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Full text of "Genealogy of the family of Samborne or Sanborn in England and America. 1194-1898"

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Victor Channing Sanborn 

1667 - »9ZI 

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Jr. IVLI ^. 7^1/ 

\Af^J^ fi ^pSt^ C. S^^^*^^ 


H ^ A 1 ^1 P 

Mr?. Louise Sariborn of 145 E. 
W:--^rnin.'=ter st.. Lake Forest, yes- 
terday filed a 510.000 damage suit 
io the Circuit Court at Waukegan 
agai-ast Mi~.s E. 2. O'Neii. o-.vner of 
a beauty shop in Lake Forest. 

>fr3. Sanborn. da.ughter of the 
iate l.laj. Joseph Ivirkland. of one 
of C.\icas:'o'c oldest and most so- 
tv.i'iv pioiTiiucar, families, based her 
suit r-n an ?ccidcnt last January- 
'1% in Mi=.s O Xeii's beauty shop. 

AC'.' or din?." to the b;ll Mrs. fean- 
h .■ .A \\-A% r'rctjiving" a hair-dressins: 
1 '• t^'.itnt ;>Jid t'ne e'sctric instru- 
jr t.:it used was equivped with cellu- 
loid co'nbsr. Because, she cbaries. 
< * ca e^s and iiegHgent" handling: 
he c IS becairiC ignited. 
[ TI in. tarn set fire to her hair 
; id sust-ained severe burns on 

l-er h. V, a,3 -.velJ. as on her face, 
ban is 2. id trms ^.-hen she a'.te.'iipt- 
ea to bf-at cut the flames. The ac- 
;idfr,t. silt says, resulted in her be- 
ing in a hospital for somi; v.eaks 
ir.a tl;^'. loss of Ler hair. y^^iT *? ^-j 


' J 


•, ) • 


Cbe TRumforO press 
■ Joel Munsell's Sons, 
albany, n. y. 

1 ! 



The Sanborn Family Association of 1853 
Dr. Nathan Sanborn and Dyer H. Sanborn 
English Research .... 
The Completed Genealogy 
Explanation of Arrangement 





Origin of the Name .... 

English Places of the Name 

Heraldry of Samborne 

Notes at Herald's College . 

Glover's OBdinary : " Sir John Samburne'' 


Juliana de Sandeburne 

Richard Saumburn of Trowbridge 

Richard Samborne of Lacock 

Joanna de Sambourne of Yeovil . 

Robert de Samborne, Canon of Bath and Wells 


" Nicholas de Biddestone'' 

Mediaeval Members of Parliament 

The Barony and Manor of Castle Combe 

Fernham, Berks and Lushill, Wilts 

The Family of De Lusteshull or Lushill 

The Family of Crekelade 

Walter Samborne of Southcot 

The Drews of Seagry : Drogo Fitz Ponz 


Drew Sambourne and his Possessions 

Christopher Urswick, Dean of Windsor 

The Sambourne Lands Pass to Lord Windsor 

Kinship to Queen Elizabeth 

Souihcot House ..... 













/('-•■ \( 




Sonning and the Sambournes ....... 

The Manor of iMouIsford, Berks ....... 

Sir Henrv Sambourne and his Manors ..... 



Nicholas Samborne and the Blounts 

Brocas of Beaurepaire 

The Hampshire Lisles 

Timsbury House 

The Tichborne Family 

Willoughby of Dorset 

The Maiden Newton Sambornes 

Sir Barnaby Samborne 

Thomas Samborne of Nunney 


James Samborne, Vicar of Andover 
Anthony Gattonby ..... 
The Rectors of Upper Clatford . 
Sir Thomas Jervois and Henry Sherfield 
James Samborne and the Hatherden School 


Richard Samborne and his Foreign Trade ..... 

The Royalist Sambornes and Charles II . . ' . 

Charles Samborne Le Bas ........ 


The Barber Surgeon of London . 
Mr. Linlcy Sambourne, the Artist 
A Bacheller Clew 


Errors in Former Pedigrees ...... 

Records and Publications Consulted ..... 

The " Sanibueren " Pedigree at Tim.sbury .... 

A Late Herald's College Pedigree ..... 

Visitation Pedigrees : Oxfordshire, Berkshire, and Somersetshire 


Proximity in Hampshire ......... 

Key Pedigree ........... 

Other Possible Links .......... 















Hampshire and Jersey Bachilers . 

Le Mercier and I'riaulx Families . 

Studies at Oxford 

Vicar of Wherwell 

Disestablishment and Flight to Hollan 

The " Ploutjh Company'" . 

Landing in New England ". 

Church at Lynn 

Salem, Ipswich, Newbury, and Cape Cod 

The Settlement of Hampton 

Timothy Dalton and Hampton Troubl 

Return to England 


Lieut. Robert Pike and the Magistrate 
The Magistrates Resent the Petition 
Hussey and Samborne Stand Out 
Hampton Residents and Rates, 1653 


The Samborne Coat-of-Arms 

Anne i3achiler . 

Lieut. John Sani'jorne (2) . 

William Samborne (3] . 

Stephen Samborne (4) . 

Second Generation in America ( j-'l ) 

Third Generation in America ( 15-49 ) 

Fourth Generation in America ( 50-128 ) 

Fifth Generation in An. erica ( 129-338 ) 

Sixth Generation in America ( 339-8S6 ) 

Seventh Generation in America ( 895-1 64S) 

Eighth Generation ;n America (i 65 5-2 174) 

Addenda ....... 

Revolutionary Appendix .... 


By F. B. Sanborn of Concord, Mass. ...... 



60-6 1 


















Cclonial : 

^ Persons. 
I Places. 

< Sanborns. 
I Allied Fa'-nilies. 

\ A ■ r 

f . ' . y .1?/ r '■■ i 

^.\]i.\ r ,' 'J. .o 


ir 'io ^s.- 


The Samborne Arms 

Facsimile Certificate Sanborn Association 

Map of Southern England 

Arms of " Sir John Samburne " 

S. Nicholas' Church, Biddestone, Wilts 

Arms of Lushill .... 

Arms of Crekelade 

Southcot House, Berks . . — r ' 

Arms of Drew .... 

S. Andrew's Church, Sonning, O.xon 

Moulsford, Berks, from the Thames 

Arms of Brocas .... 

Arms of Lisle . . . . 

Timsbury House, Somt. 

Arms of Tichborne ... 

Timsbury (photographed by Mrs. Foster) 

Timsbury (photographed by Mrs. Foster) 

Timsbury Church and Monument to Sir Barnaby Samborne 

Drawing-room at Timsbury: S. S. P. Samborne, Esq., J. P 

S. Peter's Church. Goodworth Clatford, Hants 

All Saints' Church, Upper Clatford, Hants 

All Saints' Rectory, Upper Clatford, Hants 

S. Mary's Church, Andover, Hants 

Portrait of Linley Sambourne, Esq. 

Arms, Seal, and Signature of Stephen Bachikr 

Old Quadrangle of S. John's College, Oxford . 

The Pike Petition of 1653 (containing autographs of the three Sambornts) 

Letter from Lieut. John Samborne to Capt. William Trask (1649) C^^ith three fac 

similes of Lieut. John's Signature) 
Autograph of Deacon Benjamin Samborne (9) 

Ebenezer Samborn (9-xii) . 

