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Full text of "Genealogy of the family of David Mitchell of Kilmarnock, Scotland"

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Family of David Mitchell 





I. DAVID, b. in Sorn, March 2, 1755; son of 
William, who was a keeper of tolls at Sorn; m. 
Agnes Kilpatrick, dau. of Alexander, b. in Kil- 
marnock, Sept. 16, i-j68. He died in Kilmarnock, 
in 1835. A carpet weaver by trade. There were 
two sisters, Sarah, who m. John Templeton, and 
Jean, who m. John Gait, a gardener. 

2. David, b. July II, 1792. + 

3. John, b. July 14, 1794- + 

4. Twins, b. in Kilmarnock, Aug. 18, 1795 ; d. 1795. 

5. Janet, b. in Kilmarnock, Aug. 20, 1797 ; d. in Kilmar- 
nock, 1S12. 

6. James Washington, b. Dec. 20, 1799. + 

7. Alexander, b. in Kilmarnock, Jan. 23, 1S02 ; d. 1802. 

8. William Wallace, b. Sept. 16, 1803. + 

g. Alexander, b. in Kilmarnock, July 22, 1805 ; d. unm. 
in West Farms, N. Y. in 1S39. 
ID. George, b. July 2, 1S07. + 

2. DAVID' David,' b. 
1792; m. ist, Janet Kell 

in Kilmarnock, July 11 
ly, dan. James, b. in Kil- 
marnock in 1S04; d. in West Farms, N. Y., Oct. 9, 
1833. 2d wife, Mary Lake, widow of James, d. in 
New Haven, Conn., Aug. 12, 1S62, aged 62 years. 
3d wife, Maria Cleveland, dau. Orrin and widow 


of Gra-nt Thorbiirn, b. in -Litchfield, Conn., Oct. 
18, 1810. He came to ll.c United States in March, 
183a, ■wa.s a TieTvsdealer in New Haven for nearly 
foTty years, where he d. Dec. -lo, 187-2. 

31.. Agnes, h. in Sicwarton, Scotland, March 59, iS^^ ; "m. 
in New Haven, Aug. 25, 3S69, XVilliam Kimbtrl)-, s. of £ras- 
tas and "Wealthy Ann (Chapnvan), h. in Guilford, Conn., ^ar. 
28, 1S30. Engag-cd in the wiamafaturre of " Sash and Slinds." 
Resides in New Haven, Conn. No ch. 

12. David, b. in Stewarton, Scotland, July iC, 1828 ; m. in 
New Haven, July 23, 1S62, Fannie M. Hoadley, dau. Marshall, 
b. in Naugatuck, Conn., May 2, 1S41. Dealer in newspapers 
and periodicals in New Haven, Conn. No ch. 

13. Jane Elizabeth, b. Sept. 24, 1829.+ 

14. Janet, b. in West Farms, N. Y., 1832 ; d. in West 
Farms,' Oct. 1833. 

3. JOHN" David," b. in Kilmarnock, July 14, 
1794; m. Janet Urquhart, dau. John ahd A^nes 
(Hamilton),* b. in Paisley, Nov. 14, 1799, d. in 
Glasgow, Nov. iS, 1S70. He d. in Kilmarnock, 
March 2, 1829. 

15. David, b. Jan. fi, 1S20.+ 

16. James Urquhart, b. April 2, 1822.+ 

17. Agnes, b. in Kilmarnock, Feb. 12, 1824; Glasgow, 
Nov. 6, 1840. 

18. William Urquhart, b. Jan. 15, 1S26. + 

19. Janet, b. in Kilmarnock, March 3, 1828 ; d. in Glasgow, 
Nov. 16, 1S38. 

* The father and mother of Agnes Hamilton, were John 
and Christina (Forrest), both natives of Hntnilton, Scotland. 
William Urquhart was the father of Joiin. 

