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Full text of "Genealogy of the Dexter family in America; descendants of Thomas Dexter, together with a record of other allied families;"

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Descendants of Thomas Dexter 

Together with the record of other 
allied families 

Compiled hy 

Williatn A. Warden Robert L. Dexter 

kVcrcester^ Alass. Mallapcisetl, Man. 

\ Worcester, Mass., U.S.A. 







So iimeli interest has been manifested at the Dexter family 
reunions, in the history of the family ancestors, thai tlic an]]- 
pilers decided to secni'e sneh achlitional data as was possible 
to add to what they had on hand and to pn])lisli a Oenealo^y of 
the Dexter family, together with mention of other families con- 
nected by marriage. 

We do not expect this work is free from errors, bnt we have 
tried to have them as few as possible, and we would esteem it 
a favor if any of our readers will inform us of any cri-ors that 
may come to their notice. We would be very glad to receive any 
additions to family records for use when occasion may offei-. 

In compiling this woi'k we have made free use of public libi-a- 
ries, family Bibles, records of cities and towns, churches, anti- 
quarian and genealogical societies, together with extended cor- 
respondence with scores of individuals, and every other source 
of information within our reach ; and we wish at this time to 
thank all those who have contributed in anv wav to the success 
of this work. 

In arranging this record we have given each person a sei'ial 
number in Arabic figures, and the family nnmbci- in Roman 

The column of figures on the left margin of page is from 
beginning to end the general enumeration, and where they are 
followed by an asterisk [*| it shows that the record of family 
is found under that numbei'. By this plan, to trace out any 
particular one, you have only to take the number at the head of 
chapter or paragraph and turn back to same nnmbei' in the 
margin and you will there find the parentage, and the s;ime 
process continued will take you back to the first generations. 

Thomas Dexter 


Of the early life of Thomas Dexter, the first ancestor of this 
line of Dexters to arrive in this country, hut little is known. 
He came either with Mr. Endicott in 1629 or in the fleet with 
Governor Winthrop in 1630. He brouiiht wilh liini three of 
his children at least, and several sei-vants. hut as thfre is no 
record of his wife, it is presumed that slic died f)efoi'e they 
sailed from Euiiland. There is some reason to believe that they 
belonged in the neighborhood of Bristol, Enoland. "for in tlie 
years that followed he had considerable dealing with people 
who lived there. In 1640 he gave a mortgage of his SOO-acre 
farm at Lynn to Humphrey Hooke, alderman of Bristol. Eng. 

He had received a good education, and wrote a beautiful 
hand, as papers now in existence will show: was a man of great 
energy of character, public-spirited, and ever ready to con- 
tribute to the support of any enterprise he thought to be of 
interest to the colony ; always independent, and fearless in the 
expression of his opinions. Such were the leading traits; I)ut 
it must be admitted, says one writer, "that his energy of char- 
acter bordered on stubbornness and his independence of thought 
on indiscretion and self-will." 

In 1630, in the |)rime of life and with ample means, he set- 
tled on a fai'm of 800 acres in the town of Lynn. Mass. He 
had many servants, and was called "Farmer Dexter.". Tlic 
house was on the west side of the Saugus River, about where the 
iron works were afterward erected. 

In 1633 he built a bridge over the Saugus River and sti-etched 
a weir across it, and a little later built a mill uoiw bv. 


He was si-eatly interested in starting the iron works, which 
were the first to be l)uilt in this section of the country, getting 
the iron ore from the Cape. He interested English capital in 
the enterprise and became the general manager. Some years 
later, becoming convinced that the enterprise could not prove 
satisfactory, he withdrew. 

He became a freeman in 1631, but soon lost the honor, for he 
Avas disfranchised on the 4th of March, 1633. He had many 
quarrels and many vexatious lawsuits. In 1631 he had a quar- 
i-el with Captain Endicott (afterward Governor), in which the 
Salem magistrate struck Mr. Dexter, who had him complained 
of in court at Boston. Mr. Endicott said in his defense: "I 
hear I am much complained of by Goodman Dexter for striking 
him. Understanding since it is not lawful for a 'justice of the 
peace to strike, but if you had seen the manner of his carriage 
with such daring of me, with arms akimbo, it would have 
provoked a very patient man. He has given out that if I had 
a purse he would make me empty it, and if he cannot have 
justice here, he will do M^onders in England, and if he cannot 
prevail there, he will try it out with me here at blows. If it 
were lawful for me to try it out at blows and he a fit man for 
me to deal with, you would not hear me complain." The jury 
gave Mr. Dexter a verdict of £10. 

In 1633 the court ordered ]\Ir. Dexter to be set in the bilboes, 
disfranchised and fined £10 for speaking reproachful and sedi- 
tious words against the government here established. 

]\Ir. Dexter, having been insulted by Samuel Hutchinson, met 
him one day on the road, "and jimiping from his horse bestowed 
about twenty blows on the head and shoulders of Hutchinson, 
to the no small danger or deray of his senses as well as sensi- 
bilities." These facts would indicate that INIr. Dexter was not 
a meek man. 

In 1637 he and nine others obtained from the Plymouth 
Colony court a grant of the township of Sandwich. He went 
there and built the first grist mill. He did not remain there 
long, howevei", foi- in 1638, he had 350 acres assigned to him as 
one of the inhabitants of Lynn. He remained in Lynn until 
161:6. Al)out this time he ])urchased two farms in Barnstable, 



one ad.joiiiiiio the mill-stream and afterwards oecnpied by his son 
William, and the other farm on the northeastern declivity of 
''Scorton Tlill." His dwelling' was sitnated on the north side 
of the old connty road, and commanded an extensive prospect 
of the conntry for miles aronnd. Here he lived a qnieter life, 
yet conld not keep entirely free from lawsnits, for in 1648 he 
had no less than six lawsnits in conrt. all decided in his favor. 

His ii'reatest lawsuit was with the inhaliitants of Lynn over 
the ownership of the land where Nahant no\\- is. This land 
^Ir. Dexter bought of the Indian chief Pognannm, or "Black 
Will." paying- for the same a snit of good clothes. This he 
fenced in and used it to pasture his cows. The title to this 
was disputed by the other inhabitants (1657) who, if his claim was 
denied, would share in the division of th(^ land. The result was 
a defeat for him and his heii's. althcmgh they kept it in court 
over thirty-eight years. 

In 1657 Mr. Dexter took the (lath of fidelity. He was 
admitted freeman of Plymouth Colony on June 1. 165S. For the 
next eighteen years he lived a quiet, retired life on his farm. 
During the later years of his life he appears to have conveyed 
his mill and his large real estate in Sandwich to his son 
Thomas^, Jr.. and his West Barnstable farm to his son AVilliam. 
retaining his Scorton Hill farm and his personal estate for his 
own use. He sold this last mentioned farm in 167:^ to William 
Troope (Throope). 

He then removed to Bost(m. that he might spend the 
remainder of his days with his daughter, who was the wife of 
Captain Oliver. He died there in 1677, and was buried in the 
Oliver tomb in King's Chapel burying-ground. 

Taken all in all. he was one of the foremost men of his times. 
He had faults: and who has not^ No attempt has been made in 
this to veil them. He was not one to hide his light under a 
bushel, and in estimating his character we must inquire what 
he did. not what he might have done. Who did more than 
Thomas Dexter to promote the interest of the infant colony at 
Lynn, with th(> building of the weir, the bridge, the mill and 
the great iron works? Who did more at Sandwich and at 
Barnstable, where he built bridges, mills and roads. iin])rove- 

DEXTER ea:\iily genealoov. 

ments that the pii])lic took interest in? For these acts he is 
deserving- credit, and they will forever emliahn his memory. 
As to reliii'ious niattej's, he was a membei- of the I'ui'itaii 
Church, yet tolerant and libei'al in his views. 

Children : 

2* i Thomas" Dexter, b. England; m. Elizabeth Vincent, 1(548. 
y 3" ii William" Dexter, h. England; ni. Sarah .Vincent, Ki-ll^. 

i" iii Mary" Dexter, b. England; ni. (1) John Frend, ni. (2) Captain 

James Oliver. 
5^ iv Frances" Dextei-, 1>. England; m. "Richard Wcniddc. oi- | Woodee], 

Note. — Thomas Dexter and Edmund Freeman were both among the grant- 
ors of Sandwich, and lioth came from Lynn and were neighbors, and in 
the fifth generation the families were nnited. Samuel Dexter of TIardwick 
married Thankful Freeman, a descendant of Ednumd FrinMiian. 

Thomas- Dexter, son of Thonuis^ Dexter, was horji in England 
and came to this country with his father. In 1()47 he was 
chosen constable for the town of Sandwich. This ])roves 
that he nnist have l)e('n born before the family came to 
America, as he must have ])een ovei- twenty-four years of 
age when elected constable. In 1648 he k^pt the mill that 
his father built in 16-10. In 1655 he was conmiissioned 
Ensign of a company of militia, which office he held many 
years, and was known as "Ensign Dexter." He served 
upon the jury very often between 1652 and 1659, and was 
elected surveyor of highways and collector of taxes 1675. 
and the record says he was an inn-keeper 1680. He did 
not have the fondness for lawsuit'? that his father had, but 
he did inherit some of his father's ((uarrels about line 
fences, but these he settled by adjustment. In one case 
Avhen there was a dispute between the town of Sandwich 
and him, the matter was left to ]\Ir. Thomas Prence, Mi'. 
Thomas Hinckley and ]Mr. Constant Southwoi-th to settle. 
These men were among the most prominent men in the 
colonv. In 166:^ Mv. Thomas Hincklev. Mr. Constant Sonth- 


Avortli and he Avere a eonnnittee to settle the houndary 
'l)etween Sandwich and Plymouth. In 1655 he was, ac- 
cordina- to the usages of the times, entitled to the honor of 
heino- stvled "Mister," and in the latter part of his life, 
being a 'large land-owner, was styled "Gentleman." He 
appears to have been a worthy man, enterprising, useful, a 
o'ood neighbor and a good citizen. In addition to the land 
received from his father, he was granted 100 acres upland 
in Sandwich in 1667. 

He married Elizabeth Vincent, 8 Nov., 1648, and they had 
five children, all being alive except Thomas^ at the time of 
his death (which occurred 29 Dec, 1686), and are men- 
tioned in the division of his property, which was as fol- 
lows, viz. : , 
Ao-reement for division of property of late Ihomas- 
Dexrer, (ientleman, February 16. 1686-7, between Eliz- 
abeth Dexter, i;)aniel Allen of Swansea for his wife ^lary, 
Jonathan Hallett of Yarmouth for his wife Abigail, and 
John Dexter: "The widow to have one-third part of all 
the movable estate and chatties, the mill excepted, also to 
enjoy ve westerly end of the dwelling house, both cellar 
and "two lower rooms and chamber and garrett, for the rest 
of her life; but if she sees tit to rent her part she is to let 
her son John Dexter or his heirs have the refusal of it at 
same price othere would pay. She is also to have the corn, 
rye wheat, butter and meat she now possesses: and her son 
John is to cut and carry home for her suitable and suffi- 
cient firewood while she dwells in Sandwich, to winter and 
summer two cows for her and t(^ pay her £9 per annum 
while she lives. The son John to have the rest of estate 
both real and personal paying to his sister Elizabeth Dexter 
£55 (£5 down and balance in four years, but if she marries 
within three vears the £50 is to be paid within one year 
after her marriage). To Jonathan .Ilallet £50, one halt on 
next ^ylichaelmas day, the rest within three years from date 
of asreement. To Daniel Allen £16 on or before 16 Feb., 
1688-89. John is to pay all debts and receive all debts due 
the estate." 


[Elizabeth Dexter, Jr., ami .loiiatliaii llallett signed by 
marks. AVitnesses were Stephen Skiff, James Percival, "Wm. 
Bassett, Jnne, 1687.] 

Children. I)(»i-ii in Sandwich: 

6* i Marr'' Dexter, 1.. 11 Au-., Iii4i»; in. li' Oct., I(i70, Daniel Allen of 

7 ii Elizabeth' Dexter, b. 21 Sept.. 1651; died young. 

8 iii Thomas^ Dexter, b. 1653; died 1679. 

9* iv John' Dexter, b. 1656; in. Mahitabel Hallett. 10 Nov.. 16S-J. 
10 V Elizabeth' Dexter, b. 7 Apr., 1660. In 1714 her mother left her 

all her estate. 
11* vi Abigail^ Dexter, b. 12 June, 1663; m. .lonatlian llallett, 3i) .lune, 


Note. — This record may be of interest to some: 

Account of settlement of dispute, September, 1647: "We whose names 
are here under written doe give our full and free consent that Thomas 
Dexter the younger shall have those two Islands of upland that lye in his 
mersh near John Freeman 's house. Witness our hands this 20 Sept., 1647, 
Edmund Freeman, Edward Dillingham, Wm. Wood, Gorg Knot, Thomas 
Dexter, Thomas Tupper. 

"I doe acknowledge myself freely willing hereunto. Thomas I'rcnce. " 

William- Dexter, son of Thomas^ Dexter, was l)orn in En<iland, 
came to America with his father, and was in Barnstable in 
1650. He lived on one of the two farms that his father 
bought. He took oath in. Barnstable in 1657. He removed 
to Rochester about 1679 and died there in 1694. He was 
one of a party of thirty, which included such men as Wil- 
liam Bradford, Kenelem Winslow, Thomas Hinckley and 
Rev. Samuel Arnold, who became the grantees of the town 
of Rochester. When he died he owned considerable land 
both in Barnstable and in Rochester which he gave to his 
children, as follows : James-^ Dexter, Thomas^ Dexter and 
John'^ Dexter had the Rochester lands, while Stephen^ 
Dexter, Philip^ Dexter and Benjamin-^ Dexter had the 
Barnstable land. The children all went to Rochester 


except Philip, who removed to Fahiiouth, INIass., and 
Stephen, ^vho remained in Barnstable and who was the only 
one of the name in the town in 170:3. 

Willianr married Sarah Vincent. Jnly. 1653. and they 
had seven children, all born in Barnstabl.^: 

12 i Mary^ Dexter, b. .Ian.. 1^54; .n. Moses Barlow. Removed to 

13* ii Stepheir^ Dexter. 1). May, 1657; m. Ann SaiuKlers. 
14* iii Philir Dexter, b. Sept., 1659; m. Alice Allen; d. 1.4L 

^1 \t ii-i-.). ,1 1 -, Tnlv lfi04- m. Klizabetli 
15* iv James' Dexter, b. May. IbbJ; d. L) .""'>• "^-'^ • 


16* V Thomas^ Dexter, b. July. 1665; m. (1) Mary Miller, 1695, (2) 
Sarah C. March, 1702; d. 31 July, 1744. No issue. 

17* vi John^' Dexter, b. Aur., 1668; m. Sarah ; cl. 31 July, 1-44. 

'■ 18* vii B<?Biamin= Dexter, b. 16 Feb., 1670; m. Sarah Arnold; d. 1.84. 

Marr Dexter, danghter-of Thomas^ Dexter, was born m Eng- 
land and came to An.enca with her father and settled in 
Lynn She married (1) John Frend, October, 1639, and 
(9) Captain James Oliver, an eminent merchant of Boston. 
Thev had no family, bnt her father came to live with them, 
and' was there in 1677 when he died, and Captain Oliver 
was (me of the administrators of his estate. 

Captain James was the son of Thomas and Ann Oliver, 

who came from Enoland in 1632. Thomas, the father, was 

one of the rnling elders and of wide intiuence m the aftairs 

of the new town. Captain James was admitted freeman 

1640 was of the artillery company 1651, was Lieutenant 

1653 and Captain 1656 and 1666 ; was selectman 16o3, and 

for several years inspector of the port. He was Captain 

of first military company of Boston 1673, was appointed to 

command of the company in the Narragansett campaign, and 

was one of the few officers that passed safely through the 

"great swamp fight.'' 


Frances- Dexter, (hiujiliter of Thomas^ Dexter, born in England. 
It is not certainly known whether she came to America with 
her father or came later. She married Sergeant Richard 
Woodee,* Jr., son of Richard and Annie AVoodee, in 1647, 
and they had eight children, born in Roxbnry, ^lass. The 
records say that the father and Samuel, Richard, ]\Iary, 
Martha and Elizabeth were dismissed to Third Church, 
Boston, in 1673. 

Children : 

19 i Thomas'* Woodee, b. 12 Dee., 1(548; d. 13 Oct., 16o0. 

20 ii Mary" Woodee, b. 21 Aug., 1650; m. John Daffern ; three children. 

21 iii Martha' Woodee, b. 25 Feb., 1651-2; was a widow 1695. 

22 iv Elizabeth' Woodee, b. 19 Sept.. 1653. 

23 V Ann' Woodee, b. 12 July, 1655. 

24 vi SamueP Woodee, b. 11 Sept., 1656. 

25 vii Eichard' Woodee, b. 3 Dec, 1658. 

26 viii Sarah' Woodee, b. 26 March, 1661; d. 23 Aug., 1661. 


Mary^ Dexter, daughter of Thomas- [Thomas'] and Elizabeth 
[Vincent] Dexter, was born 11 August, 1649, at Sand- 
wich, Mass., and married Daniel Allen of Swansea, 12 Oct., 

They had nine children, born in Swansea: 

27 i Mary' Allen, b. 17 Dec, 1671. 

28 • ii Elizabeth* Allen, b. 28 Sept., 1673. . 

29 iii Thomas' Allen, b. 13 Oct., 1676. 

30 iv Sarah' Allen, b. 13 Aitg., 1678. 

31 V DanieP Allen, b. 29 Aug., 1680. 

32 vi Ebenezer* Allen, b. 31 Aug., 1682. 

33 vii John' Allen, b. 6 Dec, 1684. 

34 viii Samuel' Allen, b. 16 May, 1687. 

35 ix Joseph' Allen, b. 21 May, 1690. 

*This name is sometimes spelled Woodde. 


John' Dexter, son of Thomas- [Thomas^] and Elizabeth [Vin- 
cent] Dexter, was born in Sandwich 1656. He was admitted 
freeman 1681. He was a member of militia in 1675, and 
while actino- as linard was beaten by one Joseph Surge. 
Said Burge was fined £5, and 10s. was giyen to John. 

He married 10 Nov., 1682, Mehitabel ?Iallett. She was 
the daughter of Andrew Hallett, Jr.,* of Yarmouth, who 
was one of the wealthiest men in that place. 

In 1686 he sold to his brother-in-law, Jonathan Hallett, 
a negro slave called "Harry," aged 29 years, for £20. 

Four children, ])orn in Portsmouth, R. I. : 

3() i Elizul.eth' Dexter, b. 1 Nov., 1688. 

37* ii Thomas^ Dexter, b. "26 Aug., 1686; m. Mercy Fish, 1710. 
38^ iii Al)igair Dexter, b. 26 May, 1689; m. Job Lawton, 10 Sept., 1713. 
39- iv John^ Dexter, 1). 11 Sept., 1692; m. Meri-y Manchester, 12 Dec, 


Abigail' Dexter, daughter of Thomas- [Thomas^] and Elizabeth 
[Vincent] Dexter, was born 12 June, 1668, at Sandwich, 
I^Iass. She married Jonathan Hallett (on 30 June, 1683-4), 
the son of Andrew Hallett, Jr., of Yarmouth. After the 
death of his father he removed to Yarmouth, and was the 
wealthiest man in that town. He was constable in 168-t. 

^Andrew Hallett. Jr.. the son of Andrew Hallett of Weymouth. England came over 
in 1636 at the age of 28. His father came over at an earlier date and was known as 

^''i'^^l?'w^*?r "seuled in Lynn moving to Yarmouth in 1637. Admitted as freeman 
'^He'^was^'^'Swd' calculator and good business man and bef^^^^^^^^ 

£1180. Much of his landed estate remained in the family for years. 


They lived in the same house with his mother until her 
death in 1695, when he built a; new house. "He was not an 
educated man, l)ut succeeded in (>ettini;' tofjether considera- 
ble property for those times. He died 14 Jan., 1 710-17, 
aged 69; his wife died 12 Sept., 1715, aged 52, and they 
were both buried in the old burying-ground at Yarmouth. 

They had nine children, all born at Yarmouth: 

40 i Mehitabel' Hallett, h. ; m. Echvard St urges, 25 Nov., 170;'.. 

41 ii Ebenezer' Hallett, b. — — ; d. 1760; niarriod three times. 

42 iii Thomas* Hallett. 1). 1691; d. 1772; married four times; no 


43 iv Deacon Jonathan' Hallett, b. 169;!; d. 178:;; m. 1719, Desire 

Howes ; eleven children. 

44 V David' Hallett, )). ; m. 1719, Mary, daughter of John An- 

nable; ten children. Removed to Hvannis, and was first to 
build there. 

45 vi Abigail* Hallett, b. ; m. Hatsuld Freenian, IS Jan.. 1719. 

46 vii * Hallett, b. , and lived to be over 100 years ol.l. 

47 viii Elizabeth* Hallett, b. ; m. Paul Orowell. 21 Oct., 1714. 

48 ix Timothy* Hallett, b. 1702; d. 1771. He was a farmer and had 

six children ; was married three times. 


Stephen^ Dexter, son of William- [Thomas^l and Sarah [Vin- 
cent] Dexter, was born in Barnstable, ]\Iass., ]\lay. 1657. 
where he spent his whole life. He married Ann Saunders 
on 27 April, 1696, and they made their home on the farm 
which was originally his grandfather Thoma.s', at Dexter lane. 
West Barnstable. In 1703 he was the only one of the name 
left in Barnstable. He died in 1729, his will being probated 
17 March, 1729-30. 

They had ten children: 

49* i Mary* Dexter, b. 24 Aug., 1696; m. Samuel Chead, 5 March, 1717. 

50 ii A son who died in infancy, 23 Dec, 1698. 

51 iii Abigail* Dexter, b. 13 May, 1699. 


•jO iv Content^ Dexter, b. 5 Feb., 1701; m. Eben Saimders, 1725. 

53- V Aun^ Dexter, b. 3, March, 1703; m. John Williams, 1725. 

54 vi Sarah* Dexter, b. 1 Juue, 1705. _ 

55 vii Stephen* Dexter, b. 26 July, 1707; n,. Abigail Culbns, 1 , 36. Had 

his father's homestead. 

56 viii Mercy* Dexter, b. 5 July, 1709. 

57 ix Meriam* Dexter, b. 8 March, 1712. 

58 X Cornelius* Dexter, b. 21 March, 1714; never married. 

XOTE.-C'ornelius and Molly lived in a two-story house on east side of 
Dexter lane, opposite the mill pond. 


Philip^^ Dexter, so,, of Willianr [Thomas^ and Sarah [Vincent] 
Dexter was liorn at Barnstable, Mass., September, IGoO. 
He spent his earlv days in Barnstable, but at the time of 
his marriage to Alice Allen, he moved to Falmouth, where 
he spent the remainder of his life. He died 1741. aged 82. 
He was miller there many years. At one time he was com- 
plained of for' charging' too high. l)ut as he was the only 
miller, the people were dependent upon him. A committee 
was sent to consult with him. but the record does not reveal 
the result, but at a later period he was paid by the town £30 
for his part of the mill and the laud that the pond covered, 
so it may be that the matter was settled in that way. In 
1712 he and Thomas Bowerman were appointed to lay out 
land of the ''New Purchase" into lots, etc. He was select- 
man, and also town clerk. 

They had nine children: 
59 i Joseph* Dexter, b. ; n,. 1756. He had pew number 10 in 

the new church at Falmouth. 

60- ii Pliilip^ Dexter, b. ; ni. Tamer Chadwick, 19 Jan., 1752 

61^ iii Jabez* Dexter, m. Mary Dexter, daughter of James^ Dexter of 


62 iv John* Dexter, b. ; <1- 1723. 

63 V 

64 vi 

65 vii 

66 viii 

67 ix 



James' Dexter, son of William- [Thomas^] and Sai-ah [Vincent] 
Dexter, was born in Barnstable, INIa.SvS., i\Iay, 1662. lie 
went to Rochester with his father, where he niai'ried Eliza- 
beth Tobey. They had three children boi-n in Rochester. 
In 1712, after the death of the father, ^lary, the daughter, 
being- a minor over 14, chose Jabez Dexter (a kins- 
man) for gnardiaii. and Deb<n'ah chose Samuel TTunt for 
her guardian. 

Children : 

68 i Elizabeth* Dexter, b. . 

69 ii Mary* Dexter, b. 5 Aug., 1692; m. before 1715 to Jabez Dexter 

of Falmouth. (See Xo. 61.) 

70 iii Deborah* Dexter, b. Eochester, 22 .Inly, 1()97 ; in. before 1720 to 

Samuel Hilman of Cliilmnrk. Tu 1718 she sold sixty acres of 
land to Moses Barlow for £250. 


Thomas'' Dexter, son of William- [Thomas^] and S^arah [Vin- 
cent] Dexter, was born at Barnstable, Mass.. 1665: died 
1744. He married (1) Mary Miller, 17 July, 1695, and had 
by her one son; married (2) Sarah C. Mai-cli in 1702-3. 
The son must have died before his father, for he is not men- 
tioned in his will, and he leaves most of his pi-operly to 
Constant Dexter, who had been brouuht up Ity him. lie 
gave land to Mary Sherman, wife of William Shcniian, who 
was a daughter of his brother John, lie also gave land to 
Rose, or Rest, Dextei-. daughter of his brother John. lie 
gave £3 each to the four daughters of his brother John ami 
to the two daughters of his brother Benjamin. He gave 
£5 to the church, and all the balance to Constant Dexter, 
son of his brother Benjamin. 

71 i William* Dexter, b. 22 Ajiril, 1696; died before 1744. 



John^ Dexter, son of William- 1 ThoinasM and Sarah [Vincent] 
Dexter, born m Barnstable, Augaist, 1668; died 31 July, 


He was called yeoman in 1690. He sold land to Samuel 
Arnold and John Hammond, and in 1714 to James Wins- 
• low, and in 1716 to Thomas Dexter. 

He married Sarah in 1702, and had seven ^children, 

all born at Rochester. His wife died 21 Jan.. 1755. 

Children : 

72* i Gershoiu' Dexter, b. 5 Jan., 1703; m. Mehitable Bolls, 1 Oct., 

73 ii Hannah^ Dexter, b. 6 Nov., 1705; m. James Steward, 16 April, 


74 iii Rose [or Rest]^ Dexter, b. 25 Feb., 1708. 

75 iv Dinah* Dexter, b. 14 Oct., 1711. 

76 V Fortunatns* Dexter, b. 6 Aug., 1715; cl. 5 Dec, 1715. 

77 vi Marv* Dexter, b. 3 Aug., 1719; m. William Sherman. 

78* vii John' Dexter, b. 16 Dec, 1727; m. Sarah Handy, 11 Dec, 1746. 

Copy of the will of John-' Dexter, 9 June, 1744 : 

1st. I give to Sarah, my dearly beloved Avife, the whole improvement 
and income of my whole estate, both within doors and without, so long as 
she shall be my widow, and in case of her intermarriage to have her 
thirds of the income of my lands for one year, and this bequest not to 
hinder her and her son Gershom agreeing for her maintenance if they can 

agree otherwise. 

I appoint my son Gershom sole executor, and order him to pay all my 
just debts out of my movable estate in case there be sufficient to do it 
with. After the legacies hereafter mentioned are paid and in ease there 
are not sufficient to pay legacies and debts, ho shall pay them out of my 
lands which I shall leave. 

I give all my real estate, consisting of house aud lands, to my sons, 
Gershom and John, to be equally divided between them after my wife shall 
have done witli it, and it is to be to them and their heirs forever. And m 
case they shall not divide it in their lifetime, it shall be in the power of 
their heirs or either of their heirs to divide, and in case either of my sons 
shall see cause to sell in the lifetime of the other, he shall first give the 


offer to liis Ijrothei-, who shall have lil)erty of l)uyinjj by giving as much 
as another will. And this I give them on condition that they shall pay out 
the legacies that 1 order them to pay to their sisters. 

T give to my daughter Mary fifteen acres of land out of my grants, to 
be hers forever, taken np as the grants will allow of. 

I give to my three daughters, Hannah, Dinah and Mary, £5 each, to be 
paid in liills or mi)\a)iles within nui- year. 

I give to my daughter Rest £20 in bills of good credit, old tenor, and a 
liberty in my dw^elling-house during her single life, with firewood and such 
conveniences for her as she and her mother may order. 

This is my last will. 

John Dexter. 


Benjamin^ Dexter, son of AVilliam- [Thomas^] and Sarah [Vin- 
cent] Dexter, was born in Barnstable, Fel)., I(j70; removed 
to Rochester with his father, where he died in 1732. 

He married Sarah Arnold, the danghter of Rev. SamneP 
Arnold, who was the second minister at Rochester, and also 
one of the grantees of the town. Her grandfather, Rev. 
SamneP Arnold, was third minister of Marshfield. 

Benjamin was a farmer and sold land in 1693 to INIoses 
Barlow, in 1699 to John Hammond, in 1723 to Edward 
Winslow, in 1715 to John Corning. All of this land was 
inherited from his father. 

He died in 1732, estate valned at £1047. They had eleven 
children, all born in Rochester. At the father's death 
James Dexter was made guardian of the tAvo young chil- 
dren, Seth and Joanna. 


Children : 

79* i Noah* Dexter, b. in Rochester, 26 March, 1097; d. 17.").). 

80" ii James* Dexter, b. in Rochester, 22 July, 1698; d. 177o. 

81* iii Benjamin* Dexter, b. in Rochester, 4 March, 1700. 

82 iv Sarah* Dexter, b. in Rochester, 1 July, 1702. 

83* v Josiah* Dexter, b. in Rochester, 12 Nov., 1704. 

84* vi Constant* Dexter, b. in Rochester, 27 Nov., 1706. 

85* vii Samuel* Dexter, b. in Rochester, 14 Dec, 1708. 

86* viii Ephvaim* Dexter, b. in Rochester, 27 May, 1711; d. 4 Nov., 1774. 


87 ix 

88 X 

89* xi 


Daniel' Dexter, h. in Eofhester, 129 July, 1713. 

Joanna^ Dexter, b. in Rochester, 12 Dec, 1715; m. John Barrows, 

''•' Nov., 1737, by Eev. T. Ruggles. 
Seth^ Dexter, b. in Rochester ,, 3 Oct., 1718; il. 6 April, 1793. 

The will of Benjamin Dexter : 

In the nan.e of Go.l, Amen: this 15th day of August, Amu, Domini one 
thousand seven hundred and thirty two (1732), I Benjanun I^-tex- of Roch- 
ester in the County of Plymouth, in the Province of Massachusetts Ba> m 
New England, Yeoman. ,lo n,ake and ordain this n,v last wdl and testa- 

"'pirst I oive mv soul to God that gave it. an.l my bo<ly to y^' ground 
to be bm-ied by mx Executors after my decease at their <liscretion. And as 
to mv woi'ldly estate which God has pleased to bless me with, I give and 
dispose of ve same in ye maimer & form following 

First I -ive to mv son Noah the homestead he now lives m, containing 
something ^bove forty acres, and his bounds to begin at the water-side on 
the Wesferlv side of mv land, and to run straight up to the place called 
the oate and from thence by the stone-wall down to the salt-water again, con- 
tainhig 'upland and salt-meadow, and ye same to be to him and his heirs and 

'T:.^rZ to mv son James all the lands of all sorts which descended 
from the Rev. Mr. Samuel Arnold of Rochester, his Grand-father, to uiy 
.ife and me, and also that which descended from our brother John 
i^rnold to us, or either of us, the same to be to him his lieirs and assigns 
forever be the same more or less in Rochester or elsewhere, excepting a 
certain' fortv acres wU was given tomy wife by deed: and since there may 
arise a dispute in law whether I have power to will the said lands w^ 
descended from the said Arnolds to my Wife deceased And ha In 
same may be secured to these I shall give it unto, my Wd -/^^f f "^^ 
other children and heirs in Law of my Sd Wife deceased, shall as they 
come to lawful age and sd James or his heirs shall demand it, give hin 
and them a quit-claim of all their rights thereunto: and "P«" "^^'^ 
either of their refusal so to do, my will is that sixty pounds .^rth of that 
estate which I shall in this my will give to any ot them so refusing to do 
t shall be taken out of his or her part and portion of my estate and be 
given to my said son James and ye same to be to him and Ins heirs forever. 
Item- My will is that my two sons Benjamin and Josiah shall have 
equally'divided between them or their heirs, and ye same to be to them and 
their heirs and assigns forever, all the lands where they live, being what I 
bought of John Mumford, containing their homesteads to be equally 
divide.l between them as they may agree or if they cannot then by two 
men equally chosen by them or their heirs, and also the la.rd adjoining 
whicli I have laid out there in my own right, and each to have his half 
where his house stands. 


Item:- — My Will is that my son Saimicl shall have tiireo-seore acres of 
my granted lands, w^h are not laid out, but granted to be laid out, ad.join- 
ing to my homestead as may best suit him, so as to take in the land he 
hath broken up beginning about ten Rod above the Mill-dam and so as to 
include the sd three-score acres Avith the allnwancc, and also 1 gi\e him the 
one-third part of ye mills and ap])urtenances, y*' same to 1)0 him 6c his heirs 

Item: — I give to my son Ephraim and y same to be to him & his heirs 
and assigns forever, also ye like quantity of sixty acres of my granted 
lands which is not taken up, but already granted to be tak(>n, on the west- 
erly side of Bamuel 's grants adjoining tn my liom(>stead with the one- 
third part of ye mills & appurtenances. 

Item: — My Will is that Daniel my son, shall have twenty acres of my 
granted lands and take it up where it siiall suit him best, and the same 
with one-third part of my mill and appurteiianc(>s to be to him and his 
heirs and assigns forever. 

Ifeni: — "i\Xy Will is that my son Setli siiall ha\t' my liomestead tiiat 1 
now live on. and the same to be to him and his heirs and assigns forever, 
l)y the sd homestead 1 mean to contain what lands 1 have already laid out 
and recorded where I now li\e, with ye housing on the 'same, not to 
include the Mill course. 

Item: — ^y Will is that my son Constant shall have twenty acres out of 
my eighty acre grant, to be taken uj) as the grant will allow of, but not to 
interfere with any of his lirethren in laying out the same so as to deprive 
them of their choice and ye s^ twenty acres to l)e to him iiis heirs and 
assigns forever. 

Item: — My Will is that my daughter Sarah shall have out of my movable 
estate eighty pounds paid her out of my movalde estate by my executors 
over and above what I have already given her, ye same to be to her and her 
heirs forever. 

Item: — My Will is that my daughter Joanna shall have one-hundred 
pounds out of my movable estate paid her by my executors. Also my will 
is that my son Daniel shall have that forty acres of land which was my sd 
Wife's, his mother's. l)y a deed or conveyance from her Hond Father 
Arnold, the same to be to him his heirs and assigns forever. And my 
Will is that all his brothers and sisters sign him a Quit-Claim of all their 
rights thereunto as they shall come of lawful age, when desired, c*i that 
if any of them leave heirs, before they quit-claim, they are also obliged 
thereunto as they are to my son James, and upon their refusal, my Will 
is that thirty pounds worth of ye estate which I herein give to such as 
refuse shall be taken and given to my said son Daniel to be to him his 
heirs and assigns forever. 

Item: — My Will is that what salt-meadow I bought in Rochester afore- 
said which did belong to Ye Ancient Freeman called Frcemans rights to be 
divided among my two sons Benjamin And Josiali as also two lots of my 
Salt-Meadow at the Pine Islands so called in sd Rochester, shall be to my 



sd two sous Benjannn aiKl Josiah and to their heirs forever: Aiul it is 
to be noted that all the lands before willed lyeth in Eochester aforesaid 
also my will is that my son Samuel shall have two lots of saU-ineadow at 
Pine Island to be to him and his heirs forever, and my son Ei^iraun wo 
lots at Pine Island to him and his heirs forever, also my sou Daniel t^o 
lots more at Pine Island to him and his heirs forever. , -^ , ■ 

lud I do hereby ordain and appoint my three sous Samuel and Ephraim 
& Seth ioint Executors of this my last Will and Testament, and my wil 
is that if there be any part of my movable estate left after ->' JUSt debt 
and funeral charges and charges of settling my estate are P^^^^ ^^^^ 
has her eighty pounds, and Joanna has her hundred pounds u her of a. 
numev shall then ,,ass of this province, that the Surplussage be equalh 
divided among my sons Samuel Ephraim & Daniel. 

Also mv wm that whatsoever other lands I have or do own, be ye same 

whatsoeve'r or wheresoever that I have not in this my Will given away shall 

be equally divided among all my sons to be to them and their heirs forever 

In testimony of this my last Will and' Testament I have hereunto set m. 

hand and seal the day and yeai- first written. 

Benjamin Dexter. [Seal] 

Signed, sealed, publisln.!, pronounced, and de.-laved by me the s^ Ben- 
jamin Dexter, as my last Will & Testament. 

In the presence of us John llannnond, Samuel Wiuslow, Rowi^ Hanunond. 
George (his X mark) Danford, Timothy Ruggles. 


Thomas' Dexter, son of Jolnr [Thomas^ Thomas^] and Meliit- 
abel [Hallett] Dexter, born 26 Aug-., 1686: married Mercy 
Fish of Portsmouth, 28 April, 171()._ Was elected Repre- 
sentative in 1738. Was on jury in 1733. 

Children : 

90 i MehitabeP Dexter, b. 15 March, 1710-11. 

91 ii Zurier Dexter, b. 16 Dec, ITlii. 

38 - 

Abigail Dexter, dau-hter of Jolnv' [Thomas^ Thomas^] and 
T^Idiitabel [Hallett] Dexter, born 26 ^lay. 1689. died b 

DEXTRR fa:mit.v' genkat^ogy. 23 

Aug., 1725. IMavried in Portsmouth. R. 1., 10 Sept., 1713, 
Job Lawton, son of Isaac and Elizabeth (Tallniaii i Lawton 
of Portsmouth: In- was hoiai IHDl. 

Children : 

92 i Thomas^ Lawton, b. 16 Jinio, 171-"). 

9.3 ii Jol/' Lawton, b. 31 Oct., 1717. 

94 iii Isaac" Lawton, b. 20 Jan., 1719-20. 

95 iv ■ John' Lawton, b. 11 March, 1721-2; d. 174(i. 

96 V George^ Lawton, b. 9 June, 1724. 


John^ Dexter, son of John'^ [Thomas-, TlKHnas^ | and IMehitabel 
[Hallett] Dexter, was born 11 Sept.. 1092: mai-ried Mercy 
Manehester, 12 Dec.. 1717. 

They had seven children. ])orn in Portsmouth. P. I.: 

97 i Thomas' Dexter, b. in Portsnioiitli, 24 July, 171S. 

98 ii John' Dexter, b. in Portsmouth, 26 July, 1722. 

99 iii Benjamin" Dexter, b. in Portsmouth, 23 Dec, 1724. 

100 iv Abigail' Dexter, b. iu Portsmouth, 30 Nov., 1726. 

101 V Stephen' Dexter, b. in Portsmouth, 9 April, 1728. 

102 vi William' Dexter, b. in Portsmouth, 1 July, 1730. 

103 vii Mary' Dexter, b. in Portsmouth, 16 Dec, 1734; m. Xoah Sprague, 

Jr., 28 Nov., 1756. 


Mary< Dexter, daughter of Stephen^ [William-, Thomas^] and 
Ann [Saunders] Dexter, was liorn 24 Aug., 1696: married 
Samuel Cheard. 

Children : 

104 i David' Cheard, b. before 1729. 

105 ii Elizabeth' Cheard, b. before 1729. 



Ann^ Dexter, daiiohter of Stephen^ [William-, Thomas^] and 
Ann [Saunders] Dexter, was born 3 March, 1703; married 
John^ Williams before 1729. 

One child : 
107 i Ann"' Williams, b. before 1729. 


Philips Dexter, son of Philip^ [Willianr, Thomas^] and Alice 
[Allen] Dexter, was liorn in Falmouth; married Tamer 
Chadwick, 19 Jan., 1752. 

One child: 

108 i Joseplv' Dexter, b. 22 March, 1753. 


Jabez^ Dexter, son of Philip^ [William-, Thomas^] and Alice 
[Allen] Dexter, was born in Falmouth, :\Iass. ; married Mary 
Dexter, daughter of James^ Dexter. He was constable in 
1738; was called yeoman; was on .jury 1753. 

109 i Alice' Dexter, b. in Rochester, 9 Nov., 1715; <1. 1 Sept., 1746. 

110 ii AbigaiP Dexter, 1). in Eochester, 6 Nov., 1717; m. Nathaniel 

Snow, 8 Sept., 1774. 

111 iii William'' Dexter, b. in Eochester, 14 May, 1719. 

112 iv Sarah"' Dexter, b. in Eochester, 19 Feb., 1720; d. 25 Aug., 1721. 

113 V James' Dexter, b. in Eochester, 18 July, 1722; d. 11 June, 1723. 
114* vi Seth^ Dexter, b. in Eochester, 17 Feb., 1723; m. Mary Kirby, 

21 May, 1753. 

115 vii Elizabeth"' Dexter, b. in Eochester, 15 June, 1725; m. Isaac 
Stephens, 26 Nov., 1747. 

116* viii Jabez' Dexter, b. in Eochester, 11 May, 1728; m. Patience Ham- 
mond, 7 Nov., 1751. 


117 ix Thankful' Dexter, b. in Eochester, 20 March, 1729. 

118 X Elnathan'^ Dexter, b. in Eochester, 17 June, 1782; m. Mercy 

Snow, 26 Feb., 1758; d. before Feb., 1750. 

119 xi . Mary=^ Dexter, b. in Eochester, 20 May, 1734; d. 17(51. (See will.) 

Also mentioned in their will a daughter TTannnli wlio was living in 
1759, and a son Jonathan, deceased. 

^Vill of ^Nlary^ Dexter, the daughter of Jabez and Mary Dexter 
of Rochester, made January, 1761: alhnved June ITlil : 

Being sick with wasting sickness, etc., I give to my liclovccl brother, Jabez 
Dexter, all my right and title to the estate belonging to me in town of 
Eochester, or which I am lawful heir of, wherever tlie same may be, to be 
his and his heirs forever. 

I give to my brother Jabez my sidesaddle, wearing clothes and apparel, 
also a chest and a chest of drawers belonging to me. 

I appoint my brother Jabez my executor. 

Mary (her X mai'k) Dexter. 

Ephraim Dexter, "\ 

Benj. Bowls, '> Witnesses. 

Joshua Snow, ) 

Will of Jabez* and Mary Dexter of RtJcliester, Ma.s.s., made 27 
Feb., 1759: 

1st. We give our son William one shilling. 

2nd. We give to our son Jabez all tlie land we are possessed of wliere 
he now dwelleth as it is laid out upon record. To him and his heirs forever. 

3rd. We give our grandchild Elnathan. the child of our deceased son 
Jonathan, twenty acres of laml, in French meadow, to be set off to him by 
east and west lines at north end of honu'stead if he lives to the age of 
21 years. 

4th. We give to our daughter Mercy, the widow of oiu' deceased son 
Elnathan, the liberty and use of our southeast room during her widowhood, 
and liberty to cut firewood and a privilege of apples for her own use. 

5th. We give to our daughter Mary the privilege of living in our north- 
easterly room so long as she shall remain single; also we give said daughter 
Mary one bed and bedding and other conveniences for housekeeping, and 
firewood cut and drawn to the door; also the improvement of half the little 

6th. We give to our daughter Thankful £1 0. 

7tli. We give to our three daughters, Hannah, Abigail and Elizabeth, 
one shilling each. 


8th We give to our son Soth our whole homestead excepting what is 
sot off as above; also our stock and outdoor movables, upon condition of 
his fulfilling the aforementioned articles, and supporting us. Ins parents, 

durin2' our natural li\es. -.^. t i i „„ i 

We give to our son Seth one-half lot of salt meadows at Pine Island, and 

also appoint him to be our executor. 
Feb. 27, 1759. 

Api>roved, 1773. _^ 

^ ' Jabez Dexter. 

Mary Dexter. 


Gershom^ Dexter, son of Jolnr [Willianr, Thomas^] and Sarah 
r 1 Dexter, was born 5 Jan., 1703. He married (1) Ruth 

Shrive of Portsmonth, R. L, 14 Jan.. 1738-9 : she was the 
danohter of John, Jr., and Mary (Soule) Shrive, and was 
born 20 July, 1715. He married (2) Mehitable Bolls, lio5. 

They had five children, born in Rochester : 

120* i .loshua' Dexter, b. in Rochester, 24 May, 1756; m. Thankful 

Dexter, 30 Dec, 1782. 
191 ii Deboralf' Dexter, b. in Eochester, 5 April, 1758. 
122 iii Patience-^ Dexter, b. in Rochester, 15 March, 17bl^ 
123* iv Philip^^ Dexter, b. in Rochester, 15 Jan., 1763; d. ^ov., 18,S_ , m. 

Patience Randall, 28 Dec, 1786. 
104 V Elizabeth^ Dexter, b. in Rochester, 9 June, 1766. 


Tohn^ Dexter, son of John^ [William^ Thomas^] and Sarah 
[ I Dexter, was born 16 Dec, 1727. He married 

Sarah Handy, 11 Dec, 1716. She died 15 Oct., 1809. 

They had ten children, born in Rochester: 

10, i Hannah^ Dexter, b. 1 Feb., 1747 ; m. Nicholas Snow 8 Dec 1768. 

126^ ii Johii^ Dexter, b. 16 Sept., 1719; n,. Rebecca Hillis, 9 March, 

107 iii Elenoi- Dexter, b. 29 Oct., 1751. 
128* iv Silas^' Dexter, b. 9 Oct., 1753; m. Elenor Bumpes, 25 Oct., 1- .h. 


129 V Saralv' Dexter, 1). 1:2 Jan., 175(5. 

130 vi Euth^ Dexter, h. 22 Feb., 1758; no family. 

131* vii David" Dexter, b. 17 June, 17(iii; d. It Sept., 1^54; m. Mary 

Bntler, 1 April, 1780. 
132* viii Jonathan'^ Dexter, b. 7 Sejit., 1 7G2 ; d. 9 Nov., 1841; iii. (1) 

Hannah Church, (2) Dolly White, 1800. 
133* ix Reuben' Dexter, b. 26 Jan., ]7()5; d. l] April, 184fi ; m. (1) Mary 

Tobey, (2) Anna Tobey, 1791. 
134 X Nathan^ Dexter, b. 2 May, 17(57; d. 8 Fcl)., ls(i]; m. Kahama 

Hathaway, d. 22 May, 1805; one dau., P>etliiah" Dexter, b. 12 

March, 1800; ni. .lolin Martin. 


Noah' Dexter, son of B(^nj;uiiin'' |AYilliaiii-, 'riidinjis' | and Sarah 
[Arnold] Dexter, was boi-n 'ifi ^Nlareli. I(i!l7. lie iiiai-ried 
Epiphenv Hammett, and died 1755. leaving' |)i-operty to 
value of £800 to wife and children as f(»ll(>\vs: A eonnnittee 
comprising Joseph Barlow, Benj. Hammond, (leoro'e Barlow, 
Nathan Hannnond and Noah Sprague set off tlic wife dower, 
viz., eighteen acres, which was laid out to Xoali in 1744, 
also a wood lot of five acres, also two acres of saltmarsh, 
also the great I'oom in the low part of the dwelling, and that 
only with the liberty of a way out fi-oni the north dooi- west 
to the land first set off, and room to lay wood near north 
door and to draAv water at the well, resei'ving liberty to 
bake in the oven for such as may live in the cliaiiibcrs. The 
oldest son, Edward, had two-sixths of tlic i-emaiiulei- of the 
land, and all of the dwelling except that set oft' 1o the 
widow. He also purchased the share of Keuben. Benjamin 
had one-sixth of land set off to him and Jed idah and -Jane 
each had one-sixth to them. This was doiic July "JO. 175(). 

Children : 

135* i Edward'' Dexter, b. in Rochester, 13 Sept., 17.''.0; ni. Annie , 

1755; (2) Mary Babcock. 
]3G ii Reuben^ Dexter, b. in Rochester, 11 July, 1732. 
137*- iii Benjamin' Dexter, b. in Rochester, 25 Sept., 1734; m. Priscilla 

Benson, 19 Oct., 1756. 



,,s iv .T..aia»... Dexto,, b. in EoCestov, .5 Dec. 1733; ,„. SetU Hatha 

way of Dartmoutli, 176,. 

vv, V Jan# Dexter, b. hi Eoehester. ., .Tan.. 1.40. "'• 


lames' Dexter, s„n o£ Be,tjami„= [WilUa,t,=. Tltomas'l ami S,m,_l, 
^ [Arnold! Dexter, bovn 27 July, 1698 ; d'«l D^^ ^^'^ ^ ; 

„ ■ , .,Q nl-iv 17-23 Lois Sherman ot iVlaisnneiu. 

He married. 29 i\la>, n^-^. 

she wa.s born 1690; died 1780. 

They had five children, all horu in Roehestei. 11, lett 

his pToperty to wife, and after her decease to dansMer 

tra'h Tnd grandchildren, so ,t .v.ntUl seem tha, his so^ 

and other dan.hters mnst have died before ^J^J^ 

received some of his property from his (.landiathei 

Arnold's estate, as the following note will show: 

'720 Sarah Arnold, wife of Samuel; Saninel Arnold; 
.John Hammond and wife Mary; John Bonnie and wife 
Elizabeth; Benjamin Dexter and wife Sarah, re ea^ 
their right to forty acres of land and deed the same to Jame« 
Dexter singleman. for divers years of service foi Saiah 
Arnold. 1iis%Tandmother, since the death of her hnsband, 

T?pv Samuel Arnold." ^,^ 

He was fence viewer in 1740, 1748, 1744, 17o6 ; was on 
grand jnry 1742, 1762, and on .jnry 1/40. 

Children : 

140 i Thomas^ Dexter, b. hi Rochester, 25 ^^pt-, 17|25^ 

1 41 U Lois^> Dexter, b. in Ro.-hester, 31 Jan., 1 , - - , • 1 ^S , 

Cluu-eh, 27 Nov., 1746. One son, Charles Uuueh. 

-^ -r^;^;"r-rK::h:tr"3orf\7.^ 

;::. ■: S;:^ n;: b. ■; Ro..hester, 12 Dec 17.2; ni. Stephen Perr., 
20 Nov., 1755. 

AViU of James^ I^exter of Rochester. 

• .. T • ^^otiiiv.l of all the iirolits of my estate, 
I give to my beloved .ite, Lois, one-thud of all t 1 ^^ .^^ 


Perry. Two-thirds to the male lieirs and one-third to the female iieirs 
of my said daughter, U> !>(> to tliem, their heirs and assigns forever. 

I also give to my said wife one good feather bed ami turnitnre, to be to 
her, her heirs forever. 

I give to my grandson, (Charles (')uireh, son of my daughtei-, Lois Church, 
deceased, to him. his heirs and assigns forever, that hit i<\' land I nwu 
lying near Seth Snow's in Rochester, laid out tn me in 174s. I ;ils(i gi\c to 
my grandson, Charles Chnrcli, £100, in lieu of what will cume 1o liim by 
heirship in his uncle's, .lames Dexter, deceased, estale, to be paid him by 
my executor on condition that said Church doth quit-claim his claim tci llu> 
aforesaid estate and give a deed of it to my grandsim, Thdmas I'erry. son 
of my daughter Sarah; l)ut if he refuse to deed said property, then 1 direct 
my executors to pay him £44 i;'>s. 4d. in eighteen months after my decease, 
this to be in lieu of the £100 alsn (Ui his refusal as aforesaid. My will 
is that my grandsciU, Thomas I'ei-ry, iuiv(> the sum of £4;') (is. paid In him on 
his arrival at age of -1. 

I give my son-in-law, Stephen Perry, the same, to be his, his heirs and 
assigns forever, that lot of land and orchard known as the "Old Orchard;" 
also I give him my negro m;in named Cezar ; the said Cezar lo do clmars fiu' 
my widow as needs and necessity require. 

I give to my grandson, James Perry, son of Sarah, the same to be his, 
his heirs and assigns forever, all the salt meadow 1 own at a place called 
Oceot in Rochester. 

T give to my daughter, Sarah Perry, the wife of Stephen Perry, all my 
estate, both i-eal and personal, whatsoever that T have not given away 
otherwise by this will, to be to her during her natural life, and .also the 
improvement thereon to her husband, Stephen Perry, during his life, er 
luitil his marriage with another woman, and after her (h^ath and his inter- 
marriage two-thirds, to be equally divided between the nude children that 
my daughter may have In' husband Perry, and one-third to the female 
children that she may have, to be theirs, their heirs forever. 

In case my daughter shall lose her husl)and and shall marry and have 
other children, my will is tlmt each child shall have £13 (5s. Sd., to be paid 
to them on their arrival at age 21 years by the children of my daughter by 
Perry, the male children paying two-thirds and the female ( hildreii paying 

I appoint Stephen Perry, my son-in-law. as my executor. 
Dated 31 Jan., 1774. 

James Dexter. | X | 

.Joseph Hammond. 
Seth Blackwell 
Tisdale Winslow. 

Property valued £13i)ti lOs. Id. 
Probated 1 Jan., 1776. 



Benjamin^ Dexter, son of Benjanmr tWiUiamS Thomas^^^ 

Sarah [Arnold] Dexter, was born 4 March, 1.00; died 1^38. 
He married Hannah Barrow, 8 June, 1721 ; had six children, 
born in Eochester, Ma^s. He died 1738 leaving all young 
children and Ebenezer Barlow was appointed guardian ot 
the children. AVas one of petitioners to part of town 
where they lived set off into a precinct in 1735. He was 
constable in 1735 and 1736 ; was one of jury m 1734. 

145* i Peleg^' Dexter, b'. 16 April, 172- m. Catherine Cosby, 14 Feb., 

1743. , ,ox 

U6- ii Jonathan^' Dexter, b. 30 April, 1724; m. (1) Hanuah , (^) 

Philippa Vincent. ^ o 4. 

147 iii Enoc-lr' Dexter, b. 6 March, 1726; m. Je.lidah Morse, . Sept., 

1755. She died 1787. No children. 
148* iv Ebenezer' Dexter, b. 6 Ang., 1728. 
149* V Joseph^ Dexter, b. 27 Feb., 1731. 
150 vi Isaac" Dexter, b. 19 July, 1734. 


Josiah^ Dexter, son of Benjamin^ [ Willianr, Thomas^] and Sarah 
[Arnold] Dexter, was born 12 Nov., 1704; married Abigail 
Dexter 13 Nov., 1740, and had seven children. He was con- 
stable in 1743. He was a farmer and cordwainer in 1746. He 
recorded the following as the distinguishing mark for his 
cattle- "Slit in top of left ear; half penny cut out ot each 
side of same; crop cut off the top of right ear." The m- 
ventory of his estate in 1769 was, personal estate, £200; real 
estate, £240. 

Children : 

151* i Benjamin' Dexter, b. 19 Dec, 1741; d; 15 Feb., 1790; m. Mary 

Hathaway, 29 Sept., 1774. 
152 ii Philip' Dexter, b. 5 Jan., 1743. 


153 iii PauP Dexter, b. 20 D.h-., 1745; d. 8 April, 171G. 

154 iv Hannah^ Dexter, b. 26 Nov., 17-47. 

155* V David' Dexter, b. 9 Nov., 1749; d. 30 Dec, 182(5; in. Sarah 
Alleu, Nov., 1779. 

156 vi Alice" Dexter, b. 29 .July, 1751; d. 8 July, 1752. 

157 vii Jonathan" Dexter, b. 20 Aug., 1753. 


Constant^ Dexter, son of Benjamin^ [William-, Thomas'] and 
Sarah [Arnold] Dexter, was born 27 Nov., 1706; died 1756. 
He married Meribah Dilloway 1731, and had nine children, 
born in Rochester. He sold land to his brothers, Benjamin 
and Josiali, in 1733. Tie was on .inzy 1739. 

Children : 

158 i Betty" Dexter, b. 19 March, 1733. 

159 ii Meribah" Dexter, b. 16 Jan., 1735; m. 16 :\rarch, 1758, Joseph 

Child of Barnstable. 

160 iii Drusilla" Dexter, b. 12 March, 1737. 

161 iv Sarah" Dexter, b. 28 Jan., 1739. 

162 v Nathan" Dexter, b. 8 Feb., 1741. 
163* vi. Isaac" Dexter, b. 13 June, 1744. 

164 vii Thomas" Dexter, b. 7 Marcli, 1745. 

165 viii Stephen" Dexter, b. 3 Jan., 1747. 

166* ix Gideon" Dexter, b. 29 .Inno, 175(1; m. ?*lary . 

Will of Constant Dextei- : 

In the name of God amen I Constant Dexter of Rocliester in Co of 
Plymouth in New England. Yeoman being enlisted in the expedition 
against Crown Point, seucible of the uncertainty of life Do make this my 
last Will & Testament. 

I desire to commit myself .& my family into the mercyfidl Hand of 
Almighty God, earnestly pray for his protection over us, his guidance of 
ns and his blessing upon us through the course of each of our lives that 
we may behave thro' our lives here that we may be all made pertakers of 
his eternal favors and merceys in the worhl to come thro' Jesus Christ our 

As touching my outward estate i do hereby give and bequeath the whole 
thereof of both real & personal estate to my beloved wife Meribah for her 
use & improvement so long as she shall be my widow Hereby granting to my 



sMi.l ^vife full power after my delfts are paid to divide the remainder of 
estate among mv children Betty, Meribah, Drusilla, Sarah, Nathan, Isaac, 
Thomas, Stephen & Gideon in such manner as she shall think l)est, but if 
my wife should be taken away without making any division or settlement 
of my estate among my children, my will is that my real estate be equally 
divided among my five sons and what remains of my moveable estate be 
equally divided among my daughters. 

I hereby make my Wife & my son Nathan my executors. 

Signed 9th of June 17.'j(). 

Constant Dexter. [X] 

Geo. Barlow, 
Israel Hamond 
Benj. Hammond, J 

- Witnesses. 


Samuel^ Dexter, s..n of Ben.jauu.v' fWillianr, ThomasM and 
Sarah [Arnold] Dexter, was born in Rochester, Mass.. U 
Dee 1708 He spent liis eai-ly life in that place, and on 18 
May! 1732, was married to Mary Clark by Rev. Timothy 
Rng-les. He remained there until after 1734, for two of his 
chiMren, Joseph and Samnel, were born there. He moved 
from there to Hardwick. and then in 1736 he was at Athol. 
where his son Ichabod was born; bnt he must have returned 
to Hardwick, for the records o-ive the births of the remain- 
ing children at Hardwick. 

While Samuel was not one of the first grantees of Athol, 
he was one of the very early settlers, coming there the 
bea-innino' of the second year. The five families that came 
the first year, September. 173.'). were Richard IMorton. 
Ephraim Smith, Samuel Morton, John Smeed and Joseph 
Lord. Those that came the second year, spring of 1736, 
were Aaron Smith, Samuel Dexter, Noah Morton, Robert 
Young, Robert IMarble, Nathaniel and Eleazer Graves and 
William, John, James and Robert Oliver. 

The Indians troubled the settlers so much that many of 
them left this locality for a more secure place, and it may be 
that Samuel removed to Hardwick and remained there from 
1740 to 1753, but in the deeds of land which he sold in 


1743, 1745, 1753 and 1759, his residence is uivcii ;is PiKjuonu 
(AthoD. He AViis called husbandman, and inusl have been 
a man of considerable property for those times. 

In September, 1743. lie sold tifty acres of land on West 
Hill to Jason Babcock. (This is the IJabcock who was cap- 
tured by the Indians in 1746 and carried off to Canada, but 
Avho was afterwards redeemed and J'eturned to Athol.) In 
October, 1743. he sold house lot Xo. 7. AVest Hill, to Thomas 
Hunter. In 1744 he bought of Jason Babcock 1\vo lots in 
xVthol, beino- Xos. (i and 14. In ]\Iay, 1745, he sold thirty 
acres (lot X"o. (i3, second division) near river- to p]benezer 
Davis. In March, 1753, he sohl to his oldest son. Joseph 
(then of Ilardwick). two lots. Xos. 14 and 15. in Athol. In 
1755 he sold lot 53. a ti-act of land on both sides of Tull>' 
Brook, t(^ Abi-aham Xutt. In 175!) he sold thi-ee ti'acts of 
land in Athol to his son. Ichabod Dexter. In 1775 was a 
member of tlu' ("onnnittee of Correspondence. 


167 i Joseph' Dexter, b. in Koche.ster. 2 May, 17.33. Was in Hard- 

v.iej^ 17.53; removed to Atliol 1761; was field dri\er 1762. 

168' ii SamiieP Dexter, b. in Eochester, 13 Oct., 1734. 

169* iii Jchabod' Dexter, b. in Athol ( ?j, 1736-7. 

170" iv Jol/' Dexter, b. in Ilardwick, 8 March, 1740-1. 

171* V Mary'' Dexter, b. in Hardwick, 11 .Inly, 1743; ni. Benjamin 

172* vi Sarah'' Dexter, b. in Hardwick, S May, 1745; ni. Solomon .John- 
son, 28 Dec, 1762. 

173* vii Benjamin' Dexter, b. in Hardwick, 17 Xov., 1747. 


Ephraim^ Dexter, son of Benjamin-' [William-, Thomas^] and 
Sarah [Arnold] Dexter, was born in Rochester, 27 ^lay, 
1711. He was a yeoman, and resided in Rochester. He 
married (1) JNIartha Clark in 1735. She died, and 25 
Nov.. 1754, he married (2) Martha Waite. He died 1774. 
"Will i>robated 1775; sons to be executors. (St^e will.) 


Children, all l)y first wife: 

174 i Ruth= Dexter, h. in Eo.-hester, 20 Dec, 1737; m. Hatch. 

175 ii Alice^> Dexter, b. in Eo.-hoster, 28 March, 1740; d. 20 April, 1820. 
176* iii Ephrainf Dexter, Jr., b. in Rochester, 31 Dec, 1741; d. 

April. 1823; ni. Kesiah"' Sober, 29 Dec, 1771. 

177 iv AbigaiF Dexter, b. in Eochester, 16 March, 1745; m. Joseph 

Cannon, 24 Nov.. 1768. 

178 V Lois^' Dexter, b. in Eochester, 5 Dec, 1748; ni. Timothy West, 

27 Angnst, 1768. 
179* vi CaleF Dexter, b. in Eochester, 13 April, 1751; d. 3 Oct., 1831. 

The ^vill of Ephraim Dexter (October 10. 177-i) : 

In the name of God Amen, I Ephraim Dexter of Eochester in the Connty 
of in the Province of Massachnsetts Bay in New England, yeoman, 
calling to mind the uncertainty of Life do make and ordain this my last 
Will and Testament, and first of all I do freely resign my sonl to God 
u-ho gave it, and my body I commit to the dnst to be decently buried at 
the <liscretion ..f n.y Kxecutnr, and Touching the w.rldly Interest wherewith 
it hath pleased God to l>less me, I dispose of it in the manner following 

Tmpri^— To mv faithful and beloved wife Mai'tha I give and bequeath 
,me third part of the im],rovement of all my real estate during her natura. 
life, also the use of one-third part of all my out-door personal estate 
during the said term. Also the use of an horse to ride when she pleases, 
and furthermore I give her all my household furniture as her own prop- 
erty to use and dispose of as she thinks proper.— 

Item-— To mv dutiful daughter. Euth Hatch, I give that piece of lane 
joining to Jabez Dexter, David Eandall, Solomon Young, Timothy West 
and Jonathan Sturtevant, also twenty acres upon tlie north part of my lot 
lying upon Perry's Swamp. Also one quarter part of a lot of Cedar 
Swamj. originally part of doty's share and which was left to me by my 
Hond Eather, all which I bequeath to my said daughter Euth, her lieirs 
and assigns forever, reserving to my wife the improvement of one-third 
as above-mentioned. 

It.Mu:— Bequeath to my dntifnll daughter AUice Meggs to her her heirs 
and assigns forever one-third part of the lot which I bought of Jonathan 
Burnell of Nantucket, to be taken on the north side of said lot, also ont^ 
quarter of the Cedar swamps above mentioned reserving to my wife ou^ 
third of the improvement as above in-ovided. 

Item:— I give and bequeath to my dutiful daughter Abigail Cannon, 
and to her heirs and assigns forever one-third part of the afore^d lot 
jxhich I bought of William Burnell to be taken off the Southerly side of 
said lot j.nning upon the mad wliich goes from IClieiu-zar ^leggs's to 


Mattapt Meeting House. Also one quarter jiait of the aljove-mcutioued 
cedar swamp excepting the improvement of a third as above. 

Item: — To my dutifull daughter, Lois West, I give and bequeath, the 
other third of the lot wliich I bought of Wm Burnell also the other quarter 
of the aforementioned cedar swamp, all which (excepting the reserve to my 
wife) I give to my said daughter to her heirs and assigns forever. 

Lastly: — To my two dutifull sons Ephraim and Caleb I give all the 
residue of my estate of whatever nature, to be equally divided between 
them, obliging them to pay equally my funeral charges & all other debts 
whicli T may owe at my decease, obliging them also to keep a good riding 
beast for my beloved wife for her to ride on when she thinks proper. 

Also I appoint my two sons Executors of this my last Will and revoking 
all others I do constitute this to be my last Will and Testament. In testi- 
mony of whicli I do hereunto set my liand and seal tliis tenth day of 
October in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and twenty 

Epiiraim Dexter. [Seal] 

In presence of — 
Ebenezar Cannon. 
Justice White. 
Isaiah Dexter. 


Seth^ Dexter, son of Benjamin' [AYilliani-. Thomas^] and Sarah 
[Arnold] Dexter, "wa.s born 3 Oct.. 17LS. lie -was a 
clothier. He died 6 April, 1793, aged 75. lie married Eliz- 
abeth ; she was l)orn 1718 ; died 13 Oct., 1793. He 

was executor of his brother James' estate in 1775: iuv., 
£1396 10s. Id. He was one of the Committee on Correspond- 
ence before the AYar of Revolution. 1772-3. ''In 1777 he 
with two others were a committee to supply families of 
soldiers who are in the army."' He was a deacon. He was 
town clerk in 1750. 1751, 1752, 1753. 1755, 1756. (See will.) 

They had nine children: ' 

180* i Seth" Dexter, b. 28 Dec, 17-13; m. Deborah Ilaskall. 

181 ii Elizabeth^ Dexter, b. 5 June, 1745; m. Ebenezer Clark, Jr., 5 

Jan., 1764. 

182 iii Prince' Dexter, b. 12 June, 1747. Xot mentioned in father's 

Avill, 1791. 
183* iv Elijah Dexter, b. 22 Feb., 1749. 



]S4 V l)avi,P D.-xtor. b. :10 Sept., 1751. Not mention.Ml in father's 

will, 17i)l. 
185 vi Thomas^' Dexter, b. 22 Aus-, l'-5^^; •!• l"''^^- 
ISH Mi Joanna^ Dexter, b. 2.^ .luly. 1754; m. John Gibbs, ,h:, U ^ov.. 

1S7 viii Conliaut^ Dexter, b. 12 Nov., 175H; .1. O.-t., 1785. No family. 
188^> ix ThankfuP Dexter, b. 19 Aug., 1759; m. Zebulon Haskall. 
3 Feb., 17S:i. 

I Seth Dexter of Rochester, Clothier, being of a.lvaueed age &e- - 

1 To my beloved wife Elizabeth I give all my personal est. except only he 
Money & notes of hand that may be due at my decease, & so much of that 
Is n.av be necessary ^vith the in.provements of my R E for her comtor able 
suppoi-t & passage through life also I give her the use & nnprov. of all my 
reL Estate during her hfe except what I here in ^^^^^^^'f- 

I give to mv son Seth Dexter n,y House ^- land that formerly Nvas o^.ned 
l,v Thomas Haskall or so nuu-h money as that will fetch is sold also \, 
half of nn- wearing apparell & n,y " Willard 's Body of Divinity 

i .ive to mv son Elijah Dexter my Corn Mill & Saw Mill with the usual 
part of the stVeam & dam together with all the lan.l 1 own on tl- easter y 
sicle of ndll strean, ^^ith half a lot of land 1 own at the head of the M 11 
;,ond-also the Salt meadow 1 own on Charles Neck also my Pew m the 
Leting house & excepting one half a lot of land I own below i^irlows 
to come into possession after his mothers decease-also I give to said 
Eliiah U, inv. wearing apparel all the above to be his, his heirs and assi^ns^. 
I oive'to'mv daugliter Elizabeth Clark lS£-together with one half of 
the moveable Estate that my Widow ^loth not dispose of & .s left at her 

'^T^ve to my dan doanna Cibbs 1S£ together with the othc-r half of the 
moveable estate that is not disposed ..f as abov.>— 

1 oive to mv Grand children, sons of my ,lau-Thankful Haskall the one 
half "of mv hmnestead lands & buildings I own near the westerly side of 
Mill river', together with half the fulling null, the one half & the usual 
part of the Stream .^- dam & one half the lot of land I own below the 
Parlow's & at the head of the mdl pond-to be to them forever. 

I o-ive to mv son in law Zebulon Haskall the other half of my home- 
stea.r Lands, building & fulling mill &c-during his -^^nral life and af^r 
his decease to descend to my two grand children to be divided between 
them, if either of them decease under lawful age then to be to the surviving 
child to him or them their heirs and assigns. 

ni:xTi:K kamh.v of.xkat.ogv. . ,'57 

The use >.V: iiii|ini\(inc'iit of all llic ahevo estate to be for tlie coiiifortaljle 
support & niaiiitcnaiK T ol' my Widow ijuriuir her Xatiual life <.V not to come 
into possession until after lier tleeease — 

I appoint my Sou Klijah Dexter & Zebulou llaskall Exr — 

22 Nov 3 791 

Approved 22 May 1793— 


S.eth' Dexter, sou ol' .hihcz' | IMiilii)''. Willi;nn'. 'I'lioiiuis' : nud 
Mary [ | Dextci-. was Ijorii IT Fcl).. ]l'2-l lie uiaiTiod 

Mary Kir])y. 21 :\Iay, 1753. 

They had scvi-n chihlfiMi, honi in TJochcster : 

189* i Jabez" Dexter, b. In Aug.. 17.')S; d. 11 ,lau., Isll; m. K'achel 

190* ii Elias" Dexter, b. ; d. 15 Dec. ISi'l ; m. :\rercy Sampson, 

1 Dec., 179(i. 

191* iii Elizabeth" Dexter, li. ; d. IS :\rarrh, 1S27; m. . 

192* iv Elisha'' Dexter, b. April, 1 ; (i.l ; d. 11 .laii.. 1^;U; m. Hiuiiee 

193* v Sarah" Dexter, b. 2 Sept., 1 7ri.i ; d. S August. ^'<^^^A■. m. .losiah 


194 vi Mary" Dexter, b. ; ni. Charles Kllis. 

195* vii Isaiah" Dexter, b. ;'.l Dec. 1 7.")2 ; ni. Mary Davis. 20 Oct., 1775. 

Jabez' Dexter, sou of .lal)e/.^ IPhilii*'. William-. 'Plioiiias' j aiul 
.Mai-y Dexter, was hoi'ii 11 .May, 172S; iiiari'ifd Patience 
Ilaminond, 7 Nov., 17.')1. 

One son : 
H)() i Rufus" Dexter, b. in Kocliester, ."> Sept., 1762. 

J 20 

Joshua'^ Dexter, son of (iershoni^ [Johnl AVilliani-. Thomas^] 
and :\Iehital)el |Bolls| Dexter, was Imni 24 .May. 1756: 
niai-)-ied Thankful Dcxtei-. oO Dee.. 1782. 


Two eliildreu : 

197 i AliiyaiV' Dexter, 1). in Rochester. 16 Nov., 178(5. 

198 ii HaniKih'' Dexter. 1). in Rochester, 22 Jnne, 1789. 


Philip-' Dexter, sou of Gershom* [John", Willianr, Thomas^l and 
Mehitabel [Bolls] Dexter, was born 15 Jan., 1763; died 18 
Nov., 1832: married Patience Eandall, 28 Dec, 1786. Philip 
Avas a farmer and the record says he marked his cattle the 
same as his grandfather. John Dexter, did, viz.: "A slit in 
the end of the left ear and a half penny underside of the 
rio-ht ear." This was entered for record 7 Jan., 1794. 


One child 

199* i Betsey' Dexter. 1). in Rochester. 1788; d. 18fifi: m. Isaac Hatha- 


John^ Dexter, son of J«>hn^ [Johnl AYillianr. Thomas^] and 
Sarah [Hardy] Dexter, was born 16 Sept., 1749. He 
married Rebecca Hiller on 9 ^March. 1777. 

They had six children, l)orn in Rochester, Mass.: 

200 i Caleb" Dexter, b. 23 May, 1779; d. 2 Oct., 1831. No family. 

201 ii Jonathan'-' Dexter, b. 1-t March, 1781; d. 4 March, 1860. No 

202^ iii Charles'"' Dexter, b. .Inly, 1782; m. Hannah Snow, 3 March, 1808. 

203 iv BethueP Dexter, b. 20 July, 1784; d. 13 Dec, 1855; m. Jane 

Blankenship, 24 July, 1807. No family. 

204 v' Desire'"' Dexter, b. 9 Dec, 1780; d. 4 Sept., 1864; m. Ebenezer 


205 vi Zoath'^ Dexter, b. 15 July, 1795; d. 16 Jan., 1875; m. (1) Betsey 

; (^1^) Alice Holmes, 24 Dec. 1846. No family. 




Silas' Dexter, son of .loliii' [Jolnr. William-, Thomas^] and 
Sarah [Handy] Dexter, was lioi'ti !> Oct.. ]~~)']: married 
Elenor Bnmpes, 25 Oct.. 1778. 

206 i Oliver'' Dexter, b. li' Se[)t., 1779. 


David' Dexter, son of .Tohn' |.lohn'''. AVilliain-'. 'i'lunnas^I and 
Sarah [Handy | Dexter, was l)()i'n 17 .lime. 17<iii: died 14 
Sept.. 1854: married Alai-y Uiiller. 11 April. 17S-i. 

94 yrs. 'Z mos. 17 days. 

The followin.u' is a sketch I'm iiislit d by his granddaughter: 

David Dexter, born in Rochester, Mass., June 17. 17(50, enlisted in June, 
1776, being then a l)oy of sixteen, to serve as private in the Kevolutionary 
Army, under Captain Turner, his ("oionel being Marshall. He took 

the place of an older brothiT. who had a family and wlu^ was drafted. 



He niarriecl Marv Butl.T, Lum in Tisbury, Alartha's Vineyard. -Inly 15, 
1755 She was ' tlio eldest rhil.l of Thomas and Rebeeea (Butler) 
Butler. The date of this marriaoe uas April 11, 1780, durinjj- whieh year 
he served six monlhs more in the army un.ler ("attain Lee and C.donel 


He was i-resent at the han-'nH' "t' -^'"l^-^^ ='^ Tappan-on-the-Hudson, 
October l'. 17sti. Avcny .!.' Dexter remend.ere,! liearing his grandfather 
t(dl of the ..xecution. and that Washington was present and cried like a 
child. He said: " (iran.lfather would tell it over Avhile the tears Avould run 

down liis eheeh. 

David Dexter, with his younger brother Jonathan, born in Rochester, 
Mass Sei.t. 7. ^7&2. came to A^ermont in 1783, and lived on Newfane Hill, 
while 'making a home in the wilderness of what was then Wardsboro, after- 
ward Dover. Here David's first child Charles was born, October 3, 1783. 

When the log h.mse was rea<ly the family was moved in. folh.wing blazed 
trees to the new home. 

Jonathan, who nuirrie.l Hannah Church of Newfane, cleared up the adjoin- 
ing farm, afterwards known as the Colonel Woods farm. There is no 
record of this marriage, but the first child, Reuben, was born October 9, 
1788 In an old burial-place in Wardsboro, may l)e seen this inscription: 
"Mrs. Hannah, wife ..f Mr. .lonathan Dexter, died May 29, 1800, in the 
38th vear of lu'r age. 

David, in the earlv davs. used to .Mune ,.ut to Newfane Hill and work f..r 
Captain Kennv. taking his pay in corn, which was ground in a mill near 
by the foundation stones of which may be seen near the outlet of Kenny 
Poml. Taking the bag of meal on his back. David would retrace his way 
through the forest by marked trees. 

Ruth Dexter, a sister of David and Jonathan, came later from "Old 
Rochester" and lived some vears with her brother Jonathan in the south of Wardsboro. She was born Feb. 22, 1758, in Rochester, Mass., 
and died in Wardsboro. 

207* i Charles'^ Dexter, b. 3 Oct., 17S3; d. 29 Sept.. 1S52; n,. Bucinda 
Bascom, 5 Feb., liSS. 

208 ii Mary" Dexter, 1). 29 Dec, 17S4; d. K! Sept.. lS(i2; m. Henry 

Underwood, 23 April, 1812. 

209 iii Nathan" Dexter, b. l»i Sopt., Ksii; d. 22 A]>v\\. lS(i(i; m. 

Park, 2 May, isio. 
210" iv John" Dexter, b. 1 March, 17ss; d. IS Feb.. 1S.5S. 
211* V David" Dexter, b. 20 Aj-ril, 1790; d. (> Jan.. ISd. 
212* vi Daniel" D.'xter. b. 30 May. 1792; .1. 30 May, 18G2; m. (1) 

Hadassah .b.ln.son, lS-_-4; (2) Koxalana Johnson, 24 Dec, 

213* vii Silas" Dexter, b. (i Dec 1794; d. 7 April, ls50; m. (1) Irene 
Hall, 182(i; (2) Maria Taylor, 10 Jan., 1833. He was Rep- 
resentative in 1831-3. 



Jonathan' Dexter, son of .John' |.|(.liir. Williiiin-, Tli(»iiias'| and 
Sarah [Handy] Dexter, was horn 7 Sept., 17()2: died !) 
Xov.. 1841; mari'ied (1) Ilaniiali CIiuivli; (2) Dolly AVhite, 
11 Nov., 1800. 

He had six diildivn l)y first wife and eiuht l)y second wife: 

214 i Reuben'' Dexter, h. in Wardsli.nd. Vt., 9 ()et., 1788. 

215 ii iraimali" Dexter, li. in W'nnlsl.oro. Yt.. 20 Nov.. 17!)(); d. 25 

Oct., 18(1."); m. Wancn Wdod. 
211) iii Kleanor" Dexter. 1.. In X,,v., 17i)4; .1. 14 April, 1 S(i7 : m. Lewis 

Lamb, 28 Dee., IS] 9. 
217" iv Jonathan I\[.'' Dexter. 1). i'() Ajiril. 1 79S ; in. Harriet Morse. 

218 V Sally'' Dexter. 

219 vi Dolly" Dexter, b. ]79(i; ,1. isiKi. 

220 vii Deborah" Dexter, b. 20 Sept., ISO] ; d. s (),-t.. 1828. 

221* viii Oliver" Dexter, b. 11 Dee., 1S02; d. 5 A],ril. 1882; ni. Louisa 
Preston, 14 Sept., 1830. 

222 ix .(oseph H.'' Dexter, b. 27 :\Iay, 1804; d. fi Nov.. 1 SOH. 

223 x Silvia'' Dexter, b. 9 Aug., 1807; d. 23 Sept., IMii. 

224 xi Sarah H.'^ Dexter, b. 23 May, 1809; m. Hiram liawley. 

225* xii .lo.seph W.'' Dexter, b. 14 April, isll; m. Mary F. :\rorse, 11 

Nov., 1834. 
226* xiii Linns W." Dexter, b. 24 .May, isi.',; ni. Caroline Carii.^nter. 
227 xiv Silvia" Dexter, b. 12 Oct.. ]s|4; d. In X,,v.. Is4(); ni. W. II. 



Reuben' Dexter, son of John^ fJohir', AVilliain-. Thomas^] and 
Sarah [Handy] Dexter. Avas liorn 2() Jan.. ITH."); died •'? 
April. 1846; mai'i'ied (Ij .Mary Tobey, 1787; {'2) Anna 
Tobey. 1791. 

SevcMi children. ;dl by second wife: 

228 i Leonard" Dexter. 1). in Rodiester, 1 April. 1797: d. 2(i Sept., 18(i7. 

Xo children. 
229* ii Anne" Dexter, b. 11 .Inly, 1799; d. 5 Dec., 1SG7; ni. Abner Hall, 

4 Nov., 1819. 



930 iii Nathan^Dexter, b. 2 July, 1801; d. 7 Oct.. 1826. Not mavried 
231 iv Susannah P.« Dexter, b. 3 April, 1803 ; d. 24 Jan., 1888. Not 

232* V Clarissa'-' Dexter, 1.. 25 May, 1805 ; d. 23 Marel., ISlw ; .n. Ld^Yard 

Buell, 31 July, 1834. 
233^ vi Mary" Dexter, b. 4 Feb., 1808; d. 23 July, 1896; m. Nathan 

BarstoAV, 27 Dec, 1829. 
234- vii Caroline" Dexter, b. 14 Mar.-h, 1814; d. 2 July, 1856; n>. Daniel 

Smith, 1 Jan., 1840. 


Edward^' Dexter, son of Noah^ [BeiLJamitf-, Willianr, Thomas^] 
and Epiphenv [Clarkl Dexter, was born 13 Sept., 1730; 

died 1798; married (1) Annie „ 1755; (2) Mary 

Babeock. At deatli of father the land was divided between 
the bovs and the personal property among the girls. The 
son Edward was executor. He was tithing-man 179l\ 

Will of Edward Dexter : 

16 Aug. 179o 

Tn the name of God amen I Edward Dexter of Eochester in the county of 
Plymouth veoman-Do make & ordain this my last ^vill & testament, my soul 
I ;.ommit to God. & niv body I ^vould have interred in a decent Christian 
manner & my .avrhly estate I would dispose of in the manner following— 

viz — ■ 

Whereas I am possessed of two pieces of land which are divided fron, 
each other by land belonging- to Kbenezer Cannon, it is my will that all 
^vhich lies on the westerly side of said land of Ebenezer Cannon shall be 
the property of mv dutiful son Edward obliging him to pay all my just 
debts, funei-al charges, he having all debts due me and all my land, meadow 
&c lying on the east side of the land of said Ebenezer Cannon shall be the 
r)roi)ertv of mv dutiful son Samuel — 

\nd it is mv will, that all mv personal estate, be equally divided between 
my three daughters Eunice, Anna & Mary and I oblige Edward to provide 
for thein Sufficient house room during their Single Estate. 

I appoint Edward, my son. Sole Executor. 

I do hereunto set my hand & seal 16 day Aug 1795— 

Edward Dexter, [^eal] 

Nat Cowin 
Nathan Cannon 
Lot Perkins — 

Presented for I'robate 9 Nov., 179S 


Two eliildreu by first wife and six by second wife: 

235 i Xonh" Dexter, !>. in Kocliester, 17 Oct.. 1 7.1.1; ,1. I7(i(). 

•2?,G ii Anna" Dexter, b. in Roeliester, 2 Jan.. 17.18; d. 171S. 

237* iii Edward" Dexter, b. in Rochester, V.i Nov., lim-. d. 1 S4.1. 

238* iv Samuel" Dexter, b. in Rochester, 30 Sept., 1773. 

239 V Eunice" Defter, b. in Rochester, 1768. 

240 vi James" Dexter, b. in Rochester. 4 Oct.. 1771 ; d. before 1793. 

241 vii Anna" Dexter, b. in Rochester, 10 Dec, 177S; m. David Austin. 

