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From 1568 to 1882. 







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Allen is the name of an ancient family in the County of Durham, 
England, and of another family which lived in the County of Essex. The 
name in early times was written Alon, Alwyne, Alleine, Allyn, and many 
other ways, but in New England, as well as in England, the common spelling 
is Allen. 

In 1774, Rev. Joseph Thaxter, of Edgartown, Mass., whose wife was Mary 
Allen, a descendant of George Allen, one of the early settlers in New 
England, obtained from England the description of the Coat of Arms worn 
by the Aliens in the old country, which is as follows : 

Coat of Arms. 

Sable Shield. 

A Cross Potent with a border engrailed : or. 


A Demi-Lion : argent : holding a rudder : gvdes. 

Hooks and Nails : or. 

Allen, Sir Thomas, Baronet of Exeter. 

Borne also by Sir Thomas Allen, of Finchley, Middlesex. 


This book does not contain a complete genealogy of the descendants of 
George Allen; but only of those families to whose registers access could 
be obtained. With all the imperfections, it is thought best to embalm 
these fragments in print before the records are irretrievably lost. 

The system of arrangement is that used in the " New England Historical 
and Genealogical Register." The abbreviations used will readily be under- 

A genealogy of this branch of the Allen family was compiled by William 
Allen, late of Norridgewock. This work has been the basis of this gen- 

The author gratefully acknowledges his indebtedness to many friends 

who have aided in the prosecution of this work ; especially to his kinsmen, 

Stephen Allen, D. D., who furnished the Coat of Anns, which adds 

much to the value of the work; and C. F. Allen, D. D., who assisted in 

its arrangement and publication. 


Wayne, January, 1882. 


1. Geobge Allen, who was born in England about 1568, under the 
reign of Queen Elizabeth, is the ancestor of that branch of the Allen family 
that settled in Martha's Vineyard. Of some of his descendants we give 
this Genealogy. 

In 1635, when the Puritans were emigrating in great numbers from the 
old country to escape from the persecution of Archbishop Laud, under 
Charles I., George iVllen and his family came to America and settled in Sau- 
gus, Lynn. Three years before this, Samuel Allen, with his two brothers, 
Matthew and Thomas Allyn, came from Braintree, Essex County, England, 
and settled first in Cambridge, Mass. ; afterwards all three of the brothers 
removed to Connecticut. (See Genealogy of Samuel Allen and his descend- 
ants, by Willard S. Allen.) 

In 1637, George Allen joined with Edmund Freeman and others in the 
purchase of the Township of Sandwich, and the same year settled in that 
place. When the town of Sandwich was incorporated, he was chosen Dep- 
uty, the first office in the town, and served in that capacity for several years. 
He was a conscientious Puritan and a member of the Baptist Church. He' 
had ten sons, some of whom came over from England before he emigrated 
to this country, and settled first in the vicinity of Boston ; but after the 
purchase of Sandwich, the most of them, with their families, removed to 
that town and settled in the vicinity of their father's residence. George 
Allen senior, died in Sandwich, May 2, 1648, aged about 80. In his will he 
| named his five sons Matthew, Henry, Samuel, George, and William ; and 
also made provision for his "five least children," without naming them. 

2. Samuel 2 ( George 1 ), b. in England ; came over with the first settlers 
of Boston in 1628. In 1635 it is recorded that he was a freeman in Brain - 

( tree. His first wife, Ann, d. Sept., 1641. His second wife was Mrs. Mar- 
garet Lamb, widow of Edward Lamb. Samuel Allen had a grant of twenty- 
eight acres of land in Braintree for seven persons, in 1640. He died in 
Braintree, 1669. 

Children : 

i. Samuel. 1). 1632; m. Sarah Partridge, of Duxbury, 1658; removed to 

ii. Mary, b. 1634 ; rri. Nathaniel Greenwood, 1656. 
:;. in. James, b. 1636 ; m. Elizabeth Perkins. These are the ancestors of the Vine- 
yard Aliens, who are now scattered, from Maine to California. 

iv. Sarah, b. L639 ; m. Lieut. Josiah Standish. of East Bridgewater, son of 
Miles Standish, the Puritan Captain. 

v. Abigail, b. — ; m. John Cary, of Bridgewater, who removed to Tannton, 
and was Register of Deeds. 

vi. Joseph, b. 1650, in Braintree; m., first- wife, Ruth Leeds, K'>7() : second 

\ wife, Rebecca , who d. March, 1702 : third wife, Mrs. Lydia Holbrook, 

who d. 174"). Deacon Joseph Allen was a prominent man in his day. He 
d. March. 1727. 


3. James 3 (Samuel, 2 George 1 ), b. in 1636, at Braintree ; m. Elizabeth 
Perkins. Tn 1668 James Allen, with his brother-in-law, Lieut. Josiah Stand- 
ish, and William Peabody, had letters patent from the Lords Proprietors, 
through their agent, Thomas Mayhew, Governor of Martha's Vineyard, au- 
thorizing them to purchase land on the island of the Indian Sachems, the 
lawful owners. By the records it appeals that James Allen purchased a 
large tract called Chicame, in the manor of Tisbnry, now Chilmark and Tis- 
bury. He settled upon it in 1660, near the old meeting house, and gave the 
town of Tisbury an acre of land for a burial place, in close proximity to the 
meeting house. He died 1714, aged 78. His wife Elizabeth survived her 
husband, and lived a widow 8 years. She had a good estate in her own 
right, which she bequeathed to her eleven children, all living in 17J 6, the 
date of her will. She died in 1722, and was buried in the old burying place. 
The compiler of this Genealogy has seen the grave-stones that mark her 

Children : 

Saeah, b. 1666. 
Abigail, b. 1668. 

Ruth, b. 1669 ; m.  Bangs. 

Ebenezee, b. 1671 ; m. Rebecca Russell ; d. 1724. 
James, b. 1(174 ; rn. Mary Bourne ; d. 1724. 

Ichabod, b. 1676; in. Elizabeth Allen ; 2d, Eliza Clifford; d. 17.">.">. 
Samuel, b. 1078 ; in. Mary Tilton ; d. 1757. 

John, b. 1G80 ; m. Margaret, dau. of Rev. William Homes. (See Append- 
ix A.) 
Joseph, twin, b. 1680; m. Patience Bourns; d. 1728. 
Benjamin, b. 168!) ; m. Elizabeth Crocker ; d. 1754. 
Moses, b. 1694 ; d. 1722. 

4. Ebenezer 4 (James/' Samuel 2 George}), b. 1671 ; m. Rebecca Russell, 
and d. 1724. 

Children : 

i. Ebenezee, b. 1705 ; d. 1735, aged 30. 

ii. Jonathan, b. 1712 ; in. Abigail Mayhew. 1733 ; d. 1733. 

11. iii. James, b. 1716; in. Abigail Pease ; d. 1786. 
iv. Joseph, b. 

v. Benjamin, b. 

vi. Maetha, b. ; tn. Barnabas Taylor, 

vii. Abigail, b. ; in. John Hastings, 

viii. Hannah, b. ; in. Eluatban Wing. 

ix. Rebecca, b. ; m. Wilmot Wass, and removed to the eastern part of 

5. James 4 (James, 3 Samuel, 2 George 1 ); m. Mary Bourne. 

Children : 

12. i. Sylvanus, b. 1701 ; m. Jane, dau. of Rev. Wm. Homes, 1725; d. 17S7. 
ii. Bathsheba, b. 1702; m. Johu Mills, 1726. 

iii. Joshua, b. 1705; m. Agnes Homes, 1725; d. 1730. 

iv. Eunice, b. 170!). 

v. Moses, b. 1711 ; lived and diad (1791) at Newport, R. I. 

vi. Timothy, l>. 1713. 

vii. Saeah, b. 1715. 

viii. Ezea, b. 1718 ; d. 1779. 

6. Ichabod 4 ( James 3 Samuel 2 George 1 ) ; m. Elizabeth Allen, and for a 
second wife, Eliza Clifford. 

Children : 

13. i. Benjamin, b. 1706 ; m. Abiah Mayhew, and moved to Harwich. 



















ii. Thomas, b. 1710; m. ; removed to Pittsfield. 

13. iii. Ebenezer, b. 1710; lived at Vineyard Haven. 

7. Samuel 4 ( James, 3 Samuel, 2 George 1 ) ; m. Mary Tilton. 

Children : 
i. Jethro. b. 1705; m. Dinah Mayliew, 1730. 
ii. Hannah, b. — ; m. Elnathan Wing, 
iii. Amey ; m. Josiah Cottle. 

iv. Jedidah ; m. Dean. 

1"). v. Samuel, b. 1720; in. Beulali Bourne ; d. 1808, in Chilrnark. 

8. John 4 ( James 3 Samuel, 2 George 1 ) was a man of note in bis day. He 
bore the title of Major or Colonel. His residence was in tbe southerly part 
of Chilmark, where bis descendants lived till 1820. He m. Margaret Homes. 

Children : 

i. Katharine, b. 1717; m. David Moore : d. 1741. 
ii. Rebecca, b. 1718; unmarried; d. 1790. 

14. iii. William, b. 1719; m. Sarah Mayhew, 17:57; d. 1746. 

iv. Elizabeth, b. 1720 ; m. Bev. Zechariah Mayhew, who was for many years a 
preacher to the Indians on Martha's Vineyard. She died 1790, and he 
died 1800. 

v. Jane, b 1722; m. Handly Chipman, 1740. 

vi. Margaret, b. 1724; unmarried; d. 1745. 

vii. Mary, b. 1728; m. Dr. Matthew Mayhew, who had extensive practice on 
the island : was Judge of Probate, and d. 1805. She died 1783. 
10. viii. John, b. 1730 ; m. Ann Mayhew ; d. 175(5. 

17. ix. Robert, b. 1732 ; m. Desire Norton, by whom he had a large family ; after 

her death he m. Mrs. Mary Allen Tilton ; d. 1801. 

18. x. Jonathan, b. 1734; m. Deborah Gardiner, of Newport, R. I. ; d. 1784. 
xi. Eleazer, b. 1739; d. 1740. 

xii. Hannah, b. 1741 ; d. 1741. 

9. Joseph 4 ( James, 3 Samuel, 2 George 1 ) ; m. Patience Bourne. 

Children : 

i. Joseph, b. 1720 ; m. Patience Athearn ; d. 1801. 

ii. Benjamin, b. 1727; m. Eleanor, dau. of Jethro Athearn. 1753; d. in Tis- 

bury. 1791. She died 1816. 

iii. Sheabjashub. 

iv. Ruth ; m. S. Gray. 

v. Susannah. 

vi. Bathsheba • in. Seth Look. 

10. Rev. Benjamin 4 {James, 3 Samuel, 2 George 1 ) was a graduate of Yale, 
1708 ; studied divinity at Barnstable. Settled first at Barnstable, 1718 ; 
dismissed in 1728, and settled at Cape Elizabeth, Me. ; d. 1735, aged 65. 
He married Elizabeth Crocker. They had five children, who died at Cape 
Elizabeth prior to 1738. Of daughters subsequently born, one m. Rev. Mr. 
Upbam, of Barnstable, Mass. ; one m. Rev. Mr. Emery, of Portsmouth, N. 
H. ; one m. Tristram Jordan, of Saco ; one died unmarried, and one m. 
Clement Jordan, of Cape Elizabetb. 

11. James 5 (Ebenezer,* James, 3 Samuel, 2 George 1 )-, m. Abigail Pease. 

Children : 


















12. Joseph 1 ' ( Benjamin, 5 Ichabod 4 James, 3 Situate!,- George 1 ). 

Children : 

i. Joseph, b. 17.'!i. 
ii. Olivek, b. 17:>4. 
iii. Ichabod, b. 173G ; ru. Lucy Allen, of Tisbury ; moved to Pittsfield. 

13. Ebenezek' ( Ichabod, 4 James, 3 Samuel, 2 George 1 ). 

Children : 

i. Ebenezer, b. 1744. He had one hand shot off, and graduated at Dart- 
mouth ; was a settled minister in N. H. 
ii. Perkins, b. 1740; d. 1826, at Phillips, Me. 

14. William j (John, 4 James," Samuel. 2 George 1 ), m. Sarah Mayhew. 

Child : 
i. David, who lived and d. at Edgartown. 

15. Samuel 5 ( Samuel, 4 James, 3 Samuel,- George 1 ), m. Mary Tilton. 

Children : 

i. Ephraim, b. 1748; died in Chilmark, 1823. 

His children : 

i. George, b. ; d. 1791. 

ii. Ephraim, m. dau. of Samuel Look, of Industry. 

