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Full text of "Genealogy of the Cornell family : being an account of the descendants of Thomas Cornell"

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for J. B. & M. Cornell read J. B. & J. M. Cornell, 
for Carmuwel read Cormuwel. 
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for Mary C. Burr read Mary E. Howatt. 
for John Hewlett, etc., read John Howatt. 
for Augustaf read Augusta. 


Cornell Homestead, 

Arms of Cornwall of Berrington, 

Arms of Robert Cornhill, 

Arms of Cornell, .... 

Arms of Cornhill, Co. Warwick, 

Arms of Cornwall of Essex, 

Arms of Cornall of Ireland, 

Map showing Thomas' Cornell's House, Boston, 

Map of the Island of Rhode Island, 

Map of Cornell's Neck in 1890, 

Portrait of Theodore D. Woolsey, 

Deed of Thomas^ to his son, 

Deed of Thomas^ to Thos. Olney and others. 

View of Burial Plot of the Cornell Homestead 

Portrait of Ezra Cornell, .... 

View of Cornell University, 

Portrait of General Dudley Emerson Cornell, 

Portrait of A. B. Cornell, 

Map of Western Long Island, 

View of the Cornell-Pierrepont Mansion, 

Portrait of Hon. Samuel Cornell, 

Portrait of Sarah (Cortelyou) Cornell, 

Portrait of Peter Cortelyou Cornell, 

Portrait of Rev. John Cornell, 

View of Cornell Homestead, 

Portrait of John Black Cornell, . 

Portrait of Thomas C. Cornell, . 

Portrait of Thomas Cornell, of Rondout, 

Map of Dartmouth, . . . • 

Apponegansett Meeting House, . 

View of the Cortelyou Homestead, 

Views of Cornell's Neck, 

Maps of the Cornell Grant, 

View of the Wading River, 

Autographs of Richard'^ Cornell, 

































To write the history of one's family is not an easy 
task. The early records to which one must refer for their 
early history are distributed over different parts of the 
country. The records, too, are often very incomplete and 
unsatisfactory; the War of the Revolution did much to 
destroy them. Towns were sometimes burned and the 
records with them, and in other ways valuable papers were 
often lost. It may not generally be known, that when the 
British evacuated Newport, they carried off many of the 
records in a sloop which was wrecked in Hellgate, and 
sunk with its precious cargo. The sloop was subsequently 
raised by the American authorities, and the records re- 
turned to Newport, but they were allowed to soak in the 
salt water from which they were taken, and only a few 
years ago were they placed in the care of the Newport 
Historical Society for examination and assortment. Be- 
sides this, parish records are often very unsatisfactory; 
sometimes kept in a very slipshod incomplete way, some- 
times not at all. The writer of this recently read of a 
certain pastor of a Presbyterian Church who testified in 
court, that he had been pastor of that congregation forty 
years, and during that time had kept no parish records; 
but that recently, being so often asked for marriage certifi- 
cates to get pensions with, he had begun recently to record 
them. Besides this, officials in charge of public records, 
with some bright and shining exceptions, are not generally 
as polite and helpful as they might be. Worst of all, 
however, is it that letters of enquiry are so often un- 
answered. Some people, unfortunately, have not the 
courtesy to answer such correspondence, and use the 
stamp enclosed for reply for other purposes. In addition 
to all these difficulties, the descendants of Richard' are 

2 Introductorv. 

largely identified with the parish of St. George's Church, 
Hempstead, L. I. But the lirst Rector of that parish, Rev. 
John Thomas, in charge from 1704 to 1724 (twenty years), 
kept no records of baptisms, marriages and funerals, giving 
as a reason that the vestry had furnished him with no 
Parish Register. Such an outrageous excuse needs no 
comments. It will be seen, however, how much all this 
will add to the difficulty of making a complete history of 
the family. 

Till about 1800 the record of deeds was not obligatory. 
These were often kept in a trunk in the attic in old times, 
and sometimes the house would burn and the records with 
them. Hence another difficulty. 

The Cornell genealogy is particularly difficult to write. 
The family is large, and although it has been claimed by 
some that they are all descended from our ancestor 
Thomas,' I am quite certain there are four distinct families 
besides our own, and a great variety of spelling exists 
among the different families, and even among members of 
the same family, not perhaps so much when they wrote 
their names, but^when mentioned by others. It is much 
to be regretted that the family of Conelise should have 
changed their name to Cornel and Cornell, thereby making 
much confusion, and this has added much to the difficulty 
of giving the genealogy of our family especially in Dutchess 
County and Long Island. It is much to be regretted that 
the descendants of Thomas ' had not kept to the spelling of 
Cornell, as their early ancestors seem to have done, prob- 
ably to distinguish themselves from the Cornwalls or 
Cornwells of Connecticut. That would have unified the 
family. It would certainly much have aided the writer, 
and wherever the descendants of our Richard' (son of 
Thomas') get the name of Cornwall and Comwell from, 
they do not get it from him, for in that most solemn docu- 
ment pertaining to him, niz.^ his last will and testament, he 
signs his name Richard Cornell, a facsimile of his signature 
and others being given in this book. 

I know it may be said we should restore the ancient 
spelling of the name. But to do so we must sign ourselves 

Introductory. 3 

Cornevvayle or Cornewalle, which seem to have been about 
the earliest writing of it. 

The connecting link between the Cornells of England 
and America unfortunately has not been found, though 
much effort has been made by many. Our ancestor, 
Thomas,' we infer from reasons subsequently given, was 
of Co. Essex, England. He was in Boston in 163S, prob- 
ably much earlier. Then we hear of him in Rhode Island, 
where he had a grant of land from the town of Ports- 
mouth, Feb. 4, 1646. Later he had a grant of about 700 
acres from Governor Kieft in the present limits of Greater 
Xew York. But being driven from this by the Indians, 
he returned to his estate in Portsmouth where he lived and 
died, and was buried on his own land,^ and it is from this 
place, and in the house built on the ruins of the old home- 
stead, that the writer pens this history. I desire to 
express my obligations to Dr. E. E. Cornwall of Brooklyn, 
who has recently written a history of the descendants of 
William Cornwall of Middletown, Conn. He has helped 
me much to distinguish between members of the different 
families though bearing the same name, enabling me to tell 
which were the descendants of our Thomas', and which 
were of William Cornwall of Middletown, and this was 
often very difficult — sometimes, I may add, impossible; 
also for other information. My thanks are also due 
Governor Cornell, who put the valuable papers of his 
father, Hon. Ezra Cornell, at my disposition, and these 
papers were the result of much patient labor, as well as 
time and expense, in collecting facts pertaining to the 
Cornell family. I would also acknowledge the kind 
assistance and encouragement I have received from many 
others in my work. But chielly would I acknowledge the 
kind help of Mr. C. B. Curtis of New York, who, even 
more than the writer, is the author of this book. His 
intelligence and patient labor, and natural talent for gene- 
alogy has removed difficulties and solved questions which 
to others seemed impossible. He has also corrected the 

* See Quaker Records. 

4 Introdiiclory. 

errors of many who have written and published works on 
the subject. Though not a Cornell, or even married to a 
Cornell, he has done more to throw light on the History of 
the Cornell Family, than any one living. It may be said 
of the Cornell family tliat as a rule they are honest and 
Industrious, and as a family free from intemperance, 
generally good citizens. Some from little or nothing 
iinancially have become millionaires. Few perhaps have 
attained any great distinction in life, and yet seven are 
mentioned in Appleton's Cyclopaedia -of Biography — 
soldier, statesman, philp^nthropist, medical authority, 
musical composer, and inventors. The religious status of 
the family has been a matter of interest to the writer. 
The emigrant Thomas was probably Puritan at first, 
then a follower of Roger Williams and Ann Hutchinson, 
drifting perhaps into Quakerism, which seems to have 
been the general religion of his descendants, except 
Richard,' who himself as well as his descendants seemed 
to have conformed at an early period to the Church of 
England; many of whom are now connected with the 
Episcopal Church. The Quakerism of the family has 
generally been abandoned for Congregationalism, Metho- 
dism, Fresbyterianism, etc., a number also have left Quak- 
erism to join the Baptist and Episcopal Church. Some 
however are still devout adherents of the Society of 
Friends. But three Roman Catholics of Cornell name and 
blood have come under my knowledge, one of these entered 
the x)riesthood of that church, but after a short experience 
he left it in disgust. The writer asks the indulgence of his 
readers for any errors, or omissions they may find in this 
work, assuring them that his task, though a pleasant one, 
has been very laborious. He will be very grateful to any 
who will notify him of inaccuracies they might discover, or 
information they may give. He may be addressed at his 
present home from which this book now goes forth. 


Cornell Homestead, 
So. Portsmouth, R. I., Aug. 7, 1901. 

Anns of Cornwall of Berrington, Co. Hereford. 
Argent, a lion rampant gules, ducally crowned or, within 
a bordure engrailed sable, charged with ten bezants. 
Crest, on dexter side, a lion rampant-sejant gules, ducally 
crowned or ; Crest on sinister side, a cornish chough 
sable, beaked and membered gules, ( College of Arms, 
London). Crests, a demi lion rampant gules, ducally 
crowned or ; and a cornish chough proper. {Burke'' s 
Peerage). Crest, a lion sejant gules, ducally crowned or, 
and the escutcheon charged with his badge of Ulster, as 
Baronet. [Fox Davies Armorial Families.) 


The name Cornell in the different branches of the 
family, and even in the same branch, has been written in 
many different ways; among the direct descendants of the 
iirst of our line in America I have found the following 
variations: Cornwall, Cornwell, Cornewell, Cornhill, Cor- 
nill, Cornel and Cornell, Cornnel, Coornell. In the early 
records of Boston, Thomas' is called Cornhill, Cornehill, 
Cornewell, and Cornnell. After he removed to Rhode 
Island he is Cornell. In the Dutch (N. Y. ) Records he is 
called Coornell. Unfortunately his autograph has not 
come down to us (though it was certified in court that he 
made a will). His son Richard calls himself Cornell in his 
will, and signs himself Richard Cornell, also some of 
Thomas" early descendants. The descendants of his son 
John generally adhere to the style Cornwell. Thomas of 
Rockaway was Cornwell and many of his descendants so 
remain, but his children, when the firm of Cornell, Alt- 
house & Co. (later J. B. & M. Cornell) was established in 
1829, changed their spelling to Cornell. 

In England different families having the same common 
origin, are known as Cornwall, Cornwell and Cornewell.* 
In England they drop the w in the middle of a word often, 
as in Greenwich, Warwick, etc. 

As before stated there are, besides our own, four 
different families bearing one or more of the above names: 

I. Thomas Cornell or Cornwell of Gravesend, L. I. He 
married Elizabeth Fiscock, and has often been confused 
with our Thomas,^ Thomas;' he was from Hertfordshire in 
England, as the record of his marriage in the Reformed 

* Cornell, a local pronounciation of Cornwall (M. A. Lower — A Dic- 
tionary of the Family Names in the United Kins^dom, London, i860). 

6 A'awe, Coaf-o/-Arws, and Origin of the Family. 

Dutch Cliurch of New Amsterdam will show^"Nov. 2, 
llU-2. Thomas Cornells, j. m., uyt de Provincie van Hertfort, 
en Elisabeth Fiscock, j. d., van Pleymouth in Engelt." 
(,iV^. Y. Gen. Rec, YI., 35.) 

Among the Baptisms in the same church appear Eliza- 
beth, daughter of Thomas Coremvell, Jan. 12, 1644; Sara, 
daughter of Thomas Corruwel, Feb. 21, 1646; Johannes, 
aged 3 years, and Maria, 10 weeks, children of Thomas 
Carmuwel, Aug. 14, 1650. {lb., V., 34, 87, 94.) 

Thomas Cornwell, probably the same, appears among 
the lirst inhabitants and patentees of Gravesend, L. I., and 
often in the early records of that town. He had a dispute 
with Lady Moody about a piece of land in that settlement, 
which was decided in favor of Thomas. He died not later 
than Sept. 9, 1650, on which day his widow, Elizabeth, 
married John Morrice. It appears by the Gravesend 
records that Jan. 9, 1651, the estate of Thomas Cornwell was 
settled by the court, that he left a widow whom "ye said 
John Morrice had married," and four small children, viz.: 
Elizabeth, ?e. about? years; Sarah, about 4 years; Johanna, 
about 3 years, and Marah, about half a year. The estate, 
"which might be about six hundred guilders," was in- 
trusted to John Morrice, "he consenting to maintain the 
children, and to pay to them upon the day of her marriage, 
or when they shall come to be sixteen years of age, one 
hundred guilders, to be laid out upon cattle, and by him 
improved for the use of each daughter." Although the 
name Johanna appears in the place of Johannes, yet the 
ages of the children correspond exactly, and no doubt the 
church records and the town records refer to the same 

It appears by the Connecticut Colonial Records that 
Aug. 1, 1639, Thomas Cornell was fined 305. for unreason- 
able and immoderate drinking at the pinnace. In 1644 
Stevenson and Mabbs attempted to kill Thomas Cornhil 
near the house of Wophertson at Flatlands, the adjoining 
town to Gravesend. The same year Thomas Cornel, a 
soldier from Hertfordshire, aged 24 years, was found guilty 
of desertion. These records probably refer to the same 

■^ -4^ -^ 

■4 * * 

Arms of Robert Comhill, Sheriff of London, 1245. 
Ermine, a fesse gules. {College 0/ Anns, London). 

Name, Coat-of-Arms, and Origin of the Family. 7 

Thomas Cornel (see notes by Charles B. Curtis in the N. E. 
Geneal. Register^ April, 1897, also for further information 
concerning this Thomas Cornell or Cornwell. Mr. Curtis 
also shows conclusively that this Thomas is not our 
Thomas,' Thomas'). 

II. William Cornwall came to Massachusetts about 

1634. He and his first wife Joan were members, 1635, 

of Rev. John Eliot's church at Roxbury. 1636 he went 
with the "Great Removal" to Connecticut. 1637 was one 
of the thirty-seven soldiers from Hartford in the expedition 
against the Pequod Indians. 1638 he was at Saybrook. 
1639 was back in Hartford and had a house and lot of 8 
acres there, "No. 54, West of South St., South from the 
lane" (near the north end of the present village square). 
In the earliest record of his land at Hartford, dated Feb., 
1639, he is mentioned as "William Cornwell, Sergeant-at- 
Arms." He lived in Hartford till 1651, was a member of 
the church there, and probably all his children by his 

second wife, Mary , were born there; but he did not 

reside all of that period in the village, for a document 
dated 1648 speaks of him as "at present resident in 
Hocanum, in the bound of Hartford." 1651 he removed 
with the first settlers to Middletown. His house lot there 
was "near ye landing place by ye springe" (present corner 
Main and Washington Sts.) His land at Middletown, on 
both sides of the Connecticut River, was first recorded 
Feb. 30, 1657, total amount 903 acres. He was representa- 
tive from Middletown 1654, '57, '64, '65. 1664 he was 
constable at Middletown. 1666 he received a grant of land 
in East Hartford for his services in the Pequod War. His 
town privileges, right of common, etc., in Hartford, he 
held by the "courtise of the town." 1667 the General 
Court at Hartford "freed William Cornwell' s head from 
the paying of rates." July 10, 1668, he joined the recently 
organized church at Middletown. 1670 he was assessed at 
Middletown on £160, which was one of the largest assess- 
ments on the list of 52 householders. April 2, 1674, he 
made his will, in which he speaks of himself as "being 
well stricken in years (though tlirongh mercy, in as perfect 

8 X(im(\ Cont-of-Ar)iis, and Origin of the Family. 

use of my uuderstanding as ordinary men are of my years), 
expecting my oliauge to be very near.'' He divides his 
property among his eight children: John, William, Samuel, 
Jacob, Thomas, Sarah, Hester Willcox and Elizabeth Hall, 
and makes careful provision for his "loving wife Mary 
Cornwall," both during her widowhood, and in the possible 
event of her marrying again and being in need. He 
requests his "loving brothers and friends Deac, Stocking 
and to Deac. HalP' to oversee and execute the will to which 
he signs his name. He died at Middletown, Feb. 21, 1678. 
Estate £231. From what part of England William Corn- 
Avall came is not known. The name in early documents is 
variously written: Cornwell, Cornwall, Cornell, Cornel, 
Cornil, Cornol, Corniel, Cornwayle (see Family of William 
Cornwall by Edward E. Cornwall, M.D., N. E. Hist, and 
Geneal. Register, Jan., 1895). 

III. Gelyem or Gruilliame Cornelise, the common ancestor 
of the Flatbush, Kings Co., family of Cornells, emigrated 
to this country at an early period (was probably a Hugenot), 
settled at Flatbush, and died prior to July, 1666. Aug. 9, 
1658, he procured from Director Stuyvesant a patent for a 
plantation in Midwort (Flatbush), as per p. 591, vol. 2, of 
O'Callaghan's N, Y. 1661 he and his son Peter Geliamse, 
"bought of Jane Evertse Bont a wery in Flushing on west 
side of the highway, 600 rods in length and 48 rods and 8 
feet in width, containing 48 morgens and 480 rods, also 2 
pieces of salt medow of 5 morgens, and 2 pieces of plain 
land of 5 morgens, 2 houses and building plots on the west 
side of the highway of 16 rods in length and 12 rods in 
bredth, with 2 houses and barns thereon, etc." The name 
of his descendants for more than a century was Cornele, 
with the accent on the e (from Cornelise or Cornells), and 
but lately changed to Cornell. What Gruilliame' s proper 
surname was (if he had any), has not been ascertained, but 
from his name it is evident he was a Frenchman. His 
descendants reside in Bucks Co., Pa., Eastern New Jersey, 
and Kings Co., also on the Hudson River.* 

* Early Settlers of Kings Co., Long Island, N. Y., by Teunis E. 
Bergen, etc. 

Arms of Cornell : Or ; five towers embattled sable, in 
cross. {College of Arms, Londo7i.) No. 2, Or. five 
towers, tripple towered, in saltire gules. No. 3, Or, five 
castles in cross sable. Cornwall, No. 9. Or, five castles 
in saltire sable : Another in cross, i Burke's Getieral 

Name, Coat-of-Arvis, and Origin of the Family. 9 

Gelyem Cornelise has been erroneously described as the 
ancestor of our family. 

IV. John Cornell, an officer in the British Army, was 
with his regiment stationed for a time in the city of 
Dublin, Ireland. AVhile there a son, William, was born to 
him. When this son was two years old John Cornell came 
to America to take part in the war between the British and 
French. He fell at the storming of Fort Ticonderoga under 
Al)ercrombie. He held a captain's commission at time of 
his death. His wife and son remained in Dublin until the 
latter was fifteen, when they came to America and settled 
in New York City. They supported themselves by manu- 
facturing and selling lace. William Cornell was born in 
Dublin, Oct. 19, 1750, and came to America 1765. He was 
married to Hannah Finch in the State of Connecticut. Xov. 
5, 1774. Hannah Finch was born May ^'$>^ 1751. Soon 
after his marriage he settled in Delaware Co., IS". Y. He 
purchased a tract of wild land eight miles from the village 
of Delhi, on the Delaware River, and lived upon it until he 
was driven away by the British and Indians, during the 
Revolutionary War. He was taken prisoner with three of 
his neighbors by the Indians. They were marched down 
the river some fifteen miles and camped for the night. 
Their hands were bound fast upon their backs. They 
were guarded by one Indian while the others slept. The 
sentinel also fell asleep. William Cornell perceiving the 
opportunity, was able to untie his hands and release his 
fellow-prisoners. They armed themselves with the Indian 
tomahawks, and slew the whole band except one who 
escaped. Mr. Cornell and his family fled to Scoharie fort, 
in the Mohawk Valley. The fort was besieged a long time 
by the Indians, but they were not able to take it. During 
his stay in the fort he joined the United States forces. He 
held two commissions, one as ensign in the company of 
Capt. John McMicken, belonging to the Fifth Ti-yon Co. 
Regiment of Xew York State Militia, which regiment was 
commanded by Col. John Harper; the other as a lieutenant 
in a company of Rangers commanded by Capt. Hager. 
During his service he was once taken prisoner by the 

lo Xa)fif, Ccat-of-Arms, and Origin of the Family. 

British, and being a fair writer was employed by tliem as 
clerk and book-keeper. As lie sat writing, guarded by the 
enemy, he complained that his ink was too thick, and 
asked an officer to put some water in it. The officer gruffly 
ordered him, with an oath, to water his own ink. Cornell 
with the inkstand in his hand (hatless) walked down to the 
brink of the Mohawk River, near at hand, and seeing he 
was not observed by the enemy, threw away the inkstand, 
and leaping into the river was soon out of sight and hearing. 
Nearly the whole night he waded or swam down the river, 
and just as day appeared, he arrived safely at the fort. 
At the close of the Revolutionary War, he went back to 
his farm, and in 1790 he purchased 1,000 acres of land, 
nine miles down the river from Delhi village. He moved 
on this tract of land 1791, and after selling portions of it at 
different times, he finally sold the remainder and removed 
with some of his family to the Genesee country about 1816. 
The children of William and Hannah (Finch) Cornell, were: 
John, b. Oct. 19, 1775. William, b. March 1, 1787. 

Anna, b. March 4, 1777. Hannah, b. April 29, 1790. 

Rebecca, b. June 7, 1778. Abigal, b. Oct. 20, 1792. 
Samuel, b. May 25, 1780. Elizabeth, b. July 14, 1794. 
Mary Mead, b. Aug. 28, 1784. Phebe, b. Dec. 18, 1796. 

William Cornell died in the town of Jerusalem, Yates 
Co., N. Y., June 11, 1825, in his 75th year. The following 
notice appeared in the Yates Republican^ June 14, 1825: 
"Another Revolutionary Patriot gone — Died on the 11th 
instant at his residence in Jerusalem, Yates Co., Mr. Wil- 
liam Comwell in the 75th year of his age. In early life he 
took an active part in the Revolutionary struggle of our 
country. He was twice taken prisoner by the savages, and 
present at the fall of Greneral Herkimer at the battle of 
Oriskany, where he was wounded while in the discharge of 
his duty as lieutenant in a company of Rangers, com- 
manded by Capt. Hager. The deceased has left a large 
circle of connections, friends and acquaintances to lament 
his loss." 

Hannah Finch Cornell d. May 3, 1837, in her 86th year. 
William Corneirs son William spelled his name Corn well, 

Arms of Cornhill, Cornill or Cornell of Co. Warwick ; 
Or, three chevronel's vert. {College of Arms, London). 

Name, Coat-of-Arms, and Origin of the Family. n 

as do his descendants. The rest of the family spell their 
name Cornell. 

The English origin of our family has not yet been 
traced, though considerable efforts have been made by the 
late Hon. Ezra Cornell and others, but without success so 
far. Parish churches in England have sometimes burned 
down and their records with them. The writer visited one 
in Essex where this had been the case. Possibly all traces 
of our Thomas' may have been destroyed. Yet we may 
hope the connecting link will yet be found. 

Scharf , in his History of Westchester Co. , iV. Z. , gives 
the following concerning this family: 

"The early English name was written Gornewell, and 
two generations before Thomas of Cornell' s Xeck ' Richard 
Cornewell Citizen and Skynner of London" — as it stands 
written in his will — who died in 1585, left a portion of the 
wealth he had made in hides to found and endow ' a free 
grammar schole in New Woodstock, the town where I was 
born,' and the school stands there yet near the handsome 
church of Woodstock, in Oxfordshire. Some of the Eng- 
lish branches of the family still write the name Cornewell, 
Burke s Landed Gentry of Great Britain gives two branches, 
the senior one writing Cornewall and the other Cornwall, 
BurJce" s Peerage and Baronetage adds a third branch, a 
family of Baronets in Hereford, who retain Cornewall, and 
Burke traces the lineage of the whole family up through 
the Barons of Burford to Richard de Cornewall, son of 
Richard Earl of Cornewall, second son of King John, 
younger brother of Richard Coeur de Lion." 

But as this Richard Cornewall of London left no sons, 
only daughters, we cannot trace our family to him. 

The name appears in English records at very early 
periods, in 1459 John Cornwall, squire of Bedford, was 
excluded from act of Parliament attainting many. 1311 
Joceus de Cornewayle was noncu^^ator for John de Somer- 
legli returned to Parliament from Chichester, and there are 
many other mentions of the name in English history. Dr. 
E. E. Cornwall of Brooklyn, who has given much attention 
to heraldry, computes that there are over twenty coat-of- 

12 N(iiin\ Coat-of-Arms, aiid Origin of the Family. 

arms pertaining to the various names and branches of the 
family, but that - these are variations of five principal 
groups. In the visitation of Essex, 1*552 {Harleian Society 
Puhli cations, XIII., 6), we read as follows: 

Cornwall Arms: Quarterly i and 4 argent, a lion rampant gules, 
crowned or, a bordure sable charged with ten bezants [Cornwall]; 2 and 3 
barry of six argent and gules, a canton ermine [ ]; crest a Cornish 

chough, sable. A crescent for difference [Cornwall]. 

"John Cornewall of Haverell in the Counte of Essex equyer maryd 
daughter and hath issue Thorn Cornewall son and heyre Will'm 2 

son, Edward 3 son. 

Thorn Cornewall son and heyre of John weded Jane daughter of 
and hath issue John Cornewall son and heyre. Humfrey 2 son Mary . . . 
John son and heyre of and had issue Gyles and Mary wch dyed with 

out issue. 

After the said John maryd to his 2 wyf daughter of Stubbs 

relicta Verney and hath issue by her Jane Cornewall and so dyed sens 
issue male* Humfrey Cornwell 2 son and hyre to Thom Cornewell after the 
dysseace of his brother John weded Mary daughter of Will'm Manoke of 
Stike Gyfford by Mayland in the Countie of Suff gent and hath issue by her 
Thom son and hyre George 2 son Francis 3 son Jane, Margaret, Elizabeth 
and Frances. ' 

In the visitation of Hertfordshire, 1634 {Harleian 
Soc. Fub., XXXII. ), we have: 

Briggs of Rickmansworth. The arms are entered in the booke of 
Certificates in the Office.! 

Richard Briggs of Halifax, Co. York, mar. had Daniel Briggs of 

London, merchant, mar. i, Mary dau. of Croftes; mar. 2, Rebecca, dau. of 
Humfrey Steele; had 

* The records of the Parish of Ardley or Yardley in Hertfordshire, 
contain the following entries: 

" 1552, June 19, John Cornewell gentleman and Jane Varney" married. 

1561, April 12, John Cornewell gent'n buried. 

Thomas Cornewell owned the Manor of Fairsted in Essex, which at 
the time of his decease. May i, 1550, was valued at £10.10 per aimum. 
His grand-daughter, June 6, 1544 [query, was she daughter of Humfrey], 
married George Chauncey of Ardley, Herts., to whom she brought the 
Manor of Fairsted, divises lands in Stebhing, Co. Essex, and considerable 
pesonal estate. She died July 25, 1582, and was buried in the chancel of the 
parish church, Stebbing. 

King Henry VHI.' granted Priors or Friars Hall, Stebbing, to Thomas 
Cornewall, Oct. 25, 1548. Thomas had license to vest it in trustees for the 
use of himself and wife with remission to Humfrey Cornewall and Mary, 
his wife. 

t The College of Heralds gives their arms as follows: Crest, 3 es- 
cuchens gules, each charged with a band vair. Granted to Daniel Briggs 
March 2, 1625. 

Cornwall : quarterly 1 and 4 argent, a lion rampant 
gules, ducally crowned or, within a bordure engrailed 
sable charged with ten bezants : 2 and 3 barrj' of six, 
argent and gules, a canton ermine ; Crest, a comish 
chough sable, a crescent for difference. ( Visitation of 
Essex 1552, Harleian Soc. Pub. XIII :6). 

Name, Coat -of- Arms, and Origin of the Family. 13 

William Briggs of Rickmansworth, Co. Hertf., son and heyre, mar. 
Sarah, dau. of Sir John Gore of London, Alderman; had 

John Briggs, eldest son, 2 William, 3 Gore, Hester, Martha. 

We have here a record of Cornwalls living about the 
proper time for our purpose, and having estates in both 
the original Counties of Essex and Hertfordshire. Among 
the names borne by members of the family are Thomas, 
William, John, Edward, George and Elizabeth, all of 
which names are found among the children and grand- 
children of Thomas of Rhode Island.* AVe have also a 
family of Briggs living, and having estates in Hertfordshire 
with same names, Rebecca, John and William, that were 
borne by the wife of Thomas Cornell and her family in 
America. I am informed that the wills of some of the 
Hertfordshire Cornewells are to be found in Doctors Com- 
mons, and perhaps an examination of these, and of the 
parish registers, may bring to light the missing link and 
establish the ancestry of Thomas Cornell and his wife 
Rebecca Briggs. 

The tradition prevails in England that all the Cornwells 
or Cornwalls are descended from the Earls of Cornwall. 
Whether this belief be well or ill founded, there are good 
reasons for supposing that the Cornwells of Essex and 
Hertfordshire have that origin. 

The first Earldom of Cornwall was conferred by King 
John on his son Richard in 1266. The title became extinct 
in 1300, when Edward, son of Richard and second Earl of 
Cornwall died without legitimate male issue. But he left 
an illegitimate son, Richard, f ancestor of the Cornwalls. 

Barons of Burford. King John granted to his son, the 
Earl of Cornwall, the Castle and Manor of Berkhampstead, 
in Hertfordshire, formerly belonging to the Kings of 
Mercier. Richard made the castle his residence, and there 

* Query: Might not Thomas of Rhode Island be a grandson of 

t Burke gives two conflicting stories concerning this Richard. By one 
account he was an illegitimate son of Beatrix, niece of Conrad, Elector of 
Cologne, King of the Romans {Peerage, iS). The other account is that 
Beatrix was the lawful wife, and Richard the son was by a mother not 
named {Royal Families, XCIIl.). 

14 iVinut', C'oat-of-Aniis, a)id Origin of tJic Family. 

he died in 1-272. When the title of Earl of Cornwall 
became extinct, the manor and castle reverted to the crown. 
In 1336 King Edward IV. advanced his eldest son Edward, 
the Black Prince, to the title of Duke of Cornwall, and 
bestowed on him the Castle and Manor of Berkhampstead, 
to hold to him and his heirs, and to the eldest sons of the 
Kings of England. Under that grant they are now held by 
the Duke of Cornwall, which is one of the titles of the 
Prince of Wales. The castle is at the present time in 
ruins, and the estate is divided in small holdings, and 
rented to a number of occupants. 

Sir John Cornwall, gent., and son of King John, 
married Elizabeth of Lancaster, daughter of John of Gaunt, 
Duke of Lancaster, and sister of King Edward IV. Sir 
John won distinction at the battle of Agincourt, where he 
took xnisoner Louis de Borbon, Comte de Vandome, for 
which service he was created Baron Fanhope. He died in 
1413. His descent through the Barons of Burford are 
numerous in England, and are now represented by George 
Cornewall Legh, of High Leigh, Co. Chester, by Rev. Sir 
George Henry Cornewall, of Moccas Court, Co. Hereford, 
fifth and present baronet, by the Cornwalls of Berrington. 
There can be no doubt that the Essex family whose lineage 
is given above as found in the visitation of L5r)2, is descended 
from the Earls of Cornewall, and the arms clearly indicate 
royal descent in two lines. The Quarterings 1 and 4, the 
arms of the Plantagenets, were borne by the fourth Earl of 
Cornwall, and are still quartered by the Prince of Wales as 
Duke of Cornwall. The quarterings 2 and 3 are derived 
from the Earl of Kent, son of Edward II,, and grandfather 
of "The Fair Maid of Kent." She became the wife of her 
cousin "The Black Prince," who by this marriage was 
entitled to quarter her arms. Among the descendants of 
the Earl of Kent are the noble families of Norfolk, Suffolk, 
Stamford, Wilton, Grey of Codnor, etc. 

In Bolton's History of Westchester Co. an extensive 
pedigree of the Cornell family is given, which is quite 
valuable so far as concerns the branch in that county, but 
as to other branches it abounds in serious errors. Bolton 

Arms of Comall of Illia in Ireland. Argent, a cross 
moline gules, square-pierced. Crest, above a ducal 
coronet, a steel hat proper, issuing from the dexter side a 
feather argent, another from the sinister side gules. 
{^College of Arms, London). 

Name, Coat-of-Arms, and Origin of the Family. 15 

does not mention the first Thomas, but makes the line 
begin with his son, Richard of Rockaway.* 

* Some of the following notes may be suggestive, and perhaps helpful 
to those who wish to trace the English ancestry of the family: 

William Bray of Upperton, Herts., married a daughter of Richard 
Cornwall of Buckland, living 1634. 

A copy of a pedigree furnished by the Herald's College gives Robert 
Cornwell of Buckland, Herts., had Johannes, m. Anne, dau. of William 
Barrington, John, George, Richard, and eight daughters. Thomas and 
Ann had John, living in 1634, and Richard, 2d son, m. Mary, dau. of George 
Bray; m. (2), Margery, dau. of Hervey of Wallington, Herts., and had 
Richard, living in 1634, age about 9 years, and John. 

Thomas Fabian of London, living 1634, m. Elizabeth, dau. of Richard 
Cornell of Haverell, Essex. 

John Cornewell of Radwinter, Essex, will 24 March, 1573, proved 18 
May. Children: William, John, Arthur, Maximillian, Edward, Elizabeth, 
Agnes, etc. 

Joseph Cornewall of Gosford, Essex, yeoman, died 1652, widow Mar- 
garet; children, Edward, Joseph, Bertha, John. John Cornell of Little 
Walden, Essex, died 1652, widow Joan, no children. Brothers, Thomas, 

Thomas Cornell, the elder, of Reynham, Essex, wife Eleanor; children, 
Bennet, William. 

Richard Cornell of Bumstead, at the Tower, Essex; carpenter, will 
June 22, 1631, proved Sept. 5. Children, Daniel, Samuel, Thomas; wife 
Mary. N. E. Cefi. Register, 53, 433. 

IvTap showing locatioai of 
Thomas Cornell's House XN?60. 


Thomas Cornell, b. about 1595, in Co. Essex, England;* 
m. Rebecca Briggfs (sister of John Briggs); d. about 1655; she 
was b. 1600; d. Feb. 8, 1673, aged about 73 years. Children: 

2 Thomas, d. May 23, 1673; rn- (0 '■> {2) Sarah 


3 Sarah, m. (i) Sept. i, 1643, Thomas Willett; (2) 

Nov. 3, 1647, Charles Bridges; (3) John Law- 
rence, Jr., marriage license Nov. 20, 1682. 

4 Rebecca, buried Feb. 5, 1713; aged 91 (Onderdonck 

says aged 93); m. Dec. 9, 1647, George Woolsey. 

5 Ann, m. Thomas Kent. 

6 Richard, d. 1694; m. Elizabeth . 

7 John, d. 1704; m. Mary Russell. Lived at Cow 

Neck, L. L 

8 Joshua. His mother conveyed to him, Oct. 21, 

1664, land in Plymouth, Mass., which he con- 
veyed, Nov. 21, 1664, to Samuel Cornell. No 
further account of him. 

9 Elizabeth, m. Christopher Almy of Newport, R. L, 

10 Samuel, d. 17 15 (will proved). 

Thomas Cornell came to America about 1638, with his wife 
and most, if not all, of his children. He is first found in 
Boston, where by a vote of the Town Meeting, Aug. 20, 1638, 
he is permitted to buy " William Baulstone's house, yard, and 
garden, backside of Mr. Coddington, and to become an in- 
habitant." This property was situated in Washington Street, 
between Summer and Milk Streets (see map). He sold it in 
1643 to Edward Tyng, who had a warehouse, and brew house, 
and constructed a dial there. Sept. 6, 1638, "Thomas Cornhill 
was licensed upon tryal to keepe an inn in the room of Will 
Baulstone till the next General Court." June 4, 1639, he "was 
fined ^30 for several offences selling wine without license and 

* He was from Essex, as his daughter Sarah is so described in her 
marriage record. 

i8 Genealogy of tJie Cornell Family. 

beare at zd. a quart.*" Two days later he was abated ^i^io of his 
tine, and allowed a month " to sell off his ware which is upon his 
hand, and then to cease from keeping intertainment, and the 
town to furnish another." 

The Antinomians were great disturbers of the religious 
peace of the people of Boston, and in 1637 Ann Hutchinson 
and her adherents were expelled from the Colony. Among 
them we do not find the name of Thomas Cornell, whose 
vocation as an innkeeper perhaps saved him from doctrinal 
errors, but among the obnoxious ones were his neighbors, 
Baulstone and Coddington, and his brother-in-law John Briggs. 
By the advice of Roger Williams, then settled at Providence, 
the exiles purchased, March 28, 1638, from the Indians Canoni- 
cus and Miantonomi, the island on which Newport now stands, 
and on the north end of that island they began a settlement to 
which they gave the name of Portsmouth. Thomas Cornell 
arrived two years later and was admitted freeman of Ports- 
mouth, Aug. 6, 1640. Feb. 4, 1641, "a piece of meadow," was 
granted him to be fenced in at his own cost. The same year 
he was made constable, and the following year ensign (name 
spelt Cornill). At the same time Richard Morris was elected 
captain, and Mr. Baulstone lieutenant. Some suppose this last 
office to have been held by his son Thomas,^ as the father may 
have been in New Amsterdam at that time. 

In the autumn, 1642, he went to New Amsterdam, and it 
has been supposed that Roger Williams and John Throck- 
rnorton went with him, and for this reason: the fugitives from 
Boston, who joined Roger Williams, had formed a sort of colony 
in Rhode Island, but it was only a self-created government, 
or squatter sovereignity that they had, and it was thought best 
by them in 1642, that Roger Williams should go to England 
and obtain a royal charter for his colony. He could not sail 

* General Court held at Newtowne, 2. 9 m. in 1637. "It shall not be 
lawful for any person that shall keepe any such inn or common victualling 
house to sell or have in their houses any wine or strong waters, nor any 
beare or other drinke other than such as may and shall be souled for \d. the 
quart at the most." This law was repealed May 23, 1639. Thomas Litch- 
ford's note book contains a copy of the petition of Thomas Cornell, setting 
forth that in the winter time, he had much loss by his small beare which he 
was at cost to preserve from the frost by fire, that he was ignorant of the 
law, is sorry for his offenses, and that he hath not been heretofore accustomed 
to such housekeeping, wherefore he prays fi)r a remission of his fine. 

Gejiealogy of the Cornell Family. 19 

from Boston (which would be the nearest port) because he 
was banished from Massachusetts, so he went to New Amster- 
dam for that purpose, as the Dutch were more tolerant. There 
was not (as to-day) many steamers departing every week for 
England from that port, and he did not embark until June, 
1643. ^^ know, moreover, that he went to England then, and 
obtained a charter for his colony and returned. Roger Wil- 
liams, Throckmorton and Cornell seem to have been much 
associated together and friends, and this has led to the 
supposition that they may have come from England in the 
same ship; at any rate, we know that Roger Williams and 
Throckmorton did.* About a year after Thomas Cornell's 
arrival in New Amsterdam, Governor Winthrop reports " Mr. 
Throckmorton and Mr. Cornell" established, with buildings, 
etc., on neighboring plantations under the Dutch. f On Oct. 2, 
1642, the local Dutch government granted him permission with 
his associates (thirty-five families), to settle "within the limits 
of the jurisdiction of their High Mightinesses to reside there in 
peace" (this was about eleven miles from New Amsterdam). 
After this general license to settle, Cornell and Throckmorton 
made examination of the territory, procured a survey and map, 
and on Jul}' 6, 1643. Gov. Kieft granted to John Throckmorton, 
for himself and his associates, a tract of land in what is now 
the town of Westchester J (see map). A serious Indian war, 
though of short duration, was caused by Gov. Keift's unwise 
attack upon two neighboring camps of Indians on the night 
between Feb. 25 and 28, 1643, and in retaliation the Indians, 
within the following month or two destroyed many of the 
white settlers outside of the city; and many others, who escaped 
fled panic stricken to New Amsterdam. § Roger Williams says: 
"Mine eyes saw the flames of these towns, the flights and 
hurrying of men, women and children, and the present removal 

* " 1630, Feb. 5 — The ship Lyon, Mr. Pierce Master, arrived at Nan- 
tasket. She brought Mr. Williams (a Godly Minister) with his wife, Mr. 
Throckmorton . . . and others with their wives and children, about 20 
persons. She set sail from Bristol Dec. i. She had a very tempestuous 
voyage." History of New England, i6j6-i64g, by John WiiitJirop, Esq., 
1st Gov. of Mass. Bay, by James Savage, I., 109. 

t Histoty of New England, II., 163. 

X O' Callaghan s Albany Records; Adam and Ann Mott, by Thos. 
C. Cornell. 

§ See O' Callag/ian and IVifithrop and Thotnas C. Cornell. 

20 Gruca/ogy of t lie Cornell Favtily. 

of all that could to Holland.* Gov. Winthrop says: "By the 
mediation of Mr. Williams who was then there to go in a Dutch 
ship to England, the Indians were pacified and peace re-estab- 
lished between the Dutch and them." Cornell and Throck- 
morton who were probably in New Amsterdam City limits at 
that time escaped, but Mrs Hutchinson whose residence was 
near Throckmorton's was killed. For, says Gov. Winthrop of 
this event, -under date of Sept., 1643, "The Indians set upon 
the English who dwelt under the Dutch. They came to Mrs. 
Hutchinson in way of friendl}' neighborhood as they had been 
accustomed to, and taking their opportunity they killed her 
and Mr. Collins her son-in-law, and all of her family and such 
of Mr. Throckmorton's and Mr. Cornell's families as were at 
home, in all sixteen, and put their cattle into their barns and 
burned them;" he also adds, "These people had cast off ordi- 
nances and churches, and now at last their own people, and for 
larger accommodation had subjected themselves to the Dutch, 
and dwelt scatteringly near a mile asunder." Some that 
escaped the Indian attack went back to Rhode Island. f 
Thomas Cornell it appears during these troublous tiiues, re- 
turned to Portsmouth, R. I., and secured a grant of land from 
that town, Aug. 29, 1644, in company with Mr. Brenton and Mr. 
Baulstone, "Butting on Mr. Porter's round Meadow," and on 
Feb. 4, 1646, a grant of 100 acres J was made to Thomas Cornell 
by the town of Portsmouth "on the south side of the Wading 
River and so as to run from the river towards the land that was 
laid out to Edward Hutchinson" (a son of Ann Hutchinson). 
This may be considered the original Homestead of the Cornell 
family. Previous grants were made to him in company with 
other parties and as we will see the grant of Cornell's Neck 
was later. This land or the part on which the house and 
burial plot are situated has never been out of the family. In 
Sept., 1894, Rev. John Cornell (the writer of this), purchased 
from Mrs. Ellen Grinnell (Cornell) Smith and others about 80 
acres of this grant, and in 1900, 45 acres more; a house has 
been erected in colonial style on the site of the one that was 
destroyed by fire, Dec. 21, 1889, and somewhat on its old plan, 

* R. I. Hist. Coll., III., 156, Winthrop, New England, II., 117. 

t Winthrop, New England, II., p. 163. 

X It was found to be nearly double that when surveyed. 









6. C. BRJDCMAN, Mapi, W Wafr«o St. N ' 


Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 21 

that is, the plan which it is understood to have had before it 
was modernized about 50 years before its destruction. 

After the restoration of peace in New Netherland, brought 
about b}'' the mediation of Roger Williams,* Thomas Cornell 
returned to the Dutch Colony, but not, it seems, to restore and 
rebuild what had been destroyed of his property on Throgg's 
Neck. But he asked for a tract adjacent, fronting on the south 
and west of that of Throckmorton, from which it was separated 
on the shore by the mouth of Westchester Creek, and extend- 
ing thence about two miles on the Long Island Sound to the 
Bronx River and extending back two miles or more from the 
sound to the westerly edge of the present village of West- 
chester, formerly and even now known as Cornell's Neck; this 
estate was granted by Governor William Kieft to Thomas 
Cornell by patent, dated July 25, 1646 (see appendix and 
map.) This was only the third private grant of land of which 
there is any record in Westchester Co. Jonas Bronck in 1637, 
and Throckmorton in 1642, being previous, and possibly Adrian 
Van der Donk in 1646, and this grant of Cornell's Neck was 
four years after Thomas Cornell's first settlement in West- 
chester Co., in 1642. Thus he was there four years prior to 
Adrian Van der Donk at Yonkers, in 1646. Thirty-five years 
before Col. Stephanus Van Cortland, in 1677, obtained from 
Governor Andros permission to make his first purchase of lands 
from the Indians in Westchester Co., nearly forty years earlier 
than the first acquisition of Westchester lands by Frederick 
Phillipse within the present towns of Greenburgh and Mt. 
Pleasant in 1681, and thirty years before his first interest in 
Yonkers, 1672, and fifteen years before the great-grand-father 
of the illustrious George Washington first settled in Virginia 
in 1657.-^ 

Cornell's Neck was within the limits of Greater New York. 
After the death of Mr. Cornell, Thomas Pell set up a counter 
claim to the land, and litigation ensued between him and Sarah 
Bridges, in the course of which it appeared in evidence that 
Thomas Cornell had been at considerable charge in building, 
manuring and planting, that he was after several years driven 
off by the barbarous violence of the Indians, who burned his 

* Winthrop, II., 1 17. 

t Some of the Beginning of Westchester Co., by Ex-Gov. A. B. Cornell; 
Adam and Anil Mott, by Thimias C. Cornell. 

22 (j'cuecriogy of tJic Cornell Family. 

liouse and destroyed his cattle, that the widow Cornell, sole 
executrix of the hist will and testament of her husband 
(althoug-h neither the will nor a copy was produced), conveyed 
the land to Sarah Bridges and her sister. The litigation estab- 
lished the validity of the Cornell title and Sarah Bridges was 
put in possession of the land. A new patent was issued April 
15, 1667, for " Cornell's Neck," setting forth the fact that Thomas 
Cornell's interest devolved long since on Sarah Bridges, one of 
the daughters of Thomas Cornell, deceased, and that said 
Sarah had conveyed her interest by deed to William Willett, 
her eldest son, to whom the new patent was issued (see appen- 
dix). The history of this grant and of the litigation respecting- 
it is given at length with the documents in Bolton'' s History of 
WestcJiester Co. Thus we infer that after several years 
residence at "Cornell's Neck," perhaps nine years, Thomas 
Cornell was again driven by the Indians from his property in 
New Netherland, and returned to his homestead at Portsmouth, 
where he lived, and died, and was buried. For we find a 
record of him as serving on a coroner's jury in 1653, and in 
1654 Thomas Cornell was one of the commissioners of "ye 
foure-towns upon ye re-uniting of ye Colonic of Providence 
Plantations." He probably died the following year. 

An old memorandum made by Stephen B. Cornell of Ports- 
mouth about the beginning of the last century, and still 
preserved in the family, states that Thomas Cornell, by will 
dated Dec. 5, 165 1, gave to his wife Rebecca all his real estate; 
also that Rebecca, by will dated Sept. 2, 1664, gave to her son 
Thomas all her land lying on the west side of Rhode Island, 
and lying between the farms of Thomas Hazard and John 
Coggeshall. Neither of these wills is known to be now in 
existence, nor any copy of them. The records of the Society 
of Friends at Portsmouth, R. I., have numerous entries re- 
specting Thomas and Rebecca Cornell and their descendants. 

As some of the preceding statements with regard to 
Thomas' two residences in New Amsterdam have been ques- 
tioned, it has seemed best to give here a letter written by 
Roger Williams which may be considered authority and throw 
some light on the subject. 

Letter of Roger Williams to the General Court of Massa- 
chusetts, Oct. 5, "1654. Published recently in the Nezvport 
Daily N'ezus: 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 23 

" In one of Roger Williams* letters to the General Court of Massa- 
chusetts, Oct. 5, 1654, he says, referring to past events: 

' Not having liberty of taking ship in your jurisdiction I was forced to 
repair unto the Dutch, when mine eyes did see the first breaking forth of 
that Indian war, which the Dutch began, upon the slaughter of some Dutch 
by the Indians; and they questioned not to finish it in a few days, insomuch 
that the name of peace, which some offered to mediate, was foolish and 
odious to them. But before we weighed anchor their boundaries were 
flames. Dutch and English were slain. Mine eyes saw their flames at the 
town, and the flights and hurries of men, women and children, the present 
removal of all that could for Holland; and after vast expenses and mutual 
slaughter of Dutch, English and Indians about four years, the Dutch were 
forced, to save their plantations from ruin, to make up a most unworthy and 
dishonorable peace with the Indians.' 

It was in this war, in September, 1643, that Ann Hutchinson and 16 of 
her family were murdered by the Sewanoy Indians. Her daughter Susan, 
then eight years old, was carried into captivity, and four years afterwards 
was redeemed by the Dutch and returned to Rhode Island. The place 
where Mrs. Hutchinson was killed was long after known at Manhattan as 
' Ann Hook's Neck,' since known as Pelham Manor. Near by, at that time, 
there was a more numerous settlement of Rhode Islanders. John Throck- 
morton, who had been found worthy of excommunication with Roger Wil- 
liams from the Salem Church, and who had accompanied Williams to 
Providence, had obtained a grant of half a league of land at what is now 
known as ' Throg's Neck,' and he, with Thomas Cornell from Rhode Island, 
John Updike, afterwards changed to 'Opdyke,' and others, sought to estab- 
lish a colony in the same neighborhood, but they were driven off by the 
Indians and went to Long Island, from whence some of them, seeing Mrs, 
Hutchinson's house on fire, crossed over in a boat to make an effort for her 
rescue. They succeeded in rescuing some persons, not of the Hutchinson 
family, but at the expense of the lives of two of their number. Throck- 
morton returned to Rhode Island; Opdyke went to New Jersey; while 
Cornell remained in New York, and the descendants of each of these 
persons have among them names which have attained to an enviable 

1657, Dec. 10, Rebecca Cornell, widow, was granted 10 acres 
in lieu of 10 acres granted her husband. 1659, Rebecca Cor- 
nell deeded these 10 acres to her son and daughter Kent. 
1 66 1, April 30, Rebecca Cornell, widow and executrix of 
Thomas Cornell, sold Richard Hart for ^30, two parcels of 
land containing 8 acres with house, fruit trees, etc. Confirmed 
by her son Thomas, 1663. 1663, Oct. 25, Rebecca conveys to 
her son Joshua one-sixth of a share of land at Coshena and 
Acookset (part of Dartmouth) in Plymouth Jurisdiction. This 
he conveyed Nov. 21, 1664, to his brother Samuel; also 20 acres 
of land he bought of William Earle. July 27, she deeded to 

24 Gcnrnlogy of tJic Cornell Family. 

eldest son Thomas, all her housing, orchard, land and fencing 
in Portsmouth. At Jier death she held Thomas' bond for ^loo. 
1669, she conveys to son Samuel land in Dartmouth, one-sixth 
of a share* (see No. 10). 1773, Feb. 8, Friend's Records state 
" Rebecca Cornell, widow, was killed strangely at Portsmouth in 
her own dwelling house, was twice viewed by the Coroner's 
Inquest, digged up and buried again by her husband's grave 
in their own land." May 23, her son Thomas was charged with 
murder, and after a trial that now reads like a farce, was con- 
victed and executed. Among the witnesses of this trial were 
John Briggs (brother of Rebecca), Mar}^, wife of John Cornell 
(her son). Thomas, Stephen, Edward and John, sons of 
Thomas,'^ Rebecca Woolsey (her daughter), etc. It appears 
that the old lady having been sitting by the fire smoking a 
pipe, a coal had fallen from the fire or her pipe, and that she 
was burned to death. But on the strength of a vision which 
her brother John Briggs had, in which she appeared to him 
after her death and said: "See how I was burned with fire." 
It was inferred she was set fire to, and that her son who was 
last with her did it, and principally on this evidence Thomas 
Cornell was tried, convicted and hung for her murder. Durfee 
in his Legal Tracts of Rhode Island, comments on the strange- 
ness of this trial and the injustice of the execution. The 
writer of this remarked to a leading lawyer of Newport (who 
knows much of the history of Rhode Island), that there seemed 
very little evidence to convict this Thomas Cornell, the lawyer's 
answer was simply: "There was no evidence." (For further 
particulars concerning him, see Austin'' s Geneological Diction- 
ary of Rhode Island, Bolton's Westchester Co., History of the 
Mott Family, etc.) 

* It appears Rebecca had three-sixths {Yz) of a share; she conveyed to 
Samuel, one-sixth, to Joshua, one-sixth, and perhaps one-sixth to John who 
had lived in Dartmouth. Thomas she gave land in Portsmouth; Richard, 
her other son, had gone to Long Island 1656, and had probably received his 



Thomas,'' of Thomas,' 

d. May 23, 1673; m. (i) ; (2) Sarah Earle; she m. 

David Lake. Children:* 

By first wife: 

11 Thomas, b. 1657; d. about 17 14; m. Susannah 


12 Edward, d. 1708; m. Mary , of Long Island. 

13 Stephen, b. 1656, Portsmouth; admitted freeman, 

16SS; d. 1673, witness at his fathers trial; m. 
Hannah Moshier. 

14 John, m. Hannah Smith(?), of Hempstead. 
By second wife: 

15 Daughter. 

1 6 Daughter. 

17 Innocent, m. Richard Borden; he was b. Oct. 24, 

167 1 ; d. July 12, 1732; son of John and Mary 
(Earle) Borden; perhaps named as a protest 
against father's unjust execution. 

1655, March, 17, Portsmouth; he is called Thomas Cornell, 
Jr.. was chosen with three others to prize land and buildings of 
John Wood, deceased. 1657, Dec. 10, had a grant of 10 acres. 
1663, Aug. 24, He, eldest son of Thomas Cornell, confirmed a 
deed his mother had made two years previously to Richard 
Hart. 1664-72, several times Deputy to the General Assembly 
of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. 1670, May 4, he 
and three others appointed to audit colonies' accounts 167 1, 
June 7, his bill to Assembly for further encourageinent of a 
troop of horse was referred to next Assembly (and there is no 
further record of the bill); At the same meeting ordered that 
Thomas Cornell be desired to be a messenger from this court 
to carry a letter to the Governor of Plymouth, and that he be 
supplied with twenty shillings in silver by the treasurer, Mr. 
John Coggeshall, towards bearing his charge. 1672, April 2, 

* It appears from records that Thomas left four sons by ist wife, and 
three children (dau^jhters), by 2d wife. 

26 (7i'nrah\iiy ''/" ^^'^ ( or n ell Fa mil y. 

"Voted that some persons be employed by this Assembly to goe 
over to Narragansett and take a view of such places there or 
thereabouts that are fit for plantations and make inquirie of 
English and Indians who are the owners of, or who 'laie claime ' 
to such lands and signify unto them that the colony doeth intend 
such lands shall be improved by peoplinge the same, and that 
the personds doe make return of what they doe therein to the 
next General Assembly." On this committee Thomas Cornell 
was appointed for Portsmouth.* 1673, May 23, was executed. for 
the murder of his mother, concerning the injustice of this, and 
the lack of any proper evidence to convict him (see previous 
remarks concernmg the death of Rebecca). 1674, March 7, 
*' Ordered by the Assembly, whereas, Thomas Cornell of Ports- 
mouth, who was lately executed for murthering his mother, 
Mrs. Rebecca Cornell, whereupon according to law, this court 
of Tryalls have made seizure of his estate. This Assembly (in 
consideration of the matter, and for the supply of the wife 
and children of the said Thoinas), doe see cause to release the 
said seizure and empowere the council of the towne of Ports- 
mouth to take care and order that the estate of the said Thomas 
be soe secured and improved that just debts and other charges 
be first paid and discharged, and that then his wife and chil- 
dren be supplyed and relieved and to that end to order and 
appoint an executor or executors for the true performance 
thereof, and that this said Towne Council doe make a will 
according to law, divide the estate to this wife and children of 
the said Thomas." July 4, a writing was presented to the 
court of Plymouth by William Earle, of Dartmouth, which was 
by some termed the will of Thomas Cornell of Rhode Island, 
late deceased, in which is inentioned the disposal of some estate 
in our colony. The court deferred accepting it for the present 
and appointed William Earle, and John Cornell, brother of the 
deceased, to take care of the estate that it be not squandered. 
Oct. 29, the court ordered that such part of estate as deceased 
left in Plymouth colony, should be divided as follows: to widow 
and three children he had by her, one-half; to four eldest 
children of said Cornell, the other half, which they were to 
have in land, being sons. The right of widow Sarah for life, 
in the lands, was to be paid her out of the personal, if she 

* Records of the Colotiy of RJiode hlaiid, \'ol. 11., pp. 442, 486. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 27 

require it. Inventory, ^77, iQ-J"., 6r/., of real and personal 
estate in Darthmouth, viz.: 8 mares, 4 geldings, 2 two years, 
3 colts, 4 heifers, 4 steers, 5 yearlings, house and land, j[,A^i 
gun, pair of old wheels, scythe, pair of bandoleers, &c.* 1679, 
Jan. 4, differences having arisen between Thomas Cornell, 
eldest son of Thomas Cornell, deceased, and David Lake of 
Nunaquaquit (a neck in New Plymouth), now husband to 
Sarah, late widow to Thomas Cornell of Portsmouth, concern- 
ing right of dower belonging to said Sarah in estate of late 
husband, and more especially in farm said Thomas Cornell 
possesseth, the said differences being in a friendly manner 
compromised a full discharge is now given by said Lake except 
a bill of ^20. 

* An inventory of his estate in Portsmouth was made by John Albro and 
John Sanford, amounting to ^452.18.5. Inventory, 22 acres land, loo sheep, 
cattle, horses, &c. 



Sarah,* of Thomas,' 

m.* (i) Thomas Willett of Bristol, England, Sept. i, 1643, in 
New Amsterdam; d. about 1645; m. (2) Charles Bridges, 
Xov. 3, 1647 (corrupted into Carel Ver Brugge by the Dutch); 
he d. Aug. 5, 1682; m. (3) John Lawrence, Jr., eldest son of 
John and Susannah Lawrence; marriage license, Nov. 20, 
16S2; he was b. about 1644; d. about 1697. Children [Willeit): 

William, bap. June 27, 1644; d. 1701; unmarried. 

1 Gov. Kieft was one of the sponsors at his baptism. 

Thomas, bap. Nov. 26, 1645; m. Helena Stoothoff; 

d. 1722. 
Elizabeth(?), m. Robert Beachman.f 

The names of their children if any, are not known, but it is 
on record that "John Lawrence Esq., of his Majesty's Council 
having a son 7ion compos mentis married and has an estate at 
Jamaica in Queens Co., his wife lately deceased, is appointed 
guardian to his son's personal estate by Gov. Benjamin 
Fletcher, as late as 17 12, he was still living and insane." (See 
TJie Tliomas Book, by Rev. Lawrence B. Thomas, D. D.) 

1647, Aug. II, John Dolling one of her admirers, evidently 
not an acceptable one, was ordered by the local court "not to 
visit nor trouble Sarah Willett." This was about the time of 
her marriage to Charles Bridges. 1650, Sponsor for Samuel 
Woolsey, and 1662, for Elizabeth Cornell, daughter of Richard. '■' 
1664, Charles Bridges and Sarah, his wife, enter a complaint 
against William Newman and Thomas Senequam, an Indian. 
The case seems to have been decided in their favor, for on 
the 27 March, 1665, the constable of Westchester was required 
by Gov. Nicholls "to deliver unto Mr. Bridges and his wife or 

* The marriage record of the Dutch Church of New Amsterdam, the 
only church in the city in 1643, translated into English, reads: "On the ist 
day of September, 1643, were married Thomas Willett, previously unmarried, 
of Bristol, England, and Sarah Cornell, not before married, of Essex, Eng- 
land. (See History of the Mott Family, by Thomas C. Cornell.) 

■f In 1668, Sarah Bridges and Richard Cornell, executors of Beachman, 
who may have married Elizabeth, daughter of Sarah. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Fauiily. 29 

their assigns, the g-oods that lye attached in your hands as of 
right belonging- to them." 1665, they sue Thomas Pell of 
Onkway, Conn., who laid claim to Cornell's Xeck, on the 
ground that the land was under the government of Connecti- 
cut, that the Dutch occupation was never legal, and that he had 
bought the land of the natives in 1654, and paid for it. The 
case was decided in their favor, viz.: "that the land in question 
doeth of right belong to the plaintiff and that the defendant 
shall pay the costs and charges of suit, and six pence damage." 
Sarah Cornell alias Bridges, conveyed her interest to William 
Willett her eldest son, who obtains a patent therefore April 
15, 1667, from Gov. Richard Nicholls* (see Appendix.) From 
this lawsuit it appeared a grant and patent from the Dutch 
Governor Kieft to Thomas Cornell, deceased, fathei of Sarah, 
was produced and read in court; that Thomas Cornell was 
in lawful possession of this estate for some years; that he 
was at considerable charges in building and other improve- 
ments; that he was driven off his lands by the barbarous viol- 
ence of the Indians who burned his house and goods and 
destroyed his cattle; that Thomas Cornell's widow was left 
sole executrix of her deceased husband's last will and testa- 
ment, and so had power to convey the premises. Neither the 
will nor a copy of it was produced, but it was allowed as there 
were no exceptions made against it; that widow Cornell had 
conveved the said neck of land to Sarah Bridges and her sister; 
that there was likewise an act from the Dutch Gov. Stuyves- 
ant produced, where he buys the same lands of the Indians 
again (although alleged to be bought long before), and con- 
firms it to Thomas Cornell. f 1668, Sarah Bridges and Richard 
Cornell executors of Beachman, who may have married Eliza- 
beth a daughter of Sarah. 1673, Sarah and Rebecca make 
their brother Richard, attorney, to collect moneys under their 
mother's will. 1682, Charles and Sarah Bridges' joint will 
proved as to Charles, Aug. 28, to our son Thomas Willett, half 
of certain lands; John Lawrence witness on probate. f 

It may be well to mention here, that Cornell's Xeck, which 
was a grant to Thomas' from Gov. Kieft, July 21, 1646. was 

* Albany Book of Patents, Vol. II., p. 65. 
f See Bolton's History of Westchester Co. 
X See ^fott Family. 

3© (irnctilogv of tJic Cornell Faiinly. 

occupied for a number of years by him, but that being driven 
away by the Indians he returned to Portsmouth, Rhode Island, 
where he had a grant from that town of over one hundred 
acres. Feb. 4, 1646, and here he lived and died and was hurried 
in the family cemetery as before mentioned. He seems to 
have left all his landed estate to his wife, Rebecca. She gave 
Cornell's Neck to her daughters, Sarah and Rebecca, and the 
latter conveyed her interest in it to her sister, Sarah, who thus 
became the second whole owner of the property. She seems 
never to have occupied the place, but have preferred the 
security of city life in New Amsterdam, and Flushing was 
probably the summer residence of her first husband, Thomas 
Willett, also of her third husband, John Lawrence. After the 
law suit she conveyed Cornell's Neck to her eldest son, William 
Willett, who occupied this place, but died unmarried; his 
nephew. Col. Thomas Willett, was his successor as owner of 
the estate. The Willetts were a family of considerable prom- 
inence in the early history of the colony and filled many 
political and military offices. Cornell's Neck remained in the 
possession of the Willett family for over one hundred years. 
It was however afterwards divided, and in the absence of male 
heirs, passed out of the family and Cornell's Neck is now 
owned by the families of Ludlow and Beach, some Roman 
Catholic institutions, and others. 

Charles Bridges (Sarah Cornell's second husband), was 
English Secretary for the Province under Gov. Stuyvesant, in 
1652; was in the Governor's council. Military Commissary, in 
1660; patentee of Flushing and of Gravesend; lived in Pearl 
Street, New York; estate ^400. {N. Y. Genealogical Record 
and Mott Family History.) 

His wife carried on a small trade in merchandise adjoining 
the City Hall, Wall Street, head of Broad; and had a house on 
State Street. 



Rebecca," of Thomas,' 
buried Feb. 5, 17 13, aged 91 {Onderdonck's Mss. says aged 93); 
m. Dec. 9, 1647, in New Amsterdam, George Woolsey of 
Bristol, England; he was b. Oct. 27, 1610; d. Aug. 17, 1698; 
son of Rev. Benjamin Woolsey of Yarmouth, England. 
Children ( Woolsey) : 

Sarah, bap. Aug. 7, 1650; m. William Hallett of 
Newtown, L. I. 

Captain George, bap. Oct. 10, 1652, in New Am- 
sterdam; d. Jan. 19, 1740; m. Hannah . 

When twelve years old he moved with his father 
to Jamaica, L. I., and there spent his early life 
under the Duke of York and the long line of 
English Governors. He won the title of captain 
in the Queens County Militia, and kept it 
through life. His name often occurs in the 
town records in ways that show he was of 
ability and consequence. He spent the closing 
years of his life with his son Rev. Benjamin 
Woolsey, a congregational minister, who lived 
at Dosoris, and there he was buried in the family 
cemetery on the place, being the first one of the 
many Woolseys there laid at rest. He was 
the great-great-great-gTandfather of President 
Woolsey of Yale College. 

Thomas, m. Ruth ; moved to Bedford, 

Westchester Co., N. Y. 

Rebecca, bap. Jan. 16, 1661; m. Wiggins. 

John, bap. Jan. 16, 1661; m. Abigail . 

Mary, bap. March 9, 1664. 

William, bap. June 30, 1678, "of reasonable age." 

Her mother conveyed to her and her sister Sarah, Cornell's 

1651, she was sponsor for Adam Mott, and 16O2, her husband 
was sponsor for Elizabeth, daughter of Richard." 1673, witness 


3:; (TCfiealogy of the Coryiell lunDiily. 

on trial of her brother Thomas,' was marked b}'- small-pox; 
same day gave brother Riehard power of attorney to collect 
legacies under her mother's will. 

George Woolsey came from England to America 1623-4, as 
a boy of 13; was a partner of Isaac Allerton of Plymouth, and 
apparently his representative in New York; was Town Clerk 
of Jamaica, L. I. His descendants are numerous, some of 
them have become distinguished not only in the army and 
navy, but also as prominent divines. Theodore Dwight Wool- 
sey, descendant of Rebecca in the fifth generation, was 
president of Yale College for a quarter of a century, 1 846-1 871. 

The name is written Wolsy, Wolsi, Wiltsie, Wiltze, Wollsey 
{Austin s Genealogical Dictionary, Adam atid Anne Mott De- 
scendants, Family Record). 


Richard. See page 143. 


John. See page 267. 



Elizabeth,* of Thomas," 
m. Christopher Almy of Portsmouth, R. I., son of William ' 

and Andry , July 9, 1661; d. 1708; he was b, 1632; d. 

Jan. 30, 1 7 13. Children {Almy): 

Sarah, b. April 7, 1662; d. 1708; m. (i) Richard 

Cadman; (2) Jonathan Merehew or Mayhew. 
Elizabeth, b. Sept. 29, 1663; d. 1712; m. (i) John 

Morris; (2) John Leonard. 
William, b. Oct. 27, 1665; d. July 6, 1747; m. (i) 

Deborah Cook; (2) Hope Borden. 
Ann, b. Nov. 29, 1667; m. (i) Richard Durfee; (2) 

Benjamin Jefferson. 
Christopher, b. Dec. 29, 1669; m. (i) April 16, 1690, 

Joanna Slocum; (2) Mary . 

Rebecca, b. Jan. 26, 167 1; d. 1708; m. April 28, 

1692, John Townsend. 
John, b. April, 1673; d. 1673. 

1667, Christopher Almy and several others bought lands of 
the Indians at Monmouth, N. J., where he lived several years 
and returned to Rhode Island before 1680. 1680, March 5, he 
and several others bought Pocasset (Tiverton) lands for ^1,100, 
he having 3^4: shares out of 30 shares; the purchase was made 
of Gov. Josiah Winslow, etc. 1690, he was deputy, also 
Assistant (or Colonial Senator). Feb. 27, he was elected gover- 
nor, but refused to serve for reasons satisfactory to Assembly 
(this was the first election for governor since the deposition of 
Andros). 1693, Aug. 24, was sent from Rhode Island to Eng- 
land to present their grievances to Queen Mar\^, and on Oct. 28, 
same year, the Assembly allowed him ^135, loj-., ^d for his 
expenses in England. 

Will dated 1708, Sept. 4; codicil, 171 1, Sept. 17; proved, 
1 7 13, Feb. 9; executor, son (or grandson probably) Job. Men- 
tions surviving children and grandchildren, one of whom gets 
loj. for a bible; some get ;£io, others ^20, and others ^40. 
His wife Elizabeth is left negro man Cumbo, and woman 

34 Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 

Margaret for life, and one year after wife's death said negroes 
to be free, and then to have a bed, cow, and use of 20 acres 
in Pocasset for their lives. To wife two cows, horses, and best 
feather bed, and to her for life the housing and land in Rhode 
Island, half the fruit of orchard, and all household goods. 
(For further particulars see Austin'' s Genealogical Dictionary of 
Rhode Island, from which most of the above is taken.) 


Samuel. See page 353. 






Thomas,' of Thomas' (2), Thomas,' 
b. 1653; d. Oct. 14, 1714, aged 61; m. Susannah Lawton. 

18 Thomas, b. Nov. 30, 1674; d. 18.4, 1728, aged 53 

years, 6 months, 18 days; m. Martha Freeborn. 

19 George, b. 1676; d. 11.3, 1752, aged 76, at Newport; 

m. (i) Philadelphia Eastes (or Eustis); (2) De- 
liverance Clark; (3) Abigal Sisson. 

20 Elizabeth, b. 1690; d. Feb. 19, 1750; m. (supposed) 

Samuel Cranston.* 

1673, witness at his father's trial. 1678, March 24, Thomas 
of Portsmouth conveys to George Lawton land in Dartmouth. 
1679, settled with Lake his mother's dower. 1681, Thomas, 
eldest brother of Edward of Hempstead, conveys deed to 
Gatchell. 1683, May 2, at the General Assembly held for the 
Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations at New- 
port (Major Peleg Sanford, governor), Thomas Cornell was 
Deputy from Portsmouth. 1687, Dec. 13, " At a General Quarter 
Sessions and Inferior Court of Common Pleas holden in his 
majesty's name at Newport, R. I., King's Province, etc., 
Thomas Cornell and four others refused to take the oath in 
court when called thereto, all being returned by the sheriff to 
serve on the grand jury, fined 6 shillings and 8 pence." 1688, 
Thomas and wife, Susannah, convey to R. Cadman (who m. 
Sarah Almy, daughter of Christopher, No. 9), land in Dart- 
mouth joining Samuel and Stephen Cornell. Samuel of 
Dartmouth, and "my cousin (nephew) Thomas of Rhode Island," 
settled boundry disputes. 1696, Thomas and Susannah con- 
vey to son George "two parsells of land" in Portsmouth, one 
being 28 acres called the Surkit, or Circuit, the other 12 acres 
joining the ocean. May 5, at the General Assembly for the 
Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, held at 
Newport (Mr. Walter Clark, governor), Thomas Cornell, Jr., 
admitted freeman of the colony by vote of the Assembly.* 

* Records of the Colony of Rhode Island, Vol. III., p. 121, 311. 

;^C) (^ciwafogy of tJic Cornell IudhUv. 

1699, Samuel of Dartmouth, will, appoints executors Thomas 
Cornell of Portsmouth, and " my cousin George Cadman of 
Dartmouth.'" 1704, May 2, at the General Assembly held for 
the Colony of Rhode Island, etc. (Major Samuel Cranston, 
o-overnor), "Mr. Thomas Cornehill, Jr.," was Deputy. 1704, 
March 5, gives deed to Thomas Olney and others for T^d acres 
on or near Linten's Plaine in the precincts of Newport. The 
original deed was one of the records of Newport which was 
sunk in Hellgate, a copy of it is here given. 1705, May 2, 
at a General Assembly and election held at Newport (Samuel 
Cranston, governor), Thomas Cornell, Jr., was chosen justice- 
of-the-peace for Portsmouth.* 1706, May, at the General 
Assembly for the Colony of Rhode Island, etc. (Col. Samuel 
Cranston, governor), Thomas Cornell, Jr., was Assistant. f 
1726, Governor Thomas Cranston's will gives to two sons of 
my deceased son Samuel, viz.: Samuel and Thomas, 300 acres 
in East Greenwich. They having had estate bequeathed to 
them by their grandfather Thomas Cornell. 


Stephen,' of Thomas^ (2), Thomas,' 

b. 1686; m. Hannah Mosher.J Children: . 

21 William, d. 1755; m. Mehitable Fish. 

22 Stephen, d. about 1765; m. Ruth Pierce, June 10, 


23 Edward (supposed son), d. 1754; m. Susannah 


24 John (supposed son), d. 1762; m. Sarah Sherman, 

April 17, 1774. 

25 Richard (supposed son), b. Jan. 28, 1701-2; d. 1761; 

m. Content Brownell, May 11, 1732. 

26 Elizabeth, m. (i) Richard' Sisson, son of Geo." 

Sisson, Richard;' (2) Peleg Tripp, 1.2, 1712. 

* Records of the Colony of Rhode Island, Vol. III., p. 523. 

t Colonial Senators were so called till 1842. 

X See deed of Hugh Mosher, 1707, to his daughter Hannah Cornell, 
wife of Stephen Cornell {Proprietory Records of Dartmouth, Mass.). This 
was the Hugh Mosher who m. Rebecca Handel. In a deed dated May 28, 
1713, to his daughter Rebecca, wife of John Kirby of Dartmouth, giving the 
latter land "joining that of my daughter Hannah Cornell." 

Otji i>f iMir LOKP one ihuuf.iiMl ffVfii I 'if. I nii.t four >.r fiKr..mi<n.lA, Conu iT.f AVwport in ttir OM/tflf. 

iifV'lii~lrlllii»l and H-oiiilciur ' ", .Mcitliam ?^iiActU CJrrctiiio. Know vec d.-i I >(.'• UilfltMaa* 

-■ Coniclt fur aiiJ m tui»lijlcr«tioii of iwrniy >"'*" ■"»• "^ of l-»<4 ti*>ti«y jftiiiiU of 'tiri/nii fi(vi : riio<i«y «(„ 
ficwcnvl*Md unn. mc wcftvna tnilv J<l.v«J<l l.^nio.H^ Oli.n, ..r n..n.|f.Rr f.i t»v CoHmiy »f..rrjji.( a..^ Mr«rvT~ 
«nd Witiiim Wetdcu b..rti of »alJ ^lr«.lH.rl and Colloiiy nf.orfiid ycnHjit* dn;; lj<-niv»»><- AJiiyuri, ../VViMuMi Vfcfjrai, 
r>iillic S'">il. a.ul ■* B Jily «vh.>l. wrrr ilir I Ur. mi>.-» ^.t ilic I jU Will an.nrllu.i.cut «t ni' Win CUri .rf Wor 
;|nirf HI Ac CAIon^ aJuirjai<lT1iVii.i.iii .lorjlr.l .Dr jiiiiq dale ilir twriitirlh Jay ui Apt'ill ifc^fc.fli' r^rriji vn4wctijCI^ 

■^^^fc,~.>y. ^L.^-^y. ^1^1 th^crf M^ rfirn lyOii .1.. ioyiif i .t fHfr n. I.r fi.lli uiiiT.r.l ..,„,r„ir,l I'.j , .1 t, .- •- < 

do'tiiUy..l(ar(u anJ - abfolmlv or.ini. ili.-ii .intcotf .h^hMuu ,«>rcKAn« a>irt io"<<<>"<' ""'" ♦*" fiilTWamj* Ol»»^- 
ilciiry'lcw anJ Waii.1.11 WcctJcii^aiid thtir Sntifjjon Mul ajiiona for evtr thntv JiV .i.rr* nf tniid Ix <f mo»i.or. 
be it"H: "" »"•* "far aplatc. callnl Ijnlrni pl.linf -u itif\rr(iii<tJ nf /.iifl N'»wf«.rt an<l C.lli.i.v af<>rcj»H •«•"» 
sftJKaJlcHv fni .1 hrahway.^iiltirrly iiu\ f.irt Wfjlfrly on l.-inh in l(if y^'ficfiii'ii u{ l,,hM Tirrrn .Wflfcrfi' an-i wirf : 

/forrtlfl-li'on Laiul ni llit jiuircfffoii of ClfH.cnr Pr.kfiaiii. NlulKttly y.ntly 01. l-tni.l 1 r pyjic/noii ^ Wlli^a. tjA-. 

~-J» »*f»»«fc. -~. - '•- '•T.m.Tii-ri' VI''- .111 j.iH hiionl.-ii 'Kii)!!!*. Ijl>""«.1*"''l'-'lj;" i.iH /\pj.iiririi.ui.f*-«liJt<»'r 1 . - 

' "tht •»|J paricU o/^Laud Iwt^.yfirrr nr .•■■ any waief a^frnaMnrii' i'l'u liak'c .'iiiJ ici lioM li.c sjiH jjirirll u/ l.a-i.l !•• - 
diid fnioulor th< prcini/sci abuvt by rhf^ pre Icnti orAiitctJ uii lu thf ni ilu/.iid 'Piomai Olnry Hriiry 'fVw an 1 tVll • 

S|K'r rJfn.mdr Siiu^mz on J af.ignci few c>n . to the i.nlj,- fni'- ■' • nil br/n^iir at 'li ... -hf t-iiWrh ,, 'Ti.,-. Hm.jT^w ..d 

~*%hJliaiii WcrdcM aiiJ thrirSi«casor»»n<f ajimiK* loi-ever^Tnili/iilK- i<. dijfnlur' n,J .li/(i«i/- ;'i»n 'fVuti'i ir..-..J,,u, 'j. «." . 
^^^I^Hu Wilt. And I the [aldTTiniiiiu O.uirtI n.i mr iny Mr^'T^'mn>r> imI ^i*TTtiliillinf<Tr"rri'vrf h» MUroS^ "^f^""^'-'*' 
.ii-d»»M|, ilifCaldTfiomas Oliiey HniivXtw aiid IVillia«i Wcdcii tm.I dicu Suuc^ and aCigiK- J..i cvci.iln.i 1 1... Ui«-faJl. 
'/iht said Land .niJ all and finuiilar ihr prrmijin abix;» h^ htfr. prri'dits nianted.and rtiat ilic {aid Land .xr. i cvct\ pi'l ... 1 _ 
par<rll riicrcuf now U.and at aU times hacaftei jhaU be and rcmaine uuio ilic /aul'Womai Otnei HcnuTcw a,,A Wil -m - 
H'ccdeii and (iictr SmeJMHVftnd a^ionc^ deatdy acqniilc J "t^toncTatcd and difihaiocd u(an<l irum allminiier ot torinei .-i luKc' 

tui"painCi.Salo.oifo.urant5,ledrcs.itfr,riire»jlu«eii or thirds Ibnts. daiU'e^ Ull<a. truuL^. 'i.uiiibranic-'. ind .11-. frcxa all Aamaiy^B-^ ' 

iJiiei train aiiv other pertm ■ pcrf..ii3.h3d.iii . l-.fuiftrrd nr A nc. or to lie harl iin ^ iVifcrrJ urdnn- hin rhT ly.r iaidTKowi-.d-^ j 
^^^^^aiM.jaAAUlltiUuJikim J'ld Jirir?ittf4^c;-i aiij T | i guo and e\rr\ ..uKcui ihaU and may at all wmfs hereafter . i - ! 

; 1 1 lu tfi th-tr-rr nilf ,it «»«i<l iHCAiiiiiu ol ihcie frrJiya> cfui^v *t.-i prJT .tUi, t ia »! , > ujtj . uti- . • ; .»> «i i i iin ii ij ig . : .. jT^ i ■- 

dnr? all and niu.uUr lK<- ycrnnfses hereby V rallied %virf»ont.'ii"iy l.awflill Itlt . tK'iiIti' .Vii'nH'tuii'r. T ni .ledait'.T, ,f me ih- T.M 
Tlliiiiiai He'ircs. or any oilier petfi.ii onKi<oiivclaiiiiiiio bv from m inuler nie.liy anv u-av ..1 m^aivs wlutf>j>tT 
^lld \ the faiJTKoinai Cornell die faid laiul and every part ai-.j'pariell ihctcf. and all and linoi.fai- tile vjieinific^ ■1' 
' bv tliefe f te/enti baroaiiicd and eji Kanoed nnto ihrin iWJaidTlujnias OIiic^ Henrx'ltn and VVilIijin VVr<:dtn and 1!;'. • - 
* SSuoy^po and ajiumo /or ever, ao3!^ft^ne ..ny Hcir.i a.-.d ajsionei U.r ever and to all iiilents and yurvo.c as af^rc /.. .J 
! »nll Warrant and^or ever drfcud'ij. tlicse. j-rcjeiiti: In iVitnct whereof 1 have hcreiiiilo fett my Hand and Stale the _ 
' ilay and >(far atovr vvrittrn . ' .- 

Signed ^scalcil and - ' 

IVRvcrcd 111 J. prrfciice, ^ --^^t-vs-^u^^- , - 



Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 37 

27 James, m. Abigal Tripp,* 9 mo./2o, 1784. 

1673, Witness at the trial of his father Thomas.^ 1686, free- 
man. 1688, grand juror, Portsmouth. 17 16, Stephen and wife 
Hannah to son William, and in 1755 William to son Caleb, deed 
of the former homestead of his father, Stephen, deceased, in 
Dartmouth. 1723, John Cornell buys from William Cornell 
land in Dartmouth. 1726, division, and 1724 William and John 
Cornell, C. Gifford and J. Duval, division. These three deeds 
suggest that William and John were brothers; Gilford and Duval 
were brothers-in-law, and that their father had died. In that 
case Stephen had two daughters not found. Stephen Cornell 
witness of Mial Pierce's will, dated 1764, was his brother-in-law. 
The will of Samuel (10), date 1699, names three children only, 
but it was not proved till 17 15, in which interval he may have 
married again and had other children, and some authorities 
place this Stephen as son of Samuel. But I find no records 
warranting me to place Stephen otherwise than son of Thomas.^ 


John,' of Thomas'^ (2), Thomas,' 
m. Hannah .f Children: 

28 John, m. (probably) Elizabeth Wiltzie; b. about 1690. 

29 Elizabeth, m. Joseph Dean of Jamaica, June 21, 17 11. 

Joseph Dean m. Patience Oakly, June 21, 17 17. 

30 William. 

31 Edward, b. about 1695; d. 1782. 

1673, witness in his father's trial. 1680, among the rate 
payers of Hempstead were John Cornwell, 50 acres, ^40, and 
Edward Cornwell, ^60. 1684, Hannah, wife of John Cornwell, 
sued by Winefred Thorne for defamation of character, non 

* James Cornell, son of Stephen and Hannah, his wife, of Dartmouth, 
in the Co. of Bristol in ye Province of Massachusetts Bay, in New England, 
and Abigal Tripp, daughter of Joseph Tripp and Elizabeth, his wife, of 
Dartmouth, m. 20 day, 9 mo., 1784 {Quaker Records). 

t Census Queens Co., 1698, John Cornwell, (wife) Hannah. Children: 
John, Elizabeth, William, Edward. Jeremiah Smith's will, 1725, names his 
eldest daughter Hannah, who d. leaving daughters Elizabeth and Ann, also 
his second daughter Elizabeth Cornell, who had daughters Elizabeth and 
Hannah. It does not clearly appear who these were, for it is hardly prob- 
able that the father of John Cornell's wife was living in 1725 (see Thomas,^ 
Thomas,'' Thomas,^ Richard,'^ Thomas,' also No. 28.) 

38 (ii'uralogy of tJw Cor mil Juii/iily. 

suit. 16S9, Richard Cornell of Rockaway, and wife Elizabeth, 
convev to "John Cornell, our cousin (nephew), living in Suc- 
cess," 50 acres near Success; part east on road from Hempstead 
g-reat plains — supposed land of his (John's) brother, Edward. 
1 70 1, he buys from Daniel Whitehead 60 acres east of the 
path from Hempstead to Madnams (Great) Neck. 1705, survey 
of 100 acres soiith of the plains for John of Success. 1715-26, 
John Corn well, vestryman of St. George's Church, Hempstead, 
also John Corn well, Jr. 1738-42, John and John, Jr., petition 
for charter of the church. (This is doubtful, as the family of 
this John does not much figure in the church records.) 


Thom.\s,' of Thomas' (11), Thomas,^ Thomas,' 

b. Nov. 30, 1674; d. 18.4, 1728, age 53 years, 6 months, 18 
days; m. Martha Freeborn, daughter of Gideon and Sarah 
(Brownell); b. Aug. 8, 1671; d. Nov. 15, 1748. Children: 

32 Thomas, b. 3.2, 1697-8; d. 25.8, 17 13. 
T^T, Susannah, b. 22.5, 1702; m. John Bennett of 
Jonathan, Feb. 6, 1722. 

34 Gideon, b. 2.1, 1704-5; d. 12.1, 1705. 

35 William, b. 26.5, 1705; m. Hannah Thurston, July 

18, 1723. 

36 George, b. Dec. 11, 1707; m. Elizabeth Thurston, 

Jan. 16, 1728. 

37 Gideon, b. July 5, 1710; d. 1766; m. Rebecca 

Vaughan, Feb. 22, 1732. 

38 Sarah, b. 20.12, 1712-3; d. 16.8, 1722. 

17 15, overseer of will of father-in-law. 1715-27, Deputy to 
General Assembly of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. 
He left a considerable estate in the island of Jamaica to his son 
Gideon, also 15,000 Spanish mill dollars. Will of wife Martha, 
dated 23.2, 1748, on original Portsmouth records, names sons 
William, George, Gideon; daughters Hannah, wife of William, 
Elizabeth, wife of son George; granddaughters, Elizabeth 
Scott, Hannah Cornell, Abigal Cornell, Elizabeth Cornell; 
grandsons Thomas Cornell, son of William, William, son of 
William, Walter, Thomas, son of George, Latham, Gideon, 
Edward, r^Iatthew; great-great-granddaughters, Susannah Cor- 
nell, Susannah Scott, Sarah Cornell daughter of Thomas, son 
of son William. Sons William and Gideon were executors. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 39 


George,' of Thomas' (11), Thomas,^ Thomas,' 
b. 1676; d. 1 1.3, 1752, age about 76, at Newport; m. (i) Phila- 
delphia Eastis (or Eustis), of Salem, Mass., 19. i, 1695-6; m. 
(2) Deliverance Clark, daughter of Gov. Walter' Clark 
and Hannah (Scott), (Jeremy' Clark), 18. 11, 1669, at Friends' 
meeting, Newport; she was b. Jan. 14, 1678; d. Oct. 8, 1732, 
age about 54; m. (3) Abigal Sisson, daughter of John, both 
of Portsmouth, at the house of said George in Portsmouth, 
March. 8, 1733. Child'ren: 

By first wife: 

39 Ruth, b. 12.12, 1697; m. Joseph Brownell, Jan. 5, 


By second wife: 

40 Walter, b. 24.10, 1700; d. July 4, 1777; m. Mary 

Nicholls, 19.2, 1726. 

41 Philadelphia, b. 23.9, 1702; m. Thomas Cook, May 

30, 1722. 

42 George, b. May 25, 1705, at his father's house in 

Portsmouth; d. 1781; m. Rebeca Hicks, March 18, 


43 Thomas, b. 6.7, 1707; m. Dinah . 

44 Richard, b. June 14, 1709; m. Mary Martin, Dec. 

10, 1730. 

45 Job, b. 6.12, 1 7 10. 

46 Susannah, b. 21.3, 17 12; m. William Brightman, 

Dec. 21, 1738. 

47 Sarah, b. 20.11, 1712-3. 

48 Clark, b. July 23, 17 14; m. Priscilla Lawton, Oct. 2, 


49 Joseph, b. 19. 1, 1716; d. Sept. 12, 1732. 

50 Benjamin, b. 28.4, 1720; d. Sept. 24, 1732. 

By third wife: 

51 Benjamin, b. Dec. 15, 1733; m. Elizabeth Bennett, 

Feb. 2, 1754. 

52 Deliverance, b. Jan. 25, 1738; d. May 21, 1740.* 

* Buried in the Cornell burial ground, and hers is the oldest legible 
monument there. 

4© Ge7iealogy of tJic Corjicll Faviily. 

53 Sarah, b. June 7, 1742; m. John Manchester, July 

22, 1770. 

54 Job, b. Feb. 28, 1747-8. 

Among" the witnesses at the marriage of George and 
Deliverance were: Thomas Corn well, Susannah Corn well, 
^lartha Corn well, and Elizabeth Corn well. 

1696, April 9, Thomas (11) and Susannah, convey to son 
George, two parcels of land. May 5, admitted freeman of the 
colony, by vote of the Assembly. 1707-17 16, many times 
Assistant in the Colony of Rhode 'Island and Providence 
Plantations. 1 709-1 731, many times Deputy for Portsmouth to 
the Assembly of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. 
1 7 15, July 5, George and Deliverance to Loan Commissioners, 
mortgage of ;!^5,ooo, land bounded north and east by Wading 
River, east by Capt. George Lawton, south by highway, west 
by said George Cornell. 17 19, bond of Tucker to him, ^337.10. 
1752, May 29, administration granted to Abigal and Walter 
Cornell. 1753, March 30, Abigal, wife of George, conveys to 
Walter of Portsmouth, and his brother George of Middletown, 
and Clark Cornell, all her dower in estate of her late husband 
George, for ^4,000. 1754, March 26, Abigal Cornell to Walter 
Cornell of Portsmouth, about 60 acres of land in Portsmouth, 
for ^^6,000 colonial money, bounded westerly by land of Samuel 
Albro, north partly by a highway and partly by land of Francis 
Brayton, east by a small lot containing i^ acres, half which 
was laid out to the farm called circuit, and south by land of 
Abraham Anthony, and also the said lot or piece of land 
situate and lying in Portsmouth aforesaid, containing by esti- 
mation, i)4 acres. 


Elizabeth,^ of Thomas' (11), Thomas,* Thomas,' 
b. 1699; d. Feb. 19, 1750; m. at Jamestown, R. I., (supposed) 
Samuel^ Cranston,* of Samuel* and Mary (Hart), John.' 
Children {Cranston): 

Charles, b. Jan. 17, 1708. 
Thomas, b. Oct. 20, 17 10. 
Mary, b. Jan. 20, 17 12. 
Elizabeth, b. Jan. 17, 17 14. 

* See Rhode Is/and Vital Statistic Records. 

Genealogy of tJie Cornell Family. 41 


William,* of Stephen' (13), Thomas,'' Thomas,' 

d. 1775; m. Mehitable Fish, daughter of Thomas Fish; she 
was b. July 22, 1684. Children: 

55 Benjamin, b. Nov. 13, 17 11; d. 1764; m. vSarah . 

56 George, b. Dec. 25, 1713; may possibly have m. 

Mary Eddy and have been the father of Eben- 
ezer, who m. Peace Macomber. 

57 Caleb, b. March 24, 1716; m. Dele Gifford; d. 1756. 

58 Rebecca, b. March 9, 17 18; m, Recompence* Kirby 

(son of Robert,' Richard, Jr.," Richard'), 12.16, 

59 Joseph, b. Dec. 8, 1720; d. about 1801; m. (i) 

Deborah Allen, 4.29, 1743; (2) Mary . 

60 Daniel, b. Sept. 17, 1727; d. 30.5, 1799; n^- Eliza- 

beth Allen, 5.10, 1744. 

61 Alse or Alice, b. March 14, 1726; d. 181 1; m. Peleg 

Gifford, Feb. 19, 1740; he was b. Dec. i, 1719, 
son of Jeremiah and Mary Gifford of Dartmouth, 

62 Mary, b. June 8, 1728; m. Isaac Gifford (brother to 

Peleg Gifford); he d. 181 2, and with his wife is 
buried in Friends' yard, Acookset. 

1723, William and John Cornell, division. 1724, William 
and John Cornell, Gifford and J. Duval, division. 1726, Wil- 
liam and John Cornell, division. 1728, William and John 
Cornell to Tripp. 1732, William to Tripp — William to James. 
1742, William to Wilbour. 1747, William to son Benjamin; to 
son Joseph. 1755, William to son Caleb deed of the homestead 
farm of his father Stephen (Dartmouth). 1773, Thomas Fish, 
Dartmouth, will April 4, 1773, gives to daughter Mehitabel 
Cornell, wife of William, ^^20. 


Stephen,' of Stephen ' (13), Thomas,' Thomas,' 

d. about 1765; m. Ruth Pierce, of Swansea, daughter of 
John' and Patience, (Ephraim', Michel') Pierce, June 18, 1719. 

42 Genealogy of tJie Cornell Faviily. 

63 Israel, b. about 1720; d. about 1785; m. Susannah 

Baker, Nov. 27, 1742. 

64 Elisha, b. 1722; d. about 1806, age 84; m. (i) 

Hannah Baker, Feb. 21, 1743-4; m. (2) Betty- 
Lewis; m. (3) Abigail Lewis, Nov. 9, 1766; m. 
(4) Martha Baker, Oct. 29, 1775; "i- (S) Patience 
Reynolds, Aug. 3, 1785. 

65 Stephen, b. about 1730; d. about 1804 (will); m. 

Sarah Buffington, Nov. 14, 1751. 

66 Gideon, b. Oct. 25, 1728; d. Dec. 25, 1817; m. 

Hepzibah Lewis, July 18, 1757. 

67 Elijah, m. Sarah Miller, Dec. 4, 1769. 

68 Ruth (twin of above). 

69 Mary, m. June 19, 1746, James* Mason (Elisha,* 

Pelatiah,^ Sampson'); d. Nov. i, 1772, age 48. 

1750, John Pierce will Swansea, names daughter Ruth in 
will. 1753, Stephen of Swansea to Wassen. 1759, Stephen, Jr., 
of Swansea to Lee. 1783, Gideon and Elisha of Swansea to 
Lewis. 1794, Stephen to Gideon. 1767, Oct. 27, Stephen of 
Swansea, will dated; proved April 25, 1768; children as above: 
grand-children, Joseph Cornell and Penelope Cornell; executor, 
son Elijah; gives 6 square rods southeast corner of his home- 
stead farm for burying place for his children and grand- 
children, and their heirs forever. 1739, Stephen of Swansea 
to Jane Chase wndow. 1791, Ezra Cornell, yeoman, Benjamin 
Chase and wife Sarah of Swansea to Pierce, £,^0,^ deed one- 
third of six acres at Somerset, being land bequeathed by 
Elder John Pierce to his three daughters, Ruth, Jael and 


Edward,* supposed son of Stephen' (13), Thomas,* Thomas,* 
d. 1754; m. Susannah Wilcox; she m. 2d Thomas Cook,* Aug. 
5, 1729. Children: 

70 Walter, b. Oct. 29, 1730; m. Ruth, daughter of 

Jedediah and Kesiah Wood, 3.6, 1755. 

71 Daniel, deeds 1774-1792. 

72 David, deeds 1780-96. 

* Thomas Cook m. 10.5, 1756, of Tiverton, R. I., Susannah Wilcox. 
-See Friend's Records. 

Genealogy of tJic Cornell Family. 43 

He and his family were Quakers.* 1736, Edward and wife 
Susannah, and Elizabeth Huddleston, widow of William, to his 
brother Stephen Wilcox. 1737, Gardian of John Wilcox, son of 
Stephen, 14 years of age.f 1742, Edward Cornwell to James 
Cornwell; 1742, to Kirby; 1751, to White. 1754, will dated and 
proved of Dartmouth yeoman, wife Susannah; sons Walter 
and Daniel take all my housing and lands. But if son David 
returns from sea, he is to share with them; to Daniel Wilcox, 
son of Stephen (and nephew of Edward), a silver spoon; to 
David Cornell, son of Peleg, a silver spoon. J 1754, Daniel to 
Case. 1 76 1, Daniel conveys to Walter one-half the Homestead 
of his late father Edward. 1754, Daniel to Zebulon Cornell; 
Daniel of Westport to Haviland. 1761, Walter to Wait. 1799, 
Walter to Rus.sell. 1780, Daniel to Chase. 1784, to Macumber. 


John,'* supposed son of Stephen' (13), Thomas," Thomas,' 
d. Sept., 1762; m. Sarah Shearman, April 17, 1724, in Little 
Compton. Children: 

73 Job, b. Jan. 10, 1724-5; d. before 1762 (date of his 

father's will); m. Mary Davis, 4.5, 175 1. 

74 Isaac, b. June, 1728; m. Prisilla Mosher, daughter 

of Benjamin and Abigal, 5.6, 1752. 1776, deed 
to son David. Deed 1779-82. 

75 Jesse, b. March 23, 1732; m. Zilpha Tripp, Maj' i, 

1741, John to Hix, John is placed as son of Stephen be- 
cause he fits that place and no other is found for him. 1762, 
will John of Dartmouth, dated 1755, son Job being dead I give to 
his two sons Job and John, eight parts of my Homestead, 
daughter-in-law Mary to have use of same; son Isaac. 

* At a monthly meeting, 28 of 4 m., 1746, " Edward Cornell hath signified 
his desire to come under the care of Friends." See Dartynotith Records. 

t See Austin s Genealogical Dictionary, p. 425. 

X Daniel was a nephew; could David ^ Cornell (Peleg,'* Thomas,^ 
Samuel,-' Thomas') also be a nephew, if so, Edward should be the son 
of Pelesj. 

44 Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 


Richard,* supposed son of Stephen^ (13), Thomas,* Thomas,' 
b. Jan. 28, 1701-2; d. 1761; m. Content Brownell, May 11, 1732. 

76 General Ezekiel, b. March 7, 1733; m. Rachel 

Wood, March 25, 1760. 

77 Philip, b. Oct. 5, 1735; d. Oct. 27, 1765; m. Lillis 


78 Patience, b. Jan, 14, 1746; m. Thomas Tripp.* 

79 Richard, b. March 4, 1742; m. Alice Anthony, 

Sept. IS, 1763. 

80 Gideon, b. Dec. i, 1745; d. 1830 in Foster; m. (i) 

Prudence Winslow; m. (2) widow Thornton. 


John," of John' (14), Thomas,' Thomas,' 
b. about 1690; m.(?) Elizabeth Witzie. 

1698, in census of Queens Co. 17 10, John Corn well, Jr., and 
Jeremiah Smith of Hempstead, from William Stile, eight acres 
northwest of Hannah. t 1723, Edward (No. 31) and John Cornell 
protest against dividing the town. 1726, John and wife Eliza- 
beth of Hempstead, their X mark deed to Sneden, ^100, six 
acres at Tanner's Pond in ye North Woods. 1730, John and 
others protest against a gate on the road from Tanner's 
Pond to the Great Plains. 


Edw.^rd," of John' (14), Thomas,* Thomas,' 
b. about 1695; d. 1782; m. . Children: 

81 William, bap. 1730; d. 1789; m.(r) Hannah ; 

m. (2) Ruth . 

82 Benjamin, d. 1784; m. Mary Gibson, Dec. 24, 1780. 

* .See deeds Thomas and Patience Tripp, 1819. 

t Perhaps this John, Jr., is John (No. 14) and called Jr., to distinguish 
him from John of Cow Neck (John,^ Thomas'); e. g., we find a deed of 
John Cornell, Jr., son of William, 1734. 1759, John conveys to Charles 
Cornell (brother) of Hempstead, seventy acres joining the above, also six 
acres joining Benjamin Cornell. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 45 

83 John, b. about 1710; m. Hannah Thome. 

84 Daniel, d. 1761; m. Mary . 

85 Hannah; m. Henry Abrams (supposed). 

86 Elizabeth, m. John Lambertson, Oct. 4, 1756, 

Elizabeth Lambertson, m. Cornelius Miller, June 
27, 1 761. Was she the same Elizabeth (see will). 

87 Judah, m. 1774, William Miller; perhaps his sec- 

ond wife was Mary," of Richard,' Caleb,* John,' 
John,^ Thomas.' 

1698, in census of Queens Co., 1723, protests against dividing 
the town. 1761, June 5, bap. at St. George's Church, Hemp- 
stead, William Cornell (adult), Hannah Cornell (adult), Eliza- 
beth, Katherine. Melanthon, children of William and Hannah 
Cornell; Stephen, Abigal, William, Xance, children of John 
and Hannah Cornell; Nelson Cornell, (child); John, Caleb, 
Mary, children of Daniel* (deceased) and Mary Cornell; James, 
son of Elizabeth Lambertson. (A^. Y. Genealogical ajid Bio- 
graphical Record, XL, 48.) 

1 780-1782, Edward Cornell of Hempstead, will to son Wil- 
liam the house and land east of the bank where he lived; to 
William and Benjamin all my lands west of the bank; to Wil- 
liam, salt meadow at Hungary Harbor; to Benjamin and Wil- 
liam lands on the plains and a patent right, Benjamin to pay 
John ;^ioo, William to pay ^100 to my son Daniel's children 
viz.: John, Caleb, Xelson and Mary; to daughter Hannah 
Abrams, ^25; to daughter Elizabeth Lambertson, ^2-,, but if 
she dies before him, then to her son James, bap. 1761; to 
granddaughter Elizabeth, daughter of William, ^10; to grand- 
son Lamkiel, jQio; to my four grandchildren, Edward, son of 
John, Margaret Watts, Edmund Abrams, Margaret Abrams, 
various legacies; executors, son Benjamin and William, both 


William,' of Thomas* (18), Thomas,' Thomas,^ Thomas,' 

b. 26.5, 1705; m. (i) Hannah Thurston, July 18, 1723, daughter 
of Samuel''' and Abigal (Clark), Edward,' of Newport, at the 

* Query: Were William, John and Daniel brothers, and did these bap- 
tisms follow some calamity common to them all e. g., the death of Daniel 
and John Lambertson. 

46 Genealogy of tJic Cornell Family. 

Newport Meeting House; she was b. Dec. 17, 1701; d. 23.9, 
1753, aged 51; m. (2) (supposed) Freelove Dring of Middle- 
town, March 27, 1754. Children: 

SS Sarah, b. 26.2, 1724; d. 10.7, 1730. 

89 Thomas, b. Jan. 13, 1725-26; m. Rachel Allen. 

90 Abigal, b. 11.5, 1728; d. 4.7, 1730. 

91 Hannah, b. 22.9, 1730; m. Thomas^ Coggeshall, 

July 4, 1750, son of Thomas'* and Mary Freeborn, 
(Joshua/ Joshua,^ John.') Children: John, Joshua 
and William. (See Appendix, Coggeshall Line- 

92 Abigal, b. 2.12, 1732. 

93 Sarah, b. 10.7, 1736. 

94 Elizabeth, b. 17.3, 1740; m. Dec. 27, 1759, Peleg 

Allen; d. Jan. 3, 1804. 

95 Susannah, b. 29.5, 1742. 

96 William, b. Oct. 23, 1744. 


George,' of Thomas" (18), Thomas,' Thomas,' Thomas,' 

b. Dec, II, 1707; m. Elizabeth Thurston, daughter of Samuel^ 
and Abigal (Clark), Edward,' January 16, 1728; she was b. 
Dec. 22, 1708 (sister of Hannah). Children: 

97 Walter, b. 11. 8, 1729; m. Sarah Anthony. 

98 Thomas, b. 22.7, 1731; m. Jennie Foster. 

99 Latham, b. Oct. 22, 1733; d. 5.3, 1734. 

100 Latham, b. 2.2, 1735; lost a sea. 

101 Gideon, b. Dec. 6, 1737; d. May 30, 1801; m. Susan- 

nah Brownell. 

102 Edward, b. Oct. 7, 1740; m. at Bristol, R. L, Eliza- 

beth Coggeshall of Middletown, Nov. 2, 1762. 

103 Matthew, b. Nov. 11, 1745; d. March 4, 1807; m. 

Elizabeth Shieve about 1774. 
George and Elizabeth were married at Newport Friend's 
Meeting House. 1729, he was freeman of Portsmouth. 


Gideon,' of Thomas" (18), Thomas,' Thomas,' Thomas,' 

b. July 5, 1710; d. 1766; m. Rebecca Vaughan, Feb. 22, 1732, 
at Newport. Children: 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 47 

104 Gideon, b. Oct. 10, 1740; freeman, Newport, 1759; 

or may have d. aged 9 mos.* (See letter of sister.) 

105 Rebecca, b. Feb. 17, 1755; m. Col. Clement Biddle, 

1731, freeman of Portsmouth; 1732, Deputy; 1740-46, Assis- 
tant. 1754, Gideon of Newport, sale on execution of land in 
Freetown. 1746, one of a committee to run boundary line 
between Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Died at Kingston, 
in the Island of Jamaica. 


Walter,^ of George^ (19)? Thomas,^ Thomas,'^ Thomas,' 

b. 24.10, 1700; d. July 4, 1777; m. Mary Nicholls, 19.2, 1726, 
daughter of Jonathan and Elizabeth of Newport. Children: 

106 George, b. 21.5, 1729; m. Rebecca Preston, June 

29, 1753- 

107 Hannah, b. April 25, 1733; m. (supposed) Charles 

Dunbar, Sept. 2, 1766. 

108 Mary, b. Dec. 25, 1734; m. Joshua Peckham, Sept. 

2, 1766, or Joseph Reid, 1754. 

109 Jonathan, b. 5.6, 1736; d. 1809; m. Phebe Brownell, 

Oct. 23, 1760. 
no Job, b. May 5, 1739; m. Hannah . 

111 Walter, b. April 3, 1742; d. before 1805; m. Eliza- 

beth Mott, 13.10, 1770. 

Walter and Mary were married at Newport Friend's Meet- 
ing House. 1754, mortgage to Loan Co. ^192, part of the 
farm called the Circuit (see George 19). 1758, Deputy for 
Portsmouth. 1777, Walter Cornell of Portsmouth, yeoman, 
deceased; inventory ^^236. 17. 


George,'! of George* (19), Thomas,' Thomas,' Thomas,' 

b. May 25, 1705; m. Rebecca Hicks, March 18, 1739; she was 
b. in Tiverton, July 25, 1705. Children: 

112 Hannah, b. Dec. 23, 1739; m. Samuel Tew. 

* Query: Who was Gideon m. Susannah Lenicon, 1763, and Gideon 
m. Rebecca Hunt, and Gideon m. Rebecca Childs. 
t Query: Did he marry 1776, Sarah Flanagan. 

48 Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 

113 Deliverance, b. July 3, 1742; m. Solomon Little- 

field (supposed), Jan. 20, 1768. 

114 Robert, b. April 5, 1745; d. Oct. 25, 1799; m. (i) 

Hannah Weaver; m. (2) Ruth Brown. 

115 Ruth, b. June 20, 1747; m. John Bull; d. Sept. 15, 


116 Benjamin, b. Sept. 5, 1751; d. 1837; m. Martha 

Elizabeth Wilbur. 

117 Patience, b. Feb. 24, 1754; m. Robert Wilcox, May 

24, 1787. 

118 Samuel, b. Feb. 24, 1754; d. May 15, 1834; m. Ruth 


119 Patience, b. Nov. 12, 1756. 

120 Oliver, b. March 29, 1760; d. June 10, 1797, New- 

port; m. Hannah Brownell Cornell, Feb. 17, 1793. 

1733, freeman of Portsmouth. 1740, Samuel and George 
Cornell to Georg-e, Jr., bond. 1781, Inventory, ^223.16. 


Thomas,^ of George" (19), Thomas,^ Thomas,^ Thomas,' 

b. 6.7, 1707; m. Dinah ; she was b. 1707; d. 1808.* 


121 Mary, b. 1730; m. Joseph Reade, Dec. 5, 1754; d. 

Mrs. Dinah Cornell lived to the great age of one hundred 
and one years, dying in Troy (Fall River). Her daughter 
Mary was married to Joseph Reade in Newport, by the Rev. 
Nicolas Eyres; they lived in the house afterwards occupied by 
Enoch French; it was situated on the bank of Taunton River, 
and was finally torn down some twenty years since. I would 
be grateful to anyone who could send me additional facts 
regarding this Thomas Cornell or his wife. He was possibly 
born in the old Cornell homestead for George Cornell lived 
there some years. (See American Ancestry by Anna Rich- 
mond Warner French.) 

* He is supposed to have m. for his first wife Alice, widow of Ephraim 
Thomas, Dec. 2, 1726. 

Genealogy of the Coryiell Favii/j. 49 


Richard,' of George* (19), Thomas,^ Thomas/ Thomas,' 
b. June 14, 1709; m. at Newport, Mary Martin of Portsmouth, 
Dec. 10, 1730, daughter of Joseph and Mary. Children: 

122 Philadelphia, b. Sept. 22, 1731; m. Robert Nichols, 

Nov. 27, 1 75 1, at East Greenwich. 

123 Deliverence, b. June 18, 1733; m. Benjamin Hale, 

Aug. 10, 1749. 

124 Elizabeth, b. Nov. 30, 1734; m. Thomas Longford, 

Nov. 29, 1753. 

125 Joseph, b. April 16, 1737; d. before 181 2; m. (i) 

Sarah Potter, Dec. 27, 1765; m. (2) Ruth Baker. 

126 Mary, b. May 7. 1739; m. Daniel Vaughan, July 

27, 1766. 

127 Sarah, b. July 12, 1740; m. Aaron Vaughan, Dec. 

9, 1764. 

128 Abigal, b. July 6, 1744. 

129 Ruth, b. Sept. 9, 1748. 

1745, Richard Cornell, freeman of Portsmouth. Richard 
moved to East Greenwich and bought land two and one-half 
miles west of the village, in 1749, also two other pieces of land 
before close of eighteenth century. 


Clark,' of George* (19), Thomas,' Thomas,'^ Thomas,' 

b. July 21, 1714; m. Priscilla Lawton, daughter of Robert of 
Newport, Oct. 2, 1735. Children: 

130 Naomi, b. June 30, 1731; m. at Portsmouth, Elisha 

Coggeshall, June 30, 1755. 

131 George T., b. Sept. 26, 1734; d. Nov. 29 or Dec. 3, 

1799, at Newport; m. (supposed) Elizabeth 
Cranston, Aug. 10, 1756. 

132 Elizabeth, b. May 11, 1739; i^- George Brownell, 

Dec. 8, 1768. 

133 Prissilly, b. Feb. 6, 1748. 

134 Clark, b. Feb. 2, 175 1; m. Patience Pennington, 

July 10, 1787. 

1745, Clark Cornell, freeman of Portsmouth. 

50 Gruealogy of tJic Cornell Family. 


Benjamin/ of George^ (19). Thomas/ Thomas," Thomas/ 
b. Dec. 15, 1733; m. Elizabeth Bennett, Feb. 2, 1754. Children: 

135 Ann, b. Sept. 18, 1754. 

130 Abigal, b. March lO, 1756; m. (supposed) Gideon 
Anthony, Dec. 9, 1779. 

137 Ruth, b. Dec. 3, 1757; d. April 5, 1836; m. John 

Miller, eldest son of John and Elizabeth (Bull) 
Miller; she was a woman of great beauty and 
accomplishment; was left a widow, 1799, ^^^ i^ 
1810, left Rhode Island, for Troy, and Johnson- 
ville, Renssalaer Co., N. Y., where she died; they 
had six children. 

138 Prudence, b. Jan. 2, 1760. 

1 75 1, Benjamin Cornell, freeman of Portsmouth, ensign in 
Capt. Wing Spooner's Company, Nov. 21, 1776; captain, 1776. 


Benjamin," of William' (21), Stephen,^ Thomas,'^ Thomas,' 
b. Nov. 13, 1711; d. 17O4; m. Sarah . Children: 

139 Timothy. 

140 James. 

1747, had deed from his father. 1763, Benjamin of Dart- 
mouth will, proved 1764, wife Sarah, children, Timothy and 
James; devises his homestead farm to two sons. 


Caleb,' of William' (21), Stephen,' Thomas,' Thomas,' 

b. March 24, 1716; d. 1756; m. Dele Gifford; d. Oct. 12, 1744, 
daughter of Jonathan. Children: 

141 Gideon, b. Feb. 5, 1746; d. June 21, 1825, in Foster; 
m. Elizabeth Tucker. 
- 142 Goved, b. May 27, 1748; m. Elizabeth Almy, March 
30, 1777; she d. Jan. 27, 1844; settled at Cam- 
bridge, Washington Co., N. Y., about 1810; had 

Genealogy of the Cornell Faviily. 5 1 

no children; left will, property to a nephew 
Goved who had son Jerathmel, at Lansingburg, 
Supervisor and Sheriff. 

143 Joseph. 

144 William. 

145 Jerathmel (see No. 310.) 

146 Else, m. Adam Case (see No. 311). 

1756, Caleb of Dartmouth, will dated and proved; to wife 
Dele, all my real estate. Executors, brothers Joseph and 
Daniel. William, Joseph, Gideon and Goved Cornell to Slocum. 
1755, William to Caleb the farm homestead of his father 
Stephen, deceased. 1779, Caleb to Gideon and Goved. 1790, 
Goved to Jerathmel. 1789, Gideon to Goved of Westport. 
1790, Gideon and Goved, division of land given them by will 
of their father Caleb. 1790, Goved to Jerathmel, etc. 1798, 
Goved of Westport, to Joseph Cornell, land formerly of their 
father Caleb. 1828-30, William of Hoosac, deed land in West- 


Joseph," of William^ (21), Stephen,^ Thomas," Thomas,* 

b. Dec. 8, 1720; d. about 1801; m. (i) Deborah Allen, daughter 
of John,' Joseph,' Ralph, ° George' Allen, 4.29, 1743; m. (2) 
Mary . Children: 

147 John, b. June 18, 1746. 

148 Elizabeth, m. Wood. 

1767, deed of Joseph to Wood. 1778, Joseph to Allen, land 
given him by his father. 1801, Joseph of Dartmouth, will 
proved, date 1793; advanced in years, son John, daughter 
Elizabeth Wood. Executor, my cousin Perry Macomber. 


Daniel,' of William' (21), Stephen,' Thomas,' Thomas,' 
b. Sept. 17, 1723; d. 30.5, 1799; m. (i) Elizabeth Allen (daugh- 
ter of James and Mary Allen), 5.10, 1744; she was b. 25.4, 
1722; d. April 10, 1767; m. (2) Mary about 1769. Chil- 

52 (rcucd/oj^y of tJic Cornell J-'aniily. 

By first wife: 

149 Rebecoa, b. Dec. 10-27, ^744; ni. Daniel Smith 

April 20, 1764. 

150 Zebulon, b. Nov. 25, 1751; d. 3.31, 1S34; m. Ruth 

Allen, Oct. 10, 17 7 1. 

151 James, b. ]\Iarch 13, 1753; d. April 8, 1S28; m. (i) 

Thankful Briggs, Oct. 19, 1775; ™- (-) Mehitable 

152 },Iary Jane, b. Jan. 16, 1755; m. Giles Wing. 

153 Content, b. Oct. 3, 1757; m. James Starbuck. 

154 Paul, b. 9.17, 1759; m. (i) Elizabeth Soule; m. (2) 

Abigal Rowley, Nov. 30, 1805. 

155 Thomas, b. March 13, 1761; d. 1828; m. Mary 


156 Abigal, b. March 15, 1763; m. Levi Tripp. 

157 Joseph, b. 28.11, 1764; d. 21. i, 1765. 

Bv second wife: 

158 Benjamin, b. June 27, 1770; m. Phebe Kenyon. 

159 Elizabeth, b. June 6. 1772; m. Stephen Baker. 

160 John, b. June 19, 1773. 

161 Daniel, b. April 3, 1775. 

He was a Quaker preacher. 1774, deed of Daniel to Zebu- 
lon and Zebulon to White. 1804, James, Thomas and wife 
Mary, all of Cambridge, Washington Co., N. Y., to Anthony. 
Paul and Zebulon settled at White Creek, and James and 
Thomas at Easton, all in Washington Co., N. Y; all farmers 
and all Hixite Quakers. . 


Israel,' of Stephen^ (22), Stephen,' Thomas,^ Thomas,' 

b. about 1720; d. about 1785; m. Susannah Baker, Nov. 27, 
1742. Children: 

162 Amos, d. 1805; m. Chloe Chace. 

163 William, d. 1813; m. Else Alice Grinnell, 'Aug. 15, 


164 Elizabeth, m. Simon Chace, 10 children; Elizabeth 

of Rehaboth, m. Moses Chace. 

165 Rebecca, m. John Mosher. 

166 Susannah, m. Daniel Chace, April 27, 1770. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 53 

1772, gives deed to Cummings. 1785, Israel of Dartmouth, 
will, children William, Amos, Elizabeth Chace, Susannah 
Chace. Moved from Rhode Island to Cheshire, Berkshire Co., 
Mass., thence to Rupert, Vt., 1806. 


Elisha,' of Stephen' (22), Stephen,' Thomas," Thomas,' 
b. about 1720; d. about 1806; m. (i) Hannah Baker, Feb. 21, 
1743-4;* m. (2) Betty Lewis, April 13, 1752; she d. Dec. 28, 
1765; m. (3) Abigal Lewis, Nov. 9, 1766; shed. Dec. 21, 1769, 
age 35 lacking one day; m. (4) Martha Baker, Oct. 29, 1775; 
m. (5) Patience Reynolds (widow of Bennett?), Aug. 3, 1785. 

By first wife: 

167 Penelope, b. April 12, 1745; m. David Hill, 1770; d. 


168 Rev. Joseph, b. Feb. 2 or 10, 1746-7, at Swansea; 

d. July 26, 1826, at Galway, N. Y.; m. Mary 
Mason, Oct. 8, 1769. 
By second wife: 

169 Mary, b. 1752; m. Wheaton. 

170 Elisha, b. April 2, 1754. 

171 Elisha, b. Feb. 5, 1755; m. (i) Hopestill Pierce; m. 

(2) Rachel Sutton. 

172 Phebe, b. August 5, 1757. 

173 Elizabeth, b. July 3, 1759; m. Moses Chace, Nov. 

4, 1787- 

174 Asa, b. Feb. 13, 1764; d. 1817, in Swansea; m. 

Martha Mason, Nov. 30, 17 86. 

175 Reuben, b. Dec. 15, 1765. 
By third wife: 

176 Abigal, b. Oct. 5, 1769. 
By fourth wife: 

177 Hannah. 

1783, deed to Street. 1783 and 1794, Elisha and Gideon to 
Lewis. 1806, will Elisha of Swansea, wife Patience, children 

* Rehoboth records give marriage intentions of Elisha Cornell and 
H. Baker, Dec. 17, 1743, which seems to give assurance they were not 
married at that time. 

54 Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 

Joseph, Elisha, Reuben, Asa, Mary Wheaton, Elizabeth Chace, 
Hannah. He was a farmer and tanner in Swansea; was son 
of Stephen who gave his farm of loo acres to son Elisha. 


Stephen," of Stephen'' (22), Stephen,' Thomas," Thomas,' 
b. about 1730; d. about 1804; m. Sarah Buffington, (William,^ 
Benjamin, ■■ Thomas'), Nov. 14, 1751; she was b. March i, 
1735. Children: 

178 Stephen, b. 1770; d. 1809; m. Hannah Simmons. 

179 Jaines, b. 1782; d. 1S47; m. (i) Rebecca Richmond; 

m. (2) Submit Pierce or Bosworth. 

180 William, M. D., b. about 1750; d. about 1815; m. 

(i) Abigal Briggs; m. (2) Mrs. Blackburn. 

181 Sarah, m. William Paul, Jr., Feb. 7, 1777, Digle- 


1 82 Susannah, m. Aaron Chase, May 20, 1784. 

183 Olive, m. Aaron Pool, July 31, 1785; residence at 


184 Phebe, b. Aug. 25, 1762; d. Jan. 21, 1822; m. Amos 

Kilton, Jan. 14, 1783. 

185 Melissa, m. Micah Chace, Dec. 29, 1803. 

186 Martha or Patty, b. Feb. 24, 1772; m. as sixth wife 

Peleg Pierce, Sept. 26, 1810; d. Feb. 24, 1823; 
residence, Rehoboth, Mass.; m. (2) Uriah . 

187 Uriah. 

188 A son, d. an infant. 

189 Hannah. 

1804, April 7, will dated, proved Nov. i, 1814, Stephen, 
Swansea, yeoman, mentions daughters Sarah, vSusannah, Pebe, 
Melisce and Martha, sons Stephen and William; wife Sarah, 
execurtrix. [Bristol Co. Records, 49-523.) 


Gideon,' of Stephen' (22), Stephen,' Thomas,'' Thomas,' 

b. Oct. 25, 1728; d. Dec. 25, 1817; m. Hepzibah Lewis, July 18, 
1757; she was b. June 14, 1733; d. July 16, 1814, age 80. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 55 

190 Parthenia, b. Jan. 6, 1758; m. John Munro of 

Rehoboth, Nov. 14, or Aug. 5, 1752; d. Nov. 6 or 
8, 1834; he d. Feb. 18, 1829; had five sons and 
four daughters of whom Cornell Munro m. 
Eunice Cornell (423); Munro was member of th e 
Legislature, Quaker, etc. 

191 Gideon, b. Sept. 11, 1760; d. Aug. 22, 1808; m. 

Naomi Jones, July 10, 1784. 

192 William, b. June 16, 1762; d. Oct. 16, 1810; m. 

Huldah Kinney, Dec. 5, 1793. 

193 Nancy, b. Jan. 27, 1768; d. April 21, 1799; unmar- 

ried, in Plainfield. 

194 Hepzibah. b. April 10, 1774; d. April 30, 1847; 


1779, bought a farm in Plainfield and moved there; was a 
cooper and farmer. 1759 and 1779, deed to Tripp. 1763, 
Gideon of Warren. 1794, of Plainfield; Hepzibah, wife of 
Gideon. 1774, division. 


Elijah," of Stephen* (22), Stephen,^ Thomas,* Thomas,' 
m. Sarah Miller, Dec. 4, 1769, daughter of Benjamin and 
Mehitabel; she was b. Jan. 19, 1746, in Warren, Rhode Island; 
she m. (2) Benjamin Chase, Aug. n, 1777. Children: 

195 Ezra, m. Elizabeth Hassal, daughter of John. 

196 Elijah, b. Oct. 17, 1771; d. March 27, 1862; m. 

Eunice Barnard, 1805. 

1792, Elijah of Swansea to Stead, land in Somerset. 1805, 
deed to Chase; Elijah of Swansea, potter. He was also a 
farmer and owned 100 acres in De Ruyter, which he sold and 
moved to Ithaca and carried on the pottery business there. 


Job,' of John* (24), Stephen,' Thomas,' Thomas,' 

b. Jan. 10, 1724-5; d. before his father, 1762; m. Mary Davis, 
4-S> 175 1) daughter of John and Abigal of Dartmouth (see 
Friend's Records). Children: 

56 (jt'fira/ogy of till' Cornell luiviily. 

197 job, had son Henry living at Clyde, Wayne Co., 

N. Y. 

198 John (supposed), m. Meribah Mosher, Sept. 20, 

17S1; intention pub. 8.18, 1781. 

199 Lydia. went to Gal way, N. Y. 

He was a Quaker. 1783, Job and John, division. 1788, 
John to Job, Westport deed. 1791, Job to John Howland, 
Westport (some of this is doubtful; see will of John). 


Jesse,' of John' (24), Stephen,' Thomas,'' Thomas,' 

b. March 23, 1732; m. Zilpha Tripp, May i, 1788, at Dart- 
mouth. Children: 

200 Isaac, b. July 27, 1788; m. Abigal King. 
1782, Deed to Isaac. 


General Ezekiel,° of Richard'' (25), Stephen,' Thomas,^ 
b. March 27, 1733; m. Rachel Wood of Little Compton, March 
25, 1760. Children: 

201 Ezra, b. May 22, 1762, in Dartmouth. 

202 Rhoda, b. May 13, 1782, in Scituate; m. May 13, 

1782, Caleb Aldrich. 

1763, Ezekiel and Content (widow of Richard), deed; Eze- 
kiel, Rachel and Content, to Jane Gifford. Nov. 24, signed by 
Ezekiel and wife, Rachel. Ezekiel Cornell of Dartmouth, 
gent., for and in consideration of $950, etc., paid by Peleg 
Cornell, husbandman, and son, to Jonathan Cornell conveys 
"land and housing bought of Christopher Cadman, except that 
land already sold to my honored mother, Content Cornell." 

He was born in Scituate, was a mechanic who educated 
himself, and established a library in his native town. In 1775 
he was appointed lieutenant-colonel of Hitchcocks regiment; 
was present at the siege of Boston, and was made deputy- 
adjutant-general, Oct. I, 1776, and subsequently brigadier- 
general and commander of the brigade of State troops which 

Genealogy of tJie Cornell Family . _ 57 

were in service three years and three months, and were dis- 
banded March 16, 17 So. This force was of great service in 
protecting the State during the British occupation. He took 
part in the Battle of Rhode Island which was fought near the 
old Cornell homestead. He was a delegate from Rhode Island 
to the Continental Congress in 1770-3, and chairman of military 
committee. At the close of his term he returned to his farm 
in Scituate. {Applctoyi's Ettcyclopczdia of Biography.) 

His regiment was ordered to Roxbury when he was lieu- 
tenant-colonel and took part in the battle of Bunker Hill. A 
Lieut. Cornell, nicknamed "Old Snarl," a faithful vigilant 
officer was in the regiment. {Life of Captain Ohiey of Rhode 
Island). It is a singular fact that when Colonel, he invaded 
Long Island and took possession of St. George's Church, Hemp- 
stead, which his cousin William' Cornell (Richard,^ Thomas') 
and others of the family were instrumental in establishing and 
sustaining; of this Judge Thomas Jones, who was a member of 
of the parish, says in his History of New York during the Rev- 
olutionary War: "Col. Cornell of the Rhode Island line of the 
Continental Army with one thousand men established his 
headquarters at Hempstead, seeking out Tories. He converted 
the Episcopal Church into a store house, forbid the parson to 
pray for the King or any of the Royal Family and made use of 
the communion table as a convenience for his Yankees to eat 
upon." How long Col. Cornell remained here is not known 
but probably not long for in Aug. 1776, the British troops 
landed upon Long Island and the Seventeenth Light Dragoons 
took up their quarters here. [History of St. George's Church, 
Hempstead. ) 


Philip,' of Richard' (25), Stephen,' Thomas,' Thomas,* 

b. Oct. 5, 1735; d. Oct. 27, 1765; m. Lillis Thomas, daughter 
of Simeon and Hannah Thomas. Children: 

203 Nathaniel, b. Jan. i, 1759, Scituate. 

204 Oliver, b. April 16, 1760. 

205 Patience, b. Nov. 18, 1761; deeds at Westport. 

206 Seabury, b. March 31, 1770; m. Abigal Mason; 

was a blacksmith at Swansea. Children: Olive 
and Isaac. 

58 (ienrn/oj^jy of t lie Cor 71 ell Faviily. 

207 Philip, b. Oct. I, 1764. Philip, brother of Seabury 
the blacksmith, moved to North Britain, N. Y.; 
was a witness on the marrige contract of Elijah 
and Eunice, (195). 

1797, Nathaniel of Scituate, Oliver of Gloucester, Philip and 
Patience of Westport to Seabury of Somerset. 


Richard,'' of Richard^ (25), Stephen,^ Thomas,"^ Thomas,' 
b. March 4, 1742; m. Alice Anthony, Sept. 15, 1763. Children: 

20S Content, b. Sept. 23, 1764. 

209 Richard, b. Oct. 10, 1766. 

210 Mary, b. March 20, 1769. 

211 James, b. June 4, 1770. 


Gideon," of Richard' (25), Stephen,' Thomas,''' Thomas,* 

b. Dec. I, 1745; d. Nov., 1830, in Foster; m. (i) Prudence 
Winslow; m. (2) widow Thornton. Children: 

By first wife: 

212 Esther, b. Aug. 17, 1770. 

213 Gideon, b. Sept. 27, 1771; d. Sept. 16, 1845, '^^- 


214 Thomas, b. May 13, 1773; d. in West Indies. 

215 John, b. Sept. 5, 1774. 

216 Alfred, b. July 28, 1776; d. Sept. 3, i860; m. Nancy 

Caldwell, Jan. 13, 1802. 

217 Windsor, b. May 2, 1778. 

By second wife: 

218 Daniel A., m. Mary Cauldwell. 

219 Stephen, m. Mary Hopkins. 

220 George. 

22T Daniel Niles, m. Maria Cornell (338). 

1776, Oct. I, Gideon Cornell, First Lieutenant of Scituate 
Hunters (Joseph Kimball, Captain). 1777, Gideon Cornell, 
Captain of Scituate Hunters. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 59 


William/ of Edward' (31), John,' Thomas,' Thomas,' 

bap. 1730; d. 1789; m. (i) Hannah; m. (2) Ruth. Children: 

222 William, m. Mary 

223 Moses, b. Feb. 1784; d. Dec. 1831, age 47; m. 

Phebe Culver. 

224 Melanthon, bap. June 5, 1761. 

225 Elizabeth, bap. June 5, 1761; mentioned in grand- 

father's will. 

226 Phebe, m. R. Brower, July 18, 1790. 

227 Catherine, bap. June 5, 1761. 

1 76 1, June 5, William and Hannah baptized, also their 
children Elizabeth, Catherine, ]\Ielanthon (see 31). 1781, 
Devisee and executor of his father. (Query, see William,^ 
Charles," Thomas,' Richard,^ Thomas.') 17 86, William Corn- 
well, son of late Edward of South Hempstead, will wife Ruth, 
children Phebe, Catherine, William, Moses, Melanthon; exec- 
utor Benjamin Hicks; William Cornwell and wife Mar}'- 
their X mark to Moses Cornwell, deed. 1805, fifty acres south 
of road from Hempstead to Bellport. 181Q, same to William in 
South Hempstead. 


Benjamin, ' of Edward' (31), John,' Thomas,' Thomas,' 
d. 1784; m. (i)Mary Gibson, Dec. 24, 1780 (both of Jamaica); 
m. (2) Deborah Dean and settled at Success. Children: 

228 Mary, m. Obediah Cornell. 

229 Sarah, m. Uriah Mitchell. 

230 Hannah, unmarried. 

1783, Sept. 21, Benjamin of Hempstead, will proved March 
2, 1784, names wife Mary who is pregnant; children ]\Iary and 
Sarah both minors; executors Martin Van Nostrand, Joseph 
Skidmore; witness John Cornell of Hempstead; Caleb Cornell, 
(grandson of Edward). 1784, Oct. 14, Mary Cornwell (widow 
of Benjamin), to Martin Van Nostrand, mortgage $200, 50 
acres on road from Rockaway to Jamaica; witness John 
Cornell {'^i). 1770-80, son devisee and Executor of Edward 

6o (,\-;u\r/oj^y of tJtc Cornell h'auiily. 

(_:;i), takes land cna west side of the Brooklands on the Plains. 
He is to pav his brother John ^-/^loo.* 


JoHx/' of Edward' (31), (supposed) John/ Thomas,'^ Thomas,' 
b. about 1710; ni. Hannah Thorne of Flushing, at St. 
George's Clu:rch. Children: 

231 Edward (mentioned in his grandfather's will), m. 

Jane Am merman. 

232 Elizabeth, bap. Feb. 27, 1753. 
2^2, Stephen, bap. June i, 1761. 
^34 Abigal. 

235 William. 

236 Nance. 

The records of St. George's Church, Hempstead, give the 
following baptisms all the same day: June 5, 1761, William 
Cornell (81), adult; Hannah Cornell (81), adult; Elizabeth, 
Katharine, Melanthon, all of William and Hannah Cornell. 
Stephen, Abigal, William, Nance, all of John (83) and Hannah 
Cornell; Nelson Cornell, child of Daniel; John, Caleb, Mary, 
children of Daniel (84), deceased, and Mary Cornell, also June 
ri, 1 761, Margaret Cornell, adult. Feb. i, 1762, Hannah 
Cornell, adult. I suspect that these parents, William, John and 
Daniel, were brothers and children of Edward and that these 
baptisms on the same day point to some common calamity 
(perhaps the death of Daniel), and I can find no other persons 
to fit the case. 


Daxiel,° of Edward' (31), John,' Thomas,'' Thomas,' 
d. 1761; in. Mary . Children: 

237 Nelson, m. Mary . 

238 John. 

* One of my correspondents gives Benjamin, Deborah Dean as a wife, 
that they settled at Success and had the following children: Samuel, m. 
Margaret Smith; Benjamin, m. Margaret Abram; Ann, m. Samuel Thorne; 
Elizabeth, m. Stephen Cornell; George, m. Amy Hicks; John and Joseph. 
Should be glad if any of the family could throw any light on this subject. 

Getiealogy of tlic Cornell Faviily. 6i 

239 Caleb. (Did he marry widow Phebe Hughes, 

Hempstead, 21.5, 1743.) 

240 Mary. 

1770, Edward Cornell (31) will names my son Daniel's 
children viz.: John, Caleb, Nelson, Mary. 1761, baptized at 
St. George's Church, Hempstead (see 83) Nelson Cornell, 
child, also John, Caleb and Mary, children of Daniel and Mary 
Cornell. 1824, Nelson Cornwell and wife Mary to Sherwood 
52 acres in Hempstead on road from Waters' grist mill to 
Lambertson's grist mill. 


Hannah,' of Edward* (31), John,^ Thomas,^ Thomas,' 
m. Henry Abrams (supposed). Children {Abrauis): 

^largaret, m. Benjamin Cornell. 
Elizabeth, m. Elijah Cornell. 

Henry Abrams' will 1791, mentions wife Hannah and child 
Elizabeth, wife of Elijah Cornell and Margaret, wife of Benja- 
min Cornell. 


Thomas,' of William' (35), Thomas,' Thomas,' Thomas,' 
b. Jan. 13, 1725-6; m. Rachel Allen, Oct, 16, 1746, at Middle- 
ton. Children: 

241 Sarah, b. July 10, 1747. 

242 Elizabeth, b. Nov. 21, 1749; in.(?) June 15, 1766, 

Alex Briggs, or James Anthony, 1768. 


Walter,' of George^ (36), Thomas,^ Thomas,' Thomas,' 
b. II. 8, 1729; d. at Portsmouth, 21.3, 1813; m. Sarah Anthony, 
daughter of Abraham, April 4, 1753. Children: 

243 Thurston, m. (i) Ann Anthony; m. (2) Mary 

Perry, Feb. 1782. 

244 Elizabeth, m. Robert N. Hix at Tiverton, Aug. 3, 

1797. Had one child who died in infancy. 

62 (Tivifa/ogy of the Cornell Favtily. 


Gideon,' of George "Xid), Thomas/ Thomas,' Thomas/ Thomas,' 
b. Dec, 6. 1737; d. May 30, 1801; m. Susannah Brownell; she 
d. April 4. 1825, ag'e 82. Children: 

245 Edward, b. 1765; d. 1857, at Butternuts, Otsego 

Co., N. Y.; m. Elizabeth Hoxie. 

246 William, b. Oct. 29, 1766; d. 1864-5; ^^^- (i) Con- 

tent Davis; m. (2) Rhoda Tenny, 1839. 

247 Millicent, b. Oct. 19, 1768; d. April 19, 1791; in. 

Philip Allen. 

248 Susannah, b. Dec, 1770; m. Jonathan Mooney or 

]\Iowry; d. Sept. 4, 1824, at Union Village, 
Washington Co., N. Y. 

249 Sarah, b. Sept. 23, 1774; d. May 28, 1802; m. Abra- 

ham Briggs. 

250 Gideon, b. Oct. 17, 1776; d. Aug. 13, 1834; m. 

(i) Hannah Russell; (2) Harriet Sarchet, 1834. 

251 Wanton, b. Sept. 23, 1778; d. March 26, 1871, at 

Milton, Saratoga Co., N. Y. 

