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Full text of "Genealogy of the Cloyd, Basye and Tapp families in America ; with brief sketches referring to the families of Ingels, Jones, Marshall and Smith"

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Correction Sheet 

For the Genealogy of the 

Cloyd, Basye and Tapp Families 


Paste this sheet in the front of your book 

and also mark the corrections at 

the appropriate place 

Page 33, No. 248: Dr. Chas. F. Nassau resides 1515 Wallace 
street, Philadelphia, instead of Germantown. 

Page 117, No. 161: Mary Jane Williamson, usually known as 
Miss Jennie, died in Lebanon, Tenn., July 2nd, 1912. 
She was a woman of noble character and a consistent 
member of the Presbyterian church. 

Page 124, No. 63: James Marshall Cloyd married a Miss L. F. 
Sharp, near Nashville, Tenn., and removed to Harde- 
man County, Tennessee, where he died in 1839, and his 
wife died soon after. He left four children, all of whom 
died without issue. 

The assumption that Francis Marion Cloyd, No. 229, 
was a son of James Marshall Cloyd, is therefore er- 
roneous. In support of the above statement the follow- 
ing letter is presented: 

Halls, Tenn., Jan. 22, 1913. 

A. D. Cloyd, M. D., 
Omaha, Nebr. 

Dear Sir: 

I am a grandson of John Cloyd mentioned on page 120 of 
your book. I was born in 1844. My mother's name was Martha 
Spencer Cloyd and not Amelia, as you have it. She married Joseph 
Plelding Sharp, my father, in Fayette County, Tennessee, in 1836, 
and had four boys and one girl. Fannie, the daughter, married 
John M. McFadden and resides in Memphis. The sons were named 
Rufus Burton, John Cloyd, James Trice and Joseph Spencer. They 
are all dead except myself. 

In regard to my great-uncle, James Marshall Cloyd and his 
family, I can give you the following: 

James Marshall Cloyd married my father's sister. Miss L. F. 
Sharp. She died soon after his death In 1839. I remember of my 
father's oldest sister telling me in 1869 of their death and that she 
lost her first husband about the same time with the same disease. 
The fourth child mentioned in the letter of great-grand-father, 
David Cloyd, on page 108, a baby girl, died at a very early age. I 
knew the other three children well from 1855 to 1865'. They were 
Malissa, Ezeklel and James. My father raised Ezeklel In part. 
He was a doctor and died in Little Rock, leaving a large estate but 
no children. James, the younger boy, was a farmer and died at 
Augusta, Ark., about 1870, and Malissa died at the same place 
about 187^. James and Malissa both married Raineys and neither 
left any children. Yours sincerely, 

Jos. S. Sharp. 

Page 148, Line 8: Sallie Stearns was born 12-26-1835 instead of 

Page 151, No. 230: "Rev. W. P. Cloyd, one of Collin County's 
earliest Presbyterian ministers, a Mason of more than 
fifty years' standing, an Odd Fellow for more than 
forty years, and a man of unusual literary attainments, 
fell unconscious in his yard at 6 130 o'clock this morn- 
ing while feeding his chickens, and died before medical 
aid could reach him. Rev. Mr. Cloyd was 73 years of 
age and a Confederate veteran, being chaplain of Throck- 
morton Camp, U. C. v., of McKinney." — McKinney, 
Texas, Paper, August 14, 1912. 

Page 145, No. 439: Arthur Alonzo Cloyd was born 10-29-1851. 
See also page 171. 

Page 175, No. 469, Line 4: Rogers, Ark., instead of Rogers, 

No. 621c: Ruth Estelle Murphy married John Taylor, 
son of Al Taylor of Salisbury, Mo., and resides in Okla- 
homa City. 

Page 179, No. 661 : The name should be Alva Franklin Allen. 

Page 189, No. 32: David Northington Cloyd died at National 
Soldiers Home, Tennessee, 5-19-18] 2. 

Page 189, No. 78: D. W. and Lenora Harmon have one child, 
name Lucille, born 1909. 

Page 189, No. 79: C. B. and S. Scott Woods have two children: 
Mary Belle, born 1909, and David Leonidas, born 1911. 

Page 192, No. 77: Should read, "S. Julia Cloyd, daughter of Dr. 
James W. and Mary V. (Dunwoody) Cloyd," etc. 

Page 197 : The foot note refers to the date of Daniel Clyde's coming 
to America and should read : 

Morrison's history of Windham, N. H., says : "Daniel 
Clyde came to America in 1832. All his children were 
born in Ireland except Samuel, who was born in Wind- 
ham in 1732." 
John Cloyd, writing in 1881, said that he came in 1735. 

Page 199, No. 24: Thomas Cloyd died 4-4-1911. 

Page 200: The date in the first line should be 1882. 

Page 203: The date in third line should be 1-10-1889. 

A. D. Cloyd, M. D. 

Genealogy of the Cloyd, Basye and 
Tapp Families in America 





Omaha, Nebraska 







To the memory of my father and mother, 
whose pious Christian lives and ennobling 
example have been a constant inspiration 
and uplift to me throughout a busy life, 
this book is affectionately dedicated. 


SECTION ONE— Descendants of James Cloyd, (1680-1769) of 
Chester County, Pennsylvania. 

SECTION TWO— Descendants of David Cloyd, (1700-1792) of 
Augusta County, Virginia. 

SECTION THREE— Descendants of John Cloyd, who died 1759 
in Augusta County, Virginia. 

SECTION FOUR— Descendants of William Cloyd, (1751-1837) 
of Washington County, Tennessee. 

SECTION FIVE— Descendants of Daniel Clyde, (1683-1753) 
of Windham, New Hampshire, who changed the name to 

SECTION SIX— Descendants of Edmond Basye, (1730-1810) 
of Fauquier County, Virginia. 

SECTION SEVEN— Descendants of Elizabeth Tapp of 
Spottsylvania County, Virginia. 

SECTION EIGHT— Brief sketches of Ingels, Jones, Marshall, 
and Smith families. 

Families Allied hy Marriage — Alexander, Allen, Amiss, 
Atkinson, Baker, Banks, Barnhill, Baxter, Beale, Beard, Ben- 
ton, Berney, Blosser, Bonsall, Boyd, Bradshaw, Branham, 
Brooks, Brown, Brubaker, Bryner, Burge, Caldwell, Camp- 
bell, Cary, Clark, Cleveland, Clinging, Colley, Cox, Craig, Cri- 
der, Crum, Culbertson, Cummings, Cunningham, Dameron, 
Davis, Dennis, Downs, Doty, Eikenberg, Elliott, Field, Fellers, 
Finney, Fisher, Forgy, Foster, Galbreath, Gale, Gallemore, Gal- 
loway, Gates, Graham, Gray, Green, Grisham, Griswold, Hamblen 
Hamill, Hamilton, Hamlin, Hargrove, Hartsell, Hays, Head, 
Heeter, Hensley, Herrold, Hopkins, Hooper, Houston, Hudson, 
Hughes, Hunton, Jackson, James, Jenkins, Jett, Johnson, Jones, 
Keister, Kemper, Kent, Kirk, Kirkpatrick, Knight, Lanterman, 
Larner, Latta, Law, Layman, Lee, Leslie, Lowe, Lowman, 
Lucas, Lukens, McBain, McDowell, McGavock, McKee, Mc- 
Whinney, Manlove, Marshall, Mefferd, Melvin, Mendenhall, 
Miles, Mills, Minor, Moody, Moore, Morrell, Moser, Myers, 
Napier, Nassau, Neely, Nevin, North, Paekee, Patrick, Patton, 
Peoples, Pembleton, Philips, Postlethwaite, Read, Ream, Reid, 
Richardson, Roberts, Robertson, Robinson, Sears, Sharp, Shep- 
herd, Showers, Small, Smith, Smyth, Snipes, Spears, Spillman, 
Sprecher, Stamper, Stewart, Stone, Strouse, Swihart, Tate, Tay- 
lor, Templeton, Thompson, Tilford, Todd, Townsend, Turner, 
Van Horn, Van Leer, Van Vichton, Waggoner, Warner, Watson, 
Watts, West, Williamson, Wilson, Withrow, Woods, Yancey, and 
many others. 


The collection of the information in this book was the re- 
sult of circumstances. Like the majority of individuals the 
compiler had no thought of or care for his ancestry until one day 
in 1891, he received a letter from Dr. Thos. Cloyd Craig of Eas- 
ton, Kans., making inquiries about the family name, Dr. Craig 
having seen the writer's name in some Medical Journal. In a very 
short time a similar letter was received from Dr. W. H. Long of 
Haddonfield, N. J. Following the correspondence with these 
two gentlemen an interest in family history was aroused and the 
correspondence gradually extended to other parties and to other 
branches of the family. 

The gradual unfolding of different lines of the family his- 
tory proved so captivating and alluring that only business cares 
have prevented more extended research. The correspondence 
has been voluminous and has extended over a period of fifteen 
years. Errors there are undoubtedly, but fundamental facts 
have been verified by incontrovertible proof. Government, 
county seat and church records have been carefully examined; 
historical libraries have been visited repeatedly ; every genealog- 
ical work of any bearing has been scanned, and hundreds of let- 
ters have been written in the effort to confirm or secure informa- 
tion. Often times conflicting testimony would be received from 
equally qualified persons, increasing and making more difficult 
the task of securing accurate records. 

To all who have so generously assisted and co-operated with 
me in the preparation of these notes, I wish to express my pro- 
found appreciation. Special mention is due Dr. Thomas Cloyd 
Craig, Easton, Kans., Dr. Wm. S. Long, Haddonfield, N. J., Mrs. 
Ellen (Mendenhall) Beale, Parkersburg, Pa., David Cloyd James, 
Madisonville, Ky., Paul C. Cloyd, Plainfield, N. J., Miss Jennie 
Williamson, Lebanon, Tenn., I. Walter Basye, Bowling Green, 
Mo., Dr. James W. Cloyd, Mossheim, Tenn., and others who 
have assisted in every way possible. 


The collection of the material for this book has been a pleas- 
ure. It has occupied many spare moments. It will prove in- 
teresting to but few, yet it is too valuable to perish with the 
writer. Its publication is undertaken without the hope of finan- 
cial reward. The pleasure it will give a few of those who read 
will be my recompense. If another shall take up the work at 
any point where I have left off, I shall be the more abundantly 

In writing the history of the Cloyd family in America an 
effort has been made to harmonize facts with traditional reports 
but not always with success. That there were three brothers 
who came from Ireland is a tradition common to different 
branches, of the family widely separated. That the original 
immigrants or their ancestors were in the memorable siege of 
Londonderry, England, in 1689, is an equally common tradition. 
It has been impossible, however, to locate the particular ancestor 
who underwent the terrible privations and sufferings that mark 
a religious war which forms one of the worse stains on England's 
history. It has been equally impossible to establish the identity 
of the three brothers, as being the only and original immigrants. 

It has been well established that the family came out from 
Ulster the northernmost province of Ireland in which London- 
derry is situated. It is evident the name is closely associated 
with that of Clyde. Several instances can be adduced where a 
part of a family would retain the original name Clyde and the 
others take the name Cloyd after coming to America. Various 
claims have been advanced in reference to the original name 
having been Cloy, 'Cloyd, McCloyd, McLeod, etc., but prepon- 
derance of real evidence indicates that the original name was 

The Cloyd immigrants were pure Scotch though they were 
called Scotch-Irish, a term which had its origin in the fact that 
great colonies of Scotchmen concentrated in Northern Ireland, 
especially in Ulster Province in the 17th Century. 

Respectfully submitted, 

A. D. CLOYD, M. D. 
Omaha, Nebr., April 1, 1912. 

Mrs. A. D. Cloyd 



The following is taken from the "History of the Colony and Ancient 
Dominion of Virginia ' ', by Charles Campbell, published by J. B. Lippin- 
cott & Co., Philadelphia, 1860, page 423:— 

' ' During the reign of Queen Elizabeth, the dissatisfied and turbu- 
lent Province of Ulster, in Ireland, suffered pre-eminently the ravages 
of civil war. Quieted for a time by the sword, insurrection again burst 
forth in the second year of James the First, and repeated rebellions 
crushed in 1605, left a large tract of country desolate, and fast declining 
into barbarism. Almost the whole of six counties of Ulster thus, by 
forfeiture, fell into the hands of the king. A London company under his 
auspices, colonized this unhappy district with settlers, partly English, 
principally Scotch — one of the wise and salutary measures of his feeble 
reign. The descendants of these colonists of the plantation of Ulster, as 
it was now called, came to be distinguished by the name of Scotch-Irish. 
Archbishop Usher, who was disposed to reconcile the differences between 
the Presbyterians and Episcopalians, consented to a compromise of them, 
in consequence of which there was no formal separation from the estab- 
lished church. But it was not long before the persecutions of the house of 
Stuart, inflicted by the hands of Strafford and Laud, augumented the 
numbers of the non-conformists, riveted them more closely to their own 
political and religious principles, and compelled them to turn their eyes 
to America as a place of refuge for the oppressed. The civil war of 
England ensuing, they were for a time relieved from this necessity. Their 
unbending opposition to the proceedings of Cromwell drew down upon 
them (1649) the sarcastic denunciation of Milton. (Milton's Prose Works, 
i. 422, 430, 437). 

The persecutions that followed the restoration (1679) and after- 
wards, at length compelled the Scotch-Irish to seek refuge in the New 
World, and many of them came over from the North of Ireland and settled 
in several of the colonies, especially in Pennsylvania. From thence a por- 
tion of them gradually migrated to the western parts of Virginia and 
North Carolina, inhabiting the frontier of civilization, and forming a bar- 
rier between the red men and the whites of the older settlements. The 
Scotch-Irish enjoyed entire freedom of religion, for which they were indebted 
to their remote situation ' '. 

There was an exodus of Scotch-Irish from Pennsylvania to Virginia 
which began about 1732. They were good Presbyterians, and as soon 
as they had built their houses they proceeded to build churches; and the 
"Tuscarora Meeting House", was near Martinsburg, and the "Opeqnon 
Church" a little south of Winchester. The first Presbyterian minister 
settling west of the Blue Ridge was the Rev. John Craig, a native of the 


North of Ireland. In 1840 he became pastor of the ' ' Stone Meeting 
House", afterwards called "Augusta Church", near Staunton, Augusta 
Co., Va., organized in 1738, and settled by the Scotch-Irish from Penn- 
sylvania, (descendants of the Covenanters) a race distinguished for their 
intelligence, energy, morality, and piety. In 1737, John Lewis, a native 
of Dublin Co., Ireland, secured a grant of land covering half of what 
is now Eockbridge Co. To settle up the land he imported upwards of 
one hundred families from the north of Ireland, Scotland, and border 
counties of England. Among the first settlers of this Rockbridge tract 
was Ephrain McDowell, ancestor of Governor James McDowell and Colonel 
William Campbell. 

There was an unprecedented movement of these Scotch-Irish to America 
in the 18th Century. The first great movement occurred during the 
quarter of a century beginning in 1718. Those from Ulster entered America 
by three routes, one at Boston, one on the Delaware river at Philadelphia 
and Newcastle and the third at Charleston, South Carolina. In 1718 five 
shiploads of Scotch-Irish arrived at Boston and settled at Londonderry, 
N. H., to be followed by others, and many of those already in America 
flocked to Londonderry and other towns in New Hampshire. The great 
majority of the immigrants from Ulster landed on the Delaware river, 
either at Lewes or Newcastle, now a part of Delaware, or at Phila- 
delphia. Over 5000 landed at Newcastle in 1729. Few ships bringing 
these people to America kept passenger lists, leaving it impossible to 
definitely determine when any particular individual came over. 

These settlers gave the land office much trouble. They persisted 
in settling on any tract of land that suited them without paying for it. 
They came in response to invitations for settlers and alleged, ' ' it was 
against the laws of God and nature for so much land to be idle while 
so many Christians wanted it to live on and raise their bread ' '. 

After the fertile lands in East Pennsylvania were occupied, those who 
landed on the Delaware river turned their course westward and southward, 
settling in the Cumberland and Shenandoah Valleys of Virginia, about 
1735, and in 1750 into North Carolina and later into Tennessee. Many 
of those who settled in Chester Co., Pa. and Newcastle Co., Delaware, after 
a few years pushed on into the Shenandoah valley. 

The Scotch-Irish immigrants to this country were, generally speak- 
ing, men of splendid physique and marked mental characteristics; qualities 
transmitted to their posterity to a notable degree. They were plain, 
industrious, frugal, devout and religious, possessing high ideals of morality 
and integrity. Their zeal for education caused them to found many 
schools and produce many school masters. Religion, Virtue and Knowledge 
were their three ruling passions. They were forced from Ireland mainly 
on account of their religious views and in gaining religious liberty in 
Amerca they were ready to grant it to others. 

The immigrant ancestors of the Cloyd family were of this class. That 
they came during the flood time of Scotch-Irish immigration is indicated 
by the fact that the earliest records appear during that time. 



The Immigrant Ancestors of the Cloyd family treated of in 
this book are as follows : 

1. James, 1680-1769. 

2. James, 1707-1771, (Section One.) 

3. David, 1710-1792, (Section Two.) 

4. Joseph. 

5. John, d. 1782. 

6. Thomas. 

7. Jane. 

8. John, (Section Three.) 

9. William, (Section Four.) 

10. William, who enlisted Sept. 9, 1780, at Boston, as a sea- 

man on Ship "Gen. Miflin. " His description was: 
"Age 19 ; complexion light ; residence Massachusetts." 
Nothing more is known of him. 

11. James, of Brentwood, N. H., was a private in Capt. 

Light's Co., Col. Moore's Regt. in the Louisburg Ex- 
pedition in 1745, ("N. H. men at Louisburg 1745;" 
Public Printer Concord, N. H. 1796). Nothing fur- 
ther is known of him. 

12. Elizabeth, who m. Capt. John Templeton in Chester 

Co., Pa., prior to 1746. 

13. Susannah, who m. Thomas Christine, 7-14-1790, at St. 

James Church, Perkiomen, Montgomery Co., Pa., 
1790. Her family connection is not known. 

14. Daniel Clyde, who came from Londonderry, Ireland to 

Londonderry, N. H., in 1722 (Section Five.) 
(a) Michael Clyde and wife, Bridget, of Scottish 
ancestry settled in Northampton Co., Pa., about 1743. 
He d. 1794 in his 84th year, and Bridget d. in 1786, 
in her 66th year. He had two sons James and John 
and it is believed two daughters. James d. 1827, in 
his 78th year, John d. 1826 in his 81st year. 

In the tax list for Allen Township for 1780 are 
found the names of John and James Cloyd. They 
were also members of the Northampton Co. Militia 


for that year. The U. S. Census for 1790 contains 
as heads of families in Allen Township, the names of 
Michael, James and John Cloyd. 

Rev. John C. Clyde, Easton, Pa., author of "Irish 
Settlements," etc., is a descendant of Michael Clyde 
of Northampton Co. 

(b) Thomas Cloyd, a single man resided in Dauphin 
Co., Pa., in 1790 according to the U.S. Census for 
that year. 

Thomas Cloyd was a member of the Middlesex Co., 
N. J., Militia in 1814. 

The records of St. Michaels' Evangelical Church, 
Germantown, Pa., show the marriage of Thomas Cloyd 
and Jesse Wright in 1828. 

(c) Solomon Cloyd was a member of the Cumber- 
land Co., Pa., Militia in 1780, (Pa. Archives, Vol. 6. 
Series 5). He also lived in Augusta Co., Va., ac- 
cording to Judge W. P. Houston, Lexington, Va. 


Section One 

Descendants of 

James Cloyd 

Section One 

Descendants of James Cloyd* 

1. JAMES CLOYD, a Scotchman, born in Ireland in 1680 and 
said to have been in the Siege of Derry when nine years old, d. 
in Chester Co., Pa., in 1769. It is said he would often lecture 
the young folks, his grandchildren, on wastefulness and tell them 
of the privations endured by the besieged in 1689. Nothing de- 
finite is known about him, but he is supposed to have been the 
father of the following : 

Children : 

2. James, b. 1707 ; m. Margaret Wilson. 

3. David, b. about 1710; m. Margaret Campbell, (See Sec- 

tion No. 2.) 

4. Joseph, nothing is known of him except that David had 

a brother Joseph. Joseph was accessed in Chester 
Co., Pa., in 1730. In 1735 he was a constable. He 
died single. 

5. John, m. Mrs. Sarah (Carver) Bartholomew. 

6. Thomas, m. 

7. Jane, m. Wm. Hudson. 

First Generation 

2. JAMES CLOYD, (b. 1707-d. 1771), son of James, 1, m. Mar- 
garet Wilson, prior to 1738. It is not known when he came to 
America. In 1752 he bought 378 acres of land in Whiteland 
Township, Chester Co., Pa., and afterward owned 800 acres. 
He had lived prior to this in what is now Montgomery Co., as 
in the above deed dated 5-2-1752, he is called "Yeoman of Gwyn- 
ned Township, Philadelphia County." 

*This account of the descendants of James Cloyd and Margaret Wilson 
was furnished by Mrs. Ellen M. Beale, Parkersburg, Pa., and Dr. Wm. S. 
Long, Haddonfield, N. J. 


16 The Cloyd Family 

Children : 

*15. Mary, b. 1731 ; m. (1) John Meredith; (2) William Todd. 

*16. Sarah, m. James Morrell. 

17, Joseph, d. single. 

*18. David, b. 2-25-1738; m. (1) Ann Boyd; (2) Mrs. Eliz- 
abeth (Boyd) Jenkins; (3) Mrs. Mary Morgan. 

*19. Margaret, b. 1746 ; m. Capt. Samuel Culbertson. 

*20. James, b. 1750 ; m. Hannah Hockley. 

*21. Rebecca, b. 12-23-1751 ; m. Joshua North. 

*22. Jane, b. 1753 ; m. John McKee. 

23. Elizabeth, b. 4-23-1760 ; m. Francis Lee ; d. 8-23-1818 ; 

leaving no children. 

24. , a son died in infancy. 

5. JOHN CLOYD, d. in Chester Co., Pa., 9-9-1782. His will 
dated 10-30-1781, probated 10-8-1782, Chester Co., is valuable 
in establishing family relationship. He m. Mrs. Sarah (Carver) 
Bartholomew prior to 3-23-1757, when she was legatee under the 
will of her step-father William Williams, of Philadelphia Coun- 
ty. He left no children. His widow d. 1784. The following 
are some of the bequests in his will : 

* ' To wife, Sarah, 400 pounds, horse chair, tea table and its equipage, 
mulatto wenches, Nell and Judith. 

To Mary, Margaret and John Cloyd, children of nephew, David 
Cloyd, 150 pounds, to be divided when of age. 

To James and Eli?abeth, children of Samuel and Margaret Culbertson, 
100 pounds. 

To my kinsman, Eobert Morrell, 150 pounds, joiners tools, etc. 

To nephew, James Cloyd, nieces Jane McKee, Eebecea North and 
Mary Todd, each 50 pounds. 

To James Morrell, junior, son of my nephew James Morrell of Phila- 
delphia, 50 pounds when of age. 

To the four children of my deceased brother Thomas Cloyd, — Joseph, 
Mary, Jane and their youngest sister, 200 pounds to be divided when of 

To my sister Jane, wife of William Hudson, of York Co., five pounds. 

To George and Joseph Hudson, sons of said William, 50 pounds each. 

To Mary, wife of Lewis Williams, and dau. of said Wm. Hudson, 
50 pounds. 

To Jane, wife of James Davidson of Cumberland Co., and daughter of 
Wm. Hudson 50 pounds. Executors, wife Sarah and nephew David Cloyd." 

The Cloyd Family 17 

6. THOMAS CLOYD, of whom we know little except as recited 
in the will of his brother John, 5, died in Chester Co., Pa., 10-30- 
1780. He paid taxes on 30 acres in Kennett, Chester Co., Pa., 
in 1769. 

Thomas Cloyd, a tailor, age 33, born in Ireland, enlisted 
under Capt. Robert Curry in a Pa. Regt. in 1759, (Pa. Archives 
5th Series Vol. 1.) 

Thomas Cloyd was a member of the Lancaster Co., Pa., mi- 
litia in 1779, (Associators and Militia Vol. 5, P. 828 and Vol. 

7, P. 220). 

Children : 

25. Joseph. 

26. Maey. 

27. Jane. 

28. Daughter, name not known. 

7. JANE CLOYD, dau. of James, 1, m. Wm. Hudson and lived 
in York Co., Pa. Nothing is known of her except what is re- 
vealed in the will of her brother John. William Hudson was a 
member of the Great Valley Church in 1761. 

Hudson Children : 

29. George. 

30. Joseph, 

31. Mary, m. Lewis Williams. 

32. Jane, m. James Davidson. 

Second Generation 

15. MARY CLOYD, b. 1731, dau. of James, 2, m. (1) John Mer- 
edith, son of David Meredith and Sarah Rush, a first cousin of 
Dr. Benjamin Rush, signer of the Declaration of Independence. 
In 1762 John Meredith and wife Mary sold 57 acres in White- 
land Township to John Cloyd, joyner. Meredith d. 1774 and 
Mary was administrator. She m. (2) William Todd. 

Meredith Child: 

33. Hannah, b. ; d. 1847, m. (1) Jacob Lewis and had 

three children, John, Jacob and Mary Ann. She m. 
(2) Benjamin Reese, a soldier of the war of 1812, 
and had two children, Rebecca and Susan. 

18 The Cloyd Family 

16. SARAH CLOYD, dau., of James, 1, m. James Morrell. 
They resided for a time, it is thought, in Philadelphia, while it 
is said their descendants went to Western Pa. The only record 
of them is found ih the will of John Cloyd. 

Morrell Children: 

34. Robert. 

35. James Wilson, d. 5-23-1810. 
35a. Sarah. 

18. DAVID CLOYD, (b. 3-25-1738 ; d. 8-20-1820) , son of James, 
2, and Margaret (Wilson) Cloyd, m. (1), 1-10-1769, Ann Boyd 
(b. 1745; d. 12-30-1773), dau. of Rev. Adam Boyd; (2), 4-23- 
1778, Mrs. Elizabeth (Boyd) Jenkins, (b. 4-14-1748; d. 6-5-1779) 
sister to his first wife; (3) 6-20-1780, Mrs. Mary ( Rittenhouse ) 
Morgan, sister of David Rittenhouse, the Astronomer. There 
were no children by the last marriage. The U. S. Census for 
1790 shows that David Cloyd lived in East Whiteland Township, 
Chester Co., Pa., and had one male under 16 years of age, six 
females and one slave in his family. David Cloyd was a noted 
Patriot during the Revolutionary War, (Hist. Chester Co.) He 
was a private in the Chester Co. Militia in 1780. (Pa. Arch. 5th 
Series, Vol. 5.) His will, valuable in detailing family relation, 
was probated in Chester Co. 

Children : 
First marriage : 
*36. Mary, b. 10-28-1769 ; m. Rev. Wm. Latta. 
*37. Margaretta, b. 8-12-1771 ; m. 11-18-1793, Francis Lee. 

38. John, b. 7-4-1773; d. 9-17-1809. He was a lawyer and 

unmarried. Resided in Philadelphia and was in 
Washington in 1809 where he probably died. 
Second marriage : 

39. James, b. 3-12-1779 ; d. 8-30-1779. 

19. MARGARET CLOYD, (b. 1746; d. 5-12-1811), dau. of 
James, 2, and Margaret (Wilson) Cloyd, m. 1767 Capt. Samuel 
Culbertson who. became an officer in Col. Montgomery's Regi- 
ment in the Revolutionary Army. He was taken prisoner at the 
Battle of Three Rivers, Nov. 16, 1776, and held at Long Island 

The Cloyd Family 19 

and on prison ships at New York until Nov. 2, 1780, when he 
was discharged at Elizabethtown, N. J., and returned home to 
Yellow Springs, Pa. "He was possessed of fine literary and 
military talents." He was son of Lieut. John Culbertson (wife 
Eliza Rogers) who was in the Provincial Militia. 

Culbertson Children : 

*40. Elizabeth, b. 1768 ; m. Isaac Wayne Van Leer ; d. 9-27- 

*41. James, b. 8-3-1771 ; m. Elizabeth Jones ; d. 1-21-1849. 
42. John, b. ; d. ; 

20. JAMES CLOYD, (b. 1750; d. 11-5-1807), son of James, 2, 
m. Hannah Hockley, 1783. The U. S. Census for 1790 shows that 
James Cloyd lived in West Whiteland Township, Chester Co., 
Pa., and had one male under 16 and two females in his family. 
He was a wealthy resident of Whiteland Township. His will is 
interesting as revealing family relationship. 

James Cloyd was appointed an Ensign in the 5th Pa., Bat- 
talion, Jan. 8, 1776. 

James Cloyd, a private in the Chester Co., Pa., militia Rev- 
olutionary War received "Depreciation Pay," (See Pa. Archives, 
5th Series, Vol. 4, P. 271.) 

Child : 
43. Hockley, b. 1784; d. 9-26-1803. 

21. REBECCA CLOYD, b. 12-23-1751, dau. of James, 2, and 
Margaret (Wilson) Cloyd, m. Joshua North, 2-15-1776. 

North Children : 

*44. James, b. 11-5-1777; m. Euphemia Davis. 
*45. Caleb, b. 1779 ; m. Abigail Lewis. 
46. Joshua, b. 1782 ; m. ; d. 1844. 

*47. Rebecca, b. 5-25-1785; m. (1) Daniel Lewis,"bro. of Abi- 
gail, no children, (2) Dr. Ezra Doty; d. 2-2-1855. 

After Rebecca (Cloyd) North's death her husband Joshua 
North, married Mary Murray and had 4 children. 

20 The Cloyd Family 

22. JANE CLOYD, (b. 1753; d. 1829), dau. of James, 2, and 
Margaret (Wilson) Cloyd, m. John MeKee, 1772. 

McKee Child : 
*48. James Cloyd, b. 6-18-1773 ; m. Jane Trainor. 

Third Generation 

36. MARY CLOYD, (b. 10-28-1769; d. 2-22-1847), dau. of 
David, 18, and Ann (Boyd) Cloyd, m. in 1800 Rev. William 
Latta, D. D., (b. May, 1769; d. 2-19-1847.) 

Latta Children : 

49. Mary Ann, b. 7-1-1801 ; d. 11-6-1882. Single. 

50. Margaretta, b. 10-21-1803 ; d. 6-2-1869. Single. 

*51. Dr. Jas. Francis, b. 5-8-1808 ; m. Lydia Sedley Moore. 
*52. Rev. William Wilson, b. 7-1-1810 ; m. Mary Jenkins. 

37. MARGARETTA CLOYD, (b. 8-12-1771; d. 7-4-1805), dau. 
of David, 18, and Ann (Boyd) Cloyd, m. 11-18-1793, Francis 
Lee (b. 1789; d. 4-30-1815). Lee had been married twice pre- 
viously, the first time to Jane Alexander and had 11 children 
(viz: 1. James Alexander, 2. William, 3. Francis, 4. William, 5. 
George, 6. John, 7. Thomas, 8. Jane, 9. Margaret, 10. Hannah, 
11. Eleanor.) His second wife was a Boyd. After Margaretta 's 
death he married her aunt, Elizabeth Cloyd, 23, who survived 

Lee Children : 

*53. David Cloyd, b. 7-15-1795 ; m. Ann Hunter Scott. 

54. Ann Boyd, b. 4-8-1797 ; d. 4-22-1797. 

55. Mary, b. 11-19-1798 ; m. William Schultze ; d. 10-26-1881 ; 

no children. 

56. Alfred Gemmill, b. 7-21-1800; m. Caroline A 

dau. Margaretta Anne Lee married Houghtaling. Re- 
sides Rondout, N. Y. 
*57. Col. Francis, b. 4-13-1803 ; m. Eliza Sibley. 

The Cloyd Family 21 

40. ELIZABETH CULBERTSON, (b. 1768; d. 9-27-1820), 
dau. of Capt. Samuel and Margaret (Cloyd) Culbertson, 19, m. 
Isaac Wayne Van Leer, son of Hannah Wayne (sister to Gen. 
Anthony Wayne), and Samuel Van Leer who was a son of Bern- 
ardus and Mary (Branson) Van Leer. Isaac, with two brothers, 
Bernardus and Anthony, went to Tenn. and entered into the iron 

Van Leer Children : 

*58. Hannah, b. 12-4-1801 ; m. James Robertson Napier. 

59. Lyndpord Lardner, b. 3-26-1802 ; died young. 
*60. Margaret, b. 12-14-1803; m. (1) John Kennedy; (2) 
Hardman Stone. 

61. Wayne, b. 6-24-1810 ; m. Miles ; d. 1894. 

41. JAMES CULBERTSON, (b. 8-3-1771; d. 1-21-1849), son 
of Capt. Samuel and Margaret (Cloyd) Culbertson, 19, m. 5-24- 
1796, Elizabeth Jones, dau. of Jonathan Jones and Margaretta 
(Davis) Jones. 

Culbertson Children : 

62. Samuel, b. 2-20-1797; d. 8-18-1826. Single. 

*63. Margaret, b. 10-2-1798 ; m. Daniel C. Jones. 

*64. Elizabeth, b. 6-7-1800 ; m. Rev. Edwin Mendenhall. 

*65. Rebecca, b. 6-29-1802; m. Caleb Jones. 

66. Mary, b. 7-15-1804 ; d. 6-23-1831. Single. 

67. Hannah, b. 6-20-1807 ; d. 8-7-1808. 
*68. Ann, b. 6-24-1809 ; m. Caleb Jones. 

68a. Harriet, b. 10-28-1811. 
*69. James Jones, b. 1-27-1814 ; m. Rebecca Wharton. 
69a. Caroline Amelia, b. 10-18-1817. 

44. JAMES NORTH, (b. 11-5-1777 ; d. 2-4-1828), son of Joshua 
and Rebecca (Cloyd) North, 21, m. (1) in 1800 his cousin, Eu- 
phemia Davis, (who d. 9-9-1804,) dau. of Isaac and Sophia 

22 The Cloyd Family 

(North) Davis. He m. (2) 4-19-1808, RachelJordon, (b. 12-19- 
1789; d. 1875.) Resided in Juniata Co., Pa. 

North Children : 
First marriage : 

*70. Thomas, b. 1-23-1801 ; m. Catherine Brennisholt. 

*71. Lewis Evans, b. 7-20-1803 ; m. Miss McCallishe. 
Second marriage: 

*72. Caleb, b. 5-26-1809 ; m. Noyes. 

*73. Sarah Matilda, b. 8-15-1811 ; m. John Postlethwaite, 

*74. EuPHEMiA, b. 10-18-1813 ; m. Philip Strouse. 

75. Rebecca, b. 12-10-1815 ; d. 12-8-1816. 

76. Hannah Waugh, b. 10-30-1817 ; single ; d. 10-6-1883. 
*77. Hon. James Cloyd, b. 11-16-1819 ; m. Susanna Matilda 

*78. Amos Jordan, b. 3-7-1822; m. (1) Jane Macklen; (2) 

Sarah A. Withrow. 
*79. Rebecca Doty, b. 10-28-1824 ; m. Col. Jno. Bryner. 
*80. Elizabeth Burrows, b. 1-11-1827 ; m. David Withrow. 

45. CALEB NORTH, (b. 1779; d. 12-23-1825), son of Joshua 
and Rebecca (Cloyd) North, 21, m. Abigail Lewis, dau. of Gen. 
Wm. and Catherine (Geiger) Lewis. 

North Children : 
81. "William, d. single. 


82. Rebecca Cloyd, b. 1809 ; m. Dr. Philo Hamlin. 

47. REBECCA NORTH, (b. 5-25-1785; d. 2-2-1855), dau. of 
Joshua and Rebecca (Cloyd) North, 21, m. (1) Daniel Lewis, 
and had no children. She m. (2) Dr. Ezra Doty a widower, 

Doty Children : 

83. James Cloyd, b. 1812 ; died young. 
*84. Ann Eliza, b. 4-26-1813 ; m. Andrew Paekee. 
*85. Edmund Southard, b. 8-22-1815 ; m. Catherine N. Wilson. 

The Cloyd Family 23 

48. JAMES CLOYD McKEE, (b. 6-18-1873; d. 11-10-1824), 
son of John and Jane (Cloyd) McKee, 22, m. Jane Trainor, 
5-12-1808. dau. of John and Catherine (King) Trainor. 

McKee Children : 

*86. Hockley Cloyd, b. 1-4-1810 ; m. Elizabeth B. Atkinson. 

*87. Mary Latta, b. 11-16-1812; m. (1) J. B. Grubb, (2) J. 
U. Chamacine. 

*88. John, b. 4-15-1814; m. (1) Martha Y, King; (2) Eliza- 
beth GrofiE. 

*89. Jane, b. 4-8-1816 ; m. Isaac Prall. 

*90. Margaret Lee, b. 6-11-1818 ; m. Thos. Miles. 
91. Louisa Budding, b. 8-29-1820 ; d. 9-20-1820. 

*92. James, b. 10-16-1821 ; m. Alice A. Miller. 

Fourth Generation 

51. DR. JAMES FRANCIS LATTA, (b. 5-8-1808; d. 12-26- 
1841), son of Rev. Wm. and Mary (Cloyd) Latta, 36, m. Lydia 
Sedley Moore, 5-11-1836. 

Latta Children : 
*93. Mary Cloyd, b. 2-20-1837 ; m. Rev. Robt. Hamill Nassau, 
a missionary at Benita, West Africa. Her biography 
entitled "Crowned in Palm Land," was published 
in 1874. She d. 1870. 

94. Samuel Moore, b. Sept. 1838 ; single ; d. 9-16-1856. 

95. Capt. Wm. James, b. Oct. 1840 ; d. 10-5-1862. He was a 

captain in the 8th Regt. Pa. Cavalry, during the 
Civil War. 

52. REV. WILLIAM WILSON LATTA, (b. 7-1-1810; d. 9-5- 
1883), son of Rev. William and Mary (Cloyd) Latta, 36, m. 
Mary Jenkins, 1841. 

Latta Children : 

96. Catherine Carmichael, b. 6-5-1842; m. Rev. Joseph 

Stephenson Malone, 7-10-1875 ; no children. 

97. James Francis, b. 1846 ; d. 5 months. 

98. Ellen, b. 1848 ; d. 1849. 

24 The Cloyd Family 

53. DAVID CLOYD LEE, (b. 7-15-1795; d. 3-11-1872), son 
of Francis and Margaretta (Cloyd) Lee, 37, m. Ann Hunter 
Scott, 9-25-1817. 

Lee Children: 

99. Margaretta Cloyd, b. 7-25-1818 ; single ; d. 1-11-1902. 

100. Richard Scott, b. 12-8-1819 ; d. 3-29-1820. 

101. Francis, b. 2-7-1821; m. Mary Smiley; d. 8-3-1890; no 


*102. William Latta, b. 1-2-1823; m. (1) Elizabeth Davis; (2) 
Lydia Bartholomew. 

*103. Chas. Barrington, b. 5-6-1826; m. Mary Van Leer. 

104. David, b. 3-31-1828; m. Valerie Kendall O'Brien, 12-13- 
1854 ; d. 1-8-1895 ; no children. 

*105. Ann Elizabeth, b. 7-22-1830 ; m. Lewis C. Paine. 

57. COL. FRANCIS LEE, (b. 4-13-1803; d. 1859), son of 
Francis and Margaretta (Cloyd) Lee, 37, m. Eliza Sibley, sister 
to Col. Sibley of the U. S. Army. 

Lee Children: 

106. Mary Margaret, m. Alexander Chouven, Child: Fran- 

cis Lee Chouven. 

107. George Sibley. 

108. Francis. 

109. Henry Sibley, m. Eliza Parsons. Children : Alonzo Lee, 

Margaretta Stephenson Lee. 

110. Alice, m. Amos Worthington, 6-30-1861. No children. 

58. HANNAH WAYNE VAN LEER, (b. 12-4-1801 ; d. 1-27- 
1838), dau. of Isaac Wayne and Elizabeth (Culbertson) Van 
Leer, 40, m. James Robertson Napier, 1-12-1820. He was the 

The Cloyd Family 25 

first iron master in Tenn. He was son of Col. Richard Claiborne 
Napier and grandson of Gen. James Robertson founder of Nash- 

Napier Children : 

*111, James Blount Robertson^ b. 12-31-1820; m. Nancy Ann 

112. Richard Claiborne, b. 8-25-1822 ; d. 8-25-1822. 

113. Charlotte Elizabeth, b. 4-15-1824 ; m. Chas. Grandison 

Hale, 9-18-1842; d. 9-3-1843. Child: Ada Hale, b. 

8-23-1843 ; d. 1845. 
*114. MoRGiANA, b. 2-9-1827 ; m. Col. Wm. Hobson Johnson. 
115. Richard Claiborne, b. 10-23-1829 ; single ; d. 7-6-1850. 
*116. Margaret Tennessee, b. 11-13-1832 ; m. John S. Van 


60. MARGARET VAN LEER, (b. 12-14-1803; d. 4-5-1839), 
dau. of Isaac Wayne and Elizabeth (Culbertson) Van Leer, 40, 
m. (1) John Kennedy, (2) Hardman Stone, 6-14-1832. 

Kennedy Child : 

117. John, d. 1844. 

Stone Children : 

118. Samuel B., b. 12-8-1833. 

119. Robert B., b. 9-16-1837 ; m. Sarah Jackson. 

63. MARGARET CULBERTSON, (b. 10-2-1798 ; d. 4-20-1872), 
dau. of James, 42, and Elizabeth (Jones) Culbertson, m. 7-29- 
1824, Daniel Clymer Jones, son of John and Jane (Godfrey) 

Jones Children : 

120. Lucy Jane, b. 6-14-1825 ; single ; d. 6-14-1906. 

*121. Caroline Elizabeth, b. 10-12-1827; m. Henry Ream. 

122. John Samuel, b. 1-3-1829 ; single ; d. 5-24-1904. 

123. Benjamin Franklin, b. 1-18-1831 ; single ; d. 12-9-1891. 
*124. George Washington, b. 2-11-1833 ; m. Mary E. Rice. 

26 The Cloyd Family 

€4. ELIZABETH CULBERTSON, (b. 6-7-1800; d. 2-2-1875), 
dau. of James, 42, and Elizabeth (Jones) Culbertson, m. 12-8- 
1831, Rev. Edwin Mendenhall, son of William Mendenhall whose 
Quaker ancestors came from England with Wm. Penn. 

Mendenhall Children : 

*125. Elizabeth Rees, b. 2-17-1835; m. Rev. Thos. B. Town- 
*126. Ellen Mary, b. 2-19-1837 ; m. H. A. Beale. 
*127. Charles Heber, b. 4-8-1839 ; m. Mary Dohnert. 
128. Anzonetta Culbertson, b. 9-2-1841 ; single ; d. 3-20-1881. 

65. REBECCA CULBERTSON, (b. 6-29-1802; d. 6-8-1847), 
dau. of James, 42, and Elizabeth (Jones) Culbertson, m. 9-5-1822, 
Caleb Jones, son of Jonathan and Rebecca (Frescoln) Jones. 

Jones Children : 

129. Elizabeth Culbertson, b. 7-24-1823 ; single ; d. 6-23-1881. 

*139. John Wesley, b. 11-20-1825 ; m. Margaret J. Wendell. 

140. Rebecca, b. 11-27-1829 ; single ; d. 3-29-1857. 

141. Sarah, b. 2-11-1832 ; single ; d. 4-26-1860. 
*142. Louisa, b. 2-22-1839 ; m. Kenny Robinson. 

68. ANN CULBERTSON, (b. 6-24-1809; d. 6-17-1905), dau. 
of James, 42, and Elizabeth (Jones) Culbertson, m. Caleb Jones, 
10-31-1848. He had previously been married to Ann's sister 

Jones Child: 

*143. Emma Culbertson, b. 10-3-1849 ; m. L. J. Wilson. 

69. JAMES JONES CULBERTSON, (b. 1-27-1814; d. 3-11- 
1891), son of James, 42, and Elizabeth (Jones) Culbertson, m. 
Rebecca Wharton, 8-26-1847. 

The Cloyd Family 27 

culbertson children: 

144. Annie Elizabeth, b. 8-9-1848; m. Jas. Cloyd Gibson, 

1-17-1871, no children; d. 3-8-1886. 

145. Samuel Wilson, b. 9-1-1850; m. (1) Annie E. McCul- 

loch, 1871, and had one son who died in two years. 

He then married' Clara Harris and had 4 children — 

names not known. 
*146. William James, b. 3-11-1852 ; m. Maria L. McMeen. 
*147. George Franklin, b. 3-24-1859 ; m. Elizabeth B. McGon- 

*148. Edward Cloyd, b. 5-18-1855 ; m. Phebe Emma Moyer. 

70. THOMAS NORTH, (b. 1-23-1801; d. 3-15-1862), son of 
James, 44, and Euphemia (Davis) North, m. 5-28-1829, Catherine 
Brennisholt, (b. 1802; d. 12-1-1884.) 

North Children : 

149. Anna Maria, b. 4-30-1830. 

*150. Euphemia, b. 7-9-1833 ; m. Samuel Showers. 

*151. Elizabeth, b. 5-1-1832 ; m. David Watts. 

152. James Cloyd, b. 7-25-1838 ; m. no children. 

*153. Ann Margaret, b. 3-6-1841 ; m. Elias Walden Herrold. 

*154. John Lewis, b. 4-18-1846 ; m. Victoria Robinson. 

*155. Alice Rebecca, b. 1-20-1848; m. John Wilson Kirk. 

71. LEWIS EVANS NORTH, (b. 7-20-1803; d. 12-26-1842), 

son of James, 44, and Euphemia (Davis) North, m. Mc- 

Callister, and had 4 children. 

North Children : 
156. Euphemia, m. Wm. Foster. 

72. CALEB NORTH, (b. 5-26-1809; d. 4-24-1894), son of 
James, 44, and Rachel (Jordan) North, m. Miss Moyes. Resided 
at Atchison, Kans. 

North Children : 

157. William. 

158. Michael Jordan. 

28 The Cloyd Family 

73. SARAH MATILDA NORTH, (b. 8-15-1811 ; d. 7-27-1884), 
dau. of James, 44, and Rachel (Jordon) North, m. John Postleth- 
waite, 1-28-1839. 


159. Agnes Euphemia, b. 12-23-1839 ; d. 3-21-1841. 

160. James North, b. 3-11-1841 ; d. 11-28-1848. 

161. Mary Elizabeth, b. 2-19-1844; m. Amzi Isaac Munson; 

no children. 
*162. Samuel Cephas, b. 4-23-1846 ; m. Elizabeth N. Wilcoxon. 
*163. Susan Jane, b. 5-26-1849 ; m. James Patton Robertson. 

74. EUPHEMIA NORTH, (b. 10-18-1813; d. 5-29-1900), dau. 
James, 44, and Rachel (Jordan) North, m. Philip Strouse, 3-18- 

Strouse Children: 

164. David, b. 10-14-1838 ; single ; d. 11-17-1861. 

165. James North, b. 5-14-1841 ; single ; d. 6-25-1875. 
*166. Philip, b. 10-3-1843 ; m, Alice Virginia Withrow. 

77. HON. JAMES CLOYD NORTH, (b. 11-16-1819; d. 5-21- 
1899), son of James, 44, and Rachel (Jordan) North, m. Susan- 
nah Matilda Strouse, 11-12-1840. 

North Children : 

167. Nathaniel Lewis, b. ; d. 1852. 

*168. Caleb Cloyd, b. 9-17-1845 ; m. Elizabeth W. McMurtrie. 

*169. Washington Strouse, b. 10-29-1847; m. Rebecca Oliver 


*170. Rebecca James, b. 6-9-1850 ; m. Fountain Wilson Crider. 

*171. Herman Haupt, b. 2-1-1852 ; m. Isabel Leora Stewart. 

172. Mary Matilda, b. 6-20-1856 ; m. Geo. Jacobs. 

78. AMOS JORDAN NORTH, (b. 3-7-1822, Juniata Co., Pa., 
d. 4-22-1894, Atchison, Kans.) son of James, 44, and Rachel 
(Jordan) North, m. (1) 2-18-1845, Janet Macklin, dau. of James 
and Sarah (Withrow) Macklin, b. 6-19-1823, and had two chil- 

The Cloyd Family 29 

dren. He m. (2) 2-18-1851, Sarah Ann Withrow, dau. of Sam- 
uel and Elizabeth (Macklin) Withrow, (b. 1-5-1824; d. 10-16- 
1897, at Atchison, Kans.) and had seven children. 

-r^. ^ . North Children : 

l^ irst marriage : 

*173. Mary Janet, b. 1-1-1846 ; m. David Lukens. 

*174. Wm. Cloyd, b. 3-30-1848 ; m. Eleanor Bailey Wilson. 

Second marriage : 

*175. James Cressvv^ell, b. 1-13-1855 ; m. Isabella Leu. 

176. Laura Elizabeth, b. 2-23-1857. Resides Atchison, Kans. 

177. Flora Rachel, b. 2-23-1857 ; twins. 

178. Rebecca Withrow, b. 4-3-1859. 

179. Anna Jordan, b. 11-5-1861. Resides Atchison, Kans. 

180. Alice Euphemia, b. 3-19-1864; d. 3-29-1865. 

*181. Adda Hannah, b. 3-19-1864; twin; m. Chas. Albert 

79. REBECCA DOTY NORTH, (b. 10-28-1824; d. 9-23-1898), 
dau. of James, 44, and Rachel (Jordan) North, m. 9-15-1842, 
Col. John Bryner, b. 10-6-1820 ; d. 3-19-1865, son of Geo. Bryner 
of Union Co., Pa. 

Bryner Children : 

182. Francis Marion, b. 2-23-1844 ; d. 8-28-1846. 

183. Mary Matilda, b. 3-3-1846 ; d. 8-30-1846. 

184. Jane Stebbens, b. 7-25-1847 ; d. 8-22-1847. 
*185. Byron Cloyd, b. 2-16-1849 ; m. Emma Baker. 

186. Clara Belle, b. 2-20-1854; m. (1) Henry H. Holliday, 

no children; m. (2) Charles Augustus Cornell, no 
children; (3) Spencer Sloane Cone; no children. Re- 
sides Peoria, 111. 

187. Wm. Henry, b. 7-22-1856 ; d. 10-4-1857. 

188. William, b. 9-19-1858 ; d. 7-5-1866. 

189. John, b. 1-1-1862. 

80. ELIZABETH BURROWS NORTH, b. 1-11-1827, dau. of 
James, 44, and Rachel (Jordan) North, m. 8-20-1844, David 
Withrow, b. 3-28-1820 ; d. 3-8-1887. Resides Duluth, Minn. 

30 The Cloyd Family 

WiTHROw Children: 

190. Elizabeth, b. 10-12-1845 ; m. James Alexander Dysart. 

191. Hannah Catherine, b. 2-29-1848; m. Lyman Miller Len- 


192. Samuel Southard, b. 12-19-1851 ; single ; d. 9-19-1883. 
*193. Margaret Janet, b. 3-3-1854 ; m. David Sterrett Forgy. 

194. Harry Clay, b. 10-11-1864; single. 
*195. Rachel North, b. 5-25-1866 ; m. Wm. Copeland Crum. 

82. REBECCA CLOYD NORTH, (b. 1809; d. 1834), dau. of 

Caleb, 45, and Abigail (Lewis) North, m. Dr. Philo Hamlin, 

1830. Dr. Philo Hamlin was a son of Wm. Hamlin, who m. 

Elizabeth Doty, sister of Dr. Ezra Doty. He was one of 18 

children. „ r^ 

Hamlin Children : 

196. William, b. 1832 ; d. 1834. 

197. Alonzo, b. 1833 ; d. 1834. 

198. Joseph North, b. 1835 ; d. 1849. 

*199. Jane Elizabeth, b. 10-25-1839 ; m. Wm. Banks. 
199a. Harriet, b. 1837 ; d. 1840. - 

84. ANN ELIZA DOTY, (b. 4-26-1813; d. 8-5-1862), dau. of 
Dr. Ezra and Rebecca (North) Doty, 47, m. 4-26-1831, Andrew 
Paekee, (b. 5-21-1805; d. 1-15-1864.) 

Paekee Children : 

*200. Ezra Doty, b. 4-15-1833 ; m. Mary M. Hamilton. 
201. James William, b. 1-29-1835 ; d. 11-13-1838. 
*202. Rebecca Cloyd, b. 8-12-1837; m. Major David Robert 

Bruce Nevin. 
*203. Edmund Southard, b. 10-25-1839 ; m. Mary Isabella Wil- 
204. Margaret Williams, b. 10-25-1841 ; d. 12-22-1842. 
*205. Thomas Ury, b. 12-4-1843 ; ra. Mary Charlotte Martin. 
*206. Mary Jacobs, b. 4-16-1846; m. Brainard Henry Warner. 

207. Anna Eliza, b. 8-25-1848 ; m. Robert McMeen, one child ; 

Andrew Paekee McMeen. b. 12-9-1883. 

208. Andrew, b. 11-19-1850 ; d. 5-27-1852. 

209. James Andrew, b. 11-15-1852 ; d. 2-24-1853. 

210. Ellen Elizabeth, b. 12-11-1854; d. 1-26-1859. 

The Cloyd Family 31 

85. EDMUND SOUTHARD DOTY, (b. 8-22-1815; d. 12-24- 

1884), son of Dr. Ezra and Rebecca (North) Doty, 47, m. 9-26- 

1843, Catherine Nelson Wilson, dau. of Hugh and Martha (Banks) 

Wilson. -^ ^ 

Doty Children : 

211. James Cloyd, b. 6-21-1844; m. Margaret Murdock Shaw, 

12-19-1889 ; one child, Wm. Doty Shaw, b. 10-29-1892. 

212. Horace Wilson, b. 10-13-1846 ; d. 12-3-1846. 
*213. LuciEN Wilson, b. 7-18-1848 ; m. Anna Moore. 

*214. Edmund Southard, b. 5-14-1851 ; m. Mary Etta Cessna. 

215. Latimer Banks, b. 5-23-1853 ; m. Hattie Postlethwaite, 

10-20-1883 ; no children. 

*216. Ezra Chalmers, b. 1-31-1856 ; m. Annie ^Margaret Wilson. 

*217. David Brainard, b. 1-7-1858 ; m. Ruth ^Miller. 

*218. Rebecca, b. 10-23-1860; m. Jno. M. Peoples. 

219. Oscar Dana, b. 7-12-1863. 

220. Edgar Nelson, b. 12-17-1869. 

86. HOCKLEY CLOYD McKEE, (b. 1-4-1810; d. 4-27-1863), 
son of James Cloyd McKee, 48, and Jane (Trainor) McKee, m. 
Elizabeth Ballinger Atkinson, 11-11-1834, dau. of Josiah and 
Priscilla (Ballinger) Atkinson. 

McKee Children : 

221. John, b. and d. 8-29-1835. 

*222. Priscilla Leedom, b. 9-20-1836; m. Wm. A. Hamill. 

*223. John Grubb, b. 4-10-1838 ; m. Georgia M. Smith. 

224. Hockley Cloyd, b. 12-6-1839 ; m. 7-16-1861, Stella Blount 

Slade. b. 7-19-1839, no children. Resides, Colum- 
bus, Ga. 

225. Elizabeth Ballinger, b. 8-28-1841 ; d. 9-16-1842. 
*226. James, b. 4-9-1843 ; m. Martha M. McCurdy. 
*227. Josiah Atkinson, b. 12-25-1844 ; m. Laura Bailis. 

87. MARY LATTA McKEE, (b. 11-16-1812; d. 10-9-1856), 
dau. of James Cloyd, 48, and Jane (Trainor) McKee, m. (1) 
John Butcher Grubb, 3-29-1832; (2) John Ulyses Chamacine, 
1-18-1843. No children. 

Grubb Child. 
228. William Evans, b. 1-17-1833 ; m. Mary Pascoe. 

32 The Cloyd Family 

88. JOHN McKEE (b. 4-15-1814; d. 12-21-1892), son of 
James Cloyd, 48, and Jane (Trainor) McKee, m. (1) Martha 
Young King, 11-7-1839, dau. Isaac and Ellen (Young) King, 
and had three children. He m. (2) Elizabeth Groff, 1-3-1849 
and had five children. 

McKee Children : 
First marriage : 

229. Ellen Jane, b. 7-28-1840 ; m. Eli T. Kerns. 

230. Isaac King, b. 7-24-1842 ; d. 8-18-1842. 

231. Margaret Miles, b. 8-12-1844 ; m. Geo. F. Young. 
Second marriage : 

*232. Martha Emily, b. 4-9-1850; m. Dr. John Thos. Cres- 

233. John Beaver, b. 7-4-1852 ; d. 10-4-1856. 
*234. George Phillips, b. 5-10-1854 ; m. Martha Crawford. 

235. Mary Deborah, b. 2-4-1856 ; Resides Rosemont, Pa. 

236. Clara Linda, b. 10-4-1858. 

89. JANE McKEE, (b. 4-8-1816 ; d. 12-24-1871), dau. of James 
Cloyd, 48, and Jane (Trainor) McKee, m. Isaac Prall, 10-29- 

Prall Child : 

237. Thomas Preston, b. . Was in U. S. Navy, not heard 

from for 40 years. 

90. MARGARETTA LEE McKEE, (b. 6-11-1818; d. 1-2-1899), 
dau. of James Cloyd, 48, and Jane (Trainor) McKee, m. Thomas 
Miles, 11-21-1839. 

Miles Children : 

238. John Sexton, b. 10-6-1840; m. Gertrude Kneass, 10-20- 

1864. One child ; John Kneass Miles, b. 10-5-1866. 

239. Jane McKee, b. 8-13-1843 ; single. 

240. Jacob Francis, b. 3-17-1846. 

241. Mary Margaretta, b. 7-31-1849 ; single. 

*242. Thomas Henry, b. 8-30-1853 ; m. Helen Payne. 

The Cloyd Family 33 

92. JAMES McKEE, (b. 10-16-1821; d. 1-21-1894), son of Jas. 
Cloyd, 48, and Jane (Trainor) McKee, m. Alice Amanda Miller, 

McKee Children : 

*243. Walter Judson, b. 9-12-1845 ; m. Martha A. Clewell. 
244. Mary Chamacine, b. 5-22-1848 ; single. 
*245. Ulyses Chamacine, b. 9-12-1850 ; m. Elizabeth Danby. 

Fifth Generation 

93. MARY CLOYD LATTA, (b. 2-20-1837; d. 9-10-1870), dau. 
of Dr. James Francis Latta, 51, m. Rev. Robt. Hamill Nassau, 

Nassau Children: 

*246. William Latta, b. 2-28-1864; m. Mary Maree. Resides 

Germantown, Pa. 
247. Paul, b. 7-12-1866 ; d. 12-13-1867. 

*248. Dr. Chas. Francis, b. 11-12-1868 ; m. Elizabeth S. Green. 
Resides Germantown, Pa. 

102. WILLIAM LATTA LEE, (b. 1-2-1823; d. 4-28-1901), 
son of David Cloyd Lee, 53, and Ann Hunter (Scott) Lee m. (1) 
Elizabeth Davis 3-13-1850. (2) Lydia Bartholomew, 10-16-1861. 
She resides in Norristown, Pa. 

Lee Children: 

249. Emily Henderson, b. 10-5-1862. 

250. Mary Valeria, b. 3-12-1865; m. Chas. Selliman, 6-24- 


251. Caroline Stephenson, b. 7-27-1867; m. Louis Davis 

Baugh, 4-27-1892. Child : Gwendolyn Lee Baugh, b. 

252. Edw^ard William, b. 5-25-1869 ; m. Maude Janett Faunt 

LeRoy, 11-14-1903. 

253. Henry Francis, b. 6-16-1872 ; d. 1-30-1898. 

254. David Cloyd, b. 10-23-1879. 

34 The Cloyd Family 

103. CHARLES BARRINGTON LEE, (b. 5-6-1826; d. 4-14- 
1895), son of David Cloyd Lee, 53, and Margaretta (Cloyd) Lee, 
37, m. Mary Van Leer, 1-22-1857. She resides at West Chester, 

Lee Children: 

255 Wm. Fawkes, b. 4-7-1858 ; d. 7-27-1880. 

256. Richard Cloyd, b. 11-28-1859 ; ni. Anna J. Gustafson, 


257. Laura, b. 6-30-1862; m. Dr. Spencer Trotter, 6-18-1889. 

They reside in Philadelphia and have one child: 
Spencer Lee Trotter, b. 8-10-1890. 

258. Margaretta, b. 12-17-1873. 

105. ANN ELIZABETH LEE, (b. 7-22-1830 ; d. 7-6-1893), dau. 
of David Cloyd, 48, and Ann Hunter (Scott) Lee, m. Lewis 
Compton Paine, 10-25-1857. 

Paine Children : 

*259. Ann Scott, b. 5-7-1859 ; m. Dr. Thos. Davis Worden. 

260. Priscilla Lee, b. 10-6-1860. 

261. Sidney, died young. 


1820; d. ), son of James R. and Hannah Wayne (Van Leer) 

Napier, 58, m. 11-5-1842, Nancy Ann Batchelor, (b. 1826; d. 3-14- 

Napier Children : 

262. Margaret Eugenia, b. 8-27-1844; d. 11-24-1850. 

263. Pheno RoBENiA/b. 8-27-1844; d. 9-10-1879; m. 

Jones, Child : Walter Jones. 

264. Benjamin Franklin, b. 3-9-1847. 

265. Thomas Madison, b. 4-11-1849. 

266. Eugenia, b. 6-7-1852. 

267. Edmondia, b. 8-19-1853 ; d. 7-5-1857. 

268. Emily, b. 3-16-1858; d. 3-18-1876. Single. 

269. James William, b. 7-31-1861. Resides Louisville, Ky. 

The Cloyd Family 35 

114. MORGIANA NAPIER, (b. 2-9-1827; d. 4-24-1906), dau. 
of James R. and Hannah Wayne (Van Leer) Napier, 58, m. 9-10 
-1846, Col. Wm. Hobson Johnson, (b. 10-3-1824; d. 2-5-1885), 
son of Col. Anthony Wayne Johnson. 

Johnson Child: 

*270. Granville Smith, b. 10-7-1847; m. (1) Sophee Merrett 
Harding; (2) Fannie Ewing Williamson. He resides 
at Gallatin, Tenn. 

116. MARGARET TENNESSEE NAPIER, (b. 11-13-1832; 
d. 4-10-1872), dau. of James Robertson and Hannah Wayne 
(Van Leer) Napier, 58, m. (1), 11-3-1848, John Stacker Van 
Leer, son of Samuel and Amelia Woods, (Terrasse) Van Leer, 
and grandson of Bernardus and Mary (Branson) Van Leer. 
She m. (2) Dr. Henry Sheffield. (1828-1897.) 

Van Leer Children : 

*271. Minnie Woods, b. 10-23-1849 ; m. Dr. Eugene R. Smith. 

272. Samuel, b. 11-10-1851 ; d. 8-7-1854. 

273. Frederick Terrasse, b. 4-18-1853; d. 8-5-1861. 

121. CAROLINE ELIZABETH JONES, (b. 10-12-1827; d. 
9-1-1895), dau. of Daniel C. and Margaret (Culbertson) Jones, 
63, m. Henry Ream, 1-9-1862. 

Ream Children: 

274. Mary, b. 5-22-1864. 

*275. John Franklin, b. 6-10-1866 ; m. Emma D. Dewey. He 
resides at Arkport, N. Y. 

124. GEORGE WASHINGTON JONES, (b. 2-11-1833; d. 12- 
12-1895), son of David C. and Margaret (Culbertson) Jones, 63, 
m. Mary Elizabeth Rice, 2-29-1872. 

36 The Cloyd Family 

Jones Children : 

*276. John Franklin, b. 12-10-1872 ; m. Susan R. Wolf. 

*277. George Washington, b. 3-30-1874 ; m. Emma S. Wolf. 

278. Daniel Clymer, b. 4-25-1876 ; 

279. Margaret, b. 3-27-1878 ; d. 6-20-1878. 

280. Susan Alice, b. 3-27-1878 ; d. 6-27-1878. 

281. Mary Ellen, b. 7-31-1881 ; m. Horace Sandy. 

282. Maria Frances, b. 1-27-1884. 

283. Henry Strock, b. 10-4-1885 ; d. 12-24-1888. 

284. Jenny May, b. 3-18-1886. 

125. ELIZABETH REES MENDENHALL, b. 2-17-1835, 
dau. of Rev. Edwin and Elizabeth (Culbertson) Mendenhall, 64, 
m. 11-4-1860, Rev. Thomas Boyd Townsend, son of Wm. Henry 
and Cornelia (Maverick) Townsend. 

Townsend Children: 

285. Elizabeth Cornell^., b. 9-13-1861 ; d. 10-17-1872. 

286. Edwin Mendenhall, b. 3-6-1863. 

*287. William Maverick, b. 4-20-1866 ; m. Lula Briggs. Re- 
sides in Chicago. 

*288. Mabel Culbertson, b. 5-1-1867; m. Jas. Farmer. Re- 
sides in Chicago. 
289. Charles Victor, b. 9-18-1871 ; d. 11-26-1872. 

126. ELLEN MARY MENDENHALL, b. 2-19-1837, dau. of 
Rev. Edwin and Elizabeth (Culbertson) Mendenhall, 64, m. 4- 
15-1869, Horace Alexander Beale, son of Joseph and Margaret 
(McDowell) Beale and grandson of Capt. James McDowell of 
the Revolution and his wife Elizabeth (Longhead) McDowell. 
They reside at Parkersburg, Pa. 

Beale Child: 

*290. Horace Alexander, b. 2-10-1870; m. Mary R. H. Dun- 
ning. Resides at Parkersburg, Pa. 

The Cloyd Family 37 

127. CHARLES HEBER MENDENHALL, b. 4-8-1839, son 
of Rev. Edwin and Elizabeth (Culbertson) Mendenhall, 64, 
m. Mary Dohnert, 4-16-1864. Resides at Parkersburg, Pa. 

Mendenhall Children : 

291. Grace Elizabeth, b. 1-24-1865 ; m. Howard Duval Stock 

ert 9-24-1889 ; d. 3-24-1890. 

292. Emma Lukens, b. 6-7-1867. 

130. JOHN WESLEY JONES, (b. 11-20-1825; d. 9-12-1871). 
son of Caleb and Rebecca (Culbertson) Jones, 65, m. Margaret 
Jane Wendell, 6-14-1860. He was a captain in the Civil War. 

Jones Children : 

293. Jonathan Henry, b. 12-28-1860. Resided, Kit Carson. 


294. Caleb, b. 3-20-1863. 

295. Ulyses Grant, b. 2-5-1866. 

296. John Wesley, b. 8-10-1868. 

142. LOUISA JONES, (b. 2-23-1839; d. 12-27-1863). dau. of 
Caleb and Rebecca (Culbertson) Jones, 65. m. Kennv Robinson. 

Robinson Children : 

*297. Sarah Louisa, b. 12-29-1861 ; m. H. N. Wise. 
298. Anna Rebecca, b. 12-29-1861. 

143. EMMA CULBERTSON JONES, (b. 10-3-1849: d. 9-13- 
1877), m. Joseph Linley Wilson, 8-9-1872. 

Wilson Children : 

*299. Annie, b. 10-3-1873 ; m. Chas. A. Weibley. 
300. James Alfred McCrea, b. 8-22-1875 : m. Marion Caster, 

38 The Cloyd Family 

146. WILLIAM JAMES CULBERTSON, b. 3-11-1852, son 
of James J., 69, and Rebecca (Wharton) Culbertson, m. Maria 
Louisa McMeen, 1-29-1884. Resides Aurora, Nebr. 

Culbertson Children : 

301. Anna May, b. 1-24-1885. 

302. Mabel Jane, b. 1-20-1887. 

303. Bessie Hench, b. 10-25-1888. 

304. Henry Laverne, b. 5-17-1891. 

305. Roy, b. 8-22-1894 ; d. 7-31-1897. 

147. GEORGE FRANKLIN CULBERTSON, b. 3-24-1859, son 
of James J., 69, and Rebecca (Wharton) Culbertson, m. Eliza- 
beth Barbara McGonagle, 1-12-1886. 

Culbertson Child : 
306. James Jones, b. 7-28-1888. 

148. EDWARD CLOYD CULBERTSON, b. 5-18-1855, son of 
James J., 69, and Rebecca (Wharton) Culbertson, m. Phebe Em- 
ma Moyer 3-5-1889. 

Culbertson Children : 

307. Rebecca Emmaline, b. 5-31-1890 ; d. . 

308. Guy Moyer, b. 7-16-1891. 

309. Viola Elizabeth, b. 12-19-1893. 

310. Wayne Wharton, b. 7-6-1896. 

150. EUPHEMIA NORTH, b. 7-9-1833, dau. of Thomas, 70, 
and Catherine (Brennisholt) North, m. Samuel Showers. 

Showers Children: 

311. Edith, m. Luther Fisher. 

312. Louis, m. Stevson. 

313. Mary, m. Lowd Fowd. 

The Cloyd Family 39 

151. ELIZABETH NORTH, b. 5-1-1832, dau. of Thomas, 70, 
and Catherine (Brennisholt) North, m. David Watts. Resides 
New Kensington, Pa. 

Watts Children : 

*314. Laura Alice^ b. 4-4-1863; m. Harry Ellsworth Bonsall. 
315. James Cloyd, b. 3-15-1864; single. 
*316. Thomas Edward, b. 3-22-1865 ; m. Mary Moore. 

153. ANNA MARGARET NORTH, b. 3-6-1841, dau. of Thom- 
as, 70, and Catherine (Brennisholt) North, m. 11-28-1861, Elias 
Walden Herrold, b. 10-23-1835. 

Herrold Children: 

317. Thomas Ambrose, b. 12-15-1862 ; d. 1863. 

318. Harvey Austin, b. 4-25-1864. 

319. Katherine Alice, b. 7-23-1870 ; m. 9-1-1890, Wm. Hert- 

zlee, b. 3-31-1871. One child : Katherine North Hert- 
zlee, b. 11-24-1892. 

320. James Cloyd, b. 5-6-1875. 

321. Chas. Spaner, b. 3-9-1877. 

322. Dora Minerva, b. 12-3-1880. 

154. JOHN LEWIS NORTH, b. 4-18-1846, son of Thomas, 70, 
and Catherine (Brennisholt) North, m. Victoria Robinson, 6-12- 
1869. Resides Bellwood, Pa. 

North Children : 

323. Rebecca Catherine, b. 6-27-1870 ; m. Edward A. Seiber. 

324. Elizabeth, b. 9-1-1871 ; d. 9-28-1871. 

325. Elmer Cloyd, b. 7-21-1879. 

155. ALICE REBECCA NORTH, b. 1-20-1848, dau. of Thom- 
as, 70, and Catherine (Brennisholt) North, m. 4-14-1869, John 
Wilson Kirk, (b. 9-15-1843; d. ). 

Kirk Children : 

326. Edna Mabell, b. 6-11-1870; m. Dr. Robley Dunglison 


327. Thomas Edgar, b. 11-5-1874. 

328. John Wilson, b. 4-12-1880. 

40 The Cloyd Family 

son of John and Sarah M. (North) Postlethwaite, 73, m. Eliza- 
beth N. Wilcoxon, 4-29-1875. Resides Oak Park, 111. 