16. John 5 (John, 4 James, 3 Samuel,' 2 George 1 ), m. Ann Mayhew. 

Children : 

i. John, b. 1755; m. Mary, dau. of Dr. Matthew Mayhew, of Chilmark, 1771. 
They lived a while at Chilmark, where he kept a grocery store ; then he 
removed to Edgartown, and afterwards to Bangor, where he died. He 
was a worthy Christian, but of peculiar temperament. His last days were 
spent in obscurity, though he had many friends. 

ii. Elizabeth, b. 1757; m. Eev. Lemuel L. Baron. (See Appendix B.) 

Their children : 

i. Lemuel, a farmer and trader, 
ii. John, a tanner. 

iii. Mary, m. Capt. Matthew Mayhew, grandson of Dr. Mat- 
thew Mayhew. 

17. Robert 5 ( John, 4 James, 3 Samuel, 2 George 1 ), m. Desire Norton. 

Children : 

i. Kobert, b. 1758 ; went to Hampshire County, Mass. 

ii. Ezra, b. 1700; m. Beulah Coffin, of Edgartown. He was a very worthy 
man — a Baptist, who with many others, left the standing order and refus- 
ed to pay taxes for preaching which he did believe. His daughter Eliza 
married her cousin, Gerard H. Hallock, one of the original proprietors of 
the New York Journal of Commerce. 

iii. Matthew, b. 177.'5 ; m. Patience, dau. of Ichabod Allen, 17'.»G. After her 
death he m., 1797, her sister Temperance. He lived some years in Hamp- 
shire County, but afterwards returned to Martha's Vineyard, where he d. 

iv. Huldah, b. ; m. James Coffin, of Edgartown. 

v. Mary, b. : in. Rev. Joseph Thaxter, of Edgartown. 

Their children : 

i. Levett. 

ii. Caleb. 

iii. Joseph. 

iv. John. 

v. Mary, who in. Mr. Jennegan, of Edgartown. 


vi. Lois, b. 17f>'.l ; m. James Allen. 

vii. Maegeet. b. 1761 ; m. Rev. Moses Hallock, of Pittsfield, Mass. 

viii. Rebecca, b. 1763 ; ru. Solomon Butler ; removed to Farmington, Me. 

Their children : 

i. Allen, who moved to Ohio. 

ii. William, who moved to Orono. 

ix. Betsey, b. 17C>5 : m. Matthew Butler. Pittsfield, Mass. 

x. Desibe, b. 17t!7; m. Athearn Butler, Pittsfield, Mass. 

18. Jonathan"' ( John,* James, 5 Samuel, 2 George 1 ), m. Deborah Gardiner, 

Children : 

Debobah, m. Dr. James Tupjjer (See Appendix B) ; d. in Winthrop, Me., 1831 . 

Tbisteam, ) t . . . 
rr„„ „. ' - a. in infancy. 

11. iHEODOBE, ) J 

v. Tbisteam, h. 1765 ; m. Clarissa, dan. Dr. Matthew Mayhew. 
v. Eunice, b. 1772 ; m. Dr. Allen Mayhew, who succeeded his father in his pro- 
fession. After his death, 1825, she removed to Edgartowh. where she died 

Their children : 

i. Theodoee, who studied law with his uncle Frederick, and 
and was Judge of Probate in Duke's County. 

ii. Caeoline, m. Capt. Wm. Mayhew ; d. in Edgartown, 1880. 
aged 79. 

vi. Jonathan, b. 1771 ; d. young at Delagoa Bay. 

vii. Homes, b. 1775 : m. Lucy Lawrence, of Barnstable, where he practiced law, 
and d. 1809, leaving one son, Henry Homes, who m. Abigail Gorham, and 
d. abroad. 

viii. Fbedebick, b. 1780; m. Hannah Whipple ; d. at Gardiner. 1865. (See Ap- 
pendix D.) 

19. Sylvanus ( James* James, 3 Samuel, 2 George 1 ), m. Jane Homes. He 
was a blacksmith and farmer, and lived in the east part of Chilmark. 

Children : 

i. Kathaeine, b. 1727; m. Rev. Andrew Boardman, some time pastor of the 

Church in Chilmark. He was the grandfather of George Dana Boardman, 

missionary to India in 1824. 
ii. Maey, b. 1729 ; n>.. first. Jonathan Tiltou, and second, Robert Allen; third, 

Shubael Cottle; d. 1817. 
20. iii. James, b. 1732 (deacon), m. Martha, dau. of Jethro Athearn, of Tisbury, 

and d. Nov., 1815. Martha, his wife, d. 1827. 
iv. William, b. 1734; d. 1752. 

20. James 6 ( Sylvanus, 5 James,* James, 5 Samuel, 2 George 1 ), m. Martha 
Athearn : inherited his father's farm, and lived thereon all his life. He was 
Deacon of the CongregationalLst Church for many years ; an honest man. 

Children : 

William, b. 1756 ; m. Love Coffin, of Edgartown, 1789. (See Appendix E.) 

Jane, b. 1758 ; m. Silas Bassett, and went to Goshen, N. Y., where she died 
in 1779. 

James, b. 1760 ; m. Lois Allen ; removed to Ohio. 

Zebulon, b. 1764; m. Prudence, dau. <>f Dr. M. Mayhew; d. at Farming- 
ton, 1837. 

Maetha, b. 1767; m. Capt. William Worth; d. at Tisbury, 1811. 

Sylvantjs, b. 1770; m. Catharine Athearn, of Tisbury; afterwards. Pru- 
dence Cathcart ; d. at Tisbury, 1853. 
vii. Peudence, m. William B. Mayhew ; d. ChiJmark, 1N7<>. 












21. John 1 ' (John, 5 John, 4 James, 3 Samuel, 2 George 1 ), m. Mary Mayhew. 

Children : 

22. i. John, b. 1778 ; in. Clarissa Pease, of Edgartown. 

ii. Mary. b. 1780; m. Capt. Horace Gould. Mr. Gould d. in 1829 ; Mrs. G. 

Children : 

i. Cecilia, b. 1805; in. Dustan C. Quimby, Bangor. Mrs. 
Quimby died 1880. 

Children : 

i. Edwin S. 

ii Walter Brown. 

ii. Heloise, b. 1809; in. Joseph Harding. Mrs. Harding d. 

Children : 

i. Frank. 

ii. Henry Austin. 

iii. Philander, b. 1811; d. — ; unmarried, 
iv. Maryanna, b. 1813 ; in. Charles Reynolds. They had 
six children, of whom Iwo are living, 1881 : Dr. Henry 
Reynolds, the celebrated temperance lecturer, and Ar- 
v. Horace James, b. 1818;' m. Annette Kelsey, living in 

Machias ; no children, 
vi. John Edgar, b. 1820 ; m. — ; lived in Philadelphia ; had 
six children ; went to Africa for his health, where he 
died in 187"). 
vii. Edwin Allen, b. 1820; d. in childhood, 
viii. Thomas F., b. 1815 ; d. — ; uo children, 
ix. Emily, b. March, 1824; in. Benj. Willis; now a widow 
in Bangor ; no children, 1881. 
iii. Eliza, b. 1782 ; m. Joseph Saunders. They had one daughter. Mary Eliza, 
who m. Mr. Moore, of Bangor. Mr. Saunders died, aud Mrs. Saunders rn. 
Joseph Kendrick. 

Their children were : 

i. Allen M., b. Oct. 1807; m. Nancy McKenzie ; four 

ii. Lydia O., b. Feb. 1810 ; m. Stephen Gilman ; eleven 

iii. Harriet D., b. Aug. 1816; in. Samuel S. Smith; two 

iv. Clarissa A., b. Jan. 1S18 ; m. Rev. Chas. B. Smith; 
four sons. 

v. Joseph, b. Aug. 1814 ; m. Caroline E. Pike ; two chil- 

vi. William H., b. Jan. 1821 ; m. Laura A. Hamilton; two 

22. John" (John, 1 '' John/' John, 4 James,* Samuel? George 1 ), m. Clarissa 

Children : 

i. John, b. — ; ) both these were seafaring men and died young: un- ) 

ii. Lemuel, b. — ;) married. 

iii. Jane, b. about 1800 ; m. Charles Bunker, of Edgartown. 

23. William 7 ( James? Sylvanus, 5 James, 4 James, 3 Samuel, 2 George 1 ), m. 
Love Coffin. 


Children : 

!o. i. William, b. 1780; in. Hannah, dan. of Stephen Titcomb, Esq., one of the 
first settlers of Farmiugton ; d. 1873. (See Appendix F.) 

43. ii. Baetlet, b. 1781 ; m. Lncy Fairbanks, of Winthrop, and 1832 Priscilla Dex- 
ter, of Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard. 

42. iii. Truman, b. 1783 ; id. Hannah Sewall, of Bath; d. 1818. 
iv. Deborah, b. 178">; m. Rev. Thomas Merrill; d. 1866. 

v. Jane, b. 1787: m. John Robinson, of Chilujark ; d. 18(>4. 

vi. Love, b. 1790 ; rn. George Gower, of Farmiugton ; d. 1800. 

vii. Harrison, b. 1792; m. Nancy VV. Eames. He graduated from Bowdoin 

College and Andnver Seminary ; went as missionary to the Choctaws ; 

was stationed at Eliot, Miss., where he died in 1831, leaving two sons, 

both of whom died soon after their father. 

43. viii. John, b. 1794 ; m. Annah Hersey, of Farmiugton, and after her death in 

187."), he m. Sarah Fellows. (See Appendix G.) 
41. ix. James, l>. 1790 ; m. Naomi Sylvester, of Norridgewock, who died in Bangor 

m 1834: afterwai'd he in. Elizabeth Mills, of Bangor, where he died in 

57. x. Clementine, b. 1800 : m. Dr. John Cook, then of New Sharon, Me. : died 

in Lewiston, 18.".:;. 

24. James' (James/' SylvanusJ' JamesJ James, 3 Samuel, 2 George 1 ), m. 
Lois Allen. 

Children : 

i. James, b. about 1785, who m. Cynthia Cottle. He was a blacksmith by 
trade, which he probably learned of his grandfather. This James and 
family moved to Farmiugton, Me., about 1809, and remained a year or two, 
then returned to Chilmark, and in 1815 went to Zanesville, Ohio, with his 

James and Cvnthia bad several children, viz : 

v i. Leandee, b. about 180."). 

ii. Adolphus, b. about 1809. 

iii. John Church, b. about 1S09. 

iv. Lois, b. about 1812. 

ii. Patience, an adopted daughter, a niece of the wife Lois, who went with 
them to Ohio in 181."). where James (24) died in 1848. 

25. Zebulon 7 (James, 6 Sylvanus, 5 James,* James, 3 Samuel,' 2 George 1 ), m. 
Prudence Mayhew. He was a clothier by trade and had a small farm ; 
learned the trade of a Mr. Hazleton, an Englishman, and carried on the 
business till 1815. During all this time he performed all the work of fin- 
ishing cloth by hand, which in later years has been so easily and rapidly 
done by machinery. The shears which he used would now be regarded as 
a curiosity in any museum. In 1805, in company" with Amos Nourse, he 
put in operation the first carding machines ever seen on the Island. In 
1818, in consequence of misfortunes in business, he removed to Industry, 
Me., and in 1822, to Farmington, where he died in Dec, 1837. Prudence, 
his wife, died in Oct., 1842. 

Children : 

i. Julia, b. March, 1791 ; d. in Berkley, Mass.. May, 1854. 
64. ii. Myra. b. Sept., 1794; m. James Mayhew, of Strong. Me. 

iii. Sarah Mayhew, b. July, 1797: m. Adoniram Crane, of Berkley, Mass. She 
died in Edgartown, Sept. 1874. 

61. iv. Joshua, b. March, 1800; m. Naomi D. Sweet, of Farmiugton. She died 

Dec. L0. 18,j(i, at Augusta. Jan., 1858, he m. Rosaline L. Craue, of Fav- 

62. v. Horace, b. Sept., 1804; m. Mary Macomber, of Wilton, Me. 


vi. Louisa, b. Nov.. 1809 ; in. Leander S. Tripp, Feb., 1S34. He studied med- 
icine and practiced in that profession some years, but afterward became a 
preacher in the Baptist denomination. 

