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Knapp Fund 






Revised Edition 

Who came to America before the year 1800, and several 

families that have come over since then; containing 

biographical sketches of some of the more 

prominent members! vif t^8 various families. 



The Courier Co., Printers, and Binders, Zanesville, O. 



Copyright 1923, by Lewis R. Culbertson, M. D. 

All Rights Reserved. 


To my honored friend and co-worker, Rev. 

John N. Culbertson, of Washington, D. C. 

this work is respectfully dedicated. 


I have given in this work as accurate and complete a 
history of the Culbertson and Culberson Families as could 
be obtained from family records sent me by various fami- 
lies in this country, Scotland and Ireland; by searching the 
Will and Deed Records in many of the counties, and assess 
books in a few counties ; also from records of French and 
Indian and Revolutionary War soldiers. I have obtained 
all marriages of Culbertsons given in Pennsylvania Colo- 
nial Archives. I have "not left a stone unturned" in ob- 
taining full and accurate accounts of various families and 
my labor has been unceasing and difficult. I have classified 
the various families into Sections, Parts and Chapters. Have 
not attempted to give any of the purely Scottish families 
that came to America until after 1800. There were a great 
many Irish families came to America since 1800 but I do 
not include them — with two exceptions — as it would take 
too much time and labor to trace them out- I have used a 
key to simplify the work, which is as follows: Letter s 
means that party was Scotch and emigrated to Ireland. 
The capitals of alphabet indicate that party emigrated to 
America but do not mean that parties (capitals) are re- 
lated. The children of each one that emigrated to America 
are numbered by Roman numerals I, II, &c., and the grand- 
children are numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. I am indebted to the 
following parties for valuable information: John N. Cul- 
bertson, Thomas G. Culbertson of Wheeling, Mrs. Rev. 
Bigham of Plain Grove, Pa. ; Mr. Henry Culbertson, Medina, 
Wis.; Mrs. J. Witherspoon; Mrs. Sarah R. H. Culbertson; 
parties in Scotland and Ireland; W. W. Culbertson, Ash- 
land, Ky. ; Almon E. Culbertson, New York City; Mrs. 
Blanche C. French of New York City; Walter F. Beverly, 
Richmond, Va. ; Frank Culbertson, Oil City, Pa.; James A. 
Culbertson, Cincinnati, 0.; J. J. Culbertson, Paris, Texas; 
H. D. Culbertson, Albert Lea, Minn. ; Mrs. R. H. Fink, Nor- 
ton, Va. ; J. W. Berryman, Ashland, Kan. ; R. R. Culbertson, 
Central City, Ky.; Howard Cessna, Bedford, Pa.; John G. 
Orr, Chambersburg, Pa.; Mrs. Mary R. C. Hood, JopHn, 
Mo.; Mrs. Ssvilla J. Kempton, Washington, D. C. ; Major- 


General E. M. Lewis, San Antonio, Texas; Mrs. George 
Spangler, Peoria, 111., and many others too numerous to 
mention, to all of whom I return my sincere thanks. Like- 
wise, I heartily thank all my subscribers and all who have 
aided me in any way. 

The Revised Edition has been carefully compiled from 
family and Bible records, wills, deeds, settlements, sale- 
bills, inventories, tax records, U. S. Census records 1790, 
and in some instances 1800, pension records, land (p&nsion) 
grants. Congressional Records, state land grants. State 
Archives, Colonial and Revolutionary and Historical works, 
and in some instances county histories. 


Zanesville, Ohio, March 10, 1923. 



Origin of the name of Culbertson and meaning of same — 
Meaning of Cuthbert — King Malcolm's deed — The Norse 
in Scotland — Culuert — King Duncan — King Malcolm III 
— Duncan, father of Colbert — Our Celtic and Saxon ori- 
gin — Invasion of Scotland by Irish and meaning of Mac. 
— Roxburgshire, the earliest home of Culbertsons — De- 
scription of Roxburgshire — Sketch of St. Cuthbert — The 
Cuthberts — Jean Baptiste Colbert, Minister of France 
under Louis XIV — What Mazarin said of him — Rev. 
Robert Culbertson of Morebattle, Scotland. 


Families in Ireland — Cuthberts and Culberts — Religion of 
Culbertsons — Wealth — Description of Scotch-Irish in 
America — Scotch-Irish — Historical sketch of Cumber- 
land Valley — Rocky Spring Church. 


The three Scotch brothers who emigrated to Ireland be- 
tween 1665-1685 — King James II of England and Cove- 
nanters — Seige of Londonderry and triumph of William 
of Orange — Battle of Boyne — William or John (the 
Scotch brother) who settled in Londonderry Co. Ireland 
and issue — PART SECOND, John (A) and issue, chap- 
ter HI and their descendants— PART THIRD of Section 
First (B)— PART FOURTH of Section First (C) Andrew 
from Ireland to Chester and Cumberland Cos. Pa. and 
descendants; Samuel of Washington Co., Tenn. ; An- 
drew of Rockbridge Co., Va. ; Col. Robert of Columbus, 
Ohio, including descendants in North and South Caro- 
lina, Ga., etc., Chapters V, XI, XVII, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, 
XII, XIII, XIV, XV, XVI. (D) Section First PART 
Fifth, Samuel Culbertson from Ireland to Chester Co., 
Pa. and descendants Chapter XVIII in Silver Spring Tp., 
Cumberland Co., Pa. and Chapter XIX descendants in 
Mifflin Co., Pa., etc—Section First PART SIXTH: (E) 


Oliver Culbertson from Ireland to Chester Co., Pa. and 
Franklin Co., Pa. — Armstrong Co., Pa., and Descendants 
Chapter XX in Erie Co., Pa. 


PART FIRST— Culbertson of "Irish Row"— PART SEC- 
OND Culbertson of "Irish Row" whose descendants went 
to Lancaster Co., Pa- (present Frankhn Co.) Pa. and es- 
tabhshed "Culbertson Row," Pa.— PART THIRD: Thi 
first brother (E), Alexander of the "Row" and descend- 
ants. Chapter XXI, XXII, XXIII, XXIV, XXV. — PART 
FOURTH: The second Irish brother (G) Samuel Cul- 
bertson and descendants. Chapters XXVI, XXVII, 
Irish brother Robert Culbertson (H) of Peters Tp., Cum- 
berland Co., Pa. and descendants. Chapter XXXII. PART 
SIXTH: Joseph Culbertson (J) of "Culbertson Row", 
Pa., first cousin of the three Pa. "Row" brothers and 
descendants, Chapters XXXIII, XXXIV, XXXV. 


(K) Robert Culbertson (Irish) of Mill Creek Hundred, 
New Castle, Pa., Del. and sons: Thomas, Robert and 
Alexander of Delaware and Westmoreland Co., Pa., Chap- 


(KK). John Culbertson (Irish) who emigrated from Ire- 
land in 1746 to St. George's Hundred, New Castle Co., 
Del. and descendants, William, Chapter XLI ; John XLII ; 
David, Chapter XLIII; Benjamin, Chapter XLIV. 


Richard Culbertson (L) of Carhsle, Pa. — Cecil Co., Md. 


Scotch-Irish Culbertson, name unknown, some of whose 
descendants came to America before 1800. Lived in 
Irish "Culbertson Row" at Ballygan, near Ballymoney, 
Co. Antrim, Ireland. 



(L) John Culbertson of E. Hempfield Tp., Lancaster Co., 
Pa. (Irish) and descendants. 


(M) EHas Culbertson (Irish) of Washington Co., Pa., and 


Irish or Scotch (N) Wilham of Mecklenberg Co., N. Car.; 
(0) John of Mecklenberg Co., N. Car.; (P) David of 
Burke Co., N. Car. 


(Q) James (Irish) of Mason Co., Ky. PART SECOND. 
(R) Robert of Harrison Co., Ohio. PART THIRD. (S) 
Irish William of America, residence unknown ; (T) Irish 
Joseph of Huntington Co., Pa.-Belmont Co., Ohio, and de- 
scendants. PART FOURTH. 


The Newton-Stewart, Co. Tyrone, Ireland, family, eight of 
whom came to America after 1800 — i. e. V. 1, James ; V. 
2, Allen; V. 3, Robert; V. 4, Wm. of Kenton Co., Ky. 


(W) Patrick Culbertson (Irish) of Chester Co., Pa., Sher- 
mans Vallev, Pa. and Venango Co., Pa. and descendants. 
PART FIRST. (Y) John Culbertson (probably a broth- 
er of Patrick) (W) of Shermans Valley, Pa- PART 


James Culbertson of Pa. and Havre-de-Grace, Md. and de- 
scendants. (X) John Culbertson (fuller) Irish of Wavne 
Tp., Mifflin Co., Pa. (Z) Rev. John Culbertson of Lan- 
caster Co., Pa. (Bart Tp.) — Miscellaneous data — Tax 
lists of Culbertsons of Chester Co., Pa. and Cumberland 
Co., Pa. 1750 to 1785. The "Flying Camp" ; what it was. 
Also "Minute Men." 


It has generally been supposed by the Culbertsons that 
their name was originally Cuthbertson and Cuthbert. Wil- 
liam Arthur in his book on "Derivation of Family Names" 
says that Culbertson comes from the Gaelic word Culb- 
heart, meaning crafty; and Culbertson, a son of Culbheart. 
In the same work he gives Cuthbert as a surname. He says 
that Cuthbert is from the Saxon and means "famous, 
bright, of clear skill or knowledge," 

According to Camden, surnames began to be taken up in 
France about the year 1000 A. D. and in England at the 
time of the conquest (1066). Before this date in England all 
documents, etc., were signed thus, *Ego Edmundus (I, Ed- 
mund) do affirm, etc. The same author (Camden) says 
that in an old deed made by King Malcolm of Scotland and 
recorded in 1097, in which he deeds land for a church at 
Coldingham, one of the noblemen who witnessed the deed 
signed thus, S, * Culuerti fihi Doncani, etc., i. e. Culuert 
son of Duncan. 

Culbert might have been derived from Culuert, as they 
are spelled almost alike. The Latin Culuertus would be pro- 
nounced Culwertus. The "w" may have been changed to 
"b" for sake of euphony. Or the"u" on the deed may have 
been intended for a "b", as it must have been difficult, in 
those days, for even a nobleman to write his own name. 
(The Latin for Cuthbert is Cudberctus). The coasts of 
Scotland were infested by Norse sea-pirates about this time 
and the Northmen added "son" to their surnames in the 
Tenth Century. The Scotch may have taken up the Norse 
custom of adding "son" to their surnames shortly after 
this. One might safely say, if a name terminates in "son," 
that it originated either in Scotland or Norway. 

It is possible that Culbert, son of Duncan, was the first 
of the (^ulberts and from some of his descendants, perhaps 
his son, sprang the first Culbertson. This Culbert was one 
of the most prominent noblemen at that date. 

The Duncan family (his father's) was then, and has 
always been a prominent family in Scotland. King Duncan 
Mac Crinan (1034-40) was slain in a battle with the forces 
of MacBeth, (Shakespeare says he was murdered by Mac- 


beth), who reigned until 1057, when he was defeated and 
slain by Duncan McCrinan's eldest son Malcolm (Canmore) 
in 1057 who ascended the throne as Malcolm III and reigned 
until 1093. This Malcolm was a great and good king and 
greatly aided Scotland's welfare. It was he who made the 
deed to the church at Coldingham and he aided religion in 
every way possible. At his death he was succeeded by his 
brother Donald Bain, who was deposed in six months by 
Malcolm's son Edmund who had slain his half brother Dun- 
can. Edmund was deposed three years later by Edgar 
Atheling, nephew of Donald. There is no doubt that Cul- 
bert, who witnessed the deed, was a nephew of Malcolm 
III (Canmore) ; and that Edmund who witnessed the same 
deed was the son of Malcolm III. It is probable that he 
was a younger son, hence did not inherit the title. 

We are undoubtedly of Celtic origin, as the features indi- 
cate, i. e. the high cheek bones, blue eyes, broad chin, 
height, muscular development, and red hair that was found 
among some of those that came over in the 18th Century, 
but very rarely seen now. The "pug" nose — a Celtic fea- 
ture — is very rarely seen among the Culbertsons ; nearly 
all have good sized noses — another Scotch feature. 

The early, and perhaps the majority of the Culbertsons 
of the present time, had light hair and blue eyes. This 
would indicate that centuries ago they either married Sax- 
ons or Norse or were descended from one or both of these 
races. The Saxons and Norse overran Northumbria — in 
which Co. the Co. of Roxburgh was situated — in the Seventh 
and Eighth Centuries. 

The Celts crossed over from Ireland to Scotland about 
the Fifth Century and overran the Highlands defeating the 
Scots. It is from these that the Scotch got their red hair, 
likewise the Mac in their names which signifies "son." I 
have never heard of, nor have I been able to find in history, 
a McCuthbert or a McCulbert and do not believe such fami- 
lies ever existed. This fact would tend to show that the 
family has always lived in the Lowlands, 

*If any of our name figured as chiefs of Highland Clans 
it must have been centuries past, as the name does not ap- 
pear in Burke's Heraldry or in a work on The Scottish 
Clans. * * * * 

I will mention a pecuhar fact, that the Culbertson fea- 
tures are the same wherever you may meet them. This 
peculiarity occurs in many other families. I might mention 


the most marked of these features are the prominent nose, 
broad chin, heavy eye brows, as a rule blue eyes, high fore- 
head and large frame. * * * * 

The earhest home of the Culbertsons that I have been 
able to find is in the County Roxburg at a small village 
named Morebattle, eight miles south of Kelso, Scotland. 
Here the Culbertsons have lived continuously since the year 
1400 A. D. This is in the Lowlands and is about five miles 
from the Cheviot Hills which form the boundary between 
Scotland and England, and is on a small stream which 
empties into the Tweed River. This was the most famous 
part of Scotland for battles. It was along this border that 
Earl Percy created such terror and likewise Claverhouse 
and Cromwell. Also where Wallace and Bruce defeated the 
Enghsh. The most dreadful cruelties were inflicted on 
these poor borderers by the English. ** 

This region abounds in beautiful scenery and historical 
relics. A few miles west of Kelso is Melrose Abbey where 
St. Cuthbert Hved and preached in the Seventh Century. 
It was in this county that religion was first introduced to 
the Pagan Scots in the Dark Ages. 

*From the fact that St, Cuthbert hved there 1500 years 
ago, some might believe we are descended from the Cuth- 
berts, so we will make brief mention of St. Cuthbert. He 
was born in this Co., then a part of Northumberland Co., 
England, Lived at Melrose Abbey and Landisfarne. He 
was Scotland's Patron Saint. The Scottish battle cry was 
to St. Cuthbert. Pilgrimages were made yearly, by Chris- 
tians, to his tomb and this custom was continued for several 
centuries. I will add in connection with the Cuthberts, that 
one family belonged to the nobility, and, until about seven- 
ty-five years ago, was quite a noted family and lived near 
Inverness. They are not among the nobility now. * * * 

Jean Baptiste Colbert of France claimed to be descended 
from a noble Scottish family. There is no doubt but what 
his statement was true. It is probable that his ancestor 
went to France with those Scottish soldiers of Lords 

*There is no coat of arms of the Culbertsons. The Colberts of 
France have a serpent thereon, likewise the Cuthberts of Scotland 
have a serpent thereon. The serpent as an emblem is symbolical of 
wisdom or knowledge. (See previous reference to meaning of Cul- 
bert and Cuthbert.) 

**There is a small stream in this region called Cuthbert's Hope, 
why so called we do not know. 

*St. Cuthbert is buried in the Cathedral of Durham, England. 


Buchan and Douglas who assisted King Charles VII of 
France in opposing the English army of Henry V, about the 
year 1400, some of whom were made nobles of France. Jean 
Baptiste Colbert was born 1619 at Rheims, France. He be- 
gan life as a woolen-draper, but soon after went to Paris 
where his talents attracted the notice of the great Cardinal 
Mazarin who was instrumental in making him Minister of 
Finance. He did more for the financial welfare of France 
than any Minister that country has ever had. It was under 
his ministry that France first took rank as a naval power. 
He founded Academies of Science, Architecture, etc., and 
instituted stupendous and beautiful public works. France 
never had but one man that did more for her welfare than 
Colbert. * 

Colberts ancestors may have come from Scotland ; some 
authors claim they did not. 

It was Colbert who advised Cardinal Mazarin in every- 
thing and after the latter's death he was the "power be- 
hind the throne" of Louis XIV, of France. Mazarin on his 
death bed said to Louis, "Sire, I owe everything to you; 
but I pay my debt to your majesty by giving you Colbert." 

But to return to my subject, I have gotten the names of 
all the Culbertsons in Scotland and find that they only hve 
in Roxburgh Co. and Kintyre, a peninsula on the West 
Coast. Robert Culbertson of Kelso, Scotland, Co. Rox- 
burgh, informs me that his great-great-grandfather left 
Roxburghshire with his regiment, for Ireland about 1690, 
to quell a rebelhon and his regiment was stationed a long 
time in Ireland. His time expiring he settled in Mayo Co. 
and married. His great-grandson returned to Roxburgh- 
shire, Scotland, in 1845. (The Rebllion referred to was the 
war between the Prince of Orange and James 11.) 

The following memoir of Rev. Robt. Culbertson was 
written in 1826 by Alex. Duncan of Mid Calder, Scotland. 
In it are named two Culbertsons; two Duncans one Simp- 
son, which famihes have intermarried in the United 
States: "James Culbertson, the father of the author, was 
a farmer and a Fenar (or Renter) in Morebattle, a village 
eight miles south of Kelso, Scotland. The mother of the 
author was named Janet, a cousin of James C, her husband. 
Robert, the author, was the eldest of seven children. He 
was b. Sept. 1765— d. Dec. 1823. He entered the University 

*Colbert's son was an Admiral in the French navy, and Minister of 
Marine and built the Navy to wonderful efficiency. 


of Edinburg in 1782. Licensed 1790, ordained 1791. He 
preached to the 'associate congregations' of St. Andrews 
and St. Leith. He married Elizabeth Richmond 1793. He 
is buried in the family vault at St. Leiths churchyard." He 
was the author of "Lectures on Book of Revelations", Ed. 
in 3 vols. Pub, London 1826, Dedicated to Marchioness of 
Huntley. Rev- Culbertson also pub. "Hints in the Or- 
dinance in the Gospel Ministry." 

Walter Culbertson of Morebattle writes me that in the 
old cemetery at Morebattle there are buried many genera- 
tions of Culbertsons, but all the tombstones are too much 
worn to be legible except those named above, the first of 
whom (James) died in Jan. 1826, aged 98 years. The tomb- 
stone also says that Rev. Robert was minister of U. P. 
Church, St. Andrews street, Leith; and founder of the U. 
P. Church in the Islands of Orkney, Scotland in 1796." He 
also says that his (Walter) great-grandfather lived at 

The Culbertsons of Kintyre date their ancestry thus: 
Lord Loudon of Ayrshire, Scotland, had a younger son 
James Campbell, who went from Ayrshire to Argyleshire 
(Kintyre) Scotland about 1660 A. D. This James Campbell 
had a daughter, Jean Campbell, who married James Cul- 
bertson who lived on a farm five miles north of Campbel- 
town, Kintyre. His farm was called then, as now, Laggan 
Farm and Culbertsons still live on this farm. This James 
Culbertson had a son Robert from whom many of the 
Scotch families in the United States are descended. Lord 
Loudon was one of the five signers of the first "Solemn 
League and Covenant" in 1638 and was foremost in the 
cause of the persecuted Covenanters, 

I have not been able to trace any relation between this 
James Culbertson and the Scotch Covenanter brothers who 
went from Scotland to Ireland between 1665-1685. A grand- 
son of James Culbertson (first) named James lived on 
Skerbolin Farm near Campbeltown, Kintyre, and his de- 
scendants still live on this farm- 

^ :): H: ^ 

I have had the following rare old works examined rela- 
tive to obtaining the names or any information pertaining 
to the three Scotch brothers who went to Ireland 1665- 
1685: Bishop Wm, King's "State of the Protestants in 
Ireland;" "Bailies Letters and Journals" 1732-1737; Dodd's 
"Fifty Years Struggle"; Cotton's "Fasti Ecclesiae Hibern- 


icae"; and others, which give no reference to the names 
Culbertson or Ciithbertson. In Hetherington's History of 
the Church of Scotland is a Hst of fines imposed by Mid- 
dleton in Parhament, 1662, some 875 names, and among 
these was a "Robert Cuthbertson, Covenanter, fined 360 
pounds." In the same work is a Hst of Fugitives proscribed 
by King Charles II, issued May 5, 1684 and containing 
names of 2000 Covenanters, in which the name Culbertson 
does not appear, but we find "Archibald Cuthbertson, a 
cooper, haunting about Caldermuir in Linlithgowshire." 
The Robert Cuthbertson, before mentioned also lived in 

The following books were also examined (these are all 
the books pertaining to the subject that can be found in 
Washington, D, C.) : Woodrow's "History of the Church of 
Scotland" ; McCries "Sketches of Scottish Church History" ; 
Burton's "History of Scotland" and other works but no ref- 
erence to the name Culbertson or Cuthbertson was found. 
A careful examination of the entire list of Divines in the 
Westminster Assembly of 1638, fails to reveal the name 
Culbertson or Cuthbertson. Family tradition of all the fami- 
lies in America has it that they were Scotch Covenanters. 
The Secretary of War of Great Britain informs me that 
there are no rosters of the troops sent from Scotland to 
Ireland during the Revolution of 1688, hence we can glean 
no information from this source. You will all notice that 
the Duncan family was intimately associated with the Cul- 
bertsons both in Scotland and America and intermarried 
with them frequently. 

Hannahs Scotch-Irish of America, Vol. 1, p. 356: "Coun- 
ty of Cavan, precinct of Clanchy, 1000 acres Wm. Baillie. 
Two leases Stone Bawn Castle; building 4 leases. In 1629 
there were eight leasees among whom were Guilbert Cuth- 
bertson — cottagers, able to produce 28 men with arms." 

Hannah, Ibid: "In list of banished out of parish of Kil- 
marnock (Ayrshire) in 1670, is John Cuthbertson (Cul- 

Rev. John N. Culbertson, Washington, D. C. writes me 
that he copied from a rare work in Cong. Library, Hills 
Plantations of Ulster as follows, "On p. 193, After the sur- 
vey of 1609, Wm. Baillie of Scotland, was granted 1000 
Acres in Co. of Cavan, Ulster, one of the lease-holders of 
said land was Guilbert Cuthbertson (or Culbertson). In 


1629, said grant was made a manor, called Bailieborough, 
and is still on the map in the eastern part of Co. Cavan." 

It will be seen, therefore, that the only Scotch Culbert- 
sons or Cuthbertsons who resided in Ireland before 1700 
were Guilbert before 1609; John 1670; Robert and Archi- 
bald 1662 and 1684. We do not know positively whether 
any of these were the ancestors of those that came to 
America, but no doubt they were. 

Rev. John N. Culbertson says that, "In Sir Walter Scott's 
'Tales of a Grandfather' he speaks of part of the Campbell 
Clan, who made a raid across the Scotch Border the night 
of Queen Elizabeth's death. They met a terrible defeat, 
and the upshot of the matter was they were transferred to 
the Northern part of Ireland. There is no doubt a list of 
these people, but the British Museum and Guild Hall Li- 
brary in London possess no such list. I have no doubt some 
of the ancestors could be found on such a list." 

It is probable that Guilbert Cuthbertson is descended 
from one of these. There is no Gilbert or Archibald among 
the Culbertsons who came to America before 1800. 


Of the history of the families in Ireland, we know but 
little. There were living in Ireland (1892) families at the 
following places: Ballj^scanlon and Gortnaskeagh, Co- 
Donegal; Dublin; Bailymoney, Co. Antrim; Bulaughmore, 
Co. Tyrone. The Robert Culbertson who owned the Bally- 
sadare Woolen Mills came from Scotland and shortly after 
emigrating changed his name from Cuthbertson to Culbert- 
son because his name had been written Culbertson in a 
deed. There are several families of Culberts in Ireland, and 
also Cuthberts. 

A great many of the families that lived in Ireland have 
emigrated to America. 

The Culbertsons of Ireland are, so far as I can learn Pres- 

Most of the families in America are Presbyterians. Most 
of the Culbersons in the Southern part of the United States 
are Methodists, while some are Baptists. Almost all the 
famines in the North and West are Presbyterians. 


As to riches, there are some very wealthy men of our 
name. One descendant very beautifully and truthfully de- 
scribed them when she said: "They were mostly farmers, 
industrious in their habits, and in quiet home life realized 
neither the pangs of poverty, nor the pride of riches." Many 
are moderately wealthy. Those who have attained wealth 
are honest and conscientious business men. Almost all 
who are wealthy are self-made men. Likewise they are 
warm-hearted, generous and progressive. The Culbertsons 
have adhered pretty closely to Horace Greely's advice, 
"Young man go West," and the majority have profited 
thereby. * * * * 

No uulbertson came to America before 1700. * 

A writer in The Cincinnati Enquirer of Feb. 20, 1893, 
says of the Scotch-Irish, — "Their beginning goes back to 
the invasion of Scotland by the missionary pupils of St- 
Patrick. He is a combination of the intellectual Irish who 
kept the light burning while all Europe was in dismal dark- 
ness; of the strong-bodied Scot; of the audacious Norman; 
the red-headed Dane and the conservative Saxon. The 
Scotch -Irish cared not for credit. Achievement was their 
aim. They led stormy lives in order to enjoy tranquility, 
that goal of human happiness that few attain. 

All the great Indian fighters of Ohio were of this race. 

Fifteen of the Presidents of the U. S. were of Scotch- 
Irish descent. Sixteen of our Premiers were of this race. 
Likewise nine secretaries of Treasury ; nineteen out of for- 
ty-two War Secretaries; twenty-five out of forty-five Asso- 
ciate Justices of Supreme Court. In the Revolution forty 
generals were Scotch-Irish. Many generals of our other 
wars were of Scotch-Irish descent." 

Let us go into the history of Pennsylvania as far as con- 
cerns Cumberland Valley and adjacent territory. McCau- 
ley says in his Hist. Sketch of Franklin Co.: "The first 
counties erected in the State were Philadelphia, Bucks and 
Chester, in 1682. The latter extended westward' to the west- 
ern boundary of Penn's territorial claim, and northward I 
know no: exactly how far. It included however the terri- 
tory embraced in this county. In May, 1729, the county of 
Lancaster was erected out of the western part of Chester 
Co-, and this section of country was embraced within its 
Hmits, and there remained until the erection of Cumberland 

*^See Hotten's Work compiled from Her Majesty's Public Records. 


Co. in 1750. There were no white settlers in this region, 
that I have been able to hear of, in 1729. There may have 
been occasional visits made by hunters and scouts but we 
have no records of them. Bands of Susquehanna and 
Shawanese Indians held a nominal possession of it but were 
under the Iroquois or Six Nations. 

The lands of the Cumberland Valley were not purchased 
of the Indians until 1736, and were not therefore, before 
that time open for sale. History says that Benjamin Cham- 
brs was the first white man who made a settlement in what 
is now known as Franklin Co., Pa. He was a native of An- 
trim, Ireland, of Scotch descent, and between the years of 
1726 and 1730 emigrated with his brothers to Pa. He push- 
ed bravely into the forest and was kindly received by the 
Indians and obtained permission to settle on the place of his 
choice and make it his own. This was about 1730 and in 
March 1734, Thomas Blounston, the agent of the proprie- 
taries, gave him a license to "settle and improve 400 acres 
of land at Falhng Springs mouth." The Scotch-Irish flow- 
ed into the valley in vast numbers and from 1730 to 1735 
settled upon and improved large tracts of land from the 
Susquehanna to the southern line of the province. The pre- 
cise date at which settlers began to locate at Greencastle, 
Rocky Spring, Middle Spring, Shippensburg, etc., are not 
known, as m many cases the earlier records of even the 
churches of the valley are lost; but they must have been 
commenced between the years 1730 and 1735, for within a 
few years afterwards Presbyterian congregations were or- 
ganied at nearly all these places. By the year 1740 churches 
were found dotted over the broad bosom of this valley, al- 
most invariably in a grove of shady trees, and near a spring 
of pure crystal water. 

In 1735 "North Valley" was divided into two townships, 
"Pennsborough" and "Hopewell." In 1741 Hopewell was 
subdivided mto Hopewell and Antrim Tps- Peters Tp. was 
settled as early as 1730. The "Upper West Conococheague 
Church" (Presbyterian) was organized in 1738. Lurgin 
Tp. adjoined Peters. Settlements were made in Letterken- 
ny Tp. as early as 1730. Rocky Springs Church, organized 
about 1738, is in this Tp. 

Green Tp. originally within Letterkenny Tp. In this Tp. 
lived the Culbertsons, McClays, Hendersons, Criswells, 
Johnsons, etc., who lived there many years and were buried 
there. "The church Records of Rocky Spring, as well as 


other churches, were destroyed during the Rebel raid on 

Rev. Nevin, in "Eminent Men of Cumberland Valley," 
says of the Rocky Spring Church: "It is on the Strasburg 
road about four miles from Chambersburg. The original 
edifice stood between the present building and the grave- 
yard. It was erected about 132 years ago (1740) and was 
a rough log building a story and a half high. It had one 
row of windows on the lower story, the lights of which 
were few and small in number. The present building was 
built in 1794. This has been enlarged from time to time by 
building additions- The first minister was Rev, John Craig- 
head — after whom Capt, John Culbertson of Cincinnati was 
named — next Rev. Francis Herron D. D. who preached here 
ten years, then became pastor of the First Presbyterian 
church of Pittsburgh ; the pulpit was filled by Rev. John 
McKnight, who after preaching several years removed to 
Philadelphia. Rev. Nelson was preaching here in 1840." 
Rocky Spring Church is still standing and the name "Sam- 
uel Culbertson" carved one one of the pews. Old Fort Cul- 
bertson, built as a protection against the Indians, stood 
near the spring on Col. Joseph's farm. It has long since 
been pulled down. 

General John Rea's pew, with his name carved thereon, is 
still in Rocky Spring church. "Gentleman James" Cul- 
bertson's farm lay north of Col. Sam's and separated by a 
lane. The farm of Joseph, son of Col. Robert, lay west of 
and adjoining that of "Gentleman James". Col. Robert's 
farm lay between Col. Sam's and Col. Joseph's farm. 

Some fifteen years ago a large granite monument was 
erected in Rocky Spring Church yard with a bronze tablet 
containing the names of a number of Culbertsons who were 
in the Colonial and Revolutionary Wars. Rev. John N. Cul- 
bertson secured the money to do this by subscription. An- 
other tablet has been put on (1922) containing names of all 
Culbertsons in America in Revolutionary, Colonial and ear- 
ly Indian wars. This was paid for by subscriptions of Cul- 
bertsons in 1921-22. 


S. See Introduction. 

A. B. C. D. etc. See Introduction. 

I, II, III, etc. See Introduction. 

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, etc., means that those designated by- 
Arabic numerals are descendants of parties designated by 
Roman numerals ; in some instances Roman numerals have 
not been used and the children and descendants have been 
designated by Arabic numerals only. In one or more in- 
stances I have used Arabic numerals thus, a. 1 or b. 1 to rep- 
resent two different generations to prevent duplication of 
numbers and to simplify in several families where there 
was a longer descent and where information would come 
in after tables were made up. 


Co. means county. 

b. means born. 

d. means died. 

Mar. means married. 

Tp. or Twp. means township. 

Arch, means Archives. 

Prominent descendants of each Roman numeral will be 
found at the close of each chapter- 


The First Scotch-Irish Brother and Descendants 


William ( ?) Culbertson, who emigrated from Scotland 
to County of Derry near Londonderry, Ireland, about 1665- 
1687. One of his brothers settled in Omagh, Tyrone Co., 
Ireland ; another at Ballygan, near Ballymoney, Co. Antrim, 
Ireland. The settlement of the last named brother was 
called "Culbertson Row", and it was from this the "Row" 
in Pennsylvania derived its name. These brothers were 
Scotch Covenanters and were driven from Scotland during 
the reign of James II of England. 

King Charles II ascended the throne of England in the 
year 1660 and the persecutions of the Covenanters began 
about 1665 and continued throughout his reign. The poor 
Scotch Presbyterians being hunted down without mercy, 
sought refuge in northern Ireland. The emnity of the 
treacherous and false King Charles followed them to Ire- 
land. Charles II on ascending the throne had promised the 
Scotch Presbyterians that he would protect them as his 
grandfather, James I, had done. (James I was a Presby- 
terian and was called "Good King Jamie" by the Scotch, he 
being a Scotchman.) 

Charles II was a Catholic, as was also his father, Charles 
I. On the death of Charles II in 1685, his son, James II, 
ascended the throne. He immediately began to persecute 
the Covenanters in Scotland and Ireland. The Scotch-Irish 
rose in rebellion against King James II, and fled to several 
fortified cities in northern Ireland. One of these cities was 
Londonderry. Within its walls 7000 men were beseiged and 
at the end of the seige their numbers were reduced by 
famine and disease to 3000, all Protestants. King James 
was in command of the Catholic army. William, Prince of 
Orange, with a large fleet then sailed into Londonderry 
Bay and drove King James away in 1688. The Prince of 
Orange was a staunch Protestant and married Mary, the 
oldest daughter of James II of England, and by right the 
heir apparent- The great Battle of Boyne was fought in 
1690, by the forces of King William and King James and 
the latter was completely routed and James became an 
exile, while William ascended the throne. After this the 
Scotch-Irish had comparative quiet. 


William Culbertson (so say family records) was one of 
the defenders in the seige of that place in 1688. This was 
one of the most memorable seiges in history. The defenders 
were reduced to eating horse and dog flesh and even minis- 
ters fought on the walls. I am informed by parties in Lon- 
donderry, Ireland, that there are no Culbertsons living in 
the County Derry now, but there are Culbertsons living at 
Balyscanlon, Co. Donegal, which is not far from London- 
derry. Wrote this family but received no reply. There was 
also a family lived at Newton Stewart, Co. Tyrone, Ireland, 
that may be descended from one of (s) Culbertsons. This 
town is very near Londonderry. The "Row" in Antrim Co., 
Ireland, is only a few miles from the boundary between 
Antrim and Derry Counties, (s) John(?) Culbertson who 
emigrated from Scotland to Ireland. 



A. John, b. 1680-90; d. Nov. 1756. (See Sec. First; Part 


B. Robert, b. 1692 or before : d. 1762. (See Sec. First ; 

Part Third.) 

C. Andrew, d. 1746. (See Sec. First; Part Fourth.) 

D. Samuel, d- 1749. (See Sec. First; Part Fifth.) 

E. Oliver, d. 1792. (See Sec. First; Part Sixth.) Nephew 

of Robert, Andrew and Samuel. 

The descendants of John (A) hving in Erie Co., Pa., claim 
that (A) John's father was William Culbertson one of the 
defenders of Londonderry, Ireland — before mentioned — in 
1788. (Colter Genealogy of Culbertsons of Erie Co., Pa., 
pub. 1889.) The above or part of them may be descended 
from Scotch — John Cuthbertson (Culbertson?) banished 
from Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland in 1670 (before men- 

The Culbertson-Colter Genealogy by J. P. Colter on page 
83 says: "The earliest record we have of them in Ireland 
was at the seige of Londonderry. We learn from family 
records that Wm. Culbertson was one of the defenders of 
the Seige of Londonderry." Whether Colter actually had 
any Bible record of this I do not know. His statement would 
not tally with a statement of John Culbertson of Duluth, 


Minn., in 1892. in which he said: "I have in my possession 
a cane brought from Ireland by John Culbertson, my an- 
cestor, and which has been handed down through the fam- 
ily through seven generations of John Culbertsons." The 
man who made this statement was the seventh generation. 
The man who settled in Chester Co., Pa., in 1712 and on tax 
record there 1713 (A-John) was the second John, therefore 
the first John who had the cane was Scotch John and very 
likely the John Cuthbertson above mentioned as banished 
from Ayrshire in 1670. 





(A) John Culbertson, emigrated to America in 1712 or 
before and settled in Londongrove Tp., Chester Co., Pa. 
He landed at New Castle, Del., and at once settled in Ches- 
ter Co. with his brother Robert. Tradition says he had four 
sons but I here give facts taken from Will, Deed Records. 
First appears on tax records in 1713, in Chester Co. (Rec- 
ords of New Castle Co., Del. show that no Culbertson lived 
in Delaware at this early date.) His name does not appear 
on the tax books after 1726. Margaret Culbertson, who 
married in 1739, Robert Jackson at St. Paul's Episcopal 
Church at Chester (Pa. Col. Arch.) was either his daughter 
or niece. Whether or not he was the father of John Cul- 
bertson of Brandywine Tp., Chester Co., is a question, yet 
it is almost certain that he was. He left no will in Chester, 
Lancaster or Cumberland counties and no administration 
of his estate and no deeds to or from him. Many settlers 
located on lands in Pennsylvania before 1734 and paid taxes 
on same but could get no warrants until 1734. There is no 
warrant to this John Culbertson. John Esq. of Brandywine 
Tp., may have been his son, and probably was, and he left 
him in Chester Co. in 1727-8 (he would then have been 17 
or 18 years of age) ; or John Esq. may have been a nephew 
and may have been raised in Chester Co. by his uncle An- 
drew or Robert, of Kennett Tp. 

John moved to Lancaster Co., Pa. in 1727-8 to what was 
later Shippensburg, Cumberland Co., Pa., Wing's History of 
Cumberland Co., states, "Among the first twelve settlers 
at Shippensburg in 1730 were John Culbertson." Dr. Eagle 
in Queries on Culbertsons of Culbertson Row, states, "In 
the Indian foray, among the settlers killed in Nov. 1756 at 


Shippensburg was John Culbertson," John Culbertson in a 
letter dated at Shippensburg May 7, 1756, writes Col. Burd, 
"that he had talked with an Indian at Big Cove, who had 
been captured at Ford Littleton and that this Indian was in 
the Battle of Sideling Hill, April 2, 1756, and that the In- 
dians lost 17 killed and 21 wounded." John seems to have 
been a scout for Col, Burd. There is no deed or court rec- 
ord to show that Oliver Culbertson was a son of John Sr. 
or Shippensburg. It is my opinion that Oliver was John's 
son and a nephew of Irish Andrew of Shippensburg. 

Issue of Irish John and wife : 

(I) John (Esq. of East Coin. Tp., Chester Co., Pa.) b. 
1710; d. Nov. 11, 1767. (Chapter III). 

(E) Oliver (See Sec. First, Part Sixth). 

There was a John Culbertson, Augusta Co., Va. in 1753-4. 
This was John Culbertson of Shippensburg, Pa,, no doubt. 
No record of his appears prior to this in Orange Co., Va. 
or Augusta Co., Va. It is my opinion that he left Cumber- 
land Co-, Pa. in the spring of 1751 with Andrew Culbertson 
and went with him to Augusta Co., Va. The only record we 
have of him in Augusta Co., Va. is in Order Book No. 5, p. 
20: "Nov. Court 1755, David Stuart vs. John Culbertson. 
Defendant being removed out of the county and not ar- 
rested, the suit dismissed." John of Rowan Co., N. Car. first 
appears on deed records of N. Car. in 1765. I do not be- 
heve he was of age before 1762-3. Rev. John N. Culbertson 
of Washington, D. C. has suggested that this might have 
been Irish John (First) of Shippensburg, sent to Va. on 
scout duty by Col. Burd. This John seemed to have no 
fixed abode, or at least had no property. John removed 
from Augusta Co. and returned to Shippensburg, Pa. 

The Auditor of Taxes of Lancaster Co., Pa. informs me 
that they have none of the old tax books 1730-50 of the ter- 
ritory north and west of the Susquehanna. These have been 
lost or were taken to Harrisburg State Library years ago 
and any information therein transcribed to Colonial 
Archives. From these archives I have gleaned any infor- 
mation obtainable. 



(I) John Culbertson came to America when a child. Was 
raised in Londongrove Tp., Chester Co., Pa- Was a promi- 
nent man of Chester Co., Pa, Was appointed Lieut, of Pa, 
Provincial Militia from Chester Co., Pa., in Col. Moore's 
Battalion in the year 1748. (See Pa. Colonial Arch.). Can 
find no further mention of him in Archives but presume he 
served in French and Indian War. 1st Battn. Capt. John 
McCall (Futhey's Hist.) 

"By a Patent of the Penns he was, on Jan. 15, 1739, 
granted a tract of land in East Coin Tp., Chester Co-, Pa." 
Here he died and was buried at Brandywine Manor. A deed 
at date of Oct. 1770 shows his children residing in the fol- 
lowing Tps. : "Andrew in West Coin ; James in East Coin ; 
John in East Coin; Samuel in Carnarvon Tp. — Berks Co.; 
Benjamin in Chester Co. and son-in-law Benjamin Wallace." 
Sometime after the death of her husband (John I) his 
widow lived in Lancaster Co., Pa., and made her will in that 
Co. in 1809. Part of her farm was in Chester and part in 
Lancaster counties. 

{1) John Culbertson was mar. to Ehza Rogers in 1731 at 
the First Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia, Pa. (Pa. 
Arch.). Part of his children were by this wife. She died. 
He married second, Mrs. Abigail Whitehill (from will) who 
had three children when he married her, namely Margaret, 
John and Jean Whitehill, who were named in John Culbert- 
son's will, made in Chester Co-, Pa., Aug. 26, 1767. His 
second wife, Abigail, made her will in Lancaster Co., Pa., in 
1809, and in it she devises to her grandson, son of Jane 
Boyd ; and to John Boyd, son of Margaret. I presume these 
two daughters must have been the Whitehill children, as 
Margaret and Jane Culbertson do not appear in John Cul- 
bertson's will. Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 appear on his 
will. The other children were obtained from family rec- 


Issue, by both wives: 

1. Andrew, b. 1731 ; d. 1797. . 

2. James, b. 1733; d. 1777. 

3. Jane, b. 1735- 

4. John, b. 1737 ; d. Sep- 12, 1794. Major. 


5. Samuel, b. 1744; d. Jan. 1782. Capt. Flying Camp. 

6. Samuel, b. 1744; d. before 1770. 

7. Margaret, b. 1749. 

8. Benjamin, b. 1751; drowned. Lieut. 

9. Ebenezer, b. 1757 ; d. young. 
10. Esther, b. 1763 ; d. young. 


(1) Andrew Culbertson in 1775 moved from Chester Co., 
Pa., to Northumberland Co., Pa., and later to Wimsport, Ly- 
coming Co., Pa. Mar. Jeannette Bovd at Philadelphia in 
1763. Wife b.— ; d. 1802. 

Issue : 

12. William, b. April 15, 1765; d. Nov. 11, 1843. 

13. John Boyd, b. 1767 ; drowned. 

14. EHzabeth, b. 1769; d. . (Mrs. Matthew Wilson.) 

15. John Boyd, (2nd.) b. 1770; d. called Boyd. 

16. Andrew, b. 1772 ; d. . Erie Co., Pa. 

17. James, b. 1774; d. . Louisiana, Mo. 

18. Samuel, b. 1776; do. . 

19. Mary, b. 1780; d. . (Mrs- Jas. Comings.) 

20. Jeannette, b. 1783; d. . (Mrs. Robt. McCaslin.) 

(2) James Culbertson mar. Ann McNair, of Pa. Killed 
by Indians in 1777. Widow and some of children moved to 
Livingstone Co., N. Y., in what is now Groveland Tp., where 
she is buried. At time of his death Hved in Northumberland 
Co., Pa. (Widow in Northampton Co., Pa. in 1790 Census.) 

Issue : 

21. John, b. 1762; d. 1777. Killed by Indians. 

22. Andrew, b. 1765; d. 1812. 

23. James, b. 1767; d. 1848; bachelor. Geneseo, N. Y. 

24. Wilham, b. 1770 ; d. 1808. Philadelphia- 

25. Samuel, b. 1773; d. 1832. 

26. Margaret, b. 1775; d. 1853. (Mrs. J. McNair.) 

27. Elizabeth, b. 1778; d. . 

(4) Major John Culbertson mar- in 1761 to Sarah Denny. 
Lived, died and buried at Brandywine Manor, E. Coin Tp., 
Chester Co., Pa. 

Issue (from will and deeds) (2 over 16, 1 under 5 ; from 
Census 1790— Fuller) : 


28. John, b. Jan. 27, 1762 ; d. 

29. William, b. Sep. 18, 1763 ; d. Mar. 1826. 

30. Elizabeth, b. May 9, 1767 ; buried at Brandywine, 

31. Margaret, b. Jan. 7, 1771 ; d. May 2, 1815. 

32. James, b. Apr. 9, 1773; d. Sep. 1831. 

33. Samuel, b. Mar. 8, 1780; d. Feb. 1858. Philadelphia. 

(5) Capt. Samuel Culbertson of Caernarvon Tp-, Berks 

Co., Pa., mar. *Margaret . His farm was afterwards 

(after 1770) included in Chester Co. and his widow made 
her will in W. Nantmeal Tp. — which borders Berks Co. line 
— on March 15, 1811. Samuel did not die in Berks Co. Died 
Chester Co. Mar. before 1770. 

Issue (from widow's will) : 

34. Elizabeth. (Mrs. Isaac Van Leer) 

35. James. 

(6) Elizabeth Culbertson mar. Benjamin Wallace (from 
old deed) of Dauphin Co., Pa., and moved to Erie Co., Pa., 
Mar.-Dec, 1767. 

36. John Culbertson (Dr.) d. Erie Co., Pa. 

(8) Benjamin Culbertson of Chester Co., Pa. It appears 
he did not marry. A deed in 1770 shows he was single. 
Drowned in Delaware River, probably during Revolution. 
Had no estate. 


(12) Wm. Culbertson mar- to second cousin, Mary Cul- 
bertson, in 1794 and 1795 moved to Edinboro, Erie Co., Pa. 
(Daughter of John and granddaughter of Samuel, son of 
Robert of Kennett.) 

Issue : 

37. Andrew Columbus, b. June 20, 1795 ; d. Mar. 20, 1878. 

38. Jeannette Cassander, b. 1797. 

39. John Augustus, b. Mar. 26, 1800; d. Mar 16, 1872. 

40. Wm. Washington, b- Feb. 22, 1802. 

(12) Wm. Culbertson mar. second, Margaret Johnston of 
Crawford Co., Pa., Jan. 1806. 

41. Maria J., b. Nov. 17, 1806; d. . 

42. James Johnston, b. Nov. 18, 1809. 

*Family Bible of Samuel in possession of Mr. Stone of Dicksort 
Furnace, Tenn., says wife's name Margaret, wife of Samuel. 


43. Josiah J., b. Feb. 26, 1812; d. May 19, 1868. 

44. Cyrus A., b. Mav 23, 1814. d. . 

45. Elizabeth, d. . 

(15) Boyd Culbertson moved West; am informed near 
Chillicothe, Ohio. None of descendants there now. Probably 
afterwards went to W. Va. Mar. Susan Douglas. 

Issue : 

46. Joseph, d. Was in War 1812. (Wellsburg, W. 


461/2- Benjamin, Erie Co., Pa. 

(16) Andrew Culbertson mar. first, Ann Culbertson, of 
Shippensburg, Pa., (a cousin several removed) moved to 
Washington Tp., Erie Co., Pa., where he died. Mar. June 
17, 1797. (Wife b. 1773; d. 1808). 

Issue: (First wife died Jan. 1, 1808). 

47. John Bovd, b. 1798 ; d. 1888. 

48. Jane, b. 1800 ; d. Apr. 1888. Unmar. 

49. Duncan, b. 1802 ; d. Dec. 1802. 

50. Agnes, b. 1803; d. Nov. 20, 1803. 

51. James, b. 1805; d. 

52. EHza, b. 1807 ; d. . (Mrs. James Robinson) 

(16) Andrew Culbertson mar. second, Ann Morehead, of 
Lancaster Co., Pa., Feb. 9, 1809. 

Issue: (Wife d. Dec. 1847; wife b. Apr. 29, 1781.) 

53. Thomas M-, b. June 21, 1810; d. Oct. 15, 1881. 

54. Andrew J., b. Apr. 21, 1812 ; d. 1883. 

55. Wm. Patent, b. Dec. 3, 1819, Fulton, Illinois; d. . 

(17) James Culbertson moved to Washington Tp., Erie 
Co., Pa. Afterwards moved to Louisiana, Pike Co., Mo. 
Know nothing of descendants. Mar. Jane Maxwell. 

(18) Samuel Culbertson moved to Washington Tp., Erie 
Co., Pa. Know nothing of descendants. Mar. Jane Douglas. 

(22) Andrew Culbertson mar. EHzabeth Craig. Lived at 
Groveland, N. Y. 


56. John, d. 1865. Bachelor. Tecumseh, Mich. 

57. James, d. 1841. Bachelor. Tecumseh, Mich. 

58. Samuel, d. 1857. 

59. Thomas Craig, d. 1826. Bachelor. Groveland. 

60. Ann, d. 1840. Geneseo, N. Y. 


61. Robert, d. 1868. Bachelor. Tecumseh, Mich. 

62. Ehza, d. 1875. Tecumseh, Mich. 

63. Margaret. (Mrs. Buel!) Grand Rapids, Mich. 

64. Maria, d. 1864. Tecumseh, Mich. 

(24) Wm. Culbertson, mar. Miss Almon of Philadelphia, 
Pa. Liv€d at Philadelphia. 


65. John. Know nothing of. 

66. James, d. at Sparta, N. Y. 

67. Wm., d. at Portland, Oregon. Bachelor. 

68. Eliza, d- in Michigan. (Mrs. Mulhollen.) 

(25) Samuel C. mar. Anna S. Roup. Lived near Broken 
Straw, Warren Co., Pa. 


69. Elizabeth, b. 1811. Geneseo, N. Y., d. . 

70. Sarah, b. 1813; d. 1875. 

71. Christiana, b. 1815 ; d. 1849. 

72. Ann M., b. 1817; d. 

73. Charles W., b. 1819; d. 1890. 

74. Fannie R., b. 1821 ; d. 1840. 

75. Isaac v., b. 1823; d. 1856. 

76. Mary K, b. 1826 ; d. . 

(26) Margaret Culbertson mar. first, Wm. Lattimore. 

Issue : 

77. Eliza. (Mrs. R. Wilcox.) Had issue. 

(26) Mar. Second, James McNair. 

78. James Denny. 

79. Richard, d. . 

80. Ann, d. . 

81 Andrew J. Honcut, California. 

(27) Elizabeth Culbertson mar. Issac Vandeventer. Died 
at Logansport, Ind. 


82. Mary Ann, d. 

83. Christopher, d. . 

84. James, d. . 

85. Eliza, d. . 

86. Rebecca, d. 

(28) John Culbertson mar. Isabella . Was a fuller of 

cloth. Deed shows he moved to Crawford Co., Pa. after 1813- 


Issue : 

87. John H., Esq., b. 1823; d. Dec. 25, 1875. Crawford Co., 


88. Samuel, d. . 

89. Thomas, d. . 

90. Denny, d- . 

91. Lucretia, d. . 

92. Letitia, d. . 

(29) Wilham Culbertson died at Barbersville, Jefferson 
Co., Ind. Know nothing of issue. 

(30) Ehzabeth Culbertson mar. Samuel Mackelduff. 

Issue : 
92 1-5. Rebecca. (Mrs. James McClure.) d. . 

92 2-5. Marv Ann- (Mrs. David Krouser.) d. . 

92 3-5. Elizabeth. (Mrs. John McClure, Sr.) d. . 

92 4-5. Samuel. 

(31) Margaret Culbertson mar. Capt. James Lockart, of 
Chester Co., Pa. 


92 6-5. Phoebe, d. Unmar. 

92 7-5. Elizabeth, d. Unmar. 

92 8-5. Isabel, d. Unmar. 

92 9-5. Margaret. (Mrs. Samuel Pinkerton, who had is- 
sue: John P., Belle and S. Stanhope, of Pittsburgh, 
Pa. d.) 

(32) James Culbertson mar. first, Hannah Murry. Mov- 
ed from Chester Co., Pa., to Crawford Co., Pa., in 1797, 
v/here he mar. first wife. First wife d. 1799. 


93. Hannah- (Mrs. Samuel H. Wells, of Muskingum Co., 

O.) d. 
(32) James C. mar. second, Miss Janet Dickson, daughter 
of (Scotch) James Dickson, Aug. 25, 1803. Afterwards 
moved to Logan Co., O., and was buried on McKee's Creek, 
four miles north of W. Liberty, Logan Co., 0. Quit claimed 
in Chester, Pa., 1796. 


94. James Denny, b. Feb. 17, 1812. . 

95. Sarah, b. Sept. 4, 1814. / Know nothing 

96. John H., b. Apr. 17, 1817. ' of Their 

97. Wm. G., b. Nov. 30, 1819. I Descendants. 

98. Samuel D., b. Apr. 1, 1824. ) 


(33) Samuel Culbertson mar. Susannah Myers Harrison. 
Lived at Philadelphia and buried at Brandywine Manor, Pa- 

98 1-5. Eliza Harrison, b. Dec. 9, 1813; d. Mar. 19, 1814. 
98 2-5. Harrison, b. Dec. 3, 1818; d. Mar. 30, 1820. 
98 3-5. John Harrison, b. Dec. 12, 1823; d. Sep. 30, 1892. 
98 4-5. Walter Edwards, d- Aug. 21, 1872. 
98 5-5. Louisa, b. Dec. 13, 1827; d. Aug. 30, 1828. 

(35) James Culbertson mar. . Issue: 

99. Samuel. (From will.) d. Oct. 1826 in Chester Co., Pa. 


(87) Andrew Columbus Culbertson mar. Margaret Alex- 
ander, Sep. 28, 1820. Farmer. Erie Co., Pa. 

Issue : 

100. Margaret J., b. Dec. 15, 1821. (Mrs. E. C. Rodgers.) 

101. Mary Culbertson, b. Nov. 8, 1823 ; d. 

102. WiHiam C, b- Nov. 27, 1825. (Congressman), d. 

103. James A., b. Apr. 19, 1827 ; d. 

104. Rebecca, b. Feb. 15, 1830. (Mrs. Geo. Wood.) 

105. John, b. June 30, 1832; d. Dec 2, 1895. 

106. Alexander, b. June 11, 1835; d. 

107. Charles, b. Apr. 12, 1839. Lumber. Argyle, Minn. ; d. 
(38) Jeannette Cassander Culbertson mar. first, Loren 

West, July 14, 1825. Erie Co., Pa. Husband died. 


108. Loren West, b. Sep. 24, 1836 ; d. 

(38) Jeannette C. mar. second, Chauncey P. Roberts, Sep. 
5, 1833. 

Issue : 

109. Chester C. Roberts, b. June 15, 1835 ; d. 

110. Wm. b., Aug. 13, 1837; d. 

111. Josiah B., b. Aug. 21, 1841. 

(39) John Augustus mar. Clarissa Harrison, Oct. 23, 
1827. Was a cabinet maker; afterwards real estate agent, at 
Edinboro, Pa- 

112. Harrison, b. Sep. 25, 1829; d. 

113. Louis C, b. Mar. 7, 1832. Covington, Ky.; d. 


114. Johnston, b. Oct. 27, 1834; d. 

115. Porter, b. Mar. 1, 1837 ; d. 

116- Emily. (Intermar. John Proudfit.) ; d. 

117. Edwin, b. May 11, 1843;d. 

(41) Maria J. Culbertson mar. Thomas Colter, Jr. of 
Venango Tp., Crawford Co., Pa. 


118. Margaret. (Mrs. Jas. Mead) ; d. 

119. Thomas W., d. young. 

120. Ehzabeth. (Mrs. H. Bunce) ; d. 

121. Wm. Jackson ; d. 

122. Thomas Jackson; d. 

123. Mary Cordelia. (Mrs. J. A. McKay); d. 

124. Robert C ; d. 

125. Nancy Adeline. (Mrs. Niner) ; d. 

126. Amos W.; d. 

127. James P.; d. 

128. I. S., d. Young. 

129. Wilson H. ; d. 

(42) James Johnston C, mar. Jane Huntley, Jan. 17, 

130. Cordelia, b. Aug. 22, 1833- 

131. Julia, b. Oct. 4, 1835. 

132. Louisa, b. 1840. 

133. James J., b. Oct. 3, 1844. 

(43) Josiah Jehosephat C, mar. Cordelia Stewart, Oct. 
29, 1843. 

Issue * 

134. Celia, b. Jan. 28, 1846. 

135. Celestia, b. Feb. 7, 1848. 

136. Elliott, b. Nov. 4, 1849. 

137. James, b. Oct. 2, 1856. 

(44) Cyrus A. Culbertson mar. Catherine Willoughby. 
Wife d. 1882 .(Covington, Ky., and Edinboro, Pa.) 

Issue ! 

138. Harriet, b. Jan. 28, 1839. 

139. Dwight C, b. Mar. 25, 1840. Covington, Ky. 

140. Xerxes W., b. Oct. 1, 1843. Covington, Ky. 

141. Mattie, b. Nov. 6, 1845. 

142. Sarah, b. June 15, 1849. 

143. Deete, b. May 19, 1851. 

144. Lansing B., b. May 13, 1855. Canton, Ohio. 

145. Louie E., b. Mar. 11, 1857. 


146. Lillie, b. Apr. 7, 1860. 

(45) Elizabeth W. Culbertson mar. Wilson Colter, Apr. 
8, 1835. 

Issue : 

147. Josiah J., b. Feb. 18, 1836. 

148. Oscar C, b. Apr. 25, 1842. 

(46) Joseph A. Culbertson, mar. Jane Martin, of Wells- 
burg, W. Va. Wife d. June 1852. He was a soldier in the 
war of 1812. (Lived at Wellsburg, W. Va.) 

Issue : 

149- Ben-"amin Martin, b. 1824. Soldier in Mexican and 
Civil Wars. 

150. Wm. McC. Sea captain, not heard of for 30 years. 

151. Joseph Alexander. Probably killed in Union army. 

152. Lizzie. (Mrs. Watson.) 

153. Eliza. 

154. Priscilla. 

155. Sarah. 

156-161. Six others, d- young. 

(47) John Boyd Culbertson mar. Miss Laughrey, of 

. Lived at Harbor Creek, Erie Co., Pa. until 1832, when 

he moved to Chandlersville, Muskingum Co., O., where he 
resided seven years. After this he moved to Licking Co., 
O., in 1840, and died in Paulding Co., 0. (Was raised by 
his uncle Joseph C, of Salt Creek, Muskingum Co., 0.) 

Issue : 

162. Andrew H. Bluffton, Ohio. 

163. James W- Beloit, Kans, 

164. WilHam C. 

165. John P. 

166. Thomas L. Texas (soldier 7th Mo. Cav.) 

167. Mary Ann. (Mrs. Sherman), Springfield, Mo. 

168. Sarah Jane (Mrs. HolKnworth), Rockville, Mo. 

169. Elizabeth C. 

170. Charlotte P. 

171. Rebecca M. 

172. Martha E. 

(51) James mar. Betsy Huntley. Know nothing about 

(53) Thomas Culbertson mar. Nancy A. Norcross, Jan. 
2, 1838. Lived in Erie Co., Pa. 


Issue : 

173. Maria L., b. Nov. 10, 1838. (Mrs- G. W. Moore.) 

174. Catherine Ann, b. Sep. 13, 1841. Unmar. 

175. John Norcross, b. Mar. 23, 1843. 

176. Rachel McCord, b. July 19, 1847. (Mrs. Gay.) 

(54) Andrew J. Culbertson, mar. Eliza J. Miller. Know 
nothing about him. 

(55) Wm. Patent Culbertson mar. first, Mary McCord. 
Lives at Fulton, Whiteside Co., Ills. No issue; wife died. 
He mar. second, Helen Reed. 


177. Charles P., d. aet 35. Bachelor. 

178. dau. (Mrs. Prof. Lochmund.) 

Issue: Franz C-, Philadelphia. 

(55) Mar. third, Mary Fay, who died without issue. He 
mar. fourth wife, Charlotte Hall. No issue. 

(58) Samuel Culbertson mar. Nancy Johnson about 1828. 
Wife living 1893. She was born Mar. 7, 1805. 

Issue : 

179. John, b. Apr. 19, 1830 d. Oct. 1865. 

180. Frank, b. July 3, 1832. 

181. Margaret, b. 1834. San Francisco, Cal. 

182. Samuel, b. Aug. 30, 1837. 

183. Elizabeth, b. Dec. 25, 1839; d. Jan. 27, 1887- 

184. Michael, b. Sep. 3, 1842. 

185. Nancy, b. Nov. 14, 1845. 

186. Matilda, b. July 7, 1848. 

187. Edward J., b. Oct- 19, 1850. E. Groveland, N. Y. 
(63.) Margaret Culbertson mar. Mr. Buell, of Grand 

Rapids, Mich. Know nothing of descendants. 

(65) John. Know nothing about him. 

(66) James, of Sparta, N. Y. Know nothing of descend- 

(68) Eliza Culbertson mar. Mr. Mulhollen, Know noth- 
ing of issue. 

(71) Christina Culbertson mar. Abraham R. Cole, Sep- 2, 


188. lived only two months. 

(72) Ann M. Culbertson. Know nothing about issue. 

(73) Charles W. Culbertson mar. Deborah H. Goheen, 
Nov. 20, 1845. 


Issue : 

189. Samuel Edward, b. Aug. 25, 1846. 

190. John Edwin, b. Jan- 8, 1848 ; d. Nov. 20, 1867. 

191. Chas. W., Jr., b. Mar. 3, 1854. 

192. Fannie E., b. May 24, 1857. (Mrs. Weed.) 

193. Lincoln, b. Aug. 3, 1860. 

194. Anna S. May, b. May 16, 1863; d. Sep. 16, . 

(76) Mary K. Culbertson. Still living. 

(87) John H. Culbertson mar. Polly J. Merritt. 

Co. Recorder, Crawford Co., Pa., 1854. 

195. John T. Duluth, Minn. 

196. Eugene M. 

197. George D. 

198. Ira W- 

199. Herbert S. 

200. Samuel H. Unmar. 

201. Louise 

202. Millie A. 

203. Alonzo L. Unmar. Duluth, Minn. 

(98 2-3) John H. Culbertson mar. Theora Alethe Thomas. 

203 1-1. Samuel Harrison, b. Mar. 4, 1864 ; d- Aug. 10, 

203 1-2. Morgan Thomas, b. . 

203 3-4. Elizabeth Denny b. June 6, 1865. 
203 4-4. Walter Edwards, b. Aug. 21, 1872. 


(102) Hon. Wm. C. Culbertson, of Girard, Erie Co., Pa., 
mar. Margaret Alexander. 

Issue: (Girard, Erie Co., Pa.) 

204. Cordelia A. 

205. Kate. 
206 James A. 

207. Belle. (Mrs. Frank May.) 

208. Wm. M. Miller, at Girard, Pa. 

209. Margaret. 

210. Charles B. 

211. Archibald B., d. 1883. 

(103) James A. Culbertson. Manager Alleghany Springs, 
Warren Co., Pa. 


(105) John Culbertson. Lived in Sheffield, Pa. 

.(106) Alexander Culbertson. Lived in California. 

(107) Charles Culbertson mar. Mary Barker at Edinboro, 
Erie Co., Pa., in 1868. Moved to Augusta, Wis., in 1872, 
where he is engaged in farming and lumber business. 

Issue : 

212. Clarence B. 

213. Andrew, d. young. 

215. Bernice. 

( ) Grandchildren of (39) Augustus Culbertson. 

(113) Louis C. has a son, Halsey, living in Chicago. 

Grandchildren of James Johnston Culbertson (42). 
Know nothing about. 

Grandchildren of (43) J. J. Culbertson. Know nothing 

Grandchildren of (44) Cyrus A. Culbertson. Know noth- 
ing about- 

(149) Benjamin M. Culbertson mar. first, Catherine 
Snowden, of Wellsburg, W. Va. Wife died. Lives at Rolla, 


216. Samuel Snowden, b. Jan. 28, 1852. Washington, D. C. 

217. Joseph Pearce, b. Jan. 9, 1855; d. . 

218. Eliza Charlotte, b. July 21, 1857- 

219. Alvin Dow, b. Feb. 20, 1860; d. Feb. 1861. 

(149) Benjamin M. C, mar. second, Harriett Momen, of 
Rolla, Mo., Dec. 2, 1868. 


220. Stella Mae, b. Jan. 1, 1870; d. Jan. 1, 1870- 

221. Benjamin Frankhn, b. Mar. 16, 1871. Printer, Rolla, 


222. Hattie Celestia Cyrene, b. Ap. 5, 1873. Unmar. Rolla, 


223. Wm. Cliffton, b. Sep. 12, 1874. Printer. Rolla, Mo. 

224. Clara Belle, b. Nov. 25, 1876 ; d. July 28, 1877. 

225. AHce Daisy, b. June 7, 1878 ; d. Dec. 20, 1879. 
(153) EHza Culbertson mar. Mr. Crewson. Widow hves 

at Steubenville, 0. Husband served in Union Army, all 
through war. 

Issue : 

226. Mary. 

227. Alexander. 


228. Edwin. 

229. Emma. (Mrs. Young.) 

230. Jennie, d. 

231. Andrew. 

232. Grant. 

(155) Sarah Culbertson mar. Jas. A. Porter, of Fernwood, 
0., in 1865. 


233. George. Mar. 

234. Sherman. 

235. Albert Desmond. Mar. 

236. Mary Florence. (Mrs. C. B. Parker.) 

237. Charles Dayton. 

238. James Garfield. 

(163) James W- Culbertson mar. Miss Lucinda Reed, in 
1847. Lived in Ohio 21 years; then went to Boonville, Mo.; 
in 1861, went to Iowa; in 1863, to Illinois; went to Kansas 
in 1873; to Barton Co., Mo., in 1891; now a Beloit, Kansas. 

Issue : 

238. Frances M. Mar. Miss Smith. 

240. James B. Mar. Miss Coats. 

241. John A. Unmar. Esrom, Mo. 

242. Livinia E. (Mrs- D. F. Simpson), Beloit, Kans. 

243. Mary A. 

244. Marlha L. (Mrs. B. Pickering), Beloit. 

245. Elvira P. (Mrs. B. King), Beloit, Kans. 

(175) John N. Culbertson mar. first. Belle D. Blaine, Feb. 
27, 1868. Wife d- Mar. second, Francis C. Chapman, April 
17, 1878. Know nothing about issue. 

(182) Capt. Samuel Culbertson mar. Sarah R. H. John- 
ston, dau. of J. M. Johnston, of Cincinnati, 0. Lives at E. 
Groveland, N. Y. Was Capt. Co. B., 1st N. Y. Dragoons in 
Civil War. 

Issue : 

246. Margaret Bell. 

247. Robert M. 

248. Samuel Craig. 

249. James J. 

(184) Michael Culbertson mar. . Lives at E. Grove- 
land, N. Y. 


250. Richard. J. 


251. Anna S. 

252. Nancy. 

253. Augustus P. 

(189) Samuel E. Culbertson enlisted in the 6th Mich. 
Heavy Art'y, in Jan. 1864 ; discharged, Aug. '65. Mar. Mrs. 
Clara M. Buell, Dec. 18, '85. 

Issue : 

254. Fanny May, b. Jan. 18, 1887. 

255. Bessie, b. Jan. 26, 1889; d. Aug. 1890. 

256. Zoe Marie, b. Dec. 15, 1892. 

(190) John E. Culbertson enhsted in the 5th Mich. Inf., 
and was discharged in July, 1865. With Gen. Grant. Wound- 
ed at Appamattox. Died of wounds received in army. Was 

(191) Charles W. Culbertson mar. Fannie E. Florence, 
Nov. 21, 1878. (P. M. at Ridgeway, Mich.) 

Issue : 

257. Carroll M., b. Jan. 11, 1880. 

258. Florence May, b. Oct. 11, 1881. 

(192) Fannie E. Culbertson mar. Frank J. Weed, of Ce- 
resco, Mich., Dec. 22, 1881. 


259. Charles J. Weed, b. Apr. 2, 1884. 

260. Louise, b. Nov. 15, 1892. 


(195) John T. Culbertson mar. Orleana Kidner. Lives at 
Duluth, Minn. 


261. Lynn L. 

262. John Byron. 

263. Alvern. 

(196) Euguene M. C, mar- Ada Palmer. 


264. Grace. 

265. Earle. 

266. Rush. 

267. Lilse. 


268. Glennie. 

(197) George D. C, mar. Amy Harrington. 


269. Elva. 

270. Earle. 

(198) Ira W. C. mar. Alice Coleridge. 


271. Lou. 

(199) Herbert S. C, mar. Jane Steele. 


272. Roy. 

(201) Louise Culbertson mar. Ira Hutton. 


273. Lena. 

(202) Millie A. Culbertson mar- W. Berrie. No issue. 


(1) Andrew Culbertson was one of the early settlers of 
Williamsport, Pa. Cyrus Culbertson says he commenced 
a grist-mill, near Williamsport, in 1773. Deed Records ol 
Chester Co., Pa., show that he deeded the last of his prop- 
erty in that Co., in July, 1775, to James Clemson, hatter. 
Owned a tract of land along the river below Deerstown, 
near Lewisburg, Pa. Was a private in Col. Hunter's Bat- 
talion of Associaters, from Northumberland Co., in July, 
1776 and served until close of the war. Was in a battle with 
the Indians, on Bald Eagle Creek, Center Co., Pa., on Apr. 
10, 1782, in which the whole force was killed excepting the 
commander. Major Moses Van Campen, Andrew Culbert- 
son and one other. He was a wealthy man, and at his death 
left 907 acres in Lycoming Co., Pa- Appointed Chief Exec- 
utive Officer of Northumberland Co. for carrying into ef- 
fect the orders of Congress. (Pa. Arch.) 

(2) James Culbertson was commissioned by Gov. Denny, 
of Pa., May 1, 1758, to be Ensign of a company, in Col. 
Hugh Mercer's Battalion (Regt.), the Third Bat. of Pa. 
Provincial Troops, in the French and Indian War. Ensign 
James marched to Ft. Duquesne in winter of 1758. He was 
in the Revolution, as well as his son, John, and while they 
were at home on a furlough and eating their dinners, the 
Indians took them by surprise and shot them down. The 


son was only fifteen years old. His children (it is asserted) 
were granted a magnificent pension of almost a whole 
county in Va., or Maryland, but for some reason did not 
take up the claim, and their papers were foolishly destroy- 
ed. (I could find no evidence of this on any records.) The 
Pa. Archives, at Harrisburg, Pa., do not give his record, 
which was no doubt destroyed in Philadelphia in 1800. His 
descendants have his commission in the French and Indian 
War. There was no administration or will of his, nor deeds 
recorded in Lancaster or Chester Co., hence he lived in 
Northumberland Co. at his death. His brother Andrew 
probably bought his land, as deeds show that Andrew's 
Ex'rs., sold the ''James Culbertson tract of 213 acres in 

(4) Major John Culbertson was buried at Brandywine 
Manor, Chester Co., Pa. The following beautiful epitaph 
appears on his tombstone: 

"My flesh shall slumber in the grave, 
'Till the last tnamphets joyful sound, 
Then burst the chains with sweet surprise 
And in my glorious image arise." 

He was in the battle of Long Island in the fall of 1776, be- 
ing a Major in Col. James Moore's Battalion (First) of 
Chester Co., Pa., Associaters of the "Flying Camp." (See 
Barrie's Army and Navy of the U. S., ed. de luxe, supple- 
mentary, p. 9.) He was commissioned Major, July 1, 1776. 
Stationed at Perth Amboy, N. J., under Gen. Mercer, Aug. 
14, 1776; at Ft. Lee, Aug. 20, 1776 (Amer. Arch.) He was 
a "delegate to the Associated Battalion Convention, at Lan- 
caster, Pa., July 4, 1776." (Pa. Arch.) His brother, "An- 
drew, a private from Northumberland Co., Pa., was also a 
delegate to this Convention." (Pa. Arch.) John was com- 
missioned Major of Col. William Gibbons' Battalion (Sev- 
enth), of Chester Co., Pa., Associaters, May 17, 1777. In 
1779, he was a Major of Lieut. Col. John Gardner's Bat- 
tahon (Fifth), of Chester Co. Associaters. This made him 
virtually Lieut. Col. Was commissioned May 10, 1780, Major 
of Lieut. Col. John Gardner's (First) Battalion of Chester 
Co. Associaters." Futhey's Hist. Chester Co. says he was 
born 1739. Member Pa. Assembly 1777-80. 

(5) Capt. Samuel Culbertson of Pikeland Tp., Chester 
Co., a member of the Com. of Public Safety, Oct. 23, 1775, 
at a meeting at which Anthony Wayne was chairman. (Pa. 
Arch.) Com. of Safety also published notice "for a meeting 


to study the art of making a salt-petre, at the house of Mr. 
Culbertson at the Yellow Springs, on 4th and 5th of March, 
1776." (Pa. Arch.). He was an inn-keeper on License Rec- 
ords up to and including 1782, but not in 1783, at which 
date his brother John's name appears. 

I find in Deed Records of Chester Co., that on Mar. 1776, 
there was recorded a deed made by Samuel Culbertson to 
The Proprietaries of Pa., for land in Coventry Tp., Chester 
Co. This was for salt-petre beds- He was present at a 
meeting of the Com. of Safety at Downingtown, Chester 
Co., Pa., on July 1, 1776, where it was "agreed to raise a 
battalion of 652 men." (Pa. Arch.). 

"Capt. Samuel was appointed, July 1776, Capt. in Col. 
Wm. Montgomery's Battalion of Chester C!o. Associaters 
of the "Flying Camp." (Am. Arch. 4th ser., vol. VI, p. 1196.) 
The Flying Camp constituted the Brigade in New Jersey 
under command of Brig. Gen. Hugh Mercer. "Col. Wm. 
Montgomery's Regt. was at Perth Amboy in July, 1776, and 
remained there until August 14, 1776 ; ; at Ft. Lee, N. J., 
Aug. 20, 1776. From Fort Lee, Gen. Mercer moved to Long 
Island-" (Amer. Arch.) Saf fell's Record of the Revolution- 
ary War says of him: "Capt Samuel Culbertson, of Wm. 
Montgomery's Regt. was captured Nov. 16, 1776, at Ft. 
Washington. He was a prisoner, with certain bounds, on 
Long Island until Aug. 16, 1779, when he was ordered into 
the city prison of New York. Lewis Pintard and Col. Pal- 
fry supplied him in 1776 and '77 with money. He was ex- 
changed Nov. 2, 1780, at Elizabethtown, N. J. and made 
his way to his place of abode at Yellow Springs, Pa- Capt. 
Culbertson was possessed of fine literary abilities and mili- 
tary talents." His administration shows that his wife died 
before he did. 

Samuel Culbertson died in East Cain township, Chester 
Co., Pa. Letters of administration were granted for his 
estate January 8, 1783. Brother John, Admnr. Inventory 
of his estate shows "One silver stock buckle, one pair of 
silver sleeve buttons, two certificates for depreciation for 
pay as Capt. of the Flying Camp." 

I neglected to state that the father of Isaac Vanleer, who 
married Elizabeth Culbertson, was Samuel Vanleer. Said 
Samuel was a captain in Chester Co., Pa. militia in the Rev- 
olution. He married Hannah Wayne, of Chester Co., Pa., a 
sister of Gen. "Mad Anthony" Wayne, of Revolutionary 
fame and a daughter of Isaac Wayne, an officer in the 


French and Indian War. Samuel Vanleer had several sons: 
Anthony W. Vanleer, who went to Nashville, Tenn., and 
became one of the wealthiest iron-masters of Tennessee. 
One of his daughters, Mrs. Polk married a cousin of Presi- 
dent Polk, and one of her daughters married one of the 
highest barons in Italy, and another a French count- Her 
son. Van Leer Polk, of Tennessee was Consul-General of the 
United States to Calcutta, India. Mrs. Polk moved to Rome, 
Italy, during the Civil War, and the family were intimate 
friends of King Humbert. Her daughter and her husband 
were warm friends of the Marquis and Marchioness of 
Lome, and exchanged visits. The descendants of A. W. Van 
Leer's other daughter, Mrs. Kirkham, live in Nashville, be- 
ing among the wealthiest people of that place. Her daugh- 
ter married Capt Drouillard, U. S. Army, who became a 
Tenn. iron-master after the war and died over 55 years ago. 

Another son of Isaac Van Leer was Bernard Van Leer, 
who was an iron-master at Nashville, another son of Isaac 
was WilHam who died 1895 at Downington, Chester Co., Pa., 
aged over 90 years. His daughter married H. M. Richards, 
Sec'y of the German Society of Pa., and resides at Reading. 

Issue Isaac Van Leer and Elizabeth Culbertson: 

1. Hannah Vanleer, daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth Van- 

leer, b. Dec. 4, 1804. 

2. Margaret Vanleer, daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth 

Vanleer, b. Dec. 14, 1805. 

3. Linford L. Vanleer, b. Mar. 26, 1806 (son of Isaac and 

Elizabeth Vanleer). 

4. Wayne Vanleer, son of Isaac and Elizabeth Vanleer, 

born June 24, 1810. 

(1) Hannah Vanleer married first John Kennedy, of 
near Pittsburg, who moved to Tennessee in 1825, and had 
one child, who died young. Husband died in 1846, widow re- 
married to Hardman Stone, and had two sons, Samuel B. 
Stone and Robert B. Stone- 

(2) Hannah Vanleer married a Mr. Nopper, and had chil- 
dren- — Montgomery, Margaret and Mary Nopper. 

(3) (Data not furnished). 


The Census of 1790 for Tedriffen Tp., Chester Co., Pa., 
gives Isaac Van Leer, self and wife, 4 sons under 16 and 
2 daughters. This makes it pretty certain that Bernard and 
WilHam, sons of Isaac Van Leer, above were by the 
first wife. There were two other sons whose names I do 
not know, who may have died young. Elizabeth Culbertson 
(34) must have been his second wife. Her father was born 
1744 and probably married 1763-5. If Elizabeth was born 
1764-6 she would have been old enough to have married by 
1783-5 and borne six children by 1790. 

His brother-in-law Benjamin Wallace was a captain in 
Col. Wm. Montgomery's Bat. of the "Flying Camp," July 1, 
1776, in Chester Co., Pa. Futhey's History of Chester Co., 
says that "In 1785 a change of election districts was made 
and the polhng place of the Third Dist, was held at the sign 
of the Pennsylvania Arms, at the home of John Culbertson, 
of E. Coin Tp." Also, "among the first trustees of Brandy- 
wine Church, at the organization in 1786 were John Cul- 
bertson and (his cousin) Samuel." This church is in the 
northwestern part of the county. "Major John Culbertson 
was an active Whig during the Revolution." (Ibid). Was 
a fuller. 

(9) Benjamin Culbertson was appointed Lieut, in Col. 
Wm. Montgomery's Battahon of Chester Co., Associaters 
of the "Flying Camp," July 1, 1776. (See Am. Arch., 4th 
ser. vol VI, p. 1196). Pa. Archives do not mention his serv- 
ice after Dec. 1776. Family records say he was "drowned 
in the Delaware River." (Probably during Revolution.) 

(12) Wm. Culbertson was one of the early settlers of 
Edinboro, Erie Co., Pa., where he engaged in milling and 
farming. Was also Justice of the Peace. 

(29) WilHam served from 1778 to 1782 in Capt. CorneHus 
Atkinson's Co. Northumberland Co Mil." (Pa. Arch.). Not 
in Census alone or with his father, Chester Co., Pa., 1790. 
(See sons over 16). 

(37) Andrew C. was in same business and his grand- 
son, (102) Hon. Wm. C. Culbertson was a wealthy Congress- 
man, capitalist and lumber merchant, of Girard, Pa. He 
had business interests in Erie Co., Pa., Michigan, Minne- 
sota, Missouri, various places in Pennslvania, Kentucky, 
etc. For some time he was associated with his brother, J. A. 
Culbertson, in the lumber business with offices at Chicago, 


111., and Covington, Ky., and they were rated by Bradstreet 
at over $1,000,000. They closed out their business at Chi- 
cago some years ago, and James A. now lives at Menominee, 
Mich. His brother Charles had extensive lumber and farm- 
ing interests in Minnesota. William M. Culbertson, a son of 
the Congressman, is a wealthy miller at Girard, Pa- Hon. 
W. C. Culbertson of Girard, Pa., was Capt. in a Kentucky 
(Union) Regt. during the Civil War (1892). 

(87) John H. Culbertson was recorder of Crawford Co., 
Pa. in 1854. His son John T. (195) is the owner of a cane 
which has been handed down through seven generations of 
John Culbertsons, having been brought from Ireland in 
1713 and is, I presume, the oldest heirloom of any Cul- 
bertson family in this country. He is a prominent business 
man of Duluth, Minn- (1892). 

(181) Miss Margaret Culbertson, Supt. of the Chinese 
Mission Home, San Francisco, went to California in 1878 
and engaged in mission work among the Chinese. Her work 
has been one of the noblest and yet most difficult that man 
or woman has been called upon to perform. "When she 
first assumed charge of the home there were about ten 
girls. Since that time about four hundred women and chil- 
dren have found shelter there. She has defended these 
helpless ones even at risk of her life until the very police of 
Chinatown have come to say that she is braver than most 
men." (From Occidental Leaves). 



Irish Robert! (B) of Chester Co., Pa. 




(B) Robert Culbertson (Irish) of Kennett Tp., Chester 
Co., Pa. made his will in Mar. 1762 and will was probated 
May 3, 1762. Devisees were wife Jean, son Samuel, and 
grandson John, son of his son (I) Samuel; daughters Mary, 
Martha, Isabella, Sarah. Recites that one-third of his es- 
tate shall go to his son Samuel, also a negro boy named 
Dirk, providing that Samuel takes his mother and sisters to 
Cumberland Co., Pa. and provides for them until his sisters' 
marriage, and in case he does not comply his one-third 
shall go to son-in-law Alex Porter. His widow Jane made 
her will in Sept 17, 1769 (probated Oct. 1769) and died 
shortly after. She devises to her daughters, and grand- 
child John, son of son Samuel. States that owing to the 
fact that son Samuel has not complied with his father's 
wishes she cuts him out in her will. In sale bill of Robert's 
est. Samuel refuses to act as ex'r. and the negro was sold 
at sale for £55, showing that Samuel received nothing. In 
the final account of widow's estate in 1773 shows Elizabeth, 
Martha and Isabella were dead. Exrs. paid £69 each to Jane 
(Hill), Mary (Gordon) and Sarah Barclay. The will states 
that Sarah Barclay is to receive £81, but £10 is to be de- 
ducted from this to pay grandson John Culbertson's be- 
quest. This was done in settlement showing John was liv- 
ing. Samuel was given in the first edition of this Gene- 
alogy on Pages 21 and 45 as a son of Irish John of London- 
grove Tp. (came over 1712), but Samuel was of too late a 
date to have been his son, also I could not find him on tax 
lists of 1740 or 1730, yet he must have been born -by or be- 
for 1741 as he is on tax duplicate in 1762 in Vincent Tp. 
His son Samuel was of age in 1771 (Jan 22) as Samuel and 
his son Samuel were deeded 200 acres by Jane Lockart, 
widow, and Robt. Lockart and wife in Vincent Tp., Chester 


Co., Pa., Jan. 22, 1771. Samuel's son John did not partici- 
pate in this transaction in 1771. This became the home 
farm of Samuel and son Samuel. John was not dead as he 
was mentioned in Samuel Sr.'s will in 1782. Not ha\dng 
participated in the purchase in 1771 he would not transfer 
in 1791. 

Why Irish Robert of Kennett should have mentioned 
grandson John, and not grandson Samuel, I could not say, 
unless it be that grandson Samuel having ample means by 
inheritance through his wife Agnes Beatty did not need it. 
David Beatty had died before Irish Robert Culbertson. 
Neither Samuel nor his sons Samuel or John, are found on 
the tax list of Kennett in 1766. Widow Jane (or Robert) 
is on 1766. In the will of Samuel of E. Coin made 1782, the 
witnesses are Eliz. North, John Culbertson Esq. and wife 
Sarah. This was his second cousin, John of Brandywine, 
i. e. Major. 

m his will probated May 9, 1788, he says: "And whereas 
I am now possessed of the one divided moiety or half part 
of the plantation on which I live, containing 200 acres to- 
gether with half of the live stock and implements and half 
of all the household furniture now on farm. Item, I give 
to my nephew David, son of my son Samuel, all of my part 
of the above described plantation, &c." This real estate was 
subject to specific legacies of money to other heirs. 



(1) Samuel Culbertson located in Vincent Tp., Mar. 

First available tax list on which we find him is 1762 in 
above tp. He must have been born before 1725. Died in E. 
Coin Tp. 

Issue: (from will) Trustee Brandywine Church 1786. 

1. John. On tax, freeman, E. Nottingham Tp., Chester 

Co., 1776. 

2. Samuel. Of age 1771 (deed). 

3. Martha. (Mrs. Long). 

4. Agnes (Mrs. McHenry). 

5. Margaret (Mrs. Steel). 

(II) EHzabeth Culbertson mar. Alex. Porter of Chester 
Co., (from will of her father). 



6. David 

7. Samuel. 

8. Nancy. 


(1) John Culbertson mar. first . Moved to Erie Co., 

Pa. as shown by Family Records of the Erie Co. Culbert- 
sons (Colter and Culbertson Gen. by Robert Colter). On 
Census John Jr. 1790, Brandywine Tp., Chester Co., Pa., 
self and 1 son over 16 ; 1 son under 16, 2 f em. 


9. Son b. before 1774. 

91/2- Mary (Mrs. Wm. Culbertson) Edinboro, Pa. 

9%. Dan. 

9 4-4. Dan. 

(1) John Culbertson mar. second Mrs. Margaret Hamil- 
ton (Colter Gen.). 

Issue : 

10. Benjamin (Erie Co., Pa.). 

11. Agnes (Mrs Robert Colter) Edinboro, Pa. b. Apr. 19, 


(2) Samuel Culbertson mar. Agnes, daughter of David 
Beatty of Chester Co. moved to Crawford Co., Pa., after 
1791, says Colter-Culbertson Gen., but Crawford Co. offi- 
cials say no record of (if they told the truth). Census 1790 
Chester Co., Pa., self and wife, four males over 16; 3 fe- 
males. Brandywine Tp. No doubt part of these were 
nephews and nieces or nephews and sisters. 

Issue : 

12. David. Family records say moved to Blooming 
Valley, Crawford Co., Pa. Court officials claim no record 
of. Participates in a deed with his father and mother in 
Chester Co., Pa. in 1791. (Land from his grandfather 
Samuel Culbertson.) 

13. Samuel, d. young. 

14. Martha, d. young. She and brother Samuel named in 

grandfather's will. 



(9V2) Mary Culbertson mar. Wm, Culbertson of Edin- 
boro, Erie Co., Pa., a son of Andrew of Williamsport and 
grandson of John Esq., Sr., of Brandywine Tp., Chester Co., 
Pa. (Colter Gen. has it that she was a first cousin; that is 
a mistake as slie was several cousins removed.) For de- 
scendants see descendants of Major John of Chester Co., 

(11) Agnes Culbertson mar. Robert Colter of near Edin- 
boro. Pa. Mar. July 15, 1824. 


15. John W., b. July 10, 1825. 

16. Cyrus M., b. Aug. 4, 1827. 

17. Darius J., b. Aug. 11, 1829. 

18. Juha A., b. Oct. 19, 1831. 

19. Thomas J., b. Dec. 1, 1833. 
23. Levi A., b. Dec. 26, 1837. 

21. Sarah J., b. Feb. 11, 1839. 

22. Robert W., b. Feb. 13, 1841. 

23. Francis M., b. Dec. 26, 1844. 

24. Aaron B., b. Mar. 20, 1847. 

25. Mary L., b. Apr. 30, 1851. 



Irish Andrew (C) Lancaster County 
Pa. (Sliippensburg) 


(C) Andrew Culbertson emigrated to America from Lon- 
donderry Co., Ireland, and settled in Kennett Tp., Chester 
Co., Pa., before 1726. He is on tax records of this county 
until 1728, but left Chester Co. in 1728-29 and settled in 
Hopewell Tp., Lancaster (now Cumberland Co., Pa.) Co., in 
1729, being one of the very first permanent settlers of the 
present Cumberland Co., Pa. There is little doubt but that 
he was with the first party of Benjamin Chambers that 
went to Cumberland Co., Pa. He probably did not come to 
America with Chambers' party. He lived but a short dis- 
tance from the Row and his descendants have always been 
regarded as belonging to the Row, but they did not, as that 
term was applied to the settlement of the three Irish broth- 
ers, Alex., Robert and Samuel and cousin Joseph. He was 
an uncle of the three "Pa. Row" brothers. Alex., Joseph and 
Samuel were named as his bondsmen in the administration 
of his estate, filed in 1746, and his (Andrew's) son, Samuel, 
was his administrator. An inventory of his estate was filed 
in 1747, of which I have a copy. On it his name is written 
Colbertson. It is quite interesting and shows that he was 
one of the wealthiest men of the Cumberland Valley. The 
total value of the inventory was about $4000, a very large 
sum for those days. Division of his estate was made in 
Cumberland Co., in 1750, from which I obtained names of 
his children, the last five being minors at that date. I should 
suppose from this that he must have been born before 
1700. His land was assessed in inventory at £280. About 
this date the Proprietaries were receiving for land in Pa. 
£15, 10 shilhngs per 100 acres. The names of his chil- 
dren are derived from inventory and division of his estate. 


In May 1748 his widow Janet took out a warrant for 50 
acres in Hopewell Tp., Lancaster Co., Pa. Patent not re- 
turned on this until Jan. 18, 1775. This patent was returned 
with 33 acres which evidently was allowed or purchased by 
her from her first husband's estate. Order of resurvey was 
given Mar. 5, 1767, and in this plat is 83 acres. Adjoining 
land is Ed. Shippen, Isaac Miller, Sam Montgomery and Jas. 
Silver. Pat recites "that Janet Culbertson intermarrying 
with John Miller, by deed Jan. 13, 1775, granted said land 
to Robert Culbertson." This was her son. Land was in Ship- 

The appraisers of his estate were John Miller, Allen Kil- 
lough and Robert Dwining and they filed inventory at Lan- 
caster, Pa., in March 1747. Janet Culbertson took out a war- 
rant for land in what was then Lancaster Co., Pa. in 1748. 
This was Andrews widow and she had not married John 
Miller at that time. 

Andrew (Irish) is first found on tax records of Chester 
Co., Pa. in 1726. He is not on the records of 1713. The rec- 
ords for intervening years between 1713-1726 are missing 
so we do not know just when he began paying taxes and 
when he was of age, or when he came to America. Five of 
his children were of age in 1750. He was probably married 
about 1720 as several of his children were married in 1740. 
He was an uncle, same say a cousin of the three brothers 
of the "Culbertson Row." He received a Warrant from Gov. 
Edward Shippen for 240 acres of land in Hopewell Tp., Lan- 
caster Co., Pa. in 1740. This was partly outside and partly 
inside Shippensburg. Tradition says he married a sister 
of James Breckenridge ; also that James Breckenridge 
(First) was married to Andrew's sister. Also that he was a 
brother-in-law to Robert (Irish) Culbertson of Peters Tp. 
Andrew's widow, several years after his death, married 
John Miller. He was one of the appraisers of Andrew's 
estate in March, 1747. In 1751, James Culbertson of Hope- 
well Tp, ; Wm. Carr and Elizabeth, his wife; Andrew Cul- 
bertson and wife, Esther, made a quit claim to their broth- 
er Samuel. Jane conveyed by her g'd'n N. Wilson, 1751. 

In Nov., 1753, Samuel Culbertson, of Hopewell Tp., and 
wife, Mary, deeded this property to Francis Campble 
(275 A.), said Andrew having died intestate, 98 acres of 
said tract fell to the share of the heirs Samuel, James, 
Elizabeth and Andrew and Jane. The said Samuel having 
purchased the shares of James, Elizabeth (now Mrs. Kerr), 


Andrew and wife and Jane, by her Gd'n N. Wilson and 
Francis Campbell, Gd'n of Robert, Sarah and Rebecca, 
deed for them in 1753. 

Andrew's son, James, moved to Chester Co., Pa., in 1751. 
In the old Genealogy, he was given by error as a son of 
Irish John of Chester Co., Pa., James willed to (Oct. 14, 
1763) brothers: Samuel, Robert; sisters, Jane, Sarah 
(Breckenridge), Martha (Miller), Rebecca (Park). 

It will be seen from this that three of his brothers and 
sisters are not mentioned, i. e. Andrew, Elizabeth and Mar- 
garet. It is my behef that in 1763 the two sisters were dead. 
There were no deeds to Margaret, showing she died in 
1750-51. In his will he mentions Rebecca (Mrs. Park). This 
shows that she was married to Park in 1763, but later she 
became a widow and married Mr. Cravenstine, some records 
say from Va., but Census Records show they lived in Ger- 
mantown, Philadelphia. Martha married Gideon Miller of 
Allegheny Co., Pa. (who served in Revolution with Cumb. 
Co. Ass'rs.) and afterwards moved to Allegheny Co., Pa. 
Elizabeth married Wm. Kerr of "Culbertson Row", Jane 
married OHver Culbertson (Irish) of Lurgan Tp., Cumb. 
Co., Pa., and later moved to Armstrong Tp., Westmoreland 
Co., Pa. ; Sarah married John Breckenridge before 1763 and 
lived in the "Row". Issue: Samuel, Janet (Mrs. Benj. John- 
ston), Sarah (unmarried), Elizabeth (Mrs. Jas. Herron), 
Polly (Mrs. Jas. Shoaff), Nancy (Mrs. Robert Culbertson 
of Ambersons Valley), Sarah (Mrs. Archibald Mahon). 

The estate of James, son of Irish Andrew, was adminis- 
tered in Chester Co., Pa. Records there show he owned no 
real estate. James Reynolds and Robert Peoples, appraisers, 
were sworn in Cumb. Co. His brother Robert named execu- 
tor — renounced. 


Issue Andrew and Janet: 

I. Samuel, b. ; d. 1799, Washington Co., Tenn., 

(Chapter V). 

II. James, b. ; d. Nov., 1763, bachelor, Chester 

Co., Pa. 

III. Andrew, b. ; d. . (Chapter XI). 

IV. Elizabeth, b. ; d. (Mrs. Wm. Kerr). 

Wm. Kerr killed Bloody Run, 1756. Wife died 

before 1763? Not on brother's will. 


V. Jane, b. ; d. (Mrs. Oliver Culbertson),. 

West'm'd Co., Pa. 

VI. Robert, b. 1741; d. 1821. (Col.) Columbus, Ohio. 

(Chapter XVII). 

VII. Martha, b. ; d. . (Mrs. Gideon Miller) Al- 
legheny Co., Pa. 

VIII. Margaret, b. ; d. young. 

IX. Sarah, b. ; d. . (Mrs. John Breckenridge) 

X. Rebecca; married first Mr. Park; second Mr. 
Cravenstine, Germantown, Pa, 

* * * * 



(I) Samuel Culbertson married first to Mary . His 

will made in Washington Co., Tenn. shows that he had mar- 
ried a second time and that his second wife's name was 
Jane. I think it very probable that all his children were by 
the first wife. The youngest child named in his will was 
Mary, the same as his first wife's name. He left Cumb. Co, 
Dec, 1753 and moved to Va. (see Second Washington Va. 
Reports, page 54, James Burnside vs. A. Reid, Samuel Cul- 
bertson, etc.). This report shows that Andrew Culbertson 
made settlement on a piece of land known as "Culbertson's 
Bottom", and after living on it for a time, had to abandon 
it because of the Indians, and he sold it to his brother 
Samuel in 1754,. who Kved on it for a while, but he, too, had 
to abandon it for fear of the Indians. Two other men set- 
tled on the land which led to a long law suit. It was finally 
settled in U. S. Supreme Court in favor of Samuel Culbert- 
son, because he had first settled the land. This case was con- 
cluded in 1786. This land in 1779 was in Rockbridge Co., 
Va., between the Cow Pasture and Greenbrier River. Power 
of Atty. was given May 19, 1779 by Samuel Culbertson of 
Washington Co., N. Car. to A. Reid of Rockbridge Co., Va., 
relative to this land. This data shows he did not hve in Va. 
during the Revolution and was not the Doctor of the 12th 
Va. line. He Hved in Washington Co., N. Car. in 1787, as 
shown by a deed of Power of Atty. to S. Colwell on file in 
Cumb, Co,, Pa,, in which he authorizes him to sell land in 
Cumb, Co,, Pa, Deed says he is a planter and is witnessed 


by his son, Joseph. Johnston's "Middle New River Settle- 
ments" says that "Culbertson Bottom" is near present Hin- 
ton, W. Va. (Crump's Bottom). The old Washington Co., 
N. Car.' occupied the eastern part of Tenn. in 1787. When 
the State of Tenn. was formed in 1796 that portion of N. 
Car. in which Samuel hved was included in Tenn. Old 
Washington Co., N. Car. was formed in 1777 from Orange 
Co., N. C. Samuel Culbertson, Sr., of Washington Co., 
Tenn., made his will in Dec, 1798, and will was probated in 
Feb. 1799. Lived on Indian Creek (now Unicoi Co., Tenn.). 
Devisees were wife, Jean; children: Andrew, Josiah, Sam- 
uel, Joseph, James and Mary (Weakfield). The witnesses to 
Samuel's will were James Deakens, John Young and Hol- 
land Higgins. Will proven at Feb. Session of Court (1799). 
Executors D. McCray and Robert Lowe. Wife Jane and 
Ex'rs. deeded some land of the est. Apr. 7, 1807, to Jos. 
Barnes; also 117 acres to Jos. Barnes, Jan. 10, 1807. Sam- 
uel received warrants of N. Car. land (Washington Co.) 
900 acres in 1782. This included his original location in 
Wash. Co., N. C. ; July 7, 1794, 400 acres on Indian Creek. 
Also grant July 12, 1794. His son Joseph rec'd a warrant 
for 120 acres on Indian Creek, Wash. Co., N. Car. July 12, 
1794. Warrant states this land adjoins Samuel Culbert- 
son's land. Joseph made entry of one 400 acre tract. Jos. 
also conveyed to Barnes. Samuel's home farm has passed 
through many hands and a part of it is now owned by the 
U. S. Fishery. I neglected to state that Thwaite's "Dun- 
mores War" (1774) speaks of Ft. Culbertson "in Culbert- 
son's Bottom." near Hinton, W. Va. and that troops march- 
ing to Point Pleasant, Va., stopped there. 

The last name of Samuel's second wife is not known, nor 
is that of his first wife. Someone had a record which claim- 
ed that Mary Duncan was the wife of Irish Samuel the 
third Pa. Row brother. This was an error. It is possible 
that Samuel of Wash. Co., N. Car., married a Mary Duncan 
for his first wife. 

The children are given as in will. Children are not i^lways 
given in will as per order of birth and I am positive that 
Samuel did not give his children in order of their birth. A 
lady in Texas some twenty years ago sent me a typewritten 
mss. taken from a newspaper printed in Daviess Co., Ind. in 
1839 giving the obituary of Josiah and it said he was born 
in 1742 in Lancaster Co., Pa. Therefore I am going to give 


Samuel's children in different order from what they are 
given in his will. 


Issue : 

a. 1. James, b. 1740?; d. . Chatham Co., N. Car. 

(Chapter VI). 

a. 2. Josiah, b. 1742 ; d. Sept. 27, 1839. Daviess Co., Ind. 
Revolutionary hero. Left Spartansburg Co., S. 
Car. 1797. (Deed) (Chapter VII). 

a. 3. Joseph, b. 1743?; d- 1814. Washington Co., Tenn. 
(Chapter VIII). 

a. 4. Andrew, b. . ; d. 1807. Chatham Co., N. Car. 

(Chapter IX). 

a. 5. Samuel, b. ; d. . Orange Co., N. Car., Spar- 
tansburg Co., S. Car. 

a- 6. Mary, b. ; d. Mrs. Wakefield. 



(a. 1) James took out a warrant. No. 17 in Jan., 1761, for 
360 acres on North Hico and Limber Creek, in Orange Co., 
N. Car. In Oct., 1782, he took out a Warrant No. 340, for 
300 acres of land on both sides of Hico Creek in Caswell Co., 
N. C. (Caswell formed from Orange Co. in 1777). In de- 
scription of meets and bounds in latter warrant James, it 
says "Beginning at a large pine corner of his deeded line 
and running along said hne." This refers to his warrant 
of 1761. Part of the lands he owned were in Chatham Co. 
ind close to Pearson Co. hne. It is possible that James 
swore he was of age in 1761 when he may have been only 
17 or 18 years old. (As I have known of one instance in 
Pa.) James Culbertson of Orange Co., N. C. and Caswell 
and Chatham Co., N. C, besides Hico Creek farm owned 350 
acres on Fall Creek, Chatham Co., N. C. This was deadad 
Nov. 19, 1824 by Josiah Culbertson acting by Power of 
Atty. then residing (Josiah) in Warren Co., Tenn. He 
deeded two-thirds interest of this 350 acres on Fall Creek, 
Chatham Co. to James Culbertson of Montgomery Co., N. 
Car. Josiah was attorney for William, Joseph, Lawrence, 
Andrew, Aaron and Jonathan Culbertson, all of Warren 
Co., Tenn., and heirs to James Culbertson of Chatham Co., 


deceased. He deeded land in Caswell Co. to a Joseph and 
James Culbertson in 1787. This was his nephew Joseph 
and son, James Jr. 

James, Sr., Census 1790, self, two sons under 16 years, 
wife and two daughters, Chatham Co. James apparently 
did not die in Chatham or Orange Co., N. Car. Probably 
died in Tenn. 


7. James, Montgomery Co., N. C. Sold farm Caswell Co., 

1795. Taxable 1790 Caswell Co. 

8. Wilham, Warren Co., Tenn. 

9. Joseph, Warren Co., Tenn. 

10. Lawrence, Warren Co., Tenn. ( Deed Records of 

11. Andrew, Warren Co., Tenn. / Warren Co., Tenn. 

12. Aaron, Warren Co., Tenn. \ Not searched. 

13. Jonathan, Tenn. / 

Montgomery Co., N. C, Court Records destroyed by fire 

(a. 1) James, Sr. The Clerk of Court of Warren Co., 
Tenn. finds no will or admin, of James or any other Cul- 
bertson. Where did his sons move to from Warren Co., 
Tenn. ? 


(a. 2) Josiah Culbertson born in Lancaster Co., Pa. The 
mss, of newspaper article printed in 1839 in Daviess Co., 
Ind., I have lost, unfortunately. The history of Josiah reads 
like a romance. Told of his wonderful feats of strength, his 
fights with Indians and the British, also of the great 
bravery of his wife in encounters with the Indians, and how 
she carried powder to her husband when he was beseiged 
by Indians, and how the Indians once cut off one of her 
children's hands. He married a daughter of Col. John 
Thomas in whose regiment he served. Pension Records at 
Washington , D. C, give his service. "Served in John 
Thomas' Reg't., S. Car. for two years. Was in engagements 
Ramsours Mills, Cowpens and King Mt." Also "Private in 
N. Car. troops, pensioned $80 a year. Pension commenced 
Mar. 4, 1831." Commissioner U. S. Land Office says no 
land mihtary warrant to him. Residence Daviess Co., Ind." 
Census 1790 S. Car. gives him in 96th Dist., Spartansburg 


Co., self and wife, four sons under 16 years, four daughters. 
(Numbers 14 to 22). 

Col. John Thomas and his sons, John and Wm. D. Thom- 
as, are given in 1790 Census of S. Car. in Greenville Co. 
This county adjoins Spartansburg Co. 

In Josiah Culbertson's biography (as given in Kings Mt. 
and Its Heroes, by Lyman Draper) he says: "His father set- 
tled at Nev/ River on the frontier of Va., thirty miles from 
any white settlement when Josiah was about 10 years old. 
Was living there in 1755-6 His father shortly after moved 
back to the Greenbrier River Settlements." He also says, 
"That he did not know Col. Isaac Shelby until he left N. 
Car. in the latter part of 1779.' I will digress here to quote 
from War, Dept. Reports, Vol. II, p. 11 ; Barrie's Army and 
Navy of the U. S.; Dunmore's War by Thwaites, etc. ; "Isaac 
Shelby was a surveyor in the Western Virginia where he 
located in 1771 near Bristol, Tenn. In 1774 was a Lt. and in 
his father's company Va. troops in Dunmore's War. His 
bravery at Point Pleasant saved the day. Commissary- 
Gen. (Capt.) of Va. troops 1776; Col. in 1779. Was elected 
to Va. House of Delegates but after this date (1779) the 
line between Va. and N. Car. was extended and the survey 
threw Shelby into N. Car. He was then (1779) commis- 
sioned Col. of a Batt'n of Militia of Sullivan Co., N. Car. 
This was the time he first met Josiah Culbertson and they 
became fast friends. In 1776 east Tenn. belonged to N. Car. 
and v/as called Washington County. In 1784 this was called 
the Territory of Franklin and a governor was elected until 
Tenn. became a state. This data sustains Johnston's New- 
River Settlements in statement that "Part of eastern Tenn. 
belonged to Va. before it belonged to N. Car." 

After Samuel Culbertson left Greenbrier Settlement, Va., 
he moved to western N. Car. Josiah served with N. Car. 
troops. Have not been able to get the regiment in which 
Josiah served in N. Car. 

Gen. John Sevier, of Tenn., lived only five to ten miles 
from Josiah Culbertson and his father Samuel. He lived at 
Wataugua Settlement and it is highly probable that they 
were personal friends of the Immortal John Sevier. 

Barrie's Army and Navy of the U. S., Vol. VII, p. 26, 
says: "Forces from Sulhvan Co., N. Car., at Battle of Kings 
Mountain under Col. Isaac Shelby of Tenn." 

Josiah says in his biography : "Removed to N. Car. before 
1770, with my father, Samuel. That I (Josiah) was in 


Gov. Geo. Tryon's Army in 1770, when he defeated the 'in- 
surgents' ; afterwards (after 1779) removed to S. Car. Was 
married in 1774." 

Josiah's eldest son was Andrew. He witnessed a deed 
for his father in Spartansburg Co., S. C, Jan. 7, 1797. 

Josiah's wife does not participate with him in deed in 
S. Car. in Jan. 7, 1797 (other Culbertsons in same state at 
that date in making deeds the wife participates). She, no 
doubt was dead at that time ; Hkewase family tradition says 
she was buried on Fair Forest Creek in S. Car- ; also Josiah 
left the state in 1797. 

In his pension application he says: "I was born in 'Cul- 
bertson Row', Pa., near Shippensburg, Pa., in 1742, My 
father moved to New River, Va. in 1753." 

"EnHsted in N. Car. Flying Camp, 1776. At Siege of 
Savannah, Kings Mt., Ninety-Six, Musgrove's, Cedar 
Springs, Cowpens, etc." (See Dr. Lyman Draper's Kings 
Mt. and Its Heroes. Also Summer's S. West Va.) 