Postlethwaite Children : 

329. Clara Sarah, b. 1-29-1876 ; d. 4-28-1876. 

330. Winnie Maude, b. 2-28-1878. 

331. Effie Mabel, b. 12-3-1879. 

332. Orris Allen, b. 12-4-1883. 

333. Daisy, b. 2-8-1886 ; d. 3-19-1886. 

163. SUSAN JANE POSTLETHWAITE, (b. 5-26-1849; d. 
2-5-1897), dau. of John and Sarah M. (North) Postlethwaite, 
73, m. James Paton Robertson, 11-26-1873. Resided Denver, 

Robertson Children: 

334. David Dudley, b. 8-28-1874. 

335. Samuel Henry, b. 7-12-1876. 

336. Robert Roy, b. 10-29-1878. 

337. James Postlethwaite, b. 12-8-1881. 

338. Jeannie Barbara, b. 12-2-1884. 

339. Clarabelle, b. 11-8-1886. 

166. PHILIP STROUSE, b. 10-3-1843, son of Philip and Euph- 
emia (North) Strouse, 74, m. Alice Virginia Withrow, 12-26-1878. 
Resides Mexico, Pa. 

Strouse Children: 

340. Charles Roscoe, b. 8-23-1887. 

341. Euphemia, b. 8-1-1894. 

168. CALEB CLOYD NORTH, b. 9-17-1845, son of James 
Cloyd North, 77, and Susan Matlida (Strouse) North, m. Eliza- 

The Cloyd Family 41 

beth Whittaker McMurtrie, 6-26-1871. Resides Washington, 
D. C. 

North Children : 

342. David Edgar, b. 4-14-1872; m. Cornelia Augusta Rey- 


343. William McMurtrie, b. 4-24-1874. 

344. Caleb, b. 7-18-1878. 

345. James, b. 11-7-1879. 

346. Elizabeth, b. 5-10-1884. 

347. Margaret McMurtrie, b. 4-17-1892. 

169. WASHINGTON STROUSE NORTH, b. 10-29-1847. son 
of James Cloyd North, 77, and Susan Matilda (Strouse) North, 
m. 1-14-1869, Rebecca Oliver Jacobs, (b. 9-6-1849; d. ). 

North Children : 

348. James Caleb, b. 7-4-1870. 

349. Ellen Olivia, b. 12-23-1872 ; m. John James Patterson. 

350. Mary Edith, b. 2-16-1875. 

170. REBECCA JANE NORTH, (b. 6-9-1850), dau. of James 
Cloyd North, 77, and Susan M. (Strouse) North, m. Fountain 
Wilson Crider, 12-14-1882. 

Crider Children : 

351. Hugh North, b. 9-27-1883. 

352. Maby Isabel, b. 3-29-1886 ; m. Chas. Kirby Rath, 11-16- 


171. HERMAN HAUPT NORTH, b. 2-1-1852, son of James 
Cloyd North, 77, and Susan M. (Strouse) North, m. Isabel Leora 
Stewart, 11-10-1881. 

North Child: 
353. Jay, b. 10-8-1882. 

42 The Cloyd Family 

173. MARY JANET NORTH, (b. 1-1-1846; d. 10-6-1882), dau. 
of Amos Jordan North, 78, and Janet (Macklen) North, m. 11- 
1867, David Lukens, b. 9-19-1833. 

LuKENS Children : 

854. William Dwight, b. 11-4-1868 ; d. 10-13-1869. 

355. Arthur, b. 4-18-1873. 

356. Edwin, b. 6-13-1874. 

357. Mary North, b. 9-6-1876. 

358. David, b. 1-6-1879. 

359. John, b. 7-25-1881 ; d. 9-10-1881. 

174. WILLIAM CLOYD NORTH, (b. 3-30-1848 ; d. 9-27-1891), 
son of Amos Jordan North, 78, and Janet (Macklen) North, m. 
1-9-1872, Eleanor Bailey Wilson, b. 7-24-1848. 

North Children : 

*360. Jeanette Macklen, b. 10-9-1873; m. Geo. Adams Swei- 

361. Eleanor Rebecca, b. 1-23-1876; m. Albert Hutchison 

Jarman, 11-1-1900. No children. 

362. David Jordan, b. 2-6-1881. 

363. Sara Ann, b. 7-13-1886. 

175. JAMES CRESWELL NORTH, b. 1-13-1855, son of 
Amos Jordan North, 78, and Sarah Ann (Withrow) North, m. 
2-12-1880, Isabella Leu, b. 3-31-1860. 

North Children : 

364. Esther Ann, b. 12-27-1880. 

365. Mary Minerva, b. 11-28-1882 ; d. 4-14-1883. 

366. Leu Jordan, b. 2-28-1884; m. Ethel Byron Baker, 11-25- 

1908. One child : James Byron, b. 11-12-1909. 

181. ADDA HANNAH NORTH, b. 3-19-1864, dau. of Amos 
Jordan North, 78, aid Sarah Ann (Withrow) North, m. 10-9- 
1890, Chas. Albert Wright, b. 12-29-1857. 

The Cloyd Family 43 

Wright Children 

367. Dorothy Almedia, b. 1-20-1893. 

368. North Alderman, b. 4-11-1897. 

369. RuTHANNA, b. 10-30-1905. 

185. BYRON CLOYD BRYNER, (b. 2-16-1849), son of Col. 
John and Rebecca Doty (North) Bryner, 79, m. Emma Baker, 
9-1-1870. Resides Peoria, 111. 

Bryner Children: 

370. LuRA, b. 1-16-1874; m. David Gerould Fisher, 6-24-1909. 

371. Marion, b. 1-6-1876; m. Edwin C. Adam, 12-30-1904. 

One child: Elizabeth L. Adam, b. 4-29-1909. Re- 
sides St. Louis, Mo. 

372. Elliott C, b. 4-5-1877. 

193. MARGARET JANET WITHROW, b. 3-3-1854, dan. 
of David and Elizabeth Burrows (North) Withrow, 80, m. David 
Sterritt Forgy, 1-28-1875. Resides, Duluth, Minn. 

FoRGY Children : 

373. Lloyd North, b. 11-5-1875. 

374. Ross Southard, b. 10-12-1877; m. Edith Petty, 10-14- 


375. David Hugh, b. 4-29-1882. 

195. RACHEL NORTH WITHROW, (b. 5-25-1866), dau. of 
David and Elizabeth Burrows (North) Withrow, 80, m. Wm. 
Copeland Crum, 6-1-1887. Resides Helena, Mont. 

Crum Children : 

376. Margaret Frances, b. 2-19-1888. 

377. Richard Gardner, b. 2-6-1890. 

378. Sterrett David, b. 1-29-1891. 

379. Helen Withrow, b. 2-21-1893. 

380. Rachel North, b. 6-25-1895. 

381. Nina Elizabeth, b. 2-16-1899. 

44 The Cloyd Family 

199. JANE ELIZABETH HAMLIN, (b. 10-25-1839), dau. of 
Dr. Philo and Rebecca Cloyd (North) Hamlin, 82, m. William 
Banks, 10-1-1861. 

Banks Children : 

*382. Dr. William Hamlin, b. 11-16-1862 ; m. Elizabeth Jacobs 
Paekee, 10-27-1892. 

383. James Alonzo, b. 10-15-1864. 

384. Andrew, b. 3-21-1866. 

*385. Ella Kate, b. 5-6-1868 ; m. John Howard Neely. 
386. Dr. Philo Hamlin, b. 9-30-1870 ; d. 11-23-1901. 
*387. Rebecca Jane, b. 7-18-1872 ; m. Ezra Doty Paekee. 

200. EZRA DOTY PAEKEE, (b. 4-15-1833 ; d. 12-3-1886), son 
of Andrew and Ann Eliza (Doty) Paekee, m. (1) 2-12-1863, 
Mary McDowell Hamilton, (b. 8-19-1841; d. 11-25-1864), m. (2) 
Jane Howard Van Valzah, 10-18-1866. 

Paekee Children: 
First marriage: 

388. Andrew, b. 11-19-1863 ; m. Elizabeth Husted, 4-18-1900 ; 

no children. 

389. James Frow, b. 11-11-1864 ; d. 11-20-1864. 
Second marriage: 

390. Harriet Howard, b. 11-10-1867. 

391. Rebecca Cloyd, b. 11-10-1869. 

392. Dr. Thomas Van Valzah, b. 9-29-1871. 

393. Edmund Southard, b. 2-28-1874. 

202. REBECCA CLOYD PAEKEE, (b. 8-12-1837; d. 12-16- 
1907), dau. of Andrew and Ann Eliza (Doty) Paekee, 84, m. 
Major David Robert Bruce Nevin, 11-10-1869. 

Nevin Children : 

394. Mary Pierce, b. 11-19-1871 ; m. Rev. Chas. Lewis Neibel. 

Resides Washington, D. C. 

395. Andrew Paekee, b. 4-6-1874. 

203. EDMUND SOUTHARD PAEKEE, b. 10-25-1839, son 
of Andrew and Ann Eliza (Doty) Paekee, 84, m. 2-23-1865, 

The Cloyd Family 45 

Mary Isabella Wilson, b. 4-8-1845, dau. of Wra. White and INIary 
(Murphy) Wilson. p^^^^^ Children : 

396. Mary Wilson, b. 11-23-1865 ; d. 8-4-1866. 

*397. Anna Eliza, b. 1-12-1867 ; m. John Bell Larner. 

398. Wm. White, b. 8-18-1868. 

. 399. Edmund Southard, b. 11-13-1869. 

400. Isabella Jane, b. 11-19-1870; m. Roscoe Calvin North,^ 


401. Ezra Doty, b. 8-15-1872 ; m. Rebecca Jane Banks. 

402. Helen Wilson, b. 11-21-1873 ; m. Henry Kellog Willard, 

11-6-1901. Two children. 

403. Brainard Warner, b. 1-26-1875 ; m. Rena Woodward. 

One child. 

404. Lucy, b. 5-8-1876. 

405. Ruth Evalyn, b. 3-4-1879 ; d. 12-4-1882. 

406. Andrew, b. 2-1-1883. 

205. THOMAS URY PAEKEE, b. 12-4-1843, son of Andrew 
and Ann Eliza (Doty) Paekee, 84, m. Mary Charlotte Martin, 
12-3-1865. Paekee Children: 

407. Katharine Martin, b. 8-1-1868 ; m. Chas. Stocton Thorne. 

Three children. 

408. Thomas Ury, b. 1-29-1870; m. Bonnie Bancroft. No 


206. MARY JACOBS PAEKEE, (b. 4-16-1846; d. 4-2-1885), 
dau. of Andrew and Ann Eliza (Doty) Paekee, 84, m. Brainard 
Henry Warner, 2-29-1873. 

Warner Children: 

409. Julia, b. 11-23-1873 ; d. in infancy. 

410. Bessie, b. 11-23-1873 ; twin. 

411. Brainard Henry, b. June, 1875. 

412. Anna Paekee, b. Oct. 1876. 

413. Rebecca Paekee. 

414. Ruth Paekee; twins. 

415. Mary Jacobs, b. July, 1879. 

416. Southard Paekee, b. . 

417. Andrew Paekee, b. . 

418. Lucy Paekee, b. 

46 The Cloyd Family 

213. LUCIEN WILSON DOTY, b. 7-18-1848, son of Ed- 
mund Southard Doty, 85, and Catherine N. (Wilson) Doty, m. 
Anna Moore, 10-2-1873. 

Doty Children : 

419. Katharine Nelson, b. 6-14-1875. 

420. Helen, b. 11-22-1884. 

421. Edmund Southard, b. 9-14-1888. 

214. EDMUND SOUTHARD DOTY, b. 5-14-1851, son of 
Edmund Southard Doty, 85, and Catherine N. (Wilson) Doty, 
m. Mary Etta Cessna, 1-3-1895. 

Doty Children : 

422. James Cloyd, b. 10-29-1895. 

423. Ellen Cessna, b. 12-27-1896. 

216. EZRA CHALMERS DOTY, b. 1-31-1856, son of James 
Cloyd Doty, 85, and Catherine N. (Wilson) Doty, m. Annie 
Margaret Wilson, 8-15-1888. 

Doty Children : 

424. Robert Wilson, b. 7-30-1889. . 

425. Rebecca, b. 10-5-1891. 

426. RoswELL Chalmers, b. 2-18-1893. 

427. Ezra Chalmers, b. 7-15-1895. 

217. DAVID BRAINARD DOTY, b. 1-7-1858, son of James 
Cloyd Doty, 85, and Catherine N. (Wilson) Doty, m. Ruth Mil- 

Doty Children : 

428. David Brainard, 

429. Edmund Southard. 

430. Raymond. 

The Cloyd Family 47 

218. REBECCA ^OTY, b. 10-23-1860, dau. of Edmund 
Southard Doty, 85, and Catherine N. (Wilson) Doty, m. John 
M. Peoples. 

Peoples Children: 

431. Katharine Doty, b. 5-3-1887. 

432. Rebecca Cloyd, b. 6-15-1892. 

433. Margaret Hill, b. 6-2-1896. 

222. PRISCILLA LEEDOM McKEE, b. 9-20-1836, dau. of 
Hockley Cloyd, 86, and Elizabeth B. (Atkinson) McKee, m. 
William Arthur Hamill, 2-4-1859. Resides Georgetown, Colo. 

Hamill Children: 

434. Priscilla Leedom, b. 11-21-1859 ; d. 1-9-1867. 

*435. William Arthur, b. 11-6-1861 ; m. Hannah L. Pan- 

*436. Henry Cloyd, b. 9-11-1864 ; m. Margaret Thornton. 

*437. Hannah Elizabeth, b. 5-9-1871; m. Jas. B. Van Vich- 

438. Hockley Thomas, b. 9-21-1873 ; m. 1-9-1901, Katharine 

B. Haggart, one child: Wm. Thos. Hamill, b. 10-31- 

439. James Norman, b. 3-20-1877. 

223. JOHN GRUBB McKEE, (b. 4-10-1838; d. 9-15-1902), son 
of Hockley Cloyd, 86, and Elizabeth B. (Atkinson) McKee, m. 
4-26-1859, Georgia Maria Smith, (b. 11-3-1837; d. 12-8-1905.) 

McKee Children : 

440. Elizabeth Alice, b. 2-3-1860 ; d. 8-15-1865. 

441. John Cloyd, b. 11-14-1863 ; d. 7-6-1865. 

442. Georgia, b. and d. Aug., 1865. 

443. Lee Bourke, b. 6-25-1868; m. 1-1-1895, Florence Belle 

Mahone. Two children : Wm. McKee, b. 12-18-1895 ; 
Georgia Isabella McKee, b. 9-29-1899. 

444. John Wylie, b. 12-12-1870 ; m. Bertha McAdams, 1903. 

Resides Lewisburg, Tenn. 

48 The Clotd Family 

226. JAMES McKEE, (b. 4-9-1843 ; d. 1-29-1911), son of Hock- 
ley Cloyd, 86, and Elizabeth B. (Atkinson) McKee, m. Martha 
Matilda McCurdy, 11-15-1866, dan. of John Kirk and Caroline 
C. (Arrison) McCurdy. Resides Philadelphia, Pa. 

McKee Children : 

445. Martha, b. 3-11-1868 ; d. 8-31-1868. 

446. Caroline Arison, b. 7-23-1869 ; ra. Chas. Tyler Bartlett, 

3-6-1906. Resides La Mesa, Dona Ana Co., N. M. 
*447. James Herbert, b. 2-18-1871 ; m. Mary Emily Mitchell. 

448. Hockley Cloyd, b. 6-10-1874 ; d. 7-31-1875. 
*449. Helen Cloyd, b. 7-6-1876 ; m. A. H. Quinn. 

450. Clarence, b. 12-14-1881 ; d. 12-7-1882. 

227. JOSIAH ATKINSON McKEE, b. 12-25-1844, son of 
Hockley Cloyd, 86, and Elizabeth B. (Atkinson) McKee, m. 
Laura Bailis, 9-11-1865. Resides Philadelphia, Pa. 

McKee Children : 

451. Laura, b. 8-24-1866; d. 7-25-1867. 

*452. JosiAH Atkinson, b. 3-13-1868 ; m. Gertrude Hamlin. 

*453. Charles Clarence, b. 12-31-1872 ; m. Alice Pendleton. 

454. Lottie Hickman, b. 11-29-1874. 

455. LiLLiE Hamill, b. 6-6-1884 ; d. 7-10-1884. 

232. MARTHA EMILY McKEE, b. 4-9-1850, dau. of John, 
88, and Elizabeth (Groff) McKee, m. Dr. John Thomas Creswell, 

Creswell Child : 

456. Eliza Helen, b. 5-8-1882. 

234. GEORGE PHILLIPS McKEE, (b. 5-10-1854; d. 12-1- 
1885), son of John, 88, and Elizabeth (GroflP) McKee, m. Martha 
Crawford, 4-13-1881. 

McKee Children : 

457. Elizabeth Groff, b. 12-30-1882. 

458. Emily Crawford, b. 12-11-1884. 

The Cloyd Family 49 

242. THOMAS HENRY MILES, b. 8-30-1853, son of Thom- 
as and Margaretta L. (McKee) Miles, 90, ra. (1) Helen Payne, 
12-13-1877, and had one child. He m. (2) Lydia Foulke Bacon, 
4-7-1890 and had no children. He m. (3) Mabel Tomlinson, 
4-12-1893, and had two children. 

Miles Children : 
First marriage : 

459. Walter Piersol, b. 11-17-1878. 
Third marriage. 

460. Thomas Henry, b. 12-17-1894. 

461. Isabel, b. 4-22-1896. 

243. WALTER JUDSON McKEE, b. 9-12-1845, son of 
James, 92, and Alice A. (Miller) McKee, m. Martha A. Clewell, 
2-21-1878. Resides Camden, N. J. 

McKee Child: 
462. Grace Clewell, b. 9-17-1881. 

245. ULYSES CHAMACINE McKEE, b. 9-12-1850, son of 
James, 92, and Alice A. (Miller) McKee, m. Elizabeth Danby, 

McKee Children : 

463. Harry Ulyses Chamacine, b. 8-15-1875. 

. 464. Mary Chamacine, b. 1-4-1876 ; d. 2-1-1876. 

465. Edward Walter Miller, b. 4-30-1878. 

466. Lena Irene, b. 9-3-1883. 

Sixth Generation 

246. WILLIAM LATTA NASSAU, b. 2-28-1864, son of Rev. 
Robert Hamill and Mary Cloyd (Latta) Nassau, 93, m. Mary 
Maree, 1-8-1889. Resides Germantown, Pa. 

Nassau Children: 

467. Mary Elizabeth, b. 10-20-1890. 

468. William Latta, b. 7-2-1896. 

469. James Maree', b. 8-15-1897 ; d. 2-21-1898. 

50 The Cloyd Family 

248. DR. CHARLES FRANCIS NASSAU, b. 11-12-1868, 
son of Rev. Robert Hamill and Mary Cloyd (Latta) Nassau, 93, 
m. Elizabeth S. Green, 1-22-1896. Resides Germantown, Pa. 

Nassau Children: 

470. Katherine Latta, b. 5-18-1899. 

471. Dorothy Patten, b. 11-5-1900. 

472. Charles Francis, b. 10-28-1906. 

259. ANN SCOTT PAINE, b. 5-7-1859, dau. of Lewis C. and 
Ann Elizabeth (Lee) Paine, 105, m. Dr. Thomas Davis Worden, 
10-25-1883. Resides at Wilkesbarre, Pa. 

Worden Child: 
473. Ann Lee, b. 9-19-1885. 

270. GRANVILLE SMITH JOHNSON, b. 10-7-1847, son of 
Wm. H. and Morgiana (Napier) Johnson, 114, m. (1) 10-25- 
1876, Sophee Merrett Harding, (b. 4-4-1854; d. 8-1-1885; (2) 
Fannie Ewing Williamson, 9-19-1888. He resides at Gallatin, 

Johnson Children: 
First marriage : 

474. Harding, b. 8-2-1877 ; d. 9-20-1877. 

475. Merritt, b. 8-2-1877 ; d. 8-22-1877. 

476. Wm. Harding, b. 4-15-1879. 

477. Morgiana Napier, b. 6-4-1881. 

478. LiLLiE, b. and d. 8-1-1885. 

Second marriage : 

479. Granville Smith, b. 6-27-1891. 

480. Sophie Fannie, b. 1-23-1894. 

The Cloyd Family 51 

271. MINNIE WOODS VAN LEER, (b. 10-23-1849 ; d. 4-15- 
1886), dau. of John Stocker and Margaret Tennessee (Napier) 
Van Leer, 116, m. Dr. Eugene Robinette Smith, 7-26-1870. 

Smith Children : 

481. Van Leer, b. 5-11-1871; single; d. 2-4-1898. 

*482. Dr. Eugene Robinette, b. 10-6-1872 ; m. Mattie William- 

483. Henry Sheffield, b. 3-31-1874 ; d. 7-28-1874. 

*484. Granville Physic, b. 7-6-1875 ; m. Lena Tait. 

485. Lion Cheney, b. 5-8-1875 ; d. 1904. 

486. Nettie Allison, b. 7-23-1883. 

275. JOHN FRANKLIN REAM, b. 6-10-1866, son of Henry 
and Caroline E. (Jones) Ream, 121, m. Emma Dill Dewey, 

Ream Children: 

487. Mildred Isabella, b. 10-13-1894. 

488. Francis Dewey, b. 7-30-1896. 

276. JOHN FRANKLIN JONES, b. 12-10-1872, son of Geo. 
Washington and Mary E. (Rice) Jones, m. Susan Rebecca Wolf, 

Jones Children : 

489. Annie Matilda, b. 6-8-1894. 

490. Mary Maria, b. 2-5-1895 ; d. . 

491. Wm. McKinley, b. 7-2-1901. 

277. GEORGE WASHINGTON JONES, b. 3-28-1874, son 
of George Washington and Mary E. (Rice) Jones, m. Emma 
Susan Wolf, 10-5-1893. 

Jones Child: 
492. Caleb, b. 2-24-1896. 

52 The Cloyd Family 

287. WILLIAM MAVERICK TOWNSEND, b. 4-20-1866, 
son of Rev. Thomas Boyd and Elizabeth Rees (Mendenhall) 
Townsend, 125, m. Lula Briggs, 5-12-1887. Resides Chicago, 

Townsend Children: 

493. Elizabeth Mendenhall, b. 3-5-1889. 

494. Ellen Beale, b. 8-7-1891. 

dau. of Rev. Thomas Boyd and Elizabeth Rees (Mendenhall) 
Townsend, 125, m. James Farmer, 4-1-1887. 

Farmer Child: 
495. Mabel, b. 8-5-1888. 

290. HORACE ALEXANDER BEALE, b. 2-10-1870, son of 
Horace A. and Ellen M. (Mendenhall) Beale, 126, m. Mary 
Rogers Hartshorne Dunning, dau. of Dr. Erasmus Clark Dun- 
ning, and his wife Harriet Shallcross (Morris) Dunning. Har- 
riet Morris was dau. of Samuel and Sarah Hastings (Brian) 
Morris. Resides Parkersburg, Pa. 

Beale Child: 
496. Horace Alexander, b. 9-9-1901. 

297. SARAH LOUISE ROBINSON, b. 12-29-1861, dau. of 
Kenny and Louisa (Jones) Robinson, 142, m. Harvey Newcomer 
Wise. Resides Thompsontown, Pa. 

Wise Child: 
497. Thomas Henry, b. 9-23-1895. 

The Cloyd Family 53 

299. ANNIE WILSON, b. 10-3-1873, dau. of Joseph L. and 
Emma Culbertson (Jones) Wilson, 143, m. Charles Allen Wieb- 
ley, 10-1-1895. Resides Port Royal, Pa. 

WiEBLEY Children: 

498. Bertha Catherine, b. 6-25-1896. 

499. Jeremiah Linley, b. 11-14-1897. 

314. LAURA ALICE WATTS, b. 4-4-1863, dau. of David 
and Elizabeth (North) Watts, 151, m. 9-10-1885, Harry Ells- 
worth Bonsall, b. 8-19-1862. She resides at New Kensington, Pa. 

BoNSALL Children: 

500. Edith Elizabeth, b. 6-26-1886 ; m. Stephen Atlee Boekins 


501. Anna Margaret, b. 11-20-1887. 

502. David Watts, b. 11-17-1889. 

503. Herman, b. 12-3-1891. 

316. THOMAS EDWARD WATTS, b. 3-22-1865, son of Da- 
vid and Elizabeth (North) Watts, 151, m. Mary Moore. 

Watts Children : 

504. Ruth, b. 2-2-1889. 

505. Walter Moore, b. 2-2-1893. 

360. JEANETTE MACKLIN NORTH, b. 10-9-1873, dau. 
of Wm. Cloyd North, 174, and Eleanor N. (Wilson) North, m. 
4-25-1894, George Adams Sweigert, b. 5-20-1869. 

Sweigert Children: 

506. Cloyd Jonathan, b. 2-20-1897. 

507. Jeanette, b. 12-10-1902. 

54 The Cloyd Family 

382. DR. WILLIAM HAMLIN BANKS, b. 11-16-1862, son 
of William and Jane Elizabeth (Hamlin) Banks, 199, m. Eliza- 
beth Jacobs Paekee, 10-27-1892. 

Banks Children : 

508. Robert Paekee, b. 10-20-1893. 

509. Jane Hamlin, b. 11-15-1894. 

510. William Hamlin, b. 7-17-1896. 

511. Katharine Jacobs, b. 2-6-1899. 

512. Hugh McAlister, b. 6-5-1901. 

385. ELLA KATE BANKS, b. 5-6-1868, daii. of William and 
Jane Elizabeth (Hamlin) Banks, 199, m. John Howard Neely, 

Neely Children : 

513. LuciEN Banks, b. 3-3-1893 ; d. 11-29-1893. 

514. John Howard, b. 11-22-1894. 

515. William Hamlin, b. 2-22-1896. 

516. Helen, b. 12-27-1900. 

517. Elizabeth, b. 9-21-1902. 

518. Margaret, b. 9-21-1902. 

387. REBECCA JANE BANKS, b. 7-18-1872, dau. of William 
and Jane Elizabeth (Hamlin) Banks, 199, m. 6-30-1897, Ezra 
Doty Paekee, b. 8-15-1872. 

Paekee Children : 

519. Edward Southard, b. 5-30-1898. 

520. Helen Wilson, b. 8-26-1900. 

397. ANNA ELIZA PAEKEE, b. 1-12-1867, dau. of Edmund 
S., 203, and Mary I. (Wilson) Paekee, m. 4-8-1891, John Bell 
Larner, b. 9-3-1858, son of Noble Danforth and Margaret (Kel- 
ler) Lamer. 

Larner Children: 

521. Ruth Paekee, b. 2-26-1892. 

522. Margaret Paekee, b. 12-1-1893. 

523. Isabelle Wilson, b. 2-21-1898. 

The Cloyd Family 55 

435. WILLIAM ARTHUR HAMILL, (b. 11-6-1861 ; d. 12-20- 
1889), son of William Arthur and Priscilla L. (McKee) Hamill, 
222, m. 7-8-1886, Hannah Lord Pancoast, dau. of James Childs 
and Charlotte (Royal) Pancoast. 

Hamill Children: 

524. William Arthur, b. 4-1-1887. 

525. Henry Cloyd, b. 10-18-1889 ; d. 10-25-1894. 

436. HENRY CLOYD HAMILL, b. 9-11-1864, son of Wil- 
liam Arthur and Priscilla L. (McKee) Hamill, 222, m. Margaret 
Thornton, 11-9-1896. 

Hamill Children: 

526. Henry Cloyd, b. 7-2-1898; d. 7-10-1899. 

527. Harold Arthur, b. 3-21-1899. 

437. HANNAH ELIZABETH HAMILL, b. 5-9-1871, dau. 
of Wm. A. and Priscilla L. (McKee) Hamill, 222, m. James 
Brown Van Vichton, 9-9-1893. 

Van Vitchton Children: 

528. James Brown, b. 5-9-1894. 

529. Eleanor Hamill, b. 12-19-1896. 

530. Priscilla Hamill, b. 1-10-1898 ; d. 1-18-1898. 

531. Priscilla Leedom, b. 10-4-1899. 

447. JAMES HERBERT McKEE, b. 2-18-1871, son of Jas., 
226, and Martha M. (McCurdy) McKee, m. Mary Emily Mitchell, 

McKee Children : 

532. Donald Mitchell, b. 8-29-1898. 

533. Margaret Cloyd, b. 11-22-1899. 

56 The Cloyd Family 

449. HELEN McKEE, b. 7-6-1876, in Philadelphia, dau. of 

James McKee, 226, and Martha M. (McCurdy) McKee, m. 5-1- 

1904, in Philadelphia, Arthur Hobson Quinn, b. 2-9-1875, son of 

Michael A. and Mary (McDonough) Quinn. He is Professor of 

English in the University of Pennsylvania. They reside at 

Cynwyd, Pa. „ ^ 

Quinn Children : 

533a. Helen Cloyd, b. 6-23-1905. 
533b. Arthur Hobson, b. 10-22-1907. 
533c. Kathleen Carberry, b. 2-24-1910. 
533d. Frances Badge, b. 11-26-1911. 

452. JOSIAH ATKINSON McKEE, b. 3-13-1868, son of 
Josiah A., 227, and Laura (Bailis) McKee, m. Gertrude Hamlin, 

10-12-1892. ^^ ^^ ^ 

McKee Children : 

534. Gertrude Lorraine, b. 7-3-1893, 

535. Hamlin Cloyd, b. 3-10-1901. 

453. CHARLES CLARENCE McKEE, b. 12-31-1872, son 
of Josiah A., 227, and Laura (Bailis) McKee, m, Alice Pendleton, 

McKee Child: 
536. Bailis Pendleton, b. 10-10-1897. 

482. DR. EUGENE ROBINETTE SMITH, b. 10-6-1872, son 
of Dr. Eugene Robinette and Minnie Woods (Van Leer) Smith, 
271, m. Mattie Williamson, 4-19-1899. They reside at Annis- 

' ' Smith Children: 

537. Van Leer, b. 2-12-1900. 

538. Marl^ E., b. 2-20-1901. 

484. GRANVILLE PHYSIC SMITH, b. 7-6-1875, son of Dr. 
Eugene Robinette Smith, and Minnie Woods (Van Leer) Smith, 
271, m. Lena Tait, 1-13-1897. 

Smith Children: 

539. Granville Physic, b. 5-22-1898. 

540. Eugene, b. 10-21-1900 

W. S. Long, M. D., Haddonfield, N. J. 

Supplement to Section One 


Contributed by Dr. W. S. Long. 

We now come to another member of the Cloyd family, whose 
parentage is unknown to us and whose relationship to James 
Cloyd, of Whiteland, or to the Virginia family cannot at the 
present time be determined. 

Prior to 1746, Elizabeth Cloyd married John Templeton. 
May 6, 1752, (Deed Book H8, p. 493, Westchester) John Tem- 
pleton of Whiteland, Malster, bought 160 acres in same town- 
ship. It would seem more than a coincidence that within four 
days, he and James Cloyd, undoubtedly a relative of his wife, 
should buy farms in the same neighborhood. John Templeton 
was a successful man of affairs. He was a Captain of Militia 
in the Revolutionary War, enlisting for three months, and re- 
maining nine. His sons, John and Alexander, were also in the 
service, the former was taken with Camp Fever and soon left 
the army, the latter attaining the rank of Captain. 

During the terrible winter at Valley Forge, a company of 
our soldiers was stationed at his farm and received shelter and 
fuel, as to food he had none to give, as the British Army had 
destroyed all his crops. In a list of people who had suffered 
from the depredations of the enemy, his losses are placed at 
291£ 2s. 6d. — more than any other in East Whiteland Town- 

His will dated 1793 was probated 11-24-1795, shows that 
he had m. 2nd, Martha (Jones?) Her will in 1810 named her 
"Brother Abednego Jones." 


58 The Cloyd Family 

John and Elizabeth Templeton had: 

Children : 

1. John, d. 1792; m. Elizabeth Harris. 

2. Alexander, d. about 1804 ; m. Elizabeth . 

3. Ja'mes, mentioned in his father's will; nothing further 


4. Elizabeth, b. 1746; d. 8-10-1802; m. 12-27-1770, Wil- 

liam Long,* of West Cain Township, Chester Co., 
(Now W. Brandywine Township.) 

5. Martha, m. James Robinson. 

6. Mary, m. James Brown. Their children removed to the 

"Gennesee Country," N. Y. 

William and Elizabeth Templeton Long had: 

Children : 

1. John, b. 7-26-1772 ; m. Jane Tenbrook Grier. 

2. William, b. 2-8-1774; m. Mary Mackelduff. 

3. Elizabeth, b. 2-2-1776 ; m. Samuel Lewis. 

4. Martha, b. 8-14-1778 ; d. 7-27-1848 ; unmarried. 

5. Jane, b. 2-5-1781 ; m. Thomas Scott. 

6. James, b. 3-27-1783; m. 4-28-1808, Mary Grier, dau. of 

Col. Joseph and Ann (Walker) Grier. She was b. 
August, 1781 ; d. 5-10-1866. 

*William Long was son of John and Martha Long, of Cain Township, 
who came from County Donegal, Ireland, bringing the following certificate, 
which is given entire, on account of its rarity. All good Presbyterian 
families brought such certificates, but having served their purpose they 
were destroyed and very few are discoverable today. 

"Whereas the bearers hereof, John long and his wife, design for 
America, these are to Certify that they have lived in this Congregation 
the most part of their time and still behaved themselves Soberly and now 
at their departure from hence are free of all publick Scandall known to 
us, as witness my hand this 8th day of July, 1736. 

Letterkenny. Sam Dunlop. ' 

f > 

The Cloyd Family 59 

James and Mary Grier Long had : 

Children : 

1. Joseph Grier, b. 3-1-1809 ; d. 10-7-1875 ; m. Jane Mont- 

gomery, and had : Sarah Elizabeth, m. John L. Berst- 
ler; James M., m. Jessie H. Jefferies. 

2. Elizabeth Templeton, b. 6-22-1810 ; d. unmarried. 

3. William Newton, b. 1-6-1812; d. 7-13-1862; m. Mary 

Dampman, and had: James Scott, d. 1863, unmar- 
ried; Samuel D., m. Almena Buchanan; Martha, d. 
unmarried; Rebecca, m. Alfred G. McClellan; Clara 
Elizabeth; Alfred Alexander, M. D., (Univ. Penn. 
77), m. Lillian M. Davis, York, Pa.; Mary Ella; 
William Lawrence, D. D. S., (Penn. 1886), m. Anna 
Wellensick, York, Pa. ; John Grier, Ph. G., m. Mary 
Page; Ada. 

4. James Harvey, b. 2-6-1815 ; d. 7-13-1857 ; m. Jane Hun- 

ter Buchanan and had : Mary Elizabeth ; Emma Rach- 
el Buchanan ; David B., m. Elizabeth Shannon ; Jas. 

5. Matthew Alexander, M. D., (Pa. Col.), b. 7-12-1817; 

d. 1891; m. Rachel McClure, and had: Horace Bin- 
ney, Pottstown, Pa. ; Mary Frances, Pottstown, Pa. ; 
Anna Margaret, Pottstown, Pa. ; Ida Louisa, Potts- 
town, Pa. ; Howard Alexander, d. young ; William 
Sumner, M. D. (Univ. Penn. '78), m. Florence Roe, 
Haddonfield, N. J. 

6. Agnes Grier, b. 9-10-1819 ; d. 9-16-1823. 

Section Two 

Descendants of 

David Cloyd 

Section Two 

Descendants of David Cloyd, Immigrant No. 3 

3. DAVID CLOYD, supposed to have been the son of James, 1, 
of Chester County, Pa., m. Margaret Campbell. The first legal 
record of his residence in America is found in the purchase of a 
tract of land in New Castle County, Pa., now a part of Delaware, 
from Letitia Aubrey, a daughter of Wm. Penn, which he and his 
wife Margaret sold in 1733. It is not known where he lived for 
the next twelve years, but one report has it that he moved to Ver- 
mont where he lived for some time. This same tradition also 
states that there were 3 immigrant brothers who landed in New 
England. That he had brothers in America who did not live in 
Virgina is shown by the fact that one of his sons at a later date 
visited Ms cousins in the north. It is probable that he remained 
in Delaware in accordance with a more authentic tradition as he 
sold his New Castle County home in 1749. 

In 1745 he bought 400 acres from John Buchannan in 
Orange County, Va., in what was afterwards set off to form 
Augusta County, and later in 1770 to form IMontgomery and in 
1776 to form Eockbridge County. 

It is not known when he came to America, nor when he mar- 
ried. One report states that he married in New Jersey and 
another that his oldest son, James, was born in Ireland. 

The following facts gleaned from ' ' Green 's Historic Families 
of Kentucky ' ' bear closely on the time of his coming and the an- 
cestry of his wife : 

' * The Journal of Charles Clinton, the founder of the historic family 
of that name in New York gives an account of some of the families that 
sailed from Ireland on the ' ' George and Ann ' ' and the ' ' John of Dublin ' ' 
on May 9th, 1729, and landed in Pennsylvania, Sept. 4th, 1729. In the 
company were McDowells, Campbells and many other families which set- 
tled first in Pennsylvania and later in Virginia. 

Of this number, Ephraim McDowell and his sons, John and James, 
arranged in the Spring o- 1737 to settle on the famous "Beverly Manor" 


64 The Cloyd Family 

tract in Augusta County, Va., when they met with Benjamin Borden, 
the holder of the famous "Borden Grant". 

Borden was required by the conditions of his grant to locate not less 
than ]00 families on his land and he made the McDowells a tempting 
offer which they accepted. Complying with their agreement with Borden, 
they immediately entered into communication with their kindred, friends 
and co-religionists in Pennsylvania, Ireland and Scotland, soon drawing 
around them other Scotch and Scotch-Irish families among whom were 
the Cloyds and Campbells. 

* John McDowell married Magdelena "Wood, whose mother was a Camp- 
bell, and, as tradition has it, of the noble family of Argyle. Mary, daughter 
of Ephraim married James Greenlee and James McDowell married Mary 
Greenlee, said to have been remotely descended from the Argyle Camp- 

James McDowell left no male issue, John McDowell has two sons, 
Samuel and James, and the latter married Elizabeth Cloyd, daughter of 
David Cloyd of ' ' Beverly Manor ' ', whose wife was Margaret Campbell. ' ' 

In 1764 a party of Indians raided the house of David Cloyd 
near Amsterdam in Botetourt County, killing his wife, Margaret 
Cloyd, and son, John. An account of this massacre is given in 
Waddel's "Annals of Augusta County," written in 1843 by Mrs. 

*DOUGLAS CAMPBELL, of Cherry Valley, N. Y., born Cooperstown, 
N. Y. July 13th, 1840, married Harriet Bowers Paige, Dec. 5th, 1865, 
had children; William Auchinbrecht, Harriet Mumford, Maria Stark- 
weather, and Douglas. He was a distinguished lawyer and served as a 
Major in the Union Army: — 

Son of William Campbell of New York City and Cherry Valley, born 
in Cherry Valley, June 10th, 1806, died Sept. 7th, 1881. He was a dis- 
tinguished lawyer and author, member of Congress and Judge of the 
Supreme Court. Married Maria Starkweather Aug. 13th, 1833. 

Son of JAMES S. CAMPBELL of Cherry Valley, who was born in 
Cherry Valley, Nov. 9th, 1772, and died there March 23rd, 1870. When 
six years old he was taken and kept a prisoner by the Indians for two years. 
He was a farmer and County Judge. Married Sally Elderkin, Dec. lat, 
1800, and had seven sons: — 

Son of SAMUEL CAMPBELL of Cherry Valley, who was born in 
Londonderry, N. H., Apr. 25th, 1738, and died in Cherry Valley, Sept. 
12th, 1824. He served with some distinction in the Revolutionary War, 
married Jane Cannon, a native of Ireland in 1768. 

Son of JAMES CAMPBELL of Londonderry, Ireland, and Lon- 
donderry, N. H., and Cherry Valley, N. Y., who was born in Londonderry, 
Ireland, 1690, died in Cherry Valley, N. Y., came to America in 1728, 
landing in Boston where he remained until 1735, when he removed to 

The Cloyd Family 65 

Letitia Floyd, wife of Gov. Floyd and daughter of Col. Wm. 
Preston : 

"One day in March 1764 when Col. Wm. Preston had gone to Staunton, 
Mrs. Preston early in the morning heard two gim shots in quick suc- 
cession in the direction of David Cloyd 's house half a mile distant. Pre- 
sently Joseph Cloyd rode up on a plow horse and related that the Indians 
had killed his brother John, had shot at him (the powder burning his 
shirt) and having gone to the house had probably killed his mother. 
Mrs. Preston immediately sent a young man to notify the garrison of a 
small fort on Craig 's Creek and then dispatched a white man and two 
negroes to Mr. Cloyd 's. They found Mrs. Cloyd tomahawked in three 
places but still alive, and conscious. She told of the assault by the 
Indians, of their getting drunk, ripping up the feather beds and carrying 
off the money. One of the Indians wiped the blood from her temples with 
a corn cob saying ' Poor old woman. ' She died the next morning. ' ' 

The papers in a law suit in Augusta County in 1766 throw 
some light on the Indian invasion and the robbery of David 
Cloyd 's house. The Indians carried away over 200 pounds 
English money. They were pursued by a party of militia, one of 
them killed on John's Creek, 30 miles or more from the scene of 
the massacre and robbery. One hundred and thirty seven pounds 

Londonderry, N. H., and afterwards to Cherry Valley, N. Y., in 1741, 
married Sarah Simpson ; 

Son of WILLIAM of Cambelltown, Argylshire and Londonderry, 
Ireland, where he lived and died. He was a Colonel in the siege of 
Londonderry and w^as descended from the Campbells of the House of 
Auchinbrecht. (Hughe's American Ancestry, Vol. 8, pp. 156-7.) 

The Campbells were among the early settlers of Eockbridge County, 

Martha Orchard Malatt, Bloomington, 111., gives in Walker 's Genea- 
logy an account of nine children of John and Elizabeth Campbell, three 
of whom came to America, settled in Pennsylvania and later, about 1744, 
near Staunton, Virginia. 

There was a Margaret Campbell who was a resident of Middletown, 
Monmouth Co., New Jersey in 1716. She owed a Merchant John Browne 
an account at his death. 

Col. William Campbell, the hero of the battle of Kings Mountain 
Oct. 7th, 1780, was a native of Augusta County, Va., and moved at an 
early day to Washington County, Va. The sword used by him at the 
battle of Kings Mountain is now (1860) in the possession of his grandson, 
Wm. Campbell Preston of South Carolina. It is now more than two cen- 
turies old and was wielded by the ancestors of Col. Campbell in Scotland 
in the wars of the Pretenders. 

66 The Cloyd Family 

were found on the body of the dead Indian. A dispute arose 
among the militia as to whether the money belonged to them or to 
Cloyd. The money was finally distributed among them, all of 
whom except one James Montgomery returned their share to 
David Cloyd who thereupon paid each of the men five pounds, the 
reward he had offered, and sued Montgomery for the balance, 
thirty one pounds and ten pence. The suit was decided in 
Cloyd 's favor but Montgomery took an appeal to the General 
Court and the final result is not known. 

A negro woman named "Dolly" survived the IMassacre at 
Amsterdam and lived to an old age. ]\Iany have been the stories 
handed down about this old negro, her scalped head and indented 
skull. The "History of Southwest Virginia" by Thomas Bruce, 
published in 1891 gives an incorrect account of the massacre, stat- 
ing that the woman killed was a widow. John who was killed 
then was m.arried and reference is probabl.y made to his widow. 


' ' In the Name of God Amen, I, David Cloyd of the Parish and County 
of Eockbridge and State of Virginia. Being in perfect health and of sound 
mind and memory Blessed be God for the same, but calling to mind the 
mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once 
to Die do make and publish this my last will and Testament, First I 
recommend my Soul to god who Gave it in all humble hopes of mercy 
and eternal happiness through the merits and mediations of my Blessed 
Eedeemer and my body I resign to the earth to be Buried in a Cristian 
like and Decent Manner at the Discretion of my Executors not Doubting 
but I shall receive the same again at the general Eesurrection by the 
mighty power of god And as touching such wordly Estate Which it has 
pleased god to bless me with in this life I desire and dispose of the same 
in the following manner and form First is my will that all my Just 
Debts and funeral Charges be paid I give and bequath to each of my 
children the sum of two pounds to be levied out of my Estate I also 
Give to my Oldest Son James Cloyds Oldest Son David Cloyd the sum of 
sixty pounds lawful money of Virginia to be levied out of my Estate to 
be put to Interest till he comes of age and likewise I give to Each of 
his other Children now born the sum of Twelve pounds like money Ex- 
cept Sally and to be under the same Eetructions and if any of them Should 
{should die before the come of age their part to be equally divided Be- 
tween the Survivors. I also give to my Second Son David Cloyds oldest 
son David Cloyd the sum of Thirty pounds lawful money of Virginia 
to be levied out of my Estate to be put to interest till he comes of age 
and likewise I give to Each of his other Three Sons the sum of Twenty 
pounds Each lawful Money and to each of his five Daughters twelve 
pounds and if any of them should should die before the come of age their 
part to be equally Divided between the Survivors and to be under the 

The Cloyd Family 67 

same restructions as before mentioned I also give to my third Sou Miclial 
Cloyds Eight Sons Twenty pounds to Each of them like money and if 
any of them should Die before the come of age his part to go to the 
Survivors and to be under the same restrictions before mentioned And 
likewise to his Daughter Betsey the sum of twelve pounds like lawful 
Money I also give to my Oldest Daughter Elizabeth McDowells Son James 
the sum of Twenty pounds like lawful money I also give to my second 
Daughter Margaret Templetons Two Sons David and James Templeton the 
sum of Twenty pounds Each like lawful money and if any of them 
should die before the come of age his part to go to the Survivors and 
to be under the same Kestructions before mentioned I also give what 
household furniture and my Cloths that I have after my Burial to my 
three Executors Michal Cloyd and David Cloyd and David Templeton 
and as my Estate at my Death will Chiefly consist in out Standing Debts I 
desire my Executors to get Sufficient security for any debt which my 
appear in the least Doubtful and if the whole amount of my personal 
Estate will not be sufficient to pay all my above named Legiees I desire 
that each legatee may lose a like and if there be any overplush after 
paying all my said Legacies I desire that each legatee may share alike 
& that such shares shall be under the same Sircumstances and restruc- 
tions as the Legatees & whereas there may be debts due from some of 
my Legatees to my Estate at my Death I do declare that by giving a 
Legacy I do not mean to Disolve such from any debt due to me. I Do 
appoint my son Michal Cloyd and David Cloyd Deeeast his oldest Son 
David Cloyd and David Templeton Executors of this my last will and 
Testament and do request that the would take upon them the Burthen of 
the Execution thereof and I do thereby Eevoke and disanul all other and 
former Wills and declare this my only true last Will and Testament In 
Witness Whereof have hereunto Set my hand and Seal this Twenty First 
day of August in the year of our Lord one Thousand Seven Hundred and 
Ninety." Signed, David Cloyd. 

A leather pocket book owned by David Cloyd and brought 
by him from Ireland was in the possession of the family of ]Mrs. 
Sophia Cloyd Swihart of Pueblo County, Ohio, in 1898. 

David Cloyd, and Margaret Campbell had the following, 

Children : 

*4. James, b. 1731; m. Jean, (apparently Jean Lapsley.) 

*5. David, b. ;d. 1789 ; m. Elizabeth Woods. 

*6. Michael, b. 1735 ; d. 1805 ; m. Elizal)eth Nealy. 

*7. John, m. Killed by Indians 1764. Estate adminis- 
tered by brother James. 

*8. Elizabeth, m. 1760 Jas. I\IeDowell. 

9. Margaret, m. John Templeton. 
*10. Mary, b. 3-14-1741; d. 3-5-1827; m. Feb. 1760 Jas. Mc- 

*11. Joseph, b. 6-10-1742 ; m. Mary Gordon. 

68 The Cloyd Family 

Second Generation 

4. JAMES CLOYD, b. 10-29-1731; m. Jean , 2-16-1764, 

may or may not have been the son of David, 3. Rev. G. S. 
Cloyd a descendant of Michael, the third son of David, 3, says 
that Michael was born 1725. If he is correct, the James whose 
family is here given should be regarded as another immigrant 
ancestor, and indeed, his great grandson W. G- Cloyd, Bement, 
111., says he was born in Ireland. 

Recorded facts do not appear to agree with either of these 
gentlemen. That James was from Rockbridge Co., Va., and that 
he married Jean Lapsley, daughter of Joseph Lapsley, Sr., may 
be inferred from the following record: "Deed Book C, page 
232, Lexington, Va. ; John Lapsley of Lincoln Co., Ky., as at- 
torney in fact for James Lapsley and wife Mary, James Cloyd 
and wife Jean, and John Hall and wife Mary and as executor 
of the estate of Joseph Lapsley, Sr., deeds certain lands in Rock- 
briclge Co., Va., near Lexington. The deed is dated Oct. 17, 
1795, and the power of attorney was given Aug. 10, 1790, and 
recorded in Lincoln Co., Ky. " As there is no other record of 
David's son James it is thought safer to assume that the James 
here given was the son of David, 3. 

James Cloyd received from Patrick Henry, Governor of 
Virginia in 1783 a grant to 881 acres of land in Jefferson Co., 
Va., lying on Cloyd 's Creek. (See Grant Book, 0. P. 517, Rich- 
mond Land Office.) 

James and Michael Cloyd were privates in the Augusta Co. 
Militia in 1758. (See Hennings Statutes at Large, Vol. 7.) 

James Cloyd and wife Jean, supposedly Jean Lapsley, had 

the following. 

Children : 

12. Sarah, b. 2-13-1765 ; m. Robinson. 

13. David, b. 11-1-1766. 

14. Joseph, b. 12-11-1768. 

15. Margaret, b. 1-13-1771 ; d. 1773. 

16. Mary, b. 11-20-1773. 

17. Jean, b. 4-4-1776. 

18. Margaret, b. 7-3-1779. 

*19. James, b. 1-9-1782; d. 4-1-1874; m. Mrs. Sarah (Gates) 

The Cloyd Family 69 

5. DAVID CLOYD, the second son of David, 3, m. Elizabeth 
Woods and d. in Augusta County, Va., 1789. His will is on file 
at Lexington. Elizabeth was a dau. of Andrew and Martha 
(Poage) Woods. Martha Poage was b. in Ireland in 1728 and 
came to Va. about 1738. Elizabeth Cloyd d. in 1797. Her will 
is on file at Lexington, Va., proven 2-7-1797. 

Children : 

20. David, d. 1805. 

21. Andrew, d. 1798. 

22. James. 

23. Joseph. 

24. Martha or "Patsy," m. Matthew Houston. Woods 

Genealogy gives 69 descendants of Matthew and Mar- 
tha Houston. 

25. Margaret, or ' ' Peggy, ' ' m. Rev. Matthew Houston, cous- 

in to Martha's husband. 

26. Polly. 

27. Betsy. 

28. Cynthia. 

6. MICHAEL CLOYD, the third son of David, 3, d. in 1805. 
There is a question about the date of his birth as here given be- 
ing correct. Rev. G. S. Cloyd, a great grandson says that he was 
born in 1725. As James, 4, who appears to be the oldest son 
was born in 1731, and as Joseph, 11, the youngest child was born 
in 1742, it is presumed that Rev. G. S. Cloyd is in error as to the 
date, and that he must have been born about 1735. Michael, m. 
Elizabeth Nealy, an English-woman and lived at Amsterdam, 
Botetourt Co., Virginia. 

Mitchell Cloyd received a grant to 100 acres of land in 1798 
in Montgomery Co. This is supposed to refer to Michael. 

Children : 

*29. James, b. 3-1-1765; d. 9-1-1816; m. 1791, Catherine 


*30. David. 

*31. John. Probably moved to Lincoln Co., Ky. 

32. Samuel. 

33. William, moved to Lincoln Co., Ky. 

34. Michael. 

35. Joseph, moved to Alabama. 

*36. Elizabeth, m. (1) Jesse Law; (2) Gilbreth Hamilton. 
37. Jesse. 

70 The Cloyd Family 

7. JOHN CLOYD, the fourth son of David, 3, was killed by 
Indians in 1764, at the time his mother was killed. An inter- 
esting account of this massacre is given by Mrs. Elizabeth Bul- 
lard. She writes in 1892, "Our great great grand mother Cloyd 
was killed by the Indians. I think her maiden name was Camp- 
bell. She lived at Amsterdam in Botetourt Co., and while the 
men were away on a marketing expedition to Richmond the In- 
dians made a raid on the settlement and massacred every thing 
except "Old Dolly," a negro woman, whom they left scalped 
and thought dead. She recovered and lived many years." 
Writing to her brother Dr. Thomas Cloyd Craig, she continues, 
"You have heard our mother speak often of seeing her alive 
when she was a young girl seven or eight years old. Cousin 
Stephen Cloyd, when in here about two years ago on a visit, 
spoke about seeing the same old negro." 

Child : 
38. Joseph, m. Elizabeth or Polly, dau. of Col. Joseph Cloyd, 

8. ELIZABETH CLOYD, oldest dau. of David, 3, m. James 
McDowell, May, 1760. He was the oldest son of John McDowell 
and Magdalena Woods and grandson of Ephraim McDowell and 
Margaret Irvine, immigrants. 

McDowell Children : 

39. Sarah, m. Major John McDowell, cousin. 

40. Elizabeth, m. David McGavock, 70. 
*41. James, m. Sarah Preston. 

There were three other children, names not known. 

9. MARGARET CLOYD, the second dau. of David Cloyd, 3, 
m. John Templeton. 

Templeton Children: 

42. David. 

43. James. 

The Cloyd Family 71 

10. MARY CLOYD, (b. 3-14-1741; d. 3-5-1827), third dan. of 
David Cloyd, 3, m. in Feb. 1760, James McGavock, of Scotch- 
Irish stock who immigrated to America from Northern Ireland 
in 1754 or '5. The genealogy of this family has been written by 
Rev. Robt. Gray, a Presbyterian minister, of Dublin, Va., and 
will not be repeated here. 

McGavock Children : 

44. Hugh, b. 9-25-1761; m. Nancy Kent, 3-29-1785; d. 4-2- 


45. David, b. 2-6-1763; m. (1) Elizabeth I\IcDowell, (2) Mrs. 

Mary Hubble, d. 8-7-1838. 

46. James, b. 6-10-1764; m. Mary Crockett, 4-24-1799; d. 


47. Randall, b. 6-20-1766 ; m. Sarah D. Rodgers, 2-28-1811 ; 

d. 10-27-1844. 

48. Margaret, b. 12-10-1769 ; m. Col. Joseph Kent, 1787 ; d. 


49. Mary, m. Phillip Gains, 1798 ; d. without issue soon after. 

50. Cynthia, never married. 

51. Elizabeth, b. 7-5-1776 ; m. Gen. Gordon Cloyd, 54, 1797 ; 

d. 1830. 

52. Joseph, b. 3-1-1780 ; m. Margaret Graham 1812 ; d. 1833. 

53. Sarah, or "Sally," b. 4-22-1787; m. David Cloyd, 56; 

d. 1853. 

11. COL. JOSEPH CLOYD, the youngest child of David 
Cloyd, 3, m. Mary Gordon. He moved from Rockbridge Co., 
Va., to Montgomery now Pulaski County, and settled on Back 
Creek, the place being still in the possession of his great grand 
children. (1903.) It is related of his wife that she would not 
consent to go to what was then backwoods country unless her 
husband promised that as soon as he was comfortably settled he 
would take the necessary steps to have a Presbyterian Church 
built, in which she might worship after the manner and forms 
she had been accustomed to do. This promise he fulfilled in 
due time, and the New Dublin Church, near Dublin Deport still 
stands as the result. 

72 The Cloyd Family 

In 1774 Joseph Cloyd was honored with a commission as 
Captain of a company of Militia of Fincastle County by Earl' 
Dunmore, Governor of Virginia. In 1779 he was appointed by 
Governor Thomas Jefferson a Major of Militia in Col. Wm. Pres- 
ton's Battalion in Montgomery County. He was in the battles 
of Guilford, Cowpens, and King's Mountain, and was promoted 
Colonel, though he has often been referred to as General. 

Children : 

*54. Gen. Gordon, b. 3-9-1771 ; d. 5-4-1883 ; m, Elizabeth Mc- 

Gavock, 51, Mar., 1797. 
*55. Thomas, b. 8-21-1774 ; d. 7-27-1849 ; m. Mary McGavock, 

a second cousin, 8-21-1809. She was b. in Wythe Co., 

Va., 8-31-1788; d. 2-15-1866. 
*56. David, b. 5-1-1776; m. Sarah McGavock, 53, 5-22-1811; 

d. 3-13-1848. 
57. Elizabeth, or Polly, m. Joseph Cloyd, 38. 

Third Generation 

19. JAMES CLOYD, the youngest child of James, 4, and Jean 
Cloyd was born 1-9-1782, probably in Virginia. When quite 
young, he went to Indiana and from there to Kentucky. He re- 
sided in Garrard County, Kentucky, in 1817, and later removed 
to Kenton County, remaining there until 1852. From that date 
to 1865, he lived in Pike County, Missouri, and moved to Decatur, 
111., where he died 4-1-1874. 

He married Mrs. Sally (Gates) Lillard 7-29-1811. He was 
a farmer, a Whig and a member of the Christian Church. 

Children : 

58. Joseph, b. 5-2-1812 ; m. Miss Morton. 

59. Nancy, b. 1-21-1815 ; m. James Gregg. 

*60. David Jamison, b. 8-15-1817 ; m. Mary Ann Roberts. 

61. Mary Jane, b. 3-6-1820 ; m. Thos. C. Cloudas. 

62. Sarah Woods, b. 6-30-1822 ; m. Walter J. Van Horn. 

63. James Crow, b. 7-9-1825. 

*64. James Preston, b. 8-3-1827; m. (1) Dorinda Fennel (2) 
Sarah Ellen Forrest, 10-9-1877. 

;►' ' 

Four Generations — James Cloyd, 19, David J., 60, John G., 94, and David J., Jr., 155, SeC^i^ 

Mrs. Sophia Swihart 70, Sec. 2 

Stephen Cloyd 68, Sec. 2 

The Cloyd Family 73 

29. JAMES CLOYD, (b. 3-1-1765, in Va., d. 9-1-1816), son of 
Michael, 6, and Elizabeth (Nealy) Cloyd, m. 1791, Catherine 
Echols, (b. 1-13-1770; d. 5-13-1850). Her father, Jacob Echols, 
d. 7-16-1783 ; her mother whose maiden name was Elizabeth Mil- 
ler, d. 5-4-1778. James Cloyd a saddler by trade, moved from 
Botetourt Co., Virginia, and settled in Montgomery Co., Ohio, in 
1809, and later lived in Preble Co., where he died. 

Children : 

65. Elizabeth, b. 4-4-1792 ; single ; d. 8-9-1878. 

*66. Joshua, b. 2-10-1794 ; m. Edith Southerland. 

67. Edv-^ard, b. 7-6-1797 ; m. Kate Crumbaker ; no children. 

*68. Stephen, b. 8-21-1799 ; m. Elizabeth Swihart. 

69. Susanna, b. 2-4-1802 ; m. Jacob Leslie. 

*70. Sophia, b. 10-10-1805 ; m. Jonathan Swihart. 

71. Hannah, b. 11-15-1807 ; m. David Eikenberg. 

30 DAVID CLOYD, second son of Michael, 6, was b. in Bote- 
tourb Co., Va., about 1776, or probably a little earlier. He mar- 
ried there and moved to Culpeper Co., Va., and in 1815 to Wash- 
ington Co., Ky. In 1825 in company with Thomas and Samuel 
and dau. Polly he moved to Sangamon Co., 111., when he d. 1839 
and his widow in 1844. 

Children : 

*72. James, b. 7-15-1790 ; m. Elizabeth Noffsinger. 
*73. Thomas, b. 1-14-1898 ; m. Ann Withrow. 

74. Samuel, b. 11-20-1802 ; m. Elizabeth Clements ; d. near 

Springfield, 111., left no male issue. 

75. Polly, m. Henry Lucas. 

31. JOHN CLOYD, b. about 1770, was son of Michael, 6, and 
Elizabeth Nealy of Augusta and Botetourt Co., Va. It is not 
known what became of him, but it is assumed that he removed to 
Lincoln County, Ky., and was the same as the following : 
31a. JOHN CLOYD, wife Mary Withrow, resided in Lincoln 
County, Ky. Some of his descendants claim that he was born 
in Ireland and others that he was from Virginia. The writer 
believes he was the son of Michael Cloyd of Augusta County, Va., 

74 The Cloyd Family 

whose wife was Elizabeth Nealy. John Cloyd and Mary With- 
row were the parents of the following family: 

Children : 
*75a. Joseph, b. 3-10-1794. 

75b. William, b. 4-18-1796. 

75c. Elizabeth, b. 9-25-1798. 
*75d. Preston, b. 2-15-1800. 

75e. Sally, b. 11-3-1802. 

75f. John, b. 5-18-1805. 

75g. Rebecca, b. 10-1-1810. 

36. ELIZABETH OR BETSY CLOYD, only dau. of Michael, 
6, m. (1) Jesse Law and had one child. She m. (2) Gilbreth 
Hamilton and had one son. 

Children : 
*76. Elizabeth Law. 
77. James Hamilton. 

41. JAMES McDowell, youngest son of James McDowell 
and Elizabeth Cloyd, 8, m. Sarah Preston, dau. of Col. William 
Preston of Revolutionary fame and son of John Preston. 

He inherited the magnificent estate of his father in Virginia, 
where he lived until his death. 

McDowell Children : 

78. Sarah, m. Col. William Taylor, a prominent lawyer of 

Alexandria, Va., who died in 1846. Their son, Dr. 
James McDowell Taylor was living in Rockbridge Co. 
in 1886. 

79. Elizabeth, m. Hon. Thomas Hart Benton, for 30 years 

U. S. Senator from Missouri. 

80. James. Became Congressman, U. S. Senator and Governor 

of Virginia. 
Brandt IMcDowell of St. Louis is the only male descendant 
of James McDowell and Elizabeth Cloyd, bearing the name. — 
(Historic Families of Kentucky.) 

54. GORDON CLOYD, (b. 3-19-1771; d. 5-4-1833), the oldest 
son of Col. Joseph Cloyd, was a man of great wealth. In his 
will, he trips off land thousands of acres at a time. One tract 

The Cloyd Family 75 

owned jointly by himself and brothers David and Thomas, con- 
tained eighty thousand acres. He reeled off bank stock by the 
hundred shares and cash bequests to grand daughters in lots of 
ten thousand dollars each. He was appointed Major General of 
the state militia by the Governor of Virginia 2-16-1822. 

In 1797, he married Elizabeth McGavock, his first counsin, 
b 7-5-1776, daughter of James McGavock, Sr. He left no sons 
and the descendants of his two daughters are given in the history 
of the McGavock family. 

Children : . 

81. Mary, m. Jas. R. Kent. 

82. Elizabeth, m. David F. Kent. 

55. THOMAS CLOYD, (b. 8-21-1774; d. 7-27-1849), second 
son of Col. Joseph and Mary (Gordon) Cloyd, m. Mary Mc- 
Gavock, his second cousin, (b. 8-31-1788; d. 2-15-1866), dau. of 
Hugh McGavock of Wythe Co., Va. 

Children : 

83. Thomas, b. 4-10-1815 ; d. 9-24-1817. 

84. LuciNDiA, b. 7-21-1818; d. 12-18-1843; m. Gordon C. 

Kent, no issue. 

85. Nancy, b. 3-31-1820 ; d. 4-25-1825. 

86. David, b. 1-27-1824; ra. 1848, Elizabeth McGavock, d. 


56. DAVID CLOYD, (b. 5-1-1776; d. 3-13-1848), son of Col. 
Joseph Cloyd, 11, m. 5-22-1811, Sarah or "Sally" McGavock, 
his first cousin, (b. 4-22-1787; d. 11-8-1853), dau. of James Mc- 
Gavock, Sr. Children: 

87. Margaret, b. 3-6-1812; m. 3-14-1832, Gordon C. Kent. 

She had one son whose descendants are given in the 
McGavock 's Family history; d. 5-23-1833. 
*88. (Major) Joseph, b. 5-11-1813; m. 5-23-1838, Mary E. 
Byars ; d. 7-19-1884. 

89. Gordon, b. 10-3-1816 ; single ; d. 3-1-1869. 

90. Cynthia M., b. 2-18-1820; m. David S. McGavock, 1844; 

no children ; d. 8-15-1847. 
*91. James McGavock, b. 6-18-1828; m. (1) Frances E. Mc- 
Nutt; (2) Harriet J. Ernest; d. 3-3-1892. 

76 The Cloyd Family 

Fourth Generation 

60. DAVID JAMISON CLOYD, (b. 8-15-1817, in Garrard Co., 
Ky., d. 3-20-1886, in Decatur, 111.), son of James, 19, and Sally 
(Gates) (Lillard) Cloyd, m. in 1839, Mary Ann Roberts, b. 11- 
28-1817 ; d. 8-12-1895, at Decatur, 111., dau. of William Roberts 
of Walton, Boone County, Ky. 

Children : 

92. Sarah Elizabeth, b. 1-13-1840 ; m. Jos. T. J. Gates. 

93. James William, b. 4-15-1842 ; died in infancy. 
*94. John Gates, b. 8-6-1844 ; m. Alice H. Thomas. 

95. Thomas Joseph, b. 1-15-1847 ; d. . 

*96. William Gordon, b. 10-5-1848 ; m. Lillian McKinney. 

97. David Holmes, b. 1-22-1851 ; m. Bettie Ehrman, resides 

in Chicago, 111. 

98. Mary Candace, b. 11-19-1853 ; d. . 

99. Walter Clay, b. 5-18-1866 ; d. . 

100. Margaret Roberts. 

64. JAMES PRESTON CLOYD, b. 8-3-1827, in Kentucky, 
youngest son of James, 19, and Sally (Gates) (Lillard) Cloyd, 
m. (1) Dorinda Fennel, (2) Sarah Ellen Forest. 10-9-1877. He 
died in Hannibal, Missouri, 8-17-1889. 

Children : 
First marriage : 

101. Missouri, m, John Davis. 

Second marriage : 

102. Mary, b. 10-6-1887. Resides in Kansas City, Mo., (1909) 

with her mother who is now Mrs. Wright. It is 
worth saying that Mary is a Catholic. The second 
instance where one of the family has reverted to the 
religion of the fathers before the days of the Non- 

The Cloyd Family 77 

66. JOSHUA CLOYD, son of James, 29, and Catherine (Ech- 
ols) Cloyd was b. at Fincastle Botetourt County, Virginia, 2-10- 
1794, and d. near Palestine, Darke County, Ohio, 9-14-1862 as 
a result of a rattlesnake bite. He m. 6-27-1822, at 
Richmond, Indiana, Edith Southerland, (b. at Knoxville, Tenn., 
5-5-1805; d. 12-9-1875, in Eldorado, Preble County, Ohio). He 
was a soldier in the War of 1812. He was a farmer, a democrat 
and in religion a Universalist.* 

Children : 

103. John, b. 11-29-1823; m. 3-26-1846, Katherine McCoun, 

b. 10-20-1824. His only child, Abel Thomas Cloyd, 
resides at Ithica, Ohio. 

104. Hannah, b. 4-27-1825. 

105. Harvey, b. 10-17-1826. 

106. Catharine, b. 12-11-1828. 

*107. Allen, b. 5-16-1830; m. Catherine Leslie. 

108. James, b. 4-21-1832. 

109. Joshua Newton, b. 3-16-1834. 

110. Berthena, b. 2-1-1836. 

111. Benton, b. 3-24-1838. 

112. IMiNERVA, b. 4-17-1840. 

113. Nancy Ellen, b. 1-24-1843 ; m. Thos. M. Clark. 

114. Malinda, b. 6-1-1845 ; m. Alford Bennett Brown. 

115. Amanda, b. 2-20-1848 ; m. Martin L. McWhinney, b. 3-10- 

1846, in Campbellstown, Preble Co., Ohio. He is a 
traveling salesman. They reside at Hastings, Nebr., 
and have two daughters. 

*Joshua Cloyd married Frances Newsom at Nashville, Tenn., 
6-15-1819. Was it the same man? A. D C. 

68. STEPHEN CLOYD, son of James, 29, and Catherine 
(Echols) Cloyd was born near Fincastle, Botetourt Co., Va., 
8-21-1799, and d. in Preble County, Ohio, 10-3-1894. May 13, 
1827, he married Eliza Swihart (b. 12-4-1809, d. 6-20-1884, 

78 The Cloyd Family 

Preble Co., Ohio), dau. of Peter and Elizabeth (Oliver) Swihart. 
He was a farmer, a republican and a member of the Dunkard 

Children : 

116. Elizabeth, b. 3-10-1828; m. (1) Wm. Smith, (2) Henry 


117. Catherine, b. 9-17-1829 ; m. Jacob Lowman. 

118. Minerva, b. 10-17-1830; m. Benj. F. Baker. 

119. James, b. 1-17-1832 ; d. age 3 mos. 

*120. Gordon S., b. 3-14-1833 ; m. Susan Hoops. 

121. Nancy, b. 7-20-1834 ; m. Jacob Baker. 

*122. William S., b. 5-27-1836; m. Rebecca Campbell. 

123. Hannah, b. 9-11-1838 ; m. Levi Brubaker. 

124. Marl^, b. 11-29-1841 ; m. Geo. Lowman. 

125. Susanna, b. 2-5-1844; d. 7-18-1844. 

126. Henry Clay, b. 10-16-1845 ; m. Jane Jordan. 

127. Anna, b. 12-8-1849 ; d. 8-11-1850. 

70. SOPHIA CLOYD, dau. of James, 29, m. Jonathan Swihart, 
a son of Adam Swihart, who moved from Pennsylvania to ]\Iont- 
gomery Co., Ohio, in 1804. She was b. 10-10-1805, and was liv- 
ing in 1898. 

Sw^iHART Children: 

128, James Cloyd, b. about 1825 ; m. One daughter m. J. C. 
Markey of Campbellstown, 0., where Jas. C. Swi- 
hart was living in 1908. 
129. Eliza, m. Draj'er, resides Covington, 0. There were 
other children. 

72. JAMES CLOYD, the oldest son of David, 30, was b. in 
Botetoiirt County, Va., 7-15-1790. He served in the War of 1812 
and in that year settled in Darke County, Ohio, where he m, 
Elizabeth NofiEsinger 10-27-1814. 

The Cloyd Family 79 

Children : 

^130. Andrew, b. 10-27-1816 ; d. 3-22-1899 ; m. 6-26-1841 Eliz- 
abeth McGuire, who now lives (11-13-1905) at Greens- 
burg, Ind. 

131. William, b. 3-23-1819 ; d. 6-29-1838. 

132. Katherine, b. 12-2-1-1820; d. 7-28-1859; m. 1-19-1845, 

Lewis Keister. 
^133. Gordon, b. 11-19-1822 ; d. 5-26-1887 ; m. 11-10-1846, Julia 
Ann Woodmansee, who was living 12-16-1905. 

