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Full text of "A genealogy of the descendants of Joseph Bixby, 1621-1701 of Ipswich and Boxford, Massachusetts, who spell the name Bixby, Bigsby, Byxbie, Bixbee, or Byxbe and of the Bixby family in England, descendants of Walter Bekesby, 1427, of Thorpe Morieux, Suffolk"

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The compiler requests that readers inform him of any errors or 
omissions, in order that all such may be noted in the list of cor- 
rections which will appear in Part VII. 




■Baa • 

WILLARD G. BIXBY (13538.551) 




1621-1701 _ 


who spell the name Bixby, Bigsby, Byxbee, Bixbee, 
Bigsbee, or Byxbe 







Compiled by 

Assisted by Eben Putnam 

w I 4 


New York City 


46th St. and 2nd Ave. 

Brooklyn Boro 



CS 7/ 

pi IS 

. . • • • • 

• • ...... •• 

* ... . ••• • • 


When at first I took my pen in hand, 
Thus for to write, I did not understand 
That I at all should make a little book 
In such a mode: nay, I had undertook 
To make another: which, when almost done, 
Before I was aware I this begun. 

— Bunyan's Pilgrim Progress. 

The above lines have again and again recurred to me ever since 
the genealogy began to outgrow the comparatively modest dimen- 
sions in which it was at the time I received it, and to approach its 
present size, and they seem quite appropriate. 

This genealogy was started, about 1885, by Rev. Moses H. 
Bixby, D. D. (13538.27), pastor of the Cranston Street Baptist 
Church of Providence, R. I., a very large and active church. In 
addition to the care of this large church he was a trustee of the 
Baptist Foreign Missionary Society and of Brown University, and 
it is astonishing to learn that in the midst of his multitudinous 
duties he found time to gather the materials which formed the 
nucleus of this genealogy. 

In a letter to a cousin, Dr. Bixby relates how, during a summer 
vacation, out of curiosity, he examined the town and church records 
at Topsfield, Essex County, Mass. He had heard a tradition that 
his ancestors had come from Topsfield, but he was amazed at the 
wealth of material concerning the family which he found there, 
and what he found fired his ambition to learn more about his an- 
cestry. He devoted to the work all the spare time he could get in 
summer vacations, and during the remainder of the year carried on, 
with his own hand, an extensive correspondence with Bixbys of 
whom he learned. The work rapidly broadened and it was fortunate 
that Dr. Bixby 's son-in-law, Rev. Truman Johnson, M. D., was able 
to assist. Dr. Johnson continued the correspondence and searches 

1 A preface is usually written after the rest of the book is printed, and is the last part to go 
to press. Inasmuch as the Bixby Genealogy is to be issued in parts, and as a preface and table 
of explanations of matters that may be unfamiliar to some readers are urgently needed now, 
this has been prepared, but with the expectation of substituting therefor a final or amended 
preface before the sheets of the completed book are sent to the binder. 


begun by Dr. Bixby and arranged in genealogical sequence the ma- 
terial already in hand. 

The failing health of Dr. Bixby culminated in his death in 1889, 
and the call of Dr. Johnson to mission work in Burma arrested for 
a time the rapid progress on the genealogy which had been made 
during four or five years. Dr. Johnson, however, took the materials 
with him and during the six weeks' voyage was able to make a type- 
written copy embodying the facts in his possession. This he put into 
the hands of Mary (Bixby) Burbank (Mrs. Delancey G. — 13476.7-3), 
of North Adams, Mass., who kept the manuscript and received and 
answered the correspondence relating to the genealogy. 

In 1907 Dr. Johnson returned from Burma on a furlough, oc- 
casioned by the serious illness of his only son, stricken with tuber- 
culosis. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson and their son went to La Canada, 
Cal., hoping that the change of climate would prove beneficial. 
Having then the time, as he thought, to bring the genealogy up to 
date and arrange it for publication, he interested Mr. Jotham Bixby 
(13436.37) and Mr. Llewelyn Bixby (13436.343) of Long Beach, 
and, during 1907, they contributed what then was considered ade- 
quate funds for conducting correspondence and completing the work, 
which it was estimated would not take longer than one year. It was 
during this time that Dr. Johnson corresponded with me in the regu- 
lar course of the work. I felt a desire to assist, and offered to help 
in the way in which it seemed to me I could be of most service. 
I remembered hearing Dr. Bixby speak of the difficulty he had in 
completing the genealogy of the later generations. He said that the 
earlier ones were not very difficult, because they had all lived in com- 
paratively restricted locations, but, after they began to spread out, 
a search of records over a wide territory ought to have been made. 
To avoid this expense he had to rely, to a large extent, upon corre- 
spondence to get the facts he needed, and in many cases his efforts 
failed because he could not get replies to his letters. I thought that 
Dr. Johnson would have still greater difficulty from this cause as he 
did not bear the family name "Bixby." On the other hand, the 
business house with which I am connected, S. M. Bixby & Co., 
manufacturers of shoe polishes, was well known all over the country, 
and I thought that requests for information written on the letter 
heads of the house might bring replies where Dr. Johnson had failed 
to get them. Dr. Johnson sent me the addresses of a number of 


individuals, town clerks, and many other officials to whom he had 
written for information without getting replies. The success I met 
with in securing responses astonished him. In order to get in touch 
with all the Bixbys in the country, I caused more than a thousand 
directories in the office of the Trow Directory Co., New York City, 
to be searched, and the names and addresses of Bixbys obtained were 
sent to Dr. Johnson. I sent blanks to all he could not identify, and 
this work and what has grown out of it has been largely responsible 
for the great increase in the information obtained after I took hold 
of the work. 

The death of his son, in the fall of 1907, necessitated Dr. Johnson's 
return to Burma. The work he had accomplished during the several 
months spent at La Canada, instead of completing the genealogy, 
as he had hoped, only served to show how much more there was to 
be done than he had realized. At Dr. Johnson's earnest request I 
took charge of the work about the 1st of January, 1908. I was then, 
as now, actively engaged in business and really had no time to de- 
vote to the genealogy except outside of business hours, which I 
plainly saw was entirely inadequate for the purpose. Through the 
kindness of Mr. W. K. Bixby (1343L.42) of St. Louis, Mo., and Mr. 
Henry M. Bixby (13538.55) of Salem, Mass., funds were supplied 
so that I might hire whatever clerical help could be used to advan- 
tage. I was fortunate in getting excellent assistance and the work 
progressed steadily. I assumed active directions, and to me were 
necessarily referred the more difficult problems. I also supplied 
the necessary enthusiasm. 

The public records that have been examined are very numerous. 
The entire vital statistics on record in the state of New Hampshire 
were placed at my service ; practically every town clerk in the state 
of Vermont has supplied such data as appeared in his records of 
vital statistics. The vital records of many Massachusetts towns 
have been published in some form or another. All these were exam- 
ined. In addition, wherever it seemed probable that further infor- 
mation could be had, the original records of those towns whose 
records had not been printed were examined. The records of all 
the towns of western Connecticut have been examined, and those of 
eastern Connecticut wherever it was thought advisable. Bixby 
records in Maine and in Rhode Island are comparatively few. 
Search was made wherever thought necessary. An extensive exami- 


nation of records has been made in certain sections of New York 
state whither Bixbys removed from New England. The migrations 
to other states have generally been of so late a date that informa- 
tion desired could be obtained from descendants. 

It is interesting to note that the work of compiling the genealogy 
has proved that all the Bixbys in America were descended from a 
common ancestor, Joseph Bixby of Ipswich, Mass., with the excep- 
tion of a few small groups of families, whom we feel positive were so 
descended, and of four families, three of whom settled in Canada 
and one in Detroit, Mich., who are known to have emigrated from 
England during the last century, and a few instances of assumption 
of the name by negroes and Hebrews. 

At first it was not intended to attempt to discover the English 
ancestry of Joseph Bixby. Although he probably came to New 
England in 1638, the first actual mention of him in our records 
is found in the bond signed by him and his wife, before their mar- 
riage in 1647. It was not thought that the chances of a successful 
outcome of such a search were such as to warrant the expense, for 
the only facts by which we could identify him in England were: 
1st, his testimony, in 1674, preserved in the court records of Essex 
County, Mass., at Salem, giving his age as 54 years; 2nd, the proba- 
bility that he named at least some of his children for his father, 
mother, brothers, or sisters. At the suggestion of Mr. W. K. Bixby, 
however, who felt that it would add materially to the interest and 
completeness of the book, the English research was undertaken 
shortly after I took charge. Mr. Bixby had some work done on 
this line in 1901 and 1902. The investigation was practically con- 
fined to London. Although the Joseph sought was not found, it was 
shown that the name Bixby in earlier records was confined almost 
exclusively to Suffolk and that any further work undertaken should 
be done there. I had a search made of the wills at Bury St. Edmunds, 
where those of western Suffolk are recorded; and at Ipswich, where 
those of eastern Suffolk are recorded; and at Norwich, in Norfolk 
Co., where are some of the wills from northern Suffolk. I also had 
a search made of the parish registers of places where Bixbys seemed 
numerous. The Joseph Bixby sought was not found, although another 
Joseph Bixby, baptized October 21, 162 1, at Ringshall, was found, 
who seemed a possibility. The names of his father and mother and 
brothers and sisters, however, were so unlike those of the children 


of Joseph Bixby of Ipswich, Mass., that it seemed improbable that 
he was the man we were seeking. A further search showed that 
this Joseph Bixby did not leave England, but died there and left 
a will. One fact of importance brought out by the searches was 
that Joseph at that time was a very uncommon Christian name 
among the English Bixbys. 

We had now followed, without satisfactory result, the usual pro- 
ceeding in seeking to locate an emigrant by an examination of wills, 
and we were for sometime at a loss to know what to do next. It 
was evident that the baptism of Joseph Bixby must be sought on 
some parish register, but the facts were that the number of possible 
parishes ran into the hundreds and the cost of examination of the 
registers would have entailed an expense of several dollars per parish. 
This made a wholesale examination of possible parishes out of the 
question. All printed English records throwing light on Suffolk 
at the time of the migration to New England were examined, with 
the idea of locating those parishes in which Bixbys were living. 

The next step was to examine various county records to obtain 
a clew to a probable locality in which the search could be concen- 
trated. These included various forms of tax enrollments, muster 
rolls, and similar records. The Bishop's parish register transcripts 
at Bury St. Edmunds, for the Archdeaconry of Sudbury, were ex- 
amined for the whole period of their existence to 1621. These are 
returns made from each parish to the Bishop giving the baptisms, 
marriages, and burials occurring during the year. The returns for 
all of the parishes throughout the entire archdeaconry for one year 
are together in a bundle. Unfortunately these returns do not exist 
for all years nor for all parishes. Incomplete as they were, they 
seemed almost the last resource. The baptism of Joseph Bixby was 
not found in the examination of these records, for the reason, prob- 
ably, that the return for the year 162 1 for Waldingfield is missing, 
but the names of a number of parishes in which Bixby children were 
being baptized just previous to 1621 were ascertained and a search 
was instituted at those parishes. At Little Waldingfield, Suffolk, 
the record of the baptism of Joseph Bixby, the son of George and 
Anna Bixby, on October 28, 162 1, was found, and also records of 
the baptisms of his brothers and sisters. A careful study of all 
the facts leaves no question as to this being the baptism of the 
Joseph Bixby who came to America. 


The examination of the various original records had revealed 
many people by the name of Bixby. It was desired to group them 
together as well as might be, but especially to ascertain the direct 
line of ancestry of Joseph Bixby. This required a good deal of per- 
sistent effort, but it is not doubted that the Bixbys in England, 
like the Bixbys in America, are descended from one man, Walter 
Bekesby, wh f is first heard of purchasing land in Thorpe Morieux 
in 1427. One fact, quite different from what was expected, has 
been learned, and that is that Joseph Bixby who came to America 
was not descended from the landless peasantry as was at first sup- 
posed, but th : his father, grandfather, and ancestors for many 
generations w re land owners, which in England has always meant 
more than has been the case in America. 

I wish here to acknowledge the help given me in the preparation 
of this work, in addition to the financial help already mentioned: 
first, and foremost, to Mr. Eben Putnam, Wellesley Farms, Mass., 
whose familiarity with early New England history and with genea- 
logical work in America and England has made it particularly 
fortunate that his services could be obtained. He has successfully 
followed many clues as to identity and passed on conflicting infor- 
mation, has edited and prepared the copy sent to the printer, and 
directed the search in England which has resulted so happily, and 
I feel that without his assistance the book would have been very 
much inferior to what it is. 

To Mr. J. Gardner Bartlett, I feel under obligations not only 
because he carried out the chief part of the work spoken of in the 
third paragraph above and in the local parishes, and discovered the 
actual entry of the baptism of Joseph Bixby, but because of the 
intelligent interest he has shown in this work. 

My thanks are especially due to that well-known antiquary, Mr. 
Vincent B. Redstone, of Woodbridge, Suffolk, England, for valuable 
suggestions and for extensive researches among the more difficult 
classes of records, especially of the fourteenth and fifteenth centu- 
ries. Such records, often faded and nearly illegible, written in the 
abbreviated Latin of the scribners, abounding in special terms and 
peculiar meanings, require the attention of a scholar having the un- 
usual attainments Mr. Redstone possesses in addition to an unusual 
patience and perseverance. In the English section of this work will 
be found a reproduction of the earliest roll known of the manor 


court of Thorpe Morieux. This fourteenth century record will 
show, more eloquently than I can describe, the difficulties encoun- 
tered in work of this character. 

I also wish to mention Mr. Lothrop Withington, London, England, 
who examined probate records at Ipswich, Norwich, and Bury St. 
Edmunds, as well as the parish registers of Thorpe Morieux, and 
whose reports first showed the section of Suffolk in v ich the early 
Bixbys were located, and who has sent many Bixby items from his 
extensive examinations of English records. 

Regarding the search in America, I wish to mention the efficient 
aid of Mr. D. H. Van Hoosear of Wilton, Conn., ' hose efforts in 
seeking lost families and tracing migration in the u stern parts of 
Connecticut and the adjoining parts of New York, resulted in im- 
portant acquisitions to the family history. 

In addition to the above I have been constantly in receipt of 
help from members of the family, who have gone to a good deal of 
trouble to get information in their own particular line or in their 
own locality, the names of whom I cannot for lack of space mention 
here. In the family records, however, where information is re- 
corded, will be noted the names of the persons giving it. It has 
been impossible to do this in many instances for the reason that it 
was not Dr. Bixby's practice to keep a record of the source of his 
information, hence I am unable to give credit in the body of the 
book to the large number of persons who furnished him with infor- 
mation. I can, however, name two whom I remember hearing him 
speak of as being particularly active, viz: the late Dr. Armentus 
B. Bixby (12695.63) of Poultney, Vt., and the late Major A. H. 
Bixby (12364.91) of Francestown, N. H., who worked out their 
own lines complete and helped him solve many problems regarding 
the ancestry of Bixbys in their neighborhood. To them he felt 
deeply indebted. 

That the genealogy will contain mistakes is only too evident to 
me. There is scarcely any form of writing where the compiler 
has to depend so nearly exclusively on information received from 
others. I have been able to examine personally only very few 
town, church, and family records; and transcripts from a large 
number of such records have been sent to me by people without 
much training in this kind of transcribing. Beside the errors which 
we know occasionally exist in public records, there is a chance of 


error in the copy sent me, and, furthermore, in preparation of the 
manuscript. There has been an attempt, however, to reduce errors 
from this source to a minimum, for the printer's copy before type- 
writing was carefully checked by the original correspondence and 
the two copies carefully compared. In many instances conflicting 
information for the same fact has been received. In such cases, the 
one that seems more likely to be correct has been used, but where 
it was impossible to determine which one was more likely to be cor- 
rect both have been inserted. Some readers will doubtless notice 
errors in their family record, and the writer asks indulgence for 
such, and also requests that they inform him of them so that they 
may be noted in a list of corrections. 

While the carrying on of this work has at times been a rather 
burdensome addition to my business and to my other duties, its 
completion gives me satisfaction, which I trust is pardonable. It 
is a most unusual thing to prove practically all the widely distrib- 
uted people of one name in this country to be descended from one 
emigrant. It is much more rare to find the people of one name in 
England seemingly descended from a common ancestor. In this 
respect the book is almost unique. In Dr. Bixby's manuscript 
there were a large number of important Bixby families whom he 
could not prove descendants of Joseph Bixby of Ipswich, Mass. 
All these have been proved to be descended from this same Joseph 
Bixby. In the course of my work over fifty new groups of Bixby 
families were found and connected. 

Ascertaining the proper place of unplaced Bixbys 1 among the 
descendants of Joseph Bixby has frequently proved a very difficult 
task. It is true that there are a few small groups where the con- 
nection is not known, but it is not doubted for a moment that it 
exists. These families have been placed in the appendix. Two or 
three groups were placed among the descendants of Joseph Bixby, 
even where the exact position was a little uncertain. In such cases 
the fact has been noted. 

As to the cost of compiling the book, I cannot speak definitely 
of it before I had charge. Since then, however, the expenditures 
have been as follows: 

•That is those whose relationship to known descendants of Joseph Bixby is unknown. 


Year American Work English Work 

1908 $ 1,146.71 

1909 1,329.06 $300.00 

1910 i,i5 2 7i 20.37 

1911 3.61918 5II-9I 

1912 2,553.60 383-04 

1913 3,662.41 142.98 

Total $13,463.67 $1,358.30 

The above expenditures are for clerical assistance, record search- 
ing, reviewing and editing. My own services have been freely 

The estimated cost of printing is $5,000. At the present time I 
have subscriptions for 662 copies at $7 each, which is not quite 
enough to pay for printing, but I hope enough additional subscrip- 
tions to do so will be forthcoming. 

There is one fact that has impressed me while engaged in this 
work and has also impressed Mr. Putnam in his review of the manu- 
script, and that is the substantial and honorable character of the 
family. The early American Bixbys are nearly always found con- 
nected with the church, frequently as officers. They were good 
citizens, taking a lively interest in civil and military affairs, and 
frequently holding positions of honor and trust both in public and 
private life. They kept out of the courts so completely that it has 
been a disappointment (in one sense) to the compiler, for frequently 
most valuable information regarding family history is found in 
certain court records. 

If, in addition to preserving the history of the family, any of the 
readers of this genealogy should be impressed with the worthy, 
honest and God-fearing character of our ancestors, and with the 
fact that it will take the best efforts of the present generation to 
keep up the standard already set, and so be spurred on in this 
regard, I shall feel that my labors in compiling this book, and the 
money expended on it, have not been in vain. 

Brooklyn, New York City, March 1, 1914. 



of the system used in the bixby genealogy and of references 
that may not be familiar to all readers 

System of Numbering 

The plan of numbering adopted in this work (American Family) 
is somewhat unusual. Instead of numbering, as commonly done, 
each descendant in order, commencing with the progenitor of the 
family (who would be I, his first child 2, his third child 4, etc.), the 
following system has been adopted. Each individual is given a 
number, or more properly a series of numbers, which shows his 
place in the family. Thus Joseph Bixby, the founder of the family, 
is 1 . His eldest child is 1 1 (not eleven; but one, one) . The next child 
is 12 (i.e., one, two; not twelve). Thus the eldest child of the eldest 
child is 1 1 1 (one, one, one; not one hundred eleven) . The sixth child 
of the third child of the second child of the eldest son of the emi- 
grant, would thus have the figures 11236 before his name. The 
number of digits in the whole number shows, at a glance, the genera- 
tion from the founder. Thus, if there are four digits in the number, 
the person belongs to the fourth generation in America or the third 
generation removed from the founder, or, in other words, he or she 
is the great grandchild of the progenitor. 

Brothers and sisters have all digits in their numbers the same 
except the last. Thus 18261, 18262, and 18269 would be brothers, 
or sisters, or brothers and sisters. Own cousins have all digits in 
their numbers the same except the last two. 

The order of record is in the order of seniority in birth. In each 
generation the descendants of the eldest child are first given, then 
of the next eldest, and so on. 

The wife takes the number of her husband, and the husband of 
his wife, as the case may be. 

The lists of children will be seen to be numbered from 1 onwards. 
To get the number of any child, add to the figure preceding his 
name in the list of his father's children the whole series of figures 
which appear at the head of his father's or mother's record. 



Where additional information in the following generation is to 
be found concerning a person, as in the case of a child named Bixby 
who marries and has children, a double figure precedes the name of 
the child, thus I— I, but this repetition of the figure does not appear 
in the individual number given that person. Thus if John, the 
first child of Andrew (12345), has a family, before his name will be 
found I— I. His family record is found in the next generation, 
under 1 23451. 

As the repetition of double figures 10, 11, 12, 13, etc., is impossible 
without destroying the possibility of having the number of digits in 
the family designation tell the generation, the simple expedient of 
substituting the letters, J, K, L, M, N, O, etc., has been followed. 

Thus the tenth child of 123 appears as 123J. 

Whenever the letter O appears in a number it should be read as o, 
not as cypher. Thus 12345O is the fifteenth child of 12345. Long 
numbers, for the purpose of clearness, are divided by a period put 
between the fifth and sixth figures: thus 12345. not 12345O. 

For the purpose of more definitely designating members of the 
family who have not family records of their own, the number they 
would bear following out the above mentioned plan is used, but the 
family record upon which they will be found is shown by that part 
preceding the dash in the number. Thus 1 172-4 is the fourth child 
of 1 1 72 but is found on family record 1172. 1172-49 is the ninth 
child of the fourth child of 1172 and is on family record 1172. 


The arrangement adopted has been to give a family record for 
each person named Bixby who married and had descendants. The 
descendants of Bixby women who married and of course bore other 
names than Bixby are found arranged under the Bixby ancestor. 
In a very few instances, where strict adherence to the above rules 
would have been at the expense of clear arrangement, an exception 
has been made. 

The Bixby Manuscript 

Certain references will be found in the following pages to the 
"Bixby Manuscript." This is the typewritten manuscript embody- 
ing all information he then had, which Dr. Johnson made on the 
voyage to Burma about 1899. These references are to statements 


which have not been verified by discovery of the sources of infor- 
mation to which Dr. Bixby and Dr. Johnson had access in compiling 
their account of the family. 

Dr. Bixby commenced gathering information many years ago, 
and in many instances appears to have had access to family and 
public records which today do not exist. In the cases of some dates 
evidently taken from town or parish records, the explanation is 
simple, for today the originals of those records show that much 
has been worn or lost or otherwise made illegible. As Dr. Bixby and 
Dr. Johnson, who revised and added much to Dr. Bixby 's work, 
were extremely accurate and conscientious, and as their copies 
of records, so far as they have been compared with the original 
sources, have been found nearly always correct, little hesitancy 
has been experienced in accepting their statements of facts. 

American Colonial Money 

The standards of money values in the American colonies were 
fixed by the local legislatures, but the actual value of the current 
money was fixed by the amount of silver which the local currency 
could purchase. 

Thus as early as 1652, when Massachusetts established a mint, 
the Massachusetts pound was actually worth but two thirds of the 
pound sterling. Very little English money circulated in the colonies. 
Hard money of any kind was scarce, being either hoarded or ex- 
ported to pay foreign merchants. Such as was used was chiefly 
of Spanish or Portuguese mintage. Massachusetts early passed a 
law forbidding the exportation of metallic money, in a vain attempt 
to keep silver, which was the chief standard of value, in the colony. 

The pound mentioned in deeds and other transactions was, there- 
fore, not the pound sterling, but the colonial pound. The pound 
sterling was divided into twenty shillings, and so was the colonial 
pound. A piece of eight, a Spanish coin, known also as the dollar, 
and which was in value about equal to our present dollar, was worth 
4 shillings, 6 pence in England, 6 shillings in Massachusetts and 
Virginia, and 8 shillings in New York. The York shilling of 12^ 
cents and the New England shilling of i6| cents are familiar to 
many persons of the present day, just as the use of the term "bit" 
is now so common in the Far West. The bit is one eighth of a piece 
of eight, and its present valuation is that of a York shilling. 


The depreciation of the bills of credit issued by the Colonial 
governments led eventually to the designation of old and new tenor, 
hence the letters O. T. and N. T. which sometimes occur in valua- 
tions. In 1737 the colony of Massachusetts fixed the rate of exchange 
between Old Tenor and New Tenor as one to three, and later as one 
to four. When the United States constitution was adopted and it 
became necessary to retire all of the outstanding colonial bills, the 
various states fixed a rate at which they would redeem their issues. 
Massachusetts redeemed her money at $3.33 to the pound, and 
New York at $2.50 to the pound. 

Early American Public Records 

That it is possible for Americans to establish their descent from 
remote ancestors, and to identify those ancestors in so many ways, 
is due to the remarkable system of records so long maintained; to 
the close association of persons in town and church affairs and in 
parish organizations; to the generous treatment by state or nation 
of those who have served their country; as well as the inborn desire 
common to our people to perpetuate in some measure an orderly 
record of their own family. The almost universal distribution of 
pensions, awarded by reason of military service, has placed upon 
record proofs of identity of those claiming them under Acts of Con- 
gress, and the long series of Treasury accounts enables a pensioner 
to be traced throughout his or her life. The privilege of home- 
steading, either general or under bounty land warrants, has pro- 
vided another means of tracing the residence of many persons. 

The local records, those of towns, of births, marriages, deaths, 
and of intentions of marriages ; records of tax assessors for town or 
district; parish records, as distinct from town and church records, 
often supplying details nowhere else obtainable; church records of 
baptism, of burial, marriage, admission to and dismissal from the 
church, acknowledgment of church relations so universal through- 
out New England and those parts influenced by New England; 
county and district records, covering the law courts, the transfers of 
lands (in some states a matter of town record), the settlement of 
estates of deceased persons, all supply material for the life history 
of many individuals, who lived so quietly and unobtrusively that 
no one would be more surprised than they to learn how much could 


be discovered concerning their affairs after the lapse of many dec- 
ades and even centuries. 

One of the first needs of the community was to preserve the 
records of the grants of lands to individuals and subsequent trans- 
fers. This led to the registration of titles in public offices, an im- 
provement over the English practice. Courts of probate were also 
established. Laws were passed requiring the registration of births, 
marriages and deaths. The churches kept records of their member- 
ship and of the baptisms performed by the pastors, and in some cases 
of burials. 

All males between the ages of sixteen and sixty were liable to 
military duty, and were regularly enrolled and received military 
instruction, and the enrollments have been preserved to a greater 
or less extent. 

Military Service in the American Colonies 

During the wars with the Indians military forces were raised by 
calling for volunteers from the militia companies and by drafting 
men from those organizations, which were always in readiness to 
respond to orders for active service. 

Train bands, smaller bodies than the whole militia, corresponded 
in a great measure to our present volunteer militia or national 
guard. When called into active service the term of engagement was 
short, usually for a campaign which had been planned to last from 
a few days to a few months. In later times, during the French wars, 
the provincial troops formed part of the English army operating 
in America, and the enlistments were in regular provincial regi- 
ments raised for the campaign. The men were dismissed in the 
late fall, except such as re-enlisted for special service, as for garrison 
duty in Nova Scotia. A guard was permanently maintained at the 
Castle in Boston Harbor, and provincial forces were maintained in 
various garrisons along the frontier, but in all cases these enlist- 
ments were for short periods, though the men frequently re-engaged. 
The youth of the country very generally responded upon any call 
for troops, and the number of boys under eighteen years who were 
in active service in times when a knowledge of woodcraft and the 
ways of Indian warfare was required, is astonishing. It is estimated 
that, after the close of the French wars prior to the Revolution, 
every third man, at least, had seen active service against an 


enemy. Under Thomas Bixby (123), page 52, will be found con- 
siderable information regarding the military system in vogue at 
that time. 

United States Pensions and Land Grants 

The first national pension act provided for small payments to 
soldiers who had served in the Continental army, and who were in 
indigent circumstances, and had neither property or kin to support 
them. The number of pensions granted under the Act of 18 19 was 
comparatively small, and of these a great many were withdrawn 
after a brief period of payment, and withheld until the pensioner 
filed schedules of property. 

A more liberal policy was soon adopted, and any veteran of the 
War, who had served the required length of time, in a force called 
into being and acting under Continental Congress, was granted a 
pension, regardless of his financial condition. The highways and 
byways were searched by pension agents to find persons who were 
eligible, and many applications, made at the suggestion of these 
agents, were rejected for lack of proof or because the service per- 
formed was in militia organizations called out for home defence, 
or for some purpose authorized solely by some particular colony. 
Service against the Indians following the Treaty of Peace, important 
and arduous as it was, also was rejected, as not being of the Revo- 
lution. Some States, especially Virginia, pensioned their own citi- 
zens, but these pensions had to be given up if the recipient was 
later placed upon the national roll. 

With the pension applications are usually to be found extensive 
declarations of service, affidavits of persons who knew the appli- 
cant while in the army, discharges, commissions, passes, family 
records, copies of marriage records, and frequently leaves torn from 
bibles, on which were written the family records. 

Service in the War of 18 12, in the Indian Wars, and the Mexican 
War, also resulted in increase of the pension roll, but from various 
causes the evidence filed in such cases is much less in amount 
and value. 

After the Mexican War military land bounties of 160 acres were 
granted to those who had participated. In 1850 forty acres were 
granted to those who had served in the Revolution. In 1855 this 
bounty was increased to 160 acres, and those who had taken their 


40-acre warrants were enabled to take out warrants for 120 acres 
more. These warrants were transferable. The majority of the 
Revolutionary soldiers had passed away, and the issue of bounty 
land warrants is chiefly to men who had served in the War of 1812 
and later wars. As the rolls of military organizations called into 
service temporarily are very incomplete, the land bounty warrants 
are especially valuable. 

Early New England Settlements 

A most interesting and instructive chapter might have been 
written on the early settlement of New England, but as the reader 
of the genealogy is concerned with so much of it only as affects the 
Bixby family, such a chapter has not been inserted. In the chapter 
on the Migrations of the Bixby Family, the part played by the 
Bixbys in the development of New England and the rest of the 
United States has been shown. This gives the reader a good idea 
of the history of the settlement of the northern United States. 

For better understanding the locations of the homes of the early 
Bixbys, a map of the southern part of the New England States has 
been inserted, which shows only those towns in which lived the 
first four generations of the Bixby family in America, and against 
the name of each town is the figure 1, 2, 3 or 4. These figures show 
the number of the generation of the first Bixby who lived there, 
that is, whether he belonged to the first, second, third or fourth 
generation. Joseph Bixby (1), the only member of the first genera- 
tion, lived first at Ipswich, Mass., on the coast and later moved 
up the Ipswich River (which is too small to be shown on the map) to 
Boxford. The second generation, his children, did not go far, and 
spent their lives in Boxford and in the adjoining towns of Topsfield 
and Andover. The third generation, however, his grandchildren, 
went a considerable distance from their birthplaces to find homes, 
in some instances over 200 miles. The fourth generation generally 
did not go far away from the territory peopled by the third. The 
map shown opposite page xx shows the extent of the distribution 
of the Bixby family in America, up to the close of the Revolu- 
tionary War. 





t i: 

r,,= ia 

55.2 .H^ 

CQZ o 

I <J 

TSv^V" ^ Ji-r 

i r I V-.r 

i 4 > 









The origin of the name "Bixby" is unknown, although much 
time, money and labor have been expended in attempting to ascer- 
tain it. To the superficial student of nomenclature the origin of the 
name would appear both simple and evident. 

It was thought at one time to have been of Danish origin, from 
"Bix" meaning "Box" and "by" meaning "town," and to have 
been a place-name * meaning the "town by the box tree or near the 
box trees." The above statement appeared plausible and the fact 
that the name probably originated in Suffolk or Norfolk, England, 
where the Danes settled in large numbers, seemed to strengthen 
the supposition. 

Our careful study of the early Bixby records in England, how- 
ever, not only has failed to corroborate this theory, but has actually 
disproved it. About 1500 Bekelsby appears to have been used in- 
terchangeably with Bixby. The earliest form of the name so far 
discovered is Bekesby. It was so spelled in 1427, and probably 
pronounced much as pronounced today. This study, however, of 
which the results are given more fully in the English section, while 
showing quite clearly the derivation of the similar names Bigby, Bix- 
ley, and Bixton, has not revealed how and why the name was assumed 
by Walter Bekesby, the first man to bear the name, so far as known, 
although a very plausible theory is presented. 

The name is first met with in Thorpe Morieux, a small parish 
and township in Western Suffolk, where, in 1427, we find Walter 

1 That is, a family name originally taken from the name of a place. At one time people had but 
one name. Thus in the Bible we have Adam, Eve, Abraham, Moses, Elijah, John, James, etc., 
who seem to have had no surnames whatever. After a time the number of people of the same name 
caused confusion, and additional names, surnames, were gradually taken to better distinguish people 
of the same name; the surname being taken from a man's trade, his residence, some personal char- 
acteristic, etc., as John the Smith, John of Button, John the Short, etc. At first these surnames 
were infrequently used and were not hereditary, that is a son would not necessarily have the same 
surname as his father, but with their increasing use, they became hereditary or family names, and 
moreover became contracted for the sake of brevity. Thus John the Smith became John Smith, 
John of Bixton became John Bixton, John the Short became John Short, etc. Bixton the second 
name mentioned above is a place-name, the name of a small hamlet in Norfolk, England, and the 
first man to adopt the surname of Bixton doubtless lived there. 



Bekesby buying land. The next mention of the name is in 1459 
in the will at Bury St. Edmunds of Walter Bekysby l of Thorpe 
Morieux, whom we do not doubt is the same man who was found 
32 years before buying land there. His will mentions two sons, 
Robert and Nicholas, names perpetuated in later generations of 
Bixbys. The early records are too fragmentary to prove that all 
persons bearing the name are descendants of Walter, or possibly 
his father, who yet remains undiscovered, yet the increase in the 
territory in which they are found, as we reach more modern times, 
is such as would apparently have been the case had all the people 
bearing the name Bixby been descended from one man living in 
1427, and it is not doubted that such is the case. 

The Bixbys in Thorpe Morieux were evidently among the more 
important residents there and were well-to-do yeomen farmers, 
owning land as freehold as well as copyhold estates. The scanty 
and fragmentary records of the period make it difficult to prove 
such an uninterrupted line of ancestry for the family in England, 
as can be done for the family in America. There seems to be no 
question, however, but that the parents and grandparents of Joseph 
Bixby, the emigrant to New England, were land owners and per- 
sons of worth in their village communities. A full discussion of 
this will be found in the English section. 

Joseph Bixby is not the only Bixby who has been mentioned 
among the first settlers of America. Savage in his Genealogical 
Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, Vol. I, p. 188, 
mentions Joseph Bixby, the emigrant, a number of Bixbys whom 
I can identify as his descendants, and the following: 

"Nathaniel Bixby, Ipswich 1637, of wh. Mr. Felt can tell me no 

Thomas Bixby, Salem 1636; and equal, short is the tale for 
him. Very freq. is the name in our early rec. Bigsbee, as it was 
pronounc. and not rarely is heard in our day. 

A wid. Mary B. was receiv. into Boston Ch. 20 June, 1640; but 
of wh. she had been w. is not found." 

A very careful search has been made for information about 
these three Bixbys, and it is believed that the first two never existed 
and that Mary was not a near relative to Joseph and that she left 

» Y and E are interchangeable. Therefore Bekesby = Bekysby. 


no male descendants. Among the unplaced Bixbys will be found 
all that has been ascertained about them. 

As to the reasons which caused Joseph Bixby to come to America 
we can only surmise. He would seem to have been the eldest son. 
His name is not, however, found on the muster roll of Babergh Hun- 
dred in 1638, which should have contained the names of all able- 
bodied men in that district between the ages of 16 and 60 years. 
His father's name appears, but his does not. The supposition is 
that he was not in England at that time. We do know, however, 
that in 1647 he was in Ipswich, Mass., for on Oct. 15th of that year 
he signed a bond with Mrs. Sarah Heard, his intended wife, for the 
support and education of two children by her former husband. 

After this first mention l of him, references to him and his descend- 
ants in New England are numerous and ample. This does not 
mean that we are not in many instances lacking information which 
it would be desirable to have. The local records of Massachusetts 
have been better preserved and are more complete from early times 
than those of any other of the colonies established in America, and 
in many respects exceed in detail the records of any other English 
speaking or European country (with the possible exception of those 
in Holland), especially for the seventeenth century, and it is due 
to the excellent character of these records that it has been possible 
by careful, painstaking work to construct the very complete history 
of the earlier descendants of Joseph Bixby of Ipswich, Mass., which 

1 This document is on file at Salem, Mass., which is the county seat of Esses County, in which 
Ipswich is located. A facsimile is shown opposite page 8. 




I. Joseph Bixby (George), of Ipswich and later of Boxford, Essex 
Co., Mass., was born in 1620 or 1621, probably at Little Walding- 
field, Suffolk, England. In 1674, in a deposition, he stated his age 
as fifty four years. 1 He was baptized 28 Oct., 1621, at Little Wal- 
dingfield, son of George and Ann (Cole) Bixby, or as the name ap- 
pears on the parish register Bixbee. He died 19 April, 1701, at 
Boxford. The entry in the town record states, "Sargent Joseph 
Bixbee of Boxford desecad the 19 Aprill 17 — ." The year is illegi- 
ble, but by the inventory of his estate it appears that the year of 
his death was 1701. 2 He was thus approximately aged eighty years 
at his death. The date of his coming to New England is not known. 
As his name does not appear on the muster roll of Babergh Hundred, 
Suffolk, in 1638, which should have embraced all able bodied males 
between the ages of sixteen and sixty, and on which his father's 
name appears, it is likely he had already gone to New England. 

The earliest mention of Joseph Bixby so far discovered in New 
England occurs at the time of his marriage. He was then of Ips- 
wich, 3 and, with his intended wife, the widow Sarah Heard, 4 also 

1 Essex County Court files, 21: 140. 

• The year in the original document is not clearly written, but appears to be 1701. The day of 
month there given would be read as 17th rather than 19th, but here we have the town record to 
guide us. ' Two views of Ipswich at the present time are shown opposite page 14. 

* There is no record of marriages at Ipswich of so early a date as 1647. Sarah, wife of Joseph 
Bixby, was daughter of John Wyatt, who was of Ipswich in 1639. In 1647, Wyatt's wife seems to 
have been living In England, and to have had a right to lands in Assington, Suffolk. Sarah married 
Luke Heard, a linen weaver, who lived in Newbury, in Salisbury, and finally in Ipswich where he 
died in 1647. His nuncupative will was allowed 28 Sept., 1647. Luke Heard was probably son 
of Edmund Herd of Claxton, England, linen weaver, whose will was dated 20 Nov., 1626, and was 
proved the 4th December following. It was deposited at Norwich and is printed in Waters' Glean- 
ings, p. I3S7- Luke and Sarah Heard had three children: John Heard, born and died in 1643. 
John Heard, born 6 March, 1644-5; died in 1696, at Andover, unmarried. Edmund Heard, who 
remained in Ipswich, married Elizabeth Warner in 1672, and had six children. Edmund's son gave 
to his son, Nathaniel, a bible, printed in 1599, which in 1880 was in possession of a descendant, John 
T. Heard of Boston. (Ipswich Antiquarian Papers, No. 11.) On the 23 Feb.. 1654, Sarah Bigsbie, 
late wife of Luke Heard, confirms the sale by him in 1645 of a dwelling house in Salisbury. {Nor- 
folk County Court records.) Mary Wyatt, another daughter of John Wyatt, became wife of Henry 



of Ipswich, executed a marriage contract. 1 This document fol- 

Marriage Contract 

Bee it hereby knowne unto all y* wee Joseph Bigsby of Ipsw ch , 
husbandman, & Sarah Herde widow doe acknowledge c^selves 
bound to y e Co r t of Ipsw ch in thirty pounds to be paid to the said 
Co r t, and hereunto we bind ourselves our heires, and exequeters 
by these present. 

Sealed with our seales and delivered the 15 day of the 10 th 
moneth A. D. 1647 

Margret Rogers Joseph bexbye seal 

John Rogers The marke of 

Sarah 3 Heard seal 

The condition of this obligation is such, yt if the above bounden 
Joseph Bigsby, Sarah Hearde, (in case they proceed together in 
marriage intended) if they or either of them shall doe, or cause to 
bee done these things following: 

1. That the two children of the said widow, w ch were left unto 
her by her late husband Luke Hearde, of Ispsw° h , [Linnen] weaver, 
be well brought up, and due meanes be used to teach them to read, 
and write well as soone as they are cappable. 

2. That at the age of thirteen yeares at the furthest they be put 
forth to be apprentises in such trades as M r Nathaniel Rogers 
their Grandfather Wyat, and Ensigne Howlet in writing under 
their hand, or any two of them in like manner, shall advise unto 
and the children like of. 

3. That unto the said children be paid at the age of one, and 
twenty yeares fifteen pound given them by will of their father, viz, 
ten pound to the elder at his time of one and twenty yeares and 
five pounds to the younger when he shall bee at the like age, also 
that the bookes bequeathed them by their father be given them 
by aequall division according to his will. 

Kimball. The will of John Wyatt of Ipswich dated 23 Nov., 1665, was proved is Jan., 1665-6. 
To his wife he gave "the use of the room we now lye in," the cellar under it and the rooms above 
It. He also named his three daughters, Mary, Sarah and Dorcas, and his grandson, John Kimball. 
The last named lived with his grandfather, and to him was devised the dwelling house, cattle, etc. 
From the inventory we learn that the widow, Mary, was evidently a second wife. 

1 This document is found in Essex County Court files at Salem, Mass., 1:95. A facsimile is 
shown opposite. 

.■jtfVA. ^&jW*u, g* SWfc fcxti uplu: c<n 

&KIV14, tutus i.'x.i.ctu.^Vi-'i J\j t^W- ,?ti, uvf 

h^^I A (fr e&i^aO: pitted .^^ fJt^L .,** 


-. %±?<X.f tot- fta) <%{eUiS, a^J <Z5*MT9l9'S* <&)><,*-. ov 

&c- qoy>.?~ two /wv }u*-f •'M'- G'-TM,<?t)o ryr t<;iXV 7 V" 

i Hr<*,»U*C4!l«M.*4 o^ ^/ . ., J^W.Tr'^^ .? 

\r , I ***** <t^ff*+t, ote^ir+io-Ltt- , 

MQtaaw Rogers J7 ^i^ ^ A (* 


i X>^- _.> J*/r-«*-A. <p 


Shown two-thirds the size of the original 


4. That five pounds more bee paid to the children of the said 
Sarah (if living) or either of them, at her will, and discretion as shee 
shall see cause to divide it in even, or unaequall portions to them, 
or to give the whole to the younger, in case the elder be better pro- 
vided for. 

5. That the said Joseph and Sarah shall doe, or admit to bee 
done any such further acts, as the Court of Ipswich shall see meet 
to require upon the motion of the said advisers for the securing of 
the forementioned dues to the children, as well as for the freing of 
the said Joseph and Sarah from any entanglements on the childrens 
part by reason of her exequetrixship, or otherwise from hence aris- 
ing, besides the direct, and true meaning and intent of these condi- 

6. That whereas, there is a portion of land in Asington in Suf- 
folke in England, w° h shall bee the right of the said Sarah after 
the decease of her mother (the teno r whereof is not certainly known 
to us) if the said land bee not entailed, then the said Joseph 
shall not claime any title thereunto by virtue of marriage w th the 
said Sarah, but the said Sarah shall have the whole, and sole power 
to dispose [of it,] both the use, and the gift of it when, and to whom 
she shall thinke meet. 

That then this obligation shall bee void and of none effect, other- 
wise to stand and bee of force. 

Margaret Rogers Joseph Bexby l 

John Rogers The marke of 

Sarah 3 Heard 

This projected marriage took place, probably either the same 
day the bond was executed or within a few days thereafter. 

The same month Nathaniel Rogers and John Wyatt represented 
to the Court that Joseph Bixby "is departed this Jurisdiction and 
his estate is so weakened" that they feared the Heard children 
might be disappointed in their legacies. They further declared 
that Bixby had given no notice of when he might return, and that 
Sarah Heard alias Bixby had lands in Assington, Suffolk County, 

[Facsimile of signature.! 


England, which she was to receive after her mother's death if they 
were not entailed. The Court ordered that Joseph Bixby's estate 
be attached to the amount of the legacies. 

Whither Joseph Bixby had departed after his marriage does not 
appear, and no subsequent proceedings were taken. It may be 
that he revisited England to secure his wife's estate, but be that as 
it may, he was back in Ipswich in December, 1648, and became one 
of the subscribers to the agreement made on the 19th of that month 
by which "the Inhabitants of this Towne have engaged themselves 
to pay yearly on the 10th day of December, unto Major Denison, 
soe long as he shall be their leader, the sum of twenty four pounds, 
seven shillings, in way of Gratuity to encourage him in his military 
helpfulness unto them." One hundred and sixty one male inhabi- 
tants signed the agreement, few subscribing more than "Joseph 
Bigsby," who promised four shillings. 

Although an inhabitant, he does not appear to have been a town- 
ship proprietor or commoner. 

In May, 1658, he signs a petition to the General Court, with 
other inhabitants of Ipswich, asking for an explanation of the law 
relating to non-freemen, stating that the signers, although having 
taken the oath of allegiance, were not freemen. This petition fol- 

"To the Honored Generall Court at Boston, The humble petition 
of severall the inhabitants of Ipswich — Respectively Declareing 
Wheras not long since there hath bene some diflerances in Appre- 
hention amongst our Townesmen and neighbours in a Towne meet- 
ing about three months agoe, wher the power of such the inhabitants 
as had taken the oath of fidelity was questioned: in Reference to 
their voating in Towne afaires, ourselves being such that have taken 
the oath of fidelity. There was a law that is in the old booke page 
51 aleaged in our Towne meeting, where it is said that it may be 
lawfull for the freemen of each Towneshipp to make choice of such 
Inhabitants as have taken the oath: to be Jurymen & to have their 
voate in the choice of selectmen, Assessment of rates, & other pru- 
dentials : wherupon the yearely busines of the meeting was deferred 
untill the Generall Court might have opertunity to explain this 
verited Law. (the which we humbly conceive if wee should take it 
in such a Sense as to prohibbit those men from Acting : that are else- 
whare authorized by law to act in Towne afaires : we should misse 


the true meaneing of it.) for Looking upon the preface to the said 
Law fore going & ye previso following; we understand it to be so 
far from contradicting any other as that we aprehend the true mean- 
ing is to improve such as are of usefull parts (though non freemen 
into offices in Towne busines) else we humbly Crave under the 
favour of the honored Court, how are they said to [be] improved to 
publike use or how are the afaires of the Commonwealth the easier 
Caried on. as also of the proviso following, that the major parts of 
such Companies shalbe freemen, If the honored Court had not 
therby truly intended that the minor part might be of others: we 
therefore humbly Conceive that according to the law in the same 
booke & page above written that we have power & liberty to act 
in Towne afaires, Also we find in divers places of the ould booke of 
lawes; that the freemen and others Authorized by law of each 
Towneshipp shall have power to act, (not the freemen & others 
only Aproved of by them) Besides the alowed practice throughout 
this Jurisdiction doth declare to all men, that the laws in reference 
to the matter in question, are understood in th same sence as we 
have held forth as we Conceive, upon these & the like grounds to- 
gether with the Conscience of our oath by which we are bound truely 
to endeavor to maintaine & preserse all the liberties & priviledges 
of this government, (amongst others we lookeing upon this to be 
one.) we humbly conceive that we can doe no less (the question 
being risen amongst us,) than present our requests in way of peti- 
tion as followeth. that yourselves will be pleased serviceably to 
Consider whether such as have caken the oath of fidelity have powre 

to according to the laws established, or whether 

the freemen of each Townshipp have powre to prohibbit all or any 
others as they shall see Cause unto which we most humbly request 
that you will be pleased to give your Cordiall Answere, we not ques- 
tioning your faithfullnes & prudence by Gods Asistance to discerne 
betweene Truth & Error & to doe accordingly, for our owne parte 
we sollemnely professe it is not victory but truth that we desire, 
nor any blemish to such as differ in aprehention from us, nor Strife 

& Contention with our neighbours, but love & that the God 

of (peace?) may be with us & dwell amongst us. So humbly de- 
sireing your ernest supplications to God for the peace of Ipswich & 
the returne of Gods favour & presence to us, we shall desire to sub- 
mitt ourselves with our pore petition to the honored Court & 



Remaine in all Lyalty as abedient subjects to this Gouvernment 
& ever desire to pray for your happines and welfare. 

May the 17th, 1658. 

Abraham Fitt 
Roburt Kinsman 
Thomas Averell 
(crease clouds this name : 
possibly it should read 

J Colbe) 

Job Bishop 
Nathaniel Emerson 
Samuel Ingalls 
John Chote 
John Andrewes 
William Cogswell 

Henry Kingsbury 
William Guttferson 
William Norton 
Will. Buckly 
Richard Wattles 
Thomas Rowel 
Robert Collins 
Samuel Varnam 
Tho. Louell 
Francis Jurden 
Samuel Pod 

Daniell Epps 
William White 
John Browne 
James Chute 
Thomas Newman 
Josaph Bexby 1 
Ralfe Dix 

Henry 2 

Samuel Eyers 
William Averell 
Esaiah Wood 
Richard Nicholls 

Endorsed at bottom: 

(first line gone) 

would be pleased to give answer to this petition in the first place. 
22:3d, 1658. William Torrey, Cleric. 

In answer to this petition the Court declares yt ye freemen within 
Theire severall Townes have herewith ye power according to the 
last lawe or order title Towneships to make choice of such Inhabi- 
tants yt have taken the oath of fidellitye to be Jurymen & to have 
theire votes in the choice of selectmen & where no Selectmen are to 
have theire votes in ordering of schooles, hearding of catle laying 
out highwayes & distributing of lands yt wh necessarily imply the 
said Freemen have power by virtue of the said lawe to restraine 
some upon just Cawse. The magistrates have past this with ref- 
ference to the Consent of theire brethren the deputies heereto. 
9 June 1658 Edward Rawson, Secretary. 

The deputies Concurr with our Honored magistrates herein yet 
conceive the pet. is not fully answered. 

William Torrey, Cleric. 


[Facsimile of signature.] 
'The second, third, and fourth letters of this name are ant. 
an r; the first letter may be L or C 

The final letter appears to be 


Fore explanation & emendacon of two Lawes in the printed book 
tytle Towneshipp relating to the liberty of such as have taken the 
oath of Fidelity to vote in Towne affairees wich seeme not well to 
consist togeather the latter also repealing the former, & finding 
also inconveneince in the — of that have therefore ordered & be it 
hereby ordered & inacted that for Tyne to come all English men 
that are setled inhabitants & Howse holders in any Towne of the 
age of 24 yeares & of honest & good conversation being rated at 
20 H estate in a single Country rate that hath taken the oath of 
Fidelity to this Government & [noe other?] (except Frends) may 
be chosen Jurymen or Constables & have their vote in the choise of 
the Selectmen for the Towne affaires assessment of rates & Other 
prudentialls proper to the selectmen of the severall Townes pro- 
vided still the major part of all Companyes of selectmen be Free- 
men from tyme to tyme that shall make a valid act As also where 
noe selectmen are to have their vote in ordering of schooles, heard- 
ing of cattle laying out of highways & distributing of Lands any 
Lawe use or custome to the Contrary not with standing & the for- 
mer lawes soe farr as they relate to the liberty of such as are non 
freemen are hereby repealed. 

Voted by the Magistrates with reference to the consent of our 
brethren the deputies. 

Jo. Endecott, Goif. 

Consented to by the deputyes 

William Torre y, Cleric. 

Taken from Massachusetts Archives, Vol. 112, folios 101-104. 

The fact that Joseph Bixby was not a freeman at the date of 
the petition given above, in spite of the fact that he was nearly 
forty years of age and of good reputation among his neighbors, 
would lead to the inference that he had not become a member of 
the church at Ipswich, the early records of which are lost, and as 
he was an inhabitant of Ipswich then, and later, he probably would 
not have been a member of any other church in New England. 

A conscientious man would approach the subject of church 
membership as entirely distinct from the civic privileges to which 
it was a prerequisite, even though a regular and earnest attendant 
at meetings. After the removal to Rowley Village, which later 
became Boxford, when steps were taken to form a church at Tops- 
field, in which the Villagers within Rowley bounds were invited 


and expected to take part, it is evident that Joseph Bixby felt 
called upon to enter into church fellowship. There is no record of 
the early membership of Topsfield church. The church was formed 
in 1663, and on the 4 Nov., 1663, Rev. Thomas Gilbert 1 was 
installed as pastor. He was but recently come from England, 
where he had been ejected from his living by the Act of Uniformity, 
and one of the conditions under which he accepted settlement at 
Topsfield was that the Villagers should help support the Topsfield 
church. One of the first steps taken after Mr. Gilbert's installation 
at Topsfield, was his admission as a freeman of the Colony. This 
took place at Ipswich, at a County Court held there 5 May, 1664. 
The clerk entered the following minute, "Mr. Thomas Gilbert and 
Joseph Bigsbye of Topsfield were made free. " Although customary 
for the clerks of courts to make return of such admissions to the 
colonial secretary at Boston, and for him to make a record of such 
admissions, there is no mention in the Colony archives of the 
admission of either Gilbert or Bixby. There are many such in- 
stances. Not only does this record show that Joseph Bixby was 
a member of Topsfield church, but that fact, as well as of his wife's 
membership, is substantiated by the list of members made by 
Rev. Joseph Capen in 1684. 

On the 22d 12 mo., 1649-50, in company with three others, Joseph 
Bixby had a grant from the town of meadow, not to exceed 16 
acres, by Edward Lomas' meadow already granted near Mr. Rog- 
ers' farm. 2 

He possessed a "farm" in Ipswich. On 20 Feb., 1 650-1, George 
Palmer of Ipswich, cooper, and Samuel Heford contracted to deliver 
to William Bartholomew thirty thousand hogshead staves; and 
Palmer assigned to Bartholomew, as security, all his part of the 
lumber and staves, whether made or in the making, felled or stand- 
ing, on farms of Mr. Hubbard, Joseph Bigsbey and John Andrews. 
In 1654 seven cattle belonging to the estate of Thomas Scott of 
Ipswich were in possession of Joseph Bixby. 3 

•Prior to his settlement at Topsfield, Mr. Gilbert had "found employment at Rowley." He 
was a man of strong views, and free in his expression of opinion. He was censured by the 
General Court for references made to the King, and later got into trouble with his parishioners 
and was forced to leave Topsfield. He removed to Charlestown, and died there, respected for 
his ability and independence, in spite of certain personal failings, arising, it is probable, from 
his intemperate habits. 

5 Ipswich town records. 

• Essex Deeds, Ipswich series, i: 82; 1: 190; 2: 37, 38. 

Coming up the river from the bay looking towards the town 

The centre of the town 


The town lands of Rowley extended along the entire northern 
and western borders of Ipswich. The inhabitants of Rowley on 
the 2d, iimo., 1653 (Jan., 1654), voted that the lands appointed 
for a village within the bounds of Rowley should be viewed by a 
committee and proportioned among the Rowley proprietors "ac- 
cording to purchase," that term alluding to the relative ownership 
of the Rowley inhabitants in the common lands of the town. Those 
entitled to share in the Village lands very largely disposed of their 
rights to persons intending to settle there. Joseph Jewett of Row- 
ley agreed to sell a large tract of the Village lands to Francis Pea- 
body, Joseph Bixby, Abraham Redington and William Foster, but 
died before executing a deed. 1 His executors gave to each man a 
deed for his share of the purchase. To "Joseph Bigsbe of Rowley" 
they confirmed a thirty-sixth part of the Village lands, 2 in consid- 
eration of £23-6-8, the deed being dated 1 July, 1661. 3 On the 
same day, Bixby, in consideration of £25, granted one half of his 
purchase to Robert and Nicholas Wallis of Ipswich. 4 It would 
seem that Bixby 's original purchase was probably estimated at 500 
acres, of which he retained half. 

As early as 1652, roads from Andover to Newbury and Ipswich 
had been laid out across the Village lands, and it is probable that 
an occasional settler could be found in the territory. Zacheus 
Gould and Governor Endicott had actual title to an extensive tract 
of land in the southwestern part near the Ipswich River. It was 
not until 16 Apr., 1668, that the lands in the Village were actually 
laid out to the possessors of rights to lands there. On that day, 
the town appears to have confirmed the doings of their committee, 
John Pickard and Ezekiel Northend. The total number of acres 
in the lots confirmed to the Village owners sums up 15,098, includ- 
ing 3200 acres of Gould and Endicott, and the 3000 acres reserved 
to the town in that part now Groveland. 

To "the Topsfield men, Goodman Dorman, Goodman Peabody, 
and the rest, six in all," 1200 acres were granted. This tract was 
bounded south by the Fishing Brook. 

1 He died 26 Feb., 1660-1. 

* Perley, in History of Boxford, states that the area of the Village lands was about 17,000 acres, 
and that of this Jewett had granted about 3,000 acres to Abraham Redington, Robert Stiles, Joseph 
Bixby, John Cummings, William Foster and John Peabody. 

3 Essex Deeds, Ipswich series, 1:82; 1:190; 2:37, 38. 

* The following January, the Wallises sold their one seventy-second part to William Goodhue of 
Ipswich for £60. 



To Thomas Dorman, John Cummins, and Robert Stiles were 
granted 400 acres. This tract was bounded west by Andover line, 
and south with a line drawn from Andover line to a clump of trees 
on the north side of Humphrey's Pond. 

To Francis Peabody, Joseph Bixbie, Abraham Redington, and 
William Foster 800 acres. This tract was bounded west on Ando- 
ver line, south by Wade's brook, north by land of Dorman, Cum- 
mings and Stiles. 1 

The reference to Dorman and his five associates, as the "Tops- 
field men," would seem to indicate that Bixby may have had some 
connection with that village prior to his settlement in Rowley Vil- 
lage. But the later separation of the two grants to Dorman, Cum- 
mins and Stiles, and to Peabody, Redington, Bixby and Foster, 
may also be taken to show that they were two companies and not 
one. These six men did not originally purchase equal shares in the 
Village lands; Foster for instance, having purchased only half as 
much as Bixby. 

Bixby and his partners had taken possession of the land sold them 
at once. In 1662 "Jos. Bigsby" was taxed by Rowley nine shil- 
lings and five pence, his rate being above the average in an assess- 
ment laid upon the whole township of Rowley, in which the highest 
rate was £1-5-7 and in which few paid more than sixteen shillings. 

In 1673 several Village residents 2 petition the General Court 
regarding their obligations to Rowley, stating that "whereas your 
petitioners formerly purchased a tract of land of Joseph Jewett of 
Rowley, now deceased, on which we now dwell, which land was sold 
us as Village land, free from any engagement to the town of Rowley, 
else we had not purchased it." Rowley, in 1667, in town meeting, 
had voted that the Village residents might pay half their minister's 
rate to Topsfield and half to Rowley minister, "till they have a 
minister of their owne." 3 

Two years later they were ordered to pay all taxes as the people 
in town do, the money paid them to be applied to defraying the 
necessary charges of Rowley Village, and the residue to the im- 
provement of the minister's farm there, the income of which should 
belong to the minister in Rowley until the Village settled an ortho- 
dox minister. 

1 Rowley Town records. 

! At that time there were sixteen families living on the Village lands. 

* Gage: History of Rowley. 


Until the separation from Rowley that town appointed tax col- 
lectors, persons to see that the Sabbath was kept, and a constable 
for the Village. In 1680 "Joseph Bigsbee" and William Foster 
were appointed to inspect the families in the Village 1 which then 
had twenty-five families within its boundaries, an increase of nine 
families in seven years. 

Almost from the beginning of the settlement at the Village there 
was friction between the people of Rowleytown and the Village. 
The Village residents were from several of the older towns, their 
homes were remote from Rowley meeting house, and they were, 
with one or two exceptions, not connected with Rowley in any other 
than a political way. As in the case with Rowley Village on the 
Merrimack, now Bradford, the intent of the Village grants was to 
permit a separate town organization as soon as the settlement was 
strong enough. On the 7 May, 1673, Rowley Village residents to 
the number of six petitioned the General Court as mentioned above, 
setting forth the terms of their purchase from Jewett, that they 
were from seven to nine miles from Rowley but near Topsfield, and 
that "about ten or twelve years since" Topsfield called Mr. Gilbert 
to be their minister and he was unwilling to accept "unless we of 
the village would engage to pay our shares in and to publique charges 
at Topsfield. Upon this Abraham Reddington, Joseph Biggsby, 
John Cummins, and the rest of us, being free as we apprehended, 
agreed to pay our proportions as our honest neighbors of Topsfield 
did, only provided they would remove or sett the meeting-house 2 
so as it might stand convenient for us." The meeting house was 
placed within two or three miles of the Village and a church con- 
nection formed between the Topsfield and Village people which 
lasted until the establishment of a church in Boxford several years 
later. The petition further recited that as to military matters, 
they had been for many years "not regarded by Rowley and had 
trained in Topsfield, and some of the Village people had been elected 
to office in the Topsfield company." For some reason Redington 
had become dissatisfied and had attempted to obtain a closer asso- 

1 Gage: History of Rowley. 

2 Some idea of the preparations made by the residents in frontier towns, such as Topsfield and 
Boxford were in those days, against foes from without, is obtained from the description of the meet- 
ing house at Topsfield in 1673. The meeting house was surrounded by a stone wall five or six feet 
high, three feet broad at the bottom, inside of which, probably at one of the corners, was built a 
stone "watch-house," ten feet square. This was long known as the "old meeting-house fort." 
See Perley's History of Boxford. 


ciation with Rowley, but these petitioners sought to have their 
Village declared free of Rowley, and united with Topsfield, "there 
being but sixteen families in the Village." Although the General 
Court refused to take the matter up at that time, at the session of 
Oct., 1674, it was ordered that the train soldiers of the Village could 
perform duty at ordinary trainings either at Topsfield or Rowley, 
until their village was supplied with a minister and have a sufficient 
number of inhabitants to train among themselves. This condition 
continued until October, 1684, when the foot soldiers of the Village 
were ordered to train with the Topsfield company; ! but this order 
of the Court proved unsatisfactory to many of the inhabitants of 
the Village and gave rise to a petition signed by Abraham Reding- 
ton, Joseph Bexby, Samuel Buswell, Sr., and William Foster, "in 
the name of the rest," setting forth that the order of 1684 was made 
"without any knowledge of ours," and that experience had shown 
that in obeying it many ills and much confusion had arisen. The 
petitioners considered that they and their fellows would be capable 
of doing better service to the country and themselves if allowed to 
train at home, as many live at a distance from Topsfield, some of 
them seven or eight miles or more. The General Court granted 
this petition by repealing the order of 1684, and ordered that the 
Villagers organize by such officers as the Major-general shall ap- 
point. 2 

In the meantime further concessions had been granted by Row- 
ley to the Villagers regarding their minister's rates, and the time 
had come for the Village to seek incorporation as a separate 
town. This was done in May, 1685, when Abraham Reddington, 
Sr., Joseph Bixbee, Sr., Samuel Buswell, Sr., William Foster and 
John Peabody, representing the others, petition the General Court 
to be made a township so that they may settle a minister, setting 
forth that they are now about forty families, that the village, con- 
taining about 18,000 acres of land, was originally laid out with that 
design, that they have a minister's farm, and until they have a set- 
tled minister they will contribute toward the maintenance of min- 
isters in such places as they attend worship. This petition was 
granted on the 5 June, provided Rowley consented, and this consent 
was arranged for on the 7 July, 1685, when a committee from both 
the town and Village met, Joseph Bixbee being one of the six from 

» Colony records. 5= 16, 455- 2 Archives, 70: 135- 


the Village, and agreed upon the bounds and terms of separation, 
one of the conditions being that twenty shillings in silver should 
be paid yearly to Rowley by Joseph Bixbee, Sr., John Peabody, 
William Foster, Samuel Symonds and Moses Tyler, until they have 
a minister settled in the Village. This payment was a town charge 
and was three years in arrears in July, 1699. 1 

The original papers in the proceedings are on file in Massachu- 
setts Archives, vols. 10 and 112, and in vol. 112, folio 410, is found 
the consent of Rowley to the incorporation of the Village, under 
date of 12 Aug., 1685. 

By June, 1686, the town was known as Boxford, but there appears 
no record incorporating the town as Boxford, nor is it known how 
the name came to be chosen. After the advent of the Royal Gov- 
ernors it became one of their prerogatives to name a new town, but 
prior to that the wishes of the inhabitants regarding the name of 
their town seem to have been regarded. The village of Boxford in 
Suffolk, England, is about two miles northeast of Assington, where 
the wife of Joseph Bixby had formerly owned land, and is about 
four miles from Little Waldingfield. It is also about the same dis- 
tance from Hadleigh, the home of the widow Mary Bigsby (D) who 
died in Boston in 1654, and little more than a mile south of Groton, 
whence came Gov. Winthrop. The prominence of Joseph Bixby 
in the early settlement at Boxford, and his evident popularity among 
his neighbors, leads to the suspicion that he may have had a hand in 
the selection of a name for the new town. 

The record of Joseph Bixby's public services is not complete. 
He was chosen sergeant of the "soldiery of Topsfield and the Vil- 
lages adjoining thereto," 21-4 mo., 1666. 2 In June, 1671, Sergeant 
Bigsby, Abraham Reddington and others of the train band were 
fined for neglecting common training at Topsfield. 3 

At some unknown period, but later than 1674, when Nelson was 
commissioned lieutenant of the Rowley train band, Joseph Bixby 
was sergeant of the Rowley company. An undated petition con- 
taining the signatures of 77 foot soldiers and 10 troopers of the train 
band of Rowley, prays that Philip Nelson be commissioned "com- 
mander in chief of our train band" and John Johnson lieutenant. 
Among the names appended, which are not autographs, is the 
name of "Joseph Biggsby seargeant." 

1 Gage: History of Rowley. 2 Essex Court records. s Suffolk files 26.633. 


Joseph Bixby was commonly styled Sergeant, even after his train- 
ing days had passed. In 1686, John Gould exercised his company 
at Topsfield, according to an order received from the officers of his 
regiment, in defiance of a proclamation by the new government 
ordering a fast be kept on the 14 July, the day set aside for the train- 
ing. He was also accused of uttering seditious words on the occa- 
sion of the reading of the proclamation by the pastor, Rev. Joseph 
Capen, at the Sunday service preceding that day. He was arrested 
and held in £200 to appear before the President and Council. The 
evidence showed that Gould had resented the new order in govern- 
ment, and was accused by some of having made speeches which 
indicated a willingness to join in a movement to maintain the old 
government. Gould denied having used the words ascribed to 
him, but acknowledged he had exercised his company as originally 
ordered before the arrival of the frigate Rose and publication of his 
majesty's commission. John How testified "on the Sabeth day 
after the order for the fast to be kept on the 14th instant was read 
to the people by their minister he heard Abraham Reddington and 
segt Bigsby object it was but short warning and Lieut John Gold 
objected and said he had taken an oath to another government. 
. . . and for Randolph he new him not." Randolph and his 
friends were satisfied to make an example of Gould, who was kept 
in prison for some time and released only upon payment of a fine, 
and giving for those days heavy bonds. 1 

Rev. Joseph Capen was ordained at Topsfield in 1684, and upon 
taking charge made a list of the members of the church. In this 
list appear the names of Joseph Bixby, Sr., and his "wife." 

Immediately upon becoming a town Boxford sent Abraham Red- 
dington to the General Court as its deputy. It is noteworthy that 
after his name in the Court record the name of town represented 
does not appear. In 1690 the town voted to send a deputy, and 
Joseph Bixby, Sr., was one of the committee to decide and advise « 
regarding his attendance. 2 In March, 1687, Sergeant Bixby was 
chosen moderator of the third town meeting held in Boxford. The 
other references to Joseph Bixby on the town records from this 
time on would seem to apply to Joseph Bixby, junior. 

On the 24 June, 1689, the soldiers of Boxford "having reseved 
orders for the nominayson of officers where there is wanting and 

> Suffolk files 2423. s Town records. 


our former offiser Sargent Bigsbee by name being altogether dis- 
inabled by reson of age and infirmytyes of Body that we are wholy 
destitute," elected a lieutenant and ensign. These nominations 
were forwarded by "Sargent Josaph Byxbe" 1 to the General Court 
for approval. The overthrow of Andros had taken place two 
months earlier. 

The site of the dwelling house of Joseph Bixby is not definitely 
known. 2 He was a carpenter, and would undoubtedly have built 
well and strongly. As he had a large family, it is probable he built 
the customary dwelling house of that time, 3 two large rooms on 
either side of the central and only chimney. On the first floor of 
such houses was the hall or living room, and the parlor, which was 
also a sleeping apartment. An entry filled in the space between the 
two rooms, into which the outside "front door" opened, and from 
which a flight of steps ran to the second story, these steps being 
against the chimney and probably making two or three turns. The 
second story was planned like the first, with the possible exception 
of one of the large chambers which might be divided by a wains- 
scotted partition, making two smaller chambers. The attic was 
large and roomy, for in those days the roof was steep, forming an 
angle of about 45 °. To the back side of the house a lean-to may 

' Sfc^W gfe«f& $&*tfy 

Facsimile of signature. Massachusetts Archives, 107: 142. 

' The lands laid out to Bixby, Cummings, and the others extended eastward from Andover line- 
so to completely enclose the plain on which is situated the east village of Boxford. Six house lots 
of thirty acres each had been laid out on the plain, and on these the proprietors dwelt. A road was 
laid out east and west as near Fish Brook as possible. See History of Boxford by Sydney Perley, 
who some year3 later contributed an account of the Dwellings of Boxford to the Essex Institute 
Historical Collections, in which he traces the history of the house which Mr. Israel Herrick occu- 
pied in 1890 back to Joseph Bixby, and hazards the opinion that this house may have formed part 
of the house built by him when he settled in Boxford. From the somewhat confusing record 
obtained from deeds this opinion would seem to be erroneous, as Jonathan, not George Bixby was 
bequeathed the homestead. 

Mr. Perley says that George Bixby succeeded his father in the ownership of the homestead, and 
in turn at his death in 1729, the last year he was taxed, was succeeded by his only surviving son, 
Gideon Bixby. The latter's son, Gideon, sold the place in April, 1774, to John Herrick. The farm 
then consisted of 108 acres. It was Israel, son of this John Herrick, who remodelled the house 
in 1800. 

s In 1667, John Pickard let his farm of 250 acres to Edmund James and agreed to build and fur- 
nish a cellar twenty four feet long, with a chimney in it, a house twenty four feet long and sixteen 
feet wide, and to cover and finish the cellar and house, also a barn forty six feet long and eleven 
feet stud, with great doors, so a loaded cart could enter, and little doors, so an unloaded cart could 
go out. The ends, side and roof of the house were to be boarded and clapboarded, and the barn 
was to be shingled and underpinned. (History of Boxford, p. 55.) 


have been attached at the time of building but was more likely 
added later. This lean-to would have extended nearly the whole 
length of the house, and here would be a long kitchen with, perhaps, 
a chamber or large pantry occupying one end of the lean-to. Over 
the kitchen were one or two chambers. 

The first highway authorized by the new town of Boxford in 1686 
was from Andover bounds to Topsfield "along by Joseph Bixbes 
hows." 1 

On the 24 May, 1728, George Bixby, Richard Kimball, and Jona- 
than Bixby, all of Boxford, grant to Joseph Bixby of Boxford, hus- 
bandman, all their rights in certain parcels of land in Boxford, in 
all 100 acres, including "the first lot, whereon old Sergeant Bixby 
lived." The grantors were George, son of Joseph Bixby, St., Jona- 
than, son of Jonathan, who had inherited the homestead, and Kim- 
ball, who had probably a right through purchase only. The grantee 
was Joseph, son of Joseph Bixby, Jr., who at this time was dispos- 
ing of his estate in Boxford, preparatory to removal. If this lot 
could be traced, the exact location of Sergeant Bixby 's house might 
be determined. There are some indications that it was near the 
mill erected on Fish Creek by Richard Kimball and others in 17 10. 

Rowley Village was one of the localities where in early days iron 
was obtained from the bog ore found in so many places in Massa- 
chusetts. Great hopes had been maintained by the first settlers 
that iron could be had in commercial quantities. As early as 1644 
a company of London merchants and others was formed through 
the energetic work of John Winthrop, Jr., for the purpose of estab- 
lishing iron works at some point in the vicinity of the English set- 
tlements, and Braintree was selected. The ore deposits there being 
found inferior to those at Saugus, the chief efforts of the company 
were directed to establishing works at what was called Hammer- 
smith, in Saugus. Here for about forty years mining and smelting 
of ore was carried on, first by the original company of under- 
takers, and after their failure, by persons who had succeeded to their 
rights and property. 

Smaller works were commenced in several places. Less than ten 
years after Joseph Bixby 's settlement at Boxford, a company of 
Essex men was formed to mine and smelt ore at Boxford. On the 
25th Dec, 1670, John Gould, one of the company, quitclaimed to 

i Town records. 


the company 80 acres "on part whereof the said iron workes now 
standeth." The works were first managed by Henry Leonard, who 
had been employed at Hammersmith, and who probably employed 
his sons, Samuel, Nathaniel, and Thomas, and one Daniel Black, 
as workmen in the forge, purchasing the ore from such as would 
mine it and bring it to the works, paying therefore four shillings 
six pence per ox-cart load. Joseph Bixby was one of the owners 
in the works, but sold his one sixteenth interest, 29 Oct., 1673, to 
Jonathan Wade of Ipswich. He brought an action against Thomas 
Baker, as clerk of the owners, in June, 1673, to recover £50-6, but 
withdrew his suit. Leonard, failing to meet his obligations on ac- 
count of his lease, and being sued by his workman, Black, for his 
services, fled the country late in 1673 to evade a judgment of £5 
or thereabouts which Black had obtained. 

In March, 1674, l the proprietors voted to place the management 
of affairs in the hands of a committee, of whom John Gould was 
one, and to employ Samuel and Nathaniel Leonard to smelt the 
ore. The forge was in poor repair. Operations there, apparently 
with the consent of Gould, after his fellow committee members had 
objected, resulted in the works taking fire, and being destroyed. 
Whereupon the rest of the owners sued Gould to recover the value 
of the plant, claiming £210 damages. The case was carried to the 
upper court. The value of the buildings and property destroyed 
by fire was assessed by Joseph Bexby and Abraham Reddington, 
the former making oath 26 March, 1675, that he "doth not look at 
himself to be owner of any part of ye workes." 2 

There is no record of the sale by Joseph Bixby of what lands he 

1 There was an evident desire on the part of the owners of the iron works, and probably other 
residents of the town, to be rid of the Leonards. In the family of Mrs. Leonard was a maid, one 
Hannah Downing, daughter of Malcolm Downing, who was of a lively disposition, and whose con- 
duct had been at times encouraged and commended by her master and mistress, and at times re- 
proved. The family were evidently given to rough ways and eventually Hannah was induced to 
complain of the treatment accorded her by the Leonard boys. The papers in the case are on file 
with the Essex County Court papers, and while throwing much light upon the Leonards and their 
friends, and some slight light upon the iron works, are not of sufficient credibility to be accepted 
at their face value. As Mrs. Leonard herself claimed, the purpose of the complaint may have been 
to drive her out of the town. It is in this case that we find the deposition of Sergeant Joseph Bixby 
given 2, 5th mo., 1674, in which he gives his age as 54 years. Concerning the Leonards, he testi- 
fied to their rough way of life, and disregard of conventionalities, and of their use of "very bad 
words, as Divell and Damn yee, and many other words which I have been ashamed to heare, which 
wicked expressions have been very frequent with them." The good man was much shocked. Dan- 
iel Bixby also testified in the case, and from testimony of another, it appears that Benjamin Bixby 
had been friendly with the family. (Essex files, 21: 140.) 

* Suffolk Files, 1307. 


may have possessed in Ipswich. Nor until his purchase of the 
interest in the Village lands does he appear of record as acquiring 
real estate. On the 3 Feb., 1669, he joined with John Ruck of Salem, 
vintner, in the purchase of two parcels of land in Topsfield, each of 
twenty acres, for which they paid £4-5, and which are described as 
the 25th lot in the first division near Wheelwright Brook, between 
the lots of Francis Peabody and John How, and the other the ninth 
lot in the second division, between the lots of Ensign Howlett and 
John How, and a part of which was sticky meadow. On the 8 Sept., 
1672, he purchased two acres adjoining his own land at Rowley 
Village, and on the 29 Jan., 1676, he made further purchases of 
upland and meadow in Topsfield, adjoining land he already owned 
there, which is probably the land he had bought of John Gould 
9 May, 1674. It was probably this Topsfield land which Benjamin 
Bixby settled upon and eventually inherited. 

In 1687, in a tax list which has fortunately come down to us, 
Joseph Bixby is described as "an old, decrepit man," and it is pos- 
sible that at that time his son George was in charge of the home 
place. 1 

There was no distribution of the estate of Joseph Bixby until 
after the death of his widow, who survived him three years. Her 
death is noted on Boxford records, "Sarah Bixbe a wedow of 84 
Years of aege desesad in Juen the third," but the year is missing. 
Her husband's will was proved 6 March, 1703-4, and an inventory 
filed the following month, when it is evident the widow was not 
living. We may assume that she had died in 1703, as on the 17 
Jan., 1702-3, she had been dismissed with other women members of 
the Topsfield church to the church in Boxford, which had been 
organized the preceding month. In the church record she was 
styled the "Widow Bixby." 

The will of Joseph Bixby is on file at Salem, together with an in- 
ventory of his estate, both of which follow. 2 


The last will and testiment of Josaph Bixby Sener liveing in Box- 
ford being aged and not expacting to contenew long in this world 
yet perfact in his understanding and in A Resinal disposing miend: 
I doe bequeath my Souel to Almity God who gave it mee and my 

1 See under Sergeant Joseph Bixby, Jr. (n). 2 Facsimile of will is shown opposite page 26 


body to bee desantly buriad in the Earth after my deseas: and as 
for my outward Estat I despos of it as heerit foloweth : and to my 
son Josaph I will and bequeath forty and fouer Acors and a quarter 
of land: pearte of it is the land I gave him a pon mariag: which 
land he now liveeth uppon : also I doe give to my son gorg the Eaigh- 
teen acors of land hee now liveath a pon and Elaven acors moer 
behind durty medow and and two acors and three quarters of medow 
in durty medow and three acors of medow in the slip and an acor 
of upland lying Round it for convenantsy of fencing of it : 

also I doe give to my son Jonathen twenty and Eaight acors of 
land he now liveath a pon which is the homested I live uppon and 
fouer acors of medow in long medow which I bout of Captin 
Chandler: and the Reast of my land shal be Eaqually parted A 
mongst my 3 sons ; and forder my will is that my thre sons Josaph 
gorg and Jonathen shal keep my wief on cow winter and sommer: 
and also one hog and a low hir twenty bushel of Endian corn and 
three bushel of wheat and two of malt one baril of sider and twelve 
pound of flax tear and six pound of sheeps woll and nien cord of 
wood all thes a bove s d perticalers aer to be providad yearly during 
hir wedowhood : also the weast Eand of the hous with the utenses 
in it : also thes three sons a bove named shal allow thair mother a 
peec of Eaigh a peec yearly. 

my son daniel hath had his porsion alredy and I doe give to my 
son benjemien three pound to be payed in corn by my sons Josaph 
gorg and Jonathen Eaqally a mongst them. 

my daftar Mary Ston hath had seven pound and three shillings 
wicth is hir porsion. 

and my will is that my dafter Abegal shal have ten pound of that 
Estat that my wief shal leave behind hir at hir deseas: also my will 
is that my three sons Josaph goarg and Jonathen doe pay all my 
honest deats and maintain mee and my wief with meat drink and 
clothing and wood and tendanc and what wee stand in need of dur- 
ing my natural lief and after my death beury me desantly which 
charges and disbursments my will is that my three sons Josaph 
goarg and Jonathen doe bear it eaqually one as much as a nother. 

it is to be understod that I give to my 3 sons Josaph gorg and 
Jonathen all the undevidad land not hear named Eaqually a mongst 

also my three sons Joseph goarg and Jonathen aer to begin to 


doe thair shaers in all that is Exprased in this Enstrument att the 
deat of this Enstrument : I doe desiar that John Pebody and Thomas 
Redington shall bee my over sears of this my will that it may bee 
parfermed in all Respact according to what is Exprased in this my 
last will and testiment 

and in testimoney that this is my las will and testimont I the said 
Josaph Bixbe sener have seat tow my hand and seall this Elaventh 
day of november in the year of our Lord one thowsend six hundred 
nienty and nien 

Witneses Josaph Bixbee 

John Pebody Sener his J mark 

William Foster and seall 

Abraham Redington Sarah Bixbee hir 

Thomas Redington marck 3 B widdow 

to the desesad hath set hir hand hear 
to in testimony of hir consent to this 
will of hir leat husband. Before y e Hon bl John Appleton Esq r Judge of y e probates 
&c in Ipsw ch March 6, 1703-4 — William Foster & Abraham Red- 
ington of Boxford in y e County of Essex appear d & made Oath 
y* they were prsent & saw Joseph Bigsbee Senj r of s d Boxford 
signe seale & heard him publish & declare y e within written In- 
strmt to bee his last Will and Testamt & w n he so Did he was of a 
disposeing mind To y 6 best of their Discerning and y* They sett 
to Their hands as Witness in his p r sence — & at y e same Time They 
Saw John Pebody & Thomas Redington Sett to Their hand as Witt- 
ness In his p r sence 

Upon which This Will was proved approved & allowed 

Attest Dan 1 Rogers 
On back of Will: 

Joseph Bixbees Sen r 

Will proved approved 
& allowed 
Record Exam dd 


Sargent Bixbes will 

proved approved & allow d 

yc\tt *>& l*5i ;n »nl *i $k*%& lBi>£* /****~ fiusinj 

f w " "I ;'/•/««, <*<**-«* tfUj <hs>f-t^4 *b~u 

•*?* ** <>** f ° 7 ; m TS J ' %g Z^ *A #-* -* 

^,S» }>*, ax~- «nf- t-k*** X y, V £»% *» ^^' rf &°£<h t 9- Af'«A 
Of * ^ W i- >»V in '{m«}Jl*t W/t/.f «* G*#*g **{V ^ 

, £?& #-ft of wW Mat to £&&$ >/<~^ c4 


"' . ^ «// *w ^ «0«.9 «. &o |^ £teim4v UjA*t *f £*P>att 
m t LP-**. £ux\*f ~t^£**l <*»<.% hoc *4 %c*>l on* Ron! ^ 

**S- nt*n On* V * >t " u $ "** ™** Ct *"**•/• ?&*&*"/**$; gg£ 
mu Jem kn/Smi n M™** #*«>*£ ** & tf«f^ >n C^m L nv{ f*»tf 

■(JjtjfA S^l *** ^ tma ^ n &¥*■**/ *■"""%** Jfo*n 

rttu ' xli<»-> ry\*vni /)■**■ fcajfy &$. pu.',, tfeanf- *n& ££»*+ fntt&na 

%f*4 : : *l?c &fe$ ?».'y "■**?('{ £fv*l ■■■'■■ v**~4\ &*fA._$0*t nt 

o>i c v Hfitx :^r s^rpj . t bm$t4r &*+te Maini^'j, 

$ TWf 1*J{J4 i0i'jr& Tpteg ~m'l eLto\ C r,^ , * 

*> «*#+U,cO«£ /**£ , T C V '<"»y-3f<™S M^/A^rr,-^ -+'L, aUt _ 

*IS. nn H^% Zl^ ^ *"^ ty"**! *^<t"i™ * 

# «? t» %*& f££ **'»* >"»- **** 4&* *>$ *«* 'k f . 

i :- 

fe /iMs * : 



Shown two-thirds the size of the original 

•2 A 




Aprell 29: 1704 than we whos names are undar writen being de- 
sired by Joseph Byxbe to prize the Estat of his father who desased 
Aprell the 17: 1701 1 and we have vewed and prized the a bove s d 
estat as fouloeth all as mony 

First the land that he gave by his will to his Son Joseph 44 acrs 2 
we have prized at thirty too pounds 

and the land he gave to his son gorg by his will we priz : at twanty 
on pounds 35. 3/4 

and the land he gave to his son Jonathan we doe priz at sixty 
pounds housing and orchard and madoe included 32 

and his undavided land spoken of in the will we doe priz at twanty 
five pounds. 9L. 

and the hous hould stuf we priz as mony 

on fethar bad 2 boulstars 3 pelowes 2 shets: 

2 coverlads 3 bad blankts 3-14-0 

3 napkens on tablcloth five pelow bers 0-08-0 
brace 3 2 ketels on mortar and pastel 

worming pane: scelet scemor OI-06-6 

putor 7 platers 2 pots and som ould putor 00-17-0 

five small books 00-04-0 

on chast five smal Boxis 4 ould toubs 00-1 1-0 
2 iron pots and pothuks spet and sword tramells 

tongs shore and coultar grediron 02-02-0 

1 chain 3 wadgis chafing dish dish ironfoot 

2 Irones 2 axis 4 agars and other ould iron 1-09-0 

3 Chairs and three sheers 00-16-0 
trundel badstord and othar ould things we priz at 00-1 1-0 

We have prized what is mentioned ase mony as witness our hands 
Boxford Aprell: 29: 1704. 

Joseph Pabody 
John Stills 

1 The date waa first written 1700, and later changed to 1701. It must be remembered that at 
that time the year ended late in March, and the writing of 1700 was a natural lapse. 

1 44 acres inserted in another hand as also the figures 35 3/4. 32 and 9 L in the following para- 

• Brass; just as the following paragraph enumerates the value of the pewter utensils. 


Children : x 

1- i Joseph, born probably in 1648 or 1649, "eldest son"; 2 married Sarah 


2- 2 Daniel, born probably 1651; married Hannah Chandler. 

3- 3 Benjamin, born probably in 1653; married Mary. 

4 Sarah, died 18 Jan., 1657. 

5 Nathaniel, died 11 July, 1658. 

6 Mary, born 18 Feb., 1659; married Stone. She was living in 1699. 

7- 7 George, born probably about 1660-5; married Rebecca Porter. 

8- 8 Jonathan, born probably about 1666-70; married Mary Smith. 

9 Abigail. The date of her birth is unknown, nor has record of her 
baptism been found. She was admitted to the church at Boxford, 25 
July, 1703, and on the preceding 25 Feb., Tryphena, daughter of Abigail 
Bixby, was baptised in that church. Abigail Bigsby of Chebacco 
parish, Ipswich, was published to William Bennet, 20 April, 1720.* 
It seems probable that William Bennet was son of Henry, and, if so, 
born in 1657. Nothing more is told of him in the "Bennet Family of 
Ipswich," printed in N. E. Hist. Geneal. Register, 29: 165, except that 
he was living in 1685. There was a William Bennet, Sr., of Chebacco 
in 1733, and a younger William who had wife Sarah. There were 
other William Bennets in that section of Essex County, but sufficient 
seems to be known of them to indicate that none of them could have 
been the William who intended marriage with Abigail Bigsby. 

There is no settlement of the estate of William Bennet of Ipswich 
on record, nor has any definite information been obtained concerning 
him or of Abigail. Topsfield church records, however, note the death 
of Abigail Bixby, "an aged woman," 7 Nov., 1758. 

Tryphena Bigsby was published at Ipswich to Thomas Vickery, 15 
Sept., 1722, but died unmarried at Ipswich, 7 Oct., 1722. 3 

1 There is record of birth of but one child of Joseph Bixby, and the death of two others, all found 
on the County Clerk's records. Rowley and Topsfield records yield no information. It is supposed 
that the six children first named were born in Ipswich, and the last three probably after the removal 
to Rowley Village. Ipswich church records prior to 1720 are lost, and the Topsfield church record 
of baptisms commences 1684. The order of birth of the children as here given depends upon a care- 
ful study of probabilities. 

* Essex Probate records, estate Joseph Bixby, Sr. 

•Ipswich Records. 




II. Joseph Bixby {Joseph), of Boxford, Mass., born presumably 
at Ipswich, Mass., in 1648; died probably at Boxford in 1725. Ad- 
ministration was granted 5 Oct., 1725, on his estate, which inven- 
toried £350-12-11, to Joseph "eldest son." He married 29 March, 
1682, at Boxford, Sarah Gould, 1 born 18 Dec. 1664, died 4 Dec, 
1723, daughter of Capt. John and Sarah (Baker) Gould of Topsfield, 2 
Children, all born at Boxford: 3 

1- 1 Joseph, born 29 March, 1683; married Lydia Peabody. 

2- 2 Sarah, born 3 Aug., 1685; married James Higgins. 

3 Priscilla, born 28 Feb. (1687-8); living in April, 1728; 4 married 27 
Oct., 1720, at Boxford, Joshua Higgins of Orleans, Mass. 5 

4- 4 Phebe, born 19 April, 1690, baptized 8 June, 1690, at Topsfield; married 

Samuel Pickard. 

5- 5 John, born 26 July (1692), baptized 28 Aug., 1692, at Topsfield; married 

Esther Andrews. 
6 Mary, born 10 or 19 April, baptized 3 June, 1694, at Topsfield; married 
12 Jan., 1743-4, Eliezer Lake. Possibly as his second wife. Eliezer 
Lake, "an aged man," died 29 April, 1771. Mary Lake, "an aged 
woman," died in 1775. (See Sarah Bixby, 1354.) 

7- 7 Thomas, born 2 April, 16 (96), baptized 9 Aug., 1696, at Topsfield; mar- 

ried Alice Cummings. 

8- 8 Hannah, born 1 Dec, 1699; married Richard Towne. 

9- 9 Moses, born 20 July, 1704; married Phebe Hopkins. 

Joseph Bixby, junior, was a husbandman. He lived at Boxford, 
and was prominent in town affairs, taking his father's place in the 
public's service. In 1675 he was a member of the Rowley com- 

\ Essex County Court records; where also are obtained the births of the two eldest childrei, in 
which record the name is spelled Biggisby. 

* Sarah and Joseph Bixby join with other Gould heirs in deed, acknowledged 5 July, 1723. (Essex 
Deeds, 40: 271.) See also Gould Genealogy (1895), pp. 50-54. 

' The dates here given are from Boxford town records and Topsfield church records. The latter 
are printed in Essex Institute Hist. Coll. and Coll. Topsfield Hist. Soc. Baptismal records do not 
commence until 1688. Topsfield town record of births begins practically with about 1700, evi- 
dently a family series begun some years later. Boxford town records of births commence earlier 
but are badly worn. All of the children are named in divisions of father's estate, and receipts given 
to Joseph the administrator are on file from all but Phebe, Priscilla (her husband receipting how- 
ever), and John. Jonathan Bixby receipted for Moses. See Essex Probate records and files. 

* Suffoli files, 21407. 

6 Intention of marriage at Orleans, 13 Aug., 1720. 

5 31 


pany, commanded by Capt. Samuel Brocklebank, and was one of 
the twelve men impressed out of that company 29 Nov., 1675, 1 and 
assigned to the company commanded by Maj. Samuel Appleton 
which took part in the Narragansett campaign. Jeremiah Swain 
of Reading was lieutenant of this company. Bixby's name appears 
among those of the sixty one new men "that are now listed, " 2 the 
muster roll being made up on Dedham Plain, as of 9 Dec, 1675, 
when it was found that the Massachusetts contingent numbered 
540 men, who were under Appleton's command. The day before 
the fight the army was joined by 325 Connecticut troops, and the 
whole force, which also included Plymouth Colony troops, was 
commanded by Gov. Josiah Winslow. Appleton's own company 
took part in the assault upon the Indian fort at Narragansett 19 
December and lost four killed and eighteen wounded. 

In 1728, the General Court granted to the survivors of this cam- 
paign, or their representatives, seven townships, known as the Nar- 
ragansett townships, of which Souhegan West, afterward Amherst, 
N. H., was number three. Joseph Bixby's right was claimed by 
his son John Bixby of Boxford. 3 

Joseph Bixby does not appear to have performed any other serv- 
ice in this war. 

Although not a member of the Topsfield church, he was appointed 
with Thomas Perkins, Jr., at a town meeting in Topsfield, 29 July, 
1681, "to go to Cambrig to pilot Mr. Capen to Topsfield to Lieut. 
Peabody's house." Rev. Joseph Capen proved acceptable to Tops- 
field church, and was ordained and served there forty one years. 
He was born in Dorchester, and was the first Topsfield minister 
born in America. 

Joseph Bixby, Jr., was one of the selectmen of Boxford in 1688, 
and was reelected 24 June, 1689, when he was styled corporal. He 
was elected eleven times to that office, his last service being in 1723. 
He was moderator of town meeting in 1694-5 and in 1699; was 
constable, an office of great responsibility in early times, in 1691 ; 
on committee to build the meeting house in 1699; and to seat the 
people in the meeting house in January, 1 700-1, a post requiring 
tact and good judgment, as the congregation was seated according 

1 Mass. Archives, 68 : 68. 

3 Bodge: History of King Philip's War, page 157. 

• Ibid., page 434. 



to the dignity of their position in society. In 1701 he was on the 
committee to build the minister's house. He was again moderator 
in 1702, helped seat the meeting house in 1703, and was grand- 
juryman that same year. In 1702 he also served as tythingman. 
He is first mentioned in town records as sergeant in 1700. From 
the incorporation of Boxford until 1705 he was a member of the 
committee appointed from time to time to meet committees of other 
towns to agree upon the bounds of Boxford. 1 

On the 22 March, 1689-90, several Boxford men were admitted 
freemen of the Colony, among them "Joseph Byxbe." 2 

There is in existence a country rate for Boxford, dated 3 Oct., 
1687. On this return 3 appear many details not commonly given 
in the tax lists. Joseph Bixby, Sr., his sons, Joseph and George, 
were taxed as follows: 














3 <3 
O O 











Joseph Bixby, Jr. 











George Bixby 









Joseph Bixby, Sr. "an 

Old decrepit man." 











As George Bixby is taxed for his "head," that is, a poll tax, and 
for some stock, but not for a house, it is possible that the elder Bixby 
had relinquished the care of the home farm to him, and that he at 
that time lived with his father. 

Sarah (Gould) Bixby, wife of Joseph Bixby, Jr., was a grand- 
daughter of Zacheus Gould who settled first at Lynn, Mass., and 
later at Topsfield, where he acquired a large landed estate. 
Zacheus Gould was 72 years old in 1661. His wife was Phoebe 
Deacon, daughter of Thomas and Martha Deacon of Corner Hall, 
Bovington, Hempstead, Hertfordshire, England, and a near rela- 
tive to Lt. Col. Thomas Deacon, the parliamentarian soldier. The 
Deacons were an armorial family, and like the Goulds, had long 

1 Boxford town records, printed in Topsfield Historical Collections. 

2 Mass. Archives, 35: 353. 

8 N. E. Hist. Geneal. Reg., 33: 162. 


been settled in the locality whence the Goulds emigrated to New- 
England. A sister of Phoebe (Deacon) Gould married John 
Putnam of Dan vers. 1 

The inventory of the estate of Joseph Bixby valued his house, 
lands and right in undivided land lying on the east of Mr. Pickard's 
farm, at £237, land in Rocke woods in Partnership, 19 acres, £28, 
two parcels of meadow in Andover 2 £28. Personalty, £57-2-11. 
All members of his family signing receipts for their portion used 
the spelling Byxbe. 3 

From Suffolk court files, we learn that Joshua Higgins and his 
wife, Priscilla, were not satisfied with the share allotted to them, 
in their father's estate, and in consequence brought suit against 
Joseph Bixby, the administrator, and recovered £40. Joseph ap- 
pealed from this judgment and won his case. The real estate was 
valued at £293, and was divided equally between Joseph and John, 
the two eldest sons, who gave bonds to pay their brothers and sisters 
their portions. The estate was divided into ten shares, the eldest 
son receiving a double portion. 4 


II. Daniel Bixby {Joseph), born at Ipswich, Mass., about 1651; 
died at Andover, Mass., 7 May, 171 7, 6 leaving a will dated 12 April, 
1715, proved 5 July, 1717. 

Daniel Bigsbie and Hannah Chandler were married 2 Dec, 
1674, by William French. 6 Hannah Chandler was daughter of 
Lieut. Thomas 7 and Hannah (Brewer) Chandler, and died 20 Nov., 
1730. 8 
Children, born at Andover: 

1 Daniel, born 18 Sept., 1675; probably died in the lifetime of his father. 

2- 2 Hannah, born 13 Dec, 1679; married Stephen Barnard, Jr. 

3- 3 Thomas, born 18 Dec, 1681; married Deborah Elkins. 
4 Sarah, born 19 Jan., 1683; died 17 July, 1712. 

5- 5 Jonathan, born probably in 1685, at Andover; married Rachel Hobart. 

1 Putnam: Putnam Lineage, pp. 2, 3. 

2 In 1699 he bought Deer meadow in Andover of Joseph Parker, and in 1719 granted the same 
to Joseph Bixby, Jr., of Boxford, weaver. {Essex Deeds, 36: 176, 177.) 

» Essex Probate, 2509. 

* Suffolk files, 18745. 19800, 21407. 

6 Family record of C M. Bixby (13436. 4K2), who also gives the death of Hannah as 22 Nov. 
•Andover records in N. E. Hist. Geneal. Reg., 3: 66, and Andover Vital Records. 

7 Essex Deeds, 32: 234- 

8 Manual South Church, Andover. 


6- 6 David, born 15 Feb., 1687-8; married Abigail Butterfield. 

7- 7 Mephibosheth, born 3 April, 1690; married Mary Emmons. 

8- 8 Mary, born 12 l April, 1693; married 7 June, 1716, George Holt. 

9- 9 Joseph, born 5 March, 1695-6; married Experience Frost. 

Daniel Bixby removed to Andover prior to his marriage. He 
was a husbandman and carpenter. In 1690, he lived between John 
Russand Christopher Osgood. 2 In those days Boxford and Andover, 
Mass., were adjoining towns. His father-in-law 3 was one of the 
influential men of Andover, had been one of the early settlers there, 
and represented the town in the General Court in 1678 and 1679. 
Thomas Chandler conveyed to his son-in-law, Daniel Bixby, sixty 
acres near the Shawshin river, 12 April, 1688, the consideration 
being £40. It is said that a Robert Bigsby was witness to this deed. 4 
Chandler died in 1703 aged about 73 years leaving a will in which 
mention is made of his daughter Bixby. His widow, Hannah, died 
25 Oct., 1717. 

The will of Daniel "Bixbe" names all of his sons except Daniel 
and Jonathan. If his daughter-in-law Rachel should have a living 
child by his son, the child is given 20 shillings. All his lands and 
buildings were to be enjoyed jointly by his wife and son Joseph, 
who were made executors. The daughter Hannah had had her 

Rachel was the widow of Jonathan, but of her nothing more is 
known except she became the mother of a child. Joseph sold his 
father's "right" to common land in Andover, in 1722. 8 


II. Benjamin Bixby (Joseph), born probably at Ipswich, Mass., 
and in 1650; died during the first half of 1727, probably at Tops- 
field, Mass. He was an unmarried man in July, 1674, 6 but was 
soon after married, as his eldest child was born in 1676. It is 
thought he was twice married, both wives being named Mary. 

1 Or 10 April, see Chandler Genealogy, also Andover Vital Records. 

2 Essex Court files, so: 62, case of Elizabeth Sessions vs. Joseph Chandler. Elizabeth had lived 
as a maid in Bixby 's family. 

'See Chandler Genealogy (1883), page 37. 

4 Faith in the accuracy of the recording cleri is lessened on finding that the date of acknowledg- 
ment of the deed is given 11 Feb., 1678, ten years prior to its date. The deed was not recorded 
until 12 Dec, 1717. In 1688 there was a Robert Buzwell living at Andover who was born in 1667-8, 
and may have been the witness. 

6 Essex Deeds, 40: 172. 

'Essex Court files, 21: 140. 


Certainly he left a widow Mary, who was living as late as Jan., 

1732- 3- 1 

Children, probably all born at Topsfield: 2 

1 Caleb, born probably in 1676; died 14 July, 1754, "aged 78 years," 3 at 
Killingly, Conn.; married 17 July, 1723, at Killingly, 4 Sarah Blanchard, 
daughter of George and Sarah Blanchard. She was admitted to the 
church at Killingly 9 Jan., 1754, and died there 17 Dec, 1766, "aged 76 
years." 4 Caleb Bixby was in the military service of the colony of Mas- 
sachusetts Bay in 1704. 5 It is probable that he accompanied his brother 
Samuel to Sutton in 17 16, and became a landowner there. He sold 
land in Sutton in 1721, 1724, 1729, and 1738. The last sale was by deed 
dated 30 March, 1738, by which he conveyed 45 acres to John Towne, Jr., 

1 Neither the death of Benjamin Bixby nor of his wife is of record. Benjamin sold, 5 March. 
1726-7, three lots of land which had formerly been a part of Topsfield commons. His wife, Mary, 
joined in the deed. On the 1 1 July, 1727, the witnesses acknowledge their signatures, and testify that 
they saw Benjamin Byxbe "late of Topsfield, deceased" sign. The widow Mary was admitted to 
the church at Killingly 25 June, 1738, by letter from Topsfield church. She was living at Topsfield 
Jan., 1732-3, as on the 17th of that month she released dower in the estate sold by her son Nathan to 
Rev. John Emerson {Essex Deeds, 49: 184; 63: 250). The name Caleb is unusual in families asso- 
ciated with Topsfield at that early date, with the exception of the Kimball family. Henry Kim- 
ball of Ipswich (whose son Richard was for a time of Topsfield, and whose grand-nephew was that 
Richard Kimball who joins with the Bixbys in several deeds of land and was a large landowner in 
Boxford), died in 1676, leaving twelve children, all of whose names are known. Caleb, another 
child of Henry, was killed at the fight at Bloody Brook, where fell "the flower of Essex." Caleb's 
elder sister, Mary, born 29 Nov., 1641, at Watertown, was living in 1677 when Caleb's estate waa 
divided, but is not otherwise mentioned in Essex County records. Unfortunately, although the 
order of the court for the distribution of both the estate of Caleb and of his father are of record, 
the children are not individually named. (See Kimball Genealogy by Morrison and Sharpies.) 
Was Mary Kimball the wife of Benjamin Bixby? Did she name her eldest son, born very soon 
after the tragic death of her brother Caleb, after him? If so, and Benjamin Bixby was not twice 
married, she was a /ery aged woman when dismissed to the church at Killingly, and had borne chil- 
dren very late in life. As there is a period of nearly ten years between the birth of Benjamin in 
1678 and that of Samuel baptized in 1689, it is probable that during that period Benjamin Bixby's 
wife had died and he had again married. The Henry Kimball mentioned above, married about 
1640 Mary, daughter of John Wyatt, and thus his children were own cousins to the children of 
Joseph Bixby, Sr. See N. E. Hist. Geneal. Reg., 28. The Kimballs were from Rattlesden, Suf- 
folk, England, not far from the home of the parents and ancestors of Joseph Bixby. 

2 Birth and baptismal dates are from town and church records of Topsfield, as printed. At the 
time the two youngest children were baptized, Benjamin, junior, had a family. The record seems 
to clearly differentiate between the two Benjamins. The printed copy varies from the original by 
inserting a "Jr." after Benjamin's name. The church baptisms are cited in the "Vital Records," 
and for the early years have also been printed in the Essex Institute Hist. Coll. It is known that 
portions of the record have become illegible since their first examination for genealogical purposes. 
a half century or more ago. The birth of George Bixby is found in the Bixby Ms., obtained from 
a family record written about i860 by Henry M. Bixby (13538. 55) from dictation of Joseph Bixby 
(13538.4). The birth of Nathan on the 16th and his baptism twelve days earlier suggests that in 
some way I Nov., was read 16th, as the baptism appears to be correctly entered. 

* Killingly church records, which to 1775 were copied by Miss Ellen D. Lamed and printed in 
the Putnam Patriot in 1894, and also to 1750 in Putnam's Historical Magazine. The Patriot 
copy gives Caleb's death as occurring 4 July. 

* Ibid. 

* "Paid Jonathan Kimball and Caleb Bigsby, soldiers that served Her Majesty under command 
of Lt. (Pelatiah) Whittemore, 17 June (1704). to 12 Jan., 1704-5, £3-10-0." {Colony Treasurer's 
accounts, p. 270.) 


of Topsfield, in consideration of £370. He probably removed that year 
to Thompson, Conn., as he was admitted to the church there in 1738. 1 
The Bable Bixby mentioned in the printed Sutton records in the His- 
tory of Sutton as a resident in 1726 is undoubtedly a misreading of Caleb's 
name. In 1731 he was seated in the third pew of the Sutton meeting- 
house. His home in Killingly was in the locality later known as Put- 
nam Heights. He purchased of Benjamin Bixby land in Thompson 
parish, Killingly, 20 March, 1738, paying therefor £300. He is not 
known to have had issue, and certainly left none at his death. By will 
of 11 Jan., 1750-1, he left his entire estate to his wife's brother, William 
Blanchard, who was charged with the care of the testator and his wife 
during their lives. This will was proved 6 Aug., 1754, when adminis- 
tration was granted to the relict, Sarah, and Mr. Samuel Buck, 2 the ex- 
ecutor named in the will being deceased. The estate comprised a house 
and land, worth £50, and other property to the value of £35. 

2- 2 Benjamin, born 26 Nov., 1678; married Martha Lamsom. 

3 Joshua, died "an ancient man," 9 June, 1754; married 2 April, 17 14, 
Mary Davis. He was late of Topsfield, 7 Oct., 1754, when his widow 
had administration on his estate. George Bixby of Topsfield, gentle- 
man, was her surety. Rev. John Emerson, minister at Topsfield, noted 
in his diary that he attended the funeral of Joshua Bixby, 10 June, 1754. 3 

Probably by second wife: 

4- 4 Samuel, baptized 2 June, 1689; married Martha Underwood. 

5- 5 George, born 31 Jan., 1692; baptized 7 Feb., 1691-2; married Mary 

(Baily) Porter; (2) Sarah (Goodhue) Cummings. 

6- 6 Nathan, born 16 Nov., 1694; baptized 4 (sic) Nov., 1694; married Abigail 


7- 7 Elizabeth, born 10 Nov., 1697; married Richard Towne. 

8- 8 Jacob, born 29 April, 1700; married Elizabeth Jewett; (2) Sarah Young- 


9- 9 Jemima, born 26 Jan., 1702-3; baptized 4 March, 1702-3; married Joseph 


10 Mary, named in deed of father to son Nathan. Perhaps that "Mary, 

child of Benjamin," baptized May, 1707. 

11 ?Kezia, "child of Benjamin," baptized 4 Nov., 171 1. 

Benjamin Bixby took the oath of allegiance at Topsfield in 1677 
and 1678. He was the only person by the name of Bixby in either 
Topsfield or Boxford who took the oath. 4 In 1681 he was listed 
in the minister's rate at five shillings. His brother Joseph paid 
the same, and their father paid one pound. Benjamin was the 
only one of the family taxed in Topsfield, 3 Oct., 1687. He paid 
three shillings six pence in the "country" rate, taxed on one head 
(poll), one house, three acres of land, four cows, three sheep, and 
fourteen hogs. The following year he paid three shillings one penny 
on one head and seventeen pounds estate 5 . By deed "sealed 2 

1 Thompson church records. 3 Interleaved almanac. 

2 Pomfret Probate records, I: 149; II: 47. * Essex Deeds, Ipswich series, IV. 

s N. E. Hist. Geneal. Reg., 35: 34. 


March, 1689," acknowledged 8 July, 1696, Joseph Bixby, Sr., of 
Boxford, in consideration of forty pounds paid by Benjamin Bixby 
"my son, now living in Topsfield," conveyed to him 32 acres in 
Topsfield. 1 Benjamin held various town offices in Topsfield be- 
tween 1692 and 1 7 12, inclusive. He was the only one of the name 
taxed in Topsfield in 1723 and 1 725.2 He did not leave a will, hav- 
ing disposed of his estate during his lifetime. There is recorded 
with Essex Deeds, 43: 241, a deed, in which his wife joins, dated 2 
Nov., 1722, whereby he granted to his son Nathan one half his 
lands, the house Nathan dwelt in, half his barn, etc., in all about 
fifty acres of land ; and also the other half on condition that Nathan 
maintained his parents and paid their burial expenses, and should 
also pay to his sisters, Mary, Elizabeth, and Jemima, £5, as re- 
quired, but not later than their marriage, and to his brothers, Caleb 
and Samuel, £1. Power to dispose of the lands for his own ad- 
vantage was reserved by the grantor provided Nathan failed to meet 
his obligations. Nathan also inherited his father's right as a pro- 
prietor in the common lands of Topsfield. 3 In 1733 Nathan dis- 
posed of his property in Topsfield for £652 and removed to 
Killingly, accompanied probably by his mother. The deed from 
Benjamin to Nathan was witnessed by Mary and Jacob Bixby. 


II. George Bixby {Joseph), probably born at Boxford, Mass., 
about 1660-65; died according to the Bixby Ms. in 1739, but as 
he was last taxed in 1729 4 it is likely he died that or the following 
year. He married Rebecca. 
Children, recorded at Boxford: 

1 Nathaniel, born 1 March, 16 — ; baptized at Topsfield, Mass., 16 July, 
1693; died 9 March, 1702-3, 6 at Boxford. 
2- 2 Gideon, born 1 Sept., 1699; married Rebecca Foster. 

George Bixby is said to have been a merchant. His house in 1692, 
may have stood near his field, which was considered a central point 
for the erection of the meeting-house. The committee appointed 
by the town to find a site for the meeting-house reported that George 

1 Essex Deeds, 35= 61. ' Essex Deeds, 36: 34- 

» Coll. Topsfield Hist. Soc, III. * Perley: Dwellings of Boxford. 

* This date is given in the Bixby Ms. The year is illegible on the record. The editor of the 
"Vital Records" suggests 1701-2. Nor can the year of birth be read, it was probably 1693. 


Bixby's field was seven miles from Wills Hill (Middleton), eight 
miles from the farthest point of our land near Merrimack, two and 
a quarter miles from the eight mile tree (in Andover line) , and two 
and one half miles the nearest way from Rowley line. Two years 
later it was voted to set the meeting-house between the houses of 
George Bixby and William Peabody, the building to be 34 feet by 
30 feet. 

In spite of this vote the meeting-house was not erected until 1701, 
and then not on the above described site, but on a small hill at the 
northern corner of the cemetery in the East village, near the present 
church. While these preparations for a meeting house at Boxford 
were being made, there had arisen some friction between members 
of the Topsfield church resident in Topsfield and their Boxford 
brethren and neighbors. It was naturally distasteful to the ma- 
jority of the old church to have the support of the Boxford people 
withdrawn. The Boxford members of the congregation felt that 
they were not granted the consideration due them. When finally 
Boxford procured a minister and were in a position to organize their 
church, the Topsfield church dismissed for that purpose eleven 
male members, of whom Jonathan Bixby was one. This was 
4 Oct., 1702. After the ordination, in December of that year of Rev. 
Thomas Symms, the Topsfield church dismissed, in January, 1702-3, 
ten women members to the church at Boxford, among them widow 
Bixby (widow of sergeant Joseph), and Sarah, wife of Jonathan 
Bixby. 1 Joseph Bixby was dismissed on the 21 Feb., 1703, and 
Abigail Bixby 25 April, 1705. It is thought the Boxford church 
then numbered fifty members. 2 

In 1706 George Bixby had charge of the meeting-house. 1 He and 
his wife had been admitted to the church in 1704. 

He was surveyor of highways in 1690. 3 His homestead descended 
to his son Gideon as will be seen under Gideon (172). Descendants 
of George Bixby are found in Boxford, bearing the family name. 


II. Jonathan Bixby {Joseph), born at Boxford, Mass., probably 
about 1666-7; died 1717; married 2 Feb., 1691-2, 4 Sarah Smith 5 

1 Gage: History of Rowley, p. 113. 2 Perley: History of Boxford. 3 Town records. 

* Topsfield records. Perley gives the marriage of Jonathan as 1692-3, presumably from the Box- 
ford town records, but the year is lost in the original. 

' Sarah, daughter of William Smith, was born at Topsfield, 10 July, 1674- Possibly she was the 
wife of Jonathan Bixby. 


"of Topsfield," who was probably deceased i July, 1727, when 
Thomas Page was appointed guardian of her daughter Susanna. 
Children, born at Boxford: i 

1- 1 Lydia, born 3 Feb. (1694); baptized 6 May, 1694, at Topsfield, Mass.; 

married Thomas Page. 

2- 2 Jonathan, born 5 March, 1695-6; baptized 31 May, 1696, at Topsfield; 

married Ruth Fuller. 

3- 3 Ruth, born 10 April, 1699; married Thomas Andrews. 

4- 4 Mary, born 7 Feb., 1701-2; baptized 28 June, 1702, at Topsfield; mar- 

ried Nathaniel Sanders. 

5 Nathaniel, born 23 July, 1704; died 18 x (28) 2 April, 1724. He is un- 
doubtedly that Nathaniel Bigsbey "of York" whose name appears on 
a muster roll of the company commanded byCapt. Jeremiah Moulton, 
covering the period 28 Jan., 1724-5 to 11 May, 1725. The three last 
names on the roll are without dates of service and are stated to have 
been omitted from the last roll. This last roll covered the period 21 
Nov., 1724, to 28 Jan., 1724-5. The period of service for which pay 
was due Nathaniel Bigsbey was 9 weeks and 6 days only. In the column 
where the place of residence should appear are ditto marks, evidently a 
careless error, and because of this his residence has been given as York. 
Several of the men under Moulton were from Ipswich and Topsfield. 
Westbrook wrote to the Governor of the numerous cases of illness among 
the troops, which appeared to be brief but fatal, and in a list of those 
deceased returned the name of Nathaniel Bigsbey as dying 28 April, 
1724. He was probably one of those men who were stationed at Rich- 
mond. His death is also found on Boxford records, without further 
explanation, nor is other notice of his military experience found. 
6- 6 Elias, born 23 Nov., 1706; baptized Aug. (sic), 1706; married Elinor 

7 William, born 6 March, 1708-9; died probably prior to 1717. 

8 Jane, born 5 Oct., 171 1; died probably prior to 1717. 

9- 9 Susanna, baptized 29 June, 1713, at Boxford; married Daniel Johnson. 
10 Rebecca, born 26 Sept., 1716; married 26 Aug., 1737, at Haverhill, Na- 
than Smith of Boxford. 5 

Jonathan Bixby was a farmer. He was active in town and 
parish. He was one of the selectmen of Boxford in 1695. In 1701 
he was fence-viewer, and in 1703 tythingman. He with other Box- 
ford members were dismissed from the Topsfield church to form a 
church in Boxford in 1702. He was again selectman in 1706 and 
in 1716. In 1710, with Timothy Foster, he was called "heir" to 
Francis Peabody's share of Maple and Land meadows. In another 
deed they are called the "rightful owners" of Peabody's share. 4 
They had become "heirs" by purchase. 

Jonathan Bixby's will, dated 21 Jan., 1716-7, was proved 20 May, 
1717- He named his wife, children Jonathan, Lydia Page, Nathan- 
iel, Ruth, Mary, Susanna, Rebecca, Elias, the last six under age. 

1 Boxford records. 

•Mass. Archives. List of soldiers died, etc., under command of Col. Thomas Westbrook. See 
N. E. Hist. Gen. Reg., 45: 218. « Haverhill Vital Records. « Essex Deeds. 24: 209; 35: 12. 




III. Joseph Bixby {Joseph, Joseph), born 29 March, 1683, at 
Boxford, Mass.; died probably at Hopkinton, Mass., or Framing- 
ham, Mass. There is no record of his death or settlement of his 
estate. He married 4 Jan., 17 — , at Boxford, Lydia Peabody. 1 
Lydia, "widow of Joseph Bixby", died 9 March, 1765, at Framing- 
ham. 2 
Children, 3 all born at Boxford: 

1- 1 Lydia, born 26 Dec, 17—; baptized July, 1708, at Topsfield, Mass.; 

married David Foster.* 

2- 2 Joseph, born 10 Sept., 1710; married Mehitable Rugg. 

3- 3 Abner, born 30 Aug., 1712 (recorded at Hopkinton); baptized 28 Sept., 

1712; married Thomasine Nurse. 
4 Bethia, baptized 10 Jan., 1714-5, at Boxford. 

Joseph Bixby is styled "junior" in 1710, and is variously de- 
scribed as "weaver" and "husbandman." Like many, if not most, 
of the farmers of that day he had learned a trade, and doubtless 
worked at it during the long winter months, as time could be spared 
from the duties of the farm. 

On the 10 June, 1727, he sold to John Andrews, Jr., of Boxford, 
twelve acres of land in Boxford "with dwelling house thereon, it 
being the house and part of the land that was my father's, Joseph 
Byxbe, deceased." The same day he sold to John Bixby, for £112, 
twenty six acres, part of the land which had belonged to his father. 
The following March he sold five other parcels of land in Boxford. 
On the 24 May, 1728, he took title from Nathan Peabody to a sixth 
part of the undivided land adjoining his farm and land near Andover 
line, and on the same day sold to Peabody eighteen acres in Boxford, 
and to Richard Kimball thirty five acres with dwelling house and 

1 Boxford records. The printed "Vital Records" suggest the date 1705-6. The Boxford records 
are much worn, and many dates lost. Mr. J. W. Searles (11127J8) states she was the daughter 
of Jonathan Peabody. It would appear more probable that she was the daughter of Joseph and 
Bethia (Bridges) Peabody, born 4 Feb., 1683, at Boxford. 

1 Framingham records, Vol. II. 

1 Boxford records, but the baptism of Lydia is found on Topsfield church records. 

4 Church records, Hopkinton. 



half a saw mill, 1 also meadow in Andover next to George Bixby's 
meadow and two other parcels of land. The same day, he took title 
from George Bixby, Richard Kimball and Jonathan Bixby to ioo 
acres in Boxford, including the lot on which "old sergeant Bixby" 
had lived. Doubtless the conveyances to him were to perfect his 
title to some of the land he was selling. 2 Following these transac- 
tions he removed to Hopkinton, where perhaps his brother Thomas 
had preceded him. He, his wife, and his children, Joseph, Lydia 
and Abner, and his brother Thomas, were admitted to the church 
at Hopkinton, I Dec, 1728. 3 

Joseph Bixby was evidently regarded as an acquisition to the 
settlement. He was chosen selectman and served from 1728 to 
1732. He was chosen deacon of the church 18 Aug., 1730, ruling 
elder 20 June, 1731, and was ordained as elder 4 June the following 
year. 4 

In 1749 he appears to have been a resident of Framingham as his 
son, Joseph, is styled "Jr." in a town vote of that year. 5 


III. Sarah Bixby {Joseph, Joseph), born 3 Aug., 1685, at Boxford' 
Mass.; died in the lifetime of her husband. She married, 12 Dec, 
1726, at Eastham, Mass., James Higgins, born 22 July, 1688, 6 at 
Eastham, died 1777, son of Jonathan and Elizabeth (Rogers) 7 
Higgins. James Higgins left a will from which it is learned that his 
wife was not living, that he had a daughter Dorcas Taylor, daughter 
Rebecca, deceased, wife of Thomas Rogers, daughter Hannah, de- 
ceased, wife of Benjamin Higgins, and grandchildren, Hezekiah 
Higgins and Hannah Freeman. 

1 In 1710, the proprietors of the common lands voted to permit Richard Kimball, Ephraim Dor- 
man and Samuel Fisk to set up a saw mill on Fishing Brook on the "soels" near Joseph Bixby's 
house. Perley is authority for statement that this privilege was in use in 1878. 

2 Essex Deeds, 46:123, 145; 50:202, 204; 51:07; 99:121. 

3 Another correspondent who examined these records reports this date as 1727. 

* Church records, Hopkinton. The church was organized 2 Sept., 1724. Hopkinton was named 
for Edward Hopkington who bequeathed to trustees a fund, the income of which was to be used for 
a grammar and theological school at Cambridge and for books for meritorious students at Harvard 
College. The trustees purchased the Indian lands in what is now Hopkington in 1711, and in 1723 
were empowered to grant leases. Certain common lands and a plantation called Moguncoy were 
established as Hopkington 13 Dec, 1715. 

1 Temple: History of Framingham, p. 404. 

• Eastham town records. 

' See will of Lt. Joseph Rogers, Jan., 1677-8, printed in Mayflower Descendant, 111:67. 


Sarah Higgins testified, in the law suit between Joshua and Pris- 
cilla Higgins and their brother, Joseph Bixby, that when she lived 
with her father he kept a book of accounts. She was incapable of 
appearing in court at Barnstable, because of bodily infirmity, so 
gave this evidence at Eastham, 13 Jan., 1727-8. 1 

Children: 2 

1 Dorcas Higgins, born (1728?); married 3 Oct., 1751, at Eastham, Isaac 

Taylor. 3 "Widow Dorcas Taylor" died 1805, at Orleans. 4 

2 Rebecca Higgins, not living in 1777; married Thomas Rogers. 

3 Hannah Higgins, born 6 June, 1744; not living in 1777; married Benjamin 

Higgins. 5 

4 Hezekiah Higgins, born 26 Feb., 1750. 


III. Phebe Bixby {Joseph, Joseph), born 19 April, 1690, at 
Boxford, Mass.; married there 18 March, 1713, Samuel Pickard, 6 
son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Hale) Pickard, 7 who was born at 
Rowley, Mass., Dec, 1689, 8 and who had a second wife, Lydia 
(Clark), in 1747, in which year he sold his farm of 120 acres in Box- 
ford to Deacon Aaron Kimball. 8 

Children, born at Boxford:* 

1 Samuel Pickard, baptized 14 May, 1714. 

2 Phebe Pickard, baptized 28 July, 1723. 

3 Jonathan Pickard, baptized Oct., 1726. 


III. John Bixby {Joseph, Joseph), born 26 July, 1692, at Box- 
ford, Mass. Administration was granted on his estate to Andrew 
Bixby of Souhegan West, N. H., a son, 26 Feb., 1745-6. 9 

1 Suffolk Files, 21,407. 

• The births of the two youngest children are found on Orleans records. 

1 Orleans records. « Mayflower Descendant, VIII:i84. 

s "Wife of Benjamin Higgins" died 1773 at South Parish, Eastham, now Orleans. (.Mayflower 
Descendant, VII:i84.) "Wife of Hezekiah Higgins" died 1777- Benjamin Higgins, aged 60, died 
1777- "Wife of James Higgins" died 1774. (Ibid., 185.) Orleans was set off in 1797. Isaac 
Freeman and Thankful Higgins were married 25 Nov., 1756. 

8 Boxford Vital Records. 

• Ms. in possession of John W. Searles (11127.J8). The birth of Samuel Pickard, son of Samuel 
and Elizabeth, is found on Rowley records. The elder Samuel was "captain." He married 
Elizabeth Hale, who lived long into the following century. There is also the record of marriage of 
Samuel Pickard with Hepzibeth Hale, 31 May, 1687, but children are not found on those records 
attributed to this couple. See Rowley records in Essex Institute Hist. Col. 

• Perley: Dwellings of Boxford. »N. H. Probate Records, 15:574. 


He married 8 May, 1722, at Boxford, Esther Andrews, 1 born 16 
Feb., 1692-3, J daughter of Sergeant Thomas and Rebecca Andrews. 
She was living in 1740. 

Child: 1 

1- 1 Andrew, born 14 Nov., 1723; l married Susanna Cole. 

John Bixby was probably in the military service of the colony 
in 1718 or 1719. There is a Council record of 10 Dec, 1719, order- 
ing payment of £5-15 to reimburse him for his ransom from the 
Indians, and the Colonial Treasurer's accounts note the payment 
of that sum to Thomas Pearley for the use of John Bigsby. 

The real estate of Joseph Bixby was settled upon his sons John 
and Joseph. The former had also eight acres of land in Andover, 
which he bought of Richard Barker, Sr., in 1722. In 1730 he sold 
25 acres in Middleton, and in 1740 two parcels of land in Boxford, 
of which the larger contained 40 acres and had buildings on it, to 
Thomas Hale. His wife, Esther, joined in this deed. 3 

Either this or the following year, John Bixby removed to Amherst, 
N. H., then known as Souhegan West, in order to settle upon the 
grant made to the survivors of the Narraganset campaign or to their 
heirs, he having been assigned his father's right. 4 The first meeting 
of the Souhegan proprietors was held at Salem, Mass., 17 July, 
1735, and a committee appointed to lay out home lots of 60 acres 
each. At a subsequent meeting John Bixby was added to this com- 
mittee, which reported 1 May, 1735, that 120 home lots had been laid 
out, probably the preceding winter, and it is likely that Bixby 's 
first visit to Amherst was at that time. 5 

In deeds he is variously described as husbandman and cordwainer. 


III. Thomas Bixby {Joseph, Joseph), born 2 April, 1696, at 
Boxford, Mass.; died probably early in 1776, at Hopkinton, Mass.; 
married (published 22 April, 1722) Alice Cummings, born 10 Dec, 
1695, died 30 April, 1734, at Hopkinton, daughter of Isaac and 

1 Boxford Vital Records. 

2 The Bixby Ms. names a son Jonathan, who is said to have lived at Amherst. No trace has been 
found of such a person. 

3 Essex Deeds, 44:160; 80:69; 82:53. 

4 Bodge: King Philip's War. 

s For these early proceedings see Secomb's History of Amherst, N. H. 


Alice (Howlett) Cummings. 1 She was admitted to the church at 
Hopkinton 14 Oct., 1733. 2 Thomas Bixby married, second, 

Hannah , who was admitted to the church at Hopkinton, 

18 March, 1739, by letter from the church in Framingham. 2 She 
was living in 1761. 3 

Thomas Bixby settled in Hopkinton, in that part now Ashland, 
probably in 1727. He was admitted to the church there 1 Dec, 
1728, at the same time his brother and his family were admitted. 
He was one of the petitioners for a grant of a township in New 
Hampshire, now Hopkinton, and in 1761 joined with Thomas Hay- 
ward and his wife, Hannah, in selling a fifty acre lot there. 4 Ad- 
ministration on his estate was granted 27 March, 1776, to John Jones. 
His homestead of 67 acres was mortgaged. He had also another 
tract of 28 acres. There was due Harvard College a small quit rent. 
The total of the inventory came to £174-4-5. I n the settlement of 
the estate Thomas and Pelatiah Bixby and Phineas How are de- 
scribed as heirs, the latter probably as guardian of the children of 
Isaac Bixby deceased. The homestead is now covered by Basin C 
of the Metropolitan Water Works. 

Children, except the eldest, born at Hopkinton: 5 

1 Alice, born 25 Feb., 1725-6, at Boxford. She probably died 7 Nov., 
(1735) 1736. The Bixby Ms. records the birth of a youngest child of 
this name, in April, 1734. No record of birth or baptism can be found 
on town or church records to substantiate this statement. The name 
Alice often appears as Allis and Ellis. 

2- 2 Sarah, born 28 June, I728, s married William Richards. 

3- 3 Thomas, born 28 Jan., 1729-30; baptized same month; married Lois 


4- 4 Pelatiah, born 9 Aug.; baptized 15 Aug., 1731 ; married Ann Stone. 

5- 5 Isaac, born 9 Aug., 1733; baptized (5) 1 April, 1741 ; married Mary Crooks. 

1 Essex Deeds, 49:64, also 132:146. Pelatiah Bixby of Hopkinton in his own right, Anne his wife, 
and in right of Thomas Bixby, Jr., and Lois his wife, and Sarah, wife of William Richards of South- 
boro, convey to Joseph Cummings, Jr., one-sixth part of the real estate of grandfather Isaac Cum- 
mings of Ipswich, deceased, being 83 acres, with buildings etc., 19 June, 1770. A brief genealogy 
of the Cummings family may be found in Collections Topsfield Hist. Soc, 5:10. Alice Howlett 
was daughter of Thomas Howlett. 

5 Church records, Hopkinton. 
» N. H. Deeds, 85:416. 

* N. H. Town Charters, Vol. 28, and N. H. Deeds, 85:416. 

'Hopkinton town records. Hopkinton births to 1757 are to be found in N. E. Hist. Geneal. 
Register, Vol. 14. The church and town records were examined for the purpose of this genealogy 
by a member of the family. Differences from the printed Vital Records are noted by insertion of 
questionable dates in brackets. 

6 Sarah was probably baptized 7 July, 1723. Church records are said to give this date as 1726. 
Probably a misreading. 




III. Hannah Bixby 1 {Joseph, Joseph), born i Dec, 1699, at 
Boxford, Mass.; married 28 Feb., 1736-7, Richard Towne, son 
of Thomas and Sarah (French) Towne of Topsfield, Mass., as his 
second wife. He was born 16 July, 1700, died "an aged man," 
21 Feb., 1765. His first wife was Elizabeth Bixby (137), by whom 
he had two children surviving at the time of his second marriage. 

Richard Towne was town clerk of Topsfield for sixteen years, 
1 749-1 765. See Elizabeth Bixby (137). 
Children, born at Topsfield: 

1 Richard Towne, born 1 Jan., 1737-8; died 1739. 

2 Hannah Towne, born 8 Dec, 1739; died "26 or 28 Feb., 1802, aged sixty 

two years;" 2 married Daniel Esty, born 4 May, 1739, died 22 July, 1830, 
son of Aaron and Esther (Richards) Esty. He was of Topsfield and re- 
sponded, 19 April, 1775, to the Lexington Alarm, being in a company com- 
manded by Capt. Joseph Gould. His will is dated 10 Jan., 1827.' Daniel 
Esty was a grandson of Isaac Esty, whose mother, Mary (Towne), wife of 
Isaac Esty, Sr., was twice tried for witchcraft in 1692 and being convicted 
in the second trial was hung, 23 Sept., 1692. She has been called "the 
self-forgetful" because of the character she showed during this trying time. 
Her sister, Rebecca Nurse, also suffered death for the same imaginary crime. 
Esther (Richards) Esty, the mother of Daniel Esty, died 23 July, 1805, 
at the age of one hundred years and sixteen days. She is said to have been 
born in Southboro. 

1. Mary Esty, born 28 May, 1766; died 17 April, 1846. 

2. Daniel Esty, born 29 May, 1768; died 7 May, 1790. 

3. Richard Esty, born 14 Feb., 1771 ; died 5 Jan., 1853. 

4. Enos Esty, born 10 Dec, 1773; died 26 Feb., 1848. 

5. Sarah Esty, born 12 Oct., 1775; married Oliver Peabody. 

6. Hannah Esty, born 24 April, 1778; married Elijah Gould. 

7. Abigail Esty, born 7 Nov., 1780; married William Homan. 

8. John Esty, born 28 March, 1785. 


III. Moses Byxbee {Joseph, Joseph), born 20 July, 1704, at 
Boxford, Mass.; died probably late in 1776. 4 He married 18 March, 

1 "Widow Hannah Towne" died 28 Sept., 1760. Another "widow Hannah Towne," died IS 
April, 1778. {Topsfield church records.) 

• See Topsfield Hist. Soc. Col., 5: 115, Esty Genealogy; where, however, Daniel's wife's name does 
not appear. 

' Essex Probate, 407: 473. His will names children, Richard Esty, Enos Esty, Abigail Homan, 
and John Esty; also grandchildren bearing the names Peabody, Homan, and Esty. 

4 His will, dated 20 Nov., 1760, was probated 16 Jan., 1777. He named his wife, two sons, John 
and Moses, to whom he gave equal shares in his estate, and two daughters, Elizabeth Warrin and 
Phoebe Bouton. (Fairfield Probate Records.) 


1724, at Eastham, Mass., Phebe Hopkins, 1 born there 11 March, 
1702, daughter of Joshua and Mary (Cole) Hopkins. 8 
Children, all but the last recorded at Orleans, Mass.: 

1 Joseph, born 1 Jan., 1725-6; died in infancy. 

2 Joseph, born 23 March, 1729-30; died 1750-1, probably unmarried. 

"Joseph Byxbe" of Barnstable, Mass., purchased of Thomas Hayes, II 
June, 1750, two acres of land at Elies Neck in Norwalk, Conn.' Ad- 
ministration on his estate was granted 12 March, 1750-1, to Moses 
Byxbee of Norwalk. He is said by Selleck, apparently without authority, 
to have married a sister of Joseph Warrin, whose ancestry does not 
appear in Selleck's Norwalk nor in the "Short History of the Warings" 
(1898) by R. N. Waring. The marriages of the daughters of Edmund 
Warring of Oyster Bay, N.Y., and Norwalk, are known. 

