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Full text of "The genealogy of the Ball and Weston families : with a poem by Rev. J.E.B. Jewett"

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ciVoCS 7_!.B2 1867 







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At a gathering of a few families of the Balls and Westons, 
at the place known as the Levi Ball place, in Townsend, May 
31st, 1865, it was proposed that there should be a gathering, 
one year from that time, at the place where Ebenezer, son of 
Jeremiah Ball, settled in the year 1753, and where his son 
Noah lived iintil his death, and that all who were connexions of 
either of the families, should be invited to attend. 

Providence favored us with a pleasant day, and as the hour 
of nine approached, the people began to assemble, coming from 
far and near. There were relatives from twenty-five different 
towns, and from four States, viz : N. H., Vt., Mass., and R. I. 
The occasion was very much enlivened by music given by the 
Pepperell Cornet Band. After spending several hours in pleas- 
ant conversation, and welcoming many friends, who for years 
l^ad been severed, and forming many new acquaintances, we 
were invited to seat ourselves at the table, where there were 
ample provisions made for all present, about three hundred. 
They were then invited to hsten to a Poem given by Rev. J. E. 
B. Jewett, also, to remarks and singing by many of the relatives. 

The following Hymn was read and sung, written by Mrs. B. 
W. Farmer of New Iberia, Louisiana- entitled 


Brothers and sisters, sire and son, 

Motliers and daughters fair, 
Little ones wild with frolic and fun, 
Toddling feet just learning to run ; 
Methinks it's'a foretaste of Heaven begun. 

Such a blessed reunion to share. 

Call not the world all heartless and cold, 

When pleasures like these cheer our way ; 
The germs of sweet friendship their beauties unfold. 
The hearts thus refreshed must cease to grow old, 
And the mine of affection, more precious than gold, 
Love's labor will ever repay. 

Ah ! could I be with you, such joy it would give, 

As never on earth may be mine ; 
It were worth half a lifetime such moments to live. 
And taste such sweet pleasures as never deceive, 
As the home circle gathers bright garlands to weave, 

Por the brow of affections divine. 

Though Fate may deny me such blessings to share, 

I will put all my labors away, 
And bidding a truce to harassing care, 
The thoughts unrestrained will be hovering there. 
While I here keep your Festival day. 

Mrs. Farmer was driven from her home by the Rebels and 
went to New Orleans for protection from our army. She soon 
found there were soldiers in the Twenty-sixth and Fifty-third 
Mass. Regiments, from her native place (Townsend) and vicin- 
ity. She became very much interested in their welfare, and 
administered to their wants. The acts of kindness received 
from herself and daughter will never be forgotte». 

It was proposed that a Record of the Ball and Weston fami- 
lies, and also the Poem and Hymns read and sung at the gath- 
ering, be pubhshed. 



Time flies, — the generations come and go ; 
So it has been, — it always will be so. 
The Stream of time is ever flowing on, — 
Tlic years once here, are now forever gone. 
Adown its current generations glide, 
Then sleep in death, beneath the silent tide. 
Each thirty years that run their rapid rounds, 
Depopulate the earth throughout its bounds. 
Each hundred years no vestige leave of men. 
Who, bach a hundred years, were living then. 
Our Fathers, where are thoy ? Their race is run, — 
Their lives are ended, and their labors done. 

Thus Time works wouder.s on our human race, 
And soon will find for us our resting place. 
Before its scythe the aged soon must bow. 
And thejiwill sleep, where sleep their fathers now. 
JSTearer each day their faltering footsteps tend, 
And thiy, ere long, will reach their journey's end. 
We, in the midst of life, must soon grow old, 
Then, soon, the stoiy of our life is told. 
Those younger, soon are women and are men, — 
No longer children, as they erst have been. 
The child remains not long a child, but grows, — . 
Anon, it's drest in men's or women's clothes. 
Since some of you were boys and girls at play, 
Some three-score years have sped you on your way. 
But as you take a retrospective view, 
These intervening years seem short and few. 
And we, in middle life, can look behind. 
And call the scenes of childhood all to mind, 
Our lives seem like a dream v.'hen we awake^ 


So rapid is the progress which we make. 

So fleet is Time, — our years revolve so fast, 

That we forget how much of life is past. 

'The rapid years roll round, and they unroll. 

Of human life, the transitory scroll. 

And we shalll&nd, my friends, that wo are not, 

At all, exceptions to the common lot — 

We all do fade, as fades the leaf, — 

Our days are few, our life-march is but brief — 

A few more years, and life's glad scenes are past, — ' 

That year is nigh which is to be our last. 

But drop we now these grave, lackluster strains, 
And let oar thoughts pursue some lighter trains. 
We welcome, welcome you, from far and near. 
Our friends, who now are congregated here. 
Sprung from one stock, or else by wedlock, all 
Claim some connexion with the name of Ball. 
Some here are Balls by blood, and some by name, 
And some bj mai-riagc-ties, but's all the same ; 
We claim an interest ia the parent tree, 
Whate'er our name or our relation be. ^ 

As generations come, and as they go. 
Names strangely change as well as things, you know. 
Our daughters so esteem the other sex, 
That most of them do not withhold t^cir necks, 
But choose to take on Hymen's yoke for life. 
Than not to be, what they desire — a wife. 
So strong and deep their interest in mankind. 
That they sometimes will even "go it blind." 
Urged on, mayhap, by cunning Cupid's dait, 
They wish for union — not to " mourn apart." 
Though they succeed and seem to win the game, 
They give up all, withholding not their name. 
They sacrifice their names, — too, their effects, 
And take the sir-name of the other sex. 
'Tis queer what they won't do, and what their plandi 
To swop their maiden-names and take a man's. 
'Tis thus it comes about, as in this case, ^ 

That names are no criterion of our race ; 
Our names arc lost, but not our pedigree^ 
We still are branches of the Balline tree. 

"We, tlien, wlio claim relationsliip, are here — 
For wbat intent, I trust will goon appea?-. 
If 'tis to have a hall and frolicin', 
" The light, fantastic toe" and violin, 
With the concomitants, I feci chagrin, 
And^miist confess that I am " taljen in." 
If 'tis to be a bail like those of old, 
I will " give in" that I am fairly " sold." 
'* Skedaddle" let us, taking to our heels 
Across these pastures, woodlots and these fields. 
Guess that I should not fiddle if I could, 
And, " what's the matter," could not if I wouiJ. 
It may, maybe, be so with all of us ; 
If so, our dance would turn out in a muss. 
And so, should you require of me to dance, 
I reckon I should not accept the chance. 
No doubt our elder uncles and our aunts 
Are more familiar with this ordinance ; 
Who, though they learnt some fifty years ago. 
Could show us how they used to "jump Jim Crow." 
And yet, for one, I should not care to see 
Their wanton waltzing and hilarity. 
And with respect to merry-making drink. 
Which balls require, (as dancers mostly think,) 
Their limbs to limber, and their souls to cheer. 
Don't think we've got a single bottle here. 
And what is more, 'twould be a sorry sight. 
To trip fantastic here in broad daylight 
'Tis said somewhere, " There is a time to dance;" 
That this is not, we see it at a glance. 
And more, we should account it a disgrace, 
To play our pranks at such a time and place. 
It must be then, for some more wise intent, 
Th:at we are here, who are of Ball descent. 
What this intent may be I can't divine. 
But to some such opinions I incline, — 
Perhaps it is to see what sort of folks we are, 
And how with other people we compare ; 
Perhaps it is to show ati honest pride 
That "we have so " increased and multiplied;'* 


Or, j)'raps, that we, tbe members of this racC;. 

Should meet and greet each other face to face. 

And all as one, with a becoming grace, 

Pay our regards to this ancestral place. 

Is this the jmrpose then, for which we've met, 

'"Tis one we have no reason to regret. 

'Tis meet that those of " kith and kin" should feel 

A common interest in each other's weal. 

'^Tis meet that we, with filial steps should trace, 

The precincts of this patriarchal place ; 

And here commune, upon this cherished S2X)t, 

Where our great parents lived — but now " are not."' 

Kight here, in days of yore, as man and wife, 

They pitched their tent and settled down for life. 

Here they their mutual joys and sorrows shared ; 

Here loved, and here for life and death prepared. 

'Twas here our grandsire, in those bygone years,' 

Yoked up and drove afield, his wain and steers j 

Here felled the forest trees and tilled the soil. 
And earned his daily bread with patient toil. 

'Twas here, broadcast, his grain he used to sow ; 
Here he his broon>corn raised, and here his flas. 
And money to defray hi^ yearly tax. 
And here it was, upon this very hill , 
His sacks with rye and corn he used to fill,- 
And then would horseback them away to mill. 
Here lowed his kine and made these hills resound ; 
And here his bellowing oxen pawed the ground. 
Here grazed bis sheep, and wolves disturbed their peace. 
And cunnino; foxes stole his scrcamincj o-cese. 

Here Grandam Ball stood at her spinning wheel, 
And here she wound her yarn around her reel. 
Here stood her loom, that wonderful machine ,- 
Which now is out of vo2;uc, or seldom seen. ^ 

Here she, with busy feet, the treadle plied, 
And now the straggling thrums she stopt and tied. 
Then forth and back the flying shuttle drove 
Athwart the warp, and so her cloth she wove. 

'Twas here she reared her numerous little fold, 
And fed them porridge, " best when nine days old ;" 



And them she dad with homespun which she made, 
Indebted to her dye-pot for its shade. 
The Decalogue she taught them all to say, 
Each week, ^t nightfall of the Sabbath-day. 
Here lay the Bible out of which was taught. 
Those lessons which these children ne'er forgot. 
This was almost their only book, — and this, 
Their guiding star, conducted them to bliss.. 

IndeW, this is a hallowed spot to us, 
And let us all as one regard it thus. 
For prayers here said, are bringing blessings still 
On us, who now our parents' places fill. 
The lives they lived revert in good to all 
Descended from our great grand-parents — Ball. 

Descendants of our ancient, honored sires. 
Survive there still in us their wonted fires ? 
The virtues which were theirs do we retain ? 
Or, do wc look for them, and Iqolc in Vain ? 
If I mistake not — taken all in all, — ■- 
We do fair justice to the name of Ball. 
xls children rise, and take the fathers' place. 
They do not shame. — reproach them, and disgrace. 
Kenowned and great I know that we are not, 

nd this may never be our children's lot. 

know we have not set the world a-blaze, — 
Sailed round the world, or walked the " starry ways.' 
We cannot boast of great celebrities, — ■■ 
We have no non^^areils, or prodigies. 
We did not give the world the " iron horse ;" 
Nor can we boast of a Professor Morse. 
To gi-eat reforms we have not given birth, 
Nor have we revolutionized the earth. 
And yet, we have our geniuses and lights, 
Who have, or mean to have, their patent rights. 
In what are termed the lib'ral, learned professions, 
We have not made tremendous marked, impressions. 
Still, some of us do practice, also preach ; 
And some are squires, and some do sometimes teach. 
We've raised no Presidents, or Governors, — 
Nor Gen'rl Grants, to wage our civil wars. 