252 Latham, b. 1781; d. April 17, 1876. 

253 Mary, b. March 2, 1783; d. March 12. 1861; m. (i) 

Gideon Gifford, Jr., April 4, 1807; (2) Erastus 
Bigelow, D.D., who d. Jan. 15, 1855, age 90. 

254 Weaker, b. May 17, 1785; d. April 14, 1877, at 

Troy, N. Y. 

1783, Gideon removed with his brother Matthew to Wash- 
ington Co., N. Y. (Easton). Susannah (248) says his wife was 
Susannah Mooney. He emigrated from Rhode Island to 
Easton about 1780. 


Matthew," of George' (36), Thomas,* Thomas,' Thomas,' 
b. Nov. II, 1745; d. March 4, 1807; m. in Newport, Elizabeth 
Shrieve, daughter of Daniel and Abigal Shrieve, about 1774; 
she was b. at Seconnett (now Little Compton), Nov. 23, 
1750; d. April 29, 1829. Children: 

255 John, b. June 24, 1780; d. May 5, 1839; m Eunice 

Cheesboro, and lived at Glenn's Falls, N. Y. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Faviily. 63 

256 Walter, b. Aug. 24, 1782; d. March 4, 1833, at 

Albany, N. Y., while a member of the State 
Legislature; m. Eunice Hart. 

257 Matthew, Jr., b. March 27, 1787; d. Jan. 29, 1854. 

258 Amy, b. Dec. 11, 1774; m. Anthony Lee; d. Sept. 

14, 1814. 

259 Hannah, b. Sept. 10, 17S4; d. Aug. 15, 1821; m. 

Gideon Durfee. 

260 Elizabeth, b. Feb. 19, 17SS; m. "Wilbur Dennis, 

merchant, Scipio, X. Y., Jiily 6, 1806. 

261 Millicent, b. June 18, 1792; m. Gideon Gifford; d. 

July 20, 1866. 

262 George, b. Sept. 3, 1790; d. young. 

He made his home in Ponegansett, Bristol Co., Mass., and 
engaged in whale fishery previous to the Revolution, and in 
July, 1776, he sold his ship and cargo in the Dutch West Indies 
to avoid capture by the British ship-of-war Potnona, cruising in 
those waters. He was subsequently captured by a British 
cruiser, and confined in one of the British ships in the harbor 
of New York. After suffering in those British hulks, he was 
released in 1778 or 1779, and returned to Ponegansett. Thence 
he emigrated to Easton, Washington Co., N. Y., with his 
wife and one or two children about 1780. He resided there 
about nine years, then removed to Cambridge, same county, 
and settled on a farm near Buskirk's Bridge. Here he 
acquired considerable property, reared a family of seven chil- 
dren, and died in his sixty-third year. 

He is described as robust and strong in form, with a dignified 
presence, and the manners of a gentleman of the old school. 
He was kind in his family relations, esteemed as a neighbor 
and friend, diligent and prosperous in business affairs, but 
owing to some losses arising from certain purchases of land, 
he became disheartened and subject to settled melancholy, 
which finally resulted in suicide. He and his wife joined the 
Quakers and were for many years members of that society. 

Matthew Cornell and his wife, Elizabeth, were buried in 
the Quaker burying ground, Easton, Washington Co., X. Y. 


Rebecca,' of Gideon' (37), Thomas,' Thomas,' Thomas,' 
Thomas ' 

64 Genealogy of the Cornell Faviily. 

b. Feb. 17, 1755; m. Col. Clement' Biddle (John,' William,* 
William'), 1774, a prominent Philadelphia family. Children 

Thomas, m. Christiana Williams. 

James, m. Elizabeth Kepling. 

John, m. Mary Widdle. 

Jacob, d. iinmarried. 

Clement, m. Mary Barkley. 

Mary, m. Gen. George Cadwallader. 

Rebecca, m. Dr. Matthew Chapon. 

Nancy, m. Thomas Dunlop. 

Sally, d. unmarried. 

She, or her mother Rebecca, married for her second husband, 
Joseph Rotch of Dartmouth, Mass., 12.29, 1768. This Joseph 
was largely interested in whale oil, probably then the princi- 
pal business in Dartmouth. He bought land of Joseph 
Russell, whose daughter Mary Russell married Peleg Cornell, 

113, 1739- 

Her first husband, Clement Biddle, was a colonel in the 
Revolutionary army. After sixty years absence from her 
Newport home, she returned for a visit there, and in a letter 
to a friend gives a description of her old home. As this letter, 
dated 1824, and furnished the writer by one of her descendants, 
throws some light on the history of the family and their 
prosperity in those times, I have thought best to insert it 
here, though there are perhaps some errors in it: 

"After an absence of sixty years I found the Mansion house (near New- 
port, R. I.), in precisely the same state that I left it. It is situated on the 
east side of the Island, six miles from the town of Newport. The farm 
connected with it contained 120 acres, besides two other farms, containing 
180 acres each, which were owned by my father's brothers, William Cornell 
and George Cornell. We also visited another farm belonging to my father 
on the west side of the Island, containing the same number of acres. 1 
went to see my father's town residence in Newport, a very good house in 
Thames street, opposite the Liberty Tree, and another dwelling house 
which he leased and resided in many years, opposite the Parade Grounds 
near the State house. At the early age of fifteen years my father, Gideon 
Cornell, at the time of his father's death (Thomas Cornell who died at the 
age of 55), came into the possession of a considerable landed estate, the 
farms and house above mentioned, and 15,000 Spanish milled dollars in 
cash, besides a very considerable estate in the Island of Jamaica. Thomas 
Cornell died in the year 1726, and his son, my father, in the year 1766, at 
the same age, viz.: 55, at Kingston, in the Island of Jamaica, where he had 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 65 

gone to receive a large sum of money awarded to him by the British 
government. I was his only child, and at the time of his death he was the 
King's Lieut.-Governor, and Chief Justice of the colony of Rhode Island 
(his commissions as such are in the possession of Chapman Biddle, his 

I, Rebecca Biddle, was born in the year 1755, at my father's farm on the 
east side of the Island of Rhode Island, in Middletown township, six miles 
from the town of Newport. My father, Gideon Cornell, in the year 1732, at 
the age of 21, married Rebecca \'aughan. I had a brother who died an infant 
at the age of nine months. My mother's father, Captain Daniel Vaughan, 
was master of a vessel then under his command on Ocracoke Bar on the coast 
of North Carolma. I will relate to you the following circumstances connected 
with his loss. In the year 1717, an old woman in Newport reported to be a 
witch and known by the name of Mother Carey, came to the house of my aunt 
Cadman (where my grandfather Capt. Vaughan then resided), where was a 
quantity of fresh butter put up for the intended voyage. Mother Carey told 
the captain that she must have one of these kegs of butter, which, however 
he would not give her, when she observed to him that he would repent of it, 
which the captain did not regard, although his friends (such was the super- 
stition of the day) urged him to give the old woman the butter. Shortly 
after this time the vessel he commanded sailed from Newport bound to 
North Carolina, and on Christmas Day, 1717, arrived and came to anchor off 
Ocracoke Bar on the coast of North Carolina. Several of Captain Vaughan's 
friends saw the brig come to anchor, went down to the shore to meet him and 
distinctly observed a boat putting off for the shore from the brig. It being 
a very bitter cold day, they remarked that they would go to the only house 
on the beach and warm themselves before the captain and his people came 
on shore. After remaining in the house some time, they became anxious 
about the boat, and accordingly went out to look for her; they could 
perceive no sign of the boat or of the appearance of any persons being on 
the brig. They then all went out to the brig, and upon getting on board 
found the kettle boiling in the caboose, the sails furled and every thing in 
order, but no living thing on board except a little dog." 

From this letter it appears that Mrs. Rebecca Biddle was 
her father Gideon's only heir, and as he seems to have gotten 
the lion's share of his father's property, that the inheritance of 
the family went to the Biddies of Philadelphia. 


George," of Walter' (40), George,' Thomas,' Thomas,* Thomas,' 
b. 21.5, 1729; m. Rebecca Preston, Jime 29, 1753, at Ports- 
mouth. Children: 

263 Millicent, b. June iS, 1792; d. Jan. 20, 1S26; m. 
Gideon Gifford, May 26, 1810. 


66 (lenealogy of tJtc Cornell J-'avilly. 

264 Ruth Nicholls, b. Oct. i, 1753. 

265 Mary, b. Dec. 31, 1757; ni. Josiah Schofield, Green- 

field, Saratoga Co., N. Y. 

266 Joseph, b. Oct. 2, 1759; d. at Portsmouth. 

267 Phebe, b. Aug. 20, 1762; m. Benjamin Wood, 


268 Nicholas, b. April 14, 1765, in Portsmouth; d. 

Sept. 4, 1829; m. Hannah Sisson. 

269 Gideon, b. Oct. 16, 1767; m. Ann Cornell (27S). 


Joxai'han" of Walter,' (40), George,* Thomas,^ Thomas,'^ 
b- 5-6, 1736; d. 1809; m. Phebe Brownell, Oct. 23, 1760, both 
of Portsmouth; she d. May 13, 1880, in the 95 year of her age; 
buried in the Cornell Homestead burial ground. Children: 

270 Mary, b. June 31, 1761; d. young. 

271 Walter, b. April 7, 1764; m. Ruth A. Earle, Dec. 

S, 1791. 

272 Hannah Brownell, b. March 10, 1767; m. (i) Oliver 

Cornell (120); m. (2) Thomas Townsend, of 
Newport, March 31, 181 1. 

273 Stephen Brownell, b. Nov. 22, 1773; d. Jan. 17, 

1840; m. Catherine Sherman, widow of Eben- 
ezer: no children. He was member of the 
Rhode Island Legislature; preserved records 
for the Friends. He was born in the old Home- 
stead at Portsmouth, lived there and is buried 
in the burial plot on the place, also his wife. 

1764, Deputy from Portsmouth. 1780, Jonathan to son 
Stephen, deed 57 acres in southwest corner of my farm, boimded 
northwest by Job Cornell. 1809, Jonathan conveys to Stephen 
B., part of farm; will devises to Walter and Stephen B. 1840, 
Stephen B., will devises Cornell farm to Stephen Cornell, son 
of his sister Hannah B. Townsend and to Albert Cornell (550). 


Walter," of Walter ^ (40), George,' Thomas,^ Thomas,^ Thomas,' 
b. April 3, 1742; d. before 1805; m. Elizabeth Mott, daughter 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. Gi 

of John and Elizabeth, 13.10, 1770, at Friends' Meeting House. 

274 John, b. July 15, 1771; he followed the sea. 

275 Robert, b. 6.5. 1773; d., 1777. 

276 Benjamin, b. 18.5, 1775. 

277 Walter, b. 15.9, 1777; d. about 1805, at Newport. 

175S, Deputy for Portsmouth. 


Robert," of George' (42), George,' Thomas' Thomas.' Thomas,' 
b. April 5, 1745; d. Oct. 29, 1799; m. ( i ) Hannah Weaver, Dec. 
8, 1768;* m. (2) Ruth Browne, Dec. 8, 1778. Children: 

By first wife: 

278 Ann, b. March 6, 1771; m. Gideon Cornell, son of 

George (269), of Portsmouth, Oct. 13, 1793. 

279 Hannah, b. Aug. i, 1773. 

280 Rebecca, b. Jan, 23, 1775; ^"i^- David Sisson, Nov. 

14, 1799- 
By second wife: 

281 Sarah, b. Sept. 28, 1780. 

282 George, b, July 9, 1783. 

I'ii Elizabeth, b. Nov. 23, 1784; m. Nov. 14, 1805, 
George Peckham, son of Benjamin and Mary 
(Hazard) Peckham; d. Sept. 5, 1840. 

284 Robert, b. Aug. 14, 1793; d. Sept. 19, 1818. 

His father devised to him his dwelling house in Middletown. 


Benjamin,* of George' (supposed) (42), George.' Thomas,' 
Thomas,' Thomas,' 
b. Sept. 5, 1 751; d. 1837; m. Martha Elizabeth Wilbur, 
daughter of William Wilbur, Esq., of Little Compton; she 
d. age 97, buried in Friends' burial gi'ound, Newport. 

* Married by John Barker, J. P., in Middletown, and they were both of 

68 (jraea/ogy of the Cornell Family. 

255 Martha, m. Benjamin (or Anthony) Taylor, of 

Newport; had James, First Lieutenant in war 
of Rebellion, and Mary, both d. young and 

256 Harriet, b. 1770; m. Feb. 1816, Capt. John Ryder 

Stanhope; he d. 1S73, had nine children of whom 
Lieut. -Col. Philip W. Stanhope, born at New- 
port, June 4, 1829, was one. 

257 Ruth, m. about 1780, John, eldest son of John and 

Elizabeth (Bull) Miller. Children, Elizabeth, 
Mary, James, Desire Bull, John and William, all 
of whom but Mary and Desire, d. young; she 
was left a widow in 1799, and in 18 10, left Rhode 
Island, with her daughter Desire (who m. Aaron 
Chase Dennis), and resided in Troy and other 
places; she d. in Johnsonville, Rensselaer Co., 
N. Y., April 5, 1836, age 78 years. She is 
described as an educated, accomplished and 
very handsome woman. 


Samuel,^ of George' (42), George,* Thomas,^ Thomas,'" Thomas,' 
b. Feb. 24, 1754; d. May 15, 1834; m. Ruth Stoddard.* Chil- 

288 Lydia, d. June 24, 1861, age 69; m. Joseph Cogge- 

shall, June 12, 1814. They are buried in the 
Cogge shall burial ground. 

289 Rebecca, m. Henry B. Clark, March 31, 1742, of 

North Kingston. 

290 Hicks, b. April 7, 1793; d. June. 27, 1880, age 87 

years; m. Elizabeth Coggeshall, Jan. 28, 1819. 

291 Susan, m. Thomas Coggeshall; d. 1886, age 98 

years, 3 months; survived her husband 26 years. 

292 Ruth, d. Jan. 3,* age 24. 

293 William. 

* Samuel and wife Ruth and daughter Ruth, buried in the farm owned 
by F. J. Coggeshall which was given to Samuel Cornell by his father George, 
bought by him of James Phillips. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 69 


Oliver,' of George" (42), George,' George,' Thomas,'' Thomas,' 
b. March 29, 1760; d. June 10, 1797; m. Hannah Brownell 
Cornell (272), Feb. 17, 1793, by William Bliss (Elder). Chil- 
dren : 

294 Oliver, b. Oct. 11, 1794; d. in Calcutta, 1824. 

295 Stephen, b. Sept. 1797; d. Oct. 31, 1869; m. Harriet 

Charlotte Earle, Sept. 28. 1823. 

1797, May iS, will, proved Aug. 7, 1797 (wife Hannah, sisters 
Ruth Bull, Deliverence Littlefield. Patience Wilcox, son Oliver, 
child unborn), buried in the Cornell Homestead grave-yard. 


Joseph," of Richard' (44), George,' Thomas,^ Thomas,* Thomas,' 
b. April 16, 1737; d. before 181 2; m. (i) Sarah Potter, Dec. 
27, 1765; m. (2) Ruth Baker of Novia Scotia. Children: 

296 Benjamin, b. Aug. 21, 1778. 

297 William, b. May, 10, 1780. 

298 George, b. Nov. 17, 1781. 

299 Richard, b. June 26, 1783, Warwick; d. East 

Greenwich, 1845. 

300 Mar}^ Jane, b. June 21, 1785; m. (supposed) Daniel 

Briggs, March 25, 1803. 

301 Deborah, b. Sept. 17, 1786. 

302 Jeremiah, b. June 7, 1788; m. Nancy Card (of 

Joseph), April 4, 181 2, by James Miller, J. P., 
East Greenwich. 

303 Clark Baker, b. May 23, 1791. 

Ensign in Col. Green Battalion Continental Line, June, 1777. 


George T ,' of Clark' (48), George,^ Thomas,' Thomas,'^ 
b. Sept. 26, 1734; d. Nov. 29 or Dec. 3, 1799, at Newport; 
m. (supposed) Elizabeth Cranston of Jameston, Aug. ro, 1756; 
she was b. 1735: d. April 29. 1799. Children: 


70 Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 

304 Sarah, b. July 5, 1759; d. April 16, 1S29; 111. Moses 

Xorman, ]\Iarch 5, 1785. 

305 George, b. July 2, 1764; d. June, 1841. 

300 Elizabeth, b. Nov. 15, 1767; d. 1841; m. (i) 

Sherwood; m. (2) Benjamin Spencer, Esq., Aug. 
4, 17S6. 

307 Richard, b. Aug. 11, 1769; d. 1801. 

308 Job, b. Dec. i, 1777, at Newport; d. Dec. 12, 1851. 

1759, Ensign, Second Lieutenant, then First Lieutenant in 
Col. Batend's Company. 


GiDEOX," of Caleb' (57), William,'' Stephen,^ Thomas,''' Thomas,' 
m. Elizabeth Tucker; she d. Nov. 12, 1809, age 65. Children: 

309 Godfrey, b. Nov. 5, 1771. 

310 Cory, b. May 18, 1773. 

311 Pardon, b. Sept. 17, 1774; d. Jan. 3, 1859. 

312 Jerathmel, m. (supposed) Sarah Brightman. 

313 Else, m. Adam Case (see 146). 

181 7 Gideon of Dartmouth, will mentions son Pardon, 
also deeds. 


Zebulon,' of Daniel ' (60), William,' Stephen,^ Thomas,'* Thomas,' 
b. Nov. 25, 1751; d. 3.31, 1834; m. Ruth Allen, Oct. 10, 1771. 

314 Daniel, b. June 2, 1772. 

315 Rachel, b. Dec. 25, 1773; was a mute, unmarried. 
3:6 Ruth, mute, unmarried. 

317 Joseph, m. Matilda Allen. 

318 John, m. Allen. 

319 Weston, m. Lucy Parker. 

320 William. 

321 Allen. 

Was called Zebedee and Zeb.; lived at White Creek, Wash- 
ington Co., N. Y., was seven feet high; a Quaker, farmer, 
lawyer, Justice of the Peace, and a great Freemason. 

Gene ilogy of the Cornell Family. 71 


James," of Daniel' (60), William,'' Stephen,' Thomas,' Thomas,' 
b. March 13, 1753; ct. April 8, 182S; m. (i) Thankful Briggs, 
Oct. 19, 1775, daughter of Daniel and Mary (Delano) Briggs; 
she was b. Oct. 2, 175 1; d. Feb. 12, 1799; m. (2) Mehitabel 
Austin; m. (3) Elizabeth . Children: 

o- - 

Allen, b. 1776; m. Susan Dennis. No children. 

323 Stephen, b. Feb. 3, 1778; d. April 27, 1855; m. 

Deborah Pease about 1799. 

324 Gideon, b. Feb. 25, 17S0. 

325 Susannah, b. Oct. 28, 17S2; d. June 7, 1851; m. 

Phineas K. Wells, June 25, 1S16. 

326 Hannah, b. May 28, 1784; m. Ezekiel Ensign. 

327 Elizabeth, b. Dec. 9, 17S7; m. John Dennis. 

328 Daniel, b. Feb. 14, 1793. 

329 ^lercy, m. (i) Daniel or James Van Buren; m. (2) 

Constant Sisson. 

330 Abraham, b. Nov. 2, 1783; m. Mary Dennis, March 

II, iSio; d. Aug. 20, 1817. 

He was a Quaker; moved to Washington Co., N. Y. 1804, 
deed James, Thomas and wife Mary (Briggs) of Cambridge, 
to Anthony; see also deeds of James of Swansea, Mass.; some 
of the children were born in Easton. 


C.-^PT. Paul,' of Daniel' (60), William/ Stephen/ Thomas,' 


b- 9-17) 1759. ^t Darthmouth, Mass.; m. (i) Betsey Soule, 

July 5, 1 781, of Dutchess Co., who d. April, 1805; m. (2) 

Abigal Rowley, Rahleigh or Willis, Nov. 30, 1805. Children: 

By first wife: 

331 Esther, b. April 16, 1785. 

332 Mary Elizabeth, b. Jan. 24, 1787; m. John H. 

Osborn, Jan. 21, 1811; had a daughter m. Isaac 
Hiller, and lived at Warren, Pa. Osborn was a 
merchant at Watkins on Seneca Lake, built the 
first canal-boat to load with wheat and go 

7 r (Tivicaiog-y of tJie Cornell Fa nily. 

through the canal to New York, where he 
received a public dinner, silver pitcher, etc.; he 
d. Sept. 9, 1 841; she m. (2) J. Hiller and d. Jan. 
26. 1S6S; was a Quaker but turned Spiritualist. 

333 Hannah, b. Dec. 17, 1791; m. (i) John Stephens; 

lived at Belgium, Onondaga Co.; m. (2) . 

334 Alvin, b. Feb. 25, 1793. 

335 Hiram, b. Aug. 15, 1796; m. Elizabeth Hopkins. 

336 Cynthia, b. July 13, 1799; m. Michael F. Palmer. 
By second wife: 

337 Elizabeth, b. Jan. 9, 1807; m. Michael F. Palmer. 

338 Maria, m. Daniel Niles Cornell (221). 

339 Walter Raleigh, b. July 3, 181 2, at White Creek, 

Washington Co., N. Y. 

340 McDonough, b. Feb. 24, 1815. 

341 McDonough, b. Jiily 18, 181 7. 

342 Mason, b. 1810. 

343 Lawrence, b. Dec. 13, 1819. 

Settled at White Creek, Washington Co., N. Y., 1783. 


Thomas,' of Daniel '(60), William,^ Stephen,^ Thomas,^ Thomas,' 
b. March 13, 1761; d. 10.3, 1828; m. Mary Briggs, daughter of 
Daniel and Mary (sister of No. 151); she d. Sept. 18, 1852, age 
89.9.13. Children: 

344 Eliakim, b. July 15, 1781; d. Dec. 30, 1852. 

345 Uriel or Royal, b. 14.4, 1784, m. Thankful Willis; 

d. Jan. 24, 1847. No children. 

346 Mercy, b. Jan. 15, 1786; d. Dec. 2, 1818; m. Dr. 

Timothy Barnum; no children. 

347 Anna, b. Nov. 18, 1788; d. May 5, 1865; m. Abner 

Ripley, Feb. 27, 1806. 

348 Susannah, b. April 6, 1792; m. Ira Gifford, April 16, 


349 Mary, b. 4. 11, 1795; ^- June 20, 1830; m. Aaron 

Barker, Jan. i, 1812. 

Lived at Easton, Washington Co., N. Y.; member of 
Assembly, 1808; was a Quaker. 1804, deed Thomas and wife 
Mary of Cambridge, Washington Co., N. Y., to Anthony. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family . 73 


Benjamin,' of DanieP (60), William/ Stephen,' Thomas,' 
b. June 27, 1770; m. Phebe Kenyon. Children: 

350 Daniel, m. Anna Smith. 

351 Sarah, m. ]SIead. 

352 ^lary, m. Joseph Hoxie. 

353 Lydia, m. . 

354 Benjamin. 

355 , and others. 

The family removed to Holland Purchase. 


Amos,° of Israel' (63), Stephen,' Stephen,' Thomas,^ Thomas,' 
d. 1S05; m. Chloe Chase, daughter of Ezekiel and Rebecca 
(Chase) Chase, April 22, 1762. Children: 

356 Benjamin, b. Oct. 17, i762;(?) m. Seabury Tripp, 

May 10, 181 2; d. at Painted Post, N. Y. 

357 John, b. Dec. 17, 1767; m. Cloe HoUis. 

358 Robe or Rhoda, b. Nov. 4, 1769; m. (i) James 

Baker, July 17, 1788, at Rehoboth; m. (2) 

Horton, (see will). 

359 Amos, b. April 29, 1772. 

360 Israel, b. April 8, 1774; d. Sept. 1S07. 

361 William, b. Nov. 17, 1779. 

362 Philip A., b. March 31, 1782, at Greenbush, N. Y.; 

d. Sept. 14, 1819. 

1805, Dec. 3, will proved, dated Nov. 3, 1804, of Dartmouth, 
to wife Chloe, use of all so long as she remain a widow, except 
40 acres north side of my homestead which I give to son 
William; to son Benjamin, S40; John, $70; Amos and his heirs, 
$70; Israel, $40; to daughter Robe Horton, $20; residue to Philip. 


William,' of Israel ' (63), Stephen,' Stephen,' Thomas,' Thomas,' 
d. 1813; m. Else Grinnell, Aug. 15, 1770. Children: 

363 Betty or Betsy, b. June 27, 1773; m. Paul Pratt. 

364 Ruth, m. William Fisher. 

74 (it-^/rtr/oi^y of the Cor}icll l^'amily. 

365 Abij^'ul, m. Jonathan Sherman. 
360 Lillis, m. Amos Alason; d. May 9, 1S61, age 78 
years, 3 months, 25 days. 

367 Susannah, m. William Hiscock. 

368 Alice, b. North Adams, Mass., Oct. 8, 1779; d. July 

8, 1854; m. Isaac Mason. 

369 Joseph, m. Mary Brundage; no children. 

370 Amos, m. Rhoda Pierce; three children, Amos, 

Alice and Laura. 

371 Jehemiah, m. (i) Eunice Downing; m. (2) her 

sister Polly; m. (3) ; lived in Susquehan- 

nah Co., Pa.; children, Samuel, Israel, Thomas, 
William, George. 

372 William, m. Annie Downing; children, Joseph, 

Moses, James, Fitch, Susannah, Julia, Hannah; 
he lived and d. in Syracuse, N. Y. 

373 Remington, b. May 17, 1799; d. April 26, 1884; m. 

Eliza Gillette Holcomb, June 22, 181 7. He 
moved from the old Homestead, Rupert, Vt., 
1819, to Hope, Hamilton Co., N. Y., then to 
Northville, Fulton Co., N. Y., and d. there; had 
six children, William, Albert, Eliza Jane, Abigal, 
Mahala, Eugenio Kinkaid. 


Rev. Joseph," of Elisha' (64), Stephen,' Stephen,' Thomas,* 
b. Feb. 10, 1747; d. July 26, 1826; m. Mary Mason, Oct. 8, 1769, 
daughter of Nathan and Lillian (Hale) Mason; she was b. 
July 30, 1748, at Swansea, and d. Oct. 17, 1834. Children: 

374 Nathan, b. at Swansea, March 11, 1771; d. at 

Syracuse, N. Y., 1858. 

375 Elisha, b. at Cheshire, Mass., Aug. 15, 1773; d. at 

Manchester, Vt., Dec. 29, 1808. 

376 Mary, b. at Cheshire, Mass., Feb. 22, 1776; m. 

Cyrus Fay of Northampton, Saratoga Co., N. Y., 
Oct., II, 1797; d. Feb. 16, 1807, at Providence, 
R. I. 

377 Asa, b. at Cheshire, Mass., Jan. 5, 1778; m. Clarinda 

Smith; d. at Albion, N. Y., April 7, 1859. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 75 

378 Levi, b. at Cheshire, Mass., Oct. 11, 1775; d. April 

27, 1777, at Gal way. 
He was born in Swansea, Mass., and ordained Baptist 
Minister there in 1804; was settled thirteen years at Man- 
chester, Vt., Galway, N. Y., six years, and Providence, R. I., 
thirteen years; he died at Galway, N. Y. 


Elisha," of Elisha^ (64), Stephen,^ Stephen,^ Thomas,^ Thomas,' 
b. Feb. 5, 1755; m. (i) Hopestill Pierce, Jan. 20, 1779; m. (2) 
Rachel Luther, Jan. 12, 17S7. Children: 

379 Susannah, b. Nov. 11, 1779. 

380 Joseph, b. June 18, 1782. 

381 James, b. July 15, 17S5. 

382 Elizabeth, b. Sept. 30, 1790. 

383 Hopestill, b. Nov. 28, 1792. 

384 Mary, b. Aug. 30, 1795. 
3S5 Luther, b. Jan. 19, 1798. 


Asa,' of Elisha' (64), Stephen,' Stephen,' Thomas,' Thomas,' 
b. Feb. 13, 1764; d. 1817; m. Martha Mason, Nov. 30, 1786; 
she was b. about 1765; daughter of Peleg^ (Oliver,* Deacon,^ 
Isaac,' Sampson') and Roby Simmons (Losania). Children: 

386 Betsey, b. July 17, 1787; m. George Sherman of 

Somerset, Mass., a farmer. 

387 Roby, b. July 10, 1789; m. Oct. 5, 1809, John Earle, 

son of Weston' and Sarah (Slade) Earle, (Caleb,'' 
Oliver,' Thomas,' William,' Ralph'); he was b. 
May 24, 1790, in Swansea; was a merchant and 
member of the Massachusetts Legislature, 1850. 

388 William, b. Aug. 30, 1791; d. Dec. 1S42; was a 


389 Levi, b. July 23, 1797; m. (i) Fanny Luther; m. (2) 

Lavinia (Chase) Anthony. 

390 Elisha, b. June 15, 1800; d. Oct. 1816. 
39T ^lason. 

He was a cooper. There are deeds of Asa and his admin- 
istrator, William, Levi and Betsey. 1818, William to Levi 
deed. 1819, William, Levi and Betsey. 

76 (TC>!r(7!oo^y of tJic Cornel/ Family. 


Stephen,* of Stephen" (65), Stephen,'' Stephen/ Thomas," 
b. Marcli 11, 1770; d. March i, 1809, in Bristol, Ontario Co., 
N. v.: m. Hannah Simmons, Jan. 13, 1790, of Dighton; she 
was b. Jan. 28, 1770; d. Jan. 21, 1854. Children: 

392 Constant, b. May 9, 1791, at Dighton; m. Olive 

Alexander, Nov. 20, 1814. 

393 Alanson Pease, b. April i, 1807; d. Sept. 7, 1864. 

394 Hannah, b. 1795; m. Aaron Hicks, Jan. i, 1812. 

395 Isaiah S., b. 1S02; d. 1853; m. Elizabeth Griggs. 

396 Patty, m. Francis Owen of Lima, N. Y. 


jA>rES,' of Stephen ' (65), Stephen,' Stephen,^ Thomas,^ Thomas,* 
b. i76o(?); d. 1847; m. (i) Rebecca Richmond; m. (2) Submit 
Pearce (or Bosworth). Children: 

397 James, b. April 22, 1782; d. Aug. 11, 1847, in 

Swansea; in. Amy Rounds. 

398 Cynthia, b. Dec. 7, 1788; m. John Sherman. 

399 Betty, b. April 20, 1791; m. Nathan Haskins, Dec. 

19, 181 1. 

400 Candace, ) , ,^ m. Bradish Dunham. 
^ - D. May 12, 1797; 

401 Submit, ) d. unmarried. 

402 Philip Russell, b. April 4, 1810. 

403 Delaney, b. July 14, 1802; m. Eleazer Leonard. 

404 Naomi, b. April 25, 1805; m. Thomas Allison. 

405 Sally, b. March 26, 1793; m. Nathaniel Lewis. 

This family were all Shakers, joined them about 181 7, at 
Lebanon, N. Y., but Philip left them. 1803-5, James of Swan- 
sea and Rehoboth deeds. 


Dr. William," of Stephen' (65), Stephen," Stephen,' Thomas,* 
b. about 1750; d. about 1815; m. (i) Abigail Briggs, 1801, 
daughter of Thomas of Berkley, Mass; m. (2) Mrs. Blackburn. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Faviily. 11 

By first wife: 

406 Benjamin Franklin, b. April 3, 1804; d. 1830. 

407 Wm. Mason, M. D., b. Oct. 16, 1802, in Berkley, 


408 Abigail B., b. April 10, 1806; m. April 14, 1831, 

Leonidas Wilbur of Honeoye, N. Y.(see No. 717). 

409 Sally, b. April 26, 1810; m. (i) Reuben Philip; 

m. (2) Leonidas Wilbur (not the same who 
married Abigail); m. (3) Horace Gray, of 
Abingdon, Mass. 
By second wife: 

410 Stephen. 

411 Alva. 

412 James. 

413 John. 

1815, William, late of Berkley, physician, executor. 1808-13, 
several deeds. He went from Berkley, Mass., to New York. 
Physician at Canadice, Ontario Co., N. Y.; was a bright and 
active man. 


Phebe,^ of Stephen ' (65), Stephen,* Stephen,^ Thomas," Thomas,' 
b. Aug. 25, 1762; d. Jan. 21, 1822; m. Amos^ Kilton (Enoch,* 
John,^ Thomas,''' Thomas'), Jan. 14, 1783, by Elder Jacob 
Hix.* He was of Rehoboth (Rocky Woods), and a Christian 
minister,! b. March 11, 1760; d. at Taunton, Nov. i, 1841. He 
m. (2) Alice Chase of Swansea, Mass., Dec. 24, 1823. Chil- 
dren {Kilto7i): 

Phebe, b. March 15, 1784; d. Sept. 181 1, unmarried. 

Sarah, b. Feb. 13, 1786; m. Allen Dary of Norton, 
Nov. 26, 1807; d. Oct. 30, 1841. 

Amos of Taunton, b. March 24, 1789; d. Feb. 11, 
1818; m. Bethia Godfrey, Jan. i, 1816. Children: 
Amos m. Mary Shores; he was editor Tatinton 
Gazette; Calister, b. Jan. 3, 181 8. 

Simeon, b. July 4, 1794; d. Aug. 24, 1847; m. Nancy 

* See Vital Records of Rehoboth. 
t A sect of Unitarian Baptists. 

7$ (lenra/ogy of the ( orncll Fautily. 

Rhoda, b. April 23, 1792; m. Oliver Messenger of 

Norton. Children: Austin and Rhoda Maria. 
Stephen, b. j\Iay 14, 1797; m. Celinda Eddy, Sept. 

17, 1840, no children. 
Galen Bowen, b. Sept. 17, 1799; m. Abigal Smith. 
Geo. Witfield, b. Dec. 28, 1801; d. June 23, 1859; 

m. Rebecca Bunker, Fairhaven, Mass. He was 

a Christian minister.* 

Amos Kilton served four months in Army at Dorchester 
Heights, Mass., 1775, also at Bristol and Howland's Ferry for 
three months from Dec. 28, 1776. 


Gideon," of Gideon ' (66), Stephen,' Stephen,^ Thomas,' Thomas,' 
b. Sept. II, 1760; d. Aug-. 22, 1808; m. Naomi Jones (Inten- 
tion July 10, 1 781) of Dighton. Children: 

414 Gideon, b. at Dighton, 1785; d. Nov. 8, 1857. 

415 vSylvanus, b. 1790; d. 1865. 

416 Archibald, b. at Dighton, 1792; d. 1850. 

417 Isaac, d. (supposed) in Texas, having three daugh- 

ters. Left Licking Co., O., 181 2, with a drove of 
horses for Rhode Island, and being in debt for- 
got to return. 

418 Charlotte, m. Stewart, Zanesville, O. 

419 Ruth, d. 1863; m. Samuel Murphy, Newark, O., 


420 Naomi, b. May 13, 1788; m. Alexander Holmes 

(Judge), Dec. 4, 1814; d. Oct. 27, 1864, no chil- 

421 Mercy, b. 1788; d. 1810, in Alexandria, Licking 

Co., O.; m. Samuel Carpenter of Newark, O. 

Was of Dighton or Swansea, moved to Plainfield, Conn., 
thence 1805, to Granville, O. Granville, O., was largely settled 
from Granville, Mass. On an agreement signed by eighty-nine 
persons relating to this settlement and dated East Granville, 
Mass., April 3, 1809, appears the name of Gideon Cornell. 

* A sect of Unitarian Baptists. 

Genealogy of the Coryiell Family. 79 


William,' of Gideon' (66), Stephen," Stephen,^ Thomas," 
b. June 16, 1762, at Swansea; d. Oct. 16, rSio; m. Huldah 
Kinney, Dec. i, 1793, at Plainfield, Conn. She was b. Oct. 
27, 1768; d. April 26, 1833. Children: 

422 Hiildah, b. Dec. 6. 1795; m. John Martin or Marvin, 

Sept. 28, 1 81 7, Mansfield, Conn.; d. in Wisconsin, 
Oct. 24, 1844. 

423 Eunice, b. Dec. 24 (or 27), 1797; m. Cornell Munro, 

Jan. 29, 1826, son of John and Parthenia (see 
No. 190). They had a son Job Munroe. 

424 Clarissa, b. April 2, 1800; d. July 21, 1838; m. 

Hezekieh Candall, April 14, 1825; d. Centerbury, 

425 Mason, b. Feb. 15, 1802; d. July 19, 1841; m. Oct. 

15, 1827, Philema A. Munro. 

426 Mary, b. Dec. 13, 1805; d. Oct. 20, 1834, unmarried. 

427 Nancy, b. May 8, 1808; d. July 26, 1839; m. second 

wife Hezekiah Candall. 


Ezra," of Elijah' (67), Stephen," Stephen,^ Thomas," Thomas,' 
d. 1833; m. Elizabeth Hassal, daughter of John; she d. Dec. 
10, 1874. Children: " 

42S Sarah, d. in Westchester, N. Y. 

429 Paul, b. March 28, 1795; d. Jan. 28, 1858; m. 

Keturah Upsan Ward, daughter of Wm. W. 

430 John, b. 1797; d. 1849; m. Marina Benett, daughter 

of Robert D. No children. 

431 Elijah, b. 1799; d. 1845; m. Elizabeth Waltham, 

daughter of Wm. 

432 Mary, b. 1801; d. July 1834, m. James Pagan, son 

of William. No children. 

1 791, deed to B. Chase his step-father. John (430) and 
Elijah (431), living 1842, in Plymouth, N. C. Neither has chil- 
dren but Elijah had lost five. 

8o (lOira/oi^y of the C or net I luiviily. 


Elijah,' of Elijah' C67), Stephen/ Stephen/ Thomas/ Thomas/ 
b. Oct. 17, 1771; d. March 27, 1862; m. Eunice Barnard, 
daughter of Reuben of Nine Partners, Dutchess Co., N. Y., 
July 4, 1S05. She was b. May n, 1788; d March 23, 1857. 

433 Ezra, b. Jan. 11, 1807, at Westchester Landing, N. 

Y.; d. Dec. 9, 1874; m. Mary Ann Wood of Ben- 
jamin, j\Iarch 19, 1 83 1. 

434 Elijah, b. April 1 1, 1808, at De Ruyter, Madison Co., 

N. Y.; m. Dec. 15, 1831, Betsey Ann Benedict. 

435 Benjamin of Tarrytown, N. Y., b. Sept. 16, i8ii; d. 

March 30, 1842; m. RhodaCaywood, April2 2,i84i. 

436 Lucre tia of Tarrytown, b. Nov. 18, 18 13; d. 

April 14, 1845; m. Thomas Chase, Jan. 29, 1835. 
Several children among whom Edward and 
Albert (twins). She was a Quaker. 

437 Phebe of West Farms, b. Sept. 6, 1816; m. Martin 

B. Wood, Oct. 5, 1837. 

438 Mary of English Neighborhood, N. J., b. Sept. 8, 

1818; m. Hiram D. Robertson, Feb. 6, 1843. 

439 Deborah of De Ruyter, b. April 4, 1820; m. James 

Wood, April 3, 1841. 

440 Edward of De Ruyter, b. Dec. 3, 1825; m.Angeline 

Mosher, Jan., 1855. 

441 John H. of De Ruyter, b. Aug. 10, 1827; m. Mary 

Gifford, Oct. 16, 1852. 

442 Daniel B. of De Ruyter, b. Feb. 23, 1830; m. (i) 

Maria Tripp, Dec. 25, 1850; m. (2) Delia A. 
Newton, Aug. i, 1855. 

443 James of De Ruyter, b. May 18, 1831; m. 

Finch, May 4, 1859. 
He was received into the Quaker Society, Sept., 1798 (see 
Records of Swansea monthly meeting of Friends). 


John,** of Job' (73), John,* Stephen,' Thomas/ Thomas,' 

m. Meribah Mosher, Sept. 20, 1781 (published 8.18, 1781). 
* Qup:ry: What John married Cloe Mosher? 

(Genealogy of the CorneK J^'anijly 8i 

444 Soloman, m. Edith . 

445 John, b. May lo, 1790; m. Thankful Macomber, 

4-15. 1813. 

1794, John of Westport, division. 


Isaac,' of Jesse ^ (75)> John,' Stephen,^ Thomas,' Thomas,' 
b. July 27, 1788; m. Abigail King. She was b. July 27, 1778. 

445A Nathan T., b. April 5, 1815, at Sempronius, Cayuga 
Co., N. Y.; m. Lucinda Shumway, Feb. 25, 1840. 


Alfred," of Gideon" (80), Richard,' Stephen,' Thomas,^ Thomas," 
b. July 28, 1776; d. Sept. 3, i860; m. Nancy Colwell, Jan. 13, 
1802. Children: 

446 Dr. Alanson, b. Oct. 30, 1802, at Eaton, N. Y.; d. 

1873, at Ionia, Mich.; ni. Cynthia Emeline Cor- 
nell (696). 

447 Daniel A., b. April 27, 1804, unmarried, lived at 

Steuben, Mich. 

448 Thomas, b. Jan. 28, 1806; m. Dephene Beckwith, 

March 11, 1830. 

449 Adelia, b. Nov. i, 1807, at Hamilton, N. Y.; m. 

Silas H. Corey or Covey. 

450 Mary, b. Sept. 2, 1809, at Nelson; m. Aug. 2, 1855, 

Asa Spencer, no children. 

451 Nancy, b. July 5, 181 1, at Eaton, N. Y.; m. Eli 

Davis, May 10, 1837. 

452 Rev. Alfred, b. July 7, 1813, at Eaton, N. Y.; d. 

Dec. 25, 1893, at Ionia, Mich.; m. (i) Amanda 
Yeomans, Dec. 2, 1836; m. (2) Kate Mason, 1S63. 

453 Lucia, b. March 5, 1815; d. 1816. 

454 Lydia, b. March 31, 1817; d. 1834. 

455 Caroline, b. Feb. 19, 1820; m. Mason Hearsy, Sept. 

6, 1837. 

456 Sarah, b. June 15, 182 1; m. Ezra Spencer, Dec. 16, 


He and his wife were born in Rhode Island and were for 
many years members of the Baptist Church in Morristown, 
N. Y. Nov. 15, 1833, they moved to Ionia where they united 


82 (jt'f^fa/oi;'!' of the Cornell Family. 

with the Baptist Church of which they remained worthy and 
esteemed members until their respective deaths, each at the 
ag'e of 85 years [Memorial Rc/^ort, Ionia Co.) 


Daniel* A., of Gideon^ (So), Richard,* Stephen,* Thomas,* 
b. about 1780; m. Mary Caldwell. Children: 

457 Rhoda. 

458 Searle. 

459 Amy. 
400 Lucy. 

461 Daniel. 

He corresponded with Hon. Ezra Cornell on the genealogy 
of the family and said his father used to tell him of an uncle 
Ezekiel of Rhode Island. 


Moses' of William' (81), Edward,* John,' Thomas,' Thomas," 
b. Feb., 1784; d. Dec, 183 1; m. Phebe Culver. She d. May 
10, 1861, age 83. Children: 

462 William of New York, d. 1832 or before. 

463 Moses, m. Maria Everett(?) 

464 Abraham, m. Letitia . 

465 Foster, b. Feb. 3, 1810; d. Sept. 27, 1841; m. Jane 

E. Golden, March 15, 1834. 

466 Isaac, d. 1830, age 15. 

467 Catherine, m. John Cornell. 

468 Ann, m. John Everett, June i, 1831. 

469 Phebe, m. Charles Simonson. 

470 Hannah Jane, m. Worthington Hewlett. 

471 Jane. 

1805, William and Mary to Moses Cornell mortgage (see 
No. 81). 1829-31, will, Moses, son of the late William Cornell 
of South Hempstead, wife Phebe Cornell, alias Culver. Eldest 
sons William and Moses are to pay daughters Catherine and 
Ann, $300 each. To my youngest sons Abraham and Foster 
and Isaac, the land where I live, they to pay Phebe, Hannah 
and Jane, $300 each. 1832, William (462) of Hempstead, 
administrator to Moses (463) and Abraham (464) Cornwell. 

Genealogy of t lie Cornell J-'auuly. 83 

Moses and wife Maria of Hempstead, and Abraham of Brook- 
lyn, convey land on Hog Island Creek. 1845, Moses and wife 
Maria, Abraham and wife Letitia, John Cornell and wife 
Catherine, Charles Simonson and wife Phebe, Ann Cornell 
and Hannah Jane Hewlett of Hempstead, which said Moses, 
Abraham, Catherine wife of John Cornell, Phebe, Ann Everett 
and Hannah are heirs at law and brothers and sisters of Wil- 
liam Corn well, formerly of New York, deceased, convey to 
Bussing-, 6/7 of lot, Clinton St., N. Y. 1845, Foster Corn well 
of Hempstead by his executors Moses and Abraham, deed to 
Bussing. Phebe and Jane Cornwell to Moses, Abraham and 
John Cornell, Charles Simonson, Ann Everett and Hannah 
Jane Hewlett, deed of same property. John Everett, perhaps 
father of John (46S), was surety on marriage bond of John 
Cornell. Phebe Cornwell, etc., to Moses Cornwell, 1845. Moses 
and William were grocers in New York, 1829. 


Thurston,' of Walter* (97), George,^ Thomas,^ Thomas,' 
Thomas,^ Thomas,' 
m. (i) Ann Anthony (his cousin); m. (2), 1782, Mary Perry, 
daughter of Phineas and Elizabeth; inarried b}' Walter Cook, 
Justice, 1782. Children;. 

By first wife: 

472 Anthony. 
By second wife: 

473 Ann, b. March S, 1783; living 1867, at Fall River, 


474 Walter, b. Feb. 10, 1784, at Tiverton; m. Theresa 


475 Elizabeth. 

476 Sarah. 

477 William, m. Betsy Jennings. 

478 Mary. 

479 Anthony, d. age 45; m. Sarah Grinnell. 

480 Clara. 


Edward' of Gideon^ (loi), George,'' Thomas,* Thomas,' 

Thomas,' Thomas,' 
b. May 6, 1765; d. 1857; m. Elizabeth Hoxie. Children: 

84 (icnraloi^y of the Cornell l^'aniiiy. 

451 Anna, b. ^larch 10, 1794. 

452 Isaac, !>. Feb. 29, 1796. 

483 Alice, b. April 28, 1798. 

484 Susannah, b. Nov. 15, 1800. 

485 Gideon, b. Nov. i, 1802. 

486 Gerves, b. Jan. i, 1803. 

487 jSIary, b. June 9, 1807. 
4S8 Daniel, b. Feb. 12, 1810. 

489 Dolhvyn, b. April 22, 181 2. 

490 Walker, b. Aug". 11, 1814. 

jNIember of Assembly, 1S43. Gerves of the above came to 
Canada and settled in Pickering Township, Ontario, where his 
sons Edward and Gerves still farm; they are active members 
of the Society of Friends and directors of the college of that 
sect in Pickering village. 


William," of Gideon" (loi), George," Thomas,* Thomas,^ 

Thomas,"'' Thomas,' 
b. Oct. 29, 1766; d. 1864-5; ™- (0 Content Davis; m. (2) Rhoda 
Tenny, 1839. Children: 

By first wife: 

491 Isaac, b. Aug. 18, 1789. 

492 George, b. June 5, 1791; m. (probably) Lydia . 

493 William, b. July 3, 1792; d. April 24, 1819. 

494 Anna, b. Jan. 29, 1794. 

495 Silvey, b. May 15, 1795. 

496 Hannah, b. May 18, 1797. 

497 Elizabeth, b. Feb. 14, 1799. 

498 Mary, b. April 24, 1801. 

499 Gideon, b. April 18, 1803. 

500 Millicent, b. Feb. 8, 1805. 

501 John, b. March 9, 1807. 
By second wife: 

502 Edward, b. June, 1810; d. 1850; m. Dinah George. 

503 Susannah, b. March i, 1S12. 

504 Harriet, b. June 8, 1814. 

505 Charles, b. Nov. 10, 1816. 
50G Charlotte, b. July 14, 1819. 
tOt Frances, b. Feb. 8, 1821. 

Genealogy of the Cornell laviily. 85 

He was the second settler in Scarboro, Canada, and re- 
markable for his energ-y and upright character; a member of 
the Society of Friends, and a stanch supporter of the govern- 
ment, Tory. His sons fought in the Canada Militia in 181 2. 
He built the first sawmill in the township. 


Gideon,' of Gideon' (loi), George,^ Thomas,' Thomas,' Thomas,^ 
b. Oct. 17, 1776; d. before 1853; m. (i) Hannah Russell of 
Easton, Washington Co., N. Y.; m. (2) Harriet Sarchet of 
Philadelphia, Aug. 13, 1834. She m. (2) B. A. Tillinghast of 
Troy, N. Y., May, 1853. Child: 

508 Charles Russel, b. Jan. 20, 1S06; d. Sept. 12, 1866; 
m. (i) his cousin, Maria Cornell (514); m. (2) Hannah Avery. 

He was administrator to Charles Russell. Died at Phila- 
delphia, Penn. 


Wanton," of Gideon' (loi), George,^ Thomas,' Thomas,' 
Thomas,' Thomas,' 
b. Sept. 23, 1778; d. March 26, 1871, at Milton, Saratoga Co., 
N. Y.; m. (i) Sybil Gifford, Sept. 27, 1808; m. (2) Maria 
Taylor, 1856. Children: 

509 Elijah, b. Aug. 6, 1809; m. Fannie King of Troy, 

X. Y. 

510 Millicent, b. Sept. 22, 1810. 

511 Susannah, b. June 27, 181 5; m. Rev. J. G. Warren 

of Boston. 

512 Dorr, b. Nov. 27, 1821; d. Feb. 23, 1825. 

513 Emma, b. May 20, 1826. 

He lived in Milton, Saratoga Co., N. Y., and died there 
age 92. 


Latham,' of Gideon" (loi), George," Thomas,' Thomas,' 
Thomas,' Thomas,' 
b. Jan. iS, 1 781; d. April 17, 1876; m. (i) Louisa Baily White, 

86 Gruca/ogy of tJic Co7-ncll Faviily. 

Oct. 4, iSoS; she d. Oct. 24, 1S53; m. (2) widow Louisa Everts, 
1S50. Children: 

By first wife: 

514 Maria, b. Nov. 20, 1S08; in. Charles Russell Cor- 

nell (50S). 

515 William W., b. May 10, 1S12; m. Margaret P. 

Edgar. He succeeded his father in the stove 
business, 1836, and retired to Poughkeepsie, 
N. Y., 1849; d. May 26, 1894. Was reticent and 
saving. He left over $1,000,000 principally to 
his brothers, sisters, nephews and nieces. He 
appears to have had no children. 

516 Sarah Elizabeth, b. April 22, 1823; m. Henry 

Wright Strong of Troy, N. Y. He was State 
Senator for six years, and d. Feb. 28, 1848. She 
m. (2) Horace Harrington, June 3, 1853; he was 
a farmer at Brunswick, Rensselaer Co., N. Y. 
She had six cildren. 
By second wife: 

517 Louisa, b. Jan. i, 1858; d. July 3, 1859. 

Latham founded the business of stove manufacturing at 
Troy, N. Y., 18 16; was of James & Cornell of Troy, New York 
and Boston. Retired 1836. He was 77 years old when Louisa 
was born. 


Walter,' of Gideon' (loi), George,^ Thomas,^ Thomas,^ 
Thomas," Thomas," 
b. May 17, 1785; d. April 14, 1877, at Troy, N. Y.; m. Mary 
Batty, April, 181 1; she was b. Feb., 1793; d. Aug. 4, 1853; m. 
(2) Mrs. Phebe Nichols, April, 1855. Children: 

518 Emma, b. Dec. 28, 1812. 

519 Emeline, d. March 11, 1853, age 37; m. 


520 Mary Jane, d. Dec. 11, 1856, age 35; m. 


521 Susan Almy, m (i) Hutchinson; m. (2) 


522 Adelaide, d. March 5, 1850, age 20. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 87 


Matthew/ of Matthew* (103), Georg-e/ Thomas/ Thomas/ 
Thomas," Thomas/ 
b. March 27, 17S7; d. Jan. 29, 1854; m. Lydia Ford. Children: 

523 Merritt I., b. Cambridg-e, X. Y., March 5, 1809; m. 

Mercy Witman Howard, Feb. 13, 1836; d. Aug., 

524 Zina, b. Jan. 3, 181 1; m. Mary Hunt, Jan. 25, 1834; 

d. Feb. 3, 1893. ^ 

525 Charlotte M., b. April 13, 1813; m. Jan., 1838, Isaac 

G. Parker; d. Jan. 8, 185 1. 
I2(i Cyrus, b. Nov. 11, 181 5; d. Aug. i, 181 8. 

527 Thomas F., b. Jiine 26, 1818; m. (i) Patience 

Burdick, Feb. 24, 1848; m. (2) Sarah Byers, 
Feb. 22, 1853. 

528 Walter, b. Dec. 18, 1820; d. Dec. 8, 1845. 

529 Mehitabel F., b. April 19, 1823; m. Humphrey K. 

Brownell, Feb. 23, 1841; d. April 29, 1848. 

530 Elizabeth, b. Jan. 17, 1825; d. June. 13, 1854. 

531 Mary D., b. Sept. 15, 1827; d. July 20, 1S47. 

532 Amv, ) 1 T c Q d. Aug. 6, 1840. 
^-^ -' ' b. Jan. 6, 1830; » > ty 

^^T^ Emma, ) d. Jan. 6, 1830. 

534 Thomas J., b. May 1 1, 1832; m. Mary Devel, July 4, 



Nicholas,' of George '^ (106), Walter/ George/ Thomas/ 
Thomas,' Thomas,' 
b. April 15, 1765, in Portsmouth; d. Sept. 4, 1829; m. Hannah 
Sisson, Sept. 24. 17S9. Children: 

535 George, b. July 30, 1790; d. June 27, 1859, at 

SuUivans, Madison Co., X. Y.; m. Elizabeth Bell. 

536 Mary, b. May i, 1792; d. at Windham, June 26, 

1823; m. Rufus King. Son Rufus H. was a 
lawyer, member of Congress, and president of 
Catskill Bank. 

537 Riley, b. Feb. 9, 1795, ^^ Rensselaerville; d. Oct. 27, 

1S17. Was clerk in a store. 

S8 (Ji'nra/oi^y of the Cornell Family. 

53S Rebecca, b. Oct. 27, 1796, at Rensselaerville; d. 
IMarch. 19, 1S49, at Windham; ni. Samuel C. 
Stimpson, member of Assembly. No children. 

539 Gideon, b. April 15, 1799; d. 1849; m. Julia Ann 

Bachus, Nov. 4, 1S27. 

540 Betsey, b. Aug. i, 1802, at Rensselaerville; d. 

Nov. 12, 1850, at Windham; m. Cornelius Stimp- 
son, brother of Samuel, 1822-3. 

541 Isaac Nicholas, b. Oct. 3, 1807, at Rensselaerville; 

killed at Gettysburg, July 2, 1863; m. Rhoda 
Belden, March 18, 1834. 
He was a resident of Windham, Greene Co., N. Y., and 
Rensselaerville, Albany Co. Died at Windham. 


Gideon,' of George" (106), Walter,^ George,* Thomas,^ Thomas,* 
b. Oct. 6, 1767; m. Ann Cornell (278), Oct. 13, 1793. Children: 

542 George, b. March 31, 1794. 

543 Robert B., b. Nov. 18, 1801. 

544 Clark, b. Dec. 5, 1803.* 

He removed from Portsmouth to Ohio, 181 7. 


Walter,' of Jonathan' (109), Walter,^ George,^ Thomas,* 
Thomas," Thomas,' 
b. April 7, 1764; (supposed) d. Sept. i, 1819; m. Ruth Earle, 
Dec. 8, 1 79 1, daughter of John" and Deborah (Anthony,^ 
Oliver,' John,' William,'^ Ralph'). She d. May 23, 181 2. 

545 Job, b. Nov. 2, 1792. 

546 David Earle, b. Aug. 23, 1794. 

547 Edward, b. March 19, 1797 (devisee of Stephen B.) 

Was a sea captain, retired with about $30,000. 
Lived for some time at the United States Hotel, 
Fulton street. New York, becoming impover- 
ished, spent the latter part of his life at Sailor's 
vSnugf Harbor. 

* Query: Who was Henry, age 23, son of Clark and Mary, of Abbing- 
ton.Conn., m. Sarah K. Remingtcm of Warwick, age 20, March 31, 1852. 

Ge7iealogy of the Cornell Faviily. 89 

548 Mary, b. 1799; m. Joshua Blanche!, or Blodgett, or 


549 Walter, b. March i, 1801. 

550 Albert, b. Oct. i, 1804; d. March 15, 188 r, buried 

on the Cornell Homestead. 

551 John, b. 1806 (devisee of Stephen B.); d. in Cali- 

fornia, leaving about §20,000 to his brother 

181 2, Walter conveys to Stephen B. 25 acres of Cornell farm. 
(See will of Stephen B.) 


Walter,' of Walter "(in), Walter,' George/ Thomas,' Thomas," 
b. 15.9, 1777; m. Lydia Hadwan, 14.10, 1805, at Newport 
Meeting House. Children: 

552 Elizabeth Hadwan, b. 1.8, 1807; m. Isaac Riggs. 

553 Walter, b. April 3, i8ri, in Newport; m. (i) Sarah 

Eldred, April 29, 1830; m. (2) Louisa Jones of 
Marshall Co., 111., May 28, 1852. 

554 Rebecca, unmarried. 

555 John, unmarried. 


Robert,' of Robert' (114), George,' George,' Thomas,' Thomas," 
b. Aug. 14, 1793; m. Ann Burdick Tew, Sept. 15, 1814. Child: 

556 Hannah Vaughan, b. Nov. 20, 1815; m. Henry 

Tew Cornett. Had a daughter Mary Ann, who 
married John Bussing Colis of New York City; 
also six other children. 

He was drowned from on board the brig Caroline Augusta 
of Boston, Sept. 19, 1818. 


HicKS,' of Samuel ° (118), George,' Geoi-ge,* Thomas,' Thomas," 
m., at Middleton by Rev. Daniel Webb, Elizabeth Cogge- 
shall, Jan. 28, 1819; she d. Aug. iS, 1865, age 71; was daughter 

oo (lOit'a/og-y of the Cornel/ I-'aviily. 

of William' and Deborah (Horswell) Coggeshall (Thomas,'" 
Thomas/ Joshua/ Joshua,' John'). Children: 

557 George, b. Nov. ii, 1819; m. Abbe C. Humes of 

Cogshall, Nov. 5, 1843; married by the Rev. 
Junia Mowry. Child: Anna M., b. Aug. 1 1, 1844.* 

558 Peleg, b. March 2, 1824; d. Jan. 4, 1890. 

559 Deborah, b. Nov. 12, 1821; m. Eliza B. Sherman; 

d. Oct. 24, 1S87. 
500 Mary, b. July 14, 1826. 

561 Hannah, b. Aug. 8, 1828. 

562 Ruth, b. Jan. 10, 1832. 

563 Benjamin Franklin, b. Nov. 22, 1834; m. Emily 

Maria Manchester. 


Stephen," of Oliver ' ( 1 20), George,^ George,'* Thomas,^ Thomas,* 
b. Sept., 1797; d. Oct. 31, 1869; m. Harriet Charlotte Earle, 
Sept. 28, 1823, at Newport. Children: 

564 Stephen Northam, b. Sept. 26, 1826. 

565 Anna Elizabeth, b. June 30, 1829; d. Sept. 4, 1865; 

m. Geo. Augustus Stevens of Pulaski; he d. 
Sept. 4, 1858. Child: Joseph Tyler Cornell 
Stevens, b. April 17, 1857, at Washington, D.C.; d. 
unmarried, at Chihuahua, Mexico, April 30, 1892. 

566 Oliver, b. March 10, 1832, in New London; d. in 

Altoona, 111., June 26, 1890; unmarried. 

567 Sarah H., b. April 12, 1837; d. June 25, 1844. 

568 Ellen Grinnell, b. March 29, 1839; m. Nathaniel" 

Button Smith, son of Nathan' Jones and Alzina 
(Button) Smith (Aaron,^ Asa'). Children: Cor- 
nell Nathan, b. May 28, 1878; and Walter Denni- 
son, b. Dec. 9, 1881. 

569 Harriet Charlotte, b. Nov. 2, 1842; d. Jan. 26, 1849. 

570 William Northam, b. June 19, 1845; m. Oct. 24, 

1892, Sarah O'Neil; she was b. Nov. 24, 1863; d. 
March i, 1896. No children. He resides in 
Brownville, Jefferson Co., N. Y. 

* See l^ilai Records of R. /. {,'?>m\\.\\f\(t\A Marriages). 

Genealogy of t lie Cornell Family. 91 

1846, Stephen and wife Harriet convey to Albert (550) part 
of the Cornell farm. Albert (550) devises Cornell farm to 
Harriet, widow of Stephen, for life, with reversion to Stephen, 
Oliver, Ellen G. and William, her children. 

He was of the U. vS. Revenue steamer 5. P. Chase. 


Richard," of Joseph ° (125), Richard,' George,^ Thomas,' 
Thomas,' Thomas,' 
b. June 26, 1783; m. (i) Phebe Sweet, b. 1786; d. 1814; m. (2) 
Sarah Rice; d. 1851. Children: 

Bv iirst wife: 

571 Catharine, b. Feb. 2, 1809; m. Soloman Rodman 

Knowlesof East Greenwich, who d. June 17, 1890. 
She was a teacher and still living 1900. 

572 John, b. Sept. 10, 1810; d. Dec. 15, 1S66. 

5-3 R^th, ;.b. March, 1814;^- ^^3-3- 

574 Mary Ann, ) d. 1863, Ohio; m. Rus- 

sell Bowne of Vermont. 

575 William, d. in infancy. 
By second wife: 

576 Phebe, b. 1824; d. 1849; m. Nov. 22, 1840, James 


He was a farmer and Calvinist Baptist in religion. 


Sarah,' of George T." (131), Clark," George,^ Thomas,^ Thomas,^ 
b. July 5, 1759; d. April 16, 1827; m. Moses Norman, son of 
George, Newport, March 5, 17S5. Children {Norman): 



Moses, b. 1788; d. 1818; m. Sarah Babcock, daugh- 
ter of Wm. and Sarah (Werden) Babcock of 

Ann Hope. 

Robert Cornell. 

George W. 

Priscilla Bradford. 

Q2 (ii-H/'d/oi^y of the Cornell h'aniily. 


(iKOKo; K," of George T/(i3i). Clark/ George/ Thomas/ Thomas,* 
b. July ^. 1764; d. 1S41; m. . Child: 

584 George, b. 1797; d. ^lay 1835; m. Maria Rodman, 

X<~)v. 5, 1814. 


Job," of George T." (131), Clark, ^ George,' Thomas,' Thomas,'"' 
b. Dec. 1 771; d. 1801; m. Sarah Warren of Newport, daughter 
of Joseph and Sarah Warren. She was b. March 16, 1775: 
d. Jnly 20, 1819. Children: 

585 Richard, b. Oct. 8, 181 1; d. Dec. 27, 189-; m. Alice 

Shearman, daughter of Job and Alice Shearman; 
spent most of his life in Newport; for a time in 
business in New York, having made a compe- 
tency, retired from active work; engaged in 
philanthrop}'; president of the Savings Bank of 
Newport, 1879-89; many years on the Board of 
Government of the Redwood Library and Peo- 
ple's Library; supporter of Home for Friendless 
Children, the First Methodist Church, etc.; was 
also an attendant at Friends' Meeting. No 

586 Sarah A. Cornell. 


Capt. Godfrey,' of Gideon' (141), Caleb,* William," Stephen,^ 
Thomas,'^ Thomas,' 
b. Nov. 5, 177 1 ; m. Anne' Slocum (Peleg,' Holder,' Peleg,^ 
Giles,' Anthony'), March 20, 1794. She was born at Dart- 
mouth about 1773; they lived and d. in Dartmouth, Mass. 

587 Elizabeth, b. Aug. 7, 1794; m. Alden Macomber. 

588 Mehitable or Matilda or Hetty, b. Feb. 25, 1799; 

m. Wm. H. Russell, Oct. 3, 1816. 
sBq Pardon. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 93 


Pardon/ of Gideon' (141), Caleb,' William/ Stephen/ Thomas/ 
b. May 18, 1774; d. Jan. 3, 1859; m. (i) (supposed) Ann Case, 
m. (2) Lydia Wing, daughter of John and Mary. She was b. 
March 8, 1781; d. April 9, 1853. Children: 

590 Phebe, b. Sept. 21, 1800; m. Ellery Brownell, Dec. 

29, 1823. 

591 Godfrey, b. Nov. 4, 1802. 

592 Joseph W., b. Oct. 26, 1804. 

593 Mercy W., b. Jan. 29, 1807; m. Charles Allen, Dec. 

7. 1826. 

594 Elizabeth, b. May 29, 1812; m. May 22, 1834, 

William Rackertson ^ Slocum (Rackertson/ 
Peleg,' Peleg,' Holder,' Peleg,' Giles,' Anthony '). 
They resided on one of the Elizabeth Islands, 
Buzzards Bay; then settled on a farm in Dart- 
mouth, Mass. Children: Cornelia, b. 1842, 
John Wood Rowland, b. 1868. 

595 Lydia, b. Dec. 6, 1813; d. unmarried. 

596 Gideon, b. Dec. 6, 1815. 

597 Alfred, b. 9.30, 1821. 

I Si 7, Mentioned in his father's will. 


Jerathmel,' (supposed) of Gideon'* (14O' Caleb,' William,* 
Stephen,^ Thomas,'" Thomas,' 
d. 1809-10, at sea; m. Sarah Brightman. Children: 

598 Goved, b. June 12, 1793; d. 1835, in Cambridge, 

X. Y. 

599 Elizabeth, b. Sept. 5, 1795; d. April 27, 1854; m. 

Constant Sisson, Cambridge, X. Y., Dec, 1812. 

600 Delia, b. April 18, 1797; m. Dec. 3, 1815, Horatio 

Ball of Schoharie, Schoharie Co., X. Y. 

* Perhaps Jerathmel was son of Caleb (57). Mrs. Ball (600) says she 
remembers Uncle Gideon (141), brother to her father and Aunt Else Case. 
Perhaps Adam Case was brother of Ann who married Pardon Cornell (311). 

94 (i''r//ra/oxr of iJic Cor }}ci! Family. 

601 LiK-y, b. March 23. '799; ni. Henry Brig-gs, March 

10. 1810, Ogxlcnsburg, N. Y. 

There are deeds of (rideon, (lOved and Jerathmel of "West- 
port, and ivlihn. 


I) A MIL,' of Zebiilon' (150), Daniel," AVilliam,' Stephen/ 
Thomas," Thomas,' 
b. June 2, 1772; m. (i) ^largaret Spring-; m. (2) Sophia 
Spring' (sisters). Children: 

602 Zebulon, b. April 17, 1794, in Shaftsbtiry, Vt.; d. 

Nov. 23, 1852, Stanbridge, Quebec. 

603 William. 

604 Albert. 

605 Alfred. 

606 Allen. 

607 Alanson. 

608 Sidney. 

609 Sophia, also a daiig-hter Rebecca. 


Joseph,' of Zebulon" (150), Daniel,^ William,'' Stephen,^ Thomas,'' 
b. Feb. 20, 1776; d. Nov. 22, 1828; m. Mahella Allen. Child: 

610 Ephraim. 


Weston," of Zebulon" (150), Daniel," William,'' Stephen,^ 
Thomas,'' Thomas,' 
b. Jan. 19, 1783; d. March 11, 1831; m. Lucy Parker. Chil- 
dren : 

611 Eliakim. 

612 Allen. 


William,' of Zebulon' (150), Daniel," William,' Stephen,* 
Thomas,^ Thomas,' 
t>- July 3, 1778; m. . Children: 

6i2A Abram S. 
612B Daniel. 

Genealogy of the Cornell !• amity. 95 


Stephen,' of James* (151), Daniel,' William/ Stephen,' Thomas,* 
b. Feb. 3, 1778; d. April 27, 1S55; m. Deborah Pease about 
1799, daughter of Hiram Pease. She was b. Feb. 14, 1783; 
d. March 24, 1S72. Children: 

613 Hiram Pease, b. Feb. 11, 1800; d. 1869; m. i^Iaria 

Ingram. Children: John and Stephen. Stephen 
had one daughter. John had no children. 

614 James, b. Feb. 14, 1803; d. July 23, 1868; m. Elsie 


615 Alonzo, b. Nov. 17, 1808; d. July 27, 1865; m. 

Amanda Choate. Children: Edward A., living 
in Williamsport, Pa., and Charles A. 

616 Paul Dennis, b. Oct. 30, 1810; d. Dec. 14, 1868; m. 

Lydia A. Kelderhouse, Feb. 26, 1838. 

617 George E., b. Nov. 22, 1819; d. Jan. 6, 1900; m. (i) 

Emeline Akin; m. (2) Jane Trowbidge; m. (3) 
Rachel Parsons. Children by first wife: John T., 
Adelaide, and Georgiana, m. Henry S. Wilson. 
61S Thankful, b. Aug. 3, 1801; d. June, 1861; m. 
Geo. T. Morrison. Seven children. 

619 Mehitabel, b. March 30, 1807; d. May 6, 1840; m. 

George W. Slocum. No children. 

620 Allen, b. March 31, 1805; lost at sea. 

There were seven other children, most of whom died young. 
All the fifteen were born in North Easton, Washington Co., 
N. Y. 


Gideon,' of James" (151), Daniel.' William,' Stephen,' Thomas,' 
b. Feb. 23, 1780; m. Juh' 19, 1802, Clara Potter. She was b. 
Aug. 13, 1782. Children: 

621 Mary M., b. Dec. 21, 1803: m. Arnold Coggeshall, 

March 25, 1826. 

622 Benjamin F., b. June 20, 1805; m. Isabella C. 

Thompson, May 21, 1828. Physician. Child: 

p6 (iriiro/oj^v of iJic Cornell Fa))iily. 

Mary E., b. j\Iay 9, 1829; m. Austin L. Reynolds, 
Sept. 16, 1853. 

623 Addie Eliza, b. April 23, 1807; m. Lewis Faber, 

April 30, 1838. 

624 Nathaniel P., b. March 24, 1809; m. Maria Packard. 

625 Daniel B., b. Jan. 30, 181 1; m. Adeliza Bull. 

626 Lucinda P., b. Nov. 15, 1812; m. Redford Dennis 

Jan. 22, 1831. 

627 Sarah P., b. Aug-. 29, 1815; m. Benjamin Allen, 

Sept., 1835. 

628 Clara, b. June i, 1818; m. Jacob Nailor, Aug-. 16, 

1 84 1. 

629 Mercy Alida, b. June 19, 1820. 

630 James L. P., b. Aug. 2, 1824. 

631 Frances Jane, b. June 12, 1827; m. Nov. 23, 1839, 

Wm. Weed Marion, who was b. 1795 i^ Argyle, 
N. Y. 

Supervisor and Justice of Peace. 


Daniel,' of James" (151), Daniel,'" William," Stephen,' Thomas," 
m. (i) Sabina Talmage; m. (2) Cynthia Anthony or Crundall. 
Children : 

By first wife: 

632 Henry, m. Martha Smith. 

633 Charles, m. (i) Deborah Beebe; m. (2) Emeline 

Slocum, daughter of Royal and Juliette (Mosher) 
Slocum; b. Oct. 29, 1830, Schaghticoke, N. Y.; 
d. Nov. 12, 1859 (see Sloctini Genealogy); m. 
(3) Mary Wright. 

By second wife: 

634 Clarissa; m. Belding or Becker. 

635 Hattie, m. Haveland Wells or Falls. 


Abraham,' of James' (151), Daniel,' William,* Stephen,* 
Thomas,' Thomas,' 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 97 

b, Nov. 2, 1788, in Easton; d. Aug. 20, 1847; m. IMary Dennis, 
March 11, 1810; she was b. April 8, 1788; d. 1848, in Cam- 
bridge, Washington Co., N. Y. Children: 

636 Betsey, b. April 19, 1813; d. March 24, 1848; m. 

John Barnard, March 20, 1839. 

637 Lavinia A., b. Feb. 4, 1818; m. Hiram Ives, Aug. 

21, 1830. 

638 Hiram K., b. Oct. 14, 1823; d. Feb. 7, 1865; m. (i) 

Mary E. Bassett; m. (2) Stillman. 


Alvin,' of Paul" (154), Daniel,^ William,* Stephen,^ Thomas,^ 
b. Feb. 25, 1793; m. Hannah Haskell. Children: 

639 Eliza Ann, b. Nov. 21, 1819; unmarried. 

640 Mary Louisa, b. Oct. 8, 1821; deceased. 

641 Merebah Haskell, b. March 29, [823; unmarried; 

residence, California. 

642 Alvin Henry, b. Jan. 23, 1827. 

643 Hiram, b. April it, 1828, Salisbury, Vt. ; m. Har- 

riet White Brown. 

644 Parmelia Wilbur, b. June 21, 1830. 

645 Mark, b. April 5, 1833; d. Nov. 14, 1833. 

646 Elizabeth, b. Dec. 8, 1834; d. Oct. 27, 1839. 
Every alternate child was a deaf mute. This family are 

generally Presbyterian, some are Episcopal, 


HIRA^^ King,' of Paul"' (154), Daniel," William,* Stephen,^ 
Thomas," Thomas,' 
b. Aug. 15, 1796, at White Creek; m. Elizabeth Hopkins; 
she m. (2) Dr. Jonathan Berry. Children: 

647 Paul, b. Aug. 5, 1822; m. Helen Maria Gray, July, 


648 Hiram King, b. July 24, 1820; merchant and 

farmer in South Dakota. 
He was drowned. His wife Elizabeth Hopkins was 
descended from Wm. Robinson, one of the early Cambridge 
colonists and kinsman of John Robinson of Leyden, Pastor of 
the Mayflower Pilgrims. 

9^ (i^nt-a/oi^v of the Ccryiell Faniilv. 


Walter Rai.eioh/ of Paul" (154), Daniel,' William/ Stephen,' 
Thomas,- Thomas,' 
b. July 3, 1S12, at White Creek, Washington Co., N. Y.; 
m. Clara A. Dodge, Dec. 30, 1857; she was b. Dec. 26, 1S35. 

649 Herbert Walter, b. Nov. 20, 1858. 

650 Helen Clara, b. Oct. 24, i860. 

651 Lucia, b. Sept. 2, 1862; d. Oct. 18, 1862. 

652 Gertrude Younglove, b. Sept. 9, 1864. 


Ei.iARiM,' of Thomas" (^55), Daniel," William,^ Stephen,^ 
Thomas,- Thomas,' 
b. July 15, 1781; d. Dec. 30, 1852; m. Hannah Potter, daughter 
of Cornelius and Judith. Child: 

653 Timothy B., m. Parmelia Briggs. 


Daniel,' of Benjamin" (15S), - Daniel,' William," Stephen,^ 
Thomas,- Thomas,' 
m. Anna Smith. Children (probably): 

654 Job, m. Thyphena Morgan. Children: Chauncey, 

Phebe, Harriet Maria, Asa, Walter, Caroline, 

655 Lydia, m. Jacob Craft. Children: Anna and Helen. 

656 Asa, m. Fanny Hitchcock. Children: Ellen, 


657 Daniel, b. May 20, 1815; d. Oct. 17, ]889; m. Esther 

Bowerman, 1838. 

658 Phebe, m. Geo. Parkinson. Children: Anna, 

Chas., Stephen. 

659 Sarah, m. Chas. Parkinson. Children: Ellen, 

vSeymour, Frankie. 

660 Benjamin, m. Phebe vSwift. Children: Lettia, 

Altha, Alma, Florence, Delavan, Evagene, Lil- 

661 Samuel, m. Cordelia Barnes. Children: Alfred, 

Jay, Fred. 

662 Stephen, m. Elizabeth Swift; d. s. p. 

Genealogy of tJie Cornell Fai/n'ly. 99 


JoHX/ of Amos" (162), Israel,' Stephen/ Stephen/ Thomas/^ 
b. Dec. 17, 1767; m. Chloe Hollis, published 5.14, r7S8. Chil- 

663 Mary, b. Nov. 9, 1788; m. Zacheus Kempton. 

664 Hannah, b. April 28, 1790; m. Davis Trask. 

665 Benjamin, b. March 10, 1792; m. Seabury or Sabra 

Tripp, May 10, 181 2. 

666 Israel, b. March 10, 1794; m. Priscilla Macomber; 

d. April 28, 1855. 

667 John, b. ]\\\y 28, 1795; lived in Providence, d. in 


668 Jeremiah, b. March or June -23, 1802: m. Peace 


669 Amos, b. Nov. 23, 1804; d. July 20, 1854; m. (i) 

Maro^aret ^Tacomber; m. (2) Harriette "W. Jac- 
quith, daughter of Amos and Harriette. She d. 
Feb. 15, 1854. 


Amos,' of Amos" (162), Israel," Stephen,' Stephen,' Thomas/' 
b. April 29, 1772; d. Feb. 3, 1845; m. Lucy Bennett, April 11, 
1793; she was b. Jan. n, 1770; d. Feb. 5, 1845. Children: 

670 Samuel, b. Nov. 11, 1793; d. Jan. i, 1879; m. Lucy 

Jones, Feb. 17, 1820. 

671 Amos, b. April 21, 1796, in Dartmouth, Mass.; d. 

Oct. I, 1857; m. Desdemony Chamberlain, Jan. 
i5> 1S24. 

672 Stephen, b. Sept. 27, 1797; d. Aug. 9, 1866; m. Mary 

Hendryx, March 23, 1823. 

673 Elizabeth, b. Sept. 15, 1799; d. March 3, 1828; m. 

James Moore and had one son who d. at 24, un- 

674 Orilla, b. July 31, 1802; d. Jan. 29, 1858, unmarried. 

675 Russell, b. June 2, ; d. April 25 1S06. 

Moved from Dartmouth to Lake George and lived there 
when the battle of Plattsburg was fovight during the war of 
181 2, in which his oldest son Samuel took part. 

loo (ir//t\7/oi;i' of tilt' CodicU I'aunly. 


l-<KAF.i.' of Amos" (lOj), Israel," Stephen/ Stephen/ Thomas," 
b. April S, 1774; m. (probably) Poll)'- Mason. She was b. in 
Lanesboro, Mass., April 26, 1781; she m. (2) her cousin 
Shubael Alason. Children: 

()7() Cyrns. 

677 Hiram. 

67S Eliza Ann. 

679 Thomas Jefferson. 

oSo Maria, b. March 26, 1808 (after her father's death.) 


William,' of Amos" (162), Israel,'' Stephen,'* vStephen,^ Thomas,* 
b. Nov. 17, 1779; m. Jemima Mather, Dec. 28, 1797. Children: 

681 Stephen, b. Aug. 28, 1798. 

682 Robey, b. Dec, 6, 1799. 


Philip A.,' of Amos" (162), Israel," Stephen,' Stephen,^ Thomas,'' 
b. March 31, 1782; d. Sept. 9, 1815, or Sept. 14, 1819, at Green- 
bush, N. Y.; m. Nancy Ryder, April 25, 1805; she was b. 
March 28, 1785, daughter of Samuel Ryder and Mary Cum- 
ming. Children: 

683 Samuel Hooag, b. April 22, 1815; m. (i) Eliza C. 

Smith, July 10, 1850; m. (2) Emily Mead, July 
10, 1883. 

684 Mary, b. Feb. 9, 1806, at Troy, N. Y.; d. Sept. 3, 

1891; m. Russell D. Wilbur. Children: Shadrack 
and Anna. 

685 Almira, b. Jan. 30, 1808. 

686 Philip R., b. May 2, 181 1; d. April 11, 1880; m. 

Freelove Wilbur, Dec. 3, 1834. 

He lived in Chatham, Columbia Co., N. Y. 

Genealogy of tJic Cornell I-'annly. loi 


Nathan,' of Joseph" (x68), Elisha,' Stephen/ Stephen/ Thomas/ 
b. March ii, 1771, at Swansea; d. 1858, at Syracuse, N. Y.; m. 
Cynthia Fay, Jan. i, 1794; she d. Jan. 22, 1856. Children: 

687 Mary, m. C. Purser, Syracuse. 

688 Cynthia, b. July 14, 1800, at Saratoga; m. (i) 

Ebenezer B. F'risbie; m. (2) Rev. Chas. Van 
Loon of Albany; Baptist preacher. He d. 1847, 
at Poug"hkeepsie. 

689 Levi, b. April 29, 1797, at Saratoga; d. Jan. 6, 1859. 

690 Parnielia, m. AVynant Cromwell. 


Elisha,' of Joseph" {168), Elisha,' Stephen/ Stephen,' Thomas,' 
b. Aug. 15, 1773, at Cheshire, Mass.; d. at Manchester, Vt., 
Dec. 29, 1808; m. Rachel Sutherland, Jan. i, 1794. Child: 

691 Rev. Hiram, Jackson, Alich. 
Was killed by the fall of a tree. 


Asa,' of Joseph' (168), Elisha,' Stephen,' Stephen/ Thomas,' 
b. Jan. 5, 1778, at Cheshire, Mass.; d. at Albion, N. Y., April 
7, 1859; m. Clarinda Smith, Sept. 4, 1800, in Galway; she was 
b. May 3, 1781, Richmond, Mass. Children: 

692 Villette, b. Nov. 28, 1801; d. July 23, 1845. 

693 Mason, b. July 22, 1805; d. July 5, 1809. 

694 Mary, b. March 27, 1807; d. Jan. 25, 1835, in Wash- 

ington, D. C; m. E. H. Kincaid, Oct. 22,, 1S31. 
Two children. 

695 Rhoda Ann, b. March 27, 1814; d. March 29, 1S56, 

in Syracuse; m. E. H. Kincaid, Oct. 3, 1836. 
Editor Republican Journal, Elgin, 111. 

696 Cynthia Emeline, b. in Galway, Orleans Co., N. Y., 

vSept. 9, 1816; d. Aug. 18, 1889; m. Dr. Alanson 
Cornell (446), May 25, 1836. 

I02 Crrnrtr/oi^y of f//t' Cornell Fniiiily. 

697 Joseph Mason, b. June 2, 1S19; d. July 4, 1890; ni. 

Jane Cole, April 25, 1S48. 
098 Engene Kincaid Wade, b. May lo, 1823; d. Jnne 

26, 1849, Elgin, N. Y.; m. Kate Podelford, Jan. 

26. 1849. 

Was a farmer and lived on one farm in (ralway over fifty 

389 of Asa^ (T74)- Elisha," Stephen,^ Stephen,^ Thomas,' 
b. julv 2^, 1797; ni. (1) Fanny Luther, daughter of Childs 
TyUther, July 6, 1820, both of Rehoboth; she was b. Jan. 18, 
1800, Columbia, Bradford Co., Pa.; m. (2) Levana (Chase) 
Anthony, daughter of James Chase, Dec. 4, 1851; she was b. 
Jan. 6, 1800, at Swansea. Children: 

699 Frederick Plummer, b. Nov., 12, 1821; m. . 

Children: Edward Rye, b. Dec. 4, 1851; d. Nov., 
1854; Levi Plummer; Mary; Gideon Ransom; 

700 Lavel Maxwell, b. July 26, 1822, at Warren, Bristol 

Co.; d. Dec. 13, 1849. 

701 Alvah Mason, b. Aug. 22, 1825, at vSwansea; m. 

Betsey Amelia Bullock, June 7, 1849. 

702 William Childs, b. July 3, 1827, at Rehoboth; m. 

Emily Mason, May 3, 1850. 

703 vSally Maria, b. April 9, 1831, at Columbia, Brad- 

ford Co., Pa.; m. John Howland, July 4, 1852. 

704 Lucy Luther, b. Sept. 21, 1833; d. 1855; m. Hosea 

Woolf, Feb. 15, 1855- 

705 Marv, b. Jan. 18, 1837; d. Feb. 9, 1859, at Columbia. 


Constant,' of Stephen" (178), Stephen,' Stephen,' Stephen,' 
Thomas,' Thomas,' 
b. May 9, 1781, at Dighton; m. CJ)live Alexander, Nov. 20, 
1814. Child: 

706 Daniel, b. at Bristol, Ontario Co., N. Y. 
1S29, he was of Westfield, Ohio. (vSee deeds.) 

Genealogy of the Come// Family. 103 


Alansox Pease,' of Stephen' (178), Stephen,' Stephen,' 
Stephen,'' Thomas,^ Thomas,' 
b. April I, 1807; d. Sept. 7, 1S64; m. Mary Maria Austin; she 
was b. Dec. 20, 1S24; d. Oct. 18, 1853. Children: 

707 Charles Emery, b. June 26, 1845; m. Caroline 

Lusenburg, June 17, 1S79. 

708 Henry Alanson, b. Sept. 5, 1843; d. April 3, 1873; 

m. Anna ]\I. Crumley. 


Isaiah S.,' of Stephen^ (178), Stephen,^ Stephen,'' Stephen,' 
Thomas,'' Thomas,' 
b. May 7, 1802; d. Aug. 18, 1853; m. Elizabeth Griggs or 
Gregg, Nov. 22, 1827, Children: 

709 George G., b. Nov. 20, 1828. Residence, Iowa 

City, Iowa. 

710 Mary E., b. Oct. 7, 1830; m. Nathan W. Thomas, 

Jan. I, 1849, of Bristol, Ontario Co., N. Y. 

711 Stephen S., b. April 16, 1832; m. Sarah Bigelow, 

Dec. 20, 1859. 

712 Abby, b. Feb. 3, 1835; m. Ezekiel Francis, Feb. 15, 

1857, Iowa. 

713 Hannah Augusta, b. Jan. 24, 1837; m. Chandler 

Hathaway, Bristol. One child. 

714 Alanson B.. b. March 20, 1840; m. Mary Baker. 


James,' of James^ (179), Stephen,' Stephen,' Stephen,^ Thomas," 
b. April 22, 1782; d. Aug. 11, 1847; m. Amy or Anne Rounds, 
March 26, 1807; she was b. April 9, 1788; d. April 13, 1845, in 
Swansea. Children: 

715 Stephen, b. Nov. 8, 1809; m. Elizabeth C. Gar- 

dener, Nov. 16, 1834. 

716 Mason D., b. Dec. 18, 181 1; m. Lydia Arnold, Dec. 

31, 1837. 

717 Adelia S., b. Feb. 26, 1S14; m. Daniel or Dennis 

Martin of Swansea, May 29, 1832. He was b. 

I04 OV;/<v?/('_;'")' of tJic (. orucll Family. 

Dec. 12. 1800; d. Oct. 25, 1859, at Honeoye Falls, 
X. v.; had Caroline F., Sept. 30, 1832, at Swan- 
sea; m. Leonidas F. Wilbur of Richmond, N. Y., 
son of Leonidas and Abigail Cornell (408). 

7t8 Roxana, b. May 1, 1818; m. George Piirrington, 
Dec. 25, 1842. 

7ig Ruth R., b. March 6, 1820; d. Aug. 31, 1841; m. 
Mercy A. Potter of Scituate, R. I., June 22, 1845. 

720 James W., b. Juh- 22, 1822, at Swansea; m. Mercy 

A. Potter of Scituate, R. I., June 22, 1845. 

721 Sepha P., b. April 15, 1824; m. Sylvester G. Martin, 

March 11, 1849, of Ellisburgh, Jefferson Co., N. Y. 

722 Emma Rebecca, b. April 4, 1827; m. Edwin H. 

Peck, of Rehoboth, Oct. 19, 1845. He was killed 
at Beaufort, S. C, 1863. vShe m. (2) Clark Thurs- 
ton, of Providence, July 10, 1865. 

723 Susan M., b. Nov. i, 1829. 

724 Elizabeth G., b. May 12, 1833; m. Dennis Hicks, 

Oct. 18, 1855, of Ellisburgh, Jefferson Co., N. Y. 
Had issue. 

Representative in Assembly, Massachusetts Legislature. 
1850, Stephen of Providence and Mason of Warwick, deed. 


Philip Russell,' of James" (179), Stephen," Stephen,' Stephen,' 
Thomas,'-' Thomas,' 
b. April 4, 1810; m. (i) Harriet Thompson, Nov. 16, 1837; she 
d. July 10, 1840, age 23; m. (2) Delia Bristol; m. (3) Delia 
Norton, Feb. 3, 1856. Children: 

By first wife: 

725 James, b. Oct. 24, 1839. 

By second wife: 

726 Harriet L., b. May 27, 1844. 

727 Lucy M., b. March 17, 1846; d. Nov. 19, 1S69. 

By third wife: 

728 Henry F., b. Oct. 11, 1856. 

729 George P., b. Aug. 12. 1858. 

730 Jessie A., b. Feb. 14, 1862. 

731 Arthur W., b. Sept. 15, 1864. 

Genealogy of the Cornell FaDiily. 105 

732 Lewis ]\I., b. IMay 10, 1867. 

733 Charles E., b. Aug-. 28, 1S71. 

Was of the Shakers, joined them in 181 7, left them 1835. 
Was with Tilden. 


Benjamin Franklin," of William^ (1^0), Stephen,^ Stephen," 
Stephen,' Thomas,' Thomas,' 
b. April 3, 1804; d. 1830; m. Anna Crane; she was b. 1803. 

734 Charles Franklin, b. April 5, 1830, in Berkley, 

Mass.; m. Anna T. Lucas, March 10, 1851; she 
was b. Jan. 25, 1829. 

1834-48, Sundry deeds. Was captain of militia. 


Wm. Mason, ^ M. D., of William' (180), Stephen,' Stephen," 
Stephen,^ Thomas,* Thomas,' 
b. Oct. 16, 1802; m. Emeline Augusta Lord of Weymouth, 
Mass., Jan. 18, 1822; she d. Dec. 12, 1886; m. (2) Annie Reese 
of Montreal, Canada, Oct. 11, 1887. No children. 

He is one of the seven of the family mentioned in Apple- 
ton s Cyclopcsdia of Biography from which the following 
notice is taken: " Graduated at Brown University, 1827; studied 
Theology, was ordained, Jan. 19, 1830, and officiated as Pastor 
of a church in Woodstock, Conn, 1832-4, then at Quincy, Mass., 
till 1839, when he left the Ministry on account of failing health; 
then studied medicine, took his degree 1844, at Berkshire 
Medical School; began practice in Boston. Edited Journal of 
Health, 1846-9; afterwards Pastor and People, and The Guar- 
dian of Health. Contributed largely to periodicals. Compiled 
a Medical Dictionary. Subsequently filled the chair of Anatomy 
and Physiology at the Western University." 


Gideon,' of Gideon' (191), Gideon,' Stephen," Stephen,^ Thomas/ 
b. Sept. 7, 1785, at Dighton; d. Nov. 8, 1857; m. Julia Lobdell, 
July 17, 1810; she d. 1862. Children: 

io6 (irfira/oi^-y of tJie L orncll Family. 

735 George H., b. Jan. ::;8, 1S15; m. Henrietta Barnes. 

736 ArtemasW., b. Oct. 24, 1824; m. (i) Sarah Wright, 

Nov., 1S49; m. (2) Emeline Moore, Oct. 7, 1856. 

737 Gideon, b. Oct. 9, 1832. Supervisor, Prescott, 


738 Leander H., b. Jnne 9, 1835; d. 1858. 

739 Lavinia, b. Feb. 11, 1813; m. S. Wilson. 

740 Elmira, b. May 7, 1817; m. Aaron Pearce. 

741 Elizabeth, b. Dec. 22, 1821; m. Elisha Wells. 

742 Ann, b. March 4, 1827; m. Anthony Rhodes. 

743 Jane. 

744 Mary, b. June 3, 181 1: m. S. Tracy. 

745 Margaret, b. Dec. 29, 1829; m. Joseph Sterling. 


Sylvanus,' of Gideon" (191), Gideon,^ vStephen," Stephen,^ 
Thomas,'' Thomas,' 
b. 1790; d. 1865; m. Sarah Carpenter in 1810. Children: 

746 Lucinda, b. 181 1; d. 1848. 

747 William, b. 1812; m. Emily Castle, 1838. 

748 Lydia, b. 1814; m. Wm. H. Pumphry. 

749 Dr. Harvey, b. Feb. 28, 1816; m. Elizabeth Joyner, 

185 1, Delavan, O. No children. 

750 Julia, b. 1823; m. Wm. H. Devilbissin. 


Archibal[),' of Gideon'' (19O) Gideon," Stephen," Stephen,^ 
Thomas,'' Thomas,' 
b. Oct. 9, 1792, at Dighton; d. 1850; m. Sarah Peck, Aug. 24, 
1820; she was b. Feb. 6, 1799, in Nova Scotia. Children: 

751 Edwin Ruthven, b. July 21, 182 1, at St. Albans, O.; 

m. Sarah A. Moseman. 

752 Helen, b. April 8, 1825; m. Abner Wood, in St. 

Albans, O., March 31, 1859. No children. 

753 Bertrand, b. Jan. 4, 1830; d. Dec. 28, 1852, in Port- 

land, Oregon. 

754 Celia, b. Aug. 28, 1832; m. Jonathan Hisey, Jr., 

Sept. 25, i860. No children. 

755 Wilhelmina, Aug. 24, 1837; unmarried. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 107 


MASOx,'of William '(192), Gideon/ Stephen,* Stephen.' Thomas.' 
b. Feb. 15, 1802; d. July 19, 1841: m. Philena A. Munro, 
daughter of John and Parthenia (see No. 190): she was b. 
Nov. 30, 1796. Children: 

756 Anna E.. b. March 3. 1S30: d. May 16. 1855; un- 


757 Frances C, b. Feb. 5, 1831; m. John S. Smith. 

March 27, 1854, Canterburj'', Conn. No children. 

758 William, b. Feb. 7, 1832; d. March 23, 1852, in San 

Francisco, Cal. 

759 Nancy, b. Oct. 23, 1834: d. Oct. 25, 1834. 

760 Mason, b. ^larch 28, 183S; a cripple. 


Paul.' of Ezra' (195). Elijah," Stephen,' Stephen,'" Thomas," 
b. March 28, 1795; d. Jan. 28. 1858; m. Keturah Upsan or 
Upshur Ward. Children: 

761 Harris Ely, d. aged 5. 

762 Paul Jones, b. 1832. 

763 John Ward. b. 1836. 

764 Ezra Elijah. 

765 Mary Ann, b. 1834. 

He was a ship carpenter. Resided in Washington. N. C. 


Hox. Ezra,' of Elijah" (196), Elijah.' Stephen,' Stephen,' 
Thomas,'' Thomas.' 
b. Jan. II. 1807; d. Dec. 9, 1874: m. Mary Ann Wood, March 
19, 1 83 1, of De Ruyter. Madison Co., N. Y.; she was b. April 
25, 1811; d. Sept. 2, 1891, at Ithaca, N. Y. Children: 

766 'Tovernor Alonzo B., b. Jan. 22, 1832: m. (i) Ellen 

A. Covert, Nov. 9, 1852; m. (2) Esther E. (Covert) 
Hastings, June, 9, 1894. 

767 Charles, b. Aug. 15, 1833; d. May 29, 1857. 

76S Elizabeth Percival, b. Sept. 27. 1835; d. Nov. 15, 

loS (it')it'aloi^-v of tJic Cornell l-'ainily. 

769 Franklin Ciithbert, b. Aug. 28, 1S37; m. Susan- 

nah Pettigrew, Jan. 16, 1S62. 

770 Charles Carrol, b. Feb. 22, 1839; d. Feb. 9, 1841. 

771 Oliver H. Perry, b. Feb. 5, 1S42; m. Louisa Conk- 

lin, Dec. 31, 1861, at Dryden, N. Y. 

772 Mary Emily, b. Nov. 21, 1847. 

773 Emma Petit, b. April 21, 1852; m. Charles H. Blair, 

Dec. II, 1873. Children: Ezra Cornell Blair, 
Charles H., Jr., John Hamilton. 

He is one of the seven mentioned in Applcton's Cyclopedia 
of Biography. 

Ezra Cornell, founder of Cornell University, was born at 
Westchester, N. Y., Jan. 11, 1807. In childhood he removed 
with his parents to De Ruyter, Madison Co., N. Y., where his 
youth was passed. He located at Ithaca, Tompkins Co., in 
1828, where he was employed many years as superintendent of 
Colonel Beebe's mills. While thus engaged in 1831, he pro- 
jected and excavated the Ithaca water power tunnel, and some 
years later he constructed the Beebe dam, thus greatly enlarg- 
ing the capacity of the Fall Creek water power. 

In 1843 Mr. Cornell was employed by the Secretary of the 
Treasury to superintend the erection of the experimental line 
of telegraph between Washington and Baltimore, for which 
Congress had made an appropriation of $30,000, to demonstrate 
the utility of Prof. S. F. B. Morse's telegraph invention as a 
means of practical communication between distant points. 
Although completely successful for the purpose, the Post- 
master-General, to whom the proposition had been referred to 
acquire the invention at a valuation of $100,000, as an adjunct 
to the postal establishment, reported to Congress that in his 
opinion no rate of tariff could be adopted which would enable 
the telegraph to become self-supporting, and therefore he 
recommended the declination of the proposition. 

Contrary to the opinion of the Postmaster-General, Mr. Cor- 
nell was fully convinced that the telegraph possessed elements 
of commercial success if once fairly presented for public favor, 
and he determined to devote himself to its development. 
After many months of laborious effort the reqiiisite means 
were finally enlisted, and the line was, in 1845, extended from 
Baltimore to Jersey City. By that time public appreciation 

Genealogy of tJie Cornell I'aiuily. 109 

was fully demonstrated and the telegraph lines were rapidly 
extended in every direction over the United States. Mr. 
Cornell was one of the most active and enterprising telegraph 
pioneers, and was one of the principal founders of the Western 
Union Telegraph Company, of which, for twenty years, he was 
a director, and the largest individual stockholder. 

From 1 86 1 to 1867 Mr. Cornell served two years in the 
State Assembly, and four years as a State Senator, devoting 
himself assiduously to public affairs. Foreseeing danger of 
wasteful loss in the pending State policy of disposing of the 
great Federal Land. Grant of 1862 for educational purposes, 
Mr. Cornell contributed a personal endowment of about 
$1,000,000 for an institution which should also receive for its 
support the entire income of the Land Grant Fund. As the 
State was compelled by the Federal law to sell the 990,000 
acres of land, Mr. Cornell purchased the land scrip and located 
it upon the public domain, contracting with the State to pay to 
Cornell University every dollar of profit to be realized from 
the lands when sold. L"p to present date the L'niversity has 
already realized from Mr. Cornell's direct and indirect endow- 
ment about $5,000,000. while lands yet unsold are expected to 
increase the aggregate of his benefactions by at least another 
Si, 000,000. 

Inheriting a vigorous constitution from his father, who had 
lived to the mature age of 91, Mr. Cornell with his temperate 
and orderly habits, had good prospects of long life which was 
brought to a premature and painful ending Dec. 9, 1874, at the 
early age of 67 years and 10 months, from a six month's siege 
of pneumonia which he contracted in traveling at night in the 
interest of the University. {Appletofi's Cyclopcedia of American 
Biography ; Life of Ezra Cornell, by his son A. B. Cornell, etc. ) 


Elijah,' of Elijah" (196). Elijah,' Stephen.' Stephen.' Thomas.' 
b. April II, 1808, at De Ruyter; m. Betsey Ann Benedict, 
Dec. 15, 1831. Children: 

774 Marion E.,b. May 17, 1832; m. John H. Millspaugh. 

775 Nelson Persy, b. Nov. 23, 1834; m. Sarah Elizabeth 

Innes. at Easton. Pa.. Jan. 12. 1859. Jean B., 

no (rrnra/os^y of t lie Cornell l-'mi/ily. 

daughter of Nelson Persy and Sarah Elizabeth 

(Innes) Cornell, \w. Wm. Watson Williams; had 

one son and two daughters. 
7;6 Maria, b. Sept. 27, 1836; m. Jerome M. Squire. 
777 William, b. July 3, 183S; m. Elizabeth Moore, 

Easton, Pa. 


D.^xiEL B.,' of Elijah" (196), Elijah,^ Stephen,'' Stephen/ 
Thomas, '■ Thomas,' 
b. Feb. 23, 1830; m. (i) Maria Tripp, Dec. 15 or 25, 1850, at 
Union Springs, N. Y.; she was b. Sept. 10, 1829; d. May 22, 
1S52; m. (2) Delia A. Newton, Aug. i, 1855, Flora, Boone 
Co., 111. Children: 

By first wife: 

778 Agnes Ophelia, b. Oct. 31. 185 1; d. May 22, 1852, at 
Union vSprings. 
By second wife: 

779 Austin Adolphus, b. at Union Springs. 

780 Ezra Munroe, b. Oct. 3, 1859, at Belvedere, 111. 

781 Ettie May, ] b. March 24, 1866, at Flora, Boone 

782 p:dgar Jay, S Co., 111. 

He was a farmer. Color vSergeant, Co. G, 95th 111. Regt., 
wounded at Vicksburg. 


SoLOMAX,' of John' (198), Job,' John,' Stephen,' Thomas,* 
m. Edith . Children: 

783 John. 

784 James, d. June 30, 1854, age 43. 

785 Thomas. 
1866, was taxed. 


JoHx," of John '■ (198), Job,' John,' Stephen,' Thomas,' Thomas,' 
b. May 10, 1790; m. Thankful Macomber, 4.15, 1813. Chil- 

786 Job, m. Martha B. Sabine, Oct. 6, 1835; she d. Oct. 

20, 1866, aged 49 years, 8 months and 2 days. He 
was taxed 1866. 

Genealogy of the Cornell J-'aviily. 1 1 1 

787 ^lary, m. Joseph Rowland; she d. 1S35. 

788 Weston, m. Eliza Tripp or Sai'ah Lincoln. Xov. 3, 


789 Marebah, m. John Deval. 

790 Jacob, m. Silva Tripp. Two childreii. 

791 Nancy, m. Ephraini Petty. 

792 Peace, m. Otis Snow. 

793 Georg-e L., m. Adeline or Sarah Briggs, Xov. 14, 


794 Isaac H., m. Sarah Briggs (or Ruth Briggs), Dec. 

5, 1857. Was in New York. 

795 Soloman, m. Mary Briggs, Dec. 30, 1S52. 

796 James, in Dighton. Single.* 

Children all lived in Westport except the last three. 1831, 


Nathan T.,' of Isaac' (200), Jesse," John," vStephen,^ Thomas," 
b. April 5, 1815-16; m. Lucinda Shumway, Feb. 25, 1S40; she 
was b. at Tuscarora, Bradford Co., Pa., June 27, 1821. Chil- 

797 Jesse Wallace, b. Sept. 9, 1841, at Tuscarora, Pa. 

798 Ann Elizabeth, b. Oct. 30, 1847, at Wyalusing, Pa. 

799 Chas. Henry, b. Oct. 12, 1845, at Tuscarora, Pa. 
799A Ann E.. m. Henry Gilmer at \^an Elten. 


Dr. Alanson,' of Alfred' (316), Gideon," Richard." Stephen," 
Thomas,- Thomas,' 
b. Oct. 30, 1802; d. 1873. at Ionia, Mich.; m. Cynthia Emeline 
Cornell (696), May 25, 1836. Children: 

800 Edwin Mason, b. Feb. 4, 1838, at Fenner, Madison 

Co., N. v.; d. March, 185 1, at Ionia. 

801 Henry Alanson, b. April or June 17, 1841, at Ionia. 

802 Lucian Albert, b. Jan. 30. 1835. at Ionia; m. 

Frank Gale. 

803 Mary Emma, b. Aug. 17, 1853; m. Barnes. 

* QuEKV: Did he marry Clarissa Reynolds, Jan. 27, 1836, and have 
children: Charles A., d. March 26, i860, age 18; and James T., taxed 1866; 
d. Aug. 13, 1866, age 22. 

1 1 2 (ir/ira/oi^j of the Cornell Family. 

He and his wife emigrated from Fanner, N. Y., 1838, shortly 
after their marriag"e, and were among the early pioneers of 
Ionia Co., Mich., and were prominent persons in the place. 
She was a great help to her husband in ministering to the sick. 


THOM.\s,^of Alfred''(2i6), Gideon," Richard,' Stephen/ Thomas/ 
b. Jan. 28. 1S06; m. Dephene Beckwith, March 11, 1830. 

804 Alanson R., b. Dec. 29, 1831, at Eaton; m. Alice 
M. Rickey, Oct. 23, 1867. 

505 Liicien T., b. March 20, 1833; d. March 16, 1843. 

506 Mary E., b. Feb. 21, 1836, at Ionia; m. Chas. H. 

Axtell, Dec. 5, 1858. 

807 Charles A., b. Nov. 11, 1841. 

808 Lucien T., b. June 10, 1844; d. 1864 in the army. 

809 Albert S., b. vSept. 12, 1848. 

810 • Edwin E., b. Sept. 30, 1852. 


Rev. Alfred J.,' of Alfred" (216), Gideon,' Richard," Stephen,' 
Thomas,^ Thomas,' 
b. July 7, 1S13, at Eaton, N. Y.; d. Dec. 25, 1893, at Ionia, 
Mich.; m. (i) Amanda Yeomans, Dec. 2, 1836, of Ionia, 
Mich., daughter of Judg'e Erastus Yeomans; she d. Feb., 
1863; m. (2) Katie Mason of Ripley, Chautauqua Co., N. Y., 
1863. Children: 

811 Seymour, b. Oct. 7, 1839, at Ionia. Lieutenant in 

in the army; killed at Petersburg, Va. 

812 Spencer C, b. Jan. 21, 1845, at Madison, N. Y. 

813 Warren B., b. Nov. 11, 1847. 

814 Emma G., b. Jan. 31, 1852. 

815 Arthur F., b. June 27, 1856. 

He was of a deeply religious nature in youth, and at 27 was 
baptised in the Baptist Church, Ionia, 1841. Had a common 
school education. Took a "partial course" in Madison (now 
Colgate) University, graduated 1843; ordained by the Baptist 
Church, ^lacedon, N. Y., 1843-4; this was his first pastorate. 
Then at Ionia, 1845-63; Nor walk, O., 1863-6; then a second 

Genealogy of the Cornell luiiuily. 1 13 

pastorate at Ionia; Portland, 1871-7. Chaplain State House of 
Correction, 1877-81. He then labored as opportunity, time 
and strength permitted. His ministry was characterized b}' 
conversions, baptisms and the building- up of churches. He 
was elected Chaplain by the 21st Michigan Regt., but declined 
the appointment. He has been described as a truly good and 
noble man. (See Memorial Report, Ionia Co.) 


Walter," of Thurston' (243), Walter," George/ Thomas,' 
Thomas,' Thomas,' Thomas,' 
b. Feb. 10, 1784, at Tiverton; m. Theresia Manchester. Chil- 
dren : 

816 Alfred. 

817 Daniel. 

818 Edward, b. in Tiverton; m. (2) Mary Jane Dyer, 

March 14, 1852. 

819 Peleg, m. Mary Ann . 

820 Andrew. 

821 Gideon. 

822 Stephen, m. Mary Ann . 

'^21 Gilbert. 

824 Nancy, m. Allen. 

825 Mary, m. Mosher. 

826 Elizabeth, m. Wm. O. Babbett. 


William,' of Thurston' (243), Walter,' George,' Thomas,' 
Thomas,'' Thomas," Thomas,' 
m. Betsy Jennings. Children: 

827 Abraham Anthony. 

828 Thomas Jennings. 

829 Benjamin Warren. 

830 Eliza. 

831 Lydia Jennings. 


Anthony,' of Thurston' (243), Walter,' George,' Thomas,' 
Thomas,' Thomas,' Thomas,' 
d. age 45; m. Sarah Grinnell, daughter of Stephen. Children: 


114 (it^nealogy of tJic Cor)ictl Fa})i!lv. 

832 Elizabeth Antlniny, ni. Charles O. ICiistis. Twelve 


833 Amy Grinnell. 

834 Sarah Anthony, m. Jeremiah Hathaway, Jan. 16, 

tS6(). No children. 


Enw.^RD," of William' (246), Gideon," George,^ Thomas,^ 
Thomas,'' Thomas," Thomas,' 
b. June, 1810; d. 1850; m. Dinah George. Children: 

835 Harriett. 

836 Riissell, b. April 16, 1846; m. Emily Humphrey. 
S37 Charlotte. 

838 William. 

He inherited the homestead of 175 acres from his father. 
It is situated five miles from Toronto, and borders on the lake 
(Ontario) front. He was a lieutenant in the Canadian militia, 
and took an active part in suppressing the rebellion of 1837. 
He died at the age of 40 


Ch.^rles Russell/ of Gideon' (250), Gideon," George,' Thomas,' 
Thomas,' Thomas," Thomas," 
b. Jan. or June 20, 1806; d. Sept. 12, 1866; m. (i) Maria Cor- 
nell (514), his cousin; m. (2) Hannah S. Avery of Brooklyn, 
X. Y. Children: 

By first wife: 

839 Charles William, b. vSept. 30, 1833, Syracuse, N. Y. 


By second wife: 

840 Ella Maria, b. April 22, 1858. 

His widow and daughter lived in Belleville, N. J. 


Merritt I.,' of Matthew' (257), Matthew,'' George,' Thomas,' 

Thomas,-' Thomas,' Thomas,' 

b. March 5, 1809; d. Aug., 1883; m. Mercy Whitman Howard, 

Feb. 13, 1836; she was b. July 23, 1814; d. Nov. 17, 1881; 

daughter of Otis and Polly (Wellington) Howard. Children: 


Genealogy of t lie Cornell Family. T15 

841 Gen. Dudley Emerson, b. Jan. 15, 1837, "Wilton, 

Saratoga Co., N. Y. 

842 Rev. Howard, b. Sept. 10, 1840, Wilton, Saratoga 

Co., N. Y.; m. Jessie Kirby, daughter of Henry 
and Phebe Kirby, at Athens, Pa. Graduated 
from Union College, 1865; Union Theological 
Seminary, N. Y., 1S68; ordained March 18, 1874. 
Now pastor of the Presbyterian Church, Seneca 
Castle, Ontario Co., N. Y. No children. 

843 John Augustus, \^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^g_^_^ d. April 6, 1844. 
S43A Mary Augusta, ^ ' »' ' ^' ni. James Syl- 
vester of Pleasanton, Kan. No children. 

844 Lydia Antoinette, b. Jan. 24, 1844; m. Henry 

Denison; d. June 17, 1897. Children: George 
Merritt, Augusta, Anne. 

He was a school teacher and school commissioner in his 
early life, and a farmer later. Spent most of his life in 
Hoosick, Hoosick Falls, and Lima, Livingston Co., N. Y. He 
removed to Wyandotte. Kan., 1881, where he died, 1883. He 
took a great interest in the history of the family, and collected 
many interesting notes and items. His branch of the family 
were Quakers. He became a Baptist. 


George,* of Nicholas' (268),George,° Walter,^ George,'' Thomas," 
Thomas," Thomas,' 
b. July 30, 1790; d. June 27, 1859; m. Elizabeth Bell. Chil- 

845 John Peleg, b. Aug. 21. 1823. Went to Louisville, 

Ky. Lived with brother Rufus. 

846 Rufus King, b. April 17, 1827; m. Mary Shaver, 

Feb. 12, 1S53. 

847 Gideon Bell, b. March 13, 1833; m. Melissa D. 

Gee, Feb. 12, 1854. No children. Went to 
Mountain City, Col. 

Lived at Rensselaerville, Windham, Green Co., N. Y., and 
in 1822 removed to Sullivan, Madison Co., N. Y., where he had 
a farm of 150 acres, where his son Rufus lives. Was justice- 
of-peace, farmer, teacher, clerk and merchant. Presbyterian 
and Whio-. 

ii6 (/''rf/i\7/({i;T of the i onicll Family. 


GiDKox/of Xicholas' (26S), George," Walter/ George/ Thomas/ 
Thomas," Thomas/ 
b. April 15 or j6, 1799; tl. 1849; ra. Julia Ann Bachus, Nov. 4, 
18^7; she was b. June 16, 1S06. Children: 

848 Seth Parsons, b. Aug. 16, 1828, at Rensselaerville; 

d. Nov. 14, 1857; m. Agnes Russell of Hoosick 
Falls, N. Y., 1856. Machinist, and bookkeeper, 
Union Bank, Troy. Left widow and one child. 

849 Augustus Bachus, b. Jan. 24, 1830, at Rensselaer- 

ville, N. Y.; m. Rosina Prentiss. 

850 George, b. Oct. 21, 1831, at Rensselaerville, N. Y. 

Assistant-Surgeon in war, 1862. Agent Youngs- 
town Gas Co. Lived with father. 

851 Julia Isadore, b. Dec. 9, 1841. Teacher. Lived 

with father. 

He was carpenter, machinist and foundryman. 


Isaac Nicholas,' of Nicholas' (268), George," Walter,^ George," 
Thomas,^ Thomas,'^ Thomas,' 
b. Oct. 3 or 13, 1S07; d. July 2, 1862; m. Rhoda A. Belden, 
March 18, 1834. Children: 

852 Peleg, b. April 28, 1835. Lives in Jefferson, Jack- 

son Co., Ga. 

853 Rufus K., b. May 28, 1837. Drowned Feb. 2, 1850. 

854 Edward B., b. Feb. 24, 1845. Lawyer at Windham, 

Greene Co. N. Y. 

855 George Hart, b. Aug. 13, 1848; d. Nov. 26, 1857. 

Killed at Gettysburg, July 2, 1862; Co. K, T2oth N. Y. Regt. 


Albert,' of Walter '(271), Jonathan," Walter,' George," Thomas,' 
Thomas,'" Thomas,' 
b. Oct. I, 1804; d. March 15, 1881; unmarried. 

Inherited part of the Cornell farm from Stephen B. Cornell 
(273). 1840, bought from Stephen Cornell (295) part of Cornell 

Genealogy of the Cornell Faiinly. 1 1 7 

farm. Devised the old Cornell homestead, or 80 acres of it (the 
orig"inal homestead was about 160 acres, and having been the 
owner and occupant of it for some time) to Harriet, widow of 
Stephen (295), for life, with reversion to Stephen, Oliver, 
Ellen G. Smith and Walter, children of Stephen. The water 
rights of the farm had been sold to the Newport Water Co., 
and the farm was bought by Rev. John Cornell, Sept., 1894, 
one undivided half of Mrs. Ellen G. vSmith, and one of David 
Coggeshall, who was in possession of the shares of some of the 
other heirs. 


Walter," of Walter' (277), Walter,' Walter,' George,' Thomas,' 
Thomas," Thomas,' 
b. in Newport, April 3, 181 1; m. (i) Sarah C. Eldred, April 29, 
1830; she d. April 6, 185 1; m. (2) Louisa Jones, March 28, 
1852; she was b. Aug. 24, 1825. Children: 

By first wife: 

856 Henry M., b. Sept. 4, 1836. 

857 Walter B., b. May 5, 1850. 

858 Dorcas B., m. Paterick Durden. 
By second wife: 

859 Jessie, b. June, 1865. 

He emigrated from Rhode Island to Illinois, 1838, and 
settled in Livingston Co., entering government land. Was 
farmer, stockman, and postmaster of Cornell, a town of about 
500 inhabitants, which was named after him. 


Benjamin Franklin,* of Hicks' (290), Samuel," George," 
George,' Thomas,' Thomas,'' Thomas,' 
b. Nov. 22, 1834; m. Emily ]\Iaria Manchester. Children: 

860 Charles. 

861 Albin. 

862 Addie Barker, m. Herbert S. Hall. Two children. 

He is a farmer and resides on Union Street, Portsmouth, 
R. I. . 

1 1 S (irfira/oi^y of the C orncll Faunly. 


SiKPHEX NoRTHAM/'of Stephen' (295), Oliver/ George/ 
George/ Thomas,"' Thomas,'' Thomas,' 
b. Sept. 26, iSj6; m. Rhoda Belden, Jan. 9, 1S58; she was b. 
Jan. I. 1S32, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth, at Somonauk, 
111. Children: 

503 Harriet Earle, b. July 12, 1S59. 

504 Anna H., b. June 11, 1862. 

S65 Hester, b. July 17, 1864; m. Henry Laurence, son 
of Samuel and Nancy (Samis) Laurence, 1884, 
at Chetopa, Kan. One daughter, Ruby L., b. 
1 886. 

866 Stephen B., b. Feb. 9, 1866. 

867 Thomas B., b. Oct. 29, 1867. 

868 Delia. 


John/ of Richard" (299), Joseph, ° Richard,^ George,'' Thomas/ 
Thomas," Thomas,' 
b. Sept. xo, 1810; d. Dec. 15, 1866; m. (i) Mary Ann Arnold 
of North Kingston, R. L; m. (2) Mary Boardman of Provi- 
dence, R. L Children: 

869 William Richard, m. Eleanor C. Holcome of Gil- 

ford, Conn. Children: Mary Ann, Charles Bar- 
ney, Catherine H., Helen. 

870 John Wesley, b. Feb. 8, 1842; m. Ohill J. Tucknell, 

Feb. 10, 1875. Children: John Wesley, Jr., b. 
July 18, 1876; Edwin Arith, b. Sept. 30, 1877; 
Fred K. Anderson, b. April 28, 1881; Grace 
Mabel, b. Sept. 7, 1885. 

871 Henry Clay, d. young. 

872 Catharine Eliza, b. Feb. 2, 1846; d. Aug. 10, 1864. 

873 Charles Edwin, m. Clara Bogman. Children: 

Carrie, Mary, Howard, Cora, Gertrude, Susan, 

874 Crawford Adelbert, m. (i) Henrietta Hale; m. (2) 

Mary Pick. 

He was a farmer, afterwards a carpenter and builder. This 

family are Methodists. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 119 


George,* of George ' (305), George T./ Clark/ George/ Thomas,' 
Thomas,^ Thomas,' 
b. 1797; d. May, 1S35 or 1855; m. Maria Rodman, Nov. 5, 
1814, or Nov. 8, 1S15. Children: 

875 William, b. May 14, 181 7; m. Sarah Vernon Chase, 

Sept. 29, 1840. 

876 Mary Rodman, b. 18 19; m. Wm. Henry Chase, 

May 3, 1842. 
S77 Catherine, b. 1822; m. Nathan Hammett, Nov. 22, 

878 Alzeda, b. 1827; d. 1850, unmarried. 

879 Adelaide, b. 1829; m. Chatman. 

880 Oscar. 

He was at the battle of Lake Erie. 


Godfrey,* of Pardon ' (311), Gideon," Caleb,' William,' Stephen,' 
Thomas,^ Thomas,' 
b. Nov. 4, 1802; m. (i) Abigail Howland, Feb. 22, 1825; m. (2) 
Thursy or Theresa Howland, July 2, 1829; she was b. March, 
1 8 10. Children: 

881 Daniel H., m. Abby J. Brownell, March 31, 1S53. 

Had one daughter Abbie. 
881 A Addie A., m. Charles E. Kirby, Oct. 14, 1869. 

{Kirby Family.) 


Joseph W.,"* of Pardon" (311), Gideon," Caleb,' William,* 

Stephen,' Thomas,'' Thomas,' 

b. Oct. 26, 1804; m. (i) Nancy Howland, Jan. 10, 1828; she d. 

Jan. 17, 1755; m. (2) Ruth Sherman or Leopard; she d. Feb. 

15, 1863, age 47; m. (3) Eliza Lamb, Jan. 31, 1865. Children: 

By first wife: 

S82 Sarah T., m. Asa J. Leopard, March 26, 1863. 
883 Abby H., m. George F. Howland, Jan. 4. 1855. 

i::o (icnt-ali\ii-y of t/ic Cornell I-'aniily. 

Rv second wife: 

S84 John Allen, m. Amanda M. Wood, Jan. 3, 1856. 

1S34. deed. 1866. was taxed ^> 7 2.25. 


GiHEON,- of Pardon' (311), Gideon," Caleb/ William,* Stephen," 
Thomas," Thomas,' 
b. Dec. 6, 1S15; m. Lydia Albert. Children: 

SS5 Mary Emma, b. March 23, 1850; m. Arthur How- 

886 Phebe Ann Leonard, b. Nov. 17, 1853; m. Thomas 

C. Smith. 

887 Lilis Albert, b. April 28. 1856; m John A. Sher- 


888 Frank Herbert, b. May 17, 1863. 

He resided in Dartmouth, Mass. 


GovED,' of Jerathmer (312), (supposed) Gideon," Caleb,' 
William,' Stephen,^ Thomas," Thomas,' 
b. June 12, 1793; d. 1831 or 1835, in Cambridge, N. Y.; m. 
Phebe Almy, 1815. Children: 

889 Jerathmel W., Lansingburg, N. Y. 

890 Sarah. 

891 Franklin. 

892 Sidero. 

893 Alonzo. 


Zebulox,' of Daniel' (314), Zebulon,' Daniel,' William,' 
Stephen,-' Thomas,"' Thomas,' 
b. April 17, 1794, in vShaftsbury, Vt.; d. Nov. 23, 1852, in 
Stanbridge, Quebec; m. Elizabeth Morey, Sept. 14, 18 17, at 
Cambridge, N. Y. Children: 

894 Margaret, b. Dec. 10, 1818, in Cambridge, N. Y.; d. 

Nov. 2, 1827, in Stanbridge, Quebec. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 121 

895 Edwin, b. Aug. 23, 1S20; m. Corinthia Hadley, 

June 20, 1S42. 

896 Simon Henry, b. Feb. 13, 1825; m. Prudence Maria 

Barnes, Sept. 9, 1^47. 


Abram S.," of William' (320), Zebulon,' Daniel,' William,' 
Stephen,^ Thomas,- Thomas,' 
d. 1855 or 1S56; m. Mary Ann Kingsley. She d. 1S91, age 
82. Children: 

S97 Sarah, m. George Fradenburg. Children: Irene, 
Arthur, May, Edward, Samuel, Emmett. 

898 Nathan, m. . Seven children: Howard, 

Julia and five others. 

899 Samuel, m. Betsy Rhodes, 1833. 

900 Levi. d. young. 

901 Edward, ei. s. p. 

902 Sidney. Killed in the war of the Rebellion, el. s.p. 

903 George. Killed in the war of the Rebellion at 

battle of Alasta, Fla., ei. s. p. 

904 Caroline, m. Peter Hudst, M. D. Children: George, 

Charles. Anne, Kate, Henry. Frank, Mary. 

905 Stephen, m. Ida Sage. Children: John. Ina, 

Clarence, Mary, George, Florence, Henry. Fred- 
erick, Bessie. 

906 Innocent, m. J. M. Collings of Schenectady, Chil- 

dren: Ora, Ethel, Harold. 

907 Henry L., m. Marian Wakefield. Children: Arthur, 

Doneld, Carl. 

908 William. Drowned, el. s. p. 

He was a farmer and disappeared in 1S55 or 1856. and was 
never heard from since. 


James," of Stephen' {2^21), James," Daniel,' William,' Stephen,' 
Thomas,-' Thomas,' 
b. Feb. 14, 1803; d. July 23, 1868-9; ^ Elsie Sisson. Children: 

909 Allen. 

910 Janet, m. Kirig- 

122 Cfivira/oj^v of tJie Cornell Family. 

91 1 Georg'e. 

912 Sarah, ni. Derby. 

913 Paul. Lives in Vermont. 

914 Eugene. 

915 Alonzo. 


Paul Dennis," of Stephen' (323), James," Daniel,' William," 
Stephen," Thomas,'-' Thomas,' 
b. Oct. 30, iSio, in North Easton, Washington Co., N. Y.; d. 
in Buffalo, Dec. 14, 1868; m. Lydia A. Kelderhouse, Feb. 26, 
1 838. She d. July 3, 1S89. Children: 

916 Edward P., b. 1839; d. young. 

917 Helen M., b. Dec. 25, 1840; d. April 4, 1889; m. 

Homer C. Sherwood. 

918 Effa Jane, b. Aug. 25, 1847; m. Henry S. Dunning, 

Dec. 24, 1872. He d. Sept. 9, 1896. Children: 

Paul Cornell, b. July 11, 1885, William B., b. 

Nov. 27, 1886. 

He left the Quakers to become a Baptist when a young man. 

Was trustee and deacon. He learned the carpenters' trade and 

was a contractor, tool manufacturer and lumber merchant. 

Buried in Auburn, N. Y. 


Nathaniel P.,' of Gideon' (324), James," Daniel,' William," 
Stephen,^ Thomas," Thomas,' 
b. March 24, 1809; m. Maria Packard, Aug. 18, 1830. Chil- 

919 Charles (or Chester) P., b. April. 16, 1832. 

920 Sophie E., b. Jan. 13, 1834. 

921 Catherine R., b. July 27, 1836; m. John S. Bevin, 

Nov. 9, 1859. 

922 Eugene L., b. June 14. 1840; m. Mary W. Irish, 

April 25, 1867. 

923 George P., b. Jan. 6, 1852. 


Daniel B ,' of Gideon' (324), James," Daniel,' William," 
Stephen," Thomas,'' Thomas,' 
b. Jan. 30, i8ri; m. Adeliza or Adeline Bull. Children: 

Genealogy of tJie Cornell I-'amily. 123 

924 Etna. 

925 Mary Francis. 

926 Adeliza. 


Hiram K.,' of Abraham' (330), James," Daniel/ William/ 
Stephen/ Thomas/ Thomas/ 
b. Oct. 14, 1S23; d. Feb. 7, 1865; m. (i) Mary E. Bassett, 

Nov. 21, 1849; she d. Feb. i, 1865; m. (2) Stillman. 


927 Charles P., b. Sept. 15, 1S51. 


Hiram/ of Alvin' (334), Paul/ Daniel/ William/ Stephen/ 
Thomas/ Thomas/ 
b. April II, 1828, at Salisbury, Vt.; m. Harriet White Brown, 
Redwood, JeiTerson Co., N. Y., Sept. 14, 1S5S. Children: 

928 Louise Haskell, b. July 12, 1859; m. Fred Lewis 

Smith, Oct. 5, 1883, at Baldwinsville, X. Y. 
No children. 

929 Frederick AVilliam, b. Dec. 5, 1865. Lives in Prov- 


930 Abby Grace, b. Aug". 7, 1875. 

This familv are g-enerallv Presbvterian. 


Paul," of Hiram King' (335), Paul," Daniel,' William,' Stephen,^ 
Thomas," Thomas/ 
b. Aug. 5, 1822, at White Creek, Washington Co., N. Y.; m. 
Helen Maria Gray of Bowdoinham, Me., July, 1856. Chil- 

931 George Kimback, b. June 30, i860. 

932 John Evans, b. Aug. i, 1862: m. Katharine Sprague 

Spear, June 22, 1892. 

933 Walter Gray, b. July 7, 1864; d. April 4, 1870. 

934 Orring-fon, b. April 26, 1866; d. March 4, 1870. 

935 Paul, Jr., b. Nov. 2, 1870. 


124 (irnra/oi^y of tlie Cornell Family. 

936 Elizabeth, b. Oct. 10, 1S5S; d. May 11, 1896; m. 

"Walter Louis Stebbins, April 9, 1S96. 

937 Helen Gray. b. Sept. 15, 1S75. 

His father died while he was yet a child. His mother mar- 
ried a second time. Paul was but nine years old when the 
family remoyed to Ohio, and fourteen when they settled in 
Adams Co.. 111., where his step-father practised medicine, and 
designed that profession for his step-son. It was not howeyer, 
to the young man's taste and he resolyed to fit himself for the 
law. This he did, working as a field hand during the summer 
to pay his school expenses in the winter. After several terms 
in a select school he became a teacher, deyoting his spare time 
to the study of law. He then entered the law ofBce of Hon. 
William A. Richardson (afterwards United States Senator). 
After two years of study here and elsewhere, he was admitted 
to the bar, and on June i, 1S47, took passage in a stage coach 
(there were then no railroad, or canals to Chicago) from Joliet, 
111., for Chicago. He arrived in that city, as he is proud to 
relate, with his lawyer's license and $1.50 in his pocket with a 
small package of clothes. He registered his name at a little 
tavern and began his legal career. In this he has been 
eminently successful, the firm of Cornell & Barron having a 
larger business in their line of legal work than any other firm 
in the city. He has been equally successful in his real estate 
investments; having purchased 300 acres on the Lake shore, 
south, he laid out a town, and built the Hyde Park House. He 
also founded a town in 1871, bearing his name. The Cornell 
watch factory was one of its first improvements and was success- 
fully operated till the fall of 1874, when it was sold to William 
C. Ralston of San Francisco, Cal. All this has been absorbed in 
Chicago, but a fine avenue in this part of the city bears the 
Cornell name. Mr. Cornell has served as Clerk of the Probate 
Court and was one of the Board of Commissioners and did a 
great deal to perfect the system of parks in the city of Chicago. 
He and his family are Presbyterians and have contributed 
liberally to that church, having given the land on which their 
first chapel was built in his neighborhood, as well as land on 
which to build stores and serve as an endowment fund. This 
is now very valuable property. He is also a large contributor 
to the new and costly church the congregation subsequently 
built. He is interested in other Christian work. 

Genealogy of t lie Cornell Family. 125 


Timothy B.," of Eliakim" (344), Thomas," Daniel,' William,' 
Stephen,' Thomas,' Thomas,' 
m. Pamela or Parmelia Briggs. Children: 

938 George W. 

939 John A. 

940 Sabina. 

941 ]\Iary. 

942 Thomas B. 

943 Betsey B. 

944 Henry G. 

945 Hannah. 


Daniel,* of Daniel' (350), Benjamin,'^ Daniel,^ "William, ' 
Stephen,' Thomas,'^ Thomas,' 
b. May 20, 1815, in Hartland, Niagara Co., N. Y.; d. Oct. 17, 
1889; m. Esther Bowerman, 1838. Children: 

946 Sarah Maria, b. Jan. 10, 1840; m. W. J. Hopkins. 

Four children. 

947 Reuben, b. May 28, 1841; d. April 24, 1897. Four 

children at Coldwater, Mich. 

948 Emma Jane, b. Dec. 11, 1842; d. Oct. i, 1858. 

949 Orlando, b. Jan. 25, 1845; m. Ella Troutman. 

Twelve children. Gladstone, N. D. 

950 Marian, b. Jan. 25, 1853; d. young. 

951 Louis X., b. March 8, 1856; m. Ida Goudy. Two 

children. Gladstone, N. D. 

952 Emerson, b. Sept. 23, i860. 

He was a devout Orthodox Quaker. Went West 1833 with 
his parents to Ohio fkst, then Michigan. 1836 to Branch Co.; 
settled in Girard, now called Cornell neighborhood. Was very 
active and industrious; bought land and improved it; built 
himself a fine brick residence about the time of the war of the 
Rebellion, and this was his home until he died. He de- 
veloped a productive farm, and did considerable business in 
buying and shipping stock. He was kind-hearted and benevo- 
lent, and few men were better known in Branch County than 
he, or more regretted in death. {Memorial Report., Ionia Co.) 

1 26 (j\-nra/(\i^y of tJic Cornell FaJiilly. 


Samuel," of Amos' (^^59,) Amos," Israel,' Stephen,' Stephen,* 
Thomas.'^ Thomas,' 
b. Nov. II, 1793; d. Jan. i or June i, 1879; m. Lucy Jones, 
Feb. 17, 1S20; she was b. Feb. 17, 1797; d. Nov. 3, 1877. 

953 Ira B., b. Nov. 27, 1S20; d. Oct. 5, 1838. 

954 Anna M., b. May 10, 1822; d. Dec. 27, 1888; m. Wil- 

lard R. Wood, Jan. 12, 1845. 

955 William H., b. Dec. 31, 1823: m. Maria Lindsey, 

Aug. 18, 1847. 

956 Octavia E., b. Oct. 26, 1825; m. Emmons W. Abal, 

Feb. 7, 1849. 

957 John B., b. Sept. 27, 1827; m. Samantha Carter, 

July 4, 1853. 

958 Amos, b. Sept. 5, 1829; d. Aug. 14, 1847. 

959 Orilla C, b. Aug. 9, 1831; d. Aug. 12, 1891; m. 

Edward Grigg, Jan. i, 1850. 

960 Elizabeth, b. Aug. 27, 1833; d. Dec. 11, 1872; m. 

William Bowers, Jan. 4, 1853. 

961 Lucy C, b. April 27, 1836; d. April 2, 1856; m. 

Uriah Harvey, Jan. 4, 1854. 

962 Samuel J., b. April 15, 1839; m. Catherine M. 

Dean, Oct. 20, i860. ^ 

He took a part in the battle of Plattsburg, N. Y., in the war 
of 1812. 


Amos,* of Amos' (359), Amos," Israel,' Stephen,' Stephen,^ 
Thomas,- Thomas,' 

b. April 21, 1796, in Dartmouth; d. Oct. i, 1857; m. Desdemony 
Chamberlain, daughter of John and Lucy (Knowlton) Cham- 
berlain, Jan. 15, 1824; she was b. July 8, 1806, in Bath, 
Steuben Co., N. Y.; d. July 6, 185 1. Children: 

963 Norman Riley, b. Sept. 11, 1824, Liberty Corners, 

Steuben Co., N. Y.; m. Mary Fletcher, Oct. 8, 1847. 

964 Emos Horton, b. Feb. 3, 1826; d. April 13, 1826. 

965 Francis Borden, b. July 3, 1827; d. Feb. 28, 1828. 

966 Lucy Maria, b. Jan. 11, 1829. 

967 Ann Orvilla, b. Jan. 30, 1831. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Fa7nily. 127 

968 Orlando, b. June 29, 1S33; d. July 20, 1833. 

969 Isabella Chamberlain, b. Oct. 4, 1834; d. Dec. 11, 


970 Amanda Malvina, b. March 11, 1838; d. March 29, 


971 Corwin Boyd, b. Oct. 4, 1844; d. Dec. 24, 1845. 

972 Helen Mar, b. Oct. 4. 1846. 


Stephen," of Amos' (359), Amos,^ Israel,^ Stephen,' Stephen,^ 
Thomas,'^ Thomas,' 
b. Sept. 27, 1797; d. Aug. 9, 1866; m. Mary Hendryx, March 
23, 1823; she was b. Feb. 24, 1803; d. Dec. 26, 1888. Children: 

973 James H., b. Jan. 13, 1824; d. Aug-. 13, 1857; m. 

Jane Sheldon, July 5, 1847. 

974 Lucy A. b. March 4, 1826; m. Luther Morgan, Jan. 

12, 1852. 

975 Emily, b. Nov. 24, 1829; m. Robert Barker, May 

12, 1850. 

976 Harriet E., b. Nov. 7, 1831; d. May 17, 1855. 

977 Nellie A., b. Nov. 26, 1833; d. Nov. 12, 1872; m. B. 

F. Wakefield, June 8, 1859. 

978 Wm. H., b. May 9, 1838; m. Mary Spencer, Nov. 

29, i860. 

All the children were married in Dartmouth. Mass. 


Samuel Hooag,' of Philip A.' {362), Amos,' Israel,' Stephen,' 
Stephen,^ Thomas,'' Thomas,' 
b. April 22, 1815; m. (i) Eliza C. Smith, daughter of Ezra C. 
and Eliza (Stansbuiy) Smith, July 10, 1850; she was b. Sept. 
23, 1829; d. March 30, 1870; m. (2) Emily Mead, daughter of 
Walter and Cornelia (Gould) Mead, July 10, 1883. She was 
b. Feb. 2, 1836. Children: 

979 Ezra Smith, b. May 10, 185 1; d. Aug. 3, 1S66. 

980 Russell Root, b. July 23, 1853; m. Charlotte Lydia 

Todd, Oct. 9, 1878. 