3- 3 Elizabeth, born 3 Dec, 1731; married Joseph Waring. 

4- 4 Phoebe, born 21 Dec, 1734; married Esaias Bouton. 

5- 5 John, born 2 March, 1736-7; married Elizabeth Waring. 

6- 6 Moses, married Elizabeth Hayt. 

Moses Byxbee and his descendants have generally adhered to 
the spelling Byxbee. Moses and his brothers spelled their names 
so when receipting for the shares in their father's estate, but Moses 
was the only one to continue that style. His father's name is found 
on Boxford records as Biggisby and Bixbe, the latter being the style 
used in entering Moses' birth. In Eastham, the name appears as 
Bixbee, and in Orleans as Bigsbee and Bixbe. The spelling Byxbe 
was much in use by various members of the family in the second 
quarter of the 18th century. Like Bigsby, a more common form, 
the use of the "y" in the first syllable of the name often appears in 
a more or less erratic fashion in many branches of the family. 

Moses Byxbee purchased of John Raymond, both being described 
as of Norwalk, 1 Nov., 1749, about seven acres land near Rheoton 
Brook, including a house and orchard, etc. The consideration was 
£600 Old Tenor. 4 



'Town records. 

2 Selleck: History of Norwalk, Conn.; where it is stated that Joshua Hopkins was seventh of nine 
children of Giles and Catherine (Whelden) Hopkins who were married in 1639- Giles was one of 
the two sons of Stephen Hopkins by his first wife, a passenger on the Mayflower in 1620. Mary Cole 
was daughter of Daniel and Mary Cole of Eastham, born 10 March, 1658; died 1 March, 1734- She 
is buried at Orleans. (2V. E. Hist. Gen. Reg., Vol. 21.) Joshua and Mary (Cole) Hopkins had the 
following children: John, Abigail, Elisha, Lydia, Mary, Joshua, Hannah and Phebe, the last named 
born n March, 1702. * Norwalk Deeds, 10:285. 

•Norwalk Land Records, 10:236. John Byxbee, son of Moses Byxbee, purchased of Simeon 
Raymond, 24 Sept., 1760, 48 acres at Rheoton, bounded on land of the said John Byxbee, near 
Messenger's swamp. (.Ibid., p. 409.) 

•Signature of Moses Byxbee from his will. (Fairfield Probate Records.) 



III. Hannah Bixby 1 {Daniel, Joseph), born 13 Dec, 1679, at 
Andover, Mass.; died 4 May, 1724; married 2 4 Nov., 1714, at An- 
dover, Stephen Barnard, who died 31 July, 1758, son of Stephen 
and Rebecca (Howe) Barnard of Andover. Stephen Barnard, Jr., 
was a husbandman. He and his wife joined with Mephibosheth 
Bixby and Mary, his wife, and George Holt and Mary, his wife, in 
quitclaiming to their brother, Joseph Bixby, their share in their 
father's estate, 3 June, 1717. 3 
Children, born at Andover: 

1 Hannah Barnard, born 27 Jan., 1715; died 24 May, 1752, at Andover; 

married 21 Nov., 1736, Hezekiah Stiles of Andover, baptized May, 171 1, 

son of Ebenezer and Dorothy (Dalton) Stiles of Middleton. 

Children: 4 

1. Hannah Stiles, born 10 Jan., 1739; died 18 May, 1752. 

2. Stephen Stiles, born 11 March, 1741; married Huldah (Chandler) Ward- 

well and removed to Hillsboro, N. H. 

3. Barnard Stiles, born 28 June, 1744; married Sarah , and removed 

to Canterbury, N. H. 

4. Dorothy Stiles, born 29 Jan., 1752; died 12 July, 1753. 

2 Stephen Barnard, born 17 Dec, 1718; died 26 Dec, 1718. 

3 Rebecca Barnard, twin with Stephen; married Moses Scales and removed to 



III. Thomas Bixby (Daniel, Joseph), born 18 Dec, 1681, at 
Andover, Mass.; died 5 Dec, 1754, at Chelmsford, Mass.; married 
8 Dec, 1703, at Andover, Deborah Elkins, daughter of Eliazer 
Elkins. 5 

Tewksbury church records note the death of "widow Bixby, of 
old age, at Joseph Blanchard's," 29 June, 1761. 
Children: 6 

1- 1 Deborah, undoubtedly the "child" born 9 Oct., 1704, at Andover; 
married Henry Stevens. 

1 Information concerning this family was obtained from Andover records, and Essex Antiquarian 
6:136, except where other authority is quoted. 

1 As Hannah Baxby. » Essex Probate, 312:81. 

♦Guild: Stiles Genealogy, p. 76. Hezekiah Stiles died later than 20 Nov., 1782, when he con- 
veyed all of his estate in Andover to his son Hezekiah. {Essex Deeds, 140:131.) There is no settle- 
ment of his estate on record. He married (2) 27 Dec, 1732, Harriet Lovejoy, by whom he had: 
Hannah Stiles, Dorothy Stiles, Mehitable Stiles, Hezekiah Stiles. 

6 Thomas Bigsby of Andover in right of his wife Deborah, daughter of Eliazer Elkins, and Jasper 
and Abiah Elkins, son and daughter of said Eliazer, to their brother Samuel Elkins, 1708. (N. H. 

* The second, fifth and seventh children are presumptive, no record of their birth or baptism 
or direct evidence of connection with Thomas (123) having been found. The facts we have about 


2- 2 PMoriah, married James Barker; (2) Joseph Morse; (3) John Stevens. 

3- 3 Mary, born March, 1710, at Andover; married Joseph Frost, Jr.; (2) 

Joseph Blanchard. 
4 Sary, died 10 Aug., 1714, at Chelmsford. 1 

5- 5 ?Sarah, 2 married Samuel Haseltine, Jr. 

6- 6 Thomas, born 17 May, 1722; * married Phebe Spaulding. 

7- 7 ? Daniel, born about 1723; 3 married Catherine . 

Thomas Bixby lived for a time in Middleton, Mass., whence he 
removed to Chelmsford as early as 171 7. On the 19 Oct., 1722, 
he enlisted in the company commanded by Col. Eleazer Tyng, 
who lived at Dunstable, Mass., and served as "centinel" until dis- 
charged 29 Nov., 1722. He was on detached service under sergeant 
Joseph Varnum. He again enlisted 10 June, and served until 6 
July, 1725. He also served from 2 Sept., to 3 Nov., 1725, in the 
same company. The campaigns of 1722 to 1725 were to protect 
the northern and eastern frontiers against the Indians, who were 
active in raiding the settlements. Brunswick, Me., was attacked 
in 1722 and the settlers' homes destroyed. The Indians were directed 
and encouraged by Father Rasle, a notorious Jesuit priest, with 
headquarters at Norridgewock, Me. His death, when the colo- 
nists captured that place in 1724, brought much relief to the frontier 
settlements. According to the military system of that period each 
regimental officer was also commander of a company. Centinel 
was the designation of a private soldier. The muster rolls of Tyng's 
company do not exist for the whole period of his service, which was 
continuous during all seasons from 1722 to 1725 inclusive. In 
1725 his company was raised from the towns of Dunstable, Chelms- 
ford, Woburn, Reading, Dracut, Groton, Leicester, Billerica, Lon- 
donderry, Concord, Hadley, Andover, Lexington, and Watertown. 
It consisted of 77 men enlisted as privates, including three Mohawk 
Indians. Twenty two of the men were from Chelmsford, to which 

Moriah (123-2) and Sarah (123-5) however come from a section which leaves little question, but 
that they were children of Thomas (123). Daniel of Guysboro, N. S., is not heard of in the United 
States, except for a very persistent tradition among his descendants that he came from Connecticut. 
There are, however, no Connecticut families to which it would seem he could belong and, in fact, 
our records about the Bixby families in the United States in 1723 are so well worked out there 
seems to be no other family to which he could belong. See Daniel Bixby (1237). 

1 Chelmsford Vital Records. 

2 There is a note to effect that Sarah was born 15 Sept., 1712, but efforts to find the original 
records have been made in vain. The date may refer to date of Samuel Haseltine's birth, who died 
21 Feb., 1788, in his 77th year. 

3 Records of Christ Church, Guysboro, N. S., which have the following: "Feb. 19. 1788, Daniel 
Bigsby frozen to death on Birch Island age sixty five years." 


place belonged Lt. Jonathan Butterfield. One of the three sergeants, 
two of the four corporals, and twelve others came from Dunstable. 
At this time it would seem that a centinel was of rank higher than 
private, or else a private armed more heavily than the rest, as in 
this company there were four "centinels" and fifty eight "privates." 
The earliest enlistments were on May 20, the majority on June 10, 
but many were later. On June 15 there were sixty two privates 
and centinels in the ranks, but after the discharges of July, when 
the term of several men expired, there were but forty seven men in 
the ranks, several of whose terms expired prior to November 1, 
when the number of enlisted men were the same. Lt. Blanchard 
served but one day, Lt. Butterfield from June 10 to July 12, when his 
place was taken by Lt. John Tyng of Woburn, who served from July 

9 until November. Most of the Chelmsford men served from June 

10 until November 10. The frontiers were protected by soldiers 
impressed for short terms from the militia train bands. Col. Tyng 
was the officer ordered to march to the scene of Lovewell's defeat, 
19 May, 1725, when news reached Boston of the failure of his ex- 
pedition. 1 Tyng was a very efficient and active officer. Two of the 
Mohawks 2 assigned to his command died in the colony service. 

It is quite probable that Thomas Bixby was in active service each 
year during the continuance of hostilities, scouting and ranging 
over the country from Groton, Mass., to Concord, N. H., and per- 
haps even further east and north. 

The charter granted by William and Mary in 1691 placed the 
supreme command of the militia in the hands of the governor, and 
in his absence the lieutenant-governor, or, if neither of these officials 
were qualified to act, in the hands of the major part of the Council. 
The governor or his successor had the power of appointing another 
to act in his place as commander-in-chief, to commission military 
officers, to assemble and arm the inhabitants for war, to conduct 
expeditions by land or sea, to erect, equip, and demolish fortifica- 
tions; but he was prohibited from using the militia beyond the limits 
of the province without their consent or that of the General Court. 

The first act passed by the General Court after the promulgation 
of the new charter continued the laws already in force. At the 
session of 1693-4 an act regulating the militia was adopted. 

1 There is no muster roll of his company on this service. 

1 Isaac and Christian. Their families were living at Chelmsford. (Council records.) 


All males between sixteen and sixty years of age, except councillors 
and representatives, justices of the peace, officers, students and 
servants of Harvard College, Masters of Arts, ministers, elders, 
deacons, sheriffs, physicians, school-masters, former officers of rank 
of or higher than ensign, certain colony, county and court officials, 
constables, ferrymen, one miller to each grist mill, herdsmen, reve- 
nue officers, masters of vessels of above 30 tons burthen, and physi- 
cally disabled persons, were obliged to attend musters and military 
exercises. Regimental musters could be held only once in three 
years, except in Boston, but each company or troop was obliged to 
be exercised by its commander four days in each year. Company 
clerks were to make quarterly returns of persons liable to militia 
duty. Each person so listed, and every householder, was ordered 
to be provided with suitable firearms, equipment, and ammunition, 
also a good sword or cutlass. If he belonged to the troop he must 
be provided with a good horse of at least £5 value, with equipment, 
carbine, pistols, sword, etc., as well as ammunition. Boys of sixteen 
and servants just freed from masters were allowed three months in 
which to procure their equipment. Persons not providing the equip- 
ment required by law could have their property levied upon, or if 
single, could be put out to service until their earnings were sufficient 
to purchase it. In some cases equipments were provided at the 
cost of the town, which was required to maintain a sufficient stock of 

Sergeants and corporals were appointed by the chief company 
commander, during the latter's pleasure. The commissioned officers 
of a company appointed the clerk, who was severely penalized if he 
refused to serve. 

The chief military officers in any town could set a military watch, 
and the persons detailed for that service were required to serve or 
find satisfactory substitutes. 

Drums, trumpets and colors were provided at the charge of the 
companies or troops. A drummer received 20 shillings if he found 
his own drum, or half that if the captain found the drum. A 
trumpeter had double the compensation of a drummer. 

Each regiment was permitted two troops of horse ; each troop not 
to exceed sixty men, including the officers. 

Punishment for neglecting the duties laid on the militiaman by 
this act embraced fines, being laid neck and heels, and riding the 
wooden horse. 


Upon an alarm, three guns discharged in succession, or firing of a 
beacon, or by drum, every trained soldier and other person capable 
of bearing arms resident in the town were required to attend the 
rendezvous, under penalty of £5 or three months' imprisonment. 

Persons exempted from training had to furnish themselves with 

Soldiers and sailors could not be billeted upon any inhabitant, 
except with the latter 's consent, except at public houses. 

Any person liable and fit for service could be detached upon service 
by order of his commanding officer, and had either to serve or pro- 
vide a satisfactory substitute. Impressed men were paid until 
discharged, being allowed reasonable time to repair to their usual 
place of abode. Severe penalties were provided in case any person 
impressed should attempt to evade service, or should desert the 
service, the penalty in the latter case being death. Persons maimed 
in the service were to be relieved at the country's expense. If 
equipments were lost through no neglect of the soldier he was to be 
reimbursed; but if he lost the country's arms, without good cause, 
he was forced to make good their loss. 

With some few changes these rules were in force through the whole 
period of the Indian and French wars. 

Indians and negroes were exempt from trainings, but in 1707 it 
was enacted that free negroes and mulattoes could be set at public 
works to an extent equal to what their exemption might be worth. 
They were, however, forced to attend upon any alarm. 

In 1702, on the plea that when warrants were issued for impressing 
soldiers the ablest and fittest for service were found to have ab- 
sconded, it was enacted that each company commander should list 
a fourth part of the men in his company, they being the most fit 
for service, each man to be always in readiness. 

In 1704, a special provision was enacted that frontier companies, 
to the extent of one-half their number, should be provided with snow- 
shoes and moccasins, each man so provided to receive three shillings. 

That same year it was also enacted that soldiers should attend 
daily prayers and sermon, or forfeit 12 pence, and for the second 
offence to be also put in irons for not longer than 12 hours. Any 
officer or soldier blaspheming the holy and undivided trinity, or 
persons of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Ghost, was 
to have his tongue bored with a red hot iron. 


Unlawful oaths or execrations were punished with lying in the 
bilboes or running the gauntlet. Drunkenness, first offence, was 
punished with a fine, a second offence with riding the wooden horse 
one hour. Other laws provided for punishment of soldiers guilty 
of crime. A soldier who procured intoxicants on credit could not 
be forced to pay for them, and both he and the vendor were liable 
for a fine as well. 

To offset these careful provisions for the welfare of the soldier and 
his proper punishment for moral delinquencies, the General Court 
in 1694 granted a bounty of ten pounds per head for every Indian 
killed or brought in by an enlisted soldier, a scalp being evidence of a 
dead Indian, and also granted them the proceeds of any plunder 
obtained. Volunteers going forth on their own account were granted 
fifty pounds for every Indian slain or brought in prisoner, no dis- 
tinction being made of sex or age. For every Indian slain by de- 
fenders of a house or garrison a bounty of £5 was offered. This 
bounty was afterward increased to £100 x but Indians less than ten 
years were excluded, these being reserved for sale for the benefit of 
their captors. Enlisted soldiers received a bounty of but a tenth of 
what the "volunteers" were offered. The premiums on scalps fluc- 
tuated. In 1695 the bounty on Indian women slain or captured, if four- 
teen years or less, was reduced to £25 ; and the bounty on children 
under ten was reduced to £10. It was to secure the scalp money that 
Lovewell's expedition was organized. His headhunting expedition 
can be considered today with little but disgust, even after taking 
into consideration the fear and hatred of the Indians felt by the 
settlers. The regularly enlisted men served for the protection of 
their homes and the frontiers, but free companies like Lovewell's, 
and to the credit of the country there were very few such expedi- 
tions during the twenty or more years that bounties were offered, 
were of little use in the defence of the country. Friendly Indians 
were notified to remain within certain bounds fixed by law. These 
bounty laws were passed only for limited periods, and were in 
effect only during the periods of actual hostilities, and were retalia- 
tory measures adopted after the Indians' raids had commenced. 
Indian warfare has always been savage and to the death. It must 
not be forgotten that in Europe warfare at that time was responsible 
for many atrocities and that it is not long since that captured towns 

1 The New England pound was two thirds the pound sterling. 


were given over to looting and massacre. "No quarter" has been 
a too common order on many a battlefield then and since. 


III. Jonathan Bixby (Daniel, Joseph), probably born at Ando- 
ver, Mass., about 1685; died 2 Nov., 1714. 1 He married 16 April, 
1709, at Watertown, 2 Mass., Rachel Hobart. 

Administration on his estate was granted to his widow Rachel 
6 Dec, 1714. 3 An inventory of his estate, taken 9 Nov., 1714, dis- 
closed only personal property, amounting to £73, and a lease, hav- 
ing fourteen years to run, of 12 acres of land in Newton belonging 
to Henry Seager. Newton town records contain the following vote, 
under date of 3 July, 1702: "The way from the meeting house to 
Lower Falls shall be turned from Henry Seager's hill along by the 
country road by the house of John Staples." 

Jonathan Bixby is said to have lived at Newton Upper Falls. 
His widow, Rachel, and her expected child are named in his father's 

The following entries appear on the town treasurer's accounts: 
27 Feb., 17 17-18. Paid thomas Marshall for ye widdow bigsby, 
iosh. 17 April, 17 19. Paid to widow Bigsbye, 5sh. 

1 (?) Rachel.* 

2 (?) Hannah, born 30 April, 1715. 5 


III. David Bixby (Daniel, Joseph), born 16 Feb., 1687-8, at 
Andover, Mass.; died 1767. His will dated 30 April, 1764, was 
proved 3 Sept., 1767. He married 4 Aug., 1712, at Concord, Mass., 6 
Abigail Butterfield, 7 born 4 June, 1693, living in 1764, daughter 

1 Newton town records. 

1 Watertown records. They were both "of Newton." According to the Hyde Diary in possession 
of the N. E. Hist. Geneal. Soc, they were married 6 May at Watertown. 

• Middlesex Probate, 14: 198. 

* This record is given as found in the Bixby Ms., probably taken from Jackson's History of 
Newton. If there was a child Rachel she probably died very soon after birth. 

' Newton Vital Records. Nothing further is known of her unless she was that Hannah Bigsby who 
married 10 Aug., 1736, at East Enfield, Mass. (now Somers, Conn.), Joseph Felt. They were 
published 3 July, 1736, "both of Somers." Joseph Felt, son of Joseph and Hannah Felt, was born 
19 July, 1738, at Somers. 

1 Concord Births, Marriages, and Deaths. 

' Abigail Butterfield was one of a pair of twins: a characteristic of that line of the Butterfield 
family. David and Abigail Bixby are mentioned in the settlement of Joseph Butterfield's estate. 


of Joseph and Lydia (Ballard) Butterfield, and granddaughter of 
William Ballard. 1 

Children, except the eldest, recorded at Westford, Mass.: 

1 Jonathan, born 17 Nov., 1714, at Chelmsford, Mass.; not mentioned in 
father's will. 

2- 2 Abigail, born 13 April, 17 16; married Zachariah Sartle. 

3- 3 Lydia, born 22 Oct., 1717; married Obadiah Jenkins. 

4 Hannah, born 12 Sept., 1719; married 7 Dec, 1738, at Westford, 2 David 

5~ 5 Joseph, born 2 May, 1721; not named in father's will; married Sarah 

6- 6 Thankful, born 15 Jan., 1724-5; married Jonathan Searles. 

7- 7 Jacob, born 12 Aug., 1728; married Eunice Heald. 

8 David, born 17 July, 1729; not mentioned in father's will. 

9- 9 Asa, born 24 Feb., 1734-5; married Susannah Howard; (2) Elizabeth 

j-io William, born 19 July, 1737; married Mary ; (2) Lydia Farrington. 

David Bixby was of Chelmsford in May, 171 7, when he joined 
with his brother Thomas in quitclaiming to their brother Joseph, 
of Andover, their share in their father's estate. He is styled weaver, 
in deeds. He lived in that part of Chelmsford 3 which was estab- 
lished as Westford in 1729 and was one of those who petitioned in 
1719 to be set off to Littleton. His will devises all his "housel 
stufe" to his wife for her life, and at her death to his four daughters 
or their heirs. Sons Asa and William are mentioned, the latter 
to have half the estate and to be executor. To son Jacob's chil- 
dren, five shillings, which, with what their father had had, to be 
their share. No mention is made of the children of son Joseph, 
who was presumably deceased, nor of David or Jonathan, who 
had probably also died in the lifetime of their father. 

Bixby Hill was long a landmark in Westford. 


III. Mephibosheth Bixby (Daniel, Joseph), born 3 April, 1690, 
at Andover, Mass.; died 20 March, 1767, at Winchendon, 4 Mass.; 
married 28 May, 1713, Mary Emmons, born 26 Nov., 1683, 5 daugh- 

1 William Ballard of Andover, by wife Grace, had Lidda, born at Andover, 30 April, 1657. 
Lydia Ballard and Joseph Butterfield were married at Chelmsford, 12 Feb.. 1674. There was a 
William Ballard of Lynn, member of the Artillery Company, 1638, whose widow, Elizabeth, married 
William Knight, prior to 1653. 

2 Information of Town Clerk of Westford. Hodgman in History of Westford gives the year 
as 1737- 

' The West precinct was organized in 1724. His farm in late years was owned by Waldo Cum- 
mings (later by George O. Wright) and John M. Day. 

4 Town records, Winchendon. ■ Paige: History of Cambridge. 


ter of Thomas and Mary (Hancock) 1 Emmons of Cambridge, 
Mass. She was living in 1750. 2 A Mary Emmands was baptized 
at Cambridge, 28 Feb., 1696-7. 3 Administration on the estate of 
Mephibosheth Bixby of Winchendon, cordwainer, was granted to 
Daniel Bixby of Winchendon, 11 May, 1768. 
Children, all born at Andover: 

1- 1 Daniel, born 31 Dec, 17 13; married Tabitha . 

2- 2 Mary, born Feb., 1715; married Joseph French. 

3- 3 Samuel, born 31 Aug., 1716; married Mary Buck; (2) Sarah Beaman. 

4 Jonathan, born 31 March; 4 died 17 April, 1718. 

5 David, twin with Jonathan, died 23 April, 17 18. 

6- 6 Nathaniel, born 24 March, 1719; 5 married Jerusha Houghton. 

7- 7 Martha, born 2 March, 1722; married Phineas Ball. 

Mephibosheth Bixby removed from Andover toWoburn, Mass., 6 
in April, 1724, thence to Shrewsbury, Mass., where he bought 30 
acres of land of Richard Davenport, 28 April, 1732. In the deed 
he is described as of Woburn, cordwainer. The purchase was part 
of the " Capt. Davenport farm." He bought 8 acres in 1741, bound- 
ing on Lancaster line. He conveyed the land he bought of Daven- 
port to Nathaniel Bixby, 23 March, 1 741-2. He sold land to Joseph 
French, 1746, and with wife, Mary, sold land in 1750. 2 He proba- 
bly accompanied his son, Daniel, to Winchendon in 1761, 7 or possi- 
bly earlier. The birth of a child in 1 713 to Mephibosheth is 
supposed to be the birth of Daniel, who had administration on his 
father's estate. 

Miss Charlotte Abbott of Andover writes, "it is amusing to see 
how the town clerks of Andover struggled with the name Mephib- 
osheth. In 1716 it was called Phebe, 1717 Phib, 1720 Mephib, 
Mephebesh and Febesheth. In 1722 an educated man took charge 
and cut the poor fellow down to Mepheb, and in 1723 to Meb. In 
1724 the name does not appear on the records." His death record 
at Winchendon is under the name Mesebuth. 

In 17 1 7 Mephibosheth sold 20 acres which his father had given 
him. 8 

1 She is named in will dated s Jan., 1717-8, proved 30 April, 1719, of her grandfather Na- 
thaniel Hancock of Cambridge as Mary Bigsbe. 

2 Worcester Deeds, 30: 283. 3 Cambridge Church Records. 
'Andover Vital Records give the year 1718-9, undoubtedly an error for 1717-8. 
6 1718-0 in Andover Vital Records. The year should be 1719. 

6 Middlesex Sessions, 9 March, 1724-5. 

7 Mejihiboseth Bixby last from Lancaster" was cautioned against by Shrewsbury, 10 May, 
1763. (Worcester Sessions.) 8 Essex Deeds, 42: 153. 



III. Mary Bixby (Daniel, Joseph), born 10 April, 1693, at An- 
dover, Mass.; died probably in Windham Co., Conn.; married 7 
June, 1716, George Holt, born 17 March, 1676-7, died 1748 in 
Windham Co., son of Henry and Sarah (Ballard) Holt of Andover. 
George Holt had been twice married, first to Elizabeth Farnum, 
who died in 17 14, second, to Priscilla Preston, who died in 17 16. 
His will was proved 29 June, 1748. He purchased land in Canada 
Parish, Windham Co., of Ebenezer Abbee, 22 Feb., 1726, in which 
year he probably removed from Andover. 1 In all George Holt had 
fourteen children. 


1 Mary Holt, baptized 4 March, 1 716-7, at Andover. She is not mentioned 

in her father's will. 

2 Jonathan Holt, baptized 28 Dec., 1718, at Andover; died 10 Dec, 1810, 

s. p.; married 12 April, 1738, Mary Parker. 

3 Josiah Holt, baptized 2 July, 1721; died in youth. 

4 Nehemiah Holt, 2 born 3 April, baptized 7 April, 1723; died 17 April, 1799, 

at Chaplin, Conn. He married 25 Nov., 1745, Anna Farnham, who died 
1 April, 1810, aged 84 years. They had eleven children, five of whom died 
in 1754, while their father was serving in the army. The remaining six 
children, born after his return, were: 

6. Nehemiah Holt, born 28 Nov., 1756; died 5 June, 1724, at Chaplin. 5 

7. Sarah Holt, born 12 Oct., 1758; married 1 Jan., 1783, Stephen Sparks. 

8. Martha Holt; born 20 Sept., 1760; died 24 April, 1849; married Joseph 

Clark, (2) Nathan Martin. 

9. Roxilena Holt, born 6 April, 1762; married Ebenezer M. Hitchcock and 

removed to Leicester, Vt. 

10. Anna Holt, born 6 July, 1765; died 10 Oct., 1806; married Amos Ford, Jr. 

11. Sabra Holt, born 12 Jan., 1768; married 1796, Justus Snow. 

5 Priscilla Holt, born 4 Sept., 1725; married 10 Nov., 1743, Ichabod Rogers. 

6 Hannah Holt, born 11 March, 1730, at Hampton, Conn.; married 8 Oct., 

1747, Jethro Rogers. 

1. Oliver Rogers, born 14 April, 1748, at Hampton. 

2. Bixbee Rogers, born 18 Dec, died 27 Dec, 1749. 

7 Sarah Holt, born 7 March, 1732, at Hampton; died 26 Oct., 1761. 

8 Nathaniel Holt, born 18 March, 1734; married 16 Dec, 1756, Phebe Canada 


1. Cynthia Holt, born 27 Sept., 1759, at Hampton. 

2. Lucy Holt. 

l Holt: Genealogical Record of the Holt Family; also N. E. Hist. Geneal. Register, 15:315. 
In Hist. Geneal. Register, 55: 48, is mention of a marriage of Mary Bixby and Elias Holt, and the 
birth of a daughter, Hannah Holt, in 1730, who married Jethro Rogers. The name Elias is error 
for George. 

1 Nehemiah is not entered by name in Andover Vital Records, in which publication are recorded 
the baptisms of children of George and Mary Holt born at Andover. 

•He was with Washington during his retreat across New Jersey. He married ir June, 1782, 
Mary Lamphear, who died n Dec., 1799; (2) 1 Jan., 1801, Sarah Dunlap of Plainfield, Conn., 
who died 7 Nov., 1808; (3) 10 Mar., 1809, Eunice Fuller, who died 31 Dec, 1846. 



III. Joseph Bixby (Daniel, Joseph), born 5 March, 1695-6, at 
Andover, Mass.; died 26 or 28 Aug., 1761; married 12 June, 1723, 
Experience Frost, born 26 March, 1698, died 9 Sept., 1757, in her 
60th year, 1 daughter of Thomas and Rebecca (Farley) Frost of 
Children, born at Andover: 

1- 1 Experience, born 12 March, 1723-4; married William Abbott. 

2- 2 Hannah, born 19 Aug., 1726; married David Osgood. 

Joseph Bixby was a farmer. He occupied his father's home- 
stead, which was quitclaimed to him by his brothers and sisters in 
May and June, 1717, those participating being Thomas and David 
Bixby, of Chelmsford, Mephibosheth Bixby and Mary, his wife, of 
Andover, Stephen Barnard, Jr., and Hannah, his wife, and George 
Holt and Mary, his wife. That same year he sold land which was 
laid out to the right of Daniel Bixby, and in 1722 an acre right which 
had formerly been his father's. 3 In 1728 and 1732 he joined with 
other heirs, in right of his wife, in selling land in Billerica to John 
Shed, Jr. 4 

Joseph Bixby was admitted to the church in Andover South Par- 
ish, 25 March, 1744. 


III. Benjamin Bixby (Benjamin, Joseph), born 26 Nov., 1678, 
at Boxford, Mass.; died 1 Dec, 1744, 5 at Killingly North Parish, 
now Thompson, Conn.; married, prior to 1704, Martha Lamson, 6 
born 21 March, 1677, at Ipswich, 7 Mass., daughter of John and 
Martha (Perkins) Lamson. She was living in 1724, but probably 
died prior to 1738. 8 

1 Andover Vital Records. * Hazen: History of Billerica. 

'Essex Deeds, 40:172; 41:165; and Essex Probate, 312:81. 

4 Middlesex Deeds, 35:490,491. 

5 Cabot's Diary, quoted by Miss Ellen D. Lamed. 

6 John Lamson of Ipswich married 17 Dec, 1669, Martha Perkins, by whom he had six children, 
the youngest being Martha who married Benjamin Bixby, who receipted for his wife's portion 1 
Dec, 1713. (Essex Probate, 312:67.) 

' County Court records at Salem, Mass. 

8 Martha Bixby, wife of Benjamin, joins in conveying land to Israel Richards of Salem, 25 Jan., 
1724 (Killingly Deeds, 2: 83), but does not appear in the deed of Benjamin to Caleb Bixby of 20 
March, 1738, nor that of Benjamin to Jacob Bixby 14 Sept., 1742. (Ibid., 4: 126, 5:2.) These are 
the last transactions of Benjamin Bixby on record. Under Connecticut practice it was not necessary 
for the wife to join in conveying land except in certain instances, but in both of these transactions 


Children, baptized at Topsfidd, Mass., except the youngest: 

i Benjamin, born 18, baptized the 21 May, 1704; probably died in early life. 

2 Martha, born 29 June, baptized 1 July, 1705. 

3- 3 Mary, "of Benjamin," 1 baptized 4 May, 1707; married Stephen Comins. 

4- 4 John, baptized 17 July, 1709; married Jemima Green. 

5 Kbziah, baptized "of Benjamin," 4 July, 171 1. 1 

6- 6 Richard, born probably at Lynnfield (Lynn End), baptized at Reading 
(now Wakefield), 6 May, 1716; 2 married Esther (Giles) Taylor. 

Benjamin Bixby is usually styled "junior" on Topsfield records" 
He removed to Lynn in or prior to 1708 and was that year, and in 
1710, elected hayward. On the 12 Jan., 1712-3, he bought four 
acres of meadow in Reading of Adam Hart, which he sold three 
years later, his wife, Martha, joining in the deed. 5 On the 29 April, 
1716, he and wife, Martha, were admitted to the church in Read- 
ing, to which many of the residents of Lynnfield, then a part of Lynn, 
belonged. They were dismissed at their own request to the church 
in Killingly, Conn., 20 Oct., 1717. 4 The Killingly church records 
show that both were admitted to the church 26 Jan., 17 17-8, "from 
Reading." They settled in that part of Killingly known as Brandy 
Hill, now a part of Thompson, and it is said erected a house there 
in 17 19, 5 on the east side of the Boston road. This house was the 
"last out-post of civilization on the road from Connecticut, and 
was much frequented by travellers, Indians and lawless borderers." 
His homestead was occupied by Marcus Davis 6 when Miss Ellen 
D. Larned wrote her sketch of Killingly pioneers, published in the 
Thompson Record. "On one occasion, Mrs. Bixby, when alone, 

it would seem, had she been living, Martha would have appeared. There is no deed on record 
from Benjamin to any one of his children. John, his eldest son, was a landowner prior to his 
father's death, and probably had such part of his father's real estate as was not deeded by Benjamin 
Bixby to others. There is no settlement of the estate on record. 

1 See under Benjamin (13). The order of baptism of these children seems to indicate that they 
were children of Benjamin and Martha, in spite of the fact that Benjamin was usually styled junior. 
His father had a daughter Mary, who may have been Mary (1323), as otherwise her baptism is not 
of record. Nothing further is known of Keziah, and it is possible she too was a daughter of Benjamin 

1 Church records printed in Wakefield Vital Records. As he appears as grantee in 1734, he was 
probably born in 1712. 

'Middlesex Deeds, 17:580; 18:401. « Reading church records, at Wakefield. 

« The earliest deed on record at Danielson, where the records of the town of Killingly are kept, 
of which either party was a Bixby, is one dated 19 May, 1719, from Samson Howe to Benjamin 
Bixby conveying a parcel of land in consideration of £35. The record is much faded. (Deeds, 
1: I39-) Two years later, in December, Benjamin Bixby bought other land in Killingly of John 
Russell, paying therefore £7 (Ibid., 2-54), and of William Moffit, for £5 (Ibid., 2-55.) After this 
date he appears both as grantee and grantor. 

' Mr. Davis was brother of Gen. George Davis, first acting governor of Porto Rico after annexa- 
tion by the United States. 


refused to give liquor to a drunken savage, whereupon he shot her 
in the thigh, wounding her severely. This outrage greatly alarmed 
the few inhabitants of this remote Border-land, especially as it was 
a time of much Indian alarm and violence." On the 3 Oct., 1720, 
in consequence of the assault and damage inflicted, the Governor 
and council ordered that Benjamin Bushnell deliver to Benja- 
min Bigsby, what estate he had in his* hands belonging to Mrs. 
Bixby's Indian assailant. Scarcely had she recovered from the 
wound when she was "visited by the awful providence of Heaven," 
being struck by lightning, and seriously injured and disabled. Be- 
cause of these misfortunes, Gov. Gurdon Saltonstall took occasion 
to express his sympathy with the stricken family, and Benjamin 
Bixby wrote 1 to the Governor to express "his grateful acknowl- 
edgement of his Honor's undeserved kindness," informing him 
that his wife continued in very difficult circumstances and was 
unlikely to recover the usual soundness of her limbs under another 
year, if ever. Material aid was extended to Benjamin Bixby. The 
Indians seated near New London paid seventeen pounds, doubt- 
less as some atonement for the wounding of Mrs. Bixby by one of 
their race, who it was known had received shelter at Mohegan, and 
which had caused restrictions being placed upon the carrying of 
arms by them. 2 Miss Ellen D. Larned found a reference in the 
local records showing that Martha Bixby recovered from her in- 
juries, for at a later date she is reported, while on her way to meet- 
ing, as seeing a bear. 

The isolated position of the Bixbys did not long continue. Set- 
tlers were fast coming in all about them. Benjamin Bixby was 
deputy to the General Assembly from Killingly, May to July, 1728. 3 

The North Parish of Killingly was established in 1728. The 
first parish meeting was held 25 Nov., 1728, and Benjamin Bixby, 
one of the five leading men of the district, was elected one of the 
four townsmen. He was appointed one of the committee to erect 

1 His letter dated 8 May, 1721, is in Connecticut State Papers, Ecclesiastical Series, i:i55- 
The question of relief was referred to the General Assembly which refused the grant. Bixby refers 
to the £17 obtained by Deacon Aspinwall from the Indians. 

'Larned: History of Windham County, 1:178. 

3 In May, 1728, Connecticut granted to Peter Aspinwall, Benjamin Bigsby and the rest of the 
present proprietors being inhabitants of Killingly, all that land between the old and new boundary 
line of Massachusetts, north of Killingly, except what had been previously granted. (Public 
Records of Connecticut.) The same year the bounds of the "North Society of Killingly" were 
fixed; north by Massachusetts, east by Rhode Island, west by Woodstock, south by Killingly and 
Pomfret. (Ibid.) 



1 ^ / 

. * 







■"- ©* 





a meeting-house and settle a minister. 1 He was one of the twenty- 
eight signers of the covenant under which a church was formed, 
and at its organization, 25 March, 1730, was chosen deacon. 
Thompson was selected as a name for the new district in honor of 
a non-resident proprietor, Sir Robert Thompson, first president of 
the English "Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign 

It is said that the well-known Bixby apple, which for a century 
and a half furnished the neighborhood with a very pleasant early 
and juicy fruit, was introduced by Benjamin Bixby. He was not 
the only Bixby to appreciate a good apple. In 1793, Jonathan 
Bixby of Newton paid £6-6 to obtain a clear title to two pearmain 
apple trees which stood partly on his own and partly on adjoining 
land. 2 In 1741, upon the death of his brother, Samuel Bixby, of 
Sutton, Benjamin undertook the settlement of his estate, and was 
appointed guardian of Samson Bixby. 


III. Samuel Bixby (Benjamin, Joseph), born at Topsfield, Mass.; 
baptized there 2 June, 1689; died probably early in 1741; married 
14 May, 1718, at Killingly, Conn., Martha Underwood, born 30 
June, 1689, died during the lifetime of her husband, 3 daughter of 
Thomas and Mary (Palmer) Underwood of VVatertown. 
Children, born at Sutton, Mass.: 4 

1 Martha, born 24 March, 1719; died prior to 1741, unmarried. 

2 Elizabeth, born 30 June, 1720; died prior to 1741, unmarried. 

3- 3 Samuel, born 9 Sept., 1721; married Lydia Bond; (2) Rebecca Bartlett; 
(3) Huldah (Pratt) Towne. 

4 Jacob, born 22 Jan., 1723; living in 1738, but deceased prior to 1743. A 
Bible published by Robert Freebairn, His Majesty's Printer, Edinburgh, 
1 7 13, contains on the blank page between the old and new testaments 
the following writing: 

"Jacob Bixby/ His Book/ God give him/ grace, therein to look/ To 
Look and Read and/ take Delight/ and understand with/ all his 
might/ Anno Domini/ 1738."' 

1 See Connecticut State Papers, Ecclesiastical Series, 3: 242, 24s, 246. 
J Middlesex Deeds, 113: 336. 

5 The Bixby family, in Converse and Allied Families, by C A. Converse, 2: 810, where may be 
found a pedigree of the Underwood family. 

4 Benedict: History of Sutton, from Sutton Records. Also Probate records of Worcester Co. 
The only children who participated in division of their father's estate were Samuel, Jonathan, 
Sampson and Solomon. There were none but minor children living in 1741. 

6 Letter of Mrs. Addie Bixby Weston (13436. K4), Madison, Me. Through the courtesy of 
Mrs. Weston a facsimile of this page is shown opposite. 



On the back of the new testament title page is the following: 

" I Jacob Bixby/ was Born/ In Jenewary/ The o 22 Day/ In the year 

1723/ Anno Domony/ 1738." 
On the page between the new testament and the metrical psalms is 

the following: 
"Jacob Bixby his/ Book God Give/ him therein Look/ lord hailp me 

to/run that blessed /race that heaven/ may be my/ Dwelling place." 

5 Benjamin, born 17 April, 1726; died prior to 1743. 

6- 6 Jonathan, born 29 Sept., 1728; married Eliza ; (2) Kezia (Ammi- 

down) Allen. 

7- 7 Sampson, born 3 March, 1731; married Mary Bullard. 

8- 8 Solomon, twin with Sampson; married Esther Clark. 

Samuel Bixby was one of the early settlers in Sutton. The 
proprietors of that township, although authorized in 1704 to settle 
the territory which they had purchased from Wampus, a civilized 
Indian, were unable to procure settlers for their lands until the 
close of Queen Anne's War in 1713. In 1714 they granted 4000 
acres to the first thirty approved families who should settle in the 
township and laid out thirty "forty acre lots" for homesteads. In 
17 1 7 the required thirty families were in town, among them Samuel 
Bixby. These thirty proprietors of the 4000 acres divided and 
disposed of their common rights in the 2800 acres not assigned as 
homesteads. Samuel Bixby sold his one thirtieth of the settlers' 
lands, except what had been laid out as forty-acres lots, 20 Feb., 
1718-9, to John Stockwell. 1 His homestead was No. 4 of the "eight 
lots." 2 His brother, Caleb Bixby, seems to have accompanied him 
to Sutton, and to have remained there some time. The location 
of Samuel Bixby was in that part of Sutton which is now the town 
of Millbury. An inventory of his estate, disclosing £635, was pre- 
sented on the 30 April, 1741, by his brother, Benjamin Bixby, of 
Killingly, who doubtless was in Sutton to attend his brother's fu- 
neral, and who was appointed administrator on the estate 13 May 
following. He was the same day appointed guardian of the child, 
Sampson. He gave his son, John, power of attorney to settle with 
the probate court 7 Jan., 1742-3, at which time Samuel had come 
of age. John Stockwell was Jonathan's guardian. Samuel, on 11 
May, 1743, mortgaged his father's homestead of 40 acres to John 
Stockwell and Nathaniel Waters, they having become sureties for 
him in the payment of £19 each to his brothers, Jonathan, Solomon 
and Sampson. This mortgage was released 29 April, 1745. 3 

'Benedict: History of Sutton. 2 Suffolk Deeds, 34:189. 

3 Worcester Deeds, 17:316. 



III. George Bixby {Benjamin, Joseph), born 31 Jan., 1692, at 
Topsfield, Mass.; 1 died there 3 May, 1783; married 6 Aug., 17 18, 
Mary (Baily) Porter, 2 widow of Joseph Porter of Salem, Mass. 
She died 8 Feb., 1767. He married, second, 25 May, 1769, Sarah 
(Goodhue) Cummings, 3 widow of David Cummings of Topsfield, 
baptized 15 March, 1713, at Ipswich, Mass., died 30 June, 1776, 
aged 63 years, 4 daughter of John and Sarah (Sherwin) Goodhue. 
Children, born at Salem Village, now Danvers:* 

1- 1 Daniel, born 17 Feb., 1718, baptized 24 May, 1719; married Ruth Gould. 

2- 2 Elizabeth, born 16 Aug., 1722, baptized 9 Sept., 1722; married John 


3- 3 Benjamin, born 13 Nov., 1724, baptized 11 April, 1725; married Ann 


4- 4 Sarah, born 2 Feb., 1726, baptized 19 March, 1726; married 30 Nov., 1749, 

Daniel Lake. 

5 Enos, born 26 March, 1732, baptized 28 May, 1732; died 30 May, 1738. 

George Bixby lived in that part of Salem now Danvers, from 
the time of his marriage until about 1731. In June, 1731, he is 
styled "of Topsfield." He possessed lands in Topsfield and Box- 
ford, and the record of land transactions contain many convey- 
ances to and from him. He was prosperous and respected. After 
returning to Topsfield he became a member of the church there, 
having previously been a member of the Salem Village church, and 
was chosen deacon. 

» This date does not appear in either the Boxford or Topsfield Vital Records, but was obtained 
from a family record written about i860 by Henry M. Bixby (13538.55) at the dictation of Joseph 
Bixby (13538.4)- 

2 Joseph Porter and Mary Baily, both of Salem, were published 19 April, 1709. (Salem Marriage 
Intentions, printed in Salem Press Hist. Geneal. Record.) Joseph Porter died in 1713, leaving 
minor children by Mary, viz.: Mary, Priscilla, and Joseph. His brothers, Samuel and Nathaniel 
Porter, were administrators of the estate of their father, who was also named Joseph Porter. In 
1719. at the request of Mary, now wife of George Bigsby, upon proof that the interests of her 
children were not being protected, the Council ordered the former administrators removed and 
George and Mary Bigsby appointed in their place. (Council Records, vol. 7.) See also a law suit 
between George Bixby and Nathaniel Porter. (Suffolk files, 39,449 and 39,459.) 

3 David Cummings and Sarah Goodhue of Ipswich were published 30 Oct., 1741. Cummings 
died at Topsfield 2 April, 1765. By Sarah, who was his second wife, he had Jonathan born 14 Oct., 
1743, of Andover, a soldier in the Revolution; Stephen born 27 Jan., 1744-5, died 27 May, 1765; 
Elizabeth, died in infancy; Daniel, born 30 Aug., 1749, a soldier in the Revolution, and Archelaus 
born 1 June, 1752. (Cummings Genealogy.) In 1783 Sarah Bixby's heirs by David Cummings were 
Jonathan and Archelaus. (Essex Probate.) 

4 Perley: Essex Antiquarian. 

5 The children were all baptized at the Salem Village church, to which George and Mary were 
admitted 10 May, 1719- (Church Records.) 


On the 4 May, 1751, he deeded to his son Daniel 37 acres of 
land and one-half his dwelling house, and other buildings, on the 
road from the River bridge to Middleton. On the same day he 
granted to son Benjamin, as his share of his estate, one half of 57 
acres, conveyed to him by Jacob Reddington, with the buildings 
thereon, except the schoolhouse. 1 

In 1738 he was one of the trustees appointed by the town to take 
title to land deeded to the town by Jacob Reddington for a site for 
the new schoolhouse. 2 

He made his will 8 May, 1780, at which time his wife was de- 
ceased. He names her heirs, also his own children, Elizabeth, 
Benjamin, Sarah, his grandchildren, Daniel, George and Mary Bix- 
by, George Lake, and Ruth Towne. Grandson Daniel Bixby was 
named as executor. This will was allowed 3 June, 1783. The 
estate was appraised at £588-19-00.' 


III. Nathan Bixby (Benjamin, Joseph), born 16 Nov., 1694, a t 
Topsfield, Mass.; died probably in the early spring of 1776; 4 mar- 
ried 25 Nov., 1718, Abigail Rogers of Salem, Mass. 5 
Children, born at Topsfield: 6 

1 Nathan, born 23 Oct., 1719; died in infancy. 

2- 2 Amos, born 13 Nov., 1722; baptized at Topsfield, Nov., 1722; married 

Elizabeth Sabin. 

3- 3 Abijah, born 8 Sept., 1725; married Anna Corbin. 

4 Abigail, born 19 March, 1727-8; baptized 24 March, 1727-8, at Box- 
ford, Mass.; married 22 Oct., 1751, at Thompson, Joseph Newell of 
Lebanon, Conn. 7 

5- 5 Nathan, born 18 Aug., 1730; married Mary Burrell. 

6- 6 Solomon, born 26 Oct., 1732; married Abigail Newell. 

7 Joshua, baptized 15 June, 1735; 7 not living in March, 1758. 4 

» Essex deeds, 95: 263. The original deed to Benjamin is now in possession of Henry M. Bixby 
(i3S38,55). 2 Essex Deeds, 70: 87. 

« Essex Probate. * Pomfret Probate, 3 : 484. 

1 Abigail Rogers may have been a daughter of Jeremiah and Abigail Rogers of Salem, and there- 
fore a sister of Rev. John Rogers of Boxford. Jeremiah Rogers was a wheelwright. In New Eng. 
Hist. Gen. Reg. 5:316, suggestion is made that Abigail Rogers, born 5 July, 1681, daughter of 
Samuel and Sarah (Wade) Rogers, married 25 Nov., 1718, "James Bixby of Lynn." James is 
doubtless an error for Nathan, and there appears no reason for supposing that Nathan Bixby mar- 
ried a daughter of Samuel Rogers. 

• The births of the children, except Abigail and Joshua, are on Topsfield records. The baptisms 
are obtained from the respective church records. 

7 Thompson, Conn., church records. 


Nathan Bixby removed to what is now Thompson, Conn., in 
I 733- On th e 17 Jan., 1732-3, he sold to Rev. John Emerson, Pas- 
tor of the Church at Topsfield, several parcels of land, and in the 
deed his wife, Abigail, and mother, Mary, released their dower 
rights. 1 The deed was acknowledged in April. On the 3 June, he 
obtained letters of dismission from the Topsfield church, to which he 
had been admitted in 1729, to the Second church in Killingly, Conn. 
It is said that he was so noted for his piety that he was styled "Saint 
Nathan." In deeds he is styled yeoman. He purchased land in 
Thompson Parish, Conn., in 1737. 2 The will of Nathan Bixby was 
dated 30 March, 1758, and proved 6 May, 1776. The inventory 
of his estate, dated 17 April, 1776, disclosed £196-6-6. Nathan 
(1365) inherited his father's farm of 30 acres, the other sons having 
had their portions by deed during their father's lifetime. Amos, 
Abijah, and Solomon in 1777 receipted to Nathan for their shares 
of their father's library and wearing apparel. Abigail had had her 
portion at the time of her marriage. 3 


III. Elizabeth Bixby (Benjamin, Joseph), born 10 Nov., 1697, 
at Topsfield, Mass.; died probably in 1735; married 5 Dec, 1722, 
Richard Towne of Topsfield, born 16 July, 1700, died 21 Feb., 
1765, having been town clerk since 1749, son of Thomas and Sarah 
(French) Towne. He married (2) Hannah Bixby (118). 
Children, born at Topsfield: 

1 Thomas Towne, born 28 Dec, 1727; died 18 Jan., 1731. 

2 Mary Towne, born 21 Feb., 1729; died 21 May, 1816; married, 1748, Samuel 

Towne, born 8 Aug., 1727, 4 died 29 April, 1790, son of Samuel and Elizabeth 
(Allen) Towne. 6 


1. Elizabeth Towne, born 21 Oct., 1749; died 22 May, 1753. 

2. Thomas Towne, born 14 Nov., 1752; died 14 April, 1832, at Lyndeboro, 

N. H.; married Sarah Cole. 

3. Richard Towne, born 8 March, 1755; died 10 May, 1837; married Jane 


4. Enos Towne, born 4 Aug., 1759; died 16 June, 1813, at Barre, Vt.; 

married Elizabeth Moore. 

5. Mary Towne, born 1 June, 1763; died 1 April, 1832. 

6. Elizabeth Towne, born 12 May, 1766; died 29 June, 1818. 

7. Allen Towne, born 26 April, 1769; died 1 March, 1783. 

1 Essex Deeds, 63: 25. sPomfret Probate, 3: 484. 

Killingly Deeds, 4: 103. * Topsfield Vital Records. 

6 Towne: Descendants of William Towne, 1901. 


3 Elizabeth Towne, born 30 Jan., 1732; died 20 Feb., 1825; 1 married 27 (or 9th 

as in Gould Genealogy) Oct., 1751, Jacob Gould, born 6 Feb., 1728-9, died 
2 Sept., 1799, son of John and Phebe (Towne) Gould. He commanded a 
company in the regiment of Col. Samuel Johnson, which marched from 
Boxford, Mass., to Lexington, Mass., 19 April, 1775. 
Children: 1 

1. Jacob Gould, born 28 April, 1752; died 25 July, 1753. 

2. Richard Gould, born 1753; died 1754. 

3. Ruth Gould, born 22 Jan., 1755; died 1822; married 1787, Nathan Perley. 

4. Elizabeth Gould, born 12 Dec, 1756; died 1814; married 1787, Nathaniel 


5. Edna Gould, born 17 March, 1759; died 1818; married 1781, Samuel 

Stiles; (2) Jacob Flynn. 

6. Susanna Gould, born 13 Feb., 1761; died 24 Jan., 1825; married 13 

March, 1783, Jacob Gould. 

7. Jacob Gould, born 9 Sept., 1764; died 1849; married 1790, Ruth Peabody. 

8. Lois Gould, born 1 Nov., 1766; died 1824; married, 1791, Benjamin 


9. Sarah Gould, baptized 18 Dec, 1768; died young. 

10. Kezra Gould, born 24 Oct., 1770; died 1842; married 1805, Joseph Smith 

of Boxford. 

11. Huldah Gould, born 21 Dec, 1774; died 1846; married 1801, Moses Dor- 


12. John Gould, born 11 July, 1778; died 1864; married 1799, Polly Prince. 

4 Sarah Towne, born 1 Dec, 1734; died 1735. 


III. Jacob Bixby (Benjamin, Joseph), born 29 April, 1700, at 
Topsfield, Mass.; died 26 March, 1776; married 4 Feb., 1731, at 
Thompson, Conn., Elizabeth Jewett, 2 born 1709, died 6 Aug., 
1746, aged 37 years, daughter of Isaac and Dorcas (Hovey) Jewett 3 
of Killingly, Conn. He married, second, 2 Jan., 1758, at Thomp- 
son, Sarah YouNGLOVe, 2 born 25 Dec, 1732, died 29 Sept., 1823, 
daughter of John and Jemima Younglove of Killingly. 
Children, born at Thompson: 4 

1 Aaron, baptized 25 Feb., 1732; died Dec, 1740. 

2 Child, died in infancy. 

3 Child, died in infancy. 

4 Miriam, born 1738; baptized 18 Feb., 1739; died 20 Oct., 1741. 

5 Jacob, born 11 April, baptized 18 April, 1742; died 8 Aug., 1745. 

6 Child, died in 1743. 

1 Gould: Gould Genealogy. 2 Thompson, Conn., church records. 

3 Isaac Jewett of Killingly conveys to his well beloved son-in-law, Jacob Bixby, of Killingly, two 
acres on east side of the Killingly river, 20 Sept., 1735- (.Deeds, 4: 44.) 

4 This list of children follows the Bixby Ms. The baptisms are found on Thompson church 
record, which is also said to contain this comment, "Epidemics were very frequent and malignant, 
a remarkable case being that of Jacob Bixby, who lost his wife and children at one fell swoop, eight 
children." It is remarkable that the record of deaths above given do not substantiate this state- 


7 Elizabeth, born 16 May, baptized 20 May, 1744; died 23 Aug., 1745. 

8 Child, born 1744; died in infancy. 

9 Ichabod, baptized 17 Aug., 1746; died 1768 » (Qy. 1758). 

By second marriage: 

j-10 Jacob, born 29 Nov., 1758; baptized 13 Jan., 1759; married Eunice Leavens- 

11 Phebe, born 10 Aug., baptized, 17 Aug., 1760; died 2 Dec, 1761. 
L-12 Daniel, born 25 Sept., baptized 28 Dec, 1762; married Sarah Towne. 
M-13 Moses, born 18 April, baptized 21 April, 1765; married Mary Greene. 
N-14 Samuel, born 5 May, baptized 19 July, 1767; married Esther Elithorpe. 
0-15 Younglove, born 5 Sept., baptized 2 Oct., 1768; married Rebecca Boyden. 
p-16 Jemima, born 30 April, 1772; baptized 9 June, 1771 (so in copy); died 12 
Jan., 1813; married Jasper Partridge. 

Q-17 Hannah, born 26 May, baptized 29 May, 1774; died 13 Jan., 1822; married 
William Barber. 

Jacob Bixby of Salem, Mass., purchased land in Killingly 26 
Dec, I72i,and is said to have gone that year to Killingly. However, 
as in a deed of 1 Feb., 1728, conveying a more extensive purchase, 
he is again described as of Salem, it is probable that he did not re- 
move until 1729. 2 He lived, and all his children were born, one 
mile east of Brandy Hill, in Thompson Parish. He united with the 
church there in 1732. He was appointed ty thing-man in 1760. 

He fell from a load of rye in Aug., 1775, receiving spinal injuries 
from which he failed to recover. His will, dated 14 Nov., 1775, 
was proved 25 April, 1776. 3 To his wife, Elizabeth, as long as she 
remained a widow, he gave one third of his estate, and the house- 
hold goods she brought him on her marriage. All the rest of his 
estate he gave to his five sons: Jacob, Daniel, Moses, Samuel, and 
Younglove, who were to pay to their sisters, Jemima and Hannah 
Bixby, £6-8-0 each. The court 6 July, 1779, allowed the widow 
3 s. 6 d. per week for 52 weeks for bringing up the youngest child 
until it was four years old. The estate was valued at £473-7-2, 
including the home farm of 80 acres, valued at £300. 

ment. Also it is to be noted that there is no record of baptism of the unnamed children, which, 
considering the promptness with which parents in those days procured baptism for their children, 
indicates that if there were such births, the children were either stillborn or very weak at birth and 
soon died, which would contradict the quoted statement. Mrs. E. E. Bates of Webster is responsi- 
ble for the statement that Jacob Bixby "buried his wife and seven children with putrid sore throat. 
He chiselled out the markers from ordinary wall stone." It was a common custom in those days, 
because of the difficulty of procuring suitable gravestones, duly inscribed, to use field stone for 
markers to the graves. In 1876 the grandchildren of Jacob Bixby erected a monument to his 

1 Miss Ellen D. Larned of Thompson, Conn., states that Ichabod died at the age of ten years. 

2 Killingly Deeds, 2: 55; 3:3s. He is styled of Killingly in Jan., 1733- (Ibid., 4: 12.) 
s Pomfret Probate, 4:501; 3:491. 



III. Jemima Bixby (Benjamin, Joseph), born 26 Jan., 1702-3, at 
Boxford, Mass.; died 1790; married 19 June, 1727, at Salem, Mass., 
Joseph Towne, born 26 Dec., 1701, at Topsfield, Mass., died 
March, 1786, son of Joseph and Margaret (Case) Towne, and a 
descendant of William Towne of Salem. 1 She was dismissed from 
Topsfield to Killingly church 22 Oct., 1738. 

Joseph Towne removed to Thompson parish, Killingly, Conn., in 
1732, and there purchased, 6 April, 1733, 230 acres land from John 
Hallowell, for which he paid £400. He added to his holdings in 
i743- ? 
Children: 1 

1 Jemima Towne, born and died in 1729, at Topsfield. 

2 Archelaus Towne, born 26 Feb., 1730, at Topsfield; died 1783, at Thompson, 

Conn.; married 26 Feb., 1753, Sarah Brown. 


1. Archelaus Towne, born 8 Oct., 1755; died 18 Aug., 1792; married 25 Dec, 

1778, Martha Johnson, daughter of Diah and Susanna (Converse) 
Johnson; she married (2) Israel Tourtelotte." Archelaus Towne, Jr., 
had five children, of whom Ithiel, born 3 Oct., 1784, was the first of the 
family to achieve public recognition for other than military service. 
He began as a house carpenter, and soon manifested great ability in 
designing buildings. He became the architect of many public build- 
ings both in Connecticut and elsewhere, and was the first to plan a 
satisfactory manner of bettering the State House at Boston. 8 He died 
1844 unmarried. 8 

2. Abitel Towne. 

3. William Towne, born 3 Sept., 1758; married Lucy Prince; served in the 


4. Isaac Towne, born 9 Dec, 1759; served in the militia at Saratoga. 

5. Sarah Towne, born n Feb., 1762; baptized 1761; 1 married Daniel Bixby 


6. Margaret Towne, born 1763. 

3 Jemima Towne, born 6 Feb., 1732, at Topsfield; married 18 May, 1757, James 

White of Pomfret, Conn.* 
I. Abigail White, married Smith Barrett. 8 

4 Eunice Towne. 

5 Joseph Towne, born 8 Oct., 1735, at Killingly; died there 28 Dec, 1809; 

married Abigail Thompson, born 27 May, 1741, daughter of Ichabod and 
Rachel Thompson. The five sons of Joseph Towne owned adjoining farms 
in Thompson and held a remarkable record of health and longevity. The 
first death in the group was that of the eldest son at eighty-one years of age. 

1 Descendants of William Towne, p. 50. l Converse and Allied Families, p. 227. 

8 Miss Ellen D. Lamed, Thompson, Conn. The Towne Genealogy gives only the birth and death 
of Ithiel. * Church records. 

5 Information of Harold L. Barrett, Jamaica Plain, Mass., a great grandson of Smith Barrett. 



1. Joseph Towne, born 30 Oct., 1763. 

2. David Towne, born 29 March, 1765. 

3. Benjamin Towne, born 12 Feb., 1767. 

4. Mary Towne, born 28 June, 1769; died 2 Feb., 1826; married Luke 


5. Archelaus Towne, born 28 June, 1771; married Susanna Foster. 

6. Betsy Towne, born 19 Aug., 1773; married Joseph Elliot. 

7. Ichabod Towne, born 26 Oct., 1775. 

8. Rachel Towne, born 10 Jan., 1779. 

9. Abigail Towne, born 22 April, 1782; died 6 March, 1864; married 27 

Feb., 1805, Hezekiah Converse, born 9 Sept., 1784, died 30 Sept., 
1830, at Thompson, son of Chester and Esther (Green) Converse. 1 

6 Elizabeth Towne, born 27 March, 1738, at Killingly ; married Thomas Towne. 

7 Margaret Towne, born 17 May, 1739, at Killingly; married Aaron Foster. 

8 Sarah Towne. 

9 Mary Towne. 


III. Gideon Bixby {George, Joseph), born 1 Sept., 1699, at Box- 
ford, Mass.; died probably in Jan., 1755 ; 2 married 20 June, 1751, 
Rebecca Foster, 3 born 21 June, 1720; died 19 Jan., 1795, daugh- 
ter of Timothy and Ruth (Andrews) Foster of Boxford. 4 She 
married, second, 12 May, 1756, Solomon Gould, son of John Gould. 
After her second husband's death, Mrs. Rebecca (Foster-Bixby) 
Gould resided with her son, Gideon. She had a life interest in the 
homestead, which she assigned to John Herrick upon his purchase 
from Gideon Bixby, and took a similar right in the former Herrick 

Child, born at Boxford: 

1- 1 Gideon, born 15 June, 1752; baptized 16 Feb., 1755; married Sally Wood. 

Gideon Bixby has been supposed to have dwelt on the original 
Sergeant Bixby place, but from the wording of the deed from 
George Bixby, Richard Kimball and Jonathan Bixby to Joseph 
Bixby, recorded with Essex Deeds 50:202, in which the "lot where- 
on old Sergeant Byxby lived" was conveyed to Joseph in 1728, this 

'Converse and Allied Families, p. 227. 

2 Rebecca Bixby had administration on her husband's estate 3 March, 175s. (Essex Probate.) 
Church records show that when her son was baptized she was called "widow." Perley finds that 
Gideon was alive 15 Dec, 1754. 

3 Variously called Rebecca Foster and Rebecca Wood ; the marriage record is Foster. In the 
Gould Genealogy in Essex Institute Hist. Col. XI, she is said to have been the daughter of Nathan 
Wood. By Solomon Gould, who was son of John and Phebe (French) Gould, and who died IS 
Dec, 1762, she had Dav'd, Ruth and Amos. Solomon Gould was born 19 March, 1704. 

'Gould: Gould Genealogy; confirmed by Boxford record. Pierce, in Foster Genealogy, is in 


would appear to be a mistake. Gideon inherited his father's 
homestead. In 1725 he bought land near his father's house, and 
in 1743 bought 30 acres adjoining his own land. 1 His estate at his 
death amounted to £333. 


III. Lydia Bixby {Jonathan, Joseph), born 3 Feb., 1694, at Box- 
ford, Mass.; died 1781 at Haverhill, Mass.; 2 married 2 Nov., 1715, 
at Boxford, Thomas Page of Haverhill, 2 born 24 March, 1693-4, 
died 4 Oct., 1771, at Haverhill, 2 son of Cornelius and Mary (Marsh) 
Page. 3 

Children, born at Haverhill: 2 

1 Ruth Page, born 21 March, 1717-8. A Ruth Page married April, 1743, 

at Haverhill, Jonathan Haynes. 2 

2 Thomas Page, born 1 July 1720. 2 

3 Jonathan Page, born 5 Feb., 1722-3. 

4 Abigail Page, born 6 Nov., 1724; died 20 Nov., 1748. 

5 Amos Page, born 24 Feb., 1726-7. Probably the Amos Page who married 

Abiah Flanders of Salisbury, Mass., 4 and had 

1. Richard Page, born 25 Sept., 1750; died 13 July, 1780. 

2. Amos Page, born 12 Nov., 1752. 

3. Abigail Page, born 6 June, 1755. 

4. Abiah Page, born 14 Dec, 1757; married 6 May, 1779, at Haverhill, 

John Emery, born 28 June, 1753, died 28 Jan., 1823, son of John and 
Abigail (Webster) Emery. 5 

5. Parker Page, born 14 Aug., 1760. 

6. Sarah Page, baptized 24 Oct., 1763. 6 

7. Thomas Page, born 30 May, 1766. 

8. David Page, born 1 May, 1770. 

9. John Page, born 10 Aug., 1772. 

6 Lydia Page, born 1 March, 1728-9; died 16 Nov., 1774, unmarried. 

7 Abel Page, born 8 June, 1731. Probably the Abel Page who died 1 Jan., 

1797, having married 16 Oct., 1759, Dorcas Fillmore of Norwich, and had 

1. Daniel Page, born 21 Jan., 1761. 

2. Vashti Page, born 27 Feb., 1762. 

3. Sophia Page, born 22 March, 1769. 

4. Justus Page, born 10 June, 1770; probably, as of "Timneth, Vt.", married 

25 Jan., 1798, at Methuen, Eunice Cross, formerly of Methuen. 7 

1 Essex Deeds, 84: 242; 85: 221. 

2 Haverhill Vital Records, where the age of Thomas Page at death is given as 77 years. A 
Thomas Page, Jr., probably 181-2, married 14 March, 1744-5, Mary Cortes and had a daughter, 
Sarah, born 14 March, 1745-6. 

3 Chase: History of Haverhill. 

4 Salisbury, Mass., Second Church records note the baptism of Abiah Flanders 25 Feb., 1728. 
6 For their descendants, see Emery Genealogy. 

6 Haverhill Vital Records, which also gives Susanna, daughter of Amos Page, born 20 Oct., 1763- 

7 Methuen Vital Records. 


5. Zadock Page, born 9 May, 1772; died 20 Sept., 1778; married 31 Aug., 

1797, Susanna Webster. Child: Abel Page, born 25 May, 1798. 

6. Lucinda Page, born 16 Oct., 1775. 

8 Gideon Page, born 12 Sept., 1733; died 26 Nov., 1736. 

9 William Page, born 17 Nov., 1738; married Martha Parker. 


1. Unity Page, born 11 May, 1765. 

2. Joseph Parker Page, born 1 May, 1767. 

3. Jonathan Bixby Page, born 19 Nov., 1769. 

Perhaps others. 


III. Jonathan Bixby (Jonathan, Joseph), born 5 March, 
1695-6, at Boxford, Mass.; died during the winter of 1780-1, at 
Middleton, Mass.; married 4 Nov., 1735, Ruth Fuller, 1 born 10 
Oct., 17 18, daughter of William and Elizabeth (Goodell) Fuller of 
Middleton. She married, second, 28 Feb., 1792, at Pepperrell, 
Mass., Capt. Jeremiah Shattuck, aged 90 years. 2 The Massachu- 
setts Centinel of 10 March, 1792, printed the following notice: "At 
Pepperel, Capt. Jeremiah Shattuck aged 90 to Mrs. Ruth Bixby 
aged 75. His descendants are ten children, sixty grandchildren, 
about 70 great grandchildren, and one of the fifth generation. Her 
descendants are thirteen children, thirty-nine grandchildren." 
Children, born at Boxford: 3 

1- 1 Nathaniel, baptized Oct., 1736; married Mary Stowers. 

2- 2 Elizabeth, baptized April, 1738, married Elias Johnson. 

3 Sarah, baptized 1 April, 1739; living in 1780. Possibly she was that 
Sarah Bixby, an unmarried woman, who died at Boxford, 25 May, 1800, 
"aged 65." The entry is not in Boxford records, but appears in the 
printed "Vital Record" as obtained from a "private record." 
4- 4 Huldah, baptized Oct., 1740; married Asa Stiles. 

5 Eunice, baptized Oct., 1742; died 3 Jan., 1759. 

6 Lucy, baptized 29 July, 1744; died Dec, 1746. 

7 Nancy (Annah), born 24 Sept., 1746; living in 1780.* 

8 Lucy, born 25 June, 1748; living in 1780. 

9- 9 Aphia (Affee),s born 16 March, 1750-1; married John Powers. 

1 This marriage is found on both Middleton and Boxford records. 

s Pepperrell records. Ruth's son, David, was then living in Pepperrell, whence he removed, 
1794, to Piermont. 

3 Births and baptisms from Boxford Vital Records. 

4 Anna Bixby and Isaac Berry of Middleton were married 26 Nov., 1766, at Boxford. She had 
the prefix of respect, "Mrs.," whether a widow or not is not known. This title was generally given 
to respectable unmarried females at that period. Anna Bixby was cautioned against by Middleton, 
July, 1765. (Sessions records.) 

5 The name is recorded as Apphia in July, 1770. (Sessions record.) 


10 Mary, born 30 July, 1753; probably married 16 Jan., 1786, Aaron Smith, 1 
as his second wife. 

k-ii Ruth, born 15 Aug., 1754; married 15 March, 1780, Nehemiah Fuller. 

L-12 David, born 6 Sept., 1757, baptized 17 May, 1758, at Topsfield, Mass.; 
married Nancy Pecker. 

13 Jonathan, born 23 April, 1760; of Middleton in 1784, removed two years 

later to Haverhill, Mass. 

14 Assa, born 16 March, 1761. This child is called "daughter" in the record. 

Jonathan Bixby and wife, Ruth, 1 June, 1747, sold to William 
Fuller for £360 all their right and title to lands and buildings in 
Middleton, which had formerly belonged to their father, William 
Fuller. 2 Jonathan was a well-to-do farmer, and in 1735 was one of 
the few Essex County subscribers to Rev. Thomas Prince's Chrono- 
logical History of New England, published that year, and of which 
he took two copies. He lived in Boxford until 1771, when he sold 
his homestead of 69 acres to Asa Peabody 3 and removed to Middle- 
ton. His name occurs frequently in the record of land transactions 
at Salem. In Suffolk Court files is a deposition made by him that 
in June, 1723, he had occasion several times to go to Bradford with 
a team, and the way was so bad he was forced to go round by the 
house of Stephen Peabody. At the mill pond of said Peabody's 
house, there was a bridge, but it was usually flowed with water, 
and he could not pass over it half the time. He had often to go 
through the mill pond, and up a steep hill, and to borrow more oxen. 4 
He made his will 16 Oct., 1780, which was proved 3 April following. 
He names wife, Ruth, sons, David, Jonathan, and Nathaniel, daugh- 
ters, Elizabeth, Huldah, Annah, Lucy, Affee, Mary, Sarah, and 
Ruth, "wife of Nehemiah Fuller." 5 The inventory of his estate 
disclosed £243-9-6. 


III. Ruth Bixby {Jonathan, Joseph), born 10 April, 1699, at 
Boxford, Mass.; married 1 March, 172 1-2, Thomas Andrews of 
Boxford, 6 who was born there 18 Dec, 1694, son of Thomas and 
Rebecca Andrews. From Perley's History of Boxford we learn 

1 Middleton Vital Records. Perley, in Dwellings of Boxford, states she married Daniel Perkins, 
confounding her with Mary Ann Bixby (13513). A Mary Bixby of Topsfield gave birth 13 April, 
1777. to a male child. (Sessions record.) Aaron Smith died 29 Jan., 1827, aged 92 years. He 
married first, 7 Nov., 1765, Mary Thomas, and had eight children. There is no record of death of 
either wife. 

* Essex Deeds, 91: 63. 3 Ibid., 129: 65. * Files, 16945. 

5 Ruth is the only one of the daughters whose married name appears in the will. 

e Boxford Vital Records. 


that Thomas Andrews was a farmer, was living in Dec., 1746, that 
administration was granted on his estate 1 June, 1747, and that 
his widow died between 1769 and 1789. 1 

In 1725 Thomas Andrews was appointed guardian of Elias Bixby, 
brother to his wife. 

Children, born at Boxford: 2 

1 Nathaniel Andrews, born 3 Nov., 1723; married 9 Dec, 1753, Sarah Lindel, 

by whom he had seven children. 

2 Rebecca Andrews, born 28 Sept., 3 1725. 

3 Levi Andrews, born 27 Aug., 1727; 4 married 5 Nov., 1749, at Topsfield, Mass., 

Sarah Towne of Topsfield; (2) 10 Nov., 1757, Bridget Holt. 
Children, 5 born at Boxford: 

1. Lydia Andrews, born 14 Jan., 1758; baptized 15 Nov., 1761. 

2. Mary Andrews, baptized 15 Nov., 1761. 

4 Sarah Andrews, born 8 Oct., 1729; living in Boxford, unmarried, in 1786. 

5 Selborn Andrews, born 25 Oct., 1730; baptized 10 Oct., 1736. He died 

unmarried, it is thought, in one of the military expeditions of the old French 
War. He was living 26 March, 1750, when he was described as a minor. 
He is described as deceased on 14 March, 1757. 

6 Lydia Andrews, born 22 July, 1732; probably the Lydia published 24 Dec, 

175- to Samuel Flint of Middleton, Mass. 

7 Jerusha Andrews, born Sept., , baptized 15 Sept., 1734. Jonathan 

Bixby was appointed her guardian in 1750. She married prior to 1769 
Joseph Simmons of Boxford, cordwainer, but had probably been published 
2 Feb., 1755, to Joseph Fisk. 

8 Susanna Andrews, born 30 Oct., 173-; baptized 1738. 

9 Abigail Andrews, born 9 April, 174-; baptized 18 April, 1742; married 22 

Feb., 1770, Nathaniel Tyler, Jr., of Methuen. She and her husband were 
living in 1782. 


III. Mary Bixby (Jonathan, Joseph), born 7 Feb., 1701-2, at 
Boxford, Mass. ; died 24 April, 1747, at Haverhill, 6 Mass. ; married 18 
Dec, 1723, 6 at Haverhill, Nathaniel Sanders of Haverhill, born 
27 Dec, 1700, 6 died 26 Oct., 1754, aged 54, 7 son of James and Han- 
nah (Tewkesbury) Sanders. 8 Nathaniel Sanders had the title of 
lieutenant. He married, second, Anne Kelly, by whom he had 
Anne, born 2 March, 1759. 6 

1 Perley History of Boxford. See also Essex Antiquarian, 3: 116. 

2 Ibid. The marriages of the children are also from History of Boxford. The children are all 
mentioned in the settlement of their father's estate. 

1 Boxford Vital Records has this date, the Bixby Ms. 23 Sept. 
•"Baptized 14 Aug., 1747." 'Boxford Vital Records. 

s Haverhill Vital Records. 

7 Inscription on gravestone. The death record of Mary (Bixby) Sanders is also from her grave- 
stone, where her age at death is given as 46 years. 
• Chase: History of Haverhill. 


Children, bom at Haverhill: 1 

1 Judith Sanders, born i July, 1726; probably married 1 Sept., 1748, at Haver- 

hill, Joseph Clark of Methuen. 

2 Mary Sanders, born 3 July, 1728. 

3 Phebe Sanders, born 9 Oct., 1730; probably married 23 Feb., 1758, Simeon 

Dow of Amesbury. 

4 Nathaniel Sanders, born 9 April, 1733. 

5 Avery Sanders, born 17 Dec, 1735. 

6 Hannah Sanders, born 4 Nov., 1738. 


III. Elias Bixby {Jonathan, Joseph), born 23 Nov., 1706, at 
Boxford, Mass.; died probably in 1793, at Great Barrington, Mass.; 
married probably in 1729, at Fairfield, Conn., Elinor Andrews, 
born 9 Oct., 171 1, died probably in 1753 or 1754, 2 daughter of John 
and Elinor (Burr) Andrews. "Eleanor daughter of John Andrews" 
was baptized 14 Nov., 171 1, at Fairfield. John Andrews was born 
in Fairfield in 1697, son of John and grandson of Francis Andrews, 
who was one of the original proprietors of Hartford and an early 
resident of Fairfield. Eleanor Burr was daughter of Daniel Burr. 

Elias Bixby and Eleanor his wife of Fairfield, in consideration of 
£100, granted to "our brother John Andrews of Fairfield" all right 
in the estate of "our father John Andris late of Fairfield," 26 April, 


Elias Bixby married, second, in 1786, probably at Great Barring- 
ton, Margaret (Hall) Prindle, who survived him. 

Children : 3 

1- 1 Jonathan, born about 1730; married Martha Hull. 

2- 2 Daniel, born 1732; married, probably, Deziar Herrick. 

3- 3 Molly, born probably about 1734; married Thomas Roorback. 

1 Haverhill Vital Records. 

2 Under Connecticut practice it is not necessary for the wife to join with her husband, or release 
dower rights, in sale of land purchased by him. Eleanor appears with Elias in several transactions, 
the last being that of 21 Oct., 1751. On 27 Aug., 1751, Elias and Eleanor join in selling land lately 
distributed to the heirs of John Andrews; and 21 Oct., 1751, they join with John and Daniel Andrews 
in conveying land. (Fairfield Land Records, 7:75; 5:290, 386; 11:30, 144.) She does not appear 
in the sale of the homestead in 1754, nor does her name again appear in any record. 

1 There is no record in which appear the names of the children of Elias Bixby. Family tradition, 
confirmed through correspondence with representatives of Jonathan, Ebenezer, David, and Elias, 
Jr., together with the baptismal records at Green's Farms church, and the association of various 
members of the family, provide sufficient assurance as to the parentage of all the children given. 
The probable date of Jonathan's birth is found by assuming he was at least twenty one years of age 
at his marriage in 1752, and that his mother was not less than seventeen years of age when married. 
He was undoubtedly the eldest child. Daniel's age in 1760, when he enlisted in the Provincial 


4(?)Sarah. The will of Thomas Fairchild of Redding, Conn., proved between 
1741 and 1748 was witnessed by Sarah Bixby. No other mention of 
her has been found. While we have no direct evidence to show that 
she was a child of Elias, there seems no other explanation. 

5(?)Martha, married George Hull 1 of Greenfield Hill, Fairfield and Redding, 
Conn., baptized 24 Sept. 1727, son of George and Martha (Gregory) 
Hull. Child; Martha Bixby Hull. 
6- 6 Elinor, born probably about 1740; married Seth Meeker. 2 

7 Abigail, baptized 11 April, 1742, at Green's Farms. 3 

8- 8 Ebenezer, born 1744; married Mary Morehouse. 

9- 9 David, baptized 18 May, 1746, at Green's Farms; 3 married Mary M. Mil- 

j- 10 Elias, baptized 27 March, 1748, at Redding, Conn.; 2 married Grace 

k-ii Mehitable, probably born about 1750; married Nathan Coley. 4 

Elias Bixby at the death of his father was placed, in 1725, under 
the guardianship of his brother-in-law, Thomas Andrews, of Box- 
army, shows him to have been bom in 1732. Molly and Elinor were undoubtedly older than the 
children whose baptisms are of record, and the dates of their birth are surmised from their marriage 
dates. It is thought all of the children prior to 1748 were baptized at Green's Farms church, but 
the baptismal records between 1723 and 1742 are missing. Ebenezer's birth is calculated from his 
age at death, and also from his enlistment record. 

There are two traditions which at the present time it is not possible to explain satisfactorily or 
to reconcile with what seems most probable: (1) The husband of Deziar Herrick (1862) is said to 
have been Elias Bixby, a sea captain, who was lost at sea. Daniel Bixby, who is put down as her 
husband, was a tailor, and served in the militia. The probable date of death of each seems to be the 
same. Daniel is mentioned as serving in the militia in 1760, and is not heard of after. Deziar 
Herrick, said to have been the wife of Elias, the sea captain, married Nathan Carey as early as 
1762. It does not seem probable that Elias (186) would have named his son, born in 1748, Elias, if 
he already had a son Elias living. The husband of Deziah Herrick evidently was living in 1758, and 
one of her children was born in 1757. There is noquestion but that the Elias mentioned in the Red- 
ding church records of 1748 was No. 186 for we have evidence of his selling land in Redding Parish 
in 1748 and 1750. (2) William C. Bixby (18616.434) said, 27 July, 1909, that his descent was as 
follows: William C, Jonathan, Aaron, Nathaniel, Elias, and that his grandfather, Aaron Bixby 
(18616.4), and John M. Bixby (186J1.2), were cousins. He believed then that their fathers were 
half-brothers. The belief expressed in the last clause is evidently contrary to fact, for John Bixby, 
father of John M., was the son of Elias (186J), who married Grace Sterling, 28 April, I77 T . at 
Wilton, Conn. She survived him. Elias, the grandfather of John M., and Nathaniel, father of 
Aaron, may have been half-brothers. This would show that Elias had married again, after the 
death of his wife, Elinor, in 1754 or thereabouts, and had a son, Nathaniel, This supposititious 
second wife must have died before 1786, when he evidently married Margaret Prindle. We have 
no other suggestion of his having had wives other than Elinor Andrews and Margaret Prindle. 
His daughters Elinor and Mehitable were living in Redding in 1770, and were married there when 
their father was living in Massachusetts. His son Elias resided at Redding at that time, and in 
1775 he enlisted from there into the Continental Army. 

1 Weygant: Descendants of George Hull, pp. 32, 34. He may have been a brother of Martha 
(Hull) Bixby (1861). 

2 Redding church records. These records also contain the following: "Abigail Biggsby died 16 
Dec, 1760, aged." Whether this can apply to Abigail (1867), or to some older person is not clear, 
as the age may have been intended to be filled in later when more exact information could be had. 

3 Green's Farms Church records. 

* The record of the marriage of Mehitable to Nathan Coley appears on town and church record. 
As printed, the record gives her name as Mabel. See, however, Redding Vital Statistics, 2:33. 
There is nothing but association to indicate her parentage. 


ford. 1 Shortly after that he left home. He was the first of the 
name to settle west of the Connecticut River. He became a resi- 
dent of Fairfield, and very soon thereafter married Eleanor Andrews, 
a descendant of Francis Andrews, one of the original proprietors of 
Hartford and an early resident of Fairfield, but of no known rela- 
tionship to the Andrews family of Boxford. 

Through his marriage with Eleanor Andrews, Elias Bixby be- 
came possessed of property, 2 to which he added by purchase. The 
town records of Fairfield and the county court records at Bridge- 
port show not only his numerous transactions in lands, but that he 
was not fortunate in his business transactions. It is very probable 
that this failure to retain the considerable estate he at one time pos- 
sessed, led to his changes of residence in Fairfield, and finally his 
removal to Massachusetts and to Pennsylvania. 

His residence in Fairfield was apparently in the western part. 
On the 1st and 2nd of August, 1729, he purchased two lots of land, 
comprising more than seven acres of land, near the Saugatuck River, 
of John and Samuel Fountain. 3 The following month he conveyed 
to John Cooley eight acres near the Saugatuck River, and on the 
same day received of Cooley four acres at Turkey Hill, which the 
next month he conveyed to Samuel Couch, Jr. 4 Unfortunately 
there is a hiatus in the Green's Farm church records, which begin 
in 1715, from 1723 to 1742. Elias Bixby was clerk of the train band 
in the West parish of Fairfield in 1735, 5 and in October of that year 
reported to the General Assembly the election of officers by that 
company. On the 8 March, 1738-9, he purchased of Jonathan 
Stidevant of Worcestershire, N. Y., a house and twenty acres near 
Flat Rock in Ridgefield, paying therefore £200. 3 On the 24 May, 
1739, he registered with the Ridgefield town clerk his cattle mark: 
" Elias Bixby 's Ear mark is a hole in ye near ear and a half penny 
on ye under side of ye off ear." He sold his Ridgefield farm 31 
March, I74I- 3 The following year he is again found at Green's 
Farms, where he purchased of Nathaniel Hubbard one half of the 
latter's home-lot, 19 June, 1742, 6 which, however, he sold the fol- 
lowing December. He had children baptized there in 1742 and 

1 Essex Probate. 3 Ridgefield Land records. 

8 Fairfield Land and Probate records. 'Fairfield Land records, 4:403-406. 

6 Connecticut Archives, Military Series, 1, Vol. 11, 232. 

1 Fairfield Land records, 7:447. 


On the 27 March, 1748, his wife was admitted to the Redding 
church. He was taxed in Redding Parish in 1749, being rated at 
£97-14 besides £20 "trade," showing he was engaged at that time 
as a merchant. 1 On the 18 Feb., 1754, the homestead, consisting 
of thirty three acres, 2 was sold to Henry Dibble, and Elias removed 
to Sheffield in the southwestern corner of Massachusetts. He was 
living there at the time he visited Albany in 1756 and took his 
nephew Nathaniel (1821) from the army hospital there to his own 
home, afterward accompanying him to Boxford. 3 

On 27 June, 1757, described as "living on Province land west of 
Sheffield" he purchased of Samuel Messenger of Sheffield one-half 
of the sixty-fourth part of Nobletown, being a half right. Noble- 
town for many years was disputed territory between Massachu- 
setts and New York. Although at the time of the Revolution prac- 
tically a part of Massachusetts, in the final settlement the township 
was assigned to New York and is now embraced in the town of Hills- 
dale. Mr. Bixby sold this half right on the 17 Oct., 1757, and was 
then described as of Nobletown. 4 The purchaser, Hezekiah De- 
forest of Norwalk, settled an account due the Sterling store at Wil- 
ton from Bixby in January following his purchase, probably as part 
of the consideration. 5 Elias Bixby was one of the wardens of the 
Episcopal church in Nobletown, which was served by the rector of 
St. James, Great Barrington, 12 April, 1773. Apparently he re- 
mained in Nobletown until he removed to the Susquehannah Pur- 
chase in that part of Pennsylvania under the jurisdiction of Con- 
necticut. This removal was probably early in 1773. Elias Bixby, 
James Bagley and Zacher H. Squire, all of Nobletown, on 24 April, 
1773, bought of John Crane and Hannah, his wife, of the same place, 
their rights in one third of one right in the Susquehannah Purchase, 9 
paying therefor £3. Elias Bixby was accompanied by his son, 
David, in this removal to the Susquehannah Purchase. An old 
account book, formerly belonging to Mathias Hollenback, of the 

1 Connecticut Archives: Ecclesiastical Series, VIII, 2516. 

* In the deed this land is described as partly of Applegates and partly of Lockwood's Long Lots, 
and "where I now dwell." {Fairfield Land Records, 11: 224.) As Elias Bixby dealt frequenUy In 
lands, buying for investment or speculation, it is difficult to follow his own removals. 

'Perley: Dwellings of Boxford, reprinted from Essex Institute Hist. Col., vol. 28. 

* For information concerning Nobletown see Converse and Allied families, p. 814, and Docu- 
mentary History of New York, vol. 3. The Province lands west of Sheffield were offered at sale by 
Massachusetts in 1754. 

' Sterling store accounts in possession of D. H. Van Hoosear of Wilton, Conn. Elias Bixby and 

several members of his family had open accounts with the proprietor of this store. 

8 Westmoreland Land Records, at State Library, Hartford, Conn. 


firm of M. and J. Hollenback, in the possession of the Wyoming 
Historical and Geological Society, Wilkes Barre, Pa., contains 
entries, between 13 Dec, 1774, and 21 Oct., 1776, eighteen 
charges in all, against "Elias Bigsby, Sr." On the 18 Oct., 1774, 
sugar, shoes, a deck of cards, and mittens are charged to "Elias 
Bigsby, Jr." 

A promissory note, dated 20 Oct., 1775, signed by Elias Bigsby, 
is found on the cover of one of the books of account of the Hol- 
lenbacks. It is not only signed by but made payable on, 1 May, to 
Elias Bigsby, and was witnessed by William Cook and Mathy 
Hollenbeak. The signature is the same as on a note given by the 
younger Elias, now on file among the papers relating to his estate. 
Immediately below is the following: 

"Elias Bigsby his and pen 
He will be good but ." 

A facsimile is shown opposite page 158. 

The peculiarities of these entries are such that they may be but 
the careless scribbling and fooling of the younger Elias, known to 
have been a clerk in the store. 1 

Elias Bixby was rated at £26 in the list of taxables in Wilkes- 
Barre district in Aug., 1776. David Bixby was rated at Kingston. 

The rate lists of Nov., 1778, and later omit the name of Elias, 
and there can be little doubt that he had returned to Massachusetts 
before the time of the Wyoming massacre, when his son, David, 
and nephew, Elias, lost their lives. The list of losses sustained at 
that time by the inhabitants of the valley does not contain the name 
of Elias Bixby, nor is there any mention of him by his grandson, 
who remembered the flight from the settlement. 

Elias Bixby next appears at Great Barrington in 1785. He was 
then in his seventy ninth year. Reuben Walton of Watertown, 
Conn., had been appointed administrator on the estate of Jonathan 
Prindle of Great Barrington, and to comply with the law gave as 
sureties in £200, I March, 1785, David Arnold and Elias Bixby. 
Sometime between the 6 Dec, 1785, and 28 Jan., 1787, undoubt- 
edly in the year 1786, Elias Bixby married Margaret Prindle, the 
widow of the Jonathan mentioned above, for on 28 Jan., 1787, Wal- 
ton sold to Margaret Bigsbe, now wife of Elias Bigsbe, 10^ acres out 
of the estate. 2 

1 For an account of Elias Bixby, Jr., see (1862-1). ! Berkshire Deeds, 20: 438. 


Jonathan Prindle was a loyalist and had died within the British 
lines at New York. He had left his family in a dependent state 
when he fled from his home. 1 

Elias Bixby is enumerated in the census of 1790, as of Great Bar- 
rington, the head of a family consisting of himself, another male 
over sixteen years of age, and four females. 

It may be that the male over sixteen years of age living with him 
was his grandson, John Bixby, who married at Great Barrington. 

On the 28 Jan., 1793, Elias and Margaret Bixby conveyed prop- 
erty in Great Barrington to Ela and Michael Prindle, and on 
the 9 Sept., 1794, Margaret Bixby, Ella and Michael Prindle, all 
of Great Barrington, convey fifty three acres to Moses Church. 1 
It is evident, as his name is not found in the deed of Sept., 1794, 
that Elias Bixby had deceased. The disposal by deed, to his step- 
children, of what interest had come to him by his marriage with 
their mother, and apparently of some estate he had himself pur- 
chased, was evidently in expectation of his death, and probably 
accounts for there being no administration granted on his estate. 


III. Susanna Bixby {Jonathan, Joseph), born at Boxford, Mass.; 
baptized there 29 June, 1713; died 16 Jan., 1779, at Haverhill, 
Mass., aged sixty four years ; 3 married 3 April, 1734, at Haverhill, 4 

1 Jonathan Prindle was born 21 June, 1748, and was the son of Lieut. Jonathan Prindle, who 
died at Watertown, Conn., 10 April, 1782. He married, 13 Oct., 1765, Margaret Hall and had three 
children; Ela, born in 1770, Michael, born in 1771, and Bethel, baptized 14 Jan., 1776, at St. James, 
Great Barrington. Lieut. Jonathan Prindle bequeathed lands in Great Barrington to the heira 
of his son Jonathan. When administration was granted to Reuben Welton on the estate of the 
younger Jonathan Prindle, an allowance of £13 was made to the widow, and seven acres of land 
with the dwelling house were set off to her as dower. Before the 6 Dec, 1785, the house, barn, and 
twenty acres of land had been sold to her, and on the 25 Jan., 1787, the administrator conveyed to 
her 10J acres in Lot 12 in the West Division of lands at Great Barrington, bounded north on land 
that day sold to Elias Bixby, reserving the use and improvements of the seven acres and dwelling 
already set off as dower. There were many staunch loyalists in western Massachusetts, and in 
1777 events emboldened them to take an outspoken course. Their Whig neighbors placed them 
in a very uncomfortable position, some were jailed. In Massachusetts Archives, 187: 218, there is 
a petition, dated at Great Barrington, 12 Sept., 1781, from the widow, Margaret Prindle. She 
stated that her husband, Jonathan Prindle, "absconded" in 1777, going to New York, leaving her 
with three small children whom she supported with difficulty, having only twenty two acres of land 
and a very poor house and barn. Her husband's estate was also indebted (the administrator found 
it insolvent) to nearly half its value. She further declared that her husband was one of the loyalists 
who had been banished from Massachusetts by the act of 16 Oct., 1778, and that he had died in 
1781. She asked that his estate be not confiscated, and that she be allowed to retain it, for she has 
a father and brother loyal to the country. Her prayer was granted, as no further steps were taken 
to confiscate the estate. Ella Prindle removed to Brookfield, Chenango Co., N. Y. Ella and 
Olive Prindle of that place deed to Elias Bixby (undoubtedly Elias (1S6J)) thirty five acres there, 
23 Oct., 1799. ! Berkshire Deeds, 31: 474:32:383. 

8 Inscription on gravestone. * Boxford Vital Records, also recorded on Haverhill records. 


Capt. Daniel Johnson of Haverhill, born 12 Feb., 171 1-2, died 
8 March, 1794, aged eighty two years, at Haverhill. 1 He married, 
second, 21 Sept., 1779, Susanna Russell, widow, 2 who died 21 Jan., 
1802, aged seventy six years. 2 

Capt. Johnson was son of Thomas and Rachel (Ordway) Johnson, 
grandson of Lieut. John and Mary (Mousal) Johnson, great-grand- 
son of John and Elizabeth (Maverick) Johnson, who removed from 
Charlestown to Haverhill in 1657. The name of Elizabeth Mav- 
erick's father, Elias Maverick, was continued in the Johnson family 
for over a century, either by naming sons Maverick or Elias. The 
progenitor of this family was William Johnson who was born about 
1603 and died 9 Dec, 1677, at Charlestown. He was admitted a 
freeman of the Massachusetts Bay Company, 4 March, 1634-5. 
His wife was Elizabeth, who died 6 Oct., 1684. He is not known 
to have been a relative of Capt. Edward Johnson, as frequently as- 
serted. See New England Historical Genealogical Register, vol. 33. 

Children, born at Haverhill: 2 

1 Elias Johnson, born 28 Feb., 1734-5; married Elizabeth Bixby (1822). 

2 Timothy Johnson, born 17 April, 1737; married 23 March, 1762, Mary 

Greely, 2 born 1 Jan., 1739-40, daughter of Benjamin and Ruth (Whittier) 
Greely of Haverhill. 3 He was an officer in the army, during the Revolu- 
tion, and had the rank of captain. 
Children, born at Haverhill: 2 

1. Sarah Johnson, born 27 March, 1763. 

2. Hannah Johnson, born 19 March, 1765. 

3. Timothy Johnson, born 22 May, 1768. 

4. Daniel Johnson, born 22 Dec, 1770. 

5. James Johnson, born 27 July, 1775; died 8 Feb., 1776. 

6. Polly Johnson, born 15 Feb., 1778. 

3 Lydia Johnson, born 18 May, 1739; died 1826; married 29 Dec, 1763, Moses 

Davis, of Andover, 2 son of Moses Davis (Elisha, James, James). 
Children: 4 

1. Rebecca Davis, married Robert Taylor of Ashby. 

2. Susanna Davis, married Moses Hale of Chelmsford, Mass. 

3. Johnson Davis, of Chelmsford, married Betsey Fletcher. 

4. Elisha Davis, died young. 

5. Lydia Davis, married Webster. 

6. Sarah Davis, married Isaac Stevens of Boston. 

7. Polly Davis, married Jonathan Richardson of Townsend. 

4 Susanna Johnson, born 17 Aug., 1743. 

5 Mary Johnson, born 19 May, 1749. 

6 Rachel Johnson, born 16 June, 1753. 

Perhaps other children. 

1 Inscription on gravestone. 2 Haverhill Vital Records. » Greeley Genealogy. 

* Information of Mrs. Kate Hale Smith of Boston, a descendant of Susanna (Davis) Hale. Among 
the descendants of Lydia (Johnson) Davis are Hon. George von L. Meyer, Robert Treat Paine. 
Hon. Moses T. Stevens, and Mrs. Alice Pew. In 1900 there were over one hundred living descend- 
ants of Lydia (Johnson) Davis. 



IV. Lydia Bixby {Joseph, Joseph, Joseph), born 26 Dec, prob- 
ably 1707; baptized July, 1708, at Topsfield, Mass.; married 9 
May, 1732, at Hopkinton, Mass., 1 David Foster, who died there 
n July, 1758. 1 Administration on his estate, which was not large, 
and proved insolvent, was granted to the widow 12 March, 1759. 2 
Abner and Thomas Bixby were the chief creditors. 
Children, born at Hopkinton: 1 

1 Lydia Foster, born 8 Feb., 1734-5; died 25 Oct., 1735. 

2 Lydia Foster, born 22 Jan., 1736-7; died 14 Jan., 1741-2. 

3 David Foster, born 9 Aug., 1738; died 15 Feb., 1741-2. 

4 Bethia Foster, born 5 Oct., 1741. 

5 Abigail Foster, born 20 July, 1744. 


IV. Joseph Bixby (Joseph, Joseph, Joseph), born 10 Sept., 
1710, at Boxford, Mass.; died, perhaps at Framingham, Mass., in 
1776, but later than 4 March, 1776, as his son Joseph was 
styled "Jr." in the minutes of a town meeting held that day, but 
thereafter loses that style; married 30 March, 1732, at Framingham, 
Mehitable Rugg, 3 daughter of Jonathan and Hannah (Singletary) 
Rugg of Framingham, born there 15 Sept., 171 1. 4 She was admitted 
to the church at Hopkinton, 18 July, 1736, from Framingham. 5 
Children, all but the youngest, born at Hopkinton: 6 

1- 1 Mehitable, born 31 Jan., 1732-3; married James Haven. Hopkinton 
church records note the baptism of "Hepzibah," daughter of Joseph 
Bixby, 4 Feb., 1732-3- 

1 Hopkinton Vital Records. « Middlesex Probate, 8173. 

3 Framingham records, Vol. 2. The original should be used, as the copy by Barry omits many 
names. "Vital Records" have been published since. 

4 Temple: History of Framingham. The Bixby Ms. queries if the mother of the youngest child 
could have been a Fairbanks. There is no indication from any record examined that Joseph 
was married more than once. 

6 Hopkinton church records; where also are found the baptisms of the five eldest children. 

• Hopkinton records. Dates between 1 Jan. and 24 March, inclusive, prior to 1752, were gen- 
erally ascribed to a year earlier than our present reckoning, but, although it was generally the cus- 
tom to double date all entries in the records during that period, many clerks anticipated the change 
to "New Style" by many years. The dates here given, relating to the Hopkinton families, were 
obtained by a member of the family, and differ slightly in some instances from the printed "Vital 
Records. " 



2- 2 Joseph, born i March, 1735; baptized the following day; married Sarah 

3 Hannah, born 31 Oct., 1737; baptized 6 Nov., 1737; married 18 March, 
1754, at Framingham, Squire Haven, born 24 June, 1734, died 29 March, 
1789, at Bellingham, Mass., 1 son of James and Sarah Haven of Fram- 

4- 4 Lydia, born 10 Feb., 1740; baptized 16 Feb., 1739-40; married David 


5- 5 Jonathan, born 22 July, 1742; baptized 7 Aug., 1747; married Eunice 

Parker; (2) Elizabeth Hammond. 

6 Betty, born 22 Aug., 1744. (Betsy Bixby and Thomas Tolman, both 
of Newton, were married there 19 Nov., 1795.) 

7- 7 Nathan, born 14 Oct., 1746; 2 married Martha Twitchel. 

8- 8 John, born 8 Oct., 1750, at Framingham; married Ann Johnson. 

Joseph Bixby purchased two parcels of land with buildings, 
at Park's corner, Framingham, of David Mellen, 24 Dec, 1748; 
120 acres on the west side of a river, and five acres meadow land. 
The consideration was £2900 old tenor, a much depreciated cur- 
rency. 3 

It is possible that his father accompanied him to Framingham. 
On 22 Aug., 1749, the town of Framingham voted that the bounds 
of the centre school district be from the Centre to Moses Learned, 
Joseph Byxbe, 4 and others, and that the outskirts not included 
in the above bounds be divided into eight school districts. 

In 1763, a Baptist society was organized in Framingham. A 
few persons were baptized the preceding year. Preaching occurred 
probably as early as 1757. Among those whose minister's rate 
was abated in 1764, for the preceding year, because of affiliation 
with the Baptist society, was Joseph Byxbe. 5 Most of the others 
belonged to the Haven family. Bixby's request that his minis- 
ter's rate for 1762 be abated was refused. There is some doubt 

1 This death record appears in the printed "Vital Records," as " Haven, Esquire." The 

item was taken from the Wright Diary. 

2 The Bixby Ms. gives Nathan's birth as 20 Nov., 1748. Dr. A. B. Ferguson (11128. J3-7) 
of Salem and Mr. J. W. Searles (11128. J8) give his birth as of 25 Nov., 174s. A son Mathew, 
born 24 Oct., 1746, is given in the Bixby Ms. The Hopkinton record plainly gives Nathan's birth 
as 14 Oct., 1746. The difference of ten days is the difference between new and old style dating. 
Mr. E. A. Milliken (11128.6-4) was told by Julia (Bixby) Milliken (11128.6), when she was ninety 
years old, that her grandfather Nathan's mother was Mehitable Rugg. 

3 Middlesex Deeds, 48: 97. 

* In the town record the letters "Jo" follow the name of Joseph Bixby, and an attempt was 
made to erase them. Evidently the clerk started to write the name of John Drury, but after 
beginning the name John wrote the name Nathaniel Pratt, and then followed with Drury. Imme- 
diately below occurs the name Thomas Winch "Jun.," which was the customary manner of the 
clerk in writing Junior. Temple misread the record "Joseph Bixby, Jr." 

6 Temple: History of Framingham, pp. 345, 404, 477, corrected by reference to original record. 


if a church was organized at that time. The society was not numer- 
ically a strong one until 1814. Further abatements are not noted 
in the town records until 1776. A town vote, however, was not 
necessary. ' UL 

Temple says that Joseph Bixby, -Jr.," was one of the earliest 
Baptist preachers in Framingham. He was mistaken in this as 
he confounded father and son. ' 

the T HstT eS ° f J T Ph BiXby and J ° Seph Bkby ' J r - a PP ear on 
th list of men m the company of Capt. Henry Emms, 22 April 

1757, the former on the alarm list, the latter on the train band 
list, but was later crossed off .1 The Joseph Bixby who was a mem- 
ber of the Committee of Correspondence and Safety in Framingham 
elected in I77 8, was probably Joseph (,„„), who was frequency' 
elected to town office. 4 ' 


Jn f TL BY (J ° Seph ' J ° Seph > Jose M> bom 30 Aug., 1712 
at Boxford, Mass, died 29 April, 1801, at Peru, Mass,* married 

5 beb. 1733-4, Thamazine Nurse,' born 7 June, 1718, daughter 

of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Haven) Nurse of Framingham, Mass < 

She was hving m 1787. Her grandfather, Benjamin Nu se was 

trade Jo™ 1 , 8 ^ ? 6be T NUrSC ° f SaIem Villa ^ Mass., whose 
ragic story drawn from the records, is so well told by Charles W 

Upham in his History of Witchcraft in Salem Village. Rebecca 
Nurse, in spite of the strong endorsement given her by life-lone 
acquaintances was sentenced to die for the imaginary crime of 
witchcraft, and was hung 19 July, 1692. 
Children, except the youngest, born at Hopkinton, Mass.:* 

1 Abner, born 20 April, baptized 30 May, 1736; died 17 Sept., i 73 6« 

3 B E r M 7 N H V b ° rn I6 ° Ct - bapdzed " °«-> '737; died' icVarch 1760 ' 

3 Benjamin, born 23 Feb, 1740; died 24 Oct., (1746)1748 

4 Abner, born 22 Feb., baptized 7 March, I74 2; died 1 bee., 1748 

I A S ^° rn 27 March ' l7 ^ married Han ^h Babcock 

6 Alice (Ellis), born 1 April, 1746. 

7 Mary, born 1 Jan., 1748^. 

8- 8 Benjamin, born 10 Oct., 1751; married Mary Guest. 

'Massachusetts Archives, os: 702 j t> ,,.•_, „ 

1 Temple: History of Framingham e u 7 • . 

uuignam. 6 Hopkinton town and church records. 


9 Aaron, born 19 Jan., 1754; died 3 July, 1816, at Hinsdale, Mass.; 1 married 
Abigail, 2 who died 8 Nov., 1823, 3 aged 80 years. 1 There is no record 
of children born to Aaron either at Peru or Hinsdale, nor any settle- 
ment of his estate. In 1798 he owned and occupied a farm of 76 acres 
in Partridgefield, Mass. 4 He received the homestead from his father 
in consideration of caring for his parents. This farm he sold to Samuel 
Matthews, 18 Feb., 1802, for $1600, and the same day took a life lease 
of the property from Matthews to himself and wife Abigail, or the sur- 
vivor, paying therefor $soo. 5 

During the Revolution he served from 22 Aug. to 29 Aug., 1777, 
"on an expedition to Bennington" 8 in Capt. William Fletcher's Co., 
Col. Benjamin Simond's Regt., and from 12 Oct. to 25 Oct., 1781, 
"on the alarm at Saratoga" 7 in Capt. Joel Stevens' Co., chiefly raised 
in Pittsfield, Col. David Rossiter's Regt. His name also appears on a 
pay roll of six months' men, raised by the town of Washington, for 
service in the Continental army. He is reported as marched 3 July, 
1780; discharged 6 Jan., 1781 ; and, described as Aaron Bigsbay, as having 
passed muster, the latter roll being dated at Camp Totoway, 25 Oct., 
1780. 6 

It is probable that he responded to calls for the militia in 1778, as 
his brother Benjamin in his pension declaration mentions that he served 
with him in two tours of service in 1778. 

j-10 Moses, born 4 May, 1756; married Dorothy Witter. 

11 Abner, born 16 June, 1758; died 17 June, 1759. 

12 Peletiah, 7 born 8 June, (1759) 1760; baptized 7 June, 1761. He was 

probably the Pelatiah Bixby killed in the service 19 Oct., 1780, as re- 
ported in return of company commanded by Capt. Spoor, Col. John 
J. Brown's Berkshire regiment raised, to reenforce the Continental 
army, for a term of three months, 18 July, 1780. He had previously 
enlisted for three months in company commanded by Capt. Asa Barnes, 
3d Regt., Col. Israel Chapin, 16 Oct., 1779. He was discharged 21 
Nov. 1779. 8 This also was Continental service. Hopkinton church 
records record the death of "wife of Pelitiah Bixby, Nov., 1795." 

M-13 Bethia, born 20 Sept., baptized 26 Sept., 1762, 9 at Framingham; married 
Col. William Richards. 

Thamazine Bixby, wife of Abner Bixby, was admitted to the 
church in Hopkinton 16 Feb., 1739-40. On 1 June, 1762, her 
father deeded to her husband and herself all his real estate in Fram- 
ingham, reserving possession until his own death. 10 On 3 May, 

1 Hinsdale Vital Records. 

•Mr. D. H. Van Hoosear found a record at Pittsfield, Mass., of the marriage in Sept., 1779, 
of "Mr. Bixby and Mrs. Foster, Partridgefield." (Pittsfield Vital Statistics, I: 70.) In a Ms. 
collection entitled "Pittsfield Families," in the library of the N. E. Hist. Geneal. Soc, this 

record appears, "Bixby , and Mrs. Foster Partridge in Sept., I779-" Possibly this is the 

marriage of Aaron Bixby. Levi Bixby of Winchendon married 13 May, 1779, Mrs. Tabitha 
(Foster) Boynton. There is, however, no trace of Levi Bixby in Berkshire. 

3 Her death is entered in the Bixby Ms. as 18 Nov., 1823. Her death is also found recorded at 
Middlefield, n Nov., 1823. The town record gives her age as 80 years, and the church record 
as 79 years. Middlefield was established from parts of Becket, Partridgefield and adjoining towns. 

* U. S. Direct Tax. « History of Pittsfield, i : 483. 

6 Berkshire Deeds, 40: 63s, 46: 377. • Bixby Ms. Temple gives birth as 2 Sept. 
•Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolution. 10 Middlesex Deeds, 63: 582. 

7 The name is spelled Peletiah, Pelatiah, and Pelitiah. 


1762, Framingham was permitted to caution Abner Byxbe, Thom- 
asine, his wife, and their children, Ebenezer, Ellis, Mary, Benja- 
min, Aaron, Moses, and Pelatiah, who came from Hopkinton 
25 March last. 1 On the 25 June, 1764, Abner Bixby purchased 
of Aaron Nurse, of Westborough, 73 acres in Framingham, paying 
therefor £73. Other purchases of land followed. 2 On the 8 Dec, 
1773, calling himself of Framingham, he sold 90 acres there to 
Richard Fisk for £465. His wife did not join in the deed. This 
is the year he is supposed to have removed to Partridgefield, which 
later became Peru. 

He was chosen tything-man in Framingham 5 March, 1764, 
warden in 1765, surveyor of highways 3 and collector of highway 
rates with Joseph Byxbe, Jr., 7 March, 1768, tything-man again 
in 1770, and one of the overseers of the poor the following year. 4 
The name of Abner Byxbe appears on the alarm list of the company 
commanded by Capt. John Jones, 26 April, 1756, being the second 
company in Hopkinton. 5 

Abner Bixby settled in that part of Partridgefield which later 
was set off as Hinsdale. On the 20 March, 1776, he purchased 
two hundred acres in Partridgefield from Oliver Partridge of Hat- 
field. This became his homestead. In 1787, he gave to his son 
Aaron the lot he, Abner, then lived upon, with the buildings thereon, 
reserving the west end of the dwelling house for his own use. The 
consideration named was £200, but from a bond dated the same day 
it appears that the actual consideration was the care and support 
of his parents during their life. The land conveyed consisted of 
seventy five acres. Another seventy five acres had been conveyed 
in 1 78 1 to Joseph Witter, Jr., of Washington, and the bounds of 
this tract were, in part, lands of Benjamin Bixby. 6 

In the census of 1790, Abner Bigsbee of Partridgefield is enumer- 
ated as head of a family consisting of three males over sixteen 
years and two females. 

IV. Andrew Bixby {John, Joseph, Joseph), born 14 Nov., 1723, 
at Boxford, Mass.; died, it is said, at Windsor, N. H.; 7 married 

1 Middlesex Sessions. Cornelius Claflin and family also settled in Framingham that year, 
having previously lived in Hopkinton. 

2 Middlesex Deeds. s Mass. Archives, 95: 317- 

3 Temple: History of Framingham. « Berkshire Deeds, 21: 251, 258; 25: 303, 305. 

• Framingham town proceedings. ' Cole Genealogy, p. 118. 


4 Nov., 1746, at Boxford, Susanna Cole, 1 daughter of Samuel 
and Sarah Cole, 2 of Boxford. 

Children, probably born at Amherst, N. H.: 

1- 1 Mary, married David Hildreth. 

2- 2 Daniel, married Sarah Blanchard. 

3 Olive, born 1761; died 4 Jan., 1855, 3 at Antrim, N. H.; married 12 Feb., 
1 784/ at Hillsborough, N. H., Stephen Wyman, baptized 30 Oct., 
1757, died 31 Oct., 1828, at Windsor, son of Timothy and Sarah (Lock) 
Wyman. 4 Administration on her estate was granted 6 Feb., 1855. 
No issue. 

4- 4 Hannah, married Joshua Jones. 

5- 5 John, born about 1761; married Rebecca Goodell; (2) Sally Goodell. 

6 Andrew, died of fever and ague at "Sundown," Genesee Valley, N. Y., 
whither he had removed with the family of Joshua Jones, his brother- 

Andrew Bixby probably lived in Amherst until 1770. Amherst 
was so named in 1760, the year it was incorporated by New Hamp- 
shire, in compliment to General Jeffrey Amherst. It was one of 
the Narragansett townships granted by Massachusetts in 1733, 
at a time when Massachusetts claimed that part of New Hampshire, 
and was called Souhegan West. The settlement took its name 
from the Souhegan River, which flows through the town. Andrew 
Bixby was one of the petitioners in 1753 for enlargement of bounds 
and for a town charter. 5 He appears as a purchaser of land in 
1753, and sold land there in 1760. In 1764 he sold to Solomon 
Hutchinson a first and second division lot, but conveyed only one 
half of the mill thereon, with the privileges appurtenant thereto. 
The tract conveyed comprised 126 acres. On the 25 July, 1766, 
he mortgaged 69 acres, comprising his homestead, and also 40 
acres, to Samson Stoddar, and in 1770 sold to Hezekiah Lovejoy 
his lands and buildings in Amherst, including a saw-mill. 6 The 
homestead was described as a plot of 62 acres, together with another 
of 22 acres, and buildings thereon, with a saw-mill on a brook 
running through the larger tract. His wife Susanna joined in the 
deed and one of the witnesses was Mary Bixby. 

1 Boxford Vital Records; he is styled of Souhegan West. 

1 Cole Genealogy, p. 118. 

3 Pension papers. Olive Wyman, of Antrim, N. H., aged 82 years, widow of Stephen, applied 
for a pension, 17 May, 1843. From her application, which was approved, it appears that Stephen 
Wyman lived in or near Woburn, Mass., at the time of his enlistment, 28 April, 1775, in Capt. 
John Fuller's Co., Col. Whitcomb's Regt. He served until Oct., 1775. He enlisted 1 Jan., 1776, 
and served one year and six weeks in Capt. John Wood's Co., Col. Baldwin's Regt. 

'Wyman Genealogy (in Ms.) N. E. Hist. Gen. Soc. 

«N. H. State Papers, Vol. n. 6 N. H. Deeds: 53:386; 86:32; 89: n; 101: 115. 


The supposition has been advanced by Mr. Walter Gibson, 
of Concord, N. H., that Andrew Bixby was one of a small band 
of settlers who in 1741 began the settlement at Hillsborough, 
but no proof of his being there at that early date has been found. 
Hillsborough was abandoned by its inhabitants in 1746, and the 
town was not re-occupied until 1762, after the close of the French 
and Indian War. On the 26 Feb., 1745, Andrew Bixby, of Sou- 
hegan West, yeoman, was admitted to administer upon the estate 
of his father. In 1747 he was one of the petitioners representing 
the weak and exposed state of the settlement, then consisting of 
35 families, there being 58 men of the age of sixteen years and 
upwards. A guard of 16 soldiers was voted the settlement. 1 
Andrew Bixby is named in the quitclaim deed of the Masonian 
Proprietors, 1 Dec, 1759, 2 and as a proprietor of Amherst in 

It was probable that he removed to Hillsborough about the 
time he sold his homestead in Amherst, although it is said his name 
appears first on the records of the former town in 1774. He was 
moderator of the town meeting in 1777. 3 His farm was in the west 
part of the town, and remained in the family for three generations. 

The name of Andrew Bixbe appears on the list of alarm men 
in Hillsborough, June, 1776, and that of Andrew Bixbe, junior, 
"newly added", among the train band. 4 In 1784, he was one of 
the petitioners from Hillsborough who state they had deeds from 
John Hill late of Boston, and in 1790, with John Bixbe and other 
residents of a part of Hillsborough, joined with the inhabitants of 
Campbell's Gore, among whom was Daniel Bixbe, asking to be 
set up as a separate town. In a list of voters in Campbell's Gore 
in 1791, the name of Daniel Bixbe is not found. Campbell's Gore 
was incorporated in 1798 as Windsor. Andrew Bixby had pre- 
viously, in Feb., 1775, joined with Camden petitioners for a bridge. 
Part of Hillsborough and Society land was known as Camden. 
Camden is now Washington. 

A sketch of this branch of the family was published in the Hills- 
borough Messenger of 1 Oct., 1908, by Dr. John Goodell. 

1 Secomb: History of Amherst. N. H. Massachusetts had previously protected the settlement. 

2 N. H. State Papers. Thomas Bigsbey was also a grantee. 

■ Information of Miss Carrie Bixby (12334.76-2), Hillsborough, N. H. 
4 N. H. State Papers, vol. 12, p. 205. 



IV. Sarah Bixby {Thomas, Joseph, Joseph), born 28 June, 
1728, at Hopkinton, Mass.; died "about 1803," l married 16 Feb., 
I 757. at Southborough, Mass., William Richards, 2 born 25 Feb., 
I 7 2 9 - 3°> 3 died "about 1794," son of Joseph and Mary (Bowden) 
Richards. 1 The intention of marriage was published 9 Oct., 1756. 
William Richards married, first, 21 Nov., 1753, Elizabeth Knapp,* 
who died 25 Jan., 1756. Their son, Col. William Richards of 
Partridgefield, Mass., born 17 Jan., 1756, at Southborough, mar- 
ried Bethia Bixby, daughter of Abner Bixby (n 13). William 
Richards removed to Framingham, Mass., and was admitted to 
the church there in 1788, from Southborough. 3 He later settled 
at Richmond, Mass. 

Children, born at Southborough: 2 

1 Sarah Richards, born 12 Aug., 1757; died young. 

2 Elizabeth Richards, born 4 Feb., 1760; married, 1784, Nathan Kendall 

of Framingham. 

3 Joseph Richards, born 16 March, 1762; married Rhoda Howe, an aunt of 

Brigham Young of the Mormon church. They removed to Hopkinton 
in 1789, thence to Richmond. 3 


1. Joseph Richards, born 29 Sept., 1782; married Nancy Coda. 

2. Rhoda Richards, born 8 Aug., 1784. 

3. Susanna Richards, born 13 Aug., 1786. 

4. Phineas Richards, born 15 Nov., 1788. 

5. Levi Richards, born 7 Dec, 1790; died 18 June, 1795. 

6. Nancy Richards, born 22 Nov., 1792. 

7. Hepzibah Richards, born 28 July, 1795. 

8. Betsy Richards, born 17 May, 1797. 

9. Levi Richards, born 4 April, 1799; a man of talents and of high official 

position in the Mormon church. 
10. Willard Richards, born 24 June, 1804; died II March, 1856; a physician, 
and at one time second in office in the Mormon church. 

4 Thomas Richards, born 16 April, 1764; died 9 Dec, 1844; removed to Stur- 

bridge, Mass., in 1804; he married, May, 1781, Betsey Nurse, who died 
the same year; (2) Polly Chamberlain, who died 18 Feb., 1805, at Brook- 
field, Conn.; (3) Lucy Wood. 

Children, by second marriage: 

1. Sullivan Richards, born 20 June, 1794. 

2. Betsy Richards, born 29 May, 1795. 

3. Curtis Richards, born 10 June, 1796. 

4. Hollis Richards, born 9 March, 1798. 

5. William Richards, born 7 May, 1799. 

6. Maria Richards, born 28 Aug., 1800. 

7. Emery Richards, born 2 April, 1802. 

1 Morse: Genealogical Register, Richards, p. 165. 

J Southborough Vital Records. s Temple: History of Framingham. 


8. Willard Richards, born 6 Aug., 1803. 

9. Mary C. Richards, born 16 Feb., 1805. 1 

5 Hepzibah Richards, born 9 July, 1766; died 1856; married William Lead- 
better of Richmond, Va. 

1 173 

IV. Thomas Bixby (Thomas, Joseph, Joseph), born 28 Jan., 
1729-30, at Hopkinton, Mass.; married 29 March, 1759, Lois 
Walker, of Hopkinton, who was admitted to the church there 
24 July, 1763. 

Thomas Bixby was styled Junior in 1770. There was a Thomas 
Byxbe in the train band at Hopkinton, being the second company, 
under the command of Capt. John Jones, 26 April, 1756. Because 
of his father's age at this time, this was undoubtedly Thomas 
Bixby, Jr. 2 He purchased 50 acres of James Greenwood, 17 Jan., 
1752, in the township of Bogniog. 3 
Children, from the records of Christ Church, Hopkinton: 

1 Alice, baptized 17 Aug., 1760; died Aug., 1831, at Hopkinton, 4 "aged 
70 years." 6 
2- 2 Lois, baptized 11 (Dec.) Oct., 1761; married Jacob Parker. 

3 Susannah, baptized 16 Oct., 1763. 

4 Sarah, baptized 1 Dec, 1765. 6 

5 Hannah, baptized 3 July, 1768; probably died in infancy. 

6- 6 Joel, baptized 5 July, 1772; married Polly (or Sophia) Johnson. 

7 Hannah, baptized 13 Jan., 1776. 7 

8 Thomas, baptized 7 June, 1778. 

1 174 

IV. Peletiah Bixby (Thomas, Joseph, Joseph), born 9 Aug., 
1731, at Hopkinton, Mass.; died there 17 Oct., 1822, aged 91 years; 8 
married 1 Dec, 1763, Ann Stone 4 of Hopkinton, born 11 Feb., 

1 Temple: History of Framingham. i Mass. Archives, 95: 317. 

'Worcester Deeds, 37:445. The name of the place is doubtful. 

* Hopkinton records. 

6 Perhaps Ellis Bigsbee, the cost of whose board and clothing to 21 Sept., 1804, was reimbursed 
by the State to the town of Scituate, was No. 1173-1. Ellis is an old form of Alice. 

6 Sally Bixby and William Wesson intend marriage, is April, 1788. (Hopkinton records.) In a 
record kept by Col. John Jones and his son of the same name, her marriage is noted as 9 Feb., 
1789. She is given the prefix "Mrs." 

'Nothing further is known of her. Equally unknown is the parentage of Hannah Bixby who 
married 25 Jan., 1787, at Westboro, Mass., Joseph Frost, and of Hannah Bigsby who married 28 
Aug., 1795. at Grafton, Mass., John Davenport. The intention of marriage between Patty Bixby 
and Thomas Davenport, 18 Jan., 1794, is also found at Grafton. Westboro and Hopkinton are 
adjoining towns. 

8 Church Records; 18 Oct. in town record. 


1739, died Nov., 1820, daughter of Dr. John Stone. They owned 
the covenant 22 Jan., 1769, and their four eldest children were 
baptized 18 Nov., 1770. 1 

Children, born at Hopkinton: 2 

1- 1 Abijah, born 14 June, 1764; married Lydia Chamberlain. 

2- 2 Peletiah, born 28 Dec, 1765; married Jane Surriage. 

3 John, born 14 Aug., 1767; died July, 1794, aged about 25 years, Unmarried. 

4 Elijah, born 13 June, 1769; died at Hopkinton, in old age, 3 unmarried. 

5- 5 Luther, born 4 April, baptized 21 June, 1772; married Susannah Went- 


6- 6 Simpson, born 10 March, baptized 28 Sept., 1774; married Elizabeth 


7 Thomas, born 7 March, baptized 3 April, 1776. 4 

8 Anna Cummins, born 22 July, baptized 28 Sept., 1777. 

9 Polly Stone, born 23 (Dec.) Nov., 1781; baptized 28 June, 1782; died 

1852, aged 71 years, insane. 3 

Peletiah Bixby served with the Colonial troops in the French 
and Indian War. 

When Barber published his Historical Collections, in 1839, he 
was informed that Peletiah Bixby had served in the old French 
War from 1754 to 1763, but the record of so extensive a service 
cannot now be found. His name is found on the roll of the com- 
pany commanded by Capt. John Worthington, as centinel, enlisted 
2 July, 1755, and serving until 18 November. This roll is endorsed 
"company westward from 20 June to 22 Nov., 1755." On the 
26 April, 1756, he was a member of the train band commanded 
by Capt. John Jones, and was one of the eleven men from Hop- 
kinton under Captain Jones who marched to Worcester agreeably 
to the order of 23 August. He enlisted there to the credit of 
Worcester, 2 Sept., and served until the 1 Dec, 1756, in the company 
commanded by Capt. Philip Richardson in the Crown Point Expe- 
dition of that year. From a roll dated 11 Oct., we find he was 
then stationed at Fort William Henry, and was a member of Col. 
Ruggles' regiment. He had been in the militia regiment com- 
manded by Col. Buckminster prior to this enlistment. He also 
enlisted, with rank of sergeant, 11 June, 1760, and served until 

1 Church Records; 18 Oct. in town Records. The death of ' wife of Pelitiah BLxby " in Nov., 
I79S. is noted in these records. There is no record of death of Ann (Stone) Bixby printed in the 
" Vital Records." See under Peletiah, son of Abner (1113). 

2 Town Records. » Letter of S. V. Aldrich, 1898, who knew them. 
* Possibly Thomas died 1827. See letter of Mrs. Theodore B. Nellis (11731.212). 


3 Dec, in a company commanded by Capt. John Dunlap, which 
company, when discharged, were 120 miles from home. 1 

On the 7 Nov., 1761, he sold land in New Hopkinton, N. H., 
being 72 acres laid out to the right of his father Thomas Bixby. 
For this he received £72. 2 

On 19 June, 1770, Pelatiah Bixbee and Ann his wife, of Hopkin- 
ton, in his own right, and in right of Thomas Bixbee, Jr., and Lois 
his wife, and William Richards of Southborough and Sarah his 
wife, conveyed to Joseph Cummings of Topsfield all right and 
interest in one sixth part of the estate of their grandfather, Isaac 
Cummings of Ipswich. 3 


IV. Isaac Bixby (Thomas, Joseph, Joseph), born 9 Aug., 1733, 
at Hopkinton, Mass.; died in the army, 13 March, 1778; married 
10 Dec, 1761, at Hopkinton, Mary Crooks 4 of Hopkinton. 5 
Children, born at Hopkinton:* 

1 Hannah, baptized 4 Dec, 1763, on which day her parents owned the covenant. 6 

2 Thomas, baptized 9 Nov., 1766; probably died in the lifetime of his father. 

3 Mary, baptized 1 Aug., 1773. 

Isaac Bixby enlisted in the Continental service from the town 
of Hopkinton, for the term of three years, and was assigned to 
Col. Ward's regiment prior to 15 Aug., 1777, on which date he was 
a member of a company commanded by Capt. Nahum Ward, 
in Col. James Wesson's regiment. From a pay account of Capt. 
Watson's company, in Wesson's regiment, it appears he died 13 
March, 1778. 7 

In April, 1756, he was a member of the train band in Hopkinton, 
commanded by Capt. John Jones. 8 

Phineas How was appointed guardian of Hannah and Mary, 
daughters of Isaac Bixby, 20 Oct., 1778. 9 In the settlement of 
Thomas Bixby 's (117) estate, the heirs are stated to be Thomas and 

'Mass. Archives, 94:24, 125, 206, 491, 519; 95:317; 98:311. 
1 N. H. Deeds, 91: 254. » Essex Deeds, 132: 147. 

4 Church records. Mary (Crooks) Bixby may have been daughter of John and Mary (Osborn) 
Crooks, born 15 June, 1742, at Hopkinton. 

6 Town records. Westboro records give the marriage of Solomon Maynard and Mary Bixby, 
16 May, 1784; possibly this was the widow of Isaac Bixby. 

'Hannah Bixby died in Boston, 13 Aug., 1846, aet. 83 years. She was one of the City poor. 
(Boston Deaths.) Possibly Hannah (1175-1). 

7 Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolution. 

8 Mass. Archives, 95: 317. • Middlesex Probate, 59:4. 



Peletiah Bixby, and Phineas How. It is probable that How ap- 
peared in that capacity as guardian of the minor children of Isaac 
(1175) deceased. From these probate records it appears probable 
that Thomas (1 175-2) died in his father's lifetime, as he did not 
participate in his grandfather's estate. 

1 193 

IV. Elizabeth Byxbee (Moses, Joseph, Joseph), born 3 Dec, 
1731, at Orleans, Mass.; married 12 Nov., 1754, at Darien, 1 Conn., 
Joseph Waring, son of Edmond Waring, 2 of Norwalk, Conn. 

Children, born at Norwalk: 2 

1 Joseph Waring, born 15 June, 1755; 3 married 17 Oct., 1776, Anna Bates. 4 

2 James Waring, born 2 Aug., 1757. 

3 Jesse Waring, born 12 May, 1759. 


IV. Phoebe Byxbee (Moses, Joseph, Joseph), born 21 Dec, 
1734, at Orleans, Mass.; died at Norwalk, Conn.; married 30 May, 
1753, Esaias Bouton, 8 born at Norwalk, 28 Nov., 1730, died there 
27 May, 1 82 1, 6 son of Jachin Bouton. Mr. and Mrs. Bouton 
were devoted members of the Episcopal church at Norwalk, of 
which Mr. Bouton was a vestryman, and a constant contributor 
to its support. The church was burned by the British in 1779, but 
was rebuilt the following year. The family lived at Belden's Neck. 7 
Children, born at Norwalk: 

1 Phoebe Bouton, born 5 March, 1754; died 17 Jan., 1835; 8 married 17 Jan., 
1771, at Norwalk, Eliakim Warren, 9 born 9 Feb., 1747, died 4 Sept., 
1824, at Troy, N. Y., son of Eliakim and Ann (Reed) Warren. 

1 Darien church records. Both parties were "of Norwalk." 

5 Norwalk, Conn., Births, Marriages and Deaths, in Land Records, 12: 22. 

'Hall: Ancient Historical Records of Norwalk. See foot-note 1 under Moses Byxbee (119). 

* Selleck: History of Norwalk, Conn. ' Hall; History of Norwalk. 

•Selleck: History of Norwalk. Mr. Selleck says of this family: "the children of Esaias and 
Phoebe Bouton lived at the waterside and formed a numerous household. The father was a man 
of force and a large land owner. Acre joined acre, and his domain embraced from the head of 
the Wilson Cove of 1896, quite a distance toward the old road from 'Old Weel' to 'Middlesex' 
(South Norwalk and Darien). He was a mariner, known as Capt. Bouton, and amassed some- 
thing of a property." 

' Selleck: Historical Address at Centennial of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Norwalk, 1886. 

8 Selleck: History of Norwalk. The Bouton Genealogy states she died 5 Oct., 1827. 

• Phoebe Bouton and Eliakim Warren, or as the name is often written Waring, were second 
cousins. Phoebe's aunt, Elizabeth Bouton, married Eliakim's grandfather Warren. Eliakim 
removed to Troy in 1798, and was senior warden of St. Paul's there from 1804 to his death, which 
is given in the Bouton Genealogy as occurring 24 May, 1838. 



1. Esaias Warren, born 16 Oct., 1771; married 11 Jan., 1797, at Middlesex, 

Lydia Scofield. 

2. Hannah Warren, born 19 July, 1773; died Jan., 1775. 

3. Hannah Warren, born 30 Aug., 1775; died the following year. 

4. Nathan Warren, born 1 May, 1777; died 13 Aug., 1834, at Troy, N. Y.; 

married 24 April, 1808, Mary Bouton (1194-21) 1 . Child: George Henry 
Warren, born 18 Nov., 1823; married 29 April, 1851, Mary Caroline 
Phoenix, (2) Alice Whitten. 

5. Stephen Warren, born 9 March, 1783; married 17 Aug., 1808, Martha 

Cornell. 2 Children: Mary Mabbett Warren, born 3 Oct., 1810; mar- 
ried John T. G. Knox. Joseph Mabbett Warren, born 28 Jan., 1813. 
William Henry Warren, born 14 Sept., 1815. Phoebe Elizabeth Warren, 
born 5 July, 1819. Anna Chester Warren, born 5 Sept., 1826; married 
Edward Ingersoll. John Hobart Warren, born 3 Sept., 1829. 

6. Hannah Warren, born 9 July, 1793. 

2 Nathan Bouton, born 30 Sept., 1756; died 24 May, 1838, at Troy, N. Y.; 

married Abigail Burlock, who died 5 Oct., 1827, at Troy, N. Y. 
Child, born at Norwalk: 

1. Mary Bouton, born 21 April, 1789; died 8 Feb., 1859, at Troy, N. Y.; 
married Nathan Warren (1 194-14). ' 

3 Lydia Bouton, born 21 Jan., 1759; married 24 Nov., 1778, Stephen Kellogg, 

son of Epenetus and Jemima (Noyers?) Kellogg. 3 


1. Josiah Kellogg, born 20 May, 1 78-. 

2. Lydia Kellogg, born 19 Nov., 1782. 

3. Andrew Kellogg, born 29 Sept., 1784. 

4. Eseck Kellogg, born 21 Nov., 1786; married 24 March, 1811, a daughter 

of Jacob and Betsy (Jarvis) Osborn. Children: Betsy Ann Kellogg, 
born 16 Dec, 1821; died 20 Jan., 1822. Margaret Emily Kellogg, 
born 7 Nov., 1813; married William Barlow. Harriet Kellogg, born 
21 June, 181 7; married Horace Fitch. Mary Frances Kellogg, born 
29 May, 1819; married William H. Wheeler. Caroline Kellogg, born 
3 Aug., 1821; married Charles F. Osborn. Adelia Mariah Kellogg, 
born 28 Feb., 1824; married Calvin S. Wheeler. Andrew Kellogg, 
born 1 May, died 4 Sept., 1826. Josiah Kellogg, born 28 March, 
1829; married Amanda Morey. 