134. Stephen, b. 3-26-1825 ; d. 4-12-1874 ; m. 10-10-1847, Eva 


135. Maria, b. 9-10-1827; m. 11-9-1849, Israel Mills. 

136. Mary Ann, b. 12-19-1829 ; m. 11-21-1850, Joseph Mills. 

73. THOMAS CLOYD, son of David, 30, was b. Jan. 14, 1798, 
in Botetourt Co., Va. About 1815 with his father he moved to 
Washington County, Kentucky, where he m. Ann Withrow, April 
27, 1820. In 1825, with his father and brother Samuel, he re- 
moved to Fayette County, Illinois, and later to Sangamon Co., 
near Springfield, where he died Sept. 1878. He was a farmer, a 
methodist and a democrat. His wife b. in Botetourt Co., Va., 
12-29-1795 , d. in Sangamon Co., 1882. 

Children : 

137. Ann Cordelia, b. 6-29-1820 ; m. Rev. Chas. D. Alsbury. 
*138. John Calvin, b. 9-6-1821 ; m. Sophia Lanterman. 

139. Nancy, b. 12-25-1823; m. Rob't. Cummings. 
*140. Matthew, b. 9-10-1825; d. 3-11-1901; m. Fanny Cle- 
*141. Thos. Gordon, b. 6-7-1827; d. 1886; m. Priscilla Jane 
142. Joseph D., b. 12-5-1831 ; lives in Springfield, 111. • 

75a. JOSEPH CLOYD, son of John, 31a, and Mary Withrow 
Cloyd, was b. in Va., 3-10-1794. He removed to Lincoln Co., 
Ky., at an early day. He m. (1) Nancy Jane Wright; (2) Nan- 
cy Wilham; (3) Ellen Wilham. He was a soldier in the War of 
1812 and was at the battle of New Orleans. 

80 The Cloyd Family 

Children : 
142a. Nancy Jane, b. 4-14-1821 ; m. Harrison Steel. She d. 
about 1905. He was living in 1910. 
*142b. John, b. 11-14-1823 ; ra. Jane Bottoms. He was a soldier 

in the Mexican War. 
*142e. William F., b. 8-27-1824 ; m. Lucinda Bottoms. He was 
a soldier in the Mexican War. 
142d. Stephen W., b. 4-23-1826 ; m. Bessie Peters. He d. about 
1904. He had three children, all of whom d. when 
about grown. 
142e. Isaac, b. 10-12-1830. 

142f . Preston, b. 2-20-1833 ; m. Elizabeth Cloyd. 
142g. Rebecca, b. 11-29-1836. 
142h. Minerva, b. 7-8-1839 ; m. Wm. Divine. 
142i. Carrol B., b. 5-27-1842; m. Mary Ann Demoree. He 
was a Union soldier in the Civil War. Resides Har- 
rodsburg, Ky. 
*142j. Harrison, b. 8-19-1844 ; m. Fidelia Peavler. He is blind 
and resides at Harrodsburg, Ky. 

75d. PRESTON CLOYD, son of John, 31a, and Mary (With- 
row) Cloyd, was b. 2-15-1800, either in Virginia or Lincoln Co., 
Ky., and d. 12-1-1860 on his farm about five miles west of Har- 
rodsburg, in Mercer Co., Ky. He m. Margaret Hodges in Lin- 
coln Co., in 1821. She was b. in Lincoln Co., and d. in Mercer 
Co., about 1880. He was a Christian and a democrat. 

Children : 

142k. Catherine, b. 1822 ; d. ; m. John Darland. 

1421. John R., b. ; d. ; m. (1) Parmelia Cloyd, his 

cousin; (2) Sallie Deen. 

142ra. Mary, b. ; d. ; m. Timothy Corn. 

*142n. Archibald P., b. 11-13-1828 ; m. Martha E. Divine. 

142o. Elizabeth, b. 8-30-1831 ; m. Preston Cloyd. 

142p. Nancy, b. 10 1833 ; m. Absalom Hale. 

*142q. Joseph, b. 1-5-1835 ; m. Mary A. Chumley. 

*142r. William Hodges, b. 11-1-1837 ; m. Elizabeth Trimble. 

142s. Rebecca, b. 12 1839. 

142t. Cornelius, b. 1841 ; d. ; m. Julia M. Bottoms. 

142u. Marion, b. 1842 ; d. 2 yrs. 


















Group Picture of the Family of Jackson and Mary Cloyd, Taken at Their 
Home in Salisbury, Mo., November 4th, 1906, P. 146 

T. C. Craig, M. D., 147, Sec. 2 

The Cloyd Family 81 

76. ELIZABETH LAW, dau. of Elizabeth, (''Betsy") 
(Cloyd) Law, 36, was b. 4-24-1805, near Amsterdam, Botetourt 
Co., Va. She d. at Snowville, Pulaski Co., 8-14-1875. On 12- 
13-1831 she m. Dr. Robert McNealy Craig. Dr. Craig was b. 
in Montgomery Co., 1-24-1805, and d. in Pulaski Co., 9-1-1869. 
He resided for a time at Newborn, Va. He was a physician, a 
democrat and a member of the church called Disciples of Christ. 
Dr. Robert McNealy Craig was a son of David Craig, who 
was a native of Scotland and who died in Montgomery Co., Va., 
about 1855. David married Mary McNealy, a daughter of Rob- 
ert and Rebecca (Barnett) McNealy. David's father, Benjamin 
Craig, died at sea while on his way to America. 

Craig Children : 

143. Elizabeth, b. 9-20-1832 ; d. Feb. 1905 ; m. Rev. Chester 

Bullard, D. D. 

144. Robert, b. 3-22-1834; m. (1) Virginia Lee, (2) Sallie 

Walters; (3) Mary Noel. 

145. James, b. 7-15-1836. 

146. Mary, b. 4-11-1838 ; m. W. J. Shelburne. They have one 

son named Craig, and one daughter Mary Vernon, 
who m. Prof. Thos. Surface of Yale College. 
*147. Dr. Thos. Cloyd, b. 5-11-1843; m. (1) Mary J. Tearney; 
(2) Elizabeth Hines. 
148. LuciNDA Cloyd, b. 12-3-1847; m. John Wilson. They 
have one daughter Lucy who married Jeff Ward and 
has two children, Herbert and Elizabeth. 

88. The following account of MAJOR JOSEPH CLOYD 
is taken from Dr. Gray's History of the McGavock Family: 

"JOSEPH CLOYD, son of David and Sarah (McGavoek) Cloyd 
was born in that part of Montgomery which is now Pulaski County, Vir- 
ginia, 5-11-1813, married Mary E. Byars, 5-23-1838, daughter of Col. Wil- 
liam Byars of Washington county, Va. I lived in his house two years, was 
his pastor six years; he aided and befriended me in times of trouble and 
I learned to appreciate his worth as a Christian and a friend, his use- 
fulness as a citizen and as an officer in the church, he being a ruling 
elder in the New Dublin church (Presbyterian) of which I was a pastor 
from 1866 to 1872. Major Cloyd was one of the most experienced and 

82 The Clotd Family 

successful farmers in southwest Virginia and was one of the first to in- 
troduce thorough bred Durham cattle in that section of the state. His 
excellent judgment, large experience and untiring industry procured for 
him the position of Purchasing Agent for the Southwest District, from 
the Confederate Government, with the rank of Major which office he 
ably filled until the close of the war. 

His wife, Mary, in her sphere, was his equal and co-operating together, 
the good estates each inherited have been greatly increased. Not blessed 
with children of their own, the children of others, already largely bene- 
fitted by them, have reason to rise up and call them blessed. 

He died 7-19-1884 and his wife 5-23-1892." 

It was near his home the battle of Cloyd's Mountain was 
fought May 3, 1864, and many of the wounded were cared for 
at his home. He had no children. 

91. JAMES McGAVOCK CLOYD, (b. 6-18-1828, in Pulaski 
Co., Va., d. 3-3-1892), son of David, 56, and Sally (McGavock) 
Cloyd, m. (1) 11-5-1853, Frances E. McNutt, (b. in Rockport, 
Ind., 10-1-1833; d. 12-21-1858.) He m. (2) Harriet J. Ernest, 
1-10-1861, (b. 1-23-1836 in Hanover Co., Va., d. 4-20-1881), dau. 
of John H. and Lucy A. (Whitlock) Ernest. He owned and 
resided at the Homestead originally settled by Col. Joseph Cloyd 
(his grandfather) on Back Creek, Pulaski Co., Va. 

Children : 
First marriage : 
*149. David McNutt, b. 1-15-1855 ; m. Mary B. Langhorne. 

Second marriage : 

150. Fanny Ernest, b. 10-28-1861. 

151. Lucy McGavock, b. 6-30-1863. 

152. Sally, b. 2-13-1866 ; m. 9-24-1885, Charles Harmon. 

153. Harriet Gordon, b. 5-12-1868 ; d. 5-28-1869. 

The foregoing account of the family of James McG. Cloyd 
is taken from Dr. Gray's History of the McGavock family. 

Fifth Generation 

94. JOHN GATES CLOYD, (b. 8-6-1844, Kenton Co., Ky., d. 
3-4-1909), son of David J., 60, and Mary Ann (Roberts) Cloyd, 
lived for a while in Pike County, Missouri, and with his father 

The Cloyd Family 83 

and grandfather, moved to Decatur, 111., in 1865. He returned 
to Ky. for his wife, Miss Alice H. Thomas whom he m. 1-16-1867, 
at Hodgenville. She was a daughter of Joshua H. Thomas, and 
born in Breckinridge County, 11-26-1844. In politics he was a 
democrat. The Decatur, Illinois, Review, March 5, 1909, has 
this to say : 

"Few men in Decatur had a more extensive acquaintance than J. G. 
Cloyd both in the city and county and throughout Central Illinois. He 
had been traveling for the American Hominy Company for the last eight 
years and, i^revious to that he was in business for himself. ' ' 

Children : 

154. Mary Thomas, b. 11-6-1867 ; res. Decatur, 111. 

155. David Joshua, b. 12-21-1868 ; res. Torreon, Hex. 

156. Anna Roberts, b. 10-31-1876 ; res. Decatur, 111. 

157. Howard Gates, b. 5-13-1879 ; res. Charcas, Mex. 

158. Lucy Colston, b. 5-17-1883; m. Henry C. Miller, res. 

Enid, Oklahoma. 

96. WILLIAM GORDON CLOYD, son of David J., 60, and 
Mary Ann (Roberts) Cloyd, was b. near Covington, Kenton 
County, Ky., 10-5-1848. June 3, 1885, at Monticello, Illinois, 
he m. Lillian McKinney, b. 4-25-1859, at Cerro Gordo, 111., dau. 
of James R. and Harriet N. (Campbell) McKinney. He has re- 
sided in Pike County, Missouri, and in Decatur, 111., and now 
lives at Bement, 111. He is a democrat and a Presbyterian. He 
is a lawyer and was twice elected, in 1879 and 1882 as County 
Judge of Pratt County, 111. 

Children : 

159. Candace McK., b. 3-12-1886. 

160. Walter Campbell, b. 2-25-1888. 

161. Gordon Totten, b. 5-2-1891. 

162. Margaret Mary, b. 12-22-1895. 

163. Frederick Holmes, b. 1-29-1898. 

164. Donald Rogers, b. 10-4-1900; d. 12-10-1901. 

107. ALLEN CLOYD, son of Joshua, 66, and Edith (Souther- 
land) Cloyd, was b. 5-16-1830, near Palestine, Darke County, 
Ohio, m. (1) Catherine Leslie, b. 1832, d. 11-7-1878, dau. of 
Jacob and Susan (Cloyd) Leslie. He m. (2) Mrs. Alice Bell 

84 The Cloyd Family 

Judy, Mar. 1881. He was a farmer, a democrat and a universal- 
ist. He d. at Palestine, Ohio, 5-5-1891. 

First marriage : Children : 

*165. Bennet, b. 11-23-1851 ; m. Susan Hardy. 

166. Eliza Jane, m. James K. Ankerman. 

167. Ella, d. 3-12-1882. 

168. LoRiNDA Alice, m. H. M. Baul. 

169. Ida May, m. Otto M. Woolford. 

170. Edith, b. 6-4-1862. 
Second marriage: 

170a. Myrtle, b. 1-19-1882; m. Homer Jefferis. 
170b. Chancy. 
170c. Jessie. 

114. MALINDA CLOYD, dau. of Joshua, 66, m. Alford Ben- 
nett Brown. 

Brown Children: 

170d. Louise Mary, m. Chas. Newcomb, of Linden, Vt. Chil- 
dren: Margarite, Curtis and Dorothy. 

170e. Maud, m. David Evans, of Oshkosh, Wise. Children: 
Donald and Victor. 

120. GORDON S. CLOYD, son of Stephen, 68, m. Susan Hoops, 
b. 4-2-1844, dau. of Daniel Hoops of West Alexandria, Preble 
Co., Ohio. He resided for many years in Kingman County, Kan- 
sas, but for ten or fifteen years has lived between Ingersoll and 
Driftwood, Okla. He is a man of strong religious convictions, 
holding to the Dunkard faith. 

Children : 

171. Stephen H., b. 7-3-1861; m. Lizzie Fellers, resides at 

West Alexandria, Ohio. He is a physician. 

172. May Ann. 

*173. William Henry, b. 3-15-1865 ; m. Ella D. Crawford. 

174. Perry W., m. Lizzie Nasserman. Resides at Driftwood, 


175. Ida Jane, m. J. H. Fellers. 

176. Laura, m. Albert Carr. 

177. Emma, m. R. E. Hart. 

The Cloyd Family 85 

122. WILLIAM S. CLOYD, son of Stephen, 68, and Eliza 
(Swihart) Cloyd was b. near West Alexandria, Preble Co., Ohio, 
5-27-1836. Febr. 26-1865, he m. Rebecca Campbell, b. 8-2-1842, 
dan. of William and Christina (Brower) Campbell. He is a 
farmer, a republican, and resides near West Alexandria, Ohio. 

Children : 

178. Maria, b. 11-23-1865 ; unmarried ; resides near West Al- 

exandria, Ohio. 

179. Floura Ellen, b. 6-28-1872; m. Charles 0. Dailey. 

There is one surviving child of this union, viz : Ethel 
May, b. 10-17-1905. One other child, Cloyd Russell, 
b. 12-7-1907, d. 1-27-1909. 

130. ANDREW CLOYD, (b. 10-27-1816; d. 3-22-1899), son 
of James, 72, and Elizabeth (Noff singer) Cloyd, m. Elizabeth 
McGuire. She resides (11-13-1905) at Greensburg, Ind. 

Children : 

180. A daughter m. F. M. Heeter and has a son F. M. Heeter 

of North Manchester, Ind. 

181. Gordon. 

133. GORDON CLOYD, (b. 11-19-1822; d. 5-26-1887), son of 
James, 72, m. Julia Ann Woodmansee, 11-10-1846. She was liv- 
ing 12-16-1905. 

Children : 

182. Edward. 

183. Sampson. 

184. Elmira, m. Garrison. 

138. JOHN CALVIN CLOYD, son of Thomas, 73, and 
Ann (Withrow) Cloyd, wash, in Washington County, Kentucky, 
9-6-1821. Sept. 7, 1848, he m. Sophia Lanterman at Springfield, 

86 The Cloyd Family 

111. ; b. in Springfield, 10-25-1824, a dau. of John and Elizabeth 
(McKinnie) Lanterman. He resided near Curran, Sangamon 
County, Illinois, where he d. 9-15-1905. He was a farmer, a 
democrat and a Methodist. 

Children : 

185. Charles, b. 7-19-1849; m. Elizabeth J. Branham. Re- 

isdes in Decatur, 111. 

186. Eleanor, b. 12-14-1851 ; m. Asbury M. Branham. 

187. Nancy J., b. 12-7-1853 ; m. Wm. H. Moore. 

188. Cordelia, b. 12-19-1858 ; m. John R. Lanterman. 

189. Wallace R., b. 11-2-1860 ; m. Alice Bridges. Resides in 

Curran, 111. 

190. Gordon, b. 5-17-1862; m. Etta Williams. Resides in 

Curran, 111. 

191. Amanda, b. 8-23-1864 ; m. Frederick P. Cox. 

*192. John C, Jr., b. 5-25-1868 ; m. Mary F. Henton. Resides 
in Curran, 111. 

140. MATTHEW CLOYD, son of Thomas, 73, and Ann (With- 
row) Cloyd, (b. in Fayette County, Illinois, 9-10-1825; d. at 
Chatham, Sangamon County, 3-11-1901) ; ra. Fanny Clements, 
b. 10-29-1833, dau. of Henry Clements. 

Children : 

193. Robert T., b. 7-8-1849 ; m. Mary Baugh. 

194. Eliza J., b. 4-29-1851 ; m. W. J. Smith. 

195. William 0., b. 5-7-1854; m. Ann E. Staley. 

196. Julia F., b. 3-6-1866 ; m. Benj. F. Caldwell, a Congress- 

man from Chatham, 111. 
*197. Matthew F., b. 3-31-1859 ; m.. Emma Thayer. 

198. Ann M., b. 3-7-1861 ; m. Allen Reid. 

199. Henrietta, b. 1-6-1864 ; m. Chas. Moore. 

200. Alice, b. 8-9-1867 ; died single, 11-11-1892. 

201. Samuel B., b. 3-3-1871 ; m. Gertrude McClure. 

The Cloyd Family 87 

141. THOMAS GORDON CLOYD, (b. 6-7-1828; d. 1886), son 
of Thomas, 73, and Ann (Witlirow) Cloyd; m. in Sangamon Co., 
111., Priscilla Jane Baucom, (b. 12 30-1833; d. 1897). 

Children : 

*202. Thomas C, b. 12-24-1850 ; m. Julia Winston. 
*203. John Calvin, b. 9-3-1853; m. (1) ; (2) Mar- 
garet Miles. 

142b. JOHN CLOYD, (b. 11-14-1823, Lincoln Co., Ky.; d. 3-4- 
1910, Mercer Co., Ky.), son of Joseph, 75a, m. 4-5-1849, Jane 
Bottoms, b. 6-28-1825, Mercer Co., Ky., dan. of Turner Bottoms 
whose wife was Miss Catham. He was a soldier in the Mexican 
War. He was a farmer, a democrat and a Baptist. He spent 
the most of his life in Mercer Co., Ky. 

Children : 

203a. Elizabeth, b. 3-16-1850 ; m. Thos. Tatum. 
*203b. Joseph Turner, b. 5-4-1851 ; m. Trecy Hume. 
203c. Margerette, b. 3-16-1853; m. Perry Baker. 
203d. Thompson, b. 12-31-1855 ; m. Charity Napper. 
203e. Nancy, b. 7-30-1857 ; m. Wm. Lambert. 
203f. Ruth, b. 4-11-1859 ; m. James Hume. 
203g. Iverson, b. 5-1-1861 ; m. Bindy Yancey. 
203h. William, b. 7-8-1863 ; m. Amanda Foster. 
203i. James, b. 12-18-1864 ; m. Amy Wheeler. 

142c. WILLIAM F. CLOYD, (b. 8-27-1824; d. 3-11-1877), son 
of Joseph Cloyd, 75a, by his first marriage, m. Lucinda Bottoms. 
She was of Welsh descent and is living. (1910.) 

Children : 

203j. Stephen W., Resides 516 E. 11th St., Kansas City, Mo. 
203k. James B., d. 1884. 

2031. Turner W., Resides Parksville, Boyle Co., Ky. 
203m. Marion F., Resides Harrodsburg, Mercer Co., Ky. 
203n. Shannon, Resides Bloomfield, Washington Co., Ky. 
203o. Nannie, m. Whitenock. Resides Burgin, Mercer Co., 

203p. Daughter, m. T. J. Voris. Resides Burgin, Mercer Co., 


88 The Cloyd Family 

142 j. HARRISON CLOYD, son of Joseph Cloyd, 75a, was 
b. in Mercer Co., Ky., 8-19-1844, m. 3-20-1865, Fidela Peavlor, 
b. 11-12-1843, dau. of Louis and America (Steel) Peavlor. He 
is a farmer, a republican and is a member of the Christian 
Church. He resides near Harrodsburg, Mercer Co., Ky. 

Children : 

*203q. James H., b. 12-20-1865 ; m. Sarah Daniel. 
203r. Robert, b. 3-9-1868 ; d. 8-25-1870. 
203s. Samuel, b. 5-19-1870 ; d. 8-26-1872. 
203t. DeWitt, b. 9-8-1872; m. Cora Brown. 
203u. LuciNDA Jane, b. 11-26-1876 ; m. Wm. Love. 
203v. Stephen W., b. 3-1-1879 ; m. Amie Gully. 

142n. ARCHIBALD P. CLOYD, son of Preston, 75d, and 
Margaret (Hodges) Cloyd, was b. in Mercer Co., Ky., 11-13-1828. 
He m. 1-3-1853, Martha E. Divine, b. 11-4-1823, dau. of David 
Divine. He served in the Union Army in the Civil War. He is 
a farmer, a Christian and a republican. He resides at Canton, 

Children : 

203w. Mary J., b. 6-13-1855 ; m. John H. Holmes. Resides at 
Canton, Mo. 

203x. David D., b. 11-16-1858; d. 11-16-1870. 

203y. Margaret B., b. 4-13-1861 ; m. Robert Van Schoyck. Re- 
sides Little River, Kan. 
*203z. Amanda Frances, b. 4-10-1864; m. Geo. J. Hamilton. 
Resides Mcintosh, S. D. 

203aa. Stella M., b. 9-4-1872 ; d. 9-10-1905. 

203bb. William M., b. 8-28-1875; m. Irma Briarly. Resides 
Scott City, Kans. One child: Harold William, b. 

142q. JOSEPH CLOYD, son of Preston, 75d, and Margaret 
(Hodges) Cloyd, was b. in Mercer Co., Ky., 1-5-1835. He m. 1- 
18-1859, in same County, Mary Ann Chumley, b. 11-3-1838, dau. 
of Larkin and Elizabeth (Montgomery) Chumley of Lynchburg, 

The Cloyd Family 89 

Va. He removed from Mercer Co., Ky., to Champaign County, 
111., in 1870 and a year later to Knox County, Mo., and now re- 
sides near La Plata, Macon Co., Mo. He is a farmer, a Christian 
and a republican. 

Children : 

*203cc. Martha Frances, b. 1-23-1860 ; m. John W. Calef . 
*203dd. William Thomas, b. 3-1-1861 ; m. Martha A. Swann. 
203ee. Ida Bell, b. 1-15-1869 ; m. Melven Fast. 

142r. WILLIAM HODGES CLOYD, son of Preston, 75d, and 
Margaret (Hodges) Cloyd, was b. 11-11-1837, in Mercer Co., 
Ky., and m. Elizabeth Wetterfield Trimble, who was b. in Mer- 
cer Co. She d. 1883 in Valley View, Cook Co., Texas. He re- 
sides at Marlin, Texas. 

Children : 

203f f . Lucy A., b. 9-10-1868 ; m. A. B. Rosser. 
*203gg. Minnie Margaret, b. 10-12-1871 ; m. John L. Francis. 
203hh. Lenora, b. 10-8-1873 ; m. Claud J. Witherspoon. 
203ii. George S., b. 3-2-1875; m. Alma Gardner. Resides 

Silverton, Texas. 
*203jj. Archie Oran, b. 4-4-1879 ; m. Nettie Peabody. Resides 

Bridgeport, Texas. 
203kk. Addie, b. 1883; m. Lee Montague. Resides Floydada, 

20311. Mary A., b. 1885 ; single. ^ 

203mm. Willie, died in infancy. 

147. DR. THOMAS CLOYD CRAIG, son of Elizabeth (Law) 
Craig, 76, was b. in Pulaski County, Va., 5-11-1843. Was edu- 
cated in private schools at home, completing a thorough course 
in classics and higher mathematics. He was a non-commissioned 
officer in a well drilled military company, the "Pulaski Guards" 
and when the Civil War broke out his company was ordered to 
the front on the 17th day of April, 1861, as Company C, 4th Vir- 
ginia Regiment, Stonewall Brigade. 

At the battle of Winchester or Kernstown on March 23, 1862, 
he was captured and kept a prisoner at Ft. Delaware and was 
exchanged on August 12th. He immediately re-enlisted in a 
cavalry regiment, the 25th Virginia. He was again captured 

90 The Cloyd Family 

in a battle in the mountains of Kentucky on April 12th, 1864, 
but made his escape the same day. When the news of Lee's 
surrender was heard, his brigade was on the march to Lynchburg, 
from southwest A^irginia, the brigade was disbanded at Chris- 
tainsburg, 20 miles from his home at Newbern and the men told 
to go home as the war was over. 

In four more daj^s he would have been four years in the 
Confederate army. On reaching his home the next day, he hitch- 
ed up the horse he had ridden three years in the Cavalry service 
to a plow, with a mule that had belonged to the Confederate 
government, and drove into the l)est field on his father's farm, 
and began farming, with a revolver at his waist and slept in a 
bed in the stable at night to protect his team from thieving sol- 
diers, returning to their homes in the South. 

In the meantime, he studied medicine, with his father as 
preceptor, and finally graduated from the Medical College of 
Virginia and was appointed interne in the City Hospital, after 
a competitive examination. This position he held 18 months. 
He then took over his father's practice at his home, but after 
a year, he left for the west, and located at Easton, Kansas, where 
he has been in continuous practice ever since, except the year 
1891 when he was sent to the legislature, defeating a Populist 
and a Republican, by a big majority. 

November 10th, 1872, he m. i\Iiss Mary Joseph Tearney at 
Leavenworth, Kansas. She was b. at Harper's Ferry, Va., and 
died 2-19-1888, leaving no children. January 7, 1892, he m. 
Elizabeth A. Hines. 

Craig Children: 

204. Lucy, b. 3-14-1894. 

205. David Cloyd, b. 4-1-1897. 

206. Jesse Law, b. 2-25-1899. 

149. DAVID McNUTT CLOYD, (b. 1-15-1855; d. 6-19-1911), 
son of James M., 91, and Frances E. (McNutt) Cloyd, m. Mary 
B. Langhorne, 12-7-1880. He resided on the old family home- 
stead on Back Creek in Pulaski Co., Virginia, made historic in 
connection with the Battle of Cloyd 's Mountain. He was a con- 
scientious Christian, a member of the New Dublin Presbyterian 
Church and always prominently identified with every phase of 

The Cloyd Family 91 

Church work. His integrity in business was unquestioned and 
his word above reproach. Born of noble parentage he lived an 
honor to his family and passed to his children the example of an 
exemplary character. 

Children : 

206a. David. 

206b. John. 

206c. Allen. 

206d. Francis. 

206e. Mary. 

206f. Daughter, m. Roger Martin. Resides Vulcan, W. Va. 

Sixth Generation 

165. BENNET CLOYD, son of Allen, 107, and Catherine (Les- 
lie) Cloyd, was b. 11-23-1851, near "West Alexandria, Preble 
County, Ohio, m. 6-3-1880, Susan Hardy, dau. of Curtis and 
Rachel (Dooley) Hardy. He is a merchant, a republican and 
Protestant in religion. He resides (1910) at Hastings, Neb. 

Child : 
207. Hardy Harold, b. 8-26-1881, at Hastings, Neb., m. 5-15- 
1904, Frankie Coon, b. 6-5-1884, dau. of David W. 
and Maggie E. (Lewis) Coon. He is an Electrical 
Engineer and a republican. He resides at Trenton, 

173. WILLIAM HENRY CLOYD, b. 3-15-1865, Ithica, Darke 
Co., Ohio, son of Gordon S., 120, m. 2-5-1885, Ella D. Craw- 
ford, b. 9-6-1865, dau. of William R. and Mary (Rogers) Craw- 
ford, of same county. He has resided at Cunningham, Kingman 
Co., Kansas, but has for some time lived at Driftwood, Okla. He 
is a farmer and stock raiser. 

Children : 

208. Cora, b. 11-28-1885. 

209. Ora W., b. 2-26-1887. 

210. Laura, b. 11-3-1888. 

211. Stella, b. 6-25-1890. 

212. Bessie, b. 1-30-1892. 

213. Clara, b. 2-8-1894. 

92 The Cloyd Family 

192. JOHN CALVIN CLOYD, JR., son of John Calvin, 138, 
and Sophia (Lanterman) Cloyd, was b. near Curran, Sangamon 
Co., 111., 5-25-1868. He m. Mary Frances Henton, b. 11-1-1870, 
dau. of Chas. and Rebecca (Taylor) Henton of Sangamon Co. He 
is a farmer, a democrat, and a Methodist and resides at Curran, 
Sangamon Co., 111. 

Children : 

214. Amy Gertrude, b. 11-13-1894. 

215. Russell Calvin, b. 2-22-1897. 

216. Charles Edgar, b. 9-18-1898. 

217. Carrie Frances, b. 9-18-1905. 

197. MATTHEW F. CLOYD, b. 3-31-1859, in Sangamon Co., 
111., son of Matthew, 140, and Fanny (Clements) Cloyd, m. Em- 
ma A. Thayer, 4-15-1886. She was b. 12-29-1860 at Chatham, 
111., and d. 2-13-1911. He is a farmer and stockgrower, and re- 
sides at Edina, Knox Co., Mo. 

Children : 

218. Arthur G., b. 8-24-1892. 

219. Howard R., b. 7-3-1894. 

220. Martha F., b. 4-4-1901. 


202. THOMAS C. CLOYD, oldest son of Thomas Gordon and 
Priscilla (Baucom) Cloyd, was b. 12-24-1850. He m. Julia Win- 
ston 4-24-1879. She was b. at Carthage, Illinois, 4-15-1859 ; was 
a dau. of James and Harriette (Baker) Winston. He resides 
at Morrisonville, 111. 

Children : 
*221. James T., b. 6-6-1880; m. Winnifred Miskimins. 

222. Adelm B., b. 1-11-1882 ; m. Francis Newell, 8-17-1905. 

223. Anna Winston, b. 4-3-1884; m. Thos. Edwin Smalley, 

1-9-1904, Morrisonville, 111. 

224. Nina Ray, b. 2-12-1887. 

225. Chas. Donald, b. 5-26-1889. 

226. Albert Gordon, b. 9-1-1892. 

227. Harriette Ellen, b. 12-17-1894. 

228. Alme Ester, b. 4-18-1897. 

229. Mary Edith, b. 3-26-1900. 

The Cloyd Family 93 

203. JOHN CALVIN CLOYD, son of Thos. G. and Priscilla 
(Baucom) Cloyd, was b. 9-3-1854, in Sangamon County, 111. He 
attended school for two years at Kirksville, Mo., and lived for a 
while in McDonald Co., Missouri. He has resided at Argyle, 
Osage Co., Mo., where he was in the real estate business. He 
has been twice married, the second time to Margaret J. "W. Miles, 
b. 5-16-1876, in Orange County, North Carolina. He resides 
(1910) at Carterville, Jasper Co., Mo. 

First marriage : Children : 

230. Omar A., b. 9-11-1881 ; d. 7-3-1887. 

231. Laura E., b. 10-6-1885. 
Second marriage : 

232. Thelma May, b. 3-8-1901. 

233. Samuel M., b. 10-16-1902 ; d. 5-8-1910. 

234. Anna Grace, b. 7-26-1906. 

203b. JOSEPH TURNER CLOYD, b. 5-4-1851, in Mercer Co., 
Ky., son of John and Jane (Bottoms) Cloyd, m. Trecy Hume, 
5-24-1857, of Mackville, Washington Co., Ky., dau. of Absalom 
and Mary (Walker) Hume. He is a farmer, democrat and Bap- 
tist. Resides at Rose Hill, Mercer Co., Ky. 

Children : 
234a. Ogilvie, b. 6-30-1877 ; d. 4-10-1878. 
234b. Okie, b. 12-28-1879 ; m. Nora Shoemaker. 

203q. JAMES HARDIN CLOYD, son of Harrison and Fidelia 
(Peavler) Cloyd, was b. 12-20-1865, at Harrodsburg, Ky., m. 
3-26-1885, at Harrodsburg, Sarah Daniel, b. 12-16-1869, in Mer- 
cer Co., Ky. He is a farmer, a republican and a member of the 
Christian Church. He resides near Rockville, Ind. 

Children : 
234c. Robert, b. 1-22-1886 ; m. Ethel Donney. 
234d. Laura, b. 1-4-1887 ; m. Claude Cook. 
234e. Thurman, b. 2-15-1888 ; m. Minnie Aikens. 
234f . Elwood, b. 2-3-1890 ; m. Leta Donney. 
234g. Bertha, b. 2-20-1892 ; single. 
234h. Wilford, b. 11-16-1893 ; d. 3-18-1896. 
234i. Lee, b. 4-27-1901. 

94 The Cloyd Family 

203z. AMANDA FRANCES CLOYD, dau. of Archibald P. 
and Martha E. (Divine) Cloyd, was b. 4-10-1864, in Mercer Co., 
Ky. She m. 11-6-1889, at Spink, S. D., George J. Hamilton, 
b. 8-25-1860, in Lorain Co., Ohio, son of Alexander and Janet 
(Kinnear) Hamilton. He is a grain buyer, and they reside at 
Mcintosh, S. D. 

Hamilton Child : 
234j. Hazel, b. 1-11-1891. 

203cc. MARTHA FRANCES CLOYD, dan. of Joseph and 
Mary A. (Clmmley) Cloyd, was b. 1-23-1860, in Mercer Co., Ky., 
and came with her father to Missouri in 1871. There in Knox 
County, she m. 11-1-1877, John Wesley Calef, b. 2-4-1855 in 
Hancock Co., 111. He was a son of Albert A. and Manerva 
(Spencer) Calef. They reside near Gibbs, Adair Co., Mo. 

Calef Children : 

234k. Mary Elzetta, b. 9-19-1878 ; m. Walter E. Shouse. 
2341. William Edward, b. 1-1-1880 ; m. Ollie F. Swann. 
234m. Ida Estella, b. 2-7-1883 ; m. Albert L. Coons. 
234n. Elizabeth Ora, b. 8-4-1884 ; m. Earle T. M. Rimer. 
234o. Adda Parloy, b. 1-6-1887 ; m. Hester W. Chadwell. 
234p. Inez Pauline, b. 2-2-1896. 

203dd. WILLIAM THOI\IAS CLOYD, son of Joseph and Mary 
A. (Chumley) Cloyd, was b. 3-1-1861 in Mercer Co., Ky. He 
m. Martha Swann. 

Children : 

234q. Margaret B., b. 2-1-1885 ; m. Hill. She died 11-27- 

1904, leaving two sons, Archie and Willie. 
234r. Joseph Thomas, b. 12-19-1886; m. 
234s. DuLciE R., b. 7-13-1889. 
234t. Sarah A., b. 11-19-1891 ; d. 8-24-1893. 

203gg. MINNIE MARGARET CLOYD, dau. of Wm. H. and 
Elizabeth (Trimble) Cloyd, was b. 10-12-1871, in Mercer Co., 
Ky., and m. John Lamb Francis, 4-13-1890, at Valley View, 
Cooke Co., Texas. He was b. 11-8-1863 at White Mound, Gray- 

The Cloyd Family 95 

son Co., Texas. He was son of John William and Nancy (Craig) 
Francis. He is a stockman, a Christian and a democrat. They 
reside at Silverton, Texas. 

Francis Children : 

234u. Louis William, b. 1-7-1891. 
234v. Odie Pearl, b. 5-29-1895. 
234w. Hallie Frank, b. 10-20-1896. 
234x. John Lee, b. 9-17-1901. 
234y. Minnie May, b. 1-15-1904. 
234z. ZoE Annie, b. 12-14-1906. 

203jj. ARCHIE ORAN CLOYD, son of William H., and Eliz- 
abeth (Trimble) Cloyd, was b. 4-4-1879, in Mercer Co., Ky., m. 
3-8-1903, Nettie Peabody, b. 2-26-1887, in Cooke Co., Texas, dan. 
of John M. and Emma A. (McKee) Peabody. He is a Baptist, 
a republican and farmer, residing near Bridgeport, Texas. 

Children : 
234aa. Iva Lee, b. 4-8-1905. 
234bb. Frankie Pauline, b. 9-20-1907. 
234cc. William Melcenis, b. 9-29-1910. 

Seventh Generation 

221. JAMES T. CLOYD, oldest child of Thomas C. and Julia 
(Winston) Cloyd was b. at Chatham, 111., 6-6-1880. He m. Win- 
nifred Miskimins, 8-8-1905. She was b. at Stonington, 111., 8-1- 
1887. He has resided at Orland, Illinois, and now, (1909) lives 
at Clarendon, Arkansas. 

Children : 

235. James Winston, b. 12-19-1906 ; d. 12-23-1906. 

236. Henry Clayburne, b. 6-3-1908. 

222. ADELIA B. CLOYD, dau. of Thomas C. and Julia (Win- 
ston) Cloyd, was b. at Chatham, 111., 1-11-1882, and m. Francis 
Newell of Decatur, 111., 8-17-1905. 

Newell Child : 
237. Mary Ellen, b. 6-26-1906. 

Jas. T. Cloyd 221, Sec. 2 

Ora W. Cloyd 209, Sec. 2 

William Gordon Cloyd 96, Sec. 2 

Section Three 

Descendants of 

John Cloyd 

Section Three 

Descendants of John Cloyd, Immigrant No. 8 

1. JOHN CLOYD, (Immigrant No. 8,) a Scotchman, came to 
America from the northern part of Ireland and settled in Au- 
gusta County, Va., in 1758. He had been preceded by at least 
one son, Ninian, and was accompanied by a son and daughter, 
John and Mary. He died on or shortly before Nov. 13th, 1759, 
and David Cloyd, (immigrant No. 3) was appointed administra- 
tor of the estate and also guardian of two minor children, John 
and Mary, at their request March 14, 1760. The appraisers of 
the estate made a report in 1764 accounting for personal property 
sold to David's sons James and John, Nov. 29, 1759. 

It is assumed on very strong circumstantial evidence that 
David and John were brothers, altho it is not positively known 
that they were. David had been a resident of Augusta County 
since 1748, having first settled in New Castle County, Pa., now 
Del. in 1732. If John was a younger brother of David, it would- 
be natural for him to locate near his brother David and that his 
son Ninian, a boy of nineteen should seek his uncle when he came 
to America, although he had run away from home as has been 
claimed. Ninian resided for a while in Montgomery Co., Va., 
and when his family was grown up, went with his sons to Mad- 
ison County, Ky., and later to Cumberland, County, Ky., where 
he died. 

It is assumed that Samuel was also a son of John, as he was 
closely associated with Ninian and John in the purchase and own- 
ership of land, they making several joint deeds. Ninian and John 
bought land in 1761 and sold the same in 1763, the record read- 
ing, "Samuel Cloyd and Elizabeth, his wife, and Ninian Cloyd 
and Mary, his wife." John and his wife, Margaret, made their 
first recorded sale of land in 1765. 

Children : 
*2. Ninian, m. Mary Kinkaid. 

3. Samuel, m. Elizabeth . 

*4. John, m. Margaret Scott. 
5. Mary. 


100 The Cloyd Family 

Second Generation 

2. NINIAN CLOYD, son of John, 1, when a boy ran away 
from home in Ireland and came to America. His father and the 
rest of the family coming later, about 1758. He bought land in 
Augusta County, Va., in 1761, which he sold in 1765, when his 
wife, Mary, whose maiden name was Kinkaid, and who was born 
in Germany, signed the deed with him. 

Ninian Cloyd in 1785 received a grant to 380 acres of land 
in Montgomery Co., Va., on west side of New River at the mouth 
of Back Creek, consideration 2 pounds and hay for settling and 
adjusting unsettled titles in Washington and Montgomery coun- 
ties. (Grant Book S, p. 343, Richmond Land office.) 

He resided for a time in Montgomery Co., Va., and later 

went with his sons to Madison Co., Ky., and later to Cumberland 

Co., Ky., where he died. He was buried on the homestead of his 

son, Thomas, with whom he spent his last days, near Cloyd 's 

Landing. ^ 

Children : 

*6: James, b. 2-21-1762 ; m. Rachel Tilford. 

■ 7. Nancy, m. Robert Allen. 

8. Thomas, m. Nancy Halsey. 

*9. John, b. 1771 ; m. Mary Reid. 

10. Sarah, b. 1774; m. (1) James Heard; (2) John Lyons. 

4. JOHN CLOYD, son of John, 1, probably came to America 
in 1758 with his father, directly to Augusta County, Virginia. 
He was under age when his father died in 1759 and required a 
guardian, choosing David Cloyd, who also administered his 
father's estate. He married Margaret Scott. The records of 
Old Swedes Church, Wilmington, Del., show the marriage of John 
Clyde and Margaret Scott, Aug. 12, 1758. 

Margaret Scott came to America when she was sixteen years 
old, with her uncle, who was captain of a ship, her parents be- 
ing dead. She was originally from Belfast, Ireland, and in- 
herited 76 acres of land, whereon the City of Belfast now stands, 
it being willed to her "as long as wood grew and water run." 
She was thought to have consumption. Her uncle returned to 
Ireland, to dispose of her property, was ship-wrecked and never 
heard from again. Her certificate of church membership in Ire- 

The Cloyd Family 101 

land preserved for many years and in the possession of Rev, 
J. L. Alexander of Nashville, Tenn., in 1862, was dated August 
14th, 1758, and was to "Margaret Scott, alias Clyde." 

It is a tradition that she was in some way related to the 
family of Sir Walter Scott, who had relatives driven by religious 
persecution from Dumfries, Scotland, to the Northern part of 

Mrs. Sarah (Williamson) Lester of Lebanon, Tenn., a great 
great grand daughter of Margaret (Scott) Cloyd, has in her 
possession, the old flax wheel on which Margaret Scott spun 
the thread for the linen of her bridal garments and also for 
her burial clothing. It is treasured by the family as an heirloom. 

John Cloyd bought land in Augusta County, Va., in 1761, 
which he and his wife, Margaret, sold in 1765. In 1789 he re 
ceived a grant to 55 acres of land in IMontgomery Co., Va., on 
Back Creek a branch of New River, consideration 10 shillings 
and a certificate in right of settlement for adjusting claims in 
Washington and Montgomery counties, (Grant Book 8, p. 628, 
Richmond Land office. ) He resided in Virginia until about 1789 
when with his family, some of whom were married, he moved 
to Wilson County, Tenn., then a part of North Carolina. Fam- 
ily traditions tell of the numerous hardships they endured as 
pioneers. His son, Ezekiel, and daughter, Margaret, both of 
whom were married, had preceded him a year or two and settled 
in Wilson County. It is not known when he died. Both he and 
his wife, Margaret (Scott) Cloyd, who died near the close of the 
18th century, are buried on the homestead of his son-in-law, 
John Williamson, which is now in the possession of Miss Jennie 
Williamson, of Lebanon, Tenn., granddaughter of John William- 
son. Her grave is still marked by a limestone rock from which 
the inscriptions have been effaced by time. 

Children : 

11. Elizabeth, b. 8-3-1760 ; m. Henry Thompson. 

*12. Mary, b. 9-24-1762 ; m. Alexander Moore. 

*13. Margaret, b. 1-24-1766 ; m. John Williamson. 

*14. Rev. Ezekiel, b. 2-19-1768; m. (1) Rebecca Williamson; 
(2) Mrs. Nancy White. 

15. Joseph, died single. 

*16. Rev. David, b. 6-27-1771 ; m. Sarah Marshall. 

17. John, m. 

I02 The Cloyd Family 

The following letter contains interesting, authentic and val- 
uable information : 

Lebanon, Tenn. July 24th, 1908. 
Mr. D. C. James, 

Madisonville, Ky. 

Dear Sir: — 

On a recent visit to the home of J. W. Williamson, he showed a letter 
you wrote him over two years ago in regard to our common ancestors, 
John and Margaret (Scott) Cloyd. 

Margaret Scott Cloyd is buried on my farm in the old family 
burying ground, where seven generations of our people have been laid 
to rest. I am the youngest child of the youngest son of John and 
Margaret, or Peggy, Williamson, who was a daughter of Margaret Scott 
Cloyd and with whom she lived at the time of her death some time at the 
close of 1700, I do not know the exact date, but my deeds show that 
Capt. John Williamson bought this farm and moved there in 1791. The 
house he built there in 1800 is still being used as a tenement, being 
built of solid cedar logs, two stories and is well preserved. At my 
father's death it fell to me, his youngest daughter. I have never sold 
it, although I do not live there now. Margaret Scott Cloyd originally 
came from Belfast, Ireland, and owned quite an estate there. When sixteen 
years old, she being an orphan, her uncle, who was a Captain of a ship, 
brought her to America. They fearing she had consumption, he returned 
to Ireland to dispose of her property, she owning 76 acres of land where 
the city of Belfast is — which was willed to her and her heirs ' ' as long 
as wood grew and water run. ' ' This uncle was shipwrecked and she 
never heard from him again. She married John Cloyd at some place in 

At the time the Williamsons and Cloyds left Virginia they were liv- 
ing on New Eiver near Wytheville at a place called Max Meadows. 
I wish I had the records here, but they are at my home at Green Hill. 
However, they left there some time in 1780 and came with John Don- 
nelson to French Lick, that is Nashville, when this was still a part of 
North Carolina. They came out to Clover Bottom on Stoner 's river 
and made a crop. That winter they returned to Va. for their families, John 
Williamson then having a wife and two daughters, Sarah and Margaret 
and I suppose Ezekiel Cloyd was with him as there was an old saying 
that they "swapped sisters," that is, they each married the other's sister, 
E?ekiel marrying Catherine Williamson and John W. marrying Margaret 
Cloyd. Family traditions tell of the numerous hardships they endured 
as pioneers in a wild country. There were quite a number of children 
in each family. 

Hoping this will find you well and you may get some facts in your 
search in family history, and begging pardon for the liberty I take in 
answering Mr. Williamson's letter. 

Yours truly, 

(Miss) Jennie Williamson. 

The Cloyd Family 103 

Third Generation 

6. JAMES CLOYD, oldest son of Ninian, 2, and Mary (Kin- 
kaid) Cloyd, was born in Augusta County, Va., 2-21-1762. He 
entered the Revolutionary Army when he was but four- 
teen years of age. He married Rachel Tilford 11- 
7-1791. About 1790 his father, Ninian, and three sons, 
removed to Madison County, Kentucky, and about 1807, 
leaving his brother, John, in Madison County, he removed 
with his father and brother, Thomas, to Cumberland County, 
near Cloyd 's Landing on the Cumberland River, where he died 
3-26-1836. His wife was born in Madison County, Ky., 9-8-1774, 
and died in Cumberland County, 9-2-1835. He was a farmer, a 
Whig and a Presbyterian. 

Children : 

*18. Samuel^ b. 10-26-1792 ; m. Susanah Spearman, 5 children. 
*19. Elizabeth, b. 10-28-1794 ; m. Stephen Moody, 5 children. 
20. Mary, b. 1-7-1797 ; d. 1872 ; m. James Hutchins. He d. 
1899. No children. 
*21. Cary Harrison, b. 12-22-1799 ; m. Nancy Spearman, sis- 
ter to Susanah, 10 children. 
22. Jane, b. 1-8-1801 ; d. aged 3 yrs. 

*23. James L., b. 9-8-1803 ; d. 1842 ; m. Lucinda Gist, 4 chil- 
*24. John, b. 9-8-1806; d. 3-8-1890; m. (1) Mary O'Bannon, 
18 children; m. (2) Victoria Williams, 5 children. 
25. Rachel, b. 12-13-1808 ; d. 1860. 

*26. Thomas Jefferson, b. 5-31-1811 ; d. 2-20-1890 ; m. Mary 
Jane Cull. 

27. Sarah, b. 3-14-1814; d. 1886. 

28. Margaret, b. 12-26-1816 ; d. 1842. 

9. JOHN CLOYD, the third son of Ninian, 2, and Mary (Kin- 
kaid) Cloyd, was born in Augusta County, Va., in 1771. About 
1790, his parents' entire family, it seems, moved to Madison 
County, Ky., where he lived the rest of his life and died in 1833 
from cholera. He was buried on the old homestead about seven 
miles southeast of Richmond and the epitaph placed on his 

104 The Cloyd Family 

tombstone is very complimentary of him as a man and a neigh- 
bor. He was a man of large stature, 6 feet tall and weighed 280 
pounds. He married Mary Reid,* about 1790, in Madison 
County, Kentucky. 

Children : 

*29. Elizabeth, m. Robert Cleveland. 

*30. Nancy, b. 12-30-1795 ; m. Lynch Turner. 

*31. Jane, m. David Turner. 

*32. Margaret, m. Richard Baxter. 

*33. Naomi, m. James Lee. 

*34. Mary, m. John Watson. 

*35. Hugh, m. Miss Lee. 
36. NiNiAN, OR "Neenan, ' ' m. Nancy Taylor, had no children. 

*37. Sarah, m. Caleb West. 

Of the above family, Mary, Hugh and Sarah remained in 
Kentucky. Elizabeth Cleveland removed to Indiana and the 
others to Missouri. Nancy and her husband, Lynch Turner, 
settled in Howard County, and Jane and her husband, David 
Turner, in Randolph County. 

12. MARY CLOYD, the second daughter of John, 4, was b. 
9-24-1762, m. Alexander Moore at Nashville, Tenn., 2-22-1798. 

Child : 
*38. Stephen Cloyd. 

13. MARGARET CLOYD, (b. 1-24-1766, in Montgomery Co., 
Va., d. 10-3-1845, in Wilson Co., Tenn.), dau. of John, 4, and 
Margaret (Scott) Cloyd, m. John Williamson, (b. 12-16-1764, in 
Montgomery County, Va., d. 8-7-1829, in Wilson Co., Tenn). 

*Among the pioneers of Augusta County, Va., were three brothers 
of Scotish extraction, who came from County Down in Ireland, where they 
were born. They were Thomas, John and Andrew Reid. 

Thomas, the oldest, married a highland woman, named McKean, and 
had three sons, Col. John Reid Jr., Nathan and Alexander, Col. John 
married Martha and Nathan, Sarah, daughters of their Uncle John. Alex- 
ander moved to Kentucky and he or his son, represented Shelby County 
in the legislature in 1801. 

For further account of the Reids, see ' ' Historic Families of Kentucky ' ' 

Judge W. H. Williamson 152, Sec. 3 

The Cloyd Family 105 

They were m. in Montgomery Co., Va., in 1781, when he was 
seventeen and she fifteen years of age. In 1789 with others of 
the Cloyd family, they removed to Wilson Co., Tenn. John 
Williamson was a private under Gen. Nathaniel Green in the 
Revolution and was at the battle of Kings' Mountain. 

Williamson Children. 

*39. ''Sallie", (or Sarah), b. 4-4-1782; m. James Foster. 

40. Margaret, b. 1-29-1784; m. Thos. Williamson; had one 

daughter who married Newton Cloyd, besides several 

41. Robert John, b. 4-17-1786; m. Sarah Tate and moved 

to Arkansas. 

42. Rebecka, b. 1-22-1788; m. Zachariah Tate, and left a 

large family. Mrs. Emily Doon, a daughter, lives 
in Oklahoma. 
*43. George, b. 10-10-1793; m. Mrs. Hannah Mabry Crutch- 
field and had three sons. 

*44. Elizabeth or ' ' Betsy ' ', b. 3-8-1790 ; m. ( 1 ) John Robert- 
son; m. (2) Thos. Davis. 

45. James, b. 1-18-1798; m. Lucy Smith; had two sons, 

George and Scott, who m. and reared families. One 
daughter m. Josiah Smith and one m. Wm. H. Evans. 

46. Rachel McClain, b. 10-12-1800 ; m. Edmund White and 

had one daughter who m. Dr. Winter. 

47. Annie, b. 10-1-1804. 

*48. William, b. 9-14-1806; m. Nancy Evans Crutchfield. 

14. EZEKIEL CLOYD, the oldest son of John, 4, and Margaret 
(Scott) Cloyd, was born 2-19-1768, in Augusta County, Va., in 
the portion set aside in 1776 to form Montgomery County. Aft- 
er his marriage to Miss Rebecca Williamson in Montgomery 
County, Va., 9-24-1785, he resided at Max Meadows on New 
River in Wythe County and about 1789, with his parents and 
probably his three brothers and two sisters, he moved to Wilson 
County, Tennessee, then a part of North Carolina. His sister, 

106 The Cloyd Family 

Margaret, had married John Williamson, brother to Rebecca. 
The two men having "swapped sisters" moved to Wilson county 
at the same time. 

On his removal to North Carolina he carried with him sev- 
eral certificates given him by his friends and neighbors in Mont- 
gomery Co., which represent him as a "well behaved per- 
son" "a good member of society" and a "patriot". Rev. J. L. 
Alexander, Nashville, Tenn., says that his grandfather, Ezekiel 
Cloyd was in the Revolutionary War and became a captain (he 
was only 15 years of age when the war closed). Though a farm- 
er, he entered the Ministry of the Cumberland Presbyterian 
Church in 1814 and according to the custom of times, he labored 
on his farm during the week and preached on the Sabbath. He 
lived comfortably and was always able to extend a generous hos- 
pitality to his friends, especially to ministers. 

His personal appearance and bearing were those of an un- 
affected gentleman of the old school. His example and presence 
were a standing reproof of wickedness and vice of every kind. 
In the latter part of his life, he was subject to much bodily in- 
firmity and mental affliction, but his strong faith in his God 
never wavered. He died in Lebanon, Tennessee in August, 
1851. He was twice married. His first wife died prior to his 
ordination to the ministry in 1814, and he afterwards married 
Mrs. Nancy White, widow of Rev. John White, a Methodist min- 
ister, a woman of great worth, who died also in Lebanon, April 
17, 1854. In politics he was a Whig. 

The foregoing account of Ezekiel Cloyd is taken from "Bio- 
graphical Sketches of Presbyterian Ministers, ' ' by Rev. Richard 
Beard, published 1867. 

Rev. J. L. Alexander, a grandson, writing in 1901, says, "The mother of 
Ezekiel Cloyd was a member of the Presbyterian Church and so the son was 
trained under Presbyterian discipline. About the year 1798, 
after his marriage, he came under the scriptural and heart searching 
preaching of Rev. James McGrady in Sumner County, Tenn., and though 
a member of the Church, he became convicted that he was an unregenerate 
man and a stranger experimentally to God's saving grace and he so sought 
and professed regeneration. My mother, then fifteen years of age, pro- 
fessed religion at the same meeting. Upon the organization of the Cumber- 
land Presbyterian Church, he became a candidate for the Ministry and 
was licensed to preach at New Hope, Wilson County, Tennessee, March 
30th, 1814. 

The Cloyd Family 107 

He was in the active work of the ministry as an evangelist and as 
a pastor nearly forty years. He preached often and labored much, even 
in old age, in vacant churches and destitute places. He delivered two hun- 
dred and ninety-one sermons at the church that now bears Ms name. His 
character was above reproach. He was regarded as a good man, a sound 
patriot, and a worthy citizen in Virginia, his native state. He was a captain 
in the Eevoution. His bearing at home and abroad was that of a Christian 
gentleman, his dealings with his fellow men fair and honorable, his manner, 
kind and courteous, commanding the respect of friend and foe alike on 
account of his firm convictions of the right. 

On one occasion when a dance was to be held at the home of a neigh- 
bor and relative, he entered the house when the guests were assembled and 
much to the consternation and surprise of all, with hymn book and bible in 
hand, sung a hymn, offered a fervent prayer and preached an appropriate 
sermon, without referring to the purpose of the gathering. After another 
fervent prayer, he shook hands with each one present, inquiring after their 
welfare and returned to his home. Others followed his example and the 
subject of dancing was scarcely mentioned in the community for half a 

The house built in 1800 mostly by his own hands, from hewn cedar 
logs, weatherboarded, ceiled and painted, still stands a noble specimen of 
the honest and faithful workmanship of the early years in the 19th century. 
He owned a large body of land on Stoner's Creek in Wilson County on which 
this house was built. He gave seven acres to the church, on which were 
erected a house of worship and a Camp Meeting shelter. Camp Meetings 
were held here from 1813 to 1857. Scores and hundreds were converted at 
these meetings, many of whom became ministers. 

The camp ground has been broken up; camp meetings are no longer 
held; the protracted meeting taking its place. The first house, a small one, 
of cedar logs, was replaced by a small brick structure, which, in turn gave 
way to the present commodius frame house. ' ' 

Children : 

49. John, b. 8-2-1786 ; d. in infancy. 
*50. Sarah, or Sallie, b. 2-1-1789; m. Benj. Alexander, 7. 

*51. John, Jr., b. 2-23-1792 ; m. Lettie Alexander, 6-2-1812. 
*52. Rev. Joseph, b. 7-30-1794; m. Catherine Alexander, 

*53. David, b. 5-13-1797 ; m. Nancy Wilson, 1819. 

54. Thomas Williamson, b. 11-17-1799. 
*55. Newton, b. 9-8-1802; m. Elizabeth Williamson. 
*56. Margaret, b. 12-22-1805 ; m. Rev. John Beard, 1827. 

57. Elizabeth, b. 11-17-1809 ; m. John W. Tate, 1827. 


108 The Cloyd Family 

16. DAVID CLOYD, the youngest son of John, 4, and 
Margaret (Scott) Cloyd, was b. in Montgomery County, Virginia, 
6-27-1771. About 1789 the family left Virginia and moved to 
that part of North Carolina, which was afterwards set off to 
form Tennessee. David settled on Whites Creek in Davidson 
County, about seven miles northeast from Nashville, while the 
rest of the family settled in Wilson County. 

March 17, 1795, David Cloyd ra. Sarah Marshall, b. 5-23- 
1773, dau. of Gilbert and Martha (Rowan) Marshall. She d. 
1-18-1840. Some time after the death of his wife, David deeded 
his farm to his son, Ezekiel, with whom he expected to spend the 
remainder of his life. Ezekiel died in 1847 leaving one child 
and a widow, who afterwards married William James, whose 
first wife was Martha Cloyd, Ezekiel 's sister. After Ezekiel 's 
death, David made his home with his son John in Fayette Coun- 
ty, Tennessee. He lies in the family burying ground near Som- 
erville, Fayette County, Tenn. 

Like his brother, Ezekiel, he possessed a liberal education 
for the conditions under which people lived at that time, and 
though a farmer by occupation, he was a minister of the Meth- 
odist Episcopal Church. 

Whites Creek, Davidson County, Tenn., 

August 18th, A. D., 1839. 
Dear Son: — 

After my compliments to you and yours, I am again permitted to com- 
municate with you by letter and inform you that I am now in health, or as 
much so as could be expected for one of my age, and I hope these lines will 
find you and yours enjoying the smiles and joys of a kind Providence, sur- 
rounded with health, comfort, peace and happiness. 

Your Mother's health is as good as common, tho I can perceive she is 
on the decline very fast, partly in consequence of the trouble she has lately 
had to undergo about her children. The rest of the friends (as far as I 
know) are all well at this time. The last letter I received from you was 
dated April 7th, in which you requested me to give you a concise account of 
your brothers and sisters in this country, which I will now undertake in a 
very brief manner. John Cloyd is now living in Fayette County, near Sum- 
merville in the Western District. He has four daughters and two sons. His 
eldest daughter is married and doing well. They were all well the last 
account. He owns a good tract of land there and is well pleased. Mr. 
James now lives on Cruddles old place by McGaphoe tovv'er. Terry has 
five sons and four daughters living. Eliza, his third daughter, is dead. His 
eldest son is married. They are all well and doing well. Ezekiel is still 
living with me. 

The Cloyd Family 109 

James M. Cloyd settled in Hardymon County in the Western District, 
but now I come to tell you the hardest of all. On the 12th of June last he 
departed this life after an illness of six days. His complaint was flux and 
fever. He has left a disconsolate wife, two sons and two daughters to 
deplore their loss. His death was a very severe trial on me, and one I was 
very illy prepared to encounter, as it was the first of the kind I ever met 
with, but I bear up with as much fortitude as I can, when I consider it is 
a debt we all have to pay, and our loss is His gain. It does console me some, 
for he died shouting "Glory, Glory," in prospect of a happy immortality. 
He was a zealous Christian and an Elder in the Cumberland Presbyterian 
Church. He requested his friends all to meet him in Heaven. His wife 
has a home and a negro girl to assist her in raising her little children. 

Mr. P. Cloyd is now living at John's old place until he gets his build- 
ing erected on his own land. His health is not good, tho he bids fair to 
make a good living. He and his wife are both very industrious. They have 
one son. 

John C. Marshall and Eliza Jane live in "Wilson County, near States- 
ville. They are now on a visit at my house. They are well. They have two 
sons and two daughters living and one son dead. They are making a toler- 
able living. 

Margaret in her last letter informed me that you have got you another 
companion. As to that matter you know your business better than I do, tho 
I hope she will make you as good a one as your other. Present my best 
wishes and respects to her as my daughter. 

As to my own domestic concerns, I am getting along as well as usual. 
We have a good crop of everything, almost. Wheat was excellent, oats also 
good. Corn is very good. Fruit of every description, — in short it is a dis- 
play of the benevolent goodness of a kind Providence to us His ungrateful 
children. Our state election is just over. It has terminated in the triumph 
of the self-styled Democrats in the election of Governor and Legislature, 
tho I am a Whig, and one of the old stamp, a true friend to my country. 
As to religious matters, times are rather dull, tho I am still determined by 
the grace of God to hold out faithful to the end. 

Dear Gilbert, it is always desirable to hear from my children, but more 
especially when they are laboring under afflictions. I feel great concern for 
Margaret and her little children in their discrepod situation. From what I 
can learn it is quite probable Wiley will not live long. I feel some delicacy 
in writing to him or her about what had best be done if he dies, for fear it 
would hurt his feelings. I want you to consult with her, whether she would 
rather come to this country again or not, and what you think best to be done 
for her. I cannot do very much, tho if she is in distress I will do all I can, 
and I can do enough to bring her and the children back to this country and 
aid them in getting a support if they are in distress, while I live, but I am 
old and my time is short, and what would become of her after that I cannot 
tell. I wish you to consult with her if you think best, and send me your 
views of what had best be done, and delay no time as it is necessary to know 
these things before Ezekiel starts to that country if he goes. 

110 The Cloyd Family 

Give my kind respects to all your children. I have many things I could 
communicate, but I have already extended my letter to an unusual length. I 
must therefore bid you an affectionate farewell. 

David Cloyd. 
To Gilbert M. Cloyd, 

Fayette, Missouri, Howard County. 

Children : 

*58. John, b. 5-4-1796; m. Nancy Trice. 

*59. Martha, (Patsy), b. 1-18-1798; m. 8-17-1816, William 

*60. Gilbert Marshall, b. 3-10-1800; m. 6-4-1822, Malinda 

*61. EzEKiEL, b. 4-24-1802 ; d. Feb. 25, 1847 ; m. Agnes Camp- 

*62. Margaret, (Peggy), b. 5-9-1804; m. Wiley Jones. 

*63. James Marshall, b. 5-4-1808 ; d. 6-12-1839. 

*64. William Preston, b. 2-5-1811 ; m. Mary Castleman. 
65. Elizabeth or Eliza Jane, b. 10-4-1813; m. (1) John 
Carson Marshall; (2) Thos. Cox. 

Fourth Generation 

18. SAMUEL CLOYD, b. 10-26-1792, oldest son of James, 6, 
and Rachel (Tilford) Cloyd, m. Susannah Spearman and had 
the following 

Children : 

66. George W., m. Miss Thurman. 

67. Matilda, m. Wm. Clark; she d. about 1835, leaving one 

son, William. 

68. James, m. Harriet Taylor; moved to Warrick County, 

Ind., about 1857. 

69. Minerva, m. John M. Taylor. 

70. William S., d. 1899 ; m. Melissa Chism ; she lives in Tomp- 

Mnsville, Ky. 

19. ELIZABETH CLOYD, b 10-28-1794, dau. of James, 6, and 
Rachel (Tilford) Cloyd, m. Stephen Moody. 

Moody Child: 

71. Arnold, resides Tompkinsville, Ky. ; 4 other children. 

The Cloyd Family 111 

21. GARY HARRISON CLOYD, b. 12-22-1799, Green Go., 
Ky., d. 1851, Gumberland Go., Ky., son of James, 6, and Rachel 
(Tilford) Gloyd, m. Nancy Spearman, a native of Green Go., 
Ky. She died about 1850. He was a farmer and a Whig. 

Ghildren : 

72. Mary, m. Robert Gary, 11 children. 

73. Edmund, 

74. James, m. Ridley M. Philpott, 5 children. (Their son 

Almarine resides at Arat, Gumberland Go., Ky.) 

75. Julia Ann, b. 1-30-1828; m. (1) Murray; (2) Moses 

Kirkpatrick, 5 children. Resides Gloyds Landing, 

76. John Marshall, m., 2 children. 

77. Elizabeth, m, Abner Gary, 7 children. 

78. Harrison. 

79. William. 

80. Thomas Jefferson, b. 1835; m. (1) Elizabeth Moody; 

(2) Radford Rich, 5 children. 

81. SusANAH, m. Ship worth. 

82. David Tilford, resides Tompkinsville, Ky. 

83. Rachel, m. Taylor. 

23. JAMES L. GLOYD, b. 9-8-1803 ; d. 1842, son of James, 6, 
and Rachel (Tilford) Gloyd, m. Lucinda Gist. After his death 
she m. Ghas. Gopan and moved to Missouri about 1856. 

Ghildren : 

84. Marquis De La Fayette, left Ky. in 1857. Went to 

Texas; became a lawyer. 

85. Jasper, went west from Ky. about 1855. 

86. Arabeth, m, in Mo. and went to Galifornia. 

24. JOHN GLOYD (b. 9-8-1806; d. 3-8-1890), son of James, 6, 
and Rachel (Tilford) Gloyd, m. (1) Mary O'Bannon and (2) 
Victoria Williams. 
First marriage : Ghildren : 

87. Lanega, resides at Gloyd 's Landing, Ky. 
Second marriage : 

88. Robert, resides at Gloyd 's Landing, Ky. 

112 The Cloyd Family 

26. THOMAS JEFFERSON CLOYD, fifth son and ninth 
child of James, 6, and Rachel (Tilford) Cloyd, was b. near 
Cloyd 's Landing, Cumberland County, Ky., 5-31-1811. His life 
was spent in that county where he d. 2-20-1890. Feb. 19, 1851, 
he m. Mary Jane Cull, dau. of James and Eliza (Sled) Cull of 
"Washington County, Ky. He was a farmer, a republican in pol- 
itics and a Presbyterian. Children • 

89. William Clay, b. 2-28-1852 ; d. 3-13-1902. 
*90. Henry James, b. 6-30-1853 ; m. Lucy D. Rankin, b. 1-29- 
1855, lives at Roff, Oklahoma. 
91. John Crittenden, b. 9-20-1855 ; d. 9-12-1871. 
*92. Thomas Tyler, b. 5-2-1857; m. (1) Fannie C. Dohoney; 
m. (2) M. J. Wilmore; lives at Red Boiling Springs, 

93. Sarah Eliza, b. 4-9-1859 ; m. Payton Traylor. 

94. Zachary Wheat, b. 6-1-1864 ; m. Maud Perry. 

29. ELIZABETH CLOYD, dau. of John, 9, m. Robert Cleve- 
land and moved from Kentucky to Indiana. She was an old 
school Presbyterian, well versed in the Bible and able to hold her 
own in argument. Cleveland Children : 

95. Earl, lived in Owen and Clay Counties, Ind. 

96. John. 

97. James. 

98. Mary, m. William Shannon. Lived in Montgomery Co., 


99. Elizabeth. 

100. SoPHLA., m. 

80. NANCY CLOYD, dau. of John, 9, was b. in Madison Coun- 
ty, Ky., 12-30-1795. She m. Lynch Turner, brother of David, 
about 1816, and soon after they removed from Kentucky and 
settled in Howard County, Missouri, where they lived the rest 
of their lives. Turner Children: 

101. Eliza Jane, b. 1817 ; m. 1839 ; d. 1841. 

*102. John Cloyd, b. 7-29-1819 ; m. Almira E. Baker. 
103. Mary Ann, b. 12-22-1820; m. Wm. Woods. They had 
two daughters, Catherine Ann and Nellie Frances 
Woods. The latter died in childhood. 

Thomas Tyler Cloyd 92, Sec. 3 and Family 

Thomas Jefferson Cloyd 26, Sec. 3 


Mrs. Thomas Jefferson Cloyd 

The Cloyd Family 113 

104. Robert Owen, b. 6-19-1823; m. 1845, Mrs. Yager. He 
entered the Confederate Army in 1861, and d. July, 
1863, while on his way from Vicksburg to Demopo- 
lis, Ala., and was buried in an old church yard near 
York Station, Alabama. Children : Louise Margaret 
Turner ; George Henry Turner ; John Franklin Turn- 
er; Alice Turner and "Doc" Turner. 
*105. David, b. 6-16-1826 ; m. Mary E. Witt. 

106. Lynch, b. 12-19-1828 ; never married. Resides at the 

Confederate Home, Higginsville, Mo. He joined a 
company of Confederate Cavalry at Richmond, Mo., 
June 14, 1861, and was continuously in the service 
until the close of the war. He was in the battles of 
Carthage, Oak Hills, Dry Wood and Lexington. La- 
ter in '61 he joined Co. C of the 3rd Regiment In- 
fantry under Col. B. A. Rives and served as com- 
missary for nearly two years. After the fall of Vicks- 
burg, he was Post Commissary at Oxford, Miss. He 
was paroled at Jackson, Miss., ]\Iay 12, 1865. 

107. George W., b. 10-16-1831 ; m. S. F. Edmond. He served 

as a Lieutenant in Co. L. Col. John T. Hughes' 
Regiment of Infantry in Slack's division of the Mo. 
State Guard until the capture of Mulligan's forces 
at Lexington, when his company was disbanded. He 
returned to Richmond, Mo., and resumed teaching 
school, but the approaching of Federal Forces caused 
him to leave home and he went to Huntsville, Ala. 
and taught school until the approach of the Federal 
army again caused him to quit and go to Corinth, 
Miss. Soon after this he again entered the cavalry 
service under Gen. Van Dorn in Tenn. After the 
battle of Thompson's Station he joined King's bat- 
tery and remained with it until the close of the war. 
He died 2-12-1896 at Ash Grove, Greene County, Mo., 
where his widow now resides. Children : George L. 
Turner, resides in Little Rock, Arkansas; Louis Tur- 
ner, Springfield, Mo. ; Fannie Turner, Springfield, 

108. Nellie, b. 1833. 

*109. Nancy, b. 8-26-1836 ; m. John Sears. 
110. Benjamin F., b. 12-9-1838. 

114 The Cloyd Family 

31. JANE CLOYD, dau. of John 9, m. David Turner, brother 
of Lynch Turner, who married Nancy Cloyd, 30. They came 
from Madison County, Ky., to Missouri in the early '20 's and set- 
tled in Randolph County, north of Huntsville. She died by 
her own hand, about 1837, after eight children were born. He 
then married Mrs. Elizabeth Payton and had three sons and 
two daughters. Two of the sons, Hudson and Clayton Turner, 
were in the Confederate service, both of whom died a few years 
after the close of the war. 