Capt. Jonathan Samborne (10) 

Josiah Samborn (12) 

Ensign John Samborn (20) 

Reuben Samborn (22) 
Samborne Homestead, in Hampton Falls, X. H. (built in 1743) 
Residence of Dr. C. H. Sanborn, Hampton Falls, N. H. . 
Autograph of Benjamin Samborn (36) .... 

Meshech Weare ..... 

Homestead of Sergt. Ezekiel Sanborn, Newmarket, N. U. 
Commission of Sergt. Ezekiel Sanborn .... 



L \] 'i{.> <■ . ' 




Portrait of Judge John Sanborn Conner of Cincinnati, O. (144-vii) 

Dr. William Sanborn of Falmouth, Me. (150) . 
Homestead of Jethro Sanborn, Webster, Me. . 
Portrait of Col. George M. Moulton of Chicago (262-iv) . 
Homestead of Jacob Sanborn, in Chichester. N. H. 

John Sanborn, "Bride Hill," Hampton, N. H 
Portrait of Dr. Benjamin Sanborn of Falmouth, Me. (390) 

Hon. James W. Sanborn of Port Huron, Mich. (391) 
Hon. Cummings Sanborn of Port Huron, .Mich. (398) 
Moses Sanborn of Cleveland, O. (413) • 
Dr. Nathan Sanborn of Henniker, N. H. (521) 
Residence of Hon. Sherburne T. Sanborn, Winchester, Mass 
Portrait of Hon. Peter F. Sanborn of Hallowell. Me. (949) 
Hon. Joseph A. Sanborn of Hallowell, Me. (950) 
Hon. John P. Sanborn of Port Huron, Mich. (97S) 
John P. Sanborn, Jr., of Port Huron, Mich. (978-v) 
Gen. William Sanborn of Port Huron, Mich. (979) 
Herbert C. Sanborn of Detroit. Mich. (992) . 
Dr. Bigelow T. Sanborn of Augusta, Me. (1064) 
Prof. E. A. Grosvenor of Amherst, Mass. (ioS2-i) . 
Prof. Edwin D. Sanborn of Dartmouth College (11 52) 
" Kate Sanborn ■' (i 15 2-i) ..... 
Hon. John Sewell Sanborn of Sherbrooke, P. Q. (i 153) 
Frank B. Sanborn of Concord. Mass. (1313) • 
Residence of Frank B. Sanborn, Concord, .Mass. 
Portrait of George Henry Sanborn of Chicago (131 S) 

John Henry Sanborn of Newport, R. I. (1321) 
Robert Sanborn of .Sandown, N. H. (1330) 
Joseph Haven Sanborn of Loudonville. O. (1395) • 
Joseph George Sanborn of Wooster, O. (1396) 
Col. True Sanborn of Chichester, N. H. (1410) 
Maj.-Gen. John B. Sanborn of St. Paul, Minn. (1576) 
Dr. Edwin A. Sanborn of Somer\ille Mass. (i66o-ii) 
James S. Sanborn of Somerville. Mass. (171 0) 
Residence of James S. Sanborn, Somerville, Mass. . 
Portrait of Maj. Washington I. Sanborn, U. S. A. (17S6) 
Maj. Ebenezer K. Sanborn, U. S. A. (17S9) . 
John Sanborn of Fruitvale. Cal. (181 1) . 
Residence of John Sanborn, Fruitvale, Cal. .... 

W. A. Sanborn, Sterling. III. . .' . 

Portrait of Prof. Jacob O. Sanborn of Hingham, Mass. (1820) 
Sherburn Sanborn of Chicago (1862) 
Victor C. Sanborn of La Grange, 111. (1901) 
F. G. Sanborn of San Francisco (2110-iii) 
Judge Walter H. Sanborn of St. Paul. Minn. (2140) 
Moses L. Sanborn of Boston (2174) 













The present volume is, in the truest sense, a joint production, repre- 
senting as it does the labors of three generations of American Sanborns. 
I have been unable to ascertain who first collected genealogical data for the 
family history, but in all probability the title of Father of the Sanborn Gen- 
ealogy properly belongs to Dr. Nathan Sanborn (521), whose biography 
appears on page 272, of this volume. 

The first concerted et^brt to compile a family history was the organiza- 
tion, at IManchester, N. H., on October 5, 1S53, of the Sanborn Genealog- 
ical Association, the proceedings being as follows: 

At a meeting of those who bear the name of Sanborn, held at the City Hall. .Manchester, 
N. H., October 5, 1S53, 2 o'clock p. m.. 

Voted, That Dr. Nathan Sanborn act as chairman, and Dr. Eastman Sanborn as secretary. 
Voted, That it is expedient to form an association for the purpose of collecting, preserving 
and diiTusing information respecting those who bear the name of Sanborn. 

Voted, A committee of three, appointed by the Chair, shall draft a constitution and nom- 
inate officers. This committee, composed of E. D. Sanborn, Eastman Sanborn, and John 
D. Sanborn, reported a constitution, which was accepted, and nominated for peimanent 
officers : 

President — Dyer H. Sanborn. 
Vice-President — B. W. Sanborn. 
Recording Secretary — Nathan Sanborn. 
Corresponding Secretary — Eastman Sanborn. 
Treasurer — Edwin D. Sanborn. 

These nominations were confirmed. 


Article i. This association shall be denominated the Sanborn Genealogical Association. 

Art. 2. The object of the association shall be to collect, preserve, and diffuse information 
respecting every family or individual in this or any other state and who may have borne the 
name of Sanborn, or may have been connected by consanguinity or aflinity with any person 
who has borne that name. 

Art. 3. The officers of the association shall be a president, vice-president, a correspond- 
ing and recording secretary, and a treasurer, who shall be ex officio a board of directors to 
transact the business of the society. 

Art. 4. The association shall meet as often as the directors shall deem it expedient, pro- 

v5 ; 'ill I 


vided only one meeting shall be held in a year, and shall be called together by order of the 
president, and published in two papers, at least, in New England. 

Art. 5. Any person may become a member by subscribing this constitution and paying into 
the treasury one dollar. ,_ ; . 

The association soon numbered a hundred and fifty members, and all 
contributed more or less valuable data for the family history. With these 
materials, and with the assistance of several well-known genealogists of 
the time, Dr. Nathan Sanborn compiled and published in the July and 
October, 1856, numbers of the New England Historic-Genealogical Reg- 
ister ^ well-arranged and fairly complete tabulation of the family pedigree, 
in nineteen pages. This, republished in pamphlet form, was one of the 
earliest American genealogies printed ; eliciting much praise for its sim- 
plicity and completeness. A copy was sent to every member of the family 
association, and the indefatigable officers of that body at once began to 
amplify the printed record. The following year the subjoined circular was 
sent to ail Sanborns whose addresses could be obtained, and it shows the 
business-like way in which the larger work was begun. 


Dear Sir : We take this method to apprise you, if not already acquainted with the fact, 
that an association of those who bear the name of Sanborn, or are by blood or aSinity con- 
nected with those of that name, has been formed for the purpose of collecting and preserv- 
ing genealogical information of their ancestry, and to solicit whatever aid you may be able to 
afford us in securing the objects of our association. The conditions of membership are the 
payment of one dollar toward the necessary expenses of the association, postage, printing, 
etc., and forwarding to the secretary the record of his own family, and those of his ancestry 
as far back as he can trace it. In return, he receives a certificate of membership and our 
genealogies as fast as we are able to print them. The services of the officers are all gratuitous. 

