ; 
md. (i), Anne Eliza Adams, who d., 1841; md. (2), Apr. 7, 
1842, Olive Marsh. He was a farmer, of Lafayette, N. Y., 
where he d., , 1883; two children. 

2879— ISABEL STEARNS, b., 1836; md. Thomas S. 
Park; no children. 

2880— EDSON JABEZ STEARNS (4718), b., July 23, 

2881— EBENEZER STEARNS (1350), b., 1812, son of 
George and Hannah (Bailey) Stearns, of Lafayette, N. Y.; 
md. Emily Garrett, of Syracuse, N. Y. They removed to 
Minnesota in 1856, and settled near the village of Otisco, 
Minn. His occupation was that of a millwright, later, a 
farmei, and he was well versed in phrenology, having given 
lectures on the subject; six children. 

2882— SUSAN STEARNS, b., 1852, in Phelps, N. Y.; 
md. Frank Weed, of Waseca Co., Minn., where she d., 1883; 
three children. 

(a)— Mabel Weed, b., 1878. 
(b)— NelHe Weed, b., 1880. 
(c)— Maggie Weed, b., 1883. 

2883— GEORGE STEARNS, b., 1854, in Wisconsin; md. 
Jennie Weed and settled in Waseca Co., Minn.; four chil- 

2884— EDlSlE STEARNS, b., 1884. ^ ^^.^^^ 

2885— CHARLES STEARNS, b., 1884. 


2886— FLOYD STEARNS, b., i^ 

2887— WALTER STEARNS, b., i 

2888— WILLIAM STEARNS, b., 1859, in Minnesota; 
md. Sarah Armitage and settled at Waseca Co., Minn.; one 

2889— MONNA STEARNS, b., 1891. 

2890— MARY STEARNS, b., 1862, in Minn.; md. M. R. 
Baldridge, and settled in South Dak.; four children, 
(a) — Eram Baldridge, b., 1884. 
(a)— William Baldridge, b., 1886. 
(c)— Bernice Baldridge, b., 1888. 
(d) — ^Charles Baldridge, b., 1892. 

2891— CORA STEARNS, b., 1865, in Minn.; md. Will- 
iam Root, of Minn.; two children, 
(a) — Burchard Root, b., 1890. 
(b) — Floy Root, b., 1894. 

2892— CHARLES STEARNS, b., 1867, in Minn.; md. 
Annie Brisbane, and settled in Waseca Co., Minn. 

2893— BENJAMIN ABBOTT STEARNS (1352), b., 
Oct. 16, 1816, son of George and Hannah (Bailey) Stearns, 
of Vt., afterwards of Lafayette, Onondaga Co., N. Y.; came 
to Lafayette in 1817 and was reared and educated there; a 
farmer, of Cardiff, N. Y., who made a specialty of butter-mak- 
ing. He md., , 1846, Eliza E. Kinney, b., Mar. 21, 

1 82 1, dau. of Lewis and Laura (Palmeter) Kinney, of Onon- 
daga; four children. 

2894— RUBY STEARNS, b., Oct. 17, 1847; md., July 3, 
1871, George W. Sims, a farmer, of Cardiff, N. Y.; two 

(a) — Burton George Sims, b., , 1873; a farmer, of 

Cardiff, N. Y.; md., Oct. 5, 1898, Alta Wright, of 

(b) — Edith Ruby Sims, b., , 1879; a student of 

Onondaga Academy. 


2895— JASON LEE STEARNS, b., July 17, 1849; a far- 
mer, of Cardiff, N. Y.; md. , 1878, Mary Bishop, dau. 

of George Bishop, of England; two children. 

2896— ELMER ELSOM STEARNS, b., Nov. 1879, of 
Syracuse, N. Y. 

2897— BENJAMIN A. STEARNS, b., 1884; of Cardiff, 

N. Y. 

2898— MABEN STEARNS, b., 1859; d., 1862, of whoop- 

2899— FRANK LINDLEY STEARNS, b., Jan. 28, 1863; 
Capt. of No. 8 Engine House, Fire Department of Syracuse, 
N. Y. He md.. May 21, 1887, NelHe A. Donohue, b., Oct. 
4, 1866, dau. of Cornelius and Nellie Donohue, of Onondaga 
Hill; two sons. 

29CO— EMORY JASON STEARNS, b., Oct. 7, 1887, in 
Syracuse, N. Y. 

2901— FRANK MABEN STEARNS, b., Aug. 18, 1889, 
in Syracuse, N. Y. 

2902— GEORGE LUTHER STEARNS (1355), b., Jan. 
8, 1809, son of Dr. Luther and Mary (Hall) Stearns of Med- 
ford, Mass.; d., Apr. 9, 1867, in New York Citv, of pneumo- 
nia. "George Luther Stearns inherited the sensitive deli- 
cacy of his father, re-enforced by the energy and courage 
of his mother, to whom was left, at, his father's death, the 
formidable task of continuing the large school, then at the 
height of its prosperity. Bravely she grappled with the 
financial, domestic and other problems, bringing them finally 
to a successful solution. Underlying his son's inherited 
qualities was a profoundly religious nature, and his sweet- 
ness and generosity won all hearts, while his nobility and 
integrity drew the respect and confidence of all communities. 
George Luther Stearns gave thousands of dollars to furnish 
the Kansas emigrants with clothing, provisions, and Sharpe's 
rifles, besides giving to the renowned John Brown more 
than ten thousand dollars in money and arms." He md. (i), 
about 1838, Mary Ann Train, who d., 1840, dau. of Samuel 
Train, of Medford, Mass.; md. (2), 1843, Mary E. Preston. 

Oliver Stearns. 


dau. of Hon. Warren Preston, of Baijgor, Me. The last 
public efforts of George Luther Stearns were for the Cre- 
tans, for whom he obtained about $60,000. He had three 

b., Nov. 29, 1844. 

1846; grad. Harv. Univ., 1867. 

2905— CARL STEARNS, b., June 26, 1854; d., Dec. 7, 

2906— REV. OLIVER STEARNS (1361), b., June 3, 
1807, son of Major Thomas and Priscilla (Gushing) Stearns, 
of Lunenburg, Mass.; grad. Harv. Univ., 1826; grad. Camb. 
Divinity School, 1830; was pastor of the Unitarian Church 
in Hingham, Mass., 1849. He was the second Pres. of 
Meadville Theological School, and "those who heard him in 
chapel will recall the moral electricity and vigor of his speech 
and still feel its magnetic spell. He was anti-slavery be- 
cause he was pro-freedom, and, in the irrepressible conflict 
which arose in his day, was found where he belonged by 
conviction and choice, regardless of what might happen as 
a result of his position." He was also Dean of Divinity 
School, of Harvard University. Dr. Stearns md. (i), May 
14, 1832, Mary Blood, b., July 24, 1805, dau. of Hon. Thomas 
H. and Mary (Sawyer) Blood, of Sterling, Mass. She d., 
June 10, 1871, and he md. (2), July 2, 1872, Mrs. Augusta H. 
(Carey) Bailey. He d., July 18, 1885, at Cambridge, Mass.; 
eight children. 

23, 1833; d., Sept.. 1833, at Northampton, Mass. 

2908— OLIVER STEARNS JR., b., July 23, 1834; d., 
July, 1836. 

2909— MARY ELLEN STEARNS, b., Nov. 14, 1836; 
md., Dec. 29, 1863, Rev. Charles W. Buck, of Portland, Me. 

1838; d., Mar. i, 1839. 


1840; md., Sept. 12, 1861, Eunice M. Barker, of North 
Charlestown, N. H. He was a book-keeper by occupation- 
d., 1875; two sons. 

(a)— Jesse Eldridge Stearns, b.. Mar. 22, 1862, sales- 
man, at Washington, D. C. 

(b)— William H. Stearns, b., Sept. 22, 1865; salesman, 
at Washington, D. C. 

1842 m Hmgham, Mass.; md., Sept. 12, 1866, Rev. George 
Batchelor of Lowell, Mass., a graduate of Meadville Theo- 
logical School; five children. 

(a)— Edith Batchelor, md. Marvin Sprague of Welleslev 
Hills, Mass. 

(b)— Mary Axford Batchelor, md. Arthur I. Nash of 

Wellesley Hills, Mass. 
(c)— Ethel Stearns Batchelor. 
(d)— Ellen Thaxter Batchelor. 
(e) — Chauncey Gushing Batchelor. 

. 2913-WILLIAM OLIVER STEARNS, b., Jan. 6, 1846, 
m Hmgham, Mass.; d., 1892, in Boston, Mass. 

2914--GEORGE STEARNS,.b., Sept. 14, 1850, in Hing- 
ham, Mass. i- -r, o , 5 

2915 THOMAS STEARNS JR. (1363), b. Oct 17 
181 1, son of Thomas and Priscilla (Gushing) Stearns, of 
Lunenburg, Mass.; formerly a commission merchant, of Bal- 
timore, afterwards, a trader of the firm of Stearns & Bailey 
of Boston He md., 1840, Gharlotte Blood, sister of his 
brother Oliver's wife, and dau. of Hon. Thomas H. and 
Mary (Sawyer) Blood, of Sterling, Mass.; nine children! 

. ~f^,. ELLEN FARLEY STEARNS, b., Sept. 29, 1841 
in Sterling, Mass.; md., Apr.. 1868, Henry L. Reed of 
Laston, Mass., who d., Dec, 1868. 

1843, in Baltimore, Md.; md., 1868, Henry Ware Eliot, of St.' 
Louis, Mo., where they made their home: seven children. 


(a) — Abigail Adams (Ada) Eliot, b,, Sept. 30, 1869. 

(b) — Margaret Dawes Eliot, b., Dec. 2, 1871. 

(c) — Charlotte Chauncey Eliot, b., Oct. 29, 1874. 

(d) — Mariam Gushing Eliot, b., July 25, 1877. 

(e) — Henry Ware Eliot Jr., b., Dec. 7, 1879. 

(f) — Theodora Sterling Eliot, b., July 25, 1885; d,, Dec. 

5, 1886. 
(g) — Thomas Stearns Eliot, b., Sept. 26, 1888 

1846, in Baltimore, Md. ; Givil and Mechanical Engineer; 
grad., Mass. Inst. Tech.; settled in Altoona, Pa.; unm. 

2919— MARTHA LAWRENS STEARNS, b., May 30, 
1849, iri Boston, Mass.; for a number of years an invalid, at 
Dorchester, Mass.; unm. 

2920— THOMAS HEYWOOD STEARNS, b., Mar. 20, 
1852, in Maiden, Mass.; d., Sept. 28, 1868. 

2921— MARY GUSHING STEARNS, b., Dec. 30, 1854, 
at Gamden, N. J. 

1858, a musician. 

2923— SUSAN HEYWOOD STEARNS, b., Nov. 5, 
i860; md. Holmes Hinkley, of Boston, Mass., who d., 1891; 
two children. 

(a) — Barbara Hinkley, b., Feb. 6, 1889. 

(b) — Eleanor Holmes Hinkley, b., June 5, 1891. 

2924— FRANK A. STEARNS, b., Dec, 1863; d., Mar., 

2925— GHARLES OLIVER STEARNS (1367), b., 
Nov. 8, 1813, son of Oliver and Dorcas (Varnum) Stearns, 
of Amesbury, Mass.; a tanner and currier, of Salisbury 
Point, Mass.; md., Sept. 10, 1833, Adeline Eastman, who d., 
July 13, 1893, dau. of Jonathan and Elizabeth Eastman, of 
Salisbury, Mass.; seven children. 

2926— SARAH ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., Oct. 16, 
1834; d., Mar. 31, 1866, in Salisbury, Mass. 


2927— SUSAN ADELINE STEARNS, b., July 3, 1836, 
in Newburyport, Mass. 

2928— JOSEPH OLIVER STEARNS (4723), b, June 
14, 1838. 

2929— HARRIET ANN STEARNS, b., Feb. 2, 1841, at 
Salisbury, Mass. 

2930— MARY AUGUSTA STEARNS, b., Aug. 18, 
1843, ^t Salisbury, Mass. 

2931— ELLEN DORCAS STEARNS, b., Oct. 30, 1845, 
at Salisbury, Mass. 

2932— FANNIE ORA STEARNS, b.. Mar. 8, 1854, at 
Salisbury, Mass.; md., Feb. 9, 1881, John Francis Swett, of 
Salisbury, Mass., b., Dec. i, 1849; ^our children. 

(a) — Florence Helen Swett, b., Feb. 15, 1882. 

(b) — Ethel Stearns Swett, b., June 11, 1885. 

(c) — Mabel Frances Swett, b., July 20, 1888; d., Nov. 

10, 1888. 
(d) — Marion Eastman Swett, b., Feb. 14, 1895. 

2933— LUTHER STEARNS (1370), b., Aug. 17, 1820, 
son of Oliver and Dorcas (Varnum) Stearns, of Amesbury, 
Mass.; an engineer, of Spring^eld, Mass.; md., June 10, 1851^ 
in Holyoke, Mass., Mary Alvord, b., Feb. 19, 1826, who d.^ 
Aug. 5, 1889, dau. of Ebenezer and Hope A. Alvord, of Hol- 
yoke, Mass. Their six children were born in Springfield, 

2934— GEORGE LUTHER STEARNS, b., Mar. 16, 
1852; d., Nov. 2, 1856. 

2935— EDWARD ALVORD STEARNS, b., Mar. 18, 
1857; engaged in mercantile business, in Chicago, 111.; d., 
Dec. 8, 1896; unm. : 

2936— ALBERT HENRY STEARNS, b., Aug. 10, 1859; 
a mechanic, of Springfield, Mass. 

2937— MARY STEARNS, b., Aug. 7, 1862; d., Man 

2938— CHARLES ASHLEY STEARNS, b., Nov. 28. 


1865; employed by Fire and Marine Insurance Co., oi 
Springfield, Mass.; md., Apr. 20, 1892, Carrie E. Cooley, 
b., July I, 1871, dau. of R. V. and Rosa M. Cooley, of Spring- 
field, Mass. 

2939— JAMES PARKER STEARNS, b., Nov. 7, 1867; in 
the employ of Mutual Life Insurance Co., of Springfield, 
Mass.; md., June 22, 1892, Gertrude Alma Nelson, b., Sept. 
4, 1872, dau. of William H. and Margaret (Monteith) Nel- 
son, of Haverhill, N. H. Mr. James P. Stearns has prepared 
a sketch of his branch of the family, receipt of which is 
gratefully acknowledged; one daughter. 

26, 1893, in Springfield, Mass. 

2941— WILLIAM HENRY STEARNS (1371), b.. Mar. 
29, 1822, son of Oliver and Dorcas (Varnum) Stearns, of 
Amesbury, Mass.; an engineer, of Springfield, Mass., and 
Master Mechanic of Conn. River R. R.; since, in the em- 
ploy of the Boston and Maine R. R.; md., Dec. 7, 1847, 
Sarah Ann Durant, b., Mar. 11, 1820, dau. of John and Dolly 
(Edwards) Durant, of Northampton, Mass. ; three children. 

2942— CHARLES LAURENS STEARNS, b., Nov. 21, 
1854; md., Apr. 15, 1879, Ellen C. Foley; d., July 25, 1885, 
of consumption, leaving one child. 

2943— GRACE MAY STEARNS, b.. May 12, 1882. 

2944— MAY ESTELLA STEARNS, b.. May 21, 1858; 
md., Oct. 5, 1892, George Watson Clark, b., Jan. 11, 1846, 
son of Elihu and Harriet (Cook) Clark, of Northamoton, 

7, i860; md., Dec. 7, 1897, George Orson Hall, b.. May 11, 
1847, son of Norman Brigham and Mary (Annis) Hall, of 
Willimantic, Conn. 

2946— HENRY STEARNS (1384), b., Aug. 19, 1829. 
son of Capt. Thomas and Polly (Brigham) Stearns, of Leo- 
minster, Mass.; a contractor and jobber, of Leominster. He 
md., Sept. 7, 1852, Mary A. Phipps; d., Jan. 14. 1882, of an 
accident; four children. 


2947— CLARA VIOLA STEARNS, b., June 25, 1853; 
md., Nov. 19, 1873, Wilbur Fisk Wood, of West Fitch- 
burg, Mass.; one child. 

(a) — Clara May Wood, b., Dec. 16, 1874. 

2948— EMMA LUELLA STEARNS, b., June 21, 1856; 
d., Dec. II, 1877. 

2949— LIZZIE ANNA STEARNS, b., Aug. 22, 1859; d., 
Aug. 29, 1863. 

2950— ETTA MARIA STEARNS, b., June 2, 1865; md. 
(i), Feb. 12, 1885, Harry H. Hunt, from whom she was 
divorced; md. (2), July, 1891, J. F. Gallagher; three chil- 

(a)— Ethel H. Hunt, b., Dec. 25, 1885. 

(b) — Marguerite M. Gallagher. 

(c) — Ralph H. Gallagher. 

2951— NOAH ELIHU STEARNS (1389), b., Feb. 20, 
183 1, son of Levi and Direxa (Jewett) Stearns, of Townsend, 
Mass.; md., Jan. 11, 1853, Mary Ann Stickney, of Townsend, 
Mass., where they settled. He was drowned, May 21, 1868, 
and his widow d., July 12, 1870; four children. 

2952— THIRZA ANN STEARNS, b., Dec. 31, 1854, in 
Townsend, Mass.; d., Mar. 31, 1880. 

2953— MARY EMMA STEARNS, b., June 17, 1858. 

2954— CLARA ALMIRA STEARNS, b., Oct. 24, 1862. 

2955— ARTHUR ELIHU STEARNS, b., Oct. 29, 1867; 
d., July 16, 1882, from injuries by a toy pistol. 

2956— SOLOMON JEWETT STEARNS (1390), b., 
May 19, 1833, son of Levi and Direxa (Jewett) Stearns, of 
Townsend, Mass.; md., June 24, i860, Elvira Shattuck, of 
Shirley, Mass.; settled in Townsend, Mass., where all of 
his five children were born. 

2957— JENNIE ELVIRA STEARNS, b., Jan. 4, 1862. 

2958— FREDDIE ELMER STEARNS, b., July 12, 
1864; d., Oct. II, 1864. 


2959--LILLA EVA STEARNS, b., Dec. 10, 1865. 

2960— LUCY DIREXA STEARNS, b., June 19, 1869. 

1873. • 

2962— ABEL GOODRICH STEARNS (1392), b., Oct. 
15, 1838, son of Levi and Direxa (Jewett) Stearns, of Town- 
send, Mass.; md., Apr. 29, 1862, Mary Elvira Tyler, of 
Townsend, Mass., where they made their home. "He held 
the offices of Selectman, Assessor and Overseer of the Poor, 
for a period of twenty-one years, and was a member of the 
School Board for twenty-seven years. He was also Super- 
intendent of Highways and a member of the committee for 
purchasing land and building the schoolhouse at Townsend 
Centre, with its annex. In the important work of re- 
modeling and modernizing the other schoolhouses of the 
town, he was an interested leader." 

2963— MANNA STEARNS (1400), b., Nov. 14, 1806, 
son of John and Polly (Thompson) Stearns, of Preston, Pa.; 
md. (i), Nov. 15, 1830, Angelina Comstock, dau. of David 
and Margaret Comstock; md. (2), Nov. 11, 1858, Mrs. 
Whitson, who was a second time left a widow by his death, 
which occurred Mar. 2, 1877. He settled with his first wife,, 
at Galena, O., where his four children were born. He visit- 
ed Iowa in 1854, and removed there permanently in 1857. 
"Manna Stearns retained many of the characteristics of his 
Puritan descent and had a large portion of the self-sustain- 
ing, unyielding, independent character of his New England 
progenitors. He possessed naturally a strong mind, and al- 
though a descendant of God-fearing people, became, from 
some inexplicable cause, a materialist, who never obtruded 
his pecuHar views on any one, but, when attacked, defend- 
ed them with all the pertinacity of his nature. His judg- 
ment respecting ordinary matters of life was almost invaria- 
bly correct. His hatred of dissimulation and hypocrisy was 
so intense that he often made enemies by openly and boldly- 
rebuking such instances as came beneath his' notice. He has 
left behind him many who will deplore his departure.'" He 
had four children. 


2964— ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., Jan. 12, 1832; md. 
Mr. Comstock. 

2965— WILLIAM STEARNS, b., Dec. 18, 1833. 

2966— MARGARET (MAGGIE) STEARNS, b., Feb. 9, 

2967— JOHN JULIAN STEARNS, b., June 18, 1838. 

2968— JOHN STEARNS JR. (1403), b.. May to, 1813, 
son of John and Polly (Thompson) Stearns, of Preston, Pa.; 
md. (i), Dec. 24, 1841, Maria Coleman, who d., July 17, 
1S46, dau. of William and Hannah Coleman; md. (2), 1847, 
Lucretia Rouse. His home was in Preston, Pa., where he 
d., Jan. 18, 1877; foi-^i^ children. 

2969— JULIA M. STEARNS, b., Feb. i, 1844. 

2970— WILLIAM EDGAR STEARNS (4729), b., Mav 
23, 1846. 

2971— FREDERIC ORVILLE STEARNS, b., 1848; oi 
Windsor, Broome Co., N. Y. 

2972— EVA HELENA STEARNS, md. E. H. King, oi 
Starncca, Pa. 

2973— CAPT. SHELDON U. STEARNS (1405), b., Apr. 
10, 1822, son of John and Polly (Thompson) Stearns, of 
Preston, Pa.; md., Jan. i, 1849, Mary Jane Munroe, dau. of 
Eleazer J. and Catherine (Roberts) Munroe. His home was 
in Peru, Kansas, where he d., Dec. 18, 1888; three chil- 

2974— ELLEN ORRINDA STEARNS, b., Feb. 9, 1850, 

2975_BLANCHE STEARNS, md. Mr. Buell, of Peru, 

2976— EARL HERBERT STEARNS, of Mt. Baker, 

2977— AMOS STEARNS (1408), b., Jan. 8, 1806, son of 
James and Abilena (Harding) Stearns, of Mt. Pleasant, 
Pa.; a farmer, of Ohio and Indiana; md., 1828, EHzabeth 
McCool. He was born in Luzerne Co., Pa., settled in Rich- 


land, Co., O., and emigrated to De Kalb Co., Ind., in 1837. 
For ten years he was Postmaster of Artie, De Kalb Co., 
Ind., where he d., Feb. 6, 1861; five children. 

2978— JOHN STEARNS, b., Dec. 3, 1829; md., 1858, 
Nancy Ward, of Edgerton, O.; farmer of Artie, Ind.; one 

2979— MARY E. STEARNS, b., July 20, 1859; md. 
Frank Tearon, and settled in Indiana; three children. 

2980— MARY ANN STEARNS, b., Feb. 18, 1831, in 
Ohio: md. True Meserve, and settled in Steuben Co., Ind., 
where she d., 1854. 

2981— JAMBS STEARNS (4732), b., Oct. 22, 1833. 

2982— ATLINE STEARNS, b., Feb. 12, 1837, in Ohio; 
md. True Meserve, her deceased sister Mary's husband, and 
settled in Kansas. 

2983— OLIVE STEARNS, b., June 7, 1840, in Indiana; 
md. Tobias J. Wright, and settled in Kansas. 

2984— JUSTUS STEARNS (1410), b., July 8, 1810, son 
of James and Abilena (Harding) Stearns, of Ohio; born in 
Pennsylvania, and moved to Morrow Co., O., in 183 1; a 
farmer of Wood Co., O., where he d., Sept. 8, 1888. His 
last years were spent in Bowling Green, Ohio, where he 
completed an elegant residence before his death. He was 
a man of great strength and his feats of lifting, when in his 
prime, were remarkable. He md. (i), Mar. i, 1832, Sarah 
A. Davis, b., Feb. i, 1817, who was the mother of five chil- 
dren, and d., Apr. 12, 1843; md. (2), July 3, 1843, Eliza Cross, 
of Wood Co., O., who was the mother of three chil- 
dren, and d., July 28, 1850; md. (3), Oct. 10, 1850, Mary 
Hall, of Fairfield Co., O., b., Jan. 22, 1822, who was the 
mother of five children, and d., Apr. 16, 1887; md. (4), July 
17, 1887, Mrs. Mary A. Keys, who survived him; thirteen 

2985— MARY JANE STEARNS, b., July 28, 1833, near 
West Millgrove, O.; md. (i), L. D. Kelly, and settled at 
West Millgrove, O.; md. (2), J. Bucher, of West Millgrove; 
three children. 


2986— SILAS DAVIS STEARNS (4738), b., Sept. 9, 


2987— HARRISON STEARNS, b., Sept. 9, 1837; d., May 
28; 1861; unmarried. 

2988— JOHN A. STEARNS (4748), b., July 6, 1839. 

2989— ORRIN STEARNS, b., May 9, 1841, in Ohio; md., 
1864, Sarah A. Brandebury, and was a wealthy farmer, of 
Fostoria, O., where he d., 1888. He was First Sergeant in 
Co. B., 55th Regt., O. Vols., during the Civil War; was 
mustered out, July 11, 1865, at Louisville, Ky. 

2990— MARY E. STEARNS, b.. May 23, 1844, in Wood 
Co., O., md. Nathan D. Patterson and settled at Weston, O. 

2991— SARAH A. STEARNS, b., Sept. 5, 1845, in Wood 
Co., O.; md. Wilson Patterson and settled near her sister 
Mary; a widow, mother of four children. 

2992— NEWTON N. STEARNS, b., July 12, 1850, in 
Wood Co., O. 

2993— JOSIAH H. STEARNS (4758), b., Nov. 8, 1851, 
in Wood Co., O. 

2994— JOSEPH BENTON STEARNS (4764), b., July 
II, 1853, ill Wood Co., O. 

2995— JUSTUS DAWSON STEARNS (4772), b., Sept, 
I, 1854, in Wood Co., O. 

2996— CHARLES D. STEARNS (4779), b., June i4r 
1856, in Wood Co., O. 

2997— WILSON E. STEARNS (4785), b., Nov. 16, 1863, 
in Wood Co., O. 

2998— WILLIAM STEARNS (141 1), b., Feb. 13, 1815, 
son of James and Abilena (Harding) Stearns, of Ohio; md., 
1839, Mrs. Catherine Closson. He settled first in Delaware 
Co., O.; emigrated to Berrian Co., Mich., in 1848; from there 
to Buchanan Co., Iowa, in 1854; removed to Peru, Chau- 
tauqua Co., Kas., in 1870, and died there, Oct. 27, 1888; 
engaged in farming; six children. 

2999— JOHN J. STEARNS (4792), b., Feb. , 1841, 


3000— BENTON R. STEARNS, b., Dec, 1842; md., 
1865, Norah Spicer. They settled at Berrian Co., Mich., 
where he has been Sheriff of the Co., and member of the 
State Legislature. 

3001— ABILENA A. STEARNS, b., Feb. 14, 1844; md. 
Mr. Hatch, and settled in Jessup, Buchanan Co., Iowa. 

3002— CHARLES S. STEARNS, b., Dec. 24, 1846; md., 
1868, Kate Davis, and settled in Buchanan Co., Iowa. 

3003— GEORGE M. STEARNS, b., June 7, 1849; md. 
Hester Cane, and, in 1883, was in Kansas, but removed to 
the state of Washington, in 1890. 

3004— PHOEBE E. STEARNS, b., Sept. 9, 185 1; an in- 
valid; unm,, with her brother, George, in the state of Wash- 

3005— OTIS STEARNS (1416), b., Feb. 9, 1827, son of 
Jame? and Abilena (Harding) Stearns, of Ohio; md. (i), 
Melissa Miles, of Caledonia, O.; md. (2), Mrs. Mary Kerr, 
of Berrian Springs, Mich.; md. (3), Anna Devoe, of Galien, 
Mich. He settled in Glendora, Mich., in 1848, and his nine 
children were all born there. 


3007— LEWIS STEARNS, md. Sarah Miller, of New 
Market, la., and their three children were born at New 


301 1— GRACE STEARNS, md. George Weaver, of 
Buchanan, Mich.; no children. 








3018— REV. ALMON OTIS STERNS (1421), b., July 
19, 1821, son of Dea. Otis and Lois (Potter) Sterns, of Gib- 
son, Pa.; md., Sept. 30, 1841, Lydia M. Phillips, b., July 6, 
181 9, dau. of Austin and Elizabeth Phillips, of Gibson, Pa. 
They made their home at Gibson, Pa., where he was a Bap- 
tist clergyman, and where she d., Nov. 19, 1893; one son. 

3019— REV. AUSTIN OTIS STERNS, b., Mar. 20, 1847; 
a ver} promising young Baptist clergyman; md., Aug. 22, 
1867, Loretta E. Eymer, b., Feb. 10, 1849. He d., Aug. 6, 
1890, two children. 

3C20— FRANK A. STERNS, b., June 28, 1869; md., June 
28, 1893, Henrietta McMinn, b., Sept. 15, 1871. 

3021— BESSIE M. STERNS, b., Oct. 26, 1874; md., Nov. 
28, 1895, Davis D. Meade. 

3022— WILLIAM WARREN STERNS (1422), b.. Mar. 
15, 1824, son of Dea. Otis and Lois (Potter) Sterns, of Gib- 
son, Pa.; a farmer, of Ararat, Pa.; d., Oct, i, 1870. He was 
Capt of the Gibson Rifle Co.; enlisted, in the summer of 
1863, for three months service in-the Civil War; was hon- 
orably discharged; md., Apr. 23, 1845, Almira Rogers, b.. 
Mar. 9, 1823, dau. of John and Esther Rogers, of Harmony, 
Susquehanna Co., Pa.; three children. 

3023— MARILLA A. STERNS, b., Sept. 14, 1846, in 
Gibson, Pa.; md., Sept. 8, 1870, Noel W. Stone, who d. at 
Hickory Grove, Pa.; three children. 

(a) — Celia Stone, b., Sept. 4, 1872. 

(b) — Hugh Stone, b., May 12, 1876. 

(c) — ^Warren S. Stone, b., Mar. 19, 1880. 

3024— SPENCER M. STERNS (4797), b.. May 26, 1852, 
in Gibson, Pa. 

3025— VERDINE OTIS STERNS, b., June 11, 1857, in 


Ararat, Pa.; md., Dec. 19, 1883, Jennie Bloxham; settled in 
Ararat, Susquehanna Co., Pa. 

3026— LOTTIE M. STERNS, b., May 17, 1888. 

3027— HORACE WHEELER STERNS (1425), b., Feb. 
12, 1832, son of Dea. Otis and Lois (Potter) Sterns, of Gib- 
son, Pa.; md., June 27, 1855, Mary M. Smith, b., Feb. 18, 
1832, seven children. 

3028— ELDRED A. STERNS, b., Apr. 13, 1856; d., Nov. 
30, 1874. 

3029— HARLEY L. STERNS, b., Sept. 6, 1857; d.. Mar. 

18, 1858. 

3030— M. LILLIE STERNS, b., Sept. 21, 1859; d., Aug. 
22, 1886. 

3031— OTIS S. STERNS, b., Sept. 26, 1861; md., June 
I, 1886, Mary Watkins; settled at Yonkers, N. Y.; one son. 

3032— WILBER D. STERNS, b., June i, 1890. 

3033— ELLIS E. STERNS, b., Nov. 8, 1864; md., June 

19, 1889, Annie E. Snyder, M. D. 

3034— A. MASON STERNS, b., Sept. 8, 1868; d., Feb. 
21, 1883. 

3035— JESSIE M. STERNS, b., May 22, 1874; d., Mar. 
28, 1883. 

3036— EDWIN IRA STEARNS (1433), b., May 12, 1815, 
son of Ira and Maria (Plumb) Stearns, of Mount Pleasant, 
Pa.; a photographer, by occupation, who removed to Ohio, 
then returned to Wilkesbarre, Pa., where he d., July 10, 
1882. He md., Aug. 22, 1839, Mary Ann Tuttle, and their 
daughter (Louise J. Stearns) says, in a charming letter to 
the compilers of this work: "My mother, who is a Tuttle, 
has a book of over seven hundred pages, devoted to the his- 
tory of the Tuttle family, which has given over seven hun- 
dred dollars worth of pleasure and information." They had 
three children. 

3037— LILLIAS A. STEARNS, b., Mar. 7, 1842, in 


Johnstown, O.; md., June 7, 1865, J. T. Langdon. After 
her husband's death, she removed to Wilkesbarre, Pa. 

1843^ i^ Johnstown, O.; studied in the Academy of Design 
in New York City, and is an artist of much merit and skill. 
She is a resident of Wilkesbarre, Pa., unmarried, and has 
favored us with a short but enjoyable correspondence. 

3039— LELAND E. STEARNS (4803), b., Oct. i, 1845, 
in Appleton, O. 

3040— OSCAR K. STEARNS (1440), b., Apr. 17, 1821, 
son of Ira and Maria (Plumb) Stearns, of Mount Pleasant, 
Pa.; md.. Mar. 6, 1845, EHza L. Theal, b.. May 13, 1827, dau. 
of Isaac and Orrinda (Stearns) Theal (1398); settled in Pres- 
ton, Pa., where all their children were born. He was a car- 
penter, by trade, but enlisted as a private, in 1861, and 
served during the Civil War, part of the time doing duty 
as purveyor. He died, May 9, 1865, in hospital, of disease 
contracted in the service, and his widow made her home in 
Binghamton, N. Y., with her youngest son; eight children. 

3041— ALICE MATILDA STEARNS, b., May 10, 1847; 
d., July 28, 1848. 

3042— FRANK EVERETT STEARNS, b., June 18, 
1849; i"d-> Mar., 1880, Sarah Simpson, and settled at Forest 
City, Pa. 

3043— EMMA GRACE STEARNS, b., Oct. 15, 1852; 
md.. Mar. 8, 1880, Joseph Benedict, of Binghamton, N. Y. 

3044— ELLA IMOGENE STEARNS, b., Dec. 31, 1854; 
md., Sept. 16, 1896, Warren Matteson, of Binghamton, N.Y. 

3045— MARY ANGELINE STEARNS, b., Jan. 15, 
1857; md., Oct. 2, 1877, Eri O. Truman, of Cortland, N. Y. 

3046— GEORGE WILLIS STEARNS, b., Nov. 10, 1859; 
unm., a carpenter, of Binghamton, N. Y., who d,, July 17, 

3047— MARIE LOUISE STEARNS, b., June 27, 1862; 
md., Dec. 9, 1883, Zenas J. Rozelle, of Binghamton, N. Y. 


8, 1865; md. Oct. 19, 1886, William J. Page, of Bing-ham- 
ton, N. Y. 

3049— GEORGE W. STEARNS (1441), b., Feb. 8, 1824, 
son of Ira and Maria (Plumb) Stearns, of Mount Pleasant, 
Pa.; a pattern-maker and machinist, of Frankford, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. He md., Apr. 5, 1854, Sarah A. Robinson, and 
lived, for a time, in New Jersey, afterwards in Philadelphia; 
four children. 

3050— KATE R. STEARNS, b., Feb. 17, 1856, near 
Honesdale, Pa.; a resident of Philadelphia, Pa. 

3051— FRANCES R. STEARNS, b., Sept. 19, 1861, near 
Honesdale, Pa.; resided with her father. 

3052— GEORGE R. STEARNS, b., July 7, 1868, at 
Bridgeton, N. J.; md., July 2y, 1891, NelHe France, and 
settled, an architect of the firm, Stearns and Castor, at 
Frankford, Philadelphia, Pa. 

3053— SARAH MAY STEARNS, b., Aug. 17, 1871, at 
Bridgeton, N, J.; a teacher in the pubHc schools of Phila- 
delphia, Pa., residing with her parents. 

3054— ALONZO M. STEARNS (1431), b., Feb. 19, 1837, 
son of Ira and Maria (Plumb) Stearns, of Harford, Pa. He 
was a carpenter and pattern-maker, by trade, but, during the 
Civil War, served nine months in Co. C, 178th Regt., Penn. 
Inf.; after leaving the army, engaged m prospecting and 
mining in Colorado. He md. (i), Dec. 7, 1859, Harriet E. 
Dean, who bore him two children, and d., 1866; md. (2), 
T867, Almira C. Guernsey, by whom he had four children; 
resided at Colorado Springs, Col. 

3055— MINNIE H. STEARNS, b., 1862, in Scranton, 
Pa.; md. LaFayette Brown, of West Chester, Conn.; two 

3056— NELLIE STEARNS, b. in Broome Co., N. Y.; 
d., in infancy. 

3057— EDITH M. STEARNS, b.. May i, 1869, in Har- 
ford, Pa. 


3058— FRED G. STEARNS, b., Mar. 4, 1870, in Harford, 

3059— ARTHUR A. STEARNS, b., Oct. 25, 1871, in 
Harford, Pa. 

3060— MAUD M. STEARNS, b., Dec. 3, 1873, in Har- 
ford, Pa. 

3061— DAVID WORCESTER STEARNS (1454), b.. 
Mar. 21, 1826, son of Jabez and Rowena (Worcester) 
Stearns, of Damascus, Pa.; md., Feb. 12, 1866, at Hones- 
dale, Pa., Gertrude Pratt, of Johnstown, O. He was a 
lumberman, of Fish's Eddy, Delaware Co., N. Y., also en- 
gaged in farming and deaHng in merchandise; four children. 

12, 1866, in Damascus, Wayne Co., Pa.; grad. Baltimore 
Medical College, 1892. He md., June 8, 1892, M. Evelyn 
Bushnell, and commenced practicing medicine at Long 
Eddy, Sullivan Co., N. Y.; one son. 

3063— CLYDE HAROLD STEARNS, b., Apr. 10, 1893. 

3064— LAURA MARIA STEARNS, b.. Mar. 2, 1869; 
d.. Mar. 25, 1869, in Damascus, Pa. 

18, 1870, in Damascus, Pa. 

3066— FREDERIC WATERS STEARNS, b., Aug. 17, 
1878, at Fish's Eddy, N. Y. 

Feb. 6, 1833, son of Ashbel and Sophia (Hare) Stearns, of 
CHnton, Pa.; a railroad man, of White Haven, Pa., who md. 
Mary Rebecca Fuller. We are indebted to him for the items 
concerning Ashbel Stearns, his father; two children. 

3068— JOHN FULLER STEARNS, b., Aug. 25, 1870; 
d., June 12, 1875, ^t White Haven, Pa. 

3069— LAURA GRAY STEARNS, b.. Mar. 4, 1876, at 
White Haven, Pa. 

307c^LEVI WILDER STEARNS (1468), b., Nov. 24, 


1805, son of Horatio and Vshti (Wilder) Stearns, of Charl- 
mont, Mass.; md., Oct. 27, 1830, Cordelia Maria Belding, 
b., Sept. 10, 1806, dau. of Augustus and Kate Belding, of 
Whately, Mass. He was a saddler by trade; five children. 


3072— SARAH MARIA STEARNS, b., June 12, 1835; 
d., Sept., 1838. 

3073— CATHERINE MARIA STEARNS, b., Aug. 26, 

3074— JAMES BELDING STEARNS, b., Oct. 30, 1841. 

3075— CHARLES LEVI STEARNS, b., Oct. i, 1844. 

3076— CHARLES ROLLIN STEARNS (1483), b., Aug. 
25, 1810, son of Eli and Maria (Webber) Stearns, of South 
Hadley, Mass. ; in early life, was a saddle and harness-maker, 
afterwards a carriage-trimmer, and a farmer. He md., Nov. 
4. 1834, Elizabeth Strong, of Northampton, Mass.; settled 
at New Haven, Conn.; then removed to Dover, III, where 
he d., May 16, i860; seven children. 

3077— CHARLES ROLLIN STEARNS JR., b., Oct. 23, 
1835, at New H-aven, Conn.; md., 1870, EHzabeth Hope, and 
settled in Creighton, Neb.; four children. 


3079— ALVIN EDWARD STEARNS, b., 1873. 

3080— ROLLIN HOPE STEARNS, b., 1875. 

3081— MARY ELSIE STEARNS, b., 1877. 

3082— AUSTIN DWIGHT STEARNS, b., May 2, 1838, 
in New Haven, Ct. ; d., Feb. 2, 1840. 

3083— WILLIAM HENRY STEARNS, b., Oct. 10, 
1840; d., May 18, 1841. 

3084— GEORGE STEARNS, b., June 4, 1843, at South 
Hadley, Mass.; d., Aug. 11, 1844. 


3085— ELLEN STEARNS, b., July i, 1845, at South 
Hadley, Mass.; d., Nov. 24, 1845. 

3086— WILLIAM STEARNS, b., Nov. i, 1846; d., June, 

3087— ELLA ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., Apr. 14, 
1849, at South Hadley, Mass.; md. Edward M. Fay, and 
settled near Princeton, 111.; two children, 
(a) — Mary Emily Fay, b., Oct. 28, 1879. 
(b) — Florence Myrtle Fay, b.. Mar. 29, 1882. 

3088— NORMAN WHITNEY STEARNS (1507), b., 
Aug. 23, 1 83 1, son of William and EHzabeth (Wilder) 
Stearns, of Boston, Mass.; a lawyer of patents, who settled 
in Boston. He md. (i), Nov. 24, 1861, Emma Jane Gold- 
smith, who d., Jan. 20, 1889, dau. of Solomon and Ruth 
(Blaisdell) Goldsmith, of Jamaica Plain, Boston, Mass.; md. 
(2), Annie Upton, and removed to Tampa, Fla., for the prac- 
tice of his profession; seven children. 

b., Oct. 4, 1863, in Boston, Mass.; md., Oct. 13, 1887, Helen 
Lucretia Bryant, only child of Seth and Catherine (Annin) 
Bryant, of Lakewood, N. J. They settled at Readfield, Me. 

3090— GRACE COOPER STEARNS, b., June 24, 1865; 
resident of West Somerville, Mass.; unmarried. 

Oct. 10, 1867, at Boston, Mass.; d., Mar. 30, 1887, at West 
Somerville, Mass. 

1869; resident of West Somerville, Mass.; unmarried. 

22, 1871, in Boston, Mass.; md., June 19, 1893, Lilla Belle 
Lincoln, only child of Llewellyn and Susan (York) Lincoln, 
of Skowhegan, Me.; in the shoe business at Manchester, 
N. H. 

3094— EMMA RUTHINA STEARNS, b., Jan. 30, 1S73. 
at Boston, Mass.; resident of West Somerville, Mass.; unm. 


3095— JESSIE LUCINDA STEARNS, b., May 15, 1876, 
at Boston, Mass.; resident of West Somerville, Mass.; unm. 

3096— HENRY BLAISDELL STEARNS (1510), b., 
July 7, 1798, son of Nathan and Miriam (Blaisdell) Stearns, 
of Golfstovvn, N. H.; a farmer and teacher, of GofTstown, 
now Manchester, N. H. He was a member of the State 
Legislature for several terms, and, at different times, held 
many town offices. He md. Phoebe Russell, of Merrimack, 
N. H., and settled in Goffstown, N. H., of which Manchester 
is now a part; d., Sept. , 1873. 

3097— GEORGE HENRY STEARNS, b., Apr. 22, , 

in Goffstown, N. H.; has been State Senator, and Mayor of 
the city of Manchester, N. H. 

3098— JOHN STEARNS, b. in Goffstown, N. H. 

3099— JOSEPH EDWIN STEARNS, b. in Goffstown, 
N. H.; during the Civil War, served three years in a com- 
pany of heavy artillery. 

3100— SIMEON RUSSELL STEARNS, b., in Goffs- 
town, N. H.; during the Civil Wiar served three years in 

Apr. I, 1844, in Goffstown, N. H. 

3102— NATHAN STEARNS JR. (1512), b.. May 2, 1801, 
son of Nathan and Miriam (Blaisdell) Stearns, of Goffstown, 
N. H.; md., 1830, Polly Martin, b., Aug. 27, 1810; a farmer, 
of Goffstown, N. H., where his four children were born, and 
where he d., Apr. 15, 1877. 

3103— AUGUSTUS STEARNS (4815), b., July 26, 1832. 

3104— ELVIRA W. STEARNS, b., Jan. 24, 1836, in 
Goffstown, N. H.; md. Nathaniel J. Colby, and settled in 
Dumbarton, N. H., where she d.. Mar. 22, 1894. 

3105— MARY ANN STEARNS, b., Apr. 27, 1838; d., 
1879; unm. 

3106— LUCIAN E. STEARNS, b., May 20, 1840; a far- 
mer, of Goffstown, N. H.; md. (i), Martha J. Paige; md. 
{2), Cora F. Libbey; no children; d., July 4, 1897. 


3107— ELIJAH STEARNS JR. (1514), b., Sunday, Oct. 
15, 1786, son of Elijah and Eunice (Wells) Stearns, of Goffs- 
town, N. H.; md., Mar. 16, 181 5, by Rev. Walter Harris, 
Betsy Little Clement, of Dumbarton, N. H., b.. May 17, 
1795, who d., June 7, 1880; d., Oct. 7, 1878, at Amoskeag, 
N. H.; nine children. 

20, 1817, at Dumbarton, N. H.; md., Apr. 15, 1847, by Rev. 
C. W. Wallace, Henry H. Fuller, of Manchester, N. H., 
where she d., Oct. 2y, 1882. 

3109— MARTHA ELIZA STEARNS, b., Apr. 16, 1819, 
on Friday; resident of Manchester, N. H.; unm. 

31 10— THOMAS CLEMENT STEARNS (4827), b., 
Saturday, Sept. 29, 1821. 

31 1 1— BETSY MARIA GAY STEARNS, b., Wednes- 
day, June 23, 1824; md., Wednesday, June 11, 1845, by Rev. 
B. M. Tilletson, Benjamin G. Hosmer; settled at Beaver 
Falls, Pa. 

31 12— JULIA ELMA STEARNS, b., Sunday, Jan. 28. 
1827; md., Tuesday, Aug. 24, 1847, by Rev. H. M. Dexter, 
De La Fayette Robinson; d., Nov. 10, 1865, at Manchester, 
N. H. 

31 13— NANCY WALKER STEARNS, b., Thursday, 
July 2, 1829, in GofTstown, N. H.; md., Oct. 25, 1848, by Rev. 
B. M. Tilletson, John C. Smith, of Manchester, N. H.; severt 

(a) — Ella Maria Smith, b.. May 14, 1849; md., Nov. 17, 

1869, Stephen Piper, of Manchester, N. H. 
(b) — Emma Nancy Smith, b., Nov. 29, 1850; d., Sept. 

3, 1853- 
(c) — Eugene Cheney Smith, b., July 23, 1852; md., Oct. 

28, 1880, Emma A. Shaw. 
(d) — Frank Edward Smith, b., Nov. 21, 1854; d., Jan. 

31. 1856. 
(e) — Helen Augusta Smith, b., Sept. 22, 1856; d., Oct. 

6, 1861. 


(f) — Frank John Smith, b., Jan. 15, 1859. 

(g) — Arthur Smith, b., Jan. 19, i86i; d., Feb. 7, 1864. 

31 14— JOHN EDWARD STEARNS, b., Sunday, Mar. 4, 
1832; md., Sunday, Nov. 8, 1857, by Rev. Mr. Adams, Sarah 
W. Landon; settled in Manchester, N. H. 