5. Mariah Kellogg, born 21 Oct., 1788. 

6. Nathan Kellogg, born 26 Dec, 1790. 

7. Jemima Kellogg, born 21 March, 1793. 

8. Elizabeth Kellogg, born 19 Feb., 1795. 

9. Stephen Kellogg, born 27 April, 1797. 

4 Stephen Bouton, born 4 July, 1760; married 26 May, 1792, at Norwalk, 

Hannah Camp, born 24 April, 1766, at Norwalk, daughter of Jonathan 

and Mary (Burwell) Camp. 


1. Hannah C. Bouton, born 8 March, 1793; married Frederick Bradley. 

2. Stephen Bouton, born 18 March, 1797; married Harriette Bradley. 

Children: Charles F. Bouton, born 4 Aug., 1825; died in infancy. 
George B. Bouton, M.D., born 27 April, 1828. Grace B. Bouton, 

1 Nathan Warren was a vestryman of St. Paul's Church, Troy. His widow in 1844 built and 
endowed the beautiful church of the Holy Cross in Troy, as a "house of prayer for all people with- 
out money and without price. " She supported a free school for girls, which has been continued by 
her sons, and is now known as the Mary Warren Free Institute. {Whitney Genealogy.) 

■ Martha Cornell was born 5 July, 1791, daughter of Joseph S. and Mary (Thorne-Mabbett) 
Cornell. *Selleck: History of Norwalk. 


born 14 July, 1835; married William C. Peck. Harriette J. Bouton, 
died young. 
3. Josiah Bouton, born 17 March, 1802. 

5 Samuel Bouton, born 14 July, 1762; married 1 May, 1787, Eunice Smith, 

daughter of Noah and Eunice (Hoyt) Smith. 


1. Phebe Bouton, born 14 March, 1788; married Ira Ford. 

2. Abbe Bouton, born 24 July, 1790; married Walter Hoyt. 

3. Hannah Smith Bouton, born 4 Dec, 1792; married Aaron Gregory. 

4. Esaias Bouton, born 18 July, 1796. 

5. Mary Ann Bouton, died unmarried. 

6 Hannah Bouton, born 16 May, 1767; * died 2 Dec, 1842, at Norwalk; 

married 19 May, 1792, at Norwalk, Jonathan Camp, born 20 Feb., 1768, 
died 31 July, 1852, son of Jonathan and Mary (Burwell) Camp. 


1. Sarah Camp, born 4 May, 1794; married William J. Street. 

2. Mary Camp, born 31 July, 1797. 

3. William Camp, born 27 June, 1799; died 15 Oct., 1802. 

4. Jonathan Camp, born 15 Sept., 1801; died 14 April, 1880; married 11 

Jan., 1826, Mary Cannon Newkirk. 2 Children: Stephen William 
Camp, born 17 Nov., 1826; died 20 Nov., 1831. Rebecca Gould Camp, 
born 21 Aug., 1828. Mary Esther Camp, born 2 March, 1833. Han- 
nah Louisa Camp, born 2 Jan., 1835. Jonathan Camp, born 22 Jan., 
1838. Albert Nash Camp, born 8 Nov., 1839. 

5. Stephen W. Camp, born 8 Feb., 1807. 

6. Mary Esther Camp, born 14 April, 1808; died 5 April, 1831. 

7 Josiah Bouton, born 26 June, 1768. 

1 195 

IV. John Byxbee (Moses, Joseph, Joseph), born 2 March, 
1736-7, at Orleans, Mass. ; died probably in i8io, 3 at Norwalk, Conn.; 
married 17 Feb., 1758, at Norwalk, Elizabeth Waring, 4 who died 
1 June, 1768, at Norwalk. 5 
Children, born at Norwalk: 6 

1- 1 Joseph, born 13 Aug., 1758; married Nancy Slawson. 

2- 2 John, born 26 April, 1761; married Rhoda Selleck. 
3 Elizabeth, born 7 May, 1763; died 15 Sept., 1782. 

4- 4 Hopkins, born 1 Feb., 1766; married Anna Raymond. 

1 Selleck: History of Norwalk, with which the orignal record agrees. The Bouton Genealogy, 
whence the rest of the record is taken, gives date of birth of Hannah as 1765. 

2 Mary C. Newkirk was born 15 Feb., 1808, and died 4 Dec, 1896. She was daughter of Garrit 
Harsin and Amelia (Cannon) Newkirk. 

1 John Byxbee to daughter-in-law Anna Byxbee for services she has rendered me nursing in 
sickness and health, land at Flax Hill, 8 May, 1810. {Norwalk Land Records, 21: 338.) 

♦Hall: History of Norwalk, Conn. The name is otherwise given Warren. See History of 
Norwalk by Selleck. 6 Norwalk records, 18: 33. 

•An order to distribute the estate of John Byxbee was granted 24 Dec, 1810, the heirs being 
John and Hopkins Byxbee and the heirs of Joseph Byxbee, deceased. (Norwalk Probate Records, 
2: 187.) In 1793 (9 April), John Byxbee sold Tavern Island to Noah Smith. {Norwalk Land 
Records, 17:319.) Tavern Island was afterward owned by Moses Byxbee, who sold it in 1853 
to James H. Byxbee. 


There was a John Bigsby, a private, in company commanded 
by Capt. Yates, Col. Enos Rich's regiment, in camp on the Hudson 
in the summer of 1778. The roll shows he arrived in camp 29 
May, 1778, and was discharged 27 Aug., 1778. 1 This may be 
either John Byxbee (1195) or his son John. The latter is known 
to have served a short tour of duty at a later date. In May, 1778, 
John Byxbee was elected ensign to succeed Nathan Hoyt, in the 
company commanded by Capt. Eliakim Raymond, being the 
4th "alarum" light company in the 9th regiment of militia. 2 John 
Byxbee bought Tavern Island in 1762 of James Lockwood, and 
he made many purchases of land at Flax Hill, Rhotan Brook and 
Elys Neck. 

John Byxbe, elected surveyor of Highways, Norwalk, 6 Dec, 
1790, may be No. 1195. The same month he was one of a com- 
mittee to "view circumstances with respect to building a Grist Mill 
at five mile river." 3 

1 196 

IV. Moses Byxbee (Moses, Joseph, Joseph), born probably 
about 1740; died at Norwalk, Conn., prior to 1809. His birth 
date is unknown. He married 26 Jan., 1764, at Norwalk, Eliza- 
beth Hayt, 4 daughter of Joseph Hayt. 

Capt. Roberts leased part of Tavern Island from Moses Byxbee. 

An inventory of the estate of Moses Byxbee was filed 3 July, 
1809. The estate included land at Old Swamp, salt meadow, 
an old house and barn, six acres of land at North Roton Hill, etc. 5 

It was voted at a town meeting in Norwalk, 6 Dec, 1779, that 
"small pox by inoculation may be carried on for two months at 
the houses of Moses Bixbe and Capt. Solomon Morehouse, under 
such regulations as the law prescribes." 6 


1 Phebe, born 26 Aug., 1774, at Norwalk. Phebe "Bigsby" and Adam Knapp 
were married at Norwalk, 8 Aug., 1793. (Stamford Vital Statistics, 2:63.) 

1 Conn. Men in the Revolution. 

5 Conn. State Papers, Militia, 2d series, 2540 b. 
s Norwalk Town Proceedings, II, 180, 186. 

4 Norwalk records, Vol. 18, p. 14. (The name may be Hoyt.) Also Hall: Ancient Historical 
Records of Norwalk, p. 250. Elizabeth wife of Moses Byxbee conveys to David Price an interest 
in estate of her father, Joseph " Hoyt," deceased, 18 March, 1707. (Norwalk Deeds, 20: 439.) 

6 Norwalk Probate, 2: 98. 6 Town Proceedings, II, 163- 



IV. Deborah Bixby {Thomas, Daniel, Joseph), born 9 Oct., 
1704, at Andover, Mass.; 1 died aged 75 years, buried 6 May, 1779, 
at Chelmsford, Mass.; 2 married, 1724, 3 Henry Stevens. "Ser- 
geant Henry Stevens" died 22 Oct., 1764, aged 64 years, at Chelms- 
ford. 2 
Children, born at Chelmsford: 4 

1 Henry Stevens, born 10 Sept., 1724. 

2 Ephraim Stevens, born 20 April, 1728; died 27 Sept., 1755, at Chelmsford. 2 

3 Deborah Stevens, born 21 Jan., 1728-9. 

4 Eleazer Stevens, born 29 April, 1731 ; died 25 Feb., 1756, at Chelmsford. 4 

5 Sarah Stevens, born 13 Sept., 1733. 

6 Daniel Stevens, born 7 May, 1737. 

7 John Stevens, born 5 Sept., 1739. 

8 Esther Stevens, born 14 Jan., 1743-4; died 12 Feb., 1808, at Chelmsford. 2 

9 Jonathan Stevens, born 5 Oct., 1745. 


IV. Moriah Bixby (? Thomas, Daniel, Joseph), born probably 
at Andover, Mass. Her name appears on the records as 
Moriah, the most common form, Meriah and Mariah. As Mariah 
Bixbie she was married 11 Sept., 1727, at North Andover, to James 
Barker, 5 born 24 Aug., 1700, died 9 Aug., 1740, son of Lt. Stephen 
and Mary (Abbott) Barker of Andover. 6 She married, second, 
6 Nov., 1753, at Methuen, Joseph Morss. Joseph Morss, "hus- 
band of Moriah," died 21 Dec, 1755. 6 She married, third, prior 
to 1757, John Stevens. 

Moriah Barker, alias Morse, alias Stevens, presents an account 
25 April, 1757, of the settlement of James Barker's estate. 7 

Moriah Bigsby and James Barker were received into South 
church, Andover, on profession of faith, 2 April, 1727, and dis- 
missed 26 Oct., 1729, to form a church at Methuen. 8 

James Barker was a voter in Methuen in 1726, and one of the 

'Andover records note the birth of "a child" to Thomas and Deborah Bixby, 9 Oct., 1704. 
This child is presumed to be Deborah, whose age at death would correspond. 
2 Chelmsford church records, quoted in Vital Records. 

» Deborah Bidgby and Henry Stevens, intention of marriage at Chelmsford, 15 June, 1724. 
4 Chelmsford Vital Records. B Records Unitarian church, No. Andover. 

• Methuen Vital Records. 7 Essex Probate, 334: 316. 

» Manual South Church, Andover. 


original members of the church formed there in 1729. Methuen 
records note the death of James Barker "husband of Moriah" 
on 9 Aug., 1740, in his fortieth year. 

Administration on the estate of James Barker of Methuen was 
granted to his widow, Mariah Barker, who gave bond with Stephen 
and Ebenezer Barker, 19 Oct., 1741. 1 An inventory of the estate 
was taken 4 May, 1741. In 1757 the real estate, consisting of 
a dwelling house, barn, and 27 acres in Methuen, was set off to 
the eldest son of William Barker of Concord, cordwainer, who 
gave bonds to pay the other children, viz: Hannah Stevens, Phineas 
Barker, Mary Barker, and heirs of deceased brother James Barker. 
He also gave bonds to John Stevens of Andover and Moriah, 
his wife, formerly wife of James Barker, in consideration of their 
right in the real estate of James Barker deceased. 1 From an 
account on file it appears that Lydia Barker, living in 1754, was a 
sister of the said James Barker deceased. 

Children: 2 

1 James Barker, born 10 July, 1728; died 27 Dec, 1729. 

2 James Barker, born 25 March, 1730; died 26 Sept., 175°- 

3 Hannah Barker, born 22 Feb., 1731-2; married 25 Sept., 1750, Daniel 

Stevens of Andover. 2 

4 William Barker, born 10 April, 1734; of Concord, cordwainer, 1757. 

5 Phineas Barker, baptized 1 Aug., 1736. 

6 Phineas Barker, born 2 Aug., 1737; 3 married 7 May, 1761, Sarah How. 

Children, born at Andover: 

1. Sarah Barker, born 26 March, 1762; died 25 Oct., 1764- 

2. James Barker, born 10 Sept., 1763; died 27 Oct., 1764. 4 

7 Mary Barker, born 25 Feb., 1739; unmarried in 1761. 


IV. Mary Bixby (Thomas, Daniel, Joseph), born March, 17 10, 
at Andover, Mass.; probably died at Dunstable, Mass., or in some 
neighboring town; married 21 Feb., 1733-4, at Billerica, Mass., 5 

1 Essex Probate. 2 Methuen Vital Records. 

3 Methuen Vital Records give us both Phineases, but the suspicion arises that the date in 
either the baptismal or birth record has been misread or miscopied. 

4 Abbott Genealogy (1906), p. 22. 

5 Billerica Vital Records. Joseph Frost was of Tewksbury. He left a will dated 10 Aug., 1757; 
proved 29 Aug., 1757. To his wife Mary he gave one half his lands, buildings, and personal es- 
tate, the other half of his estate was set aside to provide for his mother, Deborah Frost, who 
was to have the right to reside in the eastern end of his dwelling house. There is no mention 
of children. Obadiah Johnson of Andover was made executor. The mention of Deborah 
Frost as his mother identifies him as half brother of Experience Frost who married Joseph 


Joseph Frost, Jr., born 26 Nov., 1709, at Billerica, died 12 Aug., 
I 757> of fever, at Tewksbury, Mass., 1 son of Thomas and Deborah 
Frost. She married, second, 8 June, 1758, at Tewksbury, Joseph 
Blanchard. 1 

Children: 2 

1 James Frost, born 6 Aug., 1735; died 16 Nov., 1738, at Tewksbury. 2 He 

is probably that James Frost, son of Thomas, whose birth appears on An- 
dover records as of 10 Aug., 1735. 

2 Joseph Frost, born 25 March, 1737; died 6 Feb., 1738-9, at Tewksbury. 2 

3 Mary Frost, born 3 April, 1740; died 26 Oct., 1746, at Tewksbury. 2 

4 Joseph Frost, born 19 Aug., 1744; died 23 Aug., 1749, at Tewksbury. 2 

5 Joseph Frost, born 27 Sept., 1750; died young, probably 19 or 26 Oct., 1756. 2 

6 Mary Frost, born 10 June, 1753; died 3 Aug., 1757, at Tewksbury. 2 


IV. Sarah Bixby 3 {Thomas, Daniel, Joseph), born probably at 
Chelmsford, Mass.; died 2 March, 1759, at Tewksbury, Mass.; 4 
married 8 May, 1738, at Tewksbury, 2 Samuel Haseltine, Jr., 
who died 21 Feb., 1788, in his 77th year. 1 He was a prosperous 
farmer, but no settlement of his estate has been found. 8 His wife 
Sarah released rights of dower in land sold by her husband, Aug., 
1758. 6 
Children,'' born at Tewksbury: 

1 John Haseltine, born 10 Feb., 1738-9; died 3 Nov., 1749, at Tewksbury. 7 

2 Sarah Haseltine, born 1 Nov., 1740. 

3 James Haseltine, born 21 Nov., 1743; died 7 Nov., 1749, at Tewksbury. 7 

4 Samuel Haseltine, born 24 March, 1745. 8 

5 Elijah Haseltine, born 1 May, 1747, probably married Elizabeth Danforth. 9 

Bixby (129). In spite of his being styled junior on the record, he was senior to Joseph Frost of 
Tewksbury (son of Joseph Frost of Billerica), who married 25 Oct., 1731, Abigail Kittridge and 
died 29 or 30 Jan., 1750-1, at Tewksbury. On the record he is styled Jr. His widow Abigail 
married Ebenezer Fisk in 1755. See Hazen's History of Billerica and Tewksbury Vital Records. 

1 Tewksbury church records, quoted in Vital Records. * Tewksbury Vital Records. 

8 She is assumed to have been a daughter of Thomas (123), although no record of her birth has 
been discovered. She was probably born about 1716-20. 

* Styled wife of Samuel Haseltine, Jr., on church records. 

'Tewksbury Vital Records give death of Samuel Haseltine, of old age, 27 May, 1760, and the 
''wife of Samuel Haseltine, Sr.," 7 Sept., 1738. Samuel, Jr., was probably son of Samuel and 
Emma (Kent) Haseltine. See Haselton Genealogy by Lapham (1892), where Samuel Haseltine, Jr., 
is mentioned, without family, and not identified. 

* Middlesex Deeds, 56: 230. 7 Tewksbury Vital Records. 

8 Samuel Hazeltine and Mary Jefts, of Billerica, intend marriage, 6 April, 1771. (Tewksbury 
Vital Records.) 

* The marriage of Elijah Hazeltine and Elizabeth Danforth appears in Tewksbury Vital Records 
as 2 May, 1776. Andover Vital Records give, "Lucy daughter of Elijah and Elizabeth Hazeltine 
born 13 April, 1775." 


6 Emmy Haseltine, born 4 March, 1749, perhaps married Ephraim Cory. 1 

7 John Haseltine, born 12 Jan., 1752. 

8 Olive Haseltine, born 30 June, 1754. 

9 A child, still-born, 19 April, 1756. 

10 James Haseltine, born 4 Oct., 1757, perhaps married Hannah Griffin, 
10 April, 1783, at Tewksbury. 2 


IV. Thomas Bixby {Thomas, Daniel, Joseph), born 17 May, 
1722, at Chelmsford, Mass.; died in 1760, at Litchfield, N. H.; 
married (Int. at Chelmsford, 7 May, 1743) 3 Phebe Spaulding, 3 
born 30 Aug., 1721, at Chelmsford, died 1766 at Litchfield, daughter 
of Edward and Lydia (Fletcher) Spaulding. 4 She appears as admin- 
istratrix of her husband's estate, from 17 Oct., 1761, to 27 May, 1763. 
On 10 Dec, 1762, she sold land in Amherst to James Underwood, 
which Thomas had purchased in 1753 of Peletiah Russel. 5 Un- 
derwood reconveyed the same land, 12 Sept., 1763, to Daniel and 
Edward Bixby, minors, both of Litchfield. 

The "widow" Phebe Bixby was taxed from 1764 to 1766 inclu- 
sive for property owned by the late "Capt. " Thomas Bixby. In 
1767, the same estate is taxed to Daniel Bixby, and the name of 
Phebe Bixby disappears from the records. 6 
Children, the two eldest born at Chelmsford, the others at Litchfield: 

1- 1 Edward, born 8 Sept., 1744; married Lucy Barnes. 

2- 2 Daniel, born 31 Aug., 1746; married Lydia Parker. 

1 Emmy Ha2eltine and Ephraim Cory of Andover, married 22 Oct., 1772. (.Tewksbury Vital 
Records.) Ephraim Cory and Anna Hazeltine of Tewksbury were published at Andover, Mass., 
28 Aug., 1772. (Andover Vital Records.) Hannah daughter of Ephraim Cory baptized 20 May, 
1787- (Ibid.) 2 Tewksbury Vital Records. » Chelmsford Vital Records. 

* Middlesex Deeds, 55:422. Thomas Bixby and wife Phebe, of Litchfield, join with Josiah 
Fletcher, yeoman, Mary Fletcher, widow, Esther Pierce, widow, Rebecca Parker, widow, Joseph 
Moors, yeoman, and wife Esther, Isaiah Spaulding, yeoman, Gideon Spaulding, yeoman, Henry 
Richardson, and wife Priscilla, Robert Bates and wife Lydia, William Foster, Stephen Fletcher, 
William Fletcher, William Proctor and wife Lucy, and Thankful Fletcher, spinster, all of Chelms- 
ford, Joseph Hildreth, 3d, of Westford, Cotton Proctor and wife Tabitha of Acton, in selling the 
homestead of Ezekiel Fletcher, comprising eighty acres in Dunstable. In this deed Thomas 
Bixby is styled "of Litchfield, housewright." Ezekiel Fletcher was son of William and Sarah 
(Richardson) Fletcher, and uncle of Phebe Bixby, Gideon and Isaiah Spaulding, Lydia Bates, 
and Priscilla Richardson, all of whom, children of Lydia Spaulding, join in the deed with brothers 
and other heirs of Ezekiel Fletcher, proving the relationship. In the Fletcher Genealogy, 
Ezekiel's sister Lydia is wrongly given as identical with that Lydia Fletcher who married in 
1711 at Charlestown, Mass., Peletiah Adams, who died in 1746, and whose widow appears to have 
died Nov., 1766, aged 78 years, at Chelmsford. Lydia, wife of Edward Spaulding, died 27 May, 1736. 

6 New Hampshire Deeds. 

'Letter of Isaac N. McQuesten (12364.24-4) who also states that a monument in the cemetery 
was erected to "Thomas Bixby, son of Capt. Thomas and Phebe Bixby, died 4 Jan., 1775, aged 
16 years, 10 months, 10 days." If this is a correct transcription of the inscription on the stone 
there was a child born 24 Feb., 1758, bearing the same name as his elder brother. 


3- 3 Asa, born 29 Jan., 1748-9; married Elizabeth Dane. 

4- 4 Thomas, born 5 July, 1752; married Rebecca Holmes. 

5 Sarah, born 8 Oct., 1754; married Benjamin Butterfield. 

6- 6 William, born 19 April, 1757; married Sarah Thompson; (2) Elizabeth 
(Chase) Nahor. 

Thomas Bixby moved from Chelmsford to Litchfield, N. H., 
probably in 1748. On the 15 November of that year he joins 
with Benjamin Baxter in selling for £218 a double dwelling house, 
with land adjoining, in Chelmsford, to Zechariah Richardson. 
In this deed he is styled of Chelmsford, housewright. 1 The birth 
of his child Asa is recorded at Litchfield in the following January. 
As of Litchfield, he appears selling land in Souhegan West to 
Nathan Kendall of Litchfield, 5 Feb., 1750. In 1753 he bought 
lands in Souhegan West. Three of his sons settled in what is now 
Francestown, N. H. 


IV. Daniel Bigsby (?Thomas, Daniel, Joseph), born about 
1723, undoubtedly in New England, it is said in Connecticut, 2 but 
probably in Andover or Chelmsford, Mass.; died 19 Feb., 1788, at 
Birch Island, Guysborough, Nova Scotia, aged 65 years; 3 married 
Catherine, who survived him. 


1- 1 John, born probably about 1764, certainly prior to 1768; married Rachel 

Critchard or Critchett. 

2- 2 Catherine, born 1778, baptized 7 May, 1791, 3 "aged 13 years"; married 

Benjamin Godfrey. 

3- 3 Sarah, born 1781; baptized 7 May, 1791, 3 "aged ten years"; married 

Daniel Gerry. 

Daniel Bigsby settled at or near Guysborough, Nova Scotia. Fam- 
ily tradition asserts that he came from Connecticut, and that he 

1 Middlesex Deeds, 74: 612. 

2 The tradition that Daniel Bigsby came from Connecticut is persistent, but the statement 
that he was born in Connecticut would appear to have originated in late years. It is quite possible 
that he may have lived in that colony prior to his settlement in Nova Scotia. His granddaughter, 
Mrs. Martha (Bixby) Gould (12371.7), born in 1817, told her son Daniel, who is now living at 
Guysborough, that Daniel Bigsby ''came from Connecticut." None of the Bixby emigrants from 
Massachusetts to Connecticut could have been an ancestor of Daniel (1237). If he was born in 
1723. he was probably of the fourth generation, and may well have been a child of Thomas (123), 
concerning whose family there is not a complete record. The story of Connecticut origin may 
have arisen from the fact that there were many Connecticut people among the first English settlers 
of the parts of Nova Scotia adjacent to Guysborough. Possibly his wife was a Connecticut woman. 

3 Christ Church, Guysborough. records. The church register begins with July, 1787. There 
are no town records of births, marriages, or deaths until the establishment of a registry within a 
few years. 


was born there. The Rev. A. W. H. Eaton, a careful student of 
Nova Scotia local history and genealogy, made an exhaustive exam- 
ination of available records at Halifax and Guysborough to deter- 
mine when and how Daniel Bigsby came to Nova Scotia, whence 
he came, and who composed his family. The following abstracts 
from Dr. Eaton's report give the essential facts discovered by him. 

"Daniel Bigsby is believed to have lived first at Intervale, 
near Guysborough town, then in the town. In the harbour of 
Guysborough, a short distance from the town, is a small island, 
which was formerly called Birch Island, and on this island Daniel 
Bixby lost his life. He had gone to the island to shoot ducks 
and his boat drifting away, he was frozen to death. On the first 
page of the burial register of Christ Church is the record, no date 
of burial however being given, February 19, 1788, Daniel Bigsby 
frozen to death on Birch Island, age 65 years. The name of his 
wife is not remembered by descendants in Guysborough. She 
survived her husband and lived and died with her son John. Both 
she and her husband are probably buried in the Anglican Church- 
yard, but if they ever had tombstones these are covered up. She 
is said to have been a small woman, and to have been pretty old 
when she died. 'Look out of the window and see if the angels 
are not coming for me' she is remembered as saying to one of 
her grandchildren, sometimes, when the child would visit her room. 
The date of her death is not known. The register of deeds and the 
probate register, the latter for a long period unindexed, have been 
carefully searched for mention of Daniel Bigsby's name, but with- 
out avail. It is probable therefore that he owned little if any prop- 
erty. In Guysboroughtown live two of his great-grandchildren, 
Mrs. Luther Stearns and Mr. Daniel Gould. The latter is a man 
of intelligence and clear memory. That his great-grandfather came 
from Connecticut he is quite certain, his grandparents having 
handed this fact down to his mother and so to himself. From 
Mr. Gould, who has lived chiefly in Guysborough, the minute 
details given above concerning Daniel Bigsby and his wife have 
been directly obtained. By Mr. Gould, also, the fact has been 
substantiated that Daniel Bigsby had at least one son, John, and 
two daughters, Catherine and Sarah, Catherine being married to 
Benjamin Godfrey, Sarah being married to Daniel Gerry. 

"On the register of Christ Church parish we find that 'Richard' 


Bigsby and his wife Catherine had daughters baptized as follows: 
May 7, 1791, Catherine, aged 13, Sarah aged 10 years. We are 
constrained to believe that the name Richard on the parish register 
should have been Daniel. As Daniel Bigsby had been three years 
and a little more dead it is not very strange for the clergyman 
recording the baptism to have made a mistake in his name. 'No 
other Bigsby but Daniel, 'says Mr. Daniel Gould, 'ever came to 

The earliest deed of record at Guysborough, to or from a Bigsby, 
dated 19 Nov., 1788, was registered 2 Oct., 1789, and is from Mans- 
field Munson * to Catherine Bigsby "of Boylston" 2 and conveys 
two acres of land at Manchester, part of lot 5, the consideration 
being £3. 

Guysborough was granted to Nathan Hubbel and 278 others, 
and at the evacuation of New York, these grantees settled at Har- 
bour Mouton in Queens County under the superintendence of Col. 
Molleson. Because of the sufferings endured the first winter, 
two hundred of the settlers removed to Chedabucto Bay, in the 
spring of 1784, where they found part of the Duke of Cumberland's 
regiment. A farm and town lot was assigned to each settler. 3 

Dr. Eaton made a careful search in the Crown Land Office at 
Halifax, but failed to find the name of Daniel Bigsby. The greater 
number of grants in Guysborough were given in 1785, or at least 
bear that date. There was a grant to Benjamin Critchett and 
many associates, 7 Aug., 1790, of land further up the strait than 
Guysborough town or the Intervale. 

The strait of Canso was a favorite resort of New England fisher- 
men, and it is not improbable that Daniel Bigsby was a fisherman 
or sailor and on a visit to Canso determined to remain there. 


IV. Abigail Bixby (David, Daniel, Joseph), born 13 April, 
1715, at Westford, Mass.; married 11 Sept., 1733, Zachariah 
Sartle of Groton, Mass., who died 5 March, 1752, probably the son 
of Zachariah and Mary Sartle (Sawtell) of Groton, born 24 April, 
171 2. Widow Abigail Sawtell and Joshua Nevers were married 
at Groton, 22 Jan., 1756. 

1 Munson is a Connecticut name. 

2 Probably about five miles from Guysborough, toward Intervale. 
» Haliburton: History of Nova Scotia, Vol. 2, pp. 83-88. 


Children, probably born at Groton: l 

1 Zachariah Sartle, born 25 Nov., 1734; died 22 Feb., 1752. 

2 Joseph Sartle, born 28 July, 1738; died 1822; 1 married Lydia Jenkins 


3 Asa Sartle, born n July, 1740. 

4 Joel Sartle, born 17 May, 1742; died 15 Dec, 1752. 

5 Lot Sartle, born 22 April, 1744; died 22 Oct., 1752. 

6 Abigail Sartle, born 2 Feb., 1745; died 12 Oct., 1752. 

7 Lydia Sartle, born 17 May, 1749; died 8 Dec, 1752. 

8 Marcy Sartle, born 18 Oct., 1750. 

9 Lucy Sartle, born 1 Jan., 1753. 


IV. Lydia Bixby {David, Daniel, Joseph), born 22 Oct., 1717, 
at Westford, Mass.; married 21 Dec, 1738, - Obadiah Jenkins 
of Wilmington, Mass., son of Joel and Mary (Chadwick) Jenkins 
and grandson of Obadiah Jenkins (son of Joel Jenkins, one of the 
early settlers of Maiden 3 ). They lived in Wilmington until about 
1754, when they removed to Groton, Mass., where Obadiah Jen- 
kins was living in 1773. 

Children, born at Wilmington, except the three youngest, born at 
Groton: * 

1 Obadiah Jenkins, born 19 May, 1739; died young. 

2 Lydia Jenkins, born 6 Sept., 1741; died 5 July, 1829; 5 married 29 May, 

1760, at Groton, Joseph Sawtell, 6 probably born 28 July, 1738, died March, 
1822, aged eighty four years, son of Hezekiah and Abigail (Bixby) Sawtell 


1. Zachariah Sawtell, born 26 Feb., 1761. 

2. Joseph Sawtell, born 8 May, 1764. 

3. Jesse Sawtell, born 29 Feb., 1767. 

4. Lydia Sawtell, born 18 May, 1773. 

5. Lot Sawtell, born 12 May, 1776. 

6. Lucy Sawtell, born 24 Oct., 1777. 

3 Elizabeth Jenkins, born 28 March, 1744. 

1 Butler: History of Groton, where the death of Zachariah is given as of 6 June, 1757. 

1 Information of Town Clerk of Westford. 

'Obadiah Jenkins of Maiden left a will dated 3 Feb., 1762, probated 8 Feb., 1762. His estate 
was left to his wife, Mary, during her life, and after her death to sister Sarah Taylor, Lydia Upham, 
"kinsman Obediah Jenkins of Groton," Mr. Nathaniel Jenkins, Jr., school-teacher in Maiden, 
and Obediah his son. (Middlesex Probate, 12553.) Probably Obediah, the testator, was uncle 
to Obediah of Groton. He died at Maiden, 4 Feb., 1762, aged seventy-two years. Obadiah 
Jenkins, husband of Lydia Bixby, was thus uncle of Joshua Jones who married Hannah Bixby 
(11514). For further information regarding the Jenkins family see Andover Townsman of 12 
Oct., 1900, article by Miss Charlotte Abbott, Corey's History of Maiden, and Maiden Births, 
Marriages and Deaths. The family was early found in Lynn and Reading. 

• Wilmington and Groton records. 'Butler: History of Groton. ■ Groton Church records. 


4 Susanna Jenkins, born 20 Aug., 1746; probably married James Adams of 

Groton, 6 Jan., 1767. 1 

5 Mary Jenkins, born 15 July, 1749. 

6 Obadiah Jenkins, 2 born 14 May, 1751; married 28 Jan., 1773, at Groton, 

Lucy Parker; probably of Stoddard, N. H., in 1784. He was living in 1800, 
as was also Obadiah Jenkins, Jr. 

7 Jonathan Jenkins, born 5 July, 1753; probably of Stoddard, N. H.; he was 

living in 1800. 

8 Joel Jenkins, 2 born 12 Sept., 1756. 

9 David Jenkins, 2 born 4 March, 1758; probably of Stoddard, in 1784; living 

10 Lemuel Jenkins, born 1 Aug., 1763; taxed 1784 (but did not pay) in Stod- 


IV. Joseph Bixby {David, Daniel, Joseph), born 2 May, 1721' 
at Westford, Mass.; probably died in 1763; married 12 May, 1748' 
at Marblehead, Mass., Sarah Roads, 3 who died 24 March, i8i8> 
aged 90 years, 4 at the poor house. They lived in Marblehead. 
Administration on the estate of Joseph Bixby was granted to his 
widow, 24 Nov., 1763. 5 
Children, born at Marblehead: 3 

1 Mary, baptized 15 Sept., 1751; married 17 Sept., 1772, Richard Necks of 

Marblehead. 3 

2 Ruth, baptized 1 June, 1755; married 16 May, 1773, Samuel Legrow of 

Marblehead. 3 

3 Lydia, baptized 2 July, 1758. 6 

4 Abigail, baptized 28 Sept., 1760. 


IV. Thankful Bixby (David, Daniel, Joseph), born 15 Jan., 
1724-5, at Westford, Mass. ; married there 12 Oct., 1748, 7 Jonathan 

1 Groton records. 

2 Obadiah, Jonathan and David Jenkins were members of Capt. Farwell's Groton company, 19 
April, 1775. Gould in History of Stoddard, prints many Jenkins marriages. 

3 Marblehead Vital Records. 

* Death reported as Bixby, but there is of record an intention of marriage of Sarah Bixby with 
George Mehoney at Marblehead, 19 Oct., 1773- 6 Essex Probate. 

6 The will of Deacon Benjamin Church of Boston, made in 1781, was witnessed by Lydia Bixby. 
John Towle published his intention of marriage with Lydia Bixby, 29 March, 1782. (Boston 
Marriages.) Lydia Bixby of Boston was published at Manchester, 23 Dec, 1785, to William 
Kimball, and they were married in Boston, 9 Feb., 1786. It is probable that these items relate 
to one person, and that Lydia (1265-3) is intended. William Kimball may be that William born 
3 Feb., 1764, son of Capt. Benjamin and Joanna (Lee) Kimball of Manchester, who served in his 
father's company, 5 May, 1775, to 31 Dec, 1776, and afterward reenlisted and served two years 
longer. When discharged he enlisted, in 1779, on the frigate Boston, Capt. Samuel Tucker, and 
was captured by the enemy, 12 May, 1780. He is known to have reached home. See Kimball 
Genealogy, p. 212. 'Westford records. 


Searls, born 5 Sept., 1720, at Westford, died 1786 at Hudson, N. H., 
son of Samuel and Sarah (Perham) Searls of Westford. 

Children: 1 

1 Thankful Searls, born 23 May, 1750. 

2 Jonathan Searls, born 11 April, 1752. 

3 Thomas Searls, born 28 Aug., 1754. 

4 Jacob Searls, born 15 April, 1757. 

5 Elihu Searls, born 28 Sept., 1759. 

6 Elnathan Searls, born 26 March, 1763. 

7 Lydia Searls, born 1 July, 1765. 


IV. Jacob Bixby {David, Daniel, Joseph), born 12 Aug., 1728, 
at Westford, Mass.; died prior to 1764; 2 married 6 April, 1749, 
at Westford, 3 Eunice Heald, daughter of Thomas and Sarah 
(Butterfield) 4 Heald, who was appointed guardian of her son Eph- 
raim, 24 April, 1770. She died prior to 1780, unless she was the 
Eunice Bixby, described as spinster, in deeds of that date. 5 
Children, born at Westford: 

1- 1 David, born 11 Aug., 1749; married Alice Hayward. 

2- 2 Levi, born 15 Nov., 1750; married Nancy. 

3- 3 Ephraim, born 4 Jan., 1753; married Martha Barker. 

4- 4 Jacob, born 23 July, 1754; married Martha Hardy. 

5 Eunice, unmarried in 1781, when, described as spinster, she conveys land 
to Ephraim, Levi and Jacob. 6 

1 Stearns: Thirty Dunstable Families. 

5 David Bixby by will dated 1764 bequeathed to children of deceased son Jacob Bixby five shil- 
lings, probably intending a shilling to each child. Jacob had had his portion of his father's estate. 
{Middlesex Probate.) 

* Hodgman: History of Westford, where, however, David Bixby (1268) instead of David Bixby 
(12671) is given as the husband of Alice Hayward and as removing to Ludlow, Vt. On Dunstable 
records she is described as Howard. The two eldest sons removed to Ludlow, the two youngest 
to Reading, Vt. 

4 Hodgman: History of Westford. Among the children of Thomas and Sarah Heald was Eph- 
raim, born 1729. He is undoubtedly the Ephraim "Hale" of Westford, mentioned in the Revo- 
lutionary Rolls. Polly (Bixby) Jones, a granddaughter of Jacob Bixby (1267), declared that while 
her father was in the war, his family lived with her grandfather " Hale," and names her mother, 
"Martha Hardy." The "grandfather Hale" was, therefore, her great grandfather, Thomas 

'Eunice Bixby of Westford. spinster, in 1781, for 800 pounds sold fifty five acres land with 
buildings thereon to Ephraim Bixby of Westford, blacksmith. The next year she sold five acres 
near the above described land to Levi and Jacob Bixby, the grantees being described as of Wilton. 
(Middlesex Deeds, 82: 297; 88: 477-) The style spinster was not at that time confined to unmar- 
ried women. The grantor is, however, thought to have been a daughter of Jacob, not his 



IV. Asa Bixby (David, Daniel, Joseph), born 24 Feb., 1734-5, 
at Westford, Mass.; died 24 Feb., 1809; married (intention of 
marriage 17 April, 1756) Susanna Howard. He married, second, 
26 Oct., 1780, Elizabeth Wilkinson, widow, 1 who was born 
1742 and died 26 June, 1818. 2 After the death of his sister-in-law, 
Lydia, widow of William Bixby, Asa became administrator on the 
latter's estate and was appointed guardian of his nephew Theophilus. 

Either Asa (1269) or his son Asa (12692) was a soldier in the 
Revolution. 3 
Children, born at Westford: x 

1- 1 Susanna, born 27 April, 1757; married Ephraim Dutton. 

2- 2 Asa, born 15 March, 1761; married Elizabeth Wilkinson; (2) Lucy Gilson. 

3- 3 Thomas, born 21 Oct., 1762; married Lydia Searles; (2) Mrs. Sargent. 

4- 4 Abigail Bethia, born 2 July, 1764; married Daniel Peck. 
5~ 5 Joseph, born 19 May, 1766; married Polly Boyden. 


IV. William Bixby (David, Daniel, Joseph), born 19 July, 1737, 
at Westford, Mass.; died 1781, probably at Westford; married, 

probably in 1761, Mary . He married, second, 2 Sept., 4 

1776, Lydia Farrington, who died 26 March, 1785. 5 She mar- 
ried, second, in 1783, Nathaniel Bowen of Westford. An inven- 
tory of her estate was presented to the probate court pursuant to 
a warrant dated 3 May, 1785. Asa Bixby (1269) was administrator. 
The inventory filed by him showed that she possessed personalty 
amounting to only £16-12-5, an d real estate of the value of £67. 6 

I Farwell. 7 His existence is known only from a statement in a letter of 
Luther Bixby's (126J6.22). Probably died in the lifetime of his parents. 

> Westford records. 3 Hodgman: History of Westford. 

' Asa Bixby, a private in company commanded by Capt. Joshua Parker, Col. Robinson's regi- 
ment, served five months in Rhode Island, having enlisted i Aug., 1777. He was credited with 
service until 1 Jan., 1778, the date of making up the roll. Also, Asa Bixby, a private in the company 
commanded by Capt. Isaac Wood, Col. Jonathan Reed's regiment of guards at Cambridge, enlisted 
1 April, 1778, for three months. It is not unlikely that both father and son are represented by 
this record, the older man in the Rhode Island campaign; the younger man in the tour of duty 
as a guard at Cambridge. 

* According to Hodgman: History of Westford, the intention of marriage was filed 5 Sept., 1776. 

6 Westford records and Middlesex Probate. • Middlesex Probate, 68: 3. 

7 His name suggests that his mother may have been a Farwell, perhaps of the Groton family 
of that name. 


2 William, born 15 Dec, 1762, at Westford; 1 died prior to Sept., 1787- 

Probably that William who enlisted to reenforce the Continental Army, 
under the resolve of 30 June, 1781, for three months, and served in Capt- 
Daniel Bowker's company in Colonel Webb's regiment. 2 William 
Bigsby, a member of the Shaker community at Watervliet, N. Y., 
died 25 Jan., 1784, aged 22 years. (Gravestone.) 

3 John, born 4 June, 1767, at Westford; 1 died probably at Reading, Vt., 

later than 1796. His uncle Asa Bixby was appointed his guardian, 
19 Sept., I78i, 3 and in Sept., 1787, represented that he had deceased. 
In 1790 he appears to have been of Reading, and married. A John 
Bixby bought land there in 1791, 1792, 1796, 1803, 1804, 1808. 4 

4- 4 Lydia, born about 1780; married Calvin Farnsworth. 

5 A child, called "youngest child"; died in summer of 1785. 3 

6- 6 Theophilus, born 1 July, 1781, at Westford; 1 married Anna Fisk. 

William Bixby was a tailor. This much, and the fact that he 
left a small estate, involved in debt, is learned from the settle- 
ment of his estate by his brother Asa Bixby. The widow was 
granted administration, 7 May, 1781, and administration de bonis 
non was granted to Asa Bixby, 19 May, 1785. 3 

A William Bixby was cautioned by Littleton, 13 May, 1780, 
probably William (i26j). 5 

On the 20 Sept., 1787, Asa Bixby, acting as administrator of 
William's estate, petitioned the Supreme Court for leave to sell 
the real estate of the deceased, which consisted of about eight 
acres of land, mostly covered with scrub oak, and a very small 
old house and barn, the whole worth not more than £60. According 
to the petition of the administrator there were then living two 
children only, both under eight years of age, who were living with 
him, their "nearest relative." 6 This very nearly agrees with 
the information secured in 1885 by Luther Bixby, a grandson of 
Theophilus Bixby, whose statements, of date a few months apart, 
are worthy of preservation in this place. 

The first is in a letter dated 3 June, 1885, addressed to Mr. N. 
W. Bixby: "my grandfather and father are both dead. I know 
nothing beyond my grandfather. He came with his mother from 
England when four years of age. She died soon after, leaving him 
alone; all he knew was he was told he had three half-brothers in 
this country, but he knew not their names. He was brought 

1 Westford town records. 

1 Mass. Soldiers in the Revolution. » Middlesex Probate. 

4 Reading, Vt., land records, 3: 302; 4: 238; 7: 145, 348,231; 8: 23. 
s Middlesex Sessions. • Suffolk files, 149,811. 



up in Massachusetts." The later statements are of date of 
September, 1885, and August, 1886. He writes: " I have been look- 
ing up the genealogy of my folks and can only find this much. 
Theophilus Bixby was my grandfather. He had a half-brother by 
the name of John Bixby who lived in Reading, Vt. Lydia Bixby, 
an own sister of Theophilus, married John Farnsworth who moved 
to Virginia and had ten sons. William Bixby, father of Theophi- 
lus, died at Westford about 1785. He fell from a horse and was 
killed. Theophilus Bixby died in 1862, at eighty years of age, in 
Waterbury, Vt." 

"My grandfather's half-brother, John Bixby, was fifteen years 
older than my grandfather and died without children; he lived at 
Reading, Vt. Grandfather had another half-brother, by the name 
of Farwell. Jonathan and Joel Bixby, uncle and nephew, who 
went to Vermont in 1826, were no connection of ours that we know 
of." 1 In another letter he states that William Bixby was lame, 
and was buried in Westford. 

The probate records, above referred to, state that the "youngest 
child" died ten weeks after the death of the widow, whose funeral 
charges were settled in September, 1785. There is no mention in 
these accounts of the widow having remarried, although Westford 
records give the intention of marriage between "widow Lydia 
Bixby" and Nathaniel Bowen, 24 Jan., 1783. 

As Theophilus was a posthumous child, being born two or three 
months after the death of his father, he would also be the youngest 
child; hence the record in the probate court must refer to another 
child who was not the youngest, and whose name we do not know. 
Possibly it was a twin with Theophilus. 

In spite of the statement by Asa Bixby that the only children 
living were the two under eight years of age, it seems almost certain 
that John was then living. His uncle had been appointed his 
guardian, 19 Sept., 1781, 2 and should have known if he had de- 
ceased. Yet there was a John Bixby in Reading, Vt., in 1790, 
when the census was taken, whose family consisted of himself 
and one white woman, undoubtedly his wife. There was organized 
at Reading, Vt., 12 Dec, 1796, the Reformed Catholic Society, 
with thirty six members, of whom, according to Davis's History 
of that town, were John and Jacob Bixby. Mr. Luther Bixby is 

] Letters on file. z Middlesex Probate. 


explicit in his statements that John Bixby died without issue, 
and that he had lived in Reading, and there remains only, in expla- 
nation of the conflicting accounts given above, the probability 
that John Bixby had left Westford prior to September, 1787, 
before he was of age, and that his uncle had been misinformed 
regarding his death. As there was no estate to be divided, it is 
likely the Court did not look very closely into the possibility of 
there being other children than those in Asa Bixby's charge. 


IV. Daniel Bixby {Mephibosheth, Daniel, Joseph), born 31 Dec, 
1713, at Andover, Mass.; died at Winchendon, Mass.; married, 
prior to 1743, Tabitha. 

1 Eunice, born 30 April, 1743, at Shrewsbury, Mass. 1 She was of Boylston, 
which town was set off from Shrewsbury in 1786. 1 

2- 2 Jonathan, born 15 Dec, 1744, at Shrewsbury; 1 married Esther Gale. 

3 Hannah, born 7 Feb., 1747, at Shrewsbury. 1 

4 Aaron, born 20 March, 1748-9, or 24 May, 1749, at Shrewsbury. 1 

5 Daniel, born 2 Feb., 1751, at Shrewsbury. 1 

6 Sarah, born 8 Feb., 1753, at Shrewsbury. 1 

7 Levinah, baptized 19 April, 1761, at Chocksett church. 5 

8- 8 Daniel, born May, 1763 ; 4 married Dorithy. 

9- 9 Aaron, born 30 April, 1765; married Sarah Carlton. 
j-10 Joel, born 31 Aug., 1767; married Hannah Wood worth. 

Daniel Bixby lived in Shrewsbury as early as 1736, on land 
forming part of the tract known as the Davenport Farm. He 
sold land in Shrewsbury in 1739, apparently then not married. 
His name appears on the muster roll of the second company of 
militia in Shrewsbury, dated 7 April, 1757, as a member of the train- 
band commanded by Capt. Jabez Beaman. 5 

He apparently removed to Ipswich-Canada (Winchendon) in 
1761, as on the 5 May that year he purchased the southern half 
of lot 3 in the north division, and was described as of Ipswich- 
Canada. In 1767, however, he and his wife Tabitha are described 

'Shrewsbury records. The record of Aaron's birth was repeated. 

'Eunice Bigsbee and Aaron Hodgskins, both of Ipswich-Canada, intend marriage, 18 Dec. 
1763; married at Worcester, 24 Jan., 1764. (Winchendon Records.) She is styled "Mrs." in the 
marriage record, but not in the intention of marriage recorded at Lunenburg, 18 Dec, 1768. 

' Lancaster records. 

* The dates of birth of the three youngest children are said to have been taken from Winchendon 
records, but that of Joel cannot now be found. « Massachusetts Archives, 95: 155. 


as of Shrewsbury, upon the occasion of their selling 67 acres of 
land there. Two days later, 19 March, he sold 60 acres of land in 
Winchendon. 1 The births of the three youngest children are 
recorded at Winchendon, and not at Shrewsbury. 

Mephibosheth Bixby seems to have accompanied Daniel to 
Winchendon, and at his death Daniel was appointed administrator 
on his estate. 

There is no record of the death of either Daniel Bixby, or of his 
wife, at Winchendon, and it is possible that they removed prior 
to 1770. 

At a meeting of the proprietors of Ipswich-Canada, 22 June, 
1763, he was appointed, with Benjamin Goodridge, Esq., to draft 
a petition for incorporation as a town, and at the first town meeting, 
5 Nov., 1764, he was chosen deer reeve. At the next town meeting, 
11 March, 1765, he was elected tythingman and sealer of leather. 2 


IV. Mary Bixby {Mephibosheth, Daniel, Joseph), born probably 
in 1714, baptized 13 Feb., 1715, at Andover, Mass.; married 2 
Jan., 1745-6, at Shrewsbury, 3 Mass., Joseph French of Shrews- 
bury. In Feb., 1746, Mephibosheth Bixby deeded two tracts of 
land to Joseph French. 4 Soon after this date the family removed 
to Holden, Mass. Administration was granted in 1762 on the 
estate of Joseph French of Holden. 

Children, the eldest born at Shrewsbury? the others at Holden: 6 

1 Desire French, a son, born 31 Aug., 1746. "Mr. Desire French " died 1 1 

Sept., 1772, aged 25 years. 6 He had married Abigail, and the marriage 
intention of Desire French and Abigail Whitcomb "both of Lancester" 
is found recor led at Lancaster, 2 Feb., 1769. Administration on the estate 
of Desire French of Templeton was granted at Worcester in 1772. 


I. Becca, of "desire and Abigail," born 19 April, 1770. 7 Becca French 
and Asa Whitcomb, Jr., married 9 Nov., 1788. 8 

2 Mary French, born 6 Aug., 1748. 

3 Joseph French, born 24 Aug., 1750. 

4 Elizabeth French, born 5 Jan., 1753. 

'Worcester Deeds, 47: 535; 57: 296; 58: 317- For his purchases, see Deeds, 8: 160; 35: 249; 
45: 500. 

* Hyde: History of Winchendon, 1849. See also Marvin. 

' Shrewsbury Vital Records. * Worcester Deeds, 24: 264. 

6 Vital Records, also Ward: History of Shrewsbury. 

5 Holden Vital Records, children of "Joseph and Mary." 

7 Templeton Vital Records. 8 Princeton Vital Records. 



IV. Samuel Bixby (Mephibosheth, Daniel, Joseph), born 31 
Aug., 1716, at Andover, Mass.; died 12 March, 1800, aged 84 
years, at Boylston, 1 Mass.; married Mary, unquestionably Mary 
Buck of Woburn, whose marriage to Samuel Bigsbee is recorded 
at Woburn, Nov., 1737. She was probably daughter of John and 
Priscilla Buck of Woburn, and born there 2 Oct., 1712. 2 Chelms- 
ford, Mass., was allowed to caution, 11 Dec, 1739, against Samuel 
Bixby, Mary his wife, and Samuel their son, who had lately come 
from Shrewsbury, Mass. 3 In Feb., 1740, he is styled of Westford, 
cordwainer, and was sued for debt by Charles Dorough of Not- 
tingham, and Samuel Tuttle of Littleton, millwright. Failing to 
satisfy the judgment he was thrown into jail at Worcester, June, 
1741. 4 He returned to Shrewsbury, and was living there in 1745, 
but in 1758 was of Lancaster, Mass. 5 His intention of marriage 
was recorded in Lancaster, 8 Oct., 1773, to Sarah Beamen of 
Lancaster, widow. 6 

Sarah wife of Samuel Bixby died at Boylston, 21 Jan., 1800, 1 
aged 88 years. 

Samuel Bixby was a member of the train band of Capt. Jabez 
Beamen of Shrewsbury, 7 April, 1757. 7 


1- 1 Samuel, born prior to Dec, 1739; married Hannah Powers. 

2- 2 Joseph, born 1741; 8 married Miriam Bryan; (2) Elizabeth Hadley. 

3- 3 Manasseh, born probably about 1743; married Elizabeth Dunsmore. 

4- 4 John, born 5 March, 1747; 9 married Mary Floyd. 

5- 5 Ephraim, born 11 April, 1754, at Lancaster; married Phebe Wilder; (2) 

Susanna Wood. 

6- 6 Martha, twin with Ephraim; probably married Nathaniel Bidwell. 10 
7 Mary, married 21 Jan., 1765, Jedidiah Woods of Warwick. 10 

1 Boylston records. » Middlesex Sessions. 

2 Woburn records. 'Suffolk files, 53,816, 63,701. 

6 Ezra Beman of Shrewsbury to Samuel Bigsby of Lancaster, yeoman, 12$ acres In Lancaster, 
"the land where said Bigsby now liveth," 13 May, 1759. (Worcester Deeds, 42: 302.) The pre- 
ceding year, in April, he had bought 4 acres in Lancaster. (Ibid., 40: 246.) He was a cordwainer. 
Samuel Bixby of Boylston sold 5 acres in Sterling to Jacob Glazier of Sterling, 25 Nov., 1789, 
and 19 acres in Boylston to Ezra Beman, 20 March, 1792. His wife, Sarah, appears in both deeds. 
(Worcester Deeds, ill: 211; 115: 118.) 

6 Information received from Ezra S. Stearns, Fitchburg, Mass., who also found the marriage in- 
tention recorded at Shrewsbury, 26 Oct., 1773. 

' Massachusetts Archives, 95: 255. ' Ibid., 97: 373. 

8 Information received from Mrs. Ella M. Frentz (12735. 13-1) of Melrose, Mass. 

10 Lancaster records. The intention of marriage of Martha Bixby and Josiah Hedley of Lan- 
caster, 1 June, 1770, appears on Lancaster records; but their marriage is not recorded. The His- 



IV. Nathaniel Bixby (Mephibosheth, Daniel, Joseph), born 24 
March, 1719, at Andover, Mass.; died 2 Oct., 1777; married Sept., 
1742, 1 at Lancaster, Mass., Jerusha Houghton, born Feb., 1721, 2 
died 17 May, 1812, at Weathersfield, Vt., 3 daughter of Joshua and 
Elizabeth Houghton of Lancaster. 

Children, 4 born at Shrewsbury: 5 

1- 1 Levi, born 7 Aug., 1743; married Ruth Darling; (2) Mrs. Tabitha Foster 

2 Elizabeth, born 14 Aug., 1746; married 26 March, 1767, at Winchendon, 

Isaac Stimson. 6 

3 Jerusha, 7 twin with Elizabeth; married 10 July, 1770, John Joyner. 

The intention of marriage appears 2 April, 1770, as Delpha Bixby and 
John Joyner. 

4- 4 Keziah, born 25 May, 1749; married Richard Pearson; 8 (2) Deacon 
Amos Hay ward. 

5 Lois, born 5 May, 1751; married 28 Sept., 1772, at Winchendon, Abijah 
Stimson. 6 

tory of Littleton. N. H., states that Nathaniel Bidwell, born 1750 at Hartford, Conn.; died 1813 
at Littleton; married, 1772, Martha Bixby, who died 26 Oct., 1785, and that she was daughter of 
Samuel Bixby. Josiah Hedley was son of John and Deborah Hedley of Lancaster, born 7 March, 
1747. In 1790, the Census enumerates three Josiah Hedleys or Hadleys as heads of a family, 
in Athol, Orange, and Sterling respectively. 

1 The intention of marriage 27 Aug., 1742, at Lancaster, and 11 Sept., 1742, at Shrewsbury. 

J 6 June, 1720, according to a record received from George A. Bixby (12766.53), Hardy, Neb. 

3 Weathersfield, Vt.. records. 

* Abigail Bixby, spinster, Levi Bixby, Nathaniel Bixby, Isaac Stimson and Elizabeth his wife, 
Keziah Pearson, widow, Abijah Stimson and Lois his wife, all of Winchendon, John Joyner and 
Jerusha his wife of Charlestown, N. H., heirs of Nathaniel Bixby, late of Winchendon, quit claim 
to Adonijah Bixby of Winchendon 62 acres land there, 15 Dec, 1778. (Worcester Deeds, 124: 
565.) 5 Shrewsbury Vital Records. • Winchendon records. 

7 The name of this child was Jerusha, as shown by the deed quoted above, and she married John 
Joyner as stated. They removed from Winchendon, and at the time of the Revolution were prob- 
ably residents of Charlestown, N. H. The U. S. Census of 1790 reveals a John Joyner at Halifax, 
Vt., the head of a family consisting of self, three males under 16 years, and four females. No 
other John Joyner is found enumerated in that Census in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, or 
Vermont, nor is a Jerusha Joyner given as head of any family. There was a William Joiner in Deer- 
field, Mass., in Bolton, Vt., and in Randolph, Vt., each the head of a family. One of these Williams 
was probably that William of Waitsfield, Vt., who had residence there at least from 1795-1800, 
and who also had wife Jerusha. John Joyner, also Francis Joyner, were members of the company 
of which Jonathan Bigsby was sergeant and Jason Wait commander, in Col. Bedel's regiment, 
Feb., 1776. Both Joyners were named, in the return made by Col. Benjamin Bellows, as part 
of the quota raised from his regiment of militia for service in the Continental "battalion"; John 
being described as of Charlestown, and Francis of Walpole. The enlistment of John Joyner dated 
from the 14 March, 1777. He is described as sergeant, from Charlestown, aged 30 years, and was 
a member of the company commanded by Capt. Isaac Farwell in Col. John Stark's regiment, 
the 1st New Hampshire Continental Regt., and his name appears on the Depreciation Roll made 
up 1 Jan., 1780. There is no evidence at Washington to show that he applied for a pension. Wil- 
liam Joiner was also the name of a corporal in Capt. Spafford's company of Vermont Militia in 
1778 and 1780, and also saw service in 1781. 


6- 6 Adonijah, born 23 May, 1753; married Mary- Brown. 

7- 7 Abigail, born 5 Sept., 1755; married David Hayward. 

8- 8 Nathaniel, born 30 July, 1758; married Abigail Hayward; (2) Mrs- 

Katherine (Felch) Hayward. 
9 Eunice, born 30 May, 1762; probably died early. She is not mentioned 
in settlement of her father's estate in 1778. 

Nathaniel Bixby appears frequently on Worcester deeds as 
grantor of lands in Shrewsbury and Winchendon. He was styled 
of Winchendon as early as 1766. l His first purchase was 16 acres, 
part of the Davenport farm at Shrewsbury, which he bought of 
his brother Daniel Bixby for £32, 7 May, 1739. He purchased 
100 acres in Winchendon, 26 Oct., 1762, and 80 acres in 1767; 
also other land in 1766. 

His name appears on a roll of the train band in Shrewsbury, 
commanded by Capt. Jabez Beaman, 7 April, 1757. 2 Adminis- 
tration on his estate was granted 3 Nov., 1778, to Levi Bixby. 3 
The inventory of his estate included land and "frame for a house." 

At the first town meeting held after the incorporation of the town, 
5 Nov., 1764, Nathaniel Bixby was chosen town treasurer and 
sealer of leather. The following year, 1 1 March, 1765, he was chosen 
one of the three selectmen. 4 


IV. Martha Bixby (Mephibosheth, Daniel, Joseph), born 2 
March, 172 1-2, at Andover, Mass. She may be the Martha Ball 
who died at Boylston, 23 July, 1781. 5 Her intention of marriage 
with Phineas Ball of Lancaster was recorded 27 May, 1741. 6 
Phineas Ball was taxed in Holden in 1743, but does not appear 
in the census of the families of 1760. 7 
Children, born at Holden: 8 

1 Daniel Ball, born 9 Jan., 1742. 

2 Jemima Ball, born 6 Feb., 1744. A Jemima Ball was married at Lunenburg, 

17 Nov., 1762, to Henry Hodgskin of Ipswich-Canada. 9 

1 Worcester Deeds, 63: 42. 

2 Massachusetts Archives, French War files. • Worcester Probate. 

4 Hyde: History of Winchendon, 1849. See also Marvin. 

5 Boylston Vital Records. • Lancaster records. 

' Estes: History of Holden, p. 359. Guardianship of Phineas Ball of Watertown was granted 
at Worcester, 1734; ditto of Rutland, 1772. The will of Phineas Ball of Winchendon was 
proved 1854. Guardianship of Martha Ball of Southboro was granted 1757- {Worcester Probate 
Index.) A Phineas Ball of Holden was married 8 Feb., 1786, to Eunice Kimball, and in Dec, 
1805, to Eunice Goodale, who died the same month. 

8 Holden Vital Records. ' Princeton Vital Records. 


3 Abner Ball, born 8 April, 1746. 

4 Elijah Ball, born 2 March, 1748. Removed to Boylston, where he died 

10 Nov., 1834, aged 86. He married Rebecca, who died 13 Oct., 1829, 

aged 75 years. 1 


1. Elijah Ball, born 29 Aug., 1771. 

2. Abigail Ball, born 25 July, 1773; died 1 March, 1776. 

3. Amaziah Ball, born 30 Jan., 1776. 

4. Levi Ball, born 6 Jan., 1778. 

5. Reuben Ball, born 9 May, 1780. 

6. Rebecca Ball, born 1 June, 1782. 

7. Micah Ross Ball, born 29 July, 1784. 

8. Nabba Ball, died 17 April, 1790, aged 3 years, 2 months, 17 days. 

9. Patty Ball, born 20 March, 1789. 

10. Jonah Ball, born 13 May, 1791. 

11. Phineas Ball, born 20 Aug., 1794. 

12. Cinda Ball, born 12 Feb., 1797. 

13. Manna^sah Sawyer Ball, born 28 Dec, 1800. 

5 Benjamin Ball, born 31 March, 1750. 


IV. Experience Bixby (Joseph, Daniel, Joseph), born 12 March, 
1723-4, at Andover, Mass.; died 3 Sept., 1815; married 4 June, 
1747, William Abbott of Andover, born 9 Oct., 1724, at Lexing- 
ton, Mass., died 2 Jan., 1798, at Andover, 2 son of Nehemiah 

William Abbott was a member of the Committee of Safety of 
Andover in 1774, and a volunteer member of Capt. Holt's company 
which responded to the alarm of the 19 April, 1775. He was one 
of the selectmen of Andover. 

Children: 3 

1 Jeduthan Abbott, 4 born 1 Aug., 1749; died 26 Dec, 1821, at Andover; 
married there in 1772, Hannah Poor, born 1754, died 3 Sept., 1823, daughter 
of Peter and Sarah H. (Wood) Poor. He received from his parents a deed 
to one half of all the lands possessed in 1747 by his grandfather Joseph 
Bixby, deceased, prior to conveyance of any part of Joseph Bixby's estate 
to William Abbott. The consideration named in the deed was £200. 5 
Jeduthan Abbott served in the Revolution as a private and as sergeant. 
In after years he obtained the rank of captain in militia. 

1 Boylston Vital Records. J Will dated 28 March, 1793, proved 5 Feb., 1798. 

3 Abbott: Descendants of George Abbott of Rowley, etc., pp. 215, 413-415, where the date of 
death of Experience (Bixby) Abbott is given 4 Sept., 1815. Descendants of Jeduthan and Bixby 
Abbott are to be found in that work. 

< Experience Abbott of Andover, widow, in consideration of certain annual payments for her 
support, conveys to Jeduthun Abbot, Fanny Johnson, widow, Sally Abbot, Amos Abbot, Abigail 
Abbot, all of Andover, and Lydia Richardson, wife of John L. Richardson of Corinth, Vt., children 
of Jeduthun Abbot late of Andover, gentleman, deceased, all her right in an undivided one half 
interest in land and buildings in Andover, improved by said Jeduthun Abbot, deceased, being the 
estate she was entitled to under the will of Joseph Bixby, of Andover, husbandman, deceased, 
26 Oct., 1810. (Essex Deeds, 191: 165.) • Essex Deeds, 159: 238. 


Children, born at Andover: 

1. Hannah Abbott, born 10 July, 1773. 

2. Lucy Abbott, born 9 Oct., 1775; died 16 Aug., 1798. 

3. Jeduthan Abbott, born 18 June, 1777. 

4. Fanny Abbott, born 30 March, 1779; died 19 July, 1 829 ; married Osgood 


5. Lydia Abbott, born 24 March, 1781; died Feb., 1843; married John L. 

Richardson; (2) Folsom. 

6. Sarah Peabody Abbott, born 4 July, 1783; died 17 Feb., 1820. 

7. Amos Abbott, born 7 Sept., 1786. 

8. Abigail Abbott, born 23 May, 1790; died 24 Oct., 1844; married Capt. 

Thomas Chandler Foster. 

9. Pamelia Abbott, born 11 Oct., 1792; died 31 Aug., 1798. 

10. Rebecca Abbott, born 10 March, 1795; died 8 Sept., 1798. 

2 Bixby (Bacby) Abbott, born 24 Nov., 1750; died, 1813, at Greenfield, N. H.; 

married 9 Jan., 1772, at Andover, Hepzibah Ames, who died 20 May, 
1796, aged forty years, daughter of Capt. Benjamin and Hepzibah (Chand- 
ler) Ames. He married (2) Mary Johnson, who died 27 March, 1805, 
aged forty eight years. He served in the army during the siege of Boston 
with rank of corporal, and was one of the Andover men who responded 
to the alarm of the 19 April, 1775. 
Children, born at Andover: 

1. Hepzibah Abbott, born 17 Aug., 1772; married Joshua Bailey. 

2. William Abbott, born 14 July, 1774. 

3. Benjamin Abbott, born 8 March, 1776. 

4. Betsey Abbott, born 18 Sept., 1780; died Oct., 1817; married Nathan 


5. Joseph Abbott, born 1 Feb., 1783; died at sea; married Rachel Corcoran. 

6. Henry Abbott, born 5 March, 1785. 

7. Asa Abbott, born 7 March, 1787. 

8. Samuel Abbott, born 28 Jan., 1789. 

9. Nehemiah Abbott, born 18 Oct., 1790. 

10. Timothy Abbott, born 4 July, 1796; died Aug., 1825; married Myra 

3 Hannah Abbott, born 15 July, 1753; died 7 July, 1792. 1 

4 Lucy Abbott, born 3 Sept., 1758; married 11 March, 1775, John Brown of 

Hopkinton. N. H. 

5 Sarah Abbott, born 16 June, 1763; died 22 April, 1786; married 9 Feb., 

1786, Isaac Mooars, born 16 Feb., 1758-9, died 12 Jan., 1831, aged 72 
years, son of Abraham and Lydia (Abbott) Mooars of Andover. No issue. 


IV. Hannah Bixby (Joseph, Daniel, Joseph), born 19 Aug., 
1726, at Andover, Mass.; died 15 Feb., 1747-8, at Billerica, Mass. ; 2 
married 25 Feb., 1746-7, David Osgood of Billerica, 3 born 3 June, 
1724, died 2 Feb., 1768, son of Christopher and Elizabeth (Dan- 

1 Her daughter Phebe married Nathan Bailey. 

2 Hazen: History of Billerica. 

'Andover Vital Records. The Osgood Genealogy, following Hazen's Billerica, p. 102, states 
that David Osgood's first wife was Hannah Davis, but gives no date of marriage. David's eon 
Phineas married a Hannah Davis of Concord. By a second wife, Sarah Danforth, whom he mar- 
ried is Nov., 1748, David Osgood had several children. 


forth) Osgood. David Osgood was captain in the militia. He 
was an inn-keeper. 


i David Osgood, born 6, died 7 Feb., 1747-8. 


IV. Mary Bixby (Benjamin, Benjamin, Joseph), baptized 4 
May, 1707, atTopsfield, Mass.; married 13 Feb., 1728, at Killingly, 1 
Conn., Stephen Comins, born 12 Jan., 1702, at Woburn, Mass., 2 
died probably at Hampton, Conn., son of John and Mary Comins 
of Killingly, 3 formerly of Woburn and Oxford, Mass. 

In 1736 Stephen Comins, who had been associated with his 
father in milling and building, purchased land adjoining to that 
owned by Benjamin Bixby. His wife was the second woman 
received into the church at Thompson in 1730. John Comins, 
father of Stephen, was employed in 1728 as master workman in 
the erection of the meeting house in Thompson parish. Thus it 
happened that the son of the builder of the meeting house married 
the daughter of the first deacon elected by the church. Stephen 
and Mary Comins removed from Killingly, soon after the events 
narrated above, to Hampton. 
Children: 1 

1 Sarah Comins, born 27 Aug., 1729. 

2 Keziah Comins, born 7 Feb., 1731. 

3 Mary Comins, born 27 April, 1733. 

4 Martha Comins, born 1 April, 1735. 

5 Stephen Comins, born 20 June, 1737; died 26 March, 1825; married Patty, 

who died 14 Sept., 1818, aged seventy six years. They lived in Killingly 
and Hampton. 

Children, born at Hampton: 

1. Patty Comins, born 1772; died, 1792, unmarried. 

2. Stephen Comins, born 1776; died 1846 at Hampton; married 31 Dec, 

1797, Polly Mumford. 

3. Anna Comins, born 2 May, 1778. 

4. Betsey Comins, born 22 Oct., 1781. 

5. Guy Comins, died 18 Nov., 1809. 


IV. John Bixby (Benjamin, Benjamin, Joseph), baptized 17 
July, 1709, at Topsfield, Mass.; died probably in Connecticut, 

1 Church records, Killingly, Conn. s Woburn records. 

' Cummings Genealogy (1904), p. 567. 


but settlement of his estate, or other record of his death, has not 
been found. He married 4 Dec, 1735, at Killingly, Conn., 1 Jemima 
Green, born 24 April, 1718, 2 daughter of Jacob and Dorothy 
(Lynde) Green. 

John Bixby was admitted to the church in Killingly in 1737. 
Two years later he was living in Dudley, Mass., 3 but within a year 
or two had returned to Killingly, living in that part set off as 
Thompson. 4 John Bixby and wife Jemima, of Ellington, were ad- 
mitted to the church at Stafford, Conn., 5 2 Sept., 1770. 
Children, except the second, born or baptized at Thompson: l 

1 Jemima, born 21 Oct., 1736, baptized 26 June, 1737; died 4 Oct., 1741. 

2 John, born 28 Jan., 1738-9; died 26 Sept., 1741. 

3 Dorothy, baptized 3 May, 1741. On the baptismal register recorded 

as daughter of Jonathan Bixby. 

4 Josiah, baptized 21 Nov., 1742. 

5 Jemima, born 16 June, 1743, baptized 19 June. 
6- 6 George, born 18 Feb., 1746, baptized 23 Feb. 

7 Martha, born 28 July, 1748, baptized 31 July. 

8 Tamer, born 18 March, 1750, baptized 24 March, 1751. She is probably 

the "Mrs." Tamar Bixby who was admitted to Stafford church, 
7 Dec, 1783. 

9 Esther, baptized 14 April, 1754. 

j-io Benjamin, born 2 May, 1759; married Margaret Walker. 
11 Elizabeth, baptized 5 Sept., 1762. 


IV. Richard Bixby (Benjamin, Benjamin, Joseph), baptized 
6 May, 1716, at Reading, Mass.; died 1743-1746; married 4 Jan., 

1 Thompson parish and church records, except the birth of Benjamin. 

2 Information of Miss Ellen D. Larned. Jemima Green descended from Thomas Green of 
Maiden, Mass., whose son, Lt. Henry Green, married Esther Hasey. Jacob, bom 1689, died 1723, 
son of Lt. Henry, left a widow who married John Barritt and removed to Thompson parish. John 
Bixby and Jemima his wife, of Dudley, 2 Nov., 1739, sold to James Barrett of Sherburn for £135 
a messuage with 6J acres, in Maiden, bounded by lands of Jonathan Barrett, Thomas Green, and 
Meriam, daughter of Jacob Green, deceased. (Middlesex Deeds, 43: 381.) John Bixby and Jemima 
his wife, of Killingly, Jacob Green of Sutton, clerk, Uriah Richardson and Meriam his wife, of 
Dudley, Ephraim Brown and Dorothy his wife, of Stoneham, Benjamin Green, tanner, and Joseph 
Hascall and Katherine his wife, all of Killingly, sold 29 March, 174s, for £240, to Isaac Green 
of Stoneham, two parcels of land in Stoneham. The same grantees also sold their interest in an 
estate in Maiden. (Middlesex Deeds, 44: 223; 58: 183.) 

* Middlesex Deeds, 43: 381. 

4 John Bixby bought land in Killingly in 1734; exchanged land there in 1735; and 19 April, 
1739, sold to Richard Bixby two parcels of land there, probably his entire holdings. (Deeds, 4: 13, 
28, 142.) On 28 Feb., 1743, he purchased, for £200, of Estes Peabody, a farm in Killingly. (Ibid., 

5 Mrs. Abigail Bixby died 8 Sept., 1817, aged 99 years. (North Stafford, Conn., records.) Her 
connection with the family is not known. 


1742, at Dudley, Mass., Esther (Giles) Taylor, 1 widow of James 
Taylor, Jr., daughter of John and Esther (Swinnerton) Giles 2 of 
Salem, baptized 8 July, 1718, died 20 Dec., 1788, at Topsfield, 
Mass., "widow of Deacon John Gould, aged seventy one years. " 3 
She married, third, 5 Jan., 1748-1749, John Gould, 4 son of Zacheus 
and Elizabeth (Curtis) Gould. 2 Deacon John Gould was born 
at Topsfield, 29 Jan., 1709-1710, died 28 June, 1778, at Water- 
town, of the small-pox. He was attending the General Court 
as deputy from Topsfield. 3 

Richard Bixby purchased land in Killingly of John Bixby, 
Jan., 1733-4, an d 19 April, 1739. 5 The latter year he was one of 
those who built pews in the meeting-house gallery. There is no 
record of his death or settlement of his estate. 


I Benjamin, born 5 Nov., 1743, baptized 15 Jan., 1744, at Thompson parish 6 
in Killingly; died 10 Dec, 1747, at Topsfield, 3 "son of widow Esther Bixby." 


IV. Samuel Bixby (Samuel, Benjamin, Joseph), born 9 Sept., 
1721, at Sutton, Mass.; died 3 March, 1809; married 13 March, 
1751, at Sutton, 7 Lydia Bond, born 28 June, 1730, at Weston, 
Mass., 8 died 12 March, 1776, daughter of Josiah and Elizabeth 
(Fuller) Bond and a descendant of Jonas and Rose Bond of Bury 
St. Edmunds, England, whose sons Jonas and William were early 
settlers of Water town. 

Samuel Bixby married, second, 25 Feb., 1781, Mrs. Rebecca 
(Chase) Bartlett, 7 who died probably in October, 1788. 9 He 
married, third, 28 June, 1789, Mrs. Huldah Towne, 1 who died 
4 Feb., 1843, aged 104 years, 10 at Bethel, widow of Isaac Towne, 
daughter of Jonathan Pratt. When ninety two years of age she 
travelled from Oxford, Mass., to Bethel, Me. 10 

1 Dudley records. a Church record quoted in Topsfield Vital Records. 

2 Gould: Gould Genealogy. 4 Topsfield Vital Records. 

• Killingly Deeds, 4: 12, 152. The later purchase consisted of four acres of meadow bottom 
and six acres on Whiting's Plain. 

6 Thompson church records. T Sutton Vital Records. 

8 Family records of C M. Bixby (13436- 4K2) Seattle, Wash. 

» The will of Rebekah BLxby of Sutton dated o Sept., 1788, was allowed 4 Nov., 1788. Jonathan 
Chase her brother was executor. She left her estate to minor children, Josiah Bartlett, Betty 
Bartlett, Anna Bartlett, David Bixby. (Worcester Probate.) 

"•Daniels: History of Oxford. 


Children, born at Sutton: 1 

1 Betsey, born 16 Jan., 1752; died 8 May, 1776, 2 unmarried. 

2- 2 Lydia Bond, born 17 Oct., 1753; married Moses Park. 

3- 3 Samuel, born 24 Sept., 1755; married Mary Greenwood. 

4- 4 Sarah, born 9 July, 1757; married Jonathan Stone. 

5- 5 Sampson, born 22 May, 1759; 3 married Sarah Richardson. 

6- 6 Solomon, born 30 Sept., 1761; married Lucy Taylor. 

7- 7 Esther, born 27 Jan., 1764; married John Woodbury. 

8- 8 Anna, born 27 Jan., 1766; married Israel Jacobs. 
9 Molly, born 9 Feb., 1768; died 11 June, 1799. 

j-10 John, born 20 Oct., 1770; married Betsy Willard. 
n Simon, born 16 May, 1774; died 30 Dec, 1780. 

By second [marriage: 

L-12 David, born 19 Feb., 1783; married Laura Foster. 

Samuel Bixby was a carpenter. Dr. Bond devoted several 
pages in his history of Watertown to a genealogy of this branch 
of the family. His collections were made in 1847, at which time 
several of the children of Samuel Bixby were living. He does not 
mention the second marriage. He states that Samuel Bixby was 
the first white male child born in Sutton. 4 


IV. Jonathan Bixby (Samuel, Benjamin, Joseph), born 29 
Sept., 1728, at Sutton, Mass.; died later than 1802, perhaps at 
Oxford, Mass.; married Elizabeth, who was probably living in 
1775. He married, second, 3 June, 1784, at Oxford, Kezia (Ammi- 
down) Allen of the South Gore, born 4 April, 1739, 8 died 5 Aug., 
1804, 6 widow of John Allen, whom she married 16 June, I77 1 ! 

1 Sutton Vital Records. 2 Bond: History of Watertown. 

* Or 23 May, according to George W. Marble (13433. n-ai). 

1 Family records sent by C M. Bixby (13436.4K2) do not mention the marriage to Rebecca Bart- 
lett, but give the name of Samuel's second wife as Miss Chase, born 1739, died 4 Feb., 1843. John 
Bartlett married Rebecca Chase, 23 April, 1772. {History of Sutton, p. 586.) They had Elizabeth. 
Josiah, and Ann, the last born in 1779. Col. C. A. Converse in his Converse and Allied Families, 
in which eighteen pages are devoted largely to this branch of the family, states that Samuel married, 
second, Rebecca Bartlett, and third, 28 June, 1789, Mrs. Hulda Towne, and that she died 4 Feb.. 
1843, aged 104 years. The service in the Revolution there ascribed to Samuel was performed 
by his son Samuel, who gives a record of his service in his pension application. According to the 
Bixby Ms. Samuel's third wife was Huldah, widow of Isaac Pratt and daughter of Jonathan Pratt, 
She is there said to have died 4 Feb.. 1843, at Bethel, aged 104 years. Samuel Bixby in his will, 
dated 30 Sept., 1796, proved 2 May, 1809, mentions his "wife." He also names his daughters, 
Lydia Park, Sarah Bixby, Esther Bixby, Anna Jacobs, Molly Bixby, and sons Sampson, Solomon, 
to whom he gives 300 acres in a township on the Androscoggin River, John, David, under 21 years 
of age, and Samuel, with whom David is to live. His real estate he left to his son Samuel. (Wor- 
cester Probate.) « Daniels: History of Oxford. 5 Woodstock, Conn., records. 


and daughter of Ephraim and Hannah (Dean) Ammidown of 
Oxford. Ephraim Ammidown bequeathed by will, which was 
not allowed, to his daughter Kezia one half as much as the 
other children. 

Children: 1 

I- i Samuel, born 30 May, 1754; baptized 21 Dec, 1755; married Elizabeth 
Strong; (2) Sarah Nelson; (3) Martha Ketchum. 

2 Jacob, born 11 July, 1756; died 17 Dec, 1821, at Lyme, N. H., unmarried. 

While in a charcoal camp, the cabin in which he slept took fire, and 
he perished in the flames. He was a member of a company com- 
manded by Capt. John Green, Col. Ebenezer William's (nth) regi- 
ment of Connecticut militia at New York in 1776. 2 He again enlisted 
for three years, 3 May, 1777, and served until 31 May, 1780, in Capt. 
Child's company from Woodstock, Conn. He was also in service 
with the militia under Col. Canfield in Sept., 1781, at West Point. 
In 1 81 8 his name appears among the Connecticut pensioners living 
in New Hampshire. 

3 Martha, born 5 June, 1758; baptized 16 June, 1758; living 1767. 

4- 4 Jonathan, born 4 May, 1760; baptized 27 April, 1760; married Esther 

5~ 5 Elizabeth, born 2 Sept., 1762; married Joel Converse. 

6- 6 Salmon, born 1763; 3 married Abigail Chamberlain. 

7 Amasa, baptized 10 March, 1765. His will was probated at North Adams, 
Mass., 15 Oct., 1845. He married, being then described as of New 
Grantham, N. H., 7 April, 1793, at Sturbridge, Mass., Mary Blan- 
chard of Sturbridge. They had no children, but adopted a daughter, 

8- 8 Willard, baptized 12 July, 1767, at Charlton, Mass.; 4 married Anna 

9 Walter, born 1770; of Lyme, N. H., 1790; 5 died 26 April, 1812, at Clare- 
mont, N. H., probably unmarried. 
J-10 Chloe, born 1771; married Josiah Sheldon. 

Jonathan Bixby was a tanner. In 1759 he appears as the owner 
of tan vats in Killingly, whither it is supposed he had removed 
in 1751. 6 On the 7 April, 1760, he purchased of Michael Adams 
a house, barn and shop, east of the country road, with land adjoin- 
ing, paying therefor £122-13. 7 He bought land in Charlton Dis- 

1 The births of the four eldest children are from Killingly, Conn., records, and the baptismal 
dates prior to 1767 from church records, Thompson, Conn. 

2 Certificate of Adj. -Gen. of Conn, in Converse and Allied Families, p. 821, also Conn. Men In 
the Revolution. 

* Rice: Worcester Co. Warnings. Salmon is not mentioned among the children of Jonathan 
warned in 1767. His birth record has not been found. It is quite probable that he was not born 
until after leaving Killingly, but his service in the Revolution would seem to indicate that he was 
born earlier than 1767. * Charlton church records. 'U. S. Census, 1790. 

* Converse: Converse and Allied Families, p. 816. When Col. Converse published his work in 
1905, it was thought Capt. Jonathan Bixby (1861), of Nobletown, was identical with Jonathan 
(1346). » Killingly Deeds, 7: 30. 


trict, Mass., in 1765, then calling himself of Killingly, tanner. 1 
On the 6 Jan., 1767, Charlton was allowed to caution against 
Jonathan Bixby, his wife Elizabeth, and their children, Samuel, 
Jacob, Martha, Jonathan, Eliza, and Amasa, all late of Killingly; 2 
and that same year, on 12 May, Jonathan Bixby of Charlton 
purchased of Benjamin Cady, Jr., of Killingly, 100 acres in Chester- 
field, it being lot 54 of the old Hingham property. 3 In 1776 and 
in 1778 the town of Charlton, in town meeting, refused to abate 
the tax of Jonathan Bixby. 4 It appears that he had served in 
the army in 1776, probably with the guards about Boston, for under 
date of 28 Nov., 1776, a pay abstract of Capt. Benjamin Rich- 
ardson's company, in Col. Dyke's regiment, contains a credit to 
Jonathan Bixby of Charlton for three days travel to Dorchester 
Heights. 5 This record undoubtedly refers to Jonathan (1346) 
as his son Jonathan, who had a long service record, does not mention 
this service as performed by him. In Nov., 1780, Jonathan, as of 
Dudley, bought land with a dwelling house upon it, situated in 
the middle of that town, of Benjamin Edmunds. 1 He was of 
Oxford in 1786 and also in 1802, and in these later deeds styles 
himself both cordwainer and yeoman. 

There is a tradition among descendants of Jonathan Bixby 
that he had eleven sons in the Revolutionary army, of whom nine 
survived the war and married. He is known to have had ten 
children, and this myth of the eleven sons probably points to the 
fact that there was an eleventh child. It is impossible that he 
could have had eleven or even nine sons in the army. Samuel, 
Jacob, Jonathan, and Solomon, the four eldest sons, were in the 
army, and it is quite probable that Amasa may have served in 
the militia upon the occasion of some alarm, and this may be true 
of the two younger sons. Although the Revolutionary rolls are 
in some measure defective, it is not likely that all three of the 
younger sons could have performed service, and failed to get their 
names on the rolls of some organization, unless they responded to 
some passing alarm, all in the same command, the service of which 

1 Worcester Deeds. 

2 Rice: Worcester Co. Warnings. Salmon is not mentioned among the children of Jonathan 
warned in 1767. His birth record has not been found. It is quite probable that he was not born 
until after leaving Killingly, but his service in the Revolution would seem to indicate that he was 
born earlier than 1767. * Hampden Co., Mass., Deeds, 9: 641. 

4 Charlton town records. t Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolution. 


was of such a trifling character that no return was made to the 
State. Family tradition, although often accurate, and always of 
importance, is frequently vague and prone to exaggeration. 1 

Concerning the family of Jonathan Bixby, the Rev. Amasa 
Converse said, "My mother Elizabeth Bixby (13465) was a native 
of Woodstock, Conn., born in 1760, and died in 1850, aged 90 
years. Of her family little is known to me, except that she had 
brothers, Samuel, Jacob and Jonathan, who were Revolutionary 
soldiers, and Amasa, Walter and Willard. She had two sisters, 
Martha and Chloe. The latter was living in 1871, at the age of 
100 years, in the state of Vermont." 


IV. Sampson Bixby {Samuel, Benjamin, Joseph), born 3 March, 
1731, at Sutton, Mass.; died in 1789 or earlier, perhaps 1785, at 
Barre, Mass. His widow had administration on his estate, 7 
March, 1789. 2 He married 1 Dec, 1761, at Barre, Mary Bullard, 
daughter of Jonathan and Sarah Bullard, and a descendant of 
Benjamin Bullard of Watertown. She may have died 2 April, 1793. 

Children, born at Barre: 

1- 1 Sarah, married David Smith; (2) Jonathan Walker. 

2- 2 Samuel, born 1764; married Sarah Smith. 

3- 3 Rufus, born 11 July, 1768; baptized 14 Aug., 1768; 3 married Lois Wood- 

4 Mary, baptized 11 Aug., 1771; unmarried in April, 1799. 4 

5- 5 Salmon, born 9, baptized 21 May, 1775; married Betsy Richards. 

6- 6 Jonathan, born n July, 1779; married Abigail Nurse; (2) Submit Kings- 


7- 7 Patty, born 28 June, 1782; married Timothy Nurse. 

Sampson Bixby on the death of his father became a ward of 
Benjamin Bixby (132) of Killingly. 2 He is not known to have ever 
lived in Killingly. The Bixby Ms. records his death 2 April, 1793, 
and that of his wife in 1785. As his estate was administered 
upon by his wife in 1789, it is probable that the dates of their 
respective deaths became transposed in copying some record. 

1 Converse: Converse and Allied Families, p. 816. When Col. Converse published his work in 
1905, it was thought Capt. Jonathan Bixby (1861), of Nobletown, was identical with Jonathan 
(1346). 2 Worcester Probate. 3 Barre Vital Records. 

« Mary Bixby, widow, David Smith, Polly Bixby, spinster, all of Barre; Samuel Bixby of Hub- 
bardston, Rufus Bixby and Salmon Bixby, sell 3/7 of 17 acres in Barre, part of estate of Samson 
Bixby, deceased, 18 April, 1799- {Worcester Deeds, 166: 436.) 


The family record of C. M. Bixby (13436.4K2), of Tacoma, Wash., 
gives Sampson's death as occurring "about 1790." In October, 
1793, the heirs of Sampson join in receipting for their portions 
to Rufus (13473), and on 1 April, 1793, Jonathan chose Samuel 
Bullard of Barre his guardian. Bullard was also the guardian of 
Patty. These facts indicate that the mother died that year. 
The heirs receipting were David and Sarah Smith, Samuel Bixby, 
Polly Bixby, and Samuel Bixby as guardian for three heirs (viz.: 
Salmon, Jonathan and Patty). CM. Bixby gives a Polly among 
the children, and it would appear that Mary was so known, which 
would preclude her having married Abraham Sterns of Warwick, 
28 May, 1788. 

The records of the regiment commanded by Col. Chandler, 
raised to reenforce the army at Lake George, show that "Samson 
Bigsby" of Worcester enlisted 24 Sept., and served until 14 Oct., 
1756, in company commanded by Capt. Benjamin Flagg, as centi- 
nel. 1 He also served in the Revolution, family tradition states, 
as a musician. His official record given in the Massachusetts 
compilation of the Revolutionary Rolls is as follows: "Bixbe, 
Samson, Barre, Capt. Benjamin Nye's company, Col. Nathan 
Sparhawk's regiment, enlisted 21 Aug., 1777; discharged 25 Aug., 
1777; service 10 days: marched to reenforce the army at Benning- 
ton under command of Gen. Stark." Other service credited to 
Sampson of Barre, evidently pertains to Sampson Bixby of Sutton. 


IV. Solomon Bixby (Samuel, Benjamin, Joseph), born 3 March, 
1731, at Sutton, Mass.; died probably at Worcester between 1800 
and 1807; married 3 April, 1755, at Worcester, 2 Esther Clark, 
who died probably in 1778 or 1779. 3 He married, second, prior to 
1792, Mary, who survived him. 

Children, except the two youngest, born at Barre: 4 

1 Esther, born 21 May, 1756. She is said to have been the first white 

child born in the town of Barre. Probably died unmarried in the 
lifetime of her father. 

2 Sarah, born 21 Sept., 1757; died 4 Dec, 1758. 4 

■Mass. Archives, 95: 11. ! Worcester marriages. 

* She was living in 1773. as that year she joins in a deed with her husband. 
4 Barre Vital Records. 


3 Solomon, born 7 Jan., 1760. A Solomon Bixby, residence not given, 

enlisted in a company commanded by Capt. Abijah Burbank, in Col. 
Jacob Davis' regiment, and marched 30 July, 1780. In this company 
of militia was also a Samuel Bixby, probably No. 13472. They 
were discharged 8 Aug., 1780, and Solomon received credit for 12 j 
days' service. 1 Solomon Bixby (13483) probably died unmarried in 
the lifetime of his father. 

4 Lydia, born 10 Feb., 1762. There is no evidence of her marriage, and 

she was not living in 1807. 

5 Asa, born 17 April, 1764. His will, dated 28 June, 1786, was allowed 

2 Oct., 1787. 2 Timothy Hastings was executor. The testator men- 
tions his wife Mary, to whom he left land in Orange which his father 
Solomon Bixby gave him. Also brother Joel Bixby. He married 
24 Feb., 1787, at Barre, Mary Hasten. 

6 Betty, born 29 July, 1766; married 21 Feb., 1786, at Ward, Mass., Isaac 

Pratt of Ward (now Auburn). 3 They were living at Vernon, Vt., in 1807. 

7- 7 Joel, born 15 Nov., 1768; married Sally Moore. 

8- 8 Kate, born 14 Oct., 1771 ; married Nathaniel Stowell. 

9 Molly, baptized 1 Oct., 1775, at Worcester; died prior to 1807, unmarried. 

j-10 Hadassah, baptized 2 Aug., 1778, at Worcester; married Jonas Rice. 
She was known as Esther. 4 

Solomon Bixby settled in Rutland District, which later was 
incorporated as Barre. In 1773 he sold 61 acres there for £300, 
and his wife Esther joined in the deed. On 29 April, 1779, he sold 
land in Worcester, describing himself as of Worcester, but no wife 
appears. As his two youngest children had been baptized in 
Worcester, the youngest in Aug., 1778, it is probable that his wife 
Esther died in 1778 or 1779. In April, 1791, he appears as selling 
land in Brookfield, and in this deed his wife Mary joins. That 
same year he deeded half a farm in Worcester to Joel Bixby. There 
are later deeds, the last being of date of 1 Jan., 1803, and in all 
but the last his wife Mary appears. 

Worcester town records show that he was somewhat active in 
town affairs. He was one of the highway surveyors; frequently 
on committees concerning the schools; and in 1786 appears to have 
sympathized with the movement which culminated in Shays' 

There has been some doubt whether Solomon (1348) or his son 
of the same name was the husband of Mary, who in 1794 relin- 
o,uished her right of dower in the Hutchinson homestead. 5 This 

1 Mass. Rev. Rolls. 2 Worcester Probate. s Auburn Vital Records, also Worcester. 

4 Worcester Deeds, 202: 623. In this deed the wife of Jonas Rice is described as Hadassah 
or Esther Rice. 

6 In 1789, Solomon Bixby sued Lot Hutchinson for trespass, said Hutchinson having mortgaged 
his land and buildings to Bixby for £69, but failed to meet the note when due. (Suffolk files 


doubt could probably be dispelled by a careful study of the deeds 
granted by various members of this family. There is no settle- 
ment of the estate of either Solomon in the probate records; but 
in 1807 Mary Bixby, widow, Joel Bixby, Nathaniel and Katy 
Stowell, all of Worcester, Jonas and Esther Rice of Worcester, 
Isaac and Betsy Pratt of Vernon, Vt., heirs at law and only heirs 
at law of Solomon Bixby late of Worcester, deceased, quitclaim 
all right in his estate in Worcester or elsewhere. The following 
month the same parties, except Mary, join in a deed to Daniel 
Haywood, 2d, and his wife Sally, of 200 acres in Stratton, Vt., 
which had been conveyed to Solomon Bixby by Sampson Bixby. 1 
Isaac Pratt, the husband of Betsy Bixby, was a Revolutionary 
soldier, and after the Revolution removed to Guilford, Vt. 2 


IV. Daniel Bixby (George, Benjamin, Joseph), born 17 Feb., 
1719, at Salem Village (Danvers), Mass.; died 22 Sept., 1775, 3 at 
Topsfield, Mass.; married 17 Nov., 1741, at Topsfield, Ruth Gould, 
born 8 March, 1718-9, died 14 Sept., 1808, 3 at Topsfield, daughter 
of Joseph Gould. 

Children, born at Topsfield: 

1 Elizabeth, born 18 Jan., 1743-4; died 18 Sept., 1776, unmarried. 
2- 2 Ruth, born 30 Sept., 1745; married Ephraim Towne, Jr. 

3 Mary Ann, born 10 April, 1747; died 4 Sept., 1834, at Topsfield; 3 married 

there 9 Nov., 1797, Daniel Perkins, "son of John and Elizabeth Perkins," 
who died of old age, 18 Oct., 1824, aged 75 years, 11 months. 

4 Daniel, born 20 April, 1751; died s.p. 5 Jan., 1825; married 2 May,i776, 

Ruth Prince, 4 born 28 July, 1751, died 3 June, 1834, daughter of Dr. 
Jonathan and Mary (Porter) Prince of Danvers. His will of I Nov., 
181 1, names wife Ruth, sisters Ruth Towne and Mary Perkins, niece 
Ruth Wells, daughter of sister Ruth, and heirs at law of nephew Daniel 

Daniel Bixby, Sr., and Daniel Bixby, Jr., father and son, 
were members of the militia company commanded by Capt. Joseph 
Gould, Col. John Baker's regiment, which marched on the alarm 
of the 19 April, 1775, and joined the patriot forces assailing the 

15S.694.) As Mary Bixby releases her right in this estate in 1794. it is clear she was the wife of 
the elder Solomon; nor does this act indicates that she had any other interest in the Hutchinson 
property than as wife of Solomon Bixby. 

■Worcester Deeds, 203:623, In this deed the wife of Jonas Rice is described as Hadassah or 
Esther Rice. 

2 Information of Mrs. L. C Heely, N. Y. City. » Topsfield Vital Records. 

4 For a brief genealogy of the Prince family see Essex Institute Hist. Col., 27: 171. 


British retreating from Concord. The elder Daniel received credit 
for three days' service, and the younger for five days' service. 1 
Daniel Bixby, Jr., was executor of his grandfather George Bixby's 
(135) will allowed in 1780. On the 26 March, 1777, he made a 
settlement with his mother and sisters by which he kept his father's 
homestead, his mother retaining rights of residence in the eastern 
end of the house. 2 He bought land in Topsfield in 1788, and at 
the time of his death was in possession of a comfortable estate 
out of which he gave his farm to the church. The farm, although 
long since sold, and the proceeds, about $5,500, invested as a church 
fund, is still known as the "Donation Farm." 

Daniel Bixby, Jr., was prominent in church affairs and became 
a deacon. 


IV. Elizabeth Bixby {George, Benjamin, Joseph), born 16 
Aug., 1722, at Salem Village (Danvers), Mass.; died probably 
14 Dec, 1807; 3 married 27 Oct., 1743, at Topsfield, 4 John Perkins, 
probably son of John and Mary (Esty) Perkins of Topsfield, and, 
if so, born 19 Feb., 1719-20. 5 He died at Topsfield, 17 Dec, 1795, 
aged seventy four years, 4 leaving a will dated 1 Dec, 1794, pro- 
bated 5 Jan., 1796, in which he names wife Elizabeth, daughter 
Mary, wife of William Conant, and her son John Conant, unmarried 
daughter Elizabeth Perkins, and son Daniel Perkins. He gave 
his entire estate to the last named, subject to the provisions of 
the will. 6 He is called John Perkins, third, on Topsfield records 
until the death of his father in 1750. 

Children, born at Topsfield: 4 

1 Elizabeth Perkins, baptized 26 Aug., 1744. 

2 John Perkins, baptized 8 Feb., 1746-7; died 15 Dec, 1747. 

3 Daniel Perkins, baptized 13 Nov., 1748; married Mary Bixby (13513). 

4 Mary Perkins, 7 baptized 3 Feb., 1751; died 28 Nov., 1834, "aged eighty 

1 Massachusetts Revolutionary Rolls. 

* Essex Deeds, 135: 18. In May, 1751. George Bixby (135) granted to his son Daniel (1351) 
one half his house, barn, cider-mill, etc., 17 acres pasture in Boxford bought of Eleazer Lake, 
also 20 acres on the northwest side of the road from the river bridge to Middleton, being the same 
he had purchased of Israel Towne in 1740. (Essex Deeds, 95: 262.) 

* Topsfield Vital Records. Elizabeth Perkins, widow, died 14 Dec, 1807, aged eighty six 
years. * Topsfield Vital Records. 

6 Perkins Genealogy, II, 15, where nothing further is found concerning him. 
8 Essex Probate, 364: 268. 

7 After the death of John Perkins, 22 June, 1750, his son was probably styled "junior;" hitherto he 
had been called "third." During the period John Perkins, third, is so styled, John Perkins who 


five years," at Ipswich; 1 married (intention 13 March, 1768) William 
Conant, Jr., born 3 Sept., 1747, at Ipswich, died 8 May, 1826. 

1. John Conant, born 1770; died young. 

2. William Conant, born n July, 1772. 

3. Daniel Conant, born 11 Jan., 1774. 

4. John Conant, born Aug., 1776. 

5. Joseph Conant, born 4 June, 1782 (or 1790?). 2 

5 John Perkins, baptized 28 Nov., 1756; died 17 April, 1788. 


IV. Benjamin Bixby {George, Benjamin, Joseph), born 13 Nov., 
1724, at Salem Village (Danvers), Mass.; died 13 Feb., 1790, at 
Salem, N. H.; married 20 March, 1745-6, at Topsfield, Anne 
Bradstreet, 3 born there 23 Nov., 1724, died 10 Nov., 1808, at 
Warren, N. H., daughter of Samuel and Sarah (Clark) Bradstreet. 
Children, born at Topsfield: 3 

1- 1 Benjamin, born 2 Jan., 1747-8; baptized 4 Jan., 1747-8, "son of Benja- 
min"; married Peggy Peabody. 

2 An Infant, died 6 March, 1748 (1 748-9).* 

3 Anne, born 9 July, 1751. 

4 Sarah, born 20 May, 1753. 

5- 5 Dudley, born 25 Feb., 1756; married Elizabeth Pingry. 

6 Enos, born 4 June, 1758; died 4 Sept., 1758. 

7 Asa born 22 Nov., 1759; "died in the army." His military record is 

as follows: enlisted 5 Dec, 1776, and served three months, eleven days 
in company commanded by Capt. Samuel McConnell, and his name 
also appears in a list of men raised by Col. Daniel Moor out of his 
regiment on requisition of 19 Dec, 1776. Col. Daniel Gilman com- 
manded the regiment in which he served. Enlisted out of Col. Bart- 
lett's regiment of militia in 1777, probably the same enlistment entered 
as April, 1777, for three years. As of Salem, he was mustered 6 May, 
1777, m Capt. Robertson's company, Col. Nathan Hale's regiment. 
His name appears in the roll of the third company in Col. George Reid's 
regiment, in list of men who served in 1777, 1778, 1779. 6 

had wife Jemima was called John Perkins, Jr. This latter John died 7 Feb., 1780. There are re- 
corded the baptisms of the following children to John Perkins, Jr., after 1750 (of whom there is 
little doubt Mary was that Mary, daughter of John and Elizabeth, as her age at death agrees ap- 
proximately with her baptismal record), viz.: Mary, baptized 3 Feb., 1751, and John, baptized 28 
Nov., 1756 (perhaps the John Perkins, Jr., who died 17 April, 1788, aged thirty one years). 
John Perkins, the father of John Perkins, third, was son of Elisha (Thomas, John). John Perkins, 
Jr., was son of Timothy (Thomas, John). As there were two distinct families of this name in 
Topsfield, and many bearing the name John, there is difficulty in identification. John Perkins 
of Ipswich was born at Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England, and there married Judith, daughter of 
Michael Gater. and emigrated in 163 1 to New England. See Notes on Perkins Families In 
England (1894). 

1 Ipswich Vital Records. 2 Conant Genealogy, p. 234- • Topsfield Vital Records. 

4 The death of this child is found on the church records, as "the youngest child" of Benjamin 
Md A 00 - 6 N. H. Rev. Rolls. 


8- 8 George, born 7 May, 1762, "on Friday, about nine in the morning"; 

married Sarah Annis. 

9- 9 Rachel, born 18 Oct., 1764; married William Huse Stevens; (2) 


Benjamin Bixby lived at Topsfield, Mass., and Salem, N. H. 
There is extant a book, described on the title page as a "small 
Book of Accounts." On the cover is written, "Benjamin Bixby, 
His Book, bought in the year 1736-7." A portion of the book is 
used for a family record. In it he wrote, "June 9, 1772 I removed 
from Topsfield to Salem in Hamshier with my wife and five chil- 
dren Anne, Sarah, Asa, George and Rachel. Leaving two sons 
behind Benja and Dudley." 

On the 4 May, 1751, George Bixby granted land to his son Daniel; 
and also to his son Benjamin, as his share of his estate, one half 
of fifty seven acres he had purchased of Jacob Redington in 1750, 
with buildings upon it, except the schoolhouse. 1 And 14 May, 
1772, George and Benjamin Bixby, both of Topsfield, sell to Samuel 
Cummings of Topsfield, for £469, an estate in Topsfield. Sarah 
and Anne Bixby, wives of George and Benjamin, join in the deed, 
which is witnessed by Daniel Bixby, Sr., and Daniel Bixby, Jr. 2 
In 1768 Benjamin purchased land in Monadnock No. 1 (now Rindge, 
N. H.), but sold out the following year. 3 He may have entertained 
the thought of removing there. 

Mrs. Anne (Bradstreet) Bixby is buried at Warren, N. H. Her 
grave and those of her son George, with his wife Sarah, and their 
children, who died in youth, are marked by a tall marble stone 
erected by Joseph Bixby, son of George Bixby. She was a descend- 
ant of Gov. Thomas Dudley and of Gov. Simon Bradstreet. Gov- 
ernor Dudley, who was born in England in 1576, and who died 
31 July, 1653, was deputy-governor of the Massachusetts Bay 
Colony thirteen years, and governor four years. He was one of 
Winthrop's company, sailing with him on the Arbella in 1630, 
accompanied by his wife, Dorothy Yorke, 4 and their chil- 

1 Essex Deeds, 95: 263. 2 Ibid., 132: 153. 3 New Hampshire Deeds. 

4 The parentage and ancestry of Gov. Thomas Dudley has long been a subject of investigation and 
speculation. Cotton Mather described the governor as the "only son of captain Roger Dudley," 
who had been slain in the wars. Although at one time it was supposed that this statement of 
Mather was inaccurate, it has since been fully confirmed, through the investigations of Miss Mary 
K. Talcott. The late Henry F. Waters discovered the parentage of Dorothy Yorke, and the clues 
obtained by him have been followed by Miss Talcott with much success. 

Gov. Dudley was the son of Roger Dudley by his wife Susanna, the daughter of Thomas Thorne 
or Dome and Mary Purefoy. The connection of Roger Dudley with the important family of 


dren. 1 His daughter Anne, born about 1612, became wife of Simon 
Bradstreet, who was one of the wisest of the Massachusetts Bay 
governors. She died 16 Sept., 1672, leaving a reputation as a woman 
of unusual literary powers. She was the first poetess of New Eng- 
land, and the publication of her poems earned for her the title of the 
"tenth Muse lately sprung up in America. " John, the fourth son of 
Gov. Simon and Anne (Dudley) Bradstreet, married, 22 July, 1652, 
at Andover, Sarah, daughter of Rev. William Perkins, and their 
son Samuel Bradstreet, born 4 Aug., 1699, at Andover, married 
Sarah Clark, by whom he had: Anne, born 23 Oct., 1724, married 
Benjamin Bixby; Sarah born 4 Feb., 1726-7; Samuel, born 8 May, 
1729 (whose death is recorded by Benjamin Bixby as follows: 
"Brother Samuel Bradstreet, died July 7, 1777 in the 49th year 
of his age"); Elijah, born 8 Aug., 1731; Eunice, born 15 April, 
1733; Asa, born 20 April, 1736. 


IV. Sarah Bixby {George, Benjamin, Joseph), born 2 Feb., 
1726-7, at Salem Village, (Danvers) Mass.; died 19 Feb., 1815, 
at Rockingham, Vt.; married 30 Nov., 1749, at Topsfield, Mass., 2 
Daniel Lake, born 22 June, 1726, at Topsfield, baptized 6 July, 
1729, died 26 Sept., 1810, at Rockingham, son of Eliezer and Lydia 
(Ford) Lake. 3 

Children: 4 

1 George Lake, born 7 Nov., 1750. Named in his grandfather George Bixby 's 

Dudley, to which belonged John, Duke of Northumberland, and Robert, Earl of Leicester, is 
still somewhat of a mystery. That the connection existed is hardly to be doubted, taking into 
consideration the many circumstances attending Gov. Thomas Dudley's education and employ- 
ment prior to his migration to New England. He was baptized 12 Oct., 1576, at Yardley Hastings, 
Northamptonshire, and died 31 July, 1653. His wife Dorothy died 27 Dec, 1643, at Roxbury. 
Her father, Edmond Yorke of Cotton End, Northamptonshire, in his will, dated 18 Nov., 1614, 
names his three grandchildren, Samuel Dudley, Abigail Greene, and Anne Dudley. This latter 
was the poetess, who in one of her poems claims kinship with Sir Philip Sidney. The Yorkes 
were apparently of excellent lineage. See Waters' Gleanings, 1 : 665 ; N. E. Historical Genealogical 
Register, Oct., 1912; Browning: Americans of Royal Descent (latest editions). 

1 Colonial Papers, British State Papers, p. 112. * Topsfield Vital Records. 

* Eliezer Lake was son of Henry and Priscilla (Wiles) Lake, and was born 9 July, 1686, at Tops- 
field. Eliezer Lake married (2) 12 Jan., 1743-4, Mary Bixby (ri-6). Children of Eliezer and 
Lydia (Ford) Lake: Abigail, born 14 Aug., 1719. Daniel, born 22 June, 1726, baptized 6 July. 
1729; married Sarah Bixby (1354). Eliezer, born 12 Sept., 1724; married 2 April, 174s, Sarah 
Perkins. Lydia, born 4 Nov., 1709, baptized Aug., 1717. Priscilla, born 11 Oct., 1715, baptized 
Aug., 1717; married 3 Sept., 1733, Amos Robinson of Lunenburg. 

* The record of this family was received from Mrs. Mary E. Guthrie of Byfield, Mass. The 
first seven children appear in the Topsfield Vital Records. 


2 Daniel Lake, born 24 Jan., 1754; married Hepsibeth Cutter. 

3 Enos Lake, born 26 Oct., 1756, at Topsfield; died 5 Aug., 1841, at Rindgei 

N. H.; married there 14 Dec, 1777, Prudence Page, born 9 March, 1760* 
at Groton, Mass., died 16 Sept., 1794, at Rindge, daughter of Joseph and 
Abigail (Shedd) Page. He married (2) Abigail Hudson. 

Children, all by first marriage: 

1. Prudence Lake, born 24 Oct., 1778: died 19 July, 1853, at Newburyport, 

Mass.; married Hezekiah Crane. 

2. Enos Lake, born 29 Oct., 1779; died 27 Sept., 1844, at Boxford, Mass. 

3. David Lake, born 30 Sept., 1781. 1 

4. Mehitable Lake, born 9 Nov., 1783; died 27 April, 1800. 

5. Abigail Lake, born 23 Feb., 1787; died 28 March, 1835, at Topsfield; 

married 25 May, 1809, Daniel Towne. 

6. Sewall Lake, born 26 Dec, 1788; died 27 Aug., 1862, at Bucksport, 

Me.; married 19 June, 181 1, Hannah Peabody. 

7. Cynthia Lake, born 21 Aug., 1790; married Elijah S. Hill. 

8. Rebekah Lake, born 14 Aug., 1792; died 14 March, 1894, at Newport 

Centre, Vt.; married 24 Oct., 1813, at Springfield, Vt., Stephen Blan- 
chard. Children: Sarah Lake Blanchard, born 14 Aug., 18 14; married 
Edmund Hardy. Jonathan Enos Blanchard, born 26 Dec, 1816; 
died 3 Dec, 1827. Silas Robinson Blanchard, born 29 May, 1819; 
married Olive Collins. Mary Abigail Blanchard, born 28 June, 
1824; married 25 Nov., 1846, John Colburn. 2 Cynthia Elizabeth 
Blanchard, born 4 May, 1826; married George L. Brown; (2) John 
Farnham. Jonathan Enos Blanchard, born 20 Sept., 1827; died 7 
Aug., 1830. Eleanor Lovette Blanchard, born 18 July, 1830; married 
Welby Hammond; (2) Hubbard Grey. 

9. Silas Lake, born 30 Aug., 1794; died 15 Sept., 1873; married Phebe 


10. Sally Lake, twin with Silas, died March, 1853; married Ezra Rob- 

inson; (2) Jonathan Wood; (3) Amos Stearns; (4) 19 May, 1842, 
Josiah Hartwell. 

4 Henry Lake, born 19 Sept., 1759; married Prudence. 

5 Jonathan Lake, born 18 March, 1761, at Topsfield; died 20 May, 1846, 

at Springfield, Vt.; 3 married 8 March, 1786, Hannah Hale, born 10 June, 
1769, at Jaffrey, N. H., died 17 Oct., 1834, at Springfield, Vt., daughter 
of Col. Enoch and Abigail (Stanley) Hale of Rindge and Walpole, N. H.; 
married (2) Lucy (Hale) Wetherbee, born 29 April, 1766, died 24 Dec, 
1857, a sister of his first wife and widow of Hezekiah Wetherbee of Grafton, 

Jonathan Lake enlisted in the Revolutionary army at the age of 17 years, 
and served until 1781. He was a farmer; a resident of Rindge, N. H., 
and of Chester and Springfield, Vt. 


1. Daniel Lake, born 19 Aug., 1786; died 28 May, 1849; married Sarah 


2. Nathan Lake, born 20 July, 1788; died 26 March, 1857; married Sarah 


3. Jonathan Lake, born 24 Aug., 1790; died 5 Aug., 1863; married Charlotte 


4. Sherburne Lake, born 31 May, 1792; died 7 July, 1795. 

5. William Lake, born 28 Aug., 1794; died 21 June, 1804. 

1 Said to have died 16 Sept., 1794. and to have married Anna Gould. 
1 Child: Mary E. Colburn, married 28 Dec, 1881, Thomas Guthrie. 
« Howell: Descendants of Thomas Hale of Watton, Eng., and Newbury, Mass., p. 315- 


6. Sherburne Lake, born 7 July, 1797; died 30 Nov., 1868; married Abigail 


7. Enoch Lake, born 7 Aug., 1799; married Charlotte Brackett. 

8. Hannah Lake, born 21 March, 1802; married Leonard Walker. 

9. William Lake, born 30 June, 1806; died I Sept., 1831. 

10. Elizabeth Lake, born 3 Aug., 1808; married Jacob Garland; (2) Daniel 
Latham Holbrook; (3) Daniel Magoon. 

6 Nathan Lake, born 17 Aug., 1764; drowned in Bay of Biscay, 18 July, 1792. 

7 Sarah Lake, born 17 March, 1767, baptized 22 March, 1767. 

8 Mary B. Lake, born 20 Feb., 1770; died 8 Aug., 1784. 

The Revolutionary record of this family is interesting. Daniel 
Lake, his sons, Daniel, Henry, Jonathan, and Enos, were all Rev- 
olutionary soldiers. Enos was a survivor of the Battle of Bunker 
Hill and as such participated in the dedication of Bunker Hill 
monument in 1825. He was a pensioner. 


IV. Amos Bixby {Nathan, Benjamin, Joseph), born 13 Nov., 
1722, at Topsfield, Mass.; died 4 Aug., 181 1, at Thompson, Conn.; 
married 18 Jan., 1750, * at Thompson, Elizabeth Sabin who died 
11 July, 1806. 

Children, born at Thompson: l 

I Mary, born 17 Oct., 1750; married 18 Jan., 1776, Levi Thompson, and 
had descendants living in 1798, at which time she was deceased. 

2- 2 David, baptized 18 Feb., 1753; married Sally or Katherine Aldrich. 

3- 3 Asa, baptizedji3 April, 1755; married Ruth. 

4- 4 Elizabeth, baptized 15 April, 1759; married 21 April, 1785, 1 David Grow. 

5- 5 Darius, born 4 Sept., 1761 ; baptized 1 Nov., 1761 ; married Rachel Smith. 
6 Richard, baptized 17 April, 1765; died s.p., prior to 1798. 

Amos Bixby made his will 22 Sept., 1798. It was allowed 
3 Sept., 181 1. He named his wife Elizabeth, heirs of deceased 
daughter Mary Thompson, and of son Asa Bixby, other children, 
Elizabeth Grow, David Bixby, Darius Bixby. 2 Moses Bixby 
(138M), executor of the estate, sold certain real estate to Noadiah 
Bixby (13653.1). There is no distribution of the estate on file. 

In 1737 six men, one of whom was Amos Bixby, asked for a 
new road to go to meeting. 3 Amos (1362) was then in his sixteenth 
year, but as eldest son may have signed the petition. 3 At a town 
meeting held 22 Nov. 1764, Amos Bixby, Capt. Converse, and 
Richard Blosse were chosen tythingmen. 4 

1 Thompson church records. 8 Larned: History of Windham County. 

• Pomfret Probate. * Killingly town records 



IV. Abijah Bixby {Nathan, Benjamin, Joseph), born 8 Sept., 
1725, at Topsfield, Mass.; died 24 May, 1785, at Stafford, Conn., 1 
and his widow Anna had administration on his estate 4 July, 
1785. 2 He married 23 Jan., 1752, 3 at Thompson, Conn., Anna 4 
Corbin, who died 3 Nov., 1786, 1 at Stafford. Appraisal of her 
estate was made 12 Feb., 1787, 2 when an order was made for 
distribution of their father's estate to eldest son of Rogers Bixby, 
and to daughters: Abigail wife of Samuel Blodgett, Martha late 
wife of John Gardner, deceased, Esther wife of James Moore, 
Alice wife of Joseph Moore, Desire Bixby, and Anna wife of Nathan 

1- 1 Abigail, born 25 Sept., 1752, baptized 22 Nov., 1752; 3 married Samuel 


2- 2 Anna, born 20 Aug., 1756, "in Stafford"; 5 married Nathan Wood. She 

is probably the Anna Bixby, Jr., who was admitted to communion 
with the Stafford Church, 23 March, 1777. 6 

3 Martha, baptized 1 Oct., 1758; 3 married 4 Jan., 1781, 1 John Gardner 

of Monson, Mass., who died prior to 4 May, 1789. 2 

4 Keziah, born 1760; died 24 Dec, 1776, aged sixteen years, one and one 

half months. 6 
5- 5 Esther, baptized 23 Jan., 1763; 3 married James Moore. 

6 An infant, died 22 Aug., 1769, aged a few hours. 8 

7 An infant, died 9 July, 1770, aged a few hours. 6 

8- 8 Rogers, born 5 Nov., 1772; x baptized 7 Nov., 1772; 6 married Lucy Fitz- 
9 A daughter, died Feb., 1788, "aged about thirteen years." 6 
10 Desire, born 27 Jan., 1777; x baptized 3 March, 1777. 6 
K-i 1 Alice, 2 married Joseph Moore. 

Abijah Bixby sold part of the farm on which he lived in Killingly, 
Conn., 2 Aug., 1755, to Samuel Watson. He had sold in the pre- 
ceding year sixty acres of meadow to Archelaus Towne, and in 
1756 sold four acres more to Towne. Ann Bixby, probably his 

1 Stafford town records. 

2 Stafford Probate, 3: 81, 148, 334. The inventory of Abijah's estate disclosed £104. 

3 Thompson church records. 

4 It is said that the Stafford church records record her death as ' 'Martha, relict of Mr. Abijah 
Bixby." If so, it was a clerical error, as the probate records describe his widow as Anna. Anna, 
wife of Abijah Bixby, was admitted to the church at Thompson, Conn., 1760. North Stafford 
church records note the death of Mrs. Abigail Bixby, 8 Sept., 1817, "aged ninety nine years." She 
is yet to be identified. 

5 Bixby Ms. 8 Stafford church records. 


wife, witnesses the last mentioned deed, as well as a deed to Solo- 
mon Bixby of three acres, 13 April, I76i. x 

He removed to Tolland, Conn., but 8 April, 1769, as of that 
place, purchased for £72, forty nine and one half acres in Stafford, 
on which was a house and barn, bounding on land of Samuel Green. 2 

In 1785, only ten days before his death, he purchased seventeen 
and three quarters acres in Stafford. 

He was admitted a freeman of Stafford, 16 Sept., 1777, and that 
day took the oath of fidelity appointed by the state. 3 


IV. Nathan Bixby {Nathan, Benjamin, Joseph), born 18 Aug., 
1730, at Topsfield, Mass.; died probably early in 1807; married 
21 April, 1755, at Thompson, Conn., Mary Burrell, 4 at which 
time he was styled "junior." He married, second, 16 Jan., 1784, 
widow Hannah Marsh. 4 

Children, born at Thompson: 

I- 1 Jemima, born 2 May, 1756; married Robert Prince. 

2 Mary, born 27 Dec, 1758; married Hiram Cady, and removed to South 
Corinth, N. Y. 
3- 3 Jesse, born 27 Dec, 1758; baptized 21 Jan., 1759; 4 married Sybil Johnson. 

4 Aaron, baptized 1 June, 1760; 4 died young. 
5- 5 Aaron, born 23 or 24 Dec, 1761; baptized 31 Jan., 1762; married Mary 
6 Molly, (Sally), born 4 Aug., baptized 12 Aug., 1764, 4 married 2 Sept.* 
1784, James Tourtellott. 4 They moved to Greenfield, N. Y., between 
1795 and 1799, conveying their effects in an ox-team. Children, ten 
in number. 
7- 7 Joshua, born 6 April, baptized 12 April, 1767; 4 married Sally Tourtelott 

Nathan Bixby served sixteen days in the company commanded 
by Capt. Carpenter, in 1757, being credited to Woodstock. 5 Admin- 
istration was granted on his estate to his son Jesse Bixby, 7 April, 
1807, 6 and an inventory was filed the same day. 

1 Killingly Deeds, 6: 16, 68; 131, 8: 22. 2 Stafford Deeds, 4: 66; 7: 6, 156. 

3 Stafford town records. 

! Thompson church records. The birth of Aaron, baptized 1760, is not found on town records, 
where also the years of birth of Jesse and Joshua are given one year later than the church record, 
and Molly is recorded as Sally. Mary Burrel, wife of Nathan Bixby, may have been daughter of 
John and Hannah Burrill who removed to Killingly from Gloucester, Mass. The second wife of 
Nathan, according to a record sent by Mr. Coley, was Hannah Martin, but the church record has 
been followed in the text. 

5 French War Rolls, printed in Conn. Hist. Soc. Coll. 8: 242. Carpenter's company was not exclu- 
sively of Woodstock, and it is not probable that Nathan Bixby at that time was of Woodstock. 

• Pomfret Probate. 



IV. Solomon Bixby (Nathan, Benjamin, Joseph), born 26 Oct., 
1732, at Topsfield, Mass.; died 29 Jan., 1813, at Stafford, Conn.; 
married 7 April, 1754, x at Thompson, Conn., Abigail Newell, 
who died 22 Dec., 1816, aged 86 years, at Stafford. 

Children, three youngest born at Sturbridge, Mass.: 2 

1- 1 Anna, born 14 Nov., 1754, at Killingly, Conn.; married Isaac Clark. 

2- 2 Ichabod, born 9 Jan., 1757, at Killingly; married Lydia Orcutt. 
3 Abigail, baptized 12 Oct., 1760,^ Thompson; died in infancy. 

4- 4 Abigail, baptized 1 Nov., 1761, 1 at Thompson; married William Patten- 

5- 5 Solomon, baptized 6 May, 1764, 1 at Thompson; married Lucy Clarke. 

6 Sarah, born 27 June, 1766. 

7 Abijah, born 26 Jan., 1768; died without issue, prior to 1832, leaving a 

widow Sarah. He was admitted a freeman of Stafford in 1797. 3 He 
was an inn holder in Shutesbury, Mass., 1803-1808 {Records of Court of 
General Sessions at Northfield), and lived in South Brimfield when he 
bought a farm of 95 acres in Shutesbury in 1802, which he sold Feb., 
1810. In that year his wife was Sarah. In these deeds he is described 
as a wheelwright. {Deeds, 16: 595; 27: 514.) He removed to Herkimer 
Co., N. Y., as early as 1814, and resided in Warren in 1825. 4 

8 Nathan, born 22 April, 1770. 

Solomon Bixby of Sturbridge, 5 purchased of John Pike lot 16 
first division in Sturbridge, in 1767. This lot was owned by Isaac 
Newell of Lebanon, Conn., who lived in Thompson Parish, Killingly, 
when he purchased the lot (1742). When it passed from Newell 
to Pike is not of record, but in 1760 it was still owned by Newell, 
who also held lot 11 adjoining, and on which his sister Sarah, 
wife of Aaron Martin, settled. In 1773 Solomon Bixby exchanged 
this property with another Isaac Newell, son of Isaac Newell, 
the first town clerk of Sturbridge. The deed mentions buildings 
on the land, and it is probable that Bixby had erected a dwelling. 
This house remained in the Newell family during four generations. 
The farm taken by Solomon Bixby in exchange was situated near 
the outlet of Walker Pond, and the old cellar hole was lately to 
be seen showing where the house had stood. 

In 1776 Solomon Bixby and wife Abigail sold land in Sturbridge, 

1 Thompson church records. 

a Sturbridge, Mass., Vital Records. According to the town clerk, Abijah was born 26 June, 
and Nathan 27 April. 

8 Stafford records. * Letter of clerk of Herkimer Co., N. V. 

'Solomon Bixby of Worcester purchased land in Rutland, of Enos Heffron, in 1755, and addi- 
tional land there of Joseph Clarke in 1758. 


and four years later, 10 April, 1780, were admitted to the church 
at Stafford. Solomon Bixby was made freeman of Stafford in 
1780. x 

4 June, 1 78 1, Solomon Bixby and Benjamin Ellis protest against 
the election of the captain of the train band or company; it appears 
that they were the sole objectors. 2 In 1784 Silas Blodgett sold 
to Ichabod Bixby 12 acres between the meeting-house green and 
land of Solomon Bixby on the north. 

In 1793 Solomon sold to Abijah his farm in West Stafford where 
Solomon lived near the meeting-house. In 1797 he sells 15 acres to 
Abijah, this time describing him as his son and of Stafford. 3 He 
was an original member of the church formerly the Second Church 
of Christ at Stafford. 

The inscription on his tombstone there reads, "In memory of 
Mr. Solomon Bixby, who died Jan. 29, 1813. He was a firm sup- 
porter of the Christian religion and a friend of his country and of 

His son Ichabod was admitted a freeman, 17 April, 1782 l He 
bought of Silas Blagget a farm of 75 acres in the Second or West 
Parish, north of the meeting-house, 26 Nov., 1774, he being de- 
scribed as of Sturbridge, Mass. 3 


IV. Jacob Bixby (Jacob, Benjamin, Joseph), born 29 Nov., 
1758, at Thompson, Conn.; died there 1 Feb., 1806; married 11 
May, 1779, Eunice Leavens, born 3 Aug., 1759, at Thompson, 
died there 25 Aug., 1842; « daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth 
(Johnson) Leavens. 5 She was a descendant of John Leavens of 
Roxbury in 1632. Administration on the estate of Jacob Bixby 
was granted to his son Samuel; and the widow's dower was set off 
3 Feb., 1807. After payment of debts, there remained practically 
nothing for the children.^ Jacob Bixby was drafted into Capt. 
Green's company soon after his marriage, but his place was taken 
by his brother Moses Bixby (q. v.). 

! f^t T Z C0T ? S - ' Conn - State Papers - Militia - 2nd ^es, 2812: 13. 

'Stafford Deeds, 6: 158; 7: 208, 704; 5: 186. 

* Information of Albert J. Bixby (138J8-5), North Dana, Mass. 

« Miss Ellen D. Lamed of Thompson, Conn., to whom for much help in the collection of sta- 
tistics regarding the Windham County families, thanks is due. 
8 Pomfret Probate. 


Children, born at Thompson: 

I- i Samuel, born n June, 1780; married Almira Bates. 

2 Uzziel, born 22 June, 1786; died 2 June 1795. 

3 Erastus, born 8 June, 1789; died 7 June, 1795. 

4- 4 Johnson, born 25 April, 1793; married Orinda Graves. 

5- 5 Alice, born 25 Sept., 1796 or 21 Sept., 1797; married Ariel Converse. 
6 A Son, twin with Alice, died unnamed. 

7- 7 Uzziel, born 5 May, 1801; married Naomi Howland. 

8- 8 Erastus, twin with Uzziel; married Susan Durfey. 


IV. Daniel Bixby (Jacob, Benjamin, Joseph), born 25 Sept., 
1762, at Thompson, Conn.; died 6 Nov., 1829, at Townshend, Vt., 
killed by a fall in a barn; 1 married 30 Oct., 1783, at Thompson, 2 
Sarah Towne, baptized 1761, 3 daughter of Archelaus and Sarah 
(Brown) Towne (1392). 

Daniel Bixby removed to Guilford, Vt., in 1788, and later to 
Townshend, where he was deacon in the church. 


1- 1 Archelaus, born 21 Dec, 1784, 1 at Thompson; married Parmelia Blandin; 
(2) Susan Dunton. 
2 Sally, baptized 29 April, 1787, at Thompson; 2 married Isaac Wellman 4 
Removed to Wyoming Co., N. Y. Descendants are living. 

3- 3 John, born 5 Feb., 1788, at Townshend, 6 baptized 7 May, 1789, at Thomp- 
son; 2 married Rebecca Wellman. 

4 Nancy, married Eliphalet Skinner. They settled at Wyoming Co., N. Y. 

5 Lydia, married Samuel Frost of Boston. They settled in Wyoming Co., 

N. Y. 

6 Daniel. 

7 Hannah, married 18 Jan., 1825, Silas M. Flagg of Heath. 1 


IV. Moses Bixby (Jacob, Benjamin, Joseph), born 18 April, 
1765, at Thompson, Conn.; died there 22 June, 1835; married 3 
Jan., 1788, at Thompson, Mary Greene, born 23 Jan., 1768, 
at Quaddick in Thompson, died 24 June, 1852, daughter of Capt. 
John and Abilene (Guile) Greene. 

1 Information of Judson Bixby Derry (138LI.2-2), Putney, Vt. 
5 Thompson church records. 

8 Information of Miss Ellen D. Larned of Thompson, Conn. 

♦For origin of the Wellman family, see Joshua Hewes, A New England Pioneer, etc., by Eben 
Putnam, Appendix. 5 Bixby Ms., but it is probable that he was born at Thompson. 


Children, born at Thompson: 

1- 1 Lemuel, born 17 Aug., 1794; ' married Lois Rhodes. 

2- 2 Halsey, born 14 Feb., 1801; married Esther Tyler; (2) Phebe Green. 

Moses Bixby was for many years a deacon in the Congregational 
church at Thompson. Aaron Bixby (13654) was also deacon. 
The latter was chosen in 1805, and served for twenty five years. 
"The contemporary services of these kinsmen, deacons Aaron 
and Moses Bixby, with their appropriate names, made a deep 
impression upon the youth of the period. Their venerable appear- 
ance was enhanced by the elongation of what was known as the 
'Bixby nose,' which suggested the familiar couplet. 
'Says Aaron to Moses, let's cut off our noses, 
Says Moses to Aaron, 'tis the custom to wear 'em.' 
The rhyme certainly originated in Thompson, Conn." 2 

Moses and Aaron Bixby, although of different generations were 
nearly of the same age. Jacob Bixby married the second time 
twelve years after the loss of his first wife and children by her and 
reared a family in his old age who were contemporaries with his 
nephews and nieces. 

Moses Bixby suffered financial reverse in 1829 and removed to 
Webster, Mass., where he lived as late as 1832, when he applied 
for a pension on account of his Revolutionary war services. From 
his declaration we learn that he was born in Thompson in 1765, 
as recorded in his mother's bible, then in his possession, and always 
lived in Thompson until removal to Webster in 1830. 

His first service in the army was as substitute for his brother 
Jacob, who had been drafted to serve in the company commanded 
by Capt. John Green, in June, 1779, "before the hard winter." 
He enlisted for eight months, and was mustered at Windham by 
Major or Col. Ripley, and was marched to the North River oppo- 
site West Point, to a place called "Robinson Patten," and there 
joined the company commanded by Capt. John Buell in Durkee's 
or Bradley's regiment. 

Thence the command proceeded to Bearskin Ridge, five miles 
beyond Morristown, and helped build barracks. While at Bearskin 
Ridge the army was short of provisions. Bixby was in the 4th 

1 Samuel Bixby reported baptized 28 Sept., 1794, is evidently a misreading for Lemuel. 

2 Larned: History of Windham Co., Conn. 


Connecticut regiment. He was discharged 15 Jan., 1780, and 
reached home on the 28th. Crossing at Kingsbridge Ferry he 
froze his feet, which caused him much suffering, and made him 


In Sept., 1 78 1, the British captured Fort Griswold at Groton 
and that week Bixby was drafted into Capt. Benjamin Cargill's 
company in Col. McClellan's regiment. He served one month 
as a private at Groton, working in and about the fort, helping 
repair it. He saw the blood on the ground shed at the massacre 
of the defenders. He also served one month at Tower Hill, and 
at Greenwich, R. I., in a company of militia commanded by Capt. 
Peter Keith, of which Elihu Lawrence was lieutenant, in Major 
Cady's command, and was dismissed at Tower Hill. 

In his second declaration made in 1833, still a resident of Web- 
ster, he states he had resided in Connecticut until within eight 
years past, and was 68 years of age, and that when he was in camp 
at Morristown he saw Gen. Washington and his guard. When as 
a recruit he marched from Windham to North River, there were 
two deserters from the army taken along. 

His discharge from the army, dated 16 Jan., 1780, is filed with 
the papers in the case at the Pension office. 

The Comptroller of Connecticut certified that Moses Bixby 
served in the 4th Conn. Regt., commanded by Col. Durkee, from 
16 Aug. to 15 Jan., 1780, and that he was one of the eight months' 
men and was from Killingly. His service is also credited as 4 
months (129 days) in Bradley's regiment, and under Cargill and 
Keith as claimed. 

Zebedeck Buck of Thompson, aged 74 in 1833, deposed that 
he was a soldier in the Revolution and was at Groton one month 
after it was taken by the British, saw the blood there, and helped 
repair the fort. He was shown the spot where Col. Ledyard was 
killed. "Moses Bixby, now of Webster, was a soldier with me." 
In a scuffle with Buck, Bixby "tore my rifle frock." He also saw 
Bixby at Tower Hill. Daniel Whitmore was "our drummer, and 
the boys traded a pistol and he fired it off and it knocked him 
down, and it left him with a scar on his face as long as he lived." 
He was allowed a pension. After his death, his widow Molly 
applied for a pension, stating that her husband died 22 Jan., 1835, 
and she had not remarried. Daniel Daw, the settled minister at 


Thompson, supplied a certificate, to the effect that Moses Bixby 
and Molly Green were married 3 Jan., 1788. Halsey Bixby, a 
son, deposed in 1838 that he was 37 years old, that his father died 
at his house 22 Jan., 1835, and that his mother had lived part of 
the time since with him. Aaron Bixby of Thompson deposed in 
1838 that he was 76 years of age, that Moses Bixby was his cousin, 
a few years younger than himself, that he had always lived near 
him, and, although never out with him as a soldier in the Revolu- 
tion, he knew that Moses had served in the army. 