26. Capt. William Worth and Martha Allen were parents of 

i. Martha, b. 17'. »() ; died about 182.") : unmarried. 

ii. Kebecca, b. 1793; m. Mr. Johnstone, at New Bedford, who went to the 

Sandwich Islands as a teacher. She was living there, a widow, in 1872. 
iii. Isabella, b. 1795 : died in Charlton, Mass., in 1815 or '16. 
iv. William, b. 1798 ; d. unmarried. 
v. John, b. 1802 ; m. Eliza Sampson, of New Bedford. He went to Sandwich 

Islands, and was acting Consul there for the TJ. S. Government, residing at 

Honolulu in 1872. 
vi. Ethalinda, b. 1805 ; unmarried, living at Honolulu in. 1872. 
vh. Columbus, b. 1808 ; went wh.-iling, and was killed by the natives of the Mar- 

quisas Islands about 1830. 
viii. Josiah Whitney, b. April, 1811 : died in infancy. 

Capt. Worth was master of a vessel from Boston, till the war of 1812 ; but 
in 1814 he sold his house in Holmes' Hole (now Vineyard Haven), and pur- 
chased a farm in Charlton, Mass. But for want of experience in that busi- 
ness, his property was soon wasted and the family was broken up. His 
wife was an amiable and energetic woman. She died in May, 1811, soon 
after the birth of her last child, at the age of 44. 

27. Sylvanus 7 (James, 6 Sylvanus, 5 James,* James, 3 Sannnl,- George 1 ), m. 
Catharine Athearn. Settled first with his father in Chilmark, but in 1806 
he emigrated to Maine and fixed his residence in the town of Industry. He 
was Deputy Sheriff for some years. In 1817 he removed to Farmington 
Falls, and engaged in trade in company with Col. Daniel Beale. Meeting 
with reverses he left that place and settled on Nantucket, where his wife 
died in 1822. Afterward he returned to Martha's Vineyard and m. Pru- 
dence Cathcart, a cousin to his first wife. He died in Tisbury, in 1853. 

Children, by first wife, Catharine, were : 

i. Martha, b. 1792 ; d. in infancy. 

ii. Catharine, b. 1793 : d. in infancy. 

iii. Martha Worth, b.J.795; m. Thomas Whittier ; d J J^.-J7 oc i.*** 

iv. Freeman, b. 1797; mTMartha Goodwin. 

v. Lydia, b. 1799; d. 1837 in Strong; unmarried. 

vi. Achsah, b. 1802; d. 1820 in Farmington; unmarried. 

vii. Lovina. b. 1805 ; living in Rome, 1880; unmarried. 

viii. Catharine, b. 1809 ; m. Zadoc Davis ; living in Farmington, 18S0, having 

one daughter. 

ix. Calista, b. 1811 ; died in infancy. 

x. Sylvanus, b. 1814 ; went whaling, and died on the c< ast of Madagascar, 183G. 

28. Benjamin ( Ichabod,* James, 3 Samuel, 2 George 1 ) . Had son Joseph, 

who m. Abiah Mayhew, and had children : 

i. Joseph, b. 1731. 
ii. Oliver, b. 1734. 
iii. Ichabod, b. 173C> ; m. Lucy Allen, of Tisbury. 

29. William Brandon Mayhew m. Prudence Allen. 

Children : 

i. Eliza, b. 1801; m. Robert Athearn; d. 1S59, leaving several children in 

ii. Charles, b. 1803; m. Cynthia Palmer; removed to III., where he d. 1801. 
ni. William Allen, b. 1806; m. Eliza Athearn. He went several voyages 

whaling, then settled in- the west part of Tisbury, and was Supervisor of 

Schools for some years ; d. ISO — . 


Zadoc, b. 17C>."> ; 
Joseph, b. 17<i7 ; 
Lucy, b ; in. 
Susannah, b 
Bathsheba, b 

iv. Isabella, b. ISO!) : in. Josiah H. Sraitb, of Edgartown ; after bis death she 
m. Frederick Bailies, of Edgartown, where she is living in 1880. 

v. Allen, b. 1811 ; d. 1825. 

vi. Martha, b. 1814 ; ni. Ephraim Pool of Chilinark. She lives there a widow 
in 1880. 

vii. Zebulon, b. 1818 : in. Catharine Norton. He is in California iu 1880, where 
he has a son. 
 viii. Jane Homes, b. 1823 : m. Alfonsa Luce, of Tisbury, now (1881) a widow. 

30. Joseph 5 {Joseph* James , 3 Samuel, 2 George 1 ) m. Patience Athearn. 

Children : 

died in Tisbury ; not married. 

m. Catharine Gray ; d. 1852 in Tisbury, without children. 
Ichabod Allen, afterward of Pittsfield. 
; d. unmarried. 
; m. Hugh Cathcart, of Tisbury. 

Their children were : 

i. Prudence, b ; m. Sylvanus Allen ; second wife, — . 

ii. Thomas, b ; ni ; d. in Tisbury. 

iiu Mary Ann, b ; m. Bernard Luce ; second wife, — . 
vi. Lydia, b. about 1750: m. Joseph Athearn, of Tisbury. 
37. vii. Freeman, b. about 17G0 ; u>. Beulab Pease; d. in N. Y., 1811. 
viii. Lavina, b. about 1765 : in. Daniel Tilton. of Chilmark. 

Their children were : 

i. Allen, b. about 1792 ; m. — McCollum. He was master 
of a whale-ship for many years, and then purchased 
the farm formerly owned by Deacon James Allen. 

ii. Zadoc, b. about 1798 ; lived many years with his uncle 
Joseph Allen. 

iii. Zeno, b. 1800 ; went whaling and was killed. 

ix. Prince, b. about 1775; unmarried ; died on a whaling voyage. 

31. Benjamin ( Joseph, 4 James, 3 Samuel, 2 George 1 ) m. Eleanor Athearn. 

Children : 

Bartlet, b. 1753; d. 1780; unmarried. 

i. Abashai, b. 1758 : d. 1759. 

ii. Susannah, b. 175C ; d. 1836 ; unmarried. 

v. Dinah, b. 1760; d. 1791; uuinarried. 

v. Damaris. b. 1763 ; m. Benjamin Luce, of Plainfield, Mass. 

vi. Susannah, b. 1764 : m. Cyrus Butler, of Providence, 

vii. Zerviah, b. 1765 ; m. Samuel Butler, of Providence, 

viii. Nancy, b. 1772 ; m. Rev. Nymphas Hatch, then pastor of the church in Tis- 


bury. She died in 1862, at the age of ninety, leaving three daughters. 
Benjamin, b. 1770: ni. Abigail Morse. 

32. Tristram* 1 ( Jonathan, 5 John 4 James 3 Samuel, 2 George 1 ) was an enter- 
prising-farmer ; lived in the southern part of Chilmark. He was a great 
sufferer during the latter part of his life : died 1852, at the age of 87. 
M. Clarissa May hew. 

Children : 

Jonathan, b. 1796; living in Chilmark, 1880; unmarried. 

Thomas, b. 1799 ; living in Chilmark, 1880; unmarried. 

Mary Ann. b. 1802 ; m. Truman Cottle, of Chilmark. Sbe died in 1847, 
without children. 

Deborah, b. 1807; d. 1851 ; unmarried. 

Frederick, b. 1809 ; m. Caroline Wales; a successful physician of Hallo- 
well, Me. ; daughter a teacher in Augusta. 

Tristram, b. 1804 ; m. Tamson Cottle, of Tisbury. He died a successful 
physician, in 1869, without children. 

Clarissa, b. 1814 ; liviug in Chilmark, 1880 ; unmarried. 








33. Henky 6 (Jonathan? Joint.' 1 James? Samuel? George 1 ), in. Sophia 

Children : 

i. iierick, b. 1804; d. in Chilmark in 1806. 

ii. Sabah Spaulding, b. 1806 : living in Penn.. 187*. 

iii. Asa Spaulding, b. 1810: living in Berea, Ohio, 187;'. 

iv. Sophia Spaulding, b. 1814; d. 1848. 

v. Homes G.. b. 1816; living in Berea, Ohio, 1878. 

\i. Eliza Ann, 1). 1822; in. a Mr. Thompson in Hauserville, Penn.. where she 
was living in 1878. 

34. Frederick" (Jonathan? John? James? Samuel? George 1 ) acquired a 
good education, and studied law, first with his brother Homes in Barnsta- 
ble, afterward with Mr. Freeman in Boston ; went thence to Lincoln Coun- 
ty. Mi ., and soon after to Gardiner, where he passed the rest of his life. 
He was a prominent man in his profession. For a more extended account 
of his life and labors, see "Willis' Laws and Lawyers of Maine." (Appen- 
dix F.) in. Hannah B. Whipple. 

Children : 

i. Frederick, b. 1814. Graduated from Harvard College, and d. 1840.. 

ii. Charles Edwaed, b. 1816. Graduate from Bowdoin ; is a lawyer in Bos- 
ton, 1880. 

iii . Hannah Feances, b. 1818; living in Gardiner, 1880; unmarried. 

iv. Maegaeet Ann. b. 1820; m. Borneo Elton, sometime Professor of Languages 
in Brown University. He died in Boston, 1850. 

v. Eleanor, b. 1822 ; m. Martin Gay, M. D., a graduate of Harvard*. He was 
a distinguished physician and chemist; died in Boston, 1850. Mrs. Gay 
d. in Gardiner, Nov., 1858. 

vi. Augustus Oliver, b. — . Graduated from Bowdoin, 1848; m. a daughter 
of Hon. Franklin Haven, of Boston ; was a lawyer there ; d. suddenly 
Aug., 1869. 

vii. Caeoline, b. — ; d. in infancy at Gardiner. 

35. Ichabod 7 (Joseph? Benjamin/' Ichabod? James? Samuel? George 1 ), m. 
Lucy Allen. 

Children : 

i. Thomas, b. — . 

ii. Bartlet, b. — ; who, I think, d. in Waterville, Me., about 1812. 

iii. Ichabod, b. — ; of whom I have no record. 

39. iv. Patience, b. about 1770 : m. Matthew Allen. 

v. Temperance, b. about 1772 : m. Matthew Allen. 

36. Benjamin' ; (Benjamin? Joseph? James? Samuel? George 1 ), m. Abigail 
Morse ; was engaged in trade at Holmes' Hole (now Vineyard Haven) sev- 
eral years, and was Senator from Duke's County : afterward he removed to 
Chilmark (about 1814), to a farm adjoining his father's in Tisbury, where 
he died in 1864, aged 94. 

Children : 

i. Hepzibah, b. 1791; d. 1792. 

ii. Hepzibah, b. 17a;; ; m. Capt. Richard Luce, of Tisbury. 

iii. Nancy, b. 1795; m. Capt. Nathaniel Mayhew. She is living in Boston, 

March, 1880, a widow ; no children, 
iv. Charles B., b. 17!»7 : resided many years in Brazil ; was U. S. Consul there 
for a portion of the time ; is living in Tisbury, March, 1880; unmarried; 
38 v. BENJAMIN, b. 1801 : m. Delia Robinson, of Chilmark. 

vi. Ellsworth, b. 1808; was master of a vessel from New Orleans for some 

years : d. there, in 1860 ; unmarried, 
vii. ABIGAIL, b, 1810; living in Tisbury, 1880; unmarried. 


37. Freeman 11 (Joseph/' Joseph/ James/ Samuel, 2 George 1 ) was a mer- 
chant in New York, engaged in trade with South America; m. Beulah Pease. 

Children : 

i. Joseph, ) , . ... 

ii. Freeman, J are su PP oSed to have died many years ago, abroad ; unmarried. 

iii. John Warwick, b. — ; m. a lady of New Jersey, and had five children ; 

names not known. 

iv. WrxLiAM M., b. — ; m. and left one son. 

v. Mart, b. — ; m. Mr. Smith, of Charlestown, Mass. ; d. leaving one son. 

vi. Charlotte, > . ,, ,  ,, 

■d - both d. in infancy, 

vn. Patience, ) J 

38. Benjamin 7 (Benjamin,* Benjamin, 5 Joseph/ James, 3 Samuel, 2 George 1 ), 
m. Delia Robinson; resided on the farm which was his father's, in Chil- 
mark ; he d. 186—. 

Children : 

i. Eleanoe, b. 1820 ; living in Chilinark uumarried. 1880. 

ii. Deborah Robinson, b. Dec. 1828 ; living in Chilmark, 1880. 

iii. Joseph Chase, b. 1833 ; m. and living in Chilmark, 18S0, having children. 

iv. Nancy Mayhew, b. Oct., 1836. 