242 viii Mary" Dexter, b. in Rochester, lo Dec., 1783; m. (Jidcon Dexter, 



Benjamin^' Dexter, son of Xoah* [Benjamins William-. Thomas^] 
and Epipheny [Clark] Dexter, was born 25 Sept., 1734:; 
died 1804: nian-ied Priseilla Benson. 10 Oct.. IT^fi. 

Nine children, born in liochester: 

243 i Experience" Dexter, b. 1.1 Feb., 17o7; ni. Setli Bnmj.. 

244* ii Joseph" Dexter, b. 3 July, 17.19; m. Alary Luce, 1779. 
245* iii Xoah" Dexter, b. 4 June, 1762;- d. 2.1 April, 1816; m. ^[ary 
Delano, 1788. 

246 vi Thankful" Dexter, b. 21 Auf--., 1764; m. Savery Clifton of 


247 V Epipheny" Dexter, b. 2.1 April, 17(i7; ni. Paul Haminond of 


248 vi Priseilla" Dexter, b. 14 Jan.. 1770; m. Israel Cowin of Rochester. 

249 vii Jane" Dexter, b. 5 Jan., 1773; m. David Alendell of Rochester. 

250 viii Susanna" Dexter, b. 26 Alay, 177.1; m. Perez Coomlts of :^[id- 

251* ix Benjamin" Dexter, b. 18 July, 1778; d. 14 Sept., 1846; m. Ruth 
Delano, 1 Jan., 1797. 


Sarah' Dexter, dan.uhtei- of James* [Benjamin", William=, 
Thomas^] and Lois [Sherman] Dexter, ^vas born 12 Dec, 
1732 : married Stephen Perry. 20 Nov.. 17.')5. Stephen and 
wife liad land o-iven them bv .lamest " 



Six children, hnni in Kochcster. Mass. They had Umd 
left them by their lirandt'athcr James. 

252 i .lames'-' Perry, 1). 22 Alarch, 175S. -Re.-eivo.l land from his grand- 

"53 ii Elizabeth" Perry, 1.. ?>\ -luly, 17(iO. 

iii Thomas" Perry, 1.. 3 ,huie, 1761. Eeeeived money from his 

iv Louis (dan.)" Perry, b. 12 Oct., 1763. 

256 V Lncy'' Perry, t). 25 F'eb., 1769. 

257 vi Sarah" Perry, b. 3 April, 1771. 


Peleg^' Dexter, son of Benjamin* [Benjamin\ William^ Th.nn^] 
and Hannah [Barrow] Dexter, was horn 16 April, 1<22; 
married Catherine rushy, 19 Feb.. 1743. 

Three children, hoi-ii in Rochester: 

-58 i dohn" Dexter, b. 27 June, 1745; drowned 15 March. 1761, in X. S. 

259 ii Elisha" Dexter, b.2n July,1747 ; drowned 15 March, 1761, m X. h. 

260 iii desse" Dexter, b. IS May, 175(1; m. Widow X^iekerson. 


Jonathan^' Dexter, son of Benjamin* [Benjamin% Willianr, 
Thomas^ and Hannah [Barrow] Dexter, was born 30 April, 
1724; married (1) Hannah Vincent: (2) Philippa Vincent. 

One child : 

i Isaac" Dexter, b. at, Mass., 15 Oct., 1751; m. 3 July, 
1776 Anna Poster, who was b. Chilmark, Mass., 29 June, 17o6, 
dau. of Edward and Mary Foster. Edward Foster went to 
Liverpool, X'. S., 17(iO »y '61, and was one of the original 


Ebenezer' Dexter, sen ..f Hen.jamin* [Benjamiir, Willianr, 
Thomas^] and Hannah [Harrow] Dexter, was born m 



DEXTKK I•^\.\lll.^" CKXKALOGV. 4.") 

Kocliestci-. (i Ami;'.. ITl^S; iiuiiTicd Lydin livdcr isjiid to 
have been liis consiii), '27 Mat'cli, 117)7). lie was a i'annci-. 

Foui'teeii cliildi-cii. horn in I )ai'1 monl li. .M;iss. : 

26l' i llaimali'' Dexter, li. 1.1 Se|it., 1 T.IO ; d. in Xeva Scotia, '24 Fe))., 

17s.",; III. .lames Nirkei'soH, sou of l']l<lail ainl Mary. 
2(.i.'> ii Bonjaiuin'' Dexter, h. '_';> March, 1 7.")S (Rochester); d. 17S7; in. 

Mary Harriiii^toii. Descendants Ii\(' in Hants Couiify. X. S. 

Son, Eiios l)extei-. 
•_'(5-l: iii Hebecca''' Dexter, li. l(i May, 17(i(i (IJochester) ; ni. 'Jii Dei-., 177(), 

Stephen Gardner. 
265 iv Lydia"' Dexter, 1.. 2;; .lulv. 1 7()2 (T.iverpool, X. S.) ; d. 

ni. Jesse Niclvci-son. 
2(1(5 V ElLsha" Dexter, I). 2:5 .\|iril, 17iil ( Li\fri.(M,l, N. S.) ; d. I'.i May, 

2(i7 vi Ebeuezer" Dexter, b. 20 -Inly. 17()(; ( Uverj/ool, X. S.) ; d. 18.3.1; 

m. Azubah Godfrey. 
268 vii Katherine'' Dexter, b. 1769; m. Wilbani (iardner, 1 .Ian., 1 7S9. 
269* viii Enoch" Dexter, b. 1771; d. \s:\] ; m. Sohmia I'indel, Ki Nov., 

27(1 ix Samuel" Dexter, h. 177.'!; in. Ilaiinah (Hidfrey. 

271 x Experience'' Dexter; in. (1) WdHaiii (liinUier; (2) liain])toii 

Stolves, 27 Anjiust, 1S(»(). 

272 xi Ariedana" Dexter; in. Xatlianiid Glevelaiid. 

27o xii Bertha'' Dexter; in. {1 ) John Furi^crs ; (2) .lose|ili Woods, 6 
Sept., 1792. 

274 xiii Esther'' Dexter; ni. Peter i'^rost, 22 Dec, 1796. 

275 xiv lveul»(>n'' Dexter; died youno'. 


Joseph"' Dexter, son of Benjaiinn' | Ticn.janiin'. Williaui-. 
Thomas^ I and Ilannali | P>ai'i-()\\ | Dexter, was lioi-n "JT I''et).. 
1781; niai'i-ied Aznl)ali (Jodri-ey. 

Chikh-en. Iidfn in .Nova Scotia : 

27() i Sou, 1), 16 Feb., 1 7(i2, 

277 ii Eunice'' Dexter, li. 17 .Inly, 17(i.'>. 

278 ili Rosana" Dexter, b. bl March, 1766. 

279 iv Azubah" Dexter, b. ;5() April, 1768. 

28(1 V .lediah'' Dexter, b. 19 .liiue, 179ii. For too much freedom of 

s}ieech he had to Hee to New Enghind. 



Benjamin^' Dexter, son of Josiali* [Benjarain^ William^ 
Thomas^] and Abigail [Dexter] Dexter, was born 19 Dec, 
1741 ; died 15 Feb., 1790 : married Mary Hathaway, 29 Sept., 


After the death of Ben.ia.min^ George B. Nye of Rochester 
Avas appointed guardian for the four young children, Han- 
nah, Benjamin, Josiah and Philip, they being under fourteen 
vears of age. 

Six children, born in Rochester: 

281 i Sarah C." Dexter, h. 12 Aug.. 1780; d. 26 May, 1814. 

282 iJ Abigail" Dexter, b. 4 Nov., 1777. 

283 iii Hannah" Dexter, b. 28 June, 1779. 

284 iv Josiah" Dexter, b. 14 Jvme, 1781. 

285 V Benjamin" Dexter, b. 11 March, 1783. 

286 vi Philip" Dexter, b. 20 Aug., 178.5. 


David^' Dexter, son of Josiah* [Benjamin^ Williaur, Thomas^] 
and Abigail [Dexter] Dexter, was born 9 Nov., 1749 : died 
22 Jan., 1827 ; married Sarah Allen, 5 Nov., 1779. He was 
a farmer, and the record says he marked his cattle with 
"two slits in the end of left ear." This is recorded 29 
July, 1778. 

Seven children, born in Rochester: 

i 8arah C." Dexter, b. 12 Aug., 1780; d. 26 May, 1814. 
ii Jonathan" Dexter, b. 22 Feb., 1782; d. 27 Feb., 1841; m. Mary 
Studley, 17 March, 1805. 
280 iii Mariah" Dexter, b. 23 Oct., 1784. No family. 
•^90 iv Mercy" Dexter, 24 March, 1788; d. G May, 1832. No family. 
291^^ V E. Allen" Dexter, b. 13 Jan., 1792; m. (1) Cynthia Pitcher, 11 

March, 1834; (2) Martha Mayhew. 
■^qo vi David" Dexter, b. 26 Nov., 1794; d. 20 Nov., 1824. 

vii Benjamin" Dexter, b. 29 June, 1800; d. 24 Aug., 1827; m. 
Hannah Bro^vnell, 1826. No children. 





Isaac" Dexter, son of Consljint;' [Benjamhr. "Williain-. Tlioinas'] 
and Meribah [Dilloway] Dexter, was horn 1:1 Jnnc, 1744; 
died 1") D(>('., lcS()4: nian-ied Tvezia Winy. 

Nine eiiildi-en, l)oi'n in Wayne, Elaine: 

294'- i (Deacon) Constant'' Doxtcr, b. 9 Ano-., 17()7; d. 2(i March, 1842; 

ra. Rebecca Billington. 
295 ii Nathaniel" Dexter. 
296'' iii Freeman" Dexter; (]. 7 Dec, 1840; ni. Polly Thurston. 

297 iv (Rev.) Stephen'^ Dexter. 

298 V Gideon" Dexter. 

300* vi Isaac" Dexter, b. IS Feb., 1783; d. 21 Aug., 1864; ni. Sally 

Wiug, 1803. 
301* vii (Deacon) Amasa" Dexter, born 6 July, 1786; d. 30 August, 

1874; m. Martha Burgess, 28 Oct., 1807. 

302 viii Mercy" Dexter. 

303 ix Meribah" Dexter. 


Gideon' Dexter, son of Constant^ [Benjamin', William-, 
Thomas^] and Meribah' [Dilloway] Dexter, was born 29 
Jan., 1750; married ^NFary . 

Two children : ■ 

304 i Joseph" Dexter, b. 12 July, 1774. 
30.3 ii Gideon F." Dexter, b. 21 Oct., 1781. 


Samuel' Dexter, son of SannteP [Benjamin"', William-. Thoma.s^] 
and ]\Iary [Clark] Dexter, was born in Rochester, 18 Oct., 
1734. lie went with his parents to Hardwick and Athol. 
He married 25 Nov., 1759, at Hardwick, Thankfnl, daugh- 
ter of Deacon John Freeman. She was a descendant of 

4S DEXTER fa:\iiia' genealogy. 

Elder William Brewster of " 'Mayflower" fame.* She died 
20 May, 1811, a^ed (i!). \\v married (2) Sebbelah (Sibyl), 
widow of Samuel Thurston. 2B Sept., 1811: she died 18-49. 
ag'ed 100 years. 

They resided in Tlardwick near the Barre line. He was 
one of the "minutemen" who marched to Cambridge in 
ITTo. and in January, 177(). was Captain of a company sta- 
tioned at '"Roxbury Camp." Tie was afterwards involved 
politically in the Shays Rebellion. Imt was forgiven. He was 
a farmer, sold land in 1765 to Elisha Hedge, Jr., and to 
Ebenezer l^awrence the same year. He sold sixty-eight 
acres of land in Barre to his sons, Samnel and Jonathan, 
in 1811. He died 8 May, 1824, aged nearly 90 years. 

He had eleven childi-en. boi-n in Hardwick: 

306* i Benjainin' Dexter, b. 17 Man'h, 17(ii); d. 17iH'; in. Anna :Mayi> 

,.f Rutland, 10 Oct.. 17S4. 
307* ii M:iry'' Dexter, b. 18 Jan., 1760; ni. .lulin (iorliani, :> .June, 1784. 
308" iii Eleazar" Dexter, b. 5 July, 1765; m. (1) Abigail Dexter, 8 April, 

1784; (2) Charity Williams, June, 1786. 

309 iv Mercy" Dexter, b. 16 July, 1767; d. 14 March, 1774. 

310 V Ichabod" Dexter, b. 23 April, 1770; d. 5 March, 1774. 

311^ vi Saiiuiel'- Dexter, b. 9 May, 177;!; d. 1861; m. Sally Williams. 

312 vii Seth'' Dexter, b. n March, 177.";. 
313* viii Jedediah" Dexter, bapt. 26 Oct., 1777; d.l827; m. Abigail Eager; 

she was b. 1778. 
• 314 ix Susanna" Dexter, bapt. 26 Sept., 1779. 
315 X Thomas" Dexter, l)ai)t. 19 May, 1782. 

316* xi .lonatlum" Dexter, li. aliout 1786; d. 1856; m. Roxaiia Deau, 1812. 

*Edmund' Freeman of Lvnn, lt535, was one of the graators of Sandwich, 1637. He 
died in lti82 He had a wife Elizabeth. The.v had two sons, Edmund- and John-, 
These sons married daughters of Governor Prance and his wife Fear (Brewster) 
Prence. Fear Brewster was daughter of Elder \Villiam Brewster, who was one of 
the most important men that started with the Pilgrims. . ^ , ^ 

John= Freeman was Captain, 167.^. in King Philips War; was Major 1685; also dea- 
con of church ten years: deputy at General Court seven years; judge of Court of Com- 
mon Pleas after tlie union of Plymouth and Massachusetts, He was born m lb21; died 
in 1719. His widow died 2'.i Sept., 1711, aged 80. . ,..,^ v. , v,. f 

John^ Freeman was born in lt;,Tl and died in 1721. He married (1) Sarah, daughter ot 
William Mirrick. 1672; (2) Mercy, widow of Captain Elkanah Watson, of Plymouth. 
They had eleven children. «^ . . t-.i i, 

John^ Freeman was born in 1678. He married Mercy, daughter of Captain Elkanah. 
Watson, 1701. They had eleven children. 

John- Freeman was born 13 Aug., 1709. He marned Joanna Rickett of Plymouth, 1 -.30, 
He went to Rochester about 1723 and to Hardwick, where he died in 1804. His widow 
died 29 March. 1797, aged 87. ^ ,^ , u^ 

Thankful" Freeman was born in 17tl. She married Samuel Dexter as above. He 
died 20 May, 1811, age 69. 



Ichabod' Dexter, son of Samuel^ [l^cii.jaiuin'. William-, 
Thomas^] and Mary [Clark] Dexter; ^va.s horn in Athol. 24 
June. 1737. He passed his early years in AUiol and IIai-d- 
\vick. He learned llic hlaeksniith ti'adc and accoi'diiiL; to 
tradition \vas in the 1^'i-eneh and Indian Wai-. and was at the 
• taking of old P^)rt Ticonderoga, ^vllen all the mrn in line on 
both sides of him Avere shot down, and his elothes \vere 
riddled with bullets, bnt none luippeued to draw blood. He 
and his brother Samuel were taken prisoners by the Indians, 
at one time, who started with them for Canada, but as they 
eamped one night the- brothers awoke and finding their 
captors were all asleep, they sent the whole company to the 
"happy hunting grounds" and started through the Avilder- 
ness for home. They found it almost impossible to travel 
through tlie woods or to (obtain food, and were obliged to 
kill and eat a dog which Avas with them. They finally 
reached home, bnt thoroughly used up and half starved. 

He was elected selectman of Athol in 170^'. aiul at the 
alarm at Lexington he led a company of ininutemcn from 
that town. He was afterward Caj)taiii of a company in the 
field. He moved to Ilardwick in 1780, and was selectman 
there in 1781- '82, 1785: elected Representative, 1782-1783. 

In 1752 the General Court granted 325 acres of land on 
the west line of Athol (Pequoig) to Rev. Benjamin Ruggles 
of ]Middleboro. Mass. This grant became in March, 1762, 
a part of Athol, but in 1783 was in the ])art set off to Orange. 

Ezekiel Wallingford is said to have located as early as 
1747, and was not long afterward killed by the Indians. 
^Ir. Dexter bought the right to Wallingford 's land and lived 
upon it many years. He afterwards returned to Ilardwick. 
He also bought a farm of fifty acres of Jason Babcock, which 
was set off with lot No. 7 on West Hill. He also owned a 
farm in Orange called the Battle Farm. He was an active 
{U'omoter of Shays' Rebellion in 178(), but afterward nuule 
his peace with tlu^ government. He was a man of al)ility 
and courage, as a rcH-oi'd of his career shows. 


He married Abigail , and had seven children. His 

wife was born 21 July, 1742, and died 7 April, 1797. He 
died of apoplexy 13 Fel>., 1797. His estate was administrated 
l»y liis sons. Claris and Benjamin. His brother Job was 
appointed onai-dian of T.ydia and Betty, minor children, 
they receiving' £400 each. He bought a pew in the meeting 
house at Athol of Moses Goddard foi- £10. in 17^9, although 
he was then living in Hai'dwick. 

Children : 

317 i Clark" Dexter, b. ; ni. Alice Winshnv, the ilau. of Ezra'' and 

Eosamond (Spooner) Winslow and a descendant of TTezekiah\ 
■ 1713; Ek'hard', 1685; Jolr, ; Kenelm\ Winslow. U5 Oet., 

1796. They removed to Barnard. A^t. 

318* ii Miriam'' Dexter, b. ; m. Asa Hedge. 31 May, 17S0. 

3T9 iii Benjamin" Dexter, b. . 

320* iv Lucy" Dexter, b. 6 July, 1762: d. 19 May, 1833; m. Moses 

Cheney, 4 July, 17Sli. 
321 V Rhoda'' Dexter, b. 1769; d. 9 Aug., 1S4.3; m. Phineas Battle of 

Orange, 7 Nov., 1793. He was b. 1768, d. 1838. 

322* vi Lydia''.Dexter, 1). ; m. Sherman Battle, 12 Aug., ISOO. 

323 vii Betty'' Dexter, b. ; m. Abner Smith of Warwick. 

XoTE.— Eevohitionary record. See Massachusetts Eecord. 

Irlial)od Dexter of Athol, Mass. Captain of a company of minutemen, 
t:olonel Doolittle's regiment, which marched on alarm, 19 April, 1775; service 
five days. Also Captain in Col. Benjamin Euggles Woodbridge's (25th) 
regiment; list of officers recofnmeuded for commission by Committee of 
Sa'fety, dated Cambridge, 15 June, 1775; ordered by Congress, 21 June, 
1775, to be delivered. Captain same regiment; muster roll dated Aug. 1, 1/75; 
engaged April 24, 1775; service three months, fourteen days. Also Captain in 
Colonel Doolittle's regiment; list of officers of Massachusetts militia (year 
not given). 


Job-' Dexter, son of Sanmel^ |Ben.iamin'\ Willianr, Thomas^] 
and Mary | Clark] Dexter, was ])oi-n in Hardwick, 8 March, 
1740-1, and spent most of his life there. He married Mercy 
Ilinkley of Hardwick, 17 July, 1766. She was born 1744 
and died 28 July, 1810; was the daughter of Thomas and 


Ruth [Merrick I lliukley. jind was pr()bal)ly a descendant of 
Governor Thomas Hinkley. He married (2) IMary Walker 
of Barre. pub. 1 Nov., 1811. She was born 1755 and died 
October, 1824, atjed (^0 years. 

Job was a fanner and I'esided aboni a mile and a half 
northerly from the Coumion. lie was Lieutenant in Captain 
Paige's company at Bennington, August, 1777; was a select- 
man fifteen years. ])etween 1780 and 1805. Tie died 10 .Inly 

Job had ten children, all by his iirst wife: 

324* i John" Dexter, b. in Hardwiek, 3 Jan., 1769; d. 7 I^Iay, 1836; m. 

(1) Lucy Dennis, 1803; (2) Persis Gilbert, 1821. 
325* ii Anna" Dexter, b. in Hardwiek, 22 July, 1770; d. 20 Marc-ii, 1804; 

m. Thiinias Wheeler, Jr., 3 June. 1790. 
326^^ iii Ruth" Dexter, b. 20 March, 1773; d. 26 INtarch. 1847; in. David 

Allen, Jr., 27 April, 1794. 
327* iv Ichabod" Dexter, b. in Hardwiek, 19 Dec, 177.1; d. IS.31 ; ni. (1) 

Sally Eager, 1803; (2) Alice Amidon, 1822. 

328 V Mercy" Dexter, b. in Hardwiek, 28 April. 1777; d. 24 duly. 1801. 

329 vi Joseph" Dexter, b. in Hardwiek, 1 March, 1779; m. Sopiiia Hunt, 

- 13 July, 1800. Moved to Westford, Vt. Two children died in 
inf. 1803. 

330 vii Jonathan" Dexter, bap. 9 Sept., 1781. 

331 viii Sally" Dexter, b. in Hardwiek, 16 Oct., 1783; d. 18 Jul v. 1811; 

. m. Dr. Elliot Beckworth, 9 Nov., 1806. 

332 ix Zenas" Dexter, b. in Hardwiek. 26 dune, 1785. 

333 X Ahna" Dext(>r. 1). iu Hardwiek, 27 May. 1787; d. 7 Oct., 1790. 

Revolutionary record of Job Dexter of Hardwiek: 

He vras commissioned 2nd Lieutenant by Council, 18 March, 1777; Lieuten- 
ant, Capt. Timothy Paige's company. Col. James Convers' regiment; 
engaged Aug. 21, 1777; discharged 21 Aug., 1777 — ten days. The company 
marched to Bennington on an ;darm. He was also in Capt. John Crawford's 
company. Col. Job Cushing's regiment; engaged Sept. 7, 1777; discharged 
29 Nov., 1777. Service three months and three days, travel included. Also 
2nd Lieutenant same company and regiment ; pay abstract for rations dated 
Scaresdeal, 30 Nov., 1777. He was also 1st Lieutenant same company and 
regiment; rations allowed Oct. 13, 1777; Dec. 9, 1777, services in northern 
department. He was also 1st Lieutenant, ('apt. Denison Robinson's (o) 
company, 4th Worcester County Regiment; list of officers of Massachusetts 
militia commissioncil 11 June, 1778. 



Mary-' Dexter, daughter of SamueP [Ben.iamin^ Willianr, 
Thomas^] and Mary fClark] Dexter, was born in Hardwick. 
^lass., 11 July, 1743, and died • She married Benja- 
min lylorton of Atliol, 28 Sept.. 1760. and went to that phice 

to live. 

Benjaanin was one of the first ehildi-en born in Athol, he 
being born very soon after the arrival of his parents, who 
went^ there in the fall of 1735. His parents came from 
Hatfield and l)uilt the first house and organized the first 
church. Benjamin's parents were Richard and Mary 
(Waite) Moi'ton.and Ik^ was a descendant on his father's side 
fi-om George ]Morton. boi-n in Austerfield, Yorkshire, Eng- 
land, 1585, Avho was tbc financial agent of Plymouth Colony 
and chartcivd the Mayflower for that memorable voyage 
which ended at Pymouth, 1620. He married Juliana Car- 
penter. 23 July 1612. and they came in the Ann in June, 


Mrs. IMorton's sister, Alice Carpenter, married (2) Gov. 
William Bradford, the second Governor of Plymouth 
Colony. Another sister, Agnes Carpenter, was the wife of 
Dr. Samuel Fuller, one of the passengers on the Mayflower, 
elder of church, one of the most valuable Pilgrims, and was 
the first physician that came to this country. 

Benjamin :\Iorton was a descendant on his mother's side 
of Sergeant Benjamin Waite, the hero of the Connecticut 
Valley (P^eb. 25, 1731). 

Children : 

334 i Molly" Morton, h. ; ni. Solomon Johnson, Jr. (her cousin). 

33.5 ii Benjamin" Morton, Jr., 1). ; m. Hannah Dexter (his cousin). 

33(i iii Sarah" Morton, h. ; m. Cromwell Bullock. 

337 jv Alargery" Morton, h. 17(U; m. (1) David Johnson (her cousin); 

(2) Sanuiel Town. 
338-- V Jonathan" Morton, b. ; m. (1) Jennie Holt, 1796; (2) 

Esther Bennett, ISOO. 
339 vi Submit' Morton, 1). ; m. Russell Barnes, 1798. 


340^ vii James'' Morton, b. ; iii. Jeruslia Forbush. 

341 viii Lois® Morton, b. ; d. ISoO; never married. 

342 ix Abraham" Aforton, b. ; m. Phelje . 


Sarah' Dexter, daughtcn- of Samuel' [Bi'ii.jainiii-. William-, 
Thomas^] and ]\Iary [Clark] Dexter, was born in llardwick, 
IMasvS., 8 ]\Iay, 1745. She married Solomon Johnson, 28 
Dec, 1762, and made their home at Orange, Mass. They 
were in same school district as Benjamin Dexter and Asa 
Lord. Solomon was probably son of Zebadiah and Esther 
John.son of Shrewsbury, ^Mass. 

They had nine children ; two of them married cousins, 
the children of Benjamin and ^Mary ^Nloi-ton : 

Esther" Jolinsoii, li. ; d. 1807; m. Joseph Lord. 

ii Solomon'' Johnson, Jr., m. Molly Morton (consin). 
iii Patty" Johnson; m. John King, 1791. 

David" Johnson; ni. Margery Morton (cousin). 

Jonathan" Johnson; ni. Betsey Kennedy, 1797; went to Vermont. 

Rally" Johnson, li. ; m. .Toshna Tucker of JIardwick. 

vii Polly" Johnson, b. ; m. Mr. Giles of Xew Salem. 

Jonah" Johnson, b. ; m. lady of Xew Salem. 

Daniel" Johnson, b. . 




















Benjamin'' Dexter, son of SamneP [Benjamin^ William', 
Thomas^] and jNfary [Clark] Dexter, was born in ITardwick. 
17 Nov., 17-47, and remained there until he was eight years 
of age, when he was bound out to his brother, Tchabod Dexter 
of Athol. Avhere he remained until he was of age. He 
received for his services £13 6s. 8d. 

The year aftej' he became of age, 1769, he iiiai-ficd ITaiuiah 
Stone of Rutland. INFass.,* and went to ii^'e uihmi what is 

*Greg-ory' Stone came to America, 16.35, aged 45: settled in Watertown: removed to 
Cambridge: was deacon. He married Lydia Cooper. He died 30 Nov.. Itj7-': she died 
24 June. 1674. Six children, all born in England. 

John- .Stone came over with his father: was one of the original proprietors of 
Sudbury, 1639: was large owner of land: was elder of church: town clerk, 165,5; removed 


now called the "Jesse Worrick fai'in." The house is still 
standing. The next year he moved into the west end of the 
Riig-gles grant upon the location that is now occupied by 
the P^lihu Dexter aiul Sylvester Davis farms in Orange, 
Mass. "This Ruggles grant was made in 1752 to Rev. Benja- 
min Ruggles of INliddleboro, and consisted of 825 acres on the 
west line of Athol. l)ut in 1788 this was included in the 
part set oft* fi'om Athol to Orange." The first settlement on 
this ti'act was made by Jacob Hutchins, on the eastern part, 
but he sold to Abner Morton. 

Benjamin, the subject of this sketch, began a home upon 
the hill west in 1770, and Samuel Ruggles began a settlement 
in 177() on west side, and Lenuiel Ruggles settled near him 
in 1780; but in 1770, when Benjamin built, there was no 
house between his and the Counecticut River, nothing but 
a wilderness. lie spent the next forty years in settling, and 
they must have been years of hard labor, for the large 
cleared fields and great stone walls would indicate a vast 
amount of work, and he had only one son to share his 
labors, lie moved to Richmond, N. 11., in 1811, and bought 
the (iideon JNlanu place at Four Corners. This he sold in 
1817 to Bassett & Ilarkness and moved onto the Deacon 
John C-ass farm, where he died in 1818. 

AVhen one looks at the extent of the old homestead of 
Benjamin, Sr., and realizes that with the help of only one 
son he was able to clear off this large tract of land and 
l)uild the walls that are now in evidence, he cannot fail to 
come to the conclusion that he was a man of untiring energy. 

to Cambridge, 16(5-J. He married Anna How, daughter of Elder How of VVatertown. 
He died 1683. Ten children. ^ ^. ^ ^., 

NathanieP Stone, born in Saxonville, married Sarah Wayt of Maiden. Eight chil- 

Jonathan' Stone, born 1690, married Abiel Bigelow. 11 Oct., 171(5. He died in 17-'3. 

Simeon^ Stone, born in 1722. married Hannah Kendall Jan., 174r>, in Southboro, Mass.; 
she was born in 172(i died in 1801. She was daughter of Eleazer^ Kendall and Hannah 
(Rowe) Kendall, granddaughter of Eleazer; and Ruth Kendall, and great granddaugh- 
ter of Francis' Kendall and Mary (Tidd) Kendall, who was one of the proprietors of 
Wobiirn, 1640. Simeon died in Rutland 12 May, 178.% 

Simeon'^ and wife moved from Framingham to Marlboro, where Hannah was born lo 
Jan., 1746, then to Rutland, where the other children were born: Daniel, 1748; David, 
1749; Jonas, 17.M); Luev, 17.^4; Daniel. 1757; Susanna, 1760. He bought land hud out to 
Lieut. Simon Davis and set up a tannery, supposed to be the first in town, where he 
for several years carried on the tanning business. He bought and sold the farm 
afterward owned by his sou Jonas (originally granted to Samuel Sewell, Esq.). He 
was one of the minute men at the alarm, 177.5. 


and that he iiuist liavc hccii ble&sed with ljcmxI health, for 
when he l)uilt the iirst liouse it was all a v;ist wilderness. 

Most of the cliildren married and settled witliiii a few 
iiiih's of the lioniestead. llannali. the eldest, however, some 
years latei- moved to New York Stat(\ and in a letter to licr 
parents she says the\- were on the road twelve days, hut 
found the i)lae.e Florence \. Y., a ni<'e |)la('e to live in. 

Benjamin was Selectman in Orange in 17!)l,1792and lli)-i, 
and again in 1808. 

He dealt in land extensively for tliose days: 

In 17Ti» he bought of Joseph Tiawi-ence of Athol 06 acres 
(part of the Ruggles orant) for £10(1. This is supposed to 
be a i)art of the homestead where tlie Dextei's now live in 

In 1775 he bought of Edw. Tlutehins of Athol anothei- 
tract which adjoined land he then owni'd. 

In 17S1 h(^ bought of Zadok llaywai-d (blacksmith! of 
Athol ;{7 acres situated on lioth sides of the i-oad which 
runs from the saw-mill to the county road and on the back 
side of West Brook, so-called. 

In 1784 he bought 12 acres of Susanna Taylor, on road 
leading from Kuggles' barn to West Hill. n<"ar land of 
Thomas Lord, bounded westerly by town line. 

In 17!>4 he bought a small piece of land of Aaron Lord. 

In 17!)1 he bought of Moses Goddard of Orange two 
lots of land, 66 acres in each, in Warwick. Xos. 2i) and 36 
in fourth division. 

In 17!)0 he bought of Josiah Ford of Orange l-"} acre of 
land on road leading from county road to Metcalf's saw- 

In 17!)2 he bought of Elijah Ball of Oi-ange, near 
Atwood's mills. 

Inl799he ))Ought of William and Pressen Lord a meadow- 
lot of 8 acres. 

In 1800 he bought of Ebenezer Webl) of Entland. Vt.. 20 
acres of laud in Benson, Vt., for .^2000. 

In 1804 he b.)nght of Clai'k Stone of Wendell 100 acres^ 
of land in Somerset. Vt.. Xo. 2 lot in 2d survey. 


Ill 1804 he bought of Benjamin Morton 13 acres of land 
in Erving, ]\Iass. 

In 1805 he ])onght of Benjamin Goodnow of Somerset, 
Vt.. 100 acres of hind, being lot No. 3 in 2d snrvey. 

In 1805 he bought another tract from Benjamin JMorton, 
10 acres, in Erving. 

In 1810 he bought of Benjamin INIiinn of Richmond, N. II., 
lot No. 8 in 6 range in Richmond. Upon this he lived from 
1811 until 1817. 

In 1810 he ])t)iight land of Anna Hoar of Orange. 

In 1811 he bought 481,4 acres of land in Erving of Levi 
Gage for $430. 

In 1812 he bought 47 acres in southerly part of Orange 
of David Cleveland, and 20 acres in Richmond, N. H., of 
George and Esek Buffum for $250. 

In 1814 he bought 300 acres of land in Richmond, N. H., 
of Timothy Cole. 

In 1817 he bought 116 acres of land in Richmond of 
Deliverance Cole. 

In 1783 he sold Abner jMorton a part of the Ruggles 

In 1785 he sold Thomas Lord of Athol 10 acres near the 
saw-mill, on west line of Athol. 

He sold in 1805, 50 acres of land in New Salem to Elkanah 
Hixson, and in 1816 he sold 50 acres of land in New Salem 
to B. Smith of that place for $400. 

In 1812 he sold to David Cleveland of Orange three lots 
in Orange, one containing the blacksmith shop, formerly 
owned by Levi Thurston, deceased : and these are only a 
part of the transfers recorded. 

In 1807 he sold to his only son, Benjamin, Jr., one-third 
of the re;d estate in Orange, except the house and land 
<d)()ut the house where be lived; Benjamin. Jr., not to sell 
the same for fifteen years; also let him the other two-thirds 
of the farm for the term of fifteen years, so that the whole 
could be managed by Benjamin, Jr., one-third of the crops 
to be given to Benjamin, Si*. Before he moved from Orange 
to RicbiviDud. N. II., he deeded to his daughter, Hannah 


IMoi'ton, f'oi- ]<)V.(\ etc., n li-act of Iniid Ix'lwccn Warwick and 
New Salem containing 50 acres, she not to sell it dni-inii' the 
life of her father. 

In 1815 he sold three tracts of land containLnp- 158 acres 
(which is now the Sylvester Davis place) to John Davis, the 
husband of his danghter, Lncy Dexter. 

Note. — Iii a letter from Susanna (Stone) Putnam of CambridjjfC, Mass., 
written to her sister Hannali, -wife of Benjamin Dexter, in January, 1817, she 
says that in the first week of Juxk, 181 G, there was a. cold snap for five 
nig^hts and the ground was eovered with snow. 

Will of IVMijainin DexteJ' of r\iehint)nd, X. 11., made in 

First To my wife Hannah Dexter all my household furniture and seven- 
teen hiuidred dollars in money — she having ehoiee out of my securities 
except what T hold against my son Benjamin, she io take this in jilaee 
of dower. 

To my son Benjamin nil my securities that 1 hidd against him and all my 
wearing apparel, this with what I have given him make his full share. 

To my daughter Betsey Wheeler about forty acres of land lying on the 
north side of the turnpike road adjoining my homestead farm — the land 
joins Enos Holbrook's land ou the west & north — also 1-3 of a 20 acre 
meadow I bought of (ieo. iV Esec-k. Buffum and all tlie land I own in 
the town of Perne Xt being about oOn acres — this with wliat she has had 
before makes her share. 

I give & bequeath all the remainder of my estate of whatever name or 
nature to four of my daughters viz. Hannah Morton. Jjucy Davis, Phebe 
Ball & Mercy Dexter and four of my grandchildren, viz., Susanna Thurs- 
ton, Phebe Thurston, Percillia Thurston & Harriet Thurston children of 
my daughter Phebe their heirs and assigns to be divided as follows viz — 
The said Hannah, Lucy & Mercy three of my daughters to have % of my 
estate equally between them — my daughter Phebe to have the nse & profits 
of one fourth of my estate during the time that my grandchildren become 
of lawful age to act for themselves, viz — Each to take their share when 
they become of age — 

T do hereby empower my Executor to sell all my laud tiiat remains not 
disposed of in this will and pay it out and divide as directed. 

I apjioint Benj Dexter .Tr my son and .lohn Davis my son in law as my 


Will of Hainiah [Stone] Dexter: 

Be it reiiieinbei-ed that I, Hannah Dexter of Orange, widow of Benjamin 

Dexter, considering the uncertainty of this mortal life and being in perfect 

health and mind and memory (blessed be the Almighty God for the same), 

do niake and i)ul)lisli this my last will and testament, in manner and form 

following, that is to say: First, I give and bequeath unto my only son, 

Benjamin Dexter, the sum of .-f^ieO; 2nd, I give and bequeath unto my 

daughter, Mercy Dexter, the sum of $150; 3d, I give and bequeath all the 

rest of my money or money securities to my other four daughters, viz., 

Hannah Morton, Lucy Davis, Phehe Ball and Betsey Wheeler, to be 

divided among them in equal proportions; 4th, I hereby appoint William 

Whitaker of New Salem, sole executor of this my last Avill and testament, 

horel)y revoking all former wills by me made. 

Hannah Dexter. 

,lune 11, 1832. 

Children of Benjamin and TT;iiinali Dexter: 

352* i Hannah'- Dexter, b. in Athol, 5 Dee., 1770; d. 18 Sept., 1858; 

1)1. P)enjamin Morton, Jr., 1787. 
353 ii Simeon''' Dexter, b. in Athol (afterwards set off to Orange), 31 

Oct., 1772; d. 1 March, 1773. 
354* iii Benjamin'^ Dexter, b. in Athol, 24 Nov., 1775; d. 1858; m. (1) 

Hephzibah Ballard; (2) Anna Barret; (3) Betsey Legg; (4) 

Frances Tuttle. 
355* iv Lucy" Dexter, b. in Atlu.l. 24 Dec, 1777; d. 1865; m. John 

Davis, 21 Aug., 1804. 
356* V Phebe'"' Dexter, b. in Athol, 11 Feb., 1780; d. 13 Oct., 1857; m. 

(1) Levi Thurston, 18113; (2) Fordyce Ball, 1810. 
/ 357* vi Betsey" Dexter, b. in Athol, 6 July, 1782; d. 21 Dec, 1864; m. 

Zaccheus Wheeler, 5 Dec, 1803. 

358 vii Susanna'' Dexter, b. in Orange. 7 Aug., 1784; d. 13 Dec, 1787. 

359 viii Sally" Dexter, 1). in Orange, 19 Nov., 1786; d. 1789. 

360 ix Mercy" Dexter, b. in Orange, 21 June, 1788; d. 10 Nov., 1841. 


Ephraim' Dexter, son of Ephraim^ [Benjaniiu'\ William-, 
Thomas^] and Martha [Clark] Dexter, was lK)rn M Dec, 
1741, and died 5 April, 1823. He married Kesiah Sober, 
29 Dee.. 1771. 

DEXTER F.\.M1I,^■ GENEAI-()(1 V. .")•) 

. Eleven children, born in Kochester : 

361* i Martha" Dexter, h. 2S Sci)t.. 1772; d. •_'!» .Ian.. 1852; m. Prince 

Snow, 1794. 
362* ii Anna" Dexter. 1). (i .ian.. 1774; d. IS Aug., 1860; m. James 

Snow, 20 Doc. 179."). 
363* iii Kesiali'' Dexter, b. .■) Oct.. 177."; d. 2 .Inne. 183.t; m. Ebenezer 

Holmes, 1805. 
364* iv Luke" Dexter, b. Ki Nov., 1777; d. 9 Nov.. 1856. 
365* V Ephraini" Dexter, b. 28 April, 1779; d. 27 June, 1862. 
366* vi Gideon" Dexter, b. 7 Aju-il, 1781; d. ;U) June, 1827. 
367* vii Thomas" Dexter, b. 9 March, 1783; d. 22 Feb., 1871. 
368* viii .lane" Dexter, b. 6 May,1785; d. 21 Nov., 1875; m. -lames Catludl. 
369* ix Alden" Dexter, b. 4 .lune, 17SS; d. 8 Oct., 1869. 
370* X Polly" Dexter, b. 25 Feb., 1790; d. 12 Man-li. 1864; m. LJirnet 

Hall, May, 1811. 

371 xi Alice" Dexter, b. 15 May, 1792; d. 1801. 


Caleb' Dexter, son of Ephraim^ [Benjamin''. AYilliaiii-. Thomas^] 
and ]\lartha [ Clark] Dexter, Avas born 19 April, 1751, and 
died 8 Oct.. 1881. lie was a Revolutionary soldier. He 
was a canlker by trade. He married Hannah Hatch. 

Four children, born in Rochester: 

372 i William W." Dexter, b. 7 March, 1776; died young. 

373 ii Davis" Dexter, b. 12 Oct., 1785; died young. 

374* iii Rebekah" Dexter, b. 9 July, 1790; d. 1867; m. Stephen Nye. 
375* iv Caleb" Dexter, b. 23 Jan., 1794; d. 7 Feb., 1827; m. Lydia 
Hiller, 19 June, 1821. 


Seth' Dexter, son of Seth^ [Benjamin'', William-, Thomas^] and 
Elizabeth [ ] Dexter, was born in Rochester, 28 Dec, 

17-43, and died 1 Ang., 1797. He married Deborah Haskall, 
18 Dec, 1768. 

Children : 

376* i David" Dexter, 1,. in Kochester, 17 May, 1770; d. 1S3S ; m. 
Polly Pilkin, 22 Dec, 1796. 


377 ii .loaniia'' Dexter, b. in Windsor, 23 Marc-h, 1772; d. 1819; m. 


378 iii Deborali'^ Dexter, b. 25 June, 1774; d. 29 Sept., 1803; m. 

Jerijah Barber. 
379* iv Setli" Dexter, b. 22 Dec, 1776; d. 31 March, 1841; m. Sylvia 
Gaylord, 1808. 

380 V Aziibali" Dexter, b. 17 Feb., 1779; d. 16 Jan., 1826; m. Conant 

Abernathy in 1800. 

381 vi Naucy" Dexter, b. 22 May, 1781; m. Benjamin Gates. 

382 vii Nathaniel" Dexter, b. 23 March, 1784; d. 1821; m. Betsey ; 

went to Bnrlington, Vt. 
383-^ viii William'' Dexter, b. 28 Feb., 1786; d. 3 May, 1841; m. Sally 

384 ix Sophia'"' Dexter, b. 28 June, 1789; d. 1856; m. Luther Hoadley 

of Winsted. Conn., 23 Jan., 1813. 


Elijah'' Dexter, son of Scth^ [Beiijaiiiiir', William-, Thomas^] 

and Eliza])eth [ ] Dexter, was born 22 Feb., 1749, and 

died 25 July, 1827. lie married (1) Keziah Winslow, 29 

.March, 1772; married (2) Martha Clark, 4 April, 1779. He 

was leather sealer, also lumber dealer in 1792. 

AVill of Elijah Dexter: 

I, Elijah Dexter of Rochester this 7th Nov. 1822— 

I give to my beloved wife the use and improvement of all my Eeal & 
Personal estate during her natural life except such parts as are otherwise 
disposed of in this will. I also give her my Scotts Bible — 

I give to my dau — Betsey Burgess with what I before gave her one Bed 
and furniture — 

I give to my dau. Keziah Athern in addition to what T have before given 
her one Bed & furniture — 

I give to my dau. Thankful Burgess in addition to what I have before 
given her one Ijed t^' furniture. 

I give to my daughter Sophia Dexter her heirs & assigns one undivided 
half of my Corn Mill, one undivided half of the dam on which it stands 
& one rmdivided half of the privilege of the water appertenant to said 
mill 61' one imdivided half of all rights privileges &c belonging to said mill. 
I also give to her, her heirs & assigns the salt marsh which I own in com- 
num & undivided with the heirs of the late Thomas Whiteridge. I also 
give her my chaise & all my household furniture not otherwise disposed of 
when her mother has done with it. 

DKXTKK FA Mil A' (iKXKAL()(; ^•. .61 

I also give to her the use & iiii|ini\ciiient of oii(> of the rooms on lower 
floor of my dAvelliiis' & one of tlie clianibers with a privilege in the cellar 
& a place to lay ^vood near the iiovise witli right to ajijiles in the orchard for . 
her o\^'n use and a sufficiency of firewood to keex)i& maintain one fire — these 
bequests to be to her during her natural life. 

I give to my son Elijali, seventy dollars & one half my -n-earing apparel — 
I give to my son Seth one half of my wearing api)arel. 
I also give him the use & im])rovement of my R. E. after his mother has 
done with it, that is to say of one half of it till my grandson John Gibbs 
Dexter arrives at the age of 21 — the other half din-ing his natural life but 
this is not to have any effect of the half of the Corn Mill given to Sophia 
or on the shoemakers shop — 

T give to my grandson John Gibbs Dexter one half of luy I'eal estate 
including lA of my Corn Mill with its appertances the same to l>e his; his 
heirs & assigns forever, he to come into the possession at the age of 21 y 
if my wife is not living at that time but if she is living he is to come into 
possess at her death. I also gi^•e to him my shoemakers sho|) lii; tools the 
same to be his forever — 

I give to my Grand son Prince Dexter the other half of my R. E. not 
absolutely given away in this will he to come into possession at the death 
of my Son Seth Dexter the same to be his, his heirs & assigns forever — 

My will is that after my wife's death my stock be ecpialiy divided 
between my two Grand sons & my dau. So[)hia — 
T app — Elijah Dexter my Ex-r — 


Elijah Dexter [SealJ 

Ten children; Elizabeth and Sarah were by lirsl wife: 

385 i Elizabeth" Dexter, b. 11 May, IT?.-^. 

386 ii Sarah" Dexter, b. 27 May, 177.1; d. 19 Nov., 1792; ne\er married. 

387 iii Kezialf' Dexter, b. 5 July, 1780; d. 9 May,' 18(51; m. Belcher 

388* iv Prince" Dexter, b. 19 Jan., 1782; d. 8 Dec, 1813; m. Arlothea 

389 V Sophia" Dexter, b. IS March, 1784; d. 20 Oct., 1845; m. Joseph 

Gibbs, 1836. 
390* vi Elijah" Dexter, b. 1 Sept., 1786; d. 10 Oct., 1851; m. (1) 

Clarissa Crocker, 1809; (2) Mary Morton, 1812; (3) Lydia 

Thompson, 1844. 
391 vii Thankful" Dexter, b. 25 Sept., 1788; d. 9 Dec. 1848; m. Prince 

Burgess, 6 Nov., 1807. 


392 viii Deborah" Dexter, b. 20 Jan., 1791; d. 8 Nov., 1813; single. 
393* ix Seth'"' Dexter, b. 26 March, 1793; d. 16 Sept., 1832. 

394 X Polly" Dexter, b. 8 Dec, 1795; d. 3 March, 1814. 


Thankful'' Dexter, (laughter of Seth"* [Benjamin', AVilliam-, 
Thomas^] and Elizabeth [ ] Dexter, was l)orn 19 Aug-., 
1759. She married Zebnlon Haskall, 3 Feb., 1782. 

Two eliildren : 

395 i Seth'' Hasknll, b. 7 :Marcli, 1783. 

396 ii David" Haiskall, b. 17 Sept., 1784. 


Jabez'' Dexter, son of Seth^ [Jabez\ Philip^ William-, Thomas^] 
and .Mai-y [Kirby] Dexter, was born 10 Aug'., 1758. and 
died 14 .Jan., 1814. He married Eaehel Randall. 

Four children : 

397 i Delilali' Dexter, b. ; <1. Sept., 1886; m. Corbett Chandler. 

398 ii Lydia' Dexter. 

399 iii Charles' Dexter. 

400 iv Sarah" Dexter, b. 1810; d. 7 Aug., 1865; m. John Aiken. 


Ellas'^ Dexter, son of Seth^ [Jabez^ Philip". Willianr. Thomas^] 

and j\laiy [Kirby] Dexter, was born , and died 15 

Dee.. 1821. lie mari-icMl ^Merey Sampson 1 Dec, 1795. 

Five children : 

401 i Lncy'' Dexter; m. William Cambridge. 

402 ii Mary" Dexter; m. Harvey. 

403 iii Isaiah' Dexter. 

404 iv Edward Dean' Dexter; d. 8 Jan., 1833; m. :\Iary Dexter. 

405 V LemneP Dexter. 

DEXTER F.\.^!ll.^ GKXEAI.OGV. C)'] 


Elizabeth'' Dexter, (];iiiL>]itci- of Sctlr" [J;il)t'z'. Pliilip'', AVilliniii-, 

Thomas^] and AFary [Kirhy] Dextei". was ])()i'ii , and 

died 1-") ^lat'ch. 1S27. Klic maffied Dcxlci-. 


406"^ i Raimipl B.' Dexter, h. in l^>ehester. 179(i: d. ?,() Sept., ISfiO; 

111. Alibv Blackiner. 


Elisha"' Dexter, son (if Srth' [Jabez\ Philij)', AVillianr'. Thomas' ] 
and ^laiy [Kii-by] Dexter, was born April. IKi"), and died 
14 Jan., ISo-i. \l^' married Eunice Bowles. Dec. 1778; she 
died 81 Jan.. 1S83. aged 69 years. 

Eight ehildi'en. liorn at Rochester, ^lass. : 

407 i Jane' Dexter, b. Jan., ]779; d. 10 Sept., 1848; ni. Kirby Beard. 

408* ii Betsey Elizalteth' Dexter, b. :^lt :\[arcli. 1781; d. 9 Dec-., 18G5; 

m. Thomas ('. Ames, i^ Aug., 181:.'. 
409 iii :\I;ny' Dexter, b. .1 Oet., 1784; d. 11 Sept., IS.TI ; m. Sylvaims 

410" i\- Klisha' Dexter. 1). 4 Dec, 1797; d. 17 Jan.. 1890; m. SaraTi 

411 V. Setlr Dexter, b. :! .Inly. 1799; d. I'l) June. 1824. 

412'- vi Harvey' Dexter, 1). H Dec, Isni; d. 4 .b-ui., IS.Ki; ni. (1) Lydia 

("handler; (iM Hiddah Eandall. .\ 184S. 
413' vii AUlen' Dexter, b. 2 July, 1SU4; d. 14 May, 1841; m. Merinda 

414 viii Clarissa' Dexter, b. :10 June, 1807; in. Lewis Kandall. 


Isaiah" Dexter. s(w of Seth'^ [Jabez\ PhiliiV", William-, Thomas^] 
and Mary [Kirby] Dexter, was born 31 Dec, 17.")L'. He 
married ^lary Davis, 29 Oct., 1775. 


Three children : 

415 i Rebecca' Dexter; m. Charles Chaiuller. 

416 ii Edith' Dexter; m. Washburn. 

417 iii Lydia' Dexter; ni. Thomas Sherman. 


Betsey'' Dexter, daughter of Philip'^ [Gershom\ John", William^ 
Thomas^], married Isaac Hatliaway. He was a farmer in 

Seven children : 

418 i Isaac' Hathaway, b. 12 Feb., 1810; d. 5 May, ISGS ; m. Emily 


419 ii Philip D.' Hathaway, b. 27 Nov., 1815; d. 4 June, 1897; m. 

Desire Smith (Hiller). 

420 iii Ebenezer R.' Hathaway, b. 30 June, 1819; d. 1-") Aug.. 1872; 

m. Elizabeth Bates. 

421 iv Judah' Hathaway; unmarried. 

422 V Nathaniel' Hathaway; unmarried. 

423 vi Betsey' Hathaway; unmarried. 

424 vii Patia A.' Hathaway; unmarried. 


Charles'' Dexter, son of Jolm^ [John^ John'^, William-, Thomas^] 
and Rebecca [Hiller] Dexter, was born 6 July, 1782. He 
married Hannah or Thankful Snow, 3 March. 1808. 

Five children: 

42.5 i Eebecca H.' Dexter. 

426* ii John' Dexter, b. 29 Jan., 1810; d. 8 Sept., 1884; m. Mary S. 

Rogers. 18 Nov., 1883. 
427-^^ iii James W.' Dexter, b. 21 Nov., 1814; d. 7 May, 1890; m. (1) 

Abigail Cannon, 6 June, 1835; (2) Mary Bui-bank, 1 Jan., 

• 42S iv David' Dexter, b. 10 Aug., 1818; d. 14 Feb., 1864; m. Corrella 

King. No family. 
429 V Hannah J.' Dexter, b. 12 March, 1820; d. 26 Aug., 1S99; m. 

Barnabas Hiller, 26 April, 1865. No family. 



Charles'' Dexter, son of DavicF [John'. Jolm', William-, Tlioinas^] 
and Mary [Bntler] Dexter, was l)orn :i Oot., 178:1 and 
died 29 Sept., 1852. He iiiarric.l laicinda IJaseom, ."i Feb., 

Nine children : 

430 i Mary' Doxtcr, 1>. in Wardsltoro, Vt., 13 Ajiril, ISl.l; dip,] n 

Feb., 1824. 

431 ii Chester B.' Dexter, !>. 14 Sept., 1816; <1. in Troy, X. V.. IS92; 

m. (1) Sally White, 1842; (2) Irene H. Dexter, 1860. 
432'' iii Avery J.' Dexter, b. 27 A])ril, 1818; ni. Mary D. Wiiite, 22 
March, 1841. 

433 iv Sophronia^ Dexter, b. 21 March, 1820; in. (1) Dexter Lamb, 

1844; (2) Justus IT. Dix, 185(i ; d. in Troy, X. Y., 1892. 

434 V Selina' Dexter, b. 9 March, 1822; d. IG .Tuly. 1S8(); m. Philo 

Chamberlain, 1848. 

435 vi Charles' Dexter, Jr., b. i» June, 1S24; d. 14 June, 1879; ni. 

Ehelura Chapin, 1849. 

436 vii Hadassah" Dexter, 1). 7 Sept., 1826; m. Dexter IT. Van Ostran(b 

2 Sept., 1847; d. in Troy, N. Y., 1892. 

437 viii Irene' Dexter, b. May, 1830; d. 2 May, 1872; m. Ellis Eawsou, 

9 ]\rarch, 1847. 

438 ix Allen Caleb' Dexter, b. 7 .Inly, 1832; m. Frances L. Horton, 

1 Jan., 1861; d. in Troy, X. Y.. 1892. 


Nathan'' Dexter, son of David' [John^ John', William-, Thomas^] 

and ]\lai'y [BntUn-i Dexter, was born . He married 


Children : 

438A i Urial' Dexter, b. 29 .March. 1811 ; d. 25 Dec, 1867. 

438B ii James E.' Dexter, b. 6 Sept., 1817. 
438C iii Melvin A.' Dexter, h. 14 March. 1820. 



John" Dexter, son of DaYicF' [John*, John", William-, Thomas^] 
and Mary [Butler] Dexter, was horn 1 JMarch, 1788. and 
(lied 18 Fel).. 1858. He married (1) Dehorah F. Marsh, (2) 
Miranda Park, (3) Betsey Miner. 

Two children: 

439 i Fayette' Dexter, 1j. in Dover, Vt., 2 Nov., 1816; d. 28 Sept.. 

1845; m. Eliza L. Eeed, 5 Dec, 1844. 

440 ■■ ii John Sidney' Dexter, b. in Dover, Vt., 3 May, 1821; m. (1) 

Abigail A. Eames, 24 March, 1842; (2) Julia A. Eames, 15 
April, 1846; (3) Mrs. Betsey (Eames) Bates, 16 Jan., 1882. 


David" Dexter, son of David"' [John''. John% William^ Thomas^J 
and :\rai'Y [Butler] Dexter, was born 20 April, 1790, and 
died 6 Jan., 1871. He married Chloe Hazeltine. 2 Feb.. 
1815, at AVardsboro, Vt. She was a descendant of Edward 
Rawson. who was the Secretary of the ]\Iassachusetts Bay 
Colony. Edward Rawson 's grandmother was the sister to 
Edmund Vrindal, who became the renowned Archbishop of 
Canterbury in the reign of Queen Elizabeth. 

Four children : 

441 i Laban H.' Dexter, b. 7 March, 1816; ni. Ann W. Morse, 13 

May, 1847. No children. 

442 ii Laura" Dexter, b. 24 May, 1818; d. 16 Sept., 1889; m. Francis 

W. Jones, May, 1S37. 

443 iii Eleanor M.' Dexter, b. 3 March, 1820; d. 31 Jan., 1833. 

444* iv D. Gilbert" Dexter, b. 29 March, 1833; m. Ellen Simonds. (i 

Feb., 1856. 


Daniel'' Dexter, son of David'' [Jolnl^ John", William-, Thomas^] 
and i\!ai-y [Butler] Dexter, was born 30 May, 1792, and 


died 30 May, 1862. lie married (1) Iladassah Johnson. 
1824; (2) Roxalana Johnson, 24 Dec, 1829. 

Four children : 

445 i Chandler' Dexter, b. 10 July, ISr.l ; d. 4 Au^.. 183;?. 

446 ii Mair Dexter, b. 20 Feb., 1834; ni. Wales TLWillard. Nov.. 18.54. 

447 iii Eleanor M.' Dexter, b. 31 May, 183(i; ni. Wells M. White '>8 

Aug., 1860. • ' 

448 iv Sara M.^ Dexter, b. .5 May, 1838; m. (1) William S. Knowlton, 

13 Feb., 1867; (2) Howard M. Burke. 12 .Ian., 1SS7. 


Silas" Dexter, .son of David'^ [John^, John-, William-. Thomas^] 
and :\lary [Butler^] Dexter, was born 6 Dec, 1794, and 
died 7 April, 1850. He married (1) Irene Hall, 1826; (2) 
Maria Taylor. 10 Jan.. 1838. He was Representative in 

Four children : 


i Irene .H.' Dexter, b. in Wardsboro, Yt., 27 Sept., 1833; m. 
Chester B. Dexter, 26 Xov., 1860. 
ii Lueie A.^ Dexter, b. 31 April, 1836; d. 10 June, 1868; m. George 
Knight, 4 July, 1865. 

451 iii Frank' Dexter, b. 6 March, 1838; d. 8 Dec, 1886. ' 

452 iv Laura' Dexter, h. 8 June, 1841; ni. Darwin C. Blanciiard, 12 

Jan.. 1869. 


Jonathan Mills'' Dexter, son of Jonathan^ [John^ Johnl Wil- 
liam-. ThomasM and Hannah [Church] Dexter, was born 
at Wardsboro, Vt., 26 April, 1788, and died in Baltimore, 
IMd., 28 April, 1844. He obtained his education in his 
native town, but very early in life moved to Boston, :\Iass., 
where he started in business in a small way. He, however, 
soon developed a desire for mercantile pursuit, and soon 
went into the real estate business, which he found congenial 




to liis tastes, and he was quite succes«fiil from the start, 
lie opei'ated in Boston, Camhridge and Roxbury. He then 
turned liis attention to Lowell, and was a very larg-e owner 
of land there, at one time owning' the land where the City 
Hall. High School and most of the factories now stand. 

]\rr. Dexter founded the town of Dracut. opposite 
the city of Lowell, and was insti'umental in having a bridge 
eonnect the two places. He also purchased 10,000 acres 
of land in ]\[aine. His operations in real estate extended 
over a considerable part of the country, and it was while 
he was at Baltimore, Md.. to close a large deal that he 
suddenly died. 

j\lr. Dexter took a great interest in young men, and wa,s 
instrumental in starting more than a score of them in busi- 
ness. In religion he was a strict Presbyterian. He died 
at the age of 4(), having amassed a large fortiuie for those 
limes and. what is better yet, gained the esteem of his fel- 




Mr. Dexter mari'ied TIan'ict S. ]\Iorse. 28 Jan.. 1828. 
She was born in Xewfane, Vt., 27 Nov., 179(), and died in 
Boston, ]\rass., 10 Mny, 1811. Hari'iet Siverly Morse was 
the daiig-hter of Elienezer IMorse of Boylston, IMass. 
Her mother Avas Henrietta Morse of New York, 
born in 1767 and died in 1858. Her father was 
an architect and l)ni]der, and ])nilt the first mill at New- 
fane, Vt. In 1782 he left New York, where he was then 
living, bound for Halifax, N. S. He was engaged in the 
Department of Artifices in the service of King George III. 
He was granted a l)oniity of land by proclamation of the 
King. Her grandfather. Rev. Ebenezer IMorse of Boylston, 
was invited to settle over the new chnrch, and after some 
bargaining about salary he consented to do so. He was 
installed 26 Oct., 1748, six chnrches assisting. The meeting- 
honse at that time was not finished ; it had neither pnlpit, 


pews, doors nor even a permanent floor. It was completed 
the next year (1744). Individnals built their own pews 
where spaces were granted to them, as was customary, and 
this continued until 1761. Mr. Morse remained with the 
church twenty-five years, but when the disaffection of the 
Colonies arose he appeared as a Koya.list, and as the church 
people were patriotic, there was a difference between them, 
and he was dismissed 10 Nov., 1755. He remained in town, 
however, and took up the practice of medicine and also 
fitted students for college. Mr. Morse was born in Medfield, 
2 March, 1718 ; graduated at Harvard College 1737 ; studied 
law Avdth John Chandler. He wa«s married to Persis, daughter 
of John Bush. She was a descendant of John Howe, who 
came from England and who was connected with Lord 
Charles How, Earl of Lancaster, in reign of Charles I. She 

was born ■; died 6 May, 1788. He died in 1802, 

aged 83 years. 

Nine children, l)()rn at Boston, Mass. : 

453 i Samuel Adams' Dexter, b. 3 Feb., 1824; d. 17 Ajiril, 1856. 

454* ii Frances Henrietta' Dexter, b. 26 June, 1825 ; m. James . P. 

Tolman, 1 Oct., 18 46. 
454A iii Harriet Augusta" Dexter, b. 19 Sept., 1827; d. 20 Oct., 1828. 
455* iv Augustus Charles" Dexter, b. 28 Aug., 1829; m. Alice Gilbert, 

22 Oct., 1875. 
456 V George Mills' Dexter, b. 28 Feb., 1832; d. 12 Aug., 1853. 
456A vi Henry Montgomery' Dextor, b. 6 Nov., 1833; m. Eliza H. Mc- 

Connell, 25 Aug., 1863. 
457* vii Harriet Siverly' Dexter, b. 6 Nov., 1835; d. 2 May, 1859; m. 

Charles Stephenson, 22 Dec, 1856. 

458 viii William' Dexter, b. 1 April, 1839; d. 4 April, 1839. 

459 ■ ix Helen A.' Dexter, b. 26 Oct., 1840; m. Charles Stephenson, 9 

Jan., 1862. 


Oliver'' Dexter, son of Jonathan^ [John^ Jolnr, William-, 
Thomas'] and Dolly [White] Dexter, was born 11 Dec, 
1802, and died 5 April, 1882. He married Louisa Preston, 
19 Sept., 1830. 


They had six childivn. hofii in Wni'dsboi-n, Vt. : 

460 i Kmily' Dexter, b. L';i Oct.. ]88'2. 

461 ii Cliarles" Dexter, h. 6 Sept., LS39 ; d. 17 Mardi, LSS9 ; in. Harriet 

Morse, 17 March, 1868. 

462 iii Frances' Dexter, b. in Addison, Vt., 27 .April, 1837; m. Benjamin 

C. Haywood, 23 Sept., 1858. 

463 iv Oliver' Dextei', b. 7 ,Tulj, 1840; m. Rosalia C. Larkin, 24 June, 

464* V Horace' Dexter, b. 2.1 .Tnn., 1843; ni. Lora R. GritYin. 16 May, 

465 vi Harriet' Dexter, li. (! :\[ay, 184(i; ni. Mills .1. Landou, 25 Feb., 

1868. . 


Joseph W." Dexter, son of Jonathan-^ [John\ Jolin', William', 
Thomas^] and Doily [White] Dexter, was boi-n 14 April, 
1811. lie married IMary F. Morse, 11 Nov., 1884. 

They had six children : 

466 i Josephine M.' Dexter, b. in Boston, 19 Oct., 1835; d. 2 Sept., 


467 ii Linus G.'' Dexter, b. in Wardsboro, Vt., 29 Dec, 1839; d. 19 

Sept., 1854. 

468 iii E. Milton' Dexter, b. 28 July, 1842; m. E. Aline Osgood, 17 

Jan., 1883. 

469 iv Stella A.' Dexter, b. 8 Dec, 1845; m. T. G. Nash, 14 May, 1866. 

470 V Ellen M.' Dexter, b. 5 July, 1848; d. 2 July, 1854. 

471 vi Oharles D.' Dexter, b. 11 Oct., 1855; m. Eleanor C. Morse, 25 

Juno, 1884. 


Linus W.'' Dexter, son of Jonathan-^ [John*, John\ William^, 
Thomas^] and Dolly [White] Dexter, was born in Wards- 
boro, Vt., 24 May, 1813, and died Febrnary, 1899. He 
married Caroline Carpenter. 

Linns Dexter went to Philadelphia early in life and there 
laid the foundation for his fortune in the confectionery 


and fancy baking- business. He afterwards extended the 
business to other large eastern cities. He was known as 
the inventor of the ' ' angel cake. ' ' He was fond of good 
horses, and years ag-o his stables in Philadelphia contained 
some of the finest animals in the country. He met with 
business reverses at one time, but set to work manfully and 
amassed a second fortune. 

Mr. Dexter had a tender heart for the ])()or and needy, 
but so modest and secret was he in his acts of charity that 
none but his closest friends knew of them. He was always 
honest and upright in his business, and was never kno\^^l 
to be harsh to the poor in his tenements or exacting to his 
debtors. He died at Vineland, N. J., aged S6, and left a 
fortune of $500,000, which he had willed to his wife. His 
wife died shortlv before he did. 


Anna'' Dexter, daughter of Reul)eU' [John*, Johm', William^, 
Thomas'] and ^lary [Tobey] Dexter, was born 11 July. 
1779, and died 5 Dec, 1867. She married Abner Hall, 4 
Nov., 1819. ]\rr. Hall was a ship carpenter. 

Six childi'en, born in IMattapoisett : 

472' i Laura A.' ITall. b. • ; d. 16 Nov., 1872; m. Capt. Josei^h R. 

Taber (wlialing captain). 

473 ii Martha' Hall. 

474 iii Lucy' Hall, b. 9 Sept., 1825; d. 2 Nov., 1880; m. Henry Taylor 

.(merchant in Mattapoisett). 

475 iv Emily' Hall, b. 7 Aug., 18.30; d. 16 May, 1884; m. Wyatt Snow, 

7 July, 1850. He was a carpenter. 

476 V Abner' Hall. b. 13 A])ril, 1835;- d. 31 May, 1883; m. Lucinda 


477 vi Nathan' Hall. 

232 • 

Clarissa'' Dexter, daughter of Reuben^ [John*. John\ William-. 
Thomas^] and ]\lary [Tobey] Dexter, was born 25 INIay, 


1805. and died 23 March, 1867. She married Edward Buell, 
31 July, 1834. Mr. Buell was a ship-joiner and resided at 

Eio'lit children : 

478 i MarrettcV Buell, b. Mattapoisett, 2 Mav, L82.i ; m. Francis Max- 

well, 26 Nov., 1865. 

479 ii Edward Franklin' Buell, b. 6 Oct., 1828; d." 6 Jan., 1831. 

480 iii Sarah Jane' Buell, b. 27 July, 1831; ni. John Meigs, 19 June 


481 iv Edward W.' Buell, b. 13 Oct., 1834; d. 17 March, 1836. 
V Eliza L. B.' Buell, b. 17 April, 1837; d. 23 Nov., 1841. 

vi Eeuben D.' Buell, b. 25 May, 1841 ; d. 14 Jan., 1844. 
vii Laura J.' Buell, b. 14 April, 1845; d. 17 April, 1857. 
485 viii Edward W.' Buell, Jr., b. 27 Aug., 1849; m. Helen Frances, 
23 June, 1875. 


Mary« Dexter, danuhter of Eeuben^ [.John^ Johu^ William-. 
Thomas^] and Mary [Tobey] Dexter, was born 4 Feb., 1808, 
and died 23 July, 1896. She married Nathan H. Barstow, 
27 Dec, 1829. IMr. Barstow was a ship-builder in I\Iatta- 
poisett before 1861. lie also had saw-mill and box factory. 

Six children : • 





i Helen' Barstow, b. 30 April, 1831; d. 23 Sept., 1855. 

ii Caroline' Barstow, b. 12 Nov., 1832; d. 19 Jan., 1854. 

iii Elizabeth Penn' Barstow, b. 10 Dec, 1S33; d. 22 March, 1854; 

m. Charles D. Hall, 

iv Mary Tobey' Barstow, b. 12 Nov., 1835; d. 9 July, 1838. 

y Mary Tobey' Barstow, 2d, b. Dec, 1838; d. 8 May, 1854. 

VI Nathan Hammond' Barstow, b. 6 July, 1842; d. 10 Sept., 1843. 


Caroline^' Dexter, daughter of Reuben-^ [John^. John'^, AVilliam^, 
Thomas^] and I\lary [Tobey] Dexter, was born 14 :\rareh, 


1814, and died 2 July, 1856. She married Daniel Smith, 
1 Jan., 1840. 

Six children : 

492 i Caroline Dexter' Smitli. h. in Ne^v Bedford, 4 July, 1841; d. 

• 4 Nov., 1852. 
A9?, ii Mary Leonard' Sniitli, b. in New Bedford, 1.1 Feb., 184.3; d. 
23 April, 1847. 

494 iii Daniel Herbert' Smith, b. in New Bedford, 10 .Tan., 1845; m. 

Helen A. Lane, 26 May, 1869. 

495 iv Leonard Dexter" Smith, b. in Eutland, 1 Nov., 1848; m. Emma 

J. Kinney, 5 Jnly, 1904. 

496 V Mary Addie Adelia' Smith, b. in Kutland, 17 Nov., 1850; d. 21 

June, 1854. 

497 vi Carrie Barstow' Smith, b. in Rutland, 14 May, 1854; m. Goorffe 

S, Russell, 15 May, 1878. 


Edward" Dexter, son of Edward^ [Noah\ Benjamin^, William^ 
Thomas^] and Mary [Babcock] Dexter, was born 13 Nov., 
1766, and died 18 Sept., 1845. He married Biah Barlow. 

Six children : 

498 i Mary' Dexter, b. ; m. James Eipner, 29 March, 1832. 

499 ii Susan' Dexter, b. ISIO; d. 10 May, 1887; m. Edward Ripuer. 
500" iii Allen' Dexter, b. 1807; d. 29 April, 1878; m. Phebe Heard, 24 

April, 1842. 
501'^ iv James' Dexter, b. 24 Nov., — ; d. 22 INIay, 1856; m. Hannah 
Mendall, 22 Aug., 1836. 

502 V Wilson' Dexter, b. . No family. 

503 vi Edward' Dexter, b. . No family. 


Captain Samuel" Dexter, son of EdwarcP [Noah*, Benjamin^ 
Willianr, Thomas\) and Mary [Babcock] Dexter, was born 
30 Sept., 1773, and died 30 Sept., 1856. He married Mercy 
Keen in 1800. Captain Dexter moved to Smithfield, N. Y., 


about 1815 and bought a farm, which was always the family 

Twelve children : 

504 i Sarah^ Dexter, b. in Eochester, 2 Oct., LS02 ; d. in infancy. 

505 ii Perries' Dexter, b. in Eochester, 17 Sept., LS03 ; d. in infancy. 
506* iii Sumner' Dexter, b. in Eochester, 23 March, 1805; d. 7 March, 

1868; m. Deborah Edwards, 13 July, 1837. 

507 iv Alary' Dexter, b. in Eochester, 4 April, 1807; d. 3 Feb., 1849; 

ni. (1) Cornelius Stewart, 1829; (2) Otis P. Granger, 1837. 

508 V Jolm Albert' Dexter, b. in Eochester, 11 Feb., 1809; d. 20 N^^ 

509^ vi Jane' Dextor, b. in Eochester, 4 May, 1811; d. 12 Nov., 1867; 

m. Frederick Ward. 
510* vii Caroline' Dexter, b. in Eochester, 11 Nov., 1812; d. 7 April, 

1870; m. Ona T\Tiite, 24 Dec, 1834. 
511* viii James' Dexter, b. in Eochester, 21 Dec, 1814; d. 14 May, 1861; 

m. Pamelia Dexter, 20 Sept., 1849. 
512* ix Samuel' Dexter, Jr., b. in Smithfield, N. Y., 17 Jan.. 1816; d. 

28 Jan., 1888; m. Mary Coon, 8 Jan., 1841. 
513 X Charlotte' Dexter, b. in Smithfield, N. Y., 28 Feb., 1818; d. 25 

May, 1874. 
514* xi Sarah M.' Dexter, b. in Smithfield, N. Y., 24 Dec, 1819; d. 

26 May, 1894; m. James A. Parmelee, 13 Oct., 1842. He 

died 15 Nov., 1854, leaving three children. 
515* xii David H.' Dexter, b. in Smitlifield, N. Y., 5 March, 1822; d. 

25 March, 1863; m. Mary Dana, 1848. 


Joseph'' Dexter, son of Benjamin-^ [Noah^ Benjamin^ William^, 
Thomas^] and Priscilla [Benson] Dexter, was born 3 July, 
1759. He married Mary Luce, 14 Oct., 1779. 

Seven children, born at Tisbury : 

516* i Benjamin' Dexter.; m. Betsey Hilman, 1809. 

517* ii Elisha' Dexter; m. Eliza Merry. 

518 iii Charles' Dexter; m. Sally Baxter, 1808. 

519* iv Ira' Dexter; m. Harriet Dunham. 

520* v Joseph' Dexter; m. Charlotte Alorton. 

521 vi Polly' Dexter; m. .John Baxter, 27 Jan., 1805. 

522 vii Priscilla' Dexter; m. Bartlett Allen. 



Noah'' Dexter, son of Benjamin^ [Noah*, Benjamin^ William-, 
Thomas^] and Priscilla [Benson] Dexter, was born 4 Jnne, 
1762, and died 25 April, 1816. He married Mary Delano, 
27 Nov., 1788. 

Eleven children : 

523 i Sophia^ Dexter, b. 12 Dec, 1790; d. 5 Sept., 1813; m. Caleb 


524 ii Abner' Dexter, b. 1 Dec, 1792; d. 1826. 

525 iii Plarper D.' Dexter, b. 17 Dec, 1794; d. July, 1821. 

526 iv Polly' Dexter, b. 13 Feb., 1797; ni. Caleb Handy. 

527 V Cynthia' Dexter, b. 29 Nov., 1799; d. 1882; m. Andrew Allen. 

528 vi Lydia D.' Dexter, b. 6 July, 1802; d. 13 Apr., 1819. 

529 vii Elizabeth' Dexter, b. 23 Jan., 1804; d. 8 Nov., 1819. 

530* viii Eodolphus W.' Dexter, b. 15 April, 1806; d. 25 April, 1862; m. 
(1) Andria C. Fuller, 1833; (2) Mary H. Taber, 12 Dec, 

531 ix Mary Ann' Dexter, b. 28 Sept., 1808; d. 13 Oct., 1808. 

532 X Priscilla' Dexter, b. 3 June, 1810; d. 29 Nov., 1810. 

533 xi Charlotte' Dexter, b. 17 Feb., 1812; m. Frederick Barden. 


Benjamin'"' Dexter, son of Benjamin-' [Noah\ Benjamin^ Wil- 
liam-, ThomasVi and Priscilla [Benson] Dexter, was bora 
18 July, 1778, and died 14 Sept., 1846. He married Ruth 
Delano, 1 Jan., 1797. 

Nine children : 

534 i Priscilla' Dexter, b. in Rochester, 6 April, 1S07 ; d. 7 Oct., 1896; 

m. Hezekiah Coleman, 10 Feb., 1830. 
535^ ii Lucy' Dexter, b. 5 March, 1809; m. Timothy Clifton, 6 Jan., 

536 iii ,losiah' Dexter, b. 17 Sept., 1810; d. 8 Nov., 1890; m. Mary 

Wing, 8 Sept., 1841. 

537 iv Mary A.' Dexter, b. 27 Sept., 1812; d. 30 Dec, 1890. 

538* V Lydia' Dexter, b. 5 Feb., 1814; m. James Hammett, 8 Oct., 1836. 


539* vi Benjaniiu' Dexter, 1). 1 June, LS17; d. 17 Ajiril, 1879; ni. Eliza- 
beth Delano, 1 .luii.>, 1841. 

540 vii Sylvia' Dexter, b. 30 May, 1819; m. Thomas Caswell. S Aug., 

541* viii Eufus' Dexter, b. 7 Feb., 1S21; in. Elizabeth Washburn, 1 .June, 

.'542. ix Euth' Dexter, b. o March, 1823; d. 27 Jan., 1890; single. 


Isaac" Dexter, son of Jonathan'^ [Benjamin'*, Benjamin-', Wil- 
lianr, Thomas^] and Hannah [Vincent] Dexter, was born 
at Dartmonth, Mass., 15 Oct., 1751, and died in 1848. He 
married Anna Foster of Chilmark, ^lass. He moved to 
Liverpool, Nova Scotia, where their chiklren were horn. 


L .Tohu' Dexter, 1). 1.1 Feb., 1777; m. Waty Atkins, 27 Oct., 1802. Two 
children : 

1. Catherine, b. 17 Sept., 1S03; m. Joseph Aniiis, 1823. 

2. Mary, b. 25 June, 1805. 
TI. Azubah" Dexter, b. 1779; d. 1779. 

IIT. Annie' Dexter, b. (5 Aug.. 1781; d. 23 Sept., 1808; ni. Henry^ Paygent, 
31 Aug., 1802. 

1. Henry A.* Paygent, b. 25 Dec, 1803. 

2. Cynthia^ Paygent. b. 19 Nov., 1805. 

3. Mary Ann-" Paygent, b. 21 Jan., 1808. 

TV. Mary" Dexter, b. 25 June, 1784; d. 25 Dec, 1850; ni. Eev. William 
Paygent, 1 Jan., 1806. They had eleven children, born iu Antig- 
onish, Nova Scotia: 

1. Elizabeth^ Paygent, b. 31 Dec, 1806; m. John Paygent, 1829. 

2. John^ Paygent, b. 12 Nov., 1808 ; ni. Mary Ann Curry, 1835.^ 

3. Mary Ann^ Paygent, b. 13 May, 1810; d. 1899; ni. Stephen 

Harvey, 1837. 

4. William H.** Paygent, b. 6 Aug., 1812; drowned in 1820. 

5. Jane- Paygent. b. 2 Jan., 1815; m. Simeon Kempton. 1834. 

6. Lydia'* Paygent, b. 18 April, 1817; d. 1903; m. John W. 

Eaton, 1844. 

7. Margaref* Paygent, b. 18 April, 1820; d. 1874; m. William 

E. Davison, 1843. 

8. Caroline" Paygent, b. 13 Dec, 1822; d. 1899; m. Joel M. 

Paygent, 1846. 


9. Sarah" Payseii^ b. 13 Jan., 1825; cl. 1904; in. J. P. Chase, 

10. William^ Paygent, b. 12 Aug., 1827; d. 1885; m. Eliza A. 

Harris, 1862. 

11. Leniira** Paygent, b. 7 June, 1831; d. 1904; ni. Dr. Cox, 1856. 

V. Isaac' Dexter, b. 11 Feb., 1787; d. 1854; m. Mercy Freeman, 13 Dec, 

1810. Two chihlrcn, born in Liverpool, N. S. : 
• ]. Letitia' Dexter, b. 2 Dec, 1811. 

2. Ann'" Dexter, b. June, 1822; ni. Thomas Gould. 

VI. Lydia' Dexter, b. 15 Oct., 1789; m. (1) ('a])tain Benjamin Freeman, 

1811; (2) Mathew Park. 
Y-IT. Azubah' Dexter, b. 9 Aug., 1792; d. 9 July, 1828; m. Whitman Free- 
man, 11 Jan., 1817. Five children, born in Milton, N. S. : 

1. Eliza" Freeman, b. 8 Oct., 1818; d. 1820. 

2. George W.* Freeman, b. 15 March, 1820. 

3. p]liza Ann^ Freeman, b. 16 May, 1822. 

4. Alfred' Freeman, b. 30 April, 1824; d. 13 Feb., 1846. 

5. Mary A.^ Freeman, b. 7 A])ril, 1826; m. Charles M. Ford. 

VIII. Joseph' Dexter, b. 9 Marcli, 1795; in. Jerusha Herrington, 10 Dec, 

1823. Five children, born in Brooklyn, N. S. : 

1. Mary Eliza** Dexter; in. Edward McLeod. 

2. (Hon.) I. Vincent* Dexter; m. Agnes Gould. Son, Isaac V." 

Dexter, m. .lanett Starrett. 

3. Azubah* Dexter; in. Captain Edward McLeod. 

4. (Capt.) Josepli H.* Dexter; m. McLeod. 

5. Theresa" Dexter; m. Captain Jason Gardner. 

IX. Listha' Dexter, b. 179S; d. 1800. 


Ebenezer'' Dexter, son of Ebenezer^ [Benjamin^ Benjamin^, 
Willianr, Thoma,s^] and Lydia [Ryder] Dexter, was born in 
Dartmouth, 20 .Inly, 1766. a!id died in 1885. He married 
Aznbah Godfrey. 

Children : 

I. Joseph' Dexter, b. ; lost at sea. 

II. .lohn' Dexter, b. ; lost at sea. 

III. Henry' Dexter, b. • ; m. Ann Smith. Had four children, William'', 

DanieP, IsraeP, Ellen". 
TV. Eoberts' Dexter. 
V. Ebenezer' Dexter. 

Liverpoool, Nova Scotia. 



VI. Catherine' Dexter. 

VII. Godfrey' Dexter, b. ; m. Cynthia Gardner. Son, John A.' Dex- 

ter, b. in ISlova Scotia, 17 Sept., 1826; m. Kate Myra; had six 
children: Arth'ir^, EdwanP, William^, Kate", llcbecca' and Dnvid^, 
all born in Nova Scotia. 


Enoch- Dexter, son of Ebenezer^ [Benjamin*, Benjamin", Wil- 
liam-, Thomas^] and Lydia [Eyder] Dexter, was born in 
1771 at Dartmonth, and died in 1831. He married Salome 
Pindel, 9 Nov., 1794. 

One child : 

I. Smith' Dexter, b. 1817; d. 1889; m. Sophronia Gardner and had seven 
children, all born in Brooklyn, Nova Scotia: 

1. Jedidah^ Dexter; m. Henry Gardner. 

2. Eunice^ Dexter; m. Captain William Cook. 

3. Barzillias* Dexter; m. Susan Gardner. 

4. Azubah'* Dexter; m. Joseph Brown. 

5. Cecilia^ Dexter; m. William Peach. 

('). Willoughby' Dexter; m. Jessie Antony. 
7. Mary* Dexter; m. Charles Peach. 


Samuel'' Dexter, son of El)enezer' [Benjamin^, Benjamin'', 
William'-, Thomas^] and Lydia [Ryder] 'Dexter, was born 
in Dartmouth in 1778, and died 1831. He married Hannah 
Godfrey, 12 March, 1799. 

Ten children, all born in Brooklyn, N. S.: 

I. :\Ielinda" Dexter, b. ?.0 July, ISOO. 

II. Knoclr Dexter, b. S Feb., 1802; m. Hannah Bnrk, IS Jan., 1S27. 

Cbildren: William E." Dexter, :\ratildy" Dexter and .Tenislur 
Dexter, wbo married (ieo. ]\Iiddlemas. 