The widow was allowed a pension, 1 and was living in Thompson 
in 1848, aged 80 years. She signed her name Molly or Mary. 


IV. Samuel Bixby {Jacob, Benjamin, Joseph), born 5 May, 

1767, at Thompson, Conn.; died 11 Oct., 1849; married 28 Feb., 
1788, at Thompson, Esther Elithorpe, born 21 Sept., 1765, 
died 25 Sept., 1831, daughter of Nathaniel 2 and Jemima (Young- 
love) Elithorpe. 3 Both the father and grandfather, Henry Eli- 
thorpe, of Esther (Elithorpe) Bixby served in the French and 
Indian Wars. 3 The family removed to Bridport, Vt., in 1794. 

1 Phebe, born 23 May, 1789, at Thompson; died 6 Sept., 1872, at Bridport, 

2- 2 Jacob, born 15 June, 1792, at Thompson; married Sophia Cooley. 

3 Electa, born 20 March, 1796, at Bridport; died there 28 July, 1867, 


4 Sally, born 8 Jan., 1801, at Bridport; died there, 18 Nov., 1 886 ; 4 married 

1 Jan., 1845, at Bridport, Jason Converse, 4 born 28 June, 1807, died 
21 May, 1880, son of Gardner and Polly (Sibley) Converse, and grandson 
of Capt. Paine Converse, a Revolutionary soldier. 

5- 5 Polly, born 24 May, 1802, at Bridport ; 4 married Chester Derby. 

6- 6 Samuel, born 26 Dec, 1806, at Bridport ; 4 married Evilene Howe. 


IV. Younglove Bixby {Jacob, Benjamin, Joseph), born 5 Sept., 

1768, at Thompson, Conn.; died 6 April, 1836, at Reading, Vt.; 
married 26 Dec, 1793, Rebecca Boyden, born 11 June, 1768, 
died 2 Feb., 1837, at Reading. 

1 In 1840, the Census of Pensioners records that she was living with Halsey Bixby, and was 7* 
years of age. » Information of Miss Ellen D. Larned of Thompson, Conn. 

1 Thompson church records. * Bridport, Vt., records. 



Younglove Bixby removed to Vermont, first settling at Guil- 
ford. He purchased from James Perry in 1793 land in Reading, 
being then called "of Guilford." 1 

Children, born at Reading: 2 

1- 1 Daniel, born 17 Dec, 1794; married Mary Pierce. 

2- 2 Rebecca, born 28 Nov., 1796; married Jesse Briggs. 

3 Jemima, born 28 Sept., 1798; died s.p.; married 12 March, 1838, Deacon 
Andrew Pettigrew of Plymouth, Vt. She was his third wife. 
4- 4 Asa, born 5 May, 1801; married Mary Tolles. 

5 James, born 4 Dec, 1802; died 4 Oct., 1805. 

6 Lucy, born 17 Oct., 1804; died 12 Aug., 1861, at Reading, unmarried. 

7 Polly, born 20 March, 1807; died 13 Nov., 1825. 

8- 8 James Arnold, born 17 March, 1809; married Betsy Martin; (2) Eliza* 

beth (Weston) Ornice; (3) Susan T. (Dodge) Kenney. 

9- 9 Younglove, born 2 March, 1812; married Melinda Hatch. He added 

John to his name in 1851. 


IV. Jemima Bixby (Jacob, Benjamin, Joseph), born 30 April, 
1772, at Thompson, Conn.; died 12 Jan., 1813, in Yates Co., N. Y.; 
married 10 June, 1793, 3 at Thompson, Jasper Partridge, born 
18 Oct., 1763, at Guilford, Vt., died 27 Oct., 1836, at Belfast, 
Alleghany Co., N. Y., 4 son of Jasper and Mary (Rice) Partridge. 6 

Jasper Partridge lived in Vermont and was a soldier in the Rev- 
olution. He enlisted 9 April, 1781, and served nine months. He 
removed to Fabius, N. Y., in 1806, and was one of the board of 
trustees for the Baptist church organized there 21 Nov., 1806. 
Thence he removed to Yates Co. About 1833 he moved to Bel- 
fast, and settled on a farm a little out of the village. He was 
short in stature, but very strong, especially in the arms. 

He married, second, at Milo, N. Y., 1814 or 1815, Mrs. Martha 
(Buchanan) Kipp. Children: Henry K. Partridge, born 13 
Jan., 1817, and others who died in infancy. 

1 Land records at Reading. Vt. 

1 Reading town records. The Bixby Ms. gives the birth of Asa as I May. Reading records 
were examined by Moses H. Bixby (12672.243) of Oleander, Calif. 

* Thompson Church Records. A member of the family gives 17 Jan., 1793, as date of marriage. 

4 Rice Genealogy. Mary Rice was a descendant of Edmund Rice, born 1594, who emigrated to 
New England. 

5 Information concerning this family was received from Dr. Barton S. Partridge (138P8-6), 
Jasper R. Partridge (138P8-1), and Mary J. Van Doren (138P8-4). Dr. Partridge found the record 
of his grandfather's family in his father's bible and also obtained information from papers filed in the 
Revolutionary pension case of Jasper Partridge. 


Children, 1 born at Guilford, except the two youngest, who were born 
at Fabius: 

1 Betsy Partridge, born 7 Dec, 1793; died 12 July, 1807. 

2- 2 Jonas Partridge, born 25 Nov., 1795; married Amelia E. Wilson. 

3 Erastus Partridge, born 18 Sept., 1797; joined regular army and died 
in the service. 

4- 4 Lemuel Partridge, born 14 July, 1799; married Euphamia McQuin. 

5- 5 Hannah Partridge, born 3 Nov., 1801; married William Gibbs. 

6- 6 Mary Partridge, born 21 Aug., 1803; married Rev. Thomas Davis. 

7- 7 David Partridge, born 22 Aug., 1805; married Laura Colton. 

8- 8 Lewis Joy Partridge; married Jane Ross. 

9- 9 Lucinda Partridge, born 4 March, 181 1; married John J. Crawford. 


IV. Hannah Bixby {Jacob, Benjamin, Joseph), born 26 May, 
1774, at Thompson; Conn.; died 13 Jan., 1822 ; 2 married 25 Dec, 
1800, at Bridport, Vt., William Barber. 3 

I Asa Barber, who married and had a son, William Barber, who in turn married 
and has a daughter. 


IV. Gideon Bixby {Gideon, George, Joseph), born 15 June, 1752, 
at Boxford, Mass.; died there 15 Feb., 1830; married there 18 
July, 1780, 4 Sally Wood, born 27 Aug., 1757, at Boxford, 5 died 
there 9 Oct., 1837, daughter of Jonathan and Sarah (Spofford) 6 

Children, born at Boxford: 4 

1- 1 Rebecca (Becca), born 12 May, 1781; married Ancil Kimball. 

2- 2 Sally, born 6 Dec, 1783; married Abraham T. Tilton. 

information concerning this family was received from Dr. Barton S. Partridge (138P8-6), 
Jasper R. Partridge (138P8-1), and Mary J. Van Doren (138P8-4). Dr. Partridge found the record 
of his grandfather's family in his father's bible and also obtained information from papers filed 
in the Revolutionary pension case of Jasper Partridge. 

2 Or 1813, according to Jasper R. Partridge (138P8-1). 

3 Jasper Ross Partridge (138P8-1) wrote in 1909: "I have heard father say that his mother and 
sister Betsy and his aunt Hannah Barber all died within a week and were buried in an old cemetery 
in Yates County, but we have no dates. William Barber succeeded his father as sexton and 
undertaker in Geneva, for many years, and is probably dead. He had one child, a daughter, 
but I have forgotten her husband's name, and I presume the family are all dead." 

4 Boxford Vital Records. 

6 Information of Mrs. H. G. Tilton (17212-2), Skowhegan, Me. 

• Mrs. Tilton writes that the maiden name of Sarah, wife of Jonathan Wood, was Redlngton. 
The Boxford record gives the marriage of Jonathan Wood and Mrs. Sarah Spofford, 24 Nov., 
1778, at Rowley; and the birth of Sarah, daughter of Jonathan and Sarah Wood, 27 Aug., 1757- 


3 David, born 20 April, 1786; died 19 Jan., 1849, at Boxford, unmarried. 
He was an invalid most of his life. He purchased land in Rowley in 
1826 and lived there. In 1839 he is styled of Georgetown, and was 
living there in 1845. 1 

4- 4 George, born 27 Dec, 1788; married Rachel White. 

5- 5 Charles, born 19 Oct., 1793; married Hannah French. 

6- 6 Samuel, born 13 April, 1799; married Eleanor E. Johnson. 

Gideon Bixby was a farmer in Boxford. He inherited hi s 
father's homestead. On the 21 April, 1774, he conveyed 108 
acres with the buildings thereon to John Herrick. In this deed 
his mother Rebecca Gould joined; 2 and the same day he bought 
of Herrick a farm of 100 acres, with the stipulation that his mother 
should have the same right of dower in this farm as she had had 
in the farm sold to Herrick. The transaction was virtually an 
exchange of the two homesteads. The house on the Bixby farm 
which passed to Herrick, somewhat altered, was still standing 
when Perley wrote his "Dwellings of Boxford." 

The family tradition that Gideon Bixby was a soldier in the 
Revolution is not sustained by official records. Jonathan Wood, 
his father-in-law, was, however, a Revolutionary soldier. 


IV. Nathaniel Bixby {Jonathan, Jonathan, Joseph), baptized 
Oct., 1736, at Boxford, Mass.; married Mary Stowers, "Jr.," 
their intention of marriage being recorded at Leicester, Mass., 
27 March, 1762. He was styled "of Sutton." 


1 Samuel Stowers, born 2 July, 1763, at Oxford; 3 married 17 March, 
1790, at Middleton, Polly Sessions. 4 He is enumerated in the Census 
of 1790, his family consisting of self and wife, both living at Middleton; 
and in the direct tax of 1798 he was described as still a resident and 
land owner there. 
2- 2 Elias, born 13 Aug., 1765, at Oxford. 3 

3 Elizabeth Goodale, born 26 Sept., 1767, at Oxford. 3 

4 Mary Newhall, born 2 Feb., 1770, at Worcester. 5 

Nathaniel Bixby served for several campaigns in the last war 
with France. His name appears on a pay abstract dated 30 May, 

1 The name of David Bixley, probably an error for Bixby, appears as a private in company 
commanded by Lt. Pritchard in Lt. Col. Page's regiment, which was stationed at Fort Warren, 
in Boston Harbor, 13 Sept., to 7 Nov., 1814. (Mass. Militia in War of 1812.) 

2 Essex Deeds, 148: 257; 132: 248. 4 Middleton Vital Records. 
' Oxford Vital Records. 6 Worcester Births. 


1754, for billeting the company commanded by Capt. Humphrey 
Hobbs from "their several homes to Charlestown Ferry." He 
received credit for thirty miles travel from Boxford. 1 A further 
record shows that he had enlisted, as centinel, in the above com- 
pany, 31 May, and was discharged 22 Sept., 1754, and that he 
served in Col. Winslow's regiment on the Eastern frontiers. 

He again enlisted for the Crown Point Expedition in 1756, the 
date of his "entering" being given 18 March, that of his enlistment 
15 April. In the former case he is said to be a member of Capt. 
Israel Davis' company, the roll being dated 17 Feb., 1757, and 
the comment added "Came off without leave." But his enlist- 
ment record shows that he was a volunteer from Capt. Perley's 
militia company, in Col. Saltonstall's regiment, and was at Brad- 
ford 24 July, 1756, being returned as in service by "1st captain" 
Benjamin Millicken. He was probably assigned to Davis' com- 
pany as he appears on the roll of that company as corporal, in a 
return dated camp Fort William Henry 9 Aug., 1756, and noted 
as having volunteered out of Col. Richard Saltonstall's regiment 
from Boxford. Davis commanded a company in the regiment 
commanded by Col. Bagley. In a roll dated 12 October, he is 
noted as "sick at Albany." This corroborates the family tradition, 
told by Perley in History of Boxford, that he was taken sick at 
Ft. Edward and sent to hospital at Albany, where he was found 
by his uncle Elias Bixby (186), then living at Sheffield. Although 
he was almost beyond recovery, his uncle cared for him, took him 
to his home at Sheffield, where, after a stay of five weeks, careful 
nursing restored his health so that he was able to return to Box- 
ford in October. His uncle accompanied him on the 160 mile 

His name appears on the roll of a company of militia, probably 
the train band, commanded by Capt. Francis Peabody, in Lt. 
Col. John Osgood's regiment, 20 April, 1757, but he is not known 
to have seen active service that year. He enlisted 12 April, 1760, 
and served until 8 December in the company commanded by Capt. 
Henry Young Brown, and was allowed 120 miles travel home. 
Brown commanded a company in Col. Ruggles' regiment. 

Probably he is also the Nathaniel Bixbee, aged 23 years, called 
"of Haverhill," who enlisted for the invasion of Canada, 6 April, 

1 Mass. Archives, French War Rolls, Vols. 93. 94. 97, 98. 


1759, in Lt. Col. John Osgood's regiment. He is also thought to 
be that Nathaniel Bixby called of Leicester, housewright, who 
sued John Symonds of Holden to recover £12 due on a note dated 
14 April, 1760. He obtained judgment. 1 


IV. Elizabeth Bixby (Jonathan, Jonathan, Joseph), baptized 
April, 1738, at Boxford, Mass.; died 19 Feb., 1832, aged 94 years; 2 
married 17 June, 1760, at Boxford, 3 Elias Johnson, son of Daniel 
and Susanna (Bixby) Johnson (1891), born 28 Feb., I734~5» died 
25 Oct., 181 1, aged 77 years. 2 He was a deacon in the Haverhill 
church. 4 
Children, born at Haverhill, 3 Mass: 

1 Rachel Johnson, born 23 May, 1761. 

2 Elizabeth Johnson, born 18 Aug., 1764. 

3 Olive Johnson, born 29 Sept., 1767. 

4 Daniel Johnson, baptized 3 Sept., 1769. 

5 Ruth Johnson, born 2 Sept., 1770. 

6 Daniel Johnson, born 4 July, 1774- 


IV. Huldah Bixby (Jonathan, Jonathan, Joseph), baptized 

Oct., 1740, at Boxford, Mass.; died 13 Jan., 1823, at Temple, 

N. H.; married 28 Dec, 1764, Asa Stiles, of Middleton, born 

3 Nov.', 1741, died 19 April, 1808, son of Ebenezer, Jr., and Sarah 

(How) Stiles. Mrs. Huldah (Bixby) Stiles was dismissed from 

the church in Boxford to the church in Middleton, 29 Aug., 1773. 

About 1779 the family removed to that part of Wilton, N. H., 

now in Temple. 5 

Children, except the eldest, born at Middleton: 5 

1 Asa Stiles, born 17 Nov., 1765, at Boxford; died 10 Feb., 1832 at 
Wilton He was a farmer, merchant and blacksmith. He married 22 May, 
I7Q2, his cousin Betsey Stiles, who died 27 Aug., 1800, daughter of Abner 
Stiles He married (2) Mrs. Abigail (Harwood) Carson, who died 4 May, 
i82i;'(3) 18 Nov., 1822, Polly (Dascomb) Stiles, who died 26 Feb., 1849. 

1. Asa e Stiles, born 27 April, I794I died 2 Oct., 1874; married 2 Dec, 1819, 
Polly Tapley; (2) Mrs. Lucinda B. Holt; (3) Mrs. Betsey Farwell. 

1 Court of Common Pleas for Worcester Co., 1760. ' Haverhill Vital Records. 

• Inscription on gravestone. Haverhill. * Chase: History of Haverhill. 

5 Stiles Genealogy, p. 83, 106, etc. 


2. Betsey Stiles, born 17 April, 1798; died 13 April, 1883; married David 

Blood of Mason, N. H. 

3. Polly Stiles, born 7 June, 1800; married Royal Blood of Mason. 
By second marriage: 

4. Nancy Stiles, born 25 Nov., 1803; married Gilbert Tapley of Milford, 

N. H. 

5. Abigail Stiles, born 1805; married Ebenezer Davidson. They removed 

to Connecticut. 

6. Sarah Stiles, born 1806; married Reuben Daniels of Woodstock, Vt. 

2 Ebenezer Stiles, born 28 Aug., 1769; died at Temple, 1835; married Pru- 

dence Child, born 30 Aug., 1769, died 5 Sept., 1805, daughter of Moses 
and Sarah (Stiles) Child of Temple. He married (2) Sarah Putnam. 

1. Timothy Stiles, born 1797; married Nancy Parkman. 

2. Susannah Stiles, married Ira Hadley. 
By second marriage: 

3. Willard Stiles, born 1806; married Eliza Gould. 

4. Sarah Stiles, born 10 June, 1809; married Abbott of Milford. 

3 Huldah Stiles, born 28 Dec, 1772; married 5 March, 1795, Joseph Kidder 

of Temple. 

Children, besides two who died in infancy: 

1. Fanny Kidder, born 7 Oct., 1799; died 22 Jan., 1881, unmarried. 

2. Edna Kidder, born 25 Oct., 1801; died 17 June, 1877, unmarried. 

3. Asa Kidder, born 27 Sept., 1803; died 26 Sept., 1880; married 25 Aug., 

1833, at Gaines, N. Y., Maria Burbank. 

4. Washington Kidder, born 14 July, 1806; died 21 Sept., 1806. 

5. Jefferson Kidder, born 14 July, 1806; married 13 Dec, 1840, Maria 

Knight of Westminster. 

6. Nelson Kidder, born 14 May, 1809; married, 1838, Lucy B. Barnes. 

7. Olive Kidder, born 16 Feb., 1814; married 19 April, 1832, Dr. David 

Wiley, who died 30 Jan., 1871. 

4 Olive Stiles, born 6 Aug., 1776; died 1851, unmarried. 

5 Fanny Stiles, born 30 March, 1778; died 24 May, 1866, at Wilton; married 

17 June, 1800, Oliver Whiting, born 5 Jan., 1778, at Temple, died 2 Aug., 
1849. He was seventh in descent from Rev. Samuel Whiting, first minister 
of Lynn, Mass. 


1. Oliver Whiting, born 21 Feb., 1801; died 29 June, 1803. 

2. Fanny Whiting, born 17 March, 1807; died 17 July, 1830; married 5 

June, 1828, Ephraim Whiting Blood of Temple. 

3. David Whiting, born 26 Aug., 1810; died 1882; married Emma Spaulding. 

4. Martha Whiting, born 7 Aug., 1812; died 1 May, 1813. 

5. Hannah Whiting, born 12 June, 1814; married John Bragg of Wilton. 

6. Sarah Whiting, born 3 April, 1816; married 2 Aug., 1841, Jonathan 


6 David Stiles, born 22 Dec, 1779; died at Wilton, June, 1870; married Eliza- 

beth Mack of Londonderry, N. H., who died Feb., 1872, aged about 95 
years. He was much engaged in land surveying, settling estates, and 
business of a justice of the peace. He also taught school. 

1. Eliza Jane Stiles, born 1808, at Temple; died Oct., 1868; married James 

S. Mace of Amherst, N. H. 

2. David Stiles, born 11 Feb., 181 1; killed by a railroad train at Lyndeboro, 

N. H., 1 Jan., 1881; married, 1839, Maria Goodrich, who died 31 
Dec, 1884. They settled at Mount Vernon, N. H. 

3. Frances Stiles, born July, 1813, resided at Wilton; unmarried. 



IV. Aphia 1 (also Affee and Affa) 2 Bixby {Jonathan, Jonathan, 
Joseph), born 16 March, 1750-1, at Boxford, Mass. ; l died 16 March, 
1829, "aged 83 years," 2 at Bernardston, Mass.; married 3 26 Feb., 
1771, John Powers of Salem, Mass., 1 a baker, born at Charles- 
town, Mass., died 12 Jan., 1826, at the age of 82, son of John and 
Sarah (Eveleth) Powers. They lived in Boston, Quincy, Milton, 
Braintree, Middleton, Greenfield and Bernardston, Mass. 

Children: i 

1 John Powers, living in Weston, Mass., 1863. 

2 Abigail Powers, married William Reed. 

3 Daniel Eveleth Powers, married 26 Feb., 1797, in Boston, Mary Bull; 

(2) Deborah Crocker. They lived in Boston. 

4- 4 Sarah Powers, born 26 Aug., 1779; married John Williams. 
5 Joseph Powers, died unmarried. 

6- 6 Joanna Powers, born 3 Feb., 1785, at Quincy, Mass.; married Samuel 
Gray; (2) William Evans. 
7 Edward Epps Powers, born 24 Nov., 1793, at Lancaster, Mass.; died 
12 June, 1855, in Chicago, 111., unmarried. He was apprenticed to 
learn the trade of saddler and harness maker. In early life he removed 
to Georgia and started in mercantile life, in which at Clinton and Co- 
lumbus, he achieved financial success. During his life he not only gave 
generously, but at his death left $10,000, to endow an educational 
institution at Bernardston, now called the Powers Institute, and a 
like memorial to the Female Orphan Asylum at Columbus. He had 
a summer residence in Bernardston, and is buried there. 

Affa (Bixby) Powers is the only member of the first four 
generations of the Bixby family whose likeness it has been possible 
to obtain for the purpose of inserting in this genealogy. Opposite 
is shown the reproduction 5 of a silhouette. On the back of the 
original is written "Affa Bixbee Powers, aged 80, Nov. 8, 1827." 


IV. Ruth Bixby (Jonathan, Jonathan, Joseph), born 15 Aug., 
1754, at Boxford, Mass.; died 15 July, 1783, at Middleton, Mass., 
aged twenty eight years; 6 married 14 March, 1780, at Middleton, 

1 Boxford, Mass., Vital Records. 

2 Information of Theodore Gray (18296-54), who spells the name Affa Bixbee. 

8 She was unmarried in July, 1769. Session Record, July, 1770, at Salem, Mass., where the 
name is spelled Apphia. 

4 Information of Alfred W. Lucas (18294-62) and Theodore Gray (18296-54), with additions 
from Kellogg's History of Bernardston, Mass. 

6 Through the courtesy of Theodore Gray (18296-54). 

8 Gravestone at Middleton; see Middleton Vital Records. 



Nehemiah Fuller, born 25 Oct., 1750, 1 died 24 March, 1785, 
aged 34 years, son of Ephraim and Mary (Putnam) Fuller of 
Middleton. 2 

Child : 

1 Nehemiah Fuller, born 22 Sept., 1780, 1 at Middleton; died there 30 March, 
1806, aged twenty five years. 


IV. David Bixby (Jonathan, Jonathan, Joseph), born 6 Sept., 
1757, at Boxford, Mass.; died 18 Dec, 1838, at Piermont, N. H.; 3 
married 26 April, 1790, at Pepperrill, 3 Mass., Nancy Pecker, 4 
born 1770, 3 living, 1848, aged 78 years. 3 
Children, born at Piermont: 5 

1- 1 Jeremiah, born 13 Aug., 1791; married Eliza Sinclair. 

2- 2 David, born 9 Aug., 1793; married Lydia Barber. 

3- 3 Nancy, born 1 May, 1795; married Roswell Farnham. 

4- 4 Ruth, born 20 Aug., 1797; married Roswell Farnham. 

5- 5 Harriet, born 17 April, 1802; married Nathaniel Kimball. 

6- 6 John M., 6 born 22 Feb., 1803; married Elizabeth Fifield. 

7 Mary Ann, born 22 Sept., 1807; died 2 May, 1883; married David Clark, 
who was born June, 1808, and died 21 Aug., 1861, aged 53 years, two 

David Bixby was a resident of Middleton, Mass., at the com- 
mencement of the Revolution. He enlisted in Jan., 1775, in a 
company of Minute Men, and was in the battle of Lexington, 
19 April, 1775. He enlisted 4 May, 1775, in a company commanded 
by Capt. Asa Prince, Col. Mansfield's regiment, for eight months 
and served until the expiration of his term of enlistment. 7 He 
received a bounty coat order, 21 Dec, 1775. 8 In 1776 he enlisted 
for a tour of duty in Rhode Island, and marched to Bristol, R. I. 

1 Middleton Vital Records. 

2 Fuller Genealogy, by J. F. Fuller, where his birth appears as 5 Oct. 

' Papers in pension case, U. S. Pension Bureau. The death of David Bixby is not of record at 

'"Parker" in Pepperrell records, but in the pension papers, while the name is Parker in one 
or more instances, she styles herself as Nancy Pecker. Family tradition asserts her to have been 
the daughter of John Pecker of Haverhill, a prominent citizen and physician there, for whom 
Pecker street, Haverhill, is named. Dr. Pecker was twice married and had twenty children. A 
daughter Anna was baptized 16 June, 1765. 

6 The births of the four eldest children are found on Piermont records. 

• He is variously styled John Minard and John Minott. His marriage record and his signature 
in 1848, as a witness in papers in pension case of mother, reads John M. 

7 Papers in pension case, U. S. Pension Bureau. 

8 Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolution. 


His service under this enlistment was for two months, 1 but is not 
of record on the Massachusetts Revolutionary Rolls. He again 
enlisted, 25 Aug., 1777, and was discharged, 30 Nov., 1777, 2 near 
Kingsbridge, N. Y. He was a corporal in company commanded 
by Capt. Samuel Flint, Col. Samuel Johnson's regiment. 2 In his 
declaration when applying for a pension, 16 Aug., 1832, he stated 
that he served three months in Flint's company, marched to Still- 
water, and was at the taking of Burgoyne, and that his captain, 
lieutenant, and a large number of the company were killed at 
Bemis Heights, 17 October. His command marched from Sara- 
toga down the North (Hudson) river to Kingsbridge. The Massa- 
chusetts rolls show he was allowed mileage from Scarsdale, N. Y., 
home. He again enlisted, I Sept., 1778, for two months, in a com- 
pany commanded by Capt. Woodbury in Col. Thorndike's regi- 
ment, and marched to Rhode Island, where he participated in the 
campaign under Gen. Sullivan, and was "with Gen. Sullivan in 
battle and during the retreat from the island. " He was discharged 
at Patuckett. 1 He next shipped as ordinary seaman on the ship 
Franklin, 3 Capt. John Turner, his name appearing on a descriptive 
list of the crew dated 2 Dec, 1780, 2 where he is described as aged 
21 years, light complexion, a resident of Salem. The cruise of 
this vessel began 8 Aug., 1780. His own declaration of service 
states he entered the service in April, 1781, undoubtedly a lapse 
of memory as to the year; was captured with a prize of the Franklin, 
and was held a prisoner for 17 months, 11 months of which were 
spent in Mill Prison in England. He was finally exchanged "for 
Lord Cornwallis' men," and returned to Boston in 1782. 1 Accord- 
ing to his own statement he was in fourteen battles on 
the ocean and in the battle of Bunker Hill. 1 Family tradition 
avers that he was quite successful in his first privateering cruise, 
his share of the prize money being considerable, but on a second 

1 Papers in pension case, U. S. Pension Bureau. 

2 Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolution. 

3 The ship Franklin was owned by Nathan Goodale of Salem, merchant. His bond applying 
for a letter of marque was on file with the Secretary of State for Massachusetts in 1849, as certified 
to by William Tufts, deputy, in the pension case cited. The Franklin was to be commanded by 
John Turner, Jr., and was a private ship of war. The name of David Bixby appeared on a roll 
of the ship's company dated 6 Aug., 1780. In June and in Dec, 1781, Congress granted letters 
of marque to the ship Franklin of Salem, owned by George and Andrew Cabot and Bartholomew 
Putnam. The Franklin was then described as mounting 18 guns and carrying a crew of 100 men. 
(Naval Records of the Revolution, published by Library of Congress.) The Franklin was captured 
1 May, 1781 (N. E. Hist. Gen. Reg., 19: 211). 


cruise was taken prisoner and suffered great privations in Mill 
Prison near Dartmouth. At the time of his capture his ship was 
near a home port, but was overhauled by a British frigate. 

David Bixby dated his pension application at Piermont, N. H., 
16 Aug., 1832. He gave his age as 75 years, stating he had a 
record of his birth made by his father, and that he had lived in 
Piermont for thirty-seven years. He received a pension of $50 
per annum, dating from 4 March, 1831. An affidavit filed with 
his application, given by Jonathan Sheldon of Danville, Vt., who 
was aged 77 years in 1832, states that Sheldon enlisted 1 Sept., 
1777, in Capt. Flint's company, for three months, and served in 
the same company as Bixby, who was a resident of Middleton. 
Sheldon lived in Danvers. "Bixby and nearly all the company 
marched, as nearly as I can recollect, three or four days before 
I did. I joined the company at Stillwater. Bixby was in the 
engagement which took place shortly before Burgoyne's surrender. 
He was a good and faithful soldier." After the surrender the 
company marched to White Plains, thence Bixby returned home. 

Upon his return from England, Bixby appears to have lived 
two or three years in Middleton. In 1784 he joined with his brother 
Jonathan in conveying lands in Middleton, and in 1786 he and 
Jonathan, both of Haverhill, sell to John Upton, 44 acres, on which 
their house and barn stood, and other land, in all about 100 acres 
in Middleton. 1 He may have lived a brief period at Pepperrell, 
but in 1794 bought land in Piermont, N. H., 2 whither, it would 
seem, from the entries of birth of his elder children, he had gone 
immediately after his marriage. 

His widow, Nancy, applied for a pension, 8 May, 1839, declaring 
that she was 69 years of age, that she had married David Bixby 
19 April, 1790, and had not remarried since his death, 18 Dec, 
1838. 3 When she was 78 years old she applied for an increase of 
pension. John M. Bixby and his son John witnessed her 

Piermont was settled prior to the Revolution, and is in the north- 
western part of Grafton county, on the Connecticut river, just 
south of Haverhill. 

1 Essex Deeds, 142: 271; 134: 147. s Grafton Deeds, 19: 35- 

3 Papers in pension case, U. S. Pension Bureau. The death of David Bixby is not of record at 



IV. Jonathan Bixby l (Elias, Jonathan, Joseph), born probably 
about 1730 at Fairfield, Conn.; died at Nobletown, Columbia 
Co., N. Y., 20 Jan., 1812; 2 married 4 July, 1752, at Fairfield, 
Martha Hull, 3 daughter of George Hull; He married, second, 
May, 1798, at Nobletown, Elizabeth, 2 born 1762, living in Nov., 
1852, aged ninety years, at Addison, N. Y. 2 
Children, four eldest born at Fairfield: 4 

1- 1 Lydia, born 19 Feb., 1753; married Abel Whalen. 

2- 2 Sarah, born 19 Feb., 1755; married Caleb Clark. 

3 Daniel, born 15 May, 1757. 

4 John, twin with Daniel. 

5- 5 Aaron Hull, born probably in 1758; married Mercy Bagley. 

6- 6 Nathaniel, born about 1760; married — — — ; (2) . 

7~ 7 Andrews (Andreas), born about 1762; married Priscilla Cleveland. 

8 Jonathan, born I764- 5 
9- 9 Moses, born 1766; married Eva Schauermann. 

Jonathan Bixbe was in Fairfield as late as 1766, when his name 
appears on the account book of the Sterling Store at Wilton. Soon 
after that date he probably joined his father in Nobletown, as he 
was a member of the Claverack, N. Y., company, commanded by 
Capt. Hogeboom, 1 May, 1767. 6 He served in the Revolution. 
On the 20 Aug., 1852, Elizabeth Bixbe, his widow, then living in 
Addison, Steuben Co., N. Y., made application for a pension. 
She asserted she was married to Jonathan Bixby at Nobletown in 
the county of Columbia, N. Y., and that the marriage ceremony 
was performed by Eugene Birdsall on 1 May, 1798. She claimed 
that Jonathan had been a captain in the Revolutionary war. 

1 His name is variously spelled in different records. The spelling used in the text is that used 
in the records from which the facts recorded were taken. 

2 Widow's application for pension. 

3 Fairfield records. She may have been sister of George Hull (186-5). 

* Fairfield records. The children younger than Aaron Hull are presumptive. No direct record 
or family evidence can be found to substantiate this arrangement, but such is the cumulative, 
although circumstantial, evidence from many sources, that it seems certain they were children of 
Jonathan (1861). No other group of families in this history has demanded the research this has 

6 In an undated roster of New York State troops, from internal evidences of later date than 
May, 1778, it appears that there was a Jonathan Bixby, a private, in the company of Capt. Whitney, 
being the sixth company in Van Ness' regiment, who undoubtedly is Jonathan (1861-8). Joshua 
Whitney was in command of the sixth company in October and November, 1781, and was then 
present at Saratoga with a detachment of his company. At the same time Lieut. Whalen was 
detached with men from his company on the same service. (New York in the Revolution, 1 : 268: 9.) 

6 Second Report of the State Historian. 


She filed with her application the commission issued to him by 
"The Provincial Congress for the Colony of New York," dated 
15 May, 1776. This commission is still on file at the Pension 
Bureau, and shows that Jonathan Bigsby was made a captain of 
the fifth company of foot in the ninth regiment of the county of 
Albany, commanded by Col. Peter Van Ness. She further stated 
that Jonathan died at Nobletown in New York, 20 Jan., 1812, and 
that at the time of making her application she was ninety years 
of age. 1 

Joseph Orr of Addison testified he was sixty five years of age 
and had known Jonathan Bixby who was a Revolutionary soldier, 
and was acquainted with his wife, now his widow, and that they 
were married at Nobletown in 1798, and had ever after lived as 
man and wife. He had often heard Jonathan Bixby relate the 
"acts and circumstances which took place while he was acting as 
captain in the Revolutionary war and that he was called captain; 
.... said Bixby was a man from five feet eight inches to five feet 
ten inches in height, light complexioned, rather strong build; that 
he attempted to get the record of their marriage, but has been 
unable; that he has seen the entry thereof in the family bible 
kept by the said Bixby, while in the possession of his son Aaron 
Bixby, but has been unable to learn where said Aaron now resides. " l 
The application was rejected for lack of evidence of Jonathan 
Bixby 's marriage and death, and because the statements were 
not according to the form prescribed by law. The case was still 
pending 6 May, 1853. From New York State records it appears 
that Jonathan Bixby was in command of the company mentioned 
above on the 28 May, 1778, and that Abel Wheland was second 
lieutenant of that company. This company was apparently at- 
tached to the Second Claverack Battalion. Joseph Heath, who 
had been first lieutenant, was promoted captain in place of Jonathan 
Bixby, resigned, 6 Feb., 1779, and Wheland became first lieutenant. 

There is a return endorsed "Nobletown, Nov ye 18 day 1776. 
Return of Cap Bixby Company in the Continental Searvis," filed 
with the Connecticut Revolutionary Rolls, 2 in which Capt. Jonathan 
Bixby is credited with thirty one days' service, and Lieut. Abel 
Wheatland with thirty days' service. Caleb Clark was also a 
member of this company. 

1 Papers, Pension Bureau. * Connecticut Men in the Revolution, p. 619- 


William C. Bixby (18616.434) of New York wrote in 1909, "my 
father, Jonathan Bixby, had a relative, whom he thinks was his 
uncle, who was an officer in the Revolution, and that his own uncle 
Andrew was named after another uncle of his father, who was 
called Andrus or Andrew." 

Jonathan Bigsby of Hillsdale is the only one of that name, i. e., 
Jonathan, in the United States census of 1790. He was the head 
of a family consisting of three males over sixteen years and two 
females. The only other Bigsby or Bixby in Hillsdale was Moses 


IV. Daniel Bixby (Elias, Jonathan, Joseph), born 1732, prob- 
ably at Fairfield, Conn.; died prior to 1762; married, probably, 
Deziah Herrick. Rev. Thomas P. Ege, compiler of the Dodson 
Genealogy, has supplied the following information concerning 
Deziah Herrick: "Deziah Herrick, wife of Elias Bixby, was born 
1728 and died 18 Sept., 1804. She married, second, Nathan Beach, 
and again, in her old age, Joseph Rhodes. Her small tombstone 
in Beach Grove Cemetery, near Beach Haven, Penn., bears the 
inscription 'Deziah Rhodes, mother of Nathan Beach, Jr., died 
18 April, 1804.' Nathan Beach, Jr., her son, died in 1847, eighty 
four years of age. He had been a most useful and prosperous 
citizen, and had represented his county in the state legislature. 
Nathan Beach, Sr., came to Luzerne Co. in 1769, from near 
Hudson, N. Y. His wife, the widow Bixby, was the first white 
woman to cross the Blue Mountains into Pennsylvania. I find 
further that she had but one child by Nathan Beach, viz., Nathan 
Beach, Jr., born July, 1763. Thomas Dodson married Mehitable 
Bixby, April, 1778, and Jonas Dodson married Susannah Bixby, 
also in 1778. Nathan Beach, Jr., had the following children: 
Thomas, Josiah, Nathan, Hannah, Ann, Mary, Deziah. The last 
named married Dr. Mason Crary, of Albany, N. Y., who settled 
in Luzerne and was the father of Nathan Beach Crary, who is 
now quite an old man." Mr. Crary died in February, 191 1. He was 
of Shicksinny, Penn., and from him "and others" Mr. Ege obtained 
what information he had concerning Deziah (Herrick-Bixby) Beach. 
It is apparently through this same source that the tradition was 
perpetuated, that Elias Bixby, the supposed husband of Deziah, 
was a New England sea captain who was lost at sea. 


Children, born probably in Connecticut, or Columbia Co., N. Y., of 
Deziah (Herrick) Bixby: 

I Elias, killed 3 July, 1778, in the Wyoming massacre. The account books 
of M. & J. Hollenback, merchants, at Wilkesbarre, show a charge against 
Elias Bigsby, Jr., under date of 18 Oct., 1774, of sugar, deck of cards, and 
mittens. Elias Bigsby, Sr., also had an account with the firm. Following 
the entry against the younger Elias, is a charge against the notorious Queen 
Esther, the Indian, whose ferocity at the time of the massacre led to her 
killing, with her own hand, several of the Americans taken prisoner at 
the battle. The knowledge that Elias Bixby was not married is based 
on a statement made by Mary Ann Hollenback to her niece, Mrs. Welles, 
the mother of Mr. Edward Welles of Wilkesbarre, to the effect that Elias 
Bixby was a clerk in the store of the Hollenbacks and was engaged to marry 
Mary Ann Hollenback, and that he was killed in the battle, his body being 
identified by articles found on it, which were sent to her. This precludes 
the idea that Bether Bixby, whose name appears on the list of losses, could 
have been the widow of Elias. The following statement appears in a 
record in possession of Mr. Welles. This statement was made by Nathan 
Beach, Esq., 5 Sept., 1834, and was written down at that time by George 
M. Hollenback, 1 son of Matthias Hollenback. "Matthias Hollenback 
was ensign in Capt. Robert Durkee's company, 2d Regiment Penn. line; 
was in the Jerseys at Elizabethtown, Monmouth, and afterward in the 
Wyoming battle in 1778. Wyoming was at that time called Westmore- 
land, attached to Litchfield Co., Conn. Elias Bixby was orderly sergeant 
in the same company, and served at the battle of Long Island, and after- 
ward taken prisoner at Fort Washington, was placed aboard the prison 
ship Jersey, and was killed July 3, 1778, in the Wyoming Massacre. He 
left one sister, married to Thomas Dodson, both since deceased, leaving 
the following children: Elias, Nathan, Richard, Stephen, John Dodson. 
It is said that all the names are registered in the War Office, and calcula- 
tions made of the amounts due each officer or soldier. " Examination of the 
rolls of soldiers in the American Revolution, preserved by the states of 
Pennsylvania and Connecticut, fails to reveal the name of the above de- 
scribed Elias Bixby. It is acknowledged that the rolls of the Wyoming 
companies are incomplete. The name of Elias Bixby appears on the Wyo- 
ming Monument. Administration on the estate of Elias Bixby was first 

granted to Dodson, who filed an inventory taken in 1782 by Hugh 

Fordsman and Abel Yarrington. The estate was represented worth £52, 
including several small notes of hand. There is no record of Dodson's 
appointment either at Wilkesbarre or at Sunbury. Nathan Cary was 
appointed administrator, 10 Dec, 1788, and it is through the inventory 
filed by him, dated 6 July, 1789, that the earlier administration is known. 
Among the debts of the estate was a note to the administrator for $100, 
dated 1 May, 1778, which remains on file, the signature to which proves 
to be the same as that appended to the note 2 on the cover of the Hollenback 
ledger, described under Elias (186). Cary, unable to realize on the person- 
alty, obtained permission to sell lot No. 10 in Plymouth, which belonged 

1 "John Hollenbach was my grand-father. His son, George M. Hollenbach, died without issue. 
It was George M. Hollenbach who made the deposition regarding the Revolutionary service 
quoted by Mr. Charles W. Bixby (13435.322) of Wilkes-Barre. 

"Ellen Hollenbach, a sister of George M., married Charles Fisher Welles, the father of Ed- 
ward Welles. She told Mr. Edward Welles of the battle and the finding of the relics on the 
body of Elias Bixby. She was a niece of Mary Ann Hollenbach, who is said to have been en- 
gaged to the said Elias BLxby. Mary Ann had been sent down the river with others upon the 
first alarm. She married William Cherry of Virginia, and was remembered by her niece Ellen 
(Hollenbach) Welles." {.Statement of Mr. Edward Welles, March, ion.) 

'A facsimile is shown opposite page 158. 


to the deceased. This lot was sold 25 Dec, 1789, to John Nathan Wolley> 
who resided upon it, but the conveyance was not made until 24 March, 
1 79 1. In the papers of administration Elias Bixby is described as of Ply- 
mouth. 1 

2- 2 Mehitable, born 12 May, 1760; married Thomas Dodson. 

3- 3 Susannah; married James Dodson. 

Daniel Bixby was one of the witnesses to an indenture dated 
21 April, 1 751, between the heirs of John Osburne of Fairfield. 2 
There is no further mention of him on Fairfield records. He 
probably accompanied his father to Noble town. He is undoubtedly 
that Daniel Bixby who appears as sergeant in Capt. Phillip J. 
Schuyler's company, in the regiment of N. Y. Provincial troops 
commanded by Col. James De Lancey, serving from 14 June to 
2 Dec, 1755. He also served as a private in a company commanded 
by Capt. Peter Baine in 1760. He is reported enlisted 1 May, 
1760, aged 28 years, born in Connecticut, tailor, five feet ten inches 
in height, fair complexion, light brown hair, blue eyes; and as 
having volunteered out of Hogeboom's company of militia. 3 Capt. 
Johannis Hogeboom was captain of the militia company comprising 
the men of Claverack, including the disputed territory of Nobletown. 
In 1767 David and Jonathan Bixby, sons of Elias (186), were 
members of that company. Ezekiel Herrick of Coventry, Conn., 
born at Preston in 1699, lived for a time in western Massachusetts, 
and the seventh of his eight children, whose dates of birth are 
not given in the Herrick Genealogy, was named Deziah. It is 
thought probable that Daniel Bixby married this Deziah about 
I 755> an d died in the army, or from disease contracted during his 


IV. Molly Bixby {Elias, Jonathan, Joseph), born about 1734, 
probably at or near Fairfield, Conn.; married Thomas Roor- 
back or Roorbagh of Linlithgo, N. Y. 

Children* born at Claverack, N. Y., or Linlithgo: 

1 Jurger Roorback, born 25 April, 1756, at Claverack. 

2 Catalyntje Roorback, born 22 April, 1759, baptized at Linlithgo. 

1 Records Orphans' Court, Wilkesbarre, Perm. The Hollenback ledgers are now in possession 
of the Wyoming Hist, and Geol. Society. 2 Fairfield Land Records, X: 486. 

3 Report of N. Y. State Historian, Vol. 2, p. 584, also Volume i.and Collections N. Y. Historical 
Society, Vol. 24, p. 47. 

4 The record of the eldest child was found at Claverack, in the Dutch Church records; the 
others at Linlithgo. On the last named records, the name of the mother appears twice as Molly, 



/ /a* ; . 

y '-' ** 



■1 ^Ci>( 

' / 



3 Lena Roorback, born 7 Jan., 1761, baptized at Linlithgo. 

4 Sara Roorback, born 20 Sept., 1768, baptized at Linlithgo. 


IV. Elinor Bixby (Elias, Jonathan, Joseph), born probably 
about 1740; married 27 March, 1770, at Redding, Conn., Seth 
Meeker, (both of Redding 1 ), born 1749, died 5 Feb., 1829, and is 
buried at Umpawaug. 2 Seth Meeker probably married, second, 15 
March, 1775, Millicent Davis. 3 

Children, born at Redding: : 

1 Benjamin Meeker, born 1 Feb., 1771. 

2 Molly Meeker, born 19 Nov., 1773. 


IV. Ebenezer Bixby (Elias, Jonathan, Joseph), born at or near 
Fairfield, Conn., probably in 1 744 ; 4 died 10 March, 1822, in his 78th 
year, 5 at Hillsdale, N. Y.; married 1 Jan., 1767, at Norfield Parish, 
Fairfield, 6 Mary Morehouse, who died 22 Dec, 1816, in her seven- 
tieth year, at Hillsdale. 5 

Children, born at Norfield Parish, now Weston, Conn.: 6 

1- 1 Eleanor, baptized 17 Nov., 1768; married Joseph Morehouse. 

2- 2 Alba, baptized 14 July, 1771 ; married Mary Sturgess. 

Perhaps others. 7 

Ebenezer Bixby probably accompanied his father to Noble- 
town. He enlisted, 12 April, 1760, out of Staat's company of 

once as Maria. At Claverack the father's name appears as Roorbagh. There are no gravestones 
erected to any of this family in the cemetery, nor has any settlement of Thomas Roorback's 
estate been found in the records of Albany or Columbia counties. 

The Linlithgo records show the marriage of Mary Bixby to Coenralt Pickle, both of Livingston 
Manor, 18 April, 1780. Also there is found the record of baptism of Elias, son of David and Mary 
M. (Millard) Bigsby, 1777. The query arises, did the widow of David Bixby retire to Linlithgo 
after the Wyoming Massacre? 

1 Redding records. 

1 Grumman: Revolutionary Soldiers of Redding, p. 148, where the date of marriage with Millicent 
Davis is given 14 March. 

» Children of Seth and Millicent Meeker: John Meeker, born 30 March, 1776. Esther Meeker, 
born 26 Feb., 1778. Eleanor Meeker, born 21 March, 1780. Badonia Meeker, born 23 April, 
1782. Aaron Meeker, born 12 June, 1784; died 5 Nov., 1784- Charlotte Meeker, born 10 Dec, 
1785. Parmela Meeker, born 18 June, 1788. Catherine Meeker, born 22 Oct., 1700. Betsey 
Meeker, born 19 March, 1793. Moses Meeker, born 13 March, 1796. 

4 Coll. N. Y. Hist. Soc, Vol. 24, pp. 250, 527. 

• Gravestones at Hillsdale. e Norfield Parish Records. 

7 The Census of 1790 accords Ebenezer Bixby a family consisting of two males over 16 years, one 
male under 16 years, and two females. 


New York militia in Capt. Van Veghten's company of New York 
Provincial troops. 1 The muster roll describes him as aged sixteen 
years, five feet, six inches in height, fair complexion, with light 
brown hair and gray eyes. In 1761 he was a member of the same 
company, his name appearing as Eleazer Bixby. He returned to 
Fairfield, and in 1764 was witness of a deed from Samuel Sherwood 
to Daniel Andrews. On the 25 March, 1767, he bought of Daniel 
Andrews six acres in Norfield Parish, part of Applegate's Long 
Lot, near the house of Michael Dunning and bounded east by the 
highway. 2 On the 16 Jan., 1771, he purchased jointly with John 
Stillman Andrews from Seth Hall, 45 acres in Wilton Parish, being 
the eastern part of Harres' ridge. Probably his half of this pur- 
chase was what he sold, 28 Jan., 1793, to Job Lockwood, the same 
being described as 22j acres in Wilton. 2 The same day he sold 
14^ acres, house and barn to Jared Duncan. 

The Sterling Store (Wilton) accounts show that 16 June, 1769, he 
received credit for boards delivered and for sledding wood, which he 
offset by purchases, one of the items being a pair of boys' shoes at 
three shillings. The small credit due him was not discharged 
until Sept., 1776, when settlement was made by credit "with his 
school," the entry perhaps referring to the discharge for him of 
his school tax. In these accounts the name is generally written 
Bigsbee. He also had an account from 1771 to 1789 with Eliphalet 
Lockwood of Norwalk, who conducted an extensive trade through- 
out the neighboring towns. One of these items, in 1771, shows 
the payment of an account against Elias Bigsby by a like charge 
to Ebenezer. Another item due from Elias was settled by Mathew 
Marvin of Wilton. 

In 1785 and 1790 Ebenezer Bixby was one of the Collectors of 
the church rate for Norfield Parish. In 1787 he was active in the 
movement to obtain the setting off of Weston as a town. He may 
have removed to Hillsdale about 1797, 3 as that year he and wife 
Mary, as of Hillsdale, sell to Benjamin Lynes, of Ridgefield, land 
in Weston belonging to the estate of Nathan Morehouse, late of 
Weston, deceased, except the dower rights of Mercy his relict. 4 

1 Coll. N. Y. Hist. Soc, Vol. 24, pp. 250, 527. * Fairfield and Norwalk Land Records. 

3 The last time his name appears on Fairfield or Norwalk land records is 1798. From 1771-74 
he is styled of Fairfield, in 1793 of Weston. 

4 Weston Land Records, 5: 329. The deed also conveyed right in five acres formerly belonging 
to Ann Coley, deceased, late wife of Daniel Coley, of Ridgefield, deceased, and some salt meadow 
in Fairfield. The date of conveyance was 23 March, 1797. 


He purchased 39 acres there, of Henry I. Van Rensselair of Hills- 
dale, 11 June, 1804. 1 On 21 Feb., 1810, he and wife Mary sell to 
Joseph Morehouse of Hillsdale, six acres adjoining his residence. 1 


IV. David Bixby (Elias, Jonathan, Joseph), baptized 18 May, 
1746, at Green's Farms, Conn.; killed at the Wyoming Massacre, 
3 July, 1778; married Mary M. Millard, 2 who died at Claverack, 
N. Y., probably about 1781. 3 

Children: 3 

1- 1 Jonathan (Johnathan), born May, 1773; married Christina Turner. 

2- 2 Elias, born 17 Feb., 1777; baptized 17 March, 1777, at Linlithgo, N. Y.; 

married Dorothy Bussie. 

3 PHannah, probably posthumous. 

David Bixby evidently accompanied his father Elias when the 
latter removed to the debatable land, then called Nobletown. 
He and Jonathan Bixby, his brother, were members of the militia 
company at Claverack commanded by Capt. Johannis Hogeboom, 
13 May, 1767. 4 He next appears in the Wyoming Valley, being 
taxed at Kingston in Aug., 1777. His name is also found on the 
tax list dated 1 Nov., 1778, but not on that of Aug., 1780. 5 His 
name with that of his nephew, Elias Bixby, appears upon the 
Wyoming monument, among the names of those slain 3 July, 1778. 
From a list made up after that event, printed in the Collections of 
the Massachusetts Historical Society, second series, 3: 345, it 
appears that he left a family and two children. 

The eldest child, Jonathan, was over five years of age at the time 
of the massacre. His granddaughter, Mrs. Emma Corson of 
Chicago, in March, 1908, stated that she had often heard her 
grandfather tell the story of their escape after his father had been 
murdered by the Indians. She stated that her great grandmother 
saw her husband scalped at their home; saw the Indians break up 
their furniture; rip open the feather beds and dance in them. She 

1 Columbia Co. Deeds, K: 443; E: 29. 

2 Linlithgo Dutch Church Records. These show the marriage of Mary Bixby to Coenralt Pickle 
both of Livingston Manor 18 April, 1780. The query arises, did the widow of David Bixby return 
to Linlithgo after the Wyoming Massacre and is this a record of a second marriage? 

'Statement of Mrs. Corson (18691.2-9). The dates of birth are obtained from her and from 
other sources. 4 Second Report of the State Historian. 

' Taxables of Westmoreland, in Coll. Wyoming Hist, and Geol. Soc, 5. 


saw the dwellinghouse burned. She fled to the woods with her 
children, which Mrs. Corson thought were three in number, not 
two, Jonathan, Elias, and a baby, Hannah. Mrs. Corson said 
that not only does she remember the old lady, called Aunt Hannah, 
but believed her to be a sister of her grandfather, and the baby 
rescued. She related how her grandfather told of his mother 
scratching leaves together to make a bed to lay the baby in; and 
when, footsore and weary (being barefooted), the boys would lie 
down, their mother would say, to spur them on, "Oh, well, if you 
lay there the Indians will take you." She asked her grandfather, 
"Why didn't your mother take you up, and carry you?" "Oh, 
she couldn't, for there was the baby." Soon after they started on 
their hundred mile journey through the wilderness, they reached 
the river where a "good Indian" ferried them across, and told them 
which way to go to avoid the hostile Indians. They suffered often 
for food and drink, and once, after they had been a long time 
without water, they reached a small stream, the mother dipped 
water up in her hand and gave them drink. Jonathan remembered 
one house at which they stopped, and were stowed away in the 
garret, as far as possible from unfriendly Indians. The next day 
they were given food, and started again on their way. So for days 
they travelled, until they came to Claverack, Columbia Co., N. Y M 
where, soon after their arrival, the mother sickened and died from 
the exposure of the journey. 

It is further related by members of the family that the boys 
were bound out until they were twenty one years of age, and neither 
knew he had a brother, although they were both brought up in 
that locality, until the elder came of age, when they met. 1 

The Wyoming Valley, although now within the limits of the 
state of Pennsylvania, was long claimed by Connecticut. Under 
her charter, Connecticut claimed the territory extending westward 
from the western boundary of New York. Five million acres there 

1 That there were but two children, as given in the official report, in David Bixby's family, and 
not three as thought by Mrs. Corson, is borne out by the ages of the two sons. The elder, aged 
five years and two months at the time of the massacre, would have been able to travel, but the 
younger, aged only one year and six months, would have been unable to travel, and was of course 
the "baby" of Jonathan's narrative. It is quite within possibilities that after the escape another 
child was born. The date of death of the mother is only approximate. There is but one Millard 
named in the Census of 1790 as living in Columbia County, though several lived in Albany 
County, viz., Ozias Millard of Hillsdale. Rutger Bigsby (18601.31). born 1824, stated that there 
were but two children, "Johnathan and Elias," aged three and four years, and that the mother 
brought them with great difficulty and many hardships to Hudson. 


were sold to the Susquehanna Company, composed of Connecticut 
men, which issued 1240 shares. These shares had a market value 
of from $50 to $100. Each share called for 2000 acres in the 
Purchase. Rights in Forty-town, and in Six-Mile, later Capouse, 
were valued at $60. The first company of settlers entered the 
Valley in 1762, but the following year suffered greatly from the 
Indians. Another company arrived in 1769, and during the 
succeeding years had not only to protect themselves against the 
Indians but from white claimants under Pennsylvania titles. Civil 
war actually existed in the Valley. Jurisdiction over the Pur- 
chase was formally assumed by Connecticut in Jan., 1774. The 
entire settlement was erected into a township called Westmoreland, 
and attached to Litchfield County. Settlers had been going into 
the Valley, although it is said that in May, 1772, there were but 
five women in Wilkesbarre. Forty-town, also called Kingston, 
was one of the earlier settlements. The townships were generally 
laid out five miles square. 

Although forming the most exposed portion of the frontier, hav- 
ing for neighbors on the north the Tory settlements along the 
Mohawk and the territory of the Six Nations, and within easy strik- 
ing distance of the hostile Indian towns, the Wyoming settlers on 
1 Aug., 1775, voted, "to join our brethren in America in the common 
cause of defending our liberty." Two companies were raised in 
the valley and joined Washington's army, although needed for 
the defence of the Valley. Late in 1776 Connecticut erected 
Westmoreland into a county, and a regiment of militia was author- 
ized and organized. The nearest Pennsylvania settlements were 
sixty miles distant, and unfriendly. Such was the condition during 
the residence of Elias and David Bixby in the Valley. 

In the State Library at Hartford is a volume of "Susquehanna 
Papers," of which page 147a contains a "Bill of Loses sustained 
by the Inhabitants of the Town of Westmoreland, from the third 
day of July, 1778, to May, 1780, taken and carefully examined 
by the Selectmen of the said Town Pursuant to a Resolve of the 
Assembly of the State of Connecticut, holden at Hartford the 
Second Thursday of May, 1780, And is as followeth." The 
names are arranged alphabetically. From the list of those 
under B, and in the order as written, is taken the following 
transcript : 


Elizabeth Benedict 

Bether Bixby 36-13 

James Bagley 95~i5 

Mary Bixby 74~o8 

Capt. Caleb Bates 285-04 

The Mary Bixby of the list is unquestionably Mary, widow 
of David Bixby. The identity of Bether Bixby has proved a 
puzzle. No such person is known. There is a possibility that 
Bixby was written for some other name. 

The total of the losses listed was £38,308-13-0. 

Rutgers Bixby (1 8691.31) of Los Angeles, Cal., long possessed 
the original of the conveyance to his ancestor of the land in Wyo- 
ming on which he settled. This valuable document, which is no- 
where of record, was lost during the removal to California. Another 
member of the family remembers having seen it. 

When the final settlement of the claim of Connecticut to the 
Valley was effected, it was provided that the Connecticut settlers 
who had remained in the Valley should retain their holdings, taking 
from Pennsylvania a new grant of their land and surrendering 
their former titles. The territory was organized as Luzerne County 
and divided into seventeen townships. There is no record of any 
confirmation of a land grant to any person named Bixby, nor of 
the surrender of a title by such a one. 1 

In the Trumbull Ms., preserved by the Massachusetts Historical 
Society, is a volume of Susquehanna Papers, of which No. 82 is a 
paper signed by John Jenkins, in behalf of a Committee, evidently 
addressed to the Board of Commissioners appointed by Connecti- 
cut, of which Joseph Montgomery was chairman. A partial 
transcript follows: 

"Gentlemen: It is with pleasure we observe in yours of the 
19th your readiness to attend to every necessary piece of informa- 
tion we shall be able to give in respect to our settlements in this 
place 2 . . . until the fatal third of July, 1778, when great 
numbers of our friends & most valuable inhabitants were slaine 
by the Savages and those of a more savage nature and the whole 

1 Letter of the Secretary of the Department of Internal Affairs for Pennsylvania. 

1 The omitted portion is a history of the settlement to 1778. The statement is made that there 
were 119 proprietors present in the Valley in 1762, as shown by a list which was enclosed, and 400 
proprietors in 1763, as shown by another list which was enclosed, but no longer with these papers. 
Their numbers increased, until, in 1776, there were about 6,000 souls in the Valley. 


country laid waist, our houses and buildings consumed by fire, 
our household goods and large stocks of cattle, horses, sheep & 
hoggs with our farming and other utensils destroyed and carried 
off by the enemy, and we, in a most savage and inhuman manner 

drove out into the country in a state ( ) and distress. A 

scene which must astonish all human nature to describe and we 
are not able to point out, our old men, women, widows and children 
were dispersed into all parts of the country destitute of bread, 
clothing or anything to subsist on, but a large number of the yet 
remaining and living inhabitants being fired with a fervent zeal 
for the cause of their country were determined instead of throwing 
themselves on the clemency of their friends and fellow citizens 
of the world to surmount all dangers, collected themselves to- 
gether and on or about the fourth day of August then next, Resolved 
with the assistance of the Company of brave Continental troops 
raised here and commanded by Capt. Spalding, coming into this 
place, retook the country, drove off the savages, regained some 
triffling part of our effects and the possession of our lands . . . 
the people who improve here paying rent for the lands that belong 
to the widow and fatherless that are dispersed into the wide world, 
they are greatly relieved and comforted . . . 

In behalf of the Committee 
John Jenkins. 

N. B. We herewith transmit a list of the widdows and Orphans." 1 


IV. Elias Bixby (Elias, Jonathan, Joseph), born at Reading, 
Conn.; baptized there 27 March, 1748; died 18 Jan., 1827, 2 at 
Bridgewater, N. Y.; married 28 April, 1771, at Wilton, Conn., 3 
Grace Sterling, born 9 Oct., 1751, 3 at Bridgeport, Conn., 
baptized 22 Dec, 1751, at Wilton, died there 6 Sept., 1837, daughter 
of Samuel 3 and Eleanor (Wescott) Sterling. 4 
1- 1 John, born about 1772; married Polly Munson. 

1 This list of widows and orphans is lost. There is a list, printed as stated above, made up on 
the a6 Aug., 1778, in which David Bixby's name appears among the killed, and as leaving two 
children. The letter quoted above seems to have been written about April, 1783. 

2 Records United States Treasury. 3 Documents filed in pension case. 

4 Sterling Genealogy (1909). She was one of seven children, of whom the youngest, Abigail, 
married Stephen Moorhouse. 


Elias Bixby lived in Redding, Conn., at the outbreak of the 
Revolution, and enlisted from that place in the army. Eben. 1 
Couch was appointed by the town to see to his family. In 1820 
he was living in Bridgewater, N. Y., and applied for a pension. 
He then filed a schedule of his property, which exhibited a total 
estate of $384, of which $300 was the value at cost price of 9f 
acres of land. In 1823 the court valued his estate at $181, and it 
was then stated that he was aged seventy four years, was quite 
infirm, and that his wife was aged seventy three years and was very 
infirm. He had no children. He had been pensioned 30 June, 
18 1 8, but the pension had been discontinued,. He himself stated 
that he would be seventy four years old on the 11 March, 1823, 2 
which would bring his birth 11 March, 1749. The difference of 
one year probably arises from some confusion attending the change 
from old to new style dating. In 1823 his residence consisted of 
a one room cottage. 

He declared that he enlisted in the spring of 1775 for nine months 
in a company commanded by Capt. Salmon Reed in Col. Water- 
bury's regiment of the Connecticut line, and that he re-enlisted 
in Dec, 1776, for during the war, in a company commanded by 
Capt. Ezekiel Sanford in Col. Philip Burr Bradley's regiment in 
the Connecticut line. (State records show that he enlisted 20 
Dec, 1776, appointed sergeant 3 March, 1779 and was discharged 
20 Dec, 1779.) 

He was transferred in 1778 to St. John's company, Col. Meig's 
regiment, and served one year as a sergeant. He was discharged 
at Second River, N. J., 29 Dec, 1779. He filed with his application 
a certificate signed by Capt. John St. John in which he is described 
as a sergeant, and calling for a gun, bayonet, cartridge-box and 
belt. He also filed an order: "Permit Sergeant Bigsbie to pass 
to the state of Connecticut and return December 23, 1779 Phil 
B. Bradley Colonel Comd." Also his appointment as second 
sergeant in Capt. St. John's company, 3d Connecticut regiment 
at Redding, 1 Feb., 1779. 

His widow was also pensioned, receiving $120 per annum. She 
made application 29 Sept., 1836. She then lived at Bridgeport, 

1 Documents filed in pension case. 

J In declaration of 10 April, 1818, he gave his age as sixty nine, which agrees with the baptismal 


Conn. She remembered that her husband told her of being ap- 
pointed orderly sergeant, and his having at first refused to take 
the position, as it involved so much writing. He was a sergeant 
at the storming of Stony Point, and was obliged to carry a number 
of canteens, so as to supply the soldiers with liquor. He at first 
drew a pension of $96, which was discontinued, as he had more 
property then than the law allowed a pensioner to possess, but 
was afterward restored. She gave the date of his death, stated 
that he was born in 1750 and that she was born October, 1751, she 
further stated she was married at Wilton, and enclosed a certificate 
from the register showing the marriage. At time of her husband's 
enlistment they were living at Redding, but after the war removed 
to Bridgewater, N. Y. Since his death she had lived at various 
places, Bridgewater, 1 Wilton and Bridgeport. 

Thaddeus Sterling testified he was a brother to Grace, wife of 
Elias Bixby, and related the circumstances of the latter's enlist- 
ment, and that Elias and Grace were married at his father's house 
in Wilton. Sarah Fox of Wilton, a daughter of a sister of Grace, 
also testified in 1836, as did also Ellen Hull, another niece by the 
mother's side. John M. Bixby is named as a grandson of Elias, who 
in 1828 had no children living. 

A weekly return for St. John's company is filed in this pension 

From 1787 to 1789 "Grace Bigsbee" had a running account 
with the Sterling store in Wilton. In the census of 1790 Gracy 
Bigsby, erroneously styled a widow, is enumerated as living in 
the Stamford-Norwalk district, without other members in her 

Elias Bixby made a will 17 June, 1816, by which all his estate 
was bequeathed to his wife Grace. This will was presented for 
probate 30 March, 1830, at which time it appeared that the heir 
at law of the deceased was John M. Bixby (186JI.2). 2 His widow 
in her pension declaration stated Elias Bixby died of "dropsy, con- 
sumption and had a schrofulus in his head." 

« There is recorded with Chenango Co. (N. Y.) deeds, a deed of Ella and Olive Prindle of 
Brookfield in that county, to Elias Bixby of the same place, conveying 35 acres in Brookfield, 
23 Oct., 1799. On the 12 March, 1804, Elias Bixby, yeoman, of Brookfield, conveyed 35 acres 
there to Joel Ives of Brookfield {Deeds, F. 188: F. 354)- Brookfield is now a part of Madison 
County, which was set up in 1808. Bridgewater, in Oneida Co., is immediately north of Brookfield. 

» Records of the Surrogate's Court, Oneida Co., N. Y. His estate was small. 



IV. Mehitable Bixby (Elias, Jonathan, Joseph), born probably 
about 1750, and at Fairfield, Conn.; married 15 Nov., 1770, at 
Redding, Conn., 1 Nathan Coley, who died 18 April, 1781. 2 He 
was a private in Col. Waterbury's regiment, from which organiza- 
tion he was discharged 15 Oct., 1775. He enlisted 19 April, 1777, 
in the company commanded by Capt. Sanford, 5th Regiment, 
Conn, line, and was promoted corporal 1 Nov., 1778. He was 
sergeant 1 April, 1780, until 17 April, 1781. Between those enlist- 
ments he had served from 2 1 June, 1776, to 11 Jan., 1777, as corporal, 
in Bradley's battalion. 2 

Mehitable (Bixby) Coley married, second, 10 Aug., 1782, Abijah 
Parsons. Her name at the time of the second marriage is given 
as Mabel. 
Children: z 

1 Abigail Coley, baptized 12 April 1772; married 22 Oct., 1794, Zachariah 



1. Laura Stevens. 

2. Maria Stevens. 

2 Zalmon Coley, baptized 9 April, 1775. 

3 Nathan Coley, baptized 26 April, 1778; died 14 Oct., 1831, at New Haven, 

Conn.; married 30 March, 1800, Prudence Canfield. 
By second marriage: 

4 Polly Parsons, born 9 Oct., 1783. 

1 Redding records, where her name appears as Mabel. 

2 Connecticut Men in the Revolution. 

s Information of James E. Coley, Hampden, Conn. 


Bixby Genealogy 





The compiler requests that readers inform him of any errors or 
omissions, in order that all such may be noted in the list of cor- 
rections which will appear in Part VII. 





V. Mehitable Bixby {Joseph, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph), born 31 
Jan., 1732-3, at Hopkinton, Mass. ; married 16 Nov., 1752, at Fram- 
ingham, Mass., James Haven, born 18 Sept., 1731, at Framingham, 
son of James and Sarah Haven. The Havens were early identified 
with Framingham, and long an important and numerous family 
Children: l 

1 James Haven, born 27 July, 1753. 

2 Mehitable Haven, born 23 Oct., 1756; died 1831 ; married Nathaniel Wheeler 

of Royalston, N. Y. They removed to Croydon, N. H. 

1. Hannah Wheeler, born Dec, 1775; living in 1849 in Delaware Co., O., a 

widow; married Nathan Nettleton. 

2. Mehitable Wheeler, born 28 June, 1777; living in 1849 at Irasburg, Vt.; 

married Israel Peck. 

3. John Wheeler, born 11 May, 1779; died young. 

4. Nathaniel Wheeler, born 8 May, 1781; married Huldah Whipple. 

5. Simeon Wheeler, born 24 Sept., 1783; married Lucy Putnam; (2) Hannah 


6. Abigail Wheeler, born 18 Sept., 1785; died young. 

7. James Wheeler, born 5 Dec, 1788; married Ruth Putnam; (2) Susan Wil- 

cox; (3) Mary P. Hale, who died 7 Oct., 1844. 

8. Sarah Wheeler, born 29 May, 1791; married, 1818, Peter Barton of Croy- 

don, and removed to Ridgeville, O. 

3 William Haven, born 4 May, 1759; died 5 Feb., 1846; married Rebecca Jacobs, 

who died 5 March, 1840, daughter of Rev. Whitman Jacobs of Royalston. 

1. Polly Haven, born 7 Nov., 1782 ; married, 1808, Jacob Perkins of Vermont. 

2. William Haven, born 20 May, 1784; died 20 April, 1785. 

3. Rebecca Haven, born 23 Nov., 1786; died 12 Feb., 1879, at North Hudson, 

N. Y.; married 8 Feb., 1813, Jonathan Wakefield, born 8 July, 1787, 
at Newport, N. H., died 27 Oct., 1868, at North Hudson, son of 
Jonathan and Sarah (Thatcher) Wakefield. 2 

4. Mary Haven, born 9 Feb., 1790. 

5. Martha Haven, born 5 May, 1793; married 25 Dec, 1816, Harvey Whip- 


6. Jacob Haven, born 5 May, 1795; married Catherine Streeter, and went 


7. William Haven, born 21 Jan., 1797; married Sarah M. Dustin of Clare- 

mont, N. H. 

8. Mehetable Haven, born 6 Jan., 1799; married Ancil Metcalf of Croydon. 

9. Thomas Haven, born 2 Aug., 1801; married Jane Sibley. 

10. Phebe Haven, born 29 July, 1803; married 26 Sept., 1824, Horatio Met- 
calf of Croydon. 

1 Temple: History of Framingham, also Continuation of the Genealogy of the Descendants of 
Richard Haven, p. 33- The births of the four eldest children only are recorded at Framingham. 
s See Wakefield Memorial, 1897. 



4 Samuel Haven, born 4 June, 1762; married Aug., 1784, Desire Cloyes, born 13 

April, 1763, daughter of John and Desire (Perry) Cloyes. They removed 
to the state of New York. 

5 Joel Haven, born 13 June, 1764; married Goodell. 


1. Joel Haven, removed to Vermont. 

2. Lucy Haven, married Warner, and removed to Wallingford, Vt. 

6 Hannah Haven, born 9 Nov., 1766; died 1 1 March, 1849; married Peter Wake- 

field, born 28 Feb., 1767, at Sutton, Mass., died 30 Dec, 1852, at Northville, 
N. H., son of Jonathan and Anne (Wheeler) Wakefield. They removed to 
Newport, N. H., prior to 1793, of which place Mr. Wakefield was a prominent 
citizen, and known as "Father Wakefield" from his intense support of 


1. Nancy Wakefield, born 17 May, 1788. 

2. Lavina Wakefield, born 8 March, 1791 ; died 27 March, 1882, at Newport; 

married 16 Nov., 18 10, Stephen D. Read of Newport. 

3. Hannah Wakefield, born 31 March, 1793; married Cyrus B. McGregor 

(his second marriage), born 27 Sept., 1791, son of Joel McGregor. 

4. Lucy Wakefield, born 17 Aug., 1795; died 4 Feb., 1867, at Milford; mar- 

ried, 1819, Jeremiah Adams, born 8 Sept., 1797, at Alstead, N. H., 
died about 1875. 

5. Simeon Wakefield, born 20 April, 1798; died 1867 at Newport; married 

Amy Freeto, died 1876, daughter of William and Amy (Meigs) Freeto. 

6. Ruth Wakefield, born 8 Sept., 1801 ; died 20 Nov., 1870; married 22 Sept., 

1822, Lorenzo Meigs Freeto, of Newport, born 23 Oct., i8oi,sonof 
William and Amy (Meigs) Freeto. 

7. Orpha Wakefield, born 24 Oct., 1804; died 1869 at Newport. 

8. Mahala Wakefield, born 26 April, 1809. 

9. Peter Wakefield, born 21 June, 1810; died 18 June, 1825. 

10. Philena Wakefield, born 31 July, 1812; died 14 Dec, 1888, at Newport. 

11. Nancy Wakefield, died young. 

7 Jonathan Haven, born 17 May, 1769; married Sarah Wakefield, born 15 Dec, 

1765, at Sutton, died prior to 1827, daughter of Jonathan and Anne (Wheeler) 
Wakefield. They removed from Royalston, about 1775, to Newport. 

1. Simeon Haven, born 2 Jan., 1792; died 1 Jan., 1795. 

2. Chloe Haven, born 5 Feb., 1794; died 4 June, 1878, at Lempster, N. H.; 

married 5 Feb., 1822, John Jones, born 9 Jan., 1796, son of Jacob and 
Hannah (Gould) Jones. 

3. James Haven, born 27 Feb., 1796; died 5 April, 1854; married Calisto A. 

Freeto, born 23 Nov., 1796, died 21 April, 1859, daughter of William 
and Amy (Meigs) Freeto. 

4. Reuben Haven, born 20 June, 1798; died 1881; married 25 Sept., 1821, 

Abigail Cheney. 

5. Simeon Haven, born 22 April, 1801; died 1879; married Susan Rice. 

8 Elisha Haven, born 27 Jan., 1772; married Mrs. Molly (Goodell) 1 Streeter. 

In 1849 he was living in Shalersville, O. 


1. Elisha Haven, died 1819. 

2. John Haven. 

3. Sally Haven. 

4. Nancy Haven. 

5. Lydia Haven. 

6. Roby Haven. 

7. David Haven. 

9- - 

>Mrs. Molly (Goodell-Streeter) Haven (11121-8) was widow of Jonathan Streeter, who died in 
1701. By him she had two children, Charles Streeter and Polly Streeter. (Streeter Genealogy, 112. ) 



V. Joseph Bixby {Joseph, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph), born 1 March, 
I735> at Hopkinton, Mass.; died 20 April, 1786, at Framingham, 
Mass.; married Sarah Haven, born in 1742, died 18 April, 1814, 1 
in her 70th year, 2 at Sharon, Mass., daughter of Joseph and Mehit- 
able (Haven) Haven of Framingham. Joseph Haven, Esq., was 
selectman, deputy to General Court, and in many ways prominent 
in Framingham. 

Children, born at Framingham: 3 

1- 1 Sally, born 14 Feb., 1767; married William Clark. 

2 Joseph, baptized 27 Nov., 1768; died 1804, 4 in Charleston, S. C, unmar- 

ried. Graduated from Harvard College, 1791, the first of the name con- 
nected with Harvard. After graduation he practised law, and followed 
mercantile life as well. 5 His death was the result of a broken leg and 
other injuries, received while walking in the street. He was struck down 
by a bale of cotton which fell from a loft. 1 

3 Josiah, born June, 1770; baptized 29 July, 1770; died at Corunna, Spain, 

of a fever, unmarried; merchant, partner of his brother-in-law, William 
Clark. 1 

4- 4 Patty (Martha), born 18 Aug., 1772; married Joseph W. Page. 

5- 5 Hitty (Mehitable), born 25 April, 1775; married Dr. Daniel Stone. 

6- 6 Luke, born 25 Oct., 1777; married Abigail (Nabby) Adams. 

7 Nancy, born 22 July, 1780; died 3 March, 1812, in her 33d year, at Sharon, 
unmarried, died of lockjaw following "bleeding" by a physician, 1 and 
buried at Sharon as Nancy Stone Bixby. 2 

Joseph Bixby lived on his father's homestead and kept tavern- 
He also owned the old John Haven place, which his heirs sold in 
1788. His widow sold the home place of 90 acres in 1800 to Capt. 
Solomon Hopkins. 5 

On the 15 Aug., 1777, Joseph Bixby, gentleman, and Sarah, his 
wife, Ebenezer Marshall in behalf of his children, Mehitable and 
Gilbert, William Bullard, tailor, and Anne, his wife, Josiah Stone, 
gentleman, and Anna, his wife, all of Framingham, Jonathan Locke 
of Ashby, and Mary, his wife, John Haven, and Martha Dearborn, 
both of Wakefield, N. H., convey all their right in the real estate of 

1 Statement of Rev. Moses Adams, 1808, with later notes in possession of Mrs. Geo. F. Flagg 
(11122.62-4). The deaths of the children are said by Mr. Adams to have occurred in the following 
order: Sarah, Josiah, Joseph, Martha, Luke, Mehitable, Nancy. Mrs. Sarah (Haven) Bixby 
(11 122) outlived her children, and during the last years of her life lived in Sharon with Dr. Daniel 
Stone (11122.5). 

2 Gravestone at Sharon. 

' Framingham town records for births; the baptism is found in the Bixby Ms. 
4 Catalogue of Harvard University. 
'Temple: History of Framingham. 


Joseph Haven, Esq., in consideration of £100, to Samuel Haven of 
Portsmouth, N. H. 1 

From the 3d March, 1766, when Joseph Byxbe, Jr., was chosen 
hogreeve, to 1779, with the exception of 1767, he was employed on 
the town business; from 1768 to 1776 as surveyor of highways and 
collector of highway tax, and as town collector and constable. In 
1777 the junior is first dropped from his name. He was that year 
fence viewer. On the 9 March, 1778, he was chosen a member of the 
Committee of Safety and Correspondence. It is worth noting that 
on Framingham records the spelling Byxbe is faithfully adhered to. 
On the 1 Dec, 1784, he leased his negro boy Primus Titus, aged 14 
years, to Gilbert Denit of Hopkinton until the boy was 21 years of 
age. Three years later Titus gave a receipt to Denit for £10 in full 
for his services, and Denit sued the widow of Joseph Bixby to cover 
a debt contracted by Bixby on 1 Dec, 1784. 2 

In a list of the soldiers in the train band in Framingham com- 
manded by Capt. H. Emms, 22 April, 1757, was at one time written 
the name of Joseph Bixbe, Jr. This name was crossed off for some 
reason, perhaps for some physical infirmity. At any rate there is 
no evidence of his ever having been called into active service. 3 

Joseph Bixby made a will 7 April, 1786, which was proved 10 May, 
following. 4 To his wife, Sarah, he gave one third of his estate, and 
mentions having already placed £40 in her hands toward bringing 
up his children; residue to his three sons, Joseph, Josiah and Luke, 
who were to have double what their sisters were to receive, and four 
daughters, Sally, Patty, Hitty, and Nancy. 


V. Lydia Bixby 5 {Joseph, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph), born 10 Feb., 
1739-40, at Hopkinton, Mass.; died 17 Sept., 1815, at Hopkinton; 6 
married 24 March, 1768, 7 at Charlestown, Mass., David Cutler of 

1 Middlesex Deeds, vol. 80. 

i Suffolk files, 150,153. No slaves were returned by the United States Census of 1790, in Massa- 
chusetts. In 1783 a slave owner was fined for beating a slave, notwithstanding his rights as owner. 
The state constitution containing the clause that all men were born free and equal was adopted in 
1780, but this probably was without thought of the question of slavery. Unfortunately the papers 
in the case of Denit vs. Bixby are purely formal in character and shed no real light on the transaction 

3 Massachusetts Archives, 95:302. 4 Middlesex Probate, 69:72. 

6 By careless reading of the record, Temple, in History of Framingham, became responsible for the 
statement that Lydia, daughter of Joseph Bixby, died 9 Feb., 1765. The record plainly reads "wife 
of Joseph"; the date, 9 March. 8 Hopkinton Vital Records. 

7 The intention of marriage was recorded at Hopkinton 22 Feb., 1768. 


Holliston, Mass., born 17 July, 1742, died intestate 1 29 July, 1818, 
at Hopkinton, 2 son of David Cutler. They settled in Hopkinton, 
where Mr. Cutler possessed a grist mill and other property. 

1 Polly Cutler, born 3 June, 1771; married 15 Sept., 1805, at Hopkinton,* 

Benjamin Pond of Hopkinton, who died 4 March, 1845, aged 87 yrs., 5 mos., 
3 days, at Hopkinton, son of Benjamin and Mary Pond. 2 He was a farmer. 
Children, born at Hopkinton: 2 

1. Joseph Cutler Pond, born 22 Oct., 1806. 

2. Caroline Pond, born 22 July, 181 1; died 22 Aug., 1817. 

2 Luther Cutler, born 28 Aug., 1773; died 4 June, 1810, at Hopkinton; 2 mar- 

ried 2 April, 1801, 2 Nancy Mellen, who married prior to Aug., 1818, Ariel 
Bragg of Milford, Mass. 


1. Louisa Cutler, aged over fourteen years in Nov., 1818. 1 

2. Emerline Cutler, aged under fourteen years in Nov., 18 18. 1 

3. Child, died 22 Jan., 1802, aged 14 days. 2 

3 Joseph Cutler, born Dec, 1775; died 10 July, 1793, at Hopkinton. 2 

4 Lydia Cutler, born 23 Oct., 1779; married Jonathan Bixby (n 125.3). l 

5 Sally Cutler, unmarried in 1819. 


V. Jonathan Bixby {Joseph, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph), born 22 
July, 1742, at Hopkinton, Mass.; died 23 Jan., 1819, at Newton, 
Mass. ; married 25 Oct., 1770, at Needham, 3 Mass., Eunice Parker, 
born 17 March, 1748, 4 at Newton, died there 28 April, 1777, 5 daugh- 
ter of Thomas and Eunice (Hammond) Parker of Newton. 4 He 
married, second, 19 Oct., 1777, at Newton, Elizabeth Hammond, 5 
born 1749, 4 died 10 April, 1830, 4 daughter of Ephraim and Martha 
(Steel) Hammond. 4 

1 Hannah, born 1 May, 1771, at Needham; died 6 May, 1771. 3 

2- 2 Anna, born 22 July, 1772, at Needham; 3 married Robert Fuller, Jr.; (2) 

Micah Allen. 

3- 3 Jonathan, born 24 Sept., 1774, at Newton; 5 married Lydia Cutler(i 1 124-4). 
4 Samuel, born 24 Feb., 1777, at Newton; 5 died 25 Sept., 1792. 5 

Jonathan Bixby was a blacksmith. In 1768, then of Framing- 
ham, he purchased for £76, of Eliakim and Samuel Cook, twelve 

1 Middlesex Probate, 5509, 5538, 5539. Elihu Cutler of Holliston, Esq., was appointed adminis- 
trator on the estate of David Cutler by request of the heirs, the wife not living. Among the papers 
is a bond filed by Jonathan Bexby of Newton, whose wife inherited part of the real estate in Hop- 
kinton. Polly Pond is called eldest and Lydia Bixby second daughter of the deceased. 

2 Hopkinton Vital Records. * Information of Miss Mehitable BLxby (11125.3-8). 

3 Needham records. * Newton Vital Records. 


acres in Needham, bordering on the Charles river, near Thomas 
Parker's upper dam, and on both sides of the town road. 
He removed to Needham at this time, and soon after married the 
daughter of Thomas Parker, of whose will he was joint executor 
with Joseph Parker in 1790. He removed to the Newton side of the 
river, but continued to own and purchase land in Needham on the 
road from Upper Falls to the East Meeting House. In 1796 he and 
other residents of Newton, Needham and Dedham were incorporated 
to drain off stagnant waters from and to improve the meadows, and 
the same year he and others were incorporated as "Proprietors of 
the Mills on Charles river below the Upper Falls." 1 His will dated 
20 Jan., 1819, was proved 22 June, 1819. To his son Jonathan 
Bixby and daughter Anna Allen, he gave all the household furniture 
his first wife, Eunice Parker, had brought him, and at the death of 
his wife Elizabeth they were to inherit all his real estate and per- 
sonal property. To grandson Robert Fuller, he gave $500. The 
inventory showed that the homestead and one acre adjoining was 
valued at $1500; he also had two acres in Newton on which was a 
small dwelling-house, a saw-mill, water privileges and land in New- 
ton, valued at $1100, several parcels of land in Newton and Need- 
ham, and a pew in Rev. Joseph Grafton's meeting house. His real 
estate was valued at $5172, and his personal estate at $8565. He 
held a note of his son Jonathan for $7323.2 

Jonathan Bixby was a member of the company commanded by 
Capt. Amariah Fuller of Newton, which responded to the Lexington 
Alarm of 19 April, 1775, and served four days. 3 He was selectman 
1783 and 1784. 


V. Nathan Bixby {Joseph, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph), born 14 Oct., 
I746, 4 at Framingham, Mass.; died 15 Sept., i8i8, 5 at Keene, N. H.; 
married 3 Oct., 1771, at Sherborn, 4 Mass., Martha Twitchell, 
born 16 Dec, 1747, died 14 March, 1822, at Keene, 5 daughter of 
Joseph and Deborah (Fairbanks) Twitchell of Sherborn. 

1 Acts and Resolves, Mass. See also Jackson: History of Newton, where it is stated the rolling 
mill was built by the corporation in 1799. 

2 Middlesex Probate, 133: 209. 

3 Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolution. 

4 Framingham records. 

' Keene, N. H., records. 


Children: 1 

1 Jule (Julia), born 8 July, 1772; died 28 Jan., 1776, at Framingham. 2 

2 Nathan, born 26 Feb., 1774; died 6 March, 1818, 3 at St. Mary's, Ga. He 

was a merchant in Charleston, S. C. 

3- 3 Martha, born 24 Oct., 1775; 3 married Abel Monroe. 

4 Mary, born 23 Nov., 1777; died 7 or 27 Nov., 1833, at Livermore, Me.; 

married Andrew Thorndike. 

5 Joseph, born 19 July, 1780; died 21 June, 1821, at Charleston. He is 

variously described as a shipmaster and shipbuilder. He certainly was 
a shipowner. He lived in Charleston. 

6- 6 Julia, born 28 (30) May, 1782; married Alexander Milliken. 

7 Samuel, born 7 (27) May, 1784; died 26 Jan., 1796, at Dublin, N. H. 4 

8- 8 Deborah, born 2 July, 1786; married John Elliot. 

9 James, born 4 July, 1788; died 10 March, 1819. 3 He was a shipmaster. 

J-10 John, born 17 June, 1790; married Jeannette Chapman. 

11 Keziah, born 18 June, 1793 ; 5 died 4 June, 1870, at Keene; married 10 May, 
1 842/ at Keene, Aaron Appleton, born 6 Aug., 1768, at Dublin, died 
1852, at Keene, son of Isaac and Sarah (Twitchell) Appleton, and brother 
of Samuel and Nathan Appleton of Boston, Mass., and uncle of Frances 
Elizabeth Appleton, wife of the poet Longfellow. Mrs. Keziah (Bixby) 
Appleton was a very benevolent woman and left a large bequest to chari- 
table purposes. A hospital in Keene commemorates her life. It was 
said of her, "Another Gospel life has been realized, an ever ready help 
and comforter has passed away, but the memory of a noble and self 
sacrificing spirit is left to the bereaved, to cheer and strengthen their 
faith in the possibilities of the Christian character." 

Nathan Bixby served from 18 Sept., to 19 Nov., 1776, in a com- 
pany commanded by Capt. Aaron Gardiner of Sherborn, in Col. 
Brook's regiment raised for the purpose of reenforcing the army 
under Washington. This company was engaged at White Plains 
and had several casualties. 7 In 1777 he purchased of Simon Bul- 
lard, land in Dublin and that year or the next removed thither. 8 It 
is said by a descendant that he was exempt from military service by 
reason of defective eyesight. 

On the 27 Sept., 1792, Nathan Bixby and Martha his wife, Samuel 
Twitchell, Joseph Twitchell, Abel Twitchell, Joel Wight and Eliza- 
beth his wife, Mose Rider and Molle his wife all of Dublin, Eliazer 
Twitchell, Eli Twitchell, and Ezra Twitchell all of Sudbury-Canada 

1 Records of Framingham, where the three eldest were born, and Dublin records at Concord, N. H. 

2 Framingham records. 

3 Information of J. Bixby (11127J7-6). Nathan is elsewhere said to have died in 1816, and 
Martha on 17 Nov. 

* Dublin records. 5 Leonard, in History of Dublin, gives her birth as in 1792. 

6 Information of Mrs. E. B. Searles (11127.J8), and of William H. Elliot (11127.8-11). 

7 Temple: History of Framingham, p. 301, where will be found a roll of the company, also Massa- 
chusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolution where the length of service is not given. 

8 Leonard: History of Dublin. 


(Bethel, Me.), Joseph Maynard and Deborah his wife of Goshen, 
William Tucker, Jr., and Julia his wife of Sherborn, sell to Peter 
Twitchell of Sherborn, for £1000, all rights in the estate of their 
father Capt. Joseph Twitchell of Sherborn, deceased. 1 

The day preceding this conveyance Peter Twitchell deeded to 
Nathan Bixby of Dublin, N. H., a saw mill with 100 acres in the 
town of Sudbury-Canada. 2 Capt. Joseph Twitchell was one of the 
grantees and largest owners in Sudbury-Canada, and several of his 
children settled there. 

At Dublin Nathan Bixby was prominent and for many years the 
largest taxpayer 3 in town. He was captain of the militia company, 
representative to the General Assembly, justice of the peace, town 
clerk and town treasurer. 4 In 1814 he removed to Keene. 

He bequeathed his entire estate, by will proved 22 Oct., 1818, to 
his wife Martha and, after her death, to his children Nathan, Patty, 
Mary, Joseph, Julia, James, Deborah and Keziah. Julia's share 
was to be paid to her children. The inventory disclosed an estate 
of $3448- 5 


V. John Bixby {Joseph, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph), born 8 Oct., 
1750, at Framingham, Mass.; died later than June, 1807, probably 
at Falmouth (now Westbrook), Me.; married (intention 10 June, 
1782, at Cape Elizabeth, Me.) 6 Mrs. Christian Cobb, widow of 
Joseph Cobb, 3 d , and daughter of William and Christiana (Simon- 
ton) White of Cape Elizabeth. 7 

Children* born at Cape Elizabeth, or at Falmouth: 

1- 1 John, born 17 Sept., 1782, at Falmouth; married Ann Johnson; (2) Mar- 

garet V. Wise. 

2- 2 Joseph, married Anna Lamb. 

1 Middlesex Deeds, no: 163. 'Leonard: History of Dublin. 

2 Cumberland Deeds, 21: 457. 

4 Information of Arthur B. Ferguson, M. D. (11127.J3-7). 

6 Cheshire Probate. e Cape Elizabeth records. 

7 John Bixby of Falmouth, blacksmith, and Christian his wife, and Anna Cobb of Cape Elizabeth, 
to Bela Vining fifty acres of land in Durham, formerly called Royalsborough, 7 Feb., 1795. Hannah 
Cobb acknowledges the deed. Anna or Hannah Cobb was a daughter of Mrs. Christian Bixby, 
whose intention of marriage with Joseph Cobb, 3d, was entered at Cape Elizabeth, 1 July, 1774- 
(Cumberland Deeds, 32: 238.) She married 12 Nov., 1797, at Cape Elizabeth, James Strout. 
(Church Records, Second Parish of Falmouth.) 

3 James Strout of Cape Elizabeth and Ann his wife, in her right, John Bixby of Falmouth, black- 
smith, Mary Bixby of Falmouth, spinster, Joseph Bixby of Cape Elizabeth, boatbuilder, and Sarah 
Bixby of Cape Elizabeth, spinster, convey to Jesse Willard land in Cape Elizabeth, including the 
whole of our respective portions of the home lot which William White, our grandfather, died seized 


3 William, died 29 Jan., 1869, 1 unmarried. He was a private in the com- 

pany of militia commanded by Capt. J. Valentine, in Lt. Col. J. Hobb's 
Regt., raised in Westbrook, which served from 8 to 20 Sept., 1814, at 
Portland. 2 His brother John was ensign of this company. A military 
land bounty warrant was issued 17 May, 1870, on account of the above 
service. 3 His will, of 12 Nov., 1868, proved 16 March, 1869, wasdestroyed 
at the time of the destruction of the Cumberland County probate records, 
but a copy is on file at the U. S. Land Office. He made John W. Bixby 
of Westbrook sole executor, and gave his real estate, being his homestead 
in Westbrook on the west side of the old road from Saccarappa Village to 
Gorham Corner, and all his furniture and personal property, to his 
"nephew" Benjamin Franklin Bixby. 

4 Mary, of Falmouth, unmarried, in 1807 .* 

5 Sarah, of Cape Elizabeth, unmarried, in 1807. 4 

John Bixby of Newton, Mass., was a member of the company- 
commanded by Capt. Amariah Fuller, in Col. Thatcher's regiment 
of militia, which served five days from 4 March, 1776. 5 He had 
previously, on 28 March, 1775, bought of Joseph Nicholls of Fram- 
ingham, one right in the township known as Sudbury-Canada (now 
Bethel, Newry, and Hanover, Oxford Co.), Cumberland County. 6 
He was a blacksmith, and in 1779 a resident of Cape Elizabeth, for 
that year he sued James Miller for a debt of £57 due on a note. 7 
He removed, probably not long after his marriage, to Falmouth, that 
part now Westbrook. As of Falmouth, he bought of Zebulon 
Trickey of Cape Elizabeth, for £60, one eighth part of two saw-mills 
at Saccarappa, 30 Aug., 1788. 8 The Census of 1790 enumerates 

of. This deed, in which the name is written Bixbey, was dated 5 Jan., 1807, and bears the signa- 
tures only of James and Ann Strout. (Cumberland Deeds. 216: 395.) 

Mary Bixby, Margaret Bixby, William W. BLxby, Nancy A. Higgins, and Sarah B. Willard of 
Cape Elizabeth, for $5 sell to Eben R. Willard all right and interest in a certain piece of land in Cape 
Elizabeth, meaning thereby to convey all their right and title in the said land, known as the Wil- 
liam White estate, bounding on Ann Drake, Frederick R. Jordan, and Samuel Willard. This deed 
was dated 29 Nov., 1853- (Ibid., 283: 398.) 

Israel Woodbridge of Cape Elizabeth, innholder, and John Bixby of Falmouth, blacksmith, with 
consent of our wives, Ann Woodbury (sic) and Christian Bixby, the daughters of William White late 
of Cape Elizabeth, sell to William Ray land in Cape Elizabeth, 16 June, 1807. (Ibid., 51: 532.) 

1 The year of his death was undoubtedly 1869, although the certificate of the Judge of Probate 
filed with the U. S. Land Office is said to read 1868. The copy of the will filed at the same time is 
dated 12 Nov., 1868. 

2 Massachusetts Militia in the War of 18 12. 

S U. S. Land Office, 109, 848-160-55. The warrant was assigned by John W. Bixby, executor, 
whose signature was witnessed by Mattie E. Bixby. 

* See footnote No. 8 on opposite page. • Cumberland Co. Deeds, 8: 458. 

5 Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolution. 7 Suffolk files, 139.755- 

8 Cumberland Deeds, 20: 447. There is a deed recorded with Cumberland Deeds, 22: 198, from 
the Proprietors of East and West Butterfield (i. e., Hartford and Sumner, Me.) to John BLxby of 
West Butterfield, conveying one hundred acres in that township, 4 Oct., 1791. In 1798, John Bisbe 
was taxed for land (but no house) in Sumner, and also in Hebron. Undoubtedly the same man is 
here intended, but which reading should be followed is doubtful. John Bisbe and Sarah Philbrook 
were married at Turner, Me., 1 April, 1792, and Solomon Bisbe and Ruth Barrett, 10 March, 1795- 


John Bigsby at Falmouth and as head of a family consisting of one 
male over sixteen years of age, three males under sixteen years, and 
four females. The Direct Tax of 1798 discloses the fact that he was 
assessed at Cape Elizabeth on fifteen acres of land, of which he is 
given as both occupier and owner, but a dwelling is not mentioned. 1 


V. Ebenezer Bixby (Abner, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph), born 27 
March, 1744, at Hopkinton, Mass., is probably identical with 
Ebenezer Byxbe, who lived near Lancaster, Pa., on the banks of 
the Susquehanna river, and who died there 2 Oct., 1813, 2 and who 
married May, 1791, at Washington, Mass., Hannah Babcock. 

The United States Census of 1790 enumerates the family of 
Ebenezer Bixby at Corinth, Vt., consisting of himself and one 
woman over 16 years of age, undoubtedly his wife. She must have 
died soon after August, 1790, the date of the Census, for 15 May, 
1791, the intention of marriage between Ebenezer Bigsby of Corinth, 
Vt., and Hannah Babcock was entered at Middlefield, Mass. 

Hannah Bixby, aged 84 years, widow of Ebenezer, applied for 
a pension in Sept., 1847. She was living in Burlington township, 
Delaware Co., O. In her declaration she stated that her husband 
died 2 Oct., 1813, that he was a native of Roxbury, and that she 
was married 1 March, 1791. 2 Septimus Witter made affidavit 
that he went with Ebenezer Byxbe in the spring or summer 
of 1791 to Mr. Babcock's house in Middlefield, and brought his 
daughter, Hannah, to the house of Col. Moses Byxbe, a brother of 
Ebenezer, in Washington, whence they went to the house of Rev. 
Mr. Ballentine (but the affiant did not go with them) and upon 
their return they were reputed married. 2 
Children, bom probably in eastern Pennsylvania: 3 

1- 1 Ebenezer, born about 1792; married Malinda Welch. 

2- 2 Nathaniel, born about 1797. 

3- 3 Hiram Hale, born 4 July, 1801; married Mary A. Brown; (2) Emily 

(Renshaw) Jayne. 

1 U. S. Direct Tax, 1798, original returns in the library of the N. E. Hist. Gen. Soc. 

2 U. S. Pension Bureau, case of Hannah Byxbe. 

3 There may have been other children. It is asserted by Mrs. Mary (Byxbe) Aldrich (11135.16), 
that the said Ebenezer was son of an Ebenezer Byxbe who was killed in the war of the Revolution, 
and that his widow, Rachel Kazire Byxbe, accompanied Col. Moses Byxbe to Delaware Co., O., 
and that Col. Byxbe gave her land there. Also that the said Rachel was mother of Reuben, Joseph, 
Mary and Ebenezer Byxbe, and died in Ohio in 1853. Also that she received a pension. There is 


4 Reuben, twin with Hiram. He is probably the Reuben Byxbe who was 
reported living at Byron, 111., in the early years of the Civil War. But 
a letter addressed to him at Byron by his brother Hiram, who had lost 
all knowledge of him since leaving Pennsylvania, was not delivered. 
About 1890, Jacob R. Byxbe heard of a Reuben Byxbe, formerly of 
Byron, who was an itinerant Baptist preacher and of about the age 
Hiram H. Byxbe would have been. He was childless. 

5- 5 Joseph, born about 1808; married Elizabeth Jordan. 

6- 6 Mary, born about 18 10; married Babcock; (2) Samuel Filkey. 

7 Elizabeth, married Babcock. 

Ebenezer Bixby enlisted in a company commanded by Capt. 
Barnes, Col. Jonathan Ward's regiment, and on a roll dated 1 
Aug., 1775, is credited with 12 weeks, 2 days service. Another 
roll, probably of date of Oct., 1775, also bears his name, at which 
time he was reported on command at Quebec. He was then a 
resident of Partridgefield, 1 Mass. 

His widow declared that Ebenezer Bixby enlisted from Par- 
tridgefield, 7 May, 1775, in the company of Capt. Daniel Barnes, 
Col. Jonathan Ward's regiment, and was engaged in battle at 
Fort Ticonderoga, White Plains, Bennington, and Saratoga. She 
also stated that he was a native of Roxbury (which was an error), 
that he married her 1 March, 1791, and died 2 Oct., 1813. 2 

Mr. Jacob R. Byxbe of Hillrose, Colo., 3 writes, "My knowledge 
as to paternal ancestors is limited. I have heard my father 
speak of his boyhood days near the Susquehanna River in Penn- 
sylvania, and that he had two uncles in the Colonial Army during 
the War for American Independence. One of them was with the 
troops that went to attack Quebec, and returned in severe cold 
weather through the wilderness with nothing to eat, and had the 

The statement that Ebenezer was in the battle of Saratoga 
indicates his service in the army as late as Oct., 1777. There is 
a return dated 8 April, 1779, of men who had enlisted into the 
Continental Army, and in this list is found the name of Ebenezer 
Bixby, enlisted from Partridgefield to the credit of Northampton, 1 

no record of a Rachel, widow of Ebenezer Byxbe, or of any unidentified Bixby, having received a 
pension. Pelatiah, brother of Ebenezer, was killed in the Revolution, but no record of his mar- 
riage has been found. 

Jacob R. Byxbe (1 1135.36), who left home at an early age and who after he was 16 years of age 
saw little of his father, asserts that his grandmother did not receive a pension. She lived with her 
son, Hiram H. Byxbe, in Ohio after his marriage, and she certainly was pensioned and died later 
than but not long after 1847. Mrs. Aldrich did not know the name of her grandfather. 

1 Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolution. 

1 U. S. Pension Bureau, case of Hannah Byxbe. 

3 21 May, 1909. Similar information has been received from Alexander Holcomb (11135.32-1). 


assigned to company commanded by Capt. Cleveland in Col. 
Michael Jackson's regiment. In the Continental Pay Accounts 
preserved by the State of Massachusetts there is an account opened 
with "Ebenezr Bigsbee, Private, of Partridgefield in Capt. Eph- 
raim Cleveland's company, Col. Michael Jackson's regiment." 
Soldiers were credited with 40 shillings per month. 1 There are 
no debits or credits entered against Ebenezer Bixby, but the words 
"Died in 1777" are written under the credit column. Under the 
heading of "Balance December 31 (1779)." the s P ace Is left 

blank. c , 

There is a roll of Cleveland's company which was part ot the 
8th battalion or regiment, made up later than July, 1778, probably 
in April, 1779, but the name of Ebenezer Bixby does not appear. 
The only way of reconciling these conflicting statements is to assume 
that Ebenezer Bixby was reported dead, and for some reason, 
perhaps because he was allowed to return home, or was among the 
missing and never reported after some engagement, or was sup- 
posed to have died of sickness or wounds, was entirely lost account 
of by his company commander. There is another entry on the 
Revolutionary Rolls which may refer to him, but this is without 
date viz., in a list of men in Maj. Cady's company who came for- 
ward with Col. Patterson, but did not enlist, is found the name of 

Ebenezer Bixby. 

In an affidavit executed in Delaware Co., O., 23 Sept., 1847, 
Moses Byxbe states that he is sixty three years old, and is the son 
of Col Moses Byxbe, a brother of Ebenezer, and that he had also 
an uncle Benjamin, all of whom were Revolutionary War soldiers 
He also states that Hannah has been the reputed and acknowledged 
wife of the said Ebenezer for more than fifty-five years. 2 


V Benjamin Bixby (Abner, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph), born 10 
Oct 1 751, at Hopkinton, Mass.; died perhaps at Pittsford, Hills- 
daleCo., Mich., where he was living in Dec, 1841 ; 3 married early 
in 1777, Mary Guest, 4 who died in the lifetime of her husband. 

» The balance found due to the soldier was multiplied by 3*J to make good the depreciation. 
Byxbe's account appears on folio 97. 
2 Letter of Commissioner of Pensions, 13 Dec, 1910. 
» Papers U. S. Pension Bureau. He was apparently living in 1848. 
* Intention of marriage at Sturbridge 30 Dec, 1776. 


Children, born at Peru, 1 Mass.: 

1 William, born 7 Nov., 1777. 

2 Elizabeth, born 19 Jan., 1779. 

3 Abner, born 9 June, 1780; living in 1836 at Ridgeway, N. Y Perha™ h» 

removed to Pittsford, Mich., that or the following year P he 

Benjamin Bixby was a Revolutionary soldier. His services 
are related in his declarations made in his old age to obtain a pen- 
sion. These declarations were made in 1835 and 1836, the second 
being drawn up by Henry Angevine, who investigated the circum- 
stances under which the first application was made, which had 
led to suspension of the pension. From this it is learned that the 
first application was made at the instance of one Bedford, a stranger 
to Bixby, who first saw Bedford at Lockport, N. Y., in April, 1835. 
Bixby had stopped at Lockport on his way from Pendleton, N. Y 
"where he had been visiting his daughter-in-law," "to get some cake 
to eat," when Bedford stepped up to him and asked him if he was not 
a Revolutionary soldier, and finding that to be the case he offered 
to draw up a pension application for him, for which he was to receive 
half the back pay if the application was successful, otherwise 
nothing. He entered at once on the task, and completed the papers 
at Medina, N. Y., near Bixby 's residence. Bedford was responsi- 
ble for claiming three months' service in New York in 1776, which 
had been performed by one Sweetman or Sweetly 2 as a substitute 
for Bixby. Angevine explains the discrepancies in the two decla- 
rations as arising from the fact that Bixby could not read writing, 
and placed implicit confidence in Bedford, who had left the country 
prior to Jan., 1836. He goes on to state that Bixby was a "very 
old, infirm man, honest and meritorious." From the two declara- 
tions, and a petition by Bixby dated 3 Dec, 1841, the following 
account of his services in the war are obtained, also his after 

Benjamin Bixby lived in Partridgefield during the whole period 
of the Revolution. He apparently employed a substitute by the 
name of Sweetly or Sweetman who enlisted 5 May, 1776, and 
served until the 6 August about New York. This is evidently the 
three months' service afterward disclaimed by Bixby. He himself 

1 Peru Vital Records. Peru was formerly Partridgefield, from which town Middlefield and 
Hinsdale also were set off. 

* Ebenezer Sweetland of Partridgefield served from May to Nov.. 1775, in a company commanded 
oy capt. Nathan Watkins, Col. John Patterson's regiment. (Massachusetts Revolutionary Rolls.) 


enlisted about the middle of Sept., 1776, and served three months 
in a company commanded by Capt. Smedley of Williamstown, 
in the regiment commanded by Col. Clark of Gatesborough. 
Smedley 's command marched from Partridge field, through Gates- 
borough, Adams, Williamstown, Bennington, Vt., Skeansbor- 
ough (now Whitehall), N. Y., thence by water to Lake Cham- 
plain to a place called Mount Independence in Vermont, where 
they encamped. During this campaign a float-bridge was built 
from Mount Independence across Lake Champlain to Ticonderoga. 
He again enlisted 1 Sept., 1777, at Partridgefield, in a company 
commanded by Capt. William Watkins, 1 and again marched to a 
point near Ticonderoga, but was compelled to retreat toward 
Fort Edward on the Hudson. He was at Stillwater and Saratoga, 
and returned home two or three days before Burgoyne's surrender. 1 
He was not in the battle of Saratoga. He then became a member 
of a company of militia, commanded by Capt. Fletcher, and was 
in more or less active service during a period of six months, the 
first half of that period against "the indians and tories infesting 
that section of the country," the remainder of the time ready to 
take arms upon any alarm. He also claimed to have marched 
against the enemy to Lanesborough and Stephenstown, N. Y., in 
August or the following two months, "but the light horse brought 
word that the enemy had left that quarter and this applicant was 
marched back again." It is evident that this last service was 
part of his six months' service when he was an active member 
of a militia company, which was constantly called out to restore 
confidence, or for scouting duty, but of which duty no returns 
were made to the state government. The expedition to Stephens- 
town was under command of Capt. Watkins, whose company was 
a part of Clark's regiment of Berkshire militia. That he served 
under Capt. Fletcher is proved by the state archives, which show 
that Benjamin Bixby, a private in company commanded by Capt. 

1 According to the declaration drawn up by Bedford, Bixby claimed to have enlisted 2 June 
1777 and served three months under Capt. Nathan Watkins in Clark's regiment, during which 
sendee he marched to Fort Independence, thence to Fort Edward; that he re-enlisted under Capt. 
Watkins is Sept., and served until 16 Dec, 1777. and marched to Saratoga. William Watkins 
of Peru was a lieutenant in the company of Capt. Nathan Watkins which responded to the Lexing- 
ton alarm, and served at the siege of Boston. He was commissioned captain of the Partndgeneld 
company in Col. Benjamin Simonds' regiment of Berkshire county militia in May, 1776, and was 
at Ticonderoga in Dec, 1776, and until March, 1777. William Fletcher was lieutenant in his 
company in May, 1776, and was captain 28 April, 1778, and commanded the company on the 
march to Pawlet in Oct., 1780. 


William Fletcher in Col. Simonds' regiment, marched to Pawlet 
on the alarm of 13 Oct., 1780, and was credited with six days' 
service. 1 Also that he served from the 14th to the 24th Oct., 1781, 
on an alarm, which caused his company, commanded by Capt. 
Jonathan Thayer, in Col. Barnes regiment, 1 to march to Stillwater. 2 
This first declaration is made under the name of Bixbe, his second 
as Byxbe. Benjamin Bixby told Angevine that the name of Byxbe 
was as often called Bigsby as Byxbe, and more frequently spelled 
Bigsby than any other way. He also declared that he was born 
in Hopkinton 21 Oct., 1751, and that there was a record of his age 
in the bible of his son Abner, with whom he was living in Ridge- 
way, N. Y. ; that he had lived in Partridgefield until about "35 
years ago" and continued to live in Berkshire county, until he 
moved to Palmyra, Wayne Co., N. Y., thence to Monroe Co., 
where he resided about ten years, thence to Orleans Co., thence 
to Pendleton in Niagara Co., and thence to Ridgeway, where he was 
living in 1835 and 1836. In Dec, 1841, in a petition that he may 
have a pension granted him, he makes further statement that he 
served as a minute man for six months under Capt. Edward Kibby, 
and that he had resided in Pittsford, Hillsdale Co., Mich., the past 
five years, prior to which he had lived in New York. In his first 
declaration he mentions that his brother Aaron Bixby and William 
Thayer served with him during the period he was acting as guard 
to the home towns in Berkshire, and that during the Revolution 
he lost $500 "continental money" by its vast depreciation. He was 
apparently living as late as 1848 and attempting to obtain a pension. 3 
There are no deeds of record at Pittsfield to or from Benjamin 


V. Moses Bixby (Abner, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph), born 4 
May, 1756, at Hopkinton, Mass.; died 9 Sept., 1826, at Delaware, 

1 Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolution. 

J There is a further claim of service by Benjamin Bigsby from i July, 1778, for six months and 
one day in a company commanded by Capt. Joseph Boynton, in Col. Wade's regiment, and when 
this was read by Angevine to Bixby, he declared he had served under Capt. Boynton. The 
records show the certificate furnished by the Massachusetts authorities to be in error, for the 
name is clearly Levi Bigsby on all four of the rolls preserved. (Mass. Archives, 55 M, 36). 
Capt. Joseph Boynton's company was evidently raised from the towns in that part of Middlesex 
Co. bordering the Merrimack, and nearby localities. Col. Nathaniel Wade was of Ipswich. In 
1836 there was not known to be any muster rolls of the companies commanded either by Smedley 
or Watkins. 3 Letters in pension case. 



O.; 1 married 28 Dec, 1780, at Washington, Mass., Dorothy 
Witter, 2 probably daughter of Joseph Witter. 3 She was living 
in 1820. 
Children, born at Washington: 2 

I Dolly, born 15 Sept., 1781; married Rev. Joseph S. Hughes of Delaware, 
who came from Pennsylvania in 1810 and died at Delaware in 1823. 
He left a widow whose maiden name was Amy Reynolds. 

2- 2 Moses, born 30 Jan., 1784; married Betsy Egleston. 

3- 3 Appleton, born 28 April, 1786. 

4- 4 Lucy (Nancy), born 4 Dec, 1788; married Leonard H. Cowles. 
5 Pelatiah (Pelitah), born 14 April, 1791; died 7 July, 1791. 

6 Aney, twin with Pelatiah, died 22 June, 1794. 

Moses Bixby was in his eighteenth year at the time of his father's 
removal to Partridgefield. The opening of the Revolution found 
him enrolled in the company commanded by Capt. Nathan Watkins 
which marched 22 April, 1775, in response to the Alarm of the 19 
April. He is credited with fourteen days' service at that time, 
and reported as enlisted 5 May, 1775, in Watkins' company in 
Col. John Patterson's regiment. He served in the army besieging 
Boston until November. He signed a receipt for a bounty coat 
13 Nov., 1775. He also served from the 11 to 27 July, 1777, in 
Capt. Zebulon Norton's company, Col. Caleb Hyde's regiment, and 
from 27 July, 1777, until the 14 Aug., in Col. John Ashley's regiment, 
also from Berkshire county, under the same captain. This service 
was performed at the "Northward." He again enlisted, as cor- 
poral, 22 Aug., and served until the 29 Aug., 1777, in a company 
commanded by Capt. William Fletcher in Col. Benjamin Simonds' 
regiment on an expedition to Bennington. Also, under the same 
commanders, from the 5 Sept. to the 1 Oct., 1778, at the "North- 
ward, having marched by orders of Gen. Lincoln on an alarm." 4 

He received a deed of 144 acres of land in Washington, 29 March, 
1783, from Joseph Witter of that place, being described as of Par- 
tridgefield. The consideration was £300, and the land was de- 
scribed as bounded north by Partridgefield south line and pur- 
chased by Witter from Lt. Alpheus Spencer. 5 He and wife Dority 
sold this land 9 Dec. following, they being described as of Wash- 
ington. 5 

1 Letter of Robert C Rockwell of Pittsfield, Mass. 2 Washington vital records. 

* The Witters were from Preston, Conn., descended from an early settler at Lynn, Mass. 
4 Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolution. 

• Berkshire Deeds at Pittsfield, 16:273, 20:397. 


He had previously purchased 100 acres in Washington, in 1780, 
of Nathan Ingraham and Irene his wife, also bounding north on 
Partridgefield, and in 1783 purchased 160 acres in Sheffield. From 
this time until his death he was a frequent purchaser of lands in 
Washington, Partridgefield and vicinity, which he sold from time to 
time. From 1792 until 1800, with the exception of 1798, he was 
licensed as an innkeeper at Washington, and in 1802 and 1803 at 
Lenox, where he was associated with Joseph Tucker in business. The 
firm was dissolved 25 June, 1804. Besides his business as an inn- 
keeper (in those days of stage coaches the inn was the centre of the 
town life, second only to the church), he conducted a general 
mercantile business. He is said to have visited Delaware Co., 
then Franklin Co., Ohio, in 1801, with his son Moses, and located 
a large amount of land under Revolutionary soldiers' land warrants 
which he had bought up. In all, in different parts of the county, 
he located several thousand acres of land. When he returned to 
Lenox, in the fall of 1801, his son Moses remained among friends 
they had known in Massachusetts who had settled at what is now 
Delaware City, then a large Indian village in which the whites 
were doing business. In 1802 Moses Bixby again returned to 
Ohio and pitched upon a site on the Little Walnut, a stream about 
nine miles east of Indian Delaware, where he determined to found 
a village. He made two visits to Lenox after this, and finally 
succeeded in bringing out a number of settlers, most of whom were 
relatives or connections by marriage. One of these, Azariah Roof, 
was a surveyor. The village, which he named Berkshire, was 
founded in Oct., 1804. He had brought his family, and remained 
at Berkshire until 1806 when, having sold his interests there to 
the brothers David and Joseph Prince, he removed to Delaware. 
Delaware county was organized 10 Feb., 1808, being set off from 
Franklin, and in March, 1809, Bixby and David Baldwin of Pitts- 
burgh, Penn., began laying out the town of Delaware. Moses 
Bixby, Sr., was one of the first associate judges of the new county, 
and Moses Bixby, Jr., the first clerk of the court of common pleas. 
It is said that after the failure of his attempt to have Delaware 
selected as the capital of Ohio, Moses Bixby was never the same 
man. 1 

He died at the home of his son-in-law, Leonard H. Cowles. 

1 Letter of D. U. C. Luegenbeel, Delaware, Ohio. 


During the latter part of his life he had the title of colonel, and is 
so described in a deed dated Aug., 1816, and in another dated 
Sept., 1817. In 1811 he was styled esquire. 1 

He was one of the incorporators of the Becket turnpike running 
through Becket from Pittsfield 2 to Westfield, Mass. 


V. Bethia Bixby (Abner, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph), born 20 
Sept., 1762, at Framingham, Mass.; died 1794 at PartHdgefield, 
Mass.; married, probably in 1780, Col. William Richards, born 
17 Jan., 1765, died 28 Aug., 181 1, at Hinsdale, Mass., 3 aged 57 
years, son of William and Sarah (Knap or Knopp) Richards, and 
step-son of Sarah Bixby (1 172). He is said to have been a descend- 
ant of Edward Richards of Lynn, Mass., who died 26 Jan., 1689-90, 
aged 69 years, who may have been a son of Richard Richards of 
Lynn in 1639, who died in 1678. 


1 Betsy Richards, born 28 March, 1781; married Salmon Bixby (13475). 

2 Sally Richards, born 1783; married Dr. Hinckley of Pittsfield. 

3 William Richards, born 1785; married Clara Eames. They moved to 

Riga, N. Y., thence to Ohio, and subsequently to Noble, Mich., where he 
died. 4 


1. Walter Oscar Richards, born 21 Nov., 1820, at Riga; living in Iowa in 

l8 97- . . , . 

2. Sarah Richards, married Wesley W. Wright; living in Sturgis, Mich., in 


4 Achsa Richards, 6 born 20 June, 1787, at Hinsdale; died there 1 Aug., i875; s 

married 6 Nov., 1810, at Hinsdale, Lemuel Parsons, born 5 June, 1786, 
at Enfield, Conn., died 24 April, 1867, at Hinsdale, son of Lemuel and 
Abigail (Warner) Parsons. 

1. Christopher Parsons, born 8 April, 1813; died 20 July, 1814. 

2. Cynthia Parsons, born 24 Aug., 181 1; died 22 May, 1872, at Rosemond, 

111.; married 16 April, 1850, at Albany, N. Y., Harlow Spring; (2) 

1 Deeds at Pittsfield. 2 Acts and Resolves. Massachusetts General Court. 

' Hinsdale Vital Records. His gravestone gives date of death as 1812. 

« Information of Mrs. Effie R. (Edward M.) Johnson of Minneapolis, a daughter of Walter Oscar 
Richards (1113M-31). 

6 Information concerning descendants of Achsa (Richards) Parsons has been received from 
Mrs. F. E. Weise (1113M-451), Lemuel Parsons (1113M-48), A. N. Warner (1113M-441) and 
C. B. Warner (1113M-442), Mrs. L. G. Sherman (1113M-462), John P. Mack (1113M-461). 
Mrs. Etta W. Spring (1113M-421). Mrs. Fannie E. Lewis (13475.4-2), and John H. H. Lewis 
(i3475-4 _ 2). Several slight inconsistencies in the various statements have been adjusted by fol- 
lowing the statements of the nearest relatives. 

•Information of C B. Warner (1113M-442). 


18 Jan., 1866, at Hinsdale, Benjamin Eleazer Warner. Child, by first 
marriage: Willis Parsons Spring, born 14 Aug., 1853, at Hinsdale; 
died 22 March, 1905, in Minneapolis; married 14 Aug., 1879, Etta 
Webster. She lives in Minneapolis. 1 Willis P. Spring graduated at 
Oberlin College, 1875, Harvard Medical School, 1879. 

3. John Parsons, born 11 Sept., 1814; died 8 Nov., 1814. 

4. Rebecca Parsons, born 28 July, 1816; died 7 Sept., 1865 ; 2 married 

26 Sept., 1837, at Hinsdale, Benjamin E. Warner, born 25 June, 
1810, at Brookfield, Conn., died 10 Dec, 1903. He was a cabinet 
maker. In 1855 he removed to Illinois, and was one of the founders 
of Rosemond. He married (3) 9 March, 1873, Eliza P. Weeks. Chil- 
dren, among others: Almon N. Warner, of Rosemond, 111. C. B. Warner 
of Burlington, Vt. 

5. Zilpah Parsons, born 18 Oct., 1818; died 20 Aug., 1868, at Pittsfield, 111.; 

married 16 July, 1846, Thomas Green Atwood, born 17 July, 1823. 
He married (2) a daughter of Walter Richards. He lived in Chicago. 
Children: Sarah Kate Atwood, married Fred E. Weise of Chicago. 
Others, deceased. 

6. Maria Parsons, born 24 Feb., 1821; died 5 Oct., 1894, at Hinsdale; 

married there 30 June, 1847, Lyman Mack, born 10 April, 1823, died 
10 July, 1898. Children: John Parsons Mack, born 17 Nov., 1848; 
lives at Dalton, Mass. Mary Ellen Mack, born 18 Sept., 1857, at 
Hinsdale; married there Louie G. Sherman of Hinsdale. 

7. Jane Parsons, born 30 June, 1823; died 9 Oct., 1908, at Hinsdale; married 

there 10 Oct., 1850, Warren (Philemon) Knight. No issue. 

8. Lemuel Parsons, born 5 Dec, 1825; married 1 Sept., 1857, at Groton, 

Conn., Mary Ellen Moxley; 3 lives at Rosemond. Children: A daugh- 
ter, married John Glotfelter of Emporia, Kans. A daughter, married 
William P. Murley of Kansas City, Mo. 

9. Peter Parsons, born 16 Feb., 1828; died 11 Nov., 1900, at Hinsdale; 

married there 25 Nov., 1858, Ann Eliza Prentiss. Children: Clarence 
Parsons. Lemuel N. Parsons. William R. Parsons. Eunice A. Par- 
sons. Lucy M. Parsons. Jennie Parsons, married Frank Phillips of 

5 Ira Richards, born 1789; married Ruth Turner; (2) 16 May, 181 1, at Hins- 
dale, Rebecca Watson. They lived at Riga. 

William Richards served in the Revolution. The following 
service records probably pertain to him. William Richards of 
Framingham enlisted 20 Dec, 1776, and served until 1 March, 
1777, in company commanded by Capt. Moses Harrington, Col. 
Dike's regiment. Also as sergeant in company commanded by 
Capt. Nathaniel Belcher, marched 8 Sept., 1779, and served one 
month, twelve days, under Gen. Hancock at Castle Island, at whose 
request, upon William Richards' application, he was permitted 
to be discharged that he might enlist to serve with troops then being 
dispatched to reinforce the Continental army under Washington. 
He appears, as of Hopkinton, serving as corporal in company 

1 Children: Elbert Webster Spring, born 11 Oct., 1882. Willis W. Spring, born 20 June, 1884. 
Arthur Dickerman Spring, born 24 Sept., 1887. 

'Information of A. N. Warner (1113M-441). Another informant reports the death as I Sept., 
1867. 'Another account says Ellen Mac Ginder. 


commanded by Capt. Amasa Cranston, Col. Samuel Denny's 
regiment, enlisted 28 Oct., discharged 23 Nov., 1779, at Claverack, 
N. Y. He may also have served a short time in the summer of 
1779 in Rhode Island. 1 

His title of colonel was obtained after the Revolution. He 
settled in Partridgefield, which in 1806 became Peru, a portion of 
the older town having two years previously been set off to Hinsdale. 
He married, second, (intention published 4 April, 1796, at Peru) 
Monica Frissell, who died 29 Dec, 1831, aged 64 years, and had 
other children as follows: Harriet Richards, born 1797, Bethia 
Richards, Hiram Richards, Walter Richards, John Richards, Nelson 


V. Mary Bixby (Andrew, John, Joseph, Joseph), born probably 
at Amherst, N. H., about 1750; died later than Aug., 1797; married, 
about 1770, David Hildreth, born 27 Feb., 1746, 2 at Litchfield, 
N. H., died at Amherst, youngest son of Jacob and Abigail Hildreth 3 
of Litchfield. 
Children, born at Amherst:* 

1 Hannah Hildreth, born 17 Aug., 1774; married Ephraim Pike of Amherst. 

2 David Hildreth, died young. 

3 Edith Bixby Hildreth, born 6 Dec, 1779. 

4 Esther Hildreth, married Samuel Hildreth. 4 

5 Polly Hildreth, died, aged seventeen years, at Windsor, N. H. 

6 Susan Hildreth, married John Hildreth, a cousin. They removed to Phelps, 

N. Y. 

7 Clifton Bixby Hildreth, born 12 Aug., 1797; died 6 Feb., 1881, at Aliens- 

town, N. H.; 5 married in Boston, Eliza S. Fuller, born there, Dec, 1797, died 
1 Aug., 1876, at Concord, N. H. In 1849 they moved to Bow, N. H., 
from Boston whither Mr. Hildreth had removed from Amherst in 1822. 
He was a carpenter and builder. 

Children, all born in Boston, including two who died in infancy: 

1. Joseph Wyman Hildreth, born 30 June, 1826; died 2 Dec, 1900, 5 at 

Manchester, N. H. 

2. Charles F. Hildreth, of Suncook, N. H., in 1878; died 16 Aug., 1903, 

without issue; surgeon of the 40th Mass. Vols. 

1 Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolution. 

1 Records at Concord. N. H., but Charles F. Barnard gives the birth as 17 July, 1748. 

* Authority of Charles F. Barnard, of Boston, who, in June, 1878, while at Suncook, "a mutual 
friend, and friend of the family," prepared a brief sketch of the family of Clifton B. Hildreth, his 
parentage, and an account of Jacob Hildreth who settled at Natacook (Litchfield) about 1720, 
erroneously described as an emigrant from England. 

4 Samuel Hildreth was a cousin of his wife, being a son of John Hildreth of Phelps, N. Y., a brother 
of David Hildreth, and grandson of Jacob Hildreth. 

5 N. H. Deaths. J. W. Hildreth was an assistant superintendent of the Manchester and Law- 
rence Railroad Company. He left one daughter, Mary E. Hildreth, wife of George E. French, 
of Manchester, N. H. 


3. Cornelia M. Hildreth, married M. Taylor Ladd. No issue. 

4. Lydia A. H. Hildreth, married Oliver Fuller. Children: A son and a 


5. Clifton Bixby Hildreth, married Abbie W. Cilley, of Epsom, N. H. He 

was police inspector at Manchester. Children: Will Clifton Hildreth, 
born 1 Jan., 1868; married Jennie Hook of Pembroke, N. H. 1 He 
was postmaster at York, Me., and police court justice. 


V. Daniel Bixby (Andrew, John, Joseph, Joseph), born probably 
at Amherst, N. H., about 1752; died at Salisbury, N. H.; married at 
Hillsborough, N. H., Sarah Blanchard of that place. 2 They lived 
in Hillsborough. Late in life Daniel Bixby removed to Salisbury. 
He is said to have been an "eccentric person." 3 

Children: 4 

1 Olive, living at the time of her father's death; married William Page 
Sanborn, born 1820, son of Levi and Polly (Carter) Sanborn. 5 No issue. 
They lived in Enfield, N. H. Mr. Sanborn married (2) Elizabeth 

2- 2 Elvira W., born 1 Sept., 1815, 6 at Hillsborough; married Thomas W. 

Currier; (2) Hobbs. 

3- 3 Daniel William (Daniel H.), born 31 May, 1819, at Hopkinton, N. H.; 

married Lois Ann Copps. 


V. Hannah Bixby (Andrew, John, Joseph, Joseph), born about 
1760, probably at Amherst, N. H.; married 10 July, 1784, Joshua 
Jones, born about 1757, died 1799 at Windsor, N. H., son of William 
and Rebecca (Jenkins) Jones. 7 He left a will dated 23 June, 1799, 
probated 15 Oct., 1799. He lived in Amherst, Hillsborough and 
Windsor, N. H. His children are said to have settled in the Genesee 
Valley, N. Y. 

Children: 7 

1 Elitheusa Jones. 

2 Walter Jones. 

3 Foster Jones. 

4 Gilman Jones. 

1 Children: Florence Louise Hildreth, Hazel Helen Hildreth, and Clifton French Hildreth, aged 
respectively, sixteen, thirteen and four years in (1910?). 

s The marriage record at Concord, N. H, is said to give the date as 2 Feb., 1823. There is a 
manifest error in the year. Probably the date should be 1813, or possibly 1803. 

3 Goodell: Sketch of Andrew Bixby 's descendants. 

4 Information of J. G. Currier (11512.2-2). 'Sanborn Genealogy, p. 223. 

• From age at death, given on Wilmot, N. H., records, 74 yrs., 1 mo., and 20 days, 21 Oct.. 1889. 

7 Descendants of Hugh Jones, by J. G. Bartlett in N. E. Hist. Gen. Reg., 61: 253. The will of 
Joshua Jones is recorded in Hillsborough Co. Rebecca Jenkins was daughter of Joel and Mary 
(Chadwick) Jenkins of Wilmington. See Lydia Bixby (1263). 



V. John Bixby (Andrew, John, Joseph, Joseph), born probably 
at Amherst, N. H., about 1761 ; died 31 Dec, 1830; x married, 1789, 
Rebecca Goodell, daughter of David and Elizabeth (Hutchinson) 
Goodell. He married, second, 9 Nov., 1807, Sally Goodell, a 
sister of his first wife. She died 6 Dec, 1833, leaving a will of which 
Reuben Hatch was executor, and naming only Mandana H. (Bixby) 

Children, 2 born at Hillsborough, N. H.: 

1- 1 Dolphus (Adolphus 3 ), born 7 Jan., 1790; married Achsa Carr; (2) Lydia 


2- 2 Ransom, born 4 June, 1791; married Sarah Andrews. 

3- 3 Nancy, born 17 March, 1793; married Moody M. Barker. 

4 Sally, born 3 Oct., 1795; died in Illinois; 1 married 4 March, 1824, at Hen- 
niker, N. H., Miles Cole of New Chester, N. H. 4 They removed to 
Illinois in 1838. 

5- 5 Avis, born 10 May, 1797; married Elijah Monroe. 
By second marriage: 

6- 6 Mandana Hutchinson, born Jan., 1813; married Seth Challis Hatch. 

John Bixby of Hillsborough enlisted to the credit of Dearing, 
28 July, 1779, for one year in the Continental service for the defense 
of Rhode Island. He was a member of the 9th regiment of militia 
commanded by Col. Moses Kelly, but the regiment in which he 
served is not stated. He received a state bounty of £60. He is 
also probably the same as John Bixby who enlisted 5 July, 1777, 
and was discharged 12 July following, having served eight days in 
Col. Thomas Stickney's regiment which marched to the relief of 
Fort Ticonderoga, but which met the news of the evacuation of 
the fort when they had marched seventy miles, and consequently 
were dismissed. Stickney's regiment was raised from Concord 
and towns nearby. Also a John Bixby enlisted 20 July, 1779, 
for one year, and served in company commanded by Capt. James 
Norris in the 3 d N. H. regiment. He seems to have served his full 
term of enlistment. 5 John Bixby succeeded to his father's home- 

1 Goodell: Sketch of Bixby Family published in Hillsborough Messenger, 1908. 
' Records of Hillsborough, "children of John and Rebecca." See also Gage: History of Wash- 
ington, N. H. See also will of John Bixby proved 1831, dated 14 Dec, 1827. 

* Called Adolphus in father's will, in which, according to a certified copy, the children are named 
as follows: Adolphus Bixbe, eldest son. Ransom Bixbe, Nancy Barker, Salley Gaul, Avis Monroe, 
Mandana Hutchinson Bixbe, single woman. 

* Records of Henniker, N. H. * New Hampshire Revolutionary Rolls. 


1 1732 

V. Lois Bixby {Thomas, Thomas, Joseph, Joseph), born at 
Hopkinton, Mass.; baptized 11 Oct. (Dec), 1761 j 1 died 5 Jan., 1832, 1 
at Hopkinton; married there 9 Dec, 1779, Jacob Parker, who 
may have died March, 1795, aged 45, 1 probably son of Jacob and 
Lydia (Parks) Parker of Hopkinton. 

Children, born at Hopkinton: 2 

1 Lucy Parker, born 6 Oct., 1780; married 30 Nov., 1799, 2 at Westborough, 

Mass., William Collins, Jr., of Southborough, Mass. 

2 Elijah Parker, born 3 Dec, 1782; married 30 March, 1806, at Hopkinton, 2 

Abigail Waer. 