Dr. Lyman Draper's "Kings Mt. and Its Heroes," gives 
some interesting reminiscenes of Josiah Culbertson, a mem- 
ber of Col. Shelby's Regt. (from N. Car.). In 1892 a gentle- 
man by the name of Scott said that his father served in the 
same company with Josiah Culbertson and that he often re- 
lated to him the bravery and heroic deeds of Culbertson 
during the Revolution. Col. Shelby led the charge at Kings 
Mt. Court records of Daviess Co., Ind., show a son of 
Josiah died in that county in 1862. Court records Daviess 
Co., Ind., show no will or settlement Josiah, Sr. No other 
issue given. There was one other son who ran away and 
whereabouts unknown, until the author received a letter 
from a descendant in Tennessee. He was William Davies 
Thomas Culbertson, named after his uncle, who moved with 
his father from N. Car. to S. CaroHna, then in 1797 to War- 
ren County, Tennessee, and after 1824 moved to Daviess 
County, Indiana. 1815 took out warrants for 1130 
acres in Greenville Co., S. Car. This son went from Indian- 
apolis, Ind., to N. Car. where he married Narcissa Wood 
about 1829, and later to Jonesboro, Ala., later to Winston 
Co., Miss., where he died 1863. His descendants have an old 
powder gourd used by Josiah in the Revolution and which 
had belonged to Irish Andrew and said to be 250 years old 
having been brought from Ireland. They also have a Bible 
printed in the Welsh language which belonged to Josiah's 
wife's father. Col. John Thomas, printed 1561. Wm. D. 


Thomas Culbertson was an educated man, a doctor and also 
a preacher in Miss. His daughter married a Mr. Suttles 
and their son is J. H. Suttles, a professor in a Memphis 
Business College. 

Homes' -"History of the Presbyterian Church" and John- 
son's "Traditions of the Revolution" speak highly of Col. 
John Thomas and his son John, afterwards Col., and son- 
in-law Josiah Culbertson, Sr. 

Sullivan and Washington Counties, N. Car. adjoin and 
went into Tenn. when that state was formed (Sullivan 
formed from Washington). Josiah Culbertson, Sr-, was 
probablv in Col. Isaac Shelby's Regt. before he went to S. 
Car. Went to S. Car. 1779. Left S. Car. 1797. 


(a. 3) Joseph Culbertson remained with his father until 
1802. He witnessed a deed for his father in 1779 and in 
1787, residence Washington Co., N. Car. He took out a war- 
rant in Tenn. for 120 acres on Indian Creek, Washington 
Co., land adjoining his father's in 1794. Also 100 acres 
(1797) on north side of Flat Creek on Bald Mt. Road, Bun- 
combe Co., N. Car., near Tenn. land. I have not been able 
to ascertain whether he was married or single. The census 
1790, 1800, 1810, for Tenn. was destroyed 1812 when the 
British sacked Washington. Joseph sold all of his land in 
Washington Co., N. Car. in 1802 and then moved into Bun- 
combe Co., N. Car. This is no doubt one reason why Samuel 
Culbertson, Sr., did not name him exr. of his will. 

Joseph made a deed Apr. 22, 1806, and another Dec. 
19, 1806, for land in Buncombe Co., N. Car. His wife did 
not sign — if married — he signed "Joseph Culbertson of 
Buncombe Co., N. Car." 

These deeds were made by him a year after administrator 
was appointed for Joseph Culbertson of Russell and Scott 
Co., Va-, proving that Joseph of Washington Co., Tenn., and 
Buncombe Co., N. Car., was a son of Samuel. County Clerk 
of Buncombe Co., N. C^ar., says that he made a number of 
deeds in his county and there is no will or administration of 
him in his county showing he moved out of that county — I 
know not where — could not ascertain if he was married. 

There was an Andrew Culbertson took out a warrant for 
50 acres in Buncombe Co., N. Car., in 1817. He may have 
been a son of above Joseph. 


Many of the Buncombe Co., N. Car., records were de- 
stroyed during the Civil War. 

There was a grant to one Wm. H. Culbertson, Dec. 19, 
1853, for 15 acres on French Broad River and on Pole Creek. 
Wm. H. Culbertson was grantee of 100 acres on west side 
of French Broad River, near Haywood Co., July, 1854. An 
attorney living in Asheville says he knew this Wm. H. Cul- 
bertson many years ago and he had a son named Hill Cul- 
bertson. Does not know what became of him. 

I am inclined to think that Wm. H. was a son of Andrew. 
The Marriage Bond Records of Washington Co.. Tenn. were 
examined thoroughly and the names of Joseph and Andrew 
Culbertson do not appear, nor do the names of any other 
Culbertsons appear. This proves that Joseph did not mar- 
ry in Washington Co., N. Car. and must have married (if 
he did marry) in Buncombe Co., N. C. It also proves 
that Samuel, Sr., did not marry in N. Carolina. 

There is no will of Joseph in Buncombe Co., and no ad- 
ministration. Examination of Henrico records from 1750 
to 1850 do not show Joseph nor Andrew. 

Census of Henrico Co-, Va. and Richmond does not show 
Joseph or any other Culbertson for 1830. This proves that 
Joseph Culbertson was not living in Henrico Co. when pen- 
sion was allowed. Joseph of Buncombe Co., N. Car., was 
not on Census 1820 or 1830 in that county, showing he had 
either moved away or died before 1820- 

Joseph's brother, Josiah, said in his autobiography (as 
given in Dr. Lyman Draper's "Kings Mt. and Its Heroes), 
"That his father, Samuel, moved to N. Car. before 1770." 
Joseph's brother, Samuel, who fought against the Regula- 
tors (Sons of Liberty) in 1771, resided in Orange Co., N. 
Car. Orange Co. was a very large county and in 1770 ex- 
tended into eastern Tenn. Josiah's statement shows that 
his father had left the State of Va. before 1770 and there- 
fore Samuel, Sr. and his sons were not in Virginia during 
the Revolution. The state Kne between Va- and N. Car did 
not extend far enough south to take in Samuel and Joseph 
of N. Car. When the Va. State Line was changed in 1779 
a portion of Va. was thrown into N. Car- (Vide Chapter 
VII) This included all or a part of what is now Sullivan 
Co., Tenn. I have not been able to secure a map of Va. State 
Line prior to 1779 but the Holston river was the dividing 
line. Samuel, Sr. and Joseph lived probably fifteen miles 
south of the Holston. 


Summers, in his "History of Southwestern Virginia," 
pages 695 and following discusses the Tennessee-Virginia 
boundary line in 1777. (I find no map giving this line at 
that date, and it seems to have been very vaguely deter- 
mined before 1779.) In the spring of 1777 the election of 
Anthony Bledsoe and William Cocke, delegates-elect from 
Washington County, Virginia, was contested on the ground 
that they were elected by votes of citizens living in (then) 
North Carolina. But they won the contest and "citizens liv- 
ing as far down as the Long Island of Holston were accepted 
as legal voters in said election." (Bristol is in Washing- 
ton County.) 

Previous to 1776 commissioners had extended the divid- 
ing line as far west as Steep Rock Creek (now Beaver Dam 
Creek). The line was supposed to be 36 degrees and 30 
minutes north latitude, in conformity with the old Charles 
II charter. This makes it positive that Joseph, son of 
Samuel Culbertson of Washington Co., N. Car., was not 
living in Va- during or after the Revolution. 


(a. 4) Andrew Culbertson married Ann Elizabeth 
Quackenbush of Caswell Co., N. Car. Wife died 1816. An- 
drew lived in Chatham Co., N. Car. Chatham Co. was 
taken off of Caswell after 1777. First warrant we find 
to him was No. 568, Oct. 23, 1782, for 400 acres on south 
side of Rocky River, another No. 1108 for 180 acres on 
Rocky River, adjoining his other farm, also got a warrant 
1782 for land on Deep River, Chatham Co. His will was 
executed in 1802, and probated in 1807. Devisees were, 
wife Anne Elizabeth and children (name spelled with "t'). 
(Wife died in 1816 in Chatham Co., N. Car.) Census 1790, 
self and wife; 2 sons over 16; 6 daughters. Chatham Co., 
One son under 16. 



1. John Culbertson. 

2. Samuel. 

3. Elizabeth. 

4. Mary. 

5. Rebecca Susanna (Mrs. Russel Dorset). 
6- Sarah. 


7. Rhoda (Mrs. Alex- McCracken) mar. Oct. 15, 1813. 

8. Anna. 

9. Rachel. 

10. Keziah (Mrs. David Forrester). 
101/2- Son, d. young. 

NOTE : — In Andrews (a. 4) will he says, single daugh- 
ters Elizabeth, Mary, Rachel, Rebecca, Sarah, Rhoda and 
Anna. Married daughters Susanna (Mrs- Russell Dorset), 
Keziah (Mrs. David Forrester). With all those unmarried 
daughters he could not have been a very old man. His 
widow Anna, in her will made 1816, devised to her daugh- 
ters, Ann EHzabeth and Rhoda (Mrs- Alex McCracken). 
She must have been a second wife of Andrew. 


(1) John Culbertson mar. . Resided on his father's 

place on Rocky River, Chatham Co., N. Car. His will was 
executed in 1849 and probated Aug. 7, 1849, in Chatham 
Co. Issue (from will ; owned 1000 acres) : 

11. James W. Culbertson (Chatham Co., N. Car-). 

12. Samuel T. Culbertson (Chatham Co., N. Car.). 

13. John J. Culbertson. 

14. Minerva Culbertson. 

15. Matilda Culbertson (Mrs. Turner). 

16. Maria Culbertson (Mrs. Marley). 

(2) Samuel Culbertson made his will in 1817 in Chatham 
Co., N. C. Wife Sarah. 


17. WilHam Culbertson, lived in Chatham Co., N. Car. in 

1839 (deed). 

18. John C, Issue: 25. Samuel, and 26. Nancy. 

19. Andrew, Kved Chatham Co., awhile but moved away. 

20. Polly. 

21. Elizabeth. 

22. Sarah. 

23. Amy 

24. Bethiana. 

(12) Above Samuel had issue: 27, Sarah; 28, Wm. T. 
(living in 1892 at Swans Sta., N. C.) ; 29, Geo. H. ; 30, Daniel 
S.; 31, Melie R. ; 32, Eddie Lee. 



(a. 5) Samuel Culbertson mar. Sue Samuel was in 

the "Regulators" (akin to the Sons of Liberty) in 1771 and 
was arrested and imprisoned and declared a traitor by the 
Colonial Legislature in 1771. Several of these Regulators 
were hung by Gov. Tryon of N. Car. in 1771 (See N. Car. 
Colonial Archives). We are not informed how Samuel Cul- 
bertson was released or escaped. He got in the game early 
against the British. He was declared a Traitor to King 
George, Mar. 11, 1771; residence Orange Co., N. Car. He 
was a ring-leader in the Regulators. Caswell Co., N. Car. 
was formed from Orange Co. in 1777- Washington Co. was 
formed off Orange Co. in 1777. 

Census of 1790 for So. Car-, Dist. 96, Spartansburg Co., 
gives him and wife and three sons under 16 years (Num- 
bers 1-3). The famous Mecklenburg Declaration (the first 
Declaration of Independence), was made in Mecklenburg 
Co., N. Car. in 1775. This county adjoined Orange County 
and probably was taken off of Orange before 1766. Have 
not been able to ascertain whether Samuel or any of the 
Culbertsons signed this Declaration. 

Court records of Spartansburg Co., S. Car., show no wills 
or administration of Culbertsons. The deed records reveal 
the fact that Samuel Culbertson, Sr. of Spartansburg Co., 
S. Car., had a son, Samuel Culbertson, Jr. who was just of 
age and deeded 26 acres in April 1795 to Henry O'Neil. 
Wife's name CeHa. Made another deed to O'Neil May 14, 
1796, wife CeUa- It appears from a deed made by him Sept. 
12, 1798, that his first wife had died, as on this deed of 
Samuel, Jr. to Samuel Culbertson, Sr. the name of Samuel. 
Jr.'s wife is Jane. This deed was for 290 acres. I do not 
know what became of him after this- Samuel, Sr., was deed- 
ed by his brother, Josiah Culbertson, Jan. 7, 1797, 179 
acres. This deed shows Josiah Culbertson's wife (Thomas) 
did not sign (no doubt dead). Witnesses: E. Smith, W. D. 
Thomas (bro.-in-law) and Andrew Culbertson (Josiah's 
son?). In 1811 Samuel Culbertson (Sr.) conveyed 340 acres 
to 0. Wingo. Wife Sudie. Do not know what became of 
him after this, nor do I know names of his other children- 

As Samuel, Jr., was of age in 1795 he must have been 
born late in 1774 as Census 1790 shows he was under 16 
years old at that date (1790). Therefore his father was 
married by or before 1773. Hence he was undoubtedly the 


Samuel of Orange Co., N. Car. who in 1771 was declared a 
traitor to King George. As he is not on the deed records 
or Census of N. Car., I surmise that when he was declared a 
traitor to King George that he fled to S. Car. Name on 
deeds spelled with "t". 

A warrant was issued to David Culbertson Feb. 5, 1798 
for 445 acres in Spartansburg Co., S. Car; also a warrant 
for 500 acres, Feb. 5, 1798, to John Culbertson in Spartans- 
burg Co.- S. Car. I am strongly of the opinion these were 
sons of Samuel of Spartansburg, and that these were taken 
out when they had just attained their majority. This would 
tally with the Census report of 1790 as to their ages. 

Marriage records of Orange Co., N. Car., searched at 
State Library at Raleigh, N. Car. and no Culbertson found. 



(Ill) Andrew Culbertson, son of Irish Andrew of Ship- 
pensburg. Pa., quit claimed with his wife Esther, Apr., 
1751, in his father's estate to his brother Samuel. In 1751, 
he moved to Augusta Co., Va., and in 1753 to the New 
River, between the Greenbrier and Cowpasture Rivers and 
his place of settlement was called "Culbertson's Bottom" or 
later Crump's Bottom. In 1754 he sold this place to his 
brother Samuel. It is in what is now Summers Co., W. Va- 
Johnston's "Middle New River Settlements" says: "At one 
time — when the first settlements were made — Augusta 
Co., Va-, embraced all that vast domain" beyond the Alle- 
ghenies westward to the Mississippi river. This embraced 
what is now Washington Co., Tenn., also called Territory of 
Franklin or Tenn. This was at one time supposed to be in 
N. Car. But Washington Co., Tenn., was not formed until 
after Washington Co., Va. Botetourt Co. was formed from 
Augusta, Fincastle was formed 1769 from Botetourt, Rock- 
bridge formed 1778 from Botetcourt and Augusta, Washing- 
ton formed 1776 from Fincastle and Montgomery split off 
the latter at the same time ; Wythe formed 1790 from 
Montgomery and Tazewell. Tazewell 1790 from Russell 


and Wythe. Russel formed 1786 from Washington, Lee 
from Russel 1792 and Scott from Russel 1814. I have had 
all these county court records searched and nothing found 
except Russel, Lee and Scott, Augusta and Rockbridge. I 
have had records searched in Rockbridge, Clarke, Shenan- 
doah, Loudon, Highland, Bath, Allegheny, Frederick, 
Greenbrier, Pocahontas Counties, Va- ; and Washington and 
SulHvan Co., Tenn. ; and Orange, Caswell, Pearson, Guilford 
(formed 1770), Alamance, Durham, Chatham^, McDowell, 
Burke, Washington, Chowan, Bertie, Martin, Beaufort, 
Hyde and Tyrrell, Mecklenberg in N. Car-, but can get no 
trace of Andrew or where he died. Am sure he died in Va., 
but where? The census of 1790 for Va. was destroyed by 
fire when the British sacked Washington in 1812. The 
Gov't has published taxpayers lists 1781-85 of about 40 
counties of Va. (not on these) but the county in which he 
located — if he was then living — is missing. He is not on 
Census 1790 in North or South Car. The Territory of 
Tenn. Census was destroyed (1790) in 1812. If living he 
would have been too old to have served in the Revolution. 
We know that Robert of Laurens Dist,, S. Car. was his son. 
James of Laurens Dist., S. Car. lived adjoining Robert and 
was undoubtedly his brother. Age of his children (1790 
Census) shows he was not Robert's son- This is undoubted- 
ly James the 2nd Lieut, with Col. Daniel Morgans Regt. at 
Valley Forge (Va. Line). John Culbertson of Rowan Co., N. 
Car. (first on deed 1765) was no doubt his son. His de- 
scendants in 1895 stated they had an old letter which they 
read in youth which was written in Va. during the Revolu- 
tion by relatives telling of the surrender of Cornwallis at 
Yorktown, Robert in his pension application says he "was 
born in Lancaster Co., Pa., near Shippensburg 1750." His 
father must have married about 1730 or before. Johnston's 
Settlements says, "Andrew came from near where Cham- 
bersburg, Pa., is situated to Culbertson's Bottom 1753." 

The Line Regiments were generally made up of soldiers 
from different parts of a state. I believe the Dr. Samuel 
Culbertson of the 12 Va. Line (Col. James Woods) 1776-78 
was Andrew's son- Col. James Woods was from Winchester 
but records there and adjoining counties show nothing of 
Dr. Samuel. At Martinsburg court record was found in 
1807 where some Samuel Culbertson sued a man for $12 



Andrew Culbertson (III) of Shippensburg and Va. mar. 

Esther . 

Issue (Marriage Bond Records of Orange Co., N. Car. 
thoroughly searched but no Culbertson found) : 
a. 1. John, Rowan Co., N. Car. and Tenn (Chapter XII). 
a. 2. James (Lieut.), Rockbridge Co., Va. and Laurens 

Co., S. Car. (Chapter XIII.) 
a. 3. Robert, Rockbridge Co., Va. and Laurens Co-, S. Car. 

(Chapter XIV). 
a. 4. Joseph, Rockbridge Co., Va. and Russell Co., Va. 

(Chapter XV). 
a. 5. Samuel (Dr.) Rockbridge Co., Va. (Chapter XVI). 
a. 6. Sarah? (Mrs- Thos. Falhn of Ky.?) 

Records of Guilford Co. N. Car. before 1799 destroyed. 
County formed 1770 from Rowan and Orange Counties. 

A most thorough search of Va. Court Records seventy 
counties fails to reveal any will or administration or deeds 
(save Culbertson Bottom Deed of 1754) as does N. Car. 
records — of Andrew Culbertson. Part of his children re- 
mained in Rockbridge County until near the close of the 
Eighteenth Century. It is my opinion that Andrew died 
in Augusta or Rockbridge Co., Va. I have not been able to 
get any trace of him in North or South Carolina. 

From the fact that James, brother of Andrew of Ship- 
pensburg, who died in Chester Co., Pa-, in Oct. 1763, and 
mentioned all his living brothers and sisters, save Andrew, 
I am now convinced that Andrew was dead was the reason 
he was not mentioned in aforesaid will; also that he had 
no property is the reason we have not been able to find him 
on the court records. Not on marriage or court records 
of N. Car- I sent a professional genealogist to Augusta, 
Rockbridge and Orange Counties, Va., to personally ex- 
amine the court records, including marriage records, of 
those counties for Andrew Culbertson. The portion of 
Augusta Co., Va. where the Culbertsons lived was thrown 
into Rockbridge Co. when the latter county was formed in 
1778. Postmaster of Staunton, Va., says no Culbertsons 
residing in Augusta Co., Va., now. 

Summer's Hist, of Southwest Va. says "Culbertson's Bot- 
tom was settled in 1753 by Andrew Culbertson and w^as the 
first settlement in all the section of the New River coun- 



a. 1. John Culbertson of Rowan Co. N. Car., son of An- 
drew Culbertson (III) of Va. and grandson of Irish Andrew 
of Shippensburg, Pa-, was deeded land in 1765 in Rowan 
Co., N. Car. by John Gillespie, also deeded land by Wm. 
England in 1773. Rec'd a warrant for 250 acres from the 
state in 1782 in Rowan Co. Deeded land to his son Samuel 
in 1802 and 1804. Family records say he came from Va. 
His great grandson stated in 1895 that he remembered of 
reading a letter when a boy which was sent to his great- 
grandfather John, by relatives in Va. announcing the sur- 
render of Cornwallis. Lived on So. Yadkin River in Rowan 
Co. Family records state that most of his sons moved to 
Tenn. and that he followed them and died in Tenn. 

He did not leave any will or administration in Rowan Co., 
N. Car. John Culbertson mar. . 



2. Samuel, b. 1768; d. 1843. Rowan Co., N. Car. 

3. Agnes (Mrs. Knox), Rowan Co. Issue: Absolom Knox 

(of Saulsbury, N. C). 

4. Jane (Mrs. John Marhn). Issue :Samuel, Jesse, John, 


5. Son, d. 1778. 

6- Peggy (Mrs. James Elliott). Williamson Co., Tenn. 
7-8. Two other daughters — names not given; d- young. 
9. Benjamin, Williamson Co., Tenn., in 1827. Do not 
know about issue. 

10. Daniel, of Elkton, Todd Co., Ky. Issue: Peggy Elliott, 

Dolly, Ann, Martha, Jane, Fanny. 

11. James, mar. Mary . Issue: 12, Elizabeth; 13,. 

Thomas; 14, John; 15, James; 16, Daniel; 17, 
Nancy. All Kved in 1821 in Robertson Co., Tenn. 
These men were great athletes and it is said some 
of them could leap over a covered wagon. 
The Census of 1790 gives John, Sr. and wife, one son 

over 16 years and four sons under 16 and five daughters 

(Rowan Co., N. C). 


(2) Samuel Culbertson mar. Lydia Gillespie, Jan. 28, 
1797. Remained in Rowan Co., N. Car. 



18. Gillespie, b. 1800. Woodleaf, Rowan Co., N. C. 

19. John, bachelor. 

20. Knox. (Issue: Hiram who went to Tenn-). Rowan 

Co., N. C. 

21. Daniel. Rowan Co., N. C. 

22. Elizabeth (Mrs. Turner). No issue. 

23. Jane (Mrs. E. Rice). Issue: Wm., Nancy, Lydia. 
24- Nancy (Mrs. Robinson). No issue. 

(4) Jane Culbertson mar- John Marlin. A grandson of 
this union is John Marlin, President of Lafayette College, 
Ala., in 1895. 


(18) Gillespie Culbertson mar. Susan S. Grey, Nov. 20, 
1822. Lived at Rowan Co., N. C. 

Issue : 

25. Richard. Mebane, N. C. 

26. Samuel Steele. 

27. William, d. young. 

28. Margaret, d. young- 

(21) Daniel Culbertson mar. Miss Lydia S. Repult, Feb. 
4, 1851. 

Issue : 

29. John, of Chicago, Ills., dead. 

30. Lizzie (Mrs. J. H. Rice). Living. 


(25) Richard Culbertson mar. Miss Fanny Knox, March 
6, 1854. Lived at Mebane, N. C. 


31. James- 

32. Richard W- (minister). Charlotte, N. Car. 

(26) Samuel Steele Culbertson mar. Barbara C. Fraley, 
Feb. 22, 1853. 

Issue : 

33. John Knox, lives at Woodleaf, N. Car. 



(32) Rev, R. W. Culbertson mar. Miss Johnstone. 
Issue : 

34. Mary. 

35- Jetson. 

36. Frances. 

37. Ruth. 

38. Lucy. 

39. Knox. 

40. Clara. 

41. Kingsley. This fine young man joined (volunteered) 

in the Aviation Corps in the World War and was 
crushed to death by his plane at an aviation field. 

(33) John Knox Culbertson mar. Miss Harte. 

42. Wm., in World War. Army. In camp, volunteer. 
43- Leo, in World War. Aviation. Vol. ^ 

44. Richard, in World War. U. S. Navy. Still in Navy 

(Ensign). Stationed at St. Paul Island, Alaska. 

45. Glenn. In World War. Vol. Camp. 

46. John Steele. 

47. Fay. 

48. Jean. 

John Knox Culbertson (33) has the old grandfather's 
clock brought by his ancestor John, from Pennsylvania to 
Va. and N. Car., being 175 years or more old and still in use. 
The home built by John in N. Car., Rowan Co., is still stand- 
ing, but not occupied by Culbertsons. 

(33) J. Knox Culbertson's daughter, Lottie Fay (47), 
mar. Hugh S. Bailey. Issue: 49 Wm. Douglas Bailey, aged 
3 years ; 50 Hilda Hart Bailey, aged 2 years. 

Ensign Richard Culbertson, son of John K. Culbertson, 
volunteered during the World War for four years in the U. 
S. Navy, and the government sent him to Harvard College 
from which he came out and was made an Ensign in one 
year's training. He served his time and was honorably dis- 
charged. He was offered a position in Alaska with the 
Bureau of Fisheries and Commerce which position he now 
holds at St. George's, Alaska. Jean, the second daughter 
of J. K. Culbertson, is a student in the W- C. College for 
Women at Greensboro, N. Car. 

(20) Samuel Knox (called Knox), married Feb. 20, 1833 
to Ruhamah Briggs. 



(2. a) James Culbertson, son of Andrew (III) and 
grandson of Irish Andrew of Shippensburg, Pa. Born in Pa. 
Revolutionary Service: (Waldron), Barrie's Army and 
Navy Reports "Lt. James Colbertson or Culbertson of Col. 
Daniel Morgan's Regt. took the Oath of Allegiance at Val- 
ley Forge, in the Fall of 1777. Daniel Morgan, Col. 11th 
Va. Line, designation changed to 7th Va. Line, Sept. 14, 
1778." He moved from Va- to S. Carohna. Census 1790 
gives him Dist. 96, Laurens Co., S. Car. (same district his 
brother Robert was in), self and one male over 16 yrs., one 
male under 16, wife and 2 females- 

There is no will or administration of his estate in Lau- 
rens Co. He first purchased land in this county July 26, 
1792, and later sold this place and evidently moved out of 
the county. Wife's name Nancy. Col. Daniel Morgan's Regt. 
of Riflemen took part in the battle of Saratoga (one of the 
Fifteen Decisive Battles of the World as given by Creasy), 
in Oct., 1777. This regiment was then taken to Valley 
Forge, Pa. Vol. 1, page 167, Augusta Co., Va. Records 
(Chalkley Abstracts) "May 22, 1772, James Culbertson to 
be paid as patroller." 

"Col. Daniel Morgan's invincible Riflemen was composed 
in greater part of Pa- men. Morgan was from Va. (Hist. 
Perry Co., Pa.). 

"Morgan's Pa-Va. Riflemen were not at Brandywine, 
having been sent to Gen. Gates at Stillwater (Battle of 
Saratoga)." (From Bruce's Battle of Brandywine). 


(3. a.) Robert Culbertson son of Andrew of Va. and 
grandson of Irish Andrew of Shippensburg, Pa., says in his 
application for pension. "Was born in Lancaster Co., Pa. In 
early hfe removed to Caswell Co., N. Car. Enhsted in Capt. 
John Grove's Co. of N- Car. Was in the battle of Camden; 
the defeat of Gen. Gates. Then re-enlisted in Col. Williams' 
Regt. Was in battle of Cowpens and Kings Mt. Then re- 
enhsted in Col. Campbell's Regt. Was in skirmish at Wet- 
zels Mills and two skirmishes near Wilmington. Claim for 
pension made 1832. Annual allowance $40. Age 83 years. 
Private in N. Car. mihtia. He removed to Laurens Dist., S. 
Car. in 1785." Received a grant for land on the Reedy 


River in 1785. (S- Car.). Can find no Col. Campbell with N. 
Car. troops. There was Col. Campbell of Va. line. 

The Census 1790, S. Car. Dist. 96, Laurens Co., gives him 
4 sons under 16 years, wife and 3 daughters. This tallies 
with the family records. Had 5 sons but one remained in 
Va. (Wm. P.) with his mother (first wife). Family history 

Robert has a most interesting family history. "He en- 
tered the army at the beginning of the Revolution and 
served until the close. His wife heard nothing of him dur- 
ing this time and supposed he was dead, remarried. At 
close of the war he returned home — and his wife left her 
second husband and would not live with either one. Her 
first husband then took his oldest son and left his second 
son with his wife- The father and son then went to N. Car. 
where he remarried. He was wounded at the Battle of Kings 
Mountain, S. Car-, for which he was pensioned." 

He moved to Charlotte, N. Car. before his death. His 
widow filed a newspaper clipping with the Pension Dept, 
in which it stated that he had died at his home near Char- 
lotte in 1848. Widow filed claim for pension. 

If Robert left his first wife in Virginia, then it must 
have been 1776 to 1777 as he served with the N. Car. troops. 
Putting the family version together with facts from court 
records he must either have left her about 1776-7 ; or must 
have married his second wife about 1780-82 (note number of 
children he had on Census 1790). Marriage bonds had to be 
filed in court in N. Car. at this date and there is no bond 
of Robert Culbertson and Dolly Pleasant. Census 1790 of N. 
Car. shows three Pleasants living in Gloucester Dist. of 
Caswell Co. There are no Pleasants living in S. Car. 1790 
Census. I did not have divorce records of Caswell Co-, N. 
Car., nor Va-, examined for Robert and Elizabeth Culbert- 
son. On Census of 1790 Robert is given in Laurens Co., S. 
Car., self and wife, 4 males under 16 years, and three fe- 
males. Family history says he only had two sons by first 
wife. I have given children from family history. I am in- 
clined to believe one or two daughters were by the first 
wife. There were no marriage (court) records kept in S. 
Car. until 1914. 

John Grove was on Census 1790 in Rowan Co. N. Car. 
J- M. Barrie's Army and Navy of U. S- Vol. VH, p. 26, says 
"There were two Col. Williams from N. Car., Col. James 
Williams commanded a regiment of Rangers and Partisan 


Corps ; and Col. John Williams the 9th N. Car. Line. Battle 
of Camden the attack was led by Col. Williams' Volun- 

The only two James WilHams on 1790 Census (N. Car.) 
in territory where Culbertsons were located were in Rowan 
Co. (none in Caswell). Robert states in his pension papers 
he "was in N. Car. Mihtia", so this shows he must have 
been in James Wilhams Regt. Vol. II, p. 422, Abstracts of 
Augusta Co., Va-, by L. D. Chalkley, says, "Dehnquents 
Augusta Co., Va. Levy 1779, Robert Culbertson gone from 
county." This is Robert of Laurens Co., S. Car. 


(3. a ) Robert Culbertson mar. first. Miss EHzabeth 
Porter, before the Revolution in Va. (Augusta Co.?). Left 
Va., 1776. 


1. b. James, b- before Revolution. Went to S. Car. 

2-b. Wm. Porter, b. before Revolution, Remained in Va. 

(3. a.) Robert Culbertson after the close of the Revolu- 
tion went to Laurens Co., S. Car., where he had taken up 
a large tract of land on the Reedy River. Mar. Miss Dolly 
Pleasant of Glouster Dist. Caswell Co., N. Car. 








6. b. 







(1. b.) James Culbertson went from Va. to Caswell Co., 
N. Car. when a small boy with his father and afterwards 
went with him to Laurens Co., S. Car. 


9. Hiram. 

10. Young J. 

11. John (Capt.). 

12. Porter. 


13. Isaac Newton, d. 1853. 

14. Olive. 

15. Edney (Mar. Wilson Cooper). 

(2. b.)Wm. Porter Culbertson raised in Va. by his moth- 
er and after his marriage in Va-, moved to Madison Co., 
Ga. His family afterwards moved to Texas. Do not know 
where, nor names of any of them. 

(3) John Culbertson. I think this is the John Culbertson 
who many years ago moved to Missouri and whose son, A- 
J. Culbertson, is president of a bank in Stewartsville, Mo., 
but I am not sure as to this. 

(b. 4.) Alexander Culbertson mar. Miss Johnson. Lived in 
Laurens Co., S. C, then before 1861, moved to Ga., and later 
to Gadsden, Ala. 


16. Nancy (Mrs. James Grimes). 

17. Haley (Mrs. Geo. Weldon). 

18. Mary. Mar. Lived in Georgia (Mrs. Sprewel). 

19. Martha. Mar. Lived in Georgia. 

20. Robert. 

21. Butler. 

22. George Washington. 

23. Henry. 


(9) Hiram Culbertson mar. . 

Issue : 

24. John M. Had a son, Joel Andrew. 

25. WilHam. 

26. Andrew. 

27. James. 

28. Nancy. 

29. Martha. 

(10) Young J. Culbertson mar. 

Issue : 

30. Andrew Porter. 

31. Andrew. 

32. James. 

33. Lettie. 

34. Francis. 

35. Elizabeth. 

36. Margaret. 

37. Ohve. 


(11) John Culbertson mar. first Martha Babb. 


38. Mary Porter, b. 1823. (Mrs. Elledge). 

(11) John Culbertson mar. second Luranah Pitts. 

Issue : 

39. Young J. (Capt.), Ekom, S. Car. 

40. Martha J. (Mrs. Cooper). 

41. Hannah E. (Mrs. Watkins). 

42. Sarah C. (Mrs. Fuller) . 

43. Mary 0- (Mrs. Baldwin). 

44. Nancy H. Unmar. 

45. Edney S., b. Dec. 6, 1841 ; d. Aug. 11, 1917. 

46. James H., Enoree, S. Car. 

47. Henry L. (Dr.), Washington, Ga. 

48. John R. (Dr.), Greycourt, S. C. ; b. 1847; d. 1910. 

(12) Porter Culbertson, Texas- 

(13) Dr. Isaac Newton Culbertson mar. Jane Cunning- 
ham. Moved to Ga. 


49. Wade Anderson (Dr.), Cave Springs, Ga. 

50. Amanda Evaleila, d. 1882 (Mrs. Rev. J. C. Browne). 

(20) Robert Culbertson mar. Miss Nancy Henderson. 
Lived and died in Laurens Co., S. Car- 
Issue : 

51. Wiley, d- 

52. Carter, d. 

53. Hugh, d. 

54. Young. 

55. Warren, d. 

56. Candace, d. 

57. Mary. 

(21) Butler Culbertson mar. Miss Polly Lander. He died 
in Civil War. 

Issue : 

58. Mateson, d. Greenwood, S. Car- 

59. William. 

60. Ehza. 

61. Melhe. 

(22) George Washington Culbertson mar. Parmelia Ann 
Godfrey of Laurens Co., S. Car. in 1848. Served in Confed. 
Army 61-65, Capt. 14th S. C. Regt. He died 1907. Was a 
magistrate of Co. a number of years. 


Issue : 

62. Juretie, b. 1849 ; d. 1859- 

63. Mary E., b. 1851. 

64. J. Lawrence, b. 1853. 

65. John, b. 1855; d. 1859. 

66. William P., b. 1857. 

67. W. Wister, b.l859. 

68. Lula J., b. 1861. 

69. Washington L., b. 1864. 

70. Andrew B., b. 1868. 

71. Burley Y., b. 1871. 

(23) Henry Culbertson lived in Alabama. Married 
twice and had issue. Could not obtain names of his wives 
or children. He was a prominent Baptist minister. 


(38) Mary P. Culbertson mar. James M. Elledge. Living 
at Landrum, S. Car. (Husband dead.) 

Issue : 

72. John Porter. Served in S. Car. Confed. Regt. 

73. Martha Emma, d. 1856. 

74. Jacob Harrison, d. 1856. 

75. Newton A., d. 1889. Laurens Co., S. Car. 

76. Sarah J., d. 1856. 

(39) Young J. Culbertson mar. first Nancy F. Culbert- 
son. Ekom, S. Car. 

Issue : 

77. Ellen. 

78. Evaleila. 

79. Jane. 

80. James Wade. 

(39) Young J. mar. second Marget J. Watkins. Laurens 
Co., S. Car. 





James Dennis. 


W. Black. 




Homer. Laurens Co., S. Car 








(40) Martha J. Culbertson mar. Thomas J. Cooper, who 
died during the war. 

Issue : 

89. John Young. 

90. James L. Laurens Co-, S. Car. 

91. Henry D. 

92. Ellen. 

(41) Hannah Elizabeth Culbertson mar. H. H. Watkins. 
Anderson S. Car. 


n B. (Prof.). Belton, S. Car. 
les N. Greenville, S- Car. 

b. June 24, 


John B. (Prof.). Belton, 

S. Car. 


James N. Greenville, 




Henry Hitt (Judge). 






Margaret L. 




Fannie B. 


Sarah Stepp. 

(43) Mary Ohve Culbertson 

mar. James E. ] 


Issue : 

100. James. 

101. Wm. Y. 

102. Austin. 

103. Powell. 

104. Robert. Laurens Co., S. Car. 

105. Lawrence. 

106. Lodie. 

107. Emma. 

108. Othello. 

109. Sarah. 

(42) Sarah C. Culbertson mar. Henry Y. Fuller. Live at 
Honea Path, S. Car. 

Issue : 

110. Wm. Benton. 

111. Lettie Francis. 

(45) Edna S. Culbertson mar. Joel Andrew Culbertson, 
April 22, 1869, of Crossbill, S. Car. Her husband was a son 
of (24) John M. 

Issue : 

112. John M. (Rev.) Honea Path. S. Car., b. July 4, 1873. 

113. Shelton. Trough, S. Car., b. May 8, 1877. 


114. Nancy Arcanie, b. Feb- 18, 1870. 

115. Bessie Susanna, b- Oct. 27, 1871. 

116. Cora Lee, b. July 19. 1881. 

117. Olive Porter, b. July 21, 1875. 

(46) James Newton Culbertson. Mar. first Olive Culbert- 
son. Wife d. 


118. Sarah Olive. 

(46) James N., mar. second Millisant Redden. 

















(47) Dr. Henry L. Culbertson mar. Cora Shadric. 

Issue : 

125. Hattie. 

126. Preloe. 

(48) Dr. J. R. Culbertson Mrs. Hattie White, Green- 
ville, S. Car. No issue. 

(49) Dr. Wade Anderson Culbertson mar. . 

Issue: 127-134. 

(50) Amanda Evaleila Culbertson mar. Rev. J. Courtney 
Browne, of Aiken, S. Car. 

Issue: 135-140. 

One daughter Adrienne (Mrs. Gantt). 

(58) Matison Culbertson mar. Mrs. Gaines of Laurens 
Co., S. Car. Lives Greenwood, S. Car. In Confed. Army. 

Issue : 

141. James. 

142. Arthur. 

143. Daughter. 

144. Daughter. 

145. Daughter. 

146. Daughter. 

147. Daughter. 

148. Daughter. 

(59) WilHam Culbertson mar. Miss Susan Mathers of 
Laurens Co-, S. Car. Wife living. No issue. 


(63) Mary Etta Culbertson mar. Samuel M. Cooper. 
Both living at Donald, S. Car. 

Issue : 

149. Othello Cooper, d. 

150. William Irvin, Greenwood, S. Car. (Mar.) 

151. Samuel, Mullins, S. Car. (Mar.) 

(64) J. Lawrence Culbertson mar. Miss Lou Cooper in 
1873. Wife d. 1879. 

Issue : 

152. Lawrence (dau.), Laurens, S. Car. 

(66) WilHam P. Culbertson mar. Miss Ellen Culbertson 
in 1881. Has been a prominent teacher of Laurens Co., S. C, 
for 43 years. Cross Hill, S. C. 


153. Eugenia Blanche, b. 1882. Mar. S. J. Rasor in 1904. 

Issue: Lewis, b. 1907; Samuel b. 1909; Ellen, b. 
1913. Mountville, S. Car. 

154. Lilhe Francis, b. 1887. Mar. E. A. Adams of Mount- 

ville, S. Car. in 1918. Issue: Mary Ellen, b. 1918; 
Lvle, b. 1920. 

155. Henry Grady, b. 1890. Served in World War. 2nd Lt. 

Quartermaster Dept. Mar. Miss Hester Richey, 
1919. Lives at Cross Hill, S. Car. Issue: Grady, 
b. 1920; Wm. b. 1922. 

(67) Warren Wister Culbertson mar. Miss Mary Cooper, 
1877. Living Laurens Co., S. Car. 


156. Lydie (Unmar.). 

157. Margie mar. Clarence Culbertson, lives Newberrj^ S. 

Car., has several children, 

158. Hosey, d. 1918. 

159. Maggie mar. Eugene Elmore of Laurens Co., S. Car. 

Issue, several children. 

160. Etta, mar. Otis Martin. Issue, Jones. 

(68) Lulu J. Culbertson mar. Calvin Cheek in 1885. Lives 
at Laurens, Co., S. Car. 


161. Melvin, mar., has several children, Greenville, S. Car. 

162. Annie mar. Posey Bobo; Issue, 5 children. 

163. Ewel. 

164. Jerul, mar. Miss Cook, 1921. Issue, one son 1922. 


(69) Washington Lee Culbertson moved to Gadsden, 
Ala. in 1886- Mar. Annie Sikes 1888 ; moved to Georgia and 
now preaches at Commerce, Ga. 


165. Broadus. 

166. Aubrey. 

167. Otto. 

(69) Washington L. Culbertson mar. second Miss Jessie 
Sanders, of Cuthbert, Ga. No issue. 

(70) Andrew B. Culbertson mar. Miss Barbara Godfrey 
in 1890. Laurens Co., S. C. 

Issue : 

168. Lonnie, b. 1891- Mar. Miss Alta Martin, 1916. 

169. Jessie. 

170. Washington. 

171. Rylan. 

(71) Burley Y. Culbertson mar. Miss Alma Langston in 
1898. Editor of the Laurensville Herald, Laurens, S. Car. 


172. Thomas b. 1899, mar. Miss Proffet, 1919. 

173. Harold, b. 1902. 

174. Annette, b. 1907. 

(95) Judge Henry Hitt Watkins mar. Maude Wakefield, 
Dec. 27, 1892. Issue, none. 


(112) Rev. John M. Culbertson mar. Kate Clement, Dec. 
22, 1898. 


175. Lowell Earl. 

(113) Shelton Y. Culbertson mar. Mamie Lee McPherson 
June 12, 1917. 


176. Shelton Young, Jr., b. July 16, 1919. 

177. James Lee, b. Jan. 27, 1921. 

(114) Nancy Arcanie Culbertson mar. James Clement 
Wells, of Mountville, S. Car. (a widower with several chil- 
dren when he married her), b. Jan. 27, 1873. No issue. 

(115) Bessie Susannah Culbertson mar. John Smith, Feb. 
14, 1889. She died Feb. 11, 1914. Husband died June 29, 



178. John Quincv. 

179. Henry Hitt 

180. Willie Stepp. 

181. Jos. Blanton, 

182. Ola Susan. 

183. Sallie Pearl. 

184. Lydie Arcanie. 

185. Myrtle Edna. 

186. Mattie Sophia. 

(116) Cora Lee Culbertson mar. Samuel Cleland,. Mar. 
25, 1914. 


187. Joel Samuel Cleland. 

(117) Olive Porter Culbertson mar. M. W. Hill, June 7, 


188. Edna Lucy Hill. 

189. Francis Lee- 

190. Wilma Hill. 


(15) Edney Culbertson daughter of James Culbertson 
(1. b.) married Wilson Cooper and had issue. Rev. John A. 
Cooper who had a son, Henry Cooper, This Henrv Cooper 
is the father of Gov. Cooper of S. Car. 1920-23. 

(95) H- H. Watkins is U. S. District Judge. Is honorably 
mentioned in Who's Who in America, as follows: 

"Henry Hitt Watkins son of Henry Hitt and Elizabeth 
Culbertson. M. A. Furman Univ., Greenville, S. C, 1883. 
Univ. Va. Lav/ 1890. Teacher eight years. Admitted to 
bar, S. C, 1892, practiced Anderson, S- C. Member of firm 
Bongane, Watkins & Allen ; Vice Pres. Brogan Cotton Mills, 
Peoples Bank, Belton Savings & Trust Co,, Q. M. on Staff 
Gov. Hayward; Capt. Co. C. 1st S. C. Regt. U. S. V. 1898. 
Chairman Co. and State Dem. Com. ; Dem. Pres. Elector 
1904; Dem. delegate at large Dem. Natl, convention 1908. 
Pres. of trust of Anderson Col. 1911; Trust Anderson Hosp. 
Asso. ; Library Ass'n ; Baptist ; Mem. Am. Bar Ass. ; S. C. 
Bar. Ass.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Mason (K. T.). Clubs, 
Rose Hill, Poinsett. U. S. District Judge. 



(4. a.) Joseph Culbertson, son of Andrew and grandson 
of Irish Andrew of Shippensburg, Pa. Family records 
say that "he moved south by way of Va. long before the 
Revolutionary War; raised his family in Caswell Co-, N. 
Car. and about 1793 moved with part of his family to Rus- 
sel Co., Va. (taken from family records). Was fifty or 
sixty years old when he moved to Va. Was buried two miles 
north of Ft. Blackmore, on the Chnch River in Scott Co.,. 
Va. Joseph Sr. must have married about 1760-2. The fol- 
lowing is a verification of part of the above : Administration 
Records of Russel Co., Va. show that Agnes Culbertson 
(wife) was appointed administratrix of his estate in 1805 
and filed her accounts but did not mention names of chil- 
dren. His son Joseph's est. was administered in Scott Co. 

and settled in 1820. , „r , • ^ 

The Census for Russel, Rockbridge and Washmgton 
Counties 1790, 1800, 1810, Va-, was destroyed in 1812 when 
the British sacked Washington. Census for Caswell Co N- 
Car for 1790 (destroyed but tax hst substituted lor Cas- 
wen') does not show Joseph, Sr., there. It shows Joseph 
Jr , James (this James was a son of James, Sr. who sold 
land to Jos. and James, Jr., 1787) ; William (this was 
Joseph, Sr.'s son who remained in Caswell Co., W. bar.), 
Joseph, Jr. went to Russell Co., Va. 

James went to Russell Co., Va. in 1786, probably. I did 
not get date of warrant but patent was issued to him for 
100 acres on north side of Moccasin Ridge, June 7, 1789- 
In those days it generally took several years after warrant 
was issued before survey was made and patent issued- He 
sold his farm in Caswell Co., N. Car. in 1785 and married 
in Dec. 1785 (Marriage Bond). His land in Va. was close 
to Gate City. Owned 400 acres 1799. There is no deed to 
either Joseph until 1800 in Russel Co., Va. 

Joseph, son of Samuel and grandson of Irish Andrew of 
ShippenslDurg, took out a warrant for 120 acres July 12, 
1794 in Washington Co., Tenn. on Indian Creek along side 
of his father's land. This locates him living in Tenn., while 
his cousin Joseph was living in Virginia. It had been a 
long hard fight to get these two Josephs properly placed. 
David had moved out of Caswell Co. in 1789, not to Vir- 
ginia. Joseph, Jr., deeded his farm of 200 acres for £200 
July 15, 1791, near Leasburg in Hightowers Tp-, Caswell 
Co., N. Car. on N. Hico Creek to Benj. Douglas. He then 


moved to Russell Co., Va. His land in N. Car. adjoined 
land of James Culbertson, Jr. and John Currie. His wife 
did not sign deed as it was not necessary for wife to do so in 
N. Car. Only deed in Caswell Co., N. Car. in which Joseph 
was grantor. Census 1790 Henrico Co., Va., does not give 
Joseph Culbertson or Daniel Gildier. 

Joseph, Sr., is not found on any warrant or deed nor Cen- 
sus 1790 of N. Car. His descendants had a tradition that 
he hved in N. Car. but there is absolutely no record of it- 
I found a deed and a release given by A. Reid of Rockbridge 
Co., Va., to Samuel Culbertson of Washington Co., Tenn. 
for land in Washington Co., Tenn. These documents were 
signed and witnessed in Rockbridge Co., Va. by Andrew 
Alexander, Joseph Culbertson, Wm. Carothers, Alex. 
Shields, David Shields, James Carothers, on Dec. 7, 1795. 
The Joseph Culbertson witnessing the above was Joseph 
son of Andrew from Shippensburg and locates him Hving in 
Rockbridge Co., Va- in 1795, while Samuel's son Joseph, 
resided in Washington Co., Tenn. It also shows that he 
did not move to Russel Co., Va- until after 1795. His chi - 
dren had left him when very young and moved to Caswell 
Co , N. Car., but he remained in Rockbridge Co., Va. The 
latter county was formed in 1778 off of Botetourt and 
Augusta and Botetourt was formed off of Augusta in 1770. 
Therefore the territory in which he resided was before 1776 
in Botetourt Co. Court Records Henrico Co., Va., do not 
mention Joseph. 

The War Dept. Reports (Pensions) is given: "Joseph 
Culbertson, pr., March 3, 1830, Henrico Co., Va. Amount 
of pension $48 per year. Paid total $192.13. In 4th Va. 
Line Capt. Daniel Gilder." (War Dept. Records 1835, Vol. 
II, p. 11). Also Eckerode, Va. Arch. 1911. "Col. Geo. 
Walls, Capt. Daniel Gilder, 4th Va. Line 1776." (Barries 
Army and Navy of U. S.). I have not been able to ascer- 
tain what part of Va. this regiment was from or where its 
officers were from. 

Joseph of Buncombe Co., N. Car. was- in Washington Co., 
N. Car. in 1779. 

Joseph of Va., son of Andrew died 1805, his son Joseph 

A most thorough search of the court records of Henrico 
Co., Va., from its formation to date of 1840, fails to reveal 
Joseph, or any other Culbertson. These records at the court 
house and State Library have been searched twice and 


nothing found. I have found no positive evidence that 
Joseph of Buncombe Co., N. Car. was married. Census 
1830 shows no Joseph Culbertson in Henrico Co., Va, 

This shows that the War Dept. Report on Pension of 
above Joseph Culbertson refers no doubt to where Joseph 
enhsted in 1776. All court records searched show only one 
Joseph Culbertson in Virginia from 17.76 to 1790 and that 
was Joseph of Rockbridge Co. It is my belief that either 
Joseph had made application for pension before he died in 
1805, or that his widow filed claim. We do not know date 
of her death. The paper does not say when he died only 
when pension was granted. 

His descendants say he was wounded by a musket ball 
in Revolution and drew pension for same. There is no 
deed to or from him in Washington Co- (formed in 1776 
from Botetourt) nor Russel Co. — formed from Montgomery 
and Washington (1787) ; nor in Montgomery; nor in Scott 
or Lee Counties, Va. He Hved in Russel Co., Va. and died 
on his farm on Clinch river as shown by family and court 
records. There are no deeds to or from him in Washington, 
Scott and Lee or Henrico Counties. His wife Agnes was 
made his administratrix in Russel Co., Va. in 1805. She 
made no deeds in Russel or Scott Counties. His widow filed 
her account but did not mention names of children in same. 
He was buried two miles north of Ft. Blackmore on the 
Clinch River in what is now Scott Co. Joseph and Agnes 
(Family Bible). Bible owned by Mrs. R. H- Lyons of Mt. 
Sterling, Ky., in 1892. Gives children as below. 


2. b. David Culberson. Greene Co., Ga- 

3. b. James Culberson, b. Jan. 19, 1764; d. Jan. 14, 1823. 

Scott Co., Va. 

4. b. Joseph Culberson, d. 1815-20. Scott Co., Va. 

5. b. William Culberson, Caswell Co., N. Car. 

6. b. Robert Culberson, unmar. killed by Indians in Va. 


(2. b.) David Culberson lived in Caswell Co., N. Car, 
Mar. Miss Clara Browning of Caswell Co., N. Car. Feb. 24, 
1782 (from license) Farmer. 

David Culbertson (2b.) left Caswell Co., N. Car. before 
1790, as he does not appear on tax lists 1785, Nor does he 
appear Census S. Car. ; Georgia Census 1790 destroyed. He 


moved to Georgia 1789. The Clerk of Court of Greene Co., 
Ga. writes me that he can find no will of David Culbertson 
from 1786 to 1850, but says the records in Probate office 
are not complete, and that some years ago some of these 
records between 1800 and 1817 were loaned to some one in 
Atlanta, who was writing a history of Ga. and were never 
returned- If these could be found a will might be found 
among them. He also says "I find on deed records No. 1, 
p. 544, Jan. 18, 1790, a deed from John Cassna to David 
Culbertson for 400 acres, but cannot find any will or deed 
whereby he disposed of this, so there must be a will some- 
where disposing of this land between 1790 and 1817." The 
deed above to David Culbertson in Jan., 1790, shows he was 
in Greene Co., Ga., when Census 1790 was taken (Census of 
Ga. destroyed by British in 1812). The family records show 
positively that his widow lived in Greene Co., Ga., at time 
of her second marriage to Jonathan Harrolson. David's 
son lived in Greene Co., Ga., for a time- State Land Grant 
was made to David Culbertson in 1789 for 400 acres on 
Stephens Creek, Franklin Co., Ga. Clerk of Court of Frank- 
Hn Co., Ga- informs me that he looked for a will or admini- 
stration of David Culbertson but could find none, showing 
he died in some other county. This was, no doubt, David 
Culbertson of Greene Co., Ga. After his death his widow 
lived in Greene Co., Ga. He moved to Greene Co., Ga., in 

7. Isaac Culbertson, b. Oct. 30, 1784 ; d. 

8. Jeremiah- Know nothing of him. 

9. John. Lived in Harmonton, Miss. Know nothing of 

his family- 

10. James, d. 1863. 

11. David B. Culberson (Rev.). 

12. Elizabeth (Mrs. Eliza Harrolson). Alabama. 
Widow of David Culbertson (2) mar. Jonathan Harrolson 

of Greene Co., Ga. 

Jonathan Harrolson. Moved to Alabama- 

Kinchen L. Brownsville, Tex. 

Hugh A. Mar. (La Grange, Ga-). Was congressman 
many years from Fourth Cong. Dist. of Ga. ; one 
of his daughters mar. Chief Justice of Ga., Logan 
A. Blakely ; another dau. mar. Ex-Gov. Gen. J. B, 
Gordon, of Atlanta, Ga.; another dau- mar. Capt. 
Pace of Covington, Ga. 


(b. 3-) James Culberson, mar. in Caswell Co., N. Car. 
(Marriage Bond) Miss Mary Kilgore, Dec. 15, 1785. Moved 
to Scott Co., Va., 1787. Wife b. Feb. 13, 1766 ; d. Mar. 1845. 
Estate settled Scott Co., Va., 1823. 

Issue: (From old Family Bible). On tax 400 acres Rus- 
sel Co., Va., 1799. 

13. Sidney, b. Sept- 17, 1786 ; d. 

14. Tvree, b. Oct. 17, 1788 ; d. 

15. Elizabeth, b. Aug. 29, 1791; d. (Mrs. Walker) Tenn. 

16. Sibella, b. Aug. 10, 1793 ; d. 

17. Mary, b. Sept. 21, 179— ; d. Missouri- 

18. John, b. Jan. 1, 1798; d. July 23, 1843. Mo. 

19. Charles, b. Jan. 27, 1800; d. ("Big Charles") 

20. James, b. Mav 21, 1802; d. 

21. William, b. Jan. 31, 1805; d. 1843 (Bachelor). Mo. 

22. Joseph, b. May 22, 1807; d. 

23. Martha, b. Aug. 22, 1809 ; d. 

24. Jephthah, b- May 30, 1813 ; d- 

Part of the children of James (3. b.) dropped the "t" 
from their name, but on the death of their father they all 
resumed the "t" and their descendants retained it. Mar. 
license issued in Caswell Co., to Jas. Culberson. 

(4. b.) Joseph Culbertson probably mar. after 1790. 
Moved to Scott Co., Va. Joseph was deeded 150 acres on 
north side of Clinch River in 1800 by R. Price for £200. No 
marriage bond to him in Caswell (IIo., N. Car. Lt- Militia 
Scott Co., Va., in 1814. 


25. Jerry. 

26. David. 

27. James. 

2714.— Dau. (Mrs. Zach Wills). Issue Thos. Zach, Wm., 
Jerry, Robt., Jacob, Stephen, Jemima, Betsy, Abi- 
gail and Sally. 

Settlement Records Scott Co. show that on Dec. 13, 1820, 
Geo. Stacy, admr. of Jos. Culberson made settlement with 
Jeremiah, James anud David Culberson and Zachiriah Wills 
in sum of $1124. Joseph deeded his farm in Caswell Co., N. 
Car. in 1791 and he probably was married that year. 

(5. b.) WilHam Culberson of Caswell Co., N. Car., did 
not follow his father to Va. Census 1790 gives him as 
taxable Caswell Co., N. Car. The legislature in 1784 order- 
ed that the county in which he lived (Hillsboro Dist.) issue 
him a new money warrant for county warrant (not Revo- 


lutionary) destroyed by water. He deeded a negro in Cas- 
well Co. in 1804- Farm was on county line on Haw Creek 
adjoining his brothers. He was married to Miss Mary 
Browning in Caswell Co., N. Car., May 29, 1800 (from h- 
cense-) Children from family record verified by will in 
Caswell Co., N. Car. Can find no Revolutionary Record of 
him. The money warrant destroyed was not for Revolu- 
tionary service, the state Librarian informs me. Died 1824. 
Do not know which children by first wife. 
Issue: (second wife Mary), from will. 

28. William Culberson. Know nothing of. 

29. Sibella (Mrs. Parks). 

30- Hiram (Culberson, Lincoln Co., Tenn. Married Nancy 
Hightower of Caswell Co., N. Car. (formerly of 
Halifax Co., Va.) Dec, 1806. Moved to Lincoln 
Co., Tenn. Issue: (of Hiram and Nancy) a. James 
S. ; b. David Thomas ; c. Hiram ; d. Pamela ; e. 
Mary; f. Sarah; g. Wm. C. (bachelor in 1892). 
Stock raiser living at El Campo, Tex. ; h. Iverson 

31. Edney (Mrs. Wm. Price). E. Tenn. 

32. Susannah (Mrs. Joshua Rudd). 

33. Tibitha (Mrs. Rudd). 

34. Mary (Mrs. Joshua Price). 

35. James, d- young (not in will). 

36. David, died young (not in will). 


(7) Isaac Culbertson mar. Dec. 2, 1807 to Miss Mary 
Houston, of Morgan Co., Ga. Both died in Troup Co., Ga. 

Issue : 

37. Elizabeth Ann Culber(t)son b. Dec. 10, 1808; d. Apr. 

26, 1844. 

38. David H. Culber(t)son, b. June 8, 1810; d. Mar. 12, 


39. James H. Culber(t)son, b. Oct. 21, 1813; d. Apr. 6, 


40. Isaac L. Culber (t) son, b. July 7, 1815 ; d. May 28, 1835. 

41. Nancy E. Culberson (no "t"), b. July 22, 1817. Oilman, 


42. Wilham' P. Culberson, b. Mar. 29, 1819. Oilman Tex. 

43. Mary Eunice, b. Dec. 5, 1820. Living Newman, Ga. 

44. Augustus B. Culberson, b. Dec. 5, 1822; d. Feb. 24, 



45. Marcus L. Culberson, b. July 29, 1824 ; d. July 24, 1883. 

46. Alonzo Browning Culberson, b. Feb. 28, 1827; d. Mar. 

26, 1852. 

47. Columbus Y. Culberson, b. July 6, 1829 ; d. 1879. Tex. 

(8) Jeremiah Culbertson mar. in Ga. The records fur- 
nished me by Culbersons in 1892 stated that "they did not 
know what became of him-" I am convinced from the data 
furnished by Dr. James Culbertson of Maud, Okla., that 
Jeremiah was the ancestor of Dr. James Culbertson and will 
place Jeremiah (8) as the grandfather of Dr. James. He 
states that his father had but two children 48 Augustus and 
49 Allen Turner Culbertson. Augustus is an unusual name 
among the Culbertsons and this name (Augustus Brown- 
ing) occurs among the descendants of Isaac, a brother of 
Jeremiah (8). Dr. James states his father went to Calif, 
and was never heard from. Does not know whether his 
father married again in Calif. His letter as follows: "I 
have been trying to gather some data of my ancestors from 
an old uncle of mine still living, but find that he can't give 
me any information prior to my father's marriage to his 
sister. My father, Allen Turner Culbertson was born eith- 
er in Ga. or N. Car. and grandfather started to California in 
or about 1832 to the great gold rush, and was never heard 
of any more. I don't know his name. My father was born 
in Ga. about 1821, died 1905, and while a young man set- 
tled in Ala. and married a Miss Adline Houston, a relative 
of the Gov. Samuel Houston family. My father was in 
Montgomery, Ala. for many years. About 1869 he moved 
to north Ark. and entered the hve stock business and Hved 
there for many years, and moved to Okla. and died Apr. 
16th, 1905, aged 84 years. He was a very peculiar man, 
never mentioning any history of himself to his family, or 
any one else. I have heard him say that he was a distant 
relative of Senator Culberson of Texas. I have also heard 
him say that he had relatives in New Orleans who were in 
the banking business. My sister says she heard father say 
several times that his father's name was Jerry. I can only 
give you a little history of myself which will probably be of 
no benefit. However I am sure I belong to the family that 
settled in the east many years ago. 

*T was born at Montgomery, Ala., Oct. 27, 1867. Moved to 
Arkansas in 1869. Attended the common schools of that 
state and the Ark. University, taking my first two years in 
the Medical Department- I finished my medical education 
in the College of Physicians, St. Louis, Mo., in 1898. At- 


tended Post work in New York, Baltimore and New Orleans. 
"Jan. 15th, 1890, I married Miss Fannie Burton, daughter 
of S. Burton, a Methodist clergyman. We have four sons 
and one daughter. My oldest son. Dr. R. R. Culbertson, 
born in Greenwood, Ark., Jan. 16, 1891. He is now prac- 
tising with me. My daughter, Mrs. Edith Duke, was born 
at Chismville, Ark., Dec. 18th, 1893. Leonard Culbertson, 
born at Ft- Smith, Ark., May 11th, 1895. Gus Culbertson, 
born Ft. Smith, Ark., May 22nd, 1900, now a travehng sales- 
man in San Francisco, Calif. The above Leonard Culbert- 
son is a druggist, here with me. My father only had two 
sons, myself and my older brother, Augustus Culbertson, 
born Sept., 1861. About 1885, he married Miss Mary Beas- 
ley, in Newton Co., Ark., and lives there now. He had three 
sons, Claud, who was born Feb., 1888; d. Feb., 1914; Albert, 
B., b. Apr. 2, 1890, now teaching in Okla- City public 
schools; Ohn, b. Sept., 1900, now a druggist in Okla. City, 
Okla. You might note my brother's name Augustus and 
my name also. I feel that Jeremiah was my grandfather, 
as I am sure from your letter that John, was not. I heard 
my father say, if I am not mistaken, that his grandfather 
in Ga. Hved to be 109 years of age. He raised my father 
after my grandfather went west, and was never heard 
from. I feel that the Culbersons of San Francisco are 
probably my near relatives- 

"This additional information might not be out of place. 
Dr. R. R. Culbertson, my oldest son, educated in Ark. U- and 
his Med. Education, at National U. Med. Dept., St. Louis, 
Mo. Leonard the druggist. University of Okla. and Colo- 
rado. (Married Miss Cora Ogee, Jan. 14, 1922) ; Gus, Uni- 
versity of Colorado; Otto, University of New York; Edith, 
my daughter. Central Baptist College, Conway, Ark. My 
oldest son, Dr. R. R. Culbertson, served as Capt- in Medical 
Corps, and was Equitation Instructor at Camp Greenleaf, 
Ga. all during the war, and now Capt. in Medical Reserve 
Corps U. S. A." 

(10) James Culbertson mar. first Miss Sarah M. Wilkin- 
son, dau. of Revolutionary soldier of Greene Co., Ga. Moved 
from Greene Co., Ga., to Troup Co., Ga., where he died. 
Wife d. 1860. 

Issue : 

50- Ehza B., d. La Grange, Ga. 

501/^. Martha A. Living at La Grange, Ga. 

50 %• Mary L. Living at Clayton, Ala. 


51. S. F. (Dr.) Snyder, Scurry Co., Tex. 

52. John Pope (Col.) Atlanta, Ga. 

53. Sarah A. Living at Atlanta, Ga. 

54. Margaret P. Atlanta, Ga. 

(10) James C. mar. second Mrs. Libby Ashford. No issue- 
Widow lives Greenville, Ala. 

(11) Rev. David B. Culbertson mar. Miss Lucy Wilkinson 
and moved to Texas in 1853. Formerly lived in Alabama. 
Was a prominent Baptist minister. 


55. David Browning Culbertson. Jefferson, Tex. (Con- 

gressman and Senator). 
(14) Tyree Culbertson mar. Miss Mattie Vickers. Moved 
to Russell Co-, Va. 


56- William, d. Killed in Civil War. 

561/4. James. Lived in Russell Co., Va. Killed in Civil War. 

561/5. Henry, d. 

56%. Sarah, d. 

56 4-4. Agnes, d. 

57. Lydia (Mrs. Salyer), d. 
5714. Martha, d- 

571/2. Nancy d. 

58. Betty, d. unmar. 

59. Thomas, hving 1923. 

(18) John Culbertson mar. Miss Comfort Osborne, Aug. 
16, 1827. After living a few years in Scott Co., Va., moved 
to Hickory Co., Mo. Wife b- Oct. 18, 1806; d- June 26, 1873. 


60. Nancy, b. May 28, 1828 ; d. June 26, 1875. 

61. Jane, b. Jan. 16, 1830; d. Sept. 21, 1888. 

62. William, b. July 24, 1832. Gravel Ford, Ore. 

63. John A., b. Feb. 6, 1833. Bachelor. Phoenix, Ariz. 


64. Stephen, b- Oct. 8, 1834- Lived at Nelson, Mo. 

65. Jephthah, b. July 20, 1836. 

66. Erena, b. May 21, 1838. 

67. Pauhne, b. Jan. 2, 1840 ; d. Feb. 22, 1864. 

68. Rebecca, b. Dec. 9, 1841; d. Sept. 16, 1864. 

(19) Charles Culbertson mar. Miss Nancy Osborne- Lived 
in Scott Co., Va. 



69. Charles W. Morgan Co., Ky. 

70. William. Mar. 

71. Stephen. 

72. David. 

73. John W. 

731/2. Sarah (mar. David C. Powers, Wise Co., Va-) 

(20) James Culbertson mar. Miss Elizabeth Harris. Lived 
in Scott Co., Va. 

Issue : 

74. James E. Texas. 

75. Edward J., d. in Civil War. 

(22) Joseph Culbertson mar. Miss Dorton. Lived in 
Scott Co., Va. 


76. Edward D. 

77. Joseph. Lived in Scott Co., Va. in 1861. 

78. David. 

(24) Jephthah Culbertson mar. Miss Elmina Pullum of 
Mo. Lived in Mo. for a short time and then moved back to 
Va. in Scott Co. in 1845. 


79. Wm. J. Dead. Merchant, Nicklesville, Va. No issue. 

80. Robert C, d. young. 

81. George W., dead. 

83. EHzabeth (Mrs. D. C. Powers), dead. 

84. Mary, dead- 

85. Lucinda, living. 

86. Louisa, living. No issue. 

87. James M., dead. Lived Wise Co. Va. Farmer. 

88. Cordelia. 

(24) Jephthah Culbertson mar. second Miss Eliza Moore. 

Issue : 

88%. Margaret, dead. (Mrs. ) Issue: Mabel, Paul, 

89- Benjamin T. Prominent banker and merchant at 

Dungannon, Va. 
891/2- Geneva (Mrs. Whiteside). Living at Erlanger, Ky. 

No issue. 


(25) Jerry Culbertson mar. . Moved to Indiana. 

Issue : Know nothing of. 

(26) David Culbertson mar. Miss Livingstone. Lived in 
Scott Co., Va. 


90. Livingstone. Scott Co., Va. 

91. Jerry. Scott Co., Va. 


(37) Betsey Ann Culberson mar, John Conyers. Know 
nothing of. 

(38) David Culberson- Know nothing of. 

(39) James H. Culberson mar. first Miss Park. 

Issue : 

92. Augustus L. 

93. Alonzo B. Bachelor. 

94. Wm. Columbus. 

95. Achsah 0. 

96. Charles Y. 

(39) James H. mar. second Miss Johnston. 


97. Oracle. Alameda, Cal. 

98. Clifford. San Francisco. 

99. James H. mar. Alameda, Cal. 

(41) Nancy E. Culberson mar. Fred Palmer. Living, Gil- 
man, Texas. Know nothing of them. 

(42) Wm. P., Oilman, Tex. Know nothing about him. 

(43) Mary Eunice Culberson mar. Benj. Leigh, of New- 
man, Oa. Know nothing of. 

(44) Augustus B. Culberson mar. Margaret H. Caldwell, 
Feb. 23, 1847. 

Issue : 

100. Ovid Isaac, b. Dec. 21, 1847. Atlanta, Oa. 

101. Gerald Harrington, b. Oct. 26, 1849. Atlanta, Oa. 

102. Alevilda Mary, b. Mar. 13, 1852. 

103. John Caldwell, b. Apr. 3, 1854. 

104. Leila Hinton, b. Aug. 11, 1857. 

105. Hubert Leon, b. Feb. 7, 1860. 

106. Corinne Eloise, b. Dec. 23, 1861. 


107. Augustus B., Jr., b. Dec. 12, 1863 ; d. Aug. 30, 1889. 

108. Maggie, b. Nov. 13, 1867 ; d. Dec. 1867. 

(45) Marcus L. Know nothing about. 

(46) Alonzo B. Know nothing about. 

(47) Columbus Y- Know nothing about. 

(48) Eliza B. Culberson mar. A. G. Hightower of La 
Grange, Ga. 

Issue: two sons and three daughters. 109-114. 

(49) Martha A- Culbertson mar. first, Thos. Cox, who 
died. No issue. Widow mar. second, Thos. J. Thornton of 
Harris Co., Ga. 

Issue : 

115. J. P. Thornton. La Grange, Ga. 

116. A. E. Thornton. Atlanta, Ga. 

117. Tommie (Mrs. Banks)- La Grange. 

(50) Mary L. Culberson mar. A. H. Borders a Baptist 
minister. In 1861 moved to Clayton, Ala. 

Issue : 

118. Mary Moore. (Mar. Judge J. A. Foster, Chancellor 

of 3rd Jud. Dist. of Alabama.) 

119. Sarah, d. (Mar. Rev. Paidine (Baptist) Clayton, Ala-) 

120. James C. Killed in Civil War. 

121. Augustus. Mar. Clayton, Ala. 

(51) Dr. F. S. Culberson mar. first Miss Cornelia Lewis, 
of La Grange, Ga. Wife died. 


122. Sherwood F. Killed in war at Marietta, Ga- 

123. James, b. 1853. Living in Texas. 

124. John P., d. in Tex. 

125. Hattie, d. (Mrs. Johnson of Louisiana.) 

(51) Dr. F. S. Culberson mar. second Miss Doney Nichol- 
son of Shreveport, Tex. Wife died- (Moved to Texas 
about 1855.) 


126. Hazel J^ . 

127. Sherwood ( ^^ms 

128. Victor Stanley. Stock farm. Silver City, N. M. 

129. Maud. 

130. Anna. 

131. Walter. 


(51) Dr. F. S. Culberson mar. third, Mrs. Morgan. Live 
at Snyder, Scurry Co., Tex. Issue: None living. 

(52) Col. John P. Culberson mar. Miss Romelia Bird at 
La Grange in 1853. Live at Atlanta, Ga. 


132. Sarah L. (Mrs. J. K. McCall). Atlanta, Ga. 

133. J. Pope, Jr., b. 1859. Mar. (Southern Ex. Co.) 

134. Joseph B. Conductor in S. America. Mar. 

135. Lila Romeha. (Mrs. Dr. G. W. Bishop, Atlanta.) 

136. Fannie. 

137. Mary Lee. (Mrs. S. L. Ivy, Atlanta, Go.) 

138. Charles H. R. R. conductor, Marshall, Tex. Unmar, 

139. Annie P. (Mrs. Marion S. Perry). Atlanta, Ga. 

(53) Sarah A. Culberson mar. Dr. Dudley Sneed, of La 
Grange, Ga., who d. 1847. 


140. Dau. (Mrs. T. N. Hall, Atlanta, Ga.) 

(54) Margaret P. Culberson mar. Gen. J. W. B. Eadwards 
of Atlanta, Ga. 

Issue : 

141. Salhe (Mrs. Chas. Handy). Atlanta. 

142. Wilhe F. (Mrs. Frank Reid). 

143. Dovie. (Mrs. Jas. H. Carter). 

144. S- J. B. (Dr.), mar. lived in Gadsden, Ala. 

(55) Hon. David Browning Culberson mar. Eugenia Kim- 
bal, daughter of Dr. Allen Kimbal. Congressman from Jef- 
ferson, Tex. many years. Formerly lived at Dadeville, Ala. 


145. Charles A., b. June 10, 1855. U. S. Senator from Tex. 
(561/2 ) Henry Culbertson lived in Russel Co., Va. in 1861. 

(I will state here that Miss Winifred Culbertson, of Cincin- 
nati, 0-, writes me — 1923 — that her grandmother now liv- 
ing says that her husband, Henry Culbertson, was from the 
western part of Old Virginia and that he moved from Va. 
to Grayson Co., Ky. in 1862, and that she thinks he was a 
son of Tyre Culbertson and Mattie Vickers. I have written 
to an old lady in Va. and told her to forward my letter to 
Thomas Culbertson, the only surviving brother of Henry 
Culbertson of Russel Co., Va. and asked him to confirm this. 
He is over ninety years old. At time of going to press I 
have not received reply to this letter. I will insert this 


Henry Culbertson in here with this reservation. Editor.) 
Henry Culbertson mar. Mary Elizabeth Drake and moved 
in 1862 to Grayson Co., Ky. 

Issue : . 

( ) Frank C. Culbertson, born May 14, 1851. Mar. 

Mary Elizabeth Diedrich, Feb. 14, 1877, and had issue : Fred 
M., b. 1879, d. 1917 Louise W., b. Dec. 29, 1880, mar. Bose 
Watson, lives in Ashland, Ky, issue six children; May 
Jeanette, b. March 29, 1885, mar. Walter Matthews, d. 1907; 
Vida, b. July 29, 1887, mar. Fred Mannon, Kves Holden, W. 
Va., issue three children; Winifred, b. Feb. 24, 1891, trained 
nurse, lives in Cincinnati, 0., was in U. S. Military Service 
as trained nurse in World War; Ernest, b. Feb- 12, 1895, d. 
1895; Josephine, b. June 29, 1886, who mar. Roy Reynolds, 
lives in Ashland, Ky. and has four children ; Beatrice, b. 
June 23, 1898 mar. Orie McKenzie, lives Russell, Ky., 6 

(57) Lydia Culbertson, mar. first Dorton, issue not 


(57) Lydia Culbertson mar. second in 1834 to Samuel Sal- 
yr, Jr., of Scott Co., Va. He died 1911 in Wise Co., Va., 
aged 114 years. Born 1797. 

Issue I 
146. "Logan H- N. Salyer (Col.) of Letcher Co., Ky., b. 
1835, d. May 3, 1916. Married four times (wives 
not given). Issue: Helen C, Drewery W., Dicey 
Elizabeth, Annie, Hattie Maud (Mrs. H. N. Taylor 
of Norton, Va.), Lelia, Samuel T., John, Effie, 
Clarence, Slemp. 
1461/4,. Lydia Drusilla (Mrs. Henry Frazier of Norton, 
Va.) who had issue: (a) H. T. Frazier of Lee Co., 
Va. A son is Prof. Clark Frazier of Jonesville, Va- 
(b) Martha Frazier mar. David F. Beverly and 
had issue: Lilhan Mae Beverly, born Dec. 1, 1893, 
married Nuttar Cart, 1920, and now living in 
Louisville, Ky. ; was with the American Army as 
a graduate nurse ; Bessie Belle Beverly born Feb. 
22, 1895, married Dr. Ralph C. Bray, 1916. Her 
husband was in the army. They live at Appala- 
chia, Va. She has two children, Beverly (1918) 
and Doris (1920) ; Charles F. Beverly, born April 
17, 1897, married Carrie West of Jackson, Ky., 
1916. He has four children, Robert (1917), Elmer 
and Margaret (1918), and Mildred (1921). He 


lives at Norton, Va. ; Walter F- Beverly, born Sept. 
29, 1889, married Belle Pearce of Richmond, Va., 
1915 and have three children, William Morgan, 
born (1917), Walter Frazier, Jr. (1919), and Mar- 
tha Bell (1921). (c) Mary Frazier married John 
Jenkins and had issue: Elmer Jenkins, Lt. U. S. 
Army. A graduate of West Point and served in 
the World War in Siberia. Now in the Philippines. 
His brother, Wm. Jenkins, is a prominent business 

man of Norton, Va. (d) Frazier (Mrs. C. G. 

Connar of Norton, Va.). 

UQY>. Tyre T. Salver. 

146%. Martha M. 

146 4-4. Frank, mar. issue: Ida (Mrs. Geo. Jenkins) of Ap- 
palachia, Va. 

(61) Jane Culbertson mar. R. H. Lyons of Mt. SterHng, 
Ky. The given data from the Familv Bible of James (3. b.) 
in 1892. 

Issue : 

147. James J. Lyons, b- Jan. 6, 1858 ; d. Mar. 20, 1859. 
14714. Trinvilla, b. Dec. 28, 1859; d. July 31, 1861. 

148. " Caleb F., b. Dec. 31, 1861 ; d. July 4, 1864. 

149. Orman E., b. Feb. 28, 1864. 

150. Melinda, b- Apr. 14, 1866. 
1501/2. Herbert K., b. Dec. 2, 1868. 

(62) Wilham Culbertson mar- Miss Jane Dingus. Know 
nothing about. 

(64) Stephen Culbertson mar. Martha Ann Dennis, Aug. 
3, 1859. (Lived at Nelson, Saline Co., Mo.) 

Issue : 

151. Nancv, b. May 30, 1860. 

152. Jefferson B., b. 1861. 

153. James, b. Dec. 10, 1862. 

. 154. Martha M., b- Jan. 19, 1864. 
155. Wm. W., b. May 3, 1865. 
146. Mary A., b. June 4, 1866- 

157. Benjamin F., b. Apr. 29, 1867. 

158. John A., b. Apr. 24, 1869- 

159. Comfort, b. Aug. 4, 1880. 

(65) Jephthah Culbertson mar. Miss Mary Bird. Lived 
in Bath Co., Ky. 

Issue : 

160. John. 

161. Stephen A. 


(73) John W. Culbertson mar. Lucinda Gose. Know noth- 
ing about him. 

(74) James E- Culbertson mar. Miss Winnie Kilgore. 
Lived in Texas. 

(75) Edward J. Culbertson mar. Miss Gibson. Lived in 
Scott Co., Va. Killed in Civil War. 

(76) Edward D. Culbertson mar. Miss Wolfe. Lived in 
Scott Co. before the war. 

(81) George Culbertson mar. . Lived Wise Co., Va.. 


162. Myrtle. 

163. May. 

164. Robert. 
164. Elsie. 

166. Sarah. 

(82) Cassandra Culbertson mar. J. R. Hartsock- 

Issue : 

167. Geneva. 

168. Wm. J. 

169. Julia. 

(83) Elizabeth Culbertson mar. David Crocket Powers of 
Wise Co., Va. Wife died. 

Issue : 

170. Mary (Mrs. R. H. Fink). Issue: Robert Powers Fink, 

b. 1901, d. 1914. Living at Norton, Va. Teacher 
for 25 years. 

171. Nancy Louisa (Mrs. D. B. Crawford of Norton, Va.) 

Issue: Bruce, Jr., Wm. H., EHzabeth,. Virginia. 

172. Stella (Mrs. L. H. Dooley of Roanoke, Va- Live at 

Norman, Okla.). Issue: Mary Nancy, Lillian, Paul, 
David Crocket Powers mar- second (731/2) Sarah Culbert- 
son daughter of Chas. Culbertson (19). 

Issue : 

173. Robert E. Powers, Hobart, Okla. (Mrs. Eliza Kilgore 

of Va.) Issue: Ruby, Elbert, Clyde, Myrtle, Ray- 
mond, Hazel. 

174. Geneva (Mrs. C. Parsons) Davenport, la. Issue: 

David, Bruce, Olin. 
(85) Lucinda Culbertson mar. Mr. Johnston. 


Issue : 

1741/2. Wm. J. Johnston. 

175. " Andrew. 

176. Ellen. 

177. City. 

(87) James Culbertson mar. . Lived in Wise Co., Va. 


178. James N. Lives at Dooley, Va. 

179. to 189. 

(88) Cordelia Culbertson mar. P. C. Hartsock. 


190. Jephtha Hartsock. 

191. Ida. 

192. Roy. 

193. Pleasant. 

(89) Benjamin T. Culbertson, merchant and banker at 
Dungannon, Va. Mar. first Laura Compton, Jan. 20, 1897. 
She died Feb. 7, 1904. 

Issue : 

194. Cecehe Fay, b. July 14, 1898. 

195. Mark Somers, b. Jan. 4, 1900. 

(89) Benjamin T. Culbertson mar. second Margaret 
Wolfe, Nov. 30, 1905. 

Issue : 

196. Benjamin Cline, b. Aug. 10, 1907. 
1961/:). Margaret Ruth, b. July 27, 1909. 
196^4. Chas. Leonard, b. June 17, 1911. 
197.' Ehza, b. Nov. 22, 1915. 

(90) Livingstone Culbertson mar. Mary E. Douglas, July 
26, 1868. Lived at Scott Co., Va. Moved to Rich Hill, Mo., 


198. Jeremiah, b. Sept. 12, 1869. Kansas City, Mo. 

199. Finley, b. Mav 15, 1872 ; d. May 1, 1888. 

(92) Augustus L. Culberson mar. Philia Fricks. 


200. Mattie, d. 


201. James Wm- 

202. Edward. 

203. Sallie. 

204. Beatrice. 

(94) Wm. Columbus Culberson mar. Mollie Jones of De 
Kalb Co., Ala. 


205. Lilla. 

(97) Achsah 0. Culbertson mar. J. S. Green of Zebulon, 
Pike Co., Ga. 

Issue : 















(96) Charles Y. mar. Annie Jones of De Kalb Co., Ala, 

Issue : 

213. Hattie. 
214- Truman- 

215. Gerald. 

(99) James H., Jr., mar. . 

Issue : 

216. Grace. 

(100) Ovid I. Culberson mar. Annie E. Stewart, Aug. 22, 


217. Maggie Wright, b. July 16, 1870. 

218. Lillian, b. Sept. 23, 1872. 

219. Rhea, b. July 12, 1875 ; d. Mar. 19, 1879. 

(101) Gerald H. mar. Salhe Reid Battle, June 18, 1874. 
Manufacturer of agricultural implements, Atlanta, Ga. 


220. Gerald H., Jr., b. Dec. 1, 1879 (Rev.) Portsmouth, 0. 

221. Emehne Howell, b. Jan. 1881. 

(103) John C. mar. Salhe May Wilhams, Jan. 15, 1880. 


Issue : 

222. Mary Lou, b- Nov. 30, 1880. 

(105) Hubert L. mar. Katherine Bleckley, June 1, 1880. 
Lawyer, Atlanta, Ga. 


223. Caroline Lewis, b. Apr. 3, 1888; d. July 19, 1898. 
(145) Senator Charles A. Culberson of Dallas, Tex., mar. 

, daughter of Col. W. W. Harrison, of Ft. Worth, Tex. 


224. Mary. 

(198) Jeremiah Culbertson mar- Feb. 20, 1901, to Miss 
Josephine Parsons, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Parsons 
of Harrisonville, Mo. Lives Kansas City, Mo. 


225. Judith Douglass, b. July 7, 1902. 

226. Kathryn Nevin, b. Apr. 21, 1904. 

227. Eleanor Wade, b. July 3, 1907. 

228. Joseph Livingstone, b. Jan. 5, 1922. 


(220) Rev. Gerald H. Culberson, Jr. married Mary 
Syme of Winchester, Va., Sept. 17, 1902. Minister in Chris 
tian Church, Portsmouth, 0. 


229. Gerald Culberson, b. June 13, 1903, at Winchester, 


230. Ruth Culberson, b. Sept. 30, 1904, at Chester. W- Va. 

231. Grey Culberson, b. Apr. 14, 1906, at Winchester. Va. 

(221) Emeline Culberson mar. B. H. Alexander. Live at 
Lake Wales, Fla. 

Issue : 

Prominent Descendants of Joseph (a. 4.), son of Andrew 
(III) of Shippensburg, Pa. and Rockbridge Co., Va. 

David (2. b.) Culberson had a son (11) Rev. David B. 
Culberson, a prominent minister of Alabama, who had a 
son, David Browning Culberson, Jr., of Dallas, Tex., Con- 
gressman from Texas for many years. In 1892 it was said 
he had made the greatest mark of any Culbertson who had 
been in Congress- Congressman Joe Cannon, said of him. 
"He was the best posted man in Congress on legal techni- 


calities." He showed a true Culbertson characteristic, viz.. 
simplicity in dress. It is said that he was never known to 
wear a dress coat even at state receptions. In 1892 he wa.s 
at the head of the free silverites in Congress. 

(145) Culberson, Chas. A. (senator) b. Dadeville, Ala.. 
June 10, 1855 ; son of D. B. (congressman Tex. 22 years) 
and Eugenia (Kimball) Culbertson;, grad. Vir'g. Mil. Ins't, 
1874; law student Univ. Va. 1876-7; settled in Tex. 1856. 
Practiced Dallas, Tex. since 1887- Co. Att'y Marion Co.; 
Att'y Gen. Tex. 1890-4 ; Gov. Tex. two terms ; U. S. Senator 
1899-05, 05-11, 1911-17, 1917-23. Delegate Nat. Dem. Con- 
vention 1896-1904. Dallas, Tex. Married daughter of Col. 
W. W. Harrison of Ft. Worth, Tex — (From Who's Who in 

(198) Jerry Culbertson, Specialist in Industrial Develop- 
ment, is descended from a prominent family of the Old Do- 
minion. He was born in Bates County, Missouri, Septem- 
ber 12th, 1869, the son of Livingston and Mary E. (Doug- 
las) Culbertson. His father was born in Scott County, 
Virginia and removed to Missouri in 1866, becoming a pio- 
neer farmer and merchant of Bates County, and the found- 
er of the town of Rich Hill, which he named, and in which 
he established the first store. The elder Culbertson was a 
son of David Culbertson a native of Virginia and a member 
of the legislature of that state in 1838. The latter, a native 
of Virginia and a descendant of Scotch ancestry, was a 
member of the family from which the famous Culbertson 
family of Texas is descended. Mary E. Douglas, our sub- 
ject's mother, was a daughter of Colonel Geo. Douglas. 
(From the Encyclopedia of the History of Missouri, Page 

Jerry Culbertson received his elementary education in 
the common schools of Bates County and at the age of 
eighteen years St. Francis Institute (Catholic) at Osage 
Mission, Kansas. A year later he took a course in Bryant 
College at Sprague, Bates County, Missouri, after which 
he was, for a year principal of the graded school at College 
Hill in the same county. After a year's course in the state 
university he taught one year at Old Rich Hill, then took 
another year in special studies in the state university, de- 
voting his time chiefly to literature, economics and meta- 
physics. He then entered the law department of the uni- 
versity, and after two year's course, was graduated there- 
from, June 3, 1896. Four days later he was admitted to the 
bar before Judge Lay at Butler, Mo., and at once opened 


an office at Rich Hill, Missouri- Nov., 1900, he was elected 
prosecuting attorney of Cass County on the Democratic 

In 1905 Mr. Culbertson became aware of the greater op- 
portunities that Kansas City had to offer to the young 
business man, and has made it his home since then, devot- 
ing his time to the study of permanent investments. He is 
the founder and president of both the International Ex- 
ploration Company and the Culbertson Realty-Stock-Bond 
Corporation. Fraternally, he is a Mason, an Elk and a 
Modern Woodman. 

Reverend Gerald Culberson (220), son of Gerald H. Cul- 
berson (101). Born Waynesville, N. C, reared in Atlanta, 
Ga., entered an East Tennessee Bible College in 1899. After 
three years of preparation there entered Bethany College, 
W. Va., receiving degree in 1905. Has held pastorates in 
churches of the Disciples of Christ in West Virginia, Vir- 
ginia, Indiana and Texas. Now pastor of the First Chris- 
tion Church, Portsmouth, Ohio, one of the largest and most 
influential congregations in the Communion. 

(61) Mrs. R. H. Lyons (nee Jane Culbertson), of Mt. 
Sterling, Ky- a daughter of (15) John Culbertson and 
granddaughter of b. 3. James Culbertson of Scott Co., Va., 
stated in 1892 that the old Family Bible of James Culbert- 
son (b. 3.) giving his wife's name (marriage record of same 
obtained in Caswell Co., N. C.) and dates of birth, etc., also 
names of James' father and mother, i. e- Joseph and Agnes 
of Russel Co., Va., was in possession of her brother Stephen 
of Nelson, Mo. Mrs. Lyons' brother, J. A., living in Ari- 
zona in 1892, gave me a great deal of information on the 
Culbertsons of So. West Va. The aforementioned Bible al- 
so gave the names of the children of Joseph and Agnes of 
Russel Co-, Va. J. A. also said Joseph was wounded in Rev- 
olution and that his sons lived in Caswell Co., N. Car., for a 
time; latter statement confirmed by records. Mrs. Lyons 
copied dates from her Bible and these dates she had copied 
from the original Bible in possession of Stephen Culbert- 
son, of Nelson, Saline Co., Mo. In 1892 Wm. J. Culbertson 
(92), of Scott Co., Va., wrote me a conference he had had 
with an aunt ninety years old and she told about the ances- 
tors coming from Pa. to Va., then going to Caswell Co., N. 
Car. and when Joseph was 50 or 60 years old moved back 
to Va. in Russell Co., with part of his sons and died in Rus- 
sel Co., Va. 



(5- a.) Samuel Culbertson (Dr.) of the 12th Va. Continen- 
tal Line, 1776-78, Col. Woods (Va. Arch.). All trace of him 
is lost to record after 1778. It is my behef that he owned 
no property but remained in Rockbridge Co., Va. There 
was an Alexander Culbertson married to Polly Barclay, 
March 5, 1799 (bond) in Rockbridge Co., Va., whom I think 
was Dr. Samuel's son. This Alexander Culbertson and wife, 
Polly, conveyed 80 acres to John Barger, lying on the James 
River at the Great Road. One of the witnesses H. Barclay. 
Date May 1, 1802. Know nothing more of him. There was 
a Mr. Culbertson of Rockbridge Co., Va., married Martha 
Allen Bridgeland-Smith of that county many years ago and 
moved to Fairland, Ind., and had issue- No Culbertsons at 
Fairland, now- (The regiment in which Dr. Samuel Cul- 
bertson served was commanded by Col. James Wood. Col. 
Woods was from Winchester, Va.) 



(VI.) Col. Robert Culbertson of Hopewell Twp., Cumber- 
land Co., Pa., moved to Columbus, 0., in 1801. Mar. first 

, mar. second Mrs. Ehzabeth (Davis) Irwin. (Irwin 

was her second husband ; her first husband was David Jam- 
ison, son of Col. David Jamison, M. D-, an officer of French 
and Indian War and the Revolution.) 

Issue: (Most of these by first wife.) 

1. Andrew, d. Apr., 1826. Lived at Columbus, O. 

2. James, d. Lived at Columbus, 0. 

3. Rebecca d. (Mrs. Moore). 

4. Jane, d. (Mrs. Park). 
5- Agnes, d. (Mrs. Park). 

6. Keziah,d. (Mrs. Brotherton). 

7. Martha, d- (Mrs. Brotherton). 

8. Margaret, d. (Mrs. Keller) . 

9. , d. (Mrs. Breckenridge). 

10. Sarah, d. (Mrs. David Jamison). 

— From Jameson Genealogy and Will of Robert 



(1) Andrew Culbertson is given Hopewell Tp., Cumb. Co., 
Pa. Census 1790, self and wife, one son under 16, and one 
daughter. Andrew first appears as a taxable in Hopewell 
Tp., Cumb. Co., in 1788. He was of age before that. He 
moved with his father to Columbus, Ohio, in 1801. Died 
intestate at Columbus, 0., in 1826 and Mr. Deshler (D. W.) 
of the wealthy Deshler family, was appointed administra- 
tor. His children are not given in settlement of his estate 
but widow Esther is given. In the old Genealogy (Culbert- 
son) the names of his children were taken from the Jame- 
son Genealogy, but the writer of this work failed to men- 
tion the son Robert. It was through the Pension office 
records and correspondence with descendants in Ills, that I 
was able to connect Robert their ancestor, with the War of 
1812 soldier. In pension apphcation he says "Born 1790, 
drafted into Ohio Militia, Capt- Geo. Gibson's Co., at Colum- 
bus, Ohio, Oct., 1814." 

Residence at time of application Washington, Tazewell 
Co., Ills. Descendants say "Robert was born at Columbus, 
O. Owned land on Scioto at Columbus, Ohio. Had a brother 
Andrew, who died young. Had a sister who married a 
Shannon. Grandmother died young and gradfather did not 
remarry. He was in the War of 1812. He moved to Wash- 
ington, Tazewell Co., Ills. He and his sons owned land 
there. He afterwards moved to Oilman, Ills, and lived with 
his son Joseph and died there about 1870." Records show 
that Andrew (1) married his cousin Esther Culbertson, 
daughter of Robert Culbertson, son of Irish Samuel of Pa, 
"Row." (priv. 1776-7 in Revolution, i. e. Robert.) In his 
est. inventory filed 1826, only $150 of pers. property and 
no realty, hence names of heirs not given save in surety of 
Esther as admn'x. 


11. Alexander, d. Columbus, 0. 

12. Elizabeth, d. (Mrs. Andrew Dill), Columbus, 0. 

13. Isabella, d. (Mrs. John Emmick), Columbus, 0. 

14. Rebecca, d- (Mrs. Nathaniel W. Smith), Columbus, 0. 

15. Mary, d. (Mrs. Wm. W. Shannon), Columbus, O. 

16. Robert, d. about 1870. Oilman, Ills. 

— These four sons-in-law on bond for widow as ad- 
ministratrix in 1826. She was removed two years 


(2) James Culbertson mar. Emily Jamison, graddaughter 
of Col. D. Jamison. 

Issue : 

17. John, d. 

18. Robert, b. 1805 ; d. 1826. Bachelor. 

19. David, b. 1808; d. Feb. 17, Tanner, Columbus 


20. James, b. Jan. 30, 1810; d. ? Lawyer. Columbus 


21. Elizabeth, b. 1815; d. Unmarried. 

22. Emily, b. Mar. 14, 1819 ; d. Unmarried. 

23. Jane, d. Unmarried. 

24. Andrew, b. 1817. Columbus, Ohio. 

25. Samuel, b. Feb. 21, 1821 ; d. 1850. Columbus. 

(6) Keziah Culbertson mar. Mr. Brotherton, of Columbus, 

Issue : 

26. Elizabeth Brotherton. 

27. Margaret. 

(7) Martha Culbertson mar. Mr. Brotherton. 


28. Robert Brotherton. 

29. Margaret. 

(8) Margaret Culbertson mar. Mr. Kellar. 


30. Robert Keller. 

31. Jane. 

32. EHza. 


(16) Robert Culbertson mar. Moved first to Washington, 
Tazewell Co., Ills, and later to Oilman, Ills. 

.33. Henry, Chatsworth, Ills. 

34. Joseph, Oilman, Ills. 

(17) John Culbertson mar. . 

Issue : 

35. Samuel. 

36. John H. 

37. B. Seip. 

38. Catherine. 


39. George. Unmarried. 

40. James. Columbus, Ohio. 

(24) Andrew Culbertson mar. . 


41. Wm. H. 

42. David James. 

43. Mary Ellen. (Mrs. Turbett). 

44. Martha Ann. (Mrs. Hoover). 

45. Robert W. 

46. Melissa Turbett. 

47. Emily Spafford. 

48. Alfred, d. 

49. Silas, d. 

50. Josephine Huff, Mar. 

51. James Monroe. Unmarried. 

52. Alice Reiselt. Mar. 

(25) Samuel Culbertson mar. Miss Flennieken of Wash- 
ington Co. Pa. Widow lived in N. Y. City. 


53. James, b. 1845. Lawyer. Abilene, Kans. 

54. Libbie Marv, b. 1847. Lives N. Y. City. (Mrs. McCune). 


(33) Henry Culbertson mar, . Lived at Washington,. 

Ills., until about 1868 when he moved to Chatsworth, Ills. 

Issue : 

55. Hettie (Mrs. Woods) St. Louis, Mo. 

56. Dessie (Mrs. Douglas) St. Louis, Mo. 

57. Charles. St. Louis, Mo. 

58. Ida. (Mrs. Smith). Trenton, Mo.; died Feb., 1915. 

59. Robert McClane, d. Sept. 6, 1916. 

(34) Joseph Culbertson lived at Gilman, Ills. Mar. and 
had issue. 

(35) Samuel Culbertson mar. 

Issue : 

60. Son, d. 61-62. 

(36) John H. Culbertson mar. 

Issue : 
63. Joseph. Columbus, Ohio. 64-69. 

(40) James Culbertson mar. . 

Issue: Three daughters, 70-73. 

(41) Wm H. Culbertson mar. 




Ida Bell, 









Abe. Unmar. 

(42) David Culbertson mar, 

78. Ralph George. 

(43) Mary Ellen Culbertson mar. Mr. Turbett. Issue: 
Three sons and four daughters, viz; 79-86. 

(44) Martha Ann Culbertson mar. Mr. Hoover. Issue: 
Four sons and three daughters, viz: 87-94. 

(45) Robert W. Culbertson mar. 

Issue : 

95. Frank. 

96. Lillie. 

97. Emry. 

98. Cory. 

99. Clay. 
100. Harry. 

(46) Melissa Culbertson mar. Mr. Turbett. Issue: Son 
and daughter. 101-102. 

(48) Alfred Culbertson mar. 

Issue : 

103. Rose. 

104. Ola May. 

105. Iva Bell. 

106. Clarence. 

(50) Josephine mar. Mr. Huff. 
Issue : Three daughters: 107-110. 

(52) Alice (Reiselt). Issue: Two daughters 111-112. 

(53) James Culbertson mar, Caroline Junkin, of Abilene, 
Kans. in 1873. No issue. 

(59) Robert Culbertson mar. Isabel Murdock. Lived Ills. 


113. Estella (Mrs. Kelley) Brimfield, Ills. 

114. Raymond, Akron, Col. who mar. and had issue: Clyde, 

Edith, Harry. Verne. (Harry and wife Mabel both 
met death on wedding trip by R. R. accident.) 

115. Helen (Mrs. Tucker) issue: Wilbur and Ruth. Live 

at Brimfield, Ills. 



Col. Robert Culbertson of Hopewell Tp., Cumb. Co., Pa. 
(later of Columbus, Ohio). *"Was commissioned Lt. Col. 
of First Batt. Class One of Assr's, called out July 31, 1777 ; 
Col. James Dunlap, Major James Carnahan, Lt. Col. same 
Batt'n and officers called out May 14, 1778. Major Sixth 
Batt'n, Cumb. Co. Assr's May 10, 1780, Lt. Col. James Dun- 
lap." Census 1790, Hopewell Tp., Cumb. Co., Pa., Self; 2 
sons under 16; wife; 5 daughters. 

A deed made in Cumb. Co., Pa., Dec. 4, 1779 by Capt. 
Robert and Capt. Joseph Culbertson of Letterkenny Tp. 
and James Breckenridge (which they bought of John 
Montgomery's exrs. in Aug., 1779) deed land in Lurgan Tp. 
to Col. Robert Culbertson of Hopewell Tp. Cumb. Co., 300 
acres for £3000 lbs. land adjoining Daniel Duncan. His 
brother-in-law or father-in-law. Col. John Davis, bought a 
portion of this land in 1782 and they participated in a deed 
of this to Samuel Blythe in 1782. (Robert's wife was EHza- 
beth (Davis) Irwin). Robert did not live on this farm. He 
owned a tract of 617 acres in Hopewell Tp. which he sold 
in 1801 for $36,000. He called this Culbertsonia (See Cul- 
bertson's Row in the Eighteenth Century, by John G. Orr) , 
lying between Middle Spring Road and the Cumb. Val. R. R. 
In 1775 he erected a large stone mansion yet standing on 
the farm. (This land embraced the Himes and Nevins 
farms.) James Moore, who bought it, stocked its cellars 
with wine, built a race course and soon came to grief. Col. 
Robt. on tax 1762. First deed to him Oct., 1763. Col. Rob- 
ert was a member of Middle Spring church. He never lived 
in the "Row." He owned land for a time in Westmoreland 
and Huntingdon Counties which he sold. Paid pew rent 
17s, 6d at Middle Spring. Not old enough to serve in French 
and Indian War. "He was one of the first settlers of 
Franklinton (now Columbus), Ohio, in 1801, and purchased 
extensively on both sides of the Scioto river, above and be- 
low, as well as in Columbus and Franklinton. Also took up 
some military land on Scioto. He was an elder and promi- 
nent member of the Presbyterian church of Columbus and 
signed the call for the first pastor. Rev. Dr. Hoge, of Rich- 
mond, Va. Near Col. Culbertson lived many families that 

* Wings Hist, of the Three Counties says: "Robert Culbertson, 
Elder in Mid. Spring Church. Lt. Col. in Jos. Dunlap's 1st Regt. 


had been prominent in Franklin Co., Pa., viz.: Stewarts, 
Johnsons, Jamisons and Lindseys, and a number of Culbert- 
sons had married into these famihes. For years he was 
proprietor of a hotel in Columbus. His second wife was the 
widow of a son of Col. David Jamison, a noted officer in the 
Revolution, and father of Dr. Horatio Gates Jamison, one 
of the greatest surgeons of his day ,who was a professor in 
a medical college at Baltimore, and who was sent by the 
government as a minister to one of the smaller European 
countries (From History of Jamison Family). Took out 
military warrant, 30 acres on Scioto in 1812, nine acres sur- 
veyed but no patent returned (5 miles south of Columbus 
west side). 

(50) James Culbertson, great-grandson of Col. Robert, in 
1892 was an attorney. He served one term as County Atty. 
of Dickinson Co., Kans. ; three terms as Probate Judge of 
same county, and twelve years as City Attorney of Abilene, 
Kans. Was in the Civil War at age of fifteen years as a 
drummer boy, Co. I, 26th O. V. I. and served until discharg- 
ed for disability in 1862. 


Irish Samuel (D) of Chester Co., Pa. 




SAMUEL CULBERTSON (D) as shown by tax records 
of Chester county, Pa., first paid taxes in that county in 
1730, in Londongrove Township. I found a release made by 
Wm. Finley, of the same county to a mortgage on property 
of the heirs of said Samuel Culbertson. The lease recites 
"that said Wm. Finley and Michael Finley, yeomen, of York 
County, Pa., were issue of William Finley and Catherine 
(Culbertson) Finley, his late wife. Also Samuel Daniel, of 
West Marlboro township, Chester county. Pa., yeomen, and 
Catherine, his wife, the said Samuel being the only surviv- 
ing issue of John Daniel, late of Londongrove township, 
Chester County, aforesaid, deceased, who married Jane Cul- 
bertson. Said Jane and Catherine being the only daugh- 
ters of Samuel Culbertson, deceased. 

(D) Samuel Culbertson, son of (s) Culbert- 
son, of Co. Derry, Ireland, emigrated to America and set- 
tled in Londongrove Twp., Chester Co., Pa., in 1729. He 
does not appear on Tax Records before 1730. Deed Record 
show that "Geo. Hodgson conveyed to Samuel Culbertson, 
Apr. 6, 1736, land" in this Twp. He made his will May 15, 
1741. Names of his children are obtained from will and 

deeds. His wife Francis , died shortly after. His old- 

esc son was his executor. Died Apr. 1749. In his will he 
bequeathes to his grandson "Samuel." This is Samuel 
Daniel. Jane (Daniel) was dead at time of making of Sam- 
uel's will, i. e. May 15, 1741. All or part of Samuel Culbert- 
son's children evidently were born in Ireland and as the 
daughters were mentioned last I would infer that they were 
younger than the sons. Jane I would infer must have been 
born about 1720-22. Kittren was first married before 1741. 
Wilham was executor of his father's estate and conveyed 
his interest to his brother John, June 18, 1753. In 1755 John 
placed a mortgage on this to Samuel Fisher for £729. This 
was released in Dec, 1764. In 1771 (Oct.) this was sold to 
Geo. Passmore. 

It is my behef that Wilham was born 1714-16 and John 
1716-18. Samuel Culbertson also gave a mortgage on this 
property to son-in-law John Daniel, before 1749. In Oct., 
1771, John Daniel gave release to this for 20 shilhngs to 
John Culbertson. 



IsSUG ! 

I. William, b. 1718 or before; d. Apr., 1785. See 
Chapter XVIII. 
II. John, b. 1720 or before; d. May, 1785. See Chapter 

III. Kittrena (Mrs. Dongrey in father's will made 1741 

and evidently no children by Dongrey ; later mar. 
Wm. Finley. Issue: Michael and William). 

IV. Jane (Mrs. John Daniel). Issue: Samuel. 



(I) -WILLIAM CULBERTSON, son of Samuel (D), of 
Londongrove Tp., Chester Co., Pa. Was granted land in 
East Pennsborough Tp., (now Silver Spring Tp.) Cumber- 
land Co., Pa. Made his will in this Co. Mar. Margaret 
. Lived seven miles east of Carlisle, Pa. Warrant is- 
sued 1750 for land. 

Issue: (Taken from will, corroborated by records.) 

1. Samuel b. 1742; d. Apr. 1, 1807. 

2. William, b. 1760; d. May 18, 1798. 

3. Frances. 


(1) Samuel Culbertson mar. Ehzabeth Loudon, of Pa. 
Wife b. 1765 ; d. July 24, 1803. Lived on old farm in Cum- 
berland Co., Pa. (Tanner). 

Samuel Culbertson served in Revolution "July 1778, pr. in 
Third Batt'n Cumb. Co., Pa., Ass'rs., Col. James Bell. Also 
3rd Bat. 1781-2, Col. James Bell." (Pa. Arch.) Census 1790, 
self and wife ; 1 son over 16 ; 1 son under 16. Cumb. Co., Pa. 

4. William, b. 1801; d. 1878. 

5. James, b. Mar. 12, 1803 ; d. Mar. 30, 1854. Dr. 

6. Sarah, d. young. 

7. Margaret, d. young. 

(2) William Culbertson mar. Miss Nancy ("Agnes" in 
will) Bell of Cumb. Co., Pa. (wife b. 1767; d. Aug., 1805). 
Lived on farm in Silver Spring Tp., Cumb. Co., Pa. 

"William served in Revolution July. 1778, in Third Batt'n 
Cumb. Co., Pa. Associaters, Col. James Bell. Also pr. in 3rd. 
Batt'n 1781-82. Col. James Bell" (Pa. Arch.) Col. Bell was 


his father-in-law. Also probably the Wm, in Frontier Rang- 
ers for a time. Census 1790, self and wife ; one son over 16 
years; 2 sons under 16; 4 females. 

Issue : 

8. Sarah, b. 1778-90 (Mrs. Jas. Dunlap). 

9. Margaret, b. 1792-3 (Mrs. Johnston). 

10. John, b. 1795; d. Apr. 15, 1850. (Farmer.) 

11. Samuel, b. 1796; d. Dec, 1826. 

12. Wm. (bachelor). 

(3) Francis Culbertson mar. Mr. Johnston of Va. 

Issue : 

13. Wm. Johnston. 

14. James. 

15. John. 

16. Jean. 


(4) Wm. Culbertson mar. . Was a dry goods mer- 
chant at Lewistown, Pa., from 1825 to 1837, after which he 
retired to his farm in Silver Spring Tp., Cumberland Co., 


17. Ellen. 

18. Thomas H., (Capt.) Killed in railroad accident at Den- 

nison, Tex., in 1889. 

(5) Dr. James Culbertson mar. Miss Mary Steel, of Lew- 
istown, Pa., July 3, 1839. (Lived at Lewistown,. Pa.) Wife 
b ; d. Apr. 19, 1885. 

Issue I 

19. Wm. A., b. May 29, 1840; d. Oct. 3, 1843. " 

20. Horace J., b. May 25, 1842. Lawyer. Living, Lewis- 

ton, Pa.. 
(10) John Culbertson mar. Hannah Reed. Wife b. 1809; 
d. Apr. 15, 1850. (Lived on farm, Silver Spring Tp., Cum- 
berland Co., Pa.) 