III. Susanna" Dexter, b. 10 March, 1S04; m. John Kempton, 20 Feb., 


IV. Warren" Dexter, b. II Marcli, 1805; n). Mary S. Kempton; d. 17 

June, 1872. She was b. () March, 1801; d. 9 Nov., 1871. They 
had six children, all b. in Brooklyn, X. S. : 


1 Susannah^ Dt'xter, b. 7 Sei)t., 18.')2; m. Alexander Whartdii, 


2 :Mary Eliza' Dexter, V). 31 May, 1836; in. Joseph I*.. Freeman, 


3 Hannah- Dexter, 1). 4 July, 1838; m. Hezekiah H. Harris, 1865. 

4 Sarah" Dexter, )>. 2U July, 1840; m. Ilenajah :Minerd, 1868. 

5 Joseph' Dexter, 1). 19 April, 1843; d. 1849. 

6 John Kcmi)ton' Dexter, b. 7 Dec, 1844; m. ]\Iartha Kenipton, 

1872. They had seven children, b. in Milton, N. S. : 

1 Mary Snow'' Dexter, 1). 18 May, 1873; ni. Wm. Snow, 1899. 

2 Jessie M." Dexter, b. 15 :\rarch, 1875; m. James Mills, 1901. 

3 Harvey X." Dexter, b. 4 .May, 1877; d. 18 April, 1882. 

4 William S.'' Dexter, 1). 9 Nov., 1879; d. 9 Oct., 1898. 

5 Clittbrd H." Dexter, b. 9 April, 1882. 
(i Warren J." Dexter, b. 28 Oct., 1883. 
7 Harris II.-' Dexter, 1). 14 Sept., 1886. 

\'. Ebenezer' Dexter. 

\'l. Samuel" Dexter, m. Reliecca Gardner. 

VII. Nathaniel' Dexter, b. 1826; ni. Charlotte ( iardner. 

\'III. James" Dexter, unmarried. 

IX. Thomas" Dexter, died at sea. 

X. .roseph" Dexter, d. on shiplxiard. 


Jonathan '^' Dexter, son of David'' [Josiah-*, Benjamin', William-, 
Thomas'] and Sarah [Allen] Dexter, was born 22 Feb., 
17S2. He married Mary Stndley, 17 Mareli. ISO.'). 

Eio'ht children, five liorn in Kocliester, ^lass.: 

543 i Elizabeth" Dexter, b. 10 Aug., 1807; d. 10 July, 1S15. 

544 ii Thankful" Dexter, b. 19 June, 1S09; m. 17 Oct., 1810. 

545 iii Sarah Allen' Dexter, li. 4 Jan., 1815; d. 18 Jan., 1815. 

546* iv .Jonathan K." Dexter, )>. Rochester, 12 Feb., 1812; m. Clarinda 
Smith, 26 Nov., 1838. 

547 V I'amelia" Dexter, 1). 26 Dec, 1815; d. 4 Dec, 1882; m. James 

Dexter, 20 Sept. , 1849. 

548 vi Maria' Dexter, b. 10 July, ISIS; d. 25 .March, 1841; never m. 

549 vii Samuel" Dexter, li. 22 .Jan., 1824; sintrle. 

550 viii Sarah Abigail" Dexter, b. Falmouth, 15 Feli., 1S29; m. William 



E. Allen'' Dexter, s(.n of David' [Josiah^. Benjamin', 
William-', Thomas'] and Sarah [Allen] Dexter, was l)orn 


13 Jan., 1792, and died 30 June, 1848. He married (1) 
Cynthia Pitcher, 1827; (2) Martha Mayhew, 11 March, 1834. 

Three children by first wife and two b}' second: 

551 i David B." Dexter, b. 11 Dec, 1828; d. 10 Oct., 1829. 

552 ii Allen M.' Dexter, b. 11 Dec, 1828; d. 28 Aug., 1830. 

553 iii David' Dexter, b. 24 July, 1831; d. 25 April, 1832. 

554* iv Martha M." Dexter, b. 12 July, 1836; m. Noah Hammond, 2 
June, 1861. 

555 V Stephen' Dexter, b. 10 Jan., 1839; no family. 


Deacon Constant"' Dexter, son of Isaac" [Constant"^, Ben- 
jamin"'', William-, Thomas^] and Kezia [Wing] Dexter, 
was born 9 Aug., 1767, and died 26 March, 1812. He 
married Rebecca BilliHgton. 

Five children, born in Wayne: 

556 i Mercy' Dexter, b. 20 Jan., 1796; m. Samuel Besse. 

557 ii Lois' Dexter, b. 27 Feb., 1797; d. 13 April, 1883; m. Elisha Besse. 

558 iii Elizabeth' Dexter, b. 7 Nov., 1798; d. 18 March, 1875; m. Seth 

559* iv John' Dexter, b. 23 June, 1800; d. Oct., 1887; m. Mary Shaw. 

560 V Samuel' Dexter, b. 11 Aug., 1805; d. 3 Aug., 1857; m. Mary 


Freeman'' Dexter, son of Isaac ^ [Constant*, Benjamin^ 
William'-, Thomas'] and Kezia [Wing] Dexter, was born 
. He married Polly . 

• Fourteen children: 

561 i Nathaniel' Dexter, b. 15 Aug., 1795. 

562 ii Erwin' Dexter, b. 15 Jan., 1797. 

563 iii Freeman' Dexter, b. 12 Dec, 1798. 

564 iv Sumner' Dexter, b. 26 Oct., 1800. 

565 V Amasa' Dexter, b. 18 Feb., 1803. 

566 vi Mary' Dexter, b. 26 Oct., 1804. 


567 vii Alonzo' Dexter, 1). 2 Nov., 1806. 

568 viii Louisa' Dexter, b. 2 Nov., 1806. 

569 ix Gideon' Dexter, h. 3 Oct., 1808. 

570 X Ilannali' Dexter, h. 23 April, 1810. 

571 xi Charles S." Dexter, 1). 27 Feb., 1812. 

572 xii :\[eribah' Dexter, b. 13 May, 1814. 

573 xiii Betsey" Dexter, 1). 20 Jan., 1816. 
574* xiv Sti'phen T." Dexter, b. ll» April, 181S. 


Isaac'' Dexter, son of Isaac'"' [Constant^, Benjamin'', William^, 
Thomas'] and Kezia [Wing] Dexter, was born 18 Feb., 
IIS-I ami died 21 Ang-., 1S6-1-. He married Sally Wing, 

Six children, born in Wayne: 

575 i Anson' Dexter, b. IS Jan., 1807 ;°(1. 3 Dec, 1821. 

576 ii Franc-is' Dexter, 1). 28 Nov., 1808; ni. Mary A. Boynton. 

577 iii Robinson" Dexter, b. 13 May, 1810; m. (1) Betsey Bean; (2) 

:Matil(la Gould. 

578 iv Sylvia' Dexter, b. 2!) Sept., 1816; d. 11 Sept., 1878. 

579 V Sarah' Dexter, b. 30 Aug., 1818; d. 9 Aug., 1837. 

580 vi Nancy' Dexter, b. 25 July, 1820; d. 2 May, 1843. 


Deacon Amasa'- Dexter, son of Isaac' [Constant^, Benjamin'', 
William'-, Thomas'] and Kezia [Wing] Dexter, was born 
6 Jnly, 1786, and died 80 Aug., 1874. He married Martha 
Burgess 28 Oct., 1807. 

Eight children, lx)rn in Wayne: 

i Alice S.' Dexter, b. 18 Aug., 1S08; d. 11 April, 1814. 

Lewis' Dexter, b. 8 April, 1810; d. 11 Fel)., 1889; m. (1) Mitatlah 
Norris, 1834; (2) Mary Dexter 10 Nov., 1859. 
iii Solon' Dexter, b. 11 Dec, 1813; d. 27 March, 1814. 

Kev. Henry V.' Dexter, b. 3 April, 1815; d. 22 July, 1884; n>. 

(1) Nancy C. Herrick, 1845; (2) :\Iary E. Boardman, 1851. 
Alice S.' Dexter, b. 11 Feb., 1818. 

Ihirriet N.' Dexter, b. 28 Sept., 1820; m. James B. Turner, 2 
March, 1847. 














587* vii Edward G.' Dexter, b. 9 April, 1824; m. (1) Harriett R. Thomas, 
G Oct., 1851; (2) :Mary L. Lamson, 3 July, 18G4. 

588 viii 3Iartha A.' Dexter, b. 5 Oct., 1830; in. Harvey A. Lowell, 15 

June, 1856. 


Benjamin'^ Dexter, son of Samuel'' [Samuel*, Benjamin^, 
William'-, Thomas^] and Thankful [Freeman] Dexter, was 
born 17 March, 1760, in Hardwiek, Mass., and died 16 Aug., 
1792. He married Anna Mayo of Rutland, Mass., 10 Get., 
1784. She was a descendant of Rev. John Mayo, first 
minister of North Church, Boston. 

Two children: 

589 i JudalV, Dexter, b. 1788; d. 31 March, 1790. 

590 ii John Freeman' Dexter, 1). ; removed to St. Albans, Vt. ; 

m. Comfort Haskall, 14 Jan., 1812. Child, Mary Melisse, b. 6 
June, 1813. 


Mary'^ Dexter, daughter of SamueP [Samuel*, Benjamin^, 
William'-, Thomas^] and Mary [Clark] Dexter, was born 
in Hardwiek, 18 Jan., 1763. She married John Gorham, 
son of Stephen and Sarah [Freeman (daughter of Deacon 
John)] Gorham, 3 June, 1784. He was boru in 1759 and 
died in Barre, 24 April, 1847. 

Five children: 

591 i Thomas' Gorham, 1). 1784; d. 15 Dec, 1867, at Barre; m. Hannah 

Ulter, 12 Dec, 1811. 

592* ii Susan' Gorham, b. ; m. Xathan Taylor; pub. 27 Nov., 


593 iii John' Gorham, bapt. Feb., 1805. 

594 iv Sally' Gorham, bapt. 24 March, 1805. 

595 V De La Fayette' Gorham, 1)apt. 24 ^larch, 1805. 


Elcazer'' Dexter, son of Samuel'* [Samuel^, Benjamin •■*, 
William'-, Thomas^] and Thankful [Freeman] Dexter, was 


born in Hardwiek, Mass., o Jnly, 1765. He married (1) 
Abigail Dexter, 8 April, 1782; (2) Charity Williams, pub. 18 
Jnne, 1786; she was born in 1768, and died 3 June, 1838, 
Rffe 70. He was a pensioner of the United States. He died 
in 1813. 

Eleven children, all by second wife: 

5!K) i A))i,irail" Dexter, 1). 14 March, 1787; d. 5 July, 1860; ni. Martin 

Euggles, 27 Fel)., 1816. 
597* ii Bethsheba' Carver Dexter, b. 22 Feb., 1789; d. 29 Sept., 1855; m 

Silas Newton, 2(1, 21 June, 1810. 

598 iii Alma' Dexter, b. 1791; d. 26 Jan., 1803. 

599 iv Arethusa" Dexter, 1). 1793; d. 18 Jan., 1803. 

600* V Charity AVilliams' Dexter, b. 5 Aug., 1795; m. (uirdner Newton, 

pub. 17 Sept., 1827. 
601* vi Joseph Dean' Dexter, b. 31 Aug., 1797; m. Oliver Gould, 15 

Nov., 1818. 
002 vii Seth' Dexter, 1). 1800; d. 2 Aug., 1803. 
603 viii Willard' Dexter, b. 13 Sept. , 1802. 
604* ix Arethusa' Dexter, b. 7 Jan., 1805; m. John Johnson, 5 Oct., 1828. 

605 X Thankful Freeman' Dexter, l>apt. 1 Sept., 1811; m. Levi Stevens. 

606 xi Eleazer' Dexter, 1). 7 July, 1813; was a famous musician and 

showman residing in Reading, Vt. 


Samuel' Dexter, son of Samner [Samuel\ Benjaminl Wil- 
liam", Thomas^] and Thankful [Freeman] Dexter, was 
born 9 May, 1773, and died 24 March, 1861. He married 
Sally, daughter of Jacob Williams, 15 Dec, 1796; she was 
born at Middleboro, 1775. and died 1867, age 92. He was 
Ensign, 3800; Lieutenant," 1801; Captain, 1806 ; selectman, 
1811, 1814, 1829. 

Three children: 

607 i Benjamin' Dexter, 1). 6 July, 1798; d. 8 May, 1816. 

608* ii Williams' Dexter, \>. 7 April, 1800; d. 1836; m. :Maria Knowlton, 
3 June, 1828. 

609* iii Alma' Dexter, b. 11 Nov., 1804; m. Joseph Newcomb, pub. 11 
Feb., 1828; d. 1840. They had four minor children in 'l840 
when the father died. John Bayinond was appointed guardian 
t<i tlie children ; Samuel Dexter and Joseph Stone were appointed 
administrators; estate valued at $3800. 



Jedediah" Dexter, son of Samuer [Samuel', Benjamin", Wil- 
liam', Thomas^] and Thankful [Freeman] Dexter, was 
born in Hardwick, 26 Oct., 1777. He married Abigail Eager, 
29 Dec, 17.98; she died 23 Aug., 1828. He was a black- 
smith; sold his wife's interest in farm at Rutland to John 
Wheeler of Rutland in 1819. He died 1 Jan., 1827; left his 
estate to wife, valued at £919. Samuel Dexter was executor. 

Nine children: 

Jane' Dexter, b. 1800; d. 20 Feb., 1802. 

Horace" Dexter, b. 26 Xov., 1802; d. 22 Oct., 1826. 

Mary' Dexter, b. 11 June, 1805; m. Milton Peck, 20 Oct., 1823. 

Thirza' Dexter, bapt. 18 Sept., 1808; d. 10 Feb., 1801). 

Elliot Beckwith" Dexter, b. 1810; d. 27 Aug., 1813. 
vi Sally Beckwith' Dexter, b. 6 May, 1812; d. 18 July, 1830. 

Crighton" Dexter, bapt. 7 ]\Iay, 1816; d. same day. 

Samuel" Dexter, bapt. 24 Xov., 1817. 

Luthera" Gorham Dexter, bapt. 27 Jan., 1820; m. Ebenezer P. 
Staples of Taunton, 26 April, 1841; brick maker, son of Eben- 
ezer and Susanna Staples, b. 1818. After her death he m. 
Mary A. Peck, niece to his first wife, 1845. 


Jonathan" Dexter, son of Samuel'' [Saniuel\ Benjamin^ Wil- 
liam", Thomas^], was born in Hardwick, 1786, and died M 
March, 1856, at Hubbardston, Mass. He married Roxana 
Dean of Raynliam: pub. 29 June, 1812; she was born 1789 
and died 5 Sept., 1872, age 83. 

Five children : 

619* i Cassadra' Dexter, 1). 1 Sept., 1813; m. Lemuel F. Taylor, 9 April, 
Jonathan" Dexter, b. 23 Oct., 1815. Removed to ^lissouri. 
Benjamin" Dexter, b. 28 Dec, 1817. 
Samuel B." Dexter, b. 10 May, 1825; d. 15 Feb., 1827. 
Child b. and d. Oct., 1827. 





























Miriam'" Dexter, daughter of Ichabod' [Samuel', Benjamin^ 
William^, Thomas'] and Abigail [ ] Dexter, was born in 
Hardwiek. She married Asa Hedge of Hardwick, 31 May, 
1780. He was born in 1756 and served in the Revolutionary 
War. He was the son of Elislia' Hedge and Deliverance 
Hedge ; the father served in the French and Indian War, and 
also in the War of the Revolution, serving in latter war with 
his three sons, John, Solomon and Asa. His grandfather, 
Elisha' Hedge of Shrewsbury, who married Martha, the 
daughter of Daniel Johnson of Marlboro, lived in Shrews- 
bury, Boston, Worcester, Marlboro, Barre and Hardwick. 
He was styled tailor in 1745; shopkeeper, 1761; trader, 1765; 
gentleman, 1767. He served also as a commissary in the 
French War, 1755. He died in Barre, 1788. 


Lucy'^ Dexter, daughter of Ichabod' [Samuel\ Benjamin'', Wil- 
liam", Thomas^] and Abigail [ ] Dexter, was born 6 July, 
1762, and died 1833. She married Moses Cheney, Jr. , of War- 
wick, -4 eluly, 1782; was in Orange, 1791. He was born in 
Newton, 28 Feb., 1759, and died 27 April, 1833. He was 
selectman of Orange, 1800, 1801, 1802. He was supposed 
to be a descendant of Ebenezer or Nathaniel Cheney of 

Eleven children : 

624 i Milla' Cheney, b. 24 March, 1784; d. 1817; m. David Holden. 

625 ii Samuel' Cheney, b. 11 :Marcli, 1786; d. 1796. 

626* ill Luther' Cheney, b. 9 May, 1788; d. 1848; ni. Sabra Allen. 

627 iv Hannah' Cheney, b. 24 Oct. , 1789 ; d. 1867 ; m. Nathan Parmenter. 

628 V Abigail' Cheney, b. 1792. 

629 vi Moses' Cheney, b. 22 May, 1794; m. Ruth Cheney, 4 March, 

1823; b. 7 Oct., 1795. 

630 vii Lucy' Cheney, b. 13 Aug., 1797; d. 1802. 

631 viii Samuel' Cheney, b. 17 Sept., 1799; m. ^lary Ann Rice. 


632 ix John' Cheney, b. 2C-, Feb., 1802; m. Harriet Thurston. 

633 X Edward' Turner Cheney, b. 31 July, 1S04; m. ^Mary Johnson. 
634* xi Rhoda" Battle Cheney, 27 Sept., 1800; m. Adams French, Jr., 3 

April, 1825; (2) Cheney Lewis, b. 17!»8; d. 14 Jan., 1861. 


Lydia" Dexter, dauo-hter of IchabocF [Samuel\ Benjalnill^ Wil- 
liam', Thomas^] and Abigail [ ] Dexter, was born 

, and died 27 April, 1844. She married Sherman 

Battle of Orange; he was l)orn in 1773 and died in 1837. 

Nine children: 

Ichab(id' Dexter Battle, b. 5 March, 1801. 
Elizabeth' Battle, b. 15 July, 1802. 
Lydia' Battle, b. 3 Nov., 1803. 
Lourinda' Battle, b. 20 Dec, 1805. 
Rhoda' Battle, b. 27 INIarch, 1808. 
Phinehas' Parkman Battle, b. 21 May, 1811. 
Clarissa' Battle, b. 5 Nov., 1815. 
Mary C Battle, b. 21 March, 1818. 
Esther' Battle, b. 28 March, 1810. 



















John'^ Dexter, son of Job' [Samuel^ Benjamin", William^ 
Thomas^] and Mercy [Hinkley] Dexter, was born in Hard- 
wick, 3 Jan., 1769. He married (1) Lncy Dennis, 1 Dec, 
1803; she died 15 Dec, 1817, age 31 years; (2) Persis 
Gilbert, 29 Jnly, 1821. He was a farmer. He died 7 May, 
1836. Estate valued at $4069. Lucy Dennis was daughter 
of Adonjah and Eunice [Sibley] Dennis. Adonjah was 
born 1759 and was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. He 
died in 1844. His wife was Eunice Sibley of New Salem, 
born 1760 and died 1842. The father of Adonjah was 
Samuel Dennis, a Baptist minister, born in Sutton ; removed 
to Petersham, where he preached several years, and after- 
wards to Hard wick, where he died, 1784. 


Seven children, five by first wife, two by second: 

644 i Anna Wheeler^ Dexter, b. 17 Oct., 1804; m. Amos K. Smith of 

Wendell, 12 June, 1826. 
645* ii Foster Dennis' Dexter, b. 19 July, 1806; d. New Salem, 3 March, 

18()5; m. Phebe . 

646 iii Fanny Beckwith' Dexter, b. 13 Feb., 1809; m. Rufus Day of 

New Salem, 22 Nov., 1830. 

647 iv Job' Dexter, b. 28 Nov., 1811; d. in Barre 1 April, 1849; m. 

Rhoda P . One child. 

648 V Mercy Hinkley' Dexter, b. 20 May, 1815; d. 8 May, 1847; m. 

David L. Winslow of Barre, 22 March, 1837. 

649 vi Henry Walker' Dexter, b. 22 Oct., 1821; d. 21 May, 1900. 

650 vii Horace' Dexter, b. 26 Sept., 1825; d. 17 May, 1900. 


Anna Dexter," dangliter of Job'^ [Salmlel^ Benjamin'', Willianr, 
Tliomas^] and Mercy [Hinkley] Dexter, was born in Hard- 
wick, 22 July, 1770. 8he married Thomas*' Wheeler, Jr., of 
Hardwick, 3 June, 1790. He was born in Hard wick, 3 
March, 1767, and was a descendant of George^ Wheeler of 
Concord, 1638; one of the first settlers of Concord. Thomas" 
Wheeler was a very ingenious blacksmith and iron founder. 
He was long in the military service, was Captain in 1801 ; 
Major in 1811; Colonel in 1813. He resided in Hardwick 
until 1818, when he moved to Ticonderoga, N. Y.; returned 
in 1830, and died in Worcester, Mass., 26 April, 1851, aged 
84. He was buried in the family lot in the old cemetery at 
Hardwick, Mass., where subsequently a monument was 
erected V)y his son, William Augustus. His wife died 20 
March, 180-4, and he married Mary, daughter of Timothy 
Paige, 14 Feb., 1805. She died in 1828 and he married 
twice afterwards. Seven children by first wife, and eight by 
second wife. 

Children l)y first wife: 

651 i Charles MVheeler, b. 26 March, 1791. 

652 ii A child, b. ; d. 2 May, 1793. 

653 iii Sally' Wheeler, 1). 28 April, 1794; m. 3 Nov., 1814, Daniel 



6o4 iv A child, b. ; d. in infancy. 

655* V William Augustus" Wheeler, b. 30 March, 17i»8. 

656 vi A child, h. Nov., 1800; d. 26 Jan., 1801. 

657 vii A child, b. ; d. 4 July, 1802. 


Ruth'' Dexter, daughter of Job' [Samuel\ Benjamin'', William", 
Thomas^] and Mercy [Hinkley] Dexter, was liorn 20 March, 
1773, and died 1847. 8he married David Allen, Jr., son of 
David and Lydia Allen of Hardwick. He died 3 Feb., 1835, 
leaving wife and four daughters and one son. The will 
gave wife one-third real estate together with one bedstead 
and bedding; eldest daughter, $1; second daughter, $5; 
third daughter, $10; youngest daughter, $5; grandson, 
Frederick Allen, his gig; only son, Willard Allen, all the 
rest and residue if he will pay all debts and support youngest 
daughter, Anna, until her marriage. Son to be executor; 
Moses Allen, Anson F. Allen, Daniel Wheeler, witnesses. 

Five children: 

658 i Eluthera' Allen, b. ; m. Gleason. 

659 ii Clarissa" Allen, b. ; m. Amaziah Spooner of Amherst, 1825. 

660 iii Sarah B.' Allen, b. . 

661 iv Anna" Allen, Ij. . 

662 V Willard" Allen, b. . Had son, Frederick Allen, mentioned 

in grandfather's will. 


Deacon Ichabod" Dexter, sou of Job' [Samuel', Benjamin', 
William^ Thomas^] and Mary [Walker] Dexter, was born 
19 Dec, 1775, and died 11 May, LS51, aged 7G, at Hard- 
wick. He was a farmer, sold his wife's interest in farm at 
Rutland to John Wheeler of Rutland, in 1819. He was 
deacon of church. He married (1) Sally Eager, 5 May, 
1803; she died 25 July. 1821, age 10; (2) Alice Amidon. 26 
March, 1822; she died 26 June, 1830, age 39. 


Five cliildren l\v first wife and four by second: 

663 i One child, b. March, 1804; d. Aprib 1804. 

664* ii Zenas Hiiikley' Dexter, b. 9 :\Iay, 1806; m. (1) Sarah Penniman, 
1831; (2) LucindaWoud, 28 Aug., 1837. 

665 iii Harriet Jane' Dexter, b. 15 Aprib 1810; d. 26 Aug., 1835; un- 

666* iv EdwarcP Dexter, b. 3 Nov., 1811; m. Louisa Powers, 6 June, 

667 V Philena" Dexter, b. 23 May, 1815; d. 5 Sept., 1839; unmarried. 

668* vi Hannah" Dexter, b. 26 March, 1823; ni. Lj'sander Powers; pub. 
21 May, 1842. 

669 vii Sally" Dexter, b. 6 May, 1825; m. James P. Fay, 8 April, 1845. 

670 viii Ruth' Dexter, b. 30 May, 1827; m. Zenas D. Tinney of Newburg, 

Me., 6 Nov., 1856. 

671 ix John Bangs' Dexter, b. 30 July, 1829. At the death of his 

mother in 1830, he was adopted by uncle, Elijah Bangs, and 
removed to Springfield, ^lo. He Avas Mayor; served in the 
Civil War; was postal agent with headquarters at Portland, 
Ore., and Springfield, JNIo. 


Jonathan'' Morton, son of Mary^ [Sanniei*, Benjamin\ Wil- 
liam", Thomas'] Dexter, and Benjamin Morton, was born 

. He married (1) Jennie Holt, 1796; (2) Esther 

Burnett, 1800. 

One child l)y first wife, two by second: 

672 i Jane' Morton, ni. Daniel Kent. 

673 ii Hiram' Morton. 

674 iii Andrew' ]Morton. 


James'' Morton, son of Mary' [Samnel*, Benjamin^ William", 

Thomas'] Dexter, and Benjamin Morton, was born . 

He married Jerusha or Chloe Fur])ush. 

Five children: 

675 i James' Morton, b. 1787. 

676 ii Chloe' :Morton, b. 1789. 


677 iii Chester' Morton, b. — ; m. Rosanna Furbush. Son, James 


678 iv Betsey ~ Morton, m. Alonzo Stamford. 

679* V Alexander' Morton, ]>. 1811; m. IMartha Wheeler. Two children. 


Esther'^ Johnson, daughter of Sarah' [Sarauel', Benjamin', 
William", Thomas^ ] and Solomon Johnson, married 
Joseph Lord, 1786, son of Thomas^ [Joseph^ Joseph^ 

Thomas", Robert^] . She was born , and died . 

After her death her hnsband married Unity Rnggles, 1805. 
He was born 26 Oct., 1763, and died 11 Jnly, 1832, age 69. 
Unity died 10 Feb., 1810, age 59. 

Four children: 

680 i Luther' Lord, b. 9 Dec, 1788. 

681* ii Vashney' Lord, b. 19 May, 1791; d. 20 Sept., 1844; m. 
Sarah . 

682 iii Esther^ Lord, b. 15 Aug., 1809. 

683 iv Persia' Lord, b. 15 Aug., 1813; m. (1) Moses Dexter, 13 April, 

1837 ; (2) Jennison. 


Patty" Johnson, daughter of Sarah^ [Samuel^ Benjamin^ Wil- 
liam", Thomas^] Dexter, and Solomon Johnson, was born 
. She married John King. 

Two children: 

684 i Joseph' King, born . 

685 ii Luther' King, b. . Son, Collings H. King, b. 8 Sept., 1839. 


Sally" Johnson, daughter of Saralf [Samuel', Benjamin^ Wil- 

liam^ Thomas^] and Solomon Johnson, was born . 

He married Joshua Tucker, son of R()l)ert and Martha 
Tucker of Hardwick, pub. 10 March, 1799. Robert and 
Martha came to Hardwick from Morton, Mass., in 1774. 
Robert died 1805 and Martha 1809. Joshua and Sally 
moved to New Salem. 


Three children: 

686 i Ebenezer' Tucker, b. 1807; d. in Hardwick, 22 April, 1857. 

687* ii Alfred' Tucker, b. ISOS; d. in Hardwick, 1866. 

688 iii Joshua' Tucker, b. 181.'!; d. in Hardwick, 22 Nov., 1836. 


Hannah*^ Dexter, daughter of Benjamin' [Samuel\ Benjamin^ 
William", Thomas^] and Hannah [Stone] Dexter, was born 
5 Dec, 1770, and died 18 Sept., 1858. She married Ben- 
jamin Morton, Jr., 13 Oct., 1787. They moved to Florence, 
Oneida Co., N.Y., in 1806. They went with a team, and it 
took them eleven days to accomplish the journey. Benjamin 
bought a farm. In 1814 he moved to Camden, N. Y., and 
in a letter (1814) to his mother he says that his son Samuel 
is living on the farm at Florence ; that the daughter Eunice 
lives within a mile of him, and that Clara is at Black River, 
about 55 miles distant from Camden. Letters are now 
(1904) in existence written by Lucy in 1815 to her grand- 

Nine children: 

689 i SamueP Morton, b. 1796. 

690 ii Eunice' Morton, m. Jonathan Stanhope, 3 May, 1807. 
G91 iii Sally' Morton. 

692 iv Clara' Morton, b. 1785. 

693 V Benjamin' Morton. 

694 vi Mary' Morton, ni. William Eddy. 

695 vii Hephzibah' Morton, m. Hosea Bullock. 

696 viii Susan' INIorton, m. Lot Sexton. 

697 ix Lucy' Morton, b. 1798; m. Grove R. Johnson. 

354 • 

Benjamin'"' Dexter, son of Benjamiir' [Samuel^ Benjamin^ Wil- 
liam", Thomas^] and Hannah [Stone] Dexter, was born at 
Athol, in that part afterwards set off to Orange, 24 Nov., 


1775. He Avas one of nine children, and the only boy 
(except one that died Avhen an infant) there was in the 
family. With the larpe amonnt of forest land that his 
father had to clear, his time mnst have been fnlly occupie'd. 
What schooling he had was at the district school No. 6. His 
father was a lariiv owner of real estate, and we tind that ho 
had some dealings in it, as in IMarch, 180)5, he sold a lot on 
Lyon ITill, so called, in Athol, of eight aci-es, near Captain 
Oliver's lionse. to Calvin Eaton, and at tlie same time and to 
the same person a farm of 113 acres on I^yon Hill ; this last 
he l)()nolit of Aln-aham Nut in 1797. In 1S07 he bonoht of 
his father a part of the (tid homestead and leased the balance 
of it. and from that time on he continned to make that his 
home. Fi-om 1819 to his death, the records show that he 
ciiiivcyed eighteen ])ieces of property. He and his l)rot]ier- 
in-law, John Davis, were the execntors of his father's will. 
His mother, wlio survived his fathei' numy years, made her 
home with him. He and two of his sisters joined the IMeth- 
odist class that was held iii the vicinity. I)n1 after a few 
yeai-s he joined the Baptist Church. He was married four 
times: his tii'st wife was Hephzil)ah Ballai-d of Athol, mar- 
i-ied April, 1798; she was born 25 April. 1779, and died 28 
Dec, 1798. They had no children. He married (2) Anna 
Barrett of Ashley, N. H., on 11 Oct.. 1800; she Avas born 3 
Jnly, 1782, and died 18 Aug., 1803. They had one child. 
His third wife was Betsey lA^gg, daughter of David and 
Hannah Legg of Milford and Orange (see Legg family). 
She was born 21 May, 1780, and married 27 Nov., 1803, and 
died 29 Jnly, 1818. They had seven children. His fourth 
Avife Avas Frances Tnttle, the daughter of Jedediah and 
Lncia (Smith) Tnttle of Winchendon, IMass. (see Tuttle 
family). She Avas born 9 March. 1788, and married 10 Dec, 
1818, and died 13 Aug., 1861. They had four children. 
Benjamin died 18 Sept.. IS.IS. age 83 yeai'S. 

Twelve children : 

G98 i Hephzibah' Dexter, 1>. li-l Dee., ISO-J ; d. 127 .liiiie, 1S4(J ; m. 

Edward T^.allard in ]S41 ; he died 9 Feb., 3847, age 63. No 


099 ii Stephen' Bextcr, b. in Orange, 25 Sept., 1804; d. 29 May, 1832. 
700 ■ iii Anna' Dexter, b. in Orange, 31 March, 180(i; d. 1849; m. Job 

Fry, 1834; he d. 1868. 
701''" iv Aniasa' Dexter, b. in Orange, S' Dec, 1808; d. 1883; m. Eoauna 

Allen; she died 2 June, 1861, age 50. 
702-- V Moses' Dexter, b. in Orange, 26 -Jan., 1811; d. 22 Dec, 1846; 

m. Persis Lord, 13 April, 1837. 
703-- vi David' Dexter, b. in Orange, 10 April, 1813; d. 9 Aug., 1880; 

m. Maria Hubbard of Boylston, 1835. 
704-- vii Aaron' Dexter, b. in Orange, 12 July, 1815; d. 1896; ni. Hester 

McLean. She was b. 1819; d. 1888. 
705 viii Joseph' Clark Dextor, b. in Orange, 21 May, 1818; d. 30 Aug., 

706" ix Simeon' Dexter, b. in Orange, 30 Aug., 1822; d. 1898; m. Maria 

L. Hardy, b. 1828. 
707" X Betsey' Dexter, b. in Orange, 30 May, 1825 ; m. Luther Ramsey. 
708* xi Samuel Stillman' Dexter, b. in Orange, 4 Mareli, 1829; d. 27 

Nov., 1899; m. Maria C. Dewey. 
709" xii George W.' Dexter, b. in Orange, 6 April, 1831; m. F. A. Fry, 

27 May, 1856. 

[Copy of an Old Letter.] 

MoNCKTON, 30th of lltli mo., 1806. 
Eespected Friends B. & H. D. 

these lines are to inform that 1 enjoy my belth better than heretofore. My 
famcly are all in usel helth ; also our aged parents and connections are 
favoured with the same blesing and I hope that these will find you and 
yours enjoying good helth; I often tliink of you and your lonely situation 
as to the ojijiertunity of friend, i'oni[)any, with earnest desires for your 
preservation in the truth. 

Dear Friends, I being acquainted Avith straits temptations and truely 
many \vays even the winding & twineings of <iur Souls enemy to discourage 
dishearten & draw aside from the rite; ya almost reddy to give up all hopes 
at times, yet feel willing to say for all onr encouragement there is that that 
doth at times bare ui> over it all and I oftenest find it by retireing inward, 
by getting still and cjuiet as to the anctions desires and willings and runings 
of my own mind fealing low and luunbic wiling to become as it ware a fool 
in the eyse of the worldly wise for the sake of that that givs peas to the 
mind and causeth to rejoice in hope; ya by thus waiting upon the Lord for 
connsil Ave feel onr iner man to be strengthened he that waiteth upon the 
Lord shall renew his strength also she that waiteth upon the Lord shall 
renew her strength. I hope T may not say to much but fealing a wish for 
your eternel welfare thought there mite be no harm in ]iening a few lines 
byway of encouragement wishing that Ave may all hold out to the end in 


well doing for it is the end that crowns all, therefore it is my ardent desire 
that we may all follow <-lie lamb wheresoever he leafletli. 

So conclude for this ycmr well wishing friend, my wife jornes me in kind 
Love to you all, we also desire to be remembered to all enquireing friends. 

, Samuel Knowels. 

please to write to ns often as way makes. 

William Legg of IMeudon and Milford was p(M-ha])s brother of 
John of ^Nlendon, who Avas one of Selectmen in 1738-1743. 
A¥illiam lived in that part of Mendon that was set off in 1780 
and formed the town of IMilford. He was one of the relief 
expedition that marched to Fort William Henry, Au^nst, 
1757. He was in Capt. Phinehas Lovitt's company. He 
resided on Silver Hill Street and his descendants for three 
^fenerations occnpied the same fann. He married (1) Han- 
nah Nelson, danshter of Gershoni and Abigail (Ellithorpe) 
Nelson. She was boi'n in Rowley. 14 Oct., 1714, and died 
3 Jnly, 1755. He married (2) Elizabeth Tenney, 18 Jan., 
1759 (no children by second wife). He*had seven children, 
two daughters and five sons. All the sons were in the 
service during the Revolutionary War and all wovo in thoir 
cousin, Ca])t. Gershom Nelson's, company. 

Five children : ■ -^ 

1 Gershom Legg, private, b. 1736; m. ^Nlary Underwood in 1757. 

2 Levi Legg, private, b. 1744; m. (1) Mary Beal, 17(57; (2) Keziah 

Ballard, 1795. 
3. David Legg, corporal, b. ; m. Hannah Dewing, 11 March, 1779. 

4 William Legg, private, 1). ; m. Hephziliah Corbett, 4 June, 1779. 

5 Nathaniel Legg, private, b. ; m. Abigail White, 21 Nov., 1771. 

William and David moved to Orange, Mass., sometime in 
1780 or 1781 ; and David, who married Hannah Dewipg, had 
Betsey, who was born 21 May, 1780, and married Benjamin 
Dexter (was his third wife), 27 Nov., 1803. She died 29 
July, 1818. (See No. 354.) 

Revolutionary Rfcord. — David Legg of ]\Iendon, with ra[)t. Gershom 
Nelson's company, marched on alarm of April 19, 1775, to Cambridge and 
Roxbury ; service nine days. Also Gapt. Samuel Warren's company. Col. 
Joseph Reed's 20th Regiment, muster dated 1 Aug.. 1775. Enlisted 27 



Ajiril. l"".!; s('r\i(f tliicc iiiniitlis, twcKo days. Also company returns 
(lalt'il il() Sc^it., 1 77."). 

John^ Tuttle cniiu' over in the " I'lanter" in 1635. He was free- 
iiuiti in Ii)swich, KV-V.) : Representative, 1644; died in Ki.lG, 
;iii(l was l)()rii |)f()ha1)ly 1596. Four children came over with 
liiiii. and there were six nioi'e l)()rn here: 

SiliKiir Tiittle, in. 8arah Coggswell of Jpswicli. 

Cliarlcs'' Tuttle, m. Ann Burnham. 

Charles' Tuttle, 1). 1708; ni. Ann Jewett. Four children. 

Jcdediah' Tuttle, b. 114 Nov., 17.");'>; d. 178:}; m. Lucia Smith of Leom- 
inster, Mass. Her mother was a "Rogers" and a descendant of 
''.Idhii l\oj;ers the iiinrtyv. '' Hi' was a soldier in the Revolutionary 

l-'rauces" Tuttle, b. in Wincheudon ; m. Beujauiin Dexter. (See No. 'A~)4.) 

Wife of John Davis. 


Lucy'' Dexter, daiiuhter ot 1 5('ii.)ainiir"' | SaniueP, Benjamin-', 
William-. Thomas^ | and Hannah | Stone] Dexter, was horn 
24 Dee., 1777, and died in Oran.ue, 21 Aug., 1865, age 
ncarlx SS Ncars. She married 21 Aug., 1806, John Davis, 



the son of Caplain -loliii niul Joaiuia tllixj Davi.s of Jfoyal- 
ston. ]\rass. lie and his father l)oth served in the Revolu- 
tionaiy War, alllionuh John was nol Iheii 17 years of age. 
She was liis second wife, he having a family of five chil- 
dren at the time. Tliey moved to OratiLic and went to keep- 
ing house ill what is now called Ihc "Sylvester Davis" 
house and which is shown in cut. In ISIT) they bought the 
farm of her father, BcMijamin Dcxlcr, and i1 was their 

^ V 


home as long as 1h(\v livt^d: thei-e all their children were 
horn. At the death of her husband in 184(5, the farm was 
willed to her youngest son, Sylvester, upon condition that 
he support his mother, and she continued to enjoy a liome 
there until her (k'ath in 1865. She was a (puet. unassumiug 
lady, and carried out the ideas of the "Sect of Friends,'' 
of which she was a member. The records of the old Meth- 
odist class give her as a member in 1817. She received a 
pension from 184<) until Ikm- death, on account of \\\e s(M-viee 


liec Inisbaiid gaYe during tlie IJoYolutionai'y War. Her lius- 
l)aiid Avas a man of more than ordinary standing in the eom- 
niunity in Avhieh he lived, and was called npon to administer 
the estates of deceased persons; was selectman of Orange, 
1785-86-87 and 1819-20-21. They had six children. Of the 
eleven children that John Davis had, all bnt one lived to 
old age, and all died in the same order in which they were 
horn, which is a singular fact in so large a family. The 
yonngest and last child died hnt a few months ago. 

Eevolutionary Record of John Davis (Vol. TV, page 505, Massachusetts 
Revolution). — John Davis of Eoyalston, Mass., in list of meu mustered by 
Thomas Newhall, muster master for Worcester County, to serve at Rhode 
Island until Jan. 1, 1780; Capt. Woodbury's company, Col. Grout's regiment, 
mustered July 6, 1779; engaged for town of Royalston ; also private Capt. 
Thomas Fisk's company, Col. Nathan Tyler's regiment, enlisted June 28, 
1779; service to Dec. 1, 1779; five months, three days at Rhode Island. Also 
same company and regiment pay-roll for December, 1779. Discharged Dec. 
J 7. 1779; service twenty-two days at Rliode Island. Also same company 
and regiment pay-roll for December, allowing one month and five days for 
service in Rhode Island. 

Will of John Davis (probated 29 April, 1846) : 

Sylvester Davis, Executor, bond .$1500. 

1st. Left his Avife all tlie ]»ersonal property, valued at $152, and a com- 
fortable support as long as she remains a Avidow. If she marries, then she 
is to have $50 per year during her life. 

2nd. Loranna, w'lfo of Aseph Merriam ; Melinda, wife of Joel Johnson ; 
Mary, Avife of Josiah HoAve; Joanna, Avife of Steplien Howard; Nareissa, 
Avife of John Warden; Lucy Ann Barber (widoAv), and my sons Dexter, 
Norris and Daniel, have all had advancements paid them. 

?n-(]. I give to my son, Sylvester Davis, all my real estate, consisting of 
the home farm, etc., A'alued at $1250, })rovided he provide for the support 
of his mother. 

I,, Six children : 

■710" i Dexter' Davis, b. in Orange, 11 Nov., 1807; d. in Corning, N. Y., 

.^jjj 1857; m. Hmily Holden, 27 Nov., 1828. 

7-llJ ii Norris" Davis, b. in Orange, 17 Oct., 1810; d. in Corning, N. Y., 

1 July, 1872; m. (1) Lucy Ann Howard, .'^.0 Oct., 1831; (2) 

]\Irs. Lucy Hill, 12 March, 1857. 
i712>"' iii Narcissa' Davis, b. in Orange, 30 Nov., 1812; d. in Worcester, 
■)-.i7M', Mass.. 14 Oct., 1891; m. .lolm Wnrden. 1837. 



713* iv Daniel' Davis, b. in Orange, 21 Jan., ISK); d. in ('aton, N. Y., 

20 March, 11»00; ni. Rutii Bates, 1S44. 

714* V Lucy Ann" Davis, h. in Orange, 21 Dec, ISIS; d. in Worcester, 

INIass., 4 May, IfHX); ni. Reuel Barber, 10 June, 1S40. 
715* vi Sylvester' Davis, b. in Orange, SSept., 1S22; d. in Orange, Mass., 

21 April, 10()4; ni. Katlierine Johnson. 

Copy of the deed of land known as Sylvester Davis 
homestead : 

Benjamin Dexter of Richmond, X. H., Yeoman, to John Davis of Orange, 
Yeoman. Dated May 1, 1 Sir,. 

A tract of land situate and lying in Orange, ^Tass., lying in three 
pieces. The first piece l)onnded as follows, viz. : Beginning at the south- 
west corner of said tract on the east side of the road, which is the north- 
west corner of J. Lord's land; thence running easterly on the north line of 
said Lord's land, about 100 rods; thence north on tlie west line of P. Lord's 
land; thence easterly on the north line of P. Lord's land to the road; then 
northwesterly on said road to the In-idge below Wheeler's Mills; thence 
westerly on the south line of said Wheeler's land to Asa Lord's; thence 
westerly on the south line of said Lord's land to the first named road ; thence 
southerly on the east side of said road to the place of l)eginning. Said tract 
contains by estimation 100 acres. 

The second tract is a wood lot and liounded as follows, viz. : Beginning 
on the west side of the road at the northeast corner of Benjamin Dexter' s 
land; then running westerly by the south side of said Dexter' s land, 4S rods, 
to a heap of stones; thence southerly on the east line of B. Dexter' s land to 
the Hastings farm (so called) ; thence easterly on the north line of Hastings 
farm to road; then northerly on said road to place of beginning. Said tract 
contains by estimation oO acres. 

The third piece is meadow land, bounded on the north by Asa Lord's 
land; east by Benjamin Adams' land; south and west on David Legg's land, 
containing S acres. Benjamin Dexter. 

Witness: Nancy Perry. Joseph Metcalf, J. P. 

Recorded ',^ June, 1822. 


Phebe'' Dexter, daughter of Benjamin^ [SamueP, Benjamin^, 
William-, Thomas^] and Hannah [Stone] Dexter, was born 
11 Feb., 1780, and died 13 Oct., 1857. She married (1) 
Levi Thurston, 17 July, 1803. He was first to introduce the 
manufacture of scythes in Orange, in 1803. He died 30 May, 
1807. She married (2) Fordyce Ball, 1810. 



She had four children by first husband and six by second 
husband : 

716* i Phebe' Thurston, b. 20 April, 1804; d. 1875; m. (1) Willard 

Walker; (2) Israel Lamb. 
717* ii Priseilla' Thurston, b. 20 April, 1804; d.l884; m.Eichard French, 

23 Nov., 1824. 
718* iii Harriet' Thurston, b. 11 Jan., 1806; d. 22 May, 1869; m. John 

Cheney, 26 Feb., 1826. 
719* iv Susan' Thurston, b. 5 Jan., 1808; m. Ira Whitney, 1829. 
720* V Levi Tliurston' Ball, b. 1811. 
721* vi Elijah' Ball, b. 1813. 
722* vii Hyderlah' Ball, b. ISlfi; d. 1873. 
723* viii Joseph' Ball, b. 28 May, 1817; m. Esther Preble, 1821; (2) 

Cornelia M. Wiley, 1832. 
724* ix Joanna' Ball, b. 1820; m. Houghton Hall. 
725* X Lucinda Maria' Ball; was at school at Wilbraham and South 

Orange in 1841; worked in Boston in 1844; m. S. F. Somers. 


^ Betsey'' Dexter, daughter of Benjamin^ [Samuel*, Benjamin^ 
AVilliara-, Thomas^] and Hannah [Stone] Dexter, was born 
6 July, 1782, and died 21 Dec, 1864. She married Zaccheus« 
Wheeler in 1803. He was a wheelwi'ig-ht by trade, and was 
son of Zaccheus» and Silence (Leland) Wheeler. (See Wheeler 
family.) Betsey and Zaccheus both went to the IMethodist 
class meeting in 1817, and for several years. She received 
from her father, by will, forty acres on north side of turn- 
pike road adjoining the homestead farm, one-third of a 
twenty-acre meadow and about 500 acres of land in Peru, 

Seven children, born in Orange: 

726* i Wilson' Wheeler, b. 5 Oct., 1804; m. Catherine H. Warden. 
727* ii Betsey' Wheeler, b. 21 Jan., 1807; m. Simon Brown Poland. 
728* iii John Wesley' Wheeler, b. 5 Aug., 1811; m. Nancy Foster of 

X 729 iv Benjamin Dexter' Wheeler, b. 22 July, 1814; m. Eliza A. Allen, 

Cincinnati, Ohio. 
730 v Warren' Wheeler, b. 13 Aug., 1816; d. 10 March, 1821. 

« * c 
t t 



731* vi Eliza Ann' Wheeler, b. 4 Oct., 1820; m. Samuel Morse. 

732* vii George Warren' Wheeler, b. 19 Oct., 1826; m. Miriam F. Tit- 
comb of Bangor, Me., September, 1853. She was born 5 Sept., 


George' Wheeler was born in England, came to this country and settled at 
Concord, Mass., before 1640. He died there in 1687. Descendants of 

eighth generation live on same place. He married Katharine ; 

they had eight children, four born in England: 

1. William- Wheeler, b. in England; m. Hannah Bass, 30 Oct., 1659; 

d. 1683. 

2. Thomas- Wheeler, b. in England; m. Hannah Harwood, 1657; d. 


3. Euth= Wheeler, b. in England; m. Samuel Hartwell, 1665; d. 1713. 


4. Elizabeth^ Wheeler, b. in England; m. Francis Fletcher, 1656; d. 


5. Hannah^ Wheeler ; no record. 

6. Sarah- Wheeler; b. in Concord, Mass., 1640; m. Francis Dudley, 

1665; d. 1713. 
*7. John= Wheeler, b. in Concord, Mass., 19 March, 1643; ni. Sarah 
Larkin ; d. 1713. 

8. Alary- Wheeler, b. in Concord, Mass., 6 Sept., 1645; m. Eliphalet 

Fox; d. 1678. 

John^ Wheeler [George^] was born in Concord, Mass., 19 March, 1643, and 
died 27 Sept., 1713. He married Sarah Larkin. 

Nine children, born in Concord, Mass.: 

1. SamneP AVheeler, b. 6 July, 1664; m. Mary Hosmer. 

2. Sarah" Wlieeler, b. ■ ; ni. John Miriam. 

3. Edward' Wheeler, b. 17 July, 1669; m. Sarah Miriam. 

4. Joanna^' Wheeler, b. 21 Dec, 1671. 

5. Mary= Wheeler, b. 16 Sept., 1673; m. Jacob Wood. 

6. Lydia' Wheeler, b. 27 Oct., 1675; m. (1) Timothy Wheeler; (2) 

Nathaniel Stow. 

7. Esther' Wheeler, b. 1 Dec, 1678; m. Samuel Prescott. 
*8. Ebenezer' Wheeler, b. 3 June, 1682; m. Mary Minott. 

9. ThankfuP Wheeler, b. 3 June, 1682 ; m. Jones Prescott. 

Ebenezer' Wheeler [John-, George'] was born 3 June, 1682. He married 
Mary Minott, daughter of James and Eebecca (Wheeler) Minott, 26 
Dec, 1706. ' • 

Six children, born in Concord, Mass. : 

1. Eebekah^ WHieeler, b. 2 Sept., 1712. 

2. Mary* Wheeler, b. 8 May, 1714. 

*3. Ebenezer* Wheeler, b. 6 Jan., 1715-16. 

4. Timothy* ^Vlieeler, b. 21 Feb., 1716-17. 

5. Sarah-" Wheeler, b. 24 ,Tuly, 1720. 

6. James^ Wheeler, b. 7 April, 1722. 

Ebenezer* Wheeler [Ebenezer', John", George'] was born 6 Jan., 1715-16, 
and died 24 Feb., 1801. He married (1) Rachel Wood of Upton, she 
dying 27 April, 1751; (2) Lois Corbet, who died 29 Ma.rch, 1753; (3) 
Mrs. Priscilla Haywood, 5 Sept., 1753; she was born 27 Aug., 1726. 

He had eight children by first wife, one by second wife and eight 
by third: 


1. Ebenezer^ Wheeler, b. 13 April, 17-tl; d. young. 

2. Ebenezer' Wheeler, b. ; d. 24 Oct., 1759. 

3. Jonathan' Wheeler, b. 2 April, 1743; m. (1) Anna Kand; (2) Mary 


4. EacheP Wheeler, b. 14 Jan., 1745; m. Timothy Winter. 
*5. Zaccheus' Wheeler, b. 30 Sept., 1749. 

6. Susanna'' Wheeler, b. 4 Oct., 1746; d. young. 

7. Susanna^ Wheeler, b. ; m. John Thurston. 

8. Mary' Wheeler, b. 20 March, 1751. 

9. Nathan' Wheeler, b. 6 April, 1752. 

10. Ephraim' Wheeler, b. 7 June, 1754; m. Hannah Goodell. 

11. Priscilla' Wlieeler, b. 1 Jime, 1755; m. Lewis Thurston. 

12. James' Wheeler, b. 22 Dec, 1756; ni. Vashti Bigelow. 

13. Rebecca' Wheeler, b. 24 Aug., 1758 ; m. James Dexter. 

14. Sally' Wheeler, b. 5 Nov., 1760; m. Ithames Smith. - 

15. Esther' Wheeler, b. 4 May, 1762. 

16. Ebenezer' Wheeler, b. 15 Oct., 1764; m. Susanna Ruggles. 

17. Anna' Wheeler, b. 30 Aug., 1767; m. John C. Pratt. 

Zaccheus' Wheeler [Ebenezer^, Ebenezer^ John=, George'] was born 30 
Sept., 1749. He married Silence Leland, daughter of Thomas Leiand 
and granddaughter of James Leland of Grafton. She was born in 
Sutton in 1751, and died in Athol in 1829^ .They_eame to Athol in 
February, 1790, from Grafton, and settled on the north bank of Tully 
Brook near where Pine Dale is now situated. A log cabin was built 
for their home, a large tract of laud was purchased, and a grist-mill 
was erected upon the bank of the brook. The children had to go to 
school through the forest, finding their way by means of blazes on the 

They had eleven children, eight born in Grafton and three in Athol: ' 

1. Emerald" Wheeler, b. 1773; m. Mary Lombard. Was a merchant 

in New York. 

2. Zaccheus" Wheeler, b. 1775; d. in Sutton, 1778. 

3. Thomas S.'^ Wheeler, b. 1776; m. Martha Rice; d. in New Orleans, 


*4. Zaccheus" Wheeler, b. 1779; m. Betsey Dexter; d. in Orange, 1859. 

5. Silence" Wheeler, b. 1781; m. Jesse Snow; d. in Greenwich, 1803. 

6. Margaret" Wheeler, b. 1784; m. Ephraim Goodell; d. in Athol, 1803. 

7. Sina" Wheeler, b. 1786; m. Nathan Whitney, Pittsfield, Ohio. 

8. Rachel" Wheeler, b. 1788; m. Clement Bryant, Athol. 

9. Jonathan" Wheeler, b. 1792; m. Hannah Davis, Athol. 

10. Mercy" Wheeler, b. 1795; d. 1813. 

11. Anna" Wheeler, b. 1797; m. Sullivan Raymond of Royalston. 

(For Zaccheus" Wheeler and Betsey Dexter, see page 100.) 



Martha" Dexter, daughter of Ephraim^ [Ephraini'', Benjamin^, 
William^, Thomas^] and Kesiah [Sober] Dexter, was born 
28 Sept., 1772, and died 29 Jan., 1852. She married Prince 
Snow in 1794. 

Fourteen children, born in Rochester, Mass. : 

733 i James' Snow, b. 19 Dec, 1794; d. 18 May, 1849; m. Hannah W. 

Sherman, 24 Sept., 1820. 

734 ii Nancy' Snow, b. 19 Dec, 1794; m. Nathan Boodry. 

735 iii Betsey' Snow, b. 15 May, 1796; m. Nathaniel Hiller. 

736 iv Prince' Snow, b. 30 Jan., 1798; m. Caroline Foster. 

737 V Luke' Snow, b. 5 Feb., 1799. 

738 vi Stephen' Snow, b. 9 March, 1801; d. 6 March, 188-5; m. Eunice 


739 vii Harvey' Snow, b. 7 March, 1803; d. 8 May, 1868; m. Betsey 


740 viii Avery' Snow, b. 12 April, 1805; d. 30 July, 1880; never married. 

741 ix Eaehel' Snow, b. 17 May, 1807; d. 27 Sept., 1836; m. Wyatt 


742 X Kesiah' Snow, b. 5 July, 1809; d. 17 Dec, 1903; m. Prince 


743 xi Martin' Snow, b. 8 April, 1811; d. 29 Oct., 1862; m. Ivory Snow. 

744 xii Dulcina' Snow, b. 1 March, 1813; d. 24 Jan., 1904; m. William 


745 xiii Jane' Snow, b. 9 Aug., 1815 ; m. William Hammond. 

746 xiv William' Snow, b. 7 April, 1821; d. 12 March, 1887; m. Eebecca 



Anna^ Dexter, daughter of Ephraim^ [Ephraim^, Benjamin^, 
William-, Thomas^] and Kesiah [Sober] Dexter, was born 
6 Jan., 1774, and died 8 Aug., 1860. She married Captain 
James Snow, 20 Dec, 1795. 

Six children, born in Rochester, Mass. : 

747 i Levi' Snow, b. 23 May, 1799; d. 9 June, 1880; m. Mary Meiggs, 

19 Aug., 1824. 

748 li Dennis' Snow, b. 5 Aug., 1801; d. 15 April, 1841. 


749 iii Martin' Snow, b. 1 Aug., 1803 rd. 26 Aug., 1883. 

750 iv Julian' Snow, b. 23 April, 1806; d. 2 Nov., 1864; m. John 


751 V Adaliue' Snow, b. 22 July, 1809; d. 23 Feb., 1873; m. Ezra 


752 vi James' Winslow, b. 4 Sept., 1813; d. 1836; lost at sea. 



Kesiah*' Dexter, daiiohter of Ephraim^ [Ephraim*, Benjamin^ 
AVillianr, Thomas^] and Kesiah [Sober] Dexter, was born 
5 Oct., 1775, and died 2 Jan., 1835. She married Ebenezer 
Holmes in 1805. 

Six children : 

753 i Alice' Holmes, b. 20 June, 1806; d. 1 March, 1888; m. Zoath 


754 ii Mary' Holmes, b. 20 June, 1808. 

755 iii Kesiah' Holmes, b. 9 Jan., 1810; m. Loring Dexter, 29 Nov., 


756 iv Hannah' Holmes, b. 13 April, 1812; d. 29 July, 1893; m. Larnet 


757 V Ebenezer' Holmes, b. 17 Jan., 1816. 

758 vi Susan H.' Holmes, b. 20 May, 1822; d. 15 July, 1889; m. Geo. 

H. Kelley. 


Luke^ Dexter, son of Ephraim^ [Ephraim*, Benjamin^ William^, 
Thomas^] and Kesiah [Sober] Dexter, was born 16 Nov., 
1777, and died 9 Nov., 1856. He married Joanna Pierce, 
September, 1802. He was a canlker by trade, also a farmer, 
and lived on part of the old Benjamin Dexter farm and in 
the house that stood on the spot where the first Dexter 
house was built in Rochester. 

Seven children, born in Rochester, IMass. : 

759* i Loring' Dexter, b. 1 April, 1804; d. 5 Oct., 1882; m. (1) Keziah 
Holmes, 29 Nov., 1827; (2) Achsah Dexter, 28 Sept., 1836. 

760* ii Gilmore' Dexter, b. 7 Aug., 1807; d. 13 April, 1877; m. Lucy A. 


7G1 iii William' Dexter, b. 2 Oct., 1809; d. 13 Aug., 1850; m. Emily M. 
Preble, 28 June, 1849. 

762 iv Florilla P.' Dexter, b. 3 Nov., 1805; d. 24 April, 1877; m. 

Luther Bowman. 

763 V Sophrona P.' Dexter, b. 9 May, 1813; d. 1833; m. William 

Delano, 1832. 
764* vi Christina' Dexter, b. 27 March, 1815; d. 8 Feb., 1900; m. Seth 

Cowan, 16 Feb., 1834. 
765* vii Lorenzo D.' Dexter, b. 17 Nov., 1818; d. 16 June, 1853; m. 

Lurana Braley, 4 Aug., 1846. 


This house was erected previous to 1800, and stands upon the 
probable site of the first house erected by William Dexter about 
1679, it being' in about the centre of the tract of land owned by 
him. This farm was about three-fourths of a mile square, having 
a brook running- through it, upon the bank of which in olden 
times stood a saw-mill and a grist-mill, which were run by the 

There are now three houses built by Dexters standing wdtliin 
the borders of this original tract, all of them over a hundred 
years old and all occupied for the most of the time by Dexters. 




Ephraim*' Dexter, son of Ephraim^ [Ephraim\ Benjamin^ Wil- 
liam2, Thomas^] and Kesiali [Sober] Dexter, was born 28 
April, 1779, and died 27 Jnne, 1862. He married (1) 
Achsah Snow, U Sept., 1802; (2) Rachel Snow, 27 April, 
1806. He was a cooper by trade, and dnring the last of his 
life he owned and occnpied half of the house that stood upon 
the site of the original Dexter homestead, the other half 
being owned by his brother Luke. 


One child by first wife and eight by second, all born in 
Falmouth, IMass. : 

766 i Thomas' Dexter, b. 14 Aug., 1803; d. 16 Sept., 182-4; no family. 

767 ii Achsah' Dexter, b. 19 June, 1807; d. 8 Aug., 1884; m. Loring 

Dexter, 28 Sept., 183G. 

768 iii Hannah S.' Dexter, b. 16 July, 1809; d. 2.5 Aug., 1891; m. John 

Dexter, 2d, 12 March, 1839. 
769* iv Leonard S." Dexter, b. 26 Jan., 1811 ; d. 18 May, 1853. 


770* V Calvin' Dexter, b. 9 Nov., 1812; d. 25 March, 1867. 

771 vi Sumner' Dexter, b. 23 June, 1815; d. 9 Sept., 1899; m. Emily 

(Preble) Dexter. One child, Maria L. Dexter, b. 1861; d. 

1874. Removed to Marion, and was a painter by trade. 
772* vii Harriet' Dexter, b. 13 Dec, 1817; d. 6 April, 1901; m. (1) 

Daniel Kendrick, 9 July, 1839; (2) William A. Barlow, 27 

April, 1884. 
773* viii Lewis' Dexter, b. 16 Oct., 1820; m. Martha Eobbins. 
774* ix Ainsworth' Dexter, b. 27 Jan., 1823; m. Phebe C. Coffin, 15 

June, 1847. 


Gideon'' Dexter, son of Epliraim^ [Ephraim*, Benjamin^, Wil- 
liam^, Thomas^] and Kesiah [Sober] Dexter, was born 7 
April, 1781, and died 31 Jan., 1827. He married Mary 
Dexter, 15 Oct., 1804. He was a caulker by trade. At his 
death his wdfe had her thirds of the estate set off by court, 
2 Nov., 1831. 

From a clipping from a New Bedford paper of 1827 : 

On January 31, 1827, the sloop Betsey of Wareham came into Mat- 
tapoisett Harbor and hauled in as near the shore as was practicable on 
account of the ice; soon after she was seen to be drifting toward the bay 
and several persons from the shore went to her assistance. About 7 o 'clock 
in the evening they lost the small skiff overboard and Mr. Gideon Dexter 
and Mr. Caleb Dexter, Jr., of Mattapoisett, took a boat and went to 
recover the skiff. The wind being strong at north and the weather extremely 
cold, they w^ere unable to return to the sloop, which was run ashore, and the 
persons on board landed with difficulty, wet and much exhausted. The next 
morning, the men and boats not having returned, search was made and the 
skiff was found on Goat Island, about half a mile distant, and the body of 
Caleb Dexter was found lying on the marsh frozen. The other boat drifted 
out of the bay and was picked up near East Chop, off Holmes Hole, with the 
body of Gideon Dexter, which was also frozen. His hands were much 
lacerated and the oar battered to pieces, from which it appears he exerted 
himself to return until exhausted. Mr. Gideon Dexter was 46 years old, and 
left wife and nine children. Mr. Caleb Dexter, Jr., was 34 years of age, and 
left a wife and an aged father and mother to lament their loss. 

Nine children, born in Rochester, Mass. : 

775* i Warren' Dexter, b. 30 Oct., 1805 ; d. 11 Feb., 1880. 
776* ii Samuel' Dexter, b. 16 Nov., 1807; d. 6 Sept., 1885. 












777* iii Lurana' Dexter, b. 3 Sept., 1809; d. 25 June, 1891; m. Ivory 
Snow, 26 July, 1829. 

Ephraim' Dexter, b. 1 Oct., 1811^ d. 10 Sept., 1893. 

Calvin^ Dexter, b. 25 Sept., 1813 ; d. 2 May, 1886. 

John" Dexter, b. 13 Feb., 1816 ; d. 26 July, 1880. 

Gideon' Dexter, b. 21 May, 1818; d. 24 Oct., 1883. 

Joseph^ Dexter, b. 20 Feb., 1820; d. 28 March, 1875; m. Eliza- 
beth L. Hiller, 19 Nov., 1854. 

Went two voyages whaling in early life; was house carpenter by 
trade, and later in life farmed it and also teamed. 

783 ix Euf us' Dexter, b. 19 May, 1823 ; d. 5 Oct., 1853. 

Made one voyage whaling, and died in Taimton Asylum. 


Thomas'^ Dexter, son of Epliraim^ [Ephraim'*, Benjamin^, Wil- 
liam-, Thomas^] and Kesiah [Sober] Dexter, was bom 9 
March, 1783, and died 22 Feb., 1871. He married (1) Han- 
nah Luce, 15 Nov.. 1814: (2) Lydia C. Swift, 18 March, 
1850. He was a caulker and worked at the business many 
years. He died at ]\Iattapoisett. 

Eight children, born in Rochester: 

784 i Albert G.' Dexter, b. 1 Sept., 1823; d. 24 Oct., 1899; single. 
785* ii Thomas' Dexter, b. 7 April, 1S26; m. (1) Mary Lucy, 1859; 

(2) Amy Lucy, 1874. 
786 iii Jane' Dexter, b. 25 April, 1820; d. Oct., 1851; m. Gideon 

787* iv Benjamin F.' Dexter, b. 30 Jan., 1828, 
788* V Alexander' Dexter, b. 12 May, 1831. 
789* vi Jason L.' Dexter, b. 17 June, 1835. 

790 vii Hannah S.' Dexter, b. 24 July, 1833 ; d. 30 March, 1835. 
791* viii Henry A.' Dexter, b. 7 Oct., 1840; d. 19 May, 1894. 


Jane'^ Dexter, daughter of Ephraim^ [Ephraim^ Benjamin', 
William-, Thomas^] and Kesiah [Sober] Dexter, was born 
in 1785, and died 21 Nov., 1875. She married James 
Cathell, 10 June, 1810. 



Eleven children, born in Rochester, Mass. 























Henry Nelson' Cathell, b. 27 Dec, 1811; d. 23 Sept., 1814. 

Jane Tobey' Cathell, b. 27 Dec, 1811; d. 4 Oct., 1812. 

Caleb Strong' Cathell, b. 3 Feb., 1813; d. 31 March, 1813. 

Sally' Cathell, b. 25 May, 1814. 

Betsey' Cathell, b. 17 .Jan., 1816; d. 14 Oct., 1817. 

Jane' Cathell, b. 23 March, 1817. 

Susan S.' Clathell, b. 2 Aug., 1819. 

Hannah D.' Cathell, b. 31 May, 1822. 

Betsey W.' Clathell, b. 2 Dec, 1824. 

Fanny W.' Cathell, b. 3 April, 1826. 

Phebe B.' Cathell, b. 27 March, 1830. 



Alden" Dexter, son of Ephraim^ [Ephraim*, Benjamin^ Wil- 
liam-, Thomas^] and Kesiah [Sober] Dexter, was born 4 
Jnly, 1788, and died 8 Oct., 1869. He married (1) Lucy 
Barrows, 1810: (2) Polly Crowell, 19 Sept., 1862. He was 
a caulker and in later years was a farmer. 


Twelve children, born in Rochester: 

803* i Frcemau' Dexter, b. 1 Aug., 1812; d. 23 Sept., 1864. 

80i* ii Stillnian' Dexter, b. 11 Dec, 1813; d. 10 Sept., 1847. 

805* iii Heury N' Dexter, b. 5 Aug., 1815; d. 15 March, 1856; m. 

Cynthia Nye, 5 July, 1839. 
806 iv Lucy Alden' Dexter, b. 24 April, 1817; d. 8 Aug., 1817. 
807* V Sarah A.' Dexter, b. 22 Jan., 1818; d. 20 Dec, 1855; m. (1) 

William Bates; (2) Joseph Candids. 
808* vi Eliza A.' Dexter, b. 3 Dec, 1822; d. 30 Nov., 1878; m. Eussell 

809* vii Weston A.' Dexter, b. 1 Nov., 1824; d. 8 July, 1897; m. Mary 

E. Kelley, 1 Sept., 1860. 

810 viii Lucy' Dexter, b. 1 Nov., 1826; d. 1 Oct., 1831. 

811 ix Alpheus' Dexter, b. 25 Feb., 1827; d. 23 April, 1828. 

812 X George' Dexter, b. 1 July, 1829: d. 23 Sept., 1830. 

813* xi Emma A.' Dexter, b. 25 July, 1832; m. Daniel Payne, 15 Oct., 

814 xii Clara H.' Dexter, b. 17 June, 1835; m. Caleb Dexter, 9 May,* 



Polly*' Dexter, daughter of Ephraim^ [Ephraim^ Benjamin^ 
"William^ Thomas^] and Kesiah [Sober] Dexter, was born 
25 Feb., 1700, and died 12 March, 1874. She married 
Larnet Hall, 1 May, 1811. 

Seven children, born in Rochester, IMass. : 

815 i Martin' Hall, b. 14 Aug., 1812; d. 3 Oct., 1891; m. Arethusa 


816 ii Larnet' Hall, b. 27 Feb., 1814; d. 27 Sept., 1884; m. Hannah 


817 iii Eveline' Hall, b. 1 Oct., 1815; d. 5 Nov., 1815. 

818 iv Arethusa' Hall, b. 7 Feb., 1816; d. 12 Jan., 1817. 

819 v Mary' Hall, b. 15 March, 1818. 

820 vi Charles' Hall, b. 7 Nov., 1817; d. 3 Feb., 1883; m. Lidora C. 

Cowan, 4 Oct., 1856. 

821 vii Amaline' Hall, b. 25 July, 1824. 

















Rebekah*' Dexter, daughter of Caleb^ [Ephraim^, Benjamin^, 
Willianr, Thomas^] and Hannah [Hatch] Dexter, was born 
9 July, 1790, and died 29 Aug., 1867. She married Stephen 

Nye in 1808. 

Eight children i 

822 i William W.' Nye, b. 22 May, 1810; m. (1) Sarah Wyett; (2) 
Belinda Dunbar. 
Stephen^ Nye, Jr., b. 12 Feb., 1812; m. Mercy Eoimsvell. 
Kebekah' Nye, b. 15 Oct., 1815. 

Mary A.' Nye, b. 18 Oct., 1817; m. Elias Merithew. 
Cynthia^ Nye, b. 12 March, 1821; d. 24 June, 1897; m. (1) 
Henry N. Dexter, 5 July, 1839; (2) Gideon Dexter, 12 Dec, 
Louisa' Nye, b. 22 June, 1823; m. Charles Eandall. 
vii Henry G.' Nye, b. 21 July, 1826. 
viii Henry W.' Nye, b. 16 July, 1831. 


Caleb*^ Dexter, son of Caleb^ [Ephraim*, Benjamin^, William^, 
Thomas^] and Hannah [Hatch] Dexter, was born 23 Jan., 
1794, and died 30 Jan., 1827. He married Lydia Hiller, 19 
June, 1821. He was frozen to death while out in an open 
boat during a storm, 30 Jan., 1827. 

One child : 

830* i Caleb' Dexter, b. in Eochester, 12 May, 1827; ni. Clara H. 
Dexter, 9 May, 1853. 


David'' Dexter, son of Setli"' [Sotli', Benjamin", Willianr, 
Thomas^] and Deborah [Haskall] Dexter, was born 17 May, 
1770, and died 29 June, 1838. He married Mary Pitkins of 
East Hartford, 22 Dec, 179G. She was born 30 Jan., 17G9, 
and died 2^) Nov., 1818. They resided at Amherst, Mass. 



Eight (diildren : 

i James Pitkin" Dexter, b. S S('})t., 17!>7. 
ii David^ Dextvr, h. lo April, IT'.m. 

iii Mary" Dexter, b. 17 Oct., ISOO; m. IJaipli C-iapp, 1S2S. 
iv Abigail Church" Dexter. 1). 2-") A]>ril, isoi'; d. Aug., 1S():!; m. 
Erastus Clark of Grauby, Conn., li! .\|)ril, 1S.V). 

V Horace^ Dexter, b. 2!) Dec, bso;',; d. isii:l; m. . 

vi Lucretia' Dexter, b. lo June, ISO"); d. I'li.Vug., is74;ui. William 
Clark of South Ha.Uey, "Shiss., ."> .bin., 1S4:'.. 
837* vii Edward' Dexter, b. IS Feb., 1S07. 
838* viii AVilham" Dexter, b. i:'. Sept., iSO'J. 








Seth'' Dexter, sou of Seth"' [Seth\ Benjamin", William', 
Thomas'] and Deborah [Haskall] Dexter, was ])()rn 22 Dec, 
1776, and died 81 Mandi, 1S41. He married Sylvia Gaykn-d 
5 May, 1808. She was daughter of Eleazer and Elizal)eth 
Gaylord of Pinemeadow, and born 8 Sept., 1787. 


Two t'liildreii: 

839* i Harriet Clark' Dexter, b. Windsor Locks, Conn., 5 April, ISO'.); 

d. 2() Feb., 184(5; m. Edwin A. Douglas, 6 Feb., 1834. 
840* ii Charles HaskalF Dexter, h. AVindsor Locks, Conn., 19 Sept., 

LSIO; d. 2!) Aug., 18(5!); m. Lydia Pierson, 1!) Sept., 1838. 


William" Dexter, son of Seth' [Seth', Benjamin', William', 
Thomas^] and Deborah [Haskall] Dexter, was born 28 Feb., 
1786, at Windsor Locks, Conn., and died in 1841. He 
married Sally Mallory of Winsted, Conn. They removed to 


ix children: 


Sarah Ann" Dexter. 



AVilliam' Dexter. 



p]lizabeth" Dexter. 



Harriet' Dexter. 



Salome' Dexter. 



John' Dexter. 


Prince'' Dexter, son of Elijah' [Seth*, Benjamin^ William", 
Thomas^] and Martha [Clark] Dexter, was born 19 Jan., 
1782, and 2 Dec, 1813. He married Arlothea Savery, 15 
May, 1806. 

Four children, born in Rochester: 

847 i T'rial Sherman" Dexter, b. 31 Aug., 1807; d. 26 Nov., 1808. 
848* ii Mary Hynkley" Dexter, b. 2 April, 1809; d. 31 May, 1842; m. 

WiUiam C. Haskell, 10 Dec, 1828. 
849* iii John Gibl)s" Dexter, b. 11 :\rarch, 1811; d. 3 Jan., 1834; m. 

Eleanor F. Richardson, 5 April, 1831. 
850 iv Sarah" Dexter, b. 3 March, 1813; d. 11 Jan., 1885; m. Albert 

Allen, 14 April, 18:J6. 


Elijah'' Dexter, son of Elijah' [Seth', Benjamin', William', 
Thomas'] and Martha [Clark] Dexter, was born 1 Sept., 


178G, and died 10 Oct., 18r)l. He luamed (1) Clarissa 
Crocker, 28 March, 1809; (2) Mary Mortou, 8 Dec, 1812; 
(3) Lydia Thompson, 28 May, 1824. 

One child by first wife and fonr hy second : 

851 i Elijah C." Dexter, b. 9 Sept., 1810. 

852 ii Nathaniel M." Dexter, b. 28 Sept., 1814; d. 18 Sept., 1838. 

853 iii Elijah" Dexter, b. 31 Aug., 1810; d. 1 Sept., ISKi. 

854 iv David B. " Dexter, b. 18 Oct., 1817; d. 18 Oct., 1817. 

855* V Henry M.' Dexter, b. 1:5 Aug., 1821; d. 1:5 Nov., 1890; m. 
Emeline Palmer, 19 Nov., 1S44. 


Seth« Dexter, son of Elijah' [Seth', Benjamin'', Willianr, 
Thomas^] and Martha [Clark] Dexter, was born 26 March, 
1793, and died 16 Sept., 1832. He married Arlothea 
[Savery] Dexter, 5 March. 1817. 

Three children, born in Rochester, Mass.: 

856 i Prince" Dexter, b. 28 Jan., 1818; unmarried. 

857 ii Martha C." Dexter, b. UJan., 1822. 

858 iii Sophia E." Dexter, b. 4 March, 1828. 


Samuel B.' Dexter, son of Elizabeth'^ [Seth', Jabez^ Philip^ 

William^, Thomas^] and Dexter, was born in 1796, and 

died 30 Sept., 1860. He married Abby Blackmore. He was 
brought up on a farm and followed the occupation of farm- 
ing all his life. His home was at Mattapoisett, ]\Iass. 

Five children, born in Rochester : 

859 i Joseph B.*' Dexter, b. 27 Nov., 1820 ;'(1. 1854; m. Elizabeth Per- 

rington, 1 Jan., 1854. 

860 ii William B.« Dexter, b. 18 Aug., 1822; d. 1 Oct., 1865. 

861 iii Lydia^ Dexter, b. 20 Feb., 1824; d. 21 April, 1873; m. Albert 

Sherman, 1 June, 1865. 
862* iv Stephen' Dexter, b. 10 Aug., 1826; d. 1865; m. Eliza A. Nick- 

863 V Betsey R." Dexter, b. 23 April, 1830 ; d. 13 March, 1865. 



Elizabeth" Dexter, daughter of Elisha'^ [Seth^ Jabez'', Philip^, 
William-, Tboinas^] and Eunice [Bowles] Dexter, was born 
29 Mareb, 1793. and died November, 1865. Sbe married 
Thomas C. Ames, 2 Aug., 1812. 

Six cbildren, born at Rocbester, Mass. : 

864 i Thomas C." Ames, Jr., b. 29 April, 1813; d. 22 Jan., 1835; not 


865 ii Mary T."* Ames, b. 20 May, 1815; d. 31 March, 1888; m. Caleb 

T. Jenney, 25 Nov., 1832, 

866 iii Jane L.^ Ames, b. 7 Feb., 1819 ; d. 23 April, 1899 ; m. Stephen A. 

Tripp, 20 Oct., 1840. 

867 iv Elizabeth H.« Ames, b. 7 Aug., 1822 ; d. 22 May, 1832. 

868 V Daniel H.^ Ames, b. 10 May, 1824; d. 2 May, 1872; m. Lydia 


869 vi Lorino- T.s Ames, b. 11 Feb., 1834; not married. 


Elisha" Dexter, son of Elisba^ [Seth^ Jabez\ Philips William- 
Thomas^] and Eunice [BoM-les] Dexter, was born 4 Feb., 
1797, and died 17 Jan., 1890. He married Sarah IMendall. 
He was a mill owner at JMattapoisett ; his business was 
getting out boxboards for New York and Philadelphia 

Ten children : 

870* i Mary A. R.^ Dexter, b. 8 Feb., 1824; m. Nathaniel Parker. 26 
Oct., 1842. 

871 ii Lydia^ Dexter, b. 26 Oct., 1825. 

872 iii Martha M.^ Dexter, b. 23 Sept., 1828; m. Nathan Smith, 15 

Oct., 1861. 

873 iv Charles Frederick^ Dexter, b. 2 Feb., 1831; m. Mary Morton, 

24 Oct., 1862. 
874* V Elisha L.^ Dexter, b. 22 March. 1834; d. 4 Feb., 1876; m. Harriet 

W. LeBaron, 4 Sept., 1866. 
875* vi Albert M.« Dexter, b. 12 Aug., 1837; d. 25 July, 1899; m. Annie 

E. Hathaway, 24 Oct., 1871. 
876* vii George H.** Dexter, b. 29 March, 1840; m. Mary F. Wood, 24 

Oct., 1871. 


877 viii Myra Jane" Dexter, b. i:4 Feb., 1842. 

878 ix Sarah W.* Dexter, b. 1 Nov., 1844; cT. 2G July. 184.5. 

879 x Sarah S." Dexter, b. 14 May, 1848; ni. Daniel W. Xash, 28 Nov., 



Harvey" Dexter, son of Elislia'' [Setli% Jabez'', Philip^ William^ 
Thomas^] and Eunice [Bowles] Dexter, was l)orn 3 Dec, 
1801, and died 4 Jan.. 1856. He married (1) Lydia Chan- 
dler; (2) Hnldah Randall, April, 1848. 

Six children ; five by first wife : 

880* i Ezra H.^ Dexter, b. in Rochester, 20 March, 182(5; m. Sarah Men- 
dall, 23 Dec, 1849. 

881 ii C. Henry" Dexter, b. 8 June, 1828 ; was nuirdered in California 

in 1852. 

882 iii John C Dexter, b. 1 March, 1832; d. 21 Sept., 1902; m. (1) 

Anna Pearce, 2 Jan., 1852; (2) Martha J. Hocking, Dec, 1864. 
883* iv Andre-sv" Dexter, b. 27 Aug., 1834; m. Elizabeth A. Moseby, 16 

May, 1867. 
884 V Frances E." Dexter, b. 28 Jan., 1837; d. in Navy, 29 April, 1863. 

By second wife : 
88.5 vi William R." Dexter, b. 24 Feb., 1850. 


Alden" Dexter, son of Elisha*' [Seth'\ Jabez\ Philip\ William^, 
Thomas^] and Ennice [Bowles] Dexter, was born 2 July, 
1804, and died 14 IMay, 1841. He married iMerinda Frost. 

Six children, born in "Watertown, Mass. : 

886 i Alden** Dexter, b. o Jnne. 1829 ; d. 8 Oct., 1849. 

887 ii George' Dexter, b. 12 Nov., 1830; no family. 

888 iii Benjamin* Dexter, b. 3 Oct., 1832; m. Serena T, Norton, 14 

Nov., 1870. 
889* iv Ennice" Dexter, b. 26 Oct., 1835; m. (1) Abram Tinkham; (2) 
Charles Dillingham, 1882. 


890* V Joseph' Dexter, b. 10 Dec, 1837; d. 9 Dec, 1886; ni. Sopliia 
H. Tinkhani, 27 June, 1867. 

891 vi Thomas D." Dexter, b. 23 Jan., 1842; m. Emma F. Kelley, 2 
July, 1868. Was in carriage jaainting business in New Bedford 
many years; afterwards moved to Mattapoisett, wliere he 
continued in same business. Was selectman. One daughter, 
Emma L." Dexter, h. 29 April, 1870. 


John' Dexter, son of Charles'' [John% John^, John'', William-, 
Thomas^] and Hannah [Snow] Dexter, was born 29 Jan., 
1810, and died 8 Sept., 1884. He married Mary S. Rogers, 
18 Nov., 1833. 

Three children : 

892* i Moores E.'^ Dexter, b. 20 July, 1835; d. 9 Jan., 1866; m. Mary 
A. Purington, 27 Nov., 1856. 

893 ii Elizabeth' Dexter, b. 5 Sept., 1837; m. Orsamus Winston, 27 

Nov., 1856. 

894 iii Mary J.« Dexter, b. 4 Jan., 1848 ; m. Herbert D. Colson, 7 Dec, 



James W.' Dexter, son of Charles'' [John^, John*, John^, Wil- 
liam-, Thomas^] and Hannah [Snow] Dexter, was born 21 
Nov., 1814, and died 7 May, 1890. He married (1) Abigail 
Cannon. 6 June, 1835: (2) Mary J. Burbank, 1 Jan., 1870. 

Five children : 

895 i William A." Dexter, b. in Rochester, 12 Jan., 1837; d. 4 Aug., 

896* ii Charles' Dexter, b. in Rochester, 19 Nov., 1837; d. 27 Dec, 1876; 

m. Lydia A. Edwards, 10 Nov., 1864. 
897* iii James A.' Dexter, b. 13 Aug., 1841 ; m. Flavilla Lake. 

898 iv William C Dexter, b. 17 Jan., 1846. 

899 V Martha C Dexter, b. 7 Jan., 1848; d. 10 June, 1849. 



Chester B." Dexter, son of Charles'^ [David% John^ John^, Wil- 
liam^, Thomas^] and Lucinda [Bascom] Dexter, was born 
14 Sept., 1816, and died 20 July, 1900. He married (1) 
Sally White, Sept., 1842 ; (2) Irene H. Dexter, 26 Nov., 1860. 

Nine children, born at Wardsboro, Vt., and Troy, N. T. : 

900 i Ellen L.^ Dexter, b. 10 Oct., 1843; d. 10 July, 1885; m. Maurice 


901 ii Edwin C* Dexter, b. 20 March, 184.5.. 

902 iii Lucius T.« Dexter, b. 14 Nov., 1847; d. 15 April, 1868. 

903 iv Katie* Dexter. 

904 V Katie S." Dexter, b. 4 Oct., 1850; d. 19—, 

905 vi Moses C." Dexter, b. 7 April, 1854. 

906* vii Silas B.^ Dexter, b. 14 Feb., 1857; d. 1890; m. Sadie Bennett, 
23 March. 

907 viii Walter W.« Dexter, b. 20 May, 1861. 

908 ix Alice M.« Dexter, b. 22 Nov., 1867; m. Charles F. Cluett. 


