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jMovember, i8t^8. 


HoGQSov & RoBiN-oN, Pkinterp, 852 Chapel Street. 


,.t '',-^" 

A ik'sire to know more of our ancestors has resulted 
in forniinir this Gi-nealrigvof ai'art of the Beeclier Family 
from earlv liistorv, leading down from the !ii'<t emi- 
grants to the Wt-st Haven and Southiniry line oi Be'.eh- 
crs. collected ami comrdlt'd ijv R. Bt-eelier llagiie.-. as- 
sisted by Afrs. 11. C. Bennett, of ."^outhbury, grand- 
dtiugliter of Aianson Beecher. and also by Mrs. G. H. 
Fowler, of New Haven, grand-daughter of Nathaniel 

Infornuitiim has ^een obtained fr'-m m^any sources, 
including Coh^nial lieeords. Historical W'wrks. T'-w]! 
KeC'jrds, Probate Records, History of '* Ancient \V.M,d- 
burv."' and other Towns. Family Genealogies. Private 
lieeords. Obituary Notices, and Family Recor<i<. 

The following letter from tiie iiev. Lurlier Fitcli 
Beecher, D. D.. of Brookline. 2\Ias-.. relainiL: to tiie 
Beecher name previous to the emigration of rhe J"hn 
Beecher familv tn Boston, in P'-oT, and to New lla\cri, 
in l*'>o6, is thoucrht to be of sufficient interest to iiHeri 
it here us an introduction to this Hi-tory of a ttraneii ui 
the Beecher Family. 

Brookli.n'e. Mass., Feb. 3. 'i)S. 
R. B. HuGnEs : 

"Tbf: B-^Hcbt-r" niiiiic can be trace'l lievoii'i tiie- 
'• P;iac. lG:i3. <.f \-iiir lis'." Not '<> ^pcak or lae []>■, ■'.[•., ;• -T Ke:^ 
Davi i"s tiaie in Jr\vi;-!i Miiitury II;>toi-y. My iIi'm i- ('■;•.- ;;.x. ■: 
inc b'.if'k of tin- (Mi:i_M-:itiou t'> Ai!i'-rl''-a in I'i^T. !' .>;.• :•:'..';/-:.. 
Coutity .'f iv</!:;. Z:'.L"ia!i(i. wiiere we tind riiuni iivii.j: \a "C.-e'.- 
Ccllor Hou-e." Haviii::^ tlie ri^ilit to lii.-p'av a '• c;,,.-,!-, .i-Ar:.:-." 
aial in at'ler y.-ar> Coiiaee-teil, throuirii S'^a.-rai ij:<aieraiio!!S. wi'li Tii.j 
Army or lln; Ct\)Vi;rn:raait S^a-vici-. 'i'lirc.' '• Taitii-i-, ' c • :/i!i."m;o- 
rative of tliolr uaiaie aial -^rrvic- s, arc now fo\inii in tiie ^^ortli 
Towt-r of the Speldhiu'^t Episcopal Ciiiircii, certi!i''-;it'' cpir- «.•' 
which are iu the posst-<ion of Mrs. Gaston, copies of which :ii'e 

among my records. I have a copy of die letter from the la^t ciwner 
of the estate, wri'.teu ti^ Gov. Gaston s^Mne roar or five }"ear.s since, 
any or all of which are at your service if they are of any interest 
to you. 

I have. al^o. a history '.f much interest of the Beechers. located 
for many years at " Castie Martyrs,'' in the south-west part of Ire- 
land, occupying thr-.-e large estates, of which "Castle Mariyrs"' is 
the largest. 

Miss 0"Xeil. cotempi.'irary with Edmund Keene and ]Mrs. Si'ldons. 
was on the Lontlon sta^e then, under the management of the Ken- 
d;ills. In 1SI9 she wa< married to .Sir William BuechtM'. an Irivh 
member of the Briti-^h Parliament. 

Sir Ht-nry Wrixo'i B^-echer. Iv.irraiet, now occu;Mes the estate, 
having two hundred tenant-, and mucii more of iil^e hi.-rory and 
bio^zraph}', much of wiiich must oe new and of intcn-.-r r^ you. 

No published. •' Bi-echer (^tenealogy " exisis. so rar as I know. 
I have a ciipy of the Head-st(,)nes, in d<.'iail and. in e>:t'jnso, of 
iS'athaniel Beecher. my G. Grand Father. David i3-_-eciier, my 
Grand Father, and David Beecher, my Father, each 'jf interest 
alon^r genealo^iical lines. 

Much of your letter is new to me, as relating to another branch 
growing' out of the five sons of Isaac, (10'23j. at wtiich point Mrs. 
Gaston's l.iranch and our branch take leave (.f eacli other. 

I shall hope to hear from you again, and as often as it is your 
pleasure to write. 

Very Sincerely, 


The Mrs. Gaston referred to in the above ](-tter was 
rlie wife «.:»f Gov. Wilhani Gaston. >)t Mass., riie liaiighler 
of Laban Beeciier. of Koxbtirv, (tiow Bosci»u). vho was 
the son of Benjamin Beecher of Xe'v Haven, (famiiiarly 
called "Capt. Ben."), who lived sonninv years on Chaiicl 
street. lie was '' tovrn ag:ent. and had care of tiienoor. 

The motto inscribed on the '• C'uar-id'-Arin- ' w:!:o]i 
the Beechers were '' given ihe riglit to di-splay ' was 
'' JBL-i vivi qt/( bt/te" — '• He twice lives wh«> iives well.' 

Thb Bebcher Famiev, 


Mr. John Beeelier, witli liis wife and son Isaac, from 
County Kt,']ic. England, embarked, with a company of 
emignuits, from tiiat and the two adjoiniii::: coiincies, 
and arrivfd in Bosten on the <!Orh of June. 103-. Bos- 
ton, in its infancy, welcomed all Puritan ePiiirrunts. 
Those who arrived at this received a warm welcome. 
^lany of these eniigrancs were Jiot cuULent to .;L:tle m 
the vicinity of Boston, owing, in part, to a aiii'jrence 
in religious opinions. 

About the tirst of September, a party was formed to 
make a t'.)ur of ex[)loratiun. Soldiers in [lursuir of Pe- 
quois had passed over the course intended, ch.-aring it 
of hostiles, and learning something of the country. 
Coming tc* (^uinnipiac. Theo. Eaton, with hi- overland 
explorers, were so well ])leased with it that \vhr<\ he set 
out, a little later, to return to Boston he kic 6>jy^\i of 
his men to remain through the winter and pre^iare for 
the arrival of the rest of the com}niny, intending to set- 
tle and begin a plantation here tlie next spring. 

John Beeclior was one of tlie seven men left ti,> winter 
here. He died during the winter, jlis boni-s were fouiid 
in the year 1750 in digging for tlie cellar of rhe stone 
house on the corner of George and Meadou- streets, tiiis 
being near the })lace where they passed tiie winter. This 
house is nuw standing (TS'-'S). IIis ^-m. Is;iac Belcher, 
was old enough to take the oath of tidelitv m 1^44. Tiiis 
Isaac Beecher was the common ancestor of all who bear 
the name of Beecher in New Haven and vicinity. He 
was born in England in IQ'Z'.S. 

*i. - j^ .-:- i-i i r L * /.Stt^«Hl£j>-^^ _^ *_* ^l.o;^ .^^■te-^tiiJeM» j6tf,waay^ft -,, ^ -. .;^ v^ ^ 

Aiiotlier aecoiDit of the iirsC emigrants sav- : "A Mr. 
Beeclier, with his \vite and ciiihl, from Coniitv Kent, 
Enghmd, embark-.'*] in the first shin which Ijrongiit emi- 
grants to Xewliaven." (The tir>.t settlers came overhmd). 
This was prooalily the company which embarked from 
Boston in the s[iring of 16oS. JohiU Beecht-r liied. as 
above stated, in tlie winter before tiie vessel sailed, Jlis 
wife was persuaded l)y the other emii^rants to continue 
with the company, with her sun Isaac. 

The main body of the settlers arrived in Xew Haven 
liarbor in April. iLoS. Isaac was then fifteen years old. 
From him all the Mew Haven families of the name are 
said to liave descended, and from wiience tiie name has 
spread throughotit the surrounding country, numijering, 
among the direct descendants, the Dr Lyman Beeclier 
Family and the West Haven brancti of the Beeciier 
Family. It is said that for her Services as ]>hys:cian and 
midwife the first Mrs. Beecher had a portion of l;.nd 
voted to her by the colony of Xew Haven, wiiicbi remain- 
ed in the family until quite recently (ISTOi. On a part 
of it the New Haven Hospital now stands, about one-half 
mile west of the old Green. 

Explanations. — The figures preceding the name in- 
dicate the order of children in tiie family, tJie figure 
after the name indicates the generation, b. i<;r born, 
d. for died, m. for married, ch. for children, y. lor years, 
mo. for months. 

Isaac Beecher 1, son of John, who arrived in Boston 
June *^6, 1037, and died the following winter, ar- abuve 
stated, was b. in England in 10->I3, d. 1090, had three 
wives, and five suns by wife Hannah Beecher. 

Ch. 1. John 'Z, b. lG-i5. 

2. Jo.^eph 2, b. 1647. 

3. Isaac 2, b. Aug. S. 165'>. 

4. Samuel 2, ).'. (Jet. IT, l'J52, m. Sarah Sherwood 

July 2, Ui'.'l. 

5. Eleazur '2, h. Aug. S, I'^oo. ni. Phel^e Priudle 

Nov. 5, i<iTT. 

Probate Kccords, v-jI. 2. pp. 02, 03 anJ 01. Isaac 
Beecher, b. 1<;2:3, «1. 1000. Muih' AVill Seipt. 20, 1*;S0, 
in whicl) he meiiti'jiis si)ns John.]i auil Isaac, auJ 
bequeath; to eacli certain ]*arcL'ls of. hind descriOeOi, and 
to Samuel the sum of rive p'.'unds. Al.-o. to Eifazur 
one acre of meadow at tliiit piace calle-i S!>rhi_'i;tjld. 
Also, four acres running across tiie r<Kid tliat It-ads to 
West Farms. Also, abinit tive acres land in that riL'-d 
called Ford's F^Od. Also, make and constitu:e my son 
Joseph Bceclier my sole and <»niy executor, an.d idv*.- ii:ni 
the remaider of my w'iioie estatt^ and require him to pro- 
vide for my loving wife, Mary Beeclier, dinring iicr life 
well and comfortably, and after her decea.-u t(» get all 
the aforesaid legacies performed. Signedi Xuv. 12, 1000. 
in Court. Inventory includes house-keeping g'jods. farm- 
ing tools, cattle, T tracts of land, amounting to 01 acres. 
Apprized £120. 

John Beecher 2, son of Isaac, b. lCir>, d. Dec. 5, 1T12. 
m. Elizabeth. Wiil prov-^-i^ J m. 1, ITl.O. 

Ch. 1. John 3, b. Oct. 0, lOTO, d. young. 

3. Mary 3, b. Feb. 23, 1672, m. Benjamin Wihm*t 
Feb. 13, 1700. 

3. Elizabeth 3, m. John 170". 

4. Johanna 3. b. July 21, 1677, d. unmarried 

Oct. 24, 1718. 

5. Jemima 3. b. Feb. 11, 1082. 

^ ..JiifiSkimiy^.^^^ 

6. Joseph 3, b. Feb. 13, 16s4. m. Sanih Morns 

xViig. 3, ITIM. 
T. Sarah 3. ni. Xathaii Benliani. 

8. Ebenezer 3. I'. April 12, 1 •;>-;. m. Hannah }.lix. 

9. John 3, bapt. April 6. JG'jG, ni. Mehitable 

Tr.ttle Dec. 7, i:--21. 

John Becclier '2, i^jii <>i Isaac, h. 1645. made Will 
Jan. 10. lTi2. Gives I'j his se>n Joseph Beeclier :hc 
house he now dn-ellt-ch in and onc-Iialf of three acres 
next to Samuel Ford's land. His wife Elizaijcih to C'C- 
cupv house her naiural life. Also, J<'Sc[)h tc });iy ren 
pounds to three surviving daughters in couai porriuns. 
Also, c'ive mv two S'jns, Eiienezcr and John Bcec;:cr, 
my new dwelling house, barn and uurlying orcnarding. 
Bounds described. Also, menti'jns daughters ^lary 
Wilmot, Elizabeth Dunbar, Johanna Beecher and >arah 
Benlnini, to have m equal p(jrrions twenty pounds. 
Appoints wife Elizabeth and son Jose})h Beeclier to 
execute will. 

Witness Dec. 3, IT 12. Inventory in Court Jan. 8, 
1T13, £308. Probate Records, vol. 4, p. 107. 

Will of Elizabeth Beecher (wife of John 2), proven in 

Court Sept. 3, 17'-22. Son Ebenezer appointed extr. 

WMlls that the estate be equally divided betw>/en ;ier 

two daughters. Mary Wilni<»t and Elizabeth I»un^ar. 

and grand-daughters Hannah Wilmot and Mercy Beu- 

ham. Also mentions grand-son Elii)halet Beeciior and 

grand-datighter Elizabeth Dunbar. I do appoint my 

son Ebenezer to be executor. 

Elizabeth I^eecuek. 

Court of Probate, held in Xewhaven, Xov. 17, IT IS. 
Will of Johanna Beecher approved, in which she ordains 

and ap|M;int3 lier motlior E!iz;iberh. wife of John Beech- 
er, execuirix of hi-r last Will and tostanieiit. 

Invenr<;»!-v exhibited in Court Xov. 2Ci, ITIS, amount- 
ing to i'*j3 ] -is lid. 

Joseph 3. b. Feb. 13, 1684, m. An,i:. 3, ITIO, Sarah Mor- 
ris. Hads^n E!i[.]iaiet 4, b. May 31. 1711, m. .Sarah 
Bradley Dec. 27,'i:32. 

Ch, 1. Eliphalet 5, b. S.-pt. 20. ir33. 

2. ILmnah 5, b. An-. 2~k ir3G, d. Aug. 11, 1T38. 

3. Sarah 5, b. Dec. 1'). i:3r. 

4. SLU-aii 5, ba;»r. Ai-ril .^, ir41, d. :\[arcli 3, 1783. 

5. Reuben 5, b. Marcli 0. 1T4--2. 

6. Daugiiter 5, m. Shernmn. 

Ebenezer 73eeelier 3, b. April 1-2. l^j^G. son (^f John '2, 
m. Hannah, luiughterof Caleb and Hannaij jlix. 

Ch. 1. Ebenezer 4, b. Jan. 15. I';i4. m. Luis .Juimson 
1T43, daughter Lois 5, b. Mareii 12, 1744. ' 

2. Hannah 4, b. Dec. 23, 171G, ni. Benjamin Bar- 

dee Xov. 24, 1747. 

3. Joseph 4, b. Xov. 2<J, 1718, m. Elizaoeth Ai- 

ling January 10, 1740. 

4. Sarah 4, b. March 8, 1720. 

5. Thomas 4, b. April 20, 1722. had son Thomas 

5. b. Oct. 16, 1746. 

6. Caleb 4, b. April Is. 1724. m. Abi-a:l Wheeler 

Sept. 15, 1746. had dauirhter Elizabeth 5, h. 
Aug. 28, 1751, had daughter 5, d. 
April 17, 1752. 

7. Lydia 4, b. March 16. 1720. 

8. David 4. b. June 21, 1728. 

9. Eliphalet 4, b. Xov. 29, 1730. 
10. Eunice 4, b. i:32. m. Bradk-y. 

Ebenezer l^cecher m. 2d wife Elizabeth. 


Capt. Ebenezer Bocclier, b. April 1^. 16SG, in ;;■••:• i\'ill 
Oct. 14, ITGU, proven in Court Feb.. ITOo. A))poin:s wife. 
Eliz;ibetii Beecher. extrx.. and <ons EbuneZfr. Jo-eph, 
Thomas. Caleb and Davi^l i3cccher, extrs. Will uien- 
tions wife Elizabetii a>n<l sons as above, also, t]ve i.;aiiu-]i- 
ters. viz.: Saraii Baldwin.. Lviiia Joiinson_. Eliz'djeih 
AUingj Hannaii Terrell and Eiindce Brailley. Inv---'Uory 
Feb. 20, 1TG4, f2G53 0. Fiuai distribution .day 3, 

John Dibble, extr. of Will of Wi.low Elizabfrh, de- 
ceased, exhibited same in Court Sept.:^m!_)er. 170''. Will 
mention son John Diblde. daughter Eunice Br-i.iley, 
grand-daughter Mary Dibble, grand-daughter Eiizal'eth 
Beecher and grand-dauirhter Anna Beecher, daugiiter of 
Caleb and daughter of Abigail Beecher. 

John Beecher 3, bapt. April 6, 16'Jo, ?.oi\ of John 2. 
m. Mehitable Tuttle. Dec. 7, 17--21, son John 4, b. 
Sept. 5. i7'-3"2, m. Mary Wilniot, b. Se])t. 5. 17^30, 
Marv Wilmot d. Feb. IS, lSu3. 

John Beecher 4, called '-'Capt. John,*' d. Xov. 22. 1793. 

Ch. 1. John 5, b. Oct. 1, 1744, ni. ^lary Lyon, 177l». 

2. Eli 5, b. 1748, m. Sarah Kim!>erly. 

3. Thaddeus 5. b. 174:*, d. Jan 17. 1S^3. 

4. Mary 5, b. 17^1, d. July 4, KSb, ni. Benjamin 


5. Sarah 5, b. 1755, d. Sept. 13, 1795. 

6. Mehitable 5. bnrn 1756. m. Elislia ^^Iix. 

7. Content 5. b. 1761. d. Xov. lo. 17S4. 
Rhoda 5, b , m. Joseph D(jwns. 


Anna 5, m. William Cutler. 

Mehitable. wid-w ni Jnljn 3. m. Jan. 13. K^i'b Bar- 
nabas Baldv/m oi .Miiford and had eight children. 


Eli Beecber 5, son of John 4=, m. Susan Kimberly, b. 
174'), d. 1798. He was drowned in Xev\- Haven har- 
bor May 15, USO. 

Ch. 1. Benjamin 6, b. July 4, 1TT4. 

2. Mary 6. 

3. Susanna, b. 1777, d. 1S51. 

4. Sarah, b. 1781, d. Jan. 30, 1852, m. Thomas 

At water. 

5. Thaddeus, b. 1788, d. Sept., 1822, m. Mario 

Woodward 6, John 6. 

Benjamin Beecber 6, called ^'Capt. Ben,"b. July 4, 1774, 
d. Jan. 7, 1858, m. Welthca Parmelee, b. 1775, d. 18G3. 

Ch. 1. Eli, b. 1795, m. Caroline Wallace. 

2. William Parmelee, b. 1797, d. 1859, unmarried. 

3. Henry, b. 1799, m. Harriett Woodward. 

4. Grace Marie, b. March 7, 1801, m. Eli B. Aus- 


5. John Edward, b. Feb. 14, 1803, m. Jeannette 


6. Laban Smith, b. Jan. 13, 1805, m. Frances A. 


7. Wm. Parmelee, b. 1806. d. Oct. 24, 1859. 

8. Benjamin, b. 1807, m. Huldah Foster Yale, 


9. Wealthy Ann, b. 180S, m. Elmer Townsend. 

10. Elizabeth Ailing, b. Dec. 9, iSlO, d. July 12, 

1873, m. Andrew L. Kidston. 

11. Mary, b. 1813, ni. Charles H. Colton ; 2d, Hon. 

Frederick Crosweil ; no children. 

12. Edward Collins, b. 1815, d. young. 

13. Sarah Parmelee, b. 1817, d. 1874, m. Rev. Isaac 

Tuttle, D.D. 


14. Susan, h. IS 19, m. IlamiltDii L. Smith. 

15. Juliu, b. 1S"-31, d. unmarried. 

John Beecher, called -'Cant. Jolin,''" b. SeDt. 5. 17'^2, 
d. Xov. 2-1, 1T93, age 71, m. Marv Wilmot.. b. I'rZ*], 
d. Fob. IS, 1S03. Sun Jolm 5, b. Get. 1, irfc Sup. 
m. Mary Lvon May 2:. ITTl). Son Thaddeus, b. lUO, 
m. but d. wiihout issue. 

Capt. John in ITHO boua'iit the Exchanp^e L>uildin2" 
lot, cor. of Church and Cliai)ei streets. After his death 
his son Tliaddeus had liis store and dwelling tliere. 
After the death of Thaddeus t!ie pi. ice was soki to the 
Eagle Bank. Thaddeus 'oougtii: an*! set out the elm 
sappling at the corner of the Green, wiiich now shades 
the Town pump with its spreading branches. 

Joseph Beecher 2, (son of Isaac 1, b. 1647) had two wives 
and son Joseph 3, b. Feb. 13, UjT*'. 

Ch. 1. Alice 4, b. Jan. 2S, 1698. 

2. Joseph 4, b. Nov. 22, 1G98, m. Sarah Ford May 

15, 1720, He was a clockmaker arid sup- 
posed built the first clock in New Haven, 
used in the tower of Y'a!e Collecre for more 
than fifty years. 

3. 'Lydia4. b. 17()(>, d. 1725. 

4. Hezekuih 4, b. June 14. 1703. d. Sept. 21, 1751, 

m. Hannah Punchard, March 23, 1739. 

5. Nathaniel 4, 1). March 7, 1706. 

6. Eliphalet 4, b. May 3J, 1711. 

Joseph 4, son of Joseph 3, b. Xov. 22, 1698, m. Sarah 
Ford May 15, 1729. 

Ch. 1. Joseph 5, b. Feb. 9, 1729. 

2. Moses 5, b. Feb. 9, 1733. 

3. Timotliy 5, b. Feb. 2, 1735. 


4. Abel 5. b. Nov. ir^ 1737. 

5. Thus 5, b. July 5, 1740. 

6. Amos 5, b. Juno lu. 1743. 

Joseph 4, Joseph 5, Anios 5 and Alx'l 5 moved to iind 
settled in Wolcott before th.e year 1770. 