Children, born at Hopkinton: 

1. Carlton Parker, born 30 Nov., 1806. 

2. Samuel Parker, born 17 April, 1809. 

3 Aaron Parker, born 7 Jan., 1785. 

4 Nathan Parker, born 2 July, 1788. 


V. Joel Bixby {Thomas, Thomas, Joseph, Joseph), born at 
Hopkinton, Mass.; baptized 5 July, 1772; died 6 Aug., 1820, 3 
"aged 50 years," drowned in Whitehall pond, Hopkinton. His 
intention of marriage to Polly Johnson appears at Hopkinton 
6 June, 1795. Mary, "widow of Joel Bixby," died 3 Dec, 1830, 
in her fifty-fifth year. 4 
Children, bom at Hopkinton: 3 

1 Lovett, born 22 April, 1796; died prior to 1878; married 17 April, 1818, 
at Westborough, Mass., Sally Nelson Claflin. 5 

2- 2 Joel, born 23 Oct., 1797; married Elizabeth Mellen. 

3- 3 Montgomery, born 5 July, 1800; married Mary B. Morse. 

4- 4 Mary (Mary Ann C), born 25 July, 1801; 6 married Peter Newton. 

1 Hopkinton church records. 

! Hopkinton town records. Jacob Parker and wife Sarah were parents of children between 
1773 and 1777. 

* Hopkinton records. 

4 Gravestone at Wrentham, Mass. According to the History of Milford her name was Sophia 
Johnson, and her name so appears in the record of death of her son Albert. 

6 Westborough Vital Records. In Hopkinton Vital Records her name appears as Sally Wilson 

• A list of the next of kin of Albert Bixby was filed with the papers in the settlement of hi9 
estate. The persons named were: Delia*, wife of Moses Walker of Milford, Oscar E. and Frank, 
children of Frank H. Bixby, Eliza Bixby*. Montgomery Bixby*, Montcalm Bixby*, Mariah A. 
Phillips*, daughter of Charles W. Phipps (sic), Warren Bixby*. Bernadotte Bixby* of New York, 
Sarah and Henry* Bixby of New York, Carrie E.* and Henry Thompson* of Wrentham, Susan 


5- 5 Cromwell, born 13 May, 1803; married Lydia Parker. 

6 Sophia, born 3 Sept., 1805; married 18 April, 1847, at Wrentham, Mass., 
as Sophia J., aged 39 years, John A. Craig, aged 42 years, son of Elijah 
and Mehitable Craig; 1 died without issue prior to 1878. 

7- 7 Hannah, born 25 March, 1808; probably married Eliab Thompson, Jr. 

8 Albert, born 11 Feb., 1810; died 24 Aug., 1878, at Milford, Mass., un- 

married. Albert Bixby was a bootmaker, and eccentric in character. 
By frugal living he laid aside $1100. He became insane, imagined him- 
self in danger, and committed suicide. The papers in the settlement 
of his estate name his nephews and nieces as next of kin. 2 

9 Hariot, born 28 Feb., 1812; died without issue prior to 1878; perhaps 

the Harriet Bixby who died 26 Feb., 1843, in her 29th year, at Wren- 
tham, of consumption. 3 Her gravestone gives her age as 31 years, 
and her date of death, 27 Feb. 1 
10 Horatio N., born 3 May, 1814. 


V. Abijah Bixby (Pelatiah, Thomas, Joseph, Joseph), born 14 
June, 1764, at Hopkinton, Mass.; died there in 1855; 4 married 8 
April, 1795, 5 at Southboro, Mass., Lydia Chamberlain of South- 
boro, born there 1765, died 1848 at Hopkinton. 4 
Children, born at Hopkinton: 6 

1 Nancy (Anna), born 3 Nov., 1797; died at Hopkinton, unmarried. 4 

2- 2 John Chamberlain, born 12 Nov., 1800; married Ruth E. Haven. 

3- 3 William, born 24 June, 1805; married Hannah Learned; (2) Jane (Gar- 

field) Loomis. 

4- 4 Luther, born 24 Aug., 1808; married Joanna E. Bowman. 

5- 5 Eliza Ann, born 4 Sept., 1810; married Joseph Dudley. 

1 1742 

V. Pelatiah Bixby (Pelatiah, Thomas, Joseph, Joseph), born 
28 Dec, 1765, at Hopkinton, Mass.; died there 3 Sept., 1825; 
married (intention 7 April, 1795) Jane Surriage, born 27 Jan., 
1773, baptized Jan., 1774, at Marblehead, Mass., died 23 Jan., 

L. Bacon* of Providence, Caroline (Bixby) Jones of New York, Georgianna (Bixby) St. Clair of 
Boston, Edward Bixby of Boston, Andrew P. Bixby* of Boston, George Bixby of Cuba, two 
daughters of Mary Newton of Ashland. Those starred participated in the distribution of the 
estate, each receiving an equal portion, their relationship being that of nephew or niece. The 
distribution gives the additional names of Sarah Briggs, Arthur E. BLxby, and Miranda Sherman. 
Seventeen heirs participated. Sarah Briggs was identical with Sarah Bixby above, and Arthur 
E. Bixby with Edward. Georgianna St. Clair, who did not share, but is called a niece, is prob- 
ably Anna L. Bixby (11736.5-9). John Bixby, a nephew, son of Cromwell, appears to have 
been entirely omitted. 

1 Wrentham Vital Records. • Massachusetts Deaths. 

'See Footnote No. 6 on Page 193. 4 Information of Luther W. BLxby (11745.6-1). 

• Southboro Vital Records. Intention of marriage was recorded at Hopkinton, 10 May, 1794- 

• Hopkinton records. 


1839, daughter of Isaac and Ruhannah (Pedrick) Surriage. 1 She 
became blind several years prior to her death. Two sons and, 
it is said, three daughters, settled in Virginia. 
Children, born at Hopkinton: 2 

1- 1 John Adams, born probably 1795 or 1796, at Hopkinton; married 


2- 2 Edward Surriage, born 8 March, 1797; married Harriet Newton; (2) 

Mary Ann Putnam. 

3 Mary Swain, born 17 Aug., 1798; died in Norfolk, a widow, at the home 

of her brother John; married 2 Oct., 1836, 3 Aaron Read of Hopkinton.* 
No issue. 4 

4 Hannah Webster, born 29 Nov., 1801; died, unmarried, at Hopkinton, 

where she was admitted to the church 6 Oct., 1839. 
5- 5 Simpson, born 7 July, 1805; married Sally P. Barber. 

6 Susanna (Susan Ann), born 12 April, 1807; married 6 24 Oct., 1844, 

Dr. Darius W. Todd of Norfolk, a widower. Intention of marriage at 
Hopkinton, Sept., 1844. 

7 Isaac Surriage, born 11 Jan., 1810; died at Norfolk. 

8 Caroline Agnes Frankland, born 29 June, 1812; died 4 July, 1814. 5 
9- 9 Charles Pelatiah, born 12 Dec, 1814; married Flora L. Mayhew. 

1 1745 

V. Luther Bixby {Pelatiah, Thomas, Joseph, Joseph), born 
4 April, 1772, at Hopkinton, Mass.; died 28 April, 1847, 6 in Boston, 
Mass., "aged 75 years"; married there 9 Nov., 1802, 7 Susannah 
Wentworth, born there 31 Jan., 1781, died there 15 Oct., 1847, 
"aged 64 years," daughter of Philip and Susannah (Bradley) 
Wentworth. 7 

1 The romantic story of Agnes Surriage (Lady Frankland) is told in "Boston in the Early Colonial 
Times," under Sir Charles Henry Frankland, p. 67. Frankland was collector of customs and ren- 
dered tardy justice to a woman who had devoted her life to him. Agnes Surriage was born 17 
April, 1726, daughter of Edward and Mary Surriage and therefore an aunt of Mrs. Jane (Surriage) 
Bixby whose father, Isaac Surriage of Hopkinton, became possessed of his sister's former estate 
in Boston under the will of Daniel McClester, nephew to both Isaac Surriage and Lady Frankland. 
Part of the estate was at one time rented to the firm of Bixby, Capen and Stoddard. It is said 
that Mrs. Bixby much resembled her aunt Agnes, and that Mr. Bixby was a short, thickset man, 
pitted with smallpox. They lived in Hopkinton on the hill above Indian Brook, but later purchased 
the Rider-Tidd place. 

» Hopkinton town records. 3 6 Nov., 1836. Hopkinton Vital Records. 

4 Aaron Read of Hopkinton had children by his first wife, Betsy (Corbett), who died 13 Feb., 
1836. He died 20 Dec, 1848, aged 52 years, 10 months, 27 days. He was son of Ephraim and 
Honora Read. {Hopkinton Vital Records.) 

5 Hopkinton Vital Records, where Susanna's name appears as Susan Ann. There is a record at 
Hopkinton of intention of marriage between Cleophas Green and Susanna Bixby, 3 June, 1823 
(or 4 Dec, 1822). Cleophas Green and Miriam Watkins were married 19 Dec, 1777- Mrs. 
Susannah Green and Calvin Graves were married 30 Nov., 1843, all at Hopkinton. 

8 Boston Records. 

' Information of Luther W. Bixby (11745.6-1). Philip Wentworth and Susannah Bradley 
were married 5 March, 1780, in Boston. The former died 3 Sept., 1843. aged 87 years; his wife 
died 5 March, 1784, aged 37 years. The marriage of Luther Bixby is recorded in Boston. 


Children, born in Boston: x 

1- I Philip Wentworth, born 23 March, 1804; married Fanny Valentine. 

2- 2 Elizabeth Morrison Wentworth, born 9 Oct., 1805; married Robert 

Hale, Jr. 

3 Luther, born 28 July, 1807; 2 died 6 March, 1808. 1 

4 Luther William, born 15 March, baptized 3 April, 3 1810; died 4 (6)* 

May, 1811. 

5 Alzendorf Clark, born 6 Feb., 1813; died 25 July, 1813. 5 

6- 6 Luther, born 5, baptized 25 Dec, 18 14; married Arietta H. Rowell. 

7- 7 Simpson Clark, born 10 Sept., 1816; married Lucy M. Ferriter; (2) Fanny 

C. (Jennison) Harris; (3) Emily Read. 

8- 8 Susannah Bradley Wentworth, born 17 Dec, 1817; married Benjamin 

F. Underhill. 

9- 9 Julia Alexena Wentworth, born 30 April, 1819; married Laban Burt. 
J-10 Oswald Fitz Aubyn, born 30 June, 1820; married Levina A. Sears; 

(2) Mary L. Sears. 
11 Ann Jane Glorvina Cummings, born 16 Dec, 1823; died 5 March, 1824. 

Luther Bixby was a member of the firm of Bixby and Valentine, 
later Bixby, Clark and Valentine. In 1798 they occupied a build- 
ing in Fish street, Boston, owned by Caleb Gardner. 6 The firm was 
well known and was long established as shipping merchants. Dur- 
ing the war of 1812 two vessels belonging to the firm were sunk 
in Baltimore harbor as part of the defences of the city. From 
1803 to 1807, perhaps longer, Luther Bixby lived at 9^ Prince 

1 1 746 

V. Simpson Bixby {Peletiah, Thomas, Joseph, Joseph), born 10 
March, 1774, at Hopkinton, Mass.; died there March, 1854; T 
married 20 Dec, 1820, at Spencer, Mass., 8 Elizabeth Tucker, 
of Spencer, who died 25 June, 1841, at Hopkinton, aged 43 years, 
of hepatitis. 9 
Children, born at Hopkinton: 10 

t- 1 William Phelps, born 17 Oct., 1821; married Georgianna E. Phipps. 
2 George Warren, born 15 July, 1824; died 9 March, 1837. u 

3- 3 Maria Elizabeth, born 29 Jan., 1826; married Lewis Fairbanks. 

4 Susannah, born 24 Jan., 1828; died 5 Dec, 1865, 9 at Hopkinton, un- 


5 Simpson, born 28 April, 1830; died 29 Sept., 1831. 11 

1 See Footnote No. 7 on Page 195. 

1 According to Jesse C Bixby (11745-67) this child was born in 1808. 

» Second Church Records. e Church records give his baptism as Alendorf Clark, 21 Feb., 1813. 
* Boston Records. 6 U. S. Direct Tax, 1798. 

' Information of Mrs. Lizzie Bixby (11742.229), who also gives death of Elizabeth (Tucker) 
Bixby as occurring in July. 8 Spencer Vital Records. 

•Massachusetts Deaths. je Hopkinton records. u Gravesto ne at Hopkinton. 



V. Joseph Byxbee {John, Moses, Joseph, Joseph), born 13 
Aug., 1758, at Norwalk, Conn.; died in lifetime of his father, prior 
to 1810; married 11 Jan., 1787, at Middlesex, Conn., Nancy 
Slawson 1 (Slason) of Norwalk. They lived at South Norwalk. 
In 1802, he was living at Ely's Neck, 2 previous to which he may 
have been living at Rhoton Hill, as in 1796 he sold land and build- 
ings there to James Waring. 

Joseph Byxbee enlisted in Capt. Seymour's company, 9th 
Conn. Regt., Col. John Mead, and was discharged 24 Jan., 1777.' 
Children, born at South Norwalk: 

1- 1 John, born 10 Aug., 1787; married Sarah Dingee. 

2- 2 Betty, born 15 April, 1790; married Joseph Bouton. 


V. John Byxbee (John, Moses, Joseph, Joseph), born 26 
April, 1 761, at Norwalk, Conn.; died probably in or soon after 
1813; 4 married 2 Aug., 1782, at Norwalk, Rhoda Selleck, 5 daughter 
of Nathaniel and Sarah (Selleck) Selleck, who was perhaps living 
in April, 1826, but had deceased prior to May of that year. 6 
Children, born at Norwalk: 1 

1- 1 Andrew, born 26 May, 1783; married Catherine Smith. 
2 James, born 13 June, 1785. 

3- 3 Elizabeth, born 26 July, 1787; married Wray Selleck. 

4 Henry, born 27 Dec, 1790; died July, 1792. 7 

5 Fannie, died in youth. 8 

6- 6 Harry (Henry), 9 born 24 Feb., 1796; married Eliza Hoyt. 

John Byxbee served in Capt. Lockwood's company of coast 
guards, 16 March, 1780, to 1 Jan., 1781. He is described as John 
Bigxby,2d. 10 John "Bixbe" was appointed ensign in the 4th com- 
pany of the alarm list of the 19th Connecticut militia in May, 1778. 11 

1 Church records at Middlesex, now Darien. 

2 Norwalk Deeds, 20:272. ' Connecticut Men in the Revolution. 

* He is styled junior as late as 1801. As his many transactions in land cease in 1813, it is probable 
he had deceased. 

s Norwalk records. ! Norwalk Deeds, 26:80, 499- 7 Norwalk records. 

8 The local historian says of Fannie, that she "died young"; but probably infancy was not intended. 

9 This name appears as Harvey in Hall's register of Norwalk families p. 260, and is so given by 
Miss Elizabeth Byxbee (11952.12-6). 

10 Connecticut Men in the Revolution. " Connecticut Public Records, 2:30. 


He sold land at Ely's Neck, n May, 1813, lately owned by his 
grandfather, John Byxbee deceased. 1 

"Mrs. Rhoda Selleck Byxbee occupied the fine dwelling for that 
day, now standing on Harbor Avenue and known in late years as 
the Capt. Merritt place. Mrs. Byxbee survived her husband and 
finally removed to Flax Hill, near the present only store on the 
crest of that height. 

"She had two daughters, one of whom married the recalled 
Ray Selleck of the same hill, and the other Fanny, of lovely face 
and features, which are picture-preserved at the residence of the 
late Capt. William H. Wilcox on Flax Hill, died young." 2 


V. Hopkins Byxbee {John, Moses, Joseph, Joseph), born 1 Feb., 
1766, at Norwalk, Conn.; died prior to May, 1817; 3 married 19 
Jan., 1786, at Norwalk, Anna Raymond, 4 who died 5 June, 183-, 
aged 65 years, 5 daughter of William Raymond. Administration 
was granted on her estate and an order for distribution granted 
12 Sept., 1835. 6 
Children, born at Norwalk or South Norwalk: 6 

1- 1 Moses, born 9 Nov., 1786; married Hetty Hoyt; (2) Mary A. Hoyt. 

2- 2 Anna, born 8 Feb., 1789; married Hinman Selleck. 

3- 3 Raymond, born 7 Nov., 1790; married Jane Sheffield. 
4 Henry, born 4 Oct., 1792; died unmarried. 

5- 5 Ruth, born 15 Dec, 1794; married William Hallock. 

6- 6 William, born 17 Jan., 1797; married Elizabeth Pettit. 

7- 7 James, born 26 May, 1801; 7 married Halmina Raymond; (2) Susannah 

M. Wilmot. 

8- 8 Sarah, born about 1803; married Robert Sedgwick. 

9- 9 Betsy, born 20 April, 1804, at South Norwalk; married Joseph Raymond! 

(2) Alvah Fuller. 

j -10 Pamelia, born 2 July, 1806, at South Norwalk; married Rufus Richards. 
k-ii Susan, born 20 March, 1811; 8 married Ira Richards. 
12 George, died prior to 1844, 9 unmarried. 

Anna, wife of Hopkins Byxbee, had a deed of land at Flax 
Hill with a house on it from John Byxbee, her father-in-law, 8 

1 Norwalk Deeds, 21: 567. 2 Selleck: History of Norwalk. 

•Norwalk Deeds, 23:218. * Norwalk records. 6 Tombstone, Pine Island Cemetery. 

6 Norwalk Probate. The births of six eldest children are from Norwalk records. James was 
born in South Norwalk. 

7 1800, according to John F. Byxbee (11954.76). 8 Richards Genealogy. 

• His share in his mother's estate was distributed to his heirs. His brothers William and Moses 
sold their interest in 1844. (Norwalk Deeds, 32:609.) 


May, 1810, in consideration of services rendered him in nursing 
in sickness and health. This estate, which comprised 2i| acres 
land, Hopkins and Anna Byxbee sold to William Hallock, 14 April, 
1813. On the 10 July, 1809, Hopkins Byxbee sold to Moses Byxbee 
land which had descended to his father John Byxbee, being several 
undivided tracts. On the 10 Nov., 1845, William Hallock and 
Ruth his wife, Rufus Richards and Parmelia his wife, Ira Richards 
and Susan his wife, Alva Fuller and Betsy his wife, and James 
Byxbee, all of Norwalk, and Hinman Selleck and Anna his wife of 
New York, sold to Arza Raymond land in Ely's Neck, being their 
right in estate of mother Anna Byxbee deceased. 1 


V. Edward Bixby (Thomas, Thomas, Daniel, Joseph), born 8 
Sept., 1744, at Chelmsford, Mass.; died 22 Oct., 1816, 2 at Frances- 
town, N. H., aged 72 years, 1 month, 14 days; 2 married Lucy 
Barnes, born 21 April, 1749, died 16 Sept., 1843, at Francestown. 3 
Children, born at Francestown: 4 

I- 1 Molly, born 9 Sept., 1777; married Ezra Fisher. 

2 William, born 4 Nov., 1779; 3 died 30 Oct., 1862, at Francestown; 2 married 

8 Dec, 1810, in Boston, Mass., 6 Mary Cummings, born 22 Oct., 1770, 
died 6 April, 1856, daughter of Ebenezer and Elizabeth Cummings. 6 
She had been a school teacher at Francestown. 

William Bixby served in the State Senate in 1829-30. His portrait 
appears in the History of Francestown, N. H. He was both a farmer 
and a merchant; accumulated property, and was a liberal donor to the 
Academy at Francestown. 7 

Child, (adopted): 

1. Nancy Pierce, born 18 Oct., 1812, at Hillsboro, N. H.; married 14 
Sept., 1834, Edward P. Emerson, 8 of Nashua, N. H. 

3 Lucy, born 23 Dec, 1782; died 21 Dec, 1863. 

4- 4 Barnes, born 27 Nov., 1785; married Hannah Barnes. 

5 Betsey, born Nov., 1788; died 24 April, 1854, at Concord, N. H. 

Edward Bixby was a farmer. In 1768, as of Litchfield, he 
purchased land in Plymouth. In or about 1776, he settled on the 
hill west of the village of Francestown. 7 He was probably that 

1 Norwalk Deeds, 21:338, 558, 34s; 34=458. » Francestown records at Concord. 

•Information of O. G. Smith (12673.5-34). 

* All but Betsey are recorded at Francestown. The name of Barnes had the word "Doctor" 
preceding it. Lucy was born 27 Dec, according to Mr. Smith. 
6 Records First Presbyterian Church. 

» Cummings Genealogy. ' Cochrane: History of Francestown. 

8 Information of W. A. Bixby (1236 1.44-3). 


Edward Bicksbey who is credited with an enlistment 24 April, 1775, 
in company commanded by Capt. John Moore in Col. John Stark's 
regiment, and served until 1 Aug., 1775. His name appears on a 
roll of a company commanded by Col. McLaughlin in the same 
regiment, 10 Oct., 1775, when he received $4 in lieu of a bounty 
coat promised by the Colony. He is also probably that Edward 
Bixby who enlisted in a company commanded by Capt. James 
Ford in Col. Moses Nichols' regiment, raised 20 July, and discharged 
19 Sept., 1777, and in which record he is credited with service of 
2 months and 9 days, having marched to reenforce the Continental 
army at Saratoga. 1 


V. Daniel Bixby {Thomas, Thomas, Daniel, Joseph), born 31 
Aug., 1746, at Chelmsford, Mass.; died 29 June, 1803; 2 married 
Lydia 3 Parker, born 17 Feb., 1749, died 22 Sept., 181 1, 2 daughter 
of Thomas and Deborah Parker 4 of Litchfield, N. H. 

Children : 5 

1 Daniel, born 19 Oct., 1771. 

2 Lydia, born 6 Aug., 1773; died 5 April, 1803. 2 

3- 3 Thomas, born 11 Aug., 1775, at Litchfield; married Mary Currier; (2) 

Mrs. Elizabeth Hadley. 

4- 4 Dorothy, born 16 Oct., 1777; married Francis Chase. 

5- 5 Nathaniel Parker, born 7 March, 1780, at Litchfield; married Margaret 


6- 6 Simeon, born 19 June, 1782, at Litchfield; married Mary Chase. 

7- 7 Robert Parker, born 30 June, 1785; married Eunice Tryon; (2) Maria 

R. C. Beare. 

8 Mary, born 5 April, 1787; died 10 May, 1788. 2 

9 Polly, born 25 March, 1788; died 3 May, 1 788.2 

10 Sally, born 29 May, 1789; died 30 May, 1789. 2 

11 Betty, twin with Sally, died 30 May, 1789. 2 

12 Jonathan Parker, born 15 Oct., 1791; died 4 Aug., 1795. 2 

Daniel Bixby was of New Boston, N. H., 22 July, 1771, when 
he signed the petition for incorporation of a town to be taken 
partly from New Boston and partly from Society Land. This was 
the origin of Francestown, incorporated the following year. He, 
however, settled in Litchfield. In 1780 his was one of the forty 

1 N. H. Revolutionary Rolls. 2 Gravestones at Litchfield, N. H. 

' Leonard H. Swett (12362.34-31). reports her name as Dorothy. 
* Information of James Wilson Bixby (12362.71) and Mrs. Center (12362.4-43). 
J Probably all born at Litchfield. 


families there. 1 The next year he was chosen surveyor and culler 
of timber. 

He enlisted 26 March and served until 18 Nov., 1762, in a com- 
pany commanded by Capt. Leonard Whiting. He was described 
as of Tewkesbury. In the column in which appear the names of 
father or master of enlisted minors are the words "his mother." 
His father had died in 1760. 2 

He also served from the 6 July until the 20 Oct., 1780, in the 
company of militia commanded by Capt. Peter Page which marched 
under Col. Moses Nichols to join the Continental army defending 
West Point. 3 

In 1794 he was one of the Litchfield petitioners, claiming to own 
the tract known as Brenton's farm, on both sides of the Merrimack, 
who protested against a ferry. 4 

On the 23 July, 1794, he, as of Litchfield, gentleman, sold to 
William Lovejoy of Andover, Mass., 45 acres in Andover and half 
a dwelling house, exclusive of what was set off as a dower to Patience 
Phelps, being part of the estate of Thomas Phelps, deceased. He 
had loaned money on mortgage in Andover to Hincher Parker in 
1784. In 1769, as of Litchfield, he purchased land in Royal Society 
Land, the territory now known as Dearing, Antrim, etc. He was 
a delegate to the Convention called to ratify the Federal Consti- 
tution, and with his brother, Thomas Bixby, a delegate from 
Francestown, he voted Nay. The Constitution was adopted by 
a vote of 57 to 47. 5 He was town dark 1784-5, and town treasurer 
in T 795- He was commonly known as captain. 

Thomas Parker, the father of Lydia (Parker) Bixby, was sheriff 
of Rockingham Co. in 1775. His son, Matthew Parker, was 
father of the Hon. Nathan Parker, a banker in Manchester, 
N. H. 6 


V. Asa Bixby {Thomas, Thomas, Daniel, Joseph), born 29 Jan., 
1748-9, at Litchfield, N. H.; died 6 June, 1825, at Francestown, 
N. H.; 7 married Elizabeth Dane, born 30 April, 1763, atTewkes- 

1 N. H. State Papers, Vol. 12. s Massachusetts Archives, 99: 239. 

» N. H. Revolutionary Rolls. « N. H. State Papers, Vol. 12. 5 Ibid., Vol. 10. 

• Information of James Wilson Bixby (12362.34-71) and Mrs. Center (12362.4-43). 

7 Francestown records. 



bury, Mass., died 29 April, 1849, at Francestown, 1 daughter of 
Daniel and Prudence (Phelps) Dane. 2 

Asa Bixby served two months under Capt. Lovejoy, in the com- 
pany of guards stationed at Portsmouth. He enlisted in Sept., 
1779. 3 He engaged in lumbering in Francestown, and later settled 
there, on what was long known as the Hopkins place. 2 
Children, born at Francestown: 1 

1 An infant, born and died in 1784; 4 buried in November. 

2- 2 Betsey, born 11 May, 1786; married Benjamin Woodward. 

3- 3 Sally, born 29 Jan., 1789; married Jabez Fairbanks. 

4- 4 Daniel, born 19 May, 1791; married Mary Todd; (2) Betsy (Whipple) 

Guild; (3) Lucinda (Dunklee) Combs. 

5- 5 Polly, born 27 Aug., 1793; married Jabez Fairbanks. See Sally Bixby 


6- 6 Asenath, born about 1800; married William Quigley. 

7- 7 Dean, born 16 July, 1804; married Lucy Manning; (2) Sarah E. Whiting. 

8 Fanny, died 13 June, 1837, at Francestown; 5 married 27 Feb., 1821, 
Samuel Fesson, or Ferson, Jr., of Francestown. 2 


V. Thomas Bixby (Thomas, Thomas, Daniel, Joseph), born 5 
July, 1752, at Litchfield, N. H.; died 3 Jan., 1827, at Francestown, 6 
N. H.; married there 13 July, 1784, Rebecca Holmes, 6 born 12 
Feb., 1766, died 29 June, 1804, daughter of Oliver and Bethia 
(Morse) Holmes. 7 He married, second, 13 Jan., 1808, at Frances- 
town, Rhoda (Billings) Downes, 6 born 19 March, 1763, at Can- 
ton, Mass., died 12 Sept., 1851, 8 at Francestown, daughter of Roger 
and Susanna Billings 9 and widow of Asa Downes of Francestown, 
who by a former wife, Miriam Jordan, was father of Commodore 
John Downes, U. S. N. By her first marriage she was mother of 
Asa Downes, Amasa Downes, Cynthia Downes, Harriet Downes, 
and Edward Downes, all born at Canton. 10 

1 Francestown records. 

'Cochrane: History of Francestown, N. H. Elizabeth (Dane) Bixby is said to have been sur- 
vived by six children. 

• N. H. Revolutionary Rolls. ' Information of Clinton H. Bixby (12363.77). 

4 Information of O. G. Smith (12673.5-34). e Francestown records at Concord. 

' Major Holmes, born 22 June, 1740; died 26 Sept., 1806; served in the Revolution; married in 
1763, Bethia, born 12 March, 1744. died 11 May, 1818, daughter of Ezra and Bethia (Lewis) Morse 
of Dedham. 

» Her death is given as Sept. 13. by O. G. Smith (12673.5-34)- 

» Holmes Genealogy (1908), p. 76. 

'•Cochrane: History of Francestown. 


Children, born at Francestown: l 

1 Paul, born 5 Aug., 1785; died 11 Sept., 1785. 

2 Thomas, born 21 Oct., 1786; died April, 1808; married 29 Oct., 1807, at 

Francestown, Polly Johnson, born 21 Sept., 1787, at Dedham, Mass., 
daughter of John and Rebecca (Pattee) Johnson 2 of Francestown. 
She married (second) 5 (13) 2 Sept., 181 1, at Francestown, William 
Patch of Reading, Mass., and had several children. 

3 Rebecca, born 30 Sept., 1788; died 8 Jan., 1793. 1 

4- 4 Hannah, born 25 Nov., 1790; married John Bradford. 

5- 5 Levi, born 10 June, 1792; married Marie A. Lobato. 

6 An Infant, born March, 1795. 3 

7- 7 Oliver, born 27 April, 1796; 3 married Abigail W. Farrington; (2) Huldah 
D. Farrington. 

8 Rebecca, born 29 May, 1798; died 29 Jan., 1808. 1 

9- 9 Paul Holmes, born 27 April, 1801; married Eliza J. Aiken. 

10 Roxana, born 27 Jan., 1804; died 30 Nov., 1804. 1 

Thomas Bixby was in the battle of Bunker Hill, having enlisted 
in Capt. Joseph Moor's company in Col. William Prescott's regi- 
ment, in which command he was a sergeant as late as Oct., 1775. 
He was one of the veterans present as guests of the State of Massa- 
chusetts at the laying of the foundation of Bunker Hill monument. 
Although a lieutenant 4 in the militia company commanded by 
Capt. John Carson, he enlisted as a private 7 July, 1777, on an 
alarm, and marched to Ticonderoga under command of Sergeant 
William Campbell. 5 

Thomas Bixby was prominent in town affairs. He was town 

1 Francestown records at Concord. 

'History of Francestown, N. H., pp. 781, 870. The intention of the second marriage was 
recorded at Reading, Mass., 12 Aug., 1811. 

* This birth is not found on Francestown records at Concord, N. H., but is given by O. G. Smith 
(12673.5-34), who also gives the birth of Oliver as 28 April. Oliver's birth does not appear on the 
records at Concord. His death record does not give the middle name Holmes. 

1 N. H. Revolutionary Rolls. 

B Bixby Ms., where also the statement occurs that he served at Bunker Hill, Ticonderoga and 
Valley Forge. Frothingham in Siege of Boston, p. 344, thus describes the laying of the corner 
stone of Bunker Hill monument, 17 June, 1825: "This celebration was unequalled in magnificence 
by anything of that kind that had been seen in New England. . . . Delighted thousands 
flocked into Boston to bear a part in the proceedings, or witness the spectacle. At about ten 
o'clock a procession moved from the State House towards Bunker Hill. The military, in their 
fine uniforms, formed the van; about two hundred veterans of the Revolution, of whom forty 
were survivors of the battle, rode in barouches next to the escort. These venerable men, the 
relics of a past generation, with emaciated frame, tottering limbs, and trembling voices, constituted 
a touching spectacle. Some wore as honorable decorations, their old fighting equipments, and some 
bore the scars of still more honorable wounds. ... To this patriot band succeeded the Bunker 
Hill Monument Association. Then the masonic fraternity, in their splendid regalia, thousands 
in number. Then Lafayette . . . then a long array of societies. ... It was a splendid 
procession and of such length that the front nearly reached Charlestown Bridge ere the rear had 
left Boston Common." Gen. Lafayette participated in the laying of the corner stone, and 
Daniel Webster delivered the address. 


clerk twelve years. In 1788 he was a delegate from Francestown 
to the convention which adopted the Federal Constitution, and 
voted against adoption. 1 

He was appointed ensign, 23 June, 1779, 2 in the regiment com- 
manded by Col. Hercules Mooney raised for the expedition against 
Rhode Island. 


V. William Bixby {Thomas, Thomas, Daniel, Joseph), born 19 
April, 1757, at Litchfield, N. H.; died 20 Nov., 1828; married 10 
Nov., 1783, Sarah Thompson, born 20 Sept., 1758, died 4 June, 
181 1. 3 He married, second, 10 Feb., 1814, Mrs. Elizabeth 
(Chase) Nahor, born 20 Aug., 1778, died 16 June, 1856. 3 Ad- 
ministration on her estate was granted 6 April, 1856. Her heirs 
were her children, Edward Bixby, Mary Lund, Jane Bartlett, and 
James Nahor. 4 

William Bixby served three months in a company commanded 
by Capt. Daniel Bowker in Col. Well's regiment, raised agreeable 
to a resolve of 30 June, 1781. He was known as "Captain Bixby," 
a title probably won in the militia. William Bixby who was taxed 
in Nottingham West (now Hudson, N. H.), in 1799, was probably 
William Bixby (12366). 5 
Children, 3 probably all born at Litchfield: 

1- 1 James Thompson, born 10 Sept., 1784; 6 married Elizabeth A. Porter. 

2- 2 Sarah, born 6 Nov., 1786; married Simeon Chase. 

3 William, born 6 Feb., 1788; died 13 Jan., 1870, unmarried. 

4 John, born 18 Sept., 1789; died 1 Oct., 1822; married Mary Hills. Re- 

moved to St. Stephen, N. B. 

5 Thomas B., born 12 May, 1791; died 30 Nov., 1793. 

6- 6 Phebe S., born 30 April, 1793; married Samuel Dodge. 

7 An Infant, born and died 4 Oct., 1794. 

8 Polly, born 11 Jan., 1796; died 4 July, 1812. 

9 Thomas, born 15 Oct., 1797; died 8 Oct., 1822. Removed to St. Stephen. 
j-10 Jane, born 1 Feb., 1799; married James Upton. 

» N. H. State Papers, vol. 10. - N. H. Provincial Papers. 12:839. 

* The record of this family is from the Bible of William Bixby, now in possession of Miss S. E. 
Bixby (12366. K-i). According to the state records, William Bickby and Sarah Thompson of 
Litchfield, were married at Pembroke, 11 Dec, 1783- 
^Hillsborough Co. Probate. 

■See Webster: History of Hudson, N. H. Nottingham, Mass., originally a part of Dunstable, 
became Nottingham West under the New Hampshire grant. It is now called Hudson. 
Information of Annie W. Bixby (12366. 16-4). 


k-i i Parker, born 9 April, 1801 ; married Mary Porter. 

L-12 Lydia, born 12 Aug., 1803, at Litchfield; married Joseph Tufts. 

By second marriage: 

13 Elizabeth, born 21 June, 1814; died 20 Jan., 1844. 

14 Julia Ann, twin with Elizabeth; died 25 March, 1842. 

15 Lucretia, born 1 Nov., 1816; died 6 Sept., 1825. 

p-16 Edward, born 10 Dec, 1818; married Lucinda Caldwell. 


V. John Bigsby (Daniel, ? Thomas, Daniel, Joseph), born prob- 
ably about 1764, perhaps as late as 1768, place unknown; died at 
or near Guysboro, N. S., between Aug., 1826, and 10 Nov., 1827, 
the dates of making and probating his will; married Feb., 1806, 
at Christ Church, Guysboro, 1 Rachel Critcherd, whose parents 
lived at Pirate Cove, near the present town of Mulgrave on the 
Strait of Canso. 2 She died in 1876. 3 

Children, born at Guysboro:* 

1- 1 John William, born 17 Nov., 1807, baptized 1 May, 1808; married 

Sarah A. Horton. 

2- 2 Daniel "second son"; married Ruth Horton. 

3 Elizabeth Jane, "eldest daughter," born 24 July, 1810, baptized 30 
Sept., 1 8 10; married Parks. 2 

4- 4 Benjamin Horton, born 2 May, 1812, baptized 30 Dec, 1813; married 

Mary (Colby) Gawn. 

5- 5 Harriet, "second daughter," born 22 Aug., 1814, baptized 21 July, 

1816; married James Kennison. 

6 George, born 11 May, baptized 21 July, 18 16; died, unmarried, on voyage 
from Liverpool, Eng. 2 Administration on his estate was granted 
12 Dec, 1843, to William Merrill who gave surety with Benjamin 
Bigsby of Newburyport, mariner. He was of Newburyport, mariner, 
and his small estate was divided between his mother and his ten 
brothers and sisters. 5 

7- 7 Martha, born 17 Feb., 181 7; married Robert Gould. 

8- 8 Charles William, born 15 June, 1822; married Maria J. Cook. 

9 Thomas. He followed the sea, and is supposed to have been killed by 
savages, on the island of Otaheiti, in the Pacific Ocean. Unmarried. 2 
He was living in March, 1844. 5 

j-io Abraham, born 1826; married Elizabeth Horton. 

1 Christ Church records. The name Critcherd was formerly spelled Critchett. Joshua Horton 
and Benjamin Critchett had Crown grants of land. 

2 Report of Dr. Eaton. See Daniel Bigsby (1237). 

8 Should not this date be 1866? She is said to have survived her husband forty years, and his 
death probably took place late in 1826. 

4 The baptisms are from Christ Church records, and apparently the birth records of the baptized 
children are also found on the baptismal register. Other dates of birth were received from Mrs. 
Jerusha Stearns (12371.J3), Daniel Gould (12371.7-N), and Charles E. Bigsby (12371.J-4). 

6 Essex Co., Mass., probate records. 


11 Edward. He was living in March, 1844, 1 and is said to have suffered 

the same fate as his brother Thomas. 2 

12 Rachel; married Richard Carter, and lived at Steep Creek. 3 She was 

not living in March, 1844. 

John Bigsby was a mariner and a farmer. An assessment of 
the inhabitants of Guysboro and Manchester, for the support of 
the Church, was made 14 Sept., 1788. John Bigsby paid three 
shillings. Another assessment was made 12 Dec, 1804, and at 
that time he paid two shillings, six pence. A minister was first 
settled over the parish in July, 1786. If other assessments were 
levied between the years of 1788 and 1804, the lists are lost. 

It is said that John Bigsby when a young man happened into the 
Critcherd home, and saw Rachel, a child in the cradle. He laugh- 
ingly said he would marry her when she grew up, and this he did. 
She was seventeen years his junior, and survived him forty years. 2 

A Crown grant of 1051^ acres was made to Isaac Andrews, 
Elias Cook, John Bigsby, Ambrose Cook, and Daniel Gerry, said 
land lying in the County of Sidney. Bigsby's portion was "that 
certain tract marked No. 3 in the annexed plan, containing 300 
acres." This grant was dated 19 Aug., 1822, and was signed by 
Lt.-Gov. Sir James Kempt. 2 

John Bigsby had previously purchased land in 1803, 140 acres 
on the south side of the Lower Salmon River, from Richard Burke; 
also, in 1805, 70 acres on the same river, with William Whitman, 
from Hib N. Binney. This latter tract was conveyed to Daniel 
Bigsby in 1835. The latter, as administrator of the estate of 
John Bigsby, sold 130 acres on the Lower Salmon River in 1840. 4 

John Bigsby made his will 5 Aug., 1826. 5 To his wife Rachel 
he gave the use of one third of a farm at Bigsby's Head, Cook's 
Cove, where he lived (about three miles from Guysborotown) , 
and also the use of one third of 100 acres at Salmon River "formerly 
granted to Richard Burke." He named his eldest son John, his 
second son Daniel, his eldest daughter Eliza, his second daughter 
Harriet, and his other six beloved sons, Benjamin, George, Charles, 
Thomas, Abraham, and Edward. Charles Horton and Elias 

1 Essex Co., Mass., probate records. 

2 Report of Dr. Eaton. See Daniel Bigsby (1237). 

•Information of Mrs. S. L. Stearns (12371J3). The daughters Martha and Rachel are not 
named in the abstract of John Bigsby's will furnished the editor. According to Mrs. Stearns, Abra- 
ham was the youngest child. * Guysboro Deeds. 

6 The will was recorded 10 Nov., 1827, being proved by the oath of William Horton and Alexander 


Cook were made executors, and the witnesses were Alexander 
Horton and William Horton. 

Rachel Bigsby was buried in the Methodist Burying Ground 
at Guysborotown. No tombstone marks her grave, or that of 
her husband, who is said to be buried in a small cemetery at Cook's 
Cove. 1 


V. Catherine Bigsby {Daniel, ? Thomas, Daniel, Joseph), born 

1778, baptized at Guysboro, N. S., 7 May, 1791 ; died ; married 

31 Dec, 1801, Benjamin Godfrey, who died of consumption, aged 
about 67 years, 26 May, 1806. 2 

Children, baptized at Guysboro: 

1 John William Nixon Godfrey, born 5 Oct., baptized 22 Dec, 1805. 

2 Alivia (Olivia) Eliza Godfrey, born 16 March, 1810, baptized 5 Aug., 1810. 


V. Sarah Bigsby (Daniel, ? Thomas, Daniel, Joseph), born 1781, 

baptized 7 May, 1791, at Christ Church, Guysboro, N. S. ; died ; 

married 22 April, 1805, Daniel Gerry, "bachelor." "This mar- 
riage was not successful, and Sarah's brother John Bigsby was 
called upon to support his sister both before and after her husband's 
death. " The Gerrys lived at what is now Rochevale, not far from 
Guysboro. Daniel Gerry had an original grant of land on Salmon 
River, about nine miles from Guysborotown, and in 1804 paid 
a church rate of one shilling and six pence. 
Children: 3 

1 Benjamin Gerry, born 12 April, baptized 5 Oct., 1806. 

2 Catherine Gerry, born 7 Oct., 1808, baptized 7 May, 1809. 

3 Sarah Gerry, born 2 Nov., 1812, baptized 10 April, 1814. 

4 Lydia "Geary," born 15 Nov., 1814; baptized 27 March, 1814 (sic). 


V. David Bixby (Jacob, David, Daniel, Joseph), born 11 Aug., 
1749, at Westford, Mass.; died probably at Ludlow or Cavendish, 

1 Report of Rev. A. W. H. Eaton. See Daniel Bigsby (1237). 

1 Report of Rev. A. W. H. Eaton, who obtained the above information from the register of 
Christ Church at Guysboro. Benjamin Godfrey paid a church rate of two shillings in 1808 (sic). 
Benjamin Godfrey and Catherine Bigsby were designated on the church register at time of 
marriage as bachelor and spinster, respectively. Probably Benjamin Godfrey's death was 1816 
or 1826. 

• Report of Rev. A. W. H. Eaton. The births, baptisms and marriage are from Christ Church 


Vt.; married 10 Feb., 1773, at Dunstable, Mass., Alice Hayward 

of Dunstable. 1 


I- 1 Samuel, born 26 Nov., 1787, at Cavendish; 2 married Mary Carriel. 

In the United States census of 1790, David Bixby is described 
as of Ludlow, his family consisting of self, one male under sixteen 
and one female. David Bixby responded to the alarm of 19 April, 
1775, and served three days in the company commanded by Capt. 
Oliver Bates, in Col. James Prescott's regiment. He reenlisted 

1 May, 1775, in Capt. Parker's company, Col. William Prescott's 
regiment, and served during the siege of Boston, being on rolls 
dated 27 Sept. and 1 Nov., 1775. His name appears on a roll of 
Capt. Zacheus Wright's company, in Col. Brooks' regiment, at 
White Plains, N. Y., 31 Oct., 1776, as wounded and in hospital. 
He was probably that David Bigsby who responded to the Ben- 
nington alarm of 27 July, 1777, in Capt. Aaron Jewett's company 
in Col. Job Cushing's Middlesex regiment. He was discharged 
29 Aug., at Bennington, and immediately reenlisted under the 
same captain, in Col. Samuel Bullard's regiment, and marched to 
Saratoga where he served until 29 Nov., 1777. He again enlisted 

2 July, 1780, for a term of six months in the Continental army, 
and served until 7 Dec, 1780, his name being on a roll made up at 
Camp Totoway. He was then described as 30 years of age, of 
Westford, of ruddy complexion, five feet, seven inches tall. 3 

Tradition asserts that he removed to Ludlow 4 from Westford. 
He purchased land there, 12 Oct., 1786, of Josiah Fletcher. He 
sold land to Thadeus Bent of Barre, Mass., 29 March, 1793, des- 
cribing it as then occupied by him. Probably he and his wife 
died prior to the pension acts of 1818 and 1820, certainly before 
the more liberal acts of the next decade. 

1 Dunstable records. Her name appears as Howard. In the death record of her son, her name, 
otherwise illegible, appears to begin with an E, probably the first letter of Ellis, an old spelling 
for Alice. Hodgman in his History of Westford prints the intention of marriage under date of 
27 Nov., 1772, as of Ellis Howard and David Bixeby. 

2 Kirby, Vt., records, which give his death as 31 Jan., 1864, aged 76 years, 2 months, 5 days, 
born at Cavendish. From this, the date of his birth is calculated. 

• Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolution. 

* Cavendish, Ludlow, Mount Holly and Wallingford extend from east to west, being adjoining 
townships. Their records were searched for further information of David Bixby. Wallingford 
records and cemetery inscriptions were also searched in vain. 



V. Levi Bixby {Jacob, David, Daniel, Joseph), born 15 Nov., 
1750, at Westford, Mass.; died 12 April, 1799, at Ludlow, Vt. 1 
It is supposed that he was twice married. Certainly the mother 
of his daughter Eunice was named Nancy, and she survived her 
husband and married, 21 May, 1801, at Ludlow, 1 Jacob Hastings. 
It is possible that her maiden name was Boyden, and that she was 
married to Levi Bixby about 1 791-2. 

1- 1 (?) Levi, born probably in 1781; of Rotterdam, N. Y. 

2- 2 (?) Joseph, born probably about 1789; married Nancy Kirk. 

Perhaps others who died in the lifetime of their father, and prior to 1790. 
3 Eunice, by wife Nancy, 1 born 28 July, 1796, at Ludlow. 

Levi Bixby removed from Westford to Wilton, N. H., and in 
1783, as of Wilton, united with Jacob Bixby in selling land at 
Westford. 2 While of Westford he enlisted in a company commanded 
by Capt. Oliver Bates, of Col. Prescott's regiment, and marched 
with his company on the alarm of the 19th April, 1775, and served 
13 days. His brother Jacob was a member of the same company. 
His name also appears as a member of a company commanded 
by Capt. Ezekiel Knowlton, Col. Dykes' regiment, on a pay ab- 
stract for gun and blanket money, paid by resolve of Nov., 27, 1776. 
The length of time of this service is not specified, nor when it took 
place, but, from a like entry concerning Jacob Bixby, it is probable 
that Dykes' regiment was stationed at Dorchester Heights near 
Boston. He again enlisted 1 July, 1778, for six months, in Capt. 
Joseph Boynton's company, Col. Nathaniel Wade's regiment, and 
served at least until 1 Jan., 1779, the date of a roll on which his 
name appears among the enlistments to expire on that date. This 
service was in Rhode Island, presumably at East Greenwich. 3 
He also served for four months at Cahors (Cohoes, N. Y.?), but 
during what year is uncertain. His name appears on a list of 
Revolutionary soldiers residing in Wilton, N. H., filed with the 
Secretary of State for New Hampshire, 4 as Lewis Bixby, credited 
with six months service at Rhode Island and four months at Cahors. 
Levi Bixby and his cousin Thomas Bixby were among the grantees 
of Ludlow, Vt., 5 and it is probable that he removed there about 

1 Ludlow records. * Middlesex Deeds, 88: 475- 

» Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolution. See also N. E. Hist. Gen. Reg.. 50:17. 

«N. H. Revolutionary Rolls. « Hodgeman: History of Westford, Mass. 


the time the settlement was begun, in 1784-5- Jacob Fletcher of 
Cavendish sold land in Ludlow to Levi and Asa Bixby of West- 
ford, Mass., 13 Oct., 1784. The U. S. Census of August, 1790, 
enumerates his family, consisting of himself, two other males, one 
over and one under sixteen years of age, and a female. If both 
the other males in his family were his sons, it would indicate that 
he had been married as early as 1774, which is thought improba- 
ble. There is a possibility of error in the age of one of the males. 
It is probable that he married after returning from the war, per- 
haps in 1780, and that his wife died about 1791. At the organiza- 
tion of the town of Ludlow (1792), Levi Bixby was chosen hog- 
reeve. 1 It is supposed he had married a second time, about 1791 
or 1792, and that this was the wife who survived him, and by whom 
he had but one child. 

He also bought land in Ludlow, 2 July, 1790, of Miles Johnson 
of Wallingford, and, 3 Feb., 1795, sold land to Asa Bixby, Jr., of 
Westford, Mass. He also sold land, 22 June, 1795, to Henry 
Lockwood of Springfield. 

Levi Bixby made a will, 3 Nov., 1798, which was proved at Lud- 
low. This will mentions his wife Nancy and his daughter Eunice, 
but does not mention any other child. To Nancy, his wife, he 
left the improvement of his household effects and one half of the 
real estate, and to his daughter Eunice the other half of his real 
estate and what other property he had and, what might remain 
of the bequest to his wife after her death. Peter Read and the 
testator's wife, Nancy Bixby, were nominated executors. 2 

An inventory of his estate showed that he died possessed of 
about 130 acres, valued at $433.34, and personal property to the 
value of $95, including certain household effects, clothes, two 
heifers, a sow, notes of hand, etc., but there is no mention of a 
horse, oxen, or farming tools of consequence, nor of a dwelling- 
house or barn. 

The omission of such items, usually found in the detailed inven- 
tory of a farmer's estate, leads to the suspicion that Levi Bixby 
was not living upon his own farm, or farming his own land. His 
estate was represented insolvent, and on the 23 Sept., I799> com- 
missioners appointed to approve of claims against his estate found 
that all claims aggregated $99.30. This sum included $8 due 
Nancy Bixby for a debt paid to Martin Cavenaugh, and small 
amounts were due Thomas and Jacob Bixby. In 1802, Thomas 

'Hodgeman: History of Westford, Mass. 
« Windsor Probate at Ludlow. 


Bixby of Ludlow and Peter Read, executors of the will of Levi 
Bixby, late of Ludlow, sell fifty acres of land in Mount Holly to 
Simon Proctor. 1 A part of Ludlow was set off to Mount Holly. 
Thomas Bixby had probably succeeded the widow Nancy as execu- 
tor of her husband's estate. No further trace has been found of 
this family, unless Levi Bixby of Rotterdam, N. Y., and Joseph 
Bixby of Springfield, Vt., were his sons. Although they were not 
mentioned in the will of Levi, and no proof of their being his sons 
has been found, it is thought that such was the case. Not only 
does there appear no other of the Vermont families, from which it 
is evident they sprang, where these two men could find a place, 
but age and many other circumstances would point unhesitatingly 
to Levi (12672) as their father, were it not for the omission of 
their names from his will. 

Belinda Bixby (12672. 2-1), elder daughter of Joseph of Spring- 
field, asserted that feeling over property had estranged mem- 
bers of the family. It is supposed that when the younger son 
came of age, he failed to appreciate the provision made for his 
father's widow and infant daughter by permitting them to retain 
the small estate left by his father, and, the property doubtless hav- 
ing become of greater value, he may have felt that he had been 
unfairly deprived of what should have been his inheritance. 
Doubtless both boys were brought up in the family of his father's 
relatives, most likely with his cousins in Ludlow and Reading. 
The elder son soon sought his fortune in New York State and, 
being of age to fully realize the small value of his father's estate, 
never after mentioned the matter to his own descendants, and 
also drifted away from association with his relatives in Vermont. 
The placing of Joseph to be brought up among kindred, cousins 
of his father, would account for the claims of nearer kinship 
which his descendants supposed to exist between the two 
branches of the family than actually was the case. 

Until evidence of a precise nature has been discovered this 
theory seems to be the only one having merit of probability which 
would account for the discrepancies existing in the family tradition, 
what knowledge has been obtained from records, and which explains 
the apparent neglect of the elder Levi to mention his sons in his 
will. It is also possible that before his death, perhaps soon after his 
second marriage, his eldest son, and perhaps both sons, had been 
placed in some other family to be brought up. 

1 Mount Holly Deeds. 



V. Ephraim Bixby {Jacob, David, Daniel, Joseph), born 4 Jan., 
I 753» at Westford, Mass.; married, 1775 (published 25 Aug. 1 ), 
Martha Barker of Acton, Mass. 
Children: 2 

1 Polly, born 18 Sept., 1776; died "in youth"; prior to 1790. 

2 Patty, born 28 June, 1779; died 8 (4 3 ) Oct., i860, at Westford, aged 84 

years, 3 unmarried (at Reading, Vt. 4 ). 

3 Abisha, born 30 July, 1781; died in youth; 4 living in 1790. 

4 Tryphena, born 20 May, 1783; died at Reading; 5 married Joel Barns, 

and went West. 4 

5- 5 Rebecca, born about 1785, at Marlow, N. H.; married Henry Smith. 

6- 6 Anna, born 12 June, 1789; married Jesse Smith. 

7 Lucinda (Sinde), born 31 Dec, 1791; died 22 June, 1795. 6 

8- 8 Nathaniel, born 2 June, 1794; married Mary Walker; (2) Sally Bixby 


9- 9 Lucinda (Sinde), born 20 Feb., 1798, at Ludlow, Vt.; married Asa 


Ephraim Bixby was a member of the company commanded 
by Capt. Oliver Bates in Prescott's regiment, which marched on 
the alarm of the 19 April, 1775. 7 Upon leaving Westford he settled 
at Lyndeborough, thence moved to Reading, Vt., where he bought 
land 22 May, 1787, being described as of Lyndeborough. 8 In 1785 
as of Westford he sold fifty acres and a dwelling-house two miles 
north of the meeting-house in Westford. 9 In early life he was a 
blacksmith. He is also reported to have lived at Ludlow, Vt. 
The census of 1790 enumerated him at Reading, Vt., the head of 
a family consisting of one male over sixteen, one male under sixteen 
years, and five females. 

1 Westford records. 

2 The four eldest children are found on Westford records, the youngest at Ludlow, and Anna, 
Lucinda and Nathaniel at Reading. Probably Rebecca's birth occurred about the time of the 
removal from Westford. 

3 Death record. 

* Information of Mrs. Emily Bixby (12673.8-8). 
6 Information of Mrs. Lucy Felch (12673.5-41). 

6 Reading, Vt., records; where, also, may be found the caution against Ephraim Bixby. Patty 
Bixby, Nathaniel, Lucinda and Patty Bixby, Jr., and Sally Adams, 17 Aug., 1807, evidently 
indicating a resettlement in Reading after a residence at Ludlow. Rockingham, Vt., records 
mention the birth of Sally Adams, 1 Sept., 1800, child of Patty Bixby. 

7 Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolution. 

* Reading Land Records, 3: 64. • Middlesex Deeds, 88: 474. 



V. Jacob Bixby {Jacob, David, Daniel, Joseph), born 23 July, 
1754, at Westford, Mass.; died 26 Aug., 1831, at Reading, Vt.; 1 
married 14 Oct., 1773, at Westford, Martha Hardy, 2 of Westford, 
who died 5 Aug., 1837. 1 


1- 1 Jacob, born Aug., 1775; 3 married Polly Beaverstock. 

2 Martha, born about 1774; died aged 18 months. 4 

3 Jonathan', born about 1774; died prior to Dec, 1849 j 1 married Betsy 

Davis "of Maine." No issue. 5 
4- 4 Polly, born about 1779, perhaps near Wilton, N. H.; married James 

5 Sally, married Jonathan Ackley of Guilford, Vt. 

6 Patty, born 1780; 6 married Samuel Jones. 

7 Matilda. 

8- 8 Loren, born about 1786, at Reading, Vt.; married Sally Carlton. 

Jacob Bixby was in Westford during the Revolution, but in 
1783 was living in Wilton, N. H. 7 Thence he removed to Reading, 
Vt., probably in 1785. He bought land there, 23 Dec, 1795, of 
Ephraim Bixby, and the next day other land of Elkanah Day. 
Patty, wife of Samuel Jones, applied, 28 Dec, 1849, for arrears 
of pensions due her parents under the Act of 1836. She was then 
69 years old, and had three brothers and four sisters, of whom 
there were then living Polly, widow of James Robinson of Read- 
ing, Vt., and Sally, wife of Jonathan Ackley of Guilford, Vt. A 
deceased sister Martha, who died at age of 18 months, would have 
been 75 years of age if then living, and the oldest of her brothers, 
if then living, would have been 73 years of age. Her brothers 
were Jacob, Jonathan and Lorin; her sisters, Martha, aforesaid, 
Polly, Sally and Matilda, "supposed to be dead, nothing having 
been heard from her these many years." Her mother, who was 
"Martha Hardy before marriage," died in Reading, 5 Aug., 1837, 
and her father died there 26 Aug., 1831. At the time of the 
Revolution her father lived in Westford. He had three children 

1 Pension papers. 2 Westford records, also statement of Patty Jones (12674-6). 

3 Information of Mrs. Jane M. Cilley (12674.132). His sister, Patty Jones, gave his age as 73 
years in 1849 "if living." 

4 Age in 1849 would have been 75 years, if living. 
8 Information of Orville Hudson (12674-13-4)- 

8 Age in 1849, 69 years, which does not agree with statement that she was born while her father 
was in the service at time of Burgoyne's surrender. 
7 Middlesex Deeds, 88:475. 


when he went into the war. His wife, while he was gone in the 
service, lived with her grandfather Hale, as "her parents have 
always told her." She further stated that her father was a minute 
man, was at Bunker Hill, and at the time of the capture of 
Burgoyne was gone nine months, and it was while he was absent 
on this service that she was born. Her father had told her that 
in all he had served two years. Her uncle Ephraim Hale was in 
the service with her father. 

A certificate of the town clerk of Westford is filed with the other 
papers in the case, purporting to show what payments had been 
made to Jacob Bixby up to the first of the year 1780, and this shows 
that the town had paid him for services at Ticonderoga, 4 months 
and two weeks, £3-15; for services at Rhode Island, 2 months 
one week and a day, £10, and for services at Stillwater £10. 

Stephen Conant of Windsor, Vt., who served in Daniel's company, 
in Jackson's regiment, deposed that he was aged 87 years, and that 
while in the service had stood guard with a Jacob Bixby who served 
in a regiment which "lay on our right." Oliver Hudson, whose 
wife "was a distant relative of Jacob Bixby," had heard him say 
that he entered the war at the beginning, and had served a number 
of short tours, being at Bunker Hill, Dorchester, Rhode Island 
and afterward nine months at Saratoga, and was at Stillwater, 
and at the taking of Burgoyne. Jacob Bixby was a man of integ- 
rity and respectability, and maintained his mental faculties very 
well to the end of his life. Moses Bixby, a grandson, deposed in 
1850 that he was 49 years of age and for a time when quite a small 
boy had lived with his grandfather until his death, or in his imme- 
diate neighborhood, and was at the funerals of his grandparents. 

The certificates of the Secretary of State for Massachusetts are 
on file showing Jacob Bixby's service as follows: marched on the 
alarm of the 19 April from Westford, in company commanded 
by Capt. Oliver Bates in Col. James Prescott's regiment, and per- 
formed nine days' service: on a roll of the company commanded 
by Capt. John Minott, Col. Dike's regiment, credited with travel to 
and from Dorchester Heights to Westford, dated 30 Nov., 1776: 
on a roll of volunteers in a company commanded by Capt. Asa 
Lawrence which marched from Westford, 26 Sept., 1777, and served 
one month, fifteen days. The name of Ephraim Hale appears on 
this roll. 

The published rolls also show that he was at Dorchester Heights 


in Nov., 1776, and enlisted in Lawrence's company, Col. Jonathan 
Reed's regiment, 26 Sept., and was discharged 9 Nov. This enlist- 
ment would seem to show that he was in the service at the time of 
Burgoyne's surrender, 17 Oct., 1777, but does not prove the claim 
that he was in the army for nine months at that time, unless he 

Arrears of pension were paid to Patty Jones, Polly Robinson and 
Sally Ackley, amounting to $32.86 a year from the 4 March, 1831. 

In the Wilton list of Revolutionary soldiers, the statement is 
made of Jacob Bixby that he did three months' service at Boston 
and forty days at Stillwater in person, and contributed money for 
hiring men for further service. 


V. Susanna Bixby (Asa, David, Daniel, Joseph), born 27 April, 
l 757> at Westford, Mass.; died prior to 1801; married 28 June, 
1779, 1 Ephraim Dutton of Westford, who having married again 2 
removed to Cavendish, Vt., and died there. 
Children, probably all born at Westford: 

1 Asa Dutton, born 30 Dec, 1780. 

2 Joel Dutton, born 19 Sept., 1783; died 29 April, 1861; married 24 Oct., 

1811, Deborah Perry, born 21 June, 1791, died 24 Sept., 1859, "a cousin 
of Commodore Perry." They resided at Cato, N. Y. 


1. Edmund Shermon Dutton, born 21 March, 1813; died 22 Feb., 1883, 

at Cato; married 24 Sept., 1834, Jane C. Quereau, born 18 April, 1815, 
died 10 Dec, 1855; (2) 15 Jan., 1857, Charlotte Curtis, born 18 Oct., 
1820, died 7 Feb., 1859; (3) 19 March, i860, Naomi R. Rhodes, born 
9 Nov., 1825, at Cato. Child, by first marriage: _ Elias Quereau 
Dutton, born 17 Feb., 1836; married 2 Jan., 1869, Julia E. Mills, born 
16 April, 1839. They live at Cato. 3 Elias Q. Dutton is of the firm 
of E. Q. Dutton & Co., of Cato, iron founders and manufacturers of 
Dutton's carbon and chilled plows. For several years he was presi- 
dent of the Board of Education. He has been a member of the Assem- 
bly for the first Cayuga District, two years supervisor of the town of 
Ira, N. Y., and a justice of the peace. 

2. Salmon Bixby Dutton, born 18 June, 1818; died 30 July, 1896; married 

14 June, 1843, Mary L. Clark, born 15 Nov., 1821, died 10 Feb., 1851, 

1 Family record. 

5 Children of Ephraim Dutton, by second marriage: Lucinda Dutton. Zelotus Dutton, born 
about 1803. Ephraim Dutton, born about 1805. Joseph Smith Dutton. born 1800; died 1869; 
married, 1830, Hannah Livingstone of Ludlow, Vt. They were parents of Col. Henry Forrest 
Dutton, a prominent business man of Gainesville, Fla., who was a gallant soldier in the 8th Vt. Vols. 
In the Civil War. 

• Children: Allen Shermon Dutton. Louisa Mills Dutton. Minnie J. Dutton. John A. Dutton. 
Bessie S. Dutton. 


of Sterling, N. Y.; (2) 9 March, 1853, Eliza Dexter, born 2 July, 
1832, daughter of Rodman and Elizabeth Dexter, of Dexterville, N. Y. 
They live at Granby, N. Y. Child, by first marriage: Edwin C. 
Dutton, born 20 Oct., 1845; died 10 July, 1865, at Syracuse, N. Y.; 
enlisted 22 Aug., 1864, in Co. A, 184th N. Y. Vols., discharged for 
disability and died on his way home. 

3. Joel Perry Dutton, born 12 April, 1828; died 22 May, 1857; married 

25 Dec, 1851, Catherine Hellebrant, born 10 May, 1833. Child: 
Charles Perry Dutton, born 12 April, 1857; married 30 Dec, 1880, 
Ida May Brotherton, born 2 May, 1863. They live at Jordan, N. Y. 1 

4. James Milton Dutton, born 8 Dec, 1830; died 27 July, 1886; married 

5 Nov., 1854, Margaret L. Wood, born 6 Sept., 1835. They lived 
at Cato. Children: Lillie E. Dutton, born 23 Sept., 1856; died 4 May, 
1886; married 15 Feb., 1876, Milton E. Bodley, born 14 May, 1855. 
They live at Stockton, Cal. 2 Jennie C. Dutton, born 17 April, 1861; 
died 23 April, 1871. Henry J. Dutton, born 12 May, 1864; died 
1 June, 1864. Cora A. Dutton, born 12 Dec, 1870. 

3 Lvdia Dutton, born 30 March, 1785; died 29 March, 1869; married 10 June, 

1804, Asa White of Ludlow, Vt., who died 28 March, 1853. 


1. Lucy White, born 30 April, 1805; married 22 Sept., 1825, Amasa Adams 

of Ludlow. 

2. Maria White, born 6 March, 1807; died 24 Nov., 1878, unmarried. 

3. Lydia White, born 7 July, 1809; married William Warner; (2) John 

Pierce; (3) Asa Webster. 

4. Alvin White, born 4 Sept., 1811; died 3 May, 1856; married 8 Jan., 1835, 

Fanny Wright. 

5. William H. White, born 18 March, 1814; died 14 March, 1817. 

6. Asa White, born 31 Aug., 1816; died 16 March, 1817. 

7. Louisa A. White, born 11 April, 1818; died 2~j Aug., 1855; married 

Sept., 1839, Judson A. Chellis. 

8. Salina White, born 12 March, 1821; married 22 Aug., 1854, Rodney L. 

Piper of Ludlow. Children: Gratia Louise Piper, born 5 Oct., 1859; 
died 24 Sept., 1863. Ida E. Piper, born 5 June, 1861 ; died unmarried. 
Clarence R. Piper, born 11 Oct., 1863; lives at Concordia, Kans. 
Rodney L. Piper, died 11 June, 1870. 

9. Olive L. White, born 9 Nov., 1823; married 19 Nov., 1850, William Earl 

of Ludlow. 
10. Harriet Ellen White, born 6 June, 1827; married 2 Sept., 1849, James 
B. Reed of Ludlow; (2) Joseph Sanders of Ludlow. 

4 Susan Dutton, born 15 May, 1787. 

5 Nancy Dutton, born 25 May, 1789. 

6 James Dutton, born 19 Oct., 1791; married at Pekin, N. Y., • 


1. Leander Dutton. 

2. Ezra Dutton. 

3. Polly Dutton, married Dickson, and moved to Wisconsin. 

4. Caroline Dutton. 

5. James Dutton. 

6. David Dutton. 

7. William Dutton, married, and has children. They live at Sanborn, N. Y. 

1 Children: Eva Isabel Dutton. Anna Laura Dutton. Carrie May Dutton. Ernest Edward 
Dutton. William Henry Dutton. Clara Amelia Dutton. Alice Olive Dutton. Martin Perry 

1 Children: Herbert Bodley. Harry W. Bodley. 



7 Abigail Dutton, born 28 May, 1794; married John White of Ludlow. She 
was married a second and a third time. 


1. Roxy White, born 1818; married Smith. Children: Anna Smith 

of Grand Rapids. Smith, a daughter. 

2. Ransom White, born 16 April, 1820; died 21 Nov., 1897; married 20 June, 

i860, Emma Wing, born 21 Sept., 1836, in England. She lives at 
Fair Haven, N. Y. No issue. 

3. John White, born 1822; married; lived at Grand Rapids, where he 

left children. 

By second husband, surname unknown: 

4. Abbie , said to have married a Woodward. 


V. Asa Bixby (Asa, David, Daniel, Joseph), born 15 March, 
1761, at Westford, Mass.; died there 21 Sept., 1819; married 21 
April, 1785, 1 Elizabeth Wilkinson of Westford, who died soon. 2 
He married, second, 26 March, 1793, at Westford, Lucy Gilson, 3 
born 1 Jan., 1775, at Groton, Mass., died 24 Sept., 1850, at Pitts- 
ford, Vt., daughter of Solomon and Mary Gilson. She married, 
second, 31 Jan., 1822, at Pittsford, 4 Rev. Nathan Dana of Pitts- 
ford, a Baptist clergyman, who died 7 July, 1833. Lydia and Mary 
accompanied their mother to Pittsford. She married, third, 29 
Feb., 1834, Thomas Stewart of Clarendon, Vt., who died 14 Sept., 
1840. Mrs. Stewart then returned to Pittsford, and lived with 
her daughter Lydia. 

Asa Bixby enlisted 1 April, 1778, in company commanded by 
Capt. Isaac Wood, Col. Jonathan Reed's 1st regiment of guards, 
and served three months at Cambridge. 8 In 1788, Asa Bixby 
was living in the northerly part of Westford. 6 He and his father 
owned land in Ludlow, Vt. 
Children, born at Westford: 

1- 1 Asa, born 9 March, 1794; married Mary Gilson. 

2- 2 Lucy, born 29 Nov., 1795; married Artemas Rogers. 

3- 3 Betsy, born 22 Feb., 1798; married Horatio Clark; (2) Henry Proctor. 

4- 4 Susan, born 29 Nov., 1799; married Henry W. Cooledge. 

5- 5 Lydia Maria, born 10 Jan., 1802; married Oliver Brown. 

6 Mary, born 30 March, 1803; died 12 Feb., 1808. 

7 Levi, born 18 April, 1805; died 11 Oct., 1805. 

8 Maryan, born 31 July, 1810; died 14 March, 1833; married Rufus Horton 

Green of Pittsford. No issue. 

1 Westford records. i In deed executed by Asa Bixby in April, 1788, no wife is mentioned. 

1 See illustration opposite. 

4 Marriage notice in Rutland Herald, 6 Feb., 1822. 

'See note under Asa Bixby (1269). 'Middlesex Deeds, 98: 73. 




V. Thomas Bixby (Asa, David, Daniel, Joseph), born 21 Oct., 
1762, at Westford, Mass.; died 16 Sept., 1839, aged 77 years, at 
Ludlow, Vt.; 1 married 28 Feb., 1788, at Pelham, N. H., Lydia 
Smith, 2 of Nottingham, born 1765 at Nottingham West, 3 died 17 
Sept., 1825, at Ludlow. He married, second, Mrs. Sarah (Bowker) 
Sargent, born 14 April, 1760, died 24 Aug., 1830, x daughter of Dan- 
iel Bowker 4 and widow of Amos Sargent 4 of Chester, Vt. He mar- 
ried, third, Azubah, who married 16 Nov., 1840, at Ludlow, 
Abraham Hawkins. His will, dated 9 Sept., 1839, proved 19 Nov., 
1839, at Ludlow, names his wife Azubah, his daughter Rhoda 
Reed, and her children by her first husband, Martin Bryant. 
Children, born at Ludlow: 5 

1 Jonathan, born 3 Dec, 1788; died 14 Jan., 1789, at Ludlow. 5 

2 Thankful, born 16 June, 1790; died 6 Nov., 1825, at Ludlow, 6 unmarried. 

3 Thomas, born 11 April, 1792; died 18 Nov., 1792. 5 

4 Thomas, born 18 Aug., 1793; died in infancy. 6 

5 William, born 10 July, 1795; died 1 Feb., 1823, 5 at Clarendon, Vt.; married 

15 March, 1820, at Mount Holly, Vt., 6 Rachel Ames, born May, 1799, 
died May, 1881, of Mount Holly. No issue. 

6 Lydia, born 7 or 17 July, 1797; died 12 Nov., 1825, 6 at Ludlow, unmarried. 
7- 7 Rhoda, born 21 Sept., 1799; married Martin Bryant; (2) George Reed. 

8 Polly, born 21 June, 1801; died 9 Aug., 1825; married 2 Dec, 1824, Cor- 
nelius Sawyer of Reading, Vt., born 27 March, 1796, died 20 Feb., 1835. 
No issue. He married (2) Charlotte Peck (12694.7), by whom he had 

9- 9 Calvin, born 16 Oct., 1803; married Betsey Proctor. 

10 Elnathan, 7 born 22 Aug., 1805; died 6 Sept., 1825, at Ludlow. 5 

11 Betsey, born 1808; 8 died 25 Oct., 1825, at Ludlow, 6 aged 17 years. 

12 Elihu, born 4 July, 181 1; died 4 Nov., 1825, at Ludlow. 6 

Thomas Bixby settled in Ludlow in 1784, locating two miles 
west of the present village. He and his brothers David and Levi 

1 Record of Deaths in Ludlow. 

2 Thomas Bixby according to the Bixby Ms. married Lydia Searles. The source of the state* 
ment cannot be traced. The marriage as given in the text is found with New Hampshire Mar- 
riages at Concord. According to family tradition Thomas Bixby married in Massachusetts in 1786. 
The Pelham record styles him of Nottingham West. 

3 Nottingham, one of the Massachusetts townships, became Nottingham West under the New 
Hampshire jurisdiction. The bounds were nearly the same. Nottingham West is now Hudson. 

4 Sargent Genealogy, p. 46, where it is stated that she died 12 Sept., 1804, and was first married 
29 Dec, 1783. The date of death is of course an error. 

• Ludlow records, also Mount Holly records. 

• Information of Sarah J. (Bixby) Pettigrew (12693.96). In the Bixby Ms. the same date is 
given for his death as that of his father. 

7 Perhaps he was named Elihu Elnathan, but if so the first name was soon dropped. In the 
record of birth that shows his middle name was Elnathan, his first is not legible. 

• Information of Sarah J. (Bixby) Pettigrew (12693, 96). 


Bixby were of the grantees of Ludlow. The log house built when 
he made his clearing was his home until 1792, when a frame house 
took its place. In 1794, he was one of a committee to divide the 
town of Ludlow into school districts. In 1825, during an epidemic 
of typhoid fever, Mrs. Bixby and five of the children succumbed 
to that disease within a period of eight weeks. The homestead is 
still in possession of the family, and was the residence of Charles 
Calvin Bixby and John Reed Bixby. According to the family 
history Thomas Bixby served in the army from July to Sept., 
1777, before he had attained his fifteenth birthday; but the Massa- 
chusetts records do not give the service of Thomas Bixby in that 
year. A Thomas Bixby did serve in 1778, in Rhode Island, enlist- 
ing 3° July, discharged 12 Sept., in a company commanded by Capt. 
John Nutting in Col. William Mcintosh's regiment, Lovel's brigade. 1 


V. Abigail Bethia Bixby (Asa, David, Daniel, Joseph), born 
2 July, 1764, at Westford, Mass.; died 11 May, 1822, at Cavendish, 
Vt. ; married, 1787, Daniel Peck of Ashford, Conn., born 19 Sept., 
1764, died 7 Jan., 1852, at Cavendish, son of John Peck. 2 Daniel 
Peck removed to Cavendish at the age of nineteen years, and was 
one of the first settlers of that place. The house and barn built 
by him are still standing and in good condition. 3 
Children, bom at Cavendish: 3 

1 Jared Peck, born 22 April, 1789; died 27 Oct., 1790. 

2 Lucinda Peck, born 16 May, 1790; died 19 March, 1794. 

3 Alva Peck, born 27 Feb., 1793; died 27 March, 1837, at Cavendish; married 

there 6 Dec, 1821, Cherry Davis, born 8 Nov., 1800, at Cavendish, died 
there 7 March, 1888, daughter of Joel and Cherry (Stone) Davis of Caven- 

Children, 3 born at Cavendish: 

1. Otis William Peck, born 27 Nov., 1822; died 3 Aug., 1825. 

2. Christopher Peck, born 23 Dec, 1824; died 25 April, 1893, at Middle- 

bury, Vt.; married 2 Dec, 1852, at Cavendish, Mary Esty. Child: 
Alva C. Peck, born 3 Dec, 1857. He lives at East Boston. 

3. Minerva Peck, born 14 June, 1826; died 23 May, 1897, at Cavendish; 

married there 4 Dec, 1846, John Gilson. Child: Clara Gilson, mar- 
ried Charles Parker. They live at Proctorsville, Vt. 

4. Annis Peck, born 31 July, 1828; died 7 Sept., 1864, at Cavendish; married 

there 10 June, 1847, Ebenezer Dinsmore. Children: Alva Dinsmore, 

1 Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolution. 
1 Information of Lucretia M. Sawyer (12694-72). 

• Information of Mrs. Charles Esty (12694-36), who supplied most of the data concerning de- 
scendants of Alva Peck. 


of Hartland, Vt. John Dinsmore, of Felchville, Vt. Ella Dinsmore, 
married Johnson of Rutland. Mary Dinsmore, deceased. 

5. Ira Peck, born 25 June, 1830; died 6 Feb., 191 1, at Cavendish; married 

15 Dec, 1852, at Cavendish, Janette Adams, who died 11 Dec, 1912, 
at Cavendish. They lived on the "old Peck farm" at Cavendish. 1 

6. Sylvia (Sylva) Peck, born 7 Aug., 1832; died 1 April, 1910, at Ludlow; 

married 30 March, 1852, at Cavendish, Charles Esty who died 5 
Sept., 1910, at Ludlow. They lived at Cavendish. Children: Oramel 
Esty, of Cavendish. Aurora Esty, deceased. Elmina Esty, married 

Barton; of Filley, Neb. Emma Esty, married Burl- 

ingame; of New York. Henry P. Esty, of Waterloo, la. Ira P. Esty, 
of Chester, Vt. Amanda Esty, married Butterfield; of Ches- 
ter. Ada B. Esty, married Ransom; of Springfield, Vt. 

Aretus C. Esty, of Ludlow, Vt. 

7. Isabel Peck, born 16 June, 1834; died 1 Sept., 1898, at Windham, Vt.; 

married 28 March, i860, at Bridgewater, Vt., George Dimick, who 
died 1 Sept., 1 898.2 

8. Alvina Peck, born 6 Feb., 1837; married 28 June, 1857, at Cavendish, 

Hannibal Bartlett, and now lives in Dedham, Mass. 

4 Lucinda Peck, born 25 Sept., 1795; died 13 April, 1858, at Cavendish, un- 


5 Bethia Peck, born 20 March, 1797; died June, 1873, 3 at Reading; married 

29 Oct., 1821, William Felch 4 of Reading, born 3 Feb., 1797, 5 at Royalton, 
Vt., died 9 Nov., 1877, at Felchville, Vt., son of Caleb and Mary (Chase) 
Felch. 4 William Felch at the time of his marriage was in the grocery 
business in New York City. He later engaged in street grading there. 
In 1827 he bought a place in Reading, Vt., and removed thither, at which 
time there were but four dwellings there. He established a saw-mill, black- 
smith shop, country store and a hotel, and, with three associates, a manu- 
factory for woolen for men's clothing. He also drove a stage from Charles- 
ton, N. H., to Woodstock, Vt., passing through Reading. When the 
postoffice was established it was named Felchville. He also erected nearly 
twenty dwellings. He held many public offices and was much honored 
and esteemed by his fellow townsmen. 


1. Harriet Jane Felch, born 31 July, 1822, in New York City; died 15 Jan., 
1896, at Windsor, Vt.; 5 married 9 Sept., 1841, at Felchville, Alzaman 
Decatur Amsden, born 10 March, 1820, at Felchville, died 7 Jan., 
1865, at Windham, Vt. They lived at Windham. Children: Le Roy 
Decatur Amsden, born 18 July, 1842; drowned 21 Aug., 1865, in Vir- 
ginia. William Elmer Amsden, born 24 Aug., 1843, at Felchville; 
probably died in a Confederate prison, as he was wounded, 5 May, 
1864, in the battle of the Wilderness, and never after heard from. 
He enlisted 18 March, 1862, in the 6th Vt. Vols. Elmeroy J. Amsden, 
born 21 Aug., 1846; died 19 Aug., 1876; married 12 Dec, 1867, Chris- 
topher Twombly of Wethersfield, Vt., who married again and now 
lives at Spring Park, Fla. 6 Clara Lorette Amsden, born 15 Nov., 
1848; married I Jan., 1873, Henri Wilkins of Felchville; lives at 
Lebanon, N. H. 7 Emma Amsden, born 19 Feb., 1851. Ella Amsden, 

1 He has an adopted son, Ira N. (Laux) Peck. 

* Mr. and Mrs. Dimick lost their lives in the burning of their house, 1 Sept., 1898. 

* The Bixby Ms., without quoting source of information, gives her death as 4 Aug., 1875. 

* Information of Lucretia W. Sawyer (12694-72). 

6 Information of Mrs. Mary M. Kendall (12694-53). 

* Child: Elmer J. Twombly, lives in Boston, Mass. 

J Children: Lena Wilkins. Charles Wilkins. Guy Wilkins. Ula Wilkins. 


twin with Emma, married 2 Oct., 1873, at Claremont, Marshall 
Worcester; lives at Lebanon. Harrie A. Amsden, born 25 Feb., 1855; 
married 25 Feb., 1886, Frances Cutler of Poultney, Vt.; lives at Rut- 
land, Vt. Minnie Maria Amsden, 1 born 30 July, 1861 ; married 3 Oct., 
1883, Dana N. Coy of Bellows Falls, Vt. They live at Windsor. 2 

2. Calista Adams Felch, born 12 Sept., 1826, at Felchville; died 21 or 25 

May, 1902, at Panama, Neb.; married 7 Sept., 1857, at Felchville, 
Charles Payson Smith of Enterprise, Miss.; lived at Maple River, la. 
Children: A. Medora Smith, born 16 May, 1862. L. Medella Smith, 
twin with Medora. 

3. Mary Melvina Felch, born 2 Dec, 1830, at Felchville; died 17 May, 1912; 

married 7 April, 1851, at Felchville, Luther Reed Kendall, who died 
13 April, 1908, at Springfield. She lived at Springfield. Children, 
born at Felchville: Elwin Duane Kendall, born 4 April, 1852; married 
Linda Peck. 3 They live at Springfield, Mass. Charles Rush Kendall, 
born 3 July, 1859; married Lottie M. Alvey. 4 They live at Spring- 
field. Wilbur Lucius Kendall, born 14 Jan., 1857; died 1 July, 1881. 
Carrie Anna Kendall, born 25 Nov., 1863; died 8 Feb., 1902; married 
Ernest L. Fullam of Ludlow. 6 

4. Emily Aurelia Felch, born 18 March, 1833; died 30 May, 1895, at Hebron, 

Neb.; married 7 Sept., 1859, at Felchville, Rush Chilson of Wethers- 
field, Vt. Children: Mary M. Chilson. Bertha C. C. Chilson, born 15 
Dec, 1865. Hattie C. Chilson, born 1873. 
Abigail Peck, born 13 Nov., 1799 (?); died 22 Aug., 1871, at Cavendish; 6 

married 28 Feb., 1826, 7 at Cavendish, Rufus Parkhurst of Cavendish, who 

died nine weeks after his marriage. 


1. Rosalind Parkhurst, born 5 Dec, 1826, at Cavendish; married Abram 
Dunsmore. She now lives at Cavendish, a widow. 
Charlotte Peck, born 21 Sept., 1800; died 30 Dec, 1883, at Felchville; 
married 10 Dec, 1826, at Cavendish, Cornelius Sawyer, born 27 March, 
1796, at Reading, died 20 Feb., 1835, at Felchville, son of Cornelius and 
Ellis (Fobes) Sawyer of Reading. 7 His first wife, Polly Bixby (12693.8), did 
not have children. 


1. Daniel Peck Sawyer, born 18 Oct., 1827, at Reading; died 14 March, 

1902; 7 married 29 June, 1851, at Windsor, Arabella Ruggles, who 
died 19 Sept., 1890. Children: George W. Sawyer, born 22 Feb., 
1852; died 24 July, 1861. Flora A. Sawyer, born 20 Oct., 1853; died 
6 Aug., 1854. Otis Cornelius Sawyer, born 21 Nov., 1855; married 
2 Feb., 1887, Mary Stimpson Barrett. 8 John Ervin Sawyer, born 
1859; died 27 Dec, 1861. Mary Eliza Sawyer, born 25 May, 1861; 
married 17 Sept., 1887, Edwin L. Fisher, born 3 Sept., 1851. Ned 
Edwin Sawyer, born 27 Feb., 1864; died 4 Oct., 1909; married Mollie 
I. Cory, born 30 May, 1869. 9 

2. Lucretia Maria Sawyer, born 4 Jan., 1832, at Felchville, where she lives, 


1 Information of Minnie (Amsden) Coy (12694-518). 
'Children: Lee Felch Coy. Hazel Anna Coy. Priscilla Harriet Coy. 
•Children: Harley F. Kendall. Clarence W. Kendall. 
« Child: Marion F. Kendall. 6 Child: Fern Fullam. 

• Information of Mrs. Charles Esty (12694-36). 
' Information of Lucretia M. Sawyer (12694-72). 
8 Children: Maude Bell Sawyer. Harrol Stimpson Sawyer. 

•Children: Ida Pearl Sawyer. Twins, unnamed. Hazel Maud Sawyer. George Washington 



V. Joseph Bixby (Asa, David, Daniel, Joseph), born 19 May, 
1766, at Westford, Mass.; died 26 May, 1839, at Mount Holly, 1 
Vt.; married 17 July, 1 791, at Ludlow, Vt., Molly (Polly) Boyden, 2 
born 12 March, 1772, at Groton, Mass., died 2 Oct., 1846, at 
Mount Holly, 1 daughter of Jonathan and Elizabeth Boyden. 
Children, all except the eldest born at Mount Holly: 3 

1- 1 Joseph, born 26 Nov., 1791, at Cavendish, Vt.; married Phebe Dutton; 

(2) Ruth Boles; (3) Malinda Wakefield. 

2- 2 Jesse, born 4 May, 1794; married Nancy M. Stimson. 
3 Mary, born 25 May, 1796; died 18 Jan., 1800. 2 

4- 4 Thomas Howard, born 2 Sept., 1799; married Sally Dudley. 

5- 5 Salome, born 23 Feb., 1802; married Adams Dutton. 

6- 6 Armentus William, born 19 June, 1804; married Hannah M. Stoddard. 

7- 7 Beman Boynton, born 24 Feb., 1807; married Rowena Flanders. 

8 Asa, born 16 March, 1809; died 2 Nov., 1825, at Mount Holly. 1 

9 Jonathan Boynton, born 27 April, 181 1; died 7 March, 1816. 1 
J -10 Daniel Peck, born 10 Aug., 1815; married Esther W. Hooper. 

Joseph Bixby accompanied his brother Thomas to Ludlow about 

1784, but after his marriage lived at Cavendish. He took up 

land about six miles west of the present village of Ludlow, in what 

was then known as Jackson's Gore, and which in 1792 became a 

part of the new town of Mount Holly. Their first residence was 

a log house. The farm, which is the second east of the Summit 

station of the R. and B. R. R., has passed out of the possession of 

the family. Joseph Bixby was a member of the Baptist church 

at Chester, Vt. He was an earnest Christian, and was accustomed 

to walk twenty miles to Chester to attend the covenant meeting 

on Saturdays, and service on Sunday, walking home the next 

morning. In 1798 he is mentioned as "surveyor." 


V. Lydia Bixby (William, David, Daniel, Joseph), born probably 
at Westford, Mass., in 1780; married 28 Dec, 1799, at Westford, 4 
Calvin Farnsworth of Washington, N. H., born 15 Oct., 1776, 

1 Information of Mrs. Nancy L. Taylor (12695.2-2). 

2 Ludlow records, also Mount Holly records, and information of Asa S. A. Bixby (12695.24). 
s Information of Mrs. Taylor (12695.2-2) and of Asa S. A. Bixby (12695.24), checked by Mt. 

Holly records. The latter have been followed in dates of birth of Armentus and Beman, whose 
births are given otherwise as 17 June and 27 Feb., respectively. Mr. Bixby also gives the death 
of Mary as of the 18 June. * Westford records* 


son of Simeon (Jr.) and Ellen or Esther (Ellenwood) Farnsworth 
of Washington. 1 

They lived for a while in Washington, N. H., and afterward 
removed to Pennsylvania. 2 According to Luther Bixby (126J6.22), 
they removed to Virginia and had ten sons. 
Children, born at Washington: 

1 Sylvia Farnsworth, born 9 Jan., 1802. 

2 Silas Farnsworth, born 20 May, 1804. 

3 Siba Farnsworth, born 31 Aug., 1806. 
? Others. 


V. Theophilus Bixby 3 (William, David, Daniel, Joseph), born 
I July, 1 781, at Westford, Mass.; died 20 July, 1861, at Waterbury, 
Vt. ; 4 married 3 March, 1805, at Westford, Anna Fiske, born 3 June, 
1778, at Groton, Mass., died 22 Oct., 1865, at Berlin, Vt., 5 daughter 
of John and Anna (Blood) Fiske. 6 

Children: 7 

1- 1 Harriet, born 16 July, 1805, at Roxbury, Vt.; married Hosea Newcomb. 

2- 2 William, born 20 Nov., 1806, at Groton; married Louisa Smith. 

3 George, born 31 May, 1808, at Moretown, Vt.; died 27 June, 1830, 
"aged twenty-two years." George Bixby became interested in religion. 
He bequeathed his entire estate, $100, for the support of the gospel. 
His father increased the gift by as much more, and the Methodist Epis- 
copal church of Waitsfield and Fayston, Vt., have yearly received the 
interest on this fund. "Who being dead, yet speaketh." 

4- 4 Mary, born 9 Jan., 1810, at Roxbury; married Carlton Richardson; 

(2) Luke Colburn. 

5- 5 Lydia, born 23 Feb., 1812, at Roxbury; married John C. Griggs; (2) Earl 


6 Nathaniel 

7 James \ triplets, born and died 23 March, 18 14, at Moretown. 

8 Emma 

9- 9 John, born 28 Jan., 1815, at Moretown; married Malinda P. Schagel. 
J -10 Luther, born 20 Sept., 1816, at Moretown; married Lydia Stowe; (2) 

Mrs. Cynthia (Webster) Wright; (3) Phoebe Stoddard; (4) Mrs. Relucia 


k-ii Anna, born 1 June, 1818, at Moretown; married Daniel C. Brown. 
12 Sarah, born and died 29 Aug., 1820, at Moretown. 

1 Farnsworth Memorial, p. 346. ' See illustration opposite page 232. 

2 History of Washington, N. H. * Gravestone at Waterbury, Vt., "aged eighty years." 
' Gravestone at Waterbury, Vt., "aged eighty-seven years." 

8 Anna (Blood) Fiske is buried at Fayston, Vt. Her father was a "minute-man" and responded 
to the Lexington Alarm, 19 April, 1775. (Fayston Centennial Celebration, p. 9.) It is said by 
Mrs. Bragg (126J6.5-2), that he left his oxen at the plow in the field, knowing that his sister 
would unyoke and care for them. 

7 The births of the children, omitting the triplets and the youngest child, are recorded on More- 
town records. 


Theophilus Bixby was brought up in the family of his uncle 
Asa Bixby. After marriage he lived for a brief period in Roxbury, 
Vt., but soon removed to Moretown Common, whence he again 
removed in 1820 to what is now Waitsfield, where he obtained the 
Gen. Benjamin Wait farm in consideration of caring for Gen. Wait 
for the remaining years of his life. He later traded this farm with 
Lynde Wait for the intervale farm upon which he spent the remain- 
der of his life. 

Mr. Bixby was a man of sterling character, and deeply interested 
in church and school work. The itinerant preacher of that day 
always found his house a home indeed. Both he and his son William 
attended the Methodist Episcopal church at Waitsfield. He was 
one of the founders of the "Fayston Union Society" organized in 

"Early one morning the great depth of snow which had ac- 
cumulated on the roof of the house slid off. Royal Spaulding, 
who taught the winter school and lived in part of the Bixby house, 
was returning from building the schoolhouse fire. As he passed 
through the shed to his rooms he heard a faint groan from beneath 
the snow bank. A hasty glance at his own little flock assured him 
that they were all safe, and he quickly threw open Mr. Bixby's 
door, saying, 'Are your children all here?' Mr. Bixby had just 
kneeled at the family altar for prayers. Alas! Luther was not there. 
With beating hearts and blanched faces, with fire shovel, barn 
shovel, and with trembling hands, men and boys worked to throw 
off the snow, and came first to a little shoe. Then with greatest 
care his head was first raised, and his breath came in gasps, and 
the child was saved. No bones were broken but he was very feeble 
a long time. The bank was measured and snow found to be four 
feet deep, and the doctor said he would not have risked his horse 
there." 1 

He was elected town clerk of Moretown in 1816, probably to 
fill a vacancy, and held the position until his successor was chosen 
early in 1817. 

The family Bible of Theophilus Bixby in 1907 was in possession 
of Mrs. Ella Strong (126J6.K-6) of Northfield, Vt., whose mother 
Mrs. Anna (Bixby) Brown (126J6.K) cared for her parents in their 
last years. 

'Fayston, Vt., Centennial Celebration, pp. 10-14, with notes by Mrs. Anna (Bixby) Bragg 


A bounty land warrant was issued to Theophilus Bixby, for 160 
acres, under the Act of 1855, for service in the Vermont militia 
during the war of 1812. 1 He immediately assigned it to his grand- 
son, Luther Bixby, who located the land near Winona, Minn. 


V. Jonathan Bixby {Daniel, Mephibosheth, Daniel, Joseph), 
born 15 Dec, 1744, at Shrewsbury, Mass.; died in the winter of 
1815-1816, at Essex, Vt.; 2 married 1 June (?Jan.), 1768, at Win- 
chendon, Ma,ss., Esther Gale, called of Winchendon in intention 
of marriage, 1 Nov., 1767, 3 but said to have been of Weston. 4 
She was living in 1821, at Essex. 

1 A Child, died 1772 at Orford, N. H. 5 
2- 2 Reuben, of Rockingham, Vt. It seems probable that Reuben Bixby was 
a son of Jonathan. 
3 Jonathan, 7 born 14 July, 1773, at Walpole, N. H. 6 
4- 4 Samuel, born 17 July, baptized 30 May (sic), 1775, at Walpole; 6 married 
Polly Littlefield. 
5 David, born 25 April, baptized 10 May, 1778, at Walpole; 6 married 4 Jan., 
1804, at Essex, Anna Curtis of Jericho. 8 He was a farmer, and his 
name appears as both grantor and grantee of lands in Essex from 1804 
to 1836. 15 April, 1839, describing himself as of Hartland, N. Y., no 
wife mentioned, he sells land in Essex to Ira Bixby. 9 
6- 6 Ephraim, baptized 2 July, 1780, at Walpole; 6 married Polly Lyons. 

7 Elijah, 10 born 7 July, baptized 21 July, 1782, at Walpole. 5 

8 A Daughter, enumerated in the census of 1790. 
9- 9 Ira, born 14 Jan., 1798; married Betsy Reynolds. 

Jonathan Bixby sold land in Winchendon in 1770 and 1772, 
being described as of Winchendon, but on 14 Jan., 1773, when he sold 
twenty-five acres in Winchendon to Matthew Knight, 11 he was 
described as of Walpole. This would seem to indicate the date of 
his removal to Walpole, but he had evidently been at Orford in 
1772. Although there are no records of the birth of any children 

1 U. S. Land Office, 3742-160-55. 2 Chittenden Co.. Vt.. Probate. » Winchendon records. 

• Abraham Gale of Weston married Esther Cunningham, several of whose sons removed to 
Shrewsbury. Another son, Henry, who married Abigail Smith, had a daughter Esther, born 
14 Feb., 1746. Another son was named Elisha. (Bond: Genealogies and History of Watertown.) 

6 Report of W. R. Haines, town clerk of Orford. who says this is the only mention of the name 
on the town records. 

• Walpole, N. H., town and church records. » A Jonathan Bixby was married at Mount Vernon, 
N. H., 20 March, 1804, to Judith Austin of that place, and was a resident taxpayer there 1 April, 
1804. No further trace of him has been found. 8 Essex, Vt.. records. 

• Land records, Essex, Vt., VII: 257. >° An Elisha Bixby received a deed of land at Essex, 
6 April, 1812. Land records, III: 26. " Worcester Deeds, 68: 513. 


at Winchendon, it is probable that between 1768 and 1772 he had 
at least two children. 

Jonathan Bixby enlisted 13 July, 1775, and served nineteen days 
in the company of Capt. John Marcy of Walpole, N. H., in Col. 
James Reid's (3 d ) Regiment. Reid's Regiment had taken part in 
the battle of Bunker Hill, and remained near Boston. His name 
also appears on a "Blanket roll," dated 25 Feb., 1776, as sergeant 
in the company commanded by Capt. Jason Wait in Col. Ridell's 
regiment which formed part of the Northern army. This regiment 
had been raised in January, 1776, for defense of the frontier along 
the Connecticut river. Upon news of the reverses to the American 
arms in Canada, the regiment was ordered to join the Northern 
Continental army. The regiment was posted at a fort called 
the Cedars. During the absence of its colonel the officer in com- 
mand disgracefully surrendered. Jonathan Bixby also served 
from 21 Sept. to 21 Oct., 1777, in Capt. Benjamin Flood's company, 
Col. Benjamin Bellow's regiment, with Gates' army at Saratoga, 
thus participating in the capture of Burgoyne. 1 He also served in 
1781, for six days from 20 March, in a company commanded by 
Capt. Charles Nelson, 2 in defence of the frontier. 

He was a resident of Walpole during the Vermont Controversy 
in 1 78 1, when the river counties of New Hampshire declared for 
union with Vermont, and was one of thirty inhabitants of Walpole, 
Westmoreland and Swanzey who signed a protest, objecting to 
being "cut off from the United States by a union with Vermont 
as the convention plans," and stating that the majority of "our 
selectmen are for the Vermont union." 3 

Some time after the baptism of his son Elijah, in July, 1782, at 
Walpole, he removed to Orford, and on 26 Sept., 1788, then living 
there, he purchased of Joel Woodworth of Essex, Vt., one-half of 
Lot Four in Piatt Body of Lots, in Essex, being fifty acres, at the 
eastern end of said lot. 4 Joel Bixby was a witness to the deed. 
In 1794, he bought one hundred acres of Gen. Ira Allen and the next 
year thirteen acres of Joye Bradley. 

The first settlement in Essex was in 1783, by Samuel Smith. 

1 N. H. Revolutionary Rolls. J Hemingway: Vermont Historical Gazetteer, also 

Vt. Rev. Rolls, p. 343. 

• N. H. State Papers. The inhabitants of Vermont declared themselves a free and independent 
state is Jan., 1777, but were not admitted to the Union until 4 March, 1701- The rival claims of 
New Hampshire and New York to the territory prevented an earlier union. 

1 Essex land records. 


The first settler on the intervale lands on Brown's river in the 
eastern part of Essex was Joel Woodworth, and the land purchased 
by Jonathan Bixby was in his neighborhood. Other purchases 
were made by Jonathan Bixby in 1795 and 1796, one being of the 
well known Ira Allen of Burlington. The land records of Essex 
show many transactions, both of purchase and sale, by Jonathan 
Bixby. In 18 10, he received a deed from Samuel Bixby of West- 
ford. In 181 1 he mortgaged property, but discharged the debt 
in 1 8 14, which year and the following witnessed his last sales, 
the date of the last transaction being 15 Feb., 181 5. 

In 1790 the United States Census enumerates Jonathan Bixby 
and his family of five males under sixteen years, and two females, 
but describes him as of Jericho, the next town east of Essex. 

Jonathan Bixby left a will dated 19 Nov., 1815, which was proved 
6 Feb., 1816, by which he gave one-third of his estate to his wife 
Esther and the residue to his son Ira, who was to support his mother 
and discharge the debts of the estate, and who was made sole 
executor. 1 The inventory of the estate which was represented 
insolvent, 2 disclosed thirty-five acres of land, and a barn and per- 
sonal property, the whole amounting to but four hundred and 
sixty dollars. 

On the 6 Feb., 18 16, the estate of Jonathan Bixby conveyed land 
to Esther and Ira Bixby. 3 Two years later Ira deeded to Samuel 
Bixby, 3 and the same year Esther and Samuel received a quit 
claim deed from Ebenezer T. Englesby to whom Jonathan had 
mortgaged land in 18 10, and they, two days later, sold to Lyman 
Cutler and Ebenezer Hamilton. The widow Esther is last men- 
tioned in the land records in 1821. 

Esther Bixby, Samuel Bixby and Ira Bixby on 11 Sept., 1821, 
sold to Billy B. Butler of Essex their right to a pew in the Congre- 
gational Meeting House, being number four, the corner or post 
pew in the body next to the broad alley on the left hand side from 
the front door. 


V. Daniel Bixby {Daniel, Mephibosheth, Daniel, Joseph), born 
May, 1763, at Winchendon, Mass.; died later than 1840, probably 
at Chazy, N. Y.; married Dorothy ("Dolly") ("Dorithy") who 

J Chittenden Co. Probate, also Essex Deeds, 3: 183, the two records not agreeing exactly. 
2 Northern Sentinel, 5 April, 1816. 'Essex Land Records, 3: 183, 184, 196, 197- 


was the mother of his children, but who is not named in her 
husband's application for a pension, in 1832. 
Children, born at Rockingham, Vt.: l 

1 David, born 6 July, baptized 11 July, 1784. 

2- 2 Joel, born 29 Jan., baptized 14 May, 1786; married Sally Barrett; (2) 

Sylvia Morse. 

3- 3 Luther, born 7 Nov., 1787, baptized 6 July, 1788. 

4- 4 Dolly, born 7 May, 1791, baptized 24 Aug., 1794; married William Aus- 

ment, or Osmont. 
5 Tabitha, born 7 Dec, 1793, baptized 24 Aug., 1794. 

6- 6 Jonathan, born 9 July, 1796; married Sally Hood. 

7- 7 King Hiram, born 16 July, 1800; married Sophia Nash. 

8 Sophia, born 15 Dec, 1804. 

9 Patty, born 9 April, 1807; married Monroe, and in 1866 was living 

at West Plattsburg, N. Y. She wrote that she was the youngest child, 
and was a child when her father moved from Rockingham to Plattsburg. 
Her brother Luther and a sister were living at Rockingham the last she 
10 Chester. There is no record of the birth of this child. Hiram Bixby, 
of Washington, D. C, said that his father had a brother by this name 
who died at Jefferson Barracks, Mo., having served in some Indian 

The name of Daniel Bixby appears on the list of voters in Rock- 
ingham in 1781. In 1792 when the town was divided into school 
districts " Bixbys" was one of the limits. His family is enumerated 
in the United States Census of 1790 as consisting of himself, one 
female and three males under sixteen years of age. In 1797 he 
filed a certificate with the town clerk that he was a member of the 
Universalist church, and in 1807 he was a purchaser of a pew. 
He was chosen constable in 1804. In 1797 he was the only voter 
of the name of Bixby in Rockingham. 

Daniel Bixby was a Revolutionary soldier. He made application 
for a pension 29 Aug., 1832, being then a resident of Isle La Motte 
and sixty nine years of age. He stated that he was born in Win- 
chendon, Mass., in May, 1763, but had no record of his birth, and 
that since the war he had lived in Walpole, N. H., Rockingham, 
and Chelsea, Vt., and for the past six years in Isle La Motte, and 
that he was old and poor. His service he recites as follows: enlisted 
for six months at Walpole, N. H., in Col. Nichol's regiment, Major 
Webber's battalion, Capt. Peter Page's company, of which the 
sergeants were Bellows, Blake and Puffer, "I think in May, 1780 

> The births are from the town record, the baptisms from the church records. The seventh child 
was named King Hiram according to the records, but dropped the first of his two names. 


and left the service by dismissal in November following." He 
went to Springfield, Mass., where he was mustered and 
forwarded to Claverack, N. Y., thence to West Point and was 
there "at the time of Arnold's disgraceful evacuation and Gen. 
Washington's return from Connecticut." At the time of his enlist- 
ment he resided at Walpole. He again enlisted as a volunteer 
under Gen. Bellows, and was sent from Walpole "to put a stop 
to the Indians and Tories who burnt Royalton in Vermont, in Octo- 
ber or November, 1780, immediately on my return from West 
Point; drilled on snow shoes through the winter and was dismissed 
sometime in May, 1781, after a period of six months' service." 
He again enlisted from Walpole, in July, 1781, under Lieut. Smith 
of Surrey, N. H., Lieut. Parker's company, Col. Walbridge's regi- 
ment, to go to Skenesboro, now Whitehall, N. Y., and served three 
months as a corporal and frontier guard. The last payment to 
him on the Vermont roll was of date of 4 March, 1840, and on the 
15 June following, he makes application to have his pension paid 
to him in New York. Joel Hickok deposed that the applicant is 
the same man who had formerly received the pension. 1 

From the Census of Pensioners taken 1 June, 1840, it appears 
that Daniel Bixby was then living at Chazy, N. Y., with Joel 
Hickok, and that he was then aged 78 years. 

There are about thirty deeds to and from Daniel Bixby on record 
at Rockingham, Vt.; the latest, dated 10 Feb., 1816, gives his resi- 
dence as Chelsea, Vt., apparently indicating his removal thither 
about that time. 2 

Note: A record is found of the marriage of Daniel Bixby and Nancy Alexander, 
both of Rockingham, 24 July, 1814. (Rockingham marriages.) Daniel Bixby was 
a voter of Athens, Vt., 1810-1812. There is also a record of marriage of Harriet 
Bixby of Rockingham to Erastus Courser of Guildhall, N. Y., 29 Aug., 1833, 
at Rockingham. (Ibid.) Erastus Courser (or Corser) was probably son of 
Thomas and Mercy (Bennett) Corser, who moved from Thetford, Vt., to New 
York, but of whom the author of the "Corser Family in America" has no further 


V. Aaron Bixby (Daniel, Mephibosheth, Daniel, Joseph), born 
30 April, 1765, at Winchendon, Mass.; died probably 18 April, 
1842, "aged 77," 3 at Westminster, Vt., where he was living, "aged 

1 Records U. S. Pension Bureau. 2 Letters of A. I. Bolles, Asst. Town Clerk, 1898. 

3 Census of Pensioners, 1840; also Westminster, Vt., records. 


76 years," in 1840; 1 married 24 Nov., 1785, at Walpole, N. H., 
Sarah Carlton, 2 who was aged 58 years in 1820. 3 
Children: 4 

1 Sarah. 

2 Betsey, perhaps the Betsy Bixby who died 2 Sept., 1866, at Westminster, 

aged 70 years. 5 

3 Lucy. 

4 Moses. 

5 David, aged 16 years in 1820. 

Aaron Bixby made application for a pension 14 April, 1818, 
at which time he was a resident of Rockingham, Vt. He stated 
that he enlisted 1 Sept., 1782, in the New Hampshire line, for 
three years, in a company commanded by Capt. Daniel Livermore 
in Col. Dearborn's regiment. In "January, 1783, I made an 
exchange of service with one John Eastman of the same company 
and regiment whose period of enlistment was for during the war." 
He served in the same regiment until close of the war, when Col. 
Reed was in command. At the time discharges were made out 
he was confined by sickness and Lieut. Scilly failed to deliver his 
discharge to him. 

Benjamin Cressy, who served in the same company with Bixby, 
and was of Hopkinton in 181 8, deposed to the truth of the state- 
ment above given, and so also did William Brown of Fishersfield. 
On the 20 June, 1820, Bixby made another application, stating he 
was a pensioner under the Act of 181 8, that his circumstances were 
poor, that it was only with great difficulty that he could labor, 
and that he owed about $60. His wife was aged 58 years, and at that 
time had a broken leg, and was feeble. He was a farmer. One 
child, namely David Bixby, then aged sixteen, resided with him, 
who was dependent upon the pensioner, and had a broken arm. 6 

The United States Census of 1790 enumerates under Thomlinson 
(now Grafton), Vt., the family of Aaron Bixby, consisting of one 
male over sixteen, one male under sixteen, and three females. 
On the 30 May, 1813, the town of Rockingham cautioned against 

1 Census of Pensioners, 1840; also Westminister, Vt., records. 

s Walpole records. * Pension Application of Aaron Bixby. 

4 It is probable that there were other children, perhaps two daughters older than Sarah. Solo- 
mon, John, Daniel and Arhitus Bixby are reported as listed as voters at Athens, Vt., nearly oppo- 
site Walpole, N. H., in 1810 and 1812. See note under Daniel Bixby (12718). 

* Westminster, Vt., records. 6 Records United States Pension Bureau. 


Aaron Bixby and Sarah Bixby, his wife, and Sarah Bixby, 2d., 
Betsy Bixby, Lucy Bixby and Moses Bixby their children. 1 


V. Joel Bixby (Daniel, Mephibosheth, Daniel, Joseph), born 
31 Oct., 1767, at Winchendon, Mass.; died 10 May, 2 1854, at Roy- 
alton, N. Y.; married 25 Aug., 1788, Hannah Woodworth, 3 
born 12 Nov., 1768, in Nova Scotia, 2 died 2 May, 1854, at Royal- 
ton. 4 

Children: 3 

1 Ira, born 1789. 

2- 2 Levi, born 18 Aug., 1790; married Lucinda Burch. 

3 Lucy, born 1792; died young. 

4- 4 Patty (Martha), born 26 March, 1793; married Porter Johnson. 

5- 5 Pearl, born 15 July, 1795; married Relief Hoisington. 

6- 6 Philena, born 1 May, 1798; married John D. Ely. 

7- 7 Simon, born 10 June, 1802, at La Chute, Argenteuile, Quebec; married Han- 

nah J. Stone. 

8- 8 Susanna, born 23 Feb., 1806, at La Chute; married Levi Fisk. 

Joel Bixby was a witness to the deed given by Joel Woodworth 
in 1788 to Jonathan Bixby, then of Orford, N. H., but very soon 
after a resident of Essex, Vt. As Joel was married that year, it 
is probable that he had preceded his elder brother, Jonathan, to 
Essex. Doubtless Hannah (Woodworth) Bixby was a near relative 
to Joel Woodworth, near whom they settled. 

On the 17 Sept., 1792, Joel Woodworth sold to Joel Bixby 27 
acres, part of lot 4 in Piatt's survey of Essex; 5 and in Feb., 1799, 
Joel Bixby sold land in Essex, styling himself of that place, but 
acknowledging the deed in Fairfax, Vt., the following October. 
On the 28 April, 1801, he sold 60 acres in Essex to James Gates, 
and in the deed he is described as of Argenteuile, District of Mon- 
treal, Canada. 5 According to family tradition he had removed to 
Argenteuile in 1799. 

1 Rockingham records. 

J M. E. Church record; but a member of the family reported this date as 10 April, 1854, and 
that of his wife as 2 April, 1854. 

» Miss Mary E. Bixby (1271J.52-2) copied the family record in her grandfather's bible, which 
also supplies information regarding his marriage and the birthplace of his wife. The family gen- 
erally believe that the six eldest children were born in Bennington, Vt., and that Joel removed 
from that place to Canada. Bennington records do not mention the name Bixby. The two 
youngest were born at La Chute. 

4 Records of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Royalton, N. Y. 

6 Essex Deeds, 1: 80, 156, 434. 


A certificate, filed with the town clerk of Essex, dated 28 Sept., 
1798, signed by Reuben Garlick, rector of the United Episcopal 
Church of Jericho and Essex, declares that Joel Bixby was a mem- 
ber of the Protestant Episcopal Church and a regular attendant 
upon the services of that church. 1 The purpose of filing this cer- 
tificate was to escape taxation for the support of the Congregational 
minister in the town. 

The United States Census enumerates Joel Bixby in Essex, the 
family consisting of one male over sixteen, one male under sixteen, 
and one female. As the Census was of date of 1 Aug., 1790, the 
record confirms the statement that the eldest son was Ira and not 

Joel Bixby remained in Canada until the close of the War of 
1812, when he removed to Royalton, purchasing lands in what was 
known as the Holland Purchase. Family tradition states that he 
visited Royalton alone in 1816, built a log cabin, and returned 
home in the fall, but the following spring moved his family to 
Royalton. Chauncey E. Bixby (12 71 J. 5 7) has a document dated 
22 Feb., 1817, "(which is the day they started to go to Royal- 
ton.)" Ira Bixby (1271 J.29) wrote that he remembered his grand- 
father well, and that Levi, a son, had a farm adjoining his father's. 
Pearl, another son, lived with the father, and cared for his parents 
during their old age. 

Ira Bixby was born in 1830 and lived in Royalton until 1844. 
He revisited his old home the year of his grandfather's death. He 
made the positive statement that Jonathan and Riley Bixby of 
Royalton were sons of Samuel Bixby, "brother of my grandfather 
Joel," also, that on the way West in 1844 his father and himself, 
while in Buffalo, "went to see a cousin of his (i. e. of Levi) by the 
name of Daniel Bixby; his father's name was Daniel, 2 my grand- 
father's brother." This letter was written in 1898. In 1886 he 
wrote he had never heard his father say much about his grand- 
father's brother, referring to some former communication. 

Joel Bixby was born eight years earlier than Samuel, son of Jona- 
than, who was the father of Jonathan and Riley. Daniel, an 
older brother of Joel, in 1840 was living in Chazy, N. Y., but his 

1 Essex records, i: 105. 

2 This name was first written David. Daniel was written over David, and finally the name 
crossed out and Daniel written after. Joel Bixby was accompanied by his sons, Levi, Pearl and 
Simon, when he settled in Royalton. 



son David, born 1784, may have been the Daniel mentioned by Ira. 
It is probable that lapse of time, and the near equality in ages 
between Joel Bixby and his nephew Samuel, led to the natural 
mistake of Ira in calling Samuel and Joel brothers. The reference 
to the two Daniels is most puzzling, the more so as the other state- 
ments of Ira Bixby have been found to be accurate in most particu- 
lars, even more so than other accounts of the family. 


V. Samuel Bixby (Samuel, Mephibosheth, Daniel, Joseph), born 
probably at Shrewsbury, Mass., prior to Dec, 1739, perhaps in 
the preceding year, although family tradition asserts that he was 
born in 1740; died 1820, at Bainbridge, Chenango Co., N. Y. ; 
married 4 March, 1762, at Lancaster, Mass., l Hannah Powers, 
born there 10 Jan., 1739, died 1819, at Bainbridge, daughter of 
Jonathan and Hannah (Sawyer) Powers, 2 of Lancaster. Jonathan 
Powers was a Revolutionary soldier. 3 The gravestone of Samuel 
Bixby does not state the date of his birth or death. 3 
Children: 1 

1- 1 Hannah, born 13 Dec, 1762, at Princeton, Mass.; married Asa Stowell. 

2- 2 Sibyl, born 1 Oct., 1765, at Princeton; married Edward Davison; (2) 

Henry Evans. 

3- 3 Priscilla, born 29 Dec, 1767, at Princeton; married Henry Ward. 

4- 4 Asahel, born 23 Oct., 1770, at Guilford, Vt.; married Clarina Smith. 

5- 5 Samuel, born 25 Jan., 1774, at Guilford; married Lois Moss. 

6- 6 Elizabeth, born 8 April, 1778, at Guilford; married Russell Redfield. 

Samuel Bixby may have removed to Guilford, Vt., as early as 
1768, but the record of land transactions at Guilford is imperfect 
and there is no record of his first purchase there. He was for many 
years one of the most prominent men in Guilford, holding town 
office and associated with the party favoring New York. 

Guilford was chartered by Gov. Wentworth of New Hampshire 
in 1758, the grantees being chiefly Massachusetts men. The first 
land in town was cleared four years later and the first settlement 
made in 1761, although it was not for three or four years after 
this that many settlers were on the grant. Bixby was probably 
attracted to the territory at the time strenuous efforts were being 

1 Town records. 2 Family records, confirmed by Lancaster records. 

'Letter of Seymour Lowman (j 2731.514-2). 



made to obtain residents. On the 19 May, 1772, the inhabitants 
voted that their town was in Cumberland Co., N. Y., (this is 
now part of Vermont) and proceeded to elect town officers in 
accordance with the laws of that province and limited the right 
to participate in town meetings to such as were proprietors under 
the charter or held of them. 1 At this time Samuel Bixby was 
chosen highway surveyor; yet his name does not appear in the list 
of inhabitants that year. 

For several years the affairs of the town were conducted peace- 
fully and successfully, in fact, because of the town's unique position, 
almost as an independent community. This state of affairs lasted 
until 1777, when, Vermont having declared her independence, a 
party favoring the new state found themselves temporarily in the 
ascendancy. At a town meeting held 17 May, 1774, Samuel 
Bixby was chosen constable, and in 1777, assessor. The following 
year he was chosen on committee to lay out roads, and on the 16 
March, 1781, was chosen town clerk, which office he held until 
the annual meeting in 1784 when the Vermont party again secured 
control. On the 5 June, 1782, he had been appointed a justice 
of the peace for Cumberland County in New York jurisdiction, 
and that year was also a petit juryman. He thus was a conspicuous 
adherent to the New York claim. 

Cumberland County was set up by New York in 1766, and both 
civil and military officers were appointed. 

When Vermont asserted her independence in 1777, a draft was 
ordered to provide militia for the defence of the state. The select- 
men of Guilford belonged to the Vermont party, and instead of 
selecting those who claimed to be citizens of that state, drafted 
men of the opposition, who refused to serve or to supply substi- 
tutes, thus precipitating an open rupture. The selectmen ordered 
that the estates of Samuel Bixby and four others be distrained 
upon for the sum of £15 to meet the expense the town had been 
to find substitutes for the five delinquents. The sheriff's deputy 
proceeded to the house of Joel Bigelow, one of the five, where he 
found many persons collected, and proceeded to take a cow. He 
was then set upon by about sixty "Yorkers," who rescued the 
animal. Court proceedings were immediately instituted against 
those taking part in the "riot," and among those indicted was 

1 Hall: History of Eastern Vermont. 


Samuel Bixby. The following year the York party obtained control 
of the town. The climax of the trouble was reached in 1783 and 
1784. Ethan Allen with a company of militia and volunteers 
from neighboring parts occupied the town and took several of the 
York party prisoners. Shots were exchanged and some blood shed, 
both at this time and later. In July, 1784, Samuel Bixby and 
others were indicted in the Vermont courts for the part they had 
taken in the assault on Sergeant Fisk. Perceiving that further 
resistance was hopeless, on the 25th of Oct., they petitioned the 
General Assembly of Vermont for pardon and to be permitted to 
become citizens of that state. This petition, together with that 
of twenty-five others, was granted, and it was enacted that upon 
their taking the oath of allegiance their estates, so far as the same 
had not been disposed of, should be restored to them. 

In 1782 Bixby had been clerk of the convention of committees, 
a convention of delegates from the York towns of Guilford, Brattle- 
boro, Halifax, and Marlboro, and in his official capacity reported 
to Gov. Clinton the doings of the Vermont supporters, and espe- 
cially the illegal act of arrest and banishment under pain of death 
of certain of the York leaders. In 1785, at the time Vermont was 
making a strenuous effort to be admitted to the Union, he wrote 
to Gov. Clinton, being one of a committee, in behalf of the loyal 
subjects of New York, protesting against the action of Vermont 
and affirming that no York man had taken the oath of allegiance 
to Vermont except those confined in gaol and "fed with the bread 
and water of affliction." 

Guilford was long the centre of York opposition to Vermont. 
When New York and Vermont agreed upon a settlement of their 
differences, upon petition of the agents of 107 residents of Cumber- 
land County who had suffered in their persons and estates by up- 
holding the sovereignty of New York, that state as compensation 
voted a township eight miles square to be apportioned by com- 
missioners. On the 11 July, 1786, 380 acres in lot 81 in Clinton 
township No. 2 was granted to Samuel Bixby. 

His son Asahel proceeded to the location on foot, having been 
joined at Cherry Valley by Israel Stowell, also from Vermont, 
and is said to have been the first of the "Vermont sufferers" to 
settle in town. He arrived in Oct., 1787, and found that William 
Guthrie had already settled upon and improved the tract granted 


to his father. Friendly relations, however, existed between the 
rival claimants, both of whom were formerly residents of Vermont. 
20 March, 1788, the New York commissioners assigned Samuel 
Bixby his three hundred and eighty acres in lot 75, and there Asahel 
made his settlement. His sister, wife of Asa Stowell, had preceded 
him into the country and lived in Bettsburgh. 1 The patent to the 
land is recorded at Albany under date of 12 Jan., 1789. 2 

The popular account of the resistance to Vermont authority, 
which centred at Guilford, ascribed association and union between 
the York party and the Tories during the Revolution. This certainly 
was not so. The men of the York party did their turn in defence 
of the border, and acted under and received pay from the Vermont 
authorities. Both Samuel and Manasseh Bixby, his brother, who 
was also a York adherent and somewhat prominent in town, served 
in the patriot forces during the war. Samuel enlisted 29 Aug., 
and served until the 23 Sept., 1777, as sergeant in the company 
commanded by Capt. Josiah Boyden in Col. William Williams' 
regiment which marched to Bennington, and his brother Manasseh 
served during the following month. Also they both served for 
six days in the company of Capt. Charles Nelson, raised by order 
of the Convention to defend the frontiers, 3 from 20 to 26 March, 
1 78 1. Their names also appear on the muster rolls of the New 
York state troops as sergeants in Williams' regiment, the year not 
given, Samuel in Shepard's company and Manasseh in Stowell's 
company. 4 

This was not the only military service of Samuel Bixby. As a 
youth he had taken part in the old French War. He enlisted 31 
March and served until 15 Oct., 1758, in a company commanded 
by Capt. Asa Whitcomb in Col. Jonathan Bagley's regiment raised 
for the reduction of Canada. 5 He was styled of Shrewsbury. 

Samuel Bixby is said to have settled in what is now Bainbridge, 
N. Y., in June, 1788. 1 Bainbridge received its present name in 
1814, being formerly known as Jericho. Until 1791 it was in 
Montgomery County, then in Tioga until 1795. The land granted 
to Samuel Bixby was on both sides of the river. Asahel built his 
cabin on the eastern side. It is said to have been a log shanty 
covered with brush. 1 

1 History of Chenango and Madison Counties, N. Y., p. i6r. 

* State Patents, Secretary of State's Office, 21: so. l Fernow: New York in the Revolution. 

• Vermont Revolutionary Rolls. ' Massachusetts Archives, 96:478, 102. 


Both Samuel Bixby and his wife were members of the Church in 
Princeton, Mass., and on the 7 Feb., 1804, they obtained letters 
of dismission from that church to the church in Jericho. 1 Samuel 
Bixby was elected assessor of Bainbridge, 19 April, 1791. He was 
one of the original members of and a trustee of the Presbyterian 
church there, called the church of Silesia. 


V. Joseph Bixby (Samuel, Mephibosheth, Daniel, Joseph), born 
probably in 1741, in either Chelmsford or Shrewsbury, Mass.; 
probably died at Rindge, N. H., soon after 1810; 2 married 13 July, 
1769, at Shrewsbury, Miriam Bryant of Lancaster, Mass., who 
died 14 April, 1782, 2 at Boylston, Mass. He married, second, 16 
March, 1784, at Sterling, Mass., 3 Elizabeth Hadley, daughter of 
John Hadley of Sterling. 2 

1 Rachel, born 25 Oct., 1769, at Lancaster. 4 

2 Priscilla, born 9 April, 1772, 4 at Lancaster. 

3- 3 Aaron, born 16 Oct., 1774, 3 at Shrewsbury; married Susanna Blake. 
4 Miriam, born 24 Jan., 1776, at Shrewsbury; 3 died 23 Aug., 1778. 2 

By second marriage: 

5- 5 Ezra, born 13 Feb., 1787, at Grafton, Vt.; 5 married Theodosia Brook. 
6 Son, living in 1790. 

Joseph Bixby served in the old French war, in 1758, 1759, 1760, 
and 1762. He also served in the Revolution. He enlisted 5 April, 
and served until 5 Nov., 1758, in the company commanded by Capt. 
Asa Whitcomb, Col. Bagley's regiment, raised for the reduction 
of Canada, and on the roll is styled of Lancaster, apprentice to 
Josiah Wilder. He reenlisted, 26 March, 1759, and on a roll dated 

4 April, it is noted that he was a resident of Lancaster, aged 18 
years, son of Samuel Bixby, supplied his own arms, and served 
in Col. Oliver Wilder's regiment. He was in the company com- 
manded by Capt. James Reed in the expedition against the French 
fort at Lake George, and served until 29 Nov., 1759. He reenlisted, 

5 April, 1760, and served until 2 Dec, in company commanded by 

1 Princeton church record. s Information of Hon. Ezra S. Stearns, of Fitchburg. Mass. 

8 Shrewsbury Vital Records. 

* Lancaster records. Joseph Bigsby from Shrewsbury was warned by Lancaster, 11 June, 1771. 
8 Grafton records. 


Capt. Thomas Beman. His residence is given as Lancaster, and 
it is said on the roll that he was son of Daniel Bigsby, evidently a 
clerical error. He again enlisted, 5 April, 1762, as a drummer in 
the company of Capt. William Jones, and served until 14 Nov., 
1762. 1 

He served in the Revolution from the alarm of the 19th April, 
1775, until the close of the war, but not continuously. He was a 
member of the company commanded by Capt. Robert Andrews 
which marched from the second Parish of Shrewsbury upon the 
receipt of the alarm, and at Cambridge, nine days later, enlisted 
into Capt. Job Cushing's company, Col. Jonathan Ward's regi- 
ment, and appears on the rolls of that command as sergeant until 
13 Nov., 1775. In company with his brother John, he signed an 
enlistment agreement 26 Dec, 1775, engaging to serve until 31 
December. He first joined Steam's company in Doolittle's regi- 
ment. He enlisted for the town of Shrewsbury for three years 
or during the war, and joined Col. Thomas Nixon's regiment, 
being mustered 24 April, 1777, and assigned to a company com- 
manded by Capt. Adam Wheeler. He was discharged 30 April, 
1778. He reenlisted 1 April, 1781, for three years. At this time 
he is described as of Shrewsbury, farmer, aged 40 years, stature 
5 feet 7 inches, of light complexion. There is also on file an order 
for wages due him for service in Wheeler's company, Nixon's 
regiment (the sixth), dated Shrewsbury, 22 Aug., 1 785.2 

Probably about this time (1785) he removed to Vermont, and 
from the birth of his son Ezra at Grafton in 1787, and a deed of 
himself and wife in which they are said to be described as of " Pom- 
bleston," Vt., dated March, 1789, it would appear that he lived 
there until that year last named. In 1790 he is enumerated as an 
inhabitant of Rindge, N. H., having in his family three males under 
16 years and one female. Grafton, Vt., was at that time called 
Thomlinson, and the records are not perfect, hence not only are 
we left in ignorance of the possible death of his two eldest daughters, 
but of the name of the son who had been born to him there in addi- 
tion to Ezra. In the deed above referred to, he and his wife deed 
to their brother, John Hadley, Jr., of Sterling, Mass., all their inter- 
est in the farm of John Hadley, late of Sterling, father of Elizabeth 
Bixby, and in a deed of 1794 between the same parties, in which the 

> Massachusetts Archives, 96: 102, 478; 97: 310,373; 98: 328; 99: 220. 
3 Massachusetts Revolutionary Rolls. 


Bixbys are styled of Rindge, additional property in Sterling is 
conveyed. 1 

He is probably the Joseph Bixby named among the grantees of 
Newfane, Vt., in 1761. That place was settled about 1766 by 
settlers chiefly from Worcester Co., Mass. Among the grantees 
of the earlier charter of 1753 was Nathaniel Bixby probably 
Joseph's uncle (1276). 


V. Manassah Bixby {Samuel, Mephibosheth, Daniel, Joseph), 
born 1745, at Shrewsbury, Mass.; died 19 Dec, 1828, at Guil- 
ford, 2 Vt.; 4 married 12 Nov., 1765, at Lancaster, Mass., Elizabeth 
Dunsmore, 3 died 11 March, 1791, aged 45 years. 4 He married, 
second, 31 May, 1792, at VVinchendon, Mass., Hannah Heywood, 5 
born 1749, died 22 Nov., 1827, - aged 70 years. 4 
Children: 6 

1- 1 Manassah, born 22 Jan., 1765; married Betsey; (2) Abigail Cobb. 

2 Joseph, 7 born 4 Jan., 1766, at Lancaster. 

3 Betsy, 7 born 22 April, 1767, baptized 31 July, 1768, at Templeton, Mass., 

died 14 Nov., 1808, "aged 44 years." 4 

4- 4 Olive, born 2 April (Aug.), 1769, at Guilford; married William Marsh, Jr. 

5 Molly, born 30 Aug., 1772. 

6 Lucy, born 6 May, 1775; died 16 July, 1799;* married 9 July, 1796, at 

Guilford, Hosea Marsh. 8 

7 Oliver, born 15 April, 1778; died 1802. Administration on his estate> 

he being called of Guilford, was granted 20 July, 1802, to Manassah 
Bixby. 9 

8- 8 Thaddeus, born 15 Nov., 1780; married Hannah Warrick. 

9- 9 Persis, born 9 June (July), 1783; married David Howard, Jr.; (2) Noah 


10 Amelia, born 1 Nov., 1785. 
k-ii Annis, born 19 May, 1788; married Daniel Lynde, Jr. 8 
12 Amasa, died unmarried. 

1 Worcester Deeds, 176: 36. » Information of Mrs. N. M. P. Akeley, Brattleboro, Vt. 

'Lancaster records. * Tombstone record at Guilford. 5 Winchendon records. 

•Of the children, the first three were born probably at Lancaster, Mass., the following five 
appear on Guilford, Vt., records. Numbers r, 3, 4, 8, 9, II, 12, were remembered by name by 
Samuel Bixby (1273389), living in 1898 at Guilford. The census of 1790 found Manassah 
Bixby, Sr., and Jr., living at Guilford, the former having but one male under sixteen years and 
three females in his family, thus it is evident his family were not all residents of Guilford. It 
is thought probable that the mother of the family died that year, and that the youngest children 
were probably living with relatives. The months in parenthesis are those given by Mrs. Susan 
A. Bixby (12733.162). 

7 A census of inhabitants at Guilford taken in 1772 showed a population of 586 persons. 
(See Documentary History of New York; 4:784.) Moses Bixby, no wife, six children; Menassa 
Bigsby, wife, two children, are listed. Who "Moses Bixby" was intended for is uncertain. The 
name as printed is supposed to be an error. Probably Joseph and Betsy, the second and third 
children of Manassah, had died soon after birth. 

8 Guilford records. • Brattleboro probate records. 


Manassah Bixby enlisted 5 April, 1762, and served until 19 
Nov., 1762, in the army raised to reduce Canada. 1 On the roll 
he is described as of Shrewsbury and an apprentice of Ezra Beaman. 
On 14 April, 1766, as of Shrewsbury he purchased of Thomas 
Sawyer of Templeton, 40 acres in Templeton. 2 He probably 
accompanied his brother Samuel to Vermont, and joined with him 
in the effort to maintain the sovereignty of New York over Guil- 
ford and adjoining parts, but neither signed the petition of the 
inhabitants of Cumberland County (N. Y. jurisdiction) for right 
to elect two representations to the New York assembly. He 
enlisted 29 Sept., 1777, and served until the 21 Oct., in Capt. David 
Stowell's company in Col. William Williams' regiment 3 as ser- 
geant. He was chosen surveyor of highways for Guilford in April, 
1777, in spite of the fact that the town government that year was 
in the hands of the Vermont party, and was again chosen in 1782, 
which year he was also a petit juror. He was surveyor again in 
1789, and fence viewer in 1790. 4 

In 1898, Charles Bixby (12731.46) stated that his grandfather, 
Samuel Bixby, when he went to New York left a brother Manassah 
in Guilford. Titus M. Bixby (12731.55) and Henry W. Bixby 
(12731.5-7) made the same statement. Samuel Bixby (12733.89) 
in 1898 said that Manassah came to Guilford from Rehoboth, 
Mass., and this same statement is found in Child's "Windham 
County Gazetteer," with the additional information that he settled 
in Guilford about 1770 on the farm recently owned by Paul Morris. 


V. John Bixby {Samuel, Mephibosheth, Daniel, Joseph), born 5 
March, 1747, at Shrewsbury, Mass.; died later than 1819, when he 
was a resident of West Boylston, Mass.; married, 1769 (intention 
4 Feb., 1769, at Princeton, Mass.), Mary Flood, or Floyd, of 
Children, except the eldest, born at Shrewsbury: 

I- 1 William, born 5 Feb., 1770, at Lancaster, 5 Mass.; married Esther Draper. 

2 Tryphena, born 7 Jan., 1772; married 18 Oct., 1790, Alpheus Cutting. 6 

3 Mary, born 4 Aug., 1774. 

1 Massachusetts Archives, French War Rolls. * Guilford records. 

• Worcester Deeds, 54: 623. 6 Lancaster records; his birth is also recorded at Shrewsbury. 

• Vermont Revolutionary Rolls. * Boylston Vital Records. 