Avery J.^ Dexter, son of Charles^ [David% John^ John^ Wil- 
liam^, Thomas^] and Lncinda [Baseom] Dexter, was born 
27 April, 1818, at Wardsboro, Vt. In early life he resided 
for a few years at Dover, and for a short time with his 
brother in Albany, bnt with these exceptions he has alM'ays 
made his home at W^ardsboro. He was of a retiring" dispo- 
sition, always avoiding notoriety, yet his kindly sympathies 
and his magnetic presence attracted all classes toward him, 
and his intuitive judgment, seldom wrong, caiLsed his ad\4ce 
and counsel to be extensively sought. He was not ambi- 
tious. That he came to be the leading man in the affairs 
of the town was something that he could not well avoid; it 
came to him naturally. For the last thirty years of his 
life he could have been elected to any office in the gift of 
the town that he would accept. He was a justice of the peace 
for thirty-nine years; one of the Selectmen for twenty- 
two years, and town clerk for thirty years. He repre- 



sented the town in tlic Letiislatiire in 1858, 1859, 1864, 
1865, 1878, 1886. In his official business he was untlinching 
in maintaining what he deemed to be right, which he did in 
such a manner and with such skill in the use of Avords that 
even the adverse party was generally satisfied. 

He married 22 March, 184^, :\Iary D. White. He died 
at Wardsboro, Vt., 18 April, 1893. 


Nine children, born in Wardsboro 

909 i Ambrose Avoiy^ Dexter, b. .2 Feb., 1842; d. 10 June, 1851. 

910* ii Charles Delivan' Dexter, b. 22 Nov., 1843 ; in. Eosa L. Knowlton, 

25 Dec, 1870. 
911* iii Gertrude Isabella** Dexter, b. 26 July, 1845; m. :\Iar.sliall O. 

Howe, 15 Aug., 1866. 

912 iv Frederic Homer* Dexter, b. 5 Aug., 1847. 

913 V Ozro Lafayette' Dexter, b. 20 July, 1850; d. 4 Sept., 1852. 
914* vi Mary Ambrosia' Dexter, b. 1 Sept., 1853; m. Brownson Mat- 

tison, 19 March, 1873. 




915 vii Lizzie Lina' Dexter, b. 20 Feb., 1857 ; d. 7 Oct., 1862. 

916* viii Luna Jeunie- Dexter, b. 28 March, 1860; m. David Smith, 19 

.June, 1880. 
917 ix Effie Etta' Dexter, b. 10 May, 1864. 


Charles^ Dexter, Jr., son of Charles'' [Davids John'', John^ 
William-, Thomas^] and Lucinda [Bascom] Dexter, was 
born 9 June, 1824. He married Pliilma Cliapin, 30 June, 

Five children : 

018 1 Charles E.' Dexter, b. 1851; died. 

919 ii Charles E.' Dexter, b. 19 July, 1853; died. 

920 iii Laura* Dexter, b. 16 April, 1856; m. Abitha Davidson. 

921 iv Eugene Avery* Dexter, b. 19 Oct., 1860. 

922 V Chester Bascom* Dexter, b. 23 May, 1865; m. Ella Wheeler, 22 

Jan., 1889. 



Urial" Dexter, son of Nathan" [David% John*, John', William^ 
Thomas^'] and S. [Park] Dexter, was born 29 March, 
1811, and died 25 Dec, 1867. He married Lucinda Dix, 
7 Oct., 1836. 

Children : 

i Andrew J." Dexter, b. 19 May, 1839 ; d. 26 July, 1886. 

ii John Henrys Dexter, b. 17 Oct., 184.5; d. 15 Aug., 1847. 

iii Melvin Adam^ Dexter, b. 26 Aug., 1852; d. 10 Oct., 1882. 

iv John Henry' Dexter, b. 26 June, 1849; d. 18 Aug., 1889. 

V Adin UriaP Dexter, b. 9 March, 1843; d. 4 Oct., 1864. 


James R." Dexter, son of Nathan" [David% John'', John^, Wil- 
liam-, Thomas^] ajid S. [Park] Dexter, was born 6 Sept., 
1817. He married Dorothea BlakieV 

Children : 

i Mary* Dexter, 
ii Warren P.** Dexter. 

• 438C 

Melvin A.^ Dexter, son of Nathan" [David^ John^ John^ Wil- 
liam^, ThonicOs^] and S. [Park] Dexter, was born 14 March, 
1820, and died 28 Jan., 1851. He married Maiy Qiiinn. 

Children : 

i Jennie* Dexter, b. 7 Dec, 1844; m. Arthur Egge. 
ii George* Dexter, b. 26 Dec, 1848. 

iii Kate* Dexter, b. 24 Oct., 1846; m. George W. Shelmirn, 26 
Nov., 1871. 


John S.' Dexter, son of John" [David', John^ John^ William^ 
Thomas^] and Deborah F. [Marsh] Dexter, was born 3 


May, 1821, and died at Chicopee, Mass., 3 INIay, 1903. He 
married (1) Abi^rail A. Eames, 24 March, 1842; (2) Julia 
A. Eames, 15 April, 1846; (3) Mrs. Betsey (Eames) Bates, 
19 Jan., 1882. 

Children : 

923 i Abbie A.** Dexter, b. iu Dover, Vt., IS Oct., 1846; d. 10 Aug., 


924 ii Clara M.^ Dexter, b. 17 July, 1848: d. 22 June, 1878; m. William 

P. Walsh, June, 1871. 

925 iii Fayette M.' Dexter, b. 3 Dec. 1849; d. 14 Aug., 1850. 

926* iv George S.* Dexter, b. in Newfane, Vt., 7 July, 1851; m. Mary 
Hyde, 13 May, 1883. 

927 V John A.* Dexter, b. 30 June, 1853 ; d. 10 Jan., 1855. 

928 vi Lizzie A.' Dexter, b. in Dover, Vt., 11 Jiuie, 1855; d. 3 May, 

1879; m. Edwin McCrillis, May, 1878. 


Daniel Gilbert' Dexter, son of David^ [David\ John^ John^ 
■William^, Thomas^] and Chloe [Hazelton] Dexter, was 
born in Dover, Vt., 29 March, 1833. He spent his early 
life on his father's farm, and was educated in the common 
schools of his town and in the Brattleboro, Vt., Academy, 
where he was preparing- for college. He did not enter col- 
lege, however, but turned his attention to mercantile pur- 
suits in his native town and became a partner before he 
was of age. 

He married, 6 Feb., 1856, ]\Iiss Ellen Simonds. She was 
bom in Peru, Vt., 5 Sept., 1832. After some years they 
moved to Cambridge, Mass., and he became financial 
partner in a large wholesale boot and shoe business in 
Boston. This fii-m was successful and he retired with a 
fair fortune. 

He was founder of the Cambridge Tribune, Avhich was a 
success from the start. The Tribune Company occupied a 
three-story building for printing opposite Harvard Col- 
lege Library. This business he sold out in 1885, and 
moved to Los Angeles, Cal.. where he remained six years. 



He then moved to San Francisco, Cal., Avhere he has since 
resided. For many years he and his son, David H. Dex- 
ter, edited and published a financial and business paper, 
"Equity," at San Francisco. He is now President of the 
California Bible Society, and has been connected with the 
press for many years, and conti-ibuted to many of the 



leading publications of the day. He was known all over 
Vermont as a writer of prose and poetry and a contributor 
to many of the most prominent journals. "While living in 
Cambridge he held prominent places in several of the most 
eminent literary organizations there. He was a member of 
the Board of Aldermen of that city and at one time Presi- 
dent of the Y. M. C. A. 



Two eliildi'cu : 

929* i Florence Belle'' Dexter, b. 12 Aug., 1S57; m. Prof. Charles H. 

930* ii David Hazeltiue"* Dexter, b. 6 July, 187.5; m. Mabel Helen White. 


Frances Henrietta" Dexter, danghter of Jonathan M.® [Jona- 
than", John^ Julin'. Willianr, Thomas^] and Harriet S. 
[IMorse] Dexter, was born at Boston, 26 June, 1825. She 


was married 1 Oct., 1846. by Kev. Dr. Jenks, to James P. 
Tohnan. He was born in Rochester, N. H., 16 Jnly, 1821. 
They lived in Boston until 1865, Avhen they moved to Phil- 
adelphia, where they remained until 1890, when they 
removed to Washincton, D. C. 



Two children : 



i James SewalP Tolman, b. in Bostou, 8 Nov., 1847; d. at Boston, 
11 July, 1848. 

ii Edward Mills" Tohiiaii, h. in Boston, 22 April, 1850; d. in 
Washington, D. C, 28 May, 1903; m. Caroline G. Frishmuth 
at Philadelphia, 21 July, 1875, by Eev. Robert D. Harper. 

Son of Jonathan M. Dexter. 


Augustus Charles' Dexter, son of Jonathan M.^ [Jonathan^, 
John*, John^, M^illiani-, Thomas^] and Harriet S. [Morse] 
Dexter, was born at Boston, 28 Aug., 1829. He married at 
New York, 22 Oct., 1875, Alice Gilbert. He is now resid- 
ing at Flushine:, L. I., while his business, hardware com- 
mission house, is in New York citv. 

No children. 



Harriet Siverly" Dexter, daughter of Jonathan M.^ [Jonathan^ 
John^ John^ Willianr, Thomas^ and Harriet S. [Morse] 
Dexter, Avas born at Boston, Mass., 6 Nov., 1835, and died 
2 INIay, 1859. She was married to Charles Stephenson, 22 
Dec., 1856, by Kev. Calvin Lincoln. Mr. Stephenson mar- 
ried for his second wife, Helen Augusta Dexter, sister of 
his first wife. 

One child : 

933 i Charles Henry* Stephenson, b. at Hingham, Mass., 8 Jan., 1859; 

d. 5 June, 1859. 


Helen Augusta' Dexter, daughter of Jonathan M.*' [Jonathan-^ 
Jolin^ John^ William^, Thomas^] and Harriet S. [Morse] 
Dexter, was born at Boston, ]\Iass., 26 Oct., 1840. She was 
married to Charles Stephenson, 9 Jan., 1862, by Rev. Calvin 

One son, born at Hingham, ]\Iass. : 

934 i Charles Henry* Stephenson, b. 27 Feb., 1863; ni. 24 Jan., 1896, 

by Rev. Samuel B. Stewart, Aclaline E. Tapley, daughter of 
Henry F. Tapley. 

Three children, born at, Lynn: 

1. Preston Tapley' Stephenson, b. 6 Nov., 1897. 

2. Ruth" Stephenson, b. 6 July, 1900. 

3. Henry Dexter' Stephenson, b. 3 Sept., 1901. 


Horace' Dexter, son of Oliver^ [Jonathan^ Jolm^ John^ Wil- 
liam^, Thomas^] and Louisa [Preston] Dexter, married 
Lora R. Griffin, 16 :\Iay, 1871. 


Three children : 

935 i Effie Eosa' Dexter, b. 13 Feb., 1872. 

936 ii Mabel Augusta'* Dexter, b. 14 Juue, 1878; d. 18 Oct., 1883. 

937 iii Frances Louisa* Dexter, b. 20 Aug., 1881. 


Allen' Dexter, son of Edward" [Edward% Noah^, Benjamin^, 

William^, Thomas^] and Biah [Barlow] Dexter, was born in 

1807, and died 29 April, 1878. He married Phebe Heard, 

24 April, 1842. She was born 3 Sept., 1820, and died 19 

. April, 1897. 

Eight children : 

938 i William F.' Dexter, b. 1 May, 1844; cl. 1862. 

939* ii Mary A.^ Dexter, b. 15 Feb., 1846; cl. 1875; m. Edward Ellis 

Howard, June, 1870. 
940* iii Chfirles E.** Dexter, b. 16 June, 1848; m. Elizabeth A. Gifford, 

29 Sept., 1870. He was a carpenter. 
941* iv Martha J. W.* Dexter, b. 16 June, 1848; m. Charles Heury 

Andrews, IS June, 1868. 

942 V James A.* Dexter, b. 20 May, 1847. He was a farmer. 

943 vi John A." Dexter, b. 16 Sept., 1852 ; d. 1853. 

944 vii John A.* Dexter, b. 18 Feb., 1855; d. 1880. 

945 viii George W.^ Dexter, b. 1 Feb., 1857. He was a box maker. 


James" Dexter, son of Edward" [Edward% Noah^, Benjamin^, 
William-, Thomas^] and Biah [Barlow] Dexter, was born 

24 Nov., , and died 22 INIay, 1856. He married Hannah 

Mendall, 22 Ang., 1836. 

Seven children : 

946 i Levi'' Dexter, b. 24 Nov., 1840; m. Eoseley Nickerson. One son, 

Milton L.= Dexter, b. 10 March, 1878. 

947 ii William H. H.« Dexter, b. 24 June, 1841; d. 13 ,Tan., 1891. 

948 iii Alniira M." Dexter, b. Nov., 1842; m. George Carlton. 


949 iv Elisha M.» Dexter. 

950 V Sarah J.* Dexter, li. 19 March, 1851; d. 24 March, 1851 

951 vi Mary A.^ Dexter, b. 11 April, 1854; m. Allen Eyder, 6 Feb., 1871- 

952 vii Seth P.^ Dexter; d. 24 Mar, 1857. 


Sumner' Dexter, son of SamueP [EdAvard% Noah'*, Benjamin^, 
William^, Thomas^] and Mercy [Keene] Dexter, was born 
23 March, 1805. He married Deborah Edwards, 13 July, 

Four children : 

953 i John A.' Dexter, b. ; d. 1896; single. 

954 ii Mary P.' Dexter, b. 17 April, 1845; d. 27 March, 1870. 

955* iii Samuel E.* Dexter, b. 7 March, 1850; m. Maggie A. Headman, 

3 March, 1890. 
956 iv Deborah E." Dexter, b. 8 May, 1854; died yonng. 


Jane'' Dexter, daug'hter of Captain SamueP [Edward", Noah"*. 
Benjamin^ William-, Thomas^] and Mercy [Keene] Dexter, 
was born 4 May, 1811, and died 12 Nov., 1867. She mar- 
ried Frederick B. Ward, 19 Feb., 1835. 

Six children : 

Sarah C.^ Ward; ni. Orren V. Matteson. 
Jennie M.* Ward ; m. George Thomj)son. 
Carrie* Ward; m. David Eowe. 
Hattie^ Ward; m. Lewis Ver Yalen. 
Helen' Ward; m. Col. William Gavett. 
Martha' Ward, m. Van Deering. 


Caroline" Dexter, dau^'hter of Captain Samuel'' [Edward'. 
Noah"*, Benjamin^, William-, Thomas^] and Me,rcy [Keene] 














Dexter, Avas born 11 Nov., 1812, and died 7 April, 1870. 
She married Ona White, 23 Dec, 1835. 

Ten children : 

Mary^ White, b. ; d. 1865; m. Orren Matteson. 

Haven L.* White, b. ; m. Melinda Clark. 

Wyman'* White, b. ; unmarried. 

John Albert* White, b. ; m. Delia Brewer. 

Lucetta* White, b. ; unmarried. 

Jane* White, b. ; m. Wellington Ensign. 

Sarah* White, b. ; single. 

Sherwood* White, b. ; d. aged 9 years. 

Amy* Wliite, b. . 



















Lansing* Wliite, b. 


Jamas'^ Dexter, son of SamneP [Edward^ Noah"*, Benjamin^, 
William^, Thomas^] and Mercy [Keene] Dexter, Avas born 
21 Dec, 1814, and died 14 May, 1861. He married Pa- 
melia Dexter, 20 Sept., 1849. 

Four children : 

973 i James C* Dexter, b. 29 Oct., 1850; m. Elizalieth Nye. 

974 ii Sarah M.* Dexter, b. 30 Sept., 1856; m. Charles C. Nealey, 3 

Aug., 1884. 

975 iii Martha* Dexter, b. . 

976* iv Mary M.* Dexter, b. 30 March, 1853; m. Eben Franklin 
Hoskins, 9 May, 1871. He was born 17 Oct., 1846. 


Samuel' Dexter, Jr., son of SamueP [Edward^ Noah*, Benja- 
min% William-. Thomas^] and Mercy [Keene] Dexter, was 
born 17 Jan., 1816. He married Mary Coon, 8 Jan., 1841. 

Three children : 

977 i George S.* Dexter, b. . 

978 ii Gerret S.* Dexter, b. . 

979 iii Edna* Dexter, b. . 



Sarah M." Dexter, daughter of Captain SamiieP [Edward^ 
Noali^, Benjamiir, William", Thomas^] and Mercy [Keene] 
X)exter, was boru 24 Dec., 1819, and died 26 May, 1894. 
She married James Parmelee, 13 Oct., 1842. He died on 
15 Nov., 1854, at Smithfield, N. Y. Thus early in life she 
was left a widow with three small children to support. 
Under these tryina: circumstances she was equal to every 
emergency and developed that fortitude and heroism very 
few possess. She was industrious and prudent, but no one 
ever went away hungry from her door. AugTist, 1870, came 
another affliction, when she lost her only son, then just 
grown to manhood. Above all this she arose and with 
patient, tender hands bestowed every attention possible 
upon the living, and all remember mth gratitude "Aunt 
Sarah," as she was called. She died 26 May. 1894. She 
left two daughters. 


Children : 

980 i Mercy Elizabeth' Pai-melee, b. 10 Jan., 1844; m. Austin N. 

Hecox, 8 March, 1865. 

981 ii Charlotte Jane' Parmelee, b. 14 Aug., 1846; m. Charles E. 

Maynard, 8 Oct., 1867. 

982 iii Dwight Dexter' Parmelee, b. 11 .Tune. 1851; d. 30 Aug., 1870. 


David H.' Dexter, son of SamueP [Edward^ Noah'*, Benjamin^^ 
William^, Thomas^] and Mercy [Keene] Dexter, was born 
5 March. 1822. and died 25 March, 1863. He married Mary 
J. Dana, 1 Jan., 1848. 

Two children : 

983 i Francis C. L.' Dexter. 

984 ii Addle M.' Dexter. 



Benjamin' Dexter, son of Joseph^ [Benjainin% Noah*, Benja- 
niin% AYilliani-, Thomas^] and IMary [Luce] Dexter, was 
born . He married Betsey Hilman in 1809. 

Seven children : 

985 i Dennis' Dexter, b. in Tisbnry, Mass., 1811; d. 1889; m. Mary 


986* ii George' Dexter, b. ; m. Caroline Luce. 

987* iii Eodolphiis W.' Dexter, b. 29 April, 1816; d. 10 Sept., 1886; m. 

Irene Clifford, 1838. 

988 iv Sophia' Dexter, b. • ; m. Joseph Daggett. 

989 V Mary' Dexter, b. ; m. Clifford Dunham. 

990 vi Ann' Dexter, b. ; m. Thubeal Dunham. 

991 vii Elizabeth' Dexter, b. . 


Elisha' Dexter, son of Joseph^ [Benjamin", NoahS Benjamin^ 
William-, Thomas^l and :\Iary [Lnee] Dexter, was born 
, and died 6 April, 1870. He married Eliza Merry. 

One child : 

992 i Benjamin' Dexter, b. in Tisbury, Mass., 3 April, 1830. 


Ira'^ Dexter, son of Joseph^^ [Benjamin^ Noah\ Benjamin^ Wil- 
liam% Thomas^] and IMaiy [Lnee] Dexter, was born in 
1791. and died in 185:1 He. married Harriet Dnnham. 

Seven children, born in Tisbnry: 

993 i Ira' Dexter, Jr., b. 1827 ; d. 1827. 

994 ii Harriett' Dexter, b. 1829; m. Thomas C. Harding, 18.52. 
99.5 iii Emily B.' Dexter, b. 1834; m. .roso]>h B. Parker, 1874. 
996 iv Charles' Dexter, b. 1838. 


997 V Abbie' Dexter, b. 1840; d. 1859; m. Eilwanl M. Craudell, 1855. 

998 vi Ira* Dexter, b. 1842; d. 1884; m. Phebe A. Eimnells. 

999 vii SamueF Dexter, b. 1844. 


Joseph" Dexter, son of Joseph'' [Benjamin% Xoah\ Benjamin^ 
. William^ Thomas^] and ]\Iary [Luce] Dexter, was born 
. He married Charlotte Norton. 

Two children : 

1000* i Joseph' Dexter, b. ; in. Lucy Xortou. 

1001* ii Hiram' Dexter, b. 6 May, 1813; d. 2 April, 1SS7; m. Love 
Lambert. 10 Sept., 1838. 


Rodolphus W." Dexter, son of Noah'' [Benjamin\ Noah^ Benja- 
min% William-, Thomas^] and :\Iary [Delano] Dexter, was 
born 15 April, 1806. and died 25 April. 1862. He married 
(1) Andria C. Fuller, 10 Dec, 1833; (2) Mary H. Taber, 
12 Dee., 1838; she died at Dorchester, aged 88. 

Two children : 

1002* i Caroline H.' Dexter, b. in Fairhaven, 23 Feb., 1836; m. Henry 

D. Pope, 3 Feb., 1864. 
1003* ii Franklin B.' Dexter, b. in Fairhaven, 11 Sept., 1842; m. 

Theodosia M. Wheeler, 8 July, 1880. 


Lucy' Dexter, daughter of Benjamin" [Benjamin^ Noah\ Ben- 
jamin^ William^, Thomas^] and Ruth [Delano] Dexter, was 
bom 5 March, 1809, and died 12 Nov., 1871. She married 
Timothy Clifton, 6 Jan., 1833. 

Ten children : 

1004 i Sarah M.' Clifton, 17 Aug., 1834; d. 5 May, 1895; m. Albert 

M. Parlow, 29 Nov., 1860. 


1005 ii Jnlia M.* Clifton, b. 20 July, 1835; d. 16 Dec, 1839. 

1006 iii Benjamin D.^ Clifton, b. 22 April, 1837; d. 11 Dec, 1862. He 

was killed at the battle of Fredericksburg. 

1007 iv Obed D." Clifton, 1). 29 Dec, 1838 ; m. Mary E. Savery, 30 Dee. 


1008 V Verona D.** Clifton, b. 22 Feb., 1841. 

1009 vi Julia M." Clifton, b. 20 Oct., 1843; m. Henry C. Hazzard, 20 

Nov., 1872. 

1010 vii Martha W.** Clifton, b. 6 Jan., 1846; ni. Bertrand A. Cones, 25 

March, 1869. 

1011 viii Priscilla C Clifton, b. 24 July, 1848. 

1012 ix Timothy A.' Clifton, b. 6 Aprii, 1851; d. 25 Feb., 1873. 

1013 X Edwin E.' Clifton, b. 11 Aug., 1854; m. Lizzie L. Savery, 20 

Sept., 1894. 


Lydia^ Dexter, daughter of Benjamin*' [Benjamin^ Noah^ Ben- 
jamin', William-, Thomas^] and Ruth [Delano] Dexter, was 
born 5 Feb., 1815, and died in Dorchester, 13 March, 1899. 
She married James Hammett, 8 Oct., 1836. 

Five children, born in New Bedford: 

1014 i James Edward' Hammett, b. 4 July, 1840 ; d. 8 May, 1845. 

1015 ii James Edward' Hammett, b. 12 April, 1846; d. 6 Feb., 1900; 

never married. 

1016 iii William Frederick' Hammett, b. 3 Aug., 1848; m. Emma F. 

Hartshorn, 8 Oct., 1885. 

1017 iv Herbert' Hammett, b. 19 Nov., 1850; d. 3 Feb., 1859. 

1018 V Mary Anna' Hammett, b. 19 Oct., 1858; d. 28 March, 1885; 

never married. 


Benjamin'^ Dexter, son of Benjamin^ [Benjamin^ Noah\ Benja- 
min^ William-, Thomas^] and Rnth [Delano] Dexter, was 
born 1 Jnne, 1817, and died 17 April, 1879. He married 
Elizabeth P. Delano, 1 Jnne, 1841. 

Five children : 

1019* i Josiah A.' Dexter, b. 20 Nov., 1842; m. Susan G. Durfee, 7 
Sept., 1870. 


1020* ii Abbie M.' Dexter, b. 28 Sept., 1844; m. Samuel E. Hicks, 23 

June, 1873. 
1021 iii Caroline E.** Dexter, b. 29 July, 1847. 
1022* iv Benjamin F.^ Dexter, b. 26 Feb., 18.50; d. 2 Dec, 1901; ni. 

Olive Kinney, 8 March, 1880. 

1023 V Ella L.-' Dexter, b. 31 Oct., 1857. 


Rufus^ Dexter, son of Benjamin^ [Benjamin^ Noah^ Benjamin^ 
William-, Thomas^] and Kutli [Delano] Dexter, was born 
7 Feb., 1821, and died 29 July, 1866. He married Elizabeth 
L. Washbnrn, Jnne, 1848. 

Two children: 

1024 i Kufus N.^ Dexter, b. 31 Oct., 1851 ; d. 8 Sept., 1869. 

1025* ii Seth L. M.* Dexter, b. 28 March, 1854; m. Elizabeth Jenney, 
3 March, 1877. 


Jonathan K.' Dexter, son of Jonathan" [David% Josiah^ Benja- 
min^ William^, Thomas^] and IMary [Studley] Dexter, was 
born 12 Feb., 1812. He married Clarinda Smith, 26 Nov., 

Three children, born in Eochester: 

1026* 1 Horace' Dexter, b. 15 Sept., 1839; m. Ann E. Lyman, 25 Feb., 

1027* ii Mary* Dexter, b. 17 June, 1844; m. .Tames Landers, 5 Sept., 

1028 iii George* Dexter, b. . 


Martha M." Dexter, danghter of E. Allen" [David^, Josiah^ 

Benjamin^ William^, Thomas^] and Dexter, was born 

12 July, 1836. She married Noah Hammond, 2 June, 1861. 


Two children, born at INIattapoisett : 

1029* i Allen Dexter- Hammond, b. 1 June, 1871; m. Eliza Lenora 
Sliaw, 19 Sept., 1894. 

1030 ii Clara Liu'inda* Hammond, b. 23 Dec, 1872; m. Lemuel 

LeBai-on Dexter, 2(i .Tuly, 1899. 


John^ Dexter, son of Constant'' [Isaac^ Constant^ Benjamin^ 
Willianr, Thomas^] and Rebecca [Billington] Dexter, wa^ 
born 23 June, 1800. He married ^lary B. Shaw. 

Eight children, born in Wayne, Maine : 

1031 i John S.^ Dexter, b. 12 Feb., 1827; m. Susan J. Smith, 15 Feb., 


1032 ii Mary J." Dexter, b. 15 Dec, 1828; m. S. B. Norris. 

1033* iii Henry C Dexter, b. 21 April, 1831; m. Ellen E. Carll, 17 Dec, 
1 864. 

1034 iv Edwin S.^ Dexter, b. 6 Oct., 1833; m. Annie Richardson. 

1035 V Alanson* Dexter, b. 14 July, 183G; d. 4 Dec, 1836. 

1036 vi Annie D.** Dexter, b. 2 Jan., 1838; m. Joel T. Phelps, 14 

Sept., 1856. 

1037 vii .lairus A.'* Dexter, b. 11 Aug., 1841; d. 22 Aug., 1864. 

1038 viii Samuel W.'* Dexter, b. 6 Oet., 1846; d. 28 Nov., 1866. 


Stephen T.' Dexter, son of Freeman^ [Isaac^, Constant^ Benja- 
min^ William', Thomas^] and Polly Dexter, was born 19 
April, 1818. He married Betsey R. Dexter, 26 April, 1843. 

Three children : 

1039 i Arianah F." Dexter, b. East Boston, 28 Dec, 1845; m. Eugene 

F. Margot, 12 Oct., 1886. 

1040 ii Roamy M."* Dexter, b. in Wayne, Me., 16 Oct., 1849; m. Cloves 

N. Bacon, 3 Sept., 1873. 

1041 iii Alston S.' Dexter, b. in East Boston, 15 July, 1856. 



Lewis" Dexter, son of Amasa* [Isaacs Constant^ Benjamin^ 
William-, Thomas^] and IMartha [Bni-gess] Dexter, was 
born 8 April, 1810, and died 11 Feb., 1889. He married (1) 
Malatiah Norris, 7 Nov., 1834; (2) Mary Dexter, 10 Nov., 

Four children by first wife, born in Wayne, Maine : 

1042 i Henry A.' Dexter, b. 7 Sept., 1836; m. Eni>lirata Foss, 8 Jan., 


1043 ii Aurelia A." Dexter, b. 29 Jan., 1839; m. Frank L. Morse, 16 

Jnly, 1859. 

1044 iii Sarah A.^ Dexter, b. 25 May, 1841; d. 17 Aug., 1878; m. 

Captain A. Everts, 25 Jan., 1864. 

1045 iv Deborah O." Dexter, b. -28 June, 1843; d. 21 Oc-t., 1854. 


Rev. Henry Vaughn' Dexter, D.D., son of Amasa*' [Isaac^ Con- 
stant*, Benjamin^ William-, Thomas^] and Martha [Burgess] 
Dexter, was born 3 April, 1815. He was a g-raduate of 
Waterville College (now Colby), and for many years a 
trustee of that institution, and was a pastor of leading 
churches in Maine and ]\Iassachusetts. He married (1) 
Nancy C. Herrick, 1 Sept., 1845, and after her decease he 
married (2) Mary Edna Boardman, 20 Jan., 1851. She was 
a descendant of the Newburyport Boardmans and Tappans. 
He died at Templeton, Mass., 23 July, 1884. 

Six children : 

1046 i Frances E.^ Dexter, b. in Calais, Me., 26 Oct., 1851 ; d. 26 Sept., 


1047 ii Mary E.-' Dexter, b. in Calais, Me., 30 July, 1853; m. Capt. 

Fordyce B. Perkins, 7 May, 1873. 

1048 iii Henry B.* Dexter, b. in Augusta, Me., 7 Jan., 1855; ni. Lizzie 

A. Wincote, 31 Jan., 1889. 


1049* iv George T.** Dexter, b. in Augusta, Me., 25 Jan., 1860 ; ra. Nellie 

J. Greenwood, 14 April, 1880. 
1050 ^ V Elwell v." Dexter, b. in Calais, Me., 6 Nov., 1863. 
1051* 'Vi Edwin Grant" Dexter, b. in Calais, Me., 21 July, 1868. 


Edward G,^ Dexter, son of Amasa« [Isaac% Constant^ Benja- 
min^ William-, Thomas^] and Martha [Burgess] Dexter, 
was born 9 April, 1824. He married (1) Harriett K 
Thomas, 6 Oct., 1851; (2) Mary L. Lamson, 3 July, 1864. 

Children : 

1052 i Anna M.' Dexter, b. 31 Aug., 1852 ; m. Abner Wing. 

1053 ii Stella G.' Dexter, b. 24 March, 1853; m. Frank Marston. 


Susan^ Gorham, daughter of Mary« [SamueP, SamueP, Benja- 
min^ Willianr, Thomas^] and John Gorham, was born in 

Barre, . She married Nathan Taylor, son of Capt. 

Seth and i\Tehitable Taylor. He was born in 1782, and 
died 11 May, 1815, aged 32. His father died in 1811, aged 
66, and his mother in 1832, aged 91 yeare. 

They had five children : 

1054 i Mehitable* Taylor, b. . 

1055 ii Fanny' Taylor, b. . 

1056 iii Levina* Taylor, b. 

1057 iv John Gorham" Taylor, b. 1812; d. at Springfield, 1866. 

1058 V Nathan" Taylor, b. 1815; m. Lucy S. Haven of Barre, 7 Dec, 



Bethsheba" Dexter, daughter of Eleazer" [SamueP, Samuel\ 
Benjamin-% Willianr, Thomas^] and Charity [Williams] 
Dexter, was born 22 Feb., 1789, and died in 1855. She 


married Silas'' Newton, son of LemiieP (Silas'*, Josiah^ 
Moses^ Riehard^l and Chloe (Hitchcock) Newton, 21 June, 

Six children wei'e born to this family : 

10.59 i Elvira Augusta" Newton, b. 1812. 

1060 ii Stephen Dexter" Xewton, bapt. 14 April, 1S14; d. 12 Sept., 


1061 iii Benjamin D." Netwon, b. 1816; d. 7 Nov., 1837. 

1062 iv Susanna Freeman" Newton. baj)t. Oct., 1819; m. Calvin H. 

Bassett, Dec, 1854. 

1063 V Elvira A." Newton, bapt. 12 May, 1822; m. James Griffin of 

Ware, 12 Dec, 1848. 

1064 vi Stephen E." Newton, b. 1826. 


Charity. W." Dexter, daughter of Eleazer*' [SamueF, SamueP. 
Benjamin', William-, Thomas^] and Charity [Williams] 
Dexter, was born 5 Aug'., 1795. She married Gardner^ New- 
ton, son of Silas' (Timothy*, Josiah^, ]\Ioses-, Richard^] and 
Naomi Washburn, pub. 17 Sept.. 1827. He was boi-n 9 
Oct., 1789. and died 23 March. 1864. 

Three children : 

Luke" Newton, b. 12 Sept., 1829; d. 3 Sept., 1858. 

John" Newton, b. 28 March, 1833; d. 5 March, 1866. 

Charles" Newton, b. 28 March, 1837; d. 9 April, 1862; m. 
Mary D. Sturtevant, 14 March, 1861. At death of her hus- 
band she married (2) John S. Kelmer, pub. 5 Oct., 1863. 


Joseph Dean^ Dexter, son of Eleazer*' [SamueP, Samuel*, Ben- 
jamin", William-, Thomas^] and Charity [Williams] Dex- 
ter, was born 31 Aug., 1797. He married Olive Gould, 15 
Nov., 1818. He lost an arm and his eyesight by an acci- 
dent, but was a successful showman, and secured a comfort- 
able maintenance for his familv. 








Four children: 

1068* i Joseph Deau' Dexter, Jr., bapt. IS June, 1820; in. Almeda 
Anderson, 8 March, 1846. 

1069 ii Alma* Dexter, bapt. 14 Aug., 1821 ; d. 4 Feb., 1823. 

1070 iii William Alfred' Dexter, bapt. 25 Sept., 1823. 

1071* iv Nancy M.' Dexter, b. 1825; m. (1) Henry B. Gould, 6 May, 
1847; (2) Joseph C. Page (b. 1819), 2 Nov., 1865. 


Arethusa' Dexter, daug'hter of Eleazer" [SamneP, SamueP, Ben- 
jamin^ Willianr, Thomas^] and Charity [Williams] Dexter, 
was born in 1805, and died 6 April, 1862. She married 
John'' Johnson, son of John^' (Zebadialr, Zebadiah^) John- 
son, and Mary ( ) Johnson, 5 Oct., 1828. He was born 
in 1805, and died 2 I\ray, 1876. 

One child: 

1072 i William** Johnson, b. ; m. Eunice C. Sturtevant, 18 Aug., 



Williams' Dexter, son of SamneP [SamueP, SamneP, Benja- 
min^ William^, Thomas^] and Sally [Williams] Dexter, 
was born 9 April, 1800, and died 12 May, 1836. He mar- 
ried Maria, daughter of Israel Knowlton, 3 June, 1828, and 
resided in Cambridge, Mass. 

Two children: 

1073 i Samuel W.* Dexter, b. Feb., 1828; d. 18 Aug., 1830. 

1074 ii Lucy M.' Dexter, b. ; m. James B. Wiggin. Kesided in 



Alma^ Dexter, daughter of SamueP [SamueP, SamueP, Benja- 
min^ William^, Thomas^] and Sally [Williams] Dexter, 


was born in Ilardwick in 1804, and died 21 Sept., 1840. 
She mai-ried Joseph^ Neweomb of Ilardwick, pub. 11 Feb., 
1828. He was the .son of Joseph^ (Annas-, Joseph^) and 
Abigail Abbott Neweomb, and was born in Hardwiek 16 
Dee., 1800. His father was a) clothier and farmer, born in 
Norton in 1762 and removed to Hardwiek in 1791, where he 
remained nntii his death in 1823. 

After their marriage they lived upon the farm and 
brought np a family of four children : 

1075 i Alma Maria'* Neweomb, b. 29 March, 1830 ; m. Stophon P. Hill- 

man, 4 Dec, 1851. 

1076 ii John Joseph* Neweomb, b. 29 Jan., 1832; m. Cordelia Gould, 

pub. 13 March, 1857. They had no children. He was town 
assessor seven years, from 1871 to 1878. 

1077 iii Sarah W." Neweomb, b. 15 Oct., 1834; m. Charles S. Clark, 14 

Dec, 1856. 

1078 iv Samuel Williams'' Neweomb, b. 9 Oct., 1836; m. .Tulia Ann 

Dennis, 23 April, 1863. Two children: William Adonijah" 
Neweomb, b. 6 March, 1865 ; .Julia Alma" Neweomb, b. 25 
April, 1869. 


Mary" Dexter, daughter of Jedediah'' [SamueF\ SamueP. Ben- 
jamin^, Willianr, Thomas^] and Abigail [Eager] Dexter, 
was born in 1805. She married ^lilton Peck, a blacksmith 
of Hubbardston, Mass., 20 Oct., 1823. He was born in 1800 
and died in 1855. They made their home in Hardwiek 
after 1838, and lived near the Barre line. After her hus- 
band's decease in 1855, she married a Mr. Clark and moved 
to South Abington, where she died 4 Feb., 1881, aged 75. 

Eight children : " 

1079 i Mary' Peck, b. about 1824; m. Ebenezer P. Staples of Taunton, 

11 Nov., 1845. She was his second wife, his first wife being- 
Luthera G. Dexter daughter of Jedediah" (Samuel'. Samuel'. 
Benjamin", W^illianr, Thomas^). 

1080 ii Jane" Peck, b. 1827; m. Francis Legate, 2 June, 1847. 


1081 iii S. E. Willarcr Peck, b. 1832; in. Almena Austin of Hubbards- 

ton, 30 April, 1862, Cliildreu: Walter Lewis" Peck, b. 14 May, 
1878, and others. 

1082 iv Sarah B.» Peck, b. 1834; ni. Benjamin O. Gardner, 7 Dee., 


1083 V Luthera M.' Peek, b. 1840; d. 1858; unmarried. 

1084 vi William C Peck, b. 1842; m. Hannah Atwood, 11 March, 

1862. Children: 

1. Nellie Emily^ b. 22 Aug., 1866. 

2. ■ Mattie L.," b. 6 Nov., 1870. 

1085 vii Susan Ann' Peck, b. 3 Nov., 1847; d. 31 July, 1848. 

1086 viii Samuel Dexter* Peck, b. ■ ; m. Sarah . Children: 

1. Willie Dexter" Peck, b. 18 Nov., 1861. 

2. One son", b. 16 April, 1866. 


Cassandra' Dexter, daughter of Jonathan^ [SamueP, Samuel*, 
Benjamin^ William^, Thomas^] Dexter, was born 1 Sept., 
1813, and died 29 May, 1880. She married Lemuel F. Tay- 
lor, who came from Buckland to Hubbardston, April, 1836. 

Two children: 

1087* i Caroline Angelia* Taylor, b. 1 March, 1841; in. Darius Parsons 
of Sutton, 24 Nov., 1877. 

1088 ii Sarah Arabella* Taylor, b. 27 June, 1856. 


Luther Cheney,'^ son of Lucy*' [Icliabod^ Samuel*, Benjamin^ 
William", Thomas^] Dexter and Moses Cheney, was bom 
in Oranoe, IMass., 9 May, 1788, and died 2 Dec, 1848. He 
married Sabra Allen of Mendon. She was born 28 Dec, 
1788, and died 3 June, 1885. 

Six children : 

1089 i Henry* Cheney, b. 14 Oct., 1808; d. 22 Feb., 1885; m. (1) 

Isabelle Cayle; (2) Eliza Cayle. 

1090 ii Allen* Cheney, b. 8 Aug., 1811; m. Susan Cayle. 


1091 iii Julia Maria* Cheney, b. 5 Dec, 1814; d. 26 Aug., 1816. 

1092 iv Luther Norman* Cheney, b. 5 Oct., 1818; m. (1) Elizabeth 

Danforth; (2) Harriet Lyman. 

1093 V Lucien West* Cheney, b. Oct., 1822. 

1094 vi Edwin Thayer* Cheney, b. 2 Dee., 1828. 

634 • 

Rhoda B." Cheney, dan filter of Lucy*^ [Ichabod^ Samuel^ Ben- 
jamin^, William^, Thomas^] and Moses Cheney, was born 
27 Sept., 1806. She married Adams French, Jr., who was 
born 24 June, 1802, and died 26 Aug., 1854. She married 
(2) Cheney Lewis, 14 Jan., 1861. He was born in 1798. 

Four children : 

1095* i Adams* French, 3d, b. 1828; m. Abby E. Kellogg, 25 Jan., 

1096* ii Mary A.* French, b. 1829; m. Franklin L. Waters, 22 April, 

1097* iii Lysander* French, b. 1839; m. Julia A. Hunt, 1 May, 1855. 
1098* iv Moses C* French, b. 1842; m. Kate E. Bishop, 5 Jan., 1842. 


Foster B.^ Dexter, son of John*' [Job^ Samuel'*, Benjamin^ 
Willianr, Thomas^] and Lucy [Dennis] Dexter, was born 
19 July, 1806, and died 3 March, 1865. He married Phebe 
P . 

One child : 

1099* i William N.* Dexter, b. 15 Aug., 1843; m. (1) Frances .New- 
land, Aug., 1870; (2) Mary J. Dooley, 7 April, 1887; (3) 
Lillia Adell Field, 22 Dec, 1897. She was born 18 April, 1857. 


William Augustus^ Wheeler, son of Anna" [Job% SamueP, Ben- 
jamin^ Willia,m% Thomas^] Dexter, and Thomas Wheeler, 
Jr., was born in Hardwick, 31 March, 1798. He married 
Almira Warner Allen, daughter of Moses Allen of Hard- 


wick. -She was born 20 Feb., 1803, and died 28 Feb., 1867. 

He died in 1873. 

He learned the trade of blaclvsmith and was one of the 
oldest iron founders in the State, having begmn in 1812 at 
"Old Furnace Village," Hardwick, named for the furnace 
established there by his father. From Hardwick he went 
to Brookfield. In 1823 he moved to Worcester, Mass., w^here 
he" established a foundry. In 1825 he was associated with 
some of the leading men of Worcester in a foundry at 
Brookfield, where all kinds of castings were made, the doors 
of the Court House in Worcester being of his manufacture. 
He returned to Worcester in 1830 and continued at the old 
stand for over forty years. 

He designed the first boring machine in Worcester. In 
1838 he got out patterns for cooking-stoves. In 1842 he 
invented a furnace for heating buildings. In 1838 he 
added to his business the manufacture of brass castings. 
In 1852 his son, Charles A. Wheeler, became associated with 
him, continuing until his death in 1867. 

Mr. Wheeler filled many official positions from Worces- 
ter's earliest history. He was one of the Worcester Aque- 
duct Company in 1845. In 1848 he l^ecame the contractor 
for building the Worcester & Nashua Railroad, an enter- 
prise which his untiring energy and skill enabled him 
to carry through amid many discouragements. He was one 
of the "original founders of the Worcester IMechanics Asso- 
ciation in 1841, and was its first President. He was very 
influential in the building of the beautiful I^Ieehanics Hall. 
He was a man of indomitable will and strictest integrity, 
and of very clear .judgment and generous disposition. He 
was a mem\)er of the Second Church (Unitarian) of Wor- 
cester. In politics he was first a Whig and then a Repub- 

He and his wife and their deceased children are buried 
in the family lot in Rural Cemetery, Worcester. 

Children : 

1100 ■ i Charles Augustus' Wheelor, 1). 27 Jan., 1826. 
1101* ii William Piske' Wheeler, b. 24 .Tune, 1830. 














1102 iii Anna Maria'* Wheeler, b. ll' Sept., 1S3l'; in. William React, 13 

Nov., 1856. 
Josejihine'* Wheeler, b. 12 Nov., 1834; <1. 15 Dec, 1834. 
Moses Allen'* Wheeler, b. 19 Aug., 1838. 
Eliza Jane" Wheeler, b. 19 Dec, 1841 ; d. 11 Dec, 1871. 
Sarah Frances*^ W'heeler, b. 10 April, 1844; m. Frederick W. 

Jenkins of Barre, Mass., 8 June, 1871. 
Thomas' Wheeler, b. 19 July, 1847. 
Franklin'^ Wheeler, b. 19 July, 1847; d. 31 July, 1887. 


Zenas Hinkley' Dexter, son of Ichabod'^ [Job\ Samuel^ Benja- 
min^, William-, Thomas^] and Sally [Eager] Dexter, was 
born 9 IMay, 1806, and died 11 Oct., 1851, aged 46 years. 
He married (1) Sarah F. Penniman, 19 ]May, 1831; she died 
9 May, 1837: (2) Lncinda Wood, 28 Aug., 1837. 

In his will he gives his wife, Liicinda Dexter, all the 
furniture that belonged to her at marriage, and six hundred 
dollars. To his daughter. Harriet Jane Dexter, all the 
articles of furniture that belonged to her mother, Sarah F. 
Dexter, at the time of her marriage, and one hundred dol- 
lars. To his sons, Zenas H. and George F.. all the real 
estate and personal property remaining. Estate valued at 
$3400. William ]\Iixter. executor; John Raymond, guar- 
dian of children. 

Children : 

1109 i Zenas H.* Dexter, b. 14 April, 1832. 

1110 ii George TurrelP Dexter, b. 20 June. 1833. 

1111 iii Harriet Jane' Dexter, b. 1836; m. Pliny Fisk Chandler, 5 

March, 1853; died 5 April, 1866. 


Edward' Dexter, son of Ichabod*^ fJob^ SamueP, Benjamin^ 
William-, Thomas^] and Sally [Eager] Dexter, was born 
3 Nov., 1811, and died 24 Dec. 1862. He married Louise 
Powers, 6 June, 1842. He was a farmer and lived in Hard- 
wick, Mass. 


Children : 

1112 i Charles E." Dexter, b. 23 Aug., lS-13; d. in Springfield, 29 July, 


1113 ii Frederick'* Dexter, b. 26 May, 1845 ; d. July, 1854. 

1114 iii Albert H." Dexter, b. 27 Aug., 1847 ; m. . 

1115 iv Clai-a Lunetta,^ Dexter, b. 4 April, 1851. 

1116 V Willie H.^ Dexter, b. . 


Hannah^ Dexter, dangliter of Ichabod" [Job^ SamiTeP, Benja- 
niin^ William-, Thomas^] and Alice [Amidon] Dexter, was 

born . She married Lysander Powers of Hardwick, 

I\Iarch, 1842. 

Children : 

1117 i Joel Lysander" Powers, b. 17 Nov., 1843; m. Jennie E. Knight. 

1118 ii Frank' Po^A•ers, b. 19 Sept., 1846; m. Anna K. Garney of 

Marblehead, 6 Nov., 1872. She died 11 Sept., 1873, aged 30. 

1119 iii Elmer D.* Powers, b. 12 Dec, 1853; m. Anna W. Conant of 

Barre, 29 June, 1875. 


Alexander" Morton, son of James'' [Mary^ Samuel^ Benjamin^ 
William^ Thomas^] and Chloe [Forbnsh] Morton, was 
born in 1811. He married Martha Wheeler. 

Children : 

1120 i Lois' Morton, b. 1842; ni. M. D. Clark. 

1121* ii George L.' Morton, b. 1846; m. ■ . Three children. 


Vashney' Lord, son of Esther*' [Sarah^ SamueP. Benjamin^ 
William-, Thomas^] Dexter and Joseph Lord, Avas born 19 
]\Iav, 1791. He married Sarah . 









Children : 

Lausinda R.'* Lord, b. 26 July, 1826. 
Vashney* Lord, b. 20 Aug., 1828. 
Luther* Lord, b. 1 Nov., 1830. 
Joseph G.' Lord, b. 7 Nov., 1838. 


Alfred' Tucker, son of Sally« [Sarah^ SamneP, Benjamm^ Wil- 
liam-, Thomas^] Dexter and Joshua Tucker, was born in 

1808, and died 26 April, 1866. He married (1) Mary ; 

she was born in 1810. and died 21 Jnne. 1838: (2^ -. 

Children : 

1126 i Wilcote Tucker, b. 1835; d. 1858. 

1127 ii Addison* Tucker, b. 11 Oct., 1845, 


Samuel" Morton, son of Hannah'^ [Benjamin^ SamueP, Benja- 
min'^, William-. Thomas^] Dexter and Benjamin^ INIorton, 
Jr., was born in 1796. He married . 

Children : 

1128 i Harrison* Morton, b. 1813; m. . Son, William Morton. 

1129* ii Shatley* Morton, b. 1815. 

1130* iii Benjamin* Morton, b. . 

1131* iv Almon* Morton, b. 1S20. 

1132 V Louisa* Morton, b. 1822; never married. 

1133 vi Betsey* Morton, b. 1827; m. Winfield Baker. 

1134 vii Dexter* Morton, b. 1829; m. . Son, William Morton. 

1135 viii Mary* Morton, b. 1831; m. John Johee. 

1136 ix Sylvester* Morton, b. 1832; m. . Son, Frank Morton. 


Anna' Dexter, daughter of Benjamin^ [Benjamin^ Samuel*, 
Benjamin^. William-. Thomas^] and Betsey [Legg] Dexter, 


was born 31 March, 1806, and died 30 Sept., 1849. She 
married, 24 Jnne, 1834, Job Fry, the son of Job and Pen- 
nald (Drake) Fry. He was born in 1802, and married for 
his first wife, Florella Chirk, who was born 27 Dec, 1806, 
and died 7 Ang., 1833. He then married xVnna Dexter, 24 
June, 1834. She died 30 Sept., 1849. He then married 
Luthervia (Eobinson) Burt of Ware, 15 April, 1851. He 
died in 1868. 

He had U\o children by first wife, and four by second 
wife : 

1137 i F. Arvilla*^ Fry, b. 25 April, 1831; d. 9 April, 1901; m. 

George W. Dexter, 27 May, 1856. 

1138 ii Ellen S.-' Fry. b. 29 July, 1833; in. diaries 0. Patterson, 3 

Sept., 1854. Now lives in Florida. 

1139 iii Elizabeth Ann* Fry, b. 28 Feb., 1835; d. in f'aliforuia, 19 Nov., 

1903; m. John Sampson in 18(5(i. 

1140 iv Job Warren*' Fry, b. 30 Aug., 1837; d. 5 July, 1S38. 

1141 V Martha Jane' Fry, 1). 14 Aug., 1840 i, d. 5 Nov., 1851. 

1142 vi George Dexter' Fry, 1). 14 Nov., 1842; d. 27 Aug., 1844. 


Amasa" Dexter, son of Benjamin* [Benjamin^ Samuel\ Benja- 
min^ William-, Thomas^] and Betsey [hegg] Dexter, was 
born 3 Dec, 1808, at Orange, where he spent the early 
years of his life. He married 21 Feb., 1833, Roanna Allen 
of Joy, Me., and they went to keeping house in the old home- 
stead. They remained there until after their second child 
was born, Avhen they moved to Wendell, where they remained 
about twenty years, and there his other children were born. 
While there he worked in a mill. Upon his return they 
settled upon the old farm, living in the house built by 
George W. Dexter, and there they died, she in January, 
1866, and he in October, 1883. He made several transfers 
of property between 1837 and 1866. bnt devoted his later 
years to farming. 

They had eight children : 


1143* i Triistuni DiirelP Dexter, h. in Orange, 7 July, 1834; d. by acci- 
dent at Clinton, 4 ]May, 1904; m. Mary Susan Calligan in 
1862. She was born 8 Sept., 1840. 

1144* ii Benjamin Allen* Dexter, b. i'.") Oct., 1S3(5; ni. T.anra O. Webb, 
4 April, 1860. 

1145 iii Edward S.' Dexter, Ik 22 Jan., l.s;58; d. 19 Dec., 1S40, 

1146 iv Lney H." Dexter, b. 10 Dec., 1840; d. 27 July, 1841. 

1147* V Eliliu Osgood Clark** Dexter, b. 12 Aug., 1842; m. M:\vy Jane 

Miner, 1867. 
1148* vi Heijhzibah" Dexter, b. 24 .Inn., 184."); in. Henry Davis P>arber, 

1149* vii Hoyt'* Dexter, 1). 20 Aug., 1S47; in. Anna M. Scott, 20 Sept., 

1150* viii Anna' Dexter, 1). 13 Aug., IS.lO; d. 7 Jan., 1904; ni. (1) B. F. 

Miner, 1870; (2) Charles Stevens, 1884. 


Moses" Dexter, son of Benjamin*' [Benjamin', SamueP, Benja- 
min% "William-, Thoma.s^] and Betsey [Le<i'*i-] Dexter, was 
born 26 Jan., 1811, and died 22 Dee., 1846. He married 
Persis Lord, 13 April. 1887. She was born 15 Nov.. 1813, 
dangliter of Joseph Lord and Unity AY. ( Rng-.a-les^ Lord. 
She married (2) Renben Jennison (born 24 Fel).. 1800), 
1 Jan., 1850. He Avas a son of Nathaniel and Catharine 
(Sibley) Jennison. One child, AY. R. Jennison, ])orii 11 
]\rarch, 1853. 

1151* i Joseph L.** Dexter, b. 7 Jan., 1838; in. Sainli J. Wood. 7 Oct., 

1152* ii Rejneml)er'' Dexter, b. 11 Dec, 1841; ni. M. Louisa Sheldon, 29 
Sept., 1868. 

Robei't^ Lord, the tirst of this line to arrive in this eoun- 

■ try. was at Ipswich in 1636 ; was Representative in 1638. town 

clerk, clerk of coiirts and reiiister of deeds. He married 

Mary AYaite. and had a family of eioht ehildren. Hi^ died 

in 1638. 

Thomas- Lord, son of Rol)t'i-t\ wa.s I)orn in 1633 at Ip- 
swich. He married Alice Rajid, and had a family of eight 

]l5() dexter family genealogy. 

Joseph^ Lord, son of Thomas^, was born in Charlestown, 
Mass., 30 June, 1672. lie graduated from Harvard in 1691. 
From 1692 to 1695 he taught school in Dorchester. He 
married Abigail Hinckley, daughter of Governor Thomas 
Hinckley (by his first wife), on 3 June, 1698. In 1695 he 
was ordained pastor and went to South Carolina, where he 
remained twenty yeai's. He returned to Massachusetts, and 
in 1720 was installed pastor of a church in Chatham, where 
he continued to preach until his death in 1748. He had 
eight children. 

Joseph* Lord, son of Joseph^, was born 27 Sept., 1704. 
He was graduated from Harvard College in 1726, and prac- 
ticed medicine in Sunderland, Mass. In September, 1735, 
he, with four others, went to Athol, he being one of the 
first settlers of that place. He became the principal man of 
• the town. He was the first doctor, the first preacher, the 
first magistrate, first treasurer, the first tax gatherer and the 
first surveyor. At length a misunderstanding arose between 
Mr. Lord and the proprietors, and for some reason he 
refused to give up the liooks and records which he had in 
his possession, and an action was brought against him for 
their recovery. The court rendered a ,iudg:ment against 
him in November, 1759, for £1000. The result was, Mr. 
Lord left Athol and went to Putney, Vt. (then New Hamp- 
shire) , where he lived thirty years, holding high and respon- 
sible positions. ^By commission dated 16 July, 1766, he 
was appointed second judge of the Inferior Court of Com- 
mon Pleas, and justice of the peace for Cumberland County. 
He died at Westmoreland, N.H., 7 Dec, 1788, aged 85 years. 
He had scvcmi children. 

Thomas^ I^ord. son of Dr. Joseph*, was born 17 Jan., 
1736. He married Leonard Smith, 18 Oct., 1760. They had 
eleven children. He was one of the minute-men at the alarm 
at Lexington. 

Joseph^ Lord, son of Thomasl was born 26 Oct.. 1763, and 
died 1 July, 1832. He married (1^ Esther Johnson, 31 
Jan., 1786: she died in 1807: (2) Unity W. Ruggles, 15 
Sept., 1805 : she was born 9 Nov., 1780-2, and died in 1840. 



Pel-sis'^ Lord, dangliter of Joseph^, was born in 1813. She 
married Moses Dexter, 13 April, 1837. (See INIoses Dexter 
account, 702.) 


David" Dexter, son of Benjamin'' [Benjamin'^, Samuel*, Benja- 
min^, William^, Thomas^] and Betsey [Leg:g] Dexter, was 


born at Orange, Mass., 10 April, 1813, and died at Black 
River, N. Y., 9 Aug., 1880. 

On Nov. 5, 1835, he was married to Maria Hubbard, 
daughter of Daniel and Susan (Eddy) Hubbard of Royal- 
ston, Mass. She was born 28 July, 1812, and died at Black 
River, N. Y., 10 July, 1895. 

David Dexter was educated in the connnon schools of his 
native toAvn. As a young man he was a carpenter and 
joiner. In 1838, on account of his health, he found it neces- 


sary to leave his home in Orange, and go to Black River, 
where he decided to locate. 

He made a contract with Nelson Scott to build a chair 
factory, and, returning to Massachusetts in the fall of 1839, 
he moved his family, consisting of his wife and one son, 
Everett, to Black River, making the trip overland in 


Four yeai-s later he returned to Orange on a visit, taking 
his family with him. The trip was made by carriage, the 
l)rovisions carried in a large cheese-box under the seat, and 
the nights spent at road-houses along the way. 

lie enlarged the original factory buildings from time to 
time, admitting in 186-1: his son, Everett, as junior partner. 
Ill 1866 the entire factory was burned. Before breakfast 
the next moi-ning after the hre, he went to the owner of 
another shop and made a bargain to buy it. The factory 
was at once rebuilt on a larger scale. The business con- 
stantly increased in size until at the time of his death 
seventy men were employed. The rough log direct from the 
woodsman was rolled in at one end of the building and came 
out at the otlicr a completed chair. 

His reputation was second to uoiio in the country for good 
work, and the "Dexter chairs" found a I'eady market all 
over the United States and Canada and in Europe. His 
word was considered as good as his bond. He w^as an 
excellent mechanic and was ready to adopt new- machinery 
and ideas as they were developed. He built many machines 
from his own plans. 

He was active in public improvement and did much to 
promote tbe building of Carthage, WatertoAvn and Sacketts 
Harbor Railroad, which eoiiiiected with the Utica & Black 
River Railroad at Carthage, and the Rome, WatertoAvn & 
Ogdeiisbnrg Raih-oad at AVatertown. This road was a 
mi^ans of greatly developing the 1)usiness at Black River. 
He was a director of the railroad fr(mi the beginning until 
his death. He was the principal mover in the erection of a 
church in his village, and after the completion, his money 
chiefly maintained it. 


At his death in 1880, his estate, cousistinp' of the factory 
and some real estate, was left to his wife and two sons, 
Everett and Erwin. 

Children : 

1153 i Everett Augustus' Dexter, b. 3 Aug., 1836; d. V2 Miirdi, 1893. 

1154 ii DanieP Dexter, b. 31 May, IS41 ; d. 11 May, 1842. • 

1155 iii Charles' Dexter, b. 3 Jan., 1845; d. 12 Aug., 1857. 

1156 iv David Erwin" Dexter, b. S Feb., 1849. 


Aaron" Dexter, son of Benjamin*' [Benjamin^ SamneP, Benja- 
min^, William-, Thomas^] and Betsey [Legg] Dexter, was 
born 12 Jnly, 1815, and died in 1896. He married Hester 
]\IcLean. She was born in 1819, and died in 1888. 

He Avas boi'n at Orange and edneated in the schools of 
that town. Soon after 1840 he moved to Black Eiver, N. Y., 
where his brother l^avid had established a mannfactory of 
chairs, and for a time he was associated with him in the 
business, but later he sold his interest to David, but 
remained as an employee. ' 

No children. 


Simeon" Dexter, scn'enth son and nintli child of Benjamin^ 
[Benjamin-^, Samuel\ Benjamin^ William-, Thomas^] and 
Frances [Tuttle] Dexter, was born 80 Aug., 1822, in 
Orange, and grew up on his father's farm. By 
intelligent use of his opportunities in the com- 
mon schools of his native tOAVn, he was enabled 
to teach school as a beginning in independent 
effort. About the time of his majority he suffered a frac- 
ture of his wrist, and soon after went to Boston, where he 
secured employment in a wholesale grocery establishment 
owned bv an uncle. Whih^ there he dislocated the same 


wrist while at work, and made a visit to his half-brothers, 
David and Aaron, at Black River, Avhile recovering the use 
of his arm. This was in 1844. The elder brother had estab- 
lished a chair factory, in which the second was employed, 

and to whose activity and nsefnlness much of the success of 
the enterprise was owing. Simeon decided to cast his lot 
with his brothers, and entered the employ of the elder in 
the shop as soon as he was able to work. After a year he 
became a partner in the business, which was then conducted 


imder the title of D. & S. Dexter, until 5 December, 1857, 
when Simeon sold out his interest. The factory at that 
time was located on the south side of the river, where 
Simeon lived. On the 1st of January, 1858, he moved to 
the north side, in the town of Leray, and began the manu- 
facture of a wire-tooth hay rake, which he continued until 
1870. At the same time he managed the farm which he had 
purchased and on which he lived and maintained his shop. 
Most of his manufacturing was done in the winter, and 
chiefly by himself, and was made quite profitable. In 1870 
^Ir. Dexter went to Watertown and purchased a half inter- 
est in the Excelsior Mills, then owned by IMoulton & Herrick, 
and the new firm became Dexter & Herrick. For five years 
this arrangement was continued until failing health com- 
pelled j\Ir. Dexter to retire. In 1876 he returned to Black 
River and continued to reside there until his death, 13 
Aug., 1898, when his seventy-sixth yeai- was almost 

Upon the death of his younger son, he became part o\\^ier 
of the chair factory of the latter, but did not operate it. 

About 1873, while residing in Watertown, Mr. Dexter 
united with the Arsenal Street Methodist Church, in which . 
he served for some time as steward. On returning- to Black 
River he transferred his membership and was trustee and 
steward of the local church. In early life he acted polit- 
ically with the Whig party, and he was a member of the 
Jefferson County convention in which the Republican party 
was locally organized, as colleagTie of his father-in-law, 
Phineas Hardy, and was ever after a loyal supporter of its 
principles. He did not desire to enter the public service and 
avoided office-holding. 

He was married 10 Dec, 1851, to Maria Hardy, third 
child and eldest daughter of Phineas and Sarah (Howland) 
Hardy. Their children were Henry C, Charles P. and 
Fanny Sarah, and two who died in infancy. 

Simeon Dexter was a man of unusual intelligence and 
grasp of affairs. He was an extensive reader, and his excel- 
lent memorv enabled him to make use of his information. 


With native Mcinnen. be arrived at sound conclusions, grasp- 
ing details without exhaustive examination : was cheerful, 
and he was a ])leasant companion and popular with all 
classes of peoi.le. His demise was mourned l)y all who knew 

Children : 

1157" i Henry Clay' Dexte)-, b. 4 AJay, 1S58 ; in. Clara Louise Tisdale, 

1158* ii Charles I'hineas'* Dexter, h. 2 Sept., 1860; d. 3 May, 1886. 
11.19 iii Sarah Frances'* Dexter, b. 4 Oct., 1862; d. 12 Feb., 1885. 
116(1 iv Anna M.'* Dexter, b. 21 Aug., 1864; d. 7 Sept., 1864. 
1161 V Maria" Dexter, b. 1865; d. 1868. 


Betsey" Dexter, daughter of Benjamin" ['Benjamin% Sa.mueP, 
Benjamin^ William- Thomasi] and Frances [Tuttle] Dex- 
ter, was horn 'M) ]May, 1825. She married Luther Ramsey, 
6 May, 184(i : he was l)oi'n 21 Aug., 1821, and died in 1902. 
Tn early life Mr. Ramsey manufactured wdiat was known as 
the "Orange sleigh," l)ut was for many years the principal 
undertaker in Orange, and at his decease his son continued 
the business. 

riiildren: • 

1162* i Orriu Ii." J^anisey, b. in Orange, 24 :\Iay, 1848. 

1163 ii Augusta A." Eamsey. b. 4 Aug., 1851; ni. Edgar Ephraim 

HoM-ard of Winchester, N. II., 15 May, 1872; he was born 29 

March, 1851. 
1164* iii Horace Jlartwell'' Kanisey, b. 25 .June, 1857; ni. Lillian Clark. 


Samuel Stillman' Dexter," son of Benjamin" [Benjamin^ 
SamueP. Benjamin^ William-, Thomas^ and Frances 
[Tuttle] Dexter, was horn at Orange, 4 IMarch, 1829. He 
mai-i-ied IMaria ('. Dewey, 5 Sept., 1855; she was horn 18 

Feb., i8;n. 



He was born the day on which Andrew Jackson was 
inaiio-urated President of tlio Tnited States. He ac(inired 
his elementary education in the i)ublic school of Oran<ie; 
afterwards he imrsned his studies at the Shelburne Falls 
Academy, a.t the seminary at (Jouverneur, X. Y., at the 
Westtield Normal School, and at llie Lancaster Normal 
School, earning- his own wav. Diii-ing the seven vears after 


finishing- his normal course, he taught in the hig-h school at. 
Hartford. Ct. : Eoekport. Orange and Oxford in his native 
State. He then took up the business of civil engineer, land 
surveyor and conveyancer. In 1871 he received appointment 
as justice of the peace. His business gave him an intimate 
acquaintance with the local history of his own and neigh- 
boring- towns. 

He was active in advancing the educational and literaiw 


interests of liis town, serving Avitli fidelity on the School 
Board for ten years, and as Library Committee for an equal 
length of time. He was also an influential member of the 
Board of Trade. He and Sylvester Davis were the leading 
spirits in forming the Orange Historical and Antiquarian 
Society, and contributed a large share of the articles that 
compose the collection of that Society. 

Keenly observant of nature in his travels over New Eng- 
land and New York State, he was constantly studying plant 
and animal life and the geology and mineralogy of the 
regions through which he passed. To ride with him about 
the country and see nature with his eyes, was counted a 
privilege by his friends. 

In 1892 he contributed a very fine historical sketch of the 
town of Orange which was used in the centennial number of 
the Greenfield Gazette. In convereation his fund of anec- 
dotes of local characters and reminiscences, seemed inex- 
haustible. He died 27 Nov., 1897. 

Children : 

1165* i Herman Francis* Dexter, b. in Orange, 13 Oct., 1858; m. Ella 

S. Browning of San Francisco, in 1884. 
1166* ii Caroline Mary* Dexter, b. 5 Sept., 1860; m. Martin W. Mayo, 

23 June, 188.5. 
1167* iii Edward Mansfield* Dexter, b. 2 Oct., 1864; m. Nellie Gertrude 

1168 iv John Bernard* Dexter, b. 3 Aug., 1866; d. 3 Jan., 1868. 
1169* V Maurice Lynde* Dexter, b. 3 May, 1869; m. Martha Stella 

Foskett of Orange. 


George W." Dexter, son of Benjamin^ [Benjamin^, SamueP, 
Benjamin^, AVilliam^, Thomas^] and Frances [Tuttle] Dex- 
ter, was born 6 April, 1831. He married Florella Arville 
Fry, daughter of Job Fry of Athol, Mass., 27 May, 1856. 
She was born 25 April. 1831, and died 9 April, 1891, aged 
69 years 11 months 15 days. 



He built a house in the east part of the town on a farm 
adjoining his home and fanned for twenty- seven years. He 
moved to the viUagc and worked in the New Home shop a 
few years; then, as liis health was failing, he went to work 
carpentering. He built tlu^ house where he now lives in 
1870. He is a member of the Baptist Church, and for 
twentv-one vears secretary aiul treasurer of the Miller's 


River Baptist Association. For a while he was superin- 
tendent of the Sunday-school. 

Of very even disposition, alw^ays cheerful, social )le, quiet 
and amiable, he had a kind word for every one, looking on the 
bright side of life. He always voted the Republican ticket. 
He has been President of the Dexter Famil>- Association for 
a number of years. 

Children : 

1170* i George Edward" Dextor, b. fG Dec, 1857; m. Minnie Emmelin 
Graves, 24 Oct., 1878. 

](;q dexter family genealogy. 

1171 ii Arthur Fry* Dexter, b. 10 March, 1863; d. 14 Aug., 1864. 
1172^ iii Herliert Eugene' Dexter, b. 9 Feb., 1865 ; m. Ina M. Dow, 27 

Nov., 1884. 
1173 iv Flora Ella* Dexter, b. 27 Jan., 1867 ; d. 2.5 March, 1868. 
1174* V Mary Lizzie* Dexter, b. 19 Nov., 1869; m. Israel Newtou, 19 

Oct., 1892. Child, Grace May Newton, b. 7 July, 1893. 
1175 vi Lucia Frjiuccs* Dexter, b. 4 March, 1S71. 


Dexter" Davis, son of Lney« [Benjamin^ SanmeP, Benjamiir. 
William-, Thomas^] Dexter and John« Davis, was born at 
Orange, Mass., 11 Nov., 1807, and died in 1857. He spent 
his early years on his father's farm and went to the district 


He married Emily Holden, a native of Orange, 27 Nov., 
1828, and they bought a part of the farm from his father 
and made their home there until 1841. 

lie carried on a general store in the village in company 
with Otis Brooks, and at the same time farmed it to some 
extent. In 1811 he sold out his store and took as part pay- 
ment 14,000 pails, and these he shipped to New York and 
went there to dispose of them. He afterwards traveled 
through the State in search of a place to start the business of 
manufacturing woodenware. He finally located upon a 
tract near Corning, N. Y., and there he and his brothers, 
Daniel and Norris, went into l)usines.s. They built a mill 
and put men into the woods to cut the timber from which 
to make pails. At first they shipped these to New York by 
canal. After some years he sold out to his brother and 
moved his family into the village, where he and his son 
opened a grocery store. 

He was a man of good judgment and was held in high 
esteem by his neighbors. He was trial justice for several 
years and also held other offices. He was a IMethodist and 
held the office of class leader. He was a member of the 
Free Masons, and at his death in 1857 was buried with 
IMasonic honors. 

His widow married for her second husband Rev. iNIr. 
Smith of Corning, N. Y. She died 10 Nov., 1889, aged SI 
vears 9 months 12 days. 


Three children : 

1176* i Nelson Dexter'* Davis, b. in Orange, 20 Sept., 1829. 
■1177 ii Elizabeth Emily" Davis, b. 30 Aug., 1831; m. Wellington 
Stewart of Corning, N. Y., in June, 1853; she died 26 Feb., 
1855, leaving a girl baby 13 days old. 

1. Elizabeth Davis'' Stewart, b. 13 Feb., 1855; never mai-- 
ried ; resided with her uncle Lynval in Corning. 
1178 iii Lynval Amos'* Davis, b. in Orange, 15 Nov., 1834; m. Kate 
Bache, 1 Sept., 1865. No family. Mr. Davis was a soldier in 
the Civil War, and after the war settled in the oil regions in 
Pennsylvania, and remained there until 1890, when they 
retm-ned to Corning, and have resided there since. He is a 
carpenter by occupation. 


Norris'^ Davis, son of Lucy*' [Benjamin^ SamneP, Benjamin^, 
William^, Thomas^] Dexter and John^ Davis, was born at 
Orange, 17 Oct., 1810, and died 1 Jnly, 1872. He married 
(1). Lucy Ann Howard, 30 Oct., 1831. She was born 31 
July, 1811, and died 8 April, 1856. They had four chil- 
dren. He married (2) Mrs. Lucy Hill, 12 March, 1857. 
They had three children. 

His father, Jolui Davis, deeded him land in Athol in 
1832. He also bought a tract of land in 1845 of L. P. Whit- 
ney, 100 acres. He bought a tract in Orange of John Davis 
' in 1842. He bought a shed and the land it stood upon, near 
the Baptist Church in Athol, in 1838, and about this time 
moved into the red house east of the house of his father. In 
1843 he moved to western New York and carried on the 
pail business Avith his brothers, Dexter and Daniel. He sold 
out his interest to his brother Daniel and went into the man- 
ufacture of cheese quite extensively. 

Children : * 

1179* i Erastus Andrew* Davis, b. in Orange, 25 Nov., 1832. 

1180 ii Philetns A.^ Davis, b. 31 May, 1835; d. 24 Feb., 1836. 

1181* iii Cynthia Ann^ Davis, b. in Orange, 4 July, 1837. 

1182 iv Josephine Augusta^ Davis, b. in Orange, 13 Jan., 1841; m. 

Andrew J. Garton, Oct., 1864; child b. 4 July, 1865; mother 

and child d. 23 July, 1865. 


1183 • V Willie E.' Davis, b. 10 March, 1858; d. 7 March, 1861. 

1184 vi George E.« Davis, b. 14 May, 1859. 

1185 vii Cassie D.* Davis, b. 13 March, 1861 ; d. 25 May, 1862. 


Narcissa' Davis, daughter of Lucy'' [Benjamin^ SamueP, Ben- 
jamill^ William'", Thomas'] Dexter and John« Davis, was 
born at Orange, ]\Iass., 30 Nov., 1812. She married John 
Warden of Worcester, Mass., in 1837. 


She lived at home until her marriage, going to school in 
District No. G. At lier marriage she moved to Worcester 
and lived in the Wai'den homestead (see cut). In 1841 she 
and her husband moved to Norwich, Ct., but only stayed 
there a year. After their return they built a new house east 
of the old homestead (see cut). and this was their home until 
her death in 1891. 

After the decease of her husband in 1865, she continued 
to reside on Park Street, making a home for her children 
(her daughter, Abbie L. Carpenter, occupying a tenement 






(Taken 1846.) 


in the house). She was an active member of the Methodist 
Church as long as health permitted. The last years of her 
life were years of ill health and suffering, which she bore 
with Christian fortitude. 

Her husband, John Warden, son of SamueP and Tamasin 
(Harrington) Warden, was born in Worcester, 13 Feb., 
1814, and received his education in the public schools. He 
learned the business of a merchant tailor and for many 


years carried on the business on Main Street. He was 
extensively engaged in real estate transactions. He was a 
prominent member of the Park Street Methodist Church 
and was instrumental in buying the land and building that 
church He died in 1865. 

Children : 

1186* i Abbie Louise" Warden, b. 7 Jan., 3 840; ni. Charles Hudson 



1187* ii John Davis** Warden, b. 3 Doc, 1844; m. Sarah L. Nichols. 
1188* iii William Albert^ Warden, b. 2 March, 1852; m. Ella M. Durfee. 


DanieF Davis, son of Lucy*' [Benjamin^ Samuel^ Benjamin', 
William^, Thomas^] Dexter and John^ Davis, was born in 
Orange, Mass., 21 Jan., 1816, and died at Caton, N. Y.. 20 


March, 1900. He married Kuth Bates, daughter of Frank 
and Mary Bates of Phillipston, Mass. 

He spent his early days on the farm where he was born, 
but went South in 1838 and remained five years. In the 
early forties he went with his brothers, Norris and Dexter, 
into the centre of New York State and bought a large tract 
of land and built a pail manufactory, and for many years 
manufactured pails, which were shipped to New York 



market by canal. The business was very successful. Daniel 
afterwards bought the land from his brothers and for many 
years was a successful farmer, owning' lots Nos. 1 and 24 in 

Caton township. 

In 1844 he went to Worcester and was nuirried at the 
home of his sister, Narcissa Warden, to Miss Ruth Bates. 


Daniel was a man of quiet manner, of excellent judgment, 
and was honored by his townsmen by election to office many 
times. lie was for sixteen years, prior to 1880, trial 
justice. He was highly respected wherever he was known 
and lived a long and useful life. He died 20 March, 1900, 
aged 84 years 2 months. His wddow and three children 
survive him. 

Children : 

1189* i Edwin F.' Davis, b. 28 May, 1846; m. Jennie M. Dow, 1870. 






ii Lucy E.* Davis, b. 20 May, 1850; m. (1) John C. White, 20 

Feb., 1870; (2) Harvey Wood, 6 Feb., 1878. 
iii Mary E.* Davis, b. 11 Nov., 1852; m. Frank IL Dow, 15 Sept., 



Lucy Ann' Davis, daughter of Lucy*^ [Benjamin^ SamueH, Ben- 
jamin^, William", Thomas^] Dexter and Joliii'^ Davis of 
Orange, was born 21 Dec., 1818, and died 4 May, 1900. She 
married Reuel Barber of AVorcester, 10 June, 1840. He 
died 3 April, 1843, at the age of 32 years. She continued to 
live in Worcester, making a home for her son until his mar- 
riage, when she made her home Avith them until her death, 4 
May, 1900. She was a member of the Methodist Episcopal 
Church from 1839 until her death. 

i\[r. Reuel Barber was a carpenter by trade and was 
building the house on Park Street for his brother-in-law, 
John Warden, when he was talcen with his last sickness. He 
was a very earnest Christian gentleman and was a class 
leader in the Methodist Church at time of his death. 



One child: 

1192* i Henry Davis'* Barber, b. 13 Oct., 1841 ; m. Hephzibah Dexter, 10 
.Time, 1867. 
(See vrnder Hephzibah Dexter, No. 1148.) 


Sylvester^ Davis, son of Lucy*' [Benjamin^ SamueP, Benjamin^ 
William", Thomas^] Dexter and John'' Davis, was born in 
Orange, 8 Sept., 1822, and died 21 April, 1904. He married 18 


Jan. , 1844, Catherine Underwood Johnson of Barre, Mass. She 
M^as born 24 Oct., 1821, and died 9 Sept., 1893. She was 
the daughter of Perry and Catherine (Underwood) John- 
son of Barre. 

Sylvester was educated in the schools of the village, going 
to the school in District No. 6 ; he also went one year to Wil- 
braham Academy. He taught school one year at Somers, 
Conn. He first engaged in business in the general store of 
Dexter Davis and Otis Brooks; then went to Worcester 


with the intention of learning the carpenter's trade of his 
brother-in-law, Reuel Barber, but Mr. Barber dying about 
this time, he returned to the farm, where he spent the 
remainder of his days. In 1843 he bought twenty- 
five acres of land from his father on the road 
from Asa Lord's to Moses Dexter 's, and at the death 
of his father, in 1846, he came into possession of the home 
farm; his mother making her home with him during the 
remainder of her life. He was of an inventive 
and mechanical turn of mind, and there were many 
things about his home and in the homes of his friends 
to remind one of the fact. He was a thrifty and enterpris- 
ing man and accumulated considerable property. 

Mr. Davis died 21 April, 1904, after a long illness, and was 
buried in the family lot at North Orange, and was survived 
by four daughters. 

Children : 

1193* i Georgianna^ Davis, b. 2 June, 1846. 

1194* ii Alfradiua" Davis, b. 6 Oct., 1849. 

1195* ill Harriet* Davis, b. 16 Jan., 1851. 

1196* iv Jennie E.« Davis, b. 14 March, 1854. 


Phebe" Thurston, daughter of Phebe*' [Benjamin^ Samuel*, 
Benjamin^ William^, Thomas^] Dexter and Levi Thurston, 
was bom 20 April, 1804, and died 13 Aug., 1875. She 
married (1) Willard Walker of Royalston; (2) Israel Lamb 
of Phillipston, 1836. 

Children : 

1197* i Sabrina' Walker, b. 10 March, 1829. 

1198* ii Delina* Walker, b. 31 Jan., 1831. 

1199* iii Harriet" Walker, b. 30 Dec, 1833. 

1200 iv Frances M.' Lamb, b. 2 July, 1837; d. 19 Feb., 1859; m. 

George O. Richardson of Royalston. Mass. : he was born 16 

Nov., 1836, and died 30 May, 1874 




Priscilla" Thurston, daughter of Pliebe« [Benjamin^ Samuel^ 
Benjamin^ Willianr, Thomas^] Dexter and Levi Thurston, 
was born 20 April, 1804. She married Richard French, 23 
Sept., 1824. He was born 23 Nov., 1800, and died 29 Sept., 
1884. He was son of Adams and A/.ubah French and was 
a wheelwright by trade. 

Children : 

1201 i Levi F.* French, b. 9 April, 1825; never married. Moved to 

California in 1849 and died there. 
1202* ii Abijah' French, b. 22 Nov., 1829. 

1203 iii Priscilla E.' French, b. 7 Oct., 1831; unmarried. 

1204 iv Augusta' French, b. 21 Oct., 1835; d. at Worcester, 1871; m. 

Horace L. Jones, son of John C. Jones of Wilbraham; he vras 
born in 1841. No children. 

1205 V Arvilla'^ French, b. 21 Oct., 1835; d. 1838. 
1206* vi Maria* French, b. 15 Dec, 1839. 
1207* vii Charles H.'^ French, b. 9 Nov., 1846. 


Harriet' Thurston, daughter of Phebe^ [Benjamin^ Samuel*, 
Benjamin^ Willia.m^, Thomas^] Dexter and Levi Thurston, 
was born 6 Jan., 1806, and died 22 May, 1869. She mar- 
ried John Cheney of Orange. He was born 26 Feb., 1802, 
and died . 

Children : 

1208 i Julia Ann** Cheney, b. 20 July, 1827; d. 2 Sept., 1834. 

1209 ii John Humphrey' Cheney, b. 16 Aug., 1831; m. Elmira Howard, 


1210 iii Laura Ann' Cheney, b. 3 March, 1836; m. James Swift, 1855. 

1211 iv Nathan Parmenter' Cheney, b. 23 Aug., 1838; m. Caroline 



Susan^ Thurston, daughter of Phebe*' [Ben,iamin% Samuel^ 
Benjamin''. William-, Thomas^] Dexter and Levi Thurston, 


was born in Orano'c, 8 Jan., 1808. She married Ira Whit- 
ney of Athol. lie was born 30 July, 1807. 

Children : 

1212* i George W.» Whitney, b. 3 May, 1833. 

1213* ii Nathan H.« Whitney, b. 9 Feb., 1835. 

1214* iii Levi 1." Whitney, b. in Athol, 1 Nov., 1836. 

1215 iv Parish H." Whitney, b. 5 Sept., 1838; m. Victoria Bronson, 1 

June, 1863. One child: Zelin M." Whitney, b. 1865. 

1216* V Mira M.« Whitney, b. 19 June, 1842. 

1217 vi Susan H.-" Whitney, b. 15 April, 1844; ni. John Dalton of 

Tabor, Iowa, 1874. 

1218 vii Lydia S." Whitney, b. 18 Nov., 1845; ni. Orrin C. Havok, 29' 

Oct., 1869. 

1219 viii Ira H." Whitney, b. 14 July, 1849; m. Lizzie A. Eogers, 1873. 

She was b. 1853. 


Levi Thurston^ Ball, son of Phebe*' [Ben.^anlin^ Samuel*, Ben- 
,jamin^ Willianr, Thomas^] Dexter and Fordyce Ball, was 
born in 1811. He married Almira Adams. 

Four children: 

1220 i Phebe Ann" Ball; died young. 

1221 ii Maria Almira^ Ball; m. Louis C. Ells. 
1222* iii John Levi« Ball; b. . 

1223* iv Joseph Elijah'' Ball, b. . 


Elijah^ Ball, son of Phebe« [Benjamin^ SamueP, Benjamin^ 
Willianr, Thomas^] Dexter and Fordyce Ball, was born in 
1813. He married Sarah Clark. 

. Two children : 

1224 - i Mary Frances' Ball, b. 1 Dec, 1843 ; m. George E. Whittum, 

One child: Bertha Hastings" Whittmn. 

1225 ii George Elijah* Ball; m. (1) Hattie Eeese (one child, Pauline 

Sarah" Ball); (2) Fanny J. Eaton. 



Hyder Alley' Ball, son of Phebe'' [Ben3amin^ SamueP, Benja- 
min^ Willianr, Thomas^] Dexter and Fordyce Ball, was 
born in 1815. He married Frances E. W. Johnson. 