Joseph 5, m. Esther Potter and settled in the nortli- 
easteru part of Wolcott. He was a reliable active man 
in society and church many years. 

Amos 5 was also .i prominent man in society like his 
brother Joseph. 

Nathaniel 4, son of Joseph 3, b. March 7, 1700, was a 
blacksmith, d. 1786, leaving wife Sarah and 

Ch. 1. Sarah 5. 

2. Lydia 5, b. 1736. 

3. David 5, b. Aprd 5, 173S. 

4. Anna 5, unmarried, and 

5. Hezekiah 5, b. Jan. 1, 1753. 

Nathaniel 4, gave to his son David his house, black- 
smith shop, tools, vie. Hezekiah 5 was also a black- 
smith. He lived and worked with his brother David 
near the cor. of George and College streets. In 1774 be 
assisted in organizing the '^d Com. Gov. Foot Guards. 

David 5, had five wives. The thir(3, Estlier Lyman, 
b. Feb. 17, 174"-i, was tlie mother ot and died two d;iys 
after the birth of Lyman Beecher, the fatiier of the Re- 
nowned Beecher Famdy, David o, m. fourth vvife, 
Elizabeth Hoadiey ; tifth wife, Mary Louis Elliot. 

Nathaniel 4, m. Sarah Sperry, said to be '^ind wife. 
Ch. Sarali 5, Lvdia 5, Anna 5. ^ 


David 5 aiitl tiezekiah 5, b. Jan. 1. IToS, ni. Dorcas 
Strong, ITTS. David 5, b. April 5. ITob. black<uiith, 
liad 12 eirildren, all but 4 tiied in infancy. He ni. 1, 
M'dvy Au.-itin. Oct. IS. 1T'J4 : '2, Lyilia Cain;» Morri.?, 
May, 17T1 ; 3, Eitlicr Ilawley Lyman, Mnrcii, 1 :T5 : 
4, Elizabeth Iluadley ; 5, Mary Louis Elliot. Chil- 
dren who survived : 

Ch. 1. Polly 6. 

2. Lydia 6. 

3. David 0, b. Aug. 14, i:?3. 

4. Lyuum *5, b. Oct. 12, 1TT5. 

David 5, blacksmith, vras a man of strong, ])ositive 
character and attained celebrity in all the country round. 
David had a son, David, Lyman *:!, b. Jan. 14, 1 ^60. and 
daughter Mary 0, b. Dec. 2, ITTO. lie had (^tlier chil- 
dren: ^Liry, E.-ther, Lydia: and sons. David 6. Lyman 
6, prematurely born Oct. 12, 1715. 

Lvman Beecher G, 'graduated at Yale Colleire iri IT'.'T : 
studied with Dr. Dwight '; licensed t<» pre;ich in lV-'6 ; 
married and settled in the ministry in Easr llampton, 
Long Island in ITUO: in 1810 he removed to Litchtieid, 
Conn. Dr. Beecher m. Roxanna Foote of Guilf<'i'd in 
Sept., 1T90. She was a woman of extraordinary talents, 
was born in 17T5 and died Sept., ISIS. 

Ch. 1. Catherine E^tiier T, b. 1>0U, the noted school 

2. Eev. William Henry :, b. 1S()2. 

3. Rev. Edward 7, D.D., b. 1SU3. 

4. Mary 7, b. ISOo. 

5. Harriett 7, b. 1807, died. 

6. Rev. George 7, b. 1809. 

7. Harriett Elizabeth 7, b. 1812, m. Prof. Stowe. 


S. Rev. Heiirv Wnr.l T. b. ISU. 
9. Rev. Charles 7. b. ISIT. 

Bv a suViseqnout wife Dr. Beeclier liud : 

10. Rev. Thomas 7. 

11. Isabelhi 7, m. John Hooker. 

1*^. Rev. 'rhom;is 7, tlie Sailor Preacher. 

Many of Dr. Beeclier's thirteen children attained 
eminence as writers and ministers. 

David Beeclier G, son of Davi.] 5. the blacksmith. \vii\ 

Ch. 1. David Lyman 7, b. Feb. 6, 1S06, lawyer in 
Xew Orleans ; no issue. 
2. Lnther Fitch 7, b. 1813; graditate Yale Col- 
lege, 18-il; Ba})tist cierLryman. Issue by third 
marriage resides in Brookline, Mass. (189S.) 

Isaac Beecher 2, (son of Isaac 1), b. Aug. 8, ]o50, m. 
Joanna, had 

Ch. 1. Isaac 3, b. Oct. 20, 1680, d. 1708. 

2. Ebenezer 3, b. Feb. 24. 16>2. 

3. Samuel 3, b. 1G84. made Will May 2o, 1760. 

4. John 3, bapt. Oct. G, IGSO. 

5. Abigail 3, b. Sej-t. 24. 1G03. 

6. Abiali 3. b. twin wit!) Abigail. Al.igail 3, d. 

Se])t. 27, 1751, aged 58. 
r. Jemima 3, b. Dec. f-i. IGOS. 
8. Joanna o, mentioned m 1728. 

Isaac Beecher 2, b. Aug. 8, 1G50. m. 2d wife Hannah. 

Probate Records, vol. 4. o. 17. I.-aiic Bi-cciier ;». 165i), 
d. 1712. Admr. estate gr;inte(i to Hannah Bcc-lier on 
her bond, May, 1712, vol. 4, [>. 50. Admr. of above 
estate granted to Samuel Beecher. Ijrother of ye sd. 
dec'd, and Hannah Beeclier <iischarged from her bond. 


Agreement was mivlo June 3. 1T12, with the lieirs re- 
specting the distribiuit'U of the estate in presence of 
witnesses. JoiP:pH Pkindle, 


Voh 4, p. 64-, Samuel Buecher exhibited inventory of 
ye sd. estate. Appi'oved house goods, 1 cow, 1 colt, 42 
acres land, farming tools, crops on grijund: i'Tl IS 0. 

The above Ji»seph Prindle, b. June II. 1^63, was 
brother of Phebe Prindle, wife of Eleazur Beeciier, b. 
Aug. S, 1655. Johannii Bcecher b. July 'I, 1GT7. d. 
unmarried. Was daughter of John Bcecher, b. 1645. 
She was 35 years of age. Was niece of Isaac, deceased, 
and Eleazur Beecher. 

Probate Records, vol. 3, p. 138, admn. of estate of 
Isaac Beecher, deed., b. Oct. '20, 16S0, son of Isaac, b. 
Aug. 8, 1650, granted to Johanna Beecher, motlier of 
ye sd. deed. Sworn in Court. Inventory Sept. 16, 
1708. Mansion house with orcharding and home VjX. 3 
acres, 15^ acres in Westtield, six other tracts 55 acres, 
housekeeping goods, cow, heifer, 4 swine, 1 j'ig, 9 
sheep, carts, chains, yokes, rakes, forks, kc: £303 19 6. 
Appraizers sworn. 

Samuel Beecher 3. b. 1684, son of Isaac 2, made Will 
May, 1760. He had by wife Hannah: 

Ch. 1. Samuel 4, b. Aug. 30, 1714. 

2. Rebecca 4, b. Dec. 15, 1715. 

3. Isaac 4, b. - — , 1717. 

4. Jonathan 4. 

5. Amee 4, ni. Johnathan Ailing, Jan. 15, 1746. 

6. Abigail 4. 

7. Hannah 4, ni.^Enos Pardee, May 7, 1752. 


Iq May, IT^'O, Saniuel Biji-cher m;ide Will ap})niiiting 
his wife Hariuili B-'etjUer awl son Isaac B'^ocliei-. extrs. 
of Will, ^^entio^s tiiree sons Samuel, Isaac and John- 
atlian Beecher, and three daughters Amy AUinir. Abigal 
Hitchcock and Hannah Pardee. 

John Beecher 3, son of Isaac •■2, b;ipt. Oct. 6, IGSO, m. 
Elizabeth, daugiiter of Tiiomas and Abigal Barns, 

Ch. 1. Isaac 4, b. ITIG, d. Jan. 18, 1748, m. Mabel 
At water, daughter of Samuel At water, April 
16, 173S. 

2. Abigal 4, b. 1717, m. Dec. 21. 1743, Joseph 

Rowe, b. Oct. 7,, 1718. 

3. Jemima 4. 

4. Experience 4, m. Josepli Beach. 

5. Elizabeth 4, m. Joseph Parker. 

Abigal 4 and Joseph Rowe had : 

Ch. 1. Joseph 5, b. Sept. 27, 1744. 

2. Ebenezer 5, b. Sept. 2, 1748. 

3. Reuben 5, b. June 29, 1750. 

4. Mary 5, b. Jan. 28, 1753. 

5. Eunice 5, b. June 29, 17 55. 

6. Steven 5, b. Jan. 31, 1758. 

Isaac Beecher 4, (son of Samuel 3) b. 1717, m. Mabel 
Hotchkiss, April 6, 1738. 

Ch. 1. Jessie 5, b. April 20, 1741. 

2. David 5, b. Aug. 16, 1743. 

3. Abraham 5, !>. Sept. 17, 1745. 

4. Isaac 5, b. Dec. 13, 1748. 

5. Thomas 5. 
0. Amee 5. 


7. Mabel 5, b. March 9, i:53. 

8. Hezekiah 5, b. July 29, IToo. 

9. Hannah 5, b. , 1757. 

Isaac Beecher 5, b. Dec. 13, 1748, m. Hannah Ball, b. 
Dec. 13, 1753. 

Ch. 1. Philu 6. 

2. David G. 

3. Mary G. b. July 3, 17:5. m. Jan. 1, 1793, John 

Riggs, b. Dec. 22, 1771. 

4. Polly 6. 

5. Thirza 6. 

Isaac 5 made Will dated May 9. 17S9, proven Oct. 19, 
same year, names wife Hannah and brother Hezekiali, 

Samuel Beecher 2, son of Isaac 1, b. Oct. 17, 1052, m. 
July 2, 1G9L Sarah Sherwood. 

Ch. 1. Ruth 3, b. 1G92. 

2. Mary 3, b. Xov. 16, 1693. 

3. Ruth 3, b. 1695. 

4. Sarah 3, b. Sept. 24, 1702. 

Joseph Riggs m. Mabel Johnson Feb. 20. 1739. John 
Riggs, son of Josepii and Mabel, b. April 10, 1T42, 
m. Elizabetli Hawkins. He died June 1^, 1^14. His 
wife d. Oct. 3, 1»15. 

Ch. 1. John, b. Dec. 22, 1771, m. Mary Beecher, dau. 
of Isaac Bccche:-, uf Derby, who m. Hannah 
Ball, b. Dec. 13, i:53. 
2. Mary 6, b. July 3, 1775, m. John Riggs Jan. 1, 

1793. She d. Dec. 11, 1827. 


As this record was nor intended for a full Genealogy 
of the Beeelior Family, we trace no fartlier tlic descend- 
ants of the first four sons of Isaac 1, 1G23, our principal 
interest being centered in the tiftli son, Eleazur, the an- 
cestor of the West Haven Beecliers, whose descendants 
we have traced down to the present time, as- well as our 
limited means of obtaining information would permit. 

Eleazur Beecher '-2, b. April .^, 1655, (son of Isaac, 
b. 16-23,) d. March 2, 17-20. aged Tl. Was early lo- 
cated in West Haven, and m. Ptiebe Prindle Nov. 5. 
167T, dau. of William Prindle. who lived on the west 
side of Main street, near corner of Second Avenue, 
West Haven, (the site is still se^m. L^ss), she was b. 
March 16, 165T : at the age of 20 rn. Eleazur Beecher, 
aged 22. They had 

Ch. 1. Hannali 3, b. June 23, 1679. 

2. Nathaniel 3, b. Jan. 24, lOSl. 

3. Ebenezer 3. b. Dec. 25, 1682. 

4. Eleazur 3, b. April 21, 1686. 

5. Thankful 3, b. March 18, 1689. 

6. Child b. and d. Dec. 31, 1690. 

7. Obedience 3, b. , 1692. 

8. Steven 3, b. May 18, 1695. 

9. Isaac 3, b. April 7, 1698. 

Eleazur Beech^'^r '"?, bought and exchanged with 
Benjamin Bunnell, July 2, 168-4, ten acres of iand in 
that part of West Haven, called West Side Farms, on 
west side of Main street, near corner of Uni-jii streev. 
Bounded on the east by William Prindle, on tlie wcst 
by Peter Mallory, Jr., and nortii by Elm street, and 
south by Main street, in rpniutity ten acres, more or less. 

New Haven Land Ptecords, vol. 1, p. 248. 

Here he built the house in which he lived and died. 


Six cliiklren. siib.-0(iuent to this (hue. were born iiere. 
He afterwards sold six acres of the rear. Ivini'' on Elm 
street. The house was a familiar land-mark, and well 
remembered by its ancient appearance, bt-ino" of olden 
style, and having a large stone chimney in the center. 
The house wa- remove.] in 1>^'J'J, the place having been 
purchased for tlie site of the present Catholic Church 

Will of Eleazur Beecher b. 1655. Probaue Rec- 
ords, vol. 5, page "k^S. At a Court of Probaie lieM in 
Xewhaven, Monday, April 4, IT'^'b Pr'^sti-nt Judge War- 
ham Ma|ther, Joseph Whiting, Clerk. Xatlianiel Bee- 
cher nominated exunr. of tiie last Will and testament oi 
Eleazur Beecher. late of Xewhaven, deceased, exiiibited 
the said instrument in C«'urt and approved for record, 
and said cxutr. accepre'l trust commuted to him before 
this Court. Will. In the name of God x^nien. The 
third day of January, IT'23. I, Eleazur Btecher, of Xew- 
haven, skc, disposes of his property in the foilov.dng 
manner and form. Im})rimis. After just debts and 
funeral expenses are fully paid and satisfied out of my 
movable estate. I give and bequeath to Phebe. my 
dearly beloved wife, all my movable estate of what 
kind or sort soever. 

Item. I give and bequeath unto the child of my 
daughter Obedience, deceased, five siiilling-. I give 
and bequeath unto the three children of my son Eleazur, 
deceased, forty shillings apiece. 1 give and bequeatli 
unto my son Steven Beecher five siiilim^'S. I give and 
bequeath unto my daughter Hannah Clark five -libbngs. 
Having already given to my son Xathaniel forty acres 
of fifth Division Land bv deed in consideration of his 
granting and confirming about seventy acres of land at 
PiluTims Harbor to mv son. Isaac Beccher. I e.-^teem 


that in full of said Isaac Beecber's porrion, and there- 
fore he sliall not demand nor receive any more of my 

I give and bequeath nnto my son Xatbaniel Beecher 
all my real estate, whether housinof. lands or meadows, 
both divided and undivided lands, to him, his lieirs and 
assigns for ever : lie, tlh? said Xatlianiel Beeclier, to take 
care of and afford suitable maintainance to my ijeloved 
wife Phebe, S') Ion:? ^^--^ -be lives or bears my name ; and 
also take into his care and keeping my son Ei^enezer 
Beecher, who I desire may alwavs live with Nathaniel 
so long as he lives. I iiaving given Nathaniel the more 
estate that he may carefully look after that impotent 
child. And my will is tliat if Ebenezer shall survive 
Natlianiel, Nathaniel's estate sliall be at tiie cliarge of 
Ebenezer's maintainance, as the Judge of Probate in 
this county shall direct. Furthermore, 1 do constitute 
and appoint my sd. son Nfithaniel Beecher the sole exe- 
cutor of this my last Will and Testament. In witness 
whereof, I have set my hand and seal in Newiiaven the 
day and year above mentioned. 

Witnesses appeared in Court of Probate April 4. 1T26, 
and made oath to signatures of the above Instrument. 

Nathaniel Beecher, exutr. of Will, exhibited inven- 
tory of sd. estate in Court, which was approved for 

Among articles mentioned besides the usual household 
goods, are two cows, farming tools, and several parcels 
of land, amounting to fifty-one acres. The whole ap- 
prized at £14? 10s. 4d. 

Nathaniel Beecher. Executr. 

Joseph Whiting, Clerk. 

John Smith, ) Apprizers. 

Samuel Can dee, \ ^ '■ 

Probate Records, vol. 5, page 3"-24. 


Haniuih B^^^cher 3, b. June -.'3, ir,:9, m. Daniel Clark, 
(son of John), b. June '^s. 16T7. Had dan. Hannah 
Chirk 4, Mary Clark, Eunice Clark and uther eiiild- 
ren. Duu. Flannali Clark in. May v!n, ITIT, John 
Prindle, b. IG'.U. son of Joseph, b. June 11, l';r.3, 
nephew of Phebe Prindle, '.vife of Pileazur Bceeher. 
Had son, William Prindle, b. June 27, i:i>;. 

Dau. Mary Clark, b. ITll. m. Geor-re Clinton May 2-t, 
1733. She died Feb. •^^, 1737. Had dau. 0!n,<iienee, 
b. March ^S, 1734. Obedience d. June 31, 173S, and 
son David b. 1736. d. Aug. 17, 17-l:-.\ 

George Clinton ni, 2d wife. Anna Hodii^e, Xov. s. 1737. 
The record of Eleazur Beecher and famiiv connections, 

ako his son Isaac and family, is taken principally from 

New Haven Town Records. 

Nathaniel Beecher 3, b. Jan. 24, MSI. d. 1751. His 
wife, Hannah, also d. June 7, 1751. No records are 
found of his family. He had, by wife Han!:;;h, sons 
Nathaniel, Jr., Isaac, Steven, and dau. Justine. Jos- 
tine m. Daniel Bristoll. b. Oct. 15, 1702. seui of 
Daniel Bristoll, b. Mav 4, 1G71, d. May 15. 172^, 
m. Judith, b. 1072, d. July 21, 174G. Natlianiel 
also had dau, m. Royce, and had chil. Samuel and 
Barnabas Royce. J(jlin Brist(/ll, son of Samuel, b. 
Jan. 16, 1703, m. ^[ary Prindle Dec. 21. 1720 ; she 
was b. Feb. 24, 1702. Was dau. of Josepii Prindle 
b. 1603, and was sister to John Prindle wiio m. ^lary 
Clark, dau. of Hannah Beecher Clark. Xatiianiel 
Beecher 3, m. Hannaii Clark, b. April 10, l'''^b, dau. 
of John Clark and -isler of Daniel Clark, b. .^um- 2>-, 
1677, whom. Hannaii Beecher 3, b. 107:i. No Will 
or record of Nathaniel Beecher has been found. His 
widow, Hannah, made Will the day before iier deaiii, 
as is elsewhere recort.ied,. 

2 3 

[Head-stone in West Haven Old Cemetery.] 

Here lies the Body of 


Who died May 15, 1728, 

JE. 57. 


Died July ye 21, 1746. 

m 74. 

The above Daniel Bristol!, b. 1761, had son Daniel, 
b. Oct. 15, 1T0-.3, m. Jostine Chirk, dan. of Hannah 
Beecher Chirk. They had son Daniel Bristoll. h. Sept. 
•-32, i:3(), son David Bristoll, I>. June -^0, 1734, and 
son Benjamin, b. April 26, 1T30. 

Will of Widow Hannah Beecher. John Bri-toll, of 
Xewhaven, exliibited an instrument in Court as :he 
Will of Widow Hannah Beecher, ye sd. witue>ses are 
sworn in Court, and ye sd. same accepted as the ^Vill 
aforesaid for Record. Administration of Will annexed 
to ye sd. John Brist^jll on his bond. We, who.-e names 
are annexed, being at ye House of Hannah Beecher, of 
the parish of West Haven, in Xewhaven, late dec'd. 
On ye 6 day of this June, 1751. the day be-f-/rL- she de- 
parted this life. Heard her declare and say that .-he 
wanted that her daughter Jostine Bristoll sh'>'jl'l have 
her moveable and state forever. She paying ye debts 
and charges, and she, her daughter, should have ye 
said also of all iier lands and meadows during life, and 
then the sd. lands should be to said Samuel and Barnabas 


Royce, two other grand eiiil., and the said widow desires 
them to take notice of it as bier last Will and Testament. 

Jas. Thompson, Geo. Clixto.v, / ^v-.-^^-^ 
Margaret Smith, Eunice Clark, )' -^ '^^'^^^-^*^s. 

Vol. 6, p. 337. 

Hannah Beecher, wife of Nathaniel, b, 16si, d. 
1751, aged 70. 

Nathaniel Beecher, Jr., 4 (son of Nathaniel, b. IP-Sl), 
married wife Abigail. No record of ciiildren. lie made 
will 1762 and gave liis property to brothers and cousins, 
after providing for his wife Abigal. 

Ear marks granted bv Court to Nathaniel, Jr.. April 
2, 1756. 

Widow Abigal Beecher 4 and Brother Isaac Beecher 
4, nominated exrs. in ye last Will and Testament of 
Nathaniel Beecher 4, deed. Exhibite<i in Court, proved 
and accepted for record. Will — I give to my beloved 
wife, Abigal Beecher. the use of one-haif of my house, 
barn and homestead during her natural life. ;.nd the 
remainder of my lot at Whitehounds Hill to be to her 
disposal. I give to my brother, Isaac Beeclier. my lot 
of land at ye said Cove, so called, and also the remainder 
of the lot at Long Hill. Also, an acre and half meadow 
in the Neck, so called, he paying to brother Steven 
Beecher, deed., his heirs and to cousin Eleazur Beecher 
the legacies as I shall iiereafter mention. I 'j-ive to mv 
cousin Isaac Beecher my house and barn and homestead, 
viz.: Half sd. homestead to iiim and his heirs f-jrever, 
and after my wife's decease the whole of sd. iiomestead; 
only to cousin Steven Beecher so much of sd. home--read 
as to sqtuire with cousin Isaac Beecher's hMme-tead, 
about half an acre more or less, which is to be reckoned 
to sd. Steven Beecher, as so much over and aoove his 

I give to C'Mism Srevt^'ii Beecher. Obodienct- Trow- 
bridge, Sas;inr.a Becciier and Marv Brockit five iH.i.inds 
to each of tliLiii. and also to cousin Eleazur Beeciier, of 
Xew Milford. live pounds Con.n. lawful moiicv. Said 
legacies to be paid by Ijruther Isaac within one year after 
my decease. Also. I give cousin Isaac Beecht- r one acre 
salt ineadtjw in Springtield, so called, and wiiat I iiave 
thus given, as above s})eciHed, I give to them and rheir 
heirs forever. 