We have printed one edition in pamphlet form of twenty-one pages, comprising more than 
Seven hundred names, the matter of which has been at the same tim.e published in the Xroj 
England Historic and Genealogical Register, Vol. X. We propose to print, as soon as the 
amount of material and the state of our funds will admit, a second edition, containing at least 
double the amount of genealogical matter embraced in the first. 

The first five generations, it is believed, are nearly complete in our first edition, making all 
reasonable allowance for mistakes in transcribing and printing. The task, thus far, was ren- 
dered comparatively easy by the full and legible records kept by the town and church of- 
Hampton; that is, while the descendants of John and William Sanborn rem.ained ^^•itnin the 
limits of that town, as then bounded. But when the inhabitants of the older towns, for want of 
room, began to emigrate to newer settlements, where meagre records mark their course, their 
footprints are not so readily traced, and we are compelled to rely on the reminiscences of the 
aged among the living, or detached records of families that have been transmitted from par- 
ents to children on a blank leaf in the old time-worn but venerated family Bible. On the 


•li' ^iii 


interest manifested by the living of our race in this enterprise of rescuing from oblivion a 
knowledge of their ancestry, and their promptituae in acting on it, will depend its ultimate 

At a meeing of tlie association at Concord, October 9, 1856, a large committee was appointed, 
to be addressed through a circular from the Secretary and solicited to aid him with all the 
materials within the reach of any reasonable effort, for this second edition. We want names, 
dates of birth, marriage, and death, and, if practicable, residence and occupation (taking 
particular care that letters and figures be perfectly legible). 

We would like to embellish our book with a few portraits, and offer to any, who will be at 
the e.xpense of a suitable plate, its insertion in the proper place. 

We are anxious this edition should be as perfect as possible, as it will probably be the 
last issued by the present acting members of the association. If mistakes are noticed in our 
last (and we know it abounds in them), we shall be happy to have them pointed but, and 
will cheerfully correct them in our next. 

As a member of this committee, you are solicited to render the secretary all the aid in your 
power, by procuring funds and records. Ifany to whom this is sent have not received our 
pamphlet, they may be supplied by application to the secretary. If you know any one of our 
name whom you v/ould judge a suitable assistant in this work, please address him, or notify 

the secretary that he may do so. 

Yours truly, 

Nathan S.v.nborn, 

Recording Secretary. 
Henniker, N. H., April 6, 1857. 

In 1858, Dr. Nathan Sanborn died, and his material was put into the 
hands of D\'er II. Sanborn, president of the Sanborn Association, and as 
untiring a worker as his predecessor. He sent other circulars to the San- 
born family and instituted a personal correspondence with nearly a thou- 
sand of the name. No one who has not gone through the papers which 
he left can form any idea of the immensity of his work. All his letters 
were written with his own hand, and after he had obtained the family data 
from a correspondent, he re-wrote it himself, and forwarded it to the sender 
to be corrected and returned. From this correspondence he then tabulated 
a record of the entire family, forming about three hundred pages of closely- 
written manuscript on foolscap paper. 

The completion of this record would have taken many years, and Dyer 
Sanborn died in 1S71, with much uncompleted, and with his courage some- 
what dampened by the unending character of his task. His papers were 
in the possession of the widow of his son until a few years ago, when they 
were turned over by her to Mr. Thomas L. Sanborn, a son of Dr. Nathan 
Sanborn. By him they were fil6d away in neat order, but no further 
attempt was made to publish the family history. 

More than twelve years ago, I turned my attention to the Sanborn gen- 



ealogy, investigating particularly the English origin of our family, which 
had never received much attention. In the Genealogical Register for 
July, 18S5, I published a short account of the English Sambornes, cor- 
recting the many errors in our American pamphlets and articles. In this 
article, which was afterwards issued in pamphlet form, I collected the 
facts which were obtainable from printed records in this country and Eng- 
land, but, of course, was unable to search English records. In 1SS7, 
Gen. John B. Sanborn, of St. Paul, reprinted the pamphlet genealogy 
and my article in book form, adding thereto a most interesting account 
of his branch and of his own life. 

About this time. Rev. Moses Runnels, of Sanbornton, published a very 
complete and admirable history of that town, and embodied in the gen- 
ealogies an exhaustive record of the Sanbornton Sanborns, their branches 
and descents. It is to be regretted that he accepted the erroneous coat-of- 
arms which ?vlr. S. G. Drake had engraved for the Register article, and 
which was also included in the pamphlet genealogy. 

Five years ago, I began to think of publishing the family history, and 
collected and tabulated the genealogies mentioned above, and m.anv more 
extracted from town histories, etc. At this time, I had not seen the Dr. 
Nathan Sanborn collections, and while my data were very copious, thcv 
were incomplete in the middle generations. ]My especial interest was .still 
to tind the English home of our race, and I had elaborated mv records on 
that subject, when, in the spring of 1895, I had the long-wished-for oppor- 
tunity to search English records in England. The results of that investiga- 
tion were very fortunate and completely upset the Samborne lines given 
in the printed and manuscript pedigrees of the name in England. I was 
able to trace a connected pedigree from Nicholas Samborne of 1330 to the 
present day. 

B}' the kindness of the editor of the Granite Monthl\\ I was able to 
publish my researches in that magazine, and to reprint them in pamphlet 
form. A year later, I printed m}- "Samborne Ancestry'" in the English 
Genealogist, the authority on such subjects on that side of the water. In 
spite of a protracted search, since pursued by friendlv genealogists abroad, 
I have been unable to find the exact connectino" link between the two con- 
tinl^nts, although my theoretical connection has been accepted as undenia- 
ble circumstantial evidence. 

From this time, I devoted my attention to the American line, and printed 
my "First Sambornes of Hampton. N. H.," in the Register (or January, 
1897. A few months later, I began the great work in earnest, and sent 

fAMH?"''! J/ ''UIOT^JM 


out blanks to two thousand San>orns in this country. The resuUs have 
been very favorable. I have traced out several new lines, and am able at 
last to present as complete a tamily history, I venture to say, as any such 
American family has ever possessed. 

In announcing this result, I do not claim more than my share of what- 
ever credit is due. Had it not been for the researches of Dr. Nathan 
Sanborn and Dyer H. Sanborn, whose papers were very kindly placed at 
my disposal by Mr. Thomas L. Sanborn, this volume would have been 
decidedl3' incomplete. The assistance of my father, Mr. F. B. Sanborn, 
and the researches made in 1S56 by my uncle. Dr. Charles H. Sanborn, 
have been invaluable, and my kinsmen and kinswomen have been very 
kind In furnishing data. I must particularly acknowledge the kindness of 
Miss Katherine L. Morrill of Exeter, N. H., who has transcribed many 
earl}-- deeds of great interest. 