Four children : 
1226* i Albert H.* Ball, b. . 

1227 ii Lucy Maria' Ball, b. ; m. Sanford L. Nestell. Two chil- 

dren: James Nestell, Frances Nestell. 

1228 iii Louis Caleb' Ball, b. ; m. (1) Lucy ; (2) Bertha 

Kay. One child: Eay Ball. 

1229 iv Frank William' Ball, b. ; m. Nellie Carmen. Three 

children: Harry Ball, Jay Ball, Floyd Ball. 


Joseph Gilbert" Ball, son of Phebe^ [Benjamin^ Samuel*, Ben- 
jamin^ William^, Thomas^] Dexter and Fordyce Ball, was 
born in Orange, 28 May, 1817. He married (1) Esther 
Preble, who Avas born in Anson, Me., 24 June, 1821, and 
died 22 Oct., 1856 ; two children, born in Boston. He mar- 
ried (2) Cornelia M. Wiley, born in AVeston, 18 March, 
1832; six children. 

Children : 

1230 i Esther Elizabeth' Ball, b. in Boston, 6 Sept., 1849; m. Even E. 

McPherson. One child: Eoss McPherson. 

1231 ii Joseph Appleton' Ball, b. in Boston, 15 Nov., 1853; m. Annie 

B. McPherson. Three children: Joseph Norman Ball, Edith 
Preble Ball, Bertha Buckner Ball. 

1232 iii James Henry' Ball, b. in Boston, 22 Nov., 1858; m. (1) Stella 

Judson (one son, Herbert James Ball) ; (2) Minnie Lincoln. 

1233 iv Harry Perkins' Ball, b. in Boston, 18 Nov., 1861; m. Esther 

A. Dow. One child: Constance Lincoln Ball. 

1234 V Elijah' Ball, b. in Boston, 14 Sept., 1863; on. Clara A. Peter- 

son. One child: Eobert Elijah Ball. 

1235 vi Aaron Lawrence' Ball, b. in Cambridge, 12 Nov., 1866; m. 

Lillie C. Mark. Two children: Mary Adaline Ball, Euth 


1236 vii Benjamin Franklin" Ball, b. in Cambridge, 14 Oct., 1869; d. 

13 June, 1874. 

1237 viii Samuel Wiley* Ball, b. 10 Feb., 1876. 


Joanna" Ball, daughter of Pliebe'' [Benjamin^ Samuel^, Benja- 
min^ William^, Thomas^] Dexter and Fordyce Ball, was 
born 20 May, 1820, at Orange, Mass. She married 
Houghton Hall, at Orange, 26 July, 1849. She died 13 
Aug., 1862. She lived at home in her earlier years, but was 
working in Boston in 1844. 

Children : 

1238 i Willard Houghton^ Hall, b. in Troy, N. Y., 7 May, 1850; d. 

12 July, 18.51. 
1239* ii Sarah Elizabeth^ Hall, b. in Troy, N. Y., 6 May, 1852. 

1240 iii George Chandler^ Hall, b. in Troy, N. Y., 22 May, 1855; d. 

in Hardwick, 14 Jan., 1860. 

1241 iv Josephine Augusta" Hall, b. in Hardwick, 20 Nov., 1858; d. 

in Hardwick, 29 Sept., 1860. 

1242 V Jeunie Louisa^ Hall, b. in Hardwick, 30 July, 1861; d. 6 

Feb., 1862. 


Wilson^ Wheeler, son of Betsey*' [Benjamin^ SamueP, Benja- 
min^ William-, Thomas^] Dexter and Zaccheus Wheeler, 
was born at Orange, Mass., 5 Oct., 1804, and died in 1887. 
He was educated in the village where he was born, remain- 
ing there until he was of age. He then went to Worces- 
ter, where he worked at his trade as carpenter, and there 
met Miss Catherine Holmes Warden, and in 1830 they 
were married and removed to Orange, where they remained 
until their decease, except a short time when they lived in 
Winchendon, where their daughter Sarah was born. At 
one time they lived in the west part of the to^vn near the 
Warwick line, while he superintended the building of the 


bridge at Wendell Depot. While here, Eliza and Evelena 
were born. They built a house on East Main Street, and 
here the other children were born. In the later years of his 
life he lived on the farm where John W. Wheeler's sum- 


mer home now is. His wife died 2 Aug., 1876, aged 71 

He was a man of affairs and was often called upon to 
administer estates of deceased persons. He held the office 
of deputy sheriff of Franklin County from 1852 to 1867. 
He died at Orange, 26 Dec, 1887, aged 83 years 2 months. 



Children : 

1243 i Catherine Elizabeth'* Wheeler, b. in Orange, 6 Feb., 1831; m. 

George P. Clark (widower), 26 Sept., 1860. He died 28 Jan., 
1893. They had no children. She now lives in Winchendon. 

1244* ii John Wilson'* Wheeler, b. 20 Xov., 1832. 
















Sarah Warden** Wheeler, b. 23 Nov., 1834. 

Erastiis Otis^ Wheeler, b. 27 Oct., 1836. 

Emily Davis'' Wheeler, b. 26 Sept., 1838; d. 24 Dec, 1887, 

Francis Dexter** Wheeler, b. 28 June, 1840. 

Eliza Ann'* Wheeler, b. 16 June, 1842. 

Evelena Jane** Wheeler, b. 20 Aug., 1843. 

Nancy Maria' Wheeler, b. 3 Jan., 1845; d. 28 Aug., 1848. 




Betsey^ Wheeler, daughter of Betsey^ [Benjamin^ Samuel^ 
Benjamin", Williairr, Thomas^] Dexter and Zaceheus 
Wheeler, was born at Orange, Mass., 21 Jan., 1807, and 
died at Millbury, Mass., 2 Dec, 1883. She married Simon 
Brown Poland of Winchendon, Mass., 28 Feb., 1829. 


Simon Brown Poland, son of William Poland and Betsey 
(Brown) Poland, w^as born at Winchendon, Mass., on the 
first day of June, 1802. 

He was the youngest of eleven children. He was brought 
up on his father's farm and attended the district school, as 
w^as the custom in those days, acquiring the usual edu- 
cation of a farmer boy of that period. 

At an early age he learned the carpenter's trade, in 
which he engaged while not otherwise occupied on his 
father's farm. 



He married, 28 Feb., 1829, and soon after acquired a 
farm of his own at Winchendon, Mass. Here all of his 
ten children were born. 

In the fall of 1854 he removed with his family to j\Iill- 
bury, Mass., where he acquired another farm. One of his 
aims in moving to Millbury was to secure a better educa- 
tion for his children. 


In 1865 he sold his farm at Millbury and i-eturned with 
his family to Winchendon, where he continued to reside 
until 1870. Ill that year he again removed his family to 
Millbury, where he remained until his death, 20 Feb., 1873. 

While a resident both of Millbury and Winchendon, he 
served at different times as Prudential Committee of the 
school district, and also as a member of the Board of Over- 
seers of the Poor. 

Throughout his life he was universally beloved as well 
as respected hy all who knew him. He was distinpiiished 




















for his sturdy industry, his high civic integrity and his 
ineoriniptible honesty. He was buried in the Riverside 
Cemetery in Winchendon, Mass. 

Children : 

1252 i Wheeler' Poland, b. 1 Oct., 1830; m. Lucy E. Newton, 6 

April, 1854; she was born in Eoyalston, 12 June, 1828, and 
died 14 Aug., 1904. No children. 

Sarah Maria* Poland, b. 1 July, 1832. 
iii Mary Elizabetli* Poland, b. 3 Feb., 1834. 

Charles Townsend' Poland, b. 11 Feb., 1836. 

Julia Augusta* Poland, b. 16 Nov., 1838. 

Ellen Gracia* Poland, b. 24 Nov., 1840. 

Emma Olive* Poland, b. 7 Oct., 1842. 

Martin L.* Poland, b. 24 Aug., 1845. 

Stella E.* Poland, b. 8 Aug., 1848. 

Addison B.* Poland, b. 26 March, 1851. 

Samuel Poland (perhaps the son of John, who was killed in 1677) was 
in Ipswich as early as 1690, for he took part in the expedition to Canada 
in 1690, for which he afterwards received a grant of land in Ipswich, 
Canada (Winchendon). He was allowed to keep his horses on the com- 
mon, 1697; was freeman, 1707; was grantee of tovm of Winchendon, 1737, 
but did not move there; was killed by falling from a tree in 1747. In 
1712 he and James Poland were signers to a petition for a separate pre- 
cinct, and he was on the committee to build the new church. He had at 
least two sons, Joseph and Nathaniel, for in 1761 they sold his right in 
the land at Winchendon to Charles Tuttle. 

Joseph Poland, son of above Sanxiel, was born in 1702 or 1703 at 

Ipswich, and died in 1798. He married Elizabeth . They must 

have had two sons, William and Samuel, for they bought the farm at 
Winchendon together in 1786, Samuel in 1806 selling his half to William. 

William Poland, son of Joseph, was bom in Ipswich, 6 April, 1757, and 
removed to Winchendon in 1788. He married Betsey Brown in 1762, and 
they had eleven children, Simon Brown Poland being the youngest. 


Rev. John Wesley' Wheeler, son of Betsey^ [Benjamin^ 
Samuel^ Benjamin', William-, Thomas^] Dexter and Zac- 
cheus Wheeler, was born in 1811. He married Nancy 
Foster of Grafton. He was a Methodist minister. 

One child : 
1262 i Nancy N.* Wheeler, b. 1838. 



Eliza Ann' Wheeler, daughter of Betsey^ [Benjamin^ Samuel*, 
Benjamin^ William-, Thomas^] Dexter and Zaccheus 
Wheeler, was born at Orange, Mass., 4 Oct., 1820, and died 
at Worcester, 17 Dec, 1896. She married Samuel Morse of 
Royalston, Mass. He was born at Royalston, 23 July, 1816, 
and died at Worcester, 30 Oct., 1876. He was a carpenter 
and builder by trade and followed that occupation in Roy- 
alston, Winchendon and Worcester. 

Children : 

1263 i Everett Larue* Morse, b. at Royalston, Jan., 1844; d. 28 Feb., 


1264 ii Everett Augustus* Morse, b. in Eoyalston, 10 June, 1845 ; m. 

at Worcester, 14 Oct., 1876, Josie Maria Paine, daughter of 
Francis and Nancy Paine of South Franklin, Mass. They 
now reside at Worcester, and have no children. 

1265 iii Sarah Jane* Morse, b. in Winchendon, Mass., 17 March, 1847; 

m. Thomas Edward Noyes of Worcester, son of Thomas and 
Mary (Stone) Noyes of Holliston, Mass., 1 Jan., 1870. They 
now reside at Rutland, Mass., and have no children. 

1266* iv Maria Angela* Morse, b. in Winchendon, Mass., 16 Sept., 1850. 

1267* V Elnora* Morse, b. in Worcester, 26 Oct., 1855. 

1268* vi Emma Elizabeth* Morse, b. in Worcester, 13 Dec, 1858. 

1269* vii Charles S.* Morse, b. at Worcester, 15 Sept., 1861; m. (1) 
Ella B. Osborn (one child, Florence Gertrude Morse, b. 26 
Feb., 1891); m. (2) Charlotte A. Townsend. 

1270 viii Alice Bertha* Morse, b. in Worcester, 4 July, 1868; un- 
married. Resides at Richmond, Ind. 


George Warren' Wheeler, son of Betsey^ [Benjamin^ Samuel*, 
Benjamin^ Willianr, Thomas^] Dexter and Zaccheus 
Wheeler, was born at Orange, 19 Oct., 1826. He married 
Miriam Fales Titcomb of Bangor, Me., 9 Sept., 1853. She 
was born 5 Sept., 1834, at Bangor, Me. 

In early life Mr. Wheeler was in the hotel business in 
Cincinnati. He purchased Island No. 24 in the Mississippi 


River, and farmed it; he also cut off the wood. He also 
had a large number of government horses under his con- 
trol. Owing to the island being washed away by the action of 
the river, he moved to Missouri, where he sold off most of 
his stock and engaged in- the grocery business for a time. 
Later he went into the hotel business and has been engaged 
in it the rest of his active business life. 

Children : 

1271 i Charles Alexander^ Wheeler, b. in Cincinnati, Ohio, 24 Dec, 

1858; m. Gertrude Bailey Whipple, 1 Jan., 1902. 

1272 ii Eugenia Fales' Wheeler, b. 30 Dec, 1860; d. 22 Aug., 1890; 

m. George W. Smith, 18 Oct., 1877. Two children: Edith E. 
Smith, b. 6 May, 1880; Lillien E. Smith, b. 21 Jan., 1882. 

1273 iii Susan Grace^ Wheeler, b. on Island No. 24, Mississippi Eiver, 

18 Sept., 1863. Now resides at Worcester. 


Loring'^ Dexter, son of Luke" [Ephraim^, Ephraim"*, Benjamin^, 
William", Thomas^] and Joanna [Pierce] Dexter, was born 
1 April, 1804, and died 5 Oct., 1882. He married (1) 
Achsah Dexter, 29 Nov., 1827 : five children, born in Fair- 
" haven, Mass.; (2) Keziah Holmes, 28 Sept., 188fi : two chil- 
dren, born in Fairhaven, Mass. 

Children : 

1274* i Achsah L.'' Dexter, b. 12 May, 1838; d. 5 Sept., 1902. 

1275 ii Joanna P.' Dexter, b. 27 Jan., 1840; d. 6 Nov., 1903. 

1276 iii Clement B." Dexter, b. 29 July, 1842; m. Annie Lee, 1 June, 

1881. Two children : Clara A. Dexter, born and died in 
1882; Grace E. Dexter, b. in Chicago, 8 May, 1885. 

1277 iv Mary D. T.^ Dexter, b. 3 Nov., 1844; m. Horace L. Wood, 21 

May, 1867. One child: Lewis S. Wood, b. 1868; d. 1882. 

1278 V Abiel P. U." Dexter, b. 30 Aug., 1846; m. Minerva Fountain, 

30 Jan., 1871. 
1279* vi Keziah L.« Dexter, b. 16 Sept., 1828; d. 16 Aug., 1902. 
1280* vii Obadiah D.* Dexter, b. 12 March, 1832; d. 12 Aug., 1871. 



Gilmore'^ Dexter, son of Luke'' [Ephraim^, Ephraini^, Benja- 
min^ William-, Thomas^] and Joanna [Pierce] Dexter, was 
born 7 Ang., 1807, and died 13 April, 1877. He married 
(1) Lucy A. Wing, 22 Dec, 1828; (2) Mary Andrews. He 
was a caulker by trade, and in later life lived on his farm 
and supplied the market with vegetables. 

Four children, born in Eochester, Mass. : 

1281 i James F.» Dexter, b. 5 April, 1830; d. 1850. 

1282 ii William P.^ Dexter, b. 14 Jan., 1832; d. Jvme, 1897; m. Eliz- 

abeth Bennett, 2 Nov., 1853. He was a caiUker by trade and 
spent most of his life in New York, returning to New Bed- 
ford a few years before his death. 

1283 iii Luke* Dexter, b. May, 1833; m. Nancy Durfee, 1853. Two 

children: Ada M. Dexter, b. 1855, d. 1892; James F. Dex- 
ter, b. • — — . 

1284 iv Sarah F.^ Dexter, b. 11 April, 1841; m. (1) Charles H. W. 

Jenney, 29 Sept., 1857; (2) Albert Shaw. 


Christina R.' Dexter, daughter of Luke^ [Ephraim\ Ephraim^ 
Benjamin^ Willianr, Thomas^] and Joanna [Pierce] Dex- 
ter, was born 27 March, 1815, and died 8 Feb., 1900. She 
married Seth Cowen, 16 Feb., 1834. 

Fourteen children, all born in Rochester, ]\Iass. : 

1285 i Sophronia D." Cowen, b. 26 Jan., 1835; d. 23 Oct., 1874; m. 

Joshua L. Macomber, 15 May, 1853. 

1286 ii Lydia P.' Cowen, b. 22 Sept., 1836; d. 2 Feb., 1837. 

1287 iii Deborah D. L.* Cowen, b. 25 May, 1838; d. 29 April, 1847. 

1288 iv Lidora S.'* Cowen, b. 20 April, 1840; m. Charles Hall, 4 Oct., 


1289 V Lydia P.' Cowen, b. 29 Oct., 1841 ; m. Darius Wescott, 27 

Jan., 1858. 

1290 vi Seth L.« Cowen, b. 11 Sept., 1843; m. Elvira B. Abbott, 22 

Jan., 1864. 

1291 vii Mary W.** Cowen, b. 2 Nov., 1846; m. Orris P. Huntley, 17 

March, 1867. 


1292 viii William P.« Cowen, b. 18 July, 1848; d. 17 Aug., 1853. 

1293 ix Joshua M.* Coweu, b. 23 March, 1851; m. Kittie Compton, 19 

Feb., 1897. 

1294 X James F.* Cowen, b. 20 Jan., 1853; m. Sarah Aired, 3 March, 


1295 xi Lorenzo* Cowen, b. 9 Dec, 1854; d. 11 Dec, 1854. 

1296 xii Charles' Cowen, b. 5 Sept., 1856; d. 2 Nov., 1856. 

1297 xiii Abner' Cowen, b. 7 Nov., 1858; d. 19 July, 1861. 

1298 xiv George* Cowen, b. 7 Feb., 1861; d. 20 Sept., 1861. 


Lorenzo D.^ Dexter, son of Luke*^ fEphraim^ Ephraim^ Ben- 
jamm^ William-, Thomas^]' and Joanna C. [Pierce] Dex- 
ter, was born 17 Nov., 1828, and died 16 June, 1853. She 
married Lurana K. Braley, 4 Aug., 1846. 

Two children, born in New Bedford, Mass. : 

1299 i Addie L.* Dexter, b. 9 Jan., 1852; m. Caleb Babcock, 25 

Sept., 1878. 

1300 ii Joan C Dexter, b. ; m. Paul Hathaway, 7 Dec, 1869. 


Captain Leonard SJ Dexter, son of Ephraim^ [Ephraim^ 
Ephraim^ Benjamin^ William'-, Thomas^] and Rachel 
[Snow] Dexter, was born 26 Jan., 1811, and died 18 May, 
1853. . He married Sarah Childs, 30 June, 1837. He was 
a captain of whaling vessels and made many successful 
voyages. He died while at sea. 

Two children, born in Falmouth : 

1301 i Edward T.* Dexter, b. 15 March, 1840; d. 2 Oct., 1868. Went 

to sea with his father and was with him when he died. 

1302 ii Henry M.* Dexter, b. 19 Jan., 1844. 


Calvin'^ Dexter, son of Ephraim^ [Ephraim^ Ephraim^ Benja- 
min^ William^, Thomas^] and Rachel [Snow] Dexter, was 










born 9 Nov., 1812, and died 25 March, 1867. He married 
Eunice K. Southworth, 25 Aug., 1853. He was a whaling 
captain and conniianded several vessels in the whale fish- 
ery. He was successful, and when he retired he made his 
home in South Dartmouth, Mass. 

Children, born in Dartmouth, Mass. : 

1303 i Elizabeth W.^ Dexter, b. 25 Dec, 1854; m. Ward W. Hart, 26 

Oct., 1875. One child: Edward Dexter Hart, b. 3 Nov., 1876. 
Mr. Hart runs express between Boston and Woburn. 
Edward S." Dexter, b. 23 June, 1859; d. 9 Aug., 1879. 
Calvin S." Dexter, b. 23 June, 1859; d. 25 Sept., 1860. 
Eachel S." Dexter, b. 21 March, 1861; d. 3 Oct., 1879. 
Calvin H.« Dexter, b. 27 Feb., 1862; d. 26 Oct., 1882. 


Lewis' Dexter, son of Ephraim" [Ephraim^ Ephraim^, Benja- 
min% William^, Thomas^] and Rachel [Snow] Dexter, was 
born 16 Oct., 1820. He married Martha Robbins. He was 
a house carpenter and worked in New Bedford many years, 
and for several years during the last of his life he resided in 
New York. 

Children, born in New Bedford, Mass. : 

1308 i Mary E.^ Dexter, b. 5 Aug., 1844; m. Isaac S. Lanigave, 7 

Dec, 1868. 

1309 ii Albertina E.' Dexter, 1 Jan., 1852; m. Charles Smith, 20 

April, 1869. 

1310 iii Eunica' Dexter, b. 31 July, 1854; m. Charles E. Eolston, 2 

July, 1876. 

1311 iv Lewis L." Dexter, b. 10 June, 1855. 

1312 v Gideon L." Dexter, b. 31 May, 1858 ; m. Susan Forbes, 22 Feb., 

1881. One son: William, b. Nov., 1884. 
1313* vi William H.^ Dexter, b. 4 Oct., 1860; m. Mary P. White, 14 
April, 1880. 

1314 vii Charles E.* Dexter, b. 18 Aug., 1862; m. Mamie Copeman, 

1883. Two children: Elizabeth A. Dexter, b. 3 Jan., 1884; 
George E. Dexter, b. June, 1886. 

1315 viii Albion E.^ Dexter, b. 24 July, 1864. 



Ainsworth^ Dexter, son of Ephraim*^ [Ephraim^ Ephraim^ 
Belljamin^ William-, Thomas^] and Rachel [Snow] Dexter, 
was born 27 Jan., 1823. He married Pliebe C. Coffin, 15 
June, 1847. He was a house carpenter, also worked several 
years at building cars. He was a member of the firm of 
Euggles & Dexter. 

Children, born in New Bedford : 

1316 i Eliza C.^ Dexter, b. 24 June, 1848; m. Edward R. Lawrence, 

19 Oct., 1873. One child: Cornelia Ainsworth Lawrence, b. 
17 Oct., 1880. 

1317 . ii Howard N.* Dexter, b. 24 Aug., 1850 ; m. Sarah J. Eaton, 5 

Aug., 1873. One child: Sarah H. Dexter, b. 7 June, 1874. 
Foreman in cutting department in a large shoe factory in 
New Bedford. 

1318 iii Arthur A.« Dexter, b. 16 Feb., 1867; m. Grace Gardner, 24 

Dec, 1890. No children. 

1319 iv Carrie A.^ Dexter, b. 9 Nov., 1868; d. 12 Nov., 1903. 

774 . . ' 

Harriet' Dexter, daughter of Ephraim*^ [Ephraim% Ephraim*, 
Benjamin^ AVilliam', Thomas^] and Rachel [Snow] Dexter, 
was born 13 Dec, 1817, and died 6 April, 1901. She mar- 
ried (1) Daniel H. Kendrick, 9 July, 1839. He died 23 
Oct., 1879. Married (2) William A. Barlow, 27 April, 

Children, born in Sandwich, Mass. : 

1320* i Henry H.« Kendrick, b. 13 Oct., 1840; d. 12 Oct., 1884. 

1321* ii Rachel S." Kendrick, b. 9 April, 1843. 

1322 iii • Daniel H." Kendrick, Jr., b. 5 Jan., 1846; m. (1) Adeliza 
Boyden Lambert, 23 May, 1869; (2) Sarah Biu't Eames, 27 
July, 1877. One child: Beulah B. Kendrick, b. 27 Aug., 1885. 

1323* iv Harriet L.» Kendrick, b. 18 May, 1851 ; d. 26 Oct., 1886. 

1324* V Horace L.« Kendrick, b. 27 Dec, 1853. 



Warren" Dexter, son of Gideon'' [Epliraim^, Ephraim^, Ben- 
jamin^, William^, Thomas^] and Maiy Dexter, was born 
30 Oct., 1805, and died 11 Feb., 1880. He married Sophia 
Nye, 3 May, 1830. He was a ship carpenter by trade, and 
went one season to Florida after live oak timber. In later 
life he was a farmer. 

Two children, born in Rochester : 

1325 i Henry W.^ Dexter, b. 4 Oct., 1833. 

1326 ii Melintha C.« Dexter, b. 31 July, 1836; d. 23 May, 1889; m. 

Nathaniel P. Hiller, 27 Nov., 18.54. Two children: Sophia 
W. Hiller, b. 19 Jan., 18.5.5 (married Charles B. Pierce, 13 
April, 1878); Esther E. Hiller, b. 10 July, 1856; m. in 1876. 


Samuel" Dexter, son of Gideon'' [Ephraim^, Ephraim^, Ben- 
jamin^ William-, Thomas^] and IVIary Dexter, was born 
16 Nov., 1807, and died Sept., 1885. He married Lydia 
Dexter. He was a caulker, also carried on a small farm, 
which was a part of the original Dexter land. 

Two children, born in Rochester, ]\Iass. : 

1327* i Ephraini A.« Dexter, b. 3 Jan., 1834. 
1328* ii SamueP Dexter, Jr., b. 28 Nov., 1835. 


Lurana^ Dexter, daughter of Gideon'' [Ephraim^, Ephraim^, 
Ben,iamin^ William-, Thomas^] and Mary Dexter, was born 
Sept., 1809, and died 25 June, 1891. She married Ivory 
Snow, 2d, 26 July, 1829. 

Children : 

1329 i James M." Snow, b. Mattapoisett, 1831; d, 24 May, 1878; m. 

Louisa M. Perkins, 19 Oct., 1851. DEXTER FAMILY GENEALOGY. 

. 1330 ii Sumner D." Snow, b. 1833; d. 12 Sept., 1880; m. L. Amanda 
Davenport, 4 Jan., 1864. 

1331 hi Mary D.« Snow, b. 1836; m. Burbank S. Goodspeed, 5 Oct., 


1332 iv Lydia H." Snow, b. 1840; m. Hiram H. Goodspeed, 20 Jan., 

1333 V Sarali' A.« Snow, b. 1842; m. George W. Edwards, 27 Oct., 


1334 vi Rufus A.« Snow, b. 1845; m. Nettie Goodspeed, 3 May, 1868. 

1335 vii George Albert^ Snow, b. 1850; d. 6 Aug., 1851. 


Ephraim^ Dexter, son of Gideon^ [F.phraim^ Ephraim^ Ben- 
.iarain^ WilliamS Thomas'^] and Mary Dexter, was born 
1 Oct.', 1811. He married Laura A. Snow, daughter of 
James 'and Hannah (Sherman) Snow, 29 Feb., 1843. He 
learned the caulker's trade. He went two voyages whaling, 
and was once shipwrecked. In later years he carried on 
the farm which was a part of the original Dexter land. 

Four children, born in Rochester : 
i Oscar F.« Dexter, b. 6 April, 1845; d. 12 Sept., 1846. 


1337* ii Sarah A.^ Dexter, b. 21 Dec, 1847, 


iii Philander E.« Dexter, b. 6 Nov., 1849; d. 24 Nov., I860, 
iv Phebe A.^ Dexter, b. 11 May, 1856; d. 26 July, I860. 


Calvin^ Dexter, son of Gideon" [Ephraim^ EphraimS Ben- 
jamin^ William", Thomas^] and Mary Dexter, was born 
25 Sept., 1813, and died 2 May, 1886. He married Cath- 
erine Caswell, 18 May, 1848. He was a ship carpenter, work- 
ing at this trade many years. He went South for live oak 
timber for ship building. He was also engaged in coast- 
ing trade for several years. 




One child: 

1340* i William C.'* Dexter, b. in Eochester, 30 June, 1851; m. Mary 
J. Faunce, 14 Nov., 1877. 


John^ Dexter, 2d, son of Crideon*' [Ephraira^ Ephraim^ Ben- 
jamin^ William-, Thomas^] and ]\Iary Dexter, was born 
13 Feb., 1816, and died 26 July, 1880. He married Han- 
nah S. Dexter, 12 March, 1839. He learned the trade of a 
caulker and worked at it many years. He spent one winter 
in the South getting live oak timlier for ship building. He 
owned a part of the original tract of Benjamin Dexter 
land, being that part where the first mill stood. 

Three children, born in Rochester: 

1341* i John S.' Dexter, b. 3 March, 1843. 

1342* ii Eobert L." Dexter, b. 9 Feb., 1847; m. Kate M. Luce, 1 Sept.,. 

1872. No children, 
1343* iii James L.« Dexter, b. 11 Nov., 1850. 

188 . 


Wife of John Dexter. 


Gideon' Dexter, son of Gideon« [Epliraim% EphraimS Ben- 
jamin% Willianr, Thomas^] and IMary Dexter, was born 
24 May, 1818, and died 24 Oct., 1883. He married (1) 
Jane C. Dexter, 11 April, 1842; (2) Cyntliia (Nye) Dex- 
ter, 12 Dec., 1857. He was a ship carpenter, and in later 
years worked in the teaming business and canned on a 
small farm. 

Three children, born in Rochester, Mass.; two by first 
wife and one by second: 

1344 i Ellen A.* Dexter, b. 20 May, 1845; d. 23 Jan., 1846. 

1345 ii Willie H." Dexter, b. 9 June, 1849; d. 16 Sept., 1849. 
1346* iii Ellen W.' Dexter, b. 11 Nov., 1859; m. Joseph Hiller, 17 

Nov., 1880. Two children: Nellie M. Hiller, b. 5 April, 
1882, m. Charles P. Nye, 24 Dec, 190:^; Carrie Edna Hiller, 
b. 18 Nov., 1885, ni. William D. Campbell, 3 Sept., 1904. 



Thomas' Dexter, son of Thomas^ [Ephraim^ Ephraim*, 
Benjamin^ William-, Thomas^] and Hannah [Luce] Dex- 
ter, was born 7 April, 1826, and died 6 Aug., 1898, at New 
York. He married (1) Mary Lucy, 30 Nov., 1858 (she died 
5 Oct., 1872) ; five children, born in Brooklyn, N. Y. Mar- 
ried (2) Amy Lucy, 1 Feb., 1874; one child, born in Brook- 
l}Ti, N. Y. Was a pilot in New York Harbor. 

Children : 

1347 . i Mary A.^* Dexter, b. 1 Feb., 1860 ; d. 13 July, 1860. 

1348 ii Linda ^Y.^ Dexter, b. Feb., 1861; m. C. W. Cory, 1883. 

1349 iii Isabella F.' Dexter, b. 1864; m. George F. Bentley, 1886. 
13.50 iv Lillian L.* Dexter, b. 1868. 

1351 V Thomas A." Dexter, b. 1870. 

1352 vi Frank H.^ Dexter, b. 1875. 


Benjamin F." Dexter, son of Thomas'^ [Ephraim% Ephraim^ 
Benjamin^ William-, Thomas^] and Hannah [Luce] Dex- 
ter, was born 80 Jan., 1828. He married (1) Sarah Hil- 
ler, 2 Nov., 1851: (2) Mary Josephine Kelley, 5 Sept., 1893. 
He was a ship-builder and worked at it many years in 
Mattapoisett and elsewhere. He made one trip South for 
live oak timber. 

Two children, liy first ^vife, born in Rochester: 

1353 i Hannah J.'^ Dexter, b. 10 Sept., 1S56; m. Asa R. Swift, 1 Xov., 


1354 ii Elwood W.' Dexter, b. in Mattapoisett, 24 May, 1858; m. Hat- 

tie S. Lettenmayer, 24 July, 1888. He is a house carpenter 
and resides in East Mattapoisett, Mass. Two children: 
Elwood W. Dexter, Jr., b. 6 April, 1889; d. 1902; Harold S. 
Dexter, b. 9 Sept., 1890. 


Alexander' Dexter, son of Thomas^ [Ephraim^, Ephraim*, 
Benjamin\ William^, Thomas^] and Hannah [Luce] Dex- 


ter, was born 12 May, 1831. He married Betsey R. Nye, 
28 July, 1856. He was a New York Harbor and Sandy 
Hook pilot for many yeai-s. Later in life he came to Mat- 
tapoisett to live. 

Children : 

1355 i Myra C* Dexter, b. iu Mattapoisett, 30 May, 1860; m. 

Samuel A. Earle, 15 April, 1877. 

1356 ii Albert IJ Dexter, b. in Fall Eiver, 31 Jan., 1862. 

1357 iii Carrie R." Dexter, b. Mattapoisett, 15 Aug., 1864. 

1358 iv Amy L.* Dexter, b. in Fall River, 12 .July, 1867. 

1359 V Alexander' Dexter, b. in Brooklyn, 22 Dec, 1870. 

1360 vi Bessie N.** Dexter, b. 8 Oct., 1874; m. Abner Harlow. 

1361 vii Kate F.' Dexter, b. 28 April, 1877; m. Nathan S. Menrlall. 

1362 viii Richard* Dexter, b. 29 Jan., 1880. 


Jason 1.J Dexter, son of Thomas^ [Ephraim% EphraimS 
Benjamin^, William^, Thomas^] and Hannah [Luce] Dex- 
ter, was born 17 Jime, 1835. He married Lizzie Luce, 21 
June, 1857. He was born at Mattapoisett, but has been for 
the last forty years a resident -of Edgartown, Mass. He has 
occupied the position of deputy sheriff of Martha's Vine- 
yard and chief of police of Cottage City for many years, 
and is well and favorably known to summer visitors at Cot- 
tage City as well as his neighbors. 

Four children, born in Edgartown: 

1363 i Lizzie A." Dexter, b. April, 1858; m. Lieut. W. A. Failing, 3 

Nov., 1879. One child: Louise T. Failing, b. 7 Aug., 1883. 

1364 ii Thomas A.^ Dexter, b. 31 Aug., 1859; m. Gertrude L. Ripley, 

15 April, 1885. Two children: Walstein Dexter, b. Aug., 1886; 
. Carlton Dexter, b. 5 Jan., 1889. Mr. Dexter is now a member 
of State Police. 

1365 iii Clarence C* Dexter, b. 24 Oct., 1865; m. Flla L. Mayhue, 27 

Nov., 1902. One child: Elsie F." Dexter, b. 6 Jan., 1904. 

1366 iv Frank M." Dexter, b. 29 March, 1867; m. Kate A. Parlin, 25 

Oct., 1892. One child: Elizabeth P. Dexter, b. 1 Jan., 1894. 



Henry A." Dexter, son of Thomas" [Ephraim", Ephraim^, 
Benjamin^ William-, Thomas^] and Hannah [Luce] Dex- 
ter, was born at Mattapoisett, 7 Oct., 1840. lie went to 
the public schools for a few years, but at the age of four- 
teen made his first voyage whaling in the barque Sarah, 
Captain Handy, sailing from ^lattapoisett. He made seven 
voyages in all. In 1863 he went to California wdth John 
Dexter Bolles, and returned in 1865. 

In 1866 he was married to Priscilla J. Jenney of Marion. 
They made their home at the old homestead in Mattapoisett, 
but in 1872 they moved with their family to Fall River. 
For a .short time he was night watchman at the Stafford 
Mill. He was appointed on the police force for night 
duty, but was soon transferred to the day force. He 
served two years as captain of the night force. 

In 1879 Mr. Dexter applied for a position on the Massa- 
chusetts District Police force as a factory inspector and 
criminal officer, and was appointed by Gov. Thomas Tal- 
bot for three years. In 1882 he was reappointed by Gov. 
John D. Long for three years. In 1883 he was removed 
by Gov. B. F. Butler for political reasons, but was again 
appointed by Gov. George D. Robinson in 1884; by Gov. 
Oliver Ames in 1887; by Gov. J. Q. A. Brackett in 1890; 
by Gov. William E. Russell in 1893. 

In 1885 there was a murder committed in Wareham, by 
a man by the name of Samuel Besse, on an egg peddler by 
the name of Lawton, from Westport. Mr. Dexter was 
detailed to investigate the case and was the means of con- 
victing Besse of the crime, for which he was hanged in Ply- 
mouth jail. 

As a man and officer he was well liked and made many 
friends. He passed out of this life in the town of his 
birth, in 1894, at the age of 54 years. 

Six children : 

1367 i Susan J.* Dexter, b. 9 Feb., 1867. 

1368 ii Benjamin F.* Dexter, b. 6 Dec, 1871; ni. E. Gertrude Monks, 

16 Aug., 1892. 


1369 iii Henry A." Dexter, Jr., b. 22 March, 1876; m. Minerva E. 

Wakem, 11 Nov., 1897. One son: Milton I., b. 29 May, 1898. 

1370 iv Charles T.'* Dexter, b. 22 Feb., 1879; d. 16 July, 1882. 

1371 V Lewis^ Dexter, b. 22 Feb., 1882; d. 23 July, 1882. 

1372 vi Lawrence'' Dexter, Ij. 2 Marcli, 1885. 


Freeman^ Dexter, son of Alden'' [Ephraim^, Ephraim^ Ben- 
jamin^ William'-, Thomas^] and Lucy [Barrows] Dexter, 
was born 1 Aug., 1812, and died 23 Sept., 1864. He mar- 
ried Isabella Gordon, 28 Oct., 1838. He was an expert 
painter and grainer. 

Five children, born in New Bedford: 

1373 i George F.* Dexter, b. 5 June, 1839 ; d. 27 Sept., 1842. 

1374 ii Isabella F.^ Dexter, b. 30 May, 1841; d. 2 Oct., 1842. 
1375* iii William A.' Dexter, b. 14 Aug., 1843; d. 30 Nov., 1899. 

1376 iv Helen G.^ Dexter, b. 3 June, 1846; d. 2 May, 1848. 

1377 V Walter F." Dexter, b. 5 April, 1849; m. Lucy £. Gifford, 26 

Sept., 1872. One child: Walter G. Dexter, b. in New Bed- 
ford, 1 July, 1873. 


Captain Stillman^ Dexter, son of Alden*' [Epliraim^ Ephraim^ 
Benjamin^ William% Thomas^] and Lucy [Barrows] Dex- 
ter, was born 11 Dec, 1813, and died 10 Sept., 1847. He 
married Eunice Ilitcbmond, Dec, 1841. He was a captain 
of whaling vessels for many years. 

Children : 

1378* i Lucy A." Dexter, b. in Mattapoisett, 13 Dec, 1842. 
1379* ii Euphemia F.* Dexter, b. 6 March, 1845. 


Captain Henry N."^ Dexter, son of Alden'' [Ephraim^ Ephraim^ 
Benjamin^ William-, Thomas^] and Lucy [Barrows] Dex- 
ter, was born 5 July, 1815, and died 15 March, 1856. He 


married Cynthia Nye, 5 July, 1839. He was captain of 
vessels employed in the whaling- business. 

One child : 

1380 i Henrietta' Dexter. 


Sarah A." Dexter, daughter of Alden*' [Ephraim^, Ephraim^, Ben- 
jamin', William-, Thomas^] and Lucy [Barrows] Dexter, 
w^as born 22 June, 1818, and died 20 Dec, 1855. She mar- 
ried (1) William Bates; (2) Joseph Candido; he died 20 
Dec, 1891. 

Children : , . : 

1381 i Sarah W.« Bates, b. . 

1382 ii Emma M.- Candido, b. in Mattapoisett, 19 May, 1850; m. 

William F. Hiller, 9 March, 1871. He is a famer and they 
live in Lairdville, N. Y. 
138S' iii Thomas' Candido, b. 27 April, 1853. 

1384 iv Amelia' Candido, b. 27 April, 1853; m. Henry A. Lindsley, 



Eliza A.' Dexter, daughter of Alden*^ [Ephrainr', Ephraim^ Ben- 
jamin^, William-, Thomas^] and Lucy [Barrows] Dexter, 
was born 3 Dec, 1822, and died 30 Nov., 1878. She mar- 
ried Eussell Merithew. He was a sailor and spent most of 
his life on whaling voyages. He was captain on one of the 

Children : 

1385 i Joseph EusselF Merithew. b. in Mattapoisett, 3 Feb., 1849; d. 

8 March, 1863. 

1386 ii Henry' Merithew, b. in Mattapoisett, 16 Dec, 1856; m. 

Mattie R. Gillette, 25 June, 1882. 

1387 iii Edgar S.' Merithew, b. in Mattapoisett, 4 Jan., 1860; m. J. 

Etta James, 12 Sept., 1889. 



Weston A.^ Dexter, son of Alden« [EphraimS EphraimS Ben- 
jamin^ William^, Tliomas^l and Lucy [Barrows] Dexter, 
was bom 1 Nov., 1824, and died 8 July, 1897. He married 
Mary E. Kelley, 1 Sept., 1860. Three children were born 
in Mattapoisett, and one in New Bedford. He was a painter. 
He fell from a ladder and was crippled for many years. 

Four children: 

1388 i Minnie A.^ Dexter, b. 29 Nov., 18G0; cL 17 Oct., 1867. 

1389 ii Emma E. C.« Dexter, b. in New Bedford, 16 July, 1864; d. 1 

Oct., 1865. 

1390 iii Alice W.^ Dexter, b. in Mattapoisett, 22 Sept., 1868. 

1391 iv Henry K.' Dexter, b. 31 March, 1871. 


Emma A.^ Dexter, daughter of Alden« [Ephraim^ EphraimS 
Benjamin^ WilliamS Thomas^] and Lucy [Barrows] Dex- 
ter, was bom 25 July, 1832. She married Daniel Payne, 
15 Oct., 1850. 

Children : 

1392 i Susan H.^ Payne, b. 18 July, 1851; d. 1898; m. George A. 


1393 ii Clara E.' Payne, b. 20 Feb., 1853'; m. Charles S. Calhoon, 1876. 

He is a baker and they live in New Bedford. 

1394 iii Isabella F.« Payne, b. 6 April, 1856; m. Charles F. Smith. 

He is on the police force of New Bedford. 

1395 iv Mary E.^ Payne, b. 8 Sept., 1858; d. 16 Aug., I860. 

1396 V Charles E.^ Payne, b. 12 Dec, 1861; m. Clara B. Bartol, 29 

Jan., 1884. 


Caleb^ Dexter, son of Caleb« [Cale¥, EphraimS Benjamin^ Wil- 
liamS Thomas^] and Lydia [Hiller] Dexter, was born 12 
May, 1827. He married Clara H. Dexter, 9 May, 1853. 
Their children were born in Rochester. He was a carpen- 
ter by trade. He w^ent to California in 1849, sailing in the 



bark"Osear,"CaptainDornie, with seventy others attracted 
by the report of gold mining. They had a very narrow 
escape in a hurricane soon after starting, the vessel being 
blown upon her beams' end, but finally righted and they 
proceeded on their way. He stayed in California about 
two years. 



Children : 




i DeKa M.-' Dexter, b. 10 Jau., 1856; in. John S. Dexter, 22 
Nov., 1873. 

ii Arthur N." Dexter, b. in Mattapoisett, 3 Oct., 1857; m. Eliza- 
beth Morse. Children: Frank Eussell Dexter, b. 22 March, 
1890; Alice Rider Dexter, b. 25 Nov., 1891; Ralph C. Dex- 
• ter, b. 5 Nov., 1894. 

iii Ellen T.« Dexter, b. 17 Sept., 1861; d. 8 Jan., 1880. 

iv Frederick L.' Dexter, b. 19 June, 1865; m. Lucy L. Lobdell, 
4 Jime, 1896. He is highway surveyor and kept stable. Son: 
Frederick L., Jr., b. 3 June, 1897. 


1401 V Jolin C.« Dexter, h. 6 March, 1868; m. Florence G. Dexter, 24 

Nov., 1904. 

1402 vi Lucy B.* Dexter, b. 20 Nov., 1870. 


Horace' Dexter, son of David« [Seth^ Seth^ Benjamin^ Wil- 
liam^, ThomasM and I\Iary [Pitkin] Dexter, was born 29 
Dec, 1803, and died 1863. He married Eunice C. Bolt- 
^YOod, of Amherst, 4 Oct., 1827. She was born 14 Aug., 1809. 

One child : 
1403 i Irene B.« Dexter, b. 6 Dec, 1830; d. 1888; m. H. G. Tryon of 
Willoughby, N. Y., in 1850. 


Lucretia' Dexter, daughter of David« [Seth^ Seth^, Benjamin^ 
AVillianr, Thoraasi] ^nd Mary [Pitkin] Dexter, was born 
15 June, 1805, and died 26 Aug., 1874. She married Wil- 
liam Clark of South Hadley, Mass., 5 Jan., 1848. He died 
at Tacoma, Wash., 1889. 

Two children : 

1404* i David Dexter^ Clark, b. 1844. 

1405 ii Mercy Smith* Clark, b. 12 Sept., 1847. 


Edward" Dexter, son of David« [Seth^ Seth*, Benjamin^, Wil- 
liam-, Thomas^] and IMary [Pitkin] Dexter, was born 18 
Feb., 1807, and died 23 Nov., 1874. He married (1) Mary 
A. Parsons of Ludlow, 5 Dec, 1833, and resided at Broad 
Brook, Conn. ; (2) Charlotte Noble, 1870. She died in 1876. 

Children : 

1406 i Charlotte Maria'^ Dexter, 1). 1830; m. Frederick E. Bissell. 

1407 ii George Parsons'* Dexter, b. 1839; d. 1859. 

1407A iii Mary Ellen* Dexter, b. ; m. Charles S. Clapp, 27 Nov., 





William" Dexter, son of David''' [Seth^ Seth\ Benjamin^, Wil- 
liam-, Thomas^] and Mary [Pitkin] Dexter, was born 13 
Sept., 1809. He married Fanny T. Herrington of Stock- 
bridge, N. Y., 6 May, 1815. 

Children : 

1408 i Florence A." Dexter, b. 26 Jan., 1846. 

1409 ii Clarence W." Dexter, b. 23 April, 1848. 

1410 iii Charles H.** Dexter, b. 1 July, 1850. 



Harriet Clark^ Dexter, daughter of Seth« [Seth^, Seth^ Benja- 
min^, William^ Thomas^] and Sylvia [Gaylord] Dexter, 
was born 5 April, 1809, at Windsor Locks, Conn., and died 
26 Feb., 1846. She married Edwin A. Douglas, 6 Feb., 1834. 
He was born 1804, at IManch Chunk, Pa. 



Five children 






Edwin Dexter' Douglas, b. 1835; d. 1837. 

Harriet* Douglas, b. ; m. Dean. 

Ellen** Douglas, b. ; m. Moses Lyman. 

Isabelle* Douglas, b. — — ; m. Craigg. 

Charles' Edwin Douglas, b. 1846; d. 1860. 



Charles H.^ Dexter, son of Seth*^ [Setli^, SetliS Benjamin^ Wil- 
liam^, Thomas^] and Sylvia [Gay lord] Dexter, was born 19 
Sept., 1810, and died 29 Aug., 1869. He married Lydia 
Pierson, 19 Sept., 1838. She was the daughter of Dr. Wil- 
liam S. Pierson of Windsor Locks, Conn., and was born 16 
Jan., 1819, at Windsor, Conn. She died 19 May, 1888. 
He began life in 1836 as a manufacturer of wrapping paper. 
In 1847 he built a large mill at Windsor Locks, and in 1855, 
he became president of the Connecticut River Co., and was 


very successful. He became the central figure in all the 
best activities of the town and was by far the most influen- 
tial person therein. He had a remarkably fine presence and 
a winning address, with a commanding form. 

Children : 

1416* i Julia S.* Dexter, b. at Windsor Locks, Conn., 4 Nov., 1839. 

1417* ii Annie P." Dexter, b. 5 May, 1842. 

1418* iii Edwin D.' Dexter, b. 24 Oct., 1847; d. 26 Jan., 1886. 


Mary Hynkley' Dexter, daughter of Prince" [Elijah^ SethS 
Benjamin^ Willianr, Thomas^] and Arlothea [Savery] Dex- 
ter, was born 2 April, 1809, and died 31 May, 1842. She 
married William C. Haskell, 10 Dec, 1828. 

Two children : 

1419 i William Prince^ Haskell, b. 2 March, 1831. 

1420 ii Mary M." Haskell, b. 8 Nov., 1837. 


John G.^ Dexter, son of Prince'' [Elijah^ Seth^ Benjamin^, Wil- 
liam^, Thomas^] and Arlothea [Savery] Dexter, was born 11 
March, 1811, and died 3 Jan., 1834. He married Eleanor 
F. Richardson, 5 April, 1831. 

Two children : 

1420A i Eliza Bigelow' Dexter, b. 15 Feb., 1832; d. 13 Jan., 1900; m. 

C. Henry Haskell. 
1422* ii John Gibbs' Dexter, b. 28 Feb., 1834; ni. (1) Catherine T. B. 

Euggles, 4 April, 1859; (2) Ellen M. Baldwin, 16 Dec, 1903. 


Rev. Henry Martyn^ Dexter, son Elijah" [Elijah^ Seth^ Ben- 
jamin^ William^, Thomas^] and Mary [Morton] Dexter, 
was born 13 Aug., 1821, at Plympton, Plymouth County, 
Mass., and died 13 Nov., 1890, at Boston, Mass. He grad- 


nated from Yale College in 1840, and from Andover Theo- 
logical Seminary in 1844. He married Emeline Palmer, 19 
Nov., 1844, entering the Congregationalist ministry that 
year as pastor at Manchester, N. H., where he remained 
until 1849. He then went to Pine Street (later Berkeley 
Street), Boston, where he remained until 1867. From 1851 
he edited the ' ' Congregationalist, ' ' and from 1858 the ' ' Con- 
gregationalist Quarterly." He preached in Dorchester, 
Mass., from 1869 to 1871, and was lecturer at Andover from 
1877 to 1880. He wrote many books for publication. He 
made a deep study of the ' ' Pilgrims, ' ' and published many 
papers on the subject. He received the degrees of D.D. 
from Iowa College in 1865, and LL.D. from Yale in 1890. 
He was a member of the American Antiquarian Society since 
1869, of the Massachusetts Historical Society since 1868, 
and the American Historical Society since 1884. He died in 

Children : . ' ' 

1421* i Henry Morton' Dexter, b. 12 July, 1846. 

1421A ii Winfrec? Dexter, b. 1 .July, 1849; d. 2 July, 1849. 

1423 iii Lizzie C* Dexter, b. 20 Aug., 1851; d. 31 Dec, 1861. 

1424 iv Mary P.^ Dexter, b. 21 Nov., 1856; d. 29 Oct., 1861. 


Stephen' Dexter, son of Samuel B.^ [Elisha«, Seth^ Jabez*, 
Philip^ Willianr, Thomas^] and Abby [Blackmore] Dex- 
ter, was born 10 Aug., 1826, and died 13 June, 1865. He 
married Eliza A. Nickerson, 12 Aug., 1851. He was a 
farmer and lived in ]\Iattapoisett. 

Children : 

1425 i Abbie A." Dexter, b. 6 July, 1853 ; m. Charles H. G. Jenney, 25 

Feb., 1873. Children: (1) Hattie A. Jenney, b. 22 Dee., 1875; 
(2) Nellie B. Jenney, b. 21 July, 1880. 

1426 ii Edwin F." Dexter, b. 20 Jan., 1858; m. Maria T. Coleman, 25 

Jan., 1887. 


1427 iii George W." Dexter, b. 27 Feb., 1860; m. Cora Baxter, June, 

1888. Son: Eobert E. Dexter, b. 6 March, 1889. 

1428 iv Stephen E.^ Dexter, b. 19 Jan., 186&; ni. Susan H. Clark, 22 

Dec, 1888. 

1429 V Frederick C." Dexter, b. 7 Feb., 186.5; d. 26 Sept., 1897. 


Mary Ann' Dexter, daus'hter of Elisha' [Elisha", Seth^ Jabez^ 
Philip", William^, Thomas^] and Sarah [Mendall] Dexter, 
was born 8 Feb., 1824. She married Nathaniel Parker, 26 
Oct., 1842. He was a ship carpenter and lived in Matta- 

Children : 

1430 i Caroline A." Parker, b. in Mattapoisett, 28 Sept., 1843; m. 

Heman Copeland, 12 April, 1866. 

1431 ii Emma A.'' Parker, b. in Mattapoisett, 15 Oct., 1845; m. C. 

Herbert Porter, 5 Nov., 1884. 

1432 iii Eliza J." Parker, b. 29 Nov., 1849; m. Frank B. Brightman, 

12 April, 1880. 

1433 iv Son, b. and d. Dec, 1852. 

1434 V Mary A.» Parker, b. 10 Sept., 1857; m. Silas Taber, 6 Oct., 



Elisha L.s Dexter, son of Elisha" [Elisha«, Seth\ Jabez\ Philip^ 
"William-, Thomas^] and Sarah []\Iendall] Dexter, was born 
22 March, 1834, and died 4 Feb., 1876. He married Har- 
riet W. LeBaron, 4 Sept., 1866. He was a sa\\yer and for 
many years was engaged in sawing boxboard, etc. He was 
quite successful. 

One child: 

1435 i Lemuel LeBaron' Dexter, b. in Mattapoisett, 22 Dec, 1872; m. 

Clara L. Hammond, 26 July, 1899. He was a lawyer prac- 
ticing law in New Bedford; is a member of School Board of 
Mattapoisett, also a trustee of Public Library, and was one 
of the committee having in charge the erection of a new 
library building. 



Albert M.^ Dexter, son of Elisha^ [Elisha«, Seth^, Jabez*, Philip^ 
William^, Thomas^] and Sarah [Mendall] Dexter, was born 
12 Aug., 1837, and died 25 July, 1899; He married Annie 
E. Hathaway, 24 Oct., 1871. He was a machinist and in- 
vented a machine for sawing logs, which was used very suc- 
cessfully. His place of business was Mattapoisett. 

Two children : 

1436 i Albert Morton" Dexter, b. in Mattapoisett, 24 March, 1878. 

1437 ii Evans K." Dexter, b. in Mattapoisett, 2o May, 1890. 


George H.' Dexter, son of Elisha^ [Elisha«, Seth^ JabezS Philip^ 
William^, Thomas^] and Sarah [Mendall] Dexter, was born 
29 March, 1840. He married Mary F. Wood, 24 Oct., 1871. 

Two children: 

1438 i Lena B.' Dexter, b. 16 Sept., 1872. 

1439 ii Gertrude W." Dexter, b. 21 June, 1879. 


Ezra H.s Dexter, sou of Harvey^ [Elisha^ Seth^ Jabez*, Philip^ 
William^, Thomas^] and Lydia [Chandler] Dexter, was bom 
20 March, 1826. He married Sarah Mendall, 23 Dec, 1849. 
He was a cabinet-maker, but later ran an express between 
Chelsea and Boston. His children were born in New Bed- 

Five children : 

1440 i Arthur H.' Dexter, 11 Oct., 18-50 ; m. Mary E. Harvey, 29 May, 
• - 1877. Son: Carl W. Dexter, b. at Boston, 30 Sept., 1888. 

1441 ii Sydney C Dexter, b. 2 Nov., 1851; ni. Maiy A. Holmes, 14 

March, 1880. Two children: Louise G. Dexter, b. 5 Sept., 
1884; Emma J. Dexter, b. 3 April, 1888. 

1442 iii Lydia S." Dexter, b. 17 Oct., 1853; d. 4 Nov., 1854. 

1442A iv Georgie Etta" Dexter, b. 29 April, 1857; m. James S. nar- 
rower, 16 June, 1890. Son: Paul Dexter Harrower, b. 18 
Jan., 1893. 

1443 V Emily F.' Dexter, b. 14 July, 1863; d. 7 April, 1878. 



Andrew'* Dexter, son of Harvey'^ [Elislia^, Seth^, Jabez*, Philip^, 
William-, Thomas^] and Lydia [Chandler] Dexter, was bom 
27 Aug., 1834. He married Elizabeth A. Moseby, 16 May, 

One child : 

1444 i Marion" Dexter, b. at Cincinnati, 2 Nov., 1873. 


Eunice^ Dexter, danghter of Alden" [Elisha*', Seth^, Jabez^, 
Philip^ William^, Thomas^] and Merinda [Frost] Dexter, 
was born 26 Oct., 1835. She married (1) Abram Tinkham, 
16 July, 1858; he died 5 July, 1879; (2) Charles H. Dil- 
lingham, 15 April, 1882. 

They had six children, bort at IMattapoisett : 

1445 i Clark" Tinkham, b. July, 1859; d. 6 Feb., 1862. 

1446 ii Ella J." Tinkham, b. Aug., 1860; d. 6 Feb., 1862. 

1447 iii Charles H." Tinkham, b. 4 Feb., 1862; m. (1) Eunice M. Ean- 

dall, 20 Jan., 1886; (2) Euth L. Sherman, 24 April, 1901. 

1448 iv Thomas C." Tinkham, b. 5 Jan., 1864; m. Deborah J. Howard. 

1449 V Ida M." Tinkham, b. 1 June, 1867; m. Benjamin A. Eandall, 

14 Feb., 1891. 

1450 vi Mary L." Tinkham, b. 6 April, 1869. 


Joseph^ Dexter, son of Alden^ [Elisha«, Setli% Jabez*, Philip^, 
William-, Thomas^] and Merinda [Frost] Dexter, was born 10 
Dec, 1837, and died 9 Dec, 1886. He married Sophia H. 
Tinkham, 27 June, 1867. 

Eleven children : 

1451 i Emma S." Dexter, b. 8 Dec, 1864; m. Henry Smalley, Oct.,. 

1452* ii Alden D." Dexter, b. 7 July, 1868. 
1453* iii William H." Dexter, b. 26 Jan., 1871. 
1454 iv Charles T." Dexter, b. 10 Aug., 1872. 
1455* V Alice M.» Dexter, b. 13 June, 1874. 

1456 vi Arthur H." Dexter, b. 13 Aug., 1876. 

1457 vii Lydia H." Dexter, b. 13 May, 1878. 


1458 viii Ernest L.^" Dexter, b. 21 March, 1880; d. 19 Aug., 1882. 

1459 ix Herbert B.^ Dexter, b. 26 July, 1882. 

1460 X Adelaide S." Dexter, b. 8 Dec., 1884. 

1461 xi Joseph T.' Dexter, b. 11 Feb., 1887. 


Moores R.^ Dexter, son of Johii^ [Charles^ Jolln^ John*, Jolm^ 
William^, Thomas^] and Mary L. [Rogers] Dexter, was bom 
20 July, 1835, and died 9 Jan., 1866. He married Mary A. 
Purrington, 27 Nov., 1856. 

Two children : 

1462 i John L.** Dexter, b. in Mattapoisett, 4 April, 1859; m. Emma 

L. Scroggs, 20 July, 1887. He now resides at Detroit, Mich., 
and is a wholesale dealer in flour, salt, hay and straw. He 
was President of the National Hay Association in 1903 and 
1904, and is now on the Board of Directors. 

1463 ii Lizzie W." Dexter, b. 28 Nov., 1857; d. 12 May, 1858. 


Charles^ Dexter, son of James W.'' [Charles^ John^ JolmS 
John^ William^, Thomas^] and Abigail H. [Cannon] Dex- 
ter, was born 19 Nov., 1837, and died 27 Dec., 1876. 

Two children: 

1464 i David W.« Dexter, b. 11 Sept., 1866 ; d. 9 Oct., 1883. 

1465 ii Abby C" Dexter, b. 19 Oct., 1868 ; d. 28 Aug., 1884. 

. 897 

James A.^ Dexter, son of James W.'^ [Charles^, John^ John^ 
John^ William^, Thomas^] and Abigail [Cannon] Dexter, 
wa^ born 13 Aug., 1841, at Rochester, Mass. He married 
Flavilla Lake, 29 Dec, 1874. He was a painter in Marion, 
Mass., and has the care of summer cottages. 

Two children : 

1466 i Susan A." Dexter, b. 13 Jan., 1882; m. Bismark Ladner, 16 Oct., 

1901. Children: Ralph Dexter Ladner, b. 2 July, 1902; Wel- 
lington Ladner, b. 17 Sept., 1903; d. 12 Dec, 1903; Hender- 
son Lake Ladner, b. 30 Aug., 1904. 

1467 ii Charles W.» Dexter, b. 14 March, 1888. 



906 ■ '■ ■ 

Silas B.^ Dexter, son of Chester B.'^ [Charles^, David^ John^ 
John^ William-, Thomas^] and Sally [White] Dexter, was 
born 17 Feb., 1857, and died 23 March, 1890. He married 
Sadie Bennett, 12 March, 1883. 

Three children : 

1468 i John C.'' Dexter, b. 28 April, 1884. " 

1469 ii Lucius C." Dexter, b. 28 April, 1884. 

1470 iii Sally Etta" Dexter, b. 16 March, 1886. 



Charles Delivan' Dexter, son of Avery G.^ [Charles", David% 
Jolm^ Jolnr, AVillianr, Thomas^] and Mary D. [White] 
Dexter, was born 22 Nov., 1843. He married Rosa L. 
Knowlton, 25 Dec, 1870. 


Three cliildren : 

1471 i Carrie Mabel" Dexter, b. in Wardsboro, Vt., 30 April, 1878; m. 

Martin L. Johnson, 29 Aug., 1903. 

1472 ii James Ambrose' Dexter, b. 9 June, 1881. 

1473 iii Charles Knowlton' Dexter, b. 25 June, 1887. 


Gertrude I.' Dexter, daughter of Avery J.'' [Charles^ David^ 
John*, John% Willianr, Thomas^] and Mary D. [White] 
Dexter, was born 26 July, 1845. She married Marshall 0. 
Howe, 15 Aug., 1866. 

Five children : 

1474 i Marshall Avery' Howe, b. 6 .June, 1867. 

1475 ii Herman Alline" Howe, b. 1 Jan., 1869; m. Delia C. Landfear, 

26 Nov., 1903. 

1476 iii Arthur Otis' Howe, b. 7 March, 1871. 

1477 iv Carlton Dexter" Howe, b. 30 July, 1874. 

1478 V Clifton Durant" Howe, b. 30 July, 1874. 


Mary Ambrosia^ Dexter, daughter of Avery J.^ [Charles^ 
David^ Johns JohnS William^, Thomas^] and Mary D. 
[White] Dexter, was born 1 Sept., 1853. She married 
Brownson Mattison, 19 March, 1873. 

Four children : 

1479 i Fred. Brownson" Mattison, b. 17 May, 1874. 

1480 ii "Winnie Cornelia" Mattison, b. 10 Aug., 1876; m. Bixby. 

1481 iii Kate Dexter" Mattison, b. 10 Jan., 1879. 

1482 iv Eosa Mary" Mattison, b. 28 Feb., 1881. 

9J6 . 

Luna Jennie^ Dexter, daughter of Avery J.^ [Charles^ David^ 
John*, Johns William^, Thomas^] and Mary D. [White] 
Dexter, was born 28 March, 1860. She married David 
Smith, 19 June, 1880. 


Four children : 

1483 i Archie David"' Smith, b. 19 April, 1881. 

1484 ii Lizzie MabeP Smith, b. 17 Sept., 1882; m. Bacon. 

1485 iii Daisy Dexter" Smith, b. 15 Aug., 1884; m. Fitzpatrick. 

1486 iv Mary Esther" Smith, b. 2 March, 1892. 


George S.^ D-exter, son of John S.^ [John'', David^ John"*, John^, 
William^, Thomas^] and Julia A. [Eames] Dexter, was born 
7 July, 1851. He married Mary E. Hyde, 13 May, 1883. 

Two children : 

1487 i Perley Hyde" Dexter, b. in Chicopee Falls, Mass., 9 Nov., 1884. 

1488 ii .Jessie" Dexter, b. 16 Jan., 1888. 


Florence Belle« Dexter, daughter of D. Gilbert^ [David^ David^ 
John^ John^, William^^ Thomas^] and Ellen [Simonds] Dex- 
ter, was born at Wilmington, Vt., 12 Aug., 1857. She 
married Prof. Charles H. Wiswell, 1 Jan., 1880. They now 
reside at Lexington, Mass. 

Three children : 

1489 i Kittie" Wiswell, b. 1880. 

1490 ii Margie" Wiswell, b. 1882. 

1491 iii Charles Dexter" Wiswell, b. 1885. 


David Hazeltine^ Dexter, son of D. Gilbert^ [David^ David^ 
John"*, John% William^, Thomas^] and Ellen [Simonds] Dex- 
ter, was born at Cambridge, 6 July, 1875. He married 
Mabel Helen White, 14 Sept., 1898. They now reside in 
San Francisco, Cal. 

One child: 

1492 i Oakley White" Dexter, b. 16 July, 1899. 




Edward Mills'" Tolman, son of Frances H.'' [Jonathan M.®, Jona- 
than^, Jolm^, John^, William-, Thomas^ Dexter] and James 
P. Tolman, was bom at Boston, 22 April, 1850. He spent 
his early life in Boston, moving to Philadelphia, Pa., in 1865, 
with his parents. He married Caroline G. Frishmuth, 21 
July, 1875, Rev. Robert D. Harper of Philadelphia per- 


forming the ceremony. They continued to reside in Phila- 
delphia, he being in company with his father in the laundry 
business. In 1890 they removed to Washington and went 
into the laundry business. He died 28 May, 1903. 


They had two children, born in Philadelphia': 

i Frances Henrietta'' Tolman, b. 2 April, 1876; m. Alfred Barker, 
6 March, 1905, at San Francisco, Cal. 



1494 ii Edith Helen'' Tolnian, b. 16 May, 1877; m. Frederick W. Mc- 

Kenzie, 18 March, 1903, by Rev. Donald C. McLeod. Children: 
Albert Edward McKenzie, b. 25 Jan., 1904; Donald McKenzie, 
b. 27 Sept., 1905. • . , . 


Mary Ann- Dexter, daughter of Alleu' [Edward^ Edvvard^ 
NoahS Benjamin^ William-, Thomas^] and Phebe [Howard] 
Dexter, was born 15 Feb., 1846, and died 29 Jan., 1875. 
She married Edward Ellis Howard, June, 1870. 

One child: 

1495 i Charles H.^" Howard, b. May, 1871. 


Charles E.- Dexter, son of Allen' [Edward^ Edward^ Noah\ 
Benjamin,^ William-, Thomas^] and Phebe [Howard] Dex- 
ter, was born 16 June, 1848. He married Eliza])(4h A. Gif- 
ford, 26 Sept., 1870, 

They had five children : 

1496 i Anuie Allen" Dexter, b. 13 May, 1871 ; m. Harry F. Snow, Oct.. 

1888. One child: Irving Cushman Snow, b. June, 1889. 
Arthur S." Dexter, b. 26 Sept., 1876; d. 7 April, 1896. 
Mary Wilson^ Dexter, b. 15 April, 1880; d. 11 March, 1881. 
George W. S.^ Dexter, b. 14 July, 1886. 
Gertrude Wilson" Dexter, b. 8 Aug., 1892. 


Martha J. W." Dexter, daughter of Allen^ [EdwaixP. Edward^ 
Noah\ Ben.iamin% William-, Thomas^] and Phebe [Howard] 
Dexter, was born 16 Jan., 1848. She married Charles H. 
Andrews, 18 June, 1868 ; he was born 1 IMav, 1848. and died 
7 April, 1878. 

They had five children : 

1501 1 William Francis" Andrews, b. 24 Jan., 1869. 

1502 ii Carrie Dean" Andrews, b. 28 April, 1871 ; m. Arenand LeCroix, 

10 Nov., 1892. 










1503 iii Bertha May" Andrews, b. 29 Jan., 1873. 

1504 iv John Dexter" Andrews, b. 26 April, 1875; ni. Laura Dona Hoyt, 

29 May, 1900. 

1505 V Sara Lizzie* Andrews, b. 17 March, 1878. 


Samuel E.« Dexter, son of Sumner^ [SamueP, Edward^ Noah*, 
Benjamin^ William^, Thomas^] and Deborah [Edwards] 
Dexter, was born 7 March, 1850. He married Maggie A. 
Headman, 3 March, 1890. He was an iron moulder by 

They had two children: - 

1506 i Georgianna" Dexter, b. 16 Sept., 1894. 

1507 ii John Albert" Dexter, b. 19 April, 1900. 


Sarah M.^ Dexter, daughter of James^ [SamueP, EdwardS 
Noah*, Benjamin^, William^, Thomas^] and Pamelia Dex- 
ter, was born 30 Sept., 1856. She married (1) ; (2) 

Charles C. Nealey, 3 Aug., 1884. 

She had one child by first husband and three by second 
husband : 

i David A." Dexter, b. March, 1876 ; ni. Frances Maddox. Three 
children: Doris A. Dexter, b. 6 July, 1899; Euth F. Dexter, 
b. 5 Feb., 1902 ; David A. Dexter, Jr., b. 6 Sept., 1904. 
ii Clarence" Nealey, b. 19 Feb., 1891. 

1510 iii Mildred" Nealey, b. 20 Dec, 1895. 

1511 iv Mabel" Nealey, b. 29 April, 1897. 




Mary M.« Dexter, daughter of James^ [SamueP, Edward^ 
Noah*, Ben.iamin^ William^, Thomas^] and Pamelia Dex- 
ter, wks born 30 March, 1853. She married Eben Franklin 
Ha'skins, 9 May, 1871; he was born 17 Oct., 1846. He was 
a stone mason, and resided in New Bedford, Mass. 


They had two children, born in New Bedford : 

1512 i Bertha L.' Haskins, b. 6 Jan., 1872; m. Andrew F. Mitchell 6 

Aug., 1889. 

1513 ii Euth A." Haskins, b. 16 Feb., 1873; m. Oscar Ashley, 28 June, 



Dennis^ Dexter, son of Benjamin" [Joseph^, Benjamin^, Noah*, 
Benjamin^ William^, Thomas^] and Betsey [Hilman] Dex- 
ter, was born 1811, and died 12 Nov., 1884. He marrie'a 
Mary D. Luce. 

They had eight children : - - 

1514 i Benjamin" Dexter, b. ; d. 18 Jan., 1889; m. (1) Almira 

E. Luce, 21 July, 1857; one child, Arthur, b. 1858, d. 1870; 

(2) Sarah Hinckley; one child, Bertha, b. 1872. 
1515* ii Sarah J.' Dexter, b. 19 July, 1832. 
1516 iii Dennis" Dexter, b. 1839; d. 1899. 
1517* iv Sophia' Dexter, b. 1838; d. Aug. 27, 1891. 

1518 V Henry G." Dexter, b. 1844; d. 19 Oct., 1891; m. Ida Norton. 

Two children: Etta and Mary. 

1519 vi Addie E." Dexter, b. 4 Dec, 1847; m. George F. Armsby, 10 

Feb., 1891. 
1520* vii George H." Dexter, b. 31 Oct., 1849. 

1521 viii Mary L." Dexter, b. 22 April, 1853; d. 1875; m. William H. 



George^ Dexter, son of Benjamin^ [Joseph", Benjamin^ Noah*, 
Benjamin^ William^, Thomas^] and Betsey [Hilman] Dex- 
ter, was born . He married Caroline Luce. 

One child : 

1522 i Eliza" Dexter, b. ; m. (1) Eev. S. A. Thomas; (2) W. W. 


987 • 

Rodolphus W." Dexter, son of Benjamin^ [Joseph^ Benjamin^ 
Noali^ Benjamin^ William^, Thomas^] and Betsey [Hilman] 


Dexter, was born 29 April, 1816, and died 10 Sept., 1886. 
He married Irene Clifford, 31 May, 1838. 

They had two children : 

1523 i Abbie" Dexter, b. in Tisbwy, Mass., 8 April, 1839; m. Col. 

C. S. Buckley, 8 May, 1867. 

1524 ii Eodolphns W.^ Dexter, Jr., b. 4 Sept., 1843; d. in Stockton, 

Cal., 30 April, 1897. 


Joseph'^ Dexter, son of Joseph" [ Joseph^, Ben.iamin^ Noah\ Ben- 
jamin^ Willianr, Thomas^] and Charlotte [Norton] Dex- 
ter, was born . He married Lucy Norton. 

They had two children: 

1525 i Lydia J." Dexter, b. ; m. Oran Look, 18 Nov., 1869. 

1526 ii Adrianna" Dexter, b. . 


Hiram'' Dexter, son of Joseph^ [ Joseph^, Benjamin^ Noah\ Ben- 
jamin^ William^, Thomas^] and Charlotte [Norton] Dex- 
ter, was born 6 May, 1813, and died 2 April, 1887. He 
married Love Lambert. 

They had three children : 

1527 i Cordelia L." Dexter, b. in Tisbury, 22 March, 1838; d. 5 Nov., 

1528* ii .Tonathan** Dexter, b. 23 Jan., 1843. 
1529 iii Charlotte A." Dexter, b. 18 Feb., 1852; d. 4 Oct., 1871. 


Franklin Bowditch^ Dexter, son of Rodolphns W.^ [Noah«, Ben- 
.iamin^ Noah^ Ben.iamin^ Willianr, Thomas^] and Mary H. 
[Taber] Dexter, was born 11 Sei^t., 1812. He graduated 
from Yale in 1861 and was a tutor from 1864 to 1867. In 
1869 he became secretary of corporations of Yale Univer- 
sity, which office he held till 1899. From 1877 to 1888 he 


was professor of American history at Yale College, and lias 
been assistant librarian of Yale Univei*sitj^ since 1869. He 
is the author of " Bios:raphical Sketches of Yale (li-ad- 
uates, " and of many other works. He is now secretary of 
foreign correspondence for the American Antiquarian So- 
ciety. He married Theodosia M. Wheeler in 1880. 

They have one child : 

1530 i Dorothea M." Dexter, b. iu New Haven, 20 July, 1888. 


Josiah A.^ Dexter, son of Benjamin" [Benjamin", Benjamin^, 
Noah*, Benjamin^ William'-, Thomas^] and Elizabeth P. 
[Delano] Dexter, was horn 20 Nov., 1842. He married 
Susan G. Durfee, 7 Sept., 1870. 

They had three children : 

1531 i Lillian A." Dexter, b. 29 Aug., 1871. 
15S'2 ii Edith Delano" Dexter, b. 4 Nov., 1873. 
1533 iii Marion H." Dexter, b. 9 May, 1884. 


Abbie M.^ Dexter, daughter of Benjamin" [Benjamin", Benja- 
min^, Noah*, Benjamin^ William-. Thomas^] and Elizabeth 
P. [Delano] Dexter, was born 28 Sept., 1844. She married 
Edward E. Hicks, 23 June, 1873. 

Mrs. Hicks went on a voyage with her husband soon after 
their mai-riage. They sailed from New Bedford on Ihe hark 
"Mermaid," August, 1873, for a cruise in the Indian Ocean 
after whales. 

I quote her letter: "We had good weather and very little 
sickness. Thursday, Oct. 16, Flores was in sight. Captain 
Hicks went ashore in the morning and returned to the ship 
for dinner. At two o'clock we both went ashore. To walk 
upon the ground after rolling about for six weeks was enjoy- 
ment. We spent the afternoon on shore. We sighted Fayal 
Wednesday, Oct. 22, and went in about twelve o'clock noon 


of the 23rd. We left Fayal at eight the morning of the 
25th. We then criiised in the Atlantic and took a great 
many whales. Having rounded the Cape of Good Hope 
with rather cold, windy weather, we sailed north into the 
Indian Ocean. Madagascar was sighted the 26th of March, 
1874. Here the weather grew warmer and calmer. The 
18th of May, we went into Mahi, Seychelle Islands. It is a 
beautiful island, with a fine climate. There are cocoanut 
groves, and wild cinnamon and cloves. Bananas are raised 
there and the vanilla bean cultivated. We were all glad to 
leave the vessel after being confined to it for nearly five 
months. We hired a house, and with the help of a few na- 
tive servants lived comfortably. Captain Hicks took the 
ship out June 2, though I lived there until Aug. 29, when we 
left for a cruise on the coast of Arabia, where we were sail- 
ing on summer seas all the time. It was calm, warm and de- 
lightful living. The 22nd of July, 1875, we spent the day 
on the island of Johanna, which is one of the Comoro 

"We returned to New Bedford with a full cargo of oil, 
about the 16th of March, 1876, having had good luck, good 
weather and a pleasant voyage. ' ' 

Captain Hicks made other voyages, being accompanied in 
1881 by his wife and two children. One of the voyages proved 
unsuccessful and unpleasant, as bad weather prevailed. 
They returned home in July, 1883. 

They had six children : 

15S4 i Elizabeth D." Hicks, b. on Seychelle Islands, Indian Ocean, 22 

July, 1874. Is now a teacher in public schools at New Bed- 

1535 ii Edward H.» Hicks, b. in Marion, 26 May, 1876. Is now re- 

porter for New Bedford Mercury. 

1536 iii Louise E." Hicks, b. in New Bedford, 21 Sept., 1878. Is public 

school teacher in New Bedford. 

1537 iv Florence K." Hicks, b. in Fayal, Western Islands, 4 July, 1882 ; 

d. in Eutland, Mass., 21 Oct., 1904. 

1538 V Alexander" Hicks, b. in New Bedford, 24 April, 1884. At 

School of Technology in Boston in 1905. 
1538A vi Belle B.' Hicks, b. in New Bedford, 6 Feb., 1886. At school 
at Wellesley College. 


J 022 

Benjamin F.^ Dexter, son of Roiijaniin' [Benjamin^ Benjamin^ 
Noah^, Benjamin% AVilliam-, Thomas^] and Elizabeth P. 
[Delano] Dexter, was born 26 Feb., 1850, and died 2 Dec, 
1901. He married Olive Kinney, 8 March, 1880. 

They had three children : 

1539 i Benjamin D.» Dexter, b. 26 Oct., 1880; d. 14 Nov., 1890. 

1540 ii Ella F." Dexter, b. 23 Oct., 1882. 

1541 iii Arthur Delano" Dexter, b. 31 Dec, 1887; cl. 28 Jan., 1901. 


Seth L. M,^ Dexter, son of Rufus' [Benjamin®? Benjamin^ 
Noah^, Benjamin^, AVilliam-, Thoniasi^] and Elizabeth L. 
[Washburn] Dexter, was born 3 March, 1854. He married 
Elizabeth Jenney, 3 Nov., 1878. 

They had three children : 

1542 i Bessie L." Dexter, b. in Eiver Falls, Wis., 19 Oct., 1880. 

1543 ii Lawrence L." Dexter, b. in Eiver Falls, Wis., 19 June, 1882. 

1544 iii Eobert W." Dexter, b. in Marion, Mass., 7 July, 1886. 


Horace* Dexter, son of Jonathan K." [Jonathan*^, David% 
Josiah*, Benjamin^, Willianr, Thomas^] and Clarinda 
[Smith] Dexter, was bom 15 Sept., 1839. He married Ann 
E. Lyman, 25 Feb., 1869. 

They had four children : 

1545 i Horace Lyman" Dexter, b. 30 May, 1870. 

1546 ii James Smith'' Dexter, b. 20 Aug., 1872. 

1547 iii Agnes May'-* Dexter, b. 6 Sept., 1875. 

1548 iv Grace EtheP Dexter, b. 27 Sept., 1878. 


Mary* Dexter, daughter of Jonathan K." [Jonathau", David^ 
Josiah^ Benjamin^ William-, Thomas^] and Clarinda 


[Smith] Dexter, was born 17 June, 1844. She married 
James Landers, 5 Sept., 1861. 

They had three children : 

1549 i Mary" Landers, b. in New Bedford, 1 Dec, 1862; m. Charles 

Cox, Jan., 1889. 

1550 ii Katie^" Landers, b. in New Bedford, 20 Dec, 1868 ; m. Henry L. 

Miller, 4 Sept., 1897. 

1551 iii John F.^ Landers, b. in Fairhaven, 2 Oct., 1872; m. Etta 

Leonard, 14 Dec, 1893. 


Allen D.^ Hammond, son of* Martha M.' [Allen'', David^ Josiah*, 
Benjamin', William-, Thomas^] Dexter and Noah Ham- 
mond, was born 1 June, 1871. He married Eliza Lenora 
Shaw, 19 Sept., 1894. 

They had two children, born in Brockton : 

1552 i- Allen Dexter" Hammond, b. Feb., 1897, 
1555 ii Dorothy" Hammond, b. 3 April, 1904. 


Henry C.*^ Dexter, son of John'^ [Constant^ Isaac^, Constant^ 
Benjamin^, William-, Thomas^] and Mary B. [Shaw] Dex- 
ter, was born at Wayne, Me., 21 April, 1831. He married 
Ellen E. Carll, 17 Dec, 1864. 

They had three children, bom at Auburn, Me. : 

1554 i Clifton C." Dexter, b. 27 April, 1866.. 

1555 ii Alice B." Dexter, b. 26 Dec, 1869. 

1556 iii Elbert H." Dexter, b. 12 Oct., 1874. 


George T.^ Dexter, son of Rev. Henry V.'' [Amasa®, Isaac^ Con- 
stant\ Benjamin^, William-, Thomas^] and Mary E. [Board- 
man] Dexter, was born at Augusta, Me., 25 Jan., 1860. He 
married Nellie J. Greenwood, 14 April, 1879 ; she died 8 
Nov., 1900. 




Two children 

1557 i Frederick Greenwoof? Dexter, b. 11 Aug., 1881. 

1558 ii Leon Boaxdman" Dexter, b. 4 June, 1893. 


The following' from an insurance journal shows Mr. Dex- 
ter 's standing: 

■ "Within recent years a new force has entered the 

agency business of 'life insurance in the person of 
George T. Dexter, superintendent of domestic agencies of 
the Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York. He is 
not only a neAv force, but he represents individual character- 
istics which distinguish him from other men who have won 
great fame in the manaf^ement of large agency corps. The 
handling of agents, especially under the modern tendency to 
bring them into closer touch with the home office, recpiires 
talents of a peculiar order, not always of the same kind, be- 
cause different men manage by different methods. Mr. 
Dexter is certainly not a copy or a duplicate, in any sense of 
the word, of others who exert a controlling power in the 
great field of life insurance. 

"Mr. Dexter is the son of a Baptist clergyman. Plis boy- 
hood was passed in INTaine, where he acquired his early edu- 
cation. At the age of eighteen he became imbued with a 
boyish ambition for the sea and enlisted as a sailor on a 
vessel trading in the Orient, by way of Cape Horn. He 
spent two years before the mast, sharing the trials and hard- 
ships of a common seaman, bunking in the forecastle and 
partaking of the seaman's homely fare. None of his ship- 
mates suspected that the master of the vessel was Dexter 's 

"The physical training and moral discipline secured in this 
school had much to do in developing the streng:th of char- 
acter shoMTi in ]\Ir. Dexter 's later life. After giving up the 
sea he acted as connnercial traveler for a short time, but 
becoming interested in life insurance, was induced to act as 
solicitor for the United States Life at Keene, N. H. 

' ' He was a success in this business from the very start, so 
successful, in fact, that he was soon made general agent of 
the company at Worcester, Mass. He occupied this position 
one year, and then accepted a call to a larg:er field, as super- 
intendent of agencies for E. W. Peet, the Mutual Life's 



manag:er at St. Paul. He supervised the company's work 
in Minnesota and Iowa. His success in this department was 
conspicuous, and in a few years he was promoted to super- 
vise the fieldmen in the Mutual Life's great OhiiO a^jency of 
L. C. Lawton & Co. 

"His work in this field attracted the particular attention of 
the home office. He was entrusted with the execution of 
several missions of -supreme importance, requirin<i: great 
judgment and tact. The skill with which he handled these 
matters so impressed the executive officials of tli(^ company 
that in 1898 he was selected to organize and manage the 
company's department of domestic agencies. 

' ' Like most men who occupy positions of responsibility Mr. 
Dexter is a man of great energy, posvsessing that talent for 
achievement and hard work which a great philosopher has 
said lies at the root of all genius. Unlike some who have 
made their mark in life insurance, there is nothing spectac- 
ular in his make-up, nothing sensational in his methods of 
doing business. Neither in his manner nor his speech does 
he boast of great things to be done. Nevertheless, no one 
who has ever come in contact with him in a business way, for 
even the briefest period, ever doubted the definiteness of his 
plans or the fixity of his purpose. Although he keeps his 
own counsel he knows what there is to do and is quick to see 
how it is to be done. Quietness, reserve, determination are 
the essential characteristics of his make-up, and his plans 
are only revealed in their fulfillment. 