Perhaps the country would be more content, 
Had politicians blown for us, and spent 
Their time and breath, and, as a consequent, 
Made one of us its present Presidei^. 

And yet, though we have made so little stir, 
Nor great sensations made, like Aaron Burr, — - 
We are not drones or useless cyphers here, 
As from 'our private records will appear. 
The world is better off t^ith us, no doil(l, 
Be what we may, than it would be without ; 
And this, I 'spose, is more than we could say 
Of some whole races, at the present day. 

We have an offset to our lack of fome, — 
For, as a race, we've earned a worthy name. 
We are respected, and deserve respect. 
Despite our fiiults which others may detect. 
AVc are not poor, nor ''visa versa,' ^ rich. 
Which Agur would not be, no matter which. 
Industrious, temp'rate, labor-loving folks, 
Our frames are ample, and as tough as oaks. 
" A feeble folk," 'tis said, the conies are ; — 
Bobuster folk than we are found nowhere. 
We live by labor, and by labor thrive, — 
Have force and "grit" enough, and arc alive. 
We " hoe our row," as through the world wo go^ 
Be what our station may, one high or low. 
The almshouse finds us not its sorry guests, 
Nor are we renegades and public pests. 
Some men depend upon their wits, but we. 
More on our muscles, and our industry. 

'Tis true, nor should I keep it out of sight, — 
We are an honest race, and love the right. 
Good, law-abiding, law-sustaiuing men 
We are ; and such those gone before have been. 
In games and tricks, intrigues, and Avhat is mean, 
We are not found, — at least, are seldom seen : 
Nor are we found, as our own record tells. 
In lockups, jails, and dreary prison-cells. 

We have our idiosyncrasies, I know, — 
But what of that ? with others 'tis just so. 



Peculiarities arc bad enough. 
But after all, they a'nt the worst of stuff. 
We are not odd-^so odd a? some we i^ee, 
Still, some are odder some than's best to be. 
As to our looks, compared to other races, 
We differ some, still we have human faces. 
We claim, our " port and bearing" will compare, 
With that of people 'almost anywhere. 
At least, Lwot, our looks are no disgrace. 
To any people of the Yankee race. 
Should our deportment tally with our meln, 
We need not worrv at our being seen. 
We have no features, hues, or quirks, or crooks^ 
Which much disfirrure us, or mar our looks. 
That we may better cut our way along, [strong, — 

Through " thick and thin," and through resistance 
xVnd better overcome whatever opposes. 
And better sniff the breeze, and scent of roses—' 
We, as a gen'ral thing, have gen'rous noses. 
Our looks are such, our market price is fair 
As other people's market prices arC; 
We find, in fact, v/e are in such demartd, 
We get, (if ^wished,) another's heart and hand. 
In fine, ow looks are such, or such our lives. 
That we secure good husbands, and ,/<«'?•* wives. 
Still, I advise to all, both old and young. 
Don't feel concerned about yOur " being hung," 
(Some folks, 'tis said, are plagued and pestered thus, 
And get into a hubbub and a muss---;) 
And guard against it, as your bounden duty — 
Because of your supposed angelic heautij. 

Although akin, respecting politics. 
We may belong to disagreeing cliques. 
We have a right, I know, to disagree, 
And let us do it riglit, and honestly. 
All cannot think alike, and cannot be ; — 
And so we will agree to disagree. 
If we are wrong, let's try to find it out, 
And when we are convinced, face right about. 

*One of the mOBt accommodating words in tlie latiguage. 


Injustice woiilcl be done, as I suppose, 
-Did I not simply add, before I close, 
That ours is a religious race of men, 
With rather rare exceptions now and then. 
Those gone before were mostly ineu of j^rayer, 
And most who follow them, tlicir virtues share. 
They took as theirs, nor did they set at naught 
The Faitli the Master and Apostles taught. 
Our fathers' child-like faith let us einbraoe, 
And all our heirs be heirs of saving grace. 
The faith they walked by led them up to God, — 
Lcc us pursue the path our fathers trod. 
It was to them — will be to us, a stay, 
Which neither life nor death can take away. 

Kindred and Friends, — bound by a common tie, 
And heirs of those whose record is on hisfh — 
Good men and true ; — 'tis ours to emulate. 
What in our sires was worthy, good and great. 
It is a satisfiic'tion to lis all. 
To own the name and pedigree of Ball ; 
It is an honor and our pride to be 
Descendants of so good an ancestry. 
'Tis ours to represent this Avorthy race. 
And save the name that's left us from d^race. 
Its ancient virtues, — may they still abound, — 
And vre grow more, not less and less, renowned ; 
Anl so transmit these virtues down the tide. 
On which the nascent .generations glide. 
By building up ourselves in what is good, — 
By seeking help, whence help alone can come, 
And living mindful of our future home, — 
We thus, and thus alone, shall best fuluU 
Our mission here, and too, Jehovah's will. 
Our fatliers' God let each of us revere. 
And honor Ilim. while we continue here. 
So when, like theirs, our pilgrimage iss o'er. 
And we, as thoy, have reached the other shore, 
Tliose followiiig US' shall meet, with honest pride. 
And say : " 'Twas here my parents lived and died." 



The Mowing closing Hymn, written by H. N. Spaulding, 
was then sung : 

Now is o'er this time of meeting, 
Ended is our festive day ; 
Did we bring a cordial greeting? 
Have we found a blessing— say ? 

Friends and kindred, 
Have we found a blessing — say ? 

Oh ! how memory's tide has borne us 
To the scenes of other years, 
When this cherished spot resounded 
With loved voices — hushed in tears ; 

They have left us, 
Gone beyond earth's hopes and fears. 

Oh, thou God of all the living. 
Hear our cry for those that stay ; 
May each sin-sick soul be breathing, 
Lord, we perish — save to-day ; 

Great Physician, 
Speed thy work without delay. 

Then may all our names be entered, 
In that book of endless life, 
Each endearing tie unsevered, 
Strcngthenxl still with beauty rife. 

Happy meeting 
With the pure in endless life. 


John Ball came from AViltsliirc, England, to Concord, Mass., 
in the year 1G40, and died. Oct. 1st, 1G55. Nathaniel, his son, 
was about ten years old when his father settled in Concord, 
about three-fourths of a mile east of the meetinsi-house. Nathan- 
iel had four sons, \'vi : Ebenczcr, Eleazer, John and Nathaniel. 

Nathaniel the 2d, had seven sons, viz : Caleb, Nathaniel, 
Thomas, James, Jeremiah, Benjamin and Ebcnezer. 

Jeremiah, the son of Nathaniel the 2d, came to Townscnd, 
]Mass., and settled in the cast part of the town, near the house 
where Jonas Spaulding now lives, in the year 1726. He mar- 
ried Mary Stevens, 1727. lie died April 12th, 1780, aged 79 
3'-ears. She died Feb. 11th, 1764, aged 62 years ; they had six- 

1. Ebenezer, the third male child, born in Townsend, July 3d, 
1729, married Rebecca Buttcrfield, of Westford, 1753. Ho 
died April 7th, 1797, aged V)S years. She Avas born July 31st, 
1729, and died Oct. 21st, 1800, aged 72 years. 

2. Lieut. Jeremiah, born A);g. 31st, 1731, married Mary Ste- 
vens, of Townsend, Jan., 1759, and died March 7th, 1792. 
She was born March 11th, 1739, and died May 3d, 1825. 

3. Mary, born June 24th, 1733, Inarried three husbands, 
viz : Hubbard, BakUvin, and Jedediah Jewett. She died Aug. 
11th, 1822. 

4. Elizabeth, born March 4th, 1736. 

5. Susannah, born March 11th, 1738, married Dutton. 

6. Benjamin, born July 26th, 1742, and settled in Han- 
cock, N. H. 



1. Rebecca, h. Nov. 8th, 1754, m. 1st, Feb. 20tli, 1T87, 
Wm. Weston of Townsend, b. Feb. 9th, 1741, d. Oct. loth, 
1819, aged 75. She m. 2d, Abel Keyes of Townsend, Mass. 
She m. 3d, April 27th, 1830, Rogers Weston of Mason, N. H., 
b. Sept. 30th, 1757, d. March 9th, 1843, aged 86. She d. 
August 15th, 1830, aged 76. 

2. Ebenezer Ball, b. Sept. 2d, 1756, m. Oct. 18th, 178^, 
Sarah Siiattuck of Pepperell, b. Sept. 3d, 1755, d. July 8th, 
1785, aged 30 ; m. 2d, June, 1786, Hannah Smith of Mason, 
N. H. She d. April 4th, 1787. He m. 3d, Oct jLOgi, 1787, 
Phebe Weston of Townsend, b. Dec. 19th, 1767, dWov. 2d, 
1848, aged 81. He d. Dec. 5th, 1837, aged 81. 

3. Olive Ball, b. Sept. 6th, 1758, m. Nov. 11th, 1784, 
John Blood of Pepperell, b. April 15th, 1761, d. April 27th, 
1833, aged 72. She d. Dec. 5th, 1838,' aged 80. 

4. Susannah Ball, b. Oct. 22d, 1760, m. Dec. 16th, 1788, 
Joseph Heywood of Chelmsford, b. April 10th, 1761, d. Sept. 
5th, 1805, aged 45. Shfe d. Oct. 9th, 1833, aged 73. 

5. Hannah Ball, b. Oct. 20th, 1762, m. Mar. 22d, 1786, 
Nathaniel Shattuck of Pepperell, b. Jan. 5th, 1764, d. June 
14th, 1847, aged 83. She d. June 5th, 1833, aged 70. 

6. Abraham Ball, b. Jan. 26th, 1765, m. 1785, Dehvcrance 
Pcrham of Westford, b. April 20th, 1765,' d. Dec. 29th, 1838, 
aged 73. He d. Sept. 15th, 1840, aged 75. 

7. Bathsheba Ball,b. June 14th, 1769, m. Nov. 16th, 1791, 
Hezeldah Winn of Chelmsford, b. April 27th, 1768, d. Dec. 
23d, 1855, aged 87. She d. May 2d, 1816, aged 46. 

8. Noah Ball, b. Aug. 3d, 1771, m. May 26th, 1795, Betsey 
Weston of Townsend, b. Feb. 29th, 1775, d. Sept. 16th, 1843, 
aged 68. He d. Aug. 28th, 1847, aged 76. 

9. Mary Ball, b. May 6th, 1773, m. December 20th, 1797, 
Zaccheus Richardson of Townsend, b. Jan. 21, 1771, d. March 
5th, 1860, aged 89. She d. Mar. 6th, 1858, aged 85. 