I appoint my beloved wife Abigal Beecherand brother 
Isaac Beecher to be the executors of tjiis my lasr Will 
and Testament. SiLriied and sealeti tiiis Aug. IT, 1 T62. 
Proven June, 1T68. Witnessed. 

Isaac Beecher exhibited inventory of said dec'd estate 
in Court. 

Household goods, house, barn and homestead, -i acres 
at Long Hill. 1 acre salt meadow. 1-V acres meadow in 
old field, the Cove lot aljout 34 acres and 4 acres. 

Total apprized fUl 8 0. 

July 4, 1TG8. Sam. Sheumax, j . . ^■_^^ 

Isaac Kimhehly. f ' I'T'-'-^^^- 

Ebenezer Beecher 3. b. Dec. '-15, 1682, was an im- 
becile. His father's Will left bim in the care of his 
brotiier Nathaniel. 

Eleazur Beecher 3, Jr., b. April 21. 1G86. married and 
.settled in Milford. Died 1711. aire 2".. Was farmer 
and blacksmith. He haii by wife Elizabeth 3 ciiildren. 

Ch. 1. Jerusha 4, b. i:06. 

2. Eleazur 4, b. 1708. 

3. Phebe 4, b. 1710. 

He died 1711. Made no Will. Court appointed wife 
Elizabeth admx. of the estate and guardian to the three 
minor children and she ofave bonds to Court. 


Eleazur 4, b. ITOS, settled in New Milford and was 
mentioned in Will of his cousin Nathaniel <d 1T»J'^; age 

Probate Records, vol. 3, page 27 7. Admn. of estate 
of Eleazur BeeeherS, granted to widow Elizabetii Beccii- 
er, on her bond witli surety. Inventory takti-n in Mil- 
ford April '2o, ITll, and ap|)roved for record. C-(.)ods. 
clothing, blacksmith tools, 1 horse, 1 hog and land with 
crops and debts due. Apprized £164: 2 3. Ci»urt ap- 
points Elizabeth Beecher guardian to minor children 
and she gave bonds to ye Court. 

No records have been found of Thankful Beecher 3, 
b. March IS, 16S9. 

Obedience Beecher 3, sup. b. UJ92, d. before 1T23. 
Was married and left dau. mentioned m Will of Eleazur 
Beecher 2, 1723. 

Steven Beecher 3, b. May 18, 1695, m. Susannah 
Hale Feb. 25, 1720. He died 17:)0. Left widow, Su- 
sannah, and chil. 1 Susannah 4; 2 Mary 4, m. Brockit: 
3 Obedience 4, b. Jan. 27, 1724, m. Trowbri.lge; 4 Steven, 
Jan. 4, b. March 2, 1725; 5 Isaac 4; G Joseph 4, b. Oct. 
2, 1728. 

Will of Steven Beecher 3, b. :\ray 18, 1695. Son of 
Eleazur 2, b. 1655. Probate Records vol. 7, p. 664. 

Court held August, 1750. Admr. on estate of Steven 
Beecher 3, dec'd, granted to Widow Susanna Beecher 
and to George Clinton of Newhaven in bonds of .t'2<)00. 

Vol. 7, p. 728. 

Admrs. exhibited inventory of estate of Steven 
Beecher, dec'd; accepted by Court and allowed for Rec- 
ord. Inventory includes the usual househohi 2:nods, 
house and barn, and 1^ acres of land. Ail a]ipr,zed at 
X946 17 0. Sworn in Court. 

Vol. 7, p. 732. 


SiL-;inn:i Bft'cher, adnit'x. and Georofe Clinton, adm'r 
on ye said estate of ^Steven Beccher, dec'd. t-xhibited 
dents : 

Charge of funeral expense, and admr's ex- 
pense, ...... £'l'iO 

Allowed Wi'iow for mourning, . . £20 

Provision for family, .... £30 

For hou^e-keel)ing, during life, . . £72 

Making in all, £342 
Whereof land. L^c 604 17 

£946 17 

Isaac BeecherB, b. April T, 1G08, m. Elizabeth Trow- 
bridge, dau. (jf Deacon Thomas, April 23. IT^-"*. 

Feb. 2, 1754, Susanna Beecher. Steven Beecher, Obe- 
dience Bcecher, and Susanna. Jun., all of the parish of 
West Haven, sold to Isaac Beecher, Jan., oi ye said 
parish, all their right and title to i acre of Home lot, 
4 ruila wide, and 10 rods long, running lengtir.vise with 
sd. lot. Bounded south-easterly on ye sd. highway; 
south-westerly on ye sd. homestead of Xathanivl Beecher, 
and on ye sd. north and easterly side wdth lot bclonti-ins: 
to ourselves. Signed, 

SusAXNA Beecher, Stevex Beecher, 
Obedience Beecher Ot Susanna Beecher, Jr. 

New Haven Lund liecurds, vol. 18, p. 331. 

This is inserted tt.^ prove several points in the history 
of the Beecher Family. 



William Prindle m. Mary Disburrow Dec. 7, 1605. 
Ch. 1 Phebe, b. March 16, 1657, m. Eleazur Beeciier 
Nov. 5, 1677.^ ^'^^^4.;bt>ofr-^"''.o« 








Job I], b. Oct. 5. 1G5S. 

M;iry. b. March 5», 1600. 

Ebenezer, b. Sept. 10. 1G61. 

Jose]>hj b. June 11. 1603, d. ^^larcii IS, IT'^S. 

Jonathan, h. June 7, 1605, d. June. 166?. 

Sarah, b. Oct: 16. 1660. 

Samuel, b. April 15. 1068. 

Eleazur, b. June T. 1600. 

Hannah, b. March 10. 1671. 

Joanna, b. Feb. 2, 10:2. d. July 23, 1073. 

March s. 1660, m. John Roech Jiin. 

Mary Prindle. 

23, 1683. 
Joseph Prindle, b. June 11, 1663. ni. Mary Brown 

Aug. 19, 1086. 

Ch. 1. John. b. about 1601. 

Samuel, b. Nov. 11, 1693. 
Joel, b. Jan. '^iS, 1690. 
Hepsibah,dau. o. May 15. 1698. 
Mary, b. Feb. 1, 1702. 
Joseph, Jr., b. March 7, 1704. 

John, b. 1691, m. Hannah Clark 4, Mav 28. 1717. 

dan. of Hannah (Beecher) Clark o. 
Ch. William Prindle, b. June 27, 1718. 

Samuel Prindle, b. Nov. 11, 1693. m. Mary Smith. 
April 24, 1718. 

Ch. Hester, b. Feb. 1, 1719. 

Joel Prindle, b. Jan. 28, 1696, m. Jemima Beuham 
Oct. 15, 1718. 

Ch. 1. William, b. Oct. 2, 1719. 
2. Joel, b. Jan. 16. 1^26. 


Mary Prindle, b. Feb. 1, 1702, m. John Bristol], Jr., 
Dec. 21, i:2ij. 

Joseph Prindle. Jr., b. March 7, 1704, m. Elizabeth 
Thomas, July 27, 1727. 

Ch. 1. Betty, b. Oct. 17, 1728. 

2. Elizabeth, b. Aug. 9, 1730. 

3. Joseph, b. Feb. 14. 1732. 

4. Charles, b. March 19, 1734. 

5. Asahel, b. Oct. 27, 173G. 

6. Mary, b. May 10, 1742. 

7. Elijah, b. April 2, 1744. 

8. Steven, b. Dec. 27, 1746. 


The Axcestoks of Elizabeth, wife of Isaac 
Beecheh, and Mary, wife of John Beecher. 

William Trowbridge, the first, b. m England, rn._ Eliza- 
beth Sellivant, March, 1657. '^-- - ,', xo - ^• 

Ch. 1. Capt. William, b. Nov. 12, 1657. 

2. Thomas, b. Oct. 2, 1659. 

3. Elizabeth, b. Jan. 5, IGOl. 

4. James, b. March 26, 1664. 

Capt. William, b. Nov. 12, 1657, m. Thankful Stow, 
dan. of Rev. Samuel Stow, of Middletown. She was 
b. May 5, 1654. 

Ch. 1. Thankful, b. Sept. 25, 1687. 

2. Experience, b. May 25, 1690. 

3. Abigal, b. Nov. 4,"^ 1693. 

Thomas, b. Oct. 2, 1659, m. Abigal Beardsley, May 26, 
1684. He was the first deacon of the Church in West 


Haven, where he resided, until his death, in 1750, 
aged 91. 

Ch. 1. Abigal. b. April 8, 1695. 

2. Lydia, b. Dec. 16, IGOT. 

3. William, b. April 14, 1700. 

4. Ebenezer, b. July '^5, 1702. 

5. Elizabeth, b. April 23. 1705. 


Elizabeth Trowbriilge, b. Jan. 5, 1661. sister to Deaco]i 
Thomas, m. Peter Mallory. Jr., of Xew Haven, Mav 
27, 16^8. and had twelve chihiren. Resided on Main 
street, West Haven, next to and land bounded un the 
east by Eleazur Beech er. 

■,' Abigal Trowl)ridge, b. April s. 1695. m. son of Peter 

Lydia, dau. <»f Thomas and Abigal. b. Dec. 16, 1G97. m. 
James Parker. X<> record of children has been found. 

William Trowljridge, S')n of Thomas and Abigal, b. 
April 4, iruO, m., Jan. IS, 1724, Mehitable Blakesley. 

Ch. 1. William, b. June 13. 1725. 

2. Mehitable, b. Jan. 13, 1727-8, m. Titus Smith 

Jan. IS, 1744. 

3. Elizabeth, b. Xov. 16, 1731. 

4. Abigal, b. Juno 4. 1734. 

Ebenezer Trcwbridge. son of Thomas and Abigal, 1). 
July 25, 1702, m. Hannali Brown Feb. 9, 1725-6. 

Ch. Three — Hannah, E'oenezer and Sarah. 

Elizabeth Trowbridge, b. April 23, 1705, m. Isaac 
Beecher March 17, 1726. 
Record of children elsewhere. 


Xo records of Mary Tr(:»wbridge. wife of Jolm Betciier. 
have been found. It is lielieved she was a daugiiter of 
one of the descendants of Deacon Tiionias Trowbridge's 
family, who, perliaps. married <)})edience Beecher in 
1744. b. in West Haven, Jan. 2:, 1724-. 

Dau. Mary. b. lT-4."<. m. John Beecher. 1766. .Moved 
to Southbury in IV^'-l : died at the home of her son. 
David, in iS'-27, aged 8*2 years. 

Probate Records. voL 7, page 644. 

1st Monday, August. 1750, Wm. Trowbridge and 
E'oenezer Tr(:'wbridge, exrs. of ye hi-t will of sd. Dea. 
Thomas, deed., presented will in Court, accepted and 
approved for Record. 

In which he desires, as he is old and infirm, his chil- 
dren shall be allowed the cost uf })roviding and curinz 
for him. He desires that ail of iiis movable effccrs be 
divided between my two daugluers, after my wife".- 'ie- 

He also desires that all the remainder of Ids estate, 
including £*iO for a lot I sold at Shingle Hill, be dividt-d 
into seven }jarts. 

Two-sevens to each of his sons, Wm. and Ebenezer, 
the other three parts to be divided equally between my 
daugliters Abigal Mallory, Lydia Parker and ye heirs of 
Elizabeth, deceased.^ Names his two >ons executors of 
his will. 



Isaac Beecher 3 (son of Eleazur '-3). born in West Haven, 
April 7, 1G08, died in West Haven. The b.-U tolled 
for his deatli April 14. 17^4, aged S6 : m. his first 
wife, Elizabeth ( Bi.;ai.4--res ) Trowi)ridge, 'iau. of Dea. 
Thomas, March 17. 1726. She was b. April -I'd, 1705. 

Ch. 1. Isaac 4, b. Jan. S, 1727. 

2. Elizabeth 4, b. Sept. 1^, 1720. 

3 2 

3. Eleazur4, h. Feb. 17, 1731, d. July 27, 1746, 
aged 15. 

Elizabeth, first wife, d. sup. 1732. Isaac Beecher m. 
Jan. 11, 173S, second wife, Thankful Biakeslee, b. 1705, 
d. Jan. U, 1786. 

Ch. 4. Thankful 4, b. Xov. 11, 1738, m. Reed. 

5. Desire 4, b. su}). 1740. m. Beubam. 

6. John 4, b. Sept. 26, 1744. 

7. Phebe 4, b. twin with John. 

Isaac's wife, Thankful Biakeslee, died Jan. 14. 1786. 
aged 81. Dan. Elizabeth, m. Clinton ; dau. Phebe 4, 
m. Northrup ; dau. Thankful 4, m. lieed. 

Isaac Beecher 3, owned homestead containing S acres 
of land, situated on what is known as Ward's Corner on 
cor. of Elm street and Campbell avenue. West Haven. 
Here he lived and died. 

Isaac 3 made will duly signed March 12, 17T0. and 
appointed his two sons, Isaac Beecher and Jolm Beecher, 
the executors of his last will and testament. 

Will of Isaac Beecher of West Haven. Probati* Rec- 
ords, vol. 14, pages 281, 282 and 313. Date of Will 
March 12, 1770. John Beecher, one of the exrs. of the 
last Will and Testament of Isaac Beecher, late of ^'ew- 
haven, deed., exhibited sd. instrument in Court. One 
of the witnesses to which being sworn before this Court, 
the other before Daniel Lyman, Esq., the same is ac- 
cepted and ap])roved for Record : sd. exrs. accepts sd. 
trust and has given bonds accordingly. 

Will of Isaac Beecher of West Haven. In the name 
of God. Amen. 

I, Isaac Beecher of Xewhaven, in the County of New- 


haven, Colony of Connecticut, over twcTity-one years, 
in usual healtii and sound of mind and memory. Yet 
sensible of my own mortality and that it is ;ii>viointed to 
man once to die, do think it my duty to st.-t my house 
in order by ])rincipally and tirst of all I siv.j and rec- 
ommend my soul to God, who irave it. and my body to 
the earth in decent Ciiristian burial, at the discretion of 
my esrs. hereinafter named, and my worldly t-state that 
I may die possessed of, after my debts, charges of fun- 
eral and chariTL-s of executing tiiis my last Will are duly 
paid, I dispose as follows : 


I give and bequeath to my dear and loving wife. 
Thankful Beecher, during her natural life, tlie use and 
improvement of the house and homestead where I li^e. 
being the one-half of the house and one-half of the lot. 
sd. half containing four acres ; having before given to 
my sou, John Beecher, the other half said house and lot 
by deed. 

I also give to my sd. wife all my movable or iiersonai 
estate after the debts, charges and legacies hereafter 
named are tirst ])aid out of it, to her and to him forever. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my loving son, Isaac 
Beecher, the sum of five pounds lawful money, wliich. 
with what 1 have given him, is in full of his portion of 
my estate. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my four daughters. 
Elizabeth Clinton, Desire Benham, Thankful lieed and 
Phebe Northrop, twenty shillings lawful money (that is 
to say), to each of my said daughters five shiiiiiigs lau'- 
ful money, with wliat tiiey iiave already had in full of 
their portion of my estate. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my son, Joiiu Beecher, 
to his heirs and assigns forever, all tiie real estate that I 


shall die possessed of : lie not disturbing his mother in 
her improvement as above. 

Item. I nominate, constitute and appoint my said 
two sons, Isaac Beecher and John J5eecher, the exis. of 
my last will and testamenr. And in confirmation that 
this my last will and testament. I have hereunto set my 
hand and seal this 12th day of March. Anno Domino 
1T?0, and in the tenth year of the reign of George, the 
third king, and signed, sealed, pronounced and delivered 
by Isaac, the testator, in presence of us wit- 
nesses, all signing in the presence of the testator and in 
presence of each other. 

John" Whiting. Caleb Ford, 
Martha Ford. 
Will recorded 1770. Executed 1784. Probate Rec- 
ords, vol. 14, page 313, 3T1. 

John Beecher, extr. of n\e last will and testament of 
Isaac Beecher, late of New Haven, deed., exhibited an 
inventory of sd. deed, estate, the same is accepted and 
approved for Record. An inventory of the estate of 
Isaac Beecher, late of Newhaven, deed., taken and ap- 
proved by us the subscribers underneath. 
4 acres land, bemg half the home lot, 6 per 

acre, ..... Lbs. 20 

12 at the Cove, 6 per acre, ... 36 

12 Dry Cattle Swamp, 36 . . 18 

1 acre salt meadow at the head uf tiie Cove, 5 

1^ diked meadow, . . • . 5 

And movable estate as on file, . . 8 11 

Lbs. 92 11 
John Beecher. 
Sworn in Court. 

Attest, Wm. Joseph Whiting. Clt-rk. 
Silas Kimberly, Samuel Candee. 

I ■" /•■ -;■ '• ' •■■*"' 35 

Isaac Beecher 4, b. Jan. S, 1727, called Ca{)t., (son of 
Isaac 3, b. April 7, I'-OS) died Oct. 16, lSl-4, age 88, 
m. Feb. U, 1751, Esther Hodge, b. 1729, d. Feb. 27. 
1S02, age 73. Children tive daughters. 

Ch. 1. Esther, b. March 7, 1752. 

2. Sarah, b. Sept. 29, 1753, m. Merrdls. d. I.sl2. 

3. Elizabeth, b. 1755, m. Jeremiah Smith, b. 1743, 

d. 1834. 

4. Ame, b. 1758, d. 1836 ; unm. 

5. Lois, b. 17G0, m. Joseph Prindle, great-grand- 

son of Joseph, b. June 11, 1663, (brother of 
Phebe Beecher). m. Mary Brown, Aug. 19, 
1686, and grand-son of Juseph, .Jim., b. 
March 7, 1704, m. Elizabeth Thomas, July 
27, 1727, and son of Joseph, b. Feb. 14. i:32. 

John Beecher 4, b. Sept. 26, 1744, (son of Isaac 3). d. 
Nov. 3, 1786, m. 1766, Mary Trowbridge, b. 1745. d. 
in Southbury, ls27, aged 82. Children born in West 

Ch. 1. Nathaniel 5, b. 1767, d. March 27, 1827. 

2. Ezra, 5, b. 1768, d. Dec. 14, 1820. 

3. Mary 5, b. 1770, d. Oct 1, 1800. 

4. John 5. b. 1772, d. unknown. 

5. Alanson 5, b. 1775, d. May 3. 1860. 

6. Thankful 5, b. 1778, d. April 15, 187J. 

7. David 5, b. 1782, d. May 3. ls49. 

8. Isaac 5, b. Feb. 8, 1787, d. May 8, 1792. 

John Beecher 4, d. Nov. 3, 1786, leaving widow Mary 
and eight children. Isaac 5, b. three months after 
death of father. 
Children of John and Mary Trowbridge Beecher b-.-rn 

in West Haven. 


Ch. 1. Nuthaniel 5, b. ITGT, d. ^[;l^ch 2r. IS-J?. m. 
1TS6, Dinah Smith of West tluvt-n, h. 1>J7. 
d. in Soutlibury, Xov. 23, ls39. 

2. Ezra, o, b. ITGs. d. Dec. 14. ls2n, ni. Oct. -^3, 

1790, Betsy White, dau. of Samuel White, 
resided on Chapel street, near York, oj^pusiie 
residence of President Dagi^ett of Yale Col- 
lege. She was b. 1T69. d. in Southburv, 
June 12, 1843. 

3. Mary 5, b. ITT*.', d. Oct. 1, ISOO, m. in West 

Haven, Nov. 26, i:>9. Truman BristoJl, 2 
children were born in Southbury. Leavitt and 
Cyrus Bristoll : 2 others died in infcHiry. 

4. John 5, b. 1TT2, moved to Southl'ury 1792 ; no 

record of marriage or death. 

5. Alanson 5. b. 1T75, d. ^lay 3, isfjo, m. Ai)rii 3, 

18U0, in Southbury, Anna Booth, b. (Jet. 3, 
17T9, dau. and third child of Elijali and 
Anna Hinman Booth, m. Oct. 14. 1772. 

6. Thankful 5, b. Sept. l.j, 177S, d. in Ohio, 

April 15, ls71, jiged 93, m. J<jhn Wheeler, 
Oct. 3, 1S04. He was born 1775. died I>«46. 

7. David 5, b. 17'S2, d. in Southbury, May 3, 1849, 

m. Rachel, b. 1785, d. March 7, 1S45. 

8. Isaac 5, b. Feb. 8, 17.^7, d. May 8, 1792. 

John Beecher 4, d. Xov. 3, 1786. Made no will. His 
estate was settled according to law. 

Probate Records, vol. 15, p. 154. Court appointed 
"Widow Mary*' admx. on estate of John Beeciier, late 
of West Haven, deceased. 

Probate Records, vol. 15, p. 206. Court of Probate 
held in X'ewhaven, in said district, on ve sd. 7 dav of 
April, 1788. Mary Beecher, ad rax. on ye sd. estate of 


John Beeciior. deceased, exiiibite'I liu amount <)Z debts 
due from sd. estate am^nnitin^ to ;>s 10s. -U}. 

Probate Records, vol. 1*J. pairn 101. Inventory <_)! John 
Beeeher's estate, reeeiv-d f^r Record Xov, o, ITST, Silas 
Kimberly and Samuel Candee, anin-izers. Arrionir the 
items enumerated are : <.'ne st^-tt cooper's tools. I pr. 
oxen, 1 cart, 1'2 chains, 1 licu'-e. "-3 cows, 1-3'-;! part sh^op 
Bachelor, dvveliin2"-lioase. barn. coo[)er's shop. T piarcels 
land amountins' to 54 acres. All apprizt.^'! at fi'j^ 10 (». 
Apprizers api 'eared audi sw'.u'n in C':>urf before Justice 
peace Xemiah Smitii. 