"In dealing with competing interests, or in the adjustment 
of business complications, he has proved himself a born dip- 
lomat. Admitting no wrong or weakness in his own cause 
he concedes only non-essentials to the opposition. Having 
taken his stand upon sure ground he maintains it unreser- 
vedly. Although quick to act in emergencies, nothing is 
done which is ill considered. In subsequent developments 
he has nothing to unsay, nothing to explain away. He is 
pre-eminently a safe man in his position. He makes the 
minimum of mistakes. 

* ' In his intercourse with the field force Mr. Dexter is dig- 


nified, but at the same time frank and straisrhtfonvard. He 
• . never 'jollies' his agents. He does not awaken in them false 
- hopes or foster vain expectations. The managers and 
agents working nnder him know that he is dependable, that 
his words and acts are not susceptible of double interpreta- 
tion, and that he will always do more, not less, than he 
promises. ' ' 


Professor Edwin Grant^ Dexter, son of Rev. Henry Vaughan^ 
[Amasa^, Isaac^, Constant*, Benjamin^. William- Thutnas' I 
and Mary Edna [Boardman] Dexter, was born at Calais, 
Me., 21 July, 1868. 

His boyhood days were spent in the towTi of Templeton, 
Mass., the place of his father's last pastorate and death. 
After attending the town schools until the age of 16 
years, he entered Worcester (Mass.) Academy and prepared 
' for Brown University, from which he was graduated in 1891, 
with the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.). While 
an undergraduate he was his class historian (Pub. Pro v. 
1889), director of the Boating Association, President of the 
Camera Clul) and of the Glee Club, member of the Univer- 
sity Quartette and editor of the Liber Bruneusis, the college 
annual. He is a member of the Zeta Psi Fraternity and of 
Phi Beta Kappa. The year of 1891-92 was spent at Brown 
as instructor and graduate student, the Master of Arts de- 
gree being conferred at its close " summa cum laude." 

The next three years, 1892-95, were passed as science 
master of tbe Colorado Springs (Col.) High School. He 
was also director for the years of 1893 and 1894 of the Colo- 
rado Summer School of Science, Philosophy and LangiTages, 
holding its sessions at Colorado Springs. During those 
years the school had upon its faculty, among others, President 
Wilson of Princeton, Andrews of Nebraska, Hyde of Bow- 
doin and Slocum and Baker of Colorado, as well as Profess- 
ors William James, Richard T. Ely, C. E. Bessey, William 
J. Rolfe, Katherine Lee Bates, Katherine Coman, and W. D. 


111 1895 he was appointed professor of psyeholo^ at the 
Colorado State Normal School (Greeley, Col.), which posi- 
tion he held until taking his present position in 1900, with 
leave of absence for the year 1899-1900, during which he 
held a fellowship at Columbia University, and was granted 
the Ph.D. degree. 

While in Colorado, he was a member of the Colorado 
Scientific Society; the Colorado State Educational Council; 
president of the child-study section of the State Teachere' 
Association. He also received a medal for his part in the 
preparation of the state educational exhibit at the World's 
Columbian Exposition, at Chicago, in 1893. Since coming 
to the University of Illinois, he has been, beside holding the 
professorship of education, director and dean of the sum- 
mer session of the University. 

Professor Dexter is a fellow of the American Association 
for the Advancement of Science, and of the American Geo- 
graphical Society ; is a member of the National Educational 
Association ; president of the National Society for the Scien- 
tific Study of Education; of the Society of College Teach- 
ers of Education ; of the American Psychological Associa- 
tion ; of the American Social Science Association ; of the Illi- 
nois Schoolmasters' Club; of the Internationalen Societie 
f iir Schulhygiene (and a collaborating editor of its journal), 
and of the Societe Jean Jacques Rousseau. 

Professor Dexter has published upwards of sixty scientific 
and educational articles in such journals as Educational Re- 
view, Education, Popular Science jNIonthly, Psychological 
Review, International Journal of Ethics, Annals of the 
American Academy of Political and Social Science, Science, 
World's Work, Harper's Weekly, and the Scientific Ameri- 
can ; in addition, two volumes from the Macmillan Press: 
"A History of Education in the United States," Sept., 1904, 
pp. xxi-654, 8vo, and "AVeather Influences: an Empirical 
Study of the Mental and Psychological Effects of Definite 
IMeteorological Conditions," August, 1904, pp. xxi-288. 

Professor Dexter married Allie Martin Hodge, 7 June, 
1895, in Colorado Springs. 


They have three children : 

1559 i Henry Vaughan* Dexter, b. 27 March, 1896. 

1560 ii Louise" Dexter, b. 4 Aug., 1900. 

1561 iii Dwight Hodge" Dexter, b. 14 July, 1903. 

J 068 

Joseph Dean^ Dexter, son of Joseph D.'' [Eleazer^ SamueP> 
Samuel*, Benjamin^, William^, Thomas^] and Olive [Gould] 
Dexter, was born 18 June, 1820. He married Almeda An- 
derson, 8 March, 1846. She was born 1826, daughter of 
Timothy and Betsey Anderson. 

They had one child : 

1562 i Joseph Franklin" Dexter, b. 18 July, 1847. 


Nancy M.^ Dexter, daughter of Joseph Dean'' [Eleazer^, Sam- 
ueP, Samuel*, Benjamin^, William', Thomas^] and Olive 
[Gould] Dexter, was born 1825. She married (1) Henry B. 
Gould, son of Haffield and Lydia Gould, 6 May, 1847; (2) 
Joseph C. Page, 2 Nov., 1865. 

She had one child by first husband and two by second 
husband : 

1563 i Ella Maria" Gould, b. 9 Sept., 1851. 

1564 ii Joseph C." Page, Jr., b. . 

1565 iii Estella Freese" Page, b. . 


Caroline Angelia^ Taylor, daughter of Cassandra'' [Jonathan*, 
SamueP, Samuel*, Benjamin^ William-, Thomas^] Dexter 
and Lemuel F. Taylor, was born 1 March, 1841. She mar- 
ried Darius Parsons of Sutton, 24 Nov., 1877, at Hubbard- 

They had one child : 

1566 i George Taylor" Parsons, b. 4 May, 1879. 



Adams^ French, Jr., son of Rhoda^ [Lucy'', Icliabod^ SamueP, 
Benjamin^, William^, Thomas^ Dexter] and Adams French, 
was born 1828. He married Abby E. Kellogg, 25 Jan., 1849. 
She was born 1830, daughter of John and Clarinda Kellogg. 
He was a pail maker. 

They had one child : 
1567 i Elvirus Franklin' French, b. 30 Jan., 1850; d. . 


Mary A.^ French, daughter of Rhoda^ [Lucy^ Ichabod^ Sam- 
ue\\ Benjamin^ William-, Thomas^ Dexter] and Adams 

French, was born . She married Franklin L. Waters, 

22 April, 1850. He was born 1829, son of John, Jr., and 
Olive Waters of Champlain, N. Y. He was a pail-maker. 

They had one child : 

1568 i Albert" Waters, b. ; ni. Ada Morrell, about 1892. No 



Lysander^ French, son of Rhoda^ [Lucy«, Ichabod,^ Samuel*, 
Benjamin^ William^, Thomas^] Dexter and Adams French, 
was born at Orange in 1839. He married Julia Hunt. 

Four children : 

1569 i Waldo" French, b. ; ni. Minnie Ford. Three children. 

1570 ii Cora" French, b. 1858; m. Frank Cheney, IG Sept., 1880; 

farmer, of Sanford, Me.; son of Horace B. and Susan A. 
Cheney, was born in 1857. Two children. 

1571 iii Frank" French, b. . 

1572 iv J. Margaret" French, b. 1865; m. Ellsworth E. Howe of Graf- 

ton, Mass., 17 Nov., 1886; he was born in 1861 at Princeton. 
Two children. 



Moses C.^ French, son of Rhoda' [LucyS Ichabod^, Samuel*, 
Benjamin^ William-, Thomas\l Dexter and Adams French, 
was born in 1842. He married Kate E. Bishop. Was a fur- 
niture dealer. 

Two children : 

1573 i Minnie May" French, b. 27 Mareli, 1868; d. 7 April, 1869. 

1574 ii Clara Eleanor" French, b. 6 Oct., 1870. 


William N." Dexter, son of Foster D-'' [John," Job^ SamueP, 
Benjamin^ William^, Thomas^] and Phebe P. [ ] Dexter, 

was born 15 Aug., 1843. He married (1) Frances Newland, 
Aug., 1870; (2) Mary J. Dooley, 7 April, 1887 (she died 
14 March, 1897) ; (3) Lillian Adell Field, 22 Dec, .1897 (she 
was born 18 April, 1857). He is now living in New Salem, 

Two children : 

1575 i . lona F." Dexter, b. 2 Dec, 1888. 

1576* ii Mabel A." Dexter (adopted), b. 8 March, 1869; m. George 
Carpenter of Orange. 


Charles Augustus^ Wheeler, son of William A.'^ [Anna^ Job^, 
Samuel*, Benjamin^, William-, Thomas^] Dexter and Almira 
[Allen] Wheeler, was born 27 Jan., 1826. He married 
Mary Eliza Douglas, 1 Jan., 1851, and died 18 Sept., 1867. 
He was educated in the public schools of Worcester and at 
Williston Seminary at Easthampton, Mass. After an ap- 
prenticeship with his father he was admitted into partner- 
ship. He held several official positions in Worcester until 
failing health obliged him to retire from offi.ce and from 
active business. 


Three children : 

1577 i William Stephen" Wheeler, b. 19 Oct., 1855; d. 28 April, 1856. 

1578 ii Annie Douglas" Wheeler, b. 15 Oct., 1861; d. 10 Sept., 1862. 

1579 iii Charles Douglas" Wheeler, b. 9 Nov., 1865. 


William Fiske' Wheeler, son of William A.^ [Anna«, JobS Sam- 
uel^ Benjamin^ William-, Thomas^] Dexter and Almira 
[Allen] Wheeler, was born 24 June, 1830. He married Ada- 
line Barry Yonng-, 13 Sept., 1854. He was educated at 
Harvard University, 1852, and went to Europe soon after 
his graduation. A weakness of his eyes obliged him to aban- 
don the profession of medicine, which he had intended to 
pursue. Having a taste for agriculture, he purchased a 
farm and conducted a school for boys in connection there- 
with, until the breaking out of the War of the Rebellion, 
when he enlisted and was chosen captain of a company in 
the 51st Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteers. After the 
war his health failed and he gave up active business. 

Four children : 

Frank Allen" Wheeler, b. 29 Sept., 1859. 

Chai-les Sprague" Wheeler, b. 7 Jan., 1863 ; d. 24 Nov., 1865. 

Ada Maria" Wlieeler, b. 14 Nov., 1865. 

Thomas" Wheeler, b. 14 Sept., 1868. 


Moses Allen^ Wheeler, son of William A.'' [Anna", Jo¥, 
Samuel*, Benjamin^, William^ Thomas^] Dexter and Al- 
mira [Allen] Wheeler, was born in Worcester, 19 Aug., 
1838. He married Helen Marion Erwin, 18 Jan., 1865, and 
died 28 Nov., 1884. He was educated in the public schools 
of Worcester, and was in the office of his father until his 
failing health induced him to engage in farming on an 
estate in the outskirts of Worcester, where he resided until 
his death. He was a Republican in politics. 









Five children : 

1584 i Moses Allen" Wheeler, b. 18 March, 1866. Superintendent of 

Elevator Co., and resides at 3 Forbes Street, Worcester. 

1585 ii Harriet Erwin" Wheeler, b. 18 July, 1867. Teacher in public 

schools, and resides at 3 Forbes St., Worcester. 

1586 iii Fanny" Wheeler, b. 26 Aug., 1869. 

1587 iv Helen Eliza' Wheeler, b. 27 June, 1872. Eesides at 3 Forbes 

Street, Worcester. 

1588 V Marion Barnai-d' Wheeler, b. 4 Feb., 1877. 


George L.- Morton, son of Alexander^ [James", Mary^, Samuel*, 
Benjamin^ Willianr, Thomas^] Dexter and Martha 
[Wheeler] ^lorton, was boi-n in 184(1. He married . 

Three children : 

1589 i Edna' Morton, b. ; m. Amasa Smith. 

1590 ii Moses" Morton, b. . 

1591 iii Proctor" Morton, b. - — — ; m. — ■ — . Three children: Charles 

Morton, Dexter Morton, Helen Morton. 


Shatley- Morton, son of SamueF [Hannah*^, Benjamin^, SamueP, 

Benjanliu^ William-, Thomas^] Dexter and Morton, 

was born in 1815. He married . 

Four children : 

1592 i Uriah" Morton, b. . 

1593 ii Lewis" Morton, b. . 

1594 iii Chai-les" Morton, b. . 

1595 iv William" Morton, b. . 


Benjamin^ Morton, son of SamueP [Hannah^ Benjamin^ 

SamneP, Benjamin^ William^, Thomas^] Dexter and 

Morton, was l)orn in 1818. He married . 


Two children : 

1596 i Almon' Morton, b. . 

1597 ii Millard^ Morton, b. . 


Almon' Morton, son of Samuel' [Hannah^ Benjamin^ Samuel*, 

Benjamin^ William-, Thomas^] Dexter and Morton, 

was born in 1820. He married . 

Two children: 

1598 i Edgar'-' Morton, b. . 

1599 ii Willard' Morton, b. . 


Trustum DurelP Dexter, son of Amasa'' [Benjamin®, Benja- 
min°, SamueP, Ben.iamin^ William-, Thomas^] and Roanna 
[Allen] Dexter, was born 7 July, 1834, at Orange, ]\Iass. 
He married IVIary Susan Calligan, 9 Nov., 1862. She was 

bom 8 Sept., 1840, and died He was in the U. S. 

Army during' the Rebellion (loth Mass. Reg.). He was 
killed by accident J\Iay 4, 1904 (falling from a building). 
He was a large owner of real estate in Clinton, Mass. 

They adopted a girl, but she died many years ago. 


Benjamin Allen^ Dexter, son of Amasa^ [Benjamin^, Benjamin^, 
Samuel^ Benjamin^ William^, Thomas^] and Roanna 
[Allen] Dexter, was born 25 Oct., 1836. He married Laura 
O. Webb, 4 April, 1860, at Black River, N. Y. She was 
bom 25 March, 1842, and died 7 Jan., 1897, at Black River, 
New York. He died 22 Jan., 1906. 

Three children : 

1600 i Freddy B." Dexter, b. 16 May, 1861; d. 28 Sept., 1861, at 

Black Elver, N. Y. 
1601* ii Frank Albert' Dexter, b. in Entland, 26 Nov., 1863. 
1602 iii Herbert Artlnir" Dexter, b. 4 Oct., 1870. 



1 147 

Elihu Osgood Clark'' Dexter, son of Amasa^ [Benjamin^, Benja- 
niiir', SanuieP, Benjamin^, William-, Thomas^] and Eoanna 
[Allen] Dexter, was born in Orange, Mass., 12 Aug., 1842. 
He married Jane Miner, 1 Jan., 1867. She was a daughter 
of Benjamin Randall nnd IMary Elmira (Clark) ]\Iiner, and 
was born in Colerain, 22 June, 1842. He was a farmer and 
lived on part of the old homestead, moving the old house to 
the north part of the estate and making their home there. 
He owned a large amount of land in Orange. 

Two children : 

1603* i Myia R.'' Dexter, b. 2 June, 1871; d. 27 April, 1904; m. 

George W. Holton, 1892. 
1604 • ii Herbert C." Dexter, b. 14 March, 1876; m. Ava Leona Sargent, 25 

Dec, 1901. Now living on a farm in South Orange, Mass. 



Hephzibah^ Dexter, dauphter of Amasa^ [Benjamin'', Benja- 
min^ SamueP, Benjamin^ William^, Thomas'] and Roanna 
[Allen] Dexter, was born 24 June, 1845, at Wendell, Mass. 
She went to school at Wendell, Mass., and afterwards at 
Orang:e, Mass. She moved to Worcester in 1865, where she 
was married to Henry Davis Barber of Worcester, Mass., 
in 1867. She has always been active in church work, being 
a member of the Methodist Chnrch. She has been for many 
years one of the visitors and directors of the Old Ladies' 
Home in Worcester. 

One child : 

1605 i Harry ReueP Barber, b. 6 Sept., 1872; m. Harriette Heloise 

Hufifman, 19 Sept., 1900, at New Castle, Ohio. He is a grad- 
uate of Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and is now district 
manager of Telephone Company at St. Louis. They have one 
. daughter, Heloise. 


Hoyt^ Dexter, son of Amasa'' [Benjamin^, Benjamin^, SamueP, 
Benjamin^, William^, Thomas'] and Roanna [Allen] Dex- 
ter, was born at Wendell, Mass., 20 Aug., 1847. He mar- 
ried Anrea Scott of Black River, N. Y., 20 Sept., 1876. 

Two children : 

1606 i Leta" Dexter, b. in Colerain, Mass., . 

1607 ii Nina" Dexter, b. in Colerain, Mass., . 


Anna^ D-exter, daughter of Amasa'^ [Benjamin^ Benjamin^, 
Samuel*, Benjamin^ William^ Thomas^] and Roanna 
[Allen] Dexter, was born 13 Aug., 1850, and died 7 Jan., 
1904. She married (1) B. F. Miner, 1870. He was the son 
of Benjamin Randall and Mary Elmira (Clark) Miner. 
She married (2) Charles Stevens, 1884. 



One child by first husband: 

1608 i David EarP Miner, b. 10 Aug., 1871; m. Alice Kimball, 28 
Oct., 1893. 


Joseph Lord'* Dexter, son of Moses'' [Benjamin®, Benjamin^, 
SamueP, Benjamin^, William-, Thomas^] and Persis [Lord] 
Dextei", was born in Orange, Mass., 7 Jan., 1839. His early 


life was spent in his native town on the farm at home, and 
learning the carpenter's trade of Deacon Howe. He was 
married to Sarah Jane Wood, 7 Oct., 1858, and they have 
had four children, Frank Edward, Fred Abbott, Mabel L. 
and Louise. He removed to Athol, Mass., about 1864 or '65, 
and for over thirty years was the leading builder and con- 
tractor of that town, and some of Athol's finest residences 
are the work of his hand and brain, and it has been said of 
him that he never erected a poor building. 


He was a Republican in politics and intelligently inter- 
ested in public affairs. He was a member of Tuily Lodge 
of Odd Fellows. His health had not been good the last few 
years of his life, and he had retired from active work. 

His death was caused by drowning 28 Feb., 1902, and the 
only cause that can be given is a genei'al despondency over 
his ill health. He leaves a good name, and the sad circum- 
stance of his departure from this life casts no reflections 
on his character or spirit. 

Four children : 

1609* i Frank E.» Dexter, b. 25 Dec, 1859; m. Cora H. Lee, 15 Aug., 

1610* ii Fred. A.» Dexter, b. 17 Oct., 1862; m. Flora L. Putnam, 26 

Oct., 1884. 
1611* iii Mabel L.'' Dexter, b. 3 June, 1865; m. Arthur A. Prentiss. 
1612 iv Nettie L.» Dexter, b. 13 Jan., 1869; d. 8 Aug., 1869. 

Everett Augustus'^ Dexter, eldest child of David"^ [Benjamin®, 
Benjamin^, Samuel^ Benjamin^, William^, Thomas^] and 
Maria ["Hubbard] Dexter, was born 3 Aug., 1836, in Orange, 
Mass., and was a small child when his parents settled at 
Black River. He attended the public school of that village, 
and his father planned to send him to college. The son. how- 
ever, preferred a business career, and was permitted to begin 
at an early age to work in the chair factory of his father. 
He worked his way through all departments of the work and 
was master of every detail. He became partner with his 
father in 1864, and succeeded to the sole ownership in 1880. 
Soon after this he admitted his brother, David Erwin Dex- 
ter, to partnership, and the business was conducted under 
the name of David Dexter 's Sons. On account of failing 
health Everett Dexter went to Colorado in 1889, and 
remained there three years. Returning to Black River, he 
passed away at his home there, 12 March, 1893. 

A man of domestic tastes, Mr. Dexter preferred his home 
to the market place, and he shunned public office, though a 



public-spirited citizen, and was widely respected as a thor- 
oughly upright man. He was a believer in the principles 
of the Republican party, and sustained them with his in- 
fluence at all times. He was a regular attendant of the local 


S/r^^/t ^2< 


church, in whicli he was a trustee, and was a member of 
Watertown Lodge, No. 49, Free and Accepted Masons. 

A sound and incorruptible business man, he never lost the 
respect and esteem of his contemporaries. Mr. Dexter was 


married to Miss Martha Oakes, Oct. 8, 1864, who was bom 
May 18, 1840, at Antwerp, Jefferson County, a daughter of 
George and Martha ( Green )Choate Oakes. The last named 
was a descendant of Robert and Sarah Choate, whose son, 
John Choate, was a pioneer settler of New England. The 
only child of Everett A. and Martha (Oakes) Dexter is 
Carolyn Martha, who was born in Bhiek Hiver. She is a 
graduate of tlie Watertown High School, and of the Oswego 
Normal School. She is now a kindergarten teacher in New 
York, residing with her mother in Jamaica, Long Island. 

The esteem in which Mr. Dexter was held in the commun- 
ity is shown by the following extracts from an obituary 
published in the Watertown Times, and the resolutions 
adopted by his Masonic lodge, namely: "In 1839, when 
about three years of age, the subject of this sketch came with 
his parents from Massachusetts to Black River, which he has 
seen grow from a small hamlet to a thriving manufacturing 
town. To this growth and to all that tended to the improve- 
ment of the village and its inhabitants, Mr. Dexter was al- 
ways ready to extend both moral and financial aid. " . . . 
^' Among the scores of employees in the factory, many of 
whom had Marked there a score of yeare, Mr. Dexter was 
uniformly loved and respected." 

"A kind husband and father, a considerate employer, an 
upright business man and a public-spirited citizen, Mr. Dex- 
ter 's death will be more widely felt than that of any other 
resident of the village who has passed away. ' ' 

"Whereas, our earthly lodge has thus lost one who was 
dear to us, as a true and worthy friend, a.ssociate and 
. brother, and the grand lodge above has gained another 
bright, immortal soul, therefore be it, 

"Resolved, that our lodge be draped in the usual mourn- 
ing, that a page in this book of minutes be set apart to per- 
petuate his name and memory, that these preambles and 
resolutions be published in the Daily Times, and that a 
copy thereof be transmitted to the sorrowing relatives, and 
that while we mourn for one whom we dearly loved, and 
tender to the bereaved ones our deep and sincere sympathy 


in this hour of their affliction, we humbly, devoutly and 
reverently bow to the inevitable laws of our Supreme Grand 
Master above, who doeth all things well. ' ' 

One child : 
1613 i Carrie M." Dexter, b. 20 July, 1877. 


David Erwin'' Dexter, son of David' [Benjamin^, Benjamin^, 
SamueP, Benjamin^ William^, Thomas^] and Maria [Hub- 
bard] Dexter, was born 8 Feb., 1849, at Black River, N. Y. 
He married INTary D. Pierce, 10 May, 1870. She was born 
30 Sept., 1849. 


Henry Clay' Dexter, eldest son of Simeon'' [Benjamin^, Benja- 
min^ Samuel*, Benjamin^, William-, Thomas^] and Maria 
[Hardy] Dexter was born 4 May, 1858, in Black River, N.Y., 
and received most of his education in the Watertown 
public schools, and at Potsdam Normal School. In 1882 he 
entered the employ of Poor, Dexter & Co., chair manufactur- 
ers at Black River. His brother Charles was a partner in 
this business, and the share of the management, on account 
of Charles' failing health, soon evolved on him. On March 
4, 1884, he became a partner in the firm, and a year later, 
he and Charles bought out the other partners, Christopher 
Poor and Charles Wolf, and at once joined with the owners 
of a factory and water power on the north side of the river, 
D. Hubbard Scott and Byron N. Scott, and immediately 
moved their ANoodworking department into this shop. After 
one year, the Dexter l)rothers bought out the other two and 
continued tli(^ business of chair-making alone, under the 
name of Dexter & Co. After the death of Charles, the 
name was made H. C. Dexter Chair Co., under which title 
it was incorporated in 1890. On the 24th of November, 
1894, the sho]i, which stood on the present site of the Union 
School building, was desti'oyed by fire. A new building 



was erected on the north side of the river, and this was 
burned Feb. 17, 1900. It was immediately rebuilt on a 
larger scale than before, and is now the scene of busy activ- 
ity. A small part of the product is exported, but the 
larger portion is sent to the large cities, such as New York, 
Philadelphia, Boston and Pittsburg. 

Mr. Dexter is ah active member of the Methodist Church,. 


having long been Chairman, of the Board of Stewards and 
President of the Trustees. He has always fostered the public 
school system, and has had a large intinence in the improve- 
ment of the schools of his native village. Soon after his 
election as school trustee in 1892, he began an agitation of 
the plan of consolidation of school districts, on opposite 
sides of the river and in separate towns, and this was 
brought about in 189:3. This was a stepping-stone toward 
the incorporation of the village, lying in two separate to^vnSy 


and larg-ely through the influence of Mr. Dexter this was 
consummated. Believing that his business holds the most 
important demand upon his time, he avoids public office, but 
has served as water commissioner of the village. He is a 
successful business man and a well-wisher toward all the 

Mr. Dexter was married 21 Jan., 1885, to Clara L. Tis- 
dale, daughter of Rev. William and Eunice Louise (More- 
house) Tisdale, the latter now deceased. Mr. Tisdale is a 
member of the Central New York Methodist Conference, and 
has been stationed at various points in this section, according 
to the system of his church. He is of an old Canadian 
family, and one of his brothers has been many years a mem- 
ber of the Dominion Parliament, having formerly been a 
member of the Governor-General's Cabinet. Mrs. Tisdale 
was a daughter of Somers ]\Iorehouse, of Mexico, Oswego 
County, New York. 

The children of Henry C. and Clara L. Dexter are : 

1614 i Fanny Eunice' Dexter, b. 10 June, 1887. 

1615 ii William Charles' Dexter, b. 18 March, 1891. 

1616 iii Dorothy May" Dexter, b. 11 Sept., 1895; d. 28 April, 1896. 

1617 iv Marion Louise" Dexter, b. 26 March, 1902. 


Charles Phineas^ Dexter, second son of Simeon'' [Benjamin®, 
Benjamin^, SamueP, Benjamin^ William^, Thomas^] and 
Maria [Hardy] Dexter, was born 2 Sept., 1860, at Black 
River, and graduated from the Watertown High School in 
1878. Pie taught school two years in Rutland and Leray, 
and in 1881 joined Charles Wolf in the purchase of the in- 
terest of David K. Dexter in the chair manufacturing busi- 
ness of Poor & Dexter. The business was then continued 
under the title of Poor, Dexter & Co., and Charles P. Dex- 
ter continued to be an owner, under various titles, until his 
death, 3 jNlay, ^886. As above related, he became joint 
owner with his elder brother of the entire plant in 1884. He 



possessed a rare capacity for business, and instituted systems 
of business management which are still in use by his success- 
ors. Like his father, he liad a strong grasp of details, and 
would have attained a high position in the business world, 
without doubt, had his life continued to the allotted time. 
His close ai)i)lieation to ])usiii('ss uiulcniiiiicd his health, and 
he began to shift some of liis cares to his hi'other by 1883. 
During the summer of the followiuu' \('ai" he remained in a 


sanitarium at Dansville, X. Y.. and in the autumn went to 
San Antonio, Texas. After remaining- there a year, he went 
to the highest altitude on the Southei-n l^acific Railroad, at 
San Gorvonio. Cal., whei'c his life jtasscd out on the date 
above named. lie became a member of the ^lethodist 
Church early in life, and while in Texas affiliated with the 
Methodist Church South. He was small of stature, but 
great in soul and mind, and had a most cheerful disposi- 
tion. Though he must have felt that death was near during 


his last years, he never complained and kept up a happy 
frame of mind. Fond of anecdote, he was a capital story- 
teller, and aided much in the cheer of any society in which 
he was placed. His death was a loss to the business com- 
munity and to the life of his native place, both social and 

The following- tribute was written by Professor W. K. 
Wickes, former principal of Watertown High School, and 
at present principal of the Syracuse (N. Y.) High School: 

' ' Charles Dexter, or ' Charlie, ' as he was familiarly called^ 
was an interesting study to students of human nature. 
The wi'iter kncAv him — knew him well — at that period of 
his life when his character was most rapidly forming and 
his mind was most active. Rarely are the 'elements' which 
go to make up a 'man' mixed in such strange proportions 
as in him ; never have they better blended to form a manly 
character. No over-zealous critics, alert to find flaws in poor 
human nature, could truthfully tax this young man with 
the possession and exercise of a mean trait of character. On 
the contrary, friend and foe — if foe, indeed, he had — would 
acknowledge the existence in him, and that, too, in the most 
marked degree and unalloyed kind, of the best, most at- 
tractive traits of human nature. I know not how better to 
define his character than by saying that he was a young man 
of generous uprightness. And that, it seems to me, means 
much. For it implies that while he was good, he was not 
selfishly so, as some good men have, alas, been known to be. 
It means, moreover, that the generasity which was so char- 
acteristic of him was not simply the benevolent impulse of 
an unjudging heart, but was dominated and controlled by 
such thoughtful action of the mind as insured the morality 
and uprightness of that generosity. Indeed, the traits of this 
young man's mind were in a very true and real sense insepar- 
able from those of his heart. How clear, keen and right judg- 
ing the operations of his mind were ! Who that ever saw and 
heard him in the fervor of debate will not say 'true' to this? 
And when the question was one in which both his feelings 
and his powers were interested, how admirable his argument ; 



and how perfectly niii(|ue his manner of illustration and ex- 

"But this generous heart and clear mind were lodged in a 
slight physical frame-work, which early gave way to the fell 
power of disease. He died far from home and friends, and yet 
had so endeared himself to strangers that they tenderly prof- 
ferred to him all aid in their power. It was little, however, 
that they could do. Yet, there can be no doiiht that he was 
'sustained and soothed by an unfaltering trust,' and so 
realized, though far from home, the truth of that beautiful 
old saying, 'The way to heaven is the same out of all 
places.' '' 



Fanny Sarah' Dexter, daughter of Simon^ [Benjamin^ Benja- 

min^ SamueP, Benjamin^ William^, Thomas' ] and Maria 

[Hardy] Dexter, was born at Black River, N. Y., 4 Oct., 


1862, and died at Black River, 12 Feb., 1885. Her 
early life she spent at Black River, attending the local 
schools. In 1870, when her people moved to Watertown, she 
went with them and entered the city schools and graduated 
from the High School in 1881. After a year's rest she at- 
tended the Mount Holyoke Seminaiy one year. The remain- 
der of her life she spent with her parents at Black River. 


Orrin B.- Ramsey, son of Betsey'^ [Benjamin^, Benjamin^, 
SamueP, Benjamin^, William^ Thomas^] Dexter and 
Luther Ramsey of Orange, was born 24 May, 1848, and 
married Sarah E. Booth, 28 Nov., 1868. 

Four children : 

1618 i Mary Augusta' Eamsey, b. 12 Nov., 1869. 

1619 ii Lillian Jane" Ramsey, b. 28 Aug., 1871. 

1620 iii Orrin Walter' Eamsey, b. 1 Nov., 1876. 

1621 iv Maud Evelyn" Eamsey, b. 6 Sept., 1887. 


Horace Hartwell- Ramsey, son of Betsey' [Benjamin^, Benja- 
min% SamueP, Benjamin^, William^, Thomas^] Dexter and 
Luther Ramsey, was bom 25 June, 1857. He married Lil- 
lian Clark, 29 Feb., 1880, daughter of William S. and Pallas 
E. (Woodard) Clark. She was born 30 Sept., 1859. He 
was for a long time connected with his father in the under- 
taking business, and since his father's decease he has car- 
ried on the business alone. 

Four children : 

1622 i Camilla Euth' Eamsey, b. 20 Jan., 1884. 

1623 ii Geneva Isadore' Eamsey, b. 22 May, 1887. 

1624 iii Allan Clark' Eamsey, b. 24 March, 1890. 

1625 iv Marion Olive' Eamsey, b. 3 June,* 1892. 





Herman Francis' Dexter, son of Samuel Stillman^ [Benjamin^ 
Benjamin'', Samuel^ Benjamin^ William', Thomas'] and 
Maria C. [DeAvey] Dexter, was born at Orange, Mass., 13 
Oct., 1858. He was educated in the public schools of that 
town, graduating from the high school in 1877. 

In 1878 he went to San P>aneisco, CaL, and entered the 
employ of Dewey & Co., publishers of the Mining and Sci- 
entific Press, and the Pacific Eural Press, where in 
time he became cashier and office manager, a position which 


he has held continuously for many years. He is also secre- 
tary and one of the directors of the Dewey Publishing Co., 
a corporation organized in 1891, to succeed the firm of 

Dewey & Co. 

He was married in San Francisco, Cal., Jan. 7th, 1884, to 
Ella B. Browning, a native of that city, and daughter of 
Jacob and Zeruah Browning. He now (1905) resides in 
Alameda, Cal., a suburb of San Francisco, to which place he 
removed in 1889. In religion he is a Congregationalist, 
being a member of the First Congregational Church of Al- 
ameda, Cal. He has served continuously on the Board of 
Trustees of that church since 1891, and has been superin- 
tendent of the Sunday school during most of the same time. 

Children : 

1626 i Euey* Dexter, b. in San Francisco, Cal., 26 June, 1887. 

1627 ii Browning Dewey' Dexter, b. in San Francisco, Cal., 13 Dec, 


1628 iii Philip Lee» Dexter, b. in Alameda, Cal., 22 Feb., 1896. 

1629 iv Harold' Dexter, b. in Alameda, Cal., 9 Sept., 1897. 


Caroline Mary« Dexter, daughter of Samuel Stillman^ [Benja- 
min«, Benjamin^ SamueP, Benjamin^ William^, Thomas^] 
and Maria [Dewey] Dexter, was bom 5 Sept., 1860. She 
married Martin W. Mayo. 

Two children: 

16S0 i Ella Caroline' Mayo, b. Sept., 1886. 

1631 ii Helen' Mayo, b. Nov., 1887; d. 1888. 


Edward Mansfield' Dexter, son of Samuel Stillman' [Benja- 
min«, Benjamin^ SamueP, Benjamin^ William^, Thomas^] 
and Maria C. [Dewey] Dexter, was bom at Orange, Mass., 


2 Oct., 1864. He was educated in the public schools, and 
graduated from the high school as valedictorian of the class 
of 1882. For a time he assisted his father in his work as a 
civil engineer. The succeeding two and one half years were 
passed in the employ of the New Home Sewing Machine Co. 
He was a carpet salesman in the dry goods store of M. E. 
Cowan for a year. In 1885 he went to Black River, N. Y., 
where for thirteen years he wa^ manager bookkeeper for 
the H. C. Dexter Chair Co. In politics he is a loyal Re- 
publican, and at the time of the election of President McKin- 
ley to his first term of office, was President of the Republi- 
can Club. After the village of Black River Avas incorpora- 
ted, he was elected village clerk, which office he held for 
several years. He married N. Gertrude Boyce, 18 July, 
1888, at Orange, Mass. She was the daughter of Alaric and 
Amanda (Whitney) Boyce. 

He moved in 1897 to Hartford, Conn., to take charge of 
the office of E. G. Whittelsey & Co., a wholesale house dealing 
in flour, butter, cheese, etc. He is now living in Hartford. 
He and his family are active members of the Fourth Con- 
gregational Church. He is much interested in its work, 
having been a deacon, and is now a trustee and first vice- 
president of its large chorus choir. He is faithful to every 
obligation. That he has the entire confidence and high es- 
teem of his employers is evidenced by the tnisted positions 
he has so long held. 

One child : 

1632 i Eaymond Henry-' Dexter, b. at Black River, N. Y., 28 March, 


Maurice Lynde« Dexter, son of Samuel Stillman" [Benjamin^, 
Benjamin^ SamueP, Benjamin^, William^, Thomas^] and 
Maria [Dewey] Dexter, was bom -3 May, 1869, at Orange, 
Mass. On that morning the ground was covered with two 
or three inches of snow. Under the parlor window of the 


house iu which the subject of this sketch was born, there 
was a flower bed bordered with dwarf fleur-de-lis in bloom. 
The line of blue flowers and green-leaf points lay on the 
snow like a rift of sky in a summer cloud. 

In his boyhood Mr. Dexter attended the graded and high 

schools of Orange, and assisted his father in his farm work, 

lumbering and civil engineering. During these early years, 

he acquired a practical knowledge in these lines of business 

'which was of much use in later life. 

After leaving school, he was employed for a time in the 
factory of the New Home Sewing Machine Co. He then 
engaged in business for himself as a farmer and milk dealer, 
also carrying on trade in wood and lumber. 

Mr. Dexter is in religion a Congregationalist, and in poli- 
tics a Republican. He also belongs to the society of Odd 
Fellows and has held the office of Treasurer of the local lodge 
for several years. He married Martha Stella Foskett in 
1888. She was the daughter of a prosperous farmer. Four 
children born in Orange have come to bless the home, one of 
whom has passed on to the heavenly home, and so the snow 
storms and spring blossoms of life are mingling all the way. 

. Four children : •- 

1633 i Albert Maurice' Dexter, b. 6 June, 1889. 

1634 ii Gladys Maria" Dexter, b. 12 Feb., 1891. 

1635 iii Eolancl Foskett" Dexter, b. 18 May, 1893; d. in Orange, 4 

Aug., 189.5. 

1636 iv Bernard Leon" Dexter, h. 31 Oct., 1896. 


George Edward^ Dexter, son of George W.^ [Benjamin^, Benja- 
min», SannieP, Benjamin', Willianr, Thomas^] and F. Ar- 
villa [Fry] Dexter, was l)nrn 26 Dec, 1857. He married 
Minnie Emmelin Graves, 24 Oct., 1878. She was born at 
Orange, 25 March, 1860. 



;#l "'i^- 

-i • ■ ■;> 




Three children 



i Arthur Job" Dexter, b. 24 Jan., 1880; m. Annie Stewart, 14 
Oct., 1900. Three children: Margaret, b. 16 Sept., 1901; 
Marion, b. 16 Sci>t., 1001; Davis, b. 28 Nov., 1903. 

11 George Augustus'' Dexter, b. 20 Jan., 1882. 

iil Lyna" Dexter, b. 19 Nov., 1887. 


Herbert Eugene'^ Dexter, son of Geortie W.'' [Benjamin*, Ben- 
,iamin^ Samnel\ Benjamin^ William-, Thomas^ and F. Ar- 
villa [Fry] Dexter, was born Feb., b'^fif). He married Tiia 
M. Dow, 27 Nov., 1884. 


One child: 

i Edna May'' Dexter, 1). .') April, 1886; m. G. Harry .Tolmson, 31 
Oct., 1903. One son: Ealj^h Edward .Johnson, b. 4 .Tune, 1904. 



Mary Lizzie^ Dexter, daughter of George W.^ [Benjamin^ Ben- 
jamin^ SamueP, Benjamin^ William^, Thomas^] and F. Ar- 
villa [Fry] Dexter, was born 19 Nov., 1869. She married 
Israel Newton, 19 Oct., 1892. She was secretary of the Dex- 
ter Family Reunion Association. 

One child : . . 

1641 i Grace May' Newton, b. 7 July, 1893. 


Nelson Dexter« Davis, son of Dexter^ [Lucy«, Benjamin^ Sam- 
uel*, Benjamin^, William^, Thomas^ Dexter] and Emily 
[Holden] Davis, was born 20 Sept., 1829, at Orange, Mass. 
He married (1) Adelaide M. Wescott, 26 Oct., 1852. She 
was born 27 Sept., 1835, and died 23 Jan., 1863. He mar- 
ried (2) Julia E. Baker, 11 Feb., 1864. She was born 31 
. March, 1837, the daughter of Bennet and Abigail (Miller) 

He came to Caton with his father in 1842, who located 
at the place called ' ' Pail Factory place, ' ' in 1847. He went 
into the gTOcery business with his father, and continued until 
1852, when he bought the farm of sixty-five acres where he 
now lives and where he was married. He added to it until 
now it contains two hundred and thirty-three acres. He 
follows general farming and makes a specialty of breeding 
horses. He belonged to the Methodist Church, and was 
chiefly responsible for the building of the new church in 
1866. He has held several town offices. 

Four children by first wife, two by second wife : 

1642 i Horace D.'' Davis, b. 7 Jan., 1854; m. 18 April, 1875, Mar- 

garet Eoe, dau. of Daniel B. and Margaret (Frauderhoff) 

1643* ii Henry L." Davis, b. 20 Ang., 1856; d. 1900; m. Phebe M. 
White, 18 Jan., 1877; she died in 1901. 


1644 iii Charles H." Davis, b. 4 Nov., 1858; a. 21 Aug., 1896. 

1645 iv Edgar M." Davis, b. 24 Nov., 1860. Is a dentist in Waverley. 

1646 V Louis B." Davis, b. 8 Oct., 186G; d. 7 Oct., 1867. 
1647* vi Emma A." Davis, b. 8 June, 1868. 


Erastus Andrew^ Davis, son of Norris'^ [Lucy^, Benjamin", Sam- 
uel'*, Benjamin^, William^, Thomas^ Dexter] and Lucy Ann 
[Howard] Davis, was born 25 Nov., 1832. He married 
Mary T. Harrison, daughter of Jessie Harrison. 

Six children : 

1648 i Cornelius H.^ Davis, b. 26 July, 18.57; m. Emma T. Sliowatter, 

1880. Four children. 

1649 ii Mary Addie' Davis, b. 16 Nov., 1861 ; d. 11 April, 1870. 

1650 iii Jennie Mary" Davis, b. 19 Dec, 1863; d. 10 Ajjril, 1870. 

1651 iv Nelson Non-is'' Davis, b. 11 Aug., 1866; m. Margaret M. Hud- 

son, 1889. Five children. 

1652 V Willie" Davis, b. 6 Dec, 1870; d. 15 Dec, 1870. 

1653 vi Wilber W.» Davis, b. 26 March, 1872; m. Clara A. Southard, 

1893. One child. 


Cynthia Ann^ Davis, daup^hter of Norris'^ [Lucy^, Benjamin^, 
Samuel*, Benjamin^, William^, Thomas^ Dexter] and Lucy 
Ann [Howard] Davis, was born 4 July, 1837. She married 
Edward French, 4 July, 1860. 

Six children : 

1654 i Charles B." French, b. 30 June, 1862. 

1655 ii Melvin L.» French, b. 17 Oct., 1863. 

1656 iii Clarence C." French, b. 4 March, 1866. 

1657 iv Josephine A." French, 4 March, 1868. 

1658 V Marcus" French, b. 16 Sept., 1871. 

1659 vi Ida M." French, 16 March, 1875. 




Abbie Louise^ Warden, daughter of Narcissa^ [Ll^cy^ Benja- 
min^ SamueP, Benjaniiir\ Willianr, Thomas^ Dexter] and 
John Warden, was born 7 Jan., 1840, at Worcester, Mass. 
She received her education in the public schools of that city, 
residing' at home until 10 Oct., 1860, when she married 
Charles Hudson Carpenter. He was the son of Seba and 
Melinda Carpenter of Douglas. He was born 4 Oct., 1839. 
' He came to Worcester when a boy and received his edu- 
cation in the public schools. He entered the employment of 
Henry 0. Clark, in the fancy dry goods business. Later the 
business was conducted by Martin Stowe. He then entered 
the dry goods store of Josiah H. Clarke, where he remained 
a clerk until he entered the firm in 1882. In 1896 he with 
two others succeeded J. H. Clarke Co. under the firm name 
of Johnson, Carpenter & Co. 

He early identified himself with the Methodist Church on 
Park Street, and when Grace Church was formed in 1870, he 
became one of the first Official Board of that church. He served 




continuously froiii then until ISD!) as steward or trustee. 
He has been Iiouoi-imI by nearly every office within the gift 
of the church and Sunday-school. He was one of the origi- 
nal members of the Y. M. C. A. He is alife member of Wor- 
cester County ]\Iechanics Association, a member of ^Tonta- 
cute Lodge of Free and Accepted ]\Tasons, also a member of 
the Worcester Board of Trade. He is a Republican in 
politics. They had one daughter, ]\Iinniola Louisa^ Carpen- 
ter, born 6 July, 1865; d. 15 June, 1884. In 1890 they 
adopted a girl, and named her Lillian Gertrude Carpenter; 
she was Inn-n 17 Nov., 1886. and died 1904. 

Mrs. Carpenter also took an active part in Grace Church, 
having held the office of President of the Ladies' Social Cir- 
cle, District Secretary of the Missionary Society, President 
of the Foreign Missionary Society of that church. 

Children : 

1660 i Minniola Louisa" Carpenter, b. 6 .Tuly, ISfio; d. 15 June, 1884. 

1661 ii Lillian Gertrude" Carpenter (adopfed), b. 17 Nov., 1886; d. 










(Taken in 1^80.) 


John Davis^ Warden, son of Narcissa'' [Lucy*', Benjamin^, Sam- 
ueP, Benjamin^ William', Thomas^ Dexter] and John War- 
den, was born 3 Dee., 1844, at Worcester. He was educated 
in the public schools, and learned the machinist's trade. 
From 1867 to 1870 he was instructor in the Worcester Poly- 
technic Institute. From 1871-72 he was in the employ of 
the company that built the bio- bridge at St. Louis. IMo. 
From 1873-76 he was in the freestone business in Fall 
River, Mass., and 1877-84 in the crockery business witli his 
brother in Worcester, Mass. In 1886 he returned to Fall 
River, where he remained many years, and acquired con- 
siderable real estate. He was a mechanical expert, and 
worked out several inventions. He was a member of the 
Methodist Church, and a Republican in politics. He married 
Sarah L. Nichols, 26 ]\Iareh. 1874. She wa.s the daughter of 
Lafavette Nichols of Fall River. 

Two children : 


i Frederick Albert' Warden, b. 24 April, 1875; m. Emma B.Gerry, 
4 Nov., 1896. 
1663 ii Abbie Nichols' Warden, b. 24 Feb., 1878. 




William A.' Warden, yoimgest son of Narcissa^ [Lllcy^ Benja- 
minS Samuel^ Benjamin^ William-, Thomas^ Dexter] Davis 
and John Warden, was born 2 March, 1852, at Worcester, 
Mass., and was edncated in the public schools of his native 
city. He left school, however, at the age of 16, and 
learned the cabinet-maker's trade. In 1872, at the age of 
• 20, he went into the lousiness of manufacturing i)icture 
frames, in company with George Nolen. This partnership 
lasted until 1877, when in company with his brother, John D. 
Warden, he opened a wholesale and retail crockery and glass- 
ware establishment under the firm name of Warden Bros. 
This business was sold out in 1884, when he went into the 
real estate business with Willis F. Phelps, the firm name 
being Warden & Phelps. This business was more congenial 
to his taste. The firm had under their control several large 
estates, in addition to doing a regular brokerage business, 
and in 1889 they added to their business the buying and 
developing large tracts of suburban property. In this they 



were quite successful, aud some of the beautiful suburbs of 
Worcester owe their origin to this firuL Scores of beautiful 
houses have been built by this firm, and sold to people desir- 
ing suburlian homes. 

Mr. Warden was often consulted in regard to value of real 
estate, and has acted as expert witness in many real estate 
cases in court. His services were often secured in apprais- 
ing property for probate purposes, and in settling estates. 
He has acted as conveyancer in a great many cases. He held 
commission as justice of the peace, and notary public, under 
Governors Robinson, Ames, Brackett, Russell, Greenhalge, 
Woleott, Crane, Bates and Douglas. 

In politics he was always a Republican, and took an active 
interest in all such matters. He was a member of the ward 
and city connnittee of that party foi- many years, and was 
inspector of election several terms. He was interested in 
the no-license campaign, and was treasurer of both city and 
county committees. His interest in i)olitics led him to 
attend as a visitor the great national conventions of the 
Republican ])arty at Chicago, in 18SS, and at Minneapolis, 


in 1892. He joined the Sunday-school of the Park Street 
M. E. Church in 1857, and when that church was sold in 
1870, he went with the rest to Trinity M. E. Church, and 
became Secretary and assistant superintendent of the Sunday- 
school. He joined the church in 1877, and was an active 
member of all the young people's societies. He was Presi- 
dent of the Literary Society, a member of the Official Board 
of the church for many years, holding office as steward and 
trustee. He was on the Finance Committee, assistant treas- 
urer, member of the Pulpit Supply and Church Repair Com- 
mittee. In 1896, when the church was repaired and redeco- 
rated, he was chairman of the Decorating Committee. He 
also had charge of extensive repairs of church in 1905. He 
twice represented his church at the Lay Electoral Confer- 
ence, and in 1900 was elected a reserve delegate to the Gen- 
eral Conference of the M. E. Church, held at Chicago, 111. 
He attended the conference, but was not seated, as his prin- 
cipal was in attendance. He was Secretaiy for several years 
of the Worcester M. E. City Mission and Church Extension 
Society. He was Secretary of the Twentieth Century Thank- 
Offering commissions from 1899-1901, under whose auspices 
the church debt of Trinity Church was raised, and was a 
member of the committee that arranged for the celebration 
of that event. When the religious census of the city of Wor- 
cester was taken in 1903, he was a member of the Executive 
Committee and formulated the 'plan which was adopted in 
dividing the city into districts, and in tabiTlating the returns, 
whereby the record of 112,000 people was gathered in five 
hours. He was connected with the Knights of Pythias and 
Knights of Malta, a member of Montacute Lodge of Free 
Masons, Eureka Chapter, Hiram Council, and Worcester 
County Commandery of Knights Templars. For four years 
be was Secretary of the Masonic Mutual Relief Association 
of Central Massachusetts. He was a director of the Young 
Men's Christian Association. 

Mr. Warden spent a large part of his winters for many 
years in traveling in the South and California, and in visiting 
all parts of our country and Canada. He was interested in 




genealogical research, and has compiled the records of 
several families. He married Ella Maria Durfee, April 
1876. She was the daughter of Benjamin and Betsey C. 
Durfee, of Fall Elver. She was bom 23 April, 1854, at Fall 

Four children : 

1664* i Florence Durfee" Warden, b. 30 Dec, 1876; m. Miles W. 
Tabor, 16 June, 1903. 

1665 ii William Vincent" Warden, b. 2 Nov., 1883; d. at Victoria, 

B. C, 12 May, 1894; buried at Worcester, Mass. 

1666 iii Charles Franklin" Warden, b. 11 Dec, 1886. 

1667 iv John Emerson" Warden, b.. 25 Sept., 1897. 





A * 


^m. \! 

^ i 

^^^^^k j^^ 





Hri ■*■ 











Edwin F ^ Davis, son of DanieF [Lucy«, Benjamin% SamueP, 
Benjamin^ William-, Thomas^ Dexter] and Kutli [Bates] 
Davis, was born 28 May, 1846. He married Jennie M. Dow 
of Corning in 1870. About the time he became of age, he 
spent some time in Massachusetts, and then was in the mill- 
ing business in Pennsylvania for one or two years. He also 
followed the carpenter's trade about ten years, in Fall Brook 
shops He then followed photography about three years at 
Corning, N. Y., and at that time had the telephone exchange 
in his ^allerv. bv which he became interested in electricity. 
He was afterwards with the Edison Electric Co. during the 
New Orleans Exposition and continued with them for 
several years, after which he went with the Westinghouse 
Co He worked for them about three years contracting and 
establishing plants all over the country. He put in the elec- 
trical plant for the three state prisons in New York, and 
has since had charge of them. 

Two children : 

1668 i Maud .\lfredine" Davis, b. 13 Dec, 1875; ni. Philip Whitlock, 

17 Oct., 1900. Oue son: Kiclaard Alfred Whitlock, b. 22 Oct., 

1669 ii Ruth J." Davis, b. 31 Dec, 1882. 


Lucy E.^ Davis, dauuhtcr .>f DanirF fLucy«, Benjamin^ Sam- 
nelS Ben.iamin^ WiUianr, Thomas^ Dexter] and Ruth 
[Bates] Davis, was born 20 ^lay, 1850, at Caton, N. Y. She 
married (1) John C White, 20 Feb., 1870; he died 7 Oct., 
1872 ; (2) Harvey Wood, 6 Feb., 1878 ; he died 23 Oct., 1898. 
She then went back to the home of her parents and assisted 
them caring foi- her father in his last sickness, and after his 
decease, taking care of her mother during her long illness. 




One child by first husljaiid: 
1670* i Effie Davis'' White, b. 10 Dec, 1870. 


Mary E.^ Davis, daiig'hter of Daniel' ILuey'', Benjamin^, Sam- 
ueP, Benjamin^ William-, Thomas' Dexter] and Ruth 
[Bates] Davis, was ])oi'n 11 Xov.. 1852. She married Frank 
TT. Dow, 15 Sept., 1875. They lived on their farm neai- the 
Davis homestead at Caton, X. Y. Mr. Dcnv takes an active 
interest in the work of the (li-anue. 

Two ehildix^n : 

1671 i Harry S." Dow, b. 9 Awg., 1878. 

1671A ii Jessie Kuth" Dow, b. 13 May, 1885. 




Henry D.^ Barber, son of Lncy A.' [Lucy^ Benjamin^ Samuel^ 
Benjamin% William-, Thomas^ Dexter] and Reuel Barber, 
was born 13 Oct., 1841, at AVorcester, Mass. He Avas edu- 
cated at the public schools of the city and at Wilbraham 
Academy. He was employed in the office of the Register of 
Deeds at the Court House. In 1861 he enlisted as a private 


in the 31st Regiment, ]\Iassachusetts Volunteers, and was 
mustered out of service as a First Lieutenant at IMobile, Al- 
abama, in September, 1865. During a portion of his ser- 
vice, he was on the staff of Brevet IMajor General Thomas J. 
Lucas of Indiana. 

]\Ir. Barber was for many years treasurer of the ]Maynard- 
Gough Co., printers, of Worcester, ]\Iass. He was a member 
of Grace ^I. E. Church, and afterwards transferred his mem- 
bership to Trinity M. E. Church. He was a class leader and 


Sunday-school snperinteiKlcnt in both Grace and Trinity 
chnrches. He was many years a teacher in the Sunday- 
school, and at one lime was I'resident of the Y. M. C. A. of 
Worcester. He married He[)hzil)ah'' Dexter, 10 June, 1867. 
She- was the daughter of Aniasa^ Dexter of Orange. 

One child : 

1672 i Harry EeueP Barber, b. (J Sept., 1872. 


Georgianna' Davis, dauL-htei- of Sylvester" [Luey"'. Benjamin^ 
SamueH, Benjamin^ AVillijim-. Gliomas' Dexter] and Cath- 
erine [Johnson] Davis, was l)()i-n 2 -lune, 1846. She married 
Albert Rice of Barre. lie was a slioe manufacturer. 

Two children : ' ' 

1673 i Marion D." Eice, b. ; m. (1) .Julian Clevelaud; (2) 

George Pratt. Two chililrcn: Willie, Florence. 

1674 li .Tnhn Sylvester" Eice, b. ; ni. Kva . 


Alfradina"" Davis, danuliter of Sylveslei-' [Lucy''. P>en.)aniin^', 
SaniueP, Benjamin-', "William-, Thomas^ Dexter] and Cath- 
erine [Johnson] Davis, was boi-n (i Oct., 1849. at Orange, 
where she spent her early ehiUlhood. She taught school at 
Orange and Hubbardston, in Massachusetts, and at Caton in 
Xew York. She married .lames Cray, and moved with him 
to California, where they settled upon a hii-iic ranch near 
Hollister, Santa Clara Co. 

Three children : 

1675 i ^ Bobert'' Gray. b. 2 .Ian.. 1^79. 

1676 ii Catherine" Gray, b. K) March. 1SS3. 

1677 iii Alfraitina" Grav. 1). 6 Nov.. l*5S(i. 


Harriet Elizabeth' Davis, dauglitei" of Sylvester' iLncy«, Ben- 
.iainiif', Sauiuel\ Benjamin', William^, Thomas^ Dexter] and 
Catherine [Johnson] Davis, was born 16 Jan., 1851. Her 
early life was spent on a farm at Orange, Mass. She mar- 
ried Joseph Sargent, 9 IMay. 1871. He was a marble worker, 
carrying on a nionnmental business in Barre, afterwards in 
Gardner, IMass. 

Three ebildreii : 

1678 i William Pliilbrick" Sargent, b. 21 Nov., 1872; m. Jennie 

Frances Andrews, 13 Ang., 1897. Two children: Marguerite 
E. Sargent, b. 27 Dec, 1898; Francis William Sargent, b. 
20 Jan., 1902. 

1679 ii Sylvester Davis" Sargent, b. 10 July, 1876. 

1681 iii Catherine Elizabetlr' Sargent, b. 2.1 April, 1880; ni. Arthur 

Francis O 'Mally, Aug., 1902. 


Jennie Etta' Davis, daughtei- of Sylvester' [Lncy^ Beniamin^ 
SamneP, Benjamin-', William-. Thomas^ Dexter] and Cath- 
erine [Johnson] Davis, was l)()rii 14 IMarch, 1854. She mar- 
ried Edward Everett Washbui'ii. 14 :\Tai"eh. 1872. She lived 
on a farm nntil her marriage, when they moved to Orange, 
where ber husband was connected witb the stove bnsiness. 

One child : 

1682 i Water Hxcrctt" Wiislihurn. b. 2.') .b-ni., 1 S83. 


Sabrina' Walker, daiightci- of Bbebe' | Phebe'', Benjamin''. Sam- 
neb, Benjamin'. William-. Tlutmas' Dexter] and Willard 
Walker, was l)orn 10 .March. 182!). Slie married Amos ^I. 
Lamb of Worcester in 1850. 


Five children : 

1683 i Henry Willaid" Liimb, 1). 30 :krarch, 1852. 

1684 ii Phebe Duella" Lamb, b. at Eoyalston. 

1685 iii Edgar' Lamb, b. Oraiifje. 

1686 iv Edward" Lamb, b. . 

1687 V Walter" Lamli, b. K'oyalston. 


Delina'^ Walker, (hiu.uhter of i'lichc' | I'hehi'''. Ijeujainiii'. Saiii- 
uel^ Benjaniiti'. Williani-. 'i'lioinas' Dexter] ami AVillard 
Walker, was ])()rii ;U Jan.. 18:51. She married .M. M. Lamb. 

Ei<i:ht ehildren : 

1.688 i Bronson P." Ijamb, b. . 

1689 ii Ho^Yard P." Lamb, b. . 

1690 iii Flora D.» Lamb, b. 1856. 

1691 iv William Judson" Lamb, b. 5 May, 1860. 

1692 V John :\L-' Lamb, b. Jan., 1862. 

1693 vi Hattie S.' Lamb, b. . 

1694 vii Mary B." Lamb, b. . 

1695 viii Lillie Bell'' Lamb, b. IS Feb., 1876. 

Harriet^ Walker, daughter of Phehe" [Phebe", Benjamin^ Sam- 
ueP, Benjamin'^ William-. Thomas' Dexter] and Willard 
Walker, was born ;-?0 Dec. IS:!:!. She married OJeorue S. 
Stearns of Warwick. 

Two ehildren : 

1696 i Nellie Etta'' Stearns, b. 5 Auy., 1860; .1. 4 .Mairli, 1891. 

1697 ii Minnie E. L." Stearns, b. Sept., 1S()7. 


Abijah' French, son (»f Priscilla" | Bhelx'''. Benjamin'. Samuel^ 
Benjamin". William-. Thomas^ Dexter] and Richard French, 
was born 22 Nov., 1S2!>. He married Mary .laiic Chase of 
Athol, ]\lass. He died in 1884. 


Three ehilclnMi : 

1698 i Adaline B." Frenc-li, 1). l2() Dec, 1852; d. 1 Aug., 1854. 

1699 ii Etta Lois" French, b. 3 6 June, 1858; d. 19 Sept., 1859. 

1700 iii Bertha Belle" French, b. 3 Ano.. 1866; d. 20 Oct., 1882. 


Maria*^ French, dniiditer of Priscilla' [Phebe^ Benjamin^ Sam- 
neP, Be^.iamin^ William-, Thomas^ Dexter] and Richard 
French, was liorn 15 Dec, 1889. She married Orin Trow 
Lane, 1 April, 1861. ITe was the son of Daniel W. Lane of 

Five children : 

1701 i Lizzie Minnette" Lane, b. 1862; d. 1863. 

1702 ii May Ann' Lane, b. 1865; d. 1885. 

1703 iii Carrie Angnsta" Lane, b. 1871; m. Rowland. Three chil- 


1704 iv Charles Elliott" Lane, b. 1875. 

1705 V Bertha Ahna" Lane, b. 1879. 


Charles H.* French, son of Pi-iseilhv [Phebe^ Benjamin^ Sam- 
neP, Ben.iamin^ AAHlliam^ Thomas^ Dexter] and Richard 
French, was horn at Ora'nire, Nov.. 1846. He married 
(1) Carrie :\I. TTaskall, 1 Jan., 1868: she was the adopted 
dano-hter of INT. Haskall of Ncav Salem. She Avas born 1 
Jan., 1847, and died 28 Oct., 1872. He married (2) Ellen 
Elizabeth Cheney, 11 Jan., 1878; she was the daughter of 
Damon and Elizabeth Cheney of "Warwick ; she Avas born in 

One child by first wife, five by second Avife : 

1706 i Angle 3\r.'' French, b. 1871; m. Horace E. Xewell, 15 March, 

1890. Tfe died suddenly at Clinton. Me., Nov., 1893. One 
sou: Horace Edgar Newell, b. March, 1894. She m. (2) 'Fred 


1707 ii Alice" Freneli, b. 27 Xov., 1S7S; in. Ednmnd :srayo, D.D.S., 

June, 1903. 

1708 iii Belle" French, b. 188S'. 

1709 iv Eichard C." French, b. 1888. 

1710 V Lambert R." French, b. 1889; d. 1891. 

1711 vi Dorothy" French, b. 1896. 


George W.*^ Whitney, son of S^nsaiv [Phebe'"'. l^'iijainin', Sani- 
neP, Benjaniiir. AYilliam-. Tlioiiias^ Dextor] [Tlmrston] and 
Ira Whitney, was l)oi'n 8 .May, 18:^:^, at Orany'e. ^Mass. He 
married Al)nrh Kin?. 18.">7. 

Five children : 

1712 i Eva C." Whitney, b. in Pittsfield. Ohio, 6 Dec, 1860. 

1713 ii Allison G.'' Wliitney, b. ; <L in infancy. 

1714 iii :\ramie G." ^^liitney, b. in Oberlin, Ohio, 8 Ang., 186.5. 

1715 iv Frank" Whitney, b. 15 April, 1868. 

1716 V Eddie S." Whitney, b. 25 .Tan., 1873. 


Nathan H.^ Whitney, son of Rnsan' [Phebe'^. Benjamin'. Sam- 
neP. Benjamin'. AYilliam-. Thomas^ Dexter] [Thurston] and 
Ira AYhitney. was l)orn 9 Feb.. 1885. He married Henrietta 
Tucker. 25 Jan., 1868, in Camden, Ohio. She was born 25 
JaiL, 1885. 

Three chiklren : , 

1717 i Sullivan" Wliitney, b. : d. in Pittsfield, Ohio. 

1718 ii Willie" Whitney, b. 10 Oct., 1S6S. 

1719 iii :vrand E." Whilney, b. 21 Feb., 1872. 


Levi J.^ Whitney, son of Susan' !^Phel>e''. P)enjau^in^ SamueP, 
Benjamin^ William-. 'I'homas' Dexter] ['IMiurston] and Ira 
Whitney, Avas. ])orn 1 Xow. 1S8(>. Tie nuii'i'ied ^Nlary W. 


Three children : 

17'20 i Francis G." Whitney, b. ; il. in infancy. 

1721 ii Charles W." Whitney, b. in Oberlin Ohio. 

1722 iii Florence" Wliitney, b. in Oberlin,, 31 May, 1872. 


Mira M.^ Whitney, daughter of Snsaiv | Phebe^ BenjaminS 
Sannicl^ l^eiijaiuin \ William-. M^honias^ Dexter] [Thurston] 
and Ira Whitnry. was born I'J .June 1842. She married 
Henry West, 18(!4 ; he was born Aug., 1842. 


lu'ee children 

1723 i Cliarles S." West, b. 29 May, 1865. 

1724 ii Louis T." West, h. in Oberlin, Ohio, 17 March, 1867. 

1725 iii Hattie A." West. b. in Oberlin, Ohio, 25 Feb., 1870. 


John Levi' Ball, son of Levi Thurston' [Phebe^ Ben.iamin^ Sam- 
uel\ Ben.jandn-', William-. Thomas^ Dexter] Ball and Al- 

mira [Adams] Ball, was born . He married Eudora 


Two children : 

1726 i .lohn Alfred'' Ball. b. . 

1727 ii Eudora Adaline" Ball, b. . 


Joseph Elijah^ Ball, son of Levi Thurston^ [Phebe^ Ben.iarain-\ 
Samuel^ Benjamin''. Willianr. Thomas^ Dexter] Ball and 
.Mmira Ball, was born ISIL ITe married Blanch A. Cook. 

Two chiklren : 

1728 i Laura Alniira'' Ball, )>. . 

1729 ii Kalph Aljihonso" Ball, b. . 

DEXTKl^ l•\\.MII.^ (il-:XEAl,0(iN . 267 


Albert H.^ Ball, son of ll\,lri' Alley" | IMl."l.("^ B.Mijiiiiiiii'. Rani- 
uel', Bcnjaiiiin ■. William-. Tlioinas' Drxlcr l>all and 

Frances E. AV. | .lolitison | Ball, was Ixifii . I Ic married 

Alice PI Hill. 

Four cliildi-eii : 

1780 i Fay Hill" Rail. 1>. ; m. Bortlia Grij^os. 

1731 ii Ida May'' IJall, li. ; in. .laiucs S. (!rit!in. Oiio t-hikl: George 

Truman Griffin. 

17S'2 iii Aley Haydoir' {'.all. Ii. . 

1783 iv Ruliy .li)sr'|iliiiic'' Ttall. li. . 


Sarah Elizabeth'' Hall, dauulitei" of -loanua' i l*hebe^ Benjamin"'. 
SanuieP. Benjamin''. William-, 'riiomas' Dexter] and Ilonji'h- 
ton TTall, was born G May, 1S.')2, at Tmy. \. '\'.. and died 17 
April. 1897. at llai'dwick. She niai'i-ied AJtVed C. King 
of llardwick-, 1 ()('t., 1S7-"). at ( li'eeiiwich X'illaLic .Mass. 

Five children : 

1734 i .Iciliii Il(iujilit(in'' Kin;^, li. in llaidwirk, '.) .Inly. 1S74; ni. R Jan., 

1903, :\rrs. tlattic .1. h'ollins nC Sacn. .Me. (^ii(> smi : Charles 

Ileriiian Kini;-. U. 23 dan., I!)n4. Tlicy icsidc at (Jreenwicli 

Village. Mass. 
173;" ii Arthur Willard" Kin.-', h. in (In'iMiwii-h, :\Iass., 2 Oct., IS'^0. He 

lives in Woi'cester. 
1736 iii Waltei- Austin" King. Ii. in ( in-cnw i(4i, .Mass., In S('])t., 1SS2; 

ui. 10 dune, 1!lo:i, Winifrecl \\'. Ciay of New Mraintree, ^fass. 

One son: Austin Wiliiain Kiny, li. ;>1 Nfarrdi, 1904. They 

live in Sprinoficdd, Mass. 
1787 iv Sarah ?*raber Kiny. h. in Cnvnwiih, Mass., 31 Mandi, 1SS4. 
1738 V Louis Kart' iNiny, li. in (lreen\\i(4i, Mass., 9 dime. lSS(i. Xow 

resides in I'oston, Mass. 





John Wilson^ Wheeler, son of Wilson^ [BetseyS Benjamln^ 
Saninel\ Benjamin ■•. William-, l^homasi Dexter] and Cath- 
arine IT. [Warden] Wheeler, of Oi'ange, was born at Orange, 
20 Nov., 1832. His early edneational advantages were 
limited to thos(^ afforded l)y the eonnnon schools, which were 
,,,,,.,1 about two months in the winter and kept by men poorly 
paid and often poorly (inalified for their work, and by a few 
terms at Mr. B. AV. Fay's school. Bnt he made good use of 
his opi)ortnnities. and became well fitted for the large school 


of practical affairs in which he li;is Inkcii conspicuous i-auk.' 
Much of his cariy life was passed as a fai-iiicr and carpenter 
and, thou<ih heini;' coiiipclhnl lo accept these positions, 
neither of them was conuenial to liinL ^'et until a better 
opportunity of'fer(>d. lie woi'lced uncoiui)lainiii.uly, but with 
the determination t(» change his vocation at the earliest prac- 
tical moment. In 1855 he entered tlie <>rocery store of 
Joseph Baldwin of Fitchburti, where he worked for $125 
a year and board. His eniiueut business ability, which has 
shown itself in later years, began to show itself in his new oc- 
cupation, and he rapidly rose in the a|)preci;it ion of his em- 
ployer, lie stayed here one year, and al1houi;h offered 
more salary, he returned to his native town aiul entei'ed the 
general store of Daniel Pomeroy, where he I'emained three 
years. In 185!) he succeeded Mr. Pomei-oy in the l)usiness, 
which he conducted through the next three years as sole 
proprietor. During this time, although the financial results 
had not been large, he had succeeded in establishing a i-epu- 
tation as a l)usiness man of aliility ami integrity, and with 
the financial assistauce of D. E. Cheney aiuI M. K. Carpen- 
ter, he was enabled to ])nrchase' the grocery stoi'e of A, J. 
Clark. These gentlemen loaned him $2,000 on his own se- 
curity. He entered" upon his new venture with that detei"- 
mination wdiich has since been so clearly shown in his busi- 
ness enterprises, and conducted it with mark(>d success until 
1867, when he became a member of the fii-m of A. l'\ John- 
son & Co., who had recently starterl, in a small wa.w the uum- 
ufacture of sewing- machines in Orangt>. This new iMiter- 
prise on a wider plan at once afforded him a full sco]>e foi- 
his marvelous energy and ahility, and thei'c was ikhhI of all 
his resources. Ilis cool and careful judgment was a most 
necessary adjunct at thatcxperimcMital stage of the sewing 
machine business. The product was small, and the trouble 
about patents was constantly claiming attention, and it re- 
quired the finest skill and judgment to successfully cari-y the 
business through this trying ])eriod. The style of nuichine 
was several times changed ami tlnall\- the tirm itself was 
changed to a corporation, bearing- the name Cold ]\Iedal Sew- 
ing- Machine Co., and Mr. AYheeler became secretary and 










treasurer. Tl coiiliiiiu'd iiiidci- lliis iii;ina>ieiii('iit until 1SS2. 
when its name was clianued to .\e\v ITonie SeAvin;^' Machine 
Co.. and Mr. Wheelei- became the Vice-president and Treas- 
urer : in 1898 was eU^eted President as well as Treasurer, 
and from the beiiiiniing- he has been the timincial man- 
ager of the entire industry, whether fii-m or coi-poi'ation. 
When the business started they employed about forty men. 
The business has i-apidly increased until now the establish- 
ment employs in the niadiinc and needle de|);ir1 iiient abdul 
seven hiuidred and tifty people, and the daily capacity 
amounts to nearly five hnndi'(M:l maeliines and lifty thousand 
needles. This institution .justly ranks amon.ii' the leading 
and representative industries of western Massachusetts. ^Ir. 
AVlieeler has not only been the active head and manager of 
this large corporation, the duties and details of which are 
very exacting, but he has also found time to interest himself 
in every movement tending to advance the interests of 
Orange. lie is President of the Orange National Bank; 
Leavitt iMachine Co. : Boston ^Mutual Life Insurance Co. ; 
Oregon Securities Co., liead otfice in New York; a 
director of the Athol & Orange Street Kail road, and 
trustee in the Orange Savings Bank. Mr. AVheeler married 
Almira E. Johnson, 9 Oct., 1856; she was the daughter of 
Daniel and Almira (Porter) Johnson of Xortli (Grange. 

^Ir. Wheeler is a social and genial man prominently iden- 
tified with the ^lasonic fraternity. He was one of the found- 
ers of the Orange Lodge, was its first Secretary, and after- 
wards its Treasurer. He is a meml)er of Crescent Txoyal 
Arch Chapter, and for several years its Treasurer, and he is 
also a member of the Orange Connnandery of Knights Tem- 

Politically, Mi-. Wheeler is a Republican, and has ever taken 
an earnest and active interest in the success of his party. 
He has held various positions, always dischai-ging his duties 
with honor to himself and satisfaction to his fellow towns- 
men. He was town clei-k of (Grange from 18(il to 18G7. Li 
1864 he was appointed a justice of the i>eace by Governor 
Andrew. He was selectman in 1866. In 1876 he repiv- 
sented the First Franklin District in the Legislature, serv- 






I1KXTKK [•■\.\III,\' (iKXKALOGV. L'T-'I 

ing Upon the Finance Coniniillcc. In I'^SS. he was a clele- 
^•ate from the Elcvcnili District lo I tic National IJcpublican 
Convention at ('tiicauo wliidi iKHinnati'd llai'i'ison and Mor- 
ton, lie was altciaiati' dclcLiali' to the National JicpuMi- 
can Convention in 1I)I)4 which noininated Roosevelt and 
Fairbanks, and at tiic election the same year was elected li\ 
a lar^e luajoi'ily as a incnilier of the (io\crnor's Coniicil for 
l!)()."), and the followini; year was re-elected to the same hun- 
orahle position. 

]\lr. Wlieeler also tal<es a decided interest in au'ricnlt nral 
affairs, and is ownei' of a heantifnl fai-m iicai' Oi'anue vil- 
lace, called "(irand \'i<'w."" lie is a hreedei- of fine hoi'ses 
and cattle and a Ioxim- of uood stock Licnei'al ly. In ISDl he 
was president of the W'orcestei' .\uiacidl nral and .Mcciianical 
Society of Athol. and in the annual report a lii^h trihute 
M'as paid to him for the enthusiasm and intei'cst he mani- 
fested in the success of the society. .Mr. Wlunder is stronsily 
attached to his nati\'e town, and althoueli liaxiuL;' ti'aveled 
extensively Ihi'onuiioul our country, he al\\ays retuiais tn 
'Orange Avith iuci'eased lo\-c for the heantifnl town and its 

The secret of Mi*. Wheeler's success is due to his tireless 
industry, to his ]>i'omptn(^ss. that nevei- faile(l to meet evei-y 
tinancial ol)liua1ion. howe\cr trivial or however lai-ge: to 
his remarkal)le personal attention to details and to a prohity 
and courage, tempered wit h caution, which ha\e made him sa- 
gacious and successful in a i-emai'kahle dcLiree. ('aulioiisand 
shrewd, a business man of the hi^liest inlcLii-ity and sieiial 
ability, rich in ex]>erieuce. lariie ]ieai'te<l, of ni'eat etuu'uy. 
faithful in all his iclatious. above fear and beyond repi'oach. 
— such ar(» the (pialities which have placed Mi-. Whcelei- in 
the proud jtosition he occupies amoui; the citizens of Fi-auK"- 
lin Count>'. 

17.S0 i :\rarioii \J Wlicclcr. 1). .".l :May, l$.-)7; m. (1) John B. Welch: 

(2) Everett Swan. 

1740 ii Clara Jane" Wlieeier. I.. *^ .Tune. 1S60; <1. .-^l .\us'.. tSfiO. 

1741 iii Eosa A.'' Wheeler. 1). 14 Oct.. lS!(il: d. l>!(in. 

Peroy G. Wheeler. 
Perh'v .1. Wliccl.T. 



Sarah Warden^ Wheeler, daughter of Wilson' lBetsey^ Benja- 
min^ SamueP, Bcnjamiir, William-, Thomas^ Dexter] and 
Catherine H. [W^arden] Wlieeler, was l)()rn 23 Nov., 1834. 
She married Charles Barber of Orange. 10 Feb., 1858. He 
was a wheelwright. He was born 12 Jnne, 1834, and died 
28 July, 1899. 

Four children : 

1742* i Charles Herbert'' Barber, b. S May, 1860. 

174.3 ii Ernest Timothy" Barber, b. 22 March, 1865; d. 14 May, 1869. 

1744 iii .Tames Arthur^ Barber, b. 1 May, 1870; d. 1895; m. Margaret 

E. Jones of New Eockland, Can. 

1745 iv Alice Jane" Barber, b. 1 May, 1870; m. Herbert Kent of 

Eochester, Yt. Two children: Minnie Barber Kent, b. 2 
Aprif, ]S.S9; Vera Alice Kent, b. 9 Nov., 1893. 


Erastus Otis' Wheeler, son of Wilson' [Betsey^ Benjamin^ 
SanmeH. Benjamin^ Willianr, Thomas^ D»-xter] and Cath- 
erine IT. ]AYard('ii] Wheeler, was boi'ii 27 Oct., 1836. 

■ Five children : , 

1746 i Clara Alma" Wiieeler, b. 19 Jan., 1862. 

1747 ii Abbie Gertrude" Wheeler, b. in Northfield, 8 May, 1864; m. 

5 Sept., 1884, Walter P. Maynard of Keene, N. H. Five 

1748 iii Arthur Otis" Wheeler, b. in Northfield, IS Nov., 1866; m. 23 

.Jan., 1889, Mftry Ella Doyle. Two children. 

1749 iv Hattie Warden" Wheeler, b. 27 July, 1872; m. William Leon 

Chamljerlain of Farley, INIass., 1 June, 1892. One child. 

1750 V Herbert Wilson" Wheeler, b. 27 July, 1872; m. Ellen Bertha 

Leonard of Greenfield, 1 March, 1898. Two children. 



Frances Dexter- Wheeler, daiiulitfi- of Wilson' | Betsey''. Ik^ija- 
miir'j SaniiieP. Benjainiii'. AVilliaiii-. TlioDias' Dexter | and 
Catherine H. [Warden] Wheeler, was boi-n 28 -huie. 1840. 
She married Augustus Fry at Orange. 28 June, I860; he 
was born in Jaffrey, N. II.. 12 Nov.. 18;}(j. He is in the em- 
ploy of the New Home Sinvitig .Machine Co. 

Two children : , " . . j^ 

1751 i George Wilsoiv' Fry, li. nt .Merideu, Ct., l!l :\Iarcli, 1S63; m. 

Ida Sophia Hastings of Soutii Deerfield, 2?; Sept., 1885. One 
son: Winthrop Hastings Fry. b. G July. ISSC. 

1752 ii Lizzie Adeline" Fry. b. at Orange. 10 'S\n\\ 1S74; ni. Frank L. 

Waters of Orange, 11 A>ig.. 1S97. Two cliildren: Roderick 
Fry Waters, b. l.' :\1;i,v, liinl; Kcnnrtli Horatio Waters, b. 20 
Aug., 1902. 

1 249 

Eliza Ann^ Wheeler, daughter of Wilson" [Betsey^ Benjamin^ 
Samiiel\ Benjamin''- William-. Thomas^ Dexter] ami Cath- 
erine H. [Warden] AYlieeler. was born at Oratmc Ki June, 
1842. She married Otis .]. Stoekwell. 7 .luly. 1808. He 
was horn in Athol, 26 Se]:)t., 1844. and was the son of Sylves- 
ter and Polly (Fay) Stockwell of Athol. His father was in 
the sash and blind business in Athol for yeai's. until he lost 
his shop by fire. He then did all the ti^aiiiiti'.^- I'oi- the shops 
in the lower village for many years, lie died in 18f)(). His 
grandfather was Josiah Stockwell, who was l»oi-n in PJiillips- 
ton, INIass., near Prospect bill. He was one of the old-time 
stage proprietors, and ran the stage line from Worcester, 
]Mass.. to Winchester. X. H. Cenej-y Twiehell commenced 
his career as a stage driver, in the employ of ]\[r. Stockwell. 
Otis J. was a clei*l\ foi- two years jn the store of S. E. Fay. 
and for five years in tlie dry goods and clothing store of 
Thorp & Sloan. He then wtMit into business for himself in 
a store ui)on Main Street. His wife also cai'i'ied on the mil.- 


linery biisiiu'ss on Main Street. They ])ui'ehjise(l llic proper- 
ty where the stoi'c was located in 18(Ji). They now live near 
the Athol line in Orange, and Mr. Stoelcwell has ciiai'iic of 
the park which is located near ])y. They belong to the 
]\Iethodist Chnrch. Mv. Stockwell being a trustee of the local 

Five children : 

175.S i Fred (J.'' 8toc-kwell, 1>. at Athol. 16 May, 1869; m. Emnia E. 
Xewtoii, 26 April, 1895. Two children: Alton V. Stoekwell, 
1). -2-2 .hme, 1896; Doris E. Stockwell, ]>. . 

1754 ii Harry L." Stockwell, b. at Athol, 9 :\Iarch. 187:2; m. Maggie B. 
Sweeney, L'8 Aug., 189.5. 

17.55 iii Maria A." Stockwell, \k at Atliol. 4 Eel)., 1874. 

1756 iv Ethel ('.'' Stockwell. b. at Athol, 5 Feb., 1879. 

1757 V Chellis \V." Stockwell. b. at Athol. 7 .lulv. 1886. 


Evelena Jane' Wheeler, daughter of Wilson' | Betsey^ Benja^ 
niin's SannieP, Benjamin^ AYilliain-, Thomas^ Dexter] and 
Catherine H. [Warden] Wheeler, was ])orn 20 Aug.. 1848. 
She uiai-ried C^harles IT. Barton. 18 Oct., 1865. 

Three childi'eii. two of whom tlicd in infancy: 

1758 i Alice :\r.'' Barton, b. li' Mairli. 1S(;7; ni. W. W. Whitney, 22 
Oct., bSS9. Six children: Lena I'.arton Whitney, b. 4 Sept., 
1890; Bertha Whitney, b. 'M) Doc, 1891; Alice W. Whitney, b. 
19 March, 189:i; Helen L. Whitnry, b. 13 Sept., 1895; Marion 
E. Whitney, b. .'U Dec. liKid; Charles Willis Whitney, b. 8 
Nov., 1902. 


Sarah Maria' Poland, daughlri' of Betsey' | Betsey'', Benjamin''. 
Sannicl'. Benjamin''. AYilliam-. Thomas^ Dexter] and Simon 
B. Poland, was l)ofn 1 -Inly. 1882. at Wincheudon, jMass., 
and died 17 .Ma)'('h. 187!'. She mari'ied .\nson (i. Liver- 


more, 2 April, 1857. ^Ir.. Livci-iiiorc mai-i-icd (2) Elizabeth 
B. Taft. 2r)Fel).. ISSO; she \v;is Ihh-h 20 1.S4:-}. 

Two children : 

1759 i Charles Anson" Li\crni(irc, li. 17 Aiiril, T>."S ; i). L' Marcli, 

17<itl ii Ilia Maria,'' Livcrnidi-i', li. "_' h\Ai., Ls(n. 


Mary Elizabeth^^ Poland, (Ijiiiiililci- of Betsey" [Betsey*'. Bcnja- 
niin\ SaniueP. IJfiijaiiiiii '. William-'- 'IMiomas^ n(>x1i'r| and 
Simon Poland, was liorii :! I^'cli.. IS'.'A, al WiuclH'ndim. Mass. 
She married ('hai'lcs 1*. Sti-cctei", of P'ilzwilliaiii. .\. II. 24 
Nov.. 1863; hr \vasl)<)rii 11 duly, 18:5(i, and died al .Millhury, 
:\ 25 dan.. 1898. 

Two (diildi-iMi : 

1761 i Kditli IJ.'' Strcrlcr. h. ,i1 Winch. Mnldii, l'lI .Ian., 1S(;7; ni. 