1. Lucy Weston, b. Mar. 11th, 1789, m. Samuel Rockwood 
of Groton, Mar., 1840. She d. Apr. 1843 ; no issue. 

2. Wm. Weston, b. Mar. 1st, 1791, m. Oct. 24th, 1816, Dollj 
Hodgman of Ashbj. He d. Aug. 18th, 186G, and had 1st, 
Clarissa, b. Mar. 6th, 1818, d. Sept. 28th, 1819. 2d, Charles, 
b. June 8th, 1819, d. July 15th, 1858. 3d, Harriet, b. Oct. 
2?th, 1822, m. Apr. 1st, 1841, Nero Sherwin of Townsend ; 
had two children who died. 4th. Wm. b. Jan. 4th, 1825, m. 
Nov. 30th, 1848, Harriet Emery of Lunenburg. She was b. 
May 28^1^28, and has one child, Lizzie M. Weston, b. Avig. 
22d, llfT 5th, Elizabeth, b. Sept. 4th, 1827, d. Nov, 
10th, 1837. 

3. Sarah Weston, b. Sept. 18th, 1794, m. May 9th, 1820, 
John Hodgman of Townsend, b. March 21st, 1794. She d, 
Dec. 10th, 1838. He d. Jan. 21st, 1853, and had, 1st, Mary 
Hodgman, b. Nov. 19th, 1,823, m. George Orassett and lives at 
the West, and has children. 2d, Wm., b. April 3d, 1821, d. 
Nov. 10th, 1839. 3d, Elnathan, b. April 23d, 1826, m. and 
had children ; d. in the war. 4th, Rodney, b. Nov. 1st, 1828, 
m. 1866, Hannah Otis of Townsend. 5th, Celista, b. Dec. 7th, 
1830, m. George Shipley of Nashua, N. H. 6th. Lucy, b. 
July 29th, 1835, d. in Townsend, August 11th, 1864. 7th, 
Sarah, b. May 9th, 1888, d. Sept. 13th, 1838. 


1. Sarah Ball, b. Nov. 20th, 1782, m. Nov. 3d, 1808, Deacon 
Samuel Walker of ToAvnsend. He was b. Mar. 27th, 1783, d. 
July 19th, 1859. She d. Jan. 3d, 1854, and had, 1st, Samuel 
H. Walker, b. Nov. 13th, 1809, d. Jan. 6th, 1824. 2d, Lucy 
B., b. Aug. 22d, 1811, d. July 5th, 1813. 3d, John, b. May 
13th, 1816, m. Lydia Adams of Townsend, and had, 1st, Fran- 
cis M., 2d, Elisabeth M., 3d, Annette, 4th, Martha, 5th, John 
Q. A., 6th, Mary E., 7th, Clara, and 8th, Edna. 4th, Levi, b. 
Feb. 5th, 1816, m. Lydia Walker of Union, Me., and had, 1st, 


Augusta M., 2d, Ruhamali A., 3cl, Albina M., 4th, Myra D. 
and Stli, Martha. 5th, Sarah S., b. Dec. 18th, 1818, m. June 
17th, 1838, Wm. Ball of Chicopee. She d. May 19th, 1849 ; 
had, 1st, Albina S. Ball, 2d, George W., 3d, Edwin P. 6th, 
Nathan, b. Feb. 19th, 1832, m. Elizabeth Worcester of Ashby ; 
had, 1st, Edward B[., 2d, Sarah, 3d, Ellen. 7th, Hannah, b. 
July 10th, 1824, m. Daniel D. Smith of Townsend ; had, 1st, 
Alden W. Smith, b. March 18th, 1845, 2d, Estella R., b. Oct. 
2d, 1847, 3d, Sarah C, b. July 19th, 1849, d. Aug. 25th, 
1850, 4th, Mary A., b. Dec. 26th, 1851, 5th, Charles F., b. 
Dec. 5th, 1854, 6th, Arthur F., b. May 15th, 1856. 

2. Ebenezer Ball, b. April 2d, 1767, m. Sarah Swift of Ware, 
He d. Dec. 31st, 1845 ; had 1st, WiUiam, b. May 7th, 1815^ 
2d, Emory, b. Sept. 11th, 1818, 3d, Amos, b. June 14th, 1820, 
d. Aug. 1846, 4th, Hosea, b. Sept. 20th, 1822, 5th, Mary 
Mariva, b. Dec. 29th, 1825. 

3. David Ball, b. Npv. 7th, 1788, m. Nancy Weston of North 
Reading. He d. Mar. 1863 ; had no issue. 

4. Deacon Levi Ball, b. July 7th, 1790, m. Jan. 10th, 1818, 
Lucy Burbank of Harvard, b. July 16th, 1787, in Harvard. 
He d. Oct. 11th, 1849. She d. Oct. 7th, 1848 ; they had 1st, 
Lucy Ball, b. Aug. 30th, 1814, d. Sept. 10th, 1814, 2d, Lucy 
B. Ball, b. Oct. 18th, 1815, d. June 7th, 1832, 3d, Harriet 
N. Ball, b. Apr. 25th, 1817, m. Lucius F. Woods of Leomin- 
ster. She d. May 23d, 1860, and had, 1st, Francena Wood, 
m. David Haselton of West Townsend, 2d, Francis W. Wood, 
4th and 5th, Caleb Walton and Levi Warren, b. May 26th, 
1818, Warren, m. Lucy A. Coffin of. Wisconsin, Oct. 1862 ; 
they have Mary W., b. Jan. 1st, 1866. Lucy A., wife of 
Warren Ball, d. Aug. 1866, in BrothersiTown, Wisconsin. 

Hervey Ball, b. April 21st, 1820, m. Nov. 23d, 1848, Ann 
S. Tucker, b. Aug. 17th, 1826, in Pepperell. They have, 1st, 
Anna C, b. June 28th, 1854 ; 2d, Frederick H., b. Oct. 27th, 
1854 ; 3d, Hattie N., b. May 1st, 1860 ; Samuel W., b. Feb. 
14th, 1863, in Brothers-Town, Wis. 

Mary W. Ball, b. July 13th, 1822, m. 1st, Samuel P. Bar- 



rett, Dec. 1st, 1846. He cl. Sept. 27th, 1847. She m. 2d, 
Jan. 10th, 1850, Merrick Phelps, 'and had George W. B. 

Abbie Ball, b. Oct. 25th, 1823, m. Nov. 23d, 1852, Moses 
Barrett of Lancaster. He d. July 20th, 1858. She d. June 
13th, 1863. They had, 1st, Herbert M., b. Jan. 31st, 1855 ; 
2d, Arthur C, b. Jan. 27th, 1856 ; 3d, Mary A., b. Mar. 22d, 

EUza Jane Ball, b. June 22d, 1826, d. Aug. 29th, 1826. 

5. Rev. Hosea BaU,b. Aug. 11th, 1792, m. Sept. 12th, 1817, 
Sarah Helmes of Monroe, Orange Co., N. Y. ; had 1st & 2d, 
twins b. July 3d, 1819, d. July 4th, 1819 ; 3d, Luther H. Ball, b. 
Oct. 10th, 1820, son of Hosea, who was the son of Ebenezer, who 
was the son of Ebenezer, who was the son of Jeremiah, who was 
the son of Nathaniel, who was the son of Nathaniel, who was the 
son of John, who came from Wiltshire, England, and settled in 
Concord, Mass., m. Elizabeth Vail of Monroe, by whom he had 
two children ; 1st, Mary Isabel, 2d, Eleanor J. She d. May 
1st, 1846. He m. 2d, Phebe Garrison of Warwick, July 4th, 
1848, by whom he had, 3d, George H., 4th, Sarah Ann, d., 
5th, Garrison J,, 6th, Charles H., 7th, John F., 8th, PauHna 
A., 9th, Harriet A., 10th, David B., 11th, Luther H. 4th, 
Harriet N., b. Mar. 21gfc, 1823, m. Samuel A. Heath, formerly 
of Bradford, Mass., by whom she had George L. and Ida N, 
She d. Feb. 11th, 1861. 5th, Catherine E., b. May IQth, 
1826, m. Samuel E. Tucker of Pepperell, by whom she had, 
1st, Charles A., 2d, Clarence C, 3d, AHce M. 4th, Mary E., 
5th, Sarah, 6th, Varnum E. Ball, b. Jan. 17th, 1829, d. Mar. 
15th, 1844; 7th, Eleanor J., bom Nov- 12th, 1832, m. Samuel 
Smith of Munroe, by wliom shepiad, 1st, Charles, 2d, Sarah J., 
3d, John W., 4th, Andrew, 5th, Lydia, 6th, Levi, 8th, Mary 
R., b. Dec.;;i0th,|1834, m. Sept. 7th, 1866, Daniel Green of 
Munroe, N. Y., 9th, Paulina V., b. Aug. 17th, 1838, m- 
Aug. 20th, 1864,' David B. Burbank of Lancaster, Mass., and 
settled in Tomales, California. 

6. Phebe Ball, bom August 4th, 1794, m. Dec. 31st, 1833, 


Captain Edmund Blood of Pepperell, b. July 5thj 1764, by 
whom she had Edmund Harvey Newton Blood, b. April 13th, 

1835, m. June 11th, 1867, Mary Anna Fletcher of HolHs, N. 
H., b. April 9th, 1841. She d. July 31st, 1852. He d. Nov. 
16th, 1843. 

7. Samuel Ball, b. August 7th, 1796, m. Olive Ne]#on of 
Stafford, Conn., by whom he had, 1st, George Ball, 2d, Han- 
nah Ball,' 3d, Samuel E. Ball, 4th, Alvb Ball. 

8. Hannah BaU, b. Oct. 31st, 1800, m. Oct. 10th, 1821, 
Samuel Vt^'-'-Burbank of Lancaster. She d. Feb. 17th, 1840, 
by whom she^had, 1st, Susan E. Burbank, b. Sept. 2d, 1822, 
d. July;20th,^1825, 2d, Sarah M., b. Feb. 21st, 1826, m. Nov. 
1846, A. F. Kidder of Lancaster, by whom she had, 1st, Mar- 
cia L. Kidder ,''2d, Lizzie Kidder. Parents now dead. 3d, Han- 
nah E.,b. April 5th, 1828, d. March 23d, 1843, 4th, George 
W., b. Nov. 17th, 1829, m. Apphie R. Blake ; settled in Cali- 
fornia ; 5th, Lucy A., b. April 4th, 1831, d. May 29th, 1848 ; 
6th, Hosea H., b. Oct. 13th, 1834, m. Nov., 1860, E. H. 
Anderson, and had one son, Henry ; 7th, Ehza J., b. April 17th, 

1836, m. George V. Ball, March 3d, 1864 ; 8th, David B., 
b- August 6th, 1838, m. P. V. Ball, August 20th, 1864. 