Let m.e also take this opportunity of expressing my sincere apprecia- 
tion of the "uniform kindness, courtesy, and liberality of my kinsmen and 
friends and especially of Gen. John B. wSanborn and ^vlr. Sherburn San- 
born, who have most substantially aided in obtaining the fruits ot English 
research. And I thank all the friends, on both sides of the Atlantic, who 
have so generously aided the work with information and good counsel. 
Especially is an acknowledgment due to Mr. W. P. W. Phillimore of Lon- 
don, and to another English friend, who have edited the English part of this 


^JJ'^^^'Jl^ '^-i ^ilf 33c(trrr, ^ ^ 


mem/eic/^^c Inulinrn (l?rnraiagiral .teariatinii, ^m/^ia/ec/' 

'•\f% i -f^'! -M luitiation Fc; $1,00, ixtaiUci. ^ . 

"^LlJtelL.u- ^ :^^A/W>-vi^_;?>cf *cirmrr 

' f ': .■■ 


The different chapters of this volume are arranged, as far as possible, in 
chronological order. First comes a treatise on the family name and arms. 
Then, the English pedigree, arranged in the English manner, by branches. 
Next, the probable connection with the American Sanborns. Next, an 
account of Rev. Stephen Bachiler, and a chapter illustrative of early Hamp- 
ton customs. Then follows the history of the American famil}', and then an 
index of Revolutionary Sanborns. The last chapter of the book, contrib- 
uted by Frank B. Sanborn of Concord, Mass., gives the local color, and 
shows New Hampshire life in this and the last century. 

The arrangrement of the American Sanborns is intended to be a simole 
numerical cross-reterence. Where the family record is brought down to 
the present day, each head of a family is given a consecutive number. To 
trace a line down, then, refer to the number preceding the Christian name. 
To trace a line back, refer to the number in parentheses after the Christian 
name. Thus, on page i6i, Matthew Nealley Sanborn is number 497 ; his 
record is given on page 261. On page 261, we find him described as 
497. Capt. Matthew Nealley (18S) Sanborn. The number (188) here 
given is the number designating Captain Sanborn's father, whose record we 
find on page 161. 

V. C. s. 


A Prefatory Note by the Editor. 

The delay in publication of the Sanborn Genealogy has resulted in a 
more complete volume, both as regards the English and American parts. 
New clews recently found as to the English home of the American Sanborns 
led me to hope that before the book was issued explicit proof could be dis- 
covered. With this idea in mind, I instituted another exhaustive search of 
English records. Search has now been made through tiie Registers of 
the older London parishes, through new tiles of wills at Somerset House 
and elsewhere ; and a most thorough and minute examination of the 
Municipal Records of Andover, Hampshire. 

It was a disappointment in a sense, and yet not in another, that nothing 
giving exact proof as to the home of the first Sambornes of America came to 
li<:ht after this effort. Circumstantial evidence leaves no reasonable doubt 
that the father of yokn, William, and Stcpheii Sarnborne of Hampton zvas 
one of the Haynpshire Sambornes, descended from JVicholas cf Mafledur- 
ham. In mv opinion his marriage and the baptism of his children were per- 
formed by Stephen Bachiler, and the records thereof were destroyed when 
Bachiler's library was burned, about 1645. 


' The name of SAMBORNE or SANBORN, with its different variations, 
is not uncommon in xYmerica, as the size of tljis volume shows ; it is 
extremely rare in England, however, and all evidences point to there hav- 
ing been but one distinct t'amil}' of the name from ancient times. 

The earliest mention of the famih' name in England ( A. D. 1194) gives 
It as DE SANDEBURNE, but as eady as 1330 it is spelled SAr^IBORNE 
or wSAMBOURNE. Since the fourteenth century the last two forms have 
been the accepted English spelling, and the only two branches now in exist- 
ence in England use these. . ; 

Our first ancestors in America spelled their name SAMBORNE, and, 
with or without the fmal " e," so it was spelled lor several generations. 


Gradually the "m" was changed to "n," until by 1750 the name was 
spelled as at present, the final "e" being altogether dropped. The original 
and traditional pronunciation in this country was Sahmboiirn, with a 
marked accent on the first syllable. To-day the Illinois Sanburns and the 
Michigan Sandborns alone vary the accepted spelling of Sanborn in 

All American Sanborns are descended from the Hampton settlers of 
1639, except a few Germans or Swedes originally named Sandberg. etc., 
who preferred the American family name. 

Competent authorities accept as the most simple and evident deriva- 
tive, the Anglo-Saxon words, Sa)id and Burfia (a stream), evidently a 
place name, deriving its meaning from some sandy locality traversed by a 
stream. Undoubtedly the surname of Samborne is local in its origin, deriv- 
ing from some place or village of the name. Of surnames of local origin 
there are two classes : in the first the name was assumed by the bearer be- 
cause, as lord of the manor or considerable landowner, he was pre- 
eminently fp/*the place; in the second, men of humbler birth acquired a 
place name for their surname because it was their place of origin. From 
the social status of the family in mediaeval times it seems probable that 
Samborne belongs to the former class, and there are indications that it 
originates from Sambourne in Warminster, Wilts. 

There arc several places in England from which our fam.ily may have 
derived its namie. 

1. Sambourne, a division of the parish of Warminster, in Wiltshire. The 
earliest record of the familv name in En^Tland is associated with Wiltshire ; 
therefore this is probably the place from which the Sam/Dornes took their 
name. The historian of Warminster, Rev. J. J. Daniell, writes me that he 
has never been able to decide from what physical feature Sambourne took 
its name. It was a small and ancient manor, or at least possessed manorial 
privileges as early as 1307 ; and as will be seen under the history of the 
English family, was probably a manor in 1 194-5. It is now a division or 
hamlet of the parish of Warminster, and on Sambourne Hill is located the 
Union Workhouse. Warminster itself is a thriving town of Western Wilts, 
situated almost on the Somerset boundary, twenty-one miles northwest 
from Salisbur}^ and directly east of Frome, Somt., where the Samboi^iCS 
owned property in the seventeenth century. I have found no mention of 
Samborne as a t'amily name in Warminster. 

2. Sambourne Bridgp:, in the northern part of Wiltshire, is over the 
Derry Brook, in the parish of Cricklade St. Sampson, just on the edge of 

.1/. -' l;> 


Minety. As will be seen, the Wiltshire Sambornes were very early con- 
nected with North Wilts and with the Cricklade family. I have been 
unable to ascertain much about this brid<^e, or how it derived its name. In 
the "Perambulation of the Forests of Wilts " in 1300, I find mention of the 
" Bridge of Samborne," apparently between Studle^- and Lacock. 

3. Sambourxe, in the parish of Coughton, Warwick. Dugdale, in his 
'* History of Warwickshire," says, — " Of this place, having its originall 
denomination from that little brook nigh unto which it stands. I find very 
antient mention, viz : in anno DCCXIV, it being then {inter alia) given to 
the monks of Evesham by Egwin, Bishop of Worcester, upon the tounda- 
tion thereof." It is situated in the southwestern part of Warwickshire, 
near Stratford-on-Avon, and is mentioned in Domesday, spelled " Sand- 
burne." I can find no reason for believing that our family had any connec- 
tion with this place. 

4. Sandbourne, a tything of Kidderminster, the great carpet-weaving 
town of England, situated in Worcestershire, northwest from Sam.bourne 
in Warwick. This place was originally called '• Sandleburne," and I can 
find no reason for believing there was any connection with our family. 