31 15— CAROLINE FRANCES STEARNS, b., Tuesday, 
Oct. 6, 1835; md., Thursday, Nov. 29, 1855, Eugene W. Brig- 
ham, of Manchester, N. H. She has been of great assistance 
by adding her knowledge of this family to Dr. Bond's Gen- 
ealogies. At the time of her birth, Manchester, N. H., was 
part of Goffstown; four children. 

p; (a) — Edward Winslow Brigham, b., Jan. 25, 1857, at 

Manchester, N. H.; d., Sept. 19, 1858, at Marlboro, 
(b) — Eugene Carroll Brigham, b., Dec. 16, i860, at 
Marlboro, Mass.; md., Sept. 12, 1892, Fannie Bell 
Pettee, of Manchester, N. H., where they settled. 
Miss Fannie Bell Pettee traces her family back to 
Dorothy (Stearns) Coolidge (329), who was Mrs. 
Fannie Bell, Brigham's great-great-grandmother. 
She is therefore doubly interested in the Stearns 

(c) — Martha Alice Brigham, b., Apr. 24, 1865, at Bos- 
ton, Mass. 

(d) — Ella Frances Brigham, b.. May 18, 1867, at Bos- 
ton, Mass.; md., June 26, 1889, Nathaniel Doane 
Jr., of Manchester, N. H., where they settled. 

31 16— MARY AUGUSTA STEARNS, b., Apr. 21, 1839; 
d., July 25, 1847, at Manchester, N. H. 

3117— EDWARD RAY STEARNS (1519), b., Jan. i, 
1803, '^^ Goffstown, N. H., son of Elijah and Mary (Rollins) 
Stearns, of Weld, Me.; d.. May 3, 1848, at Searsmont, Me. 
He md., Nov. 28, 1827, at Dover, Me., Eliza Tyler Barker, 
b., Nov. I, 1809, at Kennebunk, Me., who d., Feb. 22, 1879, 
dau. of Robert and Mehitable (Whitehouse) Barker. He 
was a farmer, of Weld, Me., and had six children. 

k3ii7 (a)— MARY ROLLINS STEARNS, b., Nov. 15, 


1828, at Dover, Me.; d., Nov. 8, 1879, at Portsmouth, N. 
H.; unm. 

3 1 18— JOSEPH BARKER STEARNS (5286), b., Feb. 
28, 183 1, at Weld, Me.; d.. July 4, 1895, at Camden, Me.; 
seven children. 

31 18 (a)— ELIZA OSGOOD STEARNS, b., Apr. 8, 
1835, at Weld, Me.; d., Ocl. 12, 1884; unm. 

31 18 (b)— CHARLES AUGUSTUS STEARNS (5295), 
b., June I, 1838, at Weld, Me. 

31 18 (c)— SARAH GEORGIA STEARNS, b., Jan. 15, 
1841; md., 1881, Theodore Harris. 

3 1 18 (d)— GEORGE EDWARD STEARNS, b., Apr. 11, 
1847, ^t Searsmont, Me.; resident of California; unm. 

31 19— HIRAM D. STEARNS (1528), b., Nov. 27, 1802, 
son of James and Lydia (Glover) Stearns, of Amherst, N. 
H.; md., Nov. 10, 1825, Mary Putnam, b., Oct. 6, 1799, dau. 
of Joseph and Rebecca (Burton) Putnam, of Wilton, N. H. 
She d., Mar. 30, 1879; six children. 

3120— GRANVILLE A. STEARNS, b., Sept. 16, 1826; 
d., Aug. 30, 1853, at Amherst, N. H. 

3121— REBECCA ANN STEARNS, b., Jan. 2, 1829; d., | 
Mar. 7, 1831. 

3122— JAMES STEARNS, b., Jan. 22, 1832; md., Oct. | 
16, 1873, Mrs. Sarah R. Eaton, and settled in Amherst, N. H. J 

3123— WILLIAM D. STEARNS (4840), b., Aug. 25, ,| 
1834, in Amherst, N. H. 

3124— MARY F. STEARNS, b., Aug., 1837; d., July 20, 

3125— ELIZA J. STEARNS, b., Sept. 23, 1842; resident 
of Amherst, N. H.; unm. 

Aug., 1804, son of James and Lydia (Glover) Stearns, of Am- 
kert, md. (i), Mary Collins; md. (2), Susan Harraden; md. 

(3), Ritterbush; md. C4), . He d., Dec. 12, 1882, 

in North Hyde Park, Vt. 


3127— EBER STEARNS (1541), b., Oct. 23, 1787, son of 
William and Lydia (Glazier) Stearns, of Rockingham, Vt.; 
md. about 1812, Cynthia Kendall, b., Oct. 11, 1790, and set- 
tled In Victory, Essex Co,. Vt., where he died; seven chil- 

3128— WILLIAM STEARNS (4846), b., Feb. 8, 1814. 



3131— LAURA STEARNS, md. John Pike, of West Con- 
cord, Vt. 

3132— HENRY STEARNS, md., but had no children; 
died in the army during the Civil War. 

3i33_WELLS STEARNS, d., 1888, in Lafayette, Wis.; 

3134— LYMAN STEARNS, died in the army during the 
Civil War; unm. 

3135— DR. JEHIEL STEARNS (1542), b., Feb. 6, 1790, 
son of William and Lydia (Glazier) Stearns, of Rockingham, 
Vt.; md. (i), Jan. 22, 1816, Nancy Hascall, sister of Hon. 
Ralph Hascall, M. C, and of Rev. Daniel Hascall, who was 
a Baptist clergyman and founder of Madison University, 
She was dau. of Joseph Hascall, of Pawlet, Vt., and d., July 
II, 1856. Dr. Stearns md. (2), May 9, i860, Sarepta S. 
Shattuck, dau. of Chester Shattuck, a pioneer of Pompey, 
N. Y. She was a most estimable woman, greatly beloved by 
his family and survived him several years, dying at the 
home of her brother-in-law, Mr. Elliot, of Grand Rapids, 
Mich. Dr. Stearns's first wife was the mother of two chil- 
dren; his second wife had none. 

"At the age of sixteen, Jehiel Stearns commenced aca- 
demic studies in Charlestown, N. H., and, in 1809, took up 
the study of medicine with Dr. Oliver Hastings, a cele- 
brated physician of Charlestown, N. H.; in 1811, attended 
lectures at Dartmouth Coll., under Dr. Nathan Smith. Hav- 
ing graduated with honor, he located as physician and sur- 
geon at Essex, N. Y., and, in 181 5, went to Pompey Hill, 


Onondaga Co., N. Y,, where he was cordially received and 
made his permanent home. Dr. Stearns ardently loved his 
profession, and by his assiduous devotion to his duties, his 
courteous manners, and his kind and ready sympathy for his 
suffering patients, soon won reputation and success. He 
had some experience in the war of 1812, where he acquired 
skill and a taste for surgery, which he afterwards made a 
specialty in his practice, attained a high degree of success, 
not only as an operator, but exhibiting singular judgment 
in knowing where to operate. In 1822, he was appointed 
Surgeon of the 98th Regt. Inf., under Gov. De Witt Clinton, 
which position he resigned in 1830. For many years he 
was an efficient and useful trustee of Pompey Academy and 
a respected member of the Presbyterian Church of Pompey," 
where he d., Oct. 8, 1878. 

3136— JOSEPH HASCALL STEARNS, b., Dec. 14, 
1816, at Pompey Hill, N. Y.; a pioneer CaHfornian and resi- 
dent of San Francisco, Cal., where he d., June, 1883; unm. 
"Like his father, he was a thorough gentleman, both being 
men of pure and noble character, fine presence, and re- 
markable personal beauty; both being men of mark in the 
communities in which they lived." ' 

16, 1818, in Pompey, N. Y.; md., 1841, Hon. John W. 
Dwindle, of San Francisco, Cal, "a lawyer of distinction 
and ability, an author of high literary taste, who had been 
Mayor of San Francisco and a member of the California 
Legislature. She was distinguished for her beauty of char- 
acter and fine executive ability, being looked up to and 
greatly beloved in every place where she made her home." 
She d., Sept. 25, 1873, in San Rafael, Cal.; five cnildren. 

(a)— Ella Corneha Dwindle, b., Oct. 8, 1842; md. 
Charles G. Pond, who d., 1881. She resides in San 
Francisco, Cal., and, in 1875, during a visit to her 
grandfather, Dr. Jehiel Stearns, of Pompey Hill, 
wrote down, at his dictation, most of what is given 
of his family. 

(b — Anna Louisa Dwinelle, b., Sept. 6, 1844; d., Sept. 
21, 1882, in Berkeley, Cal. 


(c) — ^Charles Hascall Dwindle, b., Mar. 28, 1847; md. 

Louise Woolsey and settled at Fulton, Sonoma 

Co., Cal. 
(d) — ^Hermann Dwindle, b., Dec. 6, 1856; d., Nov. 10, 

1877, in Berkeley, Cal. 
(e) — Florence Dwinelle, b., Feb. 28, 1858; d., Mar. 12, 

1885, in Berkeley, Cal. 

Jan. 4, 1804, son of William and Lydia (Glazier) Stearns, of 
Rockingham, Vt.; md., Selina Keith, and settled on the 
Stearns homestead, near Rockingham, Vt., where all their 
children were born. He died suddenly, of heart disease, 
1867; ^^'^^ children. 

3139 — Mary Barton Stearns, b., 1828; md., June 14, 1868, 
WilHam Spaulding, b., Mar. 15, 1814, and settled at Saxton's 
River, Vt., where she d., Feb. 7, 1891; his second wife; one 

(a) — Nellie Spaulding. 

3140— HARRIET STEARNS, b., 1832; a teacher; d., 
185 1 ; unm. She took cold after an attack of measles, and 
died suddenly. 

3141— ROYAL HUBBARD STEARNS (4862), b., 1836. 

3142— ALBERT LEONARD STEARNS (4868), b., 

3143— JOHN STEARNS (1546), of Grafton, Vt., date oi 

birth unknown, son of Jonathan and ( ) Stearns, of 

Rockingham, Vt.; md., settled on one hundred sixty acres 
of land and raised a large family. Records of this family 
are so meagre that we can give very little concerning thern; 
one descendant says, "John Stearns, my grandfather, served 
in the Revolutionary War." He had ten children. 



3146— OLIVE STEARNS, md. Levi White, of Graf- 
ton, Vt. 


3147— REUBEN STEARNS (4870), a farmer, of Graf- 
ton, Vt. 

3M8— JERUSHA STEARNS, a widow, of Lawrence, 

3149— THIRZA STEARNS, md. Mr. Streeter, of Spring- 
field, Mass. 

3150— WILLIAM STEARNS (4876). 


3152— IRA W. STEARNS. 


3154 — JOHN STEARNS (1548), b., 1795. son of John 
Burt and Ruth (Eastman) Stearns, of Rockingham, Vt.; md., 
181 5, Jane Tarbell, and had three children. 

3155— DANIEL EASTMAN STEARNS (4886), b., Aug. 
I, 1816. 

3156— MARTHA JANE STEARNS, md. James Durand, 
of Chester, Vt., where she d., 1884; one son. 

(a) — Fred Q. Durand, a young lawyer, of great prom- 
ise, who d,, Feb., 1892, in Florida, where he had 
gone for his health. He was a very studious lad, 
admitted to the bar at the age of twenty years; md., 
but had no children. 


3158— JABEZ STEARNS (1549), b., Oct. 9, 1797, son 
of John Burt and Ruth (Eastman) Stearns, of Rockingham, 
Vt.; a cabinet-maker, of Fitz-WilHam, N. H. and Peter- 
boro, N. H.; md., 1828, Clarissa Carpenter, of Peterboro, 
N. H. He d., Oct. 6, 1854, at Peterboro, from the effects 
of an accident; slipped from a ladder and his chisel severed 
an artery; six children. 

3159— WILLIAM BURT STEARNS (4897), b., Nov. 12, 

3160— MARIA E. STEARNS, b., May 19, 1832, in Fitz- 
William, N. H.; md. George Emory, of East Jafifrey, N. H.; 
d., Sept. 26, 1889. 


3161— EMILY ADELIZA STEARNS, b., July 17, 1835, 
in Fitz- William, N. H. 

3162— JOHN EASTMAN STEARNS, b., Oct. 25, 1836, 
at Jaffrey, N. H.; d., Nov. 29, 1844, at Peterboro, N. H. 

3163— LUCY ANN STEARNS, b., Dec. 28, 1842, at 
Peterboro, N. H.; md. Frank Mansfield, of Jaffery, N. H.; 
d., July 9, 1877. i, 

3164— JOHN HERBERT STEARNS, b., Feb. 7, 1846, 
at Peterboro, N. H.; d., Sept. 14, 1848, at same place. 

3165— OTIS STEARNS (1551), date of birth unknown, 
son of John Burt and Ruth (Eastman) Stearns, of Rocking- 
ham, Vt.; d., Nov. I, i860, of heart disease; a farmer, of 
Chester, Vt., where the farm still retains his name. He md. 
Martha Olcott, of Chester, Vt., who died of consumption, as 
did each of his children. "He was a strictly honorable man, 
and no one could bring aught against him in business or 
morahty." He had three children. 

3166— MINERVA STEARNS, d. at the age of twenty. 

3167— JOHN OTIS STEARNS, d. at the age of nine- 
teen, "a studious young man," 

3168— MARTHA STEARNS, d. aged twenty years. 

3169— WILLIAM BURT STEARNS (1553), b., Dec. 18, 
1803, son of John Burt and Ruth (Eastman) Stearns, of 
Rockingham, Vt.; a farmer, of Chester, Vt. ; md., Dec. 25, 
183 1, Sophia Mason, of Springfield, Vt., who lived to be 
over 86 years of age; d., Apr. 26, 1865, at Rockingham, Vt. 
"He was a generous provider and his wife delighted in mak- 
ing home pleasant." They had five children. 

3170— MARY SOPHIA STEARNS, b., Feb. 13, 1836; d., 
June 10, 1851. 

3171— PATRICK HENRY STEARNS, b., Jan. 4, 1838; 
d.. Mar. 10, 1864. 

3172— MARTHA JANE STEARNS, b., Feb. i, 1840; d., 
Jan. 22, 1875; unm. 


3173— JOHN WILLIAM STEARNS, b., Apr. 25, 1842; 
md., Aug. 19, 1878, Lizzie M. Leland, of Rochester, Vt. 
During the Civil War, he enlisted in Co. I, 12th Vt. Vols., 
Aug. 18, 1862; while in service was dangerously sick with 
pneumonia, from which he never fully recovered; d., Oct. 24, 
1885, after a long and severe illness with lung trouble. His 
widow and only child made their home with his mother on 
the "Otis Stearns Farm," near Chester, Vt. 

3174— NELLIE M. STEARNS, b., Dec. 6, 1879. 

3175— GEORGE MASON STEARNS, b., Dec. 18, 1850; 
d., Dec. 7, 1853. 

3176— SAMUEL EASTMAN STEARNS (1554), b., 
1806, son of John Burt and Ruth (Eastman) Stearns, of 
Rockingham, Vt.; a farmer, of Tiockingham, Vt., who after- 
wards removed to Creston, la., where he d. He md., 1833, 
Rhoda Blanchard, a sister to Jonathan Blanchard, of anti- 
Masonic fame. Their nine children were all born near Rock- 
ingham, Vt. 

3177— FRANCES MARIA STEARNS, b., Mar. 7, 1834, 
md., Nov. I, 1859, Elbridge J. Stone, of Galva, Henry Co., 
111. They settled at Creston, la. ; five children. 

(a) — Charles Stone, md. and settled at Afton, la. 

(b) — Ellen Stone, md. Patrick Winters, attorney-at-law, 

of Creston, la. 
(c) — Fred Stone, a drayman, of Afton, la. 
(d) — George Stone, lived near the others, 
(e) — Lillian Stone, d. at nine years of age, 

3178— CORDELIA RUTH STEARNS, b., Feb. 13, 
1836; md., June 18, i860, Lyman C. Clark, a farmer, of Col- 
fax, la.; ten children. 

(a) — Alice Clark, b., June, 1861; md., 1879, William 
Fay, of Colfax, la. 

(b) — Annie L. Clark, b., 1862; md., Dec. 24, 1879, Mr. 

Jones, of Colfax, la. 
(c)— Abbie Clark, b., Aug., 1863; md., 1886, Mr. Green. 
(d)— Noyes Clark. 


(e) — Martha Clark, d. of diphtheria, at three years of 

(f) — Mary Clark, md. Mr. Clement, 
(g) — Cyrus Clark, 
(h) — Lewis Clark, 
(i) — Jessie Clark, 
(j) — Gracia Clark. 

1838; studied medicine and practiced several years, in Chi- 
cago, 111.; md. Dr. L. B. Farrar, of Paxton, 111. 

3180— MARY JANE STEARNS, b.. Mar. 31, 1840; md., 
Nov. I, i860. Royal Hubbard Stearns (4862). They settled 
at Mt. Pleasant, la., where, since 1877, she has been an in- 
valid at the hospital for the insane. 

3181— NOYES EASTMAN STEARNS, b., Jan. 6, 1843; 
d., 1856, at Rockingham, Vt. 

3182— JOHN OLCOTT STEARNS (4900), b.. Mar. 14, 


3183— MINERVA SOPHIA STEARNS, b., May 29, 
1848; a teacher for several years; md., Oct. 28, 1878, Na- 
thaniel Cook, of Kelseyville, Cal.; six children. 

(a) — George E. Cook, b., Oct. 21, 1879. 

(b) — Rose Cook, b., Oct. 16, 1880. ) rp . 

(c)— Beulah Cook, b., Oct. 16, 1880. ) ^ 

(d) — Blanchard E. Cook, b., 1882. 

(e) — David Lyman Cook, b., July 12, 1883. 

(f) — Estella Corinne Cook, b., 1885. 

3184— FRANKLIN EUGENE STEARNS (4906), b., 
Jan. 6, 185 1. 

Sept. 29, 1854; an inventor, with the trade of a printer. 

3186— ELON STEARNS (1565), b., June 17, 1795, son 

of Pierce and Mary (Arnold) Stearns, of Williston, Vt. ; d.. 

May 18, 1867, in Webster, N. Y. He md., 1819, Clementina 

Foster, b., Jan. 15, 1798, who d., Jan. 27, 1876, in Min- 


neapolis, Minn.; settled in Penfield, now Webster, Monroe 
Co., N. Y., where their five children were born. 

3187— ABRAM FOSTER STEARNS, b., Dec. 30, 1820; 
md., Sept. 21, 1847, Amanda A. Foster, of Palmyra, N. Y. 
He was a farmer, of Marion, Wayne Co., N. Y.; five chil- 

3188— ELON HENRY STEARNS, b., June 18, 1848. 


3189— MARY HELEN STEARNS, b., June 18, 1848. 

Helen md., Mar. 10, 1873, William E. Brown, who d., Jan. 
12, 1889, in Mich. 

Elon md., Dec. 15, 1875, Susan E. Hosmer; one child. 

3190— GEORGE ELON STEARNS, b., June 6, 1877, 
at Clifton, N. Y. 

3191— CHARLES NELSON STEARNS, b., Aug. 6, 
1852, in Palmyra, N. Y.; md., Nov. 11, 1880, Elizabeth M. 
Snyder; settled in Marion, Wayne Co., N. Y. 

3192— FRANK LEWIS STEARNS, b., July 27, 1856, in 
Palmyra N. Y.; md., Jan. 6, 1881, Clara Lavinia Tobey; five 

3193— LEILA MAE STEARNS, b., Nov. 8, 1881. 

3194— CLARA LOUISE STEARNS, b., Nov. 15, 1883. 

3195— ELSIE MONTAGUE STEARNS, b.. May, 1885. 


3197— ELON HENRY STEARNS, b., Sept. 8, 1893. 

3198— GEORGE TRUMAN STEARNS, b., Nov. 18, 
1862; settled in Marion, N. Y. 

3199— PATIENCE STEARNS, b., Oct. 10, 1823. ) ^ • 
3200— MARY STEARNS, b., Oct. 10, 1823. \ ^ *" 

Patience md., Jan. 19, 1858, Philo Scribner, of Webster^ 
N. Y. Mary d., Jan., 1833. 


3201— NELSON W. STEARNS, b, Jan. 30, 1828; d., 
Jan. 25, 1887, in Eaton Co., Mich. 

3202-— HARRIET STEARNS, b., Apr. 3, 1834; md.. Mar. 
12, 1868, Charles E. Young, of Chicago, 111. 

3203— RALPH PARKER STEARNS (1572), b., Nov. 
28, 1809^ son of Abel Hawley and Deborah (Kelsey) Stearns, 
of Stockholm, N. Y.; md., Nov. 12, 1835, Clarissa Holmes, 
b., Apr. 2, 1818; settled in Stockholm, N. Y., where he d., 
July 14, 1882. For thirty years after marriage, his occupa- 
tion was that of a wheelwright; after that, he was a farmer 
until his death; four children. 

3204— HENRY W. STEARNS (4913), b., Dec. 25, 1839. 

3205— CHLOE A. STEARNS, b., Aug. 10, 1841, at 
Stockholm Centre, N. Y.; unm.; resided at Winthrop, N. Y., 
and cared for her aged mother, who was totally blind for 
several years, but very cheerful and in full possession of 
her mental faculties. 

3206— EUNICE C. STEARNS, b., Sept. 15, 1843; md. 
Charles K. Goodnow, and settled at Hutchinson, Minn. 

3207— OMAR P. STEARNS (4918), b., Mar., 1848. 

3208— ISAAC KELSEY STEARNS (1574), b., Apr. 7, 
181 5, son of Abel Hawley and Deborah (Kelsey) Stearns, of 
Stockholm, N. Y.; md. Emily Tichenor, and settled in Par- 
ishville, N. Y., where he d.. May 17, 1891; three children. 

3209— GEOUGE B. STEARNS, b., Sept. 8, 1840; served 
in the 15th N. Y. Engineer Corps, Co. B., 60th Regt., during 
the Civil War; d., July 23, 1865, from fever contracted on 
the field. He' md., Jan. 24, 1863, Sarah Parker; no chil- 

3210— HATTIE E. STEARNS, b., Sept. 9, 1846, in Par- 
ishville, N. Y.; md., May 31, 1873, Jonas J. Wilcox, of 
Lowville, N. Y., where they settled; two children, 
(a)— William H. Wilcox, 
(b)— May Belle Wilcox. 

321 1— HOWARD K. STEARNS, b., Feb. 8, 1855; md.. 



June 4, 1 89 1, Minnie M. Jarvis. He is a stock-dealer, of 
Lakota, South Dak. 

3212— JASON W. STEARNS (1577), b, July 16, 1821, 
son of Abel Hawley and Deborah (Kelsey) Stearns, of 
Stockholm, N. Y. ; md. Chloe A. Holmes, and settled at 
Stockholm Depot, N. Y., where he d., Apr., 1868; two chil- 

3213— SPENCER H. STEARNS, b., Feb. 25, 1850; md., 
Dec. 7, 1872, Lois L. Marsh; a well-known dealer in grain, 
flour and feed, of Winthrop, N. Y. ; three children. 

3214— JESSIE D. STEARNS, b., May 28, 1874. 

3215— JENNIE M. STEARNS, b., Oct. 15, 1876. 

3216— CHLOE E. STEARNS, b., Oct. 21, 1880. 

3217— EDGAR J. STEARNS, b., Nov. 16, 1856, at Win- 
throp, N. Y.; md., Jan. 26, 1882, Mary M. McKee, of Og- 
densburg, N. Y.; settled in Hutchinson, Minn.; five chil- 

3218— MAX STEARNS, b., Feb. 19, 1885, at Hutchin- 
son, Minn. 

3219— GERTRUDE STEARNS, b., Oct. 10, 1887, in 
Hutchinson, Minn. 

3220— MARIAN STEARNS, b., 1889. 

3221— SPENCER STEARNS, b., 1891. 

3222— LIDA LOU STEARNS, b., 1892. 

3223— BENJAMIN H. STEARNS (1578), b., Sept. 7, 
1823, son of Abel Hawley and Deborah (Kelsey) Stearns, of 
Stockholm, N. Y. ; md. Elizabeth Ann Cross, and settled in 
Stockholm, N. Y., where he d., Oct. 4, 1896; two children. 

3224— ALBERT J. STEARNS, b., Aug. 20, 1854, at 
Pierpont, N. Y. ; md., June, 1878, Leonora Wilkins, and set- 
tled in Stockholm, N. Y. ; one child. 

3225— SHIRLEY MAY STEARNS, b., May 14, 1881. 

3226— IDA C. STEARNS, b., Oct. 2, i860; md., Feb. 
1894, King F. Chase, of West Stockholm, N. Y. 


3227— REUBEN KELSEY STEARNS (1579), b., Aug. 
12, 1825, son of Abel Hawley and Deborah (Kelsey) 
Stearns, of Stockholm, N. Y.; md. Margaret J. Tichenor, 
and settled in Parishville, N. Y.; d., June 11, 1877, in Pots- 
dam, N. Y. ; six children. 

1855, i" Parishville, N. Y.; md. Charles M. Hopkins, of 
Keeseville, Essex Co., N. Y., where they settled. 

3229— MILTON HERBERT STEARNS, b., Apr. 23, 
1857, in Parishville, N. Y.; settled at Spokane, Wash.; unm. 

3230— JENNIE THEODORA STEARNS, b., 1859; d., 
1873, at Parishville. 

3231— ORESTES WINIFRED STEARNS, b., 1861; d., 
1862, at Parishville. 

3232— WAYLAND EUGENE STEARNS, b., Mar. 23, 
1863; md., Dec. 30, 1891, Helen Ruth Mason. He was a 
teacher, and, in 1895, was Prin. of Rome Free Academy, at 
Rome, Oneida Co., N. Y. 

3233— CORA MYRTELLA STEARNS, b.. Mar. 24, 
1866; a teacher, at New Rochelle, N. Y.; unm. 

3234— NATHAN WALLACE STEARNS (1580), b., 
Nov. I, 1827, son of Abel Hawley and Deborah (Kelsey) 
Stearns, of Stockholm, N. Y. ; md. Maria Talcott, and set- 
tled at Brasher Centre, N. Y., where four of liis five chil- 
dren were born. 

3235— MARCIA M. STEARNS, b., Mar. 3, 1855; md., 
June 22, 1881, Mahlon P. Holcombe, of Keeseville, N. Y. 

3236— G. HAWLEY STEARNS, b., Mar. 27, 1858, in 
Louisville, N. Y.; md., June 27, 1888, Lillian Bentley, of 
Peru, N. Y.; one son. 

3237— HUBERT STEARNS, b., Feb. 27, 1891. 

3238— ELVA J. STEARNS, b., Apr. 30, 1863; md., Jan. 
16, 1884, H. S. Taylor. 

3239— BERTHA STEARNS, b., Feb. 2, 1866; md., Nov. 
II, 1890, Michael Shoen. 


3240— CHARLES STEARNS, b., Feb. 4, 1869; md., Apr. 
20, 1893, Emma Allen. 

3241— DANIEL BAILEY STEARNS (1585), b., Apr. 
10, 1818, son of Simeon and Lydia (Bailey) Stearns, of Win- 
chendon, Mass.; md., July 5, 1841, Betsy P. Andres; a mer- 
chant, who d., Oct. 5, 1894, at Brooklyn, N. Y.; three chil- 

3242— HENRY STEARNS, b., 1843; d., in infancy. ) ^ . 
3243— LUCY STEARNS, b., 1843; d., in infancy. \ ^^"^ 

3244— FRANKLIN ALBERT STEARNS (4923), b., 
June 30, 1854. 

3245— GEORGE CHAPIN STEARNS (1594), b., Sept. 
3, 1819, son of Samuel and Philena (Chapin) Stearns, of 
Mendon, N. Y.; md., May 14, 1850, at Enfield, Conn., by 
Rev. Edward Hooker, Mary Schaeffler Raynolds, b., Jan. 30, 
1830, at Long-meadow, Mass., dau. of George and Eunice 
(Patten) Raynolds. He is a resident of Buffalo, N. Y., and 
so much interested in genealogy that he has published a 
book, entitled "The Stearns Family Memorial," which traces 
his own branch from Isaac Stearns, the emigrant ancestor, 
to the eighth generation. By his courtesy, we have had the 
benefit of his research, and the use of his published work; he 
had six children. 

16, 1852, at Buffalo, N. Y.; md., Sept. 3, 1878, at Detroit, 
Mich., Alice Gordon Morphy, b., Aug. 3, 1859, in Detroit; 
three children. 

3247— GEORGE HOWARD STEARNS, b., Apr. 29. 
1880, at Detroit, Mich., where he d., Oct. 22, 1887. 

3248— ALICE MARY STEARNS, b., July 16, 1886, at 
Detroit, Mich. 

1888, at Detroit, Mich. 

Mar. 20, 1853, at Buffalo, N. Y.; grad. Roch. Univ., 1875; 

George C. Stearns. 


N. Y. Homeopathic Medical Coll., 1878; senior member of 
the staff at Ward's Island Hospital, in 1879, He md., May 
25, 1880, by Rev. A. T. Chester, Jennie S. Olver, b., Nov. 
10, 1857, at Buffalo, N. Y.; three children. 

1884, at Buffalo, N. Y. 

3252— NORMA OLVER STEARNS, b., Oct. 6, 1886; d., 
Apr. 2, 1887, at Buffalo, N. Y. 

5, 1889, at Buffalo, N. Y. 

3254— NORMAN CHAPIN STEARNS, b., Nov. 2, 1857, 
at Owasso, Mich.; d., Feb. 6, 1861, at Buffalo, N. Y. 

3255— CHARLES PITKIN STEARNS, b., Nov. 3, i860, 
in Buffalo, N. Y.; md.. May 14, 1885, by Rev. George S. 
Whitman, Carrie Anna Douw, b., July 13, 1864, dau. of Gar- 
rett and Elizabeth (Rhodes) Douw. "The Douws were an 
old Dutch family, whose name is closely associated with 
the early settlement of Albany, N. Y." See Harper's Month- 
ly, Mar.. 1881, in article entitled, "Glimpse of an Old Dutch 
Town." He had three children. 

3256— MARY NATALIE STEARNS, b.. Mar. 17, 1886, 
at Buffalo, N. Y. . 

3257— EDITH STEARNS, b., Aug. 25, 1887, at Buffalo, 
N. Y. 

3258— SAMUEL DOUW STEARNS, b., Aug. 10, 1889, 
at Buffalo, N. Y. 

3259— SAMUEL CHAPIN STEARNS, b., Sept. 25, 
1864, at Buffalo, N. Y.; md., Apr. 9, 1889, by Rev. Wallace 
Radcliffe, Marguerite Welles Johnson, b., Aug. 22, 1867, at 
Corning, N. Y., dau. of Judge Thomas A. and Sarah (Welles) 
Johnson, of Detroit, Mich. 

3260— MARY ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., Sept. 19, 
1871; d., Jan. 8, 1872, at Buffalo, N. Y. 

3261— NORMAN STEARNS (1595), b., May 31, 1823, 
son of Samuel and Philena (Chapin) Stearns, of Mendon, 


N. Y.; md., Jan. 23, 1862, at Providence, R. I., by Rev. Fran- 
cis Wayland, D. D., Helen J. Dike, b., Nov. 6, 1834, at 
Providence, R. I. In 1863, he removed from Buffalo to 
New York City and engaged in the wool trade with the firm 
of Dike Bros., his wife's brothers, and resided in Brooklyn. 
In 1869, he removed his residence to Nanuet-on-the-Hud- 
son, where he d., July 22, 1872. A New York paper of July 
27, 1872, published the following: "The wool trade will be 
pained to learn of the death of Mr. Norman Stearns, of the 
firm of Dike Bros. His disease was typhoid fever and it is a 
sad pleasure to report that his own sickness was caused 
chiefly by his devotion to others. His family had been much 
afflicted during the spring, and one member was in great 
danger for a long while, during which time Mr. Stearns gave 
himself freely to the sick, and sowed the seeds of his own 
disease. He was a man of upright character and unvarying 
kindness of manner, as well as of heart. It was a pleasure 
to meet him either in the walks of business or private life. 
May we all have as pleasant a memory!" He had four chil- 

3262— HENRY ALBYN STEARNS, b., Jan. 28, 1863, 
at Providence, R. I. 

3263— WAYLAND DIKE STEARNS, b., Sept. 13, 1865, 
at Brooklyn, N. Y. * 

3264— EDITH HELEN STEARNS, b., July 2, 1869, at 
Brooklyn, N. Y.; d., Apr. 13, 1893, at Detroit^ Mich. 

3265— ALBYN DIKE STEARNS, b., Oct. 7, 1870, at 
Nanuet-on-the-Hudson, N. Y. 

3266— FREDERICK STEARNS (1597), b., Apr. 8, 
1 83 1, son of Samuel and Philena (Chapin) Stearns, of Lock- 
port, N. Y.; md., Aug. 15, 1853, at Mendon, N. Y., Eliza H. 
Kimball, b., Apr. 18, 1833, at Sardinia, N. Y. "Frederick 
Stearns commenced his novitiate as a pharmaceutist in Buf- 
falo, N. Y., about 1845, from which he rose to be a mem- 
ber of the most prominent drug house in Buffalo. Tn 1855, 
he decided on removing to Detroit, and in connection with 
L. E. Higby, opened a retail drug store on Jefferson ave. 
Mr. Stearns finally purchased the interest of Mr. Higby, and 

Frederick Stearns. 

Frederick K. Stearns. 


in addition to the retail business began the manufacture of 
pharmaceutical preparations, both official and non-official. 
In 1871, his establishment was twice destroyed by fire, the 
second time resulting- in serious loss; the business was estab- 
lished a third time, and from a beginning, where the entire 
working force consisted of himself and one girl helper, it 
has grown until the present laboratory covers twenty-four 
acres of floor space and affords employment to over 500 per- 
sons. In 1887, after forty years of active life, Mr. Stearns 
retired from the management of the business, leaving it in 
the hands of his sons, Frederick K. and Wm. I. L. Since 
his retirement he has devoted his leisure to extended travels 
in many parts of the world. His public spirited generosity 
is shown by his gifts of a large collection of musical instru- 
ments to the University of Michigan, and the Oriental 
Ethnological Collection to the Detroit Museum of Art, in 
recognition of which he was precented with an elegant 
bronze medal by the Museum in June, 1896. He had four 

1854, at Buffalo, N. Y.; md., Oct. 16, 1878, at Detroit, Mich., 
Helen E. Sweet, b., July 12, 1859, at Buffalo, N. Y. Mr. 
Stearns is Pres. and Gen. Manager of the firm of F. Stearns 
& Co. He received his early education in Patterson's School 
at Detroit, and later entered the University of Michigan in 
the class of 1877. He later entered the firm of Frederick 
Stearns & Co., in the capacity of secretary and treasurer, and 
on the retirement of his father, in 1887, succeeded him as 
Pres. of the Company. During the twenty-five years in 
which Mr. Stearns has been actively connected with this 
establishment, he has done much toward placing his firm 
among the leading houses, of its kind, in the world. He is 
public spirited, and a liberal giver to all charities; an athlete, 
prominent in college games while fitting himself for the re- 
sponsibilities of an important commercial position. He is in 
active sympathy with the world of Art and Music, and has 
the happy faculty of drawing good men about him as busi- 
ness associates and enjoying their highest respect and loyal 
support. He has four children. 



3269— FREDERICK SWEET STEARNS, b., July 12, 

3270— MARJORY STEARNS, b., Sept. 3, 1893. 
3271— NORMAN STEARNS, b., Oct. 6, 1857; d., Oct. 
13, 1857. 

3272— HENRY STEARNS, b., Aug. 20, i860; d., Oct. 
6, i860. 

May 5, 1865, at Cleveland, O.; md., Mar. 25, 1891, Grace 
Louise Yeats, dau. of Robert T. and Susanna M. Yeats, for- 
merly of Richmond, near London; three children. 

1892, at Detroit, Mich. 

3275— WILLIAM YEATS STEARNS, b., May i, 1895, 
in Detroit, Mich. 

3276— GRACE ESTELLE STEARNS, b., Jan. 15, 1899, 
in Detroit, Mich. 

3277— DEA. STEPHEN STEARNS 3d. (1606), b., Aug. 
24, 1 78 1, son of Stephen Jr. and Mary (Robbins) Stearns, of 
West Cambridge, Mass.; a chair-maker, of Worcester, Mass., 
where he md. (i), Sept. 8, 1806, Martha Stratton, dau. of 
Dea. Samuel Stratton, of Princeton, Mass. About 1812, 
they removed to Shrewsbury, Mass., where his wife, Martha, 
d.. Sept. 30, 1837; md. (2), 1839, Mrs. Mary (Garland) 
Holmes. He d., Aug. 15, 1849, of a very distressing cal- 
culous affection; was a Deacon of the Baptist Church, and 
much esteemed for his exemplary, consistent, Christian 
character; six children. 

3278— ELVIRA STEARNS, b., July 29, 1807; md. Philip 
Crosby, a harness-maker, of Skaneateles, N. Y. 

3279— MARY ANN STEARNS, b., Dec. 31, 1808; md. 
Charles Newton, a farmer, of Shrewsbury, Mass. 

3280— MARTHA STEARNS, b., Mar. 22, 1810; md. 
Fenner Sayer, of Peoria, 111. 


3281— ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., Nov. 21, 1812; md., 
Oct. 20, 1835, Asa D. Whittemore, a housewright, of Wor- 
cester, Mass. 

3282— STEPHEN STEARNS, b., Nov. 4, 1814; d., Sept. 
8, 1821. 

3283— SOPHILA STEARNS, b., June 22, 1824; md. Col- 
lins Goodyear, a farmer, of Geneva, N. Y. 

3284— ISAAC STEARNS (1608), b., Oct. 11, 1784, son 
of Daniel and Elizabeth (Knowlton) Stearns, of Bolton, 
Mass.; md. (i), 1804, Lucinda Rice, who died, and he md. 
(2). — He d., Apr. 12, 1858; eight children. 

3285— ALMERIN STEARNS, b., Oct. 27, 1805. 

3286— GEORGE N. STEARNS, b., June 12, 1807. 

3287— ADALINE STEARNS, b., Nov. 9, 1810. 

3288— EDMUND STEARNS, b., Apr. 28, 1812. 

3289— LUCINDA STEARNS, b., Apr. 7, 1814. 
By second wife. 

3290— RANSOM S. STEARNS, b., Apr. 9, 1817. 

3291— PHOEBE E. STEARNS, b., Aug. 30, 1819; d.,, 
Jan. 18, 1852. 

3292— CHARLES W. STEARNS, b., 1821; d., Sept.,. 

3293— DANIEL STEARNS JR. (161 1), b., Nov. 12, 
1789, son of Daniel and Elizabeth (Knowlton) Stearns, of 
Bolton, Mass.; md., Feb. 14, 181 1, Mary Benson; d., Mar. 20, 
1872; four children. 

3294— DANIEL R. STEARNS, b., Mar. 25, 1812. 

3295— SARAH A. STEARNS, b., Oct. 11, 1813; md.. 
Mar. 5, 1830, Rensselaer Smith. 

3296— RHODA M. STEARNS, b., July 25, 1815; md., 
Sept. 15, 1835, Marshall Woodward. 

3297— CHARLES W. STEARNS, b.. Mar. i, 1822; md., 
June 12, 1842, Olive Crandall. 


3298— CHARLES STEARNS (1615), b., July 17, 1800, 
son of Daniel and Elizabeth (Knowlton) Stearns, of Dum- 
merston, Vt.; md., July 2, 1829, Almira Bancroft, b., June 13, 
1807, dau. of John and Elizabeth (Coburn) Bancroft, of 
Rindge, N. H. They lived in New Ipswich and in Lowell, 
where he was, for many years, an overseer, and, later, a 
cardgrinder in the cotton factories; one son. 

3299— CHARLES WILLARD STEARNS, b., June 22, 

1830; md., Oct. 27, 1850, Sarah Jane Stearns ( ), dau. 

of Joseph and Lucy ( ) Stearns, of Boston, Mass. 

They lived in Philadelphia, Pa., Middletown, Ct., and in 
Boston, Mass.; one son. 

3300— FRANK EDSON STEARNS, b.. Mar. 29, 1857. 

3301— SAMUEL STEARNS (1617), b., Aug. 27, 1802, 
son of Daniel and Elizabeth (Knowlton) Stearns, of Dum- 
merston, Vt.; in 1809, removed, with his father's family, to 
Brattleboro, Vt. About 1824, he went to Jafifrey, N. H., 
where he was in the emploj- of Col. Oliver Prescott, until 
his marriage. He md. (i). Mar. 4, 1830, Mary Fitch Moore, 
b., Apr. 20, 1807, dau. of William and Mary fFitch) Moore, 
of Sharon, N. H.; she d., Aug. 28, 1849, and he md. (2^. Sept. 
26, 1850, Almira Hall, b., Oct. 30, 1803, dau. of John and 
Betsy (Bennett) Hall of Ashburnham, Mass. He d., Apr. 
6, 1871, in Rindge, N. H., and his wid. d., 1877, in New 
Ipswich. "Samuel Stearns was selectman for eight years, 
Town Clerk by appointment to fill vacancy caused by death 
of Thomas Ingalls, in 1863; Representative in 1850, and '51, 
and often appointed on committees. He was a member of 
the Cono-regational church in Rindge, from 1842 until his 
death and, for many years, one of the Standing Committee." 
He had seven children. 

3302— MARY ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., June 26, 
1831; d., Aug. 24, 1832. 

3303— MARY ELIZABETH STEARNS, b.. Aug. 18, 
1832; a successful teacher; md., Dec. 29, 1861, James Van 
Derveer, Esq., son of Peter and Ann (Boylan) Van Derveer, 
of Somerset Co., N. J. He was a merchant of 
Chester, N. J. Assessor of Internal Revenue, and, 

Ezra S. Stearns. 


1870 to 1873, High Sheriff of Morris Co., N. J. He was 
liberally educated, a man of great merit and ability, who d., 
1885; one daughter. 

(a) — ^Julia Louise Van Derveer, b., Feb. 6, 1866. 

3304— SAMUEL AUGUSTUS STEARNS, b., Oct. 14, 
1834; d., Sept. 4, 1837. 

3305— ALMIRA STEARNS, b., Sept. 18, 1836; d., Sept. 
14, 1837. 

3306— EZRA SCOLLAY STEARNS, b., Sept. i, 1838, in 
Rindge, N. H.; "has always resided there, being educated in 
the pubUc schools, by private tutors, and, in Chester, N. J., 
where he studied and taught at the same time. For several 
years he was manager and editor of a newspaper at Fitch- 
burg, Mass., and, before that, was connected with publishing 
houses in Boston, New York and Philadelphia. In 1876, 
he pubhshed a History of Rindge, N. H., following it in 
1877, with a History of Ashburnham, Mass., both works of 
great value for historical accuracy and literary skill. Mr. 
Ezra Stearns has always been actively, ardently and prom- 
inently a Repubhcan, representing Rindge for five years in 
the Legislature; served in the State Senate in 1887 and 1889, 
and was holding a seat as representative when he was elected 
Secretary of State, in 1891; has been Moderator in Rindge, 
for more than twenty years. In the legislature Mr. Stearns 
could not fail to take an active part, as, in debate, he was 
keen, incisive, ready, with a wealth of satire that was both 
dreaded and admired. His committee assignments were al- 
ways laborious, and therefore important, but he shirked 
none, winning credit in the committee-room, equal to that 
attained upon the floor. Among the duties of Mr. Stearns's 
first term as Secretary of State was the inauguration of the 
Australian ballot system, an arduous task, and its comple- 
tion without an error was a rare tribute to the Secretary's 
methodical and careful conduct of the office. He is a well- 
read, scholarly man, and the degree of A. M., which he re- 
ceived from Dartmouth Coll.. 1887, was a merited tribute to 
a studious gentleman of culture, who assumes nothing that 
is not won, and who concedes nothing that is not due." 


Mr. Stearns is a member and Vice-President of the New 
England Genealogical-Historic Society; member of N. H. 
Hist. Association, and American Antiquarian Society; an 
Honorary Member of Minn, and New Jersey State Historical 
Societies and of the Fitchburg Hist. Soc. He was re-elected 
Sec. of State, for a term of two years, in Jan., 1899, and re- 
signed the office in Mar., 1899. He has never married and 
resides in Rindge, N. H., engaged in literary pursuits. 

3307— SAMUEL HENRY STEARNS, b., July 27, 1840, 
in Rindge, N. H.; served in the Civil War, from Sept. 5, 
1861, to Sept. 10, 1864. He was engaged in mining in Col- 
orado and New Mexico, for nearly twenty years, and in gen- 
eral business in New Mexico until 1892, when he returne9 
to his native state, and, in 1893, was Deputy Sec. of State, 
at Concord, N. H. Like his brother, Ezra S., he has never 

3308— GEORGE STEARNS, b., Aug. 16, 1842; in 1862, 
he enHsted in Co. I, 9th N. H. Vols.; was at South Moun- 
tain and Antietam; d., Dec. 24, 1862, in hospital at Philadel- 
phia, Pa., and was buried at Rindge, N. H. 

3309— AMOS STEARNS (1628), b., 1801, son of Na- 
thaniel Jr. and Mary (Turner) Stearns, of Medfield, Mass.; 
md., 1823, Chloe Cleaveland, dau. of Zimri and Eunice 
(Clark) Cleaveland, of Medfield. They moved to Worces- 
ter, Mass., where she d., 1876, and he d., 1887; nine chil- 

3310— WILLARD C. STEARNS, b., 1826; d., 1850, in 
Clinton, Mass. 

331 1— CORDELIA STEARNS, b. and d., 1828. 

3312— CHLOE ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., 1831, in 
Worcester, Mass., where she d., 1889. She md. James Whit- 
more, and had five children. 

(a) — Mary Stearns Whitmore, b., 1850; d., 1853. 

(b)— Willard S. Whitmore, b., 1852. 

(c) — Mary E. Whitmore, b., 1856. 

(d) — George E. Whitmore, b., 1862. 

(e) — Sarah Whitmore, b., 1866. 


3313— AMOS E. STEARNS (4925), b., 1833. 

3314— JAMES ALFRED STEARNS, b., 1835; d., 1894. 

3315— HARRIET W. STEARNS, b., 1837; d. young. 



3318— PARKMAN HOLT STEARNS, b, Apr. 19, 1845. 

3319— EPHRAIM STEARNS (1641), b., July 19, 1799, 
son of Samuel and Lydia (Clement) Stearns, of Athol, Mass.; 
md., Feb. 11, 1824, Lucy Willard, b., July 4, 1802, who d., 
1873, 3-t Madison, Ind., dau. of Silas and Molly (Jones) Wil- 
lard, of Ashburnham, Mass. Previous to his removal to 
Rindge, N. H. in 1844, he had lived in Montague, Mass. (of 
which place he was selectman), in Templeton, Mass., and in 
Ashburnham, Mass. In 1850, he removed to Winchenden, 
Mass., and from there to Rutland, Vt., where he d., May 
22, 1868; ten children. 

3320— EPHRAIM LINCOLN STEARNS (4934), b., 
Feb. 23, 1825, in Montague, Mass. 

3321— SAMUEL CLINTON STEARNS (4936), b., Apr. 
II, 1827. 

3322— LUCY JANE STEARNS, b., Jan. 10, 1830; d., 
Aug. 4, 1852, in Winchenden, Mass. 

3323— HENRY AUGUSTUS STEARNS (4943), b., 
Sept. 24, 1832. 