39. Matthew 6 ( Robert, 5 John/ James, 3 Samuel,' 2 George 1 ), first m. 
Patience Allen, and had one daughter, Patience (27), b. 1797. Mrs. Allen 
died soon after the birtb of Patience, when the daughter was adopted by 
her Aunt Lois, with whom she went to Zanesville, Ohio, in 1815, and m. a 
Mr. Roberts. She d. in 1862. Matthew m. second wife, Temperance Al- 
len. Mr. Allen cl. Feb. 1849. His second wife Temperance d. Feb., 1856. 

Children ; 

ii. Bartlet, b. Sept. 179!) ; m. and had 

i. Cordelia, b. — ; deceased. 

ii. Henry B., b. — ; m. and has Fiorina Augusta and Edgar 

iii. Cordelia G., b. — . 

iv. Josephine C ., b. — ; deceased, 
iii. Lucy, b. March, 1S02 ; d. 1806. 
iv. Polly, b. Jan., 1801. d. 1805. 
v. Bartlet, b. 1806 ; d. 1814. 
vi. Lucy, b. Feb.. 1808. 
vii. Polly, b Feb., 1810; d. same year, 
viii. Betsey Ann. b. Nov., 1811 ; d. 1866. 
ix. Sophia Butler, b. Oct., Is]:;. 
x. Matthew Homes, b. April, 1816. 
xi. Martha Hallock, b. 1818 ; d. 1822. 
xii. Huldah Coffin, b. 1820. 

40. William 8 ( William, 7 Janus,* Sylvanus/ James/ James 3 Samuel, 2 
George 1 ), m. Hannah Titcomb. 

Children : 

William, b. 1808. Graduated from Bowdoin College : taught in Gardiner ; 
studied law, but his health failed, and he d. 1831. at Norridgewock. 

58. ii. Stephen, b. 1810; m. Kachel Sturdivant, of Cumberland. 1838. 
60. iii. Elizabeth Titcomb, b. 1813 ; m. John S. Abbott. Esq., 1839. 

59. iv. Charles F., b. 1816 ; m. Ruth S. Morse, of Sutton, Mass., 1844. 
v. Albert B., b. 1819; student at law ; d. 1841. 

41. Bartlet 8 ( William/ James/ Sylvanus, 5 James/ James 3 Samuel, 2 
George 1 ) first made a farm in Industry, where he lived several years, and 
was Selectman and Town Clerk : m. Lucy Fairbanks. 


Children : 
15. i. Teuman. b. 1810; m. Susan Eaton, of Pannington. 

ii. Caroline, b. 1814 ; in. Charles Harding, of Holme's Hole. 

Their children were : 

i. Lucy, b. 18:11' ; m. Joseph D. Bulleu, who died in the war 

of 1861-4. 
ii. Caroline Allen, b. 1837 : m. Benjamin Luce, 
iii. Teuman W., b. L849 ; studied law. 
iii. Charlotte, b. 1818 ; m. Benjamin Nye. He d. 1866. 

Their children were: 

i. Bartlet Allen, b. 18;»2. 

n. Lucy, b. 1855. 

iii. A daughter, b. L858. 

Bartlet's second wife, Priscilla Dexter. Children : 

i. CHARLE8 D., b. 1822 ; in. Caroline M. Luce. 
ii. Wat. H., b."1829; student at law ; d. 1851. 

42. Truman 8 ( William, 7 James, 6 Sylvanus, 5 James, 4 James, 3 Samuel. 2 
George 1 ), m. Hannah Sewall ; daughter, Sarah Ann, b. at Bath, 1817 ; d. 1851. 

43. John, 8 Rev. ( William, 1 James,'' Sylvanus, 5 James 4 James, 3 Samuel, 2 
George 1 ), m. Annah Hersey, Oct., 1820. ( See Appendix G. ) 


i. AMANDA, b. March, 1821 ; m. Edwin Norton, of Farmington, Me , 1840. 
He d. in Boston, Nov., 1880. 

Their children are : 

i. IMOGENE. b. 1840, who m. Emilio Castelio, a Cuban liv- 
ing in Boston. Their children are Edwin and Lola, 
ii. IONE ALLEN, b. 1844 ; m. George \Valker. a jeweller of 

Boston. Their children are Grace and Philip, 
iii. ANNIE, b. 1847 ; m. William Baldwin, of Boston. Their 

children are Arthur and Robert, 
iv. LILIAN, a celebrated singer, now in Europe. 
V. WlLHELMINA, b. — ; d. — . 

ii. JOHN WILSON, b. Dec, 1823; m. Vannie Geyer. He was a graduate from 
Wesleyau University, and for many years a teacher in Norwich, Conn. 
Now living iu Maiden, Mass. 
iii. CLEMENTINE E., b. Feb.. 1K27; in. L. W. Howes, Esq., of Belfast. June, 
1851. She died at Cambridgeport, Mass. , Juue, 1880. 

Their children are : | 

i. John Allen, b. 1852; d. 187:!. 
ii. Annah, b. 1857. 
iii. Mary, b. 1862 ; d. 18S0. 
iv. AUGUSTA, l>. Aug., 18:',1 ; m. Capt. J. A. B. Eothrop, July, 185.%. who died 
in Foxborough, Mass , Nov., 187">. 

Their children are : 

i. Annah, b. 18;,;,; d. 1857. 
ii. Margaret, b. is;>8 ; d. i8i;;>. 
iii. Emily Perry, b. I860; d. 1S78. 

iv. John. b. 1863. 

v. Alice, b. 1866. 

vi. Alexander, i>. 1870. 

44. James 8 ( William. 1 James, 1 '' Sylvanus, 5 •James, 4 James/ 1 Samucl,- 
George 1 ) had a home first in Industry, but in 1825 removed to Bangor, where 
lie was for many years Surveyor General of lumber. He was deacon of 1st 


Congregationalist Church at the time of his death in 1865. He m. Naomi 

Children : 

i. Naomi S., b. 1822 ; d. 1841 ; unmarried. 

n. Mary e.. b. 1824; d. 1838. 

iii. Charlotte S., b. 1826 ; d. 184<;. 

iv. JAMES, b. 1828; ni. Margaret MeKeown, living in Maysville, Iowa, 1S75. 

Tbey have James, b. 1854. 
v. ANN B., b. 1831 ; m. Addison S. Pierce, living in Cbicago, 1880. 
V!. ' William H.. b. 1832 ; ra. Ellen E. Bryant, living in Illinois. 

His first wife, Naomi S , died Nov. 20, 1834, and he married a second 
wife, Elizabeth B. Mills, 1S36. Children : 

vii. Edward W., b. Sept.. 1837 ; d. in infancy. 

viii. MART L., b. Sept., 183!) ; d. 1840. 

ix. JULIA E., b. Dec, 1841 ; d. 

x. MARY H., b. Nov., 1843 ; d. Nov., 1844. 

xi. FREDERICK H., b. Oct., 1S47 ; d. Sept., 1851. 

xii. Caroline F., b. April, 1852 ; lives in Bangor. 

45. Truman 9 (Bartlet, 8 William, 7 James, 6 Sylvanus, n James,* James, 3 Sam- 
itel,' 2 George 1 ), b. in Industry, Me. ; went with his father's family to Holme's 
Hole, in 1822 ; went coasting some years, then became a skillful and reliable 
pilot on the New England coast ; has held many town offices, and is still 
serving, 1881. With his wife, Susan Eaton, has one son: 

i. William H., b. 1S53, who m. Ella F. Jordan, 1S76. They have two chil- 
dren, living in New Bedford, 1880 : Jennie, b. 1879, and Lizzie J., b. 1881. 

46. Rev. Thomas Merrill m. Deborah Allen. 

Children : 

56. i. Martha Jane, b. 1815 ; m. George Gower, of New Sharon. Their son 
Truman A., b. 1833 ; d. 1864. 
William Allen, b. 1817 ; m. Martha Emery. 
Truman Allen, b. 1818 ; in. Elizabeth Call. 

CATHARINE C, b. 1820 ; m. John Titcomb, of Farmington : d. 1881. 
JAMES E., b. 1S22 ; m. Ellen Gordon, of Keadfield. He d. in Keadfield, 18G8. 

Their children were : 

Ella, b. 1850. 

Frances, b. 1852, 

Eliza, b. 1855. 

James F., b. 1858 ; d. same year. 

James F., b. 1859. 

47. John Robinson m. Jane Allen. 

Children : 

MARY, b. 1808 ; in. Daniel Gifford, of Dartmouth. 

Martha, b. 1811 ; in. Matthew Butler, of Vineyard Haven. 

llERECCA, b. 1813; in. Benjamin Merry, Vineyard Haven. 

William Allen, b. 1814 ; m. Emily Daggett. 

LOVE G., b. 1819 ; m. Leauder West, of Vineyard Haven. 

JOHN F., b. 1821 ; ro. Abby H. Dias. 

THOMAS, b. 1823, in. Martha P. Norton, and d. 1861. 

DANIEL C, b. 1831 ; d at Vineyard Haven. 1863 ; not m. 

48. Daniel Gifford m. Mary Robinson. Family living in Dartmouth, 

Children : 
i. Sarah, b. 18:11 ; m. Prince Lawton. 




























ii. CHARLES, b. 1833 ; in. Betsey Kaudals. 

iii. FRANKLIN, b. is.". I ; m. 

iv. Joseph, b. 1835 ; 

v. Daniel H., b. 18:;8. 

vi. Thomas, b. 1839. 

vii. PELEG, b. 1841. 

viii. Mary Jane, b. 18+.".. 

ix. Martha, b. 18+4. 

x. Eliiiu, b. 18+!I. 

xi. CATHA1UNE, b. 1S52. 

49. Matthew Butler m. Martha Robinson. 

Children : 

i. Winthrop, b. 1839. 
ii. LEANDER A., b. 18+1. 

Jane A., b. 18:.::. 

50. William Robinson, sou of Jane Allen Robinson, in. Emily Daggett. 

Children : 

i. Catharine B., b. 1839. 

ii. Jane W., b. 1842. 

iii. William A., b. 18++. 

iv. James B.. b. 18+G. 

51. Benjamin Merry m. Rebecca Robinson. 

Children : 

i. John R., b. 1839. 

ii. Albert W., b. 18+:'.. 

iii. Benjamin, b. 1840. 

iv. Matthew, b. 1848. 

v. George a., b. 1852. 

vi. Elizabeth, b. 18.">4. 

52. John Robinson ni. Abby H. Dias. 

Children : 

i. Charles H., b. 1S4!». 
ii. Leonora, b. 1853. 
iii. MYRA, b. 1850. 

53. Leander West in. Love C. Robinson. Mr. West kept a public 
house at Holmes' Hole, 1852 to 1860. 

Children : 

i. Leander E., b. 184.", ; m. 
ii. Leonora, b. 1S48. 
iii. Grace, b. 1854. 

54. Rev. William A. Merrill m. Martha N. Emery. 


i. MARTHA Jane, b. Nov.. 1843 ; in. Owen Taylor, of Lyman, June 16, 1871. 
They have two children, viz. : Eugene Harry, b. Sept., 1872, and Annie 
L., b. April, 1874. 

ii. CHARLES T., b. Nov. 1S47; is now (1881) in New York. 

iii. CORA J.. I). March. 1853 ; m. Owen Taylor. 

iv. EVA W., b. Nov., 1S54 ; m. Jerome Smith, May, 187G, at Lyman. They 
had two children, but father and children died of diphtheria, Nov., 1879. 

v. Carrie S., b. Oct., 185!i ; school teacher. 

vi. Willie, T., b. June, 1SG1 ; student preparing for College, at Phillips, Exe- 
ter, N. H. 


55. Rev. Truman A. Merrill m. Mrs. Susan H. Call, April, 1861. Mrs. 
Call bad three daughters, who adopted the name of their step father, by 
whom, with the mother's aid, tbey have been carefully educated, and are 
proving themselves efficient helpers in every good work. Mr. Merrill's res- 
idence is now (1881) Salisbury, Vt. 

56. George Gower m. Love Allen. 

Children : 

<;<;. i. Rev. Harrison B., b. 1 8 1 7 .- m.. Aug., 1848, Maria Susan Dix, of Provi- 
dence, K. I. Graduated from Brown University, Sept.. 184(5 ; preached 
two years in Providence ; was ordained in Buxton, Me., Aug., 1848, where 
he preached some years, also in Sedgwick, Me. ; then became an editor 
in Publication Society of the Baptists in Philadelphia. He died in Farm- 
ington, Me., Aug., 1859. 

ii. JOHN Truman, b. 1820 ; in. Mary Croswell, of Farmington ; went to Sand- 
wich Islands, where he was in business several years ; in 1880 he came to 
California; d. 1880. 
(>7. iii. HANNAH ALLEN, b. 1824 ; in., Nov., 1S50, Charles Craig, of Farmington. 

iv. GEORGE DANA. b. 182G ; m. in New Haven, Conn. 

v. MERRITT, b. 1833 : m. in New Haven, Conn. 