Turner Children: 

111. William Miller. 

112. James Madison. 

113. John Cloyd. 

114. Samuel. 

115. Richard B. 

116. Hudson. 

117. Martha Jane. 

118. David Allen. 

32. MARGARET CLOYD, dau. of John, 9, m. Richard Baxter 
and removed to Missouri. 

Baxter Children: 

120. Phillip Sidney. 

121. John R. 

122. Mary Jane. 

123. Parmelia. 

124. George. 

125. W. H. H. 

33. NAOMI CLOYD, dau. of John, 9, m. James Lee and re- 
moved to Missouri. 

Lee Children: 

126. John. 

127. Nancy. 

128. Dudley. 

129. Elizabeth. 

130. Narissa. 

131. Margaret. 

The Cloyd Family 115 

34. MARY CLOYD, dau. of John, 9, m. John Watson and re- 
mained in Kentucky. 

Watson Child: 
132. Richard. 

35. HUGH CLOYD, son of John, 9, m. Miss Lee and had one 
or two children, the only one known to the writer being, 

133. Naomi, who went to Missouri with her Uncle Ninian. 

37. SARAH CLOYD, dau. of John, 9, m. Caleb West and re- 
mained in Kentucky. 

West Children : 

134. Mary. 

135. John. 

136. James. 

137. Caleb. 

38. STEPHEN CLOYD, of Wilson County, Tennessee, was son 
of Mary Cloyd, 12, and grandson of John and Margaret (Scott) 
Cloyd. He was probably born sometime about 1780. He mar- 
ried Mollie Wilson who was born in 1792. 

Children : 

138. Nancy, b. 6-22-1812 ; m. Hooker, 9-17-1829 ; d. 1830. 

She left one daughter, Mary Hooker, who m. Case, 
*139. John Wilson, b. 2-7-1814 ; m. Sarah Wade Brooks, 11-12- 

1840 ; d. 8-8-1880. 
140. Alexander, b. 3-27-1817 ; d. 6-20-1854. 

39. SARAH WILLIAMSON, dau. of John and Margaret 
(Cloyd) Williamson, 13, was b. in Montgomery County, Va., 
4-4-1782 and d. in Montgomery County, Tenn., in 1858 or 9. 

116 The Cloyd Family 

She m. James Foster, (b. 2-9-1780 in N. C. ; d. 1857, Logan Co., 
Ky.) She was a firm adherent of the Presbyterian faith. 

Foster Children: 
*141. Martha D., b. 8-16-1804 ( ?) ; m. George D. Cummings. 
*142. Eliza Williamson, b. 10-13-1809; m. Charles Wesley 

143. Margaret Cloyd, b. 9-9-1818; m. Clark Calvin Cum- 


144. James Williamson, b. 10-21-1821 ; m. Louisa Mcintosh. 
The three Cummings were brothers. 

43. GEORGE WILLIAMSON, b. 10-10-1793, son of John and 
Margaret (Cloyd) Williamson, 13, m. Mrs. Hannah (Mabray) 
Crutchfield. He was a Presbyterian, a farmer and resided at 
Green Hill, Wilson Co., Tenn. 

Williamson Children : 
144a. Thomas Ewing, b. 2-15-1818; m. Frances E. McFar- 

144b. Albert. 
144c. Pascal Kent. 
144d. Hannah. 

44. ELIZABETH WILLIAMSON, dau. of John and Margaret 
(Cloyd) Williamson, was b. in Wilson Co., Tenn., 3-8-1790, and 
d. in that county in 1855. She m. (1) John Robertson and had 
three daughters and one son, Hugh Robertson. She m. (2) 
Thomas Davis, a native of North Carolina. He died in 1859. 
He was a farmer and a democrat and they were firm adherents 
of the Presbyterian Church. They resided in Wilson Co., Tenn. 

Davis Children : 

145. Samuel, never married. 

146. John R., m. Caroline Hunter. They had a daughter who 

m. Albert S. Marks, Governor of Tenn. 

147. Caroline, m. Wm. Robb. 

148. Minerva, m. Ed. B. Drake. 

149. Susan, d. in infancy. 

*150. Tennie, b. 7-16-1830; m. John M. Knight. 
151. Martha, m. George Robb. 

The Cloyd Family 117 

48. WILLIAM WILLIAMSON, (b. 9-14-1806; d. 8-20-1883), 
son of John and Margaret (Cloyd) Williamson, 13, m. Nancy 
Evans Crutehfield, 12-17-1827, dau. of Mrs. Hannah Mabray 
Crutchfield. They resided in Wilson County, Tenn. They had 
twelve children, eight of whom lived to manhood and woman- 

"°^^- Williamson Children : 

*152. William Henry, b. 10-29-1828 ; d. 3-16-1887. 

153. John Van, b. 7-11-1830; d. 3-6-1890. 

154. Ann Eliza, b. 3-16-1832 ; d. 10-6-1844. 

155. Margaret Caroline, b. 10-28-1833 ; m. Chas. M. Elliston. 

156. Elizabeth H., b. 5-20-1835 ; m. John Boyd Talbot. 

157. Nancy Sewell, b. 5-29-1837 ; d. 2-22-1904. 

158. George Nev^ton, b. 3-5-1840 ; d. 11-11-1843. 

159. Sarah Indiana, b. 3-2-1842 ; m. Dr. Jas. R. Lester. 

160. Maria Masterson, b. 3-10-1844 ; d. 10-22-1900. 

161. Mary Jane, b. 3-18-1846. Resides at Lebanon, Tenn. 

50. SARAH or "SALLIE" CLOYD, the oldest dau. of Rev. 
Ezekiel Cloyd, was b. in Montgomery County, Virginia, 2-1-1789. 
She m. Benjamin Alexander in Wilson County, Tennessee, in 
1805, and d. in that county in 1864. Benjamin's sister, Cath- 
erine, m. Joseph Cloyd, brother of Sarah. Benjamin's father, 
George Alexander, was a native of Pennsylvania and his mother, 
Mary Stewart, was born in Scotland. 

Benjamin Alexander was b. at Allemance, Guilford County, 
North Carolina, 3-4-1783, and d. at Mt. Juliet, Wilson County, 
Tennessee, 7-22-1866. 

Alexander Children : 

162. Rebecca, b. 1806 ; m. Richard Tate. 

163. George, b. 1808 ; m. Margaret Tate. 

164. Mary or ''Polly," b. 1810; m. Richard Tate. 

*165. Ezekiel Cloyd, b. 10-30-1813 ; m. Mrs. Abbie Matthews. 

166. John Newton, b. 1814 ; m. Mary Conley. 

167. Maragaret, b. 1816 ; m. Foster R — 

168. Thomas Baxter, b. 1818 ; m. Eliza Caldwell. 

169. Catherine, b. 1821 ; m. William James. 

170. William, b. 1823 ; d. 1839. 

171. Elizabeth, b. 1826; m. Horace Finney. 

*172. Rev. Joseph Lowry, b. 1829 ; m. Sarah J. Wood. 

118 The Cloyd Family 

51. JOHN CLOYD, (b. 2-23-1792; d. 1-3-1828), son of Rev. 
Ezekiel, 14, and Rebecca (Williamson) Cloyd, m. Lettie Alexan- 
der, 6-2-1812. She was b. 12-31-1791 ; d. 1-10-1823. 

Children : 

*173. Jane, b. 3-19-1815 ; d. 1-30-1893 ; m. Wm. Spears, 1-17- 

174. Sallie N., b. 6-4-1816; m. a Mr. Tooley, 3-20-1834; re- 

sided in New Orleans, La. 

175. Nancy W., b. 9-4-1817; d. 9-21-1840; m. Rev. T. K. 

Rouch, 7-16-1835. 

176. Mary Ann, b. 4-6-1819 ; d. 12-15-1872 ; m. Ed. P. Bass, 

1-4-1847. Resided at Watertown, Tenn. 

177. Ezekiel A., b. 10-6-1820; m. Eliza Wilson, 6-22-1837. 

Was a Confederate soldier and lost an arm in the 
service. Died in Nashville, Tenn. 

178. Robert N., b. 12-6-1821 ; married in California. 

179. Marion. 

52. REV. JOSEPH CLOYD, the second son of Rev. Ezekiel, 
14, and Rebecca (Williamson) Cloyd, was b. in Wilson County, 
Tenn., 7-30-1794, and d. in McKinney, Collin County, Texas, 
September, 1872. In 1817 he m. Catherine Alexander, sister to 
Benjamin Alexander, who married Joseph's oldest sister, Sallie 
Cloyd. Catherine died in Dresden, Weakley County, Tenn., 

Child : 

*180. William Stewart, b. 6-16-1816 ; m. Ann White James. 

53. DAVID CLOYD, b. 5-13-1797, son of Rev. Ezekiel, 14, and 
Rebecca (Williamson) Cloyd, m. Nancy Wilson in 1819. He re- 
sided in Wilson County, Tennessee. 

Children : 

*181. Jane W., b. 9-1-1820 ; m. Samuel Hays, 8-13-1836. 
*182. Sarah, b. 3-10-1822 ; m. W. F. Hamblen. 
*183. Margaret P., b. 7-19-1825; m. Col. A. J. Finney, 4-2- 

The Cloyd Family 119 

55. NEWTON CLOYD, son of Rev. Ezekiel, 14, and Rebecca 
(Williamson) Cloyd, was b. in Wilson County, Tennessee, 9-8- 
1802, and d. in that county, October, 1879. Jan. 8, 1824, he m. 
Elizabeth Williamson, (b. 3-1-1806; d. 11-23-1882), dau. of 
Thomas and Margaret (Williamson) Williamson, of Wilson 
County. He was a farmer, resided near Mt. Juliet, was a Whig- 
democrat and a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. 

*184. Eliza Jane, b. 10-27-1824 ; m. William Finney. 

56. MARGARET CLOYD, daughter of Rev. Ezekiel, 14, and 
Rebecca (Williamson) Cloyd, was b. 12-22-1805; m. Rev. John 
Beard, 8-30-1827. He was b. 12-25-1800. They removed from 
Tenn. to Illinois in 1848 and later to Kansas, where he d. in 1865 
and she in 1875. 

Beard Children : 

185. James Newton, b. 7-29-1828 ; graduated from the Cum- 

berland University at Lebanon, Tenn., 1856 and 
taught for many years. He married about 1895 and 
died in Nashville, 1905, 

186. David Foster, b. 6-1-1830; was a farmer; died in Kan- 

sas, 1906. 

187. Thos. Calhoun, b. 10-31-1832 ; m. in Iowa in 1858 ; was 

a farmer, died in Kansas, 1906. 

188. William Meek, b. 2-21-1834; moved with his parents to 

Illinois in 1848. Died young. 

189. Nancy Jane, b. 2-5-1836 ; was educated at Lebanon, 

Tenn., was a teacher. Died in Missouri about 1859. 

190. Ezekiel Cloyd, b. 3-12-1838 ; never married ; was a great 

singer ; was a farmer ; died near Kansas City, Mo., 

191. Richard M., b. 3-15-1840; m. Mattie Shemwell; was for 

many years Financial Agent for the Lincoln Uni- 
versity, Lincoln, Ills., and aided greatly in building 
up that institution; died in Sherman, Texas, about 

120 The Cloyd Family 

57. ELIZABETH CLOYD, (b. 11-17-1809 ; d. 1873) , the young- 
est dau. of Rev. Ezekiel Cloyd, 14, m. John W. Tate, (b. 1-2- 
1808; d. 1880). He was the proprietor of the well known Tate 
Mills in Wilson County, Tenn., destroyed by Federal soldiers 
during the Civil War. 

Tate Children : 
*192. Andrevv^ Jackson, b. 9-30-1834; m. (1) Sarah Alexander; 

(2) Elizabeth Brewer. 
*193. William Newton, b. 9-24-1837 ; m. Almira Cawthorn. 
*194. John Bell, b. 3-24-1840; m. (1) Fanny A. Kerr; (2) 

Sallie Hunter. 
*195. Robert P. H., b. 11-28-1844 ; m. Phillissa A. 

58. JOHN CLOYD, the oldest child of David, 16, and Sarah 
(Marshall) Cloyd, was b. near Nashville, Tenn., 5-4-1796 and 
d. in Fayette County, Tenn., 1-27-1867. He m. (1) Nancy Trice, 
of Montgomery County, Tenn., b. 11-24-1802, d. 7-8-1851. By 
this marriage there were five children. He m. (2) a Mrs. Wright 
who bore him one child, a son named Taylor, who died quite 

Children : 
*196. David, m. Miss Eliza Hope. 

*197. Tandy Trice, b. 1-5-1823 ; m. Sarah Elizabeth Boyd ; he 
d. 5-28-1877. 

198. Jane, m. Joseph Trotter ; removed to Ark. 

199. Amelia, m. Sharp, Spencer Sharp, a son resides at 

Halls, Tenn. 

200. Eliza A., b. 9-2-1835; m. Drayton Boyd; d. 9-5-1869; 

she had six children, only two of whom are living, L. 
B. and J. C, of Groesbeck, Texas. 

59. MARTHA, or "PATSY" CLOYD, oldest dau. of David, 
16, and Sarah (Marshall) Cloyd, was b. in Davidson County, 
Tennessee, 1-18-1798. She m. William James 8-19-1816, and d. 
2-11-1847. William James was born in South Carolina 3-11-1794 
and settled near Nashville, 1814. His father, Thomas James, 
was born in Maryland, 7-17-1770 near the Virginia line, who, 
with his parents, moved to South Carolina in 1773. 




. ^^ ^''4 





' .^si9IP*'' 


David Cloyd James 207, Sec. 3 

Rev. Wm. P. Cloyd 230, Sec. 3 

F. L. Marshall 232h, Sec. 3 

The Cloyd Family 121 

The family was related to i\Iajor John James who was with 
General Marion in the Revolutionary War. The History of the 
life of Gen. Marion by W. Gilmore Simms, page 218, refers to 
five James brothers, viz: John, William, Gavin, Robert 
and James, who were cousins of Major John James and says: 
"no men under Marion were braver and truer than these." One 
of these five brothers is supposed to be the father of Thomas 
James. Thomas James in 1793 married Ann White, b. 2-9-1770, 
niece of Daniel White who was with Marion. 

William James, after the death of his first wife in 1847, 
married her brother's, Ezekiel Cloyd 's widow, Mrs. Agnes S. 
Cloyd, whose maiden name was Campbell. Of this union, Volney 
James married Josephine Fite, has three daughters and resides 
in Nashville. 

James Children : 

201. Sarah Caroline, b. 1-24-1818; m. E. H. Stanley. She 

lived about one year after marriage and left a son 
who died in a few months. 

202. Thomas Charles, b. 8-14-1819; m. Miss Vienna H. N. 

Byrne. He d. about 1850, left two sons, William 
Charles and John Scott. William C. married but 
had no children. He was connected with the Nash- 
ville American. He died Feb. 1909 in his 70th year. 
John S. is about 67 yrs. old and is in the old soldier's 
home at Norfolk, Va. (1909). 

203. Ann White, b. 7-28-1821 ; m. Wm. Stewart Cloyd, grand- 

son of Ezekiel Cloyd. She d. about 1848, leaving two 
sons, William J. and Thomas James. The two sons 
were in the Confederate army and were surrounded 
and ordered to surrender. Wm. J. refused and was 
shot down. Thos. J. surrendered. He now lives at 
McKinney, Texas, and has a family. 

204. William Henry, b. 7-24-1823 ; d. January 1899 ; m. Cath- 

erine Alexander about 1842, granddaughter of Eze- 
kiel Cloyd and had ten children, all of whom, except 
one, married and reared families. After the death 
of his first wife, he married a Mrs. Bell, whose maid- 
en name was Terry and had two children, Terry and 

122 The Cloyd Family 

205. John Lafayette, b. 10-12-1824; m. Mary Jane Hender- 

son of Dyer County, Tenn. They had seven chil- 
dren, David Crawford, Ezekiel, James Lafayette, Gr. 
W., Sallie, Molly and Mattie. J. L. is 56 years of 
age, unmarried and lives in Blytheville, Ark. G. W. 
44 years old and unmarried, resides at Lenox, Tenn. 

206. Martha Eliza, b. 8-20-1826 ; d. age eleven. 
*207. David Cloyd, b. 12-21-1828 ; m. 

*208. Martha Rowan, b. 7-16-1830 ; m. Daniel Head, Sr. 
*209. Nancy Frances, b. 4-23-1832; m. 1853 John D. Barn- 
210. James Daniel, b. 2-2-1835 ; d. 1855. 

60. GILBERT MARSHALL CLOYD, second son and third 
child of David, 16, and Sarah (Marshall) Cloyd, was b. 3-10- 
1800, near Nashville, Tenn. When twenty years of age, he left 
Tennessee and turned his face against the newer West, halting 
in Howard County, Missouri, soon after the last Indian had been 
driven out. 

June 4, 1822, he m. Malinda (Linney) Jones, daughter of 
Dr. Aquilla and Lettie (Hooper) (Cooke) Jones, who resided 
near Glasgow. She was b. near Nashville, Tenn., Feb. 1, 1807. 
He then settled on a farm near Boonsboro, in Boonslick Township, 
noted for its deposits of salt, which attracted deer and furnished 
salt for years for the early settlers of Central Missouri. 

His wife d. 7-17-1837, leaving a family of ten children, the 
youngest being twins two months old. 

In about two years he married Mrs. Kate Rawlston, b. 8-5- 
1805, d. 2-19-1877, whose maiden name was Colbern and who 
bore him three children. She was a native of Virginia and had 
been reared in Kentucky, and had married three times pre- 
viously. Her first husband's name was Bratton, the second 
Jones, by whom she left a daughter, Elizabeth. She also had 
a daughter, Harriet Rawlston, who married a Mr. Crowder. 

Gilbert Marshall Cloyd, like his father, in religion, was a 
Methodist ; but differed from him in politics, being a Democrat. 
His father, David Cloyd, was a Whig of the old stamp. 

In 1862, against the advice of his friends, he entered the 
Confederate Army and after a few months' service, contracted 

The Cloyd Family 123 

pneumonia from the exposure of army life and died while a pris- 
oner of war at Keytesville, Chariton County, Mo., during the 

first week of August, 1862. He was buried at the old homestead 

near Boonesboro. 

First marriage : Children : 

*211. Sarah Ann, or "Sally," b. 8-29-1823; m. Jno. M. Pat- 
rick, a brother of Larkin Patrick of Howard Co., 

*212. David Preston, b. 6-4-1825; d. 5-9-1904; m. (1) Mrs. 
Lutesia (Cason) Miller; (2) Sarah Jane Minor; 
(3) Mattie A. Maupin. 

*213. John Wesley, b. 9-4-1826 ; m. Eliza Jane Basye. 

*214. Hetty Jane, b. 2-13-1828; m. (1) Luke Patrick, brother 
to John; (2) H.J.Wilkes. 

*215. Jackson, b. 2-8-1830 ; m. Mary Minor. 

*216. Elizabeth Malina, b. 3-13-1831; m. (1) Jas. P. Minor; 
(2) H. H. Richardson. 
217. Ann Eliza, b. 5-16-1833; m. Louis Roberts. She d. the 
last week in Dec, 1882, at the home of J. W. Cloyd 
in Howard County, Mo., and was buried in the Wash- 
ington church cemetery. She left two daughters, 
Jennie and Ella who married and removed to Cal- 

*218. Gilbert Nelson, b. 3-1-1835; m. (1) Sally Stearns; (2) 
Mrs. Susan Brown. 

*219. Wiley J., b. 5-11-1837 ; m. Elizabeth Rogers. 

*220. Margaret, h. 5-11-1837 ; m. Wm. L. Dameron. 

Second marriage : 
221. Katherine, b. 3-16-1840 ; d. 12-13-1858. 

*222. Marshall, b. 4-16-1844 ; m. W. S. Gallemore. 

*223. Martha James, b. 7-27-1845 ; m. Silas Moser. 

61. EZEKIEL CLOYD, son of David, 16, m. in 1844, Miss 

Agnes Campbell and resided with his father. He d. 2-25-1847, 

leaving one child. ^ 

Child : 

224. Sarah Gracie, m. Richard Littlepage of Madisonville, 
Ky. They removed to Nashville, where both died 
about the same time, leaving a son who died at the 
age of 14. 

124 The Cloyd Family 

62. MARGARET CLOYD, b. 5-9-1804, dau. of David, 16, m. 
Wiley Jones, brother of Linnie Jones, who married Gilbert Mar- 
shall Cloyd. They were married in 1822 at Nashville, Tenn., 
and immediately removed to Howard County, Mo., with Gilbert 
Marshall Cloyd. 

Wiley died by his own hand in 1839, being sorely afflicted 
with cancer and despairing of relief. Soon after his death Mar- 
garet with six children, returned to her father at White's Creek 
near Nashville, Tenn. 

Jones Children : 

225. Eliza, m. (1) Chas. Parker; (2) C. H. Manlove. 

226. Angeline. 

227. David Webster. 

228. Montgomery. 

Two other Daughters. 
Eliza Jones, m. Chas. Parker in Tenn. and returned to Mis- 
souri. They had one son Jesse, who died before he was 21 years 
old. Parker died soon after his son, and Eliza m. C. H. Manlove. 
Wm. R. Manlove of Nashville is a grandson. 

63. JAMES MARSHALL CLOYD, son of David, 16, married 
near Nashville and removed to Hardymon Co., Tenn., where he 
died 6-12-1839. He left four small children, two sons and two 
daughters. No positive information has been secured about them. 
It is thought, however, that he was the father of Francis Marion 
Cloyd, and that his widow married twice after his death, as she 
left one daughter by name of Griffith and a son by the name of 
John Nooner. 

Mrs. L. E. Shearer, New Canton, 111., a daughter of Francis 
Marion Cloyd, says her grandfather's name was James M., that 
in the '70 's her father received a letter from Newton Cloyd 
Beard, telling of a small legacy, still in the hands of the court 
in some place in Tennessee and which he afterwards received. 
Mrs. Shearer claims, however, that her father was an only son. 

It is, therefore, assumed, on what the writer believes to be 
reasonably reliable authority, that James M., was the father of, 

Child : 
*229. Francis Marion, b. 1829; m. (1) Sarah Ann Ferris; (2) 
Nancy Bowen. 

The Cloyd Family 125 

64. WILLIAM PRESTON CLOYD, the fifth and youngest son 
of David, 16, and Sarah (Marshall) Cloyd, was b. near Nash- 
ville, Tenn., 2-5-1811, and d. in Sumner County, Tenn., in 1858. 
He m. (1) Mary Foster Castleman, dau. of Andrew and Mar- 
garet (Ewing) Castleman. She was b. in 1814 in Davidson 
County and d. in 1852. He was a farmer, a whig in politics and 
a Presbyterian, He m. (2) Mary Love. 

Children : 
First marriage: 

*230. William Preston, b. 5-30-1839; m. (1) Martha J. Loon- 
ey; (2) Mary E. Ball. 

*231. Margaret Elizabeth, b. 4-18-1842; m. Dr. R. L. Gal- 

*232. Andrew David, b. 6-7-1852 ; m. Martha F. Biddle. 

65. ELIZA JANE CLOYD, (b. 10-4-1813; d. 11-24-1892), dau. 
of David, 16, and Sarah (Marshall) Cloyd, m. (1) 12-8-1830, 
John Carson Marshall, (b. 1-3-1806; d. 10-8-1846). She m. (2) 
11-27-1850, Thomas Cox. There were no children by the second 

Marshall Children: 

232a. Rorert Preston, b. 10-10-1831 ; d. 4 mon. 

232b. Sarah Ann, b. 11-13-1832 ; m. J. N. Johnson. 
*232c. Martha Caroline, b. 10-23-1834 ; m. Wm. J. Smith. Re- 
sides Temple, Okla. 

232d. David Cloyd, b. 12-16-1836; m. M. Kate Emerson; was 
in the Confederate Army and was killed in a train 
wreck on his way home from the war. 

232e. RuFus, b. 12-23-1838 ; d. 8-15-1840. 
*232f. Hugh J., b. 1-31-1841; m. Sarah Brown; was in Union 

232g. John James, b. 8-12-1843; m. Hattie Koen; was in the 
Confederate Army. 

232h. Finis Lafayette, b. 2-3-1846; m. Mary E. Glidwell; was 
in the Confederate Army ; Resides Falfurrias, Texas. 

126 The Cloyd Family 

Fifth Generation 

90. HENRY JAMES CLOYD, second son of Thomas Jefferson, 
26, and Mary Jane (Cull) Cloyd, was b. near Cloyd 's Landing, 
Cumberland County, Kentucky, 6-30-1853. Nov. 28, 1876, at 
Sherman, Texas, he m. Lucy Dyer Rankin, dau. of Andrew Jack- 
son and Mary Ann (Johnson) Rankin of Spring Hill, Augusta 
Co., Va., who was b. 1-29-1855. Reared on a farm, he has at var- 
ious times been engaged in merchandising and the hotel and 
mineral spring business and at present is a farmer and stockman 
at Roff, Okla., is a member of the M. E. church south and a re- 
publican in politics. 

Children : 

233. Lelia Ethel, b. 9-22-1877. 

234. Flossie, b. 12-6-1879. 

235. Marion Kavanaugh, b. 7-3-1882 ; m. Inez Russell. 

236. Otis McTyiere, b. 4-29-1886. 

237. Georgia Pierce, b. 10-31-1888. 

238. Dick Hayner, b. 8-9-1891. 

239. Ruth, b. 8-9-1894. 

Marion K. Cloyd is a printer and resides in San Francisco. 
Otis M. Cloyd also resides in San Francisco, and has served four 
years in the U. S. Navy. Lelia E., Flossie and Georgia P. are 
school teachers and reside with their parents at Roff, Oklahoma. 

92. THOMAS TYLER CLOYD, fourth son of Thomas Jeffer- 
son, 26, and Mary Jane (Cull) Cloyd, of Cloyd 's Landing, Tenn., 
was b. 5-2-1857. June 12, 1878, he m. Miss Frances Cornelia 
Dohoney, dau. of Joseph Dohoney and Lydia (Gilmer) Dohoney 
of Columbia, Adair County, Ky. She d. 4-23-1885. Jan. 2, 
1893, he m. Margaret Jane Wilmore, of Gradyville, Adair Coun- 
ty, Ky. She was b. 12-1-1870. Her father, James Wilmore, 
was b. 3-21-1803, and d. 5-14-1892. Her mother was b. 2-26- 
1830 and d. 3-25-1892. The parents were m. 4-3-1866. 

T. T. Cloyd is a presbyterian, a republican and in addition 
to operating a farm, he conducts a health resort at Red Boiling 
Springs, Macon County, Tenn. The writer is indebted to him 
for the record of his father, grandfather and great grandfather 
and also for information which established the correct relation 

The Cloyd Family . 127 

between his family and that of Rev. Ezekiel Cloyd of Wilson 
County, and his brother, Rev. David Cloyd, of White's Creek, 
Davidson County, Tenn. He is a man of large sympathies and 
of a benevolent turn of mind. 

Children : 

240. Clarice, b. 2-27-1881 ; m. Samuel B. Williams. Resides 

Bridgeport, Ala. One child: Mary, b. 2-8-1910. 

241. Cornel, b. 2-5-1894. 

242. Clelin Cull, b. 11-28-1896. 

243. CoEN Carruth, b. 4-1-1901. 

244. CuYLER, b. 4-4-1904. 
244a. Clymoore, b. 11-3-1910. 

102. JOHN CLOYD TURNER, b. 7-29-1819, son of Lynch and 
Nancy (Cloyd) Turner, 30, m. Almira Emeline Baker, (b. 9-15- 
1836; d. 9-29-1890), dau. of Charles and Charlotte (Harris) 
Baker, 9-22-1853. He was a farmer and stockman, a democrat 
and member of the Christian church. He was a Lieut, in Capt. 
Mattock's Co. under Gen. Price in the Civil War. He resided 
in Randolph County, Mo., near Clifton Hill, where he d. 11-14- 

TuRNER Children: 

245. Juliette Elizabeth, b. 11-6-1854; m. Frank P. Turner, 


246. Geo. Buchanan, b. 5-2-1856 ; m. Mary E. Payne, 11-20- 


247. James Baker, b. 1-30-1858 ; m. Alma Cobb, 11-21-1883. 

248. John Fort, b. 1-23-1860 ; d. 2-3-1892. 

249. Charlotte Catherine, b. 9-5-1861 ; m. James Elliott 

Palmer, 12-28-1882. 

250. Charles, b. 2-4-1863 ; m. Fannie Lambeth, 8-13-1891. 

251. Lynch, b. 5-30-1864; m. Nellie Faver. Is Clerk of the 

Superior Court, Noonan, Ga. 

252. David Noah, b. 6-29-1867 ; d. 6-20-1887. 

253. Robert Edmond Lee, b. 11-3-1868. 

*254. Mary Lillian, b. 1-24-1874; m. Frank D. Field, 2-1- 

255. Lena, b. 1-8-1876; m. James G. Baker. 

256. Fanny Cloyd, b. 5-28-1880; m. Fairman Semple. 

128 The Cloyd Family 

105. DAVID TURNER, b. 6-16-1826, son of Lynch and Nancy 
(Cloyd) Turner, 30, m. 3-5-1857, Mary E. Witt. 

Turner Children: 

257. Lena H., b. 7-23-1858 ; d. 

258. Lela p., b. 8-21-1860. 

259. Byron P., b. 4-16-1863 ; d. 

260. HuBER Lee, b. 10-6-1865 ; d. 

261. Eugene, b. 12-1-1869. 

262. Clarence W., b. 12-21-1871. 

263. Mamie B., b. 10-8-1873. 

264. Grace M., b. 8-12-1875 ; d. 

109. NANCY TURNER, dau. of Lynch and Nancy (Cloyd) 
Turner, 30, was b. in Howard County, Mo., 8-26-1826, and m. 
John Sears, 5-14-1854. She resides at Salisbury, Mo. 

Sears Children : 

265. Alfred T., b. 3-4-1855. 

266. Lynch T., b. 9-13-1856. 

267. Mary, b. 5-15-1858. 

268. William P., b. 5-14-1860. 

269. Synthia, b. 1-14-1863. 

270. John H., b. 2-24-1865. 

271. Robert 0., b. 11-11-1867. 

272. Nancy Comoro, b. 2-25-1870. 

273. Andrew Jackson, b. 9-15-1872. 

274. Edwin Price, b. 12-9-1874. 

139. JOHN WILSON CLOYD, b. 2-7-1814, son of Stephen, 38, 
and Mollie (Wilson) Cloyd, m. Sarah Wade Brooks, 11-12-1840. 
He was a farmer and resided near Green Hill, Wilson County, 
Tennessee, where he d. 8-8-1880. 

The Cloyd Family 129 

Children : 

275. Mary Ann, \y. 8-31-1841 ; d. 11-3-1908. 

276. India Ward, b. 8-28-1843 ; m. Elisha B. Vivrett, 6-26-1866. 

d. 3-17-1906. 
*277. WiNFiELD Scott, b. 10-10-1845; m. Alice Wilson, 12-28- 
1884; d. 2-4-1909. 

278. John Wilson, b. 11-28-1847 ; d. 8-26-1854. 

279. Love, b. 10-14-1850 ; d. 1909 ; unmarried. 

280. Ella Van Leer, b. 11-27-1852; m. W. B. Ligon, 6-10- 


281. Sallie Wade, b. 11-14-1854 ; d. 11-19-1864. 

282. Herschell Porter, b. 6-14-1857 ; unmarried ; Green Hill, 


283. Dora T., b. 11-6-1859. 

141. MARTHA D. FOSTER, dau. of James and Sallie (Wil- 
liamson) Foster, 139, was b. in Wilson County, Tenn., 8-16-1804 
and d. near Nashville, 12-27-1887. She m. George D. Cummings 
in Wilson Co., Tenn., 4-14-1825. He was b. 11-8-1793, near Guil- 
ford C. H., N. C, and d. 5-14-1890, near Nashville. 

Cummings Children: 

284. John W., b. 3-7-1826. 

285. James F., b. 12-9-1827 ; m. Elizabeth Thomas. 

286. George M., b. 12-21-1829. 

287. Sarah E., b. 12-31-1831. 

288. Nancy E., b. 3-27-1834. 

289. Martha W., b. 7-19-1836. 

290. Margaket C, b. 7-19-1836 ; m. Wm. Alfonso McClain. 

291. Jane, b. 4-19-1839. Resides in Nashville. 

292. Thomas H., b. 5-6-1841 ; m. Martha McGowen. 

142. ELIZA WILLIAMSON FOSTER, dau. of James and 
Sarah (Williamson) Foster, 39, was b. at Lebanon, Wilson Co., 
Tenn., 10-13-1809 ; d. 1-23-1890, at Huntsville, Ala. She m. 11- 
20-1828, at Lebanon, Tenn., Charles Wesley Cummings, (b. 12- 
25-1800, in Guilford, N. C, and d. 5-25-1871, at Huntsville, Ala). 

130 The Cloyd Family 

He was an old line Whig and was a member of the Tennessee leg- 
islature. They resided at different times at Lebanon, Nashville 
and Shelbyville, Tenn., and Huntsville, Ala. 

CuMMiNGS Children: 

*293. James Foster, b. 9-22-1829 ; m. Margaret Evans. 

294. William. 

295. John. 

296. Richard. 

297. Sarah. 

298. Ann Eliza. 

299. Nancy, b. 6-3-1838. 

300. Charles Harrison, b. 3-22-1840; m. Mary Hussey Har- 

ris. Resides at Huntsville, Ala. 
*301. Margaret Tennessee, b. 5-1-1842 ; m. Morris Berney. 

302. Eliza Emily, b. 7-31-1844 ; m. Frank Cunningham. 

303. Amanda Johnson, b. 1-25-1846 ; m. Milton Humphrey. 

304. Martha, b. 12-15-1847 ; m. William L. Allison. Resides 

at Rising Fawn, Ga. No children. 

305. Rachel Babb, b. 1-13-1850 ; m. Wiley Humphrey. 

144a. THOMAS EWING WILLIAMSON, (b. 2-15-1818 ; d. 6- 
20-1870), son of George, 43, and Hannah (Mabray) (Crutch- 
field) Williamson, m. 10-20-1847, Fannie Elizabeth McFarland, 
(b. 6-3-1877 ; d. 1904), dau. of James P., and Dicy (Bilbrew) Mc- 
Farland. He was a farmer, a Presbyterian and democrat. He 
resided at Green Hill, Wilson Co., Tenn. 

Williamson Children : 

305a. John William, b. 8-30-1848 ; m. Talitha Williamson. 

305b. Mattie Hannah, b. 8-27-1850 ; m. A. J. Baird. 

305c. Dicy Alene, b. 11-15-1852 ; m. J. K. Stroud. 

305d. James Porter, b. 9-5-1854; d. 

305e. Maria, b. 12-15-1856 ; d. 

305f. George, b. 3-11-1859 ; d. 

305g. Albert, b. 3-10-1861 ; d. 

305h. Fanny Ewing, b. 8-2-1863 ; d. 

305i. Sallie America, b. 12-25-1865 ; m. Dr. E. P. Blair. 

305 j. Lelia Pearl, b. 3-2-1869. 

The Cloyd Family 131 

150. TENNIE DAVIS, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth 
(Williamson) Davis, 44, was b. in Wilson Co., Tenn., 7-16-1830. 
She m. John Madison Knight in Wilson County 2-23-1852. He 
d. at Fort Worth, Texas, 9-18-1886. He was son of James and 
Jane (Doak) Knight. He was a democrat and a Presbyterian 
and resided for a while at Murfreesboro, Tenn. She now (1910) 
resides in Fort Worth, Texas. 

Knight Children: 

306. Walter, b. 12-28-1853 ; d. 1857. 

307. Elizabeth Jane, b. 1-12-1855 ; d. 1905. 

308. Thomas, b. 1857 ; d. 

309. Samuel, b. 7-16-1859 ; m. Nora McMurry. 
310 Alice, b. 10 1861 ; d. 1868. 

311. Novella, b. 10-11-1864; m. H. J. Wilson. 

312. Horace, b. 7 1866 ; unmarried. 

313. James, b. 1-8-1868 ; m. Eva Marsh. 

314. Charles, b. 8-25-1875 ; unmarried. 

152. WILLIAM HENRY WILLIAMSON, son of William Wil- 
liamson, 48, and Nancy Evans (Crutchfield) Williamson, was b. 
near Green Hill, Wilson County, Tenn., 10-29-1828, and d. near 
Lebanon, in the same county, 3-16-1887. He m. at Murfrees- 
boro, Tenn., 1-30-1870, Mrs. Mattie 0. (Ready) Morgan, widow 
of the Confederate General, John H. Morgan, who was killed in 
1864, and dau. of Chas. Ready, who was a member of Congress, 
and his wife, Martha A. Strong. She was b. at Murfreesboro, 
Tenn., 6-21-1840 and d. at Lebanon, 11-16-1887. He was a law- 
yer, democrat and Presbyterian. 

Williamson Children : 

315. William Henry, b. 11-8-1873 ; m. Mary Ready Weaver. 

He was a lawyer, resided in Nashville, Tenn., d. Jan., 

316. Martha Ready, b. 10-15-1874; m. Winstead P. Bone. 

Has three children : Alice Bone, Martha Ready Bone, 
and Winstead Paine Bone. 

317. Charles Ready, b. July, 1876. 

318. Alice Martin, b. 5-26-1878 ; m. Amzi W. Hooker. Has 

two children : Alice Ready Hooker and John J. Hook- 

319. Nannie, b. 5-28-1881 ; d. 4-8-1883. 

132 The Cloyd Family 

156. ELIZABETH H. WILLIAMSON, (b. 5-20-1835, at Green 
Hill, Tenn.; d. 7-31-1910), dau. of Win. and Nancy (Crutch- 
field) Williamson, m. 1-24-1855, Dr. John Boyd Talbot. Resided 
in Nashville, Tenn. 

Talbot Children: 
*319a. Maggie E., b. 11-3-1855 ; m. H. L. W. Robertson. 
319b. Sue Evans, b. 3-12-1857 ; d. 5-29-1881 ; unmarried. 
319c. William Williamson, b. 1-8-1859; burned to death 3-7- 

*319d. John H., b. 10-10-1861 ; m. Louise S. Bowling. 
*319e. Joseph Hale, b. 6-26-1866 ; m. Ada F. Fuller. 
*319f . George Williamson, b. 5-26-1868 ; m. Jennie Womack. 
319g. Ruth Burton, b. 10-17-1870; single. Resides in Nash- 
ville, Tenn. 
319h. Thomas, b. 1-25-1873 ; m. Maud Garner, who d. 3-29-08 ; 

no children. 
319i. Van Williamson, b 3-5-1875; m. Eliza Greenwood; no 

319j. Nancy Mabry, b. 8-20-1877 ; unmarried. 

159. SARAH INDIANA WILLIAMSON, dau. of William, 48, 
and Nancy (Crutchfield) Williamson, was b. at Green Hill, 
Tenn., 3-2-1842. She m. Dr. James R. Lester, 8-16-1865. He 
was a Captain in the Confederate Army, and at the time of his 
death 2-15-1895, was a practicing physician at Lebanon, Tenn., 
where she resides. 

Lester Children: 
319k. Nellie Evans, b. 9-7-1866. 

3191. Jennie, b. 11-29-1868; m. 10-25-1893, Rev. H. N. Bar- 
bee, a Presbyterian minister. Two children: Henry 
Lester Barbee, b. 9-11-1895, Sara Elizabeth Barbee, 
b. 11-4-1897. 
319m. James Williamson, b. 9-27-1871; d. 4-1-1906 unmar- 
ried ; was a lawyer. 
319n. Maria Louise, b. 8-25-1882 ; d. 5-12-1889. 
319o. Johnnie M., b. 7-13-1884 ; m. 4-12-1909, Malcolm Patter- 
son, Jr., son of Gov. Patterson of Tenn. To them 
was born a son 4-3-1910, Malcolm III; died in in- 

The Cloyd Family 133 

165. EZEKIEL CLOYD ALEXANDER, (b. 10-30-1813; d. 
10-2-1897), son Benjamin and Sallie (Cloyd) Alexander, 50, m. 
Mrs. Abagail Matthews, 3-21-1872. She was b. 1840 and resides 
at Mt. Juliet, Tenn. 

Alexander Children : 

320. Lemuel, b. 1-17-1873 ; m. 7-8-1896. Resides at Nashville, 


321. Morton, b. 7-20-1875, is a ruling elder in the C. P. church 

at Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. 

322. Sallie, b. 6-6-1878 ; m. 1-11-1908, Sumner Bradshaw, Mt. 

Juliet, Tenn. 

Co., Tenn., 5-26-1829 ; d. in Nashville 8-18-1906 ; youngest son of 
Benjamin and Sarah (Cloyd) Alexander, 50, m. 8-4-1858, Sarah 
Jane Wood, b. 3-16-1836, dau. of David and Annie B. (Brown) 
Wood of Wilson County. 

The following biography is extracted from a Nashville paper, 
dated August 18th, 1906 : 

' ' When Rev. Joseph Lowry Alexander died this looming, one of God 's 
most constant and consistent servants passed to his reward. He was a min- 
ister of the old school and delighted in his calling. He was instrumental in 
bringing thousands to Christ by the earnestness and effectiveness of his 

"He was pastor of Cane Ridge Church in Davidson County for nearly 
twenty years and was also pastor of the Watkins Park Presbyterian church 
and the Ninth Cumberland Presbyterian church in Nashville for several 
years. His different pastorates extended over a period of fifty years. 
For the last several years he preferred missionary work to a pastor- 
ate and traveled over many counties preaching nearly every Sunday. It was 
his boast that in all his life he never missed but one appointment when it was 
possible for him to keep it. The son of Godly parents, he was reared in an 
atmosphere of wholesome piety and the strength of his Christian character 
in later life is not surprising. His mother was a woman of rare intellectual 
vigor and Christian virtues. She was the daughter of Rev. Ezekiel Cloyd, 
one of the first preachers licensed in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 
which was founded in 1810. 

134 The Cloyd Family 

Mr. Alexander was converted at a camp meeting at tbe Stoner 's Creek 
Church in 1842, when only thirteen years of age, entered the ministry in 
1851 and graduated from the Cumberland University in 1856." 

Alexander Children : 

323. Josephine Elizabeth, b. 6-10-1859; m. W. E. Alfred, 

Nashville, Tenn. 

324. Maggie Alice, d. 10-30-1884, aged 23. 

325. Luther Foster, d. 9-10-1894, aged 36. 

326. Sallie, b. 5-13-1866 ; became a missionary in Osaka, Ja- 


327. Benjamin G., b. Sept. 1868, m. Lucy McBerry, Memphis, 

Tenn. ; is a Gen. Sec'y of the Y. M. C. A. 

328. Eugenia Lowry, b. Sept. 1871, Hopkinsville, Ky. 

A teacher in Girls' Colleges. 

329. Adah Laura, b. Sept. 1874, Nashville, Tenn. 

173. JANE CLOYD, dau. of John, 51, and Lettie (Alexander) 
Cloyd, was b. 3-19-1815 ; d. 1-30-1893 ; m. William Spears, 1-17- 
1833. He was b. 12-25-1807 and d. 3-23-1884. 

Spears Children: 

330. John C, b. 1-15-1834; d. 10-26-1872; m. 12-26-1865, 

Mary Ellis, b. 10-7-1832; d. 1893. Resided at Le- 
banon, Tenn. 

331. J. Thomas, b. 1-13-1835; m. Parmela Ellis, 9-18-1866. 

He was a Confederate soldier. He is a Methodist 
and resides at Lebanon, Tenn. Children : Lenna, m. 
Scroggin ; Minnie, m. Grisham, and Ira Leon. 

332. Sarah A., b. 3-21-1836 ; d. 1-3-1894. 

*333. Lewis E., b. 6-5-1838; d. 3-28-1893; m. (1) 1-8-1868, Su- 
san Alexander; (2) Amanda Tomlinson. 

334. William S., b. 12-10-1840 ; he was a Confederate cavalry- 

man. Resides at Lebanon, Tenn. 

335. Mary C, b. 8-20-1844. Resides Lebanon, Tenn. 
*336. Nannie, b. 11-18-1848 ; m. William A. Jackson. 

180. WILLIAM STEWART CLOYD, only child of Joseph, 52, 
and Catherine (Alexander) Cloyd, was b. 6-16-1816, at Lebanon, 
Wilson County, Tenn., and d. 8-19-1885, in McKinney Col- 

The Cloyd Family 135 

lin County, Texas. About 1840 he m. his second cousin, 
Ann White James, dau. of William James and Martha, or ' ' Pat- 
sy" (Cloyd) James and granddaughter of David Cloyd. She 
was b. 7-28-1821 and d. about 1848 in Waverly, Humphrey Co., 
Tenn, He removed from Tennessee to Texas in 1858. He was 
a Methodist. 

Children : 

337. William Joseph, b. 12-1-1841. Killed during the Civil 

*338. Thomas James, b. 1-23-1844 ; m. Mary Lou Smith. 

339. Martha, b. ; d. in infancy. 

340. Nancy, b. ; d. in infancy. 

181. JANE W. CLOYD, dau. of David, 53, and Nancy (Wilson) 
Cloyd, was b. 9-1-1820, in Wilson County, Tenn., and m, Samuel 
Hays, 8-17-1836. He d. in 1865, and she d. 4-15-1875. They re- 
sided near Mayfield, Ky. 

Hays Children : 

*341. Nannie E., b. 3-18-1838 ; m. W. M. Colley. 

*342. Margaret C, b. 9-13-1841; m. C. B. Elliott. 

*343. Andrew J., b. 5-13-1842 ; m. Mary Elison, 1868. 

344. William J., b. 8-18-1846. Resides Mayfield, Ky. 

Is a farmer and a democrat. 

345. John R., b. 7-26-1849. Resides Mayfield, Ky. Is a 

Building Contractor and democrat. 
846. David H., b. 1-9-1852; ra. Fannie Tinsley, Feb. 1891. 
Children: R. Ross, b. 5-24-1892; Verna, b. 9-5-1895; 
d. 2-3-1897. 

347. Mary A., b. 8-19-1854; m. Jno. B. Cochran, Jan. 1875. 

An only child, Louis Andrew, b. Jan 1870, d. Aug. 

348. Sarah Jane, b. 3-7-1857; m. (l') B. M. Russell, June, 

1888, who d. May, 1902. She m. (2) C. W. Moody, 
Feb. 1907, and d. 12-7-1908. 

349. Julia Florence, b. 5-13-1861; m. F. M. Mofifitt, 8-14- 


136 The Cloyd Family 

182. SARAH CLOYD, dau. of David, 53, and Nancy (Wilson) 
Cloyd was b. 3-10-1822, m. W. F. Hamblen, 11-3-1842, and d. 
1890. Originally a Cumberland Presbyterian she joined the 
Baptist church after marriage. Residence, Wilson County, 

Hamblen Children: 

*350. Columbus, b. 2-15-1848 ; m. Mary Bettis. 

351. Almarine, b. 1850. Resides Beckwith, Tenn. 

352. Joseph, b. 1852 ; d. 1872. 

353. Fanny, b. 1854 ; d. 1868. 

354. Nannie, b. 1856 ; d. 1868. 

355. John, b. 1858 ; d. 1878. 

183. MARGARET P. CLOYD, b. 7-19-1825, dau. of David, 53, 
and Nancy (Wilson) Cloyd, m. Col. A. J. Finney 4-2-1848. She 
was reared in Wilson county, Tennessee, and was a member of 
the C. P. Church. Col. Finney was a descendant of the South 
Carolina Finneys who are supposed to be of French Huguenot 
descent. His father William Finney emigrated from South Car- 
olina to Tennessee about the year 1800. There is a tradition 
that he had twelve uncles in the Revolutionary army. After 
marriage Col. Finney settled near Mayfield, Ky., and engaged 
in farming. He was a Whig-Democrat, and in church relation 
a Cumberland Presbyterian. He acquired his military title by 
serving as Colonel of a regiment under the old organization of 
the state forces of Tennessee. He died about 1892, and his wife 
in 1899. 

Finney Children: 

356. R. Lee, b. 1-27-1850 ; d. 10-9-1902 ; unmarried. 

357. Lou P., b. 10-10-1853; d. 9-30-1888; m. Dr. J. A. Mc- 

Neely in 1884. Two children died in infancy. 
*358. Herschel L., b. 11-29-1855 ; m. Laura Stokes. 
*359. Margaret A., b. 3-1-1858 ; m. N. L. Galloway. 
*360. Pennie J., b. 12-23-1865; m. (1) C. J. Jones; (2) Dr. A. 

P. Hensley. 

The Cloyd Family 137 

184. ELIZA JANE CLOYD, dau. of Newton, 55, and Eliza- 
beth (Williamson) Cloyd, was b. 10-27-1824, and d. 5-4-1892. 
She m. William Finney, 10-27-1842. He was born near Smyrna, 
Rutherford County, Tennessee, and died at Mt. Juliet, 3-21- 

1893. „ ^ 

Finney Children: 

361. Margaret Caroline, b. 2-2-1844. 

*362. Newton Jefferson, b. 11-8-1846 ; m. Ruth L. Smith. 

*363. ]\Iartha Ewing, b. 4-16-1849 ; m. Thos. W. Bradshaw. 

*364. Charles William, b. 6-20-1851 ; m. Emma Cleaves. 

365. Sarah Elizabeth, b. 1-2-1861 ; m. L. D. Martin. 

192. ANDREW JACKSON TATE (b. 9-30-1834 ; d. 7-31-1897) 
son of John W. and Elizabeth (Cloyd) Tate, 57, m. (1) 3-22-1866, 
Sarah Alexander, (b. 3-8-1838; d. 3-19-1871); (2) 12-30-1873, 
Elizabeth Brewer, (b. 6-16-1829). She resides in Nashville, 
Tenn. He served as an officer in the 45th Tenn. Reg't., C. S. 
A., and was in several of the greatest battles of the war. After 
the war he was a farmer and a ruling elder in the C. P. Church 
at Mt. Juliet, Tenn. 

Tate Children : 

*366. Alice, b. 2-17-1867 ; m. Rev. J. B. Waggoner. 

*367. Mary E., b. 3-12-1868; m. E. M. Lowe. 

368. Emma, b. 4-13-1869 ; d. 5-26-1869. 

*369. Lenna Lee, b. 6-26-1870, m. Rev. Lafayette Layman. 

193. WILLIAM NEWTON TATE, (b. 9-24-1837; d. 10-29- 
1897), son of John W. and Elizabeth (Cloyd) Tate, 57, m. 12-22- 
1871, Almira Cawthorn, (b. 1-4-1845; d. 10-19-1900), He was 
a Captain of Company H, 7th Tenn. Reg't. Served in the 
Army of Northern Virginia under General Lee and was at Ap- 
pomattox. He was a farmer and a member of the C. P. Church. 

Tate Children: 

370. Artie Polk, b. 7-19-1876 ; m. Maggie Glasgow. 

371. Harry L., b. 4-18-1874; d. 5-3-1875. 

194. JOHN BELL TATE, b. 3-24-1840, son of John W. and 
Elizabeth (Cloyd) Tate, 57, m. (1) 12-28-1874, Fanny A. Kerr, 
(b. 6-21-1853; d. 8-24-1876) ; (2) Sallie Hunter. He served in 

138 The Cloyd Family 

the Confederate Army in Virginia; was in the battle of Seven 
Pines, the Seven Days Battle around Richmond and other en- 
gagements. He is a farmer and a member of the C. P. Church 
at Mt. Juliet, Tenn. 

Tate Child : 
First marriage : 

372. Annie, b. 4-22-1876; m. 12-26-1901, Samuel Freeman. 

Child : Glenn Freeman, b. 4-2-1903. 

195. ROBERT P. H. TATE, b. 11-28-1844, son of John W. and 

Elizabeth (Cloyd) Tate, 57, m. 1-14-1868, Phillissa A. b. 

2-15-1847. He served from 1862 to the end of the war in the 
Confederate Cavalry under Gen. Joe Wheeler and took part in 
many exciting raids conducted by this distinguished cavalry 
leader. He was captured and confined at Fort Delaware. After 
the war he devoted his energies to farming and for many years 
was a ruling elder in the C. P. church at Mt. Juliet, Tenn. His 
present address is Nashville, Tenn. 

Tate Children : 

373. Minna B., b. 5-5-1869 ; d. 1-19-1870. 

374. James A., b. 11-3-1870; m. 1905. Is a ruling elder in 

Russell St., C. P. Church, Nashville, Tenn. 

375. Jessie J., b. 2-28-1873; m. 3-8-1893, Charles Lane (b. 

8-15-1872; d. 1908). Their children: Mary Will, Lou- 
isa, John Robert, George and Agnes S., reside in 
Nashville, Tenn. 

376. Nannie, b. 6-26-1875; m. 7-8-1896, Lemuel Alexander. 

Their children: Robert Cloyd, b. 4-25-1899, and 
Frank DeWitt, b. 11-16-1903. Reside in Nashville, 

377. Sallie, b. 9-9-1877 ; d. 3-24-1899. 

378. Sue, b. 1879; m. 1899 Edward Bond. Children: 

Jewell, b. 11-27-1900, Rufus, b. 11-19-1903, Hav- 
ron, b. 3-12-1905, and Marshall, b. 8-11-1908. Re- 
side at Hendersonville, Tenn. 

379. Florence, b. ; m. G. M. Edmondson, Nashville, Tenn. 

380. Burney, resides at Nashville, Tenn. 

381. Ruth, resides at Nashville, Tenn. 

382. R. M., resides at Chicago, Ills. 

The Cloyd Family 139 

196. DAVID CLOYD, the oldest son of John, 58, and Nancy 
(Trice) Cloyd m. Eliza Hope and removed to the state of Ar- 
kansas where he died. » 

Children : 

383. Lyda, m. Mitchell. She died young, leaving three 


384. James. 

385. John, killed by Mexicans. 

386. David Preston. 

197. TANDY TRICE CLOYD, second son of John, 58, and 
Nancy (Trice) Cloyd, was b. 1-5-1823, in Davidson County, 
Tenn., and d. 5-28-1877, in Fayette County, Tenn. He m. Sarah 
Elizabeth Boyd. 

Children : 

387. Tandy Holman, b. 12-30-1856; m. Jennie Boyd. No 

children. Resides Somerville, Tenn. 

388. Nancy Elizabeth, b. 2-27-1859 ; m. J. H. Edwards. Has 

two children. 

389. Eliza Jane, b. 4-5-1862 ; d. 7-17-1896 ; single. 

390. John Kennard, b. 12-15-1864; m. Fannie Booth. Has 

one child. Resides Edgewood, Texas. 

391. William L., b. 6-7-1867 ; m. Gillie Boyd. Resides Kemp, 


392. David C, b. 2-7-1870." Resides in Texas. 

393. Sarah Christina, b. 1-22-1873 ; m. W. J. McDowell. Four 


394. Minnie Lee, b. 12-24-1875. 

207. DAVID CLOYD JAMES, son of William and Martha 
(Cloyd) James, 59, was b. 12-21-1828 and married four times. 
He m. (1) Sarah Ann Nunn, 2-14-1850, who d. 4-1-1851. He m. 
(2) Frances F. Carey, who d. 9-25-1856, leaving two sons, John 
Charles and Frank who d. respectively Nov. 9, and 12, 1860. 
He m. (3) Martha Ann Kirk, 12-10-1857, who d. 11-16-1862, 
leaving two sons, David Alexander and Matt Kirk, who d. re- 
spectively Feb. 22 and Mar. 29, 1864, and a daughter Viola Cloyd 
who d. previously. He m. (4) 9-26-1865, Amanda Morris who d. 
3-9-1907, leaving four children. 

140 The Cloyd Family 

He removed from the vicinity of Nashville in 1847 to Crit 
tenden Co., Ky., where he was Assistant Superintendent of the 
Bell Coal Mines until 1854, .when he was elected Clerk of the 
Circuit Court which position he held for five years, and then 
practiced law for several years. In 1872, he became cashier of 
the Bank of Union County at Morganfield of which he later be- 
came president, resigning that position in 1905 on account of 
failing health. He now (1910) resides with his daughter Martha 
at Madisonville, Ky. 

James Children : 
Fourth marriage : 

395. Morris Cloyd, b. 11-10-1867; m. 9-8-1904, Juliet Lune- 

hard. He is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University 
and has been a professor in the University of Califor- 
nia and is at present (1910) Superintendent of the 
High School at Berkeley, Cal. He has no children. 

396. Harry, b. 8-10-1869. Resides Morganfield, Ky. 

397. Lucy Amanda, b. 3-10-1871 ; m. 6-4-1901, Robt. C. Stuart, 

a druggist, at Charleston, 111. 

398. Martha, b. 4-23-1873 ; m. 11-30-1889, Rufus L. Parrish, 

and resides at Madisonville, Ky. Children : David 
Andrew, b. 11-28-1899; Rufus James, b. 5-3-1901; 
Martha Love, b. 11-5-1905; Helen, b. 5-10-1907. 

208. MARTHA ROWAN JAMES, dau. of William and Martha 
(Cloyd) James, 59, was b. 7-16-1831, near Nashville, Tenn., m. 
in 1856 at Providence, Webster County, Ky., Daniel Head, who 
was b. in Chester County, So. Car., 3-25-1807, and d. in Prince- 
ton, Gibson County, Ind. He was a merchant, a democrat in 
politics, a Presbyterian in religion and resided at different times 
at Providence, Ky., Evansville, and Princeton, Ind. She d. 10- 
1-1899, in Chicago, 111. 

Head Children : 
399. Carrie E., b. 11-16-1857. Resides Chicago, 111. 
*400. Cloyd James, b. 9-7-1859 ; m. Elizabeth Simmons. 
*401. GusTAVUs P., b. 9-25-1861 ; ra. Nettie J. Currie. 

209. NANCY FRANCES JAMES, youngest dau. of William 
and Martha (Cloyd) James, 59, was b. 4-23-1832, and m, John 
T>. Barnhill of Hopkins County, Ky., in 1853. 

The Cloyd Family 141 

Barnhill Children: 

402. William James^ m. Brunette Langeford and resides at 

Madisonville, Ky. 

403. Emma, m. Joseph B. McGaw. Resides Madisonville, 


404. John, m. Miss Montgomery. Resides in Hopkins Coun- 

ty, Ky. 

405. Sallie, m. Robert Bishop. Resides in Oakland, Cal. Has 

several children. 

406. Charles, m. ; d. . Left two daughters, Agnes 

and Nannie. 

407. David, m. ■ . Resides in Hopkins County, Ky. 

408. E. Byrd, m. Miss Humphrey. Resides in Madisonville, 


409. Nannie, m. John Slater. Resides in Cal. 

211. SARAH ANN, or "SALLY" CLOYD, oldest child of 
Gilbert Marshall, 60, and Linney (Jones) Cloyd, was b. 8-28- 
1823, and m. John Morgan Patrick, a brother to Luke Patrick 
who married Jane Cloyd, and to Larkin Patrick of Howard 
County, Mo. They were sons of Luke Patrick who married Lou- 
vinia Cason. 

Patrick Children : 

410. LiNNiE Emerine, b. 12-5-1840; m. Robt. S. Boyles. Re- 

sides in Denver, Colo. 

411. Henry Edward, b. 8-31-1842 ; m. Ora Lee Cline. 

412. George David, b. 6-13-1844 ; m. Mary Nolan. 
*413. Mary Jane, b. 3-23-1846 ; m. Harvey Stewart. 

414. LouviNiA Ann, b. May 1848 ; d. in infancy. 

415. Margaret Elizabeth, b. 5-6-1850 ; m. John Tensaw. Re- 

sides in Salt Lake City. 
*416. Matilda Ann, b. 2-2-1852 ; m. James Mefferd. 
417. Martha Ellen, b. 8-2-1854; m. Robert Vincent. Re- 
sides in Oakland, Cal. No children. 
*418. Sarah Amanda, b. 4-1-1856 ; m. Orlando Hughes. 
419. Alice Parthena, b. 9-6-1858; m. John Nooney. She d. 

*420. Susan Isabel, b. 1-28-1860; m. Melville E. Hopkins. 
421. William Price, b. 9-4-1861 ; d. 1874. 

142 The Cloyd Family 

212. DAVID PRESTON CLOYD, the second child and oldest 
son of Gilbert Marshall, 60, and Malinda (Jones) Cloyd, was b. 
in Howard County, Missouri, 6-4-1825. His entire life was 
spent in this county, most of the time in the vicinity of his birth 
near Boonesboro. He was a farmer, was married three times 
and raised a large family of children. Nov. 1843, he married 
Mrs. Lutesia Cason Miller, youngest daughter of Geo. Cason of 
Howard County. She was born about 1814 and had one daugh- 
ter by her first marriage, Mary Miller, who married a Lyons. 
He married his second wife Sarah J. Minor 1-18-1848. She was 
a sister to Mary Minor who married Jackson Cloyd. His third 
marriage was to Mrs. Martha A. Maupin 11-16-1887. 

He was a man of powerful physique, six feet two inches tall 
and weighed two hundred pounds. He was in feeble health for 
several years on account of a nervous breakdown or paresis and 
died in the State Hospital at Fulton, Missouri, 5-9-1904. 

First marriage: Children: 

*422. William Cason, b. 9-16-1844; m. (1) Mary B. Simcoke; 

(2) Fanny V. Summers. 
Second marriage : 

423. Martha Lusanny, b. 11-24-1848; m. 12-3-1868, Alfred 

A. Silvey ; d. 11-8-1869. 

424. Margaret Isabella, b. 11-26-1850; d. 5-25-1868. 

425. Enize Ann, b. 4-27-1852 ; d. 11-25-1853. 

426. Mary Elizabeth, b. 12-14-1853 ; d. 1-24-1862. 

*427. Rev. Luther Lycurgus, b. 8-26-1855 ; m. Lillie A. Biles. 
428. Frances Simicy, b. 9-11-1857 ; d. 7-12-1876. 
*429. Sarah Ellen, b. 5-29-1859; m. Fount Grisham, 2-18- 

430. Cordelia Price, b. 1-10-1861 ; m. John E. Dismukes, 4-3- 

1881 ; d. 10-30-1884. 

431. Laura Lee, b. 1-15-1863 ; d. 5-4-1880. 

*432. David Excellmus, b. 11-11-1864 ; m. Sept. 1903, Susanna 

*433. Charles Painter, b. 12-27-1866; m. Adeline Jackson. 

434. Oscar Vaughn, b. 4-4-1868; drowned, Janesville, Wis., 


435. Clarence Quintin, b. 5-12-1871 ; d. 7-18-1889. 

436. LuLiE Adella, b. 2-9-1873 ; m. James M. Estill, 2-18-1892. 
Third marriage : 

437. Finis Preston, b. 5-23-1891. Resides near Higbee, Mo. 

The Cloyd Family 143 

213. JOHN WESLEY CLOYD, b. 9-4-1826, near Boonesboro, 
Howard County, Mo., son of Gilbert Marshall, 60, and Malinda 
(Jones) Cloyd, m. 2-29-1849 near Rocheport, Howard Co., Eliza 
Jane Basye b. 6-2-1826 in Culpepper Co., Va., dau. of Richard 
Taylor and Mary (Tapp) Basye. 

His mother died when he was eleven years old. When he 
was about thirteen years old his father re-married and he went 
to live with an older sister, Sarah, who had married John Pat- 
rick. He remained with his sister four or five years and then 
lived with J. W. A. Patterson, near Fayette until his marriage 
in 1849. While with Mr. Patterson he learned the tanners' 
trade and received twenty five dollars a year for his services. 
After his marriage he engaged in farming which pursuit he fol- 
lowed the rest of his life. 

His school advantages in childhood were very limited, and 
yet by application in after life and by reading he acquired a 
large fund of information. He was a great Bible student and 
read the Bible through repeatedly. The family altar was main- 
tained in his home until his family was nearly all grown. He 
joined the Disciples or Campbellite Church in early life and after 
his marriage transferred his membership to the Baptist Church 
in order to be in the same church as his wife. 

At the beginning of the Civil War he attempted to maintain 
an attitude of neutrality. His sympathies were naturally with 
the South and when this became known, and after an attempt on 
his life by his enemies, he entered the Confederate Army and re- 
mained with it until the close of the war. In October, 1864, he 
enlisted at Glasgow, Mo., in Gen. John B. Clarke's Brigade, a 
portion of Gen. Sterling Price 's army which was marching South- 
ward through western Missouri. His oldest son, Willard W., a 
lad only 15 years old, a few weeks before joined another Com- 
pany of Price's Army. 

No pen can ever describe the emotions that must have rent 
his breast when he found he must leave his wife and six small 
children at home, as he felt his life would be safer in the service 
than at home. Driven from home by the cruel exigencies of 
war, he found some comfort in the thought that he might be near 
his son, not yet grown but who had experienced a burst of patriot- 
ism and had already joined the army. During the winter of '64 
and '65 he had ample opportunities of exercising this paternal 

144 The Cloyd Family 

care. Price 's Army went into winter quarters on the Red River 
near the Indian Territory and Arkansas State line. His son 
Willard was stricken with malarial fever. The father's camp 
was eight or ten miles from the hospital. This distance he cov- 
ered daily on foot for several days in order to render what assis- 
tance and attention he could to his son. He succeeded in secur- 
ing an order to have his son transferred to another hospital near 
Washington, Arkansas, more healthfully located, where the son 
soon recovered. 

In April 1865, when the news of Lee's surrender was receiv- 
ed his command was ordered to Shreveport, La., to surrender. 
He and his son and many others proceeded to Pine Bluff, Ark 
however, it being in the direction of home, and surrendered to 
Gen. Powell Clayton and were immediately parolled. No time 
was lost in returning to his family and home in Howard Co., Mo., 
which they reached some time in May. 

He was a man about 5 ft. 9 in. tall and weighed 200 to 225 
pounds. Dark hair, but not black, and dark brown eyes showed 
the crossing of his Scotch-Irish ancestry with other stock. Hon- 
est to a fault he built up a reputation for integrity second to 
none. Affectionate and kind to his family, no such thing as dis- 
cord ever entered his home. He was loved by his children with 
an exceptional filial devotion. 

The following extract from a letter written by a nephew 
who had known his uncle long and intimately is a fitting testi- 
monial to the character of the man. 

W. W. Cloyd, New Birmingham, Texas, June 8, 1891. 

Fayette, Mo. 
Dear Cousin : — 

I was truly shocked by the sad intelligence contained in your favor of 
the 20th, of the sudden death of Uncle John, and I scarcely have language 
to convey to you my sorrow at this news. But while this grieves me most 
deeply there is a most cheering thought in a review of the noble and exem- 
plary Christian life of the beloved departed one. It is rare indeed that men 's 
lives are so uniformly pure and upright, both as Christian men and as pure 
and honored citizens. And when we reflect that our ultimate destiny is his, 
and also that it is inevitable, we may be permitted to feel a just pride in 
his life's record. Few men can boast purer and truly nobler ancestors or 
kinsman. After a life now nearing the half cei>tury-post, and a busy one 
too, mingling with people of all classes and notions, I have rarely if ever 
met his equal, and never his superior in these qualities; and surely if his 
life is not worthy of emulation then none is. 

Mrs. Elizabeth M. (Cloyd) Richardson 216, Sec. 3 

G. N. Cloyd 218, Sec. 3 

Gilbert Marshall Cloyd 60, Sec. 3 

John Wesley Cloyd 213, Sec. 3 

The Cloyd Family 145 

Please assure Dear Aunt Eliza and all the family of my sincerest sym- 
pathies, and point them to the life of him whom they mourn as a bright and 
steadfast beacon to guide them through the remainder of life's journey. 
May his precepts ever be fresh to our memories to guide us on the straight 

Believe me your affectionate cousin, 

Wm. C. Cloyd. 

- John W. Cloyd died 5-30-1891, and was buried at the old 
Washington Church Cemetery in Howard County. In Decem- 
ber, 1910, his remains were removed to the Walnut Ridge Ceme- 
tery near Fayette. His wife, Eliza J. Cloyd, died 12-6-1910, and 
their bodies lie side by side to await the final summons on the 
Ressurrection Morning. 

Children : 

*438. WiLLARD WiNTHROP, b. 12-6-1849 ; m. Mary Terry. 
*439. Arthur Alonzo, b. 11-29-1851 ; m. Frances Martin. 
440. Laura, b. 2-17-1855 ; m. Jas. B. Shores, 4-3-1873 ; d. 3-15- 

1881. Left no children. 
*441. John Willie, b. 9-5-1857 ; m. Elizabeth Wolff. 
*442. Augustus Davis, b. 2-17-1860; m. (1) May V. Barnes, 

(2) Nina E. Smith. 
*443. Claiborn Jackson, b. 9-14-1861 ; m. Eva Underwood. 

444. Richard Lee, b. 11-14-1863 ; d. 11-17-1876. 

445. Effie, b. 7-1-1866. 

446. Irene, b. 7-29-1869; m. Rev. Chas. Franklin, 1-7-1896. 

He is (1910) Pastor of the Beacon Hill Congrega- 
tional Church of Kansas City, Mo. He was b. 10-14- 
1868, and son of Thomas Calvin and Sarah E. 
(Amick) Franklin of Pettis Co., Mo. 

214. HETTY JANE CLOYD, b. 2-13-1828, dau. of Gilbert 
Marshall and Linney (Jones) Cloyd, m. Luke Patrick, brother 
to John Patrick, who married Sarah Cloyd, and brother to 
Larkin Patrick of Howard County, Missouri. Luke Patrick 
went to California before the birth of the first and only child 
and did not return. She afterwards married H. J. Wilkes and 
lived for many years at Syracuse, Nebraska. Wilkes died in 
1906 and she afterwards resided with her daughter, Mrs. Losee 
in Lincoln, Neb., when she died in March, 1907, 

146 The Cloyd Family 

Patrick Child : 
447. Fannie, m. Losee. She resides in Lincoln, Neb., and has 
several sons and daughters. Losee was in the Union 
Army during the Civil War. 

215. JACKSON CLOYD, b. 2-8-1830, near Glasgow, Howard 
County, Missouri, son of Gilbert Marshall, 60, and Linney 
(Jones) Cloyd, m. 3-28-1850, Mary Minor, b. \1-15-1833, near 
Glasgow, and dau. of Jas. Yowell and Elizabeth (Tooley) Minor 
of Fredericksburg, Va. He is a farmer, a democrat and a Bap- 
tist. He has lived near Shannondale, Chariton County, Mo., 
and for several years has retired from the farm and lived in 

Salisbury, Missouri. ^ 

Children : 

448. Mary Louisa, b. 4-1-1851. Resides in Salisbury, Mo. 

449. Henry Jackson, b. 11-21-1855; m. Rachel Potts. She 

died in 1907 leaving two children. He resides at 
Oakland, Cal. 

450. Gilbert James, b. 8-29-1855; d. 9-20-1855. 

451. Monroe Washington, b. 2-18-1857. Resides Oakland, 


452. Edith Evelyne, b. 12-28-1858 ; d. 2-19-1859. 

453. Charles Campbell, b. 3-12-1860 ; d. 9-21-1862. 
*454. Walter Julius, b. 12-7-1862; m. Clara Boeber. 

455. Oliver Hannibal, b. 9-21-1864; m Florence Morgan. 

Resides Kansas City, Mo., and has several children. 