21. C. R., b. 1834; d. July 3, 1884. 

22. Wm. F., b. Dec. 13, 1835. 

23. Samuel D., b. Sept. 5, 1839. (Dr.) Died. 

24. A. F., (dau.), b. June 25, 1841; d. Dec. 29, 1877. 


25. Joseph W., b. Apr. 28, 1843; d. May 16, 1845. 

26. Sarah M., b. Apr. 28, 1843 ; d. Feb. 25, 1867. Unmar. 


27. James, b. June 12, 1848. Unmar. 
2IV2 Nancy Bell, b. 1837; d. Apr. 23, 1907. 

(11) Samuel Culbertson mar. Polly Urie of Sandy Hill, 
Perry Co., Pa. 


28. Wm. H. (Sandy Hill, Pa.) 

28. Benjamin. 

29. Eleanor. 

30. Rose Anna. 

(8) Sarah Culbertson mar. James Dunlap, in 1807, at 
First Presbyterian church, Carlisle, Pa. 

Issue I 

31. John C. Dunlap, b. Feb. 5,. 1809 ; d. 1869. Bachelor. 

32. Armstrong, mar. ; d. Oct., 1850 aet. 36. 

(9) Margaret Culbertson mar. John Johnston, in 1809, at 
First Presbyterian church, Carlisle, Pa. 


33. John Johnston. 

34. Culbertson Johnston. 


(17) Ellen Culbertson intermar. with John Irvine of Car- 
lisle, Pa. 


35. Wm. C, Denver Col. 

36. Kate. Carlisle, Pa. 

37. John. Pittsburg, Pa. 

(18) Capt. Thos. H. Culbertson. Know nothing of de- 

(20) Horace J. Culbertson mar. Miss JuHa M. Watts, dau. 
or Hon. Frederick Watts, of Carhsle, Pa., Feb. 6, 1867. Wife 
d. Nov. 6, 1886. Lawyer at Lewistown, Pa. Graduate of 
Lafayette College. Was District Attorney one term. 


38. Frederick Watts, b. Mar. 21, 1868. Lawyer. Lewistown. 

State Senator. 

39. Marv Steel, b. Jan. 20,. 1870. 

40. Julia, b. Aug., 1876. 

41. Anna M. R., b. Apr. 2, 1880. 

(21) C. R. Culbertson mar. Nancy . 

Issue : 

42. Charles. 


43. Wm. 

44. Nelie Bell, d. infancy. 

(22) Wm. F. Culbertson mar. Luella Carmichael, Jan. 13, 
1869. Live at Blanchard, la. (Served in Union Army three 


45. Rosa Belle, b. 1873. (Mrs. C. Maginnis). 

46. Samuel, b. 1875. 

47. Bessie Pearl, b. 1878. 

48. Daughter d. infancy. 

(23) Dr. Samuel D. Culbertson mar. Clara K. Culver, of 
Carlisle, Pa. Moved to Piper City, Ills., in 1867. Physician 
and druggist. 

Issue : 

49. John C, b. Feb. 6, 1869. Pharmacist, d. Nov. 22, 1922. 

Piper City. 

50. Samuel Carey (Dr.) b. Oct. 5., 1872. Chicago, Ills. 

51. Helen M.,. b. May 15, 1876. 

52. Josephine, b. Oct. 24, 1870 ; d. Apr. 5, 1916. Married. 
53 Ira D., b. Feb. 15, 1877 ; d. July 14, 1877. 

(28) William Culbertson mar. first . Mar. second 

Issue : 

54. Samuel B. 

55. Margaret (Mrs. Mohler). 

56. Victoria L. (Mrs. Jones) 

57. Jane Mary (Mrs. McMillen). 

58. Nancy Bell (Mrs. Kinch). 

59. John Urie. 

60. Sarah Ann (Mrs. Benner). 

61. Wm. Frank. 

62. James R. 

63. Emma. 

64. Elmer V. 


(49) John C. Culbertson of Piper City, Ills., married 
Grace Kirkley. Issue: none. 

(50) Dr. Samuel Carey Culbertson of Chicago, Ills, mar- 
ried Katherine Graham. He is an eminent surgeon of Chi- 



65. John Carey. 

66. Virginia Graham. 

(52) Josephine Culbertson mar. Dr. R. S. McCaughey of 
Hoopestown, Ills. 


67. Thomas Culbertson McCaughey. 

68. Robert Culver McCaughey. 


(1) Samuel was a member of the Supreme Executive 
Council of the State of Pa. and resided part of time on 
farm, and part of time in Harrisburg. His son, (5) Dr. 
James, graduated at Dickinson college, in 1824, and studied 
medicine and graduated at University of Penna., Apr. 1827. 
Located at Lewistown, Pa., and practiced there until his 
death. Another son, (4) Wm., was a dry goods and grain 
merchant at Lewistown, and later retired to his farm. 

(18) Capt. Thomas H., entered the 9th Pa. Cav., as Serg't 
and mustered out as Capt. ; was on staff of Brig. Gen. 
Thomas Jordon. 

(20) Is a prominent lawyer at Lewistown, Pa. ; a grad- 
uate of Lafayette college. Admitted to bar, 1866. His son, 
Fred W., is State Senator. 

(23) Dr. Samuel D. Culbertson born and raised on the 
farm. Enhsted in Co. F, 130 Pa. Vol. Inf. under Col. Zinn. 
Was in battles of Bull Run (second), South Mt., Antietam, 
Marey's Hill, Chancellorsville, etc. After the expiration of 
his term of service he took up the study of medicine and 
graduated from Jefferson Med. College in 1866, and located 
at Piper City, Ills., in spring of 1867. He was prominent 
in the care of the wounded in the great Chatsworth railroad 
wreck in 1877. Was commander of Piper Post, G. A. R., and 
member of 111. State Med. Society and member of other 
societies. His son (50) Dr. Samuel Gary Culbertson is an 
eminent surgeon of Chicago (1923). 




(II) John Culbertson, of Armagh Twp., Cumberland Co., 
Pa. (now Mifflin Co.), who settled there in 1774, moved 
from Londongrove Tp., Chester Co., Pa, (Deed Records) 

Mar. Agnes . Wife b. 1726; d. 1808. Probably mar. 

about 1747. Made will in Armagh Tp., Cumberland Co., Pa., 
in 1785, from which the names of his children are obtained. 

Issue : 

1. Samuel. 

2. William Hannah 

3. John, b. 1753; d. Feb. 15, 1808. (Col.) 

4. , d. (Mrs. John Campbel.) 

5. Jean, d. (Mrs. McFarlin) ; mar. 2nd McCartney. 

6. Frances, d. (Mrs. Orr). 

7. Agnes, d. (Mrs. Thompson). 

8. EHzabeth, d. Unmar. at date of will. 


(1) Samuel Culbertson moved from Chester Co., Pa., 
about the time of the Revolution, and settled in the Kisho- 
coquillas Valley, Miffhn Co., (then Cumberland Co.) Pa. 
Cannot find him on Deed Records of Cumberland Co. Miff- 
lin Co. was organized in 1789. Mar. . 

Issue : 

9. James, living in 1794, Mifflin Co. (Warrant), d. soon 
after moving to Miffiln Co., Pa. 

10. Joseph, d. Went west, do not know where. 

11. David, d. Remained in Lancaster Co. (?) 

12. Wm., d. 1873, aet. about 93 years. 

13. Martha, d. (Mrs. Major, Lewistown, Pa.) 

14. John, d. remained in Lancaster Co., Pa. 

(2) Wm. Hannah Culbertson no doubt died before 1790. 
Know nothing about him. Not mentioned in his mother's 
will ; am inclined to think he died a bachelor. 

(3) Col. John Culbertson mar, Mary *. Lived at 

Lewistown, Miffhn Co., Pa. Census 1790 Mifflin Co., self 

* A John Culbertson and Mary Augeer mar. 1787 at Paxtang, near 
Harrisburg, Pa. 


and, one male over 16 (brother?) ; one son under 16; wife 
and four females. 

Issue : 

15. Jeremiah, b. 1788 ; d. 1832. 

16. Nancy, b. 1790; d. June, 1825. 

17. John, b. 1792; d. Oct., 1866. 

18. Lydia Maria, b. 1797 ; d. Apr.. 1822. Unmar. 

19. Wm. H., b. 1800; d. 1821. 

20. Samuel, b. 1802 ; d. Apr., 1865. 

21. Ezra Doty, b. 1805 ; d. July, 1872. 

(7) Agnes Culbertson mar. Mr. George Thompson of 
Huntingdon Co., Pa. 


22. Nancy. 

Do not know others. 


(11) David. Know nothing of. 

(12) Wm. Culbertson mar. Barbara Cohill. Was one of 
the first settlers of Allenville, Mifflin Co., Pa. 

Issue : 

23. Samuel, d. act. 83. 

24. Wm. 

25. James, d. June 4, 1891, aet. 75. 
251/,. David. 

25-54. Joel. 

26. Ezra. 

27. John (Newton, Hamilton, Miffhn Co., Pa.). 

28. Nancy. 

29. Mary. 

30. Martha. 

(14) John. Know nothing of. 

(15) Jeremiah Culbertson mar. Susan . Lived at 

Boalsburg, Center Co., Pa. 


31. John, d. Sep., 1889. 

32. Susan. 

33. Maria. 

(16) Nancy Culbertson, mar. Mr. James Watson. 


34. John Watson. 


35. Wm. H., Ferguson Tp., Huntington Co., Pa. 

36. Ann. 

37. Eliza. (Mrs. Wharton Morris), Milesburg, Pa. 
371/0. Nancy (Mrs. Orr). 

(17) John Culbertson mar. Miss Maybury. Moved to 
Lawrence Co., Ohio. Iron merchant. 


38. Cambridge, b. 1816. Living 1893. 

39. John, d. 

41. Harriet, d. 

42. Lawrence, d. young. 

43. Mary Anne, d. 

(18) Lydia Maria mar. Wm. Murray of Center Co., Pa. 

Issue : 

(20) Samuel mar. Mary A. Kennedy, Sept. 15, 1834, of 
Philadelphia, Pa. Lived in Adams Co., O. 

Issue : 

44. Wm. Wirt, b. Sep. 23, 1835. (Capt.) d. (Congressman.) 

45. Kennedy R., b. May 12, 1840. (Hon.) d. 

46. Mary, d. 

47. Samuel B. 

48. John Janeway, d. 

49. Maxwell. 

(21) Ezra Culbertson mar. , iron manufacturer. 

(Lived in Vinton Co., Ohio.) 


50. Arthur. 

51. John J. Oreton, Vinton Co., 0. 

52. Marion. 


(23) Samuel Culbertson mar. Mary Gibbons. Lived in 
the Kishocqquillas Valley, Pa. 


53. John. Siglerville, Mifflin Co., Pa. 

54. Wm. 

55. Elizabeth. 

56. Louisa. (Mrs. King), Huntingdon, Pa. 

57. Mary. (Mrs. Dinges), Walla Walla, Wash. 










(24) Wm. Culbertson mar. Margaret Polliard in 1847. 
Lived at Rimersburg, Clarion Co., Pa. 

Issue : 

62. Samuel, d. Feb. 25, 1855. 

63. Wm. (Butler, Pa.) Private in Civil War, from Pa. 

64. Thurza E. (Mrs. Pollock), Eldred, Pa. 

65. Calista J., unmar. Rimersburg, Pa. 

66. John C, Knapp Creek, N. Y. 

67. Rachael A., d. Nov. 30, 1872. 

68. Catherine E. (Mrs. J. T. Mcllvaine), Oakdale, Pa. 

69. Margaret A. (Mrs. R. C. Crick), Breneman, Pa. 

70. Edward A. Coraopolis, Pa. 

72. George B. (farmer), Rimersburg, Pa. 

(25) James Culbertson mar. Rachael Jenkins. Lives at 
Allensville, MiffHn Co., Pa. 


73. Wilson W., Huntingdon, Pa. 

74. James 0., near Allensville, Pa. 

75. Ira M., near Allensville, Pa. 

(251/2) David Culbertson mar. Miss McGowen. 


76. Lewis. 

77. David. 

(25%) Joel Culbertson mar. Harriet Jenkins. 


78. Mary (Mrs. Witman), West Liberty, Logan Co., 0. 

79. Sarah (Mrs. Witman), West Liberty, Logan Co., 0. 

80. Thos, H., near Bellefontaine, 0. 

81. Wm., near Bellefontaine, 0. 

82. John W., Lawrence Co., Pa. 

83. Sardis W., near Bellefontaine, 0. 

84. Elmer E., Bellefontaine, 0. 

85. Harry F., Altoona, Pa. 

86. Frances S., Allensville, Pa. 

87. James Bruce, Allensville, Pa. 

(26) Ezra Culbertson mar. Belle Bortle. Lives at Rimers- 
burg, Pa. 


Issue : 

88. Cain. 

89. Ezra. 

90. James. 

(27) John mar. Mary J. Morrison. (Saddler.) 

Issue : 

91. Anna E. (Mrs. T. Davis) Hagerstown Md. 

92. M. Ella. (Mrs. Sunderland) , Hagerstown, Md. 

93. Esther M. Unmar. 
Four sons d. infancy. 94-97. 

(28) Nancy Culbertson mar. David Johnson, of Mifflin 
Co., Pa. 


98. Wm. Johnson, Pleasant Gap, Pa. 

99. Mary. (Mrs. Knepp) Allensville, Pa. 

100. Elia. (Mrs. Axe), Menno, Pa. 

101. Sarah. (Mrs. Miller), Reedsville, Pa. 

102. Matilda. (Mrs. McColm), Allensville, Pa. 

(29) Mary Culbertson mar. Edward Wheaton. No issue. 

(30) Martha Culbertson mar. Charles Crownover. 


103. Edward Crownover. Mill Creek, Pa. 

(31) John Culbertson mar. Margaret Jones, of Holhdays- 
burg. Pa. Moved from Boalsburg, Pa., to Tipton, Iowa. 


104. John Tipton. 

105. Susan, d. 

106. Ellen, d. 

107. Margaret, d. 

(32) Susan Culbertson mar. Col. Thos. H. Benton, nephew 
of Senator Benton, of Ills. 


108. Maria. (Mrs. Hon. Ben. Cable, Rock Island, Ills.) 

109. , d. infancy. 

(33) Maria Culbertson mar. James Boreland. Issue not 

(38) Cambridge Culbertson, mar. . 


111. Frank R., Supt. "Tiger Mine", Burke, Idaho. 

112. Harriet, d. 

113. Ella. Ironton, 0. 

114 genealo:;y of 

114. Jennie. Ironton, 0. 

115. Edmund S. Ironton, 0. 

(40) Priscilla Culbertson mar. Mr. Shakelford, of Ken- 
tucky. Wife died. 


116. George T. Denver, Colo. 

117. Edmund J. Mt. Sterling, Ky. Husband remarried 

to Melissa Walker of Ky. Son, John W. 

(41) Harriet Culbertson mar. Mr. Clarke, of Lawrence 
Co., 0. 


118. John Clarke, Toledo, 0. 

119. Jennie. 

120. Cambridge. Ironton, 0. 

(43) Mary A. Culbertson mar. Mr. Garrett. 


121. John, d. 1882. Several children. 

122. Samuel, d. 1863. 

123. Mary (Mrs. Henderson). One dau., Mrs. K. H. Per- 

rin, Pikeville, Tenn. 

124. Susan. (Mrs. Glidden), Spokane, Wash. Several chil- 


(44) Hon. Wm. Wirt Culbertson mar. first, Miss Jennie 
Means, daughter of the millionaire, Thos. W. Means of 
Hanging Rock, 0., Feb., 1865. Wife d. Sept. 19, 1874. 

Issue : 

125. Thomas Means. Ashland, Ky. 

126. , d. young. 

127. , d. young. 

(44) Hon. W. W. Culbertson mar. second, Miss Lucy Har- 
dy of Frankfort, Ky., in 1880. Widow lives at Miami, Fla. 


128. Wm. Wirt, Jr. Miami, Fla. 

129. Henry Hardy. 

130. Lucia Robertson. 

131. Samuel Kennedy. 

132. Jupiter Ammon. 

(45) Kennedy Culbertson mar. . 


133. Kennedy. 



(53) John Culbertson mar. , Served in Civil War. 

Issue : 

134. Wm. H., lumber dealer. Milheim, Center Co., Pa. 

135. Nancy Catherine (Mrs. Peacht), Siglersville, Pa. 

136. James, d. young. 

137. George, d. young. 

138. John, d. young. 

(104) John Culbertson mar. Martha Black, of Pittsburg, 
Pa. Lived in Pittsburg. 

139. Susan J. Unmar. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

140. John Benton, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

141. Herman Brandt. 

125) Thos. M. Culbertson mar. Jan. 27, 1897 to Mary 
Pollard of Boyd Co., Ky. Issue: Mary, Margaret, Sarah, 


(II) John Culbertson was a miller in Londongrove TwqD., 
Chester Co., Pa. His brother, William, conveyed to him 
property in this Twp., in 1753. I presume that Wm. moved 
away at this date, to Cumberland Co., Pa., as he does not 
appear on tax hsts for 1757, in Chester Co. John last ap- 
pears on the Tax Records of Chester Co., in 1773. In 
''March 6, 1755, John Culbertson and wife, Agnes, gave a 
mortgage to John Richardson on a grist-mill and one hun- 
dred acres of land in Londongrove Twp." He is found on 
Tax Records of 1769 and '73, when he paid taxes amounting 
to 7s. 6d., more than any other Culbertson in the county. He 
sold his farm and mill Nov. 30, 1771. He disappears from 
tax lists of Chester Co. after 1773. Then moved to Armagh 
Twp., Cumberland Co., Pa. 

His name does not appear on tax records of Chester Co. 
in 1774. The deed records of Mifflin county. Pa. recite that 
"John Culbertson and wife Mary, of Armagh Township, 
Miffhn county, in 1793 deeded land to J. Holly; that said 
land w^as sold to John Culbertson, father of aforesaid John 
Culbertson, by Joseph Armstrong of Carlisle in 1775. John 
Culbertson, Sr. left one-half of said tract to his son 
John. Land situated on west branch of Kishocoquillas. 
The division of said tract was made by mutual consent of 
heirs." First on tax hst Armagh Twp. 1774. I find in the 
Pennsylvania Colonial Arch, on page 506 in a "list of offi- 


cers of Two Associate Regiments of Chester Co., Pa., 1747- 
48, John Culbertson, Lieut., Col. Andrew McDowell (Futh- 
ey's Hist.)" (There were two Lieutenant John Culbert- 
sons in Chester Co. at the same date. One of these was (II) 
John of Londongrove (this chapter) and the other John 
Esq. of E. Coin Tp. (died 1767). His wife died in March, 
1808. In her will (made in Center Co., Pa.) her devisees 
are: Nancy Orr (granddaughter), Jean (McCartney), Eliza- 
beth (daughters); John (son), Jeremiah, grandson John; 
son John Culbertson's seven children. No account filed. 

In will of Agnes Culbertson, the mother of Col. John Cul- 
bertson of Lewistown, which was made Nov. 9, 1807, and 
probated March 30, 1808, her residence is given as Alex- 
andria Borough, Huntingdon county. Pa. She bequeathes 
the lot in Alexandria to her grandson Jeremiah. The only 
other court proceedings were appraisement and inventory 
including wearing apparel, furniture, cash, notes, bonds, 
etc. and the lot before mentioned. No account filed. A 
deed was made by John Taylor and wife, Derry Tp., Cumb. 
Co., Pa., to John Culbertson, Jr., of Armagh Tp., Cumb. Co., 
for 120 acres and 118 p. of land in Barree Tp., Bedford Co., 
Pa., adjoining John McNitt and John Dickey's places, made 
Feb. 29, 1780. Consideration £2750. This same land or a 
portion of it was sold by John Culbertson and wife Mary, 
Dec. 3, 1796, said John Culbertson, living in Lewistown, 
Mifflin Co., Pa. Sold to James Irwin for £300 lbs. Land in 
Barree Tp., Huntingdon Co. formerly in Bedford Co. Futh- 
ey's History of Chester Co., Pa., says of John Sr. "Among 
those who were leading men at Fogg's Manor at this period 
(1767) was John Culbertson." Fogg's Manor is in the 
southwestern part of the county, and is one of the oldest 
churches in the county, and is only a short distance from 
the home of John, of Londongrove Twp. He made his will in 
Armagh Twp., Cumb. Co., Pa. Armagh Twp. is at present 
in Center Co. Mifflin Co., Pa. was organized in 1787. It 
appears he owned land both in Center and Mifflin coun- 
ties. His grandson, John Culbertson, inherited a part of the 
land on which Lewistown is built; sold his share for a horse, 
on which he rode to Ohio, in search of work as a clerk. This 
was when Lewistown was a small village. 

(3) Col. John Culbertson of Lewistown, Pa., Revolution- 
ary Record, Pa. Arch. Vol. VI, p. 574, 5th. Ser. "John Cul- 
bertson enlisted in the 8th Battn., Cumb. Co., Pa. Militia, 
Capt. Robert Samuels, in 1782 and served in the Kishoco- 
quillas Valley. Also served two other enlistments as his 


name appears on a list of those who were paid for services 
in the War of the Revolution," 

(2) William Hannah Culbertson. Revolutionary Services 
the same Batt'n and Co. as his brother, i. e. 1782. 

Pa. Archives, new series by Bruce, says, "Col. John Cul- 
bertson was appointed Brigade-Inspector of Center, Mifflin 
and Juniata Counties, Pa." and in the same vol. his letter 
of acceptance dated from Lewistown. This was a state of- 
fice. "He was killed in the performance of his duty, when 
he was thrown from his horse, his foot hung in the stirrup 
and he was dragged to death." He was appointed to this 
office just after the Revolution. He lived at Lewistown 
and owned the greater part of the land on which that town 
was built, also a large tract in the Kishocoquillas Valley. 

There was a story written by a minister. Rev. Cyrus Jef- 
fries of Perry Co., Pa., called "Jack Culbertson, The Indian 
Hunter of the Juniata." Could never ascertain who the 
hero of this story was (or whether he was a real character) 
if such a real character existed ; it may have been Col. John 
as he lived on the Juniata. Story said to be founded on 

Huntingdon County, Pa., records show that Mary Cul- 
bertson, wife of John Culbertson, Jr., died 1832-3. Orphans 
Court records show names of James Watson and wife Nan- 
cy's children were : Ann, John, Nancy, Eliza, William, living 
in Ferguson Tp., Huntingdon County, Pa.; children of Wm. 
Murray and wife, John and Margaret, of Center County, 
Pa. Have found no deed or will whereby to connect the Cul- 
bertsons and Augeers. The church records of Paxtang 
Church show that "John Culbertson and Mary Augeer 
were married Nov. 20 ,1787, by Rev. John Elder." (Pa. 
Arch.) Omitted in Census 1790, Miffhn County, Pa. 

(17) John Culbertson moved from Pa. to Lawrence Co., 
0. ; then removed to Greenup Co., Ky. ; was there a few 
years ; after that removed to Lowrence Co., O. He was first 
engaged in the iron business in Adams Co., 0. Engaged in 
same business in Lawrence Co., 0., without much success, 
but after that was engaged in the Lawrence Furnace, Law- 
rence Co., 0., in which business he remained until his 
death. After being engaged in this business for some years 
he succeeded in accumulating a fortune of not less than 
$160,000. He was one of the most respected and prominent 
citiens of Southern Ohio. 

(20) Samuel Culbertson born in Miffhn Co., Pa., and 
moved to Greenup Co., Ky., and engaged in merchandising, 


but soon after became an iron manufacturer in Ohio and 
Ky., and moved to West Union, Adams Co., 0., and held an 
interest in the Vinton Furnace. He was a thorough business 
man and eminently characterized by his religious and moral 
worth. He died in Adams Co., O. 

His son (44) Hon. W. W. Culbertson, received a common 
school education at Ironton, 0. He early became a clerk 
in his father's store at Greenup Furnace Greenup Co., Ky., 
and later in same position, Adams Co., 0. After this he be- 
came storekeeper at Clinton Furnace, and later assistant 
manager at Vinton Furnace, and subsequently clerk and 
manager at Ohio Furnace, Scioto Co., 0. In 1861 he raised 
a company of men, and was made a Captain in 27th 0. V. I. 
Was at battle of Lexington, Mo., Blackwater, Springfield 
and Island No. 10; seige of Corinth, luka, second Corinth, 
and participated in Sherman's march. Was mustered out 
in spring of '64. After this he took charge of the Pine 
Grove Furnace, He also took charge of the Buena Vista 
Furnace, Ky. This furnace was afterwards owned by Cul- 
bertson, Means & Culbertson, with W. W. C. as treasurer 
and supt. He was still later engaged with his brother, 
Kennedy, in building the new furnace, "The Princess", ten 
miles from Ashland, and also owned by Culbertson, Means 
& Culbertson. The large and superior quahty of output of 
all the furnaces, with which he was connected, was due to 
his energy, sound judgment and progressive spirit. In 1871 
he removed to Ashland. W^as mayor of the place ,and later 
was a member of State Senate. Was a member of Republi- 
can Nat. Conventions in '76, '80, '84. Chairman Rep. Dist. 
Com. Was elected to the U. S. House of Representatives, in 
1882, from a strong Dem. district. In 1886 was tendered 
the nomination for Congress by acclamattion, but declined 
the distinguished honor. His first wife was the daughter 
of Thos. W. Means, the distinguished millionaire iron man- 
ufacturer of Hanging Rock, 0. After being a widower six 
years, he married Miss Hardie, who belonged to one of Ken- 
tucky's oldest families. He built the Ashland Ferry, and is 
a stockholder in Big Sandy Packet Co. Was in the whole- 
sale and retail drug business; also president and secretary 
of Ashland Foundry and Machine Co. ; and president Spring 
Mont. Distil. Co. 

(45) Hon. K. R. Culbertson, a brother of W. W. C. born 
at Knightstown, Ind., Hved several years with his parents 
in Iowa and Ky., and moved to Ohio at age of twelve. His 
education was same as his brothers. In 1862, he received a 


Captain's commission and recruited Co. F., 91st O. V. I., and 
served with Gen. Cox, in the Kanawha campaign, with Gen. 
Crook, at Cloyd Mt.; Gen. Hunter at Lynchburg; and the 
Shenandoah campaign; Battles of Strasburg and Winches- 
ter. On his return from the army, in the fall of '64, he as- 
sumed charge of the Buena Vista Furnace, in Boyd Co., Ky. 
He was a stockholder in several furnaces belonging to Cul- 
bertsan. Means & Culbertson, being a member of the firm„ 

He was olso one of the owners of the Cherokee Iron 
Works, in. Alabama. Was elected to Ky. State Legislature 
in 1875, on Republican ticket. He was a man of imposing 
appearance, as is also his brother. 

(21) Ezra Culbertson moved to Vinton Co., 0., where his 
son, John (28), is engaged in ore mining and merchandising. 

(40) Priscilla (Culbertson) Shakelford had a son, George 
(116) who was Col. of the 18th Ky. Regt. of the Union 
Army. The husband of Priscilla, remarried and had a son, 
John W. Shakelford, who was a strong Union officer, and 
was offered a Brig. Generalship by President Lincoln but 
refused. He was a warm friend of Abraham Lincoln when 
he (Lincoln) was a school teacher. 

(108) Maria Benton mar. Hon. Benjamin Cable, Con- 
gressman from Rock Island, Ills. 

(125) Thomas Means Culbertson was born Nov. 13, 1870, 
at Hanging Rock, Lawrence Co., Ohio but was reared in 
Ashland, Kentucky, where he obtained his elementary edu- 
cation. Completing his early studies at the Georgetown 
University, in Washington, D. C, he was subsequently 
storekeeper at Pine Grove Furnace for two years, after 
which, he was for two years secretary of the Ashland Fire 
Brick Company. Public spirited and progressive he has been 
actively identified with the upbuilding of Ashland and a 
promoter of any of its more important industrial and busi- 
ness enterprises, serving as director and stockholder in 
each. Always taking an intelligent interest in the affairs of 
the city, he has been very active in real estate deveolpment 
and improvement, and in addition to having built many 
modern residences erected "The Elms", the finest modern 
apartment building in this section of the Blue Grass state. 

Following in the footsteps of his father, he is a staunch 
Republican, actively interested in municipal and party af- 
fairs, and stands for honesty and stability in politics and 
public matters. On January 1st, 1910, he was appointed by 
the council as city treasurer for a period of two years, and 


serving with characteristic fidelity and abihty in that ca- 
pacity. He was appointed by Gov. Willson as a delegate to 
represent Kentucky at all meetings of the Lincoln Cente- 
nary Committee, held at the Lincoln Farm in Larue Co., 
Feb. 9, 1909, when the corner stone of the Lincoln Memorial 
was laid and the old log cabin and farm were dedicated. 
President Roosevelt being the chief of ceremonies and the 
principal speaker of the day. 


Irish Oliver (E) of Chester and 
Cumherland Co., Pa. 


Oliver was, in my opinion, a son of (A) John, of Chester 
Co., Pa. and Shippensburg, Pa., although there is no 
will, settlement or deed to prove this. 



(E) OLIVER CULBERTSON (Irish) of Chester County, 
Pennsylvania and Lurgan Tp., Cumb. Co., Pa., a nephew of 
Andrew, Robert and Samuel of Chester Co., Pa. John Cul- 
bertson, Jr., of Lurgan Tp., Cumberland Co., Pa., was his 
son as the following will prove. 

A deed made June 24, 1768, by John Culbertson (no wife 
given) of Lurgan Tp., Cumb. Co., Pa., to John Herron of 
Lurgan Township, assignment for order of survey for 100 
acres, dated January 20, 1767, No. 2503. Ohver on tax hst 
1750 acres in Cumb. Co., Pa. Deed made April 21, 1798. 
"John Culbertson of Southampton Township, Franklin 
County Pennsylvania, to M. Mauk, Sr. of Southampton 
Township, same county, one-half interest in 6 acres- 
17 p. of land in Southampton township same county, 
part of 314 acres-24 p. granted Oliver Culbertson, Janu- 
ary 20, 1767, and one-half interest conveyed John Cul- 
bertson by deed from Ohver Culbertson, September 8, 
1774." This was in Culbertson Row. A History of Erie 
County says, "he settled there in 1799. Came from Lan- 
caster Co., Pa." 

"John Culbertson and Jean his wife, Erie Township, 
Allegheney County, Pennsylvania, to John Herron of South- 
hampton Township, Franklin County, Pennsylvania, May 
25, 1799, for 150 acres and 135 p. etc. of land in South- 
hampton Township obtained by grant from Oliver." John 
G. Orr says this was the "Row Mill" site owned by the 
Herrons on Herrons Branch. 

Oliver conveyed 157 acres in Lurgan to J. Miller in 1775 
(Jean not on deed in 1774 so must have married between 
1774-75), for £525. These deeds show John moved to Erie 
Township, Allegheny County, Pa. (after 1799 this was Erie 
County). Oliver moved to Armstrong Tp., Westmoreland 
County, Pennsylvania. 

Oliver married Jean, daughter of Irish Andrew Culbert- 
son of Shippensburg. Issue: from will recorded August 2,. 
1792. Ohver on Census 1790 in Armstrong Tp., Westmore- 
land CO., Pa., self and wife, one male under 16, grandson, and 
one female (dau. Mrs. Griff), 



I. John. 
II. Jean (Mrs. Wm. Griff who had a son Wm. Griff). 

John to whom Oliver granted a half interest in his land in 
Lurgan was his son by a former wife. OHver Culbertson 
paid taxes in Londonderry Township, Chester County, Pa., 
in 1735, therefore he must have been born by 1713 anyway. 
Cannot say whether in America or Ireland. John (2nd) 
was no doubt a son by first marriage and Jean (Mrs. Griff) 
by second marriage. Oliver's wife Jean named as executor 
of his will. Do not know date of Oliver's marriage, possibly 
in 1768-9 as Jean did not sign assignment of order of survey 
in 1768 Oliver to John. This would have given 21 years for 
Oliver to have become a grandfather to his daughter Jean's 
son, Wm. Griff (will made in 1790). Oliver in his will be- 
queaths $3.00 to son John (showing he had already received 
his share of his father's property by deed), daughter Jean 
£5, Wm. Griff grandson £5, and wife Jean (Executrix) 
household goods, cattle, etc. Estate not settled in Orphans 
Court and no deeds in Westmoreland Co. Olivers wife Jean 
is mentioned simply as Jean in her brother James' will in 
1762. She might have been married then as her married 
name was still Culbertson, her brother did not put her mar- 
ried name in brackets, yet I do not beheve she married until 
after 1768. 

John served as private in Capt. Noah Abraham Co., Col. 
James Dunlap (First) of Cumb. Co. Ass'rs. Enlisted Octo. 
ber 2, 1777 (Pa. Arch. Vol. 23, 3rd Ser. p. 623). 

"Aug. 30, 1780, Pr. John Culbertson, 4th class, 3rd Co., 
4th Batt'n, Col. Samuel Culbertson, Cumb. Co., Pa., Ass'rs." 
(Pa. Arch. 5th Ser. page 280.) 


(1) John Culbertson son of Oliver (made his will in Erie 
Co., Pa., in 1816), is found on the Census of 1790 in South- 
hampton Tp., Franklin Co., Pa., given males over 16 yrs. 
one (self), males under 16, five, females, including wife 4. 

Some family records give wife's name Mary. This is 
wrong unless he married twice. He died in Erie Co., Pa. 


1. John, b. Mar. 5, 1782 ; d. 1851. 


2. Andrew J., b. 

3. Joseph, d. 1884. 

4. William. 

41/^. Son, d. young. 

5. Margaret (Mrs. Geo. Parker) Rising Sun, Ind. 

6. Rebecca (Mrs. Sam'l Davis), Leesburg, Ohio. 

7. Mary Ann (Mrs. Andrew Culbertson) of Erie Co., 

Pa. (See Sec. First) Son of Andrew of Chester Co. 
and Williamsport, Pa. b. 1773; died Erie Co., Pa. 

*(1) John Culbertson mar. Mary McClemthan, of Edin- 
boro, Erie Co., Pa. Lived at McLallen's Corners, Erie Co., 
Pa. Wife in will, Susan. (Susan b. Sept. 14, 1781). 

Issue : 

8. Robert A., d. Feb. 3, 1873 ; b. Mar. 12, 1806. 

9. Wm. D. 

10. Stephen. 

11. Sarah. 

12. Jane. 

13! John, d. Feb., 1854. 

14. Mary A. 

15. Susannah. 

16. Andrew. 

17. James. 

18. Sylvester. 

(2) Andrew J. Culbertson, born in Erie Co. Went to 
Pittsburg and learned saddler's trade, and in 1815 left Pitts- 
burg. He probably went from there to Zanesville. He does 
not appear on tax books of Muskingum Co., 0. He soon 
left Zanesville, and moved to Princeton, Gibson Co., Ind., 
where he soon after married Hannah Humphreys. Later 
about 1839 — moved to Livingstone Co., Mo., and after 1846, 
moved to California, where he died. 


19. Jane, b. 1820. Sturges, Mo. 

20. John, b. 1822; d. young. 

21. Ehjah Humphreys, b. 1824. 

22. Mariah, b. 1827. (Mrs. Geo. Shriver) Montana. 

23. Mary, b. 1831; d. (Mrs .Brigmon.) 

24. Letitia, b. 1833; d. (Mrs. Billings.) 

* History of Erie Co. Pa., (1890) says, "John Culbertson Sr., came 
from Lancaster Co., Pa." This is an error. Came from Franklin Co., 


25. Andrew J., b. 1836. 

26. Alexander b. 1838 ; d. young. 

27. Marion, b. 1840. Mar. Pleasant Home, Ore. 

28. Theophilus, b. 1843. 

29. Frances, b. 1846 ; d. young. 

(3) Joseph Culbertson moved to Salt Creek, P. 0., 
(Chandlersville) , Muskingum Co., in 1825. Will Records 
show that he died in 1884, and that he "bequeaths his prop- 
erty to his wife, Mattie, and to Harriett Reynolds." He 
had no living children and probably no grandchildren. He 
raised his nephew (son of his sister), John Boyd Culbert- 

(4) William Culbertson. Know nothing about. 

(8) Robert A. Culbertson mar. . Lived in Washing- 
ton Tp., Erie Co., Pa. 

Issue : 

30. Lucina, 

31. Stephen Decatur. Bachelor. 

32. Henrietta. Unmar. 

33. Marietta. 

34. James. Unmar. 

35. Melvina. Unmar. 

(9) Wm. D. Culbertson mar. . Lived at Edinboro, 

Erie Co., Pa. 

Issue : 

36. Joseph. 

37. Jane. Unmar. 

38. Charles. 

39. Susannah. 

40. Annie. 

41. Marietta. 

42. Melvern. 

(10) Stephen Culbertson mar. . Washington Twp., 

Erie (]!o.. Pa. 

Issue : 

43. Adaline. 

44. Nancy. 

45. George. In Civil War. 

46. Wesley. 

47. Sylvester. 

48. Fred. Unmar. 

49. Robert. 

50. Austin. 


(11) Sarah Culbertson mar. Mr. demons. Lives at Ve- 
nango, Crawford Co., Pa. 

Issue : 

51. Alvius Clemens. 

52. Susan. 

53. Sophia. 

54. Josephine. 

55. Oscar D. 

56. Sabra. 

(12) Jane Culbertson mar. Mr. Allen, of Fairview, Erie 
Co., Pa. First son was in Civil War. 

57-63. Joshua, Leander, Obediah, Martha, Mary, Andrew, 

(13) John Culbertson mar. . Lived in Lebuff Twp., 

Erie Co., Pa. 


64. Mifflin. In Civil War. 

65. Charles. 

66. Ceha. 

67. Ferris, d. young. 

68. Ettie. 

(14) Mary A. Culbertson mar. Mr. Skinner. Lived in 
Waterford Twp., Erie Co., Pa. Now in West. 

Issue : 













(15) Susannah Culbertson mar. Mr. McLallen, of Mc- 
Lallen's Corners, Erie Co., Pa. First son in Civil War. 

61. Halsey. 

72. Fernando. 

73. William. 

74. Andrew. 

(16) Andrew Culbertson mar. . Lived in Washing- 
ton Twp., Erie Co., Pa. 



Issue : 

75. Annette. (Mrs. Adams.) 

(17) James Culbertson mar. 
Issue : 

76. Halsey. Unmar. 

77. Zilpha. Unmar. 

78. , Mary, d. young. 

Lives at Union City, 

(18) Sylvester Culbertson mar. 

Ashtabula Co., Ohio. 


79. Frank E. A sailor. Whereabouts unknown. 

80. Lee. Unmar. 

81. Fred. Unmar. 

(19) Jane Culbertson mar. Robert M. Steen. 
lives at Sturges, Mo. 


Died at Geneva, 



John A. Concho Co., Tex. 


James K. (Rev.) Served in Union Army two years; 

also, in Regular Army after the War. (Sturges, Mo.). 


Mary A. 


Robert T. 


Letitia F. 


Sarah J. 


Wm. A. 


George W. 


Francis M. 

(21) Elijah H. Culbertson mar. first in 1845, to Eliza 
Crim. Then Hved in Livingstone Co., Mo. Wife died. 
Issue : 

91. Andrew J., Oct. 29, 1846. Unmar. 

92. CaroHne, b. Jan. 24, 1849; d. 

93. Catherine, b. Sept. 25, 1851. 

(21) Elijah H. Culbertson mar. second, in 1854, Helen H. 
Curtner. Moved to Tarront Co., Texas, about 1860 ; about 
1870 moved to Choctaw Nation, Indian Ter. Now lives at 
Savannah, Indian Ter. Mechanic and farmer 

Issue : 

94. Frances, b. Apr. 18, 1855. (Mrs. E. A. Robinson.) 

95. Wm. T., b. June 22, 1857. 

96. Mary B., b. June 16, 1860. d. unmar. 

97. Charles E., b. Feb. 15, 1863. 


98. Medora J., b. Aug. 14, 1865. (Mrs. L. Smith.) 

99. George D., b. Mar. 1, 1868. Unmar. Accountant. 

100. Josephine Ann, b. Aug. 1, 1870. (Mrs. J. W. Collard.) 

101. Jesse W., b. Feb. 13, 1873. Mar. 

102. Alice M., b. Feb. 15, 1876. (Mrs. Wm. Branson.) 

103. John M., b. June 24, 1879. Unmar. 


(30) Lucina Culbertson mar. Benjamin F. Trow, of Chau- 
tauqua, N. Y., Nov. 24, 1850. Now live at McLallen's Cor- 
ners, Erie Co., Pa. 

Issue * 

104. b'. F. Trow, Jr., b. Mar. 11, 1855. 

105. Arminta, b. Apr. 15, 1857. 

106. Effie A., b. July 4, 1864. 

107. Lester, b. Oct. 7, 1859. 

108. Alfred, b. Jan. 14, 1871. 

(33) Marietta Culbertson mar. Mr. McLallen. 

109. Myra. 

110. Louvern. 













(36) Joseph Culbertson mar. . 


117. Elmer. 

(38) Charles Culbertson mar. . 


118. Lizie. 

119. Flora. 

120. Lola. 

(39) Susannah Culbertson mar. . 


121. Jennie. 

(40) Annie Culbertson mar. Mr. Melspaw. 
Issue : 

122. Lillie. 


123. Wm. 

(41) Marietta Culbertson mar. , and has three chil- 
dren. 124-127. 

(42) Melvern mar. , and has one child. 128. 

(43) Adaline mar. Mr. Mitchell. 

129. Ella. 

130. Florence. 

(44) Nancy Culbertson mar. Mr. Hodge. 

131. Lodema. 

(45) George Culbertson mar. . 


132. Carrie. 

(46) Wesley Culbertson mar. . 


133. Emma. 

(47) Sylvester mar. . 

Issue : 

134. Myrtie. 

135. Maud. 

136. De Etta. 

137. Grace. 

138. Willow 

(49) Robert Culbertson mar. . 


139. Blanche. 

(64) Miffhn Culbertson mar. . 

Issue : 

140. Minnie. 

141. Elvira. 

142. Grant. 
143.- Clyde. 

(65) Charles Culbertson mar. . 


145. . 

145. . 


(66) Celia Culbertson mar. Mr. Tew. 
Issue : 

146. Lottie. 

147. John. 

148. Millie. 

(68) Ettie Culbertson mar. . 


149. . 

(75) Annette Culbertson mar. Mr. Adams. 

150. Fannie. 

151. Forest. 

(92) Caroline Culbertson mar. L. H. Priddy. Husband 
lives at So. Canadian, Ind. Ter. 

Issue ' 

151. Melvin, b. Oct. 11, 1878. 

(93) Catherine Culbertson mar. Wm. Coil. Both dead. 
Issue : 

152. Lemma, b. Aug. 17, 1877. Savannah, Ind. Ter. 

(94) Frances Culbertson mar. E. A. Robinson of Kiowa, 
[nd. Ter. 

Issue * 

153. Odus B., b. May 10, 1872. Salesman, Kiowa, I. T. 

154. Oliver L., b. Mar. 6, 1875; d. 

155. Ora L., b. Mar. 31, 1877. 

156. Ouray L., b. May 12, 1880. 

158. Oscar L., b. July 29, 1886. 

157. Orva L. b. Apr. 17, 1883. 

159. Edward A., b. Aug. 11, 1889. 

(95) Wm. T. Culbertson mar. . (Lives at Savannah, 

Ind. Ter.) 

Issue : 

160. Edwin E., b. Sep. 30, 1888. 

(97) Charles E. Culbertson mar. . (Lives at Savan- 
nah, Ind. Ter.) 
Issue : 

161. Charles E., Jr., b. Apr. 19, 1893. 

(101) Jesse W. Culbertson mar. . Lives at Savan- 
nah, Ind. Ter. 
Issue : 

162. Theo. P., b. May 15, 1893. 


(102) Alice M. Culbertson mar. Wm. Bronson, of Kiowa, 
Ind. Ter. 

163. James E., b. Apr. 17, 1891. 

164. Jessie May, b. Nov. 2, 1892. 


The Second Scotch-Irish Brother and 



(Scotch) Culbertson settled at Ballygan, near Bally- 
money, County Antrim, Ireland, and called his settlement 
"Culbertson Row." He died in Ireland. Tradition says he 
left Scotland between 1665 and 1690. 


Issue : 
I. , b. ; d. . "Irish Row." (See Part II, Sec- 
tion II.) 



(I) Culbertson, son of Scotch Culbertson who 

emigrated from Scotland to Ireland between 1660-1685? 
Lived and died in "Culbertson Row", at Ballygan, near 
Ballymoney, Co. Antrim, Ireland. 



(F) Alexander, b. May 17, 1714 (?) ; d. Apr. 2, 1756. Capt. 

(Part Third.) 

(G) Samuel, b. 1719 (?) ; d. Sept. 9, 1789. (Part Four). 
(H) Robert, b. before 1722; d. 1762. (Part V) Peters Tp. 

He H^ :{: H^ H< 

(J) Joseph, b. ; d. Dec. 1794. (Part VI). First Cousin 

of the above three Row brothers. 

All four emigrated to America and settled in Lancaster 
Co., Pa., in what was afterwards Cumberland Co., and still 
later Franklin Co. Pa. Called their settlement "Culbertson 
Row". The "Row" proper was seven miles north of Cham- 
bersburg ; four miles from Rocky Spring and six miles from 
Middle Spring. 



Captain Alexander Culbertson of 
Culbertson Row, Pa. 


(E) Capt. Alexander Culbertson, of Lurgan Tp., Cum. 
berland Co., Pa., emigrated to America between 1730-35, 
from Ballj^money, Co. Antrim, Ireland ("Irish Row") He 
settled about six miles from the town of Chambersburg, Pa. 
— his cousin, Joseph, came over in 1743 — and his farm and 
that of his two brothers and cousin together with the farms 
of their children, were called "Culbertson Row". In 1755 
Alexander Culbertson was commissioned Captain in Col. 
Burd's Regt. of Pa. Provincial Troops in the French and 
Indian War. (See Pa. Arch. N. Ser. Vol. 11, p. 519). In Ap- 
ril, 1756, he was a Captain in Lieut. Col. John Armstrong's 
Regt. (Second) of Pa. Prov. Troops and was killed near 
McCord's Fort, April 2, 1756." (Pa. Arch. New Ser. Bruce.) 
The following is an account of the engagement, taken from 
a letter written bv Hanse Hamilton, at Fort Littleton, Apr. 
9, 1756. (See Pa!^ Arch. 2nd Ser., p. 540). "These come to 
inform you of the melancholy news of what occurred be- 
tween the Indians that had taken many captives from Mc- 
Cords Fort, and a party of men under Capt. Alex. Culbert- 
son, and nineteen of our men, the whole amounting to about 
fifty, who came upon the Indians with the captives and had 
a sore engagement, many of both parties being killed, and 
many wounded, the num.ber unknown." In another letter 
he says that "The Indians had taken and burnt up McCord's 
Fort, and taken many captives, upon the news of which 
Dr. David Jameson, with nineteen men went over to Rays, 
near Sideling Hill, and came up with the Indians and cap- 
tives and a sore engagement happened. Only five of our 
men returned, mostly wounded, (3apt. Culbertson and Dr. 
Jameson were thought to be killed, having received many 
wounds. Our men engaged two hours, being about thirty- 
six in number, and would have had the better had not thirty 
Indians come to their assistance. Some of our men fired 
twenty-four rounds apiece, and when their ammunition 
failed, were obliged to fly." McCord's Fort was near Par- 
nels Knob, Franklin Co., Pa., in Egles Hist, of Pa., quoting 
Col. Tate: "The battle of Bloody Run (the run derived its 
name from this battle) was fought on the Culbertson tract, 
a short distance east of the steam mill. Traces of the old 
road can yet be seen near Culbertson's Hill." (The Culbert- 
son tract belonged to Robert, son of Capt. Alex.) This was 


also called the Battle of Sideling Hill, and is in the present 
county of Bedford, at the county line of Bedford and Fulton 

Capt. Culbertson was stationed at Ft. Augusta, near Sha- 
mokin, under Col. Burd, in 1755. 

Cumberland Co. Records show that inventory of his es- 
tate was filed June 11, 1757, about one year after his death. 
Received warrant for land Oct. 19, 1749. A deed in Cumb. 
Co. shows he deeded land to one of the McConnells in 1743. 

Irish Alexander appears on the tax lists of Fannett Tp. 
in 1762 (land) ; in 1767, this was thrown into Colerain and 
Cumberland Valley Tp., Cumb. Co., Pa. and in 1771 this was 
thrown into Cumberland Tp., Bedford Co., Pa. 

Alexander (Irish) had three tracts of land; one patented 
307 acres-30 p. to himself Nov. 18, 1752 (home farm), and 
two under warrant. One of these was patented to Samuel 
and in the Orphans Court proceedings one was patented to 
heirs: Elizabeth, Robert, James, Alexander, John and 
Joseph (but Joseph having died 1776 did not appear on tax 
records), Robert, James and Alexander appear on tax rec- 
ords in Cumb. Tp., Cumb. Co., 1771, also together with sis- 
ter Ehzabeth in Cumb. Tp., Bedford Co. in 1771 and in 1776 
they are found in Cumb. Tp., Bedford Co., as is also John 
(land only, not personal) and also 1779 (John 60 acres but 
disappears after 1779). Tanner Alex was taxed 1770 in 
Cumb. Tp., Cumb. Co. 200 acres warranted and in 1771, 150 
acres located, 2 horses and 2 cows, showing he lived there a 
short time, but was back in Letterkenny 1772. 

A portion of Irish Alex's land lay in Lurgan Tp. Col. 
Samuel bought this in 1770 from the heirs, while the other 
heirs took the Bedford Co. land. John is not found on Bed- 
ford or Cumberland Co. records after 1779 and not on Cen- 
sus 1790 any place in Penna. He went to Ky. 1779-80. 

(E) Capt. Alexander (Irish) married Margaret (there is 
a record which gives her name Mary Duncan, b. Mar. 15, 
1725, in Lancaster Co., Pa., d. Aug. 3, 1794, married Nov, 4, 
1740 in Lancaster Co., Pa.) this is an error as his wife's 
first name was Margaret — whether Margaret Duncan I 
could not state. Alexander's administrator's — Joseph 
Culbertson and Margaret Stuart were appointed in March, 
1757. Joseph was appointed Gd'n for Samuel and Alex, 
minors and James Breckenridge gd'n for Robert in 1758. 
In May, 1763, James, son of Alex, dec'd, being 14 years of 
age, chose N. Wilson as guardian. Chas. Stuart was ap- 


pointed guardian of John and Joseph being under 14 years 
af age. Margaret, widow, had remarried by or before 
March, 1757. Capt. Alexander's widow remarried before 
1758 to John Stuart as shown by the following Release of 
Dower, "John Stuart and Margaret his wife, being the 
relict of Alexander Culbertson, dec'd, late of Letterkenny 
Tp., Cumb. Co., Pa., whom said John Stuart has intermar- 
ried, in consideration of £60 paid by Alex's eldest son, Sam- 
uel, do hereby release all claim on the estate of Alexander 
Culbertson. Made 1765, Recorded 1795." Capt. Alex, had 
two other warrants one of which was in Cumb. Valley Tp., 
Bedford Co., Pa. 


Issue ' 

I. Samuel (Col.) b. Dec. 21, 1741 ; d. Feb. 4, 1817 (Chap- 
ter XXI). 
II. Robert (Col.) b. , 174—; d. (Chapter XXII) 

III. Elizabeth (Mrs. Col. Chas. Cessna), b. Jan. 31, 1747; 

d. . 

IV. James, b. 1748-9; d. 1805. Capt. ("Baron James") 

Chapter XXIII. 

V. Alexander, b. 1750; d. Dec. 13, 1822. Tanner Alex. 

Chapter XXIV. 
VI. John, b. 1753; d. Nov. 1844. Lieut. (Chapter XXV). 
VIL Joseph, b. 1755-6 ; d. 1776 (Killed, Three Rivers, Can., 
March 1776) Ensign. 

A quit claim made Mar. 4, 1770 and recorded in Dec. 26, 
1774, by Charles Cessna and Ehzabeth, his wife; Robert 
Culbertson, both of Lurgan Tp., Cumb. Co., Pa. (no wife 
given of Robert) quit claim to brother, Samuel Culbertson. 

A quit claim made Dec. 26, 1774, by James Culbertson of 
Cumb. Tp., Bedford Co. (no wife), Alexander Culbertson 
(no wife) and John Culbertson (no wife) both of Letter- 
kenny Tp. to brother Samuel Culbertson, 307 acres for £440 
in Lurgan and Letterkenny Tps. This is when John attain- 
ed his majority. Joseph's name does not appear. He would 
not then have been of age and would have had to have 
signed by Gd'n or waited until he became of age in 1775-76. 
Joseph was killed at Three Rivers, Canada, 1776, the above 
deed states that this land was patented to Alexander Cul- 
bertson, father of the above heirs in 1752. Elizabeth Cul- 
bertson married Chas. Cessna, March 4, 1770. Col. Chas. 
Cessna was one of the first Commissioners of Bedford Co., 


Pa., was Major of Second Batt. Bedford Co. Militia, Col. 
George Wood commanding July, 1776 ; Lt. Col. First Bat. 
Bedford Co., Col. Wm. Parker, Dec, 1777; Lt. Col. com- 
manding First Bedford Batt., 1781 (Pa. Arch.). Col. Chas. 
Cessna was a prominent man in Bedford Co. His father, 
John Cessna lived near Shippensburg. 

Col. Charles Cessna was on Bedford Co., Pa. tax lists 
1783. Was a member of the Pa. Assembly 1781. In 1782 
the Pa. Gen. Assembly voted that the Controller-General 
call on all officers of State to give accounting of public 
monies in their hands. Among those called on was Col. 
Chas. Cessna. He did not respond and Sept. 11, 1783, the as- 
sembly directed that action be brought against him for 
forgery and perjury. Action was brought. Old Pa. Su- 
preme Court papers show that his case continued from time 
to time and kept alive on records as late as 1807. This con- 
firms the conclusion that he left the state to escape prose- 
cution. These crimes, I have been informed, at that time 
were punishable by death. He was not on 1790 or 1800 
Census of Pa. and not on tax or other court records. My be- 
lief is that he went to Kentucky under an assumed name 
(either William Cessna or some other name). It is my be- 
lief he was the father of Robert Cessna of Muhlenburg 
County. Ky. There was a record collected by one claiming 
to be his descendant (Mr. Martin, Supt. of Pullman Car 
Company on Pa. R. R.) but his record undoubtedly is wrong 
as he gives Col. Charles Cessna and wife Elizabeth's first 
born 1788 and other children up to 1802 born in Bedford 
County. He undoubtedly is giving the children of Charles 
Cessna of Bedford Co. Pa., a son of Major John Cessna, Jr., 
of Bedford Co., Pa. (a brother of Col. Charles) and mention- 
ed in Major John Cessna's will 1794. This Charles would 
have come of age about 1788. 

While it is possible that Wm. Cessna of Muhlensberg Co., 
Ky., was Col. Chas Cessna in disguise, yet he may have been 
Wm. Cessna of Franklin Co., Pa., son of John Cessna, Sr., of 
Shippensburg. Can find no court record of either one in 

Alexander Culbertson's family furnished more officers 
to the Revolutionary Army than any other Culbertson fam- 
ily. Col. Chas. Cessna and wife not on 1790 Census of 
Penna. Probably went to Ky. The Census of 1830 for 
Muhlenburg Co., Ky., gives EHzabeth Cessna (widow of 
Robert). This is the only Cessna found. She was a daugh- 
ter of Capt. John Culbertson of Muhlenburg Co., Ky. 


A Wm. Cessna died at Cessna, Ills., many years ago who 
may have been Wm. Cessna, early settler of Muhlenburg 
Co., Ky. 



(I) Col. Samuel Culbertson, eldest son of Irish Alex. Cul- 
bertson of "Culbertson Row," Pa. Samuel was like a father 
to his brothers and sisters. His will was made June 9, 1813, 
and probated Feb. 27, 1817, in Greene Tp. Left his widow 
$2000; left $1000 to each of his children, but sums given 
them during life were to be charged off against this. His 
property was sold and amounted to $10,000, paid out — ex- 
clusive of sums he gave children during his lifetime. Execu- 
tors Gen. John Rea, Adam Harbison and John Thompson. 
Final acc't filed 1824 and showed all bequests were paid. He 
only left "Devil Alex" $27, but Alex's children got $400. In 
regard to Col. Samuel's mother, Margaret Stewart, we do 
not know just where she resided or if she had children by 
John Stuart, or when she died. Col. Samuel married first 
Margaret Henderson of Lurgan p., Cumb. Co., Pa., Mar. 20, 
1761. Wife b. 1743, d. April 30, 1775. Census 1790 self 
and wife, 3 males over 16 years 6 under 16 ; 3 females. 


1. Gustavus, b. Dec. 28, 1761 ; d. young. 

2. Elizabeth, b. 1764; d. young. 

3. Alexander ("Devil Alex"), b. 1765; d. in fifties. 

4. Margaret, b. 1767, d. (Mrs. Cunningham.) 

5. Robert, b. 1770 ; d. 

6. Joseph, b. 1772 ; d. 

7. Samuel, b. Apr. 8, 1775; d. Feb. 20, 1811. 

(I) Col. Samuel Culbertson mar. second, Miss Elizabeth 
McClay of Lurgan Twp., daughter of Hon. John McClay, 
Feb. 4, 1777, at Rocky Spring Church. (Wife b. 1755; d. 
June 4, 1817). 

Issue * 

8. John, b. Oct. 1777, or 8 d. Julv, 1830. 

9. EHzabeth, b. Mar. 3, 178—; d. June, 1836. 

10. James, b. Oct. 14, 1785; d. Feb. 22, 1847. (Minister.) 

11. Charles McClay, b. Oct. 19, 1787 ; d. Apr. 20. 1848. 

12. David, b. Jan. 16, 1789 ; d. Jan. 1839 Unmar. Frank- 

lin Co., Pa. 


13. Eleanor, b. Aug. 9, 179—; d. Jan. 19, 1852. 

14. Amelia, b. Oct. 19, 179—; d. 

15. Cynthia, b. May 12, 179—; d. young, after 1813. 


(3) Alexander Culbertson ("Devil Alex") mar. his cousin 
Margaret daughter of James Culbertson (IV). Lived in 
South Mountain, Frankhn Co., Pa. (Distiller). Census 1800 
self and wife age under 45; one son under 10 years; 3 
daughters under 10 years. 

Issue * 

16. Margaret, b. ; d. March 20, 1862. 

17. Polly, d. 

18. Alexander Samuel, d. 

19. Jane, d. Unmar. 
191/2. Elizabeth. 

(4) Margaret Culbertson intermar. Wm. Cunningham, of 
Frankhn Co., Pa. Lived near Brownsville, Pa. Had issue; 
do not know names. 

(5) Robert Culbertson mar. first . Lived in "Row" 

until after his second marriage, when he moved to Bedford 
Co., Pa. Living with father 1800. Census 1810-20. Inn- 
keeper. Bedford, Pa. Went to Md., 1821. Do not know 
which children are by each marriage. 

Issue * 

20. Samuel, b. 1807; d. Nov. 21, 1887. 

21. Joseph, b. ; d. 

22. Mary, b. 1805; d. 1891. (Mrs. Lindsay). 

23. Emily, b. ; d. . (Mrs. Betts.) 

24. Son, d. young. 

25. Son, d. young. 

(6) Joseph, son of Col. Samuel. A nephew Hving in 1892 
stated Joseph moved to Meadville. Court Records of Craw- 
ford Co, Pa. show no Culbertsons. I find in final acct. of 
John Thompson ex'r Col. Samuel that all of the bequests of 
Col. Samuel were paid. 

(7) Samuel Culbertson moved from "Row" to Maysville, 
Ky., in 1796. Mar. Miss Martha Mitchell, from near Brad- 
docks Field, Pa., at Maysville, Ky., Dec. 12, 1798. Merchant; 
wife b. Sept. 2, 1777 ; d. Sept. 2, 1836. 

Issue I 

26. Samuel Henderson, b. Sept. 25, 1800 ; d. after 1855. 

27. JuHus (Dr.) b. Nov. 12, 1804; d. 


28. Cicero, b. Feb. 5, 1807. d. young. 

29. Milton, b. Aug. 27, 1808; d. (bachelor). 

30. Margaret, b. Dec. 25, 1810 ; d. 

(8) John Culbertson of "Row" and Chambersburg, Pa., 
mar. by Rev. Francis Herron to Miss Margaret Greer, of 
Franklin Co., Pa., May 8, 1804. Farmer and merchant. 


31. Samuel, b. April, 1805 ; d. young. 

32. Thomas Greer, b. April 11, 1807. Living 1893. 

33. James, b. June, 1809 ; d. Aug., 1846. 

34. John McClay, b. July, 1811 ; d. 1848 in California. 

35. Elizabeth G., b. 1813 ; d. in infancy. 

36. Sarah Milnor, b. Aug., 1815 ; d. Aug., 1880. 

37. Cynthia McClay, b. Aug., 1813; d. July, 1845. 

38. EHzabeth Greer, b. Mar., 1823; Hving, 1893. 

39. Mary Jane, b. July 1826. Living 1893. 

(9) Elizabeth Culbertson mar. Major-Gen. John Rea, of 
Chambersburg, Pa. 


40. John Rea (Dr.), d. 1885. Mar. Hannah B. Laughlin, of 

Pittsburgh. Had issue : Dr. Samuel C. Rea ; Mary 
A., d. 1885; Elizabeth Laughlin (Mrs. E. L. Si- 

41. William Rea, b. ; d. 1892. Mar. Matilda Robinson, 

of Pittsburgh. Had issue: Wm. H., lives at Pitts- 

42. Samuel Culbertson, d. Pittsburg. Mar. Elizabeth J. 

McKee. Had issue: Mrs. Ayres. 

43. James D. Rea, d. 1858. Holhdaysburg, Pa. Mar. Ruth 

Blair Moore of Hollidaysburg, Pa. Issue: Thomas 
(bachelor) ; Samuel, mar. Miss Black ; Jane Rea. 

44. David, d. voung. 

45. Elizabeth 'McClay (Mrs. Wm. Scott, of St. Louis). 

Living 1893, aet. 75. Issue: Helen Rea Scott 
(Mrs. McDonald), St. Louis, Mo. 

46. Andrew Jackson, mar. Jane Maloney (d. July 4, 1841, 

at Hollidavsburg, Pa.) Issue: Jas. N., Johnstown, 

47. William, d. young. 

48. Charles, b. 1823. Lived at Pittsburg. Mar. EHzabeth 

Cochran. Served three years in Civil War. Priv. 
Co. F., 46 Pa. V. L Issue: Chas. Stanley, b. 1859; 
Louisa Harbaugh, b. 1875. 

49. Hannah, d. young. 


(10) Rev. James Culbertson moved to Zanesville, 0., in 
1811. Mar. first Miss Sarah Milnor of Pa. Wife d. 

50. , d. infancy at birth. Both buried Pioneer Park 

Hill, Zanesville, 0. 

(10) James Culbertson mar. second Miss Eleanor Col- 
houn, daughter of John Colhoun, of Chambersburg, Pa., 
Oct. 17, 1817. Wife b. Mar. 28, 1792; d. Feb., 1853. 

Issue * 

51. Miinor, b. Aug. 15, 1820; d. Jan. 3, 1828. 

52. John Colhoun, (Maj.) b. Oct. 27, 1822; d. July 18, 1872. 

53. Dr. Howard (Capt.), b. Feb. 17 1828; d. June 18, 1890. 

54. Ehzabeth Ann, b. Aug. 4, 1830; d. 1914. 

(11) Charles McClay Culbertson, Sr., raised in Row and 
moved to Madison, Iowa, where he died. Mar. Sep. 8, 1809, 
to Elizabeth McKemey, of Pa., a descendant of the first 
Presbyterian minister in the United States. Wife b. Aug. 
15, 1872; d. Dec. 4, 1823. 

Issue ' 

55. Elizabeth McC, b. Dec. 13, 1810; d. 1885. 
551/0. Mary Jane, b. Jan. 5, 1812; d. Mar. 15, 1815. 

56. Josephine, b. Sep. 9, 1813; d. 1836. 

57. Samuel, b. Jan. 8, 1815; d. Sep. 12, 1815. 

58. James McKemey, b. Feb. 23 , 1817; d. 1864. (Bach- 


59. Charles McClay (No. 2), b. Aug. 5, 1819. Living, 


60. Milton, b. Jan. 24, 1821. Whereabouts unknown. 

Went west, probably to Australia. 

(11) Charles McClay Culbertson mar. second Mariah Lo- 
gan of Virginia, July 25, 1825. (Wife b. Sept. 9, 1799, Peru, 
Neb., d. Oct. 1900.) 

61 Margaret Manison, b. Aug. 17, 1826 ; d. 1854. 

62. Samuel, b. Jan. 22, 1828. 

63. Mariah Jane, b. Feb. 13, 1830; d. Feb. 5, 1920. 

64. Emily Edith, b. Feb. 11, 1833. 

65. JuHus Theodore, b. Oct. 15, 1838. (Bachelor.) Was 

Union soldier in Rebellion. 

(12) David Culbertson in the first edition of this Gene- 
alogy was credited with having gone to Kentucky ; this is 
an error. Rev. Thos. G. Culbertson of Wheeling, W. Va., 
who left the row about 1828 stated in 1892 that David was 


a bachelor. There was a David Culbertson for whom an 
administrator was appointed Jan, 19, 1839 (Ad'm'r. Wm. S. 
Davis). Davis was a surveyor and court official of that 
county. There was no account or appraisement filed. I 
take this evidence as pretty conclusive that this was Col. 
Sam's son and that he was a bachelor and had no property 
as there were no deeds to or from him or his admin'r. All 
of Col. Sam's descendants had left Franklin Co. by this 

(13) Eleanor Culbertson mar. Wm. McEwen or McCune 
of Frankhn Co., Pa. before 1813 in Franklin Co., Pa. In 
1833 they moved to near Columbus, Ohio, and in 1836, mov- 
ed to Lacon, Marshall Co., Ills. He was injured the follow- 
ing year in a stage coach accident and died soon after. 
Eleanor (Culbertson) McCune was a devisee in her father's 
will written 1813 and she was left $800, exclusive of what 
she had already received. Executors accounts show she 
was paid her share. After her husband's death she con- 
tinued to reside in Lacon, Ills, and was an active member of 
the First Pres. Church of that place. She is buried there. 
Her husband died July 14, 1837. 


(a) Samuel Culbertson McCune (Presbyterian minister) 
mar. Lettie Clark of Penna. Issue: Alex., d. in Civil War; 
Dr. Harold of Kirkville, la., who had a daughter who was a 
nurse in the World War; Mary Ellen (Mrs. Lake of Galli- 
■poHs, Ohio.) ; Jennie (Mrs. John Watt) ; Elizabeth (Mrs. 

Jos. DeVault) ; Chas. Culbertson. 

(b) Emily Culbertson McCune mar. Wm. Spangler of 
Franklinton, Ohio (b. July 18, 1811) Mar. 1835, wife born 
July 16, 1818; d. June 29, 1883. 

Issue : 
1. Samuel McC. Spangler b. 1836, d. June 24, 1877, mar. 
Minerva Stevenson ; 2, Wm. Findlay Spangler, b. 
June 26, 1838, d. Feb. 8, 1908, and mar Mary Dou- 
gal Porter, daughter of Rev. Geo. Porter and Sarah 
Jane McCoy, a granddaughter of Jane Culbertson, 
the latter was a daughter of "Gentleman James" 
Culbertson of Culbertson Row, Pa. in Millerstown, 
Pa., Feb. 20, 1841, d. Jan. 12, 1912; 3, David 
Spangler, b. 1840, d. age 21 ; 4, John Breece Spang- 
ler, b. Dec. 31, 1842, d. Feb. 21, 1903, mar. Eliz. 
DeVault, b. April 17, 1849 ; 5, Margaret E. Spang- 
ler, b. Jan. 2, 1844, d. Jan. 11, 1868, mar. J. R. Iliff 


Nov. 3, 1833, d. Apr. 2 1906; 6, James Culbertson 
Spangler (twin) b. Nov. 3, 1847, mar. Armanda J. 
Carrithers, b. Feb. 3, 1851. Live at La Rose, Ills., 
mar. Jan. 18, 1872 ; 7,Chas. Culbertson Spangler 
(twin to James) b. Nov. 5, 1847, mar. Margaret 
Kelly; 8, Mary Spangler, b. Feb. 13, 1851, mar. 
James Ramp, lives Lacon, Ills. ; 9, infant Emma J„ 
d. young; 10, Carrie A. Spangler, b. Apr. 8, 1860, 
lives Peoria, mar. H. G. Foster; 11, Ida Belle 
Spangler, b. May 21, 1863, mar. Wm. T. Iliff, 

(c) Mary Jane McCune, b. May 1816, d. 1863. Mar. W. T. 
Clemens, Feb. 9, 1841. Issue: Chalmers and Thompson. 

(d) Eleanor McCune, b. Penna. Aug. 24, 1824, d. La Rose, 
Ills. Mar. Harvey Scott. Issue: Wm. and Margaret. 

(e) Elizabeth M. McCune, b. Jan. 3, 1826, d. June 3, 1865. 
Mar. Abija Smith Sherwood. Issue: Eliz. and Ed Lomiax. 

(f) Wm. McCune, d. June 19, 1854, age 26 years. 

(g) Margaret McCune, b. Aug. 31, 1830. Mar. Jacob Hol- 
lenbach of Rehobeth, Perry Co., Ohio. Issue: Margaret E, 
Josiah K., Jacob H., Clara Belle, Chas. C. 

(h) John, d. infancy. 

(14) Amelia Culbertson mar. John Thompson of Franklin 
Co., Pa., in 1811, and moved to Blue Rock Tp., Muskingum 
Co., Ohio, in 1825. Made will 1842. 

Issue : 

79. Elizabeth. 

80. Samuel Culbertson. 

81. Joseph. 

82. James. 

83. John Rea. 

84. Amelia. 


(16) Margaret Culbertson mar. Joseph McAnulty. (Chil- 
dren dropped "A" from name.) Joseph McNulty died Apr. 
16, 1854. 

Issue : 

85. Samuel McNulty. Bachelor. 

86. Charles. Bachelor. 

87. William, d. 1890. Lived Ashland, 0. Hotel proprietor. 

88. Isaac. N. Y. City b. Apr. 27, 1827; d. Nov. 16, 1897. 

N. Y. 

89. John. Bachelor. 


90. Augustus. 

91. Margaret. (Mrs. Bittenger.) 

92. Eliza. (Mrs. Wm. Baughman.) 

93. Elizabeth, b. ; d. June 3, 1852. 

(17) Pollie Culbertson mar. Wm. C. Greer. No issue. 

(18) Alexander Samuel. Know nothing of. 

(20) Samuel Culbertson mar. Miss Matilda De Hart in 
1831. Moved to Wilhamsport, Md. 


94. Samuel, b. 1841. Hagerstown, Md. 

95. Mary. 

96. Matilda. 

97. Kate, b. 1842. 

98. Ida. 

99. Cora. 

(21) Joseph Culbertson mar. . Manufacturer woolen 

goods. Emmettsburg, Md. 


100. EHzabeth (Mrs. Prof. Gilson.) 

101. Samuel. York, Pa. 

102. John. York, Pa. 

103. James. Hanover, Pa. 

104. Robert, d. young ^ „ . 

105. , d. young. ( ^^ms 

106. Louis Oscar, b. July 11, 1852. Gnadenhutten, Ohio. 

107. WilHam. Carlisle, Pa. 

108. Son. 

109. Sarah, d. aet. 13. 

(26) Samuel H. Culbertson mar. Catherine . Lived in 

Montgomery Co., Ohio, in 1856. 

(27) Dr. JuHus Culbertson mar. Mary Charlotte Purnell 
at Natchez, Miss., Feb. 11, 1834. Lived at Madison Parish, 

Issue * 

110. Levi Purnell, b. 1835; d. 1865 at Alto, Tex. (Bache- 


111. Julius. Ft. Worth, Tex. 

(29) Milton Culbertson mar. Miss Margaret Byrne, of 
Philadelphia, Pa. No issue. Was a stock raiser at Mays- 
ville, Ky. 

(30) Margaret Culbertson mar. first, Thos. D. Purnell, 
May 12, 1836, at Madison Parish, La. 


112. Mattie Purnell (Mrs. Irvine.) 


113. , dau., d. 

(30) Mrs. Margaret C. Purnell mar. second Rufus Case, a 
man of wealth. 
Issue : 

114. Laura Case, d. young. 

115. Margaret Extina, Mar. (Cleveland, Ohio.) 

(32) Thomas Greer Culbertson mar. first by Rev. Francis 
Herron, to Miss Sarah Ann Steel Greer, Sep. 21, 1828. 
(Wife d. 1837.) 


116. Margaret Greer, b. June 30, 1830; d. May, 1870. 

117. Marv Adaline, b. Jan., 1833. (Mrs. H. C. Greer.) 

118. David Thompson, b. Feb., 1835; d. Mar. 1839. 

(32) Thomas Greer Culbertson mar. second Martha 
Dickey, of Wheehng, W. Va., Feb. 1840. Wife d. Feb., 1883. 

Issue : 

119. Sarah Jane, b. May, 1842. 

120. John Dickey, b. Sept., 1844. Wheehng, died. 

(33) James Culbertson mar. Louisa S. Willey, of Balti- 
more, Md., Sep. 21, 1835. 

Issue: (Baltimore, Md.) 

121. Isaac Greer. 

122. Annie, d. young. 

123. James. Killed in railroad accident, 1861. 

124. Thomas, d. infancy. 

125. Margaret, d. young. 

126. Louisa. 

(36) Sarah Milnor Culbertson mar. Robert McClean, of 
Fayetteville, Pa. Both dead. 

Issue : 

127. William, d. in Union Army. 

128. Margaret Culbertson (Mrs. Falconer) N. Y. 

129. Agnes (Mrs. A. Campbell). Kansas City. 

(37) Cynthia McClay Culbertson mar. Thos. Owings, 
Owings Mills, W. Va., Oct. 10, 1839. Both dead. 


130. Wm. Owings, d. 

131. Alfred. Wheehng. 

(38) Ehzabeth Culbertson mar. Rev. F. S. DeHass, Apr. 
14, 1845. Lived in Wheehng. Widow hved in N. Y. City. 

Issue : None. 


(39) Mary Jane Culbertson mar. Alfred Cay wood, of 
Somerset, 0., May 3, 1848. Live at Clarksburg, W. Va. 

132. Charles Caywood, d. 

133. John. 

(52) Major John Colhoun Culbertson mar. Mrs. Mary 
Thomson Crawford, of Chambersbug, Pa., dau. of Hon. Wm. 
Thomson, in 1850. Moved to Iowa City; later to Spring- 
field, Mo. Banker. 


134. Ellen. 

135. Mary, d. young. 

136. Clementina, born ; d. Nov., 1910. 

137. Wm,, d. young. 

138. Lucy, d. Oct. 9, 1918. 

139. Frank. Civil Engineer, Pa. R. R. b. ; d . 

(53) Capt. Howard Culbertson, M. D., mar. Miss Louisa 
Maria Safford, dau. of Dr. Elial Safford, of Parkersburg, 
W. Va., Nov. 16, 1854. Wife b. June 24, 1836 ; d. Feb. 28, 


140. Herbert John, b. Aug. 23, 1855 ; d. June 3, 1897. 

141. Anne Virginia, b. Nov. 16, 1857 ; d. Dec. 6, 1918. 

142. Ernest (mar. Miss Gilmore), b. June 30, 1860 ; d. Aug. 


143. Sydney Mathiot, b. Nov., 1864. 

144. Lewis Rogers (Dr.), b. Jan. 16, 1867. 

145. Cornelia Swift, b. June 25, 1869. 

146. Claude Lanier, b. Jan. 19, 1877 ; d. Dec. 13, 1918. 

(54) Elizabeth Ann Culbertson mar. Rev. W. E. Ijams, a 
prominent Presbyterian minister, formerly of San Francis- 
co, Cal. ; Germantown, Philadelphia, and Iowa City. No 
issue. Both dead. 

(55) EHzabeth McClay Culbertson mar. first Col. Joshua 
Wilkinson, U. S. A., of Newport, Ind. 


147. John. Mar. Had a dau. Alice (Mrs. Dr. R. Gillette, 

Danville, Ind.). Both dead. 

148. Mary Belle. (Countess Uda). Naples, Italy. 

149. Kate Scott, Danville, Ills. 

150. W. H. Scott, Jr., d. aet. 20, from Army service during 

Civil War, 


(56) Josephine Louisa Culbertson mar. first, Rev. John 
Black, Presbyterian minister. Moved to Ky. and Miss., 
where they resided eleven years ; then moved to Allegheny, 
Pa. Husband died. 

Issue : 

151. John Charles (Brig. Gen.), dead. Ex. Com. Pensions, 

Chicago. Issue : Helen, Grace, John D. 

152. Wm. P. (Capt.) Lawyer, Chicago. No living issue. 

153. Rose, d. Unmar. 

154. Mary. (Mrs. Geo. Hart.) Chicago. No issue. 

(56) Josephine L. Black mar. second. Dr. Wm. Fithian, a 
man of means, of Danville, Ills. Mar. in 1850. No issue. 
Both dead. 

(59) Charles McClay Culbertson (No. 2), mar. Miss Rho- 
da A. Williams, at Newport, Ind., Dec. 1, 1842. Wife b. Apr. 
11, 1825. 

Issue * 

155. WilHs Godfrey, b. Sep. 1843. Chicago. 

156. James McKemey, b. Sep. 10, 1845; d. May 6, 1876. 


157. Florence. 

158. Candace Josephine, b. Nov. 4, 1849. Unmar. 

159. Charles McClay, b. Sep. 4, 1852. (Bachelor.) 

160. Lucy, b. Apr. 10, 1855. 

161. Mary, b. Mar. 16, 1858. 

162. Rhoda Anna, b. Mar. 20, 1860. 

(61) Margaret Manison Culbertson mar. Dr. Draper of 
Danville, Ills. 

Issue ' 

163. Charles Draper, d. 1850. 

(62) Samuel Culbertson mar. Eliza Jane Brazelton, of 
Lancaster, Ind., Nov. 19, 1850. 

Issue: (Peru, Neb.) 

164. Charles Wm., Shelbyville, Ind. 

165. Ahce. 

166. Lucius. (Bachelor.) Lancaster, Ind. 

167. Nettie. 

168. Harry Wilbur. 

169. Neha Bell, b. Nov. 28, 1867. 

170. Leafie Emma, b. June 13, 1870. 

171. Grace Daily. Unmar. Peru, Neb. 

(63) Maria Jane Culbertson mar. June 8, 1850 to William 
Daily (born July 24, 1828. Still living) , Auburn, Neb. 



172. Harry Clay Daily, d. infancy, 

173. William, d, infancy. 

174. Charles, d. infancy. 

175. Alice Estella. 

176. Anna Maria. 

177. Joe. 

178. Katherine, d. 1918. 

179. Sarah Emily (also called "Fay" Daily Hoadly), b. 

Oct. 14, 1864. 


(94) Samuel Culbertson mar. . U. S. Int. Revenue 

Collector, Hagerstown, Md. 


180. Mary C. 

181. Ahce M. 

(95) Mary Culbertson mar. Louis F. McComas, of Hag- 
erstown, Md. 


182. Boy. 

183. Boy. 

184. Boy. 

185. Girl. 

186. Girl. 

187. Girl. 

(96) Matilda Culbertson mar. D. Darby, of a prominent 
manufacturing firm, of Baltimore, Md. 


188. Boy. 

189. Boy. 

190. Boy. 

191. Girl. 

192. Girl. 

193. Girl. 

(97) Kate Culbertson mar. first Rev. Dr. Joseph Moody, 
of Shippensburg, a prominent minister, in 1858. Husband 


194. Florence Culbertson. 

(97) Kate C, mar. second. Burns Downey, a lawyer, of 


Leesburg, Va. No issue. Husband d. Widow lived at Bal- 

(98) Ida Culbertson mar. J. W. Trammelle of Martins- 
burg, Va. Lived at Oxford, Neb. 

195. Albert C. Trammelle. 

(99) Cora Culbertson mar. B. Frank Darby, a prominent 
manufacturer of Baltimore, Md. 

Issue I 
196.Albert W. Darby. 

197. Ethel M. 

198. Walter C. 

(100) Elizabeth Culbertson mar. Prof. Gilson. 
Issue : Not known. 

(102) John Culbertson mar. . 

Issue: Lived at York, Pa. 

199. Daughter, d. 

200. Daughter, d. 

(106) Louis Oscar Culbertson mar. . Manufacturer 

carpets, d'lr's windmills, etc. Gnadenhutten, Ohio. 

Issue : 

201. L. May, b. Dec. 12, 1880. 

202. Elmer Ellsworth, b. Apr. 19, 1884. 

203. Harry Winfield, b. Nov. 28, 1887. 

204. Louis Oscar, Jr., b. Aug. 15, 1891. 

(107) Wm. Culbertson mar. . Lived at Carlisle, Pa. 

Know nothing of issue. 

(Ill) Julius Culbertson mar. Emma Searles, of Vicks- 
burg. Miss., Nov. 15, 1860. Lived formerly at Madison Par- 
ish, La. ; later at Maysville, Ky., and recently at Ft. Worth, 
Tex. Wholesale wagon manufacturer. 


205. Julius, d. infancy. 

206. Carrie Purnell. 

207. Levi. 

208. Mary Markham. Unmar. 

209. Milton, St. Louis, Mo. 

210. Charles Searles. 

(116) Margaret Greer Culbertson mar. Wm. Clark, of 
Martins Ferry, W. Va. 


211. Clara Greer Clark. Unmar. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

212. . (Mrs. Burritt.) 

213. Thomas Greer (Rev.), Grand Rapids, Neb. 

(117) Mary Adaline Culbertson mar. Henry C. Greer. 
Issue : 

214. Daughter. 

215. Son. 

(119) Sarah Jane Culbertson mar. S. B. McColloch, of 
Wheeling, W. Va., Sept. 1, 1863. Owatonna, Minn. 


216. Martha. (Mrs. C. F. Williams.) Minneapohs. 

217. Maria Reed. Unmar. Owatonna, Minn. 

(120) John Dickey Culbertson mar. Sallie McF. Tingle, of 
Wheehng, W. Va., Aug. 25, 1870. Lived at Wheeling. Iron 
manufacturer. Widow lives at Pittsburg, Pa. 


218. John D., Jr., Pittsburg, Pa. 

219. Tingle Woods. Wheehng, d. 

(121) Isaac Greer Culbertson mar, first, Sarah E. Baur- 
ber, Baltimore, Md. Wife died Sept. 15, 1868. 


220. Anna Greer Culbertson (Mrs. Capt. Jos. Cole.) 

221. Mary (Mrs. Frank Bantz.) 

222. Warren Robuck. 

223. Wm. Greer. 

(121) Isaac Greer Culbertson mar. second in Mar., 1869, 
to Mrs. George Hilbert. 

Issue: 224, Harry Stone; 225, James Cloud, single; 226, 
Mattie, single, d. ; 227, Edith, single, d. ; 228, Amy, 
single; 229, Bessie, single; 2 latter Cecilton, Md. 

(126). Louisa Culbertson mar. first H. C. Moores, No 
issue. Husband died. Mar. second, D. H. Seebold, of Balti- 
more, Md. Second husband dead. 

Issue ' 
2291/2. Mary Louise, d. 

(134) Ellen Culbertson mar. Frank Hill of Carthage, Mo., 
a wealthy miller and bank president. Husband dead. 

229%. James Fiske. 

230. Henry. 

231. Elizabeth. 


232. Frank Culbertson. 

233. Eleanor Norwood. 

(135) Clementine Culbertson mar. J. H. Culbertson, her 

234. Daughter, d. infancy. 

(138) Lucy Culbertson mar. Henry C. Whitlock, a weal- 
thy lawyer, of Philadelphia. Wife dead. No issue. 

(139) Frank Culbertson mar Miss Letitia B. Toohill, of 
Pa. Civil Engineer, Pa. R. R. Issue: Five or six children. 

(140) Herbert John Culbertson mar. (135) Clementina 
Culbertson of Springfield, Mo. 

Issue :dau. d. young. 

(142) Ernest Howard Culbertson mar. Miss Gilmore of 
Macomb, Ills. 


243. Ernest Howard. Lives at N. Y. City. 

244. Harold, d. young. 

(143) Sydney Mathiot Culbertson mar. July 12, 1893, 
Miss Edith McDaniels of Columbus, Ohio. Wife d. June 13, 
1911. Lives at Denver, Colo. Prominent business man. 

Issue : 

245. Emily, Denver, Col., mar. Bruce Kistler, Dec. 9, 1922. 

246. Katherine, mar. 1923 to H. Frank; chemist. 

(144) Dr. Lewis Rogers Culbertson .mar. first Miss 
Blanche M. Adams of Dresden, Ohio. Wife born 1876; d. 
Sept. 5, 1900. No issue. 

(144) Dr. Lewis R. Culbertson mar. second Miss Edith 
Sophia Popp, of Zanesville, Ohio., Oct. 3, 1910. Lives at 
Zanesville, Ohio. Wife b. June 21, 1888. 

247. Constance Maxine, b. July 26, 1911. 

248. Howard Louis, b. Apr. 14, 1914. 

249. Edith Janet, b. Oct. 11, 1915. 

(145) Cornelia Swift Culbertson mar. Abraham Gordon- 

No issue. Lives at Pittsburg, Pa. 

(146) Claude L. Culbertson mar. Mabel Virginia Cos- 
grave, Sep. 25, 1901. Wife b. Nov. 12, 1879. Lived at 


Zanesville, Ohio. Graduate of 0. S. U. Druggist and 
prominent citizen. Family resides Zanesville, Ohio. 

250. William Howard, b. Mar. 2, 1903. 

251. Virginia, b. Feb. 11, 1908. 

252. Mary Louise, b. July 24, 1910. 

253. Eleanor Frances, b. June 29, 1917. 

(155) Willis Godfrey Culbertson mar. Lottie E. Ball. Liv- 
ed at Fayetteville, Ind. 
Issue : 

254. James Ball, b. 1877. 

(157) Florence Culbertson mar. Frank C. Remick, of Chi- 
cago, Ills. 
Issue ! 

255. Edward Culbertson, b. Apr. 4, 1881. 

(160) Lucy Culbertson mar. W. McCarty, of Chicago, Ills. 
Issue : 

256. Florence Culbertson, b. Aug., 1882. 

(161) Mary Culbertson mar. Richard Nash, of Chicago, 

Issue : 

257. Margaret Culbertson ) , .QQn 

258. Madeline Arthur j ^- ^^^'^^ 

(162) Rhoda Anna Culbertson mar. Arthur E. Havens, 
of Chicago, Ills. 


259. Katherine, b. 1890. 

260. Charles Culbertson, b. 1892. 

(164) Charles William Culbertson mar. first Lydia Har- 
ris, of Lancaster, Ind., Nov. 9, 1871. Wife d. Shelbyville, 

Issue ' 
261.Charles Draper b. Sep. 28, 1873. Shelbyville. 

262. Laura Louise, b. July 28, 1877. 

(164) C. W. Culbertson mar. second, Eugenia L. Bone, 
Oct. 10, 1883. 


263. Alice Charles, b. July 26, 1884. 

264. Edith Patience, b. Apr. 20, 1885. 


(165) Alice Culbertson mar L. H. Fort, of Red Cloud, 
Neb. Husband Clerk of Court. 

265. Grace. 

266. Charles. 

267. Nettie. 

268. Nellie. 

(167) Nettie Culbertson mar. C. M. Wherry, of Council 
Bluffs, la. 


269. Lee Bye Wherry. 

(169) Nelia Bell Culbertson mar. Horton Wallace Bedell, 
of Peru, Neb., Dec. 17, 1885. Husband b. Apr. 12, 1865. 

Issue : 

270. Bessie Culbertson Bedell, b. Oct. 6, 1886. 

271. Ralph Benjamin, b. Feb. 28, 1888. 

(170) Leafie Emma Culbertson mar. Geo. Rogers of Om- 
aha, Neb. 

Issue ' 

272. Floyd B., b. 1891. 

(179) Sarah Emily "Fay" Daily mar. Jan. 8, 1885 to 
Benj. Bates Hoadley. Auburn, Neb. 


273. Wm. Daily Hoadley, Jr., B. Oct. 9, 1895. 

274. Donald Eldridge, d. infancy. 

275. Ben. Bates, Jr., d. infancy. 

276. Mary Abby, b. June 22, 1889. (Mrs. Fitts). Scotts- 

bluff, Neb. 

277. Dexter B. Farnsworth, b. Sep, 14, ; married. 

278. Alice, Apr. 7 (Mrs. Young). Peru, Ind. 

279. Dorothy Margaret, May 24, . 

280. Martha Daily, July 22. (Mrs. Kinsey) . 

281. Ben Bates, Jr., Dec. 8, . Served in World War. 

134 Inf. Neb. Trained at Camp Cody N. M. Corp. 
promoted to Segt. Served in France from Oct. '18 
to Feb., '19. Married. 


(206) Carrie Purnell Culbertson mar. N. S. Wood, of 
Maysville, Ky. 


(207) Levi Culbertson mar. Miss Lucy Pitty, of Liberty, 
Mo. Live at Ft. Worth, Tex. 

282. Julius. 

(220) Anna Greer Culbertson mar. Capt. Jos. Cole. 

(221) Mary Culbertson mar. Frank Bantz. 
Issue: Not given. 

(222) Warren Robuck Culbertson mar. Olivia Burton. 
Issue : 

283. Rachel. 

284. Corben, single. 

285. George (Unmarried). 

286. Nathan Corben. 

287. Mary Woorks. 

288. EHzabeth. 

(223) Wm. Greer Culbertson mar. Anna Blondell. 
Issue : 

289. Warren. 

290. Anna. 

291. Elsie. 

(224) Harry Stone Culbertson mar. Francis M. Kelly. 
Lives at Baltimore, Md. Conductor B. & 0. R. R. 

2911/7. Amy Marie (mar. to Capt. Chas. Meekins). 

292. " Edith May. 

2921/7. Harry Vincent (mar. Jessie Strieker). 

293. " Harry Stone. 

294. Jessie Parmelia. 

295. Virginia May. 

296. Helen Marie. 

297. Louis Vincent. 

298. Thelma Parmeha (Mrs. Geo. Kelner). 

(270) Bess Culbertson Bedell is Principal of the Rose Hill 
School, Omaha, Neb. Graduate from Peru Normal. Has 
taught in Omaha for 14 years. 

(271) Ralph Benjamin Bedell mar. Mabel Adair Brown, 
of Smith Center, Kans., Aug. 20, 1911. Wife b. Nov. 13, 


299. Margaret Bess Bedell, b. June 26, 1915. 

300. AHce Ann Bedell, b. Oct. 28, 1918. 


(271) Ralph B. Bedell received his B. A. degree from 
State Teachers' College, at Peru, Neb. and his M. A. from 
Neb. Univ. Now Supt. of Ashland, Neb. schools. 

(276) Mary Abby Fitts. Husband Alden C. Fitts. Their 
children : 

301. Emily Jane Fitts. 

302. Wm. Alden Fitts. 

303. Mildred Fay Fitts. 

(277) Dexter B. (Hoadley) Farnsworth and wife Zelma 
Young Farnsworth. Children: 

304. Dexter B. Farnsworth, Jr. 

305. Russell Daily Farnsworth. 

(278) AKce Hoadley Young; husband Fred R. Young. 
Children : 

306. Marjorie Alice Young. 

307. Kenneth Daily Young. 

(279) Dorothy Margaret Hoadley; unmarried. 

(280) Martha Daily Kinsey; husband C. W. Kinsey. 

308. Robert Daily Kinsey. 

(281) Ben. B. Hoadley, Jr.; Helen Jones Hoadley (wife). 

309. Betty Lou Hoadley. 


Col. Samuel Culbertson, born and raised in Row. Of his 
early history we know but little. No record of him can be 
found in the French and Indian War. Rev. A. Nevin, in 
his work "Men of Mark of Cumberland Valley," says of 
him: "Col. Samuel Culbertson was the most noted of the 
family. He raised a company of Provincial Troops and 
marched them to the spring running through Robert's 
(Culbertson) farm where he formed them in confronting 
lines on the opposite banks. Then clasping hands across 
the stream swore fidelity to the cause of their country. 
This was a form of Scotch swearing, solemn and irrevo- 
cable. After the vows were uttered the oaths were confirm- 
ed by draughts from a tinf ul of whiskey, which Col. Robert 
supplied from his still house which stood at the head of the 
famous spring. He was a Ruling Elder of the Rocky Spring 


Church, and was a member of the Assembly for a number 
of sessions." Col, Sam's grandson (87 years old 1892) 
Thomas G., of Wheehng, says of him: "He was a dignified 
military looking old gentleman, over six feet in height and 
straight as an arrow, and the father of a goodly number of 
descendants who all thought it a great glory to have a son 
to call 'Sam'." Dr. McClay of Greenville, Pa., said of him: 
"He was the most prominent man of Franklin Co. ; the pil- 
lar of Rocky Spring Church, and was truly a noble type of a 
'fine old Irish gentleman,' as well as an officer of standing 
in the Revolution. His fine old stone mansion built 1786 is 
still standing. Its massive walls, great substantial chim- 
neys (a style of that day) with the name 'Sam Culbertson, 
1786,' cut on them. This fine old house stands on a high 
eminence overlooking the beautiful valley below for miles. 
His farm of 400 acres of limestone land was all cultivated." 

Daniel Foust, aged 90 years, who knew Col. Sam., says: 
"He was a powerful man, and could throw a shoulder stone 
farther than any man in his regiment." 

His second wife belonged to one of the most prominent 
families of Franklin Co. Her brother, Capt. Chas. McClay, 
was killed with his whole company (all over six feet in 
height) in the surprise by the Indians at Crooked Billet, Pa. 
in 1778. Several of her uncles were Congressmen. One of 
them was Hon. Wm. McClay of the first U. S. Senate, who 
wrote an interesting journal on the proceedings of the First 
Senate. The father of Col. Sam's second wife was Hon. 
John McClay, a member of the first conference at Carpen- 
ters Hall, Philadelphia, in June, 1776. His brother, Hon. 
Samuel McClay, was U. S. Senator from Pa., from 1802- 
1809. Col. Sam Culbertson's first wife was also of a promi- 
nent family of Franklin Co., Pa. 

In the Rocky Spring Church there still remains the pew 
of Col. Sam Culbertson, with his name painted thereon. He 
was buried in this churchyard, but his grave is unknown. 

The first call ever issued to the Rev. Francis Herron — 
who preached so many years in the First Presbyterian 
Church of Pittsburgh, was written and signed by "Sam. 
Culbertson, Elder," of Rocky Spring Church. 

The following is his Revolutionary Record from Pa. 
Archives: "Lt. Col. Fred Watts, Capt. Samuel Culbertson 
of First Cumb, Co. Batt'n of the 'Flying Camp,' in Camp at 
Lancaster July 4, 1776." (Minutes of Council of Safety, 
Pa.) "Capt. Samuel Culbertson Sept. 26, 1776, paid £23, .7s, 
Captain's pay..' (p. 258 Pa. Assembly Minutes) "Dec. 8, 


1776, Col. Fred Watts, Lt. Col. Samuel Culbertson, Cumb. 
Co., Pa., 'Flying Camp'" (Pa. Arch.). Stryker's Battles of 
Trenton and Princeton says "In 1777, Samuel Culbertson 
was commissioned Col. of the Sixth Batt'n of Cumb. Co., Pa. 
having been Lt. Col. in a former organization. Dr. Wing in 
History of the Three Counties says : "Two regiments of Pa. 
Militia were sent to Washington at Long Island, the First 
Cumb. commanded by Col. Fred Watts. Watts with part of 
his reg't was captured at Ft. Washington but he was soon 
after exchanged and re-entered to service again." This 
shows Col. Samuel was in the defeat at Ft. Washington but 
we do not know if he was captured. July 31, 1777, com- 
missioned Col. of Sixth Batt'n of Cumb. Co., Pa. Ass'rs; 
May 14, 1778, Col. of Sixth Batt'n Cumb. Co. ; May 10, 1780, 
Lieut. Col. Fourth Batt'n Cumb. Co. (Pa. Archives). 

This data shows he was a Captain in Sept., 1776, and on 
Dec. 8, 1776, was a Lieut. Col. while there was a Capt. Sam- 
uel Culbertson app. Capt., Dec. 8, 1776, in Armstrong's 
5th Batt'n. (The latter was Samuel "of the Creek," son of 
Irish Joseph.) 

(3) Alexander Culbertson ("Devil Alex," "Old Nick") 
was a giant, some say seven feet in height, others seven feet 
six inches. Daniel Foust, who knew him, says: "He was a 
powerful, red-haired man and followed the business of mak- 
ing whiskey. Had a distillery at the foot of South Moun- 
tain, Franklin Co. Everybody was afraid of him, and he 
had the reputation of throwing a live cat in a kettle of 
boiling apple butter." Another gentleman who knew him 
says of him: "He was as though of iron, and I am told he 
would rise from his bed any time of the night and go twen- 
ty miles to have the pleasure of a fistic encounter. Had he 
taken care of himself, his constitution would have carried 
him to a great age. I think he was near one hundred years 
old at his death." His grandson, Wm. McNulty, had one 
son, Wm. I. McNulty, Civil Engineer, Public Works, St. 
Louis, Mo. ; another a Dr. in Duluth, Minn. Another grand- 
son, Wm. McNulty, of New York, had a son, George W., v,^ho 
is (^hief Engineer of the Broadway Cable Construction Co. 
"He (G. W.) was educated at University of Va., and N. Y. 
Polytechnic. Left college at the early age of eighteen and 
engaged in surveying. He applied for the position of as- 
sistant engineer of the great Brooklyn Bridge, but was re- 
fused. He then offered to work for nothing, and his serv- 
ices were accepted. He supervised the laying of the corner 
stone of the Brooklyn tower, and superintended the mason- 


ry work on both sides, caissons, and the dock at the base of 
the Brooklyn tower. The magnificent and architecturally 
beautiful BrookJyn approach was constructed under his 
supervision. He is one of the most accomplished engineers 
in the land."— N. Y. Paper (1892). 

His brother, Joseph McNulty, is a graduate of Columbia 
College; Royal School of Mining Engineers, Freiburg, Ger- 
many, and is now a mining engineer in S. Carolina (1892). 

(7) Samuel H. Culbertson moved to Maysville, Ky., where 
he built the first brick house in that place which is still 
standing and belongs to the Library Association of that 
place. A portrait of him hangs in the Library. He is buried 
just back of the Library. He was one of Maysville's earliest 
and most respected citizens. His son, Dr. Julius (27), stu- 
died medicine and graduated at the Jefferson Medical Col- 
lege, Philadelphia, practiced a few years in Maysville, Ky., 
and then removed to a plantation in Miss., just opposite 
Vicksburg, where he resided until his death. He was a self- 
made man, having earned the money that paid for his edu- 
cation. At his death, before the war, he owned one hun- 
dred and fifty slaves and left an estate valued at $150,000. 
His sons Juhus and Levi resided on the plantation until 
breaking out of the war, when they entered the army. Levi 
died in the army. The loss of the slaves and deterioration 
in land ruined JuHus, who moved to Maysville, in 1869, and 
engaged in various pursuits, and in 1890, sold out and mov- 
ed to Texas and engaged in wagon manufacturing, 

(29) Milton lived at Maysville. Was a stock-raiser and 
was also considered the best judge of stock in that part of 
the state (the "Blue Grass Region"). He was also an ama- 
teur artist. Also at one time was proprietor of a hotel, Lee 
House, at Maysville. 

(30) Margaret Culbertson mar. Rufus Case, a very weal- 
thy man, son of Reuben Case. 

(20) Samuel Culbertson, son of Robt. (5), was one of 
Williamsport's (Md.) most respected citizens, and a Ruhng 
Elder in the First Presbyterian church of that place. 

(8) John Culbertson was appointed Lieut, of Sixth Co., 
State Militia, 73d Regt., Aug. 1800 ; Capt. of Sixth Co., Pa. 
Mihtia (73rd) Regt., Aug. 3, 1803 ; Lieut. Col. of 73d Regt. 
Pa. Militia Aug. 3, 1807; Brigade Major, Aug. 3, 1811. His 
regiment was preparing to march to Baltimore when they 
were notified their services would not be needed. He was 
appointed Justice of Peace, of Green Tp., in 1813. He also 
held other offices of trust. 


(32) His son, Thomas G. Culbertson, moved to Wheeling 
in 1830, and engaged in the stove and tin business. During 
the last thirty years of his life he has been engaged in the 
foundry business ; the original firm being Ott, Culbertson & 
Greer ; then Thos. G. Culbertson ; then Culbertson & Fisher. 
He was also engaged in the same business for a few years 
in Martins Ferry (opposite Wheeling) , the firm there being 
Culbertson, Wiley & Co. He retired from business about 
1880. He had the Culbertson build, being six feet in height, 
weighed 210 pounds and was a hale, hearty old gentleman 
of 87 in 1892. His son (120) John D. Culbertson began 
business as clerk in a bank, and soon went into the iron 
business, and has continued in that business up to date. 
Was secretary and treasurer of the Riverside Iron Works 
since its organization, now one of the largest concerns south 
of Pittsburgh. It includes bar mills, nail factories, etc., at 
Wheeling; steel plant, etc., at Benwood and furnaces, etc., at 
Steubenville. The Riverside Iron Works was rated by 
Bradstreets 1892 at over $1,000,000. A newspaper article 
states that the Riverside Iron Works has in its employ 4000 
men (1892). Shortly after entered the U. S. Steel Corpora- 
tion and moved to Pittsburg, Pa. In a testimonial to John 
D. Culbertson's widow the U. S. Steel Corporation said, "He 
exemplified in the highest degree in his social and business 
life, every quality of the courteous, conscientious, Christian 

(36) Sarah (Culbertson) McClean's daughter, Margaret, 
married W. H. Falconer, a prominent real estate agent of 
New York City, 

(38) Elizabeth married Rev. F. S. De Hass, who was pas- 
tor of the Methodist church, of Washington, of which Gen. 
Grant was a member. He was afterwards appointed Minis- 
ter to Jerusalem by President Grant. 

(9) Elizabeth Culbertson marrried Maj. Gen. John Rea. 
"John Rea was a captain in Col. Joseph Armstrong's Batta- 
Hon of Cumberland Co., Pa. Associaters (Fifth BattaHon), 
in December, 1776." which battahon at that date marched 
to the defense of Philadelphia. "July 31, 1777 was commis- 
sioned Captain of the Eighth Co., of Col. Abraham Smith's 
Regt. (Eighth) of Cumberland Co., Pa. Associaters. May 
14, 1778, was commissioned Captain of the Eighth Co., in 
the Eighth Regt. (Smith's), of Associaters. May 10, 1780, 
was commissioned Captain of the Second Co., of the Second 
BattaHon (Col. James Johnston's), of Cumberland Co., Pa., 
Associaters." (See Pa. Archives) "He was commissioned 


Brig.-Gen. in 1812." (Pa. Arch.) Was commissioned Major- 
General, in 1814." (From commission). He represented 
the Franklin and Bedford district in Congress, from 1803 
to 1811 ; also from 1813 to 1815. He served in the Pa. Leg- 
islature (House) from 1785-86-89-90-92-93-96-97-93-1800- 
01, and in the State Senate from 1823-24, when he resign- 
ed, he was the first coroner of Franklin Co., Pa. 

The following romantic story is told of him: "When a 
young man of perhaps twenty-five or twenty-seven, during 
the Revolution or at its close, he went to call on his friend. 
Col. Samuel Culbertson. While there he was shown the 
new baby, Elizabeth. After admiring her, he said, 'Sam, you 
must save her for me.' When he was fifty years old he 
married her." He was one of Franklin county's most prom- 
inent citizens. He died at Chambersburg, Pa., and was 
buried at Rocky Spring Church. His wife was buried at 
Maria Forge, Blair Co., Pa. 

His son, John Rea, was a physician of great abihty and 
means, and married a daughter of the wealthy iron manu- 
facturer, Alexander Laughhn, of Pittsburg. Charles Rea 
lives in Pittsburgh and is connected with the Robinson Rea 
Manufacturing Co., manufacturers of machinery of all 
kinds, and a very large concern. 

(41) William Rea resided in Pittsburg, being one of the 
most prominent citizens of that place. Was president of 
two banks in Pittsburg, and a large stock-holder in the Rob- 
inson Rea Mfg. Co. 

(42) Samuel C. Rea was a wealthy and prominent citizen 
of Pittsburg. 

(43) James D. Rea was a judge and prominent citizen of 
Hollidaysburg, Pa. His widow resided in Pittsburg (1892). 

(46) Andrew J. Rea was a prominent citizen of Hollidays- 
burg, Pa. All the children of Gen. Rea were very hand- 
some and people of great influence and culture. 

Samuel Rea, son of James D, (43) was born in Hollidays- 
burg, Blair County, Pa., Sept. 21st, 1855. His mother, who 
died in 1908, was a daughter of Thomas Blair Moore, of 
that county, and his father, James D. Rea, who died in 
1868, was a well-known resident of Hollidaysburg. Mr. 
Rea's first connection with The Pennsylvania Railroad Com- 
pany was in the Engineering Dept. where he began on July 
17th, 1871, as a chainman and rodman on the Morrison's 
Cove Branch and was located at Roaring Spring. On Febru- 
ary 10th, 1897, Mr. Rea was appointed First Assistant to 
the President of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, ef- 


fective Jan. 1st, 1913, to succeed Mr. James McCrea, resign- 
ed. Later he was elected a Director and President of the 
other principal railroad corporations constituting the Penn- 
sylvania System. 

For many years Mr. Rea was interested in the project to 
bridge the Hudson river from Hoboken to New York City, 
and thus establish in the metropolis a terminus for the rail- 
roads using ferries from the New Jersey side. He was one 
of the incorporators of the North River Bridge Co, char- 
tered by an Act of Congress in 1890 to build that bridge. 