57. Dr. John Cook m. Clementine Allen. 

Children : 

i. HARRISON A., b. 1824 ; d. in Auburn. Me., 18G3 ; unmarried. 

ii. PRENTISS MELLEN, b. 182S ; d. in Auburn, Me., 185S ; unmarried. 

iii. AUGUSTA, b. 1832 ; living in Illinois. 

iv. ANGELINA, b. 1884 ; m. Rev. William Ellsworth. 

v. John G., b. 1837 ; m. Eliza Lowell, of Lewiston, where he was a successful 

apothecary for some years, but was induced to invest in a cotton factory. 

The corporation failed, which took away all his capital, and he removed to 

Chicago, 111., and resumed business. 

58. Stephen 9 ( William, 8 William, 1 James, 6 Sylvanus, b Ja?nes, i James, 3 
Sa?nuel, 2 George 1 ), b. March 20, 1810. Graduated at Bowdoin College, 1835. 
Received the degree of D. D. from the same institution, 1869 ; member of 
the Maine Conference of Methodist Episcoj)al Church ; for some time Prin- 
cipal of Maine Wesleyan Seminary ; in 1880-2, Presiding Elder of Augusta 
District. Married Rachel Sturdivant, 1838. 

Children : 

i. Elizabeth Abbott, b. June, 1839. Graduated at Female College, Kent's 
Hill. Married Bela R. Reynolds, now (1882) and for several years book- 
seller and stationer in Winthrop, Me. "Their children: Winifred, b. in 
Philadelphia. Jan., I860, and Josephine, b. in Winthrop, Sept., 1873. 

ii. ANN MARIA, b. at Kent's Hill, Aug., 1842 ; d. Dec, 1845. 

iii. LOUISE FRANCES, b. in Bath, Jan. 1, 1817. Graduated at Female College, 
Kent's Hill. Married Alden F. Chase, then Prof, of Mathematics, Wilbra- 
ham, Mass. Since 1871, Prof, of Mathematics in Me. Wes. Seminary. 

Children : 

i. ALLEN T., h. at Wilbraham, July. 1871. 

ii. ALDEN, b. at Kent's Hill, Nov.. I87l>. 

iii. John Abbott, b. at Kent's Hill, 1874. 

iv. Chrystal Louise, b. 1876. 

v. Joseph Cummings. 

vi. A Child ; d. in infancy, 
iv. ROSAMOND, b. at Augusta. April, 1S.">4 ; d. Sept., 18;">4. 
) v. Carrie Eugenie, b. at Winthrop, Nov.. 1857. Graduated at Female Col- 

• lege, Kent's Hill. 



59. Charles F. !i (William , 8 William, 7 James, 6 Sylvanus, 5 James* James, 2 
Samuel. 2 George 1 ). Graduate from Bowdoin College, 1839. Received the 
degree of Doctor of Divinity from Bowdoin College and Wesleyan Universi- 
ty ; for seven years President of Maine State College of Agriculture and 
Mechanic Arts, at Orono ; a member of the Maine Conference of the M. E. 
Church. Married Ruth S. Morse, at Bath, Aug. 25, 1844. 

Children : 

i. Mary Elizabeth, b. at Bucksport, June 8. 1845. Graduate of Female 
College ; m. Edwin F. Brown, of Brunswick, Oct. 12, 1871. 

Children : 

i. Wilbur Lewis, ) , c . lQ _ ... 

ii. CHARLES ALLEN,i" b " ****•> l8 ' 2; d " Aue ' 

iii. Elizabeth Abbott, b. Feb. 29. 187(5. 

iv. Herbert Forest, b. Aug., 1877. 

v. Frederick Allen, b. Jan. 21, l87'.». 

vi. Willard Morse, b. Sept. 5., 1881. 

ii. ISABEL Sibley, b. Aug. 8, 1847. Graduate of Me. Wes. Seminary and Fe- 
male College. 

iii. WILLIAM ALBERT, b. Oct. 18, 1S42. Graduate of Maine State College ; 
Civil Engineer. 

iv. Charles MORSE, b. April 6, 1859. Student at Wesleyan University. 

60. John S. Abbott m. Elizabeth T. Allen. Mr. Abbott was in the 
practice of law in Lincoln and Somerset Counties, residing in Thomaston 
andNorridgewock for several years. He was a successful lawyer ; for some 
time Attorney General of Maine. In 1860 he removed to Boston: d. 1881. 
See Appendix H. 

Children : 

i. William Allen, b. Sept. 12, 1836 ; graduated, Bowdoin College, 1858 ; 
1882, member of firm of Abbott Brothers, lawyers, 71 Broadway, New York 
City: m. Ella L. Jacobus of Brooklyn, N. Y., June 13, 1877. 

Children : 

i. Clarence Louis, b. March 28, 1878. 
ii. Florence Louise, b. Nov. 22, 1880. 
ii. Harriette Elizabeth, b. Deo. 22, 1838; m. James F. Freeman, of Boston, 
Oct. 26, 1865, now (1880') of Toman. Wisconsin. 

Children : 

i. William Allen, b. Sept. 7, 1869 : d. May 9, 1872. 
ii. James Abbott, b. Aug. 2l>. 1ST:!. 
iii. Harold Cutler, b. May 23, 1K77. 
iii. Mary Frances, b. Nov. 13, 1S40; m. Rev. E. A. Band, Oct. 26, 1865, now 

( 1SS2) of Watertown, Mass. 

Children : 

i. Elizabeth Abbott, b. Jan. 1, 1868. 

ii. Edward Kennard, b. Dec. 20, 1S71. 

iii. Mary Allen, b. July 15, 1875. 

iv. Caroline Elliott, b. Feb. 2.">, 1877. 

v. Amy Carroll, July 24, 1880. 
iv. Charles Frederick, b. Aug. 4, 1843 ; d. at Mineral Point, Wisconsin, July 

24, 1869. 
v. John Edward, b. Nov. 30, 1845; graduated, Wesleyan University, Middle- 
town, Conn.. L869; m. Alice G. Cocbrane, of Comptou, Canada, June 12. 
1878; Lawyer at Boston. Mas-., 1882. 

Children : 

i. Charles Matthew, h. April 4, 1879. 

ii. Mabel Louise. l>. Aug. 13, L880. \ 


vi. Albert Allen, b. Feb. 22, 1848 ; m. Susan Wildes Hayes, of Brooklyn, N. 
Y. , April 7, 187") ; member of law-firm of Abbott Brothers, 71 Broadway. 
N. Y. City. 1882. 

Children : 

i. Allan, b. Feb. 15, 1876. 

ii. Eleanor Cochrane, b. Sept. 14, 1878. 

iii. Elizabeth Hayes, b. Nov. '22, 1881. 

vii. Edwin, b. Feb. 19, 1850; in grocery business at Orange, N. J , 1882. 
viii. Maria Bobbins, b. Aug. 15, 18."»2 ; m. Prof. William A. Pike, of Minneap- 
olis. Minn., April 28, 187.">. 

Children : 

i. Bichard Abbott, 1>. Feb. 17, 1878. 
ii. William Bobbins, b. Feb. 22, 1880. 

ix. Elizabeth, b. July 2G, 18.">5. 

61. Joshua 8 ( Zebulon, 7 James. 1 ' Sylvanus, 5 James, 4 James, 3 Samuel, 2 
George 1 ) m. Naomi Daggett Sweet, who d. Dec. 16, 1856. 

Children : 

i. Joshua, b. April 1828 . d. in infancy at Farmington. 

ii. Margaret Homes, b. June 1829 ; living in Augusta, 1880. 

iii. Naomi Elizabeth, b. Feb. 1832; d. in Augusta, June 1854. 

iv. Irene Sophia, b. Oct. 1S34 ; d. in Camden, Me.. Sept. 1859. 

v. James Mayhew, b. July, 1837 ; enlisted in the 4th Maine Battery, Dec. 1861, 
and re-enlisted Feb. 1864, was with the Battery till near the close of the 
war, when he was detailed as telegraph operator at City Point, and after 
the surrender of Lee he was iu Bichmond ; m. Sarah K. Stevens, of Port- 
land, 1867. He is now (1882) freight agent M. C. B. B., at Augusta. 
Member Congregation alist church. 

Children : 

i. Minnie B., b. July, 1870; d. Sept. 1871. 
ii. Ida Lillian, b. Nov. 1875. 

vi. Julia Ann, b. Feb. 1840; m. J. H. Cochrane. 

vii. Charles Abbott, b. Feb. 1843; member of 4th Maine Battery during the 

rebellion, was in many battles, but escaped unhurt. Dealer in books and 

stationery at Dubuque, Iowa 1881. 

Joshua m., 2d wife, Rosaline L. Crane. Their children: 

viii. Lizzie Crane, b. April 1859 ; school teacher 1880. 

ix. Alfred Bates, b. Sept. 1865 ; family in Dubuque, Iowa, 1882. 

62. Horace 8 {Zebulon, 7 James* Sylvanus, 5 James, 4 James, 3 Samuel, 2 
George 1 ), m. Mary Macotnber ; d. Jnne 1854. 

i. John Horace, b. July 1847; d. Nov. 10,-1880, unmarried. 

ii. Charles Miller, b. March 1854; living in Farmington, 1880, unmarried. 

63. James Henry Cochrane m. Jnlia Ann Allen. Mr. Cochrane was 
some years Assistant Secretary of State, at Augusta, but for several years 
past has been Superintendent of Construction of U. S. buildings, and is now 
(1881) thus employed at Nashville, Tenn 

Children : 

i. Herbert Leppien, b. May 1867. 

ii. Irene Lillian, b. Sept. 1870 ; d. May 1876. 

iii. Annie Maria, b. Nov. 187:'.. 

64. James Mayhew m. Myra Allen, b. in Chilmark, Martha's Vineyard. 
He, with his widowed mother, ( who was Abigail Boardman,) removed to 








Strong, Me., 1806, where he resided till 1850, when the family went to In- 
diana, where he d. 1876. Myra, his wife, d. 1871. 

Children : 
i. Maktha, b. Sept. 1819; in. Rev. Stephen Gould, (who was then preaching 
in Poland. Me.) early in 0<t. 1847. On their way from Strong to Poland 
they went to Albany to visit some friends, where she was seized with 
typhoid fever, and died in twenty days from marriage. 

Horace Allen, b. Dec. 1821 : m. Mary Jane Pike, 1841. 

Herbert Boardman, b. Nov. 1823; in. Amelia Page Patterson, April 1851, 
iu Freeman, Me. 

Lucy, b. April. 1826 ; d. Oct. 13, 1847. 

Sarah Louisa, b. Sept. 1828: m. John R. Churchill, iu Indiana, Jan. 1, 1862; 

bad one son. Homes, b. 1863. Mr. Churchill died , and Sarah m. 

Stephen D. Skiff, Oct. 1873 ; living iu Rei, Iud., 1880. 

65. Horace Allen Mayhew. Studied Law at Farmington ; was admit- 
ted to the bar in Franklin County ; in 1844 he m. Mary Jane Pike of King- 
field; removed to Indiana, 1851, when he became a Presbyterian preacher. 
Suffering greatly from asthma, he went to California in 187- ; settled at Red 
Bluff, where he preached, and was judge of the Court in that district. 
In January, 1881, he was appointed judge of the Superior Court. 

Children : 
i. Charles Pike, b. New Portland, Me., May 1846 ; m. Mary Porter, 186-, in 

Children : 

i. Ernest, b. 

ii. Ada, b. 

ii. Frank James, b. Versailles, Ind., Dec. 1848; m. Clara Idelia Austin, 1873, 
who was b. in Manchester, N. H. Resides in Red Bluff, a manufacturer 
of Hour and feed. 

Children : 

i. Alice Mildred, b. Feb. 1874. 
ii. William Horace, b. Jan. 1877. 
iii. George Henry, b. in Ind., March, 1854; m. Rosa E. Myrick, 1876, who was 
b. in Cal., 1857; resides in San Francisco, 1880, a wholesale dealer in 
hardware. Child: Florence Adelia, b. . Nov. 1878. 
iv. Mart Edna, b. iu Ind., May 8, 1862 ; with her parents at Red Bluff, 1881. 

66. Leander S. Tripp m. Louisa Allen. Mr. Tripp and family now 
(1880) residing in Bluehill ; preaches one half the time in Penobscot. 