3324— HELEN AUGUSTA STEARNS, b., Sept. 24, 

Helen Augusta Stearns, md., Sept. 30, 1852, in Bellows 
Falls. Vt., Horatio G. Litchfield, of Rutland, Vt., a Master 
Mechanic, Supt. of Motive Power and Gen. Manager of 
Rutland and Burlington R. R. He d., Jan. 11, 1864, at Rut- 
land, Vt.; three children. 


(a) — Frank Barker Litchfield, b., Oct. 22, 1853, at Rut- 
land, Vt. 

(b) — Fred Gates Litchfield, b., Sept. 30, 1859, at Rut- 
land, Vt.; md., 1880, Cora M. Crandall, and had 
four children. 

(c) — Rena Bigelow Litchfield, b., Oct. 5, 1863, In Rut- 
land, Vt. 

3325— HERMAN DWIGHT STEARNS (4948), b., Jan. 
9, 1836. 

3326— ALBERT CLEMENT STEARNS (49^4), b., 
Aug. 23, 1840. 

3327— MARY ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., Apr. 3, 
i843;d., Apr. 8, 1843. 

3328— JAMES WILLARD STEARNS, b.. May 3i, 
1844; d., Jan. 23, 1845. 

3329— CLARENCE OSCAR STEARNS, b., Apr. 23, 
1847; d., Jan. 21, 1849. 

333C^GEORGE MASON STEARNS (1646), b., Nov. 
12, 1812, son of Samuel and Lydia (Clement) Stearns, of 
Athol^ Mass.; md., Oct. 15, 1843, by Rev. Stephen B. Smith, 
at Buffalo, N. Y., Polly J. Johnson, b., Mar. 28, 1823, at 
Hamburg, N. Y., who d., Dec. 21, 1890, at McConnellsville, 
N. Y., and was buried at Camden Centre, N. Y., in her son's 
burial lot; six children. Mr. Stearns d., 1899, at Albany, 
N. Y. 

3331— GEORGE A. STEARNS (4959), b., Jan. 14, 1846, 
at Gardner, Mass. 

3332— WILLIAM H. STEARNS (4966), b., May 15, 
1848, at Fitchburg, Mass. 

3333— SARAH JANE STEARNS, b., Nov. 8, 1850, at 
Fitchburg, Mass.; md., June 26, 1872, Anson Ruggles, b., 
Aug. 17, 1847, at Hardwick, Mass., a grocer and oil dealer, 
of West Troy, N. Y.; one son. 

(a) — Charles Anson Ruggles, b., July 17, 1880. 

3334— CHARLES HOYT STEARNS (4972), b., Jan. 20, 
1853, i^ Ashburnham, Mass. 


3335— ALBERT MASON STEARNS, b., May i6, 1855, 
in Ashburnham, Mass.; md., Dec. 26, 1890, Bessie A. Brock- 
way, of West Vienna, N. Y. He was a furniture finisher, of 
Oswego Co., N. Y. ; two children. 

3336— ADDISON MASON STEARNS, b., Mar. 5, 

3337— NJNA MAY STEARNS, b., May 18, 1897. 

3338— MARY LYDIA STEARNS, b., Oct. 27, 7860, in 
Ashburnham, Mass.; md., Dec. 28, 1881, Edward Morgan 
Haswell, b., Jan. 16, 1861, at West Troy, N. Y., a travehng 
salesman for an Albany drug firm; one son. 

(a) — Edward Stearns Haswell, b., Apr. 7, 1886. 

3339— JAMES CLEMENT STEARNS (1648), b., July 
10, 18 1 7, son of Samuel and Lydia (Clement) Stearns, of 
Athol, Mass.; md., Apr, 16, 1839, Mary Partridge,, of Gard- 
ner, Mass., who was born, Dec. 12, 1819, and d., Dec. 29, 
1876. They settled in Sublette, 111. 

1842, at Gardner, Mass.; md., July 29, 1876, Warren Clark, 
b., Feb. 22, 1825, in Medfield, Mass., who d., June 3, 1890. 
She was his second wife; two daughters. 

(a) — Mary Cynthia Clark, b., June 15, 1877, in Sub- 
lette, 111. 

(b) — Lina Stearns Clark, b., Dec. 14, 1878, in Sub- 
lette, 111. 

3341— JAMES BARDWELL STEARNS, b.. Mar. 2, 
1846; d.. Mar. 10, 1869, at Sublette, 111. 

3342— GEORGE STEARNS (1651), b., June 17, 1817, 
son of Joel and Lucy (Carter) Stearns, of Petersham, Mass.; 
settled in Baltimore, Md., where he d., Jan. 13, 1896. He 
md. (i). May 9, 1843, Elmira Larrabee, of Baltimore, Md., 
by whom he had five children; md. (2), June 28, 1866, Fran- 
ces Merryman, of Baltimore, by whom he had four chil- 
dren. His children are residents of Baltimore, Md. 



1847; md., July 4, 1885, Katie Eckenwalter, of Newbern, N. 
C. ; three children. 

3344— DANIEL OLIVER STEARNS, b., Feb. 7, 1887; 
d., July 8, 1887. 

3345— LEO EVERETT STEARNS, b., Apr. 29, 1888. 

3346— MARY WHEELER STEARNS, b., Nov. 24, 

3347— GEORGE HENRY STEARNS, b., Nov. 24, 1848. 

3348— ALBERT CARTER STEARNS, b., June 21, 1851; 
very modestly gives no record of himself, but states the fol- 
lowing: "Of our immediate family, none ever readied any 
great degree of prominence, being but steady plodders, try- 
ing to lead correct Hves, with possibly a failure here and 

'Each morning sees some task begun, 

Each evening sees its close.' " 

3349— MARY WHEELER STEARNS, b., Dec. 4, 1854- 
md., Feb. 16, 1881, Theodoric Smith, of Hagerstown, Md.; 
one daughter. 

(a) — Helen Smith, b.. Mar. 23, 1885. 

3350— WARREN EVERETT STEARNS, b., Aug. i, 
1857; md., Aug. 31, 1880, Amanda J. Hubbard, of Balti- 
more, Md. 

3351— HOWARD W. STEARNS, b., June 7. 1881. 

3352— MABEL E. STEARNS, b., Apr. 20, 1884. 

3353— LAWRENCE T. STEARNS, b., Sept. 15, 1886. 

9, 1868; of Allentown, Pa. 

3355— LUCY CARTER STEARNS, b., Feb. 24, 1870. 

3356— HOWARD COLFAX STEARNS, b., Apr. 10, 
1872; md., Apr. 20. 1892, Lillie M. Cadwallader, of Balti- 
more, Md.; one child. 

3357— BABY, b., Feb. 6, 1893. 


3358— ARTHUR BENJAMIN STEARNS, b., July 28, 

3359— JAMES STEARNS JR. (1655), b., Mar. 4, 1804, 
son of Capt. James and Sarah (Chase) Stearns, of Windham, 
Vt; md., Feb. 24, 1831, Achsah Burnap, b., Mar. 5, 1805, 
who d., Apr. 13, 1872, dau. of John Burnap, of Windham. 
They had six children; he d., July 13, 1890. 

3360— LAURA ANNE STEARNS, b.^ June 16, 1832; 
md.. Mar. 13, 1851, Theodore Cyrus Rand, b.. Mar. 25, 1826; 
five children. 

(a) — Frank Theodore Rand, b.. May 28, 1852, in Wards- 
boro, Vt.; md.. Mar. 11, 1874, Amanda Lucv Far- 
nan, b., Mar. 22, 1849; four children. 

(b) — Fred Clark Rand, b., May 31, 1854, in Windham, 
Vt. ; md., Nov. 26, 1877, Emma Lemira Goddard, 
b., Nov. 26, 1856; one son. 

(c) — Daughter, b., Mar. 2y, 1856; lived only a few 

(d) — James Denzel Rand, b., July 27, 1857; d., Aug. 4, 
i860, in Windham, Vt. 

(e) — William Edson Rand, b., Nov. 4, 1859; md., Apr. 
25, 1888, Minnie Laura Chambers, b., July 14, 
1868; three children. 

3361-^DAVID CLARK STEARNS (4976), b., Dec. 28, 

3362— EMMA S. STEARNS, b., Sept. 12, 1838; md., 
Dec. 9, 1867, ; d., Aug. 28, 1887. 

3363— ACHSAH E. STEARNS, b., July 4, 1840; d., Sept. 
25, 1841. 

3364— ^ACHSAH E. STEARNS, b., June 18, 1844; d., 
July 20, 1847. 

3365— HENRY A. STEARNS, b., Nov. 20, 1847; md., 
May 8, 1876, Anne Dartt, b., Jan. 14, 1840; two sons. 

3366— JAMES H. STEARNS, b., Aug. 31, 1879. 

3367— DAVID W. STEARNS, b., Sept. 4, 1882. 


3368— CLARK STEARNS (1656), b., Sept. 8, 1806, son 
of Capt. James and Sarah (Chase) Stearns, of Windham, Vt. ; 
md., May 10, 1838, Lucretia Emery; represented the town 
of Windham for two years in the legislature; d., Nov. 4, 
1884; four children. 

3369— ADELBERT J. STEARNS, of Windham, Vt. 




3373— HON. CLARK STEARNS (1164), b., Aug. 20, 
1813, son of Dea. Ebenezer and Hannah (Hastings) Stearns, 
of Warwick, Mass.; Representative of Warwick in State 
Legislature, 1850; md. (i), Dec. 5, 1839, Mary Adams, who 
d., Mar. 3, 1854, at their home in Warwick, Mass.; md. (2), 
Feb., 1863, Dorothy B. Channell, who d., Dec. 13, 1880, aged 
seventy years. Mr. Stearns d., Oct. 29, 1888; two sons. 

3374— SAMUEL ADAMS STEARNS, b., Feb. 15, 1841; 
md., Apr. 29, 1884, Mary G. Healey, and settled in Orange, 
Mass.; no children. 

3375— DAVID CLARK STEARNS (4978), b., Sept. 5, 

3376— MOSES LEONARD STEARNS (1674), b., Feb. 
25, 1817, son of Clark and Hannah (Leonard) Stearns, of 
Rouse's Point, N. Y. ; md. (i), May 5, 1855, at Champlain, N. 
Y., by Rev. C. E. Gilbert, Lydia Tennant Allen, of Ellen- 
burg, N. Y., b., Oct. 16, 1828, who was the mother of one 
child, and d., Aug. 25, i860; md. (2), Oct. 24, 1861, by Rev. 
Mr. Loveland, Caroline Thompson, of Granville, N. Y., b., 
Dec. 2, 1827. Mr. M. L. Stearns was educated at Troy Con- 
ference Academy, Poultney, Vt. ; taught school winters from 
1837 to 1850; since then, has been a farmer, of Rouse's 
Point, N. Y.; three children. 

3377— JAMES BRAINARD STEARNS, b., Sept. 15, 
1858; a lawyer, of Rouse's Point, N. Y. ; unm. 

3378— CLARK LEONARD STEARNS, b.. Mar. 5, 1867; 
a farmer, of Rouse's Point, N. Y. 

Charles C. Stearns. 


14, 1869; a farmer, of Rouse's Point, N. Y.; md., Feb. 17, 
1897, Cornelia Corbin, b., Apr. 22, 1872, at Corbin, P. Q. 

Nov. 15, 181 5, son of Calvin and Statira (Richardson) 
Stearns, of Northfield, Mass.; d., Jan. 8, 1859. He md., July 
9, 1845, Charity Bush Richardson, b., 1823, who d., Oct. 2, 
1859, dau. of George P. Richardson, Esq., of Duxbury, 
Mass.; one son. 

338i_GEORGE HEPBURN STEARNS, b., July 20, 
1853; md., Oct. 20, 1874, Cora Lee Ellis, of Duxbury, Mass., 
where they settled; three children. 

3382— GUY ATHERTON STEARNS, b., Aug. g, 1882, 
m San Francisco, Cal. 

3383— RAY ARCHER STEARNS, b., Mar. 3, 1884, in 
Duxbury, Mass. 

13, 1887, in Duxbury, Mass. 

Nov. 22, 181 7, son of Calvin and Statira (Richardson) 
Stearns, of Northfield, Mass.; a carpenter, of Northfield, 
where he d.. Mar. 26, 1896. He md., July 16, 1861, Mrs. 
Sophia B. Spafford, b., June i, 1830, who d., Feb. 11, 1901; 
two children. 

3386— CHARLES CALVIN STEARNS, b., Nov. i, 
1862; md., Feb. 23, 1898, Lucy V. Alexander. Mr. Stearns 
has been a most efficient, indefatigable assistant in compil- 
ing these memoirs, ever prompt and courteous in responding 
to the many calls made upon him for information. 

3387— FRED GILBERT STEARNS, b., Apr. 7, 1867; d., 
Mar. 20, 1896; unm. 

3388— MARSHALL SPRING STEARNS (1684), b., 
Nov. 25, 1824. son of Calvin and Statira (Richardson) 
Stearns, of Northfield, Mass.; a tanner and currier; md., 
Dec. 21, 1861, Lula L. Hilliard, who d., Feb. 13, 1876. In 
the Civil War he was Sec. Lieut, of Co. F., 52d. Regt., Mass. 


Vols., enlisting Oct. ii, 1862, and was discharged, at Green- 
field, Mass., Aug. 14, 1863; three children. 

3389— KATE LANE STEARNS, b., Aug. 25, 1862; md., 
Jan. I, 1884, James Lincoln Hammond; two children, 
(a) — Bessie Lincoln Hammond, b., July 28, 1887. 
(b) — Murray Marshall Hammond, b., July 19, 1890. 
3390— LIZZIE EUNICE STEARNS, b., Apr. 26, 1864; 
md., Apr. 16, 1890, Fred C. Jackson; one daughter, 
(a) — Ethel Frances Jackson, b., Aug. 14, 1893. 

3391— ROSE MOORE STEARNS, b., Oct. 16, 1866. 
The 52d. Regt., Mass. Vols, adopted her as the "Daughter of 
the Regiment," and she was named after its chaplain. Rev. 
John F. Moore, afterward of Greenfield, Mass. 

3392— ALBERT DINSMORE STEARNS (1685), b., 
Jan. 24, 1826, son of Calvin and Statira (Richardson) Stearns, 
of Northfield, Mass.; a carpenter, of Northfield. He md. (i), 
1853, Delia Priest, b., 1829, who d., Mar. 25, 1854, leaving a 
young daughter; md. (2), 1858, S. Minerva Priest, by whom 
he had two children. 

3393— DELIA MINERVA STEARNS, b., Mar. 7, 1854; 
md., Apr. 29, 1879, Samuel K. Sawyer; d., Aug. 7, 1889. 

3394— MARY PRIEST STEARNS, b., Sept. 15, 185^, 
md., Oct. 22, 1885, Waldo G. Beaman; d., June 12, 1892; two 

(a) — Madeline Beaman, b., July 16, 1886. 
(b) — Helen Louise Beaman, b., Aug. 25, 1890; d., Oct. 
15, 1890. 

3395— GEORGE ALBERT STEARNS, b., July 11, 1862; 
md., Dec. 25, 1884, Lizzie Emma Field, b., Apr. 5, 1864, who 
d., July I, 1898; two children. 

3396— PEARL MINERVA STEARNS, b., Oct. 2, 1886. 

3397— EFFIE DELIA STEARNS, b.. Aug. 9, 1889. 

(1686), b., Mar. 28, 1830, son of Calvin and Statira (Richard- 
son) Stearns, of Northfield, Mass.; md. (i), Jan. 3, 1854, 


Seraphina L. Caswell, who d., Dec. 21, 1868; md. (2), Dec. 
25, 1872, Mrs. Sabrina (Caswell) Barrett, twin sister of his 
first wife. In the Civil War, he enlisted, Oct. 11, 1862, in 
Co. F., 52d. Regt., Mass. Vols., and was discharged, Aug. 
14, 1863, at Greenfield, Mass.; d., June 2, 1879, and his 
widow d., Jan. 22, 1887; three children, 

3399— CHARLES EDWARD STEARNS, b., Nov. 27, 
1855; md., Sept. 9, 1896, Alice M. Long. 

3400— ELLA SERAPHINA STEARNS, b., Nov. 27, 
1855, twin sister of Charles Edward Stearns; md., Apr. 25, 
1882, Rinaldo Babbitt; one daughter. 

(a) — Una Gertrude Babbitt, b., Jan. i, li 

3401— WILLIS MARSHALL STEARNS, b., Sept. 12, 
i860; d., Dec. 18, 1867. 

3402— JONATHAN GALE STEARNS (1691), b., Sept. 
30, 1808, son of John and Sarah (Gale) Stearns, of Warwick, 
Mass.; a cabinet-maker, of Amsterdam, N. Y., where he d., 
Oct. 10, 1835. He md., Oct. 24, 1832, Mary A. Livingston, 
of Amsterdam, N. Y., who, afterwards, became Mrs. H. V. 
B. Easton, of Amsterdam, N. Y. ; one son. 

3403— CHARLES EDWARD STEARNS ''4982), b., Oct. 
7, 1833; d., Apr. 6, 1885. 

3404— NATHANIEL STEARNS (1694), b., July 25, 
1816, son of John and Sarah (Gale) Stearns, of Warwick, 
Mass.; md. (i). May 24, 1838, Clarissa Arm Horton, of Hins- 
dale, N. H., b., Mar. 29, 181 7, who d., Aug. 23, 1846. He 
md. (2), June 16, 1847, Rhoda Maria Davis, b., Apr. 14, 
1823, who d., Feb. 12, 1884. Mr. Stearns d., Jan. 8, 1882; 
three children. 

3405— LUCRETIA ANN STEARNS, b., Feb. 25, 1841, 
in Hinsdale, N. H.; md., Jan. i, 1861, Thomas Eugene 
Templeman; two children. 

(a) — Lucius Eugene Templeman, b., June 15, 1863; 
md., Dec. 24, 1885, Lydia Croto, and had a dau., 
Daisy Rena Templeman, b., Dec. 27, i88q. 

(b) — Hattie Maria Templeman, b., Aug. 2, 1865; md., 


Oct. 25, 1882, Edward T. Dwight, and had a son, 
Thomas Eugene Dwight, b., Oct. 12, 1889. 

3406— LUCIUS LEROY STEARNS, b., Sept. 29, 1845, 
in Brattleboro, Vt.; md. (i), Feb. 27, 1864, Viola Willard, b., 
Dec. 22, 1842, who d., Jan. 20, 1877, the mother of one 
daughter. He md. (2), June 2y, 1878, Carrie E. Willard, of 
Winchester, N. H., b., Sept. 5, 1856; eight children. 

3407— NELLIE MAY STEARNS, b., Apr. 21, 1865; d., 
Aug. 6, 1866. 

3408— MARY ISABELLA STEARNS, b., Sept. 12, 

3409— CLARA MABEL STEARNS, b., Nov. 28, 1882. 

3410— SARAH IDE STEARNS, b., Aug. 9, 1884. 

341 1— GEORGE NATHANIEL STEARNS, b., Jan. 23, 
1886; d., July 23, 1886. 

3412— PHOEBE MADELINE STEARNS, b., July 30, 

3413— HOLLIS WILLARD STEARNS, b., Sep. 9. 1888; 
d.,^Sept. 26, 1888. 


3415— CLARA MARIA STEARNS, b., Jan. 26, 1850; 
md., Nov. 17, 1868, H. P. Frost, of Winsted, Conn. 

3416— JOHN STEARNS JR. (1695), b., Sept. 25, 1819, 
son of John and Sarah Gale Stearns, of Warwick, Mass. ; md., 
Jan. I, 1844, Mary Caroline Hastings, of Warwick. He was 
a merchant, of Winchester, N. H.; in 1871, settled in New 
Britain, Conn., where he d.. Mar. 31, 1893; seven children. 

3417— CHARLES H. STEARNS, b., Nov. 4. 1844, in 
Brattleboro, Vt.; d., Sept. 6, 1846, and was buried in War- 
wick, Mass. 

3418— MARY SELINA STEARNS, b., Sept. 27, 1847, 
in Winchester, N. H.; md.. Mar. 13, 1867, Elbert A. Clark, 
of Westfield, Mass.; d.. Mar. 25, 1892, in Warwick, Mass., 
and was buried at New Britain, Conn. 


3419— YEATON JOHN STEARNS, b., Aug. 19, 1849, in 
Winchester, N. H.; md., June 17, 1875, Harriett A. Thorn- 
ton, of New Britain, Ct., where they settled; two children. 

1878; d., Dec. 2, 1883. 

3421— HOWARD YEATON STEARNS, b., Dec. 12, 

3422— SAMUEL HASTINGS STEARNS, b., Dec. 14, 
1851; md., Feb. 3, 1874, Florence H. Jackson, of New'Brit- 
ain, Ct. ; two children. 

3423— GEORGE FRANK STEARNS, b., Aug. 24, 

3424— EVA FLORENCE STEARNS, b., Oct. 30, 1881. 

3425— WILLIE GIFFORD STEARNS, b., Apr. 19, 
1853, in Westport, Mass., where he d., June 3, 1855. 

26, 1857, in Brattleboro, Vt.; md., June 16, 1886, NeUie E. 
Johnson^ of New Britain, Conn. 

1861, in Warwick, Mass.; md., Apr. 18, 1883, WilHam V. 
Andres, of New Britain, Conn. 

(a) — Roland William Andres, b., Mar. 11, 1886. 

(b) — LilHan Hastings Andres, b., Sept. 10, 1889. 

(c) — Frederick Harland Andres, b., Sept. 17, 1892. 

Jan. II, 1826, son of Samuel Spring and Olive (Ball) Stearns, 
of Northfield, Mass.; md., Nov. 23, 1853, Mary E. Curtis, of 
Ashuelot, N. H.; four children; d., Jan. 30, 1892. 

342Q— CHARLES CURTIS STEARNS, b., Mar. 4, 1855; 
md., Sept. 20, 1877, Helen Foster, of Keene, N. H.; settled 
in Marshaltown, la. ; two children. 

3430— OLIVER FOSTER STEARNS, b., Oct. 18, 1878. 

3431— MARY L. STEARNS, b., June 20, 1882. 

3432— MARY V. STEARNS, b., June i, 1859; d.. May 
6, i860. 


3433— EDMUND G. STEARNS, b., Mar. i6, 1862; d., 
Mar. I, 1863. 

3434— FRANK FOSTER STEARNS, b., Mar. 4, 1864; 
md., Jan. 29, 1890, Mary A. Drummer. 

Jan. 5, 1828, son of Samuel Spring and Olive (Ball) Stearns, 
of Northfield, Mass.; md., Sept. 26, 1850, Lorinda Butter- 
field Pierce, b., June 11, 1827, who d., Sept. 5, 1890. He 
was Deputy Sheriff ,in Rutland Co., Vt., for a great many 
years; had five children; d., Oct. 16, 1900, 

3436— ALVA PIERCE STEARNS, b., Nov. 27, 1853; d., 
July II, 1874. 

Mar. 22, 1857; md., Dec. 27, 1882, Jessie Sybil Bacon, b., 
Apr. 27, 1857; a practicing physician, of Rutland, Vt. ; one 

10, 1884. 

1863; d., May 25, 1866. 

3440— LILLIAN ALEXINE STEARNS, b., Sept. 9. 
1868; d., June 24, 1869. 

3441— JULIET OLIVE STEARNS, b.. May 10, 1870. 

3442— FRANKLIN STEARNS (1718), b.. Mar. 3, 1815, 
son of Col. Sineon and Irene (Newcomb) Stearns, of Win- 
hall, Vt. ; moved to Richmond, Va., in his eighteenth year. 
He md. (i), at Richmond, Va., Emma F. Haley, b.. Sept. 10, 
1818, who d., Nov. 10, 1845, the mother of one child; md. 
(2), in Richmond, Va., Caroline Virginia Willey, who d., 
Dec. 3, 1877, aged 57 years, and the mother of six children, 
Franklin Stearns d., June 10, 1888, in Richmond, Va., leav- 
ing a large estate. The following is an extract from a news- 
paper account of his life: "The short time and little school- 
ing acquired in Madison Co., N. Y., may be counted out of 
his life's history, it was so brief and meagre. He early saw 
the importance of figures, and, by the time he became a man, 

Franklin Stearns. 


was master of arithmetic, self-taught and acquired during 
spare moments. Jrie worked on a railroad in Georgia, as 
overseer, in 1836, and went to work in a quarry, on the 
James River and Kanawha Canal, in the spring of 1837. 
Little did the poor stone-cutter think or hope that he would 
ever be a director of the grand canal he was helping to con- 
struct in such an humble way. He became a contractor on 
the canal, making some money thereby, and, in 1843, en- 
tered mercantile pursuits, in Richmond, Va., engaging in 
rectifying and manufacturing wines and liquors, until, in 
ten years' time, he had secured almost the entire trade of 
Virginia. In the space of twenty-five years, he accumulated 
property enough to be ranked the largest land proprietor in 
the 'Old Dominion.' Mr. Stearns always avoided pubhc life, 
though, if he were an ambitious man and aspired to public 
honors, the highest within the gift of the people of Virginia 
would have been at his command. He was nominated to 
represent Richmond, in the State Constitutional Convention 
of 1867, but declined the honor. In 1868, he was Director 
of the Richmond and York River R. R., of the James River 
and Kanawha Canal, and also of the Chesapeake and Ohio 
R. R., besides being Director of several Richmond banks. 
But the greatest work of his life was his earnest aid to re- 
store the 'Old Dominion' into the sisterhood of states. As 
a recognition of his eminent services on this behalf, the 
members of the General Assembly were anxious to confer 
the U. S. Senatorship, for the long term, on Mr. Steams, 
but he declined the tempting ofifer. He was also offered 
the nomination for Governor of Virginia, but declined it. 

"His greatest pleasure was read and his eyesight be- 
came much impaired thereby. Any A. M. might be proud 
of his fund of general knowledge, and his unbounded hos- 
pitality made him always happy when he had a house full 
of company." 

This article was published some years before his death. 

"The Great Rebellion," written by John M. Botts, of 
Virginia, mentions Mr. Franklin Stearns as follows: 

"I was the first victem of loyalty in the state and Franklin 


Stearns, for his confidence in, his regard for, and his in- 
timacy with me, was the second, and then came the im- 
prisonment of one hundred and fifty others, to whose ranks 
constant additions were made." 

"During the Civil War, Mr. FrankHn Stearns was con- 
fined by the Confederates in his own warehouse, where his 
family was permitted to make him comfortable." 

3443— ZENAS BARNUM STEARNS, b., Nov. 5, 1845, 
and his mother died, five days after. He md., in London, 
Eng., Cicely Collins; d., July 19, 1890, in Richmond, Va.; s. p. 

3444— FRANKLIN STEARNS JR. (4992), b., July 30, 

3445— DANIEL DUNCAN STEARNS, b., June 16, 
1850; d., July 16, 1851. 

3446— ERASTUS WILLEY STEARNS, b.,Mar. 5, 1852; 
md., Oct. 9, 1873, Lina Roe; settled in Orange Co., Va., 
where he d., July 4. 1878; three children. 

1874; d., Aug. 14, 1875. 

1875; d., Oct. 12, 1877. 

3449— ERASTUS WILLEY STEARNS JR., b., July i, 
1877, in Orange Co., Va. 

3450-IRENA LOUISA STEARNS, b., Jan. 27, 1854, 
in Richmond, Va.; md., Feb. 17, 1876, Jeremiah Morton 
Halsey, b., Aug. 10, 1852, of Orange Co., Va. She d., Oct. 
23, 1886, the mother of six children. 

(a) — Infant son, born dead, Oct. 14, 1877. 

(b) — Caroline Virginia Halsey, b., Sept. 24, 1878. 

(c) — Irena Louisa Halsey, b., Mar. 15, 1880. 

(d) — Franklin Stearns Halsey, b., Oct. 29, 1881. 

(e) — Jeremiah Morton Halsey Jr., b., Oct. 20, 1883; d., 

June 14, 1885. 
(f)— Samuel Beach Halsey, b., Sept. 8, 1886; d., Dec. 

12, 1886. 


3451— ALLAN NEWCOMB STEARNS, b., 1855; d, 
Nov. 2, 1857. 

3452— LUTHER DUNCAN STEARNS, b., Apr. i, 1859; 
d.. Mar. 4, i860. 

3453— DANIEL STEARNS (1719), b., Oct. 26, 1816, 
son of Col. Simeon and Irene (Newcomb) Stearns, of Win- 
hall. Vt.; a farmer, of Wayne, Du Page Co., 111.; md. (i), 
Apr. 16, 1848, Jane Dunham, b., Apr. 9, 1827, who d., Aug. 
21, 1852, leaving one son; md. (2), Nov. 24, 1853, Helen 
Dunham, b.. Mar. 29, 1834, sister of his first wife. He had 
three children by second wife, and d., June 26, 1894, at 
Wayne, Du Page Co., 111. 

3454— WILLIAM E. STEARNS, b., Jan. 11, 1850; d., 
Nov. 6, 1893, at Wayne, 111., which was also his birthplace; 

3455— FRANKLIN S. STEARNS, b., Feb. 28, 1855, at 
Wayne, III; md., Feb. 24, 1881, Annis E. Compton, and set- 
tled, a farmer and dairy-man, at Richardson, Kane Co., 111.; 
one child. 

3456— ETHEL E. STEARNS, b., Aug. 7, 1885. 

3457— JENNIE STEARNS, b., May 14, 1858, at Wayne, 
III; md., Aug. 22, 1878, Newton A. Smith, and settled at 
Wayne, 111.; six children. 

(a) — Lisle Smith, b., June 12, 1879. 

(b)— Ella Smith, b., Dec. 17, 1880. 

(c) — Irene Smith, b., Jan. 9, 1882; d.. Mar. 17, 1883. 

(d) — Clayton Smith, b., Oct. 12, 1884. 

(e)— Helen Smith, b., Jan. 8, 1888. 

(f)— Chfiford Smith, b., May 30, 1893. 

3458— ZENAS B. STEARNS, b., July 10, 1862, at 
Wayne, 111.; a farmer, of Wayne, Du Page Co., 111.; unm. 

3459— WILLIAM C. STEARNS (1723). b., Jan. 12, 1825, 
son of Col. Simeon and Irene (Newcomb) Stearns, of Win- 
hall, Vt.; a farmer, of Wayne, Du Page Co., 111., where he d., 
June 29, 1878, leaving a widow and two sons. He md., Apr. 


3, 1850, Mrs. Maria Custine Wilson, who resided, after his 
death, at Richmond, Va.; two children. 

3460— SIMEON STEARNS, b., Sept. 30, 1852; residence, 
Chicago, 111. 

3461— WILLIAM BOLTS STEARNS, b., Dec. i. 1865; 
residence, Chicago, 111. 

3462— JASON DUNCAN STEARNS (1727), b., Aug. 7, 
1814, son of Ebenezer and MeHnda (Harris) Stearns, of 
Hoosic, N. Y.; md. (i), Oct. 3, 1838, Harriett A. Ford, of 
Williamstown, Mass., who d., Jan. 12, 1876; md. (2), x\ug. 
29, 1877, Jane M. Hills; settled in Bennington Centre, Vt.; 
d., Dec. 19, 1884, at Fayetteville, N. Y. ; two children. 

3463— CHARLES HENRY STEARNS (5002), b., Sept. 
18, 1840. 

3464— ALFRED ROBINSON STEARNS, b., Feb. 22, 
1848, in Bennington Centre, Vt. ; was a druggist, of Syra- 
cuse, N. Y.; d., Nov. 3, 1871, at Manlius Centre, N. Y. 

3465_EBENEZER HARRIS STEARNS (1728), b., Apr. 
3, 1816, son of Ebenezer and Melinda (Harris) Steams, of 
Hoosic, Rensselaer Co., N. Y.; a shoerriaker, of Hoosic, N. 
Y., where he d., Aug. 25, 1896. He md., Oct. 2, 1837, 
Wealthy H. Rudd, of Bennington, Vt., who d., Aug. 3, 
1894. "Ebenezer Harris Stearns enlisted in the regular 
army, June, 1839, ^^ a private soldier of Co. D, ist. Artillery, 
Col. Justin Dimmick, Commander. As a faithful soldier, he 
was promoted soon after to the ofifice of Orderly Sergeant. 
Receiving an honorable discharge, he returned to Hoosic, in 
1844, where he remained until his decease in 1896. He was 
an honest and upright man and a life-long adherent of the 
temperance cause:'" He had one son. 

3466— JEROME NELSON STEARNS (5006), b., Aug. 
25, 1853, in Hoosic, N. Y. 

3467— WILLIAM GATES STEARNS (1729), b.. Mar. 
2"/, 1818, son of Ebenezer and Melinda (Harris) Stearns, of 
Hoosic, N. Y.; md. (i), Nov. 7, 1847, at Constantia, N. Y., 
Finette Armstrong, dau. of David and Rebecca (Pool) Arm- 
strong, of Bennington, Vt., a graduate of Troy Female Sem- 

William G. Stearns. 


inary, class of 1843. In 1854 they removed from Constantia 
to Manlius, N. Y., where she d., Oct. 25, 1862, leaving three 
children; he md. (2), Apr. 8, 1863, Lucinda Walrath, dau. of 
Henry and Elizabeth (Anguish) Walrath, of Chittenango, 
K Y.; she d., May 31, 1894. "He is the oldest living de- 
scendant of his grandfather, Capt. William Stearns, for 
whom he was named. In 1862, he purchased a farm near 
Fayetteville, N. Y., where he has since resided. 

"Having always been a farmer, his life has been one of 
quietness, which, with an optimistic temperament, has en- 
abled hrni to pass through the various trials of life with forti- 
tude, and, at the close of a busy, useful Hfe, he is permittea 
the enjoyment of all his faculties. It is a source of satisfac- 
tion to those who consult him in matters with which he is 
familiar that his judgment and advice are seldom equaled. 

"Throughout his life he has maintained that honor and 
industry are the elements which make the most enduring 
capital one can possess. 

"For many years he has taken an active part in the vari- 
ous town and county conventions, being identified with tht 
Republican party since its organization." 

3468-MARY FINETTE STEARNS, b., Aug. 25, i8so 
at Constantia, Oswego Co., N. Y.; a resident of Manllus 
Center, N. Y. 

3469— CARRIE MELINDA STEARNS, b., Apr. 13 
1852, at Constantia, Oswego Co., N. Y.; a resident of Man- 

hus Centre. N. Y. 

3470— WILLIAM GUY STEARNS, b., June 23, 1858, 
at Manhus Centre, N. Y.; d., July 12, 1863, at same place. 

Apr. 22, 1820, son of Ebenezer and Melinda (Harris) Stearns' 
of Hoosic, Rensselaer Co., N. Y.; md., May 15, 1853, Caro- 
line Hortense Armstrong, of Bennington, Vt.; a farmer and 
builder, who later in Hfe, settled in Brooklyn. N. Y.; four 



May 26, 1854, in Cazenovia, N. Y.; md. Ella E. Buchanan, 
and settled in Brooklyn, N. Y., where he d., Jan., 1895. 

3473— WILLIAM GATES STEARNS, b., Aug. 13, 1856, 
in ManHus, N. Y.; md., Oct. 17, 1888, Anna Adelle Darling, 
and settled in Brooklyn, N. Y. ; two children. 

3474— MILDRED AVIS STEARNS, b., July 25, 1889. 

3475— HELEN ADELLE STEARNS, b., June 18, 1895. 

3476— WARD B. STEARNS, b., Aug., 1859; d., Aug., 

3477— JASON FREDERIC STEARNS, b., Aug. 16, 
1861, in Manlius, N. Y.; md., 1890, Grace Sturtevant Foster, 
and settled in Brooklyn, N. Y., where their children were 
born. He was a mining prospector; three children. 

3478— FINETTE CHAPMAN STEARNS, b., Oct. 25, 


3480— JASON WILLIAM STEARNS, b., June 24, 1894. 

3481— JAMES DELAMATER STEARNS (1733), b., 
Apr. 29, 1822, son of Amory and Maria (De La Mater) 
Stearns, of Jamestown, N. Y.; md., Apr, 25, 1849, ^.t Busti, 
N. Y., Emeline Frank, b., 183 1, who d., 1893. They settled 
at Jamestown, N. Y., where he engaged first in farming and 
lumbering, and became proficient in veterinary surgery. He 
served throughout the Civil War, being one of the sharp- 
shooters, and was honorably discharged at its close. After 
his return to Jamestown, he served nine years as Chief of 
Police, when he declined further service and retired to his 
pleasant home, highly respected by all who knew him; d., 
Jan. 13, 1899; three children. 

3482— FRANK W. STEARNS, b., Apr. 25, 1850: md., 
Jan. 20, 1875, Maria Pierce; settled in Jamestown, N. Y., 
where he has had charge of the wholesale department of a 
large store; "a trustworthy young man, much respected;" 
two sons. 

William D. Stearns. 


3483-WILLIAM VOSE STEARNS, b., Nov. 20, 1877- 
rad., Dec. I, 1898, Clyda Ellis. ' ^^' 



Jfx.t:^!^^'^^ "-f STEARNS, b., Aug. 8, 1853, cashier 
and book-keeper; afterwards engaged in Jamestown Post- 

Warrl H:'T'iffan;"P""'" ^'"''^' "'° "^■' ^""^ '4. 1899, 
Fih^^mT^™ °- ST^-'^^NS, b., June 22, i860; d., 

3487_WILLIAM DUNCAN STEARNS (1734), b., 
Nov. 2, 1823, son of Amory and Maria (De La Mater 
Stearns, of Jamestown, N. Y.; md., Aug. 18, 1846, PoHy 
Devereaux. who d., Mar. 30, 1872. They settled on their 
own farm, at Sugar Grove, Pa., and had ten children. 

Fef Tr^s^^"!^^ A. STEARNS, b., Sept. 17, 1847; md., 
±^eb. 22, 1866, Stephen K. Sweef; one son. 

(a) — Fred Sweet, b., Dec. 13, 1867. 

^ 3489— JAMES W. STEARNS, b., Tuly 21 iSzio- md 
Aug. 26, 1879, Anna Way; one child. ^ ^ ' ^^' ^^^ 

3490— SON, b., Dec, 1880. 

3491-EDGAR H. STEARNS, b., Feb. 17, 1852; md 
Aug. 9, 1878, Jane Brown; one dau. ' 

3492-KATIE BELLE STEARNS, b., June 10, 1879 

J%l7^^r^ T. STEARNS, b., July 24, 1854; md., June 
10, 1876, Amory A. Sturdevant; two children 

(a)— Willie E. Sturdevant, b.. Mar. 8, 1878. 

(b)-Rollie Sturdevant, b., Sept. 9, 1879; d., June, 1880. 

22^f8t^^^^^^^'' ^' ^^^^^^^' ^-' ^^y ^^' ^^57; d., Nov. 

18,^86^^'^'''^ ^- ^T^^^^NS, b., Oct. 31, 1859; d., Feb. 

3496-AMORY STEARNS, b., Apr. 17, 1862. 


3497— JOHN JAY STEARNS, b, Apr. 6, 1864. 

3498— CHARLES C. STEARNS, b., Jan. 12, 1867. 

3499— LYNN K. STEARNS, b., July 27, 1869. 

3500- SAMUEL STEARNS 3d. (1740), b., Aug-. 20, 
1800, son of Samuel Jr. and Elizabeth (Brown) Stearns, of 
Lexington, Mass.; md. (i), June 13, 1824, Esther Markham 
Oliver, b., 1803, ^^.u. of Eben Oliver, of Boston. She was 
the mother of four children, and d., July 19, 1832. He md. 
(2), Oct. 10, 1833, Sarah Cook, b.. Mar. 22, 181 1, dau. of 
Judge Augustus Cook, of Middletown, Conn. She was the 
mother of seven children and d., Apr. 8, 1871, of consump- 
tion. We copy the following from the "Hartford Post," of 
Thursday, Aug. 20, 189 1: 

"Samuel Stearns is ninety-one years old today. He was 
born at Waltham, Mass., Aug. 20, 1800, and was in the 
seventh generation of a family which had uniformly given 
its first born boy the name of Samuel. He has followed 
the time-honored custom and has one of the same name to 
succeed him, in family and in business. During the earHer 
years of his active life, he was engaged in house-building in 
the vicinity of Boston. He settled in Middletown, Conn., in 
1826, and went into company with his younger brother, 
Edwin, under the firm name of E. & S. Stearns. After the 
death of his brother Edwin, Sept. 4, 1867, he continued the 
business alone, under the same firm-name for a while, and 
subsequently under the name of S. Stearns & Son, until he 
retired, in 1876, since which time it has been successfully 
carried on by his son, Samuel Stearns Jr. 

"In politics, Mr. Stearns has always been a Democrat, and, 
in church relations, has been an honored member of the Uni- 
versalist Church for more than half a century. For many 
years he has been one of the Directors of the Central Bank 
and has faithfully attended their semi-weekly meetings. 

In 1838, Mr. Stearns bought the south-west corner of 
Broad and Court Sts., which was then only a miry cow- 
pasture, and built the fine house which he has since occu*- 
pied as a family residence, and which is one of the best loca- 
tions in the city. 


During the present summer of 1891, he has visited Boston 
alone, remaining for a week, and nearly every day may be 
seen on the street, cheerful and pleasant, ready to exchange 
kind words with old friends." His ninety-first birthday 
was celebrated at the family home, and as another contem- 
porary remarks: 

"It was worth while to live so long to thus link decades 
for nearly a century. It appears as if the monarch of the 
scythe, while mowing around in younger pastures, looks 
kindly on Samuel Stearns Sr., bidding him carry his head 
erect, and live on, in blessed, youthful, old age. He is none 
of your dyspeptic, yellow-skinned old worthies, walking 
apologies for being out of the cemetery, but is lithe, lively 
and elastic, with excellent memory and entertaining con- 
versation." His death occurred, Mar. 19, 1892; eleven chil- 

3501— SAMUEL STEARNS, b.. Mar. 26, 182=?; d., Apr. 
9, 1826. 

3502— MARY ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., June 9, 
1827; md. Charles Hurlbut; one son. 
(a) — Charles C. Hurlbut. 

3503— ELLEN MARIA STEARNS, b., Aug. 23, 1829; 
d., Dec. 12, 1833. 

3504— HARRIET STEARNS, b., Oct. 12, 1831; d., Oct. 

24, 1831. 

3505— SAMUEL STEARNS, b., Nov. 16, 1834; d., Mar. 

25, 1836. 

3506— SAMUEL STEARNS JR., b., Oct. 31, 1836; md. 
Kate Sullivan. 


3508— HARRIET STEARNS, b.. Mar. 2, 1839; d., 1863. 

3509— AUGUSTUS COOK STEARNS, b., Feb. 23, 
1841; d. 

351a— HENRY OLIVER STEARNS (5012), b., Nov. 2, 


3511— SARAH STEARNS, b., Jan. 2, 1848. ^ ^ . 
3512— ELLEN STEARNS, b., Jan. 2, 1848. ^ 

35i3_COL. EDWIN STEARNS (1742), was one of twin 
brothers, b., May 22, 1804, in Lexington, Mass., children of 
Samuel and Elizabeth (Brown) Stearns, of Middletown, 
Conn. His twin brother, Charles Stearns, died at the age 
of 26, unmarried; Edwin became a merchant and manu- 
facturer of Middletown, Conn. He held various appoint- 
ments from the Governor and Legislature of Conn., such as 
Bank Commissioner, Director of the State Prison, Aide of 
the Governor in 1848, and besides these, has been a Repre- 
sentative of Middletown, a State Senator, and in 1852, was 
State Treasurer. He md., Apr. 17, 1828, Maria Brewer, b., 
June 27, 1809, dau. of Charles Brewer, of Middletown, Conn. 
Mr. Stearns d., Sept. 4, 1867, being at that time in business 
with his brother, Samuel, and known as Col. Edwin Stearns; 
five children. 

3514— WILLIAM EDWIN STEARNS, b., Sept. 13, 
1829; d., Sept. 29, 1829. 

3515— CHARLES EDWIN STEARNS, b., Apr. 19, 
1831; d., July 15, 1853, of consumption. 



3518— MARY JANE STEARNS, b., July 8, 1842; d., 
May 25, 1843. 

35i9_WILLIAM STEARNS JR. (1745), b., Nov. 8, 
1790, son of William and Mary (Stearns) Stearns, of Paris, 
Me.; a farmer, of Paris, Me.; md., June 30, 1817, Joanna 
Porter, b., Aug. 6, 1798, who d., Nov. 6, 1894, in Medford, 
Mass., aged 96 years and 3 mos., dau. of Nehemiah Porter, 
of North Yarmouth, Me. They settled in Paris. Me., where 
he d.. Mar. 20, 1877; eight children. 

3520— WILLIAM PORTER STEARNS (5018), b., Aug, 
20, 1819. 


3521— CHARLES HENRY STEARNS (5025) b, Oct. 
28, 1820. 

3522— JAMES STEARNS (5033), b., Aug. 9, 1823. 

3523— GEORGE FRANCIS STEARNS (5038), b., Sept. 
26, 1825. 

3524— LUCY ANN STEARNS, b., Apr. 12, 1828; md. 
Jacob S. Woodman, of Dorchester, Mass.; settled in Mel- 
rose, Mass., where her mother spent the last years of her 

3525— SYLVANUS PORTER STEARNS (5045), b., 
Mar. 20, 1 83 1. 

3526— LYDIA HERRICK STEARNS, b., June 2, 1835; 
md. (i), 1857, Smith Dudley, b., June 8, 1827, who d., Feb. 
23, 1883; md., (2), J. K. Hammond; four children. 

(a) — Charles Smith Dudley, b., Dec. 10, 1858; md. Car- 
rie Clapp. 
(b) — James Stearns Dudley, b., Feb. 9, 1862. 
(c) — Ella Louisa Dudley, b., Apr. 12, 1865. 
(d) — Emily Gertrude Dudley, b., Aug. 15, 1869. 

3527— MARY SUSAN STEARNS, b., Feb. 11, 1839; md. 
James Howe, and settled in Medford, Mass. 

3528— PHINEHAS STEARNS (1746), b., Nov. 8, 1792, 
son of William and Mary (Stearns) Stearns, of Paris, Me.; 
a farmer, of Paris, Me.; md., Feb. 23, 1825, Sarah Durgin, 
of Farmington, N. H., who d., Jan. 29, 1877. They re- 
sided at Paris, Me., where their children were all born, 
but, later, moved to Snow's Falls, Me., where he d.. Mar. 4, 
1861; eight children. 

1825, "id. Abigail Willis Crawford, and settled in Paris, Me. 
He d.. Mar. 9, 1887, in Woodstock, Me., leaving a widow, 
but no children. 

17, 1827; md., 1867, Mary E. Ackley, of Milton, Mass., b., 
1845, who d., Nov. 23, 1878; settled in Cambridge, Mass., 
where he d., July 22, 1887; one son. 


3531— ALFRED P. STEARNS, b., Jan. 26, 1869; of 
Fitchburg, Mass. 

3532— LEVI DURGIN STEARNS (5057), b., July 30, 

3533— THOMAS E. STEARNS (5064), b., Nov. 26, 

3534— SARAH JANE STEARNS b., Dec. 31, 1833; d., 
Jan. 5, 1863; unm. 

3535— ABIGAIL HELEN STEARNS, b., Dec. 14, 1835; 
d., Sept. 13, 1837. 

3536— EDWIN BENTON STEARNS (5068), b.. Mar. 8, 

3537— MARSHALL NEY STEARNS, (5071), b., July 
26, 1840. 