Mary Bef.cher. J^hnj^ 

Sworn m Court. 

Test, Wm. J. Whitixg. C/erk, 

Probate Recordis. vol. 15. p •-2:3T. Xov., i;SS. Marv 
Beecher. admx. <jf estate of .John Beecijer. late of Xew- 
haven, deed., exhibited an account of ye sd. sale of nine 
acres and -iO rods of land in- ye sd. Court to Silas Kim- 
berly for :2T lbs. 17s. 9d. accordiinir to order of Criurt ve 
sd. residue of ye said estate, amuunting to f Ito "J 3. 
This Court is to be divided according to law among ye 
sd. S children of ye sd. deed: a double share to ye eM-.-st 
son, and a single share to each other child : hrst scenic 
out to ye sd. widow 0.^ lbs., being one-third part of riie 
real estate. 

Ye sd. deed, died possessed of, which v/ill yield to ye 
eldest son 2-1 H^s. G and to eacb other ctiild l-l lbs. 3. 
Freeholders are Deacon Xathan Smith, Cajit. Sam 
Candee and Capt. Silas Kimberly. Sworn and retiirn oi* 
their doings to this Court. 

Final distribution was ma<ie and recorded Dec. 20, 
1790. The v/idow was to have half tiie house at West 
End, the l)arn and 10 acres of land at We^tdeld. Xa- 
tlianiei to have the coo})er's shop and a double share and 


tlie other children a single share each ami a right in the 
house. One-cliirty-second ui the sloop Bacht'lor be- 
longed to tlie estate. The land distributed among uie 
eight children. 

Apprizers made oath before justice to the distribution 
as above. 

The apprizers iji surveying the land found three acres 
more which, being adde<l to the estate, yielded to the 
wido^' ^[ary £60 16 0, and to each of the children re- 
ceiving a single share £12 S 6, and a double share to 
the eldest son, t24: 16 G. 

Probate Records, vol. h'r'. })age218. VTe the suliscrib- 

ers made oath to the distribution of the estate before 

Xemiah Smith, Justice ',/ Fi'fce. 

Samuel (Jandee. 

Silas KiMBEr:LT. 

Xewhaven, Dec. 20. 1700. 

The seven parcels of land in inventory were: 
7 acres land in Home lot. 



at the Cove, 
in Westtield; 
dry cattle swamp, 
in the Old Field, 
salt meadow. Cove, 
dike meadow, 

"3^/ part of Sloop Bachelor, 
House, barn, cooper's shop. 
Rights in house and goods, 

Lbs. 24 



















Ezra Beecber. John Beecher, Xathaniel Beecher. 
Mollv Beecher Bnstull, and Truman Brisroll. all of 
Soutlibury, for valuable consideration, sold to Henry 
Ward their interests in their share of the h<:»mestt'ad. 
set to them by the distributors of the estate of John 
Beecher, deed. Also, tiie dowry set to widuw Mary 
Be(?cher, half of dwelling-liouse and half of barn, set oil 
to Marv Beecher as part of her dowry in ye sd. estate of 
John BeechL-r, all sold to Henry Ward. 

Ezra Beecher. John Beecher. Nathaniel Beecher. 
Molly BeechL-r Bristoll, and Trunum Bristoil, <vi their 
hand and seal this July 20, l?.i5. Xewhaven land rec- 
ords, vol. 44. pacre l^O. 

Newhaven land records, vol. 44. page 139. John 
Beecher of S<juthbury gave to Henry Ward deed of laud 
Iving in West Haven, the canuj being bis part of the 
homestead, belonging to his father, John Beeche]-';; es- 
tate, which was set to him in the distribution of sd. es- 
tate. Deed from John Beecher to Henry Ward, signed 
July 22, 1795. 

Edward H in man. Justice o/ Feacr. 

Aug. 22, 1795. 

Soon after the settlement of the estate, as above, we 
find the widow ^Mary Beecher and her family removed 
to the jjleasant villiage of Southbury, as is shown by tiie 
record of deeds and other records. In 1195 Xatiianiel 
Beecher, Ezra Beecher, Molly Beecher Bristoll, John 
Beecher and Truman Bristol', all of Southbury, sold 
their interest in the old homestead on WartT.t Coi'uer, 
corner of Elm street and Campbell ave., West Haven, 
to Henrv Ward. 


The''followiiig Rt^curJs are taken from Grave St-'iies 
in West^Haveii Old Cemetery : 

Here lieth the Body of 


Who died Mch. ye 2nd, 1726. 

Aged 71 years. 


Who died Oct. 26th. 1814. 

Aged 88 years. 

Also his wife 


Who died Feb. 27th, 1802. 

Aged 73 years. 

The above Capt. Isaac Beechcr was son of Issac b. 1608, 
and Elizabeth Trowbridge, b. April 23, 1705, m. March 

17, 1726. 

In Memory of 


Who departed this life Nov. 3. 1786. 

Aged 42 years. 

The sweet remembrance of the just. 
Like incense rises from the dust. 

The above John Beecher was the son of Isaac and 2nd 
wife Thankful Blakeslee. and was Father of the* South- 
bury Beecher families. 


In Memory of 

Son of 


Who died May 8, 1792. 

Aged 5 years and 3 months. 

Sleep my dear child, 

And take your rest, 
God calls you home, 

Because he thought best. 


Daughter of DANIEL HODGE. 

Died Sept. ye 20, 1745. 

Aged 11 Years. 

Niece of Esther Flodge, wife of Capt. Isaac Bt-echer. 

Here lieth ye body of 


Who died Feb. 21, 1726. 

Aged 34 years. 

The above Joel Prindle was Grandson of William and 
Xepliew of Phebe Prindle, wife of Eliezur Beerher. 

No Stone marks the last restiu.s' place of Isaac, b. 
1698, or of his two wives, Elizabeth Trowl-ridi'-e and 
Thankful Blakeslee. 


Here lies ye body of 
MRS. MARY ye Wife of 

Died Feb. 28, 1737. 

Aged 26 years. 

The above Mary Clinton was daughter of Hannah 
Beecher Chirk. 


Daughter of 
Died Jan. ye 31, 1738. 
Aged 5 years. 


Son of 
Died August ye 17, 1742. 
Aged 6 years. 



March 15, 1836. 

Aged 78. 




Dec. 1842, m 88. 

The tu'o above are daughters <jf Capt. Isaac Beecher 
and Esther Hodge. Ame d. unmarried. 


to the memory of 


Who died 

July 19, 1834. 

2E 91. 

Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord. 

The above m. Elizabeth Beecher, dau. of Capt. Isaac. 

Here lies ye Body of 

Who died March ye 3, 1719. 
Aged 87 years. 



October 16, 1712. 

Aged 47 years. 



Son of 


Died Sept. 24, 1712. 

Aged 19 years. 

May 13, 1712. 
Aged 30 years. 

John Clark, b. 1632, d. Marcli 3, 1719 ; had son 
Samuel, b. Aug. 2u, 16G5, d. Oct. 16. 1712. Also dau. 
Mary, b. July 19. 1674. Son Daniel, b. June 28, 16?:. 
Son Benjamin, b. June 11, 1682. 

Samuel had son Samuel, b. March 23, 1694, d. Sept. 
24, 1712. Also son John, b. Jan. 16, 1703. Also dau. 
Hannah, b. Aug. 9, 1704. 

Daniel, b. June 28, 1677, m. Ilannah Beecher, b. June 
23, 1679. Had dau. Mary, b. June 11, 1711, m. Geo. 
Clinton May 24, 1733. 

Copy of Head-Stones in White Oak Cemetery : 



March 27, 1827. 

m 60. 



his wife, 

Died Nov. 23, 1839. 

^ 72. 


December 14, 1820. 
Aged 52. 


Wife of 


Died June 12, 1843. 

Aged 74. 



June 2, 1860. 

m 83. 



Wife of 



October 15, 1820. 

m 41. 



February 12, 1864. 

^ 7L. 


Wife of 


Died April 5, 1869. 

iE 79. 



May 30, 1843. 

iE 57. 



Wife of DAVID, 

Died March 7, 1845. 

Ag-ed 60. 


Son of 


Died Sept. 24, 1820. 

Aged 6 years, 2 months & 24 days. 


August 4, 1821 
January 6, 1895 



December 28, 1869. 

Aged 56. 



December 30, 1869. 

Aged 67. 


His Wife, 
Died March 29, 1874. 
Aged 71. 



February 23. 1881. 

Aged 58. 

His Wife, 
Died August 10, 1894. 
Aged 70. 


Died October 8, 1882. 
Aged 81. 




July 16, 1853. 

Aged 48. 


The Territory of Ancient \\'oodburv was called Poni- 
peraug, that being the name of the Chief and Tribe lo- 
cated in this valley. In the sprinij; of 1673 a company 
of tiftten families left Stratford to explore and .-:eek: a 
new home in the wilderness. 

The first com}>any of explorers tvum Stratford to lo- 
•eate a new site for a [plantation followed up the (ireat 
River (Housatonie) to the intersection of the P-nnper- 
aug. A few miles up that stream they found a large 
open })lain. They reached uhe Pomperaiig vailey. ana at 
the close of one day s})ent in ex})lori!iir, foundi rliemselves 
in that }Hjrtion of th.e valley afterward called Widte 
Oak, fr(»m their having encamped for the niiriu under 
the branches of a lame oak tree. 

This tree stenxl about eighty rods east of the river, 
near the junction of the Old P^ield Roa'i. and on a. cor- 
ner of the Mitcliell larj«_l. 

This tree fell down in the year 1S08. Tlie main srreet, 
from the Housar^jfuc through Southburyand W'tO'liiurv. 
was located on the t)ld Indian trail running tlirieiLii! riiis 
section, and was used by the first settlers in journey in.g 
from Stratford to Woodbury. 

Mary, widow of John Beecher, and her family of 
children, moved from West Haven where they wereiiorn.. 
to that portion of vSoutiibury ealled Wiiite Oak. -oon 
after the settlement of tlie estate in 1700, an<i hK-aied nn 
the west side of a very broad street, a few i-ods -outh ot 
the White Oak District Schoolhouse, and about ei^iity 
rods south of the memorable White Oak. This i)i.-tr!ct 
Schooltiouse was where riie de.-e-eiu]ant^ of tlie iJee'-iter 
families received their lirst school education. 

In the boyhood days of the writer, there were six 
houses occupied by the Beecher families and their de- 


cendants, extendin;^ about one hundred rods on the main 
street and on either side of the White Oak Sehooihouae. 
This schoolhouse was hjcated directly in front nfthe 
First Church built in Southbury. A schooliiouse now 
(1898) occupies the irround on whitdi tlie First Church 
fornierly stood. The Ezra Beeeher home was located 
about fifteen rods distant and nearest to liie school- 
house on the south side. Close by its side was a idack- 
smitli shop, which inclines to the belief that he. like 
others of his name, was a blacksmith. This siiop was 
removed about the year 1825. Ezra d. Dee. 14. 18"i0. 
-His eldest daucrhter, Jane, b. June 13. 1702, m. .Sept. 
IG, 1811, Reuben Hughes. He bought and occupied 
the adjoining house about four rods distant on thf --^uth 
side. Here a large majority of his twelve children were 

The Xathaniel J3eecher homestead was situated about 
ten rods south of the Hughes' place, and, like the other 
Beeeher homes, were on the west side of riie street, ex- 
cept the David Beeeher house, about twenty rods farther 
to the south. 

Close by the side of the Xathaidei Beeeher iiouse was 
a cooper's shop. His father, John, died in West Haven, 
1786, and the distributors of the estate gave him the 
cooper's shop owne<l by the estate. After Iris removal 
to Southbury lie continued in tlx* cooper business. The 
writer, then a boy, has seen him working at his trade of 
getting uj) barrels in his shop. Me died in L>27. His 
wife, although afflicted with asthma, survived her hus- 
band 12 years, and died in 1839. 

The writer visited her often and entertaint-d iisr by 
readings principally from the Bible. 

David Beeeher was like the blacksmith David, a man 
of eccentric character. He lived in the mu-i soutiierly 


of the Beecher lionies on rlie mam street. He was a 
shoemaker and also sexton of the Congregational eiiureh; 
and for many years tolled the bell for deaths, funerals, 
and on all occasions which called for its use. Ir was a 
pleasure for the writer, wlien a boy. to stand in the old 
stee])le and see him pull down the bell rope. 

He was precentor ac all religious conference m-etings, 
and was, like many other members of that f^iniily, a 
musician of more than ordinary ability. 

After the removal to Southbury. widow ^lary (Trow- 
bridge) Beeclier nuide her hom.e princi}>ally wir'n iier sou 
David, and died in that home in 1S'-2T, aged ^:2 years. 

Meritt Beecher 6, son of David 5. oorn July -3. ISl'i, 
was also a shoeuuiker and an expert drummer. Ir was 
the fortune of the writer to reside about three years in 
the adjoining house of John Moseley, and conse;uentlv 
his expert manipulations on the drum are vividly re- 

The home of Alanson Beec-her 5. was located about 
fifteen rods north of the White Oak Schooihoujr. un the 
road diverging from the main street, near where stood 
the famous White Oak, running in the rear of tlie sciiooi- 
house to the old fields. 

Subsequently Cyrus 6, son of Alanson 5, bought a 
house on tlie Old FieM road in the rear of the Hughes 
place, where he lived and died without issue. 
, Also, Xathaniel 0, son of Xatiianiel 5, bougnr house 
on main street at the junction of Old Field road, close 
by where stood the famous Oak Tree, where he lived 
and died. 

We have traced this renowned Beecher familv from 
Isaac, bom 1G23, and his son Eleazur, born April s. 
1G55, down the line of West Haven Beecliers to tlie re- 

5 2 

moval of Juliii Bcocher's family ro Soiitiiburv m Ku-2. 
and also to ulie present generation as well as imperfect 
records permit. 

Xathaniel Beeeher 5, the eldest s>ni of J<,hn B,.eelier 
4, was b. in West Ilaven, IM;, d. March vit. ]>■.??. 
m. 1?S(3, Dinah Smiiii «)i We.-t Haven. !j. l]'>u. d. in 
Southbury, Nov. vJij, 1S39. 

/Ch. 1. Lewis 0, b. in West Haven. Sept. T. IT.^T. 

2. Sibilla 6. b. in Wesr Havt-n, ITSO. 

3. JADian »j, b. in Wc-t Haven, De'_-. IS. 1T91. 

4. Nathaniel 6. b. in SoutiiiMirv. ]?'.)•<!. 

5. Ransom (J, b. in Soiulibury, .Mav 15, 1T'.4. 

6. Gratia C, b. in Suuriibiiry, April .'-4. ITDT. 
?. Sherman 6, b. in Southburv, June 1-3. ITO'.'. 

8. William 6, b. in S<_)Uthl.)urv, Jan. '^4. l>'j.3. 

9. Smith G, b. in Soutiiburv, l>uS. 

Lewis Beeeher f5. b. Sept. T. 1 ?.•>:, d. Oct. ■'^, l>oG. in 
Seymour, Conn., m. Julv 15, Isln, Martha Peck of 
Newtown, Conu., dau. of Nathan and Hnldah Fa- 
brirpie Peck, b. April 23, i:9i2, d. Aug. T. lS3.i. 
Children born in Southbury : 

Ch. 1. Lewis Lyrou Beeeher T. b. Fel). •■3T, 1^12. (|. 
Oct. 5, 1864. m. April 14, 1833, Pully Marie 
Fairchild of Newtown, Conn., dau. eif Cvrus 
and Damanus B(^tsford Fairchild, i). Sept. 
IG, 1814, d. Sept. G. 1891. 

He located in New ILiven, was a noted musician and 
a member of several musical organizatifjns, and with the 
writer, a member of '^d Company Gov. Foot (ruards 
band in 1838. 

2. Sarah Marie Beeeher 7. b. Oct. 2, 1814, ^1. July 
• J 4, 1843,' m. 184U, Horace Bartholomew of 
New Haven. 


Ch 1. Louis Beecher 8, h. Ang. U, Is^l, d. in 
Civil War. 
2. Russell Xortoii 8, b. Juik^ 1. 1S43, .1, June 
11, 1889. 

3. Henry Beers Beecher T, b. Sepr. 5, 1816, d. 

Sept. •^4, isSO, m. Sepr. -y^. l^l*', Betsy 
Ann, dan. of Isaac and Ann Gilbert White, 
d. Feb. ^rS, Ib'rL 

Ch. 1. Ann Angoulene 8. b. Sept. 'io, 1843. ni, 
Wni. W. Joy of Xewmarket, X. II.. b. 
March 10, 1638. ni. Oct. 3. l>o5. 

Ch. 1. Frederick BL-echer Joy 0. b. Jan. 1, 1869. 
2. Wm. Henry Joy 9, b. X'ov. 10, 1870. 

2. Frank Henry Beecher 8, b. Jan. ■-32. 18-45, 

m. Ellen Thonipson. 

3. Mary Eliza Beecher n. b. Jan. 3, 1819. m. 

May 17. 1871, Shekien Tucker or Sey- 
mour, b. Jan. 11, 1S44, d. Sept. 22, 1^83 : 
no issue. 

Henry Beers Beecher, 7. m. 2d wife, Fel*. 3, 1856, 
Mary Jane Fairchild (jf Oxford, dau. '^f 
Ebenezer and Sarah Candee Fairchild, b. 
Feb. 1, 1835. 

Ch. 1. Henry Beers Bt-echer 8, b. April 24, 1867, 
d. Aug. 4, 1869. 

4. Ann Eliza 7, b. Oct. 13, 1819, d. Xov. 19, 


5. Eliza Ann 7. b. Jan. 18, 1822, d. Xov. 22. 

1894, m. Dec, 6, 184<), Russell W. X<.rton of 
Berlin, Conn.; no issue. 


6. Mary Elizabeth 7, b. Oct. 0, 1S24, d. Jan. 24. 

c^ f^ 1. ^ Mary Jane T, b. Mary .30. 1S27, m. June 8. 

^C^^^tol. ^''^"'^* ^^"^- ^- ^'-^^'^'^ '^^' ^'^'^ Haddam. 
5..>>^Ka!'^-''~''><^ Conn., b. Marcti 14, 182-2, d. Feb. 14, 1883. 

^— ^^"^'^^Ti': 1. Frederick Acley Fowler 8. b. Feb. 20. 
5.J^>^^^ ^g_^^^ ^^^ ^^^ '^ , ^^^..^ Marv Elizabeth 

- • ,.^^ . -J -^ .^ , Root of New Haven, dau. of Ciias. atid 

♦ - \ ',^-\^ \;^J^;j^ .^oph]a Pvoor, b. Feb. 14, 1852. 

-'^^'f^.'^'^' 1- Cliarles Root 9. b. June 22. 18Tf;. 
J->jLW\^^,.^:ij^^_ Frederick Henry Beecher 9,, b. .Alarch 3, 

^•^qV"^"^' Prof. F. A. Fowler 8, descended from a family unex- 
celled in musical talent. He was educated under Dr. 
Stoeckle of Yale a!id has attained an eminence as or- 
ganist, conductor and teacher of music that is seldom 

His sons, Charles Root. Yale ''99, and Frederick 
Henry Beecher. Yale S. "99, have also been t-ducated in 
music, and their services are much couglit for when 
music of a high order is desired for church worship or 

Lewis Beecher 6, born in West Haven, married and 
resided in Southbury, where all his children but one 
were born, the last being born in Woodbury, wiiere he 
removed to in 1826, a petition having been signed by all 
the prominent freeholders residing in White (.)ak and 
Middle Quarter Districts. re<; nesting that he be cngag'-'l 
to operate a il'Miring mill located on the Pomperawg Rivi'r 
in the southern part of Woodbury, which resulted in his 
removal in 1S2G and assuming the responsibility, giving 
universal satisfaction by his upright dealings. He re- 

mained until 1834, when the family again moved to 
Seymour, where he died Oct. S, 1836. 

Henry Beers Beecher T, located in Seymour, and en- 
tered into copartnershi}) witii a rirni called the Six 
Partners, and was extensively engaged in the manufac- 
ture of augurs, bitts, etc.. accumulating considerable 
property and the highest respect and esteem of his fel- 
low townsmen, who appointed him to many positions of 
trust and responsiijiiitv. 

Sibilla Beecher 0, dau. of Xathaniel, b. Sept. l''». 1789, 
m. Xov. 30, 1812, Ebenezer Booth, son of Elijaii 
Booth, b. April 7, 179M, d. Feb. 12, 1864. She died 
April 5, 1869. 

Ch. 1. Lyman Booth 7, b. Jan. 16, 1814, d. Dec. 8, 
1869 : unmarried. 

2. Sarah Booth T, b. April 22. 1815, m. Sept. 0, 

1837. Lewis Morse, b. Xov. 9, 1808. 

Ch. 1. John L. Morse 8. b. Aug. 27. 1838, m. 
Mary Scott. Had child Rosalie 9. 

2. Sarah Jane Morse 8, b. Jan. 2v, 1841, 

d. Dec. 2, 1845. 

3. Ellen Booth Morse 8, b. July 7, 1844, d. 

Oct. 8, 1883. 

4. Willaril P. 8, b. July 15. 1851. 

3. James Booth 7, b. Dec. 25, 1817, d. Feb. 28, 


4. Mile Booth 7, b. Oct. 12. 1819, m. Xov. 26, 

1843, Rachel H. S^uiru, d. Xov. 4, 1889, in 

Roxbury, Co nil. 
Ch. 1. John E. Booth 8, b. Sept. 27, 1844, m. 
May 2, 1^68. Catherine White, Bucks 
Co., Pa. Reside in Waterbury, Conn. 

Ch. 1. Willard E. Booth i), b. April 5. 1SG9. 

2. Grace M. Booth 0. b. March 13. 1S74, 

d. March 30. 1>S2. 