When other railroad companies failed to join the Pennsyl- 
vania Railroad Company in the project to bridge the Hud- 
son, and after a very careful examination and report on the 
entire project by engineering experts. The Pennsylvania 
Railroad Company determined to build two single track 
tunnels under the Hudson river and four single-track tun- 
nels under the East River, with a large station in the heart 
of New York City. After this plan had been approved by 
President Cassat and the Board of Directors of The Penn- 
sylvania Railroad Company, Mr. Rea was given direct 
charge of what was regarded as the most important and dif- 
ficult piece of engineering work in this country, and carried 
it to a successful conclusion. As a part of this project may 
be considered under his direction, of the "Hell Gate Bridge 
Route" by the New York Connecting Railroad Company, 
jointly owned by The Pennsylvania Railroad Company and 
the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad Company, 
which, with the tunnel extension of the Pennsylvania Rail- 
road Company, forms a through route for railroad trans- 
portation between the Southern, Western and New England 
States. On April 11th, 1917, he was appointed a member 
of the Executive Committee of the Special Committee on 
National Defense (Railroads' War Board), of the American 
Railway Association, which Committee supervised the oper- 
ation of the railroads of the United States from that time 
until they were taken over by the Government on Dec. 28th, 
1917. He is a member of the Philadelphia and Rittenhouse 
Clubs (Philadelphia) ; Union Club and Century Association 
(New York) ; Metropolitan Club (Washington) ; an Honor- 
ary Member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and 
a member of the Institution of Civil Engineering (London) ; 
Pennsylvania Society Sons of the Revolution; Society of 
War of 1812, etc. (From Penna R. R. Biographies). — Ex- 

(10) Rev. James Culbertson received his academical edu- 


cation at Jefferson College, Washington, Pa., which he en- 
tered quite young. He prosecuted his theological studies 
under the direction of Drs. King and Herron, and was li- 
censed to preach the gospel in 1811, by the Presbytery of 
Carlisle. In the summer of 1812, he went to Zanesville, 
Ohio, then a small village of log cabins chiefly. In 1816, a 
brick church was built, corner Fourth and South streets, 
and in 1839 a much larger church (the First Presbyterian) 
was built, corner Sixth and Market Streets. He preached 
fully 4000 sermons during his lifetime, and preached alto- 
gether thirty-four years. He was said to have been the best 
and most brilliant minister that ever filled a pulpit in 
Zanesville. He was perhaps as fine a scholar as ever lived 
in Zanesville, being well versed in Latin, Hebrew, Greek, 
French and German. He was a man of tall and command- 
ing figure, very magnetic and eloquent in address. He 
thought nothing of riding a hundred miles on horseback to 
fill a brother minister's pulpit. He once received a call to 
fill the pulpit of one of the largest Presbyterian churches 
in Philade?phia, which paid a very large salary, but he de- 
clined, saying that "his duty lay in Zanesville. The salary 
had no consideration for him. His nephew, T. G. Culbert- 
son, of Wheeling, says of him: "Another trait of his char- 
acter was his quiet, unassuming modesty. When a certain 
institution wished to add D. D. to his name, he refused pos- 
itively to permit it, and informed his friends never to ad- 
dress him that way."- His first wife was of a prominent 
family of Pa. His second wife was a daughter of one of 
Franklin County's most prominent citiens, John Colhoun, 
who was a Revolutionary soldier, merchant, banker. He was 
one ot the founders of the first bank in Chambersburg. 
Also was a member of the first Conference, at Carpenter's 
Hall, June, 1776. 

(52) John Colhoun Culbertson, son of Rev. James was 
educated at the Ohio University, at Athens, standing at the 
head of the noted class of '43. Was a man of brilliant in- 
tellect. Went from Zanesville to Iowa City, before the 
war and engaged in banking. His bank failed in '57, be- 
cause of "wild-cat" currency in Illinois. On leaving college 
he studied law with Hon. Judge Thomson of Chambersburg, 
whose daughter he married. She was a sister of First 
Vice-President Thomson, of Penna. R. R. and Dr. Thomson, 
the noted Philadelphia oculist. At breaking out of war, he 
served State of Iowa as paymaster of Troops, and Nov. 26, 
1862, was appointed by the President, Major and Paymas- 


ter, U. S. Army. Resigned Aug. 8, 1863, because of disabil- 
ity incurred in line of duty. Organized the First National 
Bank, of Springfield, Mo., in 1867, and became its cashier, 
and retained this position until his death, which occurred 
in 1872, as a result of disease contracted during his army 

(53) Howard Culbertson, M. D., was born and raised in 
Zanesville. Received a common school education at Howe's 
Academy Zanesville,. At the age of seventeen he went to 
Cincinnati and became a machinist — for which work he pos- 
sessed great adaptability — having shown great mechanical 
genius as a boy, and when a youth built a steam engine, 
making all the parts himself. The work in the machine shop 
was too heavy for his slight frame, hence he soon gave up 
his trade and began the study of medicine under Dr. Little, 
of Zanesville, and took his first course of lectures at the 
Ohio Medical College, Cincinnati ; his second course at Jef- 
ferson Medical College, Philadelphia, graduating in 1850. 
Practiced in Zanesville until fall of 1862. Was Acting Asst. 
Surgeon of 62d 0. V. I. from Aug. 11 to Sept. 13, 1862, in. 
camp at Zanesville; appointed Surgeon U. S. Vols., Nov. 7, 
'62; appointed Asst. Surg. U. S. Regular Army, Feb. 28, 
1866; appointed Capt. and Asst. Surg., July 8, '66. Brevet 
Rank Lieut.-Col., U. S. Vol. Oct. 6, '65, "for faithful and 
meritorious services." Actual rank in Vols, was Major. 
Honorably mentioned a number of times in the Medical 
and Surgical History of the Rebellion. 

Services: — Served as Acting Asst. Surg, at camp near 
Zanesville in '62; in charge of hospitals at Rolla, Mo., Nov. 
'63; in charge of Harvey U. S. Gen. Hospital at Madison, 
Wis., to Oct. 1, '65 ; Act. Asst. Surg. Camp Butler, Ills., from 
Nov. 14, '65 to Dec. 25, '65 ; and at Louisville, Ky., to May 
27, '66; post hospital, Louisville, Ky., to July '66; with 2d 
U. S. Infantry at Taylor Barracks, Louisville, Ky., to Oct. 
66; ordered to Memphis, then to Louisville, to attend 
cholera patients; on sick leave May to Aug. '68, with con- 
gestive fever and retired because of disability caused by 
the fever. 

He then removed to Zanesville, where he devoted himself 
to general practice, and soon after took up specialties of 
diseases of the eye and ear to which he devoted himself un- 
til his death. His skill as a surgeon is shown in the Surgical 
History of the Rebellion. He wrote a work entitled, "Ex- 
cision of the Larger Joints of the Extremities," which is 
considered the authority on the subject today. It was the 


prize essay of the American Medical Association, in 1876. 
The great Prof. Louis Sayre, M. D. of New York, in pre- 
senting him to the Society, said: "Gentlemen, I have the 
honor, to present to you, a man who has accomplished a 
task which no other man in the United States would have 
had the courage to undertake and patience to finish." The 
work was tabular, chiefly, and require. d in its preparation 
an immense correspondence with surgeons of every nation. 
He was looked up to by oculists all over the United States, 
and was regarded by them as one of the best. To show how 
highly they esteemed him : — A gentleman who had procur- 
ed glasses of him afterward consulted the great oculist. Dr. 
D. B. Roosa, of New York, regarding his eyes. Roosa asked 
him who had given him glasses. The gentleman told him 
and in reply Dr. Roosa said: "If you got them of Dr. Cul- 
bertson, it will be unnecessary for me to examine your 
eyes." Similar illustrations might be given of praise to him 
by other great eastern oculists. He numbered among his 
personal friends such oculists as Roosa, Chisholm, Stevens, 
Agnew, Thomson, Wordsworth, Alt, Green, Hotz, etc., etc. 
and among surgeons, such men as Sayre, Gross, Ashurst, 
Bartholow, Hamilton, etc. 

He was a contributor to a number of medical journals, 
and one of the Asst. Editors of the American Journal of 
Ophthalmology. Was the inventor of a number of delicate 
eye operating instruments; also of the Prisoptometer, an in- 
strument for examining the eyes for glasses; also, a meer- 
schaum probe for bullets. Was examining surgeon on the 
Pension Board, at Zanesville, for twenty-two years. One of 
the Medical Referees of the Pension Dept. said "With but 
one exception, he was the best pension surgeon in the 
United States." He was the best posted physician in For- 
ensic Medicine that Zanesville has ever had. Was a mem- 
ber of the American Med. Association ; American Oph- 
thalmological Society; Ohio State Med. Association, etc., 
etc. Was a Deacon in the Second Presbyterian church at 
Zanesville, for many years. 

His son (144) Dr. Lewis R. (the author), is a graduate 
of Jefferson Medical College, class of 1890, and a specialist 


on the eye and ear. Holds position of Expert Eye and Ear 
Examiner to the U. S. Pension Bureau, and other positions. 
Studied his specialties under his father and in Philadelphia. 
Post graduate course at Royal Ophthalmic Hospital, and 
Golden Square Nose and Throat and Prof. Lewis Anatomi- 
cal school, London 1906. Also Royal Vienna Univ. 1906. 
Contributor to Eye and Ear Journals. Mem. Amer, Med. 
Ass'n., Ohio State and Musk. Co. Acad. Med., American 
Academy of Oph. and Otol., etc., etc. Eye and Ear Surg. 
Penna R. R. 

(141) Culbertson, Anne V. Educated common schools 
and Putnam Seminary, Zanesville, Ohio. Unmarried. Since 
1893 engaged as a writer and author-reader, giving enter- 
tainments in which she read her own writings and poems 
and dialect songs. Contributed to magazines and papers in 
verse and dialect stories chiefly in negro dialect and dialect 
of mountain whites of the South and French patois. 

Author of Lays of a Wandering Minstrel, 1896 ; At the 
Big House, 1904 (A Book of Negro and Indian Folk Lore) ; 
When the Banjo Talks, 1905. Pubhshed by Bobbs, Merrill 
Co., Indianapolis, Ind. (Extracts from Who's Who in Amer- 
ica.) Some of her best poems are unpublished and were 
written during the World War. She belonged to the Vigi- 
lantes, a national society of poets and writers, formed dur- 
ing the World War to write patriotic articles and poems to 
stimulate patriotism. A number of these beautiful patri- 
otic poems were published in newspapers and magazines 
and reprints sent to the sick and wounded soldiers in this 
country and Europe. She numbered among her friends 
such great writers as Joel Chandler Harris, Ella Wheeler 
Wilcox, James Whitcomb Riley, etc., etc. She at one time 
spent a summer in the Great Smoky Mountains of N. Car. 
in order to study the folk-lore of the Indians there. She 
stated that many of these Indian stories were given by the 
Indians to the Negroes and thus quite a number of folk-lore 
stories of the latter originated. She studied the Negroes 
in Virginia. Died Dec. 1918. 

Lack of space prevents publishing herein any of Anne 
Virginia Culbertson's poems but we will give one verse of 
one of her most beautiful poems published in 1895. The 


title of the poem is "The Blue Muskingum", an ode to the 
beautiful river in Ohio, which flows through her native vale. 

"Though I wander far and wide, 

Though I see and stand beside 
All the classic streams of earth 

They shall seem as nothing worth 
Whil? I miss the sudden thrill 
When my eager eyes alight 

Where the sun is glancing bright 
On the waxes that wind and trail 

Through my lovely native vale. 
Like a silver serpent flung 
Green-clad hills and dalles among 
Ah, thy praises, sweet to sing them 

Well beloved, blue Muskingum! 

We will also copy one of her most beautiful war poems 
in full. 


I will not say "goodbye," dear heart. 

It is a word 

So often heard 
It means too little when we part — 
I will not say "goodbye," dear heart. 

May "God-be-wi'-ye," so it reads 
In ancient Anglo-Saxon screeds — 
"Goodbye" we speak it in our day: 
The time-worn phrase I will not say 
As trembling hands together cling. 
Because it asks a needless thing; 
I will not ask that He may go 
With you, dear one, because I know 
That God is with you, that with Him 
You cross the ocean's purple rim. 
With Him you'll tread the awful fields 
Where Life to Death rich harvest yields — 

He walks beside you there! 
What though from thence He bid you fare 
Beyond man's ken to Otherwhere, 
There is no place outside His care. 
Long have you served Him, faithful, true — 
Shall He not keep this word to you, 
"Lo I am with you always?" So 
With Him I bear to let you go. 
A deep, deep glance, a clasp of hand, 
No need of speech to understand. 

I will not say "goodbye," dear heart, 
It is a word 
So often heard 
It means too little when we part — 
I will not say "goodbye,"' dear heart. 


(11) Charles McClay Culbertson studied for the ministry, 
but lost hearing. Moved to Madison, Ind., and engaged in 

(59) Chas. McClay C, his son, was a self-made man. Left 
home at fourteen years of age and entered a store as a clerk. 
After some years went into merchandising and pork pack- 
ing, in partnership with Daniel A. Jones, at Nev/port, Ind. 
The firm moved to Chicago, 111, in 1857, and engaged in 
packing. This firm was dissolved later, and the firm of 
Culbertson & Blair formed. Charles remained in active 
business until 1878, and in 1896 removed to his farm at 
Newman, Ills., and engaged in the breeding of Hereford cat- 
tle. Here he had a stock farm of 4000 acres and the finest 
Hereford cattle, it is said, in the United States. 

Was a member of the Chicago Board of Trade for some 
years. It is said he was the largest breeder and importer 
of Hereford cattle in the United States. His daughters re- 
side in the most aristocratic part of Chicago, and are mar- 
ried to prominent men. 

(55) Elizabeth McClay Culbertson was a beautiful v/oman 
and a woman of great brain. Both of her husbands were 
prominent and wealthy men. Her daughter, Kate Scott, 
(149), was a fine singer and musician. Studied music in 
Milan. Another daughter, Mary Belle (148) was a singer 
but turned her attention to literature, particularly that of 
translation of the Italian contemporaneous literature. While 
engaged in this work, she met and married the Count Uda, 
a man of some note in literature. 

(56) Josephine Culbertson mar. Rev. John Black, Presby- 
terian minister, born in Pa., who was first a carpenter; next 
studied divinity, and assumed pastorate of the Fifth Pres. 
Church, of Pittsburg, Pa. Later was in Miss., and Ky. Was 
a man of great power and eloquence. His son (51) Gen. 
John Charles Black, born in Miss., was in college when the 
war broke out. He was the first man to enlist in the Co., 
which became Co. 1, of the 11th Ind. Zouaves, and on the 
same day his brother, Wm. P. (152), joined the same Co. 
and served three months. After this they entered the 37th 
111. Regt. for three years. At the organization of the 11th 
Ind. John was made the Sergeant-Major, and Wm. was made 
Corporal. At the organization of the 37th 111., at Chicago, he 
was elected Major. Upon his election as Major his brother 
was elected Capt. of Co. K, in which capacity William serv- 
ed for three years, being mustered out Sept. 30, '64. Dur. 
ing this time John had been promoted to Lieut. Col, then 


Col. of the Regt. He served until the close of war and was 
in command of a brigade, and as Brig. General, led the 
charge upon the Blakely Batteries at the Capture of Mo- 
bile, the last general engagement of the war. Was in Texas 
a short time and mustered out in summer of 1865. Wm. 
Black was a noted lawyer in Chicago. John was Commis- 
sioner of Pensions under Cleveland's first administration, 
and was one of Chicago's most noted lawyers. He was seri- 
ously crippled while in the army. He at one time resided 
at Urbana, O., and later at Danville, Ills. The mother of 
these men was a beautiful woman, and a woman of brain. 
He was also Congressman-at-large from Illinois. There 
were no lawyers in Chicago with greater reputations than 
these two men. 

(156) James McKemey Culbertson was a dry goods mer- 
chant, and at his death left most of his fortune to a church. 
He was a handsome man and a great favorite in society. 

The second wife of Chas. McC Culbertson (11) was living 
at the advanced age of ninety-four years in 1892-the oldest 
of the name — and in a remarkable state of preservation, 

(62) Samuel Culbertson was a contractor. Also Deputy 
U. S. Marshal. His son (164) Charles W., received a college 
education. He then became a carpenter; later, a ticket 
agent ; telegrapher, and last, assistant cashier of the First 
Natl. Bank, at Shelbyville, Ind. He is a leader in the Prohi- 
bition party and was nominated Lieut-Gov. on that ticket 

(219) Tingle Woods Culbertson, son of John D. Culbert- 
son of Wheeling, W. Va., served in World War in A. E. F. 
in France, Co. H., 318 Regt., 80 Div. 



(II) Col. Robert Culbertson of Bedford Co., Pa. Made a 
quit claim deed to his brother Samuel, March 4, 1770, then 
residing in Lurgan Tp., Cumb. Co., Pa. In his father's 
estate he chose his own guardian in 1758 showing he Vv^as 14 
years of age or over. This would denote he was born 1742-44. 
He must have married before or by 1770 because the Census 
of 1790 for Bedford Co., Pa. gives himself and wife; 3 sons 
over 16 ; 1 son under 16 ; and four daughters. With three 
sons over 16 in 1790 the youngest of the three must have 


been born by 1774. The age of 4 daughters in 1790 is not 
indicated in Census. His wife (if married in 1770) is not 
on deed, Mar. 4, 1770. 

Eagles History of Pa. says, "He was one of the first Com- 
missioners of Bedford Co." 

He moved to Bedford Co. in 1770 together with his broth- 
er, James and brother-in-law Col. Chas. Cessna. He was 
called "Robert of Bloody Run" because he lived on the 
stream of that name, so called because of the battle of 
"Bloody Run" or Sideling Hill was fought (1756) there. 
There was no Robert Culbertson killed in this battle. He 
and his brothers, James and John, and sister Elizabeth took 
up their claim in Bedford Co., of 150 acres each, coming to 
them in settlement of their father's estate in 1770 (John 
did not move to Bedford). Robert paid tax 1772 in Cumb. 
Valley Tp., Bedford Co. In 1776 he is taxed in this Tp. with 
150 acres (40 improved), 3 horses and 2 cows. Had 50 
acres in Providence Tp., in 1779 and 1802. Also his son, 
John, taxed same Tp., 1802. 

Most of his children went to Miami Co., Ohio, but his 
youngest son, Samuel, born 1799, went to Maryland, so say 
family reports. Reports do not say where Samuel lived 
in Maryland. Col. Robert did not move to Miami Co., Ohio, 
at least court and family records show he did not move 
there. The Oath of Death, Will and Administration Rec. 
ords show he did not die in Bedford Co., or if he did left no 
property. Census of Md. 1800, 1810 does not give him. Mi- 
ami Co., 0., taken off of Montgomery Co., Jan. 16, 1807. 
Troy, Ohio., founded in 1807. 

The family records given me in 1892 are incomplete and 
only three of his children's dates of birth were given. Their 
record gave by first wife: Joseph, Henry W., Robert, Mary, 
Nancy. Second wife: Samuel, John and Aseneth. These 
are wrong as Census of 1790 proves (i. e. checking up dates 
of birth of several as taken from a Family Bible). 

His Revolutionary Record is as follows: "Commissioned 
Major, Dec. 10, 1777, in Col. Wm. Parker's Batt'n of Bedford 
Co., Pa. Ass'rs. Commissioned Sub. Lieut. (Lt. Col.) of 
Bedford Co. Troops, May 18, 1781." (Pa. Arch, by Bruce p. 
149). This was an important office he being the officer to 
buy arms, drill, discipline, collect fines, etc., and was paid 
at value of IV2 bu. of wheat per day. 

We do not know the names of either of his wives or date 
of marriage. Descendants state that John was his young- 
est son. I am now positive that this is incorrect and that 


John was by the first wife and probably the eldest son. John 
appears in same Tp. 1802. In 1807 he does not appear in 
this Tp. Only other John found 1807 was John Esq. of 
Hopewell Tp. This was land only and was John of Mifflin 
Co., the fuller, and no relation and whose estate was set- 
tled and this land sold 1812. 

After a most exhaustive search I am now positive that 
Col. Robert moved to Dayton, Ohio, with all of his children 
in 1802-03. D. C. Cooper was giving away lots to settlers 
in Dayton at that time which attracted many there — so 
says a history of Montgomery Co., Ohio. I have not been 
able to find any deed to or from Col. Robert at Dayton, nor 
have I been able to find any will or administration of him. 
It is possible that some old church in Dayton may have rec- 
ord of his membership or of his death which may yet be 
discovered. The State Librarian at Columbus, 0., informs 
me he has searched carefully state records of burial places 
of Revolutionary soldiers in Ohio but cannot find him. 

Census 1800, 1810 of Ohio destroyed in 1812 by British. 
Census of 1820 for Montgomery and Miami Counties, Ohio, 
does not give him. Howe's Hist, of Ohio says D. C. Cooper 
located there in 1798 and laid out Dayton. History of Piqua, 
Ohio, says, "Henry Culbertson was an apprentice of Squire 
Brown, a saddler, and an early postmaster of Troy, 0. 
Miami Co., Ohio, formed 1807 off Montgomery Co. Joseph 
Culbertson had come to Troy in 1808. He was a poor boy 
but brought to Troy a trade that flourished from the first. 
He was a hatter. Joseph was a soldier from Piqua in War 

Beers Hist. Miami Co., Ohio, 'The Culbertson brothers 
originally came from Cumberland Co., Pa., five brothers 
and located in Miami Co., 0., in 1807, viz. Joseph, Robert H., 
Henry W., Samuel and John." It will be noted above that 
Joseph was a hatter. Probably learned trade with his 
brother, John of Dayton. Am inclined to think that John 
of Dayton was a hatter also. In personal estate was "flat- 
iron", probably a hatter's iron. 

Probate and Common Pleas Court Records of Montgom- 
ery Co., O., give no other Culbertson, save Robert and John. 
Census of Bedford Co., Pa., 1800, 1810, 1820, does not 
give Col. Robert or his children. It is probable he was over- 
looked in 1800. No deeds for his property in Bedford. I 
think he was poor and moved to Dayton and either died 
there or in Miami Co., O., after 1807. He is not on Census 
1820 Montgomery or Miami Co., His children (or part of 


them) were quite young when he went to Dayton. Appar- 
ently his wife (second) survived him and probably died at 
Troy. The females given in 1820 Census which were not 
children of the brothers given were no doubt their sisters 
and nieces, and possibly one was their mother. 

Col. Robert was given in the old Culbertson Genealogy as 
being an inn-keeper at Bedford up to 1820. This is wrong. 
He was not an inn-keeper. The inn-keeper was Robert, son 
of Col. Samuel Culbertson, of Culbertson Row, Pa. He after- 
wards moved to Md. There was no executor or administra- 
tor appointed for any John Culbertson in Miami Co., Ohio, 
between 1807 and 1820 and as there is no John Culbertson 
on Census of 1820, either in Montgomery Co., Ohio, or Mi- 
ami Co., Ohio, it proves conclusively that John Culbertson 
who died at Dayton, Ohio, in 1805 was a son of Col. Robert 
Culbertson of Bedford Co., Pa. I have had the Court Rec- 
ords of Miami Co., Ohio, examined thoroughly and the Pro- 
bate Judge at Dayton, Ohio, writes me, ''I personally exam- 
ined the records for an estate of Robert Culbertson, deceas- 
ed, but could find no such record. I did, however, find an 
estate of John Culbertson, dec'd, in which it is apparent that 
Robert Culbertson is an heir. The papers are so old that 
the writing is almost illegible. As near as I am able to de- 
cipher, the letter of administration was issued Aug. 29, 
1805. The inventory consisted of personal property — '$150, 
and the estate was insolvent. I find marriage license of 
Robert Culbertson and Mary Culbertson, married Aug. 16, 
1805, by Jos. Ryburn, J. P." 

The County Recorder at Dayton, writes, "the only deed is 
Robert Culbertson and Mary his wife, conveyed to David 
Lindley, lot so and so, in Dayton, Ohio, Jan. 30, 1817. Resi- 
dence Miami Co., Ohio. Witnessed by Hon. McClung and 
Nancy McClung. Our records do not show how he acquired 
this property. D. C. Cooper laid out Dayton and it is my 
opinion he got it from him." 

Now the above shows that Robert son of Alexander Cul- 
bertson lived in Dayton for a time. 

John was the eldest son of Col. Robert of Bedford, Pa., 
and it was he who died in Dayton in 1805. Family records 
say he hved in Miami Co., Ohio, and had three children. It 
was either his cousin Robert, son of Alex of Guilford Tp., 
who administered his estate, or his father. 

Col. Robert's son John was married but his wife evidently 
died before he left Pa. or shortly after. He moved to Day- 
ton, Ohio, in 1802, and was the John who died in Dayton, 


Ohio, in 1805, and whose cousin (?) Robert (second cousin), 
was appointed administrator of his estate in 1805. Family- 
records say John Hved in Miami Co., Ohio, and had three 
children. His children no doubt were raised by relatives in 
Miami Co., Ohio. (See descendants of Alexander, son of 
Irish Samuel of the Row for further data in regard to John's 
death at Dayton, Ohio.) My arrangement of Col. Robert's 
children would be: 
Issue : 

1. John, b. ; d. Aug., 1805, at Dayton, Ohio. 

2. Name unknown (son). It is possible that he had a son 

James. There was a James went to Maryland near 
Havre-de-Grace and died about 1815 (See end of 
book for James who mar. Elizabeth Stillings). 

3. Son, name unknown. Either died young or moved 


4. Daughter, b. before 1790. 

5. Mary, b. 1775 or before. 

6. Nancy, b. before 1790. 

7. Daughter, b. before 1790. Name unknown. 

8. Joseph, b. 1787, in Bedford Co., Pa., d. Miami Co., 0. 
Col. Robert Culbertson married second. 

Issue ! 

9. Robert H., b. 1794 in Bedford Co., Pa. ; d. Miami Co., 

Ohio, Nov. 28, 1884. 

10. Henry W., b. 1797 ; d. Miami Co., Ohio. 

11. Aseneth, b. ; d. Miami Co., Ohio. 

111/9. Samuel, b. Apr. 14, 1799; d. Apr. 26, 1876. Miami 
Co., Ohio. 


1. John Culbertson mar. . John probably married 

before 1800. Moved to Dayton, O., before 1805. Wife died 
before him. His children were raised in Miami Co., by their 

Issue : 

12. George E. Lived at E. Liverpool, Ohio. 

13. Amanda (Mrs. I. Miller). 

14. Pearson. 

(5) Mary Culbertson moved to or near Dayton, Ohio, be- 
fore 1805 and married her second cousin, Robert Culbert- 
son, son of Alexander Culbertson and grandson of Irish 
Samuel of the Row. On Aug. 16, 1805 in Montgomery Co., 
Ohio, by Squire Reyburn. They resided in Dayton, 0., until 


1817 when Robert and wife Mary deeded land in Dayton, 
Jan., 1817, and moved to Miami Co., Ohio. Her husband 
died there in 1825 and his widow renounced right of ad- 
ministratrix and brother-in-law, H. W. Culbertson, was ap- 
pointed Admin'r Nov., 1825. Robert, Census 1820, Troy, 
Ohio. Males of 26 and under 45 years, one ; males under 10, 
one ; females of 10 and under 16, two ; of 16 and under 26,. 
two; of 45 and upwards one. 

As both were married in 1805 and neither had been mar- 
ried before they could not have had children of their own 
that old, therefore the two girls of 16 and under 26 must 
have been the orphans of Mary's deceased brother John, 
who died in Dayton in 1805 and whose wife died before 
him. Above also shows Mary 45 years old (older than hus- 
band by several years). 


15. Hester. Married. 

16. Anna Maria, d. 1875. Married 

17. Joseph, d. young. J Twir.^ 

18. Nancy, d. infancy. ^ ^wins. 

19. Mary Jane, d. Married. 

20. Ehza, d. young. 

21. Sarah, d. young. 

22. Martha A. Married. 

(6) Nancy Culbertson mar. A. McDonald. Lived in Mi- 
ami Co., Ohio. It seems was married twice as she witness- 
ed a deed in 1817 in Miami Co., of Robert Culbertson for 
property in Dayton. Witnesses were Hon. McClung and 
wife Nancy. 


23. James McDonald. 

24. Maria (Mrs. Robert Douglas). 

25. Henry. 

26. Archibald. 

27. Joseph. 

(8) Joseph Culbertson moved to Miami Co., Ohio, before 
1808. Served in Capt. Francis Patterson's Co. Militia, Ohio, 
Sept. 12, 1812. (Pension Records). Merchant at Troy, 0. 
Married Mary Hamer, May, 1812. On Census 1820, Troy, 0. 
Self over 26. (No wife), one male over 16, two males under 
10; 2 females under 16; one female over 45 years. This 
was either his mother-in-law or his sister. One of the males 
was no doubt George, son of his brother John. 


Issue : 

28. Henry H. 

29. Nancy J., d. 1878. Auburn, Neb. (Mrs. Jas. Bilger). 

30. Mary H., d. 1852. (Mrs. Cloyd McClung). 

(8) Joseph Culbertson mar. second Eleanor Cecil. 

31. Barbara Eleanor. Unmar. 

32. Elizabeth L., d. infancy. 

33. EHz. Roe, Unmar. 

34. Wm. H., d. infancy. 

35. Sarah G., d. infancy. 

36. John T., d. infancy. 

37. Joseph F. 

(8) Joseph Culbertson mar. third Rebecca Harker, Sept. 
14, 1839. No issue. 

(10)- Henry W. Culbertson mar. Maria Coleman, Feb. 25, 
1819. Moved to Troy, Ohio, in 1808. Was then an appren- 
tice saddler (Hist. Miami Co., 0.) Was also Mayor of Troy, 

38^ Cordelia, d. 1840. 

39. John N., Troy, Ohio. 

40. Hezikiah H., b. Aug. 10, 1825. Versailles, Ky. 

41. Nancy Mariah. 

42. Clara F. (Mrs. J. L. Abbott,. Fremont, Neb.) 

43. Henry, d. 1881. Served Civil War 10 Ohio Vol. 

42. Horace Coleman. 

43. Mary I, d. young. 

44. James Fergus, d. young. 

(9) Robert H. Culbertson. Moved to Miami Co., Ohio, in 
1807. Served in Capt. Francis Patterson's Co. in war 1812. 
(Pension records appHed 1877 in which he said he was born 
1794 in Bedford Co., Pa.). Mar. Sept. 30, 1818 to Miss 
Rhoda Lampson of (ireene Co., 0. Census 1820 Troy, 0., 
self 26 years and wife under 26 years ; one female over 45. 
This must have been Robert's mother. Wife b. 1801; d. 
Mar. 24, 1881. 

Issue : 

45. Charles. 

46. CaroHne (Mrs. E. Parsons of Granville, Ohio). June 

12, 1821 ; d. Aug. 8, 1888. 

47. Joseph C, was bank cashier at Troy, Ohio. 

48. Emma (Mrs. Marvin Munson). 


49. Henry. 

50. William mar. and lived in Pa. 

51. Mary J. (Mrs. S. Smith, Piqua, Ohio). 

(11 1/2) Samuel Culbertson moved to Maryland on or be- 
fore 1820, married to Miss Mary B. Hedge of Maryland in 
1823. Then moved to Miami Co., O. 

Issue ! 

52. John W. (Dr.) b. Dec. 1, 1827; d. Nov. 12, 1888. Rich- 

mond, Ind. 

53. Charles H. (Judge) d. 1892. Troy, Ohio. 

54. Samuel S. (Major U. S. A.). 

55. Nancy (Mrs. Geo. Kerr) Miami Co., 0. 

56. Joseph (mar. Mary Drake). 

57. Hester (Mrs. A. Grovener). 

58. Aseneth (Mrs. Kerr). 


(15) Hester Culbertson mar. Wm. Gahagan. Lived near 
Troy, 0. 


59. Anna Maria (Mrs. Thos. Cory). 

60. Mary (Mrs. Alex. Peterson). 

61. Wm. Harrison. 

62. Emma H. (Mrs. Jas. T. Moorehead). 

63. Jane (Mrs. Wm. Peterson). 

64. Thomas, d. young. 

(16) Anna Marie Culbertson mar. H. S. Mayo, of Troy, 


65. Edward Hanson. 

66. Anna Maria (Mrs. U. F. Shalter). 

67. Lucy Jane (Mrs. W. D. Lawrence). 

68. Chas. Telford. 

69. Henrietta Culbertson (Mrs. Chesebrough) . 

70. Ahce Evilena. 

71. George Walter. 

72. Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. M. W. Goss). 

(19) Mary Jane Culbertson mar. S. Worrell. 
Issue : 

73. Florence (Mrs. J. W. Barry). 

74. Mary E. 

75. Theresa (Mrs. McKnight). 

76. Rufus Lindsay. 


77. Anna, d. young. 

(22) Martha Culbertson mar. W. H. H. Dye of Troy, 0. 
Issue : 

78. Laura Lamb (Mrs. Livingston Singer). 

79. Elizabeth (Mrs. Hall). 

80. Josephine (Mrs. Jerome Weller). 

81. Charles R. 

82. Nancy A. 

83. Martha Hester (mar. Robt. H. Marsh, Oct. 8, 1879). 

Issue: Martha Cornelia (Mrs. Guy Hagerty, Peo- 
ria, Ills.) ; Nancy Eleanor (Mrs. Bernal Dyas). 

(28) Henry H. Culbertson mar. cousin Susan V. Worrell. 
Merchant. Troy, Ohio. 
Issue : 

84. Eliza (unmar.). 

85. Sarah (mar. cousin H. H. Weakley, editor and prop'r 

Dayton Herald in 1892). 

86. Mary Ellen. 

87. George. 

(37) Joseph F. Culbertson mar. first Anna Worth. No 
issue. Mar. second Helen Walker. Widow lived at Colum- 
bus, O., in 1892. Was secy-treas. of R. R. Conductors' 

Issue : 

88. Daughter. 

(38) Cordeha Culbertson mar. S. D. Bayliss. Died 1840. 
Issue : 

89. Osee (Mrs. S. Thompson, Columbus, 0.) 

90. Mary, d. 1852. 

(39) John N. Culbertson mar. Eliz. G. Foster in 1846. 
Issue : 

91. Edward, b. 1847. Omaha, Neb. (unmar.). 

92. Mary F., b. 1849. (Mrs. Young) . 

93. Mary E. (Mrs. Eddy). 

94. Arthur T., b. 1855. 

95. Lina Cordeha, b. 1858 (Mrs. W. S. Becker). 

96. Sue Bilger, b. 1862. 

(40) Hezikiah H. Culbertson mar. Susan Kincaid. Moved 
to Woodford Co., Ky., in 1848. Stock raiser. Know nothing 
of issue. 


(41) Nancy Maria Culbertson mar. J. V. Curtis. Lived 
at Auburn, Neb. 

Issue : 
97. Daughter (Mrs. Gilmore). Auburn. Neb. 

(46) Caroline C. Culbertson mar. Ebenezer Parsons in 
1841 at Troy, Ohio. Husband b. Suffield, Conn., Apr. 25, 
1810 ; d. . Judge at Troy, Ohio. 


99. Clarisse Jane Parsons, b. Nov. 30, 1842. Living. Mar. 
Martin Luther Temple, Troy, Ohio, 1864. No 


lOO.Emma Fannie, b. July 15, 1845; d. Apr. 2, 1913. Mar. 
at Troy, O., 1876 to J. G. Detmer of Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Issue: Caroline mar. in Brooklyn, N. Y., to St. 
John Wood, Apr. 1895. No issue. Justice G. Det- 

101. George Fitch, b. Dec. 29, 1847; d. Apr., 1911. Troy, 


102. Carohne Culbertson Parsons, b. July 13, 1850. Mar. 

1869 at Troy, 0., to Lieut. E. B. Thomas, U. S. 
Navy. Died 1896-7. No issue. 

103. Robert Hovey, b. Dec. 12, 1852; d. Sep. 28, 1918. 

Troy, Ohio. 

104. Laura Belle, b. Feb. 12, 1855 ; d. July 8, 1921. Mar. 

Oct., 1882 at Troy, O. to Miles G. Nixon. Issue: 
Mary Caroline Nixon, Troy, Ohio. 

105. Estella Kate, b. Jan. 15, 1858. Troy, Ohio. 

106. Mary, Jr., June 18, 1861. Mar. 

(52) Dr. John W. Culbertson mar. Mrs. Elizabeth Ash- 
man of Bath, Eng. Richmond, Ind. 


107. Mary (Richmond, Ind.) Artist. 

(53) Charles H. Culbertson mar. Elizabeth Stewart. No 

(54) Major Samuel S. Culbertson mar. Mary Hill. 


(92) Mary F. Culbertson mar. J. H. Young. 

107. Anna Goodrich Young, b. June 8, 1872 

108. James Wilson, b. Nov. 6, 1876. 

109. LilHe Abbott, b. Oct. 16, 1878. 


(93) Maria E. Culbertson mar. Frank G. Eddy, May 13, 

Issue : Paul Goodrich Eddy, b. Nov. 7, 1876. 

(95) Lina Cordelia Culbertson mar. Wilson S. Becker. 

Husband d. March 6, 1885. No issue. 

(96) Sue Bilger Culbertson mar, Robert C. Enders, Nov. 
1885. Troy, Ohio. 


110. Henry Culbertson Enders. 

111. Lina G. 

112. Arthur Edward. 

(106) Mary Parsons, Jr. mar. Charles Converse West. 
Lives at Mt. Clair, N. J. 


113. Charles Parsons West, b. Apr 9, 1888; d. June 16, 


114. Helen Copland, b. June 9, 1894. Mar. Apr. 19, 1919, 

John M. Chapman, Jr. Issue: Helen W., b. June 
9, 1920, d. ; Mary Parsons, b. Nov. 27, 1921. Cald- 
well, N. J. 

115. George Parsons, b. Dec. 29, 1896. Mar. Florence L. 

Farish. Issue: Chas. Converse (2nd) b. Feb. 3, 
1921. Plainfield, N. J. 

116. Robert Culbertson, b. Sep. 20, 1903. 

117. Converse Dittmar, b. Sep. 3, 1890. Mar. Katherine 

Carr, Apr. 6, 1909. Issue: Mildred, b. Dec. 3, 1909; 
Katherine b. Sep. 29, 1912. 

(107) George Parsons West volunteered for service in 
World War July 4, 1917. Entered 112 H. Field Art'y. Sent 
to Sea Girt, N. J. Made Sergt. Sent to Anniston, Ala. Sent 
to officers' training camp. Made Lieut. Studied Art. Radio 
College, Park, Md. Sent as Instructor to San Diego, Cal. 
Discharged Dec, 1918. 


(8) Joseph and his brothers, Henry W., and Robert, to- 
gether with Henry H., organized the firm of Culbertson 
& Bros., about 1836, and did a large dry goods, pork packing 
and mining business for many years. Their cousin, Robert, 
was also associated in business with them. 

(11 1/2) Samuel Culbertson moved from Bedford Co., Pa., 


to Maryland and, in 1823, moved to Troy, 0., being one of 
the early settlers of that place, and contributed to the de- 
velopment of that village and the advancement of the in- 
terests of the community. In 1837 he moved to a farm in 
Miami Co., 0., where his son. Dr. John W., was born. This 
son. Dr. J. W., was raised here and at the age of fourteen 
entered McCurdy's Academy. Here he qualified himself 
for the vocation of teacher. He became a teacher, earning 
in this way the money to pay for his medical education. He 
studied under Dr. Sabin, of Troy, T. Graduated at the Ohio 
Medical College, Cincinnati, 0., and located at Troy, 0. He 
soon decided to make the eye and ear his specialties and 
with this object in view became a private student of Dr. G. 
B. Woods, of Allegheny, Pa. He then took up the practice 
of his specialty in Richmond, Ind. He was of an inventive 
turn of mind, and originated a painless treatment for gran- 
ulated eye lids, which obviates the excruciating tortures of 
cauterization; benefits accruing from the treatment being 
manifest at once. He likewise invented an artificial fluid 
ear drum (a bulb filled with hquid) easily adjusting itself 
to the opening in tympanic membrane. He performed over 
two thousand operations for straightening crossed eyes. He 
had an eye hospital in Indianapolis to which people went 
from several states. He had the Culbertson build and pos- 
sessed the indomitable energy and will, which is a charac- 
teristic of the Culbertsons. His wife married first. Rev. 
Ashman, an Episcopal clergyman, of England, and had by 
him one son. Dr. Edward H. The god-father of Dr. Cul- 
bertson's daughter, Sir Thomas Blake, has published a 
book of poems and songs, some of which are dedicated to 
Mrs. Dr. J. W. Culbertson. 

His daughter, Mary, is a prominent artist. A writer in 
Demorests Magazine on the ''Society Leaders of Indiana," 
says of her: "If one were writing a sketch of the women of 
Indiana, who are distinguished for rare talent, he would 
place at the top of the hst Miss M. E. B. Culbertson; and 
yet she is equally entitled to a place among the beautiful 
society favorites, for nature and her own efforts have 
fitted her to adorn the sphere of both. Young, handsome, 
talented, wealthy, on the maternal side. Miss Culbertson 
belongs to the family of the Duke of Rutland. Her mother 
was the daughter of Major Kilbourne, a celebrated naval 
officer, and is a prominent figure in the book of English 
beauties, with the Duchess of Southerland and other noted 
women. Her only daughter, the subject of this sketch, was 


a god-child of Sir Thomas Blake; a member of the historic 
Carlton Club. At his death he left her a ward in Chancery, 
with a fortune that enables her to follow her own sweet will 
in study, travel, and the pursuit of the aesthetics of life. 
After her father's death she went to Paris and entered the 
famous studio of JuHan, where the unfortunate Marie Bash- 
kirtseff was once a pupil. Here, under such teachers as 
Constant and Bouguereau, she threw her whole soul into 
the work. For two years she lived in the Latin Quartier; 
ignoring the young and gay society of the French capital, 
and devoting all her time and energy to art. Like all artists, 
her ambition was to have a picture accepted by the French 
Salon. Steadily and faithfully she toiled, and finally fin- 
ished the picture and sent it to the august tribunal. To her 
inexpressible joy it was one of fifteen hundred which were 
accepted out of six thousand. In France this means fame, 
and is an almost incredible honor for a young American 
girl. While in the studio, Miss Culbertson was intimately 
associated with Amelia Rives Chanler, and the warmest 
friendship exists between them ; indeed there is a great 
similarity in their characteristics. Miss Culbertson's pic- 
tures cover a wide range of subjects, and in all there 
breathes the spirit of a remarkable genius." 

"She has traveled extensively in Europe, both for pleas- 
ure and to increase her knowledge of art and her ability to 
execute. The subject of her picture which was accepted by 
the Salon was that of the escaped nun, Maria Monk. This 
picture now hangs in the Gallery of Honor, in the Woman's 
Building, at the World's Fair, at Chicago. A picture of 
Miss Culbertson, painted by herself, hangs in the Indi- 
ana Building, at the World's Fair. Her picture of 'The 
Burial of a Monk', a copy of the celebrated painting by Leon 
Benouville in the new French Salle at the Louvre, is con- 
sidered as strong and bold as the original. It is of the Rem- 
brandt school. Her copy of the head of a famous dog, the 
original by Gricault, was complimented by C. Duran, the 
finest portrait painter of the age. 

She has copies which she made of two very old paintings, 
"The Drinker", and "The Reader,,' made by the Flemish 
artist Vanostade. They exhibit her conscientiousness as a 
copyist, for she has not only copied, but followed the ancient 
style of coloring, mellowed by age and changed by smoke. 

A sculptor of renown made and presented to her a bas- 
relief, in memory of her salon success. It represents Liter- 
ature and Art. The head is that of Miss Culbertson. She 


is also a sculptor of great ability and is now at work on a 
bust of her father. She is also writing a book, entitled: 
'Among the Art Students of Paris'. The author of the pro- 
jected work, 'Distinguished Women of the Century', has 
asked Miss Culbertson's consent to include a sketch of her 
in his work." — Newspapers (1892). 

(54) Major Samuel S. Culbertson "was appointed from 
Army, 2nd Lieut. 19th Inf., Nov. 20, 1861 ; 1st Lieut., June 
30, 1863; Capt., Sep. 26, 1865. Transferred to 28th Inf., Sep. 
21, 1866. Transferred to 19th Inf., Mar. 31, 1869. Mustered 
out Jan. 1, 1871. Brevet Rank:— Bevet Capt., Apr. 2, 1865, 
for gallant and meritorious service at Battle of Selma, Ala. 
Brevet Major, Apr. 2, 1865, for gallant and meritorious 
service during the war." (Army Reg.) 

(53) Charles H. was a Judge and prominent lawyer at 
Troy, Ohio. 


(IV) "Baron James" (Capt.) son of Capt. Alex of Lurgan 
(Died Dec, 1805). In 1774 lived in Cumb. Tp., Bedford 
Co., Pa., as shown by quit claim. Paid tax Bedford, 1776 to 
1779 in Cumb. Tp. and Coleraine Tp. This was a warrant 
his father took out. He afterwards moved to Fannettsburg, 
Franklin Co., Pa., where he died. We do not know why he 
received the appellation of ''Baron", probably to distinguish 
him from "Gentlemen James". Mar. Ann . (From ad- 
ministration ; children from family records.) His (James) 
widow and James McMordia were adm'n'rs of his est. and 
settlement was made and they were released by court in 
1812 in Frankhn Co., Pa. Census 1790 gives him and six 
sons under 16, wife and one daughter (Southhampton Tp. 
"Row") Letterkenny Tp., 1799 (Tax). Married 1773-4? See 
end of Chapter for Revolutionary Record. 

Issue : 

1. John, d. in army. 

2. James, b. Sept. 3, 1779 ; d. Sept. 3, 1836. (Hatter). 

3. Joseph, b. Dec. 20, 1780; d. 1852. 

4. Alexander, d. Bachelor. 

5. Wm. B., d. 1841. 

6. Samuel, d. 1819. Moved to Ohio. 

7. Robert, d. at Fannettsburg, Franklin Co., Pa. 

8. Margaret, d. (Mar. cousin "Devil Alex.") ; born 1774. 

9. Pauline, d. Mar. Stephen Wilson. 



(2) James Culbertson mar. Miss Cassandra Jamison, of 
Franklin Co., Pa., daughter of Col. David Jamison, who at 
one time lived at York, Pa., and was an officer as well as 
surgeon, both in the French and Indian War and the Revo- 
lution. It was he (D. Jamison) who was in the battle of 
Bloody Run, in 1756. James Culbertson moved to McKees- 
port. Pa., and later to Zanesville, 0., in 1805, being one of 
the early settlers of that place. Then moved to Columbus, 
0., and remained a short time ; then returned to Zanesville, 
where he died. Wife b. 1782 ; d. Aug. 17, 1852. 

Issue I 

10. Elizabeth, b. Mar. 17, 1802 ; d. Mar. 3, 1861. 

11. James, b. July 10, 1804; d. Apr. 2, 1862. 

12. Emily, b. June 1, 1807; d. Apr. 10, 186—. 

13. Jane, b. Feb. 20, 1809 ; d. Mar. 15, 1852. 

14. David Jamison, b. June 8, 1811; d. May 1, '63. 

15. Samuel, d. young. 

16. Harriett J., b. July 15, 1815 ; d. young. 

17. Horatio Perry, b. July 16, ; d. Sept, 2, 1871. 

18. Nancy, b. July 4, 1820 ; d. infancy. 

19. Joseph, b. Dec. 25, 1821 ; d. Aug. 3, '64. 

20. William, b. Dec. 17, 1824. (carpenter) Zanesville, 0. 

(3) Joseph Culbertson mar. Martha Walker, of Burnt 
Cabins, Cumb. Co., in 1805 (now Fulton Co.), Pa. Moved 
first to Washington Co., Pa.; then to Meigs Tp., Muskingum 
Co., 0., in the thirties. Mar. by Rev. McGinley. 

Issue * 

21. David, d. 1877, aet. 71. Washington Co., Pa. 

22. James, d. 1877, aet. 68. Muskingum Co., 0. 

23. Alexander, d. 1844. (bachelor) Musk. Co., 0. Salt 

Creek Tp. 

24. Mary, d. young. 

25. John W., b. 1812. Macon Co., Ills. 

26. Ehza, b. 1815. Minnesota. 

27. Samuel, b. June 21, 1821 ; d. Oct. 22, 1882. 

(5) Wm. B. Culbertson, Fannettsburg, Franklin Co., Pa., 

mar. Ehzabeth . Moved to Meigs tp., Muskingum Co., 

0. Moved from FrankHn Co., in 1812. No issue. Left prop- 
erty to wife and nephew B. Hamer. His brother Joseph 
Culbertson and nephew, James Culbertson, witnessed his 

(6) Samuel Culbertson moved from Fannettsburg, Pa., 


to Ohio. See end of this chapter, 

(7) Robert Culbertson made a deed for land in Metal Tp 
in 1807. No wife on deed. We do not know what became of 
him after this. There was a Robert died in 1814 in Frank- 
lin Co., Pa. and a Jos. Culbertson app ad'm'n. Do not know 
if this was his estate. 

(8) Margaret Culbertson mar. cousin "Devil" Alex. See 
descendants of Col. Samuel (I). 


(10) Elizabeth Culbertson mar. Cadwalader Dickerson, of 
Philadelphia, Sep. 7, 1820. Lived at Zanesville, 0. Was 
one of the first silversmiths of that place. 

Issue : 
28. Harriet Dickerson (Mrs. P. Berry). Moulton, la. 

(11) James Culbertson mar. Miss Sarah Cliffton, of 
Zanesville, July 25, 1826. 

Issue '. 

29. James, d. 1863. 

(12) Emily Culbertson mar. Washington Jeffries, of 
Zanesville Feb. 5, 1829, whose mother was a daughter of 
Col. Crawford, of War of 1812, who was burned at the stake 
by the Indians. 


30. Emily Jeffries, d. Apr. 10, 1867. Lancaster, 0. 

(13) Jane Culbertson mar. Thos. H. Patrick of Zanesville, 
0. Husband d. Sep. 18, 1881. 


31. Jamison Patrick, d. 

32. James Harvey, d. 

33. Perry, d. 

34. Elizabeth Ellen, d. 

35. Catherine Brown (Mrs. Dr. Slater). Aurora, Ills. Dead. 

36. Harriet Jane (Mrs. J. C. Harris). Zanesville. Dead. 

37. Asa Peters, d. 

38. Thomas Adams, d. Issue: Thos. and Nathan (Dr.) 


(14) David Jamison Culbertson mar. Mary Ellen McLeary 
of Zanesville, Oct. 19, 1841. Capt. in Union Army, Ohio 



39. Susan, mar.. Lived at Peru, Ind. 

40. Elizabeth, mar. Lives at Peru, Ind. 

(20) Wm. Culbertson mar. Miss Margaret Bonham Bell, 
daughter of Dr. Bell of Zanesville, 0., Apr. 21, 1853. Wife 
d., 1893. (Carpenter) Zanesville. 


41. Lillie. Zanesville (unmarried). Lives Zanesville, O. 

42. Harry Jameson. Zanesville.- Dead. Mar. Phoebe . 

Issue. Lives Zanesville. 

43. James Clifford. Zanesville. Dead. Bachelor. 

44. Wm. Edward, d. young. 

45. Charles Goddard. Bellaire, 0. (Ex-Mayor). 

46. Wm. Edward, d. young. 

(25) John Walker Culbertson, mar. Eliza James in 1855. 
Moved to Macon Co., Ills. Wife b.— ' ; d. May, 1852. 

47. David James. Died in Civil War; b. 1838; d. 1865. 

48. George Smith, b. 1841 ; d. 1918. 

49. Joseph Benjamin, b. 1845 ; d. 1906. 

50. Griffith James, Lincoln, Neb., b. 1848; living Lin- 

coln, Neb. 

51. William Henry, b. 1850. Mar. Emma Lietzel. 

52. Mary, d. 1837, in infancy; b. 1837. 

53. Martha Eliza, b. July 31, 1840 (Mrs. Kennard). 

54. Nancy Jane, b. 1833; d. 1921. (Mrs. Knoop). 
54l^. Alice A. Culbertson, b. 1861. Unmar. Lives Macon, 

5414. L. Florence Culbertson (Mrs. Clarence Wise, Macon, 
Ills.) These daughters of (25) John Walker Cul- 
bertson were by second wife, Margaret Gibson of 
Cumberland, Ohio to whom John Walker Culbert- 
son was married in 1855. 

(27) Samuel Culbertson mar. March 13, 1845, to Miss 
CeHnda Amanda Matson; Hved at High Hill, Muskingum 
Co., Ohio. (b. June 7, 1825. Wife d. July 2, 1915.) 


55. Sarah Ellen Culbertson, b. Feb. 21, 1846 ; d. Nov. 18, 


56. Wilham Alex. Culbertson, b. Nov. 21, 1847 ; living. 

57. Mary Eliza Culbertson b. June 14, 1851 ; living. 

58. Niry Jane Culbertson, b. March 17, 1853 ; d. Jan. 21, 

1878 ; unmar. 


59. James Willis Culbertson, b. March 11, 1855; d. May 

4, 1914; unmar. 

60. Theodore Walker Culbertson, b. Feb. 2, 1858; d. 

Aug. 10, 1899. 


(36) Harriet Jane Patrick mar. John C. Harris, a promi- 
nent merchant of Zanesville, Ohio. 
Issue : 

61. Ralph, d. infancy. 

(38) Thomas Adams Patrick, mar. . 

Issue : 

62. Thomas mar. Issue, daughter. Lives at Chicago. 

63. Nathan (Dr.) d. 

(48) George Smith Culbertson, mar. 1866 to Lucy Cona- 


64. Altah. 

65. Ethel. 

66. Hazel. 

(49) Joseph Benjamin Culbertson, mar. 1869 to Eliza 


67. Wynona. 

(50) Griffith James Culbertson, mar. 1872 to Lydia 
Peeper. Wife b. Oct. 21, 1848 ; d. Nov. 26, 1921. 

Issue : 

68. Hannah Gertrude (Mrs. S. J. Bell) , b. Apr. 8, 1874. 

69. Jesse Carrol, b. Nov. 25, 1882. Unmarried. 

70. Harold Griffith, b. Oct. 9, 1884. 

(53) Martha EHzabeth Culbertson, mar 1861 to Mr. Wra 
J. Kennard. She is hving at McArthur, Ohio. 

Issue : 

71. Daughter. 

72. Daughter. 

(54) Nancy Jane Culbertson mar. Mr. Wm. Knoop, 1865 
Live at Grand Island, Neb. 


73. Oscar Culbertson Knoop, Stonington, Ill.s. 


75. Ahce Almeda Knoop. Unmar. Macon, Ills. 

(51) Wm. Henry Culbertson, Grand Island, Neb. Mar 


1874, to Emma Leitzel. 

(55) Sarah Ellen Culbertson, mar. Lewis McClelland, 
Apr. 4, 1863. 

Issue : 

76. Mary Maude, d. childhood. 

77. Fred d. when young man ; mar. Clarkie Hunter. Issue, 

Paul and Fred. 

(56) Wm. Alexander Culbertson. Lives at Cumberland, 
Guernsey Co., Ohio, R. F. D. Married first, Martha Criss. 

Issue : 

78. Claude R. who married and had issue seven chil- 

dren; was a Presbyterian minister in Pennsylvania 
and a fine young man. 

(56) Wm. Alexander mar. second to Jennie Cubbison. 

67. Eleanor Francis, b. 1913. 

(57) Mary Eliza Culbertson, mar. Monroe Thomson. No 
issue. Husband died. She remarried to Perley B. Sevall 
who died several years ago. Widow lives in Zanesville, O. 

(60) Theodore Walker Culbertson, mar. Alice McCrack- 
en, Apr. 1, 1880 (wife b. Jan. 28, 1861; d. Dec. 20, 1915). 
Issue I 

79. Perley Francis, b. Sept. 12, 1880. Mar. 

80. Carrie Maude, b. Dec. 24, 1881. 

81. Harry WilHs, b. Nov. 10, 1883. 

82. Fred Darwin, b. Jan. 16, 1886. 

83. Howard Vaughn, b. June 20, 1888. 


(68) Hannah Gertrude Culbertson mar. Samuel J. Bell. 
Lincoln, Neb. May 11, 1899. 


84. Marjorie Culbertson Bell, b. Aug. 13,1902. 

(69) Jesse Carroll Culbertson, Muskogee, Okla. ; wealthy 
oil producer. Unmarried. 

(70) Harold Griffith Culbertson, mar. July, 1916, to An- 
na Cantwell. Live at South Minneapolis, Minn. 


85. Wayne Keith, b. June 24, 1919. 

86. Robert Griffith \ rr • u r^ 4. no 1 non 

87. Gene Allen \ ^wms, b. Oct. 28, 1920. 


(79) Perley Francis Culbertson, mar. Lives in Zanes- 
ville, 0. 

(80) Carrie Maude Culbertson, mar. E. H. Waller. 

(81) Harry Willis Culbertson, mar. Louella F. Van Dyne, 
July 8, 1905. 

Issue I 

88. Gladys Culbertson, b. March 4, 1906. 

89. Willis D., b. Aug. 25, 1907. 

(82) Fred Darwin Culbertson, mar. Fronie Mae Paisley, 
Jan. 4, 1905. 


90. Herbert Malcolm, b. 

(83) Howard Vaughn Culbertson, mar. Sept. 3, 1913. 
Issue I 

91. Mary Louise, b. July 22, 1916. 

92. Robert Wm., b. July 25, 1918. 

NOTE : Just before going to press I received a letter from 
a descendent of (6) Samuel, son of "Baron" James Culbert- 
son. As I could not rearrange my forms I will take up this 
Samuel's children and number them where I left off with 
number in above chapter. — (Editor). 


(6) Samuel Culbertson mar. Hannah Trousdale in 1805, 
in Path Valley. Mar. by Rev. A. A. McGinley. Wife b. 
1785; d. Nov. 14, 1864. The family moved to Ohio, where 
Samuel died. The widow then moved back to Path Valley, 
Frankhn Co., Pa., where she died. Widow app. adm'trix 
Nov. 23, 1819, Franklin Co., Pa. 

Issue '. 

93. Eliza, b. Apr. 4, 1808. Unmar. 

94. William, b. Feb. 26, 1809. 

95. James, unmar. 

96. Stephen, b. June 19, 1813. 

97. Jane, b. Nov. 4, 1816. Unmar. 

98. Margaret, b. Mar. 19, 1818. 


(94) William Culbertson mar. Margaret Scott in 1835. 
She died shortly after. He remarried to Polly Dunkle in 


99. James. 

100. Mary, d. aet 15 years. 

(96) Stephen Culbertson mar. Margaret McCune, Apr. 5, 

101. Mary Anna, b. Jan. 5, 1839 ; d. Apr. 6, 1906. 

102. James Barkley, b. May 22, 1841 ; d. Jan. 7, 1904. 

103. Samuel, b. Oct. 11, 1844. 

104. McGinley, b. Mar. 27, 1847. 

105. Sarah Elizabeth, b. Oct. 17, 1849 d. Dec. 8, 1906. 

106. David Isaac, b. Dec. 17, 1852. 

107. William West, b. Mar. 26, 1854 

109. Margaret Ellen, b. July 22, 1857. 

110. Albert Ross, b. Oct. 20, 1861. 

(98) Margaret Culbertson mar. Stephen McGinley Skin- 
ner, Mar. 26, 1840. 


111. Calvin M. Skinner (mar. Mrs. Johnson in 1879). 

112. Isaac Skinner (wife's name unknown). 

113. Drucilla (mar. Dr. Campbell). 

114. James W. Unmar. 

115. Daniel M. (mar. Blanche McKim). 

116. Maggie S. (mar. J. Mac Wolff). 

117. West C. (mar. Emma Stitt). 


(99) James Culbertson, mar. Jane L. Rogers. 

118. Minta (mar. James Rolls). 

119. WilHam (mar. Mary Mowers). Homestead, N. D. 

(101) Mary Anna Culbertson mar. Simon Stewart, Apr. 
24, 1867. Issue: Ella M. (Mrs. F. M. McGee) ; Annie R. 
(Mrs. A. W. Ekenrode) ; Alden L. 

(102) James Barclay Culbertson, mar. Margaret Stewart, 
Dec. 31, 1863. 

(103) Samuel Culbertson mar. Ann Jane Culbertson, Oct. 
13, 1870. 

(104) McGinley Culbertson mar. Evaline McVitty, Dec. 
27, 1870; mar. second Mary Ann Fegan, Dec. 9, 1873. 

(106) David Isaac Culbertson mar. Emma Sherer, Dec. 
29, 1881. Lives York, Pa. 


IsSUG * 

120. Bessie S., b. 1883. 

121. Ella Mabel, b. 1885. 

122. Ralph T., b. 1891, Mar., has one daughter, Doris Fay. 

123. A. Newlon, b. 1893. Mar., has six children. 

124. Raymond Eugene, b. 1899. 

(107) Wm. West Culbertson mar. Ida M. Piper, May 9, 
1907. No issue. 

(109) Margaret Ellen Culbertson mar. Wm. A. McVitty. 

125. Dwight. 

126. Carrie (Mrs. Clark P. Craig). 

(110) Albert Ross Culbertson mar. Orpha Ann Piper, 
Nov. 30, 1886. 

(102) Stephen B. Culbertson was an Elder of Path Valley 
Church (Frankhn Co., Pa.) and in 1876 built a church for 
the Amberson District. Was Elder for 35 years. Was also 
a veteran of the Civil War. 


Capt James C'Baron James") moved from Bedford Co., 
Pa., in 1779. Is not found in tax records of Franklin or 
Cumb. Co. from 1779 to 1785, but is found on the Census 
of 1790 in Southhampton Tp., Frankhn Co. (Row). A deed 
in 1791 shows him residing in and a member of the school- 
board of Southhampton Tp. He must have been a tenant 
or renter as I could find no deed from him. Moved to Fan- 
nettsburg before he died. The Pa. Archives gives his serv- 
ice "Was commissioned Capt. of the Third Co., 4th Batt'n 
(Col. Samuel Culbertson) of Cumb. Co., Ass'rs., May 10, 

(36) Mrs. Dr. Slater was a prominent physician of Peoria, 

(50) Griffith James Culbertson of Lincoln, Neb., is a 
prominent real estate man and one of Nebraska's brainy and 
successful men. His son (69) Jesse Carroll Culbertson is a 
wealthy oil producer at Muskogee, Okla. Another son (70) 
Harold Griffith is a prominent business man of Minnesota 

*His son Alex (4) may have moved to Washington Co., Pa., but no 
court record of him there or in Muskingum County, Ohio. 




(V) Capt. Alexander Culbertson mar. Mary Sharp, dau. 
of Capt. Jas. Sharp. Was a tanner. Lived at Strasburg, 
Franklin Co., Pa. Afterwards moved to Zanesville, Ohio. 
On Census of 1790, self and wife, 4 sons under 16, 2 daugh- 
ters. First on tax lists in Letterkenny Tp., in 1772, 88 
acres. War. 10 acres clear, 1 horse, 1 cow. First on tax lists 
Cumb. Tp., Cumb. Co., 1770 ; this land was in Bedford Co., 
1771, and was on a warrant taken out by his father in 
1762.* Wife Mary Sharpe, daughter Capt. Jas. Sharpe. 


1. James, d. Nov. 1821 (tanner), Zanesville, Ohio. 

2. Margaret, b. 1773; d. 1834. FrankHn Co., Pa. 

3. Elizabeth, b. 1779; d. 1845. Zanesville, 0. 

4. Samuel W., b. 1780 ; d. 1840. Zanesville, 0. 

5. Alexander d. 1823 (May). Zanesville 0. 

6. WilHam d. Apr., 1833. Wash. Tp., Musk. Co., 0. 

7. Robert, d. 1860. Wash Tp., Musk. Co., O. 

8. John, d. 1860. Perry Tp., Musk. Co., 0. 

Si/o. Mary (Mrs. Col. Steph. Willson) Franklin Co., Pa. 


(1) James Culbertson mar. Miss Huey at Zanesville, Ohio. 
Moved to Zanesville about 1812. 

9. Samuel, d. Tanner at Zanesville. (Know nothing of). 

10. Alexander, d. Tanner at Zanesville. 

11. Ellen, d. (Mrs. Reeves). 

(2) Margaret Culbertson mar. Judge Wm. McClay, of 
Path Valley, Frankhn Co., Pa., Dec. 22, 1789. 

Issue : 

12. 13, 14, 15, 16, 16. 

18. Ellen McClay (Mrs. Cyrus D. Culbertson). 

(3) Elizabeth Culbertson mar. Jacob Cassel, of Strasburg, 
Pa., and later of Zanesville, Ohio. Jacob Cassel, b. 1775; d. 

Issue : 

19. Joseph Cassel, d. Zanesville, Ohio. 

20. Wm. 'Culbertson, d. Miller, Zanesville, Ohio. 

21. Elizabeth Culbertson, d. (Mrs. Brotherton). 

*See end of this chapter for Revolutionary Record. 


22. Alexander, d. Issue: Wm. C, Tupper Cassel, Zanesville, 

221/2- James Wilson, b. 1815; d. 1850. Zanesville. Issue: 
Florence, Leila (Mrs. Gibbs). Douglas (Comman- 
der U. S. N.). 

23. , d. 

(4) Samuel W. Culbertson mar. Nancy Boyd, daughter of 
Samuel Boyd of Philadelphia, Pa. Moved to Zanesville, 0., 
about 1810. Lawyer. Wife b. Mar. 8, 1789; d. Mar. 31, 
1860; mar. April, 1804. Issue: 

231/2. Alex. Samuel Boyd, b. 1805 ; d. 1856. Lawyer. 

24. Wm. Boyd, b. 1807; d. 1861. 

25. Sidney A., b. July 2, 1813; d. Sept. 5, 1884. Never 

married. Zanesville, 0. 

26. Mary E., b. Dec. 31, 1809; d. Sept. 7, 1854. 

(5) Alexander Culbertson mar. Annauche Cassel. Moved 
to Zanesville, 0., in 1810 and lived on River Road just back 
of where Merkle's Brewery stood. No issue. Left money 
to wife and niece, Margaret Annauche Culbertson (28). 
(Annauche Cassel was an aunt of one Ferree, who died in 
Zanesville 1813. Soldier War 1812.) 

(6) Wm. Culbertson mar. first a daughter of Francis 
Campbell, Jr., Jane Campbell of Franklin Co., Pa. Moved to 
Washington Tp., Muskingum Co., 0. Buried in Wash. Tp,, 
Musk. Co., 0., probably on farm. (Jane Campbell's grand- 
father, Frances Campbell, wounded at "Bloody Run Battle", 
1756. Shippensburg home.) 


27. Sarah, b. 1817; d. Aug. 20, 1841 (Mrs. Louis Henry 


28. Margaret Annauche, b. Feb. 20, 1813 ; d. June 2, 1881. 

(Mrs. Lloyd Dillon). 

29. Mary Jane (Mrs. R. P. Robinson). 

30. Rebecca, b. 1819. (Mrs. Dunn of Zanesville). 

(6) Wm. Culbertson mar. second Mrs. Martha Marple, 
Dec. 29, 1825. No issue. 

(7) Robert Culbertson mar. Alice Johnson, moved to 
Washington Tp., Muskingum Co., Ohio. Farmer. 


31. George W., d. Muskingum Co., 0. 

32. James, d. 1892. Bachelor. Muskingum Co., 0. 

33. Jane, d. Mar. No issue. 


34. Mary, d. Never married. 

35. Margaret (Mrs. Walters). 

36. Elizabeth. (Mrs. Burwell). 

(8) John Culbertson mar. Miss Beavers of Virginia. 
Moved to Perry Tp., Muskingum Co., 0. 

37. Edward Cassell, Delavan, Ills. 

38. John. Editor. Delavan, Ills. 

39. Wm. Flood Beatty, d. in California. (Bachelor). 
391/2- Ceceha, d. young. 

40. Jane, d. young. 

41. Sydney, d. young. 

(81/2 ) Mary mar. Col. Steph. Wilson of Strasburg, Pa. 
(tanner). A daughter Mary married Thos. Pomeroy (tan- 
ner) at Roxbury, Pa. Col. Wilson and wife, Mary, had is- 
sue 6 boys and 3 girls. 


(10) Alexander Culbertson mar. April 16, 1832, to Ann 
Haslett. Tanner in Second Ward, Zanesville; afterwards 
moved to farm near Dresden, Ohio. 

Issue : 

42. Mary Haslett, b. 1833; d. 1892. (Mrs. Paul Egan), 
Zanesville, Ohio. 

43. Ehzabeth Ellen, b. 1837. (Mrs. Lynn). Belmont, 0. 

44. Sarah Jane, b. 1841. (Mrs. W. T. Voris). 

45. Margaret, b. 1846. (Mrs. Dr. Geyer). Norwich, 0. 

46. Frank Samuel, b. 1847. Mo. 

47. Robert Morton, b. 1850. Mo. 

48. James, d. in Army at Port Hudson, 1862. 

49. Daughter, d. young. 

(231/2) Alexander S. B. Culbertson mar. Dec. 4, 1828, 
Sophia Tupper, daughter of Gen. Tupper of War of 1812, 
and granddaughter of Gen. Rufus Putnam. Was a lawyer 
at Zanesville, Ohio. No issue. 

(24) Wm. Boyd Culbertson mar. Louisa B. Moody of Bal- 
timore, Md., who was a sister of the fighting Parson Moody. 
Lived on River Road near Zanesville, in Wayne Tp., five 
miles south. 


50. Samuel W., b. 1836 ; d. 1861, near Zanesville. 

51. Wm. M., d. Feb. 26, 1892. 


52. Harriet A. 

53. Alexander Keith. Kansas. 

54. Sidney E. 

55. Ida L. 

56. Granville, d. young. 

57. Louisa, d. young. 

58. Stilman, d. young. 

59. George V. N., b. 1853 ; d. Dec. 31, 1877. 

(26) Mary E. Culbertson mar. Joshua Mathiot of New- 
ark, 0., a lawyer. 


60. Ann Eliza (Mrs. Rev. Theo L. Cuyler of Brookyln). d. 

61. Sidney L. (Mrs. Arthur B. Proal of Brooklyn). 

62. George C., d. young. June 15, 1853. 

63. S. W. Culbertson, d. young. July 16, 1840. 

64. Culbertson K., d. young. 

(27) Sarah Ann Culbertson mar. Louis Henry Dugan of 
Muskingum Co., 0., April 19, 1836. 


65. James Dugan, d. young. 

66. John, d. young. 

67. Caroline (Mrs. Wm. Fillmore of Zanesville), b. Sept. 

5, 1840. Issue of Barbara Carohne (Dugan) and 
Wm. Fillmore: Annie (Mrs. Douglas Blandy, issue 
Marie (Mrs. T. B. Trainer) ; Arthur; Harry L., ol 
Columbus ; William, mar. Kitty Harris, and Ralph. 
(Harry L. mar. Ida Marshall, issue Helen and Rob- 
ert; Helen mar. Ralph W. YingHng; Robert mar. 
Mary Mehhng. Issue: Harold Louis, Wm. Fill- 

(28) Margaret Annauche Culbertson was adopted by hei 
Uncle Alexander Culbertson, Jr., and his wife Annauche, 
being named after her aunt. When her uncle Alex, died h( 
left one-half of his estate to his wife to dispose of as she 
pleased and the other half he left to his niece, Margaret An- 
nauche Culbertson. She married Apr. 3 1832 to Lloyd Dil 
Ion of Zanesville, 0., and later moved to Sterling, Ills. Hei 
children were prominent people of central Ills. Her son 
Washington M. Dillon was a Civil War officer and became 
a wealthy iron-master of Sterling, Ills. Lloyd Dillon, Sr., b 
Baltimore Md., Feb. 2, 1803; d. June 2, 1881. 

Issue ' 

68. Ellen Annauche Dillon, b. Feb. 15, 1834. 


69. Mary Price, b. Mar. 7, 1836 ; d. May 16, 1867 

70. Loyd Haynes Dillon, b. Dec. 18, 1838 ; d. June 18, 1898 

71. Washington Morehead Dillon, b. July 2, 1842; d. Jan 

12 1920. 

72. Moses Dillon, b. Sept. 19, 1845. 

(29) Margaret Annauche (Culbertson) Dillon mar. sec- 
ond, her deceased sister's (Mary Jane) husband, R. P. Rob- 
inson. Issue: 721/4, George, Sterling, Ills; and 721/2 Samuel. 
Her son Samuel mar. Miss Herron of Pittsburg, Pa. and had 
issue: Maude (Mrs. King of Chicago) and Maizie (Mrs. 

(30) Mary Jane Culbertson mar. R. P. Robinson of Zanes- 
ville, 0., and Sterling and Dixon, Ills., a wealthy iron anc 
hardware man. 

Issue: Sarah, Samuel, Frank of Morrison, Ills., Lloyd 
Aarabella, Robert and William. 

Issue of (71) Washington M. Dillon, son of Margaret An 
nauche and Loyd Dillon who mar. May 8, 1873 to Sarah 
Jane Martin. Resided at Sterling, Ills. Issue: Mary Cath 
erine (Mrs. D. P. Wild) ; Margaret Annauche (Mrs. H. F, 
Eshelman of Lancaster, Pa.) ; Dr. John Dillon; Paul Dillon. 

(31) Geo. W. Culbertson mar. , Washington Tp., Mus- 
kingum Co., O. 

Issue: 73, Sophia; 731/?, Sydney; 74, Cyrus; 75, Mathiot; 
76, Howard M. ; 77, Cuyler; 78, Wm. ; 78i/?, Joshua M. ; 
78%, Geo. W. K. (See Addenda for 76-78). 

(35) Margaret Culbertson mar. Mr, Walters of Wash. 
Tp., Musk. Co., O. 

Issue: 79, Lydia; 80, Amanda; 81, Anna; 82, Samuel. 

(36) EHzabeth Culbertson mar. Joseph Burwell of Wash. 
Tp., Musk. Co., 0. 

Issue: 83, Robert; 84, AHce; 85, Mary Jane. 

(37) Edward Cassel Culbertson mar. Ruth Caroline 
Sheets. Lived at Delavan, Ills. 


86. Wm, Joseph. 

87. Maurice Edward. 

88. Elizabeth Ann. 


89. John Thomas. 

90. Mary Belle. 

91. Ruth Caroline. 

(38) John Culbertson mar . Was an editor at Dela 

van, Ills. 

91. Cecelia Blanche. 

92. Ella Augusta. 

93. Sarah A. (Ertie.) 


(43) Elizabeth Ellen mar. Mr. Lynn of Belmont, Ohio. 

94. Charles Culbertson Lynn. 

95. Howard Voris. 

96. NelHe May. 

97. Anna Bell (McKisson). 

98. Maggie Hazlett (King). 

(46) Frank Samuel Culbertson, lived in Mo. In tobacco 

Know nothing about. 

(47) Robert Morton Culbertson lived in Mo. ; in tobacco 

Know nothing about. 

(51) Wm. M. Culbertson mar. Kate B. Welch of McCon- 
nelsville, 0. Widow lives at Lawrence, Kan. 

Issue * 
99. Howard D., d. 1870. 

100. Francis, d. 1878. 

101. Chas. W. 

102. Katherine W. 

(52) Harriet A. Culbertson mar. Alfred Fillmore, of 
Zanesville, O. Widow lived at Brooklyn. 


103. Wm. Culbertson Fillmore. Brooklyn. Mar. Issue. 

104. Margaret E. Brooklyn (unmar.). 

(52) Alexander Keith Culbertson mar. Drury Davis. Liv- 
ed in Kansas. Wife died 1905. 
Issue : 

105. Wm. Boyd, d. 1895. 


106. Sidney Brooks. Living Omaha, Neb. 

107. Berryman Keith. Atlanta, Ga. 

(54) Sidney E, Culbertson mar. Jefferson Van Home of 
Zanesville, 0. Husband dead. Living in Chicago. 


108. Bernard Van Home d. unmar. 

109. Wm. C. mar. Captain in World War. 

110. Keith. Mar. 

111. Ida Louisa, mar. Chas Upjohn. New York . 

112. Clifford. Mar. 

113. Mary. Mar. 

(55) Ida L. Culbertson mar. Albert Lyman of Muncie 


114. Louisa Sidney. Lives at Muncie, Ind. 

(60) Ann EHza Mathiot mar. Rev. Theodore L. Cuyler 
the great Presbyterian minister of Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Issue : 

115. Mary E. Cuyler, mar. Dr. Wm. Cheeseman of N. Y. 

No issue. 

116. Louisa L. Cuyler, d. 

117. George M., d. 

118. Theodore L. Cuyler mar. Helen , of Brooklyn 

Issue, one child ; mar. second, his cousin Mary S. 
Proal. No issue. 

(61) Sidney L. Mathiot mar. Arthur B. Proal of N. Y. 

119. Arthur B. 

120. Mary Sidney. 

(73) Sophia Willis Culbertson mar. Mr. Washington 
Hardy. Living at Columbus, Neb., age 80 years (widow). 
Mar. Dec. 17, 1861. 


121. Ehzabeth Annie, b. Mar. 30, 1862. 

122. Leota Mav, b. Dec. 1, 1864. 

123. George Byron, b. Dec. 1, 1865. 

124. Elmer Elsworth, b. Apr., 1868. 

125. Clarence Clinton, b. Jan. 1, 1873. 

126. Laura Gertrude, b. Apr. 9, 1874. 
126i/:>. Albert Howard, b. May 6, 1876. 
126%. Ethel Ellen, Nov. 1, 1878. 


(731/2) Sydney E. Culbertson mar. Mr. Atkinson. 

127. Pearl Atkinson. Lives Zanesville, Ohio. 

(7814) Joshua M. Culbertson mar. . 


128. Helen, b. 1904. Lives at Cambridge, Ohio. 

129. Cora. 

130. Chester. 

131. Elmer. 

(78%) George W. K. Culbertson mar. . 

Issue : 

132. Walter R., b. 1894. Lives at Columbus, 0. Clerk 

Ohio Road Commission. 

133. Douglas Cassel, b. 1896. 

134. Claude, b. 1901. 

(86) Wm. Joseph Culbertson mar. Ruth Shurts. 
Issue : 

135. William Edward. Champaign, Ills. Stock broker. 

136. Albert Ludlum. 

(87) Maurice Edward mar. Florence H. Duncan. 

137. Grace Harriet, d. age 5. 

(88) Elizabeth Ann Culbertson mar. Wm. Culbertson 

Issue : 

138. Ed Culbertson. 

139. Helen Ruth. 

(89) John Thomas Culbertson mar. Jennie McKinstry. 

140. John McKinstry. 

(91) Cecelia Blanche Culbertson mar. H. C. Meeker. 

141. Ciyde Earle. 

142. Ellen Marie. 


(106) Sidney Brooks Culbertson mar. . Lives at 

Omaha, Neb. 

Issue: Data not given. 

(107) Berryman Keith Culbertson mar. Leila King, of 
Oklahoma City, July 28, 1909. Living at Atlanta, Ga. 


IsSUG * 

143. Katharin, b. Apr. 13, 1910. 

144. Mary Mariorie, July 15, 1912. 

145. Carolyn Keith, b. May 28, 1922. 


Capt. Alexander was a tanner at Strasburg, Letterkenny 
Tp., Franklin Co., Pa. at the foot of the Tuscarora Moun- 
tains. In this business he accumulated considerable wealth 
and was a man of influence. He belonged to the "Row." I 
first find him spoken of as Capt., on a deed in 1807, so he 
must have been a Captain after the Revolution. Moved to 
Zanesville in 1807. "Capt. Alex" in pew (1794). 

(1) James, his son moved to Zanesville, 0., about 1810, 
where he owned a large tannery which occupied two squares 
in the Second Ward, being the largest in that section of the 
country. It was afterwards run by his sons. 

(2) Margaret Culbertson mar. Judge Wm. McClay of 
Path Valley, Franklin Co., Pa., who was a member of the 
House of 14th and 15th Congress. 

(4) Samuel W. Culbertson was one of Zanesville's most 
eminent lawyers. He was educated in Pa. and received a 
thorough education. He was admitted to the bar at Cham- 
bersburg. Pa., in 1805, and very shortly after moved to 
Zanesville, O. He studied law at the University of Pa., at 
Philadelphia. He at once took up the practice of law at 
Zanesville and soon won distinction and wealth. He was 
not only noted as a criminal lawyer, but was also well versed 
in the technicalities of law. He founded the town of Marys- 
ville, Ohio, named in honor of his daughter, Mrs. Mathiot. 

(IV) His children who moved with him to Musk. Co., 
0., were Alex. (Jr.), Sam. W., William, James, Robert, John 
and EHzabeth (Mrs. Cassel). His wife died in Pennsyl- 
vania. She was a Miss Mary Sharpe, daughter of Capt. 
James Sharpe, a member of old Rocky Spring and a captain 
in the Revolutionary War. Her mother was a Miss McCon- 
nell, daughter of Robert McConnell. In 1810 he bought a 
store of Ebert & Wood on the Corner of Fourth and Main 
streets, Zanesville, where he resided. He gave this proper- 
ty to his son, Alex., Jr. In 1810 he and his son, James, own- 
ed a large tannery in the Second Ward, Zanesville. 


In 1812 he bought of the United States much land in Mus- 
kingum Co. This he divided among his children. He died 
1822 and was buried on High School Hill Cemetery. His 
son Alex owned one of the first glass works in southeastern 
Ohio, and made considerable in real estate. He was worth 
about $40,000 at his death. His brother William lived in 
Washington Tp., not Blue Rock. Samuel W. Culbertson in 
1828 built on the corner of Fifth Street and Fountain Alley 
what for many years was the most palatial residence in 
Zanesville. He owned much valuable real estate in Zanes- 
ville, and 1,500 acres of land in Muskingum county, and at 
his death was worth $75,000, at least. It was his son Wil- 
liam who owned the old homestead at Brush Creek bridge. 

S. W .Culbertson's son-in-law Joshua Mathiot was Con- 
gressman from Licking county for many years. 

(5) Alexander Culbertson moved to Zanesville about 180f 
and purchased large tracts of land aoout Zanesville. I 
owned land in Washington, Wayne and Zanesville town- 
ships. He owned land in what was called ''Culbertson's Ad- 
dition", Sixth Ward, which was sold for a good price. He 
was one oi Zanesville's wealthiest citizens at his death. His 
old home, on a hill overlooking the "blue Muskingum" river 
is still standing. He owned a glass works on the river road, 
the first in eastern Ohio. His father lived here also. 

(6) Wm. Culbertson lived in Washington Tp., Musk. Co., 
0. His father-in-law (first wife) was Francis Campbell, 
Jr., of Franklin Co., Pa. and merchant and wealthy and 
prominent in Pa. 

(371/2) John Culbertson was a prominent politician and 
editor and proprietor of the Delevan, Ills., Advertiser. He 
was a self-made man, having begun life as a compositor at 
Zanesville and from thence arisen to the top. 

(63) Mrs. Ann (Mathiot) Cuyler was the wife of Rev. 
Theo. L. Cuyler one of America's most eminent Presby- 
terian divines, who was many years pastor of the most 
fashionable Presbyterian church in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

(20) Wm. Cassel married Lydia Martin, was a prominent 
miller at Zanesville, 0. One of his daughters,. Leila,, mar- 
ried Lieut. -Col. Kline of the 9th U. S. Inf. (now Major-Gen- 
eral) ; another, Kate, mar. George Stewart, Cashier of the 
First National Bank of Zanesville, O. Another daughter, 
Hannah, mar. Col. Anson Mills, of the 10th U. S. Cav., in 


ventor of the Mills cartridge belt. A Major General. Liv- 
ing at Washington, D. C, 1921. Several years ago Gen. 
Mills pubhshed his autobiography which is extremely inter- 
esting. Another daughter, Lizzie mar. Mr. T. C. Orndoff, 
of Worcester, Mass., the inventor of the typewriting ma- 
chine for the blind and other inventions. 

Generals Mills and Kline are officers of high standing in 
the army. 

(221/2) James Cassell, son of Jacob and EHzabeth (Cul- 
bertson) Cassel had a son, Douglas Cassel, who was a Lieut. 
Commander, U. S. Navy. Served in Navy all through th( 
Civil War. Shortly after the war he was granted a six 
months leave of absence and accepted the command of th( 
Japanese navy during the war between Japan and Formosa. 
At the close of this war he returned home and soon aftei 
died of the Japanese fever. 

He brought from Japan many rare and expensive curios. 
He was a man of tall and commanding figure and very hand- 
some ; beloved by his fellow officers and all who knew him 
The Japanese government paid his mother for her son's 

Revolutionary Service of Alexander Culbertson (tanner) 
of Strasburg, Pa. "A class roll of the Fourth Batt. of Cum 
berland Co., Pa. Mihtia, Capt. John McConnel ; Lieut. Col. 
Samuel Culbertson, gives Alexander Culbertson, private, 
Aug. 10, 1780. Service same Aug. 23, 1781." (Pa. Arch.) 
Same 1782. Wife b. about 1747, d. Frankhn Co., Pa., Aug. 
24, 1799. A daughter of Capt. James Sharpe of Cumb. Co., 
Pa., who was in French and Indian War. 

(136) Albert Ludlum Culbertson, son of (86) Wm. Joseph 
Culbertson was a major in A. E. F., World War, in France. 
(Newspaper statement during the war.) 



(VI) "Capt." John Culbertson, son of Irish Alexander of 
"Culbertson Row", Pa. As before mentioned make a quit 
claim deed Dec. 24, 1774, then residing in Letterkenny Tp., 
Cumberland Co., Pa. Tax lists of Letterkenny show him 
1775 to 1779. "John mountain") Tax List 1780 to 1782^ 
his name does not appear. I can find no deed from him in 


Cumb. or Franklin Co., Pa., after 1774. John Culbertson 
(residence not given in Warrant) received a warrant for 
100 acres, Sept. 25, 1781, in Lincoln Co., Va. (now Ken- 
tucky) on Bauls Fork, a branch of Paint Lick Creek. Issued 
to him as assignee of Will Miller. Survey was made and 
patent was issued Dec. 2, 1785. This land was in territory 
about present Girard Co., Ky., or Madison Co. as warrant 
says land is next to Estill patent. John must have moved 
to Kentucky in 1779, because he served with Ky. Militia 
"Feb. 21, 1781, his name is found on payroll of Capt. Jos. 
Kinkcaids Co. of Light Horse, who were ordered from Lin- 
coln Qo. by Col. John Bowman for the defense of Fayette 
Co., Feb. 21, 1781, entered Mar. 3, discharged Mar. 28, 
1781." Also "May 4, 1782, private in Capt. John Snoddy's 
Co., under Col. Benj. Logan, May 4 to June 4, 1782." Also 
"July 10 to Aug. 10, 1782, private in Capt. John Wood's 
Co., Col. Benj. Logan, stationed at Estells Station." (See 
Ills. Papers D. 124, D. 81; D. 162. Richmond). Also service 
"Lieut, in Capt. Samuel Culbertson's Co. ; 5th Batt'n., Col. 
Jos. Armstrong, Dec. 8, 1776." (Pa. Arch.). In battles of 
Trenton, Princeton, etc. Have not been able to find service 
with Pa. troops after this date. I have written the various 
counties that at that time made Lincoln Co., Ky., but there 
is no deed or record from John. There is no John Culbert- 
son in Census 1790 in Bedford Co., Pa. Nor in any county 
in Pa. 

A history of Muehlenburg Co., Ky., says that old Capt. 
John Culbertson first lived in the country about Fayette 
Co., shortly after the Revolution but the Indians were bad 
and he left this country and went to the country about 
Hartford (Ohio Co.) but after several years moved to Mueh- 
lenberg Co., being one of the first settlers of the latter 
county. I find a deed to him for 400 acres in 1796 in Logan 
Co. on Nelson Creek. This territory afterwards went into 
Muehlenburg Co., Ky. He lived in Kentucky when it was 
"A dark and bloody ground." The great Daniel Boone had 
made his final stand in Ky. only five or six years before 
John Culbertson located in Ky. Otto Rotherts History of 
Muehlenburg Co., Ky., p. 50 says: "John Culbertson and 
Wm. Cessna were on the first grand jury (July 28, 1799) 
of Muehlenburg Co., Ky." This Wm. Cessna may have been 
a son of John Cessna, Sr., of Shippensburg, Pa., brother of 
Col. Charles and Major John Cessna of Bedford Co., Pa. 
Wm. Cessna sold his farm in Letterkenny Tp., Cumb. Co., 
Pa. to A. Winger for £650 in 1790. Deed recites that land 


was conveyed to Wm. Cessna by John Cessna (his father) 
and that land was conveyed to John Cessna, Sr. Feb. 26, 
1755. Wm. Cessna not in 1790 Census of Pa. Evidently 
was overlooked as deed shows him there Oct., 1790. (See 
Part Third, Section Second, for Elizabeth, daughter of Irish 
Alexander of the Row in regard to Col. Chas. Cessna). Rob- 
ert Cessna was one of the first Justices of the Peace of 
Muehlenberg Co., Ky, (Rothert's Hist.) This Robert Cess- 
na married Elizabeth, daughter of John Culbertson. John 
Culbertson also purchased 200 acres on the Green River in 
1800. We do not know whether he attained the title of 
Capt. in Ky. He died 1844. Appraisement of his estate in 
1847 shows his estate consisted of ten slaves. He deeded 
land to his children before his death. Died intestate. His 
wife died before him most likely in Ky. In 1837 he deeded 
land on Green River to his son Samuel living in McCracken 
Co., Ky. Old (Capt.) John last on tax records (land only) 
Bedford Co., Pa., 1779. His son, Joseph, received a war- 
rant for 300 acres in Logan Co., south side of Green River 
Oct. 13, 1796, pat'd June 3, 1797. This was Capt. John's 
son and shows Joseph was the oldest son and was born 
about 1777. Samuel Culbertson, son of Capt. John, received 
a warrant for 300 acres, Sept. 17, 1798, in then Harden 
(now Ohio Co.), Ky., at the junction of Big CHfty and 
Rough Creeks. Patented June 10, 1799. This would tend to 
show that Samuel was the second son and born 1776-7. 

Alexander Culbertson received warrant for 40 acres in 
Muehlenberg Co., Ky., 1800. Born 1779 (?). 

Robert Cessna received a warrant for 200 acres in Logan 
Co. (Later Muehlenberg Co.) 1796. This would indicate he 
was born 1775. County Clerk of Ohio and Harden Counties, 
Ky., says no record of any of these parties on their records, 
Capt. John was a deacon from 1800 until his death in the 
Mt. Zion church near Greenville, Ky. Census 1820, self 
over 45; 3 males between 26 and 45. Census 1830, self, bet. 
70 and 80, one male 40 to 50. 



1. Joseph, b. Mar. 31, 1777; d. about 1818. 

2. Samuel, b. 1776-7; d. Nov. 4, 1865 (?). Bachelor, lived 

McCracken Co., Ky. 

3. Alexander, b. 1778-9 ; d. before 1845. Bachelor. River 


4. Robert, b. 1780-81 ; d. before 1845. Bachelor. 


5. , Mrs. Nelson Sharp of Muehlenberg Co., Ky. 

6. Joannah (Mrs. Samuel C. Long) of Muehlenberg Co., 

Ky. Died 1850. 

7. Elizabeth (Mrs. Robert Cessna), Muehlenberg Co., Ky. 

born between 1770-1780. 

Court records of Muehlenberg, Ohio, Harden, Scott, Lin- 
coln, Logan, Fayette, Bourbon, Franklin, Madison, Girard, 
Nelson counties, do not give marriage record of Robert 
Cessna and EHzabeth Culbertson. 

Rothert's Hist, of Muehlenberg Co., Ky. says that "Rob- 
ert (4) Culbertson served in Capt. Lewis Kinchloe's Co., of 
Ky. Militia (pr.) in War of 1812 and was in the battle of the 


(1) Joseph Culbertson married Miss Rebecca Beck of Ky. 
Wife b. Mar. 10, 1787. Moved to near Sprigfield, Ills. 


8. Alexander Beck, b. Jan. 10,. 1816 ; d. 1855-6. Bachelor, 

conveyed his interest in estate to his brother, lived 
in Knox Co., Ind. in 1845. 

9. John Beck, b. Sept. 3, 1813 ; d. Aug. 16, 1872. 

10. Mary (Mrs. Metcalf) merchant, b. Jan. 8, 1806. 

11. Ann Ella (Mrs. Rev. Council) Methodist. Iowa, b. 

Sept. 17, 1810. 

12. EHzabeth (Mrs. Judge R. B. Ewing), b. Apr. 27,. 1808. 
The Widow of Joseph remarried to a Mr. Garrett. 

(7) Ehzabeth Culbertson married Robert Cessna of 
Muehlenberg Co., Ky., about. 1800. (Robert Cessna died 
about 1815). Census 1830 gives Ehzabeth bet. 50 and 60 
years; one girl and two boys between 15 and 20. 


13. Mary Cessna (Mrs. Quisenberry of Ky.). 

14. Nancy (Mrs. Thos. Kirtly of Ky.). 

15. Joannah (Mrs. Rev. Adlai Boyd of Ky.), b. Feb. 2, 

1803; d. 1882. Several children. 

16. Sarah (Mrs. J. C. Berryman), b. 1808; d. 1846. 

17. Charles, d. young. 

18. Robert J. C. Cessna. 

19. Margaret (Mrs. T. N. Berryman). 

20. EHzabeth (Mrs. John MilHgan). 



(9) John Beck Culbertson married Eliabeth Berryman 
(his cousin) dau. of (19) Thomas Newton Berryman and 
Margaret Cessna. Mar. Nov. 26, 1846. Moved to Ohio Co., 
Ky. about 1846. 


21. Margaret Cessna, b. June 15, 1848,. died June 6,. 1878,. 

mar. Mr. Murphy. Had issue. 

22. Romulus B., b. Nov. 8, 1850; hving at Central City,. 

Ky. Married Jennie Addington, b. Oct. — , 1855 ; 
d. July 20, 1894. 

23. Cathrin or Kate, b. April 13, 1852 ; d. April 19,. 1879 ; 

married Robert M. Cessna. Had issue. 

24. Thomas Robert, b. Oct. 22, 1853 ; d. Jan. 20, 1876. Un- 


25. Annie, b. Oct. 17, 1855 ; d. Oct. 10, 1874. Unmarried. 

26. John J., b. Mar. 13, 1857, d. Mar. , 1905, married 

Laura Benton, one issue, Jessie L., who married 
John Burk (issue). 

27. S. Erskin, b. June 17, 1858; d. Aug. 10, .1911,. mar- 

ried, had issue. 

28. Joseph K., b. Sept. 2, 1860; d. Feb. 6, 1901. Unmarried. 

29. Gerard B., b. Oct. 18, 1862; d. Aug. 16, 1863. 

30. Nannie, b. Sept. 8, 1864; d. Aug. 10, 1892, married. 

No issue. 

31. Edmonia, born June 7, 1867 ; li\ing at Eldorado, Ills. 

Married twice. Married first Eaves, then Dibble, 
both dead. Issue by both. 

32. LilHan, born Nov. 24, 1870, hving at Hillside, Ky. Mar- 

ried twice ; first Goode, then Hoard ; issue by 

(16) Sarah Cessna, married Jerome Causin Berryman 
of Ky., October 4, 1831 (husband born 1810; d. 

Issue : 

33. Girard Quisenberry Berryman, b. Sept. 22, 1835; d. 


34. Emilv G., b. 1837; d. 1921 (mar. Giles Russel about 


35. John W. Berryman, b. 1839, living. Lives at Biloxi, 


36. Ehzabeth, b. 1844; d. 1897. (Mrs. Warren B. Peck). 

(18) Robert J. C. Cessna mar. Angehne Calvert. Many 


descendants living in Muehlenberg Co., Ky. Had issue, a de- 
scendent, Dr. James Bailey, ex-service man, lives Green- 
ville, Ky. 

(22) Romulus B. Culbertson married Jennie Addington. 
Issue * 

37. Harry M., b. Oct. 15, 1880 ; living at Central City, Ky. 

Married Tillie Martin, have issue. 

38. Hubert B., b. May 15, 1882; d. Nov. 29, 1912. Unmar- 


39. Mary Dee, b. Aug. 24, 1883; d. July 10, 1906. Unmar- 


40. John C, b. April 11, 1885; Hving, unmarried; Central 

City, Ky. 

41. Jesse R., b. May 21, 1887, Kving Central City, Ky. 

Married to Miss Whitmer; one issue, son. Jess 
served in late war. 

42. Annie, b. May 21, 1889 ; d. Sept. 22, 1916. Married to 

Mr. Hodge. One issue, William Culbertson Hodge. 
She and son both dead. 

43. Thomas Alexander, b. May 29, 1891, living. Came from 

Fance a nervous wreck. Unmarried. This boy 
was big and stout, went to France in U. S. service, 
came home a wreck. 


(33) Girard Q. Berryman mar. June 15, 1869 to Minerva 
Woods, b. Sep 15, 1844 ; d. 1892. 

Issue : 

44. Jerome W. Berryman living at Ashland, Kans. Is a 

prominent and wealthy banker and stock grower, 
b. March 12, 1870. 

45. Wm. S. Berryman, b. Arcadia, Mo., Apr. 16, 1871. 

Mar. 1912. Issue: Lloyd P. and Mary E. 

46. Sarah C. Berryman. 

47. Emily Berryman. 

(34) Emily G. Berryman mar. about 1867 to Giles Rus- 


48. Jerome; 49, Thomas; 50, Pitkin; 51, Gordon; 52, 

Arch S.; 53, Trevis; 54, John G; 55, Addie; 56, 

(35) John Wesley Berryman mar. first Laura Matthews; 
second Jennie . No issue. Lives at Biloxi, Miss. 


(36) Elizabeth Cessna Berryman mar. Warren B. Peck. 
Issue : 
57. Ella (mar. Chas. Shinn of Russellville, Ark.). Mar. 
second Capt. Fred E. Barrow. Issue, son, 58, Ed- 
ward, Farmington, Mo. 


(44) Jerome W. Berryman mar. June 8, 1898 to Nancy 
Annette McNickle. 

59. Dorothy Berryman, b. Sep. 6, 1899. 

60. Jerome C. Berryman, b. May 2, 1901. 

61. James W. Berryman, b. Mar. 2, 1908. 

62. Virginia Berryman, b. Sept. 15, 1910. 

63. George A. Berryman, b. Mar. 6, 1912. 

(39) Sarah Chandler Berryman mar. 1899 to Wm. Madi- 
son Price of El Paso, Tex. Now state senator and banker 
at Emporia, Kan. 


64. Gerard Price, b. 1900. 

65. Lloyd Price, b. 1905. 

(34) Martha Emily Berryman mar. 1903 to W. L. Roberta 
of Ashland, Kan. Died Mar. 14, 1917. No issue. 

(5) Mrs. Nelson Sharp's husband and (6) Mrs. Samuel C. 
Long's husband were sons respectively of Irish Samuel Cul- 
bertson's (of Pa. Row) daughters Agnes (Mrs. Wm. Long) 
and Joannah (Mrs. Sharp) of Cumb. Co., Pa., the latter who 
went to Muehlenberg Co., Ky., and whose descendants now 
live in aforesaid county in Ky. Wm. Long and wife (Ag- 
nes) hved in Fayette Co., Ky. 

Note: There was a deed made in Cumb. Co., Pa., in 
1779, in which Robert Chambers of Shippensburg, Pa., con- 
veys land in Shippensburg to John Culbertson of Shippens- 
burg. This land was conveyed the same year to Robert 
Donovan by John Culbertson and wife Jean, of Shippens- 
burg. John Culbertson of Erie Tp., Allepheny Co., Pa., 
lived before that date in Southhampton Tp., Franklin Co., 
Pa., and paid taxes in the latter township, but it is possible 
he may have lived in Shippensburg for a short time, or it 
may be that John, son of Irish Capt. Alex, may have lived 
in Shippensburg for a short time and then moved to Ky. 
If this were the case then we could prove that his wife's 
name was Jean, also. 


John, son of Oliver, did not sell or leave his farm in 
Southhampton Tp., Franklin Co., until 1799 and it does not 
seem at all likely that he would own his farm and home in 
this township and go and live in Shippensburg in 1779 or 
before, and buy property there. Letters of Administration 
were issued Sept. 10, 1803, to Samuel W. Culbertson of 
Chambersburg, Pa. (an attorney of that place), in the 
estate of Mary, wife of John Culbertson. No account or oth- 
er papers on file there. I can find no John Culbertson in 
Franklin Co., Pa., at this time to whom this ad'm'n belonged 
and I am inclined to believe it was for some one living away 
from there and that either she or her husband had land in 
Franklin Co. I never found deed of Capt. John Culbertson 
of Ky., for any land he had in Franklin Co., Pa. Did not 
look to see if Samuel W. Culbertson conveyed this for him. 
Indications are that Capt. John's wife died about this time. 
I could find no deed in Ky. from John in which his wife par- 


(44) Jerome Woods Berryman was born at Arcadia, Mo., 
March 12, 1870, had a common school education in the pub- 
lic schools and one year at the Belleview Collegiate Institute 
at Caledonia, Mo. In 1887 he went to Kansas taking a posi- 
tion in the Elk City Bank and in 1888 was elected cashier 
and put in charge of the bank, in 1891 he removed from Elk 
City to Medicine Lodge, Kan., taking a position with the 
Citizens Bank of that place. When the Cherokee Strip in 
Oklahoma was thrown open to settlement in 1893, he made 
the "run" from Hennesey, Okla. to the new townsite of Enid 
but getting nothing satisfactory there he moved on to the 
Government townsite of Round Pond in "L" now Grant 
County, Okla., where he estabhshed the Bank of Pond 
Creek and conducted it for several years, serving two terms 
as Mayor of the City of Pond Creek and in various 
other pubKc capacities. In 1897 he disposed of a 
part of his Oklahoma interests and returned to Elk 
City, Kansas, to again take charge of the Elk City Bank 
at that place, removing a few years later (1900) to Ash- 
land, Kansas where he now resides and is President of the 
Stockgrowers National Bank of that place and largely inter- 
ested in banking, lumber yards, ranching, etc. He was mar- 
ried June 8, 1898, to Nancy Annette McNickle at Cortland, 


Neb., and they have five children, Dorothy, now a Senior at 
Washburn College, Topeka, Kan. ; Jerome Charles, now in 
his Sophomore year at Centre College, Danville, Ky., where 
he has already won signal honors in scholarship and ath- 
letics and is Student Business Manager of the famous 
"Praying Colonel" football team and other athletics of the 
college. The other children born in the order named, James 
Woods, Virginia and George Albert are yet in the public 
schools at Ashland. Jerome W. Berryman has taken an 
active part in the business, social and political life of the 
state of which he has, for the greater part of his life, been 
a resident, has served as President of the Kansas Bankers 
Association, on numerous banking and corporate boards, as 
a member of the Executive Council of the American Bank- 
ers Association, the Cattle Raisers Association of Texas, 
mayor two terms of Pond Creek, Okla., mayor and member 
of Council several terms Ashland and Elk City, member of 
the Kansas Legislature four times and in other public 
capacities, including President of the Board of Education 
at Ashland, in which capacity he has served a number of 
terms. He has been a Mason since 1891 and a member of all 
the Masonic bodies, Scottish and York Rite, Shrine, 0. E. S. 
etc. Is financially interested in the First National Bank of 
Wichita, Kansas, and the Red Star Mills, and other Wichita 

His grandfather, Jerome C. Berryman, was a Methodist 
minister and a pioneer missionary among the Indians in 
Kansas in 1833. 



Irish Samuel of Culbertson Row 


(G) Samuel Culbertson who emigrated from "Culbertson 
Row", Antrim Co., Ireland, and with his brother, Alexan- 
der, settled in Lancaster Co., Pa., in what afterwards be- 
came Lurgan Twp., Cumberland Co., and still later became 
Greene Twp., Franklin Co., Pa., and called their settlement 
"Culbertson Row." The first official mention we find of 
him is in the Pa. Colonial Archives, New Ser., by Bruce, 
which gives him as "Sergeant-Major in Col. Hugh Mercer's 
(Third) Battalion of Pa. Provincial Troops, in 1758. Col. 
Mercer was in the Forbes Expedition in 1758." Col. James 
Burd says in a letter in the Pa. Arch., dated Dec. 2, 1758 : "I 
have the pleasure to inform you, that on Friday last, our 
Army being within fourteen miles of Ft. Duquesne, the 
enemy thought proper to blow up the Fort, and went off 
bodily in their battoes. They entirely destroyed the works 
and rendered everything useless." 

We know from the Pa. Archives that Samuel was still in 
the service in 1759. He was stationed for a while at Ft. 
Duquesne under Col. Mercer. We cannot find any record of 
his military services after 1759. His term of enlistment 
was for "three years, or until the close of the war." 

I obtained the names of his children from his will, pro- 
bated in Frankhn Co., Pa., Oct. 15, 1789. 

Samuel's son, Robert, married his cousin, Elizabeth Lind- 
say. This shows that either Ehzabeth Lindsay's mother 
was a Culbertson, or Jennet Shield's (Samuel Culbertson's 
first wife) mother was a Lindsay. 

Irish Samuel Culbertson of Pa. "Row" was a very wealthy 
and prominent man. Owned at one time nearly 2000 acres. 

Before his death he gave (1785), his sons, John, Alexan- 
der, James and Joseph 200 acres each. He gave Robert land 
prior to 1777 as he did also John. He gave in his will: 
Samuel, £400; John 5 shillings; Robert (dec'd) portion 
given during his hfetime. Son-in-law, Thos. McKean (son 
of Eleanor) £500., silver spurs to grandson, Samuel Culbert- 
son McKean; son Alex, coat and grey mare; daughter, Ag- 
nes (Mrs. Wm. Long) £60; Martha £60, Joannah (Mrs. 
Sharp) £60; Mary £50; Jennet (Mrs. Guthrie) £50 (each 
child also got a negro or negress slave). To son James he 
left the use of his farm for seven years providing he pays 
above bequests and maintenance money to his widow 


Eleanor. Should James refuse or fail to carry out this pro- 
vision then, he directs ex'rs to sell this land and give James 
one-half of the amount arising from such sale. 

Samuel Sr. married his second wife in 1782 (Eleanor W, 
McKean, of Frederick Co., Md.) Made a prenuptial agree- 
ment with her Aug. 20, 1782. No children by this marriage. 
In 1802 she gave a quit claim to the executors of Samuel's 
est. in consideration of $1050 and released all right of dower. 
Samuel, Sr.'s son, John, died 1797, and his children sued 
the Exrs. for their share in the estate, £21. Samuel in his 
will named Executors Counsin Joseph son Joseph and Cou- 
sin or Nephew Samuel. Will made Oct. 9, 1789 ; probated 
Oct. 15, 1789. This will establishes the fact that Joseph, 
he mentions as his cousin, was Irish Joseph of Culbertson 
*'Row" — whom everybody supposed was his brother — was 
in reality his cousin. 

The appraisers were Col. Joseph and Col. Robert Culbert- 
son and John Brackenridge. 

The second account from 1797 to 1801 was filed by Col. 
Samuel Culbertson and (son) Joseph Culbertson, surviving 
executors of Samuel Culbertson, Sr. His cousin Joseph 
(Irish) had died in 1794. The final acc't was filed 1804 by 
surviving ex'rs. Col. Samuel and Col. Joseph Culbertson. 
His son, Joseph, had died in 1801. First account filed June 
4, 1794, it shows "pd. ex'rs. Samuel (Col.), Joseph (Cousin) 
and Joseph (son) £36 for services." They sold his home 
farm, 1803, to Adam Harbison, Dec .22, 1803, for £4716, 16s. 
— 450 acres. 

The bequests made to the daughters do not equal the 
value of land deeded to his sons. He must have paid 
them in money prior to his death. There is one peculiar 
thing, that a Samuel Culbertson (residence not given) was 
granted 3000 acres of land in Ky. (then Va.) in 1781-85 
I have searched many counties in Ky., but cannot find any 
record of this land and no deeds from him or his executors 
for this land. Some of the land was on Harrods Creek, near 
Louisville, some in Ohio county, and some in Muehlenberg 
Co., Ky., on Big Caney and Little Cliffy. This is in the same 
territory in which the Sharps and Longs settled and I 
thought it might be possible that this Ky. land to Samuel 
Culbertson might have been granted to his married daugh- 
ters who went to Ky., but can find no deed for it. It was 
not a military grant. 

Samuel's first wife was Jennet Shields, dau. of David 
Shields of Letterkenny Tp., Cumb. Co., Pa., to whom he 


must have been married about 1736-38. (David Shields was 
in French and Indian War; d. 1773) (David Shields pr. Aug. 
7, 1755, French and Indian War). 

David Shields, father of Jennet (Shields) Culbertson, 
made his will in Cumb. Co., Pa., May 27, 1766, probated 
May 8,. 1773. In it he devises to daughter, Jennet,, wife of 
Samuel Culbertson, Sr. 