9. Roxanna Ball, b. Nov. 23d, 1804, m. Dec 10th, 1834, 
Nathan Davis of Acton, by v^hom she had, 1st, Sarah E., b. 
Sept. 22d, 1835, d. 1836, 2d, Harriet E., b. March 16th, 1837, 
3d, Hannah A,, b. August 12th, 1840, U. May 10th, 1842, 
4th, Hannah E., b. Sept. 24th, 1844, m. Oct. 5th, 1862, 
Edward Walker of Townsend, by whom she had Edward E. 

10. Varnum Ball, b. June 30th, 1807, m., Sept. 2d, 1828, 
Nancy Ball of Lunenburg. She was b. Jan. 13th, 1796 ; they 
had, 1st, Phebe Ann Ball, b. Dec. 9th, 1832, m. August 27th, 
1854, Lorrcll Holman of Lunenburg ; they have, 1st, George 
Lord, d ; 2d, Edith A. 2. George V. Ball, b. June 25th, 
1844, m. March 3d, 1864, Eliza J. Burbank of Lancaster, 
b. April 17th, 1836 ; they have Varnum W., and have settled 
in California. Varnum Ball has buried three infants. 



1. John Blood, b. August 2d, 1785, m. May 2d, 1812, Susan 
Jewett of Pepperell, b. Dec 3d, 1786, d. May 16th, 1856. 
He d. April 11th, 1850 ; they had, 1st, Susan M., b. Feb. 17th, 
1813, m. March 18th, 1845, Columbus Eanies of Northborough, 
and %ad, 1st, John A., 2d, Ellen M. 2. John E. Blood, b. 
May 1st, 1815, m. Feb. 6th, 1849, Mary E. D. Bancroft of 
Fitchburg; had, 1st, NelHe E., 2d, John H., 3d, M.Florence 
E. 3. Henry H. Blood, b. June 11th, 1817. 4. L. Jane 
Blood, b. Feb. 11th, 1820, m. Dec. 28th, 1857, EH Boynton of 
Pepperell ; has no issue. 5. Andrew J. Blood, b. August 7th, 
1822. d. in California, Sept. 15th, 1850. 6. James H. Blood, 
b. Jan. 16th, 1825. 

2. Noah Blood, b. July 20th, 1787, m. Dec. 4th, 1816, 
Hannah P. Chase of Millbury. She was b. March 27th, 1795. 
He d. Feb. 17th, 1850 ; they had, 1st, Noah 0. Blood, b. Oct. 
3d, 1819, m. Oct., 1845, Evelyn W. Burgess of Concord ; they 
have, 1st, Eva C, 2d, Mary A., 3d, Willie 0. 2. Lorenzo P. 
Blood, b. July 25th, 1824, m. Nov. 1855, Margaret G. Thom- 
son of Marblehead ; they have, 1st, Samuel T., 2d, Annah P., 
3d, Margaret G. 

3. Olive Blood, b. April 13th, 1791, d. Juno 18th, 1795. 

4. Rebecca Blood, b- April 25th, 1793, m. Dec 3d, 1817, 
Deacon Henry Jewett of Pepperell. He was b. Oct. 28th, 
1792 ; they had, 1st, Henry A. Jewett, b. Jan. 14th, 1820, m. 
May 21st, 1849, Sarah Lawrence of Hampton, and settled in 
Northborough as a physician, and has, 1st, Henry A, 2d, Annah 
R., 3d, Flassie L. 2. John E. B. Jewett, b. Dec. 9th, 1821, 
m. 1st, Feb. 12th 1851, Sophronia Wilson of New Ipswich, N. 
H. ; m. 2d, Jan. 10th, 1854, Frances II. Lacy of Jaifrcy, N. 
H., and was settled in Jaifrey as a Gospel minister, Sept. 25th, 
1851, and now lives in Pepj>erell ; they have, 1st, Mary M., b. 
March 15th, 1857, 2d, Martha F., b. Jan. 27th, 1859, d. Dec. 
9th, 1860, 3d, Ella F., b. July 4th, 1862. 3. Frederic A. 
Jewett, b. Sept. 6th, 1824, m. June 1st, 1854, Harriet C. 
Torrcy of Weymouth ; they have, 1st, Harriet R., 2d, Frederic, 


d. ; 3d Alice, and settled in Shrewsbury, Mass. as a physician. 
4. Charles F. Jewett, b. May 28th, 1828, in. August 26th, 
1855, Georgie S. Loring of Pepperell, ^nd have, 1st, Franklin 
G., 2d, Charles H., 3d, Edward S., 4th, Edith Rebecca- 5. 
Rebecca M. Jewett, b. Sept. 19th, 1830, m. July 9th, 1851, 
Philo B. Wilcox, d. April 1st, 1852. 


1. Susannah Heywood, b. Sept. 30th, 1789, m. John Cham- 
berlain of Grand Isle on Lake Champlain. 

2. Betsey Heywood, b. Nov. Gth, 1790, m. 1st, Oct. 21st, 
1819, John Wright of Westford, d.; they have John F. Wright, 
b. Oct. 14th, 1821, m. Oct. 1843, Lavinia Frye of Lowell ; had 
four children. 2d, m. Benjamin Heyvrood of Jaffrey, N. H., 
Dec. 7th, 1843 ; had no issue, d. 

3. Joseph Heywood, b. in Chelmsford, June 4th, 1792, m. 
Sept. 10th, 1819, Fidelia Reed, b. July 20th, 1793, in West- 
ford ; they had, 1st, Joseph E. Heywood, b. Jan. 21st, 1821, 
m. 2d, John S. Heywood, b. Oct. 6th, 1822, ra. and had chil- 
dren. 3d. Elizabeth Heywood, b. March 10th, 1825. 4th, 

Isaac B. Heywood, b. March 1st, 1828, m. Smith. 5th 

Susan M. Heywood, b. Jan. 14th, 1830. 6th, Charles Hey- 
wood, b. Jan. 20th, 1833, m. Isabel Keyes ; they had one child. 
7th. Mary E. Heywood, b. July 29th, 1835, m. Charles Samp- 
son, removed out West. 8th, Ann L. Heywood, b. June 14th, 

4. Hannah Heywood, b. Sept. 14th 1793, m. 1814, Isaac 
Bancroft of Lowell. He was b. 1790. She d. Sept. 7th, 1853, 
and had, Ist, Hannah E. Bancroft, d. Aug. 2d, 1866. 2d, 

Lucy Bancroft, m. Stevens, of Fitchburg, and d. Dec. 

12th, 1856, and had Lucy E. Stevens. 3d, Edward J. Ban- 
croft, is m. and lives in Montreal, Canada, and has had four 

5. Polly Heywood, b. May 14th, 1796, m. 1823, Stowell 
Bancroft of Groton, d. Jan. 3d, 1825 ; had one child, Mary 
Bancroft, b. Dec, 1824, m. Hardy of Lowell. 


6. Benjamin Heywood, b. April 30tli, 1798, m. Feb. 29th, 
1833, Esther Richardson of Townsend. He d. June 10th, 
1862 ; they had, 1st, Juha Heywood, b. Dec. 7th, 1834, m. 
Albert Richardson of California ; they have two children. 2d, 
Benjamin, b. Jan. 13th, d. Jan. 15th, 1836. 3d, Rufus B., b. 
Oct. 1st, 1839. 4th, Adeha E., b. Jan. 7th, 1844. 5th, Em- 
eline M., b. Jan. 27th, 1848. 6th, Herman F., b. Sept. 29th, 
1849. 7th, Sarah Heywood, b. Dec. 27th, 1799, d. Feb. 17th, 


1. Hannah Shattuck, b. Oct. 29th,' 1788, d. unm., April 
30th, 1811, of the dropsy. During the last four years of her 
life she was tapped thirty-four times and had six hundred fifty 
pounds of water drawn from her side. 

2. Betsy Shattuck, b. Aug. 12th, 1790, m. Nov. 17th, 1808, 

Rolan Shattuck of Pepperell. She d. at Greenbush, N. Y., 

August 9th, 1823. He d. March 11th, 1842, in N. Y. : they 

had, 1st, Mindwell Shattuck, b. Feb. 27th, 1809, m. Nov. 29th, 

1827, Nathan Blood of Pepperell. He d. March 16th, 1862 ; 

they have, 1st, Edward A., m. Oct. 23d, 1856, Sarah J. Boyll- 

ton of Pepperell; they have Willie E., 2d, Rebecca A., m. 

Feb. 4th, 1851, James D. Andrews, of Pepperell, and have 

Elmer M., Edward E., and Jonas E. ; 3d, Nathan Avander, m. 

June 4th, 1862, Caroline M. Sawtelle of Hollis, N. H., and 

have Freddie A. ; 4th, Ann Maria, m. Dec. 14th, 1863, Albert 

A..Pelton of Leominster and d. June 10th, 1866. 2d, Hannah 

Shattuck, b. March 7th, 1811, m. Dec. 1st, 1832, Edward F. 

Blood of Pepperell, and have, 1st, H. Mehssa, m. Sept. 16th, 

1862, Newton Elliott of Mason; they have, Etta M. and 

Edward A. 2d, Lovina J.. 3d, E. Alonzo, 4th, Lyman C. 3d, 

Simon S. Shattuck, b. Jan. 27th, 1813, m. L. C. P. Butterfield 

of Pepperell. She d. ; m. 2d, Betsy W. Green of Brookline, 

N«. H. He d. August 2Gth, 1858 ; they had, 1st, Simon A., 

d. Oct. 3d, 1847 ; 2d, Harlan Page, d. Jan. 9th, 1862, aged 13. 


4tli, Eliza Shattuck, b. March 24tli, 1815, m. March, 1839, 
Walter Warner of Townsend, and have, 1st, Charles R. F. ; 
2d, Melora H. E. m. Sept. 27th, 1864, Wm. H. Woodward of 
Townsend, and have Charles H. and George W. 5th, Rebecca 
Shattuck, b. Jan. 13th, 1818, m. Sept. 4th, 1838, John Wil- 
liams of Pepperell ; no issue. 6th and 7th, Jonas and Ann 
Shattuck, twins, b. Nov. 21st, 1820, Jonas Shattuck m. May 
1st, 1845, Mary J. Chapman of Pepperell ; they had, 1st, Ever- 
ett F., b. July 12th, 1847, d. Sept. 29th, 1865, aged 18 ; 2d, 
Ella E. ; 3d, Clara M. Ann Shattuck, b. Nov. 1st, 1820, m. 
Oct. 4th, 1843, Daniel Blood, 2d of Pepperell, and have Rolan 
H., Clara A. 8th and 9th, Caroline and Adaljne, twins, b. July 
28th, 1823. Caroline d. August 17th, 1823. Adalino d. 
August 10th, 1823 in Greenbush, N. Y. 