981 Cornelia M., b. Dec. 16. 1856; d. Feb. 6, 1867. 

128 (i\-;n\r/oj^y of the Cornell Family. 

9SJ Lucy A. Boyce, b. April 6, 1858; m. J. H. Sterling, 
M. D., Sept. j8, iSSr. Child: Eliza C, b. Jan. 19, 

983 Emily i\r., b. Nov. 28, 1861; m. Joseph Britton, 

Nov. 25, 1885, son of Eugene and Caroline (Van 
Riper) Britton. 

984 Anna Priscilla, b. April 27, 1864; m. George P. 

Britton, Dec. 26, 1889 (brother of Joseph). Chil- 
dren: George P., and Isabella. 

985 Samuel H., Jr., b. Dec. 24, 1866; d. Sept. 15, 1867. 

986 Edward Rider, b. Nov. 3, 1868; d. March 17, 1872. 

Left his home at Chatham, Columbia Co., N. Y., in his 
youth and went to New York. Engaged in business, Fulton 
Street, N. Y. Resides now at 327 Washington Avenue, Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. The older members of this family are Methodist. 
The younger ones are Episcopal. 


Philip R.,* of Philip A.' (362), Amos," Israel," Stephen,' Stephen,' 
Thomas,'^ Thomas,' 
b May 2, 181 1; d. April 11, 1880; m. Freelove Wilbur, Dec. 3, 
1834, daughter of Shadrack and Ann (Baker) Wilbur; she was 
b. March 18, 1813; d. Jan. 9, 1887. Children: 

987 Mary Ann, b. Nov. 13, 1835; m. (i) Joseph W. 

Mosher, Nov. 28, 1855; he d. Sept. 21, 1866; m. (2) 
James Miller, Sept. 3, 1867. 

988 Phebe G., b. May 2, 1843; d. Dec. 12, 1883; m. 

Leander Rienburg, Sept. 6, 1881. 

989 Nancy Maria, b. May 27, 1838; d. June 22, 1890; 


990 Samuel R., b. May 11, 1841; unmarried. 

991 Wm. Henry, b. Nov. 4, 1845; m. Mary C. Blinn, 

Dec. 7, 187 1, daughter of Joseph A. and Jemih 
Moses Blinn; she was b. June 30, 1853. Chil- 
dren: M. Elizabeth, b. Feb. 13, 1873; Howard R., 
b. May 12, 1876; Fred. R., b. Nov. 4, 1877; d. 
July 31, 1879; Celia P., b. Jan. 20, 1880; Martha, 
b. Jan. II, 1882; Ernest R., b. Dec. 30, 1884; d. 
July 23, T885; Jesse S., b. Dec. 26, 1887. 

Genealogy of the Cornell /•'aiin'ly. 129 

992 Russell W., b. Feb. i, 1S84; unmarried. 

993 Eliza C, b. Feb. 27, 1850; m. Amos H. James, 

Feb. 12, 1878. 

994 Emma Louisa, b. Jan. 19, 1852; unmarried. 


Joseph Masox," of Asa' {377), Joseph," Elisa," Stephen,* 
Stephen,^ Thomas,^ Thomas,' 
b. June 2 or 21, 1819; d. July 4, 1890; m. Mary Jane Cole, 
April 25, 1848, daughter of Curtis and Eliza (Heath) Cole; 
she was b. Dec. 25, 182 1, at Greenwich, X. Y. Children: 

995 Mary Ann, b. July 20, 1852. 

996 Joseph W., b. June 15, 1855. 

997 Mattie A. 
99S "William. 

The children were born in Albion, Orleans Co., X. Y. He 
was cashier Orleans Co. Xational Bank. 


Alvah Mason," of Levi' (389), Asa,* Elisha,' Stephen,* Stephen,^ 
Thomas," Thomas,' 
b. Aug. 22, 1825, at Swansea; m. Betsey Amelia Bullock, 
June 7, 1849. Children: 

999 Fanny Maria, b. Dec. 7, 1850. at Columbia, Pa. 
1000 Edith Augusta, b. March 6, 1853. 
looi Albert Mason, b. Aug. 19, 1861. 


William Childs,* of Levi' (389), Asa,' Elisha,' Stephen,* 
Stephen,' Thomas,'' Thomas,' 
b. July 3, 1827, at Rehoboth; m. Emily Mason. May 3 or 23, 
1850. Children: 

1002 Ruth Agnes, b. Feb. 21, 1852, at Springfield, Brad- 

ford Co., Pa. 

1003 Mason Levi, b. Jan. 23, 1854, at South Creek, 

Bradford Co., Pa. 

1004 Walter Howard, b. July 29, 1859. 

1005 Laura Jane. b. Aug. 14, 1861. 


130 Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 


Charles Emery,' of Alanson Pease' (393), Stephen,' Stephen,' 
Stephen," Stephen, ° Thomas," Thomas,' 
b. June j6, 1S45; m. Caroline Lusenburg of New York City, 
Jnne 17, 1S79. Children: 

1006 Maria Louise, b. Sept. 30, 18S0. 

1007 Charles Emery, Jr., b. Nov. 24, 18S2. 

looS Wm. Albro, b. May 21, 1892: d. June 14, 1892. 


Hexrv Alanson,* of Alanson Pease" {393), Stephen," Stephen," 

Stephen," Stephen,^ Thomas,^ Thomas,' 
b. Sept. 5, 1843; d. April 3, 1873; m. Anna M. Crumley. 

1009 Charles Henry, b. June 9, 1873. 

loio Simmons. 


Stephen,* of James' (397), James," Stephen,' vStephen," Stephen,' 
Thomas." Thomas,' 
b. Nov. 8, 1809; m. Elizabeth C. Gardener, Nov. 16, 1834; she 
was b. June 9, 1814. Child: 

ion Wm. Oscar, b. Feb. 8, 1836. 


Mason, ^ of James' (397), James," Stephen,' Stephen," Stephen,^ 
Thomas," Thomas,' 
b. Dec. 18, 181 1 ; m. Lydia Arnold of Cranston, Dec. 31, 1837; 
she was b. June 18, 181 1. Children: 

1012 Almira, b. March 22, 1839; d. May 27, 1839. 

10 1 3 James M., b. March 11, 1843; m. Marietta Fisk, 

Nov. 3, 1867. 
10T4 Lydia, b. April 7, 1841; d. Oct. 9, 1841. 


J AMES W.,' of James ' ( 397 ), James," Stephen,' Stephen," Stephen,^ 
Thomas," Thomas,' 
b. July 22, 1822; m. Mercy A. Potter of Scituate, June 22, 
1845; she was b. Aug-. 20, 1826. Children: 

(ienealogy of the Cornell l'a)iiily 131 

1 015 Laura, b. Sept. 6, 1S46. 

1016 Rosella, b. Sept. 20, 184S. 

1017 Lena Leat, b. Sept. 19, 1855. 
lorS Howard Potter, b. Dec. 14, 1859. 

He was of the firm of M. S. Daniel & Co., wholesale grocers, 


(jeorge H.,- of Gideon' (414), Gideon." Gideon,' Stephen,* 

Stephen,^ Thomas,'' Thomas,' 
b. Jan. 28. 1815; m. Henrietta Barnes. Children: 

1019 Julius, Berington, Licking Co., O. 

[020 Solon, killed at Gettysburg; ist lieutenant. 

102 1 George, Niles, Mich. 

1022 Theresa, m. P. England. 

1023 Christiana, m. Graves. 


Artemas W.,' of Gideon' (414), Gideon," Gideon,' Stephen,' 
Stephen,^ Thomas,^ Thomas,' 
b. Oct. 24, 1824; m. (i) Sarah Wright, Nov., 1849; m. (2) 
Emeline Moore, Oct. 7, 1858, of Cincinnati, O. Children: 

By first wife: 

1024 Howard, b. Aug. 20, 1850: d. March 2, 1S52. 

1025 Ella F., b. April 23, 1854. 
By second wife: 

1026 Kate, b. Dec. 14, 1865. 


William,' of Sylvanus' (415), Gideon," Gideon,' Stephen,* 
Stephen,' Thomas,'' Thomas,' 
b. 1812; m. Emily Castle, 1838. Children: 

1027 Samantha A. 

1028 Emma. 

1029 Wilbur F., m. . 

1030 Edward W., m. Sarah W. Robb. April 2, 1872. 

1 03 1 Mary C. 

1032 Hally A. 

132 (jmni/oj^r of the Coriiell Fainily. 


Edwin Ruthven/ 6f Archibald' (416), Gideon,* Gideon,* 
Stephen.'' Stephen,^ Thomas,* Thomas,' 
b. julv z\ or 22, 1821; m. Sarah Ann Moseman, Nov. 22, 1849. 

1033 Bertrand, b. March 3, 1853; d. Aug. 16, 1855. 

1034 Bettie Ahuy, b. Nov. 8, 1855. 

1035 Joseph Hubbard, b. Aug. 28, 1858. 

1036 Nelly Hollister, b. Oct. 25, 1861. 

1037 Celia Minnie, b. June 27, 1867. 


Governor Alonzo B.,* of Ezra' (433), Elijah," Elijah," Stephen,* 
Stephen,' Thomas,'' Thomas,' 
b. Jan. 22, 1832, at Ithaca, Tompkins Co., N. Y.; m. (i) Ellen 
Augusta Covert, Nov. 9, 1852, daughter of the late George 
Covert; she was b. Oct. 6, 1834, at Auburn, N. Y.; d. May 11, 
1893; m. (2) Esther Elizabeth (Covert), widow of Lyman 
Horace Hastings (his first wife's sister), June 9, 1894. Mar- 
ried by Dr. John Wesley Brown, New York. Children: 

1038 Charles Ezra, b. Dec. 29, 1855, in New York; m. 

Katherine L. Bouck, June 28, 1882. Children: 
Wm. Bouck, Elenor Katherine. 

1039 Edwin Morgan, b. April 14, 1862, in Ithaca; d. 

March 31, 1870. 

1040 Henry Watson, b. Oct. 31, 1866; m. Margaret 

Bouck, sister of Katherine, and daughter of Gov. 
W. C. Bouck of New York. Children: Eleanor 
Katherine, Margaret, Henry Watson. 

1041 Roscoe Conkling, b. Feb. 27, 1874; d. Aug. 5, 1874. 

He is one of the seven mentioned in Appleton's Cyclopcedia 
of Biography. 

Alonzo B. Cornell, the twenty-fifth Governor of the State 
of New York, was educated at Ithaca Academy until the age 
of fourteen; he became a telegraph operator, and was one of 
the earliest to read telegraph signals by the ear. After more 
than twenty years active experience in the telegraph service. 
Governor Cornell was in 1868 elected a Director of the Western 




* * 



¥. ■ 










^ : 


Genealogy of tJie Cornell Family. 133 

Union Telegraph Company, and for more than thirty years 
was continuously re-elected to that position. For many years 
he served as Vice-President, and in 1875 was designated by the 
Board of Directors as Acting President of the company. He 
had also been extensively interested and occupied in the 
management of banks, insurance, railway, steamboat and other 
corporations. Pie is President of the Cornell Library and 
Trustee of Cornell University since 1865. 

While thus active in business affairs, Mr. Cornell devoted 
much attention to political duties, and has exerted potent 
influence in the counsels of the Republican party, both local 
and general. For ten years he was Chairman of the Repub- 
lican State Committee until elected Governor in 1879. His 
management of the Republican campaign of 1872, resulting in 
the re-election of President Grant, won for him eminent repute 
as a sagacious and effective political manager, and the results 
of that exciting canvas were largely credited to the inspiration 
of his leadership. His services were most generously ac- 
knowledged by many leading Republicans of the United States 
who united in tending him a magnificent souvenir testimonial 
which is one of his most valued possessions. 

As Supervisor of Ithaca, State Capitol Commissioner, 
Speaker of the Assembly, Surveyor of Customs, Port of New 
York, and U. S. Naval Officer, Mr. Cornell rendered notable 
service as a public official. In each of those positions he 
exhibited an independence of character which in many respects 
rendered his gubernatorial term one of historical importance 
in the Empire State. 

Inaugurated Governor of New York Jan., i, 1880, at the 
age of forty-seven, with twenty years' experience in political 
antagonisms and important official service, Mr. Cornell's ex- 
tended personal acquaintance and great familiarity with public 
affairs, and his resolute personality were rare qualifications 
for the exercise of administrative duties. He urged upon the 
Legislature reformation of the revenue laws, and under his 
recommendation measures were projected and enacted which 
added largely to the resources and revenues of the State. 
Women were rendered eligible to vote and hold ofhcial position 
in school boards, and their participation therein has largely 
exterminated monstrous abiises of bribery formerly existing 
relative to sxipply and change of school books. He brought 

I ^4 (/(•;/ jv?A'i;;)' of iJw Coriicll f'a>f/i/]'. 

ihe State prisons to a self-supporting basis, and conducted 
them on thoroiigli business principles, free from all political 
intlnences. He abstained from the tise of the pardoning 
power which had often been a discredit to other admini- 
strations. His appointments to office were notable for fitness 
and qualification for duties required, and it is gratifying to 
record that no scandal ever resulted from any appointments 
made by him as Governor. 

The most prominent characteristic of Governor Cornell's 
administration was the sturdy and independent exercise of the 
veto power. Friends and foes admitted the resoh;te and 
impartial hand with which he protected public interests from 
spoliation; special legislation sought for selfish private interest 
was firmly resisted, and improvident appropriations were 
ruthlessly vetoed. The National Guard was reorganized into 
a strong, compact and efficient body by dismissal of inefficient 
regiments and companies, thus leaving the military fund 
available for the better support of a small but more useful 
force. A State camp of instruction was established by him, 
which has become a pattern of militia training in many States. 
His military administration is " admitted to have been the 
beginning of a new era in the militia of the United States. 

The New York State Board of Health and the State Rail- 
way Commission were products of Governor Cornell's urgent 
recommendations, and have proved highly advantageous to the 
public welfare. He put a stop to the enormous expenditures 
for newly projected public buildings. During his term the 
Woman's Reformatory at Hudson was the only new public 
building undertaken. He enforced economy in public expen- 
ditures below that of any Governor's term within the previous 
thirty years, or since. In 1882 he recommended a modification 
of the State usury laws, as applied to demand loans, which was 
enacted by the Legislature, and has, in the opinion of those 
best qualified to judge, resulted in equalizing the importance 
of New York with London, as one of the chief monetary 
centres of the world, to a greater extent than any other legal 
enactment in our history. 


Franklin Cuthbert," of Ezra' (433), Elijah," Elijah,^ Stephen,* 
Stephen,' Thomas,' Thomas,' 

Genealogy of t lie Cornell Favnly. 135 

b. Aug. 28, 1S37; m. Susan Pettigrew, Jan. 16, 1S62. Chil- 

1042 Eunice. 

1043 Ezra. 

1044 Franklin, Jr. 

1045 Dorothy. 


Oliver H. Perry/ of Ezra' (433), Elijah,' Elijah,^ Stephen,* 
Stephen,^ Thomas,^ Thomas,' 
b. Feb. 5, 1S42; m. Louisa Conkling, Dec. 3, 1861, at Dryden, 
X. Y. Children: 

1046 Arthur L. 

1047 Louisa. 

1048 Channinof. 

1049 Albert. 

1050 Mary. 

105 1 Edith. 

1052 James H. 


Westox,' of John ' (445), John,' Job,^ John,* Stephen,^ Thomas,' 
m. Saiva Lincoln(?) or Eliza Tripp, Nov. 2, 1829. Children: 

1053 Mary Elizabeth. 

1054 Susan Ellen. 


George L.,' of John' (445), John," Job,' John,* Stephen/ 
Thomas,' Thomas,' 
m. Adeline or Sarah Briggs, Nov. 14, 1854. Children: 

1055 William. 

1056 Charles, and two others. 


SoLOMAN,' of John ' (445), John," Job," John,* Stephen,^ Thomas,' 
m. Mary Brig-gs, Dec. 30, 1852. Children: 

1^6 iii'ju'aiogv of t/ic Cor Hi' a Fmiiily. 

1057 Daiig-hter, b. Dec. 27, 1S55. 
105S Sarah W.,- b. jMarcli 13, 1859. 

1059 Mary Elizabeth, b. Feb. 19, 1S60; d. Dec. 3, 1863. 


RrssKL.' of Edward" (502), William/' Gideon,' George/ Thomas/ 
Thomas,' Thomas,' 
b. April 16, 1846; m. Emily Humphrey; she was b. Oct. 27, 
1S47. Children: 

1060 Edward, b. Jan. 10, 1S69. 
io6r Margaret, b. July 26, 1870. 

1062 James G., b. July 15, 1872. 

1063 Mary B., b. Feb. 12, 1881. 

He inherited the old homestead. Served in the Canada 
militia and colonial regiments in suppressing the raid of 1866, 
being present at the battle of Ridgeway and Fort Erie. All 
his family are living and none married. Edward is in Chicago. 
James G., works the old homestead farm where his great- 
grandfather settled in 1797. 


General Dudley Emerson/ of Merritt I." (523), Matthew/ Mat- 
thew/ George/ Thomas/ Thomas/ Thomas/ Thomas/ 
m. Annie Matilde Speck of Tremont, Pa., Oct. 13, 1868; she 
was b. May 16, 1S49. Children: 

1064 Fred. Dudley b. July 20, 1869; Kansas City, 

Kan.; m. Eliza H. Mott, June, 1894, Independ- 
ence, Mo. 

1065 Dr. Howard Merritt, b. Oct. 23, 1870, Lawrence, 

Kan.; m. Georgia Lois Kroh, Aug. i, 1901, at 
Kansas City, Kan. Physician and Surgeon. 

1066 Adelaide Marion, b. July 23, 1872, Kansas City, 

Kan.; m. Ernest Blaker, Professor, Cornell Uni- 
versity, Sept. I, 1900. 

1067 Dudley Emerson, Jr., b. Sept. 14, 1874, Kansas 

City, Kan. 

1068 Grace A. Sanford, b. Jan. 5, 1879, Kansas City, 

Kan.; m. Lieut. Fred'k W. Bugbee, U. S. Volun- 
teers, Oct. 14, 1899. 

1069 George vStewart, b. Dec. 16, 1888, Kansas City, Kan. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 137 

Educated for a civil engineer at Rensselaer Polytechnic 
Institute, Troy, N. Y. 1856-7, followed civil engineering- in 
Wisconsin; then till i860, civil engineering combined with 
mining in California. Returned to New York State and in 
1861, entered the Union Army, raised a company for the 125th 
N. Y. Volunteers and was commissioned captain. At the close 
of the war was on the staff of Gen. Rufus Saxton with the 
rank of Brevet-^Iajor. 1866, came to Wyandotte Co., Kan. 
1876, general passenger and ticket agent of the Kansas Pacific 
Railroad till its consolidation with the Union Pacific Railroad, 
when he held a similar position in the Consolidated Railroad 
Company at Kansas City, Mo. 1883, elected Mayor of Wyan- 
dotte (now Kansas City, Kan.). 1881-2, held a commission as 
Major-General, Kansas State Militia. 1S94, retired to his 
country home " Highland Farm," near Bonner Springs, Wyan- 
dotte Co., Kan., where he enjoys a quiet life amid his books 
and pictures, green grass and shady trees. This family is 
mostly Episcopal. 


RuFus KiNG,^ of George* (535), Nicholas,' George,' Walter,^ 
George,^ Thomas,^ Thomas,^ Thomas,' 
b. April 17, 1827; m. (i) Mary Shaver, Feb. 12, 1853; she was 
b. Jan. 5, 1831; d. May 8, 1854; m. (2) Parmelia Pease, Sept. 
14, 1856. Children: 

1070 George Pease, b. Nov. 11, 1857, in ]Madison Co., 

N. Y. 

107 1 Elizabeth Odell, b. Oct. 11, 1859. 

1072 Abbie Elizabeth, b. Aug. 7, 1861. 

1073 John Everit, b. Aug. 9, 1863. 


Augustus Bachus,' of Gideon' (539), Nicholas,' George,* 
Walter,' George,' Thomas,' Thomas,' Thomas,' 
b. Jan. 24, 1830; m. Rosina Melissa Prentiss, Dec. 25, 1852. 

1074 George Herbert, b. Jan. 11, 1857, at Putnam, O. 

1075 Amy Amelia, b. Oct. 17, 1858, at Yoimgstown, O. 

1076 Clara Prentiss, b. June 21, i860. 

1077 Julia Ellen, b. May 29, 1862; d. Dec. 14, 1863. 

1 3 S (jfm vr A > ,!,n ' oft h c Ccr^icll Faui il] ' . 

1078 Augustus Bachus. Jr., b. Nov. 22, 1S64; d. Aug. 6, 

1805. • 

1079 John Huyck, b. Nov. 21, 1866; d. Feb. 24, 1867. 

He was a teacher at Sing Sing, N. Y., Rensselaerville 
Academy. Partner of John S. Huyck. Removed to Ohio, 
1S54. Siiperintendent of schools, Monroeville, Putnam and 
Youngstown. From 1S60, agent for Himrod Furnace Co., and 
Mahoning Coal Co. Was ist lieutenant in war of the Rebellion. 


William,'' of George* (584)- George,' George T.,'' Clark, ^ 
George," Thomas,^ Thomas,'^ Thomas,' 
b. May 14, 181 7; m. Sarah Vernon Chase, Sept. 29, 1840. 

1080 Henr}', b. March 15, 1846. 

1081 Mark, b. Feb. 5, 1S48; d. Feb. 21, 1892. 

1082 Ellen, b. Feb. 18, 1849. 

1083 Rodman, b. Nov. 26, 1850; d. Jan. 5, 1899; m. 

Charlotte Sweetland Anderson, Nov. 5, 1877. 
Child: Ethel Burd. 

He was a prominent and much respected citizen of New- 
port. Was in the grocery busines under the name of William 
Cornell & Sons. Was warden and treasurer of Trinity Church, 
Newport, and the Vestry at his death passed resolutions highly 
commendatory of his christian character and business abilit}^ 
and talent. 


Edwin,' of Zebulon' (602), Daniel,' Zebulon," Daniel,' William," 
Stephen,' Thomas,^ Thomas,' 
b. Aug. 23, 1820; m. Corinthia Hadly, June 20, 1842, at Stan- 
bridge, Quebec. Children: 

1084 Helen Margaret, b. Nov. 18, 1844; d. March 3, 


1085 Theodora, b. Nov. 18, 1846; m. William Arthur 

Moore, Dec. 25, 1866. 

1086 Zebulon Edwin, b. Oct. 28, 1850. 

1087 Matthew Saxe, b. Sept. 14, 1852. 

1088 Albert Edward, b. July 12, 1862; d. May 22, 1866. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 139 


Simeon Henry/ of Zebulon" (602), Daniel,' Zebulon,' Daniel," 
William,^ Stephen,^ Thomas,^ Thomas,' 
b. Feb. 13, 1825, at Stanbridge, Quebec; m. Prudence Maria 
Barnes, Sept. 9, 1847. Children: 

10S9 Alice Bertha, b. July 13, 1847; d. April 13, 1850. 

1090 Dora Emeline, b. Jan. 24, 1850; d. ]\Iay 13, 1857. 

1 09 1 Prudence i\Iary, b. May i, 1852. 

1092 Charles Henry, b. July 17, 1854. 

1093 Myrtie Elizabeth, b. Nov. 25, 1858. 

1094 Alfred Edward, b. March 17, 1 861; d. Aug. 24, 1866. 

1095 Cynthia Emeline, b. March 17, 1863. 


Samuel," of Abram S.' (6i2a), William,' Zebulon,' Daniel,' 
William,* Stephen,' Thomas,' Thomas,' 
m. Betsey Rhodes of Day, Saratoga Co., N. Y., 1833. Chil- 

1096 George, d. young. 

1097 Rev. Frederick Widmere, b. May 30, 1864. Class 

of 1 89 1, St. Stephen's College, Annandale, N. Y.; 
class of 1894, General Theological Seminary, 
N. Y.; ordained deacon Protestant Episcopal 
Church, June 21, 1894; priest, June 6, 1895. 
Rector St. Peter's, Chesterfield, 111., 1894-5; 
Holy Innocents, St. Louis, Mo., 1896-9; at pres- 
ent, Hospital Missionary, St. Louis. 

He is a carpenter. This family were generally ]\Iethodist, 
and the Rev. Frederick W., left them for the Episcopal church. 


John Evans,^ of Paul ^ (647), Hiram King,' Paul," Daniel,' 
William,' Stephen,' Thomas,'^ Thomas,' 
b. Aug. I, 1862, in Chicago; m. Katharine Sprague Spear, 
June 22, 1892. Children: 

1098 Katherine, b. Oct. 11, 1S93. 

1099 Elizabeth, b. Jan. i, 1895; d. July 16, 1895. 

He is a lawyer in Chicago. 

140 Ct'nm/os^y of tJie Cornell Family. 


Norman Rii.ev.' of 'Amos' (671), Amos,' Amos/ Israel/' 
Stephen/ Stephen/ Thomas/ Thomas/ 
b. Sept. II, 1S24, at Liberty Corners, Steuben Co., N. Y.; 
m. Mary Fletcher Timmonds, daughter of Wm. Henry and 
Jemima (Condict) Timmonds, Oct. 8, 1S47, in Ohio Co., Ky.; 
she was b. Aug', i, 1827. Children: 

1 1 00 Corwin Worth, b. Feb. 28, 1849, Ohio Co., Ky.; m. 
Oct. 16, 1S83, Lena Schaffner. Is a physician 
and surgeon; resides in Knoxville, Iowa. Has 
two children, Mary Aimee Grace and Corwin 

iioi Lindley Park, b. April 19, 1854, Knoxville, Iowa; 
m. Sept. 17, 1879, Nan Girkey; resides in Knox- 
• • ville; is a physician and surgeon. One child, 

Mary Gertrude. 

1 102 Violet Isabelle, b. Jan. i, 1856, Knoxville; m. 

Charles McGhee Whitmore of Dayton, Ohio, 
Jan. I, 1880; he d. Nov. i, 1890; she d. Feb. 28, 
1895. Children: Tom Cornell, Don McGhee, 
Chas. Matson. 

1 1 03 Landon Hall, b. July 28, 1858, Ebenezer, Greene 

Co., Mo.; d. Jan. 19, 1887, Knoxville. 

1 104 Jackie, b. Nov. 24, i860, Lamar, Barton Co., Mo.; 

m. Hon. Lorin Nelson Hays, March 12, 1883. 
Children: Isabelle Caroline, Norman Riley, 
(twins,) Mary Timmonds, Lorin Nelson, Jr. 

1 105 Isaac Walters, b. May 23, 1863, Knoxville; d. Feb. 

6, 1868. 

1106 Dixie May, b. Nov. 18, 1866, Knoxville. 

1107 Donald Dean, b. Oct. 25, 1868, Knoxville; m. Dec. 

25, 1893, Elsie Bristow of Pleasantville, Iowa. 
Child: Lucy Mead. His present residence is 
Knoxville where he practices dentistry. Grad- 
uate of the Ohio College of Dental Surgery, 
Cincinnati, O. 

Removed to Knoxville, Iowa, 1850, where he has since fol- 
lowed the profession of medicine and surgery, being a gradu- 
ate of the Geneva Medical College, 184S. In the war of the 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 141 

Rebellion he was appointed and commissioned assistant 
surgeon of the 23d Iowa, July 14, 1863; promoted to the rank 
of surgeon in the 40th Iowa, Feb. 4, 1864, in which capacity 
he served till the close of the war. 

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Riley Cornell observed their golden 
wedding which was quite a social event in Knoxville. 


Russell Root,' of Samuel Hooag^ (683), Philip A.,' Amos,' 
Israel,' Stephen,* Stephen,^ Thomas,'^ Thomas,' 
b. July 23, 1853; m. Charlotte Lydia Todd, Oct. 9, 1878; she 
was b. April 17, 1854; d. Jan. 9, 1899, daughter of Edward 
and Lydia (Giddings) Todd, New York City. Children: 

1 108 Russell Todd, b. South Orange, N. J., Aug. 14, 


1 109 Samuel H. Jr., b. New York, Jan. 24, 1890. 

Is engaged in the wholesale paper business, N. Y., (Ward & 
Cornell, 160 Franklin St.). 



Richard," of Thomas," 
b. about 1625, in England probably Co., Essex, as his sister 
Sarah at her marriage is recorded as being from Essex; d. 
1694 (see will); m. Elizabeth* , about 1655. Children: 

2001 Richard, b. about 1656; d. 1725; m. Sarah 

before 1692. 

2002 Sarah, bap. July 4, 1657, Reformed Dutch Church, 

New York; m. (i) John Washburn; m. (2) 
Isaac Arnold, 1691. 

2003 Elizabeth, bap. July 2, 1662 (Sponsors, Sarah 

Bridges and George Woolsey); m. 1679, John 

2004 "William, b. about 1667; d. 1743 (see will); m. (i) 

(supposed) Elizabeth Smith; m. (2) Jane White- 

* Nothing is known of the wife of Richard Cornell, beyond the fact that 
her name was Elizabeth. The date of the marriage must have been about 
1655, and as it is not recorded In New Amsterdam where other Cornell rec- 
ords are found, it seems probable that it took place on Long Island, not long 
after Richard Cornell settled there. Edward Jessup was Justice of the Peace 
at Newtown, where he settled about 1653; this town adjoining Flushing, 
where Richard Cornell lived. Jessup removed about 1663, to Westchester 
and in 1665, he represented that town in the Hempstead Convention, of 
which Richard Cornell was a member. In 1666 or earlier, he purchased a 
tract of land now known as Hunt's Point, adjoining Cornell's Neck, then 
owned by Sarah Bridges. It is reasonable to suppose that Jessup's purchase 
was a result of his intimacy with Richard Cornell and Sarah Bridges. By 
his will, Aug. 16, 1666, Jessup appoints his wife sole executrix and names as 
overseers of his will "my well beloved friends Mr. Richard Cornhill, Justice 
of the Peace, Mrs. Sarah Bridges, my well beloved brother-in-law John Bur- 
roughs, and Ralph Hunt." That Jessup should have placed Cornhill and 
Bridges first, naming them before his brother-in-law, and nephew Hunt who 
was probably a kmdsman of Thomas Hunt, perhaps son-in-law, seems to 
indicate some strong family tie and this belief is strengthened by the fact 
that Flushing where they lived was a long way from Westchester and that 
one of these overseers was a woman and therefore not likely to have been 
chosen for business considerations. All this seems to point to the probabil- 
ity that Richard Cornell's wife was a relative, perhaps a sister of Edward 

144 (jt'>u'(7/oi^-r of i)ie Conwll /''aniilr. 

2005 Jacob, b. ab(Mit i()68; d. about 1750; m. Hester 

2006 Thomas, b. about 1675; *^- 1719; i'^''- (t) ; ni. 

(2) Charity Hicks, Dec. 20, 1712. 

2007 Cob John, b. about 1672; d. 1745; 111. Letitia 

Ihnntz; marriage Hccnse, March 6, 1703. 

2008 Mary, b. after 1675; m. (i) William Creed, Jr.; he d. 

about 1710; she m. (2) Richard Betts (supposed). 

He was settled at Flushing-, L. I., probably before 1656, in 
which year his name appears in the account book of John 
Bowne now in the Library of the Long Island Historical Society. 

" Court Proceedings, May 4, 1663. Hendrick Janzen (Cooper) 
of the ship Purmerland Church, now a prisoner, acknowledged 
that he with Jasper Abrahamzen, committed great violence at 
Rendel Huit's house and forced his wife to give them to eat; 
they proceeded to Joris Wolsey's house and demanded drink, 
so that Wolsey & Ely Douty & Ritzert Cornewell had enough 
to do to put them out, then they went to Carel Van Brugge's 
house and demanded drink, and continued their violence in a 
manner indecent to be mentioned, so that Card & Douty & 
Ritzert Cornewell had enough to do before they could get them 
out, not without tearing a flap or fall of his unmentionables, 
which they removed in the shoving out of his body. Ordered 
that they be scourged and banished." {Records of New Ams- 
terdavi, IV., 234.) 

In the same year, 1663, the Town Clerk of Flushing informed 
the Governor that Richard Cornhill had been sent to agree 
with him about tithes. He was authorized to offer "100 Schapel 
of grain, ^4 of peas & )4 of wheat" ( Wallcfs History of Ftush- 
i7ig). 1665, he was delegate from Flushing to the Hempstead 
Convention that framed the " Dukes Laws," the first code made 
in the Colony. Four of the writer's ancestors were members 
of this Convention, viz.: Richard Cornell, Jacques Cortelyou, 
Frederick Lubbertsen (from Brooklyn), and John Stryker (from 
Flatbush). This Convention was assembled under the rule of 
Governor Nicholls. Long Island, Staten Island and Westches- 
ter were united to form the District or County of Yorkshire 
and many of the provisions were evidently applicable to York- 
shire alone {Waller's History of Fhishing). Justice of the 
Peace in 1666, also Feb. 16, patentee of Flushing from Gover- 
nor Nicholls with seventeen others among Avhom were John 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 145 

Lawrence and William his brother, Charles Bridges, etc. Feb. 
20, in the same year, he bought from Thomas Hicks, land on 
Madnan's (Great) Neck, which in 1687, he conveys to Palmer. 
1667, appointed by Governor Nicholls to enroll the Militia. 
1670, appointed by the Governor and Council to lay out roads 
in Newtown, and the following year was appointed to adjust 
the boundary between Bushwick and Newtown, but did not 
serve. He was permitted to sell liquors and powder to the 
Indians. 1673, appointed by the Council to arbitrate between 
Roger Townsen and the Westchester people, also to arbitrate 
between Richard Smith and the inhabitants of Huntington. 
General Lovelace paid him a visit at his house just before the 
capture of New York from the Dutch. His sisters Sarah and 
Rebecca appoint him their attorney to collect legacies under 
their mother's will. This power he transfers to his brother 
John and brother-in-law William Earle. In 1676, he had a sur- 
vey of 180 acres on the south side of Fresh Kill (Staten Island). 
In 16S4, he petitions to be put in possession of this land. In 
1679-S0, William Haviland filed a petition reciting that his 
brother-in-law Capt. Thomas Hicks who had in 1660, obtained 
from Governor Nicholls a patent for Madnan's (Great) Neck 
in the town of Flushing, which was divided equally between 
him and Richard Cornhill and Elias Doughty, that petitioner 
bought Doughty's interest, that Cornhill and Hicks had settled 
their son-in-law on one of the three lots and Mr. Cornhill is 
settling his other son-in-law John Lawrence on a part of 
said tract. Petitioner prays that they may be stopped. Com- 
missioners were appointed to divide the tract in three parts 
and to lay out the 300 acres for Richard Cornhill, Thomas 
Hicks and William Haviland. In 1679, Richard Cornhill 
bought from Abraham Smith 100 acres of woodland in Hemp- 
stead, northwest of Little Success Pond, on the road to Mad- 
nan's Neck. In 1680, appraiser of the estate of William 
Lawrence; forced to resign a patent for land; owed the estate 
of Cornelius Steenwyck 247 guilders 10 stivers in wampum. 
1684, Takapousha and other Indians sold to Richard Cornhill 
and others all the lands called Flushing, bounded west by 
Flushing Creek, south by Jamaica line, east by Hempstead, 
north by the Sound. Richard Cornhill, Sr., and others buy 966 
acres adjoining the rear of Cow Neck, deed on record in Land 
Office, Albany, with map: 

146 Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 

" Survaied and Laid Out for Mr Richard Cornwell Sener & Companey 
A Certaine tract of land t)eing siteuat and lyeing on the East side of Cow 
Neck upon Long Island Acording to An Indian purchase baring date 
begining at A Red & white aoke Trees one the North side a small Creek 
knowne by the Indian name of Snakeroe Creek one the West side of Long 
Neck from therre into the woods South East & by East two degrees and 
tifteene minits southerly nintey six Chaines to the Indian Line in the Midle 
of the Neck then by said Line South foure degrees Easterly twentey 
to a White oake tree neare the head of a small Swamp from therre East by 
North one degree and fortey five Minnits, Northerly seventy six Chaines to 
the Bay, twelve Chaines to the south of the poynt wheare Mans sloope was 
Cast away and from therre by by the Sound to the first small Creek Includ- 
ing A small Island with Meadows Conteining in all nine hundred sixty six 
Akers performed this 25th Day of 1684. 

Phillip Welles Survr." 

Survey in 16S5, to Richard Cornwell, Sr., of 837 acres in 
Hempstead and Flushing, southeast of Little Neck, at Success 
(part of this land is still owned by his descendants). 1686, sur- 
vey of more land at Cow Neck to him. Part of this tract was 
sold Dec. 25, 1691, to James Sands who married Mary^ Cornell 
(John,^ Thomas'). It includes the burial ground of the family 
of John Cornell, Cow Neck. 

He and others resisted the encroachments of new patentees 
of Flushing". Richard Cornell of Cornbury, Flushing, conveyed 
to his son-in-law John Washburn land in Flushing, south of 
the brook that comes from Rushmore's Mill (on re-survey 
Cornbury was found to be in Hempstead). In 1687, he con- 
veyed to Richard his eldest son one-half of a piece of land at 
Success, also salt meadow at Cornbury Neck. 

Aug. 20, 1687, he of Cornbury (Bayside), bought from John 
Palmer lands that had been granted to Palmer by Lieut-Gov- 
ernor Dongan, Nov. 3, 1685, south side of Long Island in Rock- 
away, bounded east by Hemdstead, north by the patent line, 
south by the main sea or ocean, west by the gut or inlet which 
makes the bay or sound as it runs easterly until it comes to the 
Hempstead line.* This tract including all of Rockaway Neck, 
had been purchased Oct. 9, 1658, by John Palmer, a resident of 
New York from Peeman, Sagamore of the Rockaway Indians 
for ^30. f Richard Cornwell and Elizabeth his wife, the same 
day convey to Palmer one third of a tract at Madnan's Neck, 

* Recorded Lib. 13, of deeds p. 15, New York. 

t Recorded Lib. 13, No. 5 of Deeds, Queens Co., p. 50. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 147 

formerly granted by Governor Nicholls to Thomas Hicks and 
which Hicks sold in 1666 to Cornwell. 

Soon after this date he transferred his residence from 
Flushing to the new purchase, improved the lands, erected a 
dwelling and other buildings and resided there until his death, 
being thenceforth known as Richard Cornell of Rockaway. 

In 1688, Richard Corn well of Cornwell Hall, Queens Co., 
conveyed to Thomas Hicks (who married Mary Washburn, 
granddaughter of Richard), lands in Huntington. He leased 
the Court House at Jamaica for twenty years, agreeing to keep 
it in repair and to allow courts to be held in it. The next year 
he owed some money and was plagued with demands of the 
Hempstead men. 

He and his wife Elizabeth sold 50 acres near Success to 
John Cornell "our cousin" (nephew, probably son of Thomas^) 
living near Success; bounded south by brother Edward and 
west by Richard Jr. The deed was acknowledged Jan. 27, 1696, 
by Richard Cornwell, Jr., heir-at-law of Richard Cornwell, Sr. 
In 1690, he conveyed to "my son-in-law John Lawrence," lots 
61 and 37 in the last division of lots in Flushing and in the 
same year bought from Little John Smith for ^30, land at 
Rockaway, bounded west by Lattins Spring. 

Richard Cornell of Rockaway, will dated Nov. 7, 1693; 
proved Oct. 30, 1694 "Sicke & weeke." He makes over all his 
lands at Rockaway for the payment of a certain debt owing to 
the children of John Washburn. (He was Washburn's exec- 
utor.) " To son William, land at Rockaway, bounded north with 
the old fence on the south side of last year's wheat field, run- 
ning east to Hempstead line, south by the sea, excepting that 
my now dwelling house with orchard and pastures, houses and 
tillage about it, gardens, springs and outhouses I give to my 
wife Elizabeth during her widowhood, and afterwards to Wil- 
liam forever. To son Thomas, the land I bought from Little 
John Smith, also a tract bounded south by William, north by 
the middle of the fresh cove that Robert Beadel's meadow was 
laid out in, running east to the three rail fence. To Jacob and 
John, lands north of Thomas, bounded north by the Great River 
or Cove, east by the rail fence, to be divided between them 
according to quantity and quality, except to Richard, 10 acres 
joining Wells line. To daughter Elizabeth Lawrence, 10 acres 
joining William. To daughter Mary, ^'100 when she is eigh- 

148 (Tf)ifalogy of t/w Coriicli Fauiily. 

teen years old or married, also half my movables within doors, 
money excepted. To. wife, the use of negroes, stocks, etc., for 
the maintenance of the children during minority, excepting 
among other things, twelve two year heifers which I give to 
my twelve grandchildren when they are of age, that is to the 
children of my son Richard, son Washburn and son Lawrence. 
To daughter Sarah Arnold, two cows. If William, Jacob, 
Thomas, John or Mary should die without heirs, their shares to 
go to the survivors. If wife shall marry she shall have ^100 
and half the movables within doors, money excepted, also 
negro girl Jane. Negroes James and Dinah to go to William. 
Lands at Cow Neck to be sold. My right to the undivided 
lands at Hempstead to descend to my five sons. Jacob and 
John to have two acres purchased of Little Smith, if they choose 
to build thereon. Debts due me shall be used to pay the chil- 
dren of John Washburn and to Captain Charles Lodwick. Ex- 
ecutors, my wife and sons Richard and William with Colonel 
Thomas Willett, Lieut. -Col. Thomas Hicks and Captain Daniel 
Whitehead as overseers." All the executors qualified. 

The original is on file in New York Surrogate's Office v/here 
I have seen it and it is well preserved. For complete copy of 
this see appendix. The will is also recorded Liber 5, of Wills, 
page 45. 169S, in census Queens Co., Mrs. Elizabeth Cornell, 
John, Thomas, William. 



Richard,' of Richard' (6), Thomas,' 

b. about 1656; d. after 1725; m. Sarah , before 1692.* 


2009 Richard, b. before 1685; d. 1772-1788; m. (probably) 

Marsi or Miriam Alott, Feb. 8, 17 12-3. 

2010 Samuel, b. before 1706; d. 1739; m. Ann Mott. 

2011 Elizabeth, d. 1753; m. Nicholas Stilwell (marriage 

licence, Dec. 6, 1703). 

2012 Mary, b. (census, 1698); m. (i) Joseph Doughty(?) 

of Long Island, and had son Joseph, b. about 
1720; m. (2) John Carman. 

2013 Sarah. 

1684, his father is called Richard, Senior. 1687, his father 
conveys to Richard, his eldest son, one-half of land at Success 
and Cornbury, joining Washburn. 1694, executor of his father, 
by whose will he takes one-fifth of undivided lands in Hemp- 
stead, also liberty to put horses on heather, twelve heifers 
were given to twelve grandchildren, vi:::.: to children of 
Richard, "Washburn and Lawrence. Washburn had three 
children, leaving nine for Richard and Lawrence. But Bolton 
says Richard of Richard, d. s. p. 1695, deed from South wood 
of land on Washburn Xeck, sold to John (2007), 1698. 1698, 
Census of Flushing: Richard, Sarah (wife), Richard, Sarah, 
Elizabeth, Mary, and five negroes; deed. Richard of Success to 
brother John of Flushing, land in Hempstead. 1702, deed, 
Richard Cornwell of Flushing, and wife Sarah, to Candale, 
land in Huntington. 1705, deeds to Allen and Bayard. 1706, 
deed, Richard of Flushing, gent., and wife Sarah, to Johannes 
and Phebe Van Wyck, land in .Flushing, near Little Xeck, and 
other land. 1706, deed, Richard of Flushing, to Richard, 
his son, 150 acres in Hempstead, bounded south by Jacob 
Cornwell, east by Success Pond, with remainder, in default of 
issue, successively to son Richard, to second son Samuel, to 

* Query: Did he m. (2) Miriam Mott, Feb. 8, 1712-3 {stt Records 0/ 
Episcopal CJairch, Jamaica), or was it his son? 

150 (TCiicnlogy of the Corui'll Family. 

daiig-hters of son Richard, to his brother Thomas of Hempstead, 
gent., to brother-in-law William Creed, to Jonathan Whitehead, 
to S. Clowes, and finally to right heirs of Richard; deed, he 
and wife Sarah of Flushing, to Nicholas Stilwell (son-in-law), 
land in Flushing joining John Hicks, Dr. Rodman and Jacob 
Corn well; deed to Thomas of Rockaway, 10 acre meadow, 
willed by my father, joining William and John Cornell. 1708, 
deed to Beekman, 40 x 100 feet at Jamaica, ^4. 17 19, Richard 
of Flushing, gent., and wife Sarah, to Samuel Cornell of Flush- 
ing, gent., their son, deed one-half lands, houses, orchards, etc., 
in Flushing and Hempstead. 1720, deed from Van Cleef, land 
in Flushing to Richard Cornell, Jr., ^{^300, 70 acres with houses, 
orchards, etc., on road from Hempstead Plains to Washburn's 
Point. 1725, his son called Richard, Junior, (see No. 2009.) 
1733, deed, Richard, Jr., of Hempstead, yeoman, from Wiltse 
land in Hempstead on road from Herricks to Great Neck road, 
joining John Cornell, 6 acres. 17 10, Richard Cornwell, Sr., 
contributed to Parish Church, Jamaica. 1730, owned land in 
Goshen in partnership with James Sands. 1712, Richard(?) 
and Samuel, of Richard and Marsi, baptised (see No. 2009). 
He lived in Flushing, at Success, a little hamlet now called 
Lakeville, partly in Flushing and partly in Hempstead. 


vSarah,' of Richaixl* (6), Thomas,' 
bap. July 4, 1657, in Reformed Dutch Church, N. Y.; m. (i) 
John Washburn; he d. (probably) 1688, in St. Bartolph Parish, 
Aldgate, (without) London (will dated there); m. (2) Isaac 
Arnold, 169 1.* He was Sheriff of Suffolk Co. Children 
( \\ askburn): 

John (witness to deed, 1706). 


Mary, m. Thomas Hicks (Judge, Queens Co.) 

1679, Richard had settled son-in-law Washburn on Madnan's 
Neck, Flushing; deed to him 1686. 1684, Washburn, Patentee 
of Flushing. 1687, Feb. 23, John Washburn's will, of Flushing, 
Long Island, now living in the Parish of St. Bartolph, without 
Aldgate, London. Children: John, Susan, Mary, all minors. 

* The license of Isaac Arnold and Sarah Washburn was dated Oct., 1691. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 151 

Executor father-in-law, Mr. Richard Cornell. The will was 
proved in New York, June 19, 1688. Washburn owned land at 
Hungry Harbor (see No. 2004), 1699. 1693, Richard gave a 
heifer (by will) to each of Washburn's children, and two cows 
to Sarah Arnold. Arnold was colonel of militia, 1700, and 
member of Convention, 1673. 


Elizabeth,^ of Richard'^ (6), Thomas," 

bap. July 2, 1662; m. John Lawrence (son of William), 1679; 
he m. (2) , and d. 17 14. Children {Laivre?ice): 

Richard, m. . Child: William, m. Charity 

Cornell (2033); no other children on record. 
William. ■. 

Elizabeth, m. Pford. 

Mary, m. — — Briggs. 




Her sponsors in baptism, July 2, 1662, were Sarah Bridges 
and George Woolsey. 1679, Lawrence is mentioned in Havi- 
land suit. 1690, Richard conveys land in Flushing to son-in- 
law Lawrence. 1708, had land on Jamaica Bay joining Jacob 
and John Cornell. This John Lawrence was cousin to John 
who m. Sarah Bridges. (See Lawrence Lineage, appendix.) 


William,'* of Richard = (6) Thomas,' 

b. about 1667; d. 1743; "i- (i) Elizabeth Smith;(?)f m. (2) 

* Bolton wrongfully says William, eldest son of Richard, left children: 
Thomas; Richard, of Success, m. Phoebe Doughty; Samuel, of Flushing, m. 
Hannah Doughty; John, of Whitestone, m. Mary Clement; Charles. These 
were all children of Thomas (2006), and all named in his will except Richard 
and Thomas, who died before him. 

t Jeremiah Smith of Herricks, by will 1723, proved in New York, in 
lieu of the last part of their mother's portion, devises "20 shillings each to 
my two granddaughters, Elizabeth and Ann Cornell, the 2 dau. of my eldest 
dau. Hannah Cornell dec. and to my 2 granddaughters Elizabeth and Hannah 

152 Gcfu-alogv of the Cornell Faunly. 

Jane Whitehead,* widow of Thomas Whitehead, and daughter 
of William Creed, April 8, 1735. (William Cornell, Esq., and 
Jane Whitehead, of Jamaica, m. April 8, 1735. See Records, 
St. George's C/iurcJi, Hempstead.) Children: 

2014 Richard of Rockaway, d. 1724; m. Hannah, 

daughter of John Van Wyck. 

2015 John, b. about 1700; d. 1773; m. (i) Abigail 

Whitehead, June 9, 1722; m. (2) Patience Oakly, 

2016 William, d. 1781; m. (i) Charity Doughty; m. (2) 


2017 Elizabeth, m. James Denton (see will of father, 

1743); d. before 1743. 

2018 Mary, m. James Stringham, Jan. 23, 1727 (see will 

of father). 

2019 Letitia, m. Jonathan Hazard of Newtown March 3, 

1733 (see Hazard's will). 

2020 Thomas, d. i74o;(?) m. Mary Loeyssan, June 22, 


1690, deed, William of Hempstead to Thomas Cornell, Esq., 
jQ2o, 40 acres at Rockaway. 1699, deed, William Cornell from 
John Spragg (the name is now Sprague in Rhode Island), 
formerly secretary of the Province, deed of Boscobel, house and 
lands, south side of the Plains in Hempstead, 280 acres, also 
meadow at Hungry Harbor in said township, formerly sold by 
John Washburn, deceased (see No. 2002), to Richard Cornell 
of Cornbury, gent., deceased, and by him granted to Spragg. 
Boscobel had been granted in 1688 to Spragg by the town of 
Hempstead. It was south of the Plains, and east of Seaman's 
Hollow, bounded by the road and commons. 1694, executor of 
father's will. Takes land at Rockaway, bounded north by the 
old fence, on southside of last year's wheat field, running east 
to Hempstead line, south by sea, except the dwelling, orchard, 
etc., to wife for life, also 10 acres meadow between Richard 
and Elizabeth, also two negroes James and Dinah. 1698, May 

Cornell, the daughters of my second dau. Elizabeth Cornell." It is not im- 
probable that one of the daughters of Jeremiah Smith was the first wife of 
William Cornell. 

* Some authorities say she was daughter of Thomas and Jane White- 
head. (See Whitehead Lineage, appendix.) 

Genealogy of t lie Cornell Family. 153 

13, William and Thomas establish a division line. This is 
recorded in the County Clerk's office, Jamaica. 1708, Constable 
and Collector, Hempstead. 17 10, Vestryman of St. George's 
Church, Hempstead. 17 15, Feb. i, he conveys to Z. Van 
Horn, 700 acres at Rockaway Beach, bounded west by John 
and Thomas Cornell, north by the Bog-gs, east by the common, 
with houses, orchards, etc. In 17 19, he and several other 
Justices of the Peace were complained of for illegal practices. 
He was charged with having taken upon himself in his petty 
Justices Court, to give judgment in a case of ^^3 expressly 
against the letter of the law, and has been indicted for robbing 
persons of fish. The charges were not sustained. 1720, Sept. i, 
he bought from S. Carman for jQsT^ land at Far Rockaway on 
the road from Hempstead. 1722, April 17, he conveyed to his son 
Richard the farm "where my father Richard lived," adjoining 
Thomas Cornell, also 10 acres at Rocks Point, with houses, etc. 
In 1724 he was executor of his son Richard. In 1726 he was 
one of those appointed to command the inhabitants under the 
law for extinguishing fires in the grass in Hempstead Plains.* 
In 1728 he and his daughter Elizabeth Denton, conveyed 67 
acres to R. Marvin for ^360. 1733, Sept. i, he conveyed to his 
son John for ^510 the land which he had purchased from 
Carman. 1734, March 8, Justice "William Cornell issued a 
warrant for a town meeting to consider the granting liberty to 
William Cornell, John Cornell and others to take land for 
building a Church according to the useages of the Church of 
England (St. George's Church, Hempstead). 1734, on the first 
Sunday in April, William Cornell, gent., John Cornell, gent., 
and three others were authorized to take up half an acre at, or 
near the place where the old church now stands on which to 
build a church, also a burying ground; among the petitioners, 
were William Cornell, Sr., AVilliam Cornell, Jr., John Cornell, 
John Cornell, Jr., Richard Cornell, Jr., and Thomas Cornell, 
Jr.f In 1735, he was plaintiff in certain ejectment suits in 
New Jersey. Will dated May 4, 174:: (see appendix): "To 

* In 1750 William Cornell, his son, and in 1769, William Cornell, Jr., his 
son, were by successive acts of the Legislature appointed to direct the same 

t This part of the family seems to have taken a deep interest in .St. 
George's Parish. It is a singular fact that Col. (afterwards Gen.) Ezekiel* 
Cornell (Richard/ Stephen,^ Thomas,-' Thomas'), their cousin, who invaded 

154 Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 

Elizabeth, daug-hter of son John _t^5; to Phoebe, daughter of 
my daughter Elizabeth, late wife of James Denton, ^^5; to 
Susannah, daughter of my son William, £,2o\ to Elizabeth, 
daughter of my daughter Mary, late wife of James Stringham, 
;j£~io; to Mary, the other daughter, ^10; to Elizabeth, daughter 
of my daughter Letitia, deceased wife of Jonathan Hazard, ^10. 
Residue of personal estate to son William and his daughter 
Susannah, and to granddaughter Mary Stringham. Executors, 
brother Col. John, and sons William and John Cornell. 


Jacob,' of Richard' (6), Thomas,' 

b. about 1668; d. about 1756; m. Hester . Children: 


2021 Jacob, b. before 1724; m. . 

2022 Daniel, perhaps m. Mary (see below). 

2023 Samuel, living near White Plains, 1732 (see below). 

2024 Richard, m. Elizabeth Cornel, Dec. 31, 1731.* 

Will proved 1801. , 

2025 Mary. 

1693, his father's will mentions him third among his sons, 
gives him with John land north of Thomas, bounded north b)'- 
Great River or Cove running east to three rail fence, also 2 
acres bought of Smith (in 1690?) to build on. 1698, in Flushings 
census. 1703, Jacob of Success in Flushing, gent, conveys to 
John his brother (2007), 40 acres in Flushing, devised to him by 
his father Richard of Rockaway, lying north of Thomas Cor- 
nell. Deed acknowledged by witnesses who deposed that they 
saw him and his wife Hester sign the same. 1741, March i, 
Jacob Cornell of White Plains conveyed to E. Yeomans for 
^70, land in Harrison's Purchase at Brown's Point, on the Mill 
Brook joining Daniel Cornell (deed witnessed by Daniel Cor- 
nell and Mary Cornell). 1748, March 30, Daniel Cornell con- 
veyed to Elisha Horton, 69 acres in the same locality for 
^202.0.6. In 1745, Jacob of Rye conveyed land to son Jacob of 
Cortland, Westchester Co. In 1756, Jacob, Jr., of Goshen, 

Queens County from Rhode Island, should have desecrated the church, and 
allowed his soldiers to eat their rations from the Communion table during 
the Revolution. 

* See Records St. George s Church, Hempstead. 

Genealogy of the Cornel/ Family. 155 

Orange Co., yeoman, eldest son and heir ot Jacob of Westches- 
ter who is one of the younger sons of Richard, late of Rocka- 
way, conveyed land to Henry Foster and Glorianna his wife, 
Elijah, eldest son of Jacob, Jr., confirmed the deed. Daniel 
Cornwell had an ear mark recorded in Rye, May 25, 1722, and 
had lands at Brown's Point, 17 15 to 1742, and 1754. there was a 
Jacob Cornell, weaver, freeman, N. Y. Jacob seems to have 
been a wanderer. He left Long Island, went to Westchester 
Co., and Orange Co. Probably Jacob, Jr., Daniel, Samuel and 
Mary were children of Jacob and Hester, also Richard, Jr., who 
married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Cornel, Dec. 20, 17 12. 
He had several sons but only Jacob is mentioned; he probably 
named one Richard after his father as all his brothers who had 
sons did so — the dates also seem to fit this theory. 


Thomas,'* of Richard' (6), Thomas,' 

b. about 1675; d. 1719; m. (i) ; m. (2) Charity Hicks, 

Dec. 10, 1712. Children: 

2026 Thomas, b. July 23, 1703; d. March 24, 1764; m. 

Sarah Doughty. 

2027 Samuel, b. about 1700; d. after 1772; m. ( 1) Hannah 

Doughty; m. (2) Elizabeth Doughty (her sister); 
m. (3) Susannah Willett, marriage license, Aug. 
I, 1768. 

2028 John, d. 1767; m. Mary Clement. 

2029 Richard, b. about 1 7 10; d. 1775; m. Phebe Doughty, 

Dec. 5, 1734, sister of Sarah, Hannah and Eliza- 
beth, above. 

2030 Charles, b. about 1705; m. . 

* Bohon {History of Westchester Co.), says: the children Thomas 
(2026), Richard (2029), Samuel (2027), John (2028), Charles (2030), were those 
of William (2004), which is wrong (see will). They were doubtless children 
of Thomas, for Richard (who married Phebe Doughty), is described in mar- 
riage record as son of Thomas, late deceased. John (2007), makes executor 
my brother Thomas and his son my cousin Thomas. Charles (2030), was 
son of Thomas (see will of John). These were all brothers and one cer- 
tainly was son of Thomas. Elizabeth (sister), is named in will of Thomas 
(2026), also Letitia Lawrence (was she sister?) Charity 7)iay be daughter of 
Thomas and Charity Hicks, she married 1741, William Lawrence. 

156 Ccfiealogy of tlu- Coriielt I-'ai/ii/y. 

jo^^i Elizabeth, m. Richard Cornel (2024), Dec. 31, 1731. 
(See Ri-iorch St. George s Church, Hempstead.) 

20T,2 Letitia Lawrence(?) 

2033A Charity, b. 1720; m. William Lawrence (see No. 
2003). Children: Catherine Violetta, William, 
Richard, Daniel, Oliver and Charles. 

1693, father's will gives him land bought of Smith, also land 
bounded west by William, north by land that Beadulph's 
meadow was laid out in, east by three rail fence, south by Jacob 
and John, also one-fifth undivided lands in Hempstead and 
right to put horses on heather and swine on beach. 1698, he 
and William ran dividing line, this is recorded in Jamaica. 
1706, reversioner in deed of Richard (2001). 1710, executor 
of William Creed, Jr., brother-in-law, with Thomas Whitehead 
who married Jane Creed. 17 17, buys from J. and J. Smith, 
land at Rockaway. 17 19, he died intestate. Letters of admin- 
istration were issued to his widow Charity Cornell. Inventory 
made April 19, 17 19, by Capt. Thomas Willett, Capt. Jacob 
Hicks, and Mr. Samuel Carman. He is styled " Gentleman." 
The inventory recorded in N. Y. Wills, IX., 37, indicates a man 
of wealth and position. Personal estate ^1241. Had money, 
scales and weights, plate, cash, pistols, gun, sword, whale boat, 
two skiffs, twenty-five horses and colts, ninety-nine cattle, 
fourteen slaves. He was buried in the Rockaway burial 
ground; monument "erected by his weeping widow." 


CoL. John,' of Richard '^ (6), Thomas,' 
b. about 1672; d. 1745; m, Letitia Printz, inarriage license, 
Dec. 6, 1703; she m. (2) Capt. John Brown of New York, 
Aug. 2. 1748. Child: 

2033 Glorianna, b. Aug. 26, 1724; bap. Sept. 13, 1731; d. 
April 25, 1779; m. Henry Foster of Jamaica. 

1694, father's will gives him and Jacob land north of Thomas, 
bounded north by Great River or Cove, east by three rail fence, 
also his portion of the profit from sale of lands in Cow Neck 
and Crab Meadow, and one-fifth of undivided lands in Hemp- 
stead, liberty to put horses on heather, also two acres bought 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 157 

of Smith to build on. 1698, buys from brother Richard land in 
Hempstead which Richard bought 1695, of Southwood (see No. 
2001). 1703, buys from brother Jacob land devised by Jacob's 
father. 1756, Jacob, Jr., conveys this land to Henry and Glor- 
iana Foster. 1705, John and Richard convey to Bayard land on 
Cow Neck (see 1694, above). 1705, deposition about a schooner. 
1 7 15, muster roll of his company. Buys from Van Horn, 700 
acres at Rockaway Beach, the same having belonged to Wil- 
liam Cornell (2004), 1718. 1715-26, vestryman of St. George's 
Church, Hempstead. 1722, assessor, Hempstead. 1726, executor 
of Rev. John Thomas, rector of Parish Church, Hempstead. 
1730, Major John Cornell, Supervisor. 1734, John Cornell, gent., 
William Cornell, gent, and others authorized to take ^ acre 
for church and burial ground. 1735, General Crosby enter- 
tained at his house after the consecration of St. George's 
Church, Hempstead. 1740, executor of Thomas Cornell (2026). 
1 741, chosen to adjust rent in New York. 1742, executor of 
brother William. 1745, April 18, will proved. Dated Jan. 16, 
1 741, "John Cornell of Rockaway, colonel of the Queens Co. 
Militia, leaves Justice Jonathan Whitehead, ^2^300 (borrowed to 
make provision for daughter Gloriana, wife of Henry Foster, 
yeoman, of Jamaica)." To nephew Charles (2030), son of late 
brother Thomas, ^100. Residue to wife Letitia with rever- 
sion to Gloriana of Rockaway. Executors, wife and nephew 
Thomas (2026). 1748, Aug. i, Letitia, widow of John, gives 
bond and frees eight slaves of her husband, next day she 
married Capt. John Brown. 


Marv,^ of Richard" (6), Thomas,' 
b. after 1675; m. (i) William Creed, Jr., of Jamaica; he d. 
about 1 7 10; she m. (2) April 10, 1711 (supposed) Richard 
Betts. Children (Creed): 

William, m. Mary Hallett, Dec. 20, 1728. 
Augustine, m. Mary Oakly, ]\Iarch 25, 1732. 
Elizabeth, m. Theodorus Van Wyck, Aug. 22,. 1720. 
1694, takes ^100 under her father's will. 1706, William 
Creed, Jr., brother-in-law, reversioner in deed of Richard 

158 Gt-nca/ogy of the Cornell Fa^nily. 

(2001). 1 7 10, William Creed, Jr., will proved in New York. 
171 1, names wife jMary and children. Executors, iny father 
William Creed and my two brothers-in-law Thomas Cornell 
and Thomas Whitehead (who married Jane Creed, 1703). 1715, 
William Creed, Sr., gives bond and takes possession of estate 
of William Creed, Jr. 


RiCH.\RD,^ of Richard' (2001), Richard,' Thomas," 
b. before 1685; d. 1772-8; m. (probably) Marsi or Miriam 
Mott, Feb. 8, 17 12. He and wife living- 1754 (see No. 2034). 
Children (as per deed, 1760): 

2034 James, b. Aug. 9, 1721; d. 1792; m. Margaret 

Hicks, Feb. 7, 1758. 

2035 Samuel, d. 1796; m.(?) Hannah Cornell (perhaps 

daughter of John Cornell), April 27, 1740. 

2036 Stephen, d. 1784; m. Elizabeth Cornell, daughter 

of an untraced Benjamin Cornell. 

2037 Obadiah, d. 1794; m. Mary Cornell, daughter of 

Benjamin, marriage license, Dec. 7, 1753. 

2038 Isaac, d. 1765; m. Deborah . 

2039 Sarah, bap. May 25, 1734; d. 1791; m. Cornelius 

Cornell (2049), son of Richard and Hannah. 

1706, Richard (2001), of Flushing, gent, to Richard his son, 
deed, land partly in Flushing and partly in Hempstead, bounded 
south by Jacob Cornell (2005), and John Hicks, west by Hicks, 
north by a swamp, east by Success Pond with reversions, etc., 
(see No. 2001). This was probably part of the survey, Aug. 
26, 1685, of 837 acres in Flushing and Hempstead, southeast of 
Little Neck or Cornbury. 1687, Richard (6), of Flushing, gave 
his son Richard (2001), one-half of a piece of land at Success. 
In 1752, Richard (2009), conveys the land by the same descrip- 
tion as in the deed of 1706, to Whitehead Hicks, 150 acres. 
This deed is among the papers of Hallett Cornwell a descend- 
ant. About 1710, Richard, Sr. (2001), contributes to Parish 
Church, Jamaica. 1698, Richard, son of Richard (2001), and 
Sarah, in Flushing census. 1725 , Richard, Jr., of Flushing from 
Van Hoff, deed ^300, land on road from Hempstead Plains to 
Washburn's Point, 70 acres with houses, orchards, etc. 1731, 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 159 

Richard and wife Mary of Flushing to Benjamin Cornell of 
Flushing, deed, south by Stephen, deceased, north and east by 
Isaac, deceased, 6 acres. 1735, Richard, Jr., petitions for 
incorporation of St. George's Church, Hempstead. 1733, 
Richard, Jr., Hempstead, yeoman, from Wilson, deed, ;^336, 60 
acres in Hempstead on road from Hempstead to Great Neck 
joining John Cornell. 1738, witness to will of brother Samuel. 
i74o(?), Commissioner of Highways (Printed Records, 3-262). 
1747, deed to son James land at Success (gift). 1752, Richard 
of Flushing, yeoman, to son James, deed one-fifth of all my 
lands in Flushing, Hempstead or elsewhere. Deed to White- 
head Hicks, 150 acres at Success. 1754, Richard and wife 
living. (Letters of James.) 1760, Samuel, Stephen, Obadiah 
and Isaac Cornell to their brother James, deed land at Success 
near the dwelling of our father Richard, west side of Joseph 
Cornell's house. 1772, Barak Cornell conveys land at Success, 
south by Richard Cornell now living and land late of Richard, 
deceased, some part of which belongs to the posterity of said 
Richard and some part to vStephen and Cornelius Van Wyck, 
east by Benjamin Cornell, deceased. Again in 1788, he 
describes the same land as bounded south by Richard, deceased, 
and land of Richard now in possession, west partly of Obadiah 
and partly upon Van Wyck, east by Benjamin, deceased, now 
in possession of Uriah Mitchell and George Cornell. Appar- 
ently Richard (2009), died between 1772 and 1778. i7i2(?), 
Richard and Samuel ye sons of Richard and Marsi Cornell, 
baptized at Flushing by Rev. Mr Poyer (see No. 2009-10). 
1722, he was Fence Viewer. 


Samuel,^ of Richard^ (2001), Richard,^ Thomas,' 

b. before 1706; d. 1739; m. Ann Mott, daughter of Joseph. 
Children : 

2040 Joseph, b. i7i2(?); d. 1772; m. Hanah Thorne. 

2041 George(?), m. Ann Hicks, Sept. 21, 1767. 

2042 Samuel Mott, b. about 1730. 

2043 Charles, b. 1736; d. 1820; m. Abigail Eldred, June 

13, 1758- 

2044 Miriam (17 15 witness). 

2045 Sarah. 

i6o (ir;ir(j/o<^r of tJic Cornell Faifiily. 

2046 Deborah(?), b. 2G, 8, 1739. 
J047 Morris (posthumous). 

170O, his father makes second son Samuel reversioner in 
deed to eldest son Richard. 17 19, his father conveys to son 
Samuel of Flushing, gent., one-half his lands, houses, orchards, 
etc.. in Flushing. 1720, sells to William Cornell land at Far 
Rockaway, east of Henry Foster (see No. 2034) which John 
Cornell (2014) sold 17S7 to Martin. 1726, executor to his 
brother-in-law Samuel j\Iott. 1734, Joseph Mott's will names 
my daughter Anne Cornell, wife of Samuel Cornell, and his son 
Samuel. Samuel Mott's will 1736 names executor my brother 
Samuel Cornell. 1739, Samuel Cornell of Flushing, will proved, 
dated July 12, 173S, "To wife Ann negro Jack and use of lands, 
wife is pregnant. Daughters Miriam, Sarah, Deborah ^!^ioo 
each when they are iS, Sons Joseph, George, Samuel and Charles 
all under age." Executors, son Joseph, and Richard Everritc; 
witnesses, Samuel Thorne, Richard Cornell (2009), James Cor- 
nell (2034).* 


Elizabeth,* of Richard^ (2001), Richard,^ Thomas,' 

b. about 1694; d. 1753; m. Nicholas Stilwell. Children 

Marian, m. Thomas Marsh. 

Esther, m. John Sayer in 1735 of New York, and 

in 1753 of Philadelphia (shopkeeper). 
]\Iary, m. Samuel Southard of Hempstead, L. I. 
Elizabeth, m. James Milwood. 

Nicholas Stilwell (eldest son of Nicholas), b. 1673, settled 
after his marriage at Jamaica, L. I., where in 1706 he pur- 
chased a farin from his father-in-law (deed recorded in Queens 
Co., Lib. 13, p. 141). He died prior to 1735, his wife Elizabeth 
survived him, and died, 1753, leaving a will (Lib. 18 of wills, p. 
369, N. Y. See Memorials of the Stillwell Family, by Benjamin 
Marshall Still well, N. Y.) 

* 1762, Feb. 1 1, baptisms at St. George's Church, Hempstead (New York 
Genealogical Record), Samuel Cornell (adult), Charles Cornell (adult), 
Hannah Cornell (adult); Samuel, Daniel and Jacob, children of Joseph and 
Hannah Cornell; Jane, daughter of Samuel and Catherine Cornell; Abigail 
and Rachel, children of Charles and Abigail Cornell. Query: Were 
Joseph, Samuel and Charles, all the same family brothers above? 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. i6i 


Richard,* of William' (2004), Richard/ Thomas,' 

d. 1724; m. Hannah Van Wyck (daughter of John); she m. (2) 
Robert Mitchell, May 14, 1729. Cornelius will calls Uriah 
Mitchell half-brother. Children: 

2048 Richard of Rockaway, d. 1778; m. Deborah . 

2049 Cornelius, d. 1790; m. Sarah Cornwell, daughter of 

Richard (2009) and Miriam, Aug. 15, 1751. 

1722, William of Hempstead, to Richard, his son, conveys 
the farm where my father Richard lived, now in possession of 
my said son, with beach and meadow and right of way to the 
beach. Bounded west, east and north by Thomas (2006); also 
10 acres at Rocks Point, west and east by Thomas, north by 
the bay. 1724, Richard of Rockaway, will, dated March 9, 1723, 
to wife Hannah use of farm for bringing up our children; to 
son Richard the farm where I live, also Lyon Rock Neck in 
Hempstead; to youngest son Cornelius two-thirds of personal 
estate; both minors. Executors: his wife, father (William), 
and father-in-law (John Van Wyck). Witnesses: John Cornell, 
Thomas Whitehead. 


John,** of William^ (2004), Richard,' Thomas,' 

b. about 1700; d. 1773; m. (i) Abigail Whitehead, June 9 or 
Jan. 29, 1722, supposed daughter of Thomas and Jane Creed 
Whitehead; she d. April 20, 1762, in her 57th year, and is 
buried in Rockaway Cemetery; m. (2) Patience Oakley, mar- 
riage license, June 6, 1766, daughter of Samuel and Hannah 
Skidmore.f Children: 

2050 William, bap. July 25, 1725; d. 1798; m. Miriam 

Mott, Feb. 17, 1747. 

2051 Daniel, bap. Oct. 29, 1727; d. after 1803; m. Charity 

Valentine, Jan. 29, 1753. 

2052 Mary, bap. Jan. 7, 172S; supposed d. before father, 

not in his will. 

* Bolton wrongfully calls John son of Thomas, 

t Mentioned in his will, 1732, sureties on bond for license of John 
Cornell to marry were John Skidmore (Miller) and Samuel Skidmore, Kings 
Co. (Butcher). 

i62 Ge^icalogy of the Cornell Family. 

2053 Elizabeth, b. Sept. 20, 1729; m. Israel Horsfield, 

Oct. 28, 1749. 
2054 Whitehead, b. ]\Iarch 12, 1731; bap. July 19, 1731, 

at Hempstead; d. Feb. 5, 1810; 111. (i) Margaret 

Sebring; 111. (2) Phebe Thorne. 

2055 Thomas, bap. Sept. 11, 1737; d. 5"oung. 

2056 John. bap. June 24, 1739; d. about 1781; m. Eliza- 

beth Whitehead, May 2, 1761. 
2057 Sylvester, bap. June 12, 1743; d. unmarried about 

1799. He was weak-minded; his nephews John, 

William and Isaac made him an allowance of 

^5 per annum. 
2058 Thomas, bap. April 25, 1745; d. about 1824; m. 

Elizabeth Thurston, Aug. 8, 1770. 
1722, makes tax list and copies Hempstead Records. 1725, 
makes deposition relative to seeing a two-masted schooner 
lying at anchor off Merrick's Gut, east of Rockaway. 1733, 
deed from his father, land at Far Rockaway. 1734, buys an ^s. 
patent right in Hempstead and is called John, Junior, son of 
William. 1735, Joh^) J^"-) petitions for a charter of St. George's 
Church, Hempstead. 1740, executor of brother Thomas of 
Oyster Bay (2020). 1743, his father's will gives John and 
W^illiam all beach, marshes and broken lands at Rockaway; to 
Elizabeth, daughter of John, ^5. Names John executor. 
Probably Elizabeth (2053) was the only daughter of John then 
living. 1755, John had three slaves. 1766, John Cornell 
(farmer of Hempstead) whose son John, a butcher, lives in 
Brooklyn, and Patience Oakley, widow, of Huntington. Mar- 
riage contract provides that she shall have only ^50 out of his 
estate if she survives him. 1773, John Cornell of Huntington 
Suffolk Co., will dated July (no date), proved Aug. 26, 1773, 
"To my wif the Hors and chear and the littel wheal and after 
her death the Chear I give to John Oakley and half the Linen 
that has bin made hear in Huntin." To son William silver 
tankard and ^50; to daughter Elizabeth Horsfield the use of 
^200; to son Whitehead p^ioo as soon as the land can be sold; 
to son John ^200 out of the money he owes me; to son Thomas 
^^300; to Sylvester the income of ^50; to granddaughter 
Elizabeth, daughter of Daniel, deceased, bed, etc.; to grand- 
daughter Abigail, daughter of John, bed, etc. Real estate to 
be sold. All the children to pay toward maintaining my old 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family 163 

slaves. Executors: son William and loving- cousin John Skid- 
more (probably brother of his wife). Witnessed by Wilmot 
Oakley and Samuel Oakley. He lived probably south of 
Foster meadow, on the farm formerly Thomas Whitehead's. 


William/ of William' (2004), Richard/ Thomas,' 

b. about 1705; d. 1781; m. (i) Charity Doughty;* m. (2) 
Mott. Children: 

2059 Susannah, bap. Jan. 5, 1732; m. Aaron Van Nos- 

trand, Dec. 18, 1763; marriage license, Dec. 7. 
Grandfather's will gives her ;^2o. 

2060 Anne, bap. Jan. 5, 1732. Did she m. Peter Caverly, 

1756, or Harry Wilsie, 1749? 

2061 Elizabeth, bap. July 30, 1732; perhaps m. Cor- 

nelius Wilzie, Jan. 5, 1749 (see No. 2065). 
2062 William, bap. March 10, 1737; m. Ruth Smith. 

2063 John, bap. March 10, 1737; ni.(?) Catherine Smith, 

1767. Surety, Timothy Cornell. 

2064 Timothy, d. 1804; m. Letitia Everitt, marriage 

license, Jan. 4, 1765. 

1735, William, Jr., petitions for charter of St. George's 
Church. 1740, executor of brother Thomas. 1743, executor of 
his father who gives to him and daughter Susannah, remainder 
of personal estate, also to Susannah ^20, also to him one-half 
of land at Rockaway Beach. 1748, he of Hempstead, sells to 
Luke for ;z^ioo, 40 acres southwest of Great Plains. 1755, 
owned 4 slaves. 1770, mortgage to Lucas, ;2^2io, where Wil- 
liam now lives near Foster's meadow, Hempstead, on road from 
Jamaica to Hempstead line joining William Cornell, Jr., and 
John, Jr. 1775-7, adherent of the crown. 1781, William of 
Hempstead, will proved; dated, 1756. To son William seven 
negroes; to sons John and Timothy, one negro each; to 
daughter vSusannah, certain silver; daughters Ann and Eliza- 

* William Cornell married Charity Doughty at St. George's Church, 
Hempstead, L. I., Dec. 23, 1726, both of Flushing {New York Genealogical 
and Biographical Record). Query: Feb. 17, 1746-7, William, Jr., and 
Miriam Mott married at St. George's Church; was she second wife of Wil- 
liam, Sr.? probably not. William and Miriam had children (2050). 

164 Grfira/o^v of t lie Cornell Family. 

beth mentioned; sons to have £,zoo each, daughters, ;^2oo 
each. Timothy only, is a minor. Witnesses: Elias Dotighty, 
John Cornwell, Sarah Doughty. Executors: sons William and 
John, and daughter Susannah. Letters issued to William and 
Susannah Van Nostrand. 1750, Nov. 24, 1760, Nov. 8, 1769, 
Acts appointing him to extinguish fires in the Plains. 


THorvrAs/ of William' (2004), Richard,^ Thomas,' 

b. about 1 7 10; d. 1740; m. Mary Locyssam or Kissam,* June 
2 J, 1735. Children: 

2065 Elizabeth, bap. Oct. 6, 1734; perhaps m. Cornelius 

Wilsie, Jan. 5, 1749 (see No. 2061). 

2066 Mary, bap. Oct. 17, 1736; d. before her father, see 

his will. 

2067 Letitia, mentioned in father's will. 

1737, Thomas Cornell, son of William, Esq., of Hempstead, 
buys from Dickinson 240 acres for ;^8oo at " Seader Swamp," 
on road from "Moskito Cove" to the Plains. Also two lots 
bounded southwest by the division line between Hempstead, 
and Oyster Bay, on the road to Westbury, with houses, barns, 
gardens, etc. 1735, Thomas, Jr., petitions for charter of St. 
George's Church (his brother was John, Jr.) 1739, Thomas 
Cornwell takes up land at Oyster Bay, south of " Moskito 
Cove." 1740, Thomas Cornwell (signed Cornell) of Oyster 
Bav, will. Wife Mary, children Elizabeth and Letitia, brothers 
John, William, Richard and Thomas. 1745, Mary, widow of 
Thomas of Oyster Bay, buys from Dodge (^300) land at Cow 
Neck. In 1753, sells this 50 acres for ^1400 to Halstead. 174S, 
Mary, widow of Thomas (See Printed Records of Hempstead^ 

Jacob," of Jacob' (2005), Richard,^ Thomas,' 

b. before 1724; m. . Children: 

2068 Elijah, eldest son, m. Elizabeth Abrams? (Elias of 

Oyster Bay, m. Elizabeth Smith, Dec. 26, 1726). 
2069 Perhaps Benjamin. 

* See Records S(. George s Church, Hempstead (in New York Genea- 
logical Record) perhaps Locyssam is the same as Kissam, e.g., Elizabeth 
Kissam, alias Locyssam, married Henry Strange, St. George's Church, 1726, 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 165 

1756, Jacob Cornell of Goshen, Orange Co., N. Y., and Elijah 
Cornell of same place, his eldest son, confirms deed to Henry 
Foster (see No. 2033). For deed of Jacob, Jr., see No. 2005. 
1754, Stephen Van Cortlandt leaves to son Philip, all my farm 
in the Manor of Cortland, now in the tenture of Jacob Corn- 
well {Pelletrcaii Westchester Co. Wills, 143). 


Richard/ (supposed) of Jacob ^ (2005), Richard,^ Thomas," 
d. (will proved) 1801; m. Elizabeth Cornel (2031), Dec. 31, 
1731.* Children: 

2070 Richardtis, b. April 12 (o. s.), 1739; d- Sept. 14, 

1S07; m. Ruth Slocum. 

2071 James, b. July 20, 1751; d. March 14, 1852; m. 

Rachel Dennis, Jan. 20, 1774. 

2072 Sarah, bap. May 25, 1735; m. Philip Flagler, June 

10, 1760. 

2073 Letitia, bap. Oct. 17, 1742; m. James McLess. 

Children: Richard and John. 

He was of Oyster Bay, L. I., at the time of his marriage, 
1731. Between that and 1767 (when he was vestryman of 
Christ Church, Beekman) he went to Beekman, Dutchess Co., 
N. Y. He probably emigrated to Dutchess Co. at an early 
period. The Cornell family are mentioned in Smith's History 
of Dutchess County as one of the early settlers of Beekman 
Precinct. He was buried in the family plot of his farm at 
Beekman, Sept. 13, 1794. The farm on which he located was 
in the possession of his family till about twelve years ago. 
1793, will dated Sept. 11; proved iSoi.f Wife not named. 
Sons Richardus and James; grandsons Richard and Thomas, 
sonsof James; Richard McLess, son of James McLess ; daughter 
of James; Elizabeth, daughter of Richardus; my daughters 
Sarah and Letitia. Executors: Richardus and James. Wit- 
nesses: Benjamin ]\Ioxon, Richard B. Moxon, Catherine Brill. 

* Record St. George s Church, Hempstead, both of Oyster Bay (Onder- 
donck says of Flushing). 

t See Record of Wills, Poughkeepsie, Dutchess Co., N. Y., book B., 
page 254. 

1 66 Genealogy of tlic Cornell Family. 


Thomas,* of Thomas^ (2006), Richard/ Thomas/ 

b. ]ulv 23, 1703; d. March 24, 1764; m. vSarah Doughty, 

daui^-hter of Charles.* Children: 

2074 Thomas, b. Dec. 14, 1722; d. Oct. 13, 1766; m. 

Helena Whitehead. 

2075 Sarah, m. (i) Daniel Waters; m. (2) Henry Wisner 

(see father's will, also mother's). Waters' farm 
joining' John, advertised for sale.f 

2076 Phebe, m. John Talman, marriage license, Sept. 

10, 1750 (see father's and mot?iier's will). 

2077 Martha, b. Feb. 28, 1732; d. Sept. 2, 1783; m. Wil- 
liam Thome, May 9, 1754 (see father's and 
mother's will). 

2078 Peggy, m. John Treadwell, marriage license, Dec. 
4, 1755 (see father's and mother's will). 

1 72 1, Mr. Cornell and D. Whitehead, licensed to catch 
whales. His father's estate had whale-boats and whalebone. 
1725, deed to Hilton (^^220), 46 acres on Great Plains. 1728-37, 
Vestryman St. George's Church, Hempstead. 1 731, subscribes 
to Reformed Dutch Church, Jamaica. 1735, Petitions for 
Parish Church. 173S, Justice of the Peace. 1739-64, member 
of Assembly until his death when he was succeeded by Daniel 
Kissam. 1745, executor of will of Col. John (2007). 1755, 
erected beacons at Rockaway; owned three slaves. 1757, John 
(2028), names executor, my brother Thomas and his son my 
cousin Thomas; both died before testator. The west line of 
Hempstead was laid out 1780, through his barn. 1763, the bay 
is made over by the town to Thomas and eleven others as 
trustees to protect the clam fisheries. Will dated Dec. 24; 

* Did he marry (i) Elizabeth Smith? " 1719, July 23, Thomas Cornell, 
gent, of Hempstead and Elizabeth Smith of Jamaica," married by Rev. 
Thomas Poyer of Jamaica. I can find no other Thomas, gent, of that date to 
fit the case. Also Jeremiah Smith, will of 1725, of Herrick's, gives unto my 
two granddaughters Elizabeth and Ann Cornell, the two daughters of my 
eldest daughter Hannah Cornell, deceased, 20 5-. To my two granddaughters 
Elizabeth and Hannah Cornell, the daughters of my second daughter Eliz- 
abeth Cornell, 7.0 s. William (2016), had daughters Elizabeth and Ann; 
John, son of Thomas.' Thomas,' had wife Hannah and daughter Elizabeth. 

t Henry Wisner had a son Gabriel Wisner by first wife who married 
Elizabeth Waters her daughter bv first husband (Daniel Waters). 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 167 

proved April 4, 1764, Thomas of Rockaway, to wife Sarah, 
^200, slave Phillis, use of plate, and of the plantation where I 
reside, bounded by orchard spring, and Lattin's spring with 
one-half the house, also fuel from Rock Point (compare No. 
2014). To sister Elizabeth Comwell at the Fish Kills, j[,2o. 
To Letitia Lawrence,* a bed and ;£-\o. Children Phebe, Martha, 
Peggy, Sarah, wife of Daniel Waters; son Thomas takes all the 
lands. Executors: Jacob Mott, Valentine Hewlett Peters, 
Daniel Jones and William Nicolls, Esqrs. 1765, Sarah, widow 
of Thomas, will dated ^lay 15; proved May 16, 1769. To son 
Thomas, p/^5, to Mary Waters, Elizabeth Waters and Hannah 
Waters, children of my daughter Sarah Waters, Sarah and 
Phebe, children of my daughter i\Iartha Thorne, Phebe and 
Sarah Treadwell, children of my daughter Peggy Treadwell, 
money to purchase one-half dozen silver table spoons for each. 
Her four daughters and their respective representatives, share 
and share alike, are also her residuary legatees. Executors: 
Valentine Hewlett Peters, Esq., Captain Jacob Mott and my 
brother Samuel Doughty. 


Samuel,^! of Thomas' (2006), Richard,- Thomas,' 

b. about 1700; m. (i) Hannah Doughty, daughter of Charles 
and Elizabeth (Jackson) Doughty (see Frie7ids' Records); m. 
(2) Elizabeth Doughty her sister; m. (3) Susannah Willett, 
marriage license, Aug. i, 1768. Children (as per Friends' 
Records) : 

2079 Hannah, b. 21.1, 1729;^ m. Francis Browne, mar- 

riage license, Nov. 21, 1755; devisee of brother 

2080 Hon. Samuel, b. 17.4, or Jan. iS, 1731; d. Jan. i, 

1 781; m. Susannah Mabson. 

2081 Sarah, b. 5.12, 1732. 

2082 Mary, b. 4.3, 1736; m. Arthur Mabson of North 

Carolina, brother of Susannah (2080); had 

* Was Letitia his sister? Elizabeth and Letitia were the names of 
children of William (2004), Thomas (2020), and William Creed (see Xo. 2008). 

t Bolton wrongfully makes him son of William (see also No. 2004). 

X See Records of the Society of Friettds, of the city of New Yew York 
and vicinity from 1640 to 1800 (A^eiv York Genealogical and Biographical 
Record, Vol. IIL, and IV.). 

i68 Genealogy of t/u- Cornell Family. 

daughter Susannah who m. Col. Thomas Hill. 
Arthur Mabson was Justice of the Peace; repre- 
sentative to the General Assembly, 1734-46. 
2083 Charles, b. 173S; d. 1790; m Elizabeth'* Cornwell 
(William,' Caleb,' John,'' Thomas'), Sept. 20, 

2054 Robert, m. Ann Lines (see below will, 1S08). No 


2055 Ann, b. Dec. 25, 1745; d. May 29, 1773; m. Col. 

Benjamin Ray Floyd, Nov. 4, 1767 (see below). 

He lived in Flushing, owned and occupied the farm which 
he sold in 1793, to William Prince, afterwards called Princes 
Nursery (see No. 20S0). 177 1-2, recognizances. 1767, raised a 
cow weighing 1054 pounds. 1777, contributes Si-, to raising Fan- 
ning's Corps of Royalist Troops. Robert Cornwell, Flushing, 
will, 1808, advanced in years, gives all to Thomas Heathcote 
Punderson of Brookhaven (is this No. 2084?). Ann Cornell of 
Flushing, married Benjamin Ray Floyd of Suffolk Co., Nov. 4, 
1767. He was Colonel of Militia, Supervisor, etc. Ann Cor- 
nell Spinster, marriage license, Sept. 24, 1767, surety on bond, 
Joseph Brewster, Samuel Willett. Susanna Willett, b. 1772, 
was daughter of Abraham (of Col. Thomas) and Susannah 
(Stevens) Willett. 


John,' of Thomas' (2006), Richard,^ Thomas," 

b. about 1702; d. 1767; m. Mary Clement of Flushing; she d. 
1792. Children: 

2086 Thomas, b. 1742; d. about 1808; m. Ann Gale, 

July 3, 1772. 

2087 John, b. about 1745; m. Sarah Roe. 

2088 Oliver, b. about 1747; d. about 1808; m. Anne 

Roe, 1777. 

2089 Margaret, b. 1750; d. 1815; m. Oliver Roe, Oct. 25, 

1775, marriage license, Oct. 3, 1775. 

2090 Mary, b. 1760; m. Austin Field, May 24, 1786; he 

d. 1836. Resident of Flushing. Devisee of 
mother, not of father. 

2091 Anne, b. 1762; m. William Roe, marriage license, 

Dec. 22, 1780. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Faviily. 169 

He owned and probably lived at Whitestone, joining Daniel 
Waters (see No. 2075). 1767, John Cornell of Flushing, will 
proved July 6, dated Feb. 23, 1757. To wife Mary, a bed and 
^100. " House where I now live in Flushing and salt meadow 
to be sold." To sons Thomas, John and Oliver ;^2oo each; 
to daughter Margaret ^100. Executors: Brother Thomas 
Cornell, Esq., his son, m}^ cousin Thomas Cornell, Jr., who are 
to invest money till children come of age. 1767, Aug. 11, 
letters testamentary were issued by Hon. Henry Moore, the 
governor, to wife Mary, describe him as a farmer. The 
executors named had died. 1772, Mary of Flushing, will, 
widow of John, deceased. To daughter Mary, mahogany 
table, etc.; to daughter Anne, a bed when she is eighteen. 
Executors: son Thomas, John Field, Somerset Lawrence. Wit- 
ness: Caleb Valentine (he married Elizabeth Cornell, 1791). 


Richard,^* of Thomas' (2006), Richard,^ Thomas,' 
b. about 1 7 10; d. 1775; m. Phebe Doughty, daughter of 
Charles and Elizabeth (Jackson) Doughty, Dec. 5, 1734! (5, 
10, 1734-5), sister of Hannah and Elizabeth (see No. 2027). 

2092 Charles, b. Aug. 13, 1743; d. iSoo; m. Deborah 


2093 Phebe, m. Thomas Pearsall, merchant of New 

York, son of Thomas and Freelove of Oyster 
Bay, 12, 2d mo., 1761 Pearsall was executor of 
both father and mother-in-law. 

2094 Anne, m. Ferris '" Cornell (Joseph,'' Richard,^ John,' 


2095 IMary, m. Elijah Pell; perhaps d. before her 

mother (see will) 

1755, smoke house robbed. Richard of Flushing, will dated 
1774, May 20. To wife (not named) the house "where I now 

* Bolton s History of Westchester Coic7ity calls him Richard of Success, 
son of William (2004). 

t Richard, son of Thomas, late deceased, of Hempstead, and Phebe, 
daughter of Charles Doughty, see New York Genealogical Record, vol. VI., 
page 105, copied from Quaker Records. 

170 Grn calory of the Cornell Family. 

live. TO acres and half the rest of my lands with reversion to 
three daug-hters, Phebe, Knw and Mary." To son Charles, house 
and 10 acres "where he now lives and half the rest of my 
lands." Executors: wife, son Charles and son-in-law Thomas 
Pearsall. 17S6, Phebe, widow of Richard of Flushing, will 
gTanddaughter Mary Pell, a minor daughter Anne Cornell. 
To son Charles, ;^2oo. To Joseph, Thomas and Samuel, sons 
of my daughter Anne Cornell, certain property. Executors: 
son-in-law Thomas Pearsall, son Charles and daughter Phebe 


Charles,^ of Thomas' (2006), Richard,'' Thomas,' 
b. about 1705; m. . Children: 

2096 William, b. May 12, 1728; d. Nov. 4, 1790; m. 

Hannah Hicks, Oct. 21, 1770. 

2097 Abig"ail(?), m. Charles Hicks (see No. 2 131). 

1745, Col. John's (2007), will gives ^100 to Charles, son of 
my brother Thomas. 1759, Charles* of Hempstead, buys of 
John Cornell 17^ acres in Hempstead; also 6 acres adjoining 
Benjamin. 1760, Charles, yeoman, Hempstead, buys from 
Earle, ^27, 11 jr., land at liungry Harbor, at the southwest 
side of the township of ELempstead, joining William Cornell, 
etc. 1764, bu3^s from Benjamin Smith, iS^ acres, in North 
Woods of Hempstead, on road from Herricks to Madnan's 
Neck. 1762, Abigail and Richard, children of Charles and 
Abigail, baptized. 


GLORiANNA,'f of Col. Johu ' (2007), Richard,' Thomas,' 
b. Aug. 26, 1724; bap. Sept. 13, 1731; d. April 25, 1779; m. 
Henry Foster of Jamaica, yeoman; he was b. July 8, 1718; 
d. June, 1768. 

Both buried at Rockaway. She was born twenty-one years 
after her parents' marriage. Her father's will says he borrowed 

* Do the following notes refer to him? 

t Query: Who was Gloriana, daughter of John Cornell and Charity 
Doughty, bap. Oct. 2, 1732. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 171 

^300 from Jonathan Whitehead to make provision for her. 
He gives her remainder of his estate (see deeds of Jacob [2005] 
to Foster and wife). Foster witnessed will of Daniel Waters. 


James,' of Richard* (2009), Richard,' Richard,* Thomas,' 

b. May 9, 1721; d. July 19, 1S02; m. Margaret Hicks, Feb. 7, 
1758; marriage license, Dec. 24, 1757; she was probably 
sister of Thomas, and daughter of Isaac (see Xo. 2002), b. 
Jan. 29, 1737. Children: 

2098 Frances, b. Feb. 20, 1751; m. Capt. Elijah ^lills, 

May II, 1779. 

2099 Stephen, b. April 15, 1759; d. Jan. 14, 1833; m. 

Elizabeth Smyth, marriage license, May 6, 1780. 

2100 Amy, b. 1762; m. William Hicks, marriage license, 

May 18, 1782. Went to New York. 

2101 Isaac, b. Dec. 10 or 15, 1767; d. unmarried. 

2102 Hallett, b. Jan. 23, 1771; d. ]\Iay 20, 1866; m. Elvira 

Hicks, Jan. 22, 1792. 

2103 Charles, b. Jan. 12, 1774; d. 1821; m. Sarah Bux- 

ton, Jan. 12, 1797. 

1747, buys from Denton, £,^1^ loj-., 2}4 acres at the further 
east neck Jamaica, north by the Great Island, east by Ruth 
Smith, south by the bay. 1752, deed from his father one-fifth 
of all my lands in Flushing, Hempstead, or elsewhere, no 
description. 1754, letter to his brother says father and mother 
are living. 1763, buys from Smith, farm and buildings at Suc- 
cess in Hempstead, on road from Great Xeck to the Plains, and 
road to Tanner's Pond (one mile east of Success Pond), joining 
Samuel Mott Cornell, 130 acres, excepting the Dutch Church 
and burying place on said farm; also excepting the whitening 
ground adjoining the Great Pond. Also 3 acres at Hungry 
Harbor Xeck, on the south side of Hempstead. Also the 
Hempstead Patent right, which Smith bought of his father-in- 
law Wilsey. Also cider mill and house by the Great Pond. 
In 1768 James conveys this to S. Treadwell. 1763, buys from 
Avery a share in Susquehanna Co., Penn. 1764, James and 
Margaret convey to Samuel Mott Cornell, for ^^45, 3 acres on 
road from Success to Madnan's Xeck. 1766, executor of 

i;- Grncalogy of tJic Cornell Family. 

Stephen (2099). 176S, James and Stephen Cornwell, executors 
of Benjamin Cornwell (2126). 1769, James Cornell and others 
buv from Isaac Smith for ^^iio, land at or near Rockaway, 
1773, James Cornwell and wife Margaret, to Wooley, mortgag-e 
^'300. 70 acres at Herricks. 17S0, James Cornwell of Herricks, 
offers for sale his two-story dwellings 20 x 26 feet, two fire 
places, two bed-rooms petitioned off with pine boards. 1781, 
James and Margaret his wife, convey to Henry Ha3mes, ;^2,2oo, 
land at Herricks, 91 acres. 17S9, buys from Simonson land at 
Herricks, beginning at a maple standing in Herricks Pond, 73 
acres, 92 r.; also 16 acres, 109 r.; also one-half of 20 acres 
woodland in North Hempstead, joining Searing and Appleby. 

1790, bond to Smith, ^147, 14^. Executor of Cornelius (2049). 

1 791, James and wife Margaret, to Capt. Charles Cornwell, 
mortgage, jQ^lo, 73^4 acres (see 17S9 above), bounded east by 
road from Herricks to Westbury. Witnesses to papers: Stephen, 
174S, 176S; Benjamin, 1773; Obadiah, 1773; Mary and Catha- 
rine, 17SS; Stephen, 1790; George, 1792. 1792, Jan. 7, will 


Captain Samuel,^ of Richard'* (2009), Richard,* Richard,* 
b. about 1 7 12; d. 1796; m. Hannah Cornell, April 27, 1740, 
perhaps daughter of John Cornell.* Children: 

2104 Elizabeth, b. 1741; d. Nov. 26, 1825; m. Edward 

Hicks, marriage license, Jan. 6, 1758. 

2105 Mary, m. (i) Jeffrey Hicks; m. (2) Gilbert Searing. 

Their daughter, Elvira Hicks, b. May 10, 177 1; 
m. Hallett Cornell (2102). 

2106 Hannah, m. Van Nostrand. 

1768, A. Law^rence conveys land on road from Plains to 
Capt. Samuel Cornell. His land at Success joins James Cor- 
nell. 1774, buys from Forbush, land on road from Smith's to 
the Plains, 26 acres; also 4 acres joining Cornelius Cornell. 
1779, Samuel of Hempstead, wheelwright, conveys this to 

* Query: Richard and Samuel, sons of Richard and Marsi Cornell, 
baptized Feb. 25, 171 1-2; Hannah Cornell, adult, baptized 1761; Samuel, 
adult, baptized, 1762. 

Genealogy of the Cor7iell Family. 173 

Mackintosh for ^350, called captain. 1784, he and Benjamin 
Sands sue Kissam and Thome. 1785, Samuel Comwell to A"an 
Nostrand, mortgage for £^2^ of 12 acres in Hempstead South 
"Woods, bought from Hendrickson. 1796, will dated and 
proved, of Flushing. To wife Hannah £,200; the farm I pur- 
chased of Edward Hicks (see Xo. 2104) at Success, in North 
Hempstead, to be sold; to daughter Elizabeth, wife of Edward 
Hicks, ^518; to Hilary, wife of Gilbert Searing, ^350; to 
grandson Samuel Hicks my farm on road from Baruch Cornell 
and Great Plains. "Children now living or hereafter to be 
born of my said daughter Mary, in remainder to wit, Fanny 
Smith, Alvila Cornell, ^lary Pearsall, Jeffrey Hicks, Ann 
Searing, or the other children of my said daughter Elizabeth, 
to wit, Samuel Hicks, Norris Hicks, Isaac Hicks, John Hicks, 
Thomas Hicks, Hannah Van Xostrand, Sarah Hicks and Mary 
Hicks. Executors: Gilbert Van Wyck, William Thorne. W^it- 
nesses: Lewis Cornwell, Daniel Kissam. 


Stephen,^ of Richard^ (2009), Richard,^ Richard,^ Thomas,' 
d. 1784; m. Elizabeth Cornell, daughter of an untraced Ben- 
jamin, Dec. 10, 1752; she d. 1784. Children: 

2107 Gilbert, b. about 1754; d. after 1S12. 

2108 Japheth, b. i756(?); d. 1797; m. Hannah Cornell, 

Jan. 24, 17S6. 

1747, Stephen of Flushing, saddler, deed from Onderdonk 
^320, 10 acres on road from Hempstead to Madnan's Xeck, 
joining Richard and Success Pond, also 48 acres on said road 
joining John Cornell, also 2 acres on said road joining John 
Smith Rock and road from Cow Xeck to Success. 1748, he 
conveys this to Timothy Smith. W^itnesses: Henry Hicks, John 
Cornell. 1767, manages a race at Xewmarket on Great Plains. 
1768, Benjamin, his father-in-law, names daughter Elizabeth, 
and names Stephen Cornwell and James Cornwell, executors. 
1768, 1773, Stephen as such executor, conveys to Charles and 
George Cornell. 17S4, Stephen Cornell of Hempstead, will 
proved, dated 1766. To wife Elizabeth, my homestead, 10 
acres, etc., for bringing up my sons Gilbert and Japheth; 
brother James to assist her. Sons to have all my other lands 

174 Genealog}' of tJie Cornell Family. 

in Flushing- and elsewhere when they are twenty-one. To 
nephew Stephen (J099), ;Q2'~^. Executors: wife, brother James 
and Charles Hicks. Witnesses: Henry Stocker, William Thorne, 
Samuel Cornell. Letters testamentary issued to Gilbert and 
Japheth the sons, James Cornwell and Charles Hicks the only 
surviving executors, having renounced. 1784, administration 
on estate of Elizabeth Cornell granted to sons Gilbert and 


Obadiah,^ of Richard'' (2009), Richard,' Richard," Thomas,' 
d. 1794; m. Mary Cornell, daughter of Benjamin, marriage 
license, Dec. 7, 1753. Child: 

2109 Lewis, d. about 1837; m. Jane . 

1743, bu3's from Samuel (2035), and wife Hannah, Gilbert 
(2107), and Japheth (2108), and Hannah, 4 acres in Little Neck. 
1747, 1 75 1, 1752, deeds from Richard to son Obadiah for one- 
fifth of his lands. 1760, deed, Stephen, Samuel, James and 
Isaac to Obadiah. 1765, buys from Stephen, certain rights 
in the Susquehanna Company. Stephen and wife to Obadiah, 
12 acres joining Fowler. Samuel joins Isaac (2038), and 
named in his will. 1768, joins Lawrence. 1772, joins Baruck 
Cornell. 1773, witness deed of Benjamin. Obadiah Cornell 
and wife Mary to Lawrence, mortgage 121 acres and 12 acres 
at Flushing east by Samuel Cornell, ^500. Witnesses: Samuel 
Cornell and James Cornell. 1781, buys from T. Fowler and 
wife Margaret (2 no), 12 acres of Hempstead of Richard, 
deceased. 1794, Obadiah Cornell (no wife) to Thorne, mortgage 
;!^ioo. Lived on the east and west road from Success to the 
Alley, one and one-half miles south of Douglaston, of W. H. 
Cornell, in Beers Atlas. 


Isaac, ^ of Richard* (2009), Richard,' Richard," Thomas," 
d. 1765; m. Deborah . Child: 

2 1 10 Margaret, m. Thomas Fowler, Feb. 18, 1773. 

Fowler was a carpenter. Surety on bond for 
license, Isaac Hicks; he witnessed will of 
Hannah (wife of Samuel," Joshua.' John,* 
Thomas') (see also No. 2027). 

Genealogy of the Cor7iell Family. 175 

1761, bond to Isaac Hicks, ^z\. 1763, bond to H. Wooley 
(2 1 1 2), ;z^ioo. 1765, Isaac Cornwell of Flushing, will dated and 
proved. To wife Deborah in lieu of dower, a horse and two 
beds, personal estate and mowing- land joining Joseph Cornell 
and Cornelius Van Wyck, Obadiah Cornell and the highway, to 
be sold. To daughter Margaret Cornell, all the residue of my 
estate, but if she should die under age or without issue, then 
to my brothers James, Stephen and Obadiah, who with brother 
Samuel are named executors. Witnesses: Charles Hicks, 
Charles Hicks the 3d, Robert Jackson. Codicil, Feb. 6, 1765, 
to sister Sarah Cornell, gold buttons; brother James to have 
the bringing up of daughter Margaret. Witness: Jeffrey Hicks 
(2105). Letters testamentary issued to James and Stephen 
Cornell. 176S, Deborah Cornell,* spinster, and Isaac Hicks, 
cordwainer, marriage bond for marriage license, signed by 
Jacob Esmond. 1781, Thomas Fowler, Flushing, house car- 
penter and wife Margaret to Obadiah (2037), conveys part of 
homestead of Richard (2009,) deceased, 12 acres. 


Sarah, ^f of Richard* (2009), Richard,' Richard,^ Thomas,^ 
bap. May 25, 1734; d. 1791; m. Cornelius Cornell (2049). 

Devisee of brother Isaac. Witness to deed of James to 
Charles Cornwell. 1791, will dated (probably never proved), 
of North Hempstead, devises her property to "my sister 
Deborah Hicks" (Deborah Cornell married Isaac Hicks, April 
26, 1768, Isaac Hicks signed bond for license of Margaret [2034] 
see also Isaac [2038]; Isaac Hicks married Charity Esmond 
and their daughter Margaret m. James Cornell); to my niece 
Mercy Esmond, niece Ann Hicks, and niece Margaret Fowler 
(21 10), all my linen, and to each a silver spoon. To ]ilercy 
Esmond, my large chest; to Sarah Esmond, a bed; to 
nephew Samuel Thorne, ;j^4; to Sarah Esmond, the v/earing 
apparel which Sally Clement left; to Sally Fowler, gold sleeve 
buttons; to sister-in-law Margaret (2034) Cornwell, my second 

* Query: Was this Deborah, i:/z;/5-/,?r, the widow of Isaac? Esmond is 
named in the will of Sarah (2039). 

t Was she daughter of Richard, Jr., and Elizabeth Cornwell, bap. May 
25, 1734, at St. George's Church, Hempstead? 

176 Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 

best bed, etc; to Fanny Hicks, silver shoe buckles. Residue 
to brother James an(J nephew Hallett. Calls herself Sarah 
Cornell otherwise Cornwell. 


Joseph/ of Samuel^ (2010), Richard/ Richard,^ Thomas,' 

b. i7i2(?); d. 1772; m. Hannah Thorne (see wills); she d. 
1793. Children: 

21 1 1 William, b. Dec. 26, 1742; d. Nov. 1791; m. Jane 

(supposed Flemens). 

2 1 12 ]\Iiriam, m. Henry Wooley, Oct. 23, 1762, marriage 

license, Sept. 20, 1762. He was executor to his 
father-in-law. Isaac (2038), mortgage to him. 
176S, witnesses deed of Stephen (2036); (exec- 
utor of Benjamin); witness of Samuel (2035). 
1768, joins James Cornell (2034). 

21 13 Samuel, bap. Feb. 11, 1762; m. Letitia Flowers, 

Nov. 27, 1773. 

2 1 14 Daniel, bap. Feb. 11, 1762, Nova Scotia. 

2115 Jacob, bap. Feb. 11, 1762; d. Feb. 26, 1821. Jacob 

of North Hempstead to Ackely, deed, 1795, 
;;^i7o, west side Cow Neck. 

1758, Oct. 23, Joseph of Flushing, his oldest son Williain, 
baptized. 1762, Feb. 17, Samuel, Daniel and Jacob, children of 
Joseph and Hannah, baptized; also Hannah, adult (wife of 
Joseph?). 1765, his land joins Isaac (2038). 1772, Joseph 
Cornwell, Flushing, will dated and proved. Infirm and 
advanced in years, wife Hannah gives property equally "to all 
my children," viz.: William, Miram (wife of Henry Wooley), 
Samuel, Daniel and Jacob, some under age; gives William \os.^ 
to cut him off from having more than his part. Provides for 
his mother who is living, reserves burying ground for white 
people "on my estate." Executors: son-in-law Henry Wooley 
and my brother-in-law Daniel Thorne. Witnesses: vSamuel Cor- 
nell (2042), Charles Cornell (2043), and Luke Cummings. His 
executors offer for sale his farm of 300 acres adjoining Success 
Pond. House is two stories, six rooms on a floor, four fire 
places, two sleighs, barns, orchards, etc. They sold it to Barak 
Cornell who gave back mortgage to the executors, describing 

Genealogy of tJic Cornel/ l-'ainilx. 177 

it as land where Joseph Cornell lately lived, partly in Hemp- 
stead and partly in Flushing-, on the highway from Great 
Plains to Little Neck, south by Richard Cornell (2009), now 
living, and land of Richard Cornell, deceased, some part of 
which belongs to the posterit}' of said Richard Cornell, de- 
ceased, and some part to Stephen and Cornelius Van Wyck, 
etc., east by land late of Benjamin Cornell, deceased, and by 
Success Pond, etc. 240 acres 7 r., also 14 acres salt meadow 
in Flushing in Little Neck meadow, bounded by Little Neck 
Bay and by meadow formerly of Richard Cornell, deceased. 
In a mortgage by Barak to Suydam, 17S8, this had a slightly 
different description, viz.: south by Richard Cornell (2009), 
deceased, and land lately of Richard Cornell (2001), deceased, 
and now in possession the west, part of Obadiah Cornell (2037), 
and partly upon Gilbert Van Wyck, east by Benjamin Cornell, 
deceased, now in possession of Uriah Mitchell and George Cor- 
nell. 1793, Hannah Corn well (widow of Joseph) of North 
Hempstead, will dated and proved. To my grandchildren, the 
children of Samuel Cornwell and William Corn well, namely: 
Martha, Joseph, William, Daniel, Joseph, Miriam, Jonas, Mary, 
Thomas and Jane, all my money consisting of ^^230. Exec- 
utors: my brother Daniel Thorne and Benjamin Piatt. Wit- 
nesses: Thomas R. Starkins (Joseph Starkins was son of Mary 
[Carrel], daughter of Charles Mott, see wnlls of Charles ^lott 
and Benjamin Mott), Benjamin Kissam and Benjamin Smith. 
Executors renounced and administration granted to Daniel 
Cornell and Anthony Rhoades. 


Samuel Mott"* (supposed), of Samuel' (2010), Richard, ■■" 
Richard, '-^ Thomas,' 

b. about 1730; m. . 

2 1 16 . 

1739, in father's will a minor. 174S, Brown appointed 
guardian. 1760, Samuel M., buys from Smith, 28 acres, ;?^3io. 
1763, he had land joining James (2034), at Success. 1764, buys 
from James (2034), 3 acres at Success, ^45, joining other land 
of Samuel Mott, Piatt, etc. i76i(?), Feb. 11, Samuel, adult, arid 

* He is assumed to be the son of Samuel and Ann Mott. The dates fit 
the case and no other Samuel. - 

178 Grnca/ogy of the Cornel/ Family. 

Jane, daughter ot Samuel and Kathrine, baptized. 1763, May 

20. James, son of Samuel and Kathrine, baptized. 1759, Feb. 

2 J. Samuel Cornell and Catherine Smith married (marriage 
license, Feb. 14). 17 Si, had 7 acres woodland. 


Ch.vrles,^ of Samuel'' (2010), Richard,'' Richard,'' Thomas,' 
b. Oct. 12, 1736; d. July 13, 1820; m. Abigail* Eldred, June 
13- 175S- marriage license, May 6. Children: 

21 17 Eldred, d. 1S43; "i. Catherine Cornell, March 

31- 1793- 
211S Abigail, bap. Feb. 11, 1762; m. Niah. Smith, f 
March 23, 1776; he d. 1794. 

2 1 19 Rachel, bap. Feb. 11, 1762; m. (supposed) Joseph 

Denton, Aug. 21, 1783. 

2120 Miriam, bap. May 28, 1763; m. Haines. 

21 21 Charity, bap. April 12, 1767; m. Penny. 

2122 Ann, bap. April 21, 1769; m. Benjamin Berryan. 

2123 Jane, bap. April 12, 1771; m. Miller. 

2124 Sarah, bap. June 18, 1778; m. John Frost, July 

24, 1802. 

1760, buys from Jacob Carle at Hungry Harbor, south side 
of Hempstead land joining William Cornell. 1761, petitions 
for Parish Church, Jamaica. 1762, Charles, adult, baptised at 
St. George's Church, Hempstead. 1802, subscribes to Christ 
Church, Manhasset. 1819, will dated, Charles Corn well, North 
Hempstead. Has homestead and salt meadows in Hempstead, 
also land at Hungry Harbor Neck, joining the bay. To son 
Eldred, negro boy and he is to pay S800 to his seven daughters, 
viz.: Abigail Smith, Rachel Denton, Miriam Haines, Charity 
Perry, Ann Berryan, Jane Miller, Sarah Frost. Executors: son 
Eldred and sons-in-law Joseph Denton, John Frost and Benja- 
min Berryan of New York City. 

* Query: Who were Charles and wife Abigail who had son Charles 
baptised, 1749? 

t 1794, Niah Smith (son of Benjamin Smith), will wife Abigail, children 
Joseph and John. Executors: father-in-law Capt. Charles Cornwell and 
George Cornwell, Esq. »•• 

(lenealogy of the Cornel/ Family. 179 


Richard,' of Richard' (2014), William ' Richard," Thomas,' 
d. 177S; m. Deborah ; she d. before 180S. Children: 

2125 Richard.* 

2126 Benjamin, b. May 14, 1750; d. June 8, 1821; m. 

Abigail . 

2127 Margaret, m. Peter Smith, f marriage license, Dec. 

5, 1764. Devisee of sisters Mary and Hannah. 

2128 Hannah,! d. 1806, unmarried. 

2129 j\Iary,§ d. 1798, unmarried. 

2130 Phebe. Her father's will directed that she was to 

be maintained by her brothers and sisters. 

1724, a minor. Takes under father's will the farm where 
the father lived, also Lyon Rock Neck, Hempstead. 1778, 
Richard of Rockaway, will dated 1777, mentions wife Deborah; 
all to my two sons and three daughters, Richard, Benjamin, 
Margaret, wife of Peter Smith, Hannah and Mary Cornell. 
They are to maintain Phebe for life. Executors: son Benjamin, 
son-in law Peter Smith and cousin Cornelius Van Wyck. 
Witnesses: Stephen Mott, William Van Wyck, Thomas Van 
Wyck (testator's mother's name Van Wyck, Cornelius Van 
Wyck married 1764, Abigail Whitehead). 1789, Cornelius 
Cornwell (2049), will, devises his estate to the children of his 
brother Richard. 1793, Deborah and Richard Cornell, Peter 

* 1805, Richard (2048) to Benjamin (2126), mortgage $1,377.60, one- 
sixth of the real estate of which Richard Cornell (2048), died seized at 
Rockaway with right to the beach and marsh, and the right which Richard 
was entitled to at the death of his mother Deborah. Witness: Rebecca 
Cornell (2259). Satisfied 1821, by Benjamin Cornell. 

t 1802, Peter Smith will wife Margaret, children Deborah, Mary and 
Richard. Witness: Whitehead Cornwell. 

X 1806, Hannah of Hempstead, will sister Margaret Smith and Deborah, 
daughter of Margaret, S125; to Margaret, daughter of Margaret, S125; to 
Hannah C. De Mott, daughter of my niece Mary Cornell De Mott, spoons, 
etc. If my niece Margaret C. Smith shall die, her legacy to go to Peter 
Smith and Eleanor Smith. To sister Margaret Smith and brother Benjamin 
Cornell, all my real estate. Witness: Rebecca Cornell (2259). 

§ 1798, Mary Cornell of Far Rockaway, will. Devisee brother Benja- 
min, sister Hannah, Rebecca, daughter of Benjamin, sister Margaret, wife 
of Peter Smith. 

iSo (irnralos^y of t lie Cornell luTiiiiily. 

and Mari^aret Smith, Mary and Ilaiuiah Cornell, devisees of 
Richard Cornwell, deed to Benjamin another devisee, one-sixth 
of three parcels, 4 acres 3 r., 32 acres 2 r., 19 acres 2 r. 


CoRXEi.ius,'' of Richard" (2014), William,' Richard," Thomas,' 
b. after 1703; d. 1790; m. Sarah Cornell (2039), Aug. 15, 1751 
(see 1790, below). 

1724, devisee and younger son of his father; under age. 
1767, mortgage from Miles, /^6oo. 1787, Cornelius of North 
Hempstead, to Uriah Mitchell (2014), bond. Bond to James 
Smith. The possession of these two papers by Hallett Cor- 
nell (2102), indicates that they came to Hallett's father James 
through his sister Sarah, wife of Cornelius Cornell, and note 
that in the will of Sarah she is described as Sarah Cornell^ 
otherwise Cornwell. 1790, Cornelius Cornell of North Hemp- 
stead, will proved, dated 1789, leaves all to his wife, and after 
her death to Richard (2125), and Benjamin Cornell (2126), 
Margaret (2127), wife of Peter Smith, Hannah and Mary Cor- 
nell, children of my brother Richard, deceased. Executors: 
James Cornwell, brother of my wife and half brother of Uriah 
Mitchell (2014), and Charles Mitchell. Cornelius Cornell's land 
joins (1793), George Cornell, also (1808), on road from Success 
to Herrick's. Samuel Cornell joins Cornelius in deeds of 1774, 
and 1779. Henry Cornell's land, North Hempstead, on road 
from B. Smith to Great Neck, joined George and Cornelius 
Cornell in deed of 1812. House robbed during the Revolution. 
He lived north of the Plains on road from B. Smith to Great 
Neck, about one mile southeast of Success Pond. (See deeds 
of Samuel, 1774, 1779, and George 1799.) 


William,' of John" (2015), William,' Richard, '•' Thomas,' 

bap. July 25, 1725; d. 1798;* m. Miriam Mott, Feb. 17, 1747; 
she d. May 6, 1765. Children:! 

* William Cornell, Jr., and Miriam Mott, married Feb. 17, 1746-7, at 
St. George's Church, Hempstead. Jtmior does not always mean that the 
son's name was that of his father (see John, Jr., son of William 2015). 

t As per will and per Bolton. 

Genealogy of tJie Cornell Family. i8i 

2131 Abigail(?), bap. Oct. 19, 1748; d. 1830; m. Charles 

Hicks (Bolton says C. Mott), March 26, 1767, 
marriage license. March 13 (see 2097). 

2132 Martha, bap. Dec. 27, 1753; m. Nathaniel Town- 

send, July 9, 1769, marriage license, June 28. 
Both of Jamaica. 

2133 Margaret or Peggy, bap. Dec. 27. 1753; m. Leffert 

Lefferts, April 13, 1775, County Judge, etc. 
Child m. John McKesson. 

2134 Elizabeth, bap. Dec. 19, 1765; m. Daniel Lefferts, 

marriage license, May n, 1778. 

2135 Samuel, b. 1755; bap. Dec. 19, 1765; d. Sept. 10, 

1828; m. Nov. 9, 1777, Jane Hewlett. 

2136 Charles. 

1 753, he and his brother Whitehead had children baptised the 
same day. i784(?), buys from Commissioners of Forfeited 
Estates, 200 acres formerly of D. Colden, Flushing, ^1200. 
1798, will proved, dated 1782. William Cornell of Jamaica to 
son Samuel Cornell, all the farm and meadow which did lately 
belong to my said son's grandfather Thomas Whitehead, also 
lot purchased of John Cornell, and negro boy Tice, also ^50 
that was given me in my father's will (see John 2015), and 
^40 due from estate of my brother John; to son Charles, 12 
acres purchased from De Mott, also rest of moveable estate 
and money at interest. Children: Abigail, now wife of Capt. 
Charles Hicks, Martha, now wife of Nathaniel Townsend, 
bequests to grandsons William Lefferts and Samuel Lefferts 
when they come of age. Executors: son Samuel and sons-in- 
law Capt. Charles Hicks and Nathaniel Townsend and William 
Watts.* 1773, executor and devisee of his father. He takes 
silver tankard and ^50. He lived at Springfield, Foster's 
Meadow, Jamaica, etc., but there was a AVilliam Cornell who 
had a son William near Foster's Meadow in Hempstead, 1776, 
and 1770. 

* In will he names Thomas Whitehead as grandfater of Samuel {2135J, 
perhaps he should have said great-grandfather, in which case it would seem 
Abigail, wife of John {2015), was daughter of Thomas instead of Jonathan 
Whitehead. William Cornell (2004), married Jane Whitehead. 

iS:; (irnfif/oi^y of tJic C oryicll Faiin'ly. 


Daxif.l,' of John' (2015), William,' Richard,' Thomas,' 

bap. Oct. 29. 1 7:: 7; d. after TS03; m. Charity Valentine, Jan. 
20. 1753. Children (per will and Bolton): 

2137 Elizabeth, m. Isaac Hendrickson, June 16, 1810. 

Devisee of her grandfather. 

2138 Jane, m. Maurice Golden, An^-. 8, 1784. 
J] 59 Sylvester, d. about 1803. 

1767, Daniel and wife Charity to Henry Valentine, mort- 
o-age, ^237, also 1770, to Luyster on road from Hempstead to 
Hicks' Xeck. 1759, Ephraim Valentine's wall names grandson 
Svlvester Cornell. 1767, Charity Valentine's (widow), will 
names daughter Charity Corn well and two grandchildren Eliz- 
abeth Cornwell and Jane Cornwell. Sylvester Cornwell to 
William Cornwell, 80 acres in Hempstead joining that which 
his father Daniel bought of Spragg and Seaman, 1779. In 1803, 
Sylvester Cornwell, administrator on his estate, to Luke Eldred, 
Charity his mother, having renounced and his father being 
incapable of acting. 1775, engages not to aid the British. 


Whitehead," of John* (2015), William,' Richard," Thomas," 
b. March 12, 1731, at Hempstead; bap. July 19, 1731, St. 
George's Church; d. Feb. 5, 1810; buried St. Ann's Church 
yard, Brooklyn, and removed to family vault Greenwood; 
m. (i) Margaret Sebring, daughter of Isaac; b. April 14, 1731; 

d. June 17, 1797; m. (2) Phebe* (widow of Thorne), 

daughter of Jonathan and Hannah (Morvin) Rowland(?); she 
d. Sept. 25, 1829, in New York City; buried in St. Ann's 
Churchyard. Children: 

2140 John, b. May 6. 1753; bap. Dec. 27, at Hempstead; 

d. Jan. 21, 1820, at Brooklyn; m. Sarah Cortelyou, 
May 6, 1787. 

2141 William, b. about 1755; d. 1830; m. Cornelia 


2142 Isaac, d. 1824; m. Hannah Cortelyou, marriage 

license, July 12, 1783. 

* Query: Was she Phebe (Carman), widow of Benjamin Thorne, mar- 
ried 1756; or Phebe ('Allen), widow of Joseph Thorne, married 176Q. 

(jeyiealogy of the Cornell Family. 183 

1755 (about), came to Brooklyn, a butcher; owned two 
slaves, Toby and Flora. 1773, takes ;!£,'ioo under father's will. 
1774, manager of lottery for St. Ann's Church, Brooklyn, and 
1787 one of the first trustees of the church. 1781, deed to son 
William of 6 acres on Gowanus Ditch. Witnesses: vSylvanus 
Cornell, Jacob Hicks. This was conveyed Oct. 11, 1772, by 
William to John Cornell for ^100. Executor of Sarah Hors- 
field. Her sister Elizabeth Whitehead married John Cornell. 
1784, (Whitehead witness,) Isaac Sebring's will gives to Mar- 
garet, wife of Whitehead Cornell, £,1^. For histor}' of this 
mill property see John (2140). 1788, Feb. i, his sons made him 
an allow'ance of ^100 per year. During the Revolution he 
was a contractor for supplying the British Fleet with meat. 
He divided his estate among his three sons. 1798, Whitehead 
Cornell to John Cornell (mortgage), land at Far Rockaway 
called the Opening, northwest by highway, southeast by beach, 
46 acres, 2 rods, 5 paces. 18 10, wall, Whitehead Cornell of 
Hempstead, yeoman, dated Aug. 23, 1805; proved March 5, 18 10. 
"To wife Phebe, ^300, a horse and chaise, and all she brought 
me, and all we have got since she has been my wife; also use 
of negro Ben; to son John's son Whitehead, a silver tankard, 
bowl, and punch strainer; to son Isaac's son Whitehead, my 
desk, and negro Ben after my wife's death, bed. shoes, buckles, 
knee-buckles, and gold sleeve buttons. To son William's son 
Whitehead, glass and table; to son Isaac's daughter Margaret, 
silver milk pot. Remainder to those sons above named." 
Executors: wife, son John, and Daniel Rowland. Witnesses: 
Abraham Golden, etc. 


John,' of John* (2015), William," Richard,* Thomas,' 

bap. June 24, 1739; d. about 1781; m. Elizabeth Whitehead,* 
May 2, 1 76 1, daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Willett) 
Whitehead; she is named in her father's will; d. March 25, 
1826, aged 86. Children:! 

* In New York marriage license, 1761, April 25, John Cornell and 
Elizabeth Whiting (probably Whitehead is meant), surety John Everitt, 
Kings Co., butcher. John Cornell, butcher, Kings Co. 

t See Bolton' s History. 

I $4 (jt'?u\7loi^y of tht' Cor)ieIl Fa)nily. 

2\^,}^ Elizabeth, m. (supposed) John White.* 

2144 Abigail, devisee of her grandfather. Abigail 

Cornwell, Hempstead, will 1843, all to niece 
Harriet Cornwell White. Citations to Margaret 
Matilda Ellery, Mary Fletcher, Grace Crane, 

2145 Miriam(?), bap. Nov. 4, 1770. Miriam Cornwell, 

Hempstead, administratrix, Dec. 14, 1844, to 
Harriet C. White. 

2146 Mary, in mother's will (Miriam apparently at one 

time lived with Mary). 

2147 Whitehead, d. in New Orleans; executor of Sarah 


2148 John (see Bolton). 

2149 Benjamin, b. about 1775; m. Mary Willis. 

2150 William, administrator 1844, to Harriet C. White. 

1766, was a butcher in Brooklyn (see father's marriage con- 
tract and Isaac's deed). 1773, father's will gives him JQ200 out 
of money advanced him. 1780, advertises a runaway slave. 
1 781, Mrs. Cornell (on the premises), advertises to let 20 acres 
with house and barn at Tower Hill, Brooklyn. John was prob- 
ably then dead. 1783, runs horses at Ascot. 1787, Isaac (2142), 
conveys to Powers (reserving rights of John's widow), 8 acres, 
3 r. in Brooklyn, being 219 feet on the river and 438.8 deep, 
about the east side of Pierrepont Street. Apparently John who 
was fond of the turf, a famous rider and a free liver, became 
embarrassed and died in debt. The above property was pur- 
chased by Isaac at legal sale and he sold it to Powers, reserving 
the widow's dower. Powers sold it to Arden who in 1802, con- 
veyed it to Robert Benson and he to Hezekiah Pierrepont, who 
lived there. This house of four chimneys is the one where the 
council of war was held that decided on the retreat of the 
American forces from Long Island. John kept St. George's 
Tavern near Brooklyn Ferry. Bull baiting at Tower Hill. 
Elizabeth Cornell, communicant St. Ann's Church, 1790, lived 
at No. 4 Alley Street, near Doughty. 1826, Elizabeth, widow 
of John, late of Brooklyn, will proved, dated 1814, gives 

* Elizabeth Cornell, Queens Co., spin.ster, and John White, purser of 
the Strombole, marriage license, June 11, 1779. Surety Isaac Cornell, Kings 
Co., and Thomas Elmo(?) 


/ -P H _ ' ^ - 


THE corn?:ll-fierrefo\t mansion. 

(River Eront.i 


(Rt-ar N'iew.i 

(ifjiealogy of the Corne/l Family 185 

dwelling house to four daughters, Elizabeth, Abigail, Miriam 
and Mary. Executors: Abigail, Miriam and Isaac Cornell 
(2142), Benjamin Hewlett of Great Neck. Witness: Edward 
Burden (he married her sister Mary). She lived northeast 
corner Cohimbia and Doughty Streets. 


Tho.mas," John' (2015), William,^ Richard," Thomas,' 

bap. April 25, 1745; d. about 1824; m. Elizabeth Thurston 
Aug. 8, 1870, marriage license, Aug. 6; she was. b. July 12, 
1749, daughter of John and Grace Olive Lucretia Thurston.* 
Children (see Bolton and in will): 

2151 John, b. Sept. 27, 1773; d. Feb. 22, 1824; m. Sarah 

Hicks, April 6, 1802. 

2152 Joseph, b. Feb. 26. 1780; d. June 2, 1870; m. Maria 

Stryker, 1814. 

2153 Thomas Whitehead, bap. Dec. 3, 1782, at Hemp- 

stead; m. C. vSkidmore. 

2154 Elizabeth, d. unmarried, Dec. 29, 1863. 

2155 Abigail, bap. 1788; m. John Keeling. Had two 

children: Sarah and Elizabeth: devisee of 
brother Joseph, Troy, X. Y. 

1773, takes ;^3oo under his father's will. 1803, Thomas and 
wife Elizabeth, mortgage to Middagh $i,oco, land at Rockaway, 
formerly belonging to Mott. 181 1, Thomas and wife Elizabeth 
to Wright, mortgage, land on road from Skidmore's Mill to 
Foster's Meadows, also at Hungry Harbor. 1824, Thomas 
Cornell of Rockaway, will proved, date 1818, no wife named. 
Children John and Thomas (deceased, leaving a son), Joseph, 
Elizabeth and Abby, who is married. Executors: son Joseph 
and James Foster. 


William,' of William* (2016), W^illiam,' Richard,' Thomas,' 
bap. March 10, 1737; d. 1803; m. Ruth Smith(?), daughter of 
Solomon Smith. Children: 

2156 William (supposed), m. Phebe . 

See Thurston Genealogy, p. 365. 

i86 (jt-)ii-(i/oi^-y of tlie ( 'orncK luDnily. 

-M57 Fanny. 
J 157 A Smith. ■ 

1776, William Cornwell (son of William), and wife Ruth to 
Underbill, mortgage, ^,'450, 200 acres in Hempstead where said 
William now lives, south of road from Hempstead to Jamaica, 
east by Eldred Lucas, west by Capt. Timothy Cornell (2064). 
1790. William Cornwell and wife Ruth to Beekman, mortgage, 
;£"S4, \os., 72 ^ acres where William formerly lived in South 
Hempstead, south of the Plains joining William Cornell, 
deceased, south of road from Hempstead to Jamaica, also a 
a parcel southeast of above on a Neck that leads to Skidmore's 
Mill. 17SS, Norton recovers judgment, ^52, against William 
and Timothy Cornell. 


Timothy,' of William* (2016), William,' Richard,^ Thomas,' 
b. after 1735; ^- 1804; m. Letitia Everett, marriage License, 
Jan. 4, 1765. Children (per will): 

2158 William, b. (supposed) about 1767, d, 1832; m. (i) 

Nellie Skidmore, Feb. 10, 1798; m. (2) Phebe 

2159 John, b. Jan. 18, 1777; d. Nov. 24, 1840; m. (i) Ann 

Fowler, March 21, 1800: m. (2) Ann De la Mater. 

2160 Elizabeth, m. Van Lien or Caleb Valentine. 

2161 Molly, m. Valentine or Benjamin Fowler. 

Was called Captain and it is supposed in the Revolutionary 
Army. 1756, Devisee of his father, a minor, takes ^300 and a 
negro. 1781, had a race-track, also race-horses.* 1783, asses- 
sor of Hempstead. 1788, Norton recovers judgment against 
him p^52. 1789, Timothy and wife "Lettisha" to Cornelius, 
Mortgage ^360, land in Hempstead south of road from Hemp- 
stead to Jamaica, 88^ acres east and south by William Cornell 
(2016), deceased, and William, Jr., west by Aaron Van Nostrand 
(brother-in-law). Also land at Foster's Meadow, Jamaica. 1790, 
candidate for legislature. 1804, will dated; proved 1805. Wife 
Letitia; to daughter Elizabeth ;^5oo; sons William and John; 
grandchildren Susannah and Caleb, Letitia, Timothy, Richard, 

* 1771, Beaver Pond Races: Purse ^25 for any horse except Whitehead 
Cornell's horse "Steady," and Timothy Connell's liorse " Richmond." 

(leyiealogy of the Coryiell I'aviily, 187 

Henry and Charles ^500. Executors: wife and sons, William 
and John. Inventory of his estate 1S05. 181 1, William Corn- 
well and wife Xelly, and John and wife Ann, deed to Norton. 


Elijah,^ (supposed) of Jacob.* (2005), Jacob, ^ Richard,' Thomas,' 
m. Elizabeth Abrams(?).* Children: 

2162 Mary, m. (i) Cornell; m. (2) Richard Green. 

2163 Hannah, m. Elijah Abrams. 

2164 Nancy, m. Miah Pearsall. 

1756. Elijah Cornell of Goshen. Orange Co., and his father 
Jacob confirm to Henry Foster certain Rockaway lands. No 
further trace of him is found unless he be the one referred to 
in the following items, which is very doubtful. 1780, Elijah 
and Benjamin Cornell assist in the capture of the Rebel Pri- 
vateer Revenue. 1802, Elijah Cornell, of Hempstead, will, wife 
Elizabeth to Leonard Cornell, son of Mary Green, now wife 
of Richard Green. $250; to Hannah Abrams, now wife of Elijah 
Abrams, and Nancy Pearsall, wife of Miah Pearsall, etc. Exec- 
utors: Oliver Denton, Samuel Wright. Inventory of his estate 
made, 1802. 1828, Elizabeth, relict of Thomas (2203), gave deed 
to Miah Pearsall, Whitehead Abrams, Elijah and Hannah 
Abrams. The will of Leonard Cornell Greene is recorded in 
Hempstead, Queens Co., N. Y., dated May 14, 1850, be- 
queaths all to his wife Charlotte during her life of widowhood 
after which to be divided between his daughter Drucilla and 
his son Jarvis Mathias. 


RicH.\RDUs,' of Richard' (2024), Jacob.' Richard.'' Thomas,' 
b. April 12 (o. s.), 1739, in Hempstead, L. I.: bap. St. George, 
Hempstead, Oct. 7. 1739; ^- Sept. 14, 1807, at Beekman, Dutch- 
ess Co., N. Y.; m. Ruth Slocum. She was b. May 27, 1744, 
d. Feb. 20, 1 813, at Westerlo, Albany Co., N. Y. Children: 

2165 Samuel, b. March 18, 1767. 

2166 Richard, b. Aug. 20. 1770; d. about 1852. 

* As appears by the will of Henry Abrams, 1791, in which he names 
Elizabeth wife of Elijah Cornell, and Margaret wife of Benjamin Cornell. 
Ql'ERV: Who was Elias Cornell of Oyster Bay married Elizabeth Smith, 
December 26, 1726? 

1 88 Cit-ucaloo^y of the Cornell Fa)mly. 

2167 Elizabeth, b. Feb. 22, 1772; d. March 8, 1842, m. 

Samuel Gary. Two children: David and Samuel 

(twins) located at Albany, N. Y. 
2i()8 Nancy, b. March 16, 1774; d. Aug-. 12, 1829; m. 

Thomas Burtis; lived in Dutchess Co. 

2169 Mary, b. jNIay 26, 1776. 

2170 Deborah, b. Jan. 31, 1780, in Beekman; d. Dec. 15, 

1848, N. Y. City; m. Charles White, Feb. 14, 1798, 
son of Charles White and Elizabeth Doty. 

2171 George, b. Jan. 26, 1787; d. Sept. 3, 1864; m. Maria 

White, Nov. 5, 1809. 

He inherited his father's farm in Beekman, Dutchess Co., 
where it is said his children were born. He and his father 
Richard refused to add their names to the list of " patriotic cit- 
izens who did not hesitate to show their hands in the serious 
crisis (of the Revolution), and who subscribed to the pledge." 
1775, in Beekman Precinct. This was signed by Samuel Corn- 
well, Thomas Cornwell and William Corn well. 181 2, July 17, 
George Cornell buys land in Beekman of Morgan Lewis which 
land was leased of Henry Beekman, Sept. 26, 1774, by Richardus 
Cornell for the lives of Samuel and Richard Cornell, sons of 
the said Richardus, of John McLess his sister's son. Thomas 
Cornell buys the south half in 1815, bounded on the east by 
land leased to Richard Cornell, 1760. 