The inventory of chattels of Irish Samuel's estate was 
filed Oct. 21, 1789, and totaled £1046, 2 s.. Id. The first ac- 
count from June, 1794 to 1804 totaled £908, 12.s, 6d. 

The account from 1797 to 1802 totaled £2669, 12s, 6d. 
The bequests amounted to over £1240, outside of amounts in 
prenuptial agreement, £200, were paid widow in 1802 for 
release of dower. If we take the value of the farms which 
he gave his sons at what they sold them for (i. e. John 424 
acres for £1485 ; Samuel £1750 ; Robert £400 — not counting 
money given Robert's heirs during his lifetime — Alexander 
£1500; Joseph £1550). Total in farm values to sons £5885; 
add this to total of disbursements of executors, not includ- 
ing bequests (i. e. £3577). Total £10,312 or $51560— a huge 
sum for those days. 

There must be added to this the amount ($15,000) which 
the farm of 195 acres in Montgomery Tp., Franklin Co., Pa. 
(which was given "Gentleman James by his father in 1785, 
and which James sold in 1795). There must also be added 
to this the value of a farm of 244 acres in Letterkenny Tp., 
which was deeded by Samuel, Sr., to his son Joseph, in 1785, 
then valued at £300 ; also farm in Letterkenny Tp. of 200 
acres, which Samuel, Sr., deeded for $1 to son Alex, in 1785, 
valued at least £400. These two would add $3300. This 
would give a total estimate of Samuel's financial standing 
of $70,460. 

He stated in his will that if there was any surplus in his 
estate above all costs and bequests that then said surplus 
should be equally divided among my daughters then alive. 


Issue of Irish Samuel and wife. Jennet: 
I. Samuel, b. 1738-9?; d. 1814 (Chapter XXVI) West- 

II. John, b. 1739-40?; d. 1797 (Chapter XXVII), West- 

HI. Robert, b. 1741-2?"; d. 1777-8 (Chapter XXVIII) 
Cumberland Co., Pa. 


IV. Eleanor, b. 1742-3?; d. before 1789 (Mrs. Thos. Mc- 
Cane of Franklin Co., Pa. Census 1790 shov/s she 
was not living ; husband given with 3 sons over 16 ; 
2 sons under 16; 4 daughters. One son's name 
Samuel C. 
V. Joseph, b. ; d. 1801 ; (Chapter XXIX), Shippens- 

burg, Pa. 
VI. Alexander, b. 1747?; d. 1790 (Chapter XXX) Frank- 
lin Co., Pa. 

VII. Agnes, b. 1749 ; d. (Mrs. Wm. Long of Franklin 

Co., Pa.) Census 1790, Wm. Long, self and wife,, 
one son over 16 4 sons under 16, and 3 daughters. 
Married 1770. Moved to Fayette Co., Ky. Issue: 
Nine children. One son Samuel C. married Joan- 
nah, daughter Capt. John Culbertson of Muehlen- 
berg, Co., Ky. ? 

VIIL James, b. 1750?; d. 1812. ''Gentlemen James" (Chap- 
ter XXXI, of "Culbertson Row"). 

IX. Martha, b. ; d. . (unmarried) Culbertson 


X. Joannah, b. ; d. . Lived first Cumb. Co., 

Pa., later moved to Ky. Census 1790, Pa., Joannah 
Sharp, 2 sons under 16, one daughter. Husband 
died before 1790. One son Nelson married a 
daughter of Capt. John Culbertson of Muehlens- 
berg Co., Ky. ? 

XL Jennet, b. ; d. . Frankhn Co., Pa. Married 

James Guthrie. Issue: (Seilheimer's report) 
James Guthrie; Wm. Guthrie; John Guthrie (all 
three and James Sr. Census 1790, Westmoreland 
Co., Pa.) ; Archibald; Esther (Mrs. Paul Morrow). 
XII. Mary, unmarried, b. ; d. . Culbertson Row. 

Irish Samuel was most too old (about 58 years) at the be- 
ginning of the Revolution to have served. The tax records 
from 1776 to 1782 give only four Samuel Culbertsons and 
none are thereon designated Col. but one and he was Irish 
Alexander's son. One Samuel is designated on tax list as 
Irish Samuel (or Samuel Sr.), one Col. ; one Sam of "Creek", 
one Samuel Jr. (son of Irish Samuel). There were four 
Sams from what is now Franklin Co., Pa. in military service 
at the same time, and one Sam from Cumb. Co., at same 
(Sam of Silverspring Tp.). 




(I) Samuel Culbertson, eldest son of Irish Samuel, of Cul- 
bertson Row, Pa., was raised in Letterkenny Tp., Cumb. Co., 
Pa. and moved in 1785-6 to Westmoreland Co., (now Indi- 
ana Co.) Pa., four miles from Blairsville. His name appears 
on tax lists of Lurgan in 1762,. therefore, he must have been 
born about 1740 or before this (tax lists before 1762 — ex- 
cept 1750 — are not available, hence he may have paid tax 
before 1762). Deeded property in Lurgan Tp. in 1778 to M. 
Kiner, £1750 being part of land conveyed him by M. Karr, 
said land adjoining Joseph Culbertson's land. In May, 1778, 
sold some land in Westmoreland Co., Pa., his residence then 
being Cumb. Co. Wife's name in deed, Mary. Family records 
say he was married twice. Second wife, Mary Wiley. (Sam- 
uel and wife Mary deeded land in Letterkenny to A. Burk- 
holder, June 1, 1769). Samuel is on tax list in Letterkenny 
Tp., 1770, designated "widower." Paid tax on this land in 
1782-85. According to D. A. R. Reports (Vol. VIII, pg. 204) 
"Was Quartermaster of Cumb. Co., Pa., troops." Service 
not given. I am of the opinion that he was married by 1760. 
Census 1790: males (including self) over 16, four; males 
under 16, three ; females, four including wife. (West'more- 
land Co.). The Census of 1800, Westmoreland Co., Pa., gives 
him Derry Tp., self over 45; males of 16 and under 26, four; 
males of 26 and under 45, one ; females over 45, one ; fe- 
males of 16 and under 26, one ; females 10 years and under 
16, one; of 10 years, one. 

This shows his son, Alexander, was by second wife. There- 
fore the third Alexander with Revolutionary record in Cum- 
berland Co., Pa., was not this Alexander. Was not old 
enough to serve. 

Revolutionary Service of Samuel (I), eldest son of Irish 
Samuel of "Row". "Samuel Culbertson, Jr., pr. 4th Battn, 
3rd Co., Col. Samuel Culbertson, Cumb. Co., Pa., Aug. 30, 
1780" (Pa. Arch. 5th. Ser.). "July 21, 1781, Lt. Samuel 
Culbertson, 4th Co., 4th Batt'n. Col. John Scott." (Pa. 
Arch., Vol. VI, 5th Ser., page 293). In Capt. John Orbison's 

(I) Samuel. Samuel's making a deed June 1, 1769, with 
wife Mary, and being on tax duplicate 1770 "widower", 
would indicate that his first wife's name also was Mary. 


Issue: (by first marriage). 

1. Robert, married an Indian woman. Was a trapper. 

Had several children and lived on the Winnebago 
Agency in Nebraska. Left home in early life be- 
cause he did not like his step-mother (Mary 
Wiley). Left home after 1790. 

2. John Culbertson (a hunter). Not liking his step- 

mother left home. 

3. James Culbertson, Hempfield Tp., Westmoreland Co., 

Pa. "He served in the Frontier Rangers from 
Cumb. Co., Pa., 1781-2" (Pa. Arch.) James signed 
a release in Feb., 1823, on his father's estate, but 
wife, if living, did not sign. No deeds to him and 
no ad'm'n or will in Westmoreland Co. Do not 
know where he went. 

(1) Samuel Culbertson married second, Mary Wiley, 
daughter of Hugh Wiley, of Cumb. Co., Pa. (Wife born be- 
fore 1775; died Dec, 1827.) 


4. Alexander Culbertson, Westmoreland Co., Pa. Bache- 

lor. His brothers and sisters signed a release with 
him in 1823 but no wife signed with him although 
the other wives signed. 

5. Joseph, d. 1824. Westmoreland Co., Pa. 

6. Hugh (Judge). Wooster, Ohio. 

7. Margaret (Mrs. John Huey), b. 1779; d. 1842. West- 

moreland Co., Pa. 

8. Keziah (Mrs. Thos. Rees). Washington Co., Pa.; later 

Wayne Co., 0. 

9. Esther (Mrs. Samuel Culbertson). Holmes Co., Ohio. 

10. William (unmar.), d. 1814. Westmoreland Co., Pa. 


(2) John Culbertson, descendants say, mar. Miss Martha 
Craig. Living with father in 1790, but not in 1800 

Issue: (given by relatives). Widow moved to Slippery 
Rock, Lawrence Co., Pa. None of descendants there now. 

11. John. 

12. William. 

(3) James Culbertson. Have not names of his children. 
He is given in his father's will 1814. Oji release 1823 his 
residence is given Westmoreland Co., Pa. 


(5) Joseph Culbertson married Miss Agnes Dickson, lived 
near Blairsville, Pa. Soldier in War 1812. 

Issue : 

13. Samuel, d. 1866. Bachelor. St. Louis, Mo. 

14. William, b. 1806; d. 1872. 

15. Isaac, b. ; d. 1850. 

16. James, b. ; d. . Bachelor. Piqua, Ohio. 

17. Maria, b. ; d. 

18. EHza, b. ; d. 

19. Margaret, b. d. — '. Never married. 

21. Joseph, b. ' — ; d. young. Dwarf. 

22. Samuel, b. -; d. Unmarried. 

(6) Judo-e Hugh Culbertson married Jane . Lived at 

Wooster, 0. 


23. Samuel ] rr ■ i mi- -^ r\ 
24 Mary D \ Twms; d. near Wooster O. 

25! Margaret, b. 1805. 

26. James G., d. 

27. John Welch, b. July 3, 1809 ; d. 1883. 

28. Betty, d. Never married. 

29. Drusilla. d. )' . 

30. Susan, d. 1892 \ ^wins. 
?1. Wm. G., dwarf. 

32. Jane W., d. at 20; unmar. 

33. Hugh M. Living near Wooster. 

34. Eli B., d. 

(7) Margaret Culbertson, born in Row in 1783-4, Apr. 14. 
died at Washington, Pa., February 11, 1861, or October 11, 
1860. She married Brigadier-General John (not William) 


35. a. Mary Wiley, born April 3, 1809; died June 7, 

1880-81 ; unmarried. 

3514. a. Lucy, born May, 1810; died July 2, 1891-2; mar- 
ried Dr. John Alexander, of St. Clairsville, 0., May 
26, 1842; no issue. 

351/2- a. Eliza Jane, born October 9, 1811; died April 10, 
1891 married Hon. Alex. Murdoch, of Washington, 
Pa., December 5, 1844. Issue: Rebecca, John 
(married), Margaret, Lucy (Mrs. A. Donnan), 

36. a. Samuel Culbertson Huey, born July 21, 1813, in 

Indiana Co., Pa. died at Enterprise. Fla., Feb- 


ruary 11, 1886. Married Ann Scott Baird of Pitts- 
burg, Pa., August 24. 1836. 
Issue : 

b. John Baird, born May 20, 1837; died April, 1839. 

b.Robert Culbertson, born September 11, 1839; died August 
9, 1847. 

b. Samuel Baird, born January 7, 1842 ; married June, 1868, 
Mary E. Abrams, of Philadelphia. He lived at 
Philadelphia. Was lawyer to Bell Telephine Co. 
and Edison Electic Light Company and was one 
of the most eminent corporation lawyers of that 
city. Was Secretary of Union League Club a num- 
ber of years ; an elder in Walnut Street Presby- 
terian Church and Superintendent of Sunday 
School. Was a paymaster in U. S. Navy during 
the Civil War. Both he and his father are spoken 
of in histories of Philadelphia, as being among the 
eminent men of that city. 

b. Emma Harvey Huey, born January 7, 1842; died April 
4, 1858. 

b. Harriet J. Baird Huey, born April 27, 1849 lived at Phil- 

b. Robert S., born 1820 ; died October 6, 1890. Married Miss 

b. John Thompson, born 1821 ; died August 20, 1864. Mar- 

b.Wilham Culbertson, born 1822-5 ; died 1873. Married. 

(b) Samuel Baird Huey mar. Mary Elizabeth Abrams 
(wife b. 1845; d. 1919) ; married 1868. 


c. Arthur Baird, b. 1870. Mar. Ellen Cadwallader Smith 

(b. 1875). No issue. 
c. Wm. Abrams, b. 1872 ; d. 1878. 
c. Emma Harvey, b. 1874. Mar. 1906 to Alexander Wister 

Jr. (1865). Issue: Eleanor W. Wister, b. 1907; 

Deborah Gaynor Wister, b. 1910. Philadelphia, 

c. Samuel Culbertson Huey, b. 1877. Unmarried. A promi- 
nent corporation lawyer. Philadelphia, Pa. 
c. Malcolm Sidney, b. 1880, mar. 1919 to Emily McAllister 

Hibbard (b. 1884). Issue: Sidney McAllister 

Huey, b. 1920. 

(c) Malcolm S. Huey was a Major in the Ordnance Dept. 
(World War) and saw service in France. (Phila.) 


c. Howard Hunt Huey, b. 1885; d. 1889. 

Unmar -led. 
c. Mary Dorothy Huey, b. 1889. Lives at Philadelphia. 

(8) Keziah Culbertson mar. Mr. Thomas Reese. Moved to 
Wayne Co., Ohio. 


37. Samuel. 

38. Rush. 

(9) Esther Culbertson mar. her cousin, Samuel Culbert- 
son. Lived at Millersburg, Holmes Co., 0. Engaged in mer- 
chandising. First wife d., and then remarried. Do not 
know which children by first wife. She died after 1823, 
when she signed a release. 


39. Louisa, d. unmar. 

40. Margaret. Mar. Dr. Stephen Norris. 

41. William. Birmingham, Iowa. 

42. Smith. Birmingham, Iowa. 

43. Robert ( ?) d. single, 1819. 


(14) William Culbertson mar. Mary Ann Coe, daughter of 
Rev. Jas. Coe. Moved to Miami Co., Ohio. Later to Butler 
Co., Ohio. He died on his farm near Middletown, O. ; wife 
living 1893. 

Issue : 

44. James Coe (M. D.) Cincinnati, Ohio. b. Dec. 19, 1840; 

d. June 4, 1908. 

45. Joseph Washington, b. July 13, 1843 ; d. Jan. 29, 1909. 

46. Ehza Agnes. 

47. Mary Bell. 

48. Anna Margaret, d. young. 

49. Francis Jane. 

50. William Lowry. 

51. Etta Maria. Unmar. Blue Ball, Ohio. 

(15) Isaac Culbertson mar. Mary McChesney, moved to 

Issue : 

52. Agnes. 

(17) Maria Culbertson mar. Jos. Thompson, of Indiana 
Co., Pa. Both dead. 

53. Wm. Thompson, mar. 

54. John, d. 


55. Joseph, lawyer, Quincy, Ills. 

56. James, unmar. 

57. Samuel, unmar. 

58. Nancy, b. 1820, living in 1892. (unmar.). Kent, Ind. 

Co., Pa. 

59. Margaret, d. 

60. Maria (Mrs. Davisson). 

61. Rachel, d. 

62. EHza Culbertson mar. John Devining of Ind. Co., Pa. 

(both dead). 

63. Wm. Culbertson, d. 

64. Amanda (Mrs. Stewart Davis). Blairsville, Pa. Issue: 

John, Leroy, Archie. 

65. Mary A. (Mrs. R. D. Wilkinshaw, Lebanon, Mo.). 

(19) Margaret, mar. Allen Wilson, lived on farm near 
Nashville, Holmes Co., Ohio. 
Issue: Several children. 

(23) Samuel Culbertson mar. Rebecca Richey, Aug. 11, 
1825. Widow at Allegheny City, Pa., in 1892. 


66. John R. Lived Jefferson, la., 1892. 

67. Dan. d. 
671/2. Dan D. 

68. Mary Douglas Culbertson mar. Col. Jacob Beam. 

Lived at Sioux City, Iowa. 1892. 

69. ,. Mrs. Langley, Chicago, Ills. 

70. Son. 

71. Son. 

(25) Margaret Culbertson mar. Mr. Bigham. Lived at 
Niobrara, Neb. 


72. Wilham. Lived at Sioux City, la. 

(26) James G. Culbertson. Lived at Lawrence Co., Pa. 
Married Miss Bell. 


74. Sarah (Mrs. Bigham). 

75. Anna. (Mrs. Hon. Kelly W. Frazer, DeKota, Neb.). 

76. Joseph B. Grand Rapids, Wood Co., Ohio. Farmer. 

77. EH E. Grand Rapids, Wood Co., A. Farmer. 

78. Louisa S. (Mrs. Ryan). Bryan,. Ohio. 

(27) John Welch Culbertson mar. Elizabeth A. Eagle of 


Mohican Twp., Wayne Co., Ohio. Wife b. 1811. Living 
(wife) at Fairfield, Iowa, 1892. 

79. W. Benton, d. lawyer. Lived at Burlington, la. 

80. Edward B., d. Farmer. 

(29) Drusilla Culbertson mar. Rev. , a Methodist 

minister, who was a foreign missionary. Had a family, but 
know nothing about them. (1892). 

(30) Susan Culbertson mar. Mr. Fenton. 
Issue : 

81. Norman, d. 

82. , son, d. 

(33) Hugh M. Culbertson mar. first, Margaret Sanderson, 
of Wooster. Wife died. 

83. Benjamin Byers. Homestead, Pa. 

84. John Lawyer. Peoria, Ills. Married, died; wife re- 


85. Robert S. Wooster. 

86. Helen, mar. Wooster. 

87. Harry W. Editor, Chicago, Ills. 

88. Frank. 

(33) Hugh M. mar. second . Issue not known. 

(34) Eli B. Culbertson mar. Catherine . Husband 

dead. Soldier in Mexican War in Col. Curtis Regt. 


89. Alice, mar. (Davenport, la.). 

90. Eli, killed in R. R. accident in Tex., 1883. Widow re- 

married. Mr. Cavan, hved Tuscaloosa, la., in 1892. 

91. Aaron S., residence unknown. Soldier in Union army. 

92. Mrs. James Early, Guernsey Co., 0. 


(44) Dr. James Coe Culbertson, mar. first 1865 to Vir- 
ginia Clark. Wife died. No issue. Mar. second Sarah 
Pogue, Apr. 10, 1873, died 1884. Wife from Cincinnati, 0. 

Issue : 

93. Henry Coe, b. at Cincinnati, 0., July 11, 1874. 

94. James Clark. Cincinnati, 0., unmarried. 

95. Margaret EHzabeth. 

(44) Dr. J. C. Culbertson mar. third Sophia Braun of 


Ripley, Ohio, 1888. No issue. Wife living (Ripley, Ohio). 

(45) Joseph W. C. Lived at Blue Ball, Ohio. Married 
Henrietta Allison. (Wife b. Mar. 31, 1840; d. Mar 19, 


96. Belle (Mrs. W. B. Forman), Frankhn, 0. 

97. Mary L., b. Aug. 14, 1866; d. Aug. 16, 1906. 

98. Martin A., d. Mar. 10, 1891 ; b. Oct 28, 1867 

(46) Elizabeth Agnes Culbertson mar. Mr. Mitchell. Lives 
near Blue Ball, Ohio. 

Issue: 99-103. 

(47) Mary Belle Culbertson mar. Mr. Hunt, of Lytte, 0. 

(49) Francis Jane mar. W. A. Eudlay, a prominent law- 
yer of Cincinnati, Ohio. 

(50) William Lowry C. mar. Lives Blue Ball, Ohio. 

104. Frank B., Middletown, O. 

105. Daughter. 

(52) Agnes M. Culbertson mar. Theodore Clarke Miller, 
M. D., a prominent physician of Massilon, Ohio. Civil War 
veteran. Died 1923, aged 80 years. 


106. Clarke Culbertson Miller. 

107. Charles Rush. 

108. Thomas Culbertson. 

109. Clara. 

110. Mary Garvin. 

(66) John R. Culbertson mar. Sarah R. DeWitt, dau. of 
Col. Joseph DeWitt. Lived in Wayne Co., 0. Then moved 

to Iowa. 

Issue : 

111. Edward D. Y. 

Jefferson, la. 

112. WilHam. 

113. Harry. 

114. Verner. 

115. Anna Mary. 

116. Gertrude. 

117. Blanche. 

(74) Sarah Culbertson mar. Rev. Bigham. Widow lives 
at Plain Grove, Lawrence Co., Pa. 


(79) W. Benton Culbertson mar. first . Wife d. 

Issue : 

118. Frank 0., d. Married. Had a son, Frank Seymour. 

(79) Hon. W. B. C, mar. second . 

Issue : 

119. Boy, d. young. 

120. Boy, d. young. 


(93) Henry Coe Culbertson mar. Mabel D. Freeman of 
Chicago, March 14, 1900. Lives at Chicago, Ills. 

121. Eleanor Pogue Culbertson, b. Apr. 1908. 

122. Margaret Freeman Culbertson, b. June, 1913. 

(95) Margaret Elizabeth Culbertson mar. John E. Wheel- 
er. Lives at Portland, Oregon. Mar. June 5, 1907. 

123. Wm. Egbert Wheeler II, b. July 31, 1908. 

124. Mary Elizabeth, b. May 25, 1911. 

125. John Pogue, b. Apr. 27, 1915. 

126. Margaret Knox, b. May 10, 1920. 

(96) Belle Culbertson mar. W. B. Forman. Lives at 
Franklin, Ohio. 

Issue: . 

(97) Marv L. Culbertson mar. John P. Harkrader, Oct. 
14, 1885. Husband born Jan. 16, 1860. 


127. Mabel Alberta Harkrader, b. Aug. 17, 1888; d. Apr. 

27, 1889. 

128. Roy Culbertson, b. Nov. 14, 1889. Married to Har- 

riet Wetmore Miller, of Oxford, Ohio, June 16, 
1914. No issue. Lives at Cincinnati, O. (Dentist) 

129. Florence Mary Harkrader, b. Oct. 25, 1891; mar. to 

A. E. Wittenberg of Toledo, 0., June 27, 1922. 

130. John Myron Harkrader, b. Dec. 30, 1893; d. July 22, 


131. Edwin Forrest, b. July 5, 1890. 

132. Joseph Alhson, b. Apr. 18, 1896. 

133. Margaret Elizabeth, b. Mar. 18, 1902. 

184. Marion Coe Culbertson, b. Aug. 5, 1906; d. Apr. 16, 



(1) Robert Culbertson and (2) John Culbertson not lik- 
ing their step-mother, Mary Wiley, ran away from home 
when quite young, and Robert became a hunter and trap- 
per in the far West. One of these brothers, Robert married 
an Indian. Mrs. Hon. Kelly W. Frazier, while teaching in 
the government school in the Winnebago Agency, Neb., 
heard of his descendants and visited them. She said they 
were educated, culture.d and refined, and that they told her 
that "their father, not liking his step-mother, Mary Wiley, 
left home." 

(13) Samuel, (14) Wm., (15) Isaac, and (16) James, in 
early life were engaged as contractors on Public Works, 
building a large part of the Miami and Erie Canals north of 
Troy, and the Wabash Canal in Indiana. They were all noble 
and upright men, beloved by all who knew them. William 
erected mills and pursued this business for a time in Miami 
Co., 0,. and for the last twenty-eight years of his life was 
a farmer. His son was (44) Dr. J. C. Culbertson, of Chi- 
cago and Cincinnati. 

(44) James Coe Culbertson, M. D., born December 19, 
1840, Miami County, Ohio. Died June 4, 1908, Cincinnati, 
Ohio. When Fort Sumter was fired on April 12, 1861, there 
was a prompt response to the call to arms from thousands 
of young men, who were then students in various literary, 
technical and medical schools of the country. Professional 
careers were thrown aside and ignored in the feehng of 
patriotism which filled the hearts of these young men. Dr. 
James Coe Culbertson was one of those patriotic young 
men. When the war broke out, he was a medical student in 
Cincinnati, but he enhsted as a private in Co. D., 5th 0. V. I. 
April 19, 1861. Soon after his regiment entered West Vir- 
ginia he was detailed to act as Assistant Surgeon by Col. 
Dunning. He served in that capacity until Nov., 1861, when 
he was ordered to Romney, Va., Dec. 5th to Wheeling, W. 
Va., to act as Hospital Steward, April, 1862, to Cumberland 
Md., and placed in charge of medical stores at that point. 
September 13, 1862, mustered in as Hospital Steward, U. 
S. A. In October, 1862, was ordered to Washington for 
duty in Emory General Hospital. He remained there un- 
til October, 1863, when he was ordered to the Marine, Hos- 
pital, Cincinnati. In* February, 1864, he was discharged on 
certificate of disabihty, resulting from an attack of Typhoid 


fever. In May, 1864, he was commissioned Assistant Sur- 
geon 137 O. V. I. with which command he served in charge 
of Post Hospital at Fort McHenry until mustered out, on ex- 
piration of term of service of the regiment. 

In autumn of 1865, Dr. Culbertson passed a competitive 
examination and was admitted as an Assistant in Bellevue 
Hospital, New York. While there he attended lectures in 
Bellevue Hospital Medical College and received the degree 
of Doctor of Medicine in March, 1865. In the fall of the 
same year he began the practice of medicine in Cincinnati. 
During his long and useful career in our city, he was better 
known as an editor than as a practitioner. In 1873 he pur- 
chased the Lancet and Observer, a monthly journal owned 
by Dr. E. B. Stevens. In 1878 he purchased the Clinic, a 
young weekly medical journal, founded by one of our Com- 
panions, the late Dr. J. T. Whittaker. The merger of the 
two journals was called the Lancet and CHnic, and as such 
•it still exists. As editor he achieved marked success. It 
was his ambition to publish a weekly medical journal, and 
his opportunity had come. Under his care the Lancet and 
Clinic grew in strength and influence, and became a finan- 
cial as well as literary success. His editorials were strong 
and vigorous, but characterized by a spirit of fairness on 
disputed questions. He had broad views of the function of 
a medical journal, and advocated measures to improve the 
health as well as the morals of the community. As a mem- 
ber of the Board of Education, he was particularly interest- 
ed in the education of the children who lived in the densely 
settled portions of our city. His efforts for better education 
were not limited to the public schools. The University of 
Cincinnati owes him a debt of gratitude for his work in its 
behalf. It could not expand, located as it was on the side 
hill on McMicken Ave.; it needed room. In May, 1889, Dr. 
Culbertson, then a member of the Council introduced an or- 
dinance for the occupancy of sixty acres of Burnett Woods 
for University purposes. He advocated the passage with 
great vigor and wrote numerous editorials in its behalf. 
The ordinance passed in September of the same year. In 
1891 he was called to Chicago to edit the Journal of the 
American Medical Association, a position which he held for 
about two years. From 1893 until it closed its doors, he was 
Professor of the Principals and Practice of Medicine in the 
Cincinnati College of Medicine and Surgery. 

In appreciation of his literary work, the American Social 
Science Association elected him a member, an honor which 


he highly prized. All in all Dr. Culbertson lived a very useful 
and successful Hfe, a good soldier, a good citizen, a devoted 
member and Elder of the Presbyterian Church. 

He was married three times, his wife and three children 
survive him. Rev. Henry C. Culbertson, Mr. James C. Cul- 
bertson and his daughter, Mrs. John Wheeler. (From In 
Memoriam by Drs, S. C. Ayres, C. L. Bonifield and Byron 
Stanton, committee of Commandery Military, Order of the 
Loyal Legion of the U. S.) 

(7) Judge Hugh Culbertson moved to Wooster, 0., about 
1824. Here he was a noted lawyer and judge. He owned a 
farm just outside of Wooster, His hospitable home was al- 
ways open, and no family was more universally respected 
than his. 

(27) John W. Culbertson first engaged in mercantile 
business in Wayne Co., 0. ; in 1828 moved to Gilead, Wood 
Co., 0., engaging in sam.e business, and was appointed Post- 
master by Van Buren. In 1840 he settled on what is now 
Fairfield, la. He was a Democrat of pronounced type. Was 
a member of the first Legislature of Iowa, representing Jef- 
ferson Co. two terms. Also held minor township and 
county offices. In 1856, he was appointed Receiver of 
Pubhc Moneys, at Fairfield, by President Pierce. He also 
served three terms as Clerk of Court, Jefferson Co., la. The 
latter part of his life was spent on his farm of 500 acres, 
adjoining the town of Fairfield. His wife, who was of an 
old Virginia family, was a well-preserved old lady of eighty- 
two years in 1892, and her letters are very interesting. 
Their son (79) "Hon Wm. Benton Culbertson was a student 
at Howe's Academy, Mt. Pleasant, la. He read law with 
Chas. Negus, of Fairfield, la. and then entered Yale Law 
School and graduated in 1857-8. He then engaged in prac- 
tice of law at Fairfield. In 1882 he removed to Burlington, 
la. As what is generally called "a, jury lawyer", Mr. Cul- 
bertson stands at the head of his profession. As a jury law- 
yer he has gained more than statewide celebrity. His 
thorough knowledge of the law, quick perception, and in- 
domitable energy makes him sought after by both rich and 
poor, the latter especially, knowing his generous mind and 
sympathetic feeling toward them. He is a Democrat in 
politics. In 1880, he was Democratic candidate for Congress 
in the First Dist. — a strong Republican district — and yet 
he ran 1400 votes ahead of his own party ticket, a thing 
without a precedent in this state. He was elected to the 
Legislature in 1883." (From Iowa Review of 1884). 


(93) Culbertson, Henry Coe, college pres., b. Cincinnati, 
0., July 11, 1874, son of Dr. J. C. and Sarah (Pogue) ; A. B. 
Univ. Cin., 1895 studied Columbia Law School 1896-8 ; B. D. 
Univ. Chicago 1900; (D. D. Lenox Col. 1910) mar. Mabel D. 
Freeman of Chicago, Mar. 14, 1900 ; Asst. Pastor Presb. Ch. 
Lake Forest, Ills., 1901-2 ; ordained 1902 ; pastor lola, Kan. 
1902-7; pres. Coll. Emporia, Kans., May, 1907. Mem. Beta 
Theta Pi. Progressive Club, Emporia, Kans. (From Who's 
Who in America). The mother of H. C. Culbertson was a 
daughter of the wealthy Mr, Pogue, merchant of Cincin- 
nati, Ohio. 

(36) Samuel C. Huey, President of the Penn. Mutual Life 
Insurance Company for thirteen years. Was a member of 
Union League (^lub of Philadelphia ; a director of several in- 
surance companies ; an elder in a Presbyterian church of 
Philadelphia many years. He was in the manufacturing 
business in Philadelphia before the war, later President of 
the Black Heath Coal Company. After this he was in part- 
nership with his brother William in agricultural implement 
business at Winona, Minn., after this he accepted the presi- 
dency of the Penn Mutual Life Insurance Co. 



(II) John Culbertson, second son of Irish Samuel Culbert- 
son of the "Row" mar. to Margaret . Paid taxes in 

Letterkenny Tp. in 1762, Born between 1740-41. In his 
father's will he cut John off with five shillings. Just why 
we do not know but it is most likely that he had given John 
land and money in sufficient amount before death to com- 
pensate him ; but this lead to a law suit and in 1809 his son 
Samuel of Westmoreland Co., Pa., gave power of att'y to 
his brother Alex, to bring suit in his name, as administrator 
of John against the administrators of (Irish) Samuel, to 
make demand and to sue to recover a legacy left by said 
(Irish) Samuel of Letterkenny Tp., Cumb. Co., Pa. John 
and wife Margaret sold 424 acres in Letterkenny Twp, for 
£1485 in 1786. Recites that land was given to him by his 
father Samuel Culbertson in 1785 and that said land was 
sold to his father in 1760. He then (1786) moved to Hemp- 
field Tp., Westmoreland Co., Pa. purchasing part of the 
land on which Hannastown (the first county seat) was lo- 
cated (about 400 acres). Died intestate and letters of ad- 


ministration were issued Mar. 28, 1797 to wife, Margaret, 
and son, Samuel. At this date all of the children were given 
of age save Martha and Alexander over 14 years and Mar- 
garet under fourteen. "John Culbertson, pr. 3rd Co., 4th 
Batt'n, 2nd Class, Cumb.Co., Pa. Ass'rs. Col. Samuel Cul- 
bertson, Aug. 30, 1780. (Pa. Arch., 5th Ser., page 279). 
Census 1790, Westmoreland Co., Pa.: 3 males over 16 (in- 
cluding head) males under 16, three; females, including 
wife, three. Also "Revolutionary Service, pr. in Capt. Sam 
Culbertson's Co., Col. Jos. Armstrong, Dec. 8, 1776 (Pa. 

1. Samuel. 

2. Esther (Mrs. Wm. Thomas) Census 1790, self and wife, 

1 son under 16 ; 2 daughters. 

3. Nancy (Mrs. John Dewitt) 1790 Census, self and wife. 

4. Robert, d. Apr. 19, 1357, Beaver Co., Pa.; born 1771. 


5. John, Wayne Co., Ohio. 

6. Martha (Mrs. David Rankin). 

7. Alexander, .Wayne Co., Ohio. 

8. Margaret (Mrs. John Conor). 

All were of age in 1803. 


(1) Samuel Culbertson lived in Westmoreland Co., Pa., as 
late as 1809. There was a Samuel Culbertson bought land 
in the county (Allegheny Tp.) in 1826 and sold it in 1826. 
No wife signed the deed so I presume he was unmarried. 

(4) Robert Culbertson married first Elizabeth Thomas 
before 1800 in Westmoreland Co., moved to Beaver Co. 
Pa., where he died. Wife born 1781 ; d. Aug. 5, 1833. Deed- 
ed his share of est. Oct. 31, 1798. No wife signed deed. 

Issue : 
9. William, b. 1800, d. June 8, 1835. Warren, Pa. 

10. John, b. 1802 ; d. . Beaver Co., Pa. 

11. Isaac, b. in Beaver Co., Pa. ; d. . Warren Co., Pa. 

12. Alexander, b. , Beaver Co., Pa. ; d. , Warren 

Co., Pa. 

13. Robert, b. , Beaver Co., Pa. ; d. , Bachelor at 

New Orleans. 

14. Armstrong, b. Beaver Co., Pa. ; d. young. 

15. Esther b. 1811 Beaver Co., Pa., married Mr. Reed; Is- 

sue, John Q. Reed, b. 1836, living. 


16. James, b. , Beaver Co., Pa. ; d. young. 

17. Ruel, b. , Beaver Co., Pa., mar. no children ; d. 

Mobile, Ala. 

18. Wilson, b. , Beaver Co., Pa.; d. , Green Co., 

Ind. ; 4 children. 

19. Clark, b. , Beaver Co., Pa.; d. , Green Co., 

Ind. ; 4 children. 

20. Margaret, d. young. 

21. Elizabeth, d. , Beaver Co., Pa. ; Mar. no children. 

(4) Robert Culbertson mar. second Abigail Edwards. 
(Robert rec'd pension $40 year for Indian War Services, 
1792-4 beginning Jan. 1, 1852.) 

Issue : 

22. Parker, b. , Beaver Co., Pa. ; d. , Alliance, 0., 

3 children. 

23. Joseph, b. , Beaver Co., Pa. ; d. , Alliance, 0., 

3 children. 

24. Samuel, b. Beaver Co., Pa. ; Left home, never heard 


25. Esther, b. , Beaver Co., Pa.; taken to Iowa when 

young; never heard from. 

(5) John Culbertson was mar. by or before 1798 to Jane 
Sloan. He and wife Jane sold land at Hannatown, West- 
moreland Co., Pa., in Oct. 1798. He moved to Venango Co., 
then to Beaver Co., Pa. and lastly to Wayne Co., Ohio. Pd. 
tax Irwin Tp., Venango Co., Pa., 1805. 

Issue : 

26. John. 

27. Joseph. 

28. William. 

29. Sloan. 

30. Alexander. 

31. Margaret. 

32. Ellen (Mrs. Dunham or Duncan). 

33. Hetty. 

34. Polly. 

35. Jennie. 

36. Elizabeth. 

(7) Alexander Culbertson mar. Margaret Sloan, moved 
to Venango Co., Irwin Tp. (tax 1805), a.nd Beaver County, 
Pa., then to Wayne Co., Ohio, where he died. 

Issue '. 

37. John, b. 1805. 















(9) William Culbertson mar. Miss Nancy Mohr. Kept a 
hotel at Sharpsburg, Pa., in 1856. Wife b. Mar. 25, 1805 ; d. 
Nov. 4, 1845. 


44. Jackson. 

45. James. 

46. Robert. 

47. Elias, b. Apr. 19, 1833. 

48. William Wallace, b. Mar. 25, 1839 ; d. July 9, 1846. 

(9) William Culbertson mar. second Miss Jane Strong. 

49. Nancy Jane (mar. cousin Robert, son of Alexander), b. 

May 3, 1854; d. Jan. 30, 1899. 

50. Minnie (Mrs. Chas. Knapp). Warren, Pa. 

(10) John Culbertson mar. Miss Elizabeth Thompson; 
wife died aged 96 years. 

Issue : 

51. Mary Ehzabeth, living 1922, Oakdale, Alle. Co., Pa. 

52. Samuel. 

53. Robert. 

54. Joseph. 

(11) Isaac Culbertson mar. Miss Mary Shirley. No issue. 
Died in Warren Co., Pa. 

(12) Alexander Culbertson mar. Lucinda . Died 

Warren Co., Pa. 


56. Robert, .b. 1845 ; d. Sept. 5, 1891 ; Warren Co., Pa. 

57. Alexander. 

58. John, d. 

59. Esther, d. 

5914. Nancy, d. 591/2- Wm., b. 1839. Living at Kinzua, Pa. 

(15) Esther Culbertson mar. Mr. Reed. 

60. John Quincy Reed, b. 1836, Hving. 


(17) Ruel Culbertson mar. . No issue. Died at Mo- 
bile, Ala. 

(18) Wm. Culbertson mar. . Died Greene Co., Ind. 

Issue: 61,62,63,64. 

(19) Clark Culbertson mar. . Died Greene Co., Ind. 

Issue :65-69. 

(21) Elizabeth Culbertson mar. . No issue. 

(22) Parker Culbertson mar.— — . Married in Beaver 
Co., Pa. Died Alliance, Ohio. Issue: 70-71. 

(23) Joseph Culbertson mar. , Alliance, Ohio. 

Issue 72-75. 

(26) John Culbertson mar. his cousin. Miss Dorcas Thom- 
as, of Wayne Co., Ohio., Aug. 25, 1825. 

76. John. 

77. Wilham. 

78. Alexander, d. 1885. Loudonville, 0. 

79. Milo, Lyons, Kans. 

80. Levi, d. 1863. Unmarried. 

81. Jane (Mrs. Roth), Shreve, 0. 

82. Esther (Mrs. Case), Orrville, 0. 

83. Ellen (Mrs. Mclntire). 

84. Matilda Ann, d. 1879. 


(37) John Culbertson mar. . Lived in Wayne Co., 0. 

Issue : 

85. Alexander. 

86. Jacob. 

87. WilHam, b. 1835. Lived at Akron, Ohio, in 1892. 

(44) Jackson Culbertson mar. Miss Tilly. Living in Min- 
nesota. Issue: 88-89. 

(45) James Culbertson mar. Miss Ella . Issue, two 

grandchildren, Bohvar Co., Miss, i. e. Miss Luella Soloman 
and Mrs. Betty Roberts, 138-139. 

(46) Robert Culbertson mar. Lizzie . No issue. 

(47) Elias Culbertson mar. first Miss Harriet Marsh. 
Lived at Oil City, Pa. 



90. Almon Elias, b. Mar. 27, 1856. New York City. 

91. Orie, b. Sept. 19, 1860; d. Apr. 10, 1919, in Russia. 

(47) Elias Culbertson mar. second Miss Lizzie Mohnkern. 
Wife b. Oct. 27, 1851. 
Issue * 

92. Warren L., b. Nov. 4, 1879. Lives at Oil Citv, Pa. 

93. Eva, b. Feb. 13, 1876. (Mrs. Evan Dickson), Oil City, 


94. Lawrence B., b. June 30, 1886. Lives at Oil City, Pa. 

(50) Minnie Culbertson mar. Chas. Knapp. 
Issue : 

95. Ralph Knapp. 

96. Goldie. 

(51) Mary Elizabeth Culbertson mar. Philis Bradshaw. 
Widow living at Oakdale, Pa. 

Issue : 

97. Margaret Bradshaw. 

98. Robert 

99. John R. 

100. Joseph. 

101. Eva E. 

102 Mabel (Mrs. Dr. Clark Denny), Oakdale, Pa. 

103. William. 

(56) Robert Culbertson mar. his cousin (49) Nancy Jane 
Culbertson, daughter of Alex (12). 

104. Wm. M., b. Apr. 5, 1876 ; d. Jan. 30, 1899. 

10414. Ward B., b. Oct. 3, 1877 ; Hves at Grand Valley, Pa. 

(591/2) Wm. Culbertson mar. . Lives at Kinzua, 

Warren Co., Pa. 

105. Belle (Mrs. McArthurs), Kinzua, Pa. 

1051/2. Alexander, b. 1851. Lives at Kinzua, Pa., is mar- 
ried. Issue: 136, Fred; 137, Harry; Kinzua, Pa. 

(76) John Culbertson mar. Mary Lovett. Lived at Akron, 
Issue : 

106. Josephine. 
106i/>. Laura. 

107. Addie. 


(77) Wm. Culbertson mar. Miss Fullerton, of Wayne Co., 

Issue : 

108. Frank. 

109. Ed. 

110. Henry. 

(78) Alexander Culbertson mar. 

Issue : 

111. Milton, Loudonville, Ohio. 

(79) Milo Culbertson mar. . 


112. Francis Rolland. Kans. 

113. Annie May. (Mrs. L. Banker). 

114. Alvin E. Lyons, Kans. 

(81) Jane Culbertson mar. Mr. Roth, of Shreve, 0. 
Issue : 

115. Albert. 

116. Nora (Mrs. J. D. Banker), Russell, Kans. 

117. Wilham. 

(82) Esther Culbertson mar. Mr. Case of Orrville, 0. 

118. Horace. 

119. Wm .A. 

(83) Ellen Culbertson mar. R. B. Mclntire. Live at 
Butler, Bates Co., Mo. 

Issue : 

120. L. 0. Mclntire, Lawrence, Kans, 

121. Harry R. Butler, Mo. 


(90) Almon Elias Culbertson born in Warren Co., Pa. 
About forty years ago moved to Russia. During the World 
War moved to United States, New York City. Married in 
Russia to Xenia Rogozny. Wife born in Russia June 28, 
1856, w.ife died in America. 


122. Pavel. 

123. Juha. 

124. Mihe. 

125. Evan. 

126. Evgenie. 


127. Elie. 

128. Saisha (Alexander), b. Dec. 29, 1893. Lives in N. Y. 


(91) Orie Culbertson born Warren Co., Pa., died in Rus- 
sia. Mar. Miss Georgia Mott (widow lives Philadelphia, 

Issue : 

129. Ehe, Philadelphia, Pa. 

130. George,. Philadelphia, Pa. 

(92) Warren Culbertson, Oil City, Pa,, mar. Mar. 19, 
1913, to Miss Edna Verda Gartner, who was born April 3rd, 
1880. No issue. 

(93) Eva Culbertson Dickson, Oil City, Pa., mar. Sept. 
5,. 1900, to Mr. Evan Dickson, who was born Dec. 6, 1866. 


131. John Dickson, only child, born June 3, 1904. 

(94) Lawrence B. Culbertson, Oil City, Pa., mar. Oct. 30, 
1907, to Miss Mmnie McKim, who was born April 17, 1886. 


132. William, only child, born Feb'y 4, 1915. 

(1041/4) Ward B. Culbertson mar. Clara B. Marsh of War- 
ren Co., Pa. (Wife b. Nov. 16, 1886). 
issue : 

133. Nancy A., b. at Russell, Pa., March 23,. 1907. 

134. Martna, b. at Russel, Pa., Jan. 29, 1909. 

135. Robert H,. b. at Russel Pa., July 16, 1918. 


(90) Almon Ehas Culbertson and (91) Orie Culbertson 
were minmg engmeers and oil producers who went to Rus- 
sia torty years ago and came back to America during the 
World War. 

(128) Sasha Culbertson, the great Russian Violin Virtu- 
oso, now making New York his home; was raised partly 
near the Carpathian Mountains in Russia and early learned 
the wierd and beautiful strains of gypsy, Russian and Cos- 
sak music. His mother was a fine musician and his father 

His first teacher was a Cossak (Prof. Sevcik). Later at- 
tended the Imperial Conservatory at Rostov. In 1905 he 


went to Prague, Bohemia to study for three years. In 1906 
Dr. Borecky of Prague wrote "What this young artist ac- 
compHshes today borders on the incredible — the impos- 
sible." In Vienna in 1908 Dr. Max Kalbeck wrote "Sasha 
Culbertson made his debut with a cycle of gigantic con- 
certs and carried off the honors over all his colleagues who 
have appeared upon the concert platform this season. He 
is the Rubenstein of the violin, not only by virtue of his 
outward appearance, but that he possesses absolute mastery 
of the fingerboard, etc., etc." Berlin, London, Rome and 
New York critics give equal lauditory criticisms. He has 
also played at the Vatican in a private audience with the 
Pope of Rome and His Holiness had a medal made for him 
in honor of this in 1910. His violin is a Joseph Guarnerius, 
bearing date 1732, having cost $10,000 and formerly be- 
longed to Count Cessoli and intimate friend of Paganini and 
this violin was greatly admired by Paganini. 

Sasha last year was doing concert work in America and 
playing for the Vocalian Record Co. Will tour Europe 1923 
in concert. These records show his marvelous execution 
and depth of feeling and the wondrous beauty of his violin. 
Saisha played with the Y. M. C. A. throughout the World 
War in France, to the sick and wounded and was demobilized 
in Aug. 1919. Elie, his brother was an interpreter in the 
army in France and Eugene served two and a half years in 
the French Heavy Art. 

(51) Mrs. Mary EHzabeth (Culbertson) Bradshaw has a 
granddaughter, Ruth Bradshaw of Denver, Col., who (I am 
so informed) was awarded the prize in 1922, of being the 
most beautiful woman in America, as per decision of read- 
ers of the American Magazine offering said prize. The 
photos were shown in the August number of The Metropoli- 
tan and the readers voted Miss Bradshaw the winner. Her 
picture was again shown in the Dec. '22 number of this 
magazine. She has won several beauty contests in Denver. 

Note: Would state that some of Saisha Culbertson's 
records in the Vocalion are, 70001 "Dance of the Gobhns" 
(Bazini) ; "Meditation" from Thais (by Massenet) ; also 
52041 "Scherzo Tarantelle"; "Serenade" No. 60001, and 
"Waltz in A Major" ; also Slavonic Dance. 



(III) Robert Culbertson, son of Irish Samuel, of the Row, 
(G). Mar. his cousin, EHzabeth Lindsay of Cumberland 
(now Frankhn) Co., Pa. First owned a farm in the "Row", 
then in 1773 sold his farm, 300 acres in Letterkenny Tp., 
and moved to Brownsville, Pa., where he lived for a year. 
He then tried to repurchase his farm in the Row, but failing 
in this bought a farm at the foot of South Mountain, Frank- 
lin Co., Pa., (several miles from Row) where he died. Let- 
ters of administration issued to his wife, Feb. 11, 1778. 
(Lived in Guilford Tp.) Later she married Mathew Sharp 
and he was appointed administrator. Sale bill returned 
March, 1778, showed bonds and Congress Money valued at 
£1180. In final acct. filed 1783 it states that the bonds 
were used to purchase the property of the heirs. They pur- 
chased property in Westmoreland Co., Pa., in 1789. They 
sold the Guilford Tp. farm in 1792 when they moved to 
Allegheny Co., Pa. Robert owned a farm in Letterkenny 
Tp. (Row) as it was on the tax list Cumb. Co., 1779 as 
"Elizabeth, widow and 1782-85 Roberts heirs." Descend- 
ants say that Robert was killed at the Battle of Brandywine 
(fall of 1777) but I hardly beheve this can be true as ad- 
ministrator was not appointed until Feb., 1778. He might 
have been wounded there and death resulted therefrom. 

There were only three Robert Culbertsons of military age 
in Aug., 1776, in territory embraced by Cumb. and Franklin 
Counties, hence he was the "private in Capt. Samuel Cul- 
bertson Co. of Col. Jos. Armstrong's Batt'n. (First) of 
Cumb. Co., Pa. Ass'rs., Dec. 8, 1776" (Pa. Archives). Rob- 
ert's wife was a reigning belle of Franklin Co., Pa. She is 
given EHzabeth Sharp on Census of 1790 in territory em- 
braced in Row, self and 2 males over 16 years old ; one male 
under 16 (a Sharp?) and 5 females. Before 1792 they had 
m"oved to Guilford Tp. Family records say that she lived 
in Franklin Co., after her third marriage and is buried with 
her husband, Robert Peoples, near Shippensburg, Pa. 

Issue : 

1. Esther, b. ; d. . 

2. Elizabeth, b. ; d. . 

3. Jane, b. ; d. . 

4. Samuel, b. d. Apr. 1800. 

5. Agnes, b. 1774; d. Nov. 1836. 

Children obtain from a deed and family records. 


After the death of Robert Culbertson, his widow mar. 
Mathew Sharp, the founder of the town, Sharpsburg, Pa. 
Issue : 

6. Rosanna Sharp, mar. John Liggett and had three sons 

and three daughters. A grandson of (6) is Sidney 
B. Liggett. 

7. Mary, d. unmarried. 

8. James, d. 1861. Mar. twice ; had eight children, one of 

whom is Mrs. E. L. Clark, of Sharpsburg, Pa. 
After the death of Mathew Sharp (died 1786), his widow, 
Ehzabeth, married Robert Peebles, a prominent man of 
Franklin Co. Pa., and nephew of Col. Robert Peebles. 


(1) Esther Culbertson mar. her cousin, Andrew, son of 
Col. Robert, of Columbus Ohio. See descendants of Andrew 
son of Col. Robert Culbertson of Columbus, 0. She died af- 
ter husband who d. Apr., 1826. 

Issue : 

9. Alexander. 

10. Ehzabeth (Mrs. Dill, Andrew). Columbus, 0. 

11. Isabella (Mrs. Emick, John). Columbus, 0. 

12. Rebecca (Mrs. Smith, Nathaniel W.). Columbus, 0. 

13. Mary (Mrs. Shannon, Wm. W.). Columbus, 0. 
131/2- Robert, Oilman, Ills. (See descendants of Andrew, 

son of Col. Robert, of Columbus, 0.). 

(2) Elizabeth mar. cousin, Wm. Lindsay, and settled in 

(3) Jane mar. John Hancock, an English gentleman. 

14. Crawford C. Mar. Charlotte Peters, of Pittsburg and 

had issue: John, Lewis and Jane. John served all 
through the Civil War and was a Major. Lived at 

15. Robert, d. young. 

(4) Samuel Culbertson mar. Miss Elizabeth Work. Lived 
in Allegheny, Pa. (from will). No issue. 

(5) Agnes Culbertson mar. James B. Clow of Pittsburg, 
Pa., Dec. 25, 1794. 

Issue : 

16. Samuel Clow, d. infancy. 

17. Eliza, d. infancy. 


18. James, d. infancy. 

19. James L. (Dr.) Mar. first, Miss Nina Clark; second, 

Miss Brown. 

20. Samuel Culbertson (N. Sewickly, Pa.). Mar. first 

Sophia Rusk ; second L. Weihl, 

21. Sarah Ann, b. 1803; living 1893. Mar. W. B. Clark, 

lawyer, Pittsburg. 

22. Eliza Jane, d. 1858. 
28. John H., d. 1836. 

24. Edward S., mar. Margaret Fleming. 

25. Mary Sharp, mar. G. B. Boyd. 

26. Agnes, mar. R. P. Marshall. 


(12) Rebecca Culbertson mar. Nathaniel Smith of Pitts- 
burg and afterwards moved to Wheeling, W. Va. 

27. Mary (Mrs. McConahey). Pulaski, Pa. 

28. Esther (Mrs. Hawkins). Sharpsburg, Pa. Had issue: 

Dau. Mrs. A. H. Jones, of Pittsburg. 

29. Martha. 

30. Culbertson Smith. 

(19) Dr. James L. Clow mar. 
Issue '. 

31. James C. Clow, d. 1857. 

32. Agnes Clow mar. Amos Lusk, M. D. 

33. Robert. 

34. Maria V., mar. D. H. Metzgan. 

(20) Samuel Culbertson Clow mar. . 


35. James B. Clow, founder of the great James B. Clow & 

Sons, manufacturers of plumbers supplies, etc. 
One of the big iron corporations of the U. S. 

36. Maria. 37, Milton. 38, Emma. 39, Mary. 40, Win- 

field. 41, Mary. 42, Lois. 43, Grace. 44, Annie. 
45, John. 46, . 47 . 

48. Sarah Ann mar. Wm. B. Clark, an eminent attorney 

of Pittsburg, Pa. Issue: Jennie P. (Mrs. Ed Sul- 
livan) ; Agnes; Wm. Francis; Sarah Mina. 

49. EHza Jane, d. 1858. 

50. John H., d. 1856. 

51. Edmond S. mar. (five children). 

52. Mary Sharp (Mrs. T. B. Boyd), 6 children. 

53. Agnes Ewalt (Mrs. R. P. Marshall) 8 children. 


(3) Jane Culbertson was one of the reigning beeles while 
in Philadelphia. It is said that one of her pictures hung in 
one of the Art Galleries of Philadelphia for some years. Her 
grandson, John Hancock, was a Major in the Civil War, 

(6) Rosanna Liggetts grandson, Sidney B. Liggett, was 
a secretary of the Pa. R, R, Lines West of Pittsburg, with 
headquarters at Pittsburg. Jennie A. Clark, daughter of 
(48) Sarah Ann Clow of Pittsburg, mar. first Mr. Arthurs, 
a wealthy iron manufacturer of Pittsburg; no issue. He 
died and she afterwards maried Ed Sullivan of Zanesville, 
Ohio. She died first and her husband died recently and left 
large bequests for Presbyterian and Methodist churches and 
other charitable bequests. 


(V) Joseph Culbertson, son of Irish Samuel. His father 
conveyed to him in 1785 for £300. (244 Acres) in Letterken- 
ny Tp. Also 32 acres in Shippensburg and 187 acres in 
Southhampton Tp., Cumb. Co. Joseph and wife, Margaret, 
sold the Shippensburg property in 1790 to Geo. McCand^.ess 
for £162. Joseph died in 1801 in Jan. (ad'm'n Feb. 2, 1801, 
to S. W. Culbertson). Robert of Southhampton and John 
Calwell shortly after were app. administrators, and later 
by order of the court deeded a lot in Shippensburg to Dr. 
Simpson (1801). Later C. Clippenger was appointed ad- 
ministrator. In petition to court for sale Shippensburg 
lot, Robert C. and John Caldwell state "that Joseph Cul- 
bertson of Southhampton, deceased, died in 1801, leaving a 
widow, since married to David Reynolds, and five children 
the eldest not being over 12 years of age, we do hereby peti- 
tion court to sell lot in Shippensburg to pay debts, made 
1801." Administrators released by court on distribution 
of £118, 1801. 

In 1811 by decree of Orphans Court, "Samuel Culbertson, 
eldest son of Joseph Culbertson, deceased, late of South- 
hampton Tp., Cumb. Co., there became vested in said Sam- 
uel right and interest of his said father's in land in aforesaid 
tp., containing 137 acres, subject to certain recognizances 
entered into by him with his brothers and sisters, viz. : Rob- 
ert, Joseph and James Peoples, and Esther, his wife. Samuel 
hereby gives notes to pay for their share with interest from 
Aug. 19, 1811." 

Issue: Joseph and Margaret Culbertson: 


1. Samuel, b. 1787-8. 

2. Esther (Mra. James Peoples), b. 1789-90. 

3. Robert. 

4. Joseph. 

5. Child, d. young. 

There was an administrator appointed for a Joseph Cul- 
bertson of Shippensburg, Mar. 19, 1839. (Item Cumb. Co. 
No. 253). There is no inventory or acc't filed. This may 
or may not have been the Joseph of this family. 

Irish Samuel also deeded to his son, Joseph, 137 acres in 
Southhampton Tp. I could not find his deed or administra- 
tor's deed for the 244 acres in Letterkenny. Must have over- 
looked it. Above items show that Samuel bought his broth- 
ers and sisters' interest in the estate. What became of 
them I know not. I find no deed from Samuel to show that 
he sold this land. Census 1790 gives him in Shippensburg 
(Hopewell Tp.) one male (self) one son under 16 and wife 
and one daughter. "Served in Cumb. Co., Pa. company of 
Frontier Rangers." (Pa. Archives). 


(VI) Alexander Culbertson, son of Irish Samuel, married 
Janet Lindsay. Col. LaBree (a Ky. genealogist) claims he 
was born 1748. He first appears on the tax lists of Letter- 
kenny Tp., Cumb. Co., Pa., as "freeman" 1768.. Appears in 
Guilford Tp. hst 1772, 190 acres. Revolutionary Service: 
"Was enrolled Aug. 10, 1780, in Capt. James Young's Co. 
of Col. Jas. Johnson's Batt'n. Cumb. Co. Militia, and in same 
Batt'n Aug. 21, 1781." (Pa. Arch.) His father deeded him 
200 acres (pat. to Samuel, Sr., 1743) in Letterkenny for 
$1.00. Sold this before his death. Also deeded him 195 
acres in Guilford Tp., 1785. Said land pruchased by Samuel 
in 1770. This farm embraced a part of land on which 
Chambersburg was built. He made his will Apr. 17, 1790, 
will probated June 1, 1790. The Census of 1790 was started 
in March, 1790. His name does not appear thereon but his 
widow does appear thus : "Jean Culbertson head, males over 
16, one (this was her son Samuel) ; males under 16, three; 
females 7 including self." In his will he mentions son-in- 
law, James Lindsay and widow Jean, as executors. A gene- 
alogist in Ky. claimed that Alex and family moved to Ken- 
tucky in the spring of 1790 with Wm. Long and died shortly 
after. The probating and niakmg of his will in Pa. proves 


he died in Pa., as does also the fact that his widow appears 
with his famiily in Pa. in 1790 Census. Her brother (Lind- 
seys of Fayette Co., Ky.) Jos., James, Henry and Wilham 
went to Kentucky in 1775. (Courier Jour. Genealog. Notes). 
His widow died intestate in 1794 and James Lindsay was ap- 
pointed administrator in Franklin Co., Pa. In Alex's will 
he devised that if his wife remarried before his youngest 
child attained his majority, then she (widow) should get 
one-third of his estate ; but that she was to get her income 
from his estate if she did not remarry. Should she live un- 
til their youngest child attained his majority, then she 
should get one-ninth of his estate. She did not remarry. 
The youngest child became of age in 1810,, at which date 
she was married and lived in Ky, Maria born after her 
father's death, 1790. The children are given in will in fol- 
lowing order: Esther, Elizabeth Agnes, Jane, Martha, Rob- 
ert, Samuel, John, Prudence. Co. Clerk of Fayette Co., Ky., 
says there are no records of them. They went to Scott Co., 
Ky. Records of that county were destroyed by fire in the 
thirties. It is my opinion that they went to Ky. in 1795, 
probably with "Samuel of the Creek" and the Lindsay fam- 
ily. Prudence told her daughter that they moved to Ky. in 
1802. Franklin Co., Ky., Court Records do not give them. 
The estate was settled by deeds. These deeds — or part of 
them — were made in Ky. and the witnesses to all of them 
save one — that of John Adams and wife of Washington Co., 
Pa. — were made and witnessed by Bernard and Christian 
Wolff. John's deed says "late of Westmoreland Co., Pa.," 
showing he was in Ky. date deed was made, Dec. 26, 1806. 
Robert's deed says residence "Montgomery Co., Ohio, Jan. 
18, 1810." No wives signed on these two deeds. Martha 
Culbertson and Esther Lindsay deeded in 1803 from Scott 
Co., Ky. Clerk of Franklin Co., Ky., says no Culbertsons 
on his records. Other heirs deeded in Franklin Co., Ky. 
Deeds made by balance of heirs in 1810, state that Samuel 
and Martha had died prior to that time, unmarried. 

(1) Robert Culbertson lived in Montgomery Co., Ohio, in 
1810 as shown by a deed. (For descendants see Chap, on 
Col, Robert of Bedford.) (2) Samuel died young. (3) John 
Culbertson lived in Westmoreland Co. Pa., prior to 1808 as 
shown by a deed, then moved to Ky, (4) Esther Culbert- 
son married James Lindsay, her cousin, and moved to 
Franklin Co., Ky, (5) Elizabeth married George McCand- 
less and died in Ohio. (6) Agnes ("Nancy") married her 
cousin, John Adams, and moved to Franklin Co., Ky. (7) 


Jane married Mr. John Adams and lived at Washington Co., 
Pa. (8) Maria married Mr. Adams, Scott Co., Ky. (9) Mar- 
tha, unmarried. (10) Prudence left Pennsylvania when 12 
years old. Was 90 years old when she died. She was mar. 
ried July 24, 1810 to Benjamin Hensley, Esq., of Scott Co., 
Ky. Issue: Jane, d. young; Maria Antoinette (Mrs. Lyne 
Starhng, of Frankfort, Ky., living 1896, aged 84 years) ; 
Alexander Culbertson, a distinguished surgeon in Mexican 
War — in Sixteenth U. S. Regulars — and Surgeon-in-Chief of 
Louisiana troops (Confederates), killed at New Orleans dur- 
ing war; Benj. Hensley, Lucien Hensley, and Harry Hensley 
were three surgeons of note ; Charles Hensley and Alfred, 
lawyer and civil engineer ; Edward Hensley, accountant and 
insurance agent; Wilkinson, died aged 17 years; John Cul- 
bertson Hensley died 1856; Elizabeth Love (Mrs. George 
Morgan Woodbridge, a son of Dudley Woodbridge), of Mari- 
etta, O; Laura Genevieve (Mrs. Torrance). The last named 
married, first Jordon A. Pugh, of Cincinnati, 0. Then was 
a widow for sometime, and in 1875 married Hon. Mr. Justice 
Torrance, one of the Judges of the Superior Court of Can- 
ada, who subsequently died. She lived in Montreal, Canada 

(4) Esther Culbertson (Mrs. James Lindsay). Issue: Wil- 
liam, unmarried; Janet (Mrs. Leaven Cooper) ; Polly (Mrs. 
Louis Cooper) ; James (married Lucy Cooper) , all of Galla- 
tin Co., Ky. ; Nancy (Mrs. Newman, of Owensboro, Ky.) ; 
EKza (Mrs. Dr. Lilly, of Corydon, Ind.) ; Patty (Mrs. Patter- 
son, of Fayette Co., Ky.) ; JuHana (Mrs. Ford). (Mrs. James 
Lindsay no doubt eldest child of Alex.). 

(5) Mrs. George McCandless, had one son. 

(6) Agnes (Mrs. John Adams). Issue: Alexander, un- 
married ; William, married ; Robert, unmarried ; David, mar- 
ried, Hved at Hawesville, Ky. ; James. 

Of the children of (10) Prudence Culbertson and Benja- 
min Hensley (b. 1780; d. Nov. 5, 1849), one daughter, EHza- 
beth Love Hensley, who was born Sept. 1, 1820; d. Jan. 23, 
1899. Married May 10, 1844, to George Morgan Wood- 
bridge of Marietta, Ohio. 

Maria P. Living. Marietta, 0. 

Laura, b. Sept. 7, 1849, married Frank A. Gallaher, April 
4, 1877. Issue: Elizabeth (Mrs. Frank Farring« 
ton) ; Maria Woodbridge (Mrs. Dr. J. B. Penrose), 
d. Aug. 23, 1882. 


Dudley Morgan, b. Aug. 30, 1853; mar. Miss Lizzie Ander- 
son. Issue: Elizabeth Dudley. 

George Morgan, b. July 4, 1858. Mar. Miss Julia Warner. 
Wife born July 4, 1858. Wife living at Seattle, 
Wash. Issue : (a) Dudley Warner Woodbridge, Jr. 
born Feb. 24, 1896 (he married and had issue — 
wife. Ruby Mendenhall) — (b) Hensley C. Wood- 
bridge, born Feb. 6, 1923) ; (a) Laura F. Wood- 
bridge, mar. Henry C. Peeples (issue (b) Cicely 
Frances, born Aug. 27, 1918 and Mary Belle, born 
March 12, 1922). 
Dudley Warner Woodbridge was in 31st Div. and served 

in hospital at Le Mans, France, in World War. 

Lyne Starhng Woodbridge, b. Jan. 30, 1860. Mar. Cora 

May Holroyd, Apr. 20, 1887. Issue: Lucy Starling, Laura 

Elizabeth, Jessie Louise. 



(VIII) "Gentleman" or "Beau James" Culbertson first ap- 
pears on the tax lists of Letterkenny Tp. in 1771 as "James 
son of Samuel." This would lead to the inference that he 
was born 1750 or before that. He lived in the Row and his 
farm was next to that of Col. Samuel Culbertson. He erect- 
ed a magnificent stone mansion (do not know the year this 
was built) , which is still standing. The Author visited this 
mansion in 1922. It has many large rooms in it, finished 
in beautiful wood (same he put in it) and the house is well 
kept by the present owners. Gentleman James was a 
princely entertainer and many a sociable gathering was held 
in this stately mansion. James was a great dresser; kept 
hounds and was very fond of hunting. Besides this farm, 
he was in a land company which owned 3400 acres of land 
in Toboyne Tp., Cumb. (now Perry) Co., Pa., and he sold his 
interest in this in 1795 for $1783. His father in 1785 deed- 
ed him a farm in Montgomery Tp., Franklin Co., Pa. He 
sold this in 1795 to Abraham Smith and Wm. Irwin, for 
£3000. Deed recites that this land was deeded to him in 
1785 by his father, Samuel Culbertson, Sr. He was "Com- 
missioned Cornet, May 10, 1780, in Capt. John Johnston's 
Troop of Light Horse, from Cumberland (now Franklin) 
Co., Pa. Wm. Sharpe was a Lieut, in this Co. This Co. 


marched to Lancaster, but ttieir services were not needed." 
(Pa. Archives). A copy of Scott's Bible Commentary 
which belonged to his wife, is in possession of a descendant, 
Mrs. Martin of Springfield, O., and in it is written "Mar- 
garet Culbertson, wife of James Culbertson." She was Mar- 
garet Smith, a daughter of Robert Smith, grandson of 
Wm. Smith, who laid out Mercersburg, Pa. Robert Smith's 
first wife was Grizell Newell and second wife, Elizabeth, 
daughter of Archibald Irwin. 

Irish Samuel Culbertson in his will left the plantation on 
which he lived to his son, James, under the following condi- 
tions: That owing to his obligations to me, bearing date 
herewith, I have ordered him to pay by my assignments on 
said obhgations for some of my heirs, and in order also to 
enable him to give and pay to my aforesaid wife the support 
and maintenance bequeathed to her annually during her life, 
which I allow him to pay quarterly to my ex'rs, for benefit 
of my widow; which support aforesaid I here subject my 
son, James, to pay as long as he enjoys the use of said plan- 
tation, providing my wife lives so long. If at the end of 
seven years it appears to my ex'rs that he has paid my 
widow the proper sums for her support then my son shall 
have the power to dispose of said farm and keep all the 
proceeds of said sale. But if he has failed to fully carry out 
all stipulations of my will then my executors shall sell my 
farm seven years after my decease and shall give my son 
James one-half of the proceeds of such sale, and the other 
half shall be equally divided among my sons and daughters 
then alive. 

The accounts filed by Samuel, Joseph and Samuel Culbert- 
son (1794-1800) ex'rs of Irish Samuel Culbertson show that 
he only paid $50 to the widow, therefore he did not carry 
out the provision in his fathers will, hence he got only one- 
half of the proceeds arising from the sale of his father's 
farm. Census 1790 gives him in Green Tp. Males over 16 
years, 2 ; males under 16, 1 ; females 5. The latter included 
wife and step-mother. This shows James had one son over 
16 years (Samuel). Therefore he must have married by 
or before 1772. Still resided in Greene Tp., 1799 (taxes). In 
Row. "Gentleman James' " magnificent stone mansion is 
still standing in Culbertson Row and in excellent repair. 

"Baron" James died in 1812, intestate and his widow and 
Alexander McCoy were appointed administrators, Sept. 23, 
1812. They sold his home farm. I could find no inventory 
or account of his estate. The widow lived in Mercersburg 


in 1816 as shown by deed of Power of Att'y to Wm. Irwin 
by James Smith and wife of Hamilton Co., Ohio, and Jennet 
Campbell of Rockbridge Co., Va. for land in Mercersburg, 
Pa., to Margaret Culbertson for $200, July, 1816. 

In Margaret Culbertson's Bible Commentary it says, 
"Robert Culbertson, son of Samuel, died Oct. 24, 1819." The 
presumption is that this is a grandson of Gentleman James. 

Mathew Patton was appointed Administrator of Margaret 
Culbertson in Franklin Co., Pa., Nov. 28, 1822. In a sale 
bill, 1832, of this estate the heirs are the same as given in 
Genealogy, but Robert is not given. Mathew Patton filed 
his final account and same approved in 1846. 

Issue of James and Margaret : 

1. Samuel, was living in Millersburg, Holmes Co., 0., in 

1839 as shown by a deed from him and wife, Fran- 
cis, for land in Franklin Co., Pa. Born before 1775. 

2. James, unmarried ( ?) lived in Chambersburg, Pa., and 

kept a hat store for a time. Later he edited the 
Anti-Masonic Gazette which he sold in 1828. (See 
McCauley's History of Frankhn Co., Pa.). Rev. 
Nevin's work on Churches of the Cumb. Valley 
states that "in 1826 James Culbertson and Alex- 
ander McCoy were added to the session of the Mer- 
cersburg, Presbyterian Church." Mrs. Martin 
states that after his mother's death, he went west 
to near Peoria and died there, unmarried. Inves- 
tigation of Court Records of Peoria shows that on 
"Nov. 19, 1846, a certain attorney petitioned court 
for sale of household goods of James Culbertson, 
late of Chillicothe, Ills. (Peoria Co.), deceased; 
that he died Aug. 28, 1846 and his widow Louisa 
is the only person mentioned." Would infer from 
this he had no children. I believe this is Gentleman 
James' son, although Mrs. Martin's story does not 
corroborate this. Court records of Tazewell Co., 
Ills., do not give him ; nor do court records of 
Peoria Co., Ills. I can find no court or Bible records 
to show that "Gentleman" James had a son Rob- 

3. Robert (?). 

4. Esther Culbertson, b. ; d. . (Mrs. J. R. Sharon). 

5. Jane, b. ; d. . (Mrs. Alex. McCoy). 



(1) Samuel Culbertson moved to Millersburg, Holmes Co., 
0. Mar. first, his cousin, Esther Culbertson, dau. of his 
uncle Samuel. Was a merchant. 


6. Louisa, d. 

7. Margaret (Mrs. Dr. S. Norris). 

8. Robert d. Oct. 24, 1819. 

(1) Samuel Culbertson mar. second, Francis . Moved 

to Madison or Keokuk, la. after 1840. (Lived at Peoria, Ills., 
for a while.) 


9. Wm. Birmingham, la. 

10. Smith. Birmingham, la. 
May have been others. 

(4) Esther Culbertson mar. Rev. James Russell Sharon, 
who for thirty-five years was pastor of the churches of 
Derry and Paxtang, Dauphin Co. Pa. 


11. Harriett Newell (Mrs. A. S. McCoy, of Mercersburg) 

Issue: Mary (Mrs. Oscar T. Martin of Springfield, 
Ohio) ; Mrs. John Reynolds of Dayton, Ohio; Alex- 
ander W. McCoy, M. D., Philadelphia, Pa. ; James 
McCoy, New York City. 

12. Elizabeth, Tiffin, Ohio. (Mrs. McMeen). 

(5) Jane Culbertson mar. Alexander McCoy,, of Frank- 
Hn Co., Pa. 


13. Abraham Smith (mar. 11 of this chapter). 

14. Sarah Jane McCoy, b. Feb. 5, 1812 d. May 24, 1849; 

buried Presbyterian churchyard at Millerstown, 
Pa. Married Rev. Geo. Dougal Porter, May 12, 
1840. Issue: Mary Dougal Porter* (Mrs. Wm. F. 
Spangler) ; Alex. M. Porter ; Ann M. Porter (Mrs. 
A. Spangler) ; Geo. D. Porter ; Thos. C. Porter. 

*A son, Geo. Spangler, is a prominent attorney at Peoria, Ills., and 
his wife furnished me much information on this family as well as the 
McCune family.— (Ed.) 


Irish Robert (H) of Peters Tp., Cum- 
berland County, Pa. 

(Younger Brother of Alexander Culbertson and Samuel 
Culbertson of Culbertson Row, Pa.) 




Took out a warrant for land in Peters Tp. in 1743 (then 
in Lancaster Co., Pa.)- Supposed to have come to America 
at the same time his brothers, Alexander and Samuel came 
over. Paid taxes in Peters Tp. in 1750. He died in 1763. 
On October 19 of this year, John Clark, Margaret Culbert- 
son and Hannah Clark were appointed administrators of his 
estate. In 1764 Margaret Clark, late Culbertson and relict 
of Robert Culbertson of Peters Tp., deceased, was appointed 
guardian of minors: Thomas, Mary, Ann, James, Robert 
and Margaret, and the court issued an order to sell the real 
estate consisting of 120 acres. This sold for £64 and return 
made to court and distribution made. Nothing further ap- 
pears on court records of Cumberland or Franklin Counties 
from the administrators or Margaret Clark as Guardian. We 
presume this is the date at which John Clark and wife and 
step-children moved to Shermans Valley, Perry Co., Pa. They 
lived there, we presume, in 1788 as shown in James Culbert- 
son's will in Staunton, Va. John G. Orr (80 years old in 
1920) says that Robert's wife Margaret, was a Brecken- 
ridge. Thomas G. Culbertson of Wheehng, W. Va., in 1892 
(who lived in the Row until 30 years old) and who was 87 
years old in 1892, said that she was a Breckenridge and that 
Robert was the third Row brother. Capt. James of Staun- 
ton, Va., gives all his brothers and sisters in same order as 
given in guardianship application of Margaret, widow of 
Robert of Peters Tp., save that he does not mention Thomas. 



I. Thomas, b. ; d. young. 

II. Mary. 

III. Ann. 

IV. James (Capt.), d. 1788, Staunton, Va. Bachelor. 

(Chapter XXXIL). 
V. Robert, b. ; d. . Shermans Valley. 


VI. Margaret. Lived Shermans Valley Pa. 1788. 

T have had the tax records of Cumberland and Bedford 
Counties thoroughly examined by an attorney and fail to 
find John Clark or Thomas Culbertson, in the territory in 
these counties in what was Shermans Valley (Toboyne Tp.). 
Find a Robert Culbertson, "renter" in Toboyne in 1784. 
This was Robert, son of Robert of Peters Tp. Find no deeds 
in Cumberland from either Thomas or Robert. Capt. James' 
will establishes the fact that they lived in Shermans Valley, 
Pa., in 1788. 

There is positively no court record to show that they lived 
in the Row after 1764. John Clarke (step-father) may have 
moved into Shermans Valley after sale of Robert of Peters 
Tp. farm 1763-4. Robert of Shermans Valley must have 
come of age about 1780-81. This Robert (V) served in 
(McCauley's Hist. Franklin Co., Pa., says that Col. Abra- 
ham Smith was from what is the present Cumb. Co. 
and not Frankhn — page 78 McCauley's Hist.) "Col. Abra- 
ham Smith's Regt. (Eighth) in 1779 and in Capt. Joseph 
Culbertson's Co. of Fourth Batt'n 1781 of Cumb. Co., Pa., 
Ass'rs." (Pa. Arch.). Part of the Eighth Regt. was from 
Cumb. and Perry and part from the present Franklin Coun- 
ties. (McCauley's Hist. Frankhn Co.). Irish Robert Cul- 
bertson of Peters Tp. took out first land warrant on Mar. 
31, 1743 (No. 212) Lancaster Co., Pa. (present Frankhn 

(H) Robert (Irish) of Peters Tp. sued several parties on 
notes in Augusta Co., Va. (See Chalkley Papers, Augusta 
Co., Va., abstract). Also records of same county in Oct., 
1755, and judgment rendered to him in Pa. money, one judg- 
ment for £11 and one for £8, 5s. States "Robert Culbertson 
of Pennsylvania." 

Vol. 2, p. 100, Apr. 15, 1806, Complainants John B., Thos. 
M., Chapman, Wm., Jane, Ann Johnson, Patrick Machie and 
wife Dorothy, late Johnson. In 1802 Chapman Johnson ad- 
ministered the estate of Thomas Johnson, when he found 
that James Culbertson had been dead a considerable time. 
In his will he speaks of 4000 acres of military land, etc., and 
mentions heirs brother and sisters (before mentioned) of 
Shermans Valley, Pa." 

I gather from this that Thomas Johnson married a sister 
of Capt. James Culbertson, perhaps Anne Culbertson, 
daughter of Irish Robert of Peters Tp., Cumb. Co., Pa. 

Thomas, brother of Capt. James Culbertson of Staunton, 
Va., does not appear on Capt. James' will, and there is no 


trace of him on Va. or Pa. tax records and I am positive he 
died young. For a time I had him confused with Thomas 
of Westmoreland Co., Pa., but a Power of Attorney from 
Thomas and Robert on file in New Castle, Del., proves these 
Westmoreland brothers to have come from Delaware. 

(V) Robert of Shermans Valley not on Census 1790 To- 
boyne Tp., Cumb. Co., Pa. (Shermans Valley). He might 
have been overlooked in the enumeration. Not on Census 
1790 or 1800 of Westmoreland Co., Pa. Robert Culbertson 
of Shermans Valley, Pa., signed a deed (residence not stat- 
ed) which is recorded in Staunton, Va., in 1805, -as one of 
executors of his brother James' estate. We have no further 
court data in regard to him. It is my belief that he went 
to western Pennsylvania and the descendants given below 
of Robert Culbertson (whom descendants say died in Ve- 
nango Co., Pa.) are, I believe, the descendants of Robert 
of Shermans Valley, Pa. A descendant of party below wrote 
me in 1892 that her grandfather Robert came from Culbert- 
son Row. 


(V) Robert Culbertson lived in Westmoreland Co., Pa., 
until 1812. Moved to Beaver Co., Pa., then to Venango Co., 
Pa. where he died. Mar. (no court record Venango Co.). 
From data sent by family in 1892. 

Issue : 

1. Samuel, d. about 1853-55. 

2. John, d. 1865. 

3. Mary, d. 1870 (Mrs. Sloan). 

4. Isabel, d. 1872 (Mrs. Walker). 


(1) Samuel moved to Venango Co., Pa., to Butler and 

then Clarion Co., Pa., where he died. Mar. first . 


5. Andrew, d. about 1782. 

6. Alexander Hamilton, whereabouts unknown. 

7. Martha (Mrs. John Dunbar). 

8. Matilda (Mrs. Geo. Piatt). 

(1) Samuel Culbertson mar. second Miss Nancy Dixon. 
9. John S., b. 1842, Seneca, Venango Co., Pa. (Soldier 
Civil War three years). 


10. Jane Venice, d. 

11. Ann Phoebe, d. 

12. , daughter, d. 

(2) John Culbertson moved to Venango Co., Pa., after his 
marriage moved to Butler Co., Pa. ; about 1844 moved to 
Clarion Co., Pa. and later to Venango Co., Pa. Mar. 

Issue : 

13. Robert, whereabouts unknown. Riverman. 

14. Daniel, b. 1832. Lived at Bradford Pa. 

15. Rachel, b. 1832. (Mrs. S. Stover). Fertigs, Pa. 

16. Lavinia, b. 1836. (Mrs. Thos. Perry). 

17. Rebecca, b. 1836 (Mrs. Thomson McKisic). 

18. Emma, d. (Mrs. John Stevens). 

(3) Mary Culbertson mar. Mr. Sloan of Salem, Pa. 
Issue: not known. 

(4) Isabel mar. Wm. Walker of Mariasviile, Pa. 
Issue : 

19. Amos. 

20. John. Killed battle Gettysburg. 

(5) Andrew Culbertson mar. America . Lived at 

Harlansburg, Lawrence Co., Pa., where he owned an iron 
furnace. His widow gave me data in 1892. She was then 
a grandmother. Her husband's grandfather was Robert. 
Counting present (1923) generation this would make six 
generations not counting Irish Robert of Peters Tp., Cumb. 
Co., Pa. 

Issue : 

21. John. 

22. William. 

23. Samuel. 

24. Charles. 

25. Ella. 

26. Margaret (Mrs. J. C. Hunt), Slippery Rock, Pa. 

27. Melissa (Mrs. S. Burnside), New Castle, Pa. 

28. Emma (Mrs. W. S. Amberson) Harlansburg,. Pa, 

29. Electa d. 

30'. EHzabeth (Mrs. J. P. Caldwell), New Castle, Pa. 

(8) Matilda Culbertson mar. Geo. Piatt of Algona, la. 
Live Lu Verne, la. 

301/2- Samuel Culbertson, editor Des Moines Valley News. 


(9) John S. Culbertson, soldier Pa. Vols. 3 years Civil 
War. Mar. Issue: 31-38. 

(14) Daniel Culbertson mar. Issue: 39-47. 

(16) Livinia Culbertson mar. Thos. Perry. Issue: 48-57. 

(17) Rebecca Culbertson mar. Thomson McKisic. Issue: 

(18) Emma Culbertson mar. John Stevens. Issue: 67-73. 


(IV) Capt. James of Staunton, Va., moved to Virginia be- 
fore the Revolution. 

Was commissioned 2nd Lieut, in the 9th Va. Line Regt. 
Mar. 16, 1776. Capt. Lt. Nov. 17, 1776, transferred to 1st 
Va. Line Sept. 14, 1778, and Capt. 5th Va. Line, Feb. 12, 
1781. I have his will and in it he states he was Commis- 
sary, Quartermaster and Forage Master to Pulaski's Legion 
for which he says he was not paid. Also that he was Com- 
missary for the prisoners stationed at Staunton, of Bur- 
goyne's Army for which he was not paid. He was given a 
bounty land warrant by the government of 4000 acres of 
Military Land north of the Ohio, near the mouth of the 
Miami river, but he willed all of this to his various credi- 
tors. He was an all round popular man in Staunton. He 
willed the balance of his property, if any (there was none) 
to his brothers and sisters: Robert, Molly, Ann and Mar- 
sraret of Shermans Valley (Perry Co.), Pa His brother, 
Thomas, was not named in the will. Robert was named one 
of the executors. Will made in April, 1788 ; probated June, 


Irish Joseph (J) of Ciilbertson Row, Pa. 

(A First Cousin of the Three Pennsylvania "Row" 




(J) Joseph Culbertson (Irish) was always supposed to 
have been one of the three brothers of "Culbertson Row," 
Pa. He lived and died in the Row, whereas the third broth- 
er lived in Peters Tp., Cumb. Co., Pa. He came to America 
with his cousins between 1728 and 1742. He received a 
warrant for his land in Lancaster Co., Pa. (No. 255), issued 
Feb., 1744, Pat. ret'd 1752, made his will in Letterkenny 
Tp., Franklin Co., Pa., Dec. 12, 1784 ; probated Jan. 1, 1795 ; 
wife died 1791. He was a first cousin of the three "Row" 
brothers. Samuel (Irish) of the Row calls him in his will 
"Cousin Joseph." His daughter, Margaret, at the time he 
made his will, was married to a Duncan but before 1794 
Duncan had died and she had remarried to a Breckenridge, 
as shown by Settlement Record of Franklin Co., Pa. of 
estate of Joseph's daughter, Martha, as in this it says, 
"Paid £24 to each brother Samuel, Joseph, Robert, Mary 
Breckenridge (no doubt a niece and daughter of Mary), 
Margaret (Breckenridge), James and Ehzabeth Brecken- 
ridge. This Martha died intestate 1793. 

Irish Joseph married Mary Breckenridge (according to 
John G. Orr) , who was a sister to James Breckenridge, who 
was born in Ireland in 1710, so it is probable that she was of 
age by 1730-35. She was related to the great Breckenridge 
family of Va. and Ky. John G. Orr, an eminent historian 
of Cumb. Co., Pa., still living aged 80 years, is a descendant 
of the Breckenridge's and from Irish Andrew Culbertson of 
Shippensburg, Pa. Joseph Culbertson and Mary Brecken- 

Issue: (Taken from will but not in order given therein.) 

I. Samuel, Capt., b. before 1746; d. in Scott Co., Ky. 
(Chap. XXXIII). 

II. Joseph, b. 1753 (?); d. Nov. 1818. (Capt.) Franklin 
Co., Pa. (Chap. XXXIV). 
III. Robert, b. July 23, 17 55: d. July 26, 1801. (Col.) 

"Row" (Chapter XXXV). 
IV. Martha, d. 1793. Unmarried. 


V. Margaret, mar. first Mr. Wm. Duncan second John 
Breckenridge of Cumb. Co., Pa. 
VI. Mary, d. before 1784 (Mrs. Samuel Breckenridge) of 
Cumb. Co., Pa. Had a daughter, Mary, who mar- 
ried Percival Adams. 
VII. Elizabeth (Mrs. James Breckenridge). 

Joseph may have mentioned daughters first through 
courtesy. James and Samuel Breckenridge were on a 
school board in 1763. Samuel Culbertson was on tax records 
of 1775 designated "Samuel Creek". Irish Joseph's wife's 
will was probated in 1791. Samuel was on tax records of 
Cumb. Co., Pa., in 1770, designated "Samuel, son of Joseph." 
Census for 1790, Letterkenny Tp., Cumb. Co., Pa., gives 
Samuel, males over 16 three (including self), males under 
16, one, females including wife, three. This is "Samuel of 
the Creek" who went to Scott Co., Ky. 

Census of 1790 gives Irish Joseph and one son over 16 
(Col. Joseph), and 2 males under 16 (grandchildren), and 7 
females (daughters and granddaughters). Two unrelated 
males (help) and 2 slaves. Greene Tp. 


(I) Samuel Culbertson ("of the Creek"), son of Irish 
Joseph "was commissioned Captain Dec. 8, 1776 in the 5th 
Cumberland County Penna. Militia, Col. Joseph Armstrong" 
(see Penna. Arch.). This regiment was in service in the 
Battles of Trenton and Princeton in Dec, 1776, and in other 
engagements. We do not know whether he was a captain 
before this date as Col. Joseph Armstrong was a colonel of 
the 5th Batt'n in July, 1776. We have not been able to find 
any service for this Captain Samuel among rosters of June, 
1777, and the presumption is that he did not serve any 
longer. Col. Samuel, son of Irish Alexander, was a captain 
in July, 1776, but he was commissioned Lieut. Colonel, Dec. 
8, 1776, showing that he was a captain in the fall of 1776 
and that on date of Dec. 8, 1776 he was a Lieut. Colonel in 
the 4th Batt'n while Capt. Samuel was in the 5th Batt'n. 

Irish Samuel's son, Samuel, evidently did not enter the 
service before 1780 as he was spoken of in the Rosters 1780 
as Samuel Culbertson, Jr., showing that he was Irish 
Samuel's son. 


Samuel "of the Creek" was the Captain Samuel in the 5th 
Batt'n, in Dec. 8, 1776. The probabihties are he did not 
serve any longer. Possibly he was wounded and could not 

Samuel Culbertson ("Creek) is given Census 1790, Letter- 
kenny Tp., Frankhn Co., Pa., males over 16 (including self), 
three; males under 16, one; females five (including wife). 
Slaves one. 


Samuel Culbertson ("of the Creek") lived in Franklin Co., 
Pa., between Culbertson Row and Strasburg in Letterkenny 
Tp. The tax Hsts designate him "creek." I find him on tax 
lists of Cumb. Co., Pa., 1770-1785, but is not on tax Ksts of 
Frankhn Co., Pa., in 1799. Cumb. Co., Pa., tax Hst 1770 
gives him Sam'l, son of Joseph (Irish). Paid pew rent 1794 
Rocky Spring. Same pew as brother Capt. Robert. On Oct. 
6, 1794, Samuel Culbertson and wife, Martha, of Letter- 
kenny Tp. deeded his farm to Samuel Nicholson. They then 
moved to Scott Co., Ky. ; relatives in Indiana claimed they 
moved to Bourbon Co., Ky., but court records there give no 
trace of them. I found them in Scott Co., Ky. in this way: 
Descendants in Indiana said they had moved to Ky. before 
1800 and that Samuel's sons, Joseph, Alexander and Robert 
had moved to Indiana after 1800. Court records of Marion 
Co., Ind., gave no trace of any of them save Joseph. Joseph's 
descendants gave his birth March 27, 1767, and in 1892, a 
daughter of his stated that Joseph came from or near Ship- 
pensburg. Pa. The Scott Co., Ky., court house was burned 
in the thirties and most of the records were destroyed. Could 
find no undamaged deeds but a will partly destroyed by fire 
was found which I herewith copy. 

"Whereas, I Martha Culbertson of the County of Scott 
and State of Kentucky, being on the decline of life, and at 


as she at this time is pregnant 

child the child is to belong to my 

give to my daughter Esther half of all 

kind and one-third of all my money 

and goes to her and her heirs forever 

I give to my Martha in addition 

to Sib's unborn child one-third money 

to her and her heirs forever. 

I do appoint my sons, Alexander and Robert as my exctrs. 


to this my last will and testament. In witness whereof, I 
have hereunto set my hand and seal this 11th day of May, 

1816. In the presence of us" 

"John Mathews "Martha Culbertson" (Seal) 

"Alexander Culbertson 

From this it will be seen her husband was dead ; Sib was 
evidently a favorite slave. Esther and Martha are each 
given one-half of her estate. As she left Alexander and 
Robert nothing, she naturally would not have mentioned 
Joseph. There is no further record in Scott Co., Ky. Be- 
cause of destroyed records cannot get Samuel's will or ad- 
ministration. John G. Orr says that Irish Joseph's eldest 
son was Samuel. This is undoubtedly true as Joseph, his 
son, was born 1767. 


Issue of Samuel and Martha Culbertson: 

1. Joseph b. March 27, 1767 ; d. Feb. 11, 1850. Marion Co., 


2. Alexander, d. 1833. Fayette Co., Ky. Bachelor (?) 

3. Robert, relatives claim went to New Orleans. 

4. Esther. 

5. Martha. 

The County Clerk of Court of Scott Co., Ky. writes me 
that there was a deed made in 1906 by J. B. Finnell to C. S. 
Culbertson and Mary E. Culbertson (therefore not property 
inherited from Culbertson's) and they deeded this property 
in 1916. All other records, save the above will were de- 
stroyed by fire. 

Relatives claimed in 1892 that Robert (2) and (3) Alex- 
ander settled in Indianapolis, Ind., and that Robert after- 
wards went to New Orleans. Court Records at Indianapolis 
give no record of these two men and I do not believe they 
ever lived there. 

In the Settlement of Alexander Culbertson's estate in 
Fayette Co., Ky. (1833) John Clarke Adm'r there is one 
item of payment of an order to Robert Culbertson $89. No 
relationship given. No mention is made to whom bal. in 
hand was paid. Whether this item referred to his brother, 
I know not. Robert Culbertson, grandson of Irish Sam of 
Miami Co., Ohio, who married his cousin Mary at Dayton, 0. 
died in 1825. In matter of Martha Culbertson estate in 
Scott Co., Ky., Alexander Culbertson and Robert Culbertson 
signed ex'rs. bond for $1500 in August, 1816. Alexander 


evidently was a bachelor. Scott and Bourbon Counties ad- 
join and Bourbon Co. may have been taken off Scott Co. 


(1) Joseph Culbertson moved from Frankhn Co., Pa., to 
Bourbon Co., Ky., before 1800, so say descendants. Moved 
to Marion Co., Ind., six miles north of Indianapohs, being 
one of the early settlers of that county. Washington Tp. 

Issue I 

6. Samuel, b. Apr. 21, 1799 ; d. Oct. 10, 1874. Major. 

7. Mary CTolly"), d. before 1850. 

8. Joseph, b. 1804; d. 1870. Marion Co., Ind. 

9. James McClure, d. (Bachelor). 

10. Alexander, d. June 20, 1839. 

11. Robert, d. Feb. 21, 1863. 

12. William, d. 

13. Martha ("Patsy"). 

14. Ehzabeth, d. 

15. Esther (Mrs. Lorenzo Vansyock) . 

16. John M., d. after 1840. Moved to Calaway Co., Mo. 


(6) Samuel Culbertson (Major of Militia), moved from 
Bourbon Co., Ky. when a boy with his father and settled 
six miles north of Indianapolis. Mar. Miss Sarah Sutton, 
May 24, 1822. Lived in Rush Co., Ind. Sarah Sutton b. 
Aug. 2, 1803. Died at Knightstown, Ind. Oct. 4, 1862. 


18*. Mary Katherine, b. Jan. 8, 1834 ; d. Nov. 9, 1906. 

19. Martha Ann (Mrs. Holloway), Indianapohs; b. Dec. 3, 

1834; d. May 25, 1915. 

20. Sarah Margaret. 

(7) Mary Culbertson mar. John Martin of Ky., moved to 
Rush Co., Ind., and later moved to Calloway Co., Mo. Court 
records in 1850 in settlement of her father's estate name 
"John Jones in right of his wife Mary, formerly Mary Cul- 
bertson." This shows that she was mar. twice. 


21. Abel. 

22. Thomas. Calloway Co., Mo. 

23. Armbras, Kansas City, Mo. 


24. James, d. Indiana. 

25. , son. 

26. Elizabeth d. 

27. Martha (Mrs. Purdy). Centralia, Mo. 

28. Carohne. Calloway Co., Mo. 

(7) Mary Culbertson mar. second John Jones. 

(8) Joseph Culbertson mar. . Lived in Marion Co., 

Ind. Born in Ky. Married in Ky. in 1829 to Sallie Ann 
Griffith. Moved from Marion Co., Ind. to Calloway Co., Mo. 
before 1840. 

Issue : 

29. Joseph Culbertson. 

30. James. 

(10) Alexander Culbertson moved to Indiana in 1829. 
Mar. in Ky. Lived on farm, Marion Co., Ind. 


31. Martha, d. 

32. Mary E. 

33. Dr. Joseph, d. 

34. Samuel. 

(11) Robert Culbertson mar. Isabel Dawson, a neighbor 
and settled on a farm near his father in Marion Co., Ind. 


35. Alexander. Lives on farm, Marion Co., Ind. 

36. James. Lives on farm, Marion Co., Ind. 

38. Pricilla J. d. ' ^ . t^ • .. - t ^ 

37. Lucullus M. fTwms,. Kmghtstown, Ind. 

39. Mary C, d. youth. 

40. Isabella E., d. youth. 

(12) William Culbertson mar. Eliza Goble and moved 
from Ky., to Marion Co., Ind. Lived on farm,. Marion Co.,. 

Issue : 

41. Elizabeth C. 

42. James McClure. 

43. Wm. Doud (Dr.). Indianapolis. 

44. Clarinda A. 

45. Helen Mary. 

(13) Martha Culbertson mar. Mr. Shaw of Xenia, 0. 

(14) EKzabeth Culbertson mar. Uriah Dawson, of Marion 
Co., Ind. 


Issue : 

46. Elvia. 

47. Mary. 

(15) Esther Culbertson mar. Lorenza Van Syock. Lived 
in Indiana, but in 1892 lived in Maryland, at which date she 
stated that her father went from near Shippensburg, Pa. 


(17) EKzabeth Jane Culbertson mar. first Dr. Robt. D. 
Moffitt. Husband died. 

48. Sarah Isabella Moffitt. 

49. Mary C. 

(17) Elizabeth J. Moffitt mar. second, Dr. Abner C. Dil- 


50. Josephine, d. 

51. EHzabeth Evalyn, d. 

52. John Samuel, d. 

53. Jefferson C. (Dr.). 

(18) Mary Catherine mar. Henry Ball, March 6, 1845. 


54. Erastus Samuel. 

55. Sarah Isabel, b. Oct. 15, 1847 ; d. Sept. 1, 1905.. 

(19) Martha Ann Culbertson mar. Elisha B. Holloway of 
Indianapolis, Ind., May 4, 1852. He was b. Nov. 4, 1823; d. 
Feb. 34, 1908. 


56. Eddy Fletcher, d. infancy. 

57. OHn E. Holloway (Dr.) Knightstown, Ind.; b. Apr. 19, 

1856, at Richmond, Ind. 

(20) Sarah Margaret mar. John Furgason. 

58. Rose Emma. 

(24) James Culbertson mar. . Indiana. 

(27) Martha Culbertson mar. Mr. Purdy. Lived at Cen- 
tralia. Mo. 

(29) Joseph Culbertson, Jr. mar. Frances Smith. Lived 
at Ladona, Mo. 



59. Joe Edward Culbertson. 

60. Charles. 

61. James. 

62. Laura (Mrs. Fred Read). 

63. Rosa. 

64. Anna. 

65. S. Price. 

(30) James Culbertson mar. Sarah Selby in 1856. (Wife 
b. 1838; d. 1888.) 
Issue : 




Albert, b. 1861. 


Ida, b. 1863 (Mrs. C. F. Richmond). Issue: Albert 

Richmond, Selby, Frank, Angle, Wm. V., Ida B., 



Walter Culbertson. 







69 I/O. 






(34) James Culbertson. Lives on farm Marion Co., Ind. 
Know nothing of. 

(35) Lucullus M. Culbertson mar. Alice A. Alspaw of 
Knightstown, Ind. (Hardware merchant, Knightstown.) 

Issue : 

70. Edward H. 

71. Charles F. 

72. Lora B. 

73. Augusta L. 

74. Altha. 

75. Pearl. 

(41) Dr. Doud Culbertson. Lived at Indianapolis, Ind. 

(42) Col. James Culbertson of 80th Ind. Vols, in Civil War 
belonged to this family. 


(53) Sarah Isabella Ball mar. James Armstrong Sargent, 
Oct. 31, 1871. Lived at Sevmour, Ind. Husband b. Sept." 
10, 1843, Warren Co., Ohio; d. Baltimore, Md., Jan. 29, 1920. 


Issue : 

76. Florence Mary Ball, b. Oct. 6, 1877. (Mar. Rev. Loren 

McLain Edwards, D. D., in Seymour, Ind., Sept. 
14, 1905; husband b. Rising Sun, Ind., Nov. 14, 
1877). Issue: Justin Sargent, b. Apr. 7, 1908; 
Mary Elizabeth, b. Feb. 22, 1910, died same date. 

77. Henry Hurst Ball, b. Feb. 18, 1879. 771/2. John 

Thomas, b. Dec. 11, 1883; d. Nov. 21, 1887. 

(57) Dr. Olin E. Holloway, mar. Maude Ferguson dau. of 
Samuel W. and Marv (Muzzy) Ferguson, Oct. 22, 1884. 
Wife born Sept. 3, 1858. 

Issue : 

78. Agnes, d. infancy. 

79. Jean Samuel, b. May 30, 1888 ; married Apr. 17, 1912, 

to Miriam Wright, dau. of Chas. S. and Lulu U. 
Wright of Greensboro, Ind. (Wife b. Oct. 27, 1887) 
Issue: 79l^, J. Samuel, Jr. 79V2> Susan June. 

(66) Wm. Culbertson, mar. Gene . 


80. Townley Culbertson, Kansas City (banker). 

81. HalHe Belle. 

(67) Rev. Albert B. Culbertson mar. Ann Elizabeth Har- 
rison in 1891. (Wife b. 1860.) Prominent Methodist minis- 
ter, Mexico, Mo. 

Issue : 

82. James B., b. 1892. 

83. Dulcinea, b. 1893 (Mrs. Robt. Campbell). 

84. Harrison, P., b. 1894. 

85. Sarah Selby, b. 1896. 

86. Albert B. b. 1898. 

87. Wm. T., b. 1901. 

(69) Walter Culbertson, mar. Blanche Quisenberry. 

Issue : 

88. PhilHp Culbertson, mar, Linnie Schooler. Issue: 94, 

Lee Culbertson. 

89. Frank Culbertson, 

90. Imogene (Mrs. Chambliss). 

91. Richmond, b. 1920. 

(691/8) Mary Culbertson (mar. Frank Baker). Issue: 
Faris Baker, Lena Baker, Irene, Frank, Will, Mary. 95-100. 

(6914) Sarah Culbertson mar. John Pro vines. 


(69%) Amanda Culbertson mar. John Martin. 

(691/2 ) Thomas Culbertson mar. . 

(69%) Samuel Culbertson mar. . 

(69%) Rosella (Mrs. Allen). Issue 101, Joseph; 102 


(6) Was called Major but I have not been able to ascer- 
tain his service. Was a prominent citizen of Marion Co., 

(43) Dr. Dowd Culbertson was a prominent physician of 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

(19) Martha Ann (Culbertson) Holloway's husband, Eh- 
sha B. Holloway, was a prominent citizen of Indianapolis, 
Ind. Their son (57) OHn E. Holloway and his son are 
prominent: physicians at Knightstown, Ind. 

(67) Rev. Albert B. Culbertson has been a prominent 
Methodist minister of Missouri for years. 

(82) Served through World War in Chemical Div. Edge- 
wood Arsenal. 

(84) Harrison P. Culbertson, World War, in Machine Gun 
Div. Camp Lewis and Augusta, Ga. 

(91) Richmond Culbertson served in Machine Gun Dei^ 
35 Div. in France. - 

(80) Townley Culbertson is a prominent banker in Kan- 
sas City, Mo. Director in Federal Reserve, etc. 



(II) Col. Joseph Culbertson, son of Joseph (F), mar. first 
Elizabeth Wiley, of Frankhn Co., Pa. Lived and died in 
"Row", Green Twp. Children obtained from his will and 
family records. Census 1800 males (self) over 45, wife, one 
son under 26, 2 males over 10 and under 16, 2 daughters 
under 16, 2 daughters under 10. Green Twp. 


In list of Col. Joseph Culbertson's children given in the 
first edition of the Culbertson Genealogy, his son Joseph 
was given "died young unmarried". This list was given me 
by Rev. John N. Culbertson and he obtained it from his 
brother in 1855. This is an error as the will of Col. Joseph 
proves. He made his will Oct. 9, 1817, will probated Nov. 17, 
1818. In it he mentions daughters Mary (Mrs. John Breck- 
enridge) Ehzabeth, Sarah and Martha. Sons Hugh, John, 

Issue: Col. Joseph (first wife). 

1. Joseph, b. after 1775; d. 1830-31. 

2. John. 

3. Margaret, intermarried with John Breckenridge of 

Frankhn Co., Pa. 

4. Elizabeth never married. 

5. Sarah, never married, b. 1800. 

6. Martha (Mrs. Duncan). Two children. 

7. Hugh, b. July 12, 1792; d. Mar. 29, 1876. 

(II) Col. Joseph Culbertson mar. second Mrs. Margaret 
Finley (d. 1839), who had a son, Wm. A. Finley, when he 
married her. No issue by second wife. 


(1) Joseph Culbertson. On tax Southhampton Tp., 
Frankhn Co., Pa., 1799, ''freeman". A deed in 1804 from D. 
McConaughy and wife Prudence for land left by Andrew 
Thompson, to Jos. Culbertson and wife Jean. Also deed in 
1802 from Jos. Culbertson and wife Jean, of Fannett Tp, 
j^id sister Elizabeth Thompson for land left by their father, 
Andrew Thompson; land in Hopewell Tp. to Joseph, Sr. 260 
acres. Joseph later hved in Southhampton Tp. (Row) and 
was related to the Johnstons. Joseph died intestate and 
John Johnston app. Ad'm'r. Jan., 1831. Estate was not set- 
tled until 1840 when surviving heirs gave release to John 
Johnston. John Thompson and wife in 1824 sold 150 acres 
for $3762 in Southhampton Tp. to Jos. Culbertson and wife 
Jean. They were married 1800-01. 


8. Sarah. 

9, Joseph d. 1839 (unmar.). 

10. George J. This Geo. J. and sister in 1841 bought of 
Wm.. Johnston 100 acres for $9400 partly in Green 
and partly in Southhampton Tps. Found no will or 
administration of either of them, either in Cumb. 
or Franklin Counties. 


(7) Hugh Culbertson mar. first Sallie Witherow of 
Adams Co., Pa., June 15, 1815. Wife b. Mav 7, 1793 ; d. 


11. Joseph. 

12. Rebecca, d. Feb. 9, 1817. (Mrs. Witherspoon). 

13. Samuel W. Lived near Fairfield, Adams Co., Pa. 
i4. John. 

15. William E., d. Aug. 15, 1865, born 1838. 

16. Chas. McClain. 

(7) Hugh Culbertson mar. second Jane M. McClelland of 
Roxbury, Franklin Co., Pa., Jan. 31, 1837. Wife b. Nov. 
1799; d. Jan. 30, 1885. 


17. Susan. 

18. Martha (Mrs. A. Musser, Shippensburg, Pa.) 

19. Catherine H. Shippensburg. (unmar. in 1892). 

20. Thomas, b. June 25, 1843 ; d. July 24, 1865. Served 6 

months in 21st Pa. Cav. Civil War, One year 209 
Pa. Inf. in skirmishes at Bermuda Hundred ; Ft. 
Stedman; charge and capture of Petersburg. Dis- 
charged, May 1865. 

(2) John Culbertson mar. Catherine Wiley. Lived in 

21. Edgar. 

22. Joseph. 

23. Mary. 

24. Sarah. 

25. Margaret. 

26. John. 

27. Catherine. 

28. Laura. 

29. Michael. 

30. EHzabeth (Mrs. Wm. B. Walker). 
Also two other children. 


(12) Rebecca Culbertson mar. David C. Witherspoon of 
Franklin Co., Pa. In 1895 she was the only Culbertson liv- 
ing in "Culbertson Row". Before her death she resided a 
number of years v/ith her nephew, Albert, of Adams Co., 
Pa. Issue : 28, son ; 29, a daughter. 


(13) Major Samuel W. Culbertson of Gettysburg, Pa., 
mar. Mary Belle McGinley. 


31. Samuel Albert, Gettysburg, Pa. Mar. Feb. 26, 1920, 

to Helen Margaret McCullough. 

32. Blanche (mar. Mar. 6 1920, to James Witherspoon 

Moore of Fairfield, Adams Co., Pa.) 

(II) Col. Joseph Culbertson born and raised in the 
"Row," nicknamed "red-headed" Joe. "Was in Capt. Sam- 
uel Culbertson's Co. of Col. Jos. Armstrong's Regt. (5th) of 
Associaters, of Cumb. Co., Pa. at date of December 8, 1776. 

Commissioned Capt. of 5th Co. of Sixth Batt'n (Col. Sam 
Culbertson's) of Cumb. Co. Associaters, July 31, 1777. Capt. 
of Fifth Co., Sixth Batt'n (Col. Sam Culbertson's) May 14, 
1778." (See Pa. Arch.) His commission as Lieut-Col. does 
not appear in Pa. Archives. In his election as Poor House 
Director, in 1807, he was spoken of as Col. Joseph. I be- 
lieve he was a Col. of Militia after the War. Records show 
he was not in the War of 1812. His farm stood at the head 
of the Row, on the east. Fort Culbertson stood almost in 
front of his house. His granddaughter, Mrs. D. C. Wither- 
spoon, lived on part of his farm and was the only Culbert- 
son descendant Hving in the Row in 1896. Col. Robert's 
house was long since pulled down. Col Joseph's farm ad- 
joined Col. Robert's. 