3. Nathaniel Shattuck, Esq., b. Oct. 5th, 1792, m. Dec. 
30th, 1812, Betsy Green of Pepperell, and d. Nov. 23d, 1863. 
She d. Jan. 9th, 1855 ; they had, 1st, Nathaniel V. Shattuck, 
b. June 5th, 1813, d. Oct. 14th, 1847. 2d, Ehab B. Shattuck, 
b. May 15th, 1817, m. Nov. 30th, 1843, Indiana Spaulding of 
Townsend, and have, Orin V. 3d, Nathaniel V. Shattuck, b. 
May 26th, 1819, d. June 4th, 1825. 4th, Thirza Ann^ b. 
July 21st, 1821, d. Aug. 30th, 1825. 5th, Fernando Shattuck, 
b. July 1st, 1823, m. Nov. 25th, 1851, Charlotte F. Gould of 
New Ipswich, N. H. ; have had, 1st, Rinaldo C, d. May 2d, 
1854 ; 2d, Eldorus C. ; 3d, Myrtie L. and Minnie E. 6th, 
A-ugusta C. Shattuck, b. Sept. 12th, 1825, m. 1st, Sept. 12th, 
1843, Abraham Lawrence of Pepperell, he d. June^l6th, 1854 ; 
they had Ilattie C, and Arthur E. ; m. 2d, Nov. 26th, 1863, 
SamuelK. Blood of Shirley. 7th, Betsy Ann Caroline Shat- 
tuck, b. Jan. 3d, 1828, d. Dec. 26th, 1854. 8th, Charles 
E. Shattuck, b. May 6th, 1830, m. Oct. 24th, 1854, Elizabeth 
N. Shattuck of Pepperell, and had one child. 

4. Gardner Shattuck, b. March 5th, 1795, m. Dec. 11th, 
1817, Silence Warren of Ashby. She was b. Nov. 30th, 1788. 
He d. Sept. 18th, 1854 ; they had, 1st, Wm. G. Shattuck, b. 
May 14th, 1819, m. 'April 5th, 1841, Harriet B. Dyer of 


ToAvnscnd, and have had, 1st, Henry G . b. Feb. 19th, 1842, 
in. Sept., 1862, Laura Blood of Mason, N. II., and had, Jennie 
Adela, b. August 22d, 1864 ; 2d, Carohne Augusta, b. April 
12th. 1843 ; 3d, Wm. Herman, b. June 30th, 1844 ; 4th, 
Joseph Chapman, b. Nov. 2oth, 1846 ; 5th, Mary Ehzabeth, b. 
March 26th, 1848 ; 6th, George Francis, b. Oct, 8th, 1851 ; 
7th, John Pollard, b. August 8th, 1855 ; 8th, Warren Dyer, b. 
Nov. 4th, 1857. 2d, Samuel W. Shattuck, b. August 9th, 
1821, m. March 14th, 1843, Sarah Ann liartwell of Town- 
send. She was b. August 26th, 1822, d. Oct. 20th, 1857, and 
have had, 1st, Emily, b. April 2d, 1843, d. Oct. 3d, 1857 ; 
2d, Sarah, b. June 10th, 1845, d. May 3d, 1850 ; 3d, War- 
ren, b. March 29th, 1847, d. Sept. 7th, 1849 ; 4th, Ned, b. Octo- 
ber 18th, 1849 ; 5th, Herman, b. Jan. 28th, 1852 ; 6th, Louisa, 
b. July 14th, 1854 ; 7th, Marion, b. July 8th, 1857. 3d, N. 
Herman Shattuck^ b. June 6th, 1852, m. September 17th, 1845, 
Charlotte Ann Crozier of Townsend, and have had, 1st, Ella M., 
b. March 2(]th, 1851, d. September 6th, 1852 ; 2d, Gardner 
W., b. January 16th, 1853 ; 3d, Herbert L., b. March 26th, 
1855 ; 4th, Alice M., b. May 21st, 1862. 4th, Louisa 0. 
Shattuck, b November 11th, 1827, m. Pillsbury Hodgkins of 
Stockton, California, July 28th, 1858, and have, 1st, Sarah 
Jane, b. June 4th, 1859, d. June 2d, 1860; 2d, Thos. Gardner, 
b. June, 1860 ; 3d, Willie Mayo, b. December, 1862 ; 4th, 
Lincoln Grant, b. February, 1866. 5th, Mary II. Shattuck, b. 
February 14th, 1832, d. August 20th, 1833. 

5. Rebecca Shattuck, b. May 11th, 1797, m. April 29th, 
1824, Lemuel Hall of Brookline, N. H. He was b. November 
17th, 1796, they have had, 1st, Rebecca Jane, b. June 16th, 
1826, m. Warren S. Wood of Pepperell, and d. November 23d, 
1850, and had, 1st, W. Cornelius ; 2d, Georgia J. d. 2d, J. 
Henry ILill, b. August 11th, 1827, m. Sarah E. Lawrence of 
Pepperell, and have, 1st, Lura E. ; 2d, LiUie. 3d, Lemuel F. 
Hall, b. July 16th, 1829, m. Rosetta Bliss of Chicopee where 
they now reside. 4th, John B. Hall, b. July 12th, 1832, m. 
Hannah Shattuck of Lunenburg. 5th j Harvey M. Hall, b. 
May 18th, 1836, m. Luchida Patch of Ilollis, N. H. He d. 


September 1st, 1864, in the Carver HospitaJ in Washington,, 
D. C, and have Arthur H. 6th, Emma H. Hall, b. October 
2Tth, 1838. 7th, Clara Ann Hall, b. October 20th, 1840, m. 
Isaac C. Coggin of California. 

6. Ohve Shattuck, b. July 8th, 1T99, m. May 28th, 1818, 
Bryant Lawrence of Pepperell. He -was b. April 22d, 1795, 
and d. April 18th, 1822. She d. February 3d, 1849 ; they 
had, Bryant, b. February 19th, 1822, d. June 5th, 1822. 

7. Abel Shattuck, b. July 24th, 1802, m.,lst Mar. 15th, '27, 
Deverd Verder,b. April 17th, 1798, and d. in Brookline, N. H., 
October 30th, 1840. He m. 2d, May 10th, 1842, Sally Burn- 
ham of Wilton, N. H., b. September 24th, 1799; had by his 
first wife, 1st, Mary E. Shattuck, b. December 5th, 1827, m. 
June 3d, 1846, Wm. H. Mention of Pepperell, and had, 1st, 
Mary E., b. October 23d, 1849, d. September, 1864; 2d, 
Henry E. She d. May- 13th, 1863. 2d, Abel K. Shattuck, 
b. November 21st, 1829, m. Mary C. Nutting of Pepperell, b. 
July 24th, 1834 ; they have, Mary Sophia and Harriet Maria, 

8. Mary Shattuck, b. Aug. 23d, 1804, (unmarried) in Pep. 
perell ; left arm ground in a cider mill when six years old, and 
taken off above the elbow. 

Vt., by deliverance PERU am. 

I. Abraham Ball, 2d, b. Oct. 17th, 178G, m. Dec. 1807, 
Hannah Edwards of Athens, b. Sept. 17th, 1788, and d. Oct. 
8th, 1839. He d. April 17th, 1847. He m., 2d, Nancy Wil- 
son, August, 1840. He had by Hannah E., 1st, Amos T. 
Ball, b. Sept. 4th, 1808, m. Dec. 26th, 1833, E. E. Harlow, b. 
June 2Gth, 1808, d. Sept. 4th, 1810, and had, Ist, Mary C. 
Ball, b. March 9th, 1835, m. Sept. 23d, 1859, A. A. Shumway. 
She d. Jan. 20th, 1861. 2d, Margarette D. Ball, b. Sept. 15th, 
1836, d. Doe. 20th, 1849. 3d, Nelson H. Ball, b. July 1st, 
1838. 4th, Jane M. Ball, .b. April 7th, 1840, m. 2d, Eoxana 
Whitney, May 27th, 1841, b. Nov. 11th, 1809, and have, 1st, 
Sarah E. Ball, b. April 11th, 1847; 2d, Ida A. Ball, b. July 
22d, 1849; 3d, Flora J. Ball, b. June 1st, 1851. 



2. Aaron W. Ball b. Jan. 2Dth, 1810, m. May 26th, 1839, 
Ann ^Y. Edwards, b. Nov. 2d, 1810, and have, 1st, Clark W. 
Ball, b. July 26th, 1835, m. Jan. 1st, 1859, Sarah F. Sanford; 
2d, Celon J. Ball, b. June 21st, 1845; 3d, Joseph E. Ball, b. 
July 24th, 1847 ; 4th, Emma H. Ball, b. May 28th, 1850. 

3. Abraham E. Ball, b. Sept. 21st, 1811. 

4. Thomas B. Ball, b. Feb. 19th, 1813 ; was overseer in a 
cotton factory at Nashua, N. H. ; was caught in a belt and 
killed instantly July 11th, 1839. 

5. Sylvanus M. Ball, b. Jan. 23d, 1815, m. Nov. 26th, 1839, 
Lucia M. Nichols and has, 1st, Ellen M. Ball, b. Oct. 5th, 1840; 
2d, Orric, b. July 15th, 1847; 3d, Willis Ball, b. Nov. 2d, 1852. 

6. Hannah E. Ball, b. Sept. 18th, 1816. 

7. James P. Ball, b. July 29th, 1818, d. Dec. 8th, 1840. 

8. Timothy H. Ball, b. August 3d, 1820. 

9. Joseph E. Ball, b. June 20th, 1822, d. Jan. 6th, 1846. 

10. Eobert E. Ball, b. July 1st, 1824. 

11. Julia A. Ball, b. August 19th, 1826. 

12. Franklin P. Ball, b. May 2d, 1828, m. May 23d, 1852, 
Margaret L. Wilson, b. March 21st, 1824, d. Jan. 2d, 1855 ; 
m. 2d, July 21st, 1857, Elizabeth Meachum, b. Sept. 7th, 
1834, and have, 1st, twin daughters, b. and d. Feb., 1858 ; 2d, 
Maggie E. Ball, b. July 3d, 1861 ; 3d, George F. Ball, b. Aug. 
10th, 1863; 4th, Everett M. Ball, b. Dec. 15th, 1864. 

13. Orlando S. Ball, b. Dec. 22d, 1830. 

14. Noah J. Ball, b. Sept. 25th, 1835. - 

II. Deliverance Ball, b. Jan. 11th, 1784, d. March 28th 

III. Hannah Ball, b. July 4th, 1791, m. March Ilth, 1812, 
Samuel Edwards of Athens. She d. Sept. 4th, 1847 ; they 
have, 1st, Noah B. 2d, Mary, 3d, Austin, 4th, Joel, 5th, Phin- 
eas, 6th, Melinda, 7th, Lovina, 8th, Lorenzo D., 9th, Ann. 