3. Gratia Booth 'J, b. Marcli 25. 1SS9. 

2. Mary E. Booth 8, b. Marcli 31, 1?4G, uum. 

3. Charles B. Booth s, b. Oct. 2-1:, 1>49, unm. 

4. Eunice H. Booth s, b. Jan. 10. 1852. ni. 

Jan. 12, 18T4, Thomas Gee. Reside in 
Watertown, Conn. (ISOS.) 

Ch. 1. Anna B. Gee 9, b. June 29. ISTS. 

2. Charles D. Gee 9. b. Nov. 2S. ISSO. 

3. Katherine M. Gee 9, b. Feb. 2". 1SS8. 
•4. Grace E. Gee 9. b. March 13, 1>«'.>0. 

5. Bessie M. Gee 9, 1). Oct. 3. lM*-i. 

5. Walter Booth 8, b. Jan. 5, 1S5>>. ni. Oct. 

7, 188-4, Bessie A. Joliusou oi Chenango 
Co., New York. Reside in Roxbury, 
Ch. 1. Wm. J. S, b. March T, 1886, d. June 17, 
2. George W. 9, b. April 30, 1889. 

6. Ulysses Grant 8. b. Jun. 9, 1864. ni. Anna 

Lake. Reside in Waterville. 
Ch. 1. Jessie 9", b. Xov. 3. 1890. 

2. Herbert M. 9, b. Jan. 29. 1>92. 

3. Rachel 9, b. Aug. 14, 1893. 

4. Clarence 9, b. Dec. 2G, 18;'4. 

6. Gratia Bootli T. b. May 4, 1821, d. Jan. 6, 
1895 ; unmarried. 


Lyman Bc-eclier *>, (sou of Nathaniel 5), u. Pcc. IS. 
1T91, in Wesc Haven, A. Sept. 11, 1^5:, m. J. in. 10, 
1S13, in Xcw Haven, Sally Wheeler, b. Xov. >, It'.'-i. 
in Soiuhbary. ]\[oved to Vienna, Ohio, in ISIG, d. 
July 4, 1851. 

Ch. 1. Ransom Beceher 7. o. Dee. 1<>'. 1^13, in. Sylvia 
Wheeler, Nov. •.>•.>, 1830. 

Ch. 1. William 8, m. Sarah Jones. 

2. Lovina 8. m, Richaril Drake. / 

3. Lovisa 8, m. J'»hn Tyler, 11 chil. \ ^' 

■i. Morovia 8. m. Penilina Pertinaill. -i chil. 

5. Reuben 8. m, sister Peniliiui Pertinaill. had 


6. Sylvia 8. m, Rollin Rice, one child. 

7. O'rville s. 

8. ^leritt 8. m. Mary Rice, two children. 

2. William X. Buecher 7. b. Aug. 1''.. 1:>15, died 

in California. .May 18. 1878. 

3. Lemuel L, 7, b. Xov. 13, 1817, OchiLlren. 

■i. Mary E. 7, b. June 18, 1^'2*K m. Ira Lir.culn. 
He died 184'^. One s(jn, Addison. 

Widow Mary m. Robert Robinson in 1845. He d. Sept. 

Cb. 1. Loly 8, b. 1847. m. Martin Ganyard, in 
187<», 2 children. 

2. Lemuel 8, b. Oct. 29. 184^, m. Irene Ralph. 
Dec. 24, 1871. She died, leaving 4 chil- 
dren, July 4, 1881. 

Lemuel 8, m. 2d wife. Jona Misner : she died leaving 
1 child, May 27, l^SG. 

Lemuel 8. m. 3d wife, ^Irs. Ware, 1889. 


5. LulyL. 7, b. Fel). "^r,, is-<!3. m. John Adams. 

She d. Oct. '26. lSs2 in Minnesota. The tirsr 
white woman settled there. 

Ch. 1. Mary 8, m. Davis, Iiad one child. 9. 

2. John S, drowned in Blue Earth River, 

6. Sally W. T, h. .Marcli IT, Ib^:,, m. Warren Barr, 
1841, d. Dec. 16, 18^5. 

Ch. 1. Allen 8, m. Lovina Cortrite. 5 cliildren. 

2. Asa 8, m. Louisa Misner, II children. 

3. Eunice S, m. James Read. 1 child. 

4. Augustus ■>, m. Lizzie Enquilder, 4 eliil. 

7. Eunice A. 7, b. July 2, 1828,, m. July 4, 1851, 

James Orr. He was an able choir leader in 
Niles, Ohio : d. August. l->6i). 

Ch. 1. Elexys 8, b. 1852. unmarried, ^vfissionarv 
and manager of Home for Friendless 
Girls in New York City. 

2. Rosa 8, m. ^\'m. Sears, 2 children. 

3. Willis 8, deceased. 

8. Sophronia Marie 7, b. June 29, 1832, ni. Ama- 

riah Tyrrell, March 6, 1851, d. Jan. 19. 1898. 
Ch. 1. ^lerrill 8, l>. ^Liy 6, 1855, m. Lymo Tay- 
lor, 1 son. 

2. Plumb 8, b. May, 1859, m. Xettie Burnett, 

3 children. 

3. Jerusba 8, b. May 5, 1863, m. Steven 

Burnett, 2 children. 

9. Amelia Ann 7, b. July 28, 1835, m. R-^bcrt 

Searle, May 7, 1855. 

Ch. 1. Sarah 8, b. , m. Rev. Henry Ford, 

3 children. 


2. ^yiIlialn 8, unmarried. 

3. Kittle 8, Kindergarten teacher, Topeka. 
10. Abigal 7, b. July '26, 1839, m. Hen. Learning, 

May 2:, 1803."^ 

Ch. 1. Julia S, b. March 17, 1SG7, m. James 
Stewart, Dec. 3n, 1,^80. 
Ch. 1. Ira, J. 9, b. Oct. 4, 1887. 

2. Harget A. 0, b. Oct. 5, 1889. 

3. Henry 9, b. Dec. 5, L^03. 

2. Jerry 8, b. Feb. 28, 1868, unmarried, in 

M'edical College, Cleveland, 0. 

Nathaniel Beecher 6. (son of Xatlianiel 5), born in 
Southbury, 1792, d. Dec. 30, 18o7, aged 65. m. May 
22, 1824, Hannah Peck, b. ami d, in Southliury, 
March 29, 1874. He had a beautiful home and a fine 
tract of level land on the main street, at the junction 
of the Old Field ruad, and near where stood the 
famous White Oak. Children were : " 

Ch. 1. Lucy Elizabeth 7, b. Jan. 31, 1825, d. Aug. 10, 
1894, m. Horace Baldwin, b. 1823, d. Feb. 
23, 1881 ; no issue. 
2. Wm. Curtiss 7, b May 28, 1828, m. A|)ril 4, 
1856, Mary Emily Stronir, b. in Woudbury, 
May 27, 1834, d. July 28, 1884. 
Ch. 1. William Strong 8. ' b. June 19, 1856, d. 
March 18, 1888, m. Harriett Lockwood 
Beers, Dec. 22, 1880. 
William Beers 9, b. Dec. 29, 1884. 
Mary Elizabeth 8, b. Dec. 28, ISGO, m. 

Dec. 16, 1891, Alfred X. Piatt. 
George N. Piatt 9, b. Dec. 15, 1892.- 
Julia Elizabeth Platr 9, b. Dec. 14, 1893, 
d. April 28, 1894. 

3. Alfred X. Piatt 9, b. April 2, 1896. 








3. Henry Ward 8, b. July 1, 1S62. 

4. Harriett L. 8. b. July 18, 1S6G, m. Feb. 10, 

1885, Homer A. Jones. 

Ch. 1. Henry Earle 0. b. May 5, L^8G. 
2. Horner Adriene 0, b. Dec. 5, 1887. 

5. Seth Xathaniel 8, 
G. Horace Baldwin 8, 

!). Nov. :25. ISGT. 

b. Mav :. isro. 

Many of the decendant.s of Xatbanii^l 5 were noted 
musicians of more than ("a'diiiary talents and have occu- 
pied prominent })ositions in musical organizations and 
church worship, l)y which their memory and soul- 
mspiring music will never ;;e ^-lTa(:•ed. Nathaniel G was 
also a musician and for many years nlayr-d the 'cello in 
the Congregational Church ciioir in Soutljlniry. 

Ransom Beecher G, (son of Xathaniel o), born in South- 
bury, May 15, 1704. ni. Polly F^Jck in 1816 in Xew- 
town, Conn. She was tire daughter of John Peck 
and Polly Kimberly, i)orn in Bridge})ort, Feb. 7. 17'.'i', 
they moved to Vienna, 0., Oct. 20, ISv!". S!ie died 
in Vienna, Aug. '2'.K 1>'.*0, aged 01. She -^pent 70 
vears on the farm on wdiich she died. Pansom o died 
in 1883, seven years before his wife. They took great 
interest in religious W(jrk. 

Ch. 1. Marie Jane 7, b. April 3, lsl7 in Xewtown, 
Conn., m. Lorenzo Dow Fuller, b. Dec. 30, 
1811, in Burlington, Conn., d. June .v5, 
1870 ; no issue. 
• 2. Ahmson Beers 7, b. June 15, 1830 in Vienna ; 

Gratia Beecher 6, (dau. of Xathaniel 5), b. Ai-ril 20, 
1797, d. July 2o, ^^.^3, m. 18-^5, Electus B. Cham- 


berlin of Pine Plains. X. Y..b. Dec. -^3, 1799. a. Feb. 
2S. 1851. Gratia G. m. 1S55, iJd husband, En<>s Grun- 
nis of New Haven. Ciiiblren by 1st : 

Ch. 1. Lewis B. 7, 1». Jan. In,, iS'^T in Pine Plains, d. 
in Joliet, 111., Oct. 8, 1861, m. Garoline 
Keefer of Pulvers Corner, New York. 

Ch. 1. Ella L. 8, b. Oct. 2s, 1S52 in Salisbury, 
Conn., m. June 8, 1^6^. Oscar P. Ives, 
son of Piobert Ives of New Haven, b. 
October, 1830. 

Ch. 1. Henry L. 0, b. Xov. 12, IsTO, drowofd io 
New Haven harbor June 3, ls>9, 
Ruth L. 0, b. Dec. 18, l>sO. 

2. Maretta Chamberlin >, b. , d. l^oS. 

3. Carrie Chamberlin s. b. . d. 1^62. 

4. Henry R. ^, drowned in New Haven, aged 


2. Frederick B. Chamberlin 7, b. May In, 1^28^ 

d. April 2, 1S30. 

3. Alfred Chamberlin 7, b. March, 1830, m. 

Lorinda Allen. 

Ch. 1. Fred 8, b. , m. Delia Prince. 

Ch. 1. Jennie B. 9, b. ls;7. 

2. Herbert 9, b. ls78. 

3. Mira 9, b. 1886. 

2. Cora 8, m. John Cummings. 

Ch. 1. William 9, b. ]s97. 

2. Raymond 9, b. Feb., 1881. 

3. Mabel 9, b. ls83. 

4. Harry 9, b. 1S91. 

3. Willard 8, m. Lida Brown. 


Ch. 1. Albert 0, b. 1Sn9. 

2. Willanl 0, b. Feb., ISOL 

3. Thomas 9, b. Dec, 1M»5. 
4. Harry S, b. I'JCO ; unmarried. 

4. Losane E. Cbamberlin 7, b. Dee. 15, ls31, m. 

in Lafayetteville. X. Y., Ambrose Hicks, 
b. Aug. 14, l.s-->6. 

Ch. 1. Alfred Hicks 8, b. Oct. 26, l,s51. 

Ch. 1. Alice May 9, b. May 30, ISSS. 

2. Alice E. Hicks s, b. Oct. 28, ISoo, m. 
May 4, Issi, Reui)en S. Hart of Xew 
Haven, b. Feb. 1. 1857, son of Seley 
Hart of East Cornwall, Conn. 

Ch. 1. Florence 9, b. :\rarch 30, ls84. 

2. Etta M. 9, b. May 9, 1888. 

3. Charles Plicks 8, b. West Haven. July 1, 

1855, m. April, 1882, Anna Hubon, b. 
Ch. 1. Mabel 9, b. May 17, 1883. 

2. Walter 9, b. October, 1886. 

3. Georcre W. 9, b. .Juiv 4, 1894. 

4. Ernest 9, b. June 1, 1897. 

5. Smith W. Cbamberlin 7, b. Oct. 11, 1834, d. 

May 5, 1835. 

6. Bushnell Cbamberlin 7, b. Sept. 15, 1836, d. 

Feb. 23, 1837. 

7. Samuel W. Cbamberlin 7, b. April 6, 1839, d. 

Feb. 29, 1840. 

Sherman Beecher 6. (son of Nathaniel 5), b. June 12, 
1793, went South. No tidings of him ever received. 


William Beechcr 6, (son of Xatbaniel 5), was born in 
Southbury, Jan. 2-1:, ls05. He d. in Xewtown Center, 
Mass., Jan. 10, 1S93, aged SS. He learned tlie j^r^v- 
eler's trade in Providt-nce, R. I., and was a skiiliul 
mecbanic, and of unquestioned integrity, beloved and 
respected by all wbo knewliim. He married Hannah 
Ammidown of Soutbbridge, Mass., Feb. 20, 1>>2T, siie 
died March 2s, IsGl. 

Cb. 1. Daugliter died in infancy. 

2. Wm, Ammidown T. b. Julv 10, 1828. m. Hester 

Billings Tbatci^ier, Oct. 1^ 18o3, b. Oct. 15, 
-"--■ 1831, d. Oct. 1^1>53, at Meriden K. R. 
station, wbile returning borne frum tiieir 
wedding trip. Wm. A. m. second wife, 
Estber Ann StriuirotvV b. Aug. 21, l>-i4. in 
St. Croix, West India, m. Oct. T, 1>'39. 

Ch. 1. Jane Elizabetb 8. b. Jan. 14. isTl. m. 
Rev. Erit B. Smitb, in Boston, .\iu-ii 
29, 1890, reside in Stonington. -Conn., 

3. Hannab Jane, b. May ?, is32, d. May 30. l^'.'T, 

m. Oakman S])rauge Stearns, Dec. 2. 1^5", b. 
in Batb, Me., Oct.\'0, 1^17. He d. April 20, 

Ch. 1. Wm. Oakman 8, b. in Newtown Center, 
Nov. 18, 1855. 

2. xVnna Beecber 8, b. July 5, 1859. 

3. diaries Kinwortb 8, b. Jan. 0, 1804. 

1. Wm. Oakman 8, m. Ella Abbott of B.tiRd, 
Me., Oct. 15, lsS4. Reside at uk-m 
Falls, N. Y.. 1S98. 


Cb. 1. Leslie Ballad 0, b. Marcii -^2. 18S6. 

2. Allen Beccber 9, b. April 22, 1>>:. 

3. Eliza Abbott 9, b. Sept. IT. L^OO. 

4. Helen Sybil 9, b. Sept. 10. 1>95. 

5. Wni. Oaknian 9, b. Sept. 1^. 1>9T. 

2.. Aiina Beecber Stearns ^. in. Henry Hub- 
bard Kendall of Xewtown Center, Xmv. 
29, IS.^l. 

Cb. ]. Albert Srearns 9. \>. Jan. 7, !s>:3. 

2. Horace Bigeb-w 9, b. Feb. Is, ls>9. 

3. Dorotby 9, b. Dec. 20, isno. 

3. Charles Kinwortb S, ni. Ethel ^[ay Hun- 
ter of Xewtown Center, X^uv. '-jr, 1>S9. 

1. Child b. July 20. Is91, d. July 22. 1^91. 

It has been stated that man\- of the descendants of 
Isathaniel Beecber were noted musicians of extraordin- 
ary musical talent and tlie same may be truly said of all 
the descendants of John Beecher's family. 

Anv attempt to designate bv name all those wlio. fa- 
Yored by nature, were born with music in tiie soul and 
capable of using the talent for the delight ed' others, 
would involve a great amount of labor, but the writer 
will never forget hearina- the old anthems sun-j; by 
Thankful Beecber Wheeler, when past tlie meridian of 
life, with a spirit seldom heard. Her iiaugluer, 3lar- 
ietta, was also an accom})lisljcd violinist. We were also 
deeply moved when listening to the sweet and beautiful 
voice of Sarah Marie Beecber. Mary (Fowler) Bccber 
was also in youth a musical prodigy — singing cliurc;;. 
hymn tunes when only one year of age. The family oi 
Henry Beers Beecber also numbered some very t;dt-nteu 
musicians and teachers. 


Smith Beecher also }iossessed tliis line talent for 
music, and being a skilled mechanic, he constructed 
dulcimers and other musical instruments, wherehy he 
might extract sweet musical tones to delight and gratify 
his desire for liarmony. 

It is said that a grand-daughter of his. Miss Anna 
Grace Cummings, is a fine contralto soloist. Tiie few 
here named are but the representatives of the whole of 
this line of the Beecher family. 

Smith Beecher. G, son of Xathaniel 5. b. in Southbury, 
ISOS, d. in Southbridge, Mass., ISTo, m. by Rcv. Dr. 
Bacon in Center Church, Xew Haven, to Mary Esther 
Short, 1836. She was b. m Derby. Conn.. Oct. 15, 
18U. They resided in Xew Haven until l^^l'.', when 
they went to Southbridge, Mass., where he conducted 
the business of cabinet making. He was a skillful 
workman, a fine mechanic and musician. His wife 
survived him '21 years, and died Oct. 4, 1S9G. age<l 8'2. 
Ch. 1. Edwin Smith Beecher T, b. m Xew Haven, 
June 3, 1837, m. June 3, 1862. Eliza Fidelia 
Davis, b. in Southbridge, Mass., Aug. 17, 
Cb. 1. Alice Idella Beecher 8, b. in Southbridge, 
July 4, 1^66. m. Oct. 8, 1885, Herbert 
Ashley Crofton, b. in Linden, Vt., 
March 28, 1804. 
Ch. 1. Eoy Edwin Crofton 9, b. in Monson, Mass., 
Oct. 6, 1889. 
2. Earl Reginald Crofton 9, b. in Palmer, 

Mass., Feb. 7, 1^97. 
2. George Davis Beecher 8, b. in Soutlibridge, 
April 20, 1SG8, m. June 4, 1892, Bertha 
Jane Shaw, b. Sept. 17, 1873, in Brook- 
field, Mass. 


Ch. 1. Ethel Miiud Bccchcr 0. 1). Oct. 3. 1^93. 

2. Harold Edwin Bcecher '.J. b. Feb. 21. InOG. 

3. George Ei'Dest Beccher 'J, b. May '-20, ISis. 
Children b. in Springfield, ^Ias.>. 

2. Sarah Ann T, b. June 3, ls3r. m. :May 16, 
1861. Edward Bmcfham Cinnmings, b. Sept. 
2, 1>35. in Hampton, C<>nn. 
Ch. 1. Mary Sybil 8, b. Oct. 2b. is'lo. m. Oct. 10, 
ls89. Frank E. Whittaker of Ham})ton, 
Ch. 1. Carl Cummings 9, Dec. 20, l^^O*'. 

2. Russell Lucius, 0, b. May 2s. i>'.>2. 

3. Ralpli Edgar, 9, b. Jan. 5, 1>94. 

4. Harold Ernest 9, b. >v\>i. 2. 18:'.5. 

Anna Grace 8. b. March 20, ls(is. 

Frank Beecher 8, b Sept. 10. ls:3. 
Edwin Lindsey 8, b. Nov. IT, 18vT. 

3. Mary Grace T. b. June 13. 1841, m. Dr. Chas. 

Henry Leonard. June 1, lsT2. Gj'adr.ate of 
Yale,' b. in Madison, Ind.. Dec. 29. Is41. 

Ch. 1. Grace Fisher 8, b. April 14. 1873. 

2. Mary Beecher s, b. June 27, 1876. 

3. George Manning s, b. July 2, 1>T7. 

4. Herbert Ransom 7, b. March 7, 18G0. ra. Mary 

Brewster Carpenter, b. ^larch 14, 1> — . 
Ch. Bertha >, b. Dec. 10, 1^89. 

Ezra Beecher 5. (2d son of John 4). b. m West Haven, 
1768, d. m Southbury. Dcc. 14. ls20, m. Oct. 26, 
1790, Betsy White, b^ in New Haven, 1769, dau. of 
Samuel White of Cha])el street, d. in Southbury, June 
12, 1843, where they moved to in 1792, and where 
their children were all born. 


Ch. 1. Jane 6. b. June 13, 1:02, d. in New Haven, 
July 9, 18G9, aged TT. 

2. Isaac G, b. ITO-i. m. James Drake, lived and 

died in Pahnyra. X. Y. ; no issue. 

3. Laura G, b. June 22. 1^97. d. in Ononoville, 

X. Y., May 7, 1854, aged ."7. 
-4. Mary G, b. ISOl. d. in Xew Haven, Xov. 15, 
1872, aged 71. 

5. Betsy G. b. 1S'.'2. d. in Xew Haven, May 5, 

1SS2, aged ^T). 

6. Roxanna G. b. 1>0G, d. in Xew Haven. Ol-l. 7, 

18G9, aged G3. 

7. Caroline 6. b. IsLO, d. in Camden, X. J., July, 

1885, aged 75. 
Jane Beecher G, (daugliter of Ezra 5), b. June 13. 1702, 
d. July 9, 1>;gO, m. Sept. IG. 1^11. Reuben Hugiies, 
(son of AVm. Hues), b. Dec. 2. 1701. >!. iti .Soudi- 
bury, April 4, 1837, leaving widow und cniMren as 
follows : 
Ch. 1. Samuel Henry 7, b. April 30, 1813, d. Oct. 2, 
1814, age 1 year 5 months. 

2. Samuel Henry 7, b. Jan. 20, 1815. 

3. Sarah Ann 7^ b. XV^v. 2G, 1817, d. Xov. 13, 

1819, aged 2 years. 