James,' of Richard, Jr." (2024), Jacob. ^ Richard,''^ Thomas,' 
b. July 20, 1 751; d. March 14, 1852; m. Rachel Dennis, Dec. 21, 
or Jan. 20, 1774. Children: 

2172 Richard, b. July 20, 1776; d. March 14, 1852; m. 

Patience White. 

2173 Joseph, b. July 13, 1778; d. April 16, 1793. 

2174 Thomas, b. July i, 1 77 1 ; d. March 24, 1858; m. Ann 

Grandle; she was b. Dec. 7, 1806. 

2175 Isaac, b. Dec. 21, 1782; d. Oct. 13, 1784. 

2176 James, b. Oct. 13, 1784; d. Dec. 6, 185 1; m. Chloe 


2177 Elizabeth, b. Dec. 20, 1787; d. Dec. r6, 1793. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 189 


Thdmas,'' of Thomas* (2026), Thomas,' Richard/ Thomas,' 
b. Dec. 14, 1722; d. Oct. 13, 1766; m. Helenah Whitehead, 
daug-hter of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Willett) Whitehead; 
she was bap. "8tober" 20, 1729. Children: 

2178 Thomas, b. after 1746 (per father's will) m. 

Mary . 

2179 Helena, m. Michael Price, Jan. 31, 1779; marriage 

license, Jan. 2. Merchant, N. Y., defaulted. 

2180 Whitehead, b. after 1746; d. Dec, 1803; m. Abigail 


2181 Benjamin, b. after 1750. 

i76i{?), Communicant, Grace Church, Jamaica. 1755 owned 
three slaves in Hempstead. 1763, by father's will takes all his 
lands at Rockaway Neck, etc. 1763, in mother's will. 1767, 
named as executor of Uncle John. 1766, Thomas of Rockaway 
Will. To wife Helenah, use of Rockaway lands until three 
sons come of age; wife to have such benefit in my house and 
lands as my mother now enjoys under my father's will. Three 
sons: Thomas, Whitehead and Benjamin to have Real Estate 
at Rockaway where I now live, also an 8 shilling right in com- 
mon land Hempstead. Thomas is cut off from entail, if any 
there be, Land and Grist Mill at Jamaica to be sold, and avails 
from it to wife Helenah, three sons and daughter Helenah, a 
minor.* Executors: wife, father-in-law, Benjamin Whitehead 
and son Thomas. Witnesses: ^lary AVhitehead, Joseph Field, 
etc. Letters issued to two first names only. 


^Larth.\,' of Thomas' (2026), Thomas,' Richard,'' Thomas,' 
b. Feb. 28, 1732; d. Sept. 2, 1783; m. William Thorne, May 9, 
1754. Children ( 7^//^r;/^) : 

Sarah, b. 1755; d. 1755. 

Sarah, b. April 29, 1756; d. 1837; m. Benjamin 

* He bought from Thurston 230 acres (^i,ocxd) in Jamaica. This was 
sold by his executors, 1767, for ^1,600 to Bergen and comprised Grist Mill, 
Bolting Mill, houses, etc. 1780, west line of Hempstead was laid out through 
his house. 

190 (ir;u'ir/i\i^y of tJic Cor )t el I baviily. 

Richard, b. Aug'. 9, 1757; d. Oct. 19, 17 78. 

Elizabeth, b. Dec. 20, 1759; d. Maixh 16, 1760. 

Thomas Cornell, b. Jan. 9, 1761; d. Sept. 29, 1828; 
m. Eliza (Daniel) Kissan, probably named after 
Martha (Cornell) Thome's father. Three chil- 
dren all died yonng. 

Mary, b. Dec. 12, 1762, in North Hempstead; d. in 
Tro5\ N. Y., May 22, 1738; m. by Rev. Thomas 
Moore in Troy, N. Y., to Joseph Samuel Mab- 
bett, Oct. 4, 1790. She was great-grand- 
mother of Mr. Walter P. Warren, of Troy, N. Y. 
(who has given the facts pertaining to the Thorne 
family and lineage), also great-grandmother 
of George Henry Warren, who married Miss 
Phoenix of New York. 

William, b. Feb. 27, 1665; d. Feb. 17, 1820. 

John, b. April 25, 1766; d. May i, 1834; m. Martha 

Samuel, b. Dec. 9, 1767; d. June 24, 1838; m. Martha 
Williams. (See Thorne Lineage, Appendix.) 


Hon. Samuel,^ of Samuel " (2027), Thomas,^ Richard,'"' Thomas,' 
b. 17, 4, 1 731; d. Jan. i or 18, 1781; m. Susannah Mapson or 
Mabson, daughter of Arthur Mabson of Newberne, N. C; she 
d. Feb. 10, 1778, at Flushing of smallpox taken by inocula- 
tion; age 47. Children: 

2182 Elizabeth, d. 1854, m. William Bayard, Jr.; mar- 

riage license, Oct. 4, 1783. (See Bayard Lineage, 

2183 Hannah, b. 176-; d. 1818; m. Oct. 19, 1786, Herman 

Leroy at W^illiam Bayard's House.* 

2184 Sarah, b. 1761; d. June 2, 1803; m. Feb. 14, 1792, 

Matthew Clarkson; she was his second wife. 

* " New York, on Thursday Evening (Oct. 19), was married by the Rev. 
Benjamin Moore, at the house of William Bayard, Esq., in Queen St., Her- 
man Leroy, Esq., Consul of their High Mightiness, the United States of 
Holland, to Miss Hannah Cornell, one of the daughters of the late Samuel 
Cornell, Esq, of Newberne, N. C." {New York Packet, Oct. 1786.). 

(From iiaintin^ in possession of Mr. Robert Emmett.) 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 191 

2185 Mary, d. 18 13; m. Isaac Edwards, aide-de-camp 
and secretary of Gov. Tryon of North Carolina. 
He took the oath of allegiance to His Majesty, 
Georg-e HI., Oct. 21, 1767, at "Wilmington, N. C. 
Came into Court and qualified as an attorney at 
Salisbury, N. C, Sept. 27, 1766. Member of As- 
sembly of North Carolina, 1773. Children: 
Susannah, m. William Wallace, 1799. Rebecca, 
Married, m. David A. Ogden. 

2186 Susannah, m. Capt. Henry Chads, R. N., 1783. 

He went early to Newberne, N. C, where he was a merchant, 
acquired wealth and was one of his ]\Iajesty's Council. Advised 
Gov. Martin to issue his proclamation against Whig meetings, 
to inhibit and forbid them. Before 1776 he went to England, 
leaving his family in Newberne. Returning during the war he 
was forbidden to land unless he would take the oath of al- 
legiance to the State, which he refused to do. While on the 
vessel in the harbor he conveyed his estate to his children by 
several deeds of gift. He then removed his family by permis- 
sion of the executive of the State to New York. Subsequently 
his property was all confiscated and sold. A Mr. Singleton 
became a purchaser of part of it, and the portion which Mr. 
Cornell had given to one of his daughters, this lady claimed to 
hold under her father's deed and instituted a suit to eject 
Singleton, but on a hearing and trial the confiscation act was 
held valid, and judgment was given against her, although 
the conveyance was made prior to the passage of the confisca- 
tion act of North Carolina. (See Sabijis Loyalists of the Am- 
erican Revolution). 1779, Mrs. Desbrosses' house. Queen Street, 
New York, assigned him as a residence by Maj. Gen. James 
Pattison. 17S1, Feb. 24, will dated; proved July 2, 1781. Sam- 
uel of Newberne, merchant, now residing in New York; to 
sister Hannah Browne, jQ^oo\ to grand-daughters Susannah 
Edwards and Rebecca Edwards, ^500 each, payable at the age 
of eighteen; to the Church at Flushing, L. I., £200, payable 
to the parson and church wardens of said church for time be- 
ing; to my five daughters, Mary, Srisannah, Sarah, Hannah 
and Elizabeth, all the remainder of my estate to be equally 
divided among them, observing that my daughter Mary Ed- 
wards has already received ^5,000 proclamation money of 

192 (it-?n'(7!ogy of t/it^ Cornell Fauiily. 

North Carolina, which sum must first be deducted out of her 
fifth share in order that all my children may be put upon an 
equal footing. Executors: Thomas Haslin, Jacob Blount and 
William Low, Esq., of the Providence of North Carolina, and 
the Hon. Henry White, Esq., of the City of New York. 17S7, 
his heirs convey to Watts dwellin,^- house and farm near White- 
stone Ferry in Flushing, east by the cove, north by the Sound; 
also ::o acres called Richmond with dwelling. 1793, his heirs 
convey to William Prince 4 parcels, 80, 18, 20 and 30 acres for 
^£'2,450, afterwards Prince's Nurseries, formerly belonging to 
Samuel Cornell. 1804, Matthew Clarkson conveys to his chil- 
dren his one-fonrth interest in 80,000 acres in Ontario Co., 
N. Y., being part of the estate formerly belonging to Samuel 


Charles,^ of Samuel' (2027), Thomas,^ Richard,^ Thomas,' 
b. 173S; d. 1790; m. Elizabeth Cornwell (William,* Caleb,' 
John,'' Thomas'), Sept. 20, 1772; she was b. 1754; d. 1823. 

2187 Samuel, d. s. p., in New Orleans. 

2188 Archibald, b. 1773; d. Jan. 27, 1852; m. Elizabeth 


2189 William, d. s. p., in Havana. 

2190 Phebe, b. 1775; m. Lewis Hewlett of Cow Neck. 

2 1 91 vSarah, d. unmarried. 

2192 Hannah, m. William Coit; he d. in New York; she 

in Sag Harbor while on a visit there. 

2193 Arabella, m. Gordon Corning of Troy. Children: 

Elizabeth, Sarah and Arabella. 

2194 Janette, m. (i) William D. Cheever. Child: Jan- 

ette; m. (2) Samuel Huntingdon. 

2195 Ann, m. Gershon Cook. 

i78i(?), he owned a 7 acre wood-land at Cow Neck. 1790, 
Charles of Flushing, yeoman, will, wife Elisabeth, children 
Samuel, Archibald, William, Sally, " Arrebellah," "Gennet," 
Nancy, Phebe and Hannah. Executors: wife, brother-in-law 
Joshua Cornwell (William,' Caleb,' John,^ Thomas'), of Cow 
Neck, and brother-in-law Charles Cornwell of Flushing. Wit- 
ness: Thomas Cornell. 1823, Elizabeth Cornell of Flushing, 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 193 

will mentions children Sarah Cornell, Ann, wife of Gershon 
Cook, Archibald, Phebe, wife of Lewis Hewlett, Arabella, wife 
of Gordon Corning, and Janette Cheever, granddaughters 
Elizabeth Corning, Sarah Elizabeth Cornell, Arabella Corning 
Cornell, Janette Cheever Cornell and Hannah Cornell. Exec- 
utors: Archibald Cornell, Gordon Corning.* 


Thomas," of John^ (2028), Thomas,^ Richard,' Thomas,' 

b. 1742; d. about 1808; m. Ann Gale, July 3, 1772, marriage 
license, July i. Children: 

2196 John, b. Oct. 24, 1772; d. about 1842; m. Sarah 

Talman, Aug. 18, 1794. 

2197 Thomas, b. May 12, 1775; d. about 1842; m. Eliza- 

beth Ackerman. 

1767, takes ^200 under father's will. 1772, executor of his 
mother. 1779, Thomas, John and Oliver Cornell witness will 
of S. Laurence. i8o9(?), Thomas of Flushing, administrator to 
Ann Cornell. 


JoHx,° of John^ (2028), Thomas,^ Richard,'- Thomas,' 

b. about 1745; m. Sarah Roe. Children (as per Bolton): 

2198 Mary, m. John Hunter. 

2199 Sarah, m. "William Barmstead. 

1867, takes ;z{^2oo under his father's will. 1779, witnesses 
will of S. Laurence. 


Oliver,* of John* (2028), Thomas,^ Richard,'' Thomas,' 
b. about 1747; d. about 1S08; m. Anne Roe, marriage license, 
Nov. 28, 1777. Children (as per Bolton): 

2200 William. 

2201 Oliver, m. Susan Bugbee. 

2202 Mary. 

* See will of Arabella C. Cornell (2359). Archibald, Arabella, Janette 
and Ann were heirs of Joshua (William,"* Caleb,^ John,'-* Thomas')- See 
partition, and see Charles P. Cornell (Joshua's brother's) will. 

104 Gi-f/ra/ci^v of tJic Cornell Family. 

2Z02, Martha, m. Henry Lowerre. 

22o^, Charlotte, m. Joel Hunter. 

::::o5 Caroline, m. Jonathan Peck. 

2zob Elizabeth, m. Samuel Ellis. 

220- Maroaret, m. Elijah Peck. 

j.:oS Anna, m. Elijah Peck. 

22o<) Sarah, m. Stephen Leonard. 

1767, he takes ^200 under his father's will. 1779, witnesses 
will of S. Laurence. 1800, administrator to Anne Cornell (his 


Charles,^ of Richard^ (2029), Thomas,' Richard,* Thomas,' 
b. Aug. 13, 1749 (or 1743); d. 1800; m. Deborah Bowne. 
Children (as per Bolton): 

2210 Charles, b. 1769; d. 1807; m.. Catharine Rodman. 

2211 Robert, b. 1772; d. 1778. 

2212 Sarah, b. 1766; d. April 15, 1809; m. John L 

Glover, Jan. 31, 1786. 
2213 Phebe, b. 1775; d. 1776. 

Bolton calls him Charles of New York. 1775, was executor 
of his father. Takes the homestead and 10 acres, negro Caesar, 
shoe buckles and sleeve buttons. 1776, Captain of Militia. 
1782, 2^4 cords of wood cut from his land for the British Army. 
1785, Captain Charles Cornell of Hempstead, deed from 
Stephen (Caleb,^ Caleb,' John," Thomas'), ^500, half of 100 
acres devised by Ephenetus Piatt to his two daughters, Mary, 
now wife of said Stephen, and Sarah, wife of Thomas Appleby, 
adjoining Dr. Ephenetus Piatt, son of said Ephenetus, on high- 
way from Great Plains to said Dr. Piatt. 1786, was executor 
to his mother who gives him ^200. 1800, Charles of Success 
(North Hempstead), will dated 1796. Wife Deborah to 
daughter Sarah Glover ^500. Farm where I now live, 100 
acres, to son Charles. Executors: wife and son Charles. 
Witnesses: Gilbert Cornell (2107), and Lewis Cornell. 


William,'* of Charles* (2030), Thomas,' Richard," Thomas,' 
* Query: Was this William son of Edward (Thomas,'^ Thomas'). 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 195 

b. May 12, 1728; d. Nov. 4, 1790; m. Hannah Hicks, Oct. 12, 
or Dec. 21, 1770, marriage license, Sept. 27;* she was b. Dec. 
3, 1730; she was daughter of Thomas Hicks by whose will it 
seems she d. before June 10, 1772. Child: 

2214 Charles, b. Jan. 14, 1772; d. about March 16, 1819; 
m. (i) ]\Iassie Ann Hicks; m. (2) Mary De Mott. 


Fran-ces,° of James ^ (2034), Richard,* Richard,^ Richard,' 
b. Feb. 20, 175 1 or 1759; m. Capt. Elijah Mills or Miles (of 
Third Battalion De Lancy"s Brigade), May 11, 1779, marriage 
license, March 6. 1781, he witnessed deed of James (2034). 
After the war he removed to Nova Scotia. 


Stephen," of James' [Cornwell] (2034), Richard,* Richard,^ 
Richard," Thomas,' 
b. April 15, 1759: d. Jan. 14, 1833; m. Elizabeth Smith or 
Smyth, 1780, marriage license, jNIay 6; she d. before 1807. 

2216 Richard, b. (supposed) 1786; d. Feb. 21, 1S67. 

1784, he was devisee of his uncle Stephen (2036). 1790, had 
a lease from Wells. He shall pay double rent if he takes in 
the house where he now lives any other family. 18 14, is called 
Stephen of Herricks. Stephen Cornell and Hannah Cornell of 
North Hempstead, and Elizabeth Dorlon to Treadwell, deed 
one-half of 10 acres in North Hempstead on road from Great 
Neck to Plains joining Charles Cornell, deceased. Witness: 
Gilbert Cornell. 1801, frees two slaves. 1807, James Smith, 
will, names Elizabeth Cornwell, deceased, and her son Richard 
and his brothers and sisters. 


Hallett,' of James' (2034), Richard,* Richard^ Richard,' 

* Surety on bond for license, John Skidmore and Daniel Smith of 
Dutchess Co. 

196 (it'// ('(7 /ox J of the Cor)iell I'aiinly. 

b. Jan. jj;, 1771; <-!. ^hxy 20, 1S66; m. Elvira Hicks, Jan. 22, 
1792; she was b. May 10, 1771; d. vSept. 10, [841, daughter of 
Jeffrey Hicks (2105), and Mary, daughter of Samuel Cornell 
(2035). Children: 

2217 Isaac Miles, b. Feb. 4, 1793; d. March i, 1873; m. 

Mary Cheeseman, Dec. 4, 1820. 

2218 Jeffrey Hicks, b. Dec. 9, 1795; d. Oct. 19, 1865, un- 

married. (See father's will.) Devisee of 
Charles E., 1854. 

2219 Maria Hicks, b. Feb. 5, 1797; d. Oct. 25, 1865, un- 

married. (See father's will.) Devisee of Charles 
E., 1854. 
2220 Stephen Hallett, b. in North Hempstead, March 
20, 1799; d- J^^- 2, 1886; m. Mary Willis, Jan. 8, 
1834, or Feb. 14, 1S35. Devisee of Charles E., 


2221 Fanny, b. April 21, iSoi; d. Sept. 2, 1847, un- 


2222 Margaret, b. Jan. 18, 1802; d. Dec. 12, 1855, un- 

married. Devisee of Charles E., 1854. 

2223 James Gilbert, b. Jan. 6, 1805; d. May 25, 1875; m. 

(i) Ellinor Wood, July 7, 1828; m. (2) Lydia 
Ann Treadwell, Jan. 4, 1843. 

2224 Ann Elizabeth, b. Oct. 30, 1807; d. Dec. 11, 1838; 

m. Ephraim Valentine, Dec. 30, 1837. 

2225 William Alexander, b. Aug. 25, 1810; d. before 

1856; m. (1) Charity Ann Colyer, April 25, 1S36; 
m. (2) Boone. 

2226 Charles Odber, b. Jan. 7, 1812; d. June 17, i8[3. 

1 791, he was devisee of his sister Sarah. Buys from Joseph 
Hicks, land near Tanner's Pond. 1808, his land in North 
Hempstead near Herrick's, joins Richard and Mary on road 
from Herrick's to Wesfbury. 1865, will dated; proved 1867. 
Son Stephen H., mortgage for $1,200, to be cancelled; also one 
of $1,000 by son William A.; to each grandchild, $100; to 
Charity Boone, formerly widow of my son William A., $10; to 
son James G., "The Homestead Farm;" to son Isaac, the resi- 
due of his real estate in North Hempstead; residue of estate to 
James G. His will was contested but sustained. He died May 
20, 1866, leaving three children: Isaac M., at Newtown, vStephen 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 197 

H., at Brookh'n, and James G., at North Hempstead, and three 
grandchildren, the children of son William A., deceased, viz: 
Stephen H., William A., and Elvira A. Cornell, Brooklyn. He 
lived about three-fourths of a mile east of the court-house, North 
Hempstead (Mineola). His children Jeffrey and Maria, both 
unmarried, lived with him and both died Oct., 1865. Among the 
witnesses in the action were: Frances E., daughter of Isaac 
M., Charity A. Boone, 96 Carleton Avenue, Brooklyn, widow of 
William A., deceased, Isaac M., who lived for seven years at 
Bowery Bay, Newtown, and Mary, wife of Isaac. He celebrated 
his ninety-fifth birthday. He and his wife are buried in St. 
George's church-yard, Hempstead, also his son Jeffrey. 


Charles," of James' (2034), Richard,* Richard,^ Richard," 
b. Jan. 12, 1774; d. 1821; m. Sarah Buxton, Jan. 12, 1797; she 
was b. Oct. 27, 1778, in New York, daughter of John and 
Ann (Adams) Buxton. Children: 

2227 Charles Miles, b. Nov. 5, 1797; d. Dec. 17, 1798. 

2228 Col. John Henry, b. April 11, 1799, d. Oct. 25, 1854; 

m. Amelia Hamilton, Oct. 30, 1824. 

2229 Louisa Adelaide, b. Dec. 20, 1800; m. Zalmon 


2230 James Edward, b. Dec. 8, 1802; d. Oct. 24, 1842. 

2231 Charles Edgar, b. about 1804; d. 1854. 

2232 William Henry Buxton, b. Oct. 10, 1807; wild and 

reckless. Was shot in a duel. 

2233 Sarah Ann, b. March 4, 1810. 

2234 Alary Matilda, b. Dec. 18, 1815. 

2235 Richard ]\Iortimer, b. June 10. 1S18. 

1 81 2, gave a deed to Cruger of property in Mulberry Street, 
New York. 182 1, will dated and proved. Charles Cornell of 
New York City, deputy sheriff. To wife Sarah, the property 
given her by her father. Children: John Henry, James 
Edward, Louisa Adelaide, Charles Edgar, and William Henry 
Buxton. He was a merchant, unsuccessful in business, and 
lastly deputy sheriff. 

198 (.le'Ufciiogy of tJie Cornell Family. 


Elizabeth," of Captain Samuel' (2035), Richard/ Richard,' 
Richard,' Thomas.' 
b. 1741; d. Nov. 26, 1S25; m. Edward Hicks, marriage license, 
Jan. 0, 1758. Child [Hicks): 

John Hicks, m. Mary Cornell (Barak," Samuel,* 
Joshua,' John,^ Thomas'). 


Gilbert,' of Stephen^ (2036), Richard,* Richard,^ Richard,'^ 
b. aboiit 1754; d. after 1812. 

1766, his father's will names children Gilbert and Japheth, 
both tmder age. 17 84, Gilbert and Japheth administrators on 
estate of Elizabeth Cornvv'ell. 1790, he and Japheth and wife 
Hannah mortgage to Uriah or Niah Mitchell (see No. 2014), 
land at Success joining Charles Cornwell. 1793, Gilbert of 
Success, a pounder. 1797, executor of his brother Japheth. 
1S06, mortgage to Thorne land at North Hempstead west of 
road from Hempstead to Great Neck at Success Pond joining 
Charles and Richard, 10 acres; also land in Flushing joining 
Thomas Fowler (see No. 2 no), Richard and Charles Cornwell. 
1S09, he of North Hempstead, mortgage to Borland, one-half 
the land in Flushing that Stephen by will gave to his sons 
Gilbert and Japheth, joining Isaac, deceased, Charles, deceased, 
and Samuel, deceased, 50 acres and 3 acres. 1809, mortgage of 
part of the same land. 1812, witnessed deed of Henry. On 
a deed of 1793,15 a diagram " Surveyed and computed by Gilbert 
Cornell." He was a surveyor, conveyancer and farmer in a 
small way. Lived opposite the Reformed Church at Success 
(now disappeared). The church having no fires, the people 
were accustomed in winter to go to Gilbert Cornell's across the 
road, to prepare their foot stoves to be carried to the church. 


Japheth,' of vStephen ' (2036), Richard," Richard,' Richard,* 
b. i756(?); d. 1797; m. Hannah Cornell, Jan. 24, 1786;* she 

* Alew York Genealogical Record. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 199 

was daughter of Barak/ (Samuel/ Joshua,' John/ Thomas'). 

2236 Stephen, m. Abigail. 

2237 Japheth, m. Catherine. 

1784, administrator of his father and also of his mother. 
1790, he and wife Hannah mortgage to Mitchell (see No. 2014). 
1797, administrator to brother Gilbert, the widow having re- 
nounced. 1802, Hannah, widow of Japheth, subscribed for Christ 
Church, ]\Ianhassett. 1831, Joshua Cornell (Barak, ^ Samuel,* 
Joshua,^ John,'^ Thomas'), and Hannah Shinott of New York 
City to John (their brother), of Flushing, deed two-eighths of 
land formerly belonging to Henry Cornell (their brother), 
deceased, brother of said John and Hannah at Success, being 
part of the farm of Barak, deceased, in which Mary his wife 
had dower. 1834, Stephen Cornell (2236), and wife Abigail, 
Japheth Cornell (2237), and wife Catharine, and Hannah 
Shinott of New York City, deed to Benjamin Cornell of Flush- 
ing, land at Success Pond, formerly of Japheth, deceased. 


Lewis,' of Obadiah ^ (2037), Richard,* Richard,^ Richard'' 
d. about 1S37; m. Jane . Children: 

2238 Richard, d. 1844; m. Mary Doughty or (Hegeman). 

2239 Lewis, m. Joane Sarton or Saxton. 

2240 John Henry, d. about 1857; m. (i) Mary Hege- 

man; m. (2) Catherine Hegeman. 

2241 William Hallett, b. Jan. 8, 1800; d. Nov. 19, 1S74; 

m. Elizabeth Doughty, Sept. 6, 1819. 

2242 Ann. m. Jeremiah Van Nostrand. 

2243 Elizabeth, d. about 1856, unmarried. 

2244 Catherine, m. John Benem of Gravesend. Child 

John m. Sarah, daughter of Benjamin Whitehead 
2245 Jane, m. Charles Peters. 

i8i9(?), Manager Queens County Agricultural Society. 1834- 
1837, Lewis of Flushing, will grandson Thomas Cornell (see No. 
2245), and two grandchildren, Lewis and Jane Van Nostrand, 
children of my daughter Ann Van Nostrand, S50 each; to son 

200 Gr/ini/oi^v of tJic Cornell Family. 

William H., two-thirds of my estate; to two daughters Eliza- 
beth Cornell and Catherine Benem, one-third. Executors: 
son "William H., and daughter Elizabeth Cornell. 1 844-1 856, 
Elizabeth (:;:!43), of Flushing, will (see No. 2245). 


William," of Joseph' [Cornwell] (2040), Samuel,' Richard,' 
Richard,' Thomas,' 
b. Dec. 26, 1742; d. Nov., 1791; m. Jane (siipposed Flemens 
or Flowers); she was b. July 3, 1748; d. March, 1783. Chil- 

2246 William, b. Feb. 21. 1773; d. Oct. 27, 1827; m. 

Elizabeth Rhodes, April 2, 1794. 

2247 Daniel, b. July 24, 1774; d. Sept. 21, 1842; m. Han- 

nah N. Mitchell, April 27, 1806. 
224S Joseph, b. Dec. 21, 1775. 

2249 Miriam, b. Oct. 24, 1777; d. Jan. 4, 1842; m. Robert 

Rhodes, sexton of St. Ann's Church. 

2250 Jonas, b. May 4, 1799. 

2251 Mary, b. Feb. 4, 1780. 

2252 Thomas, b. Feb. 4, 1783; d. Feb. 6, 1808. 

2253 Jane, b. Jan, 5, 1785. William Ryan, son of Jane, 

b. June I, 1806; Jane Cornwell, daughter of 
William, communicant St. Ann's Church, 1824. 
1758, Oct. 23, William, adult, son of Joseph of Flushing, 
baptized in St. George's Church, Hempstead. 1772, legatee 
and eldest son of his father. 1773, William, son of Joseph, deed 
from Stringham ^216, 5 acres on Great Plains. 1793, he and 
all his children mentioned in mother's will. 


Samuel,* of Joseph'' [Cornwell] (2040), Samuel," Richard,' 
Richard,' Thomas,' 
bap. Feb. 11, 1762 (with brothers Daniel and Jacob); m. 
Letitia Flowers, Nov. 2, 1772, or Nov. 27, 1773; (she is sup- 
posed to be the sister of Jane, wife of William); b. 1742; d. 
May 23, 1826. Children: 

2254 Martha. 

2255 Joseph. 

* Will of Hannah. 

Ge7iealogy of the Cornell Family. 201 


Eldred,' of Charles' (2043), Samuel,* Richard/ Richard," 
d. 1843; m. Catherine Cornell, March 31, 1793. Children: 

2256 Catherine Ann, b. April 18, 181 1; d. Feb. 18, 1834; 

m. Stephen S. Hicks, May 22, 1833. 

2257 Jane, m. Zebiilon Seaman. 

2258 Abigail E., b. July 9, 1800; d. 1850; m. Oldfield 

Bergen, July 2, 1831. 

1819, he was devisee and executor of his father. 1842-3, 
will, children Jane, wife of Zebulon Seaman, and Abigail E. 
Bergen. His homestead at Tanner's Pond occupied 1893, by 
Philip Allen. 1844, executors of Eldred Corn well to Abigail 
E., widow of Oldfield Bergen, 71^ acres, south of road from 
Success to Herrick's, joining Joseph Dodge and E. Smith. 


Benjamin,' of Richard' [Cornwall] (2048,) Richard,' William,' 
Richard,^ Thomas,' 
b. May 14, 1750; d. June 8, 182 1; m. Abigail . Child: 

2259 Rebecca H., b. Jan. 4, 1780; d. Oct. 20, 1807; m. 

Dr. Ebenezer Lockwood; he was b. June 4, 
1773; d. July 5, 1843. 

1778, devisee and executor of his father. 1793, Deborah 
and Richard Cornwell, Peter Smith and wife Margaret, Mary 
and Hannah Cornwell of Rockaway, devisees of Richard, to 
Benjamin Cornell another devisee, deed 1/6 of parcels, 4 acres 
3 r., 32 acres 2 r., 19 acres 2 r. 1798, Mary of Far Rockaway, 
will, devisees brother Benjamin and Rebecca his daughter, 
sisters Hannah, Margaret, wife of Peter Smith, and Deborah, 
Mary C, and Richard Smith, children of my sister ^largaret 
Smith. To brother Richard, one-eighth of my real estate with 
reversion to my nephew John Smith's three children, Margaret 
A., Peter and Eleanor C. Smith. Executors: sister Hannah, 
brother-in-law Peter Smith and his brother John Smith. 
1789, he was devisee of Cornelius (2049). 1S05, Richard (2125), 
to Benjamift (2126), mortgage $1,377.60, one-sixth of real estate 
whereof Richard (2048), deceased, died seized at Rockaway, 

202 (it'nen/oi^y of t/ir Cornel/ I-'aini/y. 

also the rig-ht to the beach which he was entitled to at the 
death of his mother Deborah. Witness: Rebecca H. Cornell, 
(2259), etc. vSatistied by Benjamin (2126). 1806, he and Mar- 
garet Smith devisees of sister Hannah. 180S, June 9, Benja- 
min and wife Abigail of Rockaway, to John L. Norton of New 
York, deed $i,Soo, 3 parcels, 7 acres; 19 acres (woodland 
bounded north by John Mott, west by Richard Cornell and 
^largaret Smith, south by said Benjamin) and 40 acres. 1821, 
will wife Abigail $550; remainder to grandson William E. B. 
C. Lockwood a minor, with reversion to Peter Smith, Margaret, 
wife of John Taylor, Eleanor Smith, Benjamin Mott and Daniel 
Mott. Lockwood conveyed for $250, Rockaway Beach property 
to Judge Donohue in 1869. It eventually came into the 
possession of the Sisters of the Immaculate Conception; it was 
valued then at $50,000, there was a lawsuit about it and 
decision was given in favor of the Sisters against Michael 
Cronin who claimed possession. 


Samuel,^ of William^ (2050), (supposed) John,'' William,* 
Richard," Thomas,' 
b. 1755; bap. Dec. 29, 1765; d. Sept. 10, 1828, aged 73 years; m. 
Jane Hewlett, Nov. 9, 1777, marriage license, Oct. 21; she d. 
Feb. 15, 1826, aged 66 years. Children: 

2260 Hewlett. 

2261 Harriet, m. William Watts. 

2262 Oliver, m. Sarah . 

2263 Richard, m.(?) Charity Van Sicklen, July 19, 1793. 

2264 Samuel, m. Elizabeth . 

2265 Caroline, m. Josiah Bannister. 

2266 Marian, m. Hewlett Mott. 

2267 Thomas, m. Elizabeth . (See No. 2197.) 

2268 Jane, m. Peter Duryea, Oct. 27, 1822. 

2269 Whitehead, m. Rebecca Jones, Feb. 17. 1811. 

2270 Elizabeth, m. Robert Nostrand. 

1765, Dec. 29, Samuel and Elizabeth, children of William 
and Charity Cornell, deceased, baptized at St. George's Church, 
Hempstead,* 1782, William (2050), of Jamaica, will, gives to 

* N'ew York Genealos^ical Society. 




Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 203 

son Samuel all the farm and meadow which did lately belong 
to said son's grandfather Thomas Whitehead; also lot purchased 
of John Cornell and negro Tice; also ;!<^5o that was given me by 
my father's will, and ^^40 that is due from the estate of my 
brother John (2056). Executors: son Samuel, son-in-law C. 
Hicks and William Watts (see No. 2261). 1829, Hewlett Corn- 
well, Harriet Watts, Oliver Corn well and Sarah his wife, Richard 
Corn well and Charity his wife, Samuel Cornwell and Elizabeth 
his wife, Josiah Bannister and Caroline his wife, all of Hemp- 
stead, Hewlett Mott and Marian his wife, Thomas Cornwell and 
Elizabeth his wife, Peter Duryea and Jane his wife of Jamaica, 
Whitehead Cornwell and Rebecca his wife of Flushing, Robert 
Nostrand and Elizabeth his wife of Kings County, parties of 
the first part, to Stephen Carman, deed 180 acres in Jamaica on 
the road from John Watts to Mill Creek, Abigal Skidmore, 
Hewlett, Van Nostrand, etc., being the farm which belong-ed 
to Samuel Cornwell, deceased, at the time of his death, subject 
to mortgage by said Samuel and Jane his wife, to Joseph 
Watts, dated May 2, 18 14, for $750. 


John,*' of Whitehead' (2054), John,^ William,' Richard,' 
b. May 6, 1753; bap. Dec. 27, at Hempstead; d. Jan. 21, 1820, 
at Brooklyn; m. Sarah Cortelyou, May 6, 1787, daughter of 
Simon and Sarah (Van Wyck) Cortelyou;* she was b. May 
i3> 1767; d. Aug. 3, 1858; she m. (i) Charles Conradi, mar- 
riage license, May 30, 1782; he d. June 4, 1786. Shot himself 
in "a term of Insanity."! Children: 

2271 Sarah, b. Feb. 19, 1788; d. young. 

2272 George, b. Aug. 5, 1789; d. April 20, 1791. 

2273 Catherine, b. Dec. 27, 1790; d. March 20, 18S5, un- 


2274 Margaret, b. Oct. 4, 1792; d. June 21, 1859, un- 

married. Buried in the family vault. Green- 
wood Cemetery. 

* See Cortelyou Lineage, Appendix. 

■j" The writer has the original record of the Coroner's Jury under date 
of June 19, 1786, New Utrecht, signed by Rutgert A. \'an Brunt and others. 

204 Gr>ica/(\i^iv of the Cornell Family. 

2275 Ann. b. Jime 2, 1794; d. Sept. 8, 1S48; m. Arthur 

J. Hirst. No children. 

2276 Whitehead J., b. July 26, 1796; d. Sept. 17, 1846; 

m. Juliet Hicks, Aug. 2, 18 [9. 

2277 Simon Cortelyou, b. March 14, 1798; d. 1824, lost 

at sea. 

2278 George Lecky, b. Aug. 21, 1799; d. Aug. 22, 1874; 

m. Isabel Sheldon, Nov. 18, 1823. 

2279 Agnes, b. Dec. 2, 1800; d. March 24, 1852, tinmar- 

ried. Buried in family vault, Greenwood Cem- 

2280 John Sebring, b. May 22, 1802; d. October 22, 

1825; m. Mary Fitz Randolph Lewis, 1825. 

2281 Peter Cortelyou, b. Nov. 5, 1803; d. May 5, 1885; 

m. Elizabeth Bunce, Sept., 1S34. 

2282 Isaac Russell, b. Sept. 17, 1805; d. Jan. 19, 1896, in 

New York; m. Elizabeth Mary Duyckinck, 
March 15, 1831. 

2283 Samuel Garretson, b. July 28, 1808; d. Feb. 5, 1883; 

m. Sarah Douglass, Sept. 12, 1838. 

2284 Mary, b. June 19, 1810; d. June 9, 1867, unmarried. 

Buried in the family vault, Greenwood Cem- 

1781, he buys from his brother William, 6 acres on Gowanus 
Ditch which had been deeded by Whitehead, his father to Wil- 
liam. About 1784, he visited England to collect money due his 
father for meat supplied to the British Fleet during the Rev- 
olutionary War. 1785, John Cornell, buys from brother Isaac 
Cornell, one-third of the Mill property, Red Hook. The 
Dutch West India Co., under Governor Kieft, May 27, 1640, 
granted to Fred'k Lubbertsen a tract of land lying on the 
East River opposite Governor's Island, comprising 100 acres, 
and extending along the river 1700 paces from about Atlantic 
Street on the north, to a point beyond Luquer Street on the 
south and from the river on the west to Court Street on the 
east. By another purchase, Lubbertsen acquired a piece of 
land east of the above and extending to Gowanus Cove 
These properties are designated on the map of Brooklyn as 
properties of Luquer, Cornell, Kelsey and Blake, Bergen, 
Coles, Conover, Sebring, Hoyt, Heeny and others, the whole 

Genealogy of the Cornell Faviily. 205 

comprising- about 300 acres. By will dated Nov. 27, 1679, 
Lubbertsen devised his lands to his two daughters Elsie 
Bergen and Aeltje Sebring, who pursuant to award of Com- 
missioners in partition, made a division by which the land on 
the river fell to Aeltje Sebring. Cornelius Sebring erected a 
mill and a dwelling house on their land, enclosing a piece 
of marsh which became a mill pond.* In 1723, Cornelius 
Sebring devised his lands to his ten children, and by some con- 
veyances, not recorded, this property came into the possession 
of his son Jacob, whose heirs, Oct. 20, 1784, convey it to Isaac 
Cornell. Isaac conveyed one-third of the land to his brother 
John, Feb. 24, 17S5, and one-third to his brother William, June 
29, 1787. Isaac then conveyed to John and William each one- 
half of the land, and on Oct. i, 1792, William conveyed all his 
interest to his brother John who, thereby became possessed of 
the entire estate. f 1831, Oct. 31, Sarah Cornell, widow of John, 
leased the mill pond to John A Conklin for five years for fish- 
ing oysters at the yearly rent of 2,000 of the best oysters. 
1833, Feb. 5, a part (130 x 748 feet on the north side of the tract) 
was sold to C. C. Cambell, and the same year i^z acres was sold 
to Hoyt and Xevius. The remaining 57 acres was sold Nov. 
2 1, 1833, by the heirs of John Cornell to Charles Kelsy and 
Anson Blake for $70,000. The history of the property is 
partially given in Stile's History of Brooklyn, where it is stated 
that Whitehead Cornell divided his property between his three 
sons John, William and Isaac, but I do not find that Whitehead 
had any title in this land (see No. 2054). 1787, he was a corpor- 
ator of the Episcopal Church, Brooklyn. 1795, one of the first 
vestrymen of St. Ann's Church. 1810, 1813, 1814, 1817, dele- 
gate to the Diocesan Convention of the Protestant Episcopal 
Church. His wife was a communicant of St. Ann's Church. 
It does not appear that he ever was, though he took a great 
interest in that parish and was a devoted friend and supporter 
of his Rector Dr. (afterwards Bishop) Henshaw. The writer 
has heard his father say that Dr. Henshaw preached a sermon 
eulogistic of him at his death. 1797, he buys from Van Nest, 

* The site of Sebring's, afterwards Cornell's mill, is marked on the old 
maps of Brooklyn. 

t The old mill having been burned during the Revolutionary War, was 
rebuilt probably by John Cornell, its location being south of Harrison Street, 
between Columbia Street and Tii'fany Place about opposite Sedgwick Street. 

2o6 (j(-7ica/og'y of tlic Cornell Fana'lv. 

ncgTO Chris: he had a number of slaves. The flour made at 
his mill had a hig-h reputation in England. 1818, will dated. 
To wife Sarah, all for life or widowhood; to his children, $2,000 
each. Executors: wife, son Whitehead and John Suydam of 
New York. 1S2S, Simon Cortelyou's will had given $4,000 each 
to his daug-hters Hannah, widow of Isaac Cornell (see No. 2142), 
Sarah, widow of John (see No. 2140), and Mary, deceased, wife 
of John S. Garretson. 1S45, Sarah Cornell, widow of John, will 
dated. To her unmarried daughters, forty-four shares of State 
Bank, New Brunswick, note of Isaac R. Cornell, $5,000, silver 
plate and furniture for life. Executors: sons Whitehead, 
George, Isaac, Peter and Samuel. His executors sell No. 77 
Duane Street, New York, north side 200 feet east of Broadway 
for $45,000, to B. H. Day. A declaration of trust states that 
the purchasers of the Cornell mill property were Kelsy, fifteen- 
fortieths, Blake, fifteen-fortieths, John C. Johnson, one-for- 
tieth, John N. Taylor, one-fortieth, Conklin Brush, four- 
fortieths, Simon Benjamin, four-fortieths. 


William," of Whitehead^ (2054), John,'* William/ Richard,'' 
b. about 1755; d. 1830; m. Cornelia Cowenhoven (or Conover), 
daughter of Rem Cowenhoven; she d. 181 9, aged 55 years, at 
Wallabout (Brooklyn), L. I. Children: 

2285 John William, d. unmarried, Milford, Conn.* 

2286 Nicholas, d. before i860; m. Ann Cowenhoven. 
2287 Whitehead (went to sea, was on the brig Dick 

with Captain O'Sullivan who was also the owner. 
They brought the royal robes and furniture 
from France to Mexico for the Emperor 
Iturbede. The brig was lost off the coast of 
Mexico. The captain and all the crew it seems 
were drowned, but Whitehead, who was left 
alone on the shore, saw the robes and furniture 
drifting up on the beach from the broken vessel, 
and the natives breaking open the boxes and 
stealing them. He then left and saw the 

* '833, gave deed to Matilda Jewett. 

Genealogy of the Coryiell Family. 207 

Emperor shot, 1824. At the solicitation of Com- 
mander Daniels, he joined the Patriot Navy, and 
this was the last heard of him). 181 1, assign- 
ment to his father and John Skidmore for the 
benefit of his creditors, Benjamin Cornell, Ben- 
jamin Rowland, Whitehead Hewlett, and Hew- 
lett Corn well. (See his grandfather's will.) 

22S8 Cornelia, d. 1834, unmarried. Matilda Jewett, 
administratrix, reports her debts and asks to sell 
real estate. 

2289 Matilda, d. 1855-6; m. Joseph Jewett, June 10, 

2290 Rem Conover, d. after 1829; communicant St. 

Ann's Church, Brooklyn. 

2291 Catherine, b. 1809; d. 1894; m. John A. Russ, U. 

S. N. Catherine A. Russ was divorced from 
John A. Russ, 1852. Three children: John A., 

William C, Cornelia M., who m. King 

(see Russ Genealogy). 

i78o(?), runs horse "Steady" at Ascot. 1789, deed to F. Suy- 
dom. 1797, to Griffin. 1781, his father Whitehead conveyed 
to him 61 acres on Gowanus Ditch which William and wife 
convey Oct. i, 1792, to John (2140). Gen. Johnson states that 
Whitehead divided his property among his three children, 
William took the homestead, the meadow, and the small island 
called Powder House Island (Cornell's Island between Van 
Brunt, Richards, Ewen and Bowen Streets, comprising Cornell 
Street) now Atlantic Dock property. Stiles said he owned a 
farm south side of Newtown Turnpike, east of Toll Bridge 
(where he lived) including Fort Green (probably the Cowen- 
hoven Farm). He was a jovial pleasant man and agent for 
Dupont's Powder Manufactories. Stiles adds that he received 
from his father 150 acres which he sold 1802 to Ralph Patchen. 
1 79 1, he and his wife sell their interest in estate of her father, 
Nicholas (2286) and wife Ann, deed, 1826, recites that Nicholas 
R. Cowenhoven bequeathed his estate to his sister Cornelia and 
her husband William Cornell. Matilda Cornell and Joseph 
Jewett marriage settlement confirms to her the real estate de- 
vised to her by N. R. Cowenhoven. 1819, sale of his property 
by the sheriff on execution in favor of Dupont. 1S29, will 

2o8 (iDiraloj^y of the C orncll Family. 

dated, proved 1S30, children ]\Iatilda Jewett, Catherine, wife of 
John A. Russ, and Whitehead Cornelh 


I^A AC." of Whitehead •X2054), John/ William,' Richard,' Thomas,' 
d. 1824: m. Hannah Cortelyou, sister of Sarah (2140), mar- 
riag-e license, Jiily 12, 1783; she d. 1825. Children: 

2292 Isaac, m. Maria Ryerson or Rapelye. Child: Lef- 

ferts Ryerson. 1826, inap of property on Red 
Hook lane and Cornell Street sold many lots^ 
but was himself sold out by the sheriff. School 
trustee, 1825. 

2293 Simon, d. 1829; m. Maria Cortelyou, May 30, 1815. 

2294 Daniel, m. Sept. 20, 1826, Catherine Rapelye. No 

children. Administrator to brother Isaac. 

2295 Ann, d. unmarried. Was a member of St. Ann's 

Church, Brooklyn. 

2296 Hannah, b. Dec. 21, 1800: d. Oct. 27, 1891; m. 1824 

Dr. Nelson L. Hurd. He d. 1834. Children 
Sarah and Charlotte, who m. (i) A. L. Nollman; 
m. (2) Charles H. Lentzman. 

2297 Peter, d. unmarried; named after his uncle Peter 

Cortelyou; was a clerk of Mr. Curry, a New 
York merchant who charged Peter with embez- 
zlement. Peter's father, from Curry's statement 
believed it and so he told his son, who charged 
his father with believing a lie on slight evidence, 
and that under the circumstances life was not 
worth living. He shot himself the same day. 

2298 Margaret, m. Tennis Johnson. Children: Mar- 

garet, John, Ann Maria, Teunis, Jerome. 

2299 Whitehead, b. about 1790; d. about 1820. Devisee 

of his grandfather; unmarried. 

2300 John, lost at sea; unmarried. 

2301 Sarah, d. unmarried. 

2302 Ruth, m. . 

2303 Peter, d. young. Devisee of his father, never 

amounted to much except for great physical 
strength. He was to be put to trade and receive 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 209 

;$i,ooo "if he conducted himself prudently," 
which he did not probably do. as he was sup- 
ported by his brother. 

1781, sells to G. Powers the house of four chimneys which 
had belonged to John (2140). His farm was on the south side 
of Atlantic, formerly District Street. He had 90 acres on which 
was a wind mill and distillery adjoining John (2056). 1784, 
buys of Sebring heirs the Cornell Mill, which he sells 1785 to 
his brothers. Is a butcher. 1792, his wife Hannah was a com- 
municant of St. Ann's Church. 1824, will wife Hannah, chil- 
dren Isaac, Simon, Daniel, Ann, Hannah, Margaret Johnson 
and Peter. Simon and Daniel take the distillery, etc., "on the 
farm I now occupy." Executors: sons Simon and Daniel. To 
wife, income of $5,000. Peter to be put to trade and receive 
$1,000 "if he conducts himself prudently." Witnesses, Nelson 
L. Hurd, William Cornell. 1825, Hannah, widow of Isaac, will 


Ben'jamix,'* of John' (2056), (supposed) John,' William,' 
Richard,'' Thomas,' 
b. about 1775; m. Mary Willis [Bolton's History). Children: 

2304 Mary. 

2305 Samuel. 


John,' of Thomas' (2058), John,' William,' Richard," Thomas,' 
b. Sept. 22, 1773; d. Feb. 22, 1824; age, 50 years and 5 months; 
m. Sarah Hicks, April 6, 1802. She was daughter of Stephen 
and Mary (Hewlett) Hicks, b. Sept. 18, 1799. Child: 

2306 Elizabeth, b. Dec. 27, 1804; d. Feb. 27, 1881; un- 

married. (See 2152). 

i8i4(?), John and Sarah his wife of Flushing to Curtis Peck, 
65 acres in Flushing $4,000, three parcels east of road to White- 
stone Ferry. Also deed to Lawrence land on road from Flush- 
ing Landing to Jamaica. 

* Query: Is this the Benjamin Cornwell of Brooklyn, Butcher? 1818^ 
will, wife Mary. Children under age. Executors: John R. Willis, John 

2IO Grnra/oi^v of tJie Cornell Family. 


Joseph.' of Thomas ''(2058), John' William,' Richard,' Thomas,' 
b. Feb. 26, 17S0; d. June 2, 1870; m. Maria Stryker, 1814. She 
d. Aug. 9, 1867. Child: 

2307 Son (killed by the accidental discharge of 

a gun). 

18 1 6, was assessed in New York on $6,000 personal property. 
1833. Maria Cornell of Amsterdam, N. Y., with consent of her 
husband Joseph, deed to Pollock land in New York, about 5th 
and 6th Avenues and 24th and 25th Streets. 1838, Joseph and 
wife Maria and Mary, widow of James Stryker of New York, 
deed north side 25th Street, west of 5th Avenue; also other 
deeds. 1868, will, Joseph Cornell of iVmsterdam, N. Y., now 
on a visit to New York City; age, 88 years the 26th of last Feb. 
Farmer. "Aware of the uncertainty of life by the death of all 
mv children, seven in number, and of my wife, 9th of Aug. 
last, i\Iaria Strj'ker, with whom I had lived happilly about 53 
vears," gives to niece Sarah Ann, widow of John Mills of New 
York City, $3,000; to niece, Elizabeth Cornell Jordan (2310), 
wife of John Jordan of Brooklyn, $2,000; to sister Abby Keel- 
ing, widow of John Keeling, of New York, $2,000; to niece 
Eliza Cornell (2306) of Rockaway, $2,000; to Thomas White- 
head Cornell of Williamsburg, $1,000, or if he is embarrased in 
business to his wife and children. The will was contested by 
Thomas W. Cornell, 53 Devoe Street, Williamsburg, coal dealer 
and Eliza Cornell, nephew and niece. Joseph died in Amster- 
dam, N. Y., age 90 years, 3 months. He gave up his house in 
Amsterdam in 1869 and afterwards lived with his niece, Mrs. 
Jordan, and part of the time with Thomas W. Cornell. Emel- 
ine, wife of Thomas W. and William R. Cornell, grand-nephew 
of testator were sworn as witnesses. The will was sustained. 


Thomas Whitehead," of Thomas' (2058), John,* William,' 
Richard,^ Thomas,' 
bap. Dec. 3, 1782 at Hempstead; m. C. Skidmore (Bolton's 
Westchester Co.) Children (supposed as per will of Joseph 
(2152): ; . .. ..'...•. . ,; _■_ ■_ :_: ,.„, 

2308 Thomas W., m. Emeline . 

(jenealogy of the Cornell Family. 2x1 

2309 Sarah Ann, m. John Mills, of New York. 

2310 Elizabeth, m. John Jordan, of Brooklyn. 


William,' of Timothy' (2064), William," William,' Richard,* 
b. (supposed) about 1767; d. 1832; m. Nellie Skidmore, Feb. 
16, 1798. Children: 

2311 John Wesley, b. Oct. 6, 1819; d. Sep. 24, 1886; m. 

Matilda Coles Bedell, Jan. 30, 1839. 

2312 Robert, m. Sarah Hendrickson. Children: Tim- 

othy and two daughters, one m. Bedell. 

2313 Joseph, m. Caroline Carman, April 3, 1814. 

2314 William, m. Anne Cornell. 

2315 Henry, b. April 20. 1815; m. Adelia Lausada, 

April 6, 1836. 

2316 Hannah, m. John Higbee. 

2317 Elizabeth, m. Seaman Snedeker. 


John," or John Timothy, of Timothy' [Cornwell] ( 2064), William, - 
William,' Richard,^ Thomas,' 
d. July 28, 1868; m. March 21, 1800, (i) Ann Fowler, (2) Ann 
De la ]\Iater; she was b. in New York; d. Jan. 13, 1854.* 

By first wife: 

2318 Timothy, b. Nov. 17, 1800; d. Feb. 29, i860; m. 

(1) Mary Sharp; (2) Mar)' Brower. 

2319 Mary, b. Sept. 15, 1802; d. May 21, i860; m. Samuel 

Clement. Children: Cornwell, Phineas, John 
Cornwell, Thomas, Charles, Henry. 

2320 Jeremiah, b. Sept. 10, 1804; d. July 14, 1868; m. 

(i) Abbie Brower; (2) Catherine Dickenson. 

2321 Valentine, b. Sept. 12, 1806; d. Oct. 26, 1806. 

2322 Elizabeth, b. Nov. 2, 1807; d. Dec. 3, 1841; m. Jer- 

emiah Fowler. Children: Mary Ann, Sylvester, 
William. Sarah Lavinia, Emily Louise. Richard, 

* Some of my correspondents give a different version to this arrange- 
ment and state that .A.nn De la Mater was first wife of John and had no children. 

212 (Tr}!e-c7/ogy of the Car)iell Family. 

25^3 Hannah Ann, b. Nov. 24, 1S09; d. Jnly 2, 1S76; m. 
John Wrig-ht. Children: Ann Elizabeth, m. 
Robert Ure. 

2324 Richard, b. Dec. 28, 181 1; d. April 26, 18S6; m. 

Mary Ann Boerum. 

2325 Gilbert Fowler, b. April 4, 1814; d. Jan. 5, 1870; ni. 

i\Iary Ann Dupuy, Aug. 16, 1838. 

2326 Letitia, b. ]\lay 20, 1816; d. June 3, 1817. 

2327 Abby, b. Jnly 24, 1818; m. Thomas Wei wood. May 

24, 1843. Children: Mary Elizabeth, Abbe 
Anne, William Ambrose, Thomas Arthur, Rev. 
John Cornwell, Rector Church of the Holy 
Spirit, (Bath Beach) Brooklyn, N. Y., Ada Fran- 

2328 Emma, b. April 3, 1826; d. Sept., 1850; m. Bennett 

Sniffer. Child: Theodore Frelinghuysen. 
Bv second wife; 

2329 Jacob Weeks, b. Jan. 5, 1850; d. Nov. 6, 1898; m. 

Virginia Powell. 

2330 Thomas. 

2331 Mc Andrew. 

2332 Milton. 


George,^ of Richardus^ (2070), Richard,'' Jacob, ^ Richard,' 
b. Jan. 26, 1787; d. Sept. 3, 1864; m. Maria White, Nov. 5. 
i8o9,daughter of Thomas White. She was born 1791; d. Sept, 
23, 1889. Children:* 

2333 Egbert, b. Aug. 10, 18 10; d. March 11, 1893; m. 

]\Iaria Haviland, Jan. 9, 1833. 
2334 Phebe Ann, b. Oct. 3, 181 2; d. March 11, 1889; m. 

Cary Burtis, Sept. 5, 1848, son of Thomas and 

Nancy (Cornwell) Burtis. Child: Edwin. 
2335 Albert, b. Aug. 30, 1816; d. Jan. 4, 1888; m Sarah 

Rebecca Vandeveer, Oct. 17, 1853. 

2336 Hepzibah, b. Jan. 25, 1818; d. June 25, 1883; m. B. 

H. Brinkerhoff. 

2337 Thomas White; b. Jan. 8, 1820; d. June 10, 1892; 

m. Elizabeth G. Fairchild, Jan. 11, 1854. 

♦ These dates are taken from old family bible of George Cornell. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Faimly. 213 

2338 Lavinia, b. March 21, 1825, at Beekman, Dutchess 

Co., N. Y.; d. Oct. 21, 1861; m. Elias D. Vail, 
Oct. 17, 1853. Children: Willard Cornell, George 
(died young), Edwin. 

1 81 2, July 17, George Cornell buys land in Beekman of 
Morgan Lewis, which land was leased of Henry Beekman, Sept. 
26, 1774, by Richardus Cornell for the lives of Samuel and 
Richard Cornell, sons of the said Richardus, and of James 
McLess his sister's son. (See 2070). 


Captain Thomas," of Thomas" [Cornwell] (2074), Thomas,* 
Thomas,' Richard,'' Thomas,' 

b. after 1746 (as per father's will); m. Mary ; she d. 

Jan. 3, 1799. Children: 

2339 Deborah. 

2340 Mary. 
.2341 Thoinas. 

2342 Charles. 

2343 George D., of Savannah. 

2344 Helen, m. Dr. Powers, Surgeon in British 


He was a captain in the British Army, and went to Xova 
Scotia after the war. 1767, executors to his father in deed 
to Bergen recite that Thomas, Jr., is under age. 1775, disaf- 
fected and reported for receiving arms from the ship of war 

Whitehead,' of Thomas^ [Cornwell] (2074), Thomas,* Thomas," 
Richard,' Thomas,' 
b. after 1746; d. Dec, 1803; m. Abigail Hicks, third daughter 
of Jacob;* she d. Feb. 14, 1S23. Children: 

2345 Ann, b. 1778; d. Oct. 8, 1826; age 48; m. Miles 

Kirkly(?), Newark, N. J. Children: William and 
Elisa; m. Delahunty. 

2346 Helen, b. 1780; d. Feb. 7, 1823; m. John Black of 

England, d. s. p. 

* Jacob Hicks witnessed the will of Thomas (2026), and was appraiser 
uf Thomas (2006). 

214 Gt'necjiogy of the Cornell Family. 

2347 Thomas, b. Jan. 20, 17S3; d. 183S; in. Hannah 

Hewlett, Feb. 16, 1805. 

2348 Abigail, b. 1792; d. Dec. 25, 1S61, at Potig-hkeepsie; 


2349 William, b. 1793; d. April 25, 1864; m. (i) Eliza An- 

toinette Morey, May, 1819; m. (2) Jane E. Wil- 
son, 1839. 

2350 Whitehead, d. young; unmarried. 
235 I Charles, d. unmarried at sea. 

2352 George, d. young; unmarried. 

2353 Jacob, d. middle age; unmarried. 
Four others d. young; names unknown. 

In 1 77 1 he owned a race-horse "Steady." 1776, he was dis- 
affected. Two of his brothers were captains in the British 
Army and went to Nova Scotia. He was arrested and paroled. 
17S8-9, member of Assembly. 1792, subscribes ^3 for Jamaica 
School. 1798, gives deed to Martin, ^677 for 25)4 acres wood- 
land at Rockawa}'. 1798, deed to John Cornell $996, "The 
Opening" at Far Rockaway. 1780, advertises a horse. 1802, 
deed to Mott, part of the farm where he resided, $6,250 for 294 
acres, beginning 3 chains 77 links from the Kitchen near Rich- 
ard, deceased, and by the cove or bay. Same year mortgaged 
to ]\Iott ^1,600, 2 parcels at Far Rockaway: ist, where the 
house stands, north and west of the road from Silas Hicks to 
Benjamin Corn well, 40 acres; 2d, joins Richard Cornell, 150 
acres. This is supposed to have been the old Homestead of 
Richard,'' and it thus passed out of the family, the mortgage 
being foreclosed. Thomas and his widow were allowed to re- 
main in the house during their lifetime. 1803, he keeps a stage 
house at Rockaway. 1809, will, mentions wife Abigail; 
children (all minors): Abigail, Charles, Jacob, George, William, 
Ann Kirkly, Nelly Black, Thomas. Executors: wife, son 
Thomas, Geo. Hewlett, who were to bind out the four younger 
boys. 1823, Abigail, relict of Whitehead, will, gives all to 
daughter Abigail. 


Benjamin,' of Thomas^ (2074), Thomas,* Thomas,' Richard," 

b. about 1750; m. (i) in Philadelphia; m. (2) in 

New York. Children: 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. ,215 

2354 Whitehead. 

2355 Daughter m. Van Remigen, Philadelphia. 

2356 Daughter ni. Capt. Burger, New York. 

Captain in British Army and went to Nova Scotia. He like 
his brother Thomas espoused the cause of the mother country. 
1776, he was a lieutenant of the Far Rockaway Company. 
In arms against the Whigs. 1780, he and Elijah assisted in 
capturing the rebel sloop Revenue. 


Hannah,* of Hon. Samuel^ (2080), Samuel,* Thomas,* Richard,' 
b. 176-; d. 1818; m. Herman LeRoy, Dutch Consul at New 
York, Oct. 19, 1786; he was b. Jan. 16, 1758, son of Jacob 
LeRoy and Cornelia Rutgers. Children {LeRoy): 

Cornelia, b. 1787; d. i860; m. William Edgar, 1809. 

Samuel Cornell, b. 1788; d. 1790. 

Catherine Augusta, b. 1790; d. 1835; m. Thomas 

Newbold, 181 2. 
Herman b. 1791; d. 1869; m. Juliet Edgar, 1813; 

she d. 1 86 1. 
Susan, b. 1793; d. 1832; m. David S. Jones, 1827. 
Jacob, b. 1794; d. 1868; m. (i) Charlotte D. Otis, 

1822; m. (2) Charlotte O. Downes, 1853. 
William Henry; b. 1795; d. 1888; in. Elizabeth, 

daughter of Thomas A. Einmett, 1819. 
Caroline, b. 1797; d. 1882; m. Hon. Daniel Webster, 

Daniel, b. 1799; d. 1885; m. S. Elizabeth, daughter 

of Col. Nicholas Fish and Elizabeth Stuyvesant, 

Mary, b. 1800; d. young. 
Robert, d. 1802. 
Edward Augustus, b. 1804; d. i863;m. Sarah Louisa, 

daughter of James Morris. 


Sarah," of Hon. Samuel' (20S0), Samuel,* Thomas,' Richard,' 
b. 1761, d. June 2, 1803; m. Matthew Clarkson, son of David 

2i6 Gcnea/os^y of tJic Cornell Family. 

Clarkson and Elizabeth (French), Feb. 14, 1792;* she was 
his second wife; his first wife was Mary Rutherford; he 
was b. Oct. 17, 175S; d. April 25, 1S25. Children [Clarkson): 

Eliza, b. 1 793. 

Catherine Rutherford, b. 1794; m. Jonathan Good- 
David, b. 1795; m. Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas 

Steadfield Clarkson, her cousin. 
Matthew, b. 1796; ni. Catherine E., daughter of 

Charles Clarkson. 
William Bayard, b. 1798; m. Adelaide, daughter of 

Robert Livingston. 
Susan Maria, b. 1800; m. James F. de Peyster, 1821. 
Sarah Cornell, b. 1802; m. Rev. William Richmond. 
He enlisted as a private in the American Fusiliers. Fought 
in the battle of Long Island. Afterward aide to Gen. Arnold 
with the rank of Major, was at the surrender of Burgoyne, 
and his likeness is in TurnbuU's picture of that event. 1777, 
severely wounded at the Battle of Stillwater. Was aide to 
Lincoln, and in Charleston at the Capitulation. 1781, with 
Lincoln at Yorktown, and the bearer of an invitation from 
Gen. Washington to Lord Cornwallis after the surrender. 1783, 
made Lieut. -Colonel by brevet and assistant secretary of war. 
One of the original members of the Cincinnati. After the 
war one of the State Board of Regents. Member of Assembly, 
1787-9. Li. S. Alarshal at New York, 1791-2. State Senator, 
1794-6. (See Record of Events by Livingston Rutherford). 


SusAXNAH,*" of Hon. Samuel" (2080), Samuel," Thomas' 
Richard,'' Thomas,' 
m. Captain Henry Chads, R. N., marriage license, July 15, 
1783; he d. Oct. 10, 1799. Children [Chads): 
Mary Cornell. 

Sir Henry Ducie, K. C. B., became an Admiral 
in the British Navy; was ist Lieutenant of the 

* Married on Tuesday evening, by the Rev. Dr. Benjamin Moore, Gen- 
eral Matthew Clarkson to Miss Sally Cornel), daughter of the late Samuel 
Cornell, Esq., of Newberne, N. C. (Daily Advey-tiser, of Saturday, Feb. 18). 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 217 

Java when taken by the Constitution, 181 2; the 

captain was killed and he took command. 
William Catherwood, was in the Royal Marines. 
John Cornell, Lient. -Colonel in the British Army 

and President or Governor of the Virgin 


He became an Admiral in the British Navy. Galignanis' 
Messenger publishes a story that his wife was engaged to 
Col. Edward Fanning, secretary to Gov. Tryon, and that the 
Colonel went to Newberne, N. C, to wed her, but found on his 
arrival there, that she had eloped and gone to England with 
Capt. Chads. But as she was married to Chads by license in 
New York the story is doubtful. 


Archibald,' of Charles' (20S3), Samuel,* Thomas,' Richard,''' 
b. 1773; d. Jan. 27, 1852; m. Elizabeth Allen: she d. Aug. 11, 
1859. Children (as per will): 

2357 William A., d. about May, 1S88; m. Jemima Eliz- 
abeth Bennett. 

2358 Sarah Elizabeth, d. after 1872; unmarried. 

2359 Arabella C, d. i872(?). 

2360 Hannah, m. Benjamin C. Bangs. 

2361 Deborah, m. George Adams. 

1822, administrator of Joshua,^ (William,'' Caleb, ^ John,' 
Thomas'). 1852, will dated and proved. To wife Elizabeth 
house at Bayside, also $2,500; son William A. to have part of 
my farm at Bayside; to Sarah E. and Arabella C, §600 each; 
daughter Hannah, wife of Benjamin C. Bangs; daughter 
Deborah, wife of George Adams. Executors: son William A. 
Cornell and Alfred H. Corning, Counsellor-at-law, New York 
City. 1859, Elizabeth, widow of Archibald, will. She died 
Aug. II, 1859, leaving four children: William A, Sarah E., 
Arabella C. of Flushing and Deborah, wife of George Adams 
of New York City. 1872, Arabella C. Cornell of Morrissania, 
N. Y., Avill proved. Sister Sarah Elizabeth Cornell, sister 
Deborah Ann Adams; brother William A.; nephews Francis 
William Cornell, Edwin Bennett Cornell; sister-in-law Jemima 

2i8 (jt-fira/oj^v of the L crnell Fauiily. 

Elizabeth Cornell. "The sums devised to my nephews are to 
be paid to their father William A. for their use until they are 
of ag'e." Executors: William A. and cousin Alfred H. Corning. 
His property at Bayside was mapped out and divided into 


John," of Thomas' (2086), John,* Thomas,' Richard,' Thomas,' 
b. Oct. 24, 1772; d. about 1842; m. Sarah Talman, Aug. 18, 
1794. Children: 

2362 Anne, b. March 7, 1795; unmarried. 

2363 Jane, b. j\Iay 30, 1798; m. Rhodes. Chil- 

dren: Margaret, Sarah. 

2364 Thomas Talman, b. July 28, 1800. 

2365 Lawrence, b. Aug. 11, 1802; m. Betsy Field. 

2366 Williarn Talman, b. Oct. 11, 1804; m. Caroline 


2367 Daniel, b. April 15, 1806; m. . Child: 

Thomas who m. and d. 

2368 Oliver, b. Aug. 29, 1808; m. Jane Cheeseman. 

2369 Margaret, b. Nov. 18, 181 1. 

2370 Viner Leacraft, b. Dec. 17, 1815; m. Frances Har- 

riet Lane. 

1 8 14, deed to Curtis Peck $4,000, O5 acres in Flushing east 
of road to Whitestone ferry, also land on south of road to Flush- 
ing Village. 1818, about, deed to Lawrence $2,105, house and 
lot on road from Flushing to Jamaica. 


Thomas,' of Thomas' (2086), John,* Thomas/ Richard,' 
b. May 12, 1775; d. about 1842; m. Elizabeth Ackerman. 

2371 Thomas, b. May 12, 1795. 

2372 Elizabeth, b. Feb. 9, 1797. 

2373 Julia, b. July 3, 1799. 

1813, Thomas and Elizabeth of North Hempstead to Sned- 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 219 

eker, $210, woodland west of road from Oliver Cornell to Sam- 
uel Cornell in Jamaica, joining Skidmore. Witness: Oliver 
Cornell. He or his son Thomas was a cabinet maker in New 
York and failed in business, afterwards deputy sheriff under 
Hayes. 1828, Elizabeth, relict of Thomas, gave deed to Miah 


Charles," of Charles' (2092), Richard/ Thomas,^ Richard,' 
b. 1769; d. 1807; m. Catherine" Rodman, daughter of John ^ 
Rodman (Thomas,^ John,^ John'),. of Flushing; she d. Feb. 
27, 1864. Children (as per will, etc.): 

2374 Richard Rodman, b. 1792; d. s. p. Aug. 13, 1831. 

2375 Phebe, b. 1794; m. Thomas Roe of Jamaica, July 

iS, 1S16. 

2376 Charlotte Amelia, b. 1795: m. Hon. HenryJ.Hag- 


2377 Adelaide, b. 1798; m. Edward Cossarts. 

237S Alexander, b. 1800: d. before 1845; m. Catherine 

2379 Thomas Frederick, b. May 21, 1804; d. April 23, 

1866; m. Sarah Treadwell Munn, 1829. 

1803, deed, Charles and Catherine his wife who is daughter 
of John Rodman of Flushing, who is son of Thomas Rodman 
the elder, to Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Appleby, gent, of 
Flushing. 1807, Charles of Flushing, will, mentions wife 
Catherine and six children, Richard Rodman Cornell, Phebe 
Cornell, Charlotte Amelia Cornell, Adelaide Cornell, Alexan- 
der Cornell and Thomas Cornell, all under age. Executors: 
wife, Cornelius Van Wyck, Thomas C. Thorne. Witness: Gil- 
bert Cornell. 181 1, Catherine, relict of Charles of Flushing, to 
S. H. Van Wyck 150 acres in Flushing on the East River or 
Sound, formerly belonging to John Rodman, deceased. Wit- 
ness: Richard Cornell. 1854, Catherine, widow of Charles of 
North Hempstead, will. Body to remain four days unburied 
and then to be buried in Greenwood Cemetery in the vault 
belonging to my son Thomas F. Cornell. Mentions children 
Thomas F. Cornell, grandson Charles M. Cornell, son of Cath- 

2 20 firnra/o^y of tJie Cornell Fainily. 

erine Cornell, dauo-hters Phebe Roe, Adelaide Hagner. She 
died Feb. 27, 1864. The record says leavino- children Adelaide 
and Phebe both widows, grandchildren Henry Hagner, Brook- 
lyn, Alexander Hagner, Caroline wife of Daniel Smith, 
Charlotte Adelaide Hagner and Phebe Hagner, children of 
Charlotte Hagner, deceased, Charles M. Cornell of North 
Hempstead, John F. D. Cornell, Alexander Cornell, Charlotte, 
wife of James, Charles and Catherine R. Cornell of Brooklyn, 
children of Alexander Cornell, deceased, who was a child of 
testatrix, all of full age. 


Sarah,* of Charles" (2092), Richard," Thomas,^ Richard," 
b. 1766; d. April 15, 1809; m. John I. Glover, a New York 
merchant and wealthy Quaker, Jan. 31, 1786. Children 


Sarah, b. April 13, 1788; d. April 2, 1789. 

Sarah, b. April 10, 1791; d. young, unmarried. 

Deborah, b, July 2, 1792; m. Alfred Pierpont 
Edwards, grandson of President Edwards of 
Princeton College. 

John, b. Feb. 21, 1794; m. (1) his cousin, Ann Glo- 
ver, 1816; m. (2) Debbie Ann Sheaff of Phila- 
delphia, 1825. 

Alice (twin of above), m. Ebenezer Seely of New 

Ann, b. Sept. 9, 1795; m. William Wells Holley of 
Stamford, Conn. 

Martha, b. Aug. 30, 1797; d. unmarried. 

Daniel, b. March 4, 1800; m. Mary S., daughter of 
Peter Bertram Cruger of New York. 

Samuel, b. Aug. 20, 1801; d. unmarried. 

Mary, b. Nov. 28, 1802; m. Rt. Rev. Manton East- 
burn, Bishop of Massachusetts. 

Robert, b. July 9, 1804; d. Aug. 7, 1804. 

Francis, b. Aug. 31, 1807; m. Augustus Ludlow. 

Phebe, b. April 11, 1809; m. Churchill C. Cambrel- 
ling; he was Minister to Russia during the 
Presidency of Martin Van Buren. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 221 


Charles,' of William' (2096), Charles/ Thomas,' Richard,' 
b. Jan. 14, 1772; d. about March 16, 1S19, in Brooklyn; m. 
(i) Massie Ann Hicks; m. (2) Mary De Mott. Children: 

2380 William, m. Keturah Brower. 

2381 Austin, d. about 1836; m. Jemima Lewis. 

2382 Issac, m. Sarah Gildersleeve. 

21'ii Hannah, m. Robert Roberdy, a widower of 

2384 Laurence, m. . 

2385 Lydia, m. James Crane of Spencerton, New Jersey. 

2386 Ann, m. John Heyden of Spencerton, New Jersey. 

2387 Mary, m. John Gildersleeve of Oyster Bay. 
2388 De Mott or Mott, m. Ann Carman(?). 

23S9 Samuel, m. ; d. s. p. 

2390 Fanny, m. Rodney Smith, New Haven, Addison 
Co., Vt.; devisee of her grandfather, Isaac Hicks. 

1772, June 10, Thomas Hick named grandson Charles Cor- 
nell in will. 1776 and i8oo(?), mortgages mention that he lived 
on road from St. George's Church to Foster's Meadows. 


Isaac Miles,' of Hallett^ (2102), James,' Richard,^ Richard,' 
Richard,^ Thomas,' 
b. Feb. 4, 1793; d. March i, 1873; m. Mary Cheeseman, Dec. 4, 
1820. Children: 

2391 Charles M., b. 182 1; d. July 6, 1875. 

2392 Frances E., m. Poyer. 

1854, Charles E. (2231) gives by will $375 to my cousin Isaac 
M., residing with his son Charles M., Third Avenue, near Har- 
lem, N. Y., also $1,000 to his son Charles, and $100 to his daugh- 
ter Frances, and $750 to Mary, wife of my cousin. 1 867, father's 
will gives him real estate in North Hempstead. When his 
father's will was proved, he lived at Bowery Bay, Newtown. 
1875, Administration of Isaac M. of North Hempstead to daugh- 
ter Frances E. Poyer. 

222 (jt')h\j/oi^y of tJic Cornell Fa)nily. 


SiEPHKN," Hallett of Hallett" (2102), James/ Richard/ Richard,' 
Richard,'' Thomas,' 
b. in North Hempstead, March 20, 1799; d. Jan. 2, 1886; m. 
Mary Willis, Jan. 8, 1834, or Feb. 14, 1835; she was b. Feb. 2, 
1813: d. Feb. 15, 1885. Children: 

2393 Jnlia Augusta, b. March 30, 1836; d. March 2, 1899. 

2394 Samuel Willis, b. Dec. 16, 1837; m. Margaret Ther- 

esa Wallace, May 17, 187 1. 

2395 Mary Elvira, b. Nov. 22, 1842. 

He was a carpenter by trade. Shortly after his marriage 
he moved to Brooklyn and built the house, 105 Johnson Street, 
northeast corner of Laurence Street, where he lived nearly fifty 
years, till after the death of his wife, 1885. After moving to 
Brooklyn he was identified with the construction of some of 
the most prominent buildings of that city, and was at one time 
employed in the Broooklyn Navy Yard. He was also in the 
real estate business. He did not long survive his wife, and 
died at his son's house. 


James Gilbert," of Hallett" (2102), James,^ Richard,* Richard,* 
Richard,' Thomas,' 
b. Jan. 6, 1805; d. May 25, 1875; m. (i) Ellinor Wood, July 7, 
1828, in New York City; she d. Aug. 7, 1829: m. (2) Lydia 
Ann Treadwell, Jan. 4, 1843; she was b. 1820; d. 1890. Chil- 
dren : 
By first w'lie: 

2396 James Elwood, b. Aug. 7, 1829; d. July, 1886; m. 

Anna Priscilla Su3'dam, Oct. 22, 1850. 
By second wife; 

2397 Elbert Treadwell, b. March 14, 1845. Lived in 

New York. 

2398 Clarence Eugene, b. Dec. 5, 1850; m. Alice Weeks 

1872. Lived with his father. 

1867, he was devisee of his father, inheriting the Homestead 

Farm, also devisee of Charles E. (2231). Was a farmer, and in 

1865 removed to Brooklyn and engaged in ship building with 

his brother-in-law, Treadwell. 1868, will dated; proved 1875, 

Of North Hempstead. To James E., $300; Elbert T. and Clar- 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 2^3 

ence E., Si, 000 each; remainder to wife Lydia Ann. The will 
was contested but sustained. 


William Alexander,' of Hallett* (2102), James," Richard,* 
Richard,^ Richard,^ Thomas,- 
b. Aug. 25, 1 810; d. before 1856; m. Charity Ann Colyer, April 

25, 1S36; she was b. Aug. 10, 1814: she m. (2) Boone 

(see Hallett's will). Children: 

2399 Stephen Hallett, b. March 6, 1837. He was a cor- 

respondent of Ezra Cornell in 1868. 

2400 Elvira Ann, b. April 12, 1S41. 

2401 William Alexander, b. June i, 1844. 

1S50, Administration to Charity Ann. widow. 


CoL. John Henry," of Charles^ (2103), James/ Richard," Richard,' 
Richard,' Thomas,' 
b. April II, 1799; d. Oct. 25, 1854; m. Amelia Hamilton of 
Perth Amboy, New Jersey, daughter of William and Sarah 
(Lewis) Hamilton, Oct. 30, 1S24. 

2402 Charles Hamilton, b. Dec. 10, 1825; d. April 7, 1S59; 

m. Aleph Brinley of Perth Amboy; no children. 

2403 John Henry, b. in New York City, May 8, 1828; d. 

March i, 1894, in Xew York City, aged 65 years; 
m. Emma Windsor, Feb., 1848; no children. 
1848, he was appointed organist in St. John's 
Chapel (Trinity parish), Xew York, in which city 
he had till then pursued his musical studies, 
especially harmony and composition. Within a 
year he resigned and went to England, visiting the 
principal cathedral towns. At York he conformed 
to the Roman Catholic Church and returning to 
the United States, entered a religious order in 
Baltimore. He soon however, left the Roman 
Catholic Church in intense disgust and became 
an Agnostic. He again went abroad and made 
the tour of England, Holland. Germany and 
France. From 1868 to 1877, he was organist of 

2 34 (ii'fifalogy of the Cornell Family. 

St. Paul's Chapel (Trinity parish), and for live 
years organist of the The Brick Church (Pres- 
byterian), New York City. He was a musical 
composer and author of marked ability, his 
principal works being " Theory and Practice of 
Musical Form," "Easy Method of Modulation," 
"A Manual of Roman Chant," and "A Congre- 
gational Tune Book." On his death-bed he con- 
formed to the Episcopal Church in which he was 
brought up. He is one of the seven mentioned 
in Applet on' s Cyclopcedia of Biography ior^hich. 
see above. 

2404 William Kemble, b. July 24, 1830. 

2405 Sarah Hamilton, b. Aug. 18, 1832; m. Andrew 

Foster Higgins, May 5, 1852, insurance agent, 
New York. One daughter, d. 1898; m. John 
David Barrett of Staten Island. 

2406 Richard Mortimer, b. June i, 1834; m. Margaret 

Butler McLaughlin, July 20, 1864. 

2407 Amelia Louisa, b. July 29, 1836; m. Albert Galla- 

tin Stevens, Dec. 23, 1857. 

2408 Euphemia Lewis, b. June 5, 1840; d. Sept. 20, 1846. 

2409 Cornelia Ogden, b. Aug. 29, 1842; m. (i) George 

Shepherd of Perth Amboy, N. J., Aug. 29, 1867; 
m. (2) Rev. F. Marion McAllister (brother of 
Ward McAllister). 
2410 Harriet Matilda, b. in New York, July 5, 1846; m. 
June 2, 1870, (by his father) Russell Degen 
Tyng, a descendant of Edwin Tyng, purchaser 
of Thomas' Boston House, son of Rev. James 
Higgins Tyng and Augusta Temple Degen. He 
was in the insurance business and a vestryman 
. of Church of the Holy Communion, South 
Orange, N. J.; d. Jan. 25, 1882. Children: 
Fanny, Elizabeth, Constance Dudley, Grace 
Royal, Harriet Cornell. 

1829, Charles E. Cornell, druggist, James H. Cornell, 
physician, William H. B. Cornell, gentleman, Louisa A., wife 
of Zalmon Booth, and Sarah Cornell, widow, heirs-at-law of 
Char]es Cornell, deceased, to John H. Cornell of New York, 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 225 

merchant, deed. 1855, John H., Charles H., William K., Rob- 
ert M. Cornell, Andrew F. Hig-gins and Sarah his wife, chil- 
dren of John H. Cornell of New York, deed to Smith. He was 
book-keeper for William and Rufus Delafield; cashier of West 
Point Foundry; cashier Mechanics' Banking Association till 
his death; was largely engaged in real estate transactions, 
building houses, etc.; a member of Trinity parish and a whig 
in politics. The printed index of conveyances. New York, has 
two pagfes of deeds by him. He died worth $200,000. This 
family generally belong to the Episcopal Church. 


Charles Edgar,' of Charles" (2103), James,' Richard," Richard.' 
Richard,^ Thomas,' 
b. about 1804; d. 1S54. 
1824, he entered Columbia College but did not graduate. 
1829, Druggist (see deed 2228). Studied medicine and practiced a 
little. 1854, will, New York City, aged 50 years, makes bequest 
as follows: To Ephraim Valentine who married "my cousin" 
Ann (2224), deceased, of Westbury; Charles (2391), son, and 
Frances (2392), daughter, and Mary, wife of cousin Isaac M. 
(2217); Martha Willis, wife of Willis and daughter of John 
Titus; Phebe, wife of George Valentine; Jeffry Cornell (2218), 
"my cousin," son of Hallett; Mary (2220), wife of "my cousin" 
Stephen; Margaretta (2222), and Maria (2219), "my cousins," 
daughters of Hallett; James Elwood Cornell (2396), my uncle; 
James Gilbert (2223); Jane, wife of Edwin Vanderwater and 
sister of Stephen's (2220) wife; American Bible Society: New 
York Bible and Common Prayer Book Society; Five Points 
Mission, etc. His estate amounted to about $20,000. 


Richard,' of Lewis* (2109), Obadiah,' Richard,' Richard,' 
Richard,' Thomas,' 
d. 1844; m. Mary Doughty (or Hegema'n). Children: 

2411 John Hegeman, b. Nov. 9, 1805; d. Aug. 28, 1857; 

m. Elizabeth Duryea, Jan. 5, 1832 (different fam- 
ily from Deborah Duryea). 

2412 Stephen, m. Deborah Duryea; child Josephine d. 

age, 12 years. 

2i6 Gencaloj:^}' of t lie ( ornell Family. 

2413 William Henry, d. in California; unmarried. 

2414 Lewis,, m. Caroline Helen Diirvea, sister of 


2415 Richard, m. and d. in California. 

2416 Ellen, m. Benjamin Franklin; children: Eng"ene 

Beauharnais, m. Margaret Gilsey; Ellen, m. 
Adrience; Lydia, m. Raymond, Farlie Thorbnrn. 

2417 Augustus, d. in California. 

24 1 S Jane, m. Cornelius Duryea; his first wife was 
Deborah Durj^ea; he was the father of Deborah 
and Caroline Duryea, who m. Stephen and Lewis 

2419 Ann, m. Edwin Gates. 
■ 2420 Susan, m. Edwin Gates. ' ' 

2421 j\Iary, m. D. Whittemore, New York City. 

2422 Sarah, b. April 15, 1820; d. in Dutchess Co., m. 

Matthew R. Mills, of New York. 

1819, was sheriff, and 1822 and 1828, candidate for sheriff. 
1826, Richard and wife Mary, Flushing, to John Van Nostrand 
(see No. 2242), deed, southby highway from Plains to Great Neck, 
north by Henry Corn well, east by John Corn well, 5 acres. 
1844, administration given to John H. and William H. Cornell. 


Lewis,' of Lewis' (2109), Obediah,^ Richard,* Richard,' Richard,' 
m. Joane Sarton or Saxton. Children: 

2423 Charles. 

2424 John. .... ■ • ...■.'//':. 

2425 Jane. - 

2426 Emily. 

Lived in New York City, and devisee of Elizabeth. 


John Henry,' of Lewis" (2109) Obadiah,' Richard,* Richard,' 
Richard," Thomas,' 
d. about 1857; m. ( i) Mary Hegeman; (2) Catherine Hegeman. 

2427 Richard, b. 1845; m. Ellen^Van Nostrand. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 227 

242S Charles Benjamin. 

2429 Anna Maria, m. Joseph Craft. 

2430 Rebecca, m. (i) Charles Mapother(?); (2) 


Lived in New York City. Devisee of Elizabeth (2243). 
1857, of New York City, will, wife Mary, children Richard, 
Charles, Benjamin, Ann ^laria and Rebecca Starr, son-in-law 
Joseph Craft. Witness: Cornelius H. Cornell, etc. 


WiLLi.\.M Hallett,' of Lewis" (2109), Obadiah," Richard,' 
Richard,' Richard,' Thomas," 
b. Jan. 8, iSoo; d. Nov. 19, 1874; m. Elizabeth Doughty, Sept. 
5 or 6, 1819; she was b. Aug-, i, 1794; d. Oct. 2, 1882. Children: 

2431 John Henry, b. at Bayside, 1820; m. Matilda Lomen, 

Nov. 20, 1844. Living 1895. 

2432 Benjamin H., b. 1820 (twin of above); m. Margaret 

Wright, 1846. 

2433 Catherine, b. Dec. 19, 1823; m. John Foster, Nov. 

25, 1843; he d. Jan. 10, 189-; age 86, 8, 23. 

2434 Cornelia, E., b. Feb. 23, 1837; d. about 1883; m. 

Thomas Valentine. 

2435 J^i^e Peters, b. 1839; m. Jeremiah Valentine. 

2436 William Lewis, b. July 24, 1841; m. Emily A. Ben- 

nett, April 27, 1870. 

1873, William Hallett, will, of Flushing, wife Elizabeth, 
children John H., Benjamin H., Jane P., widow of Jeremiah 
Valentine, Cornelia E., wife of Thomas Valentine, Catherine, 
wife of John Foster and William L. John H. and William L. 
Cornell lived on a cross road (1894), about one mile south of 
Douglaston. William L. is Highway Commissioner. He had 
a number of ancient deeds, and the information concerning the 
descendants of Obadiah is derived from them. 


Jane," of Lewis' (2109), Obadiah," Richard," Richard.' Richard,' 
m. Charles Peters. Before her marriajre with Peters she had 

2^8 ' Cicnealoi]:;}' of the Cornell h'aiiiilv. 

•\ son, Thomas |. Cornell, who is named in her father's 
will, althoui^ii she is not. Children {Peters): 

2436A Thomas Jeft'erson Cornell, m. Ann Van Nostrand. 
Jane C. 
Sarah Maria, ni. — Canary. 

1S44 will tiated; proved 1S56. Elizabeth (2243), of Flushing, 
will, gives all to Jane C. Peters and Maria Peters. The record 
names her three brothers: Lewis (2239), John H. (2240), of New 
York, William H. Cornell (2241). Anna Maria Van Nostrand, 
widow, Catherine (2244), wife of John Brenem, Jane (2418), wife 
of Cornelius Duryea, Ellen (2416), wife of Benjamin Franklin, 
Ann H. Cornell and Valentine H. Peters of Flushing, Stephen 
H. (2412) and John H. (2411), of Jamaica, Lewis C. Cornell 
(2414), Sarah Maria (Peters) Canary, William H. Cornell (2413), 
Charles Augustus Cornell (2417) and Richard Cornell (2415), 
of San Francisco. 


William,' of William* [CornwellJ (21 11), Joseph,^ Samuel,* 
Richard,' Richard,' Thomas,' 

b. Feb. 21, 1773; <^- Oct. 27, 1827; aged 54 years; m. Elizabeth 
Rhodes of Hempstead, April 2, 1794; she d. at Hempstead, 
April 15, 1844; aged 70 j^ears. Children: 

2437 Jane, b. 1795; d. July 18, 1847; member of St. Ann's 

Church, Brooklyn, 1829. 

2438 Mary, b. Feb. 21, 1797; d. Aug. 13, 1828. 

2439 Grace, m. Whitman Mead; removed to New York. 

2440 Rebecca, m. Sterling. 

2441 Elizabeth. 

2442 William R. 

2443 Daniel. 

2444 Ann. 

1802, Joseph Cornwell (2248), of Brooklyn, harness maker, 
to Daniel Rhodes and William Cornwell, tailor, deed lot on Front, 
near Union Street. Warden and treasurer of St. Ann's Church, 
Brooklyn. Delegate to Diocesan Convention. i8i9(?), Overseer 
of Poor. 1824, will, wife Elizabeth takes all, till children are 
2 1, names all children above but Jane. Executors: wife, brother 
Daniel and brother-in-law Robert Rhodes. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 229 


Daniel,' of William' [Cornwell] (21 11), Joseph,' Samuel," 
Richard," Richard,' Thomas,' 
b. July 24, 1774; d. Sept. 21, 1842; m. Hannah Nostrand 
Mitchell, April 27, 1806, at Great Neck, L. I., daug'hter of 
Allen and Phebe (Smith) Mitchell. Children:* 

2445 Jane Elizabeth, b. March 7, 1812; d. Dec. 31, 1859; 

m. William Creed, Oct. ii, 1829; child, Charlotte 

2446 Phebe, b. Jan. 6, 1816; d. April 12, 1844; m. Willett 

Coombs, April 18, 1841; child, Leonard Seaman 
d. 1843. 

2447 Emily, b. Aug. 4, 1818; d. Sept. 20, 1854, unmarried. 

2448 Harriett Wardell, b. Jan. 31, 182 1, living- at Jamaica, 

1892, unmarried. 
1793, Devisee and executor of his grandmother Hannah. 
1824, Executor of brother William. 1802, subscribes for Christ 
Church, ^ilanhassett. He was clerk of the church 1805. Har- 
riett Wardell above writes, "my parents moved to Jamaica 
from Success, near Lakeville, (my birthplace), when I was a 
child." 1825, deed from Thorne, land in Jamaica. 1827, deed 
to Tyler, land east side of Great Neck, ratified by wife Hannah 
X. He was tailor, sexton, clerk and vestryman of Grace Church, 


Catherine,'- of John" (2140), Whitehead,' John,* William,'' 
Richard," Thomas,' 
b. Dec. 27, 1790; d. March 20, 1885, at 58 Pierrepont Street, 
Brooklyn. Buried in the family vault. Greenwood Cemetery, 
where her parents and nearly all her family repose. 

She became a communicant of St. Ann's Church, Oct. 15, 
1809, but for many years was connected with Grace Church. 
After the death of their mother, the three sisters who had be- 
fore lived in the old home, No. 58 Pierrepont Street (now No. 
66), purchased the house No. 58 Pierrepont Street (present 
number), where they passed the remainder of their lives. They 

* Taken from Daniel Cornell's family bible, furnished by Charlotte 
LeRoy Creed, daughter of Jane. 

230 Ctuealogy of tJic Cornell Family. 

were all zealous in religious and charitable works and greatly 
respected by all who knew them. Tn 185S, the three sisters, 
Catherine, Margaret and i\Iary made mutual wills devising their 
estate to the survivor of them. 18S4, Nov. 12, Catherine, the 
survivor of the three, made a will by which with codicils, her 
estate was devised to her surviving brothers, and the issue of 
those who had deceased. To Greenwood Cemetery $600, for 
the care of the family burial plot. Charles B. Curtis was 
appointed trustee for the children of Richard R. Cornell. Her 
surviving brothers were appointed executors. The two sur- 
vivors, Peter C. and Isaac R., being indisposed to undertake 
the task, the estate was settled by Charles B. Curtis who found 
it necessary also to settle the estate of Sarah Cornell, the 
mother and of the two deceased sisters Margaret and Mary, 
whose property in part had remained in the possession of 
Catherine. These estates amounted to: Sarah Cornell $7,062.99; 
Margaret and Mary Cornell $47,314.47; Catherine Cornell 


Margaret,' of John' (2140), Whitehead,' John,' Williain,' 
Richard,^ Thomas,' 
b. Oct. 4, 1792; d. June 21, 1859, unmarried, at 58 Pierrepont 
Street, Brooklyn. (See No. 2273). 

1 81 3, she became a communicant of St. Ann's Church. 


Ann-,' of John' (2140), Whitehead,' John," William,' Richard," 
b. June 2, 1794; d. Sept. 8, 1848, at 184 Pierrepont Street, 
Brooklyn; m. Arthur Hirst. No children. 

Arthur and Hiram Hirst were from England. They erected 
the Nassau Whiting and Color Manufactory on Red Hook Lane, 
near the distillery of Isaac Cornell (2142), and near the mill of 
John Cornell (2140). This land was jmrchased 182S, from 
Simon Cornell, and was near Henry Street and Cornell (Red 
Hook) Lane. The original deed is still extant and in the pos- 
session of the family. ■■ . 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 231 


"Whitehead J.,' of John" (2140), Whitehead," John," William/ 
Richard,''' Thomas,' 
b. July 26, 1796, at Red Hook, South Brooklyn; d. Sept. 17, 
1846, at Perth, Scotland; \\\. Juliet Hicks, Aug. 2, 1819; she 
was b. April 2, 1S04; d. Jan. 12, 1894, at it, Monroe Place, 
Brooklyn, daughter of John and Martha (Middagh) Hicks. 
(See Hicks Lineage, Appendix). Children: 

2449 John, b. July 29, 1821; d. April 11, 1825. 

2450 Eliza Ricks, b. Oct. 14, 1825; d. April 21, 1881; m. 

Richard Bancker Duyckinck, Dec. 28, 1841. 

2451 Juliet Ann, b. Dec. 2, 1827; d. July 24, 1880; m. 

(i) Moses W. Scott, Nov. 15, 1849; m. (2) Florenz 
Schetter, March 18, 1861, 

2452 John Hicks, b. Oct. 21, 1829; d. Feb. 27, 1886; m. 

Sarah Lefferts, Feb. 24, 1851. 

2453 Ann H., b. Sept. 26, 1823; d. Oct. 15, 1827. 

He added " J " to his name to distinguish himself from 
other Whiteheads of whom eight including two cousins were 
living at the same time. 18 10, takes under grandfather's will, 
silver tankard, bowl and punch strainer, also 1829, on death of 
step-mother, $198.20. 1814, was a member of 2nd Regi- 
ment of Artillery of New York City, of which J. V. B. Yarick 
was captain. His certificate of membership is dated May i. 
He began his business life as a clerk in New York City, 
he and his brother Peter C. Cornell going daily from Red 
Hook to the city in a row-boat. In 18 18, he was a dealer 
in paints and white lead, successively at 20 Fulton Street, 
New York, 61 Fulton Street, 149 Maiden Lane, 130 Front 
Street, 196 Front Street, and 175 Front Street. He formed 
the Union White Lead Co., in which he and his brothers Peter 
and Isaac were large owners. His residence was 87 Willow 
Street, Brooklyn, and about 1840, he built the third house in 
Monroe Place where he made his home and where his widow 
lived till her death in 1894. He was vestryman of St. Ann's 
Church (of which his father was a trustee and incorporator in 
1787, and for many years a vestryman), from 1834 until his 
death. He was President of the Brooklyn Bank, Corporator 
and Trustee of the Brooklyn Library, one of the purchasers of 
the Brooklvn Ferrv. one of the original subscribers to the 

232 Genra/o^y of t/ic Cornell I'amily. 

Brooklyn Hospital, the Atlantic, Brooklyn and Long Island 
Banks, the Brooklyn and Long Island Fire Insurance Com- 
panies. He also began early to invest in Brooklyn real estate 
and toward the end of his life had become a very large prop- 
erty holder. In the spring of 1846, his health was impaired 
from overwork and gi-eat business cares. He and his brother 
Peter C. Cornell with their families went on a sailing vessel to 
England, through which they travelled to Scotland. At Perth 
he became ver)^ ill of Bright's disease and died after a few days 
illness, aged 50 years. His body was brought home and is 
buried in the family plot at Greenwood Cemetery. 1846, will 
dated and proved. To his nephews George Frederick $1,000, 
S. Douglas $500, John $500; niece Ellen Hirst Cornell $500; 
nephews James F. Clark $500, John M. Hicks $500, Henry M. 
Mali S500; to John M. Hinton $300; to Brooklyn Orphan 
Asylum $1,000; Brooklyn Institute $1,000; St. Mary's Episcopal 
Church $300; Temperance Society of Brooklyn $200; Domestic 
Missionary Society of the Protestant Episcopal Church $300 a 
vear for ten years; to wife, house and furniture in Monroe 
Place and $3,000 per annum; to son John $10,000; son-in-law 
Richard B. Duyckinck $5,000; daughter Ann $5,000. His name 
appears on the list of the " wealthy citizens " of New York City, 
published by the New York Sun 1846, at $200,000. The times 
have changed since then, but in those days that was thought a 
large fortune. 


George Lecky,' of John" (2140), Whitehead," John,^ William,' 
Richard," Thomas,' 
b. Aug. 21, 1799; d. Aug. 22, 1874; m. Isabella Sheldon, Nov. 
18, 1823, daughter of Charles and Elizabeth (Parsons) Shel- 
don of Hartford, Conn.; she was b. June 12, 1800; d. Nov. 29 
(Thanksgiving Day), 1877, suddenly at No. 9 East 54th St., 
New York. Children: 

2454 Sarah Cortelyou, b. Aug. 27, 1824; m. Andrew E. 

Douglass, May 13, 1847. 

2455 Cxeorge Frederick, b. Nov. 20, 1832; d. Dec. i, 1898; 

m. Agnes Jackson, Nov. 5, 1857. 

2456 Henry S., d. young. 

2457 Elizabeth, d. young. 

1824, Isabella his wife, was a communicant of St. Ann's 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 233 

Church, Brooklyn, and later he became a communicant of Christ 
Church, Rye, N. Y. 1827, buys land from Simon Cornell, which 
in 1830, he sold to Whitehead J. Cornell his brother. Was 
named executor of Simon his brother, but did not qualify. 
1837, was a Corporator of the Brooklyn Library with Whitehead 
J. (2276), Peter C, David B. Douglass and others. 1852, ad- 
ministrator of Agnes (2279). 1857, Feb. 26, purchased land 
from O. D. Munn about 20 acres at Rye on Long Island Sound 
where he built a large house in which his later days were 
passed and which is still in possession of his family. He was 
long a vestryman of Christ Church, Rye, and a large stock- 
holder in the Hazard Powder Co. He was killed by a fall from 
a ladder on which he stood trimming an elm tree on the lane 
west of the entrance to his grounds at Rye, X. Y. 


John Sebring, M. D.,' of John' (2140), Whitehead,' John," 
William,' Richard,' Thomas,' 
b. May 22, 1802; d. Oct. 22, 1825, at Natchez, Miss.; m. about 
July I, 1825, by. Rev. Mr. Potts of Natchez,* Mary Fitz Ran- 
dolph Lewis, daughter of Dr. Jacob Lewis and Deborah 
Randolph; she was b. 1798; d. Feb. 17, 1853. Child: 

2458 Ellen Hirst, b. March 17, 1826; d. Nov. 13, 1883; 
m. General Daniel D. Tompkins, June 19, 1849. 

He was the youngest student Dr. Mott, of New York, ever 
allowed to graduate from college. At the time of his marriage, 
when only 23, he was a physician and surgeon in the city of 
Natchez with a practice amounting to $2,000 per annum. This 
he hoped would be greatly increased by his marriage, but un- 
fortunately, he lived but a few months longer, having been 
seized with yellow fever three months before his only child 
Ellen Hirst was born. In a letter to his sister Catherine under 
date of June 15, 1825, announcing his intended marriage, he 
asked her what she thought of his getting married, and stated 
that the lady Miss Mary Lewis was one he knew would much 
please her, as her disposition was very like her own. While in 

* In a letter to his mother, July 8, 1825, he refers to his marriage which 
took place a few days previous, but does not give date. 

234 (^rneaiogy of tf/f Cor tie'// /•aiiiily. 

the wilds of the West, he was called upon to perform the awk- 
ward operation of extracting a tumor from the throat of an 
Indian chief wliich was strangling- him. The danger lay in its 
not being successful, in which case the Doctor would probably 
have been killed. Undaunted however, he set to work with 
his knife, and when after a successful operation, the chief 
rose to his feet and breathed freely. The Indians were so 
pleased they made him a chief and the family of the Doctor 
have still the insignia of his rank. 


Pkfer Cortelyou,' of John* (2140), Whitehead, \Iohn,* William,* 
Richard,'' Thomas,' 
b. Xov. 5, 1S03; d. May 5, 1885, at No. 222 Columbia Heights, 
Brooklyn; m. Elizabeth Bunce, Sept., 1834; she was b. 
July II, 1810; d. June 4, 1888, daughter of Joel and Jane 
(Hicks) Bunce. No children. 

1827, was engaged in the manufacture of turpentine at Wil- 
liamsburg where he resided until 1833. At the first village 
election of Williamsburg, Nov. 5, 1827, he was chosen one of the 
trustees. This was the only public office he ever held. He had 
a turpentine store at 141 and 158 Front Street, New York until 
1834, when he engaged in the white lead business. He and his 
brothers Peter, Isaac and vSamuel formed the Union White Lead 
Co., having a store at 175 Front Street, their factory being in 
Brooklvn. He subsequently, with Col. A. G. Hazard, George L. 
Cornell and Samuel G. Cornell, established the Hazard Powder 
Co., New York, their office being for a long time 89 Wall Street. 
After the death of Col. Hazard he became the President and held 
the position till his death. He resided in Brooklyn, his house 
being in Pierrepont Street, facing Monroe Place. This he sub- 
sequently sold, and built an elegant and spacious mansion, No. 
222 Columbia Heights, overlooking New York City and harbor 
and standing directly opposite the head of Pierrepont Street. 
There he passed the rest of his days and there he died. He 
also had a country place at Rye, N. Y., on Kirby Avenue. He 
was a director in the Home Life Insurance Co., Brooklyn Gas 
Co., Union Ferry Co., Atlantic Bank, Packer Collegiate Insti- 
tute, Brooklyn City Hospital; a corporator, 1839, of the Brook- 


Genealogy of tJie Cornell raviily. 235 

lyn City Library; a patron of the Long Island Historical Society, 
vestryman of St. Ann's Church and later of Grace Church, be- 
sides holding many other positions of trust. Feb. 15, 1842. he 
foreclosed at a sale by Master-in-Chancery, the store 116 (then 
No. 98) Wall Street, New York, for 813,000; two days later he 
leased the premises to Aaron Kemp at $1,200 per annum. This 
he left by will to his grandnephe w who was named after him, and 
this was sold by his grandnephew for $45,000. He was very 
methodical and old-fashioned in his business, and annually made 
an inventory of his estate and account of his expenditures. 
His income was assessed for taxation in 1867 at $37,000, in 
1868 at $39,000, and in 1869 at $51,000. He appears in the New 
York S7i7i's\\s>\. of wealthy New Yorkers, 1865, as worth$ioo,ooo. 
His will dated Jan. 16, 1883, gave to Grace Church, $5,000, 
Brooklyn Hospital $5,000, Church Charity Foundation $5,000, 
Missionary Society (Board of Missions) Protestant Episcopal 
Church $5,000, Miss Amy Blatchford (grandniece of his wife) 
$2,000; to the children of Benjamin K. True, $2000 each; to his 
wife $6,000 per annum, with use of house, horses, furniture, 
etc., free of taxes, repairs, etc.; to Peter C. Cornell, grandson of 
Samuel G. Cornell, the store 116 Wall Street; to Isaac R., Juliet, 
widow of Whitehead J., Catherine, Samuel G. and Ellen H. 
Tompkins (the last three died before him), $1,000 per annum 
each; the residue to the descendants of his five brothers, ''per 
stirpes." Executors: Charles B. Curtis, George F. Cornell and 
Theodore T. Moran. His estate amounted, as per inventory, 
to $2,201,389.13. The income of this was distributed quar- 
terly to the heirs, and the principal divided at the death of his 


IsA.AC Russell,' of John" (2140), Whitehead," John,* William,' 
Richard," Thomas,' 
b. Sept. 17, 1805; d. Jan. 19, 1896, at 4 West 53d Street, New 
York; in. by Bishop Croes in New Brunswick, N. J., Elizabeth 
Mary Duyckinck, March 15, 1 831, daughter of Richard Bancker 
and Elizabeth Mary (Donnan) Duyckinck; she wasb. Feb, 15, 
18 14; d. May 3, 1899, 121 Madison Avenue, New York (see 
Duyckinck Lineage, Appendix). Children: 

2459 Sarah Duyckinck, b. Aug. 6, 1836. in New York; 

236 (it'fiealogy of the Cornell Family. 

d. March 26, 1889; m. Theodore Thomas Moran, 

Sept. 17, 1857. 
2460 John, b. Jime 11, 1839, in New York; m. Margaret 

Katerina Osterberg-, widow of James Parkinson 

Robinson, July 31, 1S78. 
He left home at an early age to seek his fortune. Was 
clerk with Hinton and Moore, dealers in paints and oils, New 
York. "Went to New Brunswick, N. J., 1822, when the cholera 
was rag-ing in New York, entered as clerk in wholesale drug 
store of Jonathan Ackerman, New Brunswick, N. J., became 
partner in firm of Ackerman & Cornell. It was in New Bruns- 
wick that he found his wife. From here, about 1832, he went 
to New York, residing in Vesey Street, then in 24 Varick, cor. 
of Beach (St. John's Square). He was in the drug business, 
141 Maiden Lane, and was in the firm of Rol^inson & Cornell, 
wholesale druggists. He afterwards joined his brothers White- 
head, Peter and Samuel in the Union White Lead Company of 
Brooklyn, their olSce being 175 Front Street, New York. He 
retired from business, and in 1843, bought of William L. Rogers 
and others a farm at Weston, N. J. (Somerset Co.) near Somer- 
ville. This he aimed to make a model farm. It was beauti- 
fully situated on the Millstone River. He built a grist mill 
and saw mill here, also a wheelwright shop and blacksmith 
shop. These he rented and established quite a settlement 
about his place, in the adornment of which he spent consider- 
able money. He kept open house and was given to hospitality. 
Some of the pleasantest days of the writer's life were spent in 
this place. Isaac R. Cornell after residing at Weston for over 
20 years, sold it by deed, dated May 31, 1864, to Rockhill 
Robeson for $50,000, and moved with his wife to New York. 
His daughter and son-in-law also resided with them most of 
the time, and after several different residences, finally in com- 
pany with his son-in-law, Theodore T. Moran, he built a house. 
No. 4 West 53d Street, New York, and here he lived and ended 
his days peacefully and quietly, aged 90 years. He was a vestry- 
man of Christ Church, New York, for some time, also of other 
Episcopal Churches. 

Samuel Garretson,' of John° (2140), Whitehead," John,* 
William,^ Richard,^ Thomas,' 
b. July 28, 1808; d. at Buffalo, N. Y., Feb. 5, 1883; buried in 

Genealogy of the Cornell l-'aviily. 237 


the family vault, Greenwood; m. Sarah Douglass (sister of 
A. E. Douglas (2454), Sept. 12, 1838; she was b. Aug. 11, 181 7; 
d. July 26, 1877. Children: 

2461 Samuel Douglass, b. Dec. 2, 1839; m. Lydia Had- 

field, Jan. 29, 1862. 
2662 Edward, b. Oct. 5, 1841; d. Aug. 28, 1842. 
2463 Richard Rapelyea, b. Feb. 16, 1848; d. Feb. 5, 1885; 

m. Mary Brooks Scovel, Oct. 14, 1873. 

1834, he was engaged in the manufactory of lead pipe, etc., 
at Glenville, Conn., on the Byram River, two miles from Port- 
chester, N. Y. He purchased the property from his brother 
George L. and added greatly to it, building houses, dams, 
roads and other costly improvements. Among other buildings 
on the place was a chapel, a young clergyman being employed 
as tutor in his family who held Episcopal service Sunday 
afternoons in the chapel. This involved him in a controversy 
with the rector of the parish in whose limits the chapel was 
located. The writer well remembers visiting the place when 
a boy and being impressed with the elegance of his uncle's res- 
idence and the beauty of the surroundings. He had also a store 
and office part of the time in Xew York, the concern being 
Cornell & Tucker, at No. 158 Front Street, also No. 196. He 
was for a time associated with his brothers Peter, Whithead and 
Isaac in the Union "White Lead Co. In 1852, he removed to Buf- 
falo, N. Y., where he established the Cornell Lead Co., of which 
he was president. Was also trustee of Hobart College, Geneva, 
N. Y., trustee of De Vaux College, warden of St. Paul's Church, 
Bulfalo, N. Y., etc. His portrait on steel is in the Ellicott 
(lenealogy and a sketch of his life, also in the Douglass Geneal- 
ogy. 1883, will proved. Executor: Charles B. Curtis. 


Nicholas,' of William' (2 141), Whitehead,' John," AVilliam,' 
Richard,'' Thomas,' 
d. before i860; m. Ann Cowenhoven, Sept. 17, 18 18. Children: 

2464 Nicholas.* 

2465 William R. 

* Query: Did he marry Gertrude Stryker Van Uuyn, Dec. 24, 1867? 
( See Doty Genealogy). 

238 lirnra/oi^-y of tJtc Cornell Faiiiily. 

_'40() Eliza H., m. Charles D. Holt. 

183O, tieed. to Pealxe land bequeathed by N. R. Cowenhcn'en 
to his sister Cornelia, mother of Nicholas. $6,000. 1841, living- 
at Fulton Avenue and Red Hook Lane, i860, Rem. C. Cornell 
administrator of his estate. Catherine Russ distributed 
$3,641.5;: to children of Nicholas deceased, brother of Rem, viz: 
William R., Nicholas and Eliza H. Holt and children of Matilda 


Matii.d.\; of William' (2141), Whitehead,' John,' William,' 
Richard.' Thomas,' 
d. 1S55-6; m. Joseph Jewett, Jan. 10, 1821; he d. Nov. 17, 1824, 
aged about 40 years, son of Deacon James Jewett of Portland, 
Maine (one of whose sons Jedediah Jewett was mayor of 
that city). Children {Jewett): 

James Joseph, b. Sept. 22, 182 1; bap. by Rev. Mr. 

Onderdonk, rector St. Ann's Church, Brooklyn; 

d. Nov. 17, 1864; m. Mary Van Rensselaer Jones, 

daughter of Rev. Nicholas Jones, an Episcopal 

Minister; she d. April 11, 1881; children, Agnes 

d. Jan. II, 1881, Matilda V. R., d. 1880. 

William Cornell, b. Feb. 19, 1823; bap. by the Rev. 

Mr. Feltus, N. Y., Feb. 28, 1824; d. Oct. 27, 1893, 

in Geneva, Switzerland; m. (i) Alvira Guion of 

St. Louis, Mo., Jan. 20, 1848; (2) Esther Garrison, 

1859; (3) Charlotte Berna, 1867. Children by 

first wife: William Cornell, b. May 25, 1849; d. 

May 31, 184-, William Cornell, b. Dec. 16, 1853, 

Stanley, b. May 15, 1855; by third wife: Lotta 

and May. 

She died and was buried at sea, off the coast of Cape St. 

Lucas, in the winter of 1855-6, while on the way to visit her 

son, William Cornell and his wife, in San Francisco, Cal., the 

letter that she wrote just before her death and found in her 

trunk was dated Manzanilla. Mexico, Dec. 27, 1855. 


Simon,' of Isaac" (2142), Whitehead," John," William,' Richard,* 
d. 1829; m. Maria Cortelyou, May 30, 1815. Children: 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 239 

2467 Phebe Maria, d. Oct. 25, 1898; m. Henry Synson 

Clarke; residence. 6 East 29th Street, New York; 
he d. 1889. 

2468 Hannah, d. 1843, unmarried. 

1824, he and Daniel take under father's will, distillery and 
farm. This was in South Brooklyn, near Court and De Graw 
Streets. 1827, conveys to George L. Cornell a lot which George 
L. in 1S33, sells to De Graw. 1S28, sells to Arthur Hirst (2275), 
8,900 square feet south side of Cornell's Lane for S640. 1829, 
will, wife Maria; each child (not named) to have $1,000. Ex- 
ecutors: Brother-in-law Adrian, Jacob Cortelvou and George 
L. Cornell. 


John Wesley,' of William" (2158), Timothy,' William," William,' 
Richard,^ Thomas,' 
b. Oct. 6, 1819; d. Sept. 24, 1886; m. Matilda Coles Bedell, 
Jan. 30, 1839, at Hempstead, L. I.; she was b. April 29, 1819. 

2469 John Wesley, Jr., b. Aug. 20, 1843; m. Xellie Beers. 

2470 Adelaide Lausada, b. April 2, 1840. 

2471 Frances Adelaide, b. Oct. 3, 1841. 

2472 Alice Matilda, b. March 26, 1852. 

2473 Caroline Amanda, b. April 26,-1852; d. Aug. 3, 1852. 

He was in the hotel business, most of his lifetime, in New 
York City; the family are Methodists. 


Henry,' of William' (2158), Timothy,' William," William.' 
Richard,^ Thomas,' 
b. April 20, 1 8 15: m. Adelia Lausada, April 6, 1S36. Children: 

2474 Kate, b. Feb. 26, 1837. 

2475 John Wesley, b. June 26, 1838. 

2476 Col. William Henry, b. May 30, 1842; m. Blanche 

McFarlain, Oct. 30, 1870. 

2477 Isaac Henry, b. June 21, 1846. 

2478 Mary E. b. Nov. 23, 1848. 

2479 Bell D., b. Oct. 3, 1851. 

.'40 Cy'e'ue-a/ogy of the Cornell Faniily. 

He emigrated to the Sandwich Islands where he was a 
sng-ar planter. 


Timothy/ of John Timothy' (^159), Timothy/ William,* 
William,' Richard,' Thomas,' 
b. Nov. 17, 1800; d. Feb. 29, i860; m. (i) Mary vSharp; (2) 
Mary Brower. Child: 

2450 Timothy and five children who died in infancy. 


Jeremiah," of John Timothy" (2159), Timothy,' William,* 
William,' Richard,' Thomas," 
b. Sept. 10, 1804; d. Jul)' 14, 1868; m. (i) Abbe Brower; m. (2) 
Catherine Dickenson. Children: 

By first wife: 

2451 Arethusa, d. in infancy. 

2482 Ann Eliza, d. aged about 10 years. 

2483 Valentine. 

By second wife: 

2484 Catherine, d. aged about 9 years. 


Richard,' of John Timothy' (2159), Timothy," William,* 
William,' Richard,' Thomas,' 
b. Dec. 28, 1811; d. April 26, 1886; m. Mary Ann Boerum. 

2485 Elizabeth. 

2486 Abbe. 

2487 Mary Louise. 

2488 Martha. 

2489 Josephine. 

2490 Jane. 


Gilbert Fowler,' of John Timothy' (2159), Timothy,' William,* 
William,' Richard,' Thomas,' 
b. April 4, 1814; d. Jan. 5, 1870; m. Mary Ann Dupey of 

Genealogy of the Corytell Family. 241 

Staten Island, N. Y., Aug-, 16, 1838; she was b. Aug. 16, 181 7; 
d. Jan. 29, 1895. Children: 

2491 Abraham Dupey, of the Methodist Book Concern, 

New York. 

2492 Alice Emily, b. Nov. 14, 1847; d. Dec. 3, 1856. 


J.ACOB Weeks,' of John Timothy ° (2159), Timothy,' William," 
William,' Richard," Thomas,' 
b. Jan. 5, 1S50; d. Nov. 6. 1898; m. Virginia Powell. Child: 

2493 Millard Fillmore, m. (i) Julia Steward of New 

York; m. (2) Mary E. Allan of Red Bank, N. J. 

He lived No. 28 West 94th Street, New York, and was 
buried in Woodlawn Cemetery. 


Egbert,' of George* (2 171), Richardus,' Richard,* Jacob,' 
Richard,^ Thomas,' 
b. Aug. 10, 1810; d. March 11, 1893; m. (i) Maria Haviland, 
Jan. 9, 1833; m. (2) Haight. Children: 

By first wife: 

2494 Frederick. 

2495 Libbie, Auburn, N. Y. 

By second wife: 

2496 Frankie, m. Charles Russell, Newburgh, N. Y. 


Albert,' of George' (2 171), Richardus,' Richard,* Jacob.' 
Richard,^ Thomas,' 
b. Aug. 30, 1816, in Dutchess Co.; d. Jan. 4, 1888; m. Sarah 
Rebecca Vandeveer of New Jersey, Oct. 17, 1853. Children: 

2497 George, d. young. 

2498 Thomas W., b. Sept. 30, 185-; d. unmarried. 

2499 Frank Albert, b. June 1864; m. Emma Beatrice 

Van Duzen. Children: Beatrice and Vq(ra. 

He came from Dutchess Co. to New York City in early life 
and engaged in the dry goods business, and in 1849, was estab- 


242 Geucalog'y of tJie Cornell Family. 

lished in Greenwich, also in Park Place, Read Street and 
Leonard Street, aiul at 349 Broadway, the firm of Cornell & 
Amerman conducted a large wholesale business. He died in 
New York of apoplexy, having- retired from business some time 
previous (1SS3). 


Thomas,^ of Whitehead" (21S0), Thomas,' Thomas,' Thomas,' 
Richard,' Thomas,' 
b. Jan 20, 17S3; d. 1838; m. Hannah Hewlett of Long Island, 
Feb. 16, 1S05, daughter of William and Elizabeth. Children: 

2500 George, b. Jan. 10, 1807; d. Oct. 10, 1847; m. Har- 

riet Leslie, May 11, 1828. 

2501 Elizabeth, b. Nov. 16, 1809; m. Sammons Mott, 

Sept. 22, 1832, son of Daniel of Rockaway. Dev- 
isee of J. B. and W. W. Cornell. 

2502 Julia Rebecca, b. Jan. 23, 1815; m. (i) William 

Minor, New York; m. (2) Louis F. Wiggins, 
New York. 

2503 Henry, b. Nov. 17, 181 1; d. July 23, 1878; m. Re- 

becca A. Rawlings, Nov. 15, 1832. 

2504 Whitehead, b. Nov. 20, 1818; m. Charity Miller of 

New York. Devisee of J. B. Cornell. 

2505 John Black, b. Feb. 7, 182 1; d. Oct. 26, 1887; m. (i) 

Elizabeth Smith, Sept. 28, 1840; m. (2) Cather- 
ine Debevoise, Nov. 27, 1843; m. (3) Minnie R. 
Sherman, Nov. 12, 1856. 

2506 William W., b. Jan. i, 1823; d. March 17, 1870; m. 

Sarah Hendrix Lyon, April 17, 1843. 

2507 Daniel Henry, b. 1826; d. 1841, unmarried. 


William,' of Whitehead' [Cornwell] (2180), Thomas,' Thomas," 
Thomas,' Richard,' Thomas,' 
b. 1793; d. April 25, 1864; m. (i) Eliza Antoinette Morey, 
May, 1 81 9, daughter of William and Sarah Morey; she d. 
April 3, 1831; m. (2) Jane E. Wilson, 1839, daughter of Peter 
Wilson of New York. Children: 
By first wife: 

2508 William Kirby, b. Oct. 14, 182 1; d. Aug. 12, 1864; 

m. Harriet Bloomfield. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 243 

2509 Charles Whitehead, b. May 25, 1S25; d. April 26, 


2510 Helen Antoinette, b. March 27, 182S; m. Robert 

F. Silliman of Troy, N. Y. Children: Helen 
Augusta, Robert Davis. 

25 1 1 Henry Piatt, b. May 29, 1829; d. before 1S86. 

2512 George W., b. March 20, 1831; m. Irene Van Kuck. 

By second wife: 

2513 James Edward. 

2514 Frank Wilson. Living 1886. 

2515 ]\Iary Kate. 

2516 Isabella Forsyth; d. Aug. 14, 1890; m. John Reid 

Van Vliet, Oct. 19, 1870, fifth son of Benjamin 
C. and Persis (Beldug) Van Vliet of Pough- 
keepsie. Had one child: Virginia, b. April 7, 
187 1 ; m. Martin John Insill. 

2517 Frederick. 

2518 Charles Whitehead. 

2519 Robert ]Mel vain, m. Bonell. Child: Robert 


In religion, the family are mixed Methodist, Presbyterian 
and Episcopal. 


William A,' of Archibald" (218S), Charles,' Samuel,^ Thomas,' 
Thomas,' Richard,' 
d. about May, 1888; m. Jemima Elizabeth Bennett, sister of 
Emily. Children: 

2520 Francis William. 

2521 Edwin Bennett. 


Lawrence,^ of John' (2196), Thomas,' John, ^ Thomas,' Sichard,' 
b. Aug. II. 1802; m. Betsey Field. Children: 

2522 William, d. young. 

2523 Benjamin, m. . 

244 Genealogy of tlic Cornell Family. 


William Talman,' (5f John' (2196), Thomas,' of John," Thomas," 
Richard,' Thomas,' 
b. Oct. II, 1S04; m. Caroline Bowers. Children: 

2524 Anne E. 

2525 Charles Bowers, m. . Children: Fred'k, 

]\Iary, Caroline, Grace. 

2526 Daniel Lawrence. 

2527 Caroline. 
25 28 Margaret. 


Oliver,' of John" (2196), Thomas,'^ John,'' Thomas,^ Richard,'^ 
b. Aug. 29, 1808; m. Jane Cheeseman of Long Island. Chil- 

2529 Oliver Talman, b. 1838, New York; m. Alice L. 


2530 Letty. 

2531 Anne. 

2532 Phebe. 


ViNER Leacraft,' of John " (2196), Thomas,'^ John,^ Thomas,' 
Richard,^ Thomas,' 
b. Dec. 17, 1815; m. Frances Harriet Lane. Children: 

2533 Frances Harriet, m. Edwin Alford. 

2534 Ida, m. Samuel Howard of Brooklyn. Builder. 

2535 John Fletcher, m. Adelaide Fitch. 

2536 Charles Bowers, m. Marion Keller. 

He is a trunk manufacturer, No. 225 Fulton Street, New 


Alexander,' of Charles" (2210), Charles,' Richard,^ Thomas,' 
Richard,''' Thomas,' 
b. 1800; d. before 1845; m. Catherine Magnus. Children: 

2537 Charles M., b. 1827, d. i87o(?); administrator to 

Eliza J., (widow). 

Genealogy of the Cor7iell Family. 245 

2538 Rev. John Ferris Delaplane, b. 1829; d. Sept. 15, 

1894, class of '53, General Theological Seminary, 
New York; assistant minister St. Ann's Church, 
Brooklyn; became insane; was at Flatbush In- 
sane Asylum, 1861. Transferred to the Kings 
Park Asylum, May 18, 1889, where he died. 
Poet and author. 

2539 Alexander, b. 1836. 

2540 Charlotte L., b. 183 1; m. James Charters. 

2541 Catherine, b. 1S34. 

He and his children named in will of his mother. 


Thomas Frederick/ of Charles^ (2210), Charles,^ Richard,* 
Thomas,^ Richard,^ Thomas,' 
b. May 21; 1804; d. April 23, 1866: m. Sarah Treadwell Munn, 
1829; she was b. Jan. 6, 1809; d. March 29, 1853. Children: 

2542 Rev. Thomas Frederick, Jr., M.D., D.D., b. Sept. 
23, 1830; d. July 31, 1885; m. (i) Elizabeth Water- 
man Ransom, July 20, 1854; m. (2) Mary Sam- 
mis, April 23, 1868. 

2543 Charles Rodman, b. March i, 1832; d. May 21, 1868; 

unmarried. Administrator to brother Stephen 
B. M. 1849, assigned a lease. 

2544 William Treadwell, b. Aug. 26, 1833; d. July 29, 

1852; unmarried. 

2545 Stephen Ball Munn, b. Jan. 16, 1836. Administra- 

tion granted 1887 to Annie L., his widow; she 
m. (2) Elliman. 

He is named in his mother's will. 1S45, Thomas F., mer- 
chant in New York, and wife Sarah T., deed reciting death of 
Alexander Cornell leaving widow. 1866, administration 
granted to his son Stephen B. M. 


William,' of Charles" (2214), William,^ Charles,* Thomas,* 
Richard,^ Thomas,' 
m. Keturah Brower. Children: 

246 Genealogy of tin- Cornell Family. 

2546 George. 

2547 Charles. 

25 48 Marv Ann, m. David Pangborn of New Market^ 


2549 Elizabeth, m. Elias Pangborn of New Market, 


2550 Jane R., m. Samuel Terry. 

2551 Hannah, m. John Styles of Ottaway, 111. 


Austin," of Charles" (2214), William,' Charles," Thomas,' 
Richard,^ Thomas,' 
d. about 1S36; m. Jemima Lewis. Children: 

2552 Ann Elizabeth, m. Luke C. Ryder. 

2553 Matilda, m. Daniel Salt, Brooklyn. 

2554 Lewis. 

2555 Marietta. 

1825, Austin and wife Jemima, deed lot in Cranberry Street, 
Brooklyn. 1834-36, will wife Jemima, children Elizabeth, wife 
of Luke C. Ryder, Matilda, Marietta, Lewis. Last three, 



Isaac,' of Charles' (2214), William,' Charles,* Thomas,' 
Richard,^ Thomas,' 
m. Sarah Gildersleeve.* Child: 

2556 Jacob. 


Laurence,' of Charles' (2214), William,' Charles," Thomas,* 
Richard,^ Thomas,' 
m. . Children: 

2557 Laurence of Hempstead. 

2558 Charles Laine of Hempstead. 

2559 Caroline, m. Rhodes of Hempstead. 

2560 Treadwell of Manhasset. 

2561 Mary, m. McCready of Manhasset. 

* Ann Ryder (spinster), married Isaac Cornell, 1775. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 247 

2562 Elizabeth, m. McCormick, Kings Ferry, 

Cayuga Co., M. Y. 


DeMott or MoTT,' of Charles' (2214), William,' Charles,* 
Thomas,' Richard,' Thomas," 
m. Ann Carman (?); she was b. April 30, iSii. Children: 

2563 "William H., New York. 

2564 Nelson, Xew York. 


Samuel Willis,' of Stephen Hallett' (2220), Hallett,' James,' 
Richard,^ Richard,^ Richard,' Thomas,' 
b. Dec. 16, 1837; m. Margaret Theresa Wallace, May 17, 1871. 

2565 Frank Eugene, b. Feb. 18, 1872. 

2566 Henry Albert, b. Aug. 5, 1873; ™- Anne Frances 

Higgins, Nov. 16, 1898. Child: James Harper, b. 
Dec. 21, 1899, 

2567 Florence Maria, b. Feb. 15, 1875; m. (i) William 

Thomas Draper; d. June 8, 1898; m. (2) Chas. John 
Witzel, April 24, 1901. 

2568 Stephen Hallett, b. May 19, 1876. 

2569 Vincent Wallace, b. Aug. 11, 1880. 

He and his children are all now living in Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Family generally Methodists. 


James Elwood,® of James Gilbert' (2223), Hallett,',* 
Richard," Richard/ Richard,' Thomas,' 
b. Aug. 7, 1829; d. July, 1886; m. Anna Priscilla Suydam, 
Oct. 22, 1850, in Brooklyn; she was daughter of Minne and 

Elizabeth W. (Smith) Suydam, and b. Jan. 27, 1S32, in Brook- 
lyn. Children: 

2570 Ella Maria, b. July 11, 1851. 

2571 Minne Suydam, b. April 6, 1854; m. Maggie J. 

McCormack, June 2, 1875. 
2572 Anna Elizabeth, b. Dec. 22, 1856. 

248 iTCfifalps^-y of the Cornell Family. 

J573 Carrie Louisa, b. Jan. 13, 1859. 

J574 Mattie Louisa, b. April 22, 186S. 

::5 75 James Gilbert, b. Oct. i, 1872. 

2570 Nellie Wood, b. Jtily 13, 1875. 

He was real estate agent, No. 44 Court Street, Brooklyn, 
much interested in Cornell Genealogy, and had collected many 
old wills and deeds, several of them from his grandfather 
Hallett and now in the possession of his son Minne S. Cornell. 
1S54, he was devisee of Charles E. Cornell. 


Clarence Eugene,' of James Gilbert' (2223), Hallett, ° James,' 
Richard,' Richard,' Richard,' Thomas,' 
b. Dec. 5, 1S50, in Mineola, L. L (one mile north of Hemp- 
stead); ni. Alice Weeks, daughter of Thomas C. Weeks of 
Hempstead, 1872. Children: . . 

2577 Lulu N. 

2578 Frederick C. 

He was a Republican in politics, Methodist, collector 189 1-4, 
and undertaker. 


Richard Mortimer,' of Col. John Henry' (2228), Charles,' 
James,' Richard,'* Richard,' Richard," Thomas,' 
b. Jan. I, 1834; m. Margaret Butler McLoughlin, step- 
daughter of the late Judge William M. Patterson, July 20, 
1864. Children: 

2579 Margaret Butler, b. April 20, 1865; m. Robert 

Barnwell Rhett, M.D., of Charleston, S. C. 

2580 Salvadore Meade. 

2581 Amelia Hamilton, m. Gaston Hardie of New 

York, July 7, 1897. 
25S2 John Henry, is in the employ of the Knickerbocker 

Trust Co.. served in the Porto Rico Campaign 

under General Miles, as member of City Troop 

of Philadelphia. 
2583 William Patterson, M.D., Physician, City Hospital, 

Blackv/ell's Island, went as surgeon to the 

Spanish-American War, was in the City Troop 

of Philadelphia. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 249 

He is a broker, No. 3 Broad Street, New York, and resides 
at Cornell Hill, Perth Amboy, New Jersey. 


Amelia Louisa,' of Col. John Henry' (2228), Charles,' James,' 
Richard,^ Richard,^ Richard,^ Thomas,' 
b. July 29, 1S36; m. Albert Gallatin Stevens, Dec. 23 or 25, 
1857. Children (Stevens): 

John Cornell. 
Francis Gallatin. 
Louisa Newbold. 
Byam Kirby. 
Albert Gallatin. 


Cornelia Ogden,* of Col. John Henry' (2228), Charles,' James,' 
Richard,* Richard' Richard,' Thomas,' 
b. Aug. 29, 1842; m. (i) George Sheppard of Perth Ambo)', 
N. J., Aug. 29, 1867; m. (2) Rev. F. Marion McAllister, Rec- 
tor St. John's Church, Kingston, N. Y., and brother of Ward 
McAllister. Children [SJieppard Qxvdi McAllister): 

By first husband: 

Gertrude Parker, b. in New Jersey, June, 1869; 
m. Christopher Robert Carter, son of Cyrus 
Carter and Josephine Robert, ]\Iay 23, 1900. 

By second husband: 

Amelia Hamilton, b. 1877. 
Harriet Cutler, b. 1879. 
Esther Marion, 1884. 
This branch of the family is Episcopal. 


John Hegeman,* of Richard ' (2238), Lewis,' Obadiah," Richard,* 
Richard,' Richard,^ Thomas,' 
b. Nov. 9, 1805; d. Aug. 24, 1857; m. Elizabeth Duryea, Jan. 5, 
1832. Children: 

2584 George Duryea.m. ; divorced and remarried. 

730 Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 

2585 Capt. William Duryea, b. about 1840; m. Anne 

Amelia Van de Water. 
25 So John Calvin, m. ; divorced and remarried. 


Richard." of John Henry' (2240), Lotiis," Obadiah/ Richard/ 
Richard' Richard," Thomas,' 
b. 1S45; m. Joanna E. Saxton or Ellen Van Nostrand. 



Richard S., b. about 1876 


Harold, b. about 1878. 


Robert, b. 1879. 


Majore, b. 18S7. 

Lived in Kenton, Del. 


William Lewis,* of William Halletf (2241), Lewis,' Obadiah,'* 
Richard,'' Richard,^ Richard," Thomas,' 
b. July 24, 1841; m. Emily A. Bennett, of Bayside, April 27, 
1870, daughter of William J. Bennett; she was b. June 19, 1840. 

2591 Lewis H., b. July 19, 1874; stenographer to re- 

ceiver of Union Pacific Railroad, 1895. 

He was born where he now lives on the East Alley Road, 
Flushing, and the place has been in possession of some mem- 
ber of the family for 250 years. He enlisted in Company I., 
22d N. Y. Regiment. Is secretary of the Board of Highway 


Thomas Jefferson,' of Jane ' (2245), Lewis," Obadiah,^ Richard," 
Richard,^ Richard," Thomas," 
m. Ann Van Nostrand, Dec. 13, 1837, daughter of Adrian 
Van Nostrand; she d. 1901, aged 86 years. Children: 

2592 Mary, m. George W. Hutton. 

2593 Jefferson, m. . 

2594 Estelle, m. John Middlecamp. 

2595 Frances, m. Bowker. 

His wife Ann was buried Friday, April 26, 1901, in the Man- 

Genealogy of the Coryiell Family. 251 

hasset Dutch Reformed Churchyard, of which church she was 
the oldest member. Her father was a pioneer resident of 
Little Neck. 


Eliza Hicks,' of Whitehead J.' (2276), John,' Whitehead,' John,* 
William,' Richard,' Thomas,^ 
b. Oct. 14, 1825; d. April 21, 1881; m. Richard Bancker 
D'ayckinck, Dec. 28, 1841 (see Duyckinck Lineag-e, Appendix). 
Children {Duyckinck): 

Whitehead Cornell, b. Oct. 23, 1843; ni- Caroline 

H3-de Butler, April 20, 1869. Children: Richard 

Bancker, b. April 20, 1870, Thomas Butler, b. 

Sept. 21, 1875, Harriet Dennison, b. Oct. 7, 1879. 

Richard Bancker, b. May 24, 1845; d. Jan. 23, 1851. 

Edward, b. May 24, 1845; d. Jan. 31, 185 1. 

Dudley, b. July 12, 1848; d. Oct. 16, 1899, at San 

Francisco, Cal.; m. (i) Mary A. Hall, April i, 

1S75, divorced; m. (2) Ethel Todd, April 30, 

1890, daughter of Rev. John E. Todd, Riverside, 

Cal. Child (by first wife) William Dudley, b. 

Aug. 30, 1 88 1. 

Juliet, b. April 23, 1854; m. Walter Man, Nov. 30, 

1881, of New York; he d. April 17, 1889, at St. 

Gabriel, Cal. 


Juliet Ann,' of Whitehead J.' (2276), John,' Whitehead/ John,* 
William,' Richard,' Thomas,' 
b. Dec. 2, 1827; d. July 24, 1880; m. (i) Moses W. Scott, Xov. 
15, 1848 or 1849; m. (2) Florens Schetter, March 18, 1861; he 
d. May 3, 1886, at Baden Baden, Germany. Children {Scott 
and Schetter): 
By first husband: 

Joseph Warren, b. Xov. 28, 1850; d. Oct. 13, 1888, 

at Los xVngeles, Cal.; m. Bella Kimback, April 

14, 18S3. Child: Juliet Ann, b. Oct. 22, 1885. 

William E. Dodge, b. April 22, 1852; m. Marian 

Johannot, daughter of James, June, 22, 1877. 

By second husband: 

Charlotte Otto, b. May 9, 1865. 

^5- Grficahgy of tJic Cornell Family. 