Children : 

i. Henry Martyn, b. May 1837 ; d. in Norway, Aug 1838. 

ii. William Homes, b. July, 1839; d. Aug. 1839. 

iii. Harrison Allen, b. April, 1841 ; was a soldier in the war of '61— '64 ; after- 
ward a school teacher ; studied law and is iu practice in Bluehill, Me.; m. 
Ann Hinckley of Bluehill, 1879. Have one child. 

iv. William Henry, b. April 1844: also a soldier in '61 ; m. Jennie Greenlief 
of Lancaster, N. H. 

v. Oscar H., b. Jan. 1852; is land surveyor and read law; is with his brother 
in Bluehill. 1880. 

67. Freeman 8 ( Sylvanus? James, G Sylvanus, 5 James,* James, 3 Samuel, 2 
George 1 ), m. Martha Goodwin ; reside. 1 several years in Industry on the 
farm which his hither left : afterward removed to Madison, and late in life 


to Lewiston, where he died in 1877. He m. 2d wife. Mrs. Atkinson of Mer- 
cer, Me. By his first wife, Martha Goodwin, he had 

Children : 

i. George, b. 1824; d. in Mexico, 1846. 
ii. Charles, b. 182(> ; cl. 18(>0 in Illinois, 
iii. Caty, b. 1828 ; in. George Dinsmore of Madison ; living in Lewiston. 1880. 

Children : 

i. Emma. iii. Charles. 

ii. Everett. iv. George. 

iv. Lizzie, b. : is a widow l'.ving in New Sharon. 

v. Ann, b. ; in. Mr. Humphrey: living in Jay. 1880. 

68, Bartlett," (Matthew, 6 Robert/' John,* James, 3 Samuel, 2 George 1 ), m. 

Children : 

i. Cordelia, b. : d. 

ii. Henry B., b. 

iii. Cordelia G., b. 

iv. Josephine, b. ; d. 

69. Ezra 6 ( Robert,* John, 4 James, 5 Samuel, 2 George 1 ), m. Beulah Coffin; 
resided on the farm in (Jhilmark where his father and grandfather had lived, 
till late in life, when he removed to Brooklyn, N. Y., where he died in . 

Their only child : 
i. Eliza, b. 1799: m., as before said, Gerard H Hallock. 

70. Herbert Boardman Mayhew m. Amelia P. Patterson. 

Children : 

i. Nellie A., b. Oct. 1852 ; m. Will A. Doran, teacher, Hamilton County, 

Ohio, Dec. 1877. 
ii. Wila B., b. April, 1855. 
iii. Cora L.. b. May 1858 ; d. April 18G1. 

71. John Titcomb m. Catherine C. Merrill, June 3, 1851, at Farmington. 
Mrs. Titcomb d. July 11, 1881. 

Children : 
i. Mehetabel, b. Sept. 1852: m. Lewis T. Wade, Nov. 1878. 

Child : 

Florence Clara, b. May, 1881, 

ii. Arthur, b. Dec. 1853 ; now, 1881, a student at Middletown, Conn. 

iii. Caroline Walcott, b. April 1856. 

iv. Catharine Merrill, b. Sept. 1857. 

v. Walter John, b. March 185!). 

vi. Henry Edgar, b. Aug. 1800; d. Jan. 1862. 

72. Charles Craig m. Hannah A. Gower, Nov., 1850. 

Children : 

i. Charles A., b. Jan. 1852, 

ii. George W., b. Nov. 185:5. 

iii. John M., b. Jan. 1859. 

iv. Hiram B.. b. May 1864. 



73. Rev. Harrison B. Gower, son of Love Allen Gower, b. in Farm- 
ing-ton, in. Maria Susan Dix, of Providence, R I., 1848; d. in Farming-ton, 

Children : 

i. Geokge Lewis, b. at New Sharon, 1849. Graduated at Brown University, 
admitted at the R. I. bar as a lawyer at the age of 22, and has served by 
repeated elections as Clerk of the R. I. House of Representatives. 

ii. Feedeeic Allen, b. at Sedgwick, July, 1851 ; graduated at Brown Univer- 
sity and entered journalism as a profession. Being associated with Prof. 
Bell, the inventor of the telephone, be invented an improved instrument 
known as the Gower Telephone, which has been adopted by the French 
government, and is widely used throughout Europe and in India. Remov- 
ing from Paris to London he formed the Bell Gower Telephone Company, 
of which he became president. The company received large orders for 
telephones from the British government from Europe and India, both for 
govei-nment contracts and for private use. 

iii. John William Dix, b. at Sedgwick, July, LS53. When young he commenc- 
ed a seafaring life ; at the age of twenty-one was captain of a ship. He 
is now engaged in ship-building at Sedgwick. 

Mrs. Maria S. Gower m. Hon. W. Sargeant, of Sargentville. 


Page 8, — 15th line from bottom, for did believe read did not believe. 
Page 11,— 14th line from top, for 1794 read 1795. 

Page 19, — 6th line from bottom, for Chrystal Louise read Chrystal Marvin. 
Page 20,— 19th line from top, for 1842 read 1852. 




The following account has been furnished by Kev. Henry A. Homes, who. at the 
time of writing, 1864, was librarian of the State library, Albany, N. Y. 

William Homes was born in 1663, whether in Scotlaud or Ireland is not 
certain. He first came to this country in 1686, when twenty-three years of 
age. It was about this time that the Scotch Irish commenced emigrating 
to America to escape the persecutions of the Stuarts and the prelacy. On 
Mr. Homes' arrival, he was engaged as a teacher, first in Chilmark, and 
afterwards in Tisbury, for three years. After this, he returned to Scotland, 
and pursued the course of study in the University of Edinburgh, where he 
received the degree of A. M., in 1692. He was ordained as a clergyman, 
1693, at Straberne, a borough town twelve miles south-west of Londonder- 
ry ; and was settled over the Presbyterian church there. He married 
Katharine, daughter of Rev. Robert Craighead of Derry, in 1693. In 17 14, 
he came again to Martha's Vineyard. The people of Chilmark, which was 
incorporated as a town that year, remembered the young man who taught 
among them twenty-eight years before, and invited him to become their 
pastor. He discharged the duties of the ministry faithfully for thirty-one 
years, having a high repute for piety and learning. It is said he used 
to fast twice in the week. His salary was £60 a year. He took some care 
of a small farm, but lived mostly on his salary. He was the author of five 
printed volumes, three of them published during his life. The two printed 
after his death were on Family Prayer and Family Government, with a pre- 
face recommending them, by Drs. Sewall and Prince of Boston. He pre- 
ferred a moderate Presbyterianisrn to the evils, he thought he saw, in the 
Congregationalism by which he was surrounded. He died in 1716 at the 
age of 81. Preaching in his pulpit, he fell down suddenly in a fit, and grad- 
ually declined till his death. A marble stone in the grave yard at Chilmark 
has the following inscription : "In memory of the reverend, learned, emi- 
nently prudent and pious Mr. William Homes, late pastor of the Church of 
Christ in Chilmark, who departed this life June 17, 1746, aged 84 years." 
Katharine, his wife, lies by his side ; died 1754, aged 82. Rev. H. A. Homes 
says: "In the new church which I visited in 1828, I saw the identical pul- 
pit from which he used to preach, I also saw the widow Hilson,* an hun- 
dred years old, who had lived in his family and had heard him preach." 
He had seven children, three sons and four daughters, when he came to 
America in 1714. In his journal he records the marriage of Katharine, 
Margaret, Jane, and Agnes ; Hannah also was his daughter, who was not 

* This was probably Tilton. 


married, her last years were spent in the family of Dea. James Allen, who 
married her sister Jane He records also the marriage of James Hutchin- 
son and Elizabeth Homes, in Boston, 1730, by Rev. Mr. Prince, also of Ben- 
jamin Daggett and Margaret Homes, by himself in 1734. Who these were 
is not known. One of the daughters married a brother of the celebrated 
Benjamin Franklin. A descendant of the Homes family from Belfast, Ire 
land, has furnished the following account : " My great grand-father Homes 
Avas a henchman to McDonnell, Lord of the Isles, and head of that clan in the 
hisrhlands of Scotland. The whole clan of Homes came from Scotland, and 
settled on the north-east coast of Ireland, where they are now to be found 
in numbers, true old Presbyterians, who would never renounce the solemn 
League and Covenant." Rebecca, wife of William Homes, 2d, died in Bos- 
ton, August 1786, at the House of her son William. This house was located 
on Ann street; Oak Hall, a noted clothing store, now occupies the site. 
Mr. Henry A. Homes says of Hannah Homes : " She was remarkable as a 
peacemaker. The memory of the good works and alms deeds which she did 
is still fragrant among the people." A negro once said he could not swear 
when seated in her chair. She died in 1794, at the age of 90 at the house 
of Deacon Allen. The diary of her father was in her custody till her death. 
Zebulon, son of Dea. James, son of Sylvanus and Jane Allen brought this 
diary to Maine in 1818. It has since been deposited in the library of the 
Maine Historical Society. 



Dr. James Tupper, a gentleman of education, was born in England, and 
came to this country previous to the Revolution. During that war he was 
a resident of Martha's Vineyard, where he married Deborah, daughter of 
Jonathan Allen. Afterwards he removed to Pownalboro, now Dresden. 
In company with Capt. William Allen, he purchased.a vessel, loaded it with 
produce and sailed on a trading voyage to Halifax, N. S. The voyage was 
long and stormy. On their return, delayed by head winds and almost ex- 
hausted, they anchored at Cape Ann, where the crew went on shore. Doct. 
Tupper looked back and exclaimed: "Now blow, Mr. Devil, the vessel is in 
a good harbor, well anchored." The wind rose in the night, the cable part- 
ed, and before morning the vessel was ground to fragments on the rocks. 
At Pownalboro the Doctor built the timber ship called the "Experiment," 
of 513 tons. It was built and stowed with lumber, leaving only room for the 
navigators. He intended to sell the whole for timber in England, but the 
experiment was not successful. The vessel on its voyage to England was 
abandoned by the crew off the coast of Labrador. Doctor Tupper was the 
pioneer New Churchman, or Swedenborgian, in this state, scrupulously hon- 
est and, though eccentric, was ever regarded as an earnest and consistent 
Christian. He had a family of nine children who lived to adult age. Tris- 
tram, settled in Churleston, S. O, and died near the close of the Rebellion, 
loved by his large family and respected by all who knew him. Frederic 
Allen settled in Savannah, Ga., a ship broker. Capt. Jonathan Allen com- 


manded several vessels built by Barzilla White of Richmond, Me., who marri- 
ed his sister Cordelia. Capt. Tupper died at an early age, leaving a widow 
and several children. Homes, the fourth son, was a ship broker in Savan- 
nah ; removed to Hallo well in 1832, and to Brooklyn, N. Y., in 1854, and 
died in 1865. Mary, one of the daughters, married Rev. Thomas N. Lord. 
Deborah, the youngest, died in Wintbrop, about 1836. 