6. JAMES WASHINGTON' David,' b. in Kil- 
marnock, Dec. 3o, 1700: he c^me to the United 
States in 1820, when he started the first ingrain 
carpet manufactory in America, at or near New 
York city, Avhere he remained fourteen years. 
Removed to West Farms, Westchester Co., N. Y., 
in 1834, and engaged in carpet manufacturing 
there. In 1836 went to New Haven to succeed his 
brother Wm. W. as manager and superintendent 
of the extensive carpet works of Galpin & Robert- 
son, at the same time, continuing as partner in tlie 
factory belonging to himself and brother at West 
Farms. In 1845 removed to Yonkers, where, in 
company with John Hutchison, he continued to 
manufacture carpets till 1852, when he retired 
from business. m. Sarah E. Newman, dau. of 
Benjamin, b. in West Farms, N. Y., May 31, 1814; 
d. in Yonkers, Sept. 2^, 1S78. He d. in Yonkers, 
Nov. 29, 1866. 

20. Newman Kilpatrick, b. in West Farms, N. Y., Nov. 22, 
1834 ; d. in New Haven, Sept. 15, 1844. 

21. George, b. in West Farms, N. Y., April 9. 1836; d. in 
West Farms, July 1, 1S37. 

22. George Alexander, b. June 6, 1838.+ 

23. James Washington, b. in New Haven, Conn., Aug. 11, 
1840; m. in Yonkers. N. Y.. Aug. 13, 1879. Ida Josephine 
Kinney, dau. Nathan C, b. in Owego, N. Y., Oct. 19. 1S57. 
Reside in Yonkers. 

24. William Fowler, b. in New Haven, Conn., Sef)t. 24, 
1842 ; d. in Yonkers, N. Y., Feb. 23. 1S56. 


25. Benjamin Nev%-inan, b. in New Haven, Conn., March 
24, 1845; m. in Jersey Citv. N. T.. May 28, 1872, Ellen 
Dckhanty, dnu. Michael and Eliza (Lines), b. in Hastings, 
N. Y., March 17, 1852. 

26. Samuel Peat, b. March 26, 1847.+ 

27. Alice Jane, b. in Yonkers, X. Y., March 8, 1S49 ; m. in 
Yonkers, Sept. 3, 1S79, Thomas Adam, s. of Andrew, b. in 
Glasgow, Scotland, April 30, 1S44. A dealer in boots and 
shoes in New York. Reside in Yonkers. 

28. Agnes, b. in Yonkers, X. Y., Feb. 18, 1S51. 

29. Sarah E., b. in Yonkers, X. Y., May 19, 1854; m. in 
Yonkers, Sept. 12, 18S1, Charles E. Back, s. of Frederic and 
Rebecca J. (Brown), b. in Yonkers, April 3, 1S52. Fire 
Insurance Agent in Yonkers. 

30. Eliza Jane. b. in Yonkers, N. Y., June 7, 1858; d. in 
Yonkers, Feb. 14, 1S63. 

8. WILLIAM WALLACE^ David,' b. in KiU 
niarnock, Scotland, Sept. 16, 1S03. In 1813 was 
apprenticed to a tin smith, at which trade he 
worked between three and four years, but was at 
last driven from it by an affection of the eyes. In 
1817 was apprenticed for five years to a cabinet 
maker, in which business he continued till 1823; 
at this time he made an engagement with Thomas 
Morton, a machinist; after working several years 
with Mr, Morton, he commenced business as a 
general machinist on his own account. In 1828 
came to the United States to manufacture Jacquard 
machines for the Thompsonville (now Hartford) 
carpet factory. Remained in Thompsonville till 
1830, where he and his brother Alexander started 

the West Farms carpet factory, in which he con- 
tinued to be a partner tiii its dissolution in 1852. 
In 1831 he assumed the superintendence of the 
new carpet manufacturing company of Galpin & 
Robertson, in New Haven, in which he continued 
till 1836, when he returned to Scotland to assist 
his brother George in the management of a cot- 
ton spinning and weaving mill. Retired from 
business in 1847 ; continued to reside in Glasgow 
till 1869, when he removed to Millport, where, in 
1882, he still lives, m. Agnes Dunlop, dau. of 
James and Ann* (Gilmour) b. in Paisly, Sept. 16, 
1808; d. in Germantown, Penn., June 16, 1835. 
m. 2d, Margaret Paterson, b. in 1797; d. in Mill- 
port, Jan. 6, 1S7S. 