3538— SAMUEL STEARNS (1748), b., Oct. 26, 1797, 
son of William and Mary (Stearns) Stearns, of Paris, Me.; 
a farmer, of Minot, Me.; md., Jan. i, 182 1, Eliza Greenwood, 
b., Dec. 20, 1800; d., Sept. 1850; four children. 

3539— SAMUEL STEARNS JR., b., Sept. 26, 1821. 

3540— ELIZA J. STEARNS, b., Dec. 10, 1822; md., Mar. 
3, 1844, Lorenzo Brigham, b., Jan. 11, 1819. The two sisters, 
Eliza and Mary, were married on the same day. 

3541— MARY A. STEARNS, b., Apr. 25, 1824; md., 
Mar. 3, 1844, Simeon Whitehouse, b., Sept. 7, 1820; a double 

3542— HELEN R. STEARNS, b., Aug. 21, 1835; d., Apr. 
20, 1839. 

3543— MARSHALL STEARNS (1750), b., Feb. 11, 1802, 
son of William and Mary (Stearns) Stearns, of Paris, Me.; a 
farmer, of Paris, Me.; md., Apr. 16, 1828, Mary Ann Chase, 
b., Sept. 21, 1809, dau. of Timothy Chase of Portland, Me.; 
eleven children. 

3544— LOUISA STEARNS, b., Aug. 21, 1829: md., Allen 
McLeod, of Boston, Mass. 

Thomas Stearns. 


3545— LUCY CHASE STEARNS, b., Nov. 12, 1831; md. 
Walter Park, of Boston, Mass. 

3546— MARY ELLEN STEARNS, b., June i, 1834; md. 
Mr. Smith, of Boston Mass. 

3547— NANCY STEARNS, b., Apr. 25, 1836. 

3548— FRANCES ANN STEARNS, b., Apr. 24, 1838. 

3549— AMANDA ALTHEA STEARNS, b., July 30, 
1840; md. William M. Marks, of Portland, Me. 

3550— EMILY DUDLEY STEARNS, b., Apr. 25, 1842; 
md. Greenleaf Moulton, of Hampton, N. H. 

5, 1844; md. Byron Pollard, of Boston, Mass. 

3552— MARSHALL STEARNS JR., b., Apr. 18, 1848. 

3553— JULIA MEDORA STEARNS, b., Sept. 22, 1851. 

3554— ELDRON H. STEARNS, b., 1853; md. (i), Em- 
m'x Jane Bird, b., Aug. 19, 1852, dau. of Asaph and Philena 
(Tubbs) Bird; md. (2), Jan. 14, 1896, Mrs. Cora Etta (Stev- 
ens) Hatt. 

3555— THOMAS STEARNS (1752) b., Dec. 9, 1808, son 
of William and Mary (Stearns) Stearns, of Paris, Me.; md. 
(i), Dec. 20, 1831, Eunice Cilley, of Hebron, N. H., b., Feb. 
20, 1810, who d. Jan. 20 1868; md. (2), May 13, 1869, Rox- 
anna F. Cilley, of Hebron, N. H., b.. Mar. 20, 1812, a sister 
of his first wife. Eunice (Cilley) Stearns was the mother of 
his nine children. He lived in Paris, Me., until twenty-one 
years of age, when he went to Cambridge, Mass., and en- 
gaged in the livery and omnibus business, finally becoming 
proprietor of a line of hourlies running between Boston and 
Cambridge. A very interesting account of these traveling 
facilities is given in "Massachusetts of To-day," a memorial 
volume issued for the World's Columbian Exposition, at 
Chicago, 111., in 1893, in which the development of these 
facilities is attributed to "the foresight and enterprise of Mr. 
Thos. Stearns and his coadjutors." In 1892, Mr. Stearns 
fell, and dislocated his shoulder, a shock from which he never 
recovered. In March of that year, he had attended the 


funeral of his cousin, Samuel Stearns (3500), of Middletown, 
Conn., being the only relative of the name present from Bos- 
ton or vicinity, outside of the immediate family. 

Feb. 17, 1833. 

3557— SUSAN MARIA STEARNS, b.. May 9, 1835; d.. 
Mar. 30, 1837. 

3558— CHARLES EMERY STEARNS (5081), b., Sept, 
21, 1837. 

3559— MARY ANN STEARNS, b., Nov. 3, 1839: md., 
Jan. g, 1872, John G. Beacon, b., June 17, 183 1, in North 
Yarmouth, Me. 

1841. During the Civil War, he joined the 38th. Regt., 
Mass. Vols and was under Gen. Banks in the Red River Ex- 

3561— HORACE BINNEY STEARNS, b., Nov. 23, 
1843; unm. 

3562— HANNAH KENDALL STEARNS, b., Dec. 9, 
1847; d., Sept. 10, 1848. 

3563— HANNAH MARIA STEARNS, b., Aug. 2, 1849; 
md., Oct. 26, 1875, Charles E. Lombard, b., Oct. 29, 1832, in 
Pawlet. Vt., who d., Feb. 21, 1882, at Cambridge, Mass. 
(a) — Bertha Stearns Lombard, b., Nov. 17, 1877. 
(b) — Charles Chester Lombard, b., May 25, 1880. 

185 1 ; d., Oct. 8, 1885. 

3565— HORACE STEARNS (1754), b., Oct. 25, 1800, 
son of Thomas and Sarah (Brown) Stearns, of Boston, Mass.; 
a hatter and furrier, of Boston, Mass.; md., May 2y, 1830, 
Sophia Magoun, b., Apr. 11, 1806, who d., Jan. 13, 1889, in 
Waltham, Mass. He d., Oct. 22, 1871, in Waltham; two 

3566— ELLEN MARIA STEARNS, b., Apr. 8, 1832, in 
Boston, Mass.; md., Nov. 6, 1866, Charles Frederick Hollis. 


h., Dec. i8, 1832, in Boston. They settled in Newton, Mass. 
(a) — Frederick Stearns Hollis, b., Aug. 26, 1867. 
(b) — Emma Caroline Hollis, b., Dec. 3, 1870. 

3567— HORACE THOMAS STEARNS (5084), b., Oct. 
6, 1834. 

3568— GEORGE BUMSTEAD STEARNS (1758), b., 
Jan. 20, 1806, son of Col. Jacob and Sarah (Call) Stearns, of 
Boston, Mass.; md., Oct. 27, 1828, Louisa Page, b., Apr. 6, 
1809, dau. of John Odlin and Sarah Page, of Hallowell, Me.; 
twelve children. 

3569— GEORGE TROTT STEARNS, b.. Mar. 14, 1830, 
in Boston, Mass.; md., Jan. i, 1862, Emma B. Standish, of 
New Bedford, Mass., dau. of John Avery and Emeline 
Standish, a lineal descendant of Capt. Miles Standish; one 

3570— EMMA LOUISE STEARNS, b., Apr. 3, 1863; 
md., Oct. 29, 1885, Louis H. Eaton, of New Bedford, Mass., 
since resident of Milwaukee, Wis. They have one child, 
Reginald Eaton, b., 1886. 

3571— JOHN ODLIN PAGE STEARNS, b., July 22, 
1831; d., Aug. 30, 1872, in Yokohama, Japan. 

3572— FRANCIS EUGENE STEARNS, b., Feb. 21, 
1833; d., Mar. 23, 1853. 

3573— SARAH LOUISA STEARNS, b., Nov. 3, 1834; 
d.. Jan. 17, 1838. 

3574— ADELAIDE HOWARD STEARNS, b., Aug. 16. 
1836; d., Dec. 25, 1852. 

3.S75— FRANK SHALER STEARNS, b., Apr. 2, 1838; 
d., Jan. 16, 1850. 

3576— LOUISA SARAH STEARNS, b.. Mar. 28, 1840; 
md., Nov. 3, 1865, John Bert, of New York City, who d. 

(a) — Eugene Linton Bert, b., Oct. 21, 1866; md., and 
has two children. 

(b)— Frank Bert, b., July 25, 1868: d.. May 8. 1871. 
(c) — Clififord Page Bert, b., June 30, 1870. 


(d) — Adelaide Howard Bert, b., Sept. ii, 1871. 
(e) — Eugenia Howard Bert, b., Jan. 24, 1874. 

1841; was in UJ S. Signal Service. He md.. May 5, 1882, 
(name of wife unknown); she d., leaving a dau. 

3578— BELLE STEARNS, b., Aug. 16, 1884. 

1844; d., Sept. 6, 1844. 

3580— HENRY CLARENCE STEARNS, b., Jan. 10, 
1847; resident of Janesville, Wis.; md., Oct. 27, 1875, Julia 
Anne Joy, of Findley, Ohio; three children. 

3581— HANNAH STEARNS, b., Aug. 14, 1885. 

3582— HENRY JOY STEARNS, b., Sept. 29, 1889. 

3583— BABY STEARNS, b., 1895. 

3584— EMMA LOUISE STEARNS, b., Dec. 28, 1848; 
d., July 14, 1856. 

Sept. 19, 1850; d., Apr. 17, 1875. 

3586— OLIVER STEARNS (1760), b., June 28. 1810, 
son of Col. Jacob and Sarah (Call) Stearns, of Boston, Mass.; 
md., 1838, Louisa Denton, of New Hampshire; four chil- 

3587— EDWARD HENRY STEARNS, b., 1839. 

3588— EMILY SOPHIA STEARNS, b., 1841. 

3589— ANNA FRANCES STEARNS, b., 1843. 
3590— ALBERT HOWARD STEARNS, b., July, 1848. 

3591— NATHANIEL CALL STEARNS (1764), b., Sept. 
24, 1822, son of Col. Jacob and Hannah (Call-Davis) Stearns, 
of Boston, Mass.; a merchant, of Boston, Mass.; md. 

3592— EDWIN STEARNS, has been connected with 
the Boston Herald. 


b., Dec. 7, 181 1, son of Dea. Elijah and Mary (Greene) 
Stearns, of Calais, Me.; md. (i), Sept. 29, 1841, Mary So- 
phia Gleason Veasey, who d., Nov. 21, 1844, at Calais, Me.; 
md. (2), June 11, 1846, Mary Hobbs Hill. He was killed 
by the explosion of the boiler on board the steamer ''Eastern 
City," May 29, 1852, at New York City. *'In early life, he 
went to sea; later, he engaged in the manufacture of lumber 
and in ship-building. At the time of his death, he had just 
accepted the position of Captain of a steamboat nmnmg 
from Boston, Mass., to St. John, N. B. He had a very wide 
circle of friends, and every one spoke of him with the ut- 
most respect." His five children were born in Calais, Me. 

By first wife. 

3594— HENRY VEASEY STEARNS, b., Oct. 4, 1842; 
d. Mar. 9, 1862; unm. 

4, 1844; md. Morgan S. Taylor, of Plainfield, N. J. 
By second wife. 

3596— SARAH A. STEARNS, b., Aug. 16, 1847; md. 
Augustus E. Sawyer, of Jacksonville, Fla. 

3597— WILLARD STEARNS, b., Sept. 4, 1849; d., in 

3598— FREDERIC PIKE STEARNS, b., Nov. 11, 185 1; 
md., 1876, Addie C. Richardson; a Civil Engineer, of Dor- 
chester, Mass., who enjoys the confidence and esteem of all 
with whom he is associated; two sons. 

17, 1877, in Framingham, Mass. 

3600— RALPH HAMILTON STEARNS, b., June 19, 
1879, i^ Framingham, Mass. 

3601— JOHN GREENE STEARNS (1772), b., Oct. 11, 
t8i8, son of Elijah and Mary (Greene) Stearns, of Calais, 
Me.; md. (i), 1840, Caroline Washburn, who d., 1841; md. 
(2), Jan. 10, 1844, Jane Mabee Bell. They lived first, at 
Albany, N. Y., then settled in Brooklyn, N. Y.; he was a 
merchant, of Torrington, Conn.; four children. 


3602— JULIA CAROLINE STEARNS, b., Dec. 21, 
1844, at Calais, Me.; d., Aug. 24, 1846. 

3603— DELIA BECKFORD STEARNS, b., Feb. 18, 
1847; nid. (i), 1868, Albert J. Taylor, by whom she had one 
son; md. (2), Jan. 10, 1883, Charles H. Taylor; settled in 
Montclair, N. J.; one son. 

(a) — Elisha E. L. Taylor. 

3604— MARY LOUISE STEARNS, b., July 3, 1850, at 
Eastport, Me.; md., Oct. i, 1885, Luther Guiteau Turner; 
settled in Torrington, Ct. ; three children. 

(a) — Marjorie Turner. 

(b) — Alice Turner. 

(c) — Mason Turner. 

3605— JENNIE B. STEARNS, b., Apr. 16, 1854, in 
Brooklyn, N. Y.; an artist, of New York City; member of 
the Onteora Club, Catskill Mts., whose New York Office is 
at East 23d. St.; unm. 

b., Oct. 20, 1817, son of Rev. Silas and Hannah (Sprague) 
Stearns, of Bath, Me.; a grad. of Waterville Coll., 1840; 
Newton Theol. Sem., 1846; was ordained in Central Baptist 
Church of Southbridge, Mass., May 19, 1847. He md. 
(i), June 8, 1847, Anna Judson Grafton, of Medford, Mass., 
who d., Apr. i, 1848, in Southbridge, Mass.; md. (2), Dec. 
2, 1850, Hannah Jane Beecher, of Southbridge, Mass.; d., 
Apr. 20, 1893, 3-t Newton Centre, Mass. "His illness was 
brief; just the sudden giving way of the fragile tabernacle; 
little more, little less.' In Sept., 1855, he entered upon the 
pastorate of the Baptist Church at Newton Centre, Mass., 
and retired from it, in 1868, to accept the Professorship of 
Old Testament Biblical Interpretation in the Newton 
Theological Institution. He h^ld that position for twenty- 
three years, when he requested to be relieved and was made 
Prof. Emeritus, still holding his place on the Board of Trus- 
tees. "His work, at every stage, was well done. He knew 
how to be a pastor, how to meet men of every condition, 
how to scatter sunshine wherever he went. Humbly bowing 
to the authority of God's word and reverently sitting at the 


Oakman S. Stearns. 


feet of the Great Teacher, he served, by the will of God, a 
generation of young men, now the pastors and missionaries 
of Christ's Church." A memorial of his life has been pre- 
pared, as he himself prepared one of his father, Rev. Silas 
Stearns. He had three children. 

18, 1855, at Newton Centre, Mass.; md. Oct. 15, 1884, El- 
len Mehitable Abbott. He settled as Baptist minister, at 
Cazenovia, N. Y., soon after his marriage, and went from 
there to assume the pastorate of the First Baptist Church, 
at Glens Falls, N. Y.; three children. 

3608— LESLIE BALLARD STEARNS, b., Mar. 22, 

1886, at Cazenovia, N. Y. 

3609— ALLAN BEECHER STEARNS, b., Apr. 22, 

1887, at Cazenovia, N. Y. 

3610— ELIZA ABBOTT STEARNS, b., Sept. 17, 1890, 
at Cazenovia, N. Y. 

361 1— ANNIE BEECHER STEARNS, b., July 5, 1859, 
at Newton Centre, Mass.; md., Nov. 29, 1881, Henry Hub- 
bard Kendall, b.. Mar. 4, 1855, of Washington, D. C, son of 
Dr. Albert Asaph and Helen Maria (Bigelow) Kendall; one 

(a) — Albert Stearns Kendall, b., Jan. 7, 1883. 

1864, in Newton Centre, Mass.; an electrical engineer, of St. 
Paul, Minn.; md., Nov. 27, 1889. Ethel May Hunter, of 
Newton Centre, Mass. 

Aug. 27, 1826, son of Rev. Silas and Mary (Lunt) Stearns, 
of Bath, Me.; book-dealer, photographer and City Clerk, of 
Bath, Me. He md., Feb. 10, 1852, Lucy Whittemore Pot- 
ter, dau. of David and Margaret Potter, of Bath, Me.; four 
children . 

3614— FANNIE CLARK STEARNS, b.. Mar. 18, 1853, 
at Bath Me.; md., Nov. 4, 1873, Andrew Fuller Warren of 
Newton Centre, Mass.; settled in Pensacola, Fla., where 
their four children were born. 


(a) — Lucy Penelope Warren, b., Feb. 5, 1875. 
(b) — Mary Waterman Warren, b., Nov. 19, 1877. 
(c) — William Stearns Warren, b., Dec. 12, 1878; d.^ 
May 24, 1879. 

(d) — Fannie Stearns Warren, b., Dec. 19, 1885. 

II, 1854, at Bath, Me.; d., Sept. 3, 1856, at Portland, Me. 

3616— MARY BRADFORD STEARNS, b., Oct. 10, 
1856, in Portland, Me.; d., Sept. 21, 1858. 

3617— SILAS STEARNS, b., May 13, 1859, in Bath, Me.; 
md., Oct. 4, 1886, Clara Belle Hays, of Tennant's Harbor, 
Me. He was an ichthyologist and efficient agent of the U. S. 
Fish Commission. ''His early education was received at the 
schools of Bath, Me., until, in 1875, he went into business 
with his brother-in-law, Mr, A. F. Warren, at Pensacola, 
Fla. He began there his study of fishes and other dwellers 
in the waters, and, through his various excursions, became 
familiar with all the ins and outs of the coast from Pensacola 
to Key West. In 1878, he visited the Smithsonian Institute, 
and by his thorough and exact knowledge of the Gulf fishes, 
their habits and economic value, attracted especial attention 
from Prof. Baird, Mr. Goode and others. The following 
year he spent at Waterville, Me., in classical studies at the 
Academy, for the benefit to be derived in scientific nomen- 
clature — showing thereby that earnestness and energy of 
character which was an assurance of future success and 
honor. FaiHng health compelled him to return to Florida, 
and, in 1880, he became Special Agent of the U. S. Fish 
Commission, and also of the U. S. Census Bureau, in charge 
of investigations of the marine industries of the Gulf of 
Mexico. His reports show that his work was performed 
with accuracy and fidelity. From this time, his contributions 
to the Fish Commission became numerous and large, as 
the annual reports of the Commission show. Upwards of 
fifty new species of fishes were discovered by him, or through 
his help, embracing much of what is known of deep-water 
fishes of the Gulf, and four of the species — of the genera 
Lutjanus, Scorpaena, Blennius and Prionotus — bear his 

Silas Stearns. 


name. During these yearsr in Florida, naturalists, investi- 
gating the fauna of the Gulf of Mexico, have had his untiring 
aid, have been guests under his roof and have sailed in his 
boats on their collecting tours. They found in him a gen- 
erous and most estimable friend." Taken from American 
Journal of Science, Oct., 1888. Mr. Stearns died in Ashe- 
ville, N. C, Aug. 2, 1888; one son. 

3618— CLARENCE HAYS STEARNS, b., June 24, 
1887; d., Apr. 8, 1888. 

May 28, 1831, son of Rev. Silas and Mary (Lunt) Stearns, of 
Bath, Me.; a book-keeper and merchant; md., Apr. 29, 
1858, Sarah R. Hoyt, of Albany, N. Y.; d., Oct. 26, 1886; 
one son. 

27, 1859; md., June 25, 1883, Emma A. Fensham, of Bain- 
bridge, N. Y., where he was located, a Presbyterian clergy- 

3621— PHINEHAS STEARNS (1782), b., Feb. 11, 1795, 
son of Peleg and Susanna (Phinney) Stearns, of Cambridge, 
Vt.; a farmer, of Cambridge, who served in the war of 18 12. 
He md., May 24, 1824, Miriam Armstrong, and settled first, 
in Cambridge, Vt., then removed to Arcade, Wyoming Co., 
N. Y., where he d., Sept. 27, 1880; five children. 

3622— SUSAN M. STEARNS, b., May 18, 1825, in Cam- 
bridge, Vt. ; md., Oct. 20, 1852, Harvey Arnold, of Arcade, 
N. Y. Their two daughters were graduates of Vassar 

(a)— Ella M. Arnold. 
(b)— Mary L. Arnold. 

3623— GEORGE W. STEARNS (5090), b., Nov. 23, 1826, 
in Cambridge, Vt. 

3624— DR. ELIAS • STEARNS, b., Mar. 10, 1831, in 
Cambridge, Vt.; md. (i), Is^ov. 7, 1871, Elizabeth Davis, who 
died at Arcade, N. Y.; md. (2), Lavinia Arnold, of Arcade. 
He served as sergeant and assistant surgeon in an Indiana 
Regt., during the Civil War, and afterward located, an eclec- 
tic physician, at Newton, Kas. 


3625— ROLLIN A. STEARNS (5098), b., July 15, 1835, 
at Saratoga Springs, N. Y. 

3626— MARTIN J. STEARNS (5103), b., Aug. 5, 1839, 
at Collins, N. Y. 

3627— HENRY STEARNS (1783), b., Aug. 14, 1797, 
son of Peleg and Susanna (Phinney) Stearns, of Cambridge, 
Vt.; born in Waltham, Mass. He md. (i), Oct. 20, 183 1, 
Phoebe Sabin, of Cambridge, Vt., who d. Jan. 20, 1837, at 
Collins, Erie Co., N. Y., the mother of three children; md. 
(2), Jan. 7, 1838, Harriet Page; removed to Cambridge, Vt., 
then to Springville, N. Y.; and d., 1880, at Boston, Mass.; 
seven children, 

3628— SON, still-born. 

3629— MARIA STEARNS, b., Jan. 17, 1833; d., 1847, 
at Cambridge, Vt. 

3630— ELIZA STEARNS, b., Aug. 27, 1836. 

3631— DAUGHTER, died soon after birth. 

3632— TYLER BINGHAM STEARNS (5 no), b., Oct. 
19, 1840. 

3633— CAROLINE STEARNS, b., Sept. 12, 1842, at 
Cambridge, Vt. ; md., 1869, Judge James Austin Smith, of 
Girard, Kas, ; three children. 

(a) — ^Helen Smith. 

(b) — Grant Smith. 

(c) — Catherine Cornelia Smith. 

3634— CORNELIA ANN STEARNS, b., Aug. 18, 1846, 
in Springville, N. Y, ; d., 1882, in Girard, Kas. 

3635— JUNIUS BRUTUS STEARNS (1784), b., July 30, 
1799, son of Peleg and Susanna (Phinney) Stearns, of Cam- 
bridge, Vt.; md., Sept. 25, 1828, Anne Maria Hunt, b., Sept. 
25, 1808, dau. of Newell Hunt, of Lincoln, Mass. They 
were married on her twentieth birthday, and settled in Cam- 
bridge, Vt., where she d., 1853, and he d., 1854; nine chil- 

Aug. 22, 1829. 


3637— MARY ADAH STEARNS, b., Feb. 11, 1831; md., 
Apr., 185 1, Benjamin Cook, of Cambridge, Vt. 

3638— MARTHA ANN STEARNS, b., Aug. 12, 1833; 
md.. May, 185 1, Lafayette Cady, of Fairfax, Vt., where they 

3639— NEWELL HUNT STEARNS, (5126), b., Sept. 
14, 1835- 

3640— SARAH ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., Nov. 27, 
1837; md. Thomas Harlan, and went to Peoria, 111., after- 
ward, to Oregon. 

3641— BENJAMIN F. STEARNS, b., Mar. 10, 1839; d., 
Feb. 5, 1840. 

3642— SUSAN REBECCA STEARNS, b., Mar. 3, 1841; 
was a school-teacher, of Cambridge, Vt., where she d., 1862; 

1843; d., Apr., 1844. 

10, 1845; enlisted as private in nth. Vt., Heavy Artillery, at 
time of Civil War; taken prisoner before Petersburg, Va., 
June 23, 1864; with five companies of his Regt., was taken 
to Libby Prison, and from there to Andersonville Prison; 
d., Sept. 1864, in Charleston, S. C. 

3645— JOHN STEARNS (1785) b., Aug. 16, 1802, son 
of Peleg and Susanna (Phinney) Stearns, of Cambridge, Vt. ; 
md. (i), Feb. 19, 1834, Abbie Avery, b., Aug. 16, 1802, at 
Cambridge, Vt. If these dates are correct, John Stearns 
and wife, Abbie, could' celebrate their birthdays together. 
She d., Aug. 13, 1839, of accidental poisoning, the mother of 
three children. He removed to La Harpe, 111., where he 
md. (2), Apr. 4, 1847, Nancy E. Clark, of La Harpe, and 
where both died, he, in 1879; five children. 

3646— STEPHEN W. AVERY STEARNS, b., Jan. 31, 

3647— MARY WALKER STEARNS, b., Oct. 28, 1836; 


md. James Campbell, of La Harpe, 111.; three children, 
(a) — Heber Campbell, 
(b) — Irving Campbell, 
(c) — Gordon Campbell. 

3648— JOHN WILLIAM STEARNS, b., Feb. 22, 1838; 
a Professor in Dolby College, New Orleans, La., where 

3649— EDWARD PELEG STEARNS, b., Sept. 13, 
1848; d., at La Harpe, 111. 


3648— JOHN WILLIAM STEARNS, b., Feb. 22, 1838; 
son of Peleg and Susanna (Phinney) Steams, of Cambridge, 
Vt.; grad. Vt. Univ., Burlington, Vt.; md., Oct. i, 1842, at 
Cambridge, Vt, Sarah H. Whipple, b., May 12, 1822, in 
Southboro, Mass. They settled first in Henderson, 111.^ 
afterwards, in Kansas City, Mo., where Mr. Stearns d., Jan., 
1887; three children. 

3652— MARY ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., July 17, 
1843, ^^ South Andover, 111. She md. John McGee, of Peo- 
ria, 111., where she d.; s. p. 


3654— GENEVA WHIPPLE STEARNS, md. Joseph G. 
Handyside, of Peoria, 111.; settled in Kansas City, Mo. 

3655— GEORGE ANDREW STEARNS (1803), b., Sept. 
2, 1827, son of Ephraim and Rachel (Learoyd) Stearns, of 
Waltham, Mass.; of Waltham, a merchant, also engaged in 
lithographing; Treasurer of Waltham Gas Co. He md. 
Lucretia Kendall Viles, and their eight children were born 
in Waltham, Mass. 

3656— ANNIE LUCRETIA STEARNS, b., June 22, 
1854; d., Mar. i, i860, in Waltham, Mass. 

23, 1856; md., May 20, 1880, Elizabeth Whitman Sherman, 
of Waltham. He is engaged in the woolen business, at 
Boston, Mass., with his home at Waltham. 

Ephraini Stearns. 


3658— HELEN LEAROYD STEARNS, b., Oct. 13, 
1857; md., 1885, John W. Dalzell, of Waltham, and settled 
in Worcester Mass.; one child. 

(a) — Dorothy Dalzell, b., June 28, 1887. 

16, i860; settled in Worcester, Mass.; unm. 

3660— ABBIE LAWRENCE STEARNS, b., July 6, 
1864; resident of Waltham, Mass. 

3661— JOHN WALTON STEARNS, b., Jan. 31, 1866; 
md. Eula Campbell, of Rochester, Vt. 

3662— HARRY STEARNS, b., Apr. 2, 1871; d., Aug. 5, 


b., Apr. 2, 1830, son of Ephraim and Rachel (Learoyd) 
Stearns, of Waltham, Mass.; md., July 22, 1864, Frances 
Birdsall Duell, and settled at Lake Charles, La. He went 
from Waltham, Mass., to Texas, in 1853, and remarked that, 
at that time, there was but one other of the family, south 
of Mason and Dixon's Hne. He became an invahd, and re> 
turned to Waltham, Mass., where he d., 1898; one son. 

3665— GEORGE FREDERICK STEARNS, b., Sept. 25, 
1868; d., in babyhood. 

3666— COL. EPHRAIM STEARNS JR. (1807), b., Mar. 
8, 1839, youngest child of Ephraim and Rachel (Learoyd) 
Stearns, of Waltham, Mass.; md., Oct. 26, 1865, Persis 
Louisa Warren, b.. Mar. 22, 1842, dau. of Charles Wright 
and Hannah Bond (Haven) Warren, of Boston. Mass. "After 
graduating from the Waltham High School, he entered, in 
1855, the employ of Wilton & Co., importers of dry goods, 
where he remained nearly ten years. In 1862, he enlisted 
in Co. G., 45th. Mass. Regt., and served in North Carolina, 
returning as sergeant at the end of his term. In 1865, he 
entered into a co-partnership, under the firm name of "Blake 
& Stearns, Dealers in Woolens," which is one of the oldest 


houses in the woolen trade in Boston. For several years, 
he was Chairman of the Republican Town Committee and a 
member of the Congressional Committee. When Waltham 
became a city, he was a member of the first Board of Alder- 
men^ where he served two years. In 1884, he was chosen 
delegate to the Repubhcan National Convention, at Chi- 
cago, which nommated James G. Blaine for President. As a 
soldier during the Civil War, he has always taken a great 
interest in the Grand Army, and was a member of the staff 
of Commander Walker, during his term of office, in charge 
of Mass. Dept., G. A. R. He was appointed on the staff of 
Gov. Robinson, in 1885, with the rank of Colonel. Elected 
to the Governor's Executive Council, in 1891, he served for 
two years, during which period he was on some of the most 
important committees." He also served for three years as 
Pres. of the N. E. Commercial Travelers' Association; two 

3667— CHARLES EPHRAIM STEARNS, b., Apr. 27, 
1868, in Waltham, Mass.; educated at Waltham and Cam- 
bridge; was admitted to Harv. Univ., 1887; grad. A. B., 
1891. In 1894, he received the degree of LL. B. from the 
Boston Univ. Law School, and, in the same year, was ad- 
mitted to the Suffolk Co. Bar. 

3668— RACHEL LEAROYD STEARNS, b., Jan. 2^, 
1873, in Waltham, Mass. 

3669— ISAAC NEWTON STEARNS (1817), b., Sept. 
12, 1814, son of Isaac and Narcissa (Morse) Stearns, of 
Waltham, Mass.; a farmer, of Southville, Mass. He md. 
(i), Sept. 12, 1835. Julia Ann Hall, dau. of Capt. Edward 
and Susan Hall, of Providence, R. I., by whom he had three 
children. She d., June 2, 1843, and he md. (2), Apr. 12, 
1S47, Ruth Anna Hall, dau. of Elias and Mehitable Hall. 
She d., Mar. 10, 1850, and he md. (3), Dec. 2, 1850, Mary A. 
Wood, by whom he had seven children. She d., Feb. 21, 
1856, and he md. (4), Mar. 17, 1870, Mrs. Mary Estes; ten 

3670— HELEN MARIA STEARNS, b., Sept. 14. 1837, 
in Oakham, Mass.; md , Oct. 20, 1876, Solomon M. Hindley, 


of Spencer, Mass., who served three years in the loth. Regt., 
Mass. Vols., at the time of the Civil War; two children. 

(a) — Infant, b., June 8, 1878; died the same day. 

(b) — Elmer A. Hindley, b., Apr. 5, 1884; d., June 26, 

1839, in Spencer, Mass.; d., Oct. 9, 1863, at same place. 

3672— EUSTACE HENRY STEARNS, b., Nov. 13, 
1841, in Spencer, Mass.; served in 42d. Mass. Vols., during 
the Civil War. He md. Abbie J. Graves, of Leicester, Mass., 
b., Aug. 30, 1846, who d. 

3673— ISAAC NEWTON STEARNS JR., b., Oct. 21, 
185 1, in Spencer, Mass.; attended Wilbraham Academy, and 
with his two brothers, John Milton and George Myron, en- 
tered Boston Univ., and the three graduated from the Law 
Dept., with the degree of LL. B. Mr. I. N. Stearns Jr. had 
no taste for professional Hfe, but found great enjoyment in 
the culture of the soil, and has settled, as a farmer, at Wo- 
burn, Mass. developing some advanced ideas in potato cul- 
ture. The study of Shakespeare has been a great pleasure to 
him, besides which, he has also studied oratory and given 
public readings. He md., July 25, 1882, Mary Caroline Mc- 
Connell, of Winegan, Mo. 

3674— JOHN MILTON STEARNS, b., May 17, 1853, 
in Spencer, Mass. ; secured his education with his two broth- 
ers, and became a lawyer, of Chelsea, Mass. He md., Nov. 
1884, Elizabeth Lane, of New Hampshire; d., Jan. 31, 1888,! 
in Chelsea, Mass.; one child. 

3675— BERNICE M. STEARNS, b., Apr. 14, 1886. 

3676— GEORGE MYRON STEARNS, b., Apr. 27, 1856. 
in Spencer, Mass. With his two brothers he worked his way 
through college, securing the degree of LL. B., and prac- 
ticed law in Chelsea, Mass. He md., Feb. 14, 1882, Idella 
E. Wilkinson, and is City Solicitor, of Chelsea, Mass.; two 

3677— RALPH WILKINSON STEARNS, b., July 25, 


3678— ETHEL L; STEARNS, b, Apr. 4, 1886. 

3679— JULIA RUTHANA STEARNS, b., June 19, 1858, 
in Spencer, Mass.; resident of Spencer; unm. 

3680— MARY ADELAIDE STEARNS, b., Aug. 26, 
1859, in Spencer, Mass.; md., May 5, 1891, Fred P. Spear, of 
Worcester, Mass. ; one child. 

(a) — Idell A. Spear, b., June 23, 1892. 

3681— CARRIE IDELL STEARNS, b., Dec. 23, i860; 
md. (i), Dec. 25, 1882, Edward B. Allen, who d., Mar. 12, 
1885; ind. (2), Nov. 15, 1888, Stephen W. Oilman, of Spring- 
field, Mass., where she d., Oct. 11, 1892. 

3682— JANE HANNAH STEARNS, b., Oct. 23, 1862; 
d., June 16, 1864, in Spencer, Mass. 

July 15, 1816, son of Isaac and Narcissa (Morse) Stearns, of 
Waltham, Mass.; of Spencer Mass. He md., Sept. 24, 183(5, 
Frances E. Hamilton, b., June 23, 181 1, dau .of Squire and 
Rhoda Hamilton, of Brookfield, Mass.; one son. 


3685— GEORGE STEARNS (1820), b., Aug. 12, 1831, 
son of Isaac and Betsy (Bent-Stone) Stearns, of Oakham, 
Mass.; born in Spencer, Mass.; a carriage-maker, of North 
Brookfield, Mass. He md., 1853, Eliza A. Green, of Oak- 
ham, Mass., b., 1833; three children. 

3686— ELMER V. STEARNS, b., 1854. 

3687— FRANK STEARNS, b., 1857. 

3688— FREDERICK STEARNS, b., i86a 

3689— CHARLES HAYNES STEARNS (1823), b., Mar. 
28, 1836, son of Isaac and Betsy (Bent-Stone) Steams, of 
Oakham, Mass.; md., May 13, 1858, Melancie Dean, b., Feb. 
23, 1840, dau. of Elijah and Delotia ^Eastman) Dean, of 
Oakham Mass. He was a wheelwright, of Oakham, but en- 
listed in his country's service, during the Civil War, Aug. 
15, 1862, and d., Sept. 15, 1863, at Crab Orchard, Ky., of 
disease contracted in the service; two chil. 


3690— EMMA MARIA STEARNS, b., Sept. 22, 1855, in 
Oakham, Mass.; a dress-maker, of Barre, Mass. 

3691— CHARLES DANIEL STEARNS, b., Jan. 4, 
1863, in Oakham, Mass.; a farmer, of Barre, Mass. 

3692— HORATIO HAMMOND STEARNS (1825), b., 
Apr. I, 1818, son of Nathaniel and Sophia (Hammond) 
Stearns, of Waltham, Mass.; a farmer, of Acton, Mass.; md., 
June 5, 1850, Betsy Ann Goward, of Cornish, N. H.; d., 
Oct. I, 1879, leaving a widow and three daughters. 

3693— DELIA A. STEARNS, b., June 18, 1853; md., 
May II, 1876, Frank H. Clark, of Woburn, Mass.; one 

(a) — Son, b., Nov. 26, 1877; d., May 8, 1879. 

3694— CLARA E. STEARNS, b., Nov. 18, 1855, in Ac- 
ton, Mass.; md., Sept. 10, 1881, Clarence A. Hayward, of 
Providence, R. I.; three children. 

(a) — Clara A. Hayward, b., July 20, 1884. 

(b) — ^Albert Stearns Hayward, b., Aug. 15, 1886. 

(c) — Bessie A. Hayward, b., Sept. 7, 1889; d., July 15, 

3695— FLORA B. STEARNS, b., Apr. 17, 1862, in Ac- 
ton, Mass.; md., Aug. 25, 1888, Frederic A. Very, of Wells- 
ville, N. Y.; two children. 

(a)— Fred A. Very Jr., b., July 21, 1889. 

(b)— Alpha O. Very, b., Dec. 9, 1890. 

3696— AMOS STEARNS (1833), b., Nov. 29, 1828, son 
of Uriah Bigelow and Alice (Smith) Stearns, of Waltham, 
Mass.; md., Feb. 4, 1867, Sarah A. Barry, and settled in 
Waltham, Mass., on the homestead of his father and grand- 
father; four children. 

1S67, in Waltham, Mass. 

3698— ROSA FRANCES STEARNS, b., June 11, 1869, 
in Waltham, Mass. 


3699— LIZZIE LUNETTE STEARNS, b. Mar. 31, 1874, 
in Waltham, Mass. 

3700— NATHANIEL AMOS STEARNS, b., Oct. 20, 

1877, in Waltham, Mass. 

3701— GEORGE HENRY STEARNS (1841), b., Jan. 7, 
1841, son of Uriah Bigelow and AHce (Smith) Stearns, of 
Waltham, Mass.; md., Jan. 20, 1875, Hattie G. Kraetzer. 
He was a milk-dealer, of Waverly, Mass.; five children. 

3702— GEORGE HENRY STEARNS JR., b.. Nov. 24, 
1875; d., Dec. 7, 1875. 

3703— ETHEL KRAETZER STEARNS, b.. Mar. 6, 

1878, in Waverly, Mass. 

3704— CLIFFORD EDWIN STEARNS, b., Jan. 22, 
1880, in Waverly, Mass. 

3705— HARRY BIGELOW STEARNS, b.. May 16, 
1883, in Waverly, Mass. 

3706— LAURA BLAKE STEARNS, b., Oct. 2, 1884, in 
Waverly, Mass. 

3707— CHARLES E. STEARNS, (1847), b., Nov. 23, 
1809, son of Ezra and Polly (Frazer) Stearns, of Ellisburg, 
N .Y. ; a mineralogist and broker, of New York City. He 
md. (i), Nov. 20, 1837, Mary Mackie, dau. of John and 
Mary Mackie, of New York City. She d., Aug. 18, 1838, 
s. p., and he md. (2), Nov. 2, 1845, Emily La Grave, who d., 
Feb. 16, 1895, dau. of Paul Machias and Sarah La Grave; 
d., 1861; seven children. 

b., Aug. 2, 1846; d., Sept., 1847. 

3709— FREDERICK STEARNS (5135) b., Feb. 26, 
1847, in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Oct. 9, 1850. 

371 1— MARY STEARNS, died. 

3712— LOUIS ERNEST STEARNS, md. J. Napier. 



3714— PAULINE^ STEARNS, md. (i), L. Lloyd; md. 
(2), J. Brown. 

3715— MILVERN STEARNS (1849), b., Dec. 17, 1815, 
son of Ezra and Polly (Frazer) Stearns, of Ellisburg, N. Y. ; 
Town Clerk of Ellisburg, and Major of Infantry; md.* (i), 
Sept. 22, 1844, Mary Delilah Williams, dau. of Pardon and 
Pluldah Williams and sister of his brother Samuel's wife. 
After her death he md. (2), Nellie Cronk, who survived him; 
one son. 

3716— WILLIAM ALFRED STEARNS, b., Oct. 20, 
1845; d., Dec. 4, 1849. 

3717— SAMUEL EUGENE STEARNS (1850), b., Sept. 
19, 1817, son of Ezra and Polly (Frazer) Stearns, of EUis- 
burg, N. Y.; md.. Mar., 1840, Huldah Alzina Williams, dau. 
of Pardon and Huldah Williams and sister of his brother 
Milvern's wife. A doubly united family as two brothers mar- 
ried two sisters. They settled in Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., N. 
Y., where their four children were born. 

3718— ALONZO WILLIAMS STEARNS, b., Ju'ne 12, 
1841 ; a broker and real-estate dealer, of Dallas, Texas. He 
md., Nov. 27 1872, Lozin Steele, of Plattsburg, Mo., where 
he was engaged in lumber, grain and coal business until 
1884, having been in the Western and Southern States since 
1865; one dau. 

3719— AUGUSTA STEARNS, b., Apr. 25, 1874, in 
Plattsburg, Mo.; md., Aug. 12, 1892, William P. Cole, of 
St. Louis, Mo. 

3720— LOCHINVAR LA RUE STEARNS, b., Jan. 28, 
1843; was named for a Frenchman, to whom Samuel E. 
Stearns was very much attached. L. L. Stearns was a bank- 
er, of Lathrop, Mo., who md. Fannie Searles, of Belleville, 
N. Y. ; d., June 24, 1872, at Lathrop, Mo., leaving a widow 
and daughter, name unknown. 

3721— MARY ISADORE STEARNS, b., July 10, 1844; 
md., Dec. 30, 1863, William Warren Wodell, of Ellisburg, 
N. Y., where they settled. We are greatly indebted to 


Mrs. Wodell for her knowledge of this branch of the family; 
one son. 

(a) — Frank Eugene Wodell, b., Sept. 21, 1865. 

3722— ABBY LAURILLA STEARNS, b., July 12, ig49; 
md., Mar. 10, 1869, Lucian Matthews, of Ellisburg, N. Y., 
where he engaged in farming; one son. 

(a) — Lochinvar Stearns Matthews, b., May 22, 1878. 

3723— SAMUEL H. STEARNS (1856), b., May 20, 
1815, son of Dr. Samuel and Elsie (Austin) Stearns, of West 
Brattleboro, Vt. ; a merchant, of Ellisburg, N. Y., afterwards, 
of Freeport, III, where he d., 1850. He md., Dec. 15, 1840, 
Emma A. Bullock, of Ellisburg, N. Y.; two daughters. 

3724— ANNETTE E. STEARNS, b., July 4, 1842, in 
Ellisburg N. Y.; settled in Medina, N. Y. 

3725— FRANCES NANNA STEARNS, b., Dec. 4, 1844, 
in Freeport, 111.; settled in Medina, Orleans Co., N. Y. 

3726— JOHN B. STEARNS (1862), b., May 9, 1824, son 
of George and Sophia (Baker) Stearns, of Seneca Co., O.; 
md., Oct. 29, 1848, Adaline H. Kelly, and settled at Garden 
Grove, la. With his brother, George W., he belonged to the 
Ohio National Guards, and was called out, during the Civil 
War, in 1864, for the "hundred days' " service. They were 
stationed on the opposite side of the Potomac River from 
Washington, D. C. John B. Stearns d., Jan. 6, 1890; live 

3727— WILLIAM F. STEARNS, b., Sept. 15, 1850; md., 
Oct. 21, 1875, Alice C. Her, and settled in Armour, So. Dak.; 
four children. 

3728— PEARL H. STEARNS, b., May 8, 1880. 

3729— ALDEN LLOYD STEARNS, b., Oct. 7, 1881. 

3730— JULIA GRACE STEARNS, b., Aug. 17, 1883. 

3731-^WALTER ILER STEARNS, b.. Mar. 16, 1889. 

3732— ALDEN W. STEARNS, b., Apr. 16, 1852; md., 
Oct. 31, 1879, Mary E. Wales, and settled in Garden Grove, 
la.; two children. 


3733_-jOHN WILLIAM STEARNS, b., Apr. 4, 1883. 

3734_RUTH STEARNS, b, Feb. 5, 1892. 

3735_-CLARA A. STEARNS, b., Aug. 22, 1859; md., 
May 7, 1874, Julius D. Barton, and settled in Plankington, 
So. Dak.; four children. 

(a) — Adda C. Barton, b., Nov. 27, 1879. 

(b) — Nona H. Barton, b., July 30, 1881. 

(c)— John S. Barton, b., Sept. 7, 1887. 

(d) — Ruth Barton, b., Aug. 24, 1892. 

3736— ELIZA W. STEARNS, b., Mar. 19, 1857; d., Apr, 
4, 1859. 

3737_GRACE B. STEARNS, b., Jan. 2, 1874. 

3738_GEORGE W. STEARNS (1863), b., July 10, 1826, 
son of George and Sophia (Baker) Stearns, of Seneca Co., 
O.; md., Aug. 12, 1849, Arvilla King, who d., Oct. 9, 1892, 
in Republic, O. He was with his brother, John B., in the 
"hundred days' " service before Washington, D. C, during 
the Civil War, in 1864; two children. 

3739_FRANK E. STEARNS, b.. May 14, 1850; con- 
nected with his brother in mercantile business, in Iowa; Vice- 
Pres. of the Tiffin Bank; md., Oct. 28, 1874, Mary E. Ed- 
wards; four children. 

3740— JOSIE STEARNS, b., Oct. 5, 1878; d., Aug. 5, 

3741— LENA STEARNS, b., Feb. 6, 1880. 

3742— NELLIE STEARNS, b., June 16, 1882. 

3743— FRED STEARNS, b. Apr. 16, 1885. 

3744— CLARY S. STEARNS, b., June 13, 1853; with his 
brother in mercantile business, in Iowa; Pres. of the Tiffin 
Bank; md., Oct. 7, 1879, Kate Sullivan. 

3745— DANIEL STEARNS (1864), b., Apr. 12, 1828, son 
of George and Sophia (Baker) Stearns, of Seneca Co., O.; 
Director of the Farmers' Bank, of Garden Grove, la.; md., 
Nov. 28, 1861, Mary Louise Simmons; d., Nov. 8, 1892, at 


Garden Grove, la. During the Civil War, he and his brother, 
Alfred, were merchants of Ohio, unable to reach New York 
City to buy goods without a pass, and forbidden to ship am- 
munition or fire arms of any kind; three children. 

3746— KATE STEARNS, b., Oct. 6, 1862; d., Apr. 2, 

3747— JENNIE LOUISE STEARNS, b., Apr. 24, 1865; 
d., Mar. i, 1870. 

3748— HARRY STEARNS, b., June 28, 1872. 

3749— ALFRED B. STEARNS (1865), b., Sept. 6, 1830, 
son of George and Sophia (Baker) Stearns, of Seneca Co., O. 
"The addition of B to my name was my own work, when a 
foohsh boy." He md., Sept. 26, 1854, Nancy E. vSloat, and 
settled at Republic, O.; Director of the Farmer's Bank, of 
Garden Grove, la. We are indebted to him for a clear rec- 
ord of his father's family; two children. 

3750— GEORGE STEARNS, b., July 22, 1855; md., 
Sept. 12, 1878, Agnes Amos, and settled in Garden Grove, 
la.; two children. 

3751— NANNIE STEARNS, b. Sept. 8, 1879; d., Feb. 6, 

3752— ROLLA ALFRED STEARNS, b., Feb. 11, 1884. 

3753— LOUIS ALFRED STEARNS, b., Oct. 5, 1861. 

3754— CHESTER E. STEARNS (1867), b.. May 28, 
1824, son of Daniel and Sarah (Coburn) Stearns, of Ellis- 
burg, N. Y. ; for thirteen years in furniture and undertaking 
business, in Fremont, Mich.; afterwards, a farmer, of Sears, 
Mich. He md. (i), 1848, Freelove Bemis, of ElHsburg, N. 
Y.. by whom he had one son. She d., and he md. (2), 1856, 
Hannah Bessant, of Fremont, Mich., by whom he had three 

3755— GEORGE STEARNS, was partially blind for a 
number of years; md. and settled in Mich.; no children. 