4. Reuben Beecher 7, b. Jan. 27, ls20. 

5. Sarah Ann 7. b. Xov. 2, 1^21. 

6. Wm. Wheeler 7, b. Dec. 22, 1823. 

7. Mary 7, b. Feb. 13, 1>2G. 

8. Caroline Elizabeth 7, b. April 9, lsv:8. 

9. Jane 7, b. Oct. 5. l.>30. 

10. Ruth Ann 7, b. Aug. 30, ls32. 

11. Isaac Ezra 7, b. Sept. 22, 1834. 

12. Emilv 7, b. Sept. 15. 1837, live months after 

death of fatliL-r. and died Jan. 15. 1542, aged 
4 years 4 munths. 


Samuel Henry T, b. Jan. •-20. 1S15. <]. in Palestine, 
Texas, Nov. 10, 1885, m. Theodora Baker Dec. o, 


Cb. Rose Ruth Ann 8, b. Sept. 10, 185:, d. aged 10, 

At the age of IT he v>'as apprenticed to learn the 
blacksmith trade in South Britain, but at 19 desirin:? to 
study for the ministry, he left ids native to'>vn at the asre 
of 20 for Marysville, East Tennessee, wliere he educated 
for the ministry, passing through many privations and 
sacrifices to accomplish it. He preache'i tljc Gospel 
faithfully for many years, after which lie graduated at 
a medical college, and was a practicing piiysician until 
the close of his life. 

Previous to the Civil War he moved to Texas. His 
daughter, Ruse Riitli Ann. passed on before, while his 
wife survived a short time to mourn his loss. 

Reuben Beecher Hughes 7, was born in Southbury, 
Jan, 27, 1820, in the first house south of tlie famous 
White Oak Tree on the ^litchell land. This now 
beautiful mansion is the residence of Wm. Beeciier. 
a prominent citizen of Southbury. Soon after tids 
date Reuben Hughes, Sen., purchased the home lying 
between the residence of Ezra Beecher and Xatiianiel 
Beecher, south of the school-house. Here his bov- 
hood days were passed. In 1S3G he remioved to New 
Haven, and was a member of several church chcdrs, 
in which he played 'cello, trombone, string bass. 
ophicleide, violin and otlier instruments, and was also 
a member of the 2nd C(mip. Gov. Fo</t Guards Band 
and other musical organizations. For fifteen years 
was a member of the Union City and Wheeler and 
Wilson celebrated male quartette, also the Wheeler 


aud Wilson Band, and was eniraged in organizing and 
instructing bands, orchestras and cinircii ciioirs for 
fifty years. For many years lie has maintained an 
orchestra for the bent-tit of the New Haven. City Mis- 
sions, free of expense to that institution. He acquired 
several trades. Was engineer, and suljseouent to the 
Civil War, made tools hA' manufacturing pistols, cut- 
lery, clucks, guns, carriage s})r:ngs, ami many otiier 
articles. On Dec. ol, lS4o. was m., in Xt-'v Haven, 
by the Rev. Mr. Shalur uf Branf^rd to Harriett M. 
Sloper, b. in Bath. England, May 1. l>--il. dau. of 
the Rev. Jacob Slo}*er. In 1>S*2 he retired from 
mechanical pursuits, and is amviiy supported by the 
income derived fruni tne laijors of a life of strict 
habits of temperance, industry, prudence, economy 
and integrity, and is now able to enjoy tije fruits 
resultins" from such a life, without labor or care. 

Ch. 1. George William Henry 8. b. Aug. ,2>. 1>4:4. 
2. Charfotte Matilda 8, b. Aug. U. 1>5-. 

George William Henry 8, m. Maude B. Kellogg. 

Ch. 1. George William R. '.<, b. Sept. 1". ISST. 

George William Henry 8, was a skillful mechanic of 
superior judgment, and was for many years a successful 
merchant in New Haven, accumulating several valuabk- 
blocks of real estate. He inherited a tine talent for 
music and was in youth an accomplished violinist, also 
an expert in organ tuning. 

Charlotte Matilda 8, m. Nov. 10, 1882, Noble R. Bishop 
of the firm of Foskett cV Bishop. He w^s l)orn in 
New Haven Oct. 1-i, I506. 

Ch. 1. Raymond Leslie 9, b. July 31, 1>>8. 

2. Ethel Alena 9, b. Feb. 8, ]89<'i. 

3. Dorris Noble 9, b. Aug. 27, 1891. 


Charlotte M. 8, was educated in music under Profs. 
Fowler and Chau'ller, and is {possessed of a pure soprano 
voice of rare sweetness and ability, and has served witti 
universal acceptarice as soloist in several church clioirs 
and quartettes in the city of New Ha\en. 

N. P. Bishop, has heen fur many years connected 
with the firms of Bi.-hop Ov Brown and the Fnskett Oc 
Bishop Company, manufacturers of ail kinds of steam 
and hot water heaters, automatic sprinklers, and con- 
tractors for all work in which steam or water is em- 
ployed for any purpose throu^^h iron pipin^^ 

Sarah Ann Hughes 7,, b. Xov. 2, 1S21. m. John K. 
Curtis Sept. ?, ls40, 1). in New Haven, 1S17. d. Dec. 
1, 187T. He was a manufacturer of men's clothing, 
lived and transacted business in the city of his t)irth, 
up to his death in l>iT7. 

Ch. 1. Charles Grenville s^ b. Sept. '29, 1841, m the 
city of New Haven. 
2. Mary Frances 8, b, June 15, 1845, d. Sept. 1, 

Charles G. 8, m. Xov. 16. 1865, Cornelia Maria 
Whitinsr, b. in Xew Haven. He was educated in 
chemistry and has been engjtged in the drug ijusiness 
for thirty years, principally m the city of Brooklyn. 

Ch. 1. Frank Street 9, b. Sept. 3, 1806. m. Isabel 
Achenson, June 12, 1889, in Br(joklyn. 
Ch. 1. Austin Mansfield 10, b. June 4, 181*0. 
2. Grenville Whiting 10, b. St-pt. 24. 1891. 

2. Almede Hammond 9, b. Nov. 7, 186!'. m. 

Edward Robinson Brown, May 18, 1896. 

3. Carrie Whiting 9, b. Mch. 11, 1872, d. Aug. 16, 



4. Mabel Louisa Mansfield 9, b. July ;2G, 1ST4, ni. 
George Baker Graimis, A})ril 2, 1S9>^. 

William Wheeler Hughes 7. b. Dec. -^2, 1623, m. Fvh. 
28, IS-iT, Martha Xettleton (dau. of Ei)liraini), b. in 
Prospect, Oct. 29, Ls25, d. in New Haven, Aug. 18, 

Ch. 1. Kate 8. b. in Xaugatuck, Feb. 29, 1S4>«, d. m 
New Haven, March 2, 1871. 

2. Agnes 8, b. in Xaugatuck, Aug. 16, 1850. d. 

in Xew Haven, A})ril 24, 1872. 

3. Harry X. 8, b. in X'ausratuck, .Sept. 15, 1854, 

m. Fel). 9, 18T5, Katy E. X'ortou, b. May 
29, 1855. 

Ch. 1. Agnes W. 9, b. Sept. 9, 1878. 
2. Mabel 9, b. Oct. 3,^ 1n93. 

William Wlieeler Hughes 7, m. 2d wife Emma C. 
McEwcn, May 5, 1ST2. In 18(J5 he moved to X'ew 
Haven, and was extensively engaged in manufacturing 
until 18:0, when he retired to a country-seat in the 
town of Oxford, wliere lie has been elected to many 
prominent positions of public trust and responsibility, 
and holds the respect and confidence of the community 
in which he resides (1898). He is a man of sterling 
qualities : firm and decided in his opinions ; fearless in 
maintaining what he l)elieves to be truth and justice, 
frequently making use of strong and forcible expressions 
to communicate his firm convictions, but underneath 
there is a kind and generous soul that wins our love and 

Mary Hughes 7, b. Feb. 13, Ls26, m. Horace Hinnuin, 
Nov. 8, 1842, b. in Southbury, April 18, 1819, farmer 
and shoe manufacturer, resided in southern }>art of 
Southbury, where ciiildren were born as follows : 


Ch. 1. Sarah Curtis 8, b. March 27, 1845. m. Henrv 
Follev, Jan. -i, 1S>0, b. Jan. 23, l>ryS, d. 
A].ril 13, 189S. 

2. Fannie Elizabeth S, b. ^[arcli 2, ls47. d. unm. 

Oct. 30, 1893. 

3. AdeHa Hinnian >, b. June 30. 18G1, d. March 

6, 187^). 
-1:. Winfield Beecher 8, b. Oct. 30. 1n(33, m. Lizzie 
Loomis Michel, April 4, ls,s3, she was born 
November, 1859. 

Ch. I. Austin 9. b. June, 1884. d. Se]»c. 1. 18^4. 

2. Harlow Winfield 9, b. March 26. 18^9. 

3. Charles Mead 9, b. April, 189u, d. Aug. 3u. 


Soon after 1885 the family removed to Danbury, 
where they have since resided. 

Caroline E. Hughes 7. b. April 9, 1828, m. July 15, 
1850, Elisha Mix Gorham, b. April 17, 1815. d. June 
29, 186*2. A num of extraordinary talent, editor of 
temperance publication, secretary to Gov. BurkiTi2"- 
ham during hisotHcial terms of four years as governor 
of Connecticut. 

Ch. 1. Charles E. M. 8, o. Jan. 2, 1851. d. Nov. 13, 
1892, m. Laura Brown, Xuv. 26, 1879. 

Ch. 1. Wm. B. 9, b. Jan. 31, 1881, is in govern- 
ment emj)loyment. 

Charles E. M. 8, received thorough scientific educa- 
tion and graduated with honor in Columbia Medical 
College in Washington, D. C, and at his death in i5'j2, 
had been many years employed by the government as 
civil engineer and was also one of the government fish 


2. Henry Beeeher Gorhain S, b. Sept. 12, 1^53, 

ni. Emily 15. Grannis. June T, 1879. She d. 
April 20, 18^9. 
Ch. 1. Ella Louisa 9. b. Jan. 15, 1380. 

2. Elizabeth 9. b. June 18, 1881. 

3. Marion 9, b. Oct. U, 1>>3. 

4. Emily Brinsmade 9, b. Aug. 9, 1885. 

5. Charles Eli>iKi 9. b. June '13, 1887. 

6. Harry Barlow 9, b. :^Iareh 31, 1^89. 

Henry B. 8, m. Fannie Gill, '2d wite, 1889. 
Ch. 1. John Pearson 9, b. 8, 1893. 

Henry Beeeher Gorham 8, also passed tlirough a 
course of scientihc education under professional instruc- 
tion and early entered into government service as civil 

3. Jane Louisa 8, b. July 2-1. 1855, m. Nathaniel 

V. Perry, Nov. '2G, 1.^89 : no issue. 

4. Louis Bail 8, b. Feb. 9, 1858, d. Jan. 2^, l.>64. 

5. Wm. Buckingham 8. b. April II. I860, ni. Jan. 

5, 1886, Frances I. Pearson, b. m New York, 
June 13, 1865. 
Ch. 1. Elizabeth B. 9, b. in New Haven, Feb. 20, 
2. Donald Pearson 9, b. in Brooklyn, May 5, 

1888, died Aug. 3, L'?S8. 
4. Pobert Buckingham 9, b. July 3, 1893, d. 
April 21, 1894. 
Wm. Buckingham 8, has long been in the em)*loy of 
a commercial house as secretary, is notary public m 
Brooklyn where he resides. 

Caroline E. Gorham 7, m. July, 1885, 2d Jeremiah 
Wolcott, b. 1816, d. Sept. 25, 1896. 

Jane Hughes :, b. Oct. 5. 1S30, die'l in X^.u- Haven, 
Xov. 2T. lS.">*-2, ni. in Xe^' Haven. Francis Au-cm, b. 
Feb. in, lS-2r, d. in Danbury, Marcii 27, 1805. 

Ch. 1, Willis Henry Austin 8, !». May, 1850. d. Aug. 
2. Willis Henry Ausrin 8. Xew Haven, April 
■1, 1852, m. m Danbury. (Jet. 20, 1875, Sarah 
Ann Chichester. 

Ch. 1. Lester C, Austin 9. 1). in Danbury, ]^Iay 31, 
1S7S, d. Oct. U. 1878. 

2. Clarence 0, b. in Danburv, Aujt. 20, 1880. 

3. Byron W. 1», b. Aug. 10, 1S87, d. Aug. 

^13, 1888. 
•i. Robert 9, b. ^lay, 1>93. 

Ruth Ann Hughes 7, b. Aug. 30, 1832, d. June 2. 1858, 
m. in Xew Haven. April 22, 1851, Jose}th Dt-rby of 
Xew Haven. 

Ch. 1. Liilie Grace 8, b. June 15, 1S50, d. in infancy, 
at two years. 

Isaac Ezra Hughes 7, b. Sept. 22. 1834. d. in Xew Y^-rk, 
April, 188G. m. March 17, 1850, Amanda Ackernian 
of Xew York. 

Ch. 1. Eugene B. Huglies 8. b. in Xew York. Jan. 6, 
1859, m. Aug. 13, 1870, Murtha Mclntosli 
of Xew York. 

He was many years employed by the mercantile house 
of Stewart lC Co., had care of thu Stewart property. 
He obtained an education by self-application. in<iu.-:try 
and perseverance, and entered into the ministry in xho 
Methodist Episcopal Conference. U now lucaud m 
Pennsylvania (1898). 

C'h. 1. [aii;i Viin Want 0. !>. June T, l-^Si'. 
•<!. Martha Mcliitnsli 0, b. Aug. 5. 1>^L 

3. Saliie Renous 9, b. June 10, 1S>4-. d. 

March --2:3. 1,^85. 

4. Jt^sie John 0, b. Deo. -^1. 1880. J. Marcli 

4, 18'.»2. 

5. Amy 9, b. Dec. 3. 18'J0. 

6. May 9, b. \ov. -^U, 1>1)0. 

••2. Henry C. Hughes 8. V>. Awj:. 15. 186t''. in Xuw 
York. d. April --12, l^ri. 

Emily Hucrhes 8, b. in Soutlibury, Sept. 15. 183T. d. 
Jan. 22, 1842. aged 4 years 4 m-mths. 

Laura Beecher 6. (dan. of Ezra 5). b. in Southburv. 
June 22, ITO?. d. m Onovnie. X. Y.. Mav T, 1^54. 
aged 5T years 15 days. m. Se})t. 22. l>^r.', Wai'ren H. 
Reeves, b, <.<n Long Island of Scotcii iiarents in iTC*'.), 
d. Aprd 14. 18'J6, agedl bT. Chddreti were as foHow- : 

Ch. 1. \Vm. Isaac Reeves 7, b. in Steuben Countv. X. 
Y., July 28, 1820, m. March L.-i. 1842, Phebe 
Headley, b. Xov. 18, 1820. and resides in 
Columbus. Pa. (I8H8. ) 

Ch. ]. Franklin D. ^. b. Mav 13. l>43. d. Xov. 3, 
2. Charles \V. 8, b. Aug. 7, 1845. d. Jan. 3, 

2. David E/.ra Reeves 7. b. June I, 1822, d. Aug., 


3. Eliza Ann Reeves 7. !>. Jan. 15, 182b. m. Wil- 

liam Johnson. Jan. 2, ls44. 


Ch. 1. Luther C. s, Ij. Sc[)r. •2-2. l>-i4. >;. .Mar.-li 

2. Dennis L. 8, b. June 20, 184G, d. April 

24, lsr>2. 

3. Caroline 8. 1». Julv 11, 1^48. 

4. Miircii.s L. 8, b. Au- -^3. isol, .1. Ovt. 11, 


5. Dorastus 8, b. Aug. 2.s, 1853. d. July 28, 

18 'J 2. 

6. Laura A. 8, b. May 21, 1856, d. X.a". 15, 


7. Willard S. b. M;iy 5, 1860, d. Aui:. -^5. 


8. Ira W. 8, b. Sept. 7, 1862. 

9. 10. Alice and Addison ^. b. .Sepc. >. 18t;6, 

d. Feb. 8 and 10. 1.^6 7. 

Widow Johnson now resides in Kussell. Pa. (1808.) 

4. George W. Reeves 7. b. Aug. 16, 182 7. in the 

the town of Hope. Canada, ni. Enieliiie 
Helms, June 21. Ls49. 

Ch. 1. Fayette W. 8, b. June 24, 1850. d. Jan. 6, 

2. Delora K. 8, b. June 23. 1854. 

3. Frank A. 8, b. X.>v. 30. 1>56. 

4. Lizzie M. 8. 1) Aprd 1. l^(;l). 

5. Lorenda A. 8, b. June 30, 186-, d. Die IC, 


6. Ernest G. 8. b. June II, 18(J4. 

7. Darwin \V. s, b. Nov. 4, 1860. 

5. Warren Lafayette Reeves 7, b. April 7, 183<». 

m. Electa Thurston, Julv 3. 1>56, d. FeL". 
27, 1800. 


Ch. 1. Asahel W. S, b. May 11, 1857. 

2. Edwin A. 8, b. July -^T, 185s. 

3. Mary Emma 8. b. Get. T,, 1862. 

4. Aldin Perry 8,, b. July 2-i, ISCO,, a. March 

2, 1891. 

5. Belle 8. b. July IT. 1874. 

Warren L. Keeves T, m. Dee. 6, 1802. widow Margaret 
Ladou, 2d wife, d. October, 1895 : m. Pliebe M. Dever- 
eaux, 3d wife. June 17, 189T. Pieside at the old Reeves 
homestead, Onoville. X. Y. 

6. Benjamin Pieeves T, b. Dec. S, 1831, d. January, 

1891 : unmarried. 

7. Daniel F. Peeves 7. b. May 12, 1834, m. 

Sophronia Brace, Marcn 31. 1860, b. March 
19, 1846. Reside at Steambur_;. X. Y. 
Ch. 1. Warren E. 8. b. Jan. 11, 1867. 

2. George R. 8. b. Feb. 5. Is69. 

3. Clinton E. 8, b. Dec. 2, 1872. 

4. Daniel E. 8, b. Jan. 29, 1875. 

5. John Brace 8, b. April 20, 1877. 

8. Laura M. Reeves 7, b. Jan. 4, 1836, m. Benja- 

min Marsh, June 18. 1^55. Reside in East 
Randolph, N. Y. (ls98.) 

Ch. 1. Marcellus F. S, b. Sept. 23, 1857, d. Oct. 
31, 1862. 

2. Lizzie M. 8, b. Sept. 5. 1866. 

3. George M. 8. b. Dec. 2u, 1870. 

4. Gertrude 0. 8, b. Aug. 29, 1^76. 

9. Mary Jane Reeves 7, b. May 30, 1>41, m. Jan. 

21, I860, John Archer, d. May 4. l-^^l. Re- 
side m Randulph, X. Y. (1898.) 


Ch. 1. Anson Benson 8, b. Oct "^O, ISGO. m. 
Gladys M. Record, Aug. IS, l^ST. 
Ch. Glendine 9, b. April 19, 1S9'3. 

2. Lewis John 8, b. May 12, 1862, m. Flor- 

ence Siiernnin, Au^:. 4, 1SS7. 

Ch. Camilla 9, b. May 31, 1S88. 

3. Mary Bertha 8, b. Feb. 12, 186?, m. II. H. 

Shipherd, June 9, 1887. 

Ch. Walter Haven 9. b. July IT, IS'Jo. 

4. Roy Roscoe 8, b. Dec. 23, 1872. 

5. Carrie Blanche 8, b. July 10, 1877. 

6. Clarence Archer 8, b. June 21, 1S79, d. 

Oct 8, 1879. 

Mary Beeeher 6, (dau. of Ezra 5), b. in Southbary, 
1801, died in New Haven. Xov. 15, 1872. a-ed Tl, m. 
William Childs, perhaps, 1820, who died previous to 
1830. Children : 

Ch. 1. Martha 7, b. ^up. Ib21. Xo record. She mar- 
I'ied James Quin. 

Ch. 1. Josephine 8. 
2. James 8. 

James Quin, Sen., died. Widow ]\Iartha (^uin m. 
George W. Kittredge, b. 1832. d. Jan. 15, 1895, aged 

2. William Childs 7, b. 1823. d. in Chicago. 
Widow Mary Beeeher Childs m. Capt. Asa 
Budington, N(;v. 6, 1834, and resided on the 
corner of Union arid Fair streets. 


Betsy Beecher 6, (dan. of Ezni o), b. 1802. d. in Xew 
Haven, March 5, 18S2. aged SO, m. Lyman Jolmson, 
April IG, 182-2, b. ISol, d. in New Haven, Jan. S, 
1829, aged 2S. 

Ch. :Mary Ann 7, b. in New Haven. April 15. 1835, 
m. in Bridge}>ort. Sept. 22, 181C, William 
R. Higby, b. Aug. G, 1825, son of Henry 
Higby, b. Jan. 27, 18ol. 

Ch. 1. Martha Louisa 8, b. Jan. IL 1848. 

2. Henry Cormdius 8, b. Jan. 19, 1850, d. 

June 10, 1853. 

3. Helen Augusta 8, b. May 23, 1860. 

The life of William IL Higby and the insurance lirm 
of Higby vi DeForest. Connecticut Bank building, 
and the numerous positions •>! trust and res}»<jnsibility 
to wliich he has been elected, and the various orhces he 
has held, the high esteem and conhdence reposed in him, 
by his exemplary life, are all fully set forth i:i, an'I are 
a part of the history of the City of Bridgeport. 

Roxanna Beecher 6, (dau. of Ezra 5), b. 1806, d. inXew 
Haven, Oct. 7, 1869, aged 63, m. Sept. 6, 1836. 
Joshua C. Sears, b. 1808, d. Oct. 23, 1842, aged 36. 