John- Hicks/ of Whitehead J/ (2276), John," Whitehead/ John/ 
William/ Richard/ Thomas/ 
b. Oct. 21, 1S29; d. Feb. 27, 1SS6, at No. t,t^ Monroe Place, 
Brooklyn; m. Sarah Lefferts, Feb. 24, 185 1, daughter of 
James and Eliza (Jones) Lefferts; she was b. July 2, 1834, d. 
Sept. 2. 1S71. Children: 

2596 Whitehead J., b. Jan. 11, 1S52; d. June 22, 1852. 

2597 Juliet Hicks, b. May 10, 1853; m. Henry Cartwright 
Brown, Feb. 4, 1874. 

259S James Lefferts, M.D., b. June 24, 1861, m. Alice 
Ferguson, April 29, 1S96, daughter of Edward 
Alexander and Agnes (Moore) Ferguson. He 
followed the medical profession for some time 
in Brooklyn and then retired to a farm at Piney 
Point, Centreville, Md. 


Sarah Cortelyou,* of George L.' (2278), John," Whitehead,'' 
John,* William,' Richard,' Thomas," 
b. Aug. 27, 1824; m. Andrew Ellicott Douglass, May 13, 1847, 
son of David Bates and Ann Eliza (Ellicott) Douglass. He 
was b. Nov. 18, 181 9. Children {Douglass): 

Isabel, b. in New Brunswick, New Jersey, May 6, 
1848; m. Charles Boyd Curtis, Aug. 23, 1876, son 
of Samuel Fosdick and Amelia (Boyd) Curtis; 
he was b. Sept. 24, 1827, in Penn Yan, N. Y. 
Children: Ellicott Douglass, b. Sept. 7, 1877, at 
Rye, N. Y., Charles Boyd, b. Dec. 6, 1878, at No. 
9 East 54th Street, New York, Isabella Wood- 
bridge, b. Aug. 9, 1880, at Newport, R. I., Ronald 
Eliot, b. March 12, 1882, at No. 9 East 54th Street, 
New York. 

Mr. Douglass was born at West Point, New York, where his 
father was Professor of Mathematics. He graduated from 
Kenyon College in 1838, and received his A. M. from there in 
1841. He went into business in New York and was long con- 
nected the Hazard Powder Company, of which he was Pres- 
ident from 1867 to 1876, when he retired from business. He 

Genealogy of tJie Coryiell Faviily. 253 

travelled extensively at various times through almost every 
part of Europe, as well as Egypt and the Holy Land. He was 
much interested in literature and "art, and had a fine collection 
of books and pictures which, however, he sold before engaging 
in the study of American archaeology. He was for eighteen 
years Commodore of the St. Augustine Yacht Club, during 
which time he explored many of the Florida Indian mounds, 
and thus formed the nucleus of what finally became the lar- 
gest private archaeological collection in this country. It was 
particularly complete in its specimens of hematite objects. 
The collection comprised over twenty-two thousand specimens, 
and was presented by Mr. Douglass, shortly before his death, 
to the American Museum of Natural History, where it had 
long been housed. Mr. Douglass was always an earnest and 
devoted member of the Protestant Episcopal Church. 


George Frederick,' of George L.'' (2278), John,° Whitehead,' 
John,' William,' Richard,' Thomas,' 
b. Nov. 20, 1832; d. Dec. i, 1898; m. Agnes Jackson, Nov. 5, 
1 85 7, daughter of Dr. Samuel (U. S. N.) and Anna Jackson. 

2599 Annie. 

2600 Mary, m. Whitmel T. Taliafero, Dec. 7, 1882, 

Trinity Chapel, N. Y.; divorced Jan. 17, 1898, at 

He engaged in business in New York and was of the firm 
of Hall & Cornell. White Lead Manufacturers. He retired 
from mercantile life and resided for a time at Rye, N. Y., and 
later at Morristown, N. J. His city residence was No. 24 East 
45th Street, New York, where he died suddenly of pneumonia. 
He was buried in the family vault at Greenwood Cemetery. 


Ellen- Hirst,' of John S.' (2280), John,* Whitehead,' John,* 
William,' Richard,' Thomas,' 
b. March 17, 1S26; d. in New York, Nov. 13, 1883, buried in 
the family vault at Greenwood; m. General Daniel D. Tomp- 

^54 Genea/ogy of the Cornell Family. 

kins, U. S. A., June 19, 1S49, son of Enoch Tompkins (see 
Tompkins' Genealogy, Appendix). Children [Tompkins): 

Agnes Cornell, b. May 2, 1850; d. March 18, 1898; 
m. Henry Feder, Sept. 4, 1882. Children: Henry 
C, b. Dec. 16, 1884; d. Atig. 27, 1885, Dorothea, 
b. Feb. 6, 1888; d. i88-, Irene, b. March 12, 1890. 
Catherine Cornell, b. July 19, 1855; m. Asher D. 
Middletown, Jtme 17, 1884, by Rev. John Cornell.* 
Children: Ellen Cornell, b. Aug. 13, 1885; d. 
April 15, 1888, Louisa Tompkins, b. Dec. 9, 1887. 
1883, will, all to her children. Executor: P. C. Cornell who 
renounced. Administration granted to Agnes Cornell, daugh- 
ter, and Charles B. Curtis. 


Sarah Duyckinck,' of Isaac R.' (2282), John,' Whitehead,' 
John,- William,' Richard,' Thomas,' 
b. Aug. 6, 1836, in Vesey Street, New York; d. March 26, 
1889, 4 West 53d Street, New York; m. Theodore Thomas 
Moran, son of Daniel Moran and Marianne (Losson), Sept- 
17, 1857, at Weston, N. J,; he d. in New York, April 13, 1897. 
Buried by his wife in Woodlawn Cemetery. Children 
[Moran) : 

Isaac Cornell, b. July 12, 1858, at Weston, N. J. 
Elizabeth Mary, b. March 23, i860, in New York; 
m. Edwin Denison Morgan, April 11, 1888, son 
of Edwin Denison Morgan, M. D., and grandson 
of Hon. Edwin Denison Morgan, Governor of 
New York, 1848-62. 1861, Major-General Vol- 
unteers. 1863, United States Senator. (See 
Morgan Genealogy.) He was b. Oct. 19, 1854; 
m. (i) Mary Brewer Penniman, daughter of 
George H. Penniman; she d. at Newport, Aug. 
8, 1886, without issue. His name was Alfred 
Waterman Morgan, changed to Edwin Denison 
Morgan (on his father's death at his grand- 
father's request). Children: Elizabeth Sarah, 
b. Jan. 18, 1889, at New York; Edwin Denison, 
b. May 17, 1890, at Hempstead, L. I.; Theodore 

* See Parish Register St. Thomas' Church, New York. 


Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 255 

Moran, \). April 3, 1894; d. Feb. 5, 1900; Thomas 
Archer, b. July 3, 1895, at Newport; Katherine 
Avery, b. Oct. 29, 1898, at Wheatly; Jasper, b. 
Jan. 28, 1900, at Wheatly. 

Sarah D. (Cornell) Moran above, lived with her mother al- 
most continuously from her childhood, and when married she 
and her husband made their home with her parents, and hav- 
ing all lived together for many years, in death they were not 
long divided. Theordore T. Moran was a banker and broker 
in New York, and was for a long time in the firm of Moran 
Brothers, New York. 


Rev. John/ of Isaac R.' (2282), John,' Whitehead,' John,* 
William,^ Richard,' Thomas,^ 
b. in New York, June 11, 1839; bap. Sept. 29, St. Thomas' 
Church, New York; m. Margaret Katerina (Osterberg) of 
Stockholm, Sweden, widow of Joseph Parkinson Robinson 
of Dewsbur}^ England, July 31, 1878, at Friarn Barnet, near 
London, Eng. No children. 

He was educated at Mr. Churchill's Military Academy, 
Sing Sing, N. Y. Class of '59, Princeton College, and A. M. 
1862; followed Civil Engineering about a year and entered the 
General Theological Seminary, i860. Class of '63, ordained 
Deacon same year by Bishop Odenheimer, of New Jersey, and 
Presbyter, 1864, by Bishop Horatio Potter, of New York, 
1863-4, Assistant Minister Church of the Messiah, Rhinebeck, 
N. Y. 1864-7, Rector St. Thomas' Church, Ravenswood, N. Y. 
Resigned and travelled extensively in Europe and visited the 
Holy Land, Greece, Turkey, etc. 1S6S, on his return to America 
he undertook missionary work in the west, under Bishop Ran- 
dall, being appointed by him Missionary at Laramie, Wyoming 
Territory and parts adjacent. He was also elected rector 
of the newly organized St. Matthew's Church there. Subse- 
quently Missionary at Santa Fe, New ]\Iexico, and Hamilton, 
Nevada. 187 1, Rector Trinity Church, Santa Barbara, Cal., 
where he remained about a year and then accepted a position 
as Missionary-at-large in northern California, making his res- 
idence first at Marysville, then at Wheatland and after that at 
Yreka, all in northern California. Being on a visit to his 

256 Genealogy of tJic Cornell Family. 

parents in New York he was induced by a friend (Rev. William 
A. McVickar, D.D.), to take his place temporarily at Nice, 
France, and began work there. Dr. McVickar soon after re- 
signed, having- accepted a call to Christ Church, N. Y., and 
Mr. Cornell was unanimously elected in his place and remained 
there the long period of 18 years, from 1876 to 1894, when he 
resigned and came to America to live. Since his return to 
America he has not taken any active clerical work, though he 
often preaches and otherwise assists his clerical brethren. 
During his ministry, Mr. Cornell has been instrumental in 
building six churches. He resides at Washington, D. C, his 
simimer home being the Cornell Homestead at Portsmouth, 
R. I., or part of it, having purchased the undivided half of 
Mrs. Ellen (Cornell) Smith in 1895, also the other undivided 
half of David Coggeshall, who represented the other heirs of 
Albert Cornell, the last resident of the homestead. All this 
was only a portion of the original grant of Feb. 4, 1646, but it 
included the burial ground and the site of the old house which 
was burned down in 1889. He also in 1900 purchased another 
farm included in the original grant, but there yet remain two 
more farms belonging to other parties in the limits of the 
original grant. Mr. Cornell has rebuilt the house on its old 
site and in very much its original plan; that is, the plan which 
he understands the old building had till it was changed 
somewhat, about 50 years before its destruction. For History 
of the Cornell Grant, see appendix. He has contributed many 
articles to secular and religious journals, and is the compiler 
of this Cornell Genealogy. 


Samuel Douglass,' of Samuel Garretson' (2283), John,' 
Whitehead,' John,* William,' Richard,' Thomas,' 
b. Dec. 2, 1839; m. Lydia Hadfield at Buffalo, N. Y., Jan. 29, 
1862, daughter of Robert and Ann Eliza Hadfield, and grand- 
daughter of George Hadfield, M. P., for Manchester, England. 

2601 Peter Cortelyou, M.D., b. June 28, 1865; m. Alice 

Gardiner Plympton, June 28, 1892, of Buffalo. 

2602 Lydia Hadfield, b. June 16, 1867. 

2603 Douglass, b. Feb. 3, 1869. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 257 

He was born in Fairfield Co., Conn., but came with his father 
to Buffalo when quite young and has since made that city his 
home. He graduated with honor at Hobart College, Geneva, 
N. Y., i860, and in 1863, took his M.A. degree. He began 
mercantile life with his father Samuel G. Cornell in the white 
lead manufacturing business; his father having with others 
organized a company, which, under the name of the Cornell 
Lead Works and other names, was successfully conducted till 
1 888, when S. Douglass Cornell withdrew and retired from 
active business life. He was for luany years connected with 
the National Guards, New York, having enlisted in the 74th 
Regiment as a private, and served in various subordinate 
ranks, remaining on the staff of General Rogers for fifteen 
years. He was promoted to the position of assistant Adjutant- 
General and chief of staff with the rank of Colonel. This 
position he retained until the reorganization of the National 
Guard and abolition of divisions. He is possessed of much 
oratorical and dramatic talent, having taken the first prize in 
elociition at his college, is now the stage manager of the 
Buffalo Amateurs of which organization he has been a member 
since 1S72. This society has given some splendid entertain- 
ments, great credit being due him for the able management 
of the performances. Colonel Douglass Cornell's home. No. 
484 Delaware Avenue, is one of the finest private residences 
in Buffalo. His beautiful and extensive villa at Cobourg, 
Canada, is generally his summer abode. He and his family are 
very popular and prominent socially in Buffalo and well known 
for their hospitality. The family are Episcopal in religion. 


Richard Rapelye,* of Samuel Garretson' (22S3), John,* 
Whitehead,' John,* William,' Richard,' Thomas,' 
b. Feb. 16, 1848; d. Feb. 5, 1885, at Rochester, N. Y.; buried 
in the family vault. Greenwood; m. Mary Brooks Scovel, Oct. 
14, 1873, daughter of Dr. John A. and Rebecca (Brooks) Scovel 
of Detroit, Mich.; she was b. May 30, 1853; divorced; she m. 
(2) after the death of her first husband, Ricardo de Diaz 
Albertini of Cuba, July 6, 1886, by Rev. Dr. Lowrey of St. 
Thomas Church, New York. Children: 

2604 Samuel Garretson, b. Oct. 6, 1874; m. Oct. 7, 1899, 

258 Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 

in the American Episcopal Church, Florence, 
Ital}\ Caroline Margareta Fede, daughter of 
Nobile Marco Manzi and Lucy Lang. Child: 
Richard jNlarco Garretson, b. Nov. 10, 1900. 

2605 Rebecca Scovel, b. Dec. 7, 1S76; m. at Cobourg, 

Canada, Clive Pringle, son of Roderick R. and 
Sarah (Stanton) Pringle, July 11, 1901. 

He was one of the first vestrymen of " St. Mary's on the 
Hill." Butfalo, 1872. 


John Wesley, Jr.," of John Wesley' (231 1), William,' Timothy,* 
William,^ William,^ Richard,^ Thomas,' 
b. Aug. 20, 1843; m. Nellie Beers; she was b. June 28, 1868. 

2606 John Wesley, Jr., 3d. 

2607 Lovat Frazier. 

2 60S Frank Beers, d. yoi:ng. 

2609 Frederick, d. young. 


CoL. William Henry," of Henry" (2315), William," Timothy,^ 
William,' William,' Richard,' Thomas,' 
b. May 30, 1842; m. Blanche McFarlain, Oct. 30, 1870. Chil- 

2610 Blanche Adde, b. Feb. 27, 1872. 

261 1 William Henry, b. Aug. 2, 1875. 

2612 Kate Loeta, b. Sept. 2, 1877. 

He resides at Honolulu, Sandwich Islands. Was Colonel on 
the staff of King Kamehameha of the Sandwich Islands, and 
Minister of Finance under Liliuokalani and is now a capitalist 
in Honolulu. 


Millard Fillmore,' of Jacob Weeks' (2329), John Timothy," 
Timothy,' William," William,' Richard,' Thomas,' 
m. (i) Julia Stewart of New York; m. (2) Mary E. Allan, Red 
Bank, N.J. Children: 
By first wife: 

2613 Virginia Powel, b. vSept. 26, 1883; d. Jan., 1892. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Fainily. 259 

2614 Jacob Weeks, b. Oct. 22, 1884; d. Dec. 29, 1891. 

2615 July Van Smith, b. Jul}' 5, 1886; d. Jan. 27, 1891. 

2616 Mildred De la Mater, b. Oct. 28, 1889. 
By second wife: 

2617 Millard Fillmore, Jr., b. July 20, 1897. 

He lives at Red Bank. N. J. This family is Presbyterian 
and Universalist. 


George,* of Thomas' (2347), Whitehead," Thomas,* Thomas,* 
Thomas,' Richard,'^ Thomas,' 
b. Jan. 10, 1807; d. Oct. 10, 1847; m. Harriet Leslie, May 11, 
182S. Children: 

2618 Birdsall, b. March 28, 1830; m. Sarah H. Lvon, 


2619 John R., b. Feb. 5, 1832; d. Jan. i, 1835. 

2620 Ludlum, b. June 12, 1837. 

2621 Sarah C, b. Aug. 21, 1839; d. Feb. 21, 1846. 

2622 Harriet A., b. Dec. 20, 1843. 

He was in the iron business and of the firm of Cornell, Alt- 
hause & Co. Iron Works, N. Y. 1847, administration granted to 
his widow Harriet. 


Henry,' of Thomas' (2347). Whitehead,' Thomas,' Thomas," 
Thomas,' Richard," Thomas,' 
b. Nov. 17, 181 1 ; d. July 23, 1878; m. Rebecca Rawlings, 
Nov. 15, 1834, daughter of John and Sarah, Monmouth, N. J. 

2623 Julia Rebecca, b. March 10, 1S36; d. 1836. 

2624 George Whitehead, b. Dec. 14, 1837; m. Lucy 


2625 Rebecca, b. Aug. 11, 1840. 

2626 William Hewlett, b. June 17, 1842; unmarried 1892. 

2627 Harriet Elizabeth, b. Jan. 12, 1845. 

2628 John R., b. Jan. 22, 1S47. 

2629 Charles Henry, b. July 23, 1849. 

2630 Sarah Hannah, b. Sept. 13, 185 1; m. James A. 


2631 Wilbur Fisk, b. Sept. 26, 1857. 

2632 Sherman, b. Jan. 15, 1861. 

26o Ceuea/o^y of tJie Cornell Family. 


John Black:,' of Thomas" (2347), Whitehead,' Thomas,' Thomas,* 
Thomas,' Richard,' Thomas,' 
b. at Far Rockaway, L. I., Feb. 7, 1S21; d. at Lakewood, N. J., 
Oct. 26, 1SS7; m. (i) Elizabeth Smith, of New York, Sept. 28, 
T840; she d. Sept. 18, 1842, aged 19 years; m. (2) Catherine 
Debevoise, New York, Nov. 27, 1843; she d. March 26, 1853; 
m. (3) Minnie R. Sherman, Nov. 1 2, 1856, daughter of James A. 
and Margaret (Reed) Sherman. Children: 
By first wife: 

2633 ^lary Elizabeth, b. Feb. 6, 1842; m. Charles Rus- 

sell Leffingwell, Feb. 4, 1875. 
By second wife: 

2634 Julia Catherine, b. Oct. 9, 1844; m. Francis Asbury 

Jayne, April 21, 1868, at her father's residence 
530 Fifth Avenue, New York. 

2635 John Milton, b. Aug. 27, 1847; m. Sarah A. Keen, 

Jan. 9, 1873. 

2636 Thomas Irwin, b. Aug. 19, 1851; d. July 2, 1869. 
By third wife: 

2637 Minnie Irwin, b. Sept. 26, 1857; m. William Hol- 

lingsworth Baker, Aug. 4, 1879. Children: Kath- 
erine, Henry, John Black. 

2638 Jay Black, b. Dec. 26, 1858; d. March i, 1884. 

2639 Sherman, b. May 28, i860; d. Sept. 16, i860. 

2640 Margaret Louise, b. Sept. 9, 1861; m. Lieut. Charles 

Gould Treat, 5th Artillery, U. S. A., Dec. 30, 
1889, at Madison Avenue Methodist Episcopal 
Church. He is the son of Joseph Bradford Treat 
and Priscilla Jane Gould. Children: Joseph 
Bradford, b. March 3, 1892; Margaret, b. March 
16, 1894; Katherine, b. Feb. 8, 1897. 

2641 Helen Hawthorne, b. March 5, 1863; d. Feb. 2, 


2642 Henry Meigs, b. Nov. 12, 1865; d. Nov. 2, 1900, at 

London, Eng.; m. Rose Bretherton of London; 
she d. Jan. 15, 1895, ^'^ Hyeres, France, of con- 

2643 Helen Harrower, b. March 17, 1875. Lives with 

her mother 274 Fifth Avenue, New York. 




Genealogy of the Cor ?t el I Family. 261 

At 15 years of age he began the iron business in Centre 
Street, New York, under the direction of his elder brother 
George and with his brother William W. Their beginning was 
small, only one man and a boy being employed in their works. 
But from this grew one of the largest iron works in the country, 
employing from 1,000 to 1,200 men, and the firm of J. B. & W. 
W. Cornell was well known as the most extensive of the kind. 
He invented an improved method of uniting the sheet metal 
slats of revolving shutters for store fronts, and in 1856 invented 
an improvement in making buildings hreproof. At the age of 
17 he joined the Methodist Episcopal Church of which he was 
a devout and liberal member, having served as trustee and 
president of many of the church societies of that denomination. 
The Cornell Memorial Church at 76th Street, N. Y., in which 
he had a Sunday School of 1,500 scholars, was named after his 
brother William. His charities amounted to more than a 
million dollars. Mr. Cornell was much esteemed by all who 
knew him for his intelligence and integrity. Of him it has 
b.een well said, he presents an encouraging example of success 
by straight-forward and legitimate enterprise. [Harper's 
Weekly, Appletoji's CyclopcEdia of Biography, etc.). 


William Wesley,' of Thomas' (2347), Whitehead," Thomas,' 
Thomas,' Thomas,^ Richard,' Thomas,' 
b. Jan. I, 1S23; d. at Fort Washington, New York City, March 
17, 1870; m. Sarah Hendrix Lyon, April 17, 1S43, daughter of 
Moses and Catherine. Children: 

2644 Moses Lyon, b. June 8, 1S44; d. Aug. 11, 1S44. 

2645 William Henry, b. July 13, 1845; d. Dec. iS, 1858. 

2646 Sarah C, b. March 20, 1847; m. Robert Blair 

Keyser, June 15, 1865. Child: Emma Louisa. 

2647 Emma Louisa, b. Sept. 17, 1848. 

2648 Eleanor, b. July 12, 1852. 

2649 Kate Lyon (adopted daughter), m. Dabney W. 

Diggs, June 4, 1864. 

2650 Edward Hubbell, b. April 17, 1S55; d. Dec. 4, 1858. 

2651 Lucy Florence, b. April 7, 1858. 

2652 William Wesley, b. Nov. 18, 1859. 

He was with his brother in the firm of J. B. & W. W. Cornell 
above described. This firm erected some of the largest iron 

262 Ct'ne-aloi^y of the Cornell Fa)nilv. 

fire-proof building-s in New York, among which were the New 
York Stock Exchange, Netherland Hotel and others. Like his 
brother he was a liberal member of the Methodist Churchy 
contributing' very largely for building churches, etc. He 
founded Cornell College at Mt. Vernon, Iowa. John B. and 
William \V. Cornell are among the seven honored with a men- 
tion in Appletoii's Cyclopccdia of BiograpJiy. 


William Kirbv," of William' (2349), Whitehead,' Thomas,' 
Thomas* Thomas,' Richard,^ Thomas,' 
b. Oct. 14, 1821; d. Aug. 12, 1864; m. Harriet Bloomfield. 


2653 William Henry. 

2654 Charles Morey. 

2655 George. 

2656 John Bloomfield, m. Charlotte Glockmyer. Chil- 

dren: William Kirby, George, Helen Louise. 

2657 Jessie. 

• 265S Harriet Louisa, m. S. C. Staunton, Chicago, 111. 
Children: George Cornwell, Dorothy, John 

2659 Eliza Antoinette, m. E. Chester Atkins. Children: 

Marjorie and Helen. 

He was twenty years a bookseller in New York. 


George W^.' [Cornwell], of William' (2349), Whitehead," 
Thomas," Thomas,* Thomas,' Richard,' Thomas,' 
b. in Poughkeepsie, March 20, 1831; m. Irene Van Kuck. 

2660 Antoinette. 

2661 Mary Eliza. 

2662 Irene. 

2663 Helen. 

Educated in Poughkeepsie. Early in life was a clerk with 
his father in the dry goods business, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 
Clerk and proprietor in the business forty years. Director 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 263 

and for twelve years cashier of the Poughkeepsie National 
Bank; now vice-president of the Poughkeepsie Savings Bank. 
i860, a vestryman of Christ Church, now the senior warden. 
Since 1876 treasurer of the Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery. In 
politics a Republican; has never held any political office. 


Oliver Talman,' of Oliver' (2368), John,' Thomas,' John,* 
Thomas,' Richard,^ Thomas,' 
b. in New York, 1838; m. Alice L. Williams. Child: 

2664 Frank Tallman, b. 1869, Brooklyn, X. Y. Archi- 

tect, 125 East 23d Street, Xew York; residence, 
Brooklyn. He designed and rebuilt the Cornell 
Homestead at Portsmouth; unmarried. 

He was a farmer on Long Island, also engaged in extensive 
milk business. 


JoHK Fletcher,' of Viner L.' (2370), John,^ Thomas,^ John,* 
Thomas,^ Richard." Thomas,' 
m. Adelaide Fitch. Children: 

2665 Frances. 

2666 Mary. 


Rev. Tho.mas Frederick Jr., M. D., DD.,' of Thomas F." (2379) 
Charles,^ Charles," Richard,* Thomas,^ Richard," Thomas,' 
b. Sept. 23, 1830; d. July 31, 1SS5; m. (i) Elizabeth Waterman 
Ransom, July 20, 1854,* daughter of Rev. Joseph Ransom, 
Rector of Christ Church, Oyster Bay, X. Y.; she d. Sept. 
8, 1862; m. (2) Mary Sammis, April 2^, 1868. Children: 
By first wife: 

2667 William Rodman, b. July 8, 1855. 

2668 Frederick Munn. b. July 31, 1857; d. 18S9. 

By second wife: 

2669 Charles Rodman, b. Feb. 12, 1869; d. Jan. 4, 1900. 

2670 One daughter, . 

* See Onderdonk's list of marriages. 

264 (jt'Ht'ah\^y of the C orncll Family. 

He was a o-raduate of the University of the City of New- 
York, and Colleg-e of Physicians and Surgeons, New York, 
1S53. and Class of '56 General Theological Seminary, New 
York, and the same year was rector of the Church of the 
Redeemer, Morristown, N. J., also subsequently rector of St. 
Mark's Church, Brooklyn, N. Y., Church of the Mediator, and 
St. Stephen's Church, same oXly. He was a great scholar and 
theologian. He died at his residence 598 Ouincy Street, Brook- 
lyn. N. Y. 


MiNNE SuvDA.M,' of Jauics Ehvood ' (2396), James Gilbert,' 
Hallett."^ James,' Richard,' Richard,' Richard," Thomas,' 
b. April. 6, 1S54; m. Maggie J. McCormack. Children: 

2671 Herbert S., b. May i, 1876; d. May 2, 1878. 

2672 James A., b. July 9, 1877; d. April 25, 1879. 

2673 Minne Suydam, Jr., b. Aug. 9, 1883. 

2674 Elwood North, b. Aug. 3, 1889. 

He is a hat manufacturer 435 West Broadway; residence, 
Brooklyn. Has valuable wills and documents pertaining to the 
family which his father collected. 


Capt. William Duryea," of John Hegeman" (2411), Richard,' 

Lewis,' Obadiah,' Richard,' Richard,' Richard,' Thomas,' 

b. about 1840, Manhasset; d. April, — , 1901; m. Annie 

Ameria Van De Water, daughter of Capt. John Van De Water 

of Brooklyn. Children: 

2675 Bertha. 

2676 William Duryea, Jr., m. Anna Amelia Keyson of 

Ridgewood, N. J., May 17, 1893. No children. 

2677 John Van Der Water Duryea, b. Oct. 8, 1870. 
267S Theodore Jackson. 

2679 Mary Lefetre. 

2680 Edwin Gates. 

2681 Annie. 

2682 Peter Duryea. 

2683 Elizabeth. 

He served in the Civil War and was colonel of the Veteran's 
Association of the 47th Regiment. At one time secretary of 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 265 

the Atlantic Insurance Co. Twelve years deputy Auditor of 
the old city of Brooklyn, and a thirty-second degree Freemason. 
He died at his residence Elton Street, Brooklyn, L. I., of 
Bright's disease. 


Juliet Hicks,^ of John Hicks' (2452), Whitehead J.,' John,' 
Whitehead,' John,' William,' Richard,' Thomas,' 
b. May 10, 1853; m. Henry Cartwright Brown, son of Arthur 
Alexander and Mary Agar (Cartwright) Brown, Feb. 4, 1S74. 
Children (Brozvn): 

John Cornell, b. June i, 1875; m. Alice Darling 
Brown, Feb. 3, 1898. Lives in Brooklyn where 
he is in business. Child: H. C. Browm. 

Mary Alexander, b. Feb. 11, 1877; m. Briscoe 
Clark. One child. 

Florens Ann, b. April 29, 1879; m. Samuel Briscoe, 
Aug. 19, 1898. One child. 

Sarah Cartwright, b. Aug. 29, 1881. 

Dorothy Lefferts, b. July 14, 1890. 

Juliet Duyckinck, b. June 17, 1894. 

They live at Breeze Hill, Northport, L. I. Mr. Brown's an- 
cestors came from Belfast, Ireland, where they were a wealthy 
family and some of them members of Parliament. 


Peter CoRTELYOu, M. D.,^ of S. Douglass* (2461), Samuel G.,' 
John,' Whitehead,' John,' William,' Richard,' Thomas,' 
b. June 28, 1865; m. Alice Gardiner Plimpton, daughter of 
George D. Plimpton, June 28, 1892, at Buffalo, N. Y. Child: 

2684 Katherine, b. Feb., 1893, in Berlin. 

He lives in Buffalo, is a physician and studied medicine at 


BiRDSALL," of George'* (2500), Thomas,' Whitehead,' Thomas,' 
Thomas,' Thomas,' Richard,' Thomas,' 
b. March 28, 1830; m. Sarah H. Lyon of New York, 185 1. 

2 66 Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 

^685 Lizzie Leslie, d. unmarried. Administration 
o-ranted to her father, 1S79. 

20S6 George Birdsall, m. Eleanor E. Jackson, 1882. 
Children: George Birdsall, Jr., Richard Hew- 
lett, Harold Jackson, Robert Leslie, Elizabeth 
Leslie, Thomas Whitehead. Francis Sheppard. 


^L^Rv Elizabeth,' of John Black' (2508), Thomas,' Whitehead,* 
Thomas,^ Thomas,* Thomas,' Richard,' Thomas,' 
b. Feb. 6, 1S42; m. Charles Russell Leffingvvell of New York, 
son of George Washington and j\Iary Van Loan Leffingwell 
(see Leffingzvell Genealogy)., at her father's residence, 530 
Fifth Avenue, New York, Feb. 4, 1875. Children {Leffing- 

Russell Cornell, b. Sept. 10, 1878, in New York. 
Class of 1889 Yale University; now. finishing a 
three years' course in the law school of Columbia 

Julia Cornell, b. Feb. 21, 1S80, in New York. 

Helen Cornell, b. March 7, 1883, in Yonkers, N. Y. 


John Milton,' of John B.' (2505), Thomas,' Whitehead," 
Thomas,' Thomas,* Thomas,^ Richard,'' Thomas,' 
b. Aug. 27, 1846; m. vSarah Keen, Philadelphia, Jan. 9, 1873. 

2687 John Keen, b. April 21, 1877; d. Feb. 12, 1893. 

2688 Irwin Hewlett, b. April 27, 1881. 

2689 Milton Longacre, b. Feb. n, 1884. 

2690 John Black, b. Sept. 8, 1885. 

Educated at the Mt. Washington Collegiate Institute. He 
entered his fathers establishment to learn the business, was soon 
taken in the concern as a partner, and succeeded his father as its 
head, eventualy becoming the owner, the concern still retained 
the name of J. B. & J. M. Cornell. His residence is No. 26 
East 37th Street, New York, his summer home being Seabright, 
New Jersey (see Promiyient Families of New York). 



John,' of Thomas,' 

b. (supposed) about 1637; d. about 1704; m. Mary Russell, 
daughter of John and Dorothy of Dartmouth, Mass., 1669; 
she was b. 1645. Children: 

3001 Richard of Scarsdale, b. 26.1, 1678; d. 15.4, [757; 

m. Hannah Thorne, 1701. 

3002 Joshua, b. 1677; m. Sarah Thorne. 

3003 Mary, b. 1679; m. James Sands, 1697. 

3004 John, b. 1681; m. Mary Starr. 

3005 Caleb, b. 1683; d. 1734; m. Elizabeth Hagner, Oct. 

10, 1705. 

3006 Rebecca, b. 16S5; m. John Starr of Danbury, Conn. 

1673, March 3, ]\[ary Cornell, wife of John Cornell of 
Plymouth Colony, testified on the trial of her brother Thomas. 
1673, July 4, he was one of those appointed by the court at 
Dartmouth, Mass., to take charge of so much of his brother 
Thomas' estate as was in Dartmouth. 1676, Oct. 3, the Gov- 
ernor grants to John Cornell "who with his wife and five small 
children, had been driven from the eastward by the Indians," 
a tract of 100 acres of land on the west side of Cow Neck. He 
built a house here, but the land was claimed by the inhabitants 
of Hempstead, who pulled the house down. Those concerned 
in this were afterwards indicted and convicted.* It may 
have been to quiet the title to this piece of land that Gov- 
ernor Andros issued a patent to John Cornell, Sept. 29, 1677, 
for 116 acres "near the bottom of Cow Neck, adjoining Cow 
Bay," with a privilege of acquiring an additional 100 acres. 
This privilege was exercised when a patent was taken from 
Governor Dongan, dated Dec. 13, 16S6, for 100 acres north of 
the above and extending to the Sound. A tract of land on the 
first grant was reserved for a family burying ground. John 
and his wife were both buried there. 16S3, Oct. ir, his land in 

* See full account in Onderdotik' s Queens Coioity, pp. 9-10. 

268 Gc}te(7logy of t lie Cornell Family. 

Hempstead is rated at ^^40. 16SS, Aug-. 25, he was appointed 
a Justice of the Peace. In 1694, or 1695 he sold part of his farm 
to Captain John Sands, who gave the place the name of Sands 
Point. In 169S, he and four others of his family are mentioned 
in the census of Queens County. 1699, Feb. 9, he and his wife 
convey to their son Joshua, land adjoining Samuel Sands.* 
1699, Feb. 13, he and his wife conve}' to their son Richard, land 
adjoining his dwelling on Cow Neck and adjoining Joshua 

* Queens County Records, A. 171, 172. 



Richard,' of John'' (7), Thomas,' 
b. 26.1, 1678; d. 15.4, 1757; aged 79 years; buried at Mamar- 
oneck; m. Hannah Thorne, 1701, daughter of John and Mary 
(Pearsall) Thorne; she wash. 1678; d. 1756. Children: 

3007 Mary, b. 7.10, 1703; d. Sept. 15, 1762; m. Edward 


3008 Deborah, b. 1.3, 1705 ; d. 1779; m. Matthew Franklin, 

14.3, 1723, brother of No. 3020 and son of Henry 
and Dorothy (Bowne) Franklin (?). He was a 
Quaker preacher (see Franklin Lineage, Ap- 

3009 Richard, b. 6.10, 1708; d. 1758; m. Mary Ferris, 

11-3, 1732. 

3010 Joseph, b. 4.11, 1712, at Cow Neck; d. 1770; m. 

Phebe Ferris, 20.4, 1734. 

301 1 Hannah, b. 26.2, 17x1; m. Josiah Quimby; he was 

b. March 21, 17 12. 

3012 Phebe Thorne, b. 6.3, 17 15; d. before 1759; m. (i) 

Ebenezer Haviland, 1735; ^^- (2) John Williams. 

3013 John, b. 30.7, 1716; d. s.p. 1783-4. 

3014 Rebecca, b. 30.7, 1716 (twin of above); d. 1735; 

m. Edward Burling; he was b. 3.12, 17 13-4. 

3015 Elizabeth, b. 15. 11, 1717; d. 1795; m. (i) Aaron 

Palmer, son of Nehemiah; he was b. 17 15; 
Child: Sarah m. Benjamin Ferris; m. (2) Aaron 
Quimby, Feb. 17, 1740. Child: Mary m. Uriah 
Field, Jan. 18, 1764 (see Field Genealogy). 

3016 Benjamin, b. 18.9, 1723; d. 25.7, 1771; m. Abigail 

Stevenson, 17.9, 1742. 
In 1702, Richard and his brothers John and Joshua, buy 
from Thomas Willett for ^600, the farm that John, Richard 
and Caleb lived on, and where they all had ship-yards. 1705, 
March 10, these three and their wives convey to their brother 
Caleb, half of this tract with buildings, orchards, etc. It is 
described as on the west side of Cow Neck. 1703, Feb. 29, 

2 -JO Griicalog'v of the Cornell Family. 

Richard was foreman of the gTand jury which ig-nored the bill 
against Bownas the Quaker. 1705, Aug-. 12, he buys of his 
brother John for ^no, land on the west side of Cow Neck.* 
About 1713. he bought 500 acres in Scarsdale from the heirs of 
Samuel Palmer. It was probably through the Richbills and 
Motts that Richard became interested in Westchester County.f 
1719, it was voted to build a Friends' meeting house at Cow Neck, 
the place and dimensions to be left to Richard Cornell, William 
]Mott and others. From 1721 to 1726, he was annually elected 
a fence viewer in Hempstead. 1724, March 31, "Richard Cor- 
nell of Cow Neck, Hempstead, Nassau Island," sold to Benoni 
Mcrritt of R^'e, Westchester Co., 200 acres in Fauconier's 
Patent (now part of Northcastle).J Caleb witnessed this deed 
which was for ^135. ^728, Aug. 24, Richard's name, with 
about twenty others, is signed to an agreement with the Com- 
missioners of Highwaj^s of Cow Neck. Baird§ says that he re- 
moved to Westchester in 1725. He owned his farm at Cow 
Neck, however, until 1730, when he sold it to his son-in-law 
Edward Sands. 1730, 10.7, joined the Purchase Meeting, 
Westchester Co., N. Y., with certificate from Westbury, 
L. I. By the will of his brother-in-law James Sands, it appears 
that in 1730, he and Richard Cornell owned land together 
in Goshen, Orange Co. 1733, Dec. 16, he and other Quakers 
"inhabitants and freeholders of Westchester County," petition 
against Nicholas Cooper the sheriff, for refusing to allow 
them to vote. His will is dated Oct. 31, 1756, and was proved 
April 21, 1757. His four sons, Richard, Joseph, John and 
Benjamin are to take all his lands in Scarsdale, New 

* Queens Coiaity Records, B , 2, i8g. 

f 1661, June 8, John Richbill purchased from the Indians three necks of 
land bounded east by Mamaroneck River and west by Mr. Pell's pur- 
chase. Pell set up a claim to the land which was finally settled in 1668. 
Governor Lovelace issued a patent to Richbill. He dying in 1684, his 
nephews conveyed the great Middle Neck lying in Scarsdale and Mamar- 
oneck to Samuel Palmer whose heirs, after 1713, sold 500 acres to Richard 
Cornell. About 1764, the heirs of James Delancy began suit against Benja- 
min, Joseph, Peter and John Cornell, sons and grandsons of Richard, claim- 
ing these lands, which claim was not sustained, except a small piece which 
was west of the Scarsdale line (see Bolton and Sckarff's History of West- 
chester County). 

X Rye Records, C, 139. 
§ History of Rye, p. 458. 

Genealogy of the Coriiell Family. 271 

Rochelle and Mamaroneck. His five daughters are also men- 
tioned, Phebe, as the deceased wife of John Williams, leaving 
two daughters, Hannah Griffin and Elizabeth Haviland. The 
executors named were his son Richard, Edward Burling and 
John Burling, of whom the first two qualified.* 

He lived in Scarsdale about two miles west of Mamaroneck 
village on Quaker Ridge, probably a few rods south of the 
Quaker Church. The towns of Scarsdale, New Rochelle and 
Mamaroneck join at that point, being separated by the Quaker 
Ridge Road. His farm was in the three towns. Some of his 
descendants still live on the farm. 


Joshua,' of John* (7), Thomas,' 

b. 1677; m. Sarah Thorne, sister of Hannah (3001). Chil- 

3017 Joshua, b. 1696: m. Charity Haight. 

3018 John, d. s. p. 

3019 Samuel, b. 1702; d. 1768; m. Hannah Carman, 1724. 

3020 Sarah, m. Henry Franklin, son of Henry and 

Dorothy (Bowne) Franklin, brother of Matthew 
(3008), settled near Purchase. 

3021 Elizabeth, m. Joshua Franklin. 

1699, Feb. 13, Joshua receives from his father John, a deed 
of Yi of a lot lying on the east of John's house lot, and adjoin- 
ing Samuel Sands. He also joined in the deed with his 
brothers Richard and John to Caleb, in 1705. In 1708 and 1709 
he is chosen fence viewer and surveyor of highways for Cow 
Neck, in Hempstead. A muster roll of Joshua Cornell's Com- 
pany, of Queens County, dated Oct. 25, 17 15, is on file at 
Albany. 1716, Nov. 5, Capt. Joshua registers an ear-mark for 
cattle in Hempstead. 


Marv,' of John' (7), Thomas,' 
b. 1679; m. James Sands of Mattinnicock, L. I., formerly of 
Rhode Island, 1697; he was b. 1662; d. 1731 or 1733. Son of 
James and Sarah (Walker) Sands. Interred on his farm. 

* New York Wills, 20: 249. 

272 Gcnealos;;}' of the Cornell Family. 

Sands bought from Richard of Rockavvay a farm, being- 
part of that patented i6S6 to Richard, and where Sands was 
buried. 1730. James Sands, will, devised a share of land in 
Goshen. Orange Co., held in partnership with Richard (3001). 
Caleb Cornell (3005) was one of his executors (see Sands' ped- 
igree, appendix, and Bolto7i's History). 


John,' of John' (7), Thomas,' 

b. 16S1; m. Mary Starr of Danbury, Conn.* Child: 

3022 John, b. 1724; d. 1776. 

He joined in the deed, in 1705, with his brothers Richard 
and Joshua to Caleb. 1727, Nov. 13, the highway commission- 
ers of Cow Neck lay out a private road for John Cornell over 
land of Nathaniel Sands. 


Caleb,' of John" (7), Thomas,' 

b. 16S3; d. 1734; m. Elizabeth Hagner of Flushing, Oct. 10, 
1705. Children: 

3023 Richardson, b. Ju4y 16, 1706; d. s. p. Jan. 10, 1732, 

of small pox. 

3024 Caleb, b. March 25, 1708; d. Dec. 16, 1781 (1709-75 

Bolton); m. (i) Catherine Thorne; m. (2) Phebe 

3025 Elizabeth, b. Sept. 27, 1711; d. May 10, 1793; m. 

John Sands, May 12, 1736. 

3026 Mary, b. June 19, 1714; d. Dec. 23, 1780; m. Thomas 


3027 John, b. Oct. 26, 1716; d. Jan. 8, 1790; m. (i) Martha 

Hewlett, Feb. 13, 1751; m. (2) Phebe Hewlett; 
marriage license, Dec. i, 1767. 

3028 Susannah, b. 17 18; d. young. 

3029 Richard, b. May 10, 1720; d. 1772; m. Catherine 

Dean, vSept. 28, 1742. 

3030 William, b. Sept. 15, 1721; d. Nov. 5, 1797; m. Ruth 
Hewlett, Nov. 2, i'749. 

* The Starr Genealogy gives a Capt. Josiah Starr of Hempstead, 1678- 
1693, who removed with some of his neighbors to Danbury. But it mentions 
no daughter Mary. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 273 

3031 Margaret, b. Feb. 25, 1728; d. Dec. 16, 1808; m. 

John Willis, Aug. 26, 1749. 

3032 Joshua, b. May 10, 1726; d. June 20, 1800; m. 

Hannah Hewlett, Oct. 22, 1758. 

1705, he takes a deed from his brothers Richard, Joshua and 
John. 1724, March 31, he witnesses the deed from his brother 
Richard to Benoni Merritt. 1727, August 24, he and others 
release to Richard (3001), part of an old highway on Cow Neck, 
the line of the road having been changed. In 1 733 he was an ex- 
ecutor of his brother-in-law, James Sands (see No. 3003). 1739, 
Feb. 7, he and his wife convey to his son Caleb "shipwright" for 
^30, six acres at Cow Neck, adjoining John Sands, etc.* 


M.-\RY,* of Richard^ (3001), John,^ Thomas,' 
b. 17.10, 1703; d. Sept. 15, 1762; m. Edward Sands of Cow 
Neck; he was b. 1691; d. March 9, 1746, aged 55 years. 
Buried at Sands Point. Children [Sands): 

Ray, d. Feb. 14, 1739. 

Henry, b. 1728; d. July i, 1780; m. Martha Cor- 
nell(?), March 14, 1748. (See No. 3059). 

Richard, b. 1730; d. Oct. 25, 1798; m. Deborah 

George, m. Jemima Smith, bond March 6, 1757. 

Sybil, b. Sept. 3, 1727; d. March i, 1759; m. Stephen 
Thorne, July 27, 1746. 

Hannah, m. Dr. David Brooks, bond Nov. 30, 
1771; he d. 1794. Their sons established the 
clothing firm of Brooks Brothers, Catherine 
Street, New York. 

Mary, b. 1733; d. July 28, 1793; m. William Sut- 
ton, April 18, 1779. 

Deborah, b. 1736; d. Sept. i, 1762; m. Edward 
Mott (as his second wife), bond Oct. 13, 1753. 

Edward Sands of Cow Neck, Hempstead, L. I., will dated 
"23. 1 1 mo., called January, 1745"; probated March 27, 1746, New 
York.f Executors: Joseph Mott, Nathaniel Pearsall; names 
wife Mary, children, and father-in-law Richard Cornell. His 

* North Hempstead Records, 3: 294. 
t Liber XW, p. 4Q5. 

274 Cirftra/oi^v of tJie Cornell Family. 

father's will names ]\Iary, wife of Edward Sands.* He had a 
brother Nathaniel Sands. He mentions land boug-ht of his 
father-in-law Richard Cornell. 



RicHARn/ of Richard^ (3001), John/ Thomas,' 

b., 170S; d. 175S; m. jMary Ferris, 11. 3, 1732. Child: 

3033 Peter, b. 1732; d. 30.7, 1767; m. Sarah Haviland, 

^iay 3, 1 75 1. 

In 1720, he registered in Hempstead an ear-mark which had 
belonged to his grandfather John (7). In 1755, he is registered 
as owning two slaves. His will ("Richard Cornell of Scarsdale,") 
is dated 1758, and was proved Aug. 14, of the same year. He 
leaves to his son Peter, a riding horse given him by his father, 
and half of his lands in Scarsdale. His lands in Northcastle 
are to be sold. He makes provision for his granddaughter 
Mary Cornell, to be paid her when she is eighteen. His wife 
Mary is to have the residue for life, with reversion to Peter. 
Executors: wife Mary, son Peter and brother Benjamin (3016), 
Witnesses: Ebenezer Haviland, Abigail Cornell (3016), and 
Hannah Cornell (3019). f 


Joseph,* of Richard^ (3001), John,' Thomas,^ 

b. 4. II, 1712, at Cow Neck, L. I.; d. 1770; m. Phebe Ferris, 
daughter of Peter, 20.4, 1734 (by Frie^ids Records). Children: 

3034 Joseph, b. 1735; i^- Sarah Hadden, 15, 7 mo., 1756. 

3035 Hannah, b. 1736; m. James Fowler, 21.12, 1758. 

3036 Richard, b. 1738; d. 1748. 

3037 Sarah, b. 1739. 

3038 Mary, b. 1741; m. John Merritt of Mamaroneck, 

17.4, 1766. 

3039 John, b. 1743; d. 1817; m. Alice Williams, 1763. 

3040 JFerris, b. 1748; d. 181 6; m. (i) Anne Cornell 

(Richard," Thomas,^ Richard,'' Thomas'); m. 
(2) Hannah Quimby; m. (3) Sarah Cox. 

3041 Phebe, b. 1750; m. Abijah Haight. 

* But Bolton ( Westchester County), calls him Rev. Henry Sands, 
t New York /f7//,f, 21 : 83. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family . 275 

In 1755, Joseph Cornell of Mamaroneck and Scarsdale, owned 
two slaves. Little else is known of him except from his will, 
which is dated "21st, nth mo. called November, 1771," and was 
proved Dec. 30, of the same year. His wife Phebe is to have a 
negro woman ^lercy, "the land where I now live," and land on 
the east side of the road, between land that was Peter Cornell's 
(3033) and Benjamin Cornell's (3016) for life. His son Joseph 
receives a third of his lands in New Hampshire and negro 
Stephen. John receives land at Horseridge, a salt meadow at 
Mamaroneck, negro Aaron and a third of the New Hampshire 
lands. Ferris receives the negro Pomp and the reversion of 
the home farm. Of his daughters, Sarah and Phebe receive 
^100 each, and Hannah receives ^3. ]Mary is also mentioned. 
Executors: wife Phebe, and his sons Joseph and Ferris.* 


Phebe Thorxe,^ of Richard' (3001), John,^ Thomas,' 

b. 6.3, 1715; d. before 1756; m. (1) Ebenezer Haviland, 
son of Benjamin of "Westchester, X. Y.; he d. 1749-50; m. 
(2) John Williams. Children [Havilatid): 



Hannah, b. 3.2,1738; d. 5.7, 1758; ra. John Griffin, 

21.4, 1754- 

These children were all under age at the time of their 
father's will, and all seem to have died young but Hannah and 
Elizabeth, they only being mentioned in their grandfather 
Richard Cornell's will, 1756 (in fact Hannah died aged 20 
years). She had no children by her second husband, and 
Richard's will says: Phebe, deceased wife of John Williams. 


John,* of Richard' (3001), John,' Thomas,' 
b. 30.7, 1 7 16; d. s.p., 1783-4. 
He is generally known as John Cornell (or in his will Corn- 

* New York Wills, 28: 162. 

276 (ifnra/oi^y of iJw Cornell Faniily. 

well) of New Rochelle. In 1759, he deeded to William Cornell 
(^3053), of Phillipsburg' half of a tract of 450 acres, which was re- 
leased to him and Hannah Ouimby by Richard, Joseph and Ben- 
jamin Cornell and Edward Burling. In 1 771, he was executor of 
his brother Benjamin. In 1775, he sold his farm on Quaker 
Ridge to his nephew Stephen (3044), whose descendants were 
still living on it in 1892. His will is dated the "8th day of the 
loth month, called October, 1771." It was proved April 23, 1784. 
All his property goes to his nephew Benjamin Haviland, except 
the specific legacies. His brother Joseph and his sisters 
Rebecca Burling and Elizabeth Quimby, as well as his niece 
Mary, wife of William Cornell, are each to receive ^100. Other 
legatees are the grandchildren of his brother Richard: Thomas, 
Richard, Haviland and Ebenezer, and the children of his 
brother Benjamin: Hannah, wife of John Burling, Jr., Jane, 
Stephen, Deborah, wife of Willett Bowne, Ann, Phebe, Abigail 
and Benjamin.* 

His farm was in the town of New Rochelle, on the west side 
of the Quaker Ridge road, about a mile north of the Quaker 
Meeting House in Scarsdale. He was eccentric and died in a 
fit. After his death money was found in unexpected places, 
closets, goose nests, etc. 


Rebecca," of Richard' (3001), John,^ Thomas,' 

b- 30-7, 1716; m. Edward Burling of Long Beach, son of 
Edward and Phebe (Ferris) Burling; he was b. 3.12, 17 13-4. 
1771, devisee of brother John; both witnessed will of brother 
Benjamin, also Edward Burling, Jr. Children [Burlhig): 

Hannah, b. 11. 2, 1736. 

Phebe, b. 11.2, 1736, twin of above; m. Jesse Hal- 
lock, 19.9, 1765. 
■ ■ • Sarah, b. 14.12, 1737-8; m. Joseph Griffen, 21.3, 


Edward, b. 31.3, 1740. 

Rebecca, b. 4.8, 1742; m. Richard Titus, 18. i, 1770. 

Grace, b. 2.1, 1744-5; m. David Hallock, 18.5, 1769. 

Richard, b. 24.3, 1747; d. 22.5, 1747. 

* New York IViils, 36: 397. Also in Pelletreau' s Westchester Wills, 

p. 275. :.....:.... 

Genealogy of the Cornell Faviily. 277 

Martha, b 14.4, 1748. 

Richard, b. 6.10, 1750; m. Charity Haviland, 4.12, 

Deborah, b. 10.3, 1754; d. 23.7, 1756. 
Deborah, b. 3.1, 1757; d. 2.4, 1759. 
Samuel, b. 9.9, 1760. 


Benjamin,* of Richard' (3001), John,' Thomas,' 

b. 18.9, 1723; d. 25.7, 1771; m. Abigail Stevenson, 17.9, 1742, 
daughter of Stephen, deceased, of Rye and Jane Clements of 
Rye; she was b. 29.9, 1727; d. 17.10, 1S05. Children: 

3042 Hannah, b. 8.9, 1744; m. John Burling, Jr., 9.1, 1767. 

He witnessed will of Peter {3033). 

3043 Jane, b. 18.9, 1746; m. Joseph Griffin, 16.4, 1772. 

3044 Stephen, b. 1.2, 1749; d. 3.15, 1802; m. Margaret 

Haviland, 17.8, 1775. 

3045 Deborah, b. 27.4, 1751; m. Willett Bowne of Flush- 

ing, 6.9, 1769; he was b. 8.6, 1745. Child: William, 
b. 15,3, 1771; she died and he married again 
before 1785. Devisee of John (3013). 

3046 Ann, b. 10.9, 1753; m. Benjamin Haviland of Har- 

rison, 16. 1, 1777; he d. in Canada. Devisee of 
John (3013.) 

3047 Phebe, b. 25.10, 1755; m. John Gibb, 10.10, 1774, of 

Phillipsburg (see No. 3013). 
304S Sarah, b. 14. i, 1758; d. 11.4, 1764. 

3049 Abigail, b. 14.1, 17 58; d. about 1820. 

3050 Benjamin, b. 22.6, 1760; d. 10.8, 1760. 

3051 Benjamin, b. 23.8, 1761; d. May 20, 1841; m. (i) 

Alice Sutton, 19.3, 1783; m. (2) Pamelia Far- 
rington, 9.5, 1804. 
305 1 A Sarah, b. 4. 11, 1764. 

In 1758, he was executor of his brother Richard. 1768, 
April 30, he was one of a committee to build a new Quaker 
meeting house at Mamaroneck. His will is dated March 27, 
1763, and was proved Aug. 9, 1771. His lands are to be divided 
between his two sons, Stephen and Benjamin. All his daugh- 
ters are named and were then minors. Sarah is to be support- 

278 (jt'nealoi:;}' of the Cornell Family. 

ed bv his wife and the other children. Executors: wife Abi- 
gail, daughter Hannah and brother John. Witnesses: Edward 
Burling. Edward Burling, Jr., and Rebecca Burling, wife of 
Edward, Sr."^ Abigail Cornell survived her husband over 
thirtv vears, anei her will was proved Nov. 5, 1S05, being dated 
earlier in the same year. She mentions her daughters Abigail, 
Jane Gril^in, Ann Haviland and Phebe Gibb, as well as her 
grandchildren Catharine Hosier, John Burling and William 
Bowne. Executors: son Benjamin and her grandson William 
H. Cornell. t 


josHU.^," of Joshiui^ (3002), John,'' Thomas,' 
b. 1696; m. Charity Haight. Children: 

3052 Joshua, b. 1726; d. 1775; ni. Hannah Harrison. 

3053 William, b. Dec. 3, 1728; d. March 24, 1799; m. 

Mary Ouimby, 15.7, 1748. 

3054 John, b. 1738; d. 1813; m. (i) Mary Quimby(?); she 

was b. Feb. 22, 1738; m. (2) Mary Ann Allen. 

3055 Charity, b. 1732; m. Barak Cornell (3056). 

Some authorities say there was no daughter in this family. 
Some of John's family went to Canada, and their descendants 
still live there. 


S-i^MUEL,^ J of Joshua' (3002), John,''' Thomas,' 

b. 1702; d. 1768; m. Hannah Carman, 1724; she d. 1777. § 
Children (as per will): 

3056 Barak, b. about 1725; d. 1800; in. (i) Charity Cor- 

nell (3055); m. (2) Mary Clark. 

3057 ]o\\n,d.s.p. 

3058 Joshua. 

3059 Martha, b. 1726; d. 1759; m. Sands. 

* New York Wills, 22,: S7- 

t Westchester County JVztls, F. 168. 

X Bolton calls him Samuel of Cow Neck, Hempstead; but the will de- 
scribes him as of Flushing where (near Success and Little Neck) his de- 
scendants still reside. Bolton gives him a daughter Martha, m. Henry 
Sands, which is doubtful, as she is not named in the will of Samuel or Hannah. 

§ Hannah Carman may have been daughter of Caleb, whose will 1745 
names daughter Hannah and executors, my brothers-in-law John (3018), 
and Joshua (3017) Cornell. 

Genealogy of the Coryiell Family. 279 

His will is dated April 6, 1768, and proved ]SIay 18 of the 
same year. He describes himself as of Flushing. His wife 
Hannah takes ;^5oo, three negroes, etc. His three grand- 
daughters, J^Iary, Hannah and Abigail Sands each take ;^ioo. 
His two grandsons. Comfort and Samuel Cornell receive the 
farm he bought of Samuel Rodman, "where I now reside," 
containing about 200 acres, also salt and fresh meadows, all in 
Flushing. His son Barak takes ^500. His two negroes are 
to be sold, but to choose their own masters. Executors: wife 
Hannah, brothers-in-law, John Carman and Joshua Carman. 
Only his wife qualified.* His wife Hannah's will is dated Nov. 
26, 1776, and was proved March 11, 1777. Besides her son 
Barak, she mentions as grandchildren, Hannah, Henry, Mary, 
Barak, Joshua and John Cornell, Hannah Brucks and Abigail 
Sands. Her son Barak is sole executor.f 


John,* J of John' (3004), John,' Thomas,' 
b. 1724; d. 1776; m. . Children: 

3060 Comfort. 

3061 Mary, m. Dibblee. 

3062 Samuel, had a daughter Mary who m. Comfort 

Starr of Danbury, a merchant, who d. 1764. 
The same person that Comfort Sands was 
named after. 

He fell from his horse when the British burned Danbury, 
1776, and died aged 53 years. 


Caleb,* of Caleb ^ (3005), John,' Thomas,' 
b. March 25, 1708; d. Dec. 16, 1781; m. (i) Catherine Thorne, 
daughter of Joseph and Catherine; she was b. Oct. 13, 17 14; 
m. (2) Phebe Haight, widow of John, July 21, 1743; she d. 
April, 1750. Children (as per Bolton): 

3063 Joseph, b. Oct. 13, 1734; d. unmarried. Devisee of 

Joseph Thorne. 

* New York Wills, 26: 299. 

t ^^e''<^ York Wills, 34: 152. 

X Some authorities call him the son of John,' Thomas'. The author 
being uncertain about the Starr-Cornell lineage would be glad of any infor- 
mation on the subject. 

a8o Cienealo^y of the Cornell Family. 

3004 Richardson, b. Oct. 15, 1741; m. Tabitha Long- 
fellow of Falmouth, Mass. 

3065 Stephen, b. June 23, 1744; d. 1804; m. Mary Piatt, 

June 2, 1776. 

3066 Caleb, b. June 27, 1748; d. Aug. 4, 1802; m. Free- 

love Demilt, March 25, 1774. 

3067 Aspinwall, b. about 1750; d. after 1825; m. (i) Jane 

Mitchell, Nov. 16, 1783; m. (2) Priscilla Mitchell 
(her sister). 

3068 Catherine, m. Wessell Sells, Feb. 25, 1773, son of 

James of Brookhaven. Had two children, 

1738, Nov. 2, he signed an order as one of the Justices of 
the Peace of Queens County.* 1748, Dec. 17, Caleb Cornell, 
Jr., of Cow Neck, shipwright, buys 124 acres on Cow Neck 
from Samuel Sands and his wife Elizabeth for ^520. The 
will of Abel Smith in 1751 mentions "the 12 acres of timber 
land I bought of Caleb Cornell." Joseph Thorne, in his will 
dated Aug. i, 1751, makes Caleb an executor. 1756, July 
29. all of his children except Joseph were baptized in St. 
George's Church, Hempstead. In 1768, he advertised a run- 
away slave. In 1781, he again appears as Justice of the 
Peace. 1764, Jan. 23, Joseph and Richardson Cornell of New 
York, procured ^7,000 worth of goods which they converted 
into cash and fled to Long Island. They shut themselves up 
in the house of Henry Sands and shot an officer who attempted 
to capture them.f 

The names Richardson and Aspinwall probably come from 
the Sands family. 


Elizabeth,* of Caleb' (3005), John,^ Thomas,' 

b. Sept. 27, 1711; d. May 10, 1793; m. John Sands (John,' 
James, ^ Henry,'), May 12, 1736; marriage license. May 10, 
(see Sand's Lineage, Appendix). Children {Sands): 

John, b. Feb. 22, 1737; d. June 25, 1811. Was 

Lieut. -Colonel, 1772. 
Cornell, b. April 26, 1739; d. Aug. 3, 1793. 
Elizabeth, b. May 8, 1742; d. Sept. 13, 1747. 

* Hempstead Printed Records, 3: 2ig. 
t Onderdonk, Queens County, p, 34. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 281 

Robert, b. Feb. 13, 1745; d. March 8, 1825; no male 

Comfort, b. Feb. 26, 1748; bap. St. Paul's Chapel, 

New York, 1767; d. Sept. 22, 1834, Hoboken, N. J. 
Stephen, b. 1750; d. 1787. 

Richardson, b. June 13, 1754; left no male issue. 
Joshua, b. Oct. 12, 1757; d. Sept. 13, 1835; left male 


She survived her husband and was buried by him in the 
Sands graveyard at Cow Xeck. Comfort and Joshua were 
merchants in New York. Comfort Sands was a member of 
the Provincial Cong-ress in 1775, and held other important posts 
during- the war of 1776-83. From him are descended the Jays 
of Rye, N. Y. (see Bolton's History). 


John,* of Caleb' (3o°5)' John,^ Thomas,' 

b. Oct. 26, 1715; d. Jan. 8, 1790; m. (i) Martha Hewlett, Feb. 
13, 1751; m. (2) Phebe Hewlett; marriage license, Dec. i, 1767, 
(by whom he had no children); they were sisters of Ruth 
(see 3030) and Hannah (3032). Children (as per Bolton): 

3069 Charles, d. s. p. Devisee of James (3080), 18*5. 

3070 Hewlett, b. Dec. 31, 1750 or Jan. i. 1751; d. June 

3, 1828; m. Elizabeth Willis; marriage license, 
July 31, 1782. 

1759, June 8, Phebe Hewlett witnesses a deed from Joshua 
Cornell to his brother Caleb. Lewis Hewlett's will dated 
March 28, 1763, mentions his daughters Phebe Cornell, Ruth 
Cornell (3030) and Hannah Cornell (3032), and his grandson 
Hewlett Cornell. He has already given Phebe a negro slave 
Nancy. In 1782, John Cornell and his son were listed to cut 
four cords of wood for the British troops. 


Richard,* of Caleb ' (3005), John,^ Thomas,' 
b. May 10, 1720; d. 1772; m. Catherine Dean, Sept. 28, 1742; 
she d. Feb. 16, 1794. Children: 

3071 Caleb Cornwell of New York City, mariner, and 

Madeline Headley of New York City, spin- 

28a Geyiealogy of the Cflr?tcll Juiviily. 

ster. m. Nov. 17, 1763; surety on bond, Joseph 
Cornell, New York City, merchant. He is 
called by Bolton, a Captain R. N.; d. on British 

3072 Elizabeth, spinster. New York City, m. Samuel 

]\Iarsh of Philadelphia, shipwright, March 9, 


3073 Mar}', b. 1744; m. William Miller or Bntler, mar- 

riage license, Aug. 9, 1776 (see Jiidah,* Edward," 
John,' Thomas," Thomas"). 

3074 Margaret, m. (i) George Graham; m. (2) William 


1752, Nov. 24, William Cornell and wife Catherine, Margery 
Sackett, widow, daughters of John Dean, deceased, and other 
children of Dean, give a deed of a lot on Sackett Street 
(Montgomerie Ward). 1767, April 18, Richard Cornwell of 
New York City, ship carpenter, gives to his brother John 
Cornwell, a power-of-attorney to collect debts. 


William,* of Caleb' (3005), John," Thomas," 

b. Sept. 15, 1721; d. Nov. 5, 1797; m. Ruth Hewlett, Nov. 2, 
1749; she was b. June 25, 172 1; d. Oct. 27, 1808. Children (as 
per will and partition) :* 

3075 Elizabeth, b. June 28, 1752; d. 1823; m. Charles 

Cornell (Samuel,* Thomas,' Richard," Thomas,') 
of Troy or Bay Side, 1772. 

3076 Lewis, b. March 3, 1757; d. Aug. 21, 1804, at 

Flushing; m. Elizabeth Sands, Sept. 25, 1785. 

3077 Samuel, b. June 10, 1759; d. July 17, 1801; m. 

Martha Paterson, Nov. 16, 1786. 

3078 Joshua, b. Jan. 16, 1762; d. Jan. 24, 1822, at Flush- 


3079 Charles Paterson, b. May i, 1765; d. 1839; m. Ann 

Fleet of Jamaica, Nov. 19, 1791. 

In 1775, he owned four slaves in Hempstead. He appears 
to have been a loyalist in 1775, and in 1779 it is ordered that 

* Bolton says William and Ruth had Samuel and Elizabeth only, and 
that Joshua and Hannah had Joshua, d. 1822, Lewis and Charles. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Fainily. 283 

he shall be paid for wood cut on his premises for the British 
troops. In 1784, he was an assessor and fence viewer in Hemp- 
stead, and had been previously, in 1781, a Justice of the Peace. 
1786, June 6, "William Cornwall" appears on the bond of 
"Lewis Cornwall" as loan officer. 1788, Sept. 4, he recovers a 
judgment against Stephen Thorn for ^418.12. His will is not 
dated and was not proved until Nov. 4, 1823, many years after 
his death. All the witnesses were then dead and it was proved 
by the testimony of James Corn well of Xorth Hempstead, who 
testified to the handwriting of the testator and one of the wit- 
nesses, and said that he had written this will at testator's re- 
quest. He left jQ^oo to his wife; his sons Lewis and Samuel 
received only loj". as they had already received their shares; 
Eliza!)eth received ^250, and the residue went to Joshua and 
Charles. These two with his nephew James Cornell, were ap- 
pointed executors, but only Charles qualified, (Joshua had died 
the year before). Witnesses: "Joshua Corn well," Richard 
Baker and Susannah Baker. 


^La.rgaret,* of Caleb' (3°°5)) John,' Thomas,' 
b. Feb. 25, 1728; d. Dec. 16, 1808; m. John Willis, Aug. 26, 
1749. Children ( f Villis) : 

Cornwell, b. March 24, 1772*. Devisee of James. 
William, b. March 18, 1749; d. in Xew York. 
Joshua, b. Sept. 24, 1752; d. in Xew York. 
Richard, b. Feb. 24, 1756; d. Sept. 15, 1757. 
Elizabeth, b. Aug. 8, 1758; d. ]\Iay 23, 1844; m. 

Hewlett Cornell (3070). 
John, b. Jan. 3, 1764; d. March 26, 1833; m. Phebe 

Cornwell (3167). 
Charles, b. June 4, 1767: d. 1835. 
Mary, b. Xov. 11, 1774; m. (?) Barker, (see 

will of James 3080). 


Joshua,* of Caleb' (3°°5), John,' Thomas,' 

b, ^lay 10, 1726; d. June 20, 1800; m. Hannah Hewlett, Oct. 
22, 1758, marriage license, April 24, 1758; she was b. Aug. 23, 
1725; d. March 8, 1795, daughter of James Hewlett. Child: 

* Cornwell Willis owned the 100 acres patented to John Cornwell in 1686. 

a $4 Ge?iea/ogy of the Cornell Family. 

3080 James, b. ^larch 16, 1766; d. Nov. 21, 1825, "ae. 59, 

8, 5 " (tombstone at Cow Neck). Was a bachelor. 

1759, June 8, Joshua Cornell of Cow Neck and his wife 
Hannah, convey to their brother Caleb, shipwright, 20 acres of 
land joining- Caleb's homestead. The deed recites that this 
land had been conveyed to Joshua by William Cornell, who had 
bought it from John O'Neal Sands, eldest son of Nathaniel 
Sands. Witnesses: Phebe Hewlett and Lewis Hewlett. In 
1 781, he had 10 acres of woodland on Cow Neck. He also wit- 
nessed the will of his brother William, but died before the will 
was proved. 17S4, July 13, Joshua Cornell of Hempstead, 
yeoman, and his wife Hannah, convey 12 acres in Hempstead, 
to Thomas Thorne. 


Peter,' of Richard* (3009), Richard,' John,* Thomas,* 

b. 1732; d. July 30, 1767; m. Sarah Haviland, May 3, 1751; 
she was b. 1734; d. March 17, 1787; she m. (2) Joshua Hat- 
field, 1774. Children: 

3081 Mary, b. March 30, 1753; m. Nathan Palmer, May 

21, 1772, son of Benjamin of Mamaroneck. Dev- 
isee of grandfather. Twelve children. 

3082 Thomas, b. Oct. 19, 1754; d. 1817; m. Hannah 

Lynch, June i, 1779. 

3083 Richard, b. Feb. 4, 1760; d. Dec. 12, 1840, at Au- 

burn, N. Y.; m. (i) Elizabeth Angevin; m. (2) 
Nancy Purdy. 

3084 Ebenezer, b. Dec. 20, 1761; d. 1794; m. Elizabeth 


3085 Haviland, b. July i, 1764; d. Feb. 5, 1844; m. (i) 

Mary Gale; m. (2) Lavinia Storms. 

1758, under his father's will, of which he was one of the ex- 
ecutors, Peter takes half of his lands at Scarsdale. In 1762, 
Sarah, wife of Peter Cornell is mentioned in the will of her 
father Thomas Haviland. Peter's will is dated March 4, 1767, 
and was proved Aug. 22. He calls himself of Scarsdale, 
yeoman. He leaves to his wife all the lands her father left 
her by his will, and a negro girl Bet. His five children 
are all minors. Executors: uncle Benjamin Cornell and 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 285 

James Horton, Jr. Witness: John Burling, Jr.* Peter was 
buried at the Quaker meeting- house on the Post Road, Mamar- 


Joseph,' of Joseph* (3010), Richard,^ John,^ Thomas,' 

b. about 1735; ^^- Sarah Hadden, daughter of Job Hadden 
and Elizabeth Griffen of Mamaroneck, 15.7, 1756.! Children 
(as per Scharff^ Westchester Co. ) : 

3086 Susannah, b. 1757; m. Newberry Fowler. 

3087 Deborah, b. 1760; m. Jonathan Fowler. 

3088 Richard, b. 1762; d. 1795. 

3089 Jonathan, b. 1764; d. 1834; m. (i) Lydia Carpen- 

ter; m. (2) Jemima Acker. 

3090 Willett, b. 1770; m. Mary Cock. 


John,' of Joseph* (3010), Richard,' John,' Thomas,' 

b. 1743; d. 1817; m. Alice "Williams, marriage license, Nov. 
22, 1763; she was b. 1744; d. 1830. Children (as per Bolton): 

3091 Isaac, b. 1767; d. 1832; m. Sarah Bennett. 

3092 John L., b. 1781; d. 3.21, 1849; ^i- (i) Margery 

Williams; m. (2) Hannah Anderson. 

3093 Margaret, b. 1765; d. 1831; m. (i) Isaac Horton; 

m. (2) William Anderson. 

3094 Phebe, b. 1769; d. young. 

3095 Mary, m. (i) David Mann; m. (2) Rev. Samuel 


3096 Phebe, d. 1774. 

3097 Sarah, m. James Varian. 

3098 Elizabeth, m. James Varian. 


Ferris,' of Joseph* (3010), Richard,' John,' Thomas,' 
b. 1748; d. 1816; m. (i) Anne Cornell; m. (2) Hannah Quimby; 
m. (3) Sarah Cox. Children: 

3099 Richard, b. 1774; d. 17 7-. 

* AVw Vor^ lVt//s, 26: 47. 

t See Records of Friends Meeting, Harrison. Bolton gives date of mar- 
riage, 1735. 

2 So (it'Ufdlogy of the Cornell Family. 

3100 Joseph, b. 1776. Living 1816. 

3101 Thomas I., b. 1779; ^- April 16, 1S59, aged 79 

years; m. (i) Amy Fisher; m. (2) Gulielma 

3102 Samuel B., b. 1782; m. Martha Bonnett. 

17S3. Dec. 22, at the first election in the Manor of Scarsdale, 
he was elected Overseer of Highways and " Pounder." In 1791, 
he frees two slaves. His will is dated the 23d of the 5th month, 
1S12, and was proved Feb. 3, 181 6. His wife Sarah is to have 
the use of a third of his farm, which is then to go to Thomas I. 
and Joseph, the former of whom is to maintain the latter; $30 
i^ left to his niece Susan Merritt.* 


Stephen,' of Benjamin* (3016), Richard,' John,' Thomas,' 
b. 1.2, 1749; d. 3.15, 1S02; m. Margaret Haviland, daughter of 
William of Harrison's Purchase, Aug. 16, 1775; she d. 3.24, 
1847. Children; 

3103 William Haviland, b. 10.15, ^ll^'i ^- 2.25, 1850; m. 

Dorcas Carpenter, 11. 17, 1802. 

3104 Deborah, b. 8.10, 1778; d. 10. i, 1804 (in childbed); 

m. John Schuman, 1803; he m. (2) Martha Car- 
penter, sister of Dorcas. 

3105 Richard, b, 4.19, 1784; d. 4.2, 1798. 

3106 Mary, b. 8.24, 1783; d. 4.10, 1784. 

3107 Stephen, b. 5.28, 1785; d. 9.13, 1813; m. Hannah 

Titus, 18.10, 1810. 

3108 Benjamin, b. 6.5, 1788; d. 3.22, 1854; m. Sarah 

Titus, 7.20, 1815. 

3109 Mary, b. 1.24, 1791; d. 11. 13, 1837; m. Henry Grif- 

fin, 4.19, 1 8 10, had son Stephen, grandson Charles 

31 10 Abigail, b. 10.6, 1793; d. 2.17, 1814; unmarried. 

3111 Samuel S., b. 8.21, 1796; d. 5.5, 1867; m. Hannah 

Carpenter, Jan. i or Jan. 20, 1820. 

At the first election for the Manor of Scarsdale, Dec. 22, 
1783, he was elected one of the assessors, and was re-elected 
the next year. His will is dated the 3rd day of the 8th month 

* Westchester Cotinty Witts, H. 86. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 2S7 

called August, 1801, and was proved April 25, 1802. He gives 
his moveables to his wife, and provides that the executors may 
put his children to trade if they think best. His son William 
is to have the south sixty acres of his farm, and to pay ^120 
to each of his sisters, to Deborah within a year, and to Mary 
and Abigail as they come of age. Stephen and Benjamin are 
each to have 80 acres when they come of age. The remainder is 
to go to Samuel when he comes of age. Executors: wife, 
son William and son-in-law [brother-in-law?] Richard Burling. 
Annexed to the record is a receipt for the original to the Sur- 
rogate, with the signature, " Margaret Cornell, acting exec- 

He owned about 400 acres at Quaker Ridge which he bought 
in 1775 from John (3013). 


Benjamin,' of Benjamin* (3016), Richard,' John,' Thomas,* 
b. Aug. 23, 1761; d. May 20, 1841; m. (i) Alice Sutton, 19.3, 
1783, daughter of William and Dorcas (Clapp) of Greenwich, 
Conn.; m. (2) Pamelia Farrington of Flushing, 9.5, 1804. 

By first wife: 

3112 John, b. 1783; d. 1864; m. (i) Sarah Matthews; m. 
(2) Ann Porter. 

3113 Jesse, b. 1785; d. 1805. 

3114 Jane, b. 17S7; d. 1830; m. Daniel Arnold. 

3115 Silas, b. Nov. 29, 1789; d. May 7, 1864; m. Sarah 

Mott, Dec. 12, 1 81 5. 

3116 Phebe, b. 1791-2; d. June 22, 1872; m. Stephen 

Underbill of New York, son of Daniel and Sarah 
Reese Cox Underbill of New Castle (see Bolton's 

3117 Thomas, b. 1794; d. 1797. 

31 18 Dorcas, b. Dec. 7, 1796; d. ]March 23, 1S78; m. 

Joseph Arnold of Arnoldtown, Ulster Co., Jan. 
16, 1823; child Jane, b. Aug. i, 1831; m. Stephen 
Griffin, Sept. 3, 1S57. 

By second wife: 

31 19 Thomas Tom, b. 1807; d. 1823. 

288 Genealogy of tJic Cornell Family. 

3120 Mary F., b. 1809; d. 1S74; m. Edward Field(?). 

31 2 1 Benjamin, b. 1813; d. 1814. 

1783, Dec. 22, he was elected town clerk at the first election 
in the Manor of Scarsdale, and was re-elected the next year. 
He was later supervisor of Scarsdale. He inherited his father's 
farm and house, but built a larger house on the Mamaroneck 
road. His will is dated Nov. 30, 1839, and was proved in 1842, 
after a long- contest. In substance it said: "Having been in- 
formed that my wife Pamelia has become entitled to a portion 
of the estate of her sister Catherine Tom, and it being all the 
property my said wife will have for her support, I therefore 
bequeath to my wife all that may come from the estate of said 
Catherine Tom." It appeared that althoiigh Benjamin was 
once very well-to-do and had often acted as executor and ad- 
ministrator, he latterly lost most of his property and was 
boarding with David H. Bownes. The will was contested 
chiefly by Stephen Underbill and his wife Phebe, daughter of 
the testator, but undue influence was not established. His 
wife's share was one-seventh of $38,000.* Pamelia Cornell 
made a will, Oct. 4, 1843, leaving everything to her daughter 
Mary F.f His portrait is in the Mott Family and in Sckarff's 
History of 1 1 estchester Co. 


Joshua,' of Joshua* (3017), Joshua,^ John,^ Thomas,' 
b. 1726; d. 1775; ni- Hannah Harrison.^ Children: 

3122 vSamuel, b. 1761; d. 1812; m Eleanor Hunt, 15.10, 


3123 Charity, b. 1759; d. 1776. 

3124 Sarah, b. 1762; d. 1810; unmarried. 

3125 Joshua, b. 1765; d. 1825; m. Rebecca Haight. 

3126 Phebe, b. 1768; m. James Hallett, N. Y.; she d. 

7.22, i854(?). 

3127 John, b. 1769; d. 3.21, 1849; unmarried. 

3128 Hannah, b. 1775; ^- i777- 

* See Westchester County Wills, V, 480-506. 

t Westchester County Wills, 38: 595. 

X She was daughter of John, the original patentee of the town of Harrison. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Fainily. 289 

3129 Mary, b. 1776; m. William Cromwell, Canada. 

Children: Jameson, Robert B., m. Anne Cornell, 
and John C. m. Eliza Cornell, daughter of Elisha 
Cornell (3293). 

His will is dated Jan. 25, 177 1, and was proved Jan. 10, 1776. 
It describes him as of North Castle, and mentions his wife and 
all the children who were born at the date of the will. Exec- 
utors: brothers William of the Alanor of Phillipsburgh and 
John of Greenwich, Conn. 

The will of John Cornell (3127) was proved in Stamford, 
March 26, 1849. He describes himself as of Greenwich, and 
divides his estate equally between his sisters Phebe Hallett of 
New York and Mary Cromwell of Canada, and the children of 
his brothers Samuel and Joshua. Executors: James Field 
and William C. Field. 


William,' of Joshua* (3017), Joshua,' John," Thomas,' 

b. Dec. 3, 1728; d. March 24, 1799; m. Mary Quimby, 15.7, 1748, 
daughter of Josiah and Hannah of IMamaroneck; she w^as b. 
May 5, 1730; d. May 29, 1809. Children: 

3130 Richard, b. April 4, 1751; d. July 3, 181 2; un- 

married, deficient in intellect. 

3131 Quimby, b. 23.5 or May 11, 1749; d. 19.7, 1827; 

m. Hannah Underhill, 17.3, 1768. 

3132 James, b. Jan. i, 1753; d. 1839; m. (i) Elizabeth 

Chadeayne, Dec. 10, 1780; m. (2) Phebe Smith. 

3133 John, b. Dec. 20, 1755; d. Jan. 11, 1778; d.s.p* 

3134 William, b. Nov. 19, 1757; d. March 24, 1799; m. 

Esther Underhill, 8.6, 1781. 

3135 Daniel, b. Feb. 3, 1760; d. Dec. 26, 1854; m. (i) 

Elizabeth Birdsall, 28.3, 1781; m. (2) Mercy 

3136 Josiah, b. Feb. 3, 1760 (twin of above) m. (i) 

Susannah Birdsall, Dec. 19, 1781; m. (2) Ann 
Reynolds, Dec. 21, 1784. 

3137 Mary, d. May 29, 1809. 

In 1759, he buys from John (3013), of New^ Rochelle, an un- 
divided half of 450 acres w^hich was released to John and 

* John(?) of Greenwich, married Miriam Latham. 

2i)o Gcncciloj^y of the Cornell Family. 

Hannah Ouiniby (301 1) by Richard (3009), Joseph (3010) and 
Beniamin (3016) Cornell and Edward Burling (see No. 3014). He 
seems to have been a large landholder in Westchester County, 
for in 1770 he bought 3S6 acres from Benjamin Smith, Caleb 
Fowler and Joseph Sutton, and in 1772 two parcels, one from 
Joseph Sutton and the second, a small one from Anne Cham- 
bers, as well as another parcel somewhat later from Obadiah 
Palmer. His house was for a time Washington's headquarters 
during the revolution. In 1776, he was executor for his brother 
Joshua. In 17S6, he bought from Samuel Palmer of Bedford, 
Gilbert Palmer of Cortlandt Manor, Obadiah Palmer, James 
Palmer and ]\Iary Palmer of Greenwich, land bounded by 
Benjamin Clapp, the Byram River and the Colony line. The 
deed describes him as of Phillipsburg, but this land is appar- 
ently in Greenwich, Conn., between King Street and the Byram 
River, so that he probably removed hither about this date and 
spent the remainder of his life here. His will is dated May 6, 
1797, and was proved April 10, 1799. He leaves ;^2oo and his 
household goods and moveables to his wife, who is to provide 
for their son Richard.* 


Barak,' of Samuel* (3019), Joshua,' John,' Thomas', 

b. about 1725; d. 1800; m. (i) Charity Cornell (3055) his 
cousin, m. (2) Mary Clark. Children: 

By first wife: 

3138 Comfort, d. 1782; m. Elizabeth Embree of Flush- 


3139 Joshua, d. young. 

3140 Samuel, b. July 7, 1754; d. Nov. 5, 1784, at Middle- 

town, N. J.; m. Sarah Miller, Oct. 19, 1774. 

By second wife: 

3141 Henry, b. about 1755; d. about 1828; m. Sarah 


3142 John, d. Feb. 28, 1847; m. Letitia Field, Feb. 10, 


3143 Hannah, m. (i) Jaffrey (or Japheth,' Stephen,' 

Richard,' Richard,'' Thomas') Cornell; m. (2) 

* Westchester Wills, -5, 381. 

Genealogy of the Corjicll Faviily. ,291 

3144 Joshua, d. about 1850; m. Ann Van Nostrand. 

3145 Mary, m. John Hicks of Success (Elizabeth,* 

Samuel,' Richard,* Richard,' Richard,^ Thomas'). 

3146 Barak, m. Jan. 15, 1786, Susan Pettit of Hempstead. 

3147 Stephen, m. Mary Wiggin, March 15, 1800. 

1772, Nov. 14, Barak and his wife Mary make a mortgage 
for ;^785 to Henry Wooley and Daniel Thorne, as executors of 
Joseph Cornell (Samuel,* Richard,' Richard,* Thomas'), de- 
ceased, of land "where the said Joseph lately lived," partly in 
Hempstead and partly in Flushing on the road from Great 
Plains to Little Neck, about 240 acres on Success Pond.* 
1788, April I, he mortgaged the same property to John Suydam 
for ^,^304.* 1793, May 11, he and James Smith convey to his 
son Barak, 60 acres near the Court House at North Hempstead. 
This deed is signed " Baruch Cornell. "f His will is dated Aug. 
6, 1794, and was proved Jan. 10, 1801. He leaves a negro to his 
wife, but gives the greater part of his property to Henry, 
Barak, Joshua and John; Comfort and Samuel being excluded.J 


Stephen,^ of Caleb* (3024), Caleb,' John,' Thomas,* 

b. June 23, 1744; d. 1804; m. Mary Piatt, June 2, 1776, 
marriage license, Dec. 30, 1775 (daughter of Ephenetus). 

3148 Ephenetus P.,§ m. Ann Knapp. 

3149 Stephen, d. about 1834; m. Elizabeth Brown. 

3150 Catherine. 

315 1 Maria, m. John Moorehouse.|| 

3152 Sarah, m. Chas. Gardiner.^ 

1756, July 29, he was baptized at St. George's Church, Hemp- 
stead, with four of his brothers and sisters. 1785, Dec. 5, 
Stephen Cornell, yeoman, of North Hempstead, and Mary 
his wife, convey to Capt. Charles Cornell his wife's shares in 
certain land left her by her father Ephenetus Piatt on the 
highway from Great Plains to Dr. Piatt's. On July 6, 1801, at 
Lenox, Mass., Stephen Cornell of Hempstead frees two slaves. 

* Queens County Mortgages, B. 162; D. 143. 

t Queens County Deeds, Z. 220. 

X Queens County Wills, B. 24. 

§ 1830, he buys land at Success from Dodge. 

Ij See will of Stephen (3149). 

^ See will of Stephen (3149). 

2Q2 Gi'fifnloiiy of tJic Cornel! Family. 


Caleb,' of Caleb* (;5o24), Caleb/ John/ Thomas,' 

b. June 27, 174S; d. Aug. 4, 1802; m. Freelove Demilt, March 
25. 1774. daughter of Obadiah and named in his will, 1805; 
she was b. ]\Iarch 13, 1759; d. May 23, 1S13. Children: 

3153 Richardson, b. 1780; d. May 25, 1867; m. Martha 

Cornell (3166), Nov. 25, 1815. 

3154 Phebe, b. 1784; d. Oct. 6, 1850. 

3155 Catherine. 

3156 ]\Iary, m. Henry Laton or Latting, Nov. 10, 1813. 

1756, July 29, he was baptized at St. George's Church, Hemp- 
stead. In 1776, he was 2nd Lieutenant in Lieut. -Colonel Sands' 
regiment of colonial troops; but after the war in 1790, we find 
him claiming a bounty among the non-commissioned officers 
and soldiers of the ist and 2nd Regiments and Col. Lamb's 
Artillery Regiment. His will is dated May 15, 1802, and was 
proved Nov. 4 of that year. He leaves a third of his estate to 
Richardson and gives the use of the rest to his wife. He 
mentions also his three daughters. Executors: son Richardson, 
Hewlett Cornel] and his kinsman John W. Seaman.* 


AspixwAi.L,' of Caleb' (3024), Caleb,' John,' Thomas,' 

b. about 1750; d. after 1825; m.(i) Jane Mitchell, Nov. id, 1783; 
m. (2) Priscilla, her sister. Children: 

3157 Robert. 

3158 Joseph. 

3159 Priscilla, m. Sills. 

3160 Mary, m. Mooney. 

3161 Jane, m. Joseph Silby. 

1756, July 29, he was baptized at St. George's Church, Hemp- 
stead. In 1776, he signed a declaration in support of the Con- 
tinental Congress, and was a 2nd Lieutenant in Lieut.-Colonel 
John Sands' regiment. He lived in Rutgers Street, New York, 
from about 1795 until 1S16. In 1804, he appears as a witness 
in the trial of one Hoog for bigamy. In 1814, he was part 
owner of the sloop Amelia, and sailed with Robert G. Cornell 

* Queens County Wills, B. 125. 

Genealogy of the Corjiell Family. 293 

(possibly his son) and others, with a cargo of grain from Long 
Island to Rhode Island. He was captured by the British off 
Block Island, and all were put ashore, except Robert G. Cornell 
and two others. The vessel was taken to Halifax as a prize. 
Aspinwall Cornell was indicted for treason and tried before 
Judge Brockholst Livingston in the United States Court, but 
was acquitted by the jury without leaving the box.* 1818, Feb. 
7, Aspinwall Cornell of New York, and Singleton Mitchell of 
North Hempstead, give a deed as executors of Joseph Mitchell.f 
In 1825, he was a devisee of James Cornell (3080), whose will 
says that he was then residing in Pennsylvania. 


Hewlett' [Cornwell], of John' (3027), Caleb,' John,' Thomas,' 
b. Dec. 31, 1750 (or the next day); d. June 3, 1828; m. Eliz- 
abeth Willis, daughter of John (see No. 3031); marriage 
license, July 31, 1 7S2; she was b. Aug. 8, 175S; d. May 22, 1844. 

3162 John, b. Sept. 22, 17S3; d. Feb. 6, 1873; m. Miriam 

W. Treadwell, March 18, 18 12. 

3163 Charles W., b. June 11, 1791; d. April 17, 1814. 

3164 Walter J., b. April 17, 1799; d. March 3, 1865; m. 

Sarah Allen, March 2, 18 19. 

3165 Margaret, b. Dec. 16, 1785; d. March 27, 1865; m. 

Whitehead Mitchell. ;]: 

3166 Martha, b. Oct. 16, 1788; d. May 12, 1868; m. Rich- 

ardson Cornwell (3153). 

3167 Phebe, b. Feb. 18, 1797; d. Dec. 2, 1867; m. John 

Willis (see No. 3031). 

In 17O3, his grandfather Lewis Hewlett (see No. 3027), leaves 
him a share of his estate. § In 1776, he was a private in Lieut. - 
Colonel Sand's regiment. In 1802, he was one of the subscribers 
to build Christ Church, Manhasset, L. I. An inventory of his 
estate, dated 1828, is in the Surrogate's Office of Queens County. 
In 1825, he had also been a devisee of James Cornell (3080). 

* See Onderdonk, Queens County, p. 99. 
t Queens County Records, P. 128. 

X Administration on his estate was granted to Charles W., the only son, 
in 1863. 

§ Queens County Ileitis, E, 16^. 

2Q4 Grtwalogy of the Cornell Faiiiily. 

His wife's will, of which her brother Cornwell Willis was ex- 
ecutor, was proved Sept. 12, 1S46. She mentions all of her 
children, except Charles W. who had died previously, besides 
grandchildren, "William J. and Elizabeth, children of John 
Willis, Phebe Elizabeth, daughter of Whitehead Mitchell, and 
Elizabeth, daughter of Richardson Cornwell.* 


Lewis' [Cornwall], of William' (3030), Caleb,' John.' Thomas," 
b. March 3, 1757; d. Aug. 21, 1804; m. Elizabeth Sands, Sept. 
25. 17S5, daughter of Col. John,^ (John,* John, ^ John, ^ James'); 
she was b. 1759; d. July 15, 1796. Children: 

3168 Augustus, b. June 16, 1791; d. Aug. 14, 1840; m. 

Sophia Williams. 

3169 Grace, b. July 19, 1793; m. (i) Ely Magruder, 

18 1 4, of Georgetown, D. C; m. (2) Fanning B. 
Tucker, and after her death he m. Anne Moore, 
daughter of Joshua and Ann (Ascough) Sands, 
who was b. July, 1781. 

In 1776, he appears as a sergeant of militia. 1786, June 6, 
he made a bond as loan officer, which was signed also by 
William Cornell (3030) and others. In 1792, he subscribed ;^3 
towards building a Union Hall (school) at Jamaica. In 1793, 
we find him called major, and he is presiding at public ineet- 
ings, on committees, etc. In 1790, he had been a candidate for 
the legislature, to which he was finally elected in 1796. 1804, 
June 7, he conveys to Aaron Duryea for $200, five acres of salt 
meadows in Flushing, bounded on the west by the brook that 
divides Flushing from Newtown. f His will is dated July 3, 
1804, and was proved Aug. 5 of that year. It mentions his two 
children. Executors: John Sands of Brooklyn and James 
Cornwell of New York. J The latter subsequently advertised 
for sale Lewis Cornwell's farm of 300 acres, at the head of 
Flushing Bay, called Spring Hill. 

* Queens County Wills. 

+ Queetis County Deeds, L. 324. 

% Queens County IVills, B. 202. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 295 


Samuel' [Cornwall], of William* (3030), Caleb, ^ John,' Thomas,' 
b. June 10, 1759; d. July 17, 1801; m. Martha Paterson, Nov. 
16, 1786; she was b. Feb. 28, 1765; d. Feb. 26, 1846; daughter 
of Matthew Paterson, founder of the town of Patterson,* Put- 
nam Co., formerly Franklin, Dutchess Co. Children: 

3170 James Hewlett, b. Dec. 19. 1788: d. May 20, 1864; 


3171 Sarah Paterson, b. Aug. 26, 17S7; d. Feb. 23, 1872; 

m. James Paterson, her cousin, son of James B. 

3172 Emma, b. Jan. 22, 1791; d. June 26. 1876. 

3173 Jane, b. Dec. 29, 1792; d. July 11, 1858. 

3174 Eliza, b. Jan. 26, 1795; ^- April 15, 186S. 

3175 Mary Thorp, b. Aug. 2, 1797; d. Oct. 10, 1878; m. 

Ralph Dunning, M. D., of Sharon, Conn., June 
5, 1827. 

3176 Samuel Matthew, b. Feb. 22, 1800; d. May 15, 1867; 

m. Sarah X. Hayt, Oct. 18, 1843. 

He was possibly a private in Lieut. -Colonel Sands' regiment 
in 1776 when, however, he was only seventeen. In 1795, he 
was Town Clerk of Patterson. In 1785, he had bought from 
his brother Lewis (3076), a farm at the junction of ]\Iuddy 
Creek and Croton River, which Lewis had previously pur- 
chased from Pell. In 18S6, the farm was owned by James H. 
Cornwall, a grandson of Samuel. He was killed by the fall of 
the roof of a house. 


Joshua' [Cornwall], of William* (3030), Caleb,' John,' Thomas,' 
b. Jan. 16, 1762; d. Jan. 24, 1822. 

He was a bachelor. In 1790, he was one of the executors of 
his brother-in-law, Charles Cornell of Flushing (of Samuel,* 
Thomas,' Richard,' Thomas ' ). 1 799, May i, he and his brother 
Charles mortgage for ;!^5oo to John Rapelye, 50 acres in 
Flushing on the road from Flushing to Jamaica, with build- 

* The town is spelt Patterson, and the family after whom named 


296 Gfveaio^y of tJic Cornell Family. 

ings.* In iSor, he subscribes to the building of Christ Church, 
Manhasset. 1S03, Feb. i, he mortgag-es to C. G. Bogert for 
$3,375, land on Cow Bay.f The mortgage was evidently paid 
off by Joshua, for we iind a deed of this same parcel dated 
Nov. S, 1S26, in a partition siiit, reciting that Archibald Cornell 
and Nelly his wife, Gordon Corning and Arabella his wife, 
Gershon Cook and Ann his wife, and Samuel P. Huntington 
and Jeanette his wife are entitled to a quarter of it, that 
Augustus Cornell and Grace IMagruder own another quar- 
ter, the children of Samuel (3077) a third quarter, and Charles 
P. Cornell the balance. The deed is to the latter for $6,750. 
1S22, March iS, administration on his estate was granted to his 
brother Charles P. and Archibald Cornell (Charles,' Samuel,^ 
Thomas,' Richard,' Thomas'). 


Charles Paterson,' [Cornwall], of William' (3030), Caleb,* 
John,'' Thomas,' 
b. May i, 1765; d. 1839; m. Ann Fleet, Nov. 19, 1791, near 
Jamaica, and settled between Jamaica and Flushing. Chil- 

3177 Charles Fleet, c/. J. /. 

3178 William Warren, d. 1837. 

1799, May T, he and his brother Joshua mortgaged 50 acres 
in Flushing for ^500 to John Rapelye. 1822, March 18, he 
was appointed one of the administrators of the estate of his 
brother Joshua. In 1823, he was executor of his father. 1829, 
Aug. 21, he and his wife sell to Warren Cornwall of Flushing, 
evidently his son, for $2,000, No. 19 Fulton Street, New York. 
In 1837, he was administrator of his son William Warren's 
estate. His will is dated Aug. 5, 1837, and was proved April 
8, 1839. Samuel Cornwall of Orange Co., N. Y., and Ben- 
jamin W. Strong of Flushing were the executors. His farm at 
Bay Side, Flushing, was to be sold, but the farm he lived on 
was to be used to support Charles Higgins and Ann Higgins, 
infant children of Susan Higgins, formerly Susan Cummings, 

* Queens Coutity Mortgages, F. 237. 

t Id, G. 260. A deed of this piece with the same date and parties is re- 
corded also in Queens County Deeds, H. iqg. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 297 

who were to take the rest of the estate when they came of age. 
The will was unsuccessfully contested.* 


James,' of Joshua' (3032), Caleb/ John,''' Thomas,' 
b. March 16, 1766; d. Nov. 21, 1S25. Was a bachelor. 

In 1797, he proved the will of his uncle William (3030). In 
1802, he subscribed toward the building of Christ Church, 
Manhasset. In 1804, he was executor of his cousin Lewis (3076). 
In 1820, he was assessed for $8,000 in New York City. His will 
styles him as of Cow Neck. It is dated Feb. 4, 1823, and was 
proved Nov. 29, 1825. He appears to have been a wealthy 
man, and leaves his property to a large circle of relatives. 
Richardson Cornwell (3153) is to have 100 acres at Cow Neck, 
which was bought from John Sands; to Cornwall Willis, "the 
lower part of my farm at Cow Neck, called Grove Hill," 180 
acres adjoining Richardson, but he was to pay $100 to widow 
Mary Barker (see No. 3031) and to support an old family black 
man, Francis; to Hewlett Cornwell (3070), 200 acres of the south 
part of the farm, charged with certain legacies, a store and lot 
in Fulton Street, New York, to be sold, and the proceeds to be 
paid to widow Elizabeth Cornell (3070), of Flushing; to Charles 
P. Cornwall (3079); to the children of the late Lewis Cornwall 
(3076), and to the children of the late Samuel Cornwall (3077). 
He also owned property in Beekman Street, Franklin Street 
and Banker, lately Bedlow Street. He left various specific be- 
quests, including one of $1,000 to Christ Church, Hempstead. 
The remainder of his estate was then to be divided between 
Lewis Hewlett (see No. 3027), of Cow Neck, Martha Hewlett, 
widow of Charles, William Willis (see No. 3031), his brother 
John Willis, Aspinwall Cornell (3067), and Ephenetus and 
Stephen Cornwell, sons of the late Stephen Cornwell. Exec- 
utors: John R. Willis of New York, Samuel Mott of Cow Neck, 
and Sylvanus Smith of Herricks, of whom only the first two 


Thomas,' of Peter' (3033), Richard," Richard,' John,' Thomas,' 
b. Oct. 19, 1754; d. 1817; m. Hannah Lynch, June i, 1779; 
she was b. 1762; d. 1813. Children: 

* Queetis County Witts, Q. 92, seq. 

2qS (?e7ira!ogy of the Cornell Fa^nily. 

3179 Peter, b. March 21, 1780; d. Nov. 12, i860; m. (i) 
]\Iarg-aret Gedney, March 27, 1806; m. (2) Mary 
Catherine (Snyder) Woodinancie, Feb. 11, 1804. 

3150 Sarah, b. April 15, 1782; m. John Bates. 

3151 Hester, b. June 2, 1787; m. Timothy Haviland. 

3182 Samuel J., b. Aug. 25, 1792; d. 1S23. 

3183 Thomas Lynch, b. Sept. 24, 1802; d. 1884; m. 

Emeline Lawrence. 

1 7 S3, Dec. 22, he was elected Assessor and fence viewer at 
the first election held in the Manor of Scarsdale. His will is 
dated Feb. 21, 1S05, and was proved Feb. 20, 1817. He men- 
tions all his children but leaves most of his property to Peter, 
who, with his son-in-law John Bates was executor.* 


Richard,' of Peter' (3033), Richard,* Richard,' John,^ Thomas,' 
b. Feb. 4, 1760; d. Dec. 12, 1840, at Auburn, N. Y.; m. (i) 
Elizabeth Angevine;t m. (2) Nancy Purdy. Children: 

By first wife: 

3184 Caleb, b. Feb. 10, 1792, at Harrison, Westchester 

Co., N. Y. Living 1868; m. Ann Robinson. 

3185 Richard, b. Sept. 10, 1796; d. Nov. i, 1843; m. 

Phebe Knoxton. 

By second wife: 

3186 Ebenezer. 

3187 John G., unmarried. 

3188 Elizabeth, m. Jesse Seymour. 

3189 Sarah Ann, m. John Seymour, twin brother of 


3190 Deborah, m. Isaac Lewis, Auburn, N. Y. 

3 191 Nancy, m. Hiram Postwick, Auburn, N. Y. 

He was in the American Revolutionary Army. 1868, John 
G., and Elizabeth were settled in California. 

* Westchester County Wills, D. 380. 

t The Angevine Pedigree is given in Boltojt's History. Elizabeth was 
the daughter of Eli. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 299 


Ebenezer,' of Peter ' (3033), Richard/ Richard," John," Thomas,' 
b. Dec. 20, 1 761; d. 1794; m. Elizabeth Purdy, who survived 
him. Child: 

3 191 A Susan, m. Michael S. Meyers. Lived in Auburn, 
N. Y. 


HAviLAND,^of Peter ^(3033), Richard,^ Richard, ' John," Thomas,' 
b. July I, 1764; d. Feb. 5, 1844; m. (i) Mary Gale; she was b. 
July 18, 1766; d. March 18, 1826; m. (2) Lavinia Storms; she 
d. July 31, 1858. Children: 

By first wife: 

3192 Dorothy, b. Dec. 19, 1786; d. March 23, 181 7; m. 

Joseph Griffin. 

3193 Haviland, b. Jan. 18, iSoi; m. Ann Hulbert Dil- 

lingham, Feb. 23, 1825. 

3194 Peter, b. Jan. 26, 1789; d. Feb. i, 1862; m. Sarah 


3195 Thomas, b. Jan. 24, 1792; m. Amy Merritt. 

3196 Sarah, b. Jan. 30, 1795; m. Carpenter, son of Gil- 

bert Merritt, living-, 1868 at Addison Hill, Steu- 
ben Co. 

3197 Mary, b. March 21, 1798; m. Benjamin Archer. 

3198 Ebenezer, b. Feb. 26, 1804; d. June 4, 1821. 

3199 Elizabeth, b. Nov. 18, 1806; m. William H. Gerard; 

two children. 

3200 Abigail Jane, b. June 13, 1809; m. William H. 

Gerard. Three children. 
By second wife: 

3201 Phebe, b. Sept. 30, 1830; m. William Parks of 


The will of Haviland Cornell of Northcastle was proved 
Jan. 12, 1S44. It mentions only his wife Lavinia and his 
daughter Phebe, who was still a minor.* 


Jonathan,' of Joseph * (3034), Joseph,* Richard,* John," Thomas,' 
b. 1764; d. 1834; m. (i) Lydia Carpenter; m. (2) Jemima 
Acker. Children: 

* Westchester County Wills, 27: 383. 

300 Gffira/oi^r of t//(' Cornell Fa)nily. 

3202 Caleb, b. 1790; m. Phebe Lamoree. 

3203 Joseph, b. 1793; in. Deborah D. Merritt. 
3J04 Zeno, b. 1795; d. young. 

3205 Zeno, b. 1796; m. i\Iary Brown. 

3206 Philip Ward. 

3207 Deborah. 

320S Sai-ah D., m. Isaac L. Carpenter; he was b. about 
1794; d. Jnne 2, 1886; son of Caleb and Freelove 
(Lamarreaux) Carpenter. 


WiLLETT,' of Joseph " (3034), Joseph,* Richard,' John," Thomas,' 
b. 1790; m. Mary Cock.* Children: 

3209 Daniel, ni. Frances P. Halstead. 

3210 Ambrose, m. Sarah Halstead. 

32 1 1 Charity, d. 1834; m. James Tompkins. 

3212 Sarah, d. 1832; m. Stephen Brady. 

3213 Rebecca. 

3214 Lydia, m. D. W. Chase. 


Isaac," of John^ (3039), Joseph," Richard,^ John,^ Thomas,' 
b. 1767; d. 1832; m. Sarah Bennett. Children: 

3215 David M., b. 1798; m. Elizabeth Clive. 

3216 Charles, m. Maria Champenois. 

3217 Mary, b. 1792; m. Caleb Ward. 

3218 Margaret, b. 1793; m. Jonathan Carpenter, Sept. 

15, 1814. 

3219 Susan A., b. 1801; m. William Varian. 

3220 Susannah, m. Timothy Calver. 


John L.,' of John' (3039), Joseph," Richard,' John,^ Thomas,' 
b. 1781; d.(?) 3.21, 1849; m. (i) Margery Williams; m. (2) Han- 
nah Anderson. Children: 

3221 George, b. 1814; d. 1816. 

* Elizabeth Cock, daughter of Andrew and Sarah (Lawrence) Cock, 

m. Cornell {Lawrence Geixealogy). 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 301 

3222 Margaret, b. 1806; m. Edwin Underbill. Cbildren: 

Alfred and Henry. 

3223 Sarah, b. 180S; m. Lancaster Odell, son of James 

and Abby Hunt. 

3224 Mary, b. 1809; d. 1832; unmarried. 

3225 Alice, b. 1810; d. 183S; m. William Champenois. 

3226 William, b. 1812; m. Susan Secor. 

3227 Elizabeth, b. 1814; d. 1832. 

3228 John, b. 1S16. 

3229 Susan. 

3230 Ann. 

3231 Elizabeth. 


Thomas I.,° of Ferris ' (3040), Joseph,' Richard,^ John,' Thomas,' 
b. 1779; d. April 16, 1S59; m. (i) Amy Fisher, daughter of 
Samuel, about 1816; m. (2) Guliema Wood; she was b. Oct. 
24, 1782; d. May 3, 1842; aged 60 years. Children: 

By first wife: 

3232 Richard, b. Aug. 25, 1S04; d. Sept. 10, 1862; m. 

Mary Antoinette Philips. 

3233 Anne, b. 12.7, 1807; d. 20.4, 1872; m. Daniel Griffin, 

son of Joseph and Phila ]\Iiller, 27.10, 1825. 
Children: Martha F., Mary, Charles, Esther F., 
Anne C, of Mamaroneck. 

3234 Esther Fisher, b. Dec. 18, 1808; d. Aug. 14, 1812. 

3235 Amy, b. June 3, 1812; d. young. 

By second wife: 

3236 Mary Wood, b. March 26, 1818; d. May, 1888; m. 

Allen Rosella. Xo children. 

3237 Charles, b. Oct. 3, 1819; m. Elizabeth Underbill. 

3238 Phebe, b. Dec. 11, 1822; d. Feb., 18, 1889; m. Daniel 

Hunter. Two daughters. 

3239 Henry, b. Dec. 29, 1824; m. (i) Rachel (Tompkins) 

Cornell, widow of Stephen (3247). Child: 
Mariana, b. Sept. 23, i860, in New Rochelle, 
lived at Peekskill; m. (2) Mary , after re- 
moving to Oakland, Cal. 

30? Goiea/ogy of the Cornell Family. 

3240 Robert Field, b. Oct. 30, 1826; m. Lizzie Ferine. 

Children: Henry, living at Harrison, N. Y., mar- 
ried, and child Emma. 

His will was proved in 1859, and in it he calls himself of 
Scarsdale. Executors: Richard Carpenter and Miah Field. 
He is said to have lived on the Fenimore Cooper farm in 
Scarsdale. He and his second wife are bnried in the Friends' 
Cemetery in Harrison, near Rye Lake. 


Samuel B.,° of Ferris " (3040), Joseph,* Richard,' John,* Thomas,' 
b. 1782; m. ^lartha Bonnett. Children: 

3241 Arthur, b. 182 1. 

3242 Elizabeth, b. 1823; unmarried. 

3243 Hannah, b. 1825. 

3244 Rachel, b. 1829. 

He lived on Quaker Ridge, Scarsdale, where Richard Cor- 
nell now lives, 1892. 


William Haviland," of Stephen^ (3044), Benjamin,* Richard,^ 
John," Thomas," 
b. 10.15, 1776; d. 2.25, 1850; m. Dorcas Carpenter, 11. 17, 1802, 
daughter of Joseph Carpenter and Mary Clapp of Rye; she 
was b. Jan. 22, 1778; d. Nov. 16, 1827. Children: 

3245 Deborah, b. 3.10, 1808; m. Henry M. Carpenter. 

3246 Mary, b. 19.3, 1812; d. 1890; m. Jacob Miller. He 

lives in Mamaroneck. 

3247 Stephen, b. 21. i, 1815; d. June 15, 1852; m. Rachel 

Tompkins, Aug. 17, 1841. 

3248 William, b. 30.9, 18 18, in Scarsdale; d. Aug. i, 1891; 

m. (i) Sarah Theall, 1842; m. (2) Elizabeth, her 

3249 Charles, b. 22.3, 1806; d. 21.4, 1806. 

His will is dated March 26, 1850, and was proved April 7, 
1856. He calls himself of Scarsdale. His sons Stephen and 
William were the executors.* He lived in Scarsdale, just 
south of the Quaker Meeting House. 

* Westchester Wills, 37: 380. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 303 


Stephen," of Stephen' (3044), Benjamin/ Richard,' John,' 
b. 5.28, 1785; d. 9.13, 1S13; m. Hannah Titus, 18.10, 1810; she 
d. r.7, 1849, aged 57 years, at Kingsbury, Washington Co., 
N. Y.; she was sister of Sarah (see No. 3108). Children: 

3250 Richard Titus, b. 27.9, 181 1; m. (i) Phebe Ann 

Mott, 29.4, 1836; m. (2) Amy Ann Cornell (3524), 
16.9, 1846. 

3251 Stephen, b. 1.6, 1814; d. 23.5, 1S14. 


Benjamin," of Stephen' (3044), Benjamin,* Richard,' John," 
b. 6.5, 178S; d. 3.22, 1854; m. Sarah Titus (sister of No. 3107), 
7.20, 1815, daughter of Samuel and Mary (Field) at New 
Rochelle. Child: 

3252 Mary H., b. 7.1 1, 1818; m. Nelson Walbridge, son 

of Thomas N., i.i, 1853. They had a daughter 
Julia Cornell Walbridge.* 
He was a farmer in Westchester Co., N. Y. 


Samuel S.," of Stephen' (3044), Benjamin,* Richard,' John," 
b. 8.21, 1796; d. 5.5, 1867; m. Hannah Carpenter, Jan. i, or 
2.20, 1820, daughter of Jonathan and Esther Coles; she wasb. 
July 29, 1796; d. Dec. 15, 1872. Children: 

3253 Rebecca, b. 30.11, 1820; d. Feb. 10, 1S93; unmarried. 

3254 Richard C, b. 11. i, 1822; m. Phebe Sutton Mott, 

Aug. 8, 1850. 

3255 Elizabeth, b. 5.10, 1827; m. Peter J. Boyd, son of 

Peter, grandson of James Boyd of Quaker Ridge; 
she lives (1S92) in Harlem. 

3256 Stephen J., b. 4.10, 1830; d. April 8, 1900; m. Caro- 

line Samson. 

3257 Henry G., b. I S32; m. Harriet Robertson. Nochil- 

His will describes him as of New Rochelle. He gives his 
wife a third of his estate, and leaves to his son Richard C, his 

* See Walbridge Genealogy. 

304 Grnealogy of the Cornell FaDiily. 

farm in Carmel which he bought of Jacob Willetts. All his 
children are mentioned in the will. Executors: nephew 
Stephen C. Griffin and his sons Richard C. and Henry G. 


John, 'of Benjaniin'(305i). Benjamin/ Richard,' John, ^Thomas,' 
b. 17S3; d. 1804; m. (i) Sarah Matthews; m. (2) Ann Porter. 


3258 William H., of Newtown, L. I. 

3259 Elizabeth, m. Henry Hackett. 

3260 Andrew Jackson. 

3261 Alice, b. 1809. 

3262 Jesse, b. 1817. 

3263 Ann Maria, b. 182 1. 

3264 Sarah, b. 1828. 

3265 iVrvine, b. 1831. 

3266 Emeline, b. 1S34. 

3267 John H., b. Feb., 1844; d. March 12, 1878; m. 

Letitia J. W. Caldwell, 1864. 


Silas," of Benjamin' (3051), Benjamin," Richard,' John,* 
b. Nov. 29, 1789; d. May 7, 1864; m. Sarah Mott, Dec. 12, 1815; 
she was b. April 4, 1791; d. March 17, 1872, and was a daugh- 
ter of Adam and Ann Mott. Children: 

3268 Thomas Clapp, b. 7.1, 1819; d. Dec. 29, 1894; m. 

Jane E. Bashford, May 2, 1850. 

3269 James Mott, b. 13.10, 1820; d. at Morrisania, 5.9, 

1868; m. Elizabeth A. Leavens, Kingston, Can- 
ada, 26.4, 1858; she was a widow, b. 1830; d. 1863. 

3270 . Richard Mott, b. at Flushing, 15.5, 1822; d. 1823. 

3271 Anne Mott, b. at Greece, near Rochester, 26.7, 

1824; d. March, 1872; m. at Rochester, Aaron 
Barnes, son of Samuel and Letitia Barnes, 13.4, 


3272 Sarah Alice, b. at Greece, 11.4, 1830; d. at Roches- 

ter, 15.12, 1874; m. at Rochester, 13. i, 1859, Eben- 
ezer Walbridge, son of Herman and Mary 
(Hoskins) Walbridge. Four children. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 305 

He was a pupil of the Friends' School at Nine Partners 
where he met his wife. They taught school at Flushing after 
their marriage, and in 1823, removed to Rochester. The jour- 
ney was made by sloop to Albany, and then by stage and the 
Erie Canal. He settled on a farm of 56 acres, about four miles 
northwest of Rochester and near the Erie Canal. Here he 
cleared the land, built a house and went into the nursery bus- 
iness and farming. He also taught school in his house and did 
surveying. In 1836, he opened a surveyor's office in Rochester 
and bought a house. No. 9 Kent Street, Rochester, for 
$2,000, where he removed the same year. The farm was rented 
and some years later sold. In 1847, he became superintendent 
of the Rhode Island Quaker School at Providence, his daughter 
Alice assisting him. In 1852, he returned to Rochester and 
occupied his old home, 9 Kent Street. He resumed the bus- 
iness of surveyor and civil engineer and was an active mem- 
ber of the Society of Friends till his death. His widow then 
went to live with her daughter Mrs. Walbridge, at Toledo, Ohio, 
and subsequently to Yonkers where she died. Silas and his 
wife Sarah and their son James are buried in Mt. Hope Cem- 
etery, Rochester. The family have been Quakers for many 


Samuel," of Joshua* (3052), Joshua,* Joshua,^ John,' Thomas,' 
b. 1761; d. 181 2; in. Eleanor Hunt, 15.10, 1783, daughter of 
Aaron of Westchester Co. Children: 

3273 Aaron, d. unmarried. 

3274 Isaac, d. unmarried. 

3275 Rebecca, d. unmarried. 

3276 Phebe, d. unmarried. 

3277 Charlotte, d. unmarried. 

3278 Harrison, m. Charity Earl. 

3279 Eden. 

3280 John. 

3281 Sarah, m. James Hazard. 

3282 Haydock, m. Mary Ann Dickinson. 

He lived at Smith's Clove, Orange County, N. Y. 


Joshua,' of Joshua' (3052), Joshua,* Joshua,* John,' Thomas,' 
b. 25.9, 1765; d. 20.9, 1825; m. Rebecca Haight. Children: 

3o6 Gcnealog;}' of iJw CoDiell Fa»iiiy. 

3283 Jesse, b. 1796; in. Ann Wortman. 

3284 William, b. 1799; m. (i) Phebe F. Carpenter, 28.4, 

1825; m. (2) vSarah Ann Williamson, 18.9, 1845; 
m. (3) Phebe (Babcock) Cornell, Oct., 1864. 

3285 John H., m. Rachel Webster; d. s. p. 

3286 Samuel P., m. Julia Schooley. 
32S7 Lydia, m. Hugh D. Webster. 
32SS James, d. unmarried. 

32S9 Mary G., m. Mordecai Reynolds; d. s.p. 

3290 Phebe, d. unmarried. 

He was born and lived in Westchester Co. He exchanged 
his farm there for freighting business on the Hudson River at 
Peekskill, which proved a failure. In 1824, he moved to Otter- 
ville, Canada, with all his children, except Jesse, who afterwards 
followed him, and William. He bought a farm in Canada, but 
died soon after, and his sons John and Samiiel, aged 18 and 15, 
cared for the farm, and with so much energy, that they soon 
had five farms and a good mercantile business. 


QuiMBY,^ of William" (3053), Joshua,^ Joshua,' John," Thomas,' 
b. 23.5 or May 11, 1749; d. 19.7, 1827; m. Hannah Underbill, 
daughter of Jacob (both of Phillips Manor),* 17.3, 1768; she 
was b. 27.3, 1750; d. 21.6, 1818. Children: 

3291 Jacob, b. ii.i, 1769; d. 14.2, 1824; m. Mary Car- 


3292 Mary, b. 27.3, 177 1; m. Ephraim Otis. 

3293 Elisha, b. 22.2, 1773; m. Anna Green. 

3294 Mathew, b. 3.3, 1775; d. 2.2, 1857; m. Sarah Hal- 


3295 William, b. 15.12, 1777; d. 26.12, 1850; m. Amy 

Doty, 26.1, 1803. 

3296 Amy, b. t^.t^^ 1779; ni. John Hull. 

3297 Quimby, b. 22.11, 1790; d. 7.12, 1818; unmarried. 

3298 John, b. 3.1, 1793; m. Amy Dean, 23.5, 1815. 


James,' of William ' (3053), Joshua,' Joshua,' John," Thomas,' 
b. Jan. I, 1753; d. 1839; m. (i) Elizabeth Chadeayne, Dec. 
10, 1780; m. (2) Phebe Smith. Children: 

* Marriage Records of the Society of Friends, Harrison, N. Y. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 307 

3299 Abraham, b. March i, 1784; d. 1862; m. Mary 

Brady, 1808. 

3300 Oliver, b. Dec. 15, 1785; m. Mary Dickinson. 

3301 Sarah, b. Oct. 27, 1781; m. William R. Van Cort- 

landt; she was his second wife. Children: 
Oliver, James, Elizabeth, Stephen, John, Will- 
iam.* (See Van Cortlandt Lineage, Appen- 

His will is dated March 27, 1821. Has a codicil dated three 
years later. It was proved March 11, 1839. He describes 
himself as of New Castle. He leaves his wife some furniture 
and $40 a year, and divides his farm between his two sons.f 


William,' of William' (3053), Joshua,* Joshua,' John,' Thomas,' 
b. Nov. 19, 1757; d. March 24, 1799; m. Esther Underbill, 8.6, 
1 781; daughter of Thomas of Chappaqua. Children: 

3302 Solomon. Devisee of his grandfather. He bought 

land in Phillipsburg. 

3303 Charity, m. Nathaniel Thorne. 

3304 Sarah, m. Henry Young. 

3305 Joel, b. March 2, 1790; m. Ann Tilson, Feb. 2, 18 14. 

3306 Aaron, d. unmarried. 

3307 Mercy, m. William Johnson, Orange Co., N. Y. 

3308 William. 

3309 Deborah, m. Solomon Lewis, Orange Co., N. Y. 

3310 Mary, m. Oliver Smith, Orange Co., N. Y. 


Daniel,' of William' (3053), Joshua,* Joshua,' John,' Thomas,' 
b. in Westchester County, Feb. 3, 1760; d. Dec. 26, 1854; m. 
(i) Elizabeth Birdsall, 28.3, 1781, daughter of Zephaniah of 
Phillipsburg; she d. Sept. 6, 1799, m. (2) Mercy or Mary 
Bowman. Children: 

33 1 1 Mary, b. June 18, 1782; m. Reuben Clark, Orange 

Co., N. Y. Eleven children. 

* Bolton's History of Westchester Co. 
t Westchester County Wills, V. 498. 

3o8 Gt-nealogy of the Cornell Fa Jiiily. 

3312 Phebe, b. Jylarch 4, 17S4; m. George Fritts. Eight 

33x3 Anna, b. July 7, 17S6; m. Benjamin Reynolds of 

Indiana. Sixteen children. 

3314 Rebecca, b. April 24, 1788; m. Nathaniel Brown. 

Eleven children. 

3315 Daniel, b. May 20, 1792; d. 1877; m. (i) Sarah 

Johnson; m. (2) Kesiah F. Seaman. 

3316 josiah, b. Oct. 15, 1794; m. Catherine Miller. 

3317 Birdsall, b. Aug. 21, 1799; d. unmarried. 

He lived at Pleasant Valley, twelve miles above Newburgh, 
whence he removed to Nine Partners and later to Smith's 
Clove where he died. 


JosiAH,' of William' (3053), Joshua,^ Joshua,^ John," Thomas,' 
b. Feb. 3, 1760; m. (i) Susannah Birdsall, Dec. 19, 1781, 
daughter of Zadock of Cortlandt Manor; m. (2) Ann Reynolds, 
daughter of Richardson Reynolds, Dec. 21, 1784. Children: 

3318 Birdsall, m. Mary Selleck of Ulster County. 

3319 Susannah, b. 1785; m. Hezekiah Ferguson. 

3320 Hannah, m. Richard Wilde. 

3321 Dorcas, m. Daniel Coddington. 

3322 Richardson. 

3323 Phebe, m. Stephen Eustis. 

3324 Esther, m. Carpenter. 

3325 Lydia, m. Carpenter. 

3326 Mary, m. Abraham Lockwood. 

3327 Reynolds, m. Dorcas Young. 

They were Quakers. 


Comfort,' of Barak' (3056), Samuel,' Joshua,' John,'' Thomas," 
d. 1782; m. Elizabeth Embree of Flushing, daughter of 
John and Elizabeth (Lawrence) Embree. Children: 

3328 Robert Comfort, d. 1844; m. Amy Lovett. 

3329 Abigail, b. July 16, 1776; d. Nov. 2, 1854; m. (i) 

Jacob Doty, June 9, 1795; m. (2) Israel Corse, 
4.1 1, 1810. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 309 

3330 Alice, b. Aug. 13, 1779; m. Peter Townsend, Jan. 
10, 1798, son of Peter and Hannah (Hawxhurst) 
Townsend. Children: Elizabeth C, George E., 
and Robert B., who m. Mary Whittemore. They 
had a daughter Anne who m. W. B. Lawrence. 

His will is dated Aug. i, 1782, and was proved March 24, 
1783. He leaves his household goods to his daughters who are 
minors. Executors: his wife, Joseph Lawrence and Jacob 
Suydam of Flushing.* His farm seems to have belonged 
partly to him and partly to his brother Samuel, for in the same 
year (17S3), we find offered for sale by Samuel and the execu- 
tors of Comfort, " The valuable and pleasant farm of Samuel 
and Comfort Cornell, lately deceased, three miles east of Flush- 
ing, on the road to the Plains," containing 200 acres of clear 
and woodland, 16 acres of salt meadows, two orchards, and a 
pond of standing water at the north and south ends of the 
farm, etc.f His wife Elizabeth also left a will which was pro- 
bated in 1823. It names several of her grandchildren, includ- 
ing Elizabeth Cornell Townsend, George Embree Townsend, 
Jacob F. Doty and Elizabeth C. Clark, wife of Charles Clark. 
Executors: her son Robert C. Cornell, James Lovett, Benjamin 
Clark and John L. Embree. 


Samuel,' of Barak' (3056), Samuel,* Joshua,' John,' Thomas,' 
b. July 7, 1754; d. Nov. 5, 1784, at Middletown, N. J.; m. 
Sarah Miller, Oct. 19, 1774; she was b. Dec. 7, 1753; d. Aug. 
29, 1838, daughter of Lieut. I\Iiller of White Plains, Adjutant 
of Col. Drake's regiment. J Children: 

3331 Elijah, b. Feb. 4, 1780, at Flushing; d. 1864; m. 

Mary Willis, Dec. 16, 1802. 

3332 Samuel M. H., b. 1784; d. 1803. 

* New York Surrogate's Office, Wills, 35: 244. 

t See Onderdonk' s Qieeetis County, p. 61. 

X A facsimile of his commission and a view of his house (Washington's 
Headquarters) is in Magazine of Aiuei-ican History, Oct., 1892. The article 
was prepared by Thomas L. Cornell of Birmingham, Conn. (See also 
New York Genealogical Record, 22: 129). 

3IO (jt-nrahgy of the Cornell Family. 

3333 Charity,* b. 1776; d. Feb. 7, 185S; m. John Frank- 

lin, Sept. 23, 1795, (Samuel,^ Thomas,' Henry,' 
Matthew,') at Deal, near Long Branch, by Rev. 
Mr. Bennett. Children: Sarah, m. Lefferts, 
Lloyd, Walter, Mary Jane, Samuel Cornell, John 
A., Sidne}' S., Emily, Ann E., Caroline Louise, 
Cornell S., Jenet E., Caroline Louisa, m. William 
S. Hastie, son of William S. Hastie, S. C, (see 
Franklin Lineage, Appendix). 

3334 Ann, b. i778(?); m. (i) Capt. Obadiah Bostwick; m. 

(2) John Fraher. 

3335 Zipporah, b. 1782; d. 1800. 

He was a captain in the Revolutionary Army. 


Henry," of Barak' (3056), Samuel,' Joshua,' John,^ Thomas,' 
b. about 1755; d. about 1828; m. Sarah Coe of White Plains, 
N. Y. They had no children. 

In 1777, he was a devisee under the will of his grandmother 
Hannah Cornell. 1799, June 7, he bought of George Cornell 
( Samuel,' Richard,' Richard,^ Thomas,') of North Hempstead, 
for ^165, land at Hempstead on the north side of Great Plains, 
on the road from Benjamin Smith's to Great Neck.f In 1802, 
he subscribes towards the building of Christ's Church, Man- 
hasset, and on May 14 of that year, he witnesses a mortgage of 
his brother Barak of property on or near the line of Flushing 
and North Hempstead. 1804, Feb. 20, he and his wife mortgage 
to Lewis Hicks for ^200, land at Hempstead at a place called 
Grassy Pond. There was only i^ acres, so that the amount of 
the mortgage seems large. J 181 1, Feb. 5, he and his wife and 
his brother John make a mortgage to Benjamin Treadwell on 
land which seems to be the same as that mortgaged by his 
brother Barak in 1802. § 1828, Oct. 28, administration on his 
estate was granted to Joseph Dodge. Henry seems, however, 
to have left a will, for in 1829 we find a deed from his executor 

* .She was not a Quaker, but joined them after her marriage. Their 
country seat was at the old Dutch settlement of Flatbush. 
t Queens County Deeds, G. 485. 
X Qjieens County Mortgages, G. 149. 
§ Queens County Mortgages, I. 138. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 3 1 1 

to his wife Sarah, of land on Success Pond and elsewhere, sub- 
ject to the use of the land by Mary Cornell. 1829, May i, Sarah 
Cornell conveyed a half interest in this property to C. Allen. 
It was the land mortgaged above in 1802 and 181 1, and appears 
to have belonged to Henry's father Barak, in which Mary, 
Barak's second wife, still had a dower interest.* 


John,' of Barak' (3056), Samuel,* Joshua,' John,* Thomas," 
d. Feb. 28, 1847; m. Aletta (Letty or Letitia) Field, Feb. 10, 
1813; she was b. March 14, 1795; <^- ^'^Z- 27, 1881. Children: 

3336 Ann, b. ^larch i, 1814; m. Charles Herrick. 

3337 Barak, b. April 11, 1815; d. Sept. 13, 1892; m. 

Mary Ann Howe. 

3338 John, b. May 4, 181 7; d. June 4, 1890; m. Julia 

Haviland, 1S47. 

3339 Emeline, b. March 18, 1819; d. Sept. 3, 1850; m. 

Edward Penny of Xew York. 

3340 Sarah, b. Feb. 23, 1821; d. Nov. 29, 1841. 

3341 Samuel, d. young, Dec. 23, 1841; unmarried. 

1S31, July 18, John Cornell of Flushing buys from his brother 
Barak, one-eighth of three parcels of land at Success in Flush- 
ing, of which Henry (3141), their brother had died, seized. 
This was part of the farm of Barak (3056) their father, and his 
wife Mary still had dower in it.f His will, in which he calls 
himself of Flushing, is dated Nov. 8, 1846, and was proved 
April 12, 1847. He leaves to his son John "who lives with me, 
the westerly part of the farm where I reside," in the eastern 
part of the town of Flushing and extending into the town of 
Hempstead, "beginning at the northwest corner adjoining the 
highway that runs from Nostrand's tavern, south to the high- 
way known as the new road, joining William and Sarah Van 
Xostrand," sixty acres; also an acre and three-quarters of 
swamp land, and eight acres south of the North Hempstead 
and Flushing turnpike. " There is a family burying-ground on 
the southwest part of the farm which I reserve to my family." 

* For the last two deeds, see Queens County Deeds, Z. i, 214, 
t Qiteefts County Deeds, B. 280. 

312 Genealogy of the Co7-nell Family. 

After the death of his wife Aletta, the residue of his estate is 
to be divided equally between his son " Baruch," his daughter 
Ann, wife of Charles Herrick of New York, and Emeline, wife 
of Edward Penny of New York. Executors: wife and son 
]ohn. Witnesses: Albert Van Nostrand, Daniel Van Nos- 

He lived a mile and a half south of the present Little Neck 


Joshua,' of Barak* (3056), Samuel,* Joshua,' John," Thomas,* 
d. about 1S50: m. Ann Van Nostrand. Children: 

3342 Mary, b. 1788; m. Cornelius Cornell. f 

3343 William, b. May 2, 1792; d. April 5, 1880; m. (i) 

Maria Briggs; m. (2) Clarissa Farrington; m. 
(3) Caroline (Morey) Heroy, Nov., 1853. 

3344 Henry, m. Fanny Parker. 

3345 Jane, m. Charles Wooley. 

3346 Phebe, m. Robert Gwyer. 

3347 John Nostrand, m. Angelica Gardner. 

Devisee of his grandmother. Pie lived at Foster's Meadow 
and Little Neck. 


Stephen," of Stephen' (3065), Caleb,* Caleb,^ John,' Thomas,' 
d. about 1834; m. Elizabeth Brown. Child: 

3348 Sarah Ann. 

His will is dated April 3, 1834, and describes him as a ship 
carver of New York. He mentions his daughter Sarah Ann 
and his sister Maria Morehouse. Executor: Charles Gardner. 

In a New York directory for 1796, there appears a Stephen 
Cornwell, shipwright, at 40 James Street. 

* Queetts County Wills, 4: 175. 

t Cornelius Cornell was supposed son of George and nephew of Morris 
and Margaret (Gedney) Cornell, but not traced back to Thomas.' The 
author will be grateful to anyone who will furnish his descent. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 313 


Richardson- ' [Cornwell], of Caleb ' (3066), Caleb/ Caleb/ John,' 
b. 1780; d. May 25, 1867, aged 87 years; m. Martha Cornell 
(3166), Xov. 25, 1815; she was b. 1788; d. May 12, 1868. 

3349 Richardson, b. 1S07; d. June 10, 1832. 

3350 Elizabeth, m. AVessel S. Smith, April 19, 1850. 

Devisee of James (3080). His will is dated 1S55, and was 
proved in 1867. It describes him as of North Hempstead, and 
mentions his wife Martha and his daughter Elizabeth, wife of 
Wessel S. Smith. 


John' [CornwellJ, of Hewlett' (3070), John,* Caleb,' John,' 
b. Sept. 22, 1783; d. Feb. 6, 1873; m. Miriam W. Treadwell, 
March 18, 1812; she was b. Xov. 5, 1792; d. 1867. Children: 

3351 John Hewlett, b. March 30, 1816; d. Dec. 27, 1887; 

m. Susan Reynolds. 
1112 Mary Treadwell, b. Jan. 26, 1820; m. Joseph Law- 
rence Hewlett, Jan. 20, 1836. Children: Mary 
T., b. Nov. 25, 1840; d. Nov. 6, 1881, and Estelle, 
b. March 30, 1845. 

His will is dated Nov. 2, 1868, and was contested after his 
death. He left $10,000 to his daughter Mary T. Hewlett, and 
mentions also a granddaughter Marian Parker, wife of Richard 
B. Parker, a granddaughter Margaret Cornell, and a grandson 
John H. Cornell. Executor: John Hewlett Cornell. "Witnesses: 
Wessel T. Smith and Ebenezer Townsend. 


Walter J.,' of Hewlett' (3070), John,* Caleb,' John,' Thomas," 
b. April 17, 1799; d. March 3, 1865; m. Sarah Allen, March 2, 
1819; she was b. Nov. 26, 1791; d. Oct. 3, 1874. Children: 

3353 Hewlett, b. July 29, 1824; d. Dec. 21, 1865. 

3354 Daniel Allen, b. June 5, 1827; m. Emeline Skid- 

more, Dec. 4, 1850. 

314 Genealogy of the Cornell Fa^nily. 

Letters of administration on the estate of William J. Cornell 
of North Hempstead were granted to his eldest son Hewlett 
in 1S65, and in 1S66 (after Hewlett's death), they were granted 
to Daniel A. 


Augustus* [Cornwell], of Lewis* (3076), William/ Caleb,* 
John,^ Thomas,' 
b. June 16, 1 791; d. Aug. 14, 1840; m. Sophia Williams. 

3355 Elizabeth Ashhurst, b. March 19, 1828; d. March 

31, 1830. 

3356 Sophia Augusta, b. Nov. 5, 1830; d. Jan. 24, 1831. 

3357 Richard. 

He was a commission merchant in New York City. There 
are on record in Queens County two receipts given by Augus- 
tus and his sister Grace, to Joshua Sands and James Cornwell, 
the executors of their father's estate, who were to hold the 
property until their majority. Administration on his estate 
was granted in 1S41 to John F. Seaman. Augustus is there 
called of North Hempstead. 


Samuel Matthew' [Cornwall], of Samuel' (3077), William,* 
Caleb,' John,' Thomas,' 
b. Feb. 22, 1800; d. May 15, 1867; m. Sarah N. Hayt, Oct. 18, 
1843; she was b. Feb. 21, 1811; d. April 15, 1893. Children: 

3358 James Hewlett, b. June 27, 1845; m. Isabel Wheeler, 

Sept. 30, 1868. 

3359 Samuel Hayt, b. June 23, 1855; d. March 25, i860. 

He was a Ruling Elder of the Presbyterian Church, Patter- 
son, and a farmer. 


Peter,' of Thomas* (3082), Peter,' Richard,* Richard,' John," 
b. March 21, 1780; d. Nov. 12, i860; m. (i) Margaret Gedney, 
March 27, 1806; she was b. May 27, 1786; d. Feb. 27, 1829, 

Genealogy of the Coryiell Family. 315 

daughter of John and Mary (Lyon) Gedney; m. (2) ^lary 
Catherine Snyder, widow of John Woodmancie, Feb. n, 1833; 
she was b. June 11, 1804. Children: 

By first wife: 

3360 Cornelia Ann, b. Oct. 5, 1809; m. Daniel Horton, 

Aug. 21, 1833. Children: John Cornell, Peter 
Augustus, Cornelia Jane, Thomas Henry, Jose- 
phine, Mary Catharine. 