5. Sandburx, a hamlet of the parish of Stockton-on-the-Forest in the 
North Riding of Yorkshire, a few miles north of the city of York. Mr. 
Gell, the rector of Stockton, writes m,e, — " I fear I cannot give you much 
information. I should sav it originallv derived its name from a sand-hill in 
the locality, which is now to be seen on Sandbnrn Farm ; and t'rom a little 
burn or brook, which I understand flows near to it. The whole neighbor- 
hood is of a sandy description. In Sandburn Wood is the shaft of an 
ancient cross seven feet high, which is supposed to be an ancient boundary- 
mark of the commons belouijinir to the Freemen of York." This hamlet is 
mentioned in Domesday, spelled "Sanburna," and was at that time held by 
Ralph Paganel ; later it was held by the Boltons. I can trace no connec- 
tion with the English Sambornes, except that in the somewhat mythical 
pedigree on pages 50-1 the lamily name is stated to have been " Sam- 
bueren," and all the matches given are with well-known North Country and 
Yorkshire families. 

6. SoMBOURNE in Hampshire, and Stamborne in Essex, may be m.en- 
lioned here, although I do not think there is any possible connection. 



In many instances, American genealogies have given too little attention 
to the correct use ot' heraldry. Too often has it been the aim of the com- 
piler to furnish a coat of arms or a crest, without being careful enough to 
assure himself that it can be honorably used. 

Until the present writer began, in 1SS5, to investigate the subject of Sam- 
borne heraldry, it had received scant attention in this country. In the 
pamphlet genealogy published in 1856, a coat-ot-arms and crest were 
engraved, apparently by Mr. S. G. Drake, the authority tor which was not 
cited, and for which I have been unable to find the slightest reason. It 
certainly never was a Samborne coat-of-arms, and it is impossible in 
heraldry. The crest engraved is that given in most collections of crests as 
belonging to Samborne, but which I am assured by an English Herald 
there has never been warrant tor believing really belonged to the nam^e. 
Where its use originated, I cannot say. Mr. Dyer H. Sanborn printed 
some notes in the Register for 1S57, about the English Sambornes and their 
arms, but they were full of errors. 

In fact, there is but one true Samborne coat-of-arms ; and an eminent 
authority, Dr. George W. ^larshall, LL. D., Rouge Croix Pursuivant. 
writes me it was evidently used betbre the days of grants ot arms. A 
search at the Heralds' College results in the following references : 

1. Samborne of Southcot. Berks. Quarterly (i) and (4^) [Samborne] Argent, a 
chevron, sable, between three mullets gules, pierced or. (2) [Lushill of Wilt;] Argent, a 
pale fusilly, gules, within a bordure azure, bezantee. (3) [Drew of Wilts, Berks, and 
Devon.] Ermine, a lion passant guardant, gules. No crest. This coat in 1566 was allcm-ed 
and confirmed to Thomas Samborne of Sonning, Berks, grandson of Drew Samborne of South- 
cot, who bore the quarterings as above. 

2. Samborne of Timsbury, Somt. Argent, a chevron, sable, between three mullets 
gules, pierced or. Crest, a mullet as in the arms. This coat and crest in 167c were alloz.'cd 
and conf.r/ned to Maudley Samborne of Timsbury, sixth in descent from Drew Samborne"s 
brother, Nicholas of Mapledurham. Although Nicholas Samborne had the same right to the 
Drew and Lushill quarterings as his brother, his descendants at Timsbury did not use them, 
but bore the mullet as crest, — which I assume to have been a new crest, since Sir Barnaby 
Samborne's seal, affixed, in 1590, to a document at Timsbury, shows no crest at all. 

3. Sambourne of Moulsford, Berks. The same arms as (2). Crest, a bull's head 
erased, sable, armed or, holding in the mouth three wheat-ears of the last. This coat ana 
crest were, in 1665, confiT-med and allowed to Richard Sambourne of Cholsey, Berks, a great- 
grandson of Drew Sambourne. the crest being in allusion to his descent from the Drews. 

4. Sambourne (said to be of .Moulsford, Berks, Cos. Hants, and Somt.^ The same 
arms as (2) and (3). Crest, a hand holding a sheaf of arrows, all proper. Although this crest 


is described in every heraldic dictionary as belonging to Samborne, I 
can find no authority for it at the Heralds' College. It may have been 
a late seventeenth century grant, but I doubt its authenticity. 

5. Samborne (no location). Sable (another, azure), a lion ram- 
pant, or. No crest. This coat is given in Glover's "Ordinary of 
Arms" as belonging to Sir John Samburne, and is also mentioned by 
Burke, etc., but I think in error; probably confounded (because of a 
Samborne inter-marriage in 1490 or thereabouts),. with the arms of 
'. Brocas of Beaurepaire (Sable, a lion rampant-guardant, or). This, 1 
* take it, is the coat which the Pamphlet Genealogv of 1856 still farther Arms of Sir John S.\m- 

I _ _ o. J BURNE. 

! confused bv adding five mullets to it. From Glcvers Ordinary. 

( ' ♦ . 

[ Under the rules of British heraldry, coat-armour can be borne only by 

those who deduce a straifrht line trom some ancestor of their name who bore 
it of right. If the exact connectincr link between the American and English 
families shall prove to be, as I incline to believe, through the descendants of 
the Hampshire Sambornes of the sixteenth century, then we shall be enti- 
tled to bear the ancient Samborne arms. 

It ma}' be observed here that the arms of the noble Belgian family of 
Sandberg are very similar to the English Samborne arms in device, 
though different in tincture. The noble English family of Cretins bore 
the chevron and mullets ; this family became extinct in the male line during 
the fourteenth century, and it may be the Sambornes descend from them in 
a female line. 


The Samborne ancestry has, through the writer's researches, been traced 
to a Nicholas Samborne of Wiltshire, born, about 1320.^ The pedigree 
and its proofs are given in the following pages in exfenso, because a// pre- 
viously compiled Samborne descents have contained errors which are here 

In thus attempting a detailed English pedigree, the writer hesitated to 
depend too much upon his ov.n authority, and he gratefully acknowledges 
the kindness and care of Mr. W. P. W. Phillimore, the well-known Lon- 
don genealogist, and of another English friend thoroughly versed in the 
subject, who have edited this part of the work. 

Some Early References. 

A few scattered notes of very early date should be given before begin- 
ning the connected pedigree, as they show the existence of the family name 
in Wiltshire and Somersetshire during the twelfth, thirteenth, and lourteenth 


Wiltshire.— The most ancient mention is in Wiltshire, and occurs in 
the earliest "Eyre-RoH" of the Norman kings in England, — dated in 
1 194, and published by the Pipe Roll Society. On this roll occurs the name 
of Juliana De Sandeburne, defendant in a case of novel disseisin, the 
Latin wording being as follows : 

" Assisa venit recognitura, si Juliana De Sandeburne, invitos et sine judicio disseisit Hawisiam 
et Sarram de libero tenemento suo in Sandeburne. post primam coronationem domlni Regis. 
Et Hawisia et Sarra non venientibus. Juliana teneat in pace, et Hawisia et Sarra in rnis.-ricor- 
dia Regis quia non persequuntur."' 