Gustav Allii'ii Ncndcck, 1 1' "Xnv., iSDi^; he was W. in \i'\v 

York city, 1 .March. lS(i(;. 
17(i2 ii Lilla May'' Strui'tor, h. at Windicudon, ;!1 .May, IStiO. 


Charles Townsend' Poland, son of lit'tsey" | Betsey". I>en.iaiinn\ 
SannieP, IJenjamin'' William-'. Tlioiiias' Dexterj and Simon 
Poland, was l)oi-n 11 l^'eh.. lS:!t). at Wincliendon. .Mass. He 
married Eliza B. Mee, IT dune. 18()(l; she was horn in Kiil;- 
land. 18 Jan., ISlH. and di.'d 10 May, 1!I04. 

Six ehildren : 

17(33 i Elmer E." Poland, \>. at Millliury. -JO X„v., ISfil. 

1764 ii Carrie M." Poland, h. ai lloldcii, IS .inly. l^iVA; tn. K.lward F. 
Peters, 20 Sc|it., Iss.",. 'r\vo chil<lrcn: Irviny Lewis Peters, 
h. 31 May, lss7: M.-did r.cssio I'cicrs, I.. 7 Sc])t.. IsDl. 

1760 iii Jeauette A.'' Poland. Ii. al llolden, 11 Any.. 1S{)4. 

17(;6 iv Edith M.'' Poland, h. at .Millhnry, lM An-.. I "^6(1 ; d. at Win- 
chendon, I ■") .\o\., I^7«i. 


1767 V Arthm- A.'' Poland. I., at Providence, E. T.. 29 May, 1871 : ni. 

Bessie M. Kimball, 10 Aug., 1898. 
1708 vi Walter A.'' Poland, 1). at Worcester, Mass., 25 April, 1884. 


Julia Augusta^ Poland, daiiohter of Betsey' [Betsey^, Benjamin^ 

Samuel\ Benjamin'- AYillianr. Thomas^ Dexter] and Simon 

' Poland, was born 16 Nov.. 18:^8. at Wincliendon, Mass. She 

married Sanniel T. Aldrieh of Xorthbridge. IMass., 2 Aug.. 

1865 : he was ])orn 21 Dec, 1843, and died 15 Oct., 1873. 

Two children : 

1769' i Lyman P." Aldrieh, b. at I'liton, Mass., 7 March, 1868; d. at 

Westboro, 30 Sept.. 1897. 
1770 ii Addison S.' Aldrieh, b. at Xorthbridge, Mass., 14 Oct., 1870: 

m. Ethelya L. Kelson, 24 Jmie, 190;;. 


Ellen Gracia^ Poland, daughter of Betsey" | Betsey«, Benjaminl 
Sanuiel'. Benjamin^ ^Yilliam^ Thomas^ Dexter] and Simon 
Poland, was born 24 Nov.. 1840. at AVinchendon. Mass. She 
married Alvah J. Rice. 27 Jan.. 186!) : he was born in Sutton. 
Mass.. 30 June, 1841. 

Thfe(' children, born at Alillbury. :\lass. : 

1771 i Florence A.'' Bice. b. IS July. 1872; d. 24 Nov., 1880. 

177-2 ii Irving A.=' "Rice, b. 7 June, 1878: d. 11 Dec, 1880. 
177.3 iii Flo.-^d A.' "Rice. b. 12 Dec. 1881: ni. Ella A. Drew, IS Feb., 


Emma Olive^ Poland, daughter of Belsey" [Betsey^. Benjamin", 
SamueP. Beiijauiin'. AYillianr. Thomas^ Dexter] and Simon 
Poland, was born 7 Oct.. 1842. at Winchendon, Mass. She 
married Silas G. AVo.mI. of Dudley. I\Ia8s.. 13 Feb.. 1868 : he 
was born 4 ^lay. 1835. ;it Dudley, and died 19 May. 1902, at 


Three children : 

1774 i Ernest W." Wood. b. at Pawtuekct, E. I., 21 April. 187(); ni. 

Jennie M. Daniels, 22 .lune, 1S9S ; slie was born at Hartford, 
Ct.. 19 May, 1875. 

1775 ii Everett S." Wood, b. at Pa^Ytucket, R. T.. 27 Sept., 1S78; m. 

Ella Maria Howes, 6 Oct., 1903; she Avas boru at North Den- 
nis, Mass.. 5 Dec, 1882. 
177(1 iii Herbert P.'' Wood, 1). at South Attieboro. Mass.. 12 Autr., 1883. 


Martin L.^ Poland, son of Betsey' [Betsey'', Ben.ia]iiin\ SaiiiueP, 
Benjamins William-, Thomas^ Dexter] and Simon Poland, 
was born "24 Anu.. 1845, at Winehendon. ]\[ass. ITe married 
Kate Foley. 

Two children : 

1777 i Norman L." Poland, b. at Dnlutli, :\rinn.. 25 Jan.. 1873; m. 

Rose . 

1778 ii Rufus G." Poland, b. at Butte City, Montana, 17 Sept., 1876. 

J 260 

Stella E.^ Poland, dan.uliter of Betsey" [Betsey''. Ik'ii.janiin''. 
SanineP. Beu.jamin''. William-. Thomas^ Dexter] and Simon 
Poland, was horn 8 Anu., 1848, at Winehendon. ^lass. She 
married Charles A. (ionld. 1 Ang'.. 1872; he was l)oi'n 15 
Aug'.. 1844. at Ahington. Conn. 

Three children : - 

1779 i Alfred H.^" Gould, b. 21 June, 1S73; ni. llattie Hilton, 1 June, 

1902. One child: Yiohi Ethelyn Gould. 1). 15 Aus.. 1908. 

1780 ii Harry W.^' Gould, b. 2(5 -lune. 18S1. 

1781 iii Willard CJ' Gould, b. 1 1 8ept., 1SS4, 





Addison B.^ Poland, son of Betsey" [Betsey'\ Beujamin^ Sam- 
nel\ Ben.i;iiiiiti'. William-. Thomas^ Dexter] and Simon B. 
Poland, was hoi-ii 'iH March. IS.")!, at Winehendon. :Mass. 
When three years old. his parents removed to Millbury. 
AYof<'est(M- Coimly. .Mass.. where he attended the distriet 
school niitil tlic iwxr of nine. Avhen he was admitted to tlie 
hiiih school. Soon aft<'rwards his parents retnrned to Win- 
ehendon, where he finished his high school eonrse. and en- 
tci-ed Weslcyan I'niversity. Middletown. ( 'oini.. in the fall of 
1868. Tieavinu' colleiiv in 187(». on acconnt of impaired eye- 
sight, he soon after cn^aiied in teaehinL;'. first as principal of 
the .\shhnrnhani. Mass.. hii;h school, and a year later as prin- 
cipal of the Salishnr.w Mass., high school. 

In 187:' he began the stndy of law in Worcester. Mass., 
hnt after a few months decided to retnrn to teaching-, and 


became pfiiicipnl of the Day sli'cci uramiiicr scIkkiI in Fitcli- 
biirg", Mass. In tlic I'ollowiiiL;' year, lie resiji'iicd t'l-nni this 
position to accept tlie priiicipalslii]) ot' the I'liion School jind 
Academy at Ilion. X. V. lie rcinaincd in cliai-Liv ol' this 
school until Scptt'inhcr. ISS.'). wlicn he I'csiiiiicd lo hccdinc 
princijial of the .Ici-scy ("ity. X. -I., hiiiti scIkkiI. Two years 
later he was made eily sii|)ei'iiitendenl ol' schools of Jersey 
City and fonc years hiter. .Mai'ch. ISDl. state snperinteiideiit 
of ptil)li(' instrnelors of the slate of New Jersey. After fonr 
years' service as state superintendent, duiitiL;' which Inne lu' 
succeeded in re\'olut ioni/.inu' tht^ schoel hiws ol' the state, he 
resigned while his term of ot'tice had yet two years to run, in 
oi'der to accept the position of assistant superintendent of 
schools ill X(nv ^'ork city, to which lie had heeii unanimously 
elected. This was the first instance in upwards of a third of 
a century when any uon-i'esid(Mit had been elected scliool 
superintendent in Xew Yorkcity. and was t here I'ore regarded 
as an exceptional hoiioi'. After one year of successful ser- 
vice in X"ew York, during which time he assisted in reoruau- 
izing" the schools under the new charter creal Iul; t he ( Jreater 
Xinv York, Ih' resiLiued, March, 1S!)7, in oider to take a nnich- 
needed rest. 

Returning home in the early ]iart of 1S!)S. aftei- a year of 
foreign tra\'el, dnriiiL; which time he made with .Mrs. Poland 
a grand tour of the world, he accepted the a|)poin1inent 
unanimously oifm'ed him of snix'rinteiident of schools of 
PaterscMi, X. .1. .\fter tillinii- this position I'or nearly llu'ce 
years, lie was elected superintendeul of schools of Xewark, 
X'^. J., where he now resides. 

In 187(> Wesleyan I'niversity, .Middletown. ('oini.. con- 
ferred upon him the dei;rei' of .Master of .\rts; and in lSf)(), 
Xew York T'ni\'ersity the degive of Doctor of IMiilosophy. 

Ml-. Poland married Fannie j^lizaheth hMagg in lS7-'):she 
was the daughter ol' ('aptain Algernon S. l-'laug of W'ilhra- 
ham, ^lass. Two sur\i\iug children were horn of this mar- 
riage: Eth(d Fdizahelh, hoi'ii 14 .June, ISSM, and Hdwin 
Flagg, liorn 7 -Inne, 1S!)(I. II is fii-st wife having dietl 1" 
June. 181)0, .Mr. Poland was married a second lime. 2() June, 


1895, to Mary Bishop Dennis, daughter of Rev. M. J. Den- 
nis of Dayton. Ohio. 

Two ehiklrcn by first wife, tlu'ee by second wife: 

1782 i Ethel Elizabeth" Poland, li. 14 .Tune, 1888. 

1783 ii Edwin Flagg" Poland, h. 7 June, 1890. 

1784 iii Margaret Evangeline" Poland, b. 19 Sept., 1898. 

1785 iv Mary Dennis" Poland, b. 22 May, 1900. 

1786 V Addison Brown'' Poland, b. .1 Nov., 1902. 


Maria Angela' Morse, daughter of Eliza Ann^ [Betsey^ Benja- 
min% i^anuieP. Ben.iamin"\ William-, Thomas^ Dexter] and 
Samuel INIorse. was born 16 Sept., 1850, at Winchendon, 
]\Iass. She married Jacob Edward AA^atson, 13 Jan., 1881, 
at AVoi-cester ; he was the son of W. W. and Julia A. Watson 
of Princeton, INIass. He died at Worcester, 18 Oct., 1896. 

Four childi-en : 

1787 i Stella Wheeler' Watson, b. 27 March, 18S4. 

1788 ii Edward Payson" Watson, b. 30 Aug., 188(3. 

1789 iii Ernest Jacob'' Watson, b. 2 April, 1891. 

1790 iv Cliestcr Eeroy'' Watsmi, b. 20 EeV)., 1893. 


Elnora' Morse, daughter of Eliza Ann" [Betsey^ Benjamiir'. 
Samuel*. Benjamin^ AVilliam-. Thomas^ Dexter] and 
Samuel IMorse. was liorn 26 Oct.. 1855. at Worcester. She 
married Elmer AVinheld Harrington, 2S ]\Iay. 1885; he was 
the son of Oharlcs A. and Lucy (Goulding) Harring-fou of 
Worcestei'. They reside at AVorcester. 

Three children : 

1791 i Helen Lucy'' Harrington, b. 16 Sept.. 1890; d. 25 July, 1S91. 

1792 ii diaries Albert'' Harrington, b. 26 Dec. 1893. 
179:! iii (ieorge Elmer' Harrington. 1). 22 Oct.. 1896. 



Emma Elizabeth* Morse, (lan<-;liter of Eliza Aim' [Betsey^. Ben- 
jamin''. SaiiuicP. Benjamin'. William-. 'I'liomas' Dexter] and 
Samuel .Morse, was liorn IM Dec. iS.'jS. ;il WoreestiM'. She 
married (1) .lohii Iv l*i(M-ce. Ill .Inly. 1S7S; he was 1lie son 
of J. E. K. and A. E. I'ieive of Worcester. lie died 20 
Sept.. 1S7!). a1 Woreester. l(^avin>i' one eliild. lie iiinri-icd 
(2) AVilliam T. Ilarritiuton. 17 Auu.. ISSO. at Woreestei-: he 
Avas th(^ son of Lediiai'd and Eli/.ahelh I larrinnlon. They 
reside at Woreestei-. 

Five ehildren : 

1794 i Florence EliziV Pieree, b. S -hiii.. ls7;t; .1. In Nov., 1884. 

1795 ii Fred AViUiaiii" Harrington, li. 10 :\l:ircli. 188-_'; d. I Feli.. ISS.l. 
179(i iii George T.eonard'' Harrington, 1). ^■2 Sept., 1SS4; d. ?.0 Jan., 


1797 iv Everett Saniiiel' Harrington, li. IS, lS8(i. 

1798 V Elmer WinfiehP Harrington. 1.. -^(1 .Inly. 1S89. 


Achsah L." Dexter, daughter of Lorini:' [r.iike'\ Ephraim^ 
Ephraim\ IJiMijamin'. AVilliam-. Thomas'! and .\ehsah De.x- 
ter, was horn in Fairhaveii, 12 .May. 1S:{S. and died •'> Sei^t., 
1902. She married -lohii Thaeher. 7 Sept.. IS.')!;. 

She was the eldest of five ehildren. Her mother heim; an 
invalid, many of the household eares were performed by her. 
AVhen she married John Thaeher of Soiilh Datimoiith. 
IMass., they made their lioiiie at (ieiieva. 111.. I'et iirniiii:' ai:ain 
to the Hast after several \-ears. Since 1SS.'5 she has resided 
in Pawtneket. \l. I. Mrs. Thaeher took a very itromineiit 
• part in reli«:ions matters. liaviiiL;- heeii interested in all the 
departments of ehiireh work. She was for many years a 
most hiohly resi)eeted memher and earnest worker of the 
Park Plaee Conore.oational Clnireli. She taught a larue 
class of vouno- ladies in Snnday-seliool. The Tarsus Mission, 
eonneeted with the elinrcli. was organized by her. I nder 


I)i:xtl:r FA:\nLY genealogy. 


lu'V cjiiv for I'ouilfcii years, iiiaiiy cliiUlicii liave become m- 
t.M'cstcd ill mission work. T\\v aim of this mission was to 
ediiealc yonnii- Armenian men for the work of Christ. One 
of these yonnu' men came to this country and liraduated with 
lionor at both the Theolopical and :\Iedical colU^oes in Penn- 
sylvania, a livinii' tril)nte to the nKMiioiy of her through 
whose elToi-ls he was raised to a useful life. :\Irs. Thacher 
was a woman ^really l)eloved and respected throughout the 
eily in whieh she lived, llei- work was am.»no- the lowly. 
;iii(i this woi-l(l is better because she lived. Her death oc- 
curred T) Sept., 1!)<I2. 

One child : 


i l^N.huul ('.'■' 'nincher. li. iit Oencvn. HI., 17 i:>ee., 1858; in. I^illian 
F. Jollie, :? .lulv, 1888. Two rhiMiiMi: Klizabeth Dexter 
Tliaclicr, li. -Jl S.'iit., 1889; RaynKiiid L. 'riia.-licr. h. 17 .Tune, 



Kesiah L.^ Dexter, d.-iULililcr of Ijoi-iti^" 1 Ijiikc'', M|)lir;iiiii''. 
K{)hrMiiii*, l)("iij;iiiiiir', \Villi;iiii-. 'I'lioiiuis'l jiiid Kesiah 
[Holmes] Dcxlcr. was horn Ih Sc|)t.. 1S"J.'^. Slic luai-ricd 
Seth AldeiL .'r.. iT) Now. 1S47 : he was t he son of Scih AhliMi. 
and a des('cii(hiiit in t he scxciith LiiMicral ion I'rom John .\hlcn 
of tlu' " .Maytlowci'. '" lie always look a pi-oniinrnl pai-l in 
the affaifs of his 1own. 'I'hcy moved onto the fai-ni whei'e 
several ucnei'ations (d' Ahlens had li\'ed. and they were 
blessed Avith health, and lived Ioiil: eiioniih to eeiehi'ate theii- 
ji'olden wetldiiiL;'. .Mrs. Alden was of a \'ei'y lively disposi- 
tion, and it was said that no danLihtei' (d' hers evei' made a 
more handsome hriih' than she di<l. She died Angnst, 19(12, 
and Avas buried in Kivei-side eemeti'i'y. 

Ten ehildren. born in Fairhaven : 

1800 i Susan Maria'' Alden, b. 4 Oct.. ls|S; ,1. ■_'!, A,„.i|, 18.53. 

1801' ii Liu'ia RiissplF Alden, h. 17 Mny. is.-,(i; ,1. 4 Sej.t., 1851. 

1802 iii Francis LeP.aron" Aldt n, !i. ;, ()rl..*; d. 18(50. 

1803 iv Emma Toliey'' Alden, 1.. Is Oct., 1 s.-)4. 

1804 V Clara Bennett'' Alden. li. L*.") Sept.. IS.IC; m. Artiinr F. Kenyon. 

29 June, ISSj. Mr. KenxMni is a di'sceiidant ef Hiiuci- Wil- 
liams and is pa yniasti'i- in a cnttnu mill. 

1805 vi Charles Fdward'' Allien, I). 27 Sept.. Is.".'.); ,|. It .Tune, 1893. 
1S(K) vii Adeline Lewis'' Alden, li. 2.'! Feli., ls(;;',; ni. Charles H. ^Ntorton. 

Xo\-.. lsS(i. He was a suldier in tlii' ci\i| War and a jn-isoner 

in lietli Liiiliy ami Anderseiiville, ami is now cashier in the 

Fairhaveu Institution tor Savings. 
1807 viii Georjj'e Lincoln'' Alden, li. 12 May, lS(i5. 
ISOS ix Eudora Fran<'es'' .\lden. Ii. 21 .Inly, 1S(;7; m. RoLert .\. Phili]i 

ot Calitornia. lie is an electrical eniiiin-er. 
1809 X Seth Frank'' .Mdeii. li. s .Inne. Ls7n ; m. Frances Walbert. 5 

T)«M-.. H'Oil. He is in business in ( ali furnia. 


Obadiah D.~ Dexter, son of Loiinu" 1 iiuke'', Mphraim', K|)hraim^ 
Benjamin'. AYilliam-. Thomas^] and Kesiah [Holnies] Dex- 
ter, was born V2 Maridi. 1S:52. and died VJ Aug-.. ISTl. lie 
married Caroline -1. (dialVee. !!• -Inly. IS.")?. 


Six children : 


1810 i Ebeuezer II.'' Dexter, 1). in Providence, R. I., 16 Avig., 1859 

Amelia Weiseuhaven, 9 Feb., 1881. Two children: Mary E. C. 
Dexter, b. 12 Dee., 1881; Jennie H. Dexter, b. 1 April, 1884. 

1811 ii Oliadiali D.^ Dexter, b. in Providence, R. I., 1") .June, 1861; d. 

27 Sept., 1862. 
1S12 iii Carrie J.'' Dexter, b. 16 Nov.. 1863; ni. (1) C. J. Paul, 22 

July, 1877; (2) Francis S. Chandler, 25 June, 1886. 
1813 iv Cora L." Dexter, b. in Oakland, Cal., 14 Sept., 1865; m. George 

E. Bates, July, 1882. 
1^14 V Obadialr' Dexter, b. in Newcastle, Cal., 25 July, 1868'; d. 25 

Nov., 1868. 
1S15 vi :\rary J." Dexter, b. 4 .luly, 1870; m. C. S. M. Bartlett, 14 

Aug., 1887. 


William H.' Dexter, son of Lewis' [Ephraim^, Ephraim^ 
Ephraim^ Benjamin^ Williaiir. Thomas^] and ^Martha J. 
[Eohhinsl Dexter, ^vas born 4 Oct.. 1860. He married Mary 
P. White, 14 April, 1880. 

Six children : 

1816 i William H.'' Dexter, .Ir., b. in New York City, 12 Aug., 1882. 

1817 ii Leander A.' Dexter, b. 12 Sept., 1884. 

1818 iii George A.=' Dexter, b. 13 June, 1885. 

1819 iv Albion R." Dexter, b. 11 April, 1889. 

1820 V Elizabeth J." Dexter, b. 30 May, 1892. 

1821 vi Mabel-' Dexter, b. 7 May, 1895. 


Henry H.^ Kendrick, son of Harriet" [Ephraim". Ephraim^ 
Ephraim\ Ben.)anlin^ "\Yiliiam-, Thomas^ Dexter] and Dan- 
iel H. Kendrick. Avas l)orn 13 Oct., 1840. and died 12 Oct., 
1884. He married Mercy Ann Eaymond. 20 Dec. 1868. 
Pie followed the sea for many years. 

Two cliildren : 

1822 i A'ern(m H." Kendrirk, b. 5 Feb.. 1874; m. Delina B. West, 12 

June, 1899. 

1823 ii LaForest W.' Kendrick, b. 11 Jan., 1877; m. Lillian J. Wicks, 

9 Nov., 1896. 



Rachel S." Kendrick, (hmiihli'i' of TTarrid* j K|)hr;iiiu'', Eiihraim'', 
Epliraini^ Bciijaniin'. AVilliam-. TlKunas' Dexter] and Dan- 
iel n. Kendi-ick. was hoi-ii !• April. 1843. She niarried (1) 
Captain John A. lieckciMiian. ■_*■") Dec, ISiiO. He was a eap- 
tain of niei'chatil xcssels. and was a lar.ue owner in coasting 
schooners, lie owned one whicli took his name. She mar- 
ried (2) ^lai-cns .M. 'rhom])son. 

Three ehildi'en by first husband: 

1824 i Savah L." Bcckeniian. \>. 2.S Oft., ]S(iL 

1825 ii John A.' Beckeniiaii, Jr.. h. 20 Feb., 1S73. 

1826 iii William H." Beckeniiaii, 1). 7 July, 1S79. Tliree c-Iiildren: 

Frances Snow Beckernian, b. IS July. 1902; Louis Evelyn 
Beckennan, b. 11 Oct., 1903; .1. 29 May. 1904; .lolm William 
Beckermau, b. 13 Oct., 1904. 


Hattie L.* Kendrick, danghter of tiarriet' [Ei)ln-aim''. F4)hraim^ 
Ephraim-*. Benjamin", William^, Thomas^ Dexter] and Dan- 
iel H. Kendrick, was born 18 :\ray. 1851. and died 26 Oct., 
1886. She married Levi L. Phinney, 12 .Xov., 1871. 

Three children : 

1827 i Ada L.'' Pliiuney, b. 24 Auk'.. 1^74; in. Alton Collins, 11 April, 

1900. One cliild: Euth 11. Collins, b. 29 June. 1904. 

1828 ii "Roland S.» Phinney, b. 18 Dec. 1878. 

1829 iii Austin D.° Phinney, b. 22 Aug-., 1886. 


Horace L.' Kendrick, son of llariiet" [ Ephiaini", Ephrainr', 
Ephraim\ Ben.^amin^ William^, Thomas^ Dexter] and Dan- 
iel H. Kendrick, was born 27 Dec, 1853. at Sandwich, ^Nlass. 
He married (U Rnth M. Wilder. 25 \)iH^.. 1878: (2) Eliza 
Tolman Wihl.'r. 4 Dec, 181)4. He was employed in a shoe 


l'aet()f\- wiuMi m yoiui^ iiiiiii. lie is now a traveling- sales- 
man foi- a grocery ln)use. His home is in Brockton. 

Two cliildreii : 

1830 i Etlitli .MJ' Ken. hick. Ii. K Oct., Is7'.t; m. .I.ilin S. Tilton. One 

child: Euth \V. Tiltdi;. 1). I'i Nov.. 1904. 

1831 ii Davi.l L.^' Kcudiick, 1.. 1:2 July. 1881. 



Ephraim A.' Dexter, son of SamneF [Gideon^ Ephrainv\ 
Ki)litaiiii\ Benjamin-'. William-. Tiiomas'] and Lydia De.\- 
ter, was horn '■] -Ian.. IS:'A. lie married Betsey O. Snow. 
21 Sept., I860; she was the danghter of Harvey and Betsey 
(ejeiniey ) Sjiow. He learned the eanlker's trade, and made 
three trips sonth for livt^ oak timber for ship bnilding. He 
is now ;i farmei'. lie has been a selectman and road com- 
missionei'. and is now insix^ctor of cattle and meat. 


Five children : 

1832 i Annie L.'" Dt-xter, I), at Mattapoisett, 20 Oct., 18G1. 

1833^ ii Bessie J.'' Doxtcr, 1.. at ^fattapoisctt, 11 March, ISGG. 

isr>4 iii Mamie F." Dexter, 1>. 2.S Aiifr., 1872; ni. William Gushing. Two 

children: Vivian ('. ('ns-liing, b. 8 Nov., 189.3; FJIswnrth S. 

Cnshin^-. \>. 4 I'eli., 1900. 
1835' iv Amy A.'' Dexter, 1). 2() .lune, 1874. 

1836 V Izah A." Dexter, I.. ;".o April, 1880; m. Edford G. Seeley, 29 

March, 1900. One <'liil(l: Ivlford A. Seeley, b. l."; Oct.. 1901. 


SamueT Dexter, Jr., son oi" Sjuniirr [(iidt'on'', Kpliraiin'. Ei)hra- 
im\ Benjamin-^ William-, Thomas^] and Lydia Dexter, was 
])orn 28 Nov., 1835. He married Lydia (\ TTiller. 7 Sept.. 
1865; she was the daughter of Seth and Almira [Lewis] 
Hiller. He learned the trade of ateaulkei-. He is now a 
farmer, and raises siiuill fruits fof lite mai-ket. 

Seven children : , • 

1837 i Herbert W." Dexter, b. at Mattajioisett, 3 Sept., 186G. 

1S3S ii Myra.G." Dexter, b. 27 :\Iarch, 18(58; m. Stej.heii S. Hathaway. 
6 Dec, 1896. One child: Elmer B. Hathaway. 1). 25 Dec, 

1839 iii Martha A." Dexter, b. 14 Oct., 1869. ■ 

1840 iv Edgar D." Dexter, b. H Nov.. Is72. Is bnat-bnilder by trade. 

1841 v Freeman G." Dexter, 1). 4 .Inly, 1874. 

1842 vi Azubah G." Dexter, b. 4 Nov., 1876. 

1843 vii Virtue R.^' Dexter, b. .•;! .luly. Is79. 


Sarah A.'^ Dexter, daniihter of Ephraim' [riidcon*^. Ephraim^ 
P]phraim^ Benjamin". William-. Thomas^] and Laura 
[Snow] Dexter, was born 21 Dec 1847. at Rochester. 
She was educated in the public schools. She mari-ied Na- 
thaniel C. liansom. 27 .hnic. 1S()9: he was the son of James 
R. and Eunice Hansom. Aftei- finisliinjj- his schooliny' in 
town, he Avent whalino- in 1 he bark "Barnstable." Captain 


Bronson comniandin«\ which sailed from Nt^w Bedford in 
1860. After three seasons to the Arctic Ocean, he returned 
to New Bedford in 1864:. He soon sailed from Plymouth in 
the schooner "Profit,'" Captain Bartlett, on a cod-fishing 
trip to the Grand Banks. Keturning in September, he went 
to school at ^liddleboro for a few months. In February, 
1865, he sailed from Boston for New Orleans in the bark 
"Commerce," Captain Eobinson, and was in the harbor at 
:\Iobih^ wh(^n the city surrendered. Returning to Boston, he 
sailed in October on a whaling voyage with Captain Hamilton. 
After serving three seasons, he came home and was married. 
He then sailed as third mate on the bark "John Wells." 
Captain Dean, in 1869, for the Arctic Ocean. The second 
season the ice closed in upon them while near Point Barrow^ 
and they abandoned the ship and took to the boats and went 
about eighty miles toward P>ehring Straits before finding 
clear water and other vessels. There were about thirty ves- 
sels in the fleet and all but seven were abandoned. He went 
to Honolulu, and from there took the steamer "Moses 
Taylor" for San Francisco, and from Calif oi-nia came across 
overland to his home. His next and last voyage in the Arctic 
Ocean was on the bark "Illinois," Captain Fraser, and he 
went as Ix.nt-header. He took vessel at San Francisco, going 
and returning from there overland. He then gave up the 
sea. and devoted himself to market gardening. 

Fonr children : 

1S44 i T.aiira E.-' Eaiisoiii, 1>. 16 Auy.. lS7r>. Graduate of Smith Col- 

lege and taught school several years. Married Darius Frink, 
.5 Oct., 1899, and removed to Ne^\'ington, K H. One child: 
Harold R. Frink. h. S July. 1902. 

1845 ii Eunice K." Ransom, h. 24 Feb.. 1875. Graduate from town 

school, went to Tabor Academy, also Bridgewater Xormal 
School, and is now teaching at Newingtou. N". H. 

1846 iii Clarence B." Eansom. h. 16 Dec, 1876. Went to Boston and 

is clerk with Harrisdu Bros. 
1S47 iv Everett S.'' Ransom. I>. 22 Aug.. 1879. Ts engineer on steam- 
ers on the Atlantic coast, also made one voyage to California 
and Sandwich Islands. 



William C.^ Dexter, son of Calvin" [Oideoii''. Ki>lw;iiin\ Ephra- 
im\ Benjamin', AVilliam-. Tlioinas'] aiul Cathoi-ine [Cas- 
well] Dexter, was horn oO .Iiiik'. IS.")!. He itiarficd ^fary 
J. Faunee, 14 Nov., 1887. 

He was educated in the ])iil)lie schools, and aftenvards 
learned the cabiiiet-makei"'s ti-a(l(\ l)u1 after serving- his time, 
he went into business in the iieneral merchandise line. He 
also has a large tract cultivated with cranberries. 

^..■- ! 

Four childi-eii : 

1848 i Lnella P." Dexter, b. 19 Auo-., 1879; d. (i May. 1881. 

1849 ii Eliza ('.'' Dexter, b. 13 Sept., 1881; ni. Un.^h R. MeHugh, 3 

June, 1901. 

1850 iii Harriet N.'' Dexter, b. 27 July. lSS(i; ni. Linus S. Elclridge, 7 

Aug., 1902. One son: William D. Eklriilge, b. 14 Sept., 1903. 

1851 iv Ethel M.' Dexter, b. 9 Sept., 1893. 


John S.' Dexter, son of .Jolnr [Cideon''. E|)ln"iiiir\ Hpln-aim^, 
Ben.jamin% William-, Thomas^] and Hannah L. Dexter, was 
horn 3 Mai'ch. 1813. He married (1) ]Mary A. Johnson, 7 
Jan., 1870: (2) Delia ^l. Dexter. 22 Nov., 1873. 

He early learned the trade of house cai'penti-y, and 
worked at it in Tihode Island for many yi'ai's. He then re- 
turned to his native town, and for the last twenty-live years 
has carried on the hnilding and hunhcr hnsiness. 

Three ehildr.Mi : 

1852 i Charles S.' Dexter, b. at Mattapoisett, 7 Jan.. 1872; ni. Mary 

E. Wathey, 18 Jan.. 1893. Tie is a machinist by trade and is 
in business at Attlel)oro, ^lass.. inaking tools for the manufac- 
ture of jewelry. They had one child, born and died in May. 




185S' ii Walter C." Dexter, b. 80 May, 1S7S. At the age of 12 he en- 
tered the Friends' School at Providence, R. I. After gradu- 
ating from there he attended Ihe Business College at Fall 
River, Mass., and tlien spent a year at the Textile School in 
New Bedford. He now resides at Mattapoisett. 

18.54 iii Ernest W." Dexter, b. 1(5 May, 1887. 

Site of mill owned by Benjamin ' Dexter, which has always been in De.xter family. 





Robert L."- Dexter, son of -lohiE [Gideoll^ Ei)hi-aim% Ephra- 
iiu-*. Beiijaniin'. AVilliaiii-, Tliomas^ | and llainiali S. Dex- 
ttM', was boni !) Frl)., 1847. He iiiaii'icd Kate M. Liiee, 1 
Sept., 1872. 

He was boi'ii a1 .Malt apoisett. and ii'ei'ivrd his cduealion 
in the schools of lliat town. He learned tlic trade of cabinet- 
niakinji', which he has i'ollowed many years. He also worked 
at honse carpcnti'y. He is now living- on pai't of llie original 
Dexter farm, and divides liis time l)etw(M'ii dcvelopiDj:- a 
snnnncr i-esoit ;iiid cabinet-makinL;'. lie was at one time a 
meml)er of tlic School ConnniUec. He l)ccainc interested in 
the geneak)^y of the De.xter fai'nily. ;iiid for eighteen years 
has been collect iiiu' data ab(»u1 the faiiiil\'. and iiuich of the 
materia] in this hook was collected by him. He has no 





James L.' Dexter, sou of .lolui' 1 (iidtMni''. Ephraim\ Ephraiin^ 
Benjamiir'. William-, Thomas^] and iraiinah S. Dexter, was 

born . He niari-ied :\Iary S. ({ray. 6 Oct., 1884. He 

learned the 1rade of a eabinet-niakcr. and later worked at 
lionse carpentry. Tic now lives at Mattapoisett. in the 
house where his father lived before him. For a few years 
he was in the milk business, but is now interested with his 
two brothel's in sunniier cottas^cs a1 Pieo Beach, which are 
occupied by sunniier tenants. 

Three children : 

18.55 i Florence 0." Dexter, 1). 2-5 A no-.. ISS."; in. John C. Dexter. 24 

Nov., 1904. One clukl : Doris Leonaril Dexter, b. 10 Oct., 

1856 ii Lillian ('." Dexter, \>. 25 A])ril, 1893. 

1857 iii- riiostcr S.'' Dexter, li. 19 Nov.. 1895; d. 5 Auo-., 1S9G. 



William A." Dexter, son of Fi'eeniaii' [Aldoii", Ephraim'', Ephra- 
iiii', Benjamin', W^illiani-. Thomas^] and Isabella ] Gor- 
don] Dexter, was horn 14 An'u., lS4:i at Xew Bedford, and 
died 30 Nov., 1890/ He married Hannah IT. Nye. For ten 

years he was in the employ of llie Fiflli Avenue Safe De- 
posit & Tfust Co. 

Seven ehildreii. boi'n in XeAV licdford: 

1858 i Anna I.'' Dexter, b. 31 :\rar<'li. ISi;?. 

1859 ii Williaiii H.-' Dexter, h. 8 Dec, 18()8; m. Margaret ■ . 

18G0 iii Thomas N." Dexter, 1). 1.3 8ei)t., 1870; m. Kate :\rulvey. One 

chiJd: Viola Dexter, li. 3 Ajiril, J 894. 

1861 iv Helen C./' Dexter, h. iM Xu'j;.. 187-J; iii. .lolm I'. Ncuus, 1 Jan., 

1891. One ehikl : Ethel Xegvis, b. 10 Nov., 1891. 

1862 V Gertrude" Dexter, b. 28 Fel).. 1877; d. 15 Oct., 1878, 
18li3 vi (ienrge E." Dexter, b. l(j Jan., b879. 

1864 vii Charles T." Dexter, b. 8 March, 1884; d. 9, 1884. 


Lucy A.^ Dexter, dau«i'hter of Stillman" [Alden''. Ephraim^. 
p]phi'aim\ Benjamin''. William-. Tlioiiias^ | and Eunice 
[Ilitchmond] Dexter, was born 13 Dec, 1842. She married 
Gideon B. Barlow, Jr., July, 1863. 

Thr(n> ehildrc^n, born in ^rattni)ois(>tt : 

1865 i Edward Albert" Barlow, b. IS ,luly, 1864; ni. Eninia ^[orse. 25 

April, 1889. 

1866 ii Minnie Alice" Barlow, b. 6 Oct., 1871; ni. .b,hn Diniii. 19 Xov., 


1867 iii Herbert Aldeu" Barluw, b. 9 Oct... 1875. 


Euphemia F." Dexter, danghtei- of Stilhnan" [Alden''. Kphi'aim^ 
Ei)hraim\ Benjamin". AVilliaiu-. Tliomas'] and Eunice 
[Ilitchmondl Dexter, was hoi'ii (i .Mareli, 184."), She mar- 
ried (1) William Gifford, 18(53; (2) Charles li. Hammond, 


1871. ]\li'. ITanimond was the son of Thomas P. Hammond. 
For many years he was engaged in whaling trips, sailing 
from Marion, ^lattapoisett and New Bedford. He has been 
in nearly all parts of the maritime world, and good Inek has 
always attended him. In the fall of 18(i2. while on the 
l^ark "Ocean Kover, " the vessel with Sf)!) barrels of sperm 
oil was (•ai)tnred and burned off Western Islands, by Captain 
Semmer of the privateer "Alabama." All hands were 
pnt into the ship's boats and left to shift for themselves. 
They hmded on one of the AVestern Islands, and later 
reached Fayal, from which jilace they were sent to Boston 
liy the American consul. The OAvners and crew were after- 
wards remunerated for their loss, out of the $15,000,000 
awarded the United States, under the Treaty of Washington. 
During his last voyage, he was first officer of the bark 
"Hunter," of New Bedford, sailing in the Arctic and Pacific 
Oceans, and making a complete voyage around the world. 
He is now o('('U])ied in farming at Ilammondtown, J\latta- 

One eliild by first husband, five l)y second husband: 

1868 i Lizzie C Gifforcl, b. 27 April, 1864; iii. Gideon Shurtleff, 25 

Dec, 1882. 

1869 ii Epliremia D." Hanniiond, b. 27 Jan., 187.'^; ni. Byron P. Dunn, 

Dec, 1890. 

1870 iii Sarah A." Hammond, b. 9 May, 1875; m. Francis G. Allen, 31 

Oct., 1899. 

1871 iv Maria M." Hammond, b. 31 Dec, 1877. 

1872 V Carrie E.'' Hammond, b. 1 Aug., 1880; d. 17 Feb., 1881. 

1873 vi ('Jiarles S.'' Trammond, b. 29 .Tune, 18S.S'; killed by locomotive, 

26 Aug., 190.1. 


David Dexter^ Clark, son of Lucretia' [Davids Seth". Seth*, 
Ben,^amin^ William-, TJiomas^] Dexter, and William Clark, 
was born 1844. He married Xellie Huntington, 1875: she 
was born 25 Aug., 1853. 


Four children : 

1874 i William Dextor' cfark, h. 1870. ' 

1875 ii Eali)h HiTntington" Clark, h. 14 June, ISSl. 

1876 iii Irving'' Clark, b. 22 Fob., 1SS4; d. 1SS4. 

1877 iv Alfred Henry" Clark, 1). 17 Sept., 1SS8. 



Julia Sargeant' Dexter, dnn-litor of Charles TL' fSeth«, Seth% 
Seth\ Reiijamiiv', William-. Thoiuas^J and Lydia [Piersou] 
Dexter, was born 4 Nov., 1880, at Windsor Locks, Conn. 
She married (1) Thomas ITaskall, 20 D(>('.. 1860: he was 
born 11 Feb., 1827, and died 18(;:l She Diarried (2) Her- 
bert R. Coffin, 4 Dee., 18(i(5: W Avas l)()i'n Any-., 1840, at 
Rindge, N. H., and died 9 July, 1!)()1, at Windsor Locks, 












One child l)v first husband, four hv second husband: 

Tlioinasine" Haskall, 1). at Wiiidsftr Locks, 9 Nov., 1862. 

Arthur Dexter' Coffin, b. 25 April, 1868; m. Cora Drake, 11 
April, 1894. Two clnldren: Dexter Drake Coffin, b. 12 Sept., 
1896; d. 1896; Dexter Drake Coffin, 2d, b. 8 April, 1898. 

Clarence Harlan' Coffin, b. 27 Sept., 1869; d. 9 .Inly, 1875. 

Herbert Raymond' Coffin, .Tr., b. 15 Jan., 1871; m. Jeau G. 
Warbarton, 26 June, 1895. Three children: Douglas Pierson 
Coffin, 1). 10 May, 1897; Charles Sumner Coffin, b. 4 Dec, 
1898; Herbert Raymond Coffin, b. 20 April, 1900. 

Grace P." Coffin, b. at Windsor Locks, 2 Dec, 1873; m. Charles 
Henrv Coolev. Jr.. of Hartford. Ct.. 3 June, 19nr>. 




Annie Pierson' Dexter, (hmuhler of C^harles H." [Seth^, Seth^ 
Seth\ Benjamin". AVilliaiir'. Thomas^ | and Lydia [Pierson] 
Dexter, was ])orn 5 iNFay, 1842, at Windsor Locks, Conn. 
She married Bennett Rowhmd xVlleiL 18 March, 1863; he 
was born 17 May, 1838, at Enfield, and died 11 Oct., 1896, 
at Hartford, Conn. 

DEXTER FA M 1 1 . \ GEN EA 1 AlGY. 


One child : 

1883 i Charles Dexter' Allen. 1). :it Wiu.lsfir Loeks, S May, 1S<35; m. 

Frances Louise ('lark. ", Xov., 1891). 




Edwin D.^ Dexter, son of Charles TI." [Seth«. Seth% Setli^ Ben- 
jamin". William-, Thomas^] and T^ydia [Pierson] Dexter, 
was horn 24 Oct.. 1847. and died L>ii .Ian.. 188G. lie niar- 
ried Jnlia B. llayden, 15 April, I8(i8. 

Two children : 



i Florence" Dexter, li. at Windsor Locks. Ct.. LI Jan.. 1S69; ni. 
Col. William Spaul.lint,' of Xasliua. N. II.. '29 :\[ay. 1S80. Two 
children: Dexter E. Spauldinu:, ],. T.i Oct., 1S90: Sylvi:t S|.auld- 
ins, b. 9 June, 1894. 
ii Aunic'' Dexter, b. April, 1871; d. 24 Aug., 187:2. 



Rev. Henry Morton^ Dexter, sou oi' Kev. Henry ^lartyii' [Eli- 
jah*^, Elijah\ Setli^ Benjamin\ William^, Thomas^] and 
Emeline [Palmer] Dexter, was born 12 July, 1846, at Man- 
chester, N. II. He married Emily L. Sanford of Taiuiton, 
]\lass., 9 June, 1881. lie graduated from Yale in 1867, with 
the M. A. degree, and from Andover in 1870. lie was 
Secretary and Treasurer of the National Council of Congre- 
gationalist Churches of America, which erected the me- 
morial bronze tablet to John Robinson, in Leyden, Holland, 
and dedicated it July 24, 1891. He is a member of the Massa- 
chusetts Historical Society, also the Boston Society of May- 
flower Descendants, being eighth in descent from Degory 
Priest, one of the signers of the compact with the Leyden Co. 
He was a delegate to the firet International Conneil of Con- 
gregationalists, held at London in 1S!)1. and also at the 
second council held at Boston in 18f)i). He Avas formerly 
editor and proinietoi- of the "Congregationalist," and was 
the author of the "Stoi-y of tli(^ Pilufims in America." in 

Two children : 

1886 i Marjory :\r()i'tinr' Dexter. 1>. 14 Sept.. 1882. 

1887 ii :\rary" Dpxter, li. i:; An-.. 1 SSC. 


John G.^ Dexter, son of Jolm (J.' [Prince'\ Elijah'', Seth\ Ben- 
.iamin'. AVilliam-. Thomas'] and Eleanor F. [Richardson] 
^ Dexter, was horn 27 Feb., 18:U. He married (1) Cath- 
erine T. B. Kuggles, 4 April, 1859; (2j Ellen M. Baldwin, 
16 Dec, 190;}. 

Seven children by fii-st wife, born in Rochester, Mass.: 

1888 i Anhn W'.' Dexter, 1.. I'l Oet., ]S(i(3; m. M. S. Sf-hilling, 3 Jan., 

1894. Four cliildreii: .Tohii H. Dexter, b. 1 Oct., 1895; Louis 
T?. Dexter, 1). i' Dec, ls97; Drank C. Dexter, b. 25 March, 
1S99; Ibirt)l(l A. Dexter, b. 22 Feb., 1902. 

1889 ii l'i:uik Cibbs^' Dexter, b. 14 .[iily, 1868; d. 9 June, 1896. 



1S90 iii Eleanor KMcliantsou" JJexter, 1». Js Oct.. IMJ!); m. William L. R. 
Gilford, (i June, 1888. Two children: Catherine Gififord, \). 
1889; d. at ('ainl)ridHe. 191):',; lluinplirey A. Gilford, b. 1890. 

1891 iv Harriet Maria=' Dexter, h. 'Ji' .Ian., 1S71; d. 8 Oct., 1871. 

1892 V Lucy Rugsjles'' I)(>xter, h. 9 Feb., 1872; in. .Tames P. Porter, 25 

July, 1894. One son: Lle^Yellyn E. Porter, b. 18 Oct., 1901. 

1893 vi Charles Rugs' Dexter. 1). ;',n May, 1S77; ni. .b)sephine M. Bnell. 

30 March, 189S. 

1894 vii :\[ary Stanford'' Dexter, b. IG .inly. 1S79; ni. ^Sanlllel Usher. 2d, 

of Cambridge, Mass., 9 Sept., 190.'). Tliey now reside at 



Alden Davis' Dexter, son of .loscplC [Alden', Elisha''. Setli^ 
JabezS Philiir. AVillianr'. 'riioiiias^l and Sophia IT. fTiuk- 
hai^i] Dexter, was l)()fii 7 .Inly. 18G8, at INIattapoisett. Mass. 
He married IMinnie Ftances Swift. 26 Nov.. ISiXi. at Taun- 
ton. Mass. She was hurn 2'\ St'|)t.. 187."). at Brockton. lie 
is a market man. and lives in Xi'w Bcdtord. 

One child : 
1895 i Bernice Alden"' Dexter, b. at Taunton, ?i[ass.. 19 Sept!, 1897. 







William H.' Dexter, son oT .)()Sfi)h'' lAldcii'. Klisha®, Seth', 
Jabez^ Philip^ AVilliaiir, Thomas^ and Sophia IT. -[Tink- 
ham] Dexter, was horn 20 -Jan.. ISTl. lie married Annie 
E. Doreher, 27 Sept., 1891. 

Three eliildri'ii. born in Matta]>oisett : 

1896 i Charles T.'" Do.xter. h. 19 ^0]>\., 1S9S. 

1897 ii Herman W.'" Dexter, b. 24 Oct.. 1900. 

1898 iii Margaret'" Dexter, b. 1904. 


Alice M.-' Dexter, danuhter of Joseph*' [Alden^ Elisha^ Sethi 
Jabez\ Philip''. William^, Thomas^] and Sophia H. [Tink- 
ham] Dexter, was boi-n 13 Jnne, 1874. She married (1) 
Jeremiah L. Pvandall, 17 Jnly, 1891; (2) Webster Kinney, 
20 July, 1897. 

Two ehildren l)y second hnsbaiid. boi-ii at ^Mattapoisett : 

1900 i Webster HaroliT" Kinney, b. 27 Sept., 1901. 

1901 ii Alden L.'" Kiniiev, b. 10 .Tan., 1904. 


Sarah Johnson-' Dexter, daui;htcr of Dcnni.s' [Benjamin^ 
Joseph^ Benjamins Xoah\ licnjaniiir'', AYilliam-, Thoma.s^] 
and ^lary [Lnce] Dexter, was born 19 Jnly. 1832, and died 
15 Nov., 1874. She married Francis Slilhnaii liichardson 
of AYinehester. 

Seven ehildren : 

1902 i Henrietta Evelyn'" Ricbaj-ilson. b. 12 March, 1S.14; ni. Charles 

E. Corey, 8 ,Tuno, 187.5. Three children: William, :Nrabel and 

190.3 ii Amelia Frances'" Richardson, b. 185."); d. 1890. 


1904 iii Augustus'" Richardsini, li. L'(5 Aug., 1857; m. Martha Ellen 
Hooper, 23 Feb., 18S2. Eiglit childreu : Luella A., Alice J., 
Bertha F., Laura J., Artliur S., Augusta, Henry, Walter. 

liKi.-; iv Grandville Dexter"' Kicliardsou, li. 9 Oct., 1859; ni. Ella Cutter, 
Sept., 1888. One daughter: Persis Richardson, b. 28 Dec, 

llMio V Frances Stillman'" Richardson, b. ; in. Alvin Gendersou, 

3 April, 1887. 

1907 vi Annie Josephine'" Richardson, b. 26 July, 1866; m. Albert F. 

Ireland, 16 April, 1895. Two children: Helen Gertrude 

Ireland, 1j. 7 Nov., 1897;. Harold Stone Ireland, b. 1 Feb., 

1908 vii Frederick riifford'" Richardson, b. 10 Feb., 1874; in. Elsie J. 

Glenn, 27 June, 1905. 


Sophia" Dexter, daiiohter of Dennis^ [Benjamin", Joseph^ Ben- 
jamin'', Noall^ Benjamin^ William-. Thomas^] and I\Iary 
[Luce] Dexter, was born 1838, and died 27 Auu.. 1891. She 
married Joseph TJoberson. Aniinst. 18.")4. 

Six children : 

1909 i Josephine"' Roberson, I). . 

1910 ii ^Yilliam"> Roberson, b. • . 

1911 iii Edward'" Roberson, b. . 

1912 iv fieorge'" Rolierson, 1). 

1913 V .lessie'" Roberson, b. — 

1914 vi Chester'" Roberson, b. 


George Hillman'' Dexter, son of Dennis- [Benjamin'. Joseph^ 

Benjaniiir', .\oah\ Benjamins William-, Thomas^] and , 

was born 31 Oct.. 1840. He married (1) Alice McDonald, 
30 .July. 187;-): (2) Amelia A. Haynes, 17 Sept., 1886. IMr. 
Dexter makes a specialty of the hen business, and has taken 
a great many pi'izes with his '' Dexter 's Black Minorcas. " 

DKXTKR FAMII.N' (;i ;m:.\I ,()GY. 




Two children l)y first wife. (Uic child l)y second: 

\\)]r, i Sarali .lohnson'" Dt'xtcr. li. 1.") April. lS7(i: ni. Sainucl II. 

Brooks, 1899. Tlut'c <-liil(lrfii : Drxtcr M. Brooks, b. H May. 
1900; Charlotte L. Brooks, li. ."'. Xo\.. 19i)l ; Enth IT. Brooks, b. 
19 Jan.. 1903. 

1916 ii William Herbert'" Dexter, b. 1^9 Oet., ISSO. 

1917 iii Alice May'" Dexter, b. 19 Sept., 1888. 


Jonathan L.' Dexter, son (d' llir;iiii" jdoscith'. .Tosi'pli'', Benja- 
nuir'. Xo;dd, Tjcnjamiir'. William . ThomasVl and Love 
[Laml)ert| Dexter, was horn "J:! -Ian.. 1843. He married 
I\rarv L. Senverns. 7 .Ian.. h^T-') : siie died 4 April. ^'MM\ 


Five children, l)c)rii in J^rookliiie, IMass. : 

1918 i LiK-y Amelia'" Dexter. 1.. 25 Aujj., 1S76; in. George H. Hutchin- 

son, June, 1900. 

1919 ii Mary Love"' Dexter, b. ■'5 Aug., 1878. 

1920 iii Miriam^" Dexter, b. 1 Jan., ]881. 

1921 iv Delia Carrie" Dexter, b. 17 June, 1883. 

1922 V Frank Seavems'" Dexter, b. 4 Nov., 1891. 


Mabel A.^ Dexter, ;ul()i)ted daughter of William N.^^ [Foster D.', 
John^ Jolv'. S.-nnnel'. Benjamin^ Willianr, Thomas^] Dex- 
ter, was born 8 March, 18G9. She married George E. Car- 
penter, 19 Oct., 1890; he was 1)orn 15 :\Iay, 1872. 

Four children. 1x)rn in Orange, Mass. : 

1923 i Clara E.'" Car])ei)ter, b. 9 Nov., 1891. 

1924 ii Bessie B.'" Carpenter, b. 16 May, 1897. 

1925 iii Ella E."' Carpenter, 1>. r, June, 1899. 

1926 iv Robert Eanios"' Carpenter, b. 31 Aug., 1904. 


Frank Albert'' Dexter, son of Benjamin AHen^ [Amasa'^, Benja- 
min'\ Ben.jamiiv', SamueP, Benjamin^ William^, ThomasV] 
and Lanra [AVebb] Dexter, was born 26 Nov., 1863, at Rut- 
land, lie married Virginia Hartwell, 1885. 

Three children : 

1927 i V(>ra L.'" Dexter, b. . 

1928 ii Frances"' Dexter, 1). . 

1929 iii Lorna'" Dexter, b. . 



J 603 

Myra R.' Dexter, (l;iui:lilci- of Kliliu (). ('./ f Aniasa". I>iMi.jaiiiin'', 
Beii.jamiir'', Sainiicl', Bciijainiii '. Williaiir, Timiiias' ] and 
-Fatic |Miii('i'| Dcxlcf. was Ixuii Ll .Imie. 1S71. and died -1 
April. 1!)04. Siic mafri.'d Ccof-^v W. Ilojtdii ,.|' Fort Ed- 
ward. X. Y.. in ISIlL'. Tlicy lived al NVineliester. 

Three diildren : 

1930 i Dwight Dexter'" llolton, b. 4 Oct., 1S96. 

1931 ii Charles Gilford'" Holtoii, 1.. 12 Oct., 1897. 

1932 iii Carrie Louise'" lidltnii. Ii. l'7 Dec, 1902. 



Frank E.' Dexter, son of .losejdi L.'^ [Moses', Ben.ianiin'^, Ben- 
jamin'*, SanineP, Beiijainiir''. AVilliam^ 'l'lioma.s^] and Sarah 
J. [Wood] Dexicr. was horn 2-") Dee., IS.")!!. He nian-ied 
Cora Tl. Lee. !•') An-.. 188:}; she died lo An-.. 1888. 




Two eliildreii : 

1933 i Edith L;'" Dexter, 1). -20 Dec, 1SS3. 

1934 ii Eobert L.'" Dexter, li. K; .Xy.rW. 1SS7. 


Fred Abbott'' Dexter, sdii of Jose])!! \j^ | Moses'. IJciijiiiiiin''. 
■Beiijainiir''. Sjiinucl^ BciiJ.-iiniir'. AVilliaiu-, Thomas' | and 
Sarah J. | Wood | Dexter, was boi'ii 17 Oct.. 18G2, at (Jranye, 
INlass., in wliat is known as tlic Alhee honse on East ]\Iain 
Street, lie jiassed Iwo yeai-s of his litV in tiie hons(^ he was 
born in. when his parents remove*! lo .Vthol. His edneation 
was obtained in the juildie schools of that town, l)ut he left 
when only half thiousih Ihe hiuh school, to eiiler upon a 
bttsiness career, hcin^- a1 thai lime 14 years of age. 
lie spent three and onediall" yeai's as ch'i'k in an Athol cloth- 

ni:xTKi{ l■'A.Mll.^■ (ii:M:.\i.o(iv 


\ '^ i^ 


iii>i' stdi-c. wlicn lit' acc('|)t(Ml a position as manai^vr of tlio 
Oraii.iio Clolliiii--! ( 'ompaiiy. .Ian. 1. 1882, Ix'iiiii- Uumi in his 
19tli year, lie iiiaiiauctl the store fof tlircc years, 
whrii he was lakfii iiilo i)ai'liicrsliip, and lias siiico 1)i-«mi one 
of llic |ir(tpi-u tors as well as iiiaiiauvr. lie is one ol the 
foundcis. atwl has always h<'hl tlic olVicc of 'I'lvasnrcr of the 
Leavitt MacliiiK- ( "<i.. aiwl for a mtiiihrr of years has had full 
eare and nianauciiieiit of this business, in VSi'l' he and his 
jiartiicr opened a store in Athol. whieh is one of the princi- 
pal inereantih' estahlishnients of that town, lie is a direelor 
in and Viee-presi(hMit ol' the Oraime National l^>ank. and is 
a nieniher of Ihe l!(:ard of Trnstets of hot h the Oranue Sav- 
ings Bank and the Orans^v Co-operative l>aiik. He was 
Treasurer of the l-'irst I'niversalist Society of Oran.u'e for 
ten years, a'ld held the .tflice of Se<-retary of the ( 
Board of Trade for live yeai-s. He is an OiUl Fellow and a 
?»rasoii. lie married Fh)ra L. I'ntnani. I'li Feb.. 18S4. 




One cllild: 

1935 i Bayanl Putnam'" Dexter, b. 14 A]iiil. JS85. He graduated from 

the Phillips Exeter Academy in the class of 1905 and entered 
Cornell University at Ithaca, X. Y., the same year, and is 
taking the mechanical enoiiieering course. 


Mabel L.' Dexter, dauyhler of .losepli L." | Closes', Beujaniin^ 
Benjamin'. SanmeP, Benjamin", William-, Thomas^] and 
Persis [Lord] Dexter, was born :i June, 1865. She mar- 
ried Artlnir A. Prentiss. 

Two children : 

1936 i Pauline Moore'" Prentiss, h. 1891. 

1937 ii Alton'" Prentiss, b. 1897. 


Henry L.^ Davis, son of Nelson 1).' | Dexter", Liiey'^, Benjamin-', 
SamneP. Benjamin\ William-, Thomas^ Dexter] and Ade- 
laide ^r. [AVeseott] Davis, was horti 20 Ano-., 1856, at Caton. 


lie mari-ied Pli<>l)c M. AVhite. IS .l;iii.. ISTT. TTc was a car- 
penter l)y liadc. He (lied 7 An-.. l!H)ii. She di.'d in Col- 
(.i-ado. Dec. 11)01. 

Two cliildfcii : 

1938 i Willinin'" Davis. 1>. is;^: kill.'.l l,y .-ars. Mardi, 1896. 

1939 ii Ailrliiic'" l)a\ is. li. I May. Iss-J; iii. William ('liurrli of Culurado 

Springs, Hi \u^.. I'.Hil. Our .lauulii''''. I'. !•' I*'eb., 1904. 


Emma A.'' Davis, daimhlci- o\' Nelson D.' | Dexter. I>ucy''. I|cii- 
jaiiiin''. Saniuel\ Px-njaiiiiti ■. AVilliani-. Thomas^ Dexter | and 
-Inlia K. fP.akeiJ| Davis, was horn S dune, 1868, at Caton. 
X. Y. She married John C. IJoe. 1 Mareh. 1888: he was the 
son of Daniel 15. and .Mai'uarrl ( Frandei-liotl* ) TJoe. They 
reside on a farm at (*a1on. 

Six ehildi-en : 

1940 i Floreiu-e'" Eoe, b. Nov., 1888; d. R.'i>t.. 1895. 

1941 ii Stanley N.'" ^iov, b. 23 Sept., 1S9U. 

1942 iii Harry'" Eoe, b. April, 189.'). 

1943 IV Earl"' Koe, b. Marcii. 1897. 

1944 V Grace"' Eoe, b. IS Dec. 19(il. 

194.") vi riiarles Lawrence'" Rue. 1). 21) Do-., 1903. 


Frederick Albert" Warden, son of -iolni D."- |". [.ncy'', 
15,>njamiir'. Samnd'. I'x'n.iamin . William-. Thomas' Dexter] 
and Sarah IXieliols] Warden, was boi'n 24 April. 1S7.'). in 
Fall Iviver, i\lass. He was educated in the i)ul)lic schools of 
Fall Kiver. and innnediately after leaving school, entered 
the employ of L. Xiehols & Co.. fnrnitnre dealers. Tie mar- 
i-ied Kmma li. (IcrrA'. 4 Xov.. ISilti. a1 Fall l^iver. 

Two ehildren : 

•194(; i 'Mary Louise" Wanlrn. li. 17 .Oct., JS97._ 

1947 ii Earl Frederic'" Warden, b. 20 Dec, 1899. 








Florence D.' Warden, dauiilifri- .if Williiini .\/ j Xiircissa', 
l.iicy'', I'xMi.jainiir'. Saiinu'l\ Bcii.jainiii '. Williain-', Thomas' 
Dt'xtoi'l and Klla .M. IDiii'iVel AVaidcii. was honi :!ii Dec, 
1876. at Woi'ccstci', Mass. She mairiccl Miles Warden 
Taboi-. Id.luiie. 1!M):!. ill Wnreeslei-. Mass. 

One child: 
194S i Frnnklin War.len'" Tnbor, b. 17 .\ray, IDOo. 



Effie D.-' White, (hiui^htoi- of Lney V.^ [Daiii."!'. Lucy'\ Ben- 
jamin'. Snmuel'. IJenjainin : William-. Thomas' Dexter] and 
.John ('. Wliite. was horn 10 Dec. lS7t», at Cornini:'. X. V. 
She mari'i.d Charles A. Can-. ^\. D.. 7 .May. 1801. Dr. Can- 
is a Avell-knoWn |)hysieian. and in a(hlilii>n 1o a ivuuhir prac- 
tiee. lie is a speeialist in the li'ealmeiit of Ihe eye, throat 
and nose, lie was for several yeai's health officer of the 






township of Corniiii;'. and a niciiilici- nF the Board of Alder- 
men of the city of Coi-iniii;'. 

One child : 

1949 i llanild W.'" (air, li. at ('uniing. N. V.. 1^4 .Iiiiu'. LS9l'. 


Charles Herbert" Barber, son oT Sai-ali \V.' [AVilsoir, lietsey^ 
Benjamin^ SanuieP, I^xMijamin'. William-, Thomas' Dexter] 
and Charles W. Barber, was horn S ?\larch, 1860. lie mar- 
ried Eliza Tjueelia AValker of (ireeiiwieli, ^Niass.. 1) Now. 1883. 

Seven children : 

1950 i Carrie May'" Barber, h. 15 l\Iay. 1S.S4. 

1951 ii Oscar Herbert"' Barber, 1>. 7 Di'c, 1S85. 
195-J iii Arthur Wilson"' Barber, b. IG Feb., 1887. 
195,3 iv Mattie T.ueelia'" ]}arl>er, 1>. 1 .Inly, 1889. 

1954 V Ang-ie Eosetta'" Barber, b. 11 Im-I... I'^Ol. 

1955 vi Laura Isabella"' Barber, b. 1 1 -Inly. 1^9:!. 
195(3 vii Alta Estella"' Barber, b. bs .luuc, 189(;. 


Bessie J." Dexter, dau.uhter of Ephraim A.^ jSaiuner. Cideon''. 
Ephraiiu'. Ephraim^ Ben.iaminl AVilliam'-, 'riiomas' i and 
Betsey O. [Snow] Dexter, was horn 11 March. 18r)f). Slie 
■ married Captain Francis A. Bowman, 6 July, 18S(i. lie was 
the son of Captain Euther and Hannah (Tliller t liowman. 
He Avas a sea captain, and made many voyao-es betwet'ii ports 
on the United States Coast, also between the Enited States 
and Enji'land. He was once wrecked on the coast of Ireland. 
He made one Avhalin^' trip, sailing' in the bark "Commodore 
INIorris. " In 187() he took eonniiand of the sehooner 
"^lai-ysville,'" whieli was carryim: lumber between the Bay 
of Fundy and Boston. In ISSi! he canu^ home, and was 
made pilot for Bu/.zaids l>ay and vicinity. He is now em- 
ployed by 11. E. Converse as eoiumander of his steam and 
sailiiii;' yachts. 

One ehiUl: 
1957 i Edna ¥."' Bowiiian, b. at :\IattaiKusett, 17 Sept., Is91. 




Amy A.'-' Dexter, cljiuiilitrr of Eplifiiiiii A."^ ISaiiiucr. (iidcoii'', 
Ei)hr;iiiir'. Ephraim^, Benjaniiir', AVilliani-, Tluuiwis'l and 
Betsey (). | Snov, ] Dextei", was lioni LMi -lune. 1S74. She William 11. IlaiiiiiioiKl. '■'> .Xdv.. 1S!)8. 

'I'liri^i' children : 

19.58 i Kltou F.'" Haiiiniond. li. ;it .M.-ittajioisett, 4 Feb., 1896. 

19.19 ii Ivirlc D.'" Hfirniii(in<1, h. at Alarioii, 24 Aug., 1897. 
1960 iii Alice ('.'" Hammond, b. at Mattapoisett, 22 Nov., 1899. 



Charles Dexter' Allen, son of Anni(^ P.' |('hai-l<'s 11.'. Sclli''. 
S('tli\ Sclh'. iMMijainiii'. AYilliaiu-. Thomas' Dexter | and 
l>.Mnif11 \l. Allen, was horn S May. 1865. at AA^'indsor Ijoeks, 
Conn, lie nian-icd Frances Lonisc Clark of llai-tford. 
Conn., o Nov.. IS'.MI. 


1961 i Sylvia Mary'" Allen, I.. ;i1 Wiii.lsor Locks. 10 ^ray, ISOii. 

1962 ii T.ouiso Piersou"' Allm. \>. ;it Wiiidsdr Lucks. Id Oct.. 1 S9.''. ; d. 

1.5 April, 1S97. 

1963 iii ^[ariaii'" Allon. I.. ;it 1 l;ntf.,nl. ''L. In \\:uv\\. 1896. 

1964 iv Barbara'" Ailcn, 1i. at Hartford, Ct.. 1 Sc|,i.. liitil. 

Jonathan Dexter, tlu^ fii-st of tliis line ;i]>!)c;ii'c(l ;it Mansfield. 
Ct., in the oarl\' times, hul who'c lie was Iku'ii and ■wIkhh In* 
married has not been ascertained. Thi' Sjat'ter (ienealouy 
states that his son. Daniel, hoi-n ITtio. niarried lioxa Slai'tcr. 

Daniel Dexter, son of .jonatlian. was horn 11 Scpi.. ITti'); dird 
27 Sept.. 1S4S: married Koxa' Shifter. danLilitei- of Sjiiiniel' 
[Sann;el-, John']. She was horn "_".' Xow. ITiiT; died IT 
:\rareh. 1842. 

Children : 

i Asaliel Dexter, li. at Mansfield, Ct., 1788; m. Susan Austin, 
27 Sept., 181S. Tie was ('a]itain of Paris Furnace Company, 
140th X. Y. KeyiiiKMit, ill War of is 12, ;nid was in active 
service six months, ('hildrcn. horn in I'aris. X. Y. : 

1. Susan Dexter, h. .l Fel).. is-jd; d. 1.", March. 1880. 

2. Lovira, Dexter, b. 24 Oct., IS-Jl. 

3. Emily Dexter. 1.. .1 .\j,ril, 1824; d. 18 .Inly. 1882. 

4. Charles Dexter. I), lo I'eh.. 1829; m. Almira L. llam- 

nu'tt, 14 ]\lay. Is.'l. ;nid they had one child, Charles 
Albert D.'Xter. b. ar ('lay\ille. X. V.. 24 June, 18.37. 
ii Tryi)hosa Dexter, b. at Mansfield, ('1.. 1792; d. 1810. 
iii Daniel Dexter, \>. isou; d. 1822. 
iv Chester Dexter, b. -l Oct., 1 SO I ; m. Ann Williams. Three 

V. Sanuiel I'reeman Dexter, b. L! .\uo-., 1806; m. (1) Caroline 
Eisley, (2) Melviua C, Daily, (.'?) Deborah Soper, Children: 

1. Dani.4 Dexter, b. a1 Covinoton. X'. V.. 2;i Dec. 18.32; d. 

27 Jan.. ls.').l. 

2. Lucy -Ann Dexter, b. at Auliurn. X. Y .. 24 Sept.. 1834. 

3. llenrv Daniel Dexter, b. Is;i7. 


4. Kininct D.'xtfM-, li. 1 L' T)e(^. 1S47; .1. 17 March. 186(5. 

5. Jane Dexter, 1.. LI N,,v.. LS49; d. 19 Feb., 1855. 

(5. Freeman Dick Dexter, 1>. at Paris. X. Y., Ki July, 1852; 
ni. Susanna A. Sniitli. iin April. LS74. 

Henry Daniel Dexter, son of l^aimid Fi-ccinaii [Daniel. Jona- 
than] and Deborah fSoper] Dexter, was horn 24: March, 
1837. He niariied Sarah iM. Bontly of Paris, X. Y.. 30 
:\raroh, 1S.17. 

Nine cliildi en : 

i William Daniel. 1>. 25 March. LS5S ; .1. 6 July, 190;!; m. Kate 

Dailey, 30 June, lS9(i. 
ii Emma Nettie, b. L3 Au;j., LS59; m. George Smith, 12 Nov., 1880. 
Two children: Robert Earl Smith, b. 15 Nov., 1883; Eeba 
:\[. Smith, b. 11 OcL. 1888. 
iii Charles Henry, b. 19 Sept., 1863; m. Kate Brower, 6 Aug., 1884. 
Three children: Delta V., b. 1 Mun-h, 1886; m. Edward New- 
house. 23 June, 1905; Liblne L., b. 11 July, 1890; Jessie M., 
b. 14 Feb., 1896; d. 21 June, 1896. 
iv .leunie Louisa, b. S' Aug., 18(55; m. William H. ^rcCann. 31 

June, 1893. 
V Delta Elnora, 1). 28 Aug., 1868; d. 26 Dec, 1874. • 
vi Colont-l Wallace, b. 13 May, 1870; <1. 25 Dec., 1874. 
vii Horace Fred, b. 31 Jan., 1872; d. 26 Dee., 1874. 
viii Walter Vincent, b. 12 A]n-il. 1S74; d. 12 April. 1874. 
ix Eobert Emmet, b. 5 July, 1877; d. 10 Sept., 1877. 

Freeman D. Dexter, son of Sanmel Fi-eenian [Daniel, Jona- 
than] and Deborah [Soper] Dexter, was born 16 July, 1852, 
at Paris, X. Y. He lived npon his father's farm until he 
was 14 y(^ars of a^ie. In lS()(i he went to live with a 
farmer in West Winfield, where he i-emained three years, 
when he stai'ted in l)nsiness, repairing- oi'u'ans and other mu- 
sical insttnments, and later he l)uilt some mnsieal instrn- 
ments. In Augnst'. ISDT. he took ont a ])atent in the United 
States and Canada, on a two-mannal I'eed organ, which was 
an im])i'ovement in tone over those in connnon use. He eon- 
titnuid tnninu' and is activelv engaged in that business at 




the present time. He has tiuied nearly seventeen tliousand 
instruments. He moved to Earlville. X. Y., in 1901. lie 
married Susan A. Smith, :30 Api-il, 1874. • 

Five ehihlren : 

i Inez May Dexter, h. ;! IV)).. ISSO; d. 9 Aug.. 1888. 

ii Henry Daniel Dexter, Ik 11 Nov., ISSti; d. ]A Aug., 1887. 

iii Clara Belle Dexter, h. 7 :\r-ir.h, 1888. 

iv Mabel Ellen Dexter, h. 10 .Jan., 1891'. 

V Otto Freeman Dexter, b. ;U) May, 189.J. 


Abbott, Elvira B., 181 
Abernathy, Conant, 60 
Adams, Almira, 171 

Benjamin, 99 
Aiken, John, 62 
Alden, Adeline Lewis, 285 

Charles Edward, 285 

Clara, 285 

Eudora Frances, 285 

Emma Tobey, 285 

Francis LeBaron, 285 

George Lincoln, 285 

John, 2S5 

Lucia Enssell, 285 

Seth, 285 - 

Seth Frank, 285 

Susan Maria, 285. 
Aldrich, Addison S., 278 

Lyman P., 278 

Samuel T., 278 
Allen, Albert* 114 

Alice, 12-16 

Almira Warner, 143 

Andrew, 76 

Anna, 88-89 

Annie P., 316 

Annie Pierson, 298 

Anson F., 88 

Barbara, 317 

Bartlett, 75 

Bennit E., 316 

Bennit Rowland, 298 

Charles Dexter, 299-316 

Clarissa, 89 

Daniel, 10-11-13 

David, 51-88 

Ebenezer, 13 

Eluthera, 89 

Eliza A., 100 

Elizabeth, 13 

Francis G., 296 

Frederick, 88-89 

John, 13 

Joseph, 13 

Louise Pierson, 3 ! 7 

Lydia, 88 

Marian, 317 

AllcMi, Mary, lO-l;} - 

Moses, 88-143 

Eoanna, 94-148 

Sabra, 86-142 

Sarah, 13-31-46 

Sarah B., 89 

Samuel, 13 

Sylvia Mary, 317 

Thomas, 13 

Willard, 88-89 
Aired, Sarah, 182 
Ames, Daniel IL, 116 

Elizabeth H., 116 

Governor, 253 

Jane L., 116 

Loring T., 116 

Mary T., 116 

Oliver, 191 

Thomas C, 63-116 
Amidon, Alice, 51-89 
Anderson Almeda, 140-222 

Betsey, 222 

Timothy, 222 
Andre, Major, 40 
Andrew, Governor, 271 
Andrews, Bertha May, 210 

Carrie Dean, 209 

Charles H., 209 

Charles ITenry, 128 

Jennie Frances, 262 

John Dexter, 210 

Mary, 181 

President, 220 

Sarali Lizzie, 210 

William Francis, 209 . 
Annable, John, 15 

Mary, 15 
An II is, Joseph, 77 
Antony, Jessie, 79 . 
Armsbv, George F., 211 
Arnold, John, 20 

Sarah, 12-19-28 

Samuel, 11-18-19-20-21 
Ashley, Oscar, 211 
Athern. Belcher, 61 

Keziah, 60 
Atkins, Waty, 77 



Atwood, 55 

Hannah, 142 
Austin, Almeuii, 142 

David, 43 

Susan, 317 
Babcock, Caleb, 182 

Jason, 33-49 

Mary, 27-42 
Bacon, Cloves N., 136 

Mr., 207 
Baker, Abigail, 246 

Beunet, 246 

Julia E., 246 

President, 220 

Winfiekl, 147 
Balch, Kate, 161 
Baldwin, Ellen M., 199-300 

Joseph, 269 
Ballard, Edward, 93 

Hephzibah, 58-93 

Keziah, 95 
Ball, Aaron Laurence, 172 

Albert H., 172-267 

Aley Hayden, 267 

Almira, 266 

Benjamin Franklin, 173 

Bertha Buckner, 172 

Constance Lincoln, 172 

Elijah, 55-100-171-172 

Edith Preble, 172 

Eudora Adaline, 266 

Esther, Elizabeth, 172 

Fav Hill, 267 

Floyd, 172 

Fordyce, 58-99-171-172-173 

Frances E. W., 267 

Frank William, 172 

George Elijah, 171 

Harry, 172 

Harry Perkins, 172 

Herbert James, 172 

Hyder Alley, 172 

Hyderlah, 100 

Ida May, 267 

James Henry, 172 

Jay, 172 

Joanna, 100, 173 

John Alfred, 266 

John Levi, 171-266 

Joseph, 100 

Joseph Appleton, 172 

Joseph Elijah, 171-266 

Joseph Gilbert, 172 

Ball, Joseph Noruuiii, 172 

Laura Almira, 266 

Levi Thurston, 171 

Louis Caleb, 172 

Lucinda M., 100 

Lucy Maria, 172 

Mary Adaline, 172 

Maria Almira, 171 

Mary Frances, 171 

Phebe, 57-58 

Phebe Ann, 171 

Pauline Sarah, 171 

Ealph Alphonso, 266 

Eay, 172 

Eobert Elijah, 172 

Ruliy Josephine, 267 

Rutii, 172 

Samuel Wiley, 173 
Bangs, Elijah, 90 
Barl)er, Alice Jane, 274 

Alta Estella, 315 

Angle Rosetta, 315 

Arthur Wilson, 315 

Carrie May, 315 

Charles, 274 

Charles Herbert, 274-315 

Charles W., 315 

Ernest Timothy, 274 

Harry Eeuel, 229-261 

Henry D., 260 

Henry Davis, 149-168-229 

Heloise, 229 

James Arthur, 274 

Jerijah, 60 

Laura Isabella, 315 

Lucy A., 260 

Lucy Ann, 98 

Mattie Lucelia, 315 

Oscar Herbert, 315 

Eeuel, 99 

Eeuel, 167-169-260 

Sarah W., 315 
Harden, Frederick, 76 
Barlow, Biah, 74 

Ebenezer, 30 

Edward Albert, 295 

George, 27-32 

Gideon B., 295 . 

Herbert Alden, 295 

Joseph, 27 

Minnie Alice, 295 

Moses, 12-17-19 

William, 108 
Barnes, Eussell, 52 



Barrett, Anna, 58-93 
Barrows, Hannah, 30 

John, 20 

Lucy, 110 
Barstow, Caroline, 73 

Elizabeth Penn, 73 

Helen, 73 

Mary Tobey, 73 

Nathan, 42-73 

Nathan Hammond, 73 
Bartlett, Captain, 290 

G. S. M., 286 
Bartol, Clara B., 194 
Barton, Alice M., 276 

Charles H., 276 
Bascom, Lucinda, 40-65 
Bass, Hannah, 101 
Bassett, 54 

Calvin H., 139 

William, 11 
Bates, Betsey, 123 

Betsey Eames, 66 

Elizabeth, 64 

Frank, 165 

George E., 286 

Governor, 253 

Katherine Lee, 220 

Mary, 165 

Euth, 99-165-166 

Sarah W., 193 

William, 11-193 
Battle, Clarissa, 87 

Elizabeth, 87 

Esther, 87 

Ichabod Dexter, 87 

Lourinda, 87 

Lj'dia, 87 

Mary C, 87 

Phineas, 50 

Phiuehas P., 87 

Ehoda, 87 

Sherman, 50 
Baxter, Cora, 201 

John, 75 

Sally, 75 
Beal, Mary, 95 
Bean, Betsey, 82 

Mary, 81 
Beard, Kirby, 63 
Beckerman, Frances Snow, 287 

John A., 287 

John William, 287 

Louis Evelyn, 287 

Sarah L., 287 

Beckerman, William H., 287 
Bennett Sadie, 119-204 

Elizabeth, 181 
Benson, Priscilla, 27-43 
Bently, George F., 189 

Sarah M., 318 
Besse, Anthony, 14 

Elisha, 81 

Samuel, 81-191 
Bessej^ C. E., 220 
Bigelow, Aliiel, 54 

Vishti, 103 
Billinghani, Eebecca, 47-81 
Bishop, Kate E., 143-224 
Bissell, Frederick E., 196 
Blackmore, Abbie, 63-115 
Blackwell, Seth, 29 
Blanehard, Dai-win, 67 
Blankeiiship, James, 38 
Blakic, Dorothea, 122 
Boardman, Mary E., 82 

Mary Edna, 137 
Boodry, Nathan, 104 
Bolles, John Dexter, 191 

Eebecca, 104 
Bolls, Ebenezer, 38 

Mehitable, 18 
Booth, Sarah E., 240 
Boltwood, Eunice C, 196 
Bourne, Elizabeth, 28 

John, 28 
Bowerman, Thomas, 16 
Bowles, Benjamin, 25 

Eunice, 37-63 
Bowman, Edna F., 315 

Francis A., 315 

Hannah, 315 

Luther, 106-315 
Boynton, Mary A., 82 
Boyce, Alaric, 243 

Amanda, 243. 

N. Gertrude, 243 
Bracket, George, 253 
Brackett, J. Q. A., 191 
Bradford, W. M., 11 

George William, 52 
Braley, Lurana, 106 

Lurana K., 182 
Brewer, Delia, 1 30 
Brewster, Fear, 48 

William, 48 
Brightman, Frank B., 201 
Bronson, Victoria, 171 
Brooks, Charlotte L., 305 



Brooks, Dexter M., 3U5 

Otis, 160-168 

Euth H., 305 

Samuel H., 305 
Brower, Kate, 318 
Brown, Betsy, 178 

Joseph, 79. 