Ch. 1. Elizabeth Beocher Sears T, b. in Xew Haven, 
July 2, 1837, d. in Brooklyn. Feb. 17, 1^95, 
aged 58, m. Charles E. Wilcox, Nov. 28, 
Ch. 1. Lillie Louisa W^ilcox 8, b. June 13. L-561. 
m. in Brooklyn, June 5, 18.^9, Fred. A. 
Bessey of I>i"ooklyn. 
Ch. 1. Elliott P.n.^siter 9. b. Oct. 27, 1890. 

2. Palmer l^iintard 9, b May 17, 1>'.'6. 

3. Harrv Macirrei;-ur 9, b. June 9. 1897. 


2. Charles C. Sear.< 7, b. in Now Haven. May 8, 
1S41, d. Jan. 21, ISG-i, aged 23. 

Caroline Beeeher 6. (dau. of Ezra 5). b. 1810, d. in 
Camden, X. J.. July 1>>S5, ni. in Xew Haven, June 
21,, 18-^9, Thomas Vor>e, d. 1^43. 

Ch. 1. Charlotte Vorse 7. b. 1833, d. Is56 ; unmarried. 
2. Mary A. V^rse T. b. Feb. ;20, 1835. m. Asa 
L. Curtis. May --^3, 1>55. 

Ch. 1. Carrie Beeeher 8, b. Oct. 28, isGO. m. 
Thomas B. Firzgeral'l, Marcli n, 1888. 
2. Charles Albert Beeeher Curtis 8, b. Jan. 
21, 18G3. 

Widow, Caroline Vorse, m. 2nd, 1854-, Smith Bennett. 

John Beeeher 5 (son of John 4). b. in AVest Haven, 
1772. Moved with the family to Southburv abrnit lT'.*"-3, 
and sold his share in the old homestead witii the otiiers 
in West Haven, cor. Campbell Ave. and Elm St., to 
Henry Ward, July 22, 1T95. (New Haven Laud Records, 
vol. 44, p. 139.) 

Mary Beeeher 5 (dau. of John 4), b. 1770, m. in 
Southbury, Nov. 2("., 1760. Truman Bristoll, and resided 
in the southern part of Southbury. Several eliildren 
were born to tiiem. Lynde, dau., 6, d. Oct. "», 1794, 
and Triunan, son, 6, d. Oct. 25, 180(». 

Mary Beeeher Bristoll 5, d. Oct. 1, 18f>0. 

Mary Beeeher 5, (dau. of J(jhn 4), b. 1770. m. Tru- 
man Bristoll, Nov. 20, 1789. Resided in Southbury. 
d. Oct. 1, 1800. 


Tl)i' folliiwiim- rerorci. written l>y Leavitt Hristoil. 

X(;v. 0. 1>;T. Truniuu iJri-iu]! ni. Mary Becclier. 
C'h. ]. Li-avirt Bri:?tnll »;. 

2. Cyrus Bri.sroll (1. 

Lpiivitt 6, m. Jan. 4, IS'-^l, Salaclie Decker, ,^Iie died 
June 6, Is.V.i. 

Ch. 1. John Lfecker Br;>! 7, ni. Feb. 1, BS-iT. ^[arv 
Decker. Cliil., J sons, o daughters. 
••2. Maria Bri>t(.ll 7, b. April, ls-.>3, d. A[>ril 24, 

3. Cyrus Beecher 7, !>. Jan. '28, BS--28. d. Jan. -^J. 
• 1847. 

4. Peter Decker Bristoll 7. ni. Nov. 17, l>-04, 

Elizabeth Piidder : reside in Paterson. X. J : 
no issue. 

5. Belinchi Bristol! 7, ni. Sept. 15. I873. William 

Graves : no cliildren. 
t). Henry Harrison Farnuni Brist<Jil 7, m. April 
20, IS'U, Anna Ho})Son : reside in Jersev 
City ; 2 sons, 1 daughter : all died m less 
than 3 weeks witli diptheria. 

7. Amelia St. John Bristoll 7. m. May 22. 18H1, 

John I. Busle. Ch., 2 sons, 2 dauirhters. 

8. Joel Lytnaii Hovt Bristoll 7. b. Oct. 1842, d. 

Xov. 17, 1843. 
Cyrus Bristujl fi. son of Truman and Marv Beecher 
Bristoll 5, ni. wife from Bedford, X. Y ; resided in 
Viola and ^[onmouth, 111. Subseeuentlv moved to 
Iowa. Children. 4 sons. "J daniiliters. 

Ch. 1. Cyrir^ B.-<-her Bri.^r.-ll 7. 

2. Jotiiani Bx-i-tcll 7. 

3. Leavitr Bii.-roli 7. 

4. William Bristoll :. 

5. Maria P,ri.^toli 7. 

6. Svlvania Bi-istoll 7. 


Cyrui, the eMe.^t, enlistrd in the 'I-Jth lu'gr. ill. Vol- 
unteer.-, ;ui'l was killed in rhe Civil War. IIv Ivfc '-t 
son.s and "J slaughters. The two sons went to r'.i- noriii- 
ern part of Iowa. Cyrus »;, died there a I'.jw vears 
previous to 1S7T. 

Maria Bristdl 7. m. a ^fr. Martin. Resided iii \'io]a, 

Sylvan ia T, died young. 

Alanson Ijeecher 5. (son of John -i), b. IT?."), d. May 3. 
1860, m. x\})ril 3. 18<_'«'. in Southlnii-y. Anna P).»oth. b. 
Oct. 13, 1779. d. Get. 15. LSviU. dau. and 31 eiiild of 
Elijah ;ind Anna Ilirinian Booth, ni. Oct. 14. 177'^\ 

Ch. 1. Coi-nelia Beecher b. !). SejU. IH. iMju. 

2. Cyrus B-echer '".. b. Oct. 4. ISOl. 

3. John Wyllys Beecher e;, b. Xov. --2, 1Sl'3. 

Cornelia Beecher »;. b. Sept. 16, 18' )0, m. George 
Canfield of South Britain. Aug. 13. Ibvl4. 

Ch. 1. Ann Eliza Canfi.dd 7, b. Dec. 16. l.-->!6. ni. 
Samuel E. Everitt of Ellswortii, Conn., 
June 12, 1S54, d. June 7, 1808. 

Ch. 1. Mary E. Everitt 8. h. March 7. 'i^^)5. in. 
Frank E. Buidxlev. Ocr. 16, !-:>>. 

Ch. 1. Agnes Buckley 0, b. April K). 1>^3, 
d. Aug. 14, 1,'^83. 

2. Mabel F. Buekley ii. 1). Sept. 2S. 1>^"». 

3. Viola M. Buckley 1*. i). Aug. 2. 1>>7. 

2. George E. Everitt s. b. Oct. IS. i^'d. n;. 
Minnie E. llawley. Oct. 16, 1>:'5. 

Ch. 1. Ruth Estlier Everitt '.'. 1'. April 3". 


2. John Beccher CanrteM 7, b. April G, l>-^>, d. 

June 7, 18'IS, ni. Estlier Bennett; no chil.; 
d. June 7, 1ST5. 

3. Harriett C. Cantield 7. b. Oct. 1, 185'.'. Was 

2d wife of Sylvester J. Bennett, ni. Oct. 1, 

Ch. 1. William Alauson 8, b. May 7, ISOl, ra. 
Fanny Green, Mav 30, l.s'.r2. 

Ch. 1. George Bennett 0, b. Dec. 15. 1S'J3. 
2. Maud Pearl Bennett 9, b. Jan. 31, 

2. Lucius Cantield Bennett 8, b. June 11, 


3. James Sylvester Bennett 8, b. Feb. 2, 1868, 

m. Jcnie Winsiiip. 

Ch. Sylvester. 

4. Cornelia Helen Bennett 8, b. March 2, 

1869, m. Howard Hicock, Marcii 16, 

Ch. 1. Harold Hicock 9, b. Jan. 20, 1894. 

2. Howard Hicock 0, b. Jan. 4, 1"-1*5. 

3. Erwin Hicock 9, b. Nov. 9, l^'.'o. 

4. Mary Elizabeth Canfield 7, b. April IS, 1836, 

was first wife of Sylvester J. Bennett, m. 
Aug. 31, 1854, d. Sept. 23, Ls59. 

Ch. 1. George C. Bennett 8, b. Aug. 14, 1855, 
d. July 11, 1866. 

2. Hattie L. Bennett 8, b. June 22, 1>57. 

3. Mary E. Bennett 8, b. April 22, 1859, d. 

May 17, 1875. 


5. George H. Cujitleld 7, b. Aug. 19. 183S. d. in 

Albany, X. Y., Jan. 2^J, 18lil, ni. Josti.iiine 
Candee of Oxford, A|)ril 30, ]S60. 

Ch. 1. William H. Candeld 8, b. Nov. i-2, 1861, 
d. April 13, 18G5. 

George H. Cantield T, m. 2d wife, Celia F. 
Downs, A})ril 11, ISTl. 

Ch. 1. Charles H. Cantield 8, b. Jan. 12. 1872. 

2. Caroline, (twin with Charles), d. Aug, 18, 


3. Willie H. Canfield 8, b. Xuv. 22, 1870, d 

Dec. 16, 18m>. 

6. William H. Cantield 7, b. :May 13, 1810. Was 

officer in Co. G, Uth Kegt. Conn. Vols., d. 
at Hatteras Inlft, June 21, 1802 

Mrs. H. C. Bennett, wife of Sylvester J. Bennett, is 
an ardent and enthusiastic Christian worker, and is 
greatly beloved and i-espected by all who associate with 
her in maintaining the principles of the Christian re- 

Alanson Beecher was a quiet, unassuming man, pos- 
sessed of good judgment, and his opinions were uni- 
versally sought and respected. He was a cooper and 
manufacturer of shinixles. Owing to rheumarisni, iiC 
used a cane in walkinsf, and eii^afjed in business favor- 
ing his condition. 

Cyrus Beecher 6, son of Alanson 5, b. Oct. 4, 18'M, 
d. Oct. 8, 1882, m. Phebe Parks of White Plains, N. V., 
in 1841. She was b, IsOo, d, July, 1853, lie li^nighi 
and lived in a house on the Old Field Road, in rear t^f 
the Ezra Beecher home, near his father's iionie, and 
near the White Oak School-house. 


Rev, John WyJlys Beedier 0, (son of Alanson 5), h. in 
Southbuiy, Xov. 2, i803. d. in Vernon Center, X. 
Y., Jan. :20. 1858, m. Sept. 4, 1838. Achsa Judson, 
dau. of Deacon Benjamin, b. in Woodbury, Ct., 
June 22, ISiO. 

Ch. 1. Stiles Minor 7, b. Feb. 18, 1835, d. July 17, 

2. Key. Willis Judson 7, b. April 29, 1838, ])rof. 

of Hebrew in Auburn Theoli/gical Seminary. 

3. Lydia Velina 7, b. Sept. 18, 1830. 

4. Rev. John Everitt 7, b. Jan. 22, 1842 : un- 


5. Mary Adeline 7, b. Xov. 11, 1843 ; unmarried. 

6. William Hart 7, b. Oct. 2, 1845, was a member 

of 15th Xew York Cavalry, G. A. R., d. 
June 1^ 18»J4, during Civil War. 

7. Rev, Wm. Alanson 7, b. Aug. 10, 1852. Rev. 

John, the mother widow Achsa, and daugh- 
ter Mary, reside in Onondaga Valley, X. Y. 
(1898.) "^ 

Ch. 1. Stiles Minor 7, b. Feb. 18, 1835, d. July 
17, 1878, m. Jan. 1, 1861, Julia L. 
Everitt of Ellsworth, Conn., b. X'ov. 2, 

Ch. 1. Cora Louisa 8, b. Oct. 24, 1804. 

2. Florence Lorena 8, b. June 1.^, 18G7. 

3. Faunie Velina 8, b. March .20, IbTl, 

d. July 7, 1874. 
2. Rev. Willis Judson 7, m. June 14, 1805, 
Sara Marie Bolton of Ovid, X. Y., b. 
May 22, 1845, d. Dec. 4, 1892. 

Ch. 1. Martha Leach 8, b. April 20, 1866, d. 
Dec. 1873. 


2. Elizabeth S, b. March 27. 1^71, re.ide 
in Auburu, X. Y. (IbOs.) 
3. Lydia Verona 7, m. Albert C. ^Ma.^on of 
Galesburg, 111., May 23, 1872, d. Dec. 
15, 1887. 

Ch. 1. John Beecher 8, b. Feb. 12, 1874, d 
July 20, 1880. 

2. Mary Gertrude 8, b. Oct. 8, 1876. 

3. Albert Willis ^, b. May 17, 1877. 
Mary and Albert reside in Onondago Valley, X. Y. 


7. Rev. Willis Alans.^n 7, (^f Archibald. Pa., m. 
May 24, 1882, Caroline E. Knight, b. Oct. 
Ch. 1. Clova Achsa 8, b. May 7, 1883, d. 1887. 

2. Edith May 8, b. June 18. 1885. d. 1887. 

3. Willis Knight 8, b. Feb, 28. 1887. 

4. Judson Hart 8, b. April 1, 18'J0. 

5. Lida Lou 8, b. May 10, 1892. 

6. Stuart 8, b. summer, 1895. 

Cora Louisa Beecher 8, dau. of Stiles Minor 7, m. March 

16, I8s6, Bert J. Dodge of Vienna. 
Ch. 1. Grace 9, b. Oct. 31, 1892. 

2. Warden Minor 9, b. Xov. 26, 1894, 

3. Died in infancy, a son 9, b. June 5. 1897, 

Florence Lurena 8, dau. of Stiles Minor 7, m. Sept. 24, 
1891, Eugene Clark of Augusta. 

Ch. 1. Alice Achsa 9. b. Sept 13, 1S92. 

2. Rollin9, b. June 20, 1894. 

3. Frances P:ugene 9, b. Sept. 1896. 

Job.n Wlieeler 1, of Stratford, removed early to that 
part of Woodburv which is now included in the town 


of Southbury, and died May l'^, 1704. He had by 
bis wife Ruth 8 children. The Srh being Joiiu 2d, 
bapt. May, iNG-t, m. Ruth, dau. of Benjamin Stiles, 
Nov. 4, iro4:, and d. Mav 19, IViH, had 10 children, 
the Sth being John 3d, b. ]^Iarch 5, 1T20, m. Delilah 
Sanford, Jan. 1152. She d. Feb. 6, 180v\ Ue d. 
May 2--2, 1811. John od, had children. Isr, Ames 
4, b. Jan. 16, 1753. 2d, Elizabeth 4, b. Oct. 11, 
1754, m. in 1781, William Hues, (a Welsh name), he 
was of Welsh descent. (His son Reuben, m. Jane 
Beecher, dau. of Ezra, b. in West Haven.) The 9th 
child was John Wheeler 4. b. 1775, m. Oct. 31. 1804, 
Thankful Beecher 5, (dau. of John Beecher 4), of 
West Haven, b. Sept. 15, 1778. 

Ch. 1. John L. Wheeler 6. b. July 31. 1805. 

2. Francis 6. b. Feb. 28, h^08, d. unmarried, per- 

haps 1834. 

3. Ransom B. 6, b. Jan. 25,- 1810. 

4. Philander 6, b. May 25, 1811, d. young. 

5. Marietta 6, b. Dec. 2, 1612, d. young. 

6. William E. 6, b. May 7, 1814. 

7. Marietta T. 6, b. May 17, 1817. 

John L. Wheeler 6, b. July 31, 1805, d. Oct. 1. 1855, 
m. in Southbury, Oct. 3. 1838. Mary Ann Barnes, b. 
Feb. 11, 1620, d. July 20, 1877. 

Ch. 1. Mary Etta 7, b. March 21, 1840. 

2. Meritt B. 7, b. May 30, 1841. 

3. Frances H. 7, b. Aug. 8, 1843. 

4. Adaline C. 7, b. Dec, 12, 1845. 

5. Catharine A. 7, b. Jan. 13, 1848. 

6. William C. 7, b. April 18, 1850. 

7. Sarah M. 7, b. Oct. 11, 1852. 

8. John R. 7, b. Jan. 25, 1855, d. Nov. 30, 1855. 


Mary Etta Wheeler, ni. Aug. 18, 1>?''9, James Holran ; 
no children. 

Frances H. Wheeler T, m. April 5, 186S, Sarah J. 

Ch. 1. Du-ight L. 8, b. June 9, 1869. 
2. Arthur E. s, b. May 25, 1878. 

Merritt B. Wheeler ?, m. March 1, ISTO. 

Ch. 1. Aildie 8, b. May '.^l, ISTl. 

2. Frances S, b. Dec. 17, 1873. 

3. Marcellus 8, b. Jan. 6, ls75. 

4. Cora 8, b. Feb. G, 1>77. 

5. John S, b, March 21, 1879. 

6. Meritt 8, b. May 18, 1881. 

7. Dennis 8, (deceased), b. June 23, 1883. 

8. Georgia 8, b. April 2, l.s80. 

9. Lena 8, (deceased), b. April 3, 1888. 

Catharine A. Wheeler 7, m. June 11, 1877, Edward 

Ch. 1. NeUie 8, b. Aug. 28, 1878. 
2. Eddie 8, b. Feb. 20, 1880. 

William C. Wheeler 7, m. April 23, 1877, Jennie 

Ch. 1. Walter 8, b. Dec. 19, 1878. 
2. James 8, b. Aug. 9, 1887- 

Sarah M. Wheeler 7, m. 1st husl)and, Jeff. Hallock. 

Ch. Howard R. 8. b. Aug. 27, 1890. 

Sarah m. 2d husband Sept. 25, 1895, William Currey. 

Ransom Beecher Wlieeler G, b. Jan. 25, 1810, d. April 
19, 1889, m. Sarah Ann Bristoll, Jan. 29, 1831. 


Ch. 1. Chark'S 7, b. Jan. 18, ls32, d. ^rarch 3. 1S32. 

2. Mary Marie T, b. March :24. 1S33. 

3. Eliza Ann 7. b. July 3, 1834. 

•i. Ann Elizabeth 7, b. April -^ll, 1837, d. Jan. 15, 


o. Amelia 7, b. July --30. 1840. 

6. D wight 7, b. Jan. 29, 1842. 

7. Ophelia 7. b. May 12. 1844. 

8. Daniel Morse 7, b. April 12. 1847. 

9. Desmond Hawley 7, b. Sept. 13, 1849. 

10. Clark H. 7, b. Oct. 9. 1X52. d. Dec. 3. 1853. 

11. David Clark 7, b. June 22. Is55. 

Mary Marie 7, m. Leverett D. Warren, July 9, 1854. 

Ch. 1. Wilbur Gleason 8, b. Mav 24. 1855, d. Mav 1, 

2. Frank Beecher S, b. Jan. 10, 1858. Had fam- 

ily children. 

3. Ada Estelle 8, b. Dec. 2d, 1859, d. Dec. 10, 


4. Cora May 8, b. Xov. 15, 1870. 

Eliza Ann ?, m. Harrison Smith, Aus:. 17, 1856. 

Ch. 1. Louisa Howard 8, b. July 6, 1858, d. :March 12, 

2. Lizzie Rennie 8, b. June 16, 1862. Had fam- 

ily children. 

3. William Lincoln b, b. Aug. 5, 1865. Had 


Ann Elizabeth 7, m. Alphonse .Marshall. Xov. 3. 1859. 

Amelia 7, m. William Watson Spc-rry, Jan. 20, 1864. 

Ch. 1. Ada Estelle 8, b. June 4, 1865. Had children. 
2. Joseph Arnold 8, b. Aug. 13, 1869. 


3. Desmond Chirk s, b. Dec. 3U, IS'ri, d. April 

30, 1ST3. 

4. Ransom Wheeler 8, b. Sept. 25, 1875, d. ^[arcli 

H, 1ST9. 

5. Mary Edna S, b. May 7, ISSO. 

Dwight 7, married Emma Adeline Warner, Dec. 25, 

Ophelia 7. m. James Goldsmith, Dec. '2o, 1305. 

Ch. 1. ^[innie Etta 8, b. Oct. 2, 1866. Had faiii. ch. 

2. Nellie May 8, b. Dec. 18, 18r0. 

3. Daisy Myrtle 8, b. Jan. 22. 1876. Had fam. ch. 

6. Ada Grace ) 8, b. June 30, 1877. d. SL-])t. 

6. Ida Belle \ 16, 1877.' 

7. James Wheeler 8, b. Sept. 22, 18^0. 

Daniel Morse 7, m. :Mary McOmond, April 11. 189-4. 
€h. 1. Sara Irene 8, b. Feb. 16, 1895. 

Desmond Hawley 7, m. Elsie Marie Baehelder. Jan. 4, 

Ch. 1. Rena Belle 8, b. Sept. 25, 1883, d. July 25, 
2. Adelaide Louisa 8, b. Nov. 3, 1886. 

David Clark 7, m. Margaret \''eronica Dousriierty, June 
30, 1878. 

Ch. 1. Desmond John 8, b. May 19, L879, d. Xov. U, 

2. Katharine Emma 8, b. Oct. 2, ISSO. 

3. Dwight Clark 8, b. Oct. 19, 1882. 

4. John Audubon 8, b. Dec. 29, 1884, d. Xov. 5, 


5. Gertrude Belle 8, b. Oct. 24, 1838. 


William E. Wheeler G, b. May T. ISU, d. April 2, 
18SS, aged 73 ye;irs 10 months, m. in Seymour. June 
17, 1836, Rutii Ann Scort, b. Sept. --^S, ISU, d. Nov. 
8, 1888, aged 74. 

Ch. 1. Frances Marie 7, b. Sept. 12. 1S37, m. in Xau- 
gatuck, Ct., Xov. 8, 188G, Luther Baldwin 
of Naugatuck. 

2. Catharine Anna 7, b. Oct. 25, 183s, in South 

Britain, Ct.. m. in Soutiibury, Conn., Sept. 
26, 1857, Charles Lyman Xorton of Litch- 
field, Ct. 

Ch. 1. Cora Bell 8, b. July 17, 185s, m. in New 
Britain, Ct., Julv 2G. 1882, Charles D. 
Barnes of X'ew Haven, Ct. 