(HI) Col. Robert Culbertson of Greene Tp. He is found in 
a deed made by "Captains Joseph and Robert Culbertson of 
Letterkenny and James Breckenridge of Lurgan of first 
part to Col. Robert Culbertson of Hopewell Tp., Cumb. Co. 
second part 300 acres in Lurgan for £3000, bounding land 
of Daniel Duncan, etc. Date made Dec. 4, 1779." In deed 
"made 1798 Samuel Nicholson to Capt. Robert Culbertson 
of Greene Tp. land at Greenvillage at crossing of Chambers- 
burg and Strasburg Roads." This was sold in 1802 by ad- 
ministrators of Capt. Robert Culbertson. 

McCauley's History of Cumberland Co., says "Col. Jos. 
Armstrong Batt. (5th) was from Hamilton, Lurgan and Let- 
terkenny Tps., it had in it Capt. Robert Culbertson." In 


membership of Rocky Spring Church he is given as "Capt. 
Robert Culbertson." For a long time I thought he had not 
attained a higher rank than Capt. in the Revolution. By a 
most exhaustive search of tax records, Census 1790, and 
deeds, I have ascertained positively that he was a Lieut. Col. 
in the Revolution. I thought for a long time that Robert 
of Shermans Valley, Pa. (son of Irish Robert of Peters Tp.) 
was the second Lt. Col. But here is the proof he was not. 
When his mother went into Orphans Court in 1764 and gave 
names of her children, Robert was given as next to young- 
est. Thomas given eldest. This would make Robert of 
Shermans Valley born about 1760-61. Therefore in 1776 he 
could not have been over 16 years old — too young to have 
held commission of Capt. and in 1777-8 too young for Major. 
The only other Robert Culbertson in Cumb. Co. during Revo- 
lutionary period was Col. Robert of Shippensburg or Hope- 
well Tp. Also Robert, private, died 1778 (Guilford Tp.) 

Service Col. Robert of Rocky Spring. Amer. Archives 
show Capt. "stationed at Philadelphia, Aug. 27, 1776 in Col. 
Jos. Armstrong's Reg't (Fifth) Cumb. Co., Pa. Mihtia. Paid 
in advance Capt. pay ($750) Aug. 17, 1776 (Am. Arch.) Lt. 
Col. Second Batt. Sept. 16, 1777, John Davis Col.; Robert 
Taylor, Major. July 14, 1778, Col. John Davis; Lt. Col. 
Robert Culbertson; Major Robt. Taylor. Appointed Major 
and Wagonmaster of Cumb. Co., Aug. 10, 1780. Pa Arch, 
show an account filed and signed by him in 1782 as Master- 
Wagonmaster (Pa. Arch.) The tax lists of Franklin Co., 
1799, gave him "wagon m'r." He was nicknamed "curly- 
headed Bob." He loaned the Government money during t] e 
Revolution which was refunded long after the war. His 
farm was the middle one in the Row and on his farm was 
the boiling spring. 

Stryker's Battles of Trenton and Princeton state that 
"Capt. Robert Culbertson of Col. Joseph Armstrong's Batt'n 
(5th) of the Cumb. Co., Pa., 'Flying Camp' was in Philadel- 
phia Aug. 16, 1776, where he drew knap-sacks and 50 cart- 
ridge boxes for his company. This regiment took part in 
the Battles of Trenton and Princeton." Col. Jos. Armstrong 
was commissioned Col. of the 5th Cumb. "Flying Camp" 
July 1, 1776. Capt. Robert's service dates from July 1, 

The Flying Camp regiments of Pa. were brigaded under 
Gen. Ewing at the Battle of Trenton. 



(III) Col. Robert Culbertson, mar. May 6. 1778, to Miss 
Annie Duncan, of Middle Spring, Franklin Co., Pa. Wife b. 
1755; d. Mar., 1827; wife a dau. of Capt. Wm. Duncan. 

Issue ' 

1. Joseph, b. Feb. 27, 1779 ; d. July, 1858. 

2. William, b. Sep. 15, 1780; d. Aug. 1785. 

3. Robert, b. July 16, 1782 ; d. August 1864. 

4. Alexander, b. 1784; d. Apr. 1809. Unmar. 

5. Samuel Duncan (Dr.), b. Feb. 26, 1786; d. 1865 (Aug. 


6. William, b. Dec. 12, 1787; d. July 12, 1824. 

7. Stephen, b. Jan. 15, 1790 ; d. June, 1854. 

8. John Craighead (Capt.), b. Sep. 19, 1791; d. 1860. 

9. Mary, b. Apr. 9, 1793; d. 1852. 

10. Daniel, b. Apr. 15, 1795; d. Dec. 1808. 

11. Anne, b. Apr. 18, 1797 ; d. Feb., 1867. 

12. James b. Oct. 12, 1799; d. Feb'y, 1873. (Col.) 


(1) Joseph Culbertson mar. first, Mary Finley, daughter 
of Capt. James Finley, of Revolution — of Chambersburg, 
Pa. Mar. Apr, 12, 1804 Hotel proprietor, at Chambers- 
burg, Pa. (Wife d. Apr. 2, 1817; born Jan. 13, 1781). 

Issue I 

13. Robert, b. Apr., 1805 ; d. 1882. Tanner. Cincinnati. 

14. James Finley, b. May, 1809; d. 1878. 

15. Alexander, b. May, 1809; d. 1878. 

16. Cyrus Duncan, b. 1812; d. 1870. Pork packer. 

17. WilHam, b. Oct. 1814; d. June, 1857. (Dr.). 

18. Mary, d. Oct. 2, 1817. 

(1) Joseph C, mar. second Francis Stewart, at Fairview 
Farm, near Harrisburg, Pa., Apr. 21, 1818. Wife b. Feb. 
16, 1785; d. Nov. 27, 1867. 

Issue I 

19. Michael Simpson, b. Jan. 18, 1819; d. Aug. 25, 1862. 

20. Joseph, b. 1821; d. 1830. 

21. Thaddeus Ainsworth, d. Sept. 1850; aet. 27. Unmar. 

22. Anna Mary, b. 1827; d. Feb. 1858. Unmar. 

(3) Robert Culbertson, mar. Nancy Breckenridge, a 
daughter of Sarah Breckenridge, who was a daughter of 
Irish Andrew Culbertson, of Shippensburg, Pa. Married 
Feb. 1, 1803. Wife also called Agnes. Lived at Amberson, 
Franklin Co., Penna. 


Issue : 

23. Annie,, b. Oct. 1, 1803; d. Aug. 15, 1858, mar. John 


24. Sarah, b. Apr. 4, 1805, d. May 10, 1861. Mar. John 


25. Samuel b. Feb. 12, 1808; d. May 28, 1809. 

26. John, b. Feb. 9, 1809 ; d. Nov., 1885 ; mar. 

27. Joseph, b. Mar. 31, 1811 ; d. . Mar. Mary McGhee. 

28. Agnes Purviance, b. July 9, 1816 ; d. . Mar. John 


29. Frances Stuart, b. Feb. 27, 1818; d. . Mar. John 


30. Benjamin, b. July 1, 1821; d. . Mar. Martha 


31. Wilson Hays, b. Feb. 4, 1824; d. Dec. 1878. Mar. 

Mary A. Duncan. 

32. Jeannette, b. Oct. 27, 1831; d. . Mar. Cyrus Haz- 


33. . 

34-36. d. young. 

(5) Col. Samuel Duncan Culbertson, M. D. Physician at 
Chambersburg, Pa. Mar. Nancy Purviance ; wife b. 1786. 

Issue : 

37. Edmund (Dr.) b. 1812; d. 1883. 

38. Augustus H., d. 1839 ; aet 16 years. 

39. Albert, b. 1818; d. 1878. 

40. Ferdinand, b. 1823; d. 1863. 

41. John P., b. Aug. 26, 1827; d. Aug. 23, 1900. 

42. Elizabeth, d. 1891 ; b. 1814. 

(6) Wm. Culbertson, of New Market, York Co., Pa., mar. 
Julia Stuart of Palmyra, Dauphin Co., Pa. (Wife b. 1787; d. 
1857.) Mar. Dec. 25, 1810. Wife a daughter of Wm. Stuart 
Quartermaster to Gen. Sullivan. 


43. Mary Ann,-b. Oct. 3, 1811; d. Oct. 6, 1880. 

44. Wm. Stewart, b. Feb. 4, 1814; d. June 25, 1892. 

45. Robert, b. May 16, 1816 ; d. Dec. 4, 1825. 

46. John Craighead, b. Jan. 20, 1819; d. 1890. 

47. Julia De Witt, b. Jan. 1, 1822 ; d. Nov. 1822. 

48. Julia, b. May 15, 1824; d. Nov. 1828. 

(7) Stephen Culbertson, mar. Jan. 9, 1810, Mary Hays, 
of Shippensburg and moved to Philadelphia in 1848 ; (wife 
b. 1789; d. 1858). 


Issue '. 

49. Henrietta, b. Nov. 26, 1810 ; d. Oct. 15, 1815. 

50. Robert, b. Aug. 28, 1812 ; d. July 1833. 

51. David Hays, b. Jan. 23, 1815; d. Aug. 11, 1895. 

52. Joseph, b. Oct. 12, 1816; d. Oct. 25. 1837. 

53. Anette, b. Sep. 21, 1818; d. Sep. 3, 1852. 

54. James, b. Oct. 24, 1820 ; d. 1904-5. 

55. Mary, b. Nov. 10, 1822; d. July 8, 1845. 

56. Jane, b. July 28, 1824; d. Aug. 19, 1839. 

57. Samuel, b. Mar. 2, 1827; d. Oct. 11, 1839. 

58. Elizabeth, b. July 29, 1829 ; d. Oct. 11, 1839. 

(8) Capt. John Craighead Culbertson, mar. first Mar- 
garet Hamilton, of Lancaster, Pa. Capt. U. S. A. ; also 
banker, etc. Cincinnati, 0. 

Issue : 

59. Josephine. (Mrs. Heighway). 

(8) Capt. J. C. Culbertson mar. second, Jane Moody, of 
Shippensburg, Pa. 


60. John M. 

61. Joseph A. 

62. Samuel D. 

63. Wilham, d. 1889. Bachelor. 

64. Robert C. 

65. Henry Clay. Cincinnati (Bachelor). In Civil War, 

137 0.>. I. 

66. Mary. 

67. Libbie. 

68. Anna. 

69. Frank. 

(9) Mary Culbertson mar. Wilson Hays, of Shippens- 
burg, Pa. 


70. Robert Hays, d. 

71. David. 

72. Hamilton. 

73. Martha Ann (Mrs. J. Briscoe). 

(11) Anne Culbertson mar. Alex. McCreight, of Spring- 
field, Ohio. 
Issue : 

74. Mrs. Blount. Issue: Wm. Blount. 

75. Mrs. Wilson. 


(12) Col, James Culbertson moved to Palmyra, Mo., 
Mar. . 

Issue : 

76. James (Dr.), b. 1827; d. 1889. Waco, Tex. 

77. Jeremiah, d. young man. 

78. William, d. 1886. 

79. Anne. 

By second wife Col. James had: 

80. Stephen, d. 1851. 


(13) Robert Culbertson, of Cincinnati, 0., mar. Mary 
Peebles. Was a tanner. No issue. 

(14) James F. Culbertson mar. Elizabeth B. Wallace. 

81. Joseph A., d. 

82. Frances L. Mar. 

83. Cyru3 J., d. in California in 1851. 

84. Anna M. Unmar. d. May 21, 1903. 

85. Ella A. (Mrs. W. Kennedy). No issue. 

86. Thaddeus W. Killed in R. R. accident, 1863. 

87. Emma I. 

88. Robert S. Merchant. Ft. Benton, Mont. 

89. Ferdinand A., d. Unmar. 

(15) Alexander Culbertson (Major) mar. first Natawis- 
chicksina (also called Natawista), daughter of the Chief 
of the Blood or Blackfeet Indians (See Prominent 
Descendants at end of chapter). Lived at Peoria, Ills, 
about 1853 on a farm. Had lived in the far west prior to 

Issue : 

90. Maria. Mar. Jos. Kipp, a missionary. 

91. Janie. Mar. Wm. Hunt. 

(15) Major Alexander Culbertson mar. second . 

Lived at Ft. Benton, Mont. (Culbertson, Neb., named af- 
ter him.) 


92. Julia (Mrs. Geo. Roberts), Boise, Idaho. 

93. John A. d. 

94. Fannie (Mrs. L. S. Irvine). 

95. Joseph. Poplar, Mont. 

96. . 


97. Joseph, d. 

98. Mary F. 

99. Ellen Bell. 

(19) Michael Simpson Culbertson, mar. Mary Dunlap, 
May 16, 1844. W. d. Sep. 30, 1888. 
Issue * 

100. Helen Anna, b. Jan. 15, 1847. 

101. Frances Cornelia, b. Dec. 25, 1848 ; d. Mar. 28, 1877. 

102. Walter Lowrie, b. 1850 ; d. 1852. 

103. Mary Josephine, b. May 4, 1852. Artist at Brook- 

lyn, N. Y. (Unmar.) 

104. Emma Barbara, b. 1854; d. 1855. 

105. Lam-a, b. 1857; d. 1858. 

106. Lilly Fitch, b. 1858; d. 1860. 

107. AHce Juha, b. 1859 ; d. 1860. 

(26) John Culbertson mar. Hannah McVitty, daughter 

Ed. McVitty, in 1831. 
Issue : 

108. Denton D., b. Feb. 9, 1832. 

109. Mary Elizabeth, b. Jan'y 23, 1833; d. (Mrs. Knox). 

110. Hanna Jane, b. May, 1835; d. Sept., 1851. Unmar. 

111. Cyrus, b. 1837; d. 1876. 

112. Edward Hudson, b. 1839; d. 1843. 

113. John N. (Rev.), b. Aug. 22, 1841. 

114. Wm. F. Breckenridge, b. June 4, 1844, d. 

115. Harriett Newell, b. Aug. 5, 1846; d. Mar. 19, 1913. 

116. Martha Ann, b. Sept. 2, 1848; d. 

117. Pauline V., b. June 28, 1850. 

118. Robert Mason, b. June 28, 1850. 

119. Rebecca Jane, b. May 7, 1853; d. 

(30) Benjamin J. Culbertson, of Amberson's Valley, 
Franklin Co., Pa. Was a soldier in Civil War. Mar. Mar- 
tha McGhee. 


120. , d. 

121. Margaret, d. 

122. Robert A. 

123. James B., d. 

124. Adam J. 

125. Wm. C, d. 

126. Samuel C. 

(31) Wilson Hays Culbertson mar. Mary A. Duncan, 


Aug. 4, 1844. Wife born Cumb. Co., Penna., Feb. 24, 1825 ; 
d. Winona, Minn., May 25, 1875. 

127. David, died when a child. 

128. Albert Culbertson, b. Feb. 14th, 1847; d. May 12, 


129. WilHam D. Culbertson, b. May 27, 1848; d. Oct. 9, 


130. Josephine Culbertson, b. Dec. 30, 1851 ; still living. 

131. Robert Culbertson, b. Nov. 26, 1854; d. Oct. 25, 1886. 

132. Edgar Hays Culbertson, b. Apr. 30, 1857; never 


133. Mary Ann Culbertson, b. June 26, 1859 ; d. June 25, 


134. Hugh Culbertson, b. Aug. 30, 1864; d. Dec. 4, 1864. 

135. James Calvin, b. Dec. 9, 1861 ; d. Apr. 18, 1863. 

(37) Dr. Edmund Culbertson, Chambersburg, Pa. mar. 
Miss Kennedy, May 4, 1844. 
Issue : 

136. Lucy A., d. young. 

137. Samuel D. 

138. Emma S. 

139. Nannie P. 

140. James K. 

(39) Albert Culbertson, mar. E. Brown, of Pittsburgh, 

Pa. Paper man'f 'r at Monongahela, Pa. 

141. Samuel Duncan, Gen. Freight Agent, Youngstown. 

142. Mary. 

143. Nannie. 

144. James. 

145. Bessie. 

(40) Ferdinand L. Culbertson, mar. first, Lavinia Cul- 
bertson. Husband died, and widow mar. S. W. Hays. 

Issue by first mar. : 

146. Herbert. 

147. Nannie. 

148. Lewis H. 

(41) John P. Culbertson mar. first Miss Mary Bell Wat- 
son. No issue. Wife d. Mar. second. Bird. Sturgeon. 


149. Richard, d. infancy. 


(41) Mar, third, Julia E. Wonderlich. Lumber merchant 
Chambersburg, Pa. Wife b. Sept. 12, 1849; d. Jan. 30, 

150. John P., b. Nov. 4, 1870. 

151. Charles, b. Aug. 19, 1872. 

152. Wm. A., b. July 16, 1874, Chambersburg, Pa. Un- 


(42) Ehzabeth Culbertson mar. Capt. E. D. Reid. 

Issue I 

153. Samuel Reid, d. 1867. 

154. Edmund C, d. May, 1861. 

155. Helen (Mrs. Stenger). Philadelphia. 

156. Anna (Mrs. Dr. B. Bowman of Chambersburg, Pa.) 

(43) Mary Ann Culbertson mar. Daniel Snively, of 
Greencastle, Pa., Jan. 24, 1833. 

157. Wm. Andrew Snively, b. Dec. 6, 1833. (Rev.) mar. 

158. Joseph C. (Dr.),"b. Jan. 17, 1836; d. 1885. Mar. Miss 

159. Daniel Duncan, b. Mar. 1838; d. 1862. Texas. 

160. JuHa Francis, b. Apr. 30, 1840. (Mrs. Wm. H. Lewis 

of New Albany, Ind.), d. May, 1887. 

161. Anne Mary, b. Sept. 3, 1843 (Mrs. F. Colton, of 

Washington, D. C). 

162. John C, b. Sep. 28, 1845. Mar. Miss Eyster. (Crete,- 


163. Summerfield E., b. Jan. 10, 1848. (Rev.) 

164. Thaddeus A., b. Feb. 1, 1851. (Rev.) Mar. E. Crosby. 

(44) Wm. Stuart Culbertson, of New Albany, Ind., mar. 
first EKza Vance, of Corydon, Ind., Feb. 19, 1840. (Wife b. 
1822; d. 1865). Banker. 

Issue : 

165. Wm. A., b. 1841; d. June, 1885. Banker, St. Paul, 


166. John Vance, b. March 1843 ; d. Aug., 1843. 

167. Mary Julia, b. Jan., 1847; d. Sep., 1867. Unmarried. 

168. Frances Stuart, b. Feb., 1849; d. Aug., 1851. 

169. Charles Stuart, b. Apr., 1852; d. Feb. 26, 1901. Un- 


170. Joseph Simpson, b. Nov., 1855; d. March, 1904. Un 



171. Anna Vance, b. July 24, 1859 ; d. Apr. 8, 1910. 

172. Samuel Alexander, b. Aug., 1862. Banker. 

(44) Wm. S. Culbertson, mar. seconl, Mrs. Cornelia War- 
ner Eggleston, Jan. 10, 1867. Wife b. at Pennyan, N. Y. 
Aug. 27, 1832; d. Oct. 18, 1880. 

Issue I 

173. Walter Stewart, d. July, 1868. 

174. Blanche Warner, b. Sep., 1870. 

(44) Wm, S. Culbertson mar. third Mrs. Rebecca K. 
Young, of Paris, Ky. No issue; widow living, Louisville 

(46) John Craighead Culbertson mar. Mary Pintard 
Bicknell. Widow lives at Santa Barbara, Calif. 

175. Emma Bicknell, b. 1854; d. (Dr.) Unmar. Boston, 


176. Florence Stewart, b. July, 1856; d. Jan., 1861. 

177. George Augustus, b. Aug., 1861. California. 

(51) David Hays C, mar. Mary Linn, Dec. 20, 1843, and 
settled at Germantown, Pa. ; moved to Blair, Pa., in 1845; 
to Philadelphia, in 1848; to Carlisle, Pa., in 1858; to 
Princetown la., in 1866 where he resided. Widow d. Mar. 
15, 1902. 

Issue : 

178. Wm. Linn, b. Dec. 20, 1844; banker, d. Oct. 19, 1908. 

179. Stephen D., b. Oct. 6, 1846. St. Louis, Mo., d. July 9, 


180. Augustus J., b. Apr. 29, 1849. Gleden, la. d. 

181. Mary, b. Mar. 17, 1854. 

182. Robert, b. Nov. 14, 1851. ; d. May 9, 1904. 

183. Henry, b. May 19, 1856. Unmar. Princeton, la., d. 

184. EHzabeth, b. May 17, 1859. Unmar. Princeton, la. 

185. James C, b. Feb .17, 1852. Greenfield, la. d. 

186. Julius A. d. 

(53) Annetta Culbertson, mar. Robert Young, of Me- 
chanicsburg, Cumberland Co., Pa., May 22, 1838. 

(54) James Wilson C. mar. Mar. 15, 1842. Lives at 
Monmouth, Ills, Served three years in Civil War, 

Issue I 

187. Joseph Shrom, b. Dec. 19, 1842; d. Jan. 7, 1918. 

(Neb.) Served two years in Civil War. 


188. Stephen Robert (California), b. Jan. 11, 1848; d. 

Feb. 3, 1915. Los Angeles. 

189. Mary Hays, b. Oct. 1, 1844. Santa Monica, Calif. 

190. Annie. Los Angeles, Calif. 

191. Nettie. 

(55) Mary Culbertson mar. S. L Henderson, of Ship- 
pensburg, Pa., Aug. 20, 1840. 

(58) Elizabeth Culbertson mar. James Clark, of Harris- 
burg, Pa., Dec. 20, 1859. 

192. George Clark. 

193. Edward Clark. 

194. James Arthur Clark. 

195. Helen Culbertson Clark. 

196. Hays, d. 

197. Boy, d. in infancy 
1971/:). Boy, d. in infancy. 

198. " Elizabeth, d. 

(60) John M. Culbertson mar. . Lives at Glen wood, 

Ind. (Stock Farmer). 


199. Catherine E. 

200. Mary J. 

201. Ahce C. 

202. John M. 

203. Robert A. 

204. Margaret J. 

205. Henry C. 

206. Charles E. 

207. Ann E. 

(61) Joseph A. Culbertson mar. . Lives at Milford 

Center, Union Co., Ohio. (Stock Farm). 


208. Samuel. 

209. Walter M. 

(62) Samuel D. Culbertson mar. . Lives at Milford 

Center, Union Co., O. (Stock Farm). 

(64) Robert C. Culbertson mar. Edith Knight, of Cincin- 
nati, Ohio. Wholesale tobacconist, Cincinnati. (Wife d. 


210. Mary Knight Culbertson. 


(66) Mary Culbertson mar. J. W. Kilbreth. Live at 
Southhampton, N. Y. 

211. Edith J., d. Young. 
Issue : 

213. Mary Kilbreth (unmar.). 

212. John C. Kilbreth. 

214. Wm. Kilbreth. 

(67) Libbie Culbertson mar. Rev. John Annan, pastor of 
First Presbyterian Church, of Cincinnati, O. 


215. Alice. 

216. Helen. 

(68) Anna Culbertson mar. Carl Adae, of Cincinnati, 0. 
Issue : 

217. Marie Adae. 

218. Anna Belle Adae. 
2I8I/9. Carlotta Adae. 

219. Carl Adae. 

(69) Frank C. mar. Florence Moody, daughter of Rev. 
Moody, of Shippensburg, Pa. Banker, San Angelo, Tex. 


220. Eleanor Catherine. 

221. Florence Edith. 

(76) Dr. James Culbertson mar. . Moved to Waco, 

Tex. from Ralls Co., Mo. Was a graduate of Jefferson 
Med. College, Philadelphia, Pa. 


2211/2. Mary H., d. 1869. 

222. Emma S., Waco, Tex. Teacher. Unmarried. 

223. Virginia L., mar. 1889. 

224. Minnie V., Waco, Tex., Teacher. Unmarried. 

225. William J., Waco, Tex. Unmarried. 

226. Irene M., Waco, Tex. Unmarried. 

227. V. L. Walker, Waco, Tex. Unmarried. 

(78) Wm. Culbertson. Know nothing of. 

(79) Ann E. Culbertson mar. Mr. Biggs. 
Issue : 

228. Rebecca (Mrs. Hawkins) Bowling Green, Mo. 

229. Emma (Mrs. Moffett) Mexico, Mo. And four others. 



(82) Frances L. Culbertson. See (40). 

(83) Cyrus J. Culbertson mar. . No issue. 

(87) Emma I. Culbertson mar. first Theodore Pinkey. 
Husband died. 


230. Alexander C. Pinky. 

She (87) then mar. Wm. Clark. No issue. 

(88) Robert S. Culbertson mar. Lydia Smith. Merchant. 
Lives at Ft. Benton, Mont. 

Issue : 

231. Helen. 

232. Mabel. 

233. Robert. 

234. Esther. 

235. MolHe. 

236. John. 

237. Wilham. 

238. Frances. 

(95) Joseph Culbertson,. mar. a daughter of Major Moss- 

Issue : 

239. Samuel Culbertson. In World War. Married. 
Issue : 

Two daughters. 

(96) Margaret Culbertson mar. P. C. Bartlett, of Peoria, 


240. Sue Herron Bartlett. 

241. Nannie Bartlett. 

242. Edward P. Bartlett. Mar. Miss Beardsley. 

243. Lucy E. Bartlett. 

244. Wm. C. Bartlett. 

(98) Mary F. Culbertson mar. John S. Mcllvaine, cashier 
of National Bank, Chambersburg, Pa. 

245. Nellie Bell Mcllvaine (Mrs. Chas. Hoopes). 

246. Wm. Mcllvaine, b. Oct. 29, 1867 ; d. Apr. 1868. 

247. George Duffield. Mar. Lives at Pittsburgh, Pa. 

248. John S., Jr. 


(99) Ellen B. Culbertson mar. Wm. Hopkins, of Syra- 
cuse, N. Y. 


249. Nannie Hopkins. 

250. Harriett Hopkins. 

251. Edward Hopkins. 

(100) Helen Anna Culbertson, mar. Leonard Wm. Kip, 
of N. Y., a missionary to China, June, 1865. 


252. Alice Mabel, b. 1867 (Mrs. Alex. S. Van Dyck, mis- 

sionary to China). 

(101) Frances Culbertson, mar. Dr. Samuel Whitall of 
N. Y. City. 

Issue : 

253. Frances Culbertson Whitall, b. 1872; d. 1874. 

(108) Denton Dun Culbertson, mar. Mary Sly, 1851. 

254. Mary, b. . Mar. Mr. Wheeler. 

255. Wm., d. young. 

(109) Mary Elizabeth Culbertson mar. Samuel Knox, M. 
D. of Adams Co., Pa. 

256. Mary Knox, b. June, 1852. Physician, Adams Co., 

Pa. Unmar. 

257. Mary E. Knox, mar. Meadley, a civil engineer. 

No issue. 

258. James Mason Knox, d. young. 

259. Samuel Knox, d. unmar. 

260. Chas. Knox, mar. lives in Montana — a ranchman. 

(Ill) Cyrus J, Culbertson mar. Rachael Doty, July 4, 

261 One son. 

262 to 267. Five daughters. 

(113) John Newton Culbertson (Rev.). Soldier in Civil 
War. Mar. Jan'y 9, 1880 to Belle Caldwell of Wheeling, 
W. Va., in Bangkok, Siam. Prin. of Harriet House School 
for Girls. 

Issue * 

268. Keren Whittier, b. Oct. 16, 1881. 

269. John Travis, M., b. Sept. 21, 1883. 

270. Helen Duncan, b. Oct. 16, 1888 ; d. in infancy. 

271. Robert Caldwell, b. Jan. 9, 1891 ; d. June 17, 1897. 


272. Gladys Isabel, b. June 17, 1897; unmar. 

(114) Wm. F. Breckenridge Culbertson. Died (unmar- 
ried) of wounds received in the Battle of Prairie Grove, 
Ark., in Civil War. 

(115) Harriett Newell, mar. John Osborn, a soldier of 
the Civil War, Aug. 14, 1866. 

Issue '. 

273. Wm. Denton Osborn, b. July 12, 1867. 

274. Richard Leon, b. Oct. 14, 1868. 

275. Florence lola, b. Oct. 4, 1870. 

276. Bessie Henderson, b. . 

277. John Culbertson, b, . 

278. Bernice H. 

279. Ruby A. 

280. Leslie McVitty. 

(116) Martha Ann Culbertson, mar. Horace Wycoff. 

281. Josephine Wycoff. 

282. Culbertson. 

283. Joseph. 
2831/2. June. 

(117) Pauline V. Culbertson mar. Wm. Powell, a soldier 
in Civil War. 

Issue '. 

284. Wm. Court Powell, b. Dec. 12, 1870. 

285. Lena Powell, b. May 9, 1872. 

286. Alberta, b. Oct. 16, 1874. 

(118) Robert Mason Culbertson, mar. Miss Wilson, 

of Stuart, la. 

Issue : 
287-8. Two daughters. 

289-901/2. Three sons. 

(119) Rebecca Jane Culbertson mar. , Woodley, M. 

D. Husband died. No issue. She married second, Her- 
bert Wood. • 

Issue : 
292. May Wood, mar. and hves near Calgary, Can. 

(128) Albert Culbertson, mar. Emma Jane Canefield, 
May 8, 1872. No issue; have adopted son, born Feb. 1, 
1892, and named Robert W. Culbertson. Emma Jane 
Canefield died July 8, 1912. Albert Culbertson mar. sec- 
ond wife, Anna Mary Jorpeland, Sept. 3, 1913. 



292. Annie Jeannette Culbertson, b. July 11, 1914. 

293. Albert Duncan Culbertson, b. Mar. 16, 1916. 

294. Mildred Ann Culbertson, b. Dec. 3, 1918. 

(129) William D. Culbertson mar. Nettie Canfield, Dec. 
10, 1872. 

Issue I 

295. Elsie May Culbertson, b. July 21, 1873. ' 

296. Ruth D. Culbertson, b. Aug. 18, 1878. 

(130) Josephine Culbertson, b. , 1852; mar. Charles 

A. Abbott (Charles A. Abbott died ). 

Issue ' 

297. Maud Abbott. 

298. Mollie Abbott. 

299. Vaughn Abbott. 

300. Robert Abbott. 

301. Gertie Abbott. 

302. Clinton Abbott. 

303. Lincoln Abbott. 

304. Florence Abbott. 

(131) Robert Culbertson, mar. Carrie Olson, Jan. 2, 1876, 
Issue ' 

305. Letitia Culbertson, b. Feb. 14, 1876 ; d. Oct., 1918. 

306. Robert Wilson Culbertson, b. Sept. 3, 1878. 

307. Effie Culbertson, b. Dec. 13, 1871; d. Aug., 1883. 

308. Harvey D. Culbertson, b. Dec. 22, 1882. 

309. Albert Hays Culbertson, b. Mar. 23, 1885. 

310. Edgar WilHam Culbertson, b. Dec. 26, 1886. 

(132) Edgar Hays Culbertson; unmar. lives at 423 Court 
St., Albert Lea, Minn. 

(133) Mary Ann Culbertson, b. June 26, 1859; d. June 
25, 1918; mar. to James Ferrier, Nov. 6, 1879. 


311. Jeanette Evangeline Ferrier, mar. Robert Bain. 

312. Blanche Ferrier, mar. Neil Bain; no issue. 

313. John Ferrier, mar. Hazel Patterson ; no issue. 

314. Josephine Farrier, mar. Frank Root, 3 children. 

315. James Farrier, mar. Hester . 

316. Evelyn Ferrier, unmar. 

(138) Emma S. Culbertson, mar. Chauncey Ives, Chief 
Engr. of Cumberland Valley R. R. Lived at Chambers- 
burg, Pa. 


Issue : 

317. Charles Ives. 

318. Chauncey, Jr. 

319. Nellie (Mrs. Wentworth Hart, of Hood River, Ore- 
gon.) Issue: Charlotte (Mrs. John Putnam, of Norristown, 
N. J.). 

(139) Nannie P. Culbertson mar. Daniel H. Wingerd, 
Oct. 19, 1876. 
Issue : 

320. Margaret Wingerd, d. 

321. Edmund Wingerd. 

(137) Samuel Duncan Culbertson, mar. Miss Cook. 
(General Freight Agent, P. & W. R. R.) 

322. Emily C, d. 1878. 

323. Elvira H. 

324. Lillie Cook. 

325. Jacob W. C. 

326. Clara W. 

(150) John P. Culbertson, mar. May Ellen Sharp. Lives 
at Carlisle, Pa. 

(151) Chas. A. Culbertson, mar. Amelia Birkhead Han- 
way at Aberdeen, Md. 

(157) Wm. Andrew Snively mar. Ella Pirtle of Louis- 
ville, Ky. Both d. 

Issue : 
Jane Snively, d. young. Theodore, unmar. Atty, at Lav/ at 
Louisville, Ky. ; Elsie (mar.). 

(158) Dr. Joseph C. Snively, mar. Miss Strickland. Both 
died many years ago. 

Edith (Mrs. Henry Sanford). Issue: Culbertson Sanford; 
Edith Sanford. 
(160) Juha Frances Snively, mar. Wm. Henry Lewis at 
new Albany, Ind., Oct., 1861. Husband died May, 1906. 

Issue * 
a. Edward Mann, b. Dec. 10, 1863 (Gen.) Mar. at Evanston, 
Ills., Hattie Russel Balding, June 12, 1888. Issue: 
Henry Balding, b. Mav 8, 1889; Adelaide Palmer, 
b. July 22, 1895. (Mar. Arthur D. Newman, Major 
of Cav. Had issue Edward L. Newman, b. Apr. 9, 
1919 ; Frank McCoy Newman, b. Oct. 12, 1920) ; 
Thomas Edward Lewis, b. Oct. 16, 1898. 


b. Wm. Andrew Lewis, b. Mar. 80, 1867. 

c. Arthur Henry, b. Mar. 13, 1869. 

d. Adelaide Louisa, b. Feb. 12, 1880; mar. in 1906, Harry 

Heff rin ; lives at Kittanning, Pa. (Issue: Emma 
Josephine; Harry Lewis; Adelaide Sara; Frances 

e. Frances Snively, b. Aug. 24, 1876. 

(161) Mary Ann Snively, mar. F. Colton, of Washington, 
D. C. 

(162) John C. Snively, mar. Miss Eyster; lived at Crete, 

(163) Rev. Summerfield E. Snively, mar. Ida Selleck, of 
New York. She died years ago ; he died a few years since, 
when he was rector of an Episcopal church at Nice, France. 

Issue : 
De Forrest, an Episcopal clergyman at Westfield, Mass. 
Margaret (mar. Bernard Pratt, an Englishman) County 

Kent, Eng. Issue: Several children. 
Ethelwyn (Mrs. Edward Cosbey, Asst Rector at St. Marks- 

on-Bowery, N. Y.) Issue: Edward, Robert C, 

Kenneth Tryon, Ethelwyn. 

(164) Thaddeus Snively, mar. Lily Crosbey, of Troy, N. 
Y. He d. 1912. 

Issue : 
Schuyler Snively, Alexander Snively; both officers Cana- 
dian regiments World War. 

(165) Wm. Arthur Culbertson, mar. Olive Glover of 
Evansville, Ind. Was a banker at St. Paul, Minn. Wife 
living in 1923 at San Angelo, Tex. 

Issue : 

327. Glover Culbertson. 

328. Arthur Percy, San Angelo, Tex. 

(171) Annie Vance Culbertson, mar. Francis Bailey 
Semple, Nov. 15, 1883. Moved to Minneapolis, Minn. Hus- 
band died. 

Issue : 

329. Rebekah, b. Dec. 18, 1884. 

330. Wm. Culbertson Semple, b. Sept. 1887. During 

World War gave his yacht to U. S. and served on 
it as member of the crew. 

(171) Annie Vance Culbertson mar. second, Alonzo Rand 
of MinneapoHs, Minn. (No issue). 


(172) Samuel Alexander Culbertson. Is a banker at 
Louisville, Ky. Served in Remount Service during the lat- 
ter part of the World War. Mar. Louise Craig of Pee Wee 
Valley, Ky., Feb., 1886. 


331. William Stuart, b. Aug. 1887, who served on his 

cousin's yacht in World War. ; mar. Effie Bagnall 
of St. Louis. No issue. 

332. Louis. No issue. 
3321/2. Alexander Craig, b. 1889. 

(174) Blanche Warner Culbertson, mar. Leigh French of 
MinneapoHs, Minn., June 27, 1893. 
Issue ! 

333. Leigh French, Jr., b. March 17, 1894. 

334. Cedric French, b. Sept. 22, 1895. 

335. George Franklyn French, b. July 24, 1897. New 

York City. 

(177) George Augustus Culbertson, mar. Margaret 
Moore, lived at Santa Barbara, Calif. ; died years ago. 


336. George Augustus, mar. had a daughter. 

337. John Thomas. 

338. Henry. 

339. Emita (Mrs. Benj. Rowan), Los Angeles, Calif. 

340. Francis. 

(178) Wm. Linn Culbertson; mar. Ruth Olivia Johnson, 
of Carroll, la., June 5, 1873; wife b. Jan. 13, 1853; banker 
Carrollton, la. Widow living (1923) at Worland, Wyo. 


341. Mary Wood, b. May 4, 1874, at Carroll, la. (Unmar..) 

342. Ralph Wm., b. Feb. 5, 1878 ; d. 1886, at Carroll. 

343. Rober Goodwin, b. June 14, 1881, Worland, Wyo. 

344. Wm. Linn, Jr., b. Feb. 20, 1884, U. S. N. 

(179) Stephen D. Culbertson, mar. Mary E. Hess, of 
Princeton, la., Feb. 2, 1872. Lived at Glidden, la., now at 
St. Louis, Mo. Jeweler. 

Issue : 

345. Robert Hays, b. July 14, 1873. 

346. Corneha May, b. July 19, 1875. 

347. Stephen Rov, b. Aug. 24, 1877. 

348. Ethel Burchard, b. Nov. 11, 1882. 

349. Rolla McLosky, b. Oct. 19, 1884. 

350. Linn Nichols, b. Mar. 16, 1890. 


(180) Julius Augustus Culbertson, mar. Jane Hunter, 
Feb. 15, 1877. Lives at Glidden, la. (Dry Goods Merchant). 

Issue ' 

351. Faye Belle, b. Nov. 8, 1880. 

352. Robert Coe, d. infancy. 

353. Hays, b. July 1, 1885. 

354. Margaret Emma, b. Dec. 17, 1888. 

(181) Mary Hays Culbertson mar. John E. Darrah, of 
Indiana Co., Pa., Apr. 23, 1879. (Dry goods merchant, 
Greenfield, la.). 


355. Cora L. Darrah, b. May, 1880. 

356. Ernest Hays, b. Aug. 9, 1882. 

357. Olive Estelle, b. Jan. 11, 1893. 

(182) Robert Y. C. mar. Henrietta Bell at Princetown, la. 
Mar. 16, 1876 Live at Carroll, la 

358 Frederick Hayes, b. May 16, 1879. 

359. Frank, b. May 20, 1881 ; d. July 20, 1886. 

360. Clara Bell, b. June 5, 1887. 

(183) James C. C, mar. Ada E. Bennett, Dec. 15, 1889. 
(Dry goods merchant, Greenfield, la.). Widow lives Des 
Moines, la. 

Issue : 

361. C. Linn, b. Sept. 29, 1890. 

362. Fern. 

(187) Joseph Shrom Culbertson, d. about Jan. 7, 1918 at 
Edgar, Nebraska. His only wife, Nancy Daniels, survived 
him until about Jan. 9, 1922. 


363. Laura Belle, b. Oct. 4, 1869, still living. 

364. Robert WilHam, b. Mar. 16, 1871 in Warren Co., la. 


(188) Stephen Robert Culbertson was born Nov. 1, 1848, 
Shippensburg, Pa. d. Mar. 2, 1915, at Los Angeles, Calif. 
Mar. Mary Estelle Downer in Nebraska, Mar. 5, 1876. 
Wife living; address Claremont, Calif. 

Issue : 

365. Elnora May Culbertson, b. Dec. 12, 1876, in Nuckolls 

Co., Nebraska. 

366. James Downer, b. Apr. 17, 1882, in Superior, Nuck- 

olls Co., Neb. 


367. Sarah Rebecca, b. Apr. 17, 1882, in Superior, Nuck- 

olls Co., Neb. 

368. Marv Catherine, b. May 19, 1886, Davenport, Neb. 

369. Stephen Robert, b. July 24, 1888, Davenport, Neb. 

370. John Talmage, b. Feb. 24, 1891, Angus, Neb. 

371. Augustus Culbertson, b. March 20, 1894. 

372. Opal Estelle, b. Oct. 1, 1895, at Bloomington, Calif. 

(189) Mary Culbertson mar. Dec. 21, 1869 to Wm. T. 
Black. Between 75 and 80 years old; living at Santa Mon- 
ica, Calif. 


374. Roy Black; mar. Cora Hanford. No issue. Lives 

Santa Monica, Calif. 

375. James Black. 

376. Wm. C. Black, mar. 1917 to Hattie Hall. Lives at Los 

Angeles, Calif. 

377. Jessie Black (mar. John Hossack, 1903). Issue: two 

sons; lives at Ventura, Calif. 

378. Fannie Black, mar. Anderson T. Finney; Issue: one 

daughter, one son; Kves Yellow Springs, Ohio. 

379. MolHe Black, mar. Apr. 1, 1905, to Louis R. Kohl. 

Issue: Two daughters, one son; Belleville, N, J. 

(190) Nettie Culbertson mar Harry Flemming at Mon- 
mouth, Ills. Issue: Linnie Flemming (Alone). 


(245) Nellie Bell Mcllvaine mar. June 7, 1887, to Chas. 
Stockton Hoopes. 

380. Helen Hoopes. 

(247) George Duffield Mcllvaine mar. Sara Leightcap of 
Easton, Pa., Jan'y 5, 1888; Kves Pittsburgh, Pa. Sec'y 
National Pipe & Supplies Co. Pres Nat'l Phi Kappa Soci- 
ety; Pres. LaFayette Alumnae, etc. 

Issue : 

381. John Stauffer (3rd), b. Dec. 2, 1888; enlisted Dec, 

1917, in Coast Art. Corps. Trained Ft. Scott and 
San Francisco. Went overseas May, 1918 in Coast 
Art. Corps (42nd.). Discharged Sept. 10, 1919. Was 
wearing three sleeve stripes and service ribbon on 
which are two bronze stars for major operations 
and one silver star, reg. cit., for bravery in action. 


Mar. Susanne Celestine Chappe in Nancy, France, 
Nov. 20, 1919. 

(248) John Stauffer Mcllvaine, Jr. Jr. mar. Bessie Mc- 
Gowan, Oct. 4, 1904. 
Issue : 

382. Alice Chambers Mcllvaine. 

383. Mary Culbertson. 

(268) Karen Whittier Culbertson mar. Arthur J. Baker 
of Birmingham, Eng. Live at Toledo, O. 

Issue : 

384. Robert Baker, b. Apr. 12, 1909. 

(269) John Travis McVitty Culbertson, mar. Feb. 12, 
1911, to Miss Ivy Phelps, (b. Oct. 4, 1881, Stevensville, N. 

Issue : 

385. John Phelps, b. Apr. 21, 1912, at Great Falls, Mont. 

John Travis Culbertson connected with reclama- 
tion work in arid west. 

(295) Elsie May Culbertson mar. John Weldon, Dec. 11, 

Issue I 

386. Gladys, b. July, 1892 ; d. Oct. 8, 1893. 

387. Phylhs, b. Oct. 10, 1893 (mar. Douglas Brower, Oct. 

5, 1917; later mar. Frank Weller, Oct. 23, 1922). 

388. Gwendolyn, b. Feb. 26, 1895 (Mar. to Warren Hamil- 

ton Sept. 9, 1920. Issue: Gwendolyn W. Hamilton, 
b. July 1, 1921). 

(296) Ruth D. Culbertson, mar. Neil Currie, Jan. 25, 

Issue I 

389. Earl W. Currie, b. Jan. 18, 1897 (mar. July 1, 1921 to 

Nina Karlsbrotin) . 

(305) Letetia Culbertson, mar. Edward H. Straw, Oct. 
21, 1896. 
Issue : 

390. Robert Henry and Leshe Edward, b. July 13, 1897; 

Leshe Edward died Set. 29, 1897. 

391. Gladys Rosemond, died Feb. 5, 1901. 

392. Oaka Carrie, born Aug. 27, 1904. 

(390) Robert Henry Straw, mar. Florence May Terry, 
Dec. 29, 1920 ; Issue, one son born Feb'y 9, 1923. 


(392) Oaka Carrie Straw, married Verne S. Lewis, Dec. 
5, 1922. 

(306) Robert Wilson Culbertson, mar. Nellie Henry, 
Sept. 20, 1905. 
Issue I 

393. Paul Robert Culbertson, b. Oct. 22, 1906. 

394. Francis Henry Culbertson, b. June 1, 1913. 

(308) Harvey D. Culbertson, mar. Sarah Ann Primrose, 
Primrose, Neb., Sept. 30, 1914. 


395. Thelma lone Culbertson, b. Aug. 19, 1917. 

396. Harvey Rex Culbertson, b. Aug. 29, 1919. 

397. Robert Edgar Culbertson, b. Mar. 24, 1921. 

398. Willis James Culbertson, b. Set. 12, 1922. 

(309) Albert Hays Culbertson mar. Elma De Etta Lien, 
Albert Lea, Minn., Aug. 8, 1918. 

Issue : 

399. Albert Hays Culbertson, Jr., b. Aug. 1, 1919. 

(310) Edgar William Culbertson mar. Jan. 25, 1912, Ed- 
na B. Anderson, Albert Lea, Minn. 

Issue I 

400. Sydney Edgar Culbertson, b. July 31,1913. 

(321) Edmund Culbertson Wingerd of Chambersburg, 
Penna. Attorney and former Mayor of Chambersburg. 
Mar. Miss Margaret F. Coleman, Nov. 12, 1914. 


401. Edmund Culbertson Wingerd, b. Apr. 4, 1916. 

402. Joseph Coleman, b. Nov. 11, 1917. 

403. WilHam Noble, b. Jan. 5, 1920. 

(328) Arthur Percy Culbertson of San Angelo, Tex., mar. 
Hazel Hershey, of San Angelo, in 1920. 


404. Wm. Semple Culbertson, b. . 

(329) Rebecca Semple married Allen West of St. Louis,. 
Mo. Prominent society and club woman. 

Issue : 

405. Allen West. 

406. Annie West. 

407. Rebecca West. 

(3321/2) Alexander Craig Culbertson mar. Florence Mc- 


Fatrick of Chicago, Ills. Served in World War as Comman- 
der of Cadets at Omaha Balloon School, 

408. Samuel Alexander, Jr. 

409. Florence. 

(333) Leigh French, Jr., mar. Phyllis Wildes Brown, 
Apr. 13, 1918, at Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. Lives at Ardsley on 

Issue '. 

410. Leigh French (3rd) b. Oct. 18, 1920. 

(343) Roger Goodwin Culbertson, mar. Sept. 7, 1909, to 
Annie C. Cummins, Des Moines, la. 


411. Jane Culbertson, b. June 11 1911. 

(344) Wm, Linn Culbertson, Jr., graduate AnnapoHs. In 
U. S. Navy. Mar. Sept. 12, 1906, at Fairfield, Conn., to 
Lisa Winchester Heighe. 

Issue : 

412. Wm. Linn, Jr., b. July 1, 1908. 

(347) Stephen Roy Culbertson, mar. June 1, 1914, to 
OHve Outten. Lives St. Louis, Mo, 

Issue : 

413. okve Mary, b. Oct. 30, 1916. 

(350) Linn Nichols Culbertson served with Headquarters 
Detachment of 35th Div. in France. Returned safely. 
Lives St. Louis, Mo. 

(351) Faye Belle Culbertson mar. March 28, 1913, Luther 
Ridenour; lives Plenty wood, Mont. 


414. Jane Ellen Ridenour, b. Nov. 22, 1915. 

415. Ahce Margaret, b. Dec. 25, 1918. 

(353) Dr. Hays Culbertson. Served in World War; lives 
Driggs, Idaho. 

(354) Margaret Emma Culbertson mar. Harry A. Mc- 
^ill ; widow lives at Alameda, Calif. 


416. Son. 

417. Son 

418. Son. 


(358) Frederick Hayes Culbertson, mar. Marian Edith 
Park, June 16, 1909. Resides Carroll, la. 
Issue I 

419. Helen Adelaide, b. March 26, 1910. 

420. Frederick Park, b. Jany. 5, 1912. 

(360) Clara Belle Culbertson, mar. Fern H. Cooney, June 
16, 1920. Resides Carroll, la. Husband member of Co. L, 
131st Inf. Cited for bravery in Gressaire Wood, Aug. 10,. 

No issue. 

(361) Charles Linn Culbertson. Unmarried. Served in 
World War; returned safely. Lives Des Moines, la. 

(362) Fern (Mar. Glen Eastburn). 
^ssue : 

421. Ruth Emily, Des Moines, la. 

(363) Laura Belle Culbertson, mar. Timothy Kane, re- 
tired farmer, Edgar, Neb. 


422. , d. at birth. 

(364) Robert Wm. Culbertson, mar. about 1897 to Ethel 
White of Iowa. 


423. Fay (mar. Homer Mallory, 1918. Issue: Wilma and 

Wm. Jr., twins, three years old; Wanda, 1 year. 
Live at Edgar, Neb.) 

424. Cleo. 

425. Joseph Shrom. 

426. Daughter, d. . 

(365) Elnora May Culbertson, mar. George E. La Gaye, 
a rancher. Husband d. 1912. Widow lives at Claremont, 
Cahf. Teacher; Grad. State Normal. 

Issue " 

427. Virginia May, b. Apr. 23, 1909. 

428. Marie Estelle, b. May 11, 1911. 

(366) James Downer Culbertson; grad. as B. A. from 
Pomona College, Calif., 1904. Mar. Bertha Mabel Eldridge, 
Aug. 8, 1908 Lemon grower and Assistant Field Mgr. of 
Limoneria Co., a corporation owning and operating some 
1500 acres lemons and 240 acres Enghsh walnuts, Santa. 
Paula, Calif. 


429. Helen Jean, b. Sept. 12, 1909. 


439. Barbara Eldridge, b. Apr. 30, 1914. 

431. James Downer, Jr., b. Apr. 24, 1919. 

(367) Sarah Rebecca Culbertson. Mar. June 30, 1901, 
at San Bernardino, Calif, to James Russell, merchant, San 
Bernardino, Calif. 

Issue : 

432. George Vernon, b. July 4, 1905, at San Bernardino, 


(368) Mary Catherine Culbertson. -Graduated from San 
Diego State Normal, taught school 5 years. Mar. Rolland 
C. Springer, an attorney of San Diego, Calif., about Sept. 
29, 1914, at San Bernardino Calif. 

No issue. Address 3351 29th St., San Diego, Calif. 

(369) Stephen Robert Culbertson. Born Davenport, la. 
Married Dec. 1, 1909, to Myrtle Revill at San Bernardino, 
Calif. Lemon grower and manager for Santa Paula Lemon 
Co., Santa Paula, Calif. 

Issue : 

433. Grace Marie, b. Dec. 31, 1910. 

434. Lloyd Revill, b. Aug. 7, 1912. 

435. Clearence Leon, b. Sept. 11, 1915. 

436. Robert Junior Culbertson, b. July 25, 1919. 

(370) John Talmadge Culbertson. Mar. at Los Angeles, 
Calif., about Nov. 1, 1912, to Selma Leonore Drott. Lemon 
grower and manager Cascade Ranch Co., nurseryman and 
poultryman. San Fernando, Calif. 


437. Hazel Marie, b. June 1, 1915. 

438. Ruth Louise, b. Mar. 19, 1917. 

439. John Talmadge Culbertson, Jr., b. Aug. 19, 1921. 

(371) Augustus Culbertson. 

(372) Opal Estelle Culbertson, mar. June 8, 1920, to Fred 
L. Wilkinson, lemon grower and poultryman of San Fer- 
nando, Calif. Opal grad. Los Angeles State Normal; for- 
merly public school teacher. 

No issue. 


(5) Col. Samuel D. Culbertson, M. D., raised in "Row", 
was educated at Canonsburg College, Pa. Studied medi- 
cine and practiced many years in Chambersburg. In 1812„ 


he gathered a company and, as Lieut, marched them to 
Buffalo, and was appointed Bridgade-Surgeon. In 1814, he 
raised a company andT, as Captain, marched them to defend 
Baltimore against the British, and was again appointed 
Brigade-Surgeon. Rev. A. Nevin says of him : "The love of 
country which warmed the bosoms of the Culbertsons in 
the days that tried men's souls and which glowed in the 
ardent heart of their illustrious descendant in the vigor of 
his manhood, suffered no cooling amid the infirmities of 
his age. When the wicked Rebellion massed its hosts for 
the overthrow of the government, he gave no equivocal 
support to the earnest, strenuous prosecution of the war 
for national existence, but uttered a full voiced advocacy 
of prompt, decided, unremitting action. In medicine he was 
a remarkable diagnostician, as well as a skillful surgeon 
and obstetrician. The great Prof. Chapman, of Philadel- 
phia, spoke very highly of him. He was engaged in a num- 
ber of business enterprises, among them paper manufac- 
ture, in which he massed a large fortune. He practiced 
medicine until 1831, when he retired from practice. His 
son (37), Dr. Edmund, was a surgeon of great skill and rep- 
utation at Chambersburg. His son (39) Albert, owned the 
first paper mill west of the Alleghenies that used steam 

(42) Elizabeth Reid's daughter, Helen (155), mar. Hon. 
W. S. Stenger, who was congressman from Franklin Co., in 
1878. Was also District Attorney of that county for three 
terms. Was a prominent lawyer of Philadelphia. 

(8) Capt. John C. Culbertson was born and raised in 
"Row". After the breaking out of the War of 1812, he en- 
tered the army as Ensign in the 22d U. S. Inf., 17th of 
March, 1812. Commissioned 2nd Lieut., Mar. 13, 1813 ; 1st. 
Lieut., Oct. 1, 1813. Transferred to 8th U. S. Inf., May 17, 
1815. Captain, June 1, 1819." (U. S. Army Register). Dis- 
banded June 1, 1821. 

"After leaving the Army he went to the Frontier, engag- 
ing for a time in the Santa Fe trade. His career in trading 
in the West, laid a broad foundation for his fortune, that 
became assured after his settlement in Cincinnati in the 
year 1828. A few years after his establishment in 
Cincinnati he organized the Franklin bank and gave a 
large share of his attention to its management. When the 
bank surrendered its charter, Capt. Culbertson associated 
with M. Grosbeck and Mr. Kilgour, as successors of the 


Franklin bank, in private banking, and continued this asso- 
ciation for many years. The rigid will, sturdy resolution 
and courage that were the prominent characteristics of 
Capt. Culbertson, were doubtless the basis of his successful 
business career. Socially, he was a genial and generous 
liver, his home being perhaps more thoroughly patrician 
in style than any in the city." (From a Cincinnati Paper.) 
His fortune at his death was estimated at $500,000. His 
sons were wealthy and influential men and his daughters 
married prominent men, one of these being Rev. John An- 
nan, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, Cincinnati. 
Capt. J. C. Culbertson married the daughter of Rev. John 
Moody, who preached for fifty-three years at Middle Spring 
Church, Cumberland Co., Pa. 

(15) Alexander Culbertson was in the Battle of Ft. Mc- 
Kenzie, Aug. 28, 1833 (Indian battle). Maximilian, prince 
of Wied of Austria, visited America at that time and ad- 
mired Major Culbertson very much. Lauds him highly in 
his book of Travel in America. Major Culbertson's picture 
hangs in the Public Library at Ft. Benton, Mont. Also a 
picture of the Indian battle with Culbertson thereon — 
above mentioned. 

(16) Cyrus D. Culbertson was a wealthy packer of Bal- 
timore and Cincinnati. 

(21) Thaddeus A. Culbertson wrote a Journal of an Ex- 
pedition to the Mauvais Terres (Black Hills), published by 
Smithsonian Institute, 1850, 

(19) Michael Simpson Culbertson was one of the most 
brilliant of the family. "Entered Military Academy, at 
West Point; was appointed Second Lieut., First U. S. Art'y 
July 1, 1839. Resigned April 15, 1841." (Army Register). 
Rev. A. Nevin says of him:'*After resigning from Army, he 
entered the Theological Seminary at Princeton, N. J., and 
graduated from there in 1844. He was licensed at Carlisle, 
and ordained as a foreign missionary to China. Before 
sailing he married Miss Dunlap, of N. Y. State. His career 
as a missionary was marked by extraordinary devotion and 
ability. In the midst of his labors, was taken with cholera 
and died after a short illness. Among his fellow students 
were Halleck, McDowell, Beauregard, all of whom after- 
wards wore the insignia of Major Generals. In the prog- 
ress of his course, he was appointed drill officer with title 
of Captain, and served for a time as Professor of Mathe- 


matics. When two cadets were chosen to go to France, at 
the Government's expense to complete their education at 
the school that had produced Napoleon Bonaparte, Culbert- 
son was the first selected; and obtained suffrages of all 
the electors. 

At West Point he earned for himself the beatitude of 
peacemaker. Engaged to act as a second to the after- 
wards famous Magruder, in an affair of honor, he adjusted 
the difficulty and prevented a probably fatal encounter. He 
labored in connection with the late Dr. Bridgeman, for sev- 
eral years, with assiduity and perseverance, in preparing a 
revised translation of the Bible in the Chinese language, a 
labor of love which he regarded as the great work of his 
life, and it was a source of especial consolation to him, just 
before his departure, that God had enabled him to complete 
it. He also wrote a work entitled ''Darkness in the Flowery 
Land." His daughter Josephine (103) was an artist of 
prominence in Brooklyn (1892). 

(44) WilHam Stuart Culbertson was born at "Fairview 
Farm," near the little town of New Market, and a few miles 
from Harrisburg. He was but ten years of age when his 
father died. Upon the settlement of the estate, it was 
found that the security notes, which he had signed for 
others would leave only a small property for the widow. 

Young William, felt so strongly that he must help his 
mother, that at the age of fifteen he entered a mercantile 
establishment at Harrisburg, where he remained until he 
was twenty-one and then left for what was the "West" in 
those days — Indiana. He settled in the thriving little town 
of New Albany, just across the river from Louisville, Ky., 
and there he lived for the rest of his long life. For many 
years he was a wholesale merchant and a banker; later 
only a banker. He was much interested in banking in the 
Northwest, especially in Minneapolis and St. Paul. His 
ability as a merchant and banker was widely recognized. 

Wilham Stuart Culbertson, hke all his ancestors, was a 
Presbyterian. No doubt influenced by the example of his 
mother, who was much given to hospitality and very chari- 
table, he excelled in both these virtues. Naturally, in most 
cases, his "right hand knew not what the left hand" gave, 
but in two instances at least it was impossible to keep the 
benefactions from pubhc knowledge. These two benefac- 
tions were "The Old Ladies Home," and the "Corneha Me- 
morial Orphans Home." The latter, on completion, Mr. Cul- 
bertson turned over to the trustees for a permanent dwell- 


ing for the children, who until then had Hved in rented 
quarters. The "Old Ladies Home'" however, was quite an- 
other affair ; as long as he lived, he maintained it and gave, 
with the other members of the family, personal supervision. 
He endowed it generously and at this writing, it is still a 
flourishing and much needed institution. We would add 
that the mother of Wm. Stuart Culbertson was a wonder- 
fully intelligent and interesting woman as were also his 

(171) Mrs. Annie Vance Culbertson (Mrs. F. B. Semple) 
was a charming woman and a highly gifted singer. She 
was a woman of great charity and the poor and the unfor- 
tunate and the fallen of Minneapolis long had cause to re- 
member her kindness and charity, and when she passed 
away the poor and down-and-out thronged to her home to 
take one last look at her kind and beautiful face. 

(174) Blanche Warner Culbertson, born Sept. 15th, 1870, 
Married Leigh French of Minneapolis, Minn., June 27th, 
1893. In the Spanish War, Dr. French served as Major in 
the Third Volunteer Regiment of Cavalry under Colonel 
Grigsby. In the World War he was given the commission 
as Captain in the Air Service. Residence New York City. 
Practiced Medicine until 1898. Children: Leigh, b. March 
17th, 1894. He was given the commission of Lieutenant in 
the Ordnance Corps, during the World War. He trained at 
Plattsburg, the summer of 1917, ser\dng at Camp Hancock, 
Georgia, and Camp Raritan, N. J. 

Cedric Culbertson, born Sept. 22nd, 1895. Williams Col- 
lege. Trained at Plattsburg Camp in 1917. Commissioned 
Second Lieutenant of Field Artillery. Later in a competi- 
tive examination chosen for the Balloon Corps and sent to 
Fort Omaha- Balloon School. Went overseas with his regi- 
ment, the 307th Field Artillery, May 25th, 1918. Regiment 
stationed at Vannes in Brittany, where he acted as inter- 
preter until sent to the front with the 43rd Balloon Co., 
Fourth Army Corps, early in August, 1918. Was in the 
St. Mihiel and Meuse-Argonne offensives. Landed in New 
York June 1st 1919. 

George FrankHn, *b. July 24th, 1897. EnHsted in World 
War. 10th Oct., 1917. Trained at Ground School, Cornell 
University, and at Elhngton Field, Texas. Commissioned 
Second-Lieutenant U. S. Air Service. Instructor at Elhngton 
Field in High Altitude Bombing and Acrobatic Flying until 
Nov. 11th; Instructor in Aerial Gunnery at Tahaferro Field, 


Texas, until December 19th, 1918. Graduate of Massachu- 
setts Institute of Technology. Residence New York City. 

(157) Rev. Wm. A. Snively was rector of Grace Episcopal 
Church, one of the largest and most fashionable churches 
in Baltimore, Albany and Trinity Church, New Orleans. 

(148) Dr. Joseph C. Sniveley was a prominent physician 
of Brooklyn. 

(160) Julia F. Snively, married Edward H. Lewis, who 
was secretary and treasurer of the Monon R. R., with head- 
quarters at (Chicago. 

(163) Rev. Summerfield E. Snively, M. D., a graduate 
of Dickinson College, Pa. (as were his brothers) ; after- 
wards graduated from Medical Dept. of University of 
Penna., in 1872. Was a physician in the Catharine Street 
Hospital for a year. He afterwards studied medicine in 
Gottingen and Darmstadt. Before this he practiced medi- 
cine for two years in Brooklyn. After returning from 
Europe he studied at the Divinity School, Middletown, 
Conn., and was ordained in 1879, and accepted the Rector- 
ship of St. Paul's Church, Flatbush, L. I. Warden of the 
Burd Orphan Asylum, Philadelphia, Pa. (1892). 

(164) Rev. Thaddeus A. Snively was Asst. Rector of St. 
John's Church, Troy, N. Y., and Rector at Qiuncy, Mass. 
Western Theological Seminary, Chicago, 111. (1892). 

(175) Dr. Emma B. Culbertson, daughter of (46), was 
one of Boston's most prominent surgeon's. She spent sev- 
eral years in Europe studying languages, history, etc.; en- 
tered Vassar College in 1873, and graduated there in 1877, 
taking the degree of A. M. in 1881. Her medical degree was 
taken in 1881 at the Woman's Medical College, Philadelphia. 
During the next two years she occupied her time in hospital 
work in Boston and Zurich, Switzerland. On returning to 
Boston, in 1883, was put on the staff of the New England 
Hospital, with which institution she is now connected as 
Surgeon and Gynaecologist. Was a member of Mass. State 
Med. Soc. ; New England Med. Society, and the American 
Academy of Medicine. Her father was a man of wealth and 
traveled extensively abroad. (1892). Also given in Who's 
Who in America, 1917. Died since then. 

(165) Wm. A. Culbertson enhsted in Aug., 1862, in Co. G., 
20th Iowa Inf., and served three years. From March to 


July, 1864, was prisoner at Camp Ford, near Tyler, Texas. 
In 1869, he removed from Scott Co., to Carrol Co., Iowa, 
where he engaged in farming for two years. In December, 
1870, he was elected Auditor of Carroll Co., and served in 
that office three years. Was then elected County Treasur- 
er, and served two years. In 1876, he engaged in the bank- 
ing business and has been President of the Bank of Carroll 
ever since. In 1886-7 he represented Carroll Co. in the 
Legislature. Is an Odd Fellow and member of G. A. R. 

(95) Joseph Culbertson married a daughter of Major 
Mossman. Issue: Samuel Culbertson who was in World 
War. Is married and has two daughters. Joseph (95) liv- 
ing 1921. Is the oldest living Indian Scout. Was with Gen. 
Miles in Indian Campaigns. Has 32 honorable discharges 
from the army. 

(113) John Newton, son of John and Hannah McVitty,. 
born August 22, 1841, Franklin Co., Pa. Served over 3 
years in the Civil War, Co. C, 7th Kansas Cav. Educated 
for the ministry. Served 9 years in Bangkok, Siam, a mis- 
sionary of the Presbyterian church and 5 years a Home 
Missionary in South Dakota, and for 32 years was employed 
in the Interior Department, Washington, D. C. Married 
Miss Belle Caldwell, Principal of the Harriet House Acad- 
emy, Bangkok, Siam, Jan'y 9, 1880. Miss Caldwell was 
born in Wheeling, W. Va., Feb. 23, 1857. To them were 
born 5 children : Keren Whitier, married Arthur J. M. Ba- 
ker of Birmingham, England, live at Toledo, Ohio ; John 
Travis, married Miss Ivy Phelps of Sterling, Ills. ; Helen 
Duncan, deceased; Robert Caldwell, deceased, and Gladys 
Isabel. Arthur J. M. Baker is a high salaried engineer 
(mechanical) in an automobile factory at Toledo, Ohio. 

(26) John McVitty Culbertson, father of Rev. John N. 
Culbertson, of Washington, D. C, was born in Franklin Co., 
Pa. Removed from this county to Scott, Co., la., in Oct., 
1849, where he took a prominent part in business, being 
senior member of "The Flour and Lumber Co., of Culbert- 
son, Russell and Fordyce", of Princeton, la. 


Appointed to U. S. M. A., West Point, N. Y., from Indi- 
ana. Graduated in 1886. 


Served as Brigadier General and Major General National 
Army throughout the World War. Commission as Major 
General continued until June 30, 1920, when all temporary 
commissions lapsed. Appointed Brigadier General Regular 
Army, January, 1920. Major General, Dec. 2, 1922. 


13th Provisional Division, Camp Llano Grande, Texas, 
1916-17. 76th Brigade and 38th Division, Camp Shelby, 
Miss, 1917. U. S. Troops in Paris, France, December 1, 
1917, to May 5, 1918. Third Brigade of Second Division, 
May 5, 1918, to July 15, 1918. 30th Division, July 18, 1918, 
to its departure for the United States, March, 1919. Fifth 
Division and Camp Gordon, Ga., July to December, 1919. 
Douglas, Arizona District, December, 1919, to January, 
1920. Third Division and Camp Pike, Arkansas, January, 
1920 to September, 1921. Second Division and Camp Tra- 
vis, Texas,, to November 1922. Since that date in command 
VIII Area. At various times in command for short periods 
of the VI Corps Area and the VII Corps Area. 

Participated throughout the Cuban Campaign as Adju- 
tant 20th Infantry. Present at El Caney on July 1, 1898 
and throughout siege of Santiago. 

Participated as Adjutant 20th Infantry in Philippine In- 
surrection February 23, 1899 to September, 1901. Person- 
ally accepted surrender of General Aglipay in Illocas Norte. 


Commanded 76th Brigade and 38th Division at Camp 
Shelby, Miss. Commanded U. S. Troops in Paris. Command- 
ed 3rd Brigade, Second Division in Defensive Sector in front 
of Verdun and throughout the operations at Chateau Thier- 
ry, May 31 to July 15, 1918. During this period the 3rd 
Brigade was continually in the front line which it advanced 
twice, capturing the village of Vaux on July 1, 1918. Com- 
manded 30th Division in Belgium and France which cap- 
tured Vermosele and Lock 8 in the Canal District in front 
of Ypres. This Division under his command served with 
British First, Second, Third and Fourth Armies. Broke the 
Hindenburg Line at Belliecourt on September 29, 1918, and 
in subsequent battles ending October 20, captured many 
towns and advanced against strong opposition, twenty-four 
miles. After departure of 30th Division retained at G. H. 
Q. in office of Chief of Staff. President of Infantry Board 


to study lessons of the war as regards infantry equipment 
and organization. 


Commended for gallantry by Regimental Commander at 
El Caney, Cuba, 1898. Recommended for brevet for gallan- 
try Cuban Campaign and Philippine Insurrection. World 
War: United States, Distinguished Service Medal (Con- 

Great Britain: Knight Commander Order of Saint 
Michael and Saint George. 

France: Commandeur Legion of Honor, Croix de Guerre 
with two palms. 

Belgium : Commandeur Order of Leopold, Croix de 

Montenegro: Grand Off icier Order of Daneloler. 
LLD. DePauw University, 1919. 


The Delaware Families 


Robert of Mill Creek Township 



John Culbertson of Pencader Twp. 

Relationship of These Two Not Known, But Probably 
Were Brothers. 





(K) Robert Culbertson died about 1766-67 and his wife 
was made executrix as per will. This will is not on record 
in New Castle Co., Del., and court officials there tell me it 
was probably destroyed by the British, during the Revolu- 
tionary War, at Chester, Pa., where the records were kept 
for a time. The said will is referred to in settlement of 
Robert Culbertson's estate (Settlement Record D-1-346, 
New Castle, Del.) "Joseph Barton and wife, Sarah, (late 
Sarah Culbertson, relict of Robert Culbertson) of this 
county said Sarah, executrix of Robert Culbertson, hereby 
files account with court. Amount £190, etc., etc., disposed of 
as per will of Robert Culbertson, deceased. Account ap- 
proved by court, 1772." 

Also see Deed Book, W-1-131, New Castle Co., Del. "Dec. 

14, 1762,. Chas. Bryan of St. Georges Hundred and Mary 
(Campbell) his wife to Robert Culbertson of Mill Creek 
Hundred. Recorded Feb. 14, 1763. Witnesses John Bryan, 
Chas. Bryan, Jr." 

The author is under the impression that Mary (Camp- 
bell) Bryan was an aunt of Robert Culbertson. 

Also see Deed Book Y-1-421, New Castle, Co., Del. "Jan. 

15, 1768, Sarah Culbertson, widow of Mill Creek Hundred, 
to Alex Bryan. Said Sarah Culbertson being a daughter of 
Sarah Murphy and the latter was a daughter of John 
Campbell. Land in Mill Creek Hundred," 

Also Guardian Record E-1-5 "Andrew J, Bryan appointed 
guardian for Alexander and Robert Culbertson, minor heirs 
of Robert Culbertson, deceased, being 15 years of age." 

Robert's widow married Joseph Barton as the following 
deed shows (See Deed Book G-2-46) : "Dec. 14, 1786, Joseph 
Barton of Mill Creek Hundred, New Castle Co., Del., leases 
land on London Line to Sarah Barton (his wife) and Thom- 
as Culbertson, both of Mill Creek Tp." 


The following Power of Attorney shows that Rob- 
ert's sons, Thomas and Robert, went to Westmoreland Co., 
Pa., in 1787. "Thomas Culbertson of Derry Tp., West- 
moreland Co., Pa., and Robert Culbertson of Salem Tp., 
Westmoreland Co., Pa., do hereby appoint, etc., Joseph Bar- 
ton of Mill Creek, Tp., New Castle Co., Del., to recover debts, 
etc." (See Deed Book R-2-p. 46, Wilmington, Del.) Robert 
Culbertson, Sr., married Sarah Murphy. Issue: 


I. Thomas, b. 1754 ; d. Aug. 12, 1823. Westmoreland Co., 
Pa. (Chapter XXXVII). 

II. Robert,, b. 1758-9; d. 1835, Westmoreland Co., Pa. 
(Chapter XXXVIII). 

III. Alexander, b. 1760 (?); d. 1833. Westmoreland Co., 
Pa., and Wayne Co., Ohio. (Chapter XXXIX). 



(I) Thomas Culbertson of Mill Creek Tp., New Castle, 
Tp., Del. took the Oath of Allegiance Jan. 9, 1778." (See Del. 
Archives, Vol. II). 

Thomas Culbertson of Del, does not appear on Cumb. or 
Franklin Co., Pa. court records, or tax lists. In Census, 
1790, he is given in Hempfield Tp. Westmoreland Co., Pa. : 
3 males over 16 years, including self; wife and one daugh- 
ter. Census 1800 Derry Tp., same county :males under 10 
years, 3 ; males between 10 to 16 years, 1 ; males 16-26 years 
1; females of 26 and under 45, 1; females over 45, 1. The 
census of 1790 shows he had then 2 sons, 16 or over, there- 
fore married by 1772-3 If age of wife, Nancy Ogle, is cor- 
rect and Census 1790 correct, then he must have married 
twice as Nancy Ogle born 1758 would have only been 15 
years old in 1773. Census of 1800 shows that enumerator 
had either put Thomas' age wrong or left him out as item 
shows in census males over 45, none. Dr. Geo. Culbertson 
of Greensburg, Pa. in 1892 wrote me that he was buried in 
cemetery of Unity Presbyterian Church, near Latrobe, Pa., 
and that he died Aug. 12, 1823, aged 69 years. Nancy, his 
wife, died Feb. 18, 1838, aged 80 years. In the first letter 


he said he had written the minister of Unity Church who 
had not repHed, and Dr. George in a later letter gave above 
dates and did not state whether he had gotten them from 
tombstone. Made his will Aug. 19, 1819. His grand-son, 
Thos. of Nankin, Ashland Co., 0., in 1892 wrote me that 
Thos., Sr., married Miss Nancy Ogle of near Wilmington, 

Examination of records of Unity Church recently and of 
tombstones there fails to reveal name of Thomas Culbert- 
son or his wife. 

Issue : 

1. Alexander, b. 1788 ; d. 1852. 

2. Moses, d. 

3. Thomas, b. 1793 ; d. 1838. Wheelwright and teacher.. 

4. Margaret, b. ; d. (Mrs. John Thorn). 

5. Anna, b. ; d. Feb. 14, 1864. (Mrs. J. Bell). 

6. Elizabeth, b. ; d. (Mrs. W. Bell). 


(1) Alexander Culbertson mar. Miss Livinia Sloan. Lived 
in Unity Tp., Westmoreland Co., Pa.,where he died. 

Issue : 

7. Thomas, b. 

8. John, b. ; d. ; No heirs. Married Mariah . 

9. Alexander, Jr., b. 1819 ; d. 1871. 

10. James, d. 

11. Jane. (Mrs. Clark). 

12. Lucy. (Mrs. Anstraw). 

13. Lavinia, b. ; d. May 5, 1852. Unmar. 

14. George, b. ; d. May 18, 1849. No issue. 

(2) Moses Culbertson mar. Jane Dunlap. No issue. 
Moved to Wayne Co., Ohio. 

(3) Thomas Culbertson mar. Elizabeth Craig of West- 
moreland Co., Pa. Lived in Westmoreland Co., Pa., Derry 
Tp. (Wheelwright and school teacher). 

Issue : 

15. Frankhn, b. ; d. 1853. Derry Tp., Westmoreland 

Co. Pa. 

16. George W., Nankin, Ashland Co., Ohio. 

17. Joseph C, b. ; d. 1852. 

18. Nancy, b. ; d. 

19. Elizabeth, b. ; d. . 

20. Margaret, b.. ; d. . Unmar. 


(4) Margaret Culbertson mar. John Thorn. 
Issue : 

21. Craig Thorn. Clarion Co., Pa. 

22. Culbertson Thorn (Rev.), St. Louis, Mo. 

23. EHzabeth Thorn (Mrs. Thompson). 

24. Livinia (Mrs. Donaldson). 

(5) Anna Culbertson mar. James Bell, of Westmoreland 
Co., Pa. 


25. Nancy Bell. Unmar, Lives near Latrobe, Pa. 

26. Ehza J., d. single, Feb. 6, 1859. 

27. John, d. single, Dec. 5, 1852. 

28. Maria, d. single Nov. 10, 1852. 

29. Milton H., d. Jan. 7, 1851 (single) at Canonsburg Col- 

lege, Pa. 

30. Columbus Bell, d. Aug. 1874. Banker at Blairsville. 

31. Lavinia (Mrs. McLaughhn). Latrobe, Pa. 

32. Annie M., d. 1869. (Mrs. Bott). 

33. Alexander Culbertson. New Alexandra, Pa. 

(6) Elizabeth Culbertson mar. Walter Bell of Westmore- 
land Co., Pa. Later moved to Indiana Co., Pa. 

Issue : 

34. Thomas Bell, Miller (Black Lick, Indiana Co., Pa.). 

35. Jackson, d. 1892. Black Jack, Douglas Co., Kan. Was 

a guide and scout on plains; served in Rebellion, 
and was a captain. 

36. Martha (Mrs. Geo. Stauffer). 

37. Juha (Mrs. Raugh). 

38. (Mrs. Moorehead). 

39. Moses, d. single. 

40. James, d. single. 

41. Walter Bell (M. D.), d. Altoona, Pa. Issue: Fred, 

Chas., Walter, Ralph. 

42. John. Lives near Black Lick, Pa. 


(9) Alexander Culbertson, Jr., mar. Amanda Giffin, of 
Greensburg, Pa. 
Issue : 

43. Edward, b. June 8, 1845. 

44. Evahne, b. July 10, 1847 ; d. May 22, 1851. 

45. Lavinia, mar. Mr. Hershay. Issue: dau. Mrs. Alex. 

McC^onnell, Greensburg, Pa. 


46. Mary (Mrs. P. M. Hill). Issue: Craig Hill, married. 

47. Giffin. 

48. George, dentist. 

49. Ella, d. Mar. 24, 1871, aet 4 years. 

50. Alexander J., Bassano, Alberta, Canada. Mar. . 


51. William, d. infancy. 

(10) James Culbertson mar. Lived in Mt. Pleasant Tp. 
in 1849, Westmoreland Co., Pa. 


52. Albert. 

53. Alex., d. 

54. Ella. Unmar. 

55. Elizabeth. Unmar. 

(11) Jane Culbertson mar. Mr. Clark. Know nothing 

(12) Lucy Culbertson mar. Mr. Anstraw. No issue. 

(15) Franklyn Culbertson mar. Narcissa Craig of West- 
moreland Co., Pa. Wife Kving at Mt. Vernon, Ohio (1892). 


56. Thomas, d. 1877, unmar. Attorney Mt. Vernon. 

57. W. C. Mt. Vernon, Ohio. 

(16) George W. Culbertson mar. Rosannah Goodman. 
Lives at Nankin, Ashland Co., 0. Moved from Westmore- 
land Co., Pa., to Ohio in 1856. Served in Ohio Vols, in the 


58. Thomas. 

59. Sloan. 

60. Margaret. 

61. Delia. 

62. James. 

(17) Joseph Culbertson mar. Martha Waugh. 

63. Joseph. Lived at Tarkio, Mo. 

(18) Nancy Culbertson mar, Alex. Nelson. 

64. Margaret Nelson, d. 

65. Thomas Nelson,, d. 

(19) EHzabeth Culbertson mar. Hunter Corbett and they 
went to China as missionaries. 



66. Fannie Corbett. Lives in China. 

67. Merlie, drowned. 

68. Bessie. Clarion Co., Pa. 

69. Ross. 


(43) Edward Culbertson mar. Cynthia Newman (?) first 
wife now hving, at Park Dale, Oregon. 

YO. Ella G. 

71. Emma J. 

72. Mary A. 

73. Thomas Alexander; 

74. Todd Baird. 

(45) Lavinia Culbertson mar. Mr. Hershey of Greens- 
burg, Pa. 

(46) Mary Culbertson mar. P. M. Hill of Greensburg, Pa. 

(47) Giffin Culbertson mar. Margaret Hope. Lives at 
Long Island, Kan. 


75. Lloyd (married). Lives at Long Island, Kan. 

(48) Dr. George Culbertson mar. Sarah Jane Smith. Den- 
tist, Greensburg,. Pa. Later of Emporia, Kan. (both de- 

Issue : 

76. Wi'lliam S., b. Aug. 5, 1884. Washington, D. C. 

77. Alexander Edward, b. Jan. 19, 1888. 

78. Robert Hill, b. Jan. 31, 1890 ; d. June 20, 1900. 

79. George Giffin, b. Oct. 23, 1892. 

80. Paul Trauger, b. Apr. 11, 1897 (Unmar.). 

(52) Albert Culbertson mar. in 1871 to Fannie Moats. 
Lives at Washington, D. C. Wealthy oil producer. 
Issue * 

81. Mary (Mrs. J. S. Brothers of Oil City Pa.). 

82. J. W. Culbertson, Wichita Falls, Tex. Oil Producer. 

83. J. G. Culbertson, Wichita Falls, Tex. Oil Producer. 

84. H. J. Culbertson, Tulsa,. Okla. Oil Producer. 

85. O. H. Culbertson, Clarion, Pa. 

(58) Thomas Culbertson mar. first Ehzabeth Cole. Wife 


86. Jennie, d. young. 

87. Harry, d. young. 

(58) Thomas Culbertson mar. second, Helen Cook. 

88. Grace. 

(31) Delia Culbertson mar. S. D. Umbaugh. 

89. Bessie May. 


(76) William S. Culbertson mar. Dec. 28, 1911, to Mary 
J. Hunter of Pratt, Kan. 


90. Junia Wilhelmina, b. Dec. 9, 1912. Washington, D. C. 

91. Margaret Jane,, b. Dec. 16, 1914. 

(77) Alexander Edward Culbertson mar. Vivian Hedlund. 
Live at Pasadena, Calif. 

Issue : 

92. Ruth Jane. 

(79) George Giffin Culbertson mar. Florence Braming. 
Issue : 

93. Robert Braming. 

94. Vivian Eunice. 


(9) Alexander Culbertson, Jr., was educated for the min- 
istry. When a y.oung man, in 1840, he made a trip to the 
Falls of St. Anthony, Wis., for his health. Made a trip by 
boat and kept a journal of his travels. This journal is very 
interesting. I have read other letters written by him, 
which show that he was a man of great intellect and of a 
poetical temperament. 

(50) Alexander J., is a prominent citizen of Washington, 

(21) Rev. Alexander Thorn was a prominent Presby- 
terian minister of one of the largest churches in St. Louis, 
Mo., where he received a salary of $5,000. 

(57) Wm. C. Culbertson is a prominent attorney at Mt. 
Vernon, Ohio. 

(52) Albert Culbertson, millionaire oil producer, Wash- 
ington, D. C. 


(48) Dr. George Culbertson was a prominent and skillful 
dentist of Greensburg, Pa. For many years he here practiced 
his profession of dentist and where all their children were 
born. He moved in 1897 to Phillips County, Kansas, and for 
a number of years engaged in cattle raising and farming. In 
1902 he moved to Emporia, Kansas, where he lived until 
his death. He was a trustee of the College of Emporia (Kan- 
sas) from June, 1903, to the time of his death. During this 
time he served as treasurer of the College for three years, 
from June, 1906, to June, 1909. His wife was a daughter of 
WilHam Smith, born in 1820 and died Sept. 3, 1877. His 
son (80) Paul Trauger Culbertson was eighteen months in 
service overseas (World war) with A. E. F. Decorated with 
French Croix de Guerre. Is now a senior at Yale College. 
From Who's Who in America, 1922-23 : 

(76) "Culbertson, William Smith, lawyer, tariff com- 
mr. ; b. Greensburg, Pa., Aug. 5, 1884; s. George and Jennie 
(Smith) C; A. B., Coll. of Emporia, Kan. 1907; A. B., Yale, 
1908, Ph. D., 1911 ; special studies Univs. of Leipzig and 
Berlin; (LL. D., College of Emporia, 1918) ; m. Mary J. Hun- 
ter, of Pratt, Kan., Dec. 28, 1911. Examiner for U. S. 
Tariff Bd., 1910-12, and prepared 1st vol. of its report on 
the wool tariff, entitled, "Glossary on Schedule K" ; practic- 
ed law in Washington, D. C, 1812-15; mem. McLanahan, 
Burton & Culbertson, 1914-15; rep. Federal Trade Commn., 
studying trade conditions and the tariffs in Brazil Uruguay, 
Argentina, Ch.ile, Peru and Panama, 1915-16 ; spl. counsel 
and memb. Bd. of Review of Federal Trade Commn, 1916- 
17; mem. U. S. Tariff Commn. since March 23, 1917, by 
appt. of President Wilson and reapptmt for term of 12 yrs. 
beginning Mar., 1921, by President Harding, v. chmn, since 
Jan. 15, 1922. Overseas sec. Y. M. C. A., 1918, Mem. of 
exec, faculty and lecturer* on commercial treaties and poli- 
cies,. Georgetown University, Sch. of Foreign Service, Oct. 
1919; chmn Economic Liaison Com. U. S. Govt., 1921 — ; 
tech. adviser in charge of economic questions. Am. Delega- 
tion, Conf. on Limitation of Armament, 1921. Capt. U, S. A. 
R. C. Republican. Presbyn. Mem. Am. Econ. Assn., Phi 
Beta Kappa, Phi Alpha Delta, Delta Phi Epsilon (natl. 
pres., 1922). Clubs: Cosmos (Washington, D. C.) ; Chevy 
Chase Club (Washington, D. C); Current (Emporia, Kan.) ; 

*Since this was published was chairman of the round table on 
International Commercial Policies, Institute of Politics, Williams- 
town, Mass., summer of 1922. 


Rotary, Author: Alexander Hamilton, an Essay, 1911; 
Commercial Policy in War Time and After, 1919. Contbr. 
to mags. Home : Emporia, Kan, Address U. S. Tariff Com- 
mission, Washington, D. C. 



(H) Robert Culbertson, son of Robert of New Castle, Co., 
Del. Census 1790 Westmoreland Co., Pa., Hempfield Tp., 
gives him with 3 sons under 16 ; wife. Census 1800 gives 
him with 2 more sons and 2 daughters in Salem Tp., West- 
moreland Co, His age given under 45, wife under 45, 
Bought farm Salem Tp,, Westmoreland Co,, Pa., in 1798 
(Deeds), He sold his farm in 1816 and bought a farm in 
Allegheny Tp., same county, .where he died in 1835. Mar. 
first . Issue: Obtained from deeds and administra- 
tion. His son, Robert Barton Culbertson, of Hart Co., Ky., 
was evidently his eldest son, born 1783. The middle name 
being Barton, shows he was named after his step-grand- 
father. "Robert Culbertson appears on the rolls for Dela- 
ware Militia among those who presented vouchers for pay- 
ment for services June 9, 1778 and Nov. 16, 1779 respective- 
ly. Services not given" (Del. Arch. Vol. H). Moved from 
Delaware to Westmoreland Co., Pa., 1786-7. 

(H) Robert Culbertson mar. first . 

Issue * 

1. Robert Barton, b. 1783 ; d. Oct. 3, 1865. 

2. Alexander b. 1788 ; d. 1848. 

3. Ehzabeth (Mrs, Thos. Campbell). 

4. Son, d, young, 

(II) Robert Culbertson mar. second Mary . 


5. David. 

6. Thomas. 

7. Margaret. 

8. Nancy. 


(1) Robert Barton Culbertson. I was informed in 1892 
by descendants of his brother Alex, that he had moved to 


near Mammoth Cave, Ky. A letter in 1922 from Robert's 
descendants in Kansas enabled me to trace out Robert's his- 
tory. A grandson in 1922 says that Robert B. when he 
(Wm. B.) was a child told him of Culbertson Row and about 
Zanesville and a David Culbertson and a sister, Mrs. Camp- 
bell, near Zanesville. Says that Robert B. not liking his step- 
mother ran away from home as did his sister (Elizabeth) 
and they hved near Zanesville, 0. (This was evidently with 
his brother Alex, who came to Zanesville in 1810). That 
Robert B. first went to the Carolina's and later went to 
probably Christian Co., Ky. Christian Co. records do not 
show him. He later moved to Hart Co., Ky (this adjoins the 
county in which is located Mammoth Cave) . There he mar- 
ried Ehzabeth Cook, an English girl. He must have been 
twenty-seven years of age by that time (after 1810) and 
settled on the Green River. He died -in Hart Co., Ky., aged 
82 years. 
9. Theodore, b. Nov. 9, 1819,. died in Mexican War 1846. 

10. Harriet M. A., b. Mar. 30, 1821, d. infancy. 

11. William A., b. Sept. 16, 1824,. was in Mex. War; later 

returned to Ky., and was in Civil War. Unmar. 

12. Emeline, b. May 21, 1826, d. Dec. 28, 1826. 

13. Rachel, b. June 30, 1828 ; d. infancy. 

14. Joseph, b. June 18, 1830; d. Nov. 13, 1906. 

15. Robert Emmett, b. July 2, 1832 ; d. Nov. 19, 1906. Born 

Hart Co., Ky. 

16. Clarissa Jane, b. June 21, 1834 ; d. infancy, b. Hart Co., 


17. James Alexander, b. Nov. 2. 1836; Killed in battle m 

Tenn., Civil War. Born Hart Co., Ky. 

18. Sarah Ann, b. Nov. 7, 1838; d. a few years ago in Ky. 


19. Mary Elizabeth, b. July, 1840 ; d. Mar. 24, 1917 in Ky. 


20. Hester, b. Apr. 3, 1843 ; d. infancy. 

(2) Alexander Culbertson mar. Alcey Mason, of Muskin- 
gum Co., Ohio., Sept. 8, 1814. He moved to Falls Tp., Mus- 
kingum Co., Ohio, in 1810 and lived on the National Pike, 
three miles from Zanesville where he owned a farm and 
grist mill. Release signed by them 1836 Alexander and wife 
Alcey, of Muskingum Co., Ohio. e 


21. David M., d. 


22. Lewis, d. 

23. Aurelius, b. 1819 ; d. 1908. 

24. Edwin. 

25. Eliza Jane, d. 

(3) Elizabeth Culbertson mar. Mr. Thomas Campbell, of 
Morgan Co., O. Know nothing of issue. She and her husband 
signed release in their father's estate in Jan., 1836. States 
"living in Ohio." 

(5) Da\id Culbertson moved to Perry Co., 0., and lived 
there three years; then moved to Columbiana Co., 0. He 
hved in Columbiana Co., 0., in July, 1835, as Deed Records 
show. He still lived there in 1852, but did not die in Colum- 
biana Co., as Will and Administration Records show. He 
signed a release in 1836. His half-brother, Robert B., did not 
sign this release in their father's estate. The probabilities 
are they did not know his whereabouts at that time. 

Issue : 
Mary. Know nothing as to the other issue. 

(6) Thomas not mentioned on release in 1835. Most likely 


(14) Joseph Culbertson mar. May 4, 1855, to Laura S. 
Patton (b. Apr. 26, 1831; d. Dec. 5, 1885). Moved to lola,. 
Kan., then to Springfield, Ills., and back to lola. 

Issue ; 

27. William Byron, b. Apr. 21, 1858, at Springfield, Ills. 

28. James Alexander b. Mar. 4, 1864; d. Sept. 15, 1892. 
Unmar. lola, Kan. 

29. EHzabeth Margaret, b. Oct. 4, 1866 in Hart Co., Ky. ; d. 
Mar. 1892, Pasadena, Cal. 

30. Richard T., b. Aug. 4, 1868; d. Feb. 17, 1869. Ky. 

31. Claude Simpson, b. Feb. 20, 1870 in Ky. 

32. Robert Emmett, b. Oct. 12, 1871 in Ky. ; d. Dec. 17, 

1915, in New Mexico. 

(15) Robert Emmett Culbertson mar. June 9, 1861, to Fi- 
delia Ellen Smith (wife b. Nov. 3, 1842). Living Rose, Kan. 

Issue I 

33. M.J. Alice, b. Mar. 8, 1862 ; d. Jan 1893. Mar. at Hum- 

boldt, Kan. to Robert Crook. Issue: Beulah Clara 
Crook, b. Apr. 8, 1890.. Mar. to Walter Cox, Lees 
Summit, Mo. Issue: Homer Clarence Crook, b. 
Sept. 30, 1883, mar. and lives at lola, Kan. 


34. James B., b. July 28, 1863; d. Mar. 7, 1884. Unmar, 

35. Anna, b. Feb. 1865; d. infancy. 

36. George W., b. Sep. 21, 1868 at Humboldt, Kan. 

37. Sherman, b. May 3, 1875 ; born Oakland, Ore. 

38. Harry Emmet, b. June 23, 1877. Oakland, Ore. 

39. Elizabeth, b. May 5, 1882 ; d. Sep. 10, 1883. 

(21) David M. Culbertson mar. Sept. 26, 1839, first Miss 
Woodside. No issue. Mar. second, Sarah Sypes. 


40. Samuel. 

41. Mary. 

(22) Lewis Culbertson mar. Jane Galigher. 

42. Alexander. 

43. Ida, d. 

(23) Aurelius Culbertson mar. Margaret Galigher. Lived 

on farm in Falls Tp., Muskingum Co., 0., until , when 

he moved to Chariton, la., where he resided on his farm 
(1892). Wife b. 1822; d. 1900. 


44. John. 

45. Louis Alexander. 

46. Howard. 

47. Alsia Jane. 

48. Sarah, b. 1855. 

49. Mary Adelaide, d. 

50. Martha Elizabeth. 

51. James Wilham, d. Jan. 30, 1905. 

52. Izette Dare. 

(24) Edwin Culbertson mar. CaroHne James. Moved to 
Falls Tp., Muskingum Co., 0., to Iowa, and later to Free- 
man, Cass Co., Mo. 

Issue : 

53. Mary (Mrs. Henderson Hallo way). 

54. Rosilla (Mrs. Geo. Marvin; 2nd G. M. Wright). 

55. Lewis, mar, Mary Turner. 

56. Robert. Farmer. Mar. Sarah Jetton. 

57. Charles. Farmer. Mar. Ella Thomas. 

58. John. Farmer. Mar. Dessie Longeor. 

59. George. Unmarried.. 

60. William. Unmarried. 

61. Etta. Unmarried. 


(25) Eliza Jane mar. Chas. Johnson of Falls Tp., Mus- 
kingum Co., 0. Family now at White Cottage, Muskingum 
Co., 0. 


62. James Theodore, d. Jan., 1877. 

63. Robert A., Martinsville, 111. 

64. John F., White Cottage, O. 

65. Wm. E., White Cottage, 0. \ 

66. Louis A., White Cottage, 0. 

67. Rosswell M., White Cottage, 0. 

68. Sadie (Mrs. S. H.Allen), White Cottage, 0. . 


(27) Wm. Bj^ron Culbertson mar. Oct. 11, 1883, to Adda 
McGee at lola, Kan. (b. Aug. 11, 1861). Lives Scott City, 

Issue * 

69. Mary L., b. Aug. 26, 1884, at Yates Center, Kan. Liv- 
ing Kansas City, Mo. Unmarried. 

70. Lena, b. May 4, 1887. Larned, Kansas. Unmarried. 

71. Lulu, b. Dec. 19, 1889 at Larned, Kansas. Mar. Ross 

A. Stewart. Live Dallas, Texas. 

(31) Claude Simpson Culbertson mar. Maude Holden^ 
June, 1901. Lives at Seattle, Wash. 
Issue ' 

72. Ruth, b. Sept. 5, 1905. 

73. Robert Emmett, b. June, 1909. 

(36) George W. Culbertson mar. Apr. 26, 1911, to Ida 
Geddes of Humboldt, Kan. Live at lola, Kan. 


74. Velma Pearl, b. Jan. 2, 1914. 

75. Vincent, b. Dec. 15, 1916. 

76. George Kenneth, b. Dec. 15, 1921. 

(37) Sherman Culbertson mar. Leila Foushee at Newton, 
Kan., Jan. 14, 1904. Lives Wichita, Kan. 

Issue : 

77. Roberta E., b. June 11, 1909. 

78. Sherman, Jr., b. June 13, 1916. 

(38) Harry Emmet Culbertson mar. Nov. 22, 1897, at 
Emporia, Kan., to Almira L. Galutia. Lives Emporia, Kan. 


79. Roy Lee, b. Nov. 19, 1898; d. Aug. 2, 1900. Born at 

Humboldt, Kan 


80. Jesse Ray, b. June 9, 1900., Born at Humboldt,. Kan. 

81. Melvin Edward, b. Apr. 1, 1903. Born at Humboldt, 


82. Viola Leota, b. Apr. 12, 1912. Born at Medina, Kan. 

83. Leda Fidelia, b. Sep. 30, 1914. Born at Emporia Kan. 

(40) Samuel Culbertson mar. . Lived at Newark, 0. 

Not there now. Know nothing of issue. 

(41) Mary Culbertson mar. R. Mitchell of Norwalk, 0. 
Doesn't Kve there now. Know nothing of issue. 

(42) Alexander Culbertson, Hves at Pleasantville, la. 

(44) John Culbertson. A banker at Chariton, la. in 1892. 
Mar. first Angle Irwin. Wife died. 

84. Lee I. (Married Miss Ida Reece. Issue: 118, Robert; 

119, John. Live at Spokane, Wash. 

85. Edward A. (mar. Florence Helen Doyle. Issue: 120, 

Ralph. Live at Salt Lake City, Utah. Banker.). 

86. Angle (Mrs. A. L. ChampHn). Issue: 121, Lewis 


(44) John Culbertson mar. second Clara Hollinger. 

861/2- Charles Calvin, unmar. Prof in Agriculture Col- 
lege, Ames, la. 

(47) Alsia Culbertson mar. James Alexander. Live at 
Chico, Calif. 
Issue : 

87. William. 

88. Maggie. 

89. Ralph. 

90. Harry. 

91. Louis. 

92. Mary. 

93. Coral 

94. Andrew. 

95. Etta. 

96. Lizzie. 

(45) Louis A. Culbertson mar. Ida Barnes, dau. of Hon. 
T. H. Barnes, M. D., of Waukon, la., Oct. 1883. Provo, Utah. 

Issue ' 

97. Mary,, b. 1885. 

98. Howard, d. young. 


99. Lulu, b. 1889. 

100. Benjamin Ely, b. 1891. 

(46) Howard Culbertson mar. . Lives at Chariton, la. 

Issue : 

101. Joseph B. 

102. Nellie. 

103. Francis. 

104. Ralph. 

(48) Sarah Culbertson mar. Geo. Champlin of Derby, la. 
in 1873. Living at Chariton, la. 

105. Albert Louis, lives Ames, la., b. 1874, mar. Angie 

Culbertson 1906. 

106. George, b. 1876. Unmar. 

107. John Champhn, b. 1877. Red Deer, Alberta. Mar. 

Anna Smith, 1902. 

108. Inez, b. 1878, mar. John H. Conner, 1899. 

109. Mary F., b. 1880, mar. Gene Wright 1902. 

110. Dr. Howard W., b. 1884; mar. Jean Mullen 1913. 

Chicago, 111. 

111. Mabel, b. 1886. Unmar. Ames, la. 

112. Eleanor, b. 1887, mar. Clell H. Fulton of Derby, la., 

in 1920. 

113. Florence, b. 1889, mar. Orrin McGinnis, 1916. Water- 

loo, la. 
1131/2. Ada, b. 1892. Unmar. Chariton, la. 

(50) Ehzabeth Culbertson mar. Jesse Snedaker of Mt. 
Ayr, la. 

Issue ' 

114. Mabel Izette, b. Oct. 31, 1888. 

115. Howard Evarts, b. Nov. 29, 1890. 

(51) James W. Culbertson mar. Hattie Patterson. Wife 
died Oct. 28, 1919. Lived at Chariton, la. 

Issue : 

116. Charles H. (mar. Florence Darner, Oct., 1907). 
11614. Leonard C, d. June 30, 1904. 

117. Fred A., d. Oct. 9, 1918, on board ship Geo. Wash- 
ington. Member of Med. Dept. 605th Engineers 

118. Mae (mar. Wilham M. Osier, Jan. 15, 1920. Live 
at Chariton, la.). 

(52) Izetta Dare Culbertson mar. Granville. Live at 

Chariton, la. 



(44) John Culbertson of Chariton, la., is a prominent citi- 
zen and banker of that place. 

(85) Edward A. Culbertson graduated Parsons, Col., 
Fairfield, la., 1902 ; has been in banking business Salt Lake 
City for past twenty years with the Nat'l Bank of the 
Republic, being President of that bank when the Contin- 
ental National Bank consolidated with the National Bank 
of the Republic. Since the consohdation he has been Vice- 
President of The Continental Bank of Salt Lake City. 


(III) Alexander Culbertson bought land of Alex. Guthrie 
of Delaware in 1787 in Hempfield Tp., Westmoreland Co., 
Pa. He sold part of this in 1807 to Thomas Culbertson of 
Derry Tp., and balance of land in Westmoreland Co. in 1813. 
Wife's name Ruth, moved to Wayne Co., Ohio, in 1813-14. 
Family records say he moved to Millbrook, Wayne Co., Ohio. 
His son stated in 1855 that his father was in the Revolu- 
tion. Could find no Revolutionary service for him in Del. 
Arch. His will was made in 1830, died in 1833 in Plain Tp,, 
Wayne Co., Ohio. It is my opinion that Alexander left New 
Castle Co., Del. in 1778 ; went to Cumberland Co., Pa. I 
find an Alexander Culbertson was "taxed in 1782-3 in New- 
ton Tp., Cumb. Co., Pa. with one horse and one cow — Trade 
5." This township abutted Teboyne and probably formed 
from it. It is my opinion that this Alexander was the Alex- 
ander Culbertson who "served in Capt. Noah Abraham's 
Co., 8th Batt'n, Col. James Johnson, Aug. 10, 1780." (Vol. 
23, 3 Ser., p. 699 Pa. Arch.)* No further record is found 
of him in Cumb. Co. after 1783. He evidently was only a 
renter in this county. After 1775 he does not appear on 
records of New Castle Co., Del., although Thomas appears 
there in 1786. Does not appear on Deed Records of West- 
moreland Co. until 1787. There were absolutely only three 
Alexander Culbertsons of military age in 1780 in Cumb. 
Co., Pa. Alexander is given in 1790 Census, male over 16 
(self) one, males under 16 three,, females wife and 2 
daughters (Westmoreland Co.) Census 1800 gives Alex's 

*McCauley's Hist. Franklin Co., Pa., says, "Noah Abraham and 
his Co. was from Path Valley. (Newton Tp. adjoins their section.) 


age between 26 and 45. Wife ditto. Had five more chil- 
dren than he had in 1790. Residence Derry Tp. Probably 
married about 1780. Could not give names of other chil- 
dren. They must have died young as they are not mention- 
ed in his will. Married Ruth . Tax lists Westmoreland 

Co. 1776-1800 Lost. 


Issue: (From will dated Aug. 30, 1830. Prob. 1833. Final 
acct. 1835 at Wooster, Ohio). 

1. Robert, b. ; d. Feb. 25, 1815. 

2. Thomas, d. Feb. 25, 1815. Coshocton Co., Ohio. 

3. John. Probably died single Wayne Co., Ohio 

4. Alexander, b. about 1800. 

5. Sarah (Mrs. Jones) Auburn, Ind. 

6. Ruth (Mrs, Hague), Auburn, Ind. 

Note: Alexander, Sr., according to his son, Alexander, 
made a statement in 1855 "that his father served with the 
Cumb. Co., Pa. troops and that he had received a certificate 
from the Auditor General of Penna., that the state had al- 
lowed him £6, 10s. for military services in the Revolution." 


(1) Robert Culbertson moved in 1812 to Coshocton Co., 
Ohio, and settled on the right bank of the Tuscarawas 
River, on White Eyes Plains, four miles from Coshocton, O. 
Mar. Nov. 17, 1808 to Mary Peoples of Westmoreland Co., 
Pa., dau. of John Peoples. Robert was in Capt. Adam John- 
ston's Co., of Ohio Militia in War of 1812. After Robert's 
death Feb. 25, 1815, his widow remarried to a Mr. Hender- 
son and later becoming a widow, remarried to a Mr. Jones. 
Robert Culbertson and Mary Peoples, wife died Story Co., 

Issue : 

7. Alexander, d. 1852. Coshocton Co., Ohio. 

8. Robert, lived Auburn, Ind. Mar. Margaret Brown. 

9. Wm. Peoples moved to Fulton Co., Ohio; b. Apr. 4, 

1813; d. June 4, 1896. 

91/). Jane (Mrs. Thos. F. Jones, Wayne Co., 0.), d. about 

(2) Thomas Culbertson died at Shreve, Wayne Co., Ohio. 
Married . 



10. Thomas. 

11. Samuel (mar. Cousin Esther Culbertson). 

12. (Mrs. Smith), Delaware, Ohio. (Issue: Thos.). 

13. (Mrs. Harvey), Wayne Co., Ohio. (Issue: C. Har- 

May have been others. 

(4) Alexander,, lived south of Haysville, Ashland Co., O. 
Buried at Millbrook. Mar. Nancy Cahill. 

14. Abraham. 

15. (Mrs. Shelly) Plain Tp., Wayne Co., 0. May have 

been others. 


XI) Alexander Culbertson of Coshocton Co., 0., mar. Eliz- 
abeth Wilson of the same county in 1829. 

16. Anna J. (Mrs. S. L. Waggoner, later Mrs. T. F. Jones). 

17. Mary (Mrs. Lewis Fletcher). 

18. Robert W. Served in Union Army. 

19. Thomas W., Isleta, Coshocton Co., 0. Mar. twice. 

20. Margaret, d. 1859. 

21. James H. Living in la. Served in Union Army. 

22. David R., West Lafayette, Coshocton, Co., 0. Served 

in Union Army. 

(8) Robert Culbertson mar. Margaret Brown of Wayne 
Co., 0., and moved to DeKalb, Ind. 


23. Zephaniah, killed in Battle of Shiloh. 

24. Mary Jane (Mrs. Owen). 

25. James. 

26. Emily (Mrs. Welch) Issue: son. Remarried name not 


27. Hugh. Lives at Auburn, Ind. 

(9) William Peoples Culbertson mar. Sarah Jewell, Nov. 
1836, in Wayne Co., Ohio. Later lived in Fulton Co., Ohio. 
(Wife b. Nov. 16, 1816, Wayne Co., 0. ; d. Apr. 12, 1856.) 

Issue : 

28. Benjamin Frankhn, b. May 30, 1838 ; d. Jan. 16, 1909 

Lived in Cleveland, Tenn. Mar. Issue: (Judge) 
Wm., dead ; Cora (nurse) d. ; Mae (teacher) dead. 

29. Ithamar (had one adopted son, Glenn) ; b. Sep. 20, 

1840; d. Oct. 1,. 1916. 


30. Enoch, b. May 8, 1842 ; d. Jan. 3, 1875. 

31. Merilla, d. infancy; b. Dec. 6, 1843; d. Nov. 12, 1844. 
31 I/O. Orville, b. Aug. 18, 1845; d. Apr., 1872. 

32. Mary R. (Mrs. R. C. Hood, Joplin, Mo.). Mar. DeWitt 

C. Hood in Iowa, 1881. Issue: a, Margaret May 
mar. John Gilbert Robbins of Washington, D. C. ; 
b, OHve Belle mar. A. J. Bearing of Joplin, Mo. 
Issue: b, OHve Eleanor, Clint E., JopHn, Mo. 

33. Wm. Newton Culbertson died 1911 in Colorado and 

left a widow. He was born Feb. 2, 1850. Issue: 
2 children dead and 9 living. 