IV. Phineas Ball, b. June 16th, 1794, m. August 15th, 1813, 
Abigail Powers of Athens. He d. Sept. 11th, 1828. She d. 
1858; they had, Ist, Dusten C. Ball, b. Dec. 17th. 1814, m. 
Sept., 24th, 1840, Lucy Ann Perham of Athens. She was 
b. Oct. 20th, 1816, and had children. 2d, Abigail P. Ball, b. 
Dec.'^th, 1816, m. Powers of Athens. 


V. Eebecca Ball, b. Feb. 14tb, 1797, m. Oct. 25th, 1813, 
Abraham Powers of Athens. She d. Feb. 15th, 1830 ; they 
had, Ist, Stephen E. Powers, b. Oct. 5th, 1816; 2d, Joseph, 
M. Powers, b. Oct. 29th, 1818. 3d, Olive Powers, b. Jan. 
5th, 1825. 

YI. Olive Ball, b. June 1st, 1799, m. Feb. 8th, 1818, Sam- 
uel S. Stearns. She d. August 28th, 1831, and had, 1st, Phi- 
lena Stearns, 2d, Ebenezer Stearns, 3d, Harriet Stearns, 4th, 
ISTathaniel Stearns, 5th, Hannah Stearns. 

YII. Ebenezer Ball, b. July 29th, 1802, d. Aug. 23d, 1822. 

VIII. Noah Ball, b. Mar. 3d. 1805, d. March 4th, 1805. 

IX. Mark Ball, b. April 15th, 1806, m. Oct. 5th, 1842, 
Elizabeth Deputren of Athens, and has, 1st, Curtis M. Ball, 
b. July 8th, 1843; 2d, Martha Jane Ball, b. August 10th, 
1847; 3d, Charlie e". Ball, b. Nov. 17th, 1852; 4th, Clara B. 
Ball, b. Oct. 24th, 1858. 


I. Polly Winn, b. AprU 22d, 1792, m. Jan. 20th 1814, 
Rogers AVeston of Mason, N. H. He was b. Apr. 11th, 1789, d. 
May 11th, 1862 ; they have 1st, Walter Weston, b. Jan. 7th, 
1815, m. Sept 10th, 1844, Lucy Winship of Mason, N. H.; m. 
2d, March 23d, 1864, Elmira Morse of Mason. They had, 
1st, Lucie A. ; 2d, Abbie M. 2. Sumner J. Weston, b. 
July 18th, 1816, m. July 12th, 1846, Sarah Morse of Mason ; 
they have, Isfc, Arvena ; 2d, Adah ; 3d, Charles A. ; 4th, 
Frank ; 5th, Freddie R. 3. Mary Weston, b. May 10th, 1818, 
m. Feb. 11th, 1847, John P. French ; no issue. 4. Charles 
Weston, b. June 5th, 1822, m. Oct. 16th, 1849, Julia Pvoberts 
of Ashby, Mass.; they had Mary Ella ; he d. 

II. Joseph Winn, b. Aug. 11th, 1793, m. 1814, Catherine 
Gassett of Townsend, she was b. Sept. 8th, 1795, d. Dec. 23d, 
1863 ; they had, 1st, Caroline Winn, b. Mar. 18th, 1815, m. Wm. 
Tyler of Leominster, they had 1st, Geo. ; 2d, Milo. 2. Converse 
Winn, b. March 21, 1816, m. Charlotte A. Bayley, and had, 1st, 
Chas. C, dNov. 1863; 2d, Ellen F.; 3d,Herman,d. 3. Eliphus 
Winn, b. July 21st, 1817, m. Jane A. Wheaton, of Wisconsin ; 
they had, Andrew M., Rebecca D., Catherine. 4. Jane Winn, 


b. April 25th, 1819, m. George Weston of Groton ; they have 
Abbie J., and Edward J. ; she d. June, 1853. 5. Joseph Winn, 
2d., b. Sept 7th, 1820, m. Margaret Eaton of Hebron, N. Y. 
6. EUza Winn, b. Feb. 5th, 1822, m. Walter Blood of Town- 
send ; she had Andrew J. Shattuck, b. June 24th, 1839. 7. 
Geo. Winn, b. May 14th, 1823. 8. Nancy Winn, born Feb. 
15th, 1825. 9. Merrill Winn, b. Oct. 29th, 1826, d. Sept 3d, 
1844. 10. Osborn Winn, b. July 23d, 1828 ; he m. and had 
children and lives in Adamsville, N. Y. 11. Mary A. Winn, 
b. Aug. 6th, 1831, m. Sherman Howard of Stoddard, N. H. ; 
they had Charles S., Jenney, Clara, Eleanor L. 12. Sumner 
Winn, b. Aug. 27th, 1833, d. Jan. 11th, 1854. 

ni. Rebecca Winn, b. March 21st, 1795, m. Aug. 16th, 

1818, Aaron Farrington of Franklin, Mass. He d. Feb. 7th, 
1841, aged 51 ; they had, 1st, Eliza Adaline, b. Aug. 13th, 

1819, m. Oct. 13th, 1847, Wm. H. Thomson of Wrentham, 
and now lives in Hopkinton, and has four children. 2d, Orin 
Gardner, b. May 31st, 1821, m. Jan. 9th, 1849, Sarah J. 
Velie, of Butler, Wayne Co., N. Y. ; had two children. 3d, 
Nelson Winn, b. April 22d, 1823, d. Oct 22d, 1854. 4th, 
Charles Hezekiah, b. April 3d, 1825, m. March. 26th, 1846, 
Adeline M. Sylvester of Bellingham ; has three children. 5th, 
Susan Maria, b. May 28th, 1827, d. May 15th, 1852. 6th, 
Permelia Ann, b. Oct. 22th, 1830, m. Jan. 1st, 1854, John H. 
Eaton of Boston, now lives in Bellingham. 

IV. Nancy Winn, b. March 7th, 1797, m. 1823 or 1824, 
Noah Wallace of Greenbush, N. Y. ; they had Amanda, Wm., 
Henry, Harriet. Parents both dead. 

V. Norah Winn, b. March 4th, 1799, m. April 23d, 1816, 
Deborah V. Wallace of Townsend, b. March 16th, 1797. 
He d. Jan 18th, 1834 ; they had Isaac W. Winn, b. June 24th, 
1817, m. 1st, Mary Sniffins, m. 2d, Amanda Nickols, N. Y. 2. 
Susan W. Winn, b. May 19th, 1819, d. Nov. 10th, 1825. 
3. James V. Winn, b. Nov. 21st, 1821, m. Lois Palmer. 4. 
Noah Winn, b. June 28th, 1824, d. Nov. 2d, 1825. 5. Nan- 
cy M. Winn, b. March 28th, 1827. 6. Susan E. Winn, b. 
Nov. 22d, 1829, d. Dec. 3d, 1833. 7. Noah F. Winn, b. 


Nov. 7th 1832, m. Julj Otli, 18G1, Tiyphena Holman of Lu- 
nenburg, b, Nov. 10th, 1833. 

VI. Betsj Winn, b. Sept. 8th, 1801, m. Nov. 10th, 1824, 
Jas. Weston of Mason, N. H., m. 2d,|J. D. Hildreth, Mar. 
10th, 1832, died Dec. l(3th, 1865, and had Ehza Jane Weston, 
b. Aug. 16th, 1825, m. C. Johnson. 1st, Nelson I. Hildreth, b. 
Aug. 13th, 1833. 2d, George, b. Jan 22d, 1836. 3d, Chas. 
H., b. Nov. 5th, 1837. 4th, John, born June 2d, 1839. 5th, 
Hernietta S., born Julj 12fch, 1811, died May 5th, 1863. 6th, 
Sarah A., b. April 23d, 18-11. 7th, Georgia A., b. June 23d, 
1846. Nelson has Charles H., Freddie A., E3a A., Everett, 
d. Feb. 11th, 1861. 

VII. Hannah Winn. b. July 20th, 1805, m. March 1st, 
1832, Eli Boynton of Pepperell, b. April 21st, 1806, d. Nov. 
18th, 1861 ; she d. May 8th, 1856, and had, 1st, Maria B., 
b. April, 1835 ; 2d, John E., b. Dec. 28th, 1836 ; 3d, Martin 
L., b. Sept., 1840. 

VIII. Sylvia Winn, b. Aug. 4th, 1807, m. Sept. 1827, 
Nathan Hawes, of Franklin, Mass., and had, 1st, Lewis W. 
Hawes, b. Oct. 16th, 1828, m. Oct. 22d, 1860, Vienna Sears 
of Portland, Ct. He d. Feb. 25th, 1866. 2d, Mary Jane 
Hawes, b. Aug. 8th, 1832. 3d, Nancy Maria Hawes, b. Oct. 
22d, 1835. 


I. Betsy Ball, b. July 26th, 1798, d. Nov. 6th, 1800, aged 
2 years. 

II. Susan Ball, b. Apr'S" 29th, 1800, d. Sept. 4th, 1803, 
aged 3 years. 

III. Noah Ball, b. July 26th, 1802, m. Sept. 16th, 1830, 
Huldah Tenney of Pepperell, b. Jan. 25th, 1813, and have, 1st, 
Elizabeth M. Ball, b. Sept. 9th, 183i?, m. May 7th, 1851, Wm. 
J. Smith of Brookline, N. H. She d. May 22d, 1863 ; they 
had, 1st, Charles W. Smith, b. Dec. 8th, 1854 ; 2d, Lizzie E., 
b. April 11th, 1863, d. Sept. 16th, 1863. 2d, Julia A. E. 


Ball, b. Dec. Cth, 1842. 3d, Eliel S. Ball, b. March 27th, 

IV. Melinda Ball, b. Nov. 27th, 1804, m. 1st, June, 26th, 
1828, Solomon Jewett of Townsend, b, Jan 26th, 1795, and d. 
Aug. 26th, 1833 ; ra. 2d, Juno 6th, 1838, EarlTenney of Pep- 
perell, b. March 11th, 1808 ; he d. April 24th, 1830, m. 3d, 
Dec. 30th, 1839, Asa Walker of Ashby, b. Feb. 14th, 1805, 
and had J,oanna M. E., b. May 13th, 1849, d. Aug. 8th, 1850. 

V. Flhit Ball, b. May 5th, 1807 ; m. May 9th, 1833, Lucy 
Spaulding of Townsend, b. Feb. 20th, 1812, and had 1st, Wal- 
ter J. Ball, b. April 7th, 1834 ; 2d, EUcl S. Ball, b. July 21st, 
1841, and d. Feb. 28th, 1842. 3d, Charles E. Ball, b. Feb. 
20th, 1843, and d. in the^army, June 29th, 1863. 

VI. Walter Ball, b. Aug. 31st, 1809, d. Sept. 17th, 1825, 
aged 16. 

VII. Lucy Eliza Ball,b. Oct. 14th, 1811, m. Oct. 1833, 
Eliel Shumway of Oxford, Mass., b. 1809'; she d. Dec. 1st, 

VIII. Ralph Ball, b. Feb. 1st, 1814, m. May 8th, 1836, 
Susan Spaulding of Townsend, b. Nov. 26th, 1814, and had 
1st, Oren S. Ball, b. Sept. 25th, 1840. 2d, Noah H. Ball, b. 
Feb, 16th, 1846, d. Nov. 28th, 1848. 