456. William Logan, b. 10-28-1866 ; m. Margrett Parks. Re- 

sides near Salisbury, Mo., has one child. 

457. Leslie Clayton, b. 7-11-1868 ; m. Nina Stevens. Re- 

sides Kansas City, Mo. 

458. Eloda Estelle, b. 3-10-1870 ; m. John Thurman. 

459. Annie Elsie, b. 10-24-1876 ; m. Jno. Wright. 

216. ELIZABETH MALINA CLOYD, b. 3-13-1831, near Glas- 
gow, Howard County Missouri, dau. of Gilbert Marshall Cloyd, 
60, and Linney (Jones) Cloyd, m. (1) 1-1-1851, Jas. P. Minor 
and had three children. Minor died and she m. (2) 4-19-1859, 
H. H. Richardson, b. 12-11-1824 in Tazewell Co., Va., son of 
Ancil and Jane (Davidson) Richardson. She united with the 
M. E. Church, South when 18 years of age and remained a con- 

The Cloyd Family 147 

sistent member until her death at Salisbury, Mo., Aug. 30, 1910. 

H. H. Richardson was a soldier in the Mexican War and made 

seven trips across the continent from the IMissouri River to the 

gold fields of California in the '50 's driving ox and mule teams. 

He had many exciting experiences with the Indians and was a 

friend of Kit Carson, the famous Indian Scout. He has resided 

the most of his life in Chariton Co., Mo. He has always been a 

democrat in politics and a member of the Methodist Church. 

H. H. Richardson had two children by a former marriage 

as follows: William Anderson Richardson, b. 1852, m. Marinda 

Holbrook and resides in Idaho ; Ladora Richardson, b. 1857, m. 

James Bozarth, who has since died and she resides in Salisbury, 


„. , . Minor Children: 

First marriage : 

460. Marshall Marion, b. 1851 ; m. Lucy Williams, 1881. Re- 

sides in Arkansas. 

461. Lucius Hannibal, b. 1855; m. Blanche Waterfield. He 

died 1905 at Troy, Mo., and she resides near Salis- 
bury, Mo. 
461a. Mary, died in infancy. 
Second marriage : 

Richardson Children : 

462. Gilbert, b. 1859 ; d. age 12. 

*463. Charles H., b. 10-26-1861 ; m. Blanch Wray. Is a farm- 
er. Resides near Moberly, Mo. 
*464. George, b. 3-11-1864; m. Ara McCully. 
*465. Maggie, b. 5-27-1866 ; m. Finis M. Stamper. 

466. Kate, b. Apr. 1868 ; m. Dr. B. J. Milam of Macon, Mo. ; 

d. . Left one son. 

467. Thomas, b. 7-4-1871 ; m. Lida Lay. 

218. GILBERT NELSON CLOYD, son of Gilbert Marshall 
Cloyd, 60, and Malinda (Jones) Cloyd, was b. in Howard Coun- 
ty, Mo., 3-1-1835. The first forty years of his life were spent 
in Chariton County, Missouri, where he followed the occupation 
of farmer and carpenter. In 1882 he removed to Fort Worth, 
Texas, and while there was engaged in the grocery business for 
a short time. In 1888 he moved to San Diego, Cal., where he 
died 6-30-1907. 

148 The Cloyd Family 

During the Civil War he served in the Missouri State Militia, 
altho his sympathies were with the Southern cause. He was a 
member of the Missionary Baptist Church and maintained the 
family altar. In physique he was about 5 ft. 9 in. tall, of strong 
build, rugged muscular and full blooded, with dark gray eyes, 
sandy whiskers and hair nearly black. 

He was twice married. His first wife, Sally Stearns, whom 
he m. Dec. 19, 1856, was b. in Howard County, Mo., 12-19-1839, 
and d. at Eureka Springs, Arkansas, where she had gone for her 
health, 12-19-1881, at the exact age of forty-two. 

In the fall of 1882, he m. Miss Susan Brown of Warrensburg 
Mo., who now, 1909, resides at San Diego, California. 

First marriage : Children : 

468. ZiLLAH Ann, b. 10-8-1858; m. (1) Col. J. M. Stone, 1-11- 

1882, at Bowie, Tex. (He died 1-11-1907.) m. (2) 

F. M. Paire, 10-11-1909. Resides at Bowie, Texas. 

No children. 
*469. Emma, b. 8-27-1860; m. (1) Hall. (2) Murphy. 
*470. Bynum Nelson, b. 3-12-1862 ; m. Esther Jane Downey. 
*471. Mary Jane, b. 7-31-1866 ; m. James B. Burge. 
472. Clark Clay, b. 8-16-1867; single. Resides in Chicago, 

*473. Clara Eliza, b. 12-29-1871 ; m. Martin Jenkins. 
Second marriage : 

474. Joseph Brown, b. 9-1-1883; resides San Diego, Califor- 

nia. Has served a four-year term in the U. S. Navy. 

475. Hattie Lenore, d. at 9 years. 

219. WILEY JONES CLOYD, son of Gilbert Marshall, 60, 
and Linney (Jones) Cloyd, was b. in Howard County, Mo., May 
11, 1837. He m. Sarah Elizabeth Rodgers, dau. of Jesse Cor- 
nelius and Ruth (Hurt) Rodgers. He was a farmer. 

He entered the Southern Army during the Civil War and 
never returned. It is supposed that he lost his life at the Bat- 
tle of Vicksburg ; but no trace of him could be found. 

Children : 
*476. William Preston, b. 11-5-1859 ; m. Eliza Ehrhardfc. 
477. Jesse Cornelius, b. 10-28-1861 ; ra. Susan Ehrhardt. 
*478. Gilbert Wiley, b. 4-11-1863 ; m. Ida Belle Warhurst. 

The Cloyd Family 149 

220. MARGARET CLOYD, (b. 5-11-1837; d. 12-18-1872), dau. 
of Gilbert Marshall, 60, and Linnie (Jones) Cloyd, m. (1) a 
man by name of Wingate, who died and she m. (2) 10-20-1868, 
William L. Dameron, b. 6-16-1820 in Caswell Co., N. C, d. 2-3- 
1906, at Moberly, Mo. He was son of Bartholomew and Rebecca 

Dameron Child: 

479. Flora, b. 10-30-1869; m. 8-25-1886, Porter B. Stamper, 
b. 12-3-1866, son of Daniel J. Stamper, of Randolph 
Co., Mo. He is a traveling salesman for a Kansas 
City wholesale firm. They reside at Hereford, Texas, 
and have no children. 

222. MARSHALL CLOYD, (b. 4-16-1844; d. 8-5-1905), dau. of 
Gilbert Marshall Cloyd, 60, by his second wife, m. W. S. Galle- 
more, b. 10-26-1836 near Frankfort, Ky. This family resided in 
Chariton County, Missouri. 

Gallemore Children : 

480. James Gilbert, b. 5-25-1862; m. Ella Trent; she died 

about 1900. There is one child, Roy Trent, Wash- 
ington, Mo., (1909.) 

481. William Stanley, b. 11-5-1863; m. Mary Dinkle. Re- 

sides Salisbury, Missouri. 

482. Sarah Catherine, b. 10-18-1865. Resides Salisbury, Mo. 

483. Jonathan Randolph, b. 2-22-1868; m. Jennie Rankin. 

Resides (1909) Long Beach, Cal. 

484. Arthur Thomas, b. 10-5-1870; m. Clara King. Resides 

(1909) Lewis, Kansas. 

485. Edward Lee, b. 1-4-1875 ; d. . 

486. Joseph Marshall, b. 3-6-1873 ; is a physician and is now 

(1909) in the Philippine Islands. 

487. Mary Eliza, b. 12-2-1877; m. Geo. F. Bolze. Resides 

near Brookfield, Mo. 

488. Martha May, b. 7-10-1882; m. L. P. Stark, 11-5-1908. 

Resides at Salisbury, Mo. 

489. Romeo Cloyd, b. 7-29-1887 ; m. Pearl Johnson. Resides 

(1909) Lees Summit, Mo. 

150 The Cloyd Family 

223. MARTHA JAMES CLOYD, b. 7-27-1845, near Glasgow, 
Howard County, Missouri, dau. of Gilbert Marshall Cloyd, 60, 
by second wife, m. Silas Moser, b. 4-30-1839, at Knoxville, Camp- 
bell County, Tenn., son of Henry and Amanda M. (Grant) Mo- 
ser. They have resided at Warrensburg, Missourt, and at pres- 
ent (1909) reside at Knob Noster, Johnson County, Missouri. 
They are Baptists. He is a farmer and democrat. 

Moser Children : 

490. Gilbert Henry, b. 7-23-1861 ; d. 10-28-1882. 

491. Adam Edwin, b. 6-23-1866; m. Cora Sleek, 10-31-1899; 

Resides 2543 Gilham Road, Kansas City, Mo. 

492. Maktha Olivia, b. 11-1-1868 ; m. Wm. Ragner, 5-24-1891. 

Resides Knob Noster, Mo. 

493. Silas Roma, b. 12-11-1871 ; d. Oct. 1874. 

494. Mary Melvina, b. 3-24-1874; m. Wm. Dow, 7-21-1895. 

Resides Knob Noster, Mo. 

495. Hattie Kate, b. 7-14-1876 ; d. 9-26-1903. 

496. Julian Cloyd, b. 9-24-1878 ; d. 6-23-1880. 

497. Gertrude Marshall, b. 12-13-1881 ; d. 12-15-1883. 

498. Ora Hendrix, b. 8-14-1884 ; d. 8-26-1898. 

499. Florence, b. 12-19-1888 ; m. Robert Dow, 7-4-1907. Re- 

sides Knob Noster, Missouri. 

229. FRANCIS MARION CLOYD, who appears to have been 
the son of James Marshall Cloyd, 63, was born near Nashville, 
Tenn., in 1829. In early life, in company with his half brothers 
and sisters, he removed to Illinois where he m. Sarah Ann Ferris 
of Schuyler County. In 1850 he resided in Quincy, 111., where 
he learned the trade of cabinet maker. He resided for a while 
at Rushville, where he was a Deputy Sheriff. He moved to Han- 
nibal, Mo., for a time and then returned to Pigeon Creek, near 
Paysons, 111., and operated a saw mill and was accidentally shot 
and killed while hunting by one of his best friends, May 1, 1870, 
in Pike County, 111. 

He was a man of liberal education, of strong religious con- 
victions and a great Bible student. Sarah A. Cloyd, wife of 

The Cloyd Family 151 

Francis M. Cloyd, died 1859. He then married Nancy Bowen, 
and had one daughter who died in 1908. 

Children : 

500. James Edward, b. 2-2-1849 ; d. 2-20-1879. 

501. Lydia Elizabeth, b. 5-3-1851 ; m. A. C. Shearer. Re- 

sides New Canton, 111. Children : Arthur, b. 1869 ; 
Harriet Pearl, b. 1877 ; Flossie Roy, b. 1883 ;• Zoe 
Eola, b. 1888 ; Edwin, b. 1893. 

502. Mary Jane, b. 4-1-1853 ; d. . 

503. Emma Ann. 

504. Martha Catherine, b. 1856 ; m. W. G. McFarland. Re- 

sides near Tulsa, Okla. Children : Delia, b. 1877, m, 
Henkin. Resides Tulsa; Joseph, b. 1879, Resides 
St. Louis ; James Cloyd, b. 1883 ; is a traveling sales- 
man out of St. Louis ; Grace, b. 1885, d. at 4 years. 

505. George Washington, b. 1858 ; d. , 1862. 

230. WILLIAM PRESTON CLOYD, Jr., b. 5-30-1839, son of 
William P., 64, m. (1) 12-19-1865, Martha J. Looney who d. He 
m. (2) 2-27-1890, Mary E. Ball, dau. of F. M. and Jane (Peti- 
grew) Ball. She was b. at Louisville, Winston County, Miss., 12- 
31-1846. He is a Presbyterian minister and resides at McKin- 
ney, Texas. He has no children. 

231. MARGARET ELIZABETH CLOYD, b. 4-18-1842; dau. 
of William Preston, 64, and Mary F. (Castleman) Cloyd, m. 
6-27-1865, Dr. Romulus L. Galbreath, son of Dr. John Galbreath 
of Nashville, Tenn. He was b. 12-28-1828, and d. 8-9-1881. She 
resides at Houston, Texas. 

Galbreath Child: 

506. John Preston, b. 11-30-1866; m. 8-27-1894, Mrs. Mary 
Lee Byers. She d. 10- 19-1900. He has been in the 
Railway Mail Service for 21 years and resides at 
Houston, Texas. 

152 The Cloyd Family 

232. ANDREW DAVID CLOYD, youngest son of William 
Preston Cloyd, 64, and his wife Mary F., nee Castleman, was 
b. near Nashville, Tenn., 6-7-1852, and m. 9-26-1878, Martha 
Frances Biddle, b. 3-3-1854, dau. of Daniel Biddle and Mary 
(Pride) Biddle of Saundersville, Sumner County, Tenn. He 
resided for a while near Nashville, and for many years has lived 
at Abilene, Tex., where he is engaged in merchandising. He is 
a member of the Baptist Church. 

Children : 

507. Mary Elizabeth, b. 12-9-1879. She has taught in the 

Schools of Abilene, Tex., m. 8-7-1909, Ernest Arm- 
strong, planter, Estacado, Tex. 

508. Andrew Ev^ing, b. 8-13-1881 ; m. Willie Yantis Greer. 

He is a telegraph operator, at Tahoka, Tex., (1910). 

509. Fannie, b. 10-4-1882 ; d. 10-4-1884. 

510. Marshall David, b. 7-2-1885. Is a clerk in the General 

offices of the Santa Fe R. R., Amarillo, Texas. 

511. William Preston, b. 8-28-1887. Is expert accountant 

in General offices, Santa Fe R. R., at Clovis, N. M. 

232c. MARTHA CAROLINE MARSHALL, b. 10-23-1834; in 
Wilson Co., Tenn., dau. of John C. and Eliza J. (Cloyd) Mar- 
shall, 65, m. 7-30-1850, William J. Smith, (b. 12-25-1828, in 
Wilson Co., Tenn., d. 1-7-1905, in Chickasha, Okla.) She re- 
sides at Petersburg, Texas. 

Smith Children : 
511a. George W., b. 4-2-1852 ; m. Clara Reeves. 
511b. Ira W., b. 9-9-1858 ; m. Ada J. Porter. 
511c. Robert, b. 12-14-1860 ; m. Ada M. Tuel. 
511d. William C, b. 8-4-1863; m. Dicie Wray. 
511e. Austin F., b. 7-13-1877. 

232f. HUGH J. MARSHALL, b. 1-31-1841, Cannon Co., Tenn., 
son of John C. and Eliza J. (Cloyd) Marshall, 65, m. 9-24-1872, 
at Xenia, Ohio, Sarah M. Brown, b. 1-10-1849. He settled in 
Ohio previous to the Civil War and enlisted in Co. F, 34th Ohio 
Regiment and served three years. He lived for thirty years in 

Wm. C. Cloyd 4?2, Sec. 3 

Rev. L. L. Cloyd 427, Sec. 3 

Prof. David E. Cloyd 432, Sec. 3 

The Cloyd Family 153 

the state of Indiana, and at present operates a ranch at Escon- 
dido, San Diego Co., Cal. In politics he is a republican and in 
religion a Methodist. 

Marshall Childrfn: 
*511f. Cloyd, b. 8-5-1873; m. Annie Laurie Ross. 
511g. Jessie, b. 4-7-1876. 
" 511h. Alice, b. 8-20-1884. 

232h. FINIS LAFAYETTE MARSHALL, b. 2-3-1846, son of 
John C. and Eliza J. (Cloyd) Marshall, 65, m. 12-21-1865, Mary 
Ellen Glidwell, b. 8-7-1849, in Madison Co., Tenn., dau. of N. 
and Matilda Glidwell. He was a soldier in the Confederate 
Army. He is a farmer, a democrat and Methodist. He resided 
for about twenty years near Weatherford, Texas, and at present 
(1911) resides at Falfurrias, Scott Co., Texas. 

Marshall Children: 
5111. Laura E., b. 2-13-1868 ; m. Robert Byas. 

511j. Robert David, b. ; m. Delia Hunter. 

511k. Cora Annie, b. 3-2-1872 ; m. William Glassie. 
5111. John J., b. 8-4-1874 ; single. 

511m. Willie F., b. 4-6-1877 ; m. Leota . 

511n. Mary Emma, b. 11-21-1880 ; m. Maurice Cheek. 

Sixth Generation 

254. MARY LILLIAN TURNER, b. 1-24-1874, in Randolph 
County, Missouri, dau. of John Cloyd Turner, 102, and Almira 
Emily (Baker) Turner, m. Frank Decker Field at Kansas City, 
Missouri, 2-1-1899. He was a son of Amos and Olive Anton- 
ette (Decker) Field and was b. at Macon City, Missouri, 3-27- 

He is a lumberman by occupation, a republican in politics 
and a member of the Baptist church. He has resided at Fay- 
etteville, Arkansas, Wagoner, Okla., and Omaha, Neb. 

Field Children : 

512. Jean, b. 11-16-1900. 

513. Lillian, b. 12-31-1909. 

154 The Cloyd Family 

277. WINFIBLD SCOTT CLOYD, son of John W., 139, and 

Sarah W. (Brooks) Cloyd, m. Alice Wilson at Nashville, Tenn., 


Children : 

513a. Percival Cooper, b. 2-27-1886, m. Nellie Baird Matthews 
2-29-1907. Resides Nashville, Tenn. They have one 
son, Percival Cooper, b. 3-17-1910. 

513b. Neville Wilson, b. 10-14-1888 ; d. 2-4-1909. 

293. JAMES FOSTER CUMMINGS, (b. 9-22-1829, Wilson 
Co., Tenn., d. 12-23-1884, New Orleans, La.) son of Charles 
Wesley and Eliza Williamson (Foster) Cummings, 142, m. 6-28- 
1847, in Bedford Co., Tenn., Margaret Evans, (b. 8-13-1825, 
Caroline Co., Va., d. 6-2-1897, Johnston City, Tenn.), dau. of 
David S. and Judith (Boulware) Evans. 

Cummings Children: 

513c. Horace E., b. 8-11-1849 ; m. Fannie Miller. Resides Chi- 
cago, 111. 
513d. Sarah Ella, b. 4-9-1852 ; m. Steve R. Johnston. 
513e. LuA Judith, b. 6-15-1853 ; m. Floren S. Young. 
513f. Jas. B., b. 1-25-1856. 
513g. Maggie E., b. 9-13-1858; m. J. S. Sawin. 
513h. Elizabeth M., b. 3-27-1861 ; m. J. H. Robson. 

301. MARGARET T. CUMMINGS, dau. of Charles W. and 
Eliza W, (Foster) Cummings, 142, was b. in Wilson Co., Tenn., 
5-1-1842. She m. Morris Berney 3-14-1861, at Shelbyville, 
Tenn., b. 10-23-1827, in New York. They have resided at Hunts- 
ville, Ala. 

Berney Children: 

514. James Cummings, b. 8-28-1862; m. Jennie Howard. 

515. Charles Wesley, b. 7-2-1864. 

516. Eliza Gertrude, b. 4-15-1868. 

517. Morris, b. 8-31-1870 ; d. 3-9-1872. 

518. Morris Edward, b. 8-18-1873 ; m. Flora Anderson. 

519. Frank Evans, b. 8-19-1875 ; d. 7-27-1876. 

520. Amy Ruth, b. 8-11-1877 ; m. Wellborn Patterson. 

521. Margaret Louise, b. 12-5-1881. Resides Ft. Worth, Tex. 

The Cloyd Family 155 

305a. JOHN WILLIAM WILLIAMSON, b. 8-30-1848, in Wil- 
son Co., Tenn., son of Thomas E., 144a, and Frances E. (McFar- 
land) Williamson, m. 12-9-1891, Talitha Williamson, b. 10-5- 
1856 in Davidson Co., Tenn., dan. of Thomas N. and Olivia 
(Connell) Williamson. He is a farmer, a Presbyterian and a 
democrat. He resides at Hermitage, Tenn. 

Williamson Children : 

521a. John William, b. 11-21-1892. 
521b. George, b. 2-5-1894. 
521c. Olivia Connell, b. 7-24-1895. 
521d. Francis Alene, b. 11-13-1898. 
521e. Thomas Bell, b. 9-15-1902. 

319a. MAGGIE E. TALBOT, (b. 11-3-1855; d. 5-6-1888), dau. 
of Dr. John B. and Elizabeth H. (Williamson) Talbot, 156, m. 
12-16-1875, H. W. L. Robertson. 

Robertson Child: 
*521f. Jennie F., b. 2-11-1877 ; m. Jas. B. Graves. 

319d. JOHN H. TALBOT, b. 10-10-1861, son of Dr. John B. 
and Elizabeth H. (Williamson) Talbot, 156, m. 3-14-1883, Louise 
Steptoe Bowling. She d. 2-19-1892. 

Talbot Children : 

*521g. DoviE Bowling, b. 3-17-1884 ; m. R. V. Cawthorn. 
521h. Herbert Talbot, b. 2-14-1886 ; m. 4-15-1905, Eunice Hud- 
son. Child: Martha, b. . 

319e. JOSEPH HALE TALBOT, b. 6-26-1866, son of Dr. John 
B. and Elizabeth H. (Williamson) Talbot, 156, m. 2-7-1900, Ada 
F. Fuller. 

Talbot Children : 

521i. Olive Elizabeth, b. 9-5-1901. 

521j. Kate Fuller, b. 1-12-1903. 

521k. Joseph Hale, b. 7-20-1904. 

5211. Charles Fuller, b. 7-5-1906. 

156 The Cloyd Family 

319f. GEORGE WILLIAMSON TALBOT, b. 5-26-1868, son 
of Dr. John B. and Elizabeth H. (Williamson) Talbot, 156, m. 
11-23-1897, Jennie Wormaek. 

Talbot Children : 
5^1m. Opal, b. 10-14-1898. 
521n. George Boyd, b. 1-20-1900. 
521o. Ruth Mabry, b. 2-1-1908, 

326. SALLIE ALEXANDER, dau. of Rev. J. L. and Mrs. S. 
J. Alexander, was b. May 13th, 1866, in Rutherford Co., Tenn. 
Her father being a teacher, the foundations of her education 
were laid under his wise direction and from her mother, she 
received that watchful, loving training which helped to develop 
her into useful womanhood. Her father removed to Nashville 
in 1884 when she entered the State Normal School, afterwards 
the Peabody College, from which institution she graduated in 
1890. She was a teacher in the Tennessee School for the Blind 
for four years, resigning the position to become a Missionary to 
Japan in 1894. Since then she has been a faithful and efficient 
worker in that field, with the exception of time spent in two re- 
turn trips for rest. She is at present (1909) a teacher of Ethics 
and the Bible in the Wilmina Girls ' School at Osaka, Japan. 

333. LEWIS E. SPEARS, son of William and Jane (Cloyd) 

Spears, 173, was b. 6-5-1838, m. (1) Susan Alexander, 1-18-1868. 

He m. (2) Amanda Tomlinson. He resided at Lebanon, Tenn., 

and d. 3-28-1893. 

r,. ^ . Spears Children: 

First marriage : 

522. Maggie, ra. David Harrison of Lebanon, Tenn., and left 

two daughters, Annie and Susie and an infant son. 

523. Willie. 

524. Susie. 

525. John. 

526. Mollie. 

527. Mattie. 

528. Vassie. 

529. Robert. 

530. James. 

531. Phelissa. 

The Cloyd Family 157 

336. NANNIE SPEARS, b. 11-18-1848, dau. of William and 
Jane (Cloyd) Spears, 173, m. William A. Jackson, (b. 2-18-1850, 
and d. 11-30-1886.) She resides at Lebanon, Tenn. 

Jackson Child : 
532. William H., b. 3-12-1877. Resides at Lebanon, Tenn. 

338. THOMAS JAMES CLOYD, only surviving son of Wil- 
liam Stewart Cloyd, 180, and Ann White (James) Cloyd was 
b. at Dresden, Weakly County, Tenn., 1-23-1844. On October 
7th, 1869, at McKinney, Texas, he m. Mary Lou Smith, b. 8-10- 
1850, daughter of Dr. B. M. E. Smith and Amelia A. (Tinsley) 
Smith of Clay County, Missouri. He resided for a while in 
Waverly, Tenn., and in 1858 removed with his father to Texas. 
When the Civil War broke out, he entered the Confederate 
Army and served for three years. Being stationed in the Indian 
Territory, he was not in any big battles, but was in many skirm- 
ishes. At one time, he was surrounded and taken prisoner. His 
brother, William J., was with him at this time and refusing to 
surrender was shot down. He is a democrat and a Baptist. He 
resides at McKinney, Texas, where he has been in the merchan- 
dising business for several years. 

Children : 

533. Joseph Edward, b. 1-30-1872. 

534. Wm. Thos., b. 9-4-1874 ; m. Maud Proince. 

535. Hallie, b. 6-22-1878 ; m. Jack E. Burger. 

536. Ben Smith, b. 6-22-1878. 

537. Thomas James, Jr., b. 4-11-1882. 

341. NANNIE E. HAYS, b. 3-18-1838, dau. of Samuel and 
Jane W. (Cloyd) Hays, 181, m. W. H. Colley, 1-19-1859. He d. 
10-3-1887 and she d. Aug. 1889. They resided at Mayfield, Ky. 

Colley Children: 

538. India Vernor, b. 11-12-1859; m. James H. Hudspeth, 

2-22-1898. He d. 2-2-1906. 

539. Allie, b. Dec. 1865; m. J. M. Pryor, 6-30-1889. They 

have two children : Roberta, b. Apr. 1893, and Aline, 
b. Aug. 1898. 

158 The Cloyd Family 

342. MARGARET C. HAYS, dau. of Samuel and Jane W. 
(Cloyd) Hays, 181, was b. 9-30-1841, and m. (1) C. B. Elliott, 
6-24-1861. He d. 12-22-1867 and she m. (2) W. 0. Melvin, 12- 

Elliott Children: 

540. Leonora, b. 4-30-1862 ; d. 10-15-1865. 

541. James C, b. 1-14-1868; ra. Callie Walters, Nov. 1887. 

He d. 7-19-1898, leaving one son, Euclid, b. Nov. 

Melvin Children: 

*542. Willie, b. 5-6-1872 ; m. 0. D. Hargrove, 6-26-1889. 
543. Mary Taylor, b. 5-3-1876 ; m. James H. Thompson, 12-6- 
1893. Children: Gayle Melvin, b. 3-16-1898; Julia 
Hays, b. 2-26-1900. 

343. ANDREW J. HAYS, b. 5-13-1842, son of Samuel and 
Jane W. (Cloyd) Hays, 181, m. Mary Elison in 1868 and d. 
1-21-1871. He resided at Mayfield, Ky. 

Hays Child: 

544. EuzALiA, b. June 1870 ; m. W. W. Covington, 4-10-1887. 
Children: Earl, b. Feb. 1889; Loyd, b. Oct. 1891; 
Mary Lee, b. June 1896 ; d. June 1897. 

350. COLUMBUS HAMBLEN, b. 2-15-1848, son of W. F. and 
Sarah (Cloyd) Hamblen, 182, m. Mary Bettis, 2-15-1879, and re- 
sides at Beckwith, Tenn. 

Hamblen Children: 
544a. John Flowers, b. 10-5-1880. 
544b. Terry Winerford, b. 12-1-1882. 
544c. Mattie, b. 12-6-1885 ; d. 12-29-1887. 
544d. W. Watkins, b. 8-9-1888. 

358. HERSCHEL L. FINNEY, b. 11-29-1855, son of Col. A. 
J. and Margaret P. (Cloyd) Finney, 183, m. Laura Stokes, 11- 
1-1881, and d. at Mayfield, Ky., 3-5-1896. He was educated at 

The Cloyd Family 159 

Big Spring Seminary, Lebanon, Tenn., and founded Farmington 
Institute, one of the most successful educational institutions of 
western Kentucky. 

Finney Children: 
544e. Vera M., b. 8-4-1882 ; m. Albert Ganong, 6-27-1900, and 
resides at Cleveland, Miss. She has one child. Al- 
544f. Robert L., b. 3-1-1884 ; m. Hallie Stephens in 1904. She 
d. 1909. He is an editor, a republican and Meth- 
odist. Resides Cairo, 111. 
544g. VoLLiE P., b. 2-23-1888. 
544h. Leonidas, b. 12-26-1894 ; d. 9-3-1895. 

359. MARGARET A. FINNEY, b. 3-1-1858, dau. of Col. A. J. 
and Margaret P. (Cloyd) Finney, m. N. L. Galloway, 10-28-1880, 
and resides at Mayfield, Ky. 

Galloway Children: 
544i. Lee L., b. 8-22-1881; m. Vera Cook, 1908. They have 

one child, Pauline. 
544j. Jefferson S., b. 9-10-1884 ; d. 10-2-1885. 
544k. DoTHA P., b. 10-2-1887. 
5441. Laurence S., b. 9-16-1890. 

360. PENNIE J. FINNEY, b. 12-23-1865, dau. of Col. A. J. 

and Margaret P. (Cloyd) Finney, 183, m. (1) J. Jones, 1-6- 

1885. He d. 10-10-1892. She m. (2) Dr. A. P. Hensley of 
Farmington, Ky., 6-7-1902. 

Jones Children : 
544m. K., b. 12-14-1885; m. Pearl M , 1-10-1907. He re- 
sides at Mayfield, Ky. Has one child : Charles K. 
544n. Charles Jerome, b. 3-3-1893 ; d. in infancy. 

Hensley Children: 
544o. Robin, b. 10-31-1903. 
544p. Rosette, b. 10-31-1903. 

362. NEWTON JEFFERSON FINNEY, son of William and 
Eliza Jane (Cloyd) Finney, 184, was b. at Mt. Juliet, Wilson 
County, Tenn., 11-8-1846. He m. Ruth Louisa Smith of La 
Guarde, Wilson County, 12-19-1872. He graduated from Cum- 

160 The Cloyd Family 

berland University, Lebanon, Tennessee, in 1868. His life work 
has been that of an educator. He was for 16 years President 
of Cumberland Female College at McMinnville, Tennessee. His 
present residence is Dyer, Gibson County, Tennessee, where 
he is still engaged in educational work. In politics, he is a demo- 
crat and in religion a Cumberland Presbyterian. 

He has rendered valuable assistance in the preparation of 
this volume by contributing a record of most of the descendants 
of Rev. Ezekiel Cloyd mentioned herein. 

Finney Children: 

545. Margaret Evans, b. 10-27-1873 ; d. 7-27-1878. 

546. Sadie Elise, b. 1-30-1875 ; d. 6-17-1879. 

547. May Emma, b. 8-14-1876 ; d. 9-28-1877. 

548. Joe Jefferson, b. 8-17-1878; m. Ida Hawkes. Lives at 

El Paso, Texas. 

549. Bessie De Witt, b. 3-24-1881. 

550. Willie Edna, b. 3-16-1885. 

551. Thomas Newton, b. 4-11-1889; m. Ruth Darwood and 

lives at El Paso, Texas. 

363. MARTHA EWING FINNEY, dau. of Wm. and Eliza 
Jane (Cloyd) Finney, 184, b. 4-16-1849, m. 11-14-1868, Thomas 
W. Bradshaw, b. 2-4-1843. He served in the Confederate Army 
throughout the Civil War. He is a farmer, a democrat, a mem- 
ber of the C. P. Church at Mt. Juliet, Tenn. 

Bradshaw Children : 

552. LuLA L., b. 9-10-1869. Resides at Mt. Juliet, Tenn. 

553. Elmore, b. 6-21-1871 ; d. in infancy. 

554. Howard Ewing, b. 7-5-1872. A farmer, democrat and 

Ruling Elder in C. P. Church, Mt. Juliet, Tenn. 

555. Sumner, b. 3-8-1878; m. 1-11-1908, Sallie Alexander. 

Children: Nellie DeWitt, b. 11-29-1908; Ezekiel 
Cloyd, b. 1-12-1911. He is a farmer, a democrat, 
member of the C. P. Church at Mt. Juliet, Tenn. 

556. Nellie De Witt, b. 10-14-1880 ; d. 10-20-1883. 

557. William, b. 6-16-1875. Is a democrat, a member of 

the C. P. Church and a lumber dealer at Mt. Juliet, 

The Cloyd Family 161 

364. CHARLES WILLIAM FINNEY, b. 6-20-1851, son of 
William and Eliza Jane (Cloyd) Finney, 184, m. 12-24-1890, 
Emma Cleaves, b. 4-8-1858, of Davidson County, Tenn. He re- 
sides at Lebanon, Tenn. 

Finney Children: 

558. Oma, b. 12-10-1891. 

559. Edwin, b. 9-3-1893. 

366. ALICE TATE, b. 2-17-1867, dau. of Andrew J., 192, and 
Sarah (Alexander) Tate, m. 7-2-1890, Rev. J. B. Waggoner, and 
resides at Lebanon, Tenn. 

Waggoner Children : 

560. Andrew Bell, b. 6-14-1891. 

561. Hugh Morrison, b. 7-19-1895. 

562. Alice Tate, b. 9-30-1899. 

563. Herschel Alexander, b. 9-8-1903. 

367. MARY E. TATE, (b. 3-12-1868; d. 5-28-1895), dau. of 
Andrew J., 192, and Sarah (Alexander) Tate, m. 1-15-1893, E. 
M. Lowe, now of Forrest City, Arkansas, 

Lowe Child : 
564. Benton, b. 7-7-1894. Resides at Green Hill, Tenn. 

369. LENNA LEE TATE, b. 6-26-1870, dau. of Andrew J., 
192, and Sarah (Alexander) Tate, m. 5-19-1897, Rev. Lafayette 
Layman and resides at Gallatin, Missouri. 

Layman Children: 

565. Andrew Stephen, b. 4-10-1898. 

566. John Albert, b. 11-14-1899. 

567. Paul Alexander, b. 4-14-1900. 

568. Wilbur Garden, b. 9-11-1906. 

162 The Cloyd Family 

370. ARTIE POLK TATE, b. 7-19-1876, son of William New- 
ton, 193, and Almira (Cawthorne) Tate, m. 11-22-1899, Maggie 
Glasgow, b. 11-22-1879. He resides at Mt. Juliet, Tenn. 

Tate Children : 

569. Almira Irene, b. 8-18-1900. 

[)70. William Glasgow, b. 12-2-1903 ; d. 10-31-1904. 

571. Robert Lee, b. 8-6-1906. 

400. CLOYD JAMES HEAD, oldest son of Daniel and Martha 
Rowan (James) Head, 208, was b. 9-7-1859, in Providence, 
Webster County, Ky. He m. 3-18-1884, at Ridge Farm, Ver- 
million County, 111., Elizabeth Simmons, b. 2-20-1863, at Clarks- 
burg, Ohio, dau. of Rev. T. J. N. Simmons of the M. E. church. 
He is a democrat, a member of the Methodist church and a book 
publisher, being owner and manager of the "Year Book Pub- 
lishers, ' ' of Chicago. He resides in Oak Park, 111. 

Head Children: 

572. Cloyd Simmons, b. 9-24-1886. 

573. Helen, b. 3-1-1891. 

401. GUSTAVUS P. HEAD, second son of Daniel and Martha 
Rowan (James) Head, 208, was b. 9-25-1861, at Providence, 
Ky., and m. 5-25-1892, Nettie Jane Currie, dau. of Neil and 
Augusta (Canfield) Currie of Currie, Minn. 

He was educated at Princeton, Ind., and Lincoln, 111., and 
graduated in medicine from the Rush Medical College of Chi- 
cago, pursuing post-graduate work in the University of Austria 
at Vienna. He is a prominent physician of Chicago and Pro- 
fessor of Laryngology and Rhinology in the Chicago Post Grad- 
uate Medical School. He is a democrat and a member of the 
Presbyterian church. 

Head Children : 

574. Neil Currie, b. 4-7-1894. 

575. Martha, b. 10-1-1899. 

The Cloyd Family 163 

413. I\IARY JANE PATRICK, dau. of Sarah (Cloyd) Patrick, 
211, was b. in Holt Co., Mo., 3-23-1846. Her husband, Harvey 
Stewart whom she married at Denver, Colo., 12-1-1867, was b. 
at Independence, Mo., 12-31-1835. She removed to Clear Creek, 
near Denver, in 1863 and in 1880 to Berkeley, a suburb of Den- 
ver, where her husband is engaged in farming and fruit raising. 
She is a member of the Christian Church. 

Stewart Children: 

576. Minnie A., b. 1-28-1869; ra. Alexander Ritchie, 11-24- 

1904. They have one child: Lois Minnie, b. 3-7- 

577. Gertrude, b. 2-6-1871 ; d. 7-6-1909. 

Gertrude, at the time of her death was Senior English 
Teacher in the North Side High School in Denver, and had 
taught the English courses in this school for five years. She 
had received the A. B. and A. M. Degrees from the University 
of Denver, and had pursued advanced studies in literature in 
the Universities of Chicago and California. 

She was honored by her pupils and friends alike as a woman 
of rare intellectual attainments of an altruistic nature. Her 
life was one of continued study and preparation for the work of 
training and developing young people in whom she was always 
keenly interested. 

416. ]\IATILDA ANN PATRICK, dau. of Sarah Ann (Cloyd) 
Patrick, 211, was b. in Holt Co., Mo., 1-2-1852. She m. 2-4-1872, 
at Denver, James M. Mefferd, b. 5-24-1841, son of Andrew and 
Nancy (Wallingsford) Mefferd of Belief ontaine, Ohio. They 
reside in Denver, Colo. 

Mefferd Children: 

578. Earl, b. 11-3-1872; m. Kate Fellows. 

579. Frank, b. 12-30-1876 ; m. Winnifred Meagher. 

580. Roy, b. 9-18-1886. 

581. Minnie, b. 8-25-1888. 

418. SARAH AMANDA PATRICK, dau. of John and Sarah 
Ann (Cloyd) Patrick, 211, was b. at Fillmore, Holt Co., Mo., 
4-1-1856. She m. Orlando W. Hughes at Denver, Colo., 8-3-1873. 

164 The Cloyd Family 

He was b. 10-18-1855, at Columbus, Ohio, and was son of James 
S. Hughes. They reside at St. Joseph, ]\Io. 

Hughes Child : 
*582. George A., b. 12-13-1874 ; m. Carrie Terry. 

420. SUSAN ISABEL PATRICK, b. 1-28-1860, Andrew Coun- 
ty, Missouri, dau. of John M. and Sarah Ann (Cloyd) Patrick, 
211, m. 8-28-1879, Denver, Colo., Melville E. Hopkins, b. 11-25- 
1854, son of John William Hopkins of Ipava, 111. Resides Boise, 
Idaho. He is a mining engineer. 

Hopkins Children: 

583. Myrtle A., b. 5-16-1880; d. 6-13-1890. 

584. LoRA R., b. 7-16-1882. 

585. Jessie May, b. 10-12-1884 ; d. 7-21-1890. 

586. Lucille Etta, b. 3-23-1891. 

422, WILLIAM CASON CLOYD, was b. near Glasgow, How- 
ard Co., Mo., 9-16-1844. He was the only son of David Preston 
Cloyd, 212, by his marriage to Mrs. Lutesia (Cason) Miller. 
His mother died when he was about one year old. He was edu- 
cated in the public schools and when the Civil War broke out, 
he enlisted in the Confederate Army and served throughout 
the war. 

Soon after returning from the war, he located at Seward, 
Neb., and became prominently identified with the business in- 
terests of that growing town. ' ' Cloyd 's Addition ' ' to Seward is 
on land once owned by him. For many years he was editor and 
proprietor of the Nebraska Herald, one of the leading democratic 
papers of the state. 

While in Seward, he married Mary B. Simcoke, who was b. 
at Decatur, Ind., and two daughters followed the union. 

In the Fall of 1875, he returned to his former home in 
Missouri, having sustained severe financial losses. He clung 
to his newspaper work and was connected with the Sedalia (Mo.) 
Star for some time. After this he tried his fortune in Florida, 
then in Louisiana, and later in Texas, In October, 1880, at 

The Cloyd Family 165 

Opelousas, La., he married Miss Fanny Virginia Summers of 
Jacksonville, Fla. He is a democrat and a Christian. He is 
now (1909) Secretary of the Commercial Club at Rusk, Texas, 
and is also engaged in newspaper work. 

The following is a brief account of his experience in the 
Civil War : 

"At the beginning of the war he resided in Holt County, 
Mo., with his father. The news of the first victories of the Con- 
federate forces in Virginia and of those nearer home in the first 
campaign in Missouri soon fired the martial spirit in his ardent 
young nature, and one evening in 1861, in company with several 
neighbor boys of his own age he quietly slipped away from home 
and joined General Price's army. Like his companions he had 
little idea what war was to be. He received his first baptism of 
fire at the battle of Lexington, (Mo.). 

After the battle of Lexington, he enlisted in Company C, 
1st Mo. Cavalry, C. S. A., under Colonel Elijah Gates of St. 
Joseph. Of this regiment of nearly 1100 men less than 200 ever 
returned home. Throughout the four years of civil strife he was 
with his company in many of the most hotly contested battles 
in the campaign in Mississippi, at Corinth, luka, and the siege 
of Vicksburg. After the surrender of Vicksburg he was ex- 
changed and joined a command under General Joseph E. John- 
ston, and being separated from his command one day he made 
his was across the Mississippi River and rejoined Price's com- 
mand in Arkansas with which he remained until the close of 
the war." 

Children : 

*587. Lillian, b. 6-7-1874 ; m. A. J. McBain. Resides Buffalo 
Center, Iowa. 
588. Lucille, b. 2-18-1876 ; m. Thos. H. Jacob. Resides Wau- 
sau, Wis. 

427. LUTHER LYCURGUS CLOYD, son of David Preston, 
212, and Sarah J. (Minor) Cloyd was born in Holt Co., Mo., 
8-26-1855. When 12 years of age he was converted and baptized 
into Mt. Moriah Baptist Church in Howard Co., Mo., and by 
the same church was liscensed to preach when 19 years old and 
ordained when 24. 

166 The Cloyd Family 

He was educated at William Jewell College, Liberty, Mo., 
and graduated from the Baptist Theological Seminary, Morgan 
Park, Chicago, in 1885, with the degree of B. D. He has held 
pastorates at Green Bay and West Superior, Wis., DeKalb, Sa- 
vanna, and Sycamore, 111., Hastings, Neb., Gillette, Wyo., Aber- 
deen and Tacoma, Wash., having terminated the last pastorate in 

During the twenty-five years of his ministry he preached 
3000 sermons, baptized 216 converts, officiated at 84 weddings 
and 118 funerals, built and dedicated 5 churches at a total cost 
of $60,000 as follows : West Superior, Wis., Savanna and Syca- 
more, 111., Hastings, Neb., and Gillette, Wyo. 

Aug. 26th, 1885, at Muscatine, Iowa, he m. Miss Lillie Alice 
Biles, b. 4-3-1859, dau. of D. S. and Isabelle (Hill) Biles. They 
reside at Tacoma, Wash. 

Child : 
589. Paul Judson, b. 5-29-1887 ; d. 9-19-1893. 

429. SARAH ELLEN CLOYD, b. 5-29-1859, near Boonsboro, 
Howard Co., Mo., dau. of David Preston, 212, and Sarah J. 
(Minor) Cloyd, m. 2-18-1892, Fountain Grisham, b. 4-10-1855, 
in Howard Co., Mo. He is an electrician and they reside at 
Canyon City, Colo. 

Grisham Children: 

589a. LiLA May, b. 7-29-1894. 
589b. Bryan Collins, b. 8-13-1897. 

432. DAVID E. CLOYD, son of David Preston, 212, and Sarah 
J. (Minor) Cloyd, was born near Glasgow, Howard County, Mis- 
souri, 11-11-1864. He attended the rural schools and graduated 
in 1887 from State Normal School at Warrensburg, Missouri, 
standing second in a class of forty-four. His life has been de- 
voted to educational work. After graduation, he held the posi- 

The Cloyd Family 167 

tion as Principal of the High School at Moberly, Missouri. He 
resigned the last position to become superintendent of schools 
at Pierce City, Missouri. One year later, influenced by business 
prospects, he joined a brother in the real estate business in "West 
Superior, Wisconsin. After fifteen months' business experi- 
ence, he returned to his profession and for the next five years 
from 1892 to 1897, he was Superintendent of City Schools at 
Cloquet, Minn. Resigning his position at Cloquet, he entered 
the University of Minnesota from which after a four year course, 
he graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Arts. 

While a student at the University he was an instructor in 
Pedagogy and Teacher of the History of Education in the Uni- 
versity summer school, and for one year was Principal of the 
East High School in Minneapolis. In 1900 he was Secretary of 
the Minnesota Educational Association. In the fall of 1901, he 
left the University of IMinnesota to accept a Fellowship in the 
Teachers' College of Columbia University. Here he specialized 
for one year in Education, receiving the degree of IMaster of Arts 
from Columbia University and Master's Diploma in Education 
from Teachers' College. 

Leaving Teachers' College, he became Inspector of Schools 
for the General Education Board of New York City, and in 
this capacity visited schools of all grades in the southern 

In 1903, he was elected Superintendent of Schools at Wheel- 
ing, West Virginia, a position he held for two years, followed 
by two years as Principal of the High School at Spokane, Wash- 
ington. In 1908, he was appointed school and college state agent 
for D. C. Heath & Co., Publishers, and now resides (1909) in 
Des Moines, Iowa. He has always been an active student in edu- 
cational and school matters, is a contributor to Educational 
Journals. His article on "The Old and the New in Southern 
Education", published in the Review of Reviews, April, 1903, 
attracted general attention. He has written a book entitled 
"Franklin Educational Ideal." 

In September, 1903, he married Miss Susanne IMiller of 
Mansfield, Ohio, who was then Principal of the Manhattan Grade 
Schools for Girls in New York City. She holds the degree of 
B. A. from the Columbia University. 

168 The Cloyd Family 

July 1, 1909, he was elected Dean of the Normal College and 
Professor of Psychology and Education in Highland Park Col- 
lege of Des Moines, Iowa. 

Children : 

590. Sarah Carroll, b. . 

591. Elizabeth Harriett, b. 

592. David Emerson. 

593. Donald Howard. Twins, b. 3-10-1909. 

433. CHARLES PAINTER CLOYD, b. 12-7-1866, son of Da- 
vid Preston, 212, and Sarah J. (Minor) Cloyd, m. 8-5-1896, at 
Paris, Mo., Adeline Jackson, b. 3-15-1873, in England, dau. of 
Samuel and Mary (Anderson) Jackson. He is engaged in the 
Insurance business, is a Baptist and a democrat. He resides at 
Warrensburg, Mo. (1910). 

Children : 

594. Lucille Elenor, b. 6-18-1897 ; d. 4-13-1908. 

595. Frances Lillian, b. 8-28-1899. 

438. WILLARD WINTHORP CLOYD, b. 12-6-1849, son of 
John Wesley, 213, and Eliza J. (Basye) Cloyd, m. 11-28-1888, 
Mary M. Terry, b. 3-17-1866, dau. of William L. and Ann B. 
(Smith) Terry of Pike County, Missouri. 

When less than fifteen years of age, he entered Price's 
army during the Civil War, an account of his experience being 
given below. In addition to attending school at the old Union 
Hill log school house near his father's farm, he received a lib- 
eral education at Central College, Payette, Missouri. He taught 
several years in the public schools and held the office of County 
Surveyor for ten years, conducting a farm at the same time. Since 
1892, he has resided in Fayette, Missouri, and at present (1909) 
is engaged in merchandising. 

Children : 

596. Nina May, b. 8-24-1889. Graduated with degree of A. 

B. from Howard-Payne College, Fayette, Missouri, 

597. John Terry, b. 10-9-1891. 

598. Willard Wills, b. 7-19-1894. 

W. W. Cloyd 438, Sec. 3 

A. A. Cloyd 439, Sec. 3 

John W. Cloyd 441, Sec. 3 

C. J. Cloyd 443, Sec. 3 

The Cloyd Family 169 

Experiences of W. W. Clotb With The Army of General Sterling Price 
In The Great American Civil War. 

In the fall of 1864, when I was two months under fifteen years of age, 
in company with several neighbor boys of my age, among whom were, E. E. 
Turner, Thos. Snell, O. G. Willis, Joseph Pearson and Wm. Humphrey, I 
decided to join Gen. Price 's army. Captain Heber Price with about twenty 
men from Col. William's regiment, which had crossed the Missouri Eiver at 
Boonville to gather up recruits on the North side of the river, appeared in 
our neighborhood October 14th, 1864, and took dinner at the house of J. 
Milton Moon. 

Bidding my father and mother and family an affectionate adieu, I 
mounted my horse and rode away to join Price's army. The recruits assem- 
bled about half a mile from my home between the farms of John Stinnian 
and Wm. Gates. Captain Price lined up the recruits and commanding us to 
take off our hats and hold up our right hands, gravely swore us into Con- 
federate States army for three years during the War. 

My mother had followed me to this point and again bid me a tender 
good bye, admonished me to be a good boy and to "Always remember that 
your mother is praying for you. ' ' Brushing aside a tear, I rode away. 
About ten o'clock that night we came up with Col. William's regiment, con- 
sisting of about 400 men in camp on Burt Huss ' farm north of Glasgow. 

The next day we passed through Keytesville and Brunswick and crossed 
the Grand Eiver at Eocky Ford. At daylight, on the morning of the 16th 
we drew up in front of Carrolton where there were about 300 federals 
stationed. We captured the picket and his gun, a Minnie rifle, was turned 
over to me and I took my place in the line of battle. After a short parley, 
the federals surrendered and we returned with them to Brunswick. Captain 
Wm. Daniels and a detail of men were sent back to bring a flat boat down 
the Grand Eiver into the Missouri Eiver below the town to use in crossing 
the command to the south side of the Missouri. As the boat started down 
stream some federal bushwhackers on the opposite shore, fired on the party 
mortally wounding Captain Daniels who died that night. He was a fine 
soldier and greatly beloved by his men. 

October 18th, we passed through Marshall, Saline county and reached 
Waverly on the 19th, where Col. Williams parolled all the prisoners except 
six men who were charged with murdering Col. Williams' brother. Leaving 
Waverly and passing through Lexington, marching all that night, we came up 
with General Price's main army at daybreak as he was breaking camp. 
Although we had eaten nothing for thirty-six hours, we continued on the 
march for several hours longer. We were finally ordered to halt and have 
breakfast. There were some very fine beef cattle in a pasture and we proceeded 
to appropriate one for our use but before we had time to dress the beef, we 
were ordered to the front in double quick toward the Little Blue river where 
Shelby was pushing the enemy hard. We were dismounted and marched 
across the Little Blue to protect the left flank of Gen. Marmanduke who was 
also pressing the enemy. The enemy retreated, we returned to our horses 

170 The Cloyd Family 

and took up the line of march towards Independence. This was a hard 
fought battle and the federals left their dead on the field. 

As we marched through a beautiful prairie country, I witnessed some of 
the effects of Order No. 11. Not a human being was to be seen, and nothing 
had been left that could be carried off or burned. Stately chimneys were 
the lonely sentinels in this now desolate country that a few months before 
had throbbed with the pulses of prosperous homes. The sight of this desola- 
tion kindled new ardor in the breasts of Shelby 's men, ajid they forgot their 
own privations. We cam]3ed that night at Independence and were so fatig- 
ued that we burned our boots as we slept around the camp fire. The next 
morning, October 22nd, with timorous step, I approached a brick house where 
a lady gave me a nice warm breakfast, the first square meal I had had since 
leaving home. It was two months before I had another one. 

We maneuvered all the next day and at night bivouacked in line of 
battle. Activities began early on the morning of the 23rd and we had plenty 
of hard fighting during the day. Little Jimmie, or Charlie Eothwell, younger 
than I, while riding by my side, had the top of his head torn away by a 
cannon ball. We had to leave his body on the field. My horse was shot 
through the jaw, but soon rallied and I kept in line. The federals out- 
numbered us and we retreated southward. While marching next day, October 
24th, I fell in with my father who had joined Searcy's battalion of Gen. J. 
B. Clark's brigade, the next day after I left home. With him was his uncle, 
Wilkerson Jones. I eagerly inquired about the honiefolks and father 
informed me that he and several neighbors had joined the army as they were 
afraid they would be killed if they remained at home. 

Price's army was now in full retreat southward through the western tier 
of Missouri counties with a body of cavalry in pursuit. We made several 
stands to hold them in check and protect our wagon train, a part of which 
was burned on the 26th to prevent it falling into the hands of the federals. 
In a fight that occurred just south of Newtonia, John Trigg, who was next to 
me, was shot in the knee. After this the federals did not pursue us any 
further. The command continued southward along the border of Arkansas 
and Indian Territory. 

One dark, cold, rainy night, while returning to camp from picket duty, 
my horse, weakened from inability to eat on account of the wound in his 
jaw, sank in the mud and I had to abandon him. I was now afoot as were 
many others. Eainsoaked, cold and exhausted, I sank beside a log fire and 
slept. I became separated from my company and did not get with it again 
until after we had crossed the Red River into Texas near Clarksville when 
the command had gone into winter quarters. 

In January I was taken sick with fever and sent to the hospital at 
Fulton, Arkansas. My father had been transferred to the 8th Missouri 
Infantry which was camped about ten miles from Fulton. He came to see 
me every day for several days, walking the entire distance, and through his 
efforts, I was removed to the College Hospital near Washington, Arkansas. 
I was a very sick boy and I have always thought that the close and untiring 

The Cloyd Family 171 

attention of my father and the prayers of my mother saved me from an 
untimely grave in Arkansas. 

Recovering after several weeks, I was put on post duty at Washington. 
There were about one hundred and fifty prisoners both federal and confeder- 
ate confined in the court house, the federals about thirty in number, occupy- 
ing the second story and the confederates the lower. I learned to count the 
hours when on guard duty at night by the length of the candles as they 

After several weeks, I was relieved of duty and decided to visit my 
father before returning to my command, Shelby's brigade, which was in 

The 8th Missouri had been ordered to Lewisville, about thirty-five miles 
south. I walked half the distance the first day to Spring Hill and rode the 
remaining distance the next day on a government wagon. When I reached 
Lewisville, I found my father 's company was in quarantine on account of 
small-pox, about 8 miles out toward Camden, I went out to where his com- 
pany was the next day after arriving at Lewisville. O. G. Willis was with 
the same company. The men seemed to be having a general good time and not 
worrying about the small-pox which was a ruse to get away from camp duties. 
Here the time was occupied by squirrel hunting in the day, coon hunting at 
night, escorting the girls to church on Sunday and occasionally helping some 
farmer roll logs for a good dinner. I partook of these exercises and grew 

It was now the last of April. Lee and Johnston had surrendered. Our 
cause was lost and we began to think of returning home. We were ordered 
to Shreveport, La., to surrender. My father and I with others, however, went 
to Pine Bluff, Ark., it being the nearest way back to Missouri and sur- 
rendered to General Powell Clayton and were immediately paroled. We took 
passage on the steamer Rose Hamilton for Memphis and there boarded the 
Marble City for St. Louis. From there, we went by rail to Renick and 
walked from there arriving home some time in May. I need not attempt to 
describe the joy there was in our once more united family. 

W. W. Cloyd. 
Fayette, Mo., February 4th, 1909, 

439. ARTHUR ALONZO CLOYD, b. 11-29-1851, son of John 
Wesley, 213, and Eliza J. (Basye) Cloyd, m. (1) Frances Martin 
12-25-1873. She d. 4-27-1911. He m. (2) Mrs. Susie Mote, 11- 
9-1911. He resides at Salisbury, Mo., and is engaged in ship- 
ping stock. He is a leading member of the M, E. Church, 

Children : 

599. Odre Arthur, b. 11-12-1874; d. 12-16-1875. 
*600. IvA Dell, b. 4-23-1876 ; m. F. R. Allen. 

172 The Cloyd Family 

601. Alva Lee, b. 11-28-1877; is engaged in teaching. Has 

traveled extensively, and at present (1910) is in the 
Government employ as Superintendent of a number 
of Schools in the Philippine Islands, m. 1-1-1910 at 
Manila, P. I., to Miss Eva Herriot, dau. of A. S. 
Herriot, of Melbourne, Australia. 

602. Olive Bee, b. 1-24-1881 ; m. Rev. L. W. Cunningham, a 

Presbyterian minister, 6-27-1906, and resides (1909) 
in St. Louis, Mo. 

603. Effie Elva, b. 3-27-1885 ; is a graduate of Howard-Payne 

College, Fayette, Mo., and has been employed in 
teaching. She m. 12-31-1910, at St. Louis, Mo., Sam- 
uel Hunter of New Madrid, Missouri. 

441. JOHN WILLIE CLOYD, son of John Wesley, 213, and 
Eliza J. (Basye) Cloyd, was b. 9-5-1857, and m. S. Elizabeth 
Wolff of Monroe County, Mo., 5-11-1884. Her father, Henry 
Wolff was born in Wurms Germany, and her mother, Jane Dun- 
can Smith, was a native of Kentucky. He has been engaged in 
several lines of business and is now (1910) in the banking busi- 
ness in Wray, Colo. He has held the office of treasurer of Yuma 
County, several times and is a member of the Democratic State 

Children : 

604. Lucy May, b. 5-22-1886 ; d. 12-7-1888. 

605. Ida May, b. 6-17-1889. 

442. AUGUSTUS DAVIS CLOYD, son of John Wesley, 213, 
and Eliza J. (Basye) Cloyd, was b. 2-17-1860, in Howard Co., 
Mo. He was educated at Central College, Fayette, Mo., taught 
school for several years and graduated in Medicine from the 
Missouri Medical College in St. Louis in March 1886. He im- 
mediately located in Shubert, Richardson Co., Nebr., and re- 
mained there and at Falls City in the same Count> for twelve 

The Cloyd Family 173 

years. He lost heavily by a fire which destroyed a drug store 
which he had just bought in 1887. He went through the usual 
experiences of a doctor in a small town. He practiced there be- 
fore the advent of the telephone and the automobile. 

In March, 1898, he was appointed Sovereign Physician of the 
Woodmen of the World with offices at Omaha, which position he 
now holds (1911). 

Nov. 29, 1888, he m. (1) May V. Barnes, dau. of Lorenzo 
K. and Ann (Wheeler) Barnes of Richardson County, who d. 
2-9-1893. He m. (2) 2-14-1896 at St. Louis, Mo., Nina Emily 
Smith, b. 12-3-1871, dau. of John Richard and Katherine (Grif- 
fith) Smith of Pike Co., Mo. 

Child : 
606. Augustus David, b. 6-15-1898. 

443. CLAIBORNE JACKSON CLOYD, (b. 9-14-1861) son of 
John Wesley, 213, and Eliza J. (Basye) Cloyd, m. 11-26-1902, 
Eva Underwood, b. 10-2-1870, dau. of Hugh F. and Julia Ann 
(Wells) Underwood. He is a farmer and stockraiser, residing 
near Fayette, Howard County, Missouri. 

Children : 

607. Mary Eliza, b. 12-21-1903. 
607a. Lillian Katherine, b. 7-17-1911. 

454. WALTER JULIUS CLOYD, son of Andrew Jackson, 215, 
and Mary (Minor) Cloyd, was b. 12-7-1862, and m. 7-24-1889, at 
Chicago, 111., Clara Irene Boeber, b. 7-7-1868, dau. of Frederick 
William and Irene (Beutler) Boeber of Galesburg, 111. He is 
a R. R. conductor and has resided for several years in West 
Chicago, 111. 

Children : 

607a. Evylene Mae, b. 5-30-1893. 
607b. Harold Walter, b. 12-25-1900. 
607c. Bernice Clara, b. 11-16-1904. 
607d. Curtis Boeber, b. 5-1-1909. 

174 The Cloyl Family 

463. CHARLES H. RICHARDSON, b. 10-26-1861, Chariton 
Co., Mo., son of H. H. and Elizabeth I\I. (Cloyd) (Minor) Rich- 
ardson, 216, m. 10-18-1888, Blanch Wray, b. 12-7-1862, in Pitts- 
burg, Pa., dau. of Joseph A. and Christiana (Rea) Wray. He is 
a farmer, a democrat and a IMethodist. Resides near Moberly, 

RiCHAEDSON Children ; 

608. J. Wray, b. 8-5-1890. 

609. Rose Elizabeth, b. 2-17-1892. 

610. Howard Haven, b. 6-18-1895. 

611. Charles Horace, b. 4-5-1898. 

612. John Wallace, b. 12-16-1903. 

464. GEORGE RICHARDSON, son of H. H. and Elizabeth 
M. (Cloyd) (Minor) Richardson, 216, was b. in Chariton Co., 
Mo., 3-11-1864. He m. Ara McCully, who was b. 4-15-1866, in 
Wyandotte, Kan., dau. of James M. and Susan (Jacks) McCully, 
both of whom were natives of Howard County, Mo. He is a 
democrat and a Methodist. He has followed farming, teaching 
and merchandising. Resides in Salisbury, Mo. 

Richardson Children : 

613. A. TuLLY, b. 10-25-1891. 

614. LuciAN, b. 5-15-1896. 

615. Georgia, b. 12-6-1898. 

465. MAGGIE RICHARDSON, dau. of H. H. and Elizabeth 
M. (Cloyd) (Minor) Richardson, 216, was b. in Chariton Co., 
Mo., 5-27-1866, m. 8-15-1888, Finis M. Stamper, b. 11-24-1861, 
son of Hiram and Sarah (Cobb) Stamper of Clifton Hill, Mo. 
He is a Baptist, a democrat and a produce dealer, residing at 
Moberly, Mo. 

Stamper Children: 

616. Hiram Howard, b. 10-23-1889. 

617. Ruth, b. 12-26-1892. 

618. Kate, b. 11-6-1896. 

The Cloyd Family 175 

467. THOMAS RICHARDSON, son of H. F. and Elizabeth 
M. (Cloyd) (]\Iinor) Richardson, 216, was b. in Chariton Co., 
I\Iissouri, 7-4-1871. He m. Lida Lay, 8-30-1893, dan. of J. F. and 
Nancy (Robinson) Lay. He has been a farmer and merchant. 
He has resided at Salisbury, Mo., until recently, when he re- 
moved to Kansas City, Mo. 

RiCHAEDSON Children : 

619. Frank H., b. 11-24-1894. 

620. Clarence E., b. 8-16-1898. 

621. Thomas, b. 7-4-1902. 

469. EMMA CLOYD, b. 8-27-1860, in Chariton Co., Mo., dau. 
of Gilbert Nelson, 218, and Sally (Stearns) Cloyd, m. (1) 1-8- 
1882, B. H. Hall, (b. 3-18-1848, in Canada; d. 2-27-1883, near 
Rogers, Okla.). She m. (2) 10-12-1888, I. A. Murphy, (b. 3-16- 
1861, in Miss.; d. 6-30-1897, at Waco, Texas), son of R. A. and 
S. E. Murphy; she m. (3) 10-6-1909, J. M. Osborn, b. 8-10-1865, 
in England, son of James and Martha Osborn. He is in the em- 
ploy of the Oklahoma State Department of Education at Guthrie, 
Oklahoma, where they reside. 

Hall Child: 
First marriage : 
621a. Donna, b. 11-6-1882; m. Jack McGee. Resides Los An- 
geles, CaL 

Murphy Children: 
Second marriage: 

621b. Arthur Brook, b. 5-9-1890. He graduated from the 
Corsicana, Texas, High School in 1910 with first hon- 
ors winning a scholarship in the University of Texas. 
Instead of entering the University he took a course 
in a school Electrical Engineering in New York City 
finishing which he enlisted in the U. S. Navy as a 
Naval Engineer. 

621c. Ruth Estelle, b. 12-17-1891. 

621d. Edwin Clark, b. 8-16-1895. 

621e. John Augustus, b. 2-9-1897. 

176 The Cloyd Family 

470. BYNUM NELSON CLOYD, b. 3-12-1862, son of Gilbert 
N., 218, and Sally (Stearns) Cloyd, m. 9-16-1890, in Chicago, 
Esther Jane Downey, b. 11-15-1869, at Buffalo, N. Y., dau. of 
Charles and Agnes (Steele) Downey. He resides in Chicago, 

Child : 

622. Earle Ray, b. 5-30-1896. 

471. MARY JANE CLOYD, dan. of Gilbert Nelson, 218, and 
Sallie (Stearns) Cloyd, was b. 7-31-1866 in Chariton County, 
Mo. She m. James Buford Burge at Ft. Worth, Tex., 3-15-1885. 
He was b. near Clarksville, Texas, 7-3-1854. They reside at 
Hamlin, Texas (1909). 

Burge Children : 

623. Ernest Buford, b. 9-24-1887 ; in Clay Co., Texas. 

624. Frank Cloyd, b. 4-20-1891, near Oklahoma City, Okla. 

625. Henry Clements, b. 2-3-1893, near Oklahoma City, Okla. 

626. ZiLLAH Adah, b. 10-15-1896, in Oak Cliff, Texas. 

627. James Alonzo, b. 3-7-1906, in Graham, Young Co., Texas, 

d. 4-7-1906. 

473. CLARA ELIZA CLOYD, youngest dau. of Gilbert Nel- 
son, 218, and Sally (Stearns) Cloyd was b. in Salisbury, Mo., 
12-29-1871. She m. Martin Jenkins in Chicago, 2-14-1893. He 
was b. in Boston, Mass., 1-24-1863. After marriage they resided 
in Chicago for about ten years, since which time they have re- 
sided in Northern Wisconsin. They now reside in New Rich- 
mond, Wis. 

Jenkins Children: 

628. Martin Eugene, b. 1-6-1896 at Star Prairie, Wis.; d. 

5-17-1898, being run over by a street car in Chi- 

629. Irene Cloyd, b. 3-15-1899, in Chicago; d. 5-3-1901, at 

Bowie, Texas, while on a visit at the mother's sister. 

630. Marion Elizabeth, b. 2-20-1904, in Chicago, 111. 

631. Alice Lucile, b. 8-11-1908, at New Richmond, Wis. 

Miss Effie Cloyd 445, Sec. 3 

Irene (Cloyd^Franklin 446, Sec. 3 

W. W. Cloyd 438, Sec. 3, and Family 

Mary Eliza Cloyd 607, Sec. 3 

The Cloyd Family 177 

476. WILLIAM PRESTON CLOYD, b. 3-5-1858, son of Wiley 
J., 219, and Elizabeth (Rodgers) Cloyd, m. 1-15-1880, Eliza 
Frances Ehrhardt, b. 3-28-1857. He has always resided in 
Chariton Co., Missouri. He is a Methodist, a democrat, is (1909) 
Proprietor of a restaurant in Salisbury, though until recently, 
he has followed the occupation of a farmer. 

Children : 

634. John Wiley, b. 1-3-1881 ; m. Lola Roberts. 

635. Cornelius Milton, b. 8-28-1883. 

636. Martha Robert, b. 2-22-1886 ; m. Hattie Rodgers. 

637. Thomas Petis, b. 8-23-1888. 

638. James Preston, b. 6-23-1891. 

639. Mabel Kate, b. 3-28-1894. 

640. Mary Eliza, b. 9-6-1901 ; d. 1-6-1902. 

478. GILBERT WILEY CLOYD, son of Wiley J., 219, and 

Sarah Elizabeth (Rodgers) Cloyd, was b. in Chariton County, 

Mo., 4-11-1863. He m. 10-8-1885, Ida Belle Warhurst, dau. of 

Henry T. and Rebecca Ann (Sights) Warhurst of Salisbury, 

Mo. He is a farmer, a Baptist and a democrat and resides near 

Salisbury, Mo. „ 

Children : 

639. Wiley Thompson, b. 10-5-1886 ; m. Mildred Shoemaker. 

640. Nellie Mabel, b. 7-11-1891. 

641. Dirk Sights, b. 7-28-1894. 

642. Clarence Cook, b. 2-27-1899. 

643. Gilbert Mannus, b. 5-27-1902. 

Seventh Generation 

511f. CLOYD MARSHALL, b. 8-5-1873, son of Hugh J., 232f, 

and Sarah M. (Brown) Marshall, m. 6-23-1897, Annie Laurie 

Ross, He is Secretary of the United Wireless Company, New 

York City. __ ^ 

Marshall Children: 

643a. Cloyd, b. 6-29-1898 ; in Chicago, 111. 
643b. John Ross, b. 7-4-1900 ; in Indianapolis, Ind. 
643c. George Wilkerson, b. 7-3-1902 ; in West New Brighton, 
N. Y. 

178 The Cloyd Family 

521f. JENNIE F. ROBERTSON, b. 2-11-1877, dau. of H. W. 
L. and Maggie E. (Talbot) Robertson, m. Joe B. Graves. 

Graves Children: 

643d. Margaret Ruth, b. 10-17-1895. 
643e. William, b. 9-7-1901 ; d. in infancy. 
643f. Nancy Cornelias, b. 10-11-1905. 
643g. Ethel, b. 7-11-1907. 
643h. Hugh Edward, b. 11-15-1909. 

521g. DOVIE BOWLING TALBOT, b. 3-17-1844, dau. of John 
H. and Louise S. (Bowling) Talbot, m. 4-15-1906, R. V. Caw- 

Cawthorn Children: 

643i. Sarah Ford, b. 3-4-1907. 
643 j. DoviE Bowling, b. 1-20-1909. 
643k. ]\Iary Poe, b. — . 

542. WILLIE MELVIN, dau. of W. 0. and Margaret C. 
(Hays) (Elliott) Melvin, 342, was b. 5-6-1872 and m. 0. D. Har- 
grove, 6-26-1889. 

Hargrove Children: 

644. Robbie, b. 9-14-1890 ; m. Earnest Adkins, 8-24-1905. Chil- 

dren : Joyce and Henry. 

645. LiNNiE, b. 2-17-1892; m. Seaman Parker, July, 1908. 

Child : Elson, b. 3-9-1909. 

646. Dora, b. 3-16-1894 ; m. Russell Barnhart, 4-11-1908. Child : 

Leon, b. 1-9-1909. 

647. Oscar, b. 3-11-1896 ; d. 3-29-1897. 

648. Galen, b. 2-8-1904. 

649. Bernard, b. 8-24-1908. 

The Cloyd Family 179 

582. GEORGE A. HUGHES, son of Orlando W. and Sarah 
A. (Patrick) Hughes, 418, was b. 12-13-1874 and m. Carrie 
Terry 6-22-1898. He is a butcher by trade and resides in Kan- 
sas City, Kan. 

Hughes Children: 

650. Mildred May, b. 5-18-1899. 

651. Lloyd Arthur, b. 7-9-1901. 

652. Oathal Wellington, b. 9-9-1903. 

653. Dorothy Grace, b. 10-25-1908. 

587. LILLIAN B. CLOYD, b. 6-7-1874, in Lincoln, Neb., dau. 
of William Cason, 422, and Mary B. (Simcoke) Cloyd, m. 3-9- 
1890, Albert James MeBain at Waterloo, Iowa. He is a farmer 
and resides at Buffalo Center, Winnebago Co., la. 