34. Sarah Jane Woolson, b. May 22, 1853; d. Feb. 6, 

1920. Mar, Wm. Allen. Issue : several sons, prom- 
inent men living near Mt. Vernon, Ohio. 
(9) William Peoples Culbertson mar. second Ann Pocock 
Robinett of Shreve, Ohio, Jan. 6, 1867. (Wife b. Jan. 6, 
1826; d. near Pettisville, 0., April 13, 1893.) 

Issue : 
341/4. Harriet Ellen (mar. John P. Braughton, Sep. 25, 
1888. Issue: a, Minnie Maud Braughton, who mar. 
Arthur Gossuch and had issue : Wm. ; Warren ; 
Gene; b. Vera Agnes mar. Wm. McDermott, Feb. 
22, 1913, and had issue: Eileen, Betty). 
(91/2 ) Jane Culbertson mar. Thos. F. Jones of Wayne Co., 
0. Lived at Shreve, 0. 

35. Richard, 36, George; 37, Margaret; 38, Esther; 39, 

Sallie b. Feb. 6, 1843; 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45. 


(22) David R. Culbertson, mar. Mary E. Gordon. Lives at 
Columbus, 0. Served in Civil War, Ohio. Vols. 

47. Laura B. (Mrs. J. S. Norman), Seattle Wash. No issue. 

48. H. E. 

49. Harry A. No issue. 

50. Nelhe M. (Mrs. Will Williams). 

51. Roland R. 

52. Helen (Mrs. Will Mulvane). 

(28) Benjamin Frankhn Culbertson, mar. Ella E. ; 

widow living at Cleveland, Tenn. 
Issue : 

53. WilHam (Judge) d. 

54. Cora, d. 

55. Mae, d. 



(39) Sarah S. Jones born at Shreve, O. Mar. in 1860 to 
Pierson Brown, who was killed in the Civil War in 1862. 

56. Mary, deceased. 

(39) Sarah S. Jones mar. second Thomas Benton Ham- 
mond, who died in 1880 at Meadville, Pa. 

57. Maud L. (Mrs. Chas. J. Swift,. Cleveland, 0.) Issue: 

Alice S. Warner; Marion Hammond, deceased. 

58. Ralph Keeler, mar. Kate Leete of Barberton, 0. Issue : 

Fred, Ruth E., Benton Ives. 

59. Grace, married Arthur Holmes of Ypsalanti, Mich. 

Now living at Canton, O. 

(48) H. E. Culbertson mar. Henrietta Foster. Live at 
Cleveland, 0. Was for a time a Civil Engineer on Penna 
R. R. and is now a prominent Highway Engineer and Con- 


60. Florence L. (Mrs. S. A. Frolking), Cleveland, 0. 

61. Mary Jane. Unmar. 

(50) NelHe M. Culbertson mar. Will Williams of New 
Comerstown, Ohio. 

Issue : 

62. Dorothy Williams. 

63. Francis. 

64. David. 

(51) Roland R. Culbertson lives at Cleveland, Ohio. 

65. Donald. 

66. Jean. 

67. Roland. 

(52) Helen Culbertson mar. Will Mulvane of Nev/ com- 
erstown, 0. 


68. Beatrice Mulvane. 

69. Mary. 

70. Myron. 

(53) Judge William Culbertson mar. , 

Issue : 

71. Harry Floyd, b. Aug. 15, 1897. Was Capt. of officers" 
boat, Bonsecour, 1918, in World War. 



(K. K.) John Culbertson of St. George's 

Hundred, Delaware. 



John Culbertson, present at Old Drawers Church, 1748, 
owned property in St. Georges and Pencader Hundreds, 
New Castle Co., Del., deceased before May 19, 1763. Wife 
Elizabeth Culbertson, mentioned Orphans' Court Records, 
Wilmington, New Castle Co., Del, Book D, Vol. 1, page 322, 
1772, children 9. 

Deed Book U-1-457, Thomas Dunn, Sheriff to John Cul- 
bertson of Pancader Tp., New Castle County, Del., one hun- 
dred acres adjoining John Culbertson's land. Land deeded 
belonging to E. David. Date of Deed, November 18th, 1762. 

The following records v/ere examined by F. E. Kempton 
at Wilmington, Delaware, in 1920. 

Orphan's Court, Wilmington, Newcastle County, Delaware 

Book Vol. Page Year 

Culbertson, John, choseth a 

guardian D 1 83 1763 

Culbertson, John, order for annual 

valuation of father's estate.... D 1 167 1765 

Culbertson, John, order for settle- 
ment of father's estate D 1 174 1767 

Culbertson, John, return of an- 
nual valuation of estate, 2 
farms, 4 parcels D 1 177 1768 

John Culbertson, Attch for ad- 
ministrator D 1 211 1768 

John Culbertson, Attch for ad- 
ministrator 213 1768 

222 1769 

John Culbertson, annual return 

of valuation D 1 316 1771 

John Culbertson, settlement of 

estate D 1 322 1771 

John Culbertson, settlement of 

estate D 1 323 1772 

336 1772 

John Culbertson, order to lay one- 
third of his estate, order court D 1 402 1773 


416 1773 

445 1773 

478 1773 

479 1773 
498 1773 

Order to divide estate D 1 511 1774 

Order for petition cont'd D 1 526 1774 

Orderfor petition cont'd El 2 1775 

Order for petition cont'd E 1 13 

68 1775 


I. Robert, eldest son who died without issue prior to 

1773. (Chapter XL). 

II. William, wife Ann was living on father's plantation 

in Pencader Hundred, 1771. Supposedly our an- 
cestor (Chapter XLI). 

III. John (probably born Jan. 10, 1748) 15 years old, 

Jan. 10, 1763 from Record D 1 page 323. (Chap- 
ter XLII). 

IV. Mary choseth a guardian April 21, 1767, also men- 

tioned in 1772 (XLIII). 
V. Benjamin, mentioned in record Jan. 21 and 22, 1772 
(assessment sheets in St. Georges Hundred, 
1794, and 1797 mentioned a Benjamin Culbert- 
son). Census 1800 Newcastle Co., Del., page 262 
Benjamin Culbertson, 8 in family (Chapter 
VI. Samuel for whom John Hyatt was appointed guard- 
ian Oct. 17, 1771, and who later in same year 
chose another guardian (Chapter XLV). 
VII. David, John Hyatt appointed guardian Oct, 17, 
1771. Census of 1790, Elk Neck Hundred, Cecil 
Co., Md., himself, wife, 1 boy under 16 and 2 
girls. Census 1800, pages 234-237 Nev/castle 
Co., Del., D. Culbertson, 6 in family (Chapter 
XL VI). 
VIII. Sarah, mentioned as married to Wm. Flynn some- 
time prior to 1773 (Chapter XLVII). 
IX. Jane, John Hyatt appointed guardian Oct. 17, 1771. 
Later hsted with same brothers as Jean (Chap- 
ter XL VIII). 


Each of the families of the issue of John Culbertson of 
New Castle County, Del., that is the second generation will 
be referred to as follows : I. Robert, II, William, etc. If little 
or no information is at hand but one mention will be made 
of others. Taking the family of Wilham, II WiUiam, the 
third generation will be referred to as a.l. Ann, a. 2. David, 
a. 3. Jean, etc. This method may not be adhered to closely 
for all generations but will be the general plan. Other ref- 
erences pertaining to this, some of which may have been in- 
cluded above are : 

Culbertson, Jane (John Hyatt appointed guardian of Sam- 
uel, David, and Jane, children 

of John Culbertson, deceased) D 1 314 1771 
Culbertson, Samuel, choseth a 

guardian D 1 322 1771 

Culbertson, Samuel, et al ordered 

to valuation estate of John D 1 
Culbertson, order court 











Culbertson, Mary, choseth a 

guardian 1767 

Mary Culbertson also mentioned in a record, 1772. 

Culbertson, Benjamin, mentioned in record Jan. 21, 22, 

On page 332, D. 1772 EHzabeth Culbertson says that John 
Culbertson left a widow and 9 children, Robert the oldest, 
who since died without issue, John, Benjamin Samiuel, Da- 
vid Mary, Sarah, married to Wm. Flynn and Jane. 

You will note that she mentions only 8 but in these series 
of records, William is mentioned D. 1., 316. 1771, as living 
on the plantation situated in Pencader Hundred, which was 
valued at that time at £3 per acre, while the mansion planta- 
tions in St. George's Hundred was valued at £4 per acre. 

Estates, Page 402, D. 1, 1773. Petition of EHzabeth Cul- 
bertson of St. Georges, widow of John Culbertson, 4 parcels 
of land with improvements, two of which lie together and 
contain 2I614 acres of St. Georges Hundred, adjoining the 
lands of E. David, Thomas Hyatt and James James, de- 
ceased, and the other two parcels of land also lie together 
and contain 250 acres situated in Pencader Hundred, ad- 
joining the lands of Richard Griffith, John Cazier, James 
James, Thomas David. 

Left widow and 9 children. 1. Robert, eldest who is since 


dead without issue. 2, John; 3, Benjamin; 4, Samuel; 5, 
David ; 6, Mary ; 7, Sarah, married to William Flynn and, 8, 
Jane. William, another son is not mentioned here, but in 
earlier references to John Culbertson's estate he is mention- 
ed as living on his father's plantation in Pencader Hundred 
and later he deeds a part interest. 

My uncle W. B. Elwood and myself, F. E. Kempton, visit- 
ed at the same time Old Drawers Church, southwest of New 
Castle near Odessa, Del., we found a record mentioning John 
Culbertson as an attendant in 1748. We also visited various 
churches and cemeteries but found no other record of him 
and his family nor any grave stones. 

My uncle found at Baltimore, Maryland, Historical Soci- 
ety in History of Holy Trinity (Old Swede's Church) of the 
marriage of a Wilmington, Del. Mary Culbertson on Sept. 
15, 1794, to Michael Mueller at Holy"^ Trinity (Old Swede's 
Church) Wilmington, Del. (While surmises are hazardous 
in this work). She may have been the daughter of John, 
mentioned by Elizabeth in the records of the settlement of 
the estate and who choseth a guardian in 1767. Of course 
she may not be that Mary as the first mentioned would no 
doubt be 42 years old in 1794 if she was 15 in 1767 for Dela- 
ware records indicate that guardians could be chosen at 
that age. 

Note: Mr. Kempton has not discovered whether John 
Culbertson, Sr., came from Ireland or Scotland, nor has the 
Author, but it is my opinion and belief that they came from 
North Ireland. At this early date (1746) I have never 
found any Scotch Culbertsons or Cuthbertsons who emi- 
grated direct to America, save the Cuthbertsons of Mecklen- 
berg Co., N. Car., probably about 1765. 



Robert Culbertson, referred to in settlement of the estate 
of John Culbertson, New Castle County, Delaware, as being 
the son of John Culbertson, record of Orphans Court, Wil- 
mington, New Castle Co., Delaware, Book D, Vol. 1, Page 
332, 1772, Ehzabeth Culbertson says that John Culbertson 
left a widow and 9 children, Robert, the oldest who is since 
dead without issue, etc. 





William Culbertson. He was married and living on his 
father's plantation in Pencader Hundred, in 1771 (father, 
John Culbertson, mother, EHzabeth Culbertson). A num- 
ber of references as to Revolutionary War activities of what 
appears to be 3 different William Culbertsons were examin- 
ed. The only records which seems to apply to this William 
is as follows : 

Captain Isaac Lewis' Company — Capt. Isaac Lewis, Lieut. 
David Howell. 60 names are given. John Culbertson, No. 
36, William Culbertson No. 38. 

I do hereby certify that the above and foregoing lists are 
the names of the officers and privates which were with me 
on the Expedition to Thorough Fair Neck and at the taking 
of the several vessels in Duck Creek, in Nov. 1777, which 
were afterwards libeled in my name and condemned as 
prizes and sold by James Booth, Esq., marshall of Admir- 
alty for the Delaware State in the month of June, 1778 or 
Witness my hand 4th Sept., 1789. 


Other names appearing on this list are common in old 
records for Pencader and St. Georges Hundreds, Wilming- 
ton, New Castle Co., Del. 

The name of WiUiam Culbertson has been inscribed along 
with that of his brother, John Culbertson, on a bronze tab- 
let placed on the monument erected in Rocky Spring Church 
Cemetery near Chambersburg, Pa., to Culbertsons who 
served in the Revolutionary War and earlier wars. 

As to the family affairs of Wm. Culbertson, I have the 
following which was procured by my uncle, W. B. Ellwood, 
Altovista, Virginia while. Iwas procuring the records given 
for the family of John Culbertson. County records New- 
. castle Co., Wilmington, Del., Deed Book B, 2, 372, May 17, 
1775. (It was not clear whether this was a mortgage or a 

(Record procured by Dr. L. R. Culbertson). Wilham Cul- 
bertson and wife to James for two hundred pounds, 
a one-eighth interest in 204 acres in St. George's Hundred 
aforesaid land having been deeded by the Sheriff in 1762 to 
his father, John Culbertson. Also twelve acres in Pencader 
Hundred. Date of making deed, May 17, 1775. Witness 


John Dodd and John Culbertson. 

Note : Mr. Kempton says he could not find William's Will 
at Wilmington. I found this will and also have a full copy 
of same sent me by court official in 1892. It is found in 
Will Book No. M-1-219 New Castle Co., Del. Will made 
March 16, 1786; recorded Sept. 16, 1786. Devisees: Ann, 
John, David, Jean, William, Robert, Francis, Thomas. Wife 
Ann, executrix. Witnesses Jacob Cazier and Israel Ashton. 
Residence of Testator Pencader Hundred, New Castle Co., 
Del.— Editor. 

From these records the following can no doubt be de- 
duced : William Culbertson, father John Culbertson, mother 
Elizabeth Culbertson, wife Ann. 

An obituary in the family of Robert Culbertson, the son 
of William, says that William Culbertson married Nancy 
Thorton, who was born on the Atlantic Ocean, of Scotch 
parents as her parents came to Delaware in 1757. The 
mother went to Bourbon County, Ky., about 1802 ; and that 
four sons raised families. (Nancy and Ann seems to have 
been used to designate the same person in different 
branches of this family.) 

NoteiThe above referred obituary would corroborate the 
evidence that the John Culbertson who died in Clark Co., 
Ky., in 1807, was a son of William of Pencader Tp., New 
Castle, Co., Del. — Editor. 

What is known of William Culbertson and of each of the 
generations of his children will be recorded, referring to 
these numbers as: 1. a., Ann; 2. b., John, etc. 


(1. a.) Ann, died young in Delaware, according to family 
rumor through the family of Robert Family 6. 
(Chapter XLIX). 

(2. a.) John, family rumor says he died without family. 
One cannot tell from records which applies to 
him and which to his uncle John who was in the 
Revolutionary war. Records of marriage li- 
censes issued by Clerk of Cecil County, 1777. 
to 1840 give, John Culbertson to Sarah Foster, 
May 8, 1799, Rev. McCosden. These families 
will be referred to later. (Chapter L). 


(3. a.) David records of Elkton, Md., show that on Dec. 21, 
1800, he married Clarissa Brevard. Tax records 
Pen. Hun. Newcastle Co., Del. 1798 and 1801 
give a David Culbertson. He is known to have 
moved to Clark Co., Ky by 1814, to Wayne Co., 
Ind., about 1820. Later to Grant Co., Ind., 
where he died. (Chapter LI). 

(4. a.) Jean, married Frederick Ellsbury about 1797. Have 
been unable so far to locate the record of mar- 
riage ; issue 7. He was killed at celebration of a 
victory of United States by explosion of a can- 
non. Later she married Samuel Chesnut, issue 
4. (Chapter LH). 

(5. a.) William, probably the one recorded as being in 
Delaware Militia, Third Co., Third Regiment, 
First Battalion, 1799, Middle District, St. 
George's Hundred. WilHam Frazier, Captain. 
No further record. (Chapter LHI). 

(6. a.) Robert, was born March 27, 1781, died May 13, 
1875. Married Rebecca King, 1809, Kv., who 
was born Feb. 1, 1793,. and died July 18, 1857. 
Issue 13 children. Census 1810, Bourbon Co., 
Ky. Page 93. (Chapter LIV). 

(7. a.) Francis Culbertson, Census record 1810, Bourbon 
Co,. Ky. In 1820 he was living in Wayne Co., 
Ind. on a farm that he owned near Centerville, 
Ind. Issue 2 daughters, names not known. One 
married a Mr. Burke Cincinnati Ohio. Francis 
and his family was known to have lived in Cin- 
cinnati Ohio, in 1850 (Chapter LV). 

(8. a ) Thomas. Married his first wife Anna Beall in Bour- 
bon Co., Ky. Census Record Bourbon County, 
Ky.,page 93. Later came to Wayne County, 
Ind, as shown by census records of 1830 and 
and 1840. Issue 4 children, Jane, James, Wil- 
liam and Roxann. He was married a second 
time. Had one child, Thomas Newton, of which 
we know nothing. (Chapter LVI). 



John Culbertson, Orphans Court Record, Wilmington, 
New Castle County, Delaware, Book D, Vol. 1, page 83, 
1763, John choseth a guardian, May 19, 1763, being 15 years 


of age, Jan. 10 last. Other records of the settlement of the 
estate of his father, John Culbertson, deceased, give his 
name. His service record in the Revolutionary War fol- 
lows : 

Captain Isaac Lewis' Company — Capt. Isaac Lewis, Lieut. 
David Howell. 60 names are given. John Culbertson, No. 
36, William Culbertson No. 38. 

I do hereby certify that the above and foregoing lists are 
the names of the officers and privates which were with me 
on the Expedition to Thorough Fair Neck and at the taking 
of the several vessels in Duck Creek, in Nov., 1777, which 
were afterwards libeled in my name and condemned as 
prizes and sold by James Booth, Esq., marshall of Admiral- 
ty for the Delaware State in the month of June, 1778, or 

Witness my hand 4th Sept., 1789. 


Other names appearing on this list are common in old 
records of Pencader and St. Georges Hundreds, New Castle 
County, Del., at Wilmington, Del. 

The name of John Culbertson along with that of his 
brother, William Culbertson, has been inscribed on the 
bronze plate placed on the monument erected in Rocky 
Spring Church Cemetery near Chambersburg, Pa. to Cul- 
bertsons in the Revolutionary War. 



Mary Culbertson, Records of Orphans Court of New 
Castle Co., Delaware, Wilmington, Del. Book D, Vol. 1, page 
175, 1767, Mary, daughter of John Culbertson, deceased, 
choseth a guardian. She is mentioned in other records of 
the settlement ot the estate of John Culbertson. 



Benjamin Culbertson mentioned in record of Orphans 
Court, New Castle County, Delaware, Jan. 21 and 22, 1772, 
Book D, Vol. 1, page 332, 1772 by EHzabeth Culbertson, 
wife of John Culbertson as one of her children in settlement 
of estate. He is mentioned in other records of the settle- 


ment of the estate of John Culbertson of New Castle Coun- 
ty, Del. 

In Delaware Archives, Vol. 1, page 701, one finds the fol- 
lowing service record. 

Waggon Brigades under direction of Colonel Francis 
Wade, pay roll for a brigade of Waggons employed in the 
Continental Service conducted by David Boggs, W. C. Un- 
der the direction of Francis Wade, Esq., D. Q. M. Gen'l 1780. 

Time of 

Owner's Name No. of Teams Date of Entry Discharge 

Benjamin Culbertson 1 Feb. 8 March 5 

Census 1800 New Castle Co., Del., page 252, Benjamin 
Culbertson — 8 in family. 

Will records Wilmington New Castle Co., Del., Book S-1- 
314, letters of administration on the estate of Benjamin 
Culbertson to Outten Jester. 

Note: Del. Arch, also show ''Benjamin Culbertson in Q, 
M. Dept., Capt. Isaac Alexander's Co., Aug. 17, 1778; also 
Feb. and Mar., 1779."— Editor. 

Letters of Administration were granted in 1829 in New 
Castle Co., Del. to Outten Jester in the estate of Benjamin 
Culbertson. Record does not show whether this was the 
above Benjamin. Will Book S-1-283 gives will of Thos. 
Culbertson probated 1829. Devisees: Son Thos., if he be 
dead, then brother Isaac Culbertsons two children, Mar- 
garet and James. The Isaac here mentioned made a deed 
with his wife Catherine in 1817,. both residing in Apo- 
quinimink Tp., New Castle Co., Del. to A. S. Naudain, be- 
ing l^ part of land belonging to G. Schee. 

The Thomas Culbertson who died 1829 was evidently 
Thomas Culbertson who is buried in Md., east of New Neck, 
Elkneck Hundred, Cecil Co., Md. This is evidently the 
Thos. who was granted land called "Culbertson's Discovery" 
in Md. about 1820. He had two daughters and one died sin- 
gle. I cannot trace his relationship. 

Cecil Co., Md. Court Marriage Records show "Thomas 
Culbertson married to Elizabeth Ashbau, June 6, 1805, by 
Rev. Mr. Hindman." It is my opinion that this is Thomas 
who was granted land, i. e. Culbertson's Discovery above 




Samuel Culbertson. Orphans Court Record, New Castle 
County, Delaware, Book D, Vol. 1, page 314, 1771, John 
Hyatt appointed guardian of Samuel, David and Jane, chil- 
dren of John Culbertson, deceased. On page 322, 1771, 
Samuel Culbertson choseth a guardian. On page 406, 1773,. 
Samuel Culbertson, et al, orders to value estate of John 
Culbertson, deceased. He is also mentioned by his mother 
in other records of the settlement of the estate of John 

Note: Samuel, son of Irish John of Delaware, is, in my 
opinion the Samuel Culbertson of Maryland Troops. "Sam- 
uel Culbertson, Capt. Maryland Battn. of the Flying Camp, 
July, 1776; captured at Ft. Washington, 1776, Nov. 16th; 
exchanged Nov. 2nd, 1780." (Heitman). 

Samuel of New Castle Co., Del., does not appear on Del. 
Records after 1775 and not with Delaware troops so it is 
possible that he lived just over the Del.-Md. line and served 
with the Md. troops. I do not know what became of him. 
Rev. John N. Culbertson thinks that Heitman has put this 
record in the wrong place and that this is Capt. Samuel, 
Chester Co., Pa. — Editor. 



David Culbertson, Orphans Court, Wilmington, New Cas- 
tle Co., Del., Book D, Vol. 1, page 314, 1771, John Hyatt ap- 
pointed guardian of Samuel, David and Jane, children of 
John Culbertson, deceased. Book D, Vol. 1, page 486, 1773, 
motion of order for annual valuation of lands of Benjamin, 
Samuel, David and Jane Culbertson, minor orphan children 
of John Culbertson is hereby continued. He is mentioned 
in other records of the settlement of the estate of John Cul- 
bertson of New Castle Co., Del., Census of Cecil County, Elk 
Neck Hundred, Maryland 1790, David Culbertson, himself, 
wife, 1 boy under 16 years and 2 girls. Census 1800 New 
Castle County, Del., pages 234-237 New Castle County, Del., 
D. Culbertson, 6 in family. 




Sarah Culbertson mentioned in settlement of estate of 
John Culbertson in Orphans Court record^ by Elizabeth Cul- 
bertson as one of her children and married to Wililam 



Jane Culbertson, Orphans Court, Wilmington, New Castle 
Co., Del. Book D, Vol. 1, page 314, 1771, John Hyatt ap- 
pointed guardian of Samuel, David and Jane, children of 
John Culbertson, deceased. Book D, Vol. 1, page 486, 1773, 
motion of order for annual valuation of lands of Benjamin, 
Samuel, David and Jane Culbertson, minor orphans of John 
Culbertson is hereby continued. She is mentioned again 
with Samuel and David as Jean. 



Ann Culbertson died young according to family rumor. 



John Culbertson is mentioned in his father's will. It is 
difficult to ascertain from its records which apply to this 
John Culbertson and which to his uncle, John Culbertson, 
Capter XLIL Records of New Castle Co., Del. give a John 
Culbertson in tax records of Pencader Hundred, 1800 with 
this remark: "John Culbertson gone to Kaintucky." Rec- 
ords of marriage hcenses issued by Clerk of Cecil County 
Court, Elkton, Maryland, from June 22„ 1777 to 1840, give 
a John Culbertson to Sarah Foster, May 8, 1799, Rev. Mc- 
Cosden. Rumor through the family of Robert and Thomas 
Culbertson says that John Culbertson died as a young man 


without family. This would indicate that the one married 
to Sarah Foster was perhaps his uncle John. 

Note: I do not hold the same view as F. E. Kempton in 
regard to the John Culbertson who went to Ky. It is my 
opinion that this John was the son and not the brother of 
William (II) of Pencader Tp. He first appeared on the tax 
lists in 1798 in Del. and John Sr. was not on Del. tax Hsts 
prior to this. He disappeared in 1799 when he went to Ky. 
It is my belief that John, son of John Sr. (K.K.) went to 
Shermans Valley, Pa. This John was given Census 1800, 
age over 45 in Teboyne Tp., Cumberland Co., Pa. — Editor 
L. R. C. 

(2. a.) John Culbertson mar. Sarah Foster and moved to 
Ky. Administration Record of Clark Co., Ky., shows that 
in John Culbertson's estate administrator was appointed in 
1807. His widow, Sarah, died 1830, and administrator ap- 
pointed. A quit claim was made in Clark Co., Ky., in 1827, 
which shows his children were: 

1. David Culbertson. 

2. Harmon F. (Was this Foster?) 

3. Mrs. James E. Prockman. 

4. Mrs. John Elhott. 



(3. a.) David Culbertson, b. Del. Married Clarissa Brex 
vard, Dec. 21, 1800, Elkton, Md. Both died in Grant Co., 
Ind. Known to have lived in Clark Co., Ky,, and in Wayne 
Co., Indiana. 

1. b. Nancy, b. Mar. 28, 1803, Del. m. to William Ellsbury, 

Del. d. Greenfield, Ind., Aug. 5, 1845. 

2. b. Rebecca Culbertson, b. Del .m. to George Ellwood. No 

issue living. 

3. b Davison Culbertson, b. Nov. 24, 1814— Clark Co., 


4. b. Polly, b. Del married Isaac Nordyke, Del. moved to 

Wayne Co., issue. 

6. Celia, married Mr. Helms, Wayne Co., Indiana. 

7. Lawrence married his 2nd cousin Jane Estep. They 

have four children. 


8. Other issue but names not known. 
5. b. Sarah married Mr. Griffin. Issue: 

9. Mrs. Elmore, Indiana. 


(1. b.) Nancy Culbertson mar. Wm. Ellsbury, Del. See 
William Ellsbury (2. Chapter LII) as he is her first cousin, 
details given there. 

(2. b.) Rebecca Culbertson mar. to George Ellwood. They 
were second cousins. 

10-11, Son and daughter, both died young, buried at Olive 
Hill Cemetery, Wayne Co., Indiana. 

(3.b.) David Culbertson born Nov. 24, 1814, Clark Co., 
Ky. His parents moved to Wayne Co., Ind.,. soon after his 
birth. Died 1911, age 97, Grant Co., near Marion, Ind. Mar- 
ried first wife,. Bashabee Garrigus, b. Aug. 8, 1819. Butler 
Co., Ohio. Died 1855. 6 children: 

12. Martin Brevard Culbertson, born July, 1836. 

13. Calvin Garrigus Culbertson, born Dec, 1838. 

14. Jesse Estep Culbertson, born Nov. 1844, Wayne Co., 


15. Joseph Tarkington Culbertson, born Mar., 1842. 

16. Allen Hoover Culbertson, born 1844, living Marion, 

Grant Co., Ind., 1923. 

17. Marion Albert Culbertson, born 1852, Grant Co., Ind. 

(13) Calvin Garrigns Culbertson, wife daughter of Ben- 
jamin Woods was a direct descendant of Daniel Boone. 

(16) Allen Hoover Culbertson, born 1844, living Marion, 
Grant Co., Ind., 1923. Granddaughter, Mrs. Edwards, 18, 
lives at Kokomo, Ind., 1923. 

Second wife married Louisa Howard, born 1828, died 

Children second marriage: 19, Luther; 20, Frank; 21, 
Mark; 22, Ascury; 23, Charley; 24. Louisa; 25, 
Mattie ; 26, Anna ; 27, Rose. 

(4. b.) Polly Culbertson married Isaac Nordyke. 
Issue : 6, Celia ; 7, Lawrence. 

(5. b.) Sarah Culbertson married Mr. Griffin. 
Issue: 8, daughter (Mrs. Elmore). 




(4. a.) Jean Culbertson married Frederick Ellsbury about 
1797 either in Delaware or nearby. Frederick Ellsbury was 
born September. 4, 1761, in Maryland. Private in the York 
County, Pa., Militia, serving in the company of Captain 
Ephriam Pennington, and also with a detachment of the 
York Co. Company detailed to guard prisoners from York- 
town to Reading with Capt. John Ehrman and Col. Henry 
Miller in command. In 1782 he served two months in a com- 
pany commanded by Lieut. Chas. Barnitz. He was killed by 
the explosion of a cannon which was being used to celebrate 
a victory of the U. S. on May 12, 1813, according to family 
rumor. (See Continental Lives Pa. 1779 to 88, page 466. 
Also Pa. Archives 5 and 6, Vol. 4, Page 466). 

Issue 7. 

1. b. Ann Ellsbury. 

2. b. Wilham Ellsbury. 

3. b. EHzabeth. 

4. b. Jacob Nide. 

5. b. Thomas. 

6. b. Fanny. 

7. b. Richard. 

Jean Culbertson married as a second husband Samuel 
Chestnut in Delaware. 
Issue 4: 

8. b. Anna Chestnut, born November 20, 1818, New Castle 

County, Del., married her cousin, William Culbert- 
son, from Wayne County, Indiana. No issue. She 
later married Thomas Cook. No issue. 

9.b. Clarissa Chestnut married Silas Phillips at Cincin- 
nati, 0. Issue: 12, Annie Philhps. Annie married 
John Skillman. She died in Denver, Col. Issue 1 
son, Emory Skillman, who lives at Cripple Creek, 
Colorado. Issue, names not known. 13. Frank Phil- 
lips. He was killed in a railroad accident ; no issue, 
14. Charles Phillips; he was injured in a gold mine 
in California, afterwards conducted a news stand 
in Long Beach, California, where he died. 15. 
Harry Phillips. He was also killed in a railroad ac- 


cident in the west. Names not known. Died 
young (two).. 

10. b. Sammie Chestnut married three times. Issue by 

first wife 2. 16, Jane Chestnut. 17, Robert Chest- 
nut. Second wife issue 1. 18, Sammie Chestnut. 
Third wife — no issue. 

11. b. Asenith. She was never married. Died in Wayne 

County, Indiana. 


(l.b.) Ann Ellsbury, b. April 5, 1798, N. J. d. Feb. 20,. 
1858, Wayne Co., Indiana, married July 21, 1814, Delaware, 
to John Ellwood, b. Sept. 24, 1768, d. Aug. 11, 1855. John 
Ellwood was in the war of 1812. His record is as follows: 
Delaware Archives Military Volume 5, Page 596, petition to 
Governor Haslet to change 2nd light infantry into a rifle 

To His Excellency Joseph Haslet, Esq., 1813. 

Governor of State of Delaware. 

The undersigned officers and members of the 2nJ. com- 
pany of light infantry attached to the 2nd battalion, 2nd 
regiment first brigade, Delaware militia, respectfully rep- 
resent that we deeply impressed with the report of a rifle 
corps when opposed to the enemies of our country in that 
maurauding species which they have of late and are now 
\varing with such pernicious and destructive effects upon 
our citizens and believing from every day's experience that 
that species of force which, at present, we all in this state 
alone able to oppose to them will not be found to afford an 
efficient defence. 

Therefore request that your excellency having the power 
by law, would change the said company from Light Infan- 
try into a rifle company by an issue of new commissions 
by the same officers which are now attached to the com- 
pany and that your excellency would as we humbly conceive 
you have the power furnish us with Public Rifles, either by 
law from the Federal Government or in any other way 
which your excellency shall deem most proper and expedient 


and with as much promptness as is compatible with your 

And as in duty bound we will ever pray. 




Signed by the 60 members of the company and among 
them is the name of John Ellwood who was third corporal, 
7th class. 

John Ellwood and Ann Ellsbury Ellwood, his wife and 4 
of these children — George, Andrew Mary and Levi moved 
from New Castle Co., Delaware to Wayne Co., Indiana, stop- 
ping a short time in Kentucky, arriving in Wayne Co., Ind., 
Dec. 16, 1824. He bought a farm 4 miles north of Center- 
ville, Ind., where he and wife lived and died. They are 
buried at Olive Hill, Ind. John Ellwood served in War of 
1812, Delaware. 

Issue 13: 

20. George Ellwood, b. June 26, 1815; d. 1839, Indiana, No 

issue living. 

21. Andrew Ellwood, b. Feb. 26, 1817; d. June 26, 1853. 

22. Jean Ellwood, b. May 11, 1819, Del.; d. 6 months of 

age, Del. 

23. Mary Ellwood, b. Feb. 11, 1821 ; d. Jan. 1, 1886. 

24. Levi Cooch Ellwood, b. Jan. 11, 1823, Ind. ; d. June 25, 


25. Ameha Ellwood, b. Dec. 18, 1824, Ind. ; d. 1856, no is- 

sue living. 

26. Jane Ellwood, b. March 31, 1827 ; d. 1905. 

27. William Jackson Ellwood, b. May 20, 1829; d. Dec, 


28. John T. Ellwood, b. Feb. 11, 1832 ; d. April 30, 1886. 

29. Louisa Ellwood, b. Aug. 8, 1834; d. July 2, 1853. 

30. Frances Elizabeth Ellwood, b. March 20, 1837 ; d. 19—. 

31. Jacob Ellwood, b. March 4, 1839; d. Oct., 1922. 

32. Lydia Ellwood, b. March 5, 1841; d. July 21, 1848. 


(24) Levi Cooch Ellwood, born Jan. 11, 1823, Nev/castle 
Co., Del. Member of Methodist church, died June 25, 1904, 
Centerville, Wayne Co., Ind. He was married March 14, 
1849, Centerville, Ind., to Eleanor L. Kirkman, who was 
born May 2, 1830, Guilford Co., North CaroHna, died May 
23, 1894, Centerville, Ind. 

Issue 4: 


47. Savilla Josephine Ell^\;ood, born March 21, 1850, Cen- 

terville, Wayne Co., Ind. (Mrs. Wm. J. Kempton.) 

48. Ann Elizabeth Ellwood, born Oct. 23, 1853, Centerville, 

Wayne Co., Ind., died Jan., 1858. 

49. Willard B. Ellwood, born April 22, 1863, near Center- 

ville, Wayne County, Ind., married Nov, 15, 1888, 
to Emma Heim, Brownsville, Union Co., Ind. 

50. Ella M. Ellwood, born Feb. 5, 1867, Centerville, Wayne 

Co., Ind., married Dec. 18, 1888, to Harry J. Gen- 
try, Centerville. 
(3. b.) Elizabeth Ellsbury, b. 1800 married Robert Holmes 
of English descent. He died 184 — . 

51. Eliza Ann Holmes. 

(27) William Jackson Ellwood born May 20, 1829, died 
Dec, 1917, Centerville, Wayne Co., Ind. Married to Rebecca 
Bailey, Washington, now Greensfork, Ind., 1851. 

5014. Sarah Louella Ellwood, married William R. Cooke, 
June 5, 1878. Issue 4: Earle G. Cooke, b. March 
18, 1879. Alta B. Cooke, b. Sept. 6, 1881, married 
Harry Castator, 1900, Harry Castator deceased 
Dec. 3, 1917 ; 1, Susan Castator, b. 1902 ; 2, Harrv 
Jr., born 1904, d. 1919. Dot Cooke, born Feb. 19, 
1884, married Clem G. Lancaster Sept., 1905 ; issue 
1, Richard, born 1906. Ruby Cooke, b. Sept. 26, 
1888 ; married Fred Schneider Feb., 1906 ; issue, 1 
daughter; 1, daughter, Catherine Schneider, born 
1908, died 1911. 


(47) Savilla Josephine Ellwood, born Centre Township, 
Wayne Co., Ind., March 21,. 1850. Married Wilham James 
Kempton, (Centerville, Ind., March 5, 1872. Rev. Rupe offi- 
ciating. William born Jan. 2, 1840, New York City, the son 
of John Kempton and Jane (Marshall Kempton, both born 
near Cookstown, Ireland.) William was the 4th child of a 
family of 3 sons and 6 daughters born to them. 

(Refer to Memoirs of Wayne Co., Ind., Vol. 2, Page 293, 
by Western Historical Association, Madison, Wis.) 

William was a member of Ohio State Mihtia and private 
in Co. D., 146 Ohio Volunteers, Infantry. Discharged Sep- 
tember 15, 1864, died Nov. 23, 1918, at Centerville, Ind. 
Presbyterian in religious belief. Politically, Republican. 


Educated in Cincinnati schools. He owned two farms in 
Wayne County, Indiana. 

Savilla Ellwood was educated at Whitewater College, 
Centerville, Ind. Became a member of M. E. church, Ken- 
nedys Chapel (now OHve Hill), Centre Township, Wayne 
Co., Ind. Jan., 1866, membership now Centerville, Ind. Char- 
ter member of Eastern Star chapter, Centerville, Ind., a 
member of Burnside ReHef Corps, Washington D. C, D. A. 
R. Catherine Montgomery, Chapter D. C. and member of 
District of Columbia Society of the National Society, United 
Daughters of 1812, To this union was born on a farm 4 
miles north of Centerville, Ind., 3 children, 
52. Infant son, born and died August 5, 1876. 
,53. Lora B. Kempton, born June 28, 1881, died Ooctober 

29, 1885. 
54. Forrest Ellwood Kempton, born October 5, 1883, un- 
married, now employed office of Cereal Investiga- 
tion, B. P. I, U. S. Department of Agriculture, 
Washington, D. C, as Plant Pathologist in charge 
of the Barberry Eradication Campaign, Attended 
Centerville Indiana High School, B. S. Earlham 
College '06 ; M. S. Wisconsin University '13 ; Ph. D. 
University of IlHnois, '18. Teacher, public schools, 
Wayne Co., Ind., '05-'12 ; prof. biol. Ill, Col. '13-'14; 
Asst. bot. University of Illinois, '14-'18; plant 
pathologist, smelter smoke investigations, St. 
Louis Smelting and Ref. Co. 17; U. S. Dept. Agr. 
plant pathologist Porto Rico '18. In charge, bar- 
berry eradication campaign, 1919. Member of 
Amer. Assn, for Adv. of Science ; Phytopath. Soc. ; 
Bot. Soc. ; 111. Acad. ; Wash. Bot. Soc. Sigma Xi, 
Pubhcations or research: Cytology of Entylomas; 
Origin and Development of the Pycnidium; Prog- 
ress of Barberry Eradication, 
(See American Men of Science — Third Edition — 
The Science Press 1921). He was plant patholo- 
gist under Civil Service States Relation Service 
United States Department of Agriculture, June to 
December, 1918. Registered in Porto Rico in Third 
(49) Willard Bargis Ellwood. Refer to Memoirs of Wayne 
County, Indiana, Vol. 11, Page 360, by Western Historical 
Association, Madison, Wisconsin. 

Willard Bargis Ellwood, born near Centerville, Wayne 
County, Indiana, April 22nd, 1863. Married Emma May 


Heim in Brownville, Union County, Indiana, on November 
15th, 1888. Rev. Frank Moore officiating. 

Emma was born May 21st, 1869, the daughter of George 
M. Heim and Appalonia (Bachmeyer) Heim both of whom 
came to America on the same vessel in 1853, from Markels- 
heim, Germany. Emma was the ninth child of a family of 
eight boys and six girls born to them. 

To this union was born, on a farm south of and adjoining 
the town of Centerville, Indiana, three children, Mabel, 
George, Leo. (55-56-57.) 

(50) Ella M. Ellwood, b. Feb. 5, 1867, residence 5016 Car- 
rolton Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. ; married Dec. 18, 1888, Cen- 
terville, Ind., to Harry J. Gentry, born Sept. 8, 1864, Center- 
ville, Ind., son of John and Josephine Woods Gentry. 

Issue : 
58. Laura Josephine. 

(51) Ehza Ann Holmes and David Thomas were married 
December 14, 1849, Centerville, Indiana. He was born Jan. 
28, 1829. She was born March 29, 1831, and died March 12, 
1852. Their only child, 59, Martha J., was born July 8, 1850, 
and died April 22, 1906, Centerville, Ind. 


(55) Mabel Ellwood, b. April 9, 1893, who married George 
Kutche, a native of Greece, at Centerville Indiana, on June 
1st, 1911. Rev. Mrs, Fred Teas, a Quaker minister, officiat- 
ing. Mabel was granted a divorce and her maiden name re- 
stored in the Marion County Circuit Court, IndianapoHs, 
Indiana, in September, 1917. Service during the war: She 
was Comptometer Operator in the Statistical Department of 
the Fuel Administration from October, 1918, to March, 
1919 and was then transferred to the Auditing Department 
of the Railroad Administration and has an honorable dis- 
charge from that branch of our government. 

She was married the second time on March 11, 1919, at 
Rockville, Maryland, by Rev. Duffy of the Methodist church 
to Percy Hart Smith, a native of Pittsylvania County, Vir- 
ginia. He was the fifth child of a family of four boys and 
seven girls, born to George Dudley Smith and Willie Kate 
(East) Smith, both of whom are natives of Pittsylvania 
County, Va. 

(56) George Dewey Ellwood, born April 2nd, 1898, un.- 
married, Altavista Va. 


(57) Leo BunKer Ellwood, born May 17th, 1900. Married 
Vera Elizabeth Sale in Lynchburg, Virginia, on Feb. 21, 
1920, Rev. R. A. McFarland officiating. Vera was born 
October 6th, 1901, near Pleasant View Amherst County, 
Virginia. The third child of a family of two boys and three 
girls, born to John Lewis Sale and Eva Glen (Wiltshire) 
Sale, who were married at Pleasant View, Amherst County, 

To Leo and Vera were born, in Lynchburg, .Virginia. 1. 
Leo Bunker Ellwood, Jr., on November 26th, 1920. 2, Eva 
Jean Ellwood, in Altavista, Virginia, June 21st, 1922. 

Leo B. Ellwood enlisted on July 1, 1918, in the Petersburg 
Guards, Infantry Virginia State Volunteers to serve for 
."the emergency" and was discharged April 1, 1919. He en- 
listed in U. S. Regular Army, June 23, 1919, Signal Corps, 
unassigned attached to Camp Signal Office, Camp Lee, Vir- 
ginia. He was appointed Sergeant First Class, June 25, 1919, 
later assigned to duty with 10th Field Signal Battalion, 
Camp Meade, Kansas. Battalion moved to Camp Meade, 
Maryland. He was honorably discharged from the United 
States Army, Feb. 7th, 1921. 

EnKsted in Hdq. Co., 1st. Bn. 116th Inf. Va. N. G. for 
a period of three years, March 11, 1922. Made Sergeant, Ap- 
ril 6th, 1922. The above information for Family of Willard 
Bargis Ellwood furnished by him. 

(58) Laura Josephine Gentry born Aug. 17, 1890, Center- 
ville. Married Richwood, Indiana, March 6, 1912, to Stanley 
Sheard born May 22, 1892, Oxford, Ohio, living at (1923) 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

Issue : 
Jack Sheard, born June 11, 1913, Indianapolis, Ind. 
Jean Sheard, born, Dec. 31, 1915. 

(59) Martha J. Thomas and William F. Mathews were 
married Jan. 5, 1869. He was born May 21, 1848, New York 
City, and served in the Civil War as a Union soldier. Born 
to them were seven children: 1, Walter T., b. Jan. 3, 1870 ; 2, 
Emma J., b. Sept. 15, 1872 ; 3,. Elizabeth M., b. April 2, 
1875; 4, Eliza A., born Aug. 27, 1877,. and died Sept. 16, 
1895 ; 5, Charles W., born Aug. 9, 1881 ; 6, Howard C, b. Oct. 
24, 1888 ; 7, A. Noel b. May 17, 1892. 

Walter T. Mathews and Clara I. Needham were married 
Jan. 25,. 1893. Born to them were six children. 1, 
Rosella, b. Aug. 6, 1893; 2, Paul D., b. Oct. 26. 


1894, single; 3, Jesse William, b. Oct. 5, 1896; 4, 
Walter Ray, b. Jan. 30, 1901; 5, Frances, b. Aug. 
19, 1904 ; 6, Kendal Emerson, b. Jan. 22, 1909. 

Paul D. Mathews, single, enlisted in Co. E, 10th Inf. of the 
U. S. Army of the World War, Sept. 3, 1917. Was 
stationed at Fort Harrison, Indianapolis, Ind., for 
several months. Was then sent to Nitro City, West 
Va. for several months and then sent to Camp Cus- 
ter, Battle Creek, Mich, where he was corporal. He 
was honorably discharged in May, 1919. 

Jesse W. Mathews and Nova Shadle were married Feb. 20, 
1920. Jesse W. Mathews enlisted in Co. C, 14th 
Cav. of the U. S. Army of the World War on the 
9th of April, 1917, in Detroit, Mich. Was signed up 
on the 22nd of April, 1917, and sent to Columbus, 
Ohio. From there he was sent to Del Rio, Texas, 
and was stationed on the border for about 18 
months. Was then sent to Fort Sam Houston, 
Texas for a while and then transferred to Offi- 
cers' Training Camp, at Camp Hancock, Augusta, 
Ga. He was honorably discharged Dec. 17, 1918. 

Elizabeth M. Mathews and Frank Hatfield, married July 
15, 1895. Issue: 1, Joseph Keith, b. Nov. 7, 1896; 
2, Kenneth Mathews, b. June 14, 1907 ; 3, Martha 
Maria, b. Aug. 29, 1911. 

Joseph Keith Hatfield and Laurabel Stevens. Married June 
2,. 1920. 1, Joseph Keith, Jr., b. Nov. 2, 1922, d. 
Nov. 6, 1922. Joseph Keith Hatfield enhsted in 
May 30, 1918. Hospital apprentice Sec. class U. S. 
Naval Reserve force. Stationed at U. S. Training 
Station Great Lakes, 111. Released from active 
duty Oct. 12, 1919. Saw service during the flue epi- 


(5. a.) William Culbertson the son of William Culbertson 
(II) is mentioned in his father's will and is probably the 
one recorded as being in Delaware Militia, Third Company, 
Third Regiment, First Battahon 1799, Middle District St. 
Georges Hundred, William Frazier, Captain. Family rumor 
through the family of Robert indicates that only 4 of the 
sons of William raised families so there is probably no fam- 
ily record for this William. 




(6. a.) Robert Culbertson. The quoted data was supplied 
by Mrs. Effie Thomas, 123 Ridge Street, Richmond, Indi- 
ana, a great granddaughter through Louisa, daughter of 
Daniel Culbertson and from copies of old family records: 

"This is Robert Culbertson's family and his father was 
William Culbertson and his mother Nancy Thorton. Rob- 
ert Culbertson was born in Del., March 27, 1781, died May 
13, 1875. Rebecca Culbertson (his wife) was born in Ken- 
tucky, Feb. 1, 1793 and died July 18, 1857. Robert Culbert- 
son and Rebecca King were married 1809 in Kentucky, later 
moved to Wayne Co., Ind. 

Issue : 

1. Drucilla Culbertson, b. Sept. 7, 1810; d. 1811 in Ken- 


2. Nancy Culbertson, b. Oct. 14, 1811, d. 1812, Kentucky. 

3. David Culbertson, b. Jan. 29, 1813, Methodist Minister, 

d. March 25, 1846, Indiana. 

4. John Nelson Culbertson, b. Sept. 6, 1814; d. 1824, in 


5. Sarah Culbertson, b. March 25, 1816, Indiana ; d. Aug. 

22, 1846, Indiana. 

6. Daniel Culbertson, b. May 24, 1817, d. Indiana. 

7. Jane Culbertson, b. July 7, 1818 ; d. 1825, Indiana. 

8. Sanford Culbertson, b. Sept. 10, 1820 ; d. in 1896, in In- 


9. Clarissa Culbertson, b. Sept. 19, 1824 ;d in 188— in In- 


10. Lafayette Culbertson, b. Aug 13, 1826, d. in Indiana, 


11. Andrew J. Culbertson, b. Jan. 3, 1828; d . in Indiana, 


12. William Culbertson, b. Oct. 23, 1831, Wayne County, 


13. Ann Culbertson, b. April 24, 1837 ; d. 1874, in Indiana. 


(3) David, b. Jan. 29, 1813 ; d. March 25, 1846, in Wayne 
Co., Indiana. Married Mary Hoover, Wayne Co., Indiana. 
He was a Methodist Episcopal Minister, Issue, 1 daughter, 

14. Rebecca Ellen, who died in childhood. 


(4) John Nelson, b. Sept. 6, 1814 ; d. 1824, Wayne Co., In- 

(5) Sarah Culbertson, Wayne Co., Ind., b. March 25, 1816 ; 
d. August 22, 1846, Wayne Co., Ind. Married to Jesse 
Estep. Issue: 15, Rober.t Estep, married Delia Bean, 1861, 
both deceased. Issue: Alta and Charles, both married and 
have issue, Charles Estep lives north of Richmond, Ind. 

16. Jane Estep, m.arried Lawrence Nordyke, her second cou- 
sin. Issue: Mattie Nordyke, no inf or.mation ; Sadie Nor- 
dyke, no information ; Millie Nordyke, no information ; Jo- 
seph Nordyke, lives in Peru, Indiana. 

(6) Daniel Culbertson, born May 24, 1817, died in Wayne 
County, Ind., buried at Olive Hill, Ind. Married Martha 
Hoover, Wayne Co., Ind., 1838. Was farmer and later real 
estate agent and notary public. According to Census 1850. 

Issue: 5 by first wife. 

17. Thomas Jefferson Culbertson, b. 1840, married and 

moved to Jeffersonville, Ind. Issue, no other word. 

18. Louisa Culbertson, b. 1843; married Harrison Bailey, 

Issue 4. 

19. Martha Susan Culbertson, b. 1845, married John Irvin. 

issue 2, son a, Allan, married, no issue; b. Minnie 
Irvin, single. All live Webster, Ind., 1823. 

20. John Culbertson, b. 1847, soldier in Civil War ; died in 


21. Anna Culbertson, b. 1850, died 1868, single. 2nd wife 

Martha Smith, issue 2. 

22. Lily, born Fairland, Ind., married. No other infor- 


23. Carrie, born Fairland, Ind. No other information, 

(7) Jane, b. July 7, 1818 ; d. 1825, buried Olive Hill, In- 

(8) Sanford Culbertson, b. September 10, 1820, married 
Anne Thorn, Centerville, Wayne Co., Ind. He moved to Jay 
County, Ind., died 1896, issue 2 or more. 24, Rebecca, born 
1846; 25, Anna, born 1849. Others not known. 

(9) Clarissa Culbertson, b. Sept. 19, 1824, died 1886, not 

(10) Lafayette Culbertson, b. Aug. 13, 1826, died in 
Wayne Co., Ind., 1895. Married Martha Cranor. 



26. E. L. Culbertson, married Sarah Duke, deceased ; mar- 

rid second wife. No issue. Grocer, Westville, 0.- 

27. Frank Culbertson, accidentally shot at age of 8 years. 

28. Hattie Culbertson, married John Duke, 1887; no issue 

both deceased. 

29. Robert Culbertson, deceased, unmarried. 

(11) Andrew J. Culbertson, b. Jan. 3, 1828, died 1867, 
buried Olive Hill, Ind. He died from accident having been 
thrown by a horse. Married Elizabeth Study, Williamsburg, 

Issue : 

30. Melissa Culbertson, b. 1854, married John Fulton; is- 

sue daughter Bell, died in girlhood. 

31. Massa Culbertson, died as infant. 

32. Joseph Culbertson, b. 185 — . 

33. Emma Culbertson, deceased. 

(12) William Culbertson, b. Oct. 23, 1831, Wayne County, 
Indiana. Died Aug. 18, 1914. Married Mary Jane Ebersol, 
Dec. 27, 1853. She was born April 25, 1836, in Pennsylvania. 
Died March 23, 1913. Issue 10. Refer to Memoirs of 
Wayne Co., Indiana, Vol. 2, Page 578, published by Western 
Historical Association, Madison, Wis., 1912. 


34. Lafayette Culbertson, b. Sept. 5, 1854. 

35. AHce, b. Oct. 27, 1856 (Mrs Sharon). 

36. George, b. June 23, 1860. 

37. Katherine, b. Dec. 17, 1861. 

38. Ella, b. Sept. 5. 1863. 

39. Letitia, b. Aug. 25, 1865. 

40. WilHam T., b. Aug. 5, 1868. 

(13) Ann Culbertson, b. April 24, 1837; d. 1874, Wayne 
Co., Ind ; married Richard Williams, 1867 as his second wife. 
He still Hves at Fountain City, Ind. Issue 2. 

41. Roy Williams, married lives near Richmond, Ind., issue. 

42. Jeannetta Williams, married Clark McNutt. He is now 

deceased. She lives at Fountain City, Ind. Issue 6. 
(18) Louisa Culbertson, b. 1843, married William Harri- 
son Bailey. He was in Civil War, enlisted April 21st, 1861, 
and served until the close of the war. He reenlisted as a 
veteran in Jan. 1,. 1864. Issue 4. 

43. Effie M. Bailey, married Mr. Thomas, lives 1231 

Ridge St., Richmond, Ind., 1923. Issue 3 ; son and 
two daughters. The daughters are married. 

44. Sadie Bailey. 



(32) Joseph Culbertson, b. 185 — , married Delia Bertram, 
Centerville, Ind. 

Issue 5: 

45. Mary Culbertson, married Mr. Logan. Issue 2; Jack 

Logan and a daughter. 

46. George Culbertson, in world War, 

47. Tip Culbertson, in World War. 

48. Robert Culbertson, minister Friends' church. 

49. Lelia Culbertson, married. 

(33) Emma Culbertson, married Jacob Wolfe. She is de- 
ceased. No issue. 

(34) Lafayette Culbertson. Married Emma Potter divorc- 

50. Cleo Culbertson. 
Married Miss Borton. 

51. Son, Walter Culbertson. 

52. Lydia Culbertson and Emma Culbertson, twin sisters. 
Cleo Culbertson and family lives at Webster, Wayne Co., 


(35) Alice, married Oliver Sharon. 

53. Daughter Rachel, who is married but has no issue. 

All live in Wichita, Kansas. Rachel Sharon mar. 
ried Harvey Grace. 

(36) George Culbertson, b. June 23, 1860. Married Min- 
nie Arnett. She is deceased. Issue 3 : 

54. Leona, who is married and lives in Toledo, Ohio. 

55. Oliver and father, also lives in Toledo, 0. 

56. Carl, married Miss Owens. Issue 1. They live on 

West Main St., Richmond, Ind. 

(37) Katherine Culbertson, married Henry Horney. They 
had two children. 57, William Horney, married Mary Beck. 
They have 3 boys, Hve at Olive Hill, Ind, 1923. 58, Mary 
married and lives in Richmond, Ind. Issue 59. 

(38) Ella Culbertson. Married Abram Potter, issue one 
daughter, 60, Mabel. Mabel Potter married Floyd Bell. 
They have two daughters, 61, Elizabeth Bell, a stu- 
dent at DePaw University, Greencastle, Ind. 62, Margaret 


Bell, a younger daughter, Mr. Bell and family live at 
Princeton, Ind., where he is connected with a creamery. 

(39) Letitia Culbertson, married May 31, 1883 to Wm. K. 
Cheeseman, refer to Memoirs of Wayne County, vol. 2, page 
574, pubhshed bv Western Historical Society, Madison, 
Wis., 1912. Issue\- 63, Earl Cheeseman, b. Oct. 28, 1892, 
married Beatrice Ward. They have three sons, 64, Earl 
Cheeseman; 641/4, Cheeseman, son; 65, Robert Cheese- 

(40) William T. Culbertson. A letter of William T. Cul- 
bertson, Richmond, Ind., April 1, 1923, to Lewis R. Culbert- 
son, Zanesville, Ohio, is as follows : 

"Lafayette, Ahce, George, Katherine, Ella, Lutecia, Wm. 
T., Sadie, Laura and Mary. I, Wm. T., youngest one Hving. 
Born August 5, 1868, married December 24, 1890, to Mary 
Elizabeth Miller, two children, boys, 66, Lowell L., b. Dec. 13, 
1894, served in World War, was drafted 1918, went to 
Camp Taylor, Ky., Louisville, July 23, 1918. Sailed for 
France Oct. 27. Went from New York through England 
down through Paris. Got within three days' travel of front. 
Arrived at Boston, May 3, 1919. Discharged May 15, 1919. 
Sailed from France as Bordeaux Casual Co. No. 70 Artillery- 
man. Married in March, 1920, to Pricilla Arnold, his ad- 
dress Richmond, Ind. R. R. A. 67, Donald A.., born Dec. 
25, 1899, drafted. Called but did not get to camp. Mar- 
ried Sept. 1921 to Dorothy Simpson, one baby girl, born 
August 7, 1922. His address Richmond Ind., No. 814, South 
E St. 

Yours truly, 

(Signed) W. T. CULBERTSON, 

Richmond, Ind. R. R. A. 


(7. a.) Francis Culbertson and Ann , daughter of a 

prominent Kentucky family, were married in Kentucky, ac- 
cording to an old letter of Daniel Culbertson, son of Robert 
Culbertson. Census records of Bourbon County, Kentucky, 
1810, page 93, gives Francis Culbertson. In 1820, he is 
known to have lived in Wayne County, Ind., owning a farm 
near Centerville, Ind. Issue 2, two daughters, names not 
known. One married a Mr. Burke of Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Francis and familv are known to have moved to Cincinnati, 


Ohio, where they were living in 1848. No further informa- 



(8. a.) Thomas Culbertson, born 1786, married Anna 
Beall, July, 1809, as his first wife in Bourbon County, Ky. 
She was born October 25, 1790. Census 1810 and 1820 
Bourbon Co., Ky., page 93, gives Thomas Culbertson. He 
later migrated to Wayne County, Indiana, and lived there 
as shown by Census Records for Wayne County, Indiana, 
1830 and 1840, issue 4. 

1. Jane Culbertson, b. September 7, 1810, married Febru- 

ary 14, 1828, Ebenezer Cheesman, Wayne County, 
Indiana, by Rev. Isaac Cotton ; issue 6. 

2. William Culbertson, b. January 16, 1812, in Kentucky, 

died Wayne County, Indiana, March 5, 1864. He 
married as his first wife Ruth Commons in 1835. 
They were separated that same year and later di- 
vorced. He married as his second wife his cousin, 
Anna Chestnut, daughter of Jean Culbertson by 
her second husband, Samuel Chestnut. Anna 
Chestnut. Anna Chestnut was born November 20, 
1818, in Delaware, died December 21, 1890, Center- 
ville, Ind. No issue. 

3. James Culbertson, September 16, 1814, married Phoeba 

Bishop, Wayne County, Indiana; they later moved 
to Kansas where both died. Issue 6. 

4. Roxann Culbertson, born February 15, 1826, married 

Eli Albertson in Wayne County, Indiana. Later 
moved to other parts of Indiana, issue. No further 
Thomas Culbertson married a second wife Mary B. Mc- 
Kee, May 29, 1841, issue 1 son. 

5. Thomas Newton Culbertson, born March 19, 1842. He 

' is said to have gone to California. 


(1) Jane Culbertson married Feb. 14, 1828, Ebenezer 

Cheesman, Wayne Co., Ind., by Rev. Isaac Cotton. Issue 6. 

6. Amanda Cheesman, married Pressly King, Wayne 

County, Ind., later moved to Kansas and Oregon. 

One son lives in Oregon. 


7. Martha Ann Cheesman, married Oliver Jones of south 

of Centerville, Ind. He was a soldier in the Civil 
War and killed in service 1862. She died in Ran- 
dolph County, Ind., in 1916, and was buried at Cen- 
terville, Wayne Co., Ind. Issue 3. 1, John Jones, 
Randolph Co., Ind. ; 2, Mrs. James Beck, Muncie, 
Ind. ; 3, Alice Jones married James Neal, Wayne 
Co., Ind. 

8. Thomzy Ann Cheesman, b. Oct. 22, 1835, married John 

Bond, Oct. 11, 1855, Wayne Co., Ind., and lived 
near Greensfork, Ind., on a farm. She died Sept. 
15, 1873. He died Feb. 13, 1895. Issue 5. 

9. Davison Cheesman, b. Wayne Co., Ind., married Ann 

Taylor, 1857. She died in 1911. Davison living 
April 1923, retired, Farmland, Ind. Owns farm 
in Randolph Co., Ind. I-ssue 8. 

10. Demaris Cheesman, married Levi King, near Center- 

ville, Ind. She died in 1900. He died in 1907. 
Issue 4. 

11. Amelia Cheesman, married Edward Fites, Bourbon, 

Ind. She died March 8, 1900. Children 3. 


(3) James A. Culbertson married Phoeba Bishop, Wayne 
County, Indiana. Later they moved to Kansas 
where they both died. Issue 6. 

12. Anna Culbertson, died as a young woman. 

13. Mahlon Culbertson, married Miss Ensley in Illinois. 

Issue two daughters — 18-19. 

14. Henrietta Culbertson, married Oliver Brumfield, Cen- 

terville, Indiana, in 1865. She died about 1878. 
Issue 5. 

Issue 5: 20, Clarence Brumfield, b. 1866; 21, 
Charles Brumfield, d. in childhood; 22, Ansan 
Brumfield; 23, Milhe Brumfield (Mrs. Linnie 
King) ; 24, Wilham Brumfield, d. 1893. 

15. Dayton Culbertson. 

16. Christopher Columbus Culbertson. 

17. Jennetta Culbertson, born 1856, married Arthur Char- 

man. She lives in Centerville, Indiana. Issue 2 
25. Mattie Charmman, married Mr. Reichard. Issue 2 
daughters. 1, Ruth Reichard, deceased young. 
2, Ethel Reichard, lives with her grandmother, 
Centerville, Indiana. She is a stenographer. 


26. Myrtle Charman, married Verte Connor, Dec. 10, 1921. 

He was in World War overseas service. 


(15) Dayton Culbertson mar. Anna ; lived until re- 
cently on farm near Stanley, North Dakota. They now 
hve with sons, at Selah, Washington. Issue 5 . 

27. May Culbertson, married and lives at Stanley, North 

Dakota. Issue 5. 

28. Forrest Culbertson, lives at Milo, Iowa, married and 

has isue. 

29. Columbus Culbertson, married and hves at Selah, 


30. Leonard Culbertson is married and lives at Selah, 


31. Clayton Culbertson lives at Stanley, North Dakota. 

(16) Christopher Columbus Culbertson married Ella 
Vochard in McLean Co., Ills. Until his death in 1922 he 
lived as a retired farmer in Danvers, Ills. His wife died in 
1921. Issue 4 sons. 

32. Vernon Culbertson, married Kate Friday ; lives at Dan- 

vers, Ills. No issue. 

33. Roy Culbertson, married Almeda Bowers. Issue 4, 

Danvers, Ills. 36, Eleanor Culbertson; 37, Bowers 
Culbertson; 38, Marie Culbertson; 39, Miss Cul- 

34. Clyde Culbertson, married Vera Sea. Issue 1. 

35. Lawrence Culbertson, single, Danvers, Ills. 


(L) Richard of Cumberland Co., Pa. 


(L) Richard Culbertson (Irish). Revolutionary record: 
"Transferred from an infantry regiment from Northhamp- 
ton County, Pa. (EnKsted 1778), April 2, 1779, to Capt. 
Isaac Corens Co. of Art. His name appears as 'belonging to 
a Regiment of Foot sent us by order of the Board of War.' 
Enlisted from Northhampton Co. (Isaac Corens Art. render- 
ed important service under Gen. Washington). In Sept., 
1781, enhsted in Capt. Asa Hills 4th Co., 2nd Batt'n of 
Cumb. Co., Pa. Ass'rs. (Pa. Arch.) Jour. Pa. Assembly, p. 
359. He was deeded land in Carhsle, Pa., in 1781 by Wm. 
Denny. Deed states Richard was a butcher Richard and 
wife, Margaret, deeded this land in 1782 and they then mov- 
ed to East Neck Tp., Cecil Co, Md. He appears on the Cen- 
sus of 1790, Cecil Co., Md., self and wife, one son under 16 
years, and 3 daughters. He died before 1800 and Census of 
1800 Cecil Co., Md. gives Margaret Culbertson (widow) 
her age between 26 and 45; one son between 16 and 26; 
two sons under 10 years ; one daughter between 10 and 16 ; 
two daughters under 10. Richard probably died about 
1796-8. Born in Northhampton Co., Pa. The Registrar of 
Wills writes me that he cannot find him or any Culbertson 
on his Court Records until 1918. Richard evidently had 
no property. 

Richard's eldest son must have been born after 1775. He 
could hardly have been James Culbertson who married 
Elizabeth Stillings about 1794 or '95 and whose descendants 
allege moved from "Row' to Havre-de-Grace, Md., about 
1794, and who they allege died there (no court record there 
of him). 

I do not know the names of any of Richard's children or 
what became of them. 

A thorough search of 1790 and 1800 Census of Md. shows 
only Richard and Margaret Culbertson. 

The story of James (above mentioned) by his descend- 
ants might or might not be true. It might be that instead 
of a step-mother-in-law that it was a mother-in-law by a 
second husband? The Census report on Margaret for 1800 
gives only one female (herself) of marriageable age there- 
fore proving her son could not have been married. 


A Margaret Culbertson was married to Wm. Hamilton, 
Sept. 11, 1806, in Cecil Co., Md. (license). This may have 
been Richards 'widow or his daughter. 

A Mary Culbertson was married Aug. 24, 1811 to Joseph 
Richardson (license) in Cecil Co., Md. This was probably a 
daughter of Richard. 


Scotch Irish Ciilbertson, Some of 

Whose Descendants Came to America 

Before and After 1800. 

His Name Not Known. Lived in Irish Culbertson Row at 
Ballygan, Near Ballymoney, Co. Antrim, Ireland. 



Culbertson, of "Culbertson Row," Ireland, remained 

in Ireland, 
Issue : 

1. John, d. in Ireland. 

2. , died in Ireland. 


(1) John Culbertson settled at Bally waiter, near Bally- 
money, Co. Antrim, Ireland, about 1720, and died there. 

3. John, d. in Ireland. 

4. Hugh. 


(3) John Culbertson d. in Antrim Co., Ireland. 
Issue : 

5. John, remained in Ireland. 

6. Alexander. 

7. James, d. in Ireland. 

(4) Hugh Culbertson settled at Ballygan, near Bally- 
money, Co. Antrim, Ireland ; in "Row." 


8. John. Emigrated to America. 

9. Hugh, d. young. 

10. James, d. young. 

11. Mrs. Adams. 

12. Mrs. Lyons. 

14. Joseph. Emigrated to America about 1800. 

13. Robert. Emigrated to Philadelphia, Pa. 


(5) John Culbertson remained in Ireland. All his chil- 
dren emigrated to America. 


15. James, d. 

16. John. 

17. WilKam, d. 

18. George, d. 


19. Robert, d. Lived at Philadelphia, Pa. 

20. Isabella, d. 

21. Nancy. 

22. Jane Mary, d. 

23. Mary Ann. 

(9) Hugh Culbertson mar. . Died in Antrim Co., Ire- 
Issue : 

24. Robert. 

25. James. 

26. William. 

27. Andrew. Emigrated. Lives in Philadelphia, Pa. 

(13) Robert Culbertson mar. Mary Wright, June 1, 1802. 
Issue I 

28. Mary Ann, b. Apr. 22, 1805. (Mrs. McDaniel). 

29. Joseph, b. Aug. 30, 1806. 

30. Maria, b. Feb. 26, 1808. 

31. Agnes, b. Dec. 29, 1809. 

32. Hugh, b. Nov. 17, 1811. 

33. Sarah, b. Feb. 15, 1813 (Mrs. Getty). 

34. Joseph (2nd), b. March 1, 1816. 

35. Jane, b. Oct. 8, 1817. (Mrs. Hays). 

36. Matilda Ann, b. Jan. 1, 1820. (Mrs. Getty). 

37. Robert, b. Sep. 22, 1824. 


(19) Robert Culbertson mar. 


George. Philade 




Robert, d. 


Arthur. Chicago. 


Wm. d. 




Mary Ann. 


Isabella, d. 


Margaret, d. 

(32) Hugh Culbertson lived and died at "Culbertson 
Row," Ireland. 
Issue : 

47. Robert. Lived at L. Derry, Ireland. 

48. James. 

49. Mary. 


50. Wm. John. The only Culbertson living in Co. Antrim, 

Ireland (1892). 

51. Andrew emigrated to Philadelphia, Pa., in '89. 
55. Annie married. Lives in Ireland. 


The Lancaster County, Pa., Family 



(L) Four brothers came over before the Revolutionary 
War — it is not definitely known whether they came from 
Scotland or Ireland, but most likely the latter — and settled 
in Lancaster Co., about four miles from Lancaster. Name 
of their father not known. 

Names of brothers: 

I. John, d. in Lancaster Co., Pa. 
II. , bro., d. Went South,. Virginia or Ky. 

III. ' bro., d. Went South, Virginia or Ky. 

IV. , bro., d. Went South, Virginia or Ky. 


(I) John Culbertson mar. Ann Maria . (Was a 


1. Samuel, .d. 

2. John, d. 

3. David, d. 

4. Louis, d., Lewiston, Pa. 

5. Ehzabeth. 

6. Maria. 

After death of husband, widow lived at Petersburg, E. 
Hempfield Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa. (From a Deed.) 


(1) Samuel Culbertson mar. . 


7. Anna. 

8. Fannie. 

9. Ehabeth, d. 

10. Louis. 
101/2. Susan. 

(2) John Culbertson moved in Spring of 1834, to eight 
miles from Mansfield, O. Mar. Miss Wiley, of Lancaster,. 

Issue : 

11. Eliza, d. 1878. (Mrs. A. Kinnell.) 


12. Sarah, b. Feb., 1827. (Mrs. John Kornleans.) 

13. Henry, b. Oct., 1828 ; d. Oct., 1890. 

14. John, b. Feb., 1831. Lives at Whitehall, Ills. 

15. Aaron, b. Feb., 1835. 

16. Maria, b. Oct., 1837. (Mrs. Mitschlen.) 

17. David,.b. Feb., 1838. 

18. Wm., b. 1840. Killed at battle Jonesboro, Sept., 1864. 

19. Samuel, b. Apr., 1842. 

20. Levi, b. 1844. 

21. Anna, b. Sept. 1846. (Mar. first, Mr. Kornleans; sec- 

ond, Mr. Miller. 

(3) David Culbertson mar. . 


22. Elizabeth. 

23. David. 

(4) Louis. Know nothing of descendants. He lived at 
Lewiston, Pa. 


(13) Henry Culbertson mar. Susan Altoffer. 
Issue : 

24. John. Mar. 

25. Wm. Mar. 

26. Henry, d. 

27. Charles, d. 1890. 

(14) John Culbertson mar. Rebecca Clark. Lives at 
White Hall, Ills. 


28. Laura. 

29. Ella Frost. 

30. Ida Davis. 

31. Belle Culbertson. 

(15) Aaron mar. Rebecca Hubley. 

32. Sarah Baldwin. Mar. 

33. Arabella Duncan. Mar. 

34. Albert. Mar. 

35. Tecumseh, d. 

(17) David Culbertson mar. first Mary Secrist. Wife died. 
Issue : 

36. Elmira H. 


37. Olivia, d. 

38. Elnora Mason. 

(17) David Culbertson mar. second, Miss Cobb. Wife 

39. Ervin. 

40. Amy, d. 

Third wife, Miss Whitmer. No issue. 

(19) Samuel Culbertson mar. Miss L. Jones. 

41. Annie. 

42. Edgar. 

43. Frank. 

(20) Levi Culbertson mar. Caroline Musser. 
Issue : 

44. Lida, d. 

45. Wm. 

46. John. 

47. Frank. 


(M) Elias Ciilbertson of Washington 
Co., Pa. and Descendants. 


(M) Elias Culbertson on Census 1790, Washington Co., 
Pa, Given one male over 16 (head) 3 under (males) and 
one female (no doubt wife). 
(M) Elias Culbertson came from Ireland about 1782. Lived 

in Washington Co., Pa. Mar. . Name of father not 



1. James, d. 

2. Thomas, d. 

3. Alexander, b. 1792; d. 1880. 

4. John, d. 

5. Elias, d. 

6. Joseph, d. 

7. Jane, b. 1803 ; d. Mar. 

8. Sarah, d. Mar. 


(1) James Culbertson mar. . Lived on a farm three 

miles north of Ashland, Ohio. 
Issue : 
9. Eli Culbertson, d. 









(Mrs. Bishop.) 


^) Alexanc 

(Mrs. Wertman.) 
ier Culbertson mar. . 

Lived Fairfield, O. 
Issue '. 

15. Wm. Culbertson, b. 1822. 

16. Henry. 

17. Jacob. N. Fairfield, 0. 

18. Emily. 

(4) John Culbertson; know nothing about him. 

(5) Elias Culbertson mar. Sarah Mason. 
Issue '. 

19. Wi'lHam, d. 

20. Elizabeth, dead. 

21. Rachael, dead, 

22. EHas. Ruggles, Ohio, dead. 


23. Martha, dead. 

24. Mary, dead. 

25. Harriett. 

(7) Jane Culbertson mar. J. D. Moore, of Cross Creek, 
Washington Co., Pa. 


26. Martha Moore (Mrs. Ford). Des Moines, la. 

27. Sarah (Mrs. Vandemark). Topeka, Kan. 

28. Elmina (Mrs. Boetcher). Bloomville, Ohio. 

29. James. Washington Co., Pa. 

30. Joseph. Cambridge, Ohio. 

31. Gladen. Leadville, Col. 

32. Alexander. Topeka, Kan. 

33. EHzabeth (Mrs. Duncan). Talleyrand, Kan. 

34. John. Savannah, Ashland Co., 0. 

35. Martin Moore. Topeka, Kan. 

36. Ehas, d. 1842. 

(8) Sarah Culbertson mar. Mr, Brandeberry. 

37. Conrad Brandeberry. 

38. Ezra. 


(9) Eli Culbertson mar. . 


39. Abe Culbertson. 

(11) Wm. Culbertson mar. . Lives at Hooperstown, 



40. William. 

401/9. B. J., Charlotte, Mich. Insurance Agent. 
40%. John B., Sterling, Kan. 

(13) Miss Rachael Culbertson mar. Mr. Bishop. 

(14) Miss Keziah Culbertson mar. Mr. Wertman, of Ash- 
land, Ohio. 


41. Ida Wertman. 

(15) Wm. Culbertson mar. Mary L. . Lives at Green- 
wich, Ohio. 

Issue " 

42. Wilham, d. Dec. 1850. 

43. Emily. Lives at Akron, 0. 


44. John W., Lorain, 0. 

45. Charles, d. Nov., 1863. 

46. Lewis A. Lives at Mt. Vernon, 0. 

47. Hiram. Lives at Columbus, 0. 

48. Mary. Greenwich, 0. 

49. Albert, d. June, 1886. 

(16) Henry Culbertson mar. . Lives at Penora, la. 


50. Leroy. 

51. Sherman. 

52. Frank. 

(17) Jacob Culbertson mar. 

53. Huldah (Mrs. Stauffer). Greenwich, 0. 

54. Mary (Mrs. ColHer.) 

(18) Emily Culbertson mar. Canning. Lives at N. Fair- 
field, 0. 


55. Howard Canning. Cleveland, 0. 

(20) Elizabeth Culbertson mar. Mr. Heath. Lives at 
York City, Ind. 

Issue : Know nothing about. 

(21) Rachael Culbertson mar. Mr. Baldwin. 
Issue : 

56. Adelbert Baldwin. 

57. Sarah Jane. 

(22) Elias Culbertson mar. Estella Carley. 

58. Frank E. Ruggles, New London, 0., Rt. 4. 

59. Alvin Ruggles, Ashland Co., 0. Greenwich, 0., Rt. 4. 

Mar. Clara Quinn. No issue. 

(23) Martha Culbertson mar. Mr. Nobles. 
Issue: (?) 

(24) Mary Culbertson mar. Mr. McGinn. 

(25) Harriett Culbertson mar. Harmon Johnston, of 
Wauseon, 0. 


(43) Emily Culbertson mar. Mr. Brown, Akron, 0. 

60. Zelia Brown. 


61. Mabel (Mrs. Harry Walters), Akron, O. 

62. Earl. Akron, 0. 

(44) John W. Culbertson mar. Jessie Tyler, Mar. 13, 1877. 
Lives at Lorain, 0. (Hardware). 

63. Guy W. 

64. Joseph Ray. 

65. Wm. Leo. 

(46) Lewis A. Culbertson mar. . Lives at Mt. Ver- 
non, Ohio. 
Issue : 

66. Wm. Ray. Mt. Vernon, 0. 

67. George. Mt. Vernon, 0. 
671/2- Albert. 

(48) Mary Culbertson mar. Mr. Collier. Lives at N. Fair- 
field, Ohio. 

68. Kenneth Collier. 
68I/2. Lucille. 

(48) Married second Mr. Brown. 

(58) Frank Culbertson mar. Cora E. Irish, New London, 
Issue : 

69. H. Reid. New London, 0. mar. Jeanette Fauldauer. 

Issue: Marjorie Grace. 


(63) Guy Wilbur Culbertson mar. Ada Ludington. Lives 
at Los Angeles, Calif. 


71! B^tty { Twins, b. Dec. 12, 1912. 

(64) Joseph Ray Culbertson mar. Gertrude Bruce. Cash- 
ier of Central Bank, Lorain, Ohio. 

Issue : 
72. Son. , b. Oct. 22, 1905. 

(65) Wm. Leo Culbertson enlisted Naval Reserves, Avia- 
tion Corps. In Camp during World War at Newport, R. I. 
Living at Providence, R. I. Mar. first Gladys Evans who 
died four months later without issue. Mar. second Anna 


N. Carolina Irish or Scotch Families. 



(N) William Culbertson. In his aplication for pension 
says: "Born in Tyrone Co., Ireland, in 1740 (Mar. 17). Mar- 
ried Rachael , January, 1772, in Ireland. Left Ireland 

May, 1773. One son, Thomas, born in Ireland. Also has a 
daughter Sally. Others. I was in Pa. when the British 
man-of-war. Roebuck, came up the Delaware river to Wil- 
mington. I joined a Pa. company for a few days then later 
in 1775, I removed to Mecklenburg Co., N. Car. Served in 
Capt. Ohver Wiley's Co. and in Major Joseph Dixon's com- 
pany of "Minute Men." Also Barrie's Army and Navy of 
U. S. (p. 248, Chap. XXVI) "Served short time with Pa. 
troops, then removed to N. Car. ; also served short time with 
Col. Harris Regt. ; Pension $39 a year, commenced Mar. 4, 
1831. Residence Burke Co., N. Car. Died Apr. 7, 1838." 
In battles of Cowpens and King's Mt. and many other ac- 
tions. (From his pension papers.) William Culbertson was 
deeded land by John McCall in Mecklenburg Co., N. Car., 
July 14, 1778, on Crocket Creek, 92 acres. He later moved 
to Burke Co., N. Car., where he died. His son, David, mov- 
ed to Burke Co. in 1805. 

Census Records of 1840 show him 90 years old; wife 80 
years and that he had a son WilHam and son David, be- 
tween 40 and 50 years old and both married and had chil- 
dren. The widow of one son was named Martha. Court 
records of this county were destroyed during the Civil War. 
Census Records 1790 give him wife and eight children (4 
girls) ; one child male over 16 years; residence Mecklenburg 
Co., N. Car. ; 3 males under 16. 

(0) John Culbertson (Irish) on Oct. 6, 1766, purchased 
land from Adam Alexander on Goose Creek, Mecklenburg 
Co., N. Car. From time to time made other purchases on 
Goose Creek. His son, Moses, first bought land in Apr., 
1777, from which I would infer he must have been born 1756 
in Ireland. N. Car. Archives, Colonial, show that "John 
Culbertson of Clear Creek, Mecklenburg Co., N. Car. com- 
missioned Corporal in Capt. Adam Alexander's Co. of N. 
Car. Militia, June 7, 1766." 


John Ciilbertson, Sr., deeded 82 acres to his son, David, in 
1793, on Goose Creek. David sold all of his land in Meck- 
lenburg by 1804, at which date he lived in Anson Co., N. 
Car. John Culbertson conveyed the tract on which he lived 
to his son John in 1803 and in 1808 sold all of his land and 
moved to Anson Co., N. Car. John, Jr., remained in Meck- 
lenberg Co., N. Car., and his estate was administered Aug., 
1826. Margaret Culbertson was his widow and M. W. Cuth- 
bertson was Guardian. Gdn. pd. David Cuthbertson, John 
Cuthbertson and Margaret Cuthbertson. Census 1790 gives 
John, Sr., 3 children (two girls). Mechlenburg Co. (One 
son under 16). In some of these deeds the name was Cuth- 
bertson and some it was Culbertson (referring to the same 
parties). Cuthbertson on 1790 Census. David, son of John 
Sr., is given Census Records 1790, Mecklenburg Co., one 
son, under 16 ; two females. Cuthbertson on 1790 Census. 
Moses W. Culbertson (Cuthbertson) before mentioned pur- 
chased land on Goose Creek in 1777 from David Oliphant 
(271 A.). Up to 1840 I find no will or administration of 
him in Mecklenburg Co., N. Car. I find he took out a war- 
rant for 414 acres in Anson Co., in 1820. His estate may 
have been administered in Anson Co. He does not appear 
on 1790 Census (evidently overlooked). Burke Co. court 
records destroyed during war. Census 1830, age 50 years, 
wife 40 years. I was first inclined to think Moses W. was 
a brother of John (Irish) but my belief is that he was a 
son and born about 1756. David being on Census 1790 mar- 
ried and 2 sons under 16 would indicate he was born 1760- 
65._ We do not know whether John, Sr., came to America 
before 1766. 

(P) David, Sr., of Burke Co., N. Car., appears on Census 
1790 with wife and 3 sons under 16 and 3 girls. He no doubt 
was a brother of Irish John and William. No deeds to or 
from him in Mecklenburg. Moses W. Culbertson above men- 
tioned lived on Goose Creek adjoining John, Sr. No deeds 
from John, Sr,, to Moses W. Culbertson. 


The Biilaughmore, County Tyrone, 
Ireland,. Family. 



(Irish) Culbertson said to be a cousin of the three 

Irish brothers of the Pennsylvania "Row." Do not know 
whether this man lived in "Irish Row," Antrim Co., Ireland; 
but he probably lived at the latter place. 

I. Culbertson. (See Part First.) 

(Q)IL James. Emigrated to Mason Co., Ky. (Part Sec- 
(R)IIL Robert. Emigrated to Harrison Co., 0. (Part 

(S)IV. Wm. Culbertson, Irish-American came to U. S. be- 
fore 1800, place of settlement unknown. (Part 
(T)V. Joseph Culbertson of Huntingdon Co., Pa., and 
Belmont Co., 0. (Part Fifth.) 

Note: It is my firm belief that the above men were re- 
lated to the Kenton Co., Ky. family, who came from Tyrone 
Co., Ireland. A daughter of James, one of the four broth- 
ers from Tyrone Co., Ireland, who settled in Kenton Co., Ky. 
stated in 1892 that her grandfather, James, who remained 
in Ireland, had a brother, Robert, who came to America 
about 1800, but his place of settlement was unknown. I 
think this was the above Robert of Guernsey Co., Ohio. 


(I) Culbertson died about 1815 at Bulaughmore or 

Bulliamore (means "more gold"), Ireland. Was a farmer. 
According to a statement made eighty-five years ago by 
his son. Dr. John Culbertson of Hanover, Pa., this man was 
a nephew ( ?) of the three Irish brothers of the Penna. 
"Row." He married Miss Clendennis, of Fintona, Ireland. 

Issue : 

1. William, lived at Bulliamore, Ireland. 

2. James (Dr.) DubHn, Ireland. 

3. (U) John (Dr.) b. 1791; d. Mar. 18, 1882. 

4. (Mrs. Wallace). Lived in Tyrone Co., Ireland. 

5. Daughter. 

6. Daughter. 



(1) William Culbertson mar. Jane Christie of Ireland, 

7. Sarah, mar. Wm. Beatty of Fintona, Ireland and emi- 

grate"d to Australia, 1850. Issue: James, Sarah 
Jane, Margaretta, Emilie; five others names un- 

8. Margaret (Mrs. John McCausland) Mulliamore, Ire- 

land. Issue: Catherine Jane (Mrs. James Burns), 
Sydney, Aus., Cuthbertson; Anna Bella, Fred, Wil- 

9. William, mar. Margaret , United States. Issue: 

Maude, Margaret, Elizabeth, Emma, William. 

10. Anna Bella, mar. Henry Page, Sydney, Australia. 

11. Margaret, deceased. 

12. Maria (Mrs. Robert C. Musgrave), Allegheny, Pa. Is- 

sue: Ehabeth H., John Knox, Henry P. 

13. Lizzie. Baltimore. 

14. Fannie. 

15. Matilda. 

16. John Knox. 

17. Sarah (Mrs. Wm. Christie) Mulliamore, Ireland. Is- 

sue: Wm., John, Margaretta Rebecca (U. S. A.), 
David (Liverpool), Alexander (Liverpool), Alex- 
ander (Liverpool), Crawford (Canada), Hubert^ 
Isabella Elizabeth mar. Chas. Mitchell, Fintona, 
Ireland. Issue: James, Wm., Chas.; Jane (Mrs. 
Chas. Cootes) ; Maria (Sydney, Australia) ; Wm, 
mar. (Bulliamore, Ireland) five children. 

(2) Dr. James Culbertson mar. . Lived at Dublin, 

Ireland, where he was a surgeon of prominence. For some 
reason part of his children changed their name to Cuth- 
bertson. Three of Dr. James daughters (Emily, Eliza and 
Louisa were triplets and when they were children were pre- 
sented to Queen Victoria of England, who gave an expensive 
present to each. 

Issue : 

18. John Jeremiah. 

19. James. 

20. Robert, d. in India, in British Army. (Major). 

21. Anna. Lives in Dublin, Ireland. Deceased. 

22. Rose. Lives in Ireland, Kingston, d. 1919. 

23. Emile. Lives in Ireland, Kingston. Living 1922. 

24. Elizabeth. Lives in Ireland, Kingston, d. 1921. 


25. Louisa (Stevens). Alberta, Canada, d. 1921. 

(3-U) Dr. John Culbertson mar. first Elizabeth Himes. 
Emigrated to Hanover, York Co., Pa., April, 1819. Mar. 
second Elizabeth Hawthorne. 

Issue : 

26. John (Grocer at Keokuk, .la.) Do not know whether 

by first or second wife. 

(4) mar. Mr. Wallace, of near Fintona, Ireland and 

lived in Ireland. 

27. Wm. moved to Columbiana Co., O. 

28. Son, d. Iowa. 

29. Son, d. 

30. Joseph, b. 1817. Columbiana, O. 


(18) John Jeremiah Culbertson mar. Mary Amelia Fon- 
Issue : 

31. John James. Vice Pres. of Paris Oil & Cotton Co., 

Paris, Texas. 


(31) John James Culbertson mar. Emily Lee. Lives at 
Paris, Texas. 

Issue : 

32. John James, Jr., Oklahoma City. 

33. Emily Lee. 

34. Florence Fonshill. 


(32) John J., Jr. II. mar. 1911 Bonnie Dulaney of Paris, 
Tex. Issue: 35, John J., b. 1913; 36, Margaret Lee, b. Oct. 
30, 1914. 

(33) Emily Lee mar. 1915 to A. B. Potter, M. D., of Okla- 
homa City. Issue: 37, Albert Bryan, Florence C. 

(34) Florence Fonshill Culbertson mar. 1920 Eugene 
Whittington of Oklahoma City. Issue: 38, Richard C, b. 


(18) John James Culbertson of Paris, Texas, is Vice Pres- 
ident of the Southland Cotton and Oil Co. and Member of 
the Board of Directors of Federal Reserve Bank at Dallas, 


His son (32) John James Culbertson, Jr., is also connect- 
ed with the Southland Cotton Oil Co. and lives at Oklahoma 
City, Okla., and is part owner of the Culbertson Block, Ok- 
lahoma City. 

Embarked in the cotton seed oil manufacturing business 
in 1883 and is a pioneer ; organized and erected a large num- 
ber of plants which are part of the present company of 
which he is Vice President. He is a large owner of real 
estate in Oklahoma and built the Culbertson Block in Okla- 
homa City. 

He was elected president of the Interstate Cotton Seed 
Oil Crushers Association in 1916. Is a member of the Na- 
tional Foreign Trade Council in New York. Aided in Wash- 
ington when war was declared in the Cotton Seed Products 
Section of the Food Administration. Was elected as a Class 
B. Director of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas when the 
system was organized and has served continuously until the 
present time. Is reported to be a millionaire. 


(Q) James Ciilbertson (Irish) 
of Mason County, Kentucky. 




(Q) 11. James Culbertson emigrated from Bulaughmore, 
Ireland, to Mason Co., Ky., Ky., about 1800. 
Issue : 

1. Robert, d. Rushville, Ind. 

2. James, d. Lived near Maysville, Ky. 

3. William. Glenwood, Ind. 

4. David, d. Bachelor. 

5. Margaret, d. (Mrs. Reed). 

6. Sarah, d. Mar. 


(1) Robert Culbertson mar. . Moved to Rushville, 



7. Mary Ann, d. 

8. Martha P., d. 

9. Jane. Rushville, Ind. (Unmar.) 

10. Elizabeth, d. 

11. John. Rushville, Ind. 

12. James, d. 

13. Alexander. Rushville, Ind. 

(2) James Culbertson mar. Sarah Weaver. Both dead. 
Saddle and trunk maker. 

Issue ', 

14. Wm. G. (Mays Station, Ills.) 

15. John James, d. 

16. Edward O., Tolono, Ills. 

17. Amanda (Mrs. Grace). Danville, Ills. 

18. Sarah (Mrs. Matkin). Indianola, Ills. 


(14) Wm. G. Culbertson mar. Nancy Ledger. 

19. Wm. J. 

20. Kate, d. 

21. Sarah E. (Mrs. Henry McPhilhps). 

22. Blanche (Mrs. Hugo Lodge). Paris, Ills. 

23. Florence (Mrs. Scott Dougherty), Wabash, Ind. 


24. Edward. Unmar. Paris, Ills. 

25. Thomas, d. 

(16) Edward 0. Culbertson mar. . Is insurance ad- 
juster to the Aetna Fire Ins. Co., for five states. (Tolono, 

Issue : 

26. Sarah N. (Mrs. Hartman) La Fayette, Ind. 

27. Candace A. Unmar. Tolono, Ills. 

28. Jennie (Mrs. Handy) Tolono, Ills. 

29. G. W. Tolono, Ills. 

(17) Amanda Culbertson mar. Mr. Grace. Live at Dan- 
ville, Ills. 

(18) Sarah Culbertson mar., Mr. Matkin. 


(R) Robert Culbertson (Irish) of 
Harrison and Belmont County. Ohio 



(R. Ill) Robert Culbertson emigrated in 1820, from Bu- 
laughmore, Ireland (Antrim Co.) to Harrison Co., Ohio. He 
later moved to Claysville, Guernsey Co., Ohio. (Naturaliza- 
tion papers "came over 1802"). 

Issue : 


1. John. ! 

2. Ezekial. 

3. Samuel. 

4. James. 

5. Robert. 

6. William. 

7. Benjamin. 

8. Thomas. 

9. Hugh, b. 1795-6. Marion Co., Ind. 

10. Joseph. 

11. George. New Concord, Ohio. 

12. Gillespie. 

13. Mary, d. young. 

14. Annie, (Mrs, Dr. Gillogley), Zanesville, Ohio. 


1. John Culbertson, born in Ireland. Married a Miss Cul- 
bertson from Scotland (a grandson stated in 1892) . Settled 
in Richland Co. Ohio, near Mansfield. 


15. John. 

16. Wilham, d. 1848 in California. 

17. Calvin. Lived in Tennessee. Rich Creek. 

18. Houstin. 

19. Chalmers, d. 

20. Martha (Mrs. Dean). 

21. Jane. 

22. Agnes (Mrs. Dr. McCullough of Chicago). 

(9) Hugh Culbertson came to America in 1802 with his 
father. Lived first in Harrison and Belmont Counties, Ohio, 
then moved to Guernsey Co., Ohio, then to Marion Co., Ind. 
where he owned a large farm. Married first . 

Issue : 


23. Nan (Mrs. Baird). Issue: Tom. 

(9) Hugh Culbertson mar. second Miss Holt. 

24. Thomas. In Civil War. 

25. Mary (Mrs. Granville Bocock). Issue: Edwin, Silas; 


26. Dorcas (Mrs. Bethuel Smith). Issue: Vernon; LeRoy; 

Ethel ; Mary ; Nettie. 

(9) Hugh Culbertson mar. third Katharine Ann Cox. 
Issue : 

27. John. 

28. Hugh. 

29. Joseph. 


(18) Houston Culbertson born in Richland Co., Ohio. Mar. 

first . 


30. Ida (Mrs. McCollough). 

31. James Wallace; Iowa (i!ity, la. in 1892. 

32. William. 

(18) Houston Culbertson mar. second . Lived in 

1892 at Winfield, la. Hotel proprietor. 
Issue : 

33. Stella. 
84. Roy. 

(24) Thomas Culbertson. 
Issue : 

35. Otto, d. 

36. Ellery, unmar. Carpenter. (Marion, Ind.) 

37. Mary Millicent unmar. (Marion, Ind.) 

38. June, unmar. (Marion, Ind.) 

(27) John Culbertson mar. . 

Issue : 

39. Harry, mar. 

40. Abraham mar, 

41. Earle. 

(28) Hugh Culbertson mar. Lives Detroit, Mich. 

42. Ralph d. infancy. 

43. Claude, d. infancy. 

44. Oscar, in Marine Corps recently. 


45. Louise, d. infancy. 

46. Joanna; mar. J. Row (Issue: Elizabeth). 

47. Izetta, Washington, D. C. Unmar. 

48. Katherine, d. infancy. 

49. Mary, unmar. Washington, D. C. 

50. Ruth mar. Otto J. Palmer (Issue: lola Louise). 

(29) Joseph Culbertson, mar. , Marion, Ind. Both 


51. McClellan, d. aged 28 years. 

52. Nelson, d. young. 

53. Dessie, d. young. 



(S) William Culbertson (Irish) of 



(T) Joseph Culbertson of Huntingdon 
Co., Pa.--Belmont Co., Ohio. 



(S. IV) William Culbertson of Ireland came to United 
States. Place of settlement not given. 

The following is from a letter of a Culbertson residing in 
Mansfield, 0. (1895) : 

"According to my memory, it was said at home that 
brothers named Alexander, Joseph and Samuel left Scotland 
at the time of the Revolution (1688?), going to the west 
part of Tyrone county, Ireland. One settled near Strabane, 
the other two near Fintona. My great grandfather bought 
a tract of land, and giving grandfather the house and one- 
half the land and his brother Joseph the other half. 
(Grandfather's name was WilHam.) There was another 
brother who stayed in Ireland. Grandfather came to the 
United States and settled in Pennsylvania* About 1800 an 
uncle of my father, named Robert came to this country 
and first settled in Belmont Co., 0., then later in Guernsey 
county and had twelve sons and two daughters. (S) Wil- 
liam Culberson (grandfather) had five children (two 
daughters, Margaret and Mary, and three sons, John, An- 
drew and James.) Mary (Mrs. McCracken) had two sons 
and two daughters, died at Warren, 0. Margaret (Mrs. 
Crawford) died at Pittsburg had four sons. John had a fam- 
ily of eight; Wilham, James, John, Margaret, Elizabeth, 
Mary Ann, Martha and Jane. John died in Ireland. An- 
drew had eight children: James, Samuel, Wilham, Eliza, 
Mary Jane, Margaret, Isabella and Rebecca. James you 
know of. John Culbertson, who lived at Mansfield, was the 
oldest son of Robert Culbertson of Belmont County, 0. His 
other sons settled in Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois, and 
some are still living in Guernsey County, O. 

"Instead of Pa., could it have been Maryland? and could he have 
boen Wm. of the Md. Line in Revolution at Valley Forge? (Ed.) 





(T.-V.) Joseph Culbertson came to America from either 
Down or Tyrone Co., Ireland, with his brother (name un- 
known) and settled in Huntingdon Co., Pa. His brother 
shortly after left him and his place of settlement is un- 
known. Joseph mar. Margaret McCune of Pennsylvania, 
and after residing a few years in Huntingdon County or 
Westmoreland County, Pa., moved to Uniontown, Belmont 
Co., Ohio. There was a Joseph Culbertson, Huntingdon Tp., 
Westmoreland Co., Pa. 1800 Census, self and wife, both 
under 26 years ; two daughters under 10 years. 

Issue * 

1. Robert, b. 1797 ; d. 1879. Richland Co., 0. 

2. Thomas. Mar. but no issue. 

3. Joseph, d. 

4. James, d. when a young man, unmar. 

5. Margaret, d. mar. cousin, William Culbertson, of 

Guernsey Co., O. 

6. Polly, d. Mar. cousin, John Culbertson, of Mansfield, 


7. Ehzabeth, d. (Mrs. Thos. Finney, Mansfield, 0.) 

8. Nancy, d. (Mrs. EHjah Finney, Mansfield, 0.) 

lo] Abigail, d. (Mrs. Walker, Belmont Co., 0.) 


(1) Robert Culbertson mar. . 


11. Joseph, d. infancy. 

12. James, d. aet. 27. Unmar. 

13. Jane. Living, 1892. 

14. Thomas S. Nankin, 0. 

15. Joseph. 

15. Joseph. 

16. Mary Ann. Living, 1892. 

17. Margaret. Living, 1892. 

18. John, d. 


19. George, d. 1865. 

20. Rachael,. living,. 1892. 

21. , d. young. 

(3) Joseph Culbertson mar. . 

Issue : 

22. James. Alliance O. 

23. Joseph. 

24. Wilson S., d. Lived at Cincinnati. 

25. Eliabeth. 

26. Mary Ann. 


(13) Jane Culbertson mar. Mr. Hamilton. 

27. Son. 

28. Daughter. 

(14) Thomas S. Mar. . 


29. Joseph. Ashland, O. 

30. George. Ashland, 0. 

31. Perry. Montana. 

32. Calvin. Montana. 

33. Frank. Salt Lake City. 

34. Ella. Traer, la. 

(16) Mary Anne Culbertson mar. Mr. Ritchie. 
Issue: Do not know. 

(17) Margaret Culbertson mar. Mr. Stertz. 
Issue : 

.35. EHhu Stertz (M. D.). Adopted the name of Culbert- 
son. Norwalk, Ohio, b. Feb. 1, 1854. 

(20) Rachael Culbertson mar. Mr. Dunlap. 
36, 37, 38. Daughters. 

(22) James mar. . AUiance, 0. 

Issue: Do not know. 

(24) Wilson S. Culbertson mar. Sadie . Widow lives 

at Tusculum, near Cincinnati, 0. 

.39. Daughter. 

(24) Jos., mar. . Ashland, Ohio. 

(30) Geo., mar. . Ashland, Ohio. 



(35) Elihu Stertz-Culbertson of Norwalk, Ohio, mar. 
first Ida Gregory. (Wife died). 

40. Hugh Emmett Culbertson. Atty., Ashland, Ohio. 

41. B. W. Culbertson, Coshocton, Ohio. 

42. Burr Douglas, d. infancy. 

(35) EHhu S. Culbertson mar. second Lillie Jenkins. No 
issue. He now lives at Ontario, Richland Co., Ohio. 


(40) Hugh Emmett Culbertson, Ashland, Ohio, mar. 
Flora Neal Paul, of Milan, 0., March 17, 1906. 

43. Edna Pauline. 

44. Mary Margaret. 

45. Helen Louise. 


(40) Hugh Emmett Culbertson, attorney, graduated Law 
Department Ohio State University, 1905 ; in 1906 editor on 
staff of Lansing Law Book Co. Author ''Medical Man and 
The Law," 1913. Mayor, Milan, 0., 1907-8. Practiced for 
a time at Loudonville, O. Now ass't Prosecuting Att'y> 
Ashland Co., Ohio. Lives at Ashland, 0. Mentioned 1917 
in "Who's Who in America." 


The Kenton Co., Ky. Family From 
Tyrone County, Ireland. 

(This family was compiled and written by an attorney in 
Cincinnati, Ohio, Mr. James A. Culbertson, a descendant. 



The Culbertsons of Kenton County, Kentucky, are of two 
branches. The first traces its ancestry through immigrants 
who settled about the year 1800 at Edinboro, Erie County, 
Pa. The second branch, which is the branch under consid- 
eration here, traces its ancestry through immigrants who 
settled on the Licking River, at Culbertson Station (now 
Spring Lake) Kenton County, Kentucky, about 1813 and 
later. There were four brothers and four sisters, as fol- 

V, 1. James, who married Elizabeth Youtsey (See Part 

V. 2. William, who married Jane Reese and Nancy White 

(See Part Three). 
V. 3. Allen, who married Ester Greer (See Part Four). 
V. 4. Robert, who married Maria Gregg (See Part Five). 
V. 5. Sidney, who married James Taylor. 

V. 6. Margaret, who married Kyle. 

V. 7. Mary, who married McLaughlin. 

V. 8. Sarah, who married George Youtsey. 

This family came from Newtown-Stewart, County Ty- 
rone, Ireland. Their parents were James and Jane Culbert- 
son. James did not come to America, but his wife, Jane, 
came. She was born in 1761 and died in the year 1833. She 
is buried in William Culbertson's family cemetery at Spring 
Lake, Ky. 

At pages 904 and 905, Volume 2, of Charles A. Babcock's 
History of Venango County, Pennsylvania, there is the fol- 
lowing interesting account of a memorial stone in William 
Culbertson's family cemetery. 

"There is a unique memorial in Kentucky whose story 
should have its place in the annals of the Culbertson family, 
as the following article which accompanied a cut of this 
odd gravestone explains. The gravestone shown in the il- 
lustration stands in a lonely pine grove near Spring Lake, 
Ky., and is supposed to commemorate a tragedy of many 
years ago in Ireland. The memorial is hewn out of a single 
stone slab and is about four feet high. On the front there 
is carved a small harp and at the bottom appears the letters 


and date 'W. C. B. 1787,' while on the side there is 

the name, 'Cormick O. Devhn.' As the story is told, it was 
about 130 years ago that a family of the name of Culbert- 
son, residing in Ireland and enjoying something of rank and 
position were forced to flee suddenly from their home as the 
result of politics. Owing to the hastiness of their departure 
very little of their personal belongings could be taken along. 
They had gone but a short distance when one of the daugh- 
ters happened to think of a certain bit of jewelry which she 
treasured highly, and unknown to the other members of 
the family, started back to recover it. A few minutes later 
her absence was discovered and her lover, a young man 
named Cormick 0. Devlin, who was with the party, immedi- 
ately went in search of her. He was drawing near her house 
when he heard cries of distress and running inside found 
that a number of rough looking soldiers had attacked her. 
Bravely he attempted to fight off her assailants and in the 
course of the struggle the girl managed to make her escape, 
but Cormick 0. Devhn himself was killed. The Culbertson 
family came over to this country and settling at Spring 
Lake erected this unique monument." 

A daughter of (V. 1.) James Culbertson, Mrs. Jane Pye, 
stated to the Author in 1892 that her father was James and 
that her grand-father was James who lived in Newton- 
Stewart, Co. Tyrone, Ireland. Descendants say that the 
father of the Culbertson brothers (Irish-Americans) who 
came to Kenton Co., Ky., in 1813, died aboard ship en route 
to America. We know positively that his widow came to 
this country and settled in Kenton Co., Ky., in 1813, as the 
following will prove :In the old cemetery on the Licking 
River in Kenton Co., Ky., is this inscription, ''This family 
cemetery was founded in 1840 by William Culbertson, coop- 
er and horticulturist, a native of Tyrone Co., Ireland, who 
cleared, planted, built and improved this place 1813, up to 
this time." Another inscription says "In memory of Jane 
Culbertson, who died of cholera July 22, 1833, aged 72 
years." Also same stone: 

"She told me that shame would never betide 
With truth for my creed and God for my Guide. 
She taught me to lisp my earliest prayer 
As I knelt beside her old arm-chair — 

My Mother. 

"W. C." 

This was the mother of the four Irish-American brothers, 




(V. 1.) James Culbertson, a native of Tyrone County, Ire- 
land, who settled at Spring Lake (formerly Culbertson sta- 
tion), on the Licking River, Kenton County, Kentucky, in 
the year 1813. Born June 22, 1781; died, December 18, 
1834. Married Ehzabeth (Betsey) Youtsey, of Campbell 
County, Kentucky, about 1813. She v^as born December 10, 
1791, and died January 27, 1869. 



I. Jane, born November 22, 1814; died . Married 

William Pye. Chapter LVIL 

11, James, born December 23, 1816; died November 5, 
1880. Chapter LVIIL 

III. John Youtsey, born December 15, 1817; died , 

1887. Never married. 

IV. WilHam H., born 9, 1819; died; killed in Civil 

War. Chapter LVIX. 

V. Michael, born May — , 1822; died March 25, 1860. 
Chapter LX. 

VI. , born September — , 1823 ; died , 1823. 

VII. Katherine, born November 22, 1824; died — '. Mar- 
ried Alfred Frazer. Chapter LXI. 

VIII. George, born January 4, 1826; died . Chapter 

LXII. No data. 

IX. Peter born 1827; died in infancy. * 

X. Jacob, born November 26, 1828; died 1885. Chap- 
ter LXIII. 

XL Sarah M., born March 7, 1830 died. Married 

Hunt. Chapter LXIV. 

XIL Robert, born November 6, 1831 ; died June 19, 1889. 



(I) Jane Culbertson married William Pye. They lived at 
Pye's station, south of Latonia in Kenton County, Ky, 


Issue : 

1. James. 

2. Mollie. A daughter, , married Geo. C. Shays of 

Cincinnati, 0. 


(II) James Culbertson married Mary EHza Coleman on 
February 9, 1847. They lived at Ryland Station, south of 
Latonia, Kenton County, Kentucky. 



1. James Coleman, born November 16, 1847; died May 

28,. 1912. 

2. John Weslev, born February 27, 1849; died July — , 

Z. Alice Elizabeth, born August 8, 1850; died July — , 

4. Mary Jane, born September 13, 1852; died March 29, 


5. Wilham Henry, born April 11, 1854; died Feb. 26, 1856. 

6. Jeannette, born April 13, 1856. 

7. Carohne, born May 2, 1858. 

8. Ida Irena, born March 24, 1860. 

9. George W., born September 17, 1862. 

10. Anna Maud, born November 28, 1867. 

11. Mary Ehza, born November 15, 1872. 


(1) James Coleman Culbertson married Laura Arena 
Richardson (born September 1, 1848; died July 10, 1918) 
on the 22nd day of December, 1868. They lived in Cov- 
ington, Ky. 


12. Cynthia Catherine, born March 6, 1870. 

13. James Edward, born October 23, 1871 ; died Dec. 6, 



14. Clarence Laird, born March 14, 1874; died March — , 


15. Robert Laird, born November 29, 1875 ; died October 8, 


16. Austin Rusk, born January 4, 1844. 

17. Susan Irene, born October 31, 1888. 

(3) Alice Elizabeth Culbertson married John Morris Men- 
denhall (born April 4, 1843) of Kenton County, Ky., Janu- 
ary 28, 1867. They lived at Ryland, south of Latonia, Ky. 