4- 4 John, born 3 Feb., 1777; married Polly Davis. 
5 Child, died 6 Nov., 1779, at Boylston. 1 

John Bixby made application for a pension 10 Sept., 1818, 
declaring that he was a resident of West Boylston, aged seventy- 
one years, and was infirm; that he enlisted in Jan., 1781, and served 
until Dec, 1783. He served two years in the 5th Massachusetts 
Line, in Capt. Trotter's company, Col. Rufus Putnam's regiment, 
but in the last year of his service he was transferred to the 1st 
regiment, Col. Vose, to Capt. Remick's company. He was hon- 
orably discharged, but had lost his papers. He was pensioned 
from the 7 Sept., 1818. 2 

Although he makes no mention of his service prior to 1780, it 
appears from Massachusetts Revolutionary rolls that he enlisted 11 
July, 1775, to serve until 31 Dec, 1775, that he joined Capt. Steam's 
company, Col. Doolittle's regiment, and in August was a member of 
Capt. Job Cushing's company, Col. Jonathan Ward's regiment, and 
was in the service 13th November. He reenlisted 10 Feb., 1779, for 
three years, to the credit of the town of Shrewsbury, and joined 
Capt. Adam Wheeler's company in Col. Thomas Nixon's regiment. 
On the 30 Nov., 1779, he was reported invalided. On an earlier 
roll, of May, 1779, he was reported as sick at Shrewsbury. He 
was transferred to Col. Lewis Nicola's regiment of invalids 22 
Feb., 1779, and appears on the rolls of that regiment in Lieut. 
Osgood Carleton's company until Oct., 1779, as stationed at Boston. 
John Bixby of Shrewsbury is also credited with an enlistment for 
six months from 3 July to 13 Dec, 1780, and also for a three years' 
enlistment from 20 Jan., 1781. He was described in July, 1780, 
as 33 years of age, five feet nine inches tall, light complexion, a 
farmer and resident of Shrewsbury. 

On the 4 Aug., 18 14, John Bixby of Great Barrington made 
deposition that he was born 5 March, 1747, and that his parents 
formerly lived in Lancaster, that he was married when he was 
twenty-three years of age, removed to Shrewsbury and served as a 
soldier from that town, and that he was son of Samuel and Mary 
Bixby. 3 His family is not enumerated in the Census of 1790. 

1 Boylston Vital Records. 

' Records U. S. Pension Bureau. William Floyd and Andrew Biglow depose that they were in 
the army with Bixby in 1781. 
•Worcester Deeds, 192:17. 



V. Ephraim Bixby (Samuel, Mephibosheth, Daniel, Joseph), born 
11 April, 1754, at Lancaster, Mass.; 1 died 1817; 2 married Phebe 
Wilder, born 10 Dec., 1762, 2 died 1783, at Guilford, Vt., daughter 
of Jotham Wilder. 2 He married, second, 1783, Susannah Wood. 
Children, except the last five, born at Guilford, Vt.: z 

1- 1 Ephraim, born 8 Jan., 1778; married Phebe Adams. 

2- 2 Jotham Wilder, born 13 Dec, 1780; married Mrs. Tirzah (Esen) Bixby. 
3 Phebe, born 14 Feb., 1783; died 1824, 4 unmarried. 

By second marriage, the last four probably born at Bainbridge, N. Y. i 

4- 4 William, born 30 May, 1784, at Guilford; 3 married Tirzah Esen. 

5- 5 Oliver, born 1785 or later; married Cynthia Sherman. 

6- 6 Sylvanus, 5 born about 1788 or 1790; married Amanda Spofford. 

7 Abel, born probably at Bainbridge, N. Y., about 1796; died at St. Clain 
Mich. 6 Very little is known about him. He removed to Canada 
where for years, after afflicted with blindness, he kept a hotel. 6 Later 
he resided in St. Clair Co., Mich. He married and had children. 

8- 8 Samuel, born 5 Aug., 1797; married Amelia Ross; (2) Eliza J. Stoddard; 

(3) Betsy Miner. 

9- 9 Betsy, married Caleb Cass. 

Ephraim Bixby was a member of the company of the second 
parish, Shrewsbury, which marched under Capt. Robert Andrews 
on the alarm of 19 April, 1775. He served nine days at Cambridge, 
and then enlisted, 28 April, in company commanded by Capt. 
Job Cushing in Col. Jonathan Ward's regiment, and was in that 
company, acting as corporal, 7 Oct., 1775. His name also appears 
on the bounty coat roll of 13 Nov., 1775. 7 

According to family tradition he also served in the Vermont 
militia as an officer in the campaign about Bennington, but there 
is no official record of such service. 

He probably married and settled at Guilford about 1777, and 
remained there until the close of the Revolution. He is not men- 
tioned in the United States Census of Aug., 1790, suggesting 

1 Lancaster records, also family record in possession of Samuel M. Bixby (1273583). 

1 Information of Mrs. N. M. P. Akeley, Brattleboro, Vt. 

1 Guilford, Vt., records. 

'Information of Mrs. L. Scott (127352-5) and Miss Phebe Bixby (127352-6). 

6 Mrs. Scott names Sylvanus, and mentions that he had been dead some years, but does not 
write of him in a way to indicate he had a family. Abel is said by some of the family to have been 
the youngest son. 

8 Information of Roy Bixby (12735.83-4). 

' Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolution. 


that he had by that time left Guilford, which agrees with family 
tradition that he settled in what is now Bainbridge that year. 
That country was so sparsely peopled in that year that the census 
does not enumerate any dwellers there. Probably Oliver and 
Sylvanus, and perhaps Betsy, were born in the years immediately 
following his settlement at Bainbridge. Mrs. Ella M. Frenz 
(12735. 13-14) possesses a pedigree made 3 Oct., 1858, under the 
direction of Mrs. Eliza Doolittle, a daughter of Ephraim (12735. 1), 
in which it is stated that Ephraim Bixby was born at Boylston, 
Mass., married in 1775, Phebe Wilder of Leominster, and died in 
Bainbridge, aged 63 years, and that Phebe (Wilder) Bixby died in 
Dec, 1781. Unfortunately the pedigree is limited to descendants 
of the eldest son. 


V. Martha Bixby (Samuel, Mephibosheth, Daniel, Joseph), born 
II April, 1754, at Lancaster, Mass.; probably married 30 Jan., 
1772, Nathaniel Bidwell, born 1750, at Hartford, Conn., died 
April, 1812, at Littleton, N. H., son of Samuel and Mary (Pitkin) 
Bidwell. 1 

Nathaniel Bidwell settled in Littleton, N. H., in 1805. His 
wife was Martha, daughter of Samuel Bixby. 2 She died 26 Oct., 
1 785.2 Nathaniel Bidwell married again and had three children, 
Jemima, Philena and Bela. 

Martha Bixby and Josiah Hedley were published at Lancaster, 
Mass., 1 June, 1770, but the record of their marriage has not been 
Children: 3 

1 Infant, born 18 Oct., 1773, at Hartford, Conn.; died young. 

2 Thankful Bidwell, born 21 April, 1775, probably at Lebanon, N. H.; died 

24 Feb., 1845. 

3 Miama (Mima) Bidwell, born 25 Sept., 1776, probably at Lebanon; died 

3 April, 1815. 

4 Mabel Loomis Bidwell, born 1 May, 1778, probably at Lebanon. 

5 Jasper Bidwell, born 6 Dec, 1779, at Lebanon; died 26 April, 1823; married 

17 Nov., 1803, Patience Peck, daughter of Matthew Peck. 

6 Jason Bidwell, born 3 March, 1782, at Lebanon; died 26 April, 1859, at 

Manchester, N. H.; married 15 Oct., 1807, Sally Peck, born at Grafton, 
26 Oct., 1782, died Sept., i860, at Franconia, N. H., daughter of Matthew 

' Bidwell Genealogy, p. 116. J Stearns: History of Littleton, N. H. 

* Stearns: History of Littleton, also the Bidwell Genealogy for deaths of several of the children. 


Children, born at Lebanon: 

1. Alpha Bidwell, born 12 May, 1808; died 20 May, 1808. 

2. Eloisa Bidwell, born 10 May, 1809; married Wm, Berkley. 

3. Simon S. Bidwell, born 6 Feb., 1811; 1 died 28 April, 1866, at Wilton, 

Conn.; married 28 July, 1839, Elizabeth McBuswell, who died 16 
March, i860; (2) 5 May, 1861, Sarah E. Marsh (who married (2) 
Robert Eaton) . 2 

4. Olive Bidwell, born 23 May, 1813; died Dec, 1880, at Canterbury, 

N. H.; married 25 Dec, 1843, Robert Sheperd. 

5. Ashahel Bidwell, born 26 July, 1815; died June, 1868, at Neenah, Wis.; 

married 12 Oct., 1840, Harriet Garnsey. 

6. George Bidwell, born 13 March, 1818; lives in New Boston. 

7. John Nelson Bidwell, born 21 Dec, 1820; married 19 May, 1845, Maria 

N. Hibbard, who died 4 April, 1865; (2) 15 July, 1869, Mary J. Mason. 
He lives in Buffalo, N. Y. 

8. Sophronia Bidwell, born 6 Aug., 1823, at Landaff, N. H.; married 11 

Sept., 1848, Eri Richardson. She lives at Sterling, Mass. 

9. Jasper Bidwell, born 3 Dec, 1826, at Landaff; died there 13 Feb., 1827. 

10. Martha Ann Bidwell, born 12 June, 1828, at Landaff; married 7 March, 

1854, George H. Foster. She lives at Worcester. 

11. Janson A. Bidwell, born 17 Dec, 1830; married 18 Nov., 1858, Harriet 

N. Simmons. They live in Cleveland, O. 2 
7 Martha Bidwell, born 1 June, 1785, at Lebanon; died 4 May, 1846, at 
Lisbon, N. H.; married 4 March, 1813, Isaac Stearns of Littleton, born 
13 Oct., 1780, died 3 Dec, 1856. They lived at Littleton. 


1. Mary Johnson Stearns, born 27 Nov., 1813; married Nathaniel H. 


2. Leonora Stearns, born 22 Aug., 1815; married Calvin J. Wallace. 

3. Franklin Stearns, born 7 Feb., 1820; died 16 Feb., 1823. 

4. Isaac Bidwell Stearns, born 15 June, 1826; married Nancy Maria Abbott; 

(2) Isabel M. Flynn. 


V. Levi Bixby {Nathaniel, Mephibosheth, Daniel, Joseph), born 
7 Aug., 1743, at Shrewsbury, Mass.; died 5 Oct., 1803, at Win- 
chendon, Mass., 3 "aged 60 years" (g.s.); married there 2 Oct., 
1766, 3 Ruth Darling, who died 1778. 4 He married, second, 13 
May, 1779, Mrs. Tabitha (Foster) Boynton, widow of Stephen 
Boynton, 3 whom she married 29 Jan., 1772, and by whom she 
had three children born at Winchendon, viz: Sally, born 3 June, 
1772, Lucy, born 7 Jan., 1774, and Sukey, born 22 Nov., 1776. 
She married, third, 13 Nov., 18 10, at Winchendon, Benjamin Eddy 
of Boylston. She died 10 Feb., 1845, aged ninety six years. 4 
Children, born at Winchendon: 

1- 1 Lois, born 5 April, 1768; married Obil Fasset. 

2- 2 Eunice, twin with Lois; married Barnabas Miller. 

• Bidwell Genealogy, p. 116. 2 Stearns: History of Littleton, N. H. 

» Winchendon records, from which and the parish records are also obtained the records of birth 
and marriage of children, given on this page. The parish record gives death of Levi as 6 Oct., 1802. 
'Marvin: History of Winchendon, Mass. 


3- 3 Zibiah (Ziba), 1 born 17 Oct., 1770; married Ephraim Murdoch. 

4- 4 Lucinda, born 8 May, 1773; married Gardiner Wilder. 

5- 5 Levi, born 28 Feb., 1776; married Nancy Pierce. 

By second marriage: 

6 Stephen, born 8 Dec, 1780; died 8 Sept., 1800, killed by Daniel Robbins, 
an insane person. 

7- 7 Ruth, born 21 Dec, 1782; married Richard Stuart. 

8 Tabitha, born 26 Sept., 1784; married 7 June, 1801, at Winchendon, 

John Green. Moved to Paris, Oneida Co., N. Y. 2 

9 Persis, born 15 Oct., 1786; married 17 Sept., 1805, at Winchendon, 

Andrew Fowler. Moved to Rupert, N. Y. 2 

Levi Bixby of Winchendon joined with other children of Nathan- 
iel Bixby, 15 Dec, 1778, in deeding to Adonijah Bixby of Winchen- 
don, sixty two acres there. 3 

He was sergeant in Capt. Moses Hale's company, Col. Nathan 
Sparhawk's regiment, which marched on the alarm of 19 April, 
1775. He served ten days. He may also have been that Levi 
Bixby whose name is found on the roll of Capt. Ezekial Knowlton's 
company in Col. Dyke's regiment, for service prior to Nov., 1776. 4 

He is probably the Levi Bigsby mentioned in Boston Selectmen's 
Minutes, 27 Nov., 1771, as a former master of Samuel Prichard 
who had lived at Winchendon. 

Marvin, the historian of Winchendon, states that Levi Bixby 
settled in Winchendon in 1766. 


V. Keziah Bixby {Nathaniel, Mephibosheth, Daniel, Joseph), 
born 25 May, 1749, at Shrewsbury, Mass.; died 12 May, 1808; * 
married 6 July, 1767, at Winchendon, Mass., Richard Pearson. 5 
She married, second, 6 Oct., 1785, 1 Deacon Amos Hayward of 
Winchendon, who died 20 Sept., 1832, aged 84 years. He married, 
20 June, 1809, at Concord, Mass., Elizabeth Cogswell of Concord. 6 

1 Relief Pearson, born 6 April, 1769. 

2 Nabbe Pearson, born 22 April, 1771 ; died 26 Sept., 1838, at Winchendon; 

married Lemuel Haywood (intention at Winchendon, 2 May, 1801), 

1 Winchendon Vital Records. All data concerning this family, except where otherwise stated, 
was obtained from Winchendon Vital Records. 
1 Marvin: History of Winchendon, Mass. 
•Worcester Deeds, 124: 565. 

1 Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Revolution. 
•Winchendon, Mass., Vital Records, where the name is recorded Person. 
• Concord, Mass., records. 


who died i Feb., 1841, at Winchendon, at which time he had the title 

of captain. 

Children, born at Winchendon: 

1. Richard Pearson Haywood, born 1 Dec, 1801; died 26 Sept., 


2. Nabbe Bixby Haywood, born 28 Feb., 1803; married 7 Dec, 1826, 

William Pollard, 1 of Winchendon. Children, born at Winchendon: 
Charles William Pollard, born 20 Dec, 1827. Henry Orille Pollard, 
born 7 March, 1829. George Slade Pollard, born 26 Oct., 1830. 
Andrew Jackson Pollard, born 31 March, 1833. 

3. Bushrod Vernon Haywood, born 29 July, 1804; died 28 Sept., 1805. 

4. Sally Rowland Haywood, born 19 Jan., 1806. 

5. Caroline Carter Haywood, born 6 Nov., 1807; married (intention 

11 Feb., 1827) Levi Parks. Children, born at Winchendon: Levi 
Nelson Parks, born 10 Feb., 1828. Sarah Emily Parks, born 16 
Sept., 1829. Lucy Jane Parks, born 24 Feb., 1831. Martin 
Harrison Parks, born 30 Oct., 1836. William Marcus Parks, 
born 2 Oct., 1840. 

6. Horatio Nelson Haywood, born 2 April, 1809. 

7. Adeline Beaufort Haywood, born 5 May, 1812; married 15 May, 

1849, at Winchendon, Arthur Bouche of Fitchburg, Mass. 

8. Lemuel Alfred Haywood, born 3 April, 1814. 

3 Oliver Pearson, born 15 May, 1773; married (intention 15 Aug., 1800) 
Lois Priest of Groton. 

Children, born at Winchendon: 2 

1. Louisa D. Pearson, born 7 April, 1802. 

2. Mary B. Pearson, born 30 June, 1803. 

3. Oliver O. Pearson, born 11 April, 1805. 

4. Mary B. Pearson, born 22 Nov., 1806. 

4- 4, Hitta Pearson, born 5 June, 1775, at Winchendon; ' married John Wilder. 

5 Sarah Pearson, born 14 May, 1777. 

By second marriage: 

6 Sukey Hayward, born 27 March, 1786; perhaps married 15 Jan., 1807, 

Thomas Knowlton, who died 1 Sept., 1835, at Winchendon, aged 53 


Children, born at Winchendon: 

1. Mary Hayward Knowlton, born 31 Aug., 1807. 

2. Betsey Steele Knowlton, born 8 July, 1809. 

3. Lucy Caroline Knowlton, born 20 April, 1811. 

4. Thomas Sullivan Knowlton, born 27 May, 1813. 

5. Amos Knowlton, born 27 May, 1815. 

6. Susannah Abigail Knowlton, born 22 June, 1821; married 10 Nov., 

1844, Francis O. Gerrould, of Auburn, N. Y. 

7. Charles Jerome Knowlton, born 20 Dec, 1824; died 19 Oct., 1826. 

8. Charles Henry Knowlton, born 4 Jan., 1830. 

7 Sally Hayward, born 4 July, 1789, at Winchendon, perhaps married 

there 27 Feb., 1806, Jonah Carter. 


1. Maria How Carter, born 13 Feb., 1807; died 16 May, 1807.* 

1 William Pollard, probably born 3 Not., 1801. He died later than 1830. 

2 Marvin: History of Winchendon. 

•Winchendon Vital Records. All data concerning this family, except where otherwise stated, 
was obtained from Winchendon Vital Records. 



V. Adonijah Bixby (Nathaniel, Mephibosheth, Daniel, Joseph), 
born 23 May, 1753, at Shrewsbury, Mass.; died 3 March, 1839 1 
(?i846); a married (intention, 2 Dec., 1780, at Winchendon, 
Mass.) Mary Brown, born 1759, died Sept., 1829, 2 daughter of 
David Brown. 

Children: 3 

1- 1 Abel, born 8 March, 1782; married Charlotte C. Taylor. 

2- 2 Polly, born 25 Feb., 1784; married Stephen Blanchard. 

3 Lucy, born 20 Nov., 1786; married, prior to 1826, James Newton. 2 She 

was living in 1826. 1 

4 Dolly, born 21 July, 1788; married 12 May, 1822, at Springfield, Vt., 

Ebenezer Cook. 4 She was living in 1826. 1 

5- 5 Adonijah, born 5 Aug., 1790; married Leorna Cook. 

6 Sarah, born 14 Nov., 1792; married 1 Jan., 181 7, at Springfield, John 

Taylor of Windsor, Vt. 

7 Nathaniel, born 30 Jan., 1795, at Springfield; died young. 

8 Abigail, born 4 Jan., 1797, at Springfield; married there, 11 Feb., 1823, 

Artemas Tyrrell. 

9 Elizabeth, born 26 Aug., (?26 July) 1798, at Springfield; married 1 Feb., 

1825, James Works. 3 She was living in 1826. 
10 David, born 8 Oct., 1800, at Springfield; married there, 14 Feb., 1828, 
Olive Taylor of Windsor. 
k-ii Moses, born 26 Oct., 1802, at Springfield; married Abigail Cook. 
L-12 Charlotte, born 14 Aug., 1804, at Springfield; married Reuben Taylor. 
13 Levi, born 7 May, 1809, at Springfield; married there, 9 Oct., 1833, Elu- 
thera Goodenow. He served in the war with Mexico. 4 

Adonijah Bixby of Winchendon, Mass., served in the army 
during the Revolutionary War at different times from 18 April, 
1775, to 7 March, 1780. His service record appears in the pub- 
lished record of Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the War of 
the Revolution as follows: Drummer, Capt. Moses Hale's Co., 
Col. Nathan Sparhawk's Regt., which marched on the alarm of 
19 April, 1775, service of six days, reported enlisted into the army; 
also, Capt. Jonathan Holman's Co., Col. Doolittle's Regt., order 
for advance pay dated Cambridge, Mass., 16 June, 1775; also, 
company return dated Winter Hill, 6 Oct., 1775; also, return of 
men enlisted into Continental army from Capt. John Boynton's 

1 Records U. S. Pension Bureau. 

» Record of Mary Tinkham obtained by George A. Bixby (12766.53). in which the dates of birth 
of younger children are manifestly erroneous. 

' Springfield, Vt., records. The six eldest children were born fa Winchendon, where their birth 
records are found. • Information of George A. Bixby (12766.53). 


Co., Worcester County Regt., dated 21 Feb., 1778, residence 
Winchendon, enlisted for town of Winchendon, joined Capt. 
William Warner's Co., Col. Thomas Marshall's Regt., enlistment 
for three years to expire 1 Jan., 1780; also, Sergeant 3d Co., Col. 
Marshall's 10th Regt., Continental Army pay accounts for service 
from 7 March, 1777, to 31 Dec, 1779, reported as serving four 
months and nine days as Corporal, twenty nine months and fifteen 
days as Sergeant; promoted 16 July, 1777; also, Capt. William 
Warner's 6th Co., Col. Marshall's Regt.; muster rolls for January 
and April, 1779, dated West Point; enlisted 7 March, 1777; also, 
Capt. Park's Co., Col. Marshall's Regt., Continental Army pay 
accounts for service from 1 Jan., 1780, to 7 March, 1780; reported 
discharged 7 March, 1780. 

Adonijah Bixby was pensioned 5 May, 1819; but the following 
year his name was stricken from the rolls, as it appeared he had 
more property than the law allowed. He was restored to the 
rolls in 1835, under the more liberal provisions of the later pension 
acts. His first application for pension was dated 5 May, 1819. 
He tried to be reinstated in 1820, 1823, 1826, and 1834. From the 
papers on file much about him and his family is learned. 

His service record as given by himself shows he served two periods, 
one of five and one of seven months, that he enlisted for three 
years, 7 March, 1777, and served until discharged, 7 March, 1778, 
(sic) under Capt. William Warner, in Col. Marshall's Regt., as 
corporal, until promoted to third sergeant, 1 Jan., 1778, at Fort 
Edward. He took part in the battle immediately preceding Bur- 
goyne's surrender. The warrant as sergeant is to be seen at the 
Pension Bureau, as also was the roll of his company until transferred 
from this file to the War Department Archives. His discharge 
paper, dated West Point, March, 1780, showing service of three 
years in 10th Massachusetts regiment, 3d company, is also on file. 

In 1820 he testified he was sixty seven years old and was of 
Springfield, Vt., a farmer, and had property valued at $1343.95, 
including 1 15 acres valued at $1100, but had debts of $1711. He 
was infirm, as was also his wife Polly, who was aged sixty one 
years, and who suffered from palsy and needed a female attendant. 
Other members of his family were David, aged twenty, Moses, 
aged sixteen, Charlotte, aged fifteen, Levi, aged eleven, and a 
grandchild, Abel Blanchard, aged six years. 


Later he filed a statement showing how he contracted his debts, 
and how his son Adonijah came to be possessed of his property. 
It appears that Adonijah Bixby, Jr., reached the age of 21 years, 
5 Aug., 181 1, and as his father was unable to carry on the farm of 
one hundred and thirty acres the son was hired to do so. On 
2 Feb., 1822, his father was indebted to him $996, which was settled 
by deed of land in Ludlow valued at $350, the price paid for it, 
and personal property to the value of $316; as follows: Horse $60, 
yoke oxen $75, five two year old steers $50, a two year old colt 
$20, twenty hogs $21, six yearlings $36, and equipments for troop, 
old and worn, $25. The son continued to work for his father, 
his labor being paid by sale of farm produce, but, as the proceeds 
after supplying family and paying for labor would not meet the 
interest on his debts, the older Adonijah was obliged to mortgage 
his farm to William Jarvis, Esq. 

Thus it happened that in 1823, when he again filed a schedule 
of his property, his estate was worth but $40. At that time his 
son Moses was unable to perform any labor. His grandson Abel 
Blanchard still lived with him. On 2 Feb., 1822, he deeded to his 
son Adonijah two tracts of land in Springfield, the first one being 
the same that he bought of John Cass, 4 Nov., 1794, except two 
small parcels he had conveyed to Abel Bixby, 30 June, 1822, and 
the other bought of David Stimson, 4 Nov., 1794. 

Depositions of Hon. Henry Hubbard and of other inhabitants 
of Springfield are on file declaring that Adonijah Bixby was a man 
of good morals, industrious habits, and responsibility, but poor. 
Prior to reinstatement he made affidavit, 8 Sept., 1834, that he 
was born in Boylston, Mass., 23 May, 1753. 

Adonijah Bixby removed to Springfield, Vt., perhaps in 1792, 
as that year he sells land in Winchendon; certainly he was in 
Springfield in 1794. The census of 1790 found him at Winchendon 
with a family of two males under sixteen and five females. 

He is styled lieutenant in the town record of births in 1792. 


V. Abigail Bixby {Nathaniel, Mephibosheth, Daniel, Joseph), 
born 5 Sept., 1755, at Shrewsbury, Mass. She is stated to have 
died 23 Feb., 1813, but no mention is made of her marriage. 1 Abi- 

1 Johnson copy of Bixby Ms. 


gail Bixby and David Hayward were married n May, 1780, 1 
at Winchendon, Mass., whither Nathaniel Bixby had removed. 

Children, born at Winchendon: 1 

1 David Hayward, born 18 Feb., 1781. 

2 Eunice Hayward, born 24 Jan., 1783. 

3 Cyrus Hayward, born 30 May, 1785. 

4 Luther Hayward, born 25 April, 1787. 

5 Ira Hayward, born 6 June, 1789- 


V. Nathaniel Bixby (Nathaniel, Mephibosheth, Daniel, Joseph), 
born 30 July, 1758, at Shrewsbury, Mass.; died 24 (21) Jan., 1841, 2 
at Dummerston, Vt.; married 15 March, 1782, Abigail Haywood, 3 
born 9 Feb., 1764, died 14 Feb., 18 10, said to have been a sister 
of Samuel Brown. Nathaniel Bixby married, second, 25 Dec, 
1831, 2 at Weathersfield, Vt., 4 Mrs. Katherine (Felch) 5 Hayward, 2 
born 14 Aug., 1764, died 25 Aug., 1861, "aged ninety six years, 
eleven months and twelve days." 5 She was granted a pension 
21 Oct., 1853. 
Children, all but two youngest born at Winchendon, Mass.: 

1 Amos, born 24 May, 1783; died 10 Dec, 1826. 

2 Hannah, born 20 July, 1784; died 21 Oct., 1826. 

3- 3 Lincoln, born 15 Jan., 1787; married Lucinda Herrick. 

4 Betsey, born 10 March, 1790; died 13 Jan., 1827. 

5 Nancy, born 25 Nov., 1791; died 26 April, 1820. 

6 Relief, born 16 Sept., 1794; died 30 July, 1816. 

7 Nathaniel, born 22 Jan., 1796, at Brattleboro, Vt.; died 21 July, 1861. 

8 Sally, born 11 Dec, 1798, at Brattleboro; died 23 June, 1812. 

Nathaniel Bixby, of Winchendon, joined with other children 
of Nathaniel Bixby, deceased, in deeding land in 1778; 6 also in 
1794 he sold fourteen acres in Winchendon to Ebenezer Richardson, 

1 Winchendon Vital Records. 

1 Records U. S. Pension Bureau; deposition of widow Catherine, who in deposition of Pathena 
N. Haywood, 1853, is said to have been Catherine Hayward at time of marriage to Nathaniel 
Bixby. From a certificate on file it appears that Mr. Nathaniel Bixby of Dummerston and Mrs. 
Catherine Hayward of Weathersfield were married at Weathersfield by Rev. James Converse, 
28 Dec, 1831. Catherine Bixby of Weathersfield, Vt., aged 90 years, widow of Nathaniel, a Rev- 
olutionary soldier and pensioner, applied for land bounty 17 March, 1855. In her application she 
states that her husband died 21 Jan., 1841, at Dummerston. Her identity was sworn to by Charles 
and Pathena N. Hayward of Weathersfield. A warrant for 160 acres was issued to her 6 June, 

» Winchendon records. ■ Springfield records. 

'Weathersfield records. 'Worcester Deeds, 124; 565; Ml; 186. 


both parties being of that place. 1 The census of 1790 enumerates 
him of Winchendon, showing in his family two males under six- 
teen, and three females. In 1795 he removed to Brattleboro, 
where he lived five years. He then settled in Dummerston, 2 
where he was living in 1840, aged eighty one years. 3 His service 
in the war of the Revolution is described in his application of 31 
July, 1832, as follows: Nathaniel Bixby enlisted first in Decem- 
ber, 1776, at Winchendon, Mass., for three months in Capt. Ezekiel 
Knowlton's company, Col. Nicholas Dyke's regiment of Massa- 
chusetts militia; ordered to Dorchester and there dismissed in 
March, 1777. He enlisted, second, Aug., 1777, in a company com- 
manded by Capt. John Boynton, Col. Cushing's regiment, and 
arrived at Bennington before the battle, thence marched to Half 
Moon, whence "we were ordered back to Bennington and arrived 
there the day of the battle, but after the battle discharged at end 
of five weeks." 

He enlisted the third time in the summer of 1780, enlisting for 
six months in the colonel's company, commanded by Capt. Kellam, 
fifth Massachusetts Line, Col. Rufus Putnam's regiment, discharged 
at West Point, Dec, 1780. He was born in Boylston, Mass., 
1758, but enlisted from Winchendon. 

He was drafted in 1777, but other times volunteered. His 
discharge is on file, "Nathaniel Bixby, a Leavy in the fifth Massa- 
chusetts Regiment, agreeable to general orders, is hereby dis- 
charged the army of the United States of America. Given under 
my hand West Point This 17th Day of Dec d . 1780. Rufus Put- 
nam, Colonel." 

Adonijah Bixby of Springfield, Vt., also filed an affidavit, dated 
2 7 July, 1832, aged seventy nine years, to the effect that the said 
Adonijah was in the army in 1776 in June for five months and when 
he returned home the next winter to Winchendon his brother 
Nathaniel was gone into the army near Boston, and returned home 
March, 1777. Also the said Adonijah Bixby was a soldier in 1777 
in the three years' service, and saw Nathaniel Bixby at Half Moon 
(now Waterford) in August, 1777, on the North or Hudson River 
between Albany and Stillwater, as a militia soldier in Capt. John 
Boynton's company. Also in 1780 was at home in Winchendon, 

'Worcester Deeds, 124; 56s; mi; 186. • Pension application. 

' Census of U. S. Pensioners. 


and Nathaniel Bixby again enlisted for six months. The said 
Adonijah recollects that he returned from the second enlistment 
in the next winter and now (27 July, 1832) lives in Dummerston. 
His pension was paid to his death, 24 Jan., 1841. 

The rolls on file in the office of the Secretary of State for Massa- 
chusetts show that Nathaniel Bixby of Winchendon enlisted 

16 Dec, 1776, in Knowl ton's company, and that he served to March, 
1777. Also that he enlisted 27 July, 1777, in a company commanded 
by Capt. John Boynton, Col. Nathan Sparhawk's regiment, and 
was discharged 25 Aug., 1777, having served in an expedition to 
Bennington under Col. Job Cushing. Also that he enlisted in 
the Continental Army for six months in July, 1780, and proceeded 
to camp 10 July, under Capt. Daniel Shays. He was discharged 

17 Dec, 1780. He was described as twenty years of age, five feet, 
six inches in stature, light complexion. 

In 1840 he was living at Dummerston, Vt., with Nathaniel 
Bixby. 1 

1324 6 

V. George Bixby {John, Benjamin, Benjamin, Joseph), born 

18 Feb., 1746, baptized 23 Feb., 1746, at Thompson, Conn. No 
further trace has been found of this man, but as there is no doubt 
that the brothers, John Green Bixby and George Bixby, were 
grandsons of John Bixby (1324), it is supposed that they were 
sons of George Bixby. 


Anna, born 1770; married Epaphroditus Foote. 2 

2 John Green, born 26 July, 1771, at Colchester, Conn.; married Lydia 
Scovell; (2) Sally Converse. 

George, born in Connecticut, probably during the Revolution; married 

4 Olive. 3 

Probably others. 4 

1 Census of Pensioners, 1840. 

'Foote Family, p. no, where Anna is styled daughter of George Bixby of Colchester, Conn. 

3 Mrs. Julia Montgomery (13246. 1L-1) writes, "I do not know the sisters' names, but think one 
was named Olive." Mrs. Montgomery (and, indeed, most of his descendants with whom corres- 
pondence has been had, who had any knowledge of the matter) was aware that John Green 
Bixby had a brother George. 

* In 1 80s there appear, among the grantees from the Holland Company, Jason Bixby and Jon- 
athan Bixby, both of whom purchased land in Township n, Range 1, Genessee Co., N. Y. Their 
purchases were apparently in Bethany, which township adjoins Stafford and Le Roy townships. 
Nothing further has been learned of either of these men. 

I- I 


3- 3 



V. Benjamin Bixby {John, Benjamin, Benjamin, Joseph), born 
2 May, 1759, l at Thompson, Conn.; * died Feb., 1829, at Akron, O.; 
married 2 8 Feb., 1788, at Granville, Mass., 3 Margaret Walker, 
of Granville, born 25 Sept., 1764, l at Hartford, Conn., died 5 
Jan., 1 82 1, at Talmage, O. 
Children, the three eldest probably born at Granville, Mass.: 

I- 1 Noridon, baptized 9 Aug., 1797, aged 8 years; 4 married . 

2 Jervis, baptized 9 Aug., 1797, aged 5 years. 4 

3 Wyllys, baptized 9 Aug., 1797, aged 4 years. 4 

4 Peggy Amanda, born 21 Aug., 1 795, 4 probably at Blanford, Mass., bap- 

tized 30 July, 1797. 

5- 5 Jemima, born 27 Dec, 1800, at Lisbon, O.; married Philo Scovill. 

6 Marion, died 1865, in Cleveland, O., unmarried. She lived with her 

sister Jemima. 

7 Julia Ann, born 1805; living 1819. 

8 Rosanna, born 1808; living 1819. 

Benjamin Bixby applied for and received a pension, in 1818. 
He was a miller, but was then unable to labor because of injuries 
received by a fall in a wheel of a grist mill. In 1819, his wife, 
Margaret, was aged fifty seven years, his daughter Julia Ann, 
aged fifteen years, and his daughter Rosanna, aged twelve years. 
He possessed no land. He was then a resident of Ellsworth, Trum- 
bull Co., 5 O., aged sixty years, and was born in Windham Co., 
Conn. The following year he was living in Talmadge, Portage 
Co., O. 

His first enlistment was at Reading, Conn., in the latter part of 
Dec, 1778, or early in 1779, in a company commanded by Capt. 
Shipman in Col. Sherman's regiment of the Connecticut line. 
After remaining in camp about six weeks he was detached to Hav- 
erneck, and remained there until the last of April, when he rejoined 
the company at headquarters. In May his company marched to 
Peekskill. There he was attached to a company commanded by 
Capt. Ten Eyck in Col. Meig's regiment of Wayne's brigade, and 

1 The dates and place of birth and death of Benjamin Bixby and his wife are from a record in 
possession of E. T. Scovill (1324J.2-11), obtained from Mrs. Caroline A. St. John Bemis (1324J.2-2), 
before her death. 

1 Intention 8 Jan., 1788, at Granville. 

* Records of Church at West Granville, Mass. 

4 Steward's book, Methodist Circuit including Granville, now in possession of the New England 
Conference Historical Society. 

* Ellsworth is now in Mahoning Co. 


marched to Sandy Beach. There the brigade was mobilized and 
marched on 15 July, 1779, to Stony Point, and on the night of the 
same day went into action. Bixby was in the second volunteer 
company, commanded by Capt. Selden. He remained at Stony 
Point four days, then returned to headquarters at Sandy Beach 
and remained there until the latter part of August, whence he 
marched to Haverstraw and was stationed there watching the 
enemy until the latter part of October. From there he marched 
to Second River in New Jersey and remained there until the 2 Jan., 
1780, when he marched to Bearskin Ridge and was discharged 
8 Jan., 1780, by order of Gen. Washington. He re-enlisted 10 
June, 1782, at Boston, for three years, was inspected by Col. Popkin, 
muster master, and sent to West Point, where he was assigned to 
the company commanded by Capt. Abbot, Col. Benjamin Tupper's 
regiment (10th) of the Massachusetts Line, and remained with 
that regiment until those who had enlisted for the war were dis- 
charged. He was attached to Capt. Bayley's company, Col. 
Sprout's regiment, and marched to Philadelphia in June, 1783. 
He returned to West Point in October, 1783, and after Col. Hull 
took command of the regiment he was transferred to the company 
commanded by Capt. Simon Jackson. That regiment was then 
known as "the last American regiment." He was discharged in 
June or July, 1784, but lost his warrant and discharge papers in 
moving into the western country in 1799, while crossing Turtle 
Creek near Pittsburg. 

According to the Massachusetts Revolutionary Rolls, Benjamin 
Bixby enlisted to the credit of Fitchburg, receiving a bounty 
therefor, 1 July, 1782, and was a member of company commanded 
by Capt. Benjamin Haywood, Lt. Col. Smith's (6th) regiment 
Massachusetts line, June to December, 1782. On the muster 
rolls of that company he is credited with having enlisted 1 June. 
He was reported transferred from 10th Regt, 17th Dec, 1782, and 
appears on the muster rolls of Haywood's company, 6th Regt., 
Col. Benjamin Tupper, from January to April, 1783. He is de- 
scribed as born in Thompson, Conn., a resident of Greenwich, 
twenty three years old, 5 feet, 6f inches tall, dark complexion and 
hair, and yeoman. 

According to his original pension grant he was pensioned for 
three years' service in Col. Butler's regiment of the Connecticut 


line. Benjamin Bixby enlisted in the 2nd Connecticut regiment 
of the line, 25 Jan., 1777, and served until 25 Jan., 1780. * This 
regiment was raised and commanded by Col. Charles Webb, who 
was succeeded by Col. Zebulon Butler at some date subsequent 
to 15 Nov., 1778. Benoni Shipman held commission as captain 
in this regiment in Sept., 1779. 

The testimony of Benjamin Bixby in 18 19 that he had lost his 
discharge papers in 1799 fixes the date of his probable removal 
from Massachusetts. In 1790 he was a resident of Granville, 
Mass., 2 and then had a family consisting of himself, wife, and one 
male under sixteen years of age, probably his son. He seems to 
have moved to Blanford, the town adjoining Granville on the north, 
and to have purchased land there in 1795. 3 In 1799 he was de- 
fendant in a suit by David Robinson, who sought to recover on a 
note for $30.* It is quite possible that the occasion for Robinson's 
bringing the suit was the removal of the defendant from Massa- 


V. Lydia Bond Bixby (Samuel, Samuel, Benjamin, Joseph), 
born 17 Oct., 1753, at Sutton, Mass.; died 20 Dec, 1837; 5 married 
19 May, 1779, Moses Park of Millbury, Mass., a farmer, born 
there 19 May, 1750, died 13 Jan., 1842 (1841) 5 , at Millbury, aged 
92 years, 5 son of Jonathan and Lucy (Sibley) Park. 

1 Lydia Park, born 20 Dec, 1779; died 1 Sept., 1819; 6 married 28 Sept., 1808, 7 

at Sutton, John Barber of Wrentham, Mass., who died 6 July, 1821. They 
lived at Thompson, Conn. 


1. John Barber, never married. 

2. George Barber, never married. 

3. Lydia Barber, married Warren Norton. They lived, in 1847, at Geneva, 

N. Y. Children: John Henry Norton. Louisa Norton. 

2 Aaron Park, born 28 Oct., 1781; died 3 July, 1837; 8 married 3 Oct., 1810, 9 

at Auburn, Mass., Maria Cheney of Auburn. He was a farmer at Millbury. 

Children, born at Millbury: 5 

1. Aaron Austin Park, born 24 July, 181 1; died 5 Nov., 1817. 10 

1 Connecticut Revolutionary Rolls. 3 Hampden Co. Deeds, at Springfield. 

1 United States Census, Aug., 1790. * Records Court Common Pleas, Northampton. 

6 Millbury Vital Records. Information concerning this family was received from Charles S. 
Park (13432-426). 
e Bond: History of Watertown, Mass. 8 Information of Charles S. Park (13432-426). 

T Sutton Vital Records. » Auburn Vital Records. 

10 Gravestone record in Sutton Vital Records. 


2. Maria Park, born 9 Oct., 1814; married (intention 16 April, 1836, at 
Millbury) 1 James G. Holman. 2 

3 Hannah Park, born 7 Nov., 1783, died young. 

4 John Park, born 31 Dec, 1784; died 1 Sept., 1854; 3 married 9 July, 1812, 3 

Nancy Chamberlain, born 15 Oct., 1786, died 25 Nov., 1855, at Millbury, 
daughter of Jacob and Lydia (Buck) Chamberlain. 4 John Park was a 
farmer. He was a lieutenant in the Mass. militia, from 1820 to 1825. 
Children, born at Millbury:* 

1. Tyler Augustus Park, born 1 May, 1813; died 21 Jan., 1833, at Millbury, 


2. George Park, born 19 Sept., 1815; died 4 Jan., 1908, at Worcester, Mass.; 

married 29 Nov., 1843, at West Boylston, Mass., Marcia Ann Pierce 
of that place, born 20 March, 1823, died 16 May, 1905. George Park 
lived at Millbury. He was an active man all his life and retained his 
faculties up to the time of his death, from pneumonia. He worked 
at his trade as machinist until eighty years of age. When he was 
ninety two years old he planted his garden on his farm. Children: 
Henry Lyman Park, born 18 Sept., 1844; died 24 May, 1864, killed 
at the battle of North Anna River; sergeant of Co. H, 57th Mass. 
Vols. William Chauncey Park, born 14 July, 1846; died in Danville 
prisonduring the Civil War. Frances Adelaide Park, born 10 March, 
1848; died 13 March, 1882; married Loren L. Hicks. 5 Emma Jane 
Park, born 23 March, 1850; died 7 April, 1858. George Arthur Park, 
born 11 Dec, 1855; married Hattie Flint Woodward. 6 Charles 
Sumner Park, born 28 Nov., 1857; married Katie Arvilla Grover; 7 
(2) 19 June, 1906, Alma Kingston. They live at Worcester. Man- 
dana Park, born 3 Jan., 1861. Cora Anna Park, born 10 March, 1867; 
married Frank L. Gray. 8 

3. Calista Park, born 5 Oct., 181 8; died 15 May, 1900, at Whitinsville, 

Mass.; married there, Marvel Prentice. 

4. Emily Park, born 10 June, 1820; died 8 Aug., 1820, at Millbury. 

5. Adelaide Park, born 17 July, 1823; died 30 June, 1897, at Millbury, 


6. Nancy Park, born 21 July, 1825; died 29 April, 1851, at Millbury, un- 


7. Alanson Park, born 6 Sept., 1827; died 13 Oct., 1870, at East Douglass, 

Mass.; married 29 Dec, 1859, at Whitinsville, Prudence Aldredge, 
who died about 1900. Child: Agnes Sophia Park, born 23 April, 
1869; died 1895. 

5 Hervey Park, born 26 June, 1790; died 13 Sept., 1875; married 13 March, 

1825, Johanna Robbins of Upton, 9 who died 1865. He was a farmer; 
for ten years chairman of assessors; one of the organizers of the First Baptist 
Church, and a Freemason. 

Children, born at Millbury: 

1. Lydia Park, born 11 March, 1827; died 15 Oct., 1844. 

2. Hervey Park, born 12 Oct., 1831. 


V. Samuel Bixby {Samuel, Samuel, Benjamin, Joseph), born 24 
Sept., 1755, at Sutton, Mass.; 3 died 15 March, 1848, at Millbury, 

'Millbury Vital Records. 'Four children, all deceased. He was a farmer at Millbury. 

•Sutton Vital Records. information of Charles S. Park (13432-426). 

• Children: Alice May Hicks. Agnes Childs Hicks. Helen Frances Hicks. Grace Anna Hicks. 

• Child: Halford Woodward Park. ' Child: Everett Lyman Park. 
•Children: Marcia Park Gray. Ethel Arline Gray. 

• In the Upton and Millbury Vital Records her name is preceded by title "Mrs." in the record 
of Intention of marriage. 


Mass., aged ninety two years, five months and twenty two days; 1 
married 13 June, 1781, at Sutton, Mary Greenwood, 2 born 13 
April, 1757, 3 died 19 Jan., 1851, 4 at Millbury, daughter of Daniel 
and Jerusha (Eaton) Greenwood. 

Children, born at Sutton: 

1- 1 Simon, born 14 Oct., 1781; married Hannah Barton. 

2- 2 Betsey, born 3 June, 1783; married Kendall Bancroft. 

3- 3 Sally, born 24 April, 1786; married John Hinds. 

"Mary Greenwood Bixby, widow of the late 'Seargeant' Sam- 
uel Bixby, Millbury, died 3 Jan., 1851. Her husband joined Capt. 
Isaac Bolster's company of Sutton, who opened in that town on 
27 April, 1775, his recruiting rendezvous and on the 6th of May 
following in the evening, the company was encamped at Head- 
quarters in Roxbury, where it was stationed eight months during 
the siege of Boston. He served in other campaigns. Both became 
pensioners and both during their long lives were patriotic and 
devotedly pious." 5 

Samuel Bixby lived in Millbury after 18 15. He applied for a 
pension, 14 Aug., 1832. In his declaration he states that he was 
aged seventy six years, and that he first entered the service 19 
April, 1775, and marched to Waltham. There he enlisted for 
eight months into a company commanded by Isaac Bolster, Lieut. 
Hazeltine, Ensign Howling, in the regiment of Col. Learned, of 
which Keyes was Lieut. -Col. and Holman, Major. The regiment 
marched to Roxbury where they were stationed during the whole 
term of his service until discharged the 2 or 3 Jan., 1776. During 
this period they were on guard duty and much occupied in erecting 
fortifications. He next enlisted Sept., 1776, for three months in 
a company of militia commanded by Capt. John Putnam, of which 
the lieutenants were Chase and Lovell, belonging to the regiment 
commanded by Col. Whitney in Gen. Warner's brigade. 

The regiment marched to Danbury, Conn., thence to Bound 
Brook, N. J., where they remained until the term of enlistment 

I Millbury Vital Records. 

* Sutton Vital Records. A peculiar error made by the Town Clerk in reporting her death to 
the Secretary of State is responsible for her name being given as Mary Spaulding in the death record 
of her son Simon Bixby. ! Sutton Vital Records. 

4 Probate records at Worcester. Her death is elsewhere given as 3 Jan., 1850. 

» N. E. Hist. Gen. Reg., Vol. 5. P- 267. 


expired. He next enlisted in Sept., 1777, for thirty days, in a com- 
pany commanded by Capt. Elliot, Lieuts. Lovell and Kidder, in 
the regiment commanded by Col. Holman. The regiment marched 
to Bennington, Vt., thence to Saratoga, thence to Fort Edward, 
where they continued some time after the surrender of Burgoyne. 
His active service on this enlistment was forty days. He next 
entered the service in Aug., 1778, on an "alarm," and marched 
in a company commanded by Capt. Abijah Burbank, of which the 
lieutenant was Holman, to Tiverton, R. I., where the company 
remained fourteen or fifteen days, when it was re-enlisted for two 
months. "I kept a journal of all the service except the last, which 
I am ready to exhibit." He states that he was born in Sutton, 
24 Sept., 1755, and enlisted each time from Sutton, and that five 
years prior to applying for the pension he had moved to Ward, 
where he then lived. 

With his application are filed the affidavits of Amariah Brigham 
of Millbury, who was aged seventy six years in 1832, and of Jona- 
than Gould and Joseph Bancroft. Brigham says, "that the news 
of the Lexington fight reached Sutton before night and the militia 
was called out. I turned out and marched with a company of 
minute men commanded by Capt. Andrew Elliot and marched to 
the vicinity of Boston. And the said Samuel Bixby came into 
the vicinity of Boston soon after in a company commanded by 
Capt. James Greenwood." 

Gould and Bancroft were in Putnam's company with Samuel 
Bixby at Bound Brook. Bancroft was in Elliot's company with 
Bixby in 1777 on the march to Bennington and Saratoga. Elijah 
Torrey, aged seventy seven years, and Joseph Bancroft, aged sev- 
enty six years, were in Burbank's company with Bixby in the 
Rhode Island campaign in 1778. 

Samuel Bixby's diary, kept during the siege of Boston, was printed 
in volume 14 of the Massachusetts Historical Society Proceedings. 
In 1779 there was printed a pamphlet with the following title: 
A Word of Counsel and Warning to all those who are Rejectors 
of the Word of God Preached. Written by , a Pro- 
fessor of Christianity. The Second Edition. Worcester, Mass. 
Printed for Samuel Bixby, Jun., of Sutton. MDCCLXXIX. 

Samuel Bixby died 15 March, 1848, according to his pension 
record, and on the 23 Sept., following, his widow, Mary, then aged 


ninety two years, applied for a pension. She gave the date of 
her marriage as the 13 June, 1781, and furnished copies of the 
Sutton records to prove her claim. The last payment to Samuel 
Bixby on account of pension was to the 4 March, 1848, at the rate 
of $42.61 per annum. 1 


V. Sarah Bixby (Samuel, Samuel, Benjamin, Joseph), born 9 
July, 1757, at Sutton, Mass.; died 24 Nov., 1824, at Millbury, 
Mass.; married 20 Aug., 1797, at Sutton, Jonathan Stone of 
Somerset, Vt., who died there. 
1 Sarah Stone, married Cornelius Bancroft. They lived at Rome, Mich. 


V. Sampson Bixby (Samuel, Samuel, Benjamin, Joseph), born 
23 2 May, 1759, at Sutton, Mass.; died 11 Feb., 1847, 3 probably at 
Campbell, N. Y.; married 27 April, 1786, 4 Sarah Richardson, 
born 16 Nov., 1762, at Sutton, 4 died 15 Sept., 1819, daughter of 
Ralph and Sarah (Bartlett) Richardson. 4 

Children: 5 

1 Rufus, born 2 April, 1787; died 16 Aug., 1866, unmarried. 6 He was a 
farmer in Hornby, N. Y. 

2- 2 Amasa, born 6 Nov., 1788; married Sophia Blashfield. 

3- 3 Salmon, born 29 March, 1792; married Lucy French. 

4- 4 Lyman, born 3 March, 1794; married Anna Woodworth. 

5- 5 Sally, born 24 Dec, 1795; married Chester Knowlton. 

6- 6 Samuel, born 7 Sept., 1801; married Lucretia Sanders. 

7 Polly, born 26 Oct., 1804. 

8 Simon, born 27 Nov., 1807; died 10 Oct., 1808. 

Sampson Bixby was a farmer. He removed to Stratton, Vt., 
in 1785. In 1812 he moved to Campbell, Steuben Co., N. Y., 

1 Records U. S. Pension Bureau. 

1 Sutton Records, but 3 May according to his own pension application, quoting a ''record kept 
by his father." 

•Information of E. F. Dunklee (13435.21-1), also U. S. Pension Records. He was living at 
Campbell aged 81 years in June, 1840, when the Census of Pensioners was taken. 

* Sutton Records. 

■ The births of the children were recorded at Stratton, Vt. Rufus is there said to have been bom 
in Sutton, the others in Stratton. 

■ Information of E. F. Dunklee (i343S-2i-i) and Mrs. Angus Murray (13435.28-5). 


where he and his sons began several new settlements. In 1816 
he settled in Painted Post, N. Y. 1 He was one of the founders of 
the Congregational church of Stratton and one of its deacons, 
and was also deacon in the church at Campbell, N. Y. 

Family tradition asserts that Sampson Bixby reached the rank 
of lieutenant in the Revolutionary army. Following is the record 
of service found in the "Soldiers and Sailors of Massachusetts in 
the Revolutionary War." "Bixby, Sampson, Sutton. Return of 
men enlisted into Continental Army from Capt. Elliot's company, 
Col. Holman's Regt. (year not given); residence Sutton; enlisted 
for town of Sutton; mustered July 9 (year not given)." The 
following is undoubtedly a reference to the same person although 
credited to Sampson Bixby of Barre. "Bixby, Samson, Barre, 
Private; Capt. Andrew Elliot's Co., Col. Jonathan Holman's 
Regt.; marched to Providence, R. I., on alarm of 10 Dec, 1776; 
service 43 days; also Capt. Bartholomew Woodbury's Co., Col. 
John Cushing's (Worcester Co.) Regt.; enlisted Aug. 13, 1777; 
discharged 29 Nov., 1777 ; service 3 mos. 27 days in northern depart- 
ment." 2 He made application for a pension 16 Oct., 1832, and was 
placed on the rolls. In his declaration he states that he was then 
a resident of Campbell, and was aged seventy three years. That 
he was born in Sutton 3 May, 1759, according to a family record 
kept by his father, and that he lived in Sutton when he first entered 
the service and until 1785. Then he removed to Stratton, Vt., 
where he lived about thirty years, when he removed to Painted 
Post, now Campbell, N. Y. 

He enlisted the latter part of Aug., 1776, having been drafted 
into the militia for two months, and served in the company com- 
manded by Capt. Sibley in the regiment commanded by Col. 
Converse of which the major was Rand. This command marched 
to Horse-Neck, thence after a short time to Tarrytown where 
they remained most of the time until November. The following 
Dec. (1776), he volunteered in a company commanded by Capt. 
Andrew Elliot, but did not recall that the company was attached 
to any regiment. This company marched to the town of Providence 
and remained there about six weeks until discharged. 

He was again drafted in the militia in Aug., 1777, for four and 

1 Information of Mrs. M. E. Barnes (13435-6-4). 

5 Sampson Bixby of Barre was serving under Gen. Stark, 21 Aug. to 25 Aug., 1777. 


one-half months, and was attached to a company commanded by 
Capt. Bartholomew Woodbury in Col. Cushing's regiment. The 
company marched to Bennington, Vt., arriving a few days after 
the battle. Thence to Skeensboro, thence to Stillwater, thence to 
Saratoga, and was at Saratoga when Burgoyne surrendered, the 
17 October. The regiment then went to White Plains and re- 
mained until the expiration of their service. 

He again volunteered, this time for six months, in July, 1778, 
in a company commanded by Capt. Hammond, Col. Waid's regi- 
ment, and had served two months when he was transferred to a 
company in the same regiment commanded by Capt. Lamb, in 
which he served until the expiration of his term of service. Waid's 
regiment marched first to Providence, thence accompanied 
Sullivan in his campaign on Rhode Island. The regiment was 
then ordered to Greenwich, and Lamb's company marched from 
Greenwich to "Worrick" ("Warwick") Neck, where they remained 
until the end of their term of enlistment. 

On file with his application are affidavits of Harris Corbin, Jonas 
Woodward and Seth Hammond, to the effect that they have known 
him for some years and are his neighbors. David B. Correyell, 
a clergyman, resident in Urbana, and John Robbins of Hornby 
also testified that they are well acquainted with the said Sampson 
Bixby, whom they believed to be seventy three years of age and 
who is reported and believed to have served in the Revolutionary 
War. Frost Rockwood of Worcester, Mass., made affidavit that 
he was seventy seven years of age in 1832 and that in 1778 he 
served in Hammond's and Lamb's company with Bixby. Amariah 
Brigham of Millbury aged seventy six in 1832 also testified that 
he was in Woodbury's company with Bixby and marched to Still- 
water. Reuben Barton of Millbury, aged eighty four, and Joshua 
Carter of Millbury, aged seventy three, also made affidavits. 

Samuel Bixby of Ward, Mass., aged seventy six years, made an 
affidavit, 21 Aug., 1832, that at the time of the Revolution he lived 
in the same family with Sampson Bixby in Sutton, and that Sampson 
now lives in Campbell, N. Y., and that he did enlist in 1776 and 
marched to Rhode Island. 1 

In 1840, he was living in Campbell with Samuel Bixby. 2 

1 Records, U. S. Pension Bureau. 

2 Census ot Pensioners, 1840. 



V. Solomon Bixby (Samuel, Samuel, Benjamin, Joseph), born 
30 Sept., 1761, at Sutton, Mass.; died 2 Sept., 1835, "of old age," 
at Norridgewock, Me.; 1 married 13 June, 1789, at Vassalborough, 2 
Me., Lucy Taylor, 2 born 1767 at Vassalborough, 2 died 16 Sept., 
1826, aged fifty nine years, at Norridgewock, 1 daughter of John 
and Lucy (Hutchins) Taylor of Vassalborough. He married, 
second, 25 Sept., 1827, Mrs. Achsa (Gilmore) Wyman, born 6 
March, 1772, died 16 July, 1851, at Madison, Me. 1 

Children: 3 

1- 1 Nancy, born 2 March, 1790; married Reuben Dinsmore. 

2- 2 Lucy, born 4 Sept., 1791; married David Gilman. 

3- 3 Amasa, born 2 March, 1794; married Fanny Weston. 

4- 4 Rufus, born 5 Nov., 1795; married Betsey Weston. 

5 Amos, born 3 May, 1797; died 3 Nov., 1839, at Mortonville, 111., a mer- 
chant, unmarried. 

6- 6 Diadama (Deidamia), born 26 Feb., 1799; married Artemas Heald. 

7- 7 Sarah, born 9 Sept., 1800; married James Wood. 

8- 8 Simon, born 11 Sept., 1803; married Deborah N. Flint. 

9- 9 Sumner, born 25 June, 1805; married Lucy Heald; (2) Sarah H. Carlisle. 

10 Elizabeth (Betsey), born 29 May, 1807; died 19 Oct., 1883, at Madison; 
married 29 Oct., 1856, at Bloomfield (now Skowhegan), Me., Pickard 
Jewett, born 24 Aug., 1772, at Fitchburg, Mass., died 5 May, i860, 
at Bloomfield, son of Maximillian and Rebecca (Burpre) Jewett. She 
married (2) 28 May, 1861, at North Anson, Me., Isaac Hopkins, born 
9 Oct., 1784, at Truro, Mass., died 9 May, 1875, at Madison, son of 
Theophilus and Thankful (Freeman) 2 Hopkins. Theophilus Hopkins, 
born 1757, died 1837, was the first physician in Farmington, Me., 
removing there previous to 1800 from Cape Cod. He was a descendant 
of Stephen Hopkins of the Mayflower. 
k-ii Jotham Sewall, born 2 April, 1810; married Mary Wood. 

12 Selden, born 2 Sept., 1813, died 10 April, 1827, at Norridgewock. 

Solomon Bixby was called into service during the American 
Revolution being a member of the militia company commanded 
by Capt. Abijah Burbank, Col. Jacob Davis' regiment, which 
marched 30 July, 1780, and was discharged 8 Aug., 1780. 4 Hon. 
A. R. Bixby (13436.48) has the powder horn used by him in the war. 
He removed from Sutton to Fairfax (now Albion), Me., in 1784. 

In the Census of 1790, Solomon Bixby of Hancock, Mass. 

1 Information of Mrs. Benjamin M. Titcomb (13436. 4N). 

2 Information of Mrs. O. S. Turner (13436.84). 

• Born at Norridgewock, Me., except the two eldest who were born at Fairfax, Me. 

* Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolution. 


(Maine), was returned as having in his family one white male over 
sixteen years old and two females. 

In July, 1792, he removed to Norridgewock, and settled on the 
intervale farm 1 where his sons afterwards lived. He was an indus- 
trious man and an efficient member of society; of good habits and 
strict integrity. He served fourteen years as one of the selectmen 
of the town. He was for many years a deacon of the Congrega- 
tional church. He was one of twenty-four who organized the 
church in 1797, and a pillar of the church for thirty eight years. 
He was an ardent admirer of the "doctrines of Grace," a faithful 
observer of the ordinances of religion. His wife Lucy was ad- 
mitted to the church in 1797, and Mrs. Achsah Bixby in 1829. 
He had the best and most productive farm in town, and enjoyed 
the fruits of his labor with all the comforts and conveniences of 
life and left a good estate. 2 

In the list of church members of the Congregational church at 
Norridgewock, appear the names of the following children of 
Deacon Bixby: Sumner (1826), Mrs. Lucy (Bixby) Gilman (1830), 
Amasa (1830), Rufus (1830), Mrs. Betsey (Weston) Bixby (1830), 
Jotham S. (1830), Betsey (1830), Mrs. Lucy (Heald) Bixby (1835), 
Solomon (1843), Amos (1843), Amasa Jr. (1843), Mrs. Mary 
(Wood) Bixby (1845), and Louise Payson Bixby (1849). In 1833 
there were sixteen children baptized, all bearing the surname 
Bixby. 2 

"Mrs. Theodore Weston, daughter of Jotham Bixby of Madison, 
wrote a partial history of the Bixby neighborhood some years ago. 
Deacon Solomon Bixby owned a large tract of land bordering on 
the Kennebec for one and one-half miles and running back a mile. 
This he divided between four sons and two daughters, all but one 
of whom (Sumner?) lived and died on these farms. George Weston 
of Madison, has the life of Solomon Bixby. Two sons, Rufus and 
Amasa, married sisters, Betsey and Fanny Weston. They had a 
double wedding and planned to have a double golden wedding, but 
a few months before the projected event, Amasa's wife died. 
Rufus celebrated a golden and a diamond wedding. They were a 
strong, staunch set, all members of the Congregational church. 
They were republicans and worked all the time except Sundays." 3 

1 Solomon Bixby bought the Lovel Fairbrother farm, where in Oct., 1775. Gen. Arnold made 
his quarters for a night, on his way to attack Quebec. 
» Allen: History of Norridgewock, Me. » Letter of Dr. W. B. Hopkins (13436.41-3). 1909. 



V. Esther Bixby {Samuel, Samuel, Benjamin, Joseph), born 
27 Jan., 1764, at Sutton, Mass.; died 23 Aug., 1851; married 19 
March, 1800, Capt. John Woodbury of Sutton, a farmer, born 
26 Sept., 1749, died 12 Dec., 1831, son of Joseph and Elizabeth 
(Fuller) Woodbury of Sutton. He had previously married, 17 
Oct., 1770, Mary Chase, who died 1 April, 1779, daughter of Caleb 
and Sarah Chase. By her he had Aaron Woodbury of Leicester, 
Mass., and other places, Caleb Woodbury of Adrian, Mich., John 
Woodbury of Sutton, Daniel Woodbury of Groton, N. Y., Mary 
Woodbury, Andrew Woodbury, Amos Woodbury and Benjamin 
Woodbury. Capt. Woodbury served in the army during the War 
of 1812. 

Children: 1 

1 Lydia Woodbury, born 19 April, 1801 ; married 9 May, 1822, Ambrose Chase 

of Fletcher, Vt. 

2 Silence Woodbury, born 25 May, 1802; married Nathaniel West of Tem- 

pleton, Mass. They removed to Philadelphia, where Mr. West died. 

3 Brooksy Woodbury, born 6 Aug., 1803. 

4 Simon Jefferson Woodbury, born 13 Feb., 1805; married 11 Sept., 1827, 

Sabrina Dodge, born 12 Feb., 1804. He was a shoe manufacturer, until 
after 1865 of Worcester, whence he removed to Chicago. Representative 
to the General Court. 


1. Prescott Jefferson Woodbury, born 9 March, 1832; deceased; married 19 

Sept., 1865, Johanna C. Woodbury. They lived in Chicago. 

2. Sarah Elizabeth Woodbury, born 20 Nov., 1837; married 11 Dec, 1856, 

William A. Reid of Sutton. 

5 Andrew Woodbury, born March, 1807; died 14 Jan., 1831. 

6 Leonard Woodbury, born 15 Oct., 1808; married 2 Oct., 1833, Emeline 

Pratt, born 14 Dec, 1812, died 8 Dec, 1837; (2) 6 Oct., 1840, Louisa Liver- 
more, at Ware, born 11 June, 1810. He was a shuttle manufacturer. He 
removed to Anoka, Minn. 


1. Andrew Pratt Woodbury, born 26 Sept., died 15 Oct., 1834. 

2. Susan Louisa Woodbury, born 16 July, died 20 Sept., 1836. 

3. Emeline Amanda Woodbury, born 8 Oct., 1837; married 6 Jan., 1859, 

at Anoka, Minn., Daniel Isaac King. 

4. Charles Leonard Woodbury, born 7 Aug., 1841; died Sept., 1907; a 

druggist in Louisville, Ky.; married there 12 Sept., 1867, Elizabeth 
H. Brown. 

5. Joanna Cummings Woodbury, born 22 Nov., 1843; married 19 Sept., 

1865, at Anoka, Prescott J. Woodbury. 

6. Edward King Woodbury, born 9 April, 1845; of Anoka, Minn. 

1 Benedict: History of Sutton, Mass. 

I— ¥ 










V. Anna Bixby (Samuel, Samuel, Benjamin, Joseph), born 27 
Jan., 1766, at Sutton, Mass.; died 27 Jan., 1848; married 1 7 Nov., 
1793, Deacon Israel Jacobs of Auburn, Mass. 


1 Simon Jacobs, died 8 Nov., 1824; married Lucy Tomlinson, daughter of 

Rev. Samuel Tomlinson of Oakham, Mass. No issue. He was a physician. 

2 Israel Jacobs, a farmer. 

3 Sumner Jacobs, a farmer. 

4 John Jacobs, married Martha Hart of Auburn. 


1. Simon Jacobs. 

2. Nelson Jacobs. 

5 Loring Jacobs. 

1343 J 

V. John Bixby (Samuel, Samuel, Benjamin, Joseph), born 20 
Oct., 1770, at Sutton, Mass.; died 14 July, 1853; 2 married 29 March, 
1797, 3 in Worcester, Mass., Betsey Willard, born 7 Oct., 1771. 4 
She is described as of Worcester in the record of intention of 
marriage at Holliston, 6 Jan., 1797, and the marriage record in 
Worcester describes him as of Holliston. He married, second, 
July, 1827, in Worcester, Esther Flagg. 3 

John Bixby was a merchant in Worcester. He lived in Paxton 
in 1800 5 and 1801. He was a deacon in the First Church, Wor- 

Children: 6 

1 Eliza, born 11 Oct., 1797. 
2- 2 Laura, born 15 Jan., 1801, at Paxton; 7 married Rufus Shumway. 

3 Sophia, born 7 Dec, 1802, in Worcester; died 6 Oct., 1859, aged 56 years, 

in Worcester; 7 married Simeon Gleason, of Worcester, a merchant. 

4 Almira, born 15 Jan., 1805, 8 in Worcester. 

5 John Willard, born 1 Oct., 1807, in Worcester. 

6- 6 Mary, born 4 June, 181 1, in Worcester; married Charles J. B. Waters. 

7- 7 Austin Willard, born 18 July, 1813, in Worcester; married Sophia Foster 


1 Intention of marriage at Auburn, 13 July, 1793. 

* Massachusetts Deaths, where he is described as a widower, aged 82 years, and born in Mill- 
bury; cause of death, "old age." 3 Worcester Marriages. 

* Major Simon Willard, who died 24 April, 1676, one of the Assistants and a man of great value 
to the colony, was the common ancestor of the Willards of Worcester County. 

6 Worcester Deeds, 29: 497. 

•Information of Miss Hattie S. Bixby (1343J.7-5), who does not mention the marriage of 

7 Massachusetts Deaths. 

* Could she have married Benjamin Austin Perkins, born 12 June, 1824? 




V. David Bixby 1 (Samuel, Samuel, Benjamin, Joseph), born 
19 Feb., 1783, at Sutton, Mass.; died 4 Jan., 1865, at Adrian, Mich.; 
married 9 April, 181 1, at Charlton, 2 Mass., Laura Foster, 1 born 
1795, died 12 April, 1882, at Adrian, daughter of Abel and Nancy 
(Tucker) 3 Foster, and granddaughter of Timothy and Rachel (Rob- 
inson) Foster. 4 

1- 1 Caroline Amelia, born 2 Jan., 1812, at Charlton; married Joseph C. 


2- 2 Emeline Eliza, born 15 Nov., 18 14, at Charlton; married Sumner F. 

3 Laura Jane, born 7 May, 1817; died young, at Adrian. 

4- 4 Alonzo Foster, born 6 July, 1819, at Batavia, N. Y.; married Emma L. 


5- 5 Ellen Maria, born 16 April, 1825, at Albion, N. Y.; married William A. 

6 Laura Jane, born 27 July, 1834, at Adrian; died young. 

David Bixby was a resident of Leicester prior to his removal to 
Batavia, N. Y. He sold an acre of land in Leicester to Joshua 
Lamb, 22 Feb., 1816. He joined with Thomas Merriam of Leices- 
ter, in granting to Jeremiah Pratt two tracts of land there, one of 
six, the other of three acres, 13 Jan., 1818. He also quitclaimed, 
in consideration of four hundred dollars, to Thomas Merriam a 
dwelling house and piece of land there 27 March, 181 8, and on 20 
April that same year he joined with Merriam in granting land to 
Levens Sibley. In each of these deeds he is described as of Leices- 
ter, and his wife, Laura, joins in the first two. 5 There is no record 
of his family on Leicester records. From New York the family 
removed to Adrian. 


V. Samuel Bixby (Jonathan, Samuel, Benjamin, Joseph), born 
30 May, 1754, at Killingly, Conn.; died 4 July, 1843, "aged 89 

1 See illustration opposite page 264. 
« Charlton Vital Records. 

•Information of Fred F. Bixby (i343L-4~S). Information concerning this family was also re- 
ceived from Mrs. Hoyt Sherman (1343L.1-4). 
« Information of Mrs. M. E. Samson (I343L--43). 
•Worcester Deeds, 210: 122; 203: 416. 


years" 1 at Lyme, N. H.; married 7 Dec, 1783, at Lyme, Eliza- 
beth Strong, 1 who died probably in 1792 or 1793. He married, 
second, Sarah Nelson. He married, third, 15 Oct., 1801, at 
Hanover, N. H., 2 Martha Ketchum, who died 13 May, 1849, aged 
80 years. 1 

The early records of Lyme were destroyed. The Gazetteer of 
Grafton Co., N. H., says of Samuel Bixby, "His first wife was 
Elizabeth Strong, who bore him four children. His second wife 
was Sarah Nelson who bore him five children. His third wife was 
Martha Ketcham, and she bore him six children." 

Children, born at Lyme: 

1- 1 Willard, baptized 24 July, 1785; l married Sally Seavy. 

2- 2 Salmon, baptized 15 Oct., 1786; * married Ruth Pelton. 

3- 3 Alfred, baptized 26 July, 1789; 1 married Lucy F. Page; (2) Thyra 

(Thyrza) Olmstead. 

4- 4 Elizabeth, born 1792; 3 married David Conant.' 
By second marriage: 

5- 5 Lewis, born 1795; married Fanny Betts. 

6 Samuel, said to have studied medicine, and practiced in Illinois. 

By third marriage: 

7- 7 Zophar. 

8 Alpheus, died 10 May, 1849, in New York City, "aged 45," * probably 
unmarried; said to have been a teacher in New York. 5 His name does 
not occur in the New York City Directory. 
9- 9 William, born 1806; 6 married Mary G. Breck. 

10 Elmira. 
k- 11 Persis, born 29 April, 1809; married Thomas R. Ames. 
L- 12 Polly (Mary), born 1796; married Dudley Cutting. 
13 Mary Ann, became insane. 

Samuel Bixby is enumerated in the United States Census of 
1790 and was then of Lyme. He had three males under sixteen 
and one female in his family beside himself. 

He was in the Revolutionary War and was placed on the pension 

1 Records of the Congregational Church at Lyme. The gravestones of Samuel and Jonathan 
Bixby, and of the latter's wife, are still standing in the old cemetery at Lyme. The Horlean 
Bixby in some lists of children of Samuel Bixby is apparently a misreading of Harlem Riley who 
was admitted to the church at Lyme in 1822. 

» Records of Hanover, N. H. 4 New York Deaths. 

8 Death record at Lyme, N. H. • Gazetteer of Grafton Co., N. H. 

•John L. Bixby (13461.92) thought his father, William, was born in 1805. (His age at death 
would indicate 1807 as year of birth.) 


list in 1833. His declaration of 27 Aug., 1832, is on file with his 
application. He then stated that he was seventy eight years of 
age and that he enlisted the 1 Feb., 17 — , for two months, in a 
company of militia commanded by Capt. Cassat, in Col. Holman's 
regiment. He enlisted at Charlton, and marched through Leices- 
ter, Worcester, Sutton, Sudbury, Waterton and Roxbury to Dor- 
chester, where they were stationed for the two months of his enlist- 
ment. He there assisted in building a fort, and was fired upon by 
the British. He returned to his home in Charlton the 1 April, and 
again enlisted the 1 July, 1776, in a company commanded by Capt. 
John Nichols in the same regiment as before. He enlisted this 
time for five months and marched through Dudley, Woodstock, 
Ashford to Hartford and thence to New Haven, whence they were 
conveyed by water to New York. He was stationed in New York 
City four or five weeks until the American troops retreated to 
Harlem Heights. About the last of October they marched to White 
Plains and were stationed there two or three weeks. During this 
time there was a battle, but as he had been sent on a scout he was 
not present. He was discharged about the 1 December. 

In the forepart of Aug., 1777, he was drafted at Charlton into 
the army to join Gates at Stillwater and marched immediately to 
Bennington, thence to Stillwater, in the company commanded by 
Capt. Abijah Lamb, and remained at Stillwater until the surrender 
of Burgoyne, at which he was present at Saratoga. From Saratoga, 
the command marched down the North River to Albany, thence to 
Sopas, and from a place (the name of which cannot be deciphered) 
took shipping to a point near White Plains, where they were stationed 
until dismissed, about the 1 December. He removed to Lyme 
in June, 1779, having hitherto lived in Charlton, but was born 
at Thompson, Conn. In Oct., 1780, he joined the company com- 
manded by Capt. John Sloan to guard against the Indians who 
were expected to invade the towns in the vicinity of Lyme. 

Capt. Sloan's company marched to Dartmouth College, thence 
to Haverhill, N. H., thence to Newbury, Vt., where he was stationed 
awhile. He returned to Lyme after an absence of from two to three 

Although he had served his country the full term of one year, 
he knows no one who can testify to his service except Jonathan 
Bixby and Jonathan Mason, whose affidavits are appended. Jona- 


than Mason of Lyme made affidavit in Aug., 1832, that Samuel 
Bixby, himself, and others volunteered and joined a company 
commanded by Capt. John Sloan. Jonathan Bixby of Lyme made 
affidavit, at the same time, that his brother Samuel Bixby and 
himself had lived in Charlton previous to 1775, and that both 
enlisted in a company commanded by Capt. Carrol in Holman's 
regiment of the Massachusetts state troops and served in the 
month of March, 1776, being stationed at Dorchester. Also that 
his brother Samuel again enlisted, this time for five months, and 
served in a company commanded by Capt. John Nichols; that 
Samuel was at Saratoga in 1777, when Jonathan was in the Conti- 
nental army, and "I saw him at Saratoga, he then being in the 

It appears from a sketch of the first settlers of Lyme in the His- 
torical Gazetteer of Grafton Co., N. H., that Samuel Bixby took 
up land in the north part of the town, and that William Davison 
was associated with him. Both at that time were unmarried men. 
Among the settlers in Lyme was Capt. John Nelson "from Norton, 
Mass.," l whose wife Rachel was sister of Squire Jonathan Franklin. 


V. Jonathan Bixby (Jonathan, Samuel, Benjamin, Joseph), 
born 4 May, 1760, 2 at Killingly, Conn.; died 12 Feb., 1834, 3 "aged 
73 years," 4 at Lyme, N. H.; 5 married there 24 Nov., 1785, Esther 
Newton, 2 born 18 Feb., 1759, 2 at Hadley, Mass., died 29 June, 

1840, 3 "aged 81 years," 4 daughter of and (Fairfield) 


Children, 2 born at Lyme, N. H.: 

1- 1 Walter, born 18 Aug., 1786, baptized 3 June, 1787, 4 at Lyme; married 
Betsey Alden. 

1 He is not mentioned in Norton Vital Records. Capt. Nelson had five daughters and two sons. 

1 From a family record in possession of David E. Bixby (13464.133), in which children I, 2, 3, 
4, and 6 are given. William J. Bixbee (13464.421) has a record written down from the state- 
ments of Mary Ann Abbott niece of Mehitable (Burgoyne) Bixby (13464.4) in which children 1, 2, 
3, 4 and s are given. There are no early town records of Lyme, and William and Betsey are not 
mentioned in the church records or in their mother's will, and no further trace of them has been 

' Record in Bible of his daughter Lucinda (Bixby) Davison (13464.2) in possession of Mrs. 
George P. Amsden (13464.2-42). 

4 Church records. ''Cinthea and Cinda," daughters of Jonathan Bixby, were baptized 8 Feb., 
1789. The marriage of Jonathan Bixby and Esther Newton is also found in these records. They 
were admitted to the church 3 June, 1787. 

* Town clerk's certificate on file U. S. Pension Bureau. Lyme records have since been destroyed 
by fire. 


2- 2 Lucinda (Cinda), born I Oct., 1788; married William Davison. 

3- 3 Cynthia (Cinthea) (Samantha), born 2 Oct., 1788 1 ; married Josiah L. 


4- 4 Seral (Cyril), born 29 Jan., 1791, baptized as Cyril, 12 June, 1791; 

married Mehitable Burgoyne. 

5 ? William, married Lydia Johnson. 

6 ? Betsey, born 26 July, 1800. 

Jonathan Bixby, and his brothers Samuel and Jacob, settled in 
Lyme, N. H., about five miles from the Connecticut River, choosing 
land on one of the highest hills in the vicinity, it being thought 
at that time that the hills produced better wheat than the lowlands. 
Every Saturday they walked from their clearings to a mill on the 
river, five miles or more, and Monday returned with food for the 
week. They cleared and sowed with wheat one acre the first 
season. It is said, that at the time they settled in Lyme they came 
from Connecticut, 2 and Jonathan is remembered by a grand- 
daughter to have said that when he and his brothers left Connec- 
ticut they had good shoes, but before the summer was gone they 
had none, and the bottoms of their feet were like bone. 

Jonathan Bixby served in the army during the Revolution, and 
late in life received a pension. From the papers on file in his 
own case and that of his widow Esther, who also received a pension, 
considerable information has been gleaned. His declaration was 
made in May, 1823, when he was aged 63 years. According to 
his own statement he served as a private from May, 1777 to Jan., 
1 78 1, in Col. Shepard's regiment of the Massachusetts line, in 
Capt. Isaac Pope's company, and took part in the battle of Mon- 
mouth in June, 1778. He was discharged at West Point, 16 Jan., 
1781. He first made application for a pension, 11 Sept., 1819, 
"and since then has not in any way disposed of his property with 
intent to bring himself within the provisions of the act of 1818." 
He had broken his shoulder about a year previous to making appli- 
cation for pension and was unable to support himself by manual 
labor. His wife was 63 years of age, unable to work, sickly with 
the "tisick," and they had no children at home with them. He 
had no personal property, and his sole income was from 16 acres 
of poor land in Lyme, leased by Walter Bixby, and yielding not 
more than $16 annually. 

He was granted a pension for service as corporal in Pope's com- 

J See footnote No. 4 on page 260. 

J Charlton is a few miles from the northern boundary of Connecticut. 


Among the papers on file is the original discharge from the army, 
which reads as follows: 

"It appearing from the within deposition and the certificate of 
Mr. Muster Master Newhall, that the within named Jonathan 
Bixby was inlisted to serve during the term of three years only, 
which time he has faithfully served, I do hereby discharge him 
from the Army. Given under my Hand at West Point this 16th 
Day of January 1781. 

W. Heath 
"To Whom it may Concern. M. General" 

The deposition alluded to above is as follows: 

"We Jedediah Davidson (sic) and Mary his wife and Eunice 
Clemans all of Charlton in the County of Worcester and Common- 
wealth of Massachusetts in New England being of Lawful age 
do testify and say that in the Month of May in the year of our 
Lord A. D. 1777 Sergt Nathan Taylor was at the Dwelling Hous 
in sd Charlton where your Deponants then lived and was all of us 
present when said Taylor Inlisted Jonathan Bixby of sd Charlton 
as a soldier to serve in the Continental Army for the term of three 
years only, and that at the time when the sd Jonathan signed 
the Inlistment the sd Sergt Taylor promised him the sd Jonathan 
that he would not Return him for a longer term than Three years 
on his honour and your deponants further say that they often 
saw the sd Sergt Taylor & Jonathan Bixby after the sd Jonathan 
Inlisted before they marched and heard both of them say that he 
the sd Jonathan was Inlisted for Three years only and further 
your deponants say not. Charlton 3 Janr 1781 

" Jedidiah Davison 

Mary Davison 
Eunice Clemans 

'Acknowledged before Jacob Davis, J. P. 

"This deposition was taken at the request of the Friends of the 
above named Jonathan Bixby in order to be sent to His Excelency 
Georg Washington Commander in Chief of the army of the United 


Further endorsed: 

"Sir I am well knowing to the truth of the above deposition and 

1 Declare the same to be true on the Honour of an Officer. 
"His Excelency Jacob Davis Coll of the 5th Regt 

"George Washington of Militia in the County Worcester." 

The deposition was further addressed as follows: 

"For His Excelency George Washington Commander in Cheaf 
of the Contenantals Army," also "Major General Heath." 

The following endorsements appear: 

"General Heath will be pleased to have this representation 
properly inquired into and Justice done to the soldier and to the 
public Alex Hamilton Aide de Camp" "Hd Qrs Jany 18, 1780." 

The preceding day James Mellen, "Lt Col Comdr 4th Massachu- 
setts Regt" endorsed the same paper, "West Point January ye 17, 
1 78 1 The Issueing Commissarys are Directed to Issue Provisions 
to the Bearer Jonathan Byxby to carry him to his Respective Home 
Agreeable to General Orders." "Hartford Jany 20 th 1781 Isued 

2 days Rations Daniel Pitkin." "Providence Feb 1 1781 Issued 
three days Rations Inbehalf James Wallace A.C.I. Jonathan Almy." 

Evidently Bixby had enlisted for the term of three years, but his 
muster-in papers must have represented him enlisted for the war. 

The papers in Esther Bixby's pension case contain the following 
statements: On 21 Aug., 1838, when she applied for a pension, 
she was aged 78 years; she was married 24 Nov., 1785, proved by 
the certificate of the town clerk of Lyme appended, in which her 
name appears as Esther Newton; her husband died 12 Feb., 1834. 
Josiah L. Smith of Lyme, aged 53, testified that Jonathan Bixby 
and his wife lived in his family for some years before the former's 
death, and Jonathan died in his house. John Hall, aged 60 years, 
testified that he was present at the death of Bixby at Smith's 
house, and that he had been acquainted with the widow Esther 
Bixby since his childhood. 

Esther Byxby received a pension of $88 a year with five years' 
arrears of pension. 

Mrs. Louisa S. Gilbert (13464.3-5) writes: "When I was two 
years old my father removed to a farm joining Samuel Bixby's 
and within hailing distance. The last fifteen years of Jonathan 


Bixby's life were spent with my father, he having married one of 
Jonathan's twin daughters. . . . William Davidson's farm 
joined Samuel Bixby's so they all lived near each other from my 
earliest remembrance . . . and Samuel and Jonathan were 
brothers without any doubt . . . as we were always taught 
to call Samuel uncle. . . . We used to love to hear them tell 
their experiences in early life. . . . Samuel and Jonathan also 
had two sisters that I remember, one married Joel Converse and 
his farm joined Samuel Bixby's. . . . The other, Chloe, 
married a Sheldon and lived in Underhill, Vt. I remember her 
visiting at our house with her son Parry Clete Sheldon." In 
another letter she says she recalls hearing Grandfather Bixby say 
of Grandfather Smith, "he was so strict that he would whip his 
beer barrel if it worked on Sunday." 

Esther (Newton) Bixby by will dated 10 Aug., 1835, bequeathed 
to her son Walter "her great bible," and various legacies to other 


V. Elizabeth Bixby {Jonathan, Samuel, Benjamin, Joseph), 
born 2 Sept., 1762, at Killingly, Conn.; died 12 Nov., 1850, at 
Lyme, N. H.; married 20 Jan., 1785, at Thompson, Conn., Joel 
Converse, 1 born 12 Sept., 1750, at Killingly (Thompson Parish), 
died 29 June, 1822, at Lyme, son of Thomas and Abigail (Fay) 

Elizabeth (Bixby) Converse 2 was a woman of great energy and 
large stature. It is related that as a young woman she went 
from Connecticut to Lyme, to visit her brothers who had settled 
there. She rode a spirited horse, and at every village she passed 
through she put spurs to her steed and surprised the inhabitants 
by her daring riding. She was a woman of deep piety and always 
put Christian duties foremost. Her Bible was the daily companion 
of her declining days, and she found great comfort in repeating 
Christian hymns, with which her memory was richly stored. The 
farm of her brother, Samuel Bixby, adjoined that of Joel Converse on 
Davidson's Hill. Joel Converse's first wife was Damaris Wilson, 
born 2 May, 1746, daughter of Thomas and Abigail Wilson, whom 

1 The record of this family is from "Converse and Allied Families," compiled by Charles Allen 
Converse (13465-76). 'A likeness is shown opposite page 280. 


he married 10 Sept., 1778, and had children: Lyman Converse. 
Otis Converse. Damaris Converse. He was one of the first 
settlers of Lyme, removing there about 1789. 

Children, except the two eldest, born at Lyme: 1 

1 Joel Converse, born 5 Nov., 1785, at Thompson; died 22 May, 1874, at 

Lyme; married Hope Tinkham, born 1788 at Lyme, died there 27 Oct., 
1813, without issue. He married (2) 4 April, 1814, Abigail Coult, born 
6 March, 1791, at Lyme, died there 11 Oct., 1869, daughter of Dr. Amherst 
and Miriam (Giddings) Coult. 


1. Francis Wilson Converse, born 17 Jan., 1815; died 26 Sept., 1880, at 

Lyme; married 9 Nov., 1852, at Lunenburg, Vt., Clara H. Chandler. 

2. Julius Miner Converse, born 3 Jan., 1816; died 16 May, 1841, in Phila- 

delphia, Pa., unmarried. He was a physician. 

3. Abigail Matson Converse, born 6 May, 1817; died 4 Dec, 1851, at 

Richmond, Va., unmarried. She was a teacher in Hanover Co., Va. 

4. William Converse, born 10 Nov., 1818; died 27 March, 1819, at Lyme. 

5. Laura Adelia Converse, born 13 Feb., 1820; died 15 Oct., 1848, at Lyme, 


6. Lydia Converse, born 7 July, 1821 ; died 23 June, 1885, at Franklin, Mass.; 

married William Washburn Morey. 

7. Samuel Bixby Converse, born 7 May, 1823; died 12 Jan., 1844, at Orford, 

N. H., unmarried. 

8. Harriet Newell Converse, born 1 1 Dec, 1824; died 16 March, 1854, 

at Lyme, unmarried. 

9. Marilla Theresa Converse, born 7 Sept., 1826, at Lyme; died 5 Jan., 

1892, at Oakdale, Mass.; married 18 May, 1848, at Auburn, N. H., 
Harrison Willard Babbitt; (2) 4 Jan., 1888, at Hartford, Conn., Har- 
rison Wyman. 

10. Caroline Wilson Converse, born 8 July, 1828, at Lyme; died 12 Feb., 

1904, at East Watertown, Mass.; married 23 Nov., 1848, at Lyme, 
Zephania Jerome Stark, who died 4 April, 1854; (2) 2 Oct., 1855, at 
North Bridgewater, Mass., Appollos Everett Howard. 

11. William Amherst Coult Converse, born 30 April, 1830; married 11 

July, 1858, Mary Tibbetts, who died 6 July, 1883; (2) 30 May, 1887, 
Mrs. Sarah Dimick Waite Smith. He was a Congregational clergy- 
man. After retiring from the pulpit he resided at Lyme. 

12. Mary Converse, born and died 4 March, 1835. 

2 Theron Converse, born 19 May, 1787, at Thompson; died 7 April, 1861, 

at Lyme; married there 25 Oct., 18 10, Mary Porter, born there 1 Sept., 
1791, died there 23 Feb., 1821, daughter of Deacon William and Phoebe 
(Kingsbury) Porter; (2) 20 Nov., 1821, at Lyme, Miriam Carpenter, born 
there 8 May, 1793, died there 13 Aug., i860. 

Theron Converse and wife were members of the Congregational church 
at Lyme. One of the elders of the present generation, who visited Lyme 
in his boyhood, recalls Theron Converse as a "grand old man." 


1. Alpheus Converse, born 27 July, 1811; died 8 Sept., 1851; married 27 

Feb., 1837, at Lyme, Salome Snow, who died 25 Dec, 1842; (2) 14 
June, 1843, at Landaff, N. H., Jane Clark. 

2. Mary Porter Converse, born 8 March, 1814, at Lyme; died there 9 Oct., 

1839; married 14 May, 1835, Moses Wood, Jr. 

1 The record of this family is "Converse and Allied Families," compiled by Charles Allen 
Converse (13465-76). 


3. Louisa Converse, born 29 June, 1816; died 29 Nov., 1845. 

4. Benjamin Porter Converse, born 25 June, 1818; died 2 March, 1886; 

married 21 Dec, 1843, at Charlestown, N. H., Miranda Hannah 
Walker; (2) 14 Feb., 1871, at Thetford, Vt., Abby Carpenter Hosford. 

5. Josiah Chauncy Converse, born 28 May, 1820; died 11 Jan., 1823. 

By second marriage: 

6. Theron Bradley Converse, born 7 April, 1824; died 22 June, 1842. 

7. Eleazer Carpenter Converse, born 2 June, 1827; died 21 Sept., 1900, 

at Newport, N. H.; married 14 Sept., 1848, at Orford, Amanda 
Malvina Tibbetts. Children: Alzira Amanda Converse, born 7 Nov., 
1849, at Lyme; died 6 Oct., 1863. Annie Miriam Converse, born 
14 May, 1852, at Newport, N. H.; married Dr. David M. Currier; 
they live at Newport. Sadie Helen Converse, born 25 Oct., 1856, at 
Newport; married David Leach; they live at Newport. Hattie Car- 
penter Converse, born 4 Feb., 1865, at Newport; died there 29 Oct., 
1892; married Edwin B. Temple. Eleazer Carpenter Converse, Jr., 
born 17 Oct., 1868, at Ypsilanti, Mich.; married Mabel Bennett 
Garrish; (2) Mary Elizabeth Cameron; they live in Boston. 

8. Miriam Elizabeth Converse, born 13 Feb., 1835; married 17 May, 1858, 

at Lyme, John Frank Smith of Hanover, N. H. 
Marquis Converse, born 12 July, 1789; died 21 Nov., 1840, at Lyme; mar- 
ried 1 Dec, 1814, Electa White of Vershire, Vt., born there 5 Jan., 1793, died 
28 July, 1875, at Lyme, daughter of Samuel and Mary (Cross) White. 

Although most of Marquis Converse's time was required to prepare lands 
for crops, he utilized every facility, and improved every spare moment for 
acquiring knowledge, and when settled in life was regarded by his towns- 
people as a "learned man." 

Children, born at Lyme: 

1. Elvira Converse, born 29 Nov., 181 5; died 2 Jan., 1880, at Lyme; married 

there 1 March, 1837, Capt. Charles Kent. 

2. Maria Louisa Converse, born 28 April, 1817; died 26 Aug., 1888, at 

White Plains, N. Y.; married in Richmond, Va., Dr. Jesse Hopkins 

3. Electa White Converse, born 18 Oct., 1818; died 16 Dec, 1895, at Lyme; 

married there 8 Nov., 1837, Thaxter Foster of Brockton, Mass. 

4. Peter Mills Converse, born 28 Dec, 1820; died 1 April, 1900, at Lyme; 

married 10 June, 1846, Ruth Kimball Eastman, who died 18 April, 
1857; (2) 19 Nov., 1857, at Lyme, Sarah Speare Clement. 

5. Elizabeth Converse, born 8 March, 1823; died 25 Dec, 1890, at Lyme; 

married there 14 April, 1846, George Webster. 

6. Marquis Dexter Converse, born 17 Nov., 1824; died 1855 in Boston, 

Mass.; married 17 Jan., 1848, at East Bridgewater, Mass., Martha 
A. Smith. 

7. Mary Cross Converse, born 8 July, 1826; married 27 Oct., 1846, at 

Lyme, Samuel Storms Houghton. 

8. Amasa Marquis Converse, born 28 Nov., 1828; died 9 April, 1889, 

at San Jose, Cal.; married Emily Clark; (2) at San Jose, Blanche 

9. John Kendrick Converse, born 29 Sept., 1831; united with the Congre- 

gational church at Lyme in 1843; went to the Sandwich Islands in 
1853, and died in Hawaii in i860 or previously. 
10. Alonzo Thornton Converse, born 8 April, 1835; died 6 May, 1891, at 
Lyme; married 13 Jan., 1881, at Corinth, Vt., Julia Annette Clement. 

Elizabeth Converse, born 20 May, 1791; died 16 April, 1863, at Orford- 
ville, N. H.; married Asa Taintor, born September, 1778, at Orford; died 
there 9 Nov., 181 8, son of Deacon Michael and Lydia (Loomis) Taintor; 
(2) 27 Oct., 1 83 1, Ira Morey, born 5 Feb., 1783, at Orfordville, died 18 


March, 1869, at North Bridgewater, son of Benoni and Huldah (Brown) 


1. Elizabeth Converse Taintor, born 12 March, 1812, at Orford; died 22 

Oct., 1877, at Lisbon, N. H.; married January, 1832, at Lyman, N. H., 
John Barber, who died 4 May, 1862; (2) 7 Dec, 1865, at Lyman, 
Erastus Fisk. 

2. John Wells Taintor, born 16 July, 1815, at Orford; died 1 July, 1871, 

at Chester, Pa.; married 5 April, 1854, in Philadelphia, Mrs. Mary 
Caroline (Palmer) Reed. 

3. Harriet Taintor, born 21 July, 1818, at Orford; died 28 Sept., 1887, 

at North Pitcher, N. Y.; married 9 Nov., 1851, at Georgetown, N. Y., 
Thomas Champlain Bates. 

5 Sarah Converse, born 2 July, 1793; died 11 Feb., 1864, at Lyme; married 

May, 1830, at Lyman, Joshua Thornton, born 1 Nov., 1764, at Uxbridge, 
Mass., died 2"] July, 1843, at Lyman. No issue. 

6 Amasa Converse, D.D., born 21 Aug., 1795; died 9 Dec, 1872, in Louis- 

ville, Ky.; married 16 Dec, 1828, at Brunswick, Va., Flavia Booth, born 
23 Dec, 1804, at Longmeadow, Mass., died 26 June, 1885, in Louisville, 

daughter of David and (Colton) Booth. 

Amasa Converse when a boy did not have much time for schooling, most 
of his time being spent with his father and brothers in the fields. At the 
age of ten years he attended a commencement at Dartmouth and he then 
determined to obtain an education. Beginning school later than is usual, 
he became a great student. His vacations were given up to teaching and 
working. He received his diploma from Dartmouth College when twenty 
seven years of age, and entered the ministry, being ordained by the Hanover, 
Va., Presbytery in April, 1826. Obliged to give up his calling because of 
a weak voice and physical inability, he became editor of the Visitor and 
Telegraph and also of the Evangelical and Literary Magazine. Later his 
paper, known as the Southern Religious Telegraph, united with the Philadel- 
phia Observer, to be published thereafter as the Christian Observer. This 
paper is an important factor in the Presbyterian church in the southern 


1. John Thornton Converse, born 1831; died in infancy. 

2. Sarah Elizabeth Converse, born 23 Sept., 1832; unmarried. 

3. William Atkinson Converse, born 1835; died in infancy. 

4. Francis Bartlett Converse, D. D., born 23 June, 1836, at Richmond; 

died 29 Sept., 1907, in Louisville; married 3 May, 1866, Ellen Eliza- 
beth Pollard who died 17 April, 19 12, in Louisville. 

5. Henry Augustus Converse, born 8 May, 1839, in Philadelphia; died 5 

Dec, 1880, at Harrisonburg, Va.; married Eliza Lentz; (2) Maggie 
E. Baer. 

6. Thomas Edwards Converse, D.D., born 25 Oct., 1841, in Philadelphia; 

died 18 Dec, 1913, at Atlanta, Ga.; married Eliza J. Leyburn; (2) 
Rose Baylies Dickey. 

7. James Booth Converse (Rev.), born 8 April, 1844; married Pamelia 

Hopkins Campbell; (2) Eva Almeda Dulaney. 

8. Charles Sidney Converse (Rev.), born I Jan., 1847, in Philadelphia; 

died 28 June, 1903, at Clifton Springs, N. Y.; married Charity Ann 

7 John Kendrick Converse, born 15 June, 1801; died 3 Oct., 1880, at Bur- 

lington, Vt.; married there 21 May, 1834, Sarah Allen, born 13 Aug., 1810, 
at Milton, Vt., died 14 April, 1873, at Burlington, daughter of Hon. Heman 
and Sarah (Prentis) Allen. 

Rev. John K. Converse entered Dartmouth College with the class of 


1827. He developed fine scholarship and literary ability. He became 
principal of a large school at Keene, N. H., and later he conducted a classical 
school in Nottaway Co., Va. He studied theology and became pastor 
of the White Street Congregational church in Burlington, and was principal 
of the Burlington Female Seminary for twenty five years. 
Children, born at Burlington: 

1. Lizzie S. Converse, born 26 Feb., 1835; died 15 May, 1891, at Rosemont, 

Pa., unmarried. 

2. Julia Allen Converse, born 30 Sept., 1837; died 27 Jan., 1914, at Bur- 


3. Helen Christine Converse, born 7 July, 1839. 

4. John Heman Converse, LL.D., born 2 Dec, 1840; died 3 May, 1910, 

at Rosemont; married 9 July, 1873, at Bay Ridge, Long Island (now 
part of Brooklyn), N. Y., Elizabeth Perkins Thompson, born 16 
Dec, 1838, at Utica, N. Y., died 19 Jan., 1906, in Philadelphia, 
daughter of James and Mary Johnson (Bishop) Thompson. He was one 
of Philadelphia's best known and most philanthropic citizens. A grad- 
uate of the University of Vermont, he was a generous donor to that 
institution. His business life was a series of upward steps from his 
first position with the Burlington Daily and Weekly Times; subse- 
quently with the superintendent of the Galena division of the 
Chicago and Northwestern Railway and with the General Superin- 
tendent of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, and finally president 
of the Baldwin Locomotive Works. He early became interested in 
religious matters, in art and civic developments and contributed freely 
from his wealth to further any good work along those lines which came 
to his notice. He held many positions of trust and honor, maintain- 
ing his activities to the end of his life. At his death he was president 
of the Board of Trustees of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian 
Church and Chairman of the World's Evangelistic Committee. {For 
sketch of career see Journal of the Presbyterian Historical Society, 
September, 1910, Vol. V, No. 7, and " Converse and Allied Families," 
Vol. 1, p. 394.) Children: Mary Eleanor Converse, a graduate of 
Bryn Mawr College and much engaged in philanthropic work. John 
Williams Converse, married 6 Jan., 1909, in Wiesbaden, Germany, 
Hiltrud Schierenberg, daughter of Carl and Louise Schierenberg. He 
was formerly a director of the Baldwin Locomotive Works, now (1914) 
partner of Cassatt & Co., bankers in Philadelphia. Helen Prentis 
Converse, married 8 June, 1905, Warren Parsons Thorpe. 

5. William Kendrick Converse, born 3 Jan., 1842; died 27 April, 1844, at 


6. Charles Allen Converse, born 17 May, 1847. He lives in Philadelphia. 

He began business with the Rutland Railroad Company and was later 
teller of the First National Bank of Burlington, which position he 
resigned in 1865 to enter the University of Vermont, from which he 
was graduated in 1869, receiving the degree of A.B., and admission 
to the Phi Beta Kappa, having largely worked his way through college 
by vacation work as telegrapher, stenographer and newspaper reporter. 
From 1870 until 1886 he was in the service of the Central Vermont 
R. R. Co., and its predecessor the Vermont Central Railroad, first 
as secretary to the General Freight Agent, and filling various positions 
until he became Assistant Superintendent of Local Freight Traffic 
and Secretary to General Manager. In 1886 he went to Philadelphia 
as junior partner of the firm of Nichols and Converse, in a lumber 
operation in Pennsylvania. On completion of that work in 1888, he 
became secretary of the de Kosenko and Hetherington Manufacturing 
Company of Philadelphia. In 1897 he became connected with the 
Baldwin Locomotive Works, with whom he remained many years. 


Col. Converse has been much interested in military matters. He 
was a member of the Ransom Guard at St. Albans, Vt., and later aide- 
de-camp to the Governor of Vermont, on his military staff, with rank 
of Colonel. He has been an officer or member of several historical, 
literary and hereditary societies, and of the principal social clubs of 
Philadelphia. He is compiler of "Converse and Allied Families." 
{For a fuller account of his life, see " Converse and Allied Families," 
p. 412.) 

7. Frank Kendrick Converse, born 4 Nov., 1849; died 31 March, 1908, at 

Charlotte, Vt.; married 17 July, 1871, at Brooklyn, Abbie Adelia 
Conner. Children: Sadie Allen Converse, born 10 Sept., 1874, at 
Burlington; married 8 Oct., 1902, at Charlotte, Edgar Lane Leaven- 
worth. Bessie Helena Converse, born 7 June, 1877, at Burlington; 
married 14 Aug., 1907, at Charlotte, Duane Frank Mattison. 

8. Ida Flavia Frederica Converse, born 24 Aug., 1851; married 30 Sept., 

1874, at Burlington, George Foster Simpson, M.D., who died 10 
April, 1910, at North Adams, Mass. 


V. Salmon Bixby (Jonathan, Samuel, Benjamin, Joseph), born 
1772, 1 probably at Charlton, Mass.; died 4 Oct., 1829, l aged fifty- 
seven years, 2 drowned at Parishville, N. Y.; 3 married 26 Sept., 
1798, at Dudley, Mass., 4 Abigail Chamberlain, born 1778, 1 died 
23 June, 1826, 1 aged forty eight years. 2 

Salmon Bixby was a tanner. He removed from Dudley, 5 Mass., 
to Underhill, Vt., thence to Madrid, N. Y., in Jan., 181 1, thence 
to Norfolk, N. Y., in 1823. In their last years, he and his wife 
lived with their son, Parry Clete Bixby, who had purchased a home 
for them. 
Children: 6 

1- 1 Nathaniel Healy, born 17 Dec, 1798, at Dudley; 4 married Marcia 


2- 2 Phebe, born 22 Jan., 1801, at Underhill; married Thomas Fenton. 

3- 3 Parry Clete, born 9 Nov., 1802, at Underhill; married Eliza A. Beals. 

4- 4 Philena, born 29 Aug., 1808, at Underhill; married Thomas Fenton. 

5- 5 Samuel, born 20 Nov., 1812, at Madrid, N. Y.; married Julia M. Kellogg. 

6- 6 Elotia, born about 1814, at Norfolk, N. Y.; married Daniel McKenzie. 
7 Chloe, died young. 

8- 8 Hannah, born 20 March, 1820, at Madrid, N. Y.; married Hiram Dwinell. 

1 Gravestone at Raymondsville, N. Y. 

* Information of Parry C Bixby (13466.3). 
•Information of Mrs. Florence G. Bixby (13466. 3K). 
4 Dudley, Mass., records. 

s 28 Aug., 1800, Salmon Bixby of Underhill bought of Stephen Noble 5 acres of land in Essex. 
(.Essex Deeds, I: 452.) 

• Unsigned family record, in which are found the copies of gravestone inscriptions of Salmon 
Bixby and wife. Descendants frequently give his name as Solomon. 



V. Willard Bixby {Jonathan, Samuel, Benjamin, Joseph), 
baptized 12 July, 1767, at Charlton, Mass.; married 10 July, 1791, 
at Woodstock, Conn., Anna Chapman of Woodstock. 

Children, born at Woodstock: 1 

1 Walter, born 9 Dec, 1795; "disappeared in early life." 
2- 2 Willard, born 13 May, 1798; married Abigail Ferguson. 


V. Chloe Bixby {Jonathan, Samuel, Benjamin, Joseph), born 
1771, probably at Charlton, Mass.; died "aged 101 years" ; 2 married 
Dec, 1805, Josiah Sheldon, 3 of Underhill, Vt., born 1754, at 
East Hartford, Conn., 3 died 11 or 13 Feb., 1843. 4 

She married a veteran of the Revolutionary War, and after his 
death was pensioned, 1850, at which time she was a resident of 
Alburgh, Vt., and aged eighty one years. She was living in Jan., 
1869. 3 From Underhill, Vt., the family removed to Parishville, 
N. Y. She lived with her nephews, Parry C. Bixby (13466.3) and 
Nathaniel H. Bixby (13466. 1), until her son put her in the "Old 
Ladies Home" in Syracuse, N. Y. where she died. 2 

Josiah Sheldon made application for a pension 17 Aug., 1832, 
declaring that he was born at East Hartford, Conn., in 1754, and 
resided at Northampton and Manchester when he served in the 
Massachusetts troops as follows: Enlisted in Nov., 1775, in Capt. 
Josiah Lyman's Co., for four months; enlisted Sept., 1776, and 
served until Nov., 1776, under Capt. Walls, Col. Moseley's Co., 
for two months. He was called out on an alarm to Bennington, 
but did not reach there in time for the battle, and served two weeks. 
He enlisted in Sept., 1777, under Lieut. Seth Hunt and served one 
month. He was at the battle of Stillwater when Burgoyne re- 
treated; enlisted in the fall of 1781, under Capt. Thomas Barney, 
for two weeks. He also stated that he married in Dec, 1805, 
Chloe Bixby. 3 
I Sheldon, a son, died in California prior to 1898, being killed in a gold 


1 Woodstock, Conn., records. 'Information of Mrs. Helen L. Grant (13466.39). 

■ Papers U. S. Pension Bureau. 

4 The records of this family were obtained from grandnieces of Chloe (Bixby) Sheldon. 


2 Parry Clete Sheldon; twice married. He was a teacher in Vermont, 
and later at Ottawa, Can., and is said to have been president of a collegiate 
institution, and in 1900 was said to have been deceased several years. His 
first wife died at Ottawa. He married ''about five years later" (1856?). 
His children Franklin and Edna visited relatives in Norfolk, N. Y., prior to 
1856. 1 
Children, by first marriage: 

1. Franklin Sheldon. 

2. Marcus Sheldon. 

3. Edna Sheldon. 

By second marriage: 

4. A daughter, aged about six months in (1856?). 1 


V. Sarah Bixby (Sampson, Samuel, Benjamin, Joseph), born, 
about 1763, at Barre, Mass.; married 2 there 4 Oct., 1781, David 
Smith of Barre. 3 In April, 1799, he joined with Mary Bixby, 
widow, Polly Bixby, spinster, both of Barre, Samuel Bixby of 
Hubbardston, Rufus and Salmon Bixby, in selling land in Barre, 
part of the estate of Sampson Bixby of Barre, deceased. 4 

Children: 3 

1 William Smith, born 31 May, 178s. 5 

2 Nathaniel Smith, born 6 May, 1788, at Barre. 

3 Mary Smith, born 13 May, 1792, at Barre; married there 6 Oct., 1842, Marvin 

Ashley, of Leverett, Mass. 

4 Samuel Smith, born 14 March, 1796, at Barre. 8 

5 Sarah Smith, born 14 Feb., 1800. 


V. Samuel Bixby (Sampson, Samuel, Benjamin, Joseph), born 
1764 at Barre, Mass.; died 8 Dec, 1855; married 5 Oct., 1786, in 
Worcester, Mass., 7 Sarah Smith, who died 9 April, 1849, aged 
eighty three years, 8 of typhoid fever, daughter of Robert and Sarah 
Smith of Worcester. 

Samuel Bixby lived at Barre, although not all of his childrens' 
births are recorded there. He also lived in Hubbardston, and 

1 Letters of Parry C. Sheldon (1346J.2) quoted by Mrs. Helen L. Grant. 

1 She married, second, it is said, Jonathan Walker, of Petersham, but the marriage is not recorded. 
Mrs. Ruth Smith of Barre and Jonathan Smith were married in 1831. She was Ruth Weeks, 
widow of that David Smith who died in 1829, act. 70 years. 

» Barre Vital Records. 4 Worcester Deeds, 166: 436. 

1 William Smith and Elizabeth Allen married at Barre, 10 Jan., 1808, was perhaps this William. 

• Samuel Smith, 2nd., and Betsy Burt married at Barre. 26 Sept., 1821, was perhaps this Samuel. 

' Worcester marriages. 8 Barre Vital Records. 



removed to Clarendon, Vt., in 1807. He is probably that Samuel 
Bixby who served as a private from 30 April to 4 Aug., 1780, in a 
company commanded by Capt. Abijah Burbank, Col. Jacob Davis' 
regiment, for whom no residence appears on the rolls. Solomon 
Bixby was in the same company. 
Children: l 

1- 1 Robert, born about 1788, at Barre; married Philanda Grover. 

2- 2 Ruth, born 13 March, 1790; married Joseph Osgood. 
3 Sally, died aged about eighteen years. 

4- 4 Emerson, born 28 Aug., 1797, at Barre; married Laura Doane. 

5 Dulcina, died before she reached her eighteenth year. 
6- 6 Wesson, born 1807, at Barre; married Mary P. Hartwell. 


V. Rufus Bixby (Sampson, Samuel, Benjamin, Joseph), born n 
July, 1768, at Barre, Mass.; died 19 June, 1857; married, probably 
in 1795, Lois Woodard of Amherst, Mass., who died 5 March, 


1- 1 Maria, born 27 April, 1796, at Barre, Mass.; married Chester Kellogg. 

2- 2 Dorothy Whiting, born 11 May, 1806, at Amherst; married Stillman 


Rufus Bixby was a cabinet maker, and lived most of his married 
life in Amherst, Mass. He had the homestead in Barre, and settled 
his father's estate after his mother's death. He probably removed 
to Orange in 1794, as on the 13 Feb., 1794, as of Barre he bought 
land in Orange. He sold land in Orange that year and also 25 
March, 1795, an d on neither occasion does a wife appear in the 
deed, indicating that he did not marry until after the last men- 
tioned date. In 1799 he was in Partridgefield, Mass., 2 but in 1802 
his name appears on a list of the legal voters of Amherst. 


V. Salmon Bixby 3 (Sampson, Samuel, Benjamin, Joseph), born 
9 May, 1775, at Barre, Mass.; 4 died 4 Dec, 1864, at Vergennes, 

1 Family records collected by Mrs. M. F. Burbank (13476.7-3). 
1 U. S. Direct Tax. He owned and occupied a farm of 180 acres. 

• Mrs. H. S. R. Lewis (13475.4-3) names him as Salmon P. Bixby, but says the P. was an initial 
only. « Information received from Ira D. Bixby (13475.5). 



Vt.; married (intention recorded 13 Aug., 1798, at Peru, Mass.) 
Betsey Richards (1113M-1), born 28 March, 1781,- at Hins- 
dale, Mass., died 21 April, 1885, at Vergennes, daughter of Col. 
William and Bethia (Bixby) Richards. 

Salmon Bixby was a cabinet maker. He removed from Hins- 
dale, Mass., to Vergennes, Vt., about 1832. The old residence in 
Hinsdale was standing, in good repair, in 1909, a story and a half 
house. The work shop was also standing. 

Children, except the eldest, born at Hinsdale: 

1- 1 William Richards, born 29 1 (30) 2 March, 1799, at Amherst, Mass., 

baptized 2 July, 1809; 3 married Lucy E. Gove. 

2- 2 Achsa Richards, born 5 Dec, 1803, 1 baptized 2 July, 1809; 3 married 

Stephen Holland. 

3 Lorenzo, born 12 May, 1813, 4 baptized 4 July, 1813; died 15 Nov., 1889, 
at Kalamazoo, Mich.; married 12 Oct., 1852, at Brandon, Vt., Ellen 
Elizabeth Briggs of Brandon, born 10 April, 1831, at Salisbury, Vt., 
died 25 April, 1906, at Kalamazoo, daughter of Hon. Ebenezer Newell 
and Abigail (Miles) Briggs. No issue. Lorenzo Bixby was for many 
years cashier of the Brandon National Bank of Brandon; removed to 
Kalamazoo about 1865. 

4- 4 Elizabeth Richards, born 10 Aug., 1815, baptized 5 Nov., 1815; 3 married 

John Edward Roberts. 

5- 5 Ira Dwight, born 8 Feb., 1821, 2 baptized 3 June, 1821; 3 married Mary 

A. Flagg. 


V. Jonathan Bixby (Sampson, Samuel, Benjamin, Joseph), 
born 1 1 July , 1 779, at Barre, Mass. ; died 30 Aug. , 1 856, at Williams- 
town, Mass., the result of being thrown from his horse; married 
1 Oct., 1805, at Barre, Abigail Nurse, 5 born 15 Feb., 1785, 6 
died 16 Sept., 1825, at Wallingford, Vt., having been insane for 
seven years. She was daughter of Timothy and Abigail Nurse. 7 
He married, second, 16 Feb., 1828, at Rutland, Vt., 8 Submit 
Kingsley, born there 22 July, 1790, 6 died 25 July, 1870, at North 
Adams, Mass., 6 daughter of Phineas and Abigail (Wood) Kingsley 

1 Hinsdale Vital Records. 'Information received from Ira D. Bixby (13475.5). 

* Baptismal records at Hinsdale, printed in N. E. Hist. Gen. Reg., 57: p. 291. 

'Hinsdale Vital Records give his birth as 12 May, 1822. 

« Barre Vital Records. 6 Records of Mrs. Mary F. Burbank (13476.7-3). 

7 Timothy Nurse was the son of Timothy Nurse of Barre, whose will was allowed 6 Aug., 1781. 
The real estate of the younger Timothy was administered upon by David Wadsworth, who was 
appointed administrator 2 April, 1822. His real estate was divided 27 March, 1823, about 14 
acres being set off in four parcels to William M. Bixby, Lucia A. Hewitt, Clark S. Bixby and Roxanna 
Bixby, children and heirs of his deceased daughter Abigail Bixby. (Worcester Probate.) 

» Rutland records. 


of Rutland. Submit Kingsley was descended from John Kingsley 
who came from Hampshire, England, to Dorchester, Mass., in 
1635, and was one of the "seven pillars" of the church. Her father 
served in the war of the Revolution under Ensign Isaac Cushman 
and Capt. Samuel Williams. He lived at Rutland and was often 
employed in scouting, going north from Bennington to watch the 
movements of the British, Indians, and Tories; and also took his 
turn in garrisoning the rude fortifications at Rutland. After her 
husband's death in 1856, Mrs. Bixby lived with her son Warren 
and removed with him to North Adams, where she died. 

Jonathan Bixby was bound out 25 Sept., 1793 to Samuel Bul- 
lard of Barre to learn the "art and mystery of good Husdandry." 1 
He lived at Shrewsbury, Vt., and later at Wallingford. He was 
a tailor but later a farmer. 2 In March, 1836, the family moved 
to Williamstown 3 to secure educational advantages for the child- 
ren at Williams College. 

Children, born at Wallingford: 

1 William Mason, born 10 Dec, 1809; died, unmarried, 8 Feb., 1831, at 
Wallingford. He was a minister. 4 

2- 2 Clark Smith, born 12 Nov., 1812; 5 married Elizabeth Clark. 

3- 3 Lucia Angeline, born 23 Jan. (or June), 2 1816; married Cyrus Hewitt. 

4- 4 Roxanna, born 2 Nov., 1818; married Rev. Nathaniel E. Pierson. 

By second marriage: 

5- 5 Theron Kingsley, born 12 April, 1829, at Rutland 6 ; married Sabrina 


6- 6 Margaret Dewing, born 5 Jan., 1831; married Rev. Joseph D. Strong. 

7- 7 Warren Hibbard, born 24 Aug., 1832; married Mary H. Gould. 


V. Patty (Polly?) Bixby (Sampson, Samuel, Benjamin, Joseph), 
born 28 June, 1782, at Barre, Mass.; died 25 Dec, 1821; married 
3 Feb., 1805, Timothy Nurse, born 19 July, 1781, at Barre, 7 
died 7 Jan., 1864, 8 son of Timothy and Experience Nourse. 7 

1 Original paper in possession of Warren H. Bixby (13476.7). 

'Records of Mrs. Mary F. Burbank (13476.7-3). 

• Jonathan Bixby and wife Submit, of Wallingford. sell 76 acres land in Part rid gefield, Mass. 
(Berkshire Deeds, 90: 433.) * Information of Ira D. Bixby (13475.5). 

5 He is said to have been born at Washington, Vt. Neither Wallingford nor Washington records 
mention the births of children of Jonathan, who, however, was a member of the Congregational 
Church there. 6 Bible of Theron K. Bixby in possession of Margaret Bixby Demond (13476.52). 

7 Barre Vital Records. ' Timothy Nourse and Ann Wallis married 9 Feb., 1826 (Barre Vital 
Records), possibly a second marriage. 


Children: 1 

1 Adeline Nourse, born 4 Aug., 1808; married 9 Oct., 1835, 2 Caleb Nourse of 


Children, born at Barre: 

1. Henry C. Nourse, born 9 Oct., 1837. 

2. Anson Haskell Nourse, born 11 Dec, 1838. 

2 Mary Ann Nourse, born 28 July, 1810; married 8 Jan., 1843, at Barre, 

Aaron Nye Cushing. 3 


1. Nelson Cushing, (perhaps the "son" born 29 Dec, 1846). 3 

2. Martha Cushing. 

3. John Cushing, born 28 Nov., 1847, at Barre. 

4. Charles Cushing. 

3 Newell Nourse, born 22 Nov., 1814; died 8 June, 1816. 

4 Louise Nourse, born 28 Dec, 181 7; died 25 Feb., 1825. 

5 George W. Nourse, born 16 Oct., 1820; died 22 April, 1847, by blowing up 

of a powder mill, aet. 26 years. 


V. Joel Bixby (Solomon, Samuel, Benjamin, Joseph), born 15 
Nov., 1768, at Barre, Mass.; died 13 May, 1820, in Worcester, Mass.; 
married there 27 Nov., 1793, Sally Moore, 4 born there 7 Dec, 1772, 
died 1 May, 1848, at Chazy, N. Y., daughter of John and Persis 

Joel Bixby possessed land in Worcester and Ward, now Auburn. 
In 1807, he joined with his sisters, heirs of Solomon Bixby, in selling 
200 acres of land in Stratton, Vt. 5 He left a small estate, adminis- 
tration on which was declined by his widow Sally Bixby, 29 May, 
1820. He was a member of the school committee, highway sur- 
veyor, and collector of taxes in 18 10. 

Children,* born in Worcester: 

1- 1 Persis, born 1 Dec, 1794; married Andrew Slater. 

2- 2 Asa, born 29 July, 1796; married Lydia Bullis. 

3- 3 Rufus, born 3 April, 1798; married Lucy Smith; (2) Mary B. Stone. 

4- 4 Joel, born 4 Feb., 1800; married Eunice E. Churchill. 

5- 5 Sarah, born 12 Sept., 1802; married Nicholas H. Mooers. 6 
6 Louisa, born 8 Dec, 1805; died 24 July, 1822. 6 

7- 7 Solomon, born 5 March, 1808; married Martha R. Whittemore. 

8- 8 Horace, born 29 July, 1810; married Rebecca Moore. 

1 Not found on Barre records. 

» Barre Vital Records. The record of the intention of marriage is found at Barre, 12 Sept., 
183s, when the bride was called of Clarendon, Vt. 

•Barre Vital Records. 'Worcester Deeds, 202: 623. 

• Worcester records. 8 Family record on file. 



V. Kate Bixby (Solomon, Samuel, Benjamin, Joseph), born 14 
Oct., 1771, at Barre, Mass.; died 12 May, 1815; married 17 April, 
1792, in Worcester, Mass., Nathaniel Stowell, born 19 April, 
1770, in Worcester, son of Lt. Benjamin 1 and Abigail Stowell. 
Nathaniel Stowell married, second, 26 Jan., 1816, Lucretia Wil- 
Children, 2 born in Worcester: 

1 Sophia Stowell, born 21 March, 1793; probably married 9 Sept., 1812, Lewis 


2 Leonard Worcester Stowell, born 28 May, 1796; died 10 July, 1846, in 

Worcester; married Lavenia Goddard, who died 17 Aug., 1846, aged 48, 
in Worcester, daughter of Luther Goddard. 

3 Maria Stowell, born 20 April, 1800. 

4 Elmira Stowell, born 27 Sept., 1801; probably married 13 April, 1824, 

Zenas Studley. 

5 Eliza Stowell, born 15 Sept., 1808; died 4 July, 1809. 

6 Amelia Stowell, born 17 Aug., 1810, probably married 2 Oct., 1832, James 

S. Woodworth. 


V. Esther (Hadassah) Bixby (Solomon, Samuel, Benjamin, 
Joseph), baptized 2 Aug., 1778, in Worcester, Mass., as Hadassah, 
but in adult age known as Esther; married (intention at Leicester, 
Mass., as Esther, 17 March, 1798) Jonas Rice, born 4 Nov., 1775, 
in Worcester, 3 son of Jonathan 4 and Eunice (Whipple) Rice. 
Children, 5 except the eldest, born in Worcester: 

1 Sewell Rice, born 3 Nov., 1798, at Leicester; married Hannah D. Wash- 

burn. 5 He removed to Springfield, Mass., in 1852. 


1. Nancy A. Rice, born 23 Oct., 1828. 

2. Amelia W. Rice, born 14 April, 1830; died 13 May, 1852. 

3. Judith A. Rice, born 15 Feb., 1834. 

2 Jonathan Rice, born 28 Feb., 1801 ; married 25 June, 1825, Miriam Rockwell, 5 

who was born at Stafford, Conn. 


1. William H. Rice, born in 1827. 

2. Mary E. Rice, born in 1829. 

3. George Rice, born in 1832. 

1 Lieutenant under General Amherst, 1759. 

'Worcester Births, Marriages, and Deaths. The name of the wife of Nathanel Stowell in 
marriage and birth records appears as Catey or Katey. 

> Worcester births, where the children are recorded as of Jonas and Esther Rice. 

* Jonathan Rice was a prominent citizen of Worcester. He was deputy sheriff of the county, 
and during the Revolutionary War was an active patriot. 

s Letter of Seth Z. Rice, Detroit, Mich., who apparently obtained his information from the Rice 
Genealogy (1858). 


3 Eunice Whipple Rice, born 25 Dec, 1802; married 16 Sept., 1830, 1 C. Foster 

Briscoe, of Spencer, Mass., where he was born. No issue. 

4 Nancy Rice, born 20 Nov., 1804; died in 1825. 2 

5 Sally Rice, born 15 Sept., 1808; married 8 April, 1829, in Worcester, Henry 

Goulding, 1 who was born there. 


1. Sarah Goulding, born in 1830. 

2. William H. Goulding, born in 1833. 

3. Sewall F. Goulding, born in 1836; died in 1848. 

6 Esther Clark Ricf, born 4 Dec, 1810; died July, 1854, at Leicester; married 

11 May, 1831, 2 in Worcester, Loring Young, who was born at Leicester. 


1. Caroline Young, born in (1836?); died in 1850. 

2. George Young, born in (1838?). 

3. Sewall F. Young, born in (1840?). 

4. Frederick R. Young, born in (1847?). 

7 Catherine Rice, born 24 Sept., 1813; died in 1840, at Brookfield, Mass.; 

married there James C. Rice 2 of Brookfield, born there 16 April, 181 5. 


1. Eunice Rice, born in 1839; died 1841. 

8 Emily Rice, born 24 April, 1818; married 25 Oct., 1843, in Worcester, Parley 

Holman. 1 

1. Catherine F. Holman, born about 1844. 

2. Henry G. Holman, born about 1849. 

3. Amelia C. Holman, born about 1853. 


V. Ruth Bixby (Daniel, George, Benjamin, Joseph), born 30 
Sept., 1745, at Topsfield, Mass.; died 24 June, 1824, aged seventy 
eight years and eight months; 3 married (intention published 23 
June, 1776) Ephraim Towne, born 5 Jan., 1753, at Topsfield, 4 
died 15 July, 1804, aged fifty two years, 3 son of Ephraim and Sarah 
(Bragg) Towne of Topsfield. 

They lived at Topsfield. They receipted in 1785 for the legacy 
given them in the will of their grandfather, George Bixby. 5 


1 Child, died in infancy. 

2 Ephraim Towne, born 8 Aug., 1778; died 27 Oct., 1799, 6 aged twenty one 


3 Daniel Towne, born 27 April, 1781, at Topsfield; died 23 June, 1845; mar- 

ried 21 April, 1806, Abigail Lake; (2) 22 March, 1828, 4 Nancy Wyatt. 

Children,* by first marriage: 

1. Daniel Towne, born 11 March, 1810, at Topsfield. 

2. Ephraim Towne, born 3 April, 1814; died June, 1814. 

3. Sewall Lake Towne, born 27 Sept., 1817, at Topsfield. 

1 Worcester marriages. 

•Letter of Seth Z. Rice, Detroit, Mich., who apparently obtained his information from the Rice 
Genealogy (1858). 

•Topsfield Vital Records. ■ Essex Probate, 360: 181. 

« Towne Genealogy. • Church records. 


4 Ruth Towne, born 17 July, 1783; married Nathaniel B. Wells. 


V. Benjamin Bixby (Benjamin, George, Benjamin, Joseph), born 
2 Jan., 1747-8, at Topsfield, Mass.; died 3 Feb., 1830; 1 married 
9 Oct., 1770, at Topsfield, Peggy Peabody, 2 born there 13 April, 
1748, died there 23 Jan., 1805, 3 daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth 
(Bradstreet) Peabody. 4 He married, second (intention 3 Nov., 
1805), Mrs. Olive (Gage) Brown, who died 20 Sept., 1840, at 
Boxford, Mass., aged 85 years. 5 
Children: 6 

1 Sarah, born 19 Aug., 1771, at Topsfield; married (intention 24 March*) 

14 April, 1 81 1, at Ipswich, 7 Abraham Howe. 8 

2 Joseph, born 28 April, 1773; died 4 April, 1849, aged 76 years, 1 unmarried. 

3 Benjamin, born 11 Oct., 1777; died 2 June, 1795, aged 17 years. 1 

4- 4 Elizabeth, born 18 Aug., 1779; married Daniel Pingry. 

5- 5 Daniel, born 19 Jan., 1781; married Sally Towne. 

6- 6 Margaret, born 30 May, 1783; married Abel Howe. 

7- 7 Asa, born 24 July, 1786, at Topsfield; 2 married Eleanor Howe. 

Benjamin Bixby removed to Georgetown, Mass. He was 
deacon in the Baptist church. He also lived at Salem, N. H., 
but at his death was a resident of Boxford. He deeded his farm 
in Topsfield to his son Daniel, half in 1805, the remainder in 1820. 
He was described as a cordwainer. In 1798, he and Daniel, 
probably his son, were the only persons of the name appearing 
as land-owners in Topsfield. 9 

> Boxford Vital Records. ■ Topsfield Vital Records. ■ Ibid., as Margaret. 

4 Joseph Peabody was born 14 June, 1704. His wife, Elizabeth Bradstreet, a great-granddaugh- 
ter of Gov. Simon Bradstreet, was born 20 Nov., 1729. 

* Private record quoted in Boxford Vital Records. Olivia Bixby, aged 85 years, living with 
Solomon Perley at Boxford, Mass., is enumerated in the Census of Pensioners, 1840. 

* All except Asa found on Salem, N. H., records. The birth of Benjamin and marriage of 
George are incorrectly printed in the History of Salem. 

' Ipswich Church records printed in Ipswich Vital Records, where the bride's name is printed Bisbey. 

* Abraham Howe was a brother of the husband of Margaret Bixby (13531.6), and of the wife of 
Asa Bixby (i353i-7). He was apparently living in Ipswich in 1816. Sarah Howe, widow, of Box- 
ford, and Joseph Bixby of Topsfield, yeoman, conveyed to Clarissa Perly, wife of Solomon Perly, all 
their right in the estate of their father, Benjamin Bixby, 19 April, 1842. (Essex Deeds, 331: 
20.) One of the witnesses was Abraham P. Howe. 

•U. S. Direct Tax. In 1775 or 1776 Benjamin Bixby was one of a committee at Salem, 
N. H., to consult with out of town military companies, and in 1777 one of a committee to enlist 
men. In 1780 he was Selectman, and 23 Nov., 1781, "Captain" Benjamin Bixby was sum- 
moned to give evidence. Benjamin Bixby, private in Capt. Wm. Fletcher's Co., Col. Simond'i 
Regt., marched to Pawlet on alarm of 13 Oct., 1780, and served six days. These references may 
refer to Benjamin (13531) or to his father. 



V. Dudley Bixby (Benjamin, George, Benjamin, Joseph), born 
25 Feb., 1756, at Topsfield, Mass.; died 15 Nov., 1813, aged fifty 
seven years; 1 married 17 Oct., 1780, Elizabeth Pingree (Pingry), 
born 3 Feb., 1757, 2 at Methuen, Mass., baptized there, died 2 
Jan., 1816, aged fifty eight years, 1 daughter of Moses and Anne 
(Carlton) 3 Pingree of Methuen. 4 


1 Anne (or Nancy), born 21 Aug., 1781, at Methuen; 2 married 12 March, 

1 80 1, Nathaniel Merrill. 

2 Elizabeth, born 3 Sept., 1783; 2 at Methuen; died 1 April, 1841, at Me- 

thuen, unmarried. 

3 Dudley, born 29 March, 1787; 2 died unmarried in early manhood. 

4- 4 John Pingree, born 1 April, 1790, at Methuen; married Rebecca Carlton. 

5- 5 Moses, born Dec, 1791, at Salem, N. H.; married Hannah Parker. 

6 James, born 12 Dec, 1796, 2 at Methuen; died 2 April, 1826, 2 at 
Methuen. He was a cordwainer. 

Dudley Bixby at the time of his marriage lived at Windham, 
N. H. He was a tanner and currier, also a husbandman. He lived 
at Windham until 1781, when he settled in Methuen, Mass., where 
he carried on his business as a tanner. In 1781, he and John Pin- 
gree bought a farm in Methuen 5 of James Silver, paying £750 for 
it. The next year he bought adjoining land of John Pingree. 
He also bought land there, 1787, of Moses Pingree. 5 Dudley Bixby 
had the following record of service in the Revolution: Dudley 
Bigsbe of Topsfield, private, Capt. Joseph Gould's company, 
Col. John Baker's regiment, which marched on the alarm of 19 
April, 1775; service five days. Dudley Bigsby of Topsfield, private, 
Capt. John Baker's company, Col. Doolittle's regiment, muster 
roll dated 1 Aug., 1775; enlisted 17 May (also given 2 May), 1775; 
service two months, nineteen days. Also on company return 
(probably Oct., 1775) as aged twenty years. Dudley Bixby of 
Topsfield, private, Capt. John Baker's company, Col. Moses Little's 
regiment, received an order for a bounty coat, dated 11 Dec, 1775. 

1 Gravestone at Methuen. * Methuen Vital Records. 

* On a sunny knoll in the pasture of the old Pingree farm in Methuen is a lonely grave. A little 
headstone, with letters almost illegible reads: "In memory of Ann ye wife of Moses Pingree who 
died of ye small pox, Feb. ye 20, 1763, ae. 29 years." Tradition says the disease was brought to 
them by a way-farer whom they befriended. She left three or four little children one of whom was 
Elizabeth, the wife of Dudley Bixby. (Letter of C. H. T. Mann.) 

'Church records. 'Essex Deeds, 140: 152; 143: 103. 



V. George Bixby (Benjamin, George, Benjamin, Joseph), born 
7 May, 1762, 1 at Topsfield, Mass.; died 6 Jan., 1828, at Warren, 
N. H.; 1 married (26) 2 28 June, 1788, 1 at Salem, N. H., Sarah 
Annis, born 12 July, 1769, 3 died 13 Sept., 1844, aged seventy five 
years, 1 daughter of Jesse and Sarah Annis 4 of Londonderry, N. H. 1 
Children: 5 

1- 1 George, born 14 Oct., 1788, at Salem, N. H.; 2 married Sabina Merrill; 

(2) Lucinda Eastman. 

2- 2 Benjamin, born 6 April, 1790, at Salem; 2 married Mary B. Cleasby. 

3- 3 Anna, born 8 Feb., 1792, at Salem; married Solomon Cotton. 

4 Joseph, born 2 March, 1794, at Fairlee, Vt.; died 31 Dec, 1879, at Warren, 
where he had held prominent positions in town and church for many 
5- 5 Samuel Bradstreet, 6 born 13 May, 1796, at Fairlee; married Nancy C. 
Martin; (2) Elizabeth W. Jackson; (3) Eleanor K. True. 