3756— LETTIE E. STEARNS, b., 1857; md. Clinton H. 
Upton, of Fremont, Mich.; five children. 


(a) — Nellie Upton, 
(b) — Albert Upton, 
(c) — Olive Upton, 
(d) — Anna Upton, 
(e) — C. C. Upton. 

3757_LIBBIE L. STEARNS, b., i860; md. (i), William 
Hardy, of Fremont, Mich.; md. (2}, William Cosgray; two 

(a) — Oris Hardy. 

(b) — Eva J. Hardy Stearns, adopted by her grand- 

3758_LA FORA C. STEARNS, b., 1868; md. Margaret 
Gardner, of Ohio, and settled in Sears, Mich. ; one child. 

3759_GLADYS STEARNS, b., 1892, in Fremont, Mich. 

376c^SAMUEL COBURN STEARNS (1868), b., Nov. 
16, 1827, son of Daniel and Sarah (Coburn) Stearns, of EUis- 
burg, N. Y.; md., Mar. 7, 1850, Moselle Keziah Thomas, of 
Mannsville, Jefferson Co., N. Y. He was a harness-maker 
by trade, and settled in Mannsville, N. Y. where he was a 
member of the Baptist Church, and led a consistent, Chris- 
tian life. He d., Aug. 23, 1883, at Mannsville, N. Y., from 
cancer of the stomach, leaving a widow and two daughters. 

3761— SARAH EVELINE STEARNS, b., Oct. 7, 1851, 
in Mannsville, N. Y.; md., Oct. 10, 1870, Edward Hancock, 
b., 1850, book-keeper, of Mannsville. He d., Oct. 13, 1871, 
suddenly, of heart-disease, having been md. only a year; 
one son. 

(a) — Gratton Edward Hancock, b., (posthumous), Feb. 
14, 1872; md., Aug. 17, 1893, Lena Welch, of 
Woodville, N. Y., b., Jan. 30, 1870; a book-keeper, 
of Syracuse, N. Y. Two chil.; Eva Grace Han- 
cock, b., Feb. 17, 1895, and Gratton Edward Han- 
cock Jr., b., June 22, 1896. 

1855, in Mannsville, N. Y.; md. O. D. Lucas, of Mannsville, 
and settled in Syracuse, N. Y. ; two children. 


(a) — Clarence D. Lucas, b., July 17, 1876. 
(b) — Helen Estella Lucas, b., July 6, 1877. 

3763— GEORGE FOSTER STEARNS (1869), b., Jan. 
9, 1832, son of Daniel and Elizabeth (Martin) Stearns, of 
Ellisburg, N. Y.; md., June 3, 1861, Harriett S. Vernor, who 
is called, by one who knows her, "the best woman alive." 

He laid out the city of Big Rapids, Mich., where he en- 
gaged in mercantile and real-estate business; afterwards, a 
banker and wealthy resident of the same city, beloved by all 
for his unostentatious benevolence. He has been Mayor of 
the city three times and President of its Bank for twenty 
years; two children. 

3764— CHARLES F. STEARNS, b., June 4, 1864, at Big 
Rapids, Mich.; md. Linda Wiseman, and settled in Big 

3765— CARRIE E. STEARNS, b., Mar. 27 1869, at Big 
Rapids, Mich.; d., Dec. 6, 1881. 

3766— DANIEL EZRA STEARNS (1873), b., Sept. 15, 
1845, ^^^ of Daniel and Elizabeth (Martin) Stearns, of 
ElHsburg, N. Y.; md., Sept. 15, 1868, Mary Frances Clark, 
of Grand Rapids, Mich. He enlisted as private in Co. E., 
3d. Mich. Cav., Feb. 22, 1862, in his seventeenth year; was 
promoted to Corporal, Co. E.; Sergeant, Co. M.; Sec. Lieut., 
Oct. 2, 1864; First Lieut., Jan. 2, 1865; Adjutant, June 11, 
1865; was mustered out and honorably discharged, Feb. 12, 
1866. At close of war he was appointed Post Master at 
Big Rapids, Mich., after which he entered into mercantile 
business for a number of years; three children. 

3767— CLARK DANIEL STEARNS, b., Jan. 15, 1870, 
at Big Rapids, Mich. He was appointed Cadet of U. S. 
Naval Academy, at Washington, D. C, June i, 1887; re- 
ceived commission as Ensign, U. S. Navy, June i, 1893. 
He mentions finding in the churchyard of St. Paul's Church 
at Norfolk, Va., an old, crumbling tombstone, with the fol- 
lowing inscription: 

Daniel E. Stearns. 

Clark D. Stearns. 

Mae F. Stearns. 



of Watertown, near Boston, 

Died in Norfolk, Va., Aug. 8, 1804, 

Aged 58 years." 

Said David Stearns must have been born in 1745-6. 

3768— MAE FANNIE STEARNS, b., May i, 1872, in 
Big Rapids, Mich.; has been pursuing her musical studies at 
Dresden, Germany; md., Lieut. Arthur Lee Willard, of the 
U. S. Navy, who raised the first American flag on the Island 
of Cuba during the Spanish-American War. 

3769— MAUDE ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., July 23, 
1874; d., Aug. 20, 1875, at Big Rapids, Mich. 

3770— ALFRED PHILIP STEARNS (1875), b., Aug. 
10, 1850, son of Daniel and Elizabeth (Martin) Stearns, of 
Ellisburg, N. Y.; md., Dec. 5, 1869, Ada Piper, of Big Rapids, 
Mich., where they settled; five children. 

3771— GUY ALFRED STEARNS, b., Jan. 12, 1872. 

3772— WILTSIE IRVING STEARNS, b., Jan. i, 1878; 
d., July 15, 1880. 

3773— HARRY ALBERT STEARNS, b., June 12, 1884. 

3774— CLIFFORD MALBON STEARNS, b., Aug. 12, 
1887; d., Apr. 5, 1890. 

27, 1893. 

377^— JOHN FOSTER STEARNS (1878), b., Apr. 6, 
1830, son of Emory and Olive (Mixer) Stearns, of Brattle- 
boro, Vt.; md. (i), Oct. 6, 1858, Janette L. Marsh, and set- 
tled in Boston, Mass.; md. (2), Nov. 24, 1870, Eliza J. Cook, 
and settled in Brattlebore, Vt, ; two children. 

3777— WALTER S. STEARNS, b., July 8, 1872, in Brat- 
tleboro, Vt. 

3778— LAURA J. STEARNS, b., Dec. 21, 1879, in Brat- 
tleboro, Vt. 

3779— GEORGE M. STEARNS (1879), b., Feb. 26, 1832, 
son of Emory and Olive (Mixer) Stearns, of Brattleboro, 


Vt.; md., Aug. 22, i860, Augusta Hawks, and went to Win- 
chester, N. H. afterwards to Hinsdale, N. H.; two children. 

3780— JANETTE L. STEARNS, b.. Mar. 23, 1861. 

3781— FOSTER G. STEARNS, b., Sept. 12, 1867. 

3782— JAMES H. STEARNS (1884), b.. Mar. 22, 1843, 
son of Emory and Olive (Mixer) Stearns, of Brattleboro, Vt. ; 
md., Dec. 20, 1876, Annie Shannon, and settled in New York 
City; two children. 

3783— EMORY WARD STEARNS, b., July 7. 1877. 
3784— EDNA H. STEARNS, b., Aug. 3, 1886. 

Sept. 25, 1826. son of Joshua Brackett and Louisa (King) 

Stearns, of Baltimore, Md.; md. Josephine A. , and 

settled at Marblehead, Mass., where he d., Sept. 2, 1883; 
four children. 

3786 — SON, d. in infancy. 




3790— JOSEPH SPRAGUE STEARNS ^1895) b., May 6, 
7852, son of Joshua Brackett and Anne (Wilson) Stearns, of 
Cambridge, Mass.; was educated at the Chauncey Hall 
School, of Boston, and the New Hampton Institute, of New 
Hampton, N. H. *'He served the city of Cambridge as 
Councilman, in 1885; is a member of the Mass. Consistory, 
and Knight Templar of Boston Commandery; has been asso- 
ciated with dififerent oil companies as manager, and is con- 
nected with the Galena Oil Co., of Franklin, Penn." He md. 
(i), 1876, Mary E. Snow, of Cambridge; md. (2), Apr. 14, 
1887, Emma M. Ellison, and has made his home in Waltham, 
Mass. ; five children. 

3791(a)— RALPH BRACKETT STEARNS, b., Julv, 

James H. Stearns. 

Joseph S. Stearns. 

Marianne Stearns. 


379i(b)~ETHEL STEARNS, b., June 1878. 

3792(a)— MARIANNE STEARNS, b., Mar. 16, 1888. 

3792(b)— MILTON SPRAGUE STEARNS, b., Dec. 15, 

3792(c)— NATHALIE STEARNS, b., Apr. 27, 1901. 

3793— SIMON STEARNS (1901), b., Feb. 26, 1783, son 
of Dea. Ephraim and Molly (Gilman) Stearns, of Walpole, 
N. H.; a merchant, of Boston, Mass., with residence in Wat- 
ertown, Mass. He md.. May 26, 181 1, Sarah ElHs Noyes, b., 
Aug. 31, 1783, dau. of Joseph Noyes, of Boston, Mass.; d., 
Aug. 12, 1858, and his widow d., Nov. 24, 1880; four children. 

3794— WILLIAM HENRY STEARNS, b.. Mar. 21, 

3795— GEORGE A. STEARNS, b., Oct. 24, 1813; a mer- 
chant, of Boston, Mass., continuing his father's business. 

3796— WILLIAM EDWARD STEARNS, b., Aug. 23, 

3797— SARAH NOYES STEARNS, b., July 21, 1827; 
md., July 13, 1854, Mr. Richardson, and had two daughters, 
(a) — Emma Stearns Richardson, b., Jan. 27, 1861. 
(b) — Helen Frances Richardson, b., July 15, 1869. 

3798— STEPHEN STEARNS (1838), b., Apr. 27. 1786, 
son of Dea. Ephraim and Molly (Gilman) Stearns, of Wal- 
pole, N. H.; md. (i). Mar. 11, 1819. Harriet Hosmer, dau. 
of Jonas Hosmer, formerly of Acton, Mass.; md. (2), Mrs. 
Lora Burroughs, dau. of James Martin, of Williamstown, 
Vt., by whom he had no children; d., June 28, 1855, in Wal- 
pole, N. H. ; one child. 

37g9_jOSIAH W. STEARNS, b., Aug. is, 1823, at 
Walpole, N. H.; md. Abby Martin, and lived on his father's 
homestead; three children. 

3800— HENRY C. STEARNS, b. in Walpole, N. H.; d. 
in Lakeland, Minn. 

3801— HARRIET H. STEARNS, b. and d. in Walpole, 




3803— CURTIS STEARNS (1908), b., June 22,, 1794, son 
of Dea. Ephraim and Molly (Oilman) Stearns, of Walpole, 
N. H.; formerly a trader, of Boston, Mass., later a farmer, 
of Walpole, N. H. He md., Mar. 18, 1827, Rebecca D. Bar- 
ron, b., Aug. 27, 1805, dau. of Jonathan Barron, of Chelms- 
ford, Mass.; d., May 2, 1868; five children. 

3804— REBECCA STEARNS, h., Oct. 6, 1828; d., Nov. 
I, 1828. 

3805— MARY G. STEARNS, b., Mar. 21, 1831; d., Oct. 
20, 1852. 

3806— REBECCA B. STEARNS, b., Feb. 28, 1834; d., 
June 21, 1835. 

3807— HELEN F. STEARNS, b., Nov. 25, 1836; d., Aug. 
10, 1839. 

3808— FRANCES A. STEARNS,,b., Mar. 25, 1839; md., 
Dec. 25, 1859, Silas M. Bates, b., Nov. 14, 1814. 

3809— WILDER STEARNS (1910), b., June 6, 1796, son 
of Dea. Ephraim and Molly (Gihnan) Stearns, of Walpole, 
N. H.; md., Feb. 5> 1823, Hannah Wier, and settled in Her- 
kimer, N. Y., where he d., 1870. He was a farmer, as were 
all of his sons; eight children. 

3810— MARY A. STEARNS, b., Apr. 17, 1824; d., Aug. 
10, 1825, in Herkimer, N. Y. 

3811— SARAH E. STEARNS, b., Aug. 15, 1825; md. Si- 
mon Helmer, of Herkimer, N. Y., where she d., July 14, 

(a) — George M. Helmer, md. and settled in Herkimer, 

N. Y. 
(b) — Willard E. Helmer, died at two years of age. 
(c)— Orville E. Helmer, d., Oct. 24. 1874. 
(d) — Lorena F. Helmer, md. Isaac Christman; had two 

children; d., Oct. 11, 1889. 
(e) — Fannie E. Helmer, md. Josiah D. Mack; three 


(f) — Lewis Helmer, md. and had one son, Bert Helmer. 

3812— CURTIS STEARNS, b, Jan. 6, 1827; d., Feb. 3, 
1885, in Herkimer, N. Y.; unmarried. 

3813— FANNIE A. STEARNS, b., Nov. 29,' 1828; md. 
(i), Reuben H. Farmer; md. (2), Rufus Brown; settled in 
Canton, St. Lawrence Co., N. Y., where she d., Apr. 9, 1879. 

3814— GEORGE W. STEARNS, b., Apr. 4, 1832; md. 
Sarah A. Whitney, and settled in Herkimer, N. Y.; one son. 

3815— CHARLES A. STEARNS, b., Sept. 29, 1852; d., 
Aug. 8, 1854. 

3816— ORSON G. STEARNS, b., Oct. 15, 1834; md., 
Harriet Thompson, and settled in Herkimer, N. Y. 

3817— EPHRAIM M. STEARNS, b., May 29, 1836; md., 
Wealthy A. Cooper, and settled at Cold Brook, Herkimer 
Co., N. Y. ; one daughter. 

3818— ANNA STEARNS, b., Mar. 4, 1872. 

3819— HIRAM M. STEARNS, b., July 5, 1839; md.. Hat- 
tie P. Hall, and settled at Verona, Oneida Co., N. Y. 

3820— BENJAMIN STERNS JR.(i9i8), b., Jan. 28, 1803, 
son of Dr. Benjamin and Mehitable (Symonds) Sterns, of 
Nova Scotia; md. Rebecca Bishop, of Goshen, N. S., and 
had eleven children. One of his descendantsjyvrites us that 
"the children and grand-children of Benjamin Jr. are scat- 
tered all over North America." He d., Feb. 23, 1873, at 
Antigonish, N. S. 

3821— HARRIETT STERNS, md. Samuel Nichols. 

3822— MEHITABLE STERNS, md. George Nichols. 











3832— HENRY STERNS (1919), b., Mar. 30, 1805, son 
of Dr. Benjamin and Mehitable (Symonds) Sterns, of Nova 
Scotia; md., Mar. 19, 1833, Rebecca Ann Miner, and fur- 
nished the same quota of children as his brother, Benjamin 
Jr. "Henry Sterns was one of the pioneer mail contractors 
and couriers of Nova Scotia, and has often carried, on horse- 
back, all the mails from Europe for all the provinces of Can- 
ada, which mails were landed from a regular monthly sail- 
ing packet, at Halifax, N. S. He was. a carriage-maker by 
trade, and, after the railroads undermined his business, re- 
moved to Boston, Mass." 

3833— ELIZABETH STERNS, b., Apr. 14, 1834; md., 
Oct. 19, 1865, Charles N. Cock, of Boston, Mass. 

(a) — George Herbert Cock, 
(b) — Amelia Gordon Cock, 
(c) — Charlotte Rebecca Cock, 
(d) — Bessie Louisa Cock, 
(e) — Arthur Bertram Cock. 

3834— CYRUS STERNS, b., Oct. 3, 1837; d., Dec. 4, 

3835— CHARLES SYMONDS STERNS, b., Nov. 25, 
1838; resident of Cambridge, Mass. He was one of the orig- 
inal crew of the missionary vessel, "Day Spring," supported 
by Sunday School children, which sailed from Halifax, N. 
S., Nov. 7, 1865, for the South Seas. He also spent seven- 
teen years beneath the Southern Cross, in mining and com- 
mercial pursuits. 

3836— SARAH MEHITABLE STERNS, b., Aug. 20, 
1840; d., Sept. 14, 1841. 

3837— WILLIAM HENRY STERNS, b., Nov. 10, 1842; 
d., July II, 1843. 


3838— REV. DANIEL MINER STERNS, b., June 2, 
1844; md. (i), July 22, 1867, Elizabeth Muirhead, who, d., 
Mar. 15, 1884; md. (2), Jan. 7, 1885, Susan Kenney. He was 
a clergyman of the Reformed Episcopal Church; was located 
in Scranton, Pa., and later, at Germantown, Pa.; three chil- 

3839— ALICE ELIZABETH STERNS, b., Mar. g, 
1868; md., Oct. 27, 1891, Gideon N. Hevnor, and settled at 
St. John, New Brunswick, Can. 

3840— MARGARET JANE STERNS, b., Oct. 9, 1870; 
d., Nov. 26, 1873. 

3841— JOHN HENRY STERNS, b., July 9, 1872. 

3842— JANE STERNS, b., Nov. 24, 1847; md., June 21, 
1877, Alexander Hutt, of Dartmouth, N. S. 

(a) — Bessie Mary Hutt. 

(b) — Charlotte Agnes Hutt, d. 

(c) — Eleanor Louise Hutt. 

(d) — Sarah Miner Hutt. 

(e) — Louis Hutt. 

(f) — Stanley Stairs Hutt. 

3843— CAROLINE AMELIA STERNS, b., Mar. 27, 


3844— HENRY LUTHER STERNS, b., Nov. 13, 1852; 
md., June 2, 1875, Matilda Moseley, and settled in Montreal, 
Can.; one son. 

3845— HENRY BERTRAM STERNS, b., Feb. 29, 1876; 
d., Jan. 16, 1877. 

3846— EDWIN HOWARD STERNS, b., Apr. 10, 1855; 
md., June 8, 1881, Annie McQuarrie. 

Nov. 18, 1858; md., Sept. 21, 1886, Minnie Merlin; a news- 
paper man, connected with the staff of The Marine Journal, 
New York City. Although christened as above, he was gen- 
erally known as Dawson Sterns, and we are indebted to him 
for most of the record of this branch of the family. 


3848— FRANKLIN STERNS (1921), b, Feb. 23, 1809, 
son of Dr. Benjamin and Mehitable (Symonds) Stearns, of 
Nova Scotia; a carpenter of Souris, Prince Edward Island. 
He md. (i), Jan. 17, 1838, Elizabeth Coffin Davison, b., Oct. 
29, 1819, who d., Oct. 17, 1842, mother of two children; md. 
(2), May 9, 1844, Mary Ann Anderson who bore him six 
children; d., Oct. 15, 1896. 

3849— ROBERT DAVISON STERNS, b., Feb. 23, 1839; 
ind., Apr. 11, 1869, Emily Coffin, and settled in Westfield, 
Mass., where he d., Sept. 20, 1897; two sons. 

3850— FRANK DAVISON STERNS, b.. May 20, 1870; 
md., May 14, 1894, Josephine May Phinney, and settled 
in Westfield, Mass. 

3851— ROBERT HALL STERNS, b., Dec. 16, 1880. 

1840; md. William M. Coffin, of Charlottetown, Prince Ed- 
ward Island. 

3853— ROBERT DOUGLAS STERNS, b., May 19, 
1845; of Morell, P. E. I.; md., Mar. 15, 1870, Annie M. Hyde. 

3854— JOHN GEDDIE STERNS (5149), b.. Mar. 21, 
1847, at Morell, P. E. I. 

3855— SUSAN ELIZABETH STERNS, b., July 9, 1849; 
md. Dr. Brine, of Canso, N. S. 

3856— WILLIAM LUTHER STERNS, b., Aug. 20, 

3857— SAMUEL STERNS, b., Mar. 8, 1855; d. 

Oct. 27, 1857. 

3859— WILLIAM STERNS (1924), b., Oct. 12. 1819, 
son of Dr. Benjamin and Mehitable (Symonds) Sterns, of 
Nova Scotia; a merchant, of Morell, P. E. I.; md. Mary Ma- 
tilda Anderson, and had seven children. 

3860— ALFRED WILLIAM STERNS (5156). b., Jan. 
20, 1850. 


3861— MINNIE JANE STERNS, b., Oct. 28, 185 1; md. 
William M. Bright, of Chicago, 111. 

3862— HENRY MELVILLE STERNS, b., Sept. 12, 
1853; md. Martha McLaren, and settled at Mt. Stewart, 
P. E. I. 

3863— HARVEY STERNS, b., Jan. i, 1857; md. Elvira 
Cairns, and settled at Charlottetown, P. E. I. 

3864— CAROLINE E. STERNS, b., Sept. 12, 1859; md., 
Sept. 26, 1884, her cousin, Edwin J. Sterns (3870); settled 
at Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. 

3865— EDWARD DAVID STERNS, b., July 15, 1861; 
md. Mary Currie, and settled at Charlottetown, P. E. I. 

3866— FANNIE MATILDA STERNS, b., Feb. 15, 1865; 
resident of Morell, P. E. I. 

3867— LUTHER STEARNS (1925), b., Jan. 8, 1822, son 
of Dr. Benjamin and Mehitable (Symonds) Sterns, of Nova 
Scotia; md. Kate Matthews, and settled at Dartmouth, Nova 
Scotia, where he d., Jan. 21, 1892; four children. 

3868— WILLIAM H. STERNS, md. Laura McNab, and 
has a family of which we have no record. 


3870— EDWIN J. STERNS, md., Sept. 26, 1884. his first 
cousin, Caroline E. Sterns (3864), and settled at Dartmouth, 

N. S. 


3872— COL. JOHN COOLEDGE STEARNS (1874), b., 
June 30, 1802. son of Jesse and Betsy (Gilson) Stearns, of 
Walpole, N. H.; md., June 6, 1827, Orpha M. Clark, dau. of 
Johnson Clark, of Mt. Holly, Vt. They moved from Copley, 
O., to Portage Township, O., in 1840. on the same day that 
Gen. Harrison was elected to the Presidency of the U. S. 
Mrs. Stearns d., Apr. 8, 1872, of consumption, at her daugh- 
ter's home in Baldwin City, Kas., and Mr. Stearns d., Aug. 
3, 1879, ^t the same place. The following is taken from an 
article in the Akron, O., Daily Beacon: "Col. John Cooledge 


Stearns came to Ohio in 1826, and engaged in the arduous 
toil incident to life in a new country. He built, by contract, 
several miles of the Ohio Canal, and officiated as steersman 
on the first trip of the first boat run, called 'The State of 
Ohio/ which ran through to Cleveland, July 4, 1827. The 
country around was nearly an unbroken forest. He had a 
kindly heart, and those who knew him found him to be a 
just man, eminently conscientious, and making no compro- 
mise with wrong. At an early date, he espoused the cause 
of the oppressed slave, and was always a promoter 
of education and temperance. A few months before his 
death he abandoned the use of tobacco, to which he had 
been addicted for fifty years, giving, as a reason, that he 
wished to die clean. Of a family of nine children, he lived 
to bury all except one daughter, at whose home he spent 
the last eight years of his life. He was an earnest seeker 
after the truth, and conscientious in his religious belief in 
a Supreme Ruler and the immortality of the soul." He left 
a partial autobiography which has been of great service in 
these records. 

3873— LAURA ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., Mar. 13, 
1828, at Copley, O.; d., July 28, 1835, o^ bilious fever. 

_^ 3874— JOHN LYMAN STEARNS, b., Oct. 8, 1829, in 
Copley, O.; d., Aug. 6, 1832, of whooping cough and cholera 

3875— WILLIAM GILSON STEARNS, b.. May 17, 
1833, in New Portage, O. He attended school, and taught 
several terms before he was twenty-one, but at the time of 
the discovery of gold in CaHfornia, he caught the "gold fe- 
ver," and was anxious to try his fortune in the mines. De- 
spite the discouragement of his parents, he started, Sept. 30, 
1854, in company with a young man named Aaron Sanford, 
on an ocean voyage to California, on board the steamer 
"Star of the West." He became very sick with brain fever, 
and d., Oct. 30, 1854. His body was buried in the ocean, 
only three days' sail from San Francisco. 

3876— FRANCIS PARRY STEARNS, b., Mar. 26, 1835, 
in New Portage, O.; d.. Mar. 4, 1836, of cholera infantum. 

3877— BETSY ANN STEARNS, b., Apr. 10, 1837, at 


Wolf Creek, O.; md., Apr. 7, 1857, William Waggoner, and 
settled in Ottumwa, Iowa. They returned to Copley, O., on 
account of her failing health, and she d., Nov. 14, 1863, of 
consumption. She was buried in the cemetery at Copley 
Centre, and her husband enlisted in Cotter's Artillery, serv- 
ing till the close of the Civil War. 

3878— JOHN CLARK STEARNS (called John C. 
Stearns Jr.), b., Aug. 22, 1839, in Copley, O.; md., Dec. 27, 
1865, Mary Evans, of Montrose, O. In 1862, he enlisted 
as a private in Co. H., 104th Regt., O. Vol. Inf., was mus- 
tered into active service and sent to the front. He returned 
at the close of the war, in poor health, having contracted 
"camp diarrhoea," which later was the cause of his death. 
He d., June 24, 1871 ,in Missouri, leaving a widow and one 

3879— JOHN CHARLES STEARNS, b., Oct. 3, 1866, in 
Copley, O.; a promising young lawyer of Kansas City, Mo. 

3880— DELIA LIONIA STEARNS, b., June 7, 1843, in 
Portage, O.; md., Dec. 23, 1868, Rev. Samuel S. Weatherby, 
of Cardington, Morrow Co., O., a minister of the Methodist 
Church, who, in 1871, was appointed Prof, of Ancient Lan- 
guages in Baker Univ., Kas. He afterwards entered into 
supernumerary relation with the South Kansas Conference. 
Mrs. Delia (Stearns) Weatherby is a literary woman of note, 
having been represented in "Poets and Poetry of Kansas," 
and in Charles W. Moulton's work, entitled "A Woman of 
the Century," in which her photograph and a sketch of her 
life are given. She is an active worker in the W. C. T. U., 
being State reporter to the "Union Signal," its national or- 
gan, published at Chicago, 111.; also editor of the Puzzle 
Dept. of Central Christian Advocate, published at St. Louis, 

(a) — Paul T. Weatherby, b., Dec. 2^. 1870, at Pleasan- 

ton, Linn Co., Kas.; d. the same day. 
(b) — Olive Maria Weatherby, b., Dec. 14, 1872, in Bald- 
win, Kas. 
(c) — Edmond Stearns Weatherby, b.. Mar. 8, 1876, in 
Baldwin, Kas. 


(d)— Le Roy S. Weatherby, b., Mar. 29, 1880, in Bald- 
win, Kas. 

15, 1846, in Copley, O. In the winter of 1863, he ran away 
from home to enlist in the service of his country, but, being 
only seventeen years of age, his father followed and brought 
him back. His heart was set on entering the army, so he 
ran away the second time and enlisted in Co. F., 177th. Regt., 
O. V. I., in Sept., 1864. He had been in service but a few 
months when he took the measles, and d., Feb. 7, 1865. He 
was buried near Louisville, Ky., but his friends sent for his 
remains, which were interred at Copley Centre. 

3882— SARAH M. STEARNS, b.. Mar. i, 1852, in Cop- 
ley, O.; d., Aug. 28, 1852. 

3883— LYMAN STEARNS (1941), b.. Mar. 11, 1808, 
son of Jesse and Betsy (Gilson) Stearns, of Walpole, N. H.; 
in the summer of 1818, went to live with Dea. Ephraim 
Stearns. He md., Sept. 8, 1834, Rhoda Ann Graves, and, 
for a wedding tour, visited his brother, John Cooledge 
Stearns (3872), at Copley, O., where they stayed until the 
spring of 1835. In 1848, they moved to Copley, O., and in 
1856, to Parma, Cuyahoga Co., O., near his sister, Mrs. 
Betsy Spafiford; two sons. 

3884— GEORGE N. STEARNS, d. in service, during the 
Civil War. 


3886— REV. JOHN GLAZIER STEARNS (1946), b., 
1795, son of Levi and Eunice (Hill) Stearns, of New Hamp- 
shire; md. (i), June 9, 1822, Rebecca Smith, b., 1797, of 
Sangerfield, N. Y. She d., Apr. 3, 1824, leaving one child; 
and he md. (2), Mar. 9, 1826, Silence Post, of Paris. N. Y.; 
two children. 

3887— JULIA REBECCA STEARNS, b., Apr. 19, 1823; 
md., June 7, 1846, Erastus R. McConnell, a farmer, of Mar- 
shall, N. Y. 

(a) — Alburtis Stearns McConnell, b., July 3, 1848. 
(b) — A son. 


3888— JUDSON WADE STEARNS, b., Nov. 25, 1829; 
a trader, of Clarkston, Mich. 

3889— DR. RUFUS WILSON STEARNS (1974), b., 
June 21, 1809, son of Asa and Sophia (Higbyjf Stearns, of 
Ohio.; M. D., Med. Coll. of Ohio, 1832. In 1834, he com- 
menced practicing medicine in St. Mary's, O.; md., Nov. 3, 
1835, Sarah Ann Carpenter, of Athens, O.; five children. 

3890— ELIZA SOPHRONIA STEARNS, b., Nov. 25, 

3891— SOPHIA CORDELIA STEARNS, b.. Nov. 10, 

3892— CHARLES NEWTON STEARNS, b., Feb. 24, 
1 841. 

3893— FRANCES HARRIET STEARNS, b., Aug. 24, 

3894— RUFUS WARREN STEARNS, b., Dec. 1, 

3895— CHARLES HOLMES STEARNS (1981), b., Aug. 
21, 1808, son of Ezra and Desire (Holmes) Stearns, of Bos- 
ton, Mass.; a merchant, of Boston, Mass. He md., Dec. 
25, 183 1, Sarah Perkins Pulsifer, b., Feb. 7, 1805, in Boston, 
Mass., where he d., Feb. 19, 1890; eight children. 

3896— SARAH ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., Dec. 17, 
1832; md., Jan. 23, 1855, George R. Spinney, of Boston; 
settled in San Francisco, Cal. 

3897— EMMA DESIRE STEARNS, b., Dec. 2, 1834, in 
Boston, Mass.; md., Dec. 22, 1853, Charles B. Leavitt, of 
Boston, where they settled. 

3, 1837; d., Sept. 3, 1837. 

3899— ABBIE AUGUSTA STEARNS, b., July 29, 1838; 
d., Feb. 6, 1840. 

3900— CHARLES EDWARD STEARNS, b., Sept. 28, 
1840; md., Sept. 28, 1862, Addie Miller, of Maine. 


3901— LILLIAN STEARNS, b., Nov. 23, 1870, in Chel- 
sea, Mass.; md., Oct. 4, 1893, Arthur W. Bennett, of Everett, 
Mass.; one son, Lawrence Stearns Bennett, o., Dec. 29, 

3902— ETHEL SPRAGUE STEARNS, b., June 3, 1876. 

3903— ISAAC RHODES STEARNS, b., Aug. 19, 1842; 
md., Jan. 16, 1867, Julia Waters, of Buffalo, N. Y.; d., Aug. 
10, 1883^ in Boston. During the Civil War, he was a private 
in Co. C. 44th. Regt., Mass Vols.; three sons. 




3907— MARTHA AUGUSTA STEARNS, b., Oct. 26, 
1844; md. (i), Oct. 19, 1870, Thomas Robinson, of Boston; 
md. (2), Nov. 4, 1893, George Willcomb, of Boston. 

3908— HARRY PERKINS STEARNS, b., July 15, 1847; 
md., Nov. I, 1893, Mabel E. Wilson, of Boston, Mass. 

3909— WILLIAM HENRY STEARNS (1991), b., July 
22, 1829, son of Ezra and Susanna (Belcher) Stearns, of Bos- 
ton, Mass.; born at Charlestown, Mass.; a merchant, of San 
Francisco, Cal. He md., Apr, 26, 1859, Clara Augusta Scoct, • 
of Taunton, Mass., who died shortly after the birth of their 
only child. He reached California in 1850, engaged in min- 
ing about ten years, and then, in wheat and cattle raising. 
He built the first levee on the Mopelumne River, in the San 
Joaquin valley and shipped the first sloop load of wheat on 
the Mopelumne to San Francisco. 

About 1862 he became a commission merchant, of San 

His first vote was cast for FrankHn Pierce and his second 
for Gen, Fremont, as he always voted for the best man, re- 
gardless of party, declaring that "the Golden Rule is a good 
thing to keep close to." 

3910— NELLIE AUGUSTA STEARNS, b., Nov. 21, 
1861, in San Joaquin Co., Cal.; md., Sept. 21, 1892, Paul 
Theodore Goodloe, of San Francisco, Cal., who was born in 
Tuscumbia, Ala. 


(a) — Clara Scott Goodloe, b., Dec. 5, 1893, in San Fran- 
cisco, Cal. 

391 1— JAMES A. STEARNS (1993), b., Jan. 21, 1816, 
son of Rufus and Sarah (Davis) Stearns, of Haverhill, N. .\. ; 
a merchant, of Manchester, N. H., who d., Apr, 2, 1882. He 
md. (i), Sept. II, 1838, Betsy Taylor, v^ho d., Aug. 28, 1843, 
aged 28 yrs., the mother of two daughters; md. (2), Mar. 10, 
1844, Caroline Griffin, who d., Jan. 6, 1892; nine children, 

1839; iT^d., 1869, Lovell Kilton, and settled in Grafton Cen- 
ter, N. H., where she d., 1870. 

(a) — ^Hattie Gertrude Kilton, b,. Mar. 2, 1870; md., June 
5, 1890, Fred A. Eastman, of Franklin, N. H. 

3913— SUSANNA T. STEARNS, b., Oct. 8, 1841; d., 
Dec. 2, 1841. 

3914— GEORGE L. STEARNS, b., Sept. 28, 1846; md. 
Ella Kemp, and settled in Fitchburg, Mass. 


3916— EMMA JANE STEARNS, b., May 4, 1848; md. 
(i). Mar. I, 1868, Charles Trask, who d., July 4, 1876; md. 
(2), Oct. II, 1878, John Lewis Avery, of Fitchburg, Mass. 

(a) — ^Emma Sadie Trask, b., Dec. 5, 1868, at Manches- 
ter, N. H.; in employ of Postal Telegraph Co. 

(b) — ^Herbert Arthur Trask, b., Feb. 25, 1872, in Man- 
chester, N. H.; on the reportorial ^taff of the New 
York Times. 

3917— BYRON A, STEARNS, b., July 12, i8qo, in Man- 
chester, N. H.; md. (i), Nov. 18', 1869, Clara E. Kendall, 
who d.. May 2, 1887; md. (2), Dec. 31, 1890, Mrs. Frances M. 
Knowles. He settled in Manchester, N, H,, where he is 
Superintendent of the Cemetery. 

3918— BLANCHE A. STEARNS, b., June i, 1871, in 
Manchester, N. H.; md., Oct. 5, 1892, Fred L. Murphy, of 
Manchester, N, H. 

3919— JAMES L. STEARNS, b,, Feb. 19, 1852, in Man- 
chester. N. H.; md.. Feb. 16, 1880, Ella A. Pickering; set- 
tled in Concord, N. H. 


3920— CARRIE ELINA STEARNS, b., Mar. 21, 1881. 

3921— HARRIET G. STEARNS, b., Nov. 8, 1853; d., 
July 30, 1863, at Manchester, N. H. 

3922— DE FORREST STEARNS, b., June 22, 1855; ma. 
(i), 1879, Margaret Rooney, who d., 1892; scettled in Man- 
chester, N. H. 

3923— MABEL STEARNS, b., Apr. 27, iJ 

3924— ANNA STEARNS, b., July 8, 1882. 

3925— WILLIE STEARNS, b., Jan. 10, 1884. 

3926— CARRIE" BELLE STEARNS, b., Apr. 20, 1S57, 
in Manchester, N. H.; md, Mr. St. George, and went to Lon- 
don, Eng. 

3927— HORACE STEARNS (1995), b., Nov. 28, 1818, 
son of Rufus and Sarah (Davis) Stearns, of Haverhill, N. H.; 
md.. May 6, 1841, Ehza P. Dow, of Goffstown, N. H., b., 
Oct. 31, 1818, who d., Feb. 6, 1879. He was a carpenter 
by trade, then a merchant, of Manchester, N. H., where he 
d., Aug. 9, 1895; six children. 

3928— CHARLES H. STEARNS, b., July 12, 1844, in 
Gofifstown, N. H.; md., Sept. 29, 1869, Georgiana E. Towle, 
of New London, N. H. He was a machinist of Manchester, 
N. H., where she d., Sept. 30, 1891 ; no children. He d.. Mar. 
21, 1898. 

3929_WILLIAM HENRY STEARNS, b., Dec. 26, 



26, 1845. 

Harriet Elizabeth d., June 24, 1849. 

William Henry was a machinist of Manchester, N. H.; 
md., June 28, 1893, Josephine R. Plummer, of Manchester. 

3931— SAMUEL LORING STEARNS, b., June 30, 1895, 
at Bedford, N. H. 

3932— SARAH E. STEARNS, b., Feb. 24, 1848, in Bed- 
ford, N. H.; md., Oct. i, 1868, Charles H. Farnham, b., Jan. 


31, 1845, a farmer and machinist, of North Andover, Mass., 
where they made their home; no children. 

3933_ARTHUR E. STEARNS, b., Dec. 21, 1852, in Bed- 
ford, N. H.; md., Nov. 18, 1893, Alice Grace Hibbard, dau. 
of Col. Ashley Hibbard, of Montreal, Canada. Mr. Stearns is 
a Civil Engineer by profession, and for over eighteen years 
has been Registrar of the Manchester Water Works. He 
has manifested much interest in the genealogy of his family, 
and supplied many facts and dates that would otherwise 
have been omitted. 

3934— HARRIET J. STEARNS, b., May 24, 1858, in 
Manchester, N. H.; unm. 

3935— EZRA B. STEARNS (1996), b., Jan. 28, 1820, 
son of Rufus and Sarah (Davis) Stearns, of Haverhill, N. 
H.; md., Jan. 6, 1845, Hannah S. Thurston, b., Dec. 4, 1825, 
in Manchester, N. H. He was a trader, dealing in mills, 
and d., Apr. 12, 1878; one son. 

3936— IRVING W. STEARNS, b., Feb. 23. 1859; a 
farmer, of Barnstead, N. H.; unm. 

3937— HIRAM STEARNS (1997), b., Mar. 6, 1821, son 
of Rufus and Sarah (Davis) Stearns, of Haverhill, N. H.; a 
merchant, of Manchester, N. H. He md., Dec. 8, 1844, 
Susan M, Glines, and settled in Manchester, N. H., where 
he d., Dec. 7, 1894. He served, during the Civil War, from 
1861 to 1864, in the Army of the Potomac. His six children 
were all born in Manchester. 

3938— HELEN L. STEARNS, b., Jan. 4, 1847; md., Nov. 
14, 1874, Eugene S. Whitney, of Manchester, N. H. 
(a) — Bertha Whitney, b., Aug. 5, 1877. 

3939— FRANK E. STEARNS, b., Sept. 23, 1849; md., 
P'eb. 15, 1 87 1, Gertrude A. Rice, who d.; two children. 

3940— ALICE G. STEARNS, b., June 5, 1873. 
3941— MARY L. STEARNS, b., Aug. 2, 1875. 

3942— ARIOSTO STEARNS, b., Oct. 3, 185 1; md. (i), 
Nov. 9, 1870; Mary Jane Whittier, who died; md. (2), Flora 


Scribner. He was a machinist, of Manchester, N. H.; one 

3943— BESSIE M. STEARNS, b., May 5, 1884. 

3944— ALICE L. STEARNS, b., May 14, 1854; md., June 
22, 1875, Edgar A. Thayer, of Winchester, N. H. 
(a) — Florence M. Thayer, b., June 11, 1882. 

3945— WALTER H. STEARNS, b, Sept. 16, 1856; d., 
Apr. 14, 1876. 

3946— CHARLES E. STEARNS, b., Oct. 23, 1859. 

3947— WARREN STEARNS (1998), b., Oct. 9, 1822, 
son of Rufus and Sarah (Davis) Stearns, of Haverhill, N. 
H.; md., Sept. 13, 1848, Susan C. Copp, of Manchester, N. 
H. He went to California when the gold fever was at its 
height; was a house-joiner, of Manchester; then settled, a 
farmer, at Hancock, N. H., where he d., Nov. 30, 1894; 
eight children. 

3948— ALICE M. STEARNS, b., Oct. 20, 1850, in Man- 
chester, N. H.; d., July 2, 1852. 

3949— FRED W. STEARNS, b., Dec. 6, 1852, in Man- 
chester, N. H.; d., Oct. 26, 1871. 

3950— NELLIE E. STEARNS, b., June i, 1855, in 
Haverhill, N. H.; md., Nov. 16, 1873, George Johnson, of 
Hancock, N. H. 

(a) — Fred Johnson, 
(b) — Arthur Johnson, 
(c) — Willie Johnson. 

3951— WILLIAM O. STEARNS, b., Apr. 14, 1859, in 
Plainfield, N. J.; md.. Mar. 26, 1890, Abbie Farwell, of 
Watertown, Mass.; two children. 

3952— FRED E. STEARNS, b., July 8, 1891. 

3953— ELEANOR STEARNS, b.. July 3, 1892. 

3954— ALVIN L. STEARNS, b., Jan. 16, 1862, in Man- 
chester, N. H.: md. Dec. 5, 1886. Adell Ware, of Hancock, 


3955— BERT G. STEARNS, b., June 22, 1865, in Han- 
cock, N. H.; md., Nov. 21, 1891, in Nashua, N. H., Carrie 
Turner, of Hallowell, Me. 

3956_NETTIE I. A. STEARNS, b., Jan. 14, 1871, in 
Hancock, N. H. 

3957— S. ADA STEARNS, b., Dec. 14, 1874, in Han- 
cock, N. H. 

3958— AMOS STEARNS (2003), b., Nov. 17, 1830, son 
of Rufus and Sarah (Davis) Stearns, of Haverhill, N. H.; 
md., Jan. 24, 1865, Lucy R. Merrill, b., Jan. 24, 1846, in 
Woodstock, N. H.; d., Jan. 13, 1895, in Newbury, Vt., of 
dropsy; six children. 

3959— AUGUSTA R. STEARNS, b., Jan. 19, 1866, in 
ETaverhill, N. H.; md., July 4, 1895, John Maybury. 

3960— CORA M. STEARNS, b., June 3, 1868. in Haver- 
hill, N. H .; md., June 3, 1893, Charles Marden. 

3961— ROSE L. STEARNS, b., July 3, 1870, In Ells- 
worth, N. H.; md., Oct. 3, 1893, Malcolm W. Brock. 

3962— GEORGE A. STEARNS, b., Nov. 20, 1872, in 
Haverhill, N. H.; md., Aug. 3, 1896, Grace M. Prescott. 

3963— FRED M. STEARNS, b., Jan. 24, 1878, in Haver- 
hill, N. H. 

3964— CHARLES M. STEARNS, b., June 10, 1880, in 
Bradford, Vt. 

3965— JOHN S. STEARNS (2004), b., July 13, 1834, son 
of Rufus and Sarah (Davis) Stearns, of Haverhill, N. H.; md. 
(i), July 12, 1863, Myra J. Strait, who d., Oct. 14. 1868; 
no children. He md. (2), Mar. 20, 1870, Mrs. Sarah M. 
Flint, of Winchendon, Mass.; settled in Fitchburg, Mass.; 
one son. 

3966— RUFUS ALDEN STEARNS, b., Oct. 6, 1873. 

3967— RUFUS STEARNS (2009), b., Sept. 3. 1804, son 
of Dea. Josiah and Lucy (Allen) Stearns, of Wilmington, 
Vt.; a house-carpenter and joiner, and Justice of the Peace; 


md., Mar. 6, 1828, Jane G. Ross, b., Feb. 3, 1802, dau. of 
Dr. Samuel Ross, of Coleraine, Mass. They had six chil- 

3968— CHILD, b. and d., Feb., 1829. 
3969— CATHERINE R. STEARNS, b., Oct. 9, 1830. 
3970— CHARLOTTE E. STEARNS, b., Mar. 29. 1832. 
3971— JOSEPH M. STEARNS, b., Dec. 18, 1833; d., July 
19, 1837. 

3972— RUFUS HENRY STEARNS, b., July 7, 1835. 

3973— SARAH JANE STEARNS, b., Sept. 10, 1843. 

3974— HORACE STEARNS (2012), b., Feb. 23, 181 1, 
son of Dea. Josiah and Lucy (Allen) Stearns, of Wilming- 
ton, Vt.; md., Dec. 3, 1834, Lucretia A. Tanner; five chil- 






3980— PHINEHAS STEARNS (2020), b.. Mar. 20, 
1806, son of Daniel and Elizabeth (Hey wood) Stearns, of 
Wilmington, Vt.; md., Sept., 1830, Lovica Fisher, dau. ot 
Sylvanus and Zerviah Fisher, of Gerry, N. Y., where lie set- 
tled; three children. 

3981— FREEMAN STEARNS, b., Apr. i, 1832. 

3982— POLLY STEARNS, b., Feb. 10, 1836. 

3983— CHARLES STEARNS, b., Oct., 1838. 

3984— REV. DANIEL MERRILL STEARNS (2021), b., 
Sept. 23, 1807, son of Daniel and Elizabeth (Heyivood) 
Stearns, of Brattleboro. Vt.; md.. Mar. 10, 1837, Delia Prior, 
dau. of Elijah Prior, of Northampton. Portage Co., O. He 
became an itinerant minister of the Pittsburg Annual Con- 
ference of the M. E. Church, in 1833, and, in 1848, belonged 
to the Erie Annual Conference; three children. 


3985— WILLIAM W. STEARNS, b., Apr. 12, 1838, in 
Northampton, O. 

3986— LAURA E. STEARNS, b., Aug., 1840. 

3987— HARRIET A. STEARNS, b., 1842, in Franklin, 
Portage Co., O . 

3988— ISAAC NEWTON STEARNS (2023), b., May 24, 
1810, one of twin boys, children of Daniel and Elizabeth 
(Heywood) Stearns, of Vermont; md., 1840, Lucy Hatch, 
dau. of Dexter and Sally Hatch, of Gerry, Chautauqua Co., 
N. Y. In 1845, he removed to Freeport, III., where his 
father joined him, in 1846; four children. 

3989— OLIVE STEARNS, b., Feb. 15, 1841. 

3990— GEORGE STEARNS, b.. Aug., 1842; d., July, 

3991— MANDRON MASON STEARNS, b., Jan. 11, 

3992— JANET STEARNS, b., Jan. 19, 1847. 

3993— CHARLES STEARNS (2025), b.. Mar. 15, 1814, 
son of Daniel and Elizabeth (Heywood) Stearns, of Vermont; 
md.. Mar., 1845, Elvira Statira Jones, dau. of Alexander and 
Louisa Jones, of Jamestown, Chautauqua Co., N. Y. ; two 

3994— "ELLIC" EMERSON STEARNS, b., Feb. 15. 