Issue : 

18. John James, born June 17, 1868. 

19. Eliza Ellen, born March 17, 1870. 

20. Etha Lena, born September 24, 1873. 

21. William Lamborn, born November 2, 1879. 

22. Nettie Maud, born March 10, 1882. 

23. Edgar Ray, born April 20, 1885. 

24. Edna May, born April 20, 1885. 

25. Bessie, born Januarv 28, 1888. 

26. Jessie, born January 28, 1888; died July 11, 1910. 

(6) Jeannette Culbertson married James Madison Loving 

(born , died September 22, 1904) November 3, 1880. 

They lived at Lenore City, Tenn, 

27. Ernest Lloyd, born August 20, 1881, 

28. Eva Maud, born January 14, 1883; died January 21, 


29. May Jeannette, born August 10, 1884, 

30. James Hendricks, born March 26, 1886, 

(7) Carohne Culbertson married Augden Milton House 
(born April 4, 1851) of Kenton County, Ky,, December 16, 
1876. They Hve at Florence, Boone County, Ky. 

Issue : 

31. Iva Irene, born February 26, 1878. 

32. George William, born March 11, 1880; died 1916. 

33. Annabelle born August 1, 1883. 

34. Florence May, born October 10, 1885 ; died December 

25, 1892. 

35. Mabel Luella, born December 8, 1887. 

36. Russell Eugene, born July 5, 1899. 

(8) Ida Irena Culbertson married Dr. Lafayette Stephens 
of Kenton County, Kentucky. Thev lived in Kenton County, 


37. Anna May. 


38. Edith. 
381/2. Allen. 

(9) George W. Culbertson married Sarah Ida Senour 
(born April 15, 1865) of Kenton County, Ky., September 17, 
1884. They live at Ryland Station (Latonia postoffice) in 
Kenton County. 


39. James Atwood, born April 22, 1886. 

40. Bessie Irene, born January 24, 1888. 

41. Edith Geneva, born September 30, 1891. 

(10) Anna Maud Culbertson married George Thomas 
Ellison (born June 19, 1858) of Kenton County, Ky., Feb- 
ruary 3, 1886. They live at 625 Greenup Street, Covington, 


42. Robert Chester, born August 25, 1887. 

43. George Walter, born June 1, 1890. 

(11) Mary Ehza Culbertson married Longstreet Lamb, 
of Lamb's Station, Kenton County, Ky. They live at Nash- 
ville, Tenn. 


44. Grace Ethel, b. Mar. 7, 1896. 

45. Alma Jennings, born March 24, 1897. 

46. Avis Maud, born February 21, 1900. 

47. Helen Lauretta, born December 21, 1910. 


(12) Cynthia Catherine Culbertson married Victor Wil- 
son (born June 11, 1860; died January 10, 1916) of Coving- 
ton, Ky., April 23, 1891. She Hves at 1942 Oakland Avenue, 
Covington, Ky. 

Issue : 

48. Warner Culbertson, born November 3, 1892. 

49. Stanley Edward, born August 1, 1894. 

50. Irene Lucille, born May 31, 1898. 

(15) Robert Laird Culbertson married Edith Pearl 
Palmer (born November 5, 1877), August 20, 1895. They 
lived in Covington, Ky. 


51. James Alfred, born August 19, 1896. 

52. Robert Aubrev, born January 10, 1899. 

53. Edith Mabel, born June 29, 1903. 


(16) Austin Rusk Culbertson married Mary Duvenac, of 
Cincinnati, August 17, 1903. They live in Covington, Ky. 

54. Clarence, born February 11, 1905. 

55. Dorothy, born October 21, 1906. 

56. Austin, born November 12, 1908. 

57. Blanche, born October 21, 1911. 

(40) Bessie Irene Culbertson married William Verner 
Mills of Kenton County, Ky., April 21, 1906. They live at 
Ryland station (Latonia Postoffice R. F. D.), Kentucky. 


58. Verner Milburn, born October 29, 1909. 

59. Kathleen, born December 9, 1912. 

(41) Edith Geneva Culbertson married Hugh Van Deren 
Craigmyle of Cynthiana, Ky., March 12, 1910. They Hve at 
Ryland station (Latonia R. F. D.), Kentucky. 


60. Hazel Senour, born February 15, 1911. 

61. Hugh Joseph Beach, born October 23, 1913. 


(51) James Alfred Culbertson marriel Rosahe Evansburg^ 
(born April 7, 1899), June 1917. They hve in Covington,, 

Issue : 

62. James Edward, February 2, 1918. 

63. Virginia Edith, born December 20, 1919. 

64. Ruth Elizabeth, born September 5, 1921. 

(52) Robert Aubrey Culbertson married Vivian Reitman 
(born August 10, 1898) September, 1919. They live in 
C^ovington, Ky. 


65. Vivian Carrol, born March 11, 1C21. 


(IV) William H. Culbertson married Isabelle Elliott, of 
Kenton County, Kentucky. They lived on a farm near Fisk- 
burg, Kenton County, Ky. 

Issue : 


66. Mary Katherine, born June 15, 1843. 


67. Betsy. 

68. James E., born October 7, 1845 ; died March 9, 1923. 

69. Ann Eliza. 

70. John D., born August 14, 1850. 

71. WilHam Pye, born February 24, 1853. 

72. George Youtsev, born March 14, 1855. 

73. Charles T. 

74. Frankhn, born January 20, 1860. 

75. Henry, born ; died in infancy. 


(66) Mary Katherine Culbertson married Sidney M. Gos- 
horn (born June 15, 1841; died June 10, 1913), of Marion, 
Ohio, June 3, 1863. She resides with her son, Wm. L. Gos- 
horn, 22 East 18th St., Covington, Ky. 


76. Seymour Houston, born September 7, 1863. 

77. Laura E., born March 27, 1865. 

78. John Henry, August 24, 1869. 

79. Mary Isabelle, born May 1, 1873. 

80. WilHam Lewis, born October 28, 1878. 

(67) Betsy Culbertson married Winterling, of Grant 

County, Ky. 


81. Joseph Wintering residing at Stewartsville, Grant Co., 
Ky. Others unknown to compiler. 

(68) James E. Culbertson married Eliza Kidwell (born 
October 10 1844; died December 14, 1919) of Kenton Coun- 
ty, Ky. They lived on a farm near Fiskburg, Ky. (Demoss- 
ville Route 1). 


82. Henry Houston, born November 27, 1867 ; died Nov. 1, 

83. William Robert, born March 31, 1869. 

84. Jacob, born January 28, 1874. 

85. Eddy, born October 28, 1872 ; died August 2, ISIO. 

86. Virgie Belle, born November 10, 1878. 

(69) Ann Eliza Culbertson married McWayne, of 

Fiskburg, Kenton County, Ky. 


87. Joseph. 

88. Lulu. 

89. Milton. 

90. Louis. 


91. Robert. 

92. Queenie. 

(70) John D. Culbertson married Mollie Wellman. They 
lived in Kenton County, Ky. 


93. Arthur. 

94. William B. 

95. Kirtley. died. 

Second wife Carrie Weakley. 
Issue : 

96. Gertrude. 

97. Effie. 

98. Iva. 

99. John, died. 

100. Edward. 

(71) Wilham Pye Culbertson married Martha Jacobs of 
Dry Ridge, Ky., December 22, 1883, They hve on a farm at 
Lebanon, Ohio., Route 6. 

Issue " 

101. Kate Elliott, born March 24, 1885. 

102. Charles Eugene, born March 1, 1892. 

103. Emily Prising, born March 11, 1899. 

(72) George Youtsey Culbertson married Emma Frances 
Kidwell (born April 16, 1862) of Fiskburg, Ky. They hve 
at Demossville, Kenton County, Ky., Route 2. 

Issue * 

104. Etta Flora, born April 3, 1882. 

105. Earl F., born April 22, 1888. 

106. Monroe, born May 24, 1892; died October 10, 1918, 

at Camp Taylor, Ky. 

107. Elva Temple, born October 18, 1900. 


(82) Henry Houston Culbertson married Sadie Loomis of 
Fiskburg, Ky. 


108. Ohve Irene, born August 6, 1895. 

109. Cecil (girl), born October 26, 189—. 

(83) William Robert Culbertson married Hattie May 
Daugherty (born March 19, 1877) of Demossville, Ky., Oct- 
ober 24, 1894. They live at Demossville, Ky. 

Issue : 

110. Iva Ethel, born November 26, 1896. 


111. Robert Kirtley, November 3, 1898. 

112. Foster Floyd, born February 20, 1902. 

113. Leonard Roosevelt, born May 5, 1905. 

114. William Henry, born February 28, 1914. 

(84) Jacob Culbertson married Ora V. Aydelott, of Fisk- 
burg, Ky., February 20, 1895. They live at Demossville, 
Ky., Route 1. 


115. Ada v., born January 19, 1896. 

116. Nina L., born October 16, 1897; died Jan. 13, 1917. 

117. James Henry, born May 2, 1903. 

118. Muzette Corine, born May 29, 1907. 

119. Lena May, born December 23, 1911. 

(93) Arthur Culbertson married Jessie Colker of Coving- 
ton, Ky. They live at Phoenix, Ariz. 


120. Clifton. 

(94) WilHam B. Culbertson married Maude Davis of Mis- 
souri. They reside at Oklahoma City, Okla. 


121. William. 

122. Florence. 

123. John D. 

124. Doris. 

(97) Effie Culbertson married Edward Welter of Cincin- 
nati. They live at 846 Clinton Street, Cincinnati, Ohio. 


125. Edward. 

126. Virginia. 

(98) Iva Culbertson married Harvey Fowler of Cincin- 
nati, Ohio. 


127. Azedel (girl). 

(101) Katie Elliott Culbertson married Eldon A. Short, 
of Dayton, Ohio, February 24, 1909. They live at 101 South 
Mathison Street, Dayton, Ohio. 

Issue : 

128. Harold Vernon, born March 26, 1910. 

(102) Charles Eugene Culbertson married Bertha Supin- 
ger. They live at 132 Ardmore Stret, Dayton, Ohio. 


129. WilHam Robert, born January 12, 1920. 

130. Fredrick Eugene, born September 26, 1922. 


(104) Etta Flora Culbertson married Melvin Mullins of 
Demo^^sville, Ky., October 18, 1899. They live at Demoss- 
ville, Ky, 

Issue * 

131. Roy Mullins, born February 13, 1903. 

(107) Elva Temple Culbertson married Raymond Kinsey, 
of Demossville, Ky. They live at Demossville. 

Issue : 

132. Virginia Luanna, born January 14, 1922. 


(108) Olive Irene Culbertson married Eddy Elliott, of 
Fiskburg, Ky. They live at Demossville, Ky., R. F. D. 


133. Marzella Irene, born October 10, 1918. 
154. James Rudolph, born March 25, 1920. 

(109) Cecil Culbertson married Homer Works. They live 
at Gardnersville, Pendleton County, Ky. 

Issue : 

135. Elmo. 

136. Frances. 

137. Edwin. 

(110) Iva Ethel Culbertson married Parran C. Spegal, June 
25, 1916. They hve at Demossville, Ky., Route 2. 

138. Wanetta May, born August 25, 1917. 

139. Cecil Ruth, born November 15, 1922. 

(Ill) Robert Kirtley Culbertson married Ernestine 
Mann, February 21, 1918. They live at Demossville, Ky. 

140. Robert Monroe, born August 20, 1922. 

(115) Ada V. Culbertson married Newell Spegal, of Fisk- 
burg, Ky., February 12, 1913. They hve at Demossville, 
Ky., R. F. D. 


141. Anna Viola, died. 

142. Doris Velma. 

143. Lucy Roberta. 

144. Bennetta Ethal. 

145. Ora Ada. 

WilHam H. Culbertson (IV) served with the Federal 
forces in the Civil War. He received wounds at the battle of 
Mills Springs from which he died. 




(V) Michael Culbertson married Belle Mefford on the 
13th day of March, 1845. They live in Kenton County, Ky. 

146. Jacob Frank Lester, born April 9, 1848; died April 
26, 1919. 

147. Minnie Belle, b. July 29, 1850; never married, died. 

148. Lala Hinda, born April 27, 1852 ; died July, 1886. 

149. Dora, born September 16, 1854. Unmarried. 

150. Boonetta (Nell), born October 18, 1856. 


(146) Jacob Frank Lester Culbertson married Margaret 
Belle Hempfling of Grant's Bend, Kenton County, Ky., Nov- 
ember 3, 1880. They lived on a farm on Taylors Mill Pike, 
south of Latonia, where his widow now resides. 


151. Michael Verner, born August 21, 1882. 

152. Jacob Hempfhng, born October 20, 1884. 

153. Charles Allen, born September 21, 1886 ; died Feb. 21, 


154. Mary Elizabeth, born August 26, 1888 ; married John 

James Cain March 17, 1918. 

155. William Henry, born June 3, 1891 ; married Ruth 

Irene Porter, May 10, 1922. 

156. Alfretta (Etta) Belle, born December 6, 1895; un- 


(148) Lala Hinda Culbertson married James Wayman of 
Kenton County, Ky., May 11, 1881. They lived in Kenton 
County, Ky. 


157. Logan, born March 13, 1882. Unmarried. 

(150) Boonetta (Nell) Culbertson married Frank Sava- 
geot, of Ashland, Ky., March 5, 1887. He died. She and 
Dora Culbertson, her unmarried sister, reside at Tacoma, 

Issue * 

158. Dora, born February, 1888. 

159. Inda, born May, 1891. 



(152) Jacob Hempfling Culbertson married Bertha A. 
Batcham, of Detroit, Mich., September 7, 1907. They live 
at Romulus, Mich., near Detroit. 

160. Everett Lyle, born December 26, 1910. 

William Henry Culbertson (155) enlisted in the military 
forces of the United States at Covington, Kentucky, Febru- 
ary 26, 1918. He sailed from the United States July 9, 1918. 
He participated in the battles of Aise Marne, Oise Aise, and 
Meuse Argonne. Received no wounds. After the armistice 
he was stationed at Coblenz, Germany, with the Army of 
Occupation. He arrived in the United States July 7, 1919, 
and was honorably discharged at Camp Taylor, July 17, 

Charles A. Culbertson (153) enlisted in the military 
forces of the United States at Covington, Kentucky, May 
22, 1918. Served at Camp Clark, Texas, and Camp Boie, 
Texas, and was honorably discharged at Fort Sill, Okla- 
homa, February 14, 1919. He returned to his home imme- 
diately, was ill when he returned, and died February 21, 
1919, one week after his discharge. 


(VII) Katherine Culbertson married Alfred Frazer, of 
Kenton County, Ky. They lived at Spring Lake (Culbert- 
son Station), Kenton County, Ky. 



161. John. 

162. Betty. Married Rusk. 

163. Albert. 

164. Charles. 

165. Jennie. Married William Stafford. Died. 

166. Lucy. Married Timothy W. Spanton. 

167. Dolly. Married Rust i „ . 

168. Frank i^wms. 

168. Frank. 

169. William. 



(VIII) George Culbertson married Malissa Rusk, of Ken- 
ton County, Ky. They lived in Kenton County. 


170. Elizabeth; died in infancy. 

171. Lafayette. 

172. Isabelle, born February 20, 1851. 

173. Joan, died, aged about 66. 

174. Winfield ; died in infancy. 

175. Monroe; died in infancy. 

176. John, died ; never married. 

177. Thomas. 

178. Jennie. 

179. Katherine; never married. 

180. WilHam; died in infancy. 

181. Michael. 


(171) Lafayette Culbertson married SalKe Hoskins of 
Kenton County, Ky. He lives at Value, Rankin County, 







, died 









Susan, died. 









(172) Isabelle Culbertson married Samuel Taylor, of Ken- 
ton County, Ky. He died about 1902, and she now resides 
with her daughter, Hinda Pearl Taylor, at 4554 Common- 
wealth Ave., Erlanger, Ky. 

Issue : 

191. Ira Edwin. 

192. Hinda Pearl. 

193. Emmaline. 

194. Jennie; died in infancy. 


(177) Thomas Culbertson married Alice Thompson. They 
live at Fostoria, Ohio. 



Joan, died 













(178) Jennie Culbertson married EHsha Maddox, of 
Campbell County, Ky. She lives with her son at 1216 East 
44th Street, Kansas City, Mo. 


202. Stella. 

203. Byron. 

204. Joan. 

(181) Michael Culbertson married . 


205. George. 


(X) Jacob Culbertson married Caroline Beggs, of Camp- 
bell County, Ky., about 1850. They lived near Jackson, Mis- 

Issue : 


206. Charles, born April 10, 1851. Unmarried. Lives at 


207. Frank, born July 31, 1853. 

208. Wilham, born July 3, 1855. 

209. May ; died about 1890. 

210. Maud, born January 30, 1866. Unmarried. Lives 

at Jackson. 

211. Ursula, born Nov. 4, 1877; lives at Jackson, Miss. 

212. Elizabeth (Bessie) December 25, 1874; died July 3, 




(207) Frank Culbertson married November 26, 1875, 
Mattie Jones. They live at Brandon (P. 0. Value) Rankin 
County, Mississippi. Wife born Aug. 11, 1854. 

Issue '. 

213. Sue, born Jan. 18, 1877. 

214. Beulah, b. Nov. 16, 1866. Columbus, Miss. 

(208) William Culbertson married Miss Clara Wade of 
Durant, Mississippi, August 23, 1892. They Hve at Jack- 
son, Mississippi. 

Issue I 

215. Bert, born Feb. 2, 1896. 

216. Clara May, born Mav 29, 1904. 

217. Elizabeth, born Oct. 26, 1908. 

218. . 

219. . 

(209) May Culbertson married Anderson. They 

lived at Jackson, Miss. 


220. 0. M. Anderson, pastor New Monmouth Presbyterian 

Church, Lexington, Va., Route 1. 

(211) Ursula Culbertson married Oct. 13, 1897 G. W. 
Alford of Jackson, Miss. They live at Jackson. 

Issue '. 

221. Gladys, born Aug. 21, 1898. Married July 2, 1921, to 

Chas. Wilson Montague, Traverse City, Mich. 
.222. Charles Culbertson, b. Oct. 4, 1900. 

223. Thomas Westley, Jr., born Apr. 24, 1907. 

(212) Elizabeth (Bessie) Culbertson married Robert 
Kennon Jayne of Jackson, Mississippi, November 21, 1895. 

Issue : 

224. William McAfee, born August 21, 1896. 

225. Elizabeth, born January 4, 1898. 

226. Robert Kennon, born July 4, 1906. 


(213) Sue Culbertson married James Rufus Payne, June 
22, 1904. 

Issue '. 

227. James R., Jr., b. July 22, 1906. 

228. Fred Culbertson, b. Oct. 31, 1910. 

229. Robert Keets, b. July 16, 1814. 


(X) Jacob Culbertson was a graduate of West Point, class 
of 1851. At the outbreak of the Civil War he joined the 
Confederate forces at Bowling Green, Kentucky, with the 
rank of Lieutenant. He served in the defense of Fort Henry, 
and, in the absence of a superior officer, commanded the 
batteries which engaged the Federal gunboats at the siege 
of Fort Donaldson, where he was captured. He was a pris- 
oner at Camp Chase and Johnson's Island, till exchanged in 
186 — . He had various artillery company, brigade and divi- 
sion staff appointments with Loring's division until the bat- 
tle of Baker's Creek, which was his last engagement. 

A commission as Major was issued to him early in the 
war, but it did not reach him till near its close. 


(XI) Sarah M. Culbertson married Hunt. They liv- 
ed in Illinois. 


230. Rollin A., born January 28, 1848. 

231. Elizabeth Jane, born May 18, 1849. 

232. Mary Ella, born October 22, 1852. 

233. Ada A., born November 4, 1854. 

234. George W., born September 19, 185 — ; died December 

15, 1877. 

235. Serena, born April 12, 1856. 

236. Evelvn, born June 28, 1858 ; died August 10, 1907. 

237. Belle, born July 17, 1863. 

238. Hester M., born July 12, 1865. 

239. William, born August 28, 1867. 


(XII) Robert Culbertson married Susan Carr Rusk, of 
Kenton County, Ky., September 18, 1861. They lived at 
Ryland, Ky. 




240. Richard Hernclon, died February 7, 1883; never mar- 


241. John Baldwin, died February 11, 1883 ; never married. 

242. Wilham, born March 4, 1870 ; died December 19, 1886 ; 

never married. 

243. Harry, born February 2, 1874. 


(243) Harry Culbertson married Clara Sale, of Effing- 
ham, Ills., September 18, 1904. They reside at 2142 Maple 
Ave., Evanston, Ills. 


244. Robert S., born August 4, 1905. 

245. Bowner Q., born September 18, 1907. 

246. Harry Altin, born December 19, 1909. . 

247. Clara Elizabeth, born June 15, 1912. 

248. Charles Elliott, born July 10, 1913. 


(V. 2.) William Ciilbertson of §pring 
Lake, Kentucky. 



(V. 2.) William Culbertson. a native of Tyrone County, 
Ireland, settled at Spring Lake (formerly Culbertson Sta- 
tion), on the Licking River, Kenton County, Kentucky, in 
the year 1813. Born about 1787 and died about 1872 in the 
eighty-fifth year of his age. He is buried at Spring Lake 
in the family cemetery established by him. He married 
Jane (or Jennie) Reese. Late in life he married Nancy 

Issue: By Jane Reese. 


L Anna. (Chapter LXVI). 

II. Matilda, born March 24, 1824 ; d. July 15, 1856. (Chap- 
ter LXVII). 
III. James T., born June 26, 1826 ; died November 5, 1861. 
(Chapter LXVIH). 


(I) Anna Culbertson married James Scott, of Scott's Post 
Office, Kenton County, Ky. 

(Compiler has received no data respecting her descend- 


(II) Matilda Culbertson married William Burrows of 
Kenton County, Kentucky, 


1. Mollie ; married Lilly. 

2. James ; never married. 

3. Wilham C, born August 6, 1845 ; died Sept. 6, 1862. 

4. James Carlisle, born November 26, 1846 ; died February 

24, 1849. 

5. George Washington, born July 7, 1854; died June 22, 




(III) James T. Culbertson married Caroline Stephens, 
daughter of Joseph Stephens of Kenton County, Ky., Janu- 
ary 27, 1850. She was born September 13, 1831; died Febru- 
ary 8, 1896. They Kved at Spring Lake, Ky. 



6. Joseph S., born May 17, 1851; died February 9, 1873; 

never married. 

7. William, born March 19, 1853; died July 27, 1877; 

never married. 

8. James Thomas, born July 15, 1855. 

9. Mary J., born December 12, 1858 ; died June 30, 1875 ; 

never married. 

10. Emma, born March 17, 1860 ; died aged about 20 years. 

Married Roth. 


(8) James Thomas Culbertson married Martha Ann 
Boyle, of Covington, Ky., February 27, 1876. They reside 
at Spring Lake, Kenton County, Ky. 


11. James Thomas, born January 8, 1882. 

12. Elizabeth Agnes, born October 26, 1884. 

13. Lydia Catherine, born November 17, 1886 ; died De- 

cember 6, 1921. 

14. Hayden Polk, born November 22, 1888. 

15. Georgia Emma, born June 5, 1892. 

16. Henry Joseph, born April 1, 1894. 

17. Roy Stephen, born April 12, 1896. 

18. Jennie Luetta, born May 26, 1898. 


(11) James Thomas Culbertson married Martha Huff- 
mann, November 28, 1906. They reside at Spring Lake, Ky. 

19. James Thomas, 4th, born March 25, 1908. 

20. Robert WilHam, born December 12, 1913. 

21. Margaret Elizabeth, born May 9, 1915. 

22. Anna May, March 16, 1917. 


(12) Elizabeth Agnes Culbertson married John S. Hall, 
of Covington, Ky., March 17, 1908. They reside in Coving- 
ton, Ky. 


23. Martha Ehzabeth, born July 19, 1909. 

24. John Thomas, July 4, 1913. 

(13) Lydia Catherine Culbertson married August Lewis 
Brown, of Covington, Ky., September 14, 1910. 

Issue : 

25. August Lewis, Jr., born February 3, 1913. 

26. Lydia Catherine, born April 3, 1915. 

27. Matilda Emma, born April 11, 1917. 

28. Martha Jane, born June 7, 1919. 

(14) Hayden Polk Culbertson married Anna Fitzpatrick, 
of Covington, Ky., June 18, 1918. 

Issue : None, April, 1923. 

(15) Georgia Emma Culbertson married Milo Zimmer- 
man, of Spring Lake, Ky., November 25, 1921. They reside 
at Spring Lake. 


29. Emma Luetta, born November 17, 1922. 

(16) Henry Joseph Culbertson married Nellie McClure of 
Visalia, Kenton County, Ky., June 9, 1920. They reside at 
Spring Lake, Ky. 

Issue : 

30. Henrietta Murrill, born March 21, 1921. 


William Culbertson, the emigrant from Tyrone County, 
Ireland, established a family cemetery at Spring Lake, Ky., 
which is rock enclosed. A center stone bears this inscrip- 

"This family cemetery was founded A. D. 1840 by Wm. 
Culbertson, cooper and horticulturist, a native of Tyrone 
Co., Ireland, who cleared, planted, built and improved this 
place since A. D. 1813 up to this time." 

His individual stone bears the following inscription: 
"If there's another world, he lives in bliss; 
If there is none, he made the best of this." 

From which it is assumed, and tradition so has it, that 
he was somewhat of a skeptic. 

James T.. Culbertson (HI) had the military rank of Cap- 
tain. His gravestone is so inscribed, but his military record 
is unknown to the compiler. 


(V. 3.) Allen Culbertson of Spring 
Lake, Kentucky. 



(V. 3.) Allen Culbertson, a native of Tyrone County, Ire- 
land, settled at Spring Lake (formerly Culbertson Station) , 
on the Licking River, Kenton County, Ky., in the year 1813. 
Born October, 1790 ; died, February 2, 1856. Married Ester 
Greer, of Covington, Ky. 

Issue : 


I. James Greer, born September 27, 1819; died March 

15, 1912. (Chapter LXIX). 

II. Ann Jean, born March 1, 1822; died May 19, 1900. 

She married William Reese, Cold Springs, Ky. 
(Chapter LXX). 

III. Mary, born February 16, 1825; died July 15, 1849. 

She married W. H. Fish. 

IV. Sarah Catherine, born February 16, 1827 ; died June 

19, 1833. 

V. William Wright Culbertson, born April 16, 1829; 
died Sept. 22, 1862. 

VI. George Allen, born November 30, 1832; died about 


VII. Margaret, born April 29, 1834 ; died about 1906. She 

married Adam McCracken and James Moss. 
Had no children. 

VIII. John, born February 22, 1837; died November 9, 
1908 (Chapter LXXI). 

IX. Greer, born June 30, 1840 ; died February, 1843. 

William Wright Culbertson never married. He served as 
Captain of Company K, 18th Regiment Kentucky Volun- 
teers, in the Civil War and was killed at the battle of Rich- 
mond, Ky. His battle flag, officer's sash and epaulettes 
are in the possession of Mrs. Fred E. Lillick (granddaugh- 
ter of James Greer Culbertson) 6151 Grand Vista Avenue, 
Pleasant Ridge, Hamilton County, Ohio. 

George Allen Culbertson was a bachelor. 



(I) James Greer Culbertson married Catharine Youtsey, 
daughter of Jacob Youtsey, Campbell County, Ky. 
Issue : 


1. Mary Ann, born August 1, 1845. 

2. William H., born February 28, 1847 ; died December 10, 

1898. Never married. 

3. Sarah E., born October 15, 1849. Never married. 

4. Emma V., born October 15, 1851. Married Jackson 

Curlis, Feb. 22, 1884; no children. 

5. Ella, born October 3, 1853. 

6. James Allen, born November 27, 1855. 

7. George Andrew, born November 18, 1857; died Sept. 

29, 1882. Never married. 

8. Nancy J., born April 15, 1859. 

9. Jacob Bernard, born October 3, 1862. 


(1) Mary Ann Culbertson married Ethan Allen Martin, 
January 15, 1867. They live at Drake, Ky. 

10. Martha Ann, born October 31, 1867; died August 5, 

1922. Married Reed, of Scottsville, Ky. 

11. James Allen, born June 26, 1869; died 1870. 

12. William Culbertson, born May 27, 1871 ; died January 

16, 1922. 

13. Catherine Esther, born October 24, 1873. Married El- 

vin Warwick, of Scottsville, Ky. 

14. George Andrew, born November 7, 1876; died Sept., 


15. Ira Allen, born October 19, 1877. 

16. Clarence Alfred, born October 22, 1880. 

17. Mary Emma, born March 24, 1889. 

(5) Ella Culbertson married Thomas Reiley, March 11, 
1883. She and her sisters, Sara E. and Emma V., live at 
710 Dayton street, Dayton, Ky. 


18. James Elmer, born ; died in infancy. 

(6) James Allen Culbertson married Mollie Church, of 


Newport, Ky., December 18, 1878. They live at 919 Cleve- 
land Avenue, Hamilton, Ohio. 
Issue : 

19. Grace Pearl, born October 24, 1879. 

20. Ida, born January 22, 1881. 

21. Luella, born March 2, 1883. 

22. Margaret, born October 28, 1888 ; died in infancy. 

23. Frank Albert, born July 3, 1891 ; died July 1, 1894. 

24. Harold McKinlev, born September 26, 1893. 

25. Earl Church, born June 27, 1898. 

(8) Nancy J. Culbertson married Alfred Lutton, Decem- 
ber 22, 1880. He died February 19, 1896. She lives at 
6151 Grand Vista Avenue, Pleasant Ridge, Hamilton Coun- 
ty, Ohio. 

Issue I 

26. Robert, born July 13, 1882; died October 21, 1918. 

Never married. 

27. Clara F. Lutton, born December 25, 1883; married 

Fred E. Lillick, December 23, 1910. 

28. James Greer, born March 26, 1885; died November 1, 


29. Alfred Bernard, born January 9, 1890; died April 6, 


30. Ray, born April 6, 1892 ; died April 6, 1892. 

(9) Jacob Bernard Culbertson married Amanda Rawl- 

ings, who died , and Julia Lamb, of Kenton County, Ky. 

He lives in Newport, Ky. 

Issue by Amanda Rawlings: 
81. Bernice F., born November 2, 1892. 

32. Rawlings, born August 26, 1896 ; died August 24, 1898. 

33. James T., born May 24, 1904. 


Ira Allen Martin (15), son of Mary Ann Culbertson Mar- 
tin (1) served in Spanish- American War and also in the 
late World War. In the World War he was in action 18 


(19) Grace Pearl Culbertson married Michael J. Reyn- 
olds, of Boonville Ky., June 3, 1903. 
Issue : 

34. Llewellyn Charles, born February 28, 1904. 

35. Edwin Ellis, born October 5, 1907. 


36. Loretta Lydia, born Auust 14, 1909. 

(20) Ida Culbertson married Wesley D. Emrich, of Ham- 
ilton, 0., Jan. 1, 1901. 


37. Grace Verina, born March 11, 1902. 

(21) Luella Culbertson married Robert E. Altman, of Fe- 
licity, Ohio, February 26, 1905. 

Issue '. 

38. Mollie Virginia, born March 22, 1906. 

39. Robert Edward, born June 22, 1908. 

(24) Harold McKinley Culbertson married Jennie Grace 
Price, of Covington, Ky., January 21, 1914. They live at 
104 West Fifth Street, Covington, Ky. 


40. Grace Elizabeth, born November 17, 1921. 

(25) Earl Church Culbertson married Ina Oden of Ham- 
ilton, Ohio, August 6, 1919. They reside at 2043 Dixie 
Highway, Hamilton, Ohio. 


41. Ruth Oden. 

42. Lois Virginia. 


(II) Ann Jean Culbertson married William Rees, of Cold 
Springs, Campbell County, Kentucky, September 14, 1848. 


43. Elida Ester, born November 14, 1849. Married Ralph 

Stout of Gano, Ohio, Oct. 6, 1880. 

44. Lorena Amanda, born December 15, 1853. Married 

John Bartell, deceased. 

45. Maggie Ann, born July 24, 1860. Married Charles N. 

Lamb, of Visalia, Ky., March 30, 1884. 


(VIII) John Culbertson married Cynthia Richardson, of 
Kenton County, Ky., January 1, 1861. His widow lives at 
3708 Park Avenue, (Covington, Ky. 

Issue : 



46. Carrie Ester, born May 9, 1864. 

47. John Allen, born April 18, 1866. Unmarried. 

48. Mary, born April 26, 1868. Unmarried. 

49. Cynthia Elizabeth, born September 13, 1874. Un- 


50. Tilden Richardson, born December 25, 1876. 

51. Robert Lee, born March 1, 1878 ; died October 16, 1898. 

Did not marry. 

52. Greer, born April 18, 1888. Unmarried. 


(46) Carrie Ester Culbertson married Lafayette H. Bird, 
of Falmouth, Ky., September 13, 1886. They reside at 512 
Fry Street, Covington, Ky. 


53. Frank Mortimer, born June 1, 1888. Unmarried. 

54. Carrie Elizabeth, born August 1, 1891. Married Ralph 

W. Rausch, of Cincinnati, June 15, 1914. 


(V.4.) Robert Culbertson of Spring 
Lake, Kentucky. 



(V. 4.) Robert Culbertson, a native of Tyrone County, 
Ireland, settled at Spring Lake (formerly Culbertson Sta- 
tion, on the Licking River, Kenton County, Ky., in the year 
1813. He was born about 1793 ; died February 8, 1856. He 
married Maria Gregg. 

Issue : 


I. James, born ; died . 

11. Matthew, born January 1, 1818; died, 1857. (Chap- 
ter LXXII). 

HI. Jane, born , 1821 ; died December 25, 1839. 

IV. George Allen, born May 12, 1829 ; died Sept. 2, 1892. 
(Chapter LXXIII). 
V. Robert, died young. 

VI. John J., born ; died July 30, 1910 (Chapter 


VII. Sarah, born ; died . (Chapter LXXV). 

VIII. Lucy, born ; died . (Chapter LXXVI). 

X* Catherine i ^^^^^ given by (VI) John J., their 
XL Marv ( brother, in 1892. 


James (I) went to Nebraska or Iowa in 185 — (?). Rob- 
ert Edwin (iulbertson (1) says that he settled near Nebras- 
ka City and others say he settled near Council Bluffs. The 
compiler has learned nothing respecting his descendants. 

On the authority of a letter written by John J. Culbert- 
son (VI) in December, 1892 it has been indicated that Rob- 
ert was the father of eleven children. The compiler has 
learned the names of only seven. He does not know the 
order of their birth. 


(II) Matthew Culbertson married Sarah Sprague of 


Campbell County, Ky., January 1, 1846. He died near Sid- 
ney, Fremont County, Iowa, in 1857. 
Issue : 


1. Robert Edwin, born November 24, 1846. 

2. George A., born April 4, 1848; died in Kansas. Never 

. married. 

3. James G., born January 29, 1852 ; died 1864 -j „ . 

4. William W., born January 29, 1852. / -^^^"^ 

5. Charles Mathew, born February 2, 1855. \ 

6. John J., born Februar\^ 2, 1855. Unmarried y Twins 

resides at Twisp, Washington. ) 

(1) Robert Edwin Culbertson married Fredericka Augus- 
ta Browning, of Browingsville, Ky., May 1, 1877. They re- 
side at 909 Scott Street, Covington, Ky. 



7. Robert Edwin, born September 2, 1878 ; mar. . 

ried Josephine Cook, of Falmouth, Jan. / 

26, 1909. ^' Twins 

8. William, born September 2, 1878 ; died July \ 

26, 1909. ' 

9. Maude B., born April 27, 1885; married John Franklin 

Firth, of Covington, Ky., November 26, 1913. No 

(4) William W. Culbertson married Margaret Kabel, of 
Cincinnati, Ohio. They reside at Evansville, Ind., Route A, 
Box 97. 


10. Stella, born October 29, 1884 ; died May 10, 1885. 

11. Edna, born November 18, 1885. 

12. Nellie, born January 23, 1887 ; died May 10, 1914. 
No grandchildren 

(5) Charles Matthew Culbertson married Mary J. Rich, 
of Fiskburg, Kenton County, Ky., March 2, 1876. They re- 
side at Evansville, Ind., Route A, Box 340. 

13. Dora E., born January 13, 1877. 

14. Ira D., born January 5, 1879 ; died July 24, 1880. 

15. Ernest C, born December 5, 1880; died October 27, 


16. Louis N., born June 27, 1883. 


17. Charles M., born August 25, 1886. 

18. Leslie M., born November 30, 1888. 

19. Clara Maud, born February 2, 1891. 

20. Nellie May, born May 6, 1893. 

21. Leo N., born August 28, 1895. 

22. Dee Ray, born January 21, 1898. 

23. Forrest, born December 7, 1900. 


(8) Wiliam Culbertson married Sophia Baker of South 
Portsmouth, Ky., at which place they resided. 

24. Edwin M., born January 5, 1910. 

(13) Dora E. Culbertson married Whitney Bailey of 
Pratt, Kansas, May 9, 1897, where they now reside. 

Issue : She has a family but has not advised compiler of 
tneir names. 



(IV) George Allen Culbertson, born May 12, 1829. Mar- 
ried Miss Mary Hemingway, of Kentucky. He died Sep- 
tember 2, 1892. She died July 4, 1872. 

Children : 

29. Maggie, born ; married Hampton. Lives 

at Mexico, Missouri. 

30. Thomas H., born . 

30 V^. Junia E., born ; died September, 1877. 

31. Sarah, born October, 1861 ; married Jones ; 

lives at Billings, Missouri. 

32. Charles William, born June 1, 1863. 

33. James G., born June 8, 1865; lives Kirk, Colorado, 

R. F. D. 2. 

34. John D., born December 24, 1867; lives Kirk, Colo- 

rado, R. F. D. 2. 

35. Katie A., born ; died May 1, 1919. 

36. Cora, born , 

37. George, born ; died August, 1872. 


(32) Charles William Culbertson married Lizzie Phillips 
of Union, Okla., July 1, 1903. (She was born November 27, 


1876). They reside at Billings, Christian County, Missouri. 

38. Mary Harriett, born June 30, 1904. 

39. Clarence, Maurice, born February 13, 1906. 

40. Henry Charles, born April 19, 1909. 

41. Annie Elizabeth, born February 1, 1911. 

42. Luzella Dorothea, born November 10, 1912; died Feb- 

ruary 24, 1914. 

43. Donald Ernest, born May 19, 1915. 

44. Harold W., born December 29, 1917. 

45. Paul Vernon, born February 27, 1920. 

(16) Louis N. Culbertson married Annie Krusie, of 
Evansville, Ind., June 25, 1910. They reside at Evansville. 
Issue '. 

25. Charles W., born May 13, 1911. 

(18) Leslie M. Culbertson married Sadie Norton, of St. 
Louis, Mo., December 31, 1920. 

Issue : 

26. John, born February 3, 1923. 

(19) Clara Maud Culbertson married Clyde Hitch, of 
Evansville, Ind., March 2, 1910. They reside at Evansville, 


27. Eveline, born July 3, 1911. 

28. Harold, born March 23, 1914. 


Charles M. (17), Leslie M. (18), and Dee Ray Culbert- 
son (22) served in the Military Forces of the United States 
in France during the World War. 


(VI) John J. Culbertson was married three times. His 
first wife was Mary Plummer, of Falmouth, Ky., whom he 
married in November, 1858. His second wife was Emily 
J. Plummer, of Falmouth, and his third wife was Louvisa 
Smith, of Burnside, Ky. He died at Lexington, Ky., July 
30, 1910, and is buried at Paris, Ky. 
;Issue by Mary Plummer : 



46. Martha, born ; died , aged about 58. Mar- 

ried Henry Plummer, of Falmouth, Ky. 

47. Mary, born ; died in infancy. 

48. Sarah, born ; died in infancy. 

By Emily J. Plummer: 

49. Georgia Ann born March 14, 1859; died at Lexington 

about 1911. Never married. 

50. James Robert, born April, 1860 ; died about 1873. 

57. John B., born June , 1861 ; died November 22, 


52. Emmahne, born January, 1863; did about 1878. 

53. William Henry, born February 5, 1864; died Novem- 

ber 6, 1887. 

54. Matthew Nelson, born February 4, 1866. 

55. Lilly May, born May 14, 1872. Married Frank Martin 

of Bourbon County, Ky, March 3, 1893. No chil- 


(51) John B. Culbertson married Fanny Bollinger of 
Pendleton County, Ky., March 20, 1879. 

56. Pearl. 

57. Jessie Lee. 

(54) Matthew Nelson Culbertson married Margaret Eliz- 
abeth Williams, of Paris, Ky. They live at Cincinnati, Ohio. 

58. Earl William, born December 24, 1891. 

59. Thomas King, born August 6, 1893. 

60. Matthew Stanley, born November 19, 1895; died Feb. 

21, 1896. 

61. Ray Davis, born May 28, 1897; died July 3, 1897. 

62. Anna Lillian, born December 20, 1898; died July 31, 


63. Edith Marguerite, born August 5, 1900. 

64. Irene Cameron, born September 11, 1902. 

65. Ethel Irma May, born September 6, 1906. 


(58) Earl William Culbertson married Margaret Merrin- 
ger, of Paris, Ky., December 22, 1911. They live on Nine- 
teenth Street, Covington, Ky. 



66. Anna Earl, born December 25, 1912. 

67. Dorothy Louis, born February 6, 1917. 

68. Margaret May, born May 1, 1920. 

69. William Harris, born December 31, 1922. 

(59) Thomas King Culbertson married Margaret Far- 
row, of Paris, Ky., March 29, 1919. They live at Cincin- 
nati, Ohio. 

Issue I 

70. Mary Elizabeth, born July 5, 1920. 

71. Vivian Irene, born October 29, 1922. 

(63) Edith Marguerite Culbertson married Emil Menzel, 
of Cincinnati, Ohio, April 9, 1919. They reside at 1339 
Main street, Cincinnati. 

Issue I 

72. Edith Lillian, born January 2, 1920. 


Thomas King Culbertson (49) served in the World War, 
Company A, Fourth Infantry. 

The data for this chapter was furnished by Matthew N. 
Culbertson (44)), who depended upon his memory for the 
aates shown in the Third Generation section. 


(VII) Sarah Culbertson married Cooney, of Cov- 
ington, Ky. 

73. James. 


(VIII) Lucy Culbertson married Redden. Nothing is 

nown of her descendants, if any. 


(W) Patrick Culbertson (Irish) of 

Chester Co., Pa. — Sherman's Valley, 

Pa. — Part First. 

(Y) John Culbertson of Sherman's 

Valley, Pa. (Probably a Brother of 

(W) Patrick Culbertson) — Part 


Part First of Section Eleven was compiled and written 
by a wealthy and prominent descendant of (W) Patrick 
Culbertson, namely Mr. Frank Culbertson of Oil City, Pa. 



Genealogy of Patrick Culbertson and descendants. (W) 
Patrick Culbertson born in Chester Co., Pennsylvania in 
1745, name of wife unknown. 



1. Frances, born 1767, died 1853. 

2. James, born 1769, dead, bachelor. 

3. John, born 1777, dead, know nothing. 

4. Robert, born 1772, dead, know nothing. 

5. Jane, born 1773, dead, know nothing. 

6. Mary, born 1776, died 1863. 


(1) Frances Culbertson married Mary Steeples of Venan- 
go County, Pennsylvania in 1805, wife born 1786, died 1843. 
Issue '. 

7. James, b. 1806, died 1840, bachelor. 

8. Patrick, born 1807, died 1850. 

9. Jane, born 1808, died 1899. 

10. Robert, born 1812, died 1852. 

11. Samuel, born 1815, died 1866, bachelor. 

12. John, born 1818, died 1846. 

13. Elizabeth Archer, born 1821, died 1907. 

14. Alexander, born 1823, died 1906. 

15. Hamilton, born 1825, died 1886. 

(6) Mary Culbertson married Hamilton McClintock, of 
Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, in 1794, husband born 
1771, died 1857. 


16. Jane, born 1797, dead, know nothing. 

17. Hugh, born 1798, dead, know nothing. 

18. James, born 1801, died 1855. 

19. Ann, born 1803, died 1868. 

20. John, born 1806, dead, know nohing. 

21. Isabelle, born 1808, dead, know nothing. 

22. Culbertson, born 1810, died 1855. 

23. Mary, born 1812, dead, know nothing. 

24. Rachel, born 1814, dead, know nothing. 


25. Elizabeth, born 1815, dead, know nothing. 

26. Hamilton, born 1816, died 1876. 


(9) Patrick Culbertson married Elizabeth Vangiesen in 

Issue : 

27. Washington, born 1844, died 1917. 

28. John Munroe, born 1847, Union soldier, killed in front 

of Petersburg, Virginia, 1864. 

29. Lewis Cass, born 1849, died 1894. 

(10) Robert married Mary Gary 1835. 
Issue : 

30. Isabelle, born 1836, dead. 

31. James, born 1838, dead. 

32. Mary, born 1841, dead. 

33. Louisa, born 1845. 

34. Maria, born 1848, dead. 

(12) John Culbertson, married Rebecca Nellas of Venan- 

go County, Pennsylvania. 
No issue. 

(13) Elizabeth Archer Culbertson married Joseph An- 
derson in 1844, husband dead. 

Issue : 

35. Thomas Alexander, born in 1845, died 1898, Union 

soldier, during the Civil War, and was wounded 
in the leg from which he never fully recovered. 

36. Rebecca J., born 1847, died 1849. 

37. James Patrick, born 1850. 

38. Joseph Addison. 

39. John Slentz, born 1857, died 1906. 

40. Florence Bell, born 1861, died 1895. 

41. Amanda Cecelia, born 1865. 

42. Wilhelmina, born 1867, died 1868. 

(14) Alexander Culbertson, married Ellen Smith of Ve- 
nango County, Pennsylvania in 1855, wife born 1838. 

Issue : 

43. Ella, born 1856, died 1857. 

44. Francis, born 1857. 

45. Albert, born 1860, died 1862. 

46. Edith, born 1862. 


(15) Hamilton Culbertson married Rachel Davidson, 
1851, wife born 1832, died 1897. 
Issue I 

47. Francis, born 1851, died 1852. 

48. Orson Oscar, born 1854, died 1815. 

49. Lawrence Leslie, born 1856, died 1879. 

50. Harry Holland, born 1863. 

51. Ernest Eugene, born 1865, died 1913. 

52. Florence Thayer, born 1872. 


(27) Washington Culbertson married Elmina Lowrie, 
wife born 1846. 
Lssue : 

53. Frederick Lewis, born 1867. 

54. Elizabeth, born 1869, died 1869. 

55. Francis Orren, born 1870. 

56. Cora Amelia, born 1873. 

57. Gertrude Bell, born 1879. 

(30) Isabelle Culbertson married David Mason, lived in 
Michigan, know nothing about. 

(31) James Culbertson married Elizabeth Whitehill in 

Issue I 
571/2. Charles C, born 1880, died 1918. 

(32) Mary Culbertson married Alonzo Snodgrass. 

58. James, know nothing about. 

59. Robert, know nothing about. 

(33) Louisa married William Willings. 
Issue : 

60. Laura, know nothing about. 

(34) Maria Culbertson married Charles Schoeffler, know 
nothing about. 

(35) Thomas Alexander Anderson married Harriet Lou- 
isa Hartshorn in 1866, wife born 1845, died 1923. 


61. Mabel Duiera, born 1867. 

62. Anna Hartshorn, born 1869. 

63. Jessie Bannon, born 1871, died 1888. 

64. Harry Manfull, born 1878, died 1879. 

65. Ethel Florine, born 1882. 


(37) James Patrick Anderson married Henrietta Knaus 
in 1877. 


66. Edward Lawrence, born 1878, died 1894. 

67. Frederick, born 1880. 

68. Leroy, born 1883. 

(38) Joseph Addison Anderson married Mary McCul- 
lough in 1871, wife born 1852, died 1912. 


69. James Hamilton, born 1873. 

70. Dudley Hannon, born 1875. 

71. Franklin Reed, born 1878. 

72. David McClure, born 1880. 

73. Milcah Irene, born 1882. 

74. Tacie Florence, born 1883. 

75. Parker Donald, born 1885. 

76. Joseph Russell, born 1888. 

77. Myrtle Goldie, born 1893. 

(39) John Slentz Anderson married Emma McCullough 
in 1875. 

Issue : 

78. Blanche G., born 1876, died 1876. 

79. Myrtle F., born 1878. 

80. Charles E., born 1880. 

81. Edith G., born 1882, died 1923. 

82. Hazel M., born 1896. 

(40) Florence Bell Anderson married J. Parker Naugle. 

83. Josephine Izora, born 1882. 

84. Allen Verlee, born 1884. 

85. Georgia, born 1885, died 1891. 

86. Elizabeth Browne, born 1887. 

87. Dana, born 1888, died 1891. 

88. Emma, born 1895 ^bove two twins. 

89. Thurma, born 1895. 

(41) Amanda Cecelia Anderson married Otto Frederick 
Haltnorthin, 1893. 


90. Carl Raymond, born 1895. 

91. Charles Frederick, born 1898. 

92. Emma Elizabeth, born 1900. 

93. Freda Rhinehart, born 1904. 


(46) Edith Culbertson married Samuel Justice in 1888, 
husband born 1836, died 1920. 
No issue. 

(48) Orson Oscar Culbertson married Mary E. Kinnear 
in 1880. 
No issue. 

(50) Harry Holland Culbertson married Louisa Catherine 
Eichner in 1892. 
Issue : 

94. Hilda Louisa, born 1893. 

95. Edith Arlene, born 1898. 

96. Cathryn Eichner, born 1901. 

97. Harry Holland Jr., born 1906. 

(5) Ernest Eugene Culbertson married Lyda Zelma 

Issue : 

98. Lawrence Harger, born 1897. 

99. Mildred Amelia, born 1906. 

100. Edna Ellen, born 1908. 

(52) Florine Thayer Culbertson married Archie B. Rod- 
gers in 1893. 

Issue ! 

101. Ruth Ellen, born 1896, died 1912. 

102. Helen Mae, born 1900, died 1914. 

103. Grace Marie, born 1905. 

(53) Frederick Lewis Culbertson married Susan B. Henry 
in 1890. 

Issue * 

104. Mildred Grace, born 1891. 

105. Francis Ward, born 1894. 

106. Agnes Flavilla, born 1897. 

107. Bruce Leslie, born 1900. 

(55) Francis Orren married Florence N. Wigggans in 

Issue '. 

108. Glenn Walter, born 1896. 

109. Wayne Lowrie, born 1902. 

110. Clarence Frederick, born 1906. 

(56) Cora Amelia Culbertson married first, Louis Shade 
in 1903. Louis Shade died in 1912. 


(56) Cora Amelia Culbertson married second, John Dean 
in 1918. John Dean died in 1918. 

(56) Cora Amelia Culbertson married third, E. C. Towne 
in 1922. 

(57) Gertrude Bell Culbertson married Sehon Goshua 
Gee in 1918. 


111. Howard, born 1899. 

112. Mabel, born 1904. 

113. Gertrude Agnes, born 1912. 


(95) Edith Arlene Culbertson married Russell S. Henry 
in 1920. 
Issue : 

114. Elizabeth Ann, born 1921. 

(105) Francis Ward Culbertson married Anna Rita 
Knotts in 1917. 
Issue : 

115. Eleanor Sue, born 1919. 

116. William Frederick, born 1921. 

(104) Mildred Grace married John Ardell Thompson in 

No issue. 


Francis Culbertson No. 1 was born in Chester County, 
Pennsylvania, in 1767. 

When a mere boy he commenced to deal in furs, buying 
them from trappers and Indians. He made a number of 
trips to what was the western frontier of those days. He 
had many adventures and narrow escapes. In 1794 in com- 
pany with an Indian fighter and trapper, named Ricketts, 
he came to what is now Venango County, Pennsylvania. 
Both liked the country. They returned to their eastern home 
gathered their effects and came back to Venango County 
again in 1795. Ricketts settled near Plumer and Francis on 
Oil Creek where the town of Rousville now stands. With 
Francis came his sister Mary and her husband Hamilton 
McClintock. The McClintocks settled at a place now known 
as McClintockville. Their farm joined the lands of the 
famous Indian chief Cornplanter. On the McClintock farm 


was located the famous oil spring of the Seneca Indians. 
Francis Culbertson left the Oil Creek Valley in 1805 and 
settled in the Allegheny River Valley near Eagle Rock in 
Venango County. He lived there until his death in 1853. 

Alexander Culbertson No. 14 taught school and lumbered 
when a very young man (in 1860) he became interested in 
oil and continued in this business until his death. On his 
farm near Eagle Creek, Venango County, Pennsylvania, 
several good wells were found in 1862 and 1863. He was a 
scientific farmer many years before this kind of farming 
became general. On one of his farms located in Chatau- 
qua County, New York, he one year grew a field of wheat 
that yielded 47 bushels per acre, this being the largest yield 
of that county in many years. During his entire life, he 
was liberal giver to charitable and philanthropic organiza- 
tions. In his young days he was a great hunter and spent 
considerable time in the pursuit of various kinds of game. 

Hamilton Culbertson No. 15 was a successful business 
man for many years. 

Samuel Justice, the husband of (46) Edith Culbertson 
Justice, was a self-made man of the highest type. When 
a small boy he earned the money with which to educate 
himself, and when the Civil War began, he was teaching 
school in Ohio. He enlisted in the Fifth Ohio Cavalry and 
served during the war. After its close, he came to the oil 
country, and was a buyer, producer, and refiner of oil until 
his death. He left an estate of several million dollars. His 
wife and daughter have the use of the income during their 
lives. After their death, the estate is to be used to found 
and maintain a home for the orphan children of Venango 
County, Pennsylvania. 

None of the descendants of Patrick Culbertson have car- 
ed for political careers. Patrick No. 3, was Recorder of 
Venango County at an early day and Alexander No. 14 was 
Auditor about the same time. Harry Holland Culbertson 
No. 50, has been controller of Oil City for a number of 
terms. (49) Lawrence Leslie Culbertson who was only 
twenty-three at the time he died, had already made a repu- 
tation as a journalist. 



(19) Ann McClintock, daughter of Hamilton and Mary 
Culbertson, married Moses Davidson in 1825, husband born 
1794, died 1858. 

Issue I 

1. Mary, born 1826, died 1893. 

2. Charlotte D., born 1829, died 1833. 

3. Rachel, born 1832, died 1897. 

4. Alexander, born 1835, died 1900. 

5. Anna Eliza, born 1837, died 1862. 

6. Nancy J., born 1841, died 1920. 


(1) Mary Davidson married Wilham G. Wolf, husband 


s! Eddy, born 1869, died 1871. 

9. Sara. 

(2) Rachel Davidson married (15) Hamilton Culbertson. 
See under Hamilton Culbertson in Genealogy. 

(4) Alexander Davidson married Phoebe Eleanor Mor- 
gan in 1862, wife born 1845, died 1921. 

Issue : 

10. Ida Irona, born 1863, graduate of Bucknell University, 

class of 1883. 

11. Enise Emerson born 1864, educated at Bucknell Uni- 

versity, and Lafayette College. 

12. James Urban born 1866, died 1868. 

13. Frances Lourena born 1869 educated at Bishop Thrope 

Seminary, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. 

14. Jennie May, born 1870, died 1903, honor graduate of 

Bucknell University. 

(5) Anna Eliza Davidson married J. S. McClintock. 

15. Blanche. 

16. Theodore. 

17. Willis. 

(6) Nancy Jane Davidson married Joshua E. Ewing, in 
1864, husband born 1823, died 1888. 

Issue : 

18. Lottie, born 1865. 


19. Fred, born 1867, died 1912. 

20. Jessie, born 1870, died 1895. 

21. Frank, born 1873. 

22. Arthur, born 1883, died 1900. 


(10) Ida Irona Davidson married John Heisley Weaver 
in 1887, husband born 1860. 


23. Phoebe Mildred Weaver, born 1893, educated Ogontz 

School Jenkinton, Penna, and Mt. Vernon Semi- 
nary, Washington, D. C. 

24. Marion Elizabeth Weaver, born 1899, educated Ogontz 

School Jenkinton, Penna, and Miss Spence School, 
New York. 

(11) Enise Emerson Davidson married Emily Marie 
Hastings, 1899, wife born 1869, educated University of 


25. Ruth Marie Davidson, born 1910. 

26. John Weaver Davidson, born 1904, student Pennsyl- 
vania State College. 

(13) Frances Lourena Davidson married first, in 1902 
John Gibson Coryell, husband born 1861, died 1911. 

Issue : 

27. John Burrows, born 1905. 

(13) Married second, Dietrick Lamade in 1922, husband 
born 1859. 


(23) Phoebe Mildred Weaver married John Farrell Mack- 
lin in 1915, husband born 1884, graduate of University of 

Issue : 

28. Ida Weaver Macklin born 1917. 

29. J. Heisley Weaver Macklin, born 1918. 

(24) Marion Elizabeth Weaver married Robert Simpson 
Kapman in 1917, husband educated at Princeton. 


30. Robert Simpson Kapman, Jr., born 1918. 

31. Elizabeth Simpson Kapman, born 1919. 


(19) Fred Ewing Davidson married Jennie Young 1893, 
wife born 1872. 

Issue : 
32. Guy Ewing, born 1895. 
38. Fred Ewing Jr., born 1903. 
34. Elizabeth Ewing born 1910. 


Alexander Davidson No. 4 was a man whom it was good to 
know. He was owner of the well known Davidson oil farm 
at Petroleum Center, Pa. The most famous two wells of 
Pennsylvania, the Maple Shade and Coquette, were located 
on this farm These two wells produced over eight million 
dollars worth of oil in about two years. This farm made 
Egbert Bros., of Franklin, Pa., the first millionaires in the 
oil world. Alexander Davidson sold his farm and moved to 
Williamsport, Pa. There he bought two of the finest * 
farms in Lycoming county, making his home on one of 
them. He also built a large saw mill and ran it for some 
years. Tiring of this business, he sold the farm and then 
commenced to raise trotting horses. In this he was very 
successful. Pilot Medium, one of the world's great trotters 
was raised on the Davidson farm as well as many other fa- 
mous racers. Alexander and his wife were fond of enter- 
taining their friends and extending hospitality and good 
cheer to many hundreds. He was a fine amateur musician 
in his young days. He was also a good shot and a famous 
hunter. For many years he devoted part of each season to 
the gun and rod. His wife Phoebe was indeed a helpmate. 
Generous and charitable to a fault, she had a wide circle of 
friends and did a world of good during her long, busy life. 
She took a great interest in orphans and helped many of 
them. In touch with great wealth during the closing years 
of her life she was still the same warm-hearted generous 
woman of her young days. 

(29) John Heisley Weaver, the husband of Ida Irona 
Davidson is one of the great coal mine owners of the world. 
He counts his mines by the dozen and his coal lands by the 
thousands of acres He is the largest individual mine oper- 
ator and owner of coal lands in the world. He is a million- 
aire many times over. He also controls a number of rail- 
roads. He was made Chevalier of Italy by the king of that 
country for distinguished service during the world war. 


(13) Dietrick Lamade, second husband of Lourena Da- 
vidson Coryell established the well known weekly paper 
Grit at Williamsport forty years ago. He has been at its 
head ever since and has made it a great success. He has 
lofty ideals and is foremost in every movement for the 
benefit of the community in which he lives. He is a mem- 
ber of forty-one business, fraternal, religious and civic so- 
cieties and is an officer or trustee in nineteen of them. He 
still finds time to take much enjoyment and pleasure in his 
home life. 




(Y) John Culbertson of Sherman's Valley, Cumb. Co., 
Pa. He appeared on the tax records of Toboyne Tp., Cumb. 
Co., Pa., in 1778 and until 1795. There is a Patrick Culbert- 
son appears on tax lists of Toboyne Tp., Cumb. Co., in 1779, 
but I do not now know what relation — if any — to John. 

John Culbertson's Revolutionary Record: "Pr. Sixth 
Class of 5th Batt'n, Cumb. Co., Pa., Militia. Capt. Samuel 
Lemmons Co., Col. David Mitchell in 1780. In same service 
1781-2." (Pa. Arch. Series 5, p. 338, 353, 358.) Samuel 
Lemmons lived in Toboyne Tp. as shown by 1790 Census, 
showing that his company was from this Tp. Census 1790, 
John Culbertson, self and wife, Toboyne Tp., 1 son over 16, 
3 sons under, 2 daughters. David Mitchell and Samuel 
Lemmon on Census 1790, Toboyne Tp., Cumb. Co., Pa. 

The Court Records of Cumb. Co., Pa. show that Mary 
Ann Culbertson of Mifflin Tp. (north of Shippensburg) 
made a will Feb. 16, 1843, probated March 6, 1843. She de- 
vises to her brothers John and Andrew Culbertson and sis- 
ter Jane McFit, widow of Robert McFit. Niece Mary (Mrs. 
Jonathan Kozier) . 

The name McFit is so similar to McFate that it makes 
me believe that the parties named McFit in her will are 
the McFates named in the will of John Culbertson of Craw- 
ford Co., Pa., who made his will in 1847 and same probated 
June 8, 1860. In his will he names nephew Robert McFate 
and niece Elizabeth McFate. John McFate executor. Lived 
in Fairfield Tp. I think this is John, son of John Culbert- 
son of Shermans Valley, Pa. 

Census of 1800, Toboyne Tp., Cumb. Co., Pa., gives John 
Culbertson Sr., age between 45 and upward; one male 10 
under 16 ; one male 16 and under 26 ; two males 26 under 45. 
Females one 26 and under 45 ; one female under 10. 

Francis Culbertson Sr. of Toboyne Tp. does not appear on 
this Tp. Census 1800 but is found on Census of Venango 
Co., Pa. 


Patrick Culbertson also is not found here or in Venango 
Co. Census for 1800. I have not been able to find any deed, 
will, administration, Power-of-Attorney or any record to 
give any positive evidence that this John Culbertson came 
from Delaware. The fact that John Culbertson, son of John 
Sr. St. Georges Hundred (K.K. in Section Third), disap- 
pears entirely from court and Revolutionary records in 
Nov. 1777, and not found thereafter might lead one to sus- 
pect that he went to Toboyne Tp., Cumberland Co., Pa. in 
1778, as John of Toboyne Tp., is first found on tax records 
there in 1778. 






North Carolina Warrants not investigated. 

John Culbertson (Rowan) 1799; David Culbertson 250 
acres Anson Co., 1804 ; David Culbertson 150 acres Anson 
Co., 1813 ; Andrew Culbertson 50 acres Buncombe Co., 
1817; Moses Culbertson 41/2 acres Anson Co., 1820; Josiah. 
Culbertson 5 acres Moore Co., 1820. 

In Va. (Territory of Ky.) were four or five warrants'. 
1781-1787 for several thousand acres in Central Ky. tO' 
Samuel Culbertson. Could not find out who he was. Also^ 
David Culbertson 414 acres, Todd Co., Kentucky; Joseph, 
and John Culbertson, Whitely Co., Ky. 

In Maryland, 8 acres to Thomas Culbertson in Cecil Co.,. 
in 1821. 

In Penna, James Culbertson in Mifflin Co., 1794; John in. 
Bedford ; James in 1751 Cumb. Co. 

A history of Roxburgshire Co., Scotland, says there is a. 
small stream in the county called "Culberts (or Cuthberts) 

The following Culbertsons paid pew rent in 1794 in Rocky 
Spring (Harrisburg Daily Telegraph, July 7, 1894). 

Pew No. 1 

Capt. Joseph Culbertson £2' 

Col. Samuel Culbertson £2= 

John Rea (afterwards Maj. Gen.) 10 s,. 

Pew No. 29 
Capt. Alexander Culbertson 

Pew No. 31 

Samuel Culbertson (Creek) 

Capt. Robert Culbertson 

Pew No. 50 
Oliver Culbertson 



(X) John Culbertson Sr. (fuller) died 1811. His widow 
Mary appointed administratrix. Settlement records show 
he owned land in Bedford Co., Pa. This is the John who 
was taxed on land only in Hopewell township, Bedford Co., 
from 1779 until 1811. This was sold at sheriff's sale in 
1812. He first paid tax in what is now Wayne township, 
Mifflin county, in 1782, which he bought of J. Burg, and at 
this date he lived in Fermanaugh township, Cumberland 
County, Pa. in what is now Juniata Co. Census 1790, self 
and wife, 1 son over 16, one daughter. 


The following is from Orphans' Court records of Mifflin 
County, Pa.: "Jan., 1822. Petition of Jeremiah Cunning- 
ham, alienee of Eleanor Daniel, which said Eleanor is an heir 
of John Culbertson, dec'd, son of John Culbertson, Sr. (ful- 
ler), said John, Jr. dying intestate and without heirs, estate 
goes to his brothers and sisters, i. e., Agnes Wilken, widow, 
Margaret, intermarried with McFarland ; Mary, inter- 
married with Patrick Leator; Sarah Cole, widow; Eleanor 
Daniels ; Nancy, formerly married to Alex. Wilken (since 
dead), said Nancy now resides in County Donegal, Ireland; 
Margaret (Mrs. Geo. Foster), resides in Tyrone county, 
Ireland. Petition for sale of 200 acres and Fulling Mill, in 
Wayne township." 



(Z) Rev. John Cuthbertson, Lancaster Co., Pa. (from 
Hannah's Scotch-Irish of America. Vol. 2, page 70.) John 
Cuthbertson the first missionary of the Reformed Presby- 
terian church to reach America labored in Pennsylvania 
and the adjoining colonies for nearly forty years visiting 
families and communities of his faith, ordaining elders, es- 
tablishing churches, organizing presbyteries. During the 
period of his missionary travels (1751-1790) he rode on 
horseback more than 60,000 miles, preached more than 
2400 days, baptized 1600 to 1800 children, and married 
nearly 250 couples. 

Among the places mentioned where he preached were 
Carlisle, Big Spring, Rocky Spring, Green Castle. 

Then follows several pages of his diary. 

Page 100, The Reformed Presbyterian church in America 
was first organized from congregations by the Rev, John 
Cuthbertson who came from Ulster in 1751 and labored as 
a missionary through the frontier settlements of Pennsyl- 
vania for nearly forty years ; in 1773 he was joined by the 
Rev. Mess'r Alexander Lind and Matthew Dobbin, both also 
from the north of Ireland; these three ministers met at 
Paxtang, near Harrisburg, Penna. on March 10, 1774, and 
constituted themselves as The Reformed Presbytery of 
North America. Mr. Culbertson retained the charge of 
Middle Octorora and Muddy Creek congregations, Lancas- 
ter county and Lower Chanceford in York county. 

John Cuthbertson (Rev.) rec'd patent for his farm in 
Bart Tp., Lancaster Co., Pa. in 1760. His son John app. 
admn'r in 1794 in this township, leaving a wife, Sarah, 
and daughter Sarah and son John. The diary he left was 
in Heirogliphic and portions of it have been deciphered. He 
says "Preached at Rocky Spring, Sept. 14, 1755, also Aug. 
22, 1757, Apr. 1, 1756, met many Indians on Conococheague 
Creek. Preached at Middle Spring, lost pistol on way to 
Carlisle. Apr. 9, 1759 preached at Rocky Spring. Oct. 13, 
1762, preached at Shippensburg, bugs so bad could not 
sleep; Mar. 27, '65, Nov. 11, '65 preached at Rocky Spring." 

As the massacre of McCords Fort occurred April 1, 1756, 
and Battle of Sideling Hill, Apr. 2, 1756, it is very probable 
that he held funeral services (or assisted) of victims at Mc- 
Cords Fort and of those of Sideling Hill. Rev. John had a 
son, Dr. John. 


Rev. John Cuthbertson came to America in 1751 from 
Lanark Co., Scotland. His sister was the wife of Archibald 
Bourns who accompanied him to Lancaster Co., Pa. (see 
McCauley's Hist., Franklin Co., Pa., page 299.) Census 1790 
Bart Tp., Lancaster Co., Dr. John, males one, females two 
(mother and sister Sarah). 

I do not believe McCauley is correct in stating Rev. Cuth- 
bertson was from Scotland. I take Hannah as authority 



Pension Records show "Robert Culbertson 3rd Mo. Mil. 
war of 1846, Capt. Benj. W. Smithers, Co., enlisted Sept. 
1846, died in service. Father William Culbertson, filed 
claim Sept. 1852, aged 61, lived in St. Clair Co., Mo. Wife's 
name Elizabeth, (soldier was unmarried). Children: Rob- 
ert, the soldier, Marv, Andrew, Elizabeth, Wm., Jas., Ezra 
B., John A., Green B. H. Who is he? 

Land Office Records of Tenn, down to 1830 show no war- 
rants to Culbertsons. 

Census 1790 for S. Car. in Beaufort County gives Mrs. 
Penella Culbertson, 2 sons under 16 years; 2 daughters. 
The County Clerk of Court of that county has no record 
of them or any Culbertsons and that their court records 
were destroyed during the Civil War." 

Census 1790, York County, Pa. (Hamilton Tp.) gives 
Samuel Culbertson and wife, no children. No will in York 
County. This township was thrown into Adams County in 
1880. Letters of administration were granted John A. Mc- 
Kesson June 2nd, 1814 on the estate of this Samuel Cul- 
bertson but nothing further was done in court and there 
are no deeds to or from him. 

William Culbertson born in Cork, Ireland. Revolution- 
ary Record: Jan. 28, 1776, enlisted in Capt. Nathaniel 
Smith's Co. Md. Art'y. Nov. 17, 1777 transferred to Capt. 
Richard Dorsey's Co. Md. Art'y. Dorsey's Co. was at Val- 
ley Forge with Md. troops. (Md. Arch.), 

Note: — In the Delaware Archives is also found (Vol. II) 
"William Culbertson in Capt. Isaac Alexander's Co. Del. 
Militia Nov. 1, 1778 to March 31, 1779." "Also same Capt. 
and Co., Aug. 17, 1779." I can find no other William Cul- 
bertson at this date in New Castle Co., Del., to whom this 
record could be ascribed. 

Census 1790 gives a James Culbertson, Luzerne Co., Pa., 
males one, female one. 

John Culbertson served in Capt. James Bryson's Co., of 
Westmoreland Co., Pa. Rangers, 1781-2. (Pa. Arch. Vol. 23, 
p. 223-325). I cannot place this party. 



Dr. Norman E. Culbertson of Whitehorse, Yukon, Alas- 
ka, was born near Meaford, Ontario, Can., Dec. 9, 1882. 
Graduated in Medicine, Toronto, in 1909. Spent two years 
in Toronto General Hospital — then went to Dawson City, 
Yukon, and since 1920 has practiced at Whitehorse, Yukon, 
Alaska. His father moved from Renfrewshire, Scotland, 
in early life to Meaford, Ontario, and died in 1896, Jan. 30, 
aged 60 years. He had a brother Alexander and sister 
Agnes. His wife's father came from Scotland and was 
born in Ayrshire. She was born Jan. 11, 1842; name Agnes 
Hunter. Living. Dr. Norman's father was Edward Cul- 
bertson, born near Barrie, Ont. 

Dr. Norman E. Culbertson also took Post Graduate work 
in New York. 



Stephen Culbertson, a prominent druggist of Kansas 
City, Mo., gives this information regarding his family : 

My father Stephen Culbertson (d. Sept. 21, 1889), mar- 
ried Melissa Anna Day of Greenville, Ind., April 13th, 1864, 
at Topeka, Kansas. Had 5 children: Sara Jane, born Sept. 
28th, 1865, died Nov., 1865 ; John Wesley, born March 10th, 
1867, died July 13th, 1884; Francis Ausbury, born May 
16th, 1869; living in Miami, Ariz., unmarried; Anna Marie, 
born Aug. 10th, 1875, married F. A. Goss of Leavenworth, 
Kans., Sept. 9th, 1894, had two children, Alfred F. and 
Stephen C, now in Fresno, Cal., was divorced and remar- 
ried, now lives in Los Angeles, Cal. Stephen born March 
25th, 1880, married Elizabeth Robertson of Sibley, Mo., 
Aug. 3, 1902, has two children, Elizabeth Mary, born Feb. 
19th, 1906 ; Helen J. born Jan. 7th, 1908. 



Wm. Culbertson, member of Col. Brooks' Regt. Continen- 
tal Line, Mass. Lived in N. Y. close to Mass. line. Born 
1761 in Tyrone Co., Ireland. Enrolled Oct. 1, 1781, Oct. 
1778." (Quoting Rev. John N. Culbertson, Wash., D. C.) 

In Census 1790, Schenectady, N. Y. Not in Mass. Cen- 
sus 1790. 




David Culbertson of Lincoln Co., Ky. was given in the 
first edition of Culbertson Genealogy, page 103, (12) as a 
son of Col. Samuel Culbertson of Pa. "Row." This is an 
error. The statement on p. 134 of first edition "David had 
not received his inheritance from Col. Samuel's estate" is 
not true as Settlement Records of Franklin Co., Pa. show 
that the executors of Col. Samuel Culbertson in their final 
account paid David in full (1823). 

The County Clerk of Court of Lincoln Co., Ky. (and sev- 
eral other counties in Ky. as well as at Bedford, Indiana) 
informs me that there is no will or administration of David 
Culbertson and no deeds from him. The only record was a 
marriage license of Sarah Bright to David Culbertson in 

The Census of Lincoln Co., Ky., for 1820, gives David 
Culbertson, age 45 years, Sarah Culbertson, age 45 ; chil- 
dren eight. Census 1830 does not give David but gives 
Sarah, age between 40 and 50 with eleven children. David, 
son of Col. Samuel Culbertson of "Culbertson Row," Pa., 
was born 1789 so this eliminates him as the ancestor of this 
family. David, Sr., son of John, Sr., of Del. was born be- 
fore 1762, so this eliminates him. David, Jr., son of Wm. 
of Pencader, Del., married Clarissa Brevard of New Castle 
Co., Del. in 1800 and went to Clark Co., Ky, so this elimi- 
nates him. We cannot tell where David Culbertson of Lin- 
coln Co., Ky., came from. 

David's descendants say he was eighteen when he ran 
away from home in Pennsylvania (?). 

David of Lincoln Co., Ky. — his widow told her son that 
David ran away from home when 18 years old and never re- 
ceived his share, $1100, in his father's estate, and that he 
came from Pennsylvania and his whereabouts was un- 
known. He was one of Kentucky's greatest pugilists and 
was a giant six feet, nine inches tall. 

Sarah (Bright) Culbertson died in Bedford Co., Ind. in 
1869. Her husband died about 1830 in Lincoln Co., Ky. He 
owned no property. His wife inherited her property from 
her father, John Bright of Ky. Family tradition had it 
that David came from Culbertson Row, Pa. 



David Culbertson mar. Sarah Bright, 1805. Widow died 
1869 in Lawrence Co., Ind. 

1. John B., drowned in Ohio River, April 2, 1852. 

2. George, d. in fifties. Lived in Ky. 

3. David. 

4. Lucy. 

5. Christena. 

6. Margaret. 

7. Emily. 

8. Clementine. 

9. Elizabeth. 

10. Mary. 

11. Sarah. 

12. Drusey. 

13. Henry, b. 1817. 


(1) John B. Culbertson, mar. 1842. Moved from Lincoln 
Co., Ky. to Lawrence Co., Ind. about 1838, widow moved to 
Clay Co., 111. in 1860. 

Issue ' 

14. George, d. July 27, 1864 at Vining Sta., Ga. (Priv. Co. 

B. 38th Ills. Vol.) 

15. Henry, d. 1849. 

16. Tucker W., b. Nov. 12, 1846. Served in Civil War with 

Sherman, Pr. Co. B, 48th Ills. Vols. 

17. Christena, d. in youth. 

18. Sarah, d. 

19. Mary Jane, d. 

(2) George Culbertson mar. . Lived in Lawrence 

Co., Ind. 


20. Son. Lived Georgia, Lawrence Co., Ind. 

(3) David Culbertson mar. Miss Robinson of Ky. Both 
died same year. 


21. James Henry. 24th Ky. Inf. Killed at Battle Cedar 
Mt. Raised by his uncle Henry. 

(4) Lucy Culbertson mar. W. H. Bryant of Bryantsville, 
Jnd. Had issue. 


(5) Christena Culbertson mar, first Mr. Kerns; married 
second Col. Henry D. Bedford of Indiana. No issue. 

(6) Margaret married Thos. Hickman of Council Bluffs, 
Cal. Issue not known. 

(10) Mary Culbertson married Mr. Embree of Bryants- 
ville, Ind. Issue not known. 

(7) Emily Culbertson mar. Franklin Russell of Mitchell- 
ville, la. 

22. David Russell. 

(8) Clementine Culbertson married Joseph Russell of 
Perry, la. Issue not known. 

(9) Elizabeth Culbertson mar. Mr. Embree of Bryants- 
ville, Ind. 

(11) Sarah Culbertson married Thos. Robinson of Bry- 
antsville, Ind. Issue not known. 

(12) Drusey Culbertson mar. first Geo. Bright, second 
Mr. Woolrey of Bedford, Ind. Issue? 

(13) Henry Culbertson mar. Mary E. Williamson of 
Green Castle, Ind. Lived at Bedford, Ind. until 1855. In 
Washington, D. C, 1892. 23 to 30. Daughters. Youngest 
Sarah was in the Pension Dept. at W^ashington in 1892. 


(16) Tucker W. Culbertson mar. Margaret J. McKnelly, 
June 16, 1866. Hotel propr. Tuscola, Ills. Also Capt. Co. 
I, 9th Ills Vols. Spanish-American War. Fought in Cuba, 

Issue : 

31. Luella (Mrs. Sherman Moss). 

32. Fannie. 

33. Mary J. (Mrs. Allen Lindsay). 

34. Rebecca E. 

35. Anna E. 

36. Alonzo A. 

37. John B. 

38. Theodore. 

39. Thomas. 

40. Adaline, d. infancy. 


(18) Sarah Culbertson married A. C. Kellurns. 

41. Laura Kellurns. 

42. Nannie. 

43. Eva. 

44. William. 

45. George. 

(19) Mary June Culbertson mar. Lorenzo D. McKnelly. 

46. Henry. 

47. Isabelle. 

48. Sallie. 

49. Thomas. 



I received a letter from Mr. Samuel Culbertson Feland of 
Washington, D. C. about ten years ago in which he stated : 
"My great grandmother's name was Sarah Culbertson. She 
was born in Old Fort Culbertson in or near Culbertson Row, 
Pa. and was the first child born in that fort. She was mar- 
ried to my great grandfather, Thomas Feland, and they 
lived in Kentucky and raised a large family of children. I 
do not know when they were married but would like to 
know the name of her father and mother." 

It seems to me that this man's ancestress can be only one 
of two different parties. One party who might have been 
his ancestress was Ann Culbertson, daughter of Irish Rob- 
ert of Peters Tp., Cumb. Co., Pa. She was living in 1788 
(born about 1760) at Shermans Valley, Cumb. Co. (present 
Perry Co.), Pa. Some of the Culbertsons of Delaware state 
moved to Kentucky (Clarke Co.) but I could find no evi- 
dence that Mr. Feland married any of these. 

I find on examining the Census Records of 1790 for 
Pennsylvania that no Thomas Feland or Felan appears 
thereon, showing that Thomas Feland did not live in Penn- 
sylvania in 1790. 

I find on the Tax Records of Northumberland Co., Va. 
for 1782 that a Wm. Fallin is given with family of eight 
and seven slaves. 

Samuel Felland of Washington states that his great 
grandmother, Sarah Culbertson Feland was born in old 
Fort Culbertson. There were two Fort Culbertsons, one in 
Culbertson Row, Pa., and one at Culbertson Bottom, Va., on 
the New River, the latter built in 1753 by Andrew Culbert- 
son. It is possible that his ancestress may have been a 
daughter of Andrew Culbertson of Shippensburg, who built 
Fort Culbertson in Virginia. 

Have never been able to ascertain the name of this An- 
drew Culbertson's daughters, if any. 

Wm. Fellin of Northumberland Co., Va. having a family 
of eight in 1782 would indicate that he must have been born 
by 1750-55 and his wife about the same period. The Cen- 
sus of 1790 for South Carolina does not show any Felands. 


Census of 1790 for South Carolina shows this family not in 
North Carolina. 

Thomas Feland (so his grandson says) moved from 
Campbel Co., Va., to Danville, Ky., and then to Glasgow, 
Barren Co., Ky. Campbel Co., Va. is close to Rockbridge 
Co. Campbel Co., Va. was organized in 1782, therefore 
Thos. Feland must have left this county after 1782. 

Sarah Fallin is given on tax lists 1782, Northumberland 
Co., Va., three in family. 



(3) James Cuibertson married Elizabeth Stillings of 
Franklin Co., Pa. (according to his great grandson, R. L. 
Cuibertson). Said Elizabeth Stillings born about 1770 and 
died 1860 at Pittsburg. R. L. Cuibertson in 1892 stated 
that James Cuibertson, his ancestor, came from Cuibertson 
Row, Pa. and that about 1794 he moved to Havre de Grace, 
Md., and died there in 1815 (Court Records at Bel Air, Md. 
give no record of him). He stated that after James' death 
his widow moved to Chambersburg and then to Pittsburgh, 
where she died. That after 1815 she went to Chambers- 
burg where her step-mother-in-law lived ; then to Pitts- 


Issue '. 

1. Aniie, b. 1796; d. 1854. 

2. Jane, b. 1800 ; d. 1868. Unmarried. 

3. Hannah, b. 1802; d. 1866. 

4. Martha, b. 1804. 

5. Levi, b. 1806. 

6. James, b. 1808. 


(1) Annie Cuibertson mar. John Bennett. 
Issue : 
8. Wm. Muscatine, la. 

(3) Hannah Cuibertson mar. Standford Jester of Alle- 
gheny, Pa. in 1821. 

Issue : 
9. Melissa. 

10. Eliza. 

11. Francis. 

13. Sarah (Mrs. Forne). 

14. Maria. 

15. Amanda (Mrs. J. Ricorder). Lorain Co., 0. 

(4) Martha Cuibertson mar. David Curry. Went west. 

16. Margaret (Mrs. Coates). Duquesne, Pa. 

(5) Levi Cuibertson married Miss Nancy Smith, a cousin 
of Gen. U. S. Grant, and moved to Wis. 


17. James. 
18-21. Daughters. 

(6) James Culbertson married Miss Jane Guthrie of Mer- 
cer Co., Pa. 
Issue * 

22. Montilian, b. 1830; d. 1842. 

23. Clorinda, b. 1834. 

24. Elizabeth, b. 1838; d. 1868. 

25. Robert L., b. 1842. 

26. Sarah J., b. 1846; d. 1880. 


(23) Clorinda Culbertson mar. Hugh Roberts of Shire 
Gas, Wash. Co., Pa. 


27. (Mrs. L. L. Cavenaugh), Hope Church, Alle- 
gheny Co., Pa. 

28. (Mrs. John Dalle), Charleroi, Pa. 

29. Nettie (Mrs. Bently), Washington Co., Pa. 

30. Elizabeth (Mrs. Beodell), W. Elizabeth, Pa. 

31. George B. W. Elizabeth, Pa. 

32. Phillip B. Shire Oaks, Pa. 

(24) Elizabeth Culbertson married A. F. Ferrell. 

33. W. J. Ferrell, W. Elizabeth, Pa. (Carpenter). 

(25) R. L. Culbertson married Kate E. Borky in 1866, 
Served four vears under Gen. Sherman in Army of the 
Cumberland. " Pr. 79 Pa. Inf. Lived W. Elizabeth, Pa. Dry 
goods merchant. 

34. Maud A., d. 1880. 

35. Elizabeth, d. 1870. 

36. Effie, d. 1878. 

37. Jenny (unmarried). 

38. Charles. 

39. Thelma. 

(26) Sarah J. Culbertson married L. H. Dolly of W. Eliz- 
abeth, Pa. 


40. Edwin L., of W. Elizabeth, Pa. (Painter). 

41. Harry, W. Elizabeth, Pa. (Coppersmith), 

42. H. (Telegrapher). 

43. C. H. Duuesne, Pa. (Coppersmith). 




Carlisle, Pa., Dec, 1921. 
Dr. L. R. Culbertson, 

Zanesville, Ohio. 

Dear Sir : — Preparatory to giving you the result of my 
canvassing the tax lists of early Cumberland County, I 
trust I may be permitted to say that the task involved more 
labor than I anticipated as I am sure I canvassed not less 
than 3000 to 4000 names to cull out what I herewith give. 
But in order that you may have a more definite under- 
standing of the early Townships of the County, I mean 
those which were formed before the respective counties 
were strickn from Cumberland. 

Bedford County was stricken off Cumberland in 1771 ; 
the townships formed prior to that date were Colerain, 
Cumberland and Bedford, all 1767. 

Franklin was taken off in 1784; townships prior to that 
date, Antrim in 1741 (whilst yet a parcel of Lancaster Co.), 
Peters 1750, Hamilton 1752, Guilford 1760, Lurgan 1750, 
Fannett 1761, Let^erkenny 1762, Washington 1779, Mont- 
gomery 1781 and Southhampton in 1783. 

Huntingdon Co. taken 1787; Barre township formed 
1767. Taken from Bedford. 

Fulton Co. taken from Bedford 1850; townships in its 
present confines formed when yet in Bedford, Dublin in 
1767, and Ayer 1769. 

Mifflin taken from Cumberland and Northumberland in 
1739; Townships Derry and Armaugh 1770; Wayne from 
Derry 1782-3. 

Perry Co. was taken from Cumberland 1820. Townships 
prior to that, Tyrone 1754, Toboyne 1763, Greenwood 1767, 
Juniatta 1793, Buffalo 1798, and Saville in 1817. 

Juniatta Co. taken from Mifflin 1831 ; townships prior 
when part of Cumberland, Fermanah 1763, Lack 1778 and 
Milford, don't have date. 

The name of Robert Culbertson as it appears in different 
places is somewhat confusing and I give it as I find it here, 
together with other assessments, etc., which may be of 
value to you. As to Thomas Culbertson I cannot find his 
name anywhere in our records. The townships I give you 


above embrace all the territory known as Shermans, prior 
to the separation of the respective counties from Cumber- 

The first evidence I can find of a Robert Culbertson is he 
is assessed in Peters Township in 1751. 

In that same year I find James, Joseph and Oliver as- 
sessed in Hopewell, at present in Cumberland but which 
then covered a large part of Franklin County. 

In 1753 Samuel, Oliver and Joseph were assessed in Lur- 
gan Township. 


1771 — Robert, James and Alexander are assessed in 
Cumberland Township and a Thomas Clark and Robert as- 
sessed this year also in Colerain. 

Samuel (Irish) Robert, Samuel, James son of Samuel, 
Joseph, Samuel and John assessed in Letterkenny. 

1772 — Robert assessed 300 acres in Letterkenny or An- 
trim (Irish Samuel's son). 

1773 — Alexander assessed in Guilford; Samuel, Robert, 
Joseph and John in Letterkenny. 

1774 — John assessed in Armaugh, Robert in Hopewell, 
Oliver in Lurgan, and Samuel, John and Alex, in Letter- 

1775 — John assessed in Armaugh, Alex, in Guilford, 
Oliver, John and Samuel in Lurgan, John in Letterkenny, 
as well as Samuel 1st, Samuel 4th, and Joseph in Letter- 
kenny. Samuel (3rd), John (Mountain), Robert, John, 
Alex., freeman Joseph, Jr. 

1776 — John assessed Armaugh; Robert, Hopewell; John 
in Lurgan; John 1st and John 2nd, Oliver and Alexander in 
Letterenny; ditto Samuel (1st), Samuel (4th); Joseph, 
Samuel (3rd) ; freeman Joseph. 

1778 — John assessed Armaugh, Alexander in Guilford, 
Robert in Hopewell and John in Teboyne. 

1779 — Alex, and Elizabeth assessed in Guilford; Samuel 
Sr.; Samuel (Creek) ; Alex., John 1st, John (Mt.), Joseph, 
Sr., and Joseph, Jr., in Letterkenny; John and Patrick in 
Teboyne; Samuel (Col.) in Letterkenny; Elizabeth (widow 
of Robert). 

1780 — John and Robert assessed in Lurgan Co., Samuel, 
Robert, Joseph Sr., Samuel Sr., Samuel (Creek) in Letter- 
kenny ; Patrick and John in Teboyne. 

1781 — Robert's heirs, John, Oliver, Samuel (Creek), Col. 
Samuel, Robert, Joseph, Alex. (Tanner), Samuel Sr., in 
Letterkenny, Patrick and John in Teboyne. 


1782 — Robert in Hopewell, John in Lurgan, Capt. Joseph, 
Col. Samuel, Robert, Jno., Samuel (Creek), Oliver, Alex., 
Samuel Sr. and Samuel Jr., in Letterkenny, also Robert's 
heirs and Robert. 

1785 — John in Armaugh, John in Wayne, Robert, Hope- 
well ; John and Robert a renter in Teboyne ; Guilford, Eliza- 
beth, widow; Letterkenny, Robert, John, Samuel (Creek), 
Oliver, Alex., Samuel Sr., Samuel (2nd) ; Lurgan, John. 

1786 — John in Armaugh, Col. Robert Hopewell; John and 
Patrick in Teboyne and John in Wayne. 

1787 — Col. Robert in Hopewell, John and Patrick in 

1783 — John in Armaugh, Col. Robt. and Andrew in Hope- 
well, John and Patrick in Teboyne, and two Johns in 

1789 — John in Armaugh, Robert and Andrew in Hope- 
wel, John and Patrick in Teboyne and John in Wayne. 

1793 — John and Patrick in Tebovne and the same in 

1763 — John, Joseph, Samuel and Robert in Letterkenny. 

1766 — Robert in Hopewell and Oliver in Lurgan. 

1768-1769— Robert Culbertson in Hopewell. 

1770 — Robt., John, Samuel (widower), Saml. (Jos. son) ; 
Joseph, Saml Sr., Saml (wagoner), in Letterkenny. 

The foregoing is all the Culbertson names I can find in 
the old assessment lists preserved here. I trust the list 
may be of value to you. 

Respectfully yours, 


Carlisle, Penna. 

1772 — Alex, son of Irish Sam'l, real and personal in Guil- 

1762 — Hopewell, Wm. Robert, real and pers. ; Fannett, 
Alex, (land only) ; Letterkenny, Sam'l, John, Joseph, Sam'l, 
Robt. ; Lurgan, Oliver. 

NOTE : — The above letter gives tax lists. I have also in- 
serted into these lists names I found on tax lists when I ex- 
amined same 25 years ago. The following I found on lists 
of Chester Co., Pa. 

1713 — Robert Culbertson, Kennett Tp. ; John Culbertson, 
Londongrove Tp. 

1726 — Andrew Culbertson, Kennett. 

1740 — Robert Culbertson, Kennett Tp. ; Samuel Culbert- 
son, Londongrove. 


1735 — Oliver Culbertson, Londongrove Tp. 

1762 — Widow Jane (Roberts) Culbertson. Kennett. 

1757 — John Culbertson, Londongrove. 

1769 — John, Londongrove. 

1767 — Abigail Culberson (widow John) East Coin. 

1767 — John Culberson (Major), East Coin. 

1769 — John Culberson (Major), East Coin. 

1769 — James Culberson, East Coin. 

1757 — John Culberson, East Coin. 

1767 — Andrew Culberson, East Coin. 

1767 — John Culberson, Londongrove. 

1767 — Jane Culberson, Kennett. 

1776 — East Coin Tp., John and Samuel, Benjamin free- 

1776 — Pikeland Tp., Samuel. 1774, same. 

1787 — Samuel Culbertson; Samuel Culbertson Jr. East 
Coin Tp. 

1762 — Vincent Tp., Samuel. 

1732 — Londongrove, Samuel ; Kennett, Robert. 

1730 — Samuel Culberson, Londongrove Tp. (not on book 

1766 — John Culbertson, East Nottingham Tp., freeman. 




On June 3rd, 1776, Congress resolved that a Flying Camp 
be organized in the Middle Colonies, of 10,000 men, for 
service anywhere, until Dec, 1776. 6,000 from Pa., 3400 
from Md., 600 from Del. July 3, 1776, Congress urged Pa. 
to forward all the troops she could spare to Gen. Washing- 
ton in N. J. (See Minutes of Council of Safety, Vol. X, p. 
60-61. Also Md. Arch. Vol. — , p. 29.) 

"Minute Men" : On July 18, 1775, Congress recommended 
that all able-bodied men between 16 and 60 years be enroll- 
ed and that one-fourth be selected for "minute men to 
march anywhere." (See Minutes of Council of Safety, Vol. 
X, p. 292-293.) 




In Chapter XXIV, one of the sons of (31) George W. Cul- 
bertson on page 195 is given WilHam (78). There was no 
Wilham but there was given on page 195, George WilHam 
Culbertson, of near Sonora, Muskingum Co., Ohio. He was 
usually called William. He married Fanny Cullens of So- 
nora, 0., in 1893. His children are given in the latter part 
of Chapter XXIV. 

(76) Howard M. Culbertson, brother of the above, is un- 
married and lives near Sonora, Ohio. 

On page 152, Mrs. Emily (Culbertson) Walker (245), 
daughter of (143) Sidney M. Culbertson of Denver, Col., 
was married Dec. 11, 1922 to Bruce Kistler of Denver, Col. 
Miss Kathrine Culbertson (246), her sister, was married 
March 3, 1923, to J. Franks of Denver, Col., a chemist. 

(245) Emily Culbertson mar. first Gerald Walker of Den- 
ver, Colo. 

Joseph Culbertson, Chapter XV, page 75, son of (III) 
Andrew Culbertson of Rockbridge Co., Va. The question 
of whether this man had a Revolutionary record is discuss- 
ed on page 75. This evidence does not give him a military 
record and we find no more data. Who the Joseph Culbert- 
son in Capt. Gilder's Co. in 1776 was we cannot say. A 
granddaughter in 1892 — as well as others — claimed he was 
in the Revolutionary War and was wounded. This was tra- 
dition. It is possible they got him mixed with Chas. Kil- 
gore, who was the father-in-law of Joseph Culbertson's son 
James of Scott Co., Va. 

Chapter XXVII, page 230. 


(57) Alexander Culbertson, b. June 13, 1848, mar. 

(wife b. Aug. 31, 1843). 

104%. Harry, b. Jan. 4, 1873. 
1041/2. Aubrey, b. Sept. 1, 1876. 
104%- Pearl, b. Aug. 7, 1878. 
104%. Nell, b. Apr. 18, 1882. 
1047/8. Fred, b. June 30, 1885. 
104 8-8. Margaret, b. March 1, 1895. 


Note: — There are also given Armenia, b. July 22, 1910; 
Jeanette, b. Nov. 23, 1913. It is not clear from data sent 
whether these are children or grand-children of (57) Alex- 
ander and wife. 

(591/9) William Culbertson married Miss Mary Ander- 
son, Jan. 1, 1866. (wife b. 1846; d. Dec. 16, 1922). Their 
issue on page 232 was incorrect. Issue here given is cor- 

105. James, b. Nov. 27, 1866. 

105 1-5. George, b. May 7, 1869. 
105 2-5. Hugh, b. Aug. 18, 1872. 

105 3-5. Belle, b. Apr. 20, 1884. Married to Wilmer Mc- 
Arthur, Oct. 1, 1902. Issue: Florence McAr- 
thur (Mrs. Andrew Bair), b. Dec. 31, 1903; Le- 
ona, b. June 19, 1906; Leroy. b. Sept. 12, 1918; 
Lester, b. June 14, 1922). 
105 4-5. Archie Culbertson, b. Jan. 31, 1887. Florence Mc- 
Arthur married Andrew Bair, Dec. 22, 1922. Is- 
sue: Wm. Edward Bair, b. Nov. 19, 1922. 

On pages 28 and 31 will be found (195) John Thomas 
Culbertson, married Orlena M. Kidner. Lives at Duluth, 


261. Lucius Linn, b. , 1876, in Iowa. Lives So. Min- 

neapolis, Minn. 

262. Byron John Culbertson, born in Iowa 1879. Lives 

Duluth, Minn. 

263. Vern Randolph, b. , 1884, in la. Lives So. Min- 


(261) Lucius Linn Culbertson married to Louisa Grady, 
(wife b. 1877, Wis.) 


274. John Randolph, b. Duluth, Minn., 1907. 

275. Wm. Harrison, b. Duluth, Minn., 1910. 

(262) Byron John Culbertson, married Nina Nelson 
(wife b. ). 


276. John Byron, b. . Duluth, Minn. 

(263) Vernon Randolph Culbertson married Cora Chand- 
ler. Issue: None. 


On page 111 of this (Revised) Edition was omitted the 
name of (40) Priscilla Culbertson. Her name is found on 
page 119. 

Delayed data which was written by Joel W. Shackelford, 
Aug. 11, 1895, is as follows: 

"Priscilla Culbertson, p. 84 (40), married James Madison 
Shackelford of Ky. in 1836 (He was born in Richmond, Ky., 
Jan. 4, 1812, son of George Lyne Shackelford and wife, 
Martha Hockaday. George Lyne Sr. was born in King and 
Queen Co., Va. in 1780, the son of Lyne Shackelford and 
wife Elizabeth Taliaferro) . 

Priscilla Culbertson Shackelford's children were: 

(116) 1. (Col.) George Taliaferro, born Springfield, Ills., 
1837 (now Denver, Colo.). 

2. John Taliaferro, born Springfield, Ills, 1839 ; died 

(117) 3. Edmund James, born in Illinois on way to Ken- 
tucky, 1840 ; now Mt. Sterling, Ky. 

4. Mary, born in Richmond, Ky., 1842; died young. 

Priscilla C, wife of James M. S., died in Richmond, Ky., 
in 1845. 

James M. Shackelford remarried in 1847, Melissa Walker 
of Richmond, Ky. There were 4 children by this marriage, 
Patty, Jenny, Joel Walker and William. All died in infan- 
cy, excepting Joel W., born 1851, who is married and has 7 
children. He lives at Denver, Colorado. 

James M. Shackleford, husband of Priscilla C, died 1867 
in Richmond, Ky. He and his young wife, Priscilla, moved 
ot Springfield, Ills., when first married. He called on the 
school teacher, Abe Lincoln, to survey him a piece of land 
and they were warm friends ever afterwards. Studied law 
together. Pres. Lincoln offered him Brig. Generalship, 
which was declined. His son, George T., was Col. 6th Ky. 
Vols. He has family and living at Denver, Colo. 

On page 149, Alice Estella Daily married Alex K. Goudy. 
Husband dead. Was Nebraska State Supt. of Schools. 

Daughter, died aged four. 

(64) Emily Edith Woods, page 142 (No. 64). 

Carrie, mar. Philip Cyester. 
Charles, d. 


Anna, mar. Briggs ; daughter Frances, 

Arthur, d. 

Nellie, mar. E. W. Gillette. Issue: Lola, Arthur, d., Edith. 

On page 154 (271) Ralph Benj. Bedell is Supt. of Schools, 
Ashland, Kans. His sister (270) Bess C. Bedell, is princi- 
pal of Rose Hill School, Omaha, Neb. 

On page 153 (263) Alice Culbertson (married James Pet- 
erson) is Principal of Dundee School, Omaha, Neb. 

On page 154 (170) Leafie Emma Culbertson married 
George Rogers. Issue: 272. Floyd Culbertson Rogers, b. 
1891; 27214. George Melbourne, b. Apr. 4, 1898; 2721/2- 
Donald Alan Rogers, b. June 19, 1909. 

(272) Floyd C. Rogers is First Assistant Engineer in 
Merchant Marine Service. Married Anna , in Sweden. 


310. Leafie Charlotte, b. Jan. 1921. 

311. Alice Estella, b. Mar. 1923. 

2721/4,. George M. Culbertson is a young attorney in Oma- 
ha, Neb. 

On page 197, William C. Van Home (109) is given as 
having been a Capt. in the World War. This is an error. 
It was his brother-in-law, Capt. Smith, husband of Mary 
Van Home (113). 

On page 153 Charles W. Culbertson (164) there was 
omitted his daughter 26414, Elizabeth. 

(153) mar. third Elizabeth . 

2641/2- William, b. Jan. 1, (This Wm. married twice). 

(167) Nettie Culbertson mar. C. M. Wherry. One child 
omitted, i. e. 2691/?, Lydia Culbertson Wherry,b. Sept. 6, 

(168) Harry Wilbur Culbertson mar. first Otto Butler. 

Samuel Culbertson. 

(168) Harry W. C. mar. second Idress Lawrence. No is- 
sue. He then mar. third Mrs. Ruby Collins. No issue. 

(170) Leafie Culbertson mar. George Rogers. 
Issue * 
272. Floyd B., b. Dec. 5, 1889. 


272l^. George Melbourne, b. April 5, 1899. 
2721/2. Donald Alan, b. June 19, 1909. 

(171) Grace Dailey Culbertson mar. Elbridge W. White, 
Baptist evangelist. No issue. 


(261) Charles D. Culbertson mar. Mame Mahan. 
Issue : 

A boy. 

(262) Laura Culbertson mar. Lotta Davis. 
Issue: Six. 

(263) Alice Culbertson, mar. James C. Peterson, June 10, 
1908. No issue. 

(264) Edith Culbertson mar. George Batty, Dec. . 

Issue: George Edward; Robert. 

(26414) William Culbertson mar. first . 

William Culbertson mar. second . 

(265) Grace Fort mar. John Wiles, Sept. 1898. 
Charles, b. June 24, 1899. 

(267) Nettie Fort mar. Carl Ferguson. 

Alice, July, 1906. 

(268) Nellie Fort mar Dr. Albert Gardner. 

Albert, b. . 

(269) Lee B. Wherry, mar. Claire O'Brien, Nov. 16, 1920. 

Marjorie, b. Oct. 1, 1921. 

(2691/)) Lida Wherry mar. George Yoeman, April 30, 

George Wallace, b. Feb. 1, 1915. 
Janice, b. Aug. 10, 1920. 

Sam Culbertson mar. Rose . (Son of 168). 

Issue: Two. 

(271) R. B. Bedell mar. Mabel Adair Bowen, Aug. 20, 


1911 at Osborne, Kans. Wife b. Nov. 13, 1884, at Smith 
Center, Kans. 

Margaret Bess, b. June 26, 1915. 
Alice Ann, b. Oct. 28, 1918. 

(272) Floyd Rogers, mar. Anna . 

Charlotte Leafie, b. Jan. — , 1920. 
Alice, b. , 1923. 

(261) Charles Culbertson, now living at Shelby ville, Ind., 
is president of the First National Bank there. 

Alice Peterson, Benbow Apts., Omaha, is principal of the 
Dundee School. One of the largest in the city. 

Bess Bedell, Peru, Nebr., Principal of Rose Hill School, 

R. B. Bedell, Ashland, Nebr., Supt. of Public Schools. A. 
B., Peru Normal; M. A. University of Nebr. 

George Rogers, Omaha, Nebr., Attorney. 

Lida Yoeman, lives at Hastings, Nebr. 

Charles Draper, d. Aug. , 1907. 



IN 1922 

John Culbertson, Pa. Line*t Alexander Culbertson, Pa. Line *t 

John Culbertson, Pa. Mil. Samuel Culbertson, Pa. Mil. 

Andrew Culbertson, Pa. Mil. Robert Culbertson, Pa. Mil. 

James Culbertson, Pa. Line*t Alexander Culbertson, Pa. Mil. 

John Culbertson, Pa. Mil.* John Culbertson, Pa. Mil. 

Samuel Culbertson, Pa. Mil* James Culbertson, Pa. Mil. 

Benjamin Culbertson, Pa. Mil* Joseph Culbertson, Pa. Line* 

Samuel Culbertson, Sr., Pa. Linef Robert Culbertson, Pa. Mil. 

Samuel Culbertson, Pa. Mil. Josiah Culbertson, S. Car. Mil. 

John Culbertson, Pa. Mil. William Culbertson, N. Car. Mil 

John Culbertson, Pa. Mil. Robert Culbertson, N. Car. Mil. 

Robert Culbertson, Pa. Mil. Samuel Culbertson (Dr.) Va. Line 

Alexander Culbertson, Pa. Mil. Joseph Culbertson, Va. iLine. 

James Culbertson, Pa. L. H. James Culbertson, Va. Line. 

Joseph Culbertson, Pa. Mil. James Culbertson, Va. Line. 

Robert Culbertson, Pa. Mil. John Culbertson, Va. Line. 

Richard Culbertson, U. S. Art. Robert Culbertson, Pa. Mil. 

William Culbertson, Md. Art. William H. Culbertson, Pa. Mil. 

(Valley Forge) John Culbertson, Pa. Mil. 

William Culbertson, Del. Mil. William Culbertson, Pa. Mil. 

John Culbertson, Del. Mil. William Culbertson, 4 Mass Line. 

*Due to service. 

fin Indian War. Trenton. Princeton. Monmouth. Saratoga. 

"By the rude bridge that arched the flood 
Their flag to April's breeze unfurled — 
Here once the embattled farmers stood 

And fired the shot heard 'round the world." 

— Emerson. 


















MONMOUTH, JUNE 28, 1778 


CAMDEN, AUGUST 16, 1780 



"On Fame's eternal camping ground 
Their silent tents are spread, 
And glory guards with solemn round, 
The bivouac of the dead." 

— O'HArA. 





Sons of Shoulders 

The Gael Together 


WAR OF 1748 

John Culbertson, Pa. Prov. John Culbertson, Pa. Prov. 

1755 INDIAN WARS 1758 

*John Culbertson, Pa. Prov. *Alexander Culbertson, Pa. Prov. 

*James Culbertson, Pa. Pi'ov. Samuel Culbertson, Pa. Prov. 


John Culbeitson, Pa. Mil. Samuel Culbertson, Pa. Mil. 

Andrew Culbertson, Pa. Mil. Robert Culbertson, Pa. Mil. 

Samuel Culbertson, Pa. Mil. Alexander Culbertson, Pa. Mil. 

*Benjamin Culbertson, Pa. Mil. John Alexander, Pa. Mil. 

William Culbertson, Mass Line James Culbertson, Pa. Mil. 

Samuel Culbertson, Pa. Mil. *Joseph Culbertson, Pa. Line 

John Culbertson, Pa. Mil. William Culbertson, N. C. Mil. 

John Culbertson, Pa. Mil. Robert Culbertson, Pa. Mil. 

*Robert Culbertson, Pa. Mil. Josiah Culbei-tson, So. C. Mil. 

Alexander Culbertson, Pa. Mil. Robert Culbertson, N. C. Mil. 

James Culbertson, Pa. Cav. Samuel Culbertson, Va. Line 

Joseph Culbertson, Pa. Mil. Joseph Culbertson, Va. Line 

Robert Culbertson, Pa. Mil. James Culbertson, Va. Line 

Richard Culbertson, U. S. Art. John Culbertson, Va. Line 

William Culbertson, Md. Art. James Culbertson, Va. Line 

William Culbertson, Del. Mil. Robert Culbertson, Pa. Mil. 

John Culbertson, Del. Mil. William Culbertson, Pa. Mil. 

William Culbertson, Pa. Mil. John Culbertson, Pa. Mil. 

* "They Gave the Last Full i.^easure of Devotion." — Lincoln * 

Trenton, December 26, 1776 Saratoga, October 17, 1777 

Princeton, January 3, 1777 Yorktown, October 19, 1781 

This Stone Was Erected by 

The Culbertson Memorial Ass'n of Culbertson's Row, Pa. 
Septcnibc" 15, 1907 












Jiiiii , 

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