McBain Children: 

654. Hazel Mary, b. 3-5-1891. 

655. Arthur Newton, b. 1-10-1894. 

656. LuLA Beatrice, b. 10-13-1898. 

657. Edith Julia, b. 8-24-1900. 

658. Frank Hugh, b. 10-17-1903. 

600. IVA DELL CLOYD, dau. of A. A., 439, and Frances 
(Martin) Cloyd, m. Fount R. Allen of Chariton County, Mo., 
12-25-1895. They reside (1909) at Adrain. Bates County. Mo., 
where he is engaged in the real estate business. 

Allen Children : 

659. Cloyd Edward, b. 4-3-1897. 

660. William Russell, b. 7-31-1898. 

661. Alva Russell, b. 6-19-1900. 

662. Authur Alonzo, b. 2-1-1902. 

663. Fount Riddell, b. 4-3-1909. 

Section Four 

Descendants of 

William Cloyd 


Sect ion F our 

First Generation 

Descendants of William Cloyd, Immigrant No. 9 

1. WILLIAM CLOYD, No. 9, immigrant, a Scotchman, born 
1751, landed in Philadelphia in 1774, or '75, from Ballymony, 
County, Antrim, Duchy Ulster, Ireland. It is said he was son of 
James Cloyd who married a Reed. He served as a private in the 
Pennsylvania Line during the Revolutionary War and was pen- 
sioned in 1833. He also served as a private in the Virginia 
Army in the company of Capt. Benj. Biggs at Fort Pitt and was 
at the battle of Brandywine. 

He married Jeanette Barr, daughter of James Barr, a man 
of wealth whose wife was a Caldwell. She was a niece of Lady 
Jane Barr, a woman of considerable prominence in Ireland. 
She followed him to America against the wishes of her parents, 
and kept him on probation for two years before she married him. 
She was nine weeks on the water. When he learned of her ar- 
rival in Philadelphia, he walked 54 miles one day, and reached 
Philadelphia by 4 o'clock to be refused admission to the house 
of her cousin, Charles Stewart, with whom she was living. She 
met him at the gate and promised to marry him in two years 
if he proved worthy and he evidently made good as they were 
married at the appointed time. She died 4-7-1814, Washington 
Co., Tenn. 

After the Revolutionary War he settled in Washington 
County, Tennessee, where he died April 7th, 1837. 

There is no information as to his relationship to David, 3, 
and John, 4. Children : 

2. Sarah, b. 3-26-1777; m. Christian Sliger. 
*3. James B., b. 12-25-1779; m. (1) Mary Patton; (2) Kate 

*4. Samuel, b. 12-25-1781 ; m. Betty Rogers. 

5. Jennie, b. 1-17-1784 ; m. George Clinging. 

6. WiLLLiM, b. 3-22-1786 ; m. Hetty Nail. 
*7. Mary, b. 3-22-1788; m. Thomas Patton. 

*8. John, b. 5-17-1893; m. (1) Rachel Gester; (2) Rebecca 
Patton; (3) Rachel Boyd. 
9. Margaret C, b. 8-14-1795 ; m. Charles Bean. 


184 The Cloyd Family 

The above is a copy of the record in an old Bible in the 
possession of J. Bruce Cloyd, Mossheim, Tenn., except the mar- 
riages and the name is spelled Cloid. This Bible is said to have 
been brought from Ireland. 

Second Generation 

3. JAMES BARR CLOYD, (b. 12-25-1779, near Philadelphia, 
Pa.; d. 2-22-1861, Washington Co., Tenn.), son of William and 
Jennie (Barr) Cloyd, m. (1) Mary Patton, b. 10-27-1780 in 
Washington Co., Tenn., dau. of John and Elizabeth (Clinging) 
Patton. He m. (2) Katherine Click (b. 1803; d. 9-12-1869), 
dau. of Peter and Fannie Click, He was a soldier in the War 
of 1812 and was wounded at the battle of New Orleans, and 
was pensioned for this service. He was a farmer, a Baptist and 
a Whig. 

Children : 
First marriage: 

10. Jenny Barr, b. 1-2-1807 ; m. Enos Campbell. 

11. John Patton, b. 1-29-1809 ; m. Mary Brown. 

12. Elizabeth, b. 1-9-1814 ; m. William Cloyd. 
*13. William, b. 6-18-1817 ; m. Julia Northington. 

14. Thomas, b. 9-16-1820 ; m. Margaret Colins. 
*15. James Barr, b. 6-13-1823 ; m. Mary Patton. 

Second marriage : 
*16. Mary Ann, b. 2-7-1833 ; m. Russel Hartsell. 
*17. Samuel, b. 8-5-1834 m. Eliza Ann Stanton. 

18. David Washington, b. 12-16-1835 ; d. young. 

19. Margaret, b. 8-6-1837 ; d. age 21. 

20. Barton Bayless, b. 7-23-1839; m. Manerva Cloyd, (24). 

4. SAMUEL CLOYD, b. 12-25-1781, son of Wm. and Jennie 
(Barr) Cloyd, m. Betty Rogers. 

Children : 

21. Ezekiel, settled near Louisville, Ky. 

*22. Joseph Gordon, b. about 1822 ; m. Susan Katherine Todd. 

23. William A., m ; left no children. 

24. Manerva, m. Barton B. Cloyd, (20). 

The Cloyd Family 185 

25. Emerson, 

*26. Uriah, m. Rosanah McC. Moore. 

27. Sarah. 

28. Jeremiah. 

29. James Madison. 

30. Samuel. 

7. MARY CLOYD, b. 3-22-1788, dau. of William, 1, and Jen- 
nie (Barr) Cloyd m. Thomas Patton, son of John Patton. 

Patton Child: 
30a. Mary, b. ; d. 1894; m. Jas. Barr Cloyd. 

8. JOHN CLOYD, b. 5-17-1893, son of Wm., 1, and Jennie 
(Barr) Cloyd was married three times: (1) Rachel Gester; (2) 
Rebecca Patton; (3) Rachel Boyd, whose mother was a Frank- 
lin, a direct descendant of Benjamin Franklin. John Cloyd 
served in the War of 1812 and was wounded at the battle of 
Horse Shoe Falls. 

Children : 
Second marriage : 

30b. William. 

30c. Rebecca. 
*30d. John, b. 3-17-1824 ; m. Eliza Orton. 

30e. Thomas. 

30f. Manerva. 

Third marriage: 
30g. Son, m. about 1856, Goforth, dau. of Absalom Goforth. 
Children : Andrew Jackson, b. 12-4-1863 ; m. Miss 
Bruce, 1-4-1884; Absalom; d. 1869, aged 9; Albert, 
James Henry, Martin Van Buren. 

Third Generation 

13. WILLIAM CLOYD, son of James B., 3, was born in Wash- 
ington Co., Tenn., 6-18-1817, and died in that County, 4-7-1848. 
He m. 9-14-1837, Julia Northington, (b. 11-3-1814, Washington 

186 The Cloyd Family 

Co., Tenn., d. 8-27-1866, Green Co., Tenn.), dau. of David and 
Martha (Crowder) Northington. He was a wagon maker, a 
Whig and a Presbyterian. 

Children : 

*31. Dr. John P., b. 6-28-1838. Resided at Georgetown, 111., 

and has a family ; d. 10-29-1910. 
*32. David Northington, b. 1-23-1842 ; m. Caroline Grace. 

He is in the National Soldiers' Home, Mt. Branch, 

*33. Dr. James W., b. 3-12-1846 ; m. Mary V. Dunwoody. 

15. JAMES BARR CLOYD, (b. 6-13-1823; d. 1866) son of 
James B., and Mary (Patton) Cloyd, m. Mary Patton. She d. 
in 1894. 

Children : 

*34. Thos. Clinging, b. 1848 ; m. Lucy Brewer, 

35. Jane A., m. Wm. McWhorter. 

36. William D., 

37. Katherine, m. Isaac Brewer, 

38. Margaret, m. Jasper Green, 

39. John C, 

16. MARY ANN CLOYD, b. 2-7-1833, dau. of James B. and 
Katherine (Click) Cloyd, m. 8-21-1859, Russell Hartsell, b. 8-24- 
1832, son of Anthony and Elizabeth (Longmire) Hartsell of 
Washington Co., Tenn. He is a farmer and resides four miles 
from Jonesboro, Tenn. 

Hartsell Children: 

40. Anthony L., b. 7-1-1860 ; m. Hattie E. May. 

41. Alice, b. 3-13-1862. 

42. James R., b. 12-2-1863. 

43. Ellen, b. 2-2-1866. 

44. Dora, b. 10-4-1868 ; m. James M. Manning. 

45. Delila, b. 5-5-1870. 

46. Edna, b. 9-13-1874. 

47. Etta, b. 10-7-1876. 

The Cloyd Family 187 

17. SAMUEL CLOYD, b. 8-5-1834, son of James B. and Kath- 
erine (Click) Cloyd, m. 1868, in Washington Co., Tenn., Eliza 
Anna Stanton, b. 10-4-1839, dau. of David Dixon and Rachel 
(Stickles) Stanton. He is a farmer, Methodist and republican. 
Resides near Mt. Morris, 111. 

Children : 

48. Charles Edward, b. 9-29-1869 ; m. Mollie Hyder. 

49. Margaret Anna, b. 7-9-1871 ; m. Samuel Ford. 

50. Mary Alice, b. 2-16-1873 ; m. Cortney Sisemore. 

51. James Samuel, b. 1-18-1875 ; m. Mae Little. 

52. David Green, b. 4-30-1877 ; d. 4-24-1878. 

53. Adelia Mathes, b. 10-20-1879; m. William F. Mongan. 

54. Essie Ada, b. 12-2-1882 ; m. Fred A. Piper. 

55. Cassie Ella, b. 9-11-1886. 

22. JOSEPH GORDON CLOYD, son of Samuel and Betty 
(Rogers) Cloyd, was born in Washington County, Tennessee, 
and married Susan Kathryn Todd, (b. 1-22-1822; d. 11-7-1908), 
dau. of William A. Todd. She was born in Sumpter, and died 
in Columbia, S. C. He was a democrat, a contractor by occupa- 
tion, and in religion a Methodist. Previous to the Civil War he 
resided at Lenoix, S. C, and when the war between the States 
broke out he enlisted in the Confederate Army and was killed 
at the battle of Seven Pines in Virginia, 1862. 

Children : 

56. Mary Virginia, b. 1848 ; m. Chas. Edward Syfan. 

57. William Franklin, b. 1850 ; m. Anna Parcell. 

58. Samuel Asbery, b. 1852; m. Sallie Evans. Resides At- 

lanta, Ga. 

59. Granville, b. 1854 ; d. 1854. 

60. Hattie L., b. 1856; m. (1) James S. Rawls; (2) W. A. 

*61. Egbert Augustus, b. 8-28-1858; m. Alice Jane Craw- 
62. James Alexander, b. 3 1861 ; m. Sue R. Bush. Re- 
sides at Lancaster, S. C, one dau., Susie Mae. 

26. URIAH CLOYD, son of Samuel and Bettie (Rogers) Cloyd, 
was born in Washington Co., Tenn., but lived the most of his life 

188 The Cloyd Family 

at Lenoix, N. C. He was a brick mason, a republican and a 
Methodist. He m. Rosanah McCord Moore, who is still living 
(1909) at Charlotte, N. C. 

Children : 
*63. W. H., b. 1849 ; m. Annette N. Rankin. 

64. F. A., m. W. H. Adderholdt. Resides Statesville, N. C. 

65. Mary E., single. Resides Charlotte, N. C. 

66. M. M., resides Charlotte, N. C. 

67. N. A., single. 

68. W. W. 

69. Annie L., d. 10-1-1909. 

30d. JOHN CLOYD, (b. 3-17-1824; d. 1902), son of John and 
Rebecca (Patton) Cloyd, m. 1848, Eliza Orton, b. 1832 in N. C. 
He was born in Washington Co., Tenn., and died in Laurel Co., 

Children : 
*69a. Rev. George W., b. 12-24-1849 ; m. Lydia Harrison. 

*69b. John V., b. 1850; m. Fronia Early. 

69c. William T., m. Rebecca Dalton. 
69d. Rebecca G., m. Lewis Meadors, 

69e. Mark H., m. Jones. 

69f, Charles M., m. Lucy Carrier. 

69g. Elisa, m, Jesse Bowling. 

69h. KuviNiA, m. B. Asher. 

69i. Robert, b. 1870 ; m. Sarah Hunt. 

Fourth Generation 
31. DR. JOHN P. CLOYD, son of William, 13, and Julia 
(Northington) Cloyd, was (b. 6-28-1838, in Washington Co., 
Tenn., and d. 10-29-1910), in Georgetown, Vermillion Co., 111. 
Oct. 28-1858 he m. Hannah Golden, (b. 2-22-1839; d. 1-12-1896), 
dau. of Jacob and Alcy (Frazier) Golden. He was a democrat, 
a Presbyterian and a physician. 

Children : 
69j. Richard A., b. 5-24-1864; m, Mae Terpenning. 
69k. Bell G., b. 3-3-1866 ; m. David T. Murray. 

The Cloyd Family 189 

691. Frazier N., b. 5-19-1868; m. 3-15-1896, Jessie M. Sum- 
mers, b. 10-14-1872, dau. of Wm. H. and Mary (Mc- 
Elwain) Summers. He is a physician and resides at 
Georgetown, 111. Child : Mildred J., b. 7-17-1897. 

69m. Grace D., b. 1-22-1870; m. Chas. E. Pritchard. 

69n. John M., b. 

32. DAVID NORTHINGTON CLOYD, b. 1-23-1842, in Wash- 
ington Co., Tenn., son of William and Julia (Northington) Cloyd 
married 5-10-1866, Caroline Grace, b. 11-10-1840, in Greene Co., 
Tenn., d. 3-28-1899, in Washington Co., dau. of William and 
Jennie (Dunlap) Grace. 

Children : 

70. John Calvin, b. 3-30-1867 ; m. Carrie Smith. 

71. Anna Jane, b. 4-5-1868 ; m. John Wesley Browning. 
*72. William Grace, b. 6-28-1870 ; m. Maria L. Payne. 

73. Thomas Bell, b. 4-21-1872. 

74. GoLDiA May, b. 5-16-1874. 

75. Effie Florence, b. 4-12-1878. 

33. DR. JAMES W. CLOYD, youngest son of William and 
Julia (Northington) Cloyd was b. in Washington Co., Tenn., 
3-12-1845. He m. 2-13-1868, Mary V. Dunwoody, b. 12-11-1843, 
dau. of Adam and Sarah Jane (McSpadden) Dunwoody of 
Greene Co., Tenn. He is a republican, a Presbyterian and a 
physician. Resides at Mossheim, Tenn. 

Children : 

•76. J. Bruce, b. 1-16-1870 ; m. Elizabeth Waddill. 

*77. Julia, b. 9-28-1871 ; m. D. P. Shepherd. 
78. Lenora, b. 7-20-1873; m. D. W. Harmon; no children. 
Resides Greenville, Tenn. 

*79. S. Scott, b. 7-13-1875 ; m. C.B. Woods. 

*80. John D., b. 7-18-1877 ; m. Lula Harmon. 
81. Thomas David, b. 6-27-1885 ; is a physician and surgeon. 
Has served at the Mt. Branch, Tenn. National Sol- 
diers' Home. Is at the National Military Home, 
Leavenworth, Kans. (1910). 

190 The Cloyd Family 

34. THOMAS CLINGING CLOYD, son of James B, 15, and 
Mary (Patton) Cloyd was b. near Janesville, Washington Co., 
Tenn., in 1848. He m. Lucy Brewer. He was a farmer, a re- 
publican and member of the Christian Church. He resided in 
Laurel and Jackson Counties, Kentucky. 

Children : 

82. Mary. 

83. Lyda, m. Frank Samples. 

84. James C, m. (1) Mariah Hatton;(2) Frances Weaver; 

has one child; Lucy Strange Cloyd, b. 10-10-1908. 
Resides Manchester, Ky. 

85. Howel C, m. Martha Estridge. 

86. Sarah Frances, m. Wm. Collins. 

87. Susan, m. Isaac McWhorter. 

88. William D., 

61. EGBERT AUGUSTUS CLOYD, son of Joseph Gordon, 
was b. at Sumter, S. C, 8-28-1858. His wife, Alice Jane Craw- 
ford whom he m. 3-12-1884, at Winnsboro, S. C, was b. 8-6-1859. 
She was dau. of Samuel Lemmond and Louise (McGraw) Craw- 
ford, of Winnsboro. He is a democrat and Methodist. He is 
a foreman in the City Fire Department of Columbia, S. C. 

Children : 

89. ''Little Sister," b. and d. 4-22-1885. 

90. Hattie Elizabeth, b. 4-5-1887 ; d. 3-24-1888. 

91. Samuel Crawford, b. 1-1-1889. 

92. GussiE Earline, b. 1-28-1891. 

93. James Andrew, b. 8-12-1893. 

94. Joseph Gordon, b. 10-18-1897. 

63. WADE H. CLOYD, son of Uriah, was born near Lenoir, 
Caldwell Co., N. C, 1849, and has resided there all his life. His 
wife, Annette N. Rankins, whom he married in 1883, was born 
in 1847 near Lexington, N. C. He is a Methodist and a demo- 

Children : 

95. May Lee, b. Nov. 1886 ; d. 10-4-1901. 

96. Stella D., b. Nov. 1888. 

97. Edward L., b. 12-10-1891. 

The Cloyd Family 191 

69a. REV. GEORGE W. CLOYD, b. 12-24-1849, Washington 
Co., Tenn., son of John and Elisa (Orton) Cloyd, m. Lydia Ann 
Harrison of Laurel Co., Ky. She was dau. of Oliver and Eliz- 
abeth (Duncan) Harrison. He is a Methodist minister. Re- 
sides Viva, Ky. 

Children : 

97a. John, b. 1870 ; m. Mary Ponder. 

97b. Bettie, b. 1872; m. P. N. House. Resides Fogertown, 

97c. RiLLiE, b. 1874; m. C. L. Green. 
97d. Henry C, b. 1877 ; m. Carrie Spivey. 
97e. Samuel 0., b. 1879 ; d. 1905. 
97f. George W., b. 1884. 

69b. JOHN VANDERUER CLOYD, (b. 9-9-1851, in Washing- 
ton Co., Tenn., d. 9-26-1898 in Whitley Co., Ky.) son of John and 
Rebecca (Patton) Cloyd, m. 9-18-1873, Safrano Elizabeth Earley, 
b. 2-14-1858, in Whitley Co., Ky., dau. of David D. and Mary 
(Sears) Earley. He was a republican and a Congregationalist. 
He was a merchant and also a general mechanic. He secured 
patents on corn planters and threshing machines, and on a horse 
shoe nail machine. He was killed by the explosion of a saw mill 
boiler at Wofford, Ky. He resided at Corbin, Ky. 

Children : 

97g. Edgar Alonzo, b. 1-18-1875; m. Lizzie Oliver. Resides 

Knoxville, Tenn. 
*97h. Arva Dosier, b. 10-1-1877 ; m. Alaphare Bond. Resides 

Corbin, Ky. 
97i. Bertie Larnce, b. 5-20-1880. Resides Corbin, Ky. 
97j. Elmer Holman, b. 8-16-1883 ; m. Mamie Ball. Resides 

Corbin, Ky. 
97k. Letha May, b. 1-13-1886 ; d. 7-19-1898. 
971. Walter Lee, b. 4-23-1888. 
97m. Mabel Pearl, b. 8-14-1891. 
97n. Nolin Elbert, b. 11-1-1893. 

192 The Cloyd Family 

Fifth Generation 

72. WILLIAM GRACE CLOYD, b. 6-28-1870, Washington 
Co., Tenn., son of David N. and Caroline (Grace) Cloyd, m. 1-1- 
1895, Maria L. Payne, b. 11-7-1874, Washington Co., Tenn., 
dau. of A. E. and Alice (Sweaker) Payne. He is a farmer, 
Presbyterian and a republican. He resides at Washington Col- 
lege, Tenn. 

Children : 

98. Rose Elma, b. 7-31-1895. 

99. Cline Grace, b. 11-28-1898. 

100. Hubert Erley, b. 5-17-1901. 

101. James William, b. 12-17-1903. 

76. J. BRUCE CLOYD, oldest son of James W. and Mary V. 
(Dunwoody) Cloyd, was born in Greene Co., Tenn., 1-6-1870, 
and m. Elizabeth Waddill, 11-23-1898, b. 8-23-1874, in Washing- 
ton Co., dau. of Landon Haynes and Malcena (Cate) Waddill. 
He is a republican, a Methodist and is engaged in general mer- 
chandising at Mossheim, Tenn. 

Children : 

102. Willie Cate, (dau.) b. 9-8-1899. 

103. James Wallace, b. 11-1-1904. 

77. S. JULIA CLOYD, b. 9-28-1871, dau. of Dr. James W. and 
Julia (Northington) Cloyd, m. D. P. Shepherd, 8-28-1901. Re- 
sides Fall Branch, Tenn. 

Shepherd Children: 

104. Bruce Cloyd, b. 8-4-1903. 

105. Martha V., b. April, 1905. 

79. S. SCOTT CLOYD, b. 7-13-1875, dau. of Dr. Jas. W. and 
Julia (Northington) Cloyd, m. C. B. Woods, 11-25-1896. Re- 
sides Greenville, Tenn. 

Woods Children : 

106. Knox, b. 3-12-1898. 

107. Mildred, b. 11-13-1903. 

The Cloyd Family 193 

80. JOHN D. CLOYD, b. 7-18-1877, son of Dr. Jas. W. and 
Julia (Northington) Cloyd, m. Lula Harmon, 12-26-1901. Re- 
sides Mossheim, Tenn. 

Children : 

108. Sybil, b. 6-20-1903. 

109. Glenn, b. Aug. 1904. 

97h. ARVA DOSIER CLOYD, b. 10-1-1877, in Whitley Co., Ky. 
son of John V. and Safrona (Earley) Cloyd, m. 3-9-1899, at 
Corbin, Ky., Alaphane Bond, b. 4-23-1881, dau. of Oliver R. and 
Safrona E. Earley. He is a republican. He began life as a 
call boy in the service of the L. & 0. R. R. and gradually worked 
his way up to the position of foreman in the boiler works of the 
same railroad at Corbin, Ky. 

Children : 

110. Normal Madden, b. 2-21-1901. 

111. Oakron Ovas, b. 11-29-1902. 

112. NoNEARS, b. 6-25-1905. 

Section Five 

Some of the Descendants of 

Daniel Clyde 


Section Five 


Daniel Clyde, Immigrant No. 14 

From a brief account in "Morrison's History" and with 
the assistance of Thomas Cloyd of Webster, S. D., and Paul C. 
Cloyd of Plainfield, N. J., the following account of some of the 
descendants of Daniel Clyde has been prepared: 

1. DANIEL CLYDE, a Scotchman, came from Londonderry, 
County Antrim, Ireland, in 1832, and settled in Windliam, N. 
H., then called Londonderry. 

He belonged to a colony of Scotch people who emigrated 
to the north of Ireland in the time of the persecution of the 
Protestants by the Papists. He was born about 1683 as he died 
in Windham, 6-4-1753, aged 70 years. He married Esther Ran- 
kin, dau. of Hugh Rankin, an emigrant to Londonderry from 
County Antrim, Ireland. She was a woman of worth who pos- 
sessed a strong religious character. She was born in 1706, and 
died 2-16-1779. It is not known how many of his children 
changed the name to Cloyd, or whether that change was re- 
served for some of his grandchildren to make. 

Clyde or Cloyd Children: 
*2. Joseph, b. 1722 ; in Ireland ; m. Margaret Moffatt. 

3. Hugh, b. about 1724 ; m. Sarah Moffatt ; settled in Wind- 

ham, N. H. 

4. John, b. about 1726 ; m. Mary Moffatt. Left no chil- 

dren; was a surveyor and mathematician; a select- 
man in 1764, Windham, N. H. 

5. Daniel, b. about 1728 ; left no family. Resided Clyde, 

Wayne Co., N. Y. 

6. Ann, b. — 1730 ; in Ireland ; m. David Gregg. 

7. Samuel, b. in Windham, N. H., 4-11-1732 ; d. in Cherry 

Valley, N. Y., 11-30-1790. He became a Colonel in 
the Revolutionary Army. 

Morrison's History says in 1822. John Cloyd writing in 1881 says 
1835. Morrison's Hist, says his son Samuel was born in Windham, N. H., 
in 1732, and that all the older children were born in Ireland. 


198 The Cloyd Family 

8. Mary, b. 1735; m. Parker. Resided Litchfield, 

N. H. 

9. Nancy, b. 1740; m. Stuart. Resided Dunbarton, 

N. H. 
10. Agnes, b. 1744. 

Second Generation 

2. JOSEPH CLYDE, or CLOYD, son of Daniel Clyde and 
Esther (Rankin) Clyde, was b. in Ireland, 1722, and m. Mar- 
garet Moffatt, who d. 7-14-1814, aged 88. He settled in Wind- 
ham, N. H., where he d. 6-7-1805. He became a commissioned 
officer in the First Militia Company organized in Windham. 

Children : 

11. Daniel, m. Miss Adams. Resided Lyne, N. H. 

12. Ann, m. Marshall. Resided Litchfield, N. H. 

13. Margarett. 

14. Mary, m. James Clark. Resided Windham, N. H. 
*15. John, m. Phebe Willson. 

16. Joseph. 

Third Generation 

15. JOHN CLOYD, OR CLYDE, son of Joseph and Mar- 
garett (Mofeatt) Cloyd or Clyde, was (b. 1762, and d. 3-18-1825), 
He m. Phebe Willson, who was in Pelham, N. H., dau. of Daniel 
Willson. She d. 12-15-1854, aged 83. There were 13 children, 
all but five dying in infancy. 

Children : 

17. Daniel W., m. Anne Burns. Settled in Ohio. 
*18. James C, m. Hannah Campbell. 

19. Phebe W., m. Solomon Hunt; four children: John, Hi- 
ram of Merrimac, N. H., Phebe and Sarah. 

20. John, m. Mary A. Cushing of Charleston, Blass. Three 
children: John F., a carriage painter, lived (1881) 
in Merrimac, Mass.; Geo. C, and M. Amanda of 
Pelham, N. H. 

21. Eliza Ann, m. Daniel F. Quimby. Resided (1881) in 
Washington, Vt. Children: James C, Phebe, Ann. 


The Cloyd Family 199 

Fourth Generation 

18. JAMES C. CLOYD, son of John and Phebe (Willson) 
Cloyd, was b. 9-6-1797, and m. Hannah, dau. of David Camp- 
bell, in 1822. He removed to Windsor, Orange Co., N. Y., in 
1828, and returned to Windham, N. H., where he d. 1877. 

Children : 
22. Warren, b. 7-2-1822; was an Architect; d. 12-17-1852, 
at Washingtonville, Orange County, N. Y, 
*23. Mary, b. 3-23-1825 ; m. Elemuel Pembleton. 
*24. Thomas, b. 1-1-1829 ; m. Elizabeth Foster. 
*25. William, b. 1-27-1830 ; m. Mary J. Tuthill. 
26. David C, b. 12-3-1833 ; architect. Lieut. 87th Reg 't. N. 
Y. Vols. ; d. 1862 as result of wounds and exposure 
at Battle of Williamsburg, Va. 
*27. Jane E., b. 2-5-1840; m. Rev. S. G. Gale. 
*28. James C, b. 4-3-1842 ; m. Thalia A. Rickey. 

Fifth Generation 

23. ]\IARY CLOYD, dau. of James C. and Hannah (Campbell) 
Cloyd, was b. 3-23-1825, m. Elemuel Pembleton, 5-12-1847, at 
Mortonville, N. Y. She d. 1-26-1870, at Crawford, N. J. 

Pembleton Children: 
*29. Mary Hannah, b. 11-28-1848 ; m. Jas. M. Gray. 

30. Emily, b. 7-30-1850. Resides San Jose, Calif. 

31. Carrie Amelia, b. 2-13-1857; m. Morgan Stuart Taylor, 

11-15-1875, at Alameda, Calif.; d. 2-21-1881. 

24. THOMAS CLOYD, son of James C. and Hannah (Camp- 
bell) Cloyd, was b. 1-1-1829, at New" Windsor, N. Y., m. 7-5-1854, 
Mary Elizabeth Foster, of Flanders, Long Island. He is an 
architect and builder. For a number of years was actively 
engaged in building operations in Orange Co., N. Y., and Union 
Co., N. J. He built many churches and houses in Cranford, N. 

200 The Cloyd Family 

J. In 1822 he moved with his family from Cranford, N. J., to 
Webster, Day Co., S. D., where he now resides. 

Children : 
*32. Maey Louise, b. 6-5-1855 ; m. Jas. P. Downs. 
33. Josephine Foster, b. 4-6-1857. Resides in Webster, S. 
*34. Annie Marie, b. 9-7-1858; m. (1) Edwin D. Price, (2) 
Andrew Smail. 
35. John Foster, b. 7-6-1860. Resides Webster, S. D. 
*36. Jennie Frances, b. 8-6-1867 ; m. Fred C. Moore. 

25. WILLIAM CLOYD, son of James C. and Hannah (Camp- 
bell) Cloyd, was b. 1-27-1830, m. Mary J. Tuthill, 2-14-1856, d. 
Jan. 1866, at Washingtonville, N. Y. He was a clergyman. 

Children : 

37. Warren Tuthill, b. 1-7-1857; m. Elizabeth Robinson 

Higham, 6-3-1896. He d. 6-1-1899, at Waldick, N. 

J,, where his family still resides. Child: Mildred 


*38. Edwin Campbell, b. 12-15-1858 ; m, Josephine Arnold. 

39. William, b. 7-6-1861 ; d. 7-21-1865. 

40. Charles, b. 6-21-1863 ; d. 7-24-1863. 

41. Seely, b. 6-21-1863 ; d. 8-23-1863. 

27. JANE E. cloyd, dau. of James C. and Hannah (Camp- 
bell) Cloyd, was b. 2-5-1840, at Mortonville, N. Y., m. Rev. Syl- 
vanus G. Gale, 9-8-1864, at Charlotteville, N. W. She d. 8-15- 
1892, at Pacific Grove, Calif. 

Gale Children : 

*42. Charlotte Cloyd, b. 6-20-1865 ; m. Chas. H. Griswald. 

*43. James Cloyd, b. 2-16-1867; m. Charlotte Rogers. 

*44. De Witt Clinton, b. 3-19-1869 ; m. Emma L. Fuller. 

45. Sylvanus G., b. 3-24-1871 ; at Mankato, Minn. 

46. William Slocum, b. 2-7-1873, at Reads Landing, Minn. 

47. Mabel Louise, b. 12-13-1875, at Minneapolis, Minn., m. 

Warren F. Geary, 9-24-1900, at San Jose, Calif. Re- 
sides Petaluma, Calif. Child: Majorie May Geary. 

Residence of Dr. A. D. Cloyd (Fourth of July) 

Three Generations— Mrs. Eliza J. (Basye) Cloyd, Son Dr. A. D. Cloyd 
and Grandchildren Nina May Cloyd and A. D. Cloyd, Jr. 

Mrs. E. J. (Basye) Cloyd 213, Sec. 3, Children and Grandchildren 

Mrs. E. J. (Basye) Cloyd 213, Sec. 3 and Family 

The Cloyd Family 201 

48. Walter Raymond, b. 3-4-1879, at Northfield, Minn., m. 

Bertha Beckett, 7-2-1906, in Berkeley, Cal. Resides 
Oceano, Cal. Children: Marion Cloyd and Dorothy 

49. Emma Jane, b 1-30-1883; at Faribault, Minn., m. 3-9- 

1905, Frederick Ross Hazard, in San Jose, Cal., 
where she resides. Child : Frederick Ross Hazard, 

28. JAMES C. CLOYD, son of James C. and Hannah (Camp- 
bell) Cloyd, was b. 4-3-1842, at I\Iortonville, N. Y., m. Thalia A. 
Rickey of New Haven, Conn., 4-3-1866. He served in the Civil 
War as Lieutenant in the 87th Regiment N. Y. Volunteers, He, 
with his brother David recruited a large number of men for the 
war, and was severely wounded in the battle of Fair Oaks. He 
was admitted to the bar in May, 1864. 

For a number of years he resided in Orange Co., N. Y., 
and later removed to Brooklyn, and still later to the north shore 
of Long Island. He was always active m the affairs of Long 
Island and was a prominent member of the Methodist Church. 
He was a member of the firm of Birdseye, Cloyd and Bayliss, 
Lawyers, of Brooklyn, in which city he died, 11-4-1894. 

Children : 

50. Juliette, b. 1-19-1867, at New York City. Resides Jer- 

sey City, N. J. 
*51. Mary Frances, b. 11-4-1869 ; in Brooklyn, N. Y., m. Jar- 
vis N. Atkinson. 

52. Paul Campbell, b. 8-26-1871, at Brooklyn, N. Y., m. 

Florence Skillin of New York, 9-29-1898. Resides 
in Plainfield, N. J. 

53. Homer Stevens, b. 8-27-1873, at Cranford, N. J., m. 

Helen Congdon, of Palmyra, N. Y., 11-28-1907. Re- 
sides in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

54. Genevieve, b. 8-22-1875, at Cranford, N. J. Resides in 

New York City. 

55. Thalia A., b. 9-21-1877, at Cornwall, N. Y. Resides in 

Jersey City, N. J. 

56. Madeleayne, b. 5-29-1880, at Brooklyn, N. Y., m. Chas. 

A. Reinhard, 6-23-1906. Resides in Jersey City, N. 
J. Child: Marjorie Reinhard. 

202 The Cloyd Family 

29. I\IARY HANNAH PEMBLETON, dau. of Elemuel and 
Mary (Cloyd) Pembleton, was b. 11-28-1848, at Moodna, N. Y., 
in. James Monroe Gray, 3-2-1870, at Cranford, N. J. She re- 
sides at San Jose, Calif. 

Gray Children : 

57. John Herbert, b. 12-8-1870, in San Francisco; d. 11-4- 


58. Frank ]\Ionroe, b. 9-3-1874, in Alameda, Cal., m. Grace 

Alexander Howard, 12-14-1896, in San Jose, Cal. 
Resides in Seattle, Wash. 

59. Chas. Alfred, b. 9-26-1877, in Alameda, Cal., m. Cor- 

nelia Ross, 5-26-1902. Resides Palo Alto, Cal. 

60. Harold Pembleton, b. 10-26-1878, in Alameda, Cal. ; d. 

4-17-1899, in San Jose, Calif. 

61. Mary Emily, b. 9-25-1890, in San Jose, Cal., where she 

still resides. 

32. MARY LOUISE CLOYD, dau. of Thomas and Mary E. 
(Poster) Cloyd, was b. 6-5-1855, at Washingtonville, N. Y., 
ra. James P. Downs, 7-19-1884. Resides in Jersey City, N. J. 

Downs Children : 

62. J. Cloyd, b. 11-6-1885 ; m. J\Iabel Lnla Lehman, 6-30-1908. 

Resides in Jersey City, N. J. 

63. William Orrie, b. 3-14-1887, at Newark, N. J., m. Lil- 

lian Hadden, of Jersey City, 7-25-1908. Resides in 
Jersey City. 

34. ANNIE MARIE CLOYD, dau. of Thomas and Mary E. 
(Foster) Cloyd, was b. 9-7-1858, at Vails Gate, Orange Co., N. 
Y., m. (1) Edwin D. Price, 6-3-1886, who d. 3-5-1887, m. (2) 
Andrew Small, 9-28-1893. Resides in Webster, Day Co., So. 


Smail Children : 

64. William Cloyd, b. 9-21-1894. 

65. Hannah Ruth, b. 11-23-1896. 

66. Andrew Smail, b. 4-2-1899. 

The Cloyd Family 203 

36. JENNIE FRANCES CLOYD, dau. of Thomas and Mary 
E. (Foster) Cloyd, was b. 8-6-1867, at Cranford, N. J., m. Fred 
C. Moore, 1-10-1899. Resides in Webster, S. D. 

Moore Children: 

67. Evelyn, b. 5-18-1890, at Roslyn, S. D. 

68. Clinton Leroy, b. 4-16-1897, at Roslyn, S. D. 

38. EDWIN CAMPBELL CLOYD, son of William and Mary 
J. (Tuthill) Cloyd, was b. 12-15-1858, m. Josephine Arnold, 
10-12-1881. Was a lawyer. Was for a number of years prior to 
his death, an official stenographer in the Supreme Court of New 
York and reported some of the most famous cases tried in that 
Court in recent years. He also practiced law as a member of 
the firm of Cloyd and Burns. 

Children : 

69. Harold Reginald, b. 9-2-1882, at Plainfield, N. J. Re- 

sides Manhattan, New York City. 

70. Genevieve Campbell, b. 12-6-1883, at Plainfield, N. J. 

Residence, Manhattan, New York City. 

71. Bessie Arnold, b. 5-17-1886 ; d. 11-11-1888. 

72. Warren Campbell, b. 4-18-1888, at Plainfield, N. J. Res- 

idence, Manhattan, New York City. 

73. Gladys Arnold, b. 9-27-1898, at Manhattan, New York 

City. Residence the same. 

42. CHARLOTTE CLOYD GALE,' dau. of Sylvanus G. and 
Jane E. (Cloyd) Gale, was b. 6-20-1865, at Charlotteville, N. Y., 
m. Charles Henry Griswold, 5-5-1887, at Vallejo, Calif. Re- 
sides in Modesto, Cal. 

Griswold Children: 

74. Alice Elizabeth, b. 6-29-1889, in San Jose, Cal. 

75. Edith Irene, b. 10-25-1890, in Modesta, Cal. 

76. Charles Gale, b. 3-3-1902, in St. Paul, Minn. 

77. Edward Phillip, b. 3-5-1904, in Modesta, Cal. 

204 The Cloyd Family 

43. JAMES CLOYD GALE, son of Sylvanus G. and Jane E. 
(Cloyd) Gale, was b. 2-16-1867, in Hobart, N. Y., m. Charlotte 
Rogers, 9-18-1890, in San Jose, Cal. Residence, Eureka, Cal. 

Gale Children : 

78. James Cloyd, b. 6-6-1891, in Pacific Grove, Cal. 

79. Alice Jane, b. 10-24-1893, in Pacific Grove, Cal. 

80. Mildred Emma, b. 1-28-1896. 

81. Alma Josephine, b. 8-31-1897, in Pacific Grove, Cal. 

82. Clinton Sylvanus, b. 9-22-1901, in Eureka, Calif. 

44. DEWITT CLINTON GALE, son of Sylvanus G. and Jane 
E. (Cloyd) Gale, was b. 3-19-1869, at Wabash, ]\Iinn., m. Emma 
Leola Fuller, 9-21-1892, in San Jose, Cal. Resides in Oceano, 

Gale Children : 

83. Mabel Louise, b. 10-8-1893, in Mayfield, Cal. 

84. Kenneth Warren^ b. 3-29-1898, in Oceano, Calif. 

85. DeWitt Clinton, b. 6-3-1905, in Oceano, Calif. 

51. MARY FRANCES CLOYD, dau. of James C. and Thalia 
A. (Rickey) Cloyd, was b. 11-4-1869, in Brooklyn, L. I., m. Jar- 
vis N. Atkinson 4-5-1893. Resides in Jersey City, N. J. 

Atkinson Children: 

86. Thalia Cloyd, b. 1-6-1894, in Jersey City. 

87. John, b. 5-26-1896, in Jersey City. 

88. Frank Gray, b. 1-3-1899, in Jersey City. 

89. James Cloyd, b. 12-20-1901, in Jersey City. 

Section Six 

Basye Family 


Books on Geneaology frequently originate in the desire to 
trace lineage or to ascertain certain facts about some ancestor. 
Both of these facts actuated the writer in his efforts to find out 
what he could about the Basye family. 

Notwithstanding considerable effort has been put forth, the 
results have been unsatisfactory in tracing the beginnings of the 
family because of incomplete, inaccessible or lost records. Much 
time has been consumed in the collection of the information here- 
with presented and it is published for the benefit and pleasure 
it may be to others. Time has not permitted the gathering 
of more complete information and the notes are printed without 
any apology for their present form. 

I. Walter Basye, Bowling Green, i\Io., has gone extensively 
into this matter and proposes in a short time to publish a com- 
plete History of the Basye Family. Acknowledgement is here- 
by made to him for many of the notes contained herein and other 
valuable information. 


Basye is French. It has been claimed that the family came 
to France in about the 13th century from that part of northern 
Spain inhabited by the Basques near the Bay of Biscay and that 
Edward de Basye was a personal friend of Henry of Navarre. 
People by the name still reside in Allsace-Loraine. 

The Basyes were Huguenots, or French Protestants. After 
the revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685 many of the Hugue- 
nots fled to Holland and England and thence to America. 

Alejandro Basye* a Frenchman with two brothers came to 
America about 1686, and failing to find sufficient of heroic ad- 
venture to suit his mettle, returned to England and joined an 
expedition that sailed around Cape Horn to the Philippine 

*C. L. Hoover, United States Consul at Madrid, who spent many years 
in the Philippines, also Dampier 's Voyage to the Philippines. 


208 The Basye Family 

During the stay on the island of Mindanao he fell in love 
with a daughter of a ^Malayan prince and stole her away from 
her parents, going in a native boat with a few companions across 
the sea to the island of Samar. There on the west coast of that 
island he founded the city of Basey, or Basia, now a place of 
about 12,000. Other Europeans joined him and he always held 
a commanding position among them. He left two daughters, 
only one of whom was married. His last descendant was drown- 
ed in a tidal wave which swept over the place some years ago. 

John Basye settled in Hartford, Conn., in 1635, and was a 
man of high standing judging from the various positions of 
trust held by him, and the prominent mention of his name in 
Hannam's Memorial History of Hartford, (Vol. 2, Sec. 1, p. 
277). He left no male issue. He had three daughters; Mary 
married Burr, Lydia, married Baker, and Elizabeth married 
Peck. His sister, Adrean Basye, married John Lord at Hartford, 
Sept. 15th, 1648. 

The name Bassie as in the will was handed down as a given 
name for more than a century. 

The Richmond Land Office shows Eliza Bassye came to this 
country in 1650. 

Michael Basye sold land in Maryland in 1653. He came over 
in the good ship Adventure. He died at Dorchester, Maryland, 
1688, willing all his property to his wife, Joan, and mentioned 
no children, 


1666. John Basye on tithable list. 

1670. Samuel Tracy of Baltimore was allowed transportation 
for Edmond Basye. 

1683. Edmond Basye on Court records, bought land in 1705 
and sold to his son Edmond in 1712. 

1712. John, Isaac and Edmond Basye appear on court rec- 

1720. Isaac Basye had charge of Henry Lindley's estate. John 

and Elisha Basye bought land. 
1739. Will of Isaac Basye probated ; wife Elizabeth, sons Wil- 
liam, Edmond, John, Jesse and Elisha, and daughters 
Winnifred and Judith. 

The Basye Family 209 

1746. Elizmond Basye willed property to his sister Elizabeth 
and brother Josias. Elisha Basye, executor. 

1756. Estate of Elizmond Basye divided between John, Elisha 
and Josias. John Basye administrator of the estate, of 
Josias Basye. William Basye, wife Rebecca and William 
Basye, wife Elizabeth, made deeds. 

1761. John Basye, administrator of the estate of his father, 

1762. Will of William Basye, son of Isaac who died 1739, pro- 
bated. Wife Elizabeth, son Isaac, daughters Elizabeth, 
Catherine and Sallie. Isaac was guardian for his sisters 
Catherine and Sallie in 1766. Catherine was born May 
20th, 1752, and married George Edwards Cordell, Oc- 
tober 4th, 1768. Isaac had three sons. Dr. Joseph, Col- 
onel William and Thomas Pope. 

1768. John and Isaac Basye appraisers of the estate of Jesse 
Basye. Will of Elisha Basye probated. He left his 
property to his brothers John and Jesse. 

1769. Will of John I. B. Basye probated ; mentioned son John, 
youngest son Edmond, and four sons-in-law, witnesses 
Isaac Basye and Winnifred Marsh. Edmond afterwards 
resided and died at Louisville, Ky. 

1773. Isaac Basye made deed witnessed by John, William and 
Susannah Basye. 

1774. Martha Basye deeded property to her sons John, Jesse 
and Elizmond and three daughters Judith, Mary and 
one other. 

1780. Isaac Basye, vestryman Wicomico parish. 
1784. Will of Jesse Basye probated ; mentioned Elizmond, Ju- 
dith and Mary. 
1824. Will of Isaac Basye probated. 


1754. Edmond Basye of Prince William County, bought land 
of Lord Fairfax. 

1761. John and Edmond Basye enrolled as Sergeants in a com- 
pany of Militia raised to fight the Indians by Colonel 
Wm. Edmond in Fauquier County. 

210 The Basye Family 

1770. Edmond Basye of Fauquier County, bought 800 acres 
of land on the Little Fork of Rappahannock River in 
Culpeper County. 

1771. Edmond Basye and wife Winnifred made deed in Fau- 
quier County. 

1772. Edmond Basye, wife Nancy and Jacob Basye bought land 
in Fauquier County and Edmond and wife Nancy bought 
land in Culpeper County. 

1773. Elizmond Basye, wife Nancy, daughter of Capt. Wm. 
McClanahan, known as the fighting parson, received a 
negro girl as a wedding present, Culpeper County. 

1777. John Basye made deed in Fauquier County. 

1778. Edmond Basye made deed to son Elizmond in Culpeper 

1784. Joseph Basye bought land in Fauquier County. 

1786. Isaac Basye appears in Court for Moses Basye, a minor 
in Culpeper County. Joseph Basye bought land in 
Culpeper County, witnesses, Edmond, Thomas and John 

1791. Joseph Basye, wife Mary, sold land in Culpeper Coun- 
ty. Isaac Basye bought land in Culpeper County, wit- 
ness, Thomas Basye. 

1793. Edmond Basye made deed of gift to son Joseph in Cul- 
peper County. 

Edmond Basye, wife Winnifred, and Elizmond Basye, 
wife Nancy, made deeds in Culpeper County. 

1796. Estate of Edmond Basye inventoried Culpeper County. 

1797. James Basye appointed trustee for the town of James- 
town, laid off on his land in Culpeper County. 

1798. Isaac Basye and wife Frances made deed, witnessed by 
Joseph Basye, Culpeper County. John Basye and 
Catherine his wife made deed to Edmond Basye in Cul- 
peper County. Isaac Basye and Frances his wife made 
deed in Culpeper County. 

1799. Will of Joseph Basye probated Culpeper County. Exe- 
cutors : His son, Elisha, Gabriel Green, and John Amiss. 
Daughters Polly, Edna and Hannah. Probate shows Eli- 
sha predeceased his father, interstate and unmarried. 

The Basye Family 211 

1800. Edmond Basye, Sr., and Winifred, his wife made deed 
to Edmond Basye, Jr., subject to a life interest of Anne 
(signed Nancy) Basye, widow of Edmond Basye, de- 
ceased; Witnesses Benjamin and Harry Basye, Culpep- 
er Co. Edmond Basye, Sr., and Winifred, his wife, 
made deed to Henry Basye in Culpeper County. 
Witnessed by Benjamin and Edmond Basye. Henry 
Wescabber and Bridget his wife made deed to the heirs 
of Joseph Basye, deceased, as follows: Levina Amiss 
wife of John Amiss, Caty Basye, wife of John Basye 
and Benjamin, Polly, Edna and Hanna Basye, Culpeper 
Co. Joseph Basye and Elizabeth his wife of Fauquier 
Co., made deed in Culpeper Co. 
1803. James Basye bought land in Fauquier Co, 
1805. Edmond Basye and wife Elizabeth made deed, Louis- 
ville, Ky. 

1809. John Basye set a slave free at Alexandria, Va. Eliz- 
mond Basye of Kentucky, gave power of attorney to Ed- 
mond Basye of Virginia. 

1810. Inventory of the estate of Edmond Basye and another 
accounting in 1813, Culpeper Co. 

1812. Estates of Joseph, Elijah and Josiah Basye in process of 
settlement in Culpeper Co. 

212 The Basye Family 


1648. Adrean Basye married John Lord at Hartford, Conn., 
Sept. 15th, 1648. She was a sister to John who came to 
America fifteen years after the Mayflower, or in 1635- 

1768. Catherine Basye, b. 5-20-1752, dau. of William Basye, 
married George Edwards Cordell, 10-4-1768. She died 

1775. Joseph Basye married Sarah Sinclair, 5-22-1775, Fau- 
quier Co., Va. 

1781. Richard Basye married Nancy Taylor, 12-4-1781, Fau- 
quier Co. He was a Revolutionary soldier. 

1786. Isaac Basye married Frances Bashaw, 1-1-1786, Culpep- 
er County. 

1791. John Basye married Elizabeth Bashaw, 1-24-1791, Fau- 
quier County, 

1789. Hannah Basye married Lewis Kemper, 1-26-1789, Fau- 
quier County. 

1793. John Basye married Catherine Basye, 1793, Culpeper 

1796. Henry Basye married Elizabeth James, 1796, Culpeper 

1804. Thomas Pope Basye married Hannah Lee Turberville, 
5-22-1804, at Fredericksburg, Va. He was a brother to 
Col. Wm. and Dr. Joseph Basye. 

1806. James Basye married Elizabeth Taylor in Fauquier Co., 
Va., in 1806 or prior thereto. 

1808. Edmond Basye married Caty Thomas, Fauquier Co. 

1812. Dr. Joseph Basye married Hannah Taliaferro, Northum- 
berland Co. 

1820. Colonel Wm. Basye married Harriet C. Shields, Northum- 
berland Co. 

1835. Mary V. Basye, dau. of Dr. Joesph Basye of Northum- 
berland Co., married Alexander Blackwell. 









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Mrs. E. J. (Basye) Cloyd 78, Sec. 6 

Section Six 

Descendants of Edmond and Winnifred Basye 

1. EDMOND BASYE bought land of Lord Fairfax in Prince 
William Co., Virginia, in 1754. A little later he settled in Fau- 
quier Co., as he and John Basye were enrolled in 1761 as Ser- 
geants in a company of militia raised in Fauquier County by 
Colonel Wm. Edmonds to fight Indians. It is evident that he 
came from Northumberland County. He must have been born 
between 1720 and 1730 and married about 1750. He died in 
Culpepper County in 1810. His wife was Winnifred. 

Children : 
*2. Edmond^ m. Nancy Mauzy; d. 1783. 
*3. Joseph, m. Mary . 

4. Elizmond, m. Nancy McClanahan, 1773. 

5. Richard, m. Nancy Taylor, 12-4-1781 ; d. 11-4-1822. 
Edmond, Elizmond and Richard were soldiers in the Revo- 
lutionary War. 

Second Generation 

2. EDMOND BASYE, son of Edmond and Winnifred, was b. 
about 1750, and m. Nancy Mauzy, about 1770. She was dau. of 
Henry and Elizabeth (Taylor) Mauzy* of Fauquier Co. He 
entered the service during the Revolutionary War, as did two 
of his brothers and died from smallpox or measles, at Nanse- 
mond Court House in 1783 after Cornwallis' surrender. The 
traditional account of his Revolutionary War Service is very 
vivid and clear, yet it has been impossible to discover any docu- 

* Henry Mauzy fled from France to England where he married a daugh- 
ter of Doctor Congers. He afterward came to America and located in 
Fauquier Co., Va., 1685. His son John married Hester Foote and Henry, 
born 1721— died 1804, married Elizabeth Taylor, born 1735— died 1829 
(Hayden's Va. Gen. P. 451). (Ref. Va. Hist. Soc. Coll. Vol. 5, xvii P. 

John Mauzy Jr. 's will made February 20, 1764, proven July 26, 1764, 
W. B. 1., P. 83, Fauquier Co., Va., makes his brothers Henry and Peter, 
executors, and mentions his wife Betty and daughters Peggy, Margaret, and 

Mary Mauzy in her will dated February 10, 1769, proven September 
2o, 1769, mentions her brothers John and Peter and daughter Sally. (W. B. 
1., P. 152, Fauquier Co., Va.) Thos. Conway, guardian for Sally Mauzy, 
made settlement March 28, 1774. (W. B. 1., P. 242, Fauquier Co., Va.) 


214 The Basye Family 

mentary evidence of his service. The search for this evidence 
has been very exhaustive. 

There were eight companies of 84 men each from Culpeper 
Co. where he resided, but no list of the men in these companies 
has been found. These companies had for Captains, John Green, 
John Thornton, George Slaughter, Gabriel Long, Gabriel Jones, 
John Gillson, Wm. McClanahan and Abram Buford. 

Children : 

*6. Benjamin, m. Ruthy . 

*7. Edmond, m. Caty Thomas, 1808. 

8. Elizabeth, m. Kemper. 

*9. John, b. 1773; m. (1) Catherine Basye; (2) Mary New- 
man; (3) Margaret Hess. 

10. Sherrod. 

11. Elizmond. 

*12. Henry, b. 1777 ; m. Elizabeth James, 1796. 

13. Annfield, d. single. 

14. Nancy, m. Reeves. 

3. JOSEPH BASYE, son of Edmond and Winnifred, d. in 
Culpeper Co., 1799. His wife was Mary. 



Elijah, d. single. 










Levina, m. John Amiss. 


Catherine, m. John Basye. 






Hannah, m. Lewis Kemper. 

Henry Mauzy Sr, wife Elizabeth made will Dec. 31, 1799, proven Feb. 
27, 1804, Sons, John, William, Henry, Peter, George, Thomas, Richard, and 
Michael, daughters, Betty (m. John Peters) Priscilla Rosser, Esther New- 
man, Susanna Kemper and Nancy Basye. 

William Mauzy, b. 1743, in Va., was a Revolutionary soldier. He was 
granted a pension in 1832, at which time he was 79 years of age, and resid- 
ing in Noble, Rush Co., Ind. He m. Ursula Arnold and was a Baptist 
minister. He could not be the son of Henry, as Henry's wife, Elizabeth 
Taylor, was born 1735. 

The Basye Family 215 

Benjamin and Jesse were in the Revolutionary War and 
died in the service. Their brother, Jeremiah, received land 
grants for three years' service of each in the Continental Line, 
although they enlisted at first in the Third Va. Regt. William 
Basye also served with them in the same company. (Manuscript 
Record Va. State Library.) 

6. BENJAMIN BASYE, son of Edmond and Nancy (Mauzy) 
Basye resided in Virginia and his wife Ruthey lived to be very 

Children : 
*25. Joseph, m. . 

26. Thomas, resided at Lagrange and Louisville, Ky. 

27. Frances. 

28. Julia. 

29. Emily, m. Green, who resides on the Basye farm at 

Amissville, Va. 

30. Hannah. 

31. Levina. 

7. EDMOND BASYE, son of Edmond and Nancy (Mauzy) 
Basye, m. Caty Thomas in 1808 in Fauquier Co., Va. He d. 
shortly after the birth of their only son and she m. a Shackle- 
ford and had a dau. who d. at 8 years of age. 

Child : 
*32. Edmond, b. 1-24-1810 ; m. Mary Tomlin. 

9. JOHN BASYE, b. 1773, son of Edmond and Nancy (Mauzy) 
Basye, m. (1) Catherine Basye, his first cousin, dau. of Joseph 
and Mary Basye in 1793. He m. (2) Mary Newman; (3) Mar- 
garet Hess. 

Children : 
First marriage : 

33. Levina, m. Dr. Lawler. 

34. Washington, 

35. Nimrod. 

36. Joseph. 

37. Matilda. 

38. Nancy. 

216 The Basye Family 

Second marriage: 

39. . 

40. . 

41. Abraham. 

42. Elizabeth, m. Sprecher, Resides Orkney Springs, 


43. Jonas Burns, b. 8-23-1833 ; m. His dau. Mrs. Mary (Mil- 

ler) Jordan resides at Orkney Springs, Va. 

44. Nathan J., resides at Mathias, Hardy Co., W. Va. 

12. HENRY BASYE, known as "Harry", son of Edmond and 
Nancy (Mauzy) Basye, was b. in Culpeper Co., Va., 5-4-1777, 
m. 1796 in same County, Elizabeth James, (his cousin on the 
Taylor* side) b. 12-9-1779. He removed to Pike County, Ohio, 

* The Taylors of Orange Co., Va., trace their ancestry back to James 
Taylor of Carlisle, England, who settled on the Chesapeake in Virginia, 
between 1644 and 1660. He m. Martha Gregory, and died in 1698. His 
son James was b. in Caroline Co., 3-14-1674, m. Martha Thompson, 2-23-1699, 
and was one of the first settlers of Orange Co., where he died 1-23-1729. He 
was one of the first Surveyor Generals of Virginia and great grandfather 
to two presidents. He had four sons: James, George, Zachary and Eras- 
mus, and dau. Frances who m. Ambrose Madison, grandfather of President 

George Taylor, b. 2-10-1711, in Orange Co., m. Eachel Gibson, 2-28-1738. 
He was a Colonel in 1755, a member of the House of Burgesses, the Com- 
mittee of Safety and of the Virginia Convention in 1775. He died in 
Orange Co., 11-4-1792. (The Virginia Magazine states that George Taylor 
had fourteen sons, seven of whom served in the Eevolutionary War and 
thirteen held office under the government at one time.) 

The ten sons of George Taylor who were all in the Revolutionary War, 
were Sergeant Major James, Lieut. Jonathan, Capt. Edmund, Col. Francis, 
Capt. Eichard, Col. John, Major William, Surgeon Charles, and Midship- 
man Benjamin. 

Capt. Eichard Taylor was b. in Orange Co., Va., 1-6-1825. He was a 
Captain in the Continental Navy in the Eevolutionary War and moved to 
Ky., in 1794. 

Zachary Taylor, b. 1704 or 5, m. Elizabeth Lee and had seven sons and 
three daughters. One son Eichard (b. 1744, d. 1826), m. Sarah Strother, 
dau. of Wm. Strother and was the father of President Zachary Taylor. 
(See Hughes American Ancestry, Vol. 9, P. 116, for account of Taylor 
family. ) 

M. M. Basye, of Howard county. Mo., stated to the writer at different 
times that his mother, Elizabeth James, was related to both President Tay- 
lor and President Madison. 

The relationship of Elizabeth James to the Taylors has never been 
clearly traced. 

The Basye Family 217 

in 1832, and to Rocheport, Howard Co., Mo., in 1836. He re- 
sided on a farm near the latter place, where he d. 2-5-1857. She 
d. 5-23-1852, and was buried in the old Walnut Grove Baptist 
Church Cemetery, in the edge of Boone County near their old 
home. He was buried on the farm of his son Michael near 

Children : 
*45. Richard Taylor, b. 10-13-1897 ; m. Mary Tapp. 

46. Thomas J., b. 5-20-1800. 

47. Sarah J., b. 5-13-1803; m. Joseph Blosser. 

48. Eliza, b. 7-2-1805 ; m. 10-2-1827, Rev. Wm. Read. 

49. Henry, b. 5-24-1808 ; m. Rider. He d. 7-24-1880. 

50. WiNNiFRED, b. 9-17-1811 ; m. Thos. Read. 

51. Anna, b. 1-20-1813 ; m. Wm. Hunton. 
*52. John J., b. 5-19-1815 ; m. Mary P. . 

53. Sherrod J., b. 7-23-1818 ; d. 7-4-1870. 

54. James J. (or E.), b. 11-10-1820; m. 10-15-1842, Elizabeth 

Thompson. He d. 5-22-1857. 
*55. Michael Mauzy, b. 5-12-1825; m. (1) Peggy Barnett; 
(2) Mrs. Johnson. 
The above record is taken from the old family Bible of 
Henry Basye now in possession of Richard T. Basye, of Kana- 
polis, Kans., a son of John J. Basye. 

25. JOSEPH BASYE, son of Benjamin and Ruthy Basye re- 
moved from Virginia to Mississippi near Clinton in 1870, and 
lived to be over 73 years old. 

Children : 

56. Smith W., b. 1838; m. in Va. Resides Clinton, Miss. 

57. George W., resides Washington, D. C. 

58. AsHBY, resides Memphis, Tenn. 

59. Jesse, resides Jackson, Miss. 

60. Benjamin, resided Clinton, Miss. ; d. 

61. John, resides Clinton, Miss. 

62. Albert, resides Clinton, Miss. 

63. Newton, resides Clinton, Miss. 

64. Emily, m. Roby. Resides Washington, D. C. 

65. Armey, m. McClellan. Resides Jackson, Miss. 

66. Edmonia, m. Madden. Resides Jackson, Miss. 

218 The Basye Family 

32. ED.AIOND BASYE, son of Edmond and Caty (Thomas) 
Basye, was b. 1-24-1810, and m. 12-5-1834, Mary Tomlin, dau. 
of Stephen Tomlin. He d. 6-15-1875, and she d. 5-7-1873. They 
are both buried in the old Tomlin burial ground at Mt. Pleasant, 
near New Baltimore, Va. 

Children : 

67. Sarah. 

68. Edmond, belonged to the 17th Regt. Va. Volunteers (Con- 

federate). Killed at the battle of Seven Pines, 5-31- 

69. Luther, belonged to same Regt. as his brother Edmond. 

Died from illness at Petersburg, 10-27-1863. 

70. Mary, twin sister to Luther. Married T. J. Henson, 1-12- 

1882. Resides at New Baltimore, Va. 

71. Ellen Norris, resides at Gainesville, Va. 

72. John Tomlin, m. Kate Klipstein, 12-23-1879. 

73. Stephen, d. young. 

74. Hannah, m. J. W. Henson. Resides at New Baltimore, 


45. RICHARD TAYLOR BASYE, son of Henry and Eliza- 
beth (James) Basye, was b. in Culpeper Co., Va., 10-13-1797, 
and m. in same county Mary Tapp, b. May, 1800, dau of William 
and Jemima (Hopper) Tapp.* 

He was administrator in 1823 of the estate of Wm. Tapp, 
a wealthy man who left 1200 acres of land and many negroes. 
At one time he ran a tavern in Jeffersonton, and conducted a 
general store for several years with Wm. Rixey as partner in 
which he lost heavily. He also lost heavily by being compelled 
to pay surety obligations. He followed his father to Pike Co., 
Ohio, in 1833, and with him removed to Rocheport, Howard 
Co., Mo., in 1836. He was a Justice of the Peace for many 
years. He was also as was his wife a faithful member of the 
Baptist Church, having been converted under the preaching of 
the Rev. Fielding Wilhite and with his wife and five daughters 
were baptized about 1850. He d. 8-13-1873, and was buried on 
his farm four miles north of Fayette, Howard Co., Mo. His 
wife d. 11-22-1880 and was placed by his side. 

*See Tapp family. 

The Basye Family 219 

During General LaFayette's last visit to America, he was 
entertained Aug. 23, 1825, at the Tavern in Jeffersonton con- 
ducted by Richard T. Basye. The party was so large that a 
spacious and commodious arbor was erected at one end of the 
tavern under which the guests were seated at a long table. The 
fork, a two tined horn handled one, used by Gen. LaFayette 
on this occasion was used in the family many years. The com- 
piler of this book, a grandson of R. T. Basye, remembers seeing 
the fork often in his childhood days. It is stated that the fork 
having a crooked handle would slip down into the General's 
plate and that a negro servant who stood behind him would 
take the fork, wipe it on a napkin and return it to its place. 

Children : 
*75. Nancy Mauzy, b. 12-13-1821 ; m. Milton Phillips. 
*76. Emily, b. 11-22-1822; m. John Turner. 
*77. Mary George, b. 1-15-1825 ; m. Geo. Thomas. 
*78. Eliza Jane, b. 6-2-1826 ; m. John W. Cloyd. (See Cloyd 

*79. Sarah Ann, b. 6-3-1828; m. Preston Johnson. 

52. JOHN J. BASYE, b. 5-19-1815, in Culpeper Co., Va., 
son of Henry and Elizabeth (James) Basye, d. near Holton, 
Kans. 1-18-1887. His wife Mary P., was b. 2-12-1811 and d. 

Children : 

80. Margaret, b. 2-29-1844. 

81. Martha, b. 3-28-1846. 

82. Mary, b. 3-28-1846. 

*83. Richard T., b. 3-8-1848 ; m. Frances Hinds. 

84. Newton J., b. 12-13-1849. 

85. Eliza A., b. 10-19-1851. 

86. John L., b. 10-22-1853. 

87. Alfred J., b. 1-12-1855. 

55. MICHAEL MAUZY BASYE, son of Henry and Elizabeth 
(James) Basye, was b. in Culpeper Co., Va., 5-12-1825, and 
d. in Howard Co., Mo., 12-4-1905. In 1832 he removed with his 

220 The Basye Family 

father to Pike Co., Ohio, and in 1836 the family removed to 
Roeheport, Howard Co., Mo. He was a farmer and a consist- 
ent member of the Baptist Church. He m. (1) Margaret A. 
Barnett, dau. of Solomon Barnett of Howard Co. She was b. 
7-4-1831; d. 5-3-1864. He m. (2) Mrs. Sarah C. Johnson, b. 
8-1-1835 ; d. . 

Children : 
First marriage : 

88. Henry Read, b. 9-7-1853 ; m. Laura Casey. Resides at 

Fayette, Mo.* and has two children. 

89. Frances Queen, b. 2-19-1855 ; m. Joseph Goslin. 

90. Solomon H., b. 11 1856. 

91. RoMANi M., b. 6-13-1859. 

92. Margaret J., b. 1-4-1861 ; m. R. S. Fisher. 

93. Isabella J., b. 8-13-1863 ; m. John Myers. 

Second marriage: 

94. George, b. ; m. Sallie B. Hitt. He resides near 

Roeheport in Howard Co., Mo. C^iildren: Charles 
B., b. 2-18-1897, and Clara D., b. 9-19-1902. 

95. Mattie. 

96. Augustus T., m. Ada Stoft. 

75. ANN MAUZY ("NANCY") BASYE, b. 12-13-1821, in 
Culpeper Co., Va., dau. of Richard T. and Mary (Tapp) Bayse, 
m. Milton Philips, 5-5-1842. She d. 5-9-1902. 

PuiLiPS Children; 

97. James Richard, b. 9-15-1843 ; d. 6-22-1844. 

98. William Henry, b. 5-30-1845 ; d. 

99. Green Willard. 

100. Dora, m. Wm. Kirby. She resides in Howard Co., Mo., 
and has two sons. 
*101. Adolphus Paxton, m. Elizabeth Fisher. 

102. George Washington. 

103. Daniel, b. ; d. . 

The Basye Family 221 

76. EMILY BASYE, b. 11-22-1822, iu Culpeper Co., Va., 
dau. of Richard T. and Mary (Tapp) Basye, m. John Turner 
of Howard Co., Mo., 5-2-1844. She d. 11-9-1900, in Howard 
Co., Mo. 

Turner Children: 

104. Richard Ephraim, b. 6-19-1845 ; m. Nan Kirby. He re- 

sides at Armstrong, Mo. Has several daughters. He 
was a soldier in the Confederate Army under Gen. 
Sterling Price. Children: Anna, Carrie, Joseph, 
Rose, m. Landrum ; Bertha, Nellie. 

105. James Marcus, b. 11-10-1846; m. Lide Kirby, sister to 

Nan. He d. about 1905 in Texas, leaving five sons, 
Edward, Jesse, Jacob, Lee and Elmer. 

106. Sarah Jane, b. 3-17-1849 ; d. age 12. 

77. MARY G. BASYE, b. 1-15-1825 in Culpeper Co., Va., m. in 
Howard Co., Mo., 6-23-1843, George R. Thomas. She d. about 
1909. They resided in Schuyler Co., Mo. 

Thomas Children: 

107. Elizabeth S., b. 4-5-1844 ; m. Paul McClosky. 

108. John Henry, b. 4-19-1846. 

109. George R., b. 4-8-1848. 

110. Benjamin. 

111. Ella. 

112. Clay. 

79. SARAH ANN BASYE, b. 6-3-1828, in Culpeper Co., Va., 
dau. of Richard T., and Mary (Tapp) Basye, m, 2-5-1850, in 
Howard Co., Mo., William Preston Johnson, (b. 11-5-1821, in 
Nelson Co., Va., d. 6-5-1855, at Westport, Jackson Co., Mo.) 
She resides in Fayette, Mo. 

Johnson Children: 

*113. Major L., b. 12-5-1857 ; m. Elizabeth Walton. 
*114. Ella, b. 4-29-1854 ; m. Paddle Woods. 

222 The Basye Family 

83. RICHARD T. BASYE, son of John J. and Mary P. Basye 
was b. 3-8-1848, m. 1-16-1878, Frances Hinds, b. 12-24-1854. 
He resides at Kanapolis, Kansas. 

Children : 

■ 115. Ellen, b. 10-24-1878. 

116. John, b. 6-10-1880. 

117. Sherman, b. 11-10-1882. 

118. Marcellas, b. 8-10-1892. 

119. Roy, b. 3-29-1894. 

120. Bennie, b. 8-21-1896. 

101. ADOLPHUS P. PHILIPS, son of Milton and "Nancy" 
(Basye) Philips, m. Elizabeth Fisher. Resides at Fayette, Mis- 

Philips Children: 

121. Ada, m. Rev. R. F. Davis. 

122. Vodrie, m. Emma R. Godby. 

123. Ida, m. Marion Wayland. 

113. MAJOR L. JOHNSON, b. 12-5-1851, in Howard Co., Mo., 
dan. of William Preston and Sarah Ann (Bayse) Johnson, m. 
5-17-1892, Elizabeth Walton, b. 8-4-1866 in Howard County, 
dau. of Capt. Thomas W. and Stella (Terrell) Walton. He is a 
farmer, a democrat and Baptist. He resides at Steinmetz, How- 
ard Co., Mo. 

Johnson Children: 

124. Stella May, b. 3-20-1893. 

125. William Walton, b. 9-28-1895. 

126. David Terrell, b. 12-31-1897. 

127. Major Lanins, b. 11-19-1899. 

128. Robert Claiborne, b. 7-2-1902. 

129. Sarah Elizabeth, b. 12-26-1904. 

130. Mary Lucilla, b. 6-15-1907. 

The Basye Family 223 

114. ELLA JOHNSON, b. 4-29-1854, in Howard Co., Mo., dau. 
of "William Preston and Sarah Ann (Basye) Johnson, m. 3-29- 
1871, in Howard County, Paddie Woods, (b. 6-9-1848; d. 3-9- 
1896), son of James and Lucretia Ann (Dunn) Woods of How- 
ard County. He was a farmer, a democrat and a Baptist. She 
is a Baptist and resides in Fayette, Mo. 

Woods Children: 

131. Sidney Johnson, b. 2-4-1878; d. 7-7-1880. 

132. James Roger, b. 2-28-1880; m. Louise McGavock, 4-10- 


133. Annie Laura, b. 4-14-1881 ; d. 8-12-1881. 

134. Emma, b. 7-3-1882 ; m. Ollie J. Weathers, 8-25-1909. 

135. Major Wilber, b. 11-11-1883; m. Mabel Plains, 7-25- 


136. Edna Lou, b. 8-10-1885 ; m. Everette Hays, 6-3-1907. 

137. Beulah May, b. 8-5-1887. 

A. D. Cloyd, Jr., 606, Sec. 3 

Section Seven 

Tapp Family 

Section Seven 

First Generation 

Tapp Family 

1. ELIZABETH TAPP purchased 450 acres of land in Spott- 
sylvania Co., Va., Aug. 24, 1722. In 1724, as a widow while a 
resident of St. George's Parish, she deeded the same land and 
also sold all her personal property to her two sons William 
and Vincent and daughter Charity Wood, wife of Bartholomew 
Wood. In the deed to this transaction the name is spelled 

Children : 

*2. William, m. Christian . 