3996— JOSEPH STEARNS (2034), b., Apr. 2, 1797, son 
of John and Priscilla (Holt) Stearns, of Bethel, Me.; a farmer, 
who md., Jan. 30, 1827, Mary Dustin, of Bethel, Me., where 
they settled; eight children. 

3997— CORDELIA STEARNS, b., May 8, 1827. 


3999— JOHN H. STEARNS, b.. May 22, 1831. 


4000— JOSEPH HENRY STEARNS, b., May 29, 1833. 

4002— ALBERT L. STEARNS, b., Apr. 28, 1S38. 

4003— EDWARD PAYSON STEARNS, b., June 10, 

4004— DAUGHTER, b., Feb. 14, 1844. 

4005— JAMES STEARNS (2036), b., July 8, 1802, son of 
John and Priscilla (Holt) Stearns, of Bethel, Me.; d., June 
17, 1844; md., Mar. 22, 1827, Susan (Brown) Stearns, widow 
of his brother, Calvin (2032); six children. 

4006— JOHN CALVIN STEARNS, b., Sept. 23, 1827. 

4007— NANCY STEARNS, b., Apr. 16, 1829; d., Oct., 

4008— NANCY STEARNS, b., June 28, 1830; d., July 4, 

4009— MARY AUGUSTA STEARNS, b., Aug. 8, 1831. 

4010— JAMES C. STEARNS, b., Jan. 25, 1836. 

401 1— CHARLES H. STEARNS, b., Nov. 25, 1838. 

4012— SUMNER STEARNS (2044), b., June 21, 1802, 
son of Thomas and Lois (Colby) Stearns, of Bethel, Me.; a 
farmer, on the homestead, in Bethel, Me. He md., Mar. 2, 
1824, Mahala Bessey, of Paris, Me., b., July 26, 1806, who d., 
Sept. 7, 1873. Mr. Stearns d., July 17, 1871; seven chil- 

1830; d., July, 1830. 

July 19, 1831. 

4015— MATILDA A. STEARNS, b., June 16, 1833; md. 
Asa Turner. 

4016— FRANCES STEARNS, b., May 16, 1836; md., Mr. 


4017— LYDIA STEARNS, b., Jan. 4, 1839; d., May, 

4018— EDWIN H. STEARNS, b., Nov. 14, 1840; md. 
Miss Kidder; was in service during Civil War. 

4019— HENRY JONES STEARNS, b., June 26, 1842; 
md. Miss West. 

4020— THOMAS STEARNS JR. (2047), b., Jan. 18, 
1807, son of Thomas and Lois (Colby) Stearns, of Bethel, 
Me.; md. (i), Apr. 4, 1833, Annie Powers, of Hanover, Me., 
who d., 1842. He md. (2), June, 1843, E^nily M. Rowe, of 
Newry, Me., who d., Oct., 1857, aged 33 yrs., the mother of 
six children. He md. (3), Mrs. Abigail (Bancroft) Blodgett, 
of Norway, Me., b., 181 1, who had two sons by her first hus- 

"Thomas Stearns Jr. was a good farmer, and enjoyed it. 
He was a most industrious man, and, having learned the 
shoemaker's trade when young, frequently worked at both." 
He d., June 6, 1888, in Bethel, Me.; ten children. 

4021 — CHILD, b. and d., 1834. 

4022— LYMAN JOHNSON STEARNS, b., Oct. 13, 
1836; d., "when a little boy." 

4023^INFANT, d., 1838. 

4042— PRESCOTT STEARNS, b., Nov. 12, 1839; en- 
listed in the Union Army, Oct. 9, 1861, for service during the 
Civil War; was taken with the measles, and d., Jan. 25, 1862, 
in Augusta, Me.; was buried beside his mother, at Han- 
over, Me. 

4025— GEORGE LYMAN STEARNS, b., Oct. 16, 1844; 
d., Feb. 17, 1745. 

4026— ANNIE MARIA STEARNS, b., Feb. 27, 1846; 
md., Aug. 3, 1868, William Dexter Brown, a farmer, who 
settled in Freeport, Me., where their first four boys were 

(a) — Omar P. Brown, b., June 7, 1869. 

(b) — Herbert L. Brown, b., July 22, 1874. 


(c)— Fred S. Brown, b., Feb. 23, 1882. 
(d) — Chester A. Brown, b., Sept. 7, 1884. 

4027— MARY A. STEARNS, b., Oct. 15, 1848; d., Oct. 
26, 1852. 

4028— EMMA LOUISE STEARNS, b., Aug. 20, 1850; 
resident of Bethel, Me., where she made a home for her 
step-mother's decHning years. We have received from her 
much information concerning this family. 

4029— LOUIS COLBY STEARNS, b., May 5, 1853; 
md.. May 26, 1878, Celestia R. Trask, of Springfield, Me. 
He studied at Gould Academy, Bethel, Me., and was a mem- 
ber of the class of 1876, Colby Univ., Waterville, Me. He 
came to the bar in 1876; was a Judge of Probate for Arro- 
stook Co., Me., for four years; was member of Legislature in 
1889 and 1891. "He was counsel for Dr. Geo. F. Weed, who 
was tried in Bangor, Me., in 1889, for being principal in the 
robbery of and assault upon Peter Bennett of Plymouth. The 
trial, which attracted wide attention, terminated in Dr. 
Weed's acquittal." He is a resident of Caribou, Me., and 
his high professional standing reflects credit upon the Aroo- 
stook Bar and the town of his adoption. 

4030— LOUIS COLBY STEARNS JR., b., Apr. 25, 1880. 

1856; a farmer, on the homestead at Bethel, Me. He md., 
Mar. 3, 1885, Dora M. Jackson, of Norway, Me. 

4032— GWENDOLINE IVA STEARNS, b., July i^, 

4033— EARLE JACKSON STEARNS, b., Aug. 17, 

4034— RUFUS STEARNS (2048), b.. Mar. 8, 181 1, son of 
Thomas and Lois (Colby) Stearns, of Bethel Me.; md. La- 
vinia Fames, of Newry, Me.; three children. 


4036— ELI F. STEARNS. 

4037— IRVING STEARNS, grad. Bowdoin Coll. 


4038— THEODORE STEARNS (2056), b., Mar. 4, 1793, 
son of Charles and Thankful (Bartlett) Stearns, of Bethel, 
Me.; md., Oct. 30, 1818, Mary (Polly) Bessey, b., 1797, dau. 
of John and Mercy (Morton) Bessey, of Paris, Me.; her 
brother, Anthony Bessey, md. her hijsband's sister, Thank- 
ful Stearns (2059). Theodore Stearns had eleven children. 

4039— MARY ANN STEARNS, b., Sept. 25, 1819. 

4040— SARAH JANE STEARNS, b., Julv 3, 1821. 

4041— PHINEHAS STEARNS, b., Feb. 22, 1823. 

4042— LEVI STEARNS, b., Feb. 22, 1825. 

4043— MARK EMERY STEARNS, b., Dec. 8, 1826. 

4044— LOUISA AMANDA STEARNS, b., Au^. 23, 
1828; d., Sept., 1829. 

4045— MARTHA LOUISA STEARNS, b., Oct. i, 1830. 

4046— NANCY STEARNS, b., July 16, 1832. 

Nov., 1835. 

4048— NATHAN STEARNS, b., Apr. 16, 1837; d., June 
16, 1837. 

Stearns, b., Dec. 7, 1840. 

4050— DR. CHARLES STEARNS JR. (2057), b., Mar. 
10, 1795, son of Charles and Thankful (Bartlett) Stearns, 
of Bethel, Me.; a physician and Justice of the Peace, who 
settled first in Sangersville, and, in 1826, in St. George, Me. 
He md.. May 22, 18 19, Elizabeth (Betsy) Fuller, b., Feb. 
20, 1792, who d., May 20, 185 1, dau. of Dea. Thomas and 
Elizabeth (Bond) Fuller, of Jay, Me. After the death of 
Mrs. Stearns's mother, in 1798, her father md., Aug., 1799. 
her husband's aunt, Martha Stearns (890), and d., June 26, 
1844; six children. 

4051— ELIZABETH BOND STEARNS, b., Oct. 6, 1820; 
md. Capt. Ranlitt, a ship-master, of Thomaston, Me. 



4053— ELIAS BOND STEARNS, b. and d., 1824. 

4054— SARAH FULLER STEARNS, b., Feb. 22, 1826. 

4055— HARRIET FARNHAM STEARNS, b., Jan. 16, 

4056— CHARLES HENRY STEARNS, b., May 6, 

4057— PHINEHAS STEARNS (2060), b., Dec. 17, 1803, 
son of Charles and Thankful (Bartlett) Stearns, of Bethel, 
Me.; a saddler and harnessmaker, of Bethel, Me.; md., Jan. 
22, 1835, Betsy Martin, of Rumford, Me.; d., May 22, 1890; 
five children. 

4058— NATHAN KIMBALL STEARNS (5168), b., Oct. 
29, 1835- 


I, 1837- 

4060— DANIEL MARTIN STEARNS, b.. Nov. 24, 

4061— PHINEHAS STEARNS JR., b., Mar. 7, 1841. 
4062— HENRY BOND STEARNS, b., July 12, 1846. 

4063— JONATHAN STEARNS (2061), b., Aug. 4, tSo6, 
son of Charles and Thankful (Bartlett) Stearns, of Bethel, 
Me.; lived on his father's homestead, at Bethel, Me.; md., 
Mar. 27, 1836, Mary Chapman, of Bethel, Me., b., Feb. to. 
1812, who d., Feb. 25, 1874; eight children. 

5, 1836. 

4065— HELEN S. STEARNS, b., Feb. 25, 1838. 

4066— MARY C. STEARNS, b., Aug. 11, 1840; d. 

4067— ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., Feb. 7, 1842. 

4068— JANE D. STEARNS, b., Oct. 19. 1843; d. 

4069— NEWTON S. STEARNS, b., Apr. 29, 1845. 

16, 1847; of Colorado 


4071— SARAH A. STEARNS, b., Oct. 30, 1851. , 

Apr. II, 1821, son of Charles and Thankful (Bartlett) 
Stearns, of Bethel, Me.; md., Dec. 17, 1842, Julia Andres, of 
Bethel, Me.; two children. 

4073— JULIA STEARNS, b., Sept. 10, 1843. 

4074— PHIDELLAS F. STEARNS, b., Jan. 23, 1845. 

4075— RUFUS STEARNS (2072), b., Apr. 19, 181 1, son 
of Josiah and Elizabeth (Wight) Stearns, of Bilead, Me.; a 
farmer, of Gilead; md., 1836, Ann Conner, of Gilead, Me.; 
three children. 

4076— ANNE ELIZA STEARNS, b., Aug. 6, 1837. 

4077— JOSEPH STEARNS, b., May 6, 1839; d., Nov., 

4078— JOSEPH STEARNS, b., July 27, 1842. 

(2083), b., Dec. 23, 1808, son of Capt. George Washington 
and Hannah (Goddard) Stearns, of Brookline, Mass.; a 
farmer, of Brookline. He md. (i), Mar. 9, 1837, Harriet 
Green Parker, b., Oct. 26, 1814, dau. of John Brooks and 
Hannah Maria Parker, of Brighton, Mass. She d., Oct. 
28, 1838, leaving one child, and he md. (2), June 17, 1840, 
Caroline Eliza Parker, b., Oct. 6, 1820, sister of his first 
wife. His death occurred, Mar. 20, 1883, and his widow d., 
May 25, 1891, in Boston, Mass.; twelve children, 

1838; d., Dec. 12, 1890, in Brookline, Mass. 

4081— GEORGE THEODORE STEARNS, b., Apr. 16, 
1841; served in the Civil War, as private in Co. B., 22nd. 
Mass. Inf.; d., July 5, 1864, in Washington, D. C, from 
wounds received in the Battle of the Wilderness. He re- 
fused an officer's commission, because he thought he could 
not be a Christian man and an officer. 

4082— ELIZA GODDARD STEARNS, b., Sept. 17 
1842; d., July 7, 1871, in Brookline, Mass. 


4083— FRANCIS GILBERT STEARNS, b., Dec. 27, 
1843; md., Feb. 23, 1886, Annie C. McKenzie, of Nova 
Scotia, b., Apr,, 1864; one daughter, 

4084— EMMA OILMAN STEARNS, b,. Mar. 28, 1889. 
in Wayland, Mass. 

4085— WILLIAM HENRY STEARNS, b., June i, 1846; 
md., Sept. 18, 1884, Cora A. Small, of Wendell, Mass.; one 

3, 1885, in Wendell, Mass. 


4088— SARAH LOUISA STEARNS, b., Nov. 13, 1851; 
resident of Brookline, Mass.; unm. 

4089— MARY CAROLINE STEARNS, b., July 11, 
1853; d.. May 23, 1854, in Brookline, Mass. 


4091— EMMA PARKER STEARNS, b., July 15, 1858; 
d., Apr. 20, 1873. 

4092— JOHN JOSEPH STEARNS, b., Dec. 17, 1859. 

4093— LAURA GREENE STEARNS, b., Mar. 2^, 1862; 
d., May 25, 1869. 

4094— JOHN GODDARD STEARNS (2084), b., June 
2j, 1810, son of Capt. George Washington and Hannah 
(Goddard) Stearns, of Brookhne, Mass.; a manutacturer, of 
New York City, who removed to Brookline, in. 1861. He 
md.. May 28, 1834, Elizabeth Stearns (C. Stearns, 6605), b., 
Oct. 17, 1809, who d., Feb. 8, 1882, dau. of Charles and 
Nancy (Flagg) Stearns, of Brookline, Mass.; d., Apr. 8, 
1879; five children. 

4095— JOHN GODDARD STEARNS JR., b., May 18, 
1843; "id., Dec. 5, 1866, Ellen Elizabeth Abbott, b., Apr. 7, 
1843; two children. 



4097— FRANK ABBOTT STEARNS, b., Jan. 24, 1870. 

1845; ni<^-' Sept. 4, 1873, Mary De Witt Baldwin, b.. Mar. 4, 
1847; three children. 

18, 1874. 

4iO(^-MINNIE ELISE STEARNS, b., Apr. 12, 1880 

4101— MABEL LILLIAN STEARNS, b., Apr. 12, 1880. 

1848; md., Oct. 2, 1873, John V. B. Bleecker, b., Aug. 16, 
1847, Lieut. U. S. Navy; two children. 

(a) — Elsie Lynch Bleecker, b., Dec. 23, 1875. 

(b) — John Stearns Bleecker, b., Apr. 8, 1878. 

4103— JOSEPH GODDARD STEARNS, b., Mar. 12, 
1849; Asst. Sec. Old Colony Trust Co., Boston. Mass.; md. 
(i), Oct. II, 1880, Minnie Bangs, b., Apr. 17, 1859; who d., 
Feb. 8, 1890; md. (2), Sept. 5, 1894, Rosa Lincoln; two 

22, 1882. 

4105— MILDRED BANGS STEARNS, b.. May 10, 1887. 

4106— EMMA LOUISA STEARNS, b., Nov. 20, 1853; 
md. (i), Dec. 21, 1874, Charles L. Cassin, b.. May 9, 1846, 
who d., Jan. 14, 1878; md. (2), Apr. 26, 1888, Charles D. M 
Cole; four children. 

'(a) — Joseph Stearns Cassin, b., June 10, 1877. 

(b) — Charles L. Cassin, Jr., b., Oct. 6, 1878. 

(c) — ^Minna Cole, b., Nov. 5, 1890; d., Oct. 7, 1891. 

(d) — Hugh Livingston Morris Cole, b.. May 13, 1894. 

4107— JOSEPH GODDARD STEARNS (2087), b., May 
24, 1819, son of Capt. George Washington and Hannah 
(Goddard) Stearns, of BrookHne, Mass.; a clerk in Boston, 
Mass., who d., Feb. 6. 1849; md., July 28, 1844, Mary EHza 
Twitchell Payne, of Boston, Mass.; one son. 



4109— SAMUEL STEARNS JR., (2092), b., Oct. 2, 1784, 
son of Samuel and Sarah (Davis) Stearns, of Chesterfield. 
N. H.; a lumber-dealer and wooden-ware manufacturer; 
sevred in war of 1812. He md., Oct. 2, 1804, Salome Amidon, 
who d., 1855, in Washington Co., N. Y., dau. of Ephraim 
Amidon, of Chesterfield, N. H. Mr. Stearns d., Oct. 9, 1870, 
at Creek Center, Warren Co., N. Y. ; eleven children. 

4100— STEPHANUS STEARNS, b., June 10, 1805, in 
Chesterfield. N. H.; md. Olive Perry, and settled in Wash- 
ington Co., N. Y., where he d., July 8, 1875; two children. 

41 1 1— SALLY STEARNS, of Danbury, Ct. 

41 12— HENRY FREMONT STEARNS, of Saratoga 
Springs, N. Y. 

4113— SETH STEARNS, b., Sept. 6, 1807, in Chester- 
field, N. H.; md, Sarah Perry, and settled at Granville, 
Washington Co., N. Y., where he d,, Feb., 1895; one 

41 14— ELLA STEARNS, md. Mr. Kirkham, and settled 
in Glens Falls, N. Y. 

4115— ASHLEY STEARNS, b., Aug. 13, 1809, in Ches- 
terfield, N. H.; md. Mary Ann Newton, and settled in 
Washington Co., N. Y. ; one son, 

4116— ASAHEL STEARNS, of West Granville, Wash- 
ington Co., N. Y. 

4117— PHINEAS STEARNS, b., Oct. 20, 1810, in Ches- 
terfield, N, H.; d., Jan. 26, 1829, at Hartford, Washington 
Co., N. Y. 

4118— PARLINA STEARNS, b., Apr. 28, 1813, in Ches- 
terfield, N. H.; md. John Bingham, and settled at Sandy 
Hill, N. Y., where she d. 

4119— LOVICA STEARNS, b., Apr. 21, 1815, in Ches- 
terfield, N. H.: md. Jacob Ormsby, and settled in Wash- 
ington Co., N. Y.; d., Oct. 25, 1888. 


4120 SAMUEL STEARNS, b., Feb. 13, 1817, in Ches- 
terfield, N. H.; d. Mar. 13, 1819, at Marlboro, Vt. 

4121— SAMUEL STEARNS, 3d. (5173), b., Aug. 28, 

4122— JAMES ELLIOTT STEARNS (5177), b., Feb. 10, 

4123— MARY JANE STEARNS, b., Dec. 21, 1828, in 
Llari-ford, N. Y. ; md. James Ackley, and settled at Stony 
Creek, N. Y., where she d., June 19, 1880. 

4124— DR. PHINEAS SEWALL STEARNS (5185), b., 
July 31, 1830. 

4125— SQUIRE SEWALL STEARNS (2096), b., Dec. i, 
1895, son of Samuel and Sarah (Davis) Stearns, of Chester- 
field, N. H.; md.. 1819, Lydia Scott, dau. of Waitstill Scott, 
and, in 1824, settled in Allegany Co., N. Y., where he d. 
Mrs. Lydia (Scott) Stearns, d., 1872; ten children. 

4126— CHAUNCEY STEARNS, b., 1820; md.; d., 1889. 

4127— HENRY W. STEARNS, b., 1822; moved to Mich- 
igan; left sons in Plainwell, Mich. 

4128— HORACE SEWALL STEARNS, b., Oct. 10, 
1824; in Friendship, Allegany Co., N. Y.; d., Nov. 12, 1896. 

4129— LYDIA STEARNS, b., 1826; d., 1892. 

4130— ALEXANDER STEARNS, b., 1828; d. 

4131— HEPZIBAH STEARNS, b., 1830. 

4132— ALONZO STEARNS, b., 1832; d. in youth. 

4133— LEWIS STEARNS, b., 1834. 

4134— NORMAN STEARNS, b., 1836; of Belmont, 

N. Y. 

4135— URSULA STEARNS, b., 1838; d., 1872. 

4136— PRESTON STEARNS (2103), b., Mar. 20, 181 1, 
son of Samuel and Lydia (Preston) Stearns, of Chesterfield, 
N. H.; md., Feb. 10, 1834, Eliza Farr. He was a farmer, 
of Chesterfield, N. H., where he d., Apr. 23, 1890; seven 


4137— ELIZA E. STEARNS, b., Nov. 12, 1834; md., 
June 6, 1852, Warren W. Farr, a farmer and miller of West 
Chesterfield, N. H., where they have always resided; no chil- 

4138— ADALINE S. STEARNS, b., Aug. 27, 1836; md., 
Jan. 25, 1854, Asa Farr; settled in Chesterfield, N. H., where 
she d.. Mar. 17, 1894. 

4139— ORRIN P. STEARNS, b., Apr. 23, 1839; was 
drowned while bathing in the Connecticut River, July 7, 

4140— MARY E. STEARNS, b., Aug. 26, 1843; md., 
June 19, 1873, Hazen Carlton, of Sherburne, Vt. They 
have made their home in Janiaica Plains, Mass. 

4141— CORDIS R. STEARNS, b., Nov. 20, 1846; md., 
Feb. 13. 1872, Ella C. Albee, dau. of Prescott Albee, of 
West Chesterfield, N. H. They settled at Seneca Falls, 
N. Y. 

4142— MARTHA ANN STEARNS, b., Aug. 14, 1850; 
d., June I, 1865. 

4143— HART W. STEARNS, b., Dec. 13, 1853; md., Mar. 
15, 1881, Maria Phoebe Tyler, of Newfane, Vt. He settled 
on the old farm where his father and grandfather made their 

4144— ROYAL C. STEARNS (2108), b., July 8, 1800, 
son of Abijah and Lydia (Davis) Stearns, of Windsor, Vt. ;^ 
a farmer, of Fairfield, Vt. He md., 1826, Paulina Prindle, 
and settled in Fairfield, Franklin Co., Vt., where he d., July 
15, 1 881; eight children. 

4i45_FREDERICK M. STEARNS, b., June 25, 1827; 
md.. May 4, 1863, Mrs. Eunice Leach, and settled in Fair- 
field, Vt.; one daughter. 

4146— MYRTLE L. STEARNS, b., 1865. 

4147— DANIEL F. STEARNS, b., Dec. 3, 1828; md.. 
Feb. 28, 1855, Rhoda L. Russell, and settled, a farmer, in 
Cavendish, Vt. ; three children. 


4148— EDNA R. STEARNS, b,, Sept. 3, 1856, in Cav- 
endish, Vt.; md., Mar. 5, 1890, Frank W. Stearns (4166), 
and settled in Lowell, Mass. 

4149— WALTER L. STEARNS, b., June 15, i860, in 
Plymouth, Vt.; a carpenter by trade; unm. 

4150— CAROLA M. STEARNS, b., Feb. 19, 1863, in 
Plymouth, Vt.; unm. 

4151— ROYAL JACKSON STEARNS, b., Dec. 19, 1829; 
md., Jan. 18, 1863, Minerva M. Lanham. They settled near 
North Madison, Ind., then removed to Vincennes, Knox 
Co., Ind.; two children. 

4152 -LENA A. STEARNS, b., Jan. 11, 1864. 

4153— WILLIE J. STEARNS, b., Dec. 17, 1871; d., 
Sept. 12, 1872. 

4154— LYDIA L. STEARNS, b., May i, 1831; md., Dec. 
6, 1846, David L. Locklin; settled in Vermont. 

4155—0. SABRINA STEARNS, b., Aug. 27, 1832; md., 
Dec. 4, i860, Justin C. Converse; settled in Bakersfield, Vt. 

415^— MARY L. STEARNS, b., Nov. 6, 1834; md., Apr. 
8, 1876, Josiah C. Taylor; settled in Plymouth, Vt. 

4157— ALFRED R. STEARNS, b., July 5, 1836; d., June 
16, 1842. 

4158— BETSY P. STEARNS, b., Nov. 5, 1838; md.. Mar. 
16, 1871, George A. Clay, of Plymouth, Vt. 

4159— LOREN W. STEARNS (2109), b., Oct. 23, 1803, 
son of Abijah and Lydia (Davis) Stearns, of Windsor, Vt.; 
a farmer of West Windsor, Vt., where he d., Feb. 28, 1871. 
He md.. 1823, Sarah Taylor and settled in Fairfax, Vt., until 
1825, when they removed to West Windsor; nine children. 

4160-MARCIA L. STEARNS, b., Oct. 3, 1824, in Fair- 
fax, Vt.; md. Lemuel Price; d., Nov. 26, 1871. 

4161— CARLOS C. STEARNS, b., Mar. 8, 1827, in West 
Windsor, Vt.; d., Feb. 28, 1835. 

4162— ELLEN L. STEARNS, b., Dec. 29, 1829, in West 


Windsor, Vt.; md. Dexter P. Gates, of Reading, Vt; d., Dec. 
25, 1893. 

4163— SARAH S. STEARNS, b., Oct. 30, 1832, in West 
Windsor, Vt.; md. Allen B. Nichols; d., Apr. 28, 1878. 

4164— MARIETTE STEARNS, b., Nov. 24, 1834^ in 
West Windsor Vt; md. Silas A. Robinson and settled m 
Reading-, Vt. 

4165— CHARLES W. STEARNS, b.. Mar. 17, i839; i" 
West Windsor, Vt.; occupation, farming and lumbering. 
He md. Julia A. Piper, and settled in West Wmdsor, Vt., 
where their three children were born. 

4166— FRANK W. STEARNS, b., Mar. 12. 1867; a clerk, 
of Lowell, Mass., who md., Mar. 5- 1890. Edna R. Stearns 

4i67_LENA M. STEARNS, b., Sept. 20 1870; d., Oct. 

24, 1890. 

4168-GEORGE H. STEARNS, b., Oct. 2, 187^4^ was 
accidentally killed by the faUing of a shed, Jan. 30, 1883. 

4169— ORLANDO F. STEARNS, b., Dec. 30, 1841: d., 
Apr. 20, 1857. 

.i7C^WARREN STEARNS, b., Dec. 30, 1843; a farmer, 
of Chelsea, Orange Co., Vt.; md. (i), Oct. 22, 1869, Fanme 
AdeUne Dickerman, who d., Mar. 5. 1880, mother of four 
children; md. (2), Jan. 15. 1883, Melinda Clough. 

4i7i_EDGAR WARREN STEARNS, b., Oct. 14, 1871; 
d., Apr. 5, 1875. 

4i72_ARTHUR ELBERT STEARNS, b.. May 13. i873- 

4i73_CLARENCE D. STEARNS, b., Jan. 2, 1879. 

4174— FANNIE MARTHA STEARNS, b., Feb. 9, 1880. 

4X75_FRANCES A. STEARNS, b., Sept. 14, 1847; md.. 
John Nichols, of West Windsor, Vt. 

4176— LYMAN STEARNS (2115), b., May 30, 1814, son 
of Jonas Boardman and Polly (Page) Stearns, of Marlboro, 
Vt • a carpenter, of Bellows Falls, Vt.; md., 1838, Susan 
Marvin; d., Aug. 2=;, 1874. at Grafton, Vt.; six children. 

John W. Stearns. 


4i77_PHOEBE ANN STEARNS, b., Mar. 5, 1839, at 
Westminster, Vt. ; md., 18.^8, Erastus Smith, and settled at 
Saxton's River, Vt., where she d., Sept. 20, 1861. 

b., Aug. 29, 1840, at Bellows Falls, Vt. 

1842, at Somerset, Vt.; d., Sept., 185 1, at Westminster, Vt. 

4180— ELLA ELIZA STEARNS, b., Nov. 24, 1849, at 
Westminster, Vt. ; md., May 18, 1868, John Wesley Adams, 
b., May 17, 1847, of Winchendon, Mass., afterwards of Shel- 
burne Falls, Mass. 

4181— SUSAN HELEN STEARNS, b., June 7, 1852, at 
Westminster, Vt.; d., June 23, 1852. 

4182— EMMA LOUISA STEARNS, b., Oct. 16, 1856, at 
Westminster, Vt. ; md. James E. Teele, of Winchendon, 
Mass., where she d., Jan. 27. 

4183— JOHN WALKER STEARNS (2138), b., Sept. 12, 
1806, son of Col. Benjamin and Bathsheba (Egerton) 
Stearns, of Langdon, N. H.; a merchant, of Peru, N. Y., 
afterwards, of Chicago, 111. He md., July 12, 1837, Betsy 
Maria Eaton, dau. of Dr. Eaton, of Keeseville, N. Y. ; d., 
Mar. 19, 1890, in his eighty-fourth year; six children. 

4184— JAMES EGERTON STEARNS, b., June 15, 1838; 
md.. May 21, 1868, Annette Freeman, of Chicago, III; d., 
Apr. 5, 1873, leaving one dau. 

4185— MARIA ANNETTE STEARNS, b., June 19, 1871. 

4186— FRANCES MARIA STEARNS, b., June 27, 1840. 

1842; md., Aug. 12, 1873, John C. Whitmarsh, of Chicago, 

4188— JANE ABIGAIL STEARNS, b., Aug. 24. 1844. 

4189— lOHN WALKER STEARNS JR.. b., June 19, 

1851; md. and lived in Chicago, 111. 


4191— WARREN STEARNS (2145). b., Feb. 6, 1815 .son 
of Thomas and Lydia (Rhoades) Stearns, of Grafton, Vt.; 
md. (i), 6ept. 12, 1837, Sarah Chamberlain, of Barnard, 
Vt., who was the mother of his children and d., 1844; md. 
(2), Oct. 23, 1845, Mrs. Charlotte Joy (Norcross) Wiswell, 
of Dummerston, Vt., who d., Oct. 20, 1871; md. (3), 1872, 
Mrs. Harriet P. White, of Waukesha, Wis. He was Post- 
master and merchant, also Station-agent for Central Ver- 
mont R. R., at West Braintree, Vt., where he d. Nov. 10, 
1881; three children. 

4192— SARAH MARIA STEARNS, b., July 14, 1838, in 
Grafton, Vt.; after her fathers death carried on his business; 
Postmistress and marchant, of West Braintree, Vt.; unm. 

4193— WARREN EVERETT STEARNS (5195), b.. 
Mar. 10, 1841. 

4i94^MARY ADELAIDE STEARNS, b., Jan. 26, 1844, 
in Grafton, Vt,; d., Aug. 3, 185 1, in Bellows Falls, Vt. 

4195— DAVID STEARNS (2146), b., Jan. 2, 1817, son 
of Thomas and Lydia (Rhoades) Stearns, of Grafton, Vt.: 
a farmer, of Putney, Vt., who held many town offices and 
was Deputy U. S. Marshal under the first Cleveland admin- 
istration. He md., Dec. 22, 1842, Abby C. Irving, of 
Gorham, Me.; settled in Putney, where both d.; his death 
occurring, Apr. 15, 1890, and hers, Feb. 26, 1894; three 

Oct. 6, 1843. 

4197— EDWARD EVERETT STEARNS, d., aged three 

1850, in Grafton, Vt.; md., Mar. 10, 1870, Dudley H. Ken- 
drick, of Heath, Mass.; they settled in Amherst, Mass., 
where she d., July 13, 1896; one chil. 

(a) — Maude Irving Kendrick, b., June 19, 1872, at 
Putney, Vt. 

4199— JAMES WOODS STERNS (2152), b., Saturdav, 
Mar. 25, 1810, son of Tames Jr. and Nancy (Woods) Sterns, 


of Concord, Mass.; went to Skaneateles, N. Y., at the age 
of 21, where he eng-aged in teaching, ahhough a mason, by 
trade. Me md., July i, 1832, Almira Granger, b., June 7, 
1810, who d., Nov. 16, 1857; d., Jan. 22, 1880, in Skaneateles, 
N. Y. ; eight children. 

4200— NANCY LOUISE STERNS, b., June 15, 1833; 
d., June 28, 1834. 

4201— JANE E. STERNS, b., May 3, 1835; d., July 18, 

4202— CHARLES STERNS, b., Dec. 17, 1837; md., 1872, 
Almira Brown; d., Nov. 23, 1887. 

4203— GEORGE STERNS, b., June 7, 1840. 

4204— MARY A. STERNS, b., Nov. 4, 1843; md., Sept. 
15, 1859, Richard M. Stacey, of Skaneateles, N. Y.; six 

4205— CYNTHIA STERNS, b., Nov. 28, 1844; d., June 
3, 1848. 

4206— CALVIN STERNS, b., Apr. 28, 1847; d., Dec. 23, 

4207— EVA L. STERNS, b., Aug. 15, 1853; md., Nov. 22, 
1872, W. H. Smith; d., Apr. 23, 1890. 

4208— CHARLES SPRING STERNS (2154), b., Tues- 
day, Mar. I, 1814, son of James Jr. and Nancy (Woods) 
Sterns, of Concord, Mass.; d., Sept. 16, 1864. He was md., 
Apr. 26, 1838, by Rev. Dr. Chester, at Saratoga Springs, 
N. Y., to Mary Hunter, b., Aug. 22, 1816, who d., Feb. 20, 
1879. Mr. Sterns was a printer by trade, and removed, 1857, 
to Steamboat Rock, la., where most of his family reside; four 

4209— CHARLES HENRY STERNS, b., July 19, 1839; 
d., Dec. 15, 1843. 

4210— MARY ELIZA STERNS, b., May 2, 1841; md., 
Nov. 8, 1869, James A. Bronson, who served in the Civil 
War, and d.. Mar. 16, 1877; four children. 


(a) — Carrie R. Bronson, b., Sept. 13, 1870; md., Apr. 

24, 1893, J. F. Brown, of Montrose, la., and had 

a dau., Bessie Mildred Brown, b., Aug. 28, 1895. 
(b)— Charles D. Bronson, b., Oct. 28, 1871. 
(c) — Mamie R. Bronson, b., May i, 1873; d., June 13, 

(d) — Mary H. Bronson, b., Aug. 23, 1875; d., Feb. 26, 


42 1 1— FREDERIC HUNTER STERNS (5207), b., Nov. 
24, 1845. 

4212— CHARLES ALBERT STERNS, b., Mar. 18, 1853; 

Wednesday, Sept. 30, 1818, son of James Jr. and Nancy 
(Woods) Sterns, of Saratoga Springs, N. Y.; md., Nov. 17, 
1849, by Rev. Mr. Stillman, Matilda Clement. He was a 
tinner and hardware dealer, of Waterloo, la., and went from 
there to Steamboat Rock, la., where he d., Apr. 21, 1867; 
five children. 

4214 — INFANT, lived three weeks 

4215— MARY E. STERNS, b., Aug. 24, i860; lived seven 
weeks and two days. 

4216— KATIE C STERNS, b., Oct. 22, 1862; d., Oct. 4, 

4217— CLEMENT J. STERNS, b., Oct. i, 1865. 

4218— GEORGE H. STERNS, b., Nov. 7, 1867. 

Eigh th Generation . 

4219— GEORGE RUSSELL STEARNS (2181). b., Sept. 
30, 1836, son of Capt. Stephen and Mary (Russell) Stearns, 
of Lovell, Me.; a farmer, of Spring Creek, Pa. He served, 
during the Civil War, in Co. E, 12th Regt., Me. Inf. Vols., 
and as Lieut., loth Regt., U. S. Colored Troops; md., May 
6, 1869, Lottie Eldred, of Pa.; two children. 

4220— CLAYTON E. STEARNS, b., Aug. 27, 1873. 

4221— GEORGE F. STEARNS, b., June 14, 1878. 

4222— JAMES CUTLER STEARNS (2183), b., Sept. 10, 
1840, son of Capt. Stephen and Mary (Russell) Stearns, of 
Lovell, Me.; a farmer, on his father's homestead. He served, 
during the Civil War, in Co. E, 12th Regt., Me. Inf. Vols.; 
md., Sept. 10, 1867, Sarah Hatch; four children. 

4223— MILDRED D. STEARNS, b., June 23, 1868. 

4224— MABEL E. STEARNS, b., Feb. 14, 1871. 

4225— MARY A. STEARNS, b., Apr. i, 1873. 

4226— GEORGE E. STEARNS, b., Sept. 14, 1877; d., 
Nov. 9, 1881. 

4227— HENRY WILBER STEARNS (2186), b., Jan. 4, 
1846, son of Capt. Stephen and Mary (Russell) Stearns, of 
Lovell, Me.; was a farmer, of Iowa, until the Civil War, 
then he enhsted in Co. E, 1st Regt., Me. Heavy Art. He 
was severely wounded in the leg, during the assault on 
Petersburg, Va., June 18, 1864, where his regiment suffered 
the unparalleled loss of 604 men in a few minutes. This 
Regt. was noted for having sustained the heaviest loss 


of killed in battle, of any Union regiment during the Civil 
War. During its active service of ten months in field, its 
losses were 1024 killed in battle. After the war, he became 
a dentist, and md., Sept. 15, 1879, Mattie Irwin Luccock, 
from whom he was divorced, Sept. 15, 1885; two children. 

4228— VIRGIL GRIMES STEARNS, b., May 12, 1880. 

4229— MERIBAH H. STEARNS, b., July 20, 1882. 

4230— STEPHEN STEARNS JR. (2188), b., July 23, 
1849. son of Capt. Stephen and Mary (Russell) Stearns, of 
Lovell, Me.; a farmer, of La Porte, Col., who md., Jan. i, 
1883, Estella Augusta Gibbons, b., Aug. 3, i860, in Mc- 
Henry Co., 111. Their three children were born in La Porte, 

4231— ELVA VIOLA STEARNS, b., Oct. 28, 1884. 
4232— GUY CUTLER STEARNS, b., Oct. 3, 1886. 

4233— GEORGE WALTER STEARNS, b., lune 14, 


4234— SEWELL FLY STEARNS (2189), b., Oct. 1851, 
son of Capt. Stephen and Mary (Gordon) Stearns, of Lovell, 
Me.; went with his mother to Mich., from there to Iowa, in 
1875, afterwards, a farmer and lumberman of Purdy, Wash. 
He md., Apr. 14, 1879. Hattie Wright, of Audubon Co., la.; 
three children. 

4235 — INFANT, b., May 21, 1882; d., aged two weeks. 

4236— VIRGIL STEARNS, b., at Purdy. 

4237— ELLA MAUDE STEARNS, b., at Purdy, Wash. 

4238— TIMOTHY STEARNS (2194), b., Mar. 30, 1842, 
son of Caleb and EHza (Russell) Stearns, of Lovell, Me.; 
resided with his parents until the Civil War, when he en- 
listed in Co. E, 1 2th Regt., Me. Inf. Vols.; was taken pris- 
oner at Cedar Creek, Va., Oct., 1864, and was confined in 
rebel prisons for several mos. After the war, he engaged 
in business, at Quincv, Fla.. with his brother, Rensselaer C. 
Stearns; md.. Mar. 13, 1867, Sirena E. Stearns (2272). a 
school-teacher, of Lovell, Me; 'd, 1895; six children. 


4239_GEORGIANNA STEARNS, b., Mar. ii, 1868; 

424a— ARETAS E. STEARNS, b., July 19, 1869; an at- 
torney of Rumford Falls, Me. 

4141— LOUISA E. STEARNS, b., May 20, 1872. 

4242— FRED. OBED STEARNS, b., Aug. 24, 1874. 

4243— FRANK A. STEARNS, b., Apr. 13, 1876. 

4244— CHARLES R. STEARNS, b., June 3, 1879; d., 
Mar. 2, 1880. 

4245— ECKLEY T. STEARNS (2195), b.. Aug. 30, 1843, 
son of Caleb and Eliza (Russell) Stearns, of Lovell, Me.; 
during the Civil War, was a member of Co. H, 29th Regt., 
Me. Inf. Vols.; after the war, was a hardware dealer of Hot 
Springs. Ark., with his brother Frank. He md., Sept. 22. 
1872, his cousin, Anna Leveria Russell, dau. of Henry and 
Lucy A. (Stearns) Russell (2263); three children. 

4246— MARCELLUS STEARNS, b.. Sept. 12, 1873. 

4247— ALICE A. STEARNS, b., Sept. 29, 1882. 

4248— EDWARD T. STEARNS, b., July 5, 1886. 

4249— FRANK COY STEARNS (2197). b., Nov. 22, 
1852, son of Caleb and Eliza (Russell) Stearns, of Lovell, 
Me.; a hardware dealer, of Hot Springs, Ark., who md.. 
Oct. 4, 1880, Maggie W. Smith; four children. 

4250— BLANCHE WARD STEARNS, b., July 21, 1881, 
at Lincoln. Neb. 

4251— MADGE ANNA STEARNS, b., Dec 22, 1884, at 
Hot Springs, Ark. 

22, 1888, at Hot Springs, Ark. 

4253_COY ELIZA STEARNS, b.. Aug. 17, 1892, at Hot 
Springs, Ark. 

4254— GEORGE WARD STEARNS (2200), b., Apr. 18, 
1865. son of Horatio and Sarah (Brackett) Stearns, of Cole- 


brook, N. H.; md., Nov. 17, 1887, Myrtle A. Butters, and 
settled at Rumford Falls, Me., where he was Priii. of the 
High School; two children. 

4255— LUZETTA ALLEN STEARNS, b., May 17, 1890, 
in Lovell, Me. 

4256— MURIEL BLANCHE STEARNS, b., July 28, 

4257— ISAAC STEARNS, 4th (2205), b., Sept. 24, 1825, 
son of Isaac 3d. and Belinda (Bedlow) Stearns, of Rindge, 
N. H.; md., Oct. 21, 1852, Elizabeth C. Duryea, and settled 
at Hempstead, Long Island, N. Y., where he was an honored 
Principal of the Public Schools, for many years; retired 
from teaching, 1895, and made his home in New York City; 
three children. 

4258— MARIETTA STEARNS, b., Dec. 22, 1858; md., 
Oct. 14, 1879, Charles E. Covert, of Brooklyn, N. Y.; three 

(a) — Ralph Covert, b., Dec. 2, 1883; d., Dec. 11, 1883. 
(b)— Ethel L. Covert, b., Apr. 11, 1885. 
(c) — Walter L. Covert, b., May i, 1887. 

4259— ELLA AUGUSTA STEARNS, b., June 12, 1863; 
md., June 12, 1883, on her twentieth birthday, William S. 
Ginnel a wholesale dealer in watches, of New York City; 
three children. 

(a) — Henry S. Ginnel, b.. May 24, 1884. 

(b) — Leona Ginnel. b., Mar. i, 1886; d., July 20, 1886. 

(c) — William S. Ginnel, Jr., b., Feb. 9, 1892. 

4260— ALBERT LESTER STEARNS, b., Nov. 8, 1865; 
md., Oct. 28, 1890, Sadie C. Crane, b.. May 24, 1866, who 
d., Aug. 26, 1895, dau. of Elias W. Crane, of Rochelle, N. J. 
Mr. Stearns was in the employ of Roy Gold Watch Case Co.; 
md. (2), Apr. 19, 1900, Ethel Lillian French, b., July 3, 1876, 
dau. of Darwin Gallatin French, of New York City, formerly 
of Underbill, Vt. 

4261— MAJOR ALBERT STEARNS (2207), b., Dec. 20, 
1833, son of Isaac 3d. and Belinda (Bedlow) Stearns, of 


Rindge, N. H.; md., June 3, 1858, Martha Louisa Snow, and 
settled in Brooklyn, N. Y. He was apponited Police Officer, 
Feb., 1854; was promoted to Sergeant of the MetropoHtan 
Police Dept., June 5, i860, and was Captain of the Depart- 
ment from 1865 to 1870. To aid in suppressing the South- 
ern rebellion, at the time of the Civil War, he temporarily- 
left the Police Service, and raised a company for the 131st 
Regt., N. Y. Vols., being commissioned as Capt., Nov. 21, 
1862, and as Major of same Regt., May 11, 1865. While in 
Louisiana he served as Provost Marshal and Judge, also as 
Provost Sheriff, Dept. of the Gulf, in 1863-64, and was Mili- 
tary Street Commissioner of Savannah, Ga., from Jan., 1865, 
to the end of the war. His labors there were so efficient 
that they were commended by Gen. William T. Sherman, in 
his published report of May 9, 1865. He was slightly 
wounded, Oct. 19. 1864, while leading his company through 
the battle of Cedar Creek, Va., in which engagement eleven 
of the company were killed or wounded, being one-third of 
those present for duty. 

At the urgent request of his friends. Major Stearns has 
published an interesting book, entitled "Reminiscences of 
the Late War," which gives an entertaining account of the 
years spent in his country's service. He is a member of 
the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and Supt. of 
the Chemical Works of Church & Dwight, manufacturers of 
Bi-Carbonate of Soda, with factories at Syracuse, N. Y. 
With characteristic Stearns ingenuity he has also patented a 
number of labor-saving improvements in machinery. 

In the summer of 1899, Major Stearns made a gift to the 
town of New Ipswich, N. H., which is explained by the fol- 
lowing resolutions of acceptance: 

"Resolved, That the town of New Ipswich, N. H., ex- 
presses its admiration for, and high appreciation of the 
philanthropic interest shown by Maj. Albert Stearns in giv- 
ing $3,000 to this town for so worthy an object as a lecture 
fund, and for entertaining so kind a remembrance of the 
town of his adoption. 

"Resolved, That the town accepts the conditions of the 
gift, and authorizes the selectmen to receipt for and safely 
invest the same in an approved semi-annual paying invest- 


jnent, and, that the income therefrom be paid semi-annu- 
ally to the lecture commissioner, to be devoted to the object 
designated by the g-iver." 

Major Stearns' five children were born in Brooklyn, N. Y. 
He has assisted in the compilation of this work by his un- 
tiring interest, valuable suggestions and generous contribu- 

1859; d., Dec. 28, 1863. 

4263— FLORA ELIZABETH STEARNS, b., Aug. 20, 
1861; md., Oct. 9, 1888, David C. Holton, M. D., of Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. 

1866; grad. Wright's Business College, Brooklyn, N. Y., 
1888; md., Aug. 26, 1896, John Ross Morey, of Burnt Hills, 
Saratoga Co., N. Y., Prin. of High School at Scotch Plains, 
N. J. ; two children. 

(a) — Albert Ross Morey, b., Nov. 17, 1898. 

(b) — ^Muriel Morey, b., Jan. 13. 1901. 

4265— ALBERT WESLEY STEARNS, b., Sept. 3, 1868; 
d., Nov. 13. 1873. 

4266— JAMES HERBERT STEARNS, b.,Sept. 25, 1874; 
grad. Stevens Inst. Technology, Hoboken, N. J., 1896; Me- 
chanical Engineer, of McKeesport, Pa. He md., Dec. 29. 
1897, Abbie Lenore Grover, dau. of John B, Grover, of Red 
Bank, N. J.; one child. 

25, 1900. 

4268— REV. JO'SIAH MILTON STEARNS (221 1), b., 
June 17, 1818, son of Jesse and Lucinda (Davis) Stearns, 
of New Ipswich, N. H.; entered Amherst Coll. in 1843. but 
graduated from Marshall Coll., Pa., in the class of 1844. 
having gone to Philadelphia on account of his health; studied 
theology at Cincinnati, O., and was ordained pastor of the 
Cong. Church, at Lunenburg, Vt., in 1849. He left his first 
charge, Feb. 3, 1852, and, after a brief pastorate at Brent- 
wood, N. H., died there, June 12, 1853. 



He md., May 24, 1847, at Elyria, O., Freelove Phillips 
Mclntyre, b., Jan. 29, 1822, at Charlton, Mass., who d., 1880, 
at Hartford, Ct. She was a graduate of Mount Holyoke 
Seminary, Mass., and was Prin. of the Young Ladies' Sem- 
inary, at Granville, O., at the time of her marriage. They 
went to Indiana as home missionaries, but ill-health com- 
pelled their return east. Mrs. Stearns md. (2), 1861, Charles 
Boswell, of West Hartford, Ct., by whom she had two chil- 
dren, and three children by first husband. Rev. Stearns. 