The case was heard in October, 1194, before the five justices for Wilt- 
shire, sitting at Wilton ; their names were, William of St. Mary's Church, 
the Abbot of ^vlalmsbury , Richard of Heriet. Ralph of Harden, and Thomas 
of Husseburne. Briefly put in English the case is a complaint that Juliana, 
lady of the Wiltshire manor of Sandeburne or Samborne, had dispossessed 
two tenants of hers, who failed to appear to prosecute, so that she was 
allowed to hold in the King's peace. This would seem to show the exis- 
tence of a manor and lord thereof at Sambourne Wilts in 1194. 

A thorough search of the Lay Subsidy Rolls for Wilts reveals the follnw- 

1-^ I Edw. Ill (1327) Trowbrigge. D. Rico. Samborn. xijd. . . 

^^^ 7 Edw. Ill (1333) " D. Rico. Saumburx. xijd. 

^ This Richard Samborne I take to have been the father of Nicholas, who 
begins the pedigree. 

On July 10, 1415, a commission issued to Joan, widow of Richard Sam- 
borne, late of Lacock, to administer the goods of the latter. This Richard 
I take to have been a son of the first Nicholas. 

So7nersetshirc. — An early reference shows a family of De Sambourne in 
Yeovil, vSomt., in the fourteenth century. As there is some evidence that 
Robert de Sambourne was connected with the Bishop of Gloucester, this 
was very likely a branch of the North Wiltshire Sambornes. 

A. D 1334. " Before John de Middleton. commissary of the lord bishop, Jcbanna de 
Samborne de Jevele (Yeovil), pro incontinentia cum domino Galfrido, rectore de Kyngston 
juxta Jevele. Ipsa personaliter et venit et ponitur se legitime". (What this last phrase signi- 
fies, I don't know, perhaps. " puts herself on trial.*") — Register of Bishop Ralph of Shrezjsdury. 

Robert Sambourne or Robert de Sambourne (sometimes spelled without the 
** u "), was a rich and prominent churchman of Somerset, probably a brother 
of Joan of Yeovil mentioned above. His birthplace and the date of his 
birth are unknov.n : but he became priest of Merriot, Somt., in 1333. and 

:; n 


priest of Kingston, near Ilminster, Somt., in 1349- He gave up these 
churches in 1362, when he became priest of the flourishing town of Yeovil, 
on the river Yeo, in the southernmost part of Somerset. lie remained priest 
of this parish until his death, but was early connected with the Cathedral of 
Wells; and in 1369 he was elected Seneschal of Wells Cathedral, being 
already Canon of Bath and Wells. His will, dated 13S2, and filed at Lam- 
beth (201 A, Courtenay) is in Latin, and briefly is as follows : 

" Body to be buried in Wells Cathedral if I happen to die in Wells ; if not, then in my 
parish church of Yeovil. For my funeral I leave j[.io. For my executors £^^,o. Remainder 
for the work of the church in Yeovil. Executors, Walter Wincalton, Canon of Bath and Wels ; 
John Tyntenull, vicar of said church ; Stephen Blancombe, capellanus ; Hugh King, my valet.*' 

Probate granted at Maghtfeldt, Sept. 12, 1382. Acquittance of executors 
given at Lambeth. November, 13S2, when he is called Canon of Bath and 
Wells, and Rector of Ivele. The Public Records during the reign of 
Edward HI contain frequent reference to Robert de Sambourne, who 
received for his church many lands and bequests. 


I. Nicholas Samborne, born about 1320. Probably held the fourth 
part of a knight's tee in Biddestone St. Nicholas, Wilts, since we lind there 
in 1358 a " Nicholas de Biddestone." See a more detailed account of this 
fee under Nicholas (II). With Hugo de la Lynde, Nicholaus Sambourne 
represented Bath City at the Parliament held at Westminster, Nov. 3. 1391. 
An obit was held annually on October i6th at the Priory of Kington St. 
Mary, Wilts, tor the memory of Nicholas Samborne and Nicholas his son, 
benefactors of tiie Priory. 

The son and heir of Nicholas Samborne was Nicholas 11, of whom next. 

II. Nicholas Samborne, born about 1350. From 1390 to 1404. says 
Mr. Poulett-Scrope in his " History of Castle Combe,"' Nicholas Samborne 
held a part of the manor of Biddestone St. Nicholas, Wilts, the tburth part 
ot a knight's fee. This fee, a part of the manor of Castle Combe, was in 
1309 bought by Lord Badlesmere, and descended to his daughter, Margaret, 
wife of Sir John Tiptoft. Their son. Sir Robert Tiptoft, dying without heir 
male, in 1372, the premises were divided among four coheiresses, the Bid- 
destone lands probablv passing to Millicent, wite of Sir John Fastolf , with 
ihe manor of Castle Combe. Fastolf, the •' Sir John Falstafle " of Shakes- 
perire, v/as a renowned Captain in the French wars, and is buried in Castle 
Combe Church. Nicholas Samborne held Biddestone under the Lords of 


Castle Combe, and, as we have seen, his father probably did before him. 
Biddestone, whose location will be seen on the map, is a small village of 
two parishes, both now under the charge of Rev. Mr. Johnson, who sent 
the view of St. Nicholas Ciiurch which is here engraved. 

At the Parliament held at Westminster, Januarv 27, 1393-4, " Nicholaus 
Samborn, junior," with Hugo de la Lynde, represented Chippenham 
Borough ; and a year later we tind " Nicholaus Samborn iunior " representing 
Malmesbury Borough with Thomas Froud. In 1395 " Nicholas Samborne 
junior" bought from Walter Hertland and John Perham land in Worlon, 
Potterne, llurst, Merston, Fydington, and Bishop's Lavington. These ham- 
lets and villages are a mile or so from Biddestone. In 1401, still called 
junior, he bought from Thomas Bonde and Alice his wife, lands in Malmes- 
bury, Burton, and Thornhill. In 1403 he bought from his nephew, Wil- 
liam Sybille, one third of the manor of Lusteshull, Wilts, and Sir Thomas 
Phillipps quotes a license of 1409 to Nicholas Sambury (^s/c) Jr., and Kath- 
arine his wife, of Fernham and Lusteshull, to erect an oratory. 

Katherine, the wife of Nicholas Saniborne, was the youngest daughter 
and co-heir of Sir John Lushill or De Lusteshull ; a detailed account of her 
ancestry is given on the next page. This intermarriage with the Lushills, 
who were connected with or dependent upon the House of Lancaster, was 
probably the means of advancing the Sambornes into a better position. 
We find that in the first years of the reign of Henry IV the Sarnborne pos- 
sessions included the manors of Fernham, Berks, and Lushill, Wilts. 
FERNHAiM is a parish near Faringdon, Berks, in the Vale of Vvliite Horse, 
which the late Thomas Hughes has made so familiar. I have found noth- 
ing of note concerning it, and my friend. Rev. P. H. Ditchfield, editor of 
the Berks Arcruvological Mao^azinc^ writes me there are no ancient build- 
ings there. How Nicholas Samborne obtained Fernham manor, I cannot 
say. LUSHILL manor was inherited by his wife in part, and the other part 
purchased from her sister's son in 1403. Lushill is now a tything of Castle 
Eaton, and the present ov/ner, Mr. John Archer, has not been able to give 
me any historical data about it. 

The next Samborne, son and heir of Nicholas, I have not been able to 
locate by Christian name. He is Samborne III, of whom on page 9. 