31. Janet Dunlop, b. March 2S, 1826.4- See No. 15. 

32. William Gait, b. Dec. 3, 1827. + 

33. Agnes Dunlop, b. in Enfield, Conn., Aug. 7, 1S30 ; d. 
in Glasgow in 1838. 

10. GEORGE' David,' b. in Kilmarnock, July 
2, 1S07; was a cotton mill owner at Blackfaulds, 
Calton, Glasgow, the business being carried on 
under the firm name of Macleroy, Hamilton & 
Co., in whose employment he commenced as a lad, 
and whose firm name he maintained for a quarter 
of a century after their death. He was elected a 
Magistrate of the city of Glasgow, and was fre- 

*Ann Gilmour was dau. of Wm. Gilmour, Precentor in Mid- 
dle Church, Paisley, a fine looking, fair haired man. 

quently chosen to represent his fellow citizens in 
honorable positions. :r.. ist, Ellen Shaw, b. in 
Glasgow, June 13, 1S14; d. in Glasgow, Feb. 7, 
1840. m. 2d, Margaret Winter, dau. of Francis 
and Janet (Brown), b. May 30, 1827. He d. in 
Larkhall, Aug. 10, 1S75. 

By 1st wife — 

34. Ellen Shaw, b. Jan. 26, 1840.-1- 
By 2d wife — 

35. Jessie Winter, b. in Glasgow, March 24, 1851 ; d. in 
Glasgow, Jan. 5, 1859. 

36. Agnes Kilpatrick, b. Dec. 27, 1852. -1- 

37. George, b. in Glasgow, Dec. 10, 1854. Came to the 
United States in Feb., iSSo. Employed by C. R. Mabley, Dry 
Goods House in Toledo, Ohio, in iS32. 

38. Elizabeth Gordon, b. in Glasgow, June 24, 1S56 ; m. 
Nov. 4, 1879, David Crawford Miller, whose Bleachworks at 
Avonbank are quite extensive. 

39. Frank Winter, b. in Glasgow, Aug. 12, 1858. Came to 
the United States in April, iSSi. 

40. Margaret Winter, b. in Glasgow, March iS, 1S60. 

41. Walter Buchanan, b. in Glasgow. Jan. 13, 1S62 ; d. in 
Larkhall, June 10, 1871. 

42. David Kilpatrick, b. in Glasgow, Dec. 27, 1863; d. 
Aug. 23, 1S64. 

43. James Winter, b. in Glasgow, June 24, 1S65. 

44. William, b. in Helensburgh, March 30, 1868 ; d. March 
30, 1868. 

45. Alexander Brown, b. in Larkhall, July 2, 1871. 

13. JANE ELIZABETH' David^ David,' b. in 
Kilmarnock, Sept. 24, 1S29. Came to the United 
States in 1830. m. in Jacksonville, Ky., Nov. 9 


1857, Charles F. Root, s. of Joseph, b. in Westfield, 
Mass., Jan. 27, 1829. Iron Founder. Settled in 
New Haven, Conn., in 1S58. 

46. Elizabeth Agnes, b. in Alton, III., Aug. 10, 1858; d. in 
New Haven, July 21, i860. 

15. DAVID' John' David,' b. in Kilmarnock, 
Jan. 6, 1820; m. Janet Dunlop Mitchell, dau. Wm. 
W. and Agnes (Gilmoiir), b. March 28, 1826. 
Manager of Calender and Bleachery, No. 4 Mon- 
trose St., Glasgow. 

47. Margaret Paterson, b. Feb. 13, 1S47.+ 

48. Janet Urquhart, b. in Glasgow, Sept. 19, 1850 

49. Agnes Dunlop, b. in Glasgow, July 23, 1852 ; d. in 
Glasgow, Sept. 15, 1S53. 

50. John Templeton, b. in Glasgow, April 3, 1854. Came 
to the United States, Feb., 1875. 

51. William Alexander, b. in Glasgow, Oct. 27, 1856. In 
1882 in Commission House, Manchester, England. 

52. Ellen Gait, b. in Glasgow, June 19, 1858. 

53. Agnes Campbell, b. in Glasgow, April 22, i860. 

54. Hugh Ferguson, b. in Glasgow, Oct. 2, 1862. 

55. George Winter, b. in Glasgow, March 14, 1865. En- 
tered Queen's University, Kingston, Canada, Sept., 1881. 

16. JAMES URQUHART' John' David,' b. in 
Kilmarnock, April 2, 1S22. m. Agnes, dau. of 
David Gait, and widow of Samuel Peat, b. Sept. 2, 
1817. Machinist. Settled in Milford, Conn., in 

56. Annie Isabella, b. in Astoria, L. I., Feb. 9, 1S58 ; d. in 
Milford. Feb. i, 18S1. 



i8. WILLIxVM UROTTHART' Jolin' David,' b. 
in Kilmarnock, Jan. 15, iw26; m. ist, Mary Sim, 
dau. of John, b. in Kilmarnock, Oct., 1S25 ; d. in 
Glasgow, June, 1858. m. 2d, Ellen Noble, dau. 
of Duncan and Isabella (McKenzie), b. in Glasgow, 
in 1829. 