4269— FLORA PIERPONT STEARNS, b., Aug. 17, 
1849, at Lunenburg, Vt; md., Aug. 17, 1871, Rev. Marcellus 
Bowen, grad. Yale Coll., 1866, Agent of American Bible 
Society, at Constantinople, Turkey. He graduated from 
Union Theological Seminary, 1871, and they went as mis- 
sionaries to Turkey, under the A. B. C. F. M.; two children, 
(a) — ^Marcellus Pierpont Bowen, b., Jan. 2, 1873, in 
Springfield, N. J.; d., July 26, 1874, at Manissa, 
(b) — Lillian Mclntyre Bowen, b., Sept. 5, 1877, in 
Smyrna, Turkey; a student, at Vassar College, 
Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

Dec. 10, 1850, in Lunenburg, Vt. ; grad. Yale Coll., 1872; 
Union Theol. Sem., 1875; Prof, of Greek at Doane Coll., 
Crete, Neb., 1879-80; Prof, of Archaeology in Hartford 
Theol. Sem., 1892; Associate Prin. of Collins St. Classical 
School, Hartford, Ct. ; has spent some time in Germany for 
purposes of study. He md., Sept. 20, 1875, Sophie Dicker- 
man Putnam Seymour, b., Sept. 20, 1852, of West Hartford. 
Ct. ; five children. 

4271— CHARLES MINER STEARNS, b., Aug. 26. 1876, 
at Manissa, Turkey; grad. Johns Hopkins Univ., 1898; has 
traveled abroad. 


4273— MYRON MORRIS STEARNS, b., May 19, 1884.. 

4274— SEYMOUR PUTNAM STEARNS, b., Feb. 8. 


4275— ALICE LUCINDA STEARNS, b, July 26, 1891. 

12, 1852; grad. Yale Coll., 1874; Union Theol. Sem., 1877; 
Prof, of Greek in Washburn Coll., Topeka, Kas., 1877 to 
1883; traveled in Europe, 1875; banker, and receiver of 
Staten Island Light, Heat and Power Co., at Port Rich- 
mond, Staten Island, N. Y. He md., Nov. 26, 1877, Annie 
McArthur Thompson, born in Sterling, Scotland, who came 
to the United States of America with her brother, James M. 
Thompson, head of the American Dry Goods Syndicate, 
called the Scotch Syndicate; three children. 

4277— THOMPSON STEARNS, b., Oct. 15, 1879, at 
Topeka, Kas. 

15, 1880, at Topeka, Kas. 

^279-^MALCOLM STEARNS, b., Oct. 19, 1885, in 
Boston, Mass. 

4280— ISAAC CROSBY STEARNS( 2212), b., Feb. 28, 
1820, son of Jesse and Lucinda (Davis) Stearns, of New 
Ipswich, N. H.; a graduate of New Ipswich Academy and, 
for many years, a teacher and surveyor; an active officer 
in the Cong. Church, and Capt. in 22d Regt., N. H. State 
troops. He went to Brooklyn, N. Y., and was associated 
with his brother, John, as publisher of Merry's Museum 
Magazine, of New York City; later, moved to Zumbrota, 
Minn., then mostly Government land, where he dealt in real- 
estate; was County Surveyor, also 'Chairman of the Board 
of Supervisors, of Goodhue Co., 1858; a member of the 
State Legislature, for two terms, 1859-60, and, for twenty 
years, a member of the Town School Board, for twenty-five 
years was leader of the choir. 

He md. (i), Nov. 28, 1845, Lucy T. Wheeler, b., Nov. 10, 
1825, who d., Nov. 10, 1859, c^au. of Richard Wheeler, of 
New Ipswich; md (2) Aug. 19. i860, Amanda P. Grover, 
b., Mar. 19, 1834, who d. , Dec. 31, 1872, dau. of James 
Grover, of Bethel. Me.; md. (3), Nov. 30, 1873, Arvilla L. 
Grover, b.. Mar. 13. 1836, sister of his second wife; four 

John N. Stearns. 


4281— ABBY MARIETTA STEARNS, b., Sept. 22, 
1848; d., May 29, i860. 

4282— LUCY EVELINE STEARNS, b.. May 10, 1852; 
d., Oct. 19, 1874; md., Jan. 18, 1872, Dr. Edward L. Mellins, 
of Lubec, Me., son of Capt. Edward Mellins, of Dorchester, 
Mass. They settled first in Zumbrota, Minn., afterwards re- 
movino- to Baltimore, Md., to assist in scientific work at 
Johns Hopkins Univ.; one son. 

(a) — Dr. Edward Mellins, b., Nov. 7, 1872; studied med- 
icine and practiced in Worcester, Mass. He served 
through the American^Spanish War, of 1898, as 
surgeon in U. S. Navy, being in the battle of San- 

4283— ISAAC ORLANDO STEARNS, b., Sept. 5, 1874; 
d., Nov. 13, 1874. 

4284— CLARENCE GROVER STEARNS, b., June 16, 
1877; ^ photographer, of Zumbrota, Minn. He enlisted 
Apr. 17, 1898. in Co. D, 14th Regt., Minn. Vols., and served 
during the Spanish-American War as Official Photographer 
and Musician. 

4285— JOHN NEWTON STEARNS (2215), b., May 24, 
1829, son of Jesse and Lucinda (Davis) Stearns) of New 
Ipswich, N. H.; graduated from New Ipswich Academy and 
taught school in New Ipswich and Billerica, removing to 
New York City in 1851. He was a prominent temperance 
advocate and was Chairman of the National Temperance 
Convention, which met at Saratoga, in 1865, when the Na- 
tional Temperance Society and Publication House were es- 
tablished, being then elected Publishing Agent of the Society 
and editor of its paper, the National Temperance Advocate. 
His first great public work was the planning of a World's 
Temperance Congress, in June, 1893, as a part of the Colum- 
bian Exposition. He was the "Robert Merry" of "Merry's 
Museum," which he established with S. G. Gooodrich, or 
"Peter Parley," and which they edited many years. He was 
a member of the Brooklyn Board of Education for three 
years, and actively engaged in Sunday-School work; md, 
18.S4, Matilda C. Loring. and d., Apr. 21, 1896. from heart 
disease, at his home in Greenpoint, N. Y.; one daughter. 


4286— NELLIE GRANT STEARNS, b., Jan. 18, 1864, 
in Brooklyn, N. Y.; md., Rev. J. W. Morey, of Saratoga 
Co., N. Y. 

b., Oct. 12, 1809, son of William and Betsy (Davis) Stearns, 
of Ashburnham, Mass.; a shoemaker, of Bedford, Mass., 
who was prominent in Town affairs, being Chairman of 
Selectmen for several years, as well as Town Treasurer. He 
md., Apr. 3, 1834, Clarissa Tarbell, of Pepperell, Mass., b., 
Oct 12, 1 8 ID, by whom he had four children. He was Dea- 
con of the Church of Christ and Clerk of the Trinitarian 
Congregational Society connected with it; d.. Mar. 22, 1871, 
at Lowell, Mass., while serving as juror in the Supreme 
Court; his widow d., Oct. 20, 1877; four children. 

4288— HENRY AUGUSTUS STEARNS, b., Feb. 26, 
1836; md., Sept. 3, 1857, Mary F. Williams, and settled in 
Washington, D. C, where she d., Dec. 22, 1862, and he d.. 
May 29, 1863. 

4289— EMILY ANN STEARNS, b., Oct. 28, 1838; md., 
July 4, 1872, George A. Fuller, and settled first in Bedford, 
Mass.; afterwards, in Cambridge, Mass. 

4290— SAMUEL WIRT ST.EARNS, b., Sept. 28, 1841; 
enlisted in Co. B, 15th Mass. Regt., during the Civil War; 
in Oct., 1863, received a mortal wound in the head during 
the engagement at Bristoe Station, Va., causing his death, 
Oct. 14, 1863. He was hastily buried with his comrades near 
where he fell, but, in the following spring, was disinterred, 
and taken to Bedford, Mass., where his body rests in a 
patriot's grave. 

19, 1846; md., June 3, 1891, Helen A. White, of Cambridge, 
Mass.; a book-keeper, of Cambridge, Mass. 

4292— CHARLES BLUCHER STEARNS (2222), b., 
Aug. 16, 1814, son of William and Betsy (Davis) Stearns, of 
Bedford, Mass.; md. (i), Apr. 5, 1835, Mary S. Brooks, who 
d., Apr. 24, 1841, aged 23 years; md. (2), Dec. 25, 1848, Jane 
Tucker, of Andover, Mass. He had one daughter by his 


first wife and three children by the second; was a shoe manu- 
facturer of Lynn, Mass., where he d, Oct. 12, 1873. 

1839; resident of Woburn, Mass.; unm. 

4294— ELLA JANE STEARNS, b., June 16, 1849, in 
Andover, Mass.; md., Aug. 28, 1872, Malcolm Webster 
Tewksbury, of Lynn, Mass.; two children. 

(a) — Ella Louise Tewksbury, b., Sept. 30, 1875. 

(b) — Edith Malcolm Tewksbury, b.. Mar. 6, 1877. 

185 1, in Andover, Mass.; md., Jan. i, 1883, Ida Lynde, and 
settled in Canton, O.; two children. 

4296— FRANK BARTON STEARNS, b., July 22, 1887, 
in Medford, Mass. 

4297— HAROLD PERCY STEARNS, b., June 6, 1893. 

4298— WILLIAM LINCOLN STEARNS, b.. Mar. 13, 
1864, in Lynn, Mass.; md., Jan. 24, 1893, Grace Everett 
Oliver; in employ of U. S. Government, with no permanent 
address; at one time was Hospital Steward, in U. S. Marine 
Service; one child. 

4299— LOIS EVERETT STEARNS, b., Apr. 2, 1897, in 
Stapleton, N. Y.; d., Aug-. 29, 1897. 

4300— ISAAC DAVIS STEARNS (2223), b., July 21, 
182 1, son of William and Betsy (Davis) Stearns, of Bedford, 
Mass.; md. (i), June, 1844, Mary Adams Stearns (2226), his 
cousin, who d., July 11, i8.S4; md. (2), Sept. 16, 1857, Cath- 
erine L. Knight, of Woburn, Mass., who d., Oct. 30, 1882. 
With his first wife he lived several years in Missouri; with 
his second wife, he settled in Woburn, Mass., where he d.; 
two children. 

4301— MARY KILBURN STEARNS, b., June 12, 1859; 
d., Nov. I, 1877. 

4302— FANNIE DAVIS STEARNS, b.. May 5, 1867; 
md., Sept. II, 1890, Frank E. Soles. 

4303— EDWIN JEWETT STEARNS (2230), b., Jan. 17, 


183 1, son of Capt. Timothy and Eliza (Adams) Stearns, of 
Ashburnham, Mass.; a farmer, of Ashburnham; md., Nov. 
2y, 1862, Mary Elizabeth Weston, b., Oct. 31, 1839, dau. of 
James Allan and Elizabeth (Borman) Weston; d., Apr. i, 
1887; two children. 

4304— EDWIN WESTON STEARNS, b., Aug. 20, 1863, 
at Ashburnham, Mass.; md., Nov. 7, 1894, LilHan Blanche 
Sawtell; settled in West Rindge, N. H.; one child. 


4306— NELLIE LIZZIE STEARNS, b., Dec. 9, 1871, at 
Ashburnham, Mass. ; a music-teacher, of Rindge, N. H. 

4307— CHARLES S. STEARNS (2246), b.,Mar. 13, 1822, 
son of Dea. Benjamin and Mehitable (Swan) Stearns, of 
Lovell, Me.; md. (i), Jan. 11, 1850, Dorothy P. Hilton, of 
Bridgton, Me., who d., leaving one child; md. (2), Dorothy 
Pike, of Fryeburg, Me., by whom he had two children. 

4308— GEORGIANA STEARNS, b., June 12, 1851. 

4309— JOHN STEARNS, b., 1854. 


43ii_jOHN FRYE STEARNS (2250), b., July 5, 1828, 
son of Dea. Benjamin and Mehitable (Swan) Stearns, of 
Lovell, Me.; md. (i), Sept. 11, 1856, Lucy A. Pike, of Bidde- 
ford, Me., by whom he had one child. She died, and he md. 
(2), 1863, Mary E. Emmons, of Kennebunk, Me., by whom 
he had three children. 

4312— ALMA M. STEARNS, b., Aug. 17, 1857. 

4313— LULU A. STEARNS, b., Sept. 20, 1864. 

4314— EDWARD R. STEARNS, b., Nov. ic, 1867. 

4315— EVERETT P. STEARNS, b., Oct. 24, 1869. 

Sept. II, 1831, son of Dea. Benjamin and Mehitable (Swan) 
Stearns, of Lovell, Me.; md., Aug. 24, 1858, Sarah A. 
Bundy, b., Apr. 25, 1838, dau. of Hon. H. S. Bundy, of 



Major. In 1881 he recf^hrZ ' ^^P^- ^^^ Brevet 

-y Dept., ae Wast?.rD. ?:",. rC'cSelT '"^ "-- 

^■T^lTtrieT "^^""^ ^^^^^NS' ^- Dec. ... .859, 
43.8-EUGENE BUNDY STEARNS, b. Jan 7 ,86. 


^g433r-SANFORD BENSON STEARNS, b., Oct. 3, 

^^433.-BERTHA PRESCOTT STEARNS._b., Feb. y, 

^^4333-CLIFFORD HEALD STEARNS, b., Nov. ..' 

4324— HENRY M STFARMQ /^ ^^ , 

3on of Dea. Benjamin and MliUblf/s''' "l"'. ''' '«39. 
Lovell, Me.; md.. Sept , rSfif q , ^o"'''") Stearns, of 
Feb. 12. 1848, dau. of Abel'and Marv'rt ^''"^".' "'^^'<'' b-, 
of Lovell, Me. He enfoted duri^' the r''";"4l ^^"'^ (948), 
first call for troops, in Co E 12 h p . a^ ^T"' ""<^«'" 'he 
served to the close of the wt Th?'^ '^^-.^"f' ^°'^-' ='"d 
Coast and settled at San FrancLo cT°"f '°*^ ^^"^<^ 
was at the hear! of ^ ^ Francisco, Cal., where in i8q6 he 

Of his vaLble tta ZTS: a"d'""^ ^°"^^'=' '^'" 'ook 
copy of his family record,- 'hre?chiMrer''"^°"^'^ '""'^'^ ^ 
43.5-EDWARD N. STEARNS, b.. Jnne z., :868 

NoTsUt^^^ '^^^ '^^^^^S' "■• I^- -. 1875: d.. 

4327— MABEL STEARKrq h a 
1881. ^-^^AKNS, b, Apr. 25, 1880; d., May 


,1 ^T A nrt c t8^a Sarah Russell Stearns (2180), 

IL Me Inf Vols., and was, afterwards, Postmaster of 

of his neighbors; nine children. 

Tut'Tils grS Bri™ton. Acad., 1880 stud.ed law and 
wa ; me^b;r of State Legislature of Me.; md Oet. 17, 
1888 Ena E. Laird, and settled at Farmmgton, Wash. 

4330-MARY E. STEARNS, b., Jan. i, 1862; d., Jan. 6. 


433i_LILLIAN A. STEARNS, b., Apr. 5, 1863; d., Oct. 

5. 1865. 

4332_GEORGE H. STEARNS, b., Jan. 11, 1865; d., 
Oct. 13, 1865. 

4333-HENRY C. STEARNS, b., Aug. 21, 1866. 
4334_MARIAN STEARNS, b., Oct. 27, 1868. 
4335— LESLIE L. STEARNS, b., Jan. 2. 1871. 
4336-ADELBERT A. STEARNS, b., Apr. 10, 1875. 
4337-SARGENT STEARNS, b., Feb. 6, 1879- 
b.,1une 18, 1838, son of Gen. Solomon and S^l^ (H -Id) 
Steirns, of Novell Me md Apr ^ 864 f O e^^ ^^ 

fo^n'Me ^H^e 4°; fstude'nTin wl^vi^^e Coll., class of 
^lefU^f volunteered -der the firs^ call <- troops of the 

Civil War; was '=°"'"'^^;°"f'^j)^'"'^T862. until the battle 
mand of h.s '^omP^^"//™",^,':'^- V\ere he was taken cap- 
of Gettysburg. Pa.. July 2, 1863. 1 "«■;« "'^ ' , ... p ; 
ri.e by/the Confederates and .ncarcerat^d " L.bby-^Pr s ._^^ 

at Richmond, Va until Mar. M, W04- ^^.^^j 

Ser:Sget^vn^T>n- ^ ^^ ^1^^ t^^ 
gaged in active practice of his profession, m \\ ashmgton, 

D. C. ; five children. 


4339— FRED BARTON STEARNS, b., Feb. 15, 1865; 
<[., Mar. 27, 1866. 

4340— LENA ORSINA STEARNS, b., Nov. 22, 1866. 

4341— EUDORA A. STEARNS, b., Sept. 15, 1868. 

4342— JOHN SARGENT STEARNS, b., Oct. 30, 1870. 

4343— RALPH EUGENE STEARNS, b.. May 4, 1874; 
<i.. Mar. 30, 1877. 

4344— HON ARTHUR TAPPAN STEARNS (2274), b., 
Apr. 23, 1840, son of Lieut. Obed and Eliza (Barker) Stearns, 
of Lovell, Me.; md., Feb. 10, 1895, Mrs. Hannah C. Will- 
iams, the mother of one daughter, who, after her mother's 
second marriage, insisted on naming herself, "Carrie A. T. 
Stearns." During the Civil War, he served as Sergeant in 
Co. H, 23d Regt., Me. Inf. Vols., and afterwards as First 
Lieut, in Co. I, 206th Regt., Penn. Inf. Vols.; took part in 
the battle of Harrison's Landing and other engagements 
preceding the fall of Richmond and surrender of Lee's 
Army; was mustered out, July 3, 1865. By profession, he 
was a lawyer and a member of the State Senate of Nevada, 
where he made his home. 

Jan. 18, 1842, son of Lieut. Obed and EHza (Barker) Stearns, 
of Lovell, Me.; md., Feb. 2, 1867, Ellen Russell, of Lovell, 
Me. During the Civil War, he served as Sergeant in the 
I2th Regt., Me. Inf. Vols.; afterwards, a farmer, of Lovell, 
Me., and County Commissioner of Oxford Co.; three 

4346— EDITH M. STEARNS, b., Nov. 16, 1867; md., 
Dr. Herman L. Bartlett, of Fryeburg, M.; one son. 
(a) — Donald Bartlett. 

4347— ELIZABETH E. STEARNS, b., June 25, 1869; 
md., Charles Bartlett, of Stoneham, Me.; one son. 
(a) — Francis Bartlett. 

4348— JOHN ALBERT STEARNS, b., Oct. 8, 1873; 
studied law with his uncle, at Norway, Me. 


4349_SEWARD SMITH STEARNS (2282), b., Mar. 
II, 1856, son of Lieut. Obed and Eliza (Barker) Stearns, of 
Lovell, Me.; fitted for college at Fryeburg Academy; grad. 
Bowdoin Coll., 1879; read law with Judge A. H. Walker, and 
was admitted to practice, Mar., 1882. He practiced law first 
in Waterford, Me., and went to Norway, Me., 1883, where 
he became law partner of Henry M. Bearce. He md. (i), 
Feb. 5, 1885, Nellie Barker Russell, of Lovell, Me., b., Dec. 
10, 1862, who d., June 17, 1885; md. (2), Mar. 30, 1891, 
Mary E. Jordan, of Poland, Me. He was Pres. of Norway 
Library Association, and became Deputy Collector of Inter- 
nal Revenue, having charge of the eight western counties of 
Maine; is also a recognized authority in matters of family 
history; one child. 

4350— RACHEL JORDAN STEARNS, b., June 16, 
1892 ;d., July 17, 1892. 

4351— GEORGE HERBERT STEARNS (2318), b., 
Mar. 14, 1845, son of George Sullivan and Amelia 
(Stephenson) Stearns, of Cincinnati, O.; md.. Apr. 15, 1874, 
Isabella M. Weld, of Boston, Mass.; three children. 

20, 1876; attended St. John's Military Academy, at Manlius, 
N. Y. 

43.S3— MABEL WELD STEARNS, b., Oct. 18, 1877. 

4354— GORDON WELD STEARNS, b., Nov. 20, 1880. 

43qS— EDWIN RUSSELL STEARNS (2319), b., Jan. 
7o, 1847, son of George Sullivan and Amelia (Stephenson) 
Stearns, of Cincinnati, O.; p-rad. Yale Coll., 1870; md., June 
14, 1883, Luella Evans, and settled in Cincinnati, O., where 
he is a member of the Stearns and Foster Co., Manufacturers 
of Wadding and Batting; three children. 

4356— DOROTHY AMELIA STEARNS, b., Dec. 28, 

4357— EVANS FOSTER STEARNS, b., Oct. 9, 1889. 

4358— GEORGE SULLIVAN STEARNS, b., Oct. 14. 
1 801! 

George R. Stearns. 


4359— ALBERT HENRY STEARNS (2334), b., Aug. 
T5, 1844, son of Albert Thomas and Salome (Maynard) 
Stearns, of Neponset, Mass.; a lumber dealer, residing at 
Boston, Mass.; md., Nov. 11, 1885, Kate B. Dexter, of Paw- 
tucket, R. I., dau. of Henry B. Dexter; four children. 

4360— ALBERT MAYNARD STEARNS, b., Aug. 20, 

4361— HENRY DEXTER STEARNS, b., Mar. 7, il 

4362— ALBERT THOMAS STEARNS, b., Apr. 22, 

4363— KATHERINE STEARNS, b., July 16, 1892. 

4364— WALDO HARRISON STEARNS (2335), b., Oct. 
21, 1847, son of Albert Thomas and Salome (Maynard) 
Stearns, of Neponset, Mass.; md., Nov. 30, 1875, Iczennia 
Chesebro; a lumber manufacturer and dealer; three children. 

4365— RALPH WALDO STEARNS, b., Dec. 28, 1876. 


4367— DONALD BANCROFT STEARNS, b., Sept. i, 

b., Nov. 23, 1854, son of Albert Thomas and Salome (May- 
nard) Stearns, of Neponset, Mass.; lumber manufacturer and 
dealer, in charge of the Cypress Lumber Co., of Apalachicola, 
Fla.; md., Jan. 27, 1886, Julia Marland Ricker, of Boston, 
Mass., dau. of James W. Ricker; one son. 

1893, ^^ Boston, Mass. 

Aug. 7, 1857, son of Hon. Henry Augustus and Kate (Fal- 
coner) Stearns, of Pawtucket, R. I.; Secretary of the Domin- 
ion Wadding Co., Montreal, Canada. 

4371— GEORGE RUSSELL STEARNS (2343), b., Jan. 
19, i860, son of Hon. Henry Augustus and Kate (Falconer) 
Stearns, of Pawtucket, R. I.; educated in the Common and 


High Schools of Providence, R. I. He spent two years in 
New Mexico, mining-, then returned to Pawtucket, and en- 
tered the works of the Union Wadding Co. In 1882, he 
went to Montreal where he built the Dominion Wadding Co., 
which he managed until 1888, when he removed to Augusta, 
Ga., and became Pres. of Riverside Mills. He md., 1894, 
Madge Williamson, and has two children. 



4372— WILLIAM T. STEARNS (2356), b., Jan. 16, 1816, 
son of Josiah and Jane (Thompson) Stearns, of Wilmot, 
N. H.; md., Oct. 17, 184.S, Elizabeth Goodhue, b., Sept. 28, 
1818, who d., Apr. 22, 1885; settled in Manchester, N. H.; 
four children. 

4373— INFANT, b., Apr. 27, 1848; d., Tpr. 29, 1848. 

4374— FRANCES E. STEARNS, b., Oct. 15, 1849. 

4375— WILLIAM B. STEARNS, b., Feb. 12, 1855; md., 
July 7, 1877. 

4376— ELMER W. STEARNS, b., Dec. 13, i860; of East 
Berlin, Conn. 

4377— SAMUEL STEARNS (2360), b., Dec. 8, 1820, son 
of Josiah and Jane (Thompson) Stearns, of Wilmot, N. H.; 
a carpenter aad electrician, of Lawrence, Mass., where he 
has resided in the same house, for over forty-six years; md., 
Apr. 15, 1846, Lois B. Langley, b., June 23, 1821; three 

4378— ARDELLA L. STEARNS, b., Dec. 29, 1851; d., 
Feb. 25, 1852. 

4379— ARDELLA L. STEARNS, b., May 9, 1853; md.. 
May 9, 1872, Charles F. Packard, b., Aug. 12, 1844; three 

(a) — ^Charles A. Packard, b., Feb. 17, 1873; an elec- 
trician, by profession. 

(b) — Alice M. Packard, b., Oct. 4, 1875; a teacher, by 

(c) — Austin S. Packard, b., May 30, 1890. 


4380— LA ROY S. STEARNS, b, Jan. 25, i860; md., 
Dec. 13, 1882, Sarah A. McMahon, b., July 31, 1861; four 

4381— INFANT, b. and d., July 21, 1883. 

4382— WILLIAM L. STEARNS, b., Aug. 17, 1884. 

4383— LOIS J. STEARNS, b., Jan. 10, 1887. 

4384— REGINALD S. STEARNS, b., Aug. 5, 1890. 

4385— JOSIAH LANE STEARNS (2368), b., Mar. 19, 
183 1, son of Josiah and Nancy (Brown) Stearns, of Wilmot, 
N. H.; carpenter, by trade, who went from Wilmot, N. H., 
to Iowa, and finally settled in Sheridan, Montcalm Co., 
Mich.; md. (i), Jan. 25, 1858, Addie W. Stone, who d., Mar. 
19, 1881; md. (2), June 27, 1882, Laura Adelphia Forbes; 
iive children. 

4386— ELLEN AUGUSTA STEARNS, b., Sept. 8, 
1859, in Wilmot, N. H.; md., Jan. i, 1881, Malcolm F. Mc- 
Naughton, and settled in Sheridan, Mich.; two children. 

(a) — Pearl Addie McNaughton. 

(b) — Verna Isabelle McNaughton. 

4387— WILBUR LANE STEARNS, b., Aug. 16, 1862, 
in Wilmot, N. H.; md., Aug. 21, 1887, Sarah D. Gleason, 
and settled in Sheridan, Mich.; two daughters. 



4390— WESLEY JOEL STEARNS, b.. May 20, 1868, in 
Mendon, Iowa; md., Apr. 10, 1889, Anne M. Galliger, and 
settled in Sheridan, Mich. ; two children. 



4393 — INFANT, b. and d., young. 

4394— WILLIE STEARNS, b. and d., 1881. 

4395— MINOT STEARNS (2370), b., Feb. 7, 1833, son of 
Josiah and Nancy (Brown) Stearns, of Wilmot, N. H.; md., 


Aug. 25, 1861, Sara J. Hazeltine, b., May 8, 1838; six 

4396— JOSIAH M. STEARNS, b., Sept. 14, 1862; md., 
Nov. 12, 1883. 

4397— EMMA M. STEARNS, b., July 3, 1866; teacher by 
profession; md., June i, 1896, Frank A. Martin, of Grafton, 
N. H. 

4398— GUY B. STEARNS, b., Sept. 16, 1870; grad. Col. 
Med. Coll., 1900; physician at Metropolitan Hospital, Black- 
well's Island. 

4399— JOHN K. STEARNS (5231), b., Jan. 4, 1873; md., 
Sept. 16, 1896, Blanche A. Whipple, of Warwick, Mass. 

4400— TILDEN H. STEARNS, b., Oct. 6, 1874; Brown 
Univ., Providence, R. I., class of 1903. 

4401— HARRY B. STEARNS, b.. Mar. 13, 1883. 

4402— RICHARD JENNESS STEARNS (2385), b.. May 
25, 1819, son of Samuel and Mary (French) Stearns, of 
Deerlield, N. H.; md. (i), Feb. 29, 1844, Harriet Betton, b., 
Mar. 29, 1816, dau. of John and Mary (Spinney) Betton, of 
Windham, N. H. Harriet (Betton) Stearns was a woman of 
great worth, whose kind ministrations in sickness were freely 
given to her friends and neighbors, and were thoroughly 
appreciated by them. Her funeral was the largest ever at- 
tended in the Old North Church, of Wilmot, N. H. She d., 
Apr. 27, 1872, and her bereaved husband md. (2), 1873, Mrs. 
Margaret M. Haynes, of Manchester, N. H. Mr. Stearns 
was a farmer, prominent in military matters, was Capt. 
Stearns, afterwards. Major Stearns. He was a Deacon of 
the Cong. Church, and, for many years, a Justice of the 
Peace. "His greatest pride was that he was an honest man." 
He bad four children. 

4403— CHARLES CLINTON STEARNS, b., Sept. 8, 
1845; md.. Mar. II, 1868, Rachel L. Brown, and settled in 
Wilmot, N. H.; seven children. 

4404— BYRON T. STEARNS, b., Aug. 3, 1869. 

4405— HATTIE L. STEARNS, b., Dec. 12, 1871. 


4406— WYMAN D. STEARNS, b. May 2, 1873. 
4407— DWIGHT E. STEARNS, b., Apr. 8, 1876. 
4408— EVA B. STEARNS, b, Aug. 30, 1880. 
4409— EDNA D. STEARNS, Twins. 
44ic^LUCY B. STEARNS, b., May 21, 1882. 

441 1— JOHN STARK STEARNS, b., Oct. 5, 1847; a 
carpenter by trade; md. Parthenia Langley, and settled in 
Manchester, N. H.; no children. 

4412— BYRON J. STEARNS, b., Sept. 7, 1849; d., Feb. 
22, 1850. 

4413— WILLIAM BETTON STEARNS, b., May 28, 
1852; a locksmith and boarding-house keeoer, of Manches- 
ter, N. H.; md. (i), Jan. 15;, 1876, Mrs. Martha J. (Dickey) 
Young, who d., and he md. (2), Kate Hughes; an adopted 

4414— FRED YOUNG STEARNS, b., Feb. 16, 1866; 
md., Mar. ly, 1890, Cora S. Simons, of Moors Forks, N. Y. ; 
settled in Manchester, N. H. 

4415 — They have a dau., Ethel May Stearns, b., Apr. 2, 

4416— JOSHUA BRYANT STEARNS (2398), b., Dec. 
2"/. 1828, son of Joshua and Betsy (Page) Stearns, of Deer- 
field, N. H.; a farmer, of Deerfield, who md., Feb. 6, 1859, 
Mary S. Holmes; d., Mar. 23, 1896; three children. 

4417— NORA MAY STEARNS, b., July 12, i860; d., 
June I, 1881; unrtL 

4418— GILMAN STEARNS, b., June 2, 1862; md., Jan. 
15, 1889, Nellie Ordway, and settled in Deerfield, N. H.; two 

4419— WALDO G. STEARNS, b., Nov. 5, if 

4420— GUY BRYANT STEARNS, b., Sept. 13, 1894. 

4421— ETTA LOIS STEARNS, b., Dec. 11, 1874; of 
Deerfield, N. H. 


4422— OILMAN STEARNS (2399), b., Aug. 12, 1830, 
son of Joshua and Betsy (Page) Stearns, of Deerfield, N. H.; 
md., (i), Diantha Thomas, who d.; md. (2), Carrie McCHn- 
tock, who d., md. (3), Sarah Watts; Hved in Roque Dale, 
Me.; one son. 


4424-^WILLIAM R. STEARNS (2402), b., Sept. 20, 
1839, son of Joshua and Betsy (Page) Stearns, of Deerfield, 
N. H.; md. Jennie Fellows, and settled in Cal. They had 
three sons whose names we have been unable to learn. 

4425— WILLIAM FRENCH STEARNS (241 1), b., Nov. 
9, 1834, son of the Rev. William Augustus and Rebecca 
Alden (Eraser) Stearns, of Amherst, Mass.; md., 1859, Mary 
Emeline Kittredge. He was a merchant and resided, from 
1857 to 1868, in Bombay, India, where his eldest threee chil- 
dren were born. He d., May 21, 1874, in New York City, 
and his widow established a Home School for Young Ladies, 
at Amherst, Mass., where the Faculty of Amherst College 
have granted to her pupils, free access to the College Library 
and their collections in the Natural Sciences and Fine Arts. 
They had seven children. 

18, i860, in Bombay, India; d.. May 12, 1881, in Colorado 
Springs, Col. 

4427— HAROLD STEARNS, b.. May 31, 1863, in Bom- 
bay. India; was a physician; md., 1885 ;d.. July 4, 1890, at 
Colorado Springs, Col., leaving a widow and two children. 

4428— HAROLD ERASER STEARNS, b., Sept. 8, 1886. 

4429— RALPH WILLIAM STEARNS, b., Sept. 21, 
1888; d., June 28, 1889. 

4430— THEODORA STEARNS, b., Mar. 18, 1890. 

4431— ARTHUR FRENCH STEARNS, b., July 30, 
1864, in Bombay, India; removed to Denver, Col. 

4432— ETHEL REBECCA STEARNS, b., Oct. 11, 1865, 
in Paris, France; d., Oct. 15, 1882, in Amherst, Mass. 


4433_ANNIE KIRBY STEARNS, b., Nov. 6, 1868, in 
Orange, N. J.; d., Mar. 4, 1885, at Amherst, Mass. 

4434— ALFRED ERNEST STEARNS, b., June 6, 1871, 
in Orange, N. J.; a student of Amherst Coll. 

4435-^MABEL KITTREDGE STEARNS, b., Dec. 24, 
1872, in Orange, N. J.; of Amherst, Mass. 

Nov. 20, 1844, son of Rev. Jonathan French and Anna (Pren- 
tiss) Stearns, of Newark, N. J.; born in Newburyport, Mass.; 
md., 1870, Margaret Barnes Nye, of Champlain, N. Y. He 
was a lawyer by profession, having graduated from PhilHps 
Academy, Andover, Mass., and the Coll. of N. J., at Prince- 
ton^ N. J., taking the degrees of Bachelor of Arts and Master 
of Arts. He was admitted attorney-at-law to the N. Y. Bar, 
and attorney-at-law and solicitor in Chancery, in New Jer- 
sey, was Consul-General of the United States for the British 
North American Provinces, at Montreal, from May, 1882, 
to July, 1885. He returned to Montreal in 1886, as Manager 
of the Equitable Life Assurance Society, which position he 
now holds; four children. 

Sept. 10, 1871, in Newark, N. J.; d., Aug. 31, 1893, ^^ Mur- 
ray Bay, Prov. of Quebec, Canada; unrn. 

4438— GRACE NYE STEARNS, b., Oct. 23, 1874, in 
Newark, N. J.; unm. 

Sept. I, 1878, in Newark, N. J.; died in infancy. 

29, 1 88 1, in Newark, N. J. 

4441— CHARLES GARDNER STERNS, (2429), b., 
Apr. 3, 181 1, son of Samuel and Emma (Billish) Sterns, of 
Brewer, Me.; md., Oct. 5, 1836, Margaret Lunt, and settled 
in Bangor, Me. He was a manufacturer of and dealer in 
lumber, also dealer in timber lands of Maine. By long ex- 
perience, excellent judgment and constant personal atten- 
tion to business, he acquired a handsome competency, carry- 


ing on the extensive concern known as the "Sterns Lumber 
Co., of Bangor, Me., which after his death, Jnly i6 1880 
was conducted by his sons; five children. ' ^' 

4442— SAMUEL STERNS b Tnnp rn tS-,q • -n 
A/To . „ r --^ -■- -L-xvxN o, u., June 10, 1035, in Brewer 

Me., a manufacturer and dealer m lumber who -^uts Ind 

stores ice, and deals in Maine timber lands. He md lu v T. 

1863, Louisa Hinck, and has two daughters ^ ' ^' 


4445— EZRA LUNT STERNS K n^ o • 

Brewer, Me.; md Feb o t^^"^ V '• ??-\r '9' ^^41,10 
associa ed w ith hi^ brothe; I ' V"''^ ^^^^"'^>^- ^^ ^^ 

Brtt'tu!'^^'^^' '™^^^' ^•' ^^46; d., :847, in 
BrtiVue''^'^'^'' ^ '™^^^' '^^ ^850; d., .85., in 

4448-EMMA JOHNSON STERNS, b Nov o 18:;. • 
nici., Dec. 14 1876 Arthur P w^ 1 • l;.^>iuv. 9. I653, 
V ^ A ,0 ^"^"^ ^- Hopkins, of Bangor, Me. 
(aj— Charles Sterns Hopkins, b., Aug. 4. 1880 
(b)— Charlotte Sanderson Hopkins, b., Nov 13 1885 
4449-JAMES AUGUSTUS STERNS (2438) b Sept 
toi; M^ 'Z °'x?'"^'^ ^"^ ^^"^ ^W^^-) SternVof Orring: 
TsSyfl^o c'^ldr^- "' ^'•^^' ^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^^ ^•' ^^^^ ^' 

445c^JOSEPH AUGUSTUS STERNS, b., July 7 18., • 
rnd., Dec. 25, 186s, Fannie W. Hodges; six children ^^' 


4452— EVA BRADBURY STERNS, b., May 23, 1869. 

4453_ALICE GARY STERNS, b., Sept. 14, 1871; md., 
Apr. 28, 1896, H. W. Libbey; d., June 28, 1897. 

4454— JESSIE ANDREWS STERNS, b., June 7, 1875. 

4455— EMILY FRANCES STERNS, b., Oct. 27, 1877. 

4456— ARTHUR WILLIAM STERNS, b., Aug. 20, 
1879; d., Oct. 8, 1879. 

4457— MARY ETTA STERNS, d., aged four years. 

4458— ^CHARLES HENRY STEARNS (2460), b., May 
I, 1828, son of Charles and Lorinap (Wilson) Stearns, of 
Billerica, Mass.; md. Hattie G. Cobb, and had one son; d., 
Dec. I, 1862. After Mr. Stearns's death, his widow md. 
Stephen Wilson, cousin of her first husband; one son. 

4459— CHARLES LATHROP STEARNS, b., Sept. 12, 
1857; lived in Billerica till 1870, when he went to Lynn, 
Mass.; in 1876, removed to Lowell, Mass., where he resided 
until his death, July 19, 1894; md. Dora V. Walker, of East 
Wilton, Me.; no children. 

446c^ALBERT STEARNS (2468), b., Jan. 19, 1835, son 
of Charles and Lorinap (Wilson) Stearns, of Billerica, Mass.; 
md., Nov. 29, 1854, Calista Amanda Brown; a farmer, and 
livery-man, of Billerica, Mass.; one son. 

4461— GEORGE EDWIN STEARNS, b., Aug. 6, i860; 
a hotel-keeper, of Billerica Center; md., Dec. 25, 1882, Helen 
M. Proctor, b., Nov. 30, 1859, dau. of A. W. and Mary J. 
(Merriam) Proctor, of South Billerica; three children. 

4462— CHARLES EDWIN STEARNS, b., Mar. 11, 

4463— ALBERT WARREN STEARNS, b., Jan. 26, 

4464— MARY LOUISE STEARNS, b., Aug. i, 1890. 

4465— JEROME CHARLES STEARNS (2481), b., 1842, 
son of Jerome Bonaparte and Betsy (Whitcher) Stearns, of 
Charlestown, Mass.; served his apprenticeship at the har- 
ness-maker's trade, in New York City. During the Civil 


War, he served as Serg^eant, Co. E, Indpt. Battalion, N. Y. 
Inf. Vols., s-Jso in Co. E, N. Y. Vol. Regt. Engineers. He 
took part "n twenty-eight regular engagements, was taken 
prisoner at Aikens Landing and confined in Libby Prison 
over six 'nonths He was a Captain in the regular army in 
thv Indinn wars under Gen. Custer, and had a severe scalp- 
wound i.iflicted by "Sitting Bull.' 

He md., Aug. 28, 1872, Caroline Augusta Estes, of Brock- 
tot., IV.ass.; d., Dec. 31, 1883, in Pembroke, Mass.; three 

44/;6— ELLA BESSIE STEARNS, b., July 14, 1873, in 
Fall River, Mass.; d., May 28, 1874. 

4 ^67— LESLIE ELLSWORTH STEARNS, b., Sept. 18, 
18; 4, in So. Hanson; d., March 16, 1895. 

4468— GEORGE EATON STEARNS, b.. Mar. i, 1876, 
ill South Hanson; a florist, by trade. During the Spanish- 
i^merican War, he enlisted, Mar. 4, 1897, in "Battery D," 
4th U. S. Artillery, then stationed at Fort Slocum, N. Y.; 
wa transferred. Mar. 16, 1898, to "Battery G," 2nd U. S. 
Artillery; was discharged, July 23, 1898. He md., May 25, 
1898, Mary Gilman, of Boston, Mass., where they reside. 

4469— JOHN STEARNS JR. (2471), b., May 14, 1820, 
SOI of John and Lydia (Smith) Stearns, of Gurnee, 111. ; md. 
Almira Augusta Shepard; one son. 

4470-.GEORGE ALBERT STEARNS, b., Mar. 8, 1847; 
of Mason City, la.; md., and has one son. 

4471— JOHN STEARNS, b., 1883. 

4472— GEORGE KIMBALL STEARNS (2494), b., Feb. 
13, 1828, son of John and Lydia (Smith) Stearns, of Gurnee, 
111.; md., Apr. 25, 1857, Cynthia Lisetta Vose, "of Mass. 
Yankee stock." He was a farmer, of Gurnee, 111., who d. 
Sept., 1892, of nervous prostration and consumption; two 

4473— HARRY STEARNS, b., Aug. 26, 1858. in Gurnee, 
111. ; a fluent writer, and a contributor to the Granite Monthly, 
and some of the Boston Daihes; d., Nov. 14, 1888; unm. 


4474— ELMER PAINE STEARNS, b., May i6, i860, in 
Gurnee, 111.; md., 1892, Alice E. Day; is Immigration Agent 
for Kern Co., Land Co., and Southern Pacific Co. He is a 
racy writer and energetic traveling man, 

4475— HARRY DAY STEARNS, b., May 19, 1893, in 
Ogden, Utah. 

4476— LUKE STEARNS (2503), b., June 2, 1828, son of 
John and Abigail (Hartwell) Stearns, of Cavendish, Vt.; md. 
Emily Gassett, and settled in Ludlow, Vt.; a nursery-man, 
who has traveled extensively through the Eastern States; 
four children. 

4477— HERMAN LUKE STEARNS, b., June 13, 1862, 
in Cavendish, Vt,; settled in Boston, Mass. 

4478— HATTIE EFFIE STEARNS, b., Feb. 21, 1864; 
md. Charles E. Burpee, and settled in Springfield, Vt, where 
she d., July 12, 1885. 

4479— ELLA ELMINA STEARNS, b.. May 15, 1868, in 
Putney, Vt.; md. Harry G. Roby, and settled in Springfield, 
Vt.; two children. — 

(a) — Ella Elmina Roby. 

(b) — Levi Stearns Roby. 

4480— ANNA ELLEN STEARNS, b., Jan. 21, 1877, in 
Chester, Vt.; a resident of Ludlow, Vt. 

b., Jan. 17, 1835, son of John and Abigail (Hartwell) 
Stearns, of Cavendish, Vt.; md. Emma R. Hemenway, and 
settled in Cavendish, Vt. ; five children. 

4482 — Herbert J. Stearns, b., Apr. 8, 1867, md., Aug. 9, 
1887, Emma M. Marshall, of East Calais, Vt, 

4483— WILLIAM C. STEARNS, b., Feb. 23, 1869; md., 
Apr. 6, 1892, Nellie I. Pollard, of Ludlow, Vt. 

4484— GEORGE A. STEARNS, b.. May 3, 1873; md., 
Sept. 26, 1894, Hattie D. Howe, of Ludlow, Vt. 

4485— MALCOLM E. STEARNS, b.. May 17, 1875.. 

4486— INA G. STEARNS, b., Sept. 14, 1887. 


4487— JOHN STEARNS (2506), b., Oct. 31, 1819, son of 
Abel Jr. and Persis (Lawrence) Stearns, of Lunenburg, 
Mass.; a farmer, of Newton Center, Mass. He md. (i), Mary 
A. D. Parker, who d., Jan., 1842, in childbirth; md. (2), 1884, 
Mary C. Livermore; six children. 

4488— MARY ANNE PARKER STEARNS, b., Jan. 12, 
1842; md., 1863, Levi Blethen, of South Boston, Mass.; two 

(a) — Anna Blethen, b., July 5, 1864; md., Jan. 12, 1887, 
Charles Rand; two children. 

(b)— Helen L. Blethen, b., Aug. 18, 1866; md., Dec. 18, 
1890, Edwin Stanley; three children. 

4489-— ELLEN AUGUSTA STEARNS b., Dec. 3, 1845; 
md., 1873, Daniel W. Eagles, of Newton Center, Mass; four 

(a) — Flora Grace Eagles, b., Apr. 2y, 1874. 
(b) — Eva EHza Eagles, b., June i, 1878. 
(c) — Nettie Livermore Eagles, b., Feb. 5, 1880. 
(d) — Howard Alexander Eagles, b., Oct. 16, 1882. 

4490— SARAH MARIA STEARNS, b., Dec. 9, 1848; 
md., 1870, George E. Sanderson, of Medway, Mass.; two 

(a) — Mary Agnes Sanderson, b., Apr. 20, 1871; md., 

Sept., 1889, Elwyn Ross, of Medway. 
(b) — ^John Gardiner Sanderson, b., Jan. 12, 1873. 

4491— CHARLES CYRUS STEARNS, b., Oct. 22, 1850; 
md., 1877, Mary Curran, and settled in Newton Center, 
Mass.; two daughters. 

4492— MARY PERSIS STEARNS, b., Sept. 13, 1878. 

4493— MAUDE ETHEL STEARNS, b., Nov. 13, 1890. 

1852; md., 1877, Sumner H. Clark, of Medway, Mass.; two 

(a) — Gertrude Livermore Clark, b., Nov. 10, 1888. 
(b) — Raymond Stearns Clark, b., June 9, 1894. 


4495_CLARA FRANCES STEARNS, b., May 19, 1855; 
md. Benjamin Adey, of Newton Center, Mass. 

4496— OTIS STEARNS (2512), b., Dec. 25, 1834, son of 
of Abel Jr. and Persis (Lawrence) Stearns, of Cavendish, Vt.; 
a farmer, of Wethersfield, Vt., afterwards, of Perkinsville, 
Vt.; md., 1861, Helen Davis; five children. 

4497_WALTER D. STEARNS, b., Sept. 12, 1862, in 
Cavendish, Vt.; md., Jan. 14, 1892, Lillian A. Watts; a 
salesman of Fitchburg-, Mass. ; one daughter. 

4498— BERTHA M. STEARNS, b., June i, 1893. 

4499— FRED O. STEARNS, b., Sept. 25, 1864, in Cav- 
endish, Vt. ; md. Hattie Jenkins, and settled in Perkins- 
ville, Vt. 

4500— ANNA D. STEARNS, b., Jan. 31, 1867, in 
Wethersfield, Vt.; md. C. N. Tolls, of Perkinsville, Vt. 

4501— ADDIE M. STEARNS, b., Oct. 2, 1871, in Per- 
kinsville, Vt. 