3361 John Gedney, b. July 23, 1812; m. Gertrude 

Freer, Sept. 12, 1832. 

3362 Thomas, b. Jan. 23, 1814; d. March 30, 1890; m. 

Catharine Ann Woodmancie, Feb. 27, 1840. 

3363 Hannah Maria, b. April 26, 1816; m. Hiram 

Schoonmaker. Children: Thomas Cornell, Peter, 
Anna, Hiram. 

3364 Nathaniel Tompkins, b. April 28, 1818; m. Carol- 

ine Tillson. 

3365 Anthony Wiley, b. Feb. 14, 1820; m. Mary Crozier. 

3366 Elizabeth A., b. June 17, 1S22; m. Charles Harden- 

burgh. Children: Mary Jane, ]\Iargaret, Lucinda, 
Catharine, Cornelia, Grace, Anna, Gazina, Ralph. 

3367 Mary Amelia, b. July 17, 1824; m. Col. F. Young. 

Children: Alice, Horace, Edwin (m. ]\Iary Es- 
tella Cornell), Mary. 
336S Charlotte A., b. July 17, 1826; d. in infancy. 

3369 Margaret Gedney, b. Sept. 18, 182S; m. Stephen 

B. . No children. 

By second wife: 

3370 Richard, b. March 4, 1834; d. in infancy. 

3371 Joseph, b. Alarch 4, 1836; d. Nov. 12, 1898; m. (r) 

Isabella Grant, Sept. 15, i860; m. (2) Ella Mary 
Grant, Nov. 9, 1870. 

3372 Sarah Betts, b. April 24, 1838; m. De Witt C. 

Overbaugh, Aug. 14, 1S67. Children: Augusta 
Cornell, Genevive, Chester B., Catharine C, 
Beulah, Joseph C, Henrietta M. 

3373 Caroline Tillson, b. Feb. 23, 1S40; m. Benjamin B. 

Hoornbeck, Jan. 26, 1865. Children: Thomas, 
Kenyon, Henrietta. 

3i6 (7Cfira/(\(^v of the Coryiell Faviily. 

3374 Henrietta, b. Nov. 3, 1844; m. Simon Wood, June 

II. 1S72. Children: Joseph, Catharine C. 

3375 Aiiousta, b. Feb. 3, 1S47; m. John C. Bogardtis, M. 

D., Dec. 22, 1S70. Children: Mary Ella, William, 
Ang-usta C, John C. Ella C. 

He lived in White Plains, but moved to Kingston, on Rond- 
out Creek, where his son Thomas joined him. 


Thomas Lynch,' of Thomas" (3082), Peter,' Richard," Richard," 
John,' Thomas,' 
b. Sept. 24, 1S02; d. 18S4; m. Emeline Lawrence of Tarry- 

He changed his name to Thomas Wildey Cornell. He re- 
moved to Ulster County, where he obtained wealth and position. 


Caleb,' of Richard' (3083), Peter/ Richard,' Richard,' John,' 
b. Feb. 10, 1792, at Harrison, Westchester Co., N. Y.; in. 
Ann Robinson, of Mamaroneck, daughter of Thomas and 
Sarah; she d. April 12, 1844, at Auburn, N. Y. Children: 

3376 Elizabeth Ann, b. Sept. 17, 1816, at Mamaroneck; 

m. John E. Patten of Auburn, N. Y., Nov. i, 
1836. Seven children. 

3377 Thomas Robinson, b. Feb. 15, 1818; m. Frances 

Chelles, July i, 1846. 

3378 Edwin, b. Jan. 16, 1820; m. Sarah Elizabeth Bedell, 

Nov. 3, 1852. 

3379 Richard, b. Sept. 16, 1823, at Mamaroneck; m. 

Elizabeth Williams, Aug. 23, 1854, at Union Vil- 
lage, Washington Co., N. Y. Removed to Mich- 
igan. No children. 

3380 Sarah Maria, b. June 24, 1826, in New York; m. 

Albert Loomis (son of Orrin and Ada Loomis), 
of West Springfield, Mass. Five children. 

3381 Hester Adelaide, b. Oct. i, 1830, in New York; d. 


Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 317 

3382 William Henry, b. Feb. 15, 1835, in New York; d. 
March 16, 1854, at Havana. 

ZTi^Z John, b. Feb. 19, 1837, at Auburn; m. Mary Eliza- 
beth Jones. Lives at Larchmont, Westchester 
Co., N. Y. 


RiCH-^RD,' of Richard' (30S3), Peter,' Richard,* Richard,' John,' 
b. Sept. 10, 1796; d. Nov. i, 1843; m. Phebe Knoxton (or 
Noxon) of Beekman, Dutchess Co., N. Y. 

He left a widow and one son at Patterson, N. Y. 


H.A.VILAXD,' of Haviland' (30S5), Peter,' Richard,* Richard," 
John," Thomas,' 
b. Jan. 18, 1801, at New Castle, N. Y.; m. Ann Hulbert Dil- 
lingham, daughter of Henry and Jerusha (Strong) Dilling- 
ham of Yorktown, Feb. 23, 1825; she was b. Jan. 15, 1810. 
Children: * 

3384 Stephen D., b. April i, 1826; m. Catharine D. 

Griffin, Feb. 22, 1848. 

3385 William Henry, b. jMarch 31, 1828; m. Cora D. 

Curtis, Oct. 30, 1856. 

3386 Ebenezer H., b. Jan. 13, 1831, in New York; d. 

May 30, 1866, at Bennington, Wyoming Co., 
N. Y.; m. Mary Elizabeth Gillette, daughter of 
Culver M. and Nancy (Boyd) Gillette, at Alden, 
Erie Co., N. Y., Dec. 12, 1856. No children. 

3387 Wallace D., b. Jan. 7, 1834, in New York; d. Nov. 

8, 1834. 

3388 Mary Ann, b. Aug. 24, 1836, at Tyre, Seneca Co., 

N. Y.; m. Isaac Van Allen, Dec. 24, 1855, at 
Middlebury, Wyoming Co., N. Y. 

3389 George W., b. Sept. 4, 1839; m. Matilda B. Black- 


3390 M. D. Lafayette, b. Oct. 31, 1843, ^^ Middlebury. 

3391 Matilda, b. Oct. 31, 1843 (twin of above); d. same 


* Bolton gives to Haviland the children of his brother Thomas (3195). 

31 S Grnr(7/c{(^r of the Cornell Family. 

3392 Charles W., b. Oct. 22, 1S46 (or 1847), at Middle- 

bury. Lives with his father. He lived first in 
New York City, where he built one of the first 
houses in Twentieth Street. He moved to 
Middlebury, Wyoming County, and later to Ad- 
dison Hill, Steuben County. 


Peter,' of Haviland" (3085), Peter,' Richard,* Richard,' John,' 
b. Jan. 26, 1789; d. Feb. i, 1862; m. Sarah Matthews; she was 
b. Sept. 28, 1796; d. Jan. 23, 1847. Children: 

3393 Mary M., b. Oct. 12, 1814. 

3394 Haviland G., b. Jan. 25, 1817. Postmaster, Addi- 

son Hill, N. Y., 1867. 

3395 Ruth Ann, b. Feb. 20, 1819. 

3396 William Henry, b. April 28, 1821; d. Aug. 5, 1821. 

3397 James S., b. Aug. 17, 1822. 

3398 John M., b. Sept. 20, 1824. 

3399 Sarah Jane, b. Sept. 12, 1826; d. Oct. 28, 1864. 

3400 Joseph G., b. Nov. 26, 1828. 

3401 Peter J., b. Dec. 3, 1831. 

3402 William Henry, b. June 22, 1833. 

3403 Stephen Augustus, b. May 26, 1836. 


Thomas,' of Haviland' (3085), Peter,' Richard,' Richard,' John," 
b. Jan. 24, 1792; m. Amy Merritt. Children: 

3404 Peter. 

3405 Elizabeth Dearborn. 

3406 Mary (or Maria) Ann, m. Samuel Dearborn. 

3407 Sarah. 

3408 Delia 

3409 George W. 

3410 Barney. 

341 1 Ann. 

He lived and died at Scarsdale. 

Genealogy of the Cor7iell Family. 319 


Caleb/ of Jonathan' (30S9), Joseph," Joseph/ Riehard/ John/ 
b. 1790; m. Phebe Lamoree. Children: 

3412 Jane, b. 1S13. 

3413 Isaac, b. 1815. 

3414 George L., b. 182 1, Rochester, N. Y. 

3415 Merritt G., b. 1823. 

3416 Deborah, b. 1825. 


Joseph,' of Jonathan ° (3089), Joseph,' Joseph,' Richard,' John,* 
b. 1793; m. Deborah D. Merritt. Children: 

3417 Theodore, b. 1819; d. 1822. 

3418 Jonathan H. 

3419 Caleb. 

3420 Richard. 

3421 Lydia, m. Lewis Rogers. 

3422 Caroline. 

3423 Emeline, d. 1823. 

3424 Deborah S. 


Zeno,' of Jonathan' (3089), Joseph,' Joseph,' Richard,' John,' 
b. 1796; m. Mary Brown. Children: 

3425 Anna Maria, b. 1822. 

3426 , b. 1824. 


Daniel,' of Willett' {3090), Joseph,' Joseph/ Richard, = John,' 
m. Frances B. Halstead. Children: 

3427 Cordelia. 

3428 Mary Elizabeth. 

3429 Ann Augusta. 

320 Ot'fifa/cj^r of tJic Cornell I'ajiiilv. 


Ambrose,' of Willett* (3090), Joseph/ Joseph/ Richard,' John,* 
m. Sarah Halstead Children: 

3430 Jonathan H. 

3431 Willett. 

3432 Albert, b. 1818. 


David M./ of Isaac" (3091), John," Joseph,' Richard,^ John,* 
b. 179S; m. Elizabeth Clive. Children: 

3433 Isaac, b. 1822. 

3434 John C. 

3435 Daniel. 

3436 Mary Elizabeth, b. 1819. 

3437 Sarah Ann, b. 1820. 

3438 Hester. 

3439 John B. 

3440 Margaret. 


Ch.a.rles,' of Isaac' (3091), John," Joseph,* Richard,' John,* 
m. Maria Champenois. Children: 

3441 Esther. 

3442 Albert W. 


Richard,' of Thomas I.' (3101), Ferris,* Joseph,* Richard,' John,* 
b. Aug-. 25, 1804; d. Sept. 10, 1862; m. Mary Antoinette 
Philips; she d. Sept. 2, 1854, aged 47 years. Children: 

3443 Eliza Philips, m. Albert Keith Smiley, July 8, 1857. 

He was principal of the Friends' School, Prov- 
idence, R. I., and later founded the Lake Ma- 
honk House, N. Y. He organized the Mahonk 
Indian Conferences, and in 1879 was appointed 
by President Hayes a member of the Board of 
Indian Commissioners. 

(leriealogy of the Cornell Family. 321 

3444 John, d. July, 1832, aged 4 months. 

3445 Anne, d. Jan., 1S36, aged 2 years. 

3446 j\Iary Annette. 

3447 Albert, d. Sept., 1841, aged 18 months. 

3448 Adrian, d. April 12, 1854, aged 12 years. 

3449 Amy Fisher. 

He and his wife and four children are buried in the Quaker 
Burying-ground, Harrison, Westchester Co., N. .Y. Their chil- 
dren are mostly Episcopal. 


Stephen,^ of William Haviland" (3103), Stephen,' Benjamin,* 
Richard,' John,^ Thomas,' 
b. 21. 1, 1S15; d. June 15, 1852; m. Rachel Tompkins, daugh- 
ter of Samuel and Mary (Coles) Tompkins, Aug. 17, 1841; 
she was b. June 21, 1821; d. Oct. 17, 18S3; m. (2) Henry Cor- 
nell (3239). Children: 

3450 William Henry, b. Aug. 14, 1842; m. Philena D. 

Baker, Dec. u, 1872. 

3451 Charles W., b. Jan. 21, 1845; m. Lucy Nevens 

Ireland, Sept. 18, 1878. 

3452 Samuel Tompkins, b. April 15, 1847; d. Jan. 29, 


3453 Albert, b. Feb. 24, 1849; d- Feb. 18, 1901; m. Anne 

Davis, March 11, 1873. 

3454 Stephen, b. April 15, 1852; d. Feb. 26, 1853. 

Stephen and his wife were born and died in vScarsdale. 
Rachel died in the old homestead opposite the Quaker Meet- 
ing house. All the children were originally Quakers, but have 
changed their religion; some are Episcopal and some Meth- 


WILLIA^r,' of William H.° (3103), Stephen," Benjamin,* Richard,' 
John,^ Thomas,' 
b. 30.9, 1818, in Scarsdale; d. Aug. i, 1891, in Mamaroneck; 
m. (i) Sarah Theall of Rye, 1842, daughter of William; she 
d. Dec. 7, 1848; m. (2) Elizabeth Theall, her sister; she was 
b. May 23, 1830; d. Jan. 21, 1892. Children: 

322 Ge-nealiygy of tJic Cornell Family. 

By first wife: 

3455 ^Villiam Thomas, b. Nov. ii, 1845; m. Lucinda 

Vail Riishmore. 

3456 Edwin Theall, b. Nov. 28, 1848; m. Mary F. Rob- 

inson, dangiiter of Edward C. and Sarah Jane 
(Eraser) Robinson. In the Bank of America, 
X. Y. 

By second wife: 

3457 Frank S., b. Dec. 31, 1857; unmarried. 

345S Frederic Le Brun, b. Nov. 19, i860; d. Jan. 5, 1895; 

3459 Howard M., b. Dec. 24, 1863; d. 1880. 

3460 Ella Louise, b. Dec. 24, 1863 (twin of above); 


He was born in Scarsdale, but lived and died in Mamar- 
oneck. He was originally a Quaker, but became a Methodist 
in early life, and \vas a trustee of the Methodist Church in 


RicH.\Ri) Titus,' of Stephen" (3107), Stephen,'* Benjamin,* 
Richard,' John,' Thomas,' 
b. 27.9, 181 1 ; m. (i) Phebe Ann IMott, 29.4, 1836, daughter of 
William, in Saratoga County, N. Y.; she d. 4.1, 1841; 
m. (2) Amy Ann Cornell (3524), 16.9, 1846, at Clinton, Dutch- 
ess Co., N. Y. Children: 

3461 William T., b. June 11, 1837; m. Abbie L. Wilson, 

May 30, i860. 

3462 Stephen W., b. July 9, 1839; d. Aug. 26, 1839. 

3463 Robert R., b. Aug. 21, 1843, at Kingsbury, Wash- 

ington Co., N. Y. 

3464 Hannah Titus, b. Oct. 13, 1845. 

3465 Phebe Ann, b. July 13, 1847. 

3466 Rebecca T., b. Jan. 23, 185 1. 

3467 Matilda, b. Sept. 2, 1853, at Clinton, Dutchess Co., 

N. Y. 

3468 vStephen W., b. Sept. 5, 1857, at Clinton. 

He lived with his second wife at Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

Genealogy of the Cor7iell Family. 323 


Richard C.,' of Samuel S." (3111), Stephen,' Benjamin,* 
Richard/ John,' Thomas,' 
b. II. I, 1822; ni. Phebe Sutton Mott, Aug. 8, 1850. Children: 

3469 Franklin J., b. May 22, 1S52; d. Aug. 31, 1867. 

3470 Stephen Samuel, b. Feb. 25, 1856; m. Sarah W. 

Disbrow, Oct. i, 1881. 

3471 Walter Howard, b. July 17, 1858; m. Mary Car- 

penter, June 25, 1891. 

3472 Carrie Samson, b. Jan. 18, 1861; d. Feb. 17, 1867. 

In 1856, he witnessed the will of William H. Cornell (3103). 
He lived on Quaker Ridge, New Rochelle, on part of the farm 
bought in 1775, by his grandfather Stephen (3044), from John 
(3013). A picture of his house called the " Cornell Homestead," 
is in Scharff's History of Westchester County. He was for- 
merly a Quaker, but became a Methodist. 


Stephen J.,' of Samuel S.' (3111), Stephen,' Benjamin,* 
Richard,' John,' Thomas,' 
b. 4.10, 1S30; d. April 8, 1900; m. Caroline Samson, daughter 
of Stephen; she d. Oct. 20, 1900, aged 63 years. Child: 

3473 Herbert L. 

He was interested in the Brooklyn Gas Works, and resided 
at 516 Madison Street, Brooklyn. 


John Henry,' of John' (3 11 2), Benjamin," Benjamin,* Richard,' 
John,* Thomas,' 
b. Feb., 1844; d. March 12, 1878; m. Letitia J. W. Caldwell, 
1864. Children: 

3474 William A. Lawyer, 93 Nassau Street, New York. 

3475 George. 

3476 Henry G. Broker. 

He lived originally at Rye Neck, Mamaroneck, N. Y., but 
removed earlv to New York. 


'■"i^'^oi, /^filai:^' 

c/ il€~i^Hn4 

L^ u^L 


^/vxtu^n^ •/>"^'/S7 4 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 


near Kingston, Canada, where he met his wife, a widow with 
three children. In 1866, he established an office in Morrisania, 
and took his three step-sons into business with him. He died 
suddenly of congestion of the lungs, brought on by overwork. 


Harrison,' of Samuel' (3122), Joshua,^ Joshua,* Joshua,' John,* 
m. Charity Earl. Children: 

3479 Samuel. 

3480 John. 

3481 Hannah. 

3482 Sarah, m. William Cornell (3556). 


Jesse,' of Joshua* (3125), Joshua," Joshua,* Joshua,' John,' 
b. 1796 or 1797; m. Ann Wortman of New Jersey. Children: 

3483 William, b. 1820; d. 1899; m. Emeline Cornell 

(3517), 19-9. 1S44. 

3484 James, m. Orris. 

3485 Henry, m. Esther Susan. Children: Mary, m. 

Thomas J. Crayne, and Charles, m. Celia How- 
ell. Lives in San Jose, Cal. 

3486 John, d. unmarried. 

3487 Charity, m. (i) Nelson Walker; m. (2) Nicholas 

Clapp. Lived near Mendon Center, Monroe Co., 
N. Y. Children: Esther, m. John Holdridge, 
and Charity, who lived with her step-mother 
at Honeoye Falls, N. Y. 

3488 Rebecca, m. William Reynolds of Otterville, Can- 

ada. Child: Alena. 

3489 Samuel, m. Jennie . Children: ^Minnie and 

— ; his wife m. (2) Rector, and lived 

in Oaklield, Wis. 

He moved to Canada and became a farmer. Was a Quaker 
preacher toward the end of his life, and all his children were 

326 (rrnfcr/oi^v of the Cornell Faviily. 


Will lAM/ of Joshua" (3125), Joshua/ Joshua/ Joshua,' John," 
Thomas, ' 
b. July :;i, 1709; d. Sept. 28, 1S77; m. (i) Phebe F. Carpenter, 
jS.4. 1825, daughter of Benjamin and Freelove (Fowler) 
Carpenter; she d. May 11, 1844; m. (2) Sarah Ann William- 
son of Poug'hkeepsie, 18.9, 1845; she d. Sept. 29, 1863; m. 
(3) Phebe (Babcock) Cornell of Rochester, Oct. 28, 1864, wid- 
ow of Daniel H. Cornell (3510); her first husband was David 
Wing'. Children: 

By first wife: 

3490 John Joshua, b. 20.9, 1826, at Poughkeepsie; 

m. (i) Judith H. Russell, 29.9, 1846, daugh- 
ter of Daniel and Lavina (Haviland) Rus- 
sell; she was b. 7.10, 1822; d. April 5, 1884; he 
m. (2) Eliza V. Himey of Richinond, Ind., 24.9, 
18S5. No children. He remained on his 
father's farm at Mendon, Monroe Co., N. Y., un- 
til 1892, when he moved to Baltimore. He sold 
the farm in 1897, entered the Quaker ministry 
in 1856, and travelled extensively in this cause, 
and that of temperance, of which he was a 
strong advocate. 

3491 Sarah Ann, b. Dec. 3, 1828; d. July 31, 1850, un- 


3492 Lydia P., b. 17.5, 1833; d. 17.7, 1834. 

3493 James B., b. Oct. 4, 1836; d. Oct. 26, 1836. 

By second wife: 

3494 Charles G., b. May 23, 1847; d. May 3, 1859. 

He was engaged in the freighting business on the Hudson 
river at Poughkeepsie, from which he retired with a com- 
petency in 1842, when he removed to Mendon, Monroe Co., 
N. Y. 


S.A.MUEL P.,' of Joshua' (3125), Joshua,' Joshua,* Joshua,' John," 
m. Julia S. Schooley of South Norwich, Oxford Co., Canada. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 327 

3495 Edward, m. Louisa Brown of New York. They 

lived in New York and had one son. 

3496 Phebe, m. Robert Doughty. 

3497 Caroline, d. about 18S2; m. Gervis Goodwin. 

Children: Charles E., Ellen J., Emma C, Louise, 
Alice M., Edith M., William, Phebe F. 

3498 Rachel, unmarried. 

3499 Francis, unmarried. 


Jacob,' of Ouimby' (3131), William,' Joshua,* Joshua,' John,' 
b. I.I I, 1769, in Dutchess County; d. 14.2, 1824; m. ^lary 
Carpenter, daughter of Zeno; she was b. Sept. 13, 1771. 

3500 Phebe. 

3501 Lydia. 

3502 Mark, m. Ann . Lives in Harrison, West- 

chester Co., X. Y., half a mile north of Purchase 
Post Office. He was a grocer in New York. 

3503 William E. 

3504 Anna Maria, b. Jan. 12, 1810, in Clinton, Dutchess 

Co., N. Y.; m. James Wing. Child: John D. 
Wing of New York. They were prominent 

3505 Stephen. 


Elisha,' of Ouimby' (3131), William,' Joshua,* Joshua,' John,' 
b. 22.2, 1773; m. Anna Green, daughter of Zophar Green 
of Nine Partners;* she was b. Dec. 4, 1774. Children: 

3506 Mary iSL, b. Aug. 10, ; m. John Taylor, Oct. 

24, 1822. 

* Nine Partners was so named from the nine persons who received a 
grant of land there in 1697 These men were: Caleb Heathcote, James Em- 
mett, Henry Filkins, Henry Teneyck, Augustus Graham, William Creed, 
John Olsen, David Marshall, David Jansen. The grant was in Dutchess 
County, and extended for eight or ten miles along the Hudson River. It 
was divided in 36 lots of 3,400 acres each, and 9 water lots. 

328 (icucalcgy of tJic Cor)!cll Fmiiily. 

^^507 Zophar. b. March 30, 1800; d. young. 

^508 Hannah, b. July 14, 1801; m. Benson Lossing-, 

Ang. 19, 1819. Had two sons and a daughter. 
j;5oo Phebe, b. April 30, 1803; d. 1824. 

3510 Daniel H., b. Oct. 10, 1S04; m. Phebe W. Babcock, 

widow of David Wing, Feb. 24, 1844 (see No. 3284). 
No children. 

351 1 Henry J., b. June 9, 1806; ni. Hannah A. Eastman, 

Oct. 9, 1839. No children. 

3512 Amy C, b. May 23, 1808; m. John V. Burnham, 

Jan. II, 1832. Children: Daniel and Mortimer. 
None of the family now living. 

3513 Anna Green, b. Nov. 9, 1810; m. Robert B. Crom- 

well, Jan. 16, 1834. None of the family now liv- 
ing (see No. 3129). 

3514 Sarah, b. Dec. 15, 1812; d. young. 

3515 Eliza M., b. Jan. 4, 1815; m. John C. Cromwell, 

Sept. 17, 1833. None of the family now living 
(see No. 3129.) 

3516 Jane, b. July 15, 1818; m. Don Carlos McGregory, 

Nov. 12, 1846. One daughter. 

3517 Emeline P., b. Oct. 3, 1820; m. William Cornell 

(3483), 19-9, 1844. 
He was a farmer and a Quaker. He removed from Dutch- 
ess Co. to Otterville, Ontario, Canada. 


M.\TTHEw,' of Ouimby ^ (3131 ), William,^ Joshua,^ Joshua,' John,* 
t>- Z-Zi 1775; d. 2.2, 1857; m. Sarah Halstead, daughter of 
Daniel Halstead of Westchester Co., N. Y. Child: 

3518 Hannah, m. Jacob Bedell (or Beadle). 


AVii.LiAM,' of Quimby" (3 131), William," Joshua,^ Joshua,' John,'' 
b. 15.12, 1777; d. 26.12, 1850, at Clinton; m. Amy Doty, 26.1, 
1803, daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth (Carpenter) Doty, at 
Poughkeepsie, X. Y.; she was b. Oct. 24, 1782. Children: 

Genealogy of the Cornell Fajnily. 329 

3519 Elizabeth, b. June 15, 1805; d. 1843. 

3520 Hannah Doty, b. 6.5, 1807; d. Aug. 8, 1898; m. 

Joseph M. Rowland, 26.9, 1827, at Clinton. 

3521 Mary, b. 1S09; m. James C. Skidmore, Nov. 25, 


3522 Margaret B., b. April 5, 1813; m. Solomon A. 

Rowland, Aug. 26, 1835. 

3523 Caroline, b. July 20, 1815; m. William G. Barker, 

Feb. 26, 1834; he was b. in Canada, 1800. 

3524 Amy Ann, b. ]\Iay 5, 1819; m. Richard T. Cornell 

(3250), Sept. 16, 1842. 

3525 Robert D., b. i\Iay 12, 1822; d. ]\Iarch 10, 1896; m. 

Thirza E. Moore, daughter of Peter, June 3, 
1847. Child: Amy Ann, b. 1S50, at Clinton. He 
was captain of a Hudson River Steamer. Lived 
at Poughkeepsie, and died suddenly of paralysis 
at Rhinebeck. 

3526 William Hull, b. May 12, 1822 (twin of above); d. 

Feb. 14, 1874; m. Mary Browming, daughter of 
Jeremiah, Sept. 3, 1845, at Hudson, Columbia Co., 
N. Y. He lived and died at Clinton. 

He was a farmer and lived at Clinton, Dutchess Co., N. Y. 
He and his wife were zealous Quakers and are buried in the 
Quaker cemetery at Clinton. 


John,' of Quimby^ {z^l'^)^ William,' Joshua,* Joshua,' John,' 
b. 3.1, 1793; m. Amy Dean, 23.5, 1815. Children: 

3527 Edward H., b June 17, 1816; m. Hannah Wilde of 

Saratoga Co. 

3528 David B., b. July 27, 1818; m. Sarah O'Brien of 


3529 Joseph D., b. Aug. 7, 1820. 

3530 Willliam D., b. Oct. 10, 1822; d. Aug. 9, 1840. 

3531 Phebe Jane, b. July 28, 1S27; d. April 5, 1850; m. 

Parris O'Brien. 

3532 Garwood L., b. IMay 5, 1830; d. Feb. 19, 1S67; m. 

Matilda Stevens. 

Geru'dlog'y of tlie Cornel! Family 

Zi.^}, Edmund, b. April 21, 1833; m. Anna Mitchell 
of Nine Partners. 


Abraham/ of James" (3132), William,' Joshua,* Joshua,' John,' 
b. March i, 17S4; d. 1862; m. Mary Brady, 1808. Children: 

3534 Sally Ann, b. 1S08; d. young. 

3535 John, b. 1S09 or 1810; d. 1832; m. Betsey Smith. 

3536 Jacob G., b. 181 1; m. Margaret McCord. 

3537 James b. 1813; d. 1878; m. Margaret Tompkins, 

Dec, 1839. 

3538 Eliza Ann, b. 1815; d. unmarried. 

3539 Deborah, b. 1819; d. unmarried. 

3540 Sarah, b. 1820; m. John Vail. Children: Hannah 

m. Nathan Fflewellyn, Oliver, Edgar, Elias, , 

3541 Oliver C, b. 1821; m. Sarah Louise Miller, April 

29, 1849. 

He was a farmer in New Castle, Westchester Co., but 
toward the end of his life, exchanged his farm for a house in 
Sing Sing. 


Oliver," of James" (3132), William,^ Joshua," Joshua,' John,* 
b. Dec. 15, 1785; m. Mary Dickinson. Children: 

3542 Nathaniel, b. Jan. 17, 1815; d. April i, 1889; m. 
(i) Margaret Orser, Oct. 8, 1836 or 1876; m. (2) 
B. J. Howe, Aug. 14, 1892. He came into pos- 
session of his father's farm in New Castle, and 
increased it to over 400 acres, part of it extend- 
ing into Yorktown. He was a successful farmer, 
a Methodist, and took an active part in local 
politics, having been School Trustee, Road- 
master, and Supervisor of Yorktown. He is 
buried in Chappaqua cemetery. No children.* 

* See Scharjf s History of li^esfckesi^-r Co. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 331 

3543 Elizabeth, b. June 21, 1812; m. Nathaniel Dickin- 

son Fflewellyn. Children: Oliver C, Nathaniel 
D., Mary C. 

He removed from New Castle to Yorktown, where he pur- 
chased a farm. 


Joel/ of William' (3134), William,* Joshua,' Joshua,* John,' 
b. ]\Iarch 2, 1790; m. Anna Tillson, Feb. 2, 1814; daughter of 
Timothy and Sarah (Mills) Tillson. Child: 

3544 William Tillson, d. 1863; m. Elizabeth Wood. 


Daniel,' of Daniel' (3135), William,' Joshua,* Joshua,' John,' 
b. May 20, 1792, at Pleasant Valley, Ulster Co.; d. 1877, at 
at Woodbury, Orange Co.; m. (i) Sarah Johnson; m. (2) 
Keziah F. Seaman. Children: 

By first wife: 

3545 William J., m. . Had son Hampton. Chip- 

pewa Falls, Wis. 

3546 Elizabeth, living 1868; m. Cheesborough; 

he d. 1865. 

3547 Birdsall, b. June 9, 1823; m. Mary Van Kirk, June 

10, 1847. 

3548 Rebecca. 

3549 Susan, m. William Ryder, Orange Co. 

3550 Ann, m. Christian Mead. Wisconsin. 

3551 Sarah. 

By second wife: 

3552 Charles S., b. Jan. 18, 1845; ^i- Sarah A. Lefferts, 

Jan. 8, 1873; she d. Jan. 12, 1886. Child: Martha 
K. He removed from Long Island to Washing- 
tonville. Orange Co., near Newburg, N. Y., 
where he was a farmer. 

_^;j Grficd/og-y of t/ie C or Jt ell Family. 


TosiAH.' of Daniel' (.1135), William," Joshua/ Joshua/ John,' 
b. CK't. 15. 1794: m. Catharine Miller. Children: 

3553 Charity, unmarried 1868. 

3554 James. 
,^555 Esther. 

3550 William, m. Sarah Cornell (3482), of Harrison. 

3557 Mary Ann, m. Charles Ryder. 

3558 Rebecca, unmarried 1868. 

3559 Elizabeth, m. Reuben Birdsall, Westchester Co. 


Birdsall,' of Josiah" (3136), William," Joshua,* Joshua,' John," 
m. Mary Selleck, Ulster Co. Children: 

3560 Nathaniel, b. 1810; m. . Child: Benjamin, 

lives in Edinburg, Christian Co., 111. 

3561 Hiram, b. 1815; m. Sarah Ann Haight of Ulster 

Co., about 1839. 

356 1 A Millicent, m. Hoffman. 

356 IB Susan. 


Robert Comfort,' of Comfort' (3138), Barak," Samuel," Joshua,' 
John,^ Thomas,' 
d. May, 1844; m. Amy Lovett. Child: 

3562 George James, m. Caroline Cornelia Greele (Elliot). 

In 1815, he was assessed in New York on $20,000. He was 
an Alderman in 1834, a Quaker, and interested in many good 
works. He was President of the Farmers' Loan and Trust 
Company, and died suddenly of apoplexy in that office. His 
will is dated Sept. 12, 1840, and was proved June 9, 1844. It 
mentions his wife Amy and his son George James, who is 
under age. Executors: brother-in-law James Lovett, Robert 
White, Jr., Augustus Greele, and George James Cornell. 


Akigah.,' of Comfort' (3138), Barak," Samuel,* Joshua,' John,* 
b. July 16, 1776; d. Nov. 2, 1854, in New York; m. (i) Jacob 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 333 

Doty, June 9, 1795; he was b. July 13, 1772; d. Nov., 1779; 
ni. (2) Israel Corse, April 11, 1810, son of David and Elizabeth; 
he was b. Jan. 24, 1769, at Chestertown, ]Md.; d. ;March3o, 
1842, in New York City. Children {Doty and Corse): 

By first husband: 

Betsey Cornell, b. July 16, 1796. 

Sally Titus, b. Dec. 11, 1797; d. May 18, 1798. 

Jacob, b. ^larch 16, 1799. 
By second husband: 

Israel, b. June 18, 1811, d. Feb. 21, 1819. 

Robert, b. April 19, 1S14; d. Aug., 1S15. 

]\Iary Louise, b. Feb. 15, 1816; d. April, 1851, in 
Columbia, Tenn.; m. William H. Polk, June 29, 
1847 (brother of James K. Polk, President of the 
United States) by Rev. Dr. Hall, at his brother's 
house, 52 Broadway, New York City. 

Israel, b. Oct. 24, 1819, in Vande water Street, 
New York City; d. at Sayville, L. I., July 13, 
1885; m. Catharine Ketchum, Oct. 7, 1846, at 
Westpoint, Conn., daughter of ]\Iorris Ketchum. 
Children: Angeline Burr, Israel, Mary Abigail, 
Katharine Ketchum, Margaret Ketchum. 

The family were originally Quakers, but most of them now 
belong to the Episcopal Church. 


Elijah,' of Samuel' (3140), Barak,' Samuel,^ Joshua,' John,'' 
b. Feb. 4, 1780, at Flushing; d. 1864; m. Mary Willis, Dec. 16, 
1S02; she was b. 1786, at Westbury, L. I. Living, 1870, with 
son Samuel M. at Catskill. Children: 

3563 Samuel Mott, b. Dec. 25, 1806; d. 1S83; m. (i) 

Caroline Rowland of New Bedford, Mass.; m. (2) 
Jane Gardner of Troy. 

3564 William Willis, b. 1809; d. Nov. 3, 1895; m. (i) 

Elizabeth Tait; m. (2) Sarah Drake. 

3565 Sidney, b. April 30, 181 5, in New York City; d. 

May 21, 1900; m. Sarah Ann Van Nostrand, Jan. 
24. 1838. 

334 Gt'fiira/oj^v of tJie Cornell Family. 

^^560 Walter W., b. 1S19; d. 1824. 
3567 Ann, b. 1804: d. 1807. 

356S Elizabeth Ann, m. William Binns, 1839, of Eng- 
land. No children. 
3560 Marv jane, b. 1823: unmarried. 

In the early part of the last centnry, he was engaged in the 
hardware business in New York City, the business being car- 
ried on after his death by his son Samuel M., and onl)'- closed 
in 1S70 by his grandson Thomas L. (3684). In 1815, manumits 
a slave. Witness: De Witt Clinton. 


B.\RAK,' of John" (3142), Barak/ Samuel,* Joshua,^ John,'' 
b. April II, 1815; d. Sept. 13, 1892, at Providence, R. I.; m. 
Mary Ann Howe, daughter of Thomas Howe of New York 
City'. Child: 

3570 Josephine, m. Charles E. Taylor of Providence, 

R. I. 

He lived in New York the greater part of his life. 1835- 
1855, had several deeds recorded in New York. 


John,' of John" (3142), Barak," Samuel,* Joshua,' John," 
b. May 4, 181 7; d. June 4, 1890; m. Julia Haviland, 1847. 

3571 John Henry, b. Oct. 20, 1850; m. Emma Potter. 

3572 Mary Aletta, b. Sept. 20, 1856. 

3573 Ella Augusta, b. Oct. 22, 1858; m. George A. 


3574 George Walley, b. Aug. 23, 1861; m. Jessie Pearson. 

3575 William Haviland, b. April 27, 1866; m. Nellie 


3576 George W., b. June 22, 1868; m. Amelia House- 

man. Lives at Little Neck. 

3577 Edward Field, b. April 10, 1873; d. young. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 335 

In 1894, his widow was still living at Little Neck on the 
farm that belonged to his grandfather Barak (3337). His sons 
John Henry and William Haviland also lived with him at Lit- 
tle Neck. 


Marv,' of Joshua^ (3144), Barak,' Samuel/ Joshua/ John,' 
b. 1788; m. Cornelius Cornell, only child of George and 
Charlotte Cornell; he was b. 17S7. Children: 
Olive, d. in infancy. 
William Henry, m. Catharine Slidell. Alderman; 

Presidential elector, 1852. 
Anna Maria, d. young. 

George Washington, m. Catharine Redfield. 
Charlotte, d. young. 
John Lott, m. Ruth Bayliss. 

Stephen Henderson, m. Charity "A. Carpenter, 
dau. of Henry ]\Iead Carpenter and Deborah 
Mary, m. William A. Freeborn, New York. 
Charles Griffin, m. Catharine ]\IcMunn.* 
Helen C, m. Dr. George Wood Jewett, 56 E. 127th 
Street, New York. 

Robert Gwyer,f m. Mary C. Banta; she was bap. 
Dec. 24, 1836. 

Phebe Ann, m. Henry Delavan Grant. 
The ancestry of Cornelius has not been traced. He had 
a brother or uncle ^Morris. He may be a grandson of George,' 
(Samuel," Richard.^" Richard,' Thomas'). 


William,' of Joshua' (3144), Barak,' Samuel,'' Joshua,' John,' 
b. May 2, 1792; d. April 5, 1880; m. (i) Maria Briggs of West- 

* He was Councilman in 1858, a member of the State Senate in 1862, 
and a member of Assembly in 1873. 

t His wife was a daughter of Albert Zabriskie and Mary Ann (Hosper) 
Banta. She was b. Dec. 24, 1836. He was a commission merchant in 
New York for many years, a Baptist and prominent in church matters. 
Children: Theodore Banta, b. Jan. 23, 1861; m. Augusta Moore, Dec. 22, 
1891; Caroline, b. June 29, 1864; Grace Sayre, b. Feb. 19, 1866, m. James 
Bull, Dec. 15, 1890; Robert Gwyer, b. Sept. 13, 1875; Bessie, b. Sept. ig, 1878. 

336 Gi'ucaloi^y of the Cornell Fanitly. 

Chester County; ni. (2) Clarissa Farrington; m. (3) Caroline 
(Morey) Heroy, Nov., 1853, widow of Lavinius C. Heroy. 

By tirst wife: 

3578 Samuel Merwin, b. Oct. 28, 18 14; m. Mary E. 


3579 William Edgar, b. 1819; d. about 1S85; m. Amelia 

T. Archer, May 22, 1848. 

By second wife: 

3580 Mary Ann, b. 1825; d. 1859; unmarried. 

3581 Eugene Elijah, b. Nov. 29, 1835; m. Harriett M. 


3582 Clarissa Josephine, b. about 1836; m. Dr. Charles 

Wesley Bates, Hempstead. Two children. 

3583 James Hammond, b. 1838; m. Margaret E. 


By third wife: 

3584 Caroline Matilda, m. William Creed, Pearsalls, 

Long Island. 

About 1865, he bought a farm at Pearsalls, Long Island, 
where his eldest son was living in 1895. He was probably born 
at Success and spent the early part of his life there. 


John Hewlett,' of John " (3162), Hewlett,' John," Caleb,' John," 
b. March 30, 1816; d. Dec. 27, 1887; m. Susan Reynolds. 

3585 Miriam W., b. Sept. 17, 1845; d. Sept. 16, 1887; m. 

Richard B. Parker. 

3586 Margaret, b. Aug. 26, 1S53; m. H. R. Searing. 

3587 John Hewlett, b. Dec. 10, i860; m. Mary C. Burr. 

From 1835 until 1844, he was Captain and Paymaster in the 
2nd Regiment, ist Division, New York Volunteers. 

Genealogy of iJie Cornell Family. 337 


Daniel Allen,' of Walter J/ (3164), Hewlett/ John,* Caleb,' 
John,'' Thomas,' 
b. June 5, 1827, at Cow Bay; m. Emeline Skidmore, Dec. 4, 
1850, daughter of William and JNIartha Skidmore; she d. Oct. 
20, 1879. Children: 

3588 Maiitha, b. May 27, 1856; d. Feb. 11, 1897, at Sands 

Point; m. Robert L. Morrell, June 27, 1883. 
Child: Allen, b. March 15, 1885. 

3589 Walter J., b. Jan 10, 1864; m. Amelia Goddard 

Powell, Feb. 3, 1885; she was b. in Brooklyn, 
June 26, 1864, daughter of William J. and Helen 
(Goddard) Powell. Child: Lilian Emeline, b. 
Nov. 30, 18S6. 

3590 William Skidmore, b. July 27, 1866; m. Julia Es- 

telle Smith of Port Washington, June i, 1887. 

He inherited a farm of 300 acres from his father, most of 
which he has sold in plots. He was a Commissioner of High- 
ways and belonged to the Protestant Episcopal Church. 


James Hewlett' [Cornwall], of Samuel Matthew" (3176), 
Samuel,' William,' Caleb,' John,' Thomas,' 
b. June 27, 1845; m. Isabel Wheeler, Sept. 30, 1868, daughter 
of N. W. Wheeler, M. D.; she was b. Feb. 21, 1848 or 1849. 

3591 Egbert Wheeler, b. March 6, 187 1; d. Oct. 24, 1896, 

in New Haven, Conn. Class of '92, Sheffield 
Scientific School, Yale. Afterwards in the en- 
gineering department of the N. Y., N. H. & 
H. R. R. Co, and then with the Southern New 
England Telephone Co. 

3592 Nathan Wheeler, b. Sept. 25, 1874; d. Aug. 14, 


3593 Matthew Paterson, b. June 16, 1876. 

The family are Presbyterians. He was class of '62, Yale. 
Was in business in Wall Street until 1873, and then went to his 
grandfather's farm in Dutchess Co., which he now owns, and 
which has been in the family since 1785. 

338 CJri/rtr/oo-j' of iJie Cor?ieIl Family. 


Thomas/ of Peter' (3179), Thomas," Peter,' Richard,* Richard,' 
John," Thomas,' 
b. Jan. 23. 1814, at White Plains; d. March 30, 1890, at Ron- 
douc; m. Catharine Ann Woodmancie, Feb. 27, 1840, daugh- 
ter of his step-mother; she d. May 15, 1S97, aged 75 years. 

3594 Mary Augusta, b. Jan. 23, 1842; m. Samuel D. 

Coykendall of Rondout. Children: Thomas C, 
Harry, Edward, Frederick, Catharine, Robert 
Bayard, Frank. 

3595 Peter Gedney, b. July 31, 1846; d. Sept. 16, 1846. 

3596 Hiram Schoonmaker, b. April 29, 1849; d. May 2, 


3597 Cornelia Lucy, b. July 9, 1854; d. Jan. 2, 1902; m. 

Robert Bayard Carpenter, Dec. 19, 1877. No 
children. Lived at 135 West 7 2d Street, New 
York City. 

He went to New York when a boy, but in 1837 he moved to 
Kingston and entered the Hudson River freighting business. 
He began with one sloop, but eventually controlled almost the 
whole of the freighting and steamboat business on the river. 
He was elected to Congress in 1866 and 1880 by large majorities, 
and was a Presidential Elector for Benjamin Harrison. He 
was a founder and president of the First National Bank of 
Rondout and of the Ulster and Delaware Railroad Company 
and other local enterprises. His will was dated Sept. 30, 1889, 
and named his wife and his nephew Edwin Young as executors, 
but the former renounced. The estate amounted to between 
$3,000,000 and $4,000,000, and has been the subject of much 
litigation. He was a Baptist, though his ancestors had been 


Xathamf.l Tompkins," of Peter' (3179), Thomas,' Peter," 
Richard,* Richard,^ John,^ Thomas,' 
b. April 28, 1818; m. Caroline Tillson. Children: 

3598 Oliver Tillson, m. Armgie Morgan. 

* See Adam and Anne Mott, their Ancestors and their Descendants, by 
Thomas C. Cfirnell. 


'/^//^ /h^z/vdo 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 339 

3599 Phebe Almira. 

^600 Thomas "Woodmancie. 


Anthony Wiley,' of Peter' (3179), Thomas.' Peter,' Richard,' 
Richard,' John,' Thomas," 
b. Feb. 14, 1820; m. ]\Iary Crozier. Children: 

3601 Catharine. 

3602 John. 

3603 Mary. 

3604 Thomas. 


Joseph,' of Peter' (3179), Thomas," Peter,' Richard,' Richard,' 
John,- Thomas,' 
b. March 4, 1836, at Rosendale, Ulster Co.; d. Nov. 12, 1898, 
in Xe^v York City; m. (i) Isabella Grant, of Stamford, N. Y., 
Sept. 15, i860; m. (2) Ella Mary Grant, Xov. 9, 1870 (no rel- 
ation to first wife). Children: 

By first wife: 

3605 Mary Belle, b. Aug. 28, 1S61; m. Edwin Young of 

Albany, X. Y. He was killed by an accident 
while riding in Albany. Children: Isabella 
Cornell, b. Jan. 20, 1884, Mary Cornell, b. May 
20, 1887. 

3606 Samuel Joseph, b. Oct. 4, 1863; d. Dec. 24, 1899; 

m. Lillian J. Benton, Dec. 15, 1886. 

By second wife: 

3607 Peter Grant, b. Dec. 25, 1871; m. (by Rev. Robert 

Morris Kemp) Emma Verona Schiers. June 22, 
1898, daughter of John Henry Schiers. 

3608 Grant, b. Dec. 18, 1873. 

3609 Joseph, b. Feb. 16, 1875. 

3610 Frederick, b. June 20, 1876. 

He received his education in the district schools, and in 
1 85 2 went into partnership with his half-brother Thomas. They 
operated a line of steamboats between Rondout and Xew York, 
and were quite successful. In 187 1, he left this and bought 

340 (Tr/uyr/oi^}' of t//r Cornell Faiiiilv. 

the C.uskill line of steamers which he operated for two years. 
He then sold out aoain, and with George W. Horton and 
Thomas D. Abrams, founded the Citizens Line. He was also 
president of the New Brunswick, Amboy and New York 
Steamboat Company, the Keyport Steamboat Company, and 
the Keyport Transportation Compan)^, being one of the best 
known steamboat men in the country. He was also proprietor 
of the new Grand Hotel in the Catskill Mountains, and of the 
(rrant House, near Catskill Village. He died very suddenly 
after having amassed a large fortime. His residence was No. 
20 West 54th Street, N. Y. 


Thomas Rorinson,' of Caleb' (31S4), Richard," Peter,' Richard,* 
Richard,' John,^ Thomas,' 
b. Feb. 15, 181S, in Scarsdale; m. Frances Chelles, July i, 
1846. Children: 

361 1 Sarah, b. June 11, 1847. 

3612 John, b. June 28, 1849. 


Enwix,' of Caleb' (3184), Richard," Peter,' Richard,* Richard,' 
John,^ Thomas,' 
b. Jan. 16, 1820, in Mamaroneck; m. Sarah Elizabeth Bedell, 
Nov. 3, 1 85 2, daughter of Solomon and Sarah Bedell of Long 
Island. Children: 

3613 Clarence Washington, b. May i. 1856. 

3614 Emerson Lincoln, b. May 19, 18G5. 

3615 Alberta Mary, b. May 2, 1868. 

1868, he was in the grocery business. No. 274 Bleecker 
Street, corner of Carmine, New York. 


Dr. Stephen D.,' of Haviland' (3193), Haviland," Peter," 
Richard,' Richard,' John,' Thomas,' 
b. April I, 1826, at Yorktown; m. Catharine D. Griffin, Feb. 
22, 1848, at Bedford, N. Y., daughter of Peter M. and Sarah 

M. (Holmes) Griffin. Children: 

3616 Stephen Eugene, b. March 26, 1850, at Bedford. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 341 

3617 Griffin P., b. July 5, 1852, at Mount Vernon, X. Y. 

3618 Henry D., b. Sept. 6, 1854, at Mount Vernon. 

3619 Phineas, b. Dec. 18, 1856, at Bedford. 

3620 Emma C, b. Nov. 18, 1S59, at Brooklyn. 

3621 Anne L., b. Avig. 27, 1S65, at Brooklyn. 


William Hexrv," of Haviland " (3193), Haviland,' Peter,' 
Richard,* Richard,^ John,^ Thomas,' 
b. May 31, 1828, in New York City; m. Cora D. Curtis, Oct. 
30, 1856, at Buffalo, daughter of Almaine and Elizabeth 
(Chase) Curtis; she d. Sept. 4, 1867. Children: 

3622 Benjamin D., b. Feb. 28, 185S, at Marilla, Erie Co. 

3623 William G., b. June 21, i860, at Middlebury, 

Wyoming- Co. 

3624 Nellie D., b. at Warsaw, Wyoming Co. 


George W.,^ of Haviland' (3193), Haviland," Peter,' Richard,* 
Richard,' John,^ Thomas,' 
b. Sept. 4, 1839, at Tyre, Seneca Co.; m. Matilda D. Black- 
man, at Marilla, Erie Co., daughter of Ambrose and Eliza 
(Worden) Blackman. Children: 

3625 Rose Matilda, b. Oct. 14. 1864, at Marilla. 

3626 Tillie, b. Jan. 5, 1866. 

3627 Stephen G., b. May 25, 1867, at Alden, Erie Co. 


William Henry,' of Stephen' (3247), William Haviland,' 
Stephen,' Benjamin,* Richard,' John,' Thomas,' 
b. Aug. 14, 1842; m. Philena D. Baker, Dec. 11, 1872; she was 
b. Nov. 12, 1852. Children: 

3628 Stephen B., b. Oct. 12, 1873. 

3629 Alice C, b. April 30, 1879; d. Nov. 30, 1879. 

3630 Edward D., b. Dec. 7, 1882; d. July 13, 1883. 

3631 Henry T. (twin of above). 

3632 Louisa W., b. Aug. 24, 1889. 

His residence is in Brooklvn. 


(jr/!ra/oi^]' of t lie Cornell Faunly 


Charles W.,' of Stephen' (3247), William Haviland," Stephen/ 
Benjamin.* Richard,' John/ Thomas,' 
b. T'ln. 21. 1S45; m. Lucy Nevens Ireland, Sept. 18, 1878; she 
was b. April 28. 1S48. Children: 

3633 Ward Ireland, b. Nov. i, 1881. 
3034 Charles Tompkins, b. May 4, 1883. 

His residence is in East Orange, N. J. 


Albert,* of Stephen' (3247), William Haviland,' Stephen," 
Benjamin,'' Richard,' John,^ Thomas,' 
b. Feb. 24, 1S49; d. at New Rochelle, Feb. 18, 1901; m. Anna 
E. Davis, March 11, 1S73; she was b. Dec. 16, 1849. Children: 

3635 Albert Miller, b. March 13, 1874. 

3636 Marian, b. Aug. 19, 1876 or 1879; m. Charles J. 

Kammermeyer, Aug. 17, 1897. One daughter. 

3637 Howard Irvin, b. Dec. 20 or 30, 1884. 

3638 Ruby May, b. Dec. 2, 1886. 
He lived at Upper New Rochelle. 


William Thomas,' of William' (3248), William Haviland,' 
Stephen,^ Benjamin,^ Richard,' John,^ Thomas,' 
b. Nov. II, 1845; m. Lucinda Vail Rushmore. Children: 

3639 Lillian Rushmore, b. 1880; m. Edward Taggart 

Child, April 27, 1 901, in New York. 

3640 Florence Seney, b. 1883. 

3641 Thomas Rushmore, b. 1885; d. Jan. 9, 1892. 

He is cashier of the Lincoln National Bank, New York. 


William T.,' of Richard Titus' (3250), Stephen,' Stephen,' 
Benjamin,* Richard,' John,' Thomas.' 
b. June II, 1837; m. Abbie L. Wilson, May 30, i860, at Brook- 
lyn. Children: 

3642 Richard T., b. March 8, 1861, at Mobbett's Hill, 

Dutchess Co., 

3643 William Mott, b. Sept. 20, 1865. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Fainily. 343 


Stephen Samuel," of Richard C (3254), Samuel S.,° Stephen,' 
Benjamin,* Richard,' John/ Thomas,' 
b. Feb. 25, 1856; m. Sarah W. Disbrow, Oct. i, 1881. Children: 

3644 Ella Wacona, b. Sept. 17, 1882. 

3645 Louisa Disbrow, b. July 14 or 16, 1884. 

3646 Howard Walter, b. July 13 or 31, 1891. 

He has a farm of about thirty acres at New Rochelle, north 
of his father's. 


William,' of Jesse' (3283), Joshua," Joshua,^ Joshua,* Joshua,^ 
John,'* Thomas,' 
b. 1820; d. 1899; m. Emeline P. Cornell, 19.9, 1844 (see No. 3517). 

3647 Henrietta, b. 9.3, 1845; m. David Purvis, 1.9, 1873. 

Child: George. 

3648 George, b. 6.28, i860; m. Mary J. Hill, Aug. 20, 

1889. No children. 

3649 Emily, b. 11.8, 1862; m. Jonah D. Zavitz, Ontario, 

Canada. Children: Clara J., Edwin, Helen, 
Russell, William. 

3650 Jennie, teacher in Friends' Central School, Phila- 


He was a merchant in Otterville, Ontario, Canada, for 
many years. 


Mary M.,' of Elisha' (3293), Quimby,' William,' Joshua,' Joshua,' 
John,'' Thomas,' 

b. Aug. 10, ; m. John Taylor, Oct. 24, 1822, of Pelham, 

Ontario, Canada. She was his second wife. Children ( Tay- 

Elisha Cornell, m. (i) Caroline Moore, 1844; m. (2) 
Hannah Cox about 187 1. Children (by first 
wife): Sarah Jane, (m. Rev. James F. Barker, 
Baptist minister, June 14, 1865); Adelaide, Mary, 
John Brewster, William, Azubah, Adelaide 
Adell, Lydia. Elisha, Caroline J., Allen E., 

j;44 Gc-nealog^y of the Cornell Fauiilv. 

Lochlin Hiime, James Barker. By (second wife): 
Nathan, Martha, Mande, Nellie, Charles J., Al- 
berta, Lily. (In all twenty.) 
Jacob, b. 182S; m. Nancy Harris. Children: 
Twins, d. yonno-, Alonzo, Charles, Harry, Frank, 
Fred, Ella. 
Marv of Elisha, died ag-ed about 38 years, and is described 
as a very pious and devoted wife and mother. She was a mem- 
ber of the Society of Friends (Quakers). 


Haxxah Dorv,' of William ' (3295), Ouimby," William,^ Joshua,* 
Joshua,^ John," Thomas,' 
b. July 6, 1807; d. Aug. 8, 1898; ra. Joseph M. Howland, 
Sept. 26. 1827. Children {Howland): 

Elizabeth, b. 1.17, 1830; m. Elias Hicks, son of 
Samuel S. Hicks of Pleasant Valley, Dutchess 
Co.; he was b. Feb. 20, 1825. Lives in Roches- 
ter, N. Y. Children (all living in Rochester): 
Clinton Chapman Hicks, b. 5.17, 1847 or i857(?); 
m. Hannah M. White, 3.24, 1869 or 1 879(7); Frank- 
lin Burnette Hicks, b. 6.23, 1859, m. Julia M. 
Elridge, 2.28, 1883; Otis Moffett Hicks, b. 2.22, 
1862, m. Maria Julia Plumb. 
Robert, b. 7.1 1, 1833; d. 7.21, 1833. 
Amy, b. 7.18, 1834; m. Albert K. Spencer. Chil- 
dren: Belle D. and Meritt Howland. 
Delia, b. 7.20, 1841; m. Christopher H. Plumb. 
Children: William H., Robert J., Almon H., 
Minnie J., Watson J. 
Joseph M. Howland was a carpenter and moved early to 
Wayne Co., N. Y. He was a Quaker and an elder of the meet- 
ing. He and his wife who died at the age of 91 years and 
3 months, were the last of the old-fashioned Quakers in that 
part of the country. She always wore the gray costume with 
a poke bonnet. 


John." of Abraham' (3299), James,' William,^ Joshua,* Joshua," 
John,' Thomas,' 
b. 1809 or 1810; d. 1832; m. Betsy Smith. Child: 

Genealogy of the Come// Family. 345 

3651 John Smith,* m. Anna Maria Hale of Mt. Kisco, 

N. Y. Children: George and William of Staten 
Island, two and perhaps three others. 


Jacob G.,' of Abraham' (3299), James,' William,' Joshua,* 
Joshua,^ John,' Thomas,' 
b. 181 1 ; m. Margaret McCord or Mary Purdy. Children: 

3652 Aaron. 

3653 Willett. 

3654 Sarah C. 

3655 Joshua. 

3656 Ezra. 

He settled on a farm in the town of Cortlandt, Westchester 
Co., which was afterwards taken for the Croton Reservoir. The 
Cornell Dam on the Croton River was then named after him. 


James,* of Abraham^ (3299), James,' William,' Joshua,' Joshua,' 
John,^ Thomas,' 
b. i8i3,inNew Castle, Westchester Co.; d. 1878; m. Margaret 
Tompkins of Yorktown, Dec, 1839. Children: 

3657 Mariana, b. in New Castle; m. John Travis. Child: 

Mariana, b. 1861, Bedford; d. 1884. 
365S Herbert James, b. 1843 in New Castle; d. 1863. 
Enlisted in the army in 1861, and d. unmarried. 

3659 Harrison Abraham, b. 1847; m. Mary Elma Jordan. 

3660 Purdy Tompkins, b. 1850; m. Harriet Parker. 

3661 Anne, b. 1855 at New Castle; d. 187 1. 

He lived first in Xew Castle, but moved to Bedford in 1867. 


Oliver C.,* of Abraham ' (3299), James.' William," Joshua,* 
Joshua,^ John,^ Thomas,' 
b. 1 821; m. Sarah Louisa Miller, at Sing Sing, Xew York, 
April 29, 1849, daughter of William Miller. Children: 

3662 Rev. Henry A., b. Jan. 31. 1852; m. Augusta 

Yeomans, Jan. i, 1S73. 

* Some authorities say his name was John Jacob and that he married 
Mary Purdy and his children were those of Xo. 3536. 

346 Gi'fit'a/(\i^r of tlic Cornell Family. 

3663 Abraham C, b. Aug-. 23, 1853; d. March 29, 1892; 

m. Eva See, 1S73. 

3664 Robert M., b. June 9, 1854; m. Hester Warren, 1877. 
^005 Marv Elizabeth, b. Nov. 29, i860; m. Leonard K. 

Paulding. Children: Earl, d. young-, Henry. 

\b(^(i Olive D., b. July 4, 1865; m. (i) Charles Stephan 
of Sing Sing; m. (2) Edwin R. Smith, of Pough- 
keepsie. No children. Living at Astoria, L. L 

3067 Alice Matilda, b. Nov. 24, 1S73; m. Thomas Ward, 
of Troy, N. Y., May, 1891. Lives in Lansing- 
burgh, N. Y. Children: Earl, Olive. 


AVii.i lAM TiLLSON,* of Joer (3305), William,' William,' Joshua,' 
Joshua,' John,' Thomas,' 
d. 1863; m. Elizabeth Wood, daughter of Stephen and Phebe 
Wood of Mt. Kisco, N. Y. Children: 

3668 William Henry, b. Nov. 20, 1848; d. Aug. 23, 1849. 

3669 ^lary Jane, b. Nov. 20, 1848; d. Jan. i, 1849. 

3670 Stephen Wood, b. Nov. 26, 1854, at Clintondale, 

N. Y.; m. Florence Reynolds, June 19, 1877. 


Hiram,* of Birdsall' (3318), Josiah,' William,' Joshua,* Joshua,' 
John," Thomas,' 
b. 181 5 in Ulster County; m. Sarah A. Haight of Ulster Co., 
about 1839. Children: 

3671 Elena and others. 

In 1 85 7, he removed to Missouri with four daughters and 
one son. He was in the War of the Rebellion on the Con- 
federate side, and in 1871 was a farmer in Fulton, Callaway Co., 


George J AMES,^ of Robert Comfort' (3328), Comfort," Barak,' 
Samuel,* Joshua,' John,' Thomas,' 
d. 1859; m. Caroline Cornelia Elliott, adopted daughter of 
her uncle Augustus Greele. Children: 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 347 

3672 Robert Clifford, b. 1S53 in New York; m. Malvina 

Helen Lamson, daughter of Charles and Eliz- 
abeth (Marshall) Lamson. Class of '74, Columbia 
College. A. ^I. and LL.B., 1876. Lawyer, New 
York City. 1895, July, appointed City Magis- 
trate by Mayor Strong for ten years. Is a 

3673 Amy, d. aged 16. 

3674 Edith, b. 1S51; m. L. Sidney Smith. He is a law- 

yer in New York City. 

He was a Republican, a Member of the Assemby in 1849, 
and a candidate for Lieutenant-Governor in 1858. His will, 
dated in 1857, names six executors, and contains stringent pro- 
visions against his daughters marrying without the consent of 
the executors. 


Samuel ^SIott,* of Elijah' (3331), Samuel," Barak,^ Samuel,^ 
Joshua,' John,^ Thomas,' 
b Dec. 25, 1806; d. July 17, 1883, in Catskill; m. (i) Caroline 
J. Howland of New Bedford; m. (2) Jane Gardner of Troy, 
N. Y. Child: 

3675 Mary Elizabeth, m. Henry Hopkins. 


William Willis,^ of Elijah ' (3331), Samuel,^ Barak,^ Samuel,* 
Joshua,^ John,^ Thomas,' 
b. 1809; d. Nov. 3, 1S95; "^- (i) Elizabeth Tait; m. (2) Sarah 
Drake of Plainfield, N. J. Children: 

By first wife: 

3676 William. 

By second wife: 

3677 Thomas L. 

3678 Mary. 

3679 Walter. 

3680 Sarah. 

3681 Eliza. 
1682 Elizabeth. 


34S Ge)iealoi!^y of the Cor fi ell Family. 


Sidney. *■ of Elijah' (3331), Samuel,' Barak,' Samuel/ Joshua,' 
John.' Thomas,' 
b. April 30, 1815, in New York City; d. May 20, 1899; m. 
Sarah Ann Van Nostrand, Jan. 24, 1838; she was b. July 11, 
1 81 4, daug-hter of Foster and Christina* (Tiers) Van Nos- 
tn.nd of New York. Children: 

30S3 Emma, d. young. 

3684 Thomas Lavender, b. Dec. 5, 1839; m. (i) Eliz- 
abeth Eugenia Shelton; m. (2) Anita Merrill 
Kellogg, April 17, 1895. 

36S5 Samuel Mott, m. Rebecca Gold, daughter of Mat- 
thew Gold. Lives in Guilford, Conn. 

^686 Anna. 

687 Sidney, b. Jan. 17, 1857; d. Jan. i, 1876. 

He was one of the old time merchants of New York, and a 
typical gentleman of the old school. He was in the hardware 
business from about 1840, and lived on Brooklyn Heights. He 
had a country place at Newton, Conn., which he finally made 
his permanent home. He was a director in the Brooklyn Bank 
and in the Long Island Safe Deposit Company. 


Samuel Merwin,' of William' (3343), Joshua," Barak,' Samuel,* 
Joshua,' John,' Thomas,' 
b. Oct. 28, 1814, in New York City; m. Mary E. Spicer. 

3688 Cornelia Matilda, b. about 1862; d. unmarried. 

3689 William, b. about 1863; d. young. 

3690 Ida Mary, b. May 27, 1866; m. Giles Mainwaring. 

3691 William, b. Feb. 17, 1868; m. Kate Rockwell Stacey. 

3692 Samuel Merwin, b. April 22, 1873. 

3693 Beulah Morey, b. Nov. 15, 1875; d. unmarried. 

3694 Frederick Garfield, b. 1881. 

Resides at Pearsalls, Long Island. 

* She was daughter of Cornelius Tiers and Nancy Barnes. 

Ge}iealos;y of tJie Coryiell Fai/iilr. 349 


William Edgar/ of William' (3343), Joshua/ Barak/ Samuel/ 
Joshua/ John/ Thomas/ 
b. 1819; d. 1885; m. Amelia T. x\rcher, May 22, 1848, of 
Mount Vernon. Child: 

3695 Phebe, m. twice. 

His wife was a Quakeress, and is buried at Chappequa. 


Eugene Elijah/ of William' (3343), Joshua/ Barak/ Samuel/ 
Joshua/ John/ Thomas/ 
b. Nov. 29, 1835, in New York City; m. Harriet M. Harris of 
New York, formerly of Saratoga Co. Children: 

3696 William E., b. 1859; m. Mary E. Roberts. Five 


3697 Alice M. 

3698 Clara Matilda, d. unmarried. 

3699 Evangeline. 


James Hammond,* of William' (3343), Joshua/ Barak.^ Samuel,^ 
Joshua,^ John,' Thomas,' 
b. 1838; m. Margaret E. Abrams (her mother was cousin of 
William). Children: 

3700 Clara, b. about 1876. 

3701 James Hammond, b. about 1879. 


John Hewlett, *of John Hewlett ' (3162), John," Hewlett/ John,* 
Caleb,^ John," Thomas,' 
b. Dec. 10, 1S60; m. Mary C. Burr of Cold Spring. N. Y., 
daughter of William and Mary; she was b. May 7, 1863. 

3702 John Willard, b. July 27, 1884. 

3703 Solomon or Selemna, b. April 16, 1886; d. July 4, 


3704 Audrey, b. May 16. 1887. 

35 o (irnra/ogy of the Cornell Family. 

3705 Hewlett, b. Sept. 28, 1889. 

3706 John Hewlett or William Hewlett, b. Oct. 3, 1894; 

d. Oct. 9, 1894. 


Samuel," of Joseph"" (3371), Peter,' Thomas,^ Peter," 
Richard,^ Richard,^ John,= Thomas,^ 
b. Oct. 4. 1S63; d. Dec. 24, 1899; m. Lillian J. Benton of 
Brooklyn, X. Y., Dec. 15, 1886. Children: 

3707 Joseph Delmonte, b. Jan. 11, 1888. 

3708 Lillian Benton, b. June 8, 1890. 

He resided in Kingston, N. Y. 


Harrison Abraham,' of James" (3537), Abraham,' James," 
William,' Joshua,* Joshua,' John,' Thomas,' 

b. 1847 at New Castle; m. Mary Elma Jordan, daughter of 
Richard and Sarah M. (Griffin) Jordan, Dec, 1869; she was 
b. 1S47. Children (all born at Golden Bridge, N. Y.): 

3709 Charles Jordan, b. 1870; m. Edith Carpenter of 

White Plains, 1891. Moved to Madison, N. J. 
Child: Mildred, b. 1893 at White Plains. 

3710 Herbert James, b. 1872. Dentist, 167 West 71st 

Street, New York City. 

37 1 1 Harrison Abram, b. 1875; m. Millie Naramore of 

Ansonia, Conn., 1897. Moved to Montclair, N. J., 

3712 Bailey Jordan, b. 1877. 
He lives at Croton-on-Hudson. 


Purdv Tompkins,' of James " (3537), Abraham,' James,' William,' 
Joshua,* Joshua,' John," Thomas,' 
b. 1850 at New Castle; m. Harriet Parker of Golden Bridge. 

3713 Mary, b. 1879 at Golden Bridge. 

3714 George Herbert, b. 1888 at Brewsters, N. Y. 

He removed in 1886 from Golden Bridge to Brewsters. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 351 


Rev. Henry A.,' of Oliver C* (3541), Abraham/ James,' 
William," Joshua,* Joshua,' John,^ Thomas,' 
b. Jan. 31, 1852; m. Augustaf Yeomans, Jan. 1, 1873. Child: 

3715 Theodore, b. Sept. 20, 1S79, at Hartford, X. Y. 

Class of 1903, Brown University. 

He graduated from Madison Uuniversity, in 1872, and from 
Hamilton Theological Seminary in 1S75. Ordained to the 
Baptist ministry at Sing Sing, in Nov., 1S73. He has been 
pastor successively at Rutherford, N. J., for two years, Hart- 
ford, X. Y., for two years, Wappingers Falls, X. Y., for seven 
years, Athens, X. Y., for four years, Keesvile, X. Y., for two 
years, Chelmsford, Mass., for three years, and is now residing 
in Providence, R. I., as acting pastor of the Second Richmond 
Baptist Church at Shannock. 


Abraham C.,* of Oliver C* (3541), Abraham," James,' William,' 
Joshua,* Joshua,^ John,^ Thomas,' 
b. Aug. 23, 1853; d. March 29, 1S92, in Xew York City; m. 
Eva See. 1873, ^^ Tarrytown, X. Y. Children (born at 
Rochester, X. Y.): 

3716 Frederick, b. Aug. 8, 1874. 

3717 Clarence, b. July 12, 1879. 

He lived for several years at Rochester, X. Y., where both 
his children still live, but he has removed to Boston, Mass. 


Robert M.,' of Oliver C* (3541), Abraham,' James,' William,' 
Joshua,* Joshua,^ John,^ Thomas,' 
b. June 9, 1854; m. Hester Warren, 1877, at Sing Sing, X. Y. 

3718 Ralph, b. March 4, 1878. 

3719 George W., b. Aug. 6, 1881. 

3720 Bessie, b. Sept. 29, 1883. 

He resides in Xew York Citv. 

;5- (lefwalo^y of the Ccryicll Family. 


Stephen Wood/ of William Tillson* (3544), Joel,' William," 
William,' Joshua,' Joshua,' John,^ Thomas,' 
b. Nov. 26, 1S54, at Clintondale, Dutchess Co., N. Y.; m. Flor- 
ence Reynolds, June 19, 1877, daughter of Elias and Jane 
Remolds of Croton Lake, N. Y. Children: 

3721 Emily Wood. 
y,22 William Augustus. 
Esther R. 

.1 ( - o 

^:;7 24 Alice. 

He has been in the lumber and manufacturing business in 
Pleasantville, Westchester Co. The family are Quakers. 


Thomas Lavender," of Sidney' (3565), Elijah,' Samuel,' Barak,' 
Samuel,* Joshua,' John,^ Thomas,' 
b. Dec. 5, 1839, in New York City; m. (i) Elizabeth Eugenia 
Shelton, Feb. 24, 1863, daughter of Edward Nelson and 
Mary Jane (De Forest) Shelton; she was b. July 31, 1841; 
m. (2) Anita Merrill Kellogg, April 17, 1895. Child: 

3725 Edward Shelton, b. Jan. 14, 1864; m. Eleanor With- 
erspoon, Nov. 3, 1886, daughter of Rev. Orlando 
Witherspoon. Children: Sidney, Alice Wither- 
spoon, Edward Shelton, Thomas Lavender and 
John Witherspoon. 

He moved from New York City to Brooklyn, and his health 
failing, went to Birmingham, Conn. He was president of the 
Cornell and Shelton Company, and of the National Folding 
Paper Box Company of New Haven and New York. He 
is much interested in the family genealogy, and has furnished 
much information to the author. 

MAP or 



Samuel,' of Thomas/ 
b. 1642 or earlier; d. before 1715; m. . Children: 

4001 Thomas, b. 22.9, 16S5; d. 1763; m. (i) Catharine 

Potter, March 5, 1716; m. (2) Mary Russell, 1755. 

4002 Samuel, b. 11. i, 1688; d. 1740; m. (i) Deborah 

, about 1713; m. (2) Rebecca , 1730. 

4003 Comfort, a daughter, b. Dec. 4, 1691. 

In 1664, Nov. 21, Joshua Cornell (8) of " Accookset in New 
Plimouth," conveys to Samuel Cornell of the same place, for 
^24, two parcels of land at " Acookset, Acushnet and parcels 
adjacent, one parcel being a sixt part of a share of land in the 
afores'^ Purchase land with all ye privileges comonages 
meadows and all other Immunityes thereunto belonging which 
said sixt part was given me by my Mother Mrs. Cornell. The 
other parcel being twenty acres more or less which I bought of 
William Earle as by his deed doth appear," to be holden as of 
the Manor of East Greenwich. 1669, March 21, " Rebecca Cor- 
nell, widow to the late deceased Mr. Thomas Cornell ( i) of Ports- 
mouth on Rhoad Island, to my loving sonn Samuel Cornell, now 
an inhabitant in the town of Dartmouth,* in New plimouth, do 
freely willingly and of my own voluntary mind really and fully 
give grant enfeoff and confirm unto my said sonn Samuel Cor- 
nell, a certain parcel or tract of land (by me purchased since 
the decease of my aforesaid husband) conteyning the one-sixt 
part of a lot or share or proportion of land within the aforesaid 
town of Dartmouth, part whereof is already laid out at the 
place commonly called Cookset, and now in the possession of 
my said son Samuel." Witnesses: Joshua Coggeshall, Thomas 

* Dartmouth lies across the bay from Portsmouth. It was purchased 
from Wesamequen or Massasoit and his son Wamsutta by a deed dated 
New Plymouth, Nov. 2g, 1652. The tract embraced all the shore for three 
miles east from the Acushnet River, extending "from the sea upward to go 
so high that the English may not be annoyed by the hunting of the Indians 
in any sort." This tract was divided among the original patentees in shares 
of many hundred acres. 


354 Grnealogy of the Cornell Family. 

Cornell (r), Philip Allin. 1670, May 29, he appears in the 
census of the inhabitants of the town of Dartmonth, Mass. 
In 1082, he was constable there. In 1684, he took the oath of 
tidelitv. In 1085. there was a law suit against Thomas Cornell, 
Samuel Cornell, David Wilcox and John Russell. In 16S8, 
Mav 17. there was an agreement between Samuel and his 
cousin (nephew) Thomas/ (Thomas/ Thomas.') as to the 
boundary line between them, there having been "a great dif- 
ference between us." His will is dated May 3, 1699, and was 
proved April 5. 17 15. He calls himself of Dartmouth, and 
leaves to his eldest son Thomas, his dwelling house and adjoin- 
ing land, "with all my meadows upon three little Islands, with 
six acres at the point called Pottoswatuxet," all in Dartmouth. 
Samuel received land lying between James Sisson and James 
Tripp, with 50 acres of undivided lands; To his son Thomas a 
chest and a box and a small bible which was his mother's, 
feather bed and andirons; to his daughter Comfort ;£\o in 
New England silver, to be paid ^5 when she became 18, and 
^5 each year thereafter until paid. Executors: "my loving 
coson [nephew J Thomas Cornell of Portsmouth and my coson 
Georo-e Cadman of Dartmouth." 



Thomas,' of Samuel' (lo), Thomas," 

b. 22.9, 1685; d. 1763; m. (i) Catharine Potter, March 5, 1716,* 
daughter of Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Stokes) Potter; m. (2) 
Mary Russell, 1755. Children: 

4004 Rebecca, b. Aug. 3, 17 17; m. Edward Wing, March 

14, T740. 

4005 Peleg, b. Dec. 9, 17 19; d. about 1782; m. Mary 

Russell, Jan. 13, 1739. 

4006 Susannah, b. May 13, 1722; m. Richard Gifford, 

April 30, 1750, son of Christopher and Mary Gif- 
ford of Dartmouth. 

4007 Joshua, b. June 22, 1724; d. 1788; m. Susannah Gif- 

ford, daughter of Christopher and Mary Gifford, 

151. 1749- 

4008 Catharine, b. June 22, 1724; d. before her father. f 

4009 Elizabeth, b. July 17, 1729; m. Gifford. 

He was a Quaker. Probably the Thomas who signs as clerk 
at "Monthly Meeting at our Meeting House, 6mo., i5d., 1709." 
Apponegansett Meeting House, Dartmouth, Mass. 

There are a number of deeds of Thomas Cornell of Dart- 
mouth on record, running from 170S to 1750. His will dated 
May 25, 1763, was proved Aug. 2 of that year. He leaves to his 
wife Mary all the household goods she brought with her when 
she came to live with him, and all the notes of hand for money 
made or indorsed to her; to his son Peleg, he left the home- 
stead, except half an acre and eight rods bought of William 
Cadman, and a salt meadow bought of Jeremiah Deval, with 
half of his cedar swamp; To Joshua, the farm bought of Chris- 
topher Gifford, and Pine Island; to his daughters Rebecca 
Wing and Susannah Gifford, ^25 each; to his granddaughter 
Elizabeth Gifford, daughter of his daughter Elizabeth Gifford, 
deceased, ^10. Executor: son Peleg. Witnesses: James 
Wilkes, Benjamin Wing. 

* See the Leonard Book. 

f See Austin s Genealogical Diciionary. 

^56 Genealogy of the Cornel! Family. 


SAMrKT..' of Samiier (lo), Thomas/ 

b. II. I. i6SS; d. 1740; m. (i) Deborah , about 1713; m. 

(2) Rebecca , 1730. Children: 

By first wife: 

4010 Samuel, b. Jan. 20, 1714. In 1759, he was in 

Dutchess Co., N. Y. Deed from his father, 1740. 

401 1 John, b. Nov. 7, 17 16. 

4012 George, b. March 23, 17 18-9; m.(?) Mary Eddy, 

May 16, 1737 (see William,* Stephen,' Thomas,' 

4013 Grizel, b. Jan. 29, 1721; m. George Thomas. 

4014 Job, b. May 27, 1723. 

4015 Phebe, b. July 16, 1724. 

4016 Paul, b. July 12, 1726. 

4017 Elizabeth, b. Oct. 13, 1729. 

By second wife: 

401S Rebecca, b. Sept. 30, 1731. 

4019 Deborah. 

4020 Zilpah. 

A number of deeds from him are recorded in the old records 
of Dartmouth, Mass., from 17 15 to 1740. In 1739, there is a 
deed from Samuel Cornell, Paul Cornell, George Thomas and 
his wufe Grizel Cornell, Elizabeth Cornell, Deborah Cornell 
and Zilpah Cornell, all of Crumell's Precinct, in the county of 
Dutchess, New York, to Joseph Wing, the homestead which 
belonged to their late father, Samuel Cornell. 


Peleg,* of Thomas' (4001), Samuel, ° Thomas,' 

b. Dec. 9, 1719; d. about 1782; m. Mary Russell, i m.,13, 1739, 
in Friends' Meeting; she was b. lom., 20. 1723, daughter of 
Joseph and Mary (Tucker) Russell (Joseph,' John,' Ralph,') 
(see Russell Lineage, Appendix). Children: 

- 4021 Rebecca, b. Jan. i, 1741; m. George Borden. 

4022 Thomas, b. Oct. 18, 1742; d. about 1804; m. Cath- 
arine Wilcox, March 28, 1765. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Faintly. 357 

4023 Abraham, b. Aug. 28, 1744; d. Feb. 18, 1825; m. 

Priscilla Sanford, Jan. 21, 1775. 

4024 Lydia, b. Nov. 6, 1746. She had an illegitimate 

son Pardon, b. Dec. 30, 1766, who was nursed by 
Lydia's mother when son Nathaniel was 20 days 

4025 Experience, b. May 7, 1749; m. Bennett Cook, 

July 15, 1772, and moved to Berne, Albany Co., 
N. Y., 

4026 Catharine, b. April 14, 1751; d. Aug. 17, 1832; m, 

Justus Kirby, Dec. 27, 1769. Children: Cathar- 
ine, Abner, Lydia and Elizabeth (see Kirby 
Lineage, Appendix). 

4027 David, b. July 19, 1753. Went to Albany Co., N. 

Y., thence to Onondago Co. 

4028 Joseph, b. Oct. 18, 1755; m. . 

4029 Peleg, b. Dec. 12, 1757; d. about 181 2; m. (i) Meri- 

bah Smith, June 22, 1784; m. (2) Nancy Anthony, 
Nov. 15, 1792 or 1799; m. (3) Miriam Smith, April 
29, 1810. 

4030 Elizabeth, b. Sept. 20, 1759. 

4031 John, b. July 30, 1763; d. April 3, 1845; i^- Mehit- 

able Allen, 4mo., 11, 1788. 

4032 Nathaniel, b. Dec. 10, 1766; d. May 18, 1838; m. 

Elizabeth Landuff. 

4033 Holder, b. Aug. 14, 1768; m. Fanny Sanford. 

Child: Mary. 

4034 Gideon. 

Many deeds of his, especially to his children, are recorded 
in Dartmouth, chiefly between 1768 and 1782. David, Joseph, 
Nathaniel and Holder moved to Albany Co., New York, where 
they settled first in Berne, and later in Rensellaerville. 


Joshua,* of Thomas' (4ooi)> Samuel,' Thomas,' 

b. June 22, 1724; d. 1788; m. Susannah Gifford, 15. i, 1749,* 
daughter of Christopher and Mary Gifford of Dartmouth; 
she d. 1815. Children: 

* See Friends' Records and Leonard Book, (MSS) Dartmouth. 

^5S Gi'fica/oi^r of tJie Cornell Faviily. 

4035 Christopher, b. Feb. 27, 1750; d. March 25, 1823; 

m. Sarah Kirby, May 19, 1776. 

4036 Gideon, b. 1753; d. April, 1836, at Union Springs, 

N. Y.; m. Ruth White, Sept. 13, 1778. 

4037 Stephen, d. 1S29; m. Rhoda White, April 27, 1781. 
403S Daniel, m. Mary, daughter of Daniel Allen in 

Westport, imo., 15, 1797. 

4039 Ruth.* 

His will describes him as of Westport, Bristol County, Mass., 
and is dated June 6, 17SS, proved Oct. 7 of that year. His wife 
Susannah is to have the use of the west end of his dwelling 
house, and half of his looms, etc. All the children are men- 
tioned. Stephen is to have land bounded on the north by 
Abraham Cornell. Ruth is to live in the house as long as she 
remains single. 

His wife Susannah Cornell also made a will in 18 15 which 
mentions all her children. 


George,'' of Samuel* (4002), Samuel,'' Thomas,' 

b. March 23, 171S-19; m. (?) Mary Eddy of Middletown, 
May 16, 1737. Children: 

4040 Ebenezer, b. July 18, 1738; m. Peace Macomber. 

4041 Mehitabel, b. Dec. 27, 1740. 

4042 W^illiam, b. Jan. 16, 1744; m. Phebe Snell in Dart- 


4043 Seth, b. July 10, 1751; m. Phebe Shaw, 1770. One 


4044 Ruth, b. Jan. 10, 1754; m. James Brownell, son of 

Robert, April 27, 1775. 

4045 Elizabeth, b. Dec. 29, 1756; m. vSamuel Soule. She 

died of cancer and was buried on Elemuel Cor- 
nell's farm in Guilford, N. Y. 

4046 George(?), m. Lydia Davis, March 18, 1779.! 
There are several deeds supposed to be from him recorded 

in Dartmouth, and dated between 1754 and 1783. It is not 
certain that this George was the son of Samuel (4002). George,^ 

* 1827, Rutli to Daniel, deed of Westport land bequeathed to her by 
Joshua. Both call themselves of Westport. 

t George of Dartmouth, m. Ruth Bonner, Jan. 31, 1776. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 359 

of Samuel' (4002), m. Mary Eddy and was of Dartmouth. This 
George m. Mary , and may have been of Middletown. 


Thomas/ of Peleg* (4005), Thomas,' Samuel," Thomas,' 

b. Oct. 18, 1742; d. about 1S04; m. Catharine Wilcox, March 
28, 1765; pub. Feb. 14, in Westport. Children: 

4047 Lydia, b. Feb. 14, 1766; d. Dec. 24, 1852; m. Isaac* 

Rowland (Philip,' Seth,^ Henry,' Seth,' Henry',) 
in Westport, i2mo., 30, 1784; he was b. 6mo., 30, 
1763. Was a substantial farmer. Had son Philip 
who m. No. 4054.* 

4048 Meribah, b. Sept. 27, 1769; unmarried 1804. 

4049 Mary, b. Sept. 4, 1776; m. William Case, Nov. 4, 


4050 Stephen, b. 2mo.. 5d., 1774; d. about 1829; m. Ruth 

Kirby, Feb. 10, 1801. 

He lived in Westport. His will dated Nov. 10, 1804, men- 
tions his daughters Meribah Cornell, Lydia Howland, Mary, 
wife of William Case, and his son Stephen. 


Abraham,^ of Peleg* (4005), Thomas,' Samuel," Thomas,' 

b. Aug. 28, 1744; d. Feb. 18, 1825; m. Priscilla Sanford, Jan. 
21, 1775. Child: 

4051 Cynthia, b. Sept. 20, 1778; m. William White, Esq., 

of Westport, March 26, 1795, son of Peleg' and 
Rachel (Cornell) White (George,- William,'). 
They had eleven children. f 

There are deeds of his recorded in Dartmouth, dated be- 
tween 1769 and 1810. 


Joseph,' of Peleg* (4005), Thomas,' Samuel, ° Thomas,' 
b. Oct. 18, 1755; m. . Children: 

4052 Deborah, m. Lindsley. 

* See Howland Genealogy. 

t See The Kirbys of New England, by Rev. M. E. Dwight. 

360 GcJicalogy of the Come/ 1 Fauiily. 

4053 Obed, d. about 1857. 

He moved in iSio to Berne, Albany Co., N. Y., and later to 
Onondai;-a Co., N. Y. 


Peleg,' of Peleg' (4005), Thomas,' Samuel,' Thomas,' 

b. Dee. 12. 1757; d. about 1812; m. (i) Meribah Smith, June 
-2. 1784; m. (2) Nancy Anthony, Nov. 15, 1792 or i799(?); m. 
(3) Miriam Smith, April 29, 1810. Children: 

4054 Lydia, b. Dec. 15, 1784; m. (i) Philip Rowland, 

12m., 3, 1807 (see No. 4047); m. (2) Thomas Wins- 

4055 Giles, m. (probably) Phebe Kirby.* 

4056 Christopher.f 

4057 Stephen, b. Oct. 5, 1792; d. before 1821. 

4058 Benjamin. J In 182 1, he was of Scipio, Cayuga 

Co., N. Y., and moved later to Linden, Genessee 
Co., N. Y. 

4059 Mary, b. April 10, 1799; d. Jan. 4, 1881; m. Stephen 

Rowland, May 17, 1842. 

4060 Ann or Amy, b. Aug. 4, 1800. 

4061 Meribah, b. Dec. 29, 1801; d. Aug. 18, 1841; m. 

Stephen Rowland, March 24, 1824. No children. 

4062 John Anthony, b. March 13, 1803. 

4063 Peleg, b. April 25, 1805; m.(?) Catherine . 

4064 Anna, b. April 6, 1807. 

4065 Nancy A., b. Oct. 24, 1808; m. William Allen. 

There are several deeds of his on record dated from 1782 
until the date of his death. He calls himself of Westport. Ris 
wife conveyed several pieces of property as his administratrix, 
in 1812. In 1822, Isaac Rowland as guardian of the five minor 
children, conveyed certain lands held in common by them and 
Thomas Winslow and A. Barrett. 

* See The Kirby s of New England. 

t In 1818, he conveyed to A. Barrett his interest in the estate of his late 
father Peleg of Westport. 

X In 1821, Benjamin Cornell of .Scipio, Cayuga Co., N. Y., conveys to 
I. Howland "one undivided eleventh of one-twelfth part of all the real estate 
that my father, Peleg Cornell of Westport, died seized of, being the same 
that descended to my brother Stephen Cornell late of Westport." 

Genealogy of the Cor^iell Favii/y. 361 


John,' of Peleg* (4005), Thomas,' Samuel,* Thomas,' 

b. July 30, 1763; d. April 3, 1845; m. Mehitable Allen, daugh- 
ter of Ebenezer, 4mo., iid., 1788; pub. 11. 17, 17S7.* (See 
Allen Lineage, Appendix.) Children: 

4066 Abraham, b. May 12, 1790. 

4067 Abraham, b. Sept. i, 1791; d. Sept. 13, 1881; m. 

Hannah Rowland, Jan. 14, 1816. 

4068 Priscilla, b. Nov. 19, 1794; d. Sept. 12, 1877; m. 

Thomas Smith, Feb. i, 1816; he was b. 7.12, 1790. 

4069 Allen, b. March 21, 1797. 

4070 Eliphel, b. Sept. 17, 1800; d. March 4, 1801. 

4071 Mehitabel, b. Jan. 3, 1803; d. April 3, 1873; m. 

Tucker Smith, 5mo., 23d., 1822, son of Collins and 
Hannah Smith. Ten children, of whom was 
Humphrey H. H. C. Smith; m. Lucy Ann 
Crapo, daughter of Governor Henry H. Crapo of 
Michigan (see John Smith Lineage, Appendix). 

4072 John, b. May 11, 1806. 

4073 Mary P., b. March 23 or 29, 1808; m. William S. 

Howland, 5.2, 1829. Child: Nathaniel, m. Hattie, 
daughter of Tucker and Mehitabel (Cornell) 
In 1835, he made a deed of certain property to his daugh- 
ters Priscilla and Mehitabel, wives of Thomas Smith and 
Tucker Smith. 


Nathaniel,' of Peleg* (4005), Thomas,' Samuel,^ Thomas,' 
b. Dec. 10, 1766; d. May 18, 1838; m. Elizabeth Landuff. 

4074 Nathaniel, b. Nov. 23, 1797; m. ^Martha Peck, Dec. 

28, 1817. 

4075 Joseph Russell, b. Dec. 22, 1800. 

4076 Sally, b. March 20, 1802. 

4077 Lydia, b. April 12, 1803. 

4078 Eliza, b. Nov. 18, 1805. 

* Query: Did he m. (i) Meribah Mosher, Sept. 20, 1781? 
t See Howland Gettea/o^y. 

362 Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 

4079 Mary, b. April 20, 1S07. 

4050 Abigail, b. j\Iay 6, 1S09. 

4051 Eliza, b. Jul)^ 10, 1810; d. Nov. 5, 1855. 

He was a sea-faring- man. 


Christopher/ of Joshua* (4007), Thomas,' Samuel,' Thomas,' 
b. Feb. 27, 1750; d. March 25, 1823; m. Sarah Kirby, May 19, 
1776, daughter of Wesson Kirby (Nathaniel,' Robert,' Rich- 
ard,' Richard,') and Hannah White of Westport; she was b. 
April II, 1755; d. May 18, 1835. Children:* 

4052 Mary, b. July 5, 1777; m. Henry Palmer. No chil- 


4053 Abigail, b. Oct. 24, 1780; d. May 27, 1834; m. James 

Tripp, Dec. 20, 1801. 

4084 Sophia, b. July 5, 1785; m. Benjamin Wing, son of 

Prince Wing, May 11, 1811. 

4085 Lydia, b. Aug. 13, 1791; d. March 27, 1842; m. 

James Tripp. 
40S6 Susannah, b. Sept. 25, 1796. 

4087 Lucy, m. Anthony Davis, Feb. 11, 1817. 


Gideon," of Joshua* (4007), Thomas,' Samuel,' Thomas,' 

b. 1753; d. April, 1836, at Union Springs, N. Y.; m. Ruth 
White, Sept. 13, 1778, daughter of Jonathan White (William,' 
William'), of Dartmouth, and Abigail Thurston; she was 
b. 1758; d. 1835, and sister of Rhoda (see No. 4037).! Chil- 

4088 Asa, m. Sarah Kirby. Nov. 5, 1807, daughter of 

William" Kirby (Wesson," Nathaniel," Robert,' 
Richard,' Richard'), and Audrey Gifford. 

4089 Joshua of Scipio, Cayuga Co., N. Y., m. Sarah 

White, June 8, 1809, in Westport, Mass., daugh- 
ter of Sylvanus' White (George,' William '), and 
Mary Gifford. 

In 1796, we find a deed from Ruth Cornell, wife of Gideon 

* See The Kirby's of New England. 

t See Westport Record diud Kirby's of New E7iglatid. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 363 

of Cambridg-e, Washington Co., N. Y., to Peleg Cornell and 
others of land in Dartmouth and Westport. In 1829, Gideon 
and his wife Ruth of Scipio, N. Y., convey to Pardon Cornell of 
Westport, the Gideon Cornell homestead, with a lot adjoining- 
it, devised to the grantors by Joshua (4007). 


Stephen,' of Joshua* (4007), Thomas,' Samuel," Thomas.' 
d. 1829; m. Rhoda White, April 27, 1781, daughter of Jona- 
than and Abigail White. Children: 

4090 William W. 

4091 Stephen K. 

1829, his will was proved. He calls himself of Westport and 
mentions his two sons. 


Ebenezer,' of George* (4012), Samuel,' Samuel,^ Thomas,' 
b. July 18, 1738, in Dartmouth; m. Peace Macomber. Chil- 

4092 Patience, b. June 25, 1762; d. young. 

4093 Lydia, b. June 18, 1765; m. Green Hall and moved 

with Elemuel and Benjamin to Guilford, Che- 
nango Co., N. Y. Children: John, Dinah, Pat- 
ience, Rachel, Rufus, Gideon, Anna, Mary, 

4094 Elemuel, b. July 6, 1767; d. Oct. 7, 1848; m. Ruby 

Phillips, 1787. 

4095 Benjamin, b. June 20, 1772. 

4096 Daniel, b. March, 1774. 

4097 Rachel, b. May 8, 1775. 

4098 Benjamin, b. March 4, 1782. 

He emigrated from Dartmouth and settled in East Town 
thirty miles from Albany, N. Y. 


Stephen, ° of Thomas* (4022), Peleg,' Thomas,' Samuel," 
b. 2m., 5d., 1774; d. about 1829; m. Ruth Kirb}', Feb. 10, 1801, 

364 Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 

daughter of Stephen,' Kirby (Recompense/ Robert,* Richard," 
Richard'), and Sarah Lawrence.* Children: 

4099 William W., b. Aug. 13, 1801. 

4100 Stephen K., b. Feb. 9, 1808; d. Dec. 17, 1868. 

4101 Catherine, b. April 21, 181 r. 


Abraham,' of John' (4031), Peleg,* Thomas,' Samuel,' Thomas,' 
b. Sept. I, 1 791; d. Sept. 13, 1881; m. Hannah Rowland, Jan. 
14, 1S16, daughter of Nathaniel; she d. 5.17, 1856. Children: 

4102 Joseph H., b. March 23, 1818. 

4103 Jethro S., b. INIarch 18, 1820; d. Sept. i, 1848. 

4104 Sarah H. b. March 24, 1823; d. Jan. 28, 1869. 

4105 John, b. Oct. 6, 1826. Lost at sea, April 22, 1850. 

4106 Phillip A., b. March 25, 1836; m. Abbe . 

Child: Hannah H., b. May 23, 1861. 

In 1866, he was taxed $114.65. 


Nathaniel,' of Nathaniel' (4032), Peleg,* Thomas,' Samuel,' 
b. Nov. 23, 1797, in Rutland, Vt.; m. Martha Peck, Dec. 28, 
1817, daughter of Elisha; she was b. July 24, 1800. Children: 

4107 Lyman Peck b. Jan. 31, 1818; m. (i) Matilda Brill, 

April 26, 1846; m. (2) Ophelia Cornell, May 16, 

4108 Lewis, b. Oct. 15, 1820; m. Lois H. Estis. 

4109 Elizabeth L., b. April 15, 1822; m. Henry Delisse. 

41 10 Eunice, b. July 18, 1823; m. Henry H. Burch. 

41 1 1 Emily, b. July 22, 1825; m. Evan Pease (orlveese). 

41 1 2 Elam, b. May 15, 1828; m. Lydia Loomis. 

41 13 Harriet, b. July 18, 1829; d. Dec. 28, 1833. 

41 14 Martha, b. Jan. 20, 1831; m. Richard Pelton. 

4115 Harriet Ann, b. Oct. 15, 1833; m. Daniel Moser. 

41 16 Rosanny, b. Sept. i, 1837; unmarried. 

He moved from Vermont to Onondaga County, where all 
the children were born. 

* Kirby's of New England. 


Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 365 


Elemuel' of Ebenezer' (4040), George/ Samuel,' Samuel,' 
b. July 6, 1767, in Dartmouth, Mass.; d. Oct. 7, 1848; m. 
Ruby Phillips, 1787; she was b. Sept. 6, 1771; d. ]\Iay 21, 1852; 
she m. (2) Elemuel Mosher. Children: 

4117 Nancy, b. Nov. 30, 1789; d. June 11, 1869; m. Rich- 

ard Perkins. 

4118 Daniel, b. Sept. 2, 1791; d. April 18, 1871; m. (i) 

Catharine Hagarman, Jan. 2, 1816; m. (2) Sarah 
F. Claghorn. 

4119 Edward, b. May 17, 1793; d. July 19, 1849; ™- 

(i) Louise Miles; m. (2) Wrexaville Long. 

4120 Persis Maria, b. Dec. 30, 1797; d. Oct. 13, 1869; m. 

Seth D. Richmond, 1822. 

4121 Mercy, b. Feb. 22, 1801; d. March 3, 1867; m. 

Richard Perkins, Nov. 29, 1827. 

4122 Elihu B., b. March 2, 1803; d. Sept. 3, 1892; m. 

(i) Phebe Amelia Root; she d. June 24, 1S70; 
m. (2) Hannah Thompson, Nov. 22, 187 1. 


Lyman Peck,' of Nathaniel' (4074), Nathaniel,^ Peleg,* Thomas,' 
Samuel,^ Thomas,' 
b. Jan. 31, 1818; m. (i) Matilda Brill, April 26, 1846; m. (2) 
Ophelia Cornell, May 16, 1858. Children: 
By first wife: 

4123 James Leroy, b. April 18, 1847. 

4124 Milton Gray, b. Sept. 20, 1849. 

4125 Alice, b. May 30, 1851. 

4126 William H., b. July 31, 1853. 

4127 ]\Iary Alvina, b. July 11, 1856. 
By second wife: 

4128 Adna, b. Jul}" 29, 1859. 

4129 Hattie, b. Dec. 6, 1861. 

4130 Frank Elmer, b. Sept. 28, 1S68. 


Daniel,' of Elemuel" (4094), Ebenezer,^ George/ Samuel,' 
Samuel,^ Thomas,' 

366 Gt-nt-alcgy of the Cornell Family. 

b. Sept. 2, 1 791; d. April iS, 1871; m. (i) Catherine Hagar- 
man, Jan. 2, 1816; she was b. Oct. 29, 1796; d. Feb. 13, 1845; 
m. (2) Sarah F. Claghoi-n; she wasb. Feb. 2, 1819. Children: 

By hrst wife: 

4131 Daughter, b. Aug. 30, 1816; d. Sept. 7, 1816. 

4132 Cornelia, b. Dec. 9, 1818; m. Abner Wood, Oct. 5, 

1 84 1. Living at DeKalb, 111. Child: Oliver. 

4133 Garret Elemnel, b. Nov. 25, 1822; d. Aug. 2 or 22, 

1856; m. Corinne Wescott, Sept. 11, 1845. 

4134 Albion Marcus, b. May 29, 1826; m. Sally Ann 

Holmes, March 24, 1850. Child: Ploward. 

4135 Martha Maria, b. April 26, 1828; d. March i, 1846. 

4136 Daughter, b. March 11, 1830; d. March 17, 1830. 

4137 Catherine Elizabeth, b. Sept. 10, 1832; m. 

Gasley. Children: two sons and one daughter. 

4138 Ruby Adelia, b. April i, 1834; m. Miles Houck, 

Sept. 16, 1856. Child: Handy, m. Lydia Mills. 

4139 LeRoy DeWitt, b. Feb. 8, 1837; m. Martha Hoag. 

By second wife: 

4140 LeGrand, b. July 24, 1846; m. Nellie Hovey. 
He died from a stroke of apoplexy. 


Edward,' of Elemuel' (4094), Ebenezer,^ George,* Samuel,' 
Samuel,^ Thomas,' 
b. May 17, 1793; d. July 19, 1849; m. (i) Louisa Miles; she 
wasb. Feb. 18, 1795; d. Dec. 6, 1834; m. (2) Wrexaville Long; 
she was b. Sept. i, 1803; d. Jan. 4, 1880; she m. (2) Joseph P. 
Chamberlin. Children: 

By first wife: • 

4141 Francis Russell Edward, b. Nov. 17, 182 1; d. May 

23, 1881; m. Eliza Ophelia Burgess, Nov. 12, 1845. 

By second wife: 

4142 William Burgess, b. Dec. 11, 1837; d. Oct. 3, 1887; 

m. Henrietta Wolford, Oct. 29, 1861. 
He was a practising physician in Chenango Co., N. Y., and 
was a member of the State Legislature in the '40s. The family 
are Presbyterians. 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 367 


Persis Maria/ of Elemuel ° (4094), Ebenezer/ George/ Samuel/ 
Samuel/ Thomas/ 

b. Dec. 30, 1797; d. Oct. 13, 1S69; m. Seth D. Richmond of 
Butternuts, N. Y., 1822. Children [Riehniond): 

Orson, b. Feb. 19, 1824; m. Euphemia Guernsey 

(an authoress of some repute), Aug. 19, 1846. 

Children: Catherine, Mary, Nelson. 
Catherine, b. Sept. 28, 1848; m. AV. S. Moore of 

Mount Upton, Oct. 3, 1S66. Children: Harriet, b. 

July 9, 1868; m. Rev. J. W. McGowan, March i, 

1892, no children: ]\Iary, b. ]\Iarch 10, 1870; m. 

Robert Andrews, N. Y. City, Sept. 5, 1894; 

Orson, b. March 15, 1878. 


Mercy,' of Elemuel" (4094), Ebenezer,^ George,* Samuel,' 
Samuel,' Thomas,' 
b. Feb. 22, 1801; d. March 3, 1867; m. Richard Perkins, Nov. 
27, 1827; he was b. Nov. 13, 17S5; d. Aug. 12, 1S57. Children 
( Perkins) : 

Oliver, b. Sept. 13, 1820; d. Aug. 23, 1831. 
Calista, b. Oct. 28, 1830; m. Abram Hurlbert, Nov., 

1857. Five children. 
Eunice, b. Jan. 10, 1834; m. John Dunlap, Oct. 29, 

1878. No children. Reside in Texas. 

This branch of the family were farmers. Richard Perkins 
was killed by a fall from a maple tree which he was trimming 


Elihu B.,' of Elemuel' (4094), Ebenezer,' George,* Samuel,* 
Samuel,' Thomas,' 
b. March 2, 1803; d. Sept. 3, 1892, aged 89 years; m. (i) Phebe 
Amelia Root; she d. June 24, 1S70; m. (2) Hannah Thomp- 
son, Nov. 22, 187 1. Children: 

4143 Nancy, b. 1830. 

368 Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 

4144 Marion, b. 1S35; m. John Frone, Feb., 1852. Child: 

William, b. 1S53; d. 1896; ni. Mattie Root. 

4145 Albert, b. 1S35. 

4146 Adelia, b. 1846. 


Garrett Elemuel,* of Daniel' (41 18), Elemuel,' Ebenezer,' 
George,' Samuel,' Samuel,' Thomas,' 
b. Nov. 25, 1 82 2; d. Aug. 2 or 22, 1S56; m. Corinne Wescott, 
Sept. II, 1S45; she was b. April 23, 1828. Children: 

4147 Martha, b. May 4, 1847; d. May 5, 1865. 

4148 Fenimore Cooper, b. Dec. 18, 1850; m. Alice Clark 

of Richfield Springs. Child: Lee Delos, I). 1884. 

4149 Eve, b. Nov. 22, 1854; d. Feb. 15, 1878. 

His widow married (2) De Calvos Graves, (3) Dr. Green, and 
(4) Dr. Bowen, by none of whom, however, did she have any 
children. She and her son Fenimore are living in Norwich, 
N. Y. 


LeRoy DeWitt,' of Danier (4118), Elemuel,' Ebenezer,' 
George,' Samuel,' Samuel," Thomas,* 
b. Feb. 8, 1S37; m. Martha Hoag. Children: 

4150 Elmer. 

415 1 Edgar, m. (i) Kittie Hoag; m. (2) Millie Brown. 

Child (by first wife): Frank. 

4152 Carrie. 

4153 Charles. 


Francis Russell Edward,' of Edward' (41 19), Elemuel," 
Ebenezer,' George,' Samuel,' Samuel,' Thomas,' 
b. Nov. 17, 1 821; d. May 23, 1881, at Minneapolis, Minn; m. 
Eliza Ophelia Burgess, Nov. 12, 1845. Children: 

4154 Frank Burgess, b. Feb. 28, 1848. He is a lawyer 

residing in Minneapolis. 

4155 Carrie, b. 1858; m. Calvin Kalkhoff. 

He was a lawyer of considerable prominence. He served 
one terra in the New York State Legislature and was sub- 

Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 369 

sequently a member of the Minnesota Legislature. He was 
also Attorney General of Minnesota and finally a Judge of the 
Supreme Court of that State until his death. 


William Burgess/ of Edward' (41 19), Elemuel,' Ebenezer/ 
George,^ Samuel,' Samuel,' Thomas,' 
b. Dec. II, 1837; d. Oct. 3, 1887; m. Henrietta Walford, Oct. 
29, 1 86 1, daughter of Peter Walford, an early settler and 
capitalist of Minneapolis. Children: 

4156 Mary, b. July 30, 1863. 

4157 Annie, b. May 25, 1869. 

4158 William Burgess, b. Jan. i, 1877. 

At the time of his death he was Western Manager of the 
North British and Mercantile Insurance Company, and lived 
in Chicago. This branch of the family is Presbyterian. 




The name Coggeshall is of quite an ancient origin, dating almost from 
the conquest, and at that time the family were large land holders. 

John Coggeshall, the common ancestor of the name in this country, 
came from Essex Co., England. In the early records of that county, the 
name is often found. At one time this family were possessed of ten estates. 

He arrived at Boston, taking passage on the ship Lyon, Sept. i6, 1632. 
In the following Nov., was made a freeman of the Colony. Soon after his 
arrival he connected himself with the church in Roxbury, on the records of 
which both his name and that of his wife Mary are found. He soon removed 
to Boston but his stay there was short, being obliged to leave on account of 
his religious belief, he taking the side with Anne Hutchinson. He was one 
of the original settlers of Portsmouth, R. I., where, after starting a settle- 
ment, he with others, removed to the southern part of the Island of Aquid- 
neck, where the town of Newport now is. At the union of the four towns, 
Newport, Portsmouth, Providence, and Warwick, he was made the tirst 

1 John Coggeshall was b. in England and d. at Newport, R. I., Nov. 
27, 1647. He was buried on his own land in Newport, where his descendants 
have erected a monument to his memory, and enclosed the little family 
burial ground with a neat and substantial stone-wall. It is situated on Cog- 
geshall Avenue near Victoria Avenue. The children of John and Mary 
Coggeshall were: 

John, b. about 1618; d. Oct. i, 1708, Newport, R. I. 
2 Joshua, b. about 1623; d. May i, 1688, Portsmouth, R. I. 
Ann, b. about 1625; d. March 6, 1687, Newport, R. I. 
Hanniel, a daughter, bap. May 3, 1635, Boston, of whom nothing 

more is known. 
Wait, bap. Sept. 11, 1636, Boston; d. May 9, 1718. 
Bedaiah, a son, bap. July 30, 1637, Boston. 

2 Joshua, of John,' 

b. in England, came to this country with his parents. After his father's 
death he removed to Portsmouth, R. I., and purchased a farm on the 
western side of the Island where he resided till his death. The greater por- 
tion of the farm included in the original purchase, was held by his de- 
scendants till within a few years. He was twice married, (i) to Joan West, 
Newport, Dec. 22, 1652; she d. April 24, 1676, aged 41 years; his (2) wife 
was Rebecca Russell, to whom he was married June 21, 1677. Children: 
Mary, b. Feb. 1655. 

372 Genealogy of tJie Cornell Family. 

3 Joshua, b. May, 1656; d. 1723. 
Josias, b. Nov., 1(162. 
Daniel, b. April, 1665. 
Humility, b. Jan., 1670. 

John, b. Dec, 1659; d. May i, 1727. 

Caleb, b. Dec, 1672. 


3 JOSHU.A, iif Joshua,'- John,' 

was b. Portsmouth, R. I.; his (i) wife was Sarah , to whom he was 

married May, 13, 1681; she d. March 20, 1697; his (2) wife was Sarah 
, whom he married Aug. 26, 1697. Children: 

By first wife: 

Joshua, b. May 13, 1681, Newport; d. Aug. 2, 1727. 
Thomas, b. March 29, 1686, Newport; d. young. 
Elizabeth, b. March 29, 1686, Newport. 
John, b. Dec. 14, 1683, Newport. 

4 Thomas, b. June 24, 1688, Newport; d. Jan. 26, 1771. 
Josiah, b. Dec. 12, 1690, Newport. 

Richard, b. P'eb. 11, 1692, Newport. 
Mary, b. March 15, 1695, Newport. 

By second wife: 

Caleb, b. July 25, 1698, Newport. 

Sarah, b. March 22, 1700, Newport. 

James, b. March 17, 1701, Newport; d. April 15, 1769. 

Benjamin, b. Jan. 31, 1705, Newport; d. Dec. 17, 1710. 

Ann, b. Nov. 18, 1707, Newport. 

Waite, b. Jan. 11, 1709, Newport. 

Comfort, b. April 22, 171 1, Newport. 

Benjamin, b. Nov. 15, 1714, Newport. 

4 Thomas, of Joshua,' Joshua,- John,' 

b. June 24, 1688; d. Jan. 26, 1771; m. Mercy, daughter of Gideon Free- 
born, Newport, March 11, 1708; she was b. 1691; d. May 26, 1776. He re- 
sided in Middletown, R. I., and was a farmer. He and is wife were both 
buried in the Coggeshall grounds in Middletown. Children: 

Elizabeth, b. Aug. 30, 1710; d. Sept. 29, 1797. 
Comfort, b. Sept. 17, 1712; d. Dec, 1778. 
Mercy, b. June 30, 1714; d. young. 
Sarah, b. Aug. 20, 171 5. 
Wait, b. Jan. 4, 1717. 
Mary, b. March 27, 1720. 

5 Joshua, b. March 11, 1722; d. Sept. 24, 1786. 
Mercy, b. F~eb. 23. 1724. 

Gideon, b. .April 20, 1726; d. Oct. 27, 1801. 
5 Thomas, b. Aug. 26, 1728; d. Jan. 17, 1803. 
Hannah, li. May 20. 1731; d. March 22, 181 1. 

Appendix . 373 

5 Joshua, Thomas,'* Joshua,' Joshua,- John,' 

b. March ir, 1722, Middletowu; d. Sept. 24, 1786; buried in Coggeshall 
grounds in Middletown; m. (i) Sarah Bailey, Jan. 12, 1743; m. (2) Ann 
Dennis, Jan. 2, 1752. Children: 

Thomas, b. Aug. 30, 1744, Middletown; d. 1829. 

Ruth, b. June 26, 1747, Middletown; d. Nov. 14, 1747. 

Mercy, b. Sept. 14, 1762, Middletown; d. March, 1844. 

Sarah, b. Sept. 25, 1752, Middletown; d. March i, 1788. 
6 Joseph, b. Aug. 16, 1754, Middletown; d. Oct. 7, 1830. 

Ann, b. June i, 1764, Middletown; d. Dec. 21, 1842. 

Elizabeth, b. Oct. 14, 1756, Middletown; d. Sept. 3, 1828. 

George, b. March 17, 1759, Middletown; d. Nov. 16, 1762. 

George, b. June 8, 1767, Middletown; d. Aug. 14, 1843, 

Mary, b. July 14, 1761, Middletown. 

5 Thomas, of Thomas,'* Joshua,^ Joshua,' John' 

b. Aug. 26, 1728; d. Jan. 17, 1803; m. Hannah Cornell, July 4, 1750. Chil- 

John, b. May 7, 175 1 ; d. 1799. 

Josiah, b. Aug. 13, 1752. 

6 William, b. Jan. 7, 1757; d. Jan., 1829. 

6 [iDSEPH, of Joshua,^ Thomas,'' Joshua,^ Joshua,' John,' 

b. Aug. 16, 1754; d. Oct. 7, 1830; m. Elizabeth Horswell. Children: 
Noel, b. March 31. 1777, Middletown; d. Aug. 4, 1853. 
Anne, b. Jan. 28, 1786, Middletown; d. Nov. 4, 1856. 
John P., b. April 13, 1794, Middletown; d. April 30, 1830. 
Joshua, b. Dec. 25, 1788, Middletown. 
Ruth, b. Aug. 27, 1780, Middletown; d. Sept. 15,1867. 
Abraham C, b. March 15, 1797, Middletown; d. March 9, 1873. 

7 Joseph, b. June 5, 1783, Middletown; d. Aug. 30, 1871. 
Sarah, b. Sept. 18, 1791, Middletown; d. Jan., 1859. 

6 William, of Thomas,^ Thomas,* Joshua,' Joshua,- John,' 

b. Jan. 7, 1757; d. Jan., 1829; m. Deborah Horswell. Children: 

Elizabeth, m. Hicks Cornell, Jan. 28, 1819. 
7 Thomas, m. Susie Cornell, daughter of Samuel Cornell. 

7 Joseph, of Joseph,* Joshua,^ Thomas,'* Joshua,' Joshua,- John,' 

b. June 5, 1783; d. Aug. 30, 1871; m. Lydia, daughter of Samuel Cornell. 

Alanson, b. Jan. 3, 1817; d. Sept. 17, 1833. 

Elizabeth, b. Sept. 17, 1833; d. July 13, 1858. 

7 Thomas, of William,* Thomas,^ Thomas,'* Joshua,' Joshua,' John,' 
m. Susie Cornell. Children: 

Lydia, b. Dec. 26, 1820; m. Carmi Harrington. 

374 Genealogy of the Coryiell FaDiily. 

Thomas, Jr., b. Dec. 21, 1823. 
John, b. April 25, 1827; d. May 17, 1855. 
Ruth, b. Jan. 6, 1830; m. James Sweet. 

William, b. Dec. 18, 1833; m. (i) Martha, daughter of Abraham 
Coggeshall; m. (2) Susan Huddy. 


Two brothers, John, aged 17 years, and William, aged 12, and a sister 
Marv, aged g, came in the ship Planter with John Winthrop, Jr., in 1635, to 
Plymouth, Mass. They brought a certificate from their minister at St. 
Albans, Hertfordshire. They are said to have been descended from 

1 John Lawrence who d. in 1538, and was buried in the Abbey of Ramsay. 

2 John Lawrence, the elder brother, b. in 1618, at Great St. Albans. He 
became a patentee of Hempstead in 1644; of Flushing in 1645; removed 
to New Amsterdam in 1658; Commissioner of Boundaries between New 
England and the Dutch Provinces to treat with the General Court, Hart- 
ford, 1663; Alderman, New York, 1665; Mayor, New York, 1672; member 
King's Council, 1674-98; Mayor again in 1691; Judge Supreme Court, 
1692-99; m. Susannah . Children: 

3 John, Jr., m. Sarah (Cornell) Van Brugge. 
Thomas, unmarried. 
Susannah, m. (i) Gabriel Minvielle, Jan. 25, 1676; m. (2) Wm. 

Martha, m. Thomas Suawsell. 
Mary, m. Wm. Whittingham. 

2 William Lawrence, second brother, b. 1623, at Great St. Albans, Eng- 
land; d. 1680. Patentee Flushing, L. L, 1645; captain, 1655; commanded 
foot company of Flushing, 1673, Children: 

By first wife (name unknown): 

Elizabeth, m. Thomas Stevenson, 1672. 
William, Jr., m. Deborah Smith. 

3 John, m. Elizabeth Cornell. 

3 John Lawrence, Jr., m. as her (3) husband Sarah Cornell (daughter of 
Thomas Cornell), b. Essex, England; she m. (i) Thomas Willett; m. (2) 
Charles Bridges (called on Dutch records Carel Van Brugge). 

3 John Lawrence, d. 1714; m. (2) Elizabeth Cornell (Richard,'' Thomas'). 


4 Richard. 

Elizabeth, m. Ford. 

Mary, m. Briggs. 


Appendix. 375 

4 William, m. Charity Cornell. 

4 Richard Lawrence, served in a Company of Flushing Militia in 1715. 


4 William Lawrence, m. 1741, Charity'' (Thomas,^ Richard,'^ Thomas') 
Cornell. Children: 

Catharine, b. May 11, 1742. 
Violetta, b. Feb. 15, 1743. 
William, b. Jan. 16, 1745. 
Charles, b. Feb. i, 1748. 
Richard, b. Jan. 5, 1752. 
Daniel, b. Jan. 8, 1755. 


Captain James Lawrence, the hero of the Chesapeake, killed in 1813, 
was of another branch of Lawrences, known as the New Jersey Lawrences, 
his ancestor was first of Long Island, so that it is possible they were all of 
same stock originally. 

1 William Lawrence, was b. in England; he was at Newtown, L. I., 
1645; he moved to Middletown, N. J., May i, 1666; he m. (i) Hannah 
Townsend in England; m. (2) Elizabeth Scudder, 1693, daughter of John 
Scudder of Newtown, L. I., and widow of John Alburtis of L. I. Children: 

James, m. Mehitable Alburtis. 
William, m. Ruth Gibbons. 

2 Elisha, m. Lucy Stout. 

John, m. Rachel . 

Joseph, m. Rachel Curtiss. 
Hannah, m. Joseph Grover. 

William Lawrence of Middletown was Deputy to General Court of New 
Jersey in 1672. 

2 Elisha Lawrence, son of William Lawrence and his first wife Hannah 
Townsend, b, 1666; d. April 25, 1724; m. Lucy Stout. Children: 

Hannah, b. 1695; m. Richard Salter. 
Elizabeth, m. Joseph Salter. 
Sarah, m. John Ember. 

Rebecca, m. Walton. 


3 Elisha, b. 1700. 

John, b. 1708; m. Mary Hartshorn, 1730. 
Elisha Lawrence was Representative to the Assembly, 1721. 

376 Goicalogy of tJie Cornell Fajnily. 

3 Ei.iSHA Lawrence, b. Aug. 5, 1700; d. March 7, 1791; m. Elizabeth 
Brown. Children: 

Elizabeth, b. 172S; m. Dr. James Newell. 
Elisha, b. 1746; d. 1799; m. Rebecca Redmond. 
Lucv,b. 1749; m. Nathaniel Lewis. 
.Ann, b. 1751; m. Reynold Keen. 

4 John Brown. 

4 John Brown Lawrence, b. in New York; d. in Canada; m. (i) 

Leonard; m. (,2) Tallman. Children: 

Bv rirst wife: 

Elizabeth, m. Michael Kearney. 

By second wife: 

Sarah, m. James Goelette. 

Catharine, m. Jackson B. French. 

Anne, m. John Parker of Perth Amboy. 

William Franklin, d. unmarried. 

John, m. Mary A. Waddel. 

Lucy, d. unmarried. 

Mary, m. Robert Boggs of New Brunswick. 

5 James, Captain in U. S. Navy. 

John Brown Lawrence was Treasurer State of New Jersey, directly after 
the Revolution. 

5 James, Captain U. S. Navy, b. Oct. I, 1781; d. June i, 1813; m. Julia Mon- 
tandevert, 1808. Children: 

Mary, b. 181 1; d. at Florence, Italy, Sept. 3, 1843; f"- Lieut. 

William Preston Griffen, U. S. Navy, 1838. 
James, d. in infancy. 


I Daniel Whitehead, or Whythead as he subscribed himself, was born 
in 1603, whether at Dorchester in Dorsetshire or at some place in York- 
shire, England, has not been positively ascertained. He is supposed 
to have emigrated to the Connecticut Colony with his brothers Samuel 
and Stephen who settled in New Haven, while he removed to Long 
Island, becoming a resident of Hempstead some time prior to 1650. He 
married Jeanne Skidmore. To judge from the records of his numerous 
f)urchases of land from the Indians and others, he was a man of consider- 
able wealth. He bought land at Smithtown, Sept. 29, 1650, at Huntington, 
.April 2, 1653, at Oyster Bay, Sept. 20, 1654. In 1666, Governor Nichols 
granted to him and others the first Newtown Patent. He was made a free- 
holder Nov. 4, 1666, and was chosen town-surveyor. He was also a magis- 
trate. He resided on a large farm at Mashpeth Hills during the latter part 

Appendix. 377 

of his life and died there in Nov. 1668 at the age of 65. His estate was 
administered by Stephen Van Cortlandt, as his wife (named as sole exec- 
mrix in his will) declined to serve. Children: 




2 Daniel. 

2 Daniel Whitehead, generally known as Major Daniel, b. in 1646; 
and d. in 1704; m. Abigail Stevenson, daughter of Thomas and Maria 
(Bullock, widow of William Bernards) Stevenson; she d. in Sept. 1717.* 
He was one of the patentees of Jamaica, L. I., where he settled and 
became an extensive property holder. He was a Major in the Colonial 
Troops, a Majesty's Justice and a representative of Queens County in the 
Colonial Assembly. He was a strong partisan of King James and a bitter 
opponent of Leisler. He was apparently a man of great prominence in the 
social and political life of Long Island. Children: 

3 Jonathan, 

3 Jonathan Whitehead of Jamaica, L. I., b. 1672, and d. July 26, 1739; m. 
Sarah, July 23, 1697, daughter probably of Robert Field, Jr., and 

of Newtown. In 1703, he became a Majesty's Justice and was a member 
of the Colonial Assembly, representing Queens County, from 1705 to 1709. 

4 Abigail. 

4 Abigail Whitehead, b. 1702; m. John Cornell, January 29, 1722 (see 
Whithead Cornell Duyckinck's notes). 

* She was the divorced wife of Daniel Denton. The children by her first marriage were: 

Daniel, (ra. Deborah ), and Abigail m. Benjamin Stebbins. Some authorities say she 

was daughter of Edward and Ann Stevenson (see Rev. Evelyn P. Bartow'S notes). 

^;S Gt'nenlogY of the Cornell Fauiily. 


1 Wii.i lAM Thorne, made freeman at Lynn, Mass., May 2, 1638, Flushing, 
L. 1., it'145, with seventeen others, patentees under Gov. Kieft, had planta- 
tion ai Gravesend, 1646; at Jamaica, 1657. 

Arms of Thorne family of Devon, England, viz: Argent, a fess gules be- 
tween three lions rampant sable. Crest, a lion rampant sable. Motto: 
Prificipe'S Ohsta. 

The name of William Thome's wife was Sarah; parentage unknown. 

2 William, m. Winifred Linington. 
John, m. Mary Parsell, 1664. 
Joseph, m. Mary Bowne before 1680. 
Samuel, m. Susannah. 
Susannah, m. John Kissam. 

2 William Thorne, Jr., signed the remonstrance of inhabitants of Flush- 
ing, Dec. 27, 1657, against illiberal treatment of Quakers by the Dutch 
Governor, (the original on file at Albany). He became early a resident of 
Madnan's Neck (now Great Neck), town of Hempstead; probably died 
1688, and was buried on his farm. 

Hempstead records show, 1684, " Winifred, wife of William Thorne, 
enters an action for defamation against Hannah, wife of John Cornwell." 
She was alive in 1706, at date of the will of her son Richard, and died 
about 1713. She was daughter of Henry and Catharine (Ellison) Linington. 

3 Richard, m. Phebe Denton, 1699. 
Margaret, m. Rev. Thomas Rattoon. 
(?)Elizabeth, m. Richbell Mott, 1696. 
(?)Sarah, m. Roger Fedley, 1698. 

3 Richard Thorne obtained a marriage lincense in New York, Aug. 29, 
1699, to marry Phebe Denton (probably daughter of Richard Denton, Jr.): 
died 1706. Will dated Nov. 28, 1706. Children: 

4 Richard, m. Alicia Van Wyck, 1725. 
Hannah, m. Cornelius Van Wyck. 
Mary, m. John Pudney, 1722. 
Phebe, m. Micah Smith, 1725. 

The record of this branch is not further given by Mr. Eaton, but the 
writer (George W. Cocks) has compiled from various sources a record 
believed to be approximately correct. 

"1725, May 6, by license, Richard Thorne and Altie Van Wyck, both of 
Hempstead." {Foyer's Parish Register, Jamaica, L. /.). 

Alicia was daughter of Doctor Theodorus and Altie (Brinckerhoff) Van 
Wyck. Children (bap. St. George's Church, Hempstead, N. Y.): 
Phebe, m. (?)John Morrell, Aug. 7, 1726. 
Richard, probably died young, July 20, 1721. 

5 William, m. Martha Cornell, Aug. i, 1731. 

Appendix. 379 

Richard, m. Sarah Waters, Jan. 2, 1740. 
John, m. (?)Mary Allen, Nov. 20, 1746. 

Richard Thorne died 1762 or 1763. 

William Thorne and Martha Cornell were married at St. George's 
Church, Hempstead, May 9, 1754. She being daughter of Thomas and 
Sarah (Doughty) Cornell. No baptisms of their children appear on the 
record of St. George's Church. George W. Cocks states that the list of 
children as shown on Mrs. Warren's paper, No. 10, corresponds with those 
mentioned in the will of William, 1805, and adds the following data: Sarah, 
m. Benjamin Tredwell; Richard, m. Elizabeth Peters, ijj6{l); Thomas C, 
m. Elizabeth Kissam, 1786; John, m. Mary \'an Wyck, i78o(?). 

Dr. Theodorus Van Wyck, above mentioned, was of Madnans Neck, 
now Great Neck, Town of North Hempstead, Queens Co., N. Y., b. Sept. 19, 
1668; d. Sept. 4, 1758. Justice of Peace, 1718 to 1753; Supervisor, 1726; m. 
Margretia Brinckerhoff, April 29, 1693; she was b. 1675; d. Aug. 27, 1741, 
daughter of Abraham and Aeltie (Strycker) Brinckerhoff, and granddaughter 
of Joris (Dircksen) and Susannah (Dubbles) Brinckerhoff and of John and 
Lambertie (Sebring) Strycker, son of Cornelius (Barentse) Van Wyck of 
Flatbush, L. I., probably from "Wyk" in North Brabant; emigrated 1660; 
member Dutch Church, 1677; took oath of allegiance 1687, m. (i) Anna, 
daughter of Rev. Theodorus Polhemus and Catherine \'an Werven his 

wife; m. (2) Jannetje , 1684, (see papers in ^'ew York Genealogical 

and Biographical Record, 1888, p. 153, 1889, p. 77, prepared by Rev. W. H. 
Eaton, with the assistance of George W. Cocks, and Lineage in American 
Ancestry, Vol. XI, furnished by George W . Cocks). 


1 The Reverend Nicholas Bayard, D. D., is the first of whom there is 
record. He was an eminent Huguenot professor, a Doctor of Divinity in 

■ charge of the French Church at Antwerp, prior to 1590. It is supposed 
that he m. Blandina Condi of an illustrious French family, and that they 
were the direct ancestors of the American Bayards. Their son: 

2 The Reverend Lazare Bavard, m. Judith Beyens, 1607, of a noble 
Belgian family, originally from North Brabant. He was educated at 
Leyden, and was a Huguenot clergyman of distinction. His first church 
was at Breda. Children: 

Judith, bap. at Breda, Nov. 16, 1608. 
Rebecca, bap. at Breda, Sept. 30, 1609. 
3 Samuel, bap. at Breda, Dec. 12, 1610. 
Louis, bap. Jan. 16, 1612. 
Paul, bap. Feb. i, 1613. 
Cataline, bap. March 2, 1616. 
Daniel, bap. Dec. 3, 1617. 

3 Samuel Bayard, b. at Breda; bap. at the Walloon Church, Dec. 12, 1610; 
d. 1646; m. Anna Stuyvesant, daughter of the Rev. Balthazar Stuyvesant, 

380 (^r)!t-i7iogy of the Cornell Family. 

:\nd sister of Gov. Peter Stuyvesant, at Amsterdam, Oct. 21, 1638. Samuel 
Bayard had a college education and became an opulent merchant of 
Amsterdam. After his death, his widow, with four children, sailed on the 
"Princess" with her brother, Gov. Peter Stuyvesant, arriving in New 
.-Vmsterdani, Ma\ 11, 1647. Children: 

Catharine, b. at Bergen op Zoon; m. William de Meyer, in 

New York, Oct. 3, 1678. 
Petrus, b. in Alphen, near Utrecht; m. Blandina Kiersted, in 

New Orange, Nov 28, 1674. 
Balthazar, b. in Amsterdam; m. Marritje Loockemans, in New 
Amsterdam, Nov. 12, 1664, daughter of Govert Loockemans, 
and niece of Mrs. Olaf Van Cortlandt. 
4 Nicholas, b. in Alphen; m. Judith Varleth, in New Amsterdam, 
Mav 23, 1666. 

4 Nicholas Bayard, b. in Alphen; m. Judith Varleth in New Amsterdam, 
May 23, 1666, daughter of Caspar Varleth, whom Savage calls a "Dutch- 
man of some consequence in Hartford in 1656." Judith Varleth was 
imprisoned in Hartford, in 1662, "on a pretended accusation of witchery," 
but was released through the influence of Gov. Stuyvesant. Nicholas 
Bayard held the following offices: Clerk to the Secretary of New 
Amsterdam, 1654; English Secretary, 1657; Commissary of Imports 
and Exports, 1663; Secretary of the Province, 1673; Receiver Gen- 
eral, 1673: Mayor of New York, 1685; Member of the Council for many 
years. In his will dated May 9, 1704. he calls himself "of the City of 
New York, merchant," names in his will wife Judy and son Samuel. They 
had only one son : 

5 Samuel Bayard, bap. Sept. 5, 1669; d. 1746; m. Margaret Van Cortlandt, 
March 12, 1696, daughter of Stephanus Van Cortlandt and Gertrude 
Schuyler; she was bap. July 29, 1674. Samuel Bayard was a member of 
the Colonial Assembly, New York, 1713-1715; Judge of the Court of Com- 
mon Pleas, Bergen Co., New Jersey, 171 1. His will was probated May i, 
1746. Children (all but one were baptized in New York): 

Judith, bap. in New York, Dec. 13, 1696; m. Rip Van Dam, Jr., 

Sept. 18, 1719. 
Nicholas, bap. in New York, Aug. 28, 1698; m. Elizabeth Ryn- 

ders, July 3, 1729. 
6 Stephanus, bap. May 31, 1700. 

Geertruyd, bap. in Hackensack, N. J., Oct. 4, 1701: m. Hon. 

Peter Kemble. 

Margaretta, d. young. 

Margaretta, d. young. 

Samuel, / . ■ d. young. 

c twms 
Jacobus, ) 'bap. in New York, July i, 171 1. 

Samuel, bap. in New York, July 24, 1715. 

Margaretta, bap. in New York, May 24, 1719; m. Jacobus Van 

Hf)me, Dec. 16, 1742. 

Anna, bap. in New York, Aug. 7, 1720. 

Appendix. 381 

6 Stephaxus Bayard, bap. May 31. 1700; m. Alida V^etch, March 12, 1725, 
only child of Samuel Vetch (a Scotchman living in Boston) and his wife 
Margaret Livingston, daughter of Robert Livingston (ist Lord of the 
Manor). Samuel Vetch was Colonel in the Expedition against Canada, 
1 709-11; Commissioner of Treaties from Massachusetts, 1705; Adjutant 
General, 1709; commanded the Massachusetts forces. Stephanus Bayard 
was Mayor of New York, 1744; member of the Governor's Council, 1746- 
47. In his will dated Jan. 31, 1753, he styles himself "of Bergen Co., E. 
N. Jersey, Yeoman." In the codicil, Dec. 17, 1753, he calls himself 
"Gentleman." Children: 

Samuel, bap. Jan. 16, 1726. 
Nicholas, bap. Oct. 22, 1727. 
7 William, bap. June 15, 1729. 
Stephen, bap. March 5, 1731. 
Stephanus, bap. Oct. 15, 1732. 
Nicholas, bap. April 16, 1735. 
Vetch, bap. Sept. 15, 1736. 
Nicholas, bap. April 26, 1738. 
Robert, bap. July 15, 1739. 
Margaret, bap. Aug. 30, 1741. 

7 William Bayard, bap. June 15, 1729; m. Elizabeth Cornell, daughter of 
Samuel Cornell. Children: 

Catharine, b. 1786; d. 1813; m. Duncan P. Campbell. 

Susan, b, 1787; d. Oct. 11, 1814; m. Benjamin Woolsey Rogers, 

Dec. 10, 1807; he d. Dec. 12, 1859, aged 84 years. 
William, b. 1788; d. March 9, 1875; "i- Catharine Hammond, 1812. 
Maria, b. 1789; d. Oct. 23, 1875; ™- Duncan P. Campbell, 1817, 

(her brother-in-law). 
Justine, b. 1793; d. 18 — ; m. Joseph Blackwell, 1811. 
Robert, b. 1797; m. Elizabeth McEvers, 1820. 
Harriet Elizabeth, b. Feb. 12, 1799; d. July 19, 1875; ni. Gen. 

Stephen Van Rensselaer, Jan. 2, 1817, eldest son of Stephen 

\'an Rensselaer (the last Patroon) and Margaret Schuyler. 


I Jacques Cortelyou, the common ancestor of the Cortelyou family in 
this country, emigrated from Utrecht in the Netherlands about 1652. He 
resided in New Amsterdam until 1657, when he received from Gov. Nicol 
the Nyack patent for a tract of land in New Utrecht, on Long Island, 
where he remained until his death, in 1693. He was allotted Plantation 
No. 10 when the village of New Utrecht was laid out, was also interested 
in a large tract of land on the Passaic River m New Jersey. He was a 
Huguenot, and came over to this country as private tutor to the children 
of Cornells Van Werckhoven. He m. Neeltje, daughter of Cornelis 
Gerrits and Machtelje (Huyken) \'aii Duyn. As a surveyor he attained 

382 GrNca/ogy of t lie Cornell Family. 

the highest reputation, and was appointed Surveyor-general of the Colony 
in 1657, and it is supposed made the first map of the present City of New 
York. He represented New Utrecht in the Hempstead Convention of 
1665, was Vendue-master of the County in 1672 and a Justice of the Peace 
in 16S5. The Labadists, in their Journal, mention their visit to Jacques 
Cortelvou, the Surveyor of New Utrecht, "who had recently built an 
excellent stone house, the best dwelling in the place "—his previous home 
having been destroyed by fire in 1675. 

2 PiETER CoRTELYOU, b. 1664, d. April lo, 1757- He followed his father's 
profession of surveyor and also cultivated a portion of his lands ; 1687 
took the oath of allegiance. About 1710 he, in company with several other 
neighbors, purchased the " Harlingen Tract " in Somerset County, New 
Jersey. He m. Diewintje (or Deborah) De Witt, 1693-4. 

3 Jacques Cortelyou, b. 1698 ; d. Oct. 10, 1757 (same year as his father); 
m. Jacomintje, daughter of Jason Van Pelt, April 25, 1718. 

5 Peter Cortelyou, b. Oct. 3, 1722 ; d. March 27, 1777 ; m. Angenientje 
(or Agnes), daughter of Simon and Angenientje Van Dyck (De Hart), 
Jan. 8, 1743- 

5 Simon Cortelyou, b. March 11, 1746; d. Aug. 15, 1828; m. (i) Sarah, 
daughter of Barent and Hannah (Carman) Van Wyck, May 20, 1763 ; m. 
(2) Mariah Bogert, widow of Jacques Barkeloo. By his first wife he had 
Sarah, who m. John Cornell May 6, 1787. (See W. C. Duyckinck's Notes.) 


1 Robert Hicks landed at Plymouth from the ship Fortune Nov. 11, 1621. 
He was a leather dresser from Bermondesey Street, Southwark, London. 
His father, Hicks, was a lineal descendant of Ellis Hicks, who was 
knighted by Edward, The Black Prince, on battlefield of Poitiers, Sept. 
9, 1356, for bravery in capturing from the French a set of colors. Robert 
Hicks' wife Margaret (Winslow), with their children, followed on the ship 
Ann, arriving at Plymouth in June, 1622.* They settled first at Duxbury, 
Mass., but permanently at Plymouth, where he died March 24, 1647. His 
will, and that of his widow, is on record in that city. 