2. Jennie Anna 8, b. Feb. 16, 1861, d. Oct. 

26, 186-1. 

3. Charles Edward 8, b. July 25, 18G6. d. 

Feb. 9, 1868. 

4. Edward Wheeler 8, b. Feb. 4. Is74. m. in 

Hartford, Ct., Oct. 20, 18'j5, Charlotte 
F. Mason of Springfield, Mass. 
Ch. Verona Belle 9, b. Aug. 13. 1896. 

3. John William Wheeler 7, b. Jan. 1, 1840, d. 


4. Julia Elizabeth Wheeler 7, b. April 15. 1844, 

d. Feb. 16, 1898, m. by Rev. Edward Beards- 
lee in New Haven, John W. Plumb, Jan. 7, 
1869. No children. 

5. Edward Scott Wheeler 7, b. March 9, 1847, rn. 

in Winsted, Ct., Susan Feeter, Ap-rii 14, 

John Wiieeler 4, m. Tliankful Beecher 5. Was a 
farmer, and resided abuut one mile directly west of the 


Cong, church in Soiuhburv, ou an elevation on the 
west side of the Ponineraug Valley, on a road bnt little 
ased, leading over the hills to >^outh Britain. A tlirifrv 
elm tree of immense dimensions stood on the lawn in 
front of the house. He was a man much respecced 
and was freijuently el^-cted to many important offices of 
trust by his fellow-town smeiK who re]'>used great conti- 
dence in his integrity and ability. 

His daughter, ^larietta T. Wheeler 6. b. May IT, ISIT, 
m. Dr. Wm. Catlin in 1840, and soon after remove<i to 
New Carlisle, Ohi", where he practiced his proIe^sion. 

Thankful Bcecher 5, m. Oct. 31. Is'i4. Her husband 
d. in 1846. After a few years she chose a permanent 
home in her old age with her daughter in Ohio. She 
had many years given the strongest evidence of deep, 
fioul-seated Christian character. She d. April 15. 18T1, 
aged 93 years and 7 months. In later years, Dr. and 
Mrs. Catlin removed to Cleveland, Ohio, where they 
died. Mrs. Catlin in youth was an accomplished 

David Beecher 5, son of John 4, b. in West Haven in 
1782, d. in Southbury, May 30, 1849. aged 67. m. 

Rachel , b. 1785, d. March 7, 1845. He was the 

youngest son of John and ]\Iary Tr-nv bridge Beecher 
that arrived to manhood, and was but 4 v-'-ar^ <A aire 
at tL" d'-,i"i. Ill iiis fatiier. X','~. ii. l*'"^'', mm a:»"\' I'j 
at the removal to Southburv in 17'.'2. His brother 
Isaac, b. Feb. 8, 1787, d. May 8, 1792. near the time 
of the exodus to Southbury. David was a shot- 
nfacturer, a man of strong positive character, higlily 
respected, a good citizen, and prominent in society 
and religious work, and precentor in all religious con- 
ference meetings. 


Ch. 1. Merritt A. 6,, b. July 3, 1804. 

He was al.-o a shoe nianiifacturer and resided with his 
father until oO years of age. 

He went to the western country, since wiiich time but 
little has been known of him. 

2. Sarah ^larre Beeclier B. b. Feb. 6. 1S06. 

3. Erastus D. BeecJier b. b. July 1-i, 1^14-, d. 

Sept. :25, l^'^U. 

Sarah ^[arie 0, b. Felt. 6, ISOG, m, Jolm D. Leaven- 
worth, Sept. 12. l^^."). He was the 6th in iie>cent 
from Thomas Leavenworth the 1st of Woodbury, wiio 
was the ancestor of all bearing the nanie in this 
country. Thomas, tlie 1st son : Tiiomas. 2il : John, 
3 ; John, -i : Kussell, 5 ; John D. 6, b Jan. 2, 1S03, 
m. Sarah Marie Beecher in Southl>ury and moved in- 
to Fairfield County and was. in 1830, with ins broth- 
er Mark, a merchant in Monroe, Cl. He was a 
tailor and lived in Bridgeport, Ct.. in 1ST3. 

Ch. 1. Sarah Marie 7, b. June 10, 1826, d. at Stepney, 
Ct., June 14, 181:8, m. Samuel Wakely of 
Stepney, Ct. 

Ch. Sarah Marie 8, m. Wm. Wheaton of Bridge- 
port, Ct. 

2. Charles Deforest T, b. May 18, 1828. 
Ch. 1. Charles D. F. 8, d. aged 2". 

2. Florence >;, m. Edward Nichols of Stepney, 

Ct. Reside at Hopewell Junction, X. 
Y. (1898.) 

3. Howard M. 8, and 

4. Edgar J. 8. They reside in Seymour, Ct. 


3. John Merritt T, b. June 2, 1839. m. and d. 

without children, about 1867. 


Enistus D. Beecher 6, b. July U, ISU, d. :Sep:. 25, 

William Hues, as his name indicates, was of Welsh 
descent, (pronoanced Huce), in later years it became 
chano:ed to Huirhes. 

It is said that in some villa2"es in Wales, at- that 
time, the name of Hues numerically exceeded all 
other names. 

William Hues m. m Southbury, 1781. Elizabeth 
Wheeler, b. Oct. 11, ITo-l. Siie was the 2d child of 
John Wheeler, b. March 5. i:2<>, d. May 22, IsU. 
Who married, Jan. 3. 1752. Delilah Sanford. The 9th 
child was John Wheeler, b. 1775. m. Thankful Beech- 
er 5, b. in West Haven, Sejit. 15. 1778. 

The children of William and Elizabeth Wlieeler 
Hues, born in Sou tii bury, were as follows : 

Ch. 1. Polly Hughes, b. June 13, 1781, d. Eeb. 18, 
1837, m. Aug. 4, 1799, Ashbel Dunning, b 
Oct. 5, 1780, d. Feb. 21, ls55. 

2. Daniel Hughes, b. in Southbury. Left his 

native home early in life for the western 
country, and no tidings has ever been re- 
ceived of him. 

3. Ruth Ann Hughes, b. March 1, 1789. d. in 

1876, aged 87. Married in Watert^wn. >e})t. 
19, 1813, Herman Stoddard, b. Sept. 28, 
1790, d. Feb. 25, 1853, aged 03. Resided 
and children b. in Woodbury. 

4. Reuben Hughes, b. Dec. 2, 1791, d. 4, 

1837, aged 45 yrs. 4 mo., m. Sept. M. b^U, 
Jane Beecher 6, b. June 13, 1792, d. in 
New Haven, July 9, 1n09. Had 12 children 
recorded under Jane Beecher Hugiies. 


He was a good mechanic and excelkd in athletic 
feats, but met with accidents, one (.^f which cru-hed ins 
right hand in a machine he had invented for dreisiiiir 
flax. He renderi'il valuable assistance to liev. Mr. 
Wildman, })a5tor of First Church in Southbury, in con- 
ductin::r relisfious meetini2;s. 

Herman Stoddard was the son of Eli, b. June IT, 1748, 
m. Abigal Hurlb^urt. Herm;ui, the Stli child, b. Sept. 
28, 179U, d. Feb. -.'o, 1S53, m. Sept. 10, 1>13, ac 
Watertown, Ct.. Piuth Ann Hughes, b. in Southburv, 
(dau. of Wm. Hues), March 1, i:.>'J, d. 1S7C, aged b7. 

Ch. 1. Elizabeth Ann, b. June 19, isU, m. Wm. 
Curtiss March 20. I.s39 ; m. v!d, Treat. 

2. William, b. Jan. 10, 1516, d. l^ls. 

3. Laura Sabrina, b. July 1, 1817, m. Phineas 

Alonzo Judson, Oct. IS, 1837. 

4. Sherman Bennett, b. Aug. 11. 1821. m. Marv 

Ann Harger, 1843. 

5. Herman Wheeler, b. July 6, lb23, ui. Eliz;i 

Ann Roberts, 1845. 

6. Mary Maria, b. April 0, 1825, d. Feb. 17, 18^8. 

m. Fred. P. Gorham of Xew Haven, 1848. 

7. Samuel Hughes, b. Dec. 19, 1827, d. I.s29. 

8. Sarah Abigal, b. July 15, 1829, m. Daniel C. 

Frost, 1846. 

9. Charlotte Amanda, b. March 4, 1837. 

Phineas Alonzo Judson, (son of Rev. Albert of Phila- 
delphia), b. Jan 28, 1813, m. Laura >abrina Stoddard, 
dau. of Herman and Ruth Ann fLjg!.'--; SioddM-d, 
Oct. 18, 1837. 

Ch. 1. Ellen Antoinette, b. July 21, 1838, m. George 
D. Lambert, Oct. 18, 1858. 


Ch. Frank Judson, b. Oct. 10, 1862, d. April ^6, 


Ellen Antoinette d. March 5, IS'^S. 

George D. Lambert, was a man hi[,dily esteemed for 
his upright, conscientious life, and integrity of character. 

2. John B. Judson, b. July 1, 1842, m. Isadore 
Charlotte Merwin. 

Ch. 1. John Edwin, b. June 22, 1866. m. Minnie 
A. Holmes, Dec. 1, 1803. 

Ch. 1. Helen E. Holmes, 1^. Xov. 30, 1804. 
2. John Holmes, b. Feb. 15, 1808. 

2. Florence Isadore, b. May 17, 1860, m. 

Arthur Stanley Bradley. Oct. 20, 1.^03. 
Ch. Judson Stanley Bradley, b. May 10. 1806. 

3. xAnna Gertrude Judson, b. Aug. 13, 1S7L 

4. Theodore Phineas, b. Dec. 18, ]8T4. 

John B. Judson has been many years a successful 
merchant in New Haven and has won tlie coutidence 
and respect of his numerous patrons. 

Mary Maria, b. April 6. 1825, m. Fred P. Gorliam, ls4S. 
She d. Feb. 17, 1888. 

Ch. 1. Ruth. 

2. Frederick. 

3. Charlotte. 

The son was educated in chemistry and is in the drug 

The daughters have attained enviable positions as 
teachers in New Haven City public schools. 


Polly HuglR'S, b. in Southburv. (<]au. of Wm. Iluts), 
June 13, l>ri,, d. Feb. 18, l>3'.t. aged 58, m. Ash be 11 
Dunning, Aug. 4, IT'.'O. son of Michael and Anna 
Starr Duni>ing. He was b. Oct. 5, 1T80, d. Feb. 21, 

Ch. 1. Clark Smith Dunning, b. March 20. ISOO. 

2. John Sanford Dunning, b. Jan. 24. 1806. 

3. Olivett Dunning, b. Au^r. 24. ISOT. 

5. William Madison Dunning, b. June 27, I^IO. 

6. Ashbell Wheeler Dunning. 1). Feb. IT, 1814. 

Clark Smith, b. in Brook field, Cunn., m. in Westville, 
Nov. 6, 1820. 

Ch. 1. Antionette. 
2. Florence. 

John Sanford Dunning, m. Xov. 17, 1826. 

Olivet Dunning, b. Aug. 24, 1807, m, Isaac Lockwoodj 
Dec. 31, 1829. She^d. May 4, 1873. 

Ch. 1. Homer Lockwood, dec'd. 

2. Clark Lockwood. dec'd. 

3. Harmon Stoddard, now livincf in Brookfield. 


William Madison Dunning, b. in Brookfield, June 27, 
1810, died in Bridgeport. Aug. 9, 1878, m. Sept. 4. 
1831, Amelia Louisa Irish, b. July 19, 1810, d. in 
Brooklyn, Dec. 21, 1S>"). 

Ch. 1. Amelia Louisa, b. Feb. 11, 1833, d. March 31, 
1897, m. Joseph Clark, Marcii 15. 1^53. 

2. William Henry, b 2sovenif)er 25, l&;j4, d, Mav 

2, 1885. 

3. Edward Augustus, b. April 24, 1837, d. March 

23, 1888. 


4. Margaret Jiinv, b. Dec. 3, 1:^:)'.', m. Thoma-S 

C. Scott. Dec. --^O, 1SG5,, d. Dec. IT. IS TO. 

5. Charles Frederick, h. Feb. 2. l>4'-3. ni. Eliza- 

beth Burns, d. Dec. 8, 1888. 

6. Joliii Wiiithrop. b. Mai'ch 0, l^-iS. in. .Sai-aii 

Har})er, d. ^larch I'L 1^<>.">. 

T. Caroline Angusta. b. July 10. 1^45. ni. Freder- 
ick Standisli. A}u-il IT, iS^;4. (0 children, 
6 living, 180,8.) 

8. George Fa}dor, b. Dec. o, 1847, ni. liose Rieley. 

0. Mary Antionette,. b. Aug. 0. 1S5<'. m. Francis 
flubbell, Dec. 31. 18:3. 
10. Isabel Tamer, b. Xov. 4, 1853, m. Chas. 0. 
Applebee, Feb. 10, 1884. 

Ch. 1. Clara Evelyn, b. Dec. 30, 1844. 
2. Vera Louisa, b. June 10, 1880. 

Ashbel Wheeler Dunning, b. Feb. 17, 1814. m. Oct. 5, 
1834, d. Feb. 24, 1836. 

Amelia Louisa Dunning, b. m Bridgeport, Feb. 11. 
1833, d. March 31, 1807, m. Joseph Clark, b. in 
Bridgeport, April 26, 1830. 

Ch. 1. Sarah Louisa, b. in Bridgeport, Jan. 12, 1854. 

2. Mary Dunning, b. Aju'il 30, 1>^55. 

3. Margaret Ilawley, b. Jan. 10, 1>5:. 

4. William Joseph, b. July 4, 1850. 

5. Charles Travis 1^ Feb. 17, 18*;!. (Last four 

born in Port Chester.) 

Margaret Hawlcy Clark, b. Jan. 10, 1857, m. Herbert 
Standish Childs, b. April 27, 1857, in Bridgeport. 
Xov. 2, 1801. 

Ch. Ethel Louisa, b. in Bridgeport, June 5, 1893. 



William Joseph Clark, b. July 4, 1839, in. Gertrude 
Elizabeth Dorsett. b. May ••30, ISGO. 

Ch. 1. Grace, b. Aug. 10, 188T, d. Aug. 21. 1888. 
2. Wm. Josepli. b. Oct. 10, 1894. 

We close this Record of a part of the Beecher Family, 
by sincerely thanking all who have given any informa- 
tion necessary to its compilation, and ho}>e it will att'ord 
pleasure and grariti(,'ation to all who may peruse its 
pages, and believe they may ju.^tly indulge in a feeling 
of pride, knowing that the Beechers havo [)roduced 
many of the finest types of the hurtum family. 

Vfiv."t^<<? ,>AArr^^- r^i^j^.j^i-a^. oJ-^^-^^ .' 

*^'r-^>%.-!i^ Yo^JU— ^iia^ ysro^'- ' tWH^ Nw< , 


\^ \ji.>-*-^Ci 


^ r,: t! 



nf . 

V-:inl-I nn:l 


^ D 

-.V:.^ of X.-'T- 


w ! r n 

T'. the ;•:■•■>- 

S ':";'•*•'■'. rhp <'•"'■'•' ? ';' 
fo.k. -.v.i.- buri-^ii v.--: 

c\t\c-s r-i Ar^iT'-i^: '.■:\?r>. 

n'..-.r^-. th-^ mr.r-"> tt-^'i^'^'''' ^^'^-'^ '^■^''^ "->'•.'> i:r.- 
or^?.^:v-^ n^^^rsu?^ Tiv- y.->unz f-Tr:. v.-;-;'^ ciel 
in '■!= rv.-enry-th'r.l y>^nr '">i T^i — ^iy ln?t. 
■ afier an ilrjies? th^t h^:::nn wit;-- rrlrrh.^ wps 
!?!! vo .ro?L with hI! ino b"^::";-'? •">t rh- 
Roma;-/ rp.thn'.ii- for "chi'.'ir-?n an i 

'[".j r>-.r- char.tin?: -■>? r> jrsa'.m ^i^'^ bo'ly wa*^ 
born--' frnnn tl". ^ ra5i> to t;i<^ '■■r::roh of <-. 
Ph-;?p- And •wn:"..-' th*^ litti'^ '-■-rt-}:;- n^.ovp J 
slovviv '-^n i:= v.-::v n-n?^ v.-is ?a: 1 v/iihln "ho 
rhurr-h. Ali t'.V' :-r;e?T= and ail fn-^ choris- 
ters ^•o'-p v.-hii'~- v'- stn'ents. Th= Bishop nf 

i So::t:-:^.-Hrk. in Caflinal Vaughan's ahsenr.-, 
ahrr.n- ihronsh ill-health, sat before th-' 

I altar- on hi? thrnn'". 

Th** s'Tvice bi^in:^ rhnt for '-h;ldr--'n. in- 

I clui'-'l :ovf;i! psalnr:?;, the whit'^-rob'^-d rhoir 
h-;;:i; c: iight-d fand>s in ^h-^;r l^nnds a- 
tr-y - :n£r. Fir?t to nip out of tl.- t\-^>c door 

1 w«»re 'h''- children or" th'^ duko'? rstitp v/ho 
j^r-y-l r^:-? faith of R-:n-. Th^' b'--.-- hid 
■^.'hi:*^ .^nph"?? ov^-r th'-''-'.r littl'' shijul i'^r.", 
v/hile the ghrl.-; v.-or-^ whit'=' 'Ir^^ses and 
whir- vils. N<^xt cim- the- mayor and m^T'.- 
b^rs of the city of Westminsrpr ("orpTration 
in th'^'r r'-'i robes, a gr^nt company of 
pri'-.-: = . with m.o-,k? nnd listers of various 
oriior- an<i the bishop blessing th" people as 
he p,:5S^d. 

Th'" duk'-'^, who low-'d his ?on ',v':h sue?! 
d"'.''?* ;on, walked ov^r-.-. behind rh^ coff.n 
un>r ;r.~ pinin whit'i pall with b-'-.'.-'^d h-^ad 
and :i fa'-- f^ll of crv-f. H;= ^.^;-^. :he 
sw-'-r.-f :i C'd Lady Mary. wh.<) Era'.-<^ up po- 
ci^'y. ■ ' t-^nd th" ynunj: enrl, wnlk'-d near 
him. Ther^ w^^ro Lord E dmr.nd Talbot, 
now rhf» heir. Ka*-! T'>pnhi2:h. v».h'"' •.\'n= pr^^?:- 
<^nr ' n ih-'' Kin.e'.=^ b*----. -jlf. th-"" .Mnrouis of 
R-;r •, '.'iil a ^:m.i;i ;:o?i of w-dl-k r )'.vn p>'-o- 
p!''' ""'.■•, ■ r.^d ci.mi- down froni roi-vn. 

T: •' ''".s: prncppsion mov<"-d aiontr thf' ,=:f!p 
of .-..;ni;t road to the L'atf? of ;';.■ jrr-'Ht 
jr..,,_. r-i.,ti'^, whioh stands hisrh ur>on th" 
h;, .rro. i the pvr-.-r. ir''<'.-= of the pn-k. They 
n-.o'.-* . ■"^r~>^.« th'' <"■■>', rt \'.'ird to *h'^ ch'ir'el, 
T\ '"•••• th*^ l;isi ro'-:;f;-> r.f th" =or'.-i'"o wi- 
.•^'id. •-• b«n^-di'-'ti .,; jarivon, th.>> --dnn of 
r'--' • "■ r z: f.".id Irj-.vr.'d In^o th>^ v.iult. 'o 

1 -^ 


of .Vorro;i<; 


The ".I -i ■<:'■' oT!.c.. u.^:.•l■y 
Obcly. •-::.i:- ■ :..-i-. ic -s .n 

-.1') Scc7T?h r'-calla 
j.ot '■u c-uy :: .".".n- 
r-a tli-it ir V.11-: the 
xu,vc;.-- '. :.^- vr . ""^i .-- >. .■--t. m.-I ::.,..;_ iii:^r 
her V. :•:■:■.. ■r.ur.^-r I- "' : .--In^-y - .:i-..>, it 
■wa:- *r -• ..:^::^u :....;,.. . . •. -.Vuiu orr-c?-; -.v, u^. 
so-*r..':- .• ;' ,:..ri:- I.. '.- ■■•■•;:o^a oor.^M' :.ion at 

ruort; dlJ. ilM-^ ill-ia.tei:i ri.-^: il^urp ?.^ .'•.■". ■.■.r.'c.ixie- 

lx.iZ br- ■■ i rp;.n :. ■• . h: 'V ■ --^li, 
Cr:.:'.r."S jj-v-p-vi-/-' .• ■:•... ..\;^:) .Tr:xv :^ .n trust 
ior ;:^;> son.. I:i ■.:- o ■-■-e •..: :!:,.- :.j^ rliig 
car-.?- irit> ■'he po^jv-- ,li-ri or" J >.:.-• -. :".. r.d -.vras 
carrl-:- 1 u-vay vriili uiru on Ms rli^:, . : ■ •..:; ccn- 
t!v--:-. V,-:;,.^., ho-v;-r. ".- ^.-^ .: ,y. ....^ ^^y 
f.i^ •::-:. f^-ru--;i rl^ ;-:.v ■:■-- -■;. ;:.v- r : .- ■ .•-n 
lifid CvTi S'--.TeT»^ii in '■-■• ■•::\;j'>i -ir^vl •.■ .oiliii.; 

takes oi-V.^e [■j.rz o. :...• ^:,...:)r ..•■..• i 

Lira. 'i^'U.'^ t^l.e rin:; vv-;\s p:,s.ed -n r.-ii:ijureii 

Car.'i:.r:i. Vcrk, ii ^-;..:..* w.;^ j. :■ . r\y v^f the 
Tt'iz" I ■- ^ • -7 nii=^i.y or..' - n.:r-^, a%<l '^•^•. ; y rht-ru 

fTo:^\ ''■'■. :.i i: hii-x .. -i\^ :■■;::, -h. •;._ .,, -„--.rya 

io:i.;y' ■". ''r--'\'i' •'"'v .-.^s