•1 - - v.- 








•Vj*. ■ 


-it 2 " 


^ V^t'««j;"'U; 


■1 1 



>! - - 



The family of Z?<? Z/^j/c-^/^;^// or Z/^i///7/ was of considerable antiquity, long seated at Lushill 
in Wilts. Their arms, as shown in the margin, are entered on several old Heraldic Rolls, but 
the origin of the family I have not found. A line extinct in 1410, little is known of them, 
and my notes on them, as well as on tiie family of Crekelade, are owing 
in large part to the kindness of my friend, Mr. Story-Maskelyne. 

NICHOLAS DE LUSTESHULL, who in 1240 witnessed a charter 
of Henry III, was sheriff of Wilts. 1246-9, and again in 1267. He is 
mentioned in the Testa de Xeziill z.?> holding one and one half knight's 
fees in Lusteshull. 

JOHN DE LUSTESHULL and Joan his wife, in 1333, bought from 
Walter and Peter de Worthe land in Lusteshull, Hanyngdon and Wid- 

hill. In 1341 the same John and Joan took from feotTees the manor o^ Arms of Lusteshull 

T 1 u 11 Ti *u * r Lushill or Lewcell. 

Lusteshull. They were the parents 01 : 

1. Agnes De Lusteshull. b. 1355; m. (i) John Temmes of Rood Ashton, Wilts; (2) Nich- 

olas Dunstanviil de Castle Combe, ancestor of the Earls of Southampton. She sur- 
vived both husbands, held Lusteshull in 1414, and died in 1442. John Temys was her 
heir and paid loos. for relief. 

2. Joan De Lusteshull, b. about 1357; m. John Sibylle or Sibell. Chanc. I. P. M. 18 

Ric. II, No. 38. "Feb. 24, 1395, John Sibylle held 1-3 of the manor of Lustes- 
hull after the death of Joan his wife, dau. and heir of the sometime John de Lusteshull, 
lord of said manor. John Sibylle d. Oct. 13, 1393. WiUiam Sibylle, son of afsd. 
John & Joan, is his heir, aged 16 &; more." In 1403 this Wliliam Sibylle sold his 
share of Lushill manor to his uncle, Nicholas Samborne. *" . 

3. Catherine, b. 1360; m. Nicholas Samborne II, 

4. Thomas, b. 1365, alive in 1377, when the manor was seized into the King's custody by 

reasoa of the minority of Thomas Lusteshull, son and heir. He must have died before 

There are several pedigrees showing Lushill descents. — the most ancient being a Wriothesly 
pedigree drawn up by Robert Glover, the famous Somerset Herald, about 1550, and preserved 
in Harl. Ms. 807, fo. 27. 

Sir Ed.mond Lushill=Ladv Colshill. 
Called also " Sir Simon Lushill, Steward of the Household to King Henry IV, when Earl of Derby." 

Sir John Lushill = Agnes, dau. to Shottesbrooke. 


I II. 

Agnes; m. Nichs. Dunstanvil de Castlecombe. Catherine, m. to Joan, wife to 

heir male to the Barony of Castlecombe. Samborne, Esq. Temmes. 

III. Samborne, born about 1390. No record of his Christian name 

has been found, nor any mention of him other than as the husband of Eliz- 
abeth, daughter and heir of Thomas Crekelade or Cricklade, lord of the 
manors of Leigh, Studley, and Ford, Wilts, and Langridge, Somt. 

This intermarriage with Cricklade has been heretofore wrongly ascribed 
as having been made by Drew Sambourne. 

The son and heir of this Samborne was Walter (IV), of whom, see page 11. 




Arms of Crekelade. 
From Glover's Ordinary 
Hari. MSS. 

The family of Crekelade or Cricklade is a genealogical conum- 
drum ; that they took their name from the ancient parliamentary bor- 
ough at the head-waters of the Thames is probable, but whence they 
derived, and who they were, is hard to decide. " Glover's Ordinarj-'' 
gives for Crekelade, the arms shown on the margin ; but I have been 
unable to find any other authority for it. They were a family of dis- 
tinction, and represented Gloucester, Calne, and Cricklade boroughs in 
Parliament almost continuously from 1351 to 1426. My friend, Mr. 
Story-Maskelyne, suggests that they may have been a branch of the 
Danstanvilles, that Wiltshire family of many aliases. The sketch-ped- 
igree page shows the allied lines : 

Robert le Walsche, of Llandaugh, = 
Glam., and Langridge, Som*., died 
before 1362. 

. . . DE Stodlegh, lord of tha = Joan 
manor of Stodlegh, near Calne, 
Wilts, died before 1362. 


Nicholas = 
lade, MP. 

Sir Robert le Walsche died before 1421. 

Robert Walsche, died 1427.= 

Joan le Walsch, m. 1362. — John .Stoddegh. 

Wendiiane Walsche. = WaUer Morton, Constable of Cardiff Castle. 





s. p. 

Alice Stodlegh, b.='rhcmas Crickelade, 

1365, m. 1390. I b. 1360: M.P. 1413- 

I 26; d. before 1454. 

Robert Cricklade, 
M. P. 1422. 

Elizabeth, b. 1395, m. 
[Nicholas] Samborne. 

Christine, m. 

Eleanor, m. 

John Crikelade, b. 1440 m. T461, Katherine Hungerford, 
ob. s. p. 14S1, widow m. (2) Edw. Irlande. 

The family of Walevs or Walsch is of Glamorganshire descent, and was long seated at 
Llandaugh Castle, near St. Mary Church ; on early charters their arms are shown as "Ermine, 
a bend sable.'* 

The fo!lov/ing notes of records prove the sketch-pedigree gi\eii above. Notice, however, 
that the I. P. M. (E.j, taken 36 years after the death of John Cricklade. om.its a generation 
and inaccurately styles the coheiresses sisters, instead of aunts Kii the deceased. 

A. Clark's Glaitiore^un MS., iv. 1456. "Release of Llandaugh and S. Mary Church, 
Glam.organ.shire, to Wni. Herbert by Alice, late wife of Thos. Crecklade, cousin and heir to 
Robert le Walsche, Esq., viz. : daughter of Joan, late wife of John Stodlegh, daughter of 
Robert le Walsche, the elder, father of Sir Robert le Walsche, father of the said Robert." 

B. VVeaver^s Somerset fnaunbints. "Aug. 4, 1458. Richard Hampton over-lord of 
Langridge, Sorn', presents to living, account minority of John, son and heir to Jhos. Crick- 

C. Court of Wards, Deeds, Box 146.x 2, and Box iia, 2 and 3. " 1461. Grant of 
Langridge to and from feotTees by John, son and heir of Robert Crickelade. on his marriage 
with Katherine Hungerford." 

D. Wilts Fines, File 59, 99, and ico. " 1412-13. John Thornbury, parson of Crudweli, 


Walter White, Vicar of Hilmerton, and Valentine Pompe, Vicar of Calne, Q (i) Walter Stod- 
Icgh and Dionisia, his wife, Def. (ii) Thomas Cricklade and Alice, his wife, Def. Manor of 
Stodlegh, near Calne." 