IX. Emily Ball, b. Feb. 9th, 1817, d. Sept. 7th, 1825. 


I. Zaccheus Richardson, b. AfYil 12th, 1800, m. May 13th, 
1821, Eiiza Fisher of Bolton, b. March 4th, 1804, and had 1st, 
Geo. W. Richardson, b. March 16th, 1822, m. Susan J. Sheldon 
of Adams. 2d, Jerome F. Richardson, b. June 1st, 1833, m. 
Mary Fowler. 3d, Mary Ann Richardson, b. Oct. 31st, 1825, 
m. Byam Spaulding of Chelmsford. 4th, Levi H. Richardson, 
b. Jan. 25th, 1827, m. Jane Green of Lunenburg. 5th, James 
Richardson, b. Sept. 23d, 1831, m. 11. G. Wheeler of New 
Ipswich, N. 11. 6th, Albert Richardson, b. Aug. 13th, 1834, 


m. Julia Ileywood of Chelmsfoivl, b. Dec. Ttli, 1834 : settled 
in Cal., and has two children. 7th, Amos Richardson, b. April 
26th, 1836. 8th, Alva Richardson, b. Jan. 25th, 1838. 

II. Uzza Richardson, b. Sept. 5th, 1801, d. Oct. .1st, 1812. 

III. Mary Richardson, b. Jan. 4th, 1804, d. July 10th, 

IV. Levi Richardson, b. Dec. 11th, 1805, m. Feb. 2d, 1832, 
Nancy P. Adams of Townsend, b. Aug. 14th, 180^, and has, 
1st, Elizabeth A. Richardson, b. Oct. 12th, 1832, m. Jan. 28th, 
1851, B. F. King of Leominster, b. 1831, and has Mary 
E., Joseph J., Alfred R. 2d, Mary B. Richardson, b. Jan. 
21st, 1837, d. 1865, with the small pox. 3d, Lucy P. Rich- 
ardson, b. Feb. 1839. 4th, Edson A. Richardson, b. Feb. 22d, 
1841, d. May 6th, 1863, in the war. 5th, Lydia Ann Rich- 
ardson, b. March 4th, 1845. 6th, Nancy J. Richardson, b. 
Sept. 23d, 1849. 7th, Levi R. Richardson, b. Aug. 8th, 1851. 

V. Esther Richardson, b. Nov. 9th, 1807, m. Feb. 29th, 
1833, Benjamin Ileywood of Chelmsford. For children see B. 
Ileywood family. 

VI. David Richardson, b. Aug. 17th, 1809, m. Oct. 1st, 
1838, Maria Smith, she was b. July 16th, 1806, settled in 
Fitchburg, no issue. 

VII. Rebecca Richardson, b. May 18th, 1813, m. Dec. 
29th, 1835, John Bryant of Lynnfield, b. May 3d, 1810, they 
have, 1st, John W. Bryant b. Oct. 9th, 1836, m. June 5th, 
1861, Cynthia A. Nelson, b. Aug. 5th, 1836, at Monroe, N. 
H. ; they have, 1st, John V., 2d, Laura. 2d, Albert R. Bry- 
ant, b. June 25th, 1842, m. June 29th, 1865, Sarah E. Dan- 
forth of Lynnfield, b. Oct. 4th, 1843. 

VIII. Uzza Richardson, b. Sept. 18th, 1814, d. June 15th, 



Lieut. Jercmlali Ball, son of Jeremiah Ball, wlio came from 
Concord to Townsend, and brother of Ebenezer Ball, who settled 
near the old homestead, was b. August 31st, 1731, m. Mary 
Stephens, Jan. 1759, and d. March 7th, 1792 ; she was b. 
March 11th, 1739, d. May 3d, 1825, they had 11 children. 1st, 
Mary b. Jan. 31st, 1760. m. Daniel Brown of Ashby, Mass. 
2d, Jeremiah, b. Feb. 2d, 1762, m. Lucy Putnam of Town- 
send, d. Oct. 15th, 1813, she was b. Fob. 28th, 1771, d. May 
9th, 1805, m. 2d, Sally Haynes of Townsend, b. March 20th, 
1782, d. Jan. 17th, 1852. 3d, Jas. b. Jan. 1st, 1764, m. Rebec- 
ca Shattuck of Pepperell, Nov. 17th, 1791, and d. Aug. 15th, 
1850. She was b. Jan. 23th, 1769, and d. Feb. 8th, 1829. 
4th, Betsy b. March 10th, 1768. 5:h, John b. May 12th, 1771. 
6th, David b. Aug. 25th 1773. 7th, Joseph b. Nov. 14th, 
1775. 8th, Daniel b. Sept. 22d, 1778. 9th, Samuel b. Feb. 
13th, 1781. 10th, Sarah b. Aug. 31st, 1785. 11th, John b. 
May 2d, 1790. d. 


1st, Joseph m. Maria Hunt of Rindge, N. H., 1823. 2d, 
Mary. 3d, Daniel, m. Sally Fletcher of New Ipswich, N. H. 
4t1i, Ephraim, lives in Salem, Mass. 

The above Joseph Brown, D. D., preached to the seamen in 
Charleston, S- C, for several years, under the patronage of the 
Sailor's Friend Society, and was afterwards elected Secretary 
of said society, and removed to the city of New York. 


Lucy b. Dec 26th, 1798, m. Dennis Howe of Ringe, N. H., 
Djc 8th, 1825; he was b. Feb. 28th, 1800. 

Submit, also a twin, b. May 3d, 1805. Mary, daughter 
of Sally Haynes, b. April 21st, 1810, m. Joseph Kendall of 
Ashby, Mass., Nov. 23d, 1830 ; he was b. Dec. 24th, 1805. 



James D., b. Jan. 28th, 1T94, m. Mary Farnsworth. John 
Ball, b. June 15th, 1796, m. Rebecca Proctor, Feb 3d, 1818. 
Nehemiah b. Sept. 3d, 1798. David, b. Nov. 20th, 1801, m. 
Julia West, settled in Oregon Territory. Jonas, b. July 3d, 
1807, m. Roxa Nichols of Haverhill, Mass., d. Aug. 14th, 
1850. Sarah, b. April 18th, 1810, m. Benjamin Mead of 
Swansoy, N. H., March 7th, 1833. 


Joseph Brown, son of J. Brown, S. Almira, A. Mariah, 
Charles F., cliildrcn of D. Brown. 


Fanny W. Howe, b. Dec 1st, 1826. Andrew Howe, b. 
Dec. 9th, 1828. Walter II. Howe, b. March 14th, 1830, d. 
Feb. 23d, 1858. Andrew K. Howe, b. Jimc 17th, 1832, d. 
May 23d, 1838. Sylvaniis W. Howe, b. May 20th, 1834, d. 
Oct. 6th, 1853. Ellen R. Howe, b. April 15th, 1836, d..June 
21st, 1838. Milton S. Howe, b. May 4th, 1838, d. Nov. 24th, 
1862. Ann E. Howe, b. June 23d, 1840, m. Amos J. Blake^ 
of FitzwiUiam, N. H., Dec. 26th, 1865. Oilman D. Kendall, 
b. July 4th, 1831, d. July 7th, 1831. Ellen M. KendaU, b. 
Aug. 9th, 1833, d. Dec. 27th, 1834. Albert W. Kendall, b. 
Dec. 18th, 1834, d. Feb, 20th, 1863. Henry M. Kendall, b. 
May 7th, 1837, d. Jan. 14th, 1843, John F. Kendall, b. Sept. 
11th, 1839, m. Mary Potter. 


Arvilla Ball, Saphrona Ball, Mary Ann Ball, Harriet Ball, 
children of James Ball. 2d, Dexter Ball, b. Dec 31st, 1818, m. 
Jan. 1st, 1840; Nehemiah Ball, b. Feb. 1st, 1823, m. Sept 


22d, 1847, a. Nov. Cth, 1653; Worcester H. Ball, b. Oct. 
30th, 1825, m. Oct. 21st, 1848; Rosanna Ball, b. Oct. 1st, 
1827, m. May 12, 1846, d. Jan. 10th, 1853; Allen W. Ball, 
b. July 25th, 1829, m.|Dec. 28th, 1853, d. Jan. 30th, 1867; 
Henry M. BaU, b. AprU 13th, 1831, m. Oct. 13th, 1852, and 
d. Jan. 11th, 1863; Rebecca Ball, b. April 1st, 1834, m. Nov. 
2l3t, 1857, d. Nov. 21, 1858, children of John Ball Milton 
Ball, Emma J. Ball, Harvey L. Ball, Julia Ann Ball, Geo. 
F. Ball, Calvin Ball, Joseph L. Ball, Albert E. Ball, chil- 
dren of David Ball. Sarah Jane Ball, Frances Ball, John 
N. Ball, children of Jonas Ball. Laura A. Mead, b. Oct. 21st, 
1837, m. Jan. 14th, 1858, d. July 10th, 1865. Benjamin F. 
Mead, b. Oct. 15th, 1832, m. Sept. 1st, 1861, Sarah Ball's 


The Westons came to this country from Buckinghamsliirc, 
England, about the year 1640, settled in Salem, Mass. We 
find but an imperfect history of them for several generations 
after their arrival in this country. 