4502— ARTHUR STEARNS, b., Jan. 14, 1882, in Per- 
kinsville, Vt. 

4503— DR. ISAAC HOLDEN STEARNS (2539), b., 
June 14, 1825, son of Isaac and Sarah (Fillebrown) Stearns, 
of Mansfield, Mass.; md., Mar. 3, 1846, Catherine Miller 
Guild, b., Sept. 15, 1822, dau. of Lewis Guild, of Braintree, 
Mass. Dr. Stearns was surgeon in 22d Regt. Mass. Vols., 
diiring the Civil War, and afterwards, was surgeon in the 
Soldiers' Homes of Augusta, Me., and Milwaukee, Wis., also 
acting as Pension, on account of his military experi- 
ence. "When he took charge of the Soldi>ers' Home at 
Milwaukee, there were 109 men in bed; when the inspctors 
visited the place a few months later, only two men were con- 
fined to their cots; as- Health officer of Milwaukee, he served 
the city with marked skill, driving out all traces of the epi- 
demic, small-pox, which prevailed when he took the ofTice. 
Leaving the West for his native state, he commenced to 
practice medicine in Lynn, but the old soldiers crowded 
around him for assistance in securing pensions, until he was 
obliged to serve as Pension Medical Examiner. The Doctor 


had a fine residence in Cliftondale and passed away, sur- 
rounded by friends, Sept. 6, 1897. He was ever just, kind, 
and hospitable, an independent thinker, whose death was 
lamented by a multitude of friends, for few men have been 
more popular." He had eleven children. 

8, 1847, in East Mansfield, Mass.; md. (i). May 7, 1873, Anna 
Clark Jones, who d., June 14, 1881, mother of three children; 
md. (2), May, 1883, Mrs. Katie (Fogherty) Ney, and settled 
in Milwaukee, Wis.; a printer, and publisher of "The Union 
Signal," Secretary of Knights of Labor and prominent in 
the Printers' Union; seven children. 

4505— ANNA MAUD STEARNS, b., Sept. 28, 1873, i" 

4506— JANE ATHERLEE STEARNS, b., Sept. 4, 1875. 

4507— ALICE IMOGENE STEARNS, b., Dec. 7, 1877. 

4508— HATTIE STEARNS, b., June 10, 1884. 

4509— ALFRED HOLDEN STEARNS, b., Feb. 6, 1887. 

45ic^-FLORENCE STEARNS, b., Dec. 7, 1889. 

4511— HEPSIE STEARNS, b., Mar. 19, 1891; d., July 
24, 1891. 

4512— ADELLA HOLDEN STEARNS, b., June 5, 1849, 
in Canton, Mass.; a resident of Milwaukee, Wis. 

4513— ALICE IMOGENE STEARNS, b., Nov. 10, 1850, 
in Abington, Mass.; md.. May 7, 1873, James Thomas Burns. 
M. D., who was a soldier in a New York Regt., during the 
Civil War. They settled in Brainerd, Minn., where Dr. Burns 
d., Jan. 28, 1875, being the first person buried in that town. 
His widow settled on Government land, in Florence, Oregon, 
and has been elected Mayor of the city. 

(a) — ^Jamie A. Burns, b., Apr. 16, 1875, in Milwaukee, 
Wis.; d., Apr! 27, 1883, in Marlboro, Mass. 

4514— IDANELLE STEARNS, b., Aug. i, 1853, in 
Abington, Mass.; md., Nov. 8, 1871, Samuel C. Thompson, 
of Stoneham, Mass.; settled in St. Paul, Minn. She d., Oct., 
1898; one daughter. 

George F. Stearns. 



Lutie E. Stearns. 


(a) — Idanelle Thompson, b., July 30, 1893, in St. Paul, 

4515— SARAH MINONA STEARNS, b., July 5, 1855, in 
Abington, Mass.; md., Dec. 6, 1879, Robert C. Fitts, of 
Leverett, Mass. Mrs. Fitts is a United States Pension Claim 
Attorney, and holds the unique position of being the only 
woman regularly employed on the stump, by a state political 
committee, in Wisconsin; two children. 

(a) — Roy Field Fittts, b., Mar. 4, 1881, in Milwaukee, 

(b) — Minona Louise Fitts, b., Apr. 5, 1887, in Saratoga, 
N. Y. 

4516— GEORGIA AUGUSTA STEARNS, b., Sept. 18, 
1857, in Augusta, Ga., whence her name; d., July 11, 1858, 
in Augusta, Ga. 

15. i860, in Stoughton, Mass.; md., Aug. 10, 1878, William 
Flunter Maher, of Milwaukee, Wis.; a very talented woman. 

4518— NELLIE GENEVA STEARNS, b., Apr. 4, 1862, 
at Stoughton, Mass.; md., Jan. 14, 1886, Harvey Conklin 
Deacon, of West Bend, Ind., who d., Aug. 16, 1896, at Alma, 
Mich. Their home was in Chicago, III. 

4519— MINTIE GREEN STEARNS, b., Jan. 14, 1864; 
md.. Mar. 31, 1883, Herman Humphrey Field, of Chicago, 
111. ; an artist, beloved for her benevolence. 

4S20— GEORGE SCOTT STEARNS, b., Julv 7, 1865; d., 
July 8, 1865. 

4521— LUTIE EUGENIA STEARNS, b., Sept. 13, 1866. 
Librarian of PubHc Library, at Milwaukee, Wis., and 
Librarian Commissioner of the State of Wisconsin, receiving 
her appointment from the Governor. 

b,, Oct. I, 1826, son of Isaac and Sarah (Fillebrown) Stearns, 
of Mansfield, Mass. ; a portrait painter, afterwards, a minister 
of the New Jerusalem, later a missionary of the Mass. New 
Church Association. He md., Apr. 25, 1855, Louisa Shaw, 


of Sudbury, Mass.; ten children. Mrs. Stearns d., Mar. 20, 
1901, at Mansfield, Mass., in the seventieth year of her age. 

4523— GEORGE HERMON STEARNS, b., Feb. 10, 
1856, in Mansfield, Mass.; grad. Harv. Coll., 1878; Civil En- 
gineer with Boston Bridge Co., of Boston, Mass. 

4524— SARAH LOUISA STEARNS, b., Mar. 5, 1858; 
md., 1880, A. E. Brown, of Lakewood, O., where their chil- 
dren were born; five children. 

(a) — Pearl Olivet Brown, b., Oct. i, 1881, 

(b) — Eben Hermon Brown, b., Apr. 14, 1884. 

(c) — Louis Carmel Brown, b., Mar. 22, 1886. 

(d) — ^Dora Brown, b., Jan. 8, 1889; d., Jan 16, 1889. 

(e) — Rachel Brown, b., May 22, 1890. 

4525— JOHN ALDEN STEARNS, b., Apr. 27, i860; d., 
1862, in Riverhead, Long Island, N. Y. 

4526— GENEVIEVE STEARNS, b., Mar. 7, 1862; md., 
and had four children. 

4527— ARABELLA STEARNS, b.. Mar. 30, 1864; md., 
1884, C. C. Mason, of Cleveland, O.; four children, 
(a) — Genevieve Mason, b., Dec. 8, 1885. 
(b) — ^Charles Frederic Mason, b., Aug. 22, 1887. 
(c) — Edith Riley Mason, b., May 12, 1889. 
(d) — Paul Jones Mason, b., Mar. 12, 1892; d., Apr. 15, 

4528— WINIFRED STEARNS, b., Nov. 16, 1866; md., 
1890, H. R. Fisher, of Mansfield, Mass.; two daughters, 
(a) — ^Mary Winifred Fisher, b., Aug. 28, 1891. 
(b) — Mildred Stearns Fisher, b., Nov. 16, 1892. 

4529— GRACE STEARNS, b., June 28, 1869; md., 1891, 
Ira J. Selee, of Mansfield, Mass.; one son. 
(a) — ^John Alden Selee, b., Apr. 8, 1892. 

4530— MIRIAM STEARNS, b., June 6, 1871. . 

4531— LOUIS CARMEL STEARNS, b., June 23, 1874. 


4532— OLIVE STEARNS, b., Feb. 13, 1876; d., Feb. 25, 
1876, at Philadelphia, Pa. 

4533— ORANGE SCOTT STEARNS (2543) b., Feb. 26, 
1835, son of Isaac and Sarah (Fillebrown) Stearns, of Mans- 
field, Mass.; served as private and sergeant in Co. C, 29th 
Regt. Mass. Vols., during the Civil War, from 1861 to 1865. 
His death from consumption, Aug. 25, 1870, was attributed 
to disease contracted in the service. He md., 1865, Edna 
Maria Shaw, and settled in East Mansfield, Mass.; three 


4535— ANABEL STEARNS, b., Jan. 9, 1868. 

4536— WALTER SCOTT STEARNS, b., Apr. 16, 1870. 

4537— WILLIAM LOWELL STEARNS (2547), b., Nov. 
6, 1833, son of William and Nancy (Walker) Stearns, of 
Mansfield, Mass.; md. Mar. 22, 1855, Caroline Wilbur Buck, 
b.. Apr. 24, 1837; six children. 

4538— RUTH AUGUSTA STEARNS, b., Feb. 10, 1856; 
md., Nov. 20, 1872, Alphonso Tudal Fuller; four children. 

(a) — Adelle Augusta Fuller, b., Nov. 5, 1873; d., Sept. 
29, 1891. 

(b) — CHnton Linwood Fuller, b., Sept. 3, 1876. 
(c) — Blanche Genevieve Fuller, b., Oct. 4, 1878. 
(d) — Leon Elwood Fuller, b., Sept. 17, 1881. 

4539— MARY ELLA STEARNS, b., Dec. 14, 1857. 

4540— HENRY LOWELL STEARNS, b., Apr. 25, 1862; 
md., Oct. 15, 1884, Ella Wells, b., Feb. 7, 1865, in Hartford, 
Conn. ; one son. 

4541— BENJAMIN LOWELL STEARNS, b., Oct. 31, 

1867; md., June 20, 1888, George W. D. Holt, 
(a) — Harold Lowell Holt, b., Nov. 13, 1890, 
(b) — Clara Holt, b., June 20, 1892. 


4543— SUSAN ADA STEARNS, b, June 29, 1869. 

4544— CHARLES HERBERT STEARNS, b., Apr. 26, 

4545_-CHARLES IRVIN STEARNS (2562), b., Apr. 
28. 1838, son of Albert Irvin and Rhoda (Jacobs) Stearns, of 
Bloomington, 111.; md., Jan. 19, 1862, Georgette A. Burgess, 
of Paw Paw, Mich., where he d., Jan. 25, 1877, and we have 
no record of children. 

Aug. 28, 1842, son of Albert Irvin and Rhoda (Jacobs) 
Stearns, of Westfield, 111.; md., Dec. 13, 1866, Agnes Full, 
of Chattanooga, Tenn. They lived, for a time, in Aberdeen. 
South Dak., where he attained considerable political prom- 
inence; a druggist, by profession; removed to Minneapolis, 
Minn. Their four children were born' in Paw Paw, Mich. 





4551— BUELL STEARNS (2570), b., Apr. 30, 1821, son 
of David Johnson and Polly (Barnum) Stearns, of Ridge- 
ville, O.; md., Apr. 7, 1845;, Elizabeth H. Perry, and settled 
in Coe Ridge, Cuyahoga Co., O.; seven children. 

4552— EMMA JANE STEARNS, b., Nov. 25, 1845; md. 
Francis B. Harrison, of Coe Ridge. 

4553— ALMEDA C. STEARNS, b., Dec. 13, 1847; md.. 
Dr. R. A. Watson, of Mich. 

4554— JOHNSON DAVID STEARNS, b., Dec. 4. 1850; 
md., Feb. 19, 1872, Jennie Stephenson, and settled first in 
Coe Ridge, afterwards, in Ridgeville, O. ; two children. 

4555— CHARLES D- STEARNS, b., Aug. 26, 1875. 

4556— ORSA STEVENSON STEARNS, b., Oct. 31, 

4557— HARRY DUANE STEARNS, b., July 9, 1853; 


md., Feb. 19, 1878, Sarah Welton, and settled at Olmsted 
Falls, O.; one daughter. 

4558— DELLA M. STEARNS, b., Apr. 9, 1884. 

4559_ODELL DAVID STEARNS, b., Aug. 24, 1856; 
md.. Mar. 26, 1884, Anna Fitch, and settled at Olmsted, O.; 
one daughter. 

4560— HAZEL STEARNS, b., Feb. 28, 1885. 

4561— FRANK L. STEARNS, b., Dec. 24, i860, in Coe 
Ridge, O.; a plumber, by trade, who went to Fort Worth, 
Texas, May i, 1884. 

4562— KATE M. STEARNS, b., Nov. 18, 1863; md., 
Archie Elliott. 

4563— WILLARD STEARNS (2571), b., Jan. 4, 1823, 
so,] of David Johnson and Polly (Barnum) Stearns, of Olm- 
sted, O.; md., Aug. 18, 1844, Mary Maria Stevens, and 
settled in Olmsted, Ohio; fourteen children. 

4564— EBER STEARNS, b., Oct. 10, 1845; d., Apr. 4, 

4565— ADALINE STEARNS, b., Jan. 4. 1847; md. Edwin 

4566— EMELINE STEARNS, b., Feb. 16. 1848; d., Aug. 
25, 1849. 

4567— ANGELINE STEARNS, b., July 29, 1849; md. 
Edward E. Carpenter. 

4568— CAROLINE STEARNS, b., Mar. 14, 185 1; md. 
Charles Geiger. 

4569— EDWIN JAMES STEARNS, b., Aug. 27, 1852; 
md.. Jan. i, 1877, Nettie May Stearns (4606), and settled in 
Cleveland, O.; two daughters. 

4570— LILLIAN ANNA STEARNS, b., Feb. 7, 1885. 

4571— GLADYS ESTELLE STEARNS, b., Aug. 24, 

4572— MARY E. STEARNS, b., Oct. 14. 1854; a resident 
of Ridgeville, O. 


4573— HARRIET L. STEARNS, b., Oct. 7, 1856; md. 
Charles H. Leach, 

4574— MARTHA I. STEARNS, b., Dec. 4, 1858; md. 
Curtis Webster. 

4575— ADA B. STEARNS, b., Sept. 28, 1861; md. John 

4576— WILLIAM STEARNS, b., Oct. 18, 1864; of Ash- 
tabula, O. 

4577— LUCY I. STEARNS, b.. May 7, 1867; of Olm- 
sted, O. 

4578— GEORGE L. STEARNS, b., Mar. 5, 1869; of Olm- 
sted, O. 

4579— NEWTON B. STEARNS, b., Feb. 11, 1872; d., 
Apr. 2, 1881. 

4580— HIRAM J. STEARNS (2574), b., Apr. it, 1829, 
son of David Johnson and Polly (Barnum) Stearns, of Olm- 
sted, O.; md., Dec. 8, 1853, Corintha Terrell. He was a 
tailor by trade, and so crippled that he could not enlist at 
the time of the Civil War, but acted as sutler in i82d Regt., 
Ill Vols., and afterwards, with 187 th Regt. 111. Vols., to 
the close of the war. His own words were, "I did all in my 
power for the Union;" three children. 

4581— ELLA STEARNS, b., Nov. 10, 1854, in Ridgeville, 
O.; md. H. Melvin Mease, of Freeport, 111.; two children. 

4582— EDWARD B. STEARNS, b. Aug. 26, 1862; d., 
Jan. 12, 1868. 

4583— ARABELLA STEARNS, b., Aug. 26, 1868; unm. 

4584— HEMAN STEARNS (2575), b., Apr. 19, 1832, 
son of David Johnson and Polly (Barnum) Stearns, of Olm- 
sted, O.; md., Sept. 25, 1859 Anne Briggs; d., Sept. i, 1881, 
in Elyria, Ohio; one son. 

4585— ROBERT L. STEARNS, b., Aug. 11, 1874. 

4586— ELIJAH THOMPSON STEARNS (2500), b., Jan. 
2. 1825, son of Vespasian and Priscilla (Thompson) Steams,. 


of Olmsted, O.; md. Mar, g, 1845, Mary L. Stevens; d., July 
19, 1892, at Portland, Mich.; eight children. 

4587_ADELAIDE MARY STEARNS, b., Oct. 4, 1846; 
md. Erastus Waite. 

4588— HENRY LEWIS STEARNS, b., Jan. 11, 1849, in 
Olmsted, O.; md., Apr. g, 1871, Mary Trim, and settled at 
Roxam, Mich.; two daughters. 

4589— EMMA JOSEPHINE STEARNS, b., Mar. 3, 
1872; md. Harley Holmes. 

4590— JENNIE EDNA STEARNS, b., Feb. 3, 1884. 


4592— EMELINE STEARNS, b., Mar. 18, 1854. 

4593— EDNA FLORENCE STEARNS, b., Apr. 9, 1856. 

4594— CAPITOLA LEVINA STEARNS, b., Jan. 18, 
1858; md, Lowell Robinson. 

1864; md. William H. Holmes. 

459^NELLIE ESTELLE STEARNS, b., Jan. 12, 1866; 
md. J. H. Fisk. 

4597— GARDNER STEARNS (2587), b.. Mar, 6, 1827, 
sor of EHiott and Aurilla (Thompson) Stearns, of Olmsted, 
O.; md. (i), June 6, 1852, Maria Huntoon; md. (2), Kate 
Edwards; settled at Olmsted, O. He served 'four years as 
private, during the Civil War, and lost an arm in the battle 
of Bentonville, S. C; seven children; d.. Sept, 23, 1899, 

4598— EDWARD G. STEARNS, b., Apr. 17, 1853; d.. 
Apr. 8, 1856. 

4599— EVA M. STEARNS, b., Sept. i, 1855; md. (i), H. 
C. Barnum; md. (2), C. E. Hitchcock. 

4600— AURILLA L. STEARNS, b., Jan. 18, 1858; md. 
Levi Rumage. 

4601— HATTIE E. STEARNS, b., Sept. 8, 1862; d., Apr. 
I, 1864. 


4602— PHILENA A. STEARNS, b., Nov. 28, 1867; md. 
J. G. Campbell. 

4603— IRENE STEARNS, b., Sept. 11, 1870. [ j^-^^^ 

Irene Stearns md. J. H. Burton. 

Lorene Stearns d., 1871. 

4605— EDMUND STEARNS (2589), b., Jan. 14, 183 1, 
soi of Elliott and Aurilla (Thompson) Stearns, of Olmsted, 
O.; md., Aug. i, 1852, Anna J. Marsh, and settled at Olm- 
sted, O.; three children. 

4606— NETTIE MAY STEARNS, b., Apr. 8, 1856; md., 
Ja: I, 1877, Edwin James Stearns (4569), of Cleveland, O,; 
two daughters. 

4607— ARTHUR ADELBERT STEARNS, b., July 18, 
1858, in Olmsted, O.; A. B., Buchtel Coll., 1879; A. M., 
Buchtel Coll., 1882; LL. B., Harv. Coll., 1882; admitted to 
practice of law, 1882; md., Nov. 21, 1888, Lillian Grant Piatt, 
and settled in Cleveland, O. We wish to express our appre- 
ciation of the clear and scholarly manner in which Mr. A. A. 
Stearns has communicated to us the records of this branch 
of the family. He commenced where Dr. Bond stopped, 
with EHphalet of the fifth generation, and has furnished 
nearly all that we know of his grandfathers descendants; 
three children, 

4608— ELLIOTT EDMUND STEARNS, b., Oct. 7, 

4609— HELEN HODGE STEARNS, b., Nov, 11, 1892. 

4609 1-2— DOROTHY DORIS STEARNS, b., Feb, 20, 

4610— GILBERT EUGENE STEARNS, b., Oct. 11, 
1868; d., Jan. 20, 1869. 

4611— ASHER STEARNS (2596), b., Jan. 14, 1832, son 
of Elijah Jr. and Wealthy (Usher) Stearns, of Olmsted, O.; 
md., June 29, 1871, Emily Helen Fitch, and settled at Olm- 
sted, O.; four children. 

Arthur A. Stearns. 



4612— MABEL MARIA STEARNS, b., Jan. 7, 1872. 

4613— LORING BURTON STEARNS, b., June 22, 
1874; d., Mar. 24, 1875. 

4614— SABIA MYRTILLA STEARNS, b., Mar. 6, 1877. 

4615— BESSIE FITCH STEARNS, b.. May 4, 1881. 

4616— PHINEAS STEARNS (2635), b., in Indiana, son 
of Clark and Irene (Fuller) Stearns, of Canton, III; a farmer 
of Illinois, who md. Mary Cochrane. During the Civil War, 
he served in 103d Regt., 111. Vols.; four children, 


4621— ALEXANDER W. STEARNS (2653), b., 1849, 
son of Jefferson Gould and Jane (Wilson) Stearns) of Illinois; 
during the Civil War, was a soldier under Gen. Sherman, in 
his famous "March to the Sea;" an editor and newspaper 
man, of El Dorado, Mo. Have been unable to get his 
family record. 

4622— EDMUND B. STEARNS (2659), b., 1861, son of 
Jefferson Gould and Jane (Wilson) Stearns, of Western 
Illinois; removed with his father to Kansas, in 1870, and was 
brought up on a Western farm; md., 1883, Maude Maxwell, 
and went to Wichita, Kas., where he took up the business 
of an engraver; three children. 

4623— MINNIE STEARNS, b., 1885. 
4624— JEFFERSON STEARNS, b., 1888. 
4625— FANNIE STEARNS, b., 1890; d., 1894. 

b., Feb. 2, 1845, son of Harrison and Amanda (Russell) 
Stearns, of Towanda, Kas.; md., May 12, 1866, Abigail J. 
Dorrance, b., Apr. 8, 1846. He is a homeopathic phy- 
sician of Essex, la., first known to us by his boyish name of 
"Dell Stearns;' six children. 


4627— NELLIE MAY STEARNS, b., June 5, 1867; md., 
Apr. 30, 1884, James W. Donnell, of Blair, Neb.; six children, 
(a) — Lida Lenore Donnell, b., Apr. 16, 1885. 
(b) — Fay Donnell, b., May 20, 1887. 
(c) — Agnes Donnell, b., Feb. 2, 1889. 
(d) — Mabel Donnell, b., Mar. 19, 1891. 
(e) — Robert Donnell, b., July 6, 1894. 
(f) — Harriet Donnell, b., June 5, 1897. 

4628— LULU STEARNS, b., Feb. 27, 1869; md., Sept. 
12, 1893, Robert A. Sanderson, of Essex, la.; one dau. 
(a) — Abigail Hortense Sanderson, b., Apr. i, 1896. 

4629— EDWIN CLARENCE STEARNS, b., June 25, 
1872; settled in Omaha, Neb. 

1876; of Essex, la. 

4631— DAISY MILDRED STEARNS, b., Jan. 5, 1883; 
of Essex, la. 

4632— FLOYD DORRANCE STEARNS, b., June 20, 

4633— WALES D. STEARNS (2666), b., 1847, son of 
Harriso.i and Amanda (Russell) Stearns, of Towanda, Kas.; 
md. Ida Waite, and settled in Kas. He was killed, 1894, 
being thrown under a train; both legs were cut off above the 
knees and he died in a few hours; four children. 





4638— JOHN WILLIAM STEARNS (2687), b., Feb. i, 
1855, in Osceola, Mo., son of Stinson S. and Minerva (Reed) 
Stearns, of Fayetteville, Ark.; md., Dec. 25, 1887, Mattie C. 
Prather, of Portland, Ore. He went to the state of Wash- 
ington in 1884, from Arkansas, as agent for the North- 

DwitJ^ht \V. Stearns. 

Willis D. Stearns. 


western Manufacturing and Car Co., of Stillwater, Minn.; 
became Chief Examiner of Loans for the Lombard Invest- 
ment Co., of Kansas City, Mo.; then organized and started 
ti.e First Bank of Tekoa, in Tekoa, Whitman Co., Wash., 
and has had charge of it from its beginning. He was ap- 
pointed Regent of the Washington Agricultural College and 
School of Science, in 1893; re-appointed in 1895; has been 
Secretary of Tekoa Mercantile Co., since 1891 ; one son. 

4639 — Glenn Warwick Stearns, b., Dec. 8, 1889, in Walla 
Walla, Wash. 

4640— DWIGHT WEBSTER STEARNS (2724), b., Jan. 
28, 1830. son of John and Esther (Webster) Stearns, of Hins- 
dale, N. H.; md. (i), 1857, Hannah Smith, of Winchester, 
N. H., who d ., July 28, 1870; md. (2), Sept. 28, 1871, Eliza- 
beth Smith, of Chesterfield, N. H. He was bom and always 
lived in Hinsdale, N. H., where he served as selectman for 
eighteen years, and represented the town in the State Legis- 
lature; five children. 

4641— EDDA E. STEARNiS, b., July 4, 1858; md., Sept. 
7, 1880, Frank R. Stratton, of Northfield, Mass.; settled in 
Keene, N. H. 

4642— .NELLIE A. STEARNS, b., Oct. 17, 1859; md., 
1881, Fred A. Adams, of South Vernon, Vt, where they re- 
side; one dau. 

(a) — Marion Adams, b., 1882. 

4643— DORA A. STEARNS, b., Apr. 12, 1861 ; md., 1879, 
Ernest E. Stratton, of Northfield, Mass.; settled in Hinsdale, 
N. H.; two children. 

(a) —Ida Stratton, b., 1880. 
(b)— Eva Stratton, b., 1883. 
4644— JOHN W. STEARNS, b., 1863; d., 1865. 

4645— WILLIS D. STREANS, b., Aug. 29, 1868; md., 
1890, Lizzie Gamble, of St. Stephens, N. B. Their home is 
in Hinsdale, N. H., where he is one of the Board of Select- 
men; two sons. 




Nov. 20, 1838, son of Nathaniel and Sarah (Phelps) Stearns, 
of Providence, R. I.; md., May 12, 1859, Josephine Wales, 
of Pawtiicket, R. .1. They made their home in Providence, 
R. I., where he was in business; eight children. 

i860, in Providence, R. I.; d,, Aug. 7, 1861. 

4650— MABEL AUGUSTA STEARNS, b., Dec. 3, 1862; 
md., Dec. 10, 1883, Victor E. Hammond, of Providence, 
R. I., where they settled, 

Sept. 25, 1865; a jeweler, of Providence, R. I. 

4652— SAMUEL WALES STEARNS, b., Mar. 13, 1868; 
a jeweler, of Providence, R. I. 

4653— SARAH ESTHER STEARNS, b., Feb. 15, 1870; 
of Providence, R. I. 

4654— JOHN STEARNS, b., Dec. i, 1871; a pharmacist, 
of Providence, R. I. 

4655— IDA JOSEPHINE STEARNS, b.. Mar. 23, 1874, 
in Providence, R. I., where she d ., Nov. 18, 1877. 

1878; of Providence, R. I. 

4657— HENRY KENT STERNS (2779), b., Nov. 12, 
1822, son of Peter 3d. and Sophia (Wood) Stearns, of West- 
ford, Vt.; md., 1845, Luthera Gibbs, dau. of David and Ruby 
Farnsworth) Gibbs; a farmer, of Edgerton, Kent Co., Mich. 
Prior to 1878, they resided in Westford, Vt., where their 
children were born; six children. 

4658— HOMER B. STERNS, b. about 1850; of Edger- 
ton, Mich.; unm. 

4659— HENRY F. STERNS, b. about 1855; md., Anna 
Wilmarth; settled in Edgerton, Mich. 

4660— WILBUR K. STERNS, b. about i860; md., 1893, ; 


Julia Hunting; a carpenter, contractor and builder, of Grand 
Rapids, Mich.; two children. 

4661— HARRY H. STERNS, b., Jan. 3, 1894, in Court- 
land, Kent Co., Mich, 

4662— JENiNIE M. STERNS, b., Sept. 14, 1895, in Grand 
Rapids, Mich. 

4663— CHARLES P. STERNS, b., Apr. 11, 1861; a re- 
porter and sketch-writer, of ChilHcothe, O.; md., Oct. 30, 
1892, Hannah Ella Porter, dau. of Asa Porter. 

4664 CHARLOTTE C. STERNS, md. Leonard Stoner, 
of Courtland, Mich. 

4665— ADELBERT L. STERNS, of Edgerton, Mich. 

4666— RUFUS WOOD STEARNS (2780), b., Apr. 18, 
1824, son of Peter 3d. and Sophia (Wood) Stearns, of Fair- 
rax, Vt.; a farmer, of Fairfax; md., Dec. i, 1857, Sarah 
Eunice Scott, b., Dec. 13, 1827, who d., Dec. 6, 1892, m 
Cambridge, Vt; three children. 

4667— EUNICE SCOTT STEARNS, b., Mar. i, 1859, in 
Fairfax, Vt. ; md., June 26, 1881, John H. Cook, of Cam- 
bridge, Vt., b., Dec. 18, i8s8, who' was a farmer, of North 
Underbill, Vt. 

4668— AMOS SCOTT STEARNS, b., Aug. 10, 1865, in 
Fairfax, Vt. ; md., Sept. 28, 1887, Carrie J. Jackson, b., Oct. 
30, 1868. Mr. Stearns was a farmer, of Jeffersonville, Vt.; 
two children. 

4669— ELSIE MAY STEARNS, b., Dec. 5, 1890. 

4670— WALLACE A. STEARNS, b., Feb. 24, 1892. 

4671— VIOLA E. STEARNS, b., Oct. 29, 1875; md., Oct, 
29, 1890, in Westford, Vt. Oscar W. Pettee, b., Jan. 10, 1866, 
a farmer of Greenboro, Vt. 

No\. 3, 1841, son of Joseph Merrill and Phila (Smith) 
Stearns, of Lincoln, Vt; md. (i), Feb. 14, 1866, Emma J. 
Gilham, of Fredericksburg, Va.; separated from first" wife 
and went West to Portland, Ore., leaving wife and two sons 


in Fredericksburg, Va. Mr. Stearns traveled extensively as 
a nev^spaper correspondent, and, afterwards, became en- 
gaged in Brokerage Stocks, &c., and was a dealer in Fruit- 
land, in Portland, Ore., and in Vancouver, Wash. He md. 
(2), 1876, Clara Duniway, of Portland, Ore., who d., 1886, 
leaving one son; md. (3), 1887, A. Ella Stoughton, of Port- 
land, Ore. Mr. Stearns was a soldier of the Civil War, en- 
listing, Aug., 1861, in Berdan's Sharpshooters of Vt., under 
Capt. Weston, and serving three years; was captured by the 
Confederates, May, 1864; was taken to a Southern prison, 
but paroled, Nov., 1864. "He served as a private soldier in 
the battles, marches and campaigns of the Army of the Po- 
tomac, during the Peninsular Campaign; was transferred to 
th( Medical Dept. as Hospital Steward, and was very efficient 
in caring for the sick and wounded; was Commander of the 
G. A. R. Post, which welcomed Gen. Grant to Portland, Ore., 
when one his tour around the world, the Post giving a ban- 
quet and dining with the General." Mr. Stearns' sons in 
Fredericksburg, Va., were cared for by a faithful mother and 
grand-mother until able to support themselves, and by hon- 
esty, sobriety, industry and integrity, have won positions in 
the community where they live, that reflect credit to them. 
Their mother lives with one or the other, and is independent 
of both. 

4673_EDGAR WALKER STEARNS, b., Feb. 2, 1867, 
in Washington, D. C; a dry-goods merchant, of Fredericks- 
burg, Va., where he owns his home; md., Aug. 13, 1890, 
Hattie M. Merchant, b., 1871, oldest dau. of Rufus B. Mer- 
chant. Mr. Stearns is a member of the Methodist church and 
has been Supt. of the Sunday Schoool, which numbers two 
hundred and fifty; two children. 

4674— JEANNETTE STEARNS, b., 1892. 

4675_GENEVIEVE STEARNS, b., 1896. 

4676— FRANK PERCIVAL STEARNS, b., Aug. 3, 
1868, in Washington, D. C; learned the carpenter's trade, 
graduateH as an architect and builder, and, in connection 
with this business, has a planing and lathe shop. He md.. 
Dec. 24. 1890, Bettie T. Lewis, b., 1863. second dau. oi 


4677-CORINNE STEARNS, b., 1892 
4678-ADELLE STEARNS, b., 1894. 
467^ALICE STEARNS, b., 1896. 

By second wife. 

.0 ^ ^^ ^hird wife. 

4681-ETHELLA STEARNS, b., 1888 

son Co Ore wh^r. t^' ^' ?^' ^^"'' McManus. of Jack- 
., Ore., where they made their home; four children 

4683— CARRIE E STRAP Mc; i ^ , „ 
maker, of Portland, Ora ' ' ^' '^^' ^ '^"''■^- 

4684— ROSA B. STEARNS h r. 
father at Talent, Jackson Co Ore '^' '^^4^ with her 

468S-FRED A. STEARNS, b., June i, 1870 

4686-MURTREE E. STEARNS, b.. May .9, ^883 

^84l'ro-;''o?SdlSrlIf^^;^^ ^?-«">- ^-^ Jan. 9. 
of Tyler, 111.; a farmer "nri'^ol^"'''' 'Cannon) Stearns 
Ore.; md. (i . May 17 187, M '""'■t°' ^'a™^"' F^"^ 
-ento, Ca[ Duri'n/thf ^iMyfrM/- ^^^'^ °^ ^^"^- 
Sergeant in Co. I First ReJt n ; ?'«a™s was ist. 

Nov. 17. 1864; musfered out^ Mv'f ige"; ^M •' ^""^'^^ 
a Republican member of Or<.=.;^„ t ^.' ,7- He was also 
one of the first settlers n/h! Legislature, in 1880, being 
gon, lying east S h Ca cadr°R '°" "^ f ""'^'^^tern Ore^ 
located there, in 1867 immtn f ^ F" °^ ">o«ntains. He 

of the voIunt;er servL a"d be o '' 0."^^^ ""^'^'•'^d out 
Indians, who then occuoied tt ^^ "^'""a* ^"d Modoc 

their reservation Farrn^wkh ,?"">!"'. "'"'^ ^"""^^ ^ 
occupation ever since™n 1^1,71 ^to^-^a'smg, has been his 

*Hat He is, now, the oldest ^ettl^rlirp'olrof^trr^J"--;/,! 

John W. Stearns. 

William Stearns. 


4699— CHARLES ARTHUR STEARNS (2823) b Au^ 
I, 1844, son of Rev. Orrin Orlando and Nancy (Valentine^ 
Stearns, of Deerfield, N. H.; Chicago Univ., 1869; md., Sept 
9, 1872, Josephine A. Stowe, of Chicago, 111. He was a 
telegraph operator, at Janesville, Wis., afterwards engaged 
in teaching at Oceanside, Cal. ; two daughters. 

4700— BELLA A. STEARNS, b., Feb. 2y, 1875. 

4701— ALICE J. STEARNS, b.. Mar. 15, 1880. 

4702— SIDNEY SUMNER STEARNS (2832), b., Aug 
20, 1856, son of Rev. Myron Newell and Dorcas (Ray) 
Stearns, of Jackson Co., Ore.; farmer and stock raiser of 
Pmeville, Ore.; md., Nov. 15, 1887, Frances E. Day; four 

4703— LORA LOUISA STEARNS, b., Nov. 4, i 

4704— NORA FRANCES STEARNS, b., Nov. 4, i 

4705— CECIL BURMAN STEARNS, b., Sept. 29, 1890 
at Farewell Bend, Ore. ^^ y ' 

4706— CAREY SUMNER STEARNS, b., Sept. 22, 1894. 

4707— JOSEPH ORRIN STEARNS (2841), b., Oct. 15 
1855, son of Rev. Samuel Eastman and Susan (Whittaker) 
Stearns, of Oregon; md. Isa R. Smith, and was, for years a 
leading real-estate dealer of Walla Walla, Wash He re- 
moved to Waldport, Lincoln Co., Ore., where he became 
County Judge and Countv Commissioner, while indulgino- 
his taste for farming; six children. "^ 







4714-WILLIAM STEARNS (2864), b., Oct. 12, 1826, 


at Tully, N. Y., son of Alpheus and Mary A. (Sniffin) 
Stearns, of Onondaga Co., N, Y.; md., 1853, Elsie Randall, 
of Ladoga, Wis., where they settled on a farm; three chil- 

4715— EVA JANE STEARNS, b., 1856, at Ladoga, Wis. 

4716— ALICE ELECTA STEARNS, b., 1861, at Ladoga, 

4717— DR. WILLIAM G. STEARNS, b., 1865, at La- 
doga, Wis.; grad. North-Western Univ. Med. Coll., 1893;. 
Prof, of Pathology N. W. U. Dental School, 1894-1897;- 
Lecturer on Mental Diseases, N. W. U. Med. School, 1897- 
1901; Member of Nu Sigma Nu, and Psi Omega. He was 
Med. Superintendent of 111. Eastern Hospital for the Insane, 
at Kankakee, 111., 1897-1899; Prof, of Nervous and Mental 
Diseases in Chicago Clinical School, 1900-1901; Med. Di- 
rector of Resthaven Sanatarium, Waukesha, Wis. He md., 
1897, Sara Grace Whitney. 

4718— EDSON JABEZ STEARNS (2880), b., July 23, 
1845, son of Jabez Talbot and Olive (Marsh) Stearns, of 
Cardiff, N. Y.; md., May 22, 1866, Frances A. Wooolsey, 
dau. of Henry and Sarah (Abbott) Woolsey, of Cardiff, 
N. Y. In 1878, they removed to Syracuse, N. Y., and he has 
been engaged in the Mantel, Tile, and Grate business since 
1880. He spent about twelve years in the N. Y. National 
Guard, from which he retired with the rank of Major: joined 
the I. O. of O. F., in 1869, and has been honored bv the 
order in many ways, being Pres. of the Odd Fellows' Tem- 
ple Association, of Syracuse, N. Y. ; four children. 

4719— HENRY JABEZ STEARNS, b., July 23, 1869; 
md., Apr. 24, 1895, Laura D. Kaufman, of Syracuse, N. Y., 
where they made their home; one son. 

4719 1-2— JOHN EDSON STEARNS, b., Oct. 3, 1898. 

4720— GEORGE B. STEARNS, b., Mar. 5, 1872; of Syra- 
cuse, N. Y. 

4721— SARAH OLIVE STEARNS, b., July 6, 1884; a 
student, of Syracuse, N. Y. 

4722— CELIA A. STEARNS, b.. Oct. 9, 1886. . 




William G. Stearns. 


4723— JOSEPH OLIVER STEARNS (2928^ b. Tune 
14, 1838, son of Charles Oliver and Adeline (Eastman) 
Stearns, of Salisbury Point, Mass.; dealer in paints, oils, &c., 
at Amesbury, Mass.; md., Jan. i, 1867, Helen Louise Den- 
nett, of Amesbury, who d., Mar. 25, 1874; one son. 

4724— WILLIAM DENNET STEARNS, b., Oct. 25, 
1867; md., Sept. 18, 1889, Nettie Florence Gould, b., July 
26, 1863; settled at Haverhill, Mass.; four children. 

4725— HOWARD OLIVER STEARNS, b., Sept. 20, 

1893; d.. Mar. 14, 1897, of scarlet fever. 

4727— HELEN RACHEL STEARNS, b.. May 16, 1895. 

4728— RALPH STEARNS, b. and d., Nov. i, 1897. 

4729— WILLIAM EDGAR STEARNS (2970), b.. May 
23, 1846, son of John Jr. and Maria (Coleman) Stearns, of 
Preston, Pa.; d., 1872; md., and settled in Pennsylvania; two 

4730— JC)HN K. STEARNS, of Starnsee, Wayne 
Co., Pa. 

4731— MINNIE STEARNS, md. Judson Lott, of Forest 
City, Pa. 

4732— JAMES STEARNS (2981), b., Oct. 22, 1833, son 
of Amos and Elizabeth (McCool) Stearns, of Artie, De Kalb 
Co., Ind.; a miller, of St. Mary's, Kas.; md., 1853, Elizabeth 
Ward, and settled, 1870, in Kansas; four children. 

4733— OLIVE STEARNS, b., Jan. i, i860, in De Kalb 
Co., Ind.; d., June i, i860. 

4734— STEPHEN AMOS STEARNS, b., Oct. 30, 1861, 
in De Kalb Co., Ind.; md. May Shaw, and settled in Helena, 
Ark., where he was Supt. of Water Works; one child. 

4735— HELEN STEARNS, b., Nov. 19, 1891, in Topeka, 

473^— IDALIA STEARNS, b., Sept. 20, 1863; of St. 
Mary's, Kas. 


4737— EDSON STEARNS, b., Sept. 23, 1865, in De 
Kalb Co., Ind.; d., Jan. 6, 1871, 

4738— SILAS DAVIS STEARNS (2986), b., Sept. 9, 
1835, son of Justus and Sarah (Davis) Stearns, of Wood Co., 
Ohio; md. (i), Apr. 7, 1859, Hannah AdeHa Jordan, b., Aug. 
21, 1839, and settled near Fostoria, O. She d., Nov. 16, 
1875, a-rid he md. (2), 1876, Jennie S. Newton, of Perrysburg, 
O. They lived near Deshler, O., then removed to Willapa, 
Wash., in 1889. He was a contractor and builder, and, dur- 
ing the Civil War, served as Second Lieut., 185th Regt., 
O. Vol., Inf.; nine children. 

4739— MERTIE STEARNS, b., Oct. 10, i860, at Fos- 
toria, O.; md., Apr. 22, 1889, at Leadville, Col., Wildman 
Murphy, Sec. of Leadville Y. M. C. A.; settled in Payson, 
Utah, and both engaged in teaching in the mission schools; 
one daughter. 

(a) — Iva Dell Murphy, b., 1890, in Leadville, Col. 

4740— CELIA STEARNS, b., Jan. 10, 1862; d., Apr. 3, 

4741— ROLAND STEARNS, b.. Oct. 10, 1872; d.. Mar. 
26, 1873. 

4742— HAROLD J. STEARNS, b., Aug. 15, 1874; of 
Willapa, Wash. 

4743— ROY N. STEARNS b. Aug. 20, 1877; student, 
at Portland, Ore. 

4744— NEl^IE BELLE STEARNS, b., Oct. 2, 1878, of 
Willapa, Wash. 

4745— ARTHUR D. G. STEARNS, b., Sept. 24, 1880, 
at Argentine, Col. ; of Willapa, Wash. 

4746— LUCIAN E. STEARNS, b., Oct. 7, 1882; of 
Willapa, Wash. 

4747— RALPH B. STEARNS, b.. Sept. 11, 1891, at Wil- 
lapa, Wash . 

4748— JOHN A. STEARNS (2988), b., July 6, 1839. son 
of Justus and Sarah (Davis) Stearns, of West Millsgrove, 


O.; md., Jan., 1862, Elizabeth Myers, of Crawford Co., O., 
ana settled at Bowling Green, O. During the Civil War, he 
served in Co. E, 144th Regt., O. Inf. Vols.; five children. 

4749— ELMER E. STEARNS, b., Nov. 20, 1862, in 
Wood Co., O.; md., 1887, Naomi Berringer, and settled, a 
stationary engineer, at Bays, O.; one daughter. 

4750— FLORA B. STEARNS, b., Oct. 10, 1888. 

4751— WILLIAM S. STEARNS, b., Oct. 31, 1865; md. 
Minnie White. He is a farmer, of Wistoria, O. 

4752— CHARLES G. STEARNS, b., May 24, 1868; md. 
1892, Lillie Lashaway; two chil. 

4753— LAWRENCE STEARNS, b., Aug. 10, 1893. 

4754— OLIVE STEARNS, b., 1895. 

4755— FRANKLIN J. STEARNS, b., July 5, 1870; md., 
1894, Estella Parker. 

4756— HELEN STEARNS, b., Jan. 7, 1895. 

4757— ALMA STEARNS, b., Sept. 8, 1872; d., Oct. 2, 

4758— JOSIAH H. STEARNS (2993), b., Nov. 8, 1851, 
son of Justus and Mary (Hall) Stearns, of Wood Co., O.; a 
prominent farmer, of Fostoria, O. He md. (i), Sept. 17, 
1871, Ella Wininger, who was the mother of five children. 
She d., Oct. 2, 1894, was buried in the Fostoria Cemetery, 
and Mr. Steams md. (2), Mar. 2, 1897, Mrs. Anna Coe, who 
had two children by a former husband. 

4759— EMMA J. STEARNS, b., Dec. 29, 1874; of Fos- 
toria, O. 

4760— JOHN A. STEARNS, b., June 23, 1878. 

4761— WILBUR H. STEARNS, b., Oct. 11, 1880; d., 
Dec. 4, 1896. 

4762— ALICE E. STEARNS, b., Apr. 14, 1884. 

4763— J. JUDD STEARNS, b., Sept. 4, 1886. 

4764— JOSEPH BENTON STEARNS (2994), b., July 


II, 1853, son of Justus and Mary (Hall) Stearns, of Wood 
Co., O.; a farmer, near Weston, O., who md. Julia Wininger,. 
and had seven children. 








4772— JUSTUS DAWSON STEARNS (2995), b., Sept. 
I, 1854, son of Justus and Mary (Hall) Stearns, of Wood 
Co., O.; resides on the old farm, in the stone house which 
is known for miles around as a landmark. He md., Sept. 2,. 
1875, Sarah Keyes, and had six children. 

4773— NELLIE STEARNS, b., June 27, 1876; md. A. 

4774— ALICE STEARNS, b., 1878; d., 1881. 

4775_SAMUEL STEARNS, b.. May 11, 1880. 

4776— ALBERT B. STEARNS, b., Dec. 17, 1882. 

4777_SARAH A. STEARNS, b., Apr. 9, 1885. 

4778— PEARL STEARNS, b., Apr. 17, 1888. 

4779— CHARLES D. STEARNS (2996), b., June 14,, 
1856, son of Justus and Mary (Hall) Stearns, of Wood Co., 
O.; md., Apr. 13, 1878, Miss Courtney, and had five children. 

^780— SYLVIA STEARNS, b., Jan. 22, 1879; md. Ed. 

4781— JAY STEARNS, b., Oct. 5, 1880. 
4782— WILLIE STEARNS, b., Feb. 9, 1882. 
4783— ORRIN C. STEARNS, b., Nov. 23, 1883. 
4784— HOWARD STEARNS, b., Sept. 10, 1886. 


4785— WILSON E. STEARNS (2997), b., Nov. 16, 1863, 
son of Justus and Mary (Hall) Stearns, of Wood Co., O.; a 
farmer, of Weston, O.; md. Miss Bowers, and had six chil. 

4786— LAURA STEARNS, d. in infancy. 


4788— BELLE STEARNS, d. in infancy. 




4792— JOHN J. STEARNS (2999), b., Feb. 1841, son of 
William and Catherine (Classon) Stearns, of Berrian Co., 
Mich.; md., Dec. 1869, Hester McCoy. He was a farmer, 
who settled first in Iowa, moved to Kansas in 1871, and to 
the state of Washington in 1890, then to Laramie, Wy., in 
1892; four children. 

4793— WILLIAM H. STEARNS, b., Nov. 26, 1870; d., 
July 12, 1890. 

4794— MAUD A. STEARNS, b., Mar. 1872; d., Aug., 

4795— EVA G. STEARNS, b.. May, 1874; md., Apr. 1891, 
and settled in Albany Co., Wyoming. 

4796— BLANCHE STEARNS, b, 1891; lives with her 
sister, in Wyoming. 

4797— S