Lemuel Le Baron was born in Plymouth, Mass., 1749. His grandfather, 
Francis Le Baron, a Huguenot came from France in 1692. The parents of 
Lemuel were intelligent, pious, and highly respectable. Dedicated to God 
in his infancy, from early life he was trained up for the Christian ministry. 
Graduated at Yale in 1768, and afterwards studied with Rev. Daniel Brins- 
made of Woodbury, Conn. In Jan., 1792, he was ordained and settled as 
jmstor over the Congregational church at Mattapoisett, where he continu- 
ed to preach for nearly 60 years. In Nov., 1774, he married Elisabeth 
Allen, of Martha's Vineyard, an exemplary Christian, with whom he lived 
in closest sympathy for 56 years. She died Nov. 9, 1830, aged 78 years. 
Mr. Le Baron died Nov. 26, 1836, in the 90th year of his age, and 65th of his 
ministry. He was courteous and refined in his manners, cordial and social 
in his intercourse, and charitable toward all in sentiment and practice ; 
while he was always firm in his convictions and a strenuous defender of the 



Among the early and eminent lawyers of Kennebec county was Frederick 
Allen, Esq., of Gardiner. He was born at Chilmark, Martha's Vineyard, Dec. 
22, 1780. His father, Jonathan Allen, Esq., a graduate of Harvard, received 
a good legal education, was proprietor of a large farm and was also engaged 
in navigation. He died when his youngest son Frederick svas three years 
old. Deprived by the death of his father of the advantages of a college ed- 
ucation, Frederick availed himself of the nid in his studies which his broth- 
er, Homes Allen, Esq., and his brother-in-law, Doctor Allen Mayhew, could 
give. After attending some time the Hingham Academy, he studied law 
with his brother Homes for two years, and then entered as a student at 
Hanover, Mass., the office of Benjamin Whitman, Esq., a leading advocate 
in the Plymouth Colony, A year or two afterward he removed with Mr. 
Whitman to Boston. The six months he resided in this city were of great 
advantage in his legal training, as he was brought into the society of Par- 
sons, Gore, Sullivan, Otis, Davis and other brilliant lawyers of the Suffolk 


bar. In 1805 be removed to Maine, settling first as a lawyer at Waldoboro, 
and after two years lie entered into partnership with Nathan Bridge, Esq., 
and removed to Gardiner. His partner soon relinquished law business and 
Mr. Allen entered upon an extensive practice in Kennebec and the sur- 
rounding counties. In 1812 he married Miss Hannah B. Whipple, daughter 
of Col. Oliver Whipple, a lawyer who practiced in Portsmouth and Boston, 
and grand-daughter of Sylvester Gardiner, proprietor of large estates in 
Gardiner. Mrs. Allen was a woman of fine taste. She made her home 
pleasant with attractive surroundings, and collected a valuable cabinet of 
minerals and fossils. Her literary and scientific attainments drew the 
attention of scientific men at home and abroad. Tbe account of her discov- 
eries of fossils in the tertiary formation at Gardiner brought her into cor- 
respondence with Lyell, Buckland, and other distinguished scientists in 
Europe and America. There were three sons and three daughters in the 
family. The daughters inherited much of their mother's scientific tastes. 
Eleanor married Dr. Martin Gay, a scientific physician, and Margaret mar- 
ried Prof. Elton, of Brown University. The oldest son, Frederick, died 
soon after completing his medical education at Harvard. Augustus Oliver 
and Charles Edward were lawyers, settled in Boston. Charles E. has been 
a member of both houses of the Massachusetts Legislature. 

Mr. Allen was a diligent student, a careful and accurate lawyer and an 
able advocate. Without the graces of oratory he could clearly present his 
cases to the court, and could convince the jury. He was successful in his 
profession, and never turned aside into the mazes of speculation or the 
labyrinth of politics. He received from Bowdoin College the honorary de- 
gree of A. M., and from Harvard the more distinguished title of LL. D. 
He continued till advanced age an honored and successful advocate, and 
died Sept., 1865, aged 85. 


William, the oldest and favorite son of Dea. James Allen, was born on 
Martha's Vineyard, 175G, and married Love Coffin of Edgartown. He was 
unfortunate in business, and followed the sea for many years without suc- 
cess. In 1792, he settled in a log camp in Farmington, two miles from any 
road or any other inhabitants, with a large and increasing family; subjected 
to tbe hardships and privations of the early pioneers in Franklin County. 
Living where his children could have no access to schools, by personal 
efforts and private instruction, his six sons and four daughters succeeded 
in qualifying themselves for teachers, under the inspiration and aid of their 
intelligent mother. All of the children were employed as teacbers of public 
schools, and all were successful in the various avocations of life. Capt. 
Allen was a deacon of the Congregational church in Industry thirty years. 
Nine of bis children were professors of religion, and two were ministers of 
the Gospel. Harrison, a Congregational minister, died a missionary among 
the Choctaws ; and tbe celebrated Camp Meeting John, living in 1881, has 
been for more than forty years a successful Methodist preacher. 




William Allen was born in Chilmark, Mass.. April 16, 1780, and in 1792 
removed with his father, Capt. William Allen, to Farmington, and afterwards 
to Industry. Inured to toil and privation, with little opportunity in the 
rude scenes of pioneer life for schools or education, he grew up an energet- 
ic young man of active mental powers, on whose labor and intelligence, as 
the eldest son, his father's family largely depended for support. By untir- 
ing industry, in his 22d year, he had cleared a farm for his father and anoth- 
er for himself, and had procured the means to defray his expenses for a few 
weeks at Hallowell Academy, where he afterwards served as assistant prin- 
cipal. He returned to the labor of the farm, and married Hannah Titcomb, 
daughter of Stephen Titcomb, Esq., the first settler in Farmington. His 
superior business capacity soon rendered him conspicuous among bis towns- 
men. Without seeking for office, he was employed in town business, and 
by land proprietors and others as their agent. As a Justice of the Peace he 
had more cases brought before him than all others in the county, and he was 
often selected as referee to settle disputes. He was appointed by Gov. Gore 
one of the Justices of a Special Court of Common Pleas, which office he filled 
till the Court was abolished. He was, in 1812, appointed Clerk of the Courts 
in Somerset County, and removed to Norridgewock. For twelve years he 
performed personally all the duties of the office, and in addition to this, he 
performed many legal services, for which his thorough knowledge of the 
principles and the forms of iaw eminently fitted him. His advice was sought 
by all classes of the community, and was always freely given. He assisted 
the unfortunate in extricating themselves from the complications of busi- 
ness, and audited the accounts of public officers. His ready pen and clear 
intellect were often employed by others in conducting their correspondence 
and in the adjustment of their accounts. When real estate was sold in any 
of the surrounding towns, he was called upon to survey the boundaries, and 
to make the deed of conveyance. For the most valuable services his charg- 
es were always moderate. He was for some time Register of Probate, and 
was perfectly familiar with all the details of probate business. He wrote 
more wills, settled more estates, and assisted more widows and orphans in 
seeming their rights than any other man in the count}'. Honored with the 
confidence of his townsmen, he served for twenty-two years, in the highest 
offices in the town. Other towns seeing his discretion and success, elected 
him as their agent. He was clerk to the State Valuation Committee in 1820 
and in each decade till 1850, and in the valuation of 1855. He represented 
the town in the Convention that formed the Constitution of Maine, and 
twice as representative in the Legislature. As a writer he furnished many 
historical sketches and other valuable communications for the public papers. 
He wrote a History of Norridgewock, a History of Industry, and compiled 
a Genealogy of the Allen Family. Just and accurate in all his dealings, he 
was generous in his disposition and courteous in his intercourse ; and down 
to old age his mental vigor remained unimpaired. He lived a consistent 
member of the Methodist Church, and died in cheerful hope of a blessed 
immortality, July 1, 1873, at the advanced age of 93. 




Rev. John Allen was born, 1794, in a log cabin at Farmington, where his 
father's family were battling with poverty in their forest home. In his 
early days he had little privilege of schools or instruction ; but when he 
was seventeen years old he attended for a few weeks the Farmington 
Academy. He was afterwards apprenticed to learn the clothiers' trade, 
and worked for some time in this business, teaching schools in the winter. 
As a young man he was wild and reckless, fond of the excitement of rude 
frolics. At musters, raisings, and other rural gatherings he was foremost 
in all the wild sports. He was converted at a camprueeting, and at once 
commenced a new life of earnest devotion to the service of Christ. After his 
conversion, campmeetings had a peculiar charm for him, and he attended 
these gatherings in all parts of the country as often as he could, so that be 
was able, near the close of his life, to enumerate more than three hundred 
and twenty campmeetings at which he had been present and had taken an 
active part in the exercises. He was known everywhere as "Campmeeting 
John." Having commenced preaching in mature life he was admitted as a 
member of the Maine Conference, and stationed in different appointments 
which he filled with great success. After a long period of active work, he 
was placed in the list of superannuated preachers. As a preacher he was 
original and interesting and as a pastor he was faithful and diligent. Many 
were added to the church under his ministry. He was distinguished for 
his wit ; opponents had reason to fear an encounter, for none excelled him 
in sharp and ready repartee. He served as Chaplain in the Maine House 
of Representatives in 1880. 



"Born the wild northern hills among, 
From which his yeoman father wrung 
By patient toil subsistence scant, — 
Not competence and yet not want, — 
He early gained the power to pay 
His cheerful self-reliant way." 

John S. Abbott was born at Temple, Maine, January 6, 1801, and died at 
Watertown, Mass., June 12, 1881. Frail and sickly in childhood and youth, 
few supposed he would live to reach manhood; but by careful and temper- 
ate habits, he reached a ripe age, retaining his mental vigor and ability to 
to work to the last. He graduated at Bowdoin College in 1827, the first in 
his class. During his college course, and after graduation, while studying 
law, he spent much time in teaching, often selecting unruly schools, which 
he controlled with perfect discipline, though he possessed little physical 
strength. He commenced the practice of law at Union, in 1830. After two 


years, at the solicitations of prominent citizens, lie removed to Tliomaston. 
In 1842, induced by family and business considerations, he removed to Nor- 
ridgewock, where he remained till 18G0. In 1835 he married Elizabeth T. 
Allen, daughter of William Allen, Esq., of Norridgewock. She died in 1858, 
deeply lamented by a wide circle of friends. Her superior intelligence and 
loveliness won the hearts of all around. To know her was to love her. 

Mr. Abbott's practice became very large, extending into nearly every 
county in the state. In Maine, and wherever he practiced, he commanded 
the respect and confidence alike of the bench, the bar and his clients. In 
1834, he was a member of the House of Representatives, and in 1835, Attor- 
ney General of Maine. Removing to Massachusetts in 1836, he opened an 
office in Boston, and continued in the successful practice of his profession 
while life lasted. He had a clear and logical mind, and could quickly dis- 
entangle the complications of the most intricate case. His energy and will 
were indomitable. In stormy times he could always be depended upon by 
friends and clients. Considerate in his treatment of others, he could be se- 
vere when occasion required. Through life he was a hard worker, and 
when just beginning to think of a little respite from continual toil, death 
gave him a sudden release. He was constantly making generous plans for 
his children and others. Always fond of little children, his love for them 
increased with his declining years. A kind father, a keen, upright lawyer, 
a good citizen, an earnest Christian, his memory will be cherished by his 
family and a wide circle of friends. 



Bela R. Reynolds married Elizabeth A. Allen, 1867. Now ( 1882 ) a book- 
seller and stationer in Winthrop, Maine. He enlisted in the Sixth Maine 
Regiment, was detailed for service in the Signal Corps, and continued in 
that service three years. 


Allen.. .Abigail, 5, G, 7, 14 
Abishai, 13 
Achsa, 12 
Adolphus, 11 
Albert B., 15 
Alfred B., 21 
Amanda, 16 
Arney, 7 
Anna B., 17 
AnD, 23 
Ann M., 19 
Anthony, 7 
Asa S., 14 
Augusta, 16 
Augustus, 14 

Bartlett, 11, 13, 14, 15 
Bathsbeba, G, 7, 13 
Benjamin, G, 7, 13, 14 
Betsey A., 15 
Betsey, 9 

Caroline, 14, 16 
Caroline F., 17 
Carrie E., 19 
Caty, 23 
Calista, 12 
Catharine, 7, 9, 12 
Charles, 23 
Charles A., 21 
Charles B., 14 
Charles D., 16 
Charles E., 14 
Charles F., 15. 
Charles M., 20, 21 
Charlotte, 15, 1G, 17 
Clarissa, 13 
Clementine, 11, 16 
Cordelia, 15 
Cordelia G., 15 
Damaris, 13 
David, 8 

Deborah, 9, 11, 13 
Deborah R., 15 
Desire, 9 
Dinah, 13 

Ebenezer, 6, 7, 8 
Edgar H., 15 
Edward, 17 
Eleanor, 14, 15 
Eleazer, 7 
Eliza, 10, 14 
Elizabeth, G, 8, 15 

Allen... Elizabeth A., 19 
Ellsworth, 14 
Ephraim, 8 
Eunice, 6, 9 
Ezra, G, 8 

Frederick, 9, 13, 14, 
Fiorina A., 15 
Freeman, 12, 13, 14 

George, 5, 8, 23 

Hannah, G, 7 
Hannah F., 14 
Harrison, 11 
Henry, 5, 8 
Henry B., 14, 17 
Henry H., 9 
Hephzibah, 14 
Homes, 9, 14 
Horace, 11 
Huldah, 8, 15 

Ichabod, G, 8, 12, 13, 
Ida, 21 
Irene S., 21 
Isabel S., 20 

James, 5, G, 9, 11, 17 
James M., 21 
Jane, 7, 9, 10, 11 
Jedediah, 7Jqdl({ah- 
Jennie, 17 
Jethru, 7 

John, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11 
John C, 11 
John H., 21 
John W., 14, 16 
Jonathan, G, 7, 9, 13 
Joseph, 5, G, 7, 8, 12 
Josephine C, 15 
Joshua, 6, 11, 21 
Julia, 11, 
Julia A., 21 
Julia E., 17 