John Weston, b. in England, m. Sarah Fitch, April 18th, 
1653 ; they had eight children. Their fourth child, John, was 
born March 9th, 1661. He was m. to Mary Bryant, Nov. 26th, 
1684, and had fourteen children. Samuel, their third child, 
was born July 16th, 1689. He married Joanna Upham, who 
died Feb. 26, 1771. Their children were, 1st, Samuel, b. Apr. 
16th, 1722, m. Sarah Rogers, d. Oct 5th, 1772. 2d, Sarah, b. 
Nov. 26th, 1728, m. Lemuel Jinkins. 3d, Jonathan, b. April 
18th, 1731, m. Martha Farnsworth. 4th, Joanna b. Feb. 9th, 
1744, m. John Weston, d. Oct. 12th, 1775; settled in Reading. 
Samuel Weston, m. Sarah Rogers, 1743. He removed to Town- 
send in 1768, to the old fort built for protection against the 
Indians- Their children were, 1st, Wilham, b. Feb. 9th, 1744, 
in Billerica, m. Dec. 9th, 1768, Rebecca F. Eaton of Reading, 
Mass., d. Oct. 15th, 1819, at Townsend. 2d, Sarah, b. Aug. 
11th, 1745, d. Oct. 16th, 1749, in Townsend. 3d, Sarah b. 
July 7th, 1747, d. Nov. 18th, 1749, in Townsend. 4th, Abigail 
b. Nov. 28th, 1749, d. June 4th, 1790, in Townsend. 5th, 
Sarah, b. April 3d, 1752, in Billerica, m. Timothy Emerson, 
1785, and d. June, 1820, in Ashby. 6th, Samuel, b. Oct. 22d, 
1754, in Billerica, d. Oct. 27th, 1775, in Townsend. Wounded 
in the knee at the battle of Bunker Hill ; died of the camp 
fever. 7th, Rogers, b. Sept. 30th, 1757, in Billerica, m. 1st, 


Deborah Lawrence, April 12th, 1785 ; m. 2d, Anna Frosty 
Dec 1799 ; she d. April 30th, 1829 ; m. gd, Rebecca Keyes, 
April 27th, 1830 ; she d. Aug. 15th, 1830. Her maiden name 
was Rebecca Ball, who was the 2d wife of his brother Wm., and 
sister to Noah Ball, who m. Betsey, daughter of Wm. Weston: 
He m. 4th, Lydia Buttrick, 1831 ; she d, May 18th, 1837. He 
m. 5th, Betsey Wright, Sept. 1837. He was a prominent man 
in the affairs of the town, and represented the town five years 
in the Legislature. He died March 9th, 1843, in Mason, N. H. 
8th, Mary b. Oct. 5th, 1759, in Billerica, d. Aug. 1st, 1774, in 
Townsend. 9th, John b. June 23d, 1762, in Billerica, d. Feb. 
29th, 1764, in Townsend. 10th, Joanna, b. Sept. 19th, 1764, 
Billerica, m. Asa Walker, Sept. 21st, 1796, d. Nov. 13th, 1842, 
in Ashby. 11th, Phebe, b. Dec 19th, 1766, m. Ebenczer Ball, 
Oct, 10th, 1787, d. Nov. 2d, 1848, in Townsend. 12th, Azu- 
bah, b. Oct. 4th, 1769, in Townsend, m. Aaron Felt, Jan. 25th, 
1791, d. Aug. 18th, 1837, in Temple, N. H. 

Wm. Weston, m. Mrs, Rebecca Flint Eaton, Dec. 9th, 1768^ 
(she had one son, Wm. Eaton, by her former marriage.) Wm. 
Weston came to Townsend with his father and settled with him 
on the same farm. His children by Rebecca F. Eaton, were, 
1st, Thomas b. Sept. 25tli, 1769, m. Mercy Gary, of Lyme, N, 
H.,June 3d, 1796; he d. Aug. lOtli, 1836, in Springfield, 
Ohio. 2d, John, b. Aug. 3d, 1771, m. Hannah Chace, Lon- 
donderry, N.II., in 1796, d. at Westport, N.Y. 3d, Rebecca, b, 
Nov. 8th, 1773, m. David Locke, of Ashby, Mass., May 23d5 
1796, d. Oct. 31st, 1851, in Ashby. 4th, Betsey, b. Feb. 29th, 
1776, m. Noah BaU, of Townsend, May 26th, 1796 ; she d. 
Sept 16th, 1843, in Townsend. 5th, Sam'l, b. Sept. 7th, 1777, 
m. 1st, Hannah Parker, of Chelmsford, in 1800, m. 2d, Mary 
Dunlap, in 1825 ; he d. Dec 10th, 1836, in Antrim, N.H. 6th, 
Mary, b. Oct. 21st, 1779, m. Daniel Fuller, of Lyme, N. H., 
in 1800, m. 2d, Amos Herrick, of Mason, N. H., and d. 
Dec. 18th, 1863. 7th, Eunice, b. Sept. 8th, 1781, m. Levi 
Richardson, of Londonderry, Vt. 

Wm. Weston, ra. for his second wife, Rebecca Ball, Feb. 20th, 


1787. Their diildrcn were, 1st, Lucy, b. March 11th, 1789, 
ra. Samuel Rockwood, of Groton, March, 1840 ; she d. April, 
1843, in Groton. 2d, William, b. March 1st, 1791, m. Dolly 
Hodgman, of Ashby, Oct. 24th, 1816, d. Aug. 18th, 1866, in 
Townsend. 3d, Sarah b. Sept. 18th 1794, m. John Ilodgman, 
of Townsend, May 9th, 1820, and d. Dec.'lOth, 1838, in Town- 


1st, Clarissa, b. Mar. 6th, 1818, d. Sept. 28th, 1819. 2d, 
Charles, b. June 8th, 1819, d. July 15th, 1858. Harriet,' b. 
Oct. 27th, 1822, m. Nero Sherwin, April 1st, 1841. 4th, 
Wm. 3d, b. Jan. 4th, 1825, m. Harriet Emery, of Lunenburg, 
Nov. 30th, 1848, and have Lizzie Maria, b. Aug. 22d, 1850, 


The following are the names of the Balls and Westons of our 
connections who lost their lives in the service of their country, to 
sustain our rights and liberties. 

Charles E. Ball son of Flint Ball, and grandson of Noah Ball, 
of Townsend, enUsted in Co. F, Fifty-third Regiment, Mass. 
Vols. ; was wounded at the first assault on Port Hudson, and 
died of his wound, in N. Orleans, June 29th, 1863, aged 20 
years. lie was a good soldier, and faithful in all the duties of 


Addressed to his mother, by Mrs. Fhebe Weston Farmer 
* of N. Orleans, La. 

Where the dark, damp earth is thickly spread 

With graves, unkept by care, 
I found, by the board they placed at his head. 

That the grave of dear Charlie was there. 

Foremost, he charged v/ith the valiant band 

Who rushed at their leader's call, 
Heedless of all save the word of command, 

" We must scale Port Hudson's walls." 

Alas ! while the early matin bell 

Was telling the hour forprayer, 
Where the carnage was thickest, 'twas there he fell ; 

Ah! why did not death meet him there ? 

Then, his grave had been made on the green hillside, 

With the river winding below ; 
Not here, where slimy reptiles glide. 

And nought save rank weeds grow. 

I searched his grave for some flow'ret fair. 

As a token to soften thy grief. 
But a tuft of wild clover was all that grew there, 

So I culled you a simple leaf. 

George D. Felt, of Temple, N. H., enlisted in Co- G, Second 
Regiment, N. H- Vols. He was the first to enlist from Temple 
and the only one for several months ; was engaged in thirteen 
battles ; was wounded at the Second Bull Run fight. He lay 
on the battle-field eleven days in the rebel lines without car.e ; 
was then paroled and sent to hospital in Alexandria, Va., where 
he died of his wound Nov. 6th, 1862, aged 27 years. 

Edward W. Felt, of Temple, N. II. enlisted in Co. F, Tenth 
Regiment, N. H. Vols. ; died at his father's of chronic diarrhoea 


Feb. 8th, 1863, aged 21 years. The two last were sons of 
Daniel Felt, and grandsons of Azubah Weston Felt, of Temple 
N. 11. 

Two sons of Mrs. Sarah Felt Hardy of the State of Michigan, 
and grandsons of Azubah W Felt, of Temple, N. H. 

Elnathan Hodgman, son of Sarah Weston Hodgman of Town- 
send, Mass., enhsted in Co. E, Eighth Regiment, N. H. Vols.; 
died of chronic diarrhoea on board a steamer on the Mississippi 
river, on his way home, Jan. 9th, 1865, aged 38 years. He 
was buried at Memphis, Tenn. 

Milton S Howe, of Rindge, N. H., enlisted in the Fourteenth 
Regiment, N. H. Vols. ; died in Maryland of typhoid fever, 
Nov. 24th, 1862, aged 24 years. 

Albert W- Kendall, of Ashby, Mass., enlisted in Co. G, Fifty- 
third Regiment, Mass. Vols. ; died of typhoid fever in Carroll- 
ton, La., Feb. 20th, 1863, aged 29 years. The two last were 
great grandsons of Jeremiah Ball, 2d. 

Edson A. Richardson, son of Levi Richardson, and grandson 
of Mary Ball Richardson, of Townsend, enlisted in Co. D, Fifty- 
third Mass. Vols. ; d. of chronic diarrhoea, in New Orleans, 
La., May 6th, 1863, aged 22 years. 

Wm- Carey Weston, son of Isaac Weston of Indiana, enlisted 
in Seventy-third Indiana Vols. ; was shot at the first day's fight 
at Stone River, about the 31st of December, aged 28 years. 

Thomas J. Weston, son of Silas Weston, of Springfield, Ohio, 
enhsted in the One Hundred Thirty-eighth Ohio National 
Guard; was brought home sick, and died of typhoid fever, 
Sept. 10th, 1864, aged 24 years. 

Charles S- Weston, son of Silas Weston of Springfield, Ohio, 
enlisted in Thirty-fifth Regiment, 0. V. I. and died in Louis- 
ville, Ky., March 7th, 1862, aged 19 years. The last three 
were grandsons of Thomas Weston, formerly of Townsend, Mass. 

Ralph Weston, son of Sam'l Weston, and grandson of Rogers 
Weston, of Mason, N. H., enlisted in Co. G, Thirteenth Regi- 
ment, N. H. Vols. ; died Mar- 21st, 1863, hi hospital near 
Hampton, Va., aged 39 years. 


John Weston, son of Lawrence Weston, and grandson of Rog- 
ers Weston of Mason, N. H., enlisted in the Thirtj-sccond Reg- 
iment Iowa Vols., and was severely wounded in the chest on the 
10th of April, at the battle of Pleasant Hill, La., and died of his 
wound May 19th, 1863, aged 24 years. 


Francis W. Wood, of Townsend, enlisted in Company B, 2Gth 
Mass. Infantry, at Boston, Sept. 14th, 1861 ; went into camp 
Cameron. Left Mass. with the Rogt. Nov. 21st, proceeded to Ship 
Island, Miss., where he remained through the Winter. Left April 
15th, 1862, for New Orleans, and various other places in the South, 
for two years and six months, when he re-enlisted, and took a furlough 
for home. Returning to the South, joined the army, reported at For- 
tress Monroe, and various other places, was in Sheridan's campaign 
at the Battle of Cedar Creek, Oct. 19th, 1864, was taken prisoner 
and carried to Richmond, and put in Pemberton prison. From there 
he was removed to Salisbury, N. C.,, where he was ushered into one of 
those Southern pens, so noted for their inhumanity to our soldiers, 
where he froze both feet, and his toes all sloughed off, which will 
make him a cripple for life. 

Jonas Shattuck, of Pepperell, Mass., was out duiing the war. 
Luther Boynton, " " " nine months. 

Geo. W. Ball, of Chicopeo, 

Geo. V, Ball, Lunenburg, was out four years, promoted to 2d Lieut. 
Chas. H. Hildrcth, W. Boylston, time unknown. 
Curtis M. Ball, Athens, Vt. 
Jos. C. Shattuck, Brookline, N. H. " 


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