6 Sally (Sarah), born 28 May, 1798, at Fairlee; died 3 Nov., 1815, at 


7 Mary, born 29 June, 1800, 7 at Fairlee; died 3 Nov., 1815. 7 

8- 8 Betsey, born 9 Dec, 1802, at Fairlee; married Nathaniel Merrill. 

9 Dudley, born 6 Dec, 1804, at Warren; died there 24 Aug., 1808. 

10 Asa, born 10 Feb., 1807, at Warren; 1 died there 13 Nov., 1808. 1 

11 Hannah Bartlett, born 12 Feb., 1809, at Warren; died there 4 Nov., 1815. 1 

12 Dudley, born 13 Oct., 181 1, 1 at Warren; died 13 Oct., 1815. 

1 From a record in bible of George Bixby (13538), in which is found the births of children as 
here given. It is now in possession of Benj. F. Bixby (13538.264). 

s Salem, N. H., records. 

8 This birth date appears in a family record begun by Benjamin BLxby in a book bought by him 
in 1736-7, and in which is found a record of all of his immediate descendants, including the four 
eldest children of George and Sarah. 

4 Jesse Annis died 20 Oct., 1820, and his wife, Sarah, died 14 Oct., 1794- Their children, as 
taken from a record of the last century, torn from a "little book, " by Mrs. Elsie A. M. Merrill 
(13338.52) were as follows: "The age of Jesse Annis children: Joseph Annis, born May the 13. 
1766. Sarah Annis, Born July the 12, 1769. Phebe Annis Born September the 18, 1771- David 
Annis, Born May the 19, 1773. Jesse Annis, Born January the 21, 1775- Abigeel Annis, Born 
January the 28,1777. Molle Annis, Born Janur 13, 1779. Baby Annis, Born October 6, 1780. 
Bets Annis, Born July 1, 1782: thomas Annis Born May 17. 1784." 

There was also a younger child, William Annis. The eldest was born in Methuen. Jesse Annis 
was probably a descendant of Carmac alias Charles Annis, born in Enniskillen, Ireland, 1636, 
who settled in Newbury, Mass., and married 15 May, 1666, Sarah Chase. The Annis family were 
a hardy, long lived race. The family name is of great antiquity, and of Scottish origin, supposed 
to be from the land of Innis; the Gaelic word Inah, an island, being presumably its root. Part of 
the territory in Scotland where the family bearing the names Innis, Innes, Ennis and Annis 
lived was an island formed by two branches of a stream. 

5 The dates of birth except of the youngest child are from Warren, N. H., town records and from 
bible of George Bixby (13538). 

• In his father's bible no middle name appears. 

' In her father's bible her birth is recorded as "Dolly," and her death as "Polly". 


George Bixby, Peter Carlton, of Haverhill, Mass., and Timothy 
Dustin of Salem purchased of Alexander Wilson, guardian of George 
Wilson, 1 a tract of land in Salem, N. H., 24 April, 1788. Imme- 
diately following his marriage, George Bixby settled at Salem. 
The United States Census of 1790 found him there, his family 
consisting of himself, two males under sixteen years and four 
females. He engaged in teaming from Northern Vermont and 
Canada to Boston, and his familiarity with the country through 
which he passed led him to select a farm in the beautiful valley of 
Fairlee, Vt., which he purchased, and to which he removed his 
family in 1793. During the ten years' residence at Fairlee, Mr. 
Bixby became prominent in town affairs. About 1803 the family 
removed to Warren, N.H. In 1815 "spotted fever" became epi- 
demic at Warren, and among the families who suffered was that 
of George Bixby, who lost four children within ten days. 


V. Rachel Bixby (Benjamin, George, Benjamin, Joseph), born 
18 Oct., 1764, at Topsfield, Mass.; married 4 April, 1786, at Salem, 
N. H., William Huse Stevens; 2 married, second, Murray. 


1 Asa Stevens, 2 born 6 Dec, 1786, at Salem, N. H. 
By second marriage: 

2 Murray, a son, a clergyman in the Universalist church. 


V. David Bixby (Amos, Nathan, Benjamin, Joseph), baptized 
18 Feb., 1753, at Thompson, Conn.; married Sally or Katherine 
Aldrich 3 of Pomfret, Conn. She is said to have been well edu- 
cated for her time, and much beloved by those who had the good 
fortune to be numbered among her friends. It is also said that the 
complexion of her descendants is darker than the usual "light 
or sandy complexion" supposed to be characteristic of this branch 
of the family. 

1 Deeds at Exeter, N. H. 

1 Salem, N. H., records. 

'Her name is said to be Maria Catherine Aldrich by Thompson A. Bixby (13622. 121). 


Children, probably all born at Guilford, Vt.: 

1- 1 Stephen, 1 born 8 Oct., 1778; married Desire Gore; (2) Betsy Gore. 

2- 2 David, born 16 April, 1785; married Eunice Carpenter. 

3 Betsey, died 14 Sept., 1857, unmarried, aged sixty years.* 
4- 4 Cynthia (Polly), married Noah Shepardson, Jr. 

David Bixby removed to Guilford, Vt., about 1776. 

In the United States Census of 1790, he is enumerated in Guil- 
ford, and stated to have had in his family, himself, two males 
under sixteen years, and two females. Possibly he lived also 
at Newfane. His father "was a very severe and stern man and 
one whom his family feared whether they loved or reverenced him 
or not. I do not know how many children he had, but one son, 
David, came to Guilford about the year 1776 or 1777. He was 
our great grandfather. He had at the time one child (Stephen, 
our grandfather), who was then about one year old. He had two 
sons and two daughters, Stephen, David, Betsy, Cynthia. David 
removed in early life to Pennsylvania. Cynthia married Noah 
Shepardson. . . . Aunt Betsy, you doubtless remember on 
account of her money digging hallucinations and other eccentric- 
ities. She died a maiden lady. When our great grandfather came 
to Guilford there were a numerous family in that town and in 
Brattleboro (i. e. by name of Bixby). They lived in the south 
part of Brattleboro and north part of Guilford. They were dis- 
tant relatives of David. I think many of them were cousins to 
David, and I think one or two uncles ... I remember many 
of that branch. . . . They were all characteristic frontier 
men, as rough as the roughest." 3 


V. Asa Bixby (Amos, Nathan, Benjamin, Joseph), baptized 13 
April, 1755, at Thompson, Conn.; died prior to Oct., 1795; 4 married 

Ruth , who did not long survive her husband. She was 

a resident of Randolph, Vt., at the time of her death. Adminis- 
tration on the estate of Ruth Bixby of that place was granted to 
Theophilus S. Hanks of Randolph, 25 March, 1799. 5 

1 Mrs. Cordelia P. Day (13622. 16-1) suggests that Stephen may have been born in Halifax, Vt. 

•Guilford records. 'Letter of N. H. Bixby (13622.133) to a cousin, dated 1886. 

4 Levi Thompson of Pownal, Vt., sells to Ruth Bixby, widow of Asa BLxby, late of Windsor, land 
there, 12 Oct., 1795. (Berkshire Deeds, Adams Registry, 4: 238.) See also will of his father Amos 
Bixby (1362). 

6 Probate records of Randolph District. The following children are named, — Chester, Ruth, 
Richard, Asa, Zeruah (Zerviah). 


Children, 1 born probably at Windsor, Mass.: 

I- I Chester, born prior to Aug., 1790; married. 

2 Ruth, born perhaps prior to 1790; married Reuben Hall, and lived in 
Lisle, 2 Broome Co., N. Y., as late as 1845. 

3- 3 Richard, born 15 Aug., 1788; 3 married Deliverance Reynolds. 

4- 4 Asa, born 8 March, 1792; 4 married Sally (Taylor) Chaffee. 
5 Zeruah (Zerviah). 

Asa Bixby settled in Windsor, Mass., and was enumerated there 
in the census of 1790, having a family consisting of himself, two 
males under sixteen years of age, and two females. He must have 
died soon after, as he was deceased in 1798, and his wife had probably 
died that winter. The children were bound out, and it fell to the 
lot of Richard to live with an uncle, from whom he ran away. Amos 
Bixby (1362) by will dated Sept., 1798, left his real estate to son 
David and heirs of son Asa, deceased. The estate was not settled 
until 1 8 12, and there is nothing to show that Asa's children received 
any portion of what was probably a small estate. 

Windsor was formerly known as Gagetown. In 1783, when the 
town was divided into school districts, Asa Bixby lived in the 
North District, 5 that part of the town toward Chester and Savoy. 
A part of Chester was formerly in Windsor. 

An Asa Bixby of Reading, Vt., served from 1 Aug., 1777, until 
1 Jan., 1778, in Capt. John Parker's company, Col. Robinson's 


V. Elizabeth Bixby {Amos, Nathan, Benjamin, Joseph) , baptized 
15 April, 1759, at Thompson, Conn.; died 25 March, 1807, at 
Tunbridge, Vt. ; 6 married 21 April, 1785, at Thompson, 7 David 
Grow, born 30 Sept., 1761, at Oxford, Mass., died 10 Jan., 1851, 
son of John and Mary (Farrington) Grow (or Groo). He mar- 
ried, second, 1807, Martha Hatch, and had children. 6 

1 The four eldest are named by G. S. Bixby (13623.316), Herbert Bixby (13623.464) and Perley 
H. Bixby (13623. 31-7), as well as other members of the family. An unsigned genealogical return 
from a descendant of Lucius E. Bixby (13623.31) adds Zeruah and Schuyler. No further trace 
has been found of Schuyler. Most of the family assert that the children of Asa were born in Ver- 

J Charles R. Bixby (13623.362) stated that the Halls settled in Triangle, Broome Co., N. Y. 

s Information of G. S. Bixby (13623.316), who thought Richard was born in Greenwich, N. Y. 

* Information of Herbert Bixby (13623.464). 6 Letter of town clerk of Windsor. 

•John Grow of Ipswich: John Groo of Oxford, by Davis-1013. The compiler mistakenly gave 
the parentage of Elizabeth (Bixby) Grow as Jonathan and Elizabeth Bixby, and the marriage 
as 1778. 1 Thompson church records. 


They removed to Tunbridge, about 1782. David Grow enlisted 
at Thompson, Sept., 1779, in Durkee's regiment and served five 
months. He re-enlisted in Capt. Hart's Co., Swift's Regt. (Ver- 
mont troops), in June, 1780, and served eight months. He again 
enlisted in June, 1781, and served eight months in a Vermont or- 
ganization commanded by Capt. Moulton. He was pensioned in 
1832, and was then of Randolph, Vt., a Methodist minister. 1 

Children: 2 

1 Ira Grow, born I Dec, 1789, at Tunbridge; died May, 1857, at Lowell, 

Vt.; married, about 1820, Elizabeth Kidder, who died at Calmar, la., 
whither they had removed from Cabot, Vt., about 1862. 
Children, born at Lowell, or Cabot: 

1. Solon Grow, born 1825; died 1854, at Lowell, no issue. 

2. Carlos Grow, born 6 April, i827;]died 21 Aug., 1892, at Verdon, S. D.; 

married 26 Nov., 1856, Ann M. Livingston, who died 16 Jan., 1892, 
at Verdon. Children. 

3. Oscar Grow, born 10 June, 1828; died 4 April, 1896, at Mitchell, la., 

where his widow now lives; married Ann Russell; (2) 18 Nov., 1 881, 
Nettie Rapp. Children by second marriage. 

4. Jeannette Grow, born March, 1830, at Cabot; died 1869 at Mitchell; mar- 

ried, i860, at Calmar, Thomas Pool. Three children died in infancy. 

2 Elizabeth Grow, born 19 March, 1793; died Oct., 1857; married 


3 Abigail Grow, born Sept., 1797; died 1859. 


V. Darius Bixby (Amos, Nathan, Benjamin, Joseph), born 4 
Sept., 1761, baptized 1 Nov., 1761, at Thompson, Conn.; 2 died 
18 Sept., 1834, in Pennsylvania; married 6 Jan., 1788, Rachel 
Smith, who died 31 May, 1845, in Pennsylvania. 

1- 1 Neomi, born 18 Sept., 1788, at Killingly, Conn.; married Zyrah Bryan; 

(2) Horace Birchard. 

2- 2 Darius, born 25 Feb., 1792; married Lodema Mott. 

3 Betsey, born 1794; died 1 Nov. 1846, aged 52 years; unmarried. 3 

4- 4 Asa, born 1796 "in Vt."; married Almenia West. 

5- 5 Richard, born 14 March, 1800; married Mary Birge. 

6- 6 Amos, born 28 July, 1803 (perhaps at Wardsboro, Vt.); married Fanny 

Birchard; (2) Lydia G. Sheffield. 
7 Smith, born 1808; died 12 Feb., 1837, aged 29 yearr; 4 married, but had 
no issue. Smith Bixby was a Baptist minister. He was pleading with 

'Davis: John Grow of Ipswich: John Groo of Oxford, 1913. 

1 Church records. 'Unsigned family record. 

* Information of Miss Fannie E. Bixby (13625.5-3). 


young men of his vicinity to enter church relations, when he was taken sick, 
and died within two weeks. His death was followed by a great revival 
in religion. It is thought that the scene of his labors was Laceyville, 
Pa. 1 

Darius Bixby settled first in western Vermont but soon after 
removed to Rush, 2 Susquehanna Co., Pa., when the country was 
yet a wilderness. Unbroken forests stretched to Friendsville, eight 
miles distant, in which the presence of bears and wolves made it 
dangerous to go unarmed. 1 

Asa D. Bixby wrote that his grandfather, Darius (13625), went 
into the Revolutionary army when 14 years of age and that his 
son Darius was born in the Green Mountains, "twenty miles 
from Bennington." As other equally reliable information places 
his residence in Windham Co., it would appear probable that he 
lived in one of the following towns, Wardsboro, Newfane, Marl- 
boro, or Halifax, with preference for Wardsboro, which place is 
named by one descendant. 


V. Abigail Bixby (Abijah, Nathan, Benjamin, Joseph), born 
25 Sept., 1752, at Thompson, Conn. ; died 12 Jan., 1844, aged "ninety 
one years and nine months"; 3 married 29 Jan., 1784, Samuel 
Blodgett of Stafford, Conn., born 1748, died 28 Aug., 1832, "aged 
eighty four years." 3 

She is named in distribution of estate of both her parents as 
wife of Samuel Blodgett. 
Children? born at Stafford: 

1 Deborah Blodgett, born 21 Nov., 1785. 

2 Abigail Blodgett, born 1 Feb., 1787. 

3 Martha Blodgett, born 4 April, 1789; died 24 Jan., 1825. 3 

4 Betsey Blodgett, died 18 June, 1826. 3 

5 Samuel Blodgett, born 23 Jan., 1791; died 12 Oct., 1825 or 1828. 

6 A Child (-N-), born 27 Oct., 1792. 4 

7 Quarters 6 Blodgett, born 14 Jan., 1795. 

8 Abijah Blodgett, born 29 April, 1797. 

> Information of Miss Fanny E. Bixby (13623.5-3). 

2 Formerly in Luzerne County. The date of removal to Rush is given as 1809. 

•Stafford, Conn., town records. 

4 The record is partially destroyed. The letter "n' ' can be made out. 

6 So in record. Very likely the name is Curtius. 



V. Anna Bixby (Abijah, Nathan, Benjamin, Joseph), born 20 
Aug., 1756, probably at Thompson, Conn.; married 30 Nov., 1780, 
at Stafford, Conn., Nathan Wood, who died 28 Aug., 1806, leaving 
a will naming wife, four sons, Lyman Wood, Nathan Marble Wood, 
John Wood, Abijah Corbin Wood, and daughters Betsey Chapman, 
Anna Wood, Candan (or Canda) Wood, the youngest a minor. 

Anna Bixby 1 is named in distribution of her parents' estates 
as wife of Nathan Wood. 

1 Daughter, born 12 April, 1781. 

2 Lyman Wood, born 14 April, 1784. 

3 Anna Wood, born 12 March. 

4 Candan ("Canda") Wood, married (probably 30 April, 1818, at Stafford, 

Pardon Davis). 

5 Celenda Wood, born 7 March, 17 — ; died 3 May, 1793. 

6 Nathan Marble Wood, born 17 Dec, 17 — . 

7 Abijah Wood, born 30 Nov., 17 — ; died 7 May, 1797. 

8 John Wood, born 2 April, 17 — . 

9 Abijah Corbin Wood, born 25 Nov., 1794. 
10 2 Betsey Wood, married Chapman. 


V. Esther Bixby (Abijah, Nathan, Benjamin, Joseph), born 
probably at Thompson, Conn., baptized there 23 Jan., 1763; 
married 18 Aug., 1785, James Moore of Union, Conn., baptized 
18 Sept., 1768, son of Thomas and Mehitable (Bliss) Moore. The 
family removed from Union to Vernon, N. Y. 


1 Orinda Moore, born 1 May, 1790. 

2 Horace Moore. 

3 Lucinda Moore. 

4 Esther Moore. 

5 Jarvis Moore. 

6 Patty Moore. 

7 James Moore. 

1 The facts concerning this family were obtained from town and probate records at Stafford, 
1 Perhaps the daughter born 12 April, 1781. 
•Lawson: History of Union, Conn. 



V. Roger (Rogers) * Bixby (Abijah, Nathan, Benjamin, Joseph), 
born 5 Nov., 1772, at Stafford, Conn.; died probably prior to 1838; 
married Lucy Fitzgerald. 2 

1 Oscar, born prior to 1807, as 2 April, 1827, Roger and Oscar Bixby, 
the latter called of Barre, receive, jointly, a deed to land in Barre. 
As further trace of Oscar is lost, it is probable that he died without issue 
in the lifetime of Roger Bixby, who is presumed to have been his father. 

2- 2 Parnel, born 2 March, 1807, at Barnet, Vt.; married Lorenzo Boutwell. 3 

3- 3 Casper Alexander (Boardman?), born 22 June, 1810, at Washington, 

Vt.; 4 married Mary M. Newton. 
4 ALViN, 6 orAlvan,born40ct., 1816, at Barre, Vt.; 8 died 11 Feb., 1884, "aged 
67 years. 4 months and 7 days," at Lebanon, N. H.; married 1 Feb., 1853, 
at Lebanon, Susan A. Cook, born 23 April, 1818, at Lebanon, died there 
27 Nov., 1900, daughter of Giles and Parthenia (Allen) Cook. At the 
time of his marriage, Alvin Bixby lived at Hartford, Vt., but after that 
he lived at Lebanon. He was a moulder, and a member of the Masonic 
and Odd Fellow Lodges at Lebanon. His widow, by her will, provided 
for the establishment of a cottage hospital at Lebanon. She left a sis- 
ter, Mary A. Rose, and a nephew, Ziba Alden Cook, of Victoria, 111. 

The city clerk of Barre was unable to find more about this 
family, than given in his letter of 21 Nov., 1908, quoted herewith. 

"The first conveyance of property to Roger Bixby 7 was made 
30 March, 1798, and he was set up in the deed then as being resi- 
dent of Barre. Another conveyance was made to him 17 May, 
1798, another on 3 April, 1798, another on 29 March, 1802, another 
on 9 April, 1805, another on 23 April, 1807, another on 11 Jan., 
181 1. Another conveyance was made to Roger and Oscar Bixby 
jointly 2 April, 1827, Oscar Bixby being set up in the deed as being 
a resident of Barre. Two pieces of land were conveyed to Casper 
Bixby on 5 May, 1832. Alvin Bixby received two pieces of prop- 
erty, one on 18 March, 1838, and the other on 8 Oct., 1844, and in 
disposing of this property, which they did 7 Oct., 1858, their resi- 
dence was given as Ogdensburg, N. Y., to which place they had 

1 His baptismal record is Rogers, but every other record we have of him is Roger, and it is 
probable that he used the name Roger. 

a Information of Mrs. E. E. Dean, Lebanon, N. H. 

• Moretown, Vt., records. 4 Information of Mrs. Clementine L. Bixby (13638.32). 

» His name appears as Alvin on the land records of Barre, and Alvan on the death records of 
Lebanon, N. H. 

« Records of Lebanon, N. H. Giles Cook was born in Mansfield, Conn., and Parthenia Allen 
in Lebanon, N. H. 

» A "Bbcbee Rogers" is said to be one of the petitioners, 13 Sept., 1796, from Luzerne Co., Pa. 
See Susquehanna papers (No. 185) in Conn. State Library. 



apparently moved. I have found by a perusal of the Town Records 
that Roger Bixby was admitted to the citizenship in the State of 
Vermont, and took oath at Barre, 3 Sept., 1800. Roger Bixby 's 
property was conveyed to Casper and Alvin Bixby. Casper 
conveyed his interest to Alvin and Alvin finally disposed of his 
as stated above 7 Oct., 1858. Referring to the records of births, 
deaths and marriages, I do not find any reference whatever to those 
earlier settlers." From the death record of Alvin Bixby, we learn 
that Roger Bixby was a blacksmith, and Lucy Fitzgerald, his 
wife, was "born in France." 


V. Alice Bixby (Abijah, Nathan, Benjamin, Joseph), born 
probably at Thompson, Conn.; married Joseph Moore of Union, 
Conn., born 5 March, 1763, son of William and Sarah (Rosebrooks) 
Moore. 1 
Children: l 

1 Laura Moore, born 16 June, 1789. 

2 Orrin Moore, born 22 March, 1791. 

3 Sydney Moore, born 22 March, 1793; married Sophia Cone. 

4 Marlin Moore, born 18 Aug., 1795; married Catherine Tyler. 

5 Marcia Moore, born 1797. 

6 Walter Moore, born 1799. 

7 Lothrop Moore, born 31 Aug., 1805; drowned at Mashapaug, Conn., 14 

Aug., 1840. 

8 Dexter Moore, born 11 Sept., 1809; married Laura Griggs. 


V. Jemima Bixby (Nathan, Nathan, Benjamin, Joseph), born 

2 May, 1756; died 18 Sept., 1821; 2 married 14 March, 1776, at 
Thompson, Conn., Robert Prince, 3 born there 20 Jan., 1754, died 

3 Jan., 1829, 2 son of Robert and Mary Prince 4 of Salem Village 
(Danvers), Mass. 

1 Lawson: History of Union, Conn. 

J Prince: Prince Genealogy; where may be found further genealogical records of the descendants 
of Jemima Bixby. s Information of Miss Ellen D. Larned, Thompson, Conn. 

* Robert Prince in 1747 bought land east of the French River and west of North Grosvenordale. 
He brought with him from Salem a large family, many members of which became prominent in 
town affairs, and is still represented by descendants of Robert Prince, Jr. Robert Prince was 

twice married; (1) Phebe Symonds; (2) Mary . He was a son of Joseph and Elizabeth 

(Robinson) Prince of Salem Village. The connection of the Killingly family with Danvers is proven 
by will of Solomon Prince, in 1767. who was a brother of Robert Prince, Sr. (Pomfret records.) 


Children: 1 

1 Nathan Prince, born 25 Jan., 1777; died 19 April, 1859, 2 aged eighty two 

years; married Jerusha Jacobs, who died 16 Dec, 1819, aged thirty seven 
years, buried in Jacobs' burying ground. He married (2) 5 Aug., 1820, 
Mary Carroll, born 28 April, 1790, died 7 June, 1868, aged seventy eight 
years, one month, ten days. 2 


1. SALLy Prince, born 5 Feb., 1804; died 1 Jan., 1887; married 12 Dec, 

1825, at Thompson, Theodore Elliott, who died 6 Aug., 1850, 2 aged 
forty six years. Children: Mary Elliott. Oscaforia J. Elliott. 

2. Julia Prince, born 10 March, 1810; died 22 Aug., 1842; married 1 Jan., 

1835, Hamilton Ballard, of North Providence, R. I., who died 3 Feb., 
1895, aged eighty eight years. Children: Julia Prince Ballard. 
Leonidas Ballard. 

3. Mercy Prince, born 12 Sept., 1816; died 25 May, 1872; married 21 May, 

1837, at Thompson, Jesse Franklin Converse, born 20 April, 1815, 
at Pomfret, Conn. Children: George Franklin Converse. Joseph T. 
Converse. George Converse. Joel T. Converse. Mary E. Converse. 

By second marriage: 

4. Jane Prince, born 4 Sept., 1821 ; died 7 Oct., 1878. 2 

5. Albert Prince, born 19 Sept., 1822, at Thompson; married there 12 May, 

1844, Ophelia Elliott, born there 18 Oct., 1825, daughter of Dyer N. 
and Eliza (Green) Elliott. Children: Mary Ophelia Prince. Francis 
Albert Prince. Jerusha Jacobs Prince. Louis Elliott Prince. 

2 Infant, born and died 22 Jan., 1778. 

3 John Prince, born 29 April, 1779; drowned 12 June, 1782. 

4 John Prince, born 19 Sept., 1782; probably died young. 

5 Polly Prince, born 22 Oct., 1784, at Thompson; died 31 Aug., 1846; married 

3 Nov., 1806, John Jacobs, born 22 Sept., 1787, at Thompson, died there 29 
May, 1865, aged seventy eight years, eight months and seven days, son of 
Esquire John and Dinah (Tourtelotte) Jacobs. 

1. Jerusha Jacobs. 

2. Abigail Jacobs. 

3. Delia Jacobs. 

4. David Jacobs. 

5. Lorain Jacobs. 

6. Hannah Jacobs. 

7. Mary Jacobs. 

6 Asa Prince, born 21 Aug., 1786; died 21 Feb., 1861; married 24 Nov., 1812, 

Polly Perrin, born 19 July, 1786, died 24 Jan., 1872, daughter of "Lieuten- 
ant" Daniel and Mary (Dresser) Perrin. 

1. Mary Prince. 

2. David Prince. 

3. Daniel Prince. 

4. John W. Prince. 

5. William Prince. 

6. Louisa Prince. 

7. Elmira Prince. 

8. Sally Maria Prince. 

9. George Francis Prince. 

1 Prince: Prince Genealogy; where may be found further genealogical records of the descendants 
of Jemima Bixby. i Buried in West Thompson cemetery. 


7 Lyman Prince, born 7 Sept., 1790; died 8 Dec, 1877, aged 87 years, 4 months 

and 1 day. 1 

8 Joshua Prince, born 30 Dec, 1792; probably died young. 

9 Robert Prince, born 5 Oct., 1795; died 16 Oct., 1866; married at Thompson, 

Hannah Phipps, born 28 Dec, 1796, died 20 Oct., 1853, daughter of Jason 


1. James Monroe Prince. 

2. Hannah Plimpton Prince. 

3. Mary Healy Prince. 

4. John Adams Prince. 

5. Annie Maria Prince. 

10 Jemima Prince, born 2 April, 1797; died 25 Sept., 1856; married 27 March, 

1820, Thomas Benson, Jr., of Thompson, who died there 1 Nov., 1869. 


1. Robert Prince Benson. 

2. Sarah Key Benson. 

3. Alphonso Benson. 

4. Mary Ann Benson. 

5. Jane Davis Benson. 

6. Cornelia Benson. 

7. Thomas Benson. 

8. Albert Benson. 


V. Jesse Bixby {Nathan, Nathan, Benjamin, Joseph), born 27 
Dec, 1758, at Thompson, Conn. ; died 27 July, 1826; married 7 Dec, 
1780, at Thompson, Sybil Johnson, 2 born 19 Aug., 1757, at Kill- 
ingly or Thompson, Conn., died 6 Feb., 1845, daughter of Diah and 
Martha (Converse) 3 Johnson. 
Children, 2 born at Thompson: 

1- 1 Noadiah, 4 born 6 March, 1782; married Sally Robinson. 

2- 2 George, born 13 April, 1786; married Zilpha K. Manchester. 

3- 3 Nathan, born 30 Sept., 1789; married Polly (Mary) Bates. 

4- 4 Augustus, born 23 July, 1794; married Betsy Elliot. 

Jesse Bixby was a member of the nth Regt. Conn, militia, 
commanded by Col. Ebenezer Williams of Pomfret, called into 
the service to help protect New York City in Sept., 1776. The 
service was not more than two months. His name appears on the 
roll of the company commanded by Capt. John Green. 5 Jacob 
Bixby was a member of the same company. Jesse Bixby is enu- 

1 Buried in West Thompson cemetery. 

1 Baptisms are found on Thompson church records. 

8 Converse and Allied Families, p. 39. 

4 He seems to have been known sometimes as "Dyer," an erroneous spelling of "Diah.'* 

6 Connecticut in the Revolution, p. 462. 


merated in the census of 1790 as of Thompson. He then had wife 
and three male children. His son, George Bixby, had administra- 
tion on his estate 1 May, 1827. 1 


V. Aaron Bixby {Nathan, Nathan, Benjamin, Joseph), born 23 
Dec.,1761, 2 at Thompson, Conn.; died there 24 Dec, 1841; 3 mar- 
ried there 30 Nov., 1784, 3 Mary Prince, born Sept., 1763, 4 
(baptized 1 April, 1763), 5 died 22 Feb., 1843, 3 daughter of Joseph 
Prince. 4 
Children, born at Thompson: 

I Nancy, born 5 March, 1785, baptized 17 Jan., 1790; 5 died 1865; married 
Andrew Willard. 

2- 2 Sally, born 20 Oct., 1786 (1788), 5 baptized 17 Jan., 1790; 5 married 

Willard Whittemore. 

3- 3 Joseph Prince, born 30 April, 1791, baptized 12 June, 6 1791; married 

Lucy Perry; (2) Mary Mason. 

4 Aaron, born 20 Sept., 1800; died 1845; married, 1833, Rebecca Ashley. 

No issue. Removed early to Ohio, thence to Fort Wayne, Ind. 

5 Mary, born 5 Nov., 1804; died 24 Oct., 1862, at Thompson, unmarried. 4 

She is said to have been a "very pious woman," and by her will left 
bequests to the American Bible Society and for foreign missions. 

Aaron Bixby was chosen deacon of the Congregational church 
at Thompson in 1805 and served as deacon for twenty five years. 4 
His daughter Mary was much interested in religious work and 
encouraged and assisted her nephew Joseph R. Bixby in his prepa- 
ration for the ministry. She was self supporting, obtaining employ- 
ment in the cotton mill, where she became a very skillful weaver, 
her height and strength giving her unusual ability. 4 

Aaron Bixby was pensioned under the Act of 1832. In his 
•declaration dated 18 July, 1832, he calls himself of Thompson, 
and aged 70 years. He enlisted in the militia and was called out 
in 1778 in Capt. Cutt's company from Killingly and served two 
months at West Haven, Conn., and in Rhode Island as part of 
Sullivan's expedition. He enlisted for six months in 1779, and 
served during "the hard winter of 1779-80," in a company com- 
manded by Capt. Allen of Ashford, of which the lieutenant was 

1 Pomfret probate. 

1 Pension declaration quoting bible record of family. 

* Records U. S. Pension Bureau. 

* Letters of Miss Ellen D. Larned. Thompson, Conn. 

* Thompson church records. 


named Knowlton. He was furloughed for ten days and on his 
return joined his company at East Haven, "the snow was amazing 
deep and travelling bad which kept me a few days over my fur- 
lough." He thought he was discharged in Feb., 1780. Prior to 
the above terms of service he had served as a substitute for his 
brother Jesse two months "in a militia tour to Providence" in 
1777, in a company commanded by Capt. Williams of Pomfret, 
and was stationed at the work-house there. He was dismissed 
at the end of his term of service. His birth date, 23 Dec, 1761, 
he copied from a bible record. 1 

In support of the declaration of Aaron Bixby, John Mills testi- 
fied that he lived with his father in 1780 in the same house as Aaron 
Bixby and remembers his being home on a furlough in the winter. 
Deacon Moses Bixby of Webster, aged 68 years, deposed that he 
was born in Thompson near the place where Aaron was born and 
had always known him. 

Other papers are on file, submitted probably at the time the 
widow died, while her claim for a pension was being considered. 
From these were obtained the dates of death of both Aaron and 
his wife, and the record of their marriage and births of their chil- 
dren. On the 2 Sept., 1843, Sally Whittemore, aged 54, Joseph P. 
Bixby, aged 52, and Mary Bixby, aged 39 years, all of Thompson, 
appeared before the Probate Court and testified that they with 
Aaron Bixby, who when last heard from was of Eel River, Ind., 
and Nancy Willard, living in Pennsylvania are children of Aaron 
and Mary Bixby, both deceased, and that the widow had not 

Sally B. Whittemore deposed that at the death of her husband, 
there being two widows living near her by the name of Sally Whit- 
temore, she had taken the initial B. 

Zebediah Burt of Killingly deposed that he was a soldier with 
Aaron Bixby in William's company at Providence, of which company 
his father was lieutenant in 1777. Other evidence on file shows 
that Payne Converse of Killingly was appointed captain vice Ellis 
Robinson in the militia regiment formed by a preemptory order 
of the council to complete the Connecticut quota in the Continental 
army, which regiment was to consist of 600 men to serve until 15 

1 Aaron Bixby's declaration in application for pension. He is enumerated in the Census of 
Pensioners, 1840, as of Thompson. 


Jan. following the date of the order, 16 July, 1779, and as Converse 
could not serve, Daniel Allen of Ashford was commissioned captain 
in his stead. 


V. Joshua Bixby {Nathan, Nathan, Benjamin, Joseph), born 
6 April, 1767 1 (1768) 2 , at Thompson, Conn.; 3 died 3 March, i860; 2 
married Sally Tourtellote, born 19 Sept., 1775, 2 died 23 Aug., 
1 856, 2 daughter of Israel and (Jacobs) Tourtellote. 

The Tourtellotes were of Huguenot descent, Israel Tourtellote 
being the son of Abraham, who removed from Rhode Island to 
Connecticut about 1770. 4 
Children? born probably at Greenfield, Saratoga Co., N. Y.: 

1- 1 Mary, born 13 Oct., 1795; married Isaac Thornton. 

2- 2 David, born 28 Aug., 1797; married. 

3 Lavina, born 12 Feb., 1800; died 13 May, 1881, 2 at South Corinth, N. Y., 


4 Electa, born 14 Sept., 1802; died 13 Nov., 1887, 2 at South Corinth, 

unmarried. Administration on her estate was granted 6 June, 1888. 

5- 5 Barney, born 22 Aug., 1804, at Greenfield; married Sylvinia Smith. 

6 Hiram, born 23 April, 1807; died 6 Jan., 1896; 2 married 22 Oct., 1835, 
Dorothy Klock, who died aged more than ninety years, 6 daughter of 
Joseph I. and Mary (Rouse) Klock. They lived at St. Johnsville, N. Y., 
where Hiram settled in 1830. He was a mason and stave maker, in 
politics a Democrat. They had no children of their own, but brought 
up two of his brother Nathan's children, Sally A. and Alphonso, both 

7- 7 Nathan, born 30 June, 1808, at Greenfield; married Mary Klock. 

8- 8 Julia Ann, born 27 March, 181 1; married Jesse Klock. 

9 George B., born 19 Dec, 1812; died 12 Aug., 1887, 6 unmarried. He was 
a farmer and lived on the old homestead at Greenfield, N. Y., and was 
a large dealer in lands and mortgages, judging from the frequent occur- 
rence of transactions on the land records of the county. He made his 
will 16 July, 1887, naming his nephew John H. Bixby as executor. The 
homestead was bequeathed to Fanny Brennan, alias Angell, and the 
Anson Minor farm to Eliza Wetherwas, alias Boyce. Other bequests 
of personal and real estate property were made to nephews, John Bixby 
of Savannah, N. Y., Joshua Bixby, and Jerome Bixby. The Big Tree 
house at Corinth was given to Harry Brennan, son of James and Fanny 

1 Thompson church records. 

* Family record in bible of Joshua Bixby, in possession of Hiram B. Cady (13657J-1) in 1899. 
See also History of Montgomery Co., N. Y., by Frothingham. 

* Information of John H. Bixby (13657-77)- 

1 Statement of Miss Ellen D. Lamed, Thompson, Conn. 

5 Information of John F. Klock, a nephew, who lived with Hiram Bixby for over fourteen years, 
also of James Brennan of Greenfield who was brought up by George B. Bixby and lived with him 
for thirty years. 

* Probate records at Balston, N. Y. 


Brennan. His heirs at law were: Hiram Bixby, Julia A. Klock, Eliza 
Cady, Electa Bixby, John H. Bixby, Jerome Bixby, Augustus Bixby, 
John Thornton, Andrew J.Thornton, Ann E. Cady, Sarah J. Herman- 
brett, and DeWitt C. Bixby, deceased. Electa died before the proof 
of the will. 1 
j-10 Ann Eliza, born 13 Feb., 1816, at Greenfield; married Benjamin Cady. 

Joshua Bixby removed to Greenfield, N. Y., about 1 784-1 785. 
In 1829 he purchased additional land there of the Beekmans, which 
many years later he sold to his son, George B. Bixby. 2 Adminis- 
tration on her father's estate was granted to Lavinia Bixby, 28 
April, 1862, the executor named in the will, Barney Bixby, having 
deceased. Joshua Bixby made his will, 12 Nov., 1856, 3 naming 
children, David, Barney, Mary, wife of Isaac Thornton, Lavinia, 
and grandson, George, son of David. In the final settlement of 
the estate the following additional heirs are named: Hiram, Nathan 
and Electa Bixby, Julia Ann Klock, and Eliza, wife of Benjamin 


V. Anna Bixby (Solomon, Nathan, Benjamin, Joseph), born 14 
Nov., 1754, at Killingly, Conn.; f married 17 Oct., 1774, at Stur- 
bridge, Mass., Isaac Clark, 4 born 4 Nov., 1748, son of Hinsdale 
and Anna Clark. 5 
Children: 5 

1 Solomon Clark, born 16 Oct., 1775. 

2 Chloe Clark, born 14 Sept., 1777. 

3 Abigail Clark, born 5 July, 1779. 

4 Sarah Clark, born 22 Oct., 1781. 

5 Isaac Clark, born 17 Sept., 1783. 

6 Anne Clark, born 8 Aug., 1785. 

7 Matilda Clark, born 22 Aug., 1787. 

8 Myra Clark, born 25 Oct., 1789. 

9 Nathan Bixby Clark, born 25 April, 1793. 


V. Ichabod Bixby (Solomon, Nathan, Benjamin, Joseph), born 
9 Jan., 1757, at Killingly, Conn. ; died 12 Jan., 1824, at Chelsea, Vt. ; 8 

Probate records at Balston, N. Y. « Deeds recorded at Balston, N. Y., 76:48. 

* Aged eighty years, seven months, and six days, according to the abstract of the will but per- 
haps intended for eighty eight years. • Sturbridge records. 

1 Information of Levi B. Chase, Sturbridge, Mass. 

• Information of Mrs. Lucina Carleton (13662. 2-K). 


married 8 March, 1781, 1 at Stafford, Conn., Lydia Orcutt, born 
15 April, 1756, died 14 June, 1820, 2 at Chelsea, daughter of Daniel 
and Lydia (Cushman) 3 Orcutt. Lydia Orcutt was of East Parish, 
Stafford, and Ichabod Bixby of the West Parish. 4 
Children, born at Chelsea, except where noted: 

1 Newell, born 3 May, 1781, 1 probably in Conn.; died 20 June, 1806, 

2- 2 Ebenezer, born 16 June, 1782, near Stafford; married Hannah T. Flint. 

3- 3 Ichabod, born 17 (19) 2 March, 1784, at Stafford; married Susannah 


4 Nabby, born 23 Dec, 1785; died 29 March, 1803, unmarried. 

5- 5 Solomon, born 26 Oct., 1787; married Persis May. 

6- 6 Lydia, born 14 Sept., 1789; married Roger Hibbard. 

7- 7 Sally, born 1 Sept., 1792; married Joel Densmore. 

8- 8 Polly, born 27 May, 1794; married Charles Hunter. 

9- 9 Nathan, born 6 March, 1796; married Lydia Lothrop. 
j-10 Daniel, born 31 March, 1799; married Thirza W. Spiller. 

Ichabod Bixby removed to Chelsea, Vt. (then called Turners- 
burg), about 1787. He was made freeman of Stafford, Conn., 
in 1782. 5 "My grandfather Ichabod Bixby went to the battle 
of Plattsburg during the war of 18 12, but did not get into the fight. 
One of the best shots I ever made was with the flint lock musket 
he then carried, 6 now owned by Hira L. Bixby (13662.3-J)." 7 


V. Abigail Bixby (Solomon, Nathan, Benjamin, Joseph), bap- 
tized 1 Nov., 1761, at Thompson, Conn.; died 2 July, 1847; married 
22 Feb., 1788, at Stafford, Conn., William Patten, 8 of Stafford, 
who died 12 Sept., 1851. Abigail Patten was living in Connecticut 
in 1832. 9 
I Sarah Patten, born 1788; died 26 Feb., 1792, aged two years and nine months. 

•Information of Mrs. Lucina Carleton (13662. 2-K). 

1 Manual of the Congregational Church at Chelsea, to which Ichabod and Lydia Bixby were 
admitted between 1789-1797. 

1 Information of Mrs. Lillie F. Van de Mark (13662.20-6). 
4 Information of Dr. H. B. Hemenway (13662. 38-1). 

• Town records. 

•Letter of Henry B. Hemenway (13662. 38-1), 1898. 
'See under his son Ichabod (13662.3). 

• Stafford town and church records. 

• Surrogate's records, Herkimer Co., N. Y. 



V. Solomon Bixby (Solomon, Nathan, Benjamin, Joseph), bap- 
tized 9 May, 1764, 1 at Thompson; died 19 Aug., 1787, at Stafford; 2 
married 13 July, 1786, at Sturbridge, Mass., Lucy Clarke, 
born 11 Jan., 1767, died 1859, 3 daughter of Moses and Lucy Clarke. 

On the 24 July, 1848, Lucy Bixby, of Brookfield, Mass., widow 
of Solomon, applied for an increase of pension, making declaration 
that she was then aged eighty years, and was in receipt of a pension 
of eighty dollars. In her former application, of 10 Nov., 1843, 
she stated her age as seventy five years, and that her husband had 
died 19 Aug., 1797, and in a still earlier declaration made 20 Oct., 
1838, she stated her age as seventy two years, and the date of the 
death of her husband, Solomon Bixby, late of Stafford, as 19 Aug., 
1780. She was of Sturbridge at this time, and was under the 
impression that her husband had enlisted in a Hartford county 
regiment. With the papers in the pension case is a copy of the 
marriage record of Solomon Bigsby and Lucy Clark "both of 
Sturbridge," also an affidavit of Buckminster Wood of Brookfield, 
aged sixty two years, that he had known Lucy for thirty or more 
years. His affidavit was dated 11 Nov., 1838. The same month 
William Patten, aged eighty six years, stated he was a pensioner, 
and had known Solomon Bixby, who was a "three years man," 
and that Solomon died of "consumption" and was a brother of 
Patten's wife. Lucy Bixby at this time lived in South Brookfield. 
The Comptroller of Connecticut certified that Solomon Bixbee 
settled with the 4th Connecticut regiment, commanded by Col. 
Zebulon Butler, for the year 1781, he having enlisted as a private, 
and served from 1 May to 31 Dec, 1781. 2 

He enlisted from Stafford for three years. 4 On roll made up 
20 June, 1781, he is called "junior." On roll made up Jan., 1783, 
it appears he had served fifteen months, fifteen days, and was in a 

1 Thompson Church records. It is said his wife's name appears as Ravel. 

1 Pension records. He was buried at Brookfield, Mass. His gravestone states he died 18 Aug., 
1787, aged 23 years. There is also a stone erected to the memory of "Nabby Bixby, daughter of 
Solomon and Lucy Bixby, died 5 March, 1788, aged 1 year, 6 months." 

» She left a will dated 14 April, 1858, which was allowed n Oct., 1859. She left bequests to the 
children (named) of her brothers and sisters, Reuben Clark, Merriam Glover, Lemuel Clark. A 
certificate on file declares she was a pensioner and for forty years past had lived in Brookfield, 
and previous to that in Southbridge. Lucy BLxby had administration 24 Sept., 1802, on the estate 
of her deceased husband, Solomon Bixby 2d of Sturbridge. (Worcester Probate.) She applied 
for land bounty, 26 Feb., I8S7, then being 90 years of age. ( U. S. Land Office 56, 972-160-55.) 
'Rev. Rolls, Conn. Hist. Soc. Proc, 8: 114. 


company commanded by Capt. Ten Eyck, in regiment of Col. 

Webb, having the 4th company in 3rd regiment Connecticut line. 1 


I Nabby, died 5 March, 1788, aged 1 year, 6 months. 


V. Samuel Bixby (Jacob, Jacob, Benjamin, Joseph), born 11 
June, 1780, at Thompson, Conn.; died 4 Dec, 1864, at Davenport, 
N. Y.; 2 married 26 Jan., 1806, at Thompson, Almira Bates, 
born 27 June, 1788, 3 at Davenport, 4 died there 25 Feb., 1863, 
daughter of and Eunice 5 ( ) Bates. 

Children, except the eldest, born at Milford, N. Y.: 3 

1- 1 Eliza, born 6 May, 1806, at Thompson, Conn.; married Calvin Bates. 

2- 2 Jacob, born 18 March, 1809; married Susan Darling; (2) Artemisa Darling. 

3- 3 George Erastus, born 5 Sept., 1812; married Azuba Haight; (2) Cather- 

ine Bates. 

4- 4 William, born 14 Dec, 18 14; married Adelia McCollum. 

5- 5 Julia H. (Ann), 6 born 19 Oct., 1817; married Alonzo Davis; (2) John 

Dennison; (3) William Grange, or Grannis. 

6- 6 Eunice Ann, born 5 Oct., 1823; married Willis Gifford. 

7 Mary A., born 27 Oct., 1831; died June, 1832, at Milford. 

Samuel Bixby moved from Connecticut to New York soon after 

Samuel "Bigsbe" was commissioned Ensign, Lt.-Col. Matthew 
Cully's Otsego County regiment, 1809. Aaron Lane commissioned 
Ensign vice S. Bigsbee, promoted, Lt.-Col. John Moore's Otsego 
Co. regiment, 181 1. Samuel Bixby commissioned Captain, Otsego 
Co., 60th regiment, 1816. 7 

The will of Samuel Bixby was dated 8 Dec, 1862, and admitted 
to probate 7 March, 1865. 8 He names children, Elizabeth W. 
Bates, Julia Dennison, Eunice Ann Gifford, Jacob Bixby and 
George E. Bixby. Jacob Bixby was granted letters testamentary. 

1 Conn. Hist. Soc. Cols. 

5 This date does not agree with the supposed date of probate of his will. 

J Mrs. Mary McGinnis (138J1.6-2) has an old bible with genealogical record, giving dates, but 
not place of birth. * Information of Mrs. Alice Lanckton (138J1.6-1). 

6 Information of George W, Bixby (138J1.23). 

•The will of her father names her as Julia Ann Dennison. 

7 Records Council of Appointment for New York State, 1783-1821. 

* Report of Surrogate of Delaware County. Another reference, apparently to will book G, 
fo. 40, substitutes Hannah for the name of the testator, and gives the names of the children Julia 
a3 Julia Ann, and Eunice as Eunice Anna. 



V. Johnson Bixby {Jacob, Jacob, Benjamin, Joseph), born 25 
April, 1793, at Thompson, Conn.; died 28 Jan., 1872, l at East 
Brimfield, Mass.; married 4 Nov., 1821, Orinda Graves, born 
19 Sept., 1798, died 3 June, 1875, x at Brimfield, daughter of Daniel 
Graves. 2 

Johnson Bixby moved from Thompson, Conn., to Brimfield, 
Mass., in 1819. 1 He was a blacksmith, 2 a Royal Arch Mason, a 
good singer, and for many years played the double bass viol in the 
Congregational church in Brimfield. 
Children, 1 born at Brimfield: 

I- 1 Mary Jane, born 20 Nov., 1823; married Loring Fletcher. 

2 Emery Sandford, born 27 July, 1827; died 19 April, 1872, at Brimfield. 
He was a blacksmith. 2 

3- 3 Harriet Ellen, born 4 Feb., 1831; married William S. Janes. 


V. Alice Bixby {Jacob, Jacob, Benjamin, Joseph), born 25 
Sept., 1796, 3 at Thompson, Conn.; died 29 March, 1853; married 
17 May, 1815, Ariel 4 Converse, born 24 Feb., 1782, died 26 
Oct., 1874, son of Elijah and Experience (Hibbard) Converse. 
Children: 5 

1 Ariel Converse, born 13 Dec, 1815; died 1874 at West Putnam, Conn.; 

married 17 Nov., 1842, Matilda Sly of Dudley, Mass. Ariel Converse was 
a distinguished lawyer. After retiring from practice he lived on a farm 
in Thompson, but later removed to West Putnam. 

1. Mary Ellen Converse, who died 1884. 

2. Martha Anna Converse, married Major A. Charles McConnell, U. S. A. 

2 Albert Converse, born 15 Feb., 1818; died 3 July, 1906; married Rebecca 

Kelley, daughter of Hezekiah Kelley. 

1. Noel Converse. 

2. Helen Converse. 

3. Alice Converse. 

4. Anna Converse. 

5. Etta Converse, born 15 Jan., 1856, at Wilsonville, Conn.; married 

Israel G. Bixby (13653.422). 

3 Ada Converse. 

'Hyde: History of Brimfield, Mass. 'Massachusetts Deaths. 

3 Her birth is also given as 21 Sept., 1797. 

* ''Riel" Converse married, first, Ada, daughter of MoSes Barnes of Dudley, Mass., and, third, 
Sarah Pierce. 5 Information of Miss Ellen D. Lamed, Thompson, Conn. 



V. Uzziel Bixby {Jacob, Jacob, Benjamin, Joseph), born 5 May, 
1801, at Thompson, Conn.; died 3 Oct., 1885 (1886), l at East 
Thompson; married 20 March, 1823, at Douglas, Mass., Naomi 
Howland, born 24 Jan., 1791, at Burrilville, R. I., died 29 Nov., 
1880, at East Thompson, daughter of James and Renew (Eddy) 
Howland. 2 

His name appears in the Providence, R. I., directory from 1858 
to 1867 inclusive. He was overseer and foreman of the Eagle 
Screw Co., and later of the American Screw Co. 


1 Rebecca (adopted), born 1815; 2 died 1865; married Perry Bates; (2) 
Judson Bates, a brother of Hattie N. Bates of Thompson, Conn. 
1. Charles U. Bates, born 1851; died 1856. 3 

2- 2 James Howland, born 6 Aug., 1824, at Quadic, Conn.; married Lydia 


3- 3 Renew Howland, born 7 Aug., 1824 (twin with James H.) ; married George 

T. Bates. 4 

4- 4 Jacob Washburn, born 22 April, 1827, at Millbury, Mass.; married 

Caroline Day. 

5 Crawford A., born 23 Oct., 1836; died 9 Nov., 1837. 


V. Erastus Bixby (Jacob, Jacob, Benjamin, Joseph), born 5 
May, 1801, at Thompson, Conn.; died 22 March, 1868, 5 at Brim- 
field, Mass.; married 31 March, 1825, 6 at Grafton, Mass., Susan 
Durfey, born 7 June, 1804, at Chapachet, R. I., died 2 April, 
1862, at Brimfield, daughter of Robert and Anna (Place) Durfey. 

They were living at Rupert, Vt., as late as 1847. 
Children: 7 

1- 1 Lucius Erastus, born 24 Sept., 1826, at Grafton, Mass.; married Susan 

B. Rogers; (2) Mrs. Elizabeth M. (Scarborough) Thayer. 

2- 2 Maria Susan, born 4 Aug., 1828, at Millbury, Mass.; married Jeremiah 

C. Sholes; (2) Orson Bragg. 

3 Harriet Hill, born 28 March, 1831, at Rupert, Vt.; died 3 July, 1857, 
at Stafford, Conn.; married i4JDec, 1854, at Fiskdale, Mass., Isaac 
Brown, born at Stafford; 8 died 1893, 1 at Oak Park, Wis. 

1 Information of Mrs. Martha A. Ramsey (138J8.4). 

1 Information of Mrs. Ellen J. Frink (138J7.22). ' Massachusetts Deaths. 

* Information of James O. Bates (138J7.32). • Intention recorded 18 Dec, 1824. 

• Providence, R. I., marriages. ' Family records. 

» Information of Albert J. Bixby (138J8-5). 


4- 4 Martha Ann, born 30 Aug., 1833, at Rupert; married David M. Ramsey. 

5 Albert Johnson, born 16 April, 1837, at Rupert; married 14 May, 1865, 

at Greenfield, Mass., Fannie V. Thayer, born 22 Feb., 1846, at Prescott, 
Mass., died 14 Jan., 1905, x at North Dana, Mass., daughter of Rufus 
and Fannie (Moulton) Thayer. 1 Albert J. Bixby enlisted Aug., 1862, 
in Co. G, 46th Regt., Mass. Vols.; discharged July, 1863. He partici- 
pated in the battles of Kingston, Whitehall and Goldsborough, also 
the second battle of Newburn and Sandy Ridge; he was in the campaign 
against Lee when he was driven back beyond the Potomac after his 
incursion into Pennsylvania. He lives at North Dana, Mass. 

6 Laura L., born 16 Sept., 1839, at Rupert; died 2 April, 1843. 

7- 7 Julia Delight, born 26 June, 1846, at Rupert; married Alfred H. Hub- 


V. Archelaus Bixby (Daniel, Jacob, Benjamin, Joseph), born 
21 Dec, 1784, at Thompson, Conn., baptized there 9 Jan., 1785; 
died 7 Nov., 1869, 2 at Townshend, Vt.; married 21 Sept., 1807, 
at Brookline, Vt., Parmelia Blandin, 3 born there 19 Feb., 
1789, 4 died 2 Feb., 1841, aged 52 years, 2 at Townshend. Archelaus 
Bixby married, second, 4 April, 1841, at Townshend, 2 Susan Dun- 
ton, who died 27 July, 1856, 4 aged 62 years, at Townshend. 
Children* born at Brookline: 

1 John Blandin, born 1 Jan., 1809; died 28 Jan., 1810. 

2- 2 Sarah Towne, born 6 Feb., 1813; married James D. Derry. 

3- 3 Parmelia Adeline, born 25 July, 1816; married Solomon Whitney. 


V. John Bixby 5 (Daniel, Jacob, Benjamin, Joseph), born 5 Feb., 
1788, at Townshend, Vt.; died 8 Dec, 1856; 6 married 1 Jan., 1809, 
Rebecca Wellman, 7 born 30 March, 6 died 22 Nov., 1871. 6 
They removed from Brookline, Vt., to Hornby, Steuben Co., N. Y. 

1 Information of Albert J. Bixby (138J8-5). 

1 Town records of Townshend, Vt. 

'Family record in possession of Mrs. S. C Bixby (138L3-6). 

4 Family record of Judson B. Derry (138L1.2-2). 

6 See illustration opposite page 296. 

•Family record in possession of Mrs. S. C Bixby (I38L3-6), in which it is stated that John 
and Archelaus were sons of Deacon Daniel Bixby of Townshend, Vt. Mrs. Mary Eastman, who 
obtained information from Mrs. Closser (138L3.13), stated that the eldest son, Daniel, was born 
at Rutland. 

' Rev. Alanson Bixby (138L3.S), in a letter of July 1, 1898, wrote: "My mother's maiden name 
was Rebecca Wellman. She had two sisters, Betsy and Charity, and two brothers, Darius and 
Lemuel." He speaks of Dyke, N. Y., as "the home of his childhood." He also wrote, "My 
father's name was John. He had one brother, Archelaus, in Vermont, and three sisters, Sally, 
Lydia, and Nancy. Sally married Isaac Wellman; Nancy, Eliplet Skinner; Lydia, Samuel Frost. 
All came to this state (New York), La Grange, Wyoming Co. My father learned tanning and 


Children: 1 

1- I Daniel, born 2 Nov., 1809, at Brookline; married Lydia Clark. 

2 Rufus Galusha, born 17 Oct., 1811, at Brookline; died 19 Dec, 1831. 

3- 3 Betsy Arvilla, born 2 Aug., 1813, at Brookline; married Eldad Stevens. 

4- 4 John Milton, born 27 Jan., 1816, at Brookline; married Esther A. Lilley. 

5- 5 Alanson, born 2 April, 1818, probably at Brookline; married Cordelia 

6 Henry W., born 8 April, 1821, at Hornby, N. Y.; died 22 May, 1895; * 
married 13 July, 1844, Catherine S. Bradzee, 2 who died 10 June, 1908. 3 
Their adopted daughter, Amelia R. Bixby, 4 married Jesse Dyke Bixby 
(138L3.1-4). Rev. Henry W. Bixby had been a successful Sunday School 
worker for many years before he was ordained to the ministry in the 
Wesleyan Methodist Church, 28 Oct., 1861. He was settled at Hornby 
for six years, then five and a half years at Haskinville, and for the re- 
maining 22 years of his life preached at Hornby. 

7- 7 Archelaus, born 28 May, 1824, at Hornby; married Mary Roda. 

8- 8 George Washington, born 21 Jan., 6 1827, at Hornby; married Sophronia 

A. Hammond. 

9- 9 Rebecca Matilda, born 12 July, 1829; married Tracy Burnap. 

j- 10 Keron Hobbuk, born 7 March, 1832, at Hornby; married Luman Hayes. 
11 Lemuel, born 16 June, 1835, at Hornby; died 16 June, 1895. 


V. Lemuel Bixby 6 {Moses, Jacob, Benjamin, Joseph), born 17 
Aug., 1794, at Thompson, Conn.; died there 21 Jan., 1871 ; 7 married 
there 25 April, 1819, 7 Lois Rhodes, born 10 Sept., 1797, at Thomp- 
son, died there 30 Jan., 1878, 8 daughter of Ezekiel and Chloe 
(Bates) Rhodes. 9 
Children, 7 born at Thompson: 

1 Harriet, born 19 Oct., 1820; died 7 Nov., 1820, at Thompson. 

2- 2 Horace Ellis, born 24 Sept., 1821; married Mary E. Mills. 

shoemaking in Brattleboro, Vt., and worked at his trade there until he came here. Grandfather's 
name was Daniel. He fell in the barn, and was killed when only 46. So far as I know the children 
of Uncle Archelaus, all girls, are still in Vermont." Brookline is a small town adjoining Towns- 
hend on the east, and about fifteen miles north of Brattleboro. 

'See footnote No. 6 on page 309. 2 Mrs. Mary Eastman wrote this name ''Burgee." 

•Information of Jesse D. Bixby (138L3.1-4). 

4 Amelia Rebecca Bixby was born 12 May, 1849, and was daughter of Mrs. Deborah (Chambers) 
Lake. * Information of Alanson L. Bixby (138L3.82). 

•See illustration opposite page 312. 

7 Information of Mrs. Caroline E. Bradway (138M1.21-1) and Charles L. Knight (138M1.5-2). 
Mrs. Bradway copied the record in the family bible, where the mother entered only the four children 
whose names are given. Mrs. Bradway, however, has always heard that her grandmother had 
five children. 

> Information of Miss Ellen D. Lamed, Thompson, Conn. 

• Ezekiel Rhodes died 1 Feb., 1829, ael. 55 years, 4 mos. His widow, Chloe, died 6 March, 
1854, aet. 79 years. [Information of Mrs. Hattie E. Bales (138M1.5-1).] Miss Larned is authority 
for the statement that Ezekiel Rhodes was a descendant of Zachariah Rhodes and of Roger Williams. 


3 A Son, born 1824; died aged eight months. 

4 Nelson Guile, born 5 July, 1827; died 9 March, 1828, at Thompson. 
5- 5 Mary Green, born 8 July, 1829; married Joshua P. Knight. 


V. Halsey Bixby (Moses, Jacob, Benjamin, Joseph), born 14 
Feb., 1801, at Thompson, Conn.; died there 26 Sept., 1880 j 1 
married there 22 April, 1824, Esther Tyler, born 29 May, 1801, 
at Royalston, Mass., died 12 Oct., 1848, at Thompson, daughter of 
Rufus and Dorothy (Allen) Tyler. He married, second, 1 July, 1849, 
at Thompson, Phebe Green, born there 10 Oct., 1804, died there 
8 March, 1894, daughter of Benjamin and Esther (Jewett) Green. 

Halsey Bixby was a deacon of the Congregational church of 
Woodstock, Conn. He gathered many records concerning this 
branch of the Bixby family. 
Children, 1 except the fourth, born at Thompson: 

1- 1 Allen Tyler, born 27 March, 1825; married Georgiana Rhodes. 

2- 2 Moses Nelson, born 7 Jan., 1827; married Justina A. Carson. 

3 Albert Read, born 14 Sept., 1828; died 8 June, 1832, at Thompson. 

4 Loring, born 20 Aug., 1831, at Webster, Mass.; died there 18 April, 1832. 

5- 5 Henry Hudson, born 18 April, 1834; married Juliette H. Rhodes. 

6- 6 George Towne, born 7 March, 1837; married Harriet A. Green. 

7 Franklin Guile, born 6 March, 1840; died 4 July, 191 1, 2 from injuries 

received from being knocked down by a trolley car, unmarried. He 
enlisted 9 Aug., 1862, and was mustered in sergeant of Co. D, 1 8th 
Conn. Vols.; promoted 9 Dec, 1863, 2nd Lieut.; wounded at Snicker's 
Ford, Va., 18 July, 1864; mustered out 27 June, 1865. He participated 
in twenty two engagements. For several years he was in the United 
States Customs service in Boston. 

8 Esther Relief, born 18 April, 1842; died 10 June, 1848, at Thompson. 


V. Jacob Bixby (Samuel, Jacob, Benjamin, Joseph), born 15 
June, 1792, (baptized 19 Aug., 1792) at Thompson, Conn.; died 
I3 3 (18) 4 June, 1866, at Bridport, Vt.; 4 married there 8 Sept., 
1819, Sophia Cooley, 3 born there 13 June, 1796, died 18 Sept., 
1884, at North Bridgewater, Mass., 4 daughter of Alfred Cooley. 5 

1 Information of Herbert A. Bixby (138M2.13). 

1 Information of Mrs. Herbert A. Bixby (138M2.13). According to Roster of Members, 
Edw. K. Kinsley Post 113 G. A. R., he had been adjutant of that post. He is described as Cap- 
tain 18th Conn. Vol. Inf. and, after the war, as 1st Lieutenant and Adjutant 1st Regt. M. V. M. 

• Bridport, Vt., records. 

* Information of Mrs. Herman Dunbar (138N2.22). 6 Massachusetts Deaths. 


The year following the birth of Jacob Bixby, his father settled 
at Bridport. Jacob Bixby was a farmer. 

Children, born at Bridport: l 

1- i Esther Fidelia, born 23 July, 1820; married Eli Farnsworth. 

2- 2 Charles Chauncey, 2 born 28 Jan., 1822; married Alice Crocker. 


V. Polly Bixby (Samuel, Jacob, Benjamin, Joseph), born 24 
(25 y May, 1802, at Bridport, Vt.; died 1 Feb., i860; married 23 
Oct., 1 82 1, at Bridport, 1 Chester Derby, born 15 June, 1800, died 
14 Aug., 1880. 3 

1 Malinda Derby, born 1821; died in infancy. 4 

2 Sally Melinda Derby, born 15 March, 1823; married 23 Jan., 1844, Lyman 


1. Esther S. Allen, born 2 June, 1845; died 24 Nov., 1876, unmarried. 

2. Mary J. Allen, born 9 May, 1847; died 2 June, 1872. 

3. Lyman H. Allen, born 12 June, 1849. 

3 Maryette Derby, born 21 April, 1825; died 11 Sept., 1825. 

4 Ruben C. Derby, born 28 April, 1827; married 18 Aug., 1858, Ellen Grant. 


1. Thomas H. Derby, born 23 April, 1863; died 25 Aug., 1865. 

2. Perry M. Derby, born 19 June, 1866; died 18 June, 1872. 

3. George G. Derby, born 18 March, 1869. 

5 Artimas S. Derby, born 6 Sept., 1833; died 24 Aug., 1834. 

6 Lois E. Derby, born 9 May, 1837; died 5 Dec, 1837. 


V. Samuel Bixby (Samuel, Jacob, Benjamin, Joseph), born 26 
Dec, 1806, at Bridport, Vt.^died there 13 Sept., 1886, 1 aged 79 
years, 8 months, 19 days; married there 4 Jan., 1831, 1 Eveline Howe, 
born 13 Oct., 1810, died 15 April, 1893, 1 at Bridport, daughter of 
Oliver 5 and Jane (Blair) Howe. 1 Samuel Bixby was a farmer at 

Children, born at Bridport: * 

1 Orville Chancy, born 26 Jan., 1834; died 11 Dec, 1856, at Bridport, 
unmarried. He was a blacksmith. 

2- 2 Hannah Elizabeth, born 14 June, 1835; married Hiram Hamblin. 

3- 3 Elmer Howe, born 19 April, 1839; married Ellen C. Dana. 

1 Bridport, Vt., records. 

1 Charles C Bixby (138N2.2) furnished a list of descendants of his grandfather Samuel Bixby. 

•Derby Family, p. 115. 

♦ Information of Charles C. Bixby (138N2.2), who also named the other children. 

* Called "Charles" Howe of Bridport, by Charles C. Bixby (138N2.2). 




V. Daniel Bixby (Younglove, Jacob, Benjamin, Joseph), born 
17 Dec, 1794, at Reading, Vt.; died 1 Sept., 1872, in Kansas City, 
Mo.; married 26 Jan., 1826, at Springfield, Vt., Mary Pierce, born 
there 30 Nov., 1796, died 22 Oct., 1863, "aged 67 years, 11 months, 
24 days," daughter of Nathan Pierce. 1 

Daniel Bixby after marriage settled in the West. He was called 
of Weathersfield, Vt., at the time of his marriage. 


1 Adeline (Mary Adaline), married 13 Sept., 1857, 2 at Springfield, 111., 

John Field, 3 born 10 May, 1831, son of John and Marcia Chandler 
Field. 2 They lived at Pleasant Plains, Sagamore Co., 111., where Mr. 
Field was a farmer. Four children. 

2 Harriet, married Charles Bellows, 3 now living at Lyndon, Kan. 

3- 3 Lorenzo Pierce, born 18 May, 1832, at Troy, Vt.; married Martha J. 


V. Rebecca Bixby (Younglove, Jacob, Benjamin, Joseph), born 
28 Nov., 1796, at Reading, Vt.; married 7 Aug., 1831, Jesse Briggs. 4 

1 James Briggs. 

2 Judson Briggs. 


V. Asa Bixby (Younglove, Jacob, Benjamin, Joseph), born 5 
May, 1801, at Reading, Vt.; married 1 Jan., 1826, at Weathersfield, 
Vt., Mary Tolles of Weathersfield. 5 Asa Bixby in his marriage 
record is said to be of Troy, Vt. 

1- 1 Henry Younglove, born 2 July, 1830; 6 married Mary E. Shields. 

2 Olive. 

3 Ellen. 

1 Springfield and Reading, Vt., records searched by Moses H. Bixby (12572.243), but the Pierce 
Genealogy calls her daughter of Matthew and Sally (Tainter) Pierce. An erroneous date of 
death is given. 

•Chandler Genealogy (1883), p. 632, where Adeline is named as Mary Adeline. 

'Information of Joseph G. Bixby (13801.33). 

4 Information of E. D. Barbour, compiler of the Barbour Genealogy. 

5 Weathersfield, Vt., records. In the Bixby Ms. he is stated to have married at Rushford, N. Y. , 
but the name of his wife was not given. 

6 Information of Jas. H. BLxby (13804.11). 




V. James Arnold Bixby (Younglove, Jacob, Benjamin, Joseph), 
born 17 March, 1809, at Reading, Vt.; died there 15 June, 1893; 
married 14 March, 1841, at Weathersfield, Vt., 1 Betsey Martin, 
born there 7 July, 1815, died 11 July, 1857, at Reading, aged 43 

years, 2 daughter of Joshua and (Chaplin) Martin. 1 He 

married, second, 15 Sept., 1859, at Rockingham, Vt., Mrs. Eli- 
zabeth (Weston) Ornice, born 4 July, 1822, 3 died 5 April, 1874. 
He married, third, 27 Nov., 1877, Mrs. Susan T. (Dodge) Kenney, 
widow of Lorenzo D. Kenney born 5 Oct., 1836, 4 died 29 Aug., 
Children: 1 

1- 1 Martin Joshua, born 7 Jan., 1842, at Reading, Vt.; married Frances E. 


By second marriage: 

2- 2 Albert James, born 19 May, 1862; married Mary A. Rand; (2) Jennie 

B. Hall. 


V. John Younglove Bixby (Younglove, Jacob, Benjamin, 
Joseph), born 2 March, 1812, at Reading, Vt. ; died 6 Aug., 1876, at 
North Sunderland, Mass.; married 15 May, 1837, at (Reading, 
Vt.?), Melinda Hatch, 5 born 8 Dec, 1802, at Springfield, Vt., 
died 23 Oct., 1889, aged 76 years, 10 months, 15 days, 6 at North 
Sunderland, daughter of Nathaniel and Melinda (Mack) Hatch. 


1 El vina, born 9 March, 1838, in Vermont; B died 1849?, at Montague, Mass. 

2 Lucius B., born 6 Oct., 1842; died in infancy (1843?), at Montague. 6 

3- 3 Albertus Boyden, born 19 April, 1844, at North Leverett, Mass.; 7 

married Lydia A. Pierce. 

4- 4 Eugene Younglove, born 29 Sept., 1847, 8 at North Leverett; married 

Thenais B. Davis. 

5 Malvina T., born 20 March, 1853, at Cumington, Mass.; died (3) 5 13 
Sept., 1853, at North Sunderland. 8 

> Information of Martin J. Bixby (13808. i). 8 Information of Albert J. Bixby (13808.2). 

2 Reading, Vt., records. 4 Dodge Family. 

• Information received from Albertus B. Bixby (13809.3), and Herbert H. Bixby (13809.3-2). 

• Massachusetts Deaths. 

'Smith: History of Sunderland. Leverett and Montague were formerly part of Sunderland. 
8 Mrs. Thenais B. Bixby (13809.4) gives the year of his birth 1845. 


Younglove Bixby's name was changed to John Y. Bixby in 
1 8 51, by act of the legislature of Massachusetts. But his name 
occurs on the marriage records of his children, Albertus and Eugene, 
as John F. Bixby. He was a farmer. Deeds from 1840 to 1848 
describe him of both Leverett and Montague. He purchased in 
March and April, 1840, of Nancy, widow of John Rockwell, and of 
the latter's children, all their interest in the Rockwell farm of 286 
acres in Montague, and also land near Chestnut Hill Brook. In 
1 849 as of Leverett, he sold the farm of 55 acres which he had pur- 
chased of Leonard Glazier, and was of Leverett the following year. 1 

He is said to have removed from Rowe to Sunderland in 1863, 
and to have lived in North Sunderland until his death. 2 


V. Jonas Partridge {Jemima Bixby, Jacob, Benjamin, Joseph), 
born 25 Nov., 1795, at Guilford, Vt.; died 16 April, 1853; married 
Amelia E. Wilson, born 18 June, 1799, died 29 June, 1877. 

Children: 3 

1 Moore Wilson Partridge, born 5 May, 1818; died 16 Aug., 1902; married 

7 Jan., 1851, Zilpha Olds, born 5 Jan., 1832, died 3 Nov., 1901. 


1. Laura M. Partridge, born 4 Feb., 1853; died 14 Dec., 1854. 

2. Jonas B. Partridge, married 1 Jan., 1873, Cynthia Brownson. Children: 

Clark B. Partridge, born 26 Aug., 1876. Murray W. Partridge, born 
17 Feb., 1878; died 12 Sept., 1899. Bessie M. Partridge, born 10 Feb., 
1880; married 24 July, 1900, Elmer Baldwin. 

3. Julia M. Partridge, born 14 Nov., 1856; died 14 March, 1882; married 

4 March, 1880, James G. Bennett. Child: Nina J. Bennett, born 
29 Jan., 1882; married 30 Dec, 1902, Clarence D. Dillenbeck. 

4. Dora A. Partridge. 

5. Bettie S. Partridge, died 26 Aug., 1884. 

2 Jasper A. Partridge, born 23 April, 1820; died 7 April, 1896; married 3 Nov., 

1842, Elizabeth Jane Stewart, born 17 Jan., 1822. 


1. Fayette Jonas Partridge, born 16 May, 1843, at Prattsburgh, N. Y.; 

married 5 July, 1866, Caroline Miles, born 5 Jan., 1845, at Sunderland, 
Va. Children: Ernest H. Partridge, born 26 March, 1869. Alsa 
Partridge, born 21 Nov., 1873. 

2. Helen Ann Partridge, born 9 Oct., 1845; married 4 Feb., 1865, Darwin 

M. Marsh, born 8 Sept., 1843. Children: Stephen J. Marsh, born 
2 Nov., 1866; married 12 Jan., 1895, Sophia Hoffman, born 16 May, 
1875. Lenn A. Marsh, born 11 March, 1881; married 18 March, 
1908, Stewart J. Becker. 

3. Julia Isadore Partridge, born 21 March, 1846; died 13 April, 1894. 

1 Franklin County Deeds. 

2 Smith: History of Sunderland. Leverett and Montague were formerly part of Sunderland. 
8 Information of Dr. Barton S. Partridge (138P8-6). 


4. Pearliette Jane Partridge, born 13 April, 1848; died 3 May, 1907; mar- 

ried 11 June, 1868, Stillman P. Marsh. 

5. Demont Jasper Partridge, born 5 Aug., 1850; died 16 Dec, 1862. 

6. John A. Partridge, born 17 Aug., 1853; died 21 Dec, 1891. 

7. Luther Roy Partridge, born 4 Dec, 1856; married 23 Dec, 1880, Minnie 

R. Kimball, born 28 Aug., 1859. Children: Rena E. Partridge, born 
5 Nov., 1881; married 19 Nov., 1903, William J. Hemmer, born 19 
Nov., 1883. Jasper C. Partridge, born 14 Aug., 1883. Pearl F. 
Partridge, born 14 Sept., 1886. Fleda W. Partridge, born 30 Oct., 
1893. Llewellyn R. Partridge, born 27 April, 1896; died 19 Aug., 1899. 
Florence C. Partridge, born 13 April, 1901; died 20 Feb., 1902. 

8. Edward Burk Partridge, born 22 Aug., 1861; died 29 April, 1863. 

9. Emma Amelia Partridge, born 27 July (?), 1865; married 1 Jan., 1887, 

Melvin W. Polmanteer. Children: Jesse E. Polmanteer, born 30 
May, 1896. Fred M. Polmanteer, born 2 Dec, 1898. Edward A. 
Polmanteer, born 3 Dec, 1900. Helen L. Polmanteer, born 20 April, 
1904. Elsie I. Polmanteer, born 12 Feb., 1907. 
10. Fred A. Partridge, born 11 April, 1867; married 22 June, 1892, Jessie 
G. Hargrave. 

3 Erastus Partridge, born 17 Jan., 1823; died 9 March, 1854; married 1 Jan., 

1844, Julia A. Rinders, born 18 March, 1819. 
Children : 

1. James N. Partridge, born 30 March, 1845; died 6 July, 1902; married 31 

Oct., 1866, Sarah R. Lown, born 11 May, 1849, died 16 Dec, 1893. 
Children: Minnie Annette Partridge, born 3 June, 1869; married 28 
Nov., 1894, Elmer E. McDowell, born 8 July, 1865, died 20 Feb., 1905. 
Alida Partridge, died aged 4 months. Willie Partridge, born 1873; 
died 15 Oct., 1876. James Jacob Partridge, born 18 Feb., 1877; 
married 8 Sept., 1898, Elsie Rice. Susan Jennette Partridge, born 4 
March, 1885; married 7 March, 1906, William Eugene Ballon. 

2. Jonas Partridge, born 7 March, 1847; married Patience Moore, and had 

five children. 

3. Jacob R. Partridge, born 23 Feb., 1849; married 23 Feb., 1871, Laura 

E. Wheaton, born 22 Sept., 1855. Children: Maynard G. Partridge, 
born 19 Dec, 1874; married 6 March, 1896, Bertie L. McClory. 
Frank H. Partridge, born 25 Oct., 1877; married 6 April, 1898, Cora 
E. Butts. Hiram R. Partridge, born 15 Nov., 1881; married 26 Sept., 
1901, Alida M. Potter. Spencer M. Partridge, born 12 March, 1886; 
married 9 Nov., 1905, Grace Sprague. Leon N. Partridge, born 19 
Aug., 1890. 

4. Frances F. Partridge, born 9 March, 1852; died 4 Nov., 1876. 

5. Charles E. Partridge, born 31 March, 1854; died 9 Nov., 1904; married 

10 June, 1883, Victoria Esther Terry, born 19 Sept., 1866. Child: 
Lillian Esther Partridge, born 14 June, 1890. 

4 David Scott Partridge, born 24 May, 1827; died 22 July, 1851; 

married 29 Sept., 1850, Fanny Weld, born 5 Dec, 1829; died 3 Sept., 1906. 


I. D. Scott Partridge, born 6 Oct., i85i,at Prattsburgh; married 28 June, 
1876, Mary E. Parkhill, born 18 Nov., 1856, died 3 May, 1885; (2) 
20 Sept., 1887, Kittie M. Rogers; (3) 12 Jan., 1900, Minnie Adelle 
Courtier, born 29 April, 1859. Children, by first marriage: Fannie 
E. Partridge, born 11 Sept., 1877; died 28 Aug., 191 1; married 17 
Oct., 1905, Charles A. Price. Robert Scott Partridge, born 22 April, 
1885; married 26 Dec, 1906, Golda Girsberger. By second marriage: 
Jo Pauline Partridge, born 22 Nov., 1888; married March, 191 1, 
George W. Lawrie. 1 Zona Partridge, born 21 March, 1892; married 
14 March, 1910, John W. Dutton. 2 

1 Child: Robert Scott Lawrie, born 26 Feb., 1912. 

2 Child: Richard Karl Dutton, born 12 July, 1912. 



V. Lemuel Partridge (Jemima Bixby, Jacob, Benjamin, Joseph), 
born 14 July, 1799, at Guilford, Vt. ; married Euphamia McQuin. 
Children: l 

1 Erastus Partridge. 

2 Mary Partridge. 

3 Rebecca Partridge. 

4 Andrew Partridge. 

5 Charles Partridge. 


V. Hannah Partridge (Jemima Bixby, Jacob, Benjamin, 
Joseph), born 3 Nov., 1801, at Guilford, Vt.; died 8 May, 1875, at 
Berlinville, O.; married, 1820, in New York State, William Gibbs, 
born December, 1796, died 1867. 

Children: 2 

1 Erastus P. Gibbs, born 22 Dec, 1822, in New York State; deceased; married, 

1846, Rebecca Colton. 


1. Christa Ann Gibbs. 

2. Ellen Gibbs. 

3. Mary Gibbs. 

4. Charles Gibbs. 

5. George Gibbs. 

2 Cynthia A. Gibbs, born 28 Oct., 1824, at Cameron, N. Y.; died 15 Jan., 

1894; married 19 Nov., 1841, Murray H. Graves, born 11 Nov., 1 81 8, at 

Hatfield, Mass., died 10 March, 1895. 


1. William E. Graves, born 20 May, 1843, at Amherst, O.; died 7 Sept., 

1907, at Caldwell, Kan.; married 31 Dec, 1865, Lucy Ward. Chil- 
dren: Georgia Graves, died in infancy. Louie Graves, died in infancy. 
Charles Graves, died in infancy. Minnie Graves, died in infancy. 
Emma C. Graves, born 1871, died 1885, aged 14 years. 

2. Charles A. Graves, born 14 March, 1845, at Amherst; died 1 Nov., 

1862, at Berlinville. 

3. Emily M. Graves, born 30 Oct., 1846, at Amherst; died 8 Aug., 1911, 

at Milan, O.; married 29 Oct., 1873, Albert M. Fish. Children: 
Fred A. Fish, born 21 Feb., 1875, at Milan; married 14 Aug., 1901, 
at Troy, N. Y., Anna Caulkins. 3 Carl W. Fish, born 14 May, 1878, 
at Milan; married 10 April, 191 1, Olivia Brandrup. Roy M. Fish, 
born 11 Dec, 1881, at Milan; married 3 June, 1908, at Norwalk, O., 
Ada M. Hart. 

4. Henry E. Graves, born 28 Dec, 1848, at Brownhelm, O.; died 1 July, 

1905, at Cleveland, O.; married 17 Oct., 1874, Mary Skinner. Child: 

1 Dr. Barton S. Partridge (138P8-6) states that this family is now extinct and that the children 
never married. 

J Information of Dr. Barton S. Partridge (138P8-6). 

• Child: Frances Louise Fish, born 11 June, 1906, at Ames, O. 


Clara Graves, born 28 Dec, 1876, at Berlinville; married 21 Nov., 
1898, Lewis Foote. 
3 Martha J. Gibbs, born 25 Aug., 1834, in New York State; married 25 Oct., 
1866, at Milan, Erwin Huntley, born 19 Jan., 1837; deceased. No issue. 
She lives at Collins, O. 


V. Mary Partridge {Jemima Bixby, Jacob, Benjamin, Joseph), 
born 21 Aug., 1803, at Guilford, Vt.; died 9 June, 1882; married 
22 Feb., 1833, at Starkey, N. Y., Rev. Thomas Davis, born 22 
March, 1800, died 4 March, 1875. 
Children: l 

1 Mary Davis, born 30 Dec, 1833, at Barrington, Yates Co., N. Y.; died 24 

Dec, 1914; married 22 Aug., 1854, Rev. Leroy Royce, born 3 Sept., 1831, 
died 10 Oct., 1908. 


1. Harriett D. Royce, born 3 Oct., 1855, at Washington, O.; married 31 

Oct., 1877, Charles F. Shuey, born 22 Aug., 1855. Children: Mary 
Cossette Shuey, born 7 Feb., 1879; married 25 May, 1902, Henry Al- 
bert Reynolds, born 24 Dec, 1879. 2 Charles Royce Shuey, born 
20 Nov., 1881; married 28 July, 1904, Edith E. Wright, born 1882. 
No issue. 

2. Francis Howard Davis, born 22 Aug., 1857, at Washington; died 20 

July, 1858, at Middleport, O. 

3. William Thomas Davis, M. D., born 12 May, i86o,at Mt. Vernon, O.; 

married 18 April, 1884, Ada Norris, born 5 Jan., 1865, at Yates City, 
111. Child: Breta Davis, born 8 Oct., 1888; married William Jacob 
Luxford, born 27 July, 1881. 3 

4. Lester Fremont Davis, born 19 Feb., 1863; died 22 Aug., 1863, at Patas- 

kala, O. 

5. Luman Herbert Davis (Rev.), born 6 June, 1868, at Croton, O.; married 

3 Sept., 1891, Mary Gardner, born 18 April, 1870. Children: Robert 
Gardner Davis, born 24 June, 1892. Mary Davis, born 3 June, 1894. 
Paul Daniel Davis, born 18 Dec, 1897. Donald Andrew Davis, 
born 7 Feb., 1900. 

2 Edwin Davis, born 22 June, 1835, at Barrington; married 6 Sept., 1864, 

Melissa A. Palmer, born 27 Jan., 1842. 

Children: 1 

1. Zella Davis, born 19 Nov., 1865, at Pataskala; married 2 Aug., 1888, 

Granger Douglass Chase, born 20 June, 1864, at Brainbridge, O. 
Children: Charles Dudley Chase, born 18 April, 1893, at Traverse 
City, Mich.; died 20 March, 1900, at Lansing, Mich. Henry Wayne 
Chase, born 27 April, 1894, at Mason, Mich. Jenecifer Lois Chase, 
born 15 Aug., 1895, at Mason. Staley Davis Chase, born 2 March, 
1900, at Lansing. Louise Annette Chase, born 25 March, 1907, at 
Grand Rapids, Mich. 

2. Edwin Davis, died 7 Nov., 1876, aged 5 years. 

3. Daisy Deane Davis, born 8 Sept., 1873, at Pataskala; married 26 June, 

1894, Haven Hubble Keys, born 30 Oct., 1872, at Rock Camp, O. 

» Information Dr. Barton S. Partridge (138P8-6). 

'Children: Carl Heber Reynolds, born 12 April, 1903. Marvin Gordon Royce Reynolds, 
born 30 April, 1908. 

» Children: William Royce Luxford, born 18 March, 1910. John Wilson Luxford, born n Sept., 
191 1. James Morley Luxford, born 17 Sept., 1913- 


Children: Dorothy Deane Keys, born 15 June, 1895, at Delaware, O. 
Eudora Ruth Keys, born 2 1 Aug., 1896, at Peach Orchard, Ky. Willard 
DeWitt Keys, born 17 Jan., 1898; died 5 Oct., 1903. Mary Margaret 
Keys, born 4 Aug., 1899, at Ashland, Ky. Daisy Elizabeth Keys, born 
21 Sept., 1900, at Delaware. 

4. Staley Franklin Davis (Rev.), born 8 April, 1877, at Pataskala; married 

4 Nov., 1907, Helen Larter Fredericks, born 17 May, 1885, at Newark, 
N. J. Child: Helen Marjorie Davis, born 8 Oct., 1908, at Elizabeth, 

5. Eudora R. Davis, born 12 Dec, 1880; married 18 June, 1909, John Arvin 

Smith, born 14 Sept., 1884. Child: Edwin Milton Smith, born 18 
July, 1910. 

3 Lewis Davis, born 20 Aug., 1837, at Bronson, Huron Co., O.; died at the age 

of six weeks. 

4 Jane Davis, born 11 Jan., 1841, at Bronson; died 11 Sept., 1882; married 

Henry Mott, born July, 1840, died 3 Aug., 1883. 


1. Wellington Rice Mott, born 5 Feb., 1867. 

5 Lue Davis, born 19 Feb., 1844, at Greenfield, Huron Co., O.; married 16 

Aug., 1863, Andrew J. Van Doren, born 13 July, 1835, at Hudson, Mich. 


1. Mary S. Van Doren, born 22 June, 1864, at Hudson; married 26 Feb., 

1887, William E. Hawley, born 19 Feb., 1862, at Adrian, Mich. 

2. Davis A. Van Doren (Rev.), born 18 April, 1872, at Petersburg, Mich.; 

married 14 April, 1903, Edith May Ashley, born 5 July, 1885, at 
Lansing, Mich. Child: Faith Berdene Van Doren, born 9 Nov., 1907; 
died 20 Feb., 1908. 

3. Mott LeRoy Van Doren, born 19 July, 1880, died aged 2 months. 

4. Lucia J. Van Doren, born 16 Oct., 1881, at Petersburg; died 13 Sept., 1902. 


V. David Partridge {Jemima Bixby, Jacob, Benjamin, Joseph), 
born 22 Aug., 1805, at Guilford, Vt.; died 2 June, 1883; married 17 
Jan., 1832, Laura Colton. 
Children: l 

1 Mary Elizabeth Partridge, born 19 Aug., 1833; died 30 Nov., 1910; 
married 31 Dec, 1856, John Chapin Jewell, born 2 July, 1829, died 29 
March, 1875. 


1. Jasper Scott Jewell, born 6 Nov., 1857; married 20 Dec, 1893, Mary 

Orr, born 4 Jan., 1861. 

2. Fred H. Jewell, born 2 Dec, 1859; died 9 Dec, 1866. 

3. Ida Annie Jewell, born 19 June, 1862; married 30 Oct., 1884, Willis L. 

Van Doren (138P8-41). 

4. Garrett Welton Jewell, born 6 Oct., 1865; died 14 Nov., 1891. 

5. John Monroe Jewell, born 5 Sept., 1868; married 16 March, 1892, Ger- 

trude Rowland, born 15 Dec, 1865. 

6. Charles David Jewell, born 20 May, 1871; married 26 June, 1901, Mary 

Emma House, born 2 Dec, 1870. Children: Dorothea Alice Jewell, 
born 7 Aug., 1902. Howard House Jewell, born 19 April, 1908. Homer 
Darling Jewell, born 28 Aug., 1910. 

7. Lewis Jewell, born 20 Aug., 1872; died 10 Oct., 1872. 

1 Information Dr. Barton S. Partridge (138P8H5). 


2 Lewis Coe Partridge, born 8 May, 1836; died 7 May, 1898; married 24 

Dec, 1863, Calista Shepardson, born 7 Nov., 1845, now deceased. 

1. George Partridge, born 31 Dec, 1868; died 12 April, 1871. 

2. Frank Partridge, born 5 Jan., 1872; married I April, 1893, Elsie C. 

Havens, born 3 May, 1872. Children: Elsie Marie Partridge, born 
14 Feb., 1894. James Lewis Partridge, born 19 July, 1898. 

3 William Harrison Partridge, born 24 April, 1840; married 5 April, 1865, 

Elmina Paine. 


1. Jennie Elmina Partridge, born 4 May, 1868; died 10 Feb., 1870. 

2. Fred Harrison Partridge, born 31 March, 1872; married 17 June, 1896, 

Belle Freer. 

3. Laura Elmina Partridge, born 15 April, 1876; married 22 Sept., 1897, 

Erwin E. Wemett, born July, 1875. Children: Harrison Wemett, 
born 25 Dec, 1899. Elizabeth Elmina Wemett, born 27 April, 1901. 
George Wemett, born 22 July, 1903. 

4. Willard Paine Partridge, born 16 Aug., 1879; married 19 Dec, 1906, 

Lucia Parslow, born 11 Oct., 1887. Children: William Jerome 
Partridge, born 22 June, 1909. Julia Elmina Partridge, born 18 June, 


5. Edith Helen Partridge, born 10 Feb., 1883. 

6. Harriet Lois Partridge, born 25 Oct., 1888; married 2 Nov., 1909, Francis 

Brisbane, born 29 April, 1888. Children: Frances Lois Brisbane, born 
7 July, 1911; died 26 July, 1913. Arthur Partridge Brisbane, born 11 
Dec, 1913. 

4 Vesta Ann Partridge, born 10 March, 1843; died 10 March, 1887; mar- 

ried 23 March, 1863, George Monroe Sharp, born 24 Nov., 1840, died 
10 March, 1887. 

5 Martha Helen Partridge, born 25 July, 1845; married 23 Dec, 1868, 

Leander Marshall Coe, born 1 Sept., 1835, died 14 Nov., 1906. 

6 Laura Jane Partridge, born 25 Sept., 1849; died 23 April, 1868. 


V. Lewis Joy Partridge {Jemima Bixby, Jacob, Benjamin, 
Joseph), born 24 July, 1808, at Fabius, N. Y.; died 24 Jan., 1890, 
at Canadice, N. Y.; married 1 Feb., 1831, at Barrington, N. Y., 
Jane Ross, born 8 Feb., 1809, at Wantage, N. J., died 10 March, 
1901, at East Bloomfield, N. Y., daughter of Jasper, Jr., and Martha 
(Rose) Ross. 

Children: 1 

1 Jasper Ross Partridge, born 27 Dec, 1831, at Starkey, N. Y.; married 18 

Dec, 1871, Louise E. Drake, born 12 Dec, 1837, died 21 Nov., 1881; 
(2) 30 March, 1887, Permelia Tripp, born 8 July, 1832, died 28 Jan., 1913. 
No issue. He lives at East Rochester, N. Y. 

2 Martha Partridge, born 9 Oct., 1833, at Belfast, N. Y.; died 11 Sept., 

1882, at Canadice; married 30 Dec, 1856, Caleb B. Hyde, born 30 Nov., 
1829, died 15 Sept., 1907. 

» Information Dr. Barton S. Partridge (138P8-6). 


Children, born at Canadice: 

1. Evvie Lenore Hyde, born 17 May, 1858; died 5 March, 1914; married 

29 Oct., 1878, Frank M. Salter, born 10 June, 1857. Child: Leola 
H. Salter, born 7 March, 1889, at Canadice. 

2. Lewis James Hyde, born 26 May, 1863; married 22 March, 1883, Libbie 

Pursell, born 14 Jan., 1865, at Springwater, N. Y. They live at 
Springwater. Children: Arthur Barton Hyde, born 4 June, 1887, 
at Canadice; married 27 Feb., 1907, Elizabeth May, born 22 Feb., 
1890. 1 Ethel Mae Hyde, born 23 June, 1903, at Canadice. 

3. Arthur Milton Hyde, born 11 Dec, 1867; died 27 March, 1900, at Cana- 

dice; married 17 July, 1890, Vinnie C. Probert, born 17 July, 1868. 
Child: Arthur Le Verne Hyde, born 17 Jan., 1892. 

Stephen Joy Partridge, born 8 Jan., 1836, at Belfast; died 5 Nov., 1863, in 
the army. 

Mary Jane Partridge, born 7 April, 1838, at Belfast; married 27 Nov., 
1858, at Prattsburgh, N. Y., James S. Van Doren, born 3 April, 1841, at 
Milo, son of Abraham and Barbara (Russel) Van Doren. 

1. Willis Llewellyn Van Doren, born 3 Oct., 1859, at Prattsburgh; married 

30 Oct., 1884, Ida Anna Jewell (138P7-13). 

2. Lucien Ellis Van Doren, born 11 May, 1869, at Springwater; married 

30 Nov., 1892, Dimmis A. Gray, born 14 April, 1857. 

Lewis Theodore Partridge, born 16 Oct., 1842, at Canadice; married 6 
April, 1882, Ella Pursell, born 29 April, 1862, at Springwater. They live 
at East Rochester. 

1. Dr. Raymond Blaine Partridge, born 16 May, 1883, at Canadice. He 

lives at East Rochester. 

2. Laura Alice Partridge, born 30 Nov., 1884, at Canadice; married 5 

Sept., 1907, Charles W. Marsh, B.S., born 18 Sept., 1880. Children: 
Mary Ella Marsh, born 16 Nov., 1908, at Caledonia, N. Y. William 
Bradford Marsh, born 2 June, 1910, at Lockport, N. Y. Alice Jane 
Marsh, born 2 Feb., 1913, in Cleveland, O. 

3. Erwin Harrison Partridge, born 11 Dec, 1888, at Canadice; married 

31 Dec, 1912, Ethel Odell, born 13 Feb., 1895. 

4. Libbie Grace Partridge, born 22 April, 1899, at East Bloomfield, N. Y. 

5. Leland S. Partridge, born 25 Feb., 1901, at East Bloomfield. 

Barton Scott Partridge, born 22 March, 1851, at Canadice; married 13 
July, 1878, at Odessa, Schuyler Co., N. Y., Ella C. Harris, born 4 March, 
1858, at Short Tract, N. Y., daughter of Rev. Howard C. and Clara (Clark) 

Dr. Partridge graduated from the Genesee State Normal School in 1876 
and taught for four years and then entered upon the study of medicine, 
graduating from the Pulte Medical College, Cincinnati, O., in 1883. He 
practised medicine for 26 years at East Bloomfield, and has been a frequent 
contributor to the transactions of the Western New York Homeopathic 
Medical Society and the American Institute of Homeopathy of which he 
is a member. In September, 1913, he removed to Ann Arbor, Mich., where 
he resides. 


I. Clara Virginia Partridge, A.B., born 24 April, 1879, at Norfolk, Va.; 
married 13 July, 1905, Claude Adelbert Burrett, Ph. B., M. D., born 
13 July, 1878. Children, born at Ann Arbor: Adelbert Partridge 
Burrett, born 17 May, 1907. Helen Louise Burrett, born 9 June, 1909. 
John Barton Burrett, born 3 Aug., 191 1. Virginia Burrett, born 24 
Oct., 1913. 

1 Children: Glenn Francis Hyde, born 23 June, 1909. Martha May Hyde, born 16 Sept., 1913. 


2. Lloyd Joy Partridge, born 24 April, 1885, at East Bloomfield; married 

18 Nov., 1908, Bessie Du Bois. Children: Howard Scott Partridge, 
born 27 July, 1910, at East Rochester. Frederick Lloyd Partridge, 
born 25 Feb., 19 14, at East Rochester. 

3. Evelyn Louise Partridge, born 15 Oct., 1894, at East Bloomfield. 

7 Alice Lucinda Partridge, born 26 Oct., 1853, at Prattsburgh; married 8 
July, 1888, Lewis J. Bean, born 10 April, 1831, died 25 Feb., 1914. She 
lives at Canadice, near Honeoye, N. Y. No issue. 


V. Lucinda Partridge {Jemima Bixby, Jacob, Benjamin, 
Joseph), born 4 March, 181 1, at Fabius, N. Y.; died 19 March, 
1887, at Belfast, N. Y.; married 22 May, 1830, John J. Crawford, 
born 11 Aug., 1795, died 30 April, 1858, at Belfast. 

Children, born at Belfast: 1 

1 Lewis J. Crawford, born 11 Feb., 1831; died 25 Jan., 1892, at Belfast, 


2 Henry Crawford, born 22 July, 1832; died 1 March, 1833, at Belfast. 

3 Joseph B. Crawford, born 20 July, 1833; died 13 July, 1892, at Pontiac, 

Mich.; married 24 Oct., 1865, at South Alabama, N. Y., Anna Ingalsby, 

born 17 Feb., 1843. She lives at Pontiac. 


1. Mary Roseltha Crawford, born 5 Nov., 1866, at South Alabama; died 

4 March, 1899, at Pasadena, Cal.; married 5 July, 1887, at Pontiac, 
Walter J. Fisher. Children, born at Pontiac: Walter Joseph Fisher, 
born 9 Feb., 1888. Mark Royal Fisher, born 19 June, 1889. Charles 
Henry Fisher, born 18 Nov., 1890. Alva Francis Hardie Fisher, 
born 21 Jan., 1894. James Kenneth Fisher, born 12 May, 1895. All 
living at Pontiac. 

2. Kate Louise Crawford, born 16 Aug., 1874, at Pontiac; married there 26 

Dec, 1900, Charles M. Van Buskirk. No issue. They live at Pontiac. 

4 Jemima Crawford, born 6 Feb., 1835; married 19 Sept., 1858, Edgar D. 

Eastwood, born 16 May, 1836, at Newhudson, N. Y., died 6 Dec, 1899, 
at Blackcreek, N. Y. No issue. Mrs. Eastwood lives at Blackcreek. 

5 Rachel Crawford, born 21 Dec, 1836; died 26 March, 1866, at Newhudson; 

married 12 Nov., 1857, Norman Holden, born 17 April, 1836, at Newhudson, 
died 24 March, 1899, at Belfast. 


1. Helen M. Holden, born 6 June, 1862; died 6 Jan., 1865, at Newhudson. 

2. Addie M. Holden, born 15 Oct., 1866; died 15 April, 1872, at Belfast. 

6 McColaster Crawford, born 18 Nov., 1838; married 11 Nov., 1869, Mary 

Helen Leitheit, born 27 March, 1844, in Glasgow, Scotland. They live 

at Romeo, Mich. 


1. Francis Eugene Crawford, born 21 Aug., 1870; married 28 Oct., 1895, 

Cora Ann Tetzel, born 22 Nov., 1871. They live at Pontiac. Child: 
Milton E. Crawford, born 28 April, 1898, at Pontiac. 

2. Eva Lucinda Crawford, born 10 Aug., 1873; married 13 June, 1894, 

Alfred Mills Newbury, born 1 Sept., 1872, at Romeo. No issue. 
They live at Romeo. 

1 Information of Mrs. Lucinda A. Holden (138P9-K) and Dr. Barton S. Partridge (138P8-6). 


3. Nellie Mary Crawford, born 15 March, 1875; married 15 Sept., 1895, 

Edwin G. Shaw. No issue. She lives at Romeo. 

4. Leon Berton Crawford, born 3 Feb., 1877. He lives at Romeo, unmar- 


5. George Currie Crawford, born 15 Sept., 1879; married Myrtle Adams, 

born 4 Aug., 1889, at Marlborough, O. They live at Birmingham, 
Mich. Child: Helen Harriet Crawford, born 29 Oct., 1910. One other 

7 Mary Crawford, born 10 Aug., 1840; died 26 Jan., 1866, at Belfast, unmar- 


8 Martha Crawford, born 13 Sept., 1842; died 8 June, 1875; married 1 June, 

1866, Newel C. McElhenney, born 5 Jan., 1843, at Blackcreek. 


1. Eunice May McElhenney, born 29 July, 1869, at Blackcreek; married 

12 July, 1890, James Loftus, born 8 June, 1861. They live at Cuba, 
N. Y. Child: Casser James Loftus, born 8 Feb., 1900, at Blackcreek. 

2. Willie McElhenney, born 10 July, 1874; died 8 June, 1875. 

9 Malinda Crawford, born 30 Jan., 1845; died 12 Oct., 1874, at Belfast; 

married 21 Nov., 1871, at Belfast, Norman Holden, born 17 April, 1836, at 
Newhudson, died 24 March, 1899, at Belfast. No issue. 

10 Eunice A. Crawford, born 15 March, 1847; died 9 Nov., 191 1, at Oxford, 

Mich.; married 30 Dec, 1869, at Pontiac, Elisha R. Clark, born 3 March, 
1847, died 9 Dec, 1907, at Oxford. No issue. 

11 Lucinda A. Crawford, born 18 March, 1849; married 19 Dec, 1882, at 

Belfast, Norman Holden, born 17 April, 1836, at Newhudson, died 24 
March, 1899, at Belfast. No issue. She lives at Belfast. 

12 Francis M. Crawford, born 28 Oct., 1851; died 13 June, 1899, at Belfast; 

married 14 Nov., 1889, Mettie Robinson, born 30 April, 1870. She married 
again and lives at Rockville, N. Y. 
Children, born at Belfast: 

1. Claud M. Crawford, born 11 Aug., 1891, lives at Belfast. 

2. Irene L. Crawford, born 7 May, 1896, lives at Belfast. 

3. Eunice J. Crawford, born 14 Sept., 1898, lives at Belfast. 

13 Bettie Crawford, born 24 Feb., 1856; died 20 Sept., 1857, at Belfast. 


V. Rebecca Wood Bixby (Gideon, Gideon, George, Joseph), born 
12 May, 1781, at Boxford, Mass.; married there 5 Jan., 1805, Ancil 
Kimball, born there 12 June, 1778, died 12 Jan., 1862, at Dover, 
Me., son of David and Rebecca (Flint) Kimball. 1 Ancil Kimball 
was a merchant and resided at Mt. Vernon, Me., 1805 to 1814, 
and at Augusta, Me., 1815 to 1834, afterwards at Dover, until his 

Children, 2 except the four youngest, born at Mt. Vernon: 

1 William Henry Kimball, born 20 Oct., 1805; died 25 Dec, 1831. 2 

2 Harriet Wood Kimball, born 23 Nov., 1806; died 27 April, 1846, 2 unmarried. 

'Sharpies: Kimball Genealogy. 

2 Information concerning this family was received from Allen Partridge (17211-42) and Miss 
Lizzie M. Kimball (17211-34). 


3 George Augustus Kimball, born 20 April, 1808; died 15 March, 1890, at 

Athens, Me.; married there 1 Jan., 1832, Syrena Williams, born 12 April, 
1811, at Anson, Me., died 2 Aug., 1906, at Athens, daughter of (Colonel) 
Lemuel and Dolly (Dinsmore) Williams. George A. Kimball was active 
in political affairs. He was a member of the legislature for several terms 
and for many years postmaster at Athens. Mrs. Kimball and her four 
daughters were school teachers. 
Children, born at Athens: 1 

1. Sarah Frances Kimball, born 13 Nov., 1832; died 3 March, 1875, at 

North Monmouth, Me.; married 3 Jan., 1858, at Athens, Thomas 
Leigh Stanton. 

2. Emma Louise Kimball, born 8 Feb., 1835; died 5 Nov., 1897, at Athens, 


3. Julia Maria Kimball, born 13 May, 1838; died 22 Feb., 1900, at Athens; 

married there 13 Sept., 1864, Charles Franklin Henry Greene. 

4. Mary Elizabeth Kimball, born 29 June, 1840; died 2 Aug., 1913, at 

Athens, unmarried. 

4 Charlotte Flint Kimball, born 6 Aug., 1809; died 2 Jan., 1872, at Augusta; 

married 1 Nov., 1835, Ruben Partridge, born 24 July, 1801, at Sidney, Me., 
died 6 Sept., 1850, at Augusta, son of Amos and Hannah (Rockwood) 
Partridge. Ruben Partridge was a merchant in Augusta. 
Children, 2 born at Augusta: 

1. Charles Kimball Partridge, born 9 Dec, 1836; died 26 Aug., 1902, at 

Augusta; married 26 Jan., 1865, at Vasselboro, Me., Mary Roberts 
Larrabee, daughter of Eben and Mahala (Roberts) Larrabee. Child: 
Winifred Partridge, born 8 April, 1870, at Augusta. 

2. Allen Partridge, born 29 Jan., 1842; married 15 Dec, 1869, at Augusta, 

Margaret Teague. 

3. Frank Ruben Partridge, born 23 Oct., 1843; married 3 Jan., 1877, 

Carolyn Kempton, at Augusta, where they live. 

4. Anna Louise Partridge, born 7 Oct., 1846; died 26 Oct., 1904, at Augusta, 


5. Reuben Henry Partridge, born 25 Dec, 1848; died 30 April, 1850, at 


5 Charles Edwin Kimball, born 23 Dec, 1810; died 3 Nov., 1878; married 

31 Dec, 1838, Julia Palmer, 3 born 16 July, 1818, died 7 May, 1871. He 

was a merchant and lived at Dover. 


1. Charles Augustus Kimball, born 1 Dec, 1839; died 6 Dec, 1862. 

2. Annie Estelle Kimball, born 14 May, 1842. 

3. Frederic Lewellen Kimball, born 25 Dec, 1845, at Dover; married 26 

Nov., 1879, Augusta Cary, born 16 April, 1847, daughter of Alison 
Lothrop and Eliza Jane (Cilley) Cary. Frederic L. Kimball is a 
merchant and lives at Dover. Children: Mary Wentworth Kimball, 
born 12 Jan., 1884. Charles Edwin Kimball, born 25 Jan., 1886. 

6 Caroline Emily Kimball, born 22 Dec, 1812; died 27 Sept., 1886; married 

Stephen Chase. He was architect and builder and lived in Haverhill, 



1. Frank Kimball Chase. He is a Free Will Baptist minister, formerly at 

Dover, now of Buffalo, N. Y. 

2. Emma Rebecca Chase; married Herbert Eaton of Haverhill. Children: 

Earnest Eaton. Edith Kimball Eaton. 

1 Information of Miss Lizzie M. (Mary Elizabeth) Kimball (17211-34). 

2 Information of Allen Partridge (17211-42) and Miss Winifred Partridge (17211-411). 
'Sharpies: Kimball Genealogy. 


7 Benjamin Franklin Kimball, born 11 April, 1814; died 2 March, 1873, at 

North New Portland, Me., where he was a merchant; married there Salome 
Bartlett, born there 7 or 9 Aug., 1828, died there 13 April, 1903, daughter 
of William and Abbie (Burbank) Bartlett. 1 


1. Charles Benjamin Kimball, born 14 May, 1872, at North New Portland; 

married 30 May, 1907, at Cambridge, Mass., Ethel Elizabeth Farr. 
They live at Wollaston, Mass. Children: Mary Farr Kimball, born 
26 Oct., 1908. Charlotte Kimball, born 31 July, 1911. 

2. Helen Maria Kimball, died 7 Feb., 1883, aged 32 years, unmarried. 

3. Frank Kimball, died 11 Dec, 1880, aet. 28 years, unmarried. 

4. William Kimball, died 11 Nov., 1859, aet. 2 years, 3 months. 

5. Lettie Bartlett Kimball, died 30 Dec, 1877, aet. 18 years, 5 months. 

8 Ancil Kimball, born 2 Jan., 1816; died March, 1840, unmarried. 

9 Samuel Artemas Kimball, born 16 April, 1817, at Athens; died 11 June, 

1874; married Sarah L. Lovejoy of Fayette, Me. He lived at Monmouth. 

Children, born there: 

1. Perley Lovejoy Kimball, born 1856. 

2. John Kimball, lives at Larned, Kans. 

10 Maria Wood Kimball, born 16 April, 1819, at Athens; died 21 May, 1896, 


11 Rebecca Bixby Kimball, born 22 Jan., 1822, at Athens; died 29 Oct., 

1909; 2 married George W. Allen, 2 who died 24 Dec, 1853. 3 


1. George Jacob Allen, born 22 Oct., 1853, at Augusta. 

12 Louisa Kimball, born 22 Aug., 1824, at Athens; died 22 Feb., 1829. 


V. Sally Bixby (Gideon, Gideon, George, Joseph), born 6 Dec, 
1783, at Boxford, Mass.; died 1835 at Norridgewock, Me.; married 
16 Feb., 181 5, at Boxford, 4 Abraham True Tilton, of Cornville, 
Me., born 1790 at Deerfield, N. H., died March, 1867, at Skow- 
hegan, Me., son of Josiah and Abigail (Rudd) Tilton. 
Children: 5 

1 Sarah A. Tilton, born 29 April, 1816; died 28 Sept., 1904, unmarried. 

2 Horatio Gates Tilton, born 3 Jan., 1819, at Cornville, Me.; died 12 May, 

1888, at Norridgewock; married 29 Feb., 1852, Ann Maria Stackpole, born 
13 April, 1833, at Seabrook, N. H., daughter of John and Henrietta (Chase) 
Stackpole. Mrs. Ann M. Tilton lives at Skowhegan. 


1. Charles Edward Tilton, born 15 Oct., 1858; died 19 Dec, 1912; married 

3 Sept., 1891, Caroline E. Hodgdon. No issue. Charles E. Tilton 
was supervising principal of Grammar Schools at Bangor, Me., having 
previously been principal of the Fairfield High School. He graduated 
from Colby University, 1883 (A.M. 1887). 

2. Fred Thomas Tilton, born 28 Sept., 1861; married 16 June, 1897, Addie 

N. Schrowder. They live at Salt Lake City, Utah. Fred T. Tilton is 

1 Information of Charles B. Kimball (17211-71). 

'Information concerning this family was received from Allen Partridge (17211-42) and Miss 
Lizzie M. Kimball (172 1 1-34). 'Sharpies: Kimball Genealogy. 

♦Boxford records. ■ Information of Mrs. Horatio G. Tilton (17212-2). 


engaged in mining and stock raising. Children: Edward Glen Tilton, 
born 1902. Charles Paul Tilton, born 1905. 
3. George Augustus Tilton, born 21 Sept., 1866; married, 1907, Lavina 
Butler. No issue. He was a farmer at Norridgewock, now lives at 

3 George True Tilton, born 6 May, 1821; died 6 Jan., 1908, at Norridgewock; 

married, 1862, Lydia Stackpole, sister of Mrs. Horatio G. Tilton, 1 born 1837, 
at Seabrook, died March, 1864, at Oldtown, Me., daughter of John and 
Henrietta (Chase) Stackpole; (2) Dec, 1864, Lois Spearing, widow of 
Walter Lovejoy. She died at Monson, Me. 1 Three children, all of whom 
died the same week, of diphtheria. 

4 Abigail F. Tilton, born 23 Sept., 1823; died 8 Oct., 1908, unmarried. 

5 William Henry Tilton, born 9 June, 1826, at Skowhegan; died 17 Nov., 

1907, at La Crosse, Wis.; married 28 Sept., 1869, in St. Paul, Minn., Flor- 
ence Dell Snow, born 5 May, 1854, in New York City, daughter of Samuel 
and Margaret Eliza (Birge) Snow. Mrs. Florence D. Tilton lives at La- 
Crosse. William H. Tilton raised Co. K, of the 31st Regt., Maine Vols., 
also raised a cavalry troop of which he was commissary sergeant. He was 
honorably discharged at the close of the war. He was the oldest pioneer 
resident of LaCrosse at the time of his death. He was interested in the 
lumber business in Wisconsin. 

Children, 2 born at LaCrosse: 

1. Jessie Laura Tilton, born 18 Sept., 1870; married 31 March, 1887, at 

Salem, Wis., Charles Rinton Vollner. Charles R. Vollner is in the 
grain business in Duluth, Minn., where they live. Children: Hazelle 
Antoinette Vollner, born 22 July, 1888. Milton Clyde Vollner, born 
22 July, 1890. Madella Florence Vollner, born 31 Jan., 1892. 

2. Clyde Willis Tilton, born 12 March, 1875; married 9 June, 1902, 

Mayme Connoly, in St. Paul, where they live. Clyde W. Tilton is in 
the auditing department of the Great Northern Ry. Co. Children: 
Neal W. Tilton, born 23 Feb., 1906. William Tilton, born 8 June, 1908. 

3. Harold Fred Tilton, born 30 March, 1890, lives in Duluth. 

1 72 14 

V. George Bixby {Gideon, Gideon, George, Joseph), born 27 
Dec, 1788, at Boxford, Mass.; died 4 Nov., 1869; 3 married Oct., 
1821, Rachel White, of Bloomfield, Me., born there 4 1794, died 23 
July, 1871, at Athens, Me. They settled in Athens, now Skowhegan, 

1 George Frederic, born 26 July, 1822; died 24 Sept., 1850, on the Touo- 

lumme River, Cal. 

2 Maria Louisa, born 3 June, 1824; died 4 Sept., 1879, at Hibernia, Fla.; 

married Sept., 1856, William Showell, who died March, 1864; (2) Feb., 
1868, John G. Bigges. No issue. 

3- 3 Rachel Ann, born 28 Feb., 1826; married Elias J. Hale. 

1 Information of Mrs. Horatio G. Tilton (17212-2). 

2 Information of Mrs. William H. Tilton (17212-5). 

• Information concerning this family received from Mrs. Maria L. Hayden (17214.72). 
•Born at Skowhegan, Me. {Maine Deaths.) 


4- 4 Sarah Wood, born 29 Nov., 1827; married Thomas E. Martin. 

5 Charles Edwin, born 17 June, 1829; died unmarried, 19 July, 1863, in 
the Union Army, after his term of service had expired, at Port Hudson. 

6- 6 Henry Clay, born 15 Sept., 1831, at Athens; married Ann Wing. 

7- 7 James White, born 3 April, 1834, at Athens; married Lovey J. Taylor. 

8 Edward Payson, twin with James W., died 28 July, 1865, at Portland, 

Me., on his way home from the Army. 

9 Ancill Kimball, born 23 June, 1836; died 9 May, 1843. 


V. Charles Bixby {Gideon, Gideon, George, Joseph), born 19 
Oct., 1793, at Boxford, Mass.; died there 17 May, i860; married 
at Boxford, Hannah French, who died there 29 May, 1841. 
She was the daughter of Joshua French of Topsfield, formerly of 
Salem. 1 
Children, 2 born at Boxford: 

1- 1 Charles Henry, born 3 April, 18 19; married Mary E. Toomey. 

2- 2 Sarah French, born 6 June, 1821; married Daniel F. Harriman. 

3 William Joshua, born 2 Feb., 1828; died 18 July, 1846, at Boxford, 


V. Samuel Bixby {Gideon, Gideon, George, Joseph), born 13 
April, 1799, at Boxford, Mass.; died there 20 April, 1881; married 
there 4 Feb., 1830, 3 Eleanor Edmunds Johnson, born 4 Dec, 
1806, at North Andover, Mass., died 23 March, 1880, aged 73 
years, 4 at Boxford, daughter of Stephen and Sarah (Foster) 5 

Samuel Bixby was a deacon in the Congregational Church at 
Boxford for many years. He built the house in which he died, 
removing thither in 1828 from the Holyoke place, where he had 
lived with his father. The homestead descended to Stephen A. 
Bixby. 6 Mrs. Bixby was active in good works. She was one of 
the earliest members of the Ladies Benevolent Society and for 

1 Essex Institute Hist. Col. 28. Dwellings of Boxford, by Sidney Perley. 

2 Boxford records. 3 Boxford Vital Records. 4 Massachusetts Deaths. 

5 Information of Stephen A. Bixby (17216.4). Mrs. Peabody of Middleton, Mass., appears 
to have given this name as Wood. There is an indenture between Sarah Johnson, widow, of 
Boxford, and Samuel Bixby, yeoman, and Eleanor E., his wife in her own right, and John G. John- 
son, cordwainer, all of Boxford, and Joseph Peabody, 2d, and Mary W., his wife, in her own right, 
both of Middleton, concerning the rights the parties to the indenture have in certain property for- 
merly the estate of Stephen Johnson, of Andover, deceased, during the widow Sarah Johnson's 
lifetime. This indenture was dated 8 Feb., 1845. (Essex Deeds, 351: 116.) 

1 Information of Mrs. Rebecca K. Sargent (17216.6), also Perley: Dwellings of Boxford. 


thirteen years its treasurer. She was a member of the Congrega- 
tional Church. 

Children, 1 born at Boxford: 

i- i Sarah Ellen, born 30 March, 1831; married Charles S. Foster. 

2- 2 Samuel Johnson, born 5 (4) 2 Feb., 1833; married Susan T. Herriot. 

3 George Loring, born 25 Jan., 1835; died 15 Jan., 1838. 

4- 4 Stephen Augustus, born 3 Dec, 1836; married Rosalia B. Wyman. 

5- 5 George Loring, born 11 July, 1839; married Minerva Purrington; (2) 

Mrs. Eliza M. (Smith) Clarke. 

6- 6 Rebecca Kimball, born 17 March, 1841; married Charles N. Sargent. 

7 Mary Peabody, born 23 May, 1843; died 10 Feb., 1890; * married 31 
Dec, 1881, at Bradford, Mass,, Andrew J. Shattuck of Lawrence, Mass., 
aged 46 years, born at Townsend, Mass., son of Luther and Eliza A. 
Shattuck. This was his third marriage. 3 

8- 8 Harriet Emily, born 17 Nov., 1844; married Gardner G. Kimball. 

9 Abbie Maria, born 12 Dec, 1845. Now lives in Boxford. 


V. Elias Bixby (Nathaniel, Jonathan, Jonathan, Joseph). 

It is thought that Elias Bixby, who probably lived in north- 
western Pennsylvania, is identical with Elias Bixby, son of Na- 
thaniel, born 13 Aug., 1765, at Oxford, Mass., and of whom all 
trace is lost unless this identification is correct. That the name of 
the father of John, Cornelius, and Freeman Bixby was Elias rather 
than Elisha is probable, because although Mr. James E. Bixby 
thought the name might be Elisha, he knew that his brother was 
given the name Elias for some ancestor. The names Cornelius 
and Freeman are suggestive of the vicinity of Sutton, Mass., a 
place near Oxford. The information that we have concerning 
this family has been received from James E. Bixby (18212.112) 
and Mrs. Jane Conrad (18212.2-1). 


1- 1 John, born probably about 1820; married Freelove A. Tanner. 

2- 2 Cornelius, born probably about 1822; married Mary J. Tanner. 

3 Freeman. 


V. Sarah Powers 4 (Affa Bixbee, Jonathan, Jonathan, Joseph) » 
born 26 Aug., 1779; died 18 Oct., 1827; married 9 July, 1797, John 
Williams, who died 13 Jan., 1856, at Hartford, Conn. 

1 Information of Mrs. Rebecca K. Sargent (17216.6), also Perley: Dwellings of Boxford. 

2 Boxford Vital Records. ' Massachusetts Marriages. 

4 Information concerning this family was received from Alfred W. Lucas (18294-62). 




1 Adeline Ann Williams, born 16 July, 1798; died 10 July, 1890; married 25 

Sept., 1855, in Chicago, 111., John Bois Turner. 

2 Jefferson Warren Williams, born 23 Dec, 1799; died 6 April, 1883; 

married 17 June, 1827, Adeline Cooley, born 2 July, 1804. Lived near 
Ravenna, O. 


1. Sarah Maria Williams, born II Jan., 1828; married 21 Oct., 1847, Josiah 

Goodrich Hutchins, who died early in life. After the Civil War, she 
with her grown son settled in the vicinity of Mission Ridge, Tenn. 

2. John Williams, born 1 May, 1829; died 28 May, 1869. 

3. Edward Powers Williams, born 11 Feb., 1834; died 28 Sept., 1831. 

4. Charles Williams, born 17 Dec, 1835; married 23 Jan., 1873, Rosa 

Sherman. They live at Freedom, O. Children: Ralph Warren 
Williams, born 11 Nov., 1874. Harold Morton Williams, born 28 
Jan., 1877; died 3 Dec, 1878. Florence Alice Williams, born 13 Oct., 
1879. Emma Evangeline Williams, born 21 July, 1 881. 

5. Ann Eliza Williams, born 30 Nov., 1837; married 30 Dec, 1858, Darwin 

E. Phelps, who died 2 Dec, 1874. She married (2) 23 Aug., 1876, 
David R. King. 

6. Julia Alice Williams, born 15 Aug., 1841; married 5 Nov., 1867, Melvin 

J. Hans. 

3 Edgar Montgomery Williams, born 25 Feb., 1804; lost at sea, aged nineteen. 

4 Emeline Augusta Williams, born 22 Jan., 1806; died 25 Nov., 1825. 

5 Sarah Maria Williams, born 4 Jan., 1808; died 8 Oct., 1823. 

6 Jane Grey Williams, born 9 March, 181 1; died 14 Nov., 1872, at Amherst 

C. H., Va., married 24 March, 1834, at Hartford, Eli Bristol Lucas, born 
18 Jan., 1807, at Clinton, N. Y., died 6 April, 1880, at Hagerstown, Md. 
They lived at Clinton. 

1. Sarah Elizabeth Lucas, born 19 Feb., 1835; married E. Murrah. No 


2. Alfred Williams Lucas, born 8 Feb., 1839; married 1 Sept., 1869, Mary 

Randolph Brown, born 24 Aug., 1839, died 23 May, 1883, daughter 
of Benjamin Brown of Amherst; married (2) 8 Sept., 1886, Mrs. Mary 
Frances Porter, born 23 Oct., 1840, died 18 May, 1900. He lives at 
Hagerstown. Children, by first marriage: Caroline Thompson Lucas, 
born 10 June, 1871; married 1 Jan., 1896, F. M. Thomas, who died 
10 June, 1906; married (2) 6 June, 1908, William H. H. Bixler. Jane 
Williams Lucas, born 5 Aug., 1873; unmarried. Edward Bristol Lucas, 
born 2 Oct., 1877; married 2 June, 1909, Anna R. Buck. They live 
at Scranton, Pa. 

7 Harriet Frances Williams, born 18 Aug., 1812; died 13 June, 1885, near 

Columbus, Ga.; married 16 Aug., 1832, Charles Augustus Peabody, born 

in Connecticut. 


1. Charles Williams Peabody, lives at Fort Worth, Tex. Had several chil- 


2. George Augustus Peabody, lived and died in Columbus. He had a son 

who is thought to be deceased. 

3. Emma Frances Peabody, married, and died in Florida. She left children. 

4. Elbert Wells Peabody, married, and died in Florida. He left children. 

5. Charlotte Jane Peabody, married Burnham, who was born in 

Vermont; now deceased. She lives at Atlanta. 

6. Lucy Adeline Peabody, died in Columbus, Ga.; married Shep- 



person. Child: Mildred Shepperson, married Willard L. Boileau. 
They live at Chattanooga, Tenn. 

7. Douglas Cairns Peabody, died at Glastonbury. Mrs. Peabody lives at 

Glastonbury. Children: A daughter. A son, married, and lives at 

8. Francis Downing Peabody, lived and died at Columbus. No issue. 

His widow is living there. 

8 Charlotte Tryon Williams, born 31 March, 1814; died 27 Aug., 1841; 

married, 1839, Aikens; lived at Niles, Mich. No issue. 


V. Joanna Powers 1 (Affa Bixbee, Jonathan, Jonathan, Joseph), 
born 3 Feb., 1785, at Quincy, Mass.; died 22 Dec., 1862, at Still- 
water, N. Y. ; married 22 Nov., 1807, in Boston, Mass., Samuel 
Gray, born 5 May, 1784, at Halifax, N. S., died 20 Oct., 1830, 
in Boston, son of Samuel 2 and Hannah (Cotton) 3 Gray of Boston. 
She married, second, 10 Sept., 1848, at Stillwater, William Evans. 

Samuel Gray was a manufacturer of harness, saddles, trunks, 
military caps and accoutrements, mail bags, etc. He was a man of 
noble character and was idolized by his children. 
Children, 4 all by first marriage, born in Boston: 

1 George Powers Gray, born 20 Oct., 1808; died 3 March, 1829, in Boston, 

2- 2 Affa Maria Gray, born 27 Aug., 1810; married Lewis W. Wells. 

3- 3 Emily Naomi Gray, born 6 Sept., 1812; married Rev. Isaac A. C. E. 


4 Joanna Gray, born 25 Nov., 1814; died 5 June, 1820, in Boston. 

5- 5 Samuel Cotton Gray, born 11 Oct., 1816; married Lucy Wetmore; (2) 
Martha F. Garretson. 

6 Mary Cotton Gray, born 19 Aug., 1818; died 24 July, 1819, in Boston. 

7 Mary Joanna Gray, born 21 July, 1820; died 7 Dec, 1909, in Baltimore; 

married William Blanding; (2) Ezekiel Calhoun Davis; (3) George 
Stayley Morton. No issue. 

8- 8 Edward Powers Gray, born 31 July, 1822; married Ada Curran; (2) 
Maria L. Clark. 

9 Sarah Adeline Gray, born 21 Aug., 1824; died 30 May, 1840, in Balti- 


V. Jeremiah Bixby {David, Jonathan, Jonathan, Joseph), born 

9 Aug., 1790 (or 13 Aug., 1791), at Pepperell, Mass.; died 15 Sept., 

'Family Bible of Samuel Gray (18296), where the name is spelled Powars. See illustration 
opposite page 328. 

2 Son of Samuel and Sarah (Emmons) Gray of Boston. 

3 Daughter of John and Mary (Cutt) Cotton of Boston, and a descendant of William Cotton 
of Portsmouth. N. H., who settled there before 1650. 

'Information concerning this family was received from Theodore Gray (18296.5—4). 


1836, aged 47 years, at Piermont, N. H.; x married Eliza Sinclair, 
born at Haverhill, N. H., 2 died 23 April, 1879, aged 79 years, at 
Concord, N. H. 2 

1 Augusta Ann S., born 1818; died 15 Nov., 1840, aged 22 years. 2 

2 Ruth, born 1820; died 29 Aug., 1827, aged 7 years. 2 

3 Phineas P., born 9 May, 1829, at Piermont; died 16 Jan., 1877, at Concord; 2 

married 19 Jan., 1855, Ellen C. Clark of Concord, born at Hubbardston, 
Mass., died 27 June, 1889, aged 57 years, at Concord, daughter of Samuel 
and Nancy (Spring) Clark. 2 No issue. 

At the time of his death, Colonel Bixby was Deputy Treasurer of the State 
of New Hampshire. He had an honorable record as a soldier and official. 
After his father's death he accompanied his mother to Haverhill, where 
he lived for eight years. During his youth he did not enjoy robust health, 
being subject to fevers. When fifteen years of age he entered the printing 
office of George S. Towle, at Haverhill, who was then publishing the Granite 
State Whig. In 1846, he obtained employment in the Statesman office 
in Concord, where he remained for five years. He then entered the job 
office of Morrill & Silsby. In 1858, he engaged in the grocery business 
with C. C. Webster and was in this business when the Civil War broke out. 
He was unable to arrange his business affairs to carry out his intended 
enlistment in the Goodwin Rifles, which later became Co. B, 2nd N. H. 
Vols., but when Capt. Griffin of that company was transferred to the new 
6th Regt., as lieutenant-colonel, Bixby received a commission as adjutant, 
30 Nov., 1861. He was taken prisoner at the second battle of Bull Run, 
29 Aug., 1862, and was confined for two months in Libby Prison, during 
which time he was promoted major. He was promoted lieutenant-colonel 
in July, 1864, and was brevetted colonel for gallant and meritorious con- 
duct at the assault before Petersburgh, July, 1864, when he was severely 
and painfully wounded, which, however, did not prevent his rejoining his 
regiment. He was in command of the regiment, of which he was com- 
missioned colonel when its ranks were augmented by transfers of men from 
other organizations, whose term of service was expiring. He was mustered 
out with his regiment, 17 July, 1865. After the war he was appointed to 
a position in the Custom House at Boston, which he held about four years. 
In July, 1869, he again engaged in the grocery business, under the firm 
name of Webster, Bixby & Company. He retired from the firm in 1871, 
and during the next two years was clerk of the Boar's Head House at Hamp- 
ton and of the Arlington House in Boston. In 1873 he was appointed 
chief clerk to the Treasurer of New Hampshire. It is said of him that he 
was a keen observer and had an inborn hatred of sham and deceit. He 
was highly esteemed in business, and gained the reputation during the 
war as having one of the best disciplined, willing and effective regiments 
in the army. He was quiet, painstaking and faithful in every detail, as 
well as witty and cheerful. 3 


V. David Bixby (David, Jonathan, Jonathan, Joseph), born 9 
Aug., 1793 (or 18 Aug., 1792), at Pepperell, Mass.; died 26 March, 

1 Gravestone inscriptions at Piermont from John Bixby (182L6.1). Jeremiah Bixby (182L1) 
and David Bixby (182L2) were born at Pepperell altho recorded at Piermont. 

J New Hampshire Deaths. * Condensed from obituary published in New Hampshire paper. 

See illustration opposite page 336. 


1875, 1 at New Haven, Conn., buried at Piermont, N. H.; 2 married 
7 Feb., 1822, 3 at Lyme, N. H., Lydia Barber, who died 25 Aug., 
i835» aged 43 years, at Piermont. 2 David Bixby is said to have 
served in the War of 1812, and the name of David Bixby "of Pier- 
mont" is found on the rolls of Capt. Mapenin's company. 4 

He received a warrant for 80 acres, military land bounty for 
service in the War of 18 12, 17 Feb., 1852. According to the war- 
rant his service was as corporal in Capt. "Maburen's" company, 
Vermont militia. 5 Under the Act of 1855 he was entitled to an 
additional 80 acres, but no record appears of issue to him of a 
Children, probably all born at Piermont: 6 

1 Jeremiah P., born Jan., 1823; died 12 July, 1854, at Piermont, unmarried. 

2- 2 William Peck, born 25 Dec, 1824; married Lucy A. Luey. 

3- 3 Harriet K., born 1825; married Hiram S. Brown. 

4- 4 George Harrison, born 12 March, 1827; married Sarah E. Newcomb. 

5- 5 Olcutt Mills, born 5 Dec, 1827; married Emeline J. Smith. 

6- 6 Nancy Farnham, born 17 Feb., 1830; married Charles C. Littlefield. 

7- 7 Russell Woodward, born 17 Sept., 1832; married Mary J. Stratton. 

8 Phebe Jane, born 14 April, 1834; 7 died 8 March, 1909, at the Odd Fel- 

lows Home, Worcester, Mass.; married 5 Aug., 1851, at Lowell, Rinaldo 
H. Tyler, born 6 May, 1830, at Gardner, Mass., son of Luke and Jane b. 
R Richardson. No issue. They formerly lived at Dracut and Lowell. 

9 Susan Emily, born 12 March, 1835; died 27 Jan., 1910, unmarried, in 

Boston, where she had lived since 1867. 8 

182L3 182L4 

V. Nancy Bixby {David, Jonathan, Jonathan, Joseph), born 1 
May, 1795, at Piermont, N. H.; died 30 Jan., i860, at Bradford, 
Vt.; married 29 April, 1821, at Piermont, Roswell Farnham, 
born 14 Oct., 1792, 9 at Plymouth, N. H., died 20 Dec, i860, at 
Bradford, son of John and Sarah (Thompson) Farnham. 10 He had 
previously married, 14 Sept., 1817, Ruth Bixby (182L4), a younger 
sister of Nancy, born 20 Aug., 1797. at Piermont, died 27 March, 

1 Information of John Bixby (182L6.1). 2 Gravestones at Piermont. 

« Church records, where the bride's name is spelled Barbour. In the death record of her son 
Russell she is named as Nancy Barber. * Letter of Augustus H. Bixby, 1885. 

' U. S. Land Office, 30,816-80-50. • Information of Mrs. George H. Bixby (182L2.4). 

'Information of Mrs. Phebe J. Tyler (182L2-8). 

• Massachusetts Deaths. ' Information of Charles C Farnham (182L3-H). 

"Information of Hon. Roswell Farnham (182L3-1). 