By 1st wife— . . ,; 

57. Mary Sim, b. Sept. 8, 1855. + 
By 2d wife — 

58. Janet Urquhart, b. in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, 
Feb., 1867. 

59. Ellen, b. in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, in 1S75. 

22. GEORGE ALEXANDER' James^ David,' 
b. in New Haven, Conn, June 6, 1838; m. in 
Yonkers, N. Y., Sept. 21, 1S64, Sarah Elizabeth 
Archer, dau. of Anthony Benjamin, b. in Yonkers, 
June II, 1840. Engineer in Smith's carpet factory, 

60. Angeline Kate, b. in Yonkers, July 28, 1865 ; d. in 
Yonkers, Jan. it, 1S67. 

61. James Anthony, b. in Yonkers. April i, 1868 ; d. in 
Yonkers, June i, 1S70. 

62. George Alexander, b. in Yonkers, Dec. 9, 1S71. 

63. Arthur Franklin, b. in Yonkers, May iq, 1874. 

64. Benjamin Newman, b. in Yonkers, Sept. 7, 1878. 

26. SAMUEL PEAT' James' David,' b. in Yon- 
kers, N. Y., March 26, 1847; '"• in Yonkers, July 
29. 1873, Josephine Jerolamon, dau. of Joseph S. 
and Amanda M. (Trimper), b, in Nyack-on-Hud- 


son, Jan. lo, 1850. Superintendent of packing in 
Baldwin & Flagg's Hat Works, Yonkers. 

65. Am)' Eliza, b. in Yonkers, July 24, 1874. 

66. William Denikc, b. in Yonkers, March 8, 1877. 

67. Fannie, b. in Yonkers, Jan. 23, 1879. 

32. WILLIAM GALT' William' David,' b. in 
Paisley, Scotland, Dec. 3, 1827; m. Harriette A. 
Kasson, dan. of Thomas and Amelia (Holcomb), 
b. in Granby, Conn,, July 4, 1830. Superintend- 
ent Hat Factory, Milford, Conn. 

68. Janet Kasson, b. in New Haven, Conn., Aug. 21, 1S54; 
d. May 22, 1855. 

69. Harriet Maria, b. in New Haven, Conn., Sept. 16, 1S35. 

70. William Wallace, b. in Milford, Conn., March 12, 1861; 
d. Nov. 5, i86i. 

71. Amelia Whilcomb, b. in Milford, Conn., Aug. 31, 1866. 

34. ELLEN SFIAW' George^ David,' b. in 
Glasgow, Jan. 26, 1840; m. in Helensburgh, Nov. 
5, 1868, William Pettigrew, s. of William, b. in 
Bothwell, Scotland, Aug. 31, 1834. Partner of the 
firm of Black & Wingate, manufacturers and 
printers of muslins and linens, Glasgow. 

72. Ellen Shaw, b. in " Rosebank " Blantyre, Nov. 9, 1869. 

73. William Clark, b. in " Rosebank" Blantyre, March 17, 

74. George Alexander, b. in "Rosebank" Blantyre, June 
10, 1874; d. in Blantyre, Aug. 31, 1079. 

o b *^ ^ - 

36. AGNES KILPATRICK^ George'^ David/ 
b. in Glasgow, Dec. 27, 1852; m. William Frew of 
Larkhall, Feb. 27, 1879. Colliery proprietor. 

75. James Forrest, b. in Larkhall, Dec. 20, 1879. 

76. Twins — Fannie and Mary, b. in Larkhall, Dec. 9, i83o. 

47. MARGARET PATERSON* David' John^ 
David,' b. in Glasgow, Feb. 13, 1847; m. Aug. 18, 
1874, John Watson, s. of John, b. in Glasgow, Feb. 
25, 1847, Prof, of Ethics and Logic, Queen's Uni- 
versity, Kingston, Canada. 