John, 105 
Brownell, Hannah, 46 
Browning, Ella B., 242 

Ella S., 158 

Jacob, 242 

Zuriah, 242 
Bryant, Clement, 103 
Buckley, C. S., 212 
Buel, Edward, 42-73 

Edward W., 73 

Eliza L. B., 73 

Laura J., 73 

Marietta, 73 

Keuben D., 73 

Sar-ah Jane, 73 
Buffum, Esek, 56-57 

George, 56-57 

Cromwell, 52 

Hosea, 92 
Bump, Seth, 43 
Bumpes, Elenor, 2(3-39 
Burbauk, Ezra, 105 

Mary, 64 

Mary J., 64 
Burge, Joseph, 14 
Burgess, Betsey, 60 

Martha, 47-82 

Prince, 61 
Burk, Hannali, 79 

Howard M., 67 
Burnel], Jonathan, 34 

William, 34-35 
Burnett, Esther, 90 
Burnliam, Ann, 96 
Bush, John, 70 

Persis, 70 
Burt, Luthervia, 148 
Butler, B. F., 191 

Mary, 27-39-40 

Rebecca, 40 

Thomas, 40 
Calhoon, Charles S., 194 
Calligan, Mary Susan, 149-227 
Cambridge, William, 62 . 
Campbell, William D., 188 
Candido, Amelia, 193 

Caadidd, iMiiuia, li'o 

Joseph, 111-193 

Thomas, 193 
Cannon, Abigail, 34-64-118 

Ebenezer, 35-42 

Joseph, 34 

Nathan, 42 
Carlton, George, 128 
Carll, Ellen E., 136-216 
Carmen, Nellie, 172 
Carpenter, Abbie L., 162 

Abbie Louise, 249-250 

Agnes, 52 

Alice, 62 

Bessie B., 306 

Caroline, 11-41 

Charles H., 164 

Charles Hudson, 248-249 

Clara E., 306 

Ella E., 306 

George R., 306 

Juliana, 52 

Lillian Gertrude, 249-250 

Melinda, 248 

Minniola Louisa, 249 

R. E., 269 

Robert Eames, 306 

Seba, 248 
Carr, Charles A., 313-314 

Effie D., 313 

Harold W., 314-315 
Carry Mary Ann, 77 
Cass, John, 54 
Caswell Catherine, 186 

Thomas, 77 
Cathell, Betsey W., 110 

Caleb Strong, 110 

Fanny W., 110 

Hannah D., 110 

Henry Nelson, 110 

James, 59-109 

Jane, 110 

Jane Tobey, 110 

Phebe B., 110 

Sally, 110 

Susan S., 110 
Cayle, Isabelle, 142 

Susan, 142 
Chadwiek, Tamez, 24 
Chaffee, Caroline, 285 
Chamberlain, Philo, 65 
W^illiam H., 211 
William Leon, 274 
Chandler, Charles, 64 



Chandler, Corbett, (52 
Francis S., 286 
John, 70 
Lydia, 63-117 
Pliny Fisk, 145 
Channiug, William H., 211 
Chapiri, Philma, 121 

Rhelura, 65 
Chase, J. P., 78 

Mary Jane, 263 
Chead, David, 23 
Elizabeth, 23 
Samuel, 15-23 
Cheney, Abigail, 86 
Allen, 142 
D. E., 269 
Damon, -264 
Ebenezer, 86 
Edward Turner, 87 
Edwin Thayer, 143 
Elizabeth, 264 
Ellen Elizabeth, 264 
Frank, 223 
Horace B., 223 
Hannah, 86 
Henry, 142 
John, 87-100-170 
John Humphrey, 170 
Julia Ann, 170 
Julia Maria, 143 
Lucien West, 143 
Lucy, 86 
Luther, 142 
Luther Norman, 143 
Milla, 86 

Moses, 50-86-142-143 
Nathaniel, 86 
Nathan Farmenter, 170 
Rhoda B., 143 
Rhoda Battle, 87 
Ruth, 86 
Samuel, 86 
Susan A., 223 
Child, Joseph, 31 
Choate, John, 233 
Robert, 233 
Sarah, 233 
Church, Charles, 28-29 
Hannah, 27-40-41 
Lois, 29 
Richard, 28 
William, 311 
Clapp, Charles S., 196 
Ralph. 113 

Clark, Mr., 141 
Alfred Henry, 297 
Charles S., 141 
David Dexter, 196-296 
Erastus, 113 
Ebenezer, 35 
Elizabeth, 36 
Frances Louise. 299-316 
Florella, 148 
George P., 175 
Irving, 297 
Lillian, 156-240 
Lucretia, 296 
Martha, 33-60 
Mary, 32 
Melinda, 130 
Mercy Smith, 196 
Pallas E., 240 
Ralph Huntington, 297 
Sarah, 171 

Susan H., 201 
William, 113-196-296 
William Dexter, 297 
William S., 240 
Clarke, Henry O., 248 

Josiah H., 248 
Cleveland, Florence, 261 

David, 56 

Nathaniel, 45 

.Julian, 261 

W^illie, 261 
Clifford, Irene, 132-212 
Clifton, Benjamin D., 134 

Edwin E., 134 

Julia M., 134 

Martha W., 134 

Obed 1)., 134 

Priscilla C, 134 

Sarah M., 133 

Savery, 43 

Timothy, 133 

Timothy A., 134 
Cluett, Charles F., 119 
Coffin, Arthur Dexter, 298 

Charles Sumner, 298 

Clarence Harlan, 298 

Dexter Drake, 298 

Douglass Pierson, 298 

Grace P., 298 

Herbert R., 297 

Herbert Raymond, 298 

.Julia S., 297 
Phebc C, 108-184 
Coggswell, Sarah, 96 



Cole, Timothy, 56 
Coleman, Ilezekiali, 76 

Maria T., 200 
Collins, Abigail, 16 

Alton, 287 

Euth H., 287 
Colson, Herbert D., 118 
Coman, Kathoriue, 220 
Compton, Kittie, 182 
Converse, H. E., 315 

James, 51 
Conant, Anna W., 148 
Cones, Bertrand A., 134 
Cook, Blanch A., 266 

William, 79 
Cooley, Charles Henry, 298 
Coombs, Perez, 43 
Coon, Mary, 75-130 
Cooper, Lydia, 53 
Copeland, 201 
Copeman, 183 
Corbet, Lois, 102 
Corning, John, 19 
Cory, C. M., 189 

Charles E., 303 

Mabel, 303 

Preston, 303 

William, 303 
Cosby, Catherine, 30-44 
Cowan, Abner, 182 

Charles, 182 

Deborah D. L., 181 

George, 182 

James F., 182 

Joshua, M., 182 

M. E., 243 

Mary W., 181 

Lidora C, 3 

Lidora S., 181 

Lorenzo, 182 

Lydia P., 181 

Seth, 106-181 

Seth L., 181 

Sophronia D., 181 

William P., 182 
Cowin, Israel, 43 

Nat, 42 
Cox, Doctor, 78 

Charles, 216 
Craigg, 198 
Crane, Governor, 253 
Crandall, Edward, 133 
Crawford, John, 51 
Crocker, Clarissa, 61-63-115 

Crowell, Paul, 15 
Crowell, Polly, 110 
Gushing, Ellsworth S., 289 

Vivian C, 289 

William, 289 
Cutter, Ella, 304 
Daifern, John, 13 
Daggett, Joseph, 132 
Daily, Melvina C, 317 
Dalton, John, 171 
Dana, Mary, 75 

Mary J., 131 
Danford, George, 22 
Dant'orth, Elizabeth, 143 
Daniels, Jennie M., 279 
Davenport, Amanda, 186 
Davidson, Abitha, 121 

William E., 77 
Davis, Adelaide M., 310 

Adeline, 311 

Alfradina, 169-261 

Cassie D., 162 

Catherine, 261-262 

Charles H., 247 

Cornelius H., 247 

Cynthia Ann 161-247 

Daniel, 98-99-161-165-166-258-259 

Dexter, 98-160-161-165-168-246 

Ebenezer, 33 

Edwin F., 166 

Edgar M., 247 

Edwin F., 258 

Elizabeth Emily, 161 

Emily, 246 

Emma A., 247-311 

Erastus Andrew, 161-247 

Georgianua, 169-261 

George E., 162 

Hannah, 103 

Harriet, 169 

Harriet Elizabeth, 262 

Henry L., 246-310 

Horace D., 246 

Jennie E., 169 

Jennie Etta, 262 

Joanna, 96 

John, 57-58-93-96-97-98-99-160- 

Joseph Augustus, 161 

Julia E., 311 

Louis B., 247 

Lucy, 57-160 

Lucy Ann, 999-167-247 



Davis, Lucy Dexter, 96 
Lucy E., 167-258 
Lynval A., 161 
Mary, 37-63 
Mary Addie, 247 
Mary E., 167-259 
Maud Alfredine, 258 
Narcissa, 98-162 
Nelsou D., 310-311 
Nelson Dexter, 161-246 
Nelson Norris, 247 
Norris, 98-161-165-247 
Philetus A., 161 
Euth, 166-258-259 
Euth J., 258 
Simon, 54 
Sylvester, 54-57-99-158-168-261- 

Wilber W., 247 
Willie, 247 
Willie E., 162 
William, 311 
Day, Eufus, 88 
Dean, 198 
Captain, 290 
Eoxana, 48-85 
Delano, Elizabeth, 77 
Elizabeth P., 134 
Mary, 43-76 
Euth, 43-76 
William, 106 
Dennis, Adonjah, 87 
Eunice, 87 
Julia Ann, 141 
Lucy, 51-87 
M. J., 282 
Mary Bishoi), 282 
Samuel, 87 
Dewey, Maria C, 94-156 
Dewing, Hannah, 95 
Dexter, Aaron, 94-153-154 
Abbie, 133-212 
Abbie A., 123-200 
Abbie C, 204 
Abbie M., 135-213 
Abiel P. E., 180 
Abigail, 11-14-15-22-23-24-30-34- 

Abigail Church, 113 
Abigail H., 204 ' 
Abner, 76 

Achsah, 105-107-180-283 
Achsah L., 180-283 
Ada M., 181 

Dexter, Addie E.. -'11 
Addie L., 182 
Addie M., 131 
Adelaide S., 204 
Adin Urial, 122 
Adrianna, 212 
Agnes Mary, 215 
Ainsworth, 108-184 
Alanson, 136 
Albertina E., 183 
Albert G., 109 
Albert H., 146 
Albert L., 190 
Albert M., 116-202 
Albert Maurice, 244 
Albert Morton, 202 
Albion E., 183-286 
Alden, 59-63-110-117-192-193- 

Alden D., 203 
Alden Davis, 301 
Alexander, 109-189-190 
Alice, 24-31-34-59-146 ^ 
Alice B., 216 
Alice M., 119-203-303 
Alice May, 305 
Alice Eider, 195 
Alice S., 82 
Alice W., 194 
Allen, 74-80-128-209 
Allen Caleb, 65 
Allen M., 81 
Alma, 51-84-140 
Almira.M., 128 
Alonzo, 82 
Alpheus, 111 
Alston S., 136 

Ama A.. 289-316- 

Ama L., 190 

Amasa, 47-81-82-94-137-138-148- 

Ambrose, 120 
Andrew, 117-203 
Andrew J., 122 
Ann, 16-24-72-78-132-143 
Anna, 42-43-51-59-88-94-104-147- 

Anna L, 295 
Anna M., 138-156 
Anna Wheeler, 88 
Anne, 41 
Annie, 77-299 
Annie D., 136 
Annie L., 289 



Dexter, Annie P., 199 

Annie Pierson, 298 

Anson, 82 

Arethusa, 84-140 

Arianah F., 136 

Ariedana, 45 

Arthur, 79-211 

Arthur A., 184 

Arthur Delano, 215 

Arthur Fry, 160 

Arthur H.," 202-203 

Arthur Job, 245 

Arthur S., 209 

Arthur N., 195 

Arlothea, 115-199 

Asahel, 317 

Augustus C, 126 

Augustus Charles, 70 

Aurelia A., 137 

Avery G., 205-206 

Avery J., 40-65-119 

Azubah, 45-60-77-78-79 

Azubah C, 289 

Barzillias. 79 

Bayard Putnam, 310 

Benjamin, 17-19-20-21-22-23-27- 
100-105-117-132-133 - 134 - 135- 
147-148-149-151-153-156 - 158- 

• 187-191-211-213-215-292 

Benjamin Allen, 149-227-306 

Benjamin D., 11-12-215 

Benjamin F., 109-135-189-215 

Bernice Alden, 301-302 

Bernard Leon, 244 

Bertha, 45, 211 ' 

Bessie J., 289-315 

Bessie N., 190 

Bessie L., 215 

Bethial. 27-38 

Bethsheba, 138 

Bethsheba Carver, 84 

Betsey, 38-58-64-82-94-95-100-103- 

Betsey Elizabeth, 63 

Betsey O., 315-316 

Betsey R., 115-136 

Betty, 31-32-50 

Biah, 128 

Browning Dewey, 242 

C. Henrv, 117 

Caleb, 34-35-38-59-108-111-112-194 

Dexter, Calvin, 108-109-1S2-186-187- 
Calvin H., 183 
Calvin S., 183 
Carlton, 190 
Caroline, 42-73-75-129 
Caroline E., 135 
Caroline H., 133 
Caroline Martha, 233-234 
Caroline Mary, 158-242 
Carrie A., 184 
Carrie J., 286 
Carrie Mabel, 206 
Carrie R., 190 
Cassandra, 85-142 
Catherine, 77-79-291 
Cecilia, 79 
Charity, 138-139-140 
Charity W., 139 
Charity Williams, 84 
Chairles, 38-40-62-64-&5-71-75- 

Charles Albert, 317 
Charles Delivan, 120-205 
Charles E., 121-128-146-183-209 
Charles Frederick, 116 
Charles H., 197-198-297-298-299 
Charles Haskall, 114 
Charles Henry, 318 
Charles Knowlton, 206 
Charles L., 71 
Charles Phineas, 155-156-236-237 

Charles Rugg, 301 
Charles S., 82-291 
Charles T., 192-203-295-303 
Charles W., 204 
Chandler, 67 
Charlotte, 75-76-212 
Charlotte Maria, 196 
Chester, 317 

Chester B., 64-67-119-205 
Chester Bascom, 121 
Chester S., 294 
Chloe, 123 
Christina, 106 
Christina R., 181 
Clara A., 180 
Clara Belle B., 19 
Clara H., 111-112-194 
Clara L., 236 
Clara Lunetta, 146 
Clara M., 123 
Clarence C, 190 



Dexter, Clareiue W'., l'.»7 
Clarinda, 215 
Clarissa, 42-72 
Clark, 50 
Clement E., 180 
Clifford H., 80 
Clifton C, 216 
Colonel Wallace, 318 
Constant, 17-19-21-31-36-47-81-130 
Content, 16 
Cora L., 286 
Cordelia, 212 - 
Cornelius, 16 
Crighton, 85 
Cynthia, 76 
D.- Gilbert, 66-207 
Daniel, 20-21-22-40-06-78-123-124- 

David, 27-31-36-39-40-46-59-64-65- 
60-07-79-80-81-94-112-113 - 123- 
David A., 210 
David B., 81-115 
David Erwin, 153-231-234 
David H., 75-124-125-131 
David Hazeltine, 207 
David W., 204 
Davis, 59-245 

Deborah, 17-26-41-60-62-112-113- 

Deborah E., 129 

Deborah F., 122 
Deborah O., 137 

Delia Carrie, 306 

Delia M., 195-291 

Delilah, 62 

Delta Elnora, 318 

Delta v., 318 

Dennis, 132-211-303-304 

Desite, 38 

Dewey & Co., 241-242 

Dinali, 18-19 

Dolly, 41-70-71 

Doris A., 210 

Doris Leonard, 294 

Dorothy M., 213 

Dorothy May, 236 

Drusilla, 31-32 

Dwight Hodge, 222 

E. Allen, 46-135 

E. Milton, 71 

Ebenezer, 30-44-45-59-78-79-80 

Ebenezer H., 286 

Edgar D., 289 

Dexter, Edith, M 
Edith Delano, 213 
Edith L., 308 
Hdna, 130 
Edna May, 245 
Edward, 12-27-42-43-74-79-90- 

Edward Dean, 62 
Edward G., 83-138 
Edward Mansfield, 158-242 
Edward S., 149-183 
Edward T., 182 
Edwin C, 119 
Edwin Douglas, 299 
Edwin Grant, 138-220-221 
Edwin D., 199 
Edwin F., 200 
Edwin S., 136 
Effie Etta, 121 
Effie Rosa, 128 
Elbert H., 216 
Eleanor, 41-48 
Eleanor F., 300 
Eleanor M., 66-67 
Eleanor Richardson, 301 
Eleazer, 83-84-138-139-140 
Elenor, 26 
Elias, 37-62 
Elihu, 54 
Elihu O. C, 307 
Elihu Osgood Clark, 149-228 
Elijah, 35-36-37-60-01-114-115-199 
Elijah C, 115 
Elisha, 37-44-45-63-75-116-117- 

Elisha L.,- 116-201 
Elisha M., 129 
Eliza, 211 
Eliza A., 111-193 
Eliza Bigelow, 199 
Elizn C, 184-291 
Elizabeth, 10-11-14-17-24-25-3.5- 

36-37-59-60-61-62-63-76-80 - 81- 

Elizabeth A., 183 
Elizabeth J., 286 
Elizalieth L., 215 
Elizabeth P., 190-213-215 
Elizabeth W., 183 
Ella, 211 
Ella F., 215 
Ella L.. 135 
Ellen. 78-207 
Ellen A.. 188 



Dexter, Ellen L., 11 !i 
Elleu M., 71 
Ellen T., 195 
Ellen W., 188 
Elliot Beckwith, 85 
Elsie F., 190 
Elnathan, 25 
Elwell v., 138 
Elwood W., 189 



58-59-104-105-107-109-110 - 111- 

Ephraim A., 185-288-315-316 
Epipheny, 43 
Emeline," 300 
Emma A., 111-194 
Emma J., 202 
Emma L., 118 
Emma Nettie, 318 
Emma S., 203 
Emma E. C, 194 
Emily, 71-317 
Emily, 108 
Emily B., 132 
Emily F., 202 
Emmet, 318 
Enoch, 30-45-79 
Enos, 45 
Ernest L., 204 
Ernest W., 292 
Erwin, 81 
Esther, 45 
Ethel M., 291 
Eunice, 42-43-45-79-116-] 17-183- 

Eugene Avery, 121 
Euphemia F., 192-295 
Evans K., 202 
Everett Augustus, 152-153-231- 

Experience, 43-45 
Ezra H., 117-202 
F. Arvilla, 244-245-246 
Fanny Beckwith, 88 
Fanny Eunice, 236 
Fanny S., 239 
Fanny Sarah, 155-156 
Fayette, 66-123 
Flora Ella, 160 
Florence, 299 
Florence A., 197 
Florence Belle, 125-207 
Florence G., 196-294 
Florilla P., 106 

Dexter, Fortunatus, IS 
Foster B., 143 
Foster D., 24 
Foster Dennis, 88 
Frances, 9-13-71-153-156-158 
Francis, 82 
Frances E., 117-137 
Frances Henrietta, 70-125 
Frances Louisa, 128 
Francis C. L., 131 
Frank, 67 

Frank Albert, 227-306 
Frank E., 307 
Frank Edward, 230-231 
Frank G., 300 
Frank Gibbs, 300 
Frank H., 189 
Frank M., 190 
Frank Russell, 195 
Frank Seaverns, 306 
Franklin B., 133 
Franklin Bowditch, 212 
Franklin Greenwood, 216 
Fred Abbott, 230-231-308-309 
Freddy B., 227 
Frederick, 146 
Frederick C, 201 
Frederick Homer, 120-121 
Frederick L., 195 
Freeman, 47-81-111-136-192-295 
Freeman C, 289 
Freeman D., 318-319 
Freeman Dick, 318 
Garret S., 130 

George, lll-H:f-122-132"l35->ll - 
George A., 286 
George Augustus, 245 
George E., 183-295 
George Edward, 159-244 
George F., 145-192 
George H., 116-202-211 
George Hillnian, 304 
George Mills, 70 
George Parsons, 196 
George S., 123-130-207 
George T., 138-216-217-218-219 
George Turrell, 145 
George W., 94-128-148-201-244- 

George W. S,, 209 
George Washington, 158 
Georgie Etta, 202 
Georgianna, 210 
Gershom, 18-26 



Dexter, Gertrude, I'ii-") 
Gertrude I., 206 
Gertrude Isabella, 120 
Gertrude W., 202 
Gertrude Wilson, 215 
Gideon, 31-32-43-47-59-82-108- 

Gideon F., 47 
Gideon L., 183 
Gilmore, 105-181 
Gladys Maria, 244 
Godfrey, 79 
Grace E., 180 
Grace Ethel, 215 
H. C, 243 
Hadassah, 65 
Harold, 242-300 
Harold S., 189 
Harper D., 76 
Harvey, 63-202-203 
Harvey K., 80 
Harriet, 71-108-114-132-184 
Harriet Augusta, 70 
Harriet Clark, 114-197 
Harriet Jane, 90 
Harriet Maria, 301 
Harriet N., 82-291 
Harriet S., 125-126-127 
Harriet Siverly, 70 
Harris H., 80 " 
Harvev, 117 
Hannah. 18-19-25-31-38-40-41-45- 

46-52-57-58-67-77-80-82-90 - 92- 

96-99-100-112-118-146-189 - 190- 

Hannah J., 64-189 
Harriet Jane, 145 
Hannah L., 291 
Hannah S., 107-1 09-187-188-293- 

Helen A., 70 
Helen Augusta. 127 
Helen G., 192-295 
Henrietta, 193 
Henrv, 78 

Henrv A., 109-137-191-192 
Henry B., 137-204 
Henrv C., 136-216 
Henrv Clav, 155-156-234-235-236 
HenrV Daniel, 317-318-319 
Henrv G., 211 
Henry K., 194 
Henrv M., 115-182 
Henrv Martvn, 199-300 

Dexter, Henry MontL'^tuiuM y, (0 
Henry Morton, 200-300" 
Henry N., 111-112-192 
Henry V., 82-216-220 
Henry Vaughn, 137-222 
Henry Walker. 88 
Henry W., 1S5 
Ilephzibah, 93-149-168-229-261 
Herbert Arthur, 227 
Herbert C, 228 
Herbert Eugene, 160-245 
Herbert W., 289 
Herman Francis, 158-241 
Herman W., 303 
Hiram, 133-212-305 
Horace, 71-85-ss-l LI- 1 27-135- 

Horace Fred, 318 
Horace Lyman, 215 
Horace N., 184 
Hoyt, 149-229 
Ichabod, 32-33-48-49-50-51-53- 

Inez May, 319 
lona F., 224 
Ira, 75-132-133 
Irene, 65 
Irene B., 196 
Irene, 65-67-119 

Isaac, 30-31-32-44-47-77-78-81-82 
Isaac v., 78 
Isaiah, 35-37-62-63 
Israel, 78 
Izah A., 289 

Jabez, 16-17-24-25-26-34-37-62 
Jairus A., 136 
James. 11-12-16-17-19-20-21-24^8- 

James A., 118-128-204 
James Ambrose, 206 
James F., 181 
James L., 187-294 
James Pitkin, 113 
James E., 65-122 
James Smith, 210 
James W., 64-118-204 
Jane, 27-28-43-59-63-75-85-109- 

Jane C, 130-188 
Jason L., 109-190 
Jean, 28 
Jediah, 45 

Jedidah, 27-28-48-79-85-141 
Jennie, 122 



Dexter, Jennie H., I'Sfi 
Jennie Louisa, 318 
Jerusha, 79 
Jesse, 44 
Jessie, 207 
Jessie M., 80-318 
Joan C, 182 
Joanna, 19-20-21-22-36-60-180- 

Joanna P., 180 
Job, 33-50-51-87-88-89 
John, 10-11-12-14-16-17-18-19-23- 
26-38-40-44-51-64-66-77-78 - 81- 
87-107-109-114-118 - 122 - 136- 
John A., 79-123-128-129 
John Albert, 75-210 
John Bangs, 90 
John Bernard, 158 
John C, 117-196-205-294 
John Freeman, 83 
John G., 199-300 
John Gibbs, 61-114-199 
John Henry, 122 
John Kempton, 80 
John L., 204 
John R., 300 

John S., 122-136-187-195-207-291 
John Sidney, 66 
John W., 300 

Jonathan, 25-27-30-31-38-40-41- 
44-46-48-51-67-70-71-77-80 - 85- 
Jonathan K., 80-135-215 
Jonathan L., 305 
Jonathan M., 41-125-126-127 
Jonathan Mills, 67-68-69 
Joseph, 16-24-30-32-33-43-45-51- 
75-78-80-132-133-203-212 - 301- 
Joseph B., 115 
Joseph Clark, 94 
Joseph Dean, 84-139-140-222 
Joseph Franklin, 222 
Joseph H., 41-78 
Joseph L., 149-307-308-310 
Joseph Lord, 230 
Joseph T., 204 
Joseph W., 41-71 
Josephine M., 71 
Joshua, 26-37-76 
Josiah, 19-20-21-22-30-31-46 
Josiah A., 134-213 
Julia A., 207 

Dexter, Julia S., 199 
Julia Sargent, 297 
Judah, 83 
Kate, 79-122 
Kate F., 190 
Katherine, 45 
Katie, 119 
Katie S., 119 
Kesiah, 59-104-105-107-109-110- 

Kesiah L., 285 
Kezia, 81-82 
Keziah, 61 
Keziah L., 180 
Laban H., 66 
Laura, 66-67-121-289-306 
Lawrence, 192 
Leander A., 286 
Leonard, 41 
Leonard S., 107-182 
Lemuel, 62 

Lemuel LeBaron, 136-201 
Lena B., 202 
Letta, 229 
Letitia, 78 
Levi, 128 

Lewis, 82-108-137-183-192-286 
Libbie L., 318 
Lillian C., 294 
Lillian L., 189 
Linda W., 189 
Linus G., 71 
Linus W., 41-71-72 
Listha, 78 
• Lizzie A., 123-190 
Lizzie 0., 200 
Lizzie Lina, 121 
Lizzie W., 204 
Lois, 28-34-81 
Louisa, 82-127 
Louis E., 300 
Louise G., 202 
Lorenzo D., 106-182 
Loring, 105-107-180-283-285 
Lorna, 306 
Lovira, 317 
Love, 305 
Lucia Frances, 160 
Lucie A., 67 
Lucius C, 205 
Lucius T., 119 
Lucinda, 119-121-145 
Lucretia, 113-196 



Dexter, Luella P., 291 
Luthera G., 141 
Luthcra Gorham, 85 
Lurana, 109-185 

Lucy, 50-57-58-62-76-86-96-111- 
133-142-143-161-162-165 - 167- 
Lucy A., 192-295 
Lucy Ann, 317 
Lucy Alden, 111 
Lucy Amelia, 306 
Lucy B., 196 
Lucy H., 149 
Lucy M., 140 
Lucy Ruggles, 301 
Luke, 59-105-180-181-182 
Luna Jennie, 121-206 
Lydia, 45-50-62-64-76-78-79-87- 
115-134-185-194-202-203 - 288- 
Lydia D., 76 
Lydia S., 202 
Lyna, 245 
Mabel, 286 
Mabel A., 224-306 
Mabel Augusta, 120 
Mabel Ellen, 319 
Mabel L., 230-231 
Mamie F., 289 
Maria, 80-156-231-234-236-239 
Maria C, 241-242-243 
Maria L., 108 
Mariah, 46 
Marion, 203-236-245 
Marion H., 213 
Marjory Morton, 300 
Martha, 34-58-59-104-114-115- 

Martha A., 83-289 
Martha C, 115-118 
Martha J., 286 
Martha J. W., 128 
Martha M., 81-116-135 
Mary, 11-12-13-15-16-17-18-19- 
23-24-25-26-33-37-40-42-43 - 49- 
52-53-62-63-65-66-67-72-73 - 74- 
75-77-79-81-82-83-84-89-90 - 108- 
113-122-132-133-135 - 137 - 141- 
185-186-187-188-196-199 - 211- 
Marv A., 76-128-129-189 
Mary A. E., 116 
Mary Ambrosia, 120-206 
Mary Ann, 76-201-209 

Dexter, Mary B., 216 
Mary D., 7, 180 
Mary D., 9-205-206 
Mary E., 22-137-183-216 
Mary E. €., 286 
Mary Eliza, 78-80 
Mary Ellen, 196 
Mary H., 212 
Mary Hynkley, 114-199 
Mary J., 118-136-286 
Mary L., 204-211 
Mary Lizzie, 160-246 
Mary Love, 306 
Mary M., 130-210 
Mary Melisse, 83 
Mary P., 129-200 
Mary Stanford, 301 
Mary Snow, 80 
Mary Wilson, 209 
Margaret, 245-303 
Matildy, 79 
Maurice, 158-243-244 
Mehitabel, 22 

Mercy, 16-25-46-47-48-51-57-58- 

Mercy Hinkley, 88 

Mcli-nda, 79 

Melintha C, 185 

Melvin A., 65-122 

Melviu Adam, 122 

Meriam, 16 

Merinda, 203 

Meribah, 31-32-47-203 

Milton I., 192 

Milton L., 128 

Minnie A., 194 

Minnie Frances, 302 

Miriam, 50-80-306 

Moores, R., 118-204 

Moses, 91-94-119-149-151-169-230 

Myra C, 190-289 

Myra Jane, 117 

Mvra R., 228-307 

Nancy, 60-82 

Xancy M., 140-222 

Nathan, 27-31-32-40-42-65-122 

Nathaniel, 47-60-80-81-115 

Nettie Louise, 230-231 

Nina, 229 

Noah, 19-20-27-43-76-133 

Oakley White, 207 

01)adiah, 286 

Obadiah D., 180-285-286 

Olive, 39-41 



Dexter, Oliver, S'9-41-70-71-127 

Oliver F., 186 

Otto Freeman, 319 

Ozra Lafayette, 120 

Pamelia, 75-80-130-210 

Patience, 26 

Paul, 31 

Peleg, 30-44 
■ Perley Hyde, 207 

Perries, 75 

Persis, 203-310 

Phebe, 58-99-169-170-171-172- 


Phebe A., 186 

Phebe P., 224 

Philander E., 186 

Philena, 90 

Philip, 11-12-16-24-26-30-38-46-64 

Philip Lee, 242 

Polly, 59-62-75-76-111-136 

Prince, &5-61-114-115-199 

Priscilla, 43-75-76 

Eachel, 107-182-183-184 

Eachel S., 183 

Ealph C, 195 

Eavmond Henry, 149 

Eebecca, 45-64-79-136 

Eebecca H., 64 

Eebekah, 59-112 

Eemember, 149 

Eeuben, 27-40-41-45-72-73 

Ehoda, 50 

Eichard, 190 

Eoama, 136-227-228-229 

Eobert A. P., 285 

Eobert E., 201 

Eobert Emmet, 318 

Eobert L., 187-293-308 

Eobert W., 215 

Eoberts, 78 

Eobinson, 82 

Eodolphiis W., 76-132-133-211-212 

Eoland Foskett, 244 

Eosana, 45 

Eose, 17-18-19 

Euey, 242 

Eufus, 37-77-109-135-215 

Eufus N., 135 

Euth, 27-34-40-51-77-89-90-133- 

Euth F., 210 

Sally, 51-58-90-140-145-205 

Sally Beckwith, 85 

Sally Etta, 205 

Dexter, Salome, 114 

Samuel, 9-19-21-22-32-33-42-43- 

45-47-48-49-50-52-53-74 - 75 - 79- 

80-81-83-84-85-108 - 129 - 130- 

Samuel Adams, 70 
Samuel B., 63-85-115-200 
Samuel E., 129-210 
Samuel Freeman, 317-318 
Samuel Stillman, 94-156-157-241- 

Samuel W., 136-140 
Sarah, 16-18-21-22-24-27-28-31- 

32-33-37-43-53-61-62-75-80 - 82- 

Sarah A., 111-137-184-186-193- 

Sarah Abigail, 80 
Sarah Allen, 80 
Sarah Ann, 114 
Sarah C, 46 
Sarah F., 145-181 
Sarah H., 41 
Sarah J., 129-307-308-211 
Sarah Johnson, 303-305 
Sarah M., 67-75-130-131-210 
Sarah S., 117 
Sarah W., 117 
Selina, 65 
Seth, 19-20-21-22-24-26-35-36- 

37-48-59-60-61-62 - 63 - 84 - 112 

Seth L. M., 135-215 
Seth P., 129 
Silas, 26-39-40 
Silvia, 41 
Silas B., 119-205 
Simeon, 58-94-153-154-155-234- 

Smith, 79 
Solon, 82 

Sophia, 60-61-76-132-304 
Sophia E., 115 
Sophia H., 301-303 
Sophia, 211 
Sophronia, 65 
Sophronia P., 106 
Stella A., 71 
Stella G., 138 
Stephen, 11-12-15-16-23-31-32- 

Stephen E., 201 
Stephen T., 82-136 
Stillman, 111-192-295 



Dexter, Susan, 74-317 
Susau A., 204 
Susan J., 191 
Susanna, 43-48-58-79-80 
Susannah P., 42 
Sumner, 21-75-81-108-129 
Sydney C, 202 
Sylvia", 77-82-197-19S 
Thankful, 26-28-36-37-43-60-61- 

Theresa, 78 
Thirza, 85 
Thomas, 8-9-10-11-12-14-17-18- 

22-23-28-31-32-36-48-59 - 80 - 84. 

Thomas A., 189-190 
Thomas D., 5-6-7-8-9-10-11-15-118 
Thomas N., 295 
Trustum Durell, 149-227 
Tryphosa, 317 
Urial, 65-122 
Urial Sherman, 114 
Vera L., 306 
Vincent, 78 
Viola, 295 
Virtue E., 289 
Walstein, 190 
Walter C, 292 
Walter F., 192 
Walter G., 192 
Walter Vincent, 318 
Walter W., 119 
Warren, 79-108-114-185 
Warren J., 80 
Warren P., 122 
Weston A., 111-194 
Willard, 84 
William, 11-12-17-23-24-25-60- 

70-78-79-106-113-114-140 - 183 

. 197 

William A., 118-192-295 
William Alfred, 140 
William B., 115 
William C, 118-187-291 
William Charles, 236 
William D., 8-9 
William Daniel, 318 
William E., 79 
William ¥., 128 ^ 

William H., l^-]>S^20^^6-295- 

William Herbert, 305 -^ 
William N., 143-306-224 

Dexter. William I'., isl 

William K., 117 

William S., 80 

William W., 59 

Williams, 84 

Willie II., 146-188 

Willoughby, 79 

Wilson, 74 

Winfred, 200 

Zenas, 51 

Zenas 11., 145 

Zonas riinkley, 90 

Zoath, 38-105 

Z Uriel, 22 
Dillingham, Charles, 117 

Charles H., 203 

Edward, 11 
Dilloway, Merebah, 31 
Dix, Justus H., 65 

Lucinda, 122 
Dooley, Mary J., 143-224 
Doolittle, Colonel, 50 
Doruie Captain, 195 
Dorcher, Annie E., 303 
Douglas, Charles Erwin, 198 

Edward A., 197 

Edwin A., 114 

Edwin Dexter, 198 

Ellen, 198 

Governor, 253 

Harriet, 198 

Harriet Dexter, 197 

Isabella, 198 
Mary Kliza, 224 

W. W., 211 
Dow, Esther A., 172 

Frank II., 167-259 

Harry S., 259 

Ina M., 245 

Jennie M., 166-258 

Jessie Euth, 259 
Doyle, Mary Ella, 274 
Drake, Cora, 298 
Drew, Ella A., 278 
Dudley, Francis, 102 
Dunliar, Belinda, 112 
Dunham, Cliftord, 132 
Harriet, 75-132 
Thubeal, 132 
Dunn, Byron P., 296 

John, 295 
Durfee, Benjamin, 255 
Ella M., 165 
Ella Maria, 255 



Durfee, Nanc-y, 181 
Susan G., 134-213 
Eager, Abigail, 48-85 

Sally, 51-89 
Eaton, Calvin, 93 

Fanny J., 171 
Eames, Abigail A., 66-123 
Julia A., 66-123 
Sarah Burt, 184 
Earle, Samuel A., 190 
Eaton, John W., 77 

Sarah J., 184 
Eddy W., 92 

Edwards, Deborah, 75-129 
George W., 186 
Lydia A., 118 
William, 80 
Egge, Arthur, 122 
Eldridge, Linus E., 291 

William D., 291 
Ely, Eiehard T., 222 
Ellis, Charles, 37 
Endicott, 5-6 
Ensign, Welling, 130 
Erwin, Helen Marion, 225 
Everts, A., 137 
Failing, Louise T., 190 

William A., 190 
Faunce, Mary J., 187-291 
Fay, B. W., "268 
James P., 90 
Job, 158 
S. E., 275 
Field, Lillian Adell, 143-224 
Fish, Mercy, 14-22 
Fisk, Thomas, 98 
Fitzpatriek, Mr., 207 
Flagg, Algernon S., 281 
Fanny Elizabeth, 281 
Fletcher, Francis, 102 
Foley, Kate, 279 
Forbush, Jerusha, 53 
Forbes, Susan, 183 
Ford, Charles M., 78 
Minnie, 223 
Josiah, 55 
Foss, Euphrata, 137 
Foskett, Martha Stella, 1.58-244 
Foster, Anna, 44-77 
Caroline, 104 
Edward, 44 
Nancy, 100-178 
Fountain, Minerva, 180 

Fowle, Eudora, 266 
Fox, Eliphalet, 102 
Frances, Helen, 73 
Frazer, Captain, 290 
Freeman, Alfred, 78 
Benjamin, 78 
Edmund, 9-11-48 

Eliza, 78 
Eliza Ann, 78 

Elizabeth, 48 

George W., 78 

Hatsuld, 15 

.John, 11-47-48 

Mary A., 78 

Mercy, 78 

Thankful, 9-47-48 

Whitman, 78 
French, Abijah, 170-263 

Adaline B., 264 

Adams, 87-143-170-223-224 

Alice, 265 

Angle M., 264 

Arville, 170 

Augusta, 170 

Azubah, 170 

Belle, 265 

Bertha Belle, 264 

Charles B., 247 

Charles H., 170-264 

Clara Eleanor, 224 

Clarence C, 247 

Cora, 223 

Dorothy, 265 

Edward, 247 

Elvirus Franklin, 223 

Etta Lois, 264 

Frank, 223 

Ida M.. 247 

Joseph A., 247 

J. Margaret, 223 

Lambert R., 265 

Levi F., 170 

Lysander, 143-223 

Marcus, 247 

Maria, 170-264 

Mary A., 143-223 

Melvin L., 247 
Minnie May, 224 

Moses C, 143-224 
Priseilla, 263-264 
Priseilla E., 170 
Rhoda, 223-224 
Richard, 100-170-263-264 
Richard C, 265 
Waldo, 223 



Frend, John, 9-12 
Frink, Davis, 290 
Harold R., 290 
Frishmuth, Caroline G., 126-208 

Frost, Merinda, 63-117 

Peter, 45 
Fry, Augustus, 275 
George Dexter, 148 
George Wilson, 274 
Elizabeth Ann, 148 
Ellen S., 148 
F. A., 94 
F. Arvilla, 148 
Flora Arvilla, 158 
Job, 94-148 
Job Warren, 148 
Lizzie Adeline, 274 
Martha Jane, 148 
Peunald, 148 
Winthrop Hastings, 274 
Fuller, Andria C, 76-133 
Samuel, 52 
William, 104 
Furbush, Jerusha, 90 

Eosanna, 91 
Furgers, John, 45 
Gage, Levi, 56 
Gardner, Benjamin 0., 142 
Charlotte, 80 
Cynthia, 79 
Grace, 184 
Henry, 79 
Jason, 78 
Rebecca, 80 
Susan, 79 
Sophronia, 79 
Stephen, 45 
William, 45 
Garney, Anna K, 146 
Garton, Andrew J.. 161 
Gates, Benjamin, 60 
Gavett, William, 129 
Gaylord, Eleazer, 113 
Elizabeth, 113 
Sylvia, 60-113 
Genderson, Alvin, 304 
Gerry, Emma B., 251-311 
Gibbs, Joanna, 36 
John, 36 
Joseph, 61 
Gifford, Catherine, 301 
Elizabeth A., 128-209 
Humphrey A.. 301 
Lizzie C, 296 


GifFord, Lucy E., 192 
William, 295 
William L. R., 301 
Gilbert, Alice, 70-126 

Persis, 51-87 
Giles, Mr., 53 
Gillette, Mattie R., 193 
Glenn, Elsie J., 304 
Goddard, Mosps, 50-55 
Godfrey, Azubah, 45-78 

Hannah, 45-79 
Goodell, Ephraim, 103 

Hannah, 103 
Goodnow, Benjamin, 56 
Goodspeed, Burbank S., 186 
Hiram H., 186 
Nettie, 186 
Gould, Agnes, 78 
Alfred H., 279 
Charles A., 279 
Cordelia, 141 
Ella Maria, 222 
Haffield, 222 
Harry W., 279 
Henry B.. 140-222 
Lydia, 222 
Matilda, 82 
Olive, 84-139 
Thomas, 78 
Viola Ethelyn, 279 
Willard C, 279 
Gordon, Isabella, 192 
Gorham, De LaFayette, 83 
Mary, 138 
John, 48-83-138 
Sally, 83 

Sarah, 83 . 

Stephen, 83 ' ' 

Susan, 83-138 
Thomas, 83 
Granger, Otis P., 75 
Graves, Eleazer, 32 

Minnie Emmelin, 159-244 
Nathaniel, 32 
Gray, Alfradina, 261 
Catherine, 261 
James, 261 
Mary S., 294 
Robert, 261 
Winifred W., 267 
Greaton, Colonel, 40 
Greenhalge, Governor, 253 
Greenwood, Nellie J., 138-216 
Griffin, George Freeman, 267 
James, 139 



Griffin, James S., 267 

,Lora R., 71 
Griggs, Bertha, 267 
Hall, Abner, 72 

Amalin, 111 

Arethusa, 111 

Charles, 111-181 

Charles D., 73 

Emily, 72 

Eveline, 111 

George Chandler, 173 

Houghton, 100-173-267 

Irene, 40-67 

Jennie Louisa, 173 

Joanna, 267 

Josephine Augusta, 173 

Larnet, 59-105-111 

Laura A., 72 

Lucy, 72 

Martha, 72 

Martin, 111 

Mary, 111 

Nathan, 72 

Sarah Elizabeth, 173-267 

Willard Houghton, 173 
Hallett, Abigail, 10-15 

Andrew, 14 

Annie, 14 

David, 15 

Ebenezer, 15 

Elizabeth, 15 

John, 14 

Jonathan, 10-11-14-15 
. Mehitable, 11-14-15 

Thomas, 15 

Timothy, 15 
Hamilton, Captain, 290 
Hammett, Almira L., 317 

Epipheny, 27 

Herbert, 134 

James, 76-134 

James Edward, L34 

Mary Ann, 134 

William Frederick, bU 
Hammond, Alice C, 316 

Allen D., 216 

Allen Dexter, 136-216 

Benjamin, 27-32 

Carrie E., 296 

Charles B., 295-296 

Charles S., 296 

Clara L., 201 
■ Clara Lueinda, 136 

Dorothy, 216 

Earle D., 316 

Hammond, Elton, 316 

Ephremia D., 296 

Israel, 32 

John, 18-19-22 

Joseph, 29 

Patience, 24-37 

Paul, 43 

Maria M., 296 

Martha M., 216 

Mary, 28 

Noah, 81-135-216 

Nathan, 27 

Rowld, 22 

Sarah A., 296 

Seth, 81 

Thomas P., 296 

William, 104-316 
Handy, Captain, 191 

Caleb, 76 

Sarah, lS-26 
Harding, Thomas C, 132 
Hardy, Maria L., 94 

Phineas, 155 

Maria, 155 

Sarah, 155 
Harlow, Abner, 190 
Harkness, 54 

Harper, Robert D., 126-208 
Harrington, Charles A., 282 

Charles Albert, 282 

Elizabeth, 283 

Elmer Winfield, 282-283 

Everett Samuel, 283 

Fred. William, 283 

George Elmer, 282 

George Leonard, 283 

Helen Lucy, 282 

Jerusha, 78 

Leonard, 283 

Lucy, 282 

William T., 283 
Harris, Eliza A., 78 
Harrison Bros., 290 

Jessie, 247 

Mary T., 247 
narrower, Paul Dexter, 202 

James S., 202 
Hart, Edward Dexter. 183 

Ward W., 183 
Hartshorn, Emma F., 134 
Hartwell, Samuel, 101 

Virginia, 306 
Harvey, Mary E., 202 

Stephen, 77 
Harwood, Hannah, 101 
Haskall, Carrie M., 264 



Haskall, Comfort, S3 

David, 62 

Deliorah, 35 

M., 264 

Setb, 62 

Thomas, 297 

Thomasine, 298 

Zebulon, 36-37-62 
Haskell, C. Henry, 199 

Deborah, 59 

Mary M., 199 

Thankful, 36 

Thomas, 36 

William C, 114-199 

William Prince, 199 
Haskins, Bertha L., 211 

Eben Franklin, 210 

Emily, 64 

Eiith, 211 
Hastings, 99 
Hatch, Hannah, 59 

Ruth, 34 
Hathaway, Annie E., 116-202 

Betsey, 64 

Ebenezer R., 64 

Elmer B., 289 

Isaac, 64 

Judah, 64 

Mary, 30-46 

Nathaniel, 64 

Patia A., 64 

Paul, 182 

PhiUp D., 64 

Rahania, 27 

Seth, 28 

Stephen S.. 289 
Hawley, Hiram, 41 
Hayden, Julia B., 299 
Haynes, Amelia A., 304 
Hayward, Zadok, 55 
Haywood, Benjamin C, 71 

Priscilla, 102 
Havok, Orrin C, 171 
Haven, Lucy S., 138 
Hazeltine, Chloe, 66 
Hazzard, Henrv C, 134 
Headman, Maggie A., 129-210 
Heard, Phebe, 74-128 
Hecox, Austin N., 131 
Hedge, Asa, 50-86 

Deliverance, 86 

Elisha, 48-86 

John, 86 
Solomon, 86 
Herrick, Nancy C, 137 
Herrington, Fanny T., 197 
Hicks, Alexander, 214 

Hicks, Belle B., 214 

Edward E., 213-214 

Edward H., 214 

Elizabeth D., 214 

Florence K., 214 

Louise E., 214 

Samuel E., 134 
Hill, Alice E., 267 

Lucy, 98-161 
Hiller, Almira, 289 

Barnabas, 64 

Carrie Edna, 188 

Desire Smith, 64 

Esther E., 185 

Elisabeth L., 109 

Nathaniel, 104 

Nathaniel P., 185 

Joseph, 188 

Lvdia, 59-112 

Lydia C, 289 

Nellie M., 188 

Prince, 104 

Rebecca, 38 

Sarah, 189 

Seth, 289 

Sophia W., 185 

William F., 193 
Hillman, Stephen P., 141 
Hilman, Betsey, 75-132 

Samuel, 17 
Hilton, Hattie, 279 
Hillis, Rebecca, 26 
Hinckley, Abigail, 150 

Sarah, 211 

Thomas, 9-11-150 
Hinkler, Mercv, 50 

Ruth", 51 

Thomas, 50-51 
Hitchmond, Eunice, 192 
Hixson, Elkanah, 56 
Hoadley, Luther, 60 
Hoar, Anna, 56 
Hockin, Martha J., 117 
Hodge, Allie Martin, 227 
Holden, David, 86 

Emily, 98-160 
Holbrook, Enos, 57 
Holmes, Alice, 38-105 

Ebenezer, 59-105 

Hannah. 105-111 

Kesiah, 105-180 

Mary, 105 

Marv A., 202 

Susan H., 105 
Holt, Jennie, 52-90 
Holton, Carrie Louise. 307 

Charles Gilford, 307 



Holton, Dwight Dexter, 307 

George W., 228-307 
Hooke, Humphrey, 5 
Hooper, Martha Ellen, 304 
Hopkins, Giles, 1-4 
Horton, Francis L., 65 
Hoskins, Eben Franklin, 130 
Hosmer, Mary, 102 
How, Anna, 54 

Elder, 54 
Howard, Charles H., 209 
Deborah J., 203 
Edgar Ephraim, 156 
Edward Ellis, 128-209 
Elmira, 170 
Joanna, 98 
Lucy Ann, 98-161 
Stephen, 98 
Howe, Arthur Otis, 206 
Carlton Dexter, 206 
Carlton Durant, 206 
Charles, 70 
Desire, 15 
Elsworth E., 223 
Ella Maria, 279 
Herman Alline, 206 
John, 70 
Josiah, 98 

Marshall Avery, 206 
Marshall E., 206 
Marshall O., 120 
Mary, 98 
Hovt, Laura Dona, 210 
Hubbard, Daniel, 151 
Maria, 151 
Susan, 151 
Hudson, Margaret, 247 
Huffman, Harriette Heloise, 229 
Hunt, Julia A., 143 
Samuel, 17 
Sophia, 51 
Hunter, Thomas, 33 
Huntington, Nellie, 296 
Huntley, Orris P., 181 
Hutchins, Edw., 55 

Jacob, 54 
Hutchinson, George H., 306 

Samuel,' 6 
Hyde, Mary, 123 
Mary E., 207 
President, 220 
Ireland, Albert F., 304 
Harold Stone, 304 
Helen Gertrude, 304 
Jackson, Andrew, 157 • 
James, Etta, 193 
William, 220 

Janney, Charles H. G., 200 
Hattie A., 200 
Nellie B., 200 
Jenks, Dr., 125 
Jenkins, Catherine, 145 

Frederick W., 145 
Jenney, Betsey, 104 
Caleb, 116 
Charles H. W., 181 
Elizabeth, 215 
Priscilla J, 191 
Jennison, Catharine, 149 
Nathaniel, 149 
Eeuben, 149 
W. R., 149 
Jewett, Ann, 96 
Johnson, A. F., 269 
Almira, 271 ' 
Almira E., 271 
Catherine, 168 
Catherine, Underwood, 168 
Daniel, 53-86-271 
David, 52-53 
Esther, 53-91-150 
Francis W., 66 
Frances E. W., 172 
G. Harry, 245 
Grove E., 92 
Hadassah, 40-67 
Joel, 98 
John, 84-140 
Jonah, 53 
Jonathan, 53 
Katherine, 99 
Martha, 86 
Martin L., 206 
Mary, 87-140 
Mary A., 291 
Melinda, 98 
Patty, 53-91 
Perry, 168 
Polly, 53 

Ealph Edward, 245 
Eoxalana, 40-67 
Sally, 53-91 
Sarah, 91 

Solomon, 33-52-53-91 
William, 140 
Zebadiah, 53 
Jollie, Lillian F., 284 
Jones, Horace L., 170 

John C, 170 
Keen, Mercy, 74 
Keith, Mercy, 72 
Kelley, Emma F., 118 
George H., 105 
Marv E., 111-194 



Kelley, Maiy Josephine, 189 
Kellogg, Abby E., 143-223 

Clarinda, 223 

John, -223 

John S., 139 
Kempton, Mary S., 79 

John, 79 

Simeon, 77 
Kendall, Daniel, 54 

David, 54 

Eleazer, 54 

Frances, 54 

Hannah, 54 

Lucy, 54 

Mary, 54 

Jonas, 54 

Ruth, 54 

Susanna, 54 
Kendrick, Beulah B., 184 

Daniel, 107 

Daniel H., 184-286-287 

Edith M., 288 

Henry H., 184-286 

Harriet, 286-287 

Harriet L., 184-287 

Horace L., 184-287 

LaForest W., 286 

Rachel S., 184-287 

Vernon H., 286 
Kenny, Captain, 40 
Kennedy, Betsev, 53 
Kent, Daniel, 90 

Herbert, 274 

Minnie Barber, 274 

Vera Alice, 274 
Kenyon, Arthiu- F., 285 
Kimball, Alice, 230 

Bessie M., 278 
King, Aburh, 265 

Alfred C, 267 

Arthur Willard, 267 ' 

Austin W., 267 

Charles Herman, 267 

Collings H., 91 

Corrella, 64 

Herman, 267 

John, 53-91 

John Houghton, 267 

Joseph, 91 

Louis Earl, 267 

Luther, 91 

Sarah Mabel, 267 

Walter Austin, 267 
Kinney, Alden L., 303 

Emma J., 74 
Olive, 134-215 
Webster, 303 

Kinney, \\'cl)ster Harold, 303 
Kirby, Mary, 24-37 
Knight, George, 67 

Jennie E., 146 
Knot, Gorg, 11 
Knowles, Samuel, 95 
Knowlton, Rosa L., 120-205 

Maria, 140 

Israel, 140 

William S., 67 
Ladner, Bismark, 204 

Henderson Lake, 204 

Ralph Dexter, 204 

Wellington, 204 
Lake, Flavilla, 204 
Lamb, Amos M., 262 

Bronson P., 263 

Dexter, 65 

Edgar, 263 

Edward, 263 

Flora D., 263 

Frances M., 169 

Hattie S., 263 

Henry Willard, 263 

Howard P., 263 

Israel, 100-169 

John M., 263 

Lewis, 41 

Lillie Bell, 263 

M. M., 263 

Mary B., 263 

Phebe Duella, 263 

Walter, 263 

William Judson, 263 
Lambert, Adeliza Boyden, 184 

Love, 133-212 
Lawson, Mary L., 83-138 
Landers, James, 135-216 

John F., 216 

Katie, 216 

Mary, 216 
Landfear, Delia C, 206 
Landon, Mills J., 71 
Lane, Carrie Augusta, 264 
• Charles Elliott, 264 

Daniel W., 264 

Helen A., 73 

Lizzie Minnette, 264 

Mary Ann, 264 

Orin Trow, 264 
Lanigave, Isaac S., 183 
Lano, Bertha Alma, 264 
Larkin. Rosalie C, 71 

Sarah, 102 
Lawton, George, 23 

Isaac, 23 

Job, 14-23 



Lawton. John, 23 
L. C, 219 
Thomas, 23 
Lawrence, Cornelia Ainsworth, 184 
Edward K., 184 
Ebenezer, 48 
Joseph, 55 
Lake, Flavilla, 118 
LeBaron, Harriet, 116 

Harriet W., 201 
LeCroix, Arenand, 209 
Lee, Annie, 180 
Cora H., 231-307 
Captain, 40 
Legate, Francis, 141 
Legg, Betsey, 58-93-95 
David, 93-95 
Gershom, 95 
Hannah, 93 
John, 95 
Levi, 95 
William, 95 
Leland, Silence, 103 
Thomas, 103 
James, 103 
Leonard, Etta, 216 
Ellen Bertha, 274 
Lettenmayer, Hattie 8., 189 
Lewis, Cheney, 87-143 
. Lindsley, Henry A., 193 
Lincoln, Calvin, 127 

Minnie, 172 
Livermore, Anson G., 276-277 
Charles Anson, 277 
Ida Maria, 277 
Lobdell, Lncy L., 
Lombard, Mary, 103 
Long, John D., 191 
Lord, Aaron, 55 
Asa, 53-99-169 
Esther, 91-146 
J 99 
Joseph, 32-53-146-149-150-151 

Joseph G., 147 

Lausinda E., 147 

Luther, 91-147 

P., 99 

Persis, 91-94 

Pressen, 55 

Robert, 194 

Thomas, 55-56-149-150 

Unity W., 149 

Vashney, 91-146-147 

William, 55 
Lowell, Harvey A., 83 
Lovetts, Phinehas, 95 
Luce, Almira E., 211 

Luce, Amy, 189 
Caroline, 132-211 
Hannah, 109 
Kate M., 187-293-294 
Lydia, 116 
Mary, 75-132-189 
Mary D., 211 
Lucy, Amy, 109 

Mary, 109 
Lyman, Ann E., 135-215 
Harriet, 143 
Moses, 198 
Macumber, Josiah, 37 

Josiah J., 181 
Maddox, Frances, 210 
Mallory, Sally, 114 
Manchester, Mercy, 14-23 
Mann, Benjamin, 54-56. 
Mansfield, W. H., 41 
Marble, Robert, 32 

Sarah C, 12-17 
Margot, Eugene F., 136 
Mark, Lillie C, 172 
Maston, John, 27 
Marsh, Deborah, 66 
Marshall, Colonel, 39 
Marston, Frank, 138 
Mattison, Brownson, 120-206 
Fred Brownson, 206 
Kate Dexter, 206 
Orren V., 129-130 
Rosa Mary, 206 
Winnie Cornelia, 206 
Maxwell, Frances, 73 
Maylme, Ella L., 190 

Martha, 46-81 
Maynard, Charles E., 131 

Walter P., 274 
Mayo, Anna, 48-83 
Edmund, 265 
Ella Caroline, 242 
Helen, 242 
John, 83 

Martin W., 158-242 
McDonald, Alice, 304 
McCann, William H., 318 
McConnell, Eliza H., 70 
McCrellis, Edward, 123 
McHugh, Hugh R., 291 
McKenzie, Albert Edward, 209 
Donald, 209 
Frederick W,, 209 
McKinley, President, 243 
McLeod," Donald C, 209 

Edward, 78 
McLean, Hester, 94-153 _ 
McPherson, Annie B., 172 



McPherson, Even E., 172 

Maurice, 119 

Eoss, 172 
Mee, Eliza B., 277 
Meggs, Allice, 34 

Ebenezer, 84 
Meiggs, Mary, 104 

John, 73 
Mellany, Sally, 60 

David, 43 
Mendall, Hannah, 74-128 

Nathan S., 190 

Sarah, 63-116-117-202 
Merithew, Edgar S., 193 

Elias, 112 

Heury, 193 

Joseph Eussell, 193 

Eussell, 111-193 
Merriam, Loranna, 98 
Merrick, W., 48 
Merrv Eliza, 75-132 
Metcalf, 55 

Joseph, 99 
Middlemas, George, 79 
Miller, Mary, 12-17 

Henry L., 216 
Miner, 'B. F., 149-229 

Benjamin Eandall, 228-229 

Betsev, 66 

David Earl, 230 

Jane, 228 

Mary Elmira, 228-229 

Mary J., 149 
Mirriam, Aseph, 98 
Miriam, John, 102 

Sarah, 102 
Minott, Mary, 102 
Mirrick, Sarah, 48 
Mitchell, Andrew F., 211 
Mixter, William, 145 
Monks, E. Gertrude, 191 
Morehouse, Somers, 236 
Morse, Alice Bertha, 179 

Ann W., 66 

Charles S., 179 

Ebenezer, 69-70 

Eleanor ('., 71 

Eliza Ann, 282-283 

Elnora, 179 

Emma, 295 

Emma Elizabeth, 179-283 

Everett Augustus, 179 

Everett Larue, 179 

Florence G.. 179 

Frank L., 137 

Harriet, 41-71 

Harriet S., 69 

]\Iorse, Henrietta, 69 

Jedediah, 30 

Maria Angela, 179-282 

Mary F., 41-71 

Samuel, 101-179-282-283 

Sarah .lane, 179 
Morton, Abner, 54-56 

Abraham, 53 

Alexander, 91-146-226 

Almon, 147-227 

Andrew, 90 

Benjamin, 33-52-53-56-58-90-92 

Betsey, 91-147 

Charles, 226 

Charles H., 285 

Charlotte, 75 

Chester, 91 

Chloe, 90-146 

Clara, 92 

Dexter, 147-226 

Edna, 226 

Edgar, 227 

Eunice, 92 

Frank, 147 

George, 52 

George L., 146-226 

Hannah, 55-56-57-58-147 

Harrison, 147 

Helen, 226 

Hephzibah, 92 

Hiram, 90 

.Tames, 53-90-91-146 

Jane, 90 

Jonathan, 52-90 

'Levns, 226 

Louisa, 147 

Lois. 53-146 

Lucy, 92 

Margery, 52-53 

Martha', 226 

Mary, 52-53-(31-92-115-116-147 

Millard, 227 

Mollv, 52-53 • 

Moses, 226 

Noah, 32 

Proctor, 226 . 

Eichard, 32-52 

Sallv, 92 

Samuel, 32-92-147-226-227 

Sarah, 52 

Shatlev, 147-226 

Submit, 52 

Susan, 92 

Sylvester, 147 

Uriah, 226 

Willard, 227 



Morton, William, 147-226 
Moseby, Elizabeth A., 117-203 
Moulton & Herrick, 155 
Mulvey, Kate, 295 
Mumford, John, 20 
Myra, Kate, 79 
Nash, Daniel W., 117 
Nealey, Charles C, 130-210 
Clarence, 210 
Mabel, 210 
Negus, Ethel, 295 

John P., 295 
Nelson, Abigail, 95 
Ethelyn L., 278 
Gershom, 95 
Hannah, 95 
Nendeek, Gustav Albert, 277 
Nestell, Frances, 172 
James, 172 
Sanford L., 172 
Newcomb, Abigail, 141 
Alma Maria, 141 
Julia Alma, 141 
John Joseph, 141 
Joseph, 84-141 
Sarah W., 141 
Samuel William, 141 
William Adonijah, 141 
Newell, Horace E., 264 

Horace Edgar, 264 
Newhall, Thomas, 98 
Newhouse, Edward, 318 
Newland, Frances, 143-224 
Newton, Benjamin D., 139 
Chloe, 139 
Charles, 139 
Elvira N., 139 
Gardner, 84-139 
Grace May, 160-246 
Israel, 160-246 
John, 139 
Lemuel, 139 
Lucy E., 178 
Luke, 139 
Naomi, 139 
Silas, 84-139 
Stephen E., 139 
Stephen Dexter, 139 
Susanna Freeman, 139 
Nichols, Fred, 264 
L., 311 

Lafayette, 251 
Sarah L., 165-251 
Nickerson, Eldad, 45 
Eliza A., 115-200 
James, 45 
Jesse, 45 

Nickerson, Mai-y, 45 

Widow, 44 
Noble, Charlotte, 196 
Nolen, George, 252 
Norris Malatiah, 82-137 

S. B., 136 
Norton, Charlotte, 133 
Ida, 211 
Lucy, 133-212 
Serena T., 117 
Noyes, Mary, 179 
Thomas, 179 
Thomas Edward, 179 
Nutt, Abraham, 33 
Nye, Betsey E., 190 
Charles P., 188 
Cynthia, 111-112-193 
Elizabeth, 130 
George A., 194 
George B., 46 
Hannah H., 295 
Hannah G., 112 
Henry W., 112 
Louisa, 112 
Mary A., 112 
Rebecca, 112 
Sophia, 185 
Stephen, 59-112 
William W., 112 
Oakes, George, 233 

Martha, 233 
Oliver, Ann, 12 
J., 8-9-12-93 
James, 32 
John, 32 
Robert, 32 
Thomas, 12 
William, 32 
O'Mally, Arthur Francis, 232 
Osborn', Ella B., 179 
Osgood, E. Aline, 71 
Page, Estella Freese, 222 
Joseph C, 140-222 
Captain, 51 
Timothv, 88 
Mary, 88 
Paine, Francis, 179 
Josie Maria, 179 
Nancy, 179 
Palmer, Emeline, 115-200 
Parker, Eliza J., 201 
Emma A., 201 
Joseph B., 132 
Mary A., 201 
Nathaniel, 116 
Parmenter, Nathan, 86 
Parmelee, Charlotte Jane, 131 



Parmelee, Dwight Dexter, 131 

James, 131 

James A., 75 

Mercy Elizabeth, 131 
Park, Mathew, 78 

Miranda, 66 
Parker, Caroline A., 201 

Nathaniel, 201 
Parlin, Kate A., 190 
Parlow, Albert M., 133 
Parsons, Darius, 142-222 

George Taylor, 222 

Mary A., 196 
Patterson, Charles C, 148 
Paul, C. J., 286 
Paygent, Cynthia, 77 

Caroline, 77 

Elizabeth, 77 

Henry, 77 

Henry A., 77 

Jane," 77 

John, 77 

Joel M., 77 

Lemira, 78 

Lydia, 77 

Margar-et, 77 

Mary Ann, 77 

Sarah, 78 

William, 77-78 

William H., 77 
Payne, Charles E., 194 

Clara E., 194 

Daniel, 111-194 

Isabella F., 194 

Mary E., 194 

Susan H., 194 
Peach, Charles, 79 

William, 79 
Pearee, Anna, 117 
Peck, Jane, 141 

Luthera M., 142 

Mattie L., 142 

Mary, 141 

Mary A., 85 

Milton, 141 

Nellie Emily, 142 

S. E. Willard, 142 

Samuel Dexter, 142 

Sarah B., 142 

Susan Ann, 142 

Walter Lewis, 142 

William C, 142 

Willie, 142 
Peet, E. W... 218 
Percival, James, 11 
Penniman. Sarah, 90 

Sarah F., 149 

Perkins, Fordyce B., 137 

Lot, 42 

Louisa M., 185 
Perrington, Elizabeth, 115 
Perry, Elizabeth, 44 

Louis, 44 

James, 29-44 

Lucy, 44 

Nancy, 99 

Sarah, 44 

Stephen, 28-29 

Thomas, 29-44 
Peters, Edward F., 277 

Clara A., 172 

Irving Lewis, 277 

Mabel Bessie, 277 
Phelps, Joel, 136 

WiUis F., 252 
Phinney, Ada L.. 287 

Austin D., 287 

Levi L., 287 

Eoland S., 287 
Pierce, A. E., 283 

Charles B., 185 
■ Florence Eliza, 283 

J. E. E., 283 

Joanna, 105 

John E., 283 

Mary D., 234 
Piersoii, Lydia, 114-198 

William S., 198 
Pilkins, Mary, 112 

Polly, 59 
Pindel, Salome, 45-79 
Pitcher, Cynthia, 46-81 
Poland, Addison B., 178 

Addison Brown, 280-281-282 

Arthur A., 278 

Betsey, 176-276-277-278-270-280 

Carrie M., 277 

Charles Townsend, 178-277 

Edith M., 277 

Edwin Flagg, 281-282 

Ellen Graeia, 178 

Elmer E., 277 

Emma Olive, 178 

Ethel Elizabeth, 281-282 

James, 178 

Jeanette A., 277 

John, 178 

Joseph, 178 

Julia Augusta, 178 

Margaret Evangeline, 282 

Martin L., 178-279 

Mary Dennis, 282 

Mary Elizabeth, 277 

Nathaniel, 178 



Poland, Norm:m L., 279' 
Eufus G., 279 
Samuel, 178 
Sarah Maria, 178-276 
Simon B., 177-178-276-277-278- 

Simon Brown, 100-176 
Stella E., 178-279 
Walter A., 278 
Wheeler, 178 
William, 176-178 
Pomeroy, Daniel, 269 
Poor, Christopher, 234 
Pope, Henry D., 133 
Porter, C. Herbert, 201 
James P., 301 
Llewellyn E., 301 
Powers, Elmer D., 146 
Erank, 146 
Joel Lj'sander, 146 
Louisa, 90-145 
Lvsancler, 146 
Pratt, George, 261 

John C, 103 
Preble, Emily M., 106 
Prentiss, Alton, 310 
Arthur A., 231-310 
Pauline Moore, 310 
Pognanum, 7-8 
Prence, Fear, 48 
Governor, 48 
Thomas, 9-11 
Preble, Esther, 100-172 
Preston, Louisa, 41-70 
Preseott, Jones, 102 

Samuel 102 
Priest, Degory, 300 
Purrington, Mary A., 118-204 
Putnam, Flora L., 231-309 

Susanna, 57 
Quinn, Mary, 122 
Eamsey, Augusta A., 156 
Allan Clark, 240 
Camilla Euth, 240 
Geneva Isadore, 240 
Horace Hartwell, 156-240 
Lillian Jane, 240 
Luther, 94-156-240 
Marion Olive, 240 
Maud Evelyn, 240 
Mary Augusta, 240 
Orrin B., 156-240 
Orrin Walter, 240 
Rand, Alice, 149 

Anna. 103 
Randnll, Benjamin A., 203 

Randall, Charles, 112 

David, 34 

Eunice M., 203 

Huldah, 63-117 

Jeremiah L., 303 

Lewis, 63 

Patience, 26 

Rachel, 37-62 
Ransom, Clarence B., 290 

Eunice, 289 

Eunice E., 290 

Everett S., 290 

James B., 289 

Laura E., 290 
■Nathaniel C, 289 
Rawson, Edward, 66 

Ellis, 65 

Mary, 103 
Ray, Bertha, 172 
Raymond, John, 84-145 

Mercy Ann, 286 

Sullivan, 103 
Reed, Eliza L., 66 

Joseph, 95 

William, 145 
Reese, Hattie, 171 
Rice, Albert. 261 

Alvah J., 278 

Florence A., 278 

Floyd A., 278 

L-ving A., 278 

John Sylvester, 261 

Marion D.. 261 

Martha, 103 

Mary Ann, 86 
Eiehardson, Alice, 304 

Amelia Frances, 303 

Annie, 136 

Annie Josephine, 304 

Arthur S.. 304 

Augusta, 304 

Augustus, 304 

Bertha F., 304 

Eleanor F., 304 

Francis Stillman, 303 

Frederick Clifford, 304 

George O., 169 

Grandville Dexter, 304 

Henrietta Evelyn, S'03 

Henry, 304 

Luella A., 304 

Laura J., 304 

Persis, 304 

Walter, 304 
Eickett, Joanna, 48 
Ripley. Gertrude, 190 



Hipncr, Edward, 74 

James, 74 
Risley, Caroline, S17 
Robbins, Martha, 108-183 
Roberson, Chester, 304 

Edward, 304 

George, 304 

Jessie, 304 

Joseph, 304 

Josephine, 304 

William, 304 
Robinson, George D., 191 

Captain, 290 

Governor, 253 

Denison, 51 

John, 300 
~Roe, Charles Lawrence, 311 

Daniel B., 246-311 

Earle, 311 

Florence, 311 

Grace, 311 

Harrv, 311 

Margaret, 246-311 

John C, 311 

Stanley N., 311 
Rogers, Mary S., 64-118 

John, 96 

Lizzie A., 171 
UoUins, Hattie J., 267 
Rounsvell, Mercy, 112 
Rowe, David, 129 
Royee, Nellie Gertrude, 158 
Huggios, 184 

Benjamin, 49-54 

Catherine T. B., 199-300 

Lemuel. 54 

Martin, 84 

Samuel, 54 

Susanna, 103 

Timothy, 22-32 

Unity W., 150 
Runnells, Phebe A., 133 
Hussell, George S., 74 

Governor, 253 

William E., 191 
Ryder, Allen, 129 

Lydia, 45 
Sampson, Mercy, 37-62 

John, 148 
Sanford, Emily L., 200 
Sargent, Ara Leona, 228 

Catherine Elizabeth, 262 

Francis WilKam, 262 

Joseph, 262 

Sargent, Marguerite, 262 

Sylvester Davis, 262 

William Philbrick, 262 
Saunders, Ann, 12-15 

Eben, 16 
Savery, Arlothea, 61-114 

Lizzie L., 134 

Mary E., 134 
Schilling, M. S., 300 
Scott, Anna M., 149 

Aurea, 229 

Byron N., 234 

D. Hubbard, 234 

Nelson, 152 
Scroggs, Emma L., 204 
Seaverns, Mary L., 305 
Seelev, Edford A., 289 

Edford C, 289 
Semmer, Captain, 296 
Sewell, Samuel, 54 
Sexton, Lot, 92 
Shaw, Albert, 181 

Eliza Lenora, 136-216 

Mary, 81 

Mary B.. 136 
Sheldon, M. Louisa, 149 
Shelmira, George W., 122 
Sherman, Albert, 115 

Hannah W., 104 

Lois, 28 

Mary, 17 

Ruth L., 203 

Thomas, 64 

William, 17-18 
Showatter, Emma T., 247 
Shrive, Ruth, 26 
Shurtleff, Gideon, 296 
Sibley, Eunice, 87 
Simonds, Ellen, 66-123 
Skiff. Stephen, 11 
Slafter, John, 317 

Roxa, 317 

Samuel, 317 
Sloan, Thorp &, 275 
Slocum, President, 220 
Smalley, Henry, 203 
Smeed, John, 32 
Smith, Rev. Mr., 60 

Aaron, 32 

Abner, 50 

Amos K, 88 

Ann, 78 

Archie David, 207 

B., 56 

Caroline Dexter, 74 

Carrie Barstow, 74 



Smith, Charles, 183 

Charles F., 194 

Clarinda, 80-135 

Daisy Dexter, 207 

Daniel, 74 

Daniel Herbert, 74 

David, 120-206 

Edith E., 180 

Ephraim, 32 

George, 318 

George W., 180 

Ithames, 103 

Leonard Dexter, 74 

Lillian E., 180 

Lizzie Mabel, 207 

Lucia, 96 

Mary Addie, 74 

Mary Esther, 207 

Mary Leonard, 74 

Nathan, 186 

Eeba M., 318 

Robert Earl, 318 

Susan A., 319 

Susan J., 136 

Susanna A., 318 
Snell, Josephine M., 301 
Snow, Achsah, 107 

Adaline, 105 

Avery, 104 

Betsey, 104-288 

Betsey D., 288 

Dennis, 104 

Dulcina, 104 

George A., 106 

Hannah, 38-64-186 

Harry F., 209 

Harvey, 104-288 

Irving, 209 

Ivory, 104-109-185 

James, 59-104 

James M., 185 

James Winslow, 105 

Jane, 104 

Jennes, 186 

Jesse, 103 

Joshua, 25 

Julian, 105 

Kesiah Snow, 104 

Laura A., 186 

Levi, 104 

Luke, 104 

Lydia H., 186 

Martin, 104-105 

Mary D., 186 

Mercy, 25 

Nancy, 104 

Snow, Nicholas, 26 

Prince, 59-104 

Eaehel, 104-107 

Rufus A., 186 

Sarah A., 186 

Seth, 29 

Stephen, 104 

Sumner D., 186 

Thankful, 64 

William, 104 

Wyatt, 72-104 
Sober, Kesiah, 34-58 
Soper, Deborah, 317 
Southworth, Arethusa, 111 

Constant, 9 

Eunice K., 183 
Southard, Clara A., 247 
Spaulding, Dexter E., 299 

Sylvia, 299 

William, 299 
Spooner, Amaziah, 89 
Sprague, Noah, 27 

Noah, Jr., 23 
Stamford, Alonzo, 91 
Staples, Ebenezer P., 85-141 

Susanna, 85 
Starrett, Janett, 78 
Stearns, George S., 263 

Minnie E. L., 263 

Nellie Etta, 263 
Stephens, Isaac, 24 
Stephenson, Charles, 70-127 

Charles Henry, 127 

Henry Dexter, 127 

Preston Tapley, 127 

Euth, 127 
Stevens, Charles, 149-229 

Levi, 84 
Steward, James, 18 
Stewart, Annie, 245 

Cornelius, 75 

Elizabeth Davis, 161 

Rev. Samuel B., 127 

Wellington, 161 
Stockwell, Alton V., 276 

Chellis W., 276 

Doris E., 276 

Ethel C, 276 

Fred O., 276 

Harry L., 276 

Josiah, 276 

Maria A., 276 

Otis J., 275-276 

Polly, 275 

Sylvester, 275 
Stokes, Hampton, 45 




Stone, Clark, 55 

Gregory, 53 

Hannah, 53 

John, 53 

Jonathan, 54 

Joseph, 84 

Nathaniel, 54 

Simeon, 54 

Martin, 248 
Streeter, Charles P., 277 

Edith E., 277 

Lilla May, 277 
Stndley, Mary, 46-80 
Stnrges, Edward, 15 
Sturtevant, Eunice C, 140 

Jonathan, S'4 

Mary D., 139 
Summers, S. F., 100 
Swan, Everett, 273 
Sweeney, Maggie B., 276 
Swift, *Asa E^, 189 

James, 170 

Minnie Frances, 301 

Lydia C, 109 
Thacher, Achsah L., 284 

Elizabeth Dexter, 284 

John, 283 

Lemuel F., 85 

Eaymond L., 284 

Eoiand C, 284 
Thompson, George, 129 

Harriet E., 83-138 

Lydia, 61-115 

Marcus M., 287 

S. A., 211 
Thurston, Harriet, 57-87-100-170 

John, 103 

Levi, 56-58-99-100-169-170-266 

Lewis, 103 

Phebe, 57-100-169 

Polly, 47 

Priscilla, 57-100-170 

Samuel, 48 

Sibyl, 48 

Susan, 100-170 

Susanna, 57 
Tilton, John S., 288 

Euth W., 288 
Tinkham, Abrahain, 203 

Abram, 117 

Ella J., 203 

Charles H., 203 

Clark, 203 

Ida M., 203 

Mary L., 20S' 
Sophia H., 118-203 

Tinkhani, Thomas C, 203 
Taber, Josej.h B., 72 

Mary H., 76-133 

Silas, 201 
Tabor, Florence D. VV., 312 

Franklin Warden, 313 

Miles W., 255-312 

Miles Warden, 313 
Taft, Elizabeth B., 277 
Talbot, Thomas, 191 
Ta])ley, Adaline E., 127 

Henry F., 127 
Taylor, Caroline Angelia, 142-222^ 

Cassandra, 222 

Fanny, 138 

Henry, 72 

John Gorham, 138 

Lemuel F., 142-222 

Levina, 138 

Maria, 40-67 

Mehitable, 138 

Nathan, 83-138 

Sarah Arabella, 142 

Seth. 138 

Susanna, 55 
Tenney, Elizabeth, 95 
Tinney, Zenas D., 90 
Tisdale, Clara Louise, 156 

Eunice Louise, 236 

William, 236 
Titcomb, Miriam F., 101 

Miriam Fales, 179 
Tobey, Anna, 41 

Elizabeth, 12-17 

Mary, 27-41 
Todd, W. D., 220 
Tolman, Edith Helen, 209 

Edward Alills, 126-208 

Frances H., 208 

Frances Henrietta, 208 

James P., 70-125-208 

James Sewall. 126 
Town, Samuel, 52 
Townsend, Charlotte A., 179 
Tripp, Stephen A., 116 

Sylvanus, 63 
Troope, William, 8 
Tryon, H. G., 196 
Tucker, Addison, 147 

Alfred, 92-147 

Ebenezer, 92 

Henrietta, 265 

Joshua, 53-91-147 

Martha, 91 

Eobert, 91-92 

Sally, 147 



Tucker. Wilcott, 147 
Tuppor, Thomas, 11 
Turner, Captain, 39 

James B., 82 
Tuttle, Charles, 96-178 

Frances, .58-93-96 

Jedediah, 93-96 

John, 96 

Lucia, 93 

Simon, 96 
Twichell, Generv, 27.5 
Tyler, Nathan, "98 
Ulter, Hannah, 83 
Underwood, Henry, 40 

Mary, 95 
Usher, Samuel, SOI 
Van Ostrand, Dexter H., 65 
Ver Valen, Lewis, 129 
Vincent, Elizabeth, 9-10 

Hannah, 44 

Philippa, 44 

Sarah, 9-12 
Vrindal, Edmund, 66 
Waite, Benjamin, 52 

Martha, 33 

Mary, 149 
Wakem, ^Minerva E., 192 
"Walbert, Frances, 285 
Walker, Delina, 169-263 

Eliza Lucelia, 315 

Harriet, 169-263 

Phebe, 262-263 

Sabrina, 169-262 

Willard, 169-262-263 
Wallingford, Ezekiel, 49 
Warbarton, Jean G., 298 
Ward, Carrie, 129 

Frederick, 75 

Frederick B., 129 

Hattie, 129 

Helen, 129 

Jennie M., 129 

Martha, 129 

Sarah C, 129 
Warden, Abbie L., 164 

Abbie Louise, 248 

Abbie Nichols, 251 

Catherine H., 100 

Charles Franklin, 255-256 

Earl Frederick, 311 

Ella M., 253-313 

Florence D., 313 

Florence Durfee, 255 

Frederick Albert, Sll 

John, 98-162-163-164-167-248-251- 

Warden, .Tohn D., 311 

John Davis, 165-251-252 

John Emerson, 255-256 

Marv Louise, 311 

Narcissa, 98-162-166-248-251-252 

Samuel, 164 

Sarah, 311 

Tamasin, 164 

William A., 252-253-254-313 

William Albert, 165 

William Vincent, 255 
Washburn, Edward Everett, 262 

Elizabeth, 77 

Elizabeth L., 135 

Walter Everett, 262 
Wathey, Mary E., 291 
Waters, Albert. 223 

Frank L., 143-223 

Franklin L., 223 

John J., 223 

Kenneth Horatio, 274 

Olive, 22S' 

Eoderick Fry, 274 
Waton, Elkanah, 48 
Watson, Edward Payson, 282 

Ernest Jacob, 282 

Chester Leroy, 282 

Jacob, Edward, 282 

Julia A., 282 

Mercy, 48 

Stella Wheeler, 282 

W. W., 282 
Wayt, Sarah, 54 
Webb, Ebenezer, 55 

Laura O., 149-227 
Weisenhaven, Amelia, 286 
Welch. John B., 273 
Welsh, William P., 123 
Weseott, Adelaide M., 246 

Darius, 181 
West, Charles S., 266 

Delina B., 286 

Hattie A., 266 

Henry, 266 

Lois, 35 

Louis T., 266 

Timothy, 34 
Wheeler, 99 

Abbie Gertrude, 274 

Ada Maria, 225 

Almira, 224-225 

Anna, 163 

Anna Maria, 145 

Annie Douglas, 225 

Arthur Otis, 274 

Benjamin Dexter, 100 



Wheeler, Betsey, 57-58-100-176 
Caxoline, 170 
Catherine Elizabeth, 175 
Catherine H., 2(38-274-275-276 
Catherine Holmes, 173-175 
Clara Alma, 274 
Clara Jane, 273 
Charles, 88 
Charles A., 144 
Charles Alexander, 180 
Charles Avigustus, 224 
Charles Douglas, 225 
Charles Sprague, 225 
Daniel, 88-89 
Ebenezer, 102-103 
Edward, 102 
Ella, 121 

Eliza A., 101-174-175 
Eliza Ann, 179-275 
Eliza Jane, 145 
Elizabeth, 102 
Emerald, 103 
Emily Davis, 175 
Ephraim, 103 
Erastus Otis, 175-274 
Esther, 102-103 
Eugenia Fales, 180 
Evelena J., 174-175 
Evelena Jane, 276 
Fanny, 226 
Frances Dexter, 175-275 

Frank Allen, 225 

Franklin, 145 

George, 88-101 

Geroge W., 171 

George Warren, 101-179 

Hannah, 102 

Harriet Erwin, 226 

Hattie Warden, 274 

Helen Eliza, 226 

Herbert Wilson, 274 

James, 102-103 

Joanna, 102 

John, 85-89-102 

John W., 174-175-257-268-269-270- 

John Wesley, 100-178 

Jonathan, 103 

Josephine, 145 

Lvdia, 102 

Lydia S., 171 

Margaret, 103 

Marion L., 273 

Marion Bernard, 226 

Martha, 91-146 

Mai-y, 102-103 

Wlu'fler, -Mercy, 103 
Mira, 171 

Moses Allen, 145-225-226 
Nathan, 103 
Nathan H., 171 
Nancy Maria, 175 
Nancy N., 178 
Percy G., 273 
Perley J., 273 
Priscilla, 103 
Rachel, 103 
Rebecca, 102, 103 
Rosa A., 273 
Ruth, 101 
Sally, 88-103 
Samuel, 102 
Sarah, 102 
Sarah Frances, 145 
Sarah W., 173-175 
Sarah Warden, 274 
Silence, 100-103' 
Sina, 103 
Susan Grace, 180 
Susanna, 103 
Thankful, 102 

Theodosia M., 133 

Thomas, 51-88-101-143-145-225 

Thomas S., 103 

Timothy, 102 
Warren, 100 
William, 101 

William A., 224-225 

William Augustus, 88-99-143-144 

William Fiske, 144-225 

William Stephen, 225 

Wilson, 100-173-174-268-274-275- 

Zaccheus, 58-100-103-173-176-178- 
Whipple, Gertrude Bailey, 180 
White, Abigail, 95 

Alice W., 276 

Allison G., 265 

Amy, 130 

Dolly, 41 

Effie D., 313 

Effie Davis, 259 

Haven L., ISO 

Jane, 130 

John Albert, 130 

John C, 164-258-313 

Justice, 35 

Lancing, 130 

Lucetta, IS'O 

Lucy E.. 313 

Mabel Helen, 125-207 



White, Mary, 130 
Mary D., 65-120 
Mary P., 183 
Ona, 75-130 
Phebe M., 246-311 
Sherwood, ISO 
• Sally, 65-119 
Sarah, 130 
Wells M., 67 
Wyman, 130 
Whiteridge, Thomas, 60 
Wliitlock, Philip, 258 

Kichard Alfred, 258 
Whitnev, Alice G., 265 
Alice" W., 276 
Bertha, 276 
Charles W., 266 
Chai-les Willis, 276 
Eddie S., 265 
Eva C, 265 
Frances G., 266 
Fi-ank, 265 
Florence, 266 
George W., 265 
Helen L., 276 
Ira, 100-171-265-266 
Ira H., 171 
L. P., 161 
Lena, 276 
Levi J., 265 
Levi L., 171 
Mamie G., 265 
Marion E., 276 
Mary W., 265 
Maud E., 265 
Mira M., 266 
Nathan, 103-265 
Parish H., 171 
Sullivan, 265 
Susan, 265-266 
Susan H., 171 
W. W., 276 
Willie, 265 
Zelin M., 171 
Whittaker, William, 58 
Whittelsey, E. G., 243 
Whittum, Bertha Hastings, 171 

George E., 171 
Wicks, Lillian J., 286 
Wickes, W. K., 238 
Wiggin, James B., 140 
Wiley, Cornelia M., 100-172 
Wilder, Eliza Tolman, 287 

Euth M., 287 
Willard, Wales H., 67 
Williams, Ann, 24-317 

Williams, Charity, 48-84 
Jacob, 84 
John, 16-24 
Eoger, 285 
Sally, 48-84 
Wilson, President, 220 
Wincote, Lizzie A., 137 
Wing, Abner, 138 
Mary, 76 
Kezia A., 181 
Sallie, 82 
Sally, 47 
Winston, Orsamus, 118 
Winter, Timothy, 103 
Winthrop, Governor, 5 
Winslow, Alice, 50 
David L., 88 
Hezekiah, 50 
Edward, 19 
Ezra, 50 
James, 18 
Job, 50 
Kenelen, 11-50 
Keziah, 60 
Eichard, 50 
Eosamond, 50 
Samuel, 22 
Tisdale, 29 
Wiswell, Charles Dexter, 207 
Charles H., 125-207 
Kittie, 207 
Margie, 207 
Wolf, Chaiies, 234-236 
Woleott, Governor, 253 
Wood, Colonel, 40 
Everett S., 279 
Ernest W., 279 
Harvey, 167-258 
Herbert P., 279 
Horace L., 180 
Jacob, 102 
Lucinda, 90-145 
Mary F., 116 
Sarah J., 149 
Sarah Jane. 2S'0 
Lewis S., 180 
Lucy E., 259 
Mary F., 202 
Eachel, 102 
Silas G., 278 
Warren, 41 
William, 11 
Woodbridge, Benjamin E., 50 
Woodbury, Captain, 98 
Woode, Ann, 13 
Annie, 13 



Woode, Elizabeth, 13 
Martha, 13 
Mary, 13 
Eichard, 9-13 
Samuel, 13 
Sarah, 13 

Woode, Thomas, 13 

Joseph, 45 

Jesse, 54 
Wyett, Sarah, 112 
Yoiino;, Adaline Barry, 225 

Robert, 32 




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