Roswell Farnham was a descendant of Ralph Farnham of And- 
over, Mass., whose grandson, Ephraim, became one of the first 
settlers in what is now Concord, N. H. Ephraim's son Benjamin 
was father of John Farnham, mentioned above, whose son Roswell 
established himself in business in Court Street, Boston, and later 
became a manufacturer of boots and shoes. Although prosperous 
he lost heavily in the financial crisis of 1838-9, and in 1840 
removed to Bradford. 
Children of Roswell and Ruth Bixby (182L4) Farnham: 

1 Cyrus Conant Farnham, born 27 June, 1818, at Haverhill, N. H.; died 
25 Feb., 1863, in Memphis, Tenn., of typhoid fever, contracted while in 
the U. S. Military Telegraph Service. 1 

Children of Roswell and Nancy Bixby (182L3) Farnham: 

1 Roswell Farnham, born 23 July, 1827, in Boston, Mass.; died 5 Jan., 1903, 
at Bradford; married 25 Dec, 1849, at St. Albans, Vt., Mary Elizabeth 
Johnson, born 19 Jan., 1828, at Bath, N. H., daughter of Capt. Ezekiel 
and Nancy (Rogers) Johnson. 1 Roswell Farnham was Governor of Vermont. 
He was graduated from the University of Vermont in 1849, having 
been fitted for college at Bradford Academy, to which institution he returned 
as principal after some years spent in teaching, part of the time as principal 
of the Franklin Academical Institution. In the meantime he had studied 
law and was admitted to the bar in 1857. He soon obtained a successful 
practice, the largest, it is said, in Orange County. In 1859, he was chosen 
State's Attorney and twice re-elected to that office, which he was filling 
at the time the Civil War opened. 

Already a member of the Bradford Guards, he responded to Lincoln's 
first call for troops and went to the front as second lieutenant of Co. D, 
1st Vt. Vols. He was stationed at Fortress Monroe and took part in the 
occupation of Newport News, of which he was appointed provost marshal. 
Later he participated in the attack on the Confederate works at Big Bethel. 

He returned to Vermont at the end of his term of service, with the repu- 
tation of a capable officer, and was placed in command of the Bradford 
Guards, who, in Aug., 1862, were mustered into the service as a part of the 
12th Vt. Vols., of which Farnham was commissioned Lieutenant Colonel. 
Col. Blunt of the 12th being assigned to the command of the Brigade, 
Lieut. -Col. Farnham was in actual command of the regiment for a large 
part of its term of service, taking part in the repulse of Gen. Stuart's attack 
on Fairfax Court House and in the Gettysburg campaign. After being 
mustered out of the service he resumed the practice of law at Bradford. 
In 1868 and 1869, he was elected to the State Senate and in 1876 was a 
delegate to the Republican Convention which nominated President Hayes, 
and was also a presidential elector. In 1880, he was elected Governor of 
Vermont, receiving the largest majority ever cast for a candidate for that 
office up to that time. During his term of office many important public 
works and reforms were initiated. After retiring from the gubernatorial 
office he held many offices of trust. In 1889, he was appointed National 
Bank Examiner, but spon resigned that position. In July, 1898, he was 
appointed referee in Bankruptcy which position he filled at his death. He 
was a trustee of the University of Vermont, a member of the State Board 
of Education and Agriculture, treasurer and trustee of Bradford Academy. 

information of Charles C Farnham (182L3-11). 


He was a member of the Grand Army and of the Vermont Commandery 
of the Loyal Legion, and other military societies, as well as a member of 
the Vermont Society Sons of the American Revolution in right of his grand- 
father David Bixby. He was much interested in family history and made 
many investigations into his Bixby ancestry of which he was especially 
proud. He was author of a History of the Bench and Bar of Orange County, 
Vt., and other literary works. In his private as in public life, Gov. Farn- 
ham was irreproachable. He took a deep and abiding interest in the 
people of his community and was ever ready and eager to help both with 
advice and in more substantial manner. He was deeply religious. He, 
nevertheless, once told Prof. Campbell of Dartmouth College, with whom 
he was associated in religious work that it was easier for him to stand 
before a jury and plead a case than to speak in prayer meeting. He was 
rarely absent from Sunday School, in which he had a class, and was prom- 
inent in the councils of the church at Bradford, to which he contributed 
liberally. The occasion of his funeral was notable for the assembly which 
gathered to follow him to the grave, to which his body was escorted by his 
old command, the Bradford Guards. See illustration opposite page 344. 
Children, 1 born at Bradford: 

1. Charles Cyrus Farnham, born 9 May, 1864; married 30 Oct., 1889, at 

Ellington, Conn., Grace Hall, born there 17 May, 1866, daughter of 
Edward and Abby B. Hall. Charles C. Farnham is a successful 
lawyer in Buffalo, N. Y. Children: Roswell Farnham, born 13 Aug., 
1890. Francis Hall Farnham, born 24 Sept., 1895. Edward Hall 
Farnham, born 4 Dec, 1900. Mary Field Farnham, born 24 May, 
1903. See also addenda. 

2. Florence Mary Farnham, born 30 Oct., 1866; married 10 June, 1890, at 

Bradford, Col. Gardner Osgood of Bellows Falls, Vt., where they live, 
son of Charles W. and Fannie M. Osgood. Children: Mary Elizabeth 
Osgood, born 24 March, 1896. Farnham Osgood, born 18 Nov., 1903. 

3. William Mills Farnham, born 5 July, 1869; married 27 April, 1895, at 

Newville, Pa., Bertha Irene Hursh, born 18 June, 1869, daughter of 
Joseph B. and Henrietta W. (Hunt) Hursh. William M. Farnham is 
president of the Eureka Steel Novelty Co., and lives in Buffalo, N. Y. 
Child: William Hursh Farnham, born 28 Oct., 1896. See also addenda. 
2 Laura Ann Farnham, born 3 May, 1833, at Haverhill, Mass.; died 19 Feb., 
1904, 1 in Boston, unmarried. 


V. Harriet Bixby (David, Jonathan, Jonathan, Joseph), born 
17 April, 1802, at Piermont, N. H.; died 26 2 Nov., 1866, at Spring- 
field, Wis.; married 20 (21) Feb., 1820, 3 at Piermont, Nathaniel 
Kimball, born 14 March, 1790, at Canaan, N. H., died 2 Jan., 
1871, 4 at Springfield, son of Asa and Bettie (Smith) Kimball. 5 

They removed to Springfield, Wis., leaving Piermont 3 April, 
1858; they arrived at Black River Falls, Wis., 4 May, 1858, where 
their son John was already established. George, another son, 
accompanied his parents. 

'Information of Charles C Farnham (182L3-11). 

2 Information of Mrs. John Bixby Kimball (182L5-3), who supplied much of what follows. 

3 Information of Mrs. Harriet A. McWilliams (182L5-21). 

4 News item. 'Sharpies: Kimball Genealogy. 



1 George Kimball, born 18 Oct., 1820, at Haverhill, N. H.; died there 15 Oct., 


2 George Kimball, born 15 June, 1824, at Piermont; died 26 July, 1867, at 

Springfield; married 7 April, 1858, at Haverhill, Elizabeth Manson, born 
7 April, 1837, died 22 Aug., 1895, at Black River Falls, daughter of Alex- 
ander Manson. 

1. Harriet Augusta Kimball, born 22 Feb., 1861, at Springfield; married 

5 Feb., 1898, at Evanston, 111., John Pollard McWilliams of Dwight, 
111. Mrs. McWilliams graduated from Northwestern University in 
1883 and Ph.M. in 1886. She is a member of the Phi Beta Kappa, 
and was formerly a teacher in the Academy of the University. They 
live in Dwight. 

2. Lida Manson Kimball, born 14 Feb., 1864, at Hixton, Wis.; married 7 

Oct., 1902, at Dwight, Isaac Thorne Johnson of Germantown, Pa. 
They live at Urbana, O. Mrs. Johnson was graduated from Con- 
servatory of Music, Northwestern University, in 1883, and from the 
Hailmann Kindergarten Training School in 1889. From 1895 to 
1899 she was kindergarten training teacher in the Friends' School at 
Wilmington, Del., and from 1899 to 1902 was supervisor of Kinder- 
gartens of South School District, Hartford, Conn. Child: Kimball 
Johnson, born 18 Oct., 1905, at Germantown; died 16 April, 1906. 

3. Natt Burton Kimball, born 19 Nov., 1865, at Springfield; died there 

28 June, 1866. 

3 John Bixby Kimball, born 19 Nov., 1828, at Piermont; died 22 Nov., 1898, 

at Disco, Wis.; married 7 May, 1868, at Sechlerville, Wis., Mary Elizabeth 
Curran, born 10 July, 1844, at Hebron, Pa., died 20 July, 1906, at Disco, 
daughter of John and Elizabeth (McKenny) Curran. John B. Kimball was 
a farmer, and held many town offices. He enlisted 20 Feb., 1865, in the 
48 Regt., Wis. Vols., and was discharged 20 Dec, 1865. 
Children: 2 

1. Natt Kimball, born 16 Feb., 1869, at Springfield; married 24 Dec, 1908, 

at Taylor, Wis., Edith Burch, born 26 Aug., 1875, at Oshawa, Minn., 
daughter of Thomas J. and Alice (Smart) Burch. Children : John Burch 
Kimball, born 1 Nov., 1910. Janette May Kimball, born 22 Sept., 1913. 
They live at Black River Falls, Wis. 

2. Frank Lewis Kimball, born 21 April, 1870, at Springfield; married 21 

April, 1894, at Sechlerville, Cora Mary Marsh of that place, born 21 
Aug., 1874, at Pole Grove, Wis., daughter of Thomas Philander and 
Mary Ellen (Allen) Marsh. They live in Melrose, Wis. Children: 
Joseph Marsh Kimball, born 11 Sept., 1895, at Sechlerville. Allen 
Bixby Kimball, born 17 Sept., 1899, at Hixton. 

3. Joseph H. Kimball, born 24 Aug., 1871; died 22 Sept., 1872, at Hixton. 

4. George Kimball, born 10 Oct., 1875, at Springfield; married 24 Aug., 

1909, at Black River Falls, Minnie Herbert. 

5. Harriet Elizabeth Kimball, born 11 Sept., 1 881, at Albion, Wis.; married 

25 Nov., 1907, at Taylor, Wis., Clyde Linn Proctor. Child: Frances 
Proctor, born 8 Oct., 1908, at Boscobel, Wis. 


V. John Minard (Minott) 3 Bixby {David, Jonathan, Jona- 
than, Joseph), born 22 Feb., 1803, at Piermont, N. H.; died there 

1 Information of Mrs. Harriet A. McWilliams (182L5-21). 

* Information of Natt Kimball (182L5-31) and Frank L. Kimball (182L5-32). 

* N. H. Marriages and Deaths. 


13 April, 1854; married there 24 Jan., 1830, * Elizabeth Fifield, 
born 25 May, 1806, at Hampton Falls, N. H., died 13 Oct., 1892, at 
Piermont, aged eighty four years, four months and eighteen days, 
daughter of Richard and Ester (Kelps) Fifield. 1 
John M. Bixby was a farmer. 

Children, born at Piermont: 

1- 1 John, born 1 July, 1832; married Ellen A. Stevens. 

2- 2 Dan, born 1 Nov., 1837; married Mary A. Lamb. 


V. Lydia Bixby {Jonathan, Elias, Jonathan, Joseph), born 19 
Feb., 1753, at Fairfield, Conn.; married 18 Aug., 1771, at Noble- 
town, 2 Abel Whalin (Whalen). 

Abel Whalin was lieutenant of the company commanded by his 
father-in-law, Capt. Jonathan Bixby, and served 30 days in 1776. 
His name appears as second lieutenant of the 5th Co., 2d Claverack 
battalion, 9th Regt., New York militia, in a roster of date earlier 
than 28 May, 1778, and at which time Jonathan Bixby was captain 
of the same company. On the 6 Feb., 1779, he was commissioned 
first lieutenant of the same company, his brother-in-law, Caleb 
Clark, being at the same time commissioned as second lieutenant. 
This regiment was commanded by Col. Van Ness. Lt. Whalin 
commanded a detachment sent to Saratoga in Oct., 1781. 3 


1 Ezekial Whalin, born probably at Hillsdale, N. Y., baptized 4 Oct., 1772, at 
Nobletown. 2 


V. Sarah Bixby {Jonathan, Elias, Jonathan, Joseph), born 19 
Feb., 1755, at Fairfield, Conn.; married Caleb Clark. They lived 
at Hillsdale, N. Y. 

Caleb Clark who married Sarah Bixby is undoubtedly that Caleb 
Clark who served 31 days in 1776 in the Continental service, in the 
company commanded by Capt. Jonathan Bixby, father of Sarah. 4 

X N. H. Marriages and Deaths. 

J Episcopal Church records at Great Barrington, Mass. Nobletown was formerly considered a 
part of Massachusetts. It is now Hillsdale, Columbia Co., N. Y. 

3 New York Men in the Revolution. The name appears as Wheatland, Wheland, Whalen, etc. 
Many persons bearing this name are found on lists of the Revolutionary period in western 
Massachusetts and adjoining parts. 

4 There was a Caleb Clark who married at Great Barrington {Episcopal Church Records) 18 
Sept., 1779, Rachel Scribner. This may be an earlier marriage. The Bixbys were connected 



Children, 1 born probably at Hillsdale: 

1 Ezekial Clark, baptized Jan., 179 1. 

2 Cossia Clark, baptized 3 Aug., 1793. 


V. Aaron Hull Bixby {Jonathan, Elias, Jonathan, Joseph), 
born probably in 1758, 2 in Connecticut; died at Greenville (formerly 
Greenfield) Greene Co., N. Y., probably prior to 1825; married, 
probably in 1785, Mercy Bagley, 3 who died 12 April, 1838, 4 aged 
seventy two years, seventeen days, at Castile, N. Y., 5 daughter of 
Prudence Bagley. 6 

with this church in Nobletown, served by the same minister. A Caleb Clark commanded a com- 
pany of the nth Regt. Conn, militia, which was called out for service in New York in 1776, and 
probably lived in Windham county. There was also a Caleb Clark in Ingersoll's company of the 
1st Berkshire (Mass.) regiment in Oct., 1781, which responded to the call for troops to march to 
Stillwater. The same man in 1777 was probably a member of Dwight's company. {Mass. Rev. 
Rolls.) There was also a Caleb Clark in the Vermont militia, who served on more than one occasion 
from the vicinity of Bennington. The Census of 1790 for New York enumerates a Caleb Clark 
at Duanesburgh, Albany Co., having in his family one male over sixteen years, three males under 
sixteen and four females. Also a Caleb Clark at Mohawktown in Montgomery Co., with one 
male over sixteen, two males under sixteen and two females. There is no one of the name men- 
tioned as living in Columbia Co. 

1 Krumm (Dutch) Church records, now at Hudson, N. Y. 

2 The dates 1766 and 12 April, 1838, for birth and death respectively of Aaron Hull Bixby, 
which are given by some members of the family, refer to his wife, as will be seen by reference to 
her gravestone. Mr. Archelaus Stone of Greenville, who in 189S made inquiries of the older inhabi- 
tants, wrote: "the mother of Daniel, brother of Seth BLxby, lived with Daniel in Greenville until 
some time after Seth left that place, probably as late as 1839 or 1840, and then went west, and 
died there." Seth left Greenville about 1831. He bought land in Greenville of John and Salome 
Hartt in 1827, and a son of these grantors, living at Greenville in 1908, remembered Seth Bixby of 
Norton Hill, as well as a brother, named, he thought, John Bixby. 

3 Very likely, a descendant of Orlando Bagley of Salisbury, Mass., 1653-4. {Letter of Harry 
Bagley of Freehold, Greene Co., N. Y ., 5 Aug., IQ07.) 

4 Her gravestone is at Castile, by the side of her son Seth's grave. She is called daughter of 
Prudence Bagley in a pedigree found among Dr. Johnson's papers which had been sent to him by 
one of her descendants. On 20 May, 1825, Prudence Bagley deeded to Mercy BLxby land in Green- 
field bounded on land of Bethia Norton and of William Chichester, being the same land she had 
bought the preceding year of John Shutts and Lucretia his wife. 

5 A niece of Mrs. Huldah (Norton) BLxby (18615.4) remembers Mercy (Bagley) BLxby and thinks 
that Mercy was a widow at the time Huldah Norton married Seth Bixby, which was in 1818. This 
niece was born 1838. 

6 In the Old Prevost, now Locust Grove Cemetery, near Norton Hill, is the gravestone of Pru- 
dence Bagley, died 21 Dec, 1831, aged ninety one years, eight months, and sLx days. Bernard 
Bagley and Elizabeth Wade, both of Lattania, married 18 Oct., 1789. Lattania or Latsina was the 
early name for Greenville. Samuel Bagley was a member of the First Presbyterian Church of 
Durham, N. Y., 1809-1810. Joseph Bagley died 25 May, 1813, aged forty four years. Lydia 
Badgely was baptized and admitted to the church, 1 May, 1815. She appears to have married 
Solomon Johnson of Walton, 26 Nov., 1815. {Records of the Presbyterian Church of Greenville.) 
Both the Bagley (or Badgely) and Hull families were settled in Durham and about Norton Hill. 
The Hulls are descended from Joseph Hull of Durham, Conn., born in 1716. John Bagley and wife 
Prudence had children baptized at Nobletown in 1770. {See Episcopal Church records, Great Bar- 
ringion.) William Hull, born 19 March, 1776, at Danbury, Conn., died 18 Sept., 1848, at Tribe9 
Hill, N. Y., by wife Ruth Collins (born 7 Jan., 1775, died 3 Sept., 1865, married 1794 at Green- 
ville), had son Aaron Whitlock Hull, born 9 Aug., 1798, near Greenville Village, N. Y., who died 



i- i John Wesley, born 17 Feb., 1786; married Polly Hackett. 

2- 2 Aaron, born 27 April, 1790, near Saratoga Springs, N. Y.; married 

Fry; (2) Nancy Wilson; (3) Maria Martin. 

3- 3 David (Hull), born 3 April, 1793, in Saratoga Co., N. Y.; married 

Desire Guernsey; (2) Phila Green. 

4- 4 Seth, born 22 Nov., 1794; married Huldah Norton. 

5 Daniel, married, late in life, Mrs. Sarah Grant. No issue. 

6 A daughter \ j 

7 Jonathan / 

Aaron Hull Bixby, or Hull Bixby as he was often called, is said 
to have been a soldier in the American Revolution. He and his 
brother "Andress" Bixby were parties to the following assignment 
of a land bounty. 2 

"We the Subscribers belonging to the Class of which Henry 
Dible is Superintendent in Colo. Peter Van Ness Regt. of Militia 
Do hereby transfer to John Stuart his Heirs and assigns all our 
Right and title to the annexed Certifycate and the Gratuity or 
Bounty of Three Hundred and fifty acres of Land to which we are 
Intitled by Virtue of the act for Raising Troops to Compleat the 
Line of this State in the service of the United States and the two 
Regt. to be Raised on Bounties of unappropriated Lands and for 
the further Defence of the Frontiers of this state passes this 23rd 
of March 1782 As Witness our hands and seals 

Patrick Dibel 
Henry Dible 
Signed Seal'd & Delivered Henry Dible Jun 

in Presents of his 

Thos X Dibble 
John H. McKinstry" mark 

Joseph Dibel 
Abel Whalen 
Andress Bixby 
Hull Bixby 

Aron X Esman 

1867, at Tribes Hill. William Hull was son of Capt. Wakeman Hull of Roxbury, Conn., by wife 
Rhoda Whitlock. {Letter of Prof. Charles H. Hull of Ithaca, N. Y.) 

1 Given by Dr. C B. Bixby (18615.44-1), in addition to the five elder children. 

2 Manuscripts of the Revolutionary War, N. Y., 19: 155, in the office of the Comptroller, Al- 
bany, N. Y. In " New York Men in the Revolution," p. 230, occur the names of Hull and 
Andress Bixby as enlisted men in company of the 9th Regt., Albany Co. militia, evidently 
from a list of land bounty rights. 


The name of Hull Bigsby appears in the census of 1790 as of 
Saratoga, having in his family one male over sixteen, two males 
under sixteen and one female. The two males under sixteen were 
undoubtedly John and Aaron. The latter is said by family tradi- 
tion to have been born near Saratoga Springs. It is not known at 
what date he settled in Greenville, but it is probable he may have 
removed to Greene county about 1794. It is also probable he died 
prior to the removal of his son Seth from Norton's Hill, and indeed 
prior to the deed of Prudence Bagley to Mercy Bixby in 1825. 1 
One of his descendants thought all of the children were born at 
Durham, which, although incorrect, seems to suggest that the set- 
tlement there was while the children were yet young. 


V. Nathaniel Bixby {? Jonathan, Elias, Jonathan, Joseph), 

born probably about 1760; died later than 1826; married 

, who was born 1 Dec, 1763. 2 He married, second, probably 

about 1810, 3 . 


1 Sally, born Jan., 1793. 


4- 4 Aaron, born 4 March, 1800, at Hillsdale, N. Y. ; married Julia Duncan. 

5 Jonathan. 

6 Andrews. 



Nathaniel Bixby is not enumerated in the Census of 1790 as 
the head of a family. Except for the statement of William Converse 
Bixby, a grandson of Aaron (18616.4), there is no mention of his 
existence. He and an equally vague Aaron Bixby, 5 are stated by 
descendants of Aaron (1 861 6.4) to have been the latter's father. 
The date of birth of Aaron, taken with the fact that there is no 

'See footnote No. 5 on page 337. 

- From a letter enclosed in a communication from Nettie M. Bigsby (1273s. 64-5). 

3 Merely an assumption, based on supposition that his first wife was the mother of eight children. 

i From the same source as the date of birth of her mother. 

5 Statement of Henry Bixby (18616.461). 


Nathaniel or Aaron mentioned in the Census of 1790 who could 
have been his father, appears to prove that this Nathaniel (if such 
were his name) was not married until 1790 or later. The date of 
his birth, if a son of Capt. Jonathan, would undoubtedly be about 
1760, and from some unknown source came the date of birth of 
his wife as 1763, which would accord with the supposition that her 
husband was born in 1760. 

In the Census of 1790, Capt. Jonathan Bixby is enumerated as 
the head of a family consisting of three males over 16 years, and 
two females. Of Capt. Jonathan's sons, Aaron Hull, Andrews 
(Andreas) and Moses were in 1790 heads of families. His two sons, 
Daniel and John, the twins, appear only on the birth records. 
Jonathan Bigsby, the soldier in Whitney's company in 1781, is 
assumed to have been a son of Capt. Jonathan, and of him we have 
no other record, but if living and unmarried he may have been liv- 
ing with his father. The same is true of Nathaniel, and those 
two, with their father, would constitute the three males over six- 
teen years. The birth record of Daniel and John in 1757, and the 
later appearance of a Jonathan in 1781, and the traditionary 
existence of a Nathaniel, suggests the possibility that John and 
Jonathan may be the same, and that W. C. Bixby 's memory 
may have been at fault, and that he confounded the names of 
Daniel and Nathaniel. 

William C. Bixby stated in 1909 that his father was named 
for an uncle, and that his father's brother Andrew was named for 
an Andrus or Andrew Bixby, whom he thought was also his father's 
uncle. He also had heard that his father had a relative who was 
an officer in the American Revolution, but he was not sure if it 
were his uncle or not. He knew of a relationship "way back" 
with the Moorhouse family, but not the details. He also knew 
of the relationship, although in error regarding the degree of rela- 
tionship, between his father and John M. Bixby (186J1.2). In 
a later letter, however, he declares he is a third cousin of the Countess 
Mankowski (186J1.23). 

The only Andrew or Andrus Bixby who could have been the 
person for whom William C. Bixby's uncle was named, must have 
been the Andreas Bixby (18617) of the Census and Dutch Church 
records, who was actually named Andrew or Andrews, undoubtedly 
for the mother of Capt. Jonathan Bixby. This Andrews Bixby was 


a great uncle of his namesake. The Jonathan Bixby who was a 
relative and an officer in the Revolution would be Capt. Jonathan 
(1861), who died in 1812. This branch of the family also claims 
descent from an Elias Bixby. It seems probable that Nathaniel 
was a grandson, through Capt. Jonathan, of Elias (186) rather than 
a son. Had he been a son he would have been the youngest son, 
either born about 1753, of the first wife, or a son of a second wife of 
whom we have absolutely no trace, married between the death of 
Elias' first wife, Eleanor Andrews, and his marriage to Margaret 
Prindle in 1786. 

Nathaniel Bixby is said to have been twice married, 1 and to have 
had two sons by one marriage, and seven sons and a daughter by 
the other. Mr. McGowan of Hudson remembers that Jonathan 
Bixby, the "father of Mrs. Hermance," i. e., Jonathan, son of 
Aaron (18616.4), told him that either his father or grandfather 
was in the Revolution. As Jonathan's father Aaron was not born 
until 1800, of course it would be the grandfather who served in 
the Revolution. We, however, have no record of the service of 
an unplaced Nathaniel Bixby who could have been grandfather 
of this Jonathan. The reference was probably to Capt. Jonathan; 
unless it was Capt. Jonathan's son Jonathan, instead of Nathaniel, 
that this family descends from. 

Allowing thirty years to a generation, and starting with Elias 
(186) born 1706, we would obtain three generations to the birth 
of Aaron in 1800, and the assumption that he was a great grandson 
of Elias seems plausible. Elias was born 1709, his son Capt. 
Jonathan in 1730, and if Capt. Jonathan had a son Nathaniel 
born about 1760, it is quite probable the latter would be having 
children born about 1800. It is, however, remarkable, that living 
in Columbia County, being twice married, and having ten children, 
there should be absolutely no mention of any member of his family 
on the records, or knowledge concerning them among the many 
relatives. Both Nathaniel and his son Jonathan are said to have 
owned land, but if so no trace has been found of their ownership. 

1 Both Mrs. Pulver (18616.41-1) and Mrs. Hermance (18616.433) assert that Aaron Bixby had 
a stepmother; and the latter asserts that he had half brothers and sisters, who were called ''Yan- 
kees" by her people, but none of the family know more of them. A relative of the Duncans, 
Mrs. Morey, stated to D. H. Van Hoosear of Wilton, Conn., that she had heard her mother say 
that Aaron Bixby had a stepmother, and she thought she had heard her say he had only one 



V. Andrews (also Andreas, Andrus, and Andrew) Bixby 
{Jonathan, Elias, Jonathan, Joseph), born probably about 1760-62; 
died at Palatine, 1 Montgomery Co., N. Y.; married Priscilla 
Cleveland, born about 1767, probably at Salisbury, Conn., 
daughter of Simon Cleveland. 1 
Children: x 

I Rhoda, born 6 April, 1789, at Hillsdale, N. Y., baptized at the Krumm 
Dutch Reformed Church, as daughter of Andreas and Priscilla (Cleve- 
land) Bicksby. 2 She probably died early in 1791. 

2- 2 Rhoda, born 6 April, 1791, at Canaan, Conn.; married Horace Hatch; 

(2) Ephraim Cleveland. 

3- 3 David, born 3 Feb., 1793; married Ruth Brainard. 

4 Sally, married Abram (Hiram) 4 Chatfield; 3 removed to Pennsylvania. 

5 Aaron, died at Palatine, leaving three daughters. 

6 Polly (Dolly), 4 married W(illiam?) Coon. She is said to have removed 

in 1843 to Hartford, Washington Co., Wis. 

7- 7 William, born about 1807, probably 27 Dec, 1807; married Sarah Lighthall. 

8- 8 Phebe, born 22 May, 1809; married Ephraim Green. 

9- 9 Eveline (Poelina, also Affa), 4 born 22 Nov., 1812, at Palatine; married 

David Hodge. 
10 Lydia, died without issue; married Ansel Simmons. 
K-il Abel Whalen, born 1817; married Patty Bates; (2) Amelia VanDusen. 

Andrews Bixby appears on the list of privates in Graves' Co., 
Van Rennsselaer's Regt., 5 and also in the roster of Van Ness' 
regiment of militia, during the Revolutionary War. All males 
between fifteen and fifty years of age were enrolled in the county 
militia. He and Aaron Hull Bixby were in the same "class," 
and assigned their bounty land rights at the same time. 6 In the 

1 Cleveland's Cleveland Genealogy. The author of the Cleveland Genealogy evidently was 
able to procure very little information concerning the family of Simon Cleveland. He stated that 
Priscilla accompanied her brothers to Saratoga, thence to western Oneida County and that she 
married Ambrose Bixby of Saratoga County. Concerning the children, he omits the eldest, whose 
existence is proven both by the baptismal record and the Census. David is given as the eldest 
child, and of him it is said he went West when 21 years of age, and "not since heard from. " The 
date of his birth was procured from his descendants, and agrees with the Census. As William died 
aged 68, in 1875, it is evident that it was he, and not Eveline, who was born 27 Dec, 1807. The 
Cleveland Genealogy gives three dates for her birth, 27 Dec, 1807, 22 Nov., 1812, which has been 
adopted in this work, and 1822. Abel Whalen was named for the husband of Lydia Bixby (18611). 
Whalen had been an officer in the company of Capt. Jonathan Bixby, the father of Andrews. 

2 Krumm Dutch Church Records, Hillsdale, N. Y. 

'John D. Bixby (18617.323) writes that all he knows concerning his father's (Wolcott W.'s) 
uncles and aunts, is that his grandfather David had a sister Sarah who married a Mr. Ackley. 

«So written in a list of children of Andrews Bixby sent to James Bixby (i86i7-K6) "many 
years ago." 

6 Roster of New York State Troops in the Revolution, p. 32s, where the name is spelled Andrew. 

» ''Manuscripts of the Colony and State of New Y'ork in the Revolutionary War" on file at the 
State Comptroller's Office, Albany, N. Y., Vol. 19: fo. 155. where the name is spelled Andreas. 
Men of militia age formed groups called classes, and when a draft or requisition was made on the 
town for its quota of men for the army the classes selected one or more of their number or hired a 
substitute until the quota was made up. 


Census of Aug., 1790, he was enumerated at Claverack, his family 
at that time consisting of himself and two females. His name 
appears as Andreas Bixby. There is some uncertainty as to what 
his name certainly was. In the Cleveland Genealogy it appears 
as Ambrose but that is not believed to be correct. Probably the 
appearance of the name Ambrose in the family of his son William 
led to the supposition that William's father was so named. The 
account of the family which appears in the Cleveland Genealogy 
is very incomplete. It is thought that Andrews was the name 
originally given him, for his father's mother was named Eleanor 
Andrews and her family was prominent in the early history of 
Fairfield, Connecticut. In Western Connecticut the name Andrews 
is frequently corrupted into Andris, and it is believed that this 
became Andreas among the Dutch speaking neighbors at Hillsdale. 
In three of the four mentions we have of him in public records 
the name is Andreas, and the fourth is Andrew, and it is not doubted 
that all refer to the same person. 


V. Moses Bixby {Jonathan, Elias, Jonathan, Joseph), born 
about 1766, probably in Columbia County, N. Y. ; died about 
1838, at Middleburgh, Schoharie Co., N. Y. ; J married about 1786, 



1- 1 Abel, baptized 7 Jan., 1787, said to have been born at Taghkanick, 

Columbia Co., N. Y.; married Elizabeth Whitbeck. 

2- 2 Aaron, born later than Aug., 1790. 

3 Hannah, baptized 17 March, 1791; 2 married Crane. 

4- 4 Polly, baptized as Mary, 27 Sept., 1793; married Martin Foland; (2) 
Jonas Krumm. 

5 Moses. 

6 Lydia, baptized 17 April, 1796; married Underwood. 

7-7 (?) Daniel, born 1800; married Margaret Marion Kennedy. 

8 John. 

9 Asa. 

10 Ellen, married Becker. 

1 Information of Jacob H. Bigsbee (i 86 19. 121). 

2 Krumm (Reformed Dutch) Church Records. Andrew Schauermann and Hannah appear as 
sponsors at the baptism of Hannah Bixby in 1791, and may have been parents of Eva (Schauer- 
mann) Bixby, but as they had a child Andreas born in 1780, it is more likely Andrew and Eva were 
brother and sister. The abstract of the Church records furnished the editor is ambiguous to 
some extent. 


ii Eliza, married Hoffman. 

12 Abbie, married Waldren. 

M-13 Nancy Mariah, born 28 May, 1813, at Franklinton, N. Y.; married John 

Moses Bixby, in the Census of 1790, was enumerated at Hills- 
dale, N. Y., as head of a family consisting of one male over sixteen 
years, one male under sixteen years, and three females. It is there- 
fore probable that two of the daughters whose births are as yet 
unknown were born between Abel and Aaron. Moses Bixby was 
of Livingston, N. Y., in 1799. He later removed to Middleburg, 
and settled in that part of the town now called Franklinton. He 
was a farmer. He may have been buried at East Cobbleskill. 

Moses Bixby was appointed ensign, vice George Bushwell, 28 
Aug., 1798, with rank from March 21, 1797, "by mistake," in 
Columbia County militia. 1 

Moses Bigsby assigned to Crummel Parce a lease of lands, 24 
Aug., 1824. 2 

The family of Moses Bixby (18619) like that of most members 
of the family who entered New York State at an early date has 
had to be made up without the help of town records. The records 
of Krumm Church at Johnson, N. Y., have supplied the baptismal 
records of Abel, Aaron, Mary and Lydia; Jacob H. Bigsbee (18619. 
121) supplied from memory the names of Abel, Aaron, Polly, Nancy 
and Lydia; Asa Bixby (18619.21) mentioned in a letter Aaron, John 
and Moses. Mrs. Lewis Brazee (18619.M7) mentioned in a letter 
John, Asa, Hannah, Lydia, Polly, Ellen, Eliza, Abbie and Nancey. 
Daniel is not mentioned by any descendant but is placed among 
the children of Moses (186 19), after a careful study of probabilities, 
among which may be mentioned that Daniel's descendants spell 
the name Bigsbee and no people spelling the name that way have 
been so far discovered who were evidently not his descendants. 


V. Mehitable Bixby (Daniel, Elias, Jonathan, Joseph), born 12 
May, 1760, probably in Columbia Co., N. Y.; died 23 May, 1804, 
at Beach Haven, Pa.; married April, 1778, in Luzerne Co., Pa., 
Thomas Dodson, born 15 Sept., 1755, in Chester Co., Pa., died 

1 Records of Council of Appointment for New York, 1783-1821. 
s Schoharie Co. Land Records. 



29 April, 18 1 8, in Luzerne Co., son of John and Mary Eleanor 
(Evans) Dodson. 

Thomas Dodson accompanied his father and brother to Salem, 
Luzerne Co., Pa., and after his marriage became associated with 
the family of Nathan Beach, his wife's stepfather. He assisted 
Beach in the erection of a flour mill, and settled near by. He was 
a farmer and miller as occasion afforded. There was a block house 
at Beach Haven, and there the neighboring settlers sought refuge 
at the time of Indian raids. Thomas Dodson was an expert hunter 
and trailer, and took an active part in the defence of the settlement. 
Both he and his wife were devoted members of the Methodist 
Children: 1 

1 Mary (Polly) Dodson, born 3 Feb., 1779; died 5 July, 1848; married 1802, 

Isaac Cortwright of Salem, Pa., son of Elisha C. and Huldah (Dingman) 


1. Elisha Cortwright, born 26 June, 1803; died 25 Feb., 1849; married, 

1829, Martha Cole. 

2. Mabel Dodson Cortwright, born 25 Nov., 1805; died 8 Oct., 1902; 

married, 1825, John Ramsey. 

3. Ann Cortwright, born 12 June, 1808; died 21 April, 1892; married 8 

Dec, 1829, Barton Mott. 

4. Thomas Dodson Cortwright, born 19 Nov., 1810; died 22 Dec, 1846; 

married Lydia Bidlack. 

5. Huldah Dingman Cortwright, born 1 Dec, 1813; died 7 Aug., 1834, 


6. Nathan Dodson Cortwright, born 11 Feb., 1817; died 11 Oct., 1902; 

married Margaretta L. Harlan. 

7. Abram Dingman Cortwright, born 31 March, 1819; died 17 July, 1856; 

married 6 Nov., 1845, Elizabeth Lerch. 

8. Rachel Beach Cortwright, born 11 March, 1823; died 16 April, 1823. 

2 Elias Dodson, born 15 Jan., 1781, at Huntington, Pa.; died 11 Aug., 1849; 

married, 1802 or 1803, Mary Long, born 7 Aug., 1782, died 14 Feb., 1845, 
daughter of Elias Long. 


1. George Dodson, born 1 Feb., 1804; died 20 Jan., 1888; married 10 July, 

1828, Hannah Seeley. 

2. Mabel Dodson, born 7 Feb., 1806; died 30 Dec, 1892, unmarried. 

3. Nathan Long Dodson, born 18 Jan., 1808; died 5 April, 1882; married 

2 June, 1 83 1, Susan Stevens. 

4. Thomas L. Dodson (Rev.), born 10 March, 1810; died 4 May, 1888, 


5. Joel Rodgers Dodson, born 26 April, 1812; died 30 Jan., 1899; married 

28 May, 1840, Huldah Hawley. 

6. Silas Dodson, born 15 June, 1814; died 12 Nov., 1889; married 4 Feb., 

1836, Almira Buckalew. 

1 Rev. Thompson P. Ege: Dodson Genealogy. Over 1100 descendants of Thomas and Mehitable 
(Bixby) Dodson are there recorded. 



7. Frances Dodson, born 17 Dec, 18 16; died 9 Dec, 1864; married 7 

Oct., 1835, John Yaple. 

8. Elias Dodson, born 21 May, 1819; died 6 March, 1828. 

9. Fletcher Dodson, born 27 Jan., 1821; died 5 Aug., 1887; married Huldah 

10. Philip Dodson, born 4 Oct., 1824; died 4 Aug., 1828. 

3 Elizabeth (Betsey) Dodson, born 12 April, 1783; died 14 Oct., 1885; 

married Samuel Culver. 

1. Ellen Culver, born 1809. 

2. Elias Dodson Culver, born 1812; died 1890; married, 1836, Sally Pringle. 

3. Thomas P. Culver, born 1837; married, 1864, Mary Cane Bowman. 

4. Rosanna Culver, born 1841. 

5. Elizabeth P. Culver, born 1844. 

6. Frances Culver, born 1847; died 1872. 

7. Samuel A. Culver, born 1850; married 1874, Martha Bowman. 

4 Nathan Dodson, born 11 June, 1785; died 7 Oct., 1874; married 1 May, 

1808, Huldah Bowman, born 19 Aug., 1787, died 8 June, i860. 

1. Christian Bowman Dodson, born 15 June, 1809; died 3 June, 1891; 

married Harriet Newell Warren. 

2. Julia Ann Potts Dodson, born 28 June, 181 1; died 4 May, 1845; married 

23 April, 1832, James Tubbs. 

3. Bixby Elias Dodson, born 5 Dec, 1814; died 21 Sept., 1878 (1888); 

married 2 Sept., 1845, Emaline M. Edwards. 

4. Harriet Headley Dodson, born 20 Feb., 1817; died 6 June, 1886; married 

6 Sept., 1838, Charles L. P. Hogan. 

5. Rebecca Bowman Dodson, born 21 July, 1819; married 22 Feb., 1843, 

Samuel L. Reed. 

6. Ellen Bowman Dodson, born 13 Dec, 1822; died 15 June, 1880. 

7. Adelaide Huldah Dodson, born 23 March, 1824; died 2 Dec, 1869; 

married 27 April, 1848, Dr. Zera Wakefield; (2) E. W. Hulburd. 

8. Nathan Beach Dodson, born 23 Oct., 1825; died 27 Nov., 1889; married 

1 Feb., 1853, Fannie S. Dexter. 

9. Josiah Beach Dodson, born 23 Dec, 1831; died 1 Aug., 1865. 

5 Ellen Dodson, born 12 Oct., 1787; died 22 March, 1869, at New Columbus; 

married Fletcher Bowman, born 8 April, 1793; died 1 Feb., 1874, son of 
Rev. Christian and Rebecca (Stackhouse) Bowman. 1 

6 Deziar Dodson, born 20 May, 1789; died in childhood. 

7 Sarah Ann (Sallie) Dodson, born 29 July, 1791 ; died 19 Feb., 1874; married 

1809, Lewis Stiles. 


1. Darwin Erasmus Stiles, born 26 Oct., 181 1; died 23 Jan., 1890; married 

1835, Edna Harrison. 

2. Daniel Stiles, born 16 Oct., 1812; died 2 April, 1880; married 22 Feb., 

1836, Hannah Eugenia Bacon. 

3. Nathan Dodson Stiles, born 14 July, 1814. 

4. Richard Dodson Stiles, born 16 Feb., 1816; married Marie Burroughs. 

5. Stephen Dodson Stiles, born 14 March, 1818; died 23 Jan., 1890; 

married Hannah G. Dodson. 

6. Susan Stiles, died young. 

7. Elias Bixby Stiles, born 9 March, 1820; married Sybil Van Norman. 

8. John Dodson Stiles (M. C), born 5 Jan., 1823; died 30 Oct., 1896; 

married 11 June, 1849, Mary Amanda Gibbons. 

1 Harvey Genealogy (1899), p. 178. 


9. Samuel C. Stiles, born 6 March, 1824; married Anna Maria Lamed. 

10. George Stiles, born 4 Sept., 1831; married Eliza A. Harrison. 

11. Thomas Stiles, died young. 

12. Frances Stiles, born 26 April, 1836; married Nathan Harrison. 

8 Richard Dodson, born 6 July, 1793; died 25 Oct., 1845; married, 1816, 

Hannah Watson, born 24 March, 1798, died 17 July, 1878, daughter of 
Amariah and Lucy (Scott) Watson. 

Children: (Many descendants are in California.) 

1. Stiles Richard Dodson, born 22 Jan., 1817; married 28 July, 1836, 

Caroline M. Harrison. 

2. Minerva Cecelia Dodson, born 20 Jan., 1819; died; married 1 June, 

1840, Chandler E. Yeager. 

3. Amariah Dodson, born 25 Nov., 1822; married, 1840, Anna Pell. 

4. Jasper Dodson, born 5 Aug., 1825. 

5. Jackson Dodson, born 1828. 

6. Milton Dodson, born 24 July, 1830. 

7. Ann Eliza Dodson, born 17 July, 1832; married 8 March, 1849, Howard 


8. Elmira Ellen Dodson, born 25 Sept., 1834; married 4 July, 1858, Clark- 

son Freeman. 

9. Ritner Dodson, born 9 Aug., 1836, of Cambria, Cal.; married 27 Nov., 

1868, Lavinia Shannon Morris. 
10. Nelson Highland Dodson, born 31 Dec, 1839; married, 1870, Matilda 

9 John Dodson, born 29 July, 1795; died 24 June, 1849, in Ogle Co., 111.; 

married Pamelia McCafferty, born 1795, died 24 Jan., 1864. 


1. Asenath Dodson, married Dr. Luther C. White. 

2. Caroline Dodson, married Moats; (2) Dubois Ostertrout. 

3. Mary Dodson, a teacher at Mt. Morris Seminary; disappeared, sup- 

posed to have been murdered. 

4. Arthur Dodson. 

5. Elizabeth Dodson. 

6. Helzey Dodson, killed in the Civil War. 

7. Fletcher Dodson, slain by Indians at Ft. Wala Wala. 

8. Melville Dodson, killed in the Civil War. 

10 Stephen Beach Dodson, born 16 Oct., 1797; died 28 Jan., 1877; married 
5 April, 1821, Flavia F. Tubbs, born 25 June, 1802, died 22 May, 1875, 
daughter of Thomas Tubbs. 

1. Abiah T. Dodson, born 4 Oct., 1822; died 1823. 

2. Amos F. Dodson, born 7 July, 1825; died 1834. 

3. George B. Dodson, born 23 July, 1827; died 1829. 

4. Sarah Ann Stiles Dodson, born 21 Jan., 1829; married 22 Sept., 1849, 

Joseph Park Henderson Trescott. 

5. Epaphras Wadsworth Dodson, born 3 July, 1830; married 29 Nov., 

1877, Martha E. Babcock. For many years he was county surveyor 
of Iroquois Co., 111. 

6. Amy Tubbs Dodson, born 12 April, 1832; married 17 May, 1855, 

Alonzo Matthias Baldwin of Chicago. 

7. Rebecca Bowman Dodson, born 27 Dec, 1833; married 18 Nov., i860, 

Charles Snow of Kankakee, 111. 

8. Eliphalet Edson Dodson, born 5 May, 1835; died 11 July, 1901. 

9. Sophia B. Dodson, born 26 July, 1837; died 1839. 

10. Thomas T. Dodson, born 10 March, 1839; died 1841. 

11. Susan Bowman Dodson, born 4 Nov., 1841; married 5 April, 1887, Peter 

Miner of Chebanse, 111. 


12. Joel Rodgers Dodson, born 26 June, 1843, of West Pullman, 111.; married 

11 June, 1875, Flora A. Colestock. 

13. Isaac M. Dodson, born 22 Dec, 1846; died 1848. 

14. Emory Fillmore Dodson, born 10 March, 1849; married Jeannette 

Ida M. Hamilton, and lives in New York. 
ir Susan Beach Dodson, born 9 March, 1801; married 1 May, 1820, George 
Bowman, born 1795, died 15 Nov., 1871. 

Children: . ., „, • , o ct 

1. Mary Bowman, born 1823; died 9 May, 1865; married, 1847, b. L. 

2 Sophia Bowman, born 1825; died 1876; married, 1845, Henry HaydeiL 

3. Eliza B. Bowman, born 1827; died 1830. 

4. Charles M. Bowman, born 27 Jan., 1829; died 1905 at Wilkes- Barre, 

Pa.; married 1849, Elizabeth Harman. 

5. Sarah A. Bowman, born 1832; died 1837. 

6. Ellen B. Bowman, born 1835; died 1839. 

7. Julia Ann Bowman, born 1841; married, i860, George McMichael. 


V. Susannah Bixby (Daniel, Elias, Jonathan, Joseph), born 
about 1760, probably in Columbia Co., N. Y.; died in Pennsylvania; 
married probably in Luzerne Co., Pa., 1778, James Dodson, born 
1757 in Chester Co., Pa., son of John and Mary Elinor (Evans) 
Children: 1 

1 Elizabeth (Betsy) Dodson; married William Henry. 

1. Israd' Henry, born 27 May, 1817; died 31 March, 1893; married 4 

Aug., 1840, Catherine Foust. 

2. William Henry. 

3. John Henry. 

4. George Henry. 

5. Susan Henry. 

6. Mary Ann Henry. 

7. Katie Henry. 

8. Angeline Henry. 

9. Sarah Henry. 

2 Mary (Polly) Dodson, born 1781; married Abram Cortwright. 

I Mary Cortwright; married Kirkendall. 

% Tohn Dodson, born 1783; died 13 Sept., 1J59; ™™ d \ l8l 4 or l8l 5- Abl & ail 
Callender, born 1795, died 1817; (2) Cynthia Callender. 

i^Lydia'' Dodson, born 7 Oct., 1815; died 7 April, 1888; married, 1835, 

Daniel Stiles Sutliff. 
2. Abigail Dodson, born 1817. 

3 ^STna Be^ThDodson, born 12 June, 1819; died 27 Oct., 1899; married 
19 Feb., 1843, Caleb Williams. 

1 The record of this family was gleaned from the Dodson Genealogy, where may be found recorded 
over seven hundred descendants of James and Susanna (Bixby) Dodson. 


4. Mabel Cortwright Dodson, born 1821; married William Dennison. 

5. Jesse Bowman Dodson, born 2 Nov., 1822; died 12 Jan., 1894; married 

26 Sept., 1856, Sarah Jane Meloy. 

6. John Wesley Dodson, born 11 June, 1826; died 15 Nov., 1907; married 

6 May, 1850, Abigail Hazelett. 

7. Esther C. Dodson, born 1 April, 1828; died 16 March, 1880; married 

1 April, 1846, Dorrance Harvey. 

8. Rachel B. Dodson, born 2 Feb., 1831; died 13 Dec, 1904; married 

Giles R. Widger; (2) Dorrance Harvey, her brother-in-law. 

9. Charles A. Dodson, born 18 March, 1832; died 23 Dec, 1904; married 

1859, Lydia L. Adams. 

10. Hannah G. Dodson. 

11. George Washington Dodson; married Caroline Irwin. 
Eleanor Dodson; married Amos Van Horn. 


1. Harriet Van Horn. 

2. Allen Van Horn. 

Nathan Beach Dodson (Rev.), born 1787; married about 1820. 
Children, the sons all living at Wakefield, Kan.: 

1. Mary Fletcher Dodson, born 1822; died 29 Jan., 1896; married W. H. 

Hillerman of Brewster, N. Y. 

2. James Dodson. 

3. Torry Dodson. 

4. Samuel Dodson. 

5. George Dodson. 

Thomas Dodson, born 1789; married Charity Gerlock; removed to the West. 

1. Sarah Dodson. 

2. Susannah Dodson. 

3. Clinton Dodson. 

4. Samuel Dodson. 

5. Elmer Dodson. 

6. John Dodson. 

Hannah Dodson, born 1792; died en route to California, in Colorado, of 
cholera; married David H. Goodwin. 

James Dodson, born 24 Jan., 1794; died 26 Nov., 1850; married 17 May, 
1818, Elizabeth Barrager, born 3 April, 1799. 

1. Josiah Beach Dodson, born 30 June, 1819; married Mary Stackhouse; 

(2) Lydia Evans. 

2. Maria Dodson, born 21 Jan., 1821; married. 

3. Susanna Dodson, twin with Maria; died in infancy. 

4. Nathan Beach Dodson, born 20 July, 1823; died 5 July, 1840. 

5. Hannah Goodwin Dodson, born 13 Feb., 1825; married, 1844, George 

Hardy Huff. 

6. Margaret Ann Dodson, born 29 Oct., 1826; died i2 April, 1893. 

7. Samuel David Barrager Dodson, born 7 Sept., 1828; died 22 Sept., 

1901; married 12 April, 1854, Phebe Wilkinson. 

8. John Dodson, born 4 July, 1830; died 1831. 

9. Elizabeth Dodson, born 11 Nov., 1831; married 2 April, 1854, Jacob 


10. Villa Cynthia Dodson, born 19 July, 1833; married 10 Sept., 1855, 

George Marr. 

11. Sarah Ellen Dodson, born 28 Sept., 1835; died 14 Aug., 1894; married 

22 Jan., 1855, Francis Tilman Hofford. 

12. Samuel Wesley Dodson, born 1 March, 1842; married 21 Aug., 1869, 

Elizabeth Harmon. 


9 Anna Beach Dodson, born 22 March, 1797; died 20 May, 1847; married 

3 Aug., 1816, Rev. Israel Briggs Cook, born 10 June, 1789, died 6 March, 


1. Stephen B. Cook, born 11 Feb., 1818; married Barbara Rush. 

2. Barzillai Cook, born 20 Jan., 1820; died in the Civil War. 

3. Susanna Cook, born 25 March, 1821. 

4. James Dodson Cook, born 23 May, 1823; married Erne Fowler. 

5. Francis Asbury Cook, born 11 Dec, 1824; married Susan Huffinger. 

6. Sally Katherine Cook, born 16 Nov., 1826; died 14 Aug., 1864. 

7. Benjamin Cook, born 24 Jan., 1829; died 15 Sept., 1830. 

8. Matilda Ellen Cook, born 24 Nov., 1831; died 10 Nov., 1857. 

9. John Thomas Cook, born 1 Oct., 1835; died 3 March, 1907. 

10. Hannah Goodwin Cook, born 23 Oct., 1839; married James Cocklin. 
10 Sallie Hutcherson Dodson, born 30 Dec, 1803; died 26 Oct., 1890; married 
24 Oct., 1826, Uzal Ogden Barnes of Dixon, 111., born 8 June, 1806, died 

4 May, 1888. 


1. Nathan Dodson Barnes, born 20 June, 1828, of Woodbine, 111.; married 

Elizabeth H. Moseman. 

2. James Dodson Barnes, born 1 Sept., 1829, of Dixon; married Eugenia 


3. Susannah Cathryn Barnes, born 30 Jan., 1831; married 22 Aug., 1855, 

Levi Rodney Collins of Aurora, 111. 

4. Eleanor Van Horn Barnes, born 21 April, 1832; married 16 May, 1859, 

William B. Talcott of Dixon. 

5. John A. D. Barnes, born 31 March, 1834, of Dixon; married 1 Jan., 1879, 

Ida Smith. 

6. Sarah Anna Barnes, born 16 Nov., 1835; married McCormick 

of Chicago. 

7. Hannah Maria Barnes, born 22 Jan., 1837; died 1837. 

8. Mary Elizabeth Barnes, born 25 Feb., 1838; died 24 May, 1903; married 

Arid W. West of Chicago. 

9. Sidney Minerva Barnes, born 15 Aug., 1839; died 16 Nov., 1868. 

10. Eliza Margaret Barnes, born 24 Dec, 1840; died 27 March, 1841. 

11. George Nelson Barnes, born 19 Aug., 1842, of Dixon; married 6 Sept., 

1882, Mary Reynolds. 

12. Hannah Melissa Barnes, born 5 June, 1844; married 6 Dec, 1881, 

Clayton Githens Brown of St. Louis. 

13. Uzal Ogden Barnes, born 19 Oct., 1845; died 1847. 


V. Eleanor Bixby (Ebenezer, Elias, Jonathan, Joseph), bap- 
tized 17 Nov., 1768, at Norfield Parish, now Weston, Conn.; died 
12 Sept., 1848, aged 80 years, 1 and is buried at Hillsdale, N. Y. ; 
married 24 Jan., 1788, at Norfield Parish, now Weston, 2 Conn., 
Joseph Morehouse, who died 30 Sept., 1852, aged 82 years, and 
is buried at Hillsdale. 

Ebenezer Bixby and Mary, his wife, deeded to Joseph More- 
house of Hillsdale land adjoining their house, about six acres, 
21 Feb., 1810. 3 Joseph Morehouse and wife Eleanor deeded to 

1 The gravestones of Eleanor and Joseph Morehouse are in the cemetery at West Hillsdale. 
near the stones of Ebenezer Bixby and his wife. 2 Norfield Parish church records. 

'Columbia Co. Deeds at Hudson, E, 29; Z, 200; K, 411. 


Albey Bixby 43 acres, 11 June, 1823, and Albey Bixby and Polly 
his wife quit claimed to Joseph Morehouse and Eleanor his wife 
their equity in land formerly owned by Ebenezer Bixby, deceased, 
being about 44 acres. 1 
Children: 2 

1 Elen, baptized 17 March, 1792, by Rev. Philo Sheldon. 3 

2 Mary, baptized 30 Aug., 1793, at Hillsdale, N. Y. 4 


V. Alba 5 Bixby {Ebenezer, Elias, Jonathan, Joseph), baptized 14 
July, 1 77 1, at Norfield Parish, now Weston, Conn.; died 15 April, 
1830, aged fifty nine years; 6 married 29 March, 1790, at Redding, 
Mary Sturgis (Sturgess), born 6 Sept., 1768, died 25 May, 
1852, aged eighty three years, eight months and nineteen days. 7 

In July, 1792, there are charges against Alba Bigsby for rum, 
powder, and tobacco, in the account book of Samuel Pearsall, Jr., 
of Saugatuck, Conn. 8 

His widow joined with others in selling the more than 43 acres 
conveyed to "Abbey Bixbey," and which was near his house in 
Hillsdale, to Silas B. Johnson, Andrew Stever and his wife Clarissa, 
in 1838. 


1- 1 Clarissa, born 3 Feb., 1792, at Hillsdale, N. Y.; 9 married Andrew Stever. 

1 869 1 

V. Jonathan (Johnathan) Bigsby {David, Elias, Jonathan, 
Joseph), born May, 1773, probably at or near Claverack, N. Y. ; 

1 Columbia Co. records at Hudson, E. 29; Z, 200; K, 411. 

J The Census of 1790 enumerates at Weston, Conn., Joseph Morehouse as the head of a family 
consisting of himself, one male under 16 years and three females. 

'The baptismal records of the Episcopal Church of South Fairfield, kept by Rev. Philo 
Sheldon, are in the possession of a descendant, Hamilton Sheldon of Bridgeport, Conn. The 
entry of this baptism is plainly "Elen Bixby son to Jo. Morehouse." The entry may be intended 
for Eben, or the word son unintentionally written for daughter. Other occurrences of the name 
Eben are plainly written. 

4 Krumm (Dutch) church records, now kept at Hudson, N. Y. 

6 Sometimes written Albin, Alby, and Elby. 

8 Alba Bixby is buried in the Krumm cemetery, four miles from Philmont station in Hillsdale, 
N. Y. His epitaph reads: "Friends nor physicians could not save, My mortal body from the grave, 
Nor can this grave confine me here, When Christ shall call me to appear." 

7 It is said her age is given as ninety five years by a stone in Mellinville cemetery. 

8 Information of D. H. Van Hoosear, Wilton, Conn. 

8 Baptized 3 Feb., 1792, at Krum church in Hillsdale, N. Y., daughter of "Elby Bicksby and 
Polly Statyes"; the sponsors were "Ebenezer Bicksby and mater." 


died 1853; * married 10 March, 1795, Christina Turner, born 

29 March, 1775. He married, second, . 


1- 1 William, born 10 Nov., 1795, in Columbia Co., N. Y. ; married Christina 


2- 2 Maria, born 1 Sept., 1797; married Jacob Place. 

3- 3 Lawrence, born 4 Oct., 1799; married Maria Benner. 

4- 4 Peter, 2 born 25 Jan., 1803; married . 

5- 5 Cornelius, born 24 Jan., 1805; married Maria Brown. 

6 Catherine, born 23 Jan., 1807; married Johnson. No issue. 

7- 7 John, born 11 July, 1809; married Margaret . 

8 Jacob Robert, 3 born 14 Oct., 181 1, near Gallatin, N. Y. 

9- 9 Eliza, born 27 Dec, 1813, at Claverack; married Marenus Briggs. 

10 Richard, born 29 Feb., 18 16, at Claverack; married . No 


11 Charles, born 13 April, 1818; died 5 Aug., 1855, near Harvard, McHenry 

Co., 111. 

By second marriage: 

12 George, born 14 July, 1821 ; died 30 Aug., 1847, at West Schuyler, N. Y., 


13 Cynthia, born 31 Dec, 1822; died Oct., 1846, of consumption. 

N-14 Franklin Albert, born 12 Jan., 1824; married Celista Barns; (2) Rebecca 

J. • 

0-15 Amanda, born 3 Oct., 1825; married George E. Smith. 

Jonathan Bigsby lived in the Hudson and Mohawk Valleys. 
He remained there until several of his children had moved to 
Illinois, when he went to live with his daughter, Amanda (Mrs. 
George Smith), about three miles east of Elgin, Kane Co., 111. He 
died at the ripe age of eighty years, while visiting his son Lawrence 
at Lawrence, 111., and is buried in the Dunham ground, near Che- 
mung, 111. 

Charles L. Bigsby (1 8691. 19) wrote that he had a personal 
acquaintance with each of Jonathan's fifteen children, except 
Catherine, and the one who died in infancy. He lived with his 
grandfather Esselstyne, and at the time William Bigsby was mar- 
ried, in 1821, Jonathan's family was living in what was known 

1 According to a brief pedigree in "American Ancestry," Jonathan Bigsby was engaged in the 
war of 1812, and lived at Johnstown, N. Y. No authorities for these statements are cited. His 
wife is there called Catherine, and the date of his death is given as 1851. 

2 Omitted in list of children by Rutger Bigsby (18691.31), who substituted the name of Robert 
for that of Jacob. 

3 Records of Mt. Ross church near Gallatin contain the following entry: Jacob Bigsby "born" 
Sept. 11, 1811, baptized 1811, son of Jonathan BLxby and Catherine Turner. The records are 
otherwise silent concerning this family. 


as the Esselstyne tenement house. Among the incidents of his 
boyhood days, he remembers the visits of Elias and Jonathan 
Bigsby at his father's house at the Van Alstyne Mills, Ghent, 
N. Y., and the visit of Jacob R. Bigsby. 


V. Elias Bigsby {David, Elias, Jonathan, Joseph), born 17 Feb., 
1777, baptized 17 March, 1777, at Linlithgo, N. Y.; died 16 Feb., 
1857, ! near Johnstown, N. Y., at the house of his granddaughter, 
Mrs. Henry Rivers; married Dorothy Bussie, born probably in 
1776, died 8 Sept., 1832, aged 56 years, 1 at Claverack, N. Y. 

Elias Bigsby lived at Nassau, N. Y., "when his son Jonathan 
was a boy." He is said by the sexton of the church at Claverack, 
who remembered him, to have been a very pious man. 2 


1- 1 Eleanor, born 24 Dec, 1805; 2 married Henry G. Becker. 

2- 2 Elizabeth, born about 1807, at Livingston, N. Y.; married Christopher 


3 David, died unmarried, aged about 21 years, probably at Nassau, N. Y. 

4 Clarissa, born 5 May, 181 5, 3 at Claverack; died 15 Feb., 1874, aged 

59, 4 at Livingston, unmarried. 

5- 5 Jonathan (Johnson), born 5 Nov., 1819, at Claverack; married Sally 
Best; (2) Maria Best. 


V. John Bixby {Elias, Elias, Jonathan, Joseph), born probably 
at or near Wilton, Conn., about 1772; died in 1803, place unknown; 
married 25 Aug., 1793, at Great Barrington, Mass., 5 Polly Munson, 
probably daughter of John Munson. 6 


1 Harriet, born 4 Aug., 1794, at Sheffield, Mass. 7 
2- 2 John Munson, born 12 Feb., 1800, 8 at Fairfield, Conn.; married Mary Poe. 

1 Gravestone in Dutch Reformed Church cemetery at Claverack. 

5 Information obtained by D. H. Van Hoosear, Wilton, Conn. 
■ Records of Dutch Reformed Church, Claverack. 

4 Gravestone at Churchtown. 

6 Great Barrington Vital Records. 

• Troy Co., N. Y., Deeds, 24: 208. George Munson of New York City, one of the heirs of John 
Munson, late of New York City, in common with Mary Munson, William Munson, Mary Jones, 
convey to John M. Bixby one half of lot 49 in Troy. Acknowledged 20 Nov., 1830. Mary Munson 
and William Munson of New York to same 6 Nov., 1830. Franklin Brown of New York to same, 
his right in said property (31 : 381). John M. Bixby to Joseph P. Morgan of Troy, maltster, north 
half of lot 49 (32: 349)- 

7 Sheffield records. 8 Tombstone at Augusta, Ga. 


Bixby Genealogy 



Part III 

The compiler requests that readers inform him of any errors or 
omissions, in order that all such may be noted in the list of cor- 
rections which will appear in Part VII. 




VI. Sally Bixby {Joseph, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph), 
born 14 Feb., 1767, at Framingham, Mass.; died soon after the 
birth of her child, at Hopkinton, Mass., of consumption; 1 married 
10 June, 1792, at Framingham, William Clark, 2 of Hopkinton, 
born 19 Oct., 1769, at Framingham; 3 died 6 April, 1795, at 
Norfolk, Va., of smallpox, 1 son of Isaac and Mary (Hill) Clark of 

William Clark was a merchant in Norfolk, Va., and married there 
a second time. 
Child: 2 
1 Luke Bixby Clark, born 21 Feb., 1793; died 1816, unmarried. 


VI. Martha (Patty) Bixby (Joseph, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph, 
Joseph), born 18 Aug., 1772, at Framingham, Mass.; died in 
"middle life," in Boston, of consumption; 4 married 16 Feb., 
1800, 5 Joseph Willington Page, of Boston, merchant. 

A few years after their marriage they removed to Charleston, 
S. C, but returned to Boston, where Mr. Page was living, a widower, 
in 1808. 4 

Child: 6 

1 Eliza Page, married Adam Gordon of Key West, Fla., a lawyer. 

1. Josiah Gordon. 

2. George W. Gordon. 

3. Eliza Gordon. 

4. Charles C. Gordon. 

5. Oliver Gordon. 

1 Statement of Rev. Moses Adams, 1808. William Clark is called of Norfolk in the record of 
marriage. His death appears in Hopkinton Vital Records, as though he had died there. 

2 Framingham records. 

3 Temple: History of Framingham. 

4 Statement of Rev. Moses Adams, 1808. 

e Framingham records. The intention was recorded at Boston, 14 Jan., 1800. 
8 Haven Genealogy, 1849. 




VI. Mehitable (Hitty) Bixby {Joseph, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph, 
Joseph), born 25 April, 1775. at Framingham, Mass.; 1 died 1811, 
at Sharon, Mass., of consumption; 2 married 30 Nov., 1802, 1 at 
Framingham, Daniel Stone, M.D., of Framingham, who after 
marriage settled at Sharon, where he died in 1842. Dr. Stone was 
graduated at Harvard College in 1 792. He married a second time. 2 

Children: 3 

1 Daniel Stone, graduated at Union College in 1836. «\ practiced law in 

Massachusetts, and was at one time principal of the High School at Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. He never married. 

2 Sarah Stone. 

3 Emily Stone, married 30 Sept., 1838, at Dedham, Mass., Isaac Ellis 4 of 


4 Albert Stone, married, 1843. Elizabeth Ellis of Dedham, and removed 

to Belvidere, 111., where he was a farmer. 


VI. Luke Bixby {Joseph, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph), born 
25 Oct., 1777, at Framingham, Mass.; 1 died 20 Nov., 1808, at 
Savannah, Ga.; married 11 Oct., 1804, Nabby (Abigail) Adams, 
"of Acton," born there in Jan., i78o, 5 died there 17 Nov., 1808, 
daughter of Rev. Moses and Abigail (Stone) Adams, of Acton, 

1 A son, born 1805; died, aged one month, in the last week of Aug., 1805. 7 
2- 2 Nabby Adams Martha, born 16 Dec, 1806, in Jamaica, 8 W. I.; married 
Winthrop E. Faulkner. 

Luke Bixby was a merchant, dealing in West India goods, in 
Boston, in 1803. In Sept., 1805, Mr. and Mrs. Bixby sailed for 

1 Records of Framingham. Mass. 

» Statement of Rev. Moses Adams. 

a Haven: Haven Genealogy. 

« She was perhaps a second wife. Isaac Ellis who had wife Nabby Fairbanks (who died 3 Oct., 
1836), died 30 Dec, 1844. aet. 54 years. He was born 25 Aug.. 1790, at Dedham, son of Oliver and 
Mary Ellis. 

« Temple: History of Framingham. 

• Haven: Haven Genealogy, p. 30. 

1 Columbian Sentinel, issue of 1 Sept.. 1805. The same paper in Dec, 1808, noted the death 
at Savannah of Luke Bixby. describing him as a "merchant of Boston." His name appears in the 

Boston Directory for 1803. .... , j t u ar 

• Information of Mrs. Charlotte C Flagg (11122.62-4). who received her knowledge from her 



Martinique, where Mr. Bixby hoped to settle in business and bene- 
fit his health, but finding conditions less favorable than expected, 
they went to the Carolinas and thence to Jamaica, where Mr. 
Bixby entered into business. The following year they returned 
to Massachusetts, both being in feeble health. Mrs. Bixby re- 
mained in Acton, but her husband sailed for Savannah in October, 
1808. 1 He and his wife died of consumption and were buried the 
same day, although a thousand miles apart. 2 The Rhode Island 
American of 13 Dec, 1808, noted his death, calling him of Savannah, 
merchant, adding, "he left his wife in poor health and they were 
buried the same day, one in Georgia and the other in Massachu- 
setts." Their infant daughter, Nabby, was taken by her grand- 
parents in Acton. 3 The parents were related, Luke Bixby being 
own cousin of his wife's mother and second cousin to her father. 4 


VI. Anna Bixby {Jonathan, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph), 
born 22 July, 1772, at Needham, Mass.; died 23 Aug., 1846, at 
Mansfield, Mass.; 5 married 10 June, 1794, at Needham, 6 Robert 
Fuller, Jr., of Needham, born there 7 Oct., 1771, died 13 Sept., 
1 795j a t Alexandria, Va., son of Robert and Mary (Kingsbury) 
Fuller. 5 Robert Fuller sailed as supercargo on a vessel bound for 
Alexandria, and died there. Mrs. Anna (Bixby) Fuller married, 
second, Micah Allen of Mansfield. 
Child: 5 

1 Robert Fuller, born 19 March, 1795, at Needham; died 5 March, 1851, 
at Cambridge, Mass.; married there 20 April, 18 19, Anna Manson, who 
died 1878 at Albany, N. Y., daughter of Frederic and Sally (Goodwin) 
Manson. They lived in Cambridge. Mr. Fuller was one of the largest 
importers of iron in Boston. 

1. Sarah Ann Fuller, born 27 Dec, 1820; died 15 May, 1869; married 

Charles Hurlburt of Utica, N. Y. Children: Harriet F. Hurlburt, 
born 1848; married, 1870, William B. Jackson, Jr., who died in Min- 
neapolis, Minn. Mrs. Jackson lived in Brookline, Mass. Anna M. 
Hurlburt, born 1849, of Utica. Robert F. Hurlburt, born 1854; married, 
1 881, Grace Hooley. 

2. Harriet M. Fuller, born 1823; died 11 Aug., 1851. 

1 Statement of Rev. Moses Adams, 1808. 

• Information of Mrs. Charlotte C. Flagg (11122.62-4), who received her knowledge from her 

'Haven: Haven Genealogy. <Temple: History of Framingham. 

• Fuller Genealogy, by Francis Henry Fuller (in Ms.), in which the birth of Anna Bixby ia 
given as 29 July, 1771. • Church records. 


3. Robert Henry Fuller, 1 born 20 Feb., 1826; married Mary L. Bent; (2) 

Sarah E. Church. 

4. Ellen Augusta Fuller, born 6 Jan., 1829; married Sept., 1853, Dr. Charles 

A. Robertson of Albany, N. Y., who died 1879. 

5. Georgiana Fuller, born 1840; died Nov., 191 3, "aged 75 years," at 

Saratoga Springs, N. Y. ; 2 married 13 June, 1865, Charles F. Hardy, 
son of Alpheus 2 Hardy. 


VI. Jonathan Bixby {Jonathan, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph), 
born 24 Sept., 1774, at Newton, Mass.; died there 25 May, 1835 ; 3 
married 11 Jan., 1801, at Hopkinton, Mass., 4 Lydia Cutler 
(11 124-4), born there 23 Oct., 1779, died 23 Sept., i85i,at Newton, 3 
daughter of David and Lydia (Bixby, 11 124) Cutler. 

Jonathan Bixby, Jr., in 1819, was in partnership with Simon 
Elliott, Esq., of Newton, and Rufus Ellis of Boston, merchant, 
under the name of the Newton Iron Works. 5 Administration on 
his estate, declined by widow Lydia, was granted to Robert Fuller 
(11125.2-1), of Cambridge. The heirs-at-law assenting to the 
administrator's account were the widow and children named below, 
except Hiram. 
Children, born at Newton Upper Falls, Mass.: 6 

1 Eunice Parker, born 3 April, 1802; died 6 July, i860, at Cambridge, 

unmarried. 7 

2 Lydia, born 6 Aug., 1804; died 1 May, 1891, at Newton, unmarried. 3 

3- 3 Hiram, born 9 Feb., 1807; married Eleanor Gardiner. 

4 Augustus, born 26 Dec, 1810; died 28 Sept., 1849, unmarried, at Mormon 
Island, Cal., during a voyage. 7 He was a sailor. 

5- 5 Angelina, born 28 Jan., 1813; married Levi F. Cowdin. 

6- 6 Jonathan Clark, born 21 Dec, 1815; married Angelia H. Barrows. 

7- 7 Elizabeth Hammond, born 10 Feb., 1818; married Joseph M. Rockwood. 
8 Mehitable, born 26 Oct., 1823; died 28 Feb., 1916, at Bellingham, Mass.; 


1 Miss Anna Fuller, the novelist, is a granddaughter of Robert and Anna (Manson) Fuller. Her 
brother Robert also lives in Boston. 

' News item. 

» Newton records. The death of Jonathan is otherwise given as 27 May, and that of Lydia at 
Cambridge. (Mass. Deaths.) 

* Hopkinton Vital Records. 

•Records of Court of Common Pleas at Northampton, 20: 17. 

« Information of Richard H. Rockwood (11125.37-6) and Miss Susan A. Rockwood (HI2S-37-4). 

» Information of Putnam F. Cowdin (11125.35-2), who states that Lydia also died in Cambridge. 



VI. Martha Bixby {Nathan, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph), 
born 24 Oct., 1775, at Framingham, Mass.; died 7 May, 1831, 1 
at Livermore, Me.; married 2 May, 1793, at Dublin, N. H., 2 Abel 
Monroe, born 9 May, 1769, at Lincoln, Mass., 3 died 24 June, 
1861, at Livermore, 4 son of Benjamin and Mary Monroe. 5 He 
married, second, 17 Oct., 1832, Salome P. Hinds, and had: Ann 
Monroe, George Monroe, Abbie Monroe. 3 


1 Isaac Monroe, drowned in Bartlett Pond aboutf 1820. 

2 Nathan Monroe, died prior to 1835. 

3 Joseph S. Monroe, deceased. He was a member of the Maine Senate, and 

for many years judge of probate for Piscataquis County. 

4 Patty Monroe, "eldest daughter," died 1872 or 1873; married Major Isaac 

Strickland of Livermore, born 17 Dec, 1796, died 4 March, 1886, at Liver- 
more, son of Hastings and Sarah (Perley) Strickland. 6 


1. Frances Elliot Strickland, born i^April, 1823. 

2. Ruth Ann Strickland, born 1828. 

3. Mary Thorndike Strickland, born 1833. 

4. Mortimer Clifford Strickland, born 1838. 

5 Julia Monroe, "second daughter"; married Elias T. Aldrich. 

6 Mary Monroe, lived in Keene, N. H. 

7 Lucy Monroe, lived in Boston. 


VI. Julia Bixby {Nathan, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph), born 
28 or 30 May, 1782, at Dublin, N. H.; died 7 Feb., 1874, at Canan- 
daigua, N. Y.; married 28 Oct., 1804, Alexander Milliken, born 

8 Sept., 1779, at Peterboro, N. H., died 14 May, 1854, at Keene, 
N. H., son of William and Esther (Taggart) Milliken. Alexander 
Milliken was of Peterboro, but he and his wife removed to Keene 
in 1810. 

1 Information of Joseph Bixby (11128.17-6). She is also said to have died 17 November. 
'Dublin, N. H., records. 

3 Hinds Genealogy. 

4 Washburn: Notes, etc., on Livermore, Me. Mrs. Searles (11127.J8) wrote, "there was a 
Mrs. Bray who lived at Jamaica Plain who was of the Monroe family, a descendant of Nathan 

' Lincoln Vital Records. 

•History and Genealogy of the Perley Family, p. 191. 



1 Mortimer Delville Milliken, 1 born n Aug., 1805, at Peterboro; died 4 

Feb., 1900, at Clarendon, N. Y.; married 17 May, 1836, Harrietta Foster, 
born 12 June, 1805, at Keene, died 18 Jan., 1872, at Clarendon, daughter 
of Abijah and Abigail (Blake) Foster. 

1. William Delville Milliken, born 1 March, 1837, at Keene; died 29 June, 

1887, at Geneva Sanitarium; married 17 Jan., 1867, at Sedalia, Mo., 
Mary Jane Nason. Mr. Milliken enlisted in the 4th N. Y. Heavy 
Artillery in Aug., 1862. He was transferred, with the rank of second 
lieutenant, to the 22nd U. S. Colored Regt.; promoted for bravery 
to first lieutenant, and served to the end of the war, most of the time 
as acting adjutant, but never asked for his commission. Children: 
Delville Henry Milliken, who died 26 Oct., 1889. Hattie Belle Milliken, 
married William G. Woodworth. They live at Rochester, N. Y. 
Laura Milliken of Rochester, unmarried. Edguilla Milliken, married 
Matthew C. McClellan. They live at Rochester. 

2. George Ashley Milliken, born 29 June, 1839, at Keene; now of Clarendon, 


3. Mary Julia Milliken, born 17 July, 1847, at Clarendon; married there 

30 Dec, 1875, Dallas Dudley Cook, now living at Canandaigua. 
Children: Arthur Mortimer Cook, born 22 March, 1877, at Clarendon; 
married 7 Aug., 1898, at Hopewell, Ontario Co., N. Y., Esther Pameha 
Gates, 2 born there 30 July, 1877, daughter of Daniel and Mary (Mil- 
cah) Gates. They live at Canandaigua. Orline Sarah Cook, born 

16 Jan., 1887, at Canandaigua. She is a graduate of Genesee Wesleyn 
School of Music, and is a teacher of piano and voice, in Canandaigua. 

4. Sarah Artemisia Milliken, born 18 Sept., 1849, at Clarendon; married 

17 Sept., 1879, at Canandaigua, Frank Hollingsworth Martin, born 
17 Oct., 1852, at Clarendon, son of Henry Clay and Nancy (Shurcy) 
Martin. They live at Oakfield, N. Y. Children: Grover Henry Mar- 
tin, born 28 March, 1883, at Oakfield; died there 17 July, 1883. Mil- 
dred Grace Martin, born 19 March, 1885, at Oakfield. 

2 Emily Marie Milliken, born 9 May, 1807; died 1840, at Keene; married 

there 3 May, 1827, Joshua Wyman, born 1800 (at Keene?), died there 

Jan., i860. 3 


1. Maria Julia Wyman, born 18 Sept., 1833, at Keene; died 2 March, 

1911, at Canandaigua; married 2 June, 1853, at Swanzey, N. H., 

Adoniram J. Aldrich. 

3 Joseph Bixby Milliken, born 28 Sept., 1809, at Chester, Vt. ; died in Kansas, 


4 Edward Alexander Milliken, born 13 June, 1813, at Dublin, N. H.; 

died 5 Feb., 1899, at Medina, Mich.; married 16 Nov., 1837, at Keene, 
Susan Elizabeth Towne, born 18 14, in New Hampshire, died 15 Oct., 
1842, at Clarendon, N. Y., daughter of Samuel and Susan E. Towne; 
(2) 3 March, 1847, at Wells River, Vt., Christiana Laing, who died 
25 March, 1896, at Medina, daughter of Alexander Laing. 

1. Susan Elizabeth Milliken, born n March, 1839, at Keene; died 22 June, 
1863, at Medina, unmarried. 

1 Information of Mrs. D. D. Cook (11127.6-13) and Mrs. Frank H. Martin (11127.6-14). 
'Children: Stanleigh Gates Cook, born 22 Dec, 1907. at Canandaigua. Evelyn Mary Cook, 
born 1 Dec, 1911, at Canandaigua. 

• Information of Mrs. Maria J. Aldrich (11127-6-21). 


2. Edward Alexander Milliken, born 14 Dec, 1840, at Keene; died 12 

July, 1910; married 16 Jan., 1872, Nellie M. Drown, 1 at Adrian, 
Mich., where they lived. 

3. Emily Ellen Milliken, born 27 April, 1842; died 16 Oct., 1842, at Clar- 


Children, by second marriage: 

4. Robert Laing Milliken, born 21 April, 1848, at Keene; now lives at 


5. James Delville Milliken, born 18 March, 1857, at Medina; married I 

Oct., 1907, Jennie Collins; now lives at Medina. 

5 Nathan James Milliken, born 27 Sept., 1821, near Keene; died 26 Nov., 
1902, at Canandaigua; married 21 Nov., 1853, at Seneca Falls, N. Y., 
Orline Sutton, who died 23 Jan., 1894, at Canandaigua, daughter of 
and Adeline Sutton. 

Children, born at Canandaigua : 

1. Charles Francis Milliken, born 27 Aug., 1854; married 18 June, 1895, 

Margaret Townley. They live at Canandaigua. Charles F. Milliken 
is editor of the Ontario County Times; he was president of the State 
Civil Service Commissioners of New York in 1909. His brother, 
Royal B. Milliken, was proprietor and joint editor of the Times. 

2. Gertrude Milliken, born 19 Aug., 1856; married 21 Oct., 1880, Henry 

S. Hubbell, who died 10 Feb., 1906. 

3. Josephine Milliken, born 5 May, 1866, unmarried. She lives at Canan- 


4. Royal Bixby Milliken, born 26 Nov., 1870; died 1 Jan., 1910, unmarried. 

He lived at Canandaigua. 


VI. Deborah Bixby (Nathan, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph), 

born 2 July, 1786, at Dublin, N. H.; died 7 May, 1880, at 

Keene, N. H.; married 5 Dec., 1809, 2 John Elliot, "of Keene," 

born 9 July, 1783, at Dublin, 3 died 29 Jan., 1865, at Keene, son 

of David and Hannah (Adams) Elliot. They celebrated their 

golden wedding in 1859, on which occasion Mrs. Deborah (Bixby) 

Elliot danced with her grandchildren, and her husband presented 

gold pieces to his nephews, nieces and grandchildren. 

Children: 4 

1 John Henry Elliot, born 15 June, 1813; died 16 June, 1895; married 
22 Aug., 1848, Emily A. Wheelock. He was graduated from Harvard Col- 
lege in 1835. He was a member of the Governor's Staff and also of the 
N. H. Legislature. 

1 Mrs. Nellie M. (Drown) Milliken (11127.6-42) supplied much of the information concerning 
her husband's family. She wrote in 1909 that she had obtained the information from his grand- 
mother, Julia (Bixby) Milliken, and that her husband, Edward A. Milliken, had been a sufferer 
from locomotor ataxia for thirty years. 

2 Information of Mrs. M. E. Searles (11127.J8). 
8 N. H. State Vital Records. 
'Information of William H. Elliot (1 11 27.8-1 1). 


Children i 1 

1. William H. Elliot, born 25 May, 1850; president of the Cheshire National 

Bank of Keene, where he lives. 

2. John Wheelock Elliot, born 10 Oct., 1852. 

3. Emily Jane Elliot, born 15 March, 1854; married Tucker Daland, 

and is now living in Brookline, Mass. 
2 James Bixby Elliot, born 2 March, 1815, at Keene; died there 4 March, 
1888; married 6 May, 1841, at Wells River, Vt., Harriet Rebecca Eames, 
born 10 June, 1818, at Bath, N. H., died 11 Aug., 1868, at Keene; (2) 8 Feb., 
1870, at Keene, Jane Savage, born 27 Aug., 1838, in Co. Fermanagh, 
Ireland, died 15 April, 1906, at Keene, daughter of Richard and Mary 
(Wilson) Savage. 

Children, 2 born at Keene: 

1. James Henry Elliot, born 5 Nov., 1842; died 4 May, 1893, in New 

York City; married Helen Ainslee Smith, who married again after 
her husband's death, and is now a widow living in Spain or Italy. 
She has one child by her second marriage. James Henry Elliot was 
a volunteer in the Civil War, from Harvard College, enlisted in Com- 
pany G, 44th Massachusetts Regt., saw active service in North Caro- 
lina and was honorably discharged in 1862; returned to Harvard and 
graduated in 1864. Practised law thereafter in New York until his 

2. Arthur Newell Elliot, born 23 Oct., 1844; married a widow, 3 who was 

a singer in New York, later separated from her. He is now living 
in El Paso, Tex. Arthur Newell Elliot was a volunteer (under age, 18) 
in the Civil War, and enlisted in the 44th Massachusetts Regt. with 
his brother James, afterwards transferred to the Signal service, was 
honorably discharged in 1862 and went to California where he cov- 
ered a section of the state as representative of the U. S. Sanitary 
Commission, engaging subsequently in business in Sacramento. 
Eventually returning east he entered the Clipper Mowing Machine 
Co., in Yonkers, N. Y., owned by his father. 

3. Grace Elliot, born 2 June, 1848; married 3 June, 1879, at Keene, Lieut. 

Alfred St. John Brennan of Dublin, Ireland. Mr. Brennan afterward 
became an Episcopal clergyman, and died 1885, in Ireland. She is 
now living in Keene. 

4. Florence Elliot, born 28 June, 1850; died 21 Nov., 1872, at Fayal, Azores 

Islands, unmarried. 

5. George Buxton Elliot, born 15 Feb., 1853; married 22 Nov., 1888, at 

Jamaica Plain, Mass., Elizabeth Hayden Morse, born 22 Oct., 1853, 
in Boston, Mass., died there 22 Oct., 1904, daughter of Henry D. 4 and 
Anne E. (Hayden) Morse. He married (2) 17 Feb., 1910, in Boston, 
Anita Fowle Weston, born there 14 Nov., 1867, daughter of George 
L. and Frances (Fowle) Weston. She was a kindergarten teacher in 
Boston, married in the Arlington Street Boston Church (Unitarian). 
Mr. Elliot was a cadet at Eagleswood Military Academy, Perth 
Amboy, N. J., 1867; student of Williston Seminary, Easthampton, 
Mass., 1868; at Cornell University 1869, Mass. Inst. Technology, 
Boston, 1870-73; Normal Art School, Boston, 1876. He filled a posi- 

1 Information of William H. Elliot (11127.8-11). 

'Information of Mrs. Jane Elliot (11127.8-2), George B. Elliot (11127.8-25), and Arthur 
N. Elliot (11127.8-22). 

» She had a daughter by a former marriage, now living. 

* He was the first American to learn and teach diamond cutting in the United States, as may be 
noted in nearly every standard encyclopedia under "Diamonds." 


tion in Alex. S. Porter's real estate office 1879-1882. He opened an 
office for himself 209 Washington St., Rogers Building, Boston, Dec, 
1882, where he still remains conducting real estate, mortage and insur- 
ance business. He is life member of Appalachian Mountain Club, 
and of the Bostonian Society; member Boston Athletic Associa- 
tion, and Commonwealth Country (Golf) Club, and of the Boston 
Real Estate Exchange. His summer residence is in Fitzwilliam, 
N. H., 15 miles south of his native town, Keene; here he has built a 
modern house on a hillside tract of 65 acres at an elevation of 1400 
ft. commanding broad views including grand Mt. Monadnock (3200 
ft.) in the town of Dublin, the birthplace of his grandmother Deborah 
Bixby. See illustration opposite page 370. 

6. Andrew Reid Elliot, born 22 May, 1859; died 24 Jan., 1901, at Belmont, 

Mass., unmarried. 
Children, by second marriage: 

7. Susan Elliot, born 8 Nov., 1875; died 18 June, 1883, at Keene. 

8. Mary Elliot, born 25 Sept., 1878; died 8 June, 1883, at Keene. 

9. Jane Elliot, born 7 Oct., 1880; now living in Keene, unmarried. 

.3 Deborah Maria Elliot, born 21 Sept., 181 1; died 10 Dec, 1862, at Keene, 

4 Frances Elliot, who died 12 Sept., 1818. 


VI. John Bixby 1 (Nathan, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph), 
born 17 June, 1790, at Dublin, N. H.; died 19 Dec., 1865, at Keene, 
N. H.; married 8 Sept., 1819, 2 at Marcellus, N. Y., Jeanette Chap- 
man, born 10 April, 1800, at New Haven, Conn., died there 31 Dec, 
1876, daughter of Dr. Elisha and Phebe (Gates) Chapman. 

Administration on his estate was granted 2 Jan., 1866, 3 to William 
S. Briggs. Phebe Chapman, executrix of the will of Dr. Elisha 
Chapman, late of Marcellus, deeded six acres there to Jennette 
Bixby daughter of Elisha Chapman, 12 July, 1827. 4 

Children, except the tivo youngest, born at Marcellus: 

1 Martha, born 13 June, 1820; died 4 June, 1822, at Marcellus. 

2- 2 Martha, born 25 Dec, 1822; married George W. Mason. 

3- 3 Maria Jeannette, born 14 Oct., 1824; married Peter Ferguson. 

4 John James, born 14 Aug., 1827; died 25 Aug., 1837, at Marcellus. 

5 - 5 Laura Kezia, born 18 Dec, 1829; married Jacob Green. 

6 Mary Eliza, born 6 Feb., 1832; died 24 Feb., 1840, at Keene, N. H. 

7- 7 Joseph, born 9 Nov., 1833; married Sarah C. Todd. 

1 Information concerning this family was received from Joseph Bixby (11127J7-6), Dr. A. B. 
Ferguson (11127.J3-7), John W. Ferguson (11127.J3-3), Mrs. Martha B. Diller (11127.J75). 
and Mrs. Mary E. Searles (11127.J8). See illustration opposite page 386. 

2 Records of Dartmouth College. 

' Cheshire Probate. The widow "Jennett" is mentioned. 
4 Onondaga Co. Deeds, Vol. PP. p. 369. 


8- 8 Mary Elizabeth, born 18 Oct., 1840, at Keene; married Edward B. 
9 Sarah, born 2 Dec, 1844, at Keene; died 2 Jan., 1916, at Toledo, O., un- 

John Bixby was a graduate of Dartmouth College, class of 
1812. In 1813, he went to New York state where he read law 
with Robert Campbell of Cooperstown, N. Y., and began practice 
at Onondaga, N. Y., in July, 1817. He moved to Marcellus in 

1 818, but owing to ill health gave up his practice in 1837 and retired 
to Keene. 1 Mrs. M. E. Searles has the diary kept by her mother in 

1819, while on her wedding journey, also a miniature of John Bixby. 


VI. John Bixby {John, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph), born 
17 Sept., 1782, at Falmouth, Me.; died Sept., 1834, 2 at Westbrook, 
Me.; married 17 Dec, 1802, 3 at Westbrook, Ann Johnson of West- 
brook, 4 who died later than 1806. He married, second, 3 Dec, 181 1, 
Margaret Vaughan Wise, 5 born 15 Nov., 1790, at Falmouth, died 
1862, 2 daughter of Ammi Ruhami and Jane (Vaughan) Wise. 6 

Children, born at Westbrook: 7 

1 Harlan, died prior to July, 1828, and undoubtedly without issue. He 

was published at Westbrook, 9 Feb., 1825, to Pauline Ackers. West- 
brook records give the birth of Pauline Ann "Akers," daughter of 
Thomas "Akers," 17 March, 1816, and the marriage of Pauline Ann 
Bixby to Daniel Deshon, 27 July, 1828. 

By second marriage : % 

2 Jane Vaughan, born 26 Feb., 1813, at Falmouth; died 1833. 

3 Ann Wise, born 19 Dec, 1815, at Falmouth; died 25 May, 1899, at West- 


1 Records of Dartmouth College. 

* Gravestone at Westbrook. 

* This date is printed as 1800 in Me. Hist, and Geneal. Recorder, 5: 22. A correspondent, who 
examined the original record, was doubtful if the date was 1800, or 1802. 

4 Anna Bixby of Falmouth, and others, heirs of George Johnson, to Jeremiah Johnson, all claims 
to estate of George Johnson, 12 Dec, 1806. (Cumberland Deeds, 57: 283.) 

6 John Bixby of Falmouth, yeoman, and Margaret V., his wife, to Benjamin Quinby of Falmouth, 
that parcel of land which Ammi Ruhami Wise conveyed to said Margaret by the name of Margaret 
Vaughan Wise, 15 June, 1810. This deed, dated 21 April, 1812, fixes the date of marriage between 
the dates mentioned. (Cumberland Deeds, 82: 20.) 

8 On 8 Sept., 1847, William Bixby (11128.3) conveyed land to her which he had purchased of 
George Haskell. (Cumberland Deeds, 205: 238.) 

7 There is no record of the births of the children by the first marriage. Harlan is dimly 
recalled by a grandson, who thought his grandfather was twice married, and that there was a child 
by the first marriage. Joseph Bixby (11 128.2) named a son, "Harling." 

8 Information regarding this family is largely from Rufus K. Jordan (11128.16-1). 


4- 4 John W., born 6 May, 1818, at Westbrook; married Lydia P. Rand. 

5 Margaret, married Rufus King. They died without issue, and left 
property to Rufus K. Jordan, a nephew. 
6- 6 Caroline Elizabeth, 1 born 5 April, 1 821, at Westbrook; married George 
D. Jordan. 
7 Benjamin F., born 27 Nov., 1827, at Westbrook; died there 12 Feb., 1829. 

John Bixby was a blacksmith. He lived in Westbrook. After 
his second marriage, he lived on the home-place of Ammi Ruhami 
Wise, from whom he and his wife had a deed, 9 March, 1818, in 
which the life interest of the parents of Mrs. Bixby in the property 
was reserved. 2 

The homestead stood on the road to Gorham, and the house 
was destroyed by fire, at which time the family records were lost. 

John Bixby served as ensign in the company of militia commanded 
by Capt. J. Valentine, which was credited with services at Port- 
land from 8 to 20 Sept., 1814. 3 William Bixby (11 128.3) was a 
private in the same company. 


VI. Joseph Bixby {John, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph), born 
between 1783 and 1790, at Cape Elizabeth or Falmouth, Me.; 
died in the spring of 1832, probably at Ellisburg, N. Y.; married, 
probably about 18 12, Anna Lamb, who died Dec, 1836, intestate. 4 
She was probably daughter of Joshua Lamb. 5 
Children, probably born at Ellisburg: 

1 Joseph, "eldest son," a minor in March, 1832. He is said to have been 
a sailor, and t o have lost his life on the Lakes. There is said to be a 
record of a conveyance to Samuel Wood, who had received a deed from 
Anna Bixby in 1836, from Joseph Bixby in 1840, of land in Ellisburg. 
There is no record or tradition of his marriage. 
2- 2 Harling, born 26 June, 1814; 6 married Perthana Higgins; (2) Clarinda 

1 Her name is also given as Elizabeth Caroline. 

* Cumberland Deeds, 81: 353- 
•Massachusetts Militia in War of 1812. 

* Anna Bixby left an estate of about $700. Caleb Tracy was appointed administrator, 27 Feb.. 
1843. He set forth in his petition that there remained of her estate only a mortgage of $500, 
with interest from Nov., 1836, and that she had no relatives then living in New York, nearer than 
his wife, who was an aunt. There is no distribution on record. 

s Information of Van Dorn Bixby (11128.226), who states that the parents of Anna Lamb lived 
in Jefferson Co., N. Y., on a tract of land now called Woodville, which was owned by Lamb and 
Wood jointly. Tradition asserts that Anna (Lamb) Bixby was unfairly deprived of her interest 
in this property. 

•Information of Van Dorn Bixby (1 1128.226). Harling Bixby himself gave his birth date as 


3 Luther, said to have been a sailor on Lake Superior, and later to have 

settled in Missouri. He is also said to have been lost on the Lakes, 
about or prior to 1884, after which his family removed to Missouri. 1 
He is said to have left children. 

4 Mary Ann, married Jonathan Reames. 2 She is said to have died "very 

young, of consumption." 

5 Lodima (Lododima), married, "very young," Saderby (or Sa- 

derley), and had a daughter, Lucretia Saderby, who lived in Missouri. 2 

Joseph Bixby was a boat-builder and ship carpenter. His 
name appears in the deed of 5 Jan., 1807, where he is described 
as of Cape Elizabeth, boat-builder, with the names of his brothers 
and sisters, conveying his interest in the estate of William White 
of Cape Elizabeth. 3 No further record of him is found in Maine, 
and the first mention of him in New York is the record of his 
purchase of James Lamb of thirty acres at Ellisburg, 30 Sept., 
1817. He bought forty acres of Ebenezer Wood, 20 Sept., 1821. 
Both purchases were parts of Lot 146. 4 He left a will dated 9 
March, 1832, which was probated 9 June, 1832. 5 By will he gave 
to his wife one half his real and personal estate. One third of the 
remainder of his estate he gave to his "eldest son, Joseph Bixby, 
Jr.," one third to his "youngest sons, Harling and Luther Bixby," 
and the remaining third to his daughters, Lodima and Mary Ann 
Bixby. Each of the children were to come into possession of 
their shares on arriving at age. 

1 His brother Harling stated he died on the way to California. The statements printed in the 
text were made by Van Dorn and Harling A. Bixby. It is possible that he is identical with William 
L. Bixby, who served in 1 Mich. Vols., during the Mexican War, in a company commanded by 
Capt. Williams, and who received a land bounty warrant for 160 acres, 19 April, 1849, which he 
located in township 6, S.R.13 West in Kalamazoo District. (U.S. Land Office, 55, 481-160-47.) 
Harling A. BLxby (11128.22J) thought there was some remote relationship between I. D. Bixby 
(I3475-S) and his father. Possibly the fact that I. D. Bixby lived in Kalamazoo, near which 
William L. BLxby above mentioned located his land grant, may have led to this supposed rela- 
tionship, which otherwise, the descendants of Joseph (11 128.2) having no knowledge of his 
antecedents, would have been too remote to have led to claim of kinship, unless it was simply on 
the strength of the name. Mr. Harling A. Bixby said, "all the Bixbys I know have the Bixby mark 
across the eyes and forehead." 

2 Information of Van Dorn Bixby (11128.226). Harling Bixby himself gave his birth date as 

'See under John BLxby (11128). 4 Jefferson Co., N. Y., Deeds. 

6 Records of Surrogate of Jefferson Co. The copy of the will shows that Joseph Bixby named 
his "eldest son" twice, once as John Bixby, Jr., and once as Joseph Bixby, Jr. Lodima is also 
described as Lododima. This group of families, descended from John Bixby (11128), proved as 
difficult as any to connect in proper position in the'genealogy. No knowledge of any connection 
with other members of the family existed in either the Maine or Michigan families. Both were 
ignorant of the existence of the other. The Westbrook family traced only to John (11128), and 
the Michigan family only to Joseph (11128.2). The connection was found by references in 
Cumberland Co., Me., Deeds to Joseph the son of John as a boat-builder, and the knowledge that 
Joseph of Ellisburg was a ship carpenter, which suggested the New England coast as his probable 
former place of residence, and the occurrence of the name Harling in both branches of the family. 


Harling Bixby (11 128.22) left a brief statement of his origin and 
family. This record commences, "I was born in the year 1812, 
in the state of New York, of a good family. My father was a 
Yankee, and settled first at Sandy Creek. He had a good trade, 
being a ship-carpenter. . . . My mother was Annie Lamb. 
. . . I had two brothers and two sisters. My brother Joseph 
was a sailor on the Great Lakes. As he never returned, I think 
he was drowned. My brother Luther started for California, 
took sick and died on the way. My sister Lodema died very 
young. My sister Mary Ann died very young, with consumption. 
I seldom saw my father, as he was absent from home three or four 
years at a time, as he was working at his trade. My father died, 
which was a sad day to me. I had a very rough life. I afterward 
went to live with a family that was very cruel to me. . . . I 
stayed with these cruel people one year. Then I went to live with 
my aunt, Rhoda Fish. She was good to me. I spent two thirds 
of my time in hunting and trapping. My aunt wanted me to go 
to school, but I would not, so I grew up without any education." 
This manuscript, which unfortunately closes at this point, is in 
possession of Mr. Van Dorn Bixby. 


VI. Ebenezer Byxbe {Ebenezer, Abner, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph), 
born 23 Dec, 1793, at Corinth, Vt.; 1 died about 1836, in an asylum; 
married in Delaware Co., O., Malinda Welch, born 1788 in Del- 
aware Co., died there in the spring of 1883, daughter of David 
and Sabra Welch. 2 She married, second, Solomon Houseworth. 3 

Ebenezer Byxbe lived in Berlin, O. 3 He died insane. The last 
time his brother saw him was when the latter was a boy, and 
Ebenezer was being taken to an asylum in chains. 4 

Children,' 1 bom at Berlin: 

1- 1 Elizabeth, married Benjamin Loop. 
2 Ira, died in infancy. 

1 Corinth, Vt., records. 

» Information concerning this family received from Mrs. Mary M. Aldrich (n 135.16), who did 
not know her grandfather's name, but did know that his brother, "Col. Bixby," laid out the town 
of Delaware. 

'Information of Mrs. Rachel Schultz (11135.1-4). aged 85 years (ion). She writes that she 
left home when quite young. 

« Information of Jacob R. Byxbe (ni35-36). 


3 Erastus, born 1825; died 1854, in Indiana; married 4 Oct., 1843, Grade 

Felkey. No issue. 

4 Rachel, born 1827; x married Christopher Felkey; (2) Henry Schultz. 1 

She is living at Prospect, O. 

5 Reuben, born Sept., 1829; died 27 Feb., 191 1, at Frankton, Ind. 
6- 6 Mary Martha, born 17 Oct., 1831; married George B. Aldrich. 

7 Phebe Jane, born 1834; died in infancy. 


VI. Nathaniel Byxbe {Ebenezer, Abner, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph), 
born about 1797, 2 probably in western Massachusetts; died in 

Pike Co., 111.; married Susan Johnson, born , died in 

Sheffield, Green Co., 111., daughter of Daniel and Nancy Johnson. 3 
Nathaniel Byxbe lived in Pike Co. 

Children: z 

I- 1 Joseph, born 17 Feb., 1830, in Illinois; married Susan M. Morrow. 

2 Hiram, born 1836, in Tippecanoe Co., Ind. 4 Enlisted from Pittsfield, 111., 

20 April, 1861, in Co. G, 8th 111. Inf., for three months, and was dis- 
charged with his company at Cairo, 111., 25 July, 1861. Upon reorgan- 
ization of the regiment as a three years' regiment, he re-enlisted, 25 July, 
1861, and served until 15 Feb., 1862, the day of the battle at Fort Don- 
aldson. The 8th 111. lost heavily in that action. Fifty seven men were 
killed, 191 wounded, and 10 were reported as missing. According to 
information received from cousins, Hiram was captured by the Con- 
federates, and died a prisoner of war. On the rolls of his company, the 
word "deserted" is entered after his name and the date of the battle is 
given. From the story of the regiment, it would appear that there was 
no opportunity to desert and the Union forces were driven back, which 
would seem to confirm the report that he was captured. There are 
many instances of missing and wounded men being reported as deserted 
when such was not the case. No further information has come to light 
concerning him, except that he was a farmer, 5 feet, 8 inches in height, 
having dark hair, brown eyes and of dark complexion. 

3 Nathaniel, born 25 Dec, 1837; died 21 Feb., 1912, at Pearl, Pike Co.. 

111., unmarried. He enlisted as Nathan Bixby, 18 Feb., 1865, at Rolla, 
Mo., in Co. B, 2nd Mo. Vol. Artillery, for three years, but was mustered 
out 20 Dec, 1865, at St. Louis. The last years of his life were spent in 
Pearl, 111., with his niece, Mrs. J. W. Cloninger (11 135.271), where he 
was a respected citizen. 5 

4 Reuben, "served in the Union Army, was captured at Fort Donaldson, 

and died a prisoner of war." 2 

5 Mary Jane, born in Indiana. 6 

1 Information of Mrs. Rachel Schultz (1113S.1-4). aged 85 years (1911). She writes that she 
left home when quite young. 

'Information of Jacob R. Byxbe (ni3S-36). 

» Names given by Mrs. Nancy Travers (11135.29). 

« Enlistment papers, Office of Adjutant General of Illinois. 

' Obituary notice of Nathaniel Byxbe (11 135- 2-2). furnished by Mrs. J. W. Cloninger (1113S271). 

« One daughter married McCallister, and in 1912 was living in Arkansas. (Some source as 

footnote *) . 




6-6 John Wesley, born 1843, at Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co., Ind.; married 

; (2) Ellen J. Driscoll. 

7- 7 George Washington, born 24 Oct., 1845, in Indiana; married Rose A. 
McCallister. 1 

8 Elizabeth. 2 
9-9 Nancy, born in Indiana; married Joshua Travers. 


VI. Hiram Hale Byxbe (Ebenezer, Abner, Joseph, Joseph, 
Joseph), born 4 July, 1801, 3 in western Massachusetts; died 23 
April, 1878, at Mulberry Grove, Bond Co., 111.; 3 married April, 
1830, 3 in Ohio, 4 Mary Ann Brown, born March, 1808, 4 in Virginia, 

died 5 March, 1862, 4 in Putnam Co., Mo., 3 daughter of and 

(Sandy) Brown. He married, second, Sept., 1862, Emily 

(Renshaw) Jayne, born 18 14, at Hopkinsville, Ky., widow of 
Thomas Jayne, Esq., of Carlinville, 111. After the death of Mr. 
Byxbe she lived with a married daughter at Maweaqua, 111. 

Children: 3 

1- 1 Joseph Templeton, born 10 Feb., 1831, at Circleville, O.; married Eliza- 

beth A. Dunn. 

2- 2 Cordelia, born 1833, at Circleville; married William H. Holcomb. 

3 Benjamin Britton, born 24 March, 4 1835, at Circleville; died 4 Jan., 
1890, 4 at Abbott, Colo.; married 5 March, 1863, 4 at Mulberry Grove 
Township, Bond Co., 111., Sarah Emily Smith, born 8 May, 1842, at 
Dublin, O., daughter of Nathan and Samantha (Babcock) Smith. 4 No 
issue. He enlisted 26 Dec, 1863, from Greenville, 111., in Co. F, 12th 
111. Cavalry, and was discharged, being then in the hospital, 28 May, 
1865. His brothers, Joseph and William, also served in the same com- 
pany. He was a farmer. 

4- 4 William Richard, born 20 July, 1837, at Circleville; married Mary 
Ewing; (2) Sarah E. Creasy. 
5 Mary Malissa, born at Mulberry Grove, 111.; died there aged three years. 

6- 6 Jacob Randall, born 5 June, 1851, at Mulberry Grove; married Virginia 
E. Gough. 

Hiram H. Byxbe worked in a shingle factory when he was 
thirteen years of age, and a little later, it is said, with one man 
did the work four had formerly done in using the crosscut saw to 
saw the timbers into bolts. He afterward learned the blacksmith 
trade, serving as an apprentice for two years at Dublin, O., and 
became an excellent judge of steel, as well as an excellent smith. 

» Obituary notice of Nathaniel Byxbe (11 135. 2-2), furnished by Mrs. J.W. Cloninger (11135.271). 

* One daughter married McCallister, and in 1912 was living in Arkansas. (Same source as 

footnote l ). 

* Information of Jacob R. Byxbe (ni35-36). 

* Information of Mrs. Sarah E. Bixby (1 1 135-3-3)- 



He made bells and was an expert gunsmith, which counted for 
much in those days. After his marriage he carried on his trade 
at Circleville, O. He moved to Franklin Co., O., in 1838, settling 
near Columbus, and in 1842 to Mulberry Grove, 111., on the stage 
route from Indianapolis to St. Louis. In 1856 he removed to 
Putnam Co., Mo., taking up 160 acres but finding it "hard to make 
a living," he visited Rockridge, Greene Co., 111., in the fall of 1861, 
leaving his wife, eldest and youngest son to care for the stock, 
while with his sons William and Benjamin and son-in-law, W. H. 
Holcomb, he prepared a new home in Illinois. Mrs. Byxbe was 
suddenly stricken with paralysis and died 5 March, 1862. The 
sons, except those who enlisted in the 12th 111. Cavalry, farmed 
in Macoupin Co., 111. while the father worked at his trade in 


In Nov., 1862, having foreclosed a mortgage he still held on 
the Mulberry Grove place, sold in 1856, H. H. Byxbe returned 
thither and remained there until his death. Prior to 1864, Mr. 
Byxbe was a Democrat, later a Republican. 

Hiram H. Byxbe joined the M. E. Church, Darby Circuit, O., 
in 1818. Later, while in Franklin Co., O., he joined the Newlights, 
and afterward the Christian Church. 

He was a good reader, talker and preacher. His father had 
several brothers who served in the Revolutionary War. 

Jacob R. Byxbe stated that his father had four brothers, Na- 
thaniel, Reuben, Ebenezer and Joseph; that his grandfather died 
in 1812 on the Susquehanna River in eastern Pennsylvania, and 
that he (Ebenezer) had two brothers x who served in the Revolution, 
but that he never heard of his grandfather, Ebenezer, having been 
in the army. He also stated that Ebenezer married a Babcock, 
who lived in Bradford, Pa., and after her son Hiram's marriage 
lived with him in Ohio, but that she did not draw a pension. He 
had heard his father speak of but one sister, who had married a 
Filkey, and her son William Henry Filkey visited his father in 
1865 soon after his discharge from the Union army. He asserts 
this information is traditionary. He had never heard of Moses 

Byxbe of Ohio (ni3J)- _ , . , 

Mrs. Mary Ann (Brown) Byxbe was a sister of Margaret Tabitha 
Brown who married Ira Babcock, a cousin of Hiram Hale Byxbe. 

iThis information was obtained from Hiram H. Byxbe (n 135-3). 


Her grandfather, "Sandy," served seven years in the American 
army during the Revolutionary War. Ira and Margaret T. Babcock 
had a son, Hiram Hamilton Babcock, a member of the 130th 111. 
Vols., in the Civil War, who died in the service. 1 


VI. Joseph Byxbe (Ebenezer, Abner, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph), 
born 8 Feb., 1808, in western Massachusetts; died 1862, at Nebo, 2 
Pike Co., 111.; married 23 Oct., 1834, Elizabeth Jordan, born 23 
May, 1814, in Pennsylvania, died 15 Jan., 1893, in Pike Co., 111. 

Joseph Byxbe emigrated from Ohio to Illinois. He was a car- 
penter. 2 There is the record of enlistment at Cairo, 111., of Joseph 
Byxbe, 25 July, 1861, in Co. G, 8th 111. Inf., for three years. He is 
described as a "native of Massachusetts, and resident of Griggs- 
ville, Anderson Co., 111., farmer, 45 years, height 5 feet, 8 inches, 
gray hair, brown eyes, dark complexion." He did not remain with 
the command after 2 Sept., 1861, at which time the regiment was 
still in camp at Cairo, but came home and died soon after. It is 
evident that there is an error in his age as recorded at enlistment. 

Children: 3 

1- 1 William, born 25 Sept., 1835, at Shadesville, Piqua Co., O.; married. 

2- 2 John, born 22 Feb., 1838, at Shadesville; 2 married Lydia Collins. 

3- 3 James Willis, born 22 Feb., 1843, in Pike Co., 111.; married Mercyan 

Smith; (2) Eliza F. Toombs. 

4 Milan Jasper, born 2 1 Feb., 1846, near Pittsfield, Pike Co.; died 22 March, 
191 5, at Nebo; unmarried; a farmer. 

5- 5 Harvey, born 4 April, 1849, near Pittsfield; married Sophia J. Jack. 

6 Nancy Jane, born 13 Aug., 1852, in Pike Co.; now lives at Nebo, unmar- 


7 Henry, born 15 June, 1856, near Pittsfield; died June, 1870. 


VI. Mary Byxbe (Ebenezer, Abner, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph), 

born probably about 18 10 in eastern Pennsylvania; married 

Babcock; married, second, Samuel Filkey. 

"The Filkey s lived on the Wabash river in southern Illinois." 
Jacob R. Byxbe writes: "My father had a sister who married 

'Information of Jacob R. Byxbe (11135.36). 
2 Information of James W. Byxbe (11135.53). 
» Information chiefly of Harvey Byxbe (11135.55). 


a Filkey and she had two children, a son, William Henry, who 
visited my father in 1865; he had just been discharged from the 
army, and I do not know his sister's given name, but she married 
a Thatcher and they removed to Kansas in 1875." 
Children: 1 

1 Don Babcock. 

By second marriage: 

2 William Henry Filkey, who served in the Union army. 

3 Daughter, married Thatcher. 


VI. William Byxbe (Benjamin, Abner, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph), 
born 7 Nov., 1777, at Peru, Mass., 2 died May, 1831 ; 3 married Sarah 

Children: 3 

1- 1 William Reed, born 1812, probably in Wayne Co., N. Y.; 4 married 

Minnie Elsie Caldwell. 6 
2 Elizabeth H., married prior to 3 Aug., 1831, Dominick R. Thompson of 

Marion, Wayne Co., N. Y. 6 
1 Cemantha (Samantha) H., married between 1838 and 1849 Mc- 

Creery. In 1849 as of Ontario, she bought land there. 6 

William Byxbe, head of a family in 1806, was living in the ter- 
ritory now comprising Walworth, Ontario and Marion, N. Y. 7 
Whether his home at that time was the same as later is not cer- 
tainly known. In 1824 he bought land in Williamson. His will is 
dated 1 May, 1831, probated 27 June, 1831. He is described as 
of Marion. He gives one half his estate to his son William R. Byxbe 
out of which he is to support "My father Benjamin Bixby (n 138) 
and his mother Mary during life, and his two daughters Elizabeth 

1 Information of Jacob R. Byxbe (11135.36) and Mrs. Mary Aldrich (11135.16). The former 
thought Mrs. Babcock was named Elizabeth. The latter remembers that before her aunt left 
Ohio she gave her a dress because she was named for her; yet in an earlier letter she distinctly 
states that "Aunt Elizabeth Byxbe married a Babcock; Aunt Mary Byxbe married Sam Felkey. 
In a letter of Feb., 1013. Mr. J. R. Byxbe (11135.36) writes, "I do not know the given name of 
Felkey who married my father's sister." 

* 5 R e ewrds ta of C^unS' Clerk and Surrogate, Wayne Co.. Lyons, N. Y. Was her maiden name 
Reed and was this the reason for the middle name of her son William? 

« Calculated from his age 68 in 18S0 from his application for pension. Inv. Ong. 410, 4IS- L>e- 
cendants give various dates from 1808 to 1830. 

» In Wayne Co. deeds, her name appears as Alcy. 

• Wayne Co. deeds at Lyons. „»n^ t*,vv,« 

* Turner, History of the Phelps-Gorham Purchase, page 502. where the name is spelled Bixby. 


and Cemantha." His wife Sarah, who received one-third of the 
estate, and Henry Knapp were executors. 


VI. Abner Byxbe (Benjamin, Abner, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph), 
born 9 June, 1780, at Peru, Mass.; 1 died 25 Jan., 1854 ; 2 married 
26 April, 1801, Ruth Gannet, born 3 Feb., 1784, died 3 July, 
1858. Abner Byxbe was living at Macedon, Wayne Co., N. Y., 
1829 to 1832. On 3 Dec, 1829, he and his wife Ruth of Macedon 
sold land to Emory Beal, and 30 Nov., 1832, to David Bussey. 3 
In 1835 and 1836 he was living in Ridgeway, Niagara Co., N. Y., 
and his father Benjamin was living with him. 4 Shortly after that 
he removed to Pittsford, Hillsdale Co., Mich., where he was living 
in 1841. 4 He purchased land 24 Aug., 1844, in Bellevue Township, 
Eaton Co., Mich., from Darwin H. Hughes. Ruth Byxbe pur- 
chased land 2 Dec, 1841, in Bellevue Township from Gamaliel 
Jucket. 5 
Children: 2 

1 Belena, born 10 March, 1802; married 27 Oct., 1825, Shepherd Bates. 

2 Polly, born 11 Nov., 1807; died 4 Aug., 1809. 

3 Polly, born 29 Nov., 1809; died 12 Sept., 181 1. 

4- 4 Olive R., born 15 June, 1813; married Daniel Ostram. 

5- 5 Ransom Curtis, born 10 May, 1818; married Clarissy M. Alger; (2) 

Esther . 

6 Mary A., born 20 March, 1823; died Sept. 1824. 

1 1 138.4 

VI. Ebenezer Byxbe 6 (Benjamin, Abner, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph), 
born about 1782 probably in Massachusetts; died 1861 at Benona, 
Oceana Co., Mich. ; married Elizabeth Turner, 7 daughter of Caleb 
Turner of Marion, Wayne Co., N. Y. 8 

1 Peru Vital Records. 

'Bible record in possession of Mrs. Olive M. Bruce (11138.3S-S) from which all information 
regarding this family was obtained except where otherwise noted. 

3 Wayne Co., N. Y., Deeds at Lyons, 10:442; 13:422. 

'Pension application of Benjamin Bixby (n 138). 

• Records of County Clerk, Eaton Co., Charlotte, Mich. 

'The existence of Ebenezer Byxbe (11138.4) was unknown when page 183 was printed. 

» Information of Mrs. Ella V. Steuart (11138.443), George T. Byxbe (11138.44-1) gives the name 
of the wife of Ebenezer Byxbe (n 138.4) as Osborne. 

' Wayne Co., N. Y., Deeds, 10:149. 


Ebenezer Byxbe served in the war of 18 12, as a private in Samuel 
Jennings Co., Col. Philetus Swift's Ontario Co. Regt., enlisted 13 
May, 1 812, discharged 13 Sept., 1812, served at Lewiston and Black 
Rock, 1 for which service he received grants of land in 1851 and 1855. 
These he assigned 18 Oct., 1855, to Stephen F. Page of Ionia, Mich., 
his signature being witnessed by Benjamin H. Byxbe, his son. Both 
he and his son were then of Eaton, Mich. 2 In 1831 he sold land in 
Wayne Co., N. Y. 3 He moved to Michigan before 1852, and lived 
at Benona, Mich., with his son Benjamin, until his death. 4 

Children: 4 

1 George, died unmarried. 

2- 2 Ira, born 8 Jan., 1823; married Artimesia Fisher. 

3 Otis, married ; died without issue. 

4- 4 Benjamin Harvey, born 1832 probably at Oswego, N. Y.; married Sara 

5 Temperance, 5 died unmarried. 

6 Artimishia, 5 died unmarried. 


VI. Moses Byxbe {Moses, Abner, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph), born 
30 Jan., 1784, at Washington, Mass.; married 27 April, 1815, 
Betsy Egleston, born 1797, daughter of Azariah and Hannah 
Egleston. 6 

Moses Byxbe removed to what is now Delaware County, O., 
with his father, in 1801. He was a merchant at Delaware in 
1 8 10, perhaps associated with his father. He was first clerk of 
the Court of Common Pleas in Delaware County. He was living 
at Delaware in 1847, aged sixty three years. 7 In 1820 he visited 
Massachusetts. 8 

Children: 9 

1 George Washington Egleston, born 27 March, 1817; died 6 June, 
1869, 10 at Brooklyn, N. Y., "a few years ago" (1899) ; s married 6 June, 

1 Records of Adjutant General, Albany, N. Y., where the name is spelled Bixbee and Byxbe. 
» Records of U. S. Land Office. 19355-40-50; 17360-120-55. 

• Wayne Co., N. Y., records. 

* Information of George T. Byxbe (11138.44-1). 

6 Information of Mrs. Ella V. Steuart (11138.443). 

' Information of Thomas Egleston, New York, who says he knew both Charles and George Byxbe 
intimately when they were in business in New York City. 

7 Pension papers of Benjamin Bixby (11138). 
« Deeds at Pittsfield. 

» Information of D. W. C Luegenbeel, Delaware, O. 
u Sayre Genealogy, p. 573. 


1849, Anna Cornelia Sayre, born 10 June, 1828; J died 1 Nov., 1900, at 
Utica, N. Y. 1 He was in the dry goods business in New York, and 
later a broker. His name first appears in the New York directory 
in 1845. In 1852 he took up his residence in Brooklyn. On 13 Aug., 
1859, as George E. Byxbee, he purchased a large tract of land in Mont- 
calm Co., Mich., which he and wife Anna C. sold 19 Aug., 1859. His 
name here appears as George E. Byxbe. 2 His name does not appear in 
the direcory after 1870. On 4 Nov., 1859, as George E. Byxbe, he and 
his wife, Anna C. of New York City, sold land in Saratoga Springs, N. Y. 3 

2 Eliza Ann, born 20 March, 1818. 

3- 3 Lucy, married Andrew H. Patterson. 

4 Mary, married, 1844, Haldemond Crary, who was recorder of Franklin 

County in 1843. 

5 Charles, a cripple; never married. 4 Charles Byxbe, carver, appears 

in the New York directory of 1856. 


VI. Appleton Byxbe (Moses, Abner, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph), 
born 28 April, 1786, at Washington, Mass.; married . 

Appleton Byxbe removed to Ohio and possessed land in Dela- 
ware County. He served in Capt. Strong's company, Ohio militia, 
in the War of 1812, as a private, and 28 Jan., 1856, received land 
bounty warrants, one for 40 acres and one for 120 acres, the latter 
he assigned to Isaac A. Allen, 26 Feb., 1856. 5 

1- 1 Harriet Amanda, born 15 July, 1822, 6 at Delaware, O.; married Richard 
W. Reynolds. 


VI. Nancy (Lucy) Bixby (Moses, Abner, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph), 
born 4 Dec, 1788, at Washington, Mass.; died 21 Aug., 1829 ; 7 
married 27 May, 1816, Leonard H. Cowles, born 16 Jan., 1784, 
died 29 Dec, 1861, at Delaware, O. 

Leonard H. Cowles came to Delaware in 1804 from Connecticut. 

'Sayre Genealogy, p. 573. 

2 Records of Montcalm Co., at Stanton, Mich. 

3 Records of Saratoga Co., at Balston Spa., N. Y. 

4 Information of Thomas Egleston, New York, who says he knew both Charles and George Byxbe 
intimately when they were in business in New York City. 

■U. S. Land Office, 45468-120-55; 73087-40-50. His service is given as under Capt. Strong 
and Capt. Murray. 

•Information of D. W. C. Luegenbeel of Delaware, Ohio, and Mrs. Martha C. Burns (1113J. 

7 Information of Leonard C. Glessner (1113J.4-36). 


He married, second, 1 16 Dec, 1832, at Delaware, Mrs. Harriet 
Sweetser Ovett, born 5 March, 1804, died 18 Nov., 1888, at Pomana, 
Cal. 2 
Children: 2 

1 Henry Bixby Cowles, born 6 June, 1817, at Delaware; died 4 May, 1842, at 

Columbus, O.; married Anna Hitchcock. 

2 Edward Carter Cowles, born 20 Feb., 1819; died 6 Dec, 1861, at Pella, la.; 

married Catherine Synder of Pella. 


1. Arthur Cowles, born , 1858. 

2. Edward Cowles, born , 1862. 

3 Georgiana Cowles, born 18 Feb., 1821, at Delaware; died 30 Sept., 1907, at 

Findlay, O.; married 8 April, 1838, at Delaware, Lewis Glessner, born I 
Sept., 181 1, in Somerset Co., Pa., died 13 March, 1879, at Findlay. 

Children: 3 

1. William Leggett Glessner, born 27 Sept., 1840, at Delaware; married 8 

June, 1864, at Findlay, Ellen Parsons Stone, born 5 June, i84i,died 
7 Jan., 1855. He lives at Atlanta, Ga. Children: Nellie Grace 
Glessner, born 18 March, 1865, at Findlay; married 2 Dec, 1883, 
Henry C. Storey, born Feb., i860, died July, 1904. She lived at 
Atlanta, now at Augusta, Ga. Charles Lewis Glessner, born 24 Nov., 
1866; married 1 Nov., 1894, at Atlanta, Lena Hall. They live at 
Blakely, Ga. Harry William Glessner, born 2 Sept., 1879, at Clinton, 
111.; died 10 Dec, 1897, at Milledgeville, Ga. 

2. Edward Cowles Glessner, born 27 May, 1844, at Delaware; died 28 

June, 1864, killed in action in Kennesaw Mountain, Ga., during the 
Civil War. 

3. Frederick Henry Glessner, born 1 Nov., 1846, at Delaware; married 12 

June, 1872, at Findlay, Areanda Augusta Isham, born there 12 June, 
1852, died 23 July, 1912, at Findlay, daughter of Henry and Jane 
(Hall) Isham. He lives at Findlay. Children: Bertha Georgiana 
Glessner, born 28 Oct., 1873; died in early infancy. Mabel Winifred 
Glessner, born 14 Aug., 1886; married 2 Oct., 1907, at Findlay, George 
Thornton Brown of Newman, Ga., where they live. No issue. Fred 
H. Glessner attended the public schools of Delaware until 15 years of 
age when he entered the employ of his father, who had purchased the 
Hancock County Courier, a weekly newspaper, at Findlay. He worked 
his way as printer and then associate editor; at the death of his 
father assumed editorial control and business management of the 
paper. In 1885, he began the publication of the daily edition of the 

^Children, by second marriage: (i) Leonard Alpheus Cowles, born 2 July, 1834. ( 2 ) George 
Whitefield Cowles, born 19 July, 183S, died 4 July, 1871, at Columbus, O. (3) Frances Sophia 
Cowles, born 10 Jan., 1837, married 21 Nov., 1861, W. J. Curtis. They have resided at San Ber- 
nardino, Cal., for fifty years. Judge Curtis is a prominent attorney and recently resigned as presi- 
dent of the San Bernardino Bar Association after 38 years service. They have four children, — 
Holman J., William, Hal and Harriet. (4) William Henry Harrison Cowles, born 17 March, 1839, 
died 7 Jan., 1862, at Memphis, Tenn. (5) James Albert Cowles, born 7 Oct., 1841, died 3 Dec, 
1899, at Los Angeles, married 13 Dec, 1876, Anita McMahan. Child: Leonard A. Cowles, of 
Riverside, Cal., 1909. (6) Martha Canfield Cowles, born 23 Oct., 1846, married 13 Dec, 1876, 
at Los Angeles, Charles B. Tenniel, born 27 Sept., 1840, in London, England, died 9 Nov., 1900, 
in Los Angles. Mrs. Tenniel is now residing at Los Angeles. 

2 Information of Leonard C. Glessner (iii3J-4 _ 36). 

• Information concerning this family was received from Mrs. N. G. Storey (ni3J4-3ii)- 


Courier, and continued with the newspaper until 1898 when he retired. 
After a lapse of ten years he became connected with the Glessner 
Medicine Co. 

In 1862 he was one of those who responded to the call of the Gov- 
ernor when Gen. Kirby Smith, a Confederate general, threatened to 
invade Ohio. He served about three weeks, and was given an hon- 
orable discharge. He has held several honorary appointive positions 
in the city, and was one of the incorporators and president of the first 
oil and natural gas industries of northwestern Ohio and Indiana. Mrs. 
Glessner was an active worker in the Presbyterian Church. She was 
a member of the Board of Directors of the Children's Orphan Home, 
a member of several literary and social societies, and was one of the 
best known charitable workers in Findlay. 

4. Florence C. Glessner, born 6 March, 1849, at Delaware. She lives at 

Griffin, Ga. 

5. Clara Glessner, born 4 Aug., i85i,at Delaware; died 8 June, 1863. 

6. Leonard Cowles Glessner, born 17 March, 1853, at Delaware; 

married 12 Sept., 1877, at Farmer City, 111., Emma Chappelear, 
born 25 Aug., 1855, at Camden Point, Mo. They live at Findlay. 
Children: Lewis William Glessner, born 9 Nov., 1878, at Farmer City; 
married 21 June, 1905, in Indianapolis, Helen Magill, born 18 Oct., 
1883. 1 They live at Findlay. Harry Chappelear Glessner, born 17 
Aug., 1885, at Sedalia, Mo.; married 25 March, 1908, at Findlay, 
Inez Chase, born 8 Feb., 1888. 2 They live at Findlay. Mary Eleanor 
Glessner, born 30 May, 1887, at Sedalia; lives at Findlay. 

7. Douglas Glessner, born 26 Nov., 1856, at Delaware; died 14 June, 

1910, at Griffin. 

8. Laura Edith Glessner, born 16 Jan., 1859, at Delaware; now living at 


9. Eleanor M. Glessner, born 23 Jan., 1863, at Findlay; married 10 June, 

1 891, Thomas J. White of Griffin. They live at Griffin. Child: 
Georgianna White, born 10 Oct., 1895. 

4 Frances Constantina Cowles, born 12 Nov., 1822; died 29 Sept., 1823. 

5 Anna Eliza Cowles, born 20 April, 1824; died 30 March, 1843. 

6 Edmond Cowles, born 30 April, 1826; died 30 April, 1826. 


VI. Elvira W. Bixby {Daniel, Andrew, John, Joseph, Joseph), 
born 1 Sept., 1815, at Hillsboro, N. H.; 3 died 21 Oct., 1889, at Wil- 
mont, N. H., 3 aged 74 years, 1 month, 20 days; married 5 June, 
1833, at Salisbury, N. H., 4 Thomas W. Currier. 5 She married, 

second, Hobbs. 3 

Children: 5 

1 Sarah Currier. 

2 John G. Currier, who lives at South Danbury, N. H. 

JChildren: Robert Magill Glessner, born 12 Sept., 1907. John Leonard Glessner, born 10 Jan., 
1910. 2 Child: Margaret Mary Glessner, born 3 June, 1910. 

» N. H. Deaths. 

* N. H. Marriages. The bride is called of Salisbury. 
B Information of John G. Currier (11512.2-2). 



VI. Daniel William (Daniel H.) Bixby {Daniel, Andrew, 
John, Joseph, Joseph), born 31 May, 1819, at Hopkinton, N. H.; 
died 10 July, 1847, at Manchester, N. H., killed by cars; 1 mar- 
ried in 1839, 2 Lois Ann Copps, born 19 Dec, 1822, at Chester, 
N. H., 2 died 14 Aug., 1852, 2 at Manchester. Mr. Bixby was known 
as Daniel H. Bixby. He was a carpenter. His widow married, 
second, N. S. Clark. 2 
Children, born at Manchester: 2 

1- 1 Elvira A., born 2 Sept., 1840; married Joseph E. Gove. 

2- 2 George Sawyer, born 15 Sept., 1842; married Elizabeth M. Cass. 

3 William E., born 9 Sept., 1844; died 26 March, 1845, at Manchester.! 
4- 4 William Henry, born 29 Dec, 1845; married Marietta Webster. 


VI. Dolphus (Adolphus) Bixby {John, Andrew, John, Joseph, 
Joseph), born 7 Jan., 1790, at Hillsborough, N. H. ; died 9 Aug., 1886, 
at Marlborough, N. H.; 3 married Jan., 1813, Achsa Carr, born 17 
Dec, 1793, at Hillsborough, died 26 Feb., 1864, at Lempster, N. H., 
daughter of Robert and Abigail (Jones) Carr. 4 Dolphus Bixby 
married, second, Lydia Jones, who died soon after marriage. 

Children: 4 

1- 1 Henry, born 9 Sept., 1813, at Lempster, N. H.; 5 married Sarah J. Carey. 

2- 2 Russell, born 1 March, 1816, at Windsor, N. H.; 6 married Sarah L. 

Wright; (2) Emily R. Dame. 

3 Mansel, born 28 April, 1818; died in an explosion on a boat at Evans- 

ville, Ind., in 1865 or 1866. 7 

4 John, born 3 June, 1821; died 4 Sept., 1837. 

5 Nancy, born 11 Oct., 1825; died 17 Aug., 1837. 

6 Charles C, born 18 Oct., 1826; died 1 Jan., 1831. 

7- 7 Rodolphus (Charles Carr), born 7 Aug., 1833, at Bradford, N. H.; mar- 
ried Weltha A. Jones. 
8 Achsa A., born 19 Feb., 1836; married Seldon Miller. 

Dolphus Bixby died at Marlboro, N. H., at the home of his 
son Russell. He lived in several towns in New Hampshire, Ver- 

1 Manchester records. 

2 Information of George S. Bixby (11512.32). His brother William had the family bible. 
• Town records. 

4 Goodell: Sketch of Bixby Family, in Hillsborough Examiner. 

4 Born in Hillsborough, according to History of Washington, N. H., by Gage. 

•Leonard: History of Dublin, N H. 'Information of W. B. Willis. 


mont, and Massachusetts, never residing long in the same place. 
He bought many orchards of old apple trees, which he cut, selling 
the timber to be manufactured into shuttles, for which it was 
peculiarly adapted on account of its hardness and smoothness. 


VI. Ransom Bixby {John, Andrew, John, Joseph, Joseph), born 
4 June, 1 791, at Hillsboro, N. H.; 1 died there 10 May, 1850; mar- 
ried 9 Dec, 1824, at Hillsboro, Sarah Andrews, born 31 Aug., 
1793, at Hillsboro (?), died 1 Feb., 1874, at Nashua, N. H., daughter 
of Solomon and Sarah (Bradford) 2 Andrews. 

Ransom Bixby served as sergeant in Capt. Hugh Moore's 
company, New Hampshire Militia, in War of 18 12, enlisting 13 
Sept., 1 8 14, for three months. His widow received military bounty 
land warrants for 160 acres. 3 He was town treasurer, selectman, 
and deputy sheriff. 


1 Elizabeth H., 4 born 30 Nov., 1825 ; died 28 Nov., 1913, at the New Hamp- 
shire State Hospital, Concord, N. H., 5 unmarried. 

2- 2 Sarah A., born 30 Aug., 1828, at Hillsboro; married David Starrett. 

3 Rebecca, born 15 Jan., 1834; died 2 May, 1842. 


VI. Nancy Bixby {John, Andrew, John, Joseph, Joseph), born 
17 March, 1793, at Hillsboro, N. H.; died 26 March, 1873, at Antrim, 
N. H.; married 18 Oct., 1821, at Hillsboro, Capt. Moody Morse 
Barker, born 24 May,