77. Edward Caird, b. in Kingston. Ca., May 24, 1875. 

78. Alice Robertson, b. in Kingston, Ca., Feb. 22, 1877. 
7g. Ellen Mitchell, b. in Kingston, Ca., May 13, 1879. 

57. MARY SIM* William^ John' David,' b. in 
Glasgow, Sept. 8, 1855 ; ni. June 7, 1876, James 
Bilsland, b. in Glasgow, Dec. 17, 1853. 

80. James, b. in Glasgow, May 4, 1877. 

8i. William Mitchell, b. in Glasgow, April 24, 1879. 

82. Sarah, b. in Glasgow, July ro, 1881. 


Agnes' David 4 

Agnes^ James ....... 8 

Agnes^ John 4 

Agnes C* David 14 

Agnes D.nVm. \V. .10 

Agues K.^ George 20 

AJ^xander- David 2 

.4J<:»ander''' David 2 

Alr.xander B.^ George . . . . .12 

Alice J.3 J.Tmes 8 

AHieli.i VV.-» Wm. G 18 

Amy E.* Samuel P 18 

Angeliiie K.'* George A 16 

Afuiie I.^ James U 14 

Ariluir F* George A 16 

Iknj.iinin N.' James 8 

Benjamin N.* George A 16 

David 2 

David* David 2 

David^ David 4 

David' Jolin i_l 

David K.' George ,2 

£liza J. flames 8 

Eiuafieth G.' George 12 

Ellen* Wm. U. . ..... i', 

Ellen G.* David 14 

Ellen S.3 George . 18 

Fannie-» .Saml. P. . . i3 

Ftank W.:" George . ..... 12 

George^ David 2 

Geor^c^ George 12 

Gvuti^c" James ....... ^ 

ijp^i^c A.3 Jame.> 16 

^ty?^? ^^•♦ Qepfjje A ,6 


George W.^ D;ivid 
Harriet M.-" Wm. G 
Hugh F.^ David 
James A.* George A 
James U.^ John 
James W.' David 
James W.^ [ames 
James W.^ George 
Jane E.^ David 
Janei^ David 
Janet' David . 
Janet' John 
Janet D.^ Wm. W. 
Janet K* Wnu G. 
Janet U.* David 
Janet U." Wm. U. 
John' David . 
John T.* David . 
Jessie W.' George 
Margaret P.* David 
Margaret W.^ George 
Mary S." Wm. U. 
Newman' Jaines 
Samuel P.-' James 
Sarah E.^ James 
Waller B.' George 
William' George 
William A.-" David 
William D.* Saml. P. 
William F.' Jaines 
William G.' Wm. W. 
William U.' John 
William W.'' David 
William W.* Wm. G. 



Adam— Alice J. 

Archer — Sarah E. 
Back— Charles E. 

Sarah E. 
BiLSLAND— James 
Mary S, 
Brown — Janet 

Chapman — Wealthy A 
Cleveland— Maria 
Delehanty — Ellen 
DuNLOP — Agnes 
Frew — Agnes K. . 


James Forres 


William . 
Galt — Agnes 
Jean . 
Hamilton— Agnes 
HoADLEY — Fannie M 
HoLCOMB — Amelia 
Jerolamon — Josephi n 
Kasson— Harriette A 
KiMBEKLY— Agnes 

Kinney — Ida J. . 


Kelly— Janet 2 

Lake — Mary ...'.... 2 

Lines— Eliza 8 

McKenzie — Isabella 16 

Miller— David C. 12 

Elizabeth G. 12 

Newman — Sarah E 6 

Noble— Ellen 16 

Paterson — Margaret 10 

Peat — Agnes . . . . . . . 14 

PETTKiKEW— Ellen S 18 

Ellen 18 

George A. 18 

William 18 

William C 18 

Root — Charles F 14 

Elizabeth A 14 

Jane A 12 

Shaw — Ellen 12 

Sim— Mary 16 

Templeton — John 2 

Sarah 2 

Thorburn— Maria C 2 

Trimper — Amanda M 16 

Urquhart— Janet 4 

Watson — Alice 20 

Edward C 20 

Ellen M 20 

John 20 

Margaret P 20 

Winter — Margaret 12 




b \