2 John Hicks moved from Weymouth, Mass., to Newport, R. I., in 1637, 
and from there to Long Island about 1642. In Oct., 1645, Gov; Kieft 
granted to him and others a patent for the Township of Flushing. He 
m. (l) Herodias Long; and (2) P'lorentje Carman; (3) Rachel Starr, all 
his children being by his first wife. He died at Hempstead, L. I., in June, 
1672, and his will is recorded in the Surrogate's office of New York County. 
He took a leading position in the affairs of the Colony, and was appointed 
to fill many of the most important offices. 

* The ship Fortune followed the Mayflower, bringing over the parts of families left 
behind by those who came in that famous vessel the year before (see Benjamin D. Hicks' 

Appendix. 383 

3 Thomas Hicks, b. 1640 ; d. 1740 ; m. (i) Mary, widow of John Washburn 
and daughter of Richard Butler, of Stratford, Conn., 1660; m. (2) Mary, only 
daughter of Thomas Doughty, of Flushing, L. I. He was Captain of the 
Militia in 1686, and the first Judge of Queens County. His name appears 
in connection with almost every public measure for many years. 

4 Jacob Hicks, b. 1669 ; d. 1755 ; m. Hannah, daughter of Carpenter, 

1701. Was Captain of the Queens County Company in 1735. Resided 
at Hempstead, L. I. 

5 Samuel Hicks, b. Oct. 1702; d. May 10, 1735 ; m. Martha, daughter of 
Charles and Elizabeth (Jackson) Doughty, 1723. 

6 Samuel Hicks, b. March 29, 1739; m. Mary, daughter of John and 
Joanna Middagh, of Brooklyn. 

7 John Middagh Hicks, b. May 17, 1751 ; d. March 29, 1829; m. Eliza, 
daughter of John and Amy (Willis) Hicks. He inherited with his brother, 
Jacob M. Hicks, the Middagh farm, which is now the First Ward of the 
City of Brooklyn. By converting this property into streets and village 
plots the two brothers became very wealthy and were the prominent men 
of the locality. 

8 Juliet Hicks, b. April 28, 1803 ; d. Jan. 12, 1894 ; m. Whitehead J, 
Cornel], of Brooklyn. (See W. C. Duyckinck's Notes.) 


1 Evert Duyckinck came to this country at an early date from Borchen, 
North Brabant, Holland, in the service of the Dutch West India Company ; 
resided for some time at Fort Good Hope (now Hartford, Conn.), where 
he was injured in a sortie of the English against the Dutch Colonists in 
1640 ; m. Hendrickie Simons, of Noordthorn, Sept. 9, 1646, at the old 
Dutch Church in New York. In 1643 he was granted a patent of land in 
Flatbush, L. I., by Director Stuyvesant, and also a lot near the present 
New York Cotton Exchange, where he resided until his death, about 
1700. He was a man of wealth and of considerable importance in the 

2 Evert Duyckinck, bap. Oct. 30, 1650, in the old Dutch Church, New 
York ; went to Holland, and in 1679 returned with his wife, Cornelia 
Jacobson Toll, and his two children, on the diaries. He was a sea captain, 
and after returning from a voyage to Jamaica and the Barbadoes died in 
New York in 1680. His widow remarried, and thus the old family bible 
passed into the hands of the Beekman family, who now have possession 
of it. 

3 Evert Duyckinck, b. in Amsterdam, Holland, July 23, 1677 ; m. Elsie, 
daughter of Andries and Vroutwie (Van Vorst) Meyer, in New York, 
Feb. 3, 1704. He purchased 700 acres of land in New Jersey, on the 
Raritan River, where he spent the remainder of his life. 

-S4 Genealogy of tJic Cornell FaDiily. 

4 Evert Duyckinck, bap. May 12, 1706; m. Aafje, daughter of Johannes 
and Sarah (Van Laar) Hardeubroeck, Dec. 21, 1729. He resided upon 
the extensive fanning lands which he inherited from his father until his 
death, in 17S2. 

5 Iamks nuvCKiNCiv, bap. Januarys, 1841, wasa resident of New Bruns- 
wick N. 1.; d. Sept. 24, 1822, and on the church register is inscribed : "A 
respectible inhabitant of this city ; " m. Mary, daughter of Benjamin and 
Mary (Brokaw) Taylor, Nov. 5, 1772. 

6 RiCH.\RD B.\NCKER DuYCKiNCK, b. Aug. 3, 1780 ; d. May 25, 1874 ; m. at 
New Brunswick, N. J., to Elizabeth Mary, daughter of John and Elizabeth 
(Dudlev) Donnan. He retired from business and removed to Somerville, 
N. J,, and afterwards to Brooklyn, N. Y., where he died. 

7 RiCH.\RD Bancker Duyckinck, b. Nov. I, 1816 ; m. Eliza H., daughter 
of Whitehead J. and Julia (Hicks) Cornell, at Brooklyn, N. Y., Dec, 
28, 1841. (See W. C. Duyckinck's Notes.) 


Their original American ancestors emigrated from the North of England 
during the time of religious persecution in that country and landed in 
Plymouth, whence they afterwards removed to Concord, Mass. Their arms 
were: Azure on a chevron between three moor cocks, close, or, as many 
cross crosslets, sable crest, a unicorn's head erased, per f esse, argent and or, 
armed and maned of the last, gorged with a chaplet of laurel vert. 

1 John To.mpkins, of Concord, Mass., removed to Fairfield, Conn., Sept.,, 
1644; m. . Child: 

2 John Tompkins, of Concord, b. 1642, living in 1672 ; removed to Fair- 
field, Conn., and subsequently settled at Eastchester, N. Y.; m. . 


3 Nathaniel* Tompkins, d. about 1735 ; m. Elizabeth Hanna. Child: 

4 Stephen Tompkins, m. Anne . Children: 

5 J0N.A.THAN Griffin Tompkins, of Fox Meadows, now Scarsdale, N. Y.,f 
b. June 8, 1736; d. May 22, 1823; m. at Scarsdale, Sarah Hyatt, marriage 
license Oct. 27, 1758. He was a member of the Provincial Congress for 
Westchester County, 1776 and 1777; member of the Council of Safety, 
1777 and 1778;! member of Assembly, 1780, 1781, 1782 and 1786, 1787, 1791, 

* The name Nathaniel occcurs in Eastchester in 1665. 

t Scarsdale acquired its name from the Heathcot family, who originally came from 
Scarsdale, Derbyshire, England. " More onward," says the learned Camden (describing 
that part of Derbyshire), '■ we see Chesterfields in Scarsdale — that is, in a dale enclosed 
with rocks, for crags were called scarrs by the Saxons." 

X The Council of Safety used to meet in a church in Harlem, and when the British 
took possession they adjourned to the old Court House at White Plains. While in the 
exercise of his duties Tompkins was once observed by a scouting party, which at once gave 
chase, and, being better mounted, were about to overtake him, when he plunged down a 
steep hill, made a sudden turn in the road, and managed to elude his pursuers by dismount- 
ing and secreting himself in a swamp. 

Appendix. 385 

1792 ; Supervisor, 1783* ; Regent of the University, 1787 to 1808 ; County 
Judge Westchester County, 1793 and 1798 ; Delegate to the Convention of 
1801. Children: 

Caleb, b. Dec. 22, 1759. 

6 Enoch, b. Aug. 21, 1771 ; d. April 4, 1843. 

Daniel D. Tompkins, twice elected Governor of New York, and 
Vice-president of the United States from 1817 to 1825, when 
Monroe was President. 

6 Enoch Tompkins, b. Aug. 21, 1771; d. April 4, 1843; ™- Mary Barker at 
Scarsdale in 1793. Child: 

7 Daniel D., b. Nov. 30, 1798; d. in Brooklyn, N. Y., Feb. 26, 1863. 

7 D.A.NIEL D. Tompkins, b. Nov. 30, 1798; d. in Brooklyn, N. Y., 
Feb. 26, 1863. Buried at Troy, N. Y., with full military honors. Class of 
1820, West Point. He distinguished himself in the Florida War while 
Captain of the First U. S. Artillery, and was brevetted Major Sept. 11, 
1836, for gallant and meritorious conduct against the Indians. He was 
Colonel during the first two years of the War of the Rebellion. At the 
time of his death he was Assistant Quartermaster-General of the U. S. 
Army stationed at New York; m. (i) Caroline Pierce; m. (2) Ellen Hirst 
Cornell, June 19, 1849, daughter of Dr. John Sebring Cornell and Mary 
Fitz Randolph Lewis. She was b. in Brooklyn March 17, 1826; d. in New 
York Nov. 15, 1883. Children: 

8 Agnes Cornell, who m. Henry V. Feder, and d. March 18, 

1898, leaving a daughter, Irene Feder, surviving. 
Catharine Cornell, who m. Austin Dickinson Middleton of 
New York, June 17, 1884, eldest son of John Nathaniel Butter- 
field Middleton, of Bermuda, for many years a merchant of 
New York and resident of Brooklyn. They have but one 
child living, Louise Tompkins Middleton, b. Dec. 9, 1887. 
Their daughter, Ellen Cornell Middleton, b. Aug. 13, 1885; 
d. April 15, 1888, (see A. D. Middleton's Notes). 


I Matthew Franklin came from England to America 16S0, and settled 
in New York; m. Philadelphia , who d, April 23, 1715. 

♦ The first independent election for officers of the Manor of Scarsdale took place on 
Dec. 22, 1783. In pursuance of an act of the Legislature, passed Oct. 23, 1779. entitled, ".An 
act to provide for the temporal grovernment of the southern part of the State, whenever the 
enemy shall abandon or be dispossessed of the same, and until the Legislature can be 
convened," etc. The town met on the aforesaid day at the house of Jonathan Griffin, near 
the usual place of holding said meetings; then and there the inhabitants proceeded to 
choose town officers by a majority vote: Jonathan Tompkins. Supervisor: Benjamin 
Cornell, Clerk; Stephen Cornell and Thomas Cornell. Assessors ; Israel Herriott, Constable 
and Collector ; Ferris Cornell and Samuel Fisher, Overseers of the Highway ; Ferris Cornell, 
Pounder; John Compton and Thomas Cornell, Fence and Sewage Viewers. — Bolton's 
History of Westchester County, Vol. IL, p. 250. 

386 Gt-nealogy of the Cornell Family. 

2 Henry Franklin, m. (i) Dorothy Bowne, of Flushing, March 27, 1689; 
she d. \6c)0\ m. (2) Sarah Cook, b. Sept. 20, 1672; d. Oct. 24, 1750. 

^ THO.M.A.S Franklin, b. Jan. 20, 1703; d. Dec. 25, 1773; m. Mary Pearsall, 
Dec. S, 1726. 

Matthew m. Dorothy (or Deborah) Cornell. 
Henry m. Sarah Cornell. 

4 Samuel Franklin, b. Nov. 17, 1737; d. Sept. 4, 1807; m. Esther Mitchell, 
of Philadelphia, July i, 1762. The family were planters until Samuel 
became a merchant. He and his brother Walter (whose mansion 
in Franklin Square, New York, was occupied by Washington when 
first elected President of the United States) were very wealthy and 
owned their own vessels, which were the first vessels that were sent to 
China from America. Vice-president De Witt Clinton and his brother 
George married daughters of Walter Franklin. The Franklins have 
never succeeded in trade, and their great firm failed. Since then they 
have been professional men or members of the army or navy. 

5 John Franklin, b. Feb. 28, 1775; d. April 20, 1842; m Charity Cornell, 
Sept. 23, 1793; she d. Feb. 7, 1858, aged 83 years. 

Sarah, b. June 27, 1796, in New York; d. Flatbush, L. I., Aug. 

19, 1832. 
Walter, b. Sept. 15, 1798, in Flatbush, L. I.; d. New York, 

Dec. II, 1817. 
Mary Jane, b. Dec. 18, 1799, in New York; d. New Orleans, 

La., Jan. 22, 1855. 
Samuel, b. Jan. 22, 1802, in New York; d. Clairborne, Ala. 
John A., b. May 2, 1804, in New York; d. Columbus, Miss., 

July 25, 1870. 
Sidney S., b. Oct. 15, 1806, in Mt. Airy, N. Y.; d. Columbus, 

Miss., Oct. 5, 1886. 
Emily, b. Aug. 14, 1808, in Flatbush, L. I.; d. Flatbush, L. I., 

Feb. 13, 1859. 
Ann E., b. March 16, 1810, in Flatbush, L. I.; d. Walnut, la., 

Feb. 14, 1880. 
6 Caroline Louise, b. June, 1811, in Flatbush, N. Y.; died Pen- 
dleton, S. C, Oct. 18, 1865. 
Cornell S., b. Dec. 6, 1812, in Flatbush. The last survivor of 

these twelve children. 
Janet E., b. March 23, 1815, in Flatbush; d. Flatbush Aug, 

15, 1832. 

6 Caroline Louise Franklin, b. June 11, 1811; d. Oct. 18, 1865; m. 
William S. Hastie. 

7 William S. Hastie, 2^, b. June 9, 1843; "i- J^''^ Drayton Nov. 22, 1870. 

8 Drayton Franklin, b. Sept. 7, 1871. 
Marie Clinton, b. Jan. 27, 1873. 
Ella Drayton, b. Sept. 16, 1875. 

Appendix. 387 

Carlisle Norwood, b. Jan. i, 1878. 
This family is not related to Benjamin Franklin, the philosopher and 
statesman, but is of the same family as the English explorer of the Arctic. 


1 James Sands, b. in England, 1622; d. on Block Island, March 13, 1695; 
buried there in the public graveyard; m. Sarah Walker, in England, 1645, 
daughter of John Walker of Rhode Island and Catherine Hutchinson, 
(daughter of Edward Hutchinson). Tradition says he came from Reading, 
(Berkshire), England, and landed at Plymouth, Mass., 1638. He is supposed 
to be a descendant of Edwin Sandys, Archbishop of York, and Sir William 
Sandys of Bath, England. 1642, engaged in building a house for William 
Hutchinson at Eastchester, Westchester Co., N. Y. Moved to Portsmouth, 
R. I.; grants of land there, 1643 ^"d 1644. 1655, Freeman of Portsmouth. 
1657, Commissioner from Portsmouth at the General Court. 1661, he and 
his family sailed from Taunton, Mass., for NewShoreham, (Block Island), 
where they settled. 1663-4, constable at Block Island. 1665, deputy from 
Block Island. 1670-1, tax rater. 1690, Nov. 15, deed to his son John, of 
land on Block Island. 1694, June 18, will dated; proved May 6, 1695, on 
record at Block Island. Child: 

2 John Sands, b. in America, 1649; d. March 15, 1712, (intestate) on the 
Home Farm at Cow Neck; buried in the Sands graveyard; m. Sybil Ray, 
at Block Island, daughter of Simon Ray; she d. 1733, ^"^ was buried by 
her husband. 1674, had a grant of land at Portsmouth, R. I. 1678, 1680, 
1681, Deputy to the General Assembly from Block Island. 1691, moved 
from Block Island to Cow Neck. 1691, Dec. 25, purchased of Richard 
Cornell (Thomas,') of Rockawayand Elizabeth his wife; consideration, ^200 
500 acres on Cow Neck. This farm was included in a patent taken out 
by Richard, 1686, from Gov. Dongan. The farm of his brother Samuel, 
adjoining this one, was part of the land purchased. He gave his descend- 
ants a graveyard of about half an acre, north of his house. He left the 
Home Farm to his son Nathaniel, his widow remining on the same till her 
death. Children: 

3 John, b. Jan. 22, 1683 or 1684; d. Aug. 15, 1763; m. Catherine 

Guthrie, 1706. 
Nathaniel, b. 1687; d. May 10, 1750. 
Edward, b. 1691; d. March 9, 1746; m. Mary Cornell (Richard,^ 

John,^ Thomas,'). Settled at Cow Neck. 
George, b. 1694; d. s.p. 

Dorothy, b. 1703; d. 1765; m. Bowne. 

Edward, d. June 14, 1708, at Block Island: buried in the public 

graveyard by his father. Child: Sarah, m. Teddiman Hall of 

Block Island. 
Samuel, b. about 1656; d. 1730; m. Ray, 1679, daughter 

of Simon Ray and sister of Sybil. Child: one son. He and 

his wife are buried on his farm at Cow Neck. 

388 GcHfalogy of the Cornell Family. 

Sarah, m. Nathaniel Niles, Feb. 14, 1671, at Block Island. 

James, b. 1673; d. 1733;* m. Mary Cornell, (John,'^ Thomas,') 1697. 
Removed to Matinicock about 1694 or 1696. Will proved 
Jan. 19, 1733. Executors: Caleb Cornell and Samuel Under- 
hill. His daughter Zerviah m. Aaron Smith, son of Job 
and grandson of Richard Smith, patentee of Sniithtown, L. I. 
From them is descended Amanda Smith of Buffalo, N. Y., 
who m. Edward Clinton Hawks, June 5, 1879, counsellor- 
at-law and a descendant of Isaac Allerton of the Mayflower. 

Mercy, b. on Block Island; m. Joshua Raymond, April 29, 1683. 
Moved to New London, 1704. 

3 John" Sands, b. on Block Island, Jan. 22, 1683 or 1684; d. Aug. 15, 1763, on 
the Home Farm, Cow Neck; buried in the Sands graveyard; m. Cath- 
erine Guthrie, at Newport, R. I., Sept. 9, 1706, daughter of Robert Guthrie; 
she d. 1769, buried by her husband. He moved from Block Island about 
ten years after his marriage, to a farm at Cow Neck, where he built a 
house and remained till 1733, when he moved to the Home Farm which 
he bought of his brother Nathaniel. 1759, Feb. 27, will dated; proved 
Sept. 30, 1763.1 Children: 

4 John, b. 1708; d. 1760; m. Elizabeth Cornell, 1736. 

Robert, b. Dec. 26, 1710; d. s.p., April 12, 1735; buried at Cow 

Edward, b. Jan. 17, 1711-12; d. Oct. 21, 1778. Ancestor of 
all the Sands at present on Block Island. 

Mary, b. 1715; d. March 15, 1724. 

George, b. 1717; d. s.p. Jan. 15, 1777; buried at Cow Neck. 

Anne, b. March 16, 1719; m. Brooks. 

Nathaniel, b. Nov, 30, 1731; d. Aug. 1783. 

Joshua, b. March 22, 1725; d. March 28, 1787. 

Simon, b. July 12, 1727; d. April 5, 1782; m. Catharine Tread- 
well, daughter Elizabeth m. Lewis Cornwall. 

Gideon, b. Oct. 22, 1729; d. April 20, 1770; buried at Cow Neck. 

Mary, b. 1732; d. Feb. 19, 1755; m. Guilford. 

Benjamin, b. Nov., 1735; d. Oct. 24, 1824. 

4 John Sands, b. Jan. i, 1708 or 1709, on Block Island; d. Nov. 22, 1760, on 
the Inland Farm, Cow Neck; m. Elizabeth Cornell (Caleb,* Caleb,^ John,* 
Thomas,') May 12, 1736. In 1733, settled on the Inland Farm, where all 
?iis children were born. He and his wife died there and were buried in 
the Sands graveyard, 1760, Oct. 9, will dated; proved Dec. 12.J At his 
death the farm passed to his eldest son John. Children: 

5 John, b. Feb. 22, 1737; d. June 25, 1811. 
Cornwell, b. April 26, 1739; d. Aug. 3, 1793. 
Elizabeth, b. May 8, 1742; d. Sept. 13, 1747. 

* See Mrs. E. C. Hawk's notes. Some authorities give different dates. 
t Recorded in the Surrogate's Office, N. Y., L. 24, Fol. 224. 
i Recorded in the Surrogate's Office, N. Y., L 22, Fol. 363. 

Appendix. 389 

Robert, b. Feb. 13, 1745; d. s.p. March 8, 1825, 

Comfort, b. Feb. 22, 1748, on the Inland Farm, Cow Neck; bap. 
in St. Paul's Chapel, New York, 1767; d. Sept. 22, 1834; 
m. (i) Sarah Dodge, June 3, 1769, daughter of Wilkie Dodge, 
by the Rev. Samuel Seabury; m. (2) Cornelia Lott, Dec. 5, 
1797. Eighteen children in all of whom Cornelia m. Nathaniel 
Prime of New York, from whom are descended the Jays of Rye, 
N. Y.* 

Stephen, b. Jan. 16, 1750; d. Jan. 31, 1787. 

Richardson, b. June 13, 1754. 

Joshua, b. Oct. 12, 1757; d. Sept. 13, 1835. 


1 Oloff (or Olaf Stevexse) Van Cortlandt, first of his name in this 
country, came from Wyk-by-Dowestede, Holland, on the Haring, with 
William Kieft, in 1638. He was the son of Steven and Catharine; b. 1610; 
d. Sept. 4, 1683; ni- ill New Amsterdam Annetje Lockerman, of Turnhout, 
Holland, Feb. 26, 1642 (sister of Govert Lockerman), who d. May 14, 
1684. He was one of the "Eight Men," 1645; President of the "Nine 
Men," 1650; Commissioner of Indian Affairs, 1645; Commissioner of 
Boundaries, 1654; Schepen, 1645; Burgomaster, 1656-8-9, 1662-3-5; mem- 
ber of Gov. Andros' Council, 1674. He had six children, the eldest of 

2 Stephanus Van Coktlandt, b. May 7, 1643; d. Nov. 23, 1700; m. in Albany, 
Gertrude, daughter of Philip Pieterse Schuyler, of Albany, Oct 3, 1671. Ste- 
phanus Van Cortlandt was the first native born Mayor of New York. He 
built the Van Cortlandt Manor House on the Croton River, and was the 
first Lord of the Manor of Cortlandt. He purchased of the Indians in 
1677 the land which, in 1686, was erected into " the Lordship and Manor of 
Cortlandt" by Gov. Dongan, in the reign of William III. of England. 
This grant is in the possession of the family at the Van Cortlandt Manor 
House, Croton. Stephanus Van Cortlandt was Mayor of New York in 
1677, and for three terms; Captain of Troop of Horse, 1684; Colonel 
Kings County Militia, 1693; fif'st Judge ot the Admiralty, 1677; member of 
Council, 1686-88; Department Secretary and Register of Province, 1688; 
Chancellor, 1696; Chief Justice Supreme Court, Senior Warden Trinity 
Church, New York, etc., etc. He left eleven children. His seven daugh- 
ters married the first men in the Colony. His eldest son, 

3 Philip \'an Cortlandt, b. Aug. 9, i683;d.iii New York, Aug. 21, 1748; m. 
Catharine de Peyster, daughter of Abraham, 171c, who wasTreasurer of the 
Colony in 1706, member of the Council, Mayor, Colonel of a Regiment, etc. 

* See Descent of Comfort Sands, by Temple Prime, Mrs. E C. Hawk's notes, etc. 

+ References— Z)o<;. Col. Hist. State of N. Y., Vol. I., pp. 247-431: ■'V'"^' ^ork Gen. and 
Bio. Rec.,\'o\. VIII., pp. 12-18; History' Van Cortlandt Family in Scharf s Westchester 
County, \o\, II., p. 423: Brodhead' s History of Ne-jJ York, O' Callaghan' s New Nether- 
lands, Vol. I., p. 90; Lamb's History City of Ne-jn York, etc., etc. 

390 GiVica/oj^r of tJie Cornell Family. 

Philip Van Cortlandt was Colonel of the Kings County Militia, member of 
Kinsjs Council, 1730; Commissioner of Indian Affairs, 1740. His eldest son, 

4 Stephen Van Cortlandt, b. Oct. 26, 171 1; d. Oct. 17, 1756; m. Mary 
Walton Ricketts in New York, May 6, 1738, daughter of William Ricketts 
(or Rickards), who was a Captain in Oliver Cromwell's Army, and of Mary 
Walton, his wife, who was the daughter of William Walton, a prominent 
and wealthy citizen of New York of English birth. Children: 

5 William Ricketts. 
Stephen Van Cortlandt's elder son, Philip, m. Catharine Ogden, and 
espoused the British side in the War for Independence. He d. at Hailsham, 
England, in 1S14. Had twenty-three children. The younger son of Stephen, 

5 William Ricketts Van Cortlandt, became head of the family. Was 
b. March 13, 1742; m. Elizabeth Kortwright, of Harlem, whose ancestors 
were here at an early date, Jan. 3, 1765. Their eldest son, 

6 William Ricketts Van Cortlandt, Jr., m. (i) Storm; m. (2) 

Sarah" Cornell (James,*^ William,^ Joshua,'* Joshua,^ John,^ Thomas'). 

Their son, Oliver Van Cortlandt, m. C. Hyatt, is living and has children. 

Van Cortlandt Manor. 

The Van Cortlandt Manor (estate of Stephanus Van Cortlandt) was one 
of the great Manors. The purchase did not begin till 1683. ^^ ^^^.s erected 
into a Manor June 17, 1697, by William III., through Gov. Fletcher. It ran 
east from Croton Bay to the Connecticut line, and included, besides the whole 
of the northern part of Westchester County (86,213 acres), a tract on the 
west bank of the Hudson (1,500 acres) — in all, 87,713 acres. The Manor of 
Cortlandt was devised by Stephanus Van Cortlandt at his death (1700) to 
his eleven surviving children in equal shares (except that Johannes, the oldest 
son, received, in addition to his equal share, what is now Verplanks Point 
on the Hudson, a tract of 2,500 acres). It remained undivided many years. 
The widow of Stephanus, Gertrude Schuyler, outlived her husband twenty- 
three years, and there was a tacit agreement that during her life nothing 
should be done towards splitting up the estate. Oliver, one of the eleven 
heirs, died childless, willing his interest to his brothers and sisters. The Manor 
then had ten property interests. After the death of Stephanus there was 
always a recognized head of the Van Cortlandt family. But there never 
was a second Lord of the Manor. Johannes, the eldest son of Stephanus, 
died young, leaving one child, Gertrude; m. Philip Verplank, a descendant 
of one of the early Dutch settlers of New Amsterdam. He was a surveyor. 

Appendix. 391 

and by agreement of the heirs (1730) was appointed to lay out the Manor 
into thirty lots, and these were divided among the several parties; but his 
survey was confined to the Manor north of the Croton River. Then (1733) 
all of Westchester County north of the Croton River, and between that 
stream and the Connecticut Ime, was appraised for §48,000. This territory 
now includes the towns of Cortlandt, Yorktown, Somers, North Salem, 
Lewisboro and part of Pound Ridge. Its taxable value is now several 
millions. In 1753 the Manor lands south of the Croton River were divided. 
The heirs-at-law entering into enjoyment of their individual properties as 
partitioned to them, gradually leased the lands to settlers or sold them in 
fee. The subsequent history of the great \''an Cortlandt estate is well 
represented by the share which fell to Stephen de Lancy, son of the Chief 
Justice (over 7,000 acres). This he laid out into farms, as a rule of 200 
acres, and leased them. Notwithstanding the complete partition of the 
estate, the "Lordship and Mannour"of Courtlandt, as erected by Gov. 
Fletcher (1697) remained. It was a distinct political division, and was sepa- 
rated from the rest of Westchester County more than the other Manors, and 
had the exceptional right of sending its own representative to the Provincial 
Assembly. This did not cease till 1788, when Westchester County was 
divided into townships, and Cortlandt Manor ceased to exist. Representa- 
tion did not begin till 173-I.. Philip Verplank was first chosen for that office. 
His successor was Pierre Van Cortlandt, who served during the rest of the 
Colonial era. 

After the death of Johannes and Oliver, the first and second sons of 
Stephanus Van Cortlandt, Philip, b. 1683, became head of the family. He was 
a merchant in New York. He was clear-headed, of good ability and great 
decision of character, and from 1730 to 1746 member of the Gubernatorial 
Council. His eldest son, Stephen, d. young, leaving his son, Philip, the 
next head. But this second Philip preferred military affairs, entered the 
British army and fought against American independence. He went to 
England after the war, and his children became allied with the nobility of 
that land. But it is a singular fact that of his twenty-three children no male 
descendant now represents him. His uncle, Pierre (youngest son of first. 
Philip and grandson of Stephanus), ultimately became the leading member 
of the family. He was b. 17 12, and lived in the Manor from boyhood, 
making that his permanent residence; and he d. in the Manor House 
and was buried in the Van Cortlandt Cemetery. In 1749 he m. Joanna, 
daughter of Gilbert Livingston and granddaughter of Robert, first Lord' 
of the Livingston Manor. He had four sons and three daughters. 
Van Cortlandt Manor House is now occupied by his great-grandson, 
Mr. James Stevenson Van Cortlandt. The Yonkers branch of the Van 
Cortlandt family was founded by Jacobus, younger son of Oloff Stevense 
Van Cortlandt, and brother of Stephanus, first Lord of the Manor, b. 1658. 
He m. Eva, stepdaughter of the first Frederick Philipse, purchased (1699) 
from his father-in-law fifty acres, to which he added several thousand more, 
and in 1700 dammed up Tippet's Brook, thus creating the Van Cortlandt 
Lake, erected the Van Cortlandt Mill, which was used as a grist-mill till 
1889, when it came into the possession of New York City. 

-02 Grncalo^^y of tlie Cornell Family. 

Jacobus, in his will, bequeathed to his only son, Frederick Van Cort- 
landt, his "farm, situate, lying and being in a place called and known by 
the name of Little or Lower Yonkers." 

Frederick, b. 1698; m. Francina, daughter of Augustus and Ann Maria 
(Bavard) Tav. Frederick built the Van Cortlandt House now in the posses- 
sion of the Colonial Dames, a fine specimen of Colonial architecture, and, 
like the Philipse Manor House, in perfect preservation. Six children were 
b. to Frederick \'an Cortlandt and his wife Francina, of whom Jacobus was 
the oldest, b. March 3, 1727, and who became the proprietor of the Little 
Yonkers estate. He Anglicized his name to James; died childless, 1800. 
Little Yonkers passed to his brother Augustus, and after his death the 
principal portion of it, including the mansion, was held by the family of his 
daughter Anna, who m. Henry White (the White heirs of Augustus assum- 
ing the name of Van Cortlandt by requirement of the will) till purchased by 
New York City (see SJi07inard and Spooners History of Westchester County, 
Boltons History) and Mrs. Catherine (Van Cortlandt) Matthew's notes, etc. 


1 RiCH.ARD KiRBY of Sandwich, Mass., was first at Lynn, Mass. Removed 
in 1637 to Sandwich, Mass. He early espoused the cause of the 
"Quakers," and 1658-60 suffered severely in fines for this offense. Some 
time after 1660, he removed to Dartmouth, Mass., where he died (intestate) 
before July 21, 1688. His wife's name was Jane, by whom he had two 
sons: Richard and Recompence. 

2 Richard Kirby of Dartmouth, Mass., embraced the principles of the 
Society of P>iends and suffered at Sandwich, Mass., together with his 
father during the persecution, 1658-60. Some time after 1660, he removed 
to Dartmouth, Mass., where he died. His will was dated Jan. 30, 1708, and 
was proved April 4, 1720. He m. (i) Patience Gifford, Oct. 9, 1665, daugh- 
ter of William Gifford of Sandwich, Mass., who died before Dec. 2, 1678, 
when he m. (2) Abigail, widow of Zoeth Howland, who died before 1708. 
By his first wife he had two sons: John and Robert. 

3 Robert Kirby of Dartmouth, Mass.,b. May 10, 1674; m. Rebecca Potter, 
daughter of Nathaniel Potter of Portmouth, R. I. His will was dated 
March 26, 1755, and was proved March 10, 1757. His widow died in 1773. 
They had five sons; Nathaniel, Ichabod, Recompence, Silas and Robert. 

4 N.\THANiEL Kirby of Dartm.outh, Mass., d. 1648; m. Abigail Russell, 
March 25, 1731; b. June 25, 1712, daughter of James and Rebecca (Howland) 
Russell of Dartmouth, Mass. James Russell, b. May 7, 1687, was the son 
of Jonathan Russell of Dartmouth (the son of Hon. John Russell of Dart- 
mouth, Mass., and Hassadyah Smith, b. Jan. 11, 1656, daughter of Lieut. 
John Smith of Dartmouth, Mass.) They had two sons: Wesson and 

5 Justus Kirby of Westport, Mass., b. April 28, 1746; d. Jan. 5, 1831; m. 
Catherine Cornell, Dec. 27, 1769; she wash. April 14, 1751; d. Aug. 27, 1832, 

Appendix. 393 

daughter of Peleg Cornell of Dartmouth, Mass. They had four children: 
Luthan, Abne?, Lydia and Elizabeth. 

Elizabeth Kirby, b. Oct. i, 1781; d. June 31. 1866; m. Robert Sherman 
of Westport, Mass., Nov. 2, 1807; he was b. 1785; d, Aug. 5, 1821, aged 36 
years; son of Preserved Sherman. Their daughter Catherine, b. Jan. 1812; 
d. Sept. 9, 1893, aged 81 years; m. Stephen Cornell of Westport, Mass.; 
he was b. 1806; d. Dec. 17, 1866, aged 60 years, 22 days (gravestone). 


1 Ralph Russell, from Pontipool, England (see Bailey s History, Vol. 2, 
p. 268, and Ricketsons History of New Bedford, Mass. 

2 John Russell, d. 2mo., 13, i6;)4-5 (o. s.); m. Dorothy; she d. 1637. 
J(jhn Russell bought of Captain Miles Standish one share in Dartmouth, 
Mass., and set up an iron forge. He represented Dartmouth in 1665, to the 
Old Colony Court at Plymouth Hill. Will dated imo., 19, 1687, and pro- 
bated 4mo., 21,1695. 

3 Joseph Russell, b. 5mo., 6, 1650; d. i2mo., 11, 1739; m. ; she wis 

b. 6mo., 6, 1657; d. 9mo., 25, 1737. Joseph," will dated 3mo., 11, 1736; 
probated i2mo., 18, 1739, and gives his wife Elizabeth and sons Joseph,'' 
and John,* twin brothers, that were born in Russell garrison during the 
Indian War, iimo., 22, 1678, the Woolen Mill and to build a dam 
above their brother Benjamin's Grist Mill, but not to damnify said 
Benjamin, and gives Benjamin the Grist Mill and 17 acres of land and 
House thereon. All at " Russell's Mills" in Dartmouth. 

4 Joseph Russell, b. iimo., 22, 1678; m. (2) Mary^ Tucker; she was b. 
i2mo., I, 1683; d. i2mo., 5, 1769, daughter of Abraham,^ Henry' Tucker. 
Joseph-* Russell owned the most valuable portions of the land on which the 
city of New Bedford is built, and of whom Mr. Rotch bought in 1765 (see 
Ricketsons History). 

5 Mary Russell, daughter of Joseph,* Joseph,^ John,'^ Ralph' Russell, b. 
lomo., 20, 1723; m. Peleg Cornell, imo., 13, 1739; son of Thomas,^ Samuel,"^ 
Thomas' Cornell. All of Dartmouth, Mass. (see Friend's Record, p. 303). 

John Cornell, son of Peleg,* and Mary= (Russell) Cornell, m. Mehitable^ 
Allen, April 18, 1788, daughter of Ebenezer,^ Ebenezer,* Ebenezer,^ Ralph,* 
George' Allen, the last of Sandwich, 1637. 

Mehitable' Cornell, daughter of John,^ and Mehitable* (Allen) Cornell, 
m. Tucker Smith, May 23, 1822, son of Collins,^ and Hannah (Tucker) Smith 
(see Cornell Genealogy). 

H. H. H. Crapo Smith, son of Tucker,* and Mehitable" (Cornell) Smith, 
m. Lucy* A. Crapo, Dec. 15, 1858, daugher of Gov. Henry Howland* 
Crapo, son of Jesse,* Peter,^ John,' Peter ' Crapo of Rochester, Mass. Peter,' 
m. Penelope* White, May 31, 1704, (see Rochester Records, p. 50); and 
Penelope* White was the daughter of Samuel,^ Resolved,' William' White 

;c)4 Gcnt-alogy of tJte Cornell Family. 

of the Mayflower of 1620, and of the original Pilgrim Company (see White 
Gc>u\xlc^y by Thomas H. White, and Ancient La}id}narks of Ply}?iouth,\)y 
\V. T. Davis, also see Slocum Genealogy, pp. 192 to 197. 
Copied from the old family bible published by John Baskett, printer to 

the University of Oxford. England, mdccxix, by H. H. H. Crape Smith of 

Detroit. Mich. 


1 George Allen, buried ^mo., 2, 1648; m. Catharine Collins: buried Sand- 
wich, Mass. He was in Lynn in 1636, and in Sandwich in 1637. He was 
Deputy to Plymouth, 164 1 and 1642. (See Bozudeji's History of the 

2 Ralph Allen, m. Ester Swift, daughter of William and Joan Swift of 
Bocking, England. Ralph ^ Allen, i5mo., 10, 1663, bought of Gov. Wil- 
liam Bradford and his mother Alice Bradford, one-half share in Dart- 
mouth for ten pounds sterling. {Plymouth, Vol. 5, p. 457.) Sarah Warren, 
widow of Nathaniel Warren of Plymouth, sold Ralph ^ Allen, 2g, 4mo., 
1672, one-half share in Dartmouth at "Barnes her Joy" Dartmouth, for 
thirty-three pounds sterling. {Ply>nouth Records, Vol. 3, p, 213.) 

3 Ebenezer Allen, m. Abigail . He gave tive pounds sterling to- 
ward building the first Apponegansett Meeting House, iimo., 6, 1698-9(0.5.) 
His will, dated 4mo., 8, 1725, probated 5mo., 18, 1725, gives to his son Eb- 
enezer, one-eight share in Dartmouth. 

4 Ebenezer Allen, b. imo., 16, 1690; m. Margaret Williams. His father 
Ebenezer,'' by his will, dated 4mo., 8, 1725, and probated 5mo., 18, 1725, gives 
him one-eight of a share in Dartmouth lands. Ebenezer,* his will dated 
3 mo., I, 1759, probated iimo.. 3, 1778. 

5 Ebenezer Allen, m. Elephal' Tucker, b. 2mo., 28, 1739; daughter 
of Henry,* Henry," Abraham,^ Henry ' Tucker (see N^ew England 
Historical and Gen. Register). 

5 Metitable^ Allen, daughter of Ebenezer,^ Ebenezer,* Ebenezer,* 
Ralph,^ George' Allen, b. i2mo., 4, 1763; d. 6mo., 17, 1839; m. John Cornell, 
4mo., II, 1788, son of Peleg.* Thomas,'* Samuel,'' Thomas' Cornell. 

Mehitable'^ Cornell, daughter of John," Peleg,* Thomas,* Samuel,^ 
Thomas ' Cornell, m. Tucker Smith, 5mo., 23, 1822, son of Collins,^ Henry,* 
Humphrey,* Deliverance,^ John' Smith, (see Smith Genealogy). 


I John Smith of Plymouth and Dartmouth, Mass. "John Smith, called 
Junior, put in an appearance as early as 1643 and enrolled to 'bare Arms.' " 

• Revised by H. H. H. Crapo Smith, Detroit, Mich. 

Appendix. 395 

{%Qt" Ancient Landmarks of Plymouth" by Hon. W. T. Davis, President 
of the Plymouth Society, pp. 172 and 245). He m. (i) Deborah daughter 
of Arthur and Margaret (Reed) Howland, Jan. 4, 1648. Arthur Howland 
and Henry Howland were brothers of John Howland, of the Mayflower, 
1620 (see Howland Genealogy). "John Smith, Jr., of Plymouth, and 
Deborah, his wife, were fined ten shillings for attending Quaker meetings." 
{Plymouth Records, 3mo., i, 1659). Children: 

Hasadiah, b. imo., 11, 1650; m. Jonathan ^Russell, 2mo., 5,1678, 
son of John,^ (Ralph' Russell), all of Dartmouth. 

2 John, Jr., b. lomo., I, 1651. 

Josiah, b. 7mo., 16, 1652; married Mary Pratt, 5mo., 25, 1687. 
Eliezer, b. 4mo., 20, 1654; m. Ruth Sprague, 8mo., t2, 1680. 
Hezekiah, b 2m., 8th, 1656; d. 2mo., 28, 1726-7 (o.s.); m. Mary 

(see Apponeganset Friends' Records, p. 62, and Ancient 

Landmarks of Pytnouth). 

2 John Smith, at Dartmouth, Mass., m. Ruhamah, daughter of Richard' 
Kirby. She was sister to Richard,'^ Jr., and Recompense'- Kirby, and the 
latter was called " brother-in-law" in John' Smith's will. Children: 

3 Deliverance, d. June 30, 1729; m. Mary,"^ daughter of Peleg,' 

John ' Tripp, the latter of Portsmouth, R. I. 
Gersham, d 4mo., 3, 1718; m. Rebecca Ripley, 6mo., 6, 1695, 

Judah, d. lomo., 9, 1733; m. Mary . 

Eliashub, m. Dinah Allen' 6mo., 24, 1704 (see Frie^id's Records, 

p. 148. 
Hannah. Her father's will names and gives to her. 
Sarah. Her father's will names and gives to her. 
Deborah. Her father's will names and gives to her, a minor at 

his death. 
Mahitable, m. John, 7mo.. 17, 16 — , son of John' Ralph' Russell 
and James Burrell (second husband), 3mo., 14, 1704-5 (o.s.) 
(see Frieiids' Records, p. 151). 
Dartmouth, Mass., records say: "The 15th of the im., 1692, John 
Smith, Sr., died in the 74th year of his age, and was buried the 17th 
day of same month," in his "old homestead, Hill Meadow burial place." 
His will, dated 6mo., 8, 1691, probated imo., 26, 1693-4 (o.s.) at Taunton, 
appoints Ruhamah, his wife, sole executrix, with Deliverance, his son, ex- 
ecutor, and says of his six sons: "I have given to every of them lands 
already stated, which is sufficient for them; and have everyone of them a suf- 
ficient deed under my hand and seal, and devise my brother-in-law, Recom- 
pense Kirby, to be my overseer" (see vol. I. of Wills, at Taunton, Mass.) 

3 Deliveran'CE Smith,* son of John ' and Ruhamah (Kirby), his second 
wife d. June 30, 1729; m. Mary ; she d. 3mo., 19, 1776. Children: 

4 Humphrey, b. 2mo., 13, 1705; died umo., 4, 1777; ni. Mary 

Wilcox, 4mo., 1, 1731. 

* Society of Friends' Records, vol. 1., p. 76. of Dartmouth (see the family records in 

396 Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 

Mary, b. iimo., 14, 1706-7 (o-s.); m. John Goddard 2mo., i, 1732. 

Alice, b. Smo., 29, 1698; d. lomo., 22, 1783. 

Peleg, b. 31110., 27, 1700; d. 81110., 3, 1772; m. Mary Rowland 

(see Hoivland Genealogy). 
John, b. 5mo., 11, 1693. 
Deborah, b. 5mo., 13, 1695; m. Eliezer Slocum 7mo., 20, 1716, 

(see Slocum Genealogy). 
Ann, b. lomo., 16, 1695; d. gmo., 20, 1729; ni. Beriah Goddard, of 

Portsmouth, R. I., 4mo., 30, 1720. 
George, b. 6mo., 27, 1701; d. 7mo., 17, 1789; m. Phebe Thornton 

5nio., II, 1767. 
Hope, b. iinio., 23, 1703; m. Thomas Briggs i2mo., 20, 1729. 
Abigail, b. 2mo., 10, 1709; m. Thomas Briggs. 
Deliverance Smith was buried in the " old homestead Hill Meadow burial 
place;" also his wife. He was a faithful adherent of the Society of Friends, 
and suffered much persecution for his religion. He was one of the original 
proprietors of Dartmouth, Mass., and his old homestead was surveyed and 
set off to him by Samuel and Benjamin Hammond, Commissioners of Her 
Majesty's Court of Quarter Sessions for the County of Bristol, 5mo., 25, 1711; 
and the boundary line of the north and west are the same to this day; also 
in part on the east and south, and have passed from generation to genera- 
tion in regular succession down to Benjamin T. Smith, the eighth generation, 
now in possession, 1901. 

4 Humphrey Smith, son of Deliverance,'^ John ^ Smith, m. 4mo., i, 1731 (see 
Friends' Records, p. 245), Mary, daughter of Jeremiah and Mary (Mallett) 
Willcox, of Newport, R. I. She was b. iimo., i, 1709 (o.s.), d. iimo., 14, 
1757 (n.s.) {Society of Friends Records, vol. i, pp. yy and 245; see the 
family records in detail). He d. i imo., 4, 1777, and was buried in the " old 
homestead Hill Meadow burial place;" also his wife. Children: 

Daniel, b. 7mo., 26, 1745; m. Rebecca, daughter of Daniel and 
Elizabeth (Allen) Cornell 4mo, 25, 1764 (see Cornell Gene- 

Humphrev, b. i2mo., 4, 1740; m. Rebecca, daughter of Holder,* 
Peleg.'* Giles,* Anthony' Slocum, 3mo., 25, 1767 (see Slocum 
5 Henry, b. 7mo., 22, 1738; d. i2mo., 9, 1801; m. Cynthia,^ daugh- 
ter of William,'* Daniel.^ William,'- John ' Wood, May 4, 1763, 
the latter of Plymouth. 

Abigail, b. 4mo., 21, 1743; m. Stephen, son of Jethro Hathaway, 
8mo., 9, 1764; she was buried at the "old homestead Hill 
Meadow burial place." 

5 Henry Smith, son of Humphrey,'' Deliverance,'' John ' Smith; m. Cynthia* 
Wofjd 5mo.,4, 1763 (William,'' Daniel,^ William,'^ John \see Friends' Society 
Records of Dartmouth). She was b. 7mo., 9, 1742; he was b. 7mo.,22, 1738; d. 
i2mo.,9, 1 801; both buried in the "old homestead Hill Meadow burial place." 
He was County Commissioner, as found on certified maps of surveys, etc.; 

Appendix. 397 

also Selectman of Dartmouth for one or more terms of office. Children: 

6 Collins, b. 7mo., 21, 1765; d. 3mo., 17, 1822; m. Hannah,^ daughter 

of Benjamin,* Abraham,"" Henry," Abraham,'- Henry' Tucker, 
all of Dartmouth (see Friends Society Records and New 
Englattd Historical and Genealogical Record. 

Henry, b. 7mo., 16, 1777; d. 7mo., 10, 1813; m. Mary Alniy, lomo., 

2, 1800. 
Rebecca, b. 6mo., 11, 1768; m. Giles '^ Slocum, 8mo., 19, 1790, son 

of Giles,^ Peleg,-* Peleg,'' Giles,- Anthony ' Slocum (see Slocum 


Mary, b. 4mo., 7, 1780; m. Joseph Ricketson. 

Hannah, b. 3mo., 24, 1775; d. iimo.,9, 181 1; m. Abijah Packard, 

3mo., 10, 1796. 
Deborah, b. 4mo., 12, 1771. 
William, b. 2mo., 16, 1773. 

Henry ,•• m. (2) Abigail^ Russell, romo., 26, 1785, daughter of Benjamin,* 
Joseph." John,' Ralph' Russell, all of Dartmouth, Mass. {Friends' Records^ 
p. 556). 

6 Collins Smith, son of Henry,^ Humphrey," Deliverance,'- John,' m. Han- 
nah Tucker Jan. 2, 1788, daughter of Benjamin,^ Abraham,"* Henry,^ 
Abraham,'^ Henry' Tucker, all of Dartmouth (see A''e'iu England His- 
torical and Genealogical Record, Society of FriencTs Records, Dart- 
mouth, Vol. I., p. 726. See the family records in detail). He d. 3mo., 17, 
1822, and was buried in the ''old homestead Hill Meadow Burial place;" 
also Hannah, his wife, and the whole family are buried at the same 
place. Children: 

Humphrey, b. 8mo., i, 1789: d. lomo., 2, 1807; unmarried. 
Sylvia, b. 4mo., 25, 1791; d. 2mo., 5, 1810; m. Paul Howland, son 
of Gideon and Catherine Howland (see Howland Genealogy). 

7 Tucker, b. 7mo., 25, 1793; d. 4mo., 6, 1873; ™- Mehitable'^ Cor- 

nell, 5mo., 23, 1822, daughter of John,^ Peleg,"* Thomas,^ 
Samuel,'- Thomas' Cornell of Portsmouth, R. I., 1640 (see 
Cornell Genealogy). 
' Benjamin R., b. 7mo., 21, 1795; d. iimo., 6, 1871. Bachelor. 

Cynthia, b. Dec. 2, 1797; d. March 27, 1827; m. Daniel How- 
land, Jr., I mo., 1821 (see Howland Genealogy). 

Rebecca, b. Aug. 22, 1800; m. Bradford Howland, 5mo.,6, 1824, 
(see Howland Genealogy). 

Hannah, b. Oct. 12, 1803; d. Nov. 6, 1822; unmarried. 

Abraham T., b. Nov. 9, 1806; d. Sept. 12, 1807. Child. 

7 Tucker Smith, son of Collins,' Henry,^ Humphrey,' Deliverance,' John' 
Smith, m. Mehitable'' Cornell, 5mo., 23, 1822, daughter of John,' Peleg,'' 
Thomas,' Samuel,'- Thomas' Cornell of Portsmouth, R. I., 1640 (see Cor- 
nell Genealogy). Tucker Smith d. April 6, 1873, ^""^ .Mehitable,* d. April 

39S Genealogy of the Cornel/ Family. 

3, 1S73, '^"'^ buried in the "old homestead Hill Meadow burial place." 
Both were members of the Society of Friends. 

"A house well conducted in every detail, 
Is a mark of a family of unspotted name." 

Hannah, b. Sept. 12, 1823; d. April 23, 1839; unmarried. 
Collins, b. Sept. 6, 1825; d. Dec. 12, 1833. Boy. 
H. H. H. Crapo, b. Jan. 9, 1828; in. Lucy A. Crapo, Dec. 15, 
1858, daughter of Gov. Henry Howland Crapo; b. in Dart- 
mouth, Mass., May 24, 1804; Governor of Michigan two 
terms, 1864-1868 (see Slocian s Genealogy). 
Abraham, T. B., b. March 13, 1830; d. Oct. 24, 1871; m. Susan 

B. Harrington, Nov. ig, 1856. 
Rebbecca H., b. Sept. 14, 1832; m. John C. Weeks, May 12, 1853. 
Benjamin C, b. March 8, 1835; d. Nov. 16, 1873; ^n- Julia S, 

Sisson, Nov. 20, 1856. 
Mary Hetty, b. Aug. 24, 1837; m. Nathaniel Howland, Nov. 

20, 1856. 
Cynthia, b. July 14, 1840; d. March 18, 1842. 
John C, b. Oct. 24, 1842; d. Oct. 29, 1842. 
Amelia A., b. Feb. 10, 1846; d. Jan. 17, 1865; unmarried. 



We, William Kieft, Director General and the Council, in behalf of the 
High and Mighty Lords, the States General of the United Netherlands, the 
Prince of Orange and the Noble Lords, the Managers of the Incorporated 
West India Company, in New Netherlands residing, by these presents do 
publish and declare that we, on this day, the date underwritten, have given 
and granted unto Tomas Coornal a certain piece of land lying on the East 
River, beginning from the Kill of Bronck's land, East South East along the 
River, extending about half a Dutch Mile from the River till to a little Creek 
over the Valley (Marsh) which runs back around this land, with the express 
condition and terms that the said Tomas Coornel, or they who to his action 
hereafter may succeed, the Noble Lords and Managers aforesaid shall 
acknowledge as their Lords and Patrons, under the Sovereignty of the High 
and .Mighty Lords the States General; and unto their Director and Coun- 
cil here, shall in all things be conformed, as all good citizens are in duty 
bound. Provided, also that he shall be furthermore subject to all such 
burdens and imposts as by their Noble Lords already have been enacted, or 
such as hereafter may yet be enacted. Constituting over the same, the afore- 

* See Adam and Anne Mott by T. C. Cornell. 

f ;. 

Appendix. 399 

said Tomas Cornel in our stead, in the real and actual possession of the 
aforesaid piece of land, giving him by these presents the full might, author- 
ity and special license, the aforesaid piece to enter, cultivate, inhabit and 
occupy in like manner as he may lawfully do with others, his patrimonial 
lands and effects, without our, the grantors, in the quality as aforesaid, there- 
unto any longer having, reserving or saving any part, action or control what- 
ever; but to the behoof as aforesaid, from all desisting from this time and 
forever more, promising furthermore this their Transport, firmly, invariably 
and irrevocably to maintain, fulfill and execute; and furthermore to do all 
that in equity we are bound to do, without fraud or deceit, these presents 
are by us undersigned and confirmed with our seal of red wax here under- 
neath suspended. Done in the Fort Amsterdam, in New Netherland, this 
26th July, A.L)., 1646. 


By order of the Noble Lords, the Director-General and the Council of 
New Netherland. 

Cornelius Van Trienhoven, Secretary. 

Translation of book of Dutch Patents, G. G., 1630 to 1649, P^g^ 35 !• 


Richard Nicolls, Esq., Governor General under his Royal Highness 
James, Duke of York and Albany, etc., of all his territory in America; to all 
to whom these presents shall come; greeting: 

Whereas, there is a certain parcelle of land contained within a neck 
commonly called, and known as Cornell's Neck, lying and being on the 
Maine towards the Sound or East River, being bounded on the west by a 
certain Creek or Rivolette, which runs to the Black Rock and so into 
Bronck's Creek or Rill; then the neck stretching itself east southeast into 
the sound, is bounded in the East by another Rivolette which divides it from 
the limits of Westchester, and a line being drawn from the head of each 
Rivolett where, with a narrow strip the said Neck is joined to the main 
land, it closes up the neck and makes the north bounds thereof, and 
whereas, there was heretofer a patent or Ground brief granted by the Dutch 
Governor William Kieft unto Thomas Cornell for the said Neck (where 
among other things) it is mentioned to be bounded along the River about 
half a Dutch mile,f which said Patent or Ground brief so granted as afore- 
said bears date the 26th day of July, 1646, now the Right, Title and interest 
in the premises being devolved on Sarah Bridges, the daughter of the said 
Thomas Cornell, deceased, who having made proof of her Title at law, hath 

♦ See Adam and Anne Mott by T. C. Cornell. 

+ About two miles English. But this seems to be a mistranslation of the Dutch grant 
given in a previous page, which makes the tract " extend about half a Dutch mile from the 
River to a little Creek." The Xeck does in fact extend about two niiles back from tiie East 
River and about two miles along the shore line. 

400 Genealogy of tJie Cornell Family. 

by deed of gift made over the same with all her interest therein unto William 
Willett, her eldest sonne — for a confirmation thereof unto the said William 
Willett, in his possession and enjoyment of the premises. Know Yee, that 
by virtue of the commission and authority unto me given by his Royal 
Highness, I have given, Ratifyed, contirmed and granted, and by these 
presents do give, Ratify, Confirm and Grant unto said William Willett, his 
heirs and assigns, all the aforesaid Parcell and neck of land so bounded as 
aforesaid, together with all woods, marshes, meadows. Pastures, Waters, 
lakes, Creeks, Rivoletts, fishing, hunting and ffowling, and all other profits, 
commodities and emoluments of the said parcell and Neck of land, belong- 
ing or in anywise appertaining, with their, and everytheir appurtenances, 
and of every part and parcel therof. To have and to hold the said parcell 
and Neck of land and premises unto the said William Willett, his heirs and 
assigns, unto the proper use and behoof of the said William Willett, his 
heirs and assigns forever. Paying and Rendering such duty and acknowl- 
edgment as now are, or hereafter shall be constituted, and established by 
the laws of this government, under the obedience of his Royal Highness and 
his heirs and successors. Given under my hand and seal at Fort James, in 
New York, in the Island of Manhattan, the 15th day of April in the 19th 
year of his Majesty's reign. Annoy D'n'i 1667. 


Recorded by order of the Governor, the day and year above written — 
endorsed "A Patent granted unto Mr. William Willett for Cornell's Neck." 
{Albany Records). 


Feb. 4, 1646, the Freeman of the town of Portsmouth granted to Thomas 
Cornell, Sr., a tract of land lying "on the South side of the Wading River, 
and so as to run from the river towards the land that was laid out to Edward 
Hutchingson." It has been supposed by some that this grant was the square 
now formed by the Wading River (or Lawton Valley), the present main 
road, the Redwood Farm and the Bay. But this is not exactly the case, for 
although the shore line of Narraganset Bay and the Redwood Farm were 
evidently the two sides to this square, the other two boundaries are not so 
evident. In the early deeds the northern boundary is described as the 
Wading River, and the eastern one as the common or undivided lands and 
the highway, and this is sometimes called the highway to the mill. Thomas^ 
Cornell gave by deed to his son George the estate bounded south by the 
land of Daniel Coggeshall, westerly by the salt water or bay, northerly by 
the Wading River and land of John Shieve, easterly by undivided land or a 
highway. This highway was in Rebecca Cornell's deed to her son, called 
the common. The undivided land was that land given to George Lawton 
for building a grist mill. 

As the lot was then called undivided land, it is most likely to have 
remained unfenced and open with the highway and common land, for in 
1 71 4, John Mumford surveyed and plotted this common, and the committee 

H / C H t^ /! 

JoNATHAf] Cornell 

/I. 57. 26 Roos- 

JoB Cornell 

Job Cornel !_"s 


Heirs of Walter Cornell 


Heirs of Walter Cornell 

Map showing the Cornell Grant 

divided, anions ihe h&irs of Walter Cornell 17 5;") . (it.;^ first partitionj. 

— Reference . — 

/. Portsmouth Town Fhrm . 

2. C-H . Nof>l»/>H ESTfl T£ ■ 

3. C.H . NoRMiN Estate . 
^. Rey. John Cornell . 
5. Dennis Cocges'h/il l E I sta, 
6.ffey. John Copnel l . 
7. Ref.J. B. MopcfiN. 

Map showing the Cornell Grant. 
(it? presfrit cliA'isioiO 

Appendix. 401 

appointed by the town of Portsmouth, sold it to George Cornell for 24 
shillings, being twelve acres. 

In the year 1656 the town granted to George Lawton forty acres of land 
lying in two parts. One of these, called the mill lot, is bounded as follows: 
" On the one side on the river that runs down to the mill, and the other side 
from below the mill, up above the house of the said George Lawton, bounded 
with marked trees by the highway side, that goes to the mill and down to 
the river." 

The ruins of one or two mills are still to be seen there. Thus it would 
seem that George Lawton had a grant of land in the northeast corner of the 
square previously described. I mention this, as it has been supposed the 
Cornell grant covered it all, and it has even been thought that the Lawton 
house in that corner was the original Cornell house. 

By Thomas' this Cornell grant (as before described) seems to have 
been devised, with his other real estate, to his wife Rebecca. In the year 
1663 Rebecca Cornell, widow of the aforesaid Thomas Cornell, gave to her 
son Thomas' Cornell, by deed, the aforementioned tract of land. After the 
death of Thomas- his eldest son Thomas^ (a person of considerable promi- 
nence in the Colony) was the possessor of the homestead. He in turn gave 
this property to his second son George, by deed dated 1713, as before stated, 
and this George added to the homestead farm by the purchase of twelve 
acres of the common, or unclaimed land, which was sold by the town of 
Portsmouth. George died intestate. But his eldest son Walter seems by 
purchase and inheritance to have obtained the estate in 1753 or thereabouts, 
and to have divided it in three parts, the western part being given to the 
heirs of Walter Cornell (his son). Job, another son, receivmg the central 
third, and Jonathan, another son, the eastern part containing the homestead 
building. This part, with some additions and divisions and subdivisions, 
has remained in the family ever since, Jonathan providing by his will that 
at the death of his wife his portion should be divided between his sons 
Jonathan and Stephen B. This Stephen B. Cornell, having bought all or 
part of his brother Jonathan's interest, and having no children of his own, 
devised the estate to his nephews, Stephen and Albert Cornell. Albert 
bought Stephen's portion, and, dying unmarried, left his land to his cousin, 
Harriet Charlotte (Earle) Cornell (widow of Stephen) for life. At her death 
it went to her children, and was bought of them and their representatives 
(1895) by the present owner, Rev. John Cornell, the author of this book. The 
original homestead is at this time divided into four farms (see map), of 
which the Rev. John Cornell possesses two, the western portion of the 
original grant having also been bought by him in 1900. The old homestead 
house burned in 1889, was rebuilt by him in 1896. 

Thus the succession of the homestead may be given approximately as 


1646, Thomas," original grantee. 

1655, Thomas,' son of Thomas.' 

1674, Thomas,^ son of Thomas.' 

17 13, George, son of Thomas.^ 

1753, Walter, son of George. 


402 Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 

1777, Jonathan, son of Walter. 

iSoo, Stephen B., son of Jonathan. 

183S, Stephen and Albert, nephews of Stephen B. 

1845, Albert, nephew of Stephen B. 

iSSo, Harriet Charlotte Cornell (for life), cousin of Albert and 

widow of Stephen Cornell. 
1S91, Ellen Grinnell (Cornell) Smith (daughter of Harriet), and 

1S94, Rev. John Cornell (descendant of Richard,''' Thomas'). 



In the Name of God, Amen, the 7th day of November Anno ye 
Dominy 1693, and in the fifth year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord King 
William over England, etc., Richard Cornell of Rockway, in Queens County, 
in ye island of Nassau in America, being sicke and weeke, but of good and 
perfect mind and memory, praise be given to God Almighty, yet calling to 
minde the uncertainty of this life and how certain wee are to dye, and yet 
the time of our death most uncertain do make, publish and declare this my 
last will and testament in manner following that is to say: First, and prin- 
cipally, I commend my soule into the hands of Almighty God my Creator, 
and my body I commit to the earth to be decently buried att the discreton 
of my executors heafter named and as for touching and concerning all and 
every such worldly estate which God of his infinite goodness hath blest me 
withall in this life, I give and bequeath and devise in manner following: 
Imprimis by this my last will and testament I doe binde and make over all 
my lands and meadows situated and lying att Rockway on the south side of 
ye island of Nassau in the Province of New York in America for the paying 
and satisfying a certain debt owing by me to the children of John Washburne, 
deed, and in case my executors do not duely pay and satisfye the said debt 
to ye said children as it shall become due according to the tennor & true intent 
of the will and testament of ye said John Washburne, dec'', it is my minde and 
will that the overseers of this my will and testament may and shall sell & 
alienate the aforesaid lands for ye payment of ye said debt and return the over- 
plus to my four sons, William, Jacob, Thomas and John Cornell. Item, I 
doe give and bequeath unto my son William Cornell and his heirs forever a 
certain part of my lands and meadows situated at Rockway as aforesaid as 
hereafter is mentioned (to witt) bounded upon the north with the old ffence 
upon the south syde of the last yeares wheat field so running easterly 
to Hempstead line southerly by the sea including all lands, broken lands, 
marshes, beaches, excepting such preservations as shall be hereafter men- 
tioned (that is to say) my now dwelling house with orchard and the pasture 

* Recorded in Liber 5 of Wills, pa-^e 45, in the office of the Surrogate of New York. 

Appendix. 403 

thereunto adjoining with tlie barns and land in tillage about it, with the 
garden and springs and all other outhouses the which reservations I do give 
and bequeath to my dear and loveing wife Elizabeth Cornell during ye time of 
her widdowhood, and my will is that after my said wife's death or marriage 
ye said reservations shall descend to my son William Cornell and to his 
heirs forever. Also my will is that the improvements which he shall make 
upon the share or portion of the land and meadow bought by me of John 
Smith of Hempstead, commonly called Little Smith, after his entry upon and 
possession of ye above mentioned reservations shall immediately dessend 
upon my son Thomas Cornell and his heirs forever, with all the lands and 
meadows which I bought of the aforesaid John Smith. Item, I give and be- 
queath to my son Thomas Cornell and his heirs forever another part of my 
lands and meadows being bounded southerly with my son William Cornell's 
line, northerly by ye middle of ye ffresh cove that Robert Beadel's meadow 
was laid out in and so running easterly to the three raile fence, and Further 
if it should happen and my will is that the said gift shall include all meadows, 
broken meadows and marshes lying within them lynes to the middle of the 
ffresh cove aforesaid. Item, I doe give to my sons Jacob and John Cornell 
all my lands and meadows & to their heirs forever lying to the northward of 
Thomas Cornell's lyne situated att Rockway aforesaid bounded northerly 
with the Great River or cove, easterly by three raile fenc to equally divide 
betwixt the said Jacob and John Cornell according to quantity and quallity 
except such reservations as shall be hereafter mentioned (to witt) to my son 
Richard and to his heirs forever I give and bequeath tenn acres of meadow 
joyning to Wells his lyne to runn north and south upon an equall lyne. Item. 
I give to my son William Cornell and to his heirs forever tenn acres of 
meadow adjoinmg to my son Richard's tenn acres and to run in the same 
manner north and south upon an equall lyne. Item, I do give to my daugh- 
ter Elizabeth Lawrence tenn acres of meadow joyning to William's meadow 
to run in ye same manner as the rest north and south upon an equall line. 



Item, I doe give to my daughter Mary Cornell one hundred pounds Currt, 
money of this Province of New Yorke, or equivalent to money to be paid att 
three payments (to witt) one third part at the day of her marriage, or when 
she shall attain to the age of eighteen years, and the other two thirds to be 
payd yearly successively. I doe also give and bequeath to my said daughter 
Mary the one half of my moveables within doors money excepted. Item. 
My mind and will is that whilst my wife remains a widdow that shee shall have 
the whole and sole use of all my lands and meadows att Rockway, excepting 
such lands and meadows as I have already given and bequeathed to my son 
William, which said land is to be imployd and improved for ye payment of the 


Grnralogv of the Cornell Faviily. 

debt due to the children of the aforesaid Jolm Washburne and the maentain- 
ing and bringing up of the children during their nonage. Item, 1 doe give and 
bequeath to my loveing wife whilst she continues unmarried the whole and 
sole command and use of all my negroes and stock with all utensills of hus- 
bandry now in my possession to be used and imployd for ye payment of all 
my debts and the maintainance of her children during their minority except- 
ing six cows and calves and one plow share with colter and chains, which I 
give to my son William, as also excepting twelve two year old heiffers 
which I give to my twelve grandchildren to be delivered when they come of 
age, that is, to ye children of my son Richard, my son Washburn and my son 
John Laurence. Item, I do give to my daughter Sarah Arnold two cows. 
Further my will and mind is that if any of my said sons William, Jacob, 
Thomas and John, or my dughter Mary shall happen to dye without heires 
male of their own bodies, that then the lands shall return to the survivors to be 
equally divided amongst them. Item, my mind and will is that if my wife 
should see cause to marry that then she shall have one hundred pounds paid 
by the executors out of my estate with one half of the moveables within 
doors (Money excepted), and one negro girl called by the name of Jane; 
that she shall not continue executrix any longer but surrender up the whole 
estate personall to my other executors which I will to be equally divided 
amongst my four sons, William, Jacob, Thomas and John, excepting my 
negro man James and my negro woman diana, which I give and bequeath to 
my son William after the death or marriage of my said wife, and the lands 
given by me to Thomas, Jacob and John after the death or marriage of my 
wife. I will that it be returned also to my executors to be improved for the 
payment of debts and bringing them up til they come of age. Item, my 
will and mind is that the land upon Cowneck and crabmeadow be sold to 
the value thereof and be equally divided amongst all my children in General!, 
Item, it is my will that my right to the undivided lands in ye bounds of 
hempstead shall descend to my four sons to be equally divided amongst 
them. Item, my will and mind is that my four sons Richard, Thomas. 
Jacob and John shall have liberty to put on horses upon the beach if they 
see cause, they assisting in maintaing the fence, and Thomas shall have 
liberty to put on swine upon the beach with his brother Willm. and that 
Jacob and John if they see cause to build by the Path syde to ye eastward of 
my dwelling house and on ye land purchased of Little Smith I doe give to 
each of them and their heirs two acres of the said lands. My will is that all 
the money in the house at my decease, and all my debts due either by bill or 
bond, or any other account shall be imployd to the payment of ye children 
of the deed. John Washborn and Capt. Charles Lodwick. I doe ordain and 
make my loving wife Elizabeth Cornell and my sons Richard and Will Cor- 
nell to be my whole and sole executors of this my last will and testament, as 
also my trusty and loving friends, Coll. Thomas Willett, Leut. Coll. Thomas 
Hicks and Captain Daniel Whitehead as overseers of this my will desireing 
them to see ye several articles and changes therein mentioned performed 
according to the true intent and meaning thereof, and it is my will that my 
said executors shall not act as executors without the advice and deseecon 
of my said overseers hereby revoking all former wills by me made and de- 

Appendix. 405 

daring this to be my last will and testament the day and year first above 
written. In witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seale. 

Or'^c/^ J <0. 

o im 

David Jamison, D. Secy. 

Recorded for Elizabeth, Richard and William Cornwall. 

Benjamin Fletcher, Captain General and Governor in Chief of the 
Province of New Yorke of the Province of Pennsylvania County of New 
Castle nnd territoryes and tracts of land depending thereon in America and 
Vice Admiral of ye same their Majesties Leut. and Commander in Chief of 
ye militia and of all ye forces by sea and land within their majesties coloney 
of Connecticut and of all ye ssorts and places of strength within ye same, to 
all to whom these presents shall come Greeting, know Ye that at New Yorke 
the thirtieth day of October, 1694, the last will and testament of Richard 
Cornell of Queens County in ye island of Nassau, deed, annexed to these 
presents was proved, approved and allowed of having while he lived and att 
the time of his death goods, rights and credits in divers places within 
the province of New Yorke by means whereof the approbation and allowance 
of the said last will and testament and the granting of ye administration of 
all and singular the goods, rights and credits of the said deed, as also the 
hearing of account or rekoning of said administration and the finall discharge 
and dismission from the same unto me alone solely and not unto another in- 
ferior judge are manifestly known to belong to the administration of all and 
singular the goods, rights and credits of ye said deed, ye said deed. His 
last will and testament in manner of ways concerning was granted to Eliz- 
abeth Cornell and Richard and William Cornell, executors in ye said last will 
and testament named chiefly of well and faithfully administering the same 
and of making a full and faithful inventory of all and singular the goods, 
rights and credits of the said deceased and exhibiting the same unto the 
register of the Prerogative Court at or before the thirtieth day of April next 
ensuing, as also of rendering a full and true account thereof being sworn 
upon the Holy Evangelist of God. In testimony whereof I have caused the 
prerogative seal to be hereunto affixed at Ffort William Henry the thirtieth 
day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand six hundred and 

ninety four. 

David Jamison, D. Secv. 


In the Name of God, Amen, I, William Cornell, of Hempstead in 
Queens County on Long Island, Gent, being well stricken in years, but of 

* Recorded in Liber 15 of Wilis, pageSg, in the ofiBce of the Surrogate of the County of 

New York. 

4o6 Grncalogy of the Cornell Family. 

sound mind and memory, praise be given to God therefore, well knowing 
the certainty of death and the uncertainty of the way of its approach do 
make this my last will and testament in manner and form following. 

First: I bequeath my immortal soul to God who gave it my body to 
the earth from whence it came, in certain hopes of a reunion of my body 
and soul at the last day and of eternal salvation through the sole merits of 
my Blessed Saviour Jesus Christ and as to what worldly estate that shall 
belong to me at the time of my decease I give devise and bequeath the 
same as foUoweth: Imprimis, I will that my just debts and funeral charges 
be paid and satisfied. Item, I give and devise unto my two sons John and 
William all my beach, marshes and broken lands and others belonging to 
me at Rockway Beach equally to be divided betwixt them and their respect- 
ive heirs and assigns forever and they are to mamtain the fence equally 
betwixt them, and as to my personal estate after my debts are paid I give 
to my grandchildren Elizabeth, the daughter of my son John and to phoebe 
Denton the daughter of my daughter Elizabeth, late wife of James Denton, 
each of them the sum of five pounds. To Susannah the daughter of my son 
William the sum of twenty pounds. To Elizabeth Stringham daughter of 
my daughter Mary, late wife of James Stringham, the sum of ten pounds, 
and to Mary Stringham the other daughter of my said late daughter Mary 
the sum of one hunered pounds and to Elizabeth Hazard the daughter of my 
daughter Letitia, deceased, late the wife of Jonathan Hazard the sum of ten 
pounds. And all the remaining part of my personal estate if any be I give 
to my son William Cornell and his daughter Susannah aforesaid and to my 
said granddaughter Mary Stringham equally to be divided amongst them 
three. Lastly, I hereby nominate and appoint my brother Collo. John Cor- 
nell and my two sons William and John to executors of this my last will and 
testament and do hereby revoke all former or other wills by me made. In 
WITNESS WHEREOF I have hereunto put my hand and seal this fourth day of 
May in the year of Our Lord seventeen hundred and forty-two. 


Signed, sealed, delivered and published by the said William Cornell as 
his last will and testament in presence of us, SI. Clowes, Jos. Sackett, Jun. 
Johannah Clowes. 


In the Name of God, Amen, I, Thomas Cornell of Rockway in 
Queens County in the province of New York, being weak in body but of 
sound and disposing mind and memory and knowing the certainty of death 
and uncertainty of the time thereof do make and publish this my last will 
and testament in manner following, that is to say. Imprimis, I recommend 
my soul into the hands of God who gave it and my body to the earth from 
which it was taken to be buried in a decent and Christian like manner at the 
discretion of my executors and as touching such worldly estate wherewith 

♦ Recorded in Liber 24 of Wills, page 407, in the office of the Surrogate of the County of 
New York. 

Appendix. 407 

it hath pleased God to bless me with in this life I give and dispose of the same 
in the following manner, that is to say, Imprimis, I order and direct all my just 
debts and funeral expenses to be first paid out of my personal estate. Item, 
I do give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Sarah Cornell my negro 
woman slave named Phillis and my riding chair, chair horse one hundred 
pounds in money, one bed and furniture and the use of all my plate (one 
silver bowl only excepted) during her widowhood. Item, I give and bequeath 
unto her my said wife so long as she shall continue my widow the whole and 
entire use of a certain tract of land lying at Rockaway, being part of the 
plantation whereon I now reside, beginning at a certain spring below my 
orchard, called the orchard spring, and from thence to run as the fence now 
stands to another spring nigh Richard Cornell's land, called the Lattens 
spring, including all the lands and meadows within the said fence, as far as 
the creek with all the appurteances thereunto belonging except the wood and 
timber growing thereon, together with the use of the one equal half part of 
my dwelling house, kitchen, barn, ovil and chair house at Rockaway with 
one equal half of the fruit of my orchard there yearly and the priveledge of 
getting the necessary firewood and fencing timber on a certain part of my 
plantation called Rocks Point at Rockaway. Item, I give and bequeath 
unto my son Thomas Cornel one pair of good working oxen. Ite.m, I give 
and bequeath unto my sister Elizabeth Cornell at the Fish Kills twenty 
pounds. Item, I give and bequeath unto Lettishe Lawrence and to her 
heirs and assigns one bed and furniture. Item, I give and bequeath unto 
my three daughters, to wit, Phebe, Martha and Peggy and to each of their 
respective representatives three fourth parts of all the residue of my personal 
estate of what kind or nature soever or wheresover my corn growing on the 
ground included, to be equally divided among them, except one hundred 
pounds first to be taken out of the said moveable estate. Item, My will is 
and I do order and direct that the other fourth of the aforesaid residue of 
my personal estate shall remain in the hands of my executors, together with 
the abovesaid one hundred pounds which I have excepted out of my move- 
able estate for such uses as I shall hereinafter direct. Item, I give and 
devise unto my son Thomas Cornell all my lands, tenements and heredita- 
ments lying on Rockaway Neck on the south side of Nassau Island, the use 
of that part thereof which I have devised to my wife only excepted until the 
said use be determined, all which the said lands, tenements and heredita- 
ments I give and devise unto him my said son Thomas and to his heirs 
and assigns forever on the following conditions to wit: First, on condition 
that he my said son or his heirs, executors or administrators shall pay unto 
my said wife Sarah Cornell to her heirs and assigns the sum of two hundred 
pounds within one year next after my death, Secondly, that he or they pay 
unto my executors, or the survivors or survivor of them the sum of two 
hundred and sixty pounds within two years next after my death for such 
uses as I shall hereafter direct, and. Thirdly, that he or they pay unto may 
daughter Phebe and to her representatives the sum of two hundred pounds 
within three years next after my decease and unto my other two daughters 
to witt Martha and Peggy and to each of their respective representatives 
the several sums of two hundred pounds each yearly thereafter in the order 

4oS Genealogy of the Cornell Fauiily. 

as they are named and also that he or they pay unto Lettishe Lawrence and 
to her heirs and assigns the sum of forty pounds within five years next after 
my decease as aforesaid, and in case my said son Thomas or his heirs, 
executors or administrators shall refuse or neglect to pay any of the respect- 
ive sums aforesaid for the space of three months next after any of the said 
sums become payable then and in such case my will is that my executors, or 
any two of them or the survivors or survivor of them shall sell so much of 
the aforesaid lands, tenements and hereditaments devised to my said son 
Thomas as will raise a sum of money sufficient to discharge all the aforesaid 
several payments with all costs and charges arising thereon, and I do hereby 
fully impower my executors, or any two of them and the survivors and 
survivor of them to make such sale accordingly. Item, My will is and I do 
order and direct that my executors or survivors or survivor of them shall 
put out on interest as soon as they conveniently can after my decease all 
the money arising by the aforesaid fourth part of my personal estate which 
I have directed to remain in their hands and also the aforesaid one hundred 
pounds which is excepted out of my moveable estate and shall pay the 
interest thereof yearly into the hands of my daughter Sarah for her use only 
and in case she survives her present husband Daniel Waters they shall then 
pay unto her the whole princible money for her sole and proper use only 
but in case she does not survive him then pay the principal money according 
to such disposition as she shall make thereof in writing under her hand in the 
presence of two Credible witnesses, and it is also my will and I do further 
order and direct that my executors, or the survivors or survivor of them 
shall employ the aforesaid sum of two hundred and sixty pounds to be paid 
unto them by my son Thomas Cornel for the use of my daughter Sarah in 
the same manner in all respects as they are directed to employ the money 
arising by the aforesaid fourth part of my personal estate as also the afore- 
said one hundred pounds which is excepted out of my moveable estate as 
aforesaid. Item, I do give and bequeath unto my daughters, Phebe, Martha 
and Peggy and to each of their respective representatives three fourth parts 
of all my plate only excepting one silver bowl as above mentioned after the 
use thereof devised to my wife shall be determined to be equally divided 
among them and I do order and direct that the other fourth part of my 
plate (only excepted as above) shall remain in the hands of my executors or 
the survivors or survivor of them for the use or my daughter Sarah in case 
she survives her present husband Daniel Waters, and in case she does not 
survive him, then my executors or the survivors or survivor of them shall 
after her death deliver the said plate unto such person or persons as she by 
some instrument of writing under her hand in the presence of two Credible 
witnesses shall direct, and in case she makes no such disposition in writing 
my executors or the survivors or survivor of them shall after her decease 
divide all the said plate and all the aforesaid sums of money which shall be 
in their hands for her use among all her children in equal proportions. 
Item, I hereby declare that whatsoever I have devised to my wife Sarah 
Cornel is in lieu of her dower, and that it is my will that if she shall refuse 
to accept thereof as such and shall incist on her dower that then and in such 
case whatsoever I have bequeathed unto her shall be unto my son Thomas 

Appendix. 409 

Cornel to his own proper use. Lastly, I make and appoint my friends 
Valentine Hewlet Peters, Jacob Mott, David Jones and William Nicolls, 
Esqrs. executors of this my last will and testament. In witness whereof 
I have to this my last will and testament set my hand and seal this 24th day of 
December in the year of our Lord Christ seventeen hundred and sixty-three. 

Signed, sealed, published and declared by the said Thomas Cornell as 
and for his last will and testament in presence of Benjamin Lester, Jacob 
Hicks, Benjamin Wright. 



Cornell, Aspinwall; Ensign. 

Cornell, Benjamin; Sergeant, Dubois' Regiment, Lee's Com- 
Cornell, Benjamin; private. Fifth Regiment, Dutchess County 

Cornell, Caleb; private, the line. Fourth Regiment. 
Cornnell, Clements; private, Brinckerhoff's Regiment, Brower's 

Cornell, David; private, Sixth Regiment, Dutchess County 

Militia (land bounty rights). 
Cornell, James; private. Sixth Regiment, Dutchess Cotinty 

Cornell, James; private. Van Denbergh's Regiment, Wheeler's 

Cornell, John; private. Fifth Regiment, Dutchess County 

Cornell, John; private, Brinckerhoff's Regiment, Brower's 

Cornel, Joseph; private, Albany County Militia, Sixteenth 

Cornell, Joseph; private, March 28, 1777; war, deserted pr 

roll of Augxist, 1777. 
Cornell, Joseph; private, Van Woert's Regiment, Whiteside's 


* Authorities — New York in the Revolution, 2d Edition; Archives of the 

State of New York, Vol. I. 

4IO G i'n calory of t lie Cornell Fajnily. 

Cornell, Lewis; private, Fifth Regiment, Dntchess Connty 

Cornell, Martin; Lieutenant, Second Regiment of Minute l\Ien, 
Levies and ^lilitia; commanded ISIarch i, 1776. 

Cornell, Paul; private, Van Veghten's Regiment, Van Woert's 

Cornell. Paul; private, Albany County Alilitia, Thirteenth Regi- 

Cornell, Peter; private, Thomas' Regiment, Lyon's Company. 

Cornell, Samuel; private, Dutchess County Militia, Fifth Regi- 

Cornnel, Silvanus; private, Sixth Regiment, Dutchess County 
Militia (land bounty rights). 

Cornell, Solomon; private, vSeventh Regiment, Dutchess County 
Militia (land bounty rights). 

Cornell, Thomas; private, Fifth Regiment, Dutchess County 
Militia (land bounty rights). 

Corneel, Wessel; private. Second Regiment, Albany County 

Cornell, Zebulon; private, Sixteenth Regiment, Dutchess 
County Militia (land bounty rights). 


Cornell, Abraham; private, Captain Benjamin Wilcox's Com- 
pany, which marched Dec. 8, 1776, from Dartmouth to 
Rowland's Ferry, R. L, to repel the British forces that 
arrived at Newport Dec. 7, 1776; service, 14 days on an 

Cornel, Benjamin; private, Captain Job Cook's (i6th) Company, 
Colonel Hathaway 's (2d Bristol Co.) Regiment; enlisted 
August 4, 1780; discharged August 8, 1780; service, 5 
days, travel included, on an alarm at Rhode Island; roll 
sworn to at Dartmouth. 

Cornel, "Clerhe;" private, Captain Jabez Barney's Company, 
Colonel Mitchell's Regiment; enlisted August 26, 1780; 
discharged Nov. i, 1780; service, 68 days at Rhode Island; 
company detached to reinforce Continental Army for 3 

* Authority — Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary 
W^ar, Vol. III. 

Appendix. 4 1 1 

Cornell, Ebenezer; Rochester; private, Captain William Hud- 
son Ballard's Company, Colonel James Frye's Regiment; 
company return dated Cambridge, Oct. 6, 1775. 

Cornell, Elisha (also given 2d and junior); Swanzey; private, 
Captain Peleg Peck's Company, Colonel Thomas Car- 
penter's Regiment; enlisted August 4, 1780; discharged 
August 9, 1780; service, 6 days at Tiverton, R. I., on an 
alarm; by order of Colonel Slead, all the men in Swan- 
zey were joined in one company under Captain Peck, 
the other officers refusing to serve; also return of men 
drafted from Bristol County Militia to march to Horse 
Neck under command of Colonel Thomas Carpenter 
(year not given), but who failed to join regiment, 
reported drafted into Captain Peleg Peck's Company. 

Cornell, George; private. Sergeant John Luther's detatchment; 
service, from May 2, 1779, to June 2, 1779, i month, at 
Freetown and Rhode Island; also Captain Henry Bright- 
man's Company, Colonel Livingston's Regiment; service, 
from June 2, 1779, to July 2, 1779, i month, at Freetown 
and Rhode Island; also Captain Thomas Elsbre's Com- 
pany, Colonel Livingston's Regiment; enlisted July 9, 
1779; discharged Sept. 9, 1779; service, 2 months; at 
Freetown and Rhode Island; enlistment 2 months; also 
same company and regiment; service, from Sept. 9, 1779, 
to Sept. 24, 1779, 15 days, at Freetown and Rhode Island. 

Cornell, "Gerotham;" private, Captain Henry Jenne's Com- 
pany; enlisted March 14, 1781; discharged March 18, 
1 781; service, 4 days at Rhode Island. 

Cornal, Gideon; Swanzey; private, Captain Peleg Peck's 
Company, Colonel Thomas Carpenter's Regiment; 
enlisted August 4, 1780; discharged August 9, 1780; 
service, 6 days at Tiverton, R. I., on an alarm. 

Connel, James; private, Captain Peleg Peck's Company, Colonel 
Thomas Carpenter's (Bristol Co.) Regiment; enlisted 
July 27, 1778; discharged Sept. 10, 1778; service, i month 
15 days at Rhode Island. 

Cornels, James; private, Captain Nathaniel Cowdry's Company, 
Colonel Jacob Garish's Regiment of Guards; service, 
from July 2, to July 16, 17 78, 17 days at Winter Hill. 

Cornal, James; Swanzey; private, Captain Peleg Peck's Com- 
pany, Colonel Thomas Carpenter's Regiment; enlisted 

4 1 2 Genealogy of the Cornell Family. 

August 6, 1 7 So; discharged August 9, 1780; service, 4 
days at Tiverton, R. I., on an alarm. 

Cornell, Jerothmeel; Dartmouth; list (dated Oct. 29, 1779) of 
men mustered in Bristol Co. by James Leonard, Muster 
Master, for the term of nine months from the time of 
their arrival at Springfield, 13th Company, Colonel. 
Hathaway 's Regiment; age, 17 years; stature, 5 feet 8 
inches; complexion, light; hair, brown; eyes, blue; resi- 
dence, Dartmouth; reported delivered to Captain L. 

Comal, Job; private, Captain Manasseh Kempton's Company, 
Colonel Thomas Carpenter's Regiment; enlisted July 26, 
1777; discharged August 29, 1777; service, i month, 7 days, 
travel included, at Rhode Island; also same company and 
regiment, return for travel allowance from Rhode Island 
to Dartmouth, Sept. 3, 1777. 

Cornell, John; private. Captain William Green's Company, 
Colonel Cyprian How's Regiment; enlisted July 29, 1780; 
discharged Nov. i, 1780; service, 3 months, 8 days, travel 
included, at Rhode Island; enlistment, 3 months. 

Cornell, John; private, Captain Henry Jenne's Company; 
enlisted March 14, 1781; discharged March 18, 1781; 
service, 4 days at Rhode Island. 

Cornell, John; private. Captain Lawson Buckminster's Com- 
pany, Lieutenant-Colonel Samuel Peirce's Regiment; 
enlisted May 17, 1779; discharged July i, 1779; service, 
I month, 18 days at Tiverton, R. I. 

Corneal, John; Concord; Captain Abel Wilder's Company, 
Colonel Ephraim Doolittle's Regiment; receipt for 
advance pay dated Charleston, June 26, 1775; also pri- 
vate, same company and regiment, muster roll dated 
Angust I, 1775; enlisted April 26, 1775; service, 3 monthvS, 
13 days; also company return dated Oct. 6, 1775; also 
list of men mustered in Suffolk County by Nathaniel 
Barber, Muster Master, dated Boston, Feb. 16, 1777, 
Captain Sumner's Company, Colonel Greaton's Regi- 

Corneal, John; Halifax; list of men enlisted into Continental 
Army from Middlesex Co. (year not given); residence, 
Halifax; enlisted for town of Woburn. 

Corneal, John; Wilbraham; list of men enlisted into Conti- 

Appendix. 4 1 3 

nental Army (year not given); residence, Wilbraham; 
enlisted for town of Boston. 

Cornal, Joseph; private, Captain Benjamin Willcox's Company, 
Colonel Nathaniel Freeman's Regiment; enlisted Sept. 
29, 1777; service, i month on a secret expedition to Rhode 
Island; roll sworn to in Suffolk County. 

Cornell, Joseph; Dartmouth; private. Lieutenant Robert Earl's 
Company, Colonel John Hathaway's Regiment; marched 
May I, 1777; returned May 13, 1777; service, 13 days at 
Rhode Island. 

Cornell, Joseph (also given 2d); 2d Lieutenant, Captain Benja- 
min Willcox's (13th) Company, 2d Bristol Co. Regiment; 
list of officers of Massachusetts ^Militia, dated April 5, 
1776; ordered in council April 26, 1776, that a commis- 
sion be issued; reported commissioned April 26, 1776; 
also 2d Lieutenant, Captain Willcox's Company, which 
marched Dec. 8, 1776, from Dartmouth to Rowland's 
Ferry, R. I., to repel the British forces that arrived at 
Newport Dec. 7, 1776; service, 25 days on an alarm. 

Cornell, Joshua; private. Captain Roswell Downing's Com- 
pany, Colonel John Ashley's (Berkshire County) Regi- 
ment; enlisted Sept. 19, 1777; discharged Oct. 19, 1777; 
Service, i month at Stillwater; roll sworn to at Sheffield 
by Brigadier-General John Fellows. 

Cornell, Lewis; Boston; private. Colonel William R. Lee's 
Regiment; enlisted Jan. 20, 1878; reported deserted May 
I, 1778. 

Cornell, P.; list of men who served for the town of Wilmington 
(year not given); credited with 2 terms of service. 

Cornell, Peter, Jr.; Wilmington (probably); list of men drafted 
Sept. 17, 1776, for terms of service; said Cornell hired 
Benjamin Goold to serve in his place. 

Cornell, Richard; private. Captain Peleg Peck's Company; 
warrant to pay officers and men dated July 7, 1784. 

Cornell, Thomas; Sergeant Captain Benjamin Willcox's Com- 
pany, which marched Dec. 8, 1776, from Dartmouth to 
Rowland's Ferry, R. I., to repel the British forces that 
arrived at Newport, R. I., Dec. 7, 1776; service, 17 days 
on an alarm. 

Cornal, William; list of men raised agreeable to order of Court 
of June 22, 1779, returned by Major Manasseh Kemp- 

4 1 4 Gt'Ut'alcgv of the Corn el I Fai)iily. 

ton, dated August 28, 1779, to do duty in this town of 
Dartmouth, and reported " now in service." 
Cornal, William; Swanzey; private. Captain Peleg Peck's 
Company, Colonel Thomas Carpenter's Regiment; 
enlisted August 4, 1780; discharged August 9, 1780; 
service, 6 days at Tiverton, R. I., on an alarm. 


Cornell, Benjamin; Middletown; Ensign, Middletown Co, 
Militia, July 18, 1776; Ensign, Captain Wing Spooner's 
Company, Continental line, Nov. i, 1776. 

Cornell, Ezekiel; Lieutenant-Colonel, Providence County Reg., 
Army of the Observation, May, 1775; Brigadier-General 
Militia, Dec, 1777; Brigadier-General Militia, Feb., 1779. 

Cornell, Gideon; ist Lieutenant, Scituate Hunters, Oct., 1776; 
Lieutenant 2d Division Joseph Kimball's Company, 
Scituate, Feb. 7 to March 8, 1777. 

Cornell, Joseph; Ensign, Colonel Greene's Battalion, Conti- 
nental line, June, 1777; pension roll, July 18, 1818, aged 
67; died April 8, 1828. 

Cornell, Joseph; private. Captain Robert Rhodes' Senior Class 
Company, Major Samuel Wall's Regiment, General 
Holden's Brigade; alarm at East Greenwich, 11 days' 
service, July 28 to August 8, 1780; on duty at Bristol, 
R. L, and Rhode Island. 

Cornell, Oliver; Providence County; private, Rhode Island 
Militia; pension roll, Jan. 17, 1833, aged 74. 

Cornell, William; midshipman, ship Columbus^ Continental 
Navy; entered Nov., 1775; deserted at Providence 
April 20. 

* Authority — State Record. 


The author will be grateful for any information which will help com- 
plete these pedigrees: 


1 Gideon Cornwell, supposed to be descended from Thomas' (Thomas') 
and grandson of a Thomas Cornwell of New England. He is supposed 
to have lived some time in Dutchess County, N. Y., as his sons, Levi and 
David, about 1800, went from there to Cornwell's Branch, Cumberland 
County, N. J. The name is sometimes written Cornell. Children: 

Thomas, b. 1786; d. 1796. 
2 Levi. 

2 David. 

2 Levi Cornwell, b. 1789; d. 1848; m. Sarah Griffiths; served in the War 
of 1812. Children: 

3 Ananias. 
Alary Ann. 

2 David Cornwell, d. 1S75; m. Nancy Dayton. Children: 

Hannah, m. Shott; d. s. p. 

Anna, d. 1901; m. Dore. Child: Phebe Ann. 


Elizabeth, m. Farnsworth. Children: Richard, Curtis, 

Levi, Daniel, Charles, Anna, Emeline. 

3 Ananias Cornwell, b. 1820; d. 1900; m. Sarah Ann Young, 1848. 


4 William Burt, b. 1851; d. 1878. 

4 William Burt Cornwell, b. 185 1; d. 1S78; m. Caroline Bateman April 
29, 1871. Children: 

5 Rev. John Gibson, Ph.D., S.T.D. 

5 Rev. John Gibson Cornwell, Ph.D., S. T. D., b. 1872; m. ALiry Pack- 
ersgill, Oct. 19, 1898. Pastor Methodist Episcopal Church, Tower City, 
Pa. Child: 

6 John Gibson, Jr., b. Oct. 2, 1899. 

I Jonathan Cornwell or Cornell, b, 1748; d. 1812; m. Hannah 

41 6 Genealogy of f lie Cornell Finnily. 

Supposed to be descended from Thomas'- and a cousin of Gideon (father's 
name not known). Children: 
Levi, b. 1772. 

2 Philip. 

2 Jonathan. 

2 Lott. 

Uorcas, b. 1783; d. 1877, 

Keturah, b. 1789; d. 1871 ; m. Wm. Sayre. 

2 Philip Cornwell, b. 1773; d. 1848; m. Delia Blackwood, 1799. Children: 
Constant, b. March 7, 1806; m. Mary Montgomery. Children: 

Elizabeth and Jane. 
Abram, b. Aug. 20, 1812; m. Sarah Sayre. Children: Elizabeth 

and Sarah. 
Hugh Blackwood, m. Mary Garrison. 
Keturah, b. May 10, 1803. 
Elizabeth, b. 1815; d. 1882; m. Eli Baton. 
Joseph, b. July 30, 1800; d. s. p. 
Clemency, b. Feb. 12, 1805; d. s.p. 

2 Jonathan Cornwell, b. 1776: d. 1866; m. Priscilla Sayre. Children: 

3 Lott. 

Lydea, m. Enoch Garrison. Children: William, Thomas, 

Sarah, Ruth. 
Emily, m. John Doughty. Children: Lydia, Phebe. 
Ruth, m. Thomas Stiles. Children: Jonathan, Ruth. 

2 Lott Cornwell, b. 1767; d. 1842; m. Sarah Russell. Children: 

Dorcas; m. Daniel Joslin. Children: Sarah Jane, Enoch, Susan. 
3 James. 

3 Jonathan. 

Susan, m. Smith Stevens. Children: Samuel, Lott, John, James, 

Elizabeth, m. Zecheriah Garrison. Children: Hosea, Daniel, 

Allen, Keturah, Sarah, Furman, Enoch, Jonathan, Cornwell. 
Arthur, d. young. 

3 Lott Cornwell, m. Susan Mattier. Children: 








3 James Cornwell, b. 1800; d. 1875; m- Sarah Sayre. Children: 

4 Lott. 

4 James F. 

Judith, d. Nov. 8, 1875. 

Appendix. 417 

3 Jonathan Cornwell, b. 1798; d. 1848; m. Hester Loder. Children: 

Henry, d. s.p. 
Sarah Jane, d. young. 
Amanda, m. John Sayre. 
Frank, d. young. 
Ebenezer, d. young. 

4 LoTT Cornwell, b. 1838; m, Sarah Jane TomHn. Children: 

John T., b. 1858; m. Mary E. Garrison. Children: Maud, 

Dr. Alfred, b. 1870; m. Tanison Most. Children: Earl, Joen. 

4 James F. Cornwell, b. 1838; m. Hannah Douglass. Children: 


1 D.A.NIEL Cornell, supposed to be descended from Thomas'. Father's 
name thought to be James, that he had a brother Edwin, and that these 
two brothers married sisters. Children: 


Pardon, m. A. Tripp. One child. 




2 Joseph. 

2 Joseph Cornell, m. Eliza .Macomber. Children: 

Betsey Ann. 

3 John A. 

3 Charles ^L 
Alexander P. 

3 John A. Cornell, m. Amanda ^L Wood. Children: 

Clara A., m. William O. Normandy. 

Charles Perry, m. Georgia A. Waterman. No children. Lives 

in Providence, R. L 
Nelly R., m. William A. Darling. 
Mary S., lives at Westport, Mass. 

3 Charles M. Cornell, m. Candice Pierce. Children: 
Charles E. 

41 S Genealogy of tJie Cornell Family. 


1 Thomas Cornell, supposed to be a descendant of Thomas,' m. Annie 
Forrester. Children: 

James, m. Elizabeth Burdic. 

2 John Dennison. 

2 John Dennison Cornell, m. Elizabeth Butts. Children: 

Perry, d. s. p. 

Elizabeth, m. !\Iott. 

3 Benjamin. 

Thomas, m. Margaret Dennis. 
George T. 
3 John Dennison. 

3 Benjamin Cornell, m. Hannah . Children: 

Emma, b. 1851; d. 1852. 
Emma. b. 1852; m. Elroy Northrop. 
Alfred, b. 1857; d. 1859. 
Alfred, b. 1861; m. Nellie Morehead. 
Benjamin, b. 1869; m. Caroline Bluire. Child: Alfred: 
3 John Dennison Cornell, m. (i) Emeline Reid; m. (2) Caroline Heath. 

John Dennison. 

Fred Augustus, m. Henrietta King. 


1 George Cornell, supposed to be descended from Richard'. The fam- 
ily have lived on Long Island mainly at Little Neck. Children: 


2 George. 

2 George Cornell. Children: 

3 Benjamin. 

3 Benjamin Cornell. Children: 

4 Rev. Augustine Williams. 

Mary H. 
Sarah E. 

Appendix. 419 

4 Rev. Augustine Williams Cornell, Rector Grace Church, Linden, 
N, J., m. Hannah Heaton. Children: 
Elizabeth H. 
Mary H. 
Frederick H. 
George Herbert. 


1 Clement (or Clemens) Cornwell, supposed to be descended from 
Richard,'' or Samuel,'^ b. Jan., 1748 at New Hackensack, Dutchess Co., N. Y.; 
buried there; m. Cornelian. Date she was b., Nov. 27, 1749. Children: 

Peter, b. May 11, 1773. 
2 Benjamin, 
2 John. 
2 Adam. 

Mary, b. May 8, 1783; m. Syphar. 

Margaret, b. Apr. g, 1786; m. Jacob Ralph. 

Elizabeth, b. Oct. 28, 1788; unmarried. 

Sarah, b, Sept. 9, 1794. 

Ann, b. July 16, 1798. 

2 Benjamin Cornwell, b. Nov. 14, 1774; m. . Children. 

Clement, b. Apr. 7, 1799. 
Parmelia, b. Feb. 8, 1801, 
Nancy, b. Feb. 26, 1803. 
Eliza, b. June i, 1805. 

2 John Cornwell, b. Dec. 26, 1777; m. . Children: 



Hannah Elizabeth. 

Cornelia Ann. 


Sarah Maria. 

Henry Benjamin. 


John Dates. 

2 Adam Cornwell, b. 1781; d. Aug. 2, 1862; m. Elizabeth McClain. 
She was born 1784; d. 1865. Children: 

Alixe or Alice; b. 1802; m. Beekman Patterson. 
Emma, b. 1809; d. 1870; m. Soloman Wright. 
Joanna, b. 1813; d. 1893; m. at Fishkill Plains, Dutchess Co., 
Garrison Wiley, 1837. Child: Mary. 

420 Genealogy of the Cornell FiDnily. 

3 John. 

Elon, b. iSiS; d.s.p., 1847. 
3 Charles William. 

Marv, 111. Townsend Nostrand. Child: one daughter. 
Alletta, b. 1S24; d. 1862; ni. Geori,'e Rowe. Three children. 

3 John Dates Cornwell, m. . Children: 

John, ni. . Child: John J. 

Jacob Ralph. 
3 JOHN CtmxwELL, b. at Fishkill Plains, Dutchess Co., 1817; d. 1901; m. 
Taniar Haight, 1863. Children: 
James, b. 1858; d. 1887. 
Charles M., b. i860; d. 1883. 
Carrie, b. 1863; m. D. Parkhurst. 
3 Charles William Cornwell, m. Sarah Carpenter at Peekskill, N. Y. 

George, m. . Child: George. Missionary to China. 


Abal, Emmons W., 126 
Abrahamzen, Jasper, 144 
Abram, Margaret, 60 
Abrams, Edmund, 45 

Elijah, 187 

Elizabeth, 61, 164, 187 

Hannah, 45, 61, 187 

Henry, 45, 61, 187 

Margaret, 45, 61 

Margaret E., 336, 349 

Thomas D., 340 

Whitehead, 187 
Acker, Jemima, 285, 299 
Ackerman & Cornell, 236 

Elizabeth, 193, 218 

Jonathan, 236 
Adams, Deborah, 217 

George, 217 
Akin, Emeline, 95 
Albert, Lydia, 120 
Albertini, Ricardo de Diaz, 257 
Albro, Samuel, 40 
Alburtis, John, 375 

Mehitable, 375 
Aldrich, Caleb, 56 
Alexander, Olive, 76, 102 
Alford, Edwin, 244 
Allan, Mary E., 241 
Allen, -, 113 

Benjamin, 96 

Charles, 93 

Daniel, 358 

Deborah, 41, 51 

Dinah, 395 

Ebenezer, 361. 393, 394 

Elizabeth, 41, 51, 192, 217, 396 

George, 394 

James, 51 

John, 51, 120 

Mahella, 94 

Mary, 51,358,379 

Mary Ann, 278 

Mary E., 258 

Matilda, 70 

Mehitable. 357, 361, 393, 394 

Peleg, 46 

Philip, 62, 201 

Rachel, 46, 61 

Ralph, 394 

Ruth, 52, 70 

Sarah, 293, 313 

William, 360 
Allerton, Isaac, 388 
Allison, Thomas, 76 

Almy, Aiidry, 33 

Ann, 33 

Christopher, 17, 33, 35 

Elizabeth, 33, 50, 51 

John, 33 

Mary, 33, 397 

Phebe, 120 

Rebecca, 33 

Sarah, 33 

William, 33 
Ammerman, Jane, 60 
Anderson, Charlotte, 138 

Hannah, 285, 300 

William, 285 
Andrews, Robert, 367 
Andros, Gov., 21, 267 
Angevine, Elizabeth, 284, 298 
Anthony, Abraham, 40, 61 

Alice, 44, 58 

Ann, 61, 83 

Cynthia, 96 

Gideon 50 

James, 61 

John, 360 

Levana Chase, 102 

Levinia Chase, 75 

Nancy, 357, 360 

Sarah, 46, 61 
Appleby, Elizabeth, 219 

Thomas, 194, 219, 272 
Archer, Amelia T., 336, 349 

Benjamin, 299 
Arnold, Daniel 287 

Gen., 216 

Isaac, 143, 150 

Jane, 287 

"Joseph, 287 

Lydia, 103, 130 

Mary Ann, 118 

Sarah, 148, 151 
Atkins, E. Chester, 262 

Helen, 262 

Marjorie, 262 
Austin, Mary Maria, 103 

Mehitable, 52, 71 
Avery, Hannah, 85 

Hannah S., 114 
Attel, Chas. H., 112 
Babbett, Wm. O.. 113 
Babcock, Phebe, 306, 326 

Phebe W., 328 

Sarah, 9I 

William, 91 


Bachus, Augustus, Ii6 
Julia Ann, SS, n6 
Bailev Sarah, 373 
Baker, H., 53 

Hannah, 42, 53 
Henry, 260 
James, 73 
John, 07 
John Bhick, 260 
Katherine, 260 
Martha, 42, 53 
Mary, 103, 385 
Philena D., 321 
Richard, 283 
Ruth, 49, 69 
Stephen, 52 
Susannah, 42, 52,283 
William Hollingsworth, 260 
Ball, Horatio, 93 

Mrs., 93 
Bangs, Benjamin C, 217 
Bannister, Caroline, 203 

Josiah, 202, 203 
Banta, Albert Zabriskie, 335 
Bessie, 335 
Caroline, 335 
Grace Sayre, 335 
Mary C, 335 
Robert Gwyer, 335 
Theodore, 335 
Barkeloo, Jacques, 382 

Barker, , 283 

Aaron, 22 
Mary, 297 
Robert, 127 
William G., 329 
Barkley, Mary, 64 
Barmstead, William, 193 
Barnard, Eunice, 55, 80 
John, 97 

Barnes, , m 

Aaron, 304 
Cordelia, 98 
Henrietta, 106, 131 
Letitia, 304 
Nancy, 348 

Prudence Maria, 121, 139 
Samuel, 304 
Barnum, Timothy, 72 
Barrett, A., 360 

John David, 224 
Barrington, Annie, 15 
Barter, George A., 334 
Bartlett, James, 91 
Barton. Phebe, 186 
Bartow, Evelyn P. 377 
Bashford, Jane E., 304, 324 

John, 324 
Bassett, Mary E.,97, 123 
Bateman, Caroline, 415 

liatend. Colonel, 70 
Bates, Charles Wesley, 336 

John, 298 
Batty, Mary, 86 
Baulstone, William, 17, 18 

Mr., 20 
Bayard, Anna, 380 

Ann Maria, 392 

Balthazer, 380 

Cataline, 379 

Catharine, 380, 381 

Daniel, 379 

Geertruyd, 380 

Harriet Elizabeth, 381 

Jacobus, 380 

Judith, 379, 380 

Justine, 381 

Lazare, 379 

Louis, 379 

Margaret, 381 

Margaretta, 380 

Maria, 381 

Nicholas, 379, 380 381 

Paul, 379 

Petrus, 380 

Rebecca, 379 

Robert, 381 

Samuel, 379, 380,381 

Stephanus, 380, 381 

Susan, 381 

Vetch, 381 

William, 381 

William, Jr., igo 
Bayliss, Ruth, 335 
Beachman, Robert, 28 
Beadel, Robert, 147 
Beadle, Jacob, 328 

Becker, , 96 

Beckwith, Dephene, 81, 112 
Bedell, , 211 

Jacob, 328 

Matilda Coles, 211, 239 

Sarah, 340 

Sarah Elizabeth, 316, 340 

Solomon, 340 
Beebe, Deborah, 96 
Beekman, Henry, 188, 213 
Beers, Nellie, 258 
Belden, Elizabeth, 118 

Rhoda, 88, 118 

Rhoda A., Il6 

Thomas, 118 

Belding, , 96 

Bell, Elizabeth, 87, 115 
Benedict, Betsey Ann, 80, 109 
Benem, Catherine, 200 

John, 199 
Benett, Marina, 79 

Robert D., 79 
Benjamin F., 95 



Benjamin, Simon, 206 
Bennett, Elizabeth, 39, 50 

Emily, 243 

Emily A., 227, 250 

(Jemima Elizabeth, 217, 243 
John, 38 
Jonathan, 38 
Lucy, 99 
Patience, 53 

Sarah, 285, 300 

William J., 250 
Bennum, Nellie, 334 
Benson, Robert, 184 
Benton, Lillian J., 339, 350 
Bergen, Abigail E., 201 

Elsie, 205 

Oldfield, 201 

Tennis E., 8 
Berna, Charlotte, 238 
Bernards, William, 377 
Berry, Jonathan, 97 
Berryan, Benjamin, 178 

Ann, 178 
Betts, Richard, 144, 157 
Bevin, John S., 122 
Beyens, Judith, 379 
Biddle, Chapman, 65 

Clement, 47, 64 

Jacob, 64 

James, 64 

John, 64 

Mary, 64 

Nancy, 64 

Rebecca, 64, 65 

Sally, 64 

Thomas, 64 
Bigelow, Erastus, 62 

Sarah, 103 
Binns, William, 334 
Birdsall, Elizabeth, 289, 307 

Reuben, 332 

Susannah, 289, 308 

Zadock, 308 

Zephaniah, 307 
Black, John, 213 

Nelly, 214 
Blackburn, Mrs., 54, 76 
Blackman, Ambrose, 341 

Matilda B., 317 

Matilda D., 341 
Blackwell, Joseph, 381 
Blackwood, Delia 416 
Blake Anson, 205 
Blaker, Ernest, 136 
Blair, Ezra Cornell, 108 

Charles H., 108 

Charles H. Jr., 108^ 

John Hamilton, 108 
Blanchet, Joshua, 89 
Blatchford, Amy, 235 

Blinn, Joseph A., 128 

Jemih Moses, 128 

Mary C, 128 
Bliss, William, 69 
Blodgett, Joshua, 89 
Bloomlieki, Harriet, 242, 262 
Blount, Jacob, 192 
Bluire, Caroline 418 
Boardman, Mary, 118 
Boerum, ^Iary Ann, 212,240 
Bogardus, Augusta C, 316 

Ella C, 316 

John C, 316 

Mary Ella, 316 

William, 316 
Bogert, C. G., 296 

Mariah, 382 
Boggs, Robert, 376 
Bogman, Clara, 118 

Bonell , 243 

Bennett, Martha, 286, 302 
Bont, Jane Evertse, 8 
Boone, ,196 

Charity, 196 

Charity A., 197. 
Booth, Louisa A., 224 

Zalmon, 197, 224 
Borden, George, 356 

Hope, 33 

John, 25 

Mary, 25 

Peace, 99 

Richard, 25 
Bostwick, Obadiah, 310 
Bosworth, Lubmit, 54 
Bouck, Katherine L., 132 
Bowers, Caroline, 218, 244 
Bowerman, Esther, 98, 125 
Bowers, William, 126. 

Bowker, , 250 

Bowman, Mary, 307 

Mercy, 289, 307 
Bowne, Deborah, 166 

Dorothy, 386 

John, 144 

Mary, 378 

Russell, 91 

Willett, 276, 277 

William, 277,278 
Bownes, David H.. 288 
Boyd, James, 303 

Nancy, 317 

Peter'j., 303 
Bradford, Alice, 394 

William, 394 
]irady, Mary, 307, 330 

Brady, Sieiihen, 300 
Bray, George, 15 

Mary, 16 

William, 15 



Brayton, Francis, 40 
Breiiem, Catherine, 22S 

John, 22S 
Brenton, Mr., 20 
Bretherum, Rose, 260 
Brewster, Joseph, 168 
Bridges, Charles, 17,28,29,30, 14^,374 

.Sir., 28 

Sarah, 21, 22, 28, 29, 143, 151 
Briggs, , 374 

Abigail, 54, 76 

Abraliam, 62 

Adeline, iii, 135 

Alex., 61 

Daniel, 12, 69, 71, 72 

Gore, 13 

Henry, 94 

Hester, 13 

John, 13, 17, 18, 24 

.Maria, 312, 335 

Martha, 13 

Mary, 12, 52, 72, 1 11, 135 

Mary Delano, 71 

Pamela, 125 

Parmelia, 125 

Rebecca, 13, 17 

Rebecca Steele, 12 

Richard, 12 

Ruth, III 

Sarah, in, 135 

Sarah Gore, 13 

Thankful, 52, 71 

Thomas, 76, 396 

William, 13 
Brightman, Sarah 70, 93 

William, 39 
Brill, Catherine, 165 

Matilda, 364, 365 
Brinkerhoff, Abraham, 379 

Altie, 378 

Joris Dircksen, 379 

Margretia, 379 

B. H., 212 
Brinley, Aleph, 223 
Briscoe, Samuel, 265 
Bristol, Delia, 104 
Bristow, Elsie, 140 
Britton, Caroline Van Riper, 128 

Eugene, 128 

George P., 128 

Isabella, 128 

Joseph, 128 
Brokavv, Mary, 384 
Bronck, Jonas, 21 
Brooks, Brothers, 273 

David, 273 
Brewer, Abbe, 240 

Abbie, 211 

Keturah, 221, 24; 

Brewer, Mary, 211, 240 

R- 59 
Brown, Alice, Darling, 265 

Arthur Alexander, 265 

Dr., 368 

Dorothy Lefferts, 265 

Elizabeth 291, 312 
j Florence Ann, 265 

! H. C. 265 

Harriet White, 97, 123 

Henry Cartright, 252. 265 

John, 156, 157 

John Cornell, 265 

John Wesley, 132 

Juliet Duyckinck, 265 

Louisa, 327 

Mary, 300, 319 

Mary Agar, 265 

Mary Alexander, 265 

Millie, 368 

Nathaniel, 308 

Ruth, 48 

Sarah Cartright, 265 
Browne, Deborah, 194 

Francis, 167 

Hannah, 191 

Ruth, 67 
Brewnell, Abbie, 119 

Abby J., 1 19 

Content, 36, 44 

Ellery, 93 

George, 49 

Humphrey K., 87 

James, 358 

Joseph, 39 

Phebe, 47, 66 

Robert 358 

Sarah, 38 

Susannah, 46, 62 
Browning, Jeremiah, 329. 

Mary, 329 
Brucks, Hanna, 279 
Brundage, Mary, 74 
Brush Conklin, 206 
Buffington, Sarah, 42, 54 
Bugbee, Fred'k W., 136 
Bull, Adeline, 122 

Adeliza, 96, 122 

James, 335 

John, 48 

Ruth, 69 
Bullock, Betsey Amelia, 102, 129 

Maria, 377 
Bunce, Elizabeth, 204, 234 

Jane Hicks, 234 

Joel, 234 
Bunker, Rebecca, 78 
Burch, Henry H., 364 
Burden, Edward, 184 
Burdic, Elizabeth, 418 

hid ex. 


Burdick, Patience, 87 
Burger, Captain, 215 
Burgess, Eliza Ophelia, 366, 368 
Burling, Deborah, 277 

Grace, 276 

Edward, 269, 271, 276, 278, 290 

Edward, Jr., 278 

Hannah, 276 

John, 271, 278 

John Jr., 277, 285 

Martha, 277 

Phebe, 276 

Phebe Ferris, 276 

Rebecca, 276, 278 

Richard, 276, 287 

Samuel, 277 

Sarah, 276 
Burrell, James, 395 
Burnham, Daniel, 328 

John v., 328 

Mortimer, 328 
Burr, Mary C, 336, 349 

William, 349 
Burtis, Cary, 212 

Edwin, 212 

Nancy Cornell, 212 

Thomas, 188, 212 
Butler, Caroline Hyde, 251 

Mary, 383 

Richard, 383 

William, 282 
Butts, Elizabeth, 418 
Buxton, Sarah, 171, 197 
Byers, Sarah, 87 
Cadman, Christopher, 56 

George, 36, 354 


Richard, 33 

William, 355 
Cadwallader, George, 64 
Caldwell, Letitia J. W., 304, 323 

Mary, 82 

Nancy, 58 
Calvar, Timothy, 300 
Cambell, C. C, 205 
Cambrelling, Churchill C, 220 
Campbell, Duncan P., 381 

Canary, , 228 

Candall, Hezekiah, 79 
Card, Joseph, 69 

Nancy, 69 
Carey, Mother, 65 
Carle, Jacob, 178 
Carman, Ann, 247 

Caroline, 211 

Florentia, 382 

Hannah, 271, 278, 382 
t John, 149, 279 
■ Joshua, 279 

Carman, S., 153 

Samuel, 156 

Stephen, 203 
Carmuwel, Johannes, 6 

Maria, 6 

I'homas, 6 
Carpenter, Benjamin, 326 

Charity A., 335 

Dorcas, 286, 302 

Edith, 350 

Elizabeth, 328 

Hannah, 286, 303, 383 

Henry M., 303 

Henry Meail, 335 

Isaac L., 300 

Jonathan, 300, 303 

Joseph, 302 

Lydia, 299, 285 

Martha, 286 

Mary, 306, 323, 327, 

Phebe F., 306, 326 

Richard, 302 

Robert Bayard, 338 

Sarah, 106, 420 

Samuel, 78 

Zeno, 327 
Carter, Christopher Robert, 249 

Cyrus, 249 

Samantha, 126 
Cary, David, 188 

Samuel, 188 
Case, Adam, 70, 93 

Ann, 93 

William, 359 
Castle, Emilv, 106, 131 
Cauldwell, Mary, 58 
Caverly, Peter, 163 
Caywood, Rhoda, 80 
Chace, Daniel 52 

Elizabeth, 53, 54 

Micah, 54 

Moses, 52, 53 

Simon, 52 

Susannah, •,'}, 
Chadeayne, Elizabeth, 289, 306 
Chads, Capt., 217 

Henry, 216 

Caroline, 216 

Henry, 191 

Henry Ducie, 216 

Mary Cornell, 216 

William Catherwood, 217 
Chamberlain, Desdemony, 99, 126 

John. 126 

Lucy Knowlton, 126 
Chamberlin, Joseph P., 366 
Chambers, Anne, 290 
Champenois. Maria, 300, 320 

William, 301 
Chapon, Mathew, 64 



Chase, Aaron, 54 
Albert, 80 
Alice, 77 
B.. 79 

Renjamin 42, 55 

Cloe, 73 

1). \V., 300 

Edward, So 

Elizabeth, 341 

Else, 93 

Ezekiel, 73 

James, 102 

Rebecca, 73 

Sarah, 42 

Sarah Vernon, 119, 138 

Thomas, 80 

\Vm. Henry, 1 19 

Chatman, , 119 

Chauncey, George, 12 
Cheesboro, Eunice, 62 

Cheesborough, , 331 

Cheeseman, Jane, 218, 244 

Mary, 196, 221 
Cheever, Janette, 192, 193 

William D., 192 
Chelles, Frances, 316 
Childs, Rebecca, 47 
Choate, Amanda, 95 
Claghorn, Sarah F., 365, 366 
Clapp, Benjamin, 290 

Charity, 325 

Esther, 325 

Mary, 302 

Nicholas, 325 
Clark, Alice, 368 

Benjamin, 309 

Briscoe, 265 

Charles, 309 

Deliverance, 35, 39 

Hannah Scott, 39 

James F., 232, 

Jeremy, 39 

Mary, 278, 290 

Reuben, 307 

Walter, 35, 36, 39 
Clarke, Henry B., 68 

Henry Synson, 239 
Clarkson, Catherine E., 216, 

Catherine Rutherford, 216 

Charles, 216 

David, 215, 216 

Eliza, 216 

Elizabeth, 216 

Elizabeth French, 216 

Matthew, 190, 192, 215, 216 

Sarah Cornell, 216 

Susan Maria, 216 

Thomas Steadfield, 216 

William Bayard, 216 
Clement, Charles, 211 

Clement, Cornwell, 211 

Henry, 211 

John Cornwell, 21 1 

Mary, 151, 155, 168 

Phineas, 211 

Sally, 175 

Samuel, 21 1 

Thomas, 211 
Clements, Jane, 277 
Clinton, De Witt, 386 

George, 386 
Clive, Elizabeth, 300, 320 
Clowes, Joanna, 406 

S., 150 

81., 406 
Cock, Andrew, 300 

Elizabeth, 300 

Mary, 285, 300 

Sarah Lawrence, 300 
Cocks, George W., 378, 379 
Coddington, Daniel, 308 

Mr., 17 
Coe, Sarah, 290, 300 
Coeur de Lion, Richard, 11 
Coggeshall, Abraham C, 373, 374 

Alanson, 373 

Ann, 371, 372, 373 

Anne, 373 

Arnold, 95 

Bedaiah, 371 

Benjamin, 372 

Caleb, 372 

Comfort, 372 

Daniel, 372 

David, 117, 256 

Deborah, 373 

Deborah, Horswell, 90 

Elisha, 49 

Elizabeth, 46, 68, 89, 372, 373 

F. J., 68 

George. 373 

Gideon, 372 

Hanniel, 371, 372 

Humility, 372 

Isaac, 372 

John, 22, 25, 46, 371, 372, 373, 374 

John P., 373 

Joseph, 68,373 

Josiah, 372, 373 

Josias, 372 

Joshua, 46, 353. 371,372, 373 

Lydia, 373 

Martha, 374 

Mary, 371,372, 373 

Mercy, 372, 373 

Noel, 373 

Richard, 372 

Ruth, 373, 374 

Sarah, 372, 373 

Thomas, 46, 68, 372, 373. 374 



Coggeshall, Thomas, Jr., 374 

Wait, 371, 372 

Waite, 372 

William, 46, 90, 373, 374 
Coit, William, 192 
Colden, D., 181 
Cole, Curtis, 129 

Eliza Heath, 129 

Jane, 102 

Mary Jane, 129 
Coles, Esther, 303 

Mary, 321 
Colis, John Bussing, 89 
Collings, Ethel, 121 

Harold, 121 

J. M., 121 

Ora, 121 
Collins, Catharine, 394 

Mr., 20 
Colwell, Nancy, 81 
Colyer, Charity Ann, 196, 223 
Comett, Mary Ann, 89 
Compton, John, 385 
Condi, Blandina, 379 
Conklin, John A., 205 

Louisa, 108 
Conkling, Louisa, 135 
Conover, Cornelia, 206 
Connel, James, 411 
Conradi, Charles, 203 
Cook, Ann, 193, 296 

Benett, 357 

Deborah, 33 

Gershon, 192, 193, 296 

Sarah, 386 

Thomas, 39, 42 

Walter, 83 

William, 282 
Coombs, Leonard Seaman, 229 

Willett, 229 
Cooper, Nicholas, 270 
Corey, Silas H., 81 
Cornal, Gideon, 411 

James, 411 

Job, 412 

Joseph, 413 

William, 413 
Corneal, John, 412 
Corneel, Wessel, 410 
Cornehill, Thomas, Jr., 36 
Cornel, Benjamin, 410 

"Clerhe," 410 

Mary, 45, 47 

Philip, 44 
Cornells, Thomas, 6 
Corneliss, Gelyem or Guilliame, 
Corning, Arabella, 192 
Cornell, Aaron, 305, 307, 345 

A. B., 21 

Abbe, 240 

Cornell, Abbie Elizabeth, 137 
Abby 103, 1S5, 212 
Abby Grace, 123 
Abby H., 119 

Abigal, 10, 40, 46, 48, 50, 52, 53, 60 
Abigal Clark, 45 
Abigail, 38, 45, 74, 162, 170, 178, 

181, 184, 1S5, 199, 202, 214, 274, 

276, 277, 278, 286, 287, 308, 332, 

Abigail, B., 77 
Abigail E., 201 
Abraham, 71, 82, 83, 96, 307, 330, 

357. 358. 359. 361. 364. 410 
Abraham Anthony, 113 
Abraham C, 346, 351 
Abraham Uupey, 241 
Abram S., 94, 121 
Addie A., 1 19 
Addie Barker, 117 
Addie Eliza, 96 
Adelaide, 86, 95, 119, 219, 220 
Adelaide Lausada, 239 
Adelaide Marion, 136 
Adelia, 81, 368 
Adelia S., 103 
Adeiiza, 123 
Adna, 365 
Adrian, 321 
Agnes, 204, 233, 254 
Agnes Ophelia, 1 10 
Alanson, 81, 94, loi, 1 1 1 
Alanson B., 103 
Alanson Pease, 103 
Alanson R., 112 
Albert, 66, 74, 89, 90, 94, 116, 135, 

212, 241, 256, 320, 321, 342, 368, 

401, 402 
Albert Edward, 138 
Alben Mason, 129 
Albert Miller, 342 
Albert S., 112 
Albert W., 320 
Alberta Mary, 340 
Albin, 117 
Albion Marcus, 366 
Alexander, 219, 220, 244, 245 
Alexander P., 417 
Alfred, 58, 81, 93, 94, 98, 113, 139, 

Alfred J., 112 
Alice, 41, 74. 84. 301. 304. 30Q. 352. 

Alice Bertha, 139 
Alice C.,341 
Alice Emily, 241 
Alice M., 349 
Alice Matilda, 239, 346 
Alice Witherspoon, 352 



Cornell, Allen, lo, 71, 94, 95, 121, 361 
Alnui, gS 
Almira, 100, 130 
Alonzo, 05, 120, 122 
Alonzo B., 107, 108, 109, 132, 133, 


Alse, 41 

Altha, 98 

Althause & Co., 259 

Althouse & Co., 5 

Alva, -^ 

Alvah Mason, 102, 129 

Alvin, 72, 97 

Alvin Henry, 97 

Ahira Ann, 223 

Alzeda, 119 

Amanda Malvina, 127 

Ambrose, 300, 320 

Amelia Hamilton, 248 

Amelia Louisa, 224, 294 

Amos, 52, 73, 74, 99, 126 

Amy, 63, 82, 87, 171, 301, 306, 347, 

Amy Amelia, 137 

Amy Ann, 303, 322, 329 

Amy C, 328 

Amy Fisher, 321 

Andrew, 113, 212 

Andrew Jackson, 304 

Ann, 17, 50, 60, 67, 82, 83, 88, 106, 
151, 160, 166, 168, 178, 187, 192, 
193, 199, 204, 207, 208, 209, 213, 
221, 225, 226, 228, 230, 276, 277, 
301, 310, 311,318,331, 334, 360 

Ann Augusta, 319 

Ann E., in 

Ann Eliza, 240 

Ann Elizaijeth, in, 196, 246 

Ann H., 228, 231 

Ann Maria, 304 

Ann Orvilla, 126 

Anna, 10, 72, 84, 98, 194, 308, 348, 

360, 417 
Anna Caroline Alice, 326 
Anna E., 107 
Anna Elizabeth, 90, 247 
Anna Green, 328 
Anna H., 118 
Anna M., 90, 126 
Anna Maria, 227, 319, 327, 335 
Anna Pnscilla, 128 
Anne 160, 163, 168, 169, 170, 194, 

218, 244, 274, 285, 289, 301, 321, 

Anne L., 341 
Anne Mott, 304 
Annie, 2n, 253, 264, 369 
Annie E., 244 
Anthony, ^2, 83, 113 
Anthony Wiley, 315, 339 

Cornell, Antoinette, 262 

Arabella, 192, 217 

Arabella Corning, 193 

Archibald,78, 106, 192, 193,217,296 

Arethusa, 240 

Artemas W., 106, 131 

Arthur F., 112 

Arthur, 121, 302 

Arthur L., 135 

Arthur W,, 104 

Arvine, 304 

Asa, 53, 54, 74, 98, loi, 362 

Aspinwall, 280, 292, 293, 297, 409 

Audrey, 349 

Augusta, 226, 316 

Augustine, 419 

Augustine Williams, 418 

Augustus, 296 

Augustus Bachus, 137 

Augustus Bachus, Jr.. 138 

Austin, 221, 246 

Austin Adolphus, no 

Bailey Jordan, 350 

Barack, 159 

Barak, 176, 199, 278, 279, 290, 291, 

Barney, 318 

Baruck, 174, 291 

Beatrice, 241 

Bell D., 239 

Benjamin, 39, 41, 44, 45, 48, 50, 52, 
60, 61 , 67, 69, 73, 80, 98, 99, 118,158, 
159, 164, 173, 174, 177, 179, 180, 
184, 187, 189, 199, 201, 202, 207, 
209, 243, 267, 270, 274, 275, 276, 
277, 278, 284, 286, 287, 288, 290, 
303. 332, 360, 363, 385, 409, 414, 

Benjamin D., 341 

Benjamin Franklin, "]"], go, 105, 

Benjamin H., 227 

Benjamin Warren, 113 

Benjamin Whitehead 199 

Bennet, 15 

Bertha, 264 

Bertrand, 106, 132 

Bessie, 121, 351 

Betsey, 75, 88, 97 

Betsey Ann, 417 

Betsey B., 125 

Bettie Mary, 132 

Betty, 73, 76 

Birdsaii, 259, 265, 308, 331, 332 

Beulah xMorey, 348 

Blanche Adde, 258 

Bouck Margaret, 132 

Bouck W. C., 132 

& Barron, 124 



!ornell Caleb, 37, 41, 45, 50, 51, 59, 
60, 61, 186, 267, 269, 270, 271, 
272, 273, 27Q, 280, 281, 284, 292, 
298, 300, 316, 319 

Caleb, Jr., 280 

Candace, 76 

Carl, 121 

Caroline, 81, 98, 121, 194, 202, 244, 
246,319, 327,329,418 

Caroline Amanda, 239 

Caroline Matilda, 336, 348 

Caroline Tillson, 315, 338 

Carrie, 118, 368 

Carrie Louisa, 247 

Carrie Sampson, 323 

Catherine, 59, 82, 83, 91, 119, 160, 
172, 178, 199, 201, 203, 237, 227, 
229, 230, 233, 240, 245, 280, 282, 
291, 292, 339, 355, 357, 364, 392 

Catherine Ann, 201 

Catherine Eliza, 118 

Catherine Elizabeth, 366 

Catherine H., 118 

Catherine R., 122 

Celia, 106 

Celia Minnie, 132 

Celia P., 128 

Channing, 135 

Charity, 151, 156, 178, 182, 202, 278 
288, 290, 300, 307, 310, 325, 332, 
375. 386 

Charity Ann, 223 

Charles, 44, 84. 96, 98, 107, 117, 
135. 151. 155. 157. 159. 160, 168, 
169, 170, 178, 181, 192, 194, 195, 
197, 198, 213, 214, 219, 220, 221, 
225, 226, 227, 246, 281, 282, 283, 
291, 295. 300, 301, 302, 320, 325, 

Charles A., 95, 11 1, 1 12, 228 

Charles Barney, 118 

Charles Benjamin, 227 

Charles Bowers, 244 

Charles Carrol, 108 

Charles E., 105, 124, 196, 222, 224, 

Charles Edgar, 197, 225 

Charles Edwin 118 

Charles Emery, 103, 130 

Charles Emery, Jr., 130 

Charles Ezra, 132 

Charles Fleet, 296 

Charles Franklin, 105 

Charles G., 326 

Charles Griffin, 335 

Charles H., 225 

Charles Hamilton, 223 

Chas. Henry, 11 1 

Charles Henry, 130, 139, 259 

Cornell, Charles Jordan, 350 
Charles Lane, 246 
Charles W., 219, 220, 221, 244, 417 
Charles Miles, 197 
Charles Morey, 262 
Charles Odber, 196 
Charles P., 122, 123, 193, 194,296 
Charles Paterson, 282 
Charles Perry, 417 
Charles Rodman, 245, 263 
Charles Russell, 85, 86, 114 
Charles S., 331 
Charles Tompkins, 342 
Charles W., 293, 294, 318, 321, 342 
Charles Whitehead, 243 
Charles William, 114 
Charlotte, 78, 87, 114, 194, 315, 335 

Charlotte Amelia, 219 
Charlotte L., 245 
Chauncey, 98 
Chester P., 122 
Chloe 73 
Christiana, 131 
Christopher, 358, 360, 362 
Clara, 83, 96, 349 
Clara A., 417 
Clara Matilda, 349 
Clara Prentiss, 137 
Clarence, 121, 351 
Clarence Eugene, 222, 248 
Clarence Washington, 340 
Clarissa, 79, 96 
Clarissa Josephene, 336 
Clark, 39, 40, 49, 88 
Clark Baker, 69 
Clement, 409 

Comfort, 279, 290, 291, 308, 353 
Constant, 76, 102 
Content, 52, 56, 58 
Cora, 118 
Cordelia, 319 
Cornelia, 207, 238, 366 
Cornelia Ann, 315 
Cornelia E., 227 
Cornelia Lucy, 338 
Cornelia ^L, 127 
Cornelia Ogden, 224, 249 
Cornelius, 158, 161, 172, 175. iSo. 

Cornelms H., 227, 
Corwin, 140 
Corwin Boyd, 127 
Corwin Worth, 140 
Cory, 70 

Crawford Adelberl. 118 
Crawford Nancy, 77 
Cvnthia, 72, 76, 81, 87. loo, loi. 