3. Vincent. 

4. Charity, m. Bartholomew Wood. 

2. WM. TAPP and wife Christian of St. Mark's Parish in 1736 
sold their portion of the above land which was situated in 
St. George's Parish. William patented a tract of land in Spott- 
sylvania Co., in 1728 which he and his wife sold in 1737. In 
1736 William secured a patent to 118 acres in that part of 
Orange County afterwards set off to form Culpeper County. 
In 1736 Vincent Tapp sold the land deeded to him by his mother 
in 1724. 

In 1755, William Tapp of Culpeper Co., Va., made deeds 
of gift of land to three of his children, viz: To William 143 
acres; to Vincent 204 acres; and to Sarah, wife John Jett 148 
acres. In 1758 he gave 190 acres to Jas. Green who married 
his daughter Elizabeth. In 1763 he gave 587 acres to his son 
Lewis. In 1765 he gave 57 acres to John Cunningham who 
married his daughter Ann, and on the same date the 118 acres 
he patented in 1736 to John Graham who married his daughter 
Alice and their son Spencer Graham. All the land not otherwise 
described was in Culpeper County. 


228 The Tapp Family 

The will of Wm. Tapp was dated June 27, 1780 and proven 
at Culpeper Court House, Jan. 27, 1791. In his will he men- 
tions his wife Christian and eight children named below. 

Children : 
*5. William, m. about 1754, Elizabeth ; moved to N. C. 

prior to 1767. 
*6. Vincent, m. about 1754, Mollie, dau. of John Jett; d. 


7. Sarah, m. about 1754, John Jett, son of John Jett. 

8. Elizabeth, m. about 1758, Jas. Green. 

*9. Lewis, m. about 1763, Ann ; moved to N. C. 

10. Ann, m. about 1765, John Cunningham. 

11. Alice, or ''Alse", m. about 1765, John Graham (left one 

son Spencer.) 

12. Mary, m. Yates. 

5. WILLIAM TAPP, JR., and his wife Elizabeth of Orange 
Co., N. C, in 1767 conveyed to Thos. Hopper, Jr., of Culpepper 
Co., Va., the 143 acres of land in Culpeper Co., conveyed to 
him by his father Wm. Tapp, Sr., in 1755. 

In 1790, Wm. Tapp lived in Caswell Co., N. C, and his son 
Abner in Orange County. Abner's son Richard had eight chil- 
dren. Richard had three daughters to marry men by the names 
of Hart, Bowling and Hobbs. Richard Tapp had one son Ruf- 
fian R. Tapp, who married Miss Dunnegan, granddaughter of 
Lewis Tapp and Jennie Yancey. Sidney C. Tapp of Atlanta, 
Ga., and Luther C. Tapp of Kingston, N. C, are sons of Ruffian 
R. Tapp. Thomas Tapp of Hillsboro, N. C, is a grandson of 

William Tapp was allowed 1425 pounds of tobacco by the 
Virginia Legislature in 1756 for services as a foot soldier in 
the Culpeper Co. Militia which was sent against the French 
and Indians. (Hennings statutes. Vol. 7, p. 22.) As only sin- 
gle men were enlisted this record undoubtedly refers to Wm. 
son of Wm. and Christian, and as he was married in 1754 or 
'55, his service in the Militia must have been prior to that time. 

Wm Tapp, b. 1750; d. 1796 was a Lieut, in the N. Y. Line, Eevolu- 
tionary Army. His descendants live in New York City. 

Joseph Tapp was a Eevolutionary soldier in the Delaware Army. 
(4th Keport, Nat'l Soc. Dau. of the Eevolution, 1900-1901). 

The Tapp Family 229 

William Tapp was a soldier in the Revolutionary War and 
his name was reported to the Governor of Virginia in 1835 by 
Commissioner John H. Smith, as being entitled to Land Bounty. 
(Doc. 44, p. 45— Public Printer, Richmond, Va., 1835.) 

As there were three William Tapps living during the Revo- 
lutionary War it is not known to which the record refers. The 
elder Wm. was evidently too old for service. The second Wm. 
removed to N. C. prior to 1767, and while tradition in his family 
says that he was in the war, it is not known wiiether he was in 
the Virginia or North Carolina Army. 

Wm. Tapp (3) son of Vincent (6) was old enough for ser- 
vice but there is no tradition of his being in the war. 

Third Generation 

6. VINCENT TAPP, son of William and Christian Tapp, mar- 
ried Mollie, dau. of John Jett. His will was dated Nov. 22, 
1790, and probated in Culpepper Co., Jan. 17, 1791. He ap- 
pointed his son William Tapp and his friend James Jett as 

Vincent Tapp* was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. The 
records of the Adjutant General's Office at Washington show 
that "Vincent Tapp, Sr,, (name also found as Vinet Tappan) 

* There was a third Vincent Tapp in the Revolutionary War, but his 
relationship to the other two is not known. The Government records show 
the following: "Vincent Tapp, (name also appears as Vinct Tapp Jr. and 
Vinet Tapp Jr.) enlisted at Wheeling, Va., and was commissioned Sergeant 
Dec. 1 1776, in Capt. Stephen Asliby's Company, 12th Va. Eeg't, afterwards 
the 8th, Commanded by Col. James Wood. He served three years and was 
discharged in Dec. 1779, at Morristown, N. J. He was wounded in the arm 
at Brandywine, and was in the battle of Monmouth. 

The Richmond Land Office shows that he was issued a warrant for 200 
acres of land, 1783, for three years service as Sergeant Major in the Revo- 
lutionary War. (Book 1, P. 241). 

Hennings Statues (Vol. 15, p. 183) says: "A duplicate land warrant 
was authorized by legislative act June 2, 1799, for 200 acres of land to 
Vincent Tapp for services as Sergeant Major in the 8th Va. Reg't of the 
Continental Army. ' ' 

Vincent Tapp was pensioned in 1820 at which time he was nearly sixty- 
three years of age and a resident of Staunton, Augusta Co., Va. He died in 
1824 and his wife, whose maiden name was Gamble, died in 1835. Walter 
H. and Henry I. Tapp are referred to in the pension records, but no rela- 
tionship mentioned. 

Vincent Tapp resided in Staunton, from 1804 until his death. He was 
appointed postmaster in 1796 and was deputy County Clerk in 1820. 

230 The Tapp Family 

served as a private in Capt. Stephen Ashby's Company, 12tli 
Virginia Regiment, commanded by Col. James Wood. He en- 
listed Oct. 10, 1776, for two years ; was transferred about June, 
1778, to Lt. Col. John Neville's Company, 4th, 8th and 12th Vir- 
ginia Regiment, commanded by Col. James Wood and was dis- 
charged Oct. 10, 1778." 

The Richmond Land Office shows that a warrant No. 921, 
June 20, 1783, for 100 acres of land was issued to Venet Tapp 
for three years' service in the Virginia Line. (Book 1, p. 180). 
This without doubt refers to Vincent Tapp, son of Wm. and 
Christian Tapp. 

In his will Vincent Tapp names ten children, and does not 
mention James. For this reason there is a doubt if the James 
included in the list of children below was a son of Vincent and 
Mollie (Jett) Tapp. His name is included, however, on the 
statement of James R. Tapp of Brandy, Culpeper Co., Va. 

Children : 

*13. William, m. Jemima Hopper, dau. of Thos. Hopper. 
14. John, m. 

*15. Vincent, m. Elizabeth Hopper, sister to Jemima. 

*16. Moses, m. Mary Boch. 

17. James, b. 5-10-1764, m. Sallie Chewning. 

18. NiMROD, lived in Fauquier Co., 1800. 

19. Elias. 

20. SUCKEY. 

21. Ann, m. Philip Amiss, 1786. 

22. Mollie or Mary. 

22a. Sally. 

9. LEWIS TAPP, wife Ann, in 1768, while residing in Cul- 
peper Co., Va., sold 470 acres of land given him by his father 
William Tapp, Sr., in 1763. This land was probably a wedding 

It is supposed that Lewis followed his brother William to 
North Carolina, as a Lewis Tapp lived in Person Co., N. C. The 
Person County Lewis married Jennie Yancey. It is not known 
to the writer whether Lewis was married twice, or whether there 
were two Lewis Tapps. 

Mrs. Jas. E. Yancey, Roxboro, N. C, granddaughter of the 
Person Co. Lewis says that Lewis had two half brothers, Eli 

The Tapp Family 231 

and George. George Tapp of Person Co., left a large family. 
His relationship to the Virginia family is not known. 

There is a tradition among the descendants of George Tapp 
that he came from Scotland. If this is true and he was a half 
brother to Lewis, they were not of the Culpeper Co. family. 
This tradition is probably erroneous. 

Lewis Tapp of Person Co., N. C, married Jennie Yancey 

and died in 1845. He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. 

He had the following: 

Children : 

23. Betsy, m. Joseph Brown. 

24. William, went to Texas. 

25. Charles, went to Texas, m. and left two children: Wil- 

liam, Jennie. 

26. Nancy, m. Timothy Dunnegan, Orange Co., N. C. 

27. Elijah, died single in Henderson Co., Ky. 

28. Polly, m. John Snipes, descendants lived near Hender- 

son, Ky, 

29. John, m. Parthena Harris, or Smith. He and an 

only son were killed in Orange Co. by their own 
negroes in 1845. He left two daughters. 
*30. Henry, b. 1808 ; m. Biddy L. Moore. 

31. James, died single, while returning home from the Civil 


32. Martha, m. Townsend; died in Alabama and left one 


33. Jennie, m. Sam. Briggs. Resided in Person Co. 

Fourth Generation 

13. WILLIAM TAPP, d. 1823, son of Vincent and Mollie 
(Jett) Tapp, m. Jemima Hopper, dau. of Thos. Hopper*, whose 

*Joshua Hopper married Phebe Moor. He came from England to Mary- 
land and later to Loudoun Co., Va., and later to Washington, Rappahannock 
County. He had the following children: Miriam (b, about 1820) m. Joseph 
Amiss, John, m. Elizabeth Timberlake, Reuben, Joshua, Rebecca, m. Robert 
Tutt, and Phebe. John and Elizabeth (Timberlake) Hopper resided in 
Rappahannock Co., and had the following children : William, Mary A. m. 
Dr. Thos. G. Allen, Virginia E., m. Henry Houser, Almire I., m. Wm. D. 
Timberlake, John Milton, Sarah P., m., L. D. Bowen, Asbury M., Joshua 
T., Harriet T., m. R. H. Leadbeatter, Angelina C, m. James Green, Selina 
O., Alice T., m. W. A. L. Jett and James T., 

232 The Tapp Family 

wife was Mary Ann. She d. 1835. The estate of Wm. Tapp 
was divided among nine of his children, Elijah not being men- 
tioned, the division being confirmed by Court Oct. 20, 1823. His 
estate consisted of 1943 acres of land valued at $20,482.75, sit- 
uated in Culpeper Co., in the vicinity of Amissville, near the 
Rappahannock County Line. His son Armistead Tapp, and 
son-in-law Richard T. Basye were appointed administrators. 
Wm. Tapp died in middle life from the bite of a poisonous snake 
and his widow Jemima lived to be quite old and was an invalid 
many years. She died in 1835, the last years of her life being 
spent with her daughter, Rebecca, wife of James Amiss, who 
remained in Culpepper Co., to whom she left all her property. 

It is not known positively whether this Wm. Tapp was a 
soldier in the Revolutionary War or not. His widow never re- 
ceived a pension. There is no tradition among his descendants 
of such service. His brother Vincent who was younger, was a 
soldier. The Wm. Tapp referred to by Commissioner Smith 
in his report to the Governor in 1835, as being entitled to land 
bounty, may refer to the uncle who had settled in N. C. 

Children : 

*34. Armistead, b. 12-13-1787 ; m. Lucy Dores. 

35. Jemima, m. Richard Dennis, 1823. 

36. Dolly, m. Richard Pinnell. 

37. Rebecca, m. James Amiss. 

38. W. Lewis. 

39. William. 

40. Susan, m. Matthew Jett. 

41. Ann, m. Henry Spillman. 

*42. Mary, b. 1800 ; m. R. T. Basye. 

*43. Elijah, m. Mary Griffin. 

The above children all married in Culpeper Co. Rebecca 
remained in that county. Elijah remained in Culpeper Coun- 
ty, and his son named Elijah resided near Amissville in 1907. 
Susan and Mathew Jett were the parents of Peter Jett of Frank- 
fort, Ky., whom the writer (A. D. Cloyd) while a medical stu- 
dent, visited in 1883. 

15. VINCENT TAPP, supposed son of Vincent, 6, married 
Elizabeth Hopper in Culpeper Co., Va. The frequency with which 

The Tapp Family 233 

the name Vincent appears in the different families makes it diffi- 
cult to trace the record of the different ones. From the deed rec- 
ords of Culpeper Co., one would infer that William and Vincent 
sons of Vincent, Sr., married Jemima and Elizabeth Hopper, 
daughters of Thos. Hopper. In 1803 Thos. Hopper deeded land 
to his two sons-in-law Vincent and William Tapp, and in 1815 
Vincent Tapp and wife Elizabeth deeded their share of the 
same land to William Tapp. 

Vincent Tapp, son of Vincent and Mollie (Jett) Tapp, 
was born about 1773, and married Fanny Wright in S. C. 
about 1798, and died in Ripley, Miss., in 1859. It is also claim- 
ed that his mother ]\Iary Tapp accompanied him to S. C, and 
that he was raised by relatives. A copy of the will of Vincent 
Tapp of Culpeper Co., who died in 1790, is preserved in the 
family and is evidence that the first wife Elizabeth Hopper died 
and that he then married Fanny Wright, or that Vincent Tapp 
who married Elizabeth Hopper was not the brother of William 
Tapp who married Jemima Hopper. Vincent Tapp in 1832 
while a resident of Rappahannock Co., Va., was granted a pen- 
sion as a private in the Va. Contentinal Army. He was living 
at the age of 76 in 1840. Vincent Tapp and Fanny Wright had 
the following 

Children : 

*43a. John W., b. 1807 ; m. Frances Rogers of Belfast, Ire- 
43b. Elias, b. 1828, resided at Tiplerville, Miss., in 1908. 
43c. Vincent, resided at Tiplerville, Miss., in 1908. 
43d. James. 

43e. Daughter, m. Malone. Resides with her son A. D. Ma- 
lone, at Plummerville, Ark., 1908. 

16. MOSES TAPP, son of Vincent and Mollie (Jett) Tapp, 
settled in Spartansburg, S. C, in 1797. He m. Mary Boch, a 
German girl. 

. . -^ Children : 

44. William. 

45. Joshua. 

46. Thornton. 
*47. James. 

234 The Tapp Family 

17. JAMES TAPP, (b. 5-10-1764; d. 1860), supposed to have 
been the son of Vincent and Mollie (Jett) Tapp, m. 1-5-1794, 
Sallie Chewning, b. 11-12-1773. He resided in Culpeper Co. 

Children : 

48. John, b. 6-21-1795; m. Mary Brannin. 

*49. Baylor, b. 9-4-1796 ; m. Mary Turner. 

50. Mildred, b. 3-22-1798 ; d. single. 

51. William, b. 3-21-1801. 

52. Charles, b. 5-18-1802. 

53. Wyat, b. 4-17-1804. 

54. Lucy, b. 10-27-1806. 

55. Vincent, b. 9-26-1808. 

56. Susan, b. 1-26-1813. 

57. Harriet, b. 12-30-1817. 

30. HENRY TAPP, son of Lewis and Jennie (Yancey) Tapp, 
was b. 1808 in Person Co., N. C, d. in that County 1880. He 
m. 1837 Biddy L. Moore, b. 1819, d. 1898, dau. of John and 
Martha Moore. He was a farmer, a democrat and a Baptist. 

Children : 

58. Martha Jane, b. 1838 ; m. Snipes. 

59. Elizabeth, b. 1839 ; m. Geo. Pearce. 

60. WILLLS.M Lewis, b. 1841 ; d. single, 1865. 

61. Rosa, b. 1842 ; m. Jas. E. Yancey. Resides at Cates, Per- 

son Co., N. C. 

62. Emma, b. 1850; m. Charles Brooks. She had four sons 

and five daughters. 

63. Peyton, b. 1855 ; m. Jennie Rogers. He had four sons 

and two daughters. 

64. Eleanor, b. 1858 ; m. John Brooks. She had two sons 

and five daughters. 

65. Cicero H., b. I860; m. Mary Barton. He resides at 

Cates, N. C, and has six sons and four daughters. 

66. Ina, b. 1862 ; single. 

The Tapp Family 235 

Fifth Generation 

34. ARMISTEAD TAPP, b. 12-13-1787, in Culpeper Co., Va., 
son of William and Jemima (Hopper) Tapp, m. 9-5-1816, Lucy 
Mildred Dores, b. 5-5-1797, dau. of Wm. Dores, in Culpeper 
County. He removed to Monongehala County, W. Va., where 
she died in 1846, and he died in 1851, when on a visit to Cul- 
peper Co., Va. He was a farmer and a democrat. 

Children : 
67. Alcinda Walker, b. 6-5-1817 ; m. George Robison. 
*68. Festus Hampton, b. 1-5-1819 ; m. Mary Cushman. 

69. Adelaid Wither, b. April, 1820 ; m. Wm. Finnell. 

70. James William, b. 5-22-1823 ; m. Eliza Davis. 

*71. Robert Fountain, b. 1-30-1826; m. (1) Nancy Davis, 
(2) Sarah Crutchfield. 

72. Emily Dores, b. 11-21-1829. 

73. Elizabeth Jane, b. 1-10-1832 ; d. single. 

74. Charles Lewis, b. 4-23-1834 ; m. Martha Walters. 

75. Phoebe Ann, b. 3-19-1836 ; living single, 1910. 

76. Mary Marg^iret, b. 9-13-1837 ; d. single. 

77. Lucy Mildred, b. 6-17-1839 ; m. Perry Davis. 

78. Jemima Dorothy, b. 6-2-1840 ; d. . 

42. MARY TAPP, (b. 1800; d. 11-22-1880), dau. of Wm. and 
Jemima (Hopper) Tapp, m. 2-22-1821, in Culpeper Co., Va., 
Richard Taylor Basye, (b. 11-13-1797; d. 8-13-1873), son of 
Henry and Elizabeth (James) Basye. With her husband and 
his father she removed to Pike Co., Ohio, in 1832, and in 1836, 
the same families settled near Rocheport, Howard Co., Mo. 

Basye Children: 

79. Nancy ]\Iauzy, b. 12-13-1821 ; m. Milton Phillips. 

80. Emily, b. 11-22-1822 ; m. Jno. Turner. 

81. Maey George, b. 1-15-1825 ; m. Geo. Thomas. 

82. Eliza Jane, b. 6-2-1826 ; m. J. W. Cloyd. 

83. Sarah Ann, b. 6-3-1828; m. Preston Johnson. 

The descendants of Richard T. and Mary (Tapp) Basye are 
given in the history of the Basye family. 

236 The Tapp Family 

43a. JOHN W. TAPP, b. 1807, son of Vincent and Fanny 
(Wright) Tapp, m. Frances Rogers, had a number of children 
as follows: 

Children : 

83a. Pressly H., Pres. of the Firm of Tapp-Leathers & Co., 

Manufacturing, Clothiers, Louisville, Ky. 
83b. Thos. J., d. 11-10-1907. Resided Louisville, Ky. 
83e. Wm. J. 
83d. James M., 
83e. Vincent J. 
83f. Mary Margaret. 
83g. Martha. 
83h. Sarah. 
83i. Frances. 

47. JAMES TAPP, son of Moses Tapp, and Mary (Boch) 
Tapp, m. Martha Silverman in Spartansburg, S. C, and had 
sons, 84, Wm. F., 85, James, and 86, Joshua. Wm. F. and 
James with their father moved to Georgia about the time of the 
Civil War. 

49. BAYLOR TAPP, (b. 9-4-1796; d. 1844), son of James and 
Sallie (Chewning) Tapp, m. 1-17-1828, Mary Turner, (b. 4-27- 
1804, in Culpeper Co., Va., d. 1887, in Fauquier Co.), dau. of 
Larkin and Margaret (Cline) Turner. He resided in Culpe- 
per Co., Va. 

Children : 

87. Sarah Elizabeth, b. 11-13-1828 ; m. S. Shaw. 

88. William B., b. 2-25-1831 ; m. Susan Jacobs. 

89. Margaret E., b. Jan. 1833; m. Jas. Finks. 

90. Mary E., b. Oct. 1835 ; d. single. 

*91. James R., b. 3-20-1839 ; m. Lucy G. Edwards. 

92. Lucy A., b. 1841 ; d. single. 

93. Virginia B., b. 1843 ; m. Albert Gordon. 

The Tapp Family 237 

68. FESTUS HAMPTON TAPP, (b. 1-5-1819, in Culpeper 
Co., Va., d. 11-14-1895, in Monongehala Co., W. Va.), son of 
Armistead Tapp, m. 3-2-1847, Mary Cushman. He was a farm- 
er, democrat and Methodist. She resides at Morgantown, Mo- 
nongehala Co., W. Va. 

Children : 

94. Velonia, b. 1847. 

95. Hannah E., b. 1-25-1850; m. Daniel Gibson Donley. 

96. Florinda a., b. 7-12-1853 ; m. L. Russell. 

*97. Wm. Whitfield, b. 6-25-1856 ; m. Leona Bartlett. 

98. Robert Westfall, b. 5-18-1859 ; d. . 

99. DiciE F., b. 12-18-1861 ; m. Spencer Donley. 
• 100. Sarah E., b. 9-30-1864; d. 1884. 

Sixth Generation 

71. ROBERT FOUNTAIN TAPP, b. 1-30-1826, in Culpeper 
Co., Va., son of Armistead and Lucy (Dores) Tapp, m. 1-8-1850, 
in Monongehala Co., W. V., Nancy M. Davis, (b. 4-15-1833 ; d. 
5-10-1865), dau. of Thomas and Ansley (Cordray) Davis. He 
d. in Monongehala Co., W. Va., 1-11-1897. He was a farmer, a 
democrat and Methodist. 

Children : 

101. Mary Virginia, b. 11-18-1850 ; m. Joseph Colebank. 

102. Martha Jane, b. 11-18-1850; m. Marshal Colebank. 

103. Julia Ann, b. 4-12-1853. 

*104. Columbia Frances, b. 8-13-1855 ; m. Wm. B. Smyth. 

105. Nancy Maria, b. 1-10-1861. 

106. Lucy Alice, b. 2-15-1862 ; m. Wm. Sanders. 

107. Dora May, b. 5-1-1865. 

85. JAMES TAPP, son of James and Martha (Silverman) 
Tapp had two sons and six daughters : 

Children : 

108. Wm. J., m. Jennie Bate. Resides at Powder Springs, Ga. 

109. James L., resides at Columbia, S. C. 

238 The Tapp Family 

91. JAMES R. TAPP, son of Baylor and Sallie (Chewning) 
Tapp, m. 1-22-1878, Lucy Green Edwards, b. 6-29-1852, dau. of 
Spencer and Harriet (Tapp) Edwards. He resides and reared 
his family in Culpeper Co., near Brandy. He was in the Con- 
federate Army and rendered valuable services to the forces as 
a guide in the Campaign in the country with which he was fa- 

Children : 

110. Bessie K., b. 12-14-1878; m. Oscar Clarke. 

111. Emma G., b. 9-21-1880. 

112. Hallie C, b. 1-21-1882. 

113. Carrie V., b. 3-21-1884. 
144. Richard S., b. 2-4-1886. 
115. Lucy J., b. 7-13-1888. 

97. WILLIAM WHITFIELD TAPP, b. 6-25-1856, in Monon- 
gehala Co., W. Va., son of Festus H. and Mary N. (Cushman) 
Tapp, m. 6-27-1888, Leona Bartlett, dau. of John W. and Fran- 
ces (Clevenger) Bartlett of Taylor Co., W. Va. He is a banker 
and resides at Point Marion, Pa. 

Children : 

116. Evelyn, b. 7-18-1889. 

117. Ethel, b. 3-2-1894. 

Seventh Generation 

104. COLUMBIA FRANCES TAPP, b. 8-13-1855, dau. of Rob- 
ert F. and Nancy N. (Davis) Tapp, m. 10-15-1891, Wm. B. 
Smyth, b. 11-28-1853, son of Samuel D. and Sarah (Critchfield) 
Smyth. He is a carpenter and they reside at Van Voorhies, 
W. Va. 

Smyth Children: 

118. Olin D., age 18. 

119. Margerie, age 14. 

The Tapp Family 239 

Other Tapps 

GEORGE TAPP resided in Person Co., N. C, and was twice 
married. His second wife was a Miss Fowler. His relationship 
to others of the name is not known. Tradition has it that he 
and one brother and one sister came from Scotland and finally 
settled in Person Co. Others claim he was half brother to 
Lewis Tapp of Person County. It is most probable that both 
were from the Virginia family. George Tapp, 80 years of age, 
residing in Warren Co., N. C, was pensioned in 1818 as a pri- 
vate in the North Carolina Line. (War Reports 1835.) 

Children : 
First marriage : 


Vincent, m. Hopkins. 

daughter, m. Ashby. 

Second marriage : 

Eli, b. 1797; m. Sallie Lunsford; d. 1852. 

John, b. 1802 ; m. Polly Lunsford. 

Joel, m. Susan Lunsford. 

Ruth, m. Jonah Parker. 

Polly, m. Ambrose Day. 

Susan, m. Robert Clayton. 

William and Vincent and Mrs. Ashby by the first wife and 
all six of the children by the last wife moved to Hopkins and 
Webtser Counties, Ky., in Dec. 1833. They were all married 
and had families at that time. Many of their descendants still 
live in those counties but many have removed to other states. 

The larger part of the Tapp descendants from the above 
families in Western Kentucky, are Baptists, quite a number are 
members of the Christian Church and a few are Methodists, 
Presbyterians, etc., and as far as known only one is a Catholic. 
They are nearly all Democrats, politically. A number of them 
were in the Confederate Army but none in the Union Army. 

240 The Tapp Family 

JOHN TAPP, b. 1802; d. 1854, son of George Tapp, m. 
Polly Lunsford and removed to Ky. 

Children : 

Eli, b. in N. C. d. from a spider bite. 

Henry, m. Rice. 

Ann, m. Thomas Snipes. 

PoMPHRET, d. single. 

Jesse W., b. 1838 ; m. Emma Liles. 

Jane, m. "Wm. Dunnegan. 

Margaret, d. single. 

James B., m. Sallie Winstead. 

Mary, m. Chas. Allen. 

JESSE WASHINGTON TAPP, b. 2-17-1838, son of John 
and Polly (Lunsford) Tapp, m. 4-29-1864, Emma Liles, (b. 1-30- 
1846; d. 6-22-1893) and resides at Dixie, Ky. 

Children : 
Jeda, b. 1-19-1865. 

Lorena, b. 9-17-1868; m. L. M. Denton. 

Frank P., b. 8-1-1872; m. 1-3-1904, Katherine McMullin. Re- 
sides Henderson, Ky. 
Jessie, b. 8-30-1884. 

Other descendants of George Tapp residing in Kentucky 
and who are from seventy to eighty years of age, are : 

Jesse A. Tapp, Poole, Ky. 

Richard Tapp, Tilden, Ky. 

Judge Calvin Tapp, Providence, Ky. 

Radford B. Tapp, Madisonville, Ky., and others. 

ISAAC TAPP, born in Virginia, m. Miss Warfield of Maryland and 
settled in Montgomery Co., Ky. He probably belonged to the Culpeper Co. 
family. He was killed in the War of 1812, near Lake Erie or in Perry's 
Engagement. CHILDREN: Nelson, John, Jefferson, Harvey, m. Emily 
Prichard, Lucinda, m. Sanders, and Jennie. 

Olive B. Cloyd 602, Sec. 3 

Effie E. Cloyd 603, Sec. 3 

Nina May Cloyd 596, Sec. 3 

John Terry Cloyd 597, Sec. 3 

The Tapp Family 241 

HARVEY TAPP, son of Isaac Tapp, m. Emily Prichard in Montgomery 
Co., Ky. CHILDREN: John, Harvey, James, William, Richard, Willis and 

They all married in Montgomery Co., Ky., except Perry, who died young. 
John and James moved to Indiana and have children and grandchildren. 
John's son, J. Wallace Tapp, Lagoda, Ind., is a singing evangelist. Harvey 
is dead but has two daughters, Sallie Tapp Branch and one other living at 
Ottawa, Kans. 

JAMES TAPP, son of Harvey, lives in Indiana. CHILDREN : Charles, 

resides in St. Joseph, Mo., James, in Dearborn, Mo., Elizabeth, m. • 

Pratt, resides in New Mexico, Zoe, m. Alexander, resides in Chicago, 

Hortense, m. Moore, resides in Rockville, Ind., Frances, single, resides 

in Rockville, Ind. 

Section Eight 

Brief Sketches of the 

Ingels, Jones, Marshall and 
Smith Families 


James Ingels, a linen weaver, moved from Pennsylvania to 
Kentucky and married Catherine Boone, supposed to have been 
a relative of Daniel Boone. His son James was born 1779, died 
1857, married Elizabeth Ducker who died in 1821, and resided 
near Paris, Ky. The brick house built by him still stands on 
the old homestead about midway between Paris and Lexington, 

Emily Ingels, dau. of James and Elizabeth (Ducker) Ingels, 
was born near Paris, Ky., in 1819, and died in Louisiana, Mo., 
1905. She married Noah Griffith, (b. 1802; d. 1864.) After 
Griffith's death she married his brother John who died and she 
married Dr. Geo. L. Bralley who died April, 1903. 


The will of John James was proven in Spottsylvania Co., 
Va., 4-5-1726. He had witnessed a deed 10-27-1725. 

William James witnessed a deed in Spottsylvania Co., 6-1- 

The estate of James James was administered 4-2-1754 in 
Spottsylvania Co., Va. 

Richard James was paid 400 pounds of tobacco for making 
the sash windows for a church in Bristol Parish in 1724. His 
wife's name seemed to be Mary Elizabeth, as the Bristol Regis- 
ter shows that Elizabeth, daughter of Richard and Elizabeth 
James, was born 2-8-1724 and that Mary, dau. of Richard and 
Mary James was born 1-2-1728. 

George James, wife Mary, died Spottsylvania Co., Va., 1753. 
Their children, Thomas, the oldest son, Mary, Dianah, Joseph, 

Daniel, born 12-6-1748, and Henry. Joseph, and Daniel and 

Henry were minors when their father died and John James was 
their guardian. 


246 Other Families 

Thomas' wife is called Mary in one place and Jenny in an- 
other. Her name was probably Bruce as Margaret Bruce in 
her will dated 7-22-1765, and proven 8-6-1765, mentions Thomas 
James as her brother-in-law and Mary James as her sister. 

Thomas James of Fauquier Co., Va., died 1776. His will 
proven 2-26-1776, mentions daughter Molly who married Mich- 
ael Robinson, Jr., and daughter Agatha who married Richard 
Price. Another Thomas James married Betty, dau. of Michael 
Robinson, Sr., as shown by deed 6-6-1791, in Fauquier, Va. 

JOSEPH JAMES, a resident of Culpeper Co., Va., was 
paid for Indians in 1758. Joseph James, age 68, while residing 
in Scott Co., Ky., in 1818, was granted a pension for services 
in the Va. Line. 

Thomas James, Evan James and Elijah James were Revo- 
lutionary soldiers in the Pa. Army according to Saffel. 

There were five James brothers in the Revolutionary War 
referred to by W. G. Simmons in his life of General Marion, 
who says of them : " No men under Marion were braver and truer 
than these." Their names were John, William, Gavin, Robert, 
and James. They were cousins of Major John James who was 
also in Marion's army. 

Thomas James, born near the Maryland and Virginia line 
7-17-1770, father of William James who married Martha Cloyd 
at Nashville, Tenn., 8-19-1816, is supposed to have been the son 
of one of those five brothers. David Cloyd James, Madison- 
ville, Ky., son of William, is authority for this statement. 

William James accompanied Lord Baltimore to America 
and settled in Virginia. His son, William, married Clarissa 
Smith in Virginia and both of these died in Cannon County, 
Tenn. William, Jr., had two sons, John M., the father of Mrs. 
Hulda Meacham of San Bernardino, Cal., and Robert Stanley, 
the father of James D. James of Joplin, Mo. 

Robert James, the father of the noted James Boys, of Mis- 
souri, was a grandson of the emigrant William James and his 
father was a brother to William, Jr. (Authority John D. James, 
Joplin, Mo.) 

Other Families 247 


BENJAMIN JONES* was born in King William Co., Va., 
Mar. 28, 1754. He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. In 
the spring of 1776 he enlisted as a private in Capt. Edward 
Booker's Company in King William County, Va., and served 
three months. In Nov., 1778, he again enlisted in Capt. James 
Shepherd's North Carolina Company, Col. Wm. Brevard, com- 
manding. Dee. 29, 1780, he was appointed Ensign and served 
until Jan., 1782. He was at the Battles of Brier Creek, Kings 
Mountain and Eutaw Springs. He was pensioned for this ser- 
vice in 1832 while a resident of Stokes Co., N. C, where he died 
in 1833. 

Dr. Aquilla Jones, son of Benjamin Jones of Stokes Co., 
N. C, married Mrs. Lettie (Hooperf) Cooke at Nashville, Tenn- 
essee, April 18, 1798. He removed to Howard Co., Missouri, 

*A Benjamin Jones died in Stokes Co., N. C. in 1828, aged 99 years. He 
had a son named Aquilla, and his youngest son Benjamin, who was born in 
1776, left N C. prior to 1831 and died in Indiana, 4-9-1865. His wife, Mary 
Jones, died 8-12-1842, aged 63. His son Aquilla, b. in Stokes Co., N. C. in 
1811, was elected State Treasurer for Indiana in 1856, was Postmaster at 
Indianapolis under Cleveland and died 1907. His son Aquilla Q. is a promi- 
nent attorney of Indianapolis and his daughter, Mrs, Emma Holloway, 
resides at Santa Paula, California. There appears to have been two Benja- 
min Jones of Stokes Co., N. C, each having a son named Aquilla. The 
Aquilla who married Lettie Cooke in 1798 and removed to Glasgow, Howard 
Co., Mo., could not have been an older brother to Benjamin Jones who died 
in Indiana in 1865. Aquilla died in 1883 and must have been quite young 
when he married in 1798, while Benjamin was born in 1776. 

There appears to be a relation existing between the Indiana and Mis- 
souri families. Aquilla Q. Jones, of Indiana, visited Dr. Aquilla Jones, of 
Glasgow, Mo. in 1838, and it has been generally understood that the two 
were related. 

The North Carolina Census Keport for 1790, Vol. 26, contains the names 
of the following Jones' who were heads of families in Stokes Co. 

Aquilla, William, Gabriel, Joshua, Benjamin, Quiler, Richard, Phillip 
and Robert. 

It also gives an Aquilla Jones in Chatham Co., and Randolph Co., and 
i>enjamin Jones in Rowan County. 

•j-WILLIAM HOOPER, a distinguished lawyer and patriot, d. at Hills- 
borough, N. C, age 49. Was a delegate to the Continental Congress 1774- 
1777 from N. C. He left 2 sons the eldest named William and a daughter, 
Elizabeth, who married Watters who was living at Hillsborough, 1851. Three 

248 Other Families 

in 1818, settling on a farm about five miles south of Glasgow. 
He died about 1883, and with his wife is buried on the old 
homestead. A substantial stone wall forms an enclosure erected 
by W. W. Cloyd of Fayette, Missouri, acting under instructions 
from John Lee Jones, the youngest child. 

While primarily a doctor of medicine, his preaching pro- 
clivities held him in the class of local preachers in the M. E. 
church which meant more in pioneer days than later and his 
rugged eloquence moved many an audience. When called as 
a physician he would often perform the religious service of 
baptism on the same visit. He kept a record of his cases show- 
ing name of patient, supposed malady, remedy applied and re- 
sults of treatment. This record he bound in book form in a 
cover of sheepskin from his own flock. This homespun volume 
tells more plainly of a life of honesty and carefulness than the 
words of any admirer. The hymn book he used is in the pos- 
session of Mrs. Maggie (Richardson) Stamper of Moberly, Mis- 
souri, daughter of Mrs. Elizabeth (Cloyd) Richardson of Salis- 
bury, Missouri. 

The children of Aquilla and Mrs. Lettie (Hooper) (Cooke) 
Jones were : 

1. Patsy, m. Brown. Their son Dow Brown had two daugh- 

ters, Laura, m. Thos. Walkup, and Octavia, m. . 

2. WiLKERSON, m. Miss Johnson. He died in Ark., about 


3. Elizabeth, m. William Wiley of Howard Co., Mo. 

4. Wiley, m. Margaret Cloyd. 

5. Wesley, m. Miss Patrick. 

6. Malina, m. Jas. Wallace of Macon City, Mo. Her daugh- 

ter m. a Dr. Winn who had a son, Monroe, and four 
daughters. The oldest m. Rev. J. R. A. Vaughan. 
The other three all married. 

grandsons, sons of Wm., were living 1851. They were: William, Professor 
of Languages of the University of N. C, a Baptist Minister and a resident 
of Ealeigh ; Thomas, a lawyer ; and James, a merchant. 

Jesse Hooper, age 76, was pensioned 1833, while a resident of Davidson 
Co., Tenn., as a private in the Ga. Militia, Revolutionary War. He was 
born 3-23-1758; died 7-8-1839— War Reports, 1835. 

Ennis Hooper, age 85, pensioned 1833 while a resident of Marion Co., 
Tenn., was a private in the N. C. Line Revolutionary War. He enlisted at 
Guilford, C. H., 1777. He was born 1749; died 1833— War Reports, 1835. 

Childhood Home of Nina E. Smith 

The Country School House in Missouri 

Water Lillies 

Boyhood Home of Dr. A. D. Cloyd 

Other Families 249 

7. Malinda, m. Gilbert Marshall Cloyd, of Howard Co., 

Mo., June 4, 1822. She was born Feb. 1, 1807, in 
Davidson Co., Tenn., and died in Howard Co., Mo., 
July 17, 1837. 

8. John Lee, born May 30, 1808, near Nashville, Tenn. 

At 19 years of age, John Lee Jones married Mrs. Mary 
Harris (Tooley) White, a young widow of 20, who was then the 
mother of two children, Amelia and William White. She was 
a daughter of John Tooley of Glasgow. He removed from the 
vicinity of Glasgow to his home near Rocheport in 1851. His 
wife died June 13, 1878, and he died July 30, 1886. Both lie 
buried at the old Walnut Grove Baptist Church in Boone Co., 
Mo. He married a second time a Mrs. Slade of Rocheport who 
survived him. 

The children of John Lee and Mary Tooley Jones were : 

1. Eleanor, m. Col. John Caton Thompson of Maryland. 

She died at Arrow Rock, Saline Co., Mo., 1864, leav- 
ing no children. 

2. Aquilla Hooper, not married. Lives at Hallsville, 

Boone Co., Missouri. 

3. Jerusha Ann, m. Mr. Hess of Pettis Co., Mo., no chil- 


4. John Columbus, died in Saline Co., during the War. 

5. Patrick Henry, born 1838, died at Columbia, Missouri, 

Feb. 15, 1891, m. Marrietta J. Stevenson of Saline 
Co., Missouri, Dec. 1865. In Oct. 1876, he married 
a second time, Miss Eliza K. Johnston of Boone Co. 
His only child, Cora, m. E. R. Tillery and lives at 
Marshall, Saline Co., Mo. 

6. Augustus M., died at the home of his father's friend, 

Moses U. Paye, near Nebraska City, Nebr., to which 
place his father sent him during the Civil War. He 
was his father 's favorite child, 

7. Elizabeth, m. John Murray, lives near Rocheport in 

Howard Co., Mo., and has three children: John Lee, 
Earl and Henry. 

8. Charles Wesley, died before he was 21. 

250 Other Families 

9. Louise M,, m. (1) Thos. Bull of Georgia, whom she met 
as one of the fortunes of the Civil War. He died 
within a year and Stella who married Dr. Champion 
was the only issue. She m. (2) Frank R. Carson 
and lives in Howard Co., near Rocheport and has 
three daughters, Augusta, Beulah, Keller Boone, and 
I\Iary Harris, all of whom married. 


GILBERT MARSHALL*, was born in the Chevoit Hills 
on the border of England and Scotland in 1715. He removed 
to northern Ireland in early life, where he married Miss Martha 
Rowan.** It is not known when he came to America, but some 
of his older children were born in Ireland and the younger ones 
in America. He first settled in Pennsylvania and later in Vir- 
ginia. While his family was still quite young, and possibly 
before some af the younger children were born, he settled near 
Nashville, Tennessee, and was among the first settlers of that 
part of the state. 

His relation to the other Marshalls in America is not known, 
His youngest daughter, Sarah, who married David Cloyd, said 
to her grandson, David Cloyd James, in 1835, shortly before 
her death, and on the occasion of the death of Chief Justice 
John Marshall, that she and the Chief Justice were cousins. She 
also claimed to be a cousin to Humphrey Marshall. 

*Elizabeth Marshall, who married Thos. Martin of Maryland, was 
daughter of Gilbert Marshall of Washington County, Pa., Gilbert was son 
of James Marshall, a Eevolutionary soldier, who was killed by Indians in 
Ms own doorway, in Butler County, Ohio. James was son of James Mar- 
shall, a linen draper of Market Hill, 13 miles from Belfast, Ireland, who 
married Eleanor Mitchell, a Scotch woman — (Walker Genealogy.) 

**The North Carolina Census Eeport for 1790, Vol. 26, contains the 
following names as heads of families: 

Henry Eowan, Mecklenberg Co. 

John Eowan, Perquimmon Co. 

Pollin Eowan, Bladen Co. 

Eobert Eowan, Cumberland Co. 

N. C. History and Gen. Eegistrar, Vol. 1, p. 415: — "Eobert Eowan 
was a Captain in the 1st N. C. Eegiment, Continental Line." 

Other Families 251 

Chief Justice, John Marshall, was a son of Col. Thomas 
Marshall and Humphrey Marshall was son of John Marshall. 
Col. Thomas and John were sons of John Marshall, who married 
Elizabeth Markham. Judge Rowan, of Kentucky, married a 
sister of Justice Marshall. His relationship to Martha (Rowan) 
Marshall is not known. Gilbert INIarshall was the father of 
twelve children and there were a number of ministers among 
his numerous descendants, many of whom continue to reside in 

GILBERT MARSHALL had the following 

Children : 

1. Jane, b. 1750; m. Samuel Davis; lived near Crab Or- 

chard, Ky. 

2. Mary, b. 1751 ; m. Joseph Love ; descendants live in Da- 

vidson, Williamson and Giles Counties, Tenn. 

3. * Catherine, b. 1754 ; died young. 

4. John, b. 1756; m. Mary Herald. His children went to 

Western Tennessee. 

5. William, b. 1757 ; m. Ann Bell, sister to the father of 

Hon. John Bell, candidate for the presidency in 
1860. He was at the battle of Blue Lick. 

6. Martha, b. 1759; m. Barnaby Boyles. 

7. Gilbert, b. 1762 ; killed at Battle of Blue Lick. 

8. Hannah, b. 1765; m. Pat McCutcheon. 

9. Elizabeth, b. 1766 ; m. W. Trumbull. 

10. Margaret, b. 1768 ; m. John Larkin. 

11. James, b. 1771 ; m. ; had 13 children. 

12. Sarah, b. 5-23-1773 ; m. David Cloyd. 


AUSTIN SMITH* married Elizabeth Hubbard and resided 
for a time in Hanover Co., Va. He had the following children, 
viz: John, Austin, Nancy, Polly, Catherine, Elizabeth, Sally, 

*Capt. Austin Smith was a member of Gov. Spottswood 's expedition 
across the mountains of Virginia in 1716. He resided near the Rappahan- 
nock River in what was then Spottsylvania County. (" Culpeper County 
Notes" — Green.) 

252 Other FAMa,iEs 

and Champness. John m. Mecha Ham and removed to Missouri. 
Austin m. Catherine Ham, sister to Mecha and both died in 
Virginia. Nancy m. William Woods and removed to Pike 
County, Mo. Polly m. Powetan Hanes and both died in Vir- 
ginia; Catherine m. Henry Ogden and both died in Virginia; 
Elizabeth m. Wiliam Tinsley, brother of Rodney and removed 
to Pike County, Mo. Sally m. Henry Burks and removed to 
Pike County, Mo. Champness m. Milsey Shaw and removed to 
Pike County, Mo. 

JOHN SMITH, son of Austin and Elizabeth (Hubbard) 
Smith, was born in Hanover County, Va., 4-26-1786. He mar- 
ried in Virginia, residing for a time in Bedford County and re- 
moving to Pike County, Mo., at an early day. He died 11-27- 
1876. His wife Mecha Ham was born in Amherst County, Va., 
4-20-1791, and died 8-10-1846. Both were buried in the family 
burial grounds near Dover Church, on the farm until recently 
owned by his son A. Jackson Smith. 

John Smith and wife Mecha (Ham) Smith, had the follow- 
ing children, all of whom were born in Virginia, viz: Richard 
S., m. Elizabeth Shaw ; Champness m. Mary Jane Tinsley ; Mar- 

* James A. Sanderson, Bowling Green, Mo., writing in 1905 said: "The 
Ham family was raised in Alabama. Mr. Ham, wife and their children came 
to Va. on account of Mrs. Ham's health. He left his plantation and negroes 
in the care of an overseer and settled in the mountains uear Lynchburg, Va. 
His two daughters married John and Austin JSmith. Meckey or Mecha 
married John, and Catherine married Austin. The mother died. Mr. Ham 
and his son Yancey went back to Alabama. Yancey died before he married. 
Mr. Ham married again and his wife had four children. He died some- 
time about 1840, leaving a will giving all his property to the last four 
children. John Smith went to see about their interests and found a will in 
favor of the four children by his last wife. He employed counsel and 
brought suit for an equal division, or to break the will, and it was broken 
and an equal division of the land w^as made between the six children and 
the negores were divided. The money was not in sight. He was said to have 
been a very wealthy man. Mrs. Ham's maiden name was Yancey, related to 
the Yanceys of the South. Her father was doubtless in the Eevolutionary 
War. I have no dates of their births or deaths, except John Smith's wife, 
Mecha, and that was taken from grave stones. ' ' 

Mrs. Mattie Smith, daughter of Andrew Jackson Smith, relates that 
John and Austin Smith met the Ham sisters while the latter were spending 
the summer at some Springs in Virginia. 

Other Families 253 

tha, m. Henry Tinsley, nephew of William and Rodney; Sally, 
m. John Shaw ; Helen, m. A. J. Martin ; Catherine, died young ; 
John, b. 11-11-1824, in Bedford County, Va., d. 6-27-1891, in 
Pike County, Mo. ; Powetan, died young ; Polly, m. Robt. Brown- 
ing; Andrew Jackson, b. 12-7-1827, d. 9-19-1896, m. Mary Smith; 
N. R. m. Charlotte Jones, b. 4-8-1826, d. 2-26-1846 ; Nancy, died, 
age 20 ; Georgiana, b. 6-17-1831, d. 1-5-1907, at Bowling Green, 
Mo., m. Jas. A. Sanderson, 1-25-1852. 

CHAMPNESS SMITH, son of John and Mecha (Ham) 
Smith, was born in Virginia, 5-2-1814, and died in Pike County, 
Mo., 7-1-1844. He was buried in the family burial grounds on 
the farm near Dover Church. He married Mary Jane Tinsley, 
(b. 9-5-1815; d. 12-6-1873), dau. of James Rodney and Mary 
(Whitten) Tinsley. J. Rodney Tinsley was a son of Jas. and Lucy 
(McDanold) Tinsley. Mary Whitten, (b. 11-19-1798; d. 7-3- 
1872), was dau. of Elisha and Jennie (Gaddy) Whitten.* 

Champness Smith and Mary Jane (Tinsley) Smith had the 
following children, viz. : Ann B., m. Wm. L. Terry ; Edward B., 
m. Mrs. Goodman; John Richard, m. Catherine Griffith; James 
Rodney, m. Margaret Holliday. 

After Champness Smith died his widow married Robert 
Yancey Smith, son of Austin Smith and Catherine Ham, and 
had three children, viz : Austin Tinsley, m. Eliza Stark, Cleopa- 
tra and Mary, both of whom died young. 

Austin T. Smith and Eliza Stark resided in Colorado 
Springs, Colo., and had the following children : Gussie, m. Chas. 

Osborne ; Daisy, m. a brother to Chas. Osborne ; Eugene, m. ; 

Ernest and Ethel, the latter two twins. 

JOHN RICHARD SMITH, son of Champness and Mary J. 
(Tinsley) Smith, was born in Pike County, Mo., 1-3-1841, mar- 
ried Catherine Griffith, 10-1-1868, and died 12-1-1901. She was 
born in Pike County, 11-1-1847, and died 4-16-1888. She was 
dau. of Noah Griffith and Emily (Ingels) Griffith. 

*Mrs. Ann (Smith) Terry claimed that the wife of Elisha Whitten 
was a Miss James, daughter of an English merchant. 

254 Other Families 

John Rieliard Smith and Catherine (Griffith) Smith had 
the following children: Clemence Griffith; Nina Emily; Noah 
Richard; Chamness Ingels, b. 11-30-1875, d. 9-11-1876; Ray Ed- 
win, b. 9-28-1886. 

CLEMENCE GRIFFITH SMITH was born 11-2-1869, m. 
Ellen Gary Bankhead, Dec. 1892, and d. 5-7-1903. He gradu- 
ated from the St. Louis Medical College in 1896 and was a 
successful physician. He had the following children: Kath- 
erine, b. 9-7-1893; Clemence and Mary Emily. 

NINA EMILY SMITH was born 12-3-1871; received the 
degree of A. B. from Hardin College, Mexico, Mo., in 1891; m. 
Dr. A. D. Cloyd, 4-14-1896, and has one son, A. D., Jr., b. 6-15- 

1898. , 

NOAH RICHARD SMITH, was born 2-11-1875, m. Roberta 
Todd, Oct. 1897. He is a dentist, having graduated from the 
Kansas City Dental College in 1896. He resides at Santa 
Monica, Cal., and has the following children: Nelson Richard; 
John Robert ; Roberta ; J. Fred ; and Nina Emily. 


Mecha Hani 

Champnoss Smith 
2 1813 = 7 — 1 1844 

■^*^- / L. /Elisha /Jennie 

Tinsley/ McDanoKl/ Whitten/ Gaddy 

■J Rodney Tinsley. 

Mary Whitten 

Mary Jane Tinsley 
• 5 1816=12—6 1873 

John Richard Smith 




Nina E. Smith 



y^ *^ 



- > 









0I6I— 9Z8I 

ddBx mM 

list— i6iT 
SifsBg 'J, P-iEqoia 

£581— 6iil 




Edwin C 43 

Elizabeth L 43 

Miss 198 


W. H 188 


Ernest 178 

Henry 178 

Joyce 178 


Minnie 93 


Adah Laura 

Benjamin 107, 

Benjamin G 

Catherine 107, 117, 118, 


Eugenia Lowry 

Ezekiel Cloyd 117, 

Frank DeWitt 


John Newton 

Rev. Joseph L.lOl, 106, 117 

Josephine E 

Lemuel 133, 

Lettie 107, 

Luther Foster 

Maggie Alice 





Robert Cloyd 

Sallie 133, 134, 156, 

Sarah 120, 

Susan 134, 

Thomas Baxter 


W. E 





























Alva Russell 179 

Arthur Alonzo 179 

Charles 240 

Cloyd Edward 179 

Fount Riddell 171, 179 

Robert 100 

Dr. Thomas G 231 

William Russell 179 


William L 130 


Rev. Charles D 79 


Sarah E 232 


James 210 

John 210, 211, 214 

Joseph 231 

Levina 211 

Phillip 230 


Flora 154 

Mary 108 


James K 84 


Ernest 152 


Josephine 200, 203 


Caroline C 48 


Mr. 239 

Capt. Stephen 229 


B 188 


Elizabeth B 23, 31, 47, 48 

Frank Gray 204 

James Cloyd 204 

Jarvis N 201,204 

John 204 

Josiah 31 

Thalia Cloyd 204 

Lydia Foulke 49 


Laura 31, 48, 56 


A. J 130 



— 208 

Almira E 112 

Benjamin F 78 

Charles 127 

Emma 29, 43 

Ethel Byron 42 




Harriette 92 

Jacob 78 

James Byron 42 

James G 127 

Perry 87 


F. M 151 

Mamie 191 

Mary B 125 


Priscilla 31 


Lord 246 

Bonnie 45 


Ellen Gary 254 


Andrew ...^ 44 

Ella Kate 44, 54 

James Alonzo 44 

Jane Hamlin 54 

Katharine Jacobs 54 

Martha 31 

Dr. Philo Hamlin 44 

Rebecca Jane 44, 45, 54 

Robert Paekee 54 

William 30, 44, 54 


Henry Lester 132 

Rev. H. N 132 

Sara Elizabeth 132 


Lorenzo K 173 

May V 145 


Margaret A 220 

Peggy 217 

Rebecca 81 

Solomon 220 


Leon 178 

Russell 178 


Agnes 141 

Charles 141 

David 141 

E. Byrd 141 

Emma 141 

John 141 

John D 122, 140 

Nannie 141 

Sallie 141 

William James 141 


James 183 

Jeanette 183 

Lady Jane 183 


Lydia 24, 33 


Charles Tyler 48 

John W 238 

Leona 237, 238 


Mary 234 


Elizabeth 211 

Frances 211 


Ed. P 118 


Eliza 208 


Abraham 216 

Adrean 208, 211 

Albert 217 

Alfred J 219 

Alejandro 207 

Anna 217 

Anne 211 

Annfield 214 

Armey 217 

Ashby 217 

Augustus T 220 

Benjamin 211,214,215,217, 222 

Bennie 222 

Catherine 209 

210, 211, 212, 214, 215 

Caty 211 

Charles B 220 

Clara D 220 

Edmond 208, 209 

210, 211, 213, 214, 215, 218 

Edmonia 217 

Edna 210, 211, 214 

Edward de 207 

Elijah 214 

Elisha 208, 209, 210 

Eliza 217 

Eliza A 219 

Eliza Jane 123, 143 219 

Elizabeth ....208, 209, 214, 216 
Elizmond ....209, 210, 213, 214 

Ellen 222 

Ellen Norris 218 

Emily 215, 217, 219, 221 

Frances 210, 215, 220 

George 220 

George W 217 

Hannah 210, 211, 214, 215, 218 
Harry 211 




Henry ....211, 214, 216, 217, 235 

Henry Read 220 

Isaac 208, 209, 220 

Isabella J 220 

I. Walter 

Jacob 210 

James 210, 211 

James J 217 

Jeremiah 214, 215 

Jesse 208, 209, 214, 215, 217 

Joan 208 

John 208, 209 

210, 211, 214, 215, 217, 222 

John I. B 209 

John J 217, 219 

John L 219 

John Tomlin 218 

Jonas B 216 

Joseph 209 

210, 213, 214, 215, 217 

Josias 209 

Judith 208, 209 

Julia : 215 

Levina 214, 215 

Luther 218 

Lydia 208 

Mareellas 222 

Margaret 219 

Margaret J 220 

Martha 209, 219 

Mary ....208, 209, 210, 218, 219 

Mary George 219, 221 

Matilda 215 

Mattie 220 

Michael 208 

Michael M 217, 219 

{Moses 210 

M. M 216 

Nancy 210, 214, 215 

Nancy Mauzy 219 

Nathan J 216 

Newton 217 

Newton J 219 

Nimrod 215 

Polly 210, 211, 214 

Rebecca 209 

Richard 211, 213 

Richard T 142 

217, 218, 219, 222, 232, 235 

Sallie 209 

Sarah 218 

Sarah Ann 219, 221 

Sarah J 217 

Sherman 222 

Sherrod 214 

Sherrod J 217 

Smith W 217 

Solomon H 220 

Stephen 218 

Susannah 209 

Thomas 210, 215 

Thomas J 217 

Thomas Pope 209 

Walter 207 

Washington 215 

William 208, 209, 211, 215 

Winnifred ....208, 210, 211, 217 


Nancy Ann 25, 84 


Jennie 237 


Priscilla Jane ....79, 87, 92, 93 


Gwendolyn Lee 33 

Mary 86 


H. M 84 


George 114 

John 114 

Mary J 114 

Parmelia 114 

Richard 104, 114 

Sidney 114 

W. H. H 114 


Horace Alexander ....26, 36, 52 
Joseph ^ 36 


Charles 183 


David Foster 119 

Ezekiel Cloyd 119 

James Newton 119 

Rev. John 107, 119 

Nancy Jane 119 

Newton Cloyd 124 

Rev. Richard 105 

Richard M 119 

Thomas Calhoun 119 

William Meek 119 


Bertha 201 


Mrs. 121 

Anna 251 

Hon. John 251 


Hon. Thomas Hart 



Amy Ruth 154 

Charles Wesley 154 

Eliza Gertrude 154 




Frank Evans 154 

James Cumniings 154 

Margaret Louise 154 

Morris 130, 154 

Morris Edward 154 


John L 59 


Mary 136, 158 


Daniel 152 

Martha F 125, 152 


Capt. Benj 183 


Dicy 130 


D. S 166 

Lillie A 142, 166 


Robert 141 


Alexander 212 


Dr. E. P 130 


Joseph 217 


Mary 230, 233 


Stephen Atlee 53 


Clara 146, 173 

Frederick William 173 


George F 149 


Alaphare 191, 193 

Edward 138 

Havron 138 

Jewell 138 

Marshall 138 

Rufus 138 


Alice 131 

Martha Ready 131 

Winstead P 131 


Anna Margaret 53 

David Watts 53 

Edith Elizabeth 53 

Harry Ellsworth 39, 53 

Herman ^... 53 

Laura A 53 


Capt. Edward 247 


Catherine 245 

Daniel 245 


Fannie 139 


Benjamin 63 


Jane 80, 87 

Lucinda 80, 87 

Jullia M 80 

Turner 87 


Judith 154 


L. D 231 

Nancy 124, 151 


Mir. 228 

Jesse 188 

Louise S 132, 155 


Ann 16, 20 

Drayton 120 

Elizabeth I6 

Grillie 139 

J- C. 120 

Jennie 139 

L. B 120 

liachel 183, 185 

Sarah Elizabeth 120, 139 


Barnaby 251 

Robert S 141 

James 147 


Elmore 160 

Ezekiel Cloyd 160 

Howard Ewing 160 

Lula L 160 

Nellie DeWitt 160 

Sumner 133, I6O 

Thomas W 137, 160 

William 160 


Dr. George L 245 


Sallie Tapp 241 


Asbury M 86 

Elizabeth m 




Mary 234 


Mary 35 


Mr. 122 


Catherine 22, 27, 38, 39 


Col. William 247 


Elizabeth 120, 137 

Isaac 186 

Lucy 186, 190 


Sarah Hastings 52 


Harold William 88 

Irma 88 


Alice 86 


Lula 30, 52 

Samuel 231 


John 234 

Charles 234 

Sarah Wade 115, 128 


Christina 85 


Mr. 248 

Alford Bennett 77, 84 

Anna B 133 

Cora 88 

Dow 248 

James 58 

Joseph 231 

Laura 248 

Louise Mary 84 

Maud 84 

Mary 184 

Octavia 248 

Sarah 125 

Sarah M 152 

Mrs. Susan 123, 148 

John 65 


John Wesley 189 

Eobert 253 


Miss 185 

Margaret 246 

Thomas 66 


Levi 78 


Byron Cloyd 29, 43 

Clara Belle 29 

Elliott C 43 

Francis M 29 

George 29 

Jane Stebbins 29 

John 29 

Col. John 22, 29, 43 

Lura 43 

Marion 43 

Mary Matilda 29 

William 29 

William Henry 29 


Almena 59 

Jane Hunter 59 

John 63 


Clara Irene 173 


Abram 214 


Stella 250 

Thomas 250 


Eev. Chester, D. D 81 

Mrs. Elizabeth 70 


Ernest Buford 176 

Frank Cloyd 176 

Henry Clements 176 

James Alonzo 176 

James B 148, 176 

Zillah Adah 176 


Jack E 157 


Henry 252 


Anne 198 


Mr. 208 


Sue E 187 


Mary E 75, 81 

Col William 81 


Eobert 153 


Mrs. Mary Lee 151 


Vienna H. N 121 




Benjamin F 86 

Eliza 117 


Adda Parloy 94 

Albert A 94 

Elizabeth Ora 94 

Ida Estella 94 

Inez Pauline 94 

John Wesley 89, 94 

Mary Elzetta 94 

William Edward 94 


Agnes 110 

Agnes 123 

David 199 

Douglas 64 

Elizabeth 65 

Enos 184 

Hannah 198 

Harriet Mumford 64 

Harriet N 83 

James 64 

James S 64 

John 65 

Margaret 15, 63, 64, 65 

Marie Starkweather 64 

Eebeeca 78, 85 

Samuel 64 

William 64, 65, 85 

Col. William 8, 65 

William Auehinbrecht 64 


Augusta 162 


Jane 64 

Frances F 139 


Albert 84 


Lucy 188 


Augusta 250 

Buelah 250 

Frank R 250 

Keller Boone 250 

Mary Harris 250 


Sarah 15, 16 


Abner Ill 

Robert Ill 


Mr. 115 


Laura 220 


George 142 

Louvinia 141 

Lutesia 123 


Marion 37 


Andrew 125 

Mary 110 

Mary Foster 125 


Miss 87 


Almira 120, 137 

Dovie Bowling 178 

Mary Poe 178 

R. V 155, 178 

Sarah F 178 


Mary Etta ...._. 31, 46 


Hester W 94 


John Ulyses 23, 31 

Dr. - — 250 

Maurice 153 


Sallie 230, 234 

Melissa 110 


Alexander 24 

Francis Lee 24 


Thomas {.... 10 


Larkin 88 

Mary A 80, 88 


James 198 

Thomas M 77 

William 110 

Gen. John B 143 

Oscar 238 

Robert 239 


Elizabeth 73 

Fanny 79, 86, 92 

Henry 86 




Earl 112 

Elizabeth 112 

James 112 

John 112 

Mary 112 

Robert 104, 112 

Sophia 112 


Frances ^ 238 


Martha A 33, 49 


Fannie 184 

Kate 183 

Katherine 184 

Peter 184 


Ora Lee 141 


Elizabeth 184 

George 183 

Charles 63 

Thomas C 72 


Abel Thomas 77 

Absalom 185 

Adda Parley 94 

Adelia B 92, 95 

Adelia M 187 

Addie 89 

Mrs. Agnes S 121 

Albert 185 

Albert Gordon 92 

Alexander 115 

Alice 86 

Allen 77, 83, 91 

Almarine Ill 

Alme Ester 92 

Alva Lee 172 

Amanda 77, 86 

Amanda Frances 88, 94 

Amelia 120 

Amy Gertrude 92 

Andrew 69, 79, 85 

Andrew David 125, 152 

Andrew Ewing 152 

Andrew Jackson 185 

Ann Cordelia 79 

Ann Eliza 123 

Ann M 86 

Anna 78 

Anna Grace 93 

Anna J 189 

Anna Eoberts 83 

Anna Winston 92 

Annie Elsie 146 

Annie L I88 

Annie Marie 200, 202 

Arabeth m 

Archibald P 80, 88, 94 

Archie Oran 89, 95 

Arthur Alonzo 145, 171 

Arthur G 92 

Arva D 191, 193 

Augustus David 173, 254 

Dr. Augustus Davis .. 145, 

172, 232, 254 

Bell G ;. [ 188 

Ben Smith 157 

Benuet 84, 91 

Benton 77 

Bernice Clara 173 

Bertha 93 

Berthena 77 

Bertie L 191 

Bessie 91 

Bessie Arnold 203 

Betsy 67, 69 

Bettie 191 

Barton Bayless 184 

Bynum Nelson 148, 176 

Candace McK 83 

Carrie Frances 92 

Carrol B 80 

Cary H 103, 111 

Cassie E 187 

Catherine 77, 78 

Catherine 80 

Chancy 84 

Charles 86, 200 

Charles Campbell 146 

Charles Donald 92 

Charles Edgar 92 

Charles Edward 187 

Charles M 188 

Charles Painter 142, 168 

Claiborn Jackson 145, 173 

Clara 91 

Clara Eliza 148, 176 

Clarence Cook 177 

Clarence Quintin 142 

Clarice 127 

Clark Clay 148 

Clelin Cull 127 

Cline G 192 

Clymoore 127 

Coen Caruth 127 

Cora 91 

Cordelia 86 

Cordelia Price 142 

Cornel 127 

Cornelius 80 

Cornelius Milton 177 




Curtis Boeber 133 

Cuyler 127 

Cynthia 69, 75 

David 11, 15, 16, 18, 

63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 
70, 71, 72, 73, 75, 78, 79, 
81, 82, 91, 101, 107, 108, 
110, 118, 120, 139, 250, 251 

David C 139, 199 

David D 88 

David Emerson 168 

David Excellmus 142, 166 

David G 187 

David Holmes 76 

David Jamison 72, 76, 82 

David Joshua 83 

David McNutt 82, 90 

David N 186, 189 

David Tilford Ill 

David W 184 

De Witt 88 

Dick Hayner 126 

Dirk Sights 177 

Donald Howard 168 

Donald Eogers 83 

Dora T 129 

Dorothy Louise 201 

Dulcie E 94 

Earle Eay 176 

Edith 84 

Edgar A 191 

Edith Evelyne 146 

Edmund Ill 

Edward 73, 85 

Edward L 190 

Edwin Campbell 200, 203 

Effie 145 

Effie Elva 172 

Effie F 189 

Egbert A 187, 190 

Eleanor 86 

Eliza A 120 

Eliza Jane 84, 86 

Elizabeth 110, 119, 125, 137 

139, 11, 16, 20, 57, 58, 64, 
67, 69, 70, 72, 73, 74, 
78, 80, 87, 101, 103, 104, 
107, 110, 111, 112, 120, 184 

Elizabeth Harriett 168 

Elizabeth M 123, 146, 248 

Elizabeth Ora 94 

Ella 84 

Ella Van Leer 129 

Elmer H 191 

Elmira 85 

Eloda Estella 146 

Elsia 188 

Elwood 93 

Emerson 185 

Emma 84, 148, 175 

Emma Ann 151 

Enize Ann 142 

Essie A 187 

Evylene Mae 173 

Ezekiel 101 

105, 108, 110, 123, 184 

Ezekiel A 118 

Fannie 152 

Fanny Ernst 82 

Finis Preston 142 

Flossie 126 

Floura Ellen 85 

Frances Simicy 142 

Francis 91 

Francis Marion 124, 150 

Frankie Pauline 95 

Frazier N 189 

Frederick Holmes 83 

F. A 188 

Genevieve 201 

Genevieve Campbell 203 

George C 198 

George S 89 

George Washington 151 

George W 110, 188, 191 

Georgia P 126 

Gilbert James 146 

Gilbert Mannus 177 

Gilbert Marshall ..110, 122, 249 

Gilbert Nelson 123, 147 

Gilbert Wiley 148, 177 

Gladys Arnold 203 

Glenn 193 

Goldia M 189 

Gordon 71 

72, 74, 75, 79, 85, 86 

Gordon S 78, 84, 91 

Gordon Totten 83 

Grace D 189 

Granville 187 

Gussie E 190 

Eev. G. S 68, 69 

Hattie E 190 

Hattie Lenore 148 

Hattie L 187 

Hallie 157 

Harriet Gordon 82 

Harriette Ellen 92 

Hardy Harold 91 

Harold Eeginald 203 

Harold Walter 173 

Harrison 80, 88, 93, .111 

Harvey 77 

Hazel 94 

Henrietta 86 

Henry Clay 78 




Henry C 191 

Henry Clayburue 95 

Henry Jackson 146 

Henry James 112, 126 

Herschell P 129 

Hetty Jane 123, 145 

Hockley 19 

Homer Stevens 201 

Howard Gates 83 

Howard R 92 

Howel C 190 

Hubert E 192 

Hugh : 104, 115 

Ida Bell 89 

Ida Estella 94 

Ida Jane 84 

Ida May 84, 172 

India Ward 129 

Inez Pauline 94 

Irene 145 

Isaac 80 

Iva Dell 171, 179 

Iva Lee 95 

Iverson 87 

Jackson 123, 146 

James 11 

12, 15, 16, 18, 19, 57, 66 
67, 68, 69, 72, 73, 77, 78 
87, 100, 103, 110, 111, 183 

James A 187, 190 

James B 87 

James Barr 183, 184, 185 

James C 72, 190, 199, 201 

James Edward 151 

James H 88, 93 

James Henry 185 

James L 103, 111 

James Madison 185 

James Marshall....l09, 110, 124 

James Marshall 109 

110, 124, 150 
James McGavock ....75, 82, 90 

James Preston 72, 76, 177 

James S 187 

James T 92, 95 

James W 192 

James William 76 

James Winston 95 

103, 104, 114, 118, 120, 134 

Jane 11, 15, 16, 17, 20 

Jane A 186 

Jane E 199, 200 

Jane W 118, 135 

Jasper Ill 

Jean 68 

Jenniet 183 

Jennie Frances 200, 203 

Jenny Barr 184 

Jeremiah ; 185 

Jesse 69 

Jesse Cornelius 148 

Jessie 84 

John 11, 

12, 15, 16, 17, 18, 64, 65, 
67, 69, 70, 73, 74, 77, 80, 
87, 91, 93, 99, 100, 101, 
103, 107, 108, 110, 118, 
120, 139, 183, 185, 188, 197 
John Calvin....79, 85, 86, 87, 92 

John Crittenden 112 

John C 186, 189 

John D 189, 193 

John F 198 

John Foster 200 

John Gates 76, 82 

John Keunard 139 

John Marshall Ill 

John M 189 

John Patton 184 

Dr. John P 186, 188 

John E 80 

John Terry 168 

John V 188, 191 

John W 219 

John Wesley 123, 143, 235 

John Wiley 177 

John Willie 145, 172 

John Wilson 115, 128, 129 

Joseph. .11, 15, 16, 17, 67, 68, 
69, 70, 71, 72, 74, 75, 79, 
80, 81, 88, 101, 107, 118, 198 