Katharine, 7, 9 

Lizzie C, 21, 25 
Lizzie J., 17 
Louisa, 12 
Louisa F., 19 
Louis, 9, 11, 

Allen. ..Love, 11 
Loviua. 12 
Lucy, 8, 13, 15 
Lydia, 12, 13 

Maria, 19 
Martha, 6, 7, 9, 10 
12 15 
Martha W., 12 
Margaret, 7, 11 
Margaret A., 21 
Margaret H., 21 
Mary, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 14 
Mary A., 11 
Mary H., 13 
Mary E., 20 
May L., 17 
Matthew, 8, 14 
Matthew H., 15 
Maybe w, 7 
Moses, 6 
Myra, 11 

Nancy, 13, 14 
Nancy M., 15 
Naomi, 17 
Naomi E., 21 

Olive, 8, 12 

Patience, 8, 11, 14, 15 
Perkins, 8, 
Polly, 15 
Prince, 13 
Prudence, 9 

Rebecca, 6, 7, 8 
Robert, 7, 9 
Rosamond, 19 
Ruth, 7 

Samuel, 5, 6, 7, 8 
Sarah, 5, G, 7, 8 
Sarah A., 16 
Sarah M., 11 
Sarah S., 14 
Shearjashub, 7 
Sophia, 14 
Sophia B., 15 
Stephen, 15 
Susanna, 13 
Sylvester, 6, 9, 11 

Temperance, 8, 14 
Theodore, 9 
Thomas, 7, 13, 14 


Allen. ..Timothy, G 

Tristram, 9, 13 
Truman, 11, 1G 
William, 7, 8, 9, 14, 
William A., 20 
William H., 1G, 17 
William M., 14 
Zadoc, 13 
Zebulou, 9 
Zenia, 13 

Abbott... Allan, 21 

Albert A., 21 
Charles M., 20 
Charles F., 20 
Clarence L., 20 
Edwin, 21 
Eleanor, 21 
Elizabeth A„ 20 
Elizabeth. 21 
Florence L., 20. 
Harriet E., 20 
John E.. 20 
John S.. 15, 20 
Mabel L., 20 
Mary F., 21 
Maria R., 20 
William A., 20 

Athearn... Eleanor, 7, 13 
Eliza, 12 
Jethro, 7. 9 
Joseph, 13 
Katharine, 9 
Martha, 9 
Patience, 7 
Iiobert, 12 

Bailess... Frederick, 13 

Baldwin. ..Arthur, l(i 
Robert, l(i 
William, 16 

Bangs... Sarah. 6 

Bassett.. .Silas, 9 

Boardman... Andrew, 9 

Bourne... Beulah, 7 
Mary, 7 
Patience, 9 

Brown... Allen, 20 

Edwin F., 2q 
Elizabeth A., 20 
Frederick A., 20 
Herbert, 20 
Wilbur L., 20 
Willard M., 20 

Bryant... William M., 17 

Bullen...J. D., 16 

Bunker.. .Charles, 10 

Butler. ..Allen. 9 

Butler... Athearn, 9 

Cyrus, 13 x 
Jane, 18 
Leander, 18 
Matthew, 9 
Samuel, 13 
Solomon, 9 
William, 9 
Winthrop, 18 

Call... Elizabeth, 17 
Susan H., 19 

Carey... John, 5 

Castelio... Edwin, 1G 
Emilio, 16 
Lola, 16 

Cathcart...Hugh, 13 
Mary, 13 
Prudence, 9, 13 
Thomas, 13 

Chase... Aldeu F., 19 
Allen T., 19 
Chrystal M., 19 
John A., 19 
Joseph C, 19 

Chipman...Handly, 7 

Churchill. ..Homes, 22 
John B., 22 
Alice G., 20 

Cochrane... Anna M., 21 
Herbert L., 21 
James H., 21 
Irene L., 21 

Coffin... Beulah, 8 
James, 8 
Love 9 

Cook...Angeline G., 19 
Augustus C, 19 
Harrison A., 19 
John, 11 
John G., 19 
Prentiss, 19 

Corson... Shubael, 11 

Cottle. ..Cynthia, 11 
Joseph, 9 
Josiah. 7 
Tamison, 13 
Truman, 13 

Crane... Adoniram, 11 
Rosaline, 11 

Craig... Charles, 19 

Charles A., 23 
George G., 23 
Hiram B., 23 
John M., 23 

Crocker... Elizabeth, 6 

Cros well... Mary, 19 

Daggett... Emily, 17 

Da vis... Zadoc, 13 

Dean... Jane, 7 

Dexter. ..Priscilla, 11 

Prudence, 13 

Dias...Abby. 17 

Dinsmore... Charles, 23 
Emma, 23 
George, 2;'. 

Eames... Nancy, 11 

Eaton... Susan, 1G 

Ellsworth William, 19 

Elton. ..Romeo, 14 

Emery, Martha, 17 

Fairbanks. ..Lucy, 11 

Fellows... Sarah A., 11 

Freeman... Ed ward, 20 
Harold C, 20 
James, 20 
William A., 20 

Gardiner... Deborah, 7 

Gay... Martin, 11 

Geyer...Vannie, 16 

Gifford.. .Catharine, 18 
Charles, 18 
David H., 18 
Daniel, 17 
Elisha, 18 
Franklin, IS 
Joseph, 18 
Mary, 18 
Martin, 18 
Peleg, 18 
Sarah, 17 
Thomas, 18 
Tilly, 18 

Goodwin... Matthew. 12 

Gorham... Abigail, !• 

Gould... Cecilia, 10 
Edwin A., 10 
Emily, 10 
Heloise, 10 
Horace, 10 
Horace J., 10 
John E., 10 
Maryanua, 10 
Philander, 10 
Stephen, 10 
Thomas F., 10 

Gower... Frederick A.. 24 


Gower- -George, 11, 17, 
George D., 19 
George L., 24 
Hannah, 19 
Harrison, 19 
John T., 19 
Merritt, 19 
Truman A., 19 
William D., 24 

Gray... Catharine, 13 
Samuel, 7 

Greenlief...Jaue, 22 

Greenwood... Nathaniel. 5 

Hallock... Moses, 9 
Gerard H., 8 

Hayes. ..Susan W.,, 21 

Harding... Caroline, 16 

Charles, 16 
Frank. 10 
Henry, 10 
Joseph, 16 
Lucy, 16 
Truman W., 16 

Hastings. ..John, U 

Hatch. ..Nymphas, 13 

Haven. ..Franklin, 14 

Hersey...Annab, 11 

Hinckley. ..Ann, 22 

Holbrook...Lydia, 5 

Homes. ..Agues, G 
Jane, 6 
Margaret, 6 
William, G, 25 

Howes... Anna, IG 
John A., 16 
Lewis W., 16 
Mary, 16 

Jennegan...Mary, 8 

Johnsti me. .Rebecca, 12 
Martha. 12 

Jordan . . Clement, 7 
Ella. 17 
Tristram, 7 

Kelsey. -Annette, 10 

Kendriek.. Allen, 10 

Clarissa, 10 
Harrison, 10 
Joseph, 10 
William, 10 

Lawrence- -Lucy, 9 

Lawton- .Prince, 17 

Lamb -.Margaret, r, 

Le Baron.. John, 8 
Lemuel, 8, 26 
Mary, 8 

Leeds. .Ruth, ."> 

Look . . Samuel, 8 
Seth, 16 

Lothrop. . Annah 10 
Alexander, 16 
Alice, 1G 
John A., 1G 
John A. B.. 1G 
Emily, IG 
Margaret, 16 

Lowell.. Eliza, 19 

Luce . . Alpheus. 13 
Benjamin, 13 
Caroline, IG 
Richard, 14 
Rosamond, 16 
Bernard, 13 

Macomber- -Mary, 11 

Mayhew - - Abiali, G 
Abigail, 6 
Ada, 22 
Allen, 9, 13 
Alice, 22 
Ann, 7 
Caroline, 9. 
Charles, 12, 22 
Clarissa, 9 
CoraL., 22 
Dinah, 7 
Eliza, 12 
Ernest, 22 
Frank, 22 
George, 22 
Herbert, 22 
Horace, 22 
Isabella. 13 
Jane, 13 
James, 11 
Lucy, 22 
Mary. 8. 22 
Matthew, 7 
Martha, 13 
Nathaniel, 14 
Nellie A., 23 
Prudence. !t 
Sarah, 7, 22 
Theodore, 9 
Wila B.. 23 
William, 12 
William A.. 12 
William B. , 9 
Willard, 15 
Zebulou, 12 
Zechariah, 7 

McCollen-- Allen, 13 

McKeown. .James, 17 
Margaret, 17 

Merrill... Carrie. 18 
Catharine, 17 
Charles, 18 
Cora, 18 
Eliza, IS 
Ella, 18 
Eva, 18 
Frances, 17 
James E., 17 
James F., 17 
Martha J., 17. 18 
Thomas, 11 
Truman, 17 
William A., 17 
Willie T., 18 

Mills. ..Elizabeth, .">, 11 
John, 1T> 

Merry... Albert, 18 

Benjamin, 18 
Elizabeth, 18 
George, IS 
John, 18 
Matthew, 18 

Moore. ..David, 7 

Mary E., 12 

Morse. ..Abigail, 13 
Ruth S.. 15 

Myrick...Rosa, 22 

Norton. ..Anna, 16 

Catharine, 13 
Edwin, IG 
Desire, 7 
Imogene, 16 
lone, IG 
Lillian, 16 
Martha, 17 
Wilhelmina, 16 

Nye...Bartlett, 16 

Benjamin. IG 
Lucy, 16 

Palmer... Cynthia, 12 

Partridge. ..Sarah. •"> 

Pease... Abagail, G 
Beulah, 13 
Clarissa, 10 

Perkins. ..Elizabeth. ."> 

Pierce... Addison S., 17 

Pike. ..Mary J., 22 

Richard A., 21 
William R., 21 
William A., 21 

Pool...Ephraim, 1.'! 


Quinby...Daston, 10 
Edwin, 10 
Walter B., 10 

Eand...Anry 0., 20 

Caroline E., 20 
Edward A., 20 
Edward K., 20 
Elizabeth A., 20 
Mary A., 20 

Randals, Betsey, 18 

Reynolds... Anthony, 10 
Bela, 19 
Charles, 10 
Henry, 10 
Josephine. 1!) 
Winnefred, li) 

Roberts. ..P., 17 

Robinson... Catharine, 18 
Charles, 18 
Delia, 14 
Daniel, 17 
James D., 18 
John, 11 
JohnF., 17 
Lenora, 18 
Love, 17 
Martba, 17 
Mary, 17 
Myra, 18 
Rebecca, 17 
Samuel, 17 
Thomas, 17 
William A., 18 

Russell... Rebecca, G 

Sampson... Eliza, 12 

Saunders... Joseph, 10 

Sewall... Hannah, 11 

Smith. ..Mary, 15 

Spaulding... Sophia, 14 

Standish...Josiah, 5 
Miles, 5 

Stevens... Sarah, 1G 

Sturdivant... Rachel, 15 

Sweet... Naomi S., 11 

Sylvester... Naomi, 11 

Tappan... James, 10 

Taylor. .Barnabas, G 
Edgar, 13 
Orren, 22 

Tilton.. Allen, 13 
Daniel, 13 
David, 13 

Jonathan, 9 
Mary, G, 7, 8 
Zadoc, 13 
Zeno, 13 

Thaxter. .Betsey, 8 
Caleb, 8 
Desire, 8 
John, 8 
Joseph, 8 
Leavitt, 8 
Lois, 8 
Margaret, 8 
Mary, 8 
Rebecca, 8 

Thompson . . Eliza, 1 4 

Titcomb. .Arthur, 23 
Caroline, 23 

Catharine, 23 
Hannah, 11 
Henry E., 23 
Mehetable, 23 

Tripp.. Henry M., 22 
Harrison A., 22 
Leander S., 12 
Oscar H., 22 
William A., 22 
William H., 22 

Tupper. .James, 9, 26 

Wade.. Florence C, 23 
Lewis T., 23, 

Wales . . Caroline, 13 

Walker. .George, 16 
Grace, 16 
Philip, 1G 

Wass..Wilmot, 6 

West.. George, 18 
Grace, 18 
Leander, 18 
Leonora, 18 
Philip, 18 

Whipple. .Hannah B., 9 

Willis. .Benjamin, 10 
Wing..Elnathan, 6, 7 

Worth . . Columbus, 12 
Ethalmanda, 12 
Isabella, 12 
John, 12 
Josiah, 12 
Martha, 12 
Rebecca, 12 
William, 9 

Whittier.. Thomas, 12 


3 9999 06173 808 2