Cynthia Emeline, loi, in, 139 



Cornell, Daniel, 15, 41,43,43,45,51, 52, 
60, 61, 70, 71, "Ji, 82, 84, 04, 96, 98, 
102, 113, 125, 154, 160, 161, 162, 
176, 177, 182, 200, 209, 218, 228 

22Q, 239, 289, 300, 307, 308, 319, 

331. 35S. 363,365. 396,417 

Daniel A., 58, 81 

Daniel Allen, 313, 314.337 

Daniel B., %o, 96, no, 122 

Daniel H., 119, 326, 328 

Daniel Henry, 242 

Daniel Xiles, 58, 72 

Daniel Lawrence, 244 

Daughter, 136 

David, 42, 43, 357, 409 

David B., 329 

David Earle. 88 

David M., 300, 320 

Deborah, 69, 80, 90, 140, 160, 175, 
179, 188, 201, 202, 213, 217, 220, 
269, 276, 277, 285, 286, 287, 298, 
300, 302, 307, 319, 330, 335, 356, 

Deborah S., 319 
Delaney, 76 
Delavan, 98 
Delia, 318 

Deliverance, 39, 40, 48, 49 
Delia, 93, 118 
De Mott, 221, 247 
Dinah, 39, 48 
Dixie ^Iay, 140 
Dolhvyn, 81 
Doneld, 121 
Dora Emiline, 139 
Dorcas, 287, 308 
Dorcas B., 117 
Dorothy, 135, 299, 386 
Dorr, 85 
Douglass, 256 
Dudley Emerson, 115, 136 
Dudley Emerson, Jr., 136 
Ebenezer, 41, 284, 298, 299, 358, 

Ebenezer H., 317 
Eden, 305 
Edith, no, 135,347 
Edith Augusta, 129 
Edgar, 368 
Edgar J., no 
Edmund, 330 
Edward, 35, 36, 37, 38, ^^, 43, 44, 

46, 48, 59, 60, 61, 62, 80, 83, 84, 

88, n3, n4, 121, 136, 147,194, 

237, 327,365,366 
Edward A., 95 
Edward B., n6 
Edward D., 341 
Edward Field, 334 
Edward H., 329 

Cornell, Edward Hubbell, 261 

Edward P., 122 

Edward Rider, 128 

Edward Rye, 102 

Edward W., 131 

Edward Shelton, 352 

Edwin, 121, 138, 316, 340, 417 

Edwin Arith, n8 

Edwin Bennett, 217, 243 

Edwin E., 1 12 

Edwin Gates, 264 

Edwin Mason, in 

Edwm Morgan, 132 

Edwin Ruthven, 106, 132 

Effa Jane, 122 

Egbert, 212, 241 

Egbert Wheeler, 337 

Elam, 364 

Eldred, 178, 201 

Eleanor, 15, 261 

Elemuel, 363, 365 

Elena, 346 

Elenor Katherine, 132 

Eliakim, 72, 94, 98 

Elias, 164, 187 

Eliha, 367 

Elihu, 94 

Elihu B., 365 

Eliiah, 42, 55, 58, 61, 79, 80, 85, 

Eliphel, 361 

Elisha, 42, 53, 54, 74, 75, loi, 289, 
306, 327, 4n 

Eliza, n3, 210, 289,295,347,361, 
362, 418 

Eliza Ann, 97, 100, 330 

Eliza Antoinette, 262 

Eliza C, 129 

Eliza H., 238, 

Eliza Hicks, 231, 251 

Eliza J., 244, 384 

Eliza Jane, 74 

Eliza M., 328 

Eliza Philips, 320 

Elizabeth, 10, 15,17,28,33,35,36,37, 
38,40,44,45,46, 49,51.52,53.59. 
60, 61, 63, 67, 70, 71, 72, 75, 83, 84, 
87, 92, 93, 97, 99, 106, 1 13, 124, 126, 
139, 143 147, 148, 149, 151. 152, 
154, 155, 156, 158, 160, 162, 163, 
164, 165, 166, 169, 172, 173, 174, 
181, 182, 184, 185, 186, 187, 188,! 
190, 191, 192, 194, 198, 199,200,' 
202, 209, 2n, 218,226,228,232, 
240, 241, 246, 247,264,269,272, 
280, 282, 283, 297, 299, 30 (, 302, 

303. 313, 329, 331,332,347,355. 
356, 357, 358, 374, 381, 388, 403, 
404, 405, 406, 407, 418 





Cornell, Elizabeth A., 315 
Elizabeth Ann, 316, 334 
Elizabeth Anthony, 114 
Elizabeth Ashurst, 314 
Elizabeth Ueaiborn, 318 
Elizabeth G., 104 
Elizabeth H., 419 
Elizabeth Hadwan, 8q 
Elizabeth Leslie, 266 
Elizabeth Odell, 137 
Elizabeth Percival, 107 
Ella Auyusta, 334 
Ella P., 131 
Ella Louise, 322 
Ella Wacona, 343 
Ella Maria, 114, 247 
Ellen, 98, 138,226,228 
Ellen G., 91 
Ellen Grinnell, go, 402 
Ellen Hirst, 232, 233, 235, 253 
Elmer, 368 
Elmira, 106 
Else, 51, 70 
Elvira A., 197 
Ehvood North, 264 
Ema, 123 
Emeline, 86, 210, 304, 311, 

Emeline P., 328, 343 
Emerson, 125 
Emerson Lincoln, 340 
Emily, 127, 226, 229, 343, 364 
Emily M., 128 
Emily Wood, 352 
Emma, 85, 86, 87, 131, 212, 

302,348, 418 
Emma C, 341 
Emma G., 112 
Emma Jane, 125 
Emma Louisa, 129, 261 
Emma Petit, 108 
Emma Rebecca, 104 
Emos Horton, 126 
• Ephentus P., 291 
Ephraim, 94 
Ernest R., 128 
Estelle, 250 

Esther, 58, 71 , 301. 3o8, 320, 332 
Esther R., 352 
Ettie Mav, no 
Ethel Burd, 138 
Eugene Kincaid Wade, 102 
Eugene, 122 
Eugene Elijah, 336, 349 
Eugene L., 122 
Eugenio Kinkaid,74 
Eunice, 55, 58, 79, 135. 3^4 
Euphemia Lewis, 224 
Eva C, 351, 368 
Evagene, 98 

Cornell, Evangeline, 349 

Experience, 357 

Ezekiel, 44, 56, 153 

Ezra, 3, II, 42, 55, 56, 79, 80, 82, 
107, 108, 135,223, 345.414 

Ezra Elijah, 107 

Ezra Munroe, 1 10 

Ezra Smith, 127 

Fanny, 186, 196, 221 

Fanny Maria, 129 

Fenimore Cooper, 368 

Ferris, 169, 274, 275, 285. 385 

Fitch, 74 

Florence, 98, 121 

Florence Maria, 247 

Florence Seney, 342 

Foster, 82 

Frances, 84, 171, 195, 225, 263 

Frances C, 107 

Frances E.. 197, 221 

Frances Harriet, 244 

Frances Jane, 96 

Francis, 250, 327 

Francis Borden, 126 

Francis Russell Edward, 366, 
I 368 

312, Francis Shephard, 266 

I Francis William, 217, 243 

I Frank, 368 

I Frank Albert, 241 

I Frank Burgess, 368 

Frank Beers, 258 

Frank Elmer, 365 

Frank Eugene, 247 
295, Frank Herbert, 120 

Frank S., 322 

Frank Talman, 263 

Frank Wilson, 243 

Frankie, 241 

Franklin, 120 

Franklin Cuthbert, 108, 134 

Franklin J., 323 

Franklin, Jr., 135 

Fred., 98 

Fred. Augustus, 418 

Fred. Dudley, 136 

Fred. K. Anderson, 118 
,352 Fred. R., 128 

( Frederick, 121. 241, 258, 339, 351 

Frederick Garfield, 348 

Frederick H., 419 

Frederick Le Brun, 322 

Frederick Munn.263 

Frederick Plummer, 102 

Frederick Widmere, 139 

Frederick William, 123 

Fred'k, 244 

Fredrick C, 248 

Garret Elemuel, 366, 368 

Garwood L., 329 



Cornell, George, 35, 38, 39, 40,41, 46, 

47, 48, 58, 60, 03, 64, 65, 67, 68, 6g, 
70, 74, 84, i^y 'i%, 90, 92, 115, 116, 
119, 121, 122, 139, 159, 160, 173, 
177, 180, 188,203,206,212,214, 
221,241,246, 259, 2&1, 262,300, 
jic^. h-l^ 335. 343.345.351.356, 
358, 401,411. 418^ 

George l>irdsail, 266 

George Birdsall, Jr., 266 

George D., 213 

George Duryea, 249 

George E., 95 

George F., 122 

George Frederick, 232, 235, 253 

George G., 103 

George H., 106, 131 

George Hart, 116 

George Herbert, 137, 350, 419 

George James, 332, 346 

George Kiaiback, 123 

George L. II 1,135,234,237,239,319 

George Lecky, 204, 232 

George Niles, 131 

George P., 104 

George Pease, 137 

George Stewart, 136 

George T., 49, 69, 418 

George \V., 125, 243, 262, 317, 318, 

334, 341 

George Walley, 334 

George Washington, 335 

George Whitehead, 259 

Georgiana, 95 

Gertrude Younglove, 98 

Gerotham, 411 

Gertrude, 118 

Gerves, 84 

Gideon, 38, 42, 44, 46, 50, 51, 53, 
54,55,58,62,65, 66, 67, 70, 71, 
78, 84, 85, 88, 93, 94, 95, 105, 106, 
113, 116, 120, 358, 362, 363, 414 

Gideon Bell, 115 

Gideon Ransom, 102 

Gilbert, 113. 173,174,194,195,199,219 

Gilbert Fowler, 212, 240 

Giles, 360 

Glorianna, 156 

Godfrey, 70, 92, 93, 119 

Goved, 50, 51, 93, 94, 120 

Governor, 3 

Grace, 140, 228, 244 

Grace A. Sanford, 136 

Grace Mabel, 118 

Grant, 339 

Griffin, 341 

Grinnell, 1 14 

Grizel, 356 

Hallet, 195 

Hallett, 171, 172, 180 

Cornell, Hampton, 331 

Hanna, 38, 215 

Hanna Finch, 10 

Hannah, 10, 36, 37, 44, 45, 46, 
53, 54, 59,60,61, 63, 67, 71' 
74,76,84,90, 99, 125, 151, 
160, 161, 166, 167, 172, 173, 
179, 180, 187, 190, 191, 192, 
195, 198, 201, 202, 208, 209, 
217, 221, 239, 246, 269, 274, 
277, 278, 279, 282, 284, 288, 
302, 308, 310, 325, 328, 418 

Haimah Ann, 212 

Hannah Augusta, 103 

Hannah Brownell, 48, 66, 69 

Hannah Doty, 329, 344 

Hannah H., 364 

Hannah Jane, 82 

Hannah Maria, 315 

Hannah Titus, 322 

Hannah Vaughan 89 

Harold, 250 

Harold Jackson, 266 

Harriet, 68, 84, 90, 98, 114, 
202, 259, 364, 402 

Harriet A., 259 

Harriet Ann, 364 

Harriet Charlotte, 90 

Harriet Charlotte Earle, 401, 

Harriet E., 127 

Harriet Earle, 118 

Harriet Elizabeth, 259 

Harriet L., 104 

Harriet Louise, 262 

Harriet Matilda, 224 

Harriet Wordell, 229 

Harris Ely, 107 

Harrison 305, 325 

Harrison Abraham 345, 350 

Harry, 417 

Harvey, 106 

Hattie, 96, 365 

Haviland, 284, 299, 317 

Haviland G., 318 

Haydock, 305 

Helen, 106, 118, 127, 213, 262 

Helen Antonette. 243 

Helen C, 335 

Helen Clara, 98 

Helen Gray, 124 

Helen Harrower, 260 

Helen Hawthorne, 260 

Helen Louise, 262 

Helen M., 122 

Helen Margaret, 138 

Helena 189 

Henrietta, 316, 343 

Henry, 56, 88, 96, 121, 138, 
187, 198, 199, 211, 239, 242, 259, 
290, 291, 301, 302 








Cornell, Henry, 310, 312, 321, 325, 418 
Henry A., 345, 351 
Henry Alanson, 103, in, 130 
Henry Albert, 247 
Henry Clay, 118 
Henry D., 341 
Henry F., 104 
Henry G., 125, 303, 323 
Henry J,, 328 
Henry L., 121 
Henry M., 117 
Henry Megs, 260 
Henry Piatt, 243 
Henry S., 232 
Henry T., 341 
Henry Watson, 132 
Hepzibah, 212 
Herbert James, 345, 350 
Herbert L., 323 
Herbert S., 264 
Herbert Walter, 98 
Hester, 118, 154, 155, 29S, 300 
Hester Adelaide, 316 
Hetty, 92 
Hewlett, 202, 2S1, 283, 292, 313, 

314. 350 

Hicks, 68, 89, 373 

Hiram, 72, 97, 100, loi, 123, 332, 346 

Hiram K., 97, 123 

Hiram Kinj:^, 97 

Hiram Pease, 95 

Hiram Schoonmaker, 338 

Holder, 357. 397 

Hollister Xellie, 132 

Hally A., 131 

Hopestill, 75 

Horton, 73 

Howard, 115, 118, 121, 131, 366 

Howard Irvin, 342 

Howard M., 322 

Howard Merritt, 136 

Howard Potter, 131 

Howard R., 128 

Howard Walter, 343 

Hubbard Joseph, 132 

Huldah, 79 

Ida, 244 

Ida Mary, 348 

Innocent, 25, 121 

Ira, 121 

Ira B, 126 

Irene, 262 

Irwin Hewlett, 266 

Isaac, 43, 56, 57, 78, 81, 82, 84, 158, 
159, 162, 171, 174, 175, 182, 184, 
185, 188, 198, 204, 206 208, 209, 
221, 230, 231, 232, 234, 237, 246, 
247,285.300. 305. 319. 32b 

Isaac Gilbert. 225 

Isaac H., in 

Cornell, Isaac Henry, 239 

Isaac M., 225 

Isaac Mdes, 196, 197, 221 

Isaac Nicholas, 88, 116 

Isaac R., 206, 230, 235, 236 

Isaac Russell, 204, 235 

Isaac Walters, 140 

Isabella Chamberlain, 127 

Isabella Fursyth, 243 

Isaiah, 76 

Isaiah S., 103 

Israel, 42, 52, 53, 73, 74, 99, 100 

Jackie, 140 

Jacob, III, 144, 147, 14S, 151, 154, 155, 
156, 157. 15-''. 160, 164, 165, 176, 
KS7, 214. 306, 327, 402. 403. 404 

Jacob G., 330, 345 

Jacob, Jr., 154. 155, 157, 165 

Jacob Weeks, 212, 241, 259 

JalTrey, 290 

James, 37, 50, 52. 54, 5S, 71, 74. 75, 
76, 77, So, 95, 103, 104, no, in, 
121, 158,159,160,165,171,172,173 
174, 175, 176, 17S, iSo, iSS, 2S1, 
2S4, 2S9, 293, 297, 306, 325, 330, 

, 33^. 345. 409, 417, 41S 

James A., 264 

James B., 326 

James Edward, 197, 243 

James Elwood, 222, 225, 247 

James G., 136 

James Gilbert, 196, 197, 222, 247 

James H., 127, 135, 224 

James Hammond, 336, 349 

James Harper, 247 

James Hewlett, 295, 314 

James Lefferts, 252 

James Leroy, 365 

James L. F., 96 

James M., 130 

James Mott, 304, 324 

James S., 31S 

James T., in 

James W., 104, 130 

Jane, 82, 106, 160, 17S, 182, 199, 200, 
201, 202, 21S, 226, 227. 228, 240, 
276, 277, 287, 292, 295, 312, 319, 

Jane Elizabeth, 229 

Jane Peters, 227 

Jane R., 246 

Janet, 121 

Janette, 192 

Janette Cheever, 193 

Japheth. 173, 174, 198, 199. 200 

Jarathmel, 51, 70 

)ay. q8 

Jav liiack, 260 

I. 'B.. 242 

J. B. lV I. M., 266 




Cornell, J. B. .S: M., q 

J. B. & \V. W., ioi 

Jean B., log 

Jefferson, 2qo 

Jeffrey, 15 

leffrev Hicks, I96, 197 


Jeliemiah, 74 

Jemima Elizabeth, 217 

Jennie, 343 

Jerathmel, 93, 94 

Jerathmel, W., 120 

Jeremiah, 69, 99, 211, 240 

lerothmeel, 412 

Jesse, 43. 2S7, 325 

Jesse S., 128 

Jessie, 56, 117, 262, 304, 306 

Jessie A., 104 

Jessie Wallace, iii 

Jethro S., 364 

Joan, 15 

Job, 39, 40, 43. 47, 55, 56, 66, 70, 88, 
92, 98, no, 356 

Joel, 307, 331 

John, 4, 9, 10, 15, 17, 20, 24, 25, 26, 36, 
37,38,41, 43,44,45, 51,56, 58, 59, 
60, 61, 62, 67, 70, 73, 'J'], 79, 80, 81, 
82, 83, 84, 89, 91, 95, 99, no, 117, 
118, 121, 144, 159,161, 162, 163,164, 
166, 168, 169, 170, 172, 173, 177, 181, 
182, 183, 184, 185, 186, 1S7, 193, 199, 
203, 204, 207, 209, 2n, 214, 217,218, 
256, 267, 269, 270, 271, 272, 273,274, 
293, 301, 304, 305, 306, 311, 313, 
317, 321, 325, 329, 330, 334, 339, 
340, 344, 356, 357, 361, 364, 377, 
382, 393, 394, 401, 402, 403, 404, 
406, 409, 412, 417 

John A., 125, 417 

John Augustus, 115 

John B., 126, 262, 320 

John Pilack, 242, 260, 266 

John Bloomfield, 262 

John Bolton, 184 

John C, 320 

John Calvin, 250 

John Dennison, 418 

John Kvans, 123, 139 

John Everit, 137 

John F. D., 220 

John P^letcher, 244, 263 

John G., 298 

John Gednev, 315 

John H.,?o, 224, 226,228, 304,306,313 

John Hegeman, 225, 249 

John Henry, 197, 199, 223, 226, 227, 
24S. 219. 323. 334, 335 

John Hewlett, 313, 336, 349, 35° 

Cornell, John Hicks, 231 

John Huyck, 138 

John Joshua, 326 

John, Jr., 153, 162, 163, 164 

John Keen, 266 

John L., 285, 300 

John Laurence, 404 

John Lott, 335 

John M., 318 

John Milton, 260, 266 

John Peleg, 115 

John W., 259 

John Sebring, 204, 233, 385 

John Smith, 345 

John T., 95 

John Ward, 107 

John Wesley, 118, 211, 239 

John Wesley, Jr., 118, 239, 258 

John Willard, 349 

John William, 206 

John Witherspoon, 352 

John Van De Water Duryea, 264 

Johnson, 417 

Jonas, 200 

Jonathan, 47, 56, 66, 285, 299, 319, 

Jonathan H., 320 

Joseph, 39, 41, 42, 49,51, 54,60, 66, 
69,70,74,75,94, 156, 160, 170, 175, 
176, 185, 188, 200, 210, 211, 269, 
270, 274, 275, 276, 279, 280, 282, 
285, 286, 290, 291, 292, 300, 315, 

319-339-357, 359, 409, 413. 414. 


Joseph U., 329 

Joseph Delmonte, 350 

Joseph G.. 318 

Joseph H., 364 

Joseph Mason, 102, 129 

Joseph Russell, 361 

Joseph W., 93, 119, 129 

Josephine, 225, 240, 334 

Joshua, 17, 23, 193, 199, 217, 268, 

269, 345 
Josiah, 289, 308, 332 
Judah, 45 

Julia, 74, ro6, 121, 218 
Julia Augustus, 222 
Julia Catherine, 260 
Julia Ellen, 137 
Julia Isadore, 116 
Julia Rebecca, 242, 259 
Juliet, 235, 251 
Juliet Ann, 231 
Juliet Hicks, 252, 265 
Julius Berington, 131 
July Van Smith, 259 
Kate, 131, 239 
Kate Lyon, 261 



Cornell, Kate Loeta, 258 

Katherine, 45, 60, 139, 265 

Kathrine, 17S 

Keys, 102 

Landon Hall, 140 

Latham, 38, 46, 62, 85, S6 

Laura, 131 

Laura Jane, 129 

Laurence, 221, 246 

Lavel Maxwell, 102 

Lavinia, 106, 213 

Lavinia, A., 97 

Lawrence, 72, 148, 149, 21S, 243 

Leander, H., 106 

Lee Delos, 36S 

Le Grand, 366 

Lena Leat, 131 

Leonard, 1S7 

Le Roy De Witt, 366, 36S 

Letitia, 82, S3, 98, 152, 154, 157, 

164, 165, 1S6, 212, 406 
Letty, 244 

Levi, 75, loi, 102, 121 
Lewis, 174, 194, 199, 226, 228, 246, 

282,364, 410, 413 
Lewis C, 22S 
Lewis H., 250 
Lewis ^L, 105 
Libbie, 241 
Lilis Albert, 120 
Lillian, 98 
Lillian Benton, 350 
Lillian Emeline, 337 
Lillian Rushmore, 342 
Lillis, 74 

Lindley Park, 140 
Lizzie Leslie, 266 
Louis N., 125 
Louisa 86, 135 
Louisa Adelaide, 197 
Louisa Disbrow, 343 
Louisa \V., 341 
Louise Haskell, 123 
Lovat Fraser, 258 
Lucia, 81, 98 
Lucian Albert, iii 
Lucien T., 112 
Lucinda, 106 
Lucinda P., 76 
Lucretia, So 
Lucy, 32, 94, 362 
Lucy A., 127 
Lucy A. Boyce, 12S 
Lucy C, 126 
Lucy Florence, 261 
Lucy Luther, 102 
Lucy M., 104 
Lucy Maria, 126 
Lucy Mead, 140 
Ludlum, 2^0 
Lulu N., 24S 

Cornell, Luther, 75 

Lydia, 56, 68, 73, Si, 93, 98, 106, 
130, 221, 300, 306, 308, 319, 327, 
357. 359. 360. 361, 362, 363. 373 

Lydia Ann, 223 

Lydia Anionietie, 115 

Lydia Hadheld, 256 

Lydia Jenning, \ 13 

Lydia P., 326 

Lyman Peck, 364, 365 

Mahala, 74 

Majure, 250 

Marebah, in 

Marebah Haskell, 97 

Margaret, 60, 61, 106, 120, 132, 136, 
i6s, 169, 174, 175, 179, iSi, 183, 
1S7, 194, 196, 203, 208,209,218, 
230, 244, 273, 2b2. 283, 285, 2S7, 
293.300, 30i.3>3. 320. 336 

Margaret B., 329 

Margaret Butler, 248 

Margaret Gedney, 315 

Margaret Louise, 260 

Margaretta, 225 

Margery, 15 

Maria, 58, 72, 83, 85, 86, 98, 100, 
no, 114, 210, 225, 291 

Maria Hicks, 196, 197 

Maria Louise, 130 

Marian, 125, 2u2, 342 

Mariana, 301 

Marietta, 246 

Marina, 245 

Marion, 36S 

Marion E., 109 

Mark, 97, 138, 327 

Marsi, 159, 172 

Martha, 54, 68, 12S, 166, 167, iSi, 
1S9, 194, 200, 240, 273, 27S, 292, 
293. 313. 337. 364. 368. 378, 407 

Martha K., 331 

Martha Maria, 366 

Martin, 410 

Mary, 15, 24, 2;, 33, 41. 42,45.55. 59. 
60, 61,62,66,72,73,74.75,79, 80, 
81, 83,84,87,89,90,99, 100,101,102, 
106,112,113, 118,121, 125. 135, 144, 
146,147, 148,149.151,152, 154. '55. 
157,159, 161,164, 167,170,172,173, 
174,179, 180,184,185. 187,188.191, 
193, 197, 198,199,200.204,206,209, 
246.250, 253. 263, 267. 269. 271 , 276. 
279.282,284,285, 286,287,289,291, 
292,299, 302,306.307, 30s, 312, 31 8, 

325.329. 335. 339. 344. 347. 35°. 357. 

Mary Aimee, 140 
Mary Aletla, 334 



Cornell, Mary Aloysia, 324 
Mary Alvina, 305 
Mary Amelia, 315 
Mary Ann, 91, 107, 113, iiS, 12S, 

129. 246, 317, 332, 33b 
Mary Annette, 321 
Mary Augusta, 115, 338 
Mary B., 136 
Mary lielle, 339 
Mary C. 131, 201 
Mary D., S7 
Mary E., 96, 103, 239 
Mary Eliza, 262 
Mary Elizabeth, 71, 135, 136, 260, 

260, 319, 320, 346, 347 
Mary Elvira, -222 
Mary Emily, loS 
Mary Emma, iii, 120 
Marv Estelle, 315 
Mary F., 2SS 
Mary Francis, 123 
Mary G., 306 
Mary Gertrude, 140 
Mary H., 303, 41S 
Mary Jane, 52, 69, S6, 334, 346 
Mary Kate, 243 
Mary Lefetre, 264 
Mary Louisa, 97 
Mary Louise, 240 
Mary M., 95, 31 S, 327,343 
Mary Matilda, 197 
Mary Mead, 10 
Mary P., 361 
Mary S., 417 
Mary Thorp, 295 
Mary Treadwell, 313 
Mary Wood, 301 
Mason, 72, 75, 79, 101, 107, 130 
Mason D., 103 
Mason Levi, 129 
Mathew, 306 

Matilda, 92, 207, 238, 246, 317, 322 
Matthew, 38, 46, 62, 63, 87, 32S 
Matthew Paterson, 337 
Matthew Saxe, 13S 
Mattie A., 129 
Mattie Louise, 247 
McDonou^h, 72 
AL D. Lafayette, 317 
Mehitable, 41, 92, 95, 358, 393, 397 
Mehitable F., 87 
Melanthon, 45, 59, 60 
Melisce, 54 
Melissa, 54 
M. Elizabeth, 12S 
Mercy, 71, 72, 73, 307, 365 
Mercy Alida, 96 
Meribah, 359, 360 
Merritt G., 3x9 
Merritt L, '-57, 114 

Cornell, Mildred, 350 

Mildred De la Mater, 259 

Millard Fillmore, 258 

Millard Fillmore, Jr., 259 

Milliard Fillmore, 241 

Millicent, 62, 63, 65, 84, 85, 332 

Milton, 212 

Milton Gray, 365 

Milton Longacre, 266 

Minne S. 248 

Mmne Suydam, 264 

Minnie, 325 

Minnie Irwin, 260 

Miriam, 159, 160, 176, 17S, 184, 185, 

Miriam W., 336 
Molly, 186 
Morris, 160, 335 
Moses, 59, 74, 82, 83 
Moses Lyon, 261 
Mr., 20 

Myrtle Elizabeth, 139 
Nance, 45, 60 
Nancy, 55, 79, 81, 107, in, 113, 

187, 188, 192, 298, 365, 367 
Nancy A., 360 
Nancy Maria, 128 
Naomi, 49, 76, 78 
Nathan, 74, loi, 121, 41S 
Nathan T., 81, in 
Nathan Wheeler, 337 
Nathaniel, 57, 58, 330, 332, 357, 

361, 364 
Nathaniel P., 96, 122 
Nathaniel Tompkins, 315,338 
Nellie A., 127, 
Nellie D., 341 
Nellie Wood, 247 
Nelly R., 417 
Nelson, 45, 60, 61, 247 
Nelson Persy, 109, no 
Nicholas, 66, 87, 206, 207, 237, 

Norman Riley, 126, 140, 141 
Obadiah, 158, 159, 172, 174, 175, 

177, 227 
Octavia E,,, 126 
Olive, 57, 335 
Oliver, 48, 54, 57,58,66,69,90,117, 

168, 169, 193, 202, 218, 219, 244, 

307. 330. 414 
Oliver, C, 330, 345 
Olive D., 346 
Oliver H. Perry, loS, 135 
Oliver Talman, 244, 263 
Oliver Tillson. 338 
Ophelia, 364, 365 
Orilla, 99 
Orilla C, 126 
Orlando, 125, 127 



Cornell, Orrington, 123 
Oscar, 119 

P.. 413 

P. C, 254 

Pamelia, lor, 28S 

Pardon, 70, 92, 93, 363,417 

Pardy Tompkins, 345, 350 

Parmelia Wilbur, 97 

Patience, 44, 4S, 53, 57, 5S, 363 

Patty. 54, 76 

Paul, 52, 71, 79, 97, 107, 122, 123, 
124, 356, 410 

Paul Dennis, 95, 122 

Paul Jones, 107 

Paul, Jr., 123 

Peace, iii 

Pease Alanson, 76 

Pease Parmelia, 137 

Peggy, 166, 167, iSi, 407 

Peleg, 43.64, 90, 113, 116, 355, 357 
360, 363, 393. 394 

Penelope, 42, 53 

Perry, 41S 

Persis Maria, 365, 367 

Peter, 20S, 209, 237, 271, 274, 2S4, 
2S5. 29S, 299, 314, 31S, 410 

Peter C, 230, 231, 232, 233, 235 

Peter, Cortlelyou, 204, 234, 256, 

Peter Duryea, 264 
Peter, Gedney, 338 

Peter Grant, 339 

Peter J., 31S 

Peter, Jr., 413 

Phebe, 10, 54, 59. 66, "i"]. So, S3, gi, 
93, gS, 166, 167, 169, 170, 176, 
185, 192, 194, 219, 220, 229, 244, 
271, 274, 275, 276, 277, 285, 2S7, 
28S, 292, 293, 299, 301, 305, 306 
308, 312, 327. 323. 356, 407 
Phebe Ann, 212, 322, 335 
Phebe Almira. 339 
Phebe Ann Leonard, 120 
Phebe G., 12S 
Phebe Jane, 329 
Phebe Alaria, 239 
Phebe Thorne. 269 
Philadelphia, 39, 49 
Philip, 57, 58 
Philip A., 73, 100, 364 
Philip K., 100 
Philip R.. 123 
Philip Russell. 76, 104 
Philip Ward, 300 
Phineas, 341 
Phcebe, 154 
Parthenia, 55 
Priscilla, 292, 361 
Prissilly, 49 
Prudence, 50 

Cornell, Prudence Mary, 139 
yuimby, 2S9, 306 
Kachael, 70, 160, 17S, 302, 327, 359, 

Rali.h, 351 

Rebecca, 10, 17, 22, 23, 24, 26, 29, 
30, 31.41.47. 52, 63, 64, 67, 6s, 

63. 69, 94, 145. 179, 227, 226, 259. 
267, 269, 276, 303, 305, 30S. 325, 

,331.332.353. 355. 356. 396. 401 

Kebecca H., 201, 202 

Rebecca Scovel, 258 

Rebecca T., 322 

Rem. C, 238 

Rem. Conover, 207 

Reuben, 53, 54, 125 

Reynolds, 308 

Rhoda, 56, 73, 82 

Rhoda Ann, 101 

Richard, 2. 4, 5, 15, 17, 28, 29, 36, 
3S, 39. 44, 49. 56, 5*5. 69, 70, 91, 
92, 143, 146, 147, 14S, 149, 150 
151, 152. 153, 154, 155. 156, 157, 
15^. 159. 160, 161, 165, 169, 170, 
172. 174, 177, 179, \iO, 1S6, 187, 
188, 195, 199, 201, 202, 212, 213, 
214, 225, 226, 228, 240. 250, 267, 
26S. 269, 270, 271, 272, 273, 274, 
275, 276, 277, 281, 2S4, 285, 2S6, 
2S9, 290, 298, 301, 314. 315, 316, 
317, 319, 320, 3S7, 402, 404, 405, 

Richard C, 303, 323 

Richard Hewlet 266 

Richard, Jr., 147, 150. 153, 15S, 159 

Richard iNIarco Garretson, 25S 

Richard Mortimer, 197, 224, 248 

Richard Mott. 304 

Richard R., 230 

Richard Rapelye, 257 

Richard Rapelyea. 237 

Richard Rodman, 2iq 

Richard S.. 250 

Richard, Sr., 144 

Richard T., 329. 342 

Richard Titus, 303, 322 

Richardson, 272, 180, 292, 30S 

Richarilus, 165, i?7, 188, 213 

Riley, 87 

Robe, 73 

Robert, 48, 67, 89, 16S, 194,211, 

250, 2.)2 
Robert V,., ii 
Robert lionell, 243 
Robert C , 309 
Robert Clifford, 247 
Robert Comfort, 30S, 332 
Robert I)., 329 
Robert Field, 302 
Robert G., 2<>2 



Cornell, Robert Geoyer, 335 

Robert Leslie, 2t>6 

Robert M., 225, 346, 351 

Robert MelvLiin, 243 

Robert R., 322 

Robey, 100 

Roby, 75 

Rodman, 13S 

Kos:\nny, 364 

Roscoe Conkling, 132 

Rose Matilda, 341 

Rosella, 131 

Roxana, 104 

Royal, 72 

Ruby Adelia, 366 

Ruby May, 342 

Rufus K., 116 

Rufus King, 115, 137 

Russell, gg, 114, 136 

Russell Root, 127, 141 

Russell Todd, 141 

Russell W., 129 

Ruth, 39, 42, 44, 4S, 50, 59, 66, 68, 
70, 7S, 90, 91, 20S, 2S2, 35S, 359, 

Ruth Agnes, 129 

Ruth Ann, 31S 

Ruth R., 104 

S. Douglas, 257 

Sabina, 125 

Sally. 76, 77, 216, 361 

Sally Ann, 330 

Sally Maria, 102 

Salv'adore Meade, 24S 

Samantha A., 131 

Samuel, 10, 15, 17, 23, 24, 3s, 37, 48, 
60, 63, 74, 9S, 99, I2l, 126, 139, 
149, 150, 154, 155, 158, 159, 160, 
167. 170, 172, 176, 180, 181, 187, 
190,191, 192, 196,200,202,203,209, 
213, 216, 219, 221, 234, 271, 278, 
279, 2S2, 2S3, 287, 2S8, 289, 290, 
291, 295, 305, 309, 311, 325, 

353. 354, 356, 373. 381. 410 
Samuel B., 2S6, 302 
Samuel Douglass, 237, 256 
Samuel G., 234, 235, 257 
Samuel Garretson, 204, 206, 236, 

Samuel H. Jr., 128, 141 
Samuel Hayt, 314 
Samuel Hooag, 100, 127 
Samuel J., 126, 198 
Samuel Joseph, 339, 350 
Samuel M., 334 
Samuel M. H.. 309 
Samuel Merwin, 336, 348 
Samuel Mott, 159, 160, 171, 247, 

333. 348 
Samuel P., 306, 326 

Cornell, Samuel R., 128 

Samuel S., 2S6, 303 

Samuel Tompkins, 321 

Samuel Willis, 147, 222 

Sarah, 17, 27, 31, 38, 39, 40, 41 
48, 50, 54, 59, 61, 62, 67, 70, 
81, 83,91,98,120,121,122, 143, 
149, 150, 151, 158,159, 160, 165, 
167, 175, 178, 180, 192, 193, 
196, 197, 199, 203, 205, 206, 
209, 215, 220, 224, 226, 230, 
274, 275, 277, 285, 286, 28S, 
298, 299, 300, 301, 304, 305, 
311, 318, 325, 328, 330, 332, 
347. 374, 386, 390, 407, 408, 

Sarah A., 92 

Sarah Alice, 304 

Sarah Ann, 197, 211, 298, 312, 

Sarah Anthony, 114 

Sarah Arnold, 404 

Sarah Betts, 315 

Sarah C, 259, 261, 345 

Sarah Cortelyou, 232, 252 

Sarah D., 300 

Sarah Duyckinck, 254 

Sarah E., 418 

Sarah Elizabeth, 86, 193, 217 

Sarah H., 90, 364 

Sarah Hamilton, 224 

Sarah Hannah, 259 

Sarah Jane, 318 

Sarah Keen, 266 

Sarah Maria, 125, 316 

Sarah P., 96 

Sarah Paterson, 295 

Sarah T., 119 

Sarah W., 136 

Seabury, 57, 58 

Searle, 82 

Selemna, 349 

Sepha P., 104 

Seth, 358 

Seth Parsons, 116 

Seymour, 112 

Sherman, 259, 260 

Sidero, 120 

Sidney, 94, 121, 333, 348, 352 

Silas, 2S7, 304 

Silvey, 84 

Simeon Henry, 139 

Simmons, 130 

Simon, 208, 209, 230, 233, 238 

Simon Cortelyou, 204 

Simon Henry, 121 

Smith, 186 

Sophia, 94, 122, 362 

Soloman, no, in, 135 

Solomon, 81, 307, 349, 410 

Solon, 131 










Cornell, Sophia Augusta, 314 
Spencer C, 112 
Stephen, 24, 25, 35, 37, 41, 42, 43,44, 

45, 51, 54, 58,60,69,71,76,77,90, 
95, 98, 99, 100, 103, 113, 116, 117, 

121, 127, 130, 15S, 159, 171, 172,173, 
174, 175, 194, 195, I9S, 199, 225, 
226, 276, 277, 280, 2S6, 2S7, 291, 
303, 312, 321, 327, 358, 359, 360, 
363. 3S5. 393. 402 

Stephen Augustus, 31S 

Stephen B., 22, 66, 88, 89, 116, ilS, 

Stephen Brownell, 66 
Stephen D., 317, 340 
Stephen E., 341 
Stephen Eugene, 340 
Stephen G., 341 
Stephen Hallett, 196, 197, 222, 223, 

Stephen Henderson, 335 
Stephen J., 303, 323 
Stephen K., 363, 364 
Stephen Xurtham, 90, iiS 
Stephen S., 103 
Stephen Samuel, 323, 343 
Stephen W., 322 
Stephen Wood, 346, 352 
Submit, 76 

Susan, 68, iiS, 226, 299, 331, 332 
Susan A., 300, 301 
Susan Almy, 86 
Susan Ellen, 135 
Susan M., 104 
Susannah,35,3S,39,4o, 46, 52,54,62, 

71, 72, 74, 75, 84. 85, 154, 163, 1S6, 

191, 216, 272, 285, 300, 308, 35S, 

362, 406 
Susie, 373 

Sylvanus, 78, 106, 183 
Sylvester, 162, 182 
Thankful, 95 
Theodora, 138 
Theodore, 319 
Theodore Jackson, 264 
Theresa, 131 
Thomas, 2, 4, 6, 7, 13, 15. 17, 18, 20, 

21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 

35, 36, 37. 3=^. 39. 40, 41, 43. 44. 

46, 48. 52. 58, 61, 64, 72, 81, 83, 

no, 112. 144. 147, 148, 150, 151, 152, 
153, 154, 155, 156. 162, 163, 164, 
165, 166, 167, 168, 169, 170, IS4, 
187, ISS, IQ2, 193, 199, 200, 202, 
212, 213, 214, 218, 242, 267, 2S4, 
285, 287. 295, 297, 299. 315,318, 

33S. 339. 351. 353. 354. 355. 359. 
374. 379. 3S^. 401, 403.404,406, 
407, 408, 409, 410, 413. 41S 
Thomas Jr., 36, 153. 164, 169, 215 

Cornell, Thomas B., 118, 125 

Thomas C, 19, 21, 28, 324, 338, 

Thomas Clapp, 304, 324 
Thomas F., 87, 219 
Thomas Frederick, 219, 245 
Thomas Frederick, Jr., 245, 263 
Thomas I., 2^6, 301 
Thomas Irwin, 260 
Thomas J., 87, 228 
Thomas Jefferson, 100, 250 
Thomas Jennings, 113 
Thomas L., 309, 334, 347 
Thomas Lavender, 34S, 352 
Thomas Lynch, 298, 316 
Thomas Robinson, 316, 340 
Thomas Ruslimore, 342 
Thomas Taiman, 218 
Thomas Tom, 2S7 
Thomas \V., 210, 241 
Thomas White, 212 
Thomas Whitehead, 210, 266 
Thomas Wildey, 316 
Thomas Woodmancie, 339 
Thurston, 61, 83 
Tiliie, 341 
Timothy, 50, 163, 164, 186, 211, 

Timothy B., 98, 125 
Treadwell, 246 
Treadwell Elbert, 222 
& Tucker, 237 
Uriah, 54 
Uriel, 72 

Valentine, 211, 240 
Vera, 241 
Villette, loi 
Vincent Wallace, 247 
Viner Leacraft, 218, 244 
Violet Isabelle, 140 
\'irginia Powell, 258 
Walter, 38, 39,40, 42, 43,46, 47.61, 

62,63,66,67, 83,86,89.98, 113, 117, 

Walter B., 117 
Walter Grav, 123 
Walter Howard, 129. 323 
Walter J., 293. 313, 337 
Walter Raleigh. 72, gS 
Walter W.. 334 
Wallace D., 317 
Walker, 84 
Wanton, 62, 85 
Ward Ireland, 342 
Warren B.. 112 
Washburn, 140. 404 
Weston. 70, 94, ni, 135 
W. H., 174 
Whitehead, 189. 202, 205. 206, 207, 

20*, 213, 214.215. 237, 242 



Cornell, Whitehead, I., 204, 231, : 

235. ^5^. 3^v 3^4 
\\ i., 406 
Wilbur F., 131 
Wilbur Fisk, 259 
Wilhelmina, io'6 
Willett. 2S5. 320, 345 
William, 9, 10, 15, 36, 38, 41, 44, 
46,51, 52,53, 54,55.57,59.60, 
64,68,69. 70, 73.74.75,76,79. 
83, 84, 86, 91, 94, 97, 100, 106, 
110, 113, 114, 119 121, 129, 131, 
157, 159, 161, 162, 163, 166, 176, 
iSo, 181, 182, 1S3, 184, 185, 186, 
192, 193, 194, 200, 204, 207, 209, 
214, 221, 22S, 229, 242, 243, 
272, 276, 278, 2S2, 284, 2S7, 
294, 301, 302, 306, 307, 312, 
325, 326, 32S. 332, 335, 343, 
347, 34S, 35S, 402, 403, 404, 
406, 414, 417. 41S 
William A., 217, 218, 243, 323 
William Albro, 130 
William Alexander, 196, 197, 
William Augustus, 352 
William Burgess, 366, 369 
William Childs, 102, 129 
William D., 329 
William Duryea, 250, 264 
William Duryea Jr., 264 
William E., 327, 348, 349 
William Edgar, 336 
William G., 341 
William H., 126, 200, 226,228, 

278, 304, 323. 365 
William H. B., 224 
William Hallett, 227 
William Haviland,286,302,334, 
William Henry, 226, 239, 258, 

262, 317, 318, 321, 341, 346 
William Hewlett, 259, 350 
William Hull, 329 
William J., 331 

William jr., 153, 164, 180, 186, 
William K., 225 
William Kemble, 224 
William Kirby, 242, 262 
William Lewis, 227, 250 
William Mason, ']1, 105 
William Mott, 342 
William Ndrtham, 90 
William Patterson, 248 
William R., 210, 228, 237, 238 
- William Richard, 118 
William Rodman, 263 
William Skidmore, 337 
William T., 322, 342 
William Talman, 21S, 244 
William Thomas, 322, 342 


Cornell, William Tillson, 346 

William Treadvvell, 245 

William W., 364 

William Warren, 2g6 

William Wesley, 261 

William Willis, 347 

Windsor, 58 


Wm. Bouck, 132 


Wm. H., 127 

, 82, 

Wm. Henry, 128 


Wm. Henry Buxton, 197 


Wm. Oscar, 130 


W. W., 242, 261, 262, 363, 


Zebedee, 70 


Zebulon, 43, 52, 70, 94, 120, 410 


Zebulon Edwin, 138 


Zeno, 300, 319 


Zilpah, 356 


Zina, 87 


Zipporah, 310 


Zophar, 328 

Cornels, James, 411 

Cornett, Henry Tew, 8g 

Cornewall, Bertha, 15 


Edward, 12, 13, 15 

George Henry, 14 

Gyles, 12 

Humfrey, 12 

Jane, 12 

John, 12, 15 

Joseph, 15 

Margaret, 12, 15 

Mary, 12 

Richard, 11 


Thom, 12 

Thomas, 12 

Will'm, 12 

Cornewell, Agnes, 15 


Arthur, 15 


Edward, 15 

Elizabeth, 12, 15 

Francis, 12 

George, 12 

Jane Varney, 12 


John, 12, 15, 37 

Maximillian, 15 

Richard, II 

Ritzert, 144 

Thom. 12 

Thomas, 12 

William, 15 

Cornhill, Richard, 143, I44. I45 

Richard, Sr., 145 

Thomas, 6, 17 

Corning, Alfred H., 217, 218 

Arabella, 193, 296 

Elizabeth, 192, 193 

Gordon, ig2, 193, 296 

Sarah, 192 

Cornnel, Silvanus, 410 




Cornwail, John, 11 
Cornwall, Augustus, 294 

Catharine Treadwell, 388 

Charles P., 297 

Charles Paterson, 296 

E. E., 3, II 

Edward, 13 

Edward E., 8, 13 

Elizabeth, 13, 388, 405 

George, 13 

Grace, 294 

James Hewlett, 337 

John, 13, 14 

Joshua, 295 

Leslie, 417 

Lewis, 2S3, 294, 297, 3S8 

Mary, S 

Richard, 13, 15, 405 

Samuel, 295, 297, 314 

Thomas, 13 

Warren, 2g6 

William, 3, 7, S, 13, 283 
Cornwallis, Ford, 216 
Cornwell, Abigail, 1S4 

Abram, 416 

Adam, 419 

Albert, 416 

Alfred, 417 

Alice or Alixe, 419 

Alletta, 420 

Amanda, 416, 417 

Ananias, 415 

Ann, 15, 419 

Anna, 415 

Arthur, 416 

Augustus, 314 

Benjamin, 59, 172, 209, 214, 419 

Caleb, 2S1 

Carrie, 420 

Charity, 203 

Charles, 175, 178, 192, 198,417 

Charles M., 420 

Charles William, 420 

Clemency, 416 

Clement (or Clemens) 419 

Constant, 416 

Cornelia Ann, 419 

Cornelius, 179 

Daniel, 155, 177 

David, 415 

Deborah, 201 

Dorcas, 416 

(or Conell) Dorcas, 416 

Earl, 417 

Ebenezer, 417 

Edward, 24, 25, 37 

Eldred, 201 

Eliza, 417, 419 

Elizabeth, 6, 40, 167, 16S, 192, 195, 
19S, 203, 294, 415, 416, 419 

Cornwell, Elizabeth Hall, 8 
Elon, 420 
Emily, 416 
Emma, 415, 419 
Ephenetus, 297 
Foster, S3 
Francis, 416 
Frank, 417 
George, 15, 178, 420 
Gideon, 415 
Hallett, 176 

Hannah, 37, 177, 201, 378, 415 
Hannah Elizabeth, 419 
Henry, 226, 417 
Henry Benjamin, 419 
Hester Wilcox, 8 
Hewlett, 203, 207, 293, 297 
Hugh Blackwood, 416 
Humfrey, 12 

Jacob, 8, 149, 150, 165, 419 
Jacob Ralph, 420 
James, 43, 172, 2S3. 294, 314, 416 
James F., 416, 417, 419 
Jane, 12, 177, 200, 416 
Joanna, 419 
Joen, 417 
Johanna, 6 
Johannes, 6, 15 
John, 8, 15, 3S, 164, 226, 282, 378, 

419, 420 
John C, 289 
John Dates, 419, 420 
John Gibson, 415 
John Gibson, Jr., 415 
John J., 420 
John, Jr., 38, 44 
John T., 417 
Jonas, 177, 415 
Jonathan, 415, 416 
(or Cornell) Jonathan, 415 
Joseph, 177, 225, 416 
Joshua, 192, 2S3 
Judith, 416 
Keturah, 416 
(or Cornell) Keturah, 416 
Levi, 415 

(or Cornell) Levi, 416 
Lewis, 173 
Lott. 416, 417 
(or Cornell) Lott, 416 
Lydea, 416 
Marah, 6 

Margaret, 172, 419 
Martha, 40, 177 
Mary, 7, 59, 60. 61, 177, 201, 416, 

Mary .Ann, 415 
Matilda, 417 
M.-iud, 417 
Merriam, 161, 1S4 



Cornwell, Miriam, 177 
Moses, 59, S3 
Nancy, 41Q 

(,or Cornell) Nathaniel, 415 
Nellie, 1S7 
Nelson, 61 
Oliver, 203 
Parmelia, 419 
Peter, 419 
Phebe, S3, 2S3 
Philip, 416 

(or Cornell) Philip, 416 
Rebecca, 203 
Richard, 15, 147, 149, 161, iSo, 198, 

201, 203, 2S2, 294, 37S 
Richard, Jr., 147 
Richard, Sr., 146, 147, 150 
Richardson, 293, 297, 313 
Robert, 15, 16S, 419 
Robert B., 2S9, 328 
Ruth, 1S6, 416 
Sallie, 416 

Samuel, S, 177, 188,203 
Sarah, 6, 8, 3S, 161, 203, 415, 417, 419 
Sarah Maria, 419 
Stephen, 172, 297, 312, 419 
Susan, 416 
Susannah, 40 
Sylvester, 1S2 
Thomas, 6, 8, 40, 164, 177, 188. 203, 


Whitehead, 179, 203 

William, 7, 8, 10, 37, 59, 177, 1S2, 
1S6, 1S7, iSS, 228,405 

William Burt, 415 
Corruwel, Sara, 6 

Thomas, 6 
Corse, Angeline Burr, 333 

Catharine Ketchum, 333 

David, 333 

Elizabeth, 333 

Israel, 308,333 

Margaret Ketchum, 333 

Mary Abigail, 333 

Mary Louise, 333 

Robert, 333 
Cortelyou, Hanna, 206 

Hannah, 182, 208 

Jacob, 239 

Jacques, 144, 381, 382 

Maria, 208, 238 

Peter, 208, 3S2 

Pieter, 382 

Sarah, 182, 203, 208, 382 

Sarah Van Wyck, 203 

Simon, 203, 204, 206, 382 
Cossarts, Edward, 219 
Covert, Ellen A., 107 

Ellen Augusta, 132 

Esther Elizabeth, 132 

Covert, George, 132 
Covey, Silas H., 81 
Covvenhoven, Ann, 206, 237 

Cornelia, 182, 206 

Nicholas R., 207 

N. R., 207, 23S 

Rem., 206 
Cox, Hannah, 343 

Sarah, 274, 2S5 
Coykendall, Bayard, 33S 

Catherine, 338 

Edward, 338 

Frederick, 33S 

Harry. 33S 

Robert, 338 

Samuel D., 338 

Thomas C, 338 
Craft, Anna, 98 

Helen, 98 

Jacob, 98 

Joseph, 227 
Crane, Anna, 105 

Grace, 184 

James, 221 
Cranston, Charles, 40 

Elizabeth, 40, 49, 69 

John, 40 

Mary, 40 

Mary Hart, 40 

Samuel, 35, 36, 40 

Thomas, 36, 40 
Crapo, Henry H., 361 

Henry Howland, 393, 39S 

Jessie, 393 

Lucy A., 393, 398 

Lucy Arm., 361 
Crayne, Thomas J., 325 
Creed, Augustine, 157 

Charlotte Le Roy, 229 

Elizabeth, 157 

Jane, 156, 158 

Letitia, 157 

Mary, 158 

Sarah, 157 

William, 150, 152, 157, 229, 327, 336 

William, Jr., 144, 156, 157, 158 

William, Sr., 158 
Croes, Bishop, 235 
Cromwell, Jameson, 289 

lohn C. 32S 

Mary, 289 

William, 2S9 

Wyant, loi 
Cronin, Michael, 202 
Crosby, General, 157 
Crozier, Mary, 315, 339 
Cruger, Mary S., 220 

Peter Bertram, 220 
Crumley, Anna M., 103, 130 
Crundall, Cynthia, 96 



Culver, Phebe, 59, S2 
Cumming, Mary, 100 
Cummings, Luke, 176 

Susan, 296 
Curry, Mr., 208 
Curtis, Almaine, 341 

Amelia Boyd, 252 

C. B.. 3, 7 

Charles B., 230, 235, 237 

Charles Boyd, 252, 254 

Cora C, 341 

Cora D., 317 

Ellicott Douglass, 252 

Isabella Woodbridge, 252 

Ronald, Eliot, 252 

Samuel Fosdick, 252 
Curtiss, Rachel, 376 
Daniels, M. S. &; Co., 131 
Darling, William A., 417 
Dary, Allan, 77 
Daton, Eli, 416 
Davis, Abigal, 55 

Anna £., 342 

Anne, 321 

Anthony, 362 

Content, 62, 84 

Eli, 81 

John, 55 

Lydia, 358 

Mary, 43. 55 

W. T., 394 
Day, B. H., 206 

Dayton, Julia, 3S6 

Nancy, 415 
Dean, Amy, 306, 329 

Catherine, 272, 281, 2S2 

Catherine M.. 126 

Deborah, 59, 60 

John, 2S2 

Joseph, 37 

Patience Oakley, 37 
Dearborn, Samuel, 31 8 
Debevoise, Catherine, 242, 260 
de Borbon, Louis, 14 
de Cornesvall, Richard, 11 
de Cornewayle, Joceus, 11 
De Forest, ^Iary Jane, 352 
Degen, Augusta Temple, 224 
Delafield, Rufus, 225 

Delahunty, , 213 

De la Mater, Ann., 1S6, 211 
Delancy, James, 270 
de Lancy, Stephen, 391 
Delaplane, John Ferris, 245 
Delisse, Henry, 364 
de Meyer, William, 380 
Demilt, Freelove, 280, 292 

Obadiah, 292 
De Mott, Anna Carman, 221 

Marv, 221 

De Mott, Mary Cornell, 179 

Hannah C, 179 
Denison, Anne, 115 

Augusta, 1 15 

George Merritt, 115 

Henry, 1 15 
Dennis, Aaron Chase, 68 

Ann, 373 

John, 71 

Margaret, 41S 

Mary, 71, 97 

Rachel, 165, 18S 

Susan, 71 

Wilbur. 63 
Denton, Abigail, 337 

Daniel, 377 

Elizabeth, 153 

James, 152, 154, 406 

Joseph 17S 

Oliver, 187 

Phebe. 378, 406 

Rachel, 178 

Richard, Jr., 37S 
de Peyster, Abraham, 389 

Catharine, 3S9 

James F., 216 

Derby, , 122 

Desbrosses, Mrs., 191 
de Somerlegh, John, 11 
Deval, Jeremiah, 355 

John, 1 1 1 
Devel, Mary, 87 
De Witt, Deborah, 382 

Diewintje, 3S2 

Dibblee, , 279 

Dickenson, Catherine, 211, 240 
Dickinson, Mary, 307, 330 

Mary Ann, 305 
Diggs, Dabney W., 261 
Ditlingham, Ann Hulbert, 299, 317 

Henry, 317 
Disbrow, Sarah W., 323, 343 
Dodge, Clara A., 98 

Joseph, 201, 310 

Sarah 3S9 

Wilkie, 389 
Dolling, John, 28 
Dongan, Gov., 267 
Donnan, Elizabeth Mary, 3^4 

J(.hn, 3S4 
Donohue. Judge, 202 
Dore, , 415 

Phebe Ann, 415 
Dorlon, Elizabeth, 195 
Doty, Amy, 306, 32^ 

Betsey Cornell, 333 

Elizabeth, 1S8 

Isaac, 32S 

Jacob, 30S. 332. 333 

lacob I- .. yx} 



Doty, Sally Titus, 333 
Doughty, Charity, 152, 163, 170 

Charles, 166, 167, 197, i6g, 3S3 

Ellas, 145, 164 

Kli/abeth, 155, 167, 169, 199, 227 

Elizabeth Jackson, 167, 169 

Hannah, 131, 155, 167, 169 

John, 20Q, 416 

Joseph, 149 

Lydia, 416 

Martha, 3S3 

Mary, 199, 225 

Phebe, 151, 155, 169, 416 

Robert, 327 

Samuel, 167 

Sarah, 155, 164, 165, 379 

Thomas, 3S3 
Douglass, Andrew E., 232 

Andrew Ellicott, 252 

Ann Eliza Ellicott, 252 

David B., 233 

David Bates, 252 • 

Isabel. 252 

Hannah, 417 

Sarah, 204, 237 
Douty, Ely, 144 
Downes, Charlotte O., 215 
Downing, Annie, 74 

Eunice, 74 

Polly, 74 
Drake, Sarah, 333, 347 
Draper, William Thomas, 247 
Dabbles, Susannah, 379 
Dudley, Elizabeth, 384 
Dunbar, Charles, 47 
Dunham, Bradish, 76 
Dunlap, John, 367 
Dunlop, Thomas, 64 
Dunning, Henry S., 122 

Paul Cornell, 122 

Ralph, 295 

William B., 122 
Dupey, Mary Ann, 240 
Dupuy, Mary Ann, 212 
Durden, Paterick, 117 
Durfee, Gideon, 63 

Richard, 33 
Duryea, Aaron, 294 

Caroline Helen, 226 

Cornelius, 226, 228 

Deborah, 225, 226 

Elizabeth, 225, 249 

Jane, 203 

Peter, 202, 203 
Duval, J., 37, 41 
Duyckinck, Dudley, 251 

Edward, 251 

Elizabeth Mary, 204, 235 

Elizabeth Mary Donnan, 235 

Evert, 383, 384 

Duyckinck, Harriet Dennison, 251 

James, 384 

Juliet, 251 

Richard B., 232 

Richard Bancker, 231, 235, 257,384 

Sarah, 235 

Thomas Butler, 251 

Whitehead Cornell, 251, 377 

William Dudley, 251 
Dyer, Mary Jane, 113 
Earl, Charity, 305, 325 
Earle, Debora, 88 

Harriet Charlotte, 69, 90 

John, 75, 88 

Ruth, 88 

Ruth A., 66 

Sarah, 17, 25 

Weston, 75 

William, 23, 26, 145, 353 
Eastburn, Manton, 220 
Eastes, Philadelphia, 35 
Eastis, Philadelphia, 39 
Eastman, Hannah A., 328 
Eaton, Mr., 378 

W. H., 379 
Eddy, Celinda, 78 

Mary, 41.356,358,359 
Edgar, Juliet, 215 

Margaret P., 86 

William, 215 
Edwards, Alfred Pierpont, 220 

Isaac, 191 

Mary, 191 

Rebecca, 191 

Susannah, 191 
Eldred, Abigail, 159, 178 

Luke, 182 

Sarah, 89 

Sarah C, 117 
Eldridge, Julia M., 344 
Eliot, John, 7 

Ellery, Margaret Matilda, 184 
Elliott, Caroline Cornelia, 346 
Ellis, Samuel, I94 
Ellison, Catherine, 378 
Elmo, Thomas, 184 
Ember, John, 375 
Embree, Elizabeth, 290, 308 

John, 308 

John L., 309 
Emmett, Elizabeth, 215 

James, 327 

Thomas A., 215 
England, P., 131 
Ensign, Ezekiel, 71 
Esmond, Charity, 175 

Jacob, 175 

Mercy, 175 

Sarah, 175 
Everett, John, 82, 83, 183 



Everett, Letitia, i86 
Everitt Letitia, 164 
Everrite, Richard, 160 
Everts, Louisa, S6 
Eustis, Charles O., 114 

Philadelphia, 35, 39 

Stephen, 308 
Eyres, Nicolas, 48 
Faber, Lewis, 96 
Fabian, Thomas, 15 
Fagan, James, 79 

William, 79 
Fairchild, Elizabeth G., 212 
Fanning, Edward, 217 
Farnsworth, , 415 

Anna, 415 

Curtis, 415 

Daniel, 415 

Emeline, 415 

Levi, 415 

Richard, 415 
Farringtun, Clarissa, 312, 336 

Pamelia, 277, 287 
Fay, Cynthia, loi 

Cyrus, 74 
Fedder, Dorothea, 254 

Henry, 254 

Henry C, 254 

Irene, 254 
Fede, Caroline Margareta, 258 
Feder, Henry F., 3S5 

Irene, 3S5 
Feltus, Rev. Mr., 238 
Ferguson, Agnes Moore, 252 

Alice, 252 

Edward Alexander, 252 

Hezekiah, 308 
Ferris, Benjamin, 269 

Mary, 269, 274 

Peter, 274 

Phebe, 269, 274 
Fflewellyn, 330 

Mary C., 331 

Nathaniel Dickinson, 331 

Oliver, 331 
Field, Aletta, 311 

Austin, r6S 

Betsey, 218, 243 

Charles, 2S6 

James, 289 

John, 169 

Joseph, 1 89 

Letitia, 290, 311 

Mary, 303 

Mi ah, 302 

Robert, Jr., 377 

Sarah, y]-] 

Uriah, 269 

William C„ 289 
Filkins, Henry, 327 

Finch, Hanna, 9 
Fiscock, Elizabeth, 5, 6 
Fish, Marietta, 130 

Mehitable, 36, 41 

Nicholas, 215 

S. Elizabeth, 215 

Thomas, 41 
Fisher, Ann-, 286, 301 

Samuel, 301, 3S5 

\Villiam, 73 
Fisk, Marietta, 130 
Fitch, Adelaide, 244, 263 
Flagler, Philip, 165 
Flanagan, Sarah, 47 
Fleet, -Ann, 2>2, 296 
Flemens, Jane, 176, 200 
Fletclier, Benjamin, 28, 405 

Gov., 391 

Mary, 126, 184 
Flowers, Jane, 200 

Letitia, 176, 200 
Floyd, Benjamin Roy, 168 
Ford, , 374 

Lydia, 87 
Forrester, .Annie, 418 
Foster, Glorianna, 155, 157 

Henry, 155, 156, 157, 160, 165, 170, 

James, 185 

Jennie, 46 

John, 227 
Fowler, Ann, 186, 211 

Eienjamin, 1S6 

Caleb, 290 

Elizabeth, 211 

Emily Louise, 211 

Freelove, 326 

James, 274 

Jeremiah, 211 

Jonathan, 2S5 

Margaret, 174, 175 

-Mary Ann., 21 1 

Newberry, 2S5 

Richard, 21 1 . 

Sally, 175 

Sarah Laviiiia, 21 1 

•Sylvester, 21 1 

T., 174 

Thomas, 174, 175, 19S 

William, 21 1 
Fradenhurg, .Arthur, 121 

Edward, 121 

Emmett, 121 

George, 121 

Irene, 1 20 

May, 121 

Samuel. 1 21 
Frailer, John, 310 
F"raiicis, Ezekiel, 103 
Franklin, Ann E., 310, 386 



Franklin, Benjamin, 226, 22S, 3S7 

Caroline Louisa, 310 

Caroline Louise, 3S6 

Cornell S., 310, 2,^6 

Dorothy Bowne, 269, 271 

Elizabeth, 271 

Ellen, 226 

Emily, 310, 3S6 

Eugene Beauharnais, 226 

Farlie Thorburn, 226 

Henry, 260, 271, 3S6 

Janet E., 3S6 

jenet E., 310 

John, 310, 3S6 

John A., 310, 3S6 

Joshua, 271 

Lydia, 226 

i^iary Jane, 310, 3S6 

Matthew, 269, 271, 3S5, 386 

Samuel, 3S6 

Samuel Cornell, 310 

Sarah, 310, 3S6 

Sidney S., 310, 386 

Thomas, 3S6 

Walter, 310, 3S6 
Eraser, Sarah Jane, 322 
Freeborn, Gideon, 38, 372 

Martha, 35, 38 

Mary, 46 

Mercy, 372 

William A., 335 
Freer, Gertrude, 315 
French, Anna Richmond Warner, 

Enoch, 48 

Jackson B., 376 
Frisbie, Ebenezer B., loi 
Fritts, George, 308 
Frone, John, 368 

William, 36S 
Frost, John, 17S 

Sarah, 17S 
Gale, Ann, 16S, 193 

Frank, 11 1 

Mary, 2S4, 299 
Gardener, Elizabeth C, 103, 130 
Gardiner, Chas., 291 
Gardner, Angleica, 312 

Charles, 312 

Jane, 333, 347 
Garretson, John S., 206 

Mary, 206 
Garrison, Allen, 416 

Cornwell, 416 

Daniel, 416 

Enoch, 416 

Esther, 238 

Farman, 416 

Hosea, 416 

Jonathan, 416, 417 

Keturah, 416 

Garrison, Mary, 416 

Mary E., 417 

Ruth, 416 

Sarah, 416 

Thomas, 416 

William, 416 


Gasley, , 366 

Gates, Edwin, 226 
Gedney, John, 315 

Margaret, 298, 312, 314 

Mary, 315 
Gee, Malissa D., 1 15 
Geliamse, Peter, 8 
George, Dinah, 114 
Gerard, William H., 299 
Gibb, John, 277 

Phebe, 278 
Gibbons, Ruth, 375 
Gibson, Mary, 44, 45, 59 
Gifford, C, 37 

Christopher, 355, 357 

Dele, 41, 50, 51 

Elizabeth, 355 

Gideon, 63, 65 

Gideon, Jr., 62 

Ira, 72 

Isaac, 41 

Jane, 56 

Jeremiah, 41 

Jonathan, 50 

Mary, 41, 80,355,357 

Patience, 392 

Peleg, 41 

Richard, 355 

Susannah, 355, 357 

Sybil, 85 

William, 392 
Gildersleeve, John, 221 

Sarah, 216, 221 
Gillette, Culver M., 317 

Mary Elizabeth, 317 
Gilmer, Henry, in 
Gilsey, Margaret, 226 
Girkey, Nan, 140 
Glockmyer, Charlotte, 262 
Glover, Alice, 220 

Ann, 220 

Daniel, 220 

Francis, 220 

John, 220 

John I., 194, 220 

Martha, 220 

Mary, 220 

Phebe, 220 

Robert, 220 

Sarah, 194, 220 

vSamuel, 220 
Goelette, James, 376 
Goddard, Beriah, 396 



Goddard, Helen, 337 

John, 3q6 
Godfrey, Amos, tj 

Berthia, T] 
Gold, Rebecca, 348 
Golden, Abraham, 183 

Jane E., 82 

Maurice, 1S2 
Goodhue, Jonathan, 216 
Goodwin, Alice M., 327 

Charles E., 327 

Ellen J., 327 

Emma C., 327 

Gervis, 327 

Louise, 327 

Phebe F., 327 

William, 327 
Goold, Benjamin, 413 
Goudy, Ida, 12^ 
Gould, Priscilla Jane., 260 
Graham, Augustus, 327 

George, 2S2 
Grandle Ann., iSS 
Grant, Ella Mary, 315, 339 

Henry Delevan, 335 

Isabella, 315, 339 
Graves, De Calvos, 36S 
Gray, Helen Maria, 97, 123 

Horace, 77 
Greele, Augustus, 332 

Caroline Cornelia, 332 
Green, Anna, 306, 327 

Charlotte, 1S7 

Colonel, 69 

Dr., 36S 

Drucilla, 1S7 

Jarvis Mathias, 1S7 

Mary, 1S7 

Richard, 1S7 

Zophar, 327 
Greene, Leonard Cornell, 1S7 
Gregg, Elizabeth, 103 
Gilford, Audrey, 362 
Griffin, Anne C, 301 

Catherine D., 317, 340 

Charles, 301 

Daniel, 301 

Deborah, 273 

Elizabeth, 2S5 

Esther F., 301 

Hannah, 271 

Henry. 2S6 

Jane, 27S 


Joseph, 276, 277, 299, 301 

Martha F., 301 

Mary, 301 

Peter M., 340 

Sarah M., 3sO 

Stephen, 286,287 

Griffin, Stephen C, 304 

William Preston, 376 
Griffiths, Sarah, 415 
Griggs, Edward, 126 

Elizabeth, 76, 103 
Grinnell, Else, 73 

Else Alice, 52 

Sarah, S3, 1 13 

Stephen, 113 
Grover, Joseph, 375 
Guion, Alvin, 23s 

Esther Ann, 324 
Gutlirie, Catherine, 387, 388 

Robert, 3SS 
Guernsey. Euphemia, 367 
Gwyer, Robert, 312 
Hadden, Job., 2S5 

-Sarah, 274, 2S5 
Hadtiekl, Ann Eliza, 256 

George, 256 

Lydia, 237, 256 

Robert, 256 
Hadley, Corinthia, 121, 13S 
Hadwan, Lydia, 89 
Hagarman, Catharine, 365, 366 
Hager, Capt., 9, 10 
Hagner, Adelaide, 220 

Alexander, 220 

Charlotte Adelaide, 220 

Elizabeth, 267, 272 

Henry, 220 

Henry J., 219 

Phebe, 220 
Haight, Abijah, 274 

Charity, 271, 278 

John, 279 

Phebe, 272, 279 

Rebecca, 2S8, 305 

.Sarah .\., 346 

Sarah Ann, 332, 420 
Haines, Miriam, 178 
Hale, Anna Maria, 345 

Benjamin, 49 

Henrietta, i iS 
Hall & Cornell, 253 

Anna, 363 

deac, S 

Uinah, 363 

Gideon, 363 

Green, 363 

Herbert S., 117 

John, 363 

Lydia, 363 

Mary, 363 

Mary .A., 251 

Patience, 363 

Rachel, 303 

Rufus, 363 

Teddiman, 3S7 



Hallett, James, 28S 

Mary, 157 

Phebe, 289 

Samuel, 2S5 

William, 31, 199, 200 
Hallock, Jesse, 276 

David, 276 
Halstead, Daniel, 328 

Frances B., 319 

Frances P., 300 

Sarah, 300, 306, 320, 328 
Hamilton, Amelia, 197, 223 

Sarah Lewis, 223 

William, 223 
Hammett, Nathan, 119 
Hammond, Catharine, 381 
Handel, Rebecca, 36 
Hanna, Elizabeth, 3S4 
Hardenbroeck, Aaf je, 384 

Johannes, 3S4 
Hardenburgh, Anna, 315 

Catherine, 315 

Cornelia, 315 

Charles, 315 

Gazinah, 315 

Grace, 315 

Lucinda, 315 

Margaret, 315 

Mary Jane, 315 

Ralph, 315 
Hardie, Gaston, 248 
Harper, John, 9 
Harrington, Carmi, 373 

Horace, 86 

Susan B., 398 
Harris, Harriet M., 336, 349 

Nancy, 344 
Harrison, Hannah, 278, 288 
Hart, Eunice, 63 

Mary, 40 

Richard, 23, 25 
Hartshorn, Mary, 375 
Harvey, Uriah, 126 
Haskell, Hannah, 97 
Haskins, Nathan, 76 
Haslin, Thomas, 192 
Hassal, Elizabeth, 55, 79 

John, 55, 79 
Hastie, Drayton Franklin, 386 

Ella Drayton, 386 

Marie Clinton, 386 

William S., 310, 386 
Hastings, Esther E. Covert, 107 

Lyman Horace, 132 
Hatfield, Joshua, 284 
Hathaway, Chandler, 103 

Jeremiah, 114 

Jethro, 396 

Stephen, 396 
Haviland, Abigail, 275 

Haviland, Ann., 278 

Benjamin, 275, 276, 277 

Charity, 277 

Ebenezer, 269, 274, 275 

Elizabeth, 271, 275 

Hannah, 275 

Julia, 311,334 

Lavinia, 326 

Margaret, 277, 286 

Maria, 212, 241 

Mary, 275 

Sarah, 274, 284 

Thomas, 275, 284 

Timothy, 298 

William, 145, 286 
Hawks, Edward Clinton, 388 
Hawxhurst, Hannah, 309 
Haynes, Henry, 172 
Hays, Isabella Caroline, 140 

Lorin Nelson, 140 

Mary Timmonds, 140 

Norman Riley, 140 
Hayt, Sarah N., 295, 314 
Hazard, A. G., 234 

Elizabeth, 406 

James, 305 

Jonathan, 152, 154, 406 

Thomas, 22 
Headley, Madeline, 2S1 
Hearsy, Mason, Si 
Heath, Caroline, 418 
Heathcote, Caleb, 327 
Heaton, Hannah, 419 
Hegeman, Catherine, 199, 226 

Mary, 199, 225, 226 
Hendricicson, Isaac, 182 

Sarah, 211 

Timothy, 211 
Hendryx, Mary, 99, 127 
Henshaw, Dr., 205 
Herkimer, General, 10 
Heroy, Caroline Morey, 312, 336 

Lavinius C, 336 
Herrick, Charles, 311, 312 
Herriott, Israel, 385 
Hewlett, Benjamin, 184 

Elizabeth, 242 

Estelle, 313 

George, 214 

Hannah, 214, 242, 273, 283 

James, 283 

Jane, r8i, 202 

Joseph Lawrence, 313 

Lewis, 192, 193, 281, 284, 293, 297 

Martha, 272, 281, 297 

Mary T., 313 

Phebe, 193, 272, 281, 284 

Ruth, 272, 282 

Whitehead, 207 

William, 242 



Hewlett, Worthington, 82, 83 
Heyden, John, 221 
Hicks, Aaron, 76 

Abigail, 1S9, 213 

Alvila Cornell, 173 

Amy, 60 

Ann, 159, 175 

Ann Searing, 173 

Benjamin, 59 

C, 203 

Charity, 144, 155 

Charles, 170, 175, 181 

Clinton Chapman, 344 

Deborah, 175 

Dennis, 104 

Edward, 172, 173, igS 

Elias, 344 

Eliza, 3S3 

Elizabeth, 173 

Ellis, 3S2 

Elvira, 171, 172, 196 

Fanny, 176 

Fanny Smith, 173 

Franklin Burnette, 344 

Hannah, 170, 195 

Hannah Van Nostrand, 173 

Henry, 173 

Isaac, 171, 173, 174, 175, 221 

Jacob, 156, 183, 213, 3S3, 409 

Jacob M., 3S3 

James, 382 

Jeffrey, 172, 173, 175, 196 

John, 1 50, 15 3,173, 198,231, 252, 291,382 

John M., 232 

John Middagh, 3S3 

Joseph, 196 

Julia, 3S4 

Juliet, 204, 231, 383 

Lewis, 310 

Margaret, 158, 171 

Martha Middah, 231 

Mary, 173 

Mary Hewlett, 209 

Mary Pearsall, 173 

Massie Ann, 221 

Norris, 173 

Otis Moffett, 344 

Rebecca, 39, 47 

Robert, 3S2 

Samuel, 173, 383 

Samuel S., 344 

Sarah, 173, 1S5, 209 

Silas, 214 

Stephen, 209 

Thomas, 14=;. U7. 148, 150, 153, 
171, 173, 195, 221, 3S3, 404 

Whitehead, 158, 159 

William, 171 
Higbee, John, 211 
Higgins, Andrew F., 225 

Higgins, Andrew Foster, 224 

Ann, 296 

Anne Frances, 247 

Charles, 296 

Sarah, 225 

Susan, 296 
Hill, David. 53 

Alary J., 343 

Thomas, 16S 
Hiller, Isaac, 71 

Himcy, Eliza \'., 326 
Hiiituii (S; Moore, 236 

John M., 232 
Hirst, Arthur. 230, 239 

Ellen, 385 

Hiram, 230 
Hiscock, William, 74 
Hisey, Jonathan, Jr., 106 
Hitchcock, Fanny, gS 
Hix, Jacob, 77 

Robert N., 61 
Hoag, Kittie, 368 

Martha, 366, 368 

Hoffman, , 332 

Holcome, Eleanor C, 118 
Holcomb, Eliza Jillett, 74 
Holdridge, John, 325 
Holley, William Wells, 220 

Hollingworth, , 86 

Hollis, Chloe, 99 
Holmes, Alexander, 78 

Sally Ann, 366 

Sarah M., 340 
Holt, Charles D., 238 
Hoornbeck, Benjamin B., 315 

Henrietta, 315 

Thomas Kenyon, 315 
Hopkins, Elizabeth, 72,97 

Henry, 347 

Mary, 58 

W. J., 125 
Horsefield, Elizabeth, 162 

Sarah, 183. 1S4 
Horswell, Elizabeth, 373 
Horton, Daniel, 315 

Elisha, 154 

Get)rge W., 340 

Isaac, 2S5 

James, jr., 285 

John Cornell, 315 

Josephine. 315 

Mary Catherine. 315 

Peter AulTusius. 315 

Thomas Henry. 315 
Hosier. Catharine. 27S 
Hoskins, Mary. 304 
Hosper. Marv Ann. 335 
Houck. Handy. 366 

Miles, 366 




Houseman, Amelia, 334 

Hovey, Nellie, 366 

Howard, Mercy Witman, 89, 114 

Polly Wellington, 114 

Samuel, 244 
Howe, B. J., 330 

Mary Ann, 311, 334 

Thomas, 334 
Howell, Celia, 325 
Howland, Abigail, 119, 392 

Amy, 544 ^ 

Arthur, 120, 395 

Bradford, 397 

Caroline, 333 

Caroline J., 347 

Catherine, 307 

Daniel W., 397 

Deborah, 373, 395 

Delia, 344 

Elizabeth, 344 

George F., 119 

Gideon, 397 

Hannah, 361, 364 

Henry, 395 

Ira, 162 

Isaac, 35S, 360 

John, 56, 102, 395 

Joseph, III 

Joseph M., 326, 344 

Mary, 396 

Nancy, 119 

Nathaniel, 361, 364, 398 

Otis, 114 

Paul, 397 

Philip, 359, 360 

Rebecca, 392 

Robert, 344 

Solomon A., 329 

Stephen, 360 

Theresa, 119 

Thursy, 119 

William S., 361 

Zoeth, 392 
Hoxie, Elizabeth, 62, 83 

Joseph, 73 
Huddleston, Elizabeth, 43 
Huddy, Susan, 374 
Hudst Anne, 121 

Charles, 121 

Frank, 121 

George, 121 

Henry, 121 

Kate, 121 

Mary, 121 

Peter, 121 
Hughes, Phebe,6i 
Huit, Rendel, 144 
Hull, John, 306 
Humes, Abbe C, 90 
Humphrey, Emily, 114, 136 

Hunt, Abby, 301 

Aaron, 305 
Eleanor, 288, 305 
James, 301 
Lancaster Odell, 301 
Mary, 87 
Ralph, 143 
Rebecca, 47 
Thomas, 143 
Hunter, Daniel, 301 
Joel, 194 
John, 193 
Huntingdon, Samuel, 192 
Huntington, jeanette, 296 

Samuel P., 296 
Hurd, Charlotte, 208 
Nelson L., 208, 209 
Sarah, 208 
Hurlbert, Abram, 367 
Hurst, Arthur J., 204 

Hutchinson, 86 

Ann, 4, 18,20, 23 
Annie, 371 
Catherine, 387 
Edward, 20, 387 
Susan, 23 
William, 3S7 
Hutton, George, 250 
Huyck, John S., 138 
Huyken, Machtelja, 381 
Hyatt, C, 390 
Sarah, 384 
Ingram, Maria, 95 
Innes, Sarah, Elizabeth, 109 
Insill, Martin John, 243 
Ireland, Lucy Nevens, 321, 342 
Irish, Mary W., 122 
Ives, Hiram, 97 
Jackson, Agnes, 232, 253 
Anna, 253 
Eleanor E., 266 
Elizabeth, 383 
Robert, 175 
Samuel, 253 
Jacquith, Amos, 99 

Harriette W., 99 
James, Amos H., 129 
Jamison, David, 405 
Jansen, David, 327 
Janzen, Hendrick, 144 
Jarvis, John B., 324 
Jay, Augustus, 392 
Francisca, 392 
Jayne, Francis Ashbury, 260 
Jefferson, Benjamin, 33 
Jennings, Betsey, 83, 113 
Jessup, Edward, 143 
Jewett, George Wood, 335 
James, 238 
James Joseph, 238 



Jewett, Jedediah, 238 

Joseph, 207, 233 

Lotta, 23S 

Matilda, 206, 207 20S, 23S 

May, 23S 

Stanley, 238 

William Cornell, 238 
Johannot, James, 251 

Marian, 251 
Johnson, Ann Maria, 20S 

Gen., 207 

Jerome, 20S 

John, 20S 

John C, 206 

Margaret, 208 

Sarah, 308, 331 

Teunis, 208 

William, 307 
Jones, Agnes, 238 

Daniel, 167 

David, 409 

David S., 215 

Elizabeth, 317 

Louisa, Sq, 117 

Lucy, 99, 126 

Mary Van Rensselaer, 238 

Matilda, V. R., 23S 

Naomi, 55, 78 

Nicholas, 238 

Rebecca, 202 

Thomas, 57 
Jordan, Elizabeth, 210 

John, 210, 211 

Mary Elma, 345, 350 

Mrs., 210 

Richard, 350 
Joslin, Daniel, 416 

Enoch, 416 

Sarah Jane, 416, 417 

Susan, 416 
Joyner, Elizabeth, 106 
Kalkoff, Calvin, 36S 
Kammermeyer, Charles J., 342 
Kearney, Michael, 376 
Keeling, Abby, 210 

Elizabeth, 1S5 

John, 1S5, 210 

Sarah, 1S5 
Keen, Reynold, 376 

Sarah A., 260 
Keese, Evan, 364 
Kelderhouse, Lydia A., 95, 122 
Keller, Marion, 244 
Kellog, Anita Merrill, 34?, 35^ 
Kelsv, Charles, 205 
Kemble, Peter, 3S0 
Kemp, Aaron, 234 

Robert Morris, 339 
Kempton, Zacheus, 99 


Kennedy, - 
Kent, Thomas, 17 
Kenyon, Anna Amelia, 264 

Phebe, 52, 73 
Kepling, Elizabeth, 64 
Ketchum, Catharine, 333 

Morris, 333 
Keyser, Emma Louisa, 261 

Robert Blair, 261 
Kieft, governor, 3, 19, 21, 28, 29, 378 

\Villiam, 389 
Kiersied, Blandina, 3S0 
Kiltoii, Amos, 54, 77, 78 

Galen Bowen, 78 

George Winrteld, 78 

Phebe, 77 

Rhoda, 78 

Sarah, 77 

Simeon, 77 

Stephen, 78 
Kimback, Bella, 251 
Kimball, Joseph, 58 
Kincaid, E. H., loi 
King, , 121, 207 

Abigail, 81 

Abigal, 56 

Fannie, 85 

Henrietta, 418 

Rufus, 87 

Rufus H., 87 
Kingsley, NLiry Ann, 121 
Kinney, Huldah, 55, 79 
Kirby, Abner, 357, 393 

Catharine, 357 

Charles E., 119 

Elizabeth, 357, 373 

Henry, 115 

Ichabod, 392 

Jane, 392 
essie, 115 
John, 36, 392 
Justus, 357. 392 
Lydia, 357. 393 
Nathaniel, 392 
Phebe, 115, 320 
Rebecca, 36 

Recompeiice, 41, 392, 395 
Richard, 392. 395 
Robert, 392 
Ruhamah, 395 
Ruth, 359. 363 
Sarah, 35S, 362 
Silas, 392 
Stephen, 364 
\\ esson, 3'')2, 392 
William, 362 
Kirklv, Ann, 214 
Eliza, 213 
Miles. 213 
William, 213 

45 2 


Kissam, Benjamin, 177 

Daniel, 106, 173 

Eliza, 190 

Elizabeth, 164, 376 

John, 37 S 

Mary, 164 
Knapp, Ann, 2gi 
Knowles, Solomon Rodman, 91 
Knoxum, Phebe, 29S, 317 
Kortwright, Elizabeth, 390 
Kroh, Georgia Lois, 136 
Lake, David, 25 

Sarah Earle, 25 
Lamb, Eliza, iig 
Lambertson, Elizabeth, 45 

James, 45 

John, 45 
Lamoree, Phebe, 300, 319 
Lamson, Charles, 347 

Malvina Helen, 347 
Lane, Frances Harriet, 218,244 
Landuff, Elizabeth, 357, 361 
Lausada, Adelia, 211, 239 
Latham, Miriam, 2S9 
Laton, Henry, 292 
Latting, Henry, 292 
Laurence, Henry, iiS 

Nancy Samis, ii3 

Oliver, 156 

Ruby L., iiS 

S., 193, 194 

Samuel, iiS 

Sarah, 151 
Lawrence A., 172 

Ann, 376 

Anne, 376 

Benjamin, 151, 375 

Catharine, 176, 375 

Catherine, 156 

Charity, 151,375 

Charles, 156, 375 

Daniel, 156, 375 

Deborah, 151, 374 

Elisha, 375, 376 

Elizabeth, 147, 151, 308, 374, 375, 

Emeline, 298, 316 

Hannah, 375 

James, 375, 376 

John, 23, 2g, 30, 143, 145, 147, 151, 

374. 375. 376 
John Brown, 376 
John, Jr., 17, 18, 374 
Joseph, 309, 374, 375 
Letitia, 155, 156, 167 
Lettishe,407, 408 
Lucy, 376 
Martha, 374 
Mary, 151, 374, 376 
Oliver, 375 

Lawrence, Rachel, 375 

Rebecca, 375 

Richard, 151, 156,374,375 

Sarah, 364, 374, 375, 376 

Sarah Cornell, 17 

Somerset, 169 

Susannah, 28, 374 

Thomas, 374 

Violetta, 375 

W. B., 309 

William, 145,151, 155,156,374,375 

William Frankhn, 376 

William, Jr., 374 
Lawton, George, 35, 40, 401 

Priscilla, 39, 49 

Robert, 49 

Susannah, 25, 35 
Leavens, Elizabeth A., 304, 324 
Lee, Anthony, 63 
Lefferts, Daniel, 181 

Eliza Jones, 252 

James, 252 

Leffert, 181 

Samuel, 181 

Sarah, 231, 252 

Sarah A., 331 

William, 181 
Leffingwell, Charles Russell, 260} 266 

George Washington, 266 

Helen Cornell, 266 

Julia, 266 

Mary Van Loan, 266 

Russell Cornell, 266 
Legh, George Cornewall, 14 
Lenicon, Susannah, 47 
Leonard, , 376 

Eleazer, 76 

John, 33 

Stephen, 194 
Leopard, Asa J., 119 

Ruth, 119 
Le Roy, Caroline, 215 

Catherine Augusta, 215 

Cornelia, 215 

Cornelia Rutgers, 215 

Daniel, 215 

Edward Augustus, 215 

Herman, 190, 215 

Jacob, 215 

Mary, 215 

Robert, 215 

Samuel Cornell, 215 

Susan, 215 

William Henry, 215 
Leslie, Harriet, 241, 259 
Lester, Benjamin, 409 
Lentzman, Charles H., 208 
Lewis, Abigail, 42, 53 

Betty, 42, 53 

Hepzibah, 42, 54, 55 



Lewis, Isaac, 29S 

Jacob, 233 

Jemima, 221, 246 

Mary, 233 

Mary Fitz Randolph, 204, 233, 3S5 

Morgan, iSS, 213 

Nathaniel, 76, 376 

Solomon, 307 
Lincoln, Saiva, 135 

Sarah, 11 1 
Lindsey, Maria, 126 
Lines, Ann, 168 
Linington, Winifred, 37S 
Livingston, Adelaide, 216 

JBrockholst, 293 

Gilbert, 391 

Henry, 37S 

Joanna, 391 

Margaret, 3S1 

Robert, 216, 351, 391 
Litchford, Thomas, iS 
Littlefield, Deliverance, 69 

Solomon, 4S 
Lloyd, Le£ferts, 310 
Lobdell, Julia, 105 
Lockerman, Annetje, 3S9 

Govert, 359 
Lockwood, Abraham, 30S 

Ebenezer. 201 

William E. B. C, 202 
Locyssan, Mary, 164 
Lodwick, Charles, 145, 404 
Loeyssan, Mary, 152 
Lomen, Matilda, 227 
Long, Herodias, 382 

Wrexaville, 366 
Longfellow, Tabitha, 280 
Longford, Thomas, 49 
Loockemans, Govert, 3S0 

Marritje, 3S0 
Loomis, Ada, 316 

Albert, 316 

Lydia, 364 

Orrin, 316 
Lord, Emeline Augusta, 105 
Lossing, Benson, 32S 
Losson, Marianne, 254 
Lovelace, General, 145 

Gov., 270 
Lovett, Amy, 305, 332 

James. 309, 332 
Low, William, 192 
Lower, AL A., 5 
Lowery, Rev. Ur., 257 
Lubbertsen, Frederick, 144, 204 
Lucas, Anna T., 105 

Eldred, 1S6 
Ludlow, Augustus, 220 
Luther, Childs, 102 

Fanny, 75, 102 

Luther, Rachel, 75 
Lusenburg, Caroline, 103, 130 
Lynch, Hannah, 2S4, 297 
Lyon, Catherine, 261 
Moses, 261 
Sarah H., 259, 265 

Sarah Hcndrix, 242, 261 
Mabbett, Joseph Samuel, 190 

Mabbs, ,6 

Mabson, Arthur, 167, l6S, 190 

Susannah, 167, i6S, 190 
Macumber, Alden, 92 

Eliza, 417 

Peace, 35S, 363 

Perry, 51 

Margaret, 99 

Prissilla, 99 

Thankful, Si, no 
Magnus, Catharine, 219, 244 
Magruder, Elv, 294 
Maiuwaring, Ciies, 348 
Mali, Henry M., 232 
Mallett, Mary, 396 
Man, Walter, 251 
Manchester, Emile Maria, 90, 117 

John, 40 

Theresa, 83 

Theresia, 1 13 
Mann, David, 2S5 
Manoke, Mary, 12 

William, 12 
Mapother, Charles, 227 
Mapson, .Susannah, 190 
Marion, William Weed, 96 
Marsh, Samuel, 2S2 

Thomas, 160 
Marshall, David, 327 

Elizabeth, 347 
Martin, Caroline F., 104 

Daniel, 103 

Dennis, 103 

Governor, 191 

John, 79 

Joseph, 49 

Lucy, 259 

Mary, 39, 49 

Sylvester G., 104 
Marvin R., 153 
Mason, Amos, 74 

Abigal. 57 

Elisha, 42 

Emily, 102, 129 

Isaac, 74 

lames, 42 

Kate. Si 

Katie, 1 12 

Lillian Hale. 74 

Martlia, ;3. 75 

Mary, 53, 74 

Nathan, 74 



Mason, Peleg, 75 

Felatiiih, 42 

Folly, 100 

Sampson, 42 

Shubael, 100 
Mather, Jemima, 100 
Matthew's, Sarah, 2S7. 299, 31 S 
Mayhew, Jonathan, 33 
McAllister, Amelia Hamilton, 249 

Esther Marion, 249 

Harriet Cutler, 246 

Marion, 224 

Ward, 224, 249 
McClain, Elizabeth, 419 
McCord, Margaret, 330, 345 
McCormick, 247 

Maggie J., 247, 264 

McCready, , 246 

McEvers, Elizabeth, 3S1 
McFarlain, Blanche, 239, 258 
McGruder, Grace, 296 
McGowan, J. W., 367 

Mary, 367 

Orson, 367 
McGregory, Don Carlos, 328 
McKesson, John, iSi 
McLaughlin, Margaret Butler, 224 
McLess, James, 165, 213 

John, 165, iSS 

Richard, 165 
McLoughlin, Margaret Butler, 248 
McMicken, John, 9 
McMunn, Catharine, 335 
McVickar, William A., 256 
Mead, Christian, 331 

Emily, 100, 127 

CorneHa Gould, 127 

Walter. 127 

Whitman, 228 
Merritt, Amy, 299, 318 

Banoni, 270, 273 

Carpenter, 299 

Gilbert, 299 

Deborah D., 300 

John, 274 

Susan, 2S6 
Messenger, Austin, 78 

Oliver, 7S 

Rhoda Maria, 78 
Meyer, Andries, 3S3 

Elsie, 3S3 
Meyers, Michael S., 299 
Merehew, Jonathan, 33 
Middagh, Joanna, 3S3 

Tohn, 3S3 

Mary, 333 
Middlecamp, John, 250 
Middleton, Asher D., 254 

Austin Dickinson, 385 

Middleton, Ellen Cornell, 254, 385 

John Nathaniel Butterfield, 385 

Louisa Tompkins, 254 

Louise Tompkins, 385 
Miles, Elijah, 195 

Gen., 248 

Louisa, 366 

Louise, 365 
Miller, Benjamin, 55 

Charity, 242 

Catharine, 332 

Catherine, 308 

Cornelius, 45 

Desire Bull, 68 

Elizabeth, 68 

Elizabeth Bull, 50, 68 

Jacob M., 303 

James, 68, 69, 128 

Jane, 178 

John, 50, 68 

Mary, 68 

Mehitabel, 55 

Phila, 301 

Sarah, 42, 55, 290, 304 

Sarah Louisa, 345 

Sarah Louise, 330 

William, 45, 68, 282, 345 
Mills, Elijah, 171, 195 

John, 210, 211 

Lydia, 366 

Matthew R., 226 

Sarah, 331 

Sarah Ann, 210 
Millspaugh, John, 109 
Milwood, James, 160 
Minor, William, 242 
Minvielle, Gabriel, 374 
Mitchell, Allen, 229 

Anna, 330 

Charles, 180 

Esther, 386 

Hannah N., 200 

Hannah Nostrand, 229 

Jane, 280, 292 

Joseph, 293 

Martha, 190 

Miah, 198 

Phebe Elizabeth, 294 

Phebe Smith, 229 

Priscilla, 280, 292 

Robert, 161 

Singleton, 293 

Uriah, 159, 161, 177, 180, 198 

Whitehead, 293, 294 
Montandevert, Julia, 376 
Montgomery, Mary, 416 
Moody, lady, 6 
Mooney, , 292 

Jonathan, 62 

Susannah, 62 



Moore, Anne, 294 

Augusta, 335 

Benjamin, 190, 216 

Caroline, 343 

Elizabeth, 1 10 

Emeline, 106, 131 

Harriet, 367 

Henry, i6q 

James, 99 

Peter, 329 

Thersa E., 329 

Thomas, iqo 

William Arthur, 133 

W. S., 367 
Moorehouse, John, 291 
Moran, Elizabeth Mary, 254 

Daniel, 254 

Isaac Cornell, 254 

Sarah D. Cornell, 255 

Theodore T., 235, 236 

Theodore Thomas, 254, 255 
Morehead, Nellie, 4i3 
Morehouse, Maria, 312 
Morey, Eliza Antoinette, 214, 242 

Elizabeth, 120 

Sarah, 242 

William, 242 
Morgan, Alfred Waterman, 254 

Edwin Denison, 254 

Elizabeth Sarah, 234 

Jasper, 255 

Katherine Avery, 255 

Luther, 127 

Theodore Moran, 254 

Thomas Archer, 255 

Typhena, 96 
Morrell, Allen, 337 

John{?), 378 

Robert L., 337 
Morrice, John, 6 
Morris, John, 33 

James, 215 

Richard, iS 

Sarah Louisa, 215 
Morrison, Geo. T.,95 
Morse, S. F. B., loS 
Moseman, Sarah A., 106 

Sarah Ann, 132 
Moser, Daniel, 364 
Mosher, Angeline, So 

Cloe, So 

Elemuel, 365 

Hannah, 36 

Hugh, 36 

Tohn, 52 

Joseph W., 12S 

Meribah, 56, So 
Moshier, Abigail. 43 

Benjamin. 43 

Hannah, 25 

Moshier, Prisilla, 43 
Most Tamson, 417 
Mott, , 163 

Adam, 19, 21, 304 

Ann, 19, 21, 146, 159, 177, 304 

Benjamin, 177, 202 

C, I SI 

Charles, 177 

Daniel, 203 

Dr.. 233 

Edward, 273 

Eliza H., 136 

Elizabeth, 47, 66, 67 

Hewlett, 202, 203 

Jacob. 167,409 

John, 67, 202 

Joseph, 159, 160, 273 

Mariam, 161 

Marian, 203 

Marsi, 149, 150, 158 

Miriam, 149, 15S, 164, iSo 

Phebe Ann, 303, 322 

Phebe Sutton, 303, 323 

Richbell, 37S 

Sammons, 242 

Samuel, 160, 297 

Sarah, 267, 304 

William, 270, 322 
Mowry, Junia, 90 

Jonathan, 62 
Moxon, Benjamin, 165 

Richard B., 165 
Munn, Annie L., 245 

O. D., 233 

Sarah Treadwell, 219, 245 

Stephen Ball, 245 
Munro Cornell, 55, 79 

John, 55. 79. 107 

Parnethia, 79, 107 

Philema A., 79 

Philena A., 107 
Munroe, Jub, 79 
Murphy, Samuel, 7S 
Nailur, Jacob, 96 
Naramore, Millie, 350 
Newbold, Thomas, 215 
Newell, James, 376 
Newman, William, 28 
Newton, Delia A., So, iio 
Nicholls, Elizabeth. 47 

Gov., 2S. 29 

Governor, 144 

Jonathan, 47 

Mary. 39. 47 
Nichols, Gov., 376 

Phrbe. S6 

Robert, 49 
Nicolls. William. 167. 409 
Niles. Nath.Tniel, 3SS 
Nollinan or Mollman. A. L., aoS 



Norman, Ann Hope, 91 

Elizabeth, gi 

George, qi 

George \V., qi 

Moses, 70, qi 

Priscilla Hradford, 91 

Robert Cornell, 91 

Thomas, 91 
Normandy, William O., 417 
Northrop, Elroy, 41S 
Norton, Delia, 104 

John L., 202 
Nostrand, Elizabeth, 203 

John, 312 

Robert, 202, 203 

Towiisend, 420 
Noxon, Phebe, 317 
Oakley, John, 37, 162 

Patience, 152, 161, 162 

Samuel, 163 

Wilmot, 163 
Oakly, Mary, 157 
O'Brien, Sarah, 329 

Part-is, 329 
Ogden, Catharine, 390 

David A., 191 
Olney, Thomas, 36 
Olsen, John, 327 
Onderdonk, Rev. Mr., 238 
O'Neil, Sarah, go 
Opdyke, John, 23 
Orser, Margaret, 330 
Osborn, John H., 71 
Osterberg, Margaret Katerina, 236, 255 
O'Sullivan, Captain, 206 
Otis, Charlotte D., 215 

Ephraim, 306 
Overbaugh, Augusta Cornell, 315 

Beulah, 315 

Catherine, 315 

Chester B., 315 

DeWitt C, 315 

Genevive, 315 

Henrietta M., 315 

Joseph C, 315 
Owen, Francis, 76 
Packard, Abijah, 397 

Maria, 96, 122 
Packersgill, Mary, 415 
Palmer, Aaron, 269 

Benjamin, 284 

Gilbert, 290 

Henry, 362 

James, 290 

John, 146 

Michael F., 72 

Nathan, 2S4 

Nehemiah, 269 

Obediah, 290 

Samuel, 270, 290 

Pahner, Sarah, 269 
Pangborn, David, 246 

Elias, 246 
Parker, Fanny, 312 

Harriet, 345, 350 

Isaac I., 87 

James F., 343 

John, 376 

Lucy, 70, 94 

Marian, 313 

Richard B., 313, 336 
Parkhurst, D., 420 
Parkinson, Anna, 98 

Chas., 98 

Ellen, 98 

Frankie, gS 

Geo., gS 

Stephen, 98 

Seymour, 98 
Parks, William, 299 
Parrington, George, 104 
Parsell, Mary, 378 
Parsons, Rachel, 95 
Patchen, Ralph, 207 
Paterson, Martha. 2S2, 295 

Matthew, 295 
Patten, John E., 316 
Patterson, Beekman, 419 

James, 295 

James B., 295 

William M., 248 
Pattison, James, igi 
Paul, William, Jr., 54 
Paulding, Earl, 346 

Henry, 346 

Leonard K., 346 
Pearce, Aaron, 106 
Pearsall, Freelove, 169 

Mary, 386 

Miah, 187, 219 

Nancy, 187 

Nathaniel, 273 

Thomas, i6g, 170 
Pearson, Jessie, 334 
Pease, Evan, 364 

Deborah, 71, g5 

Hiram, 95 
Peck, Curtis, 209 

Edwin H., 104 

Elijah, 194 

Elisha, 364 

Jonathan, 194 

Martha, 361, 364 

Sarah, 106 
Peckham, Benjamin, 67 

George, 67 

Mary Hazard, 67 

Joshua, 47, 89 
Pedlev, Roger, 378 
Pell, Elijah, 169 



Pell, Mary, 170 

Thomas, 21, 29 
Pelton, Richard, 364 
Penniman, George H., 254 

Mary Brewer, 254 
Pennington, Patience, 49 
Penny, Edward, 311, 312 
Perine, Lizzie, 302 
Perkins, Calista, 367 

Eunice, 367 

Oliver, 367 

Richard, 365, 367 
Perry, Charity, 17S 

Elizabeth, S3 

Mary, 61, 83 

Phmeas, S3 
J'eters, Charles, 199, 227 

Elizabeth, 379 

Jane C, 22S 

Sarah Maria, 22S 

Thomas Jefferson Cornell, 228 

Valentine H., 228 

Valentine Hewlett, 167, 409 
'ettigrew, Susan, 135 

Susannah, loS 
^ettit, Susan, 291 
'etty, Ephraim, iii 
■^hilip, Reuben, "j-j 
'hilips, Mary Antoinette, 301, 320 
'hilipse, Eva, 391 

Frederick, 391 
'hillips, James, 68 

Ruby, -363, 365 
'hoenix. Miss, 190 
*ick, Mary, 118 
'ierce, Alice, 74 

Amos, 74 

Candice, 417 

Caroline, 385 

Chloe, 1S8 

Ephriam, 41 

Hopestill, 53, 75 

Jael, 42 

John, 41, 42 

Laura, 74 

Mary, 42 

Mial, 37 

Michael, 41 

Mr.. 19 

Patience, 41 

Peleg, 54 

Rhoda, 74 

Ruth, 36, 41, 42 

Submit, 54 
'ierrepont, Hezekiah, 184 
'latt, I5enjamin, 177 

Ephenetus, 194, 291 

Mary, 2S0, 291 
'limpton, Alice Gardiner, 265 

George D., 265 

Plumb, Almon H., 344 

Christopher H., 344 

Maria Julia, 334 

Minnie J., 344 

Robert J., 344 

Watson J., 344 

William li., 344 
Plym|iton, Alice Gardiner, 256 
Podclfurd, Kate, 102 
Polhemus, Anna, 379 

TheocJorus, 379 
Polk, James K., 333 

William H., H}, 
Pollock, Janu'S A., 259 
P(jol, Aaron, 54 
Porter, Ann, 257 
Postwick, Hiram, 29S 
Potter, Catharine, 353, 355 

Clara, 95 

Cornelius, 99 

Emma, 334 

Hannah, 98 

Horatio, 255 

Judith, 9S 

Mercy A., 104, 130 

Mr., 20 

Nathaniel, 355, 392 

Rebecca, 392 

Sarah, 49, 69 
Potts, Rev. Mr., 233 
Powell, Amelia Gardner, 337 

\'irginia, 212, 241 

William J., 337 
Powers, , 213 

G., 209 
Poyer, Frances E., 221 

Rev. Mr., 159 

Thomas, 166 
Pratt. Mary, 395 

Paul, 73 
Prentiss, Kosina, 116 

Rosina Melissa, 137 
Preston, Rebecca, 65 
Price, Michael, 1S9 
Prime, Nathaniel, 389 
Prince, William, loS, 192 
Pringle, Clive, 25S 

Roderick R., 25S 

Sarah Stanton, 25S 
Printz, Letitia, 144, 156 
Pudney, John, 378 
Pumnliry, Win. H., 106 
Punciersoi), Thomas Heathcote, 168 
Purely, Elizabeth, 2S4, 299 

.Mary, 345 

Nancy, 2'^4, 29S 
Purser, C, loi 
Purvis, David. 343 

George, 343 
Quimby. .\aron. 269 

45 8 


Ouimby, Anne, 2S5 

Elizabeth, 276 

Josiah, 26g, 2Sg 

Hannah, 274, 276, 2S9, 290 

Mary, 26(5, 27S, 2S9 
Ralph, Jacob, 419 
Ralston, William C, 124 
Randolph, Deborah, 233 
Ransom,Elizabeth Waterman, 245,263 

Joseph, 263 
Rapelye, Catherine, 2o3 

John, 295, 296 

Maria, 20S 
Rattoon, Thomas, 378 
Ray, Simon, 3S7 

' Sybil, 3S7 
Raymond, Joshua, 388 
Rawlings, John, 259 

Rebecca, 259 

Rebecca A., 242 

Sarah, 259 
Reade, Joseph, 48 

Rector, , 325 

Redfield, Catherine, 335 
Redford, Dennis, 96 
Redmond, Rebecca, 376 
Reed, Margaret, 395 
Reese, Annie, 105 
Reid, Emeline, 418 

Joseph, 47 
Remington, Sarah K., 88 
Reynold, Austin, 96 

Benjamin, 308 

Florence, 346 

Reynolds, Abna, 325 

' Ann., 30S, 289 

Clarissa, in 

Elias, 352 

Florence, 352 

Jane, 352 

Mordecai, 306 

Patience, 42, 53 

Richard, 308 

Susan, 313, 336 

William, 325 
Rhett, Robert Barnwell, 248 
Rhodes, , 218, 246 

Anthony, 106, 177 

Betsey, 139 

Betsy, 121 

Daniel, 228 

Elizabeth, 201, 228 

Margaret, 218 

Robert, 200, 228 

Sarah, 218 
Rice, Sarah, 91 
Richardson, William A., 124 
Richbill, John, 270 
Richmond, Catherine, 367 

Mary, 367 

Richmond, Nelson, 367 

Orson, 367 

Rebecca, 54 

Seth D., 365, 367 

William, 216 
Ricketson, Joseph, 397 
Ricketts, Mary Walton, 390 

William, 390 
Rickey, Alice M., 112 
Rienburg, Leander, 128 
Ripley, Abner, 72 

Rebecca, 395 
Robb, Sarah W., 131 
Roberdy, Robert, 221 
Robert, Josephine, 249 
Roberts,' Mary E., 349 
Robertson, Hiram D., 80 
Robinson & Cornell, 236 

Ann, 2g8, 316 

Edward C, 322 

James Parkinson, 236 

John, 97 

Joseph Parkinson, 255 

Mary F., 322 

Sarah, 316 

Thomas, 316 

William, 97 
Roch, John Smith, 173 
Rodman, Catherine, 2ig 

Dr., 150 

John, 219 

Maria, 92, 119 

Mary, 119 

Samuel, 279 

Thomas, 219 
Roe, Anne, 16S, 193 

Oliver, 168 

Phebe, 220 

Sarah, 168, 193 

Thomas, 219 

William, 168 
Rogers, Benjamin Wooley, 381 

General, 257 

William L., 236 
Root, Mattie, 368 

Phebe Amelia, 365, 367 
Rosella, Allen, 301 
Rotch, Joseph, 64 
Rounds, Amy, 76, 103 

Anne, 103 
Rowe, George, 420 
Rowland, Benjamin, 207 

Daniel, 183 

Hannah, 182 

Jonathan, 182 
Rowley, Abigal. 52, 71 
Rushmore, Lucinda Vail, 242, 322 
Russ, Catherine, 208, 238 

Catherine A., 207 

Cornelia M., 207 



Russ, John A., 207, 20S 

William C., 207 
Russell, Abigail, 392, 397 

Agnes, ri6 

Charles, 241 

Daniel, 326 

Dorothy, 267, 393 

Elizabeth, 393 

Hannah, 62, S5 

James, 392 

John, 267, 354. 392, 393, 395 

Jonathan, 392 

Joseph, 64, 356, 393 

Judith H.. 326 

Mary, 17, 64, 267, 353, 355, 356 

Ralph, 393 

Rebecca, 371 

Sarah, 416 

\Vm. H., 92 
Rutherford, Livingston, 216 

Mary, 216 
Ryan, William, 200 
Ryder, Ann, 246 

Charles, 332 

John, 6S 

Luke C, 246 

Xancy, 100 

Samuel, 100 

William, 331 
Ryerson, Lefferts, 20S 

Maria, 20S 
Rynders, Elizabeth, 350 
Sabine, Martha B., no 
Sackett, Jos. Jr., 406 

Margery, 282 
Sage, Ida, 121 
Salt, Daniel, 246 
Salter, Richard, 375 
Sammis, Mary, 263 
Sampson, Cornelia, 323 

Stephen, 323 
Samson, Caroline, 303 
Sands, Abigail, 279 

Ann Ascough, 294 

Anne, 3SS 

Benjamin, 173, 3SS 

Comfort, 279, 281, 3S9 

Cornell, 23o 

Cornwell, 3S8 

Deborah, 273 

Dorothy, 3S7 

Edward, 269, 270, 271, 272, 273, 
274, 337. 3^3 

Elizabeth, 280, 294, 388 

George, 273, 287, 3S8 

Gideon, 3S8 

Hannah, 273, 279 

Henrv, 273, 274, 278, 2S0 

James, 146, 150, 267, 270. 271. 272. 
273, 2S7, 288 

Sands, John, 268, 272, 273, 270, 294, 297, 
3S7. 3S8 

John U'Neil, 2S4 

Joshua, 2bi, 294, 314, 388 

Mary, 273, 274, 279, 3S8 

Mercy, 3SS 

Nathaniel, 274, 2S4, 387, 388 

Ray, 273 

Robert, 281, 388, 389 

Richard, 273 

Richardson, 2S1, 389 

Samuel, 266, 271, 2S0, 3S7 

Sarah, 387 

Sarah Walker, 271 

Simon, 388 

Stephen, 2S1, 389 

Sybil, 273 

Zerviah, 3S8 
Sandys, Edwin, 387 
Sanford, Fanny, 357 

John, 27 

Peleg, 35 

Priscilla, 357, 359 
Sarchet, Harriet, 62, 8? 
Sarton, Joane, 199, 226 
Sater, Joseph, 375 
Saxton, Joane, 199, 226 

Joanna E., 250 

'Rufus, 137 
Sayer, John, 160 
Sayre, Priscilla, 416 

Sarah, 416 

William, 416 
Schaffner, Lena, 140 
Schetter, Charlotte Otto, 251 

Florens, 251 

Florenz, 231 
Schiers, Emma Verona, 339 

John Henry, 339 
Schofield, Josiah, 66 
Schooley, Julia, 306 

Julia S., 326 
Schoonmaker, Anna, 315 

Hiram, 315 

Peter, 315 

Thomas Corntll, 315 
Schuman, John, 2?6 
Schuyler, Gertrude, 310, 390 

Margaret, 3S1 
Scott, Elizabeth, 3S 

Hannah, 30 

Joseph Warren, 251 

Juliet Ann, 251 

Moses W., 231. 251 

Susannah, 3S 

William E. Dodge. 251 
Scovel, lohn A., 257 

Mary Brooks, 237. 257 

Rebecca BrcK)ks, 257 
Scudder, Elizabeth, 275 



Scudder, John, 375 
Seabury, Samuel, 3S9 
Seaman, Jane, 201 
John F., 314 
John W., 292 
Kesiah F., 30S, 331 
Zebu Ion, 201 
Seariuij, Gilbert, 172, 173 
Mary, 173 
Sebring, Aeltje, 205 
Cornelius, 205 
Isaac, 1S2, 1S3 
Lambertie, 379 
Margaret, 162, 1S2 
Secor, Susan, 301 
See, Eva, 346 
Seeley, Ebenezer, 220 
Selleck, Mary, 30S, 332 
Sells, James, 2S0 
Wessell, 2S0 
Senequam, Thomas, 28 
Seymour, Jessie, 298 

John, 29S 
Sharp, Mary, 211, 240 
Shaver, Mary, 115, 137 
Shaw, Phebe, 35 S 
Sheaff, Debbie Ann, 220 
Shearman, Alice, 92 
Job, 92 
Sarah, 43 
Sheldon, Charles, 232 

Elizabeth Parsons, 232 
Isabel, 204 
Isabella, 232 
Jane, 127 
Shelton, Edward Nelson, 352 

Elizabeth Eugenia, 348, 352 
Shepperd, George, 224, 249 

Gertrude Parker, 249 
Sherman, Catherine, 66, 393 
Ebenezer, 66 
Eliza B., 90 
George, 75 
James A., 260 
John, 76 
John A., 120 
Jonathan, 74 
Margaret Reed, 260 
Minnie R., 242, 260 
Preserved, 394 
Robert, 393 
Ruth, 119 
Sarah, 36 
Sherwood, Elizabeth, 70 

Homer C, 122 
Shieve, Elizabeth, 46, 47 

Shinott, , 290 

Hannah, 199 
Shores, Mary, f] 

Shrieve, Abigal, 62 
Daniel, 62 
Elizabeth, 62 
Shumway, Lucinda, Si, iii 
Silby, Joseph, 292 
Silliman, Helen Augusta, 243 
Robert Davis, 243 
Robert F., 343 

Sills, , 292 

Simmons, Hannah, 'jd 

Roby, 75 
Simons, Hendrickie, 383 
Simonson, Charles, 82, 83 
Singleton, Mr., igi 
Sisson, Abigail, 35, 39 
Constant, 71, 93 
David, 67 
Elsie, 95, 121 
George, 36 
Hannah, 66, 87 
James, 354 
John, 39 
Julia, 398 
Richard, 36 
Skidmore, Abigail, 203 
C, 185, 210 
Emeline, 313, 337 
Hanna, 161 
James C, 329 
Jeanne, 376 
John, 161, 163, 195, 207 
Joseph, 59 
Martha, 337 
Nellie, 186, 211 
Samuel, 161 
William, 337 
Slade, Sarah, 75 
Slidell, Catherine, 335 
Slocum, Anne, 92 
Cornelia, 93 
Eliezer, 396 
Emeline, 96 
George W., 95 
Giles, 397 
Joanna, 33 

John Wood Howland, 93 
Juliette Mosher, 96 
Royal, 96 
Ruth, 165, 187 
William Rackertson, 93 
Smiley, Albert Keith, 320 
Smith, Aaron, 388 
Abel, 280 

Abigail, 78, 178, 396 
Abraham, 145 
Abraham T., 397 
Alice, 396 
Alzina Button, 90 
Amanda, 388 
Amelia, 398 



Smith, Ann, 396 
Anna, 73, 98 
B., 180 

Benjamin, 170, 177, 290, 39S 
Benjamin R., 397 
Betsey, 330, 344 
Caroline, 220 
Catharine, 178 
Catherine, 163, 17S 
Clarinda, 74, loi 
Collins, 361. 393, 3q6, 397, 398 
Cornell Nathan, 90 
Cynthia B., 97, 398 
Daniel, 52, 195, 220, 396 
Deborah, 374, 395, 396. 397 
Deliverance, 395, 396 
E., 201 

Edwin R., 346 
Eleanor, 179, 202 
Eleanor C, 201 
Eliashub. 395 
Eliezer, 395, 
Eliza C, 100, 127 
Elizabeth, 143, 151, 164, 166, 171, 1S7 

195, 242, 260 
Ellen Cornell, 256 
Ellen G., 117 
Ellen Grinnell, 20, 402 
Fred Lewis, 123 
George, 396 
Gersham, 395 
Hanna, 25 

Hannah, 37, 361, 395, 397, 398 
Hassadyah, 392 
Hattie, 361 
Henry, 396, 397 
Hezekiah, 395 
H. H. H. Crapo, 393, 39S 
Hope, 396 

Humphrey, 395, 396, 397 
Humphrey H. H. C, 361 
Husadiah, 395 
Isaac, 172 
J.. 156 

James, 180, 195. 291 
(emina, 273 

Jeremiah, 37, 151, 152, 166 
lob, 3SS 

John, 201, 364, 392, 395, 396, 403 
John C, 398 
John, Jr., 395 
John S., 107 
Josiah, 395 
Judah, 395 
Julia Estelle, 337 
Little, 148 
Little John, 147 
L. Sidney, 347 

Margaret, 60, 179, iSo, 201, 202 
Margaret A., 201 

Smith, Margaret C, 179 

Martha, 96 

Mary. 3.>6, 397 

Mary Hetty, 398 

Mehitable, 395 

Meribah, 357, 360 

Micah, 37S 

Miriam, 357, 360 

Nathan Jones, 90 

Nathaniel Button, 90 

Niah, 178 

Oliver, 307 

Pel eg, 396 

Peter, 179, iSo, 201, 202 

Phebe, 269, 306 

Rebecca, 397 

Rebecca H., 39S 

Richard, 145, 201. 388 

Rodney, 221 

Ruth, 163, 171, 1S5 

Sarah, 395 

Solomon, 185 

Sylvan us, 297 

Sylvia, 397 

Thomas, 361 

Thomas C, 120 

Timothy, 173 

Tucker, 361, 393.397 

Walter Dennison, 90 

Wessel S., 313 

William, 374, 397 
Snedeker, Seaman, 211 
Snell, Phebe, 35S 
Sniffer, Bennett, 212 

Theodore Frelinghuysen, 212 
Snow, Otis, 1 1 1 
Snyder, Mary Catherine, 315 
Soule, Betsey, 71 

Elizabeth, 52 

Samuel, 35S 
Southard, Samuel, 160 
Spear, Catharine Sprague, 123, 139 
Speck, Annie Matilda, 136 
Spencer, Albert K., 344 

Asa, Si 

Belle D., 344 

Benjamin, 70 

Ezra, Si 

Mary. 127 

Merritt Howland, 344 
Spicer, Mary E., 336, 34S 
Spooner, Wing, 50 
Spragg, John, 152 
Sprairue, John, 152 

Ruth, 39; 
Sprine. Nlargaret, 94 

Sophia, 94 
Squire. lermne M., 1 10 
Stacy, Kate Rockwell, 34S 
Standish, Miles, 393 



Stanhope, Philip \V., 6S 
Starbuck, James, 52 
Starkins, Joseph, 177 

Thomas K., 177 
Starr, Comfort, 279 

John, 267 

Josiah, 272 

Mary, 267, 272 

Rachel, 3S2 
Staunton, Dorothy, 262 

George Cornell, 262 

lohn Bloomfield, 262 

S. C, 262 
Stebbins, Benjamin, 377 

Walter Louis, 124 
Steele, Humfrey, 12 
Steenwyck, Cornelius, 145 
Stephan, Charles, 346 
Stephens, John, 72 
Sterling, Eliza C, 12S 

J. H., 12S 

Joseph, 106 
Stevens, Albert Gallatin, 224, 249 

Bertha, 249 

Byam Kirby, 249 

Francis, 249 

George Augustus, 90 

James, 416 

John, 416 

John Cornell, 246 

Joseph Tyler Cornell, 90 

Lott, 416 

Louisa Newbold, 249 

Mary, 416 

Matilda, 329 

Samuel, 416 

Smith, 416 
Stevenson, , 6 

Abigail, 269, 277, 377 

Ann, 377 

Edward, 377 

Stephen, 277 

Thomas, 374, 377 
Steward, Julia, 241, 23S 
Stile, William, 44 
Stiles, Jonathan, 416 

Ruth, 416 

Thomas, 416 

Stillman, , 97, 123 

Stillwell, Benjamin Marshall, 160 
Slilwell, Elizabeth, 160 

Esther, 160 

Marian, 160 

Mary, 160 

Nicholas, 149, 150, 160 
Stimpson, Cornelius, SS 

Samuel C, SS 
Stocker, Henry, 174 
Stocking, deacon, 8 
Stoddard, Ruth, 48, 68 

Stokes, Elizabeth, 355 
Stoothoff, Helena, 28 
Storms, Lavinia, 284, 299 
Stout, Lucy, 375 
Strange, Henry, 164 
Stringham, Elizabeth, 406 

James, 152, 406 

Mary, 154, 406 
Strong, Benjamin W., 296 

Henry Wright, 86 

Jerusha, 317 
Strycker, Aeltie, 379 

John, 379 
Stryker, James, 210 

John, 144, 379 

Maria, 1S5, 210 

Mary, 210 
Stuyvesant, Anna, 379 

Balthazar, 379 

director, 8 

Elizabeth, 215 

gov., 29, 30 

Peter, 380 
Styles, John, 246 
Suawsell, Thomas, 374 
Sutherland, Rachel, loi 
Sutton, Alice, 277, 287 

Dorcas Clapp, 287 

Joseph, 290 

Rachel, 53 

William, 273, 287 
Suydam, Anna Priscilla, 222, 247 

Elizabeth W. Smith, 247 

Jacob, 309 

John, 206, 291 

Minne, 247 
Suydom, F., 207 
Sweet, Phebe, 91 
Swift, Elizabeth, 98 

Esther, 394 

Joan, 394 

Phebe, 98 

William, 394 
Sylvester, James, 115 

Syphar, , 419 

Taggart, Edward, 342 
Tait, Elizabeth, 333, 347 
Talmage, Sabina, 96 
Talman, , 376 

John, 166 

Sarah, 193, 218 
Tayler, Adelaide, 343 
Taylor, Adelaide Adell, 343 

Alberta, 344 
Allen E., 343 
Alonzo, 344 
Anthony, 68 

Azubah, 343 
Benjamin, 68, 384 
Caroline J., 343 



Taylor, Charles, 344 

Charles E., 334 

Charles J., 344 

Elisha, 343 

Elisha Cornell, 343 

Ella, 344 

Frank, 344 

Fred, 344 

Harry, 344 

Lochlin Hume, 344 

Jacob, 344 

James, 63 

James Barker, 344 

John, 202, 327, 343 

John Brewster, 343 

John N., 206 

Lily, 344 

Lydia, 343 

Margaret, 202 

Maria, S5 

Martha, 344 

Mary, 68, 343, 3S4 

Maude, 344 

Nathan, 344 

Nellie, 344 

Sarah Jane, 343 

William, 343 
Taliafero, Whitmel T., 253 
Teneyck, Henry, 327 
Tenny, Rhoda, 62, 84 
Terry, Samuel, 246 
Tew, Burdick Ann, S9 

Samuel, 47 
Theall, Edwin, 322 

Elizabeth, 303, 321 

Sarah, 303, 321 

William, 321 
Thomas, Alice, 48 

Ephriam, 48 

George, 356 

Hannah, 57 

John, 157 

Lawrence B., 2S 

Lillis, 44. 57 

Nathan W., 103 

Simeon, 57 
Thompson, Hannah, 365, 367 

Harriet, 104 

Isabella C, 95 
Thorne, Benjamin, 1S2 

Catherine, 272, 279 

Daniel, 176, 177, 291 

Elizabeth, 190, 37S 

Hannah, 45, 60, 159, 176, 267, 26S, 

271. 37S 
John, 269, 190, 37S, 379 
Joseph, 182, 279, 2S0, 373 
Margaret, 37S 
Martha, 167 
Martha Cornell, 190 

Thome, Mary, 190, 378 
Mary Pearsall, 269 
Nathaniel, 307 

Phebc, 162, 167, 182, 275, 378 
Phebe Allen, 1S2 
Richard, 190, 37b, 379 
Samuel, 160, 174, 190, 37S 
Sarah, 167, ih9, 267, 271, 378 
Stephen, 273, 2S3 
Susannah, 378 
Thomas C, 219 
Thomas Cornell, 190 
William, 166, 173, 174, 1S9, 190,378 


William, Jr., 37S 

Winnefred, 37 
Thornton, Phebe, 396 

widow, 44 
Throckmorton, John, 18, 19, 23 

Mr., 20 
Thurston, Abigail, 362 

Abigal Clark, 46 

Clark, 104 

Grace Olive Lucretia, 185 

Elizabeth, 3S. 46, 162, 184 

Hannah, 45 

John, 184 

Samuel, 45, 46 
Tiers, Christina, 348 

Ct)rnelius, 34S 
Tillinghast, V>. A., S5 
Tillson, Anna, 331 

Caroline, 315, 338 

Timothy, 331 

William, 331 
Tilson, Ann, 307 
Timmonds, Jemima, Condict, 140 

Mary Fletcher, 140 

Wm. Henry, 140 
Titus, Hannah, 286 

John, 225 

Richard. 276 

Samuel, 303 

Sarah, 2S6, 303 
Todd, Charlotte Lydia, 127, 141 

Edward, 141 

Ethel, 251 

John E.. 251 

Lvdia Giddings, 141 
Toll, Corni-lia Jacobson, 3S3 
Tom, Catherine, 2SS 
Tomliii, Sarah Jane, 417 
Tompkins, Agnes Cornell, 254, 3S5 

Caleb, 385 

Catharine Cornell, 3S5 

Catherine Cornell, 254 

Daniel D., 233. 253. 385 

Ellen H.. 235 

Enoch, 254, 385 

James, 300 



Tompkins, John, 3S4 

Jonathan, 3S5 

Jonathan Griffin, 3S4 

Margaret, 330, 345 

Nathaniel, 3S4 

Rachel, 301, 302, 321 

Samuel, 321 

Stephen, 3S4 
Townsend, Ebenezer, 313 

Elizabeth C, 309 

George E., 309 

Hannah, 375 

Hannah B., 66 

John, II 

Nathaniel, iSi 

Peter, 309 

Robert B., 309 

Roger, 145 

Thomas, 66 
Tracy, S., 106 
Trask, Davis, 99 
Travis, John, 345 

Maria, 345 
Treadwell, Benjamin, 1S9 

Catharine, 3S8 

John, 166 

Lydia Ann, 196, 222 

Miriam W., 293, 313 

Peggy, 167 

Phebe, 167 

S., 171 

Sarah, 167 
Treat, Charles Gould, 260 

Joseph Bradford, 260 

Katherine, 260 

Margaret, 260 
Tredwell, Benjamin, 379 
Tripp, A., 417 

Abigail, 37 

Eliza, III 

Elizabeth, 37 

James, 354, 362 

Joseph, 37 

Levi, 52 

Peleg, 36 

Maria, So, no 

Mary, 395 

Sabra, 99 

Seabury, 99 

Silva, III 

Thomas, 44 

Zilpha, 43, 56 
Trowbridge, Jane, 95 
Troutman, Ella, 125 
True, Benjamin K., 235 
Tryon, Governor, 191 
Tucker, Elephal, 394 

Elizabeth, 50, 70 

Fanning B., 294 

Hannah, 397 

Tucker, Henry, 394 

Mary, 356, 393 
Tucknell, Phill J., 118 
Tyng, Constance Dudley, 224 

Edward, 17 

Edwin, 224 

Elizabeth, 224 

Fanny, 224 

Grace Royal, 224 

Harriet Cornell, 224 

James Higgins, 224 

Russell Degen, 224 
Underbill, Alfred, 301 

Daniel, 287 

Edwin, 301 

Elizabeth, 301 

Esther, 289, 307 

Hanna, 306 

Hannah, 289 

Henry, 301 

Jacob, 306 

Samuel, 388 

Sarah Reese Cox, 287 

Stephen, 2S7, 28S 

Thomas, 307 
Updike, John, 23 
Upsan, Katurah, 107 
Vail, Edgar, 330 

Edwin, 213 

Elias, 330 

Elias D., 213 

George, 213 

Hannah, 330 

Ida, 330 

John, 330 

Oliver, 330 

Willard Cornell, 213 
Valentine, , 186 

Caleb, 169, 186 

Charity, 161, 182 

Ephraim, 182, 196, 225 

George, 225 

Henry, 182 

Jeremiah, 227 

Phebe, 225 

Thomas, 227 
Van Allen, Isaac, 317 
Van Brugge, Carel, 144, 374 

Sarah Cornell, 374 
Van Brunt, Rutgert A., 203 
Van Buren, Daniel, 71 

James, 71 
Van Cortlandt, Anna, 392 

Augustus, 392 

Catharine, 389, 390 

Elizabeth, 307, 390 

Frederick, 392 

Jacobus, 391, 392 

James, 301, 390 

James Stevenson, 391 



Van Cortlandt, Johannes, 390, 391 

John, 307 

Margaret, 380 

Olaf, 380 

01a£f, 3S9, 391 

Oliver, 307, 390, 391 

Olof Stevense, 3S9, 391 

Philip, 165, 3S9. 390. 391 

Pierre, 391 

Stephanus, 21, 3S0, 3S9, 391 

Stephen, 165,307,377,339,390,391 

William, 307 

William R., 307 

William Ricketts, 390 

William Ricketts, Jr., 390 
Van Dam, Rip Jr., 3S0 
Van der Donk, Adrian, 21 
Vanderwater, Edwin, 225 

Jane, 225 
Vandeveer, Sarah Rebecca, 212, 241 
Van de Water, Anne Amelia, 250 
Van De Water, Annie Ameria, 264 

John, 264 
Van Duyen, Gertrude Stryker, 237 
Van Duyn, Cornells Gerrits, 3S1 
Van Duzen, Emma Beatrice, 241 
Van Dyck, Agnes, 3S2 

Angenientje, 3S2 

Simon, 382 
Van Home, Jacobus, 3S0. 
Van Horn, Z., 153 
Van Kirk, Mary, 331 
Van Kuck, Irene, 243, 262 
V^an Laar, Sarah, 384 

Van Lien, , 1S6 

Van Loon, Chas, loi 
Van Xostrand, , 172 

Aaron, 163, i36 

Adrian, 250 

Albert, 312 

Ann, 199, 250, 291, 312 

Anna Maria, 22S 

Daniel, 312 

Ellen, 226, 250 

Foster, 34S 

Jane, I9<j 

Jeremiah, 199 

John, 226 

Martin, 59 

Sarah Ann, 333, 34S 

Susannah, 164 
Van Pelt, Jacomintje, 3S2 

Jason, 3S2 
Van Rensselaer, Stephen, 381 

Van Remigen, , 215 

Van Sicklen, Charity, 202 
Van Vliet, Benjamin C, 243 

John Reid, 243 

Persis Beldug, 243 

Virginia, 243 

Van Vorst, Vroulwie, 383 
\an Werchcjveii, Cornells, 381 
Van Werven, Catherine, 379 
Van Wyck, Alicia, 37b 

Altie, 37S 

Barem, 3^2 

Cornelius, 157,175, 177, 179,219,378 

Cornelius Barentsc, 379 

Gilbert, 173, 177 

Hannah, 152, 161 

Johannes, 149 

John, 152, 161, 379 

Mary, 379 

Phebe, 149 

Sarah, 382 

S. H.. 219 

Stephen, 177 

Theodorus, 157, 37S, 379 

Thomas, 179 

William, 179 
Varian, James, 2S5 

William, 300 
Varleth, Caspar, 3S0 

Judith, 3S0 
Varney, Jane, 12 
Varrick, J. \' . B., 231 
Vaughan, Aaron, 49 

Captain, 65 

Daniel, 49, 65 

Rebecca, 38, 46, 65 
Ver Brugge, Carel, 28 
Verplank, Philip, 390, 391 
Vetch, Alida, 3S1 

Samuel, 38 1 
Waddel, Marv A., 376 
Wakefield, B.' F., 127 

Marian, 121 
Walbridge, Ebenezer, 304 

Julia Cornell, 303 

Nelson, 303 

Thomas N., 303 
Walford, Henrietta, 369 

Peter, 369 
Walker, John, 387 

Nelson, 325 

Sarah, 3S7 
Wallace, Margaret Theresa, 222, 247 

William, 191 
Waltham, Elizabeth, 79 

William, 79 

Walton, , 375 

Ward & Cornell, I4« 

Caleb, 300 

Earl, 346 

Keturah Upsan, 79 

Olive, 346 

Thomas, 346 

Upshur, 107 

Wm. W.. 79 
Warren. George Henry, 190 




Warren, Hester, 346, 3;! 

J. G, 85 

Joseph, 92 

"Nathaniel, 394 

Sarah, 92, 394 

Walter P., 190 
Washburn, John, 143, 146,147, 14S, 150, 

Mary, 147, 150, 3S3 

Susannah, 150 
Washington, George, 21 

Gen., 216 
Waterman, George A., 417 
Waters, Daniel, 166, 167, i6g, 171, 40S 

Elizabeth, 166, 167 

Hannah, 167 

iSIary, 167 

Sarah, 167, 379 
Watts, Harriet, 203 

John, 203 

Joseph, 203 

jNIargaret, 45 

William, iSi, 202,203 
Weaver, Hannah, 4S, 67 
Webb, Daniel, S9 
Webster, Daniel, 215 

Hugh D., 306 

Rachel, 306 
Weeks, Alice, 222, 248 

John C., 398 

Thomas C, 248 
Welles, Philip, 146 
Wells, Elisha, 106 

Haveland, 96 

Phineas K., 71 
Wehvood, Abbie Annie, 212 

Ada Frances, 212 

John Cornwell, 212 

Mary Elizabeth, 212 

Thomas, 212 

Thomas Arthur, 212 

William Ambrose, 212 
Wescott, Corinne, 366, 36S 
West, Joan, 371 
Wheaton, Mary, 54 
Wheeler, Isabel, 314, 337 

N. W., 337 
White, Abigail, 363 

Charles, 188 

Hannah, 362 

Hannah M., 344 

Harriet C , 184 

Harriet Cornwell, 184 

Henry, 192, 392 

John, 184 

Jonathan, 362, 363 

Louisa fjaily, 85 

Maria, 188, 212 

Patience, 188 

Peleg, 359 

White, Penelope, 393 

Rhoda, 358, 362, 363 

Richard, 308 

Robert, Jr., 332 

Ruth, 35S, 362, 363 

Samuel, 393 

Sarah, 362 

Sylvanus, 362 

Thomas, 212 

Thomas H., 394 

William, 359 
Whitehead, Abigail, 152, 161,179,377 

Adam, 377 

Amy, 377 

Benjamin, 183, 189, 377 

Charity, 377 

D., 166 

Daniel, 38, 148, 376, 377, 404 

David, 377 

Deborah, 377 

Elizabeth, 162, 183, 377 

Elizabeth Willett, 189 

Helen, 166 

Helena, 189 

Jane, 143, 152, 181 

Jane Creed, 161 

Jemima, 377 

Jonathan, 150, 157, 171, 181, 377 

Mary, 189, 309, 377 

Mercy, 377 

Samuel, 376 

Sarah, 377 

Stephen, 376 

Susannah, 377 

Thomas, 156, 158, 161, 163, 181, 185, 
203, 376 
Whiting, Elizabeth, 183 
Whitmore, Charles McGhee, 140 

Chas. Mason, 140 

Don McGhee, 140 

Tom Cornell, 140 
Whittemore, Anne, 309 

D., 226 
Whittington, William, 374 
Widdle, Mary, 64 
Wiggins, Louis F., 242 

Mary, 291 
Wilbur, Abigail Cornell, 104 

Anna, 100 

Ann Baker, 128 

Freelove, 100, 128 

Leonidas, 'j'], 104 

Leonidas F., 104 

Martha Elizabeth, 48, 67 

Russell D., 100 

Shadrack, 100, 128 

William, 67 
Wilcox, Catharine, 356, 359 

Daniel, 43 

David, 354 



Wilcox, Jeremiah, 396 

John, 43 

Mary, 395, 396 

Patience, 69 

Robert, 48 

Stephen, 43 

Susannah, 36, 43 
Wilde, Hannah, 329 
Wiley, Garrison, 419 

Mary, 419 
Wilkes, James, 355 
Willett, Abraham, 168 

Elizabeth, 2S 

Samuel, 16S 

Susanna, i6S 

Susannah, 155, 167 

Susannah Stevens, 16S 

Thomas, 17, 2S, 29, 30, 14S, 156, 16S 
376, 404 

William, 22, 23, 29, 30 
Williams, , 86 

Alice, 274, 2S5 

Alice L., 244, 263 

Christina, 64 

Elizabeth, 316 

John, 269, 271, 275 

Margaret, 394 

Margery, 2S5, 300 

Martha, 190 

Roger, 4, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 

Sophia, 294, 314 

William Watson, no 
Williamson, Sarah Ann, 306, 326 
Willis, Amy, 3S3 

Charles, 283 

Cornwall, 297 

Cornwell, 283, 294 

Elizabeth, 281, 283, 293, 294 

John, 273, 283, 293. 297 

John R., 2og, 297 

Joshua, 2S3 

Martha, 225 

Mary, 1 84, 196, 209, 222, 2S3, 309, 333 

Richard, 283 

Thankful, 72 

William,2S3, 297, 333 

William J., 294 
Wilsie, Cornelius, 164 

Harry, 163 
Wilson, Abbie L., 322, 342 

Henry S., 95 

Jane E., 214,242 

"Peter, 242 

S., 106 
Wiltzie, Elizabeth, 37 
Wilzie, Cornelius, 163 
Windsor, Emma, 223 
Wing, Benjamin, 355, 362 
David, 326, 32S 

Edward, 355 

Wing, Giles, 52 

James, 327 

John, 93 

John D., 327 

Joseph, 356 

Lydia, 93 

Mary, 93 

Prince, 362 

Rebecca, 355 
Winslow, Josiah, 33 

Margaret, 382 

Prudence, 44, 58 

Thomas, 360 
Winthrop, governor, ig, 20 

John, Jr., 374 
Wisner, Gabriel, 166 

Henry, 166 
Witherspoon, Eleanor, 352 

Orlando, 352 
Witzel, Chas. John, 247 
Witzie, Elizabeth, 44 
Wolford, Henrietta, 366 
Wolsey, Juris, 144 
Wood, Abner, 106, 366 

Amanda M., 120,417 

Benjamin, 66, 80 

Catherine C, 316 

Cynthia, 396 

Elizabeth, 51, 331, 346 

Ellinor, 196. 222 

Gulielma, 2^6 

Guliema, 301 

James, So 

Jedediah, 42 

John, 25 

Joseph, 316 

Kesiah, 42 

Martin B., 80 

Mary Ann, So, 107 

Oliver, 366 

Phebe, 346 

Rachel, 44, 56 

Ruth, 42 

Simon, 316 

Stephen, 346 

Willard R., 126 
Woodmancie, Catharine Ann, 315. 338 

John, 315 

Mary Catherine (Snyder), 315 
Wooley, Charles. 312 

H., 175 

Henry, 176, 291 
Woolf, Hosea, 102 
Woolsey, Abigail, 31 

Benjamin, 31 

George, 17. 3'. '43. '5' 

Hannah, 31 

lohn, 31 

Slary, 31 

Rebecca, 24, 31 


Woolsey, Ruth, 31 

Samuel, 2S 

Sarah, 31 

Thomas, 31 

William, 31 
Worden, Eliza, 341 
Wortmaii, Ann, 325 
Wright, Benjamin, 409 

Elizabeth Ann, 212 

John, 212 

Margaret, 227 

Mary, 96 

Robert Noe, 212 

Samuel, 1S7 

Sarah, 106, 131 

Solomon, 419 
Yeomans, Amanda, Si, 112 

Augusta, 345 


Yeomans, Augustus, 351 

E., 154 

Erastus, 112 
Young, Alice, 315 

Dorcas, 308 

Edwin, 315, 338, 339 

F., 315 
Henry, 307 
Horace, 315 
Isabella Cornell, 339 
Mary Cornell, 339 
Sarah Ann, 415 
Zavitz, Clara J., 343 
Edwin, 343 
Helen, 343 
John D., 343 
Russell, 343 
William, 343 


\! Xjj c/ N->