Joseph Brown 148 

Joseph D 79 

Joseph Edward 157 

Joseph Gordon 184, 187 

Joseph G 190 

Joseph Thomas 94 

Joseph Turner 87, 93 

Josephine Foster 200 

Joshua 73, 77, 83, 84 

Joshua Newton 77 

Julia Ann „ Ill 

Julia F 86 

Juliette 201 

J. Bruce 189, 192 

J. G 83 

J. W 235 

Katherine 79, 123, 186 

Lanega Ill 

Laura 84, 91, 93, 145 

Laura Lee 142 

Lee ^. 93 

Lelia Ethel 126 

Lenora 89, 189 

Leslie Clayton 146 

Letha May 191 

Lillian 165, 179 




Lorinda 84 

Love 129 

Lucile B 165 

Lucille Elenor 168 

Lucinda 75 

Lucinda Jane 88 

Lucy A 89 

Lucy Colston 83 

Lucy May 172 

Lucy McGavock 82 

Lucy Strange 190 

Lulie Adella 142 

Lura E 93 

Rev. Luther Lyeurgus..l42, 165 

Luvinia 188 

Lyda 139, 190 

Lydia Elizabeth 151 

Omar A 93 

Mabel Kate 177 

Mabel Pearl 191 

Madeleayne 201 

Malinda 77, 84 

Manerva 184, 185 

Margaret 16, 

18, 34, 67, 68, 69, 70, 
75, 87, 101, 103, 104, 
107, 110, 114, 119, 123, 
124, 149, 183, 184, 186, 248 

Margaret A 187 

Margaret B 88, 94 

Margaret Elizabeth ....125, 151 

Margaret Mary 83 

Margaret Isabelle 142 

Margaret P 118, 136 

Margaret Roberts 76 

Margaretta 18, 20 

Maria 78, 79, 85 

Marion 80, 118, 201 

Marion F 87 

Marion K 126 

Mark H 188 

Marquis De La Fayette Ill 

Marshall 123, 149 

Marshall David 152 

Martha 69, 110, 120, 135, 246 

Martha Catherine 151 

Martha F 92 

Martha Frances 89, 94 

Martha James 123, 150 

Martha Lusanny 142 

Martha Robert 

Martin Van Buren 185 

Mary 16, 

17, 18, 20, 67, 68, 71, 
75, 76, 80, 91, 101, 103, 
104, 111, 183, 185, 190, 199 

Mary A 89 

Mary Alice 187 

Mary Ann 79, 

84, 118, 129, 184, 186 

Mary Candace 76 

Mary E 188 

Mary Edith 92 

Mary Eliza 173, 177 

Mary Elizabeth 142, 152 

Mary Frances 201, 204 

Mary J 88 

Mary Jane 72, 148, 151, 178 

Mary Louisa 146 

Mar^ Louise 200, 202 

Mary Thomas 83 

Mary V 187 

Matthew F 86, 92 

May L 190 

Michael 67, 

69, 73, 74, 79, 86, 92, 110 

Michal 67, 68 

Mildred 189 

Mildred Higham 200 

Minerva 77, 78, 80, 110 

Minnie Lee 139 

Minnie Margaret 89, 94 

Missouri 76 

Mitchell 69 

Monroe Washington 146 

Myrtle 84 

M. Amanda 198 

M. M 188 

Nancy 72, 75, 78, 80, 

87, 100, 104, 112, 115, 135 

Nancy Elizabeth 139 

Nancy Ellen 77 

Nancy J 86 

Nancy Jane 80 

Nancy W 118 

Mary Elzetta 94 

Nannie 87 

Naomi 104, 114, 115 

Nellie Mabel 177 

Neville W 154 

Newton 105, 107, 119 

Nina May 168 

Nina Ray 92 

Ninian 99, 100, 104 

Nolin Elbert 191 

Normal M 193 

N. A 188 

Nonears 193 

Oakron Ovas 193 

Odre Arthur 171 

Ogilvie 93 

Okie „ 93 

Olive Bee 172 

Oliver Hannibal 146 

Ora W 91 

Oscar Vaughan 142 




Otis McT 126 

Parmelia 80 

Paul C 197 

Paul Campbell 201 

Paul Judson 166 

Percival Cooper 154 

Perry W 84 

Phebe W 198 

Polly 69, 73 

Preston 74, 80, 88, 89 

P 109 

Eaehel 103, 111 

Eebecea 16, 

19, 21, 22, 74, 80, 185 

Rebecca G 188 

Richard A 188 

Richard Lee _ 145 

Rillie 191 

Robert 88, 93, 111, 188 

Robert N 118 

Robert T 86 

Rose E 192 

Russell Calvin 92 

Ruth 87, 126 

Sallie N 118 

Sallie Wade 129 

Sally 66, 74, 82 

Sampson 85 

Samuel 69, 73, 88, 99, 

103, 110, 183, 184, 185, 187 

Samuel A 187 

Samuel B 86 

Samuel C 190 

Samuel M 93 

Samuel 191 

Sarah 16, 

18, 68, 100, 103, 104, 107, 
115, 117, 118, 136, 183, 185 

Sarah Ann 123, 141 

Sarah A 94 

Sarah Carroll 168 

Sarah Christina 139 

Sarah Eliza 112 

Sarah Elizabeth 76 

Sarah Ellen 142, 166 

Sarah F 190 

Sarah Gracie 123 

Sarah Woods 72 

Seely 200 

Shannon 87 

Solomon 12 

Sophia 67, 73, 78 

Stella 91 

Stella D 190 

Stella M 88 

Stephen 70, 

73, 77, 79, 84, 85, 104 

Stephen H 84 

Stephen W 80, 87, 88 

Susan 83, 190 

Susanna 11, 73, 78, 111 

Susie Mae 187 

Sybil 193 

S. Julia 189, 192 

S. Scott 189, 192 

Tandy Holman 139 

Tandy Trice 120, 139 

Taylor 120 

Thalia A 201 

Thelma May 93 

Thomas 11, 12, 15, 16, 

17, 72, 73, 75, 79, 85, 86, 
87, 100, 184, 185, 197, 199 

Thomas B 189 

Thomas 'C 87, 92, 95 

Thomas Clinging 186, 190 

Thomas D 189 

Thomas Gordon....79, 87, 92, 93 

Thomas James 121, 135, 157 

Thomas Jefieerson..l03, 111, 112 

Thomas Joseph ■ 76 

Thomas Petis 177 

Thomas Tyler 112, 126 

Thomas Williamson 107 

Turner W 87 

Thompson 87 

Thurman 93 

Uriah 185, 187 

Wade H 188, 190 

Wallace R 86 

Walter Campbell 83 

Walter Clay 76 

Walter Julius 146, 173 

Walter Lee 191 

Warren 199 

Warren Campbell 203 

Warren Tuthill 200 

Wiley J 123, 148 

Wiley Thompson 177 

Wilford 93 

William 11, 

69, 74, 79, 87, 111, 183, 
184, 185, 186, 190, 199, 200 

William A 184 

William Cason 142, 145, 164 

William Clay 112 

William Edward 94 

William F 80, 87, 187 

William Gordon 76, 83 

William G 189, 192 

William Henry 84, 91 

William Hodges 80, 89 

William H 94, 95 

William J 121 

William Joseph 135 

William L 139 




William Logan 146 

William M 88 

William Melcenis 95 

William 86 

William Preston 110, 

125, 148, 151, 152, 177 
William Stewart....ll8, 121, 134 

William S 78, 85, 110 

William Thomas 89, 94, 157 

William T 188 

Willie 89 

Willie C 192 

W. G 68 

Willard Wills 168 

Willard Winthrop..l43, 145, 168 

W. W 188, 248 

Winfield Scott 129, 154 

Zachary Wheat 112 

Zillah Ann 148 


Ann 198 

Daniel W 198 

Eliza Ann 198 

James C 198, 199 

John 198 

Joseph 198 

Margaret 198 

Mary 198 

Phebe 198 

Phebe W 198 


Agnes 198 

Ann 197 

Bridget 11 

Daniel 11, 197 

Hugh 197 

James 11 

John 11, 197 

Rev. John C 12 

Joseph 197 

Mary 198 

Michael 11 

Nancy 198 

Samuel 197 


Alma 127 

Sarah 174 

Eva 79 


John B 135 

Louis Andrew 135 

Kate 122 


Joseph 237 

Marshal 237 

Margaret 184 


Ailie 157 

India Vernor 157 

W. H 157 

W. M 135 

William 190 


Spencer Sloane 29 

Helen 201 


Dr 213 

Miss 213 

Mary 117 


Olivia 155 


Albert L 94 


Thomas 214 


Claude 93 

Vera 159 

Mrs. Lettie 122, 247, 248 


David W 91 

Frankie 91 


Charles Ill 


George Edwards 209, 211 


Ansley 237 


Timothy 80 


Charles Augustus 29 


Earl 158 

Loyd 158 

Mary Lee 158 

W. W 158 


Frederick P 86 

Thomas 110, 125 




Benjamin 81 

David 81 

David Cloyd 90 

Elizabeth 81 

James 81 

Jesse Law 90 

Rev. John 7 

Lucinda Cloyd 81 

Lucy 90 

Mary 81 

Nancy 95 

Robert 81 

Dr. Robert McNealy 81 

Dr. Thomas Cloyd....70, 81, 89 


Alice Jane 187, 190 

Ella D 84, 91 

Martha 32, 48 

Samuel Lemmond 190 

William R 91 


Eliza Helen 48 

Dr. John Thomas 32, 48 


Fountain Wilson 28 

Hugh North 41 

Mary Isabel 41 

Wilson 41 

Sarah 238 


Sarah 238 


Mary 71 


Mr. 122 

Martha 186 


Helen Withrow 43 

Margaret Frances 43 

Nina Elizabeth 43 

Rachel North 43 

Richard Gardner 43 

Sterrett David 43 

William Copeland 30, 43 


Kate 73 


Mrs. Hannah Mabry..ll6, 117 

Nancy Evans 105 

Sarah 235 


Ann 21, 26 

Ann Elizabeth 27 

Anna May 38 

Bessie Hench 38 

Caroline Amelia 21 

Edward Cloyd 27, 38 

Elizabeth 16, 

19, 21, 24, 26, 36, 37 

George Franklin 27, 38 

Guy Moyer 38 

Hannah 21 

Harriet 21 

Henry Laverne 38 

James 16, 19, 21, 26 

James Jones 21, 26, 38 

John 19 

Mabel Jane 38 

Margaret 21, 25 

Mary 21 

Rebecca 21, 26, 37 

Rebecca Emmaline 38 

Roy 38 

Samuel 16, 18, 21 

Samuel Wilson 27 

Viola Elizabeth 38 

Wayne Wharton 38 

William James 27, 38 


James 112 

Mary Jane 103, 112 


Amanda J 130 

Ann Eliza 130 

Charles 130 

Charles Wesley 116, 129 

Clark Calvin 116 

Eliza Emily 130 

Elizabeth M 154 

George D 116, 129 

George M 129 

Horace E. 154 

James B 154 

James F 129, 130, 154 

Jane 129 

John 130 

John W. 129 

Lua Judith 154 

Maggie E 154 

Margaret C 129 

Margaret Tennessee 130, 154 

Martha 130 

Martha W 129 

Nancy 130 

Nancy E 129 

Rachel Babb 130 

Richard 130 

Robert 79 

Sarah 130 

Sarah Ella 129, 154 

Thomas H 129 

William 130 




Prank 130 

John 227, 228 

Eev. L. W 172 


Neil 162 

Nettie J 140 

Mary 235, 237 

Mary A 198 


Charles 85 

Cloyd Russell 85 

Etliel May 85 


Rebecca 188 


Bartholomew 149 

Flora 149 

Rebecca 149 

William L 123 


Mary 59 


Elizabeth 33, 49 


Sarah 88, 93 


John 80 


Ruth 160 


James 16, 17 

Jane 146 


Caroline 116 

Eliza 235 

Elizabeth 24 

Euphemia 19, 21, 27 

John 76 

John R 116 

Tennie 116, 131 

Lewis 33 

Lillian M 59 

Martha 116 

Minerva 116 

Nancy 235 

Nancy M 237 

Perry 235 

Rev. R. F 222 

Samuel 116, 251 

Susan 116 

Thomas 105, 116, 237 

Ambrose 239 


Olive Antonette 153 


Sallie 80 


Mary Ann 80 


Richard 232 


L. M 240 


Emma D 35, 51 


Mary 149 


John E 142 


David 88 

Martha E 80, 88 

William 80 

Jane 131 


Mary 26, 37 


Fannie C 112 

Frances Cornelia 126 

Joseph 126 


Daniel Gibson 237 

Spencer 237 


Ethel 93 

Leta 93 

Rachel 91 


Mrs. Emily 105 


Lucy 232 

Lucy Mildred 235 

William 235 


Ann Eliza 22, 30, 44, 45 

David Braiuard 31, 46 

Edgar Nelson 31 

Edmund Southern....22, 31, 46 

Elizabeth 30 

Ellen Cessne 46 

Dr." Ezra 19, 22, 30, 31 

Ezra Chalmers 31, 46 

Helen 46 

Horrace Wilson 31 

James Cloyd 22, 31, 46 

Katherine Nelson 46 




Latimer Banks 31 

Lucien Wilson 31, 46 

Oscar Dana 31 

Raymond 46 

Rebecca 31, 46, 47 

Robert Wilson 46 

Roswell Chalmers 46 


Robert 150 

William 150 


Charles 176 

Esther Jane 148, 176 


J. Cloyd 202 

James P 200, 202 

William Orrie 202 


Ed. B 116 

Mr 78 


Emily 245 


Elizabeth 191 


Jennie 189 


Lucretia Ann 223 


Miss 228 

Timothy 231 

William 240 


Dr. Erasmus Clark 52 

Mary Rogers Hartshorne.... 52 

Mary R. H 36 


Adam 189 

Mary V 186, 189 


James Alexander 30 


David D 191 

Fronia 188 

Oliver R 193 

Safrona E 191, 193 


Catherine 69, 73, 77 

Jacob 73 


S. F 113 


Colonel William 209, 213 


G. M 138 


J. H 139 

Lucy G 236, 238 

Spencer ...- 238 


Eliza 148 

Eliza F 177 

Susan 148 


Bettie 76 


David 73 


Sally 64 

Mary 135 


C. B 135, 158 

Euclid 158 

James C 158 

Leonora 158 


Mary 134 

Parmela 134 


Charles M 117 


Kate 125 


Harriet J 75, 82 

John H 82 


James M 142 

Martha 190 


David 84 

David S 154 

Donald 84 

Margaret 130, 154 

Sallie 187 

Victor 84 

William H 105 


Margaret 125 


Lord 209, 213 


Mabel Townsend 52 

James 36, 52 

Melven 89 




Maude Janett 33 


Nellie 127 


J. H 84 

Lizzie 84 

Kate 163 


Dorinda 72, 76 


Sarah Ann 124, 150 


Amos 153 

Frank D 127, 153 

Jean 153 

Lillian 153 


James 236 


William 235 


Col. A. J 118, 136 

Bessie De Witt 160 

Charles William 137, 161 

Edwin 161 

Hersehel L 136, 158 

Horace 117 

Joe Jefferson 160 

Leonidas S 159 

Lou P 136 

Margaret A 136, 159 

Margaret C 137 

Margaret Evans 160 

Martha Ewing 137, 160 

May Emma 160 

Newton Jefferson 137, 159 

Oma 161 

Pennie J 136, 159 

R. Lee 136 

Robert E 159 

Sadie Elise 160 

Sarah Elizabeth 137 

Thomas Newton 160 

Vera M 159 

William 119, 136, 137 

Willie Edna 160 

Vollie P 159 


David Gerould 43 

Elizabeth 220, 222 

E. S 220 

Luther 38 

Josephine 121 


Gov 65 

Mrs. Letitia 65 

Hester 213 


Samuel 187 


Sarah Ellen 76 


David Hugh 43 

David Sterrett 30, 43 

Lloyd North 43 

Ross Southard 43 


Sarah Ellen 72 


Amanda 87 

Eliza W 116, 129 

Elizabeth 199 

James 105, 116 

James W 116 

Margaret Cloyd 116 

Martha D 116, 129 

William 27 


Lowd 38 


Miss 239 


Hallie Frank 95 

John Lamb 94 

John Lee 95 

John L 89, 94 

John William 95 

Louis William 95 

Minnie May 95 

Odip Pearl 95 

Zoe Annie 95 


Miss 185 

Benjamin 185 

Rev. Chas 145 

Thomas Calvin 145 


Aley 188 


Glenn 138 

Samuel 138 


Rebecca 26 




Ada F 132, 155 

Emma L. 200, 204 

Jennie 253 

Phillip 71 


John Preston 151 

Dr. R. L 125, 151 


Alice Jane 204 

Alma Josephine 204 

Charlotte Cloyd 200, 203 

Clinton Sylvanus 204 

De Witt Clinton 200, 204 

Emma Jane 201 

James Cloyd 200, 204 

Kenneth Warren 204 

Mabel Louise 200, 204 

Mildred Emma 204 

Rev. S. G 199, 200 

Walter Raymond 201 

William Slocum 200 


Arthur Thomas 149 

Edward Lee 149 

James Gilbert 149 

Joseph Marshall 149 

Jonathan Randolph 149 

Martha May 149 

Mary Eliza 149 

Romeo Cloyd 149 

Roy Trent 149 

Sarah Catherine 149 

W. S 123, 149 

William Stanley 149 


Dotha P 159 

Jefferson S 159 

Laurence S 159 

Lee L 159 

N. L 136, 159 

Pauline 159 


Miss 229 


Albert 159 

Alberta 159 


Alma 89 


Maud 132 




Joseph T. J 76 


Marjorie May 200 

Warren F 200 


Rachel 183, 185 


James Cloyd 27 

Rachel 216 


John 214 


Lydia 126 


Lucinda 103 


Maggie 137, 162 


William 153 


Emma 137, 161 


Mary E 125, 153 

Matilda 153 

N 153 


Emma R 222 


Miss 185 

Absalom 185 


Hannah 188 

Jacob 188 

Mrs 253 


Albert 236 

Mary 67, 71 

Joseph 220 


Caroline 186, 189 

William 189 


John 227, 228 


Margaret 71 

Spencer 227, 228 


Amanda 150 


Ethel 178 

Hugh Edward 178 

James B 155 

Joe B 178 




Margaret R 178 

Nancy C 178 

"William 178 


Charles Alfred 202 

Frank Monroe 202 

Harold Pemberton 202 

J. Herbert 202 

James M 199, 202 

Mary Emily 202 

Robert '. 71, 81, 82 



C. L 191 

Elizabeth S 33, 50 

Gabriel 210 

James 227, 228, 231 

Jasper 186 

John 214 

Gen. Nathaniel 105 


James 64 

Mary 64 


Eliza 132 

Willie Yantis 152 


David 197 

James 72 

Martha 216 


Anna Walker 58 

Jane Tenbrook 58 

Col. Joseph 58 

Mary 58, 59 


Mary 232 


Miss 124 

Catherine 253 

John 245 

Katherine 173 

Noah 245, 253 


Mr. 134 

Bryan Collins 166 

Fountain 142, 166 

Lila May 166 


Alice Elizabeth 203 

Charles Gage 203 

Charles H 200, 203 

Edith Irene 203 

Edward Philip 203 

Elizabeth 23, 32, 48 


J. B 23, 31 

William Evans 31 


Amie 88 


Anna J 34 


Lillian 202 


Katharine B 47 


Absalom 80 

Ada 25 

Charles Grandison 25 


Arthur Brook 175 

B. H 175 

Donna 175 

Edwin Clark 175 

John 68 

John Augustus 175 

Mary 68 

Ruth Estelle 175 

Nancy 100 


Catherine 252 

Mecha 252 


Almarine 136 

Columbus 136, 158 

Fanny 136 

John 136 

John Flowers 158 

Joseph 136 

Mattie 158 

Nannie 136 

Terry Winerford 158 

W. E 118, 136 

W. Watkins 158 


Hannah E 47, 55 

Harold Arthur 55 

Henry Cloyd 47, 55 

Hockley Thomas 47 

Hannah Elizabeth 47, 55 

James Norman 47 

Priscilla Leedom 47 

William A 31, 47, 55 

William Thomas 47 




Alexander 94 

George J 88, 94 

Gilbreth 69, 74 

James 74 

Mary M 30 

Mary McDowell 44 


Alouzo 30 

Gertrude 48, 56 

Joseph North 30 

Jane Elizabeth 30, 44 

Dr. Philo 22, 30, 44 

William 30 

Powetan 252 


Sophee Merrett 35, 50 


Curtis 91 

Susan 84, 91 


Bernard 1"8 

Dora 178 

Galen 178 

Linnie 178 

Oscar 178 

O. D 158, 178 

Robbie 178 


Charles 82 

D. W 189 

Lula 189, 193 


Charlotte 127 

Clara 27 

Elizabeth 58 

Mary Hussey .*- 130 

Parthena 231 


Annie 156 

David 156 

Lydia 188 

Lydia Ann 191 

Oliver 191 

Susie 156 


Mr. 228 

R. E 84 


Alice 186 

Anthony 186 

Anthony L 186 


Delila 186 

Dora 186 

Edna -• 186 

Ellen 186 

Etta 186 

James R 186 

Russell 184, 186 


Mariah 190 


Ida 160 


Andrew J 135, 158 

David H 135 

Euzelia 158 

Everette 223 

John R 135 

Julia F 135 

Margaret C 135, 158 

Mary A 135 

Nannie E 135, 157 

R. Ross 135 

Samuel 118, 135 

Sarah J 135 

Verna 135 

William J 135 


Frederick Ross 201 

Frederick Ross, Jr 201 


Carrie E 140 

Cloyd James 140, 162 

Cloyd Simmons 162 

Daniel 122, 140 

Dr. Gustavus P 140, 162 

Helen 162 

Martha 162 

Neil Currie 162 

James 100 


F. M 85 


Mary Jan© 122 


Mr. 151 


Dr. A. P 136, 159 

Robin 159 

Rosette 159 


J. W 218 

T. J 218 

Charles 92 


Mary F 86, 92 

Mary 251 




A. S 172 

Eva 172 


Charles Spaner 39 

Dora Minerva 39 

Elias Walden 27, 39 

Harvey Austin 39 

James Cloyd 39 

Katlierine Alice 39 

Thomas Ambrose 39 


Katherine North 39 

William 39 


Mr. 249 

Margaret 214, 215 


Elizabeth Robinson 200 


Mr. 94 

Archie 94 

Isabella 166 

Willie 94 

Frances 219, 222 


Elizabeth 81 

Elizabeth A 90 


Sallie B 220 


Mr. 228 


Hannah 16, 19 


Margaret 80, 88, 89 


Marinda 147 


Henry H 29 

Margaret 253 


Mrs. Emma 247 


John H 88 


Mr. 115 

Alice Ready 131 

Amzi W 131 

John J 131 

Mary 115 


Elizabeth 247 

Ennis 248 

James 248 

Jess 248 

Lettie 122, 247, 248 

Thomas 248 

William 247, 248 

William, Jr 247 


Daniel 84 

Susan 78, 84 


C. L 207 


Eliza 120, 139 


Mr. 239 

Jessie May 164 

John William 164 

Lora R 164 

Lucille Etta 164 

Melville E 141, 164 

Myrtle A 164 


Alice T 231 

Almire 1 231 

Angelina C 231 

Asbury M 231 

Elizabeth 230, 232, 233 

Harriet T 231 

James T 231 

Jemima 218, 230, 231, 233 

John 231 

John Milton 231 

Joshua 231 

Joshua T 231 

Mary A 231 

Miriam 231 

Phebe 231 

Rebecca 231 

Reuben 231 

Sarah F 231 

Selina 231 

Thomas 228, 230, 231 

Virginia E 231 

William 231 


Mr. 20 


P. N 191 


Henry 231 


Martha 69 

Mathew 69 

W. P , 12 


Grace Alexander 202 

Jennie 154 




Elizabeth 251 

Mrs. Mary 71 


Eunice 155 

George 16, 17 

Jane 16, 17 

Joseph 16, 17 

Mary 17 

William .'i.lS, 16, 17 


James H 157 


Dorothy Grace 179 

George A 164, 179 

James S 164 

Lloyd Arthur 179 

Mildred May 179 

Oathal Wellington 179 

Orlando 141 

Orlando W 163 


Absalom 93 

James 87 

Trecy 87, 93 


Miss 141 

Milton 130 

Wiley 130 


Hiram 198 

John 198 

Phebe 198 

Sarah 188, 198 

Solomon 198 


Delia 153 

Caroline 116 

Sallie 120, 137 

Samuel 172 

William 217 


Ruth 148 


Elizabeth 44 


James 103 


Mollie 187 


Emily 245, 253 

James 245 


Margaret 70 


Susan 174 


Adeline 142 

Samuel 168 

Sarah 25 

William A 134, 157 

William H 157 


Thomas H 165 


George 28 

Rebecca Oliver ., 28, 41 

Susan 236 


Miss 253 

Anna White 118, 121, 135 

Daniel 245 

David Alexander 139 

David Cloyd 102 

122, 139, 246, 250 

David Crawford 122 

Dianah 245 

Elijah 246 

Elizabeth 212, 214, 216, 235 

Ella 121 

Evan 246 

Ezekiel 122 

Frank 139 

G. W 122 

Gavin 121, 246 

George 245 

Harry 140 

Henry 245 

James Daniel 122 

James D 246 

James 121, 245, 246 

James Lafayette 122 

John 121, 245, 246 

Major John 121,246 

John Charles 139 

John LaFayette 122 

John M 246 

John Scott 121 

Joseph 245, 246 

Lucy Amanda 140 

Martha 140 

Martha Eliza 122 

Martha Rowan 122, 140 

Mary 245 

Mary or Jennie 246 

Matt Kirk 139 

Mattie 122 

Molly 122, 246 

Morris Cloyd 140 

Nancy Frances 122, 140 

Richard 245 

Robert 121, 246 

Robert Stanley 246 




Sallie 122 

Sarah C 121 

Terry 121 

Thomas 120, 245, 246 

Thomas C 121 

Viola Cloyd 139 

Volney 121 

William 110 

117, 120, 121, 245, 246 

William Charles 121 

William Henry 121 


Albert Hutchinson 42 


Homer : 84 

Jessie H 59 


Alice Lucile 176 

Mrs. Elizabeth 16 

Irene Cloyd 176 

Marion Elizabeth 176 

Martin 148, 176 

Martin Eugene 176 

Mary 20, 23 


James 229 

John 227, 228, 229 

Matthew 232 

Mollie 228, 229, 230 

Peter 232 

Susan : 232 

W. A. L 231 


Miss 248 

Mrs. 217 

Col. Anthony Wayne 35 

David T 221 

Ella 221, 223 

Granville Smith 35, 50 

Harding 50 

J. W 125 

Major Lanins 122 

Major L 221, 222 

Lillie 50 

Mary Ann 126 

Mary L 222 

Merritt 50 

Morgiana Napier 50 

Pearl 149 

Preston 219, 235 

Eobert C 222 

Sarah C 220 

Sarah E 222 

Sophie Fannie 50 

Stella May 222 

William Harding 50 

Col. William Hobson.. 25, 50 

William Preston 221 

William W 222 


Eliza K 249 

Steve E 154 


Mr. 122 

Miss 188 

Abednego 57 

Angeline 124 

Annie Matilda 51 

Aquilla 122, 247, 248 

Aquillia Hooper 249 

Aquilla Q 247 

Augustus M 249 

Benjamin 247 

Benjamin Franklin 25 

Caleb 21, 26, 37, 51 

Charles J 159 

C. J 136 

Charles K 159 

Charles Wesley 249 

Charlotte 253 

Cora 249 

Daniel C 21, 35, 36 

David Webster 124 

Eleanor 249 

Eliza 124 

Elizabeth....l9, 21, 122, 248, 249 

Elizabeth Culbertson 26 

Emma Culbertson 26, 37 

Gabriel 214, 247 

George Washington 25, 

35, 36, 51 

Henry Strock 36 

Jenny May 36 

Jerusha Ann 249 

John Columbus 249 

John Franklin 36, 51 

John Lee 248 

John Samuel 25 

John Wesley ...'.. 26, 37 

Jonathan 26 

Jonathan Henry 37 

Joshua 247 

J 159 

K 159 

Louisa 26, 37 

Louise M 250 

Lucy Jane 25 

Malina 248 

Malinda 110, 122, 249 

Margaret Ann 36 

Maria Frances 36 

Martha 57 

Mary 247 

Mary Ellen 36 

Mary Maria 51 

Montgomery 124 



Patrick Henry 249 

Patsy 248 

Phillip 247 

Quiler 247 

Eebecca 26 

Eichard 247 

Eobert 247 

Sarah 26 

Susan Alice 36 

Ulyses Grant 37 

Walter 34 

Wesley 248 

Wiley 110, 124, 248 

Wilkerson 248 

William 247 

William McKinley 51 


Jane 78 

Mrs. Mary 216 

Rachel 22, 27, 28, 29 


Mrs. Alice Bell 83 


Lewis 79 


Mr. 214 

Lewis 212, 214 

Susanna 214 


David F 75 

Gordon C 75 

James R 75 

Joseph 71 

Nancy 71 


John 21, 25 


Eli T 32 


Fanny A 120, 137 


Kate 218 


Clara 149 

Isaac 32 

Martha Y 23, 32 


Mary 99, 100, 103 

Janet 94 


Nan 221 

Lide 221 

William 220 


Edna Mabel 39 

John Wilson 27, 39 

Martha Ann 139 

Thomas Edgar 39 


Moses Ill 


Gertrude 32 


Alice 131 

Charles 131 

Elizabeth J 131 

Horace 131 

James 131 

John M 116, 131 

Novella 131 

Samuel 131 

Thomas 131 

Walter 131 

Hattie 125 


General 219 

William 87 


Fannie 127 


Mr. - 221 


Agnes S 138 

Charles 138 

George 138 

John Robert 138 

Louisa 138 

Mary Will 138 


Brunette 141 


Mary B 82, 90 


John 86 

John R 86 

Sophia 79, 85, 92 


James 68 

Jean 67, 68, 72 

John 68 

Mary 68 


John 251 


Isabella Wilson 54 

John Bell 45, 54 




Margaret 54 

Margaret Paekee 54 

Noble Danforth 54 

Ruth Packer 54 


Catherine C 23 

Ellen 23 

James Francis 20, 23, 33 

Margaretta 20 

Mary Ann 20 

Mary Cloyd 23, 33 

Samuel Moore 23 

Rev. William 18, 20 

Capt. William James 23 

Rev. William Wilson ....20, 23 

Elizabeth 74, 181 


Jesse 69, 74 


Dr. 215 


J. F 174 

Lida 147, 175 


Andrew Stephen 161 

John Albert 161 

Rev. Lafayette :.137, 161 

Paul Alexander 161 

Wilbur Garden 161 

R. H 



- 104 

Alfred Gemill 20 

Alice 24 

Alonzo 24 

Anna Boyd 20 

Ann Elizabeth 24, 34 

Caroline Stephenson 33 

Charles B 24, 34 

David 24 

David Cloyd 20, 24 

Dudley 114 

Edward William 33 

Elizabeth 114, 216 

Emily Henderson ^-. 33 

Francis 16, 18, 20, 24 

George Sibley 24 

Henry Francis 33 

James 104, 114 

John 114, 249 

Laura 34 

Mary 20 

Mary Margaret 24 

Mary Valeria 33 

Margaret 114 

Margaretta 34 

Margaretta Anne 20 

Margaretta Cloyd 24 

Margaretta Stephenson .... 24 

Nancy 114 

Narcissa 114 

Richard Cloyd 34 

Richard Scott 24 

Virginia 81 

William Fawkes 34 

William Latta 24, 33 

Mabel Lula 202 


Lyman Miller 30 


Catherine 77, 83, 91 

Jacob 73, 83 


Dr. James R 117, 132 

James Williamson 132 

Jennie 132 

Johnnie M 132 

Maria Louisa 132 

Nellie Evans 132 

Isabella 29, 42 


Abigail 19, 22, 30 

Daniel 19, 22 

Jacob 17 

John 8, 17 

Maggie E 91 

Mary Ann 17 

Samuel 58 


W. B 129 

Liles Emma 240 


Mrs. Sarah 68, 72, 76 


Henry 208 

Mae 187 

Richard 123 


Ada 59 

Agnes Grier 59 

Dr. Alfred Alexander 59 

Anna Margaret 59 

Clara Elizabeth 59 

David B 59 

Elizabeth 58 

Elizabeth Templeton 59 

Emma Rachel Buchanan .... 59 




Gabriel 214 

Howard Alexander 59 

Horace Binuey 59 

Ida Louisa 59 

James 58, 59 

James Harvey 59 

James M 59 

James Scott 59 

Jane 58 

John 58 

John Grier 59 

Joseph Grier 59 

Martha 58, 59 

Mary Ella 59 

Mary Elizabeth 59 

Mary Frances 59 

Mathew Alexander 59 

Phillip G 59 

Eebecca 59 

Samuel D 59 

Sarah Elizabeth 59 

William 58 

Dr. William Lawrence 59 

William Newton 59 

Dr. William Sumner 59 


Elizabeth 36 


Elizabeth 18& 


Martha J 125, 151 


Benton 161 

E. M 137, 161 


George 78 

Jacob 78 


John 208, 211 


Mr. 146 


[Joseph 251 

William 88 


Henry 73 


Arthur 42 

David 29, 42 

Edwin 42 

John 42 

Mary North 42 

William Dwight 42 


Juliet 140 


Polly 239, 240 

Sallie 239 

Susan 239 


Mr. 142 

John 100 


Bertha 47 


A. J 165, 179 

Arthur Newton 179 

Edith Julia 179 

Frank Hugh 179 

Hazel Mary 179 

Lula Beatrice 179 


Lucy 134 


Miss 22 


Nancy 213 

William 24 

Capt. William 210 

William Alfonso 129 


Alfred G 59 


Paul 221 


Gertrude 86 

Rachel 59 


Kathrine 77 


Annie E 27 


Ara 147, 174 

James M 174 


John Kirk 48 

Martha M 31, 48, 55, 56 


Pat 251 


Lucy 253 


Mary 56 


Brandt 74 

Elizabeth 67, 70, 71, 74 

Ephraim 63, 70 

James 64, 67, 70, 74 

Capt. James 36 




Gov. James 8 

John 64, 70 

Margaret 36 

Mary 64 

Sarah 70, 74 

Samuel 64 

W. J 139 


Mary 189 


Delia 151 

Fanny E 130 

Frances E 116 

Grace 151 

James Cloyd 151 

James P 130 

Joseph 151 

W. G 151 


Cynthia 71 

David 70, 71 

David S 75 

Elizabeth 71, 72 

Elizabeth 71, 72, 75 

Hugh 71, 75 

James 67, 71, 75 

Joseph 71 

Louise 223 

Margaret 71 

Mary 71, 72, 75 

Eandall 71 

Sarah 71, 72, 25, 81, 82 


Joseph B 141 


Emma A 95 

Jack 175 


Elizabeth B 27, 38 

Martha 129 


Rev. James 106 


Louise -• 190 


Elizabeth 79, 85 


Louisa 116 


Bailis Pendleton 56 

Caroline Arison 48 

Charles Clarence 48, 56 

Clara Linda 32 

Clarence 48 

Donald Mitchell 55 

Edward Walter M 49 

Elizabeth Alice 47 

Elizabeth Ballinger 31 

Elizabeth Groff 48 

Ellen Jane 32 

Emily Crawford 48 

George Phillips 32, 48 

Georgia 47 

Georgia Isabella 47 

Gertrude Lorraine 56 

Grace Clewell 49 

Hamlin Cloyd 56 

Harry Ulyses C 49 

Helen Cloyd 48, 56 

Hockley Cloyd ....23, 31, 47, 48 

Isaac King 32 

James. 23, 31, 33, 48, 49, 55, 56 

James Cloyd 20, 23, 31, 32, 33 

James Herbert 48, 55 

Jane 16, 23, 32 

John ....16, 20, 23, 31, 32, 48 

John Beaver 32 

John Cloyd 47 

John Grubb 31, 47 

John Wylie 47 

Josiah Atkinson ....31, 48, 56 

Laura 48 

Lee Bourke 47 

Lena Irene 49 

Lillie Hamill 48 

Lottie Hickman 48 

Louisa Budding 23 

Margaret Cloyd 55 

Margaret Lee 23, 32, 49 

Margaret Miles 32 

Martha 48 

Martha Emily 32, 48 

Mary Chamacin 33, 49 

Mary Deborah 32 

Mary Latta 23, 31 

Priscilla Leedom 31, 47 

Ulyses Chamacin 33, 49 

Walter Judson 33, 49 

William 47 


James R 83 

Lillian , 83 

William 76 


Elizabeth 86 


Andrew Paekee 30 

Louisa 38 

Maria L 27 

Robert 30 


Katherine 240 




Nora 131 


Elizabeth W 28, 41 


Mary 81 

Robert 81 

Dr. J. A 136 


Frances E 75, 82, 90 


Sarah Jane 189 


Martin L 77 


Isaac 190 

William 186 


Mary 58 


James 28 

Jane 22, 42 

Janet 28 


Ambrose 216 


Florence Belle 47 


Martha Orchard 65 


A. D 223 

Rev. Joseph Stephenson .... 23 


C. H 124 

William R 124 


James M 186 


Mary 33, 49 


A. J 253 


Gen ,.... 246 


J. C 78 


Elizabeth 251 


Albert S 116 


Eva 131 

Winnifred 209 


Mr. 198 

Alice 153 

Catherine 251 

Cloyd 153 

Cora Annie 153 

David Cloyd 125 

Elizabeth 250, 251 

Finis Lafayette 125 

George Wilkerson 177 

Gilbert 108, 250, 251 

Hannah .". * 251 

Hugh J 125, 152 

Humphrey 250 

James 250, 251 

Jane 251 

Jessie 153 

John 251 

Chief Justice John 250 

John Carson 108, 110, 125 

John J 153 

John James 125 

John Ross 177 

Laura F 153 

Margaret 251 

Martha 251 

Martha Caroline 125, 152 

Mary 251 

Mary Emma 153 

Robert David 153 

Robert Preston 125 

Rufus 125 

Sarah 101, 108, 250, 251 

Sarah Ann 125 

Col. Thomas 251 

William 251 

Willie F 153 


Frances 145, 171 

L. D 137 

Mary Charlot+e 30, 45 

Roger 91 

Thomas 250 


Mrs. Abbie 117 

Mrs. Abigail 133 

Nellie Baird 154 


Mrs. Mattie A 123, 142 


Betty 213, 214 

Elizabeth 214 

Esther Newman 214 

George 214 

Henry 213, 214 

John 213, 214 

Margaret 213 

Mary 218 




Michael 214 

Molly 213 

Nancy 213 

Peggy 213 

Peter 213, 214 

Eichard 214 

Sally 213, 214 

Thomas 214 

William 214 


Cornelia 36 


Hattie 186 

Mrs. Hulda 246 


Lewis 188 


Winnifred 163 


Andrew 163 

Earl 163 

Frank 163 

James 141 

Minnie 163 

Roy 163 


Mary Taylor 158 

Willie 158, 178 

W, 158 


Anzonetta Culbertson 26 

Charles Heber 26, 37 

Edwin 26 

Rev. Edwin 21, 36, 37 

Elizabeth Rees 26, 36 

Ellen Mary 26, 36 

Emma Lukens 37 

Grace Elizabeth 37 

William 26 


David 17 

John 16, 17 


Dr. B. J 147 


Mr. — 21 

Isabel 49 

Jacob Francis 32 

Jane McKee 32 

John Kneass 32 

John Sexton 32 

Margaret 87 

Margaret J. W 93 

Mary Margaretta 32 

Thomas 23, 32, 49 

Thomas Henry 

Walter Piersall 49 


Alice A 23, 33, 49 

Elizabeth 73 

Fannie 154 

Henry C 83 

Mrs. Lutesia (Cason) ..123, 142 

Mary 142, 216 

Ruth 31, 46 

Susanna 142, 167 


Israel 79 

Joseph 79 


James P 123, 146 

James Yowell 146 

Lucius Hannibal 147 

Marshall Marion 147 

Mary 123, 146, 147 

Sarah J 123, 142 


Winnifred 92, 95 


Mr. 139 

Eleanor 250 

Mary Emily 48, 55 


Margaret 197, 198 

Mary 197 

Sarah 197 

F. M 135 


William F 187 

Lee 89 


Miss 141 

Elizabeth 88 

James 66 

Jane 59 


Arnold 110 

C. W 135 

Elizabeth Ill 

Stephen 110 


Phebe 231 


Mr. 241 

Alexander 101, 104 

Anna 31, 46 

Biddy L 231, 234 

Charles 86 




Clinton Leroy 203 

Evelyn 203 

Fred C 200, 203 

John 234 

Lydia Sedley 20, 23 

Martha 234 

Mary 39, 53 

Eosanah McCord 185, 188 

William H 86 


Florence 146 

Gen. John H 131 

Mrs. Mary 16 

Mrs. Mattie 131 


James 16, 18 

James W 18 

Robert 16, 18 


Amanda 139 

Harriet Shallcross 52 

Samuel 52 


Miss 72 


Adam Edwin 150 

Florence 150 

Gertrude Marshall 150 

Gilbert Henry 150 

Hattie Kate 150 

Henry 150 

Julian Cloyd 150 

Martha Olivia 150 

Mary Melvina 150 

Ora Hendrix 150 

Silas 123 

Silas Roma 150 


Mrs. Susie 171 


Phebe Emma 27, 38 


Miss 27 


I. A 175 

Mary 45 

R. A 175 

S. E 175 


Mr. Ill 

David T 188 

Earl 249 

Henry 249 

John 249 

John Lee 249 

Mary 19 


Amzi Isaac 28 


John 220 


Hetty 183 


Benjamin Franklin 34 

Charlotte E 25 

Edmondia 34 

Emily 34 

Eugenia 34 

James B. R 25, 34 

James Robertson 21, 24 

James William 34 

Margaret Eugenia 34 

Margaret Tennessee ....25, 35 

Morgiana 25, 35 

Pheno Robenia 34 

Richard C 25 

Thomas Madison 34 


Charity 87 


Charles Francis 3?, 50 

Dorothy Patten 50 

James Mare 49 

Katherine Latta 50 

Mary Elizabeth 49 

Paul 33 

Rev. Robert Hamill 23 

33, 49, 50 

William Latta 33j 49 


Lizzie 84 


Elizabeth 67, 69, 73, 74 


Elizabeth 54 

Helen 54 

John Howard 44, 54 

Lucien Banks 54 

Margaret 54 

William Hamlin 54 


Rev. Charles Lewis 44 


John 230 


Andrew Paekee 44 

Major David Robert Bruce 30 


Mary Pierce 44 


Charles > 84 

Curtis 84 

Dorothy 84 

Margarite 84 




Francis 92, 95 

Mary Ellen 95 


Mary 214, 215 


Frances 77 


Mary 81 


Elizabeth 73, 78, 85 


Mary 141 


John 141 


John 124 


Adda Hannah 29, 42 

Alice Euphemia 29 

Alice Rebecca 27, 39 

Amos Jordan 22, 28, 42 

Ann Margaret 27, 39 

Anna Jordan 29 

Anna Maria 27 

Caleb 19, 22, 41, 27, 30 

Caleb Cloyd 28, 40 

David Edgar 41 

David Jordan 42 

Eleanor Rebecca 42 

Eliza 39 

Elizabeth 27, 39, 41 

Elizabeth Burrows 22, 29 

Ellen Olivia 41 

Elmer Cloyd 39 

Esther Ann 42 

Euphemia ....22, 27, 28, 38, 40 

Flora Rachel 29 

Herman Haupt 28, 41 

James ....19, 21, 27, 28, 29, 41 

James Caleb 41 

James Cloyd 22, 40, 41 

James Creswell 29, 42 

Jay 41 

Jeannette Macklin 42, 53 

John Lewis 27, 39 

Joshua 16, 19, 21, 22 

Laura Elizabeth 29 

Leu Jordan 42 

Lewis Evans 22, 27 

Margaret McMurtrie 41 

Mary Edith 41 

Mary Janet 29, 42 

Mary Minerva 42 

Mary Matilda 28 

Michael Jordan 27 

Nathaniel L 28 

Rebecca 16, 19, 22, 30, 31 

Rebecca Catherine 39 

Rebecca Cloyd 22, 30 

Rebecca Doty 22, 29 

Rebecca James 28, 41 

Rebecca W 29 

Roscoe Calvin 45 

Ruthanna 43 

Sarah Ann 42 

Sarah Matilda 22, 28 

Thomas 22, 27, 38, 39 

Washington S 28, 41 

William 22, 27 

William Cloyd 29, 42 

William McMurtrie 41 


David 186 

Julia 184, 185 


Sarah Ann 139 

Mary 103, 111 


Valerie Kendall 24 


IHenry 252 


Elizabeth 78 

Lizzie 191 


Eliza 185, 188 


James 175 

J. M 175 

Martha 175 


Charles 253 


Andrew 22, 30, 44, 45 

Anna Eliza 20, 45, 54 

Brainard Warner 45 

Edmund Southard 20 

44, 45, 54 

Elizabeth Jacobs 44, 54 

Ellen Elizabeth 30 

Ezra Doty 30, 44, 45, 54 

Harriet Howard 44 

Helen Wilson 45, 54 

Isabella Jane 54 

James Andrew 30 

James Frow 44 

James William 30 

Katharine Martin 45 

Lucy 45 

Margaret Williams 30 

Mary Jacobs 30, 45 

Mary Wilson 45 




Eebecca Cloyd 30, 44 

Euth Evalyn 45 

Thomas Ury 30, 45 

Dr. Thomas Van Valzah 44 

William White Wilson 45 


Mary 59 


Harriet Bowers 64 


Ann Scott 34, 50 

Lewis C 24, 34, 50 

Priscilla Lee 34 

Sidney 34 


F. M 148 


James Elliott 127 


Hannah L 47, 55 

James Childs 55 


Anna 187 


Mr. 198 

Charles 124 

Elson 178 

Jesse 124 

Jonah 239 

Seaman 178 


Margrett 146 


David Andrew 140 

Helen 140 

Martha Love 140 

Eufus James 140 

Eufus L 140 


Eliza 24 


Mary 31 


Miss 248 

Alice Parthena 141 

Fannie 146 

George David 141 

Henry Edward 141 

John 145 

John M 123 

Larkin 123, 141, 145 

Linnie Emerine 141 

Louvina Ann 141 

Luke 123, 131, 145 

Margaret Elizabeth 141 

Martha Ellen 141 

Mary Jane 141, 163 

Matilda Ann 141, 163 

Sarah Amanda 141, 163 

Susan Isabel 141, 164 

William Price 141 


Gov 132 

John James 41 

J. W. A 143 

Malcolm 132 

Malcolm Jr 132 

Wellborn 154 


John 184, 185 

Mary 183, 184, 185, 186 

Eebecca 183, 185 

Thomas 183, 185 


A. E 192 

Helen 32, 49 

Maria L 189. 192 

Mary E 127 


Mrs. Elizabeth 114 


John M 95 

Nettie 89, 95 


George 234 


Fidelia 80, 88 

Louis 88 

_Mr. 208 


Carrie Amelia 199 

Elemuel 199 

Emily 199 

Mary Hannah 199, 202 


Alice 48 


Letitia Aubrey 63 

Margaret 63 

William 63 


John M 31, 47 

Katharine Doty 47 

Margaret Hill 47 

Eebecca Cloyd 47 


Maud 112 


Bessie 80 

John 214 




Jane 151 


Edith 43 


Ada 222 

Adolphus P 220, 222 

Daniel 220 

Dora 220 

George W 220 

Green Willard 220 

Ida 222 

James Richard 220 

Milton 219, 220, 235 

Vodrie 222 

William Hery 220 


Ridley M HI 


Richard 232 


Fred A 187 

Mabel 223 


Martha 69 


Mary 191 


Ada J 152 


Agnes E 28 

Clara Sarah 40 

Daisy 40 

Effie" Mabel 40 

Hattie 31 

James North 28 

John 22, 28, 40 

Mary E 28 

Oris Allen 40 

Samuel C 28, 40 

Susan Jane 28, 40 

Winnie Maude 40 


Rachel 146 


Isaac 23, 32 

Thomas Preston 32 


Mrs 65 

John 74 

Sarah 70 

Col. William 65, 74 

William Campbell 65 


Edwin D 200, 202 

Richard 246 

General Sterling 143, 221 


Charles E 189 

Emily 240, 241 


Mary 152 


Maud 157 


Aline 157 

J. M 157 

Roberta 157 


Ann 198 

Daniel F 198 

James C 198 

Phebe 198 


Arthur Hobsou 48, 56 

Frances Badge 56 

Helen Cloyd 56 

Kathleen Carberry 56 

Michael A 56 


Christina 174 


William 150 


Andrew Jackson 126 

Annette N 188 

Esther 197 

Hugh 197 

Jennie 149 

Lucy D 112, 126 


Annette N 190 


Charles Kirby 41 


James S 187 


Harriet 122 

Mrs. Kate 122 


Thomas 217 

Rev. William 217 


Charles .^ 131 

Mattie 131 


Francis Dewey 51 

Henry 25, 35, 51 




John Franklin 35, 51 

Mary 35 

Mildred Isabella 51 


Benjamin 17 

Eebecca 17 

Susan 17 


Mr. 214 

Clara 152 


Alexander 104 

Allen 86 

Andrew 104 

John 104 

Col. John, Jr 104 

Martha 104 

Mary 100, 104 

Nathan 104 

Sarah 104 

Thomas 104 


Charles A 201 

Marjorie 201 


Cornelia Augusta 41 


Miss 240 

Mary E 25, 35, 51 


Eadford Ill 


Ancil 146 

A. Tully 174 

Charles H 147, 174 

Charles Horace 174 

Clarence E 175 

Frank H 175 

George 147, 174 

Georgia 174 

Gilbert 147 

H. H 123, 146 

Howard Haven 174 

John Wallace 174 

J. Wray 174 

Kate 147 

Ladora 147 

Lucian Haven 174 

Maggie 147, 174, 248 

Eose Elizabeth 174 

Thomas 147, 175 

William Anderson 147 


Thalia A 199, 201 


Mr. 217 


Earle T. M 94 


Alexander 163 

Lois Minnie 163 


William 218 


George 116 

William 116 


Ella 123 

Jennie 123 

Lola 177 

Louis 123 

Mary Ann 72, 76, 82 

William 76 


Clarabella 40 

David Dudley 40 

H. L. W 132, 155, 178 

Hugh 116 

James Blount 25, 34 

James Postlethwaite 40 

James Patton 28, 40 

Jeannie Barbara 40 

Jennie F 155, 178 

John 105, 116 

Eobert Eoy 40 

Samuel Henry 40 



Agatha 246 

Ann Eebecca 37 

Betty 246 

James 58 

Kenny 26, 37, 52 

Michael, Jr 246 

Nancy 175 

Sarah Louisa 37, 52 

Victoria 27, 39 

George 235 


J. H 154 


Hattie 177 

Jesse Cornelius 148 

Sarah E 148 

Florence 59 


Betty 183, 184 

lOharlotte 200, 204 

Elizabeth 123 

Frances 233, 236 

Jennie 234 

Mary 91 

Sarah D. E 71 




Annie Laurie 153, 177 

Cornelia 202 


A. B 89 

Priscilla 214 


Eev. T. K 118 


Henry 250 

John 250 

Judge 251 

Martha 108, 250, 251 

Pollin 250 

Eobert 250 


Charlotte 55 


Dr. Benj 17 

Sarah 17 


B. M 135 

Inez 126 

L 237 

Frank 190 


Mr. 240 

William 237 


James A 252, 253 


Horace 36 


J. S 154 


William 20 


Ann Hunter 20, 24, 33 

JVTargaret 99, 100 

Thomas 58 


Mr. 134 


Alfred T 128 

Andrew J 128 

Edwin P 128 

John 113, 128 

John H 128 

Lynch T 128 

Mary 128, 191 

Nancy C 128 

Eobert 128 

Synthia 128 

William P. ...„ 128 


Edward A 39 


Charles 33 

Fairman 127 



Elizabeth 59 

William 112 


Mr. 120 

Spencer 120 


Elizabeth 252 

John 253 

Margaret Murdock 31 

Milsey 252 

S 236 

William Doty 31 


A. C 151 

Arthur 151 

Edwin 151 

Flossie Eoy 151 

Harriet Pearl 151 

Mrs. L. E 124 

Zoe Eola 151 


Dr. Henry 35 


Craig 81 

Mary Vernon 81 

W. J 81 

Mattie 119 


Bruce Cloyd 192 

D. P 189, 192 

Captain James 247 

Martha V 192 


Harriet C 212 


Mr. Ill 


Mildred 177 

Nora 93 


James B 145 


Walter E 94 




Edith 38 

Louis 38 

Mary 38 

Samuel 38 

Samuel 27 


Eliza 20, 24 


Eebecca Ann 177 


Martha 236 


Alfred A 142 


Mary 142, 164 


Elizabeth 140, 162 

Eev. T. J. N 162 


Sarah 65 


Sarah 211 


Cortney 187 


Florence 201 


Mrs. 249 

Stella Blount 31 


John 141 


George 214 


Eliza 112 


Cora 150 


Christian 183 


Andrew 200, 202 

Hannah Euth 202 

William Cloyd 202 


Thomas Edwin 92 

Mary 24 


Andrew Jackson 252, 253 

Ann B 168, 253 

Austin 251 

Austin F 152 

Austin Tinsley 253 

Dr. B. M. E 157 

Catherine 251, 253 

Carrie 189 

Champness 252, 253 

Champness Ingels 254 

Clarissa ...j 246 

Clemence 254 

Clemenee Griffith 254 

Cleopatra 253 

Dorsy 253 

Edward B 253 

Elizabeth 251 

Ernest 253 

Ethel 253 

Eugene 56, 253 

Dr. EugeneE 35, 51, 56 

George W 152 

Georgia M 31, 47 

Georgiana 253 

Granville Physic 51, 56 

Gussie 253 

Helen 253 

Henry 78 

Henry Sheffield 51 

Ira W 152 

James Eodney 253 

Jane Duncan 172 

J. Fred 254 

John 251, 252, 253 

John H 229 

John Eichard 173, 253, 254 

John Eobert 254 

Josiah 105 

Katharine 254 

Lion Cheney 51 

Lucy 105 

Maria E 56 

Martha 253 

Mary 253 

Mary Emily 254 

Mary Lou 135 

Mrs. Mattie 252 

Nancy 251, 253 

Nelson Eichard 254 

Nettie Allison 51 

Nina Emily 145, 254 

Noah Eichard 253, 254 

Parthena 231 

Polly 251, 253 

Powetan 253 

Eay Edwin 254 

Eichard S 252 

Eobert 152 

Eobert Yancey 253 

Eoberta 254 

Euth L 137 

Euth Louisa 159 

Sally 251, 253 

Van Leer „..51, 56 




William 78 

William C 152 

William J 125, 152 

W. J 86 


Margerie 238 

Olin D 238 

Samuel D 238 

William B 237, 238 


Mr. 234 

John 231 

Thomas 240 


Dr. Eobley Dunglison 39 


Edith 73, 77, 83 


Nancy 103, 111 

Susannah 103 


Ira Leon 134 

James 156 

John 156 

John C 134 

Thomas 134 

Lenna 134 

Lewis E 134, 156 

Maggie 156 

Mary C 134 

Mattie 156 

Minnie 134 

Mollie 156 

Nannie 134, 157 

Phelissa 156 

Robert 156 

Sarah A 134 

Susie 156 

Vassie 156 

William 118 

William S 134 

Willie 156 

Manerva 94 


Henry 232 


Carrie 191 


Mr. 216 


Ann E 86 


Daniel J 149 

Finis M 147, 174 

Hiram 174 

Hiram Howard 174 

Kate 174 

Porter B 149 

Ruth 174 


E. H 121 


David Dixon 187 

Eliza Ann 184, 187 


Eliza 253 

L. P 149 


Sally 123, 148 


America 88 

Harrison 80 


Agnes 176 


Hallie 159 


Nina 146 


Marrietta J 249 


Charles 183 

Gertrude 163 

Harvey 141, 163 

Isabel Leora 28, 41 

Mary 117 

Minnie A 163 


[Rachel 187 


Howard Duval 37 


Ada 220 

Laura 136, 158 


Hardman 21 

Col. J. M 148 

Roberta B 25 

Samuel B 25 

Martha A 131 

J. K 130 




Charles Roseoe 40 

David 28 

Euphemia 40 

James North 28 

Philip .^ 22, 28, 40 

Susanna Matilda 22, 

28, 40, 41 


Sarah 216 

William 216 


Mr. 198 

Robert C 140 


Fanny V 142, 165 

Jessie M 189 

William H 189 

Prof. Thomas 81 


Martha A 89, 94 

Ollie F. 94 

Alice 192 


Cloyd Jonathan 53 

George Adams 42, 53 

Jeanette 53 


Adam , 78 

Elizabeth 73, 85 

Eliza 77, 78 

James Cloyd 78 

Jonathan 73, 78 

Peter '. 78 


Charles Edward 187 


Charlie Fuller 155 

Dovie Bowling 155, 178 

George B 156 

George W 132, 156 

Herbert 155 

John Boyd 117, 132 

John H 132, 155 

Joseph Hale 132, 155 

Kate Fuller 155 

Maggie F 132, 155, 178 

Martha 155 

Nancy Mabry 132 

Olive Elizabeth 155 

Opal 156 

Ruth Burton 132 

Ruth Mabry 156 

Sue Evans 132 

Thomas 132 

Van Williamson 132 

William W 132 


Hannah 212 


Lena 51, 56 


Abner 228, 239 

Adelaid Wither 235 

Alcinda Walker 235 

Alice 227, 228 

Ann 227, 

228, 230, 232, 235, 240 

Armistead 232, 237 

Baylor 234, 236 

Bessie K 238 

Betsy 231 

Judge Calvin 240 

Carrie V 238 

Charity 227 

Charles 231, 234, 241 

Charles Lewis 235 

Christian 227, 228, 230 

Cicero H 234 

Columbia Frances 237, 238 

Dicie F 237 

Dolly 232 

Dora May 237 

Eleanor 234 

Eli 230, 239, 240 

Elias 230, 233 

Elijah 231, 232 

Elizabeth 227, 228, 234, 241 

Elizabeth Jane 235 

Emily Dores 235 

Emma 234 

Emma G 238 

Ethel 238 

Evelyn 238 

Festus Hampton 235, 237 

Florinda A 237 

Frances 236, 241 

Frances Rogers 233 

Frank P 240 

George 231, 239, 240 

Hallie C 238 

Hannah E 237 

Harriet 234, 238 

Harvey 240, 241 

Henry 231, 234, 239, 240 

Henry 1 229 

Hortense 241 

Ina 234 

Isaac 240, 241 

James .- 230, 

231, 233, 234, 236, 237, 241 
James B 240 




James L 237 

James M 236 

James E 230, 236, 237 

James William 235 

Jane 240 

Jeda 240 

Jefferson 240 

Jemima 232 

Jemima Dorothy 235 

Jennie 231, 246 

Jesse A 240 

Jesse Washington 240 

Jessie 240 

Joel 239 

John 230, 

231, 233, 234, 239, 240, 241 

John W 233, 236 

Joseph ^ 228 

Joshua 233, 236 

Julia Ann 237 

J. Wallace 241 

Lewis....227, 228, 230, 231, 239 

Lorena _ 240 

Lucinda _. . 240 

Lucy 234 

Lucy Alice 237 

Lucy A 236 

Lucy J 238 

Lucy Mildred 235 

Luther C 228 

Margaret 240 

Margaret E 236 

Martha 231, 236 

Martha Jane 234, 237 

Mary 143, 217, 

218, 228, 230, 232, 233, 240 

Mary E 236 

Mary Margaret 235, 236 

Mary Virginia 237 

Mildred 234 

Mollie 230 

Moses ....'. 230, 233 

Nancy 231 

Nancy Maria 237 

Nelson 240 

Nimrod 230 

Perry 241 

Peyton 234 

Phoebe Ann 235 

Polly 231, 239 

Pomphret 240 

Pressly H 236 

Eadford B 240 

Eebecca 232 

Eichard 228, 240, 241 

Eichard S 238 

Eobert Fountain 235, 237 

Eobert Westfall 237 

Eosa 234 

Euffian E 228 

Euth 239 

Sally 230 

Sarah 227, 228, 236 

Sarah E 237 

Sarah Elizabeth 236 

Sidney C 228 

Suckey 230 

Susan 232, 234, 239 

Thomas 228 

Thomas J 236 

Thornton 233 

Velonia 237 

Venet 230 

Vincent 227, 228, 

229, 230, 232, 233, 234, 239 

Vincent J 236 

Vinet 229 

Virginia B 236 

Walter H 229 

William..218, 227, 229, 230, 

231, 232, 233, 234, 239, 241 

William B 236 

William F 236 

William J 236, 237 

W. Lewis 232 

William Lewis 234 

William Whitfield 237, 238 

Willis 241 

Wyat 234 

Zoe 241 


Vinet 229 


Alice 137, 161 

Almira Irene 162 

Andrew Jackson 120, 137 

Annie 138 

Artie Polk 137, 162 

Burney 138 

Emma 137 

Florence 138 

Harry L 137 

James A 138 

Jesse J 138 

John Bell 120, 137 

John W 107, 120 

Lenna Lee 137, 161 

Margaret — - 117 

Mary E 137, 161 

Minna B 138 

Nannie 138 

E. M 138 

Eichard 117 

Eobert Lee 162 

Eobert P. H 120, 138 

Euth 138 

Sallie 138 




Sarah 105 

Sue 138 

William Glasgow 162 

William Newton 120, 137 

Zachariah 105 





Mr. Ill 

Benjamin 216 

Charles 216 

Capt. Edmund 216 

Elizabeth 212, 213, 214 

Erasmus 216 

Frances 216 

Col. Francis 216 

George 216 

Harriet 110 

James 216 

Dr. James McDowell 74 

Col. John 216 

John M 110 

Jonathan 216 

Morgan Stuart 199 

Nancy 104, 211, 213 

Rebecca 92 

Richard 216 

William 74, 216 

Zachary 216 


Mary J 

.81, 90 


Alexander 58 

David 67, 70 

Elizabeth 58 

James 58, 67, 70 

John 10, 57, 58, 67, 70 

Margaret 67, 70 

Martha 58 

Mary 58 







Amelia Woods 35 


Stella 222 



— 121 

Carrie 164, 179 

Mary 145 

Mary M 168 

William L 168, 253 


Emma 86 

Emma A 92 


Alice H 76, 83 

Benjamin 221 

Clay 221 

Caty 212, 214, 215 

Elizabeth 129 

Elizabeth S 221 

Ella 221 

George 219, 221, 235 

George R 221 

John Henry 221 

Joshua H 83 


Gayle Melvin 158 

Henry 101 

James H 158 

Col. John Caton 249 

Julia Hays 158 

Martha 216 


Charles Sto_cton 45 


John 214 

John 214 

Margaret 47, 55 


Miss 110 

John 146 


Rachel 100, 103 


E. R 249 


Elizabeth 231 

William D 231 


Amelia A 157 

Fannie 135 

Henry 253 

James 253 

James Rodney 253 

Mary Jane 252, 253 

Rodney 253 

William 252, 253 


Mary 16 

Roberta 254 

Susan Katherine 184 

Susan Kathryn 187 

William .' 16, 17 

William A 187 


Mary 215, 218 

Stephen 218 




Amanda 134, 156 

Mabel 49 


Mr. 118 

Elizabeth 146 

John 249 

Mary Harris 249 


Mr. 231 

Charles Victor 36 

Edwin Mendenhall 36 

Elizabeth Cornelia 36 

Elizabeth M 52 

Ellen Beale 52 

Mabel Culbertson 36, 52 

Eev. Thomas B 26, 36, 52 

William Henry 36 

William Maverick 36, 52 


Samuel 208 

■Jane 20, 23, 31, 32, 33 


Payton 112 


Ella 149 


Nancy 110, 120 


Elizabeth 80, 89 


Joseph 120 

Dr. Spencer 34 

Spencer Lee 34 


W 251 


Ada M 152 


Hannah Lee 212 


Alice 113 

Anna 221 

Benjamin F 113 

Bertha 221 

Byron P 128 

Carrie 221 

Charles 127 

Charlotte C 127 

Clarence W 128 

Clayton 114 

David 104, 112, 113, 114, 128 

David Allen 114 

David Noah 127 

"Doc" 113 

Edward 221 

Eliza Jane 112 

Elmer 221 

Eugene 128 

Fannie 113 

Fanny Cloyd 127 

Frank P 127 

George B 127 

George Henry 113 

George L 113 

George W 113 

Grace M 128 

Huber Lee 128 

Hudson 114 

Jacob 221 

James Baker 127 

James M 221 

James Madison 114 

Jesse 221 

John 219, 221, 235 

John Cloyd 112, 114, 127 

John Franklin 113 

John Fort 127 

Juliette E 127 

Joseph 221 

Larkin 236 

Lee 221 

Lela P 128 

Lena 127 

Lena H 128 

Louis 113 

Louise Margaret 113 

Lynch 104, 112, 113, 127 

Mamie B 128 

Martha Jane 114 

Mary 234, 236 

Mary Ann 112 

Mary Lillian 127, 153 

Nancy 113, 128 

Nellie 113, 221 

Richard B 114 

Eichard E 221 

Eobert E. L 127 

Eobert Owen 113 

Rose 221 

Samuel 114 

Sarah Jane 221 

William Miller 114 


Mary J 199, 200 

Robert 231 


Hugh F 173 

Eva 145, 173 


Walter J 72 




Bernardus 35 

Frederick Terrasse 35 

Hannah Wayne 21, 24 

Isaac Wayne 19, 21, 24 

John S 25, 35, 50 

Lyndford Lardner 21 

Mary 24, 34 

Margaret 21, 25 

Minnie Woods 35, 51 

Samuel 35 

Wayne 21 


Eobert 88 


Jane Howard 44 


Eleanor Hamill 55 

James B 47, 55 

Priscilla Hamill 55 

Priscilla Leedom 55 


Rev. J. R. A 248 


Robert 141 


Elisha B 129 


T. J 87 


W. A 187 


Elizabeth 189, 192 

Landon Hayues 192 

Malcena Gate 192 


Alice Tate 161 

Andrew Bell 161 

Herschell 161 

Hugh Morrison 161 

Rev. J. B 137, 161 


Ida Bell 177 


Mary 93 


James 248 


Thomas 248 


Nancy 163 


Callie 158 

Martha 235 

Sallie 81 


Elizabeth 221, 222 

Capt. Thomas W 222 


Elizabeth 81 

Herbert 81 

Jeff 81 


Miss 240 


Henry T 177 

Ida Belle 148 


Andrew Paekee 45 

Anna Paekee 45 

Bessie 45 

Brainard Henry 30, 45 

Julia 45 

Lucy Paekee 45 

Mary Jacobs 45 

Rebecca Paekee 45 

Ruth Paekee 45 

Southard Paekee 45 


Blanche 147 


John 104, 115 

Richard 115 

Mr. 247 


David 27, 39, 53 

James Cloyd 39 

Laura Alice 39, 53 

Ruth 53 

Thomas Edward 39, 53 

Walter Moore 53 


Marion 222 


OUie J 223 


Frances 190 

Mary Ready 131 


Bertha Catherine 53 

Charles A 37, 53 

Jeremiah Linley 53 


Anna 59 


Julia Ann 173 


Margaret J 26 

Margaret Jane 37 




Bridget 211 

Henry 211 


Caleb 115 

James 115 

John 115 

Mary .^ 115 


Rebecca 21, 26, 38 


Ann 173 

Amy 87 


Amelia 249 

Ann 121 

Daniel v '-- 121 

Edmund 105 

Rev. John 105 

Mrs. Mary H 249 

Mrs. Nancy 101, 105 

William 45, 249 


Mr. 87 


Lucy A 82 


Elisha 253 

Mary 253 


Elizabeth N 28, 40 


William 248 


Ellen 79 

Nancy 79 


Rev. Fielding 218 


H. J 123, 145 


Henry Kellogg 45 


Etta 86 

Lewis 16, 17 

Lucy 147 

Mary 16, 127 

Samuel B 127 

Victoria 103, 111 

William 16 


Albert 116, 130 

Alice Martin 131 

Ann Eliza 117 

Annie 105 

Charles Ready 131 

Dicy Alene 130 

Elizabeth 105, 107, 116, 119 

Elizabeth H 117, 132 

Fannie Evping 35, 50, 130 

Francis Alene 155 

George 105, 130, 155 

George Newton 117 

Hannah 116 

James 105 

James Porter 130 

Jennie 102 

John 101, 105 

John Van 117 

John William 130, 155 

Leila Pearl 130 

Margaret 105, 119 

Margaret C 117 

Martha Ready 131 

Maria 130 

Maria M 117 

Mary J 117 

Mattie 51, 56 

Mattie Hannah 130 

Nancy S 117 

Nannie 131 

Olivia Connell 155 

Pascall Kent 116 

Rachel McClain 105 

Rebecca 101, 105 

Rebecka 105 

Sallie America 105, 130 

Sarah 116 

Sarah 1 117 

Talitha 130, 155 

Thomas 105, 119 

Thomas Bell 155 

Thomas Ewing 116, 130 

Thomas N 155 

William 105, 117 

William Henry 131, 117 


Phebe 198 


James 126 

M. J 112 

Margaret Jane 126 


Alice 129, 154 

Annie 37, 53 

Annie Margaret 31, 46 

Catherine N 22, 51, 46 

Daniel 198 

Eleanor Bailey 29, 42, 53 

Eliza 118 

Hugh 31 

H. J 130 

James Alfred McCrea 37 

John 81 




Joseph Linley 37 

Lucy 81 

L. J 26 

Margaret 15, 18, 19, 20 

Mary Isabella 30, 45, 54 

Mollie 115 

Nancy 107, 118 


Mr. 149 


Dr 248 

Monroe 248 


Sallie 240 


James 92 

Julia 87, 92 


Dr 105 


H. N „.37, 52 

Thomas Henry 52 


Claud J 89 


Ann 73, 79, 85, 86, 87 

Alice Virginia 28, 40 

David 22, 29, 43 

Elizabeth 30 

Elizabeth Macklin 29 

Hannah C 30 

Harry Clay 30 

Margaret J 30, 43 

Margaret Janet 30 

Mary 73, 79, 80 

Rachel North 30, 43 

Samuel 29 

Samuel S 30 

Sarah A 22, 28, 29 


Mary E 113, 128 


Emma S 36, 51 

Susan R 36, 51 


Elizabeth 145 

Henry 172 


Bartholomew 227 

Charity 227 

David 133 

Sarah J 117, 133 


Andrew 69 

Annie Laura 223 

Beulah May 223 

Catherine Ann 112 

C. B 189, 192 

Edna Lou 223 

Elizabeth 67, 69 

Emma 223 

James 223 

Col. James 229 

James R 223 

Knox 192 

Magdalena 64 

Major W 223 

Mildred 192 

Nellie Frances 112 

Paddie 221, 223 

Sidney J 223 

William 112, 252 


Julia Ann 79, 85 




Otto M „ 84 


Jennie 132, 156 


Anna Lee 50 

Dr. Thomas Davis 34, 50 


Amos 24 


Blanch 147, 174 

Dicie 152 

Joseph A 174 


Mrs. 76, 120 

Charles Albert 29, 42 

Dorothy Almedia 43 

Fanny 233 

Jesse 11 

John 146 

Nancy Jane 79 

North Alderman 43 

Mrs. 113 


Bindy 87 

James E 234 

Mrs. James E 230, 231 

Jennie 228, 230, 231 


Mr. 228 


Ellen 32 

Florence S 154 

George F 32 


, iilliflilliiilli 

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