E. Esch. I. P. J/., 2nd Series, File 969,7. At Salisbury, Mar. 5, 1516-7, on death of 
John Cricklade. 

"Thos. Cricklade and Alice, his wife, dau. and heir to John Stodlegh, were seized in her 
right of the manor of Heydon and Heydon's Wick, Wilts, with lands, &c., in Rodbourne. Mor- 
don, and Pyrton, Wilts. They had issue, John Cricklade, aforesaid, son and heir, and Eliza- 
beth, Christine, and Eleanor, his sisters. Thomas and Alice died, and premises descended to 
said John. He died at Calne, Mar. 20, 14S1, and premises descended to Margaret Sam- 
bourne, Wm. Walrond, and Jolin Hall, as cousins and heirs of the said John, viz. : — 

" I. Margaret Sambourne is daughter of William, son of Drew, son of V/alter, son of Eliza- 
beth, one of the sisters and heirs of the said John. Margaret is under age and in the King's 

"H. William Walrond is son of Robert, son of Christine, another of the sisters of John. 
He is aged 30 and more. 

" HI. John Hall is son of Thomas, son of Eleanor, another of the sisters of John. He is 
aged 50 and more. 

"The manor of Heydon and Heydon's Wick is held of Christopher Wroughton, Kt., and is 
worth IOCS. 

"Agnes Poculchurch, widow, has taken the issues of the above premises since the death of 
John Cricklade, title unknown." 

The manor of Langridge, Somerset, passed to the Samborne, Walrond, and Hall heirs in 
i486 on the death of Katharine Irland, widow. 

IV. Walter SamboriNE, born about 1420-. Held Fernham and Lushill 
manors, but probably lived at Southcot House, near Reading, Berks. This 
latter manor, with the adjoining one of Pynson's (now Pincent's Farm), he 
held in right of his wife, Margaret, daughter and co-heiress of Thomas 
Drew of Seagry, Wilts. 

The only record of Walter Samborne is that in 1461-2 he, John Crick- 
lade, Robert Baynard, and John Lane sold to Thomas Puckeichurch and 
wife Acrnes, lands in Stokelev, Chittleworth and Blakelowe, Wilts. 

Walter Samborne died before his wife, who died in 1494; her will and 
I. P. M. are fortunately both extant. 

A. Ch.anc. /. P. M., 10 Hen. VH, 155. "Margaret Sambourne, widow, was seized of 
the manors of Southcot and Pynsons, land in Shintield, and a tenement in Okyngham. So 
seized she enfeoffed thereof Christopher Urswick, elk., John Langfcrd, Wm. Browning, 
Thomas Restwold, and Nicholas Sambourne. Southcot manor is held of Hugh Kenepy by 
fealty only. Pynson"s manor is held of the Abbot of Kedyng by yearly rent ot lbs. ■ Margaret 
died 14 P'ebruary lust. Drugo Sambourne is her son and lieir, aged 45 and more.'' 

B. Will of Margaret Sa)>thonrne, widow, of Redyng, Berks. Dated Feby. 20. 1494- 
Proved at Lambeth Feby. 22, 1494. Filed 19 Vox, P.' C. C. " Body to be buried in church 
of Fratres Minorum of Redyng, under the same stone as Walter Samborne. To mother 
church of Sarum .xiid. Resid^^e to Nicholas Sambourne, who %vith Edw. Bartelott is to act as 
executor.'" Witnesses, Richard and Thomas Carpenter, Nich. Legge, Thos. Clerke, &c. 

'■l if- 



Arms of Drew. 

The children of Walter and Margaret Samborne were : 

V. I. Drew, born about 1445, of whom next. 
VI. 2. Nicholas, born about 1450; see "The Sambornes of Somerset." 

The family of Drew is of ^reat antiquity. At the Domesday Sun.ey 
Drogo fitz Ponz held Seagry and other Wilts estates. From a Wind- 
sor pedigree in Harl. MS. 1154, fo. 17 and 17b, I obtained the follow- 
ing Drew pedigree: 

Thomas Drew of Seagry,= 

John Drew of Seagry.: 

Lawrence Drew of Seagry=Lucy, dau. to Henry Restwold. 
and Southcot. I 

Thomas Drew of Seagry— 
and Southcot. I 

Katherine Drew. m. Wm. Browning 
{v. Hutchins' Dorset). 

Margaret, dau. and co-heir, 
m. to Walter Samborne, 

Agnes, dau. and co-heir, 
m. to John Jellman of 

Isabel, dau. and co-heir, m. 
to John Montpesson of Wilts. 

Seagry and other Wiltshire churches have many old Drew monuments, some of Crasaders of 
the family. - 


V. Drew Sambourne, born about 1450. Lived at Southcot, Berks. 
A large landed proprietor. His wife's name was Joan, and she survived 
him. Drew Sambourne died in 1507, and his will and Inq. P. M. are 

A. /nq. P. /I/., 24 Ken. VII, Nos. 22, 23, and 24. 

Berks. — Taken ar Estiilsley, Aug. 1508. " Drugo Sambourne. Esq^^ was seized of the 
manors of Sowihecot. near Redyng, and Buckehurst, near Ockingham, in Berks. So seized, 
he enfeorfed thereof Christopher Urswick. clerk, then Dean of Windsor, John Langforde. kt., 
and Nicholas Sambourne. Th.e said Drugo was likewise seized of the manor of Farneham, 
near Faryngton, in Berks, and enfeoffed thereof the said Chr. Ursewyk, Thos. Fynes, Thos. 
Oxenbrige, Richard Carew, and others. Afterwards they enfeoffed thereof William Sam- 
bourne, son and heir apparent of tlie said Drugo, and Anne, his wife. Wm. Sambourne died 
Oct. 20, 1503, and Anne survived him. 

'* The said Drugo was likewise seized of one capital messuage, in Tyldehurst. called 
Pynsons; 7 acres of wood called Dru"s Copys ; 2 tenements in Birneld, and 3 tenements Ciic. 
in Schynfield. 

" The said manor of Farneham is held of the King in chief by knight's service. The manor 
of Sowthecot is held of the Abtiot of Redyng. as oi his manor of Canape, by fealty only. The 
manor of Buckehurst is held of the Bishop of Sarum by fealty and yearly rent of 30s. 1 he 
premi-ses in Tyliehurst are held of the said Abbot by fealty and yearly rent of 19s. The p.'-em- 
ises in Byifield are heid of John Polhampton by fealty and rent of 4s, Those in Shyntieid, of 
Gilbert Talbot, kt., by fealty and rent of I2d. 


■-" ^y- ~ ; * •-f^ 



" The said Drugo died Jany. 3, 1507. Margaret Sambourne is his next heir, viz., daughter 
and heir of William Sambourne. son and heir of the said Drugo; and is now aged 5 years and 
more. The said Joan, wife of the said Drugo, survived him." 

Wilts. — Taken at Devizes, Aug. 8. 1508. "Drugo Samborne, Esq"*, was seized of the 
manor of Lushill, in Wilts, which is held of the King as of his Honour of Troubrige, parcel of 
the Duchy of Lancaster." &c., &;c. 

Somerset. — Taken at Wells. Aug. 16, 150S. " Drugo Sambourne, Esq'*", was seized of one 
capital messuage, 200 acres of arable land. 300 acres of pasture and 8 acres of meadow in 
Langrugge, Somt. which are held of the Bisiiop of Bath by fealty only," &c., &c. 

B. Will of Drugo Samborne, Esq^'^, of Redyng, dated Dec. 12, 1505; proved Jan. 23, 
1506. Filed 17 a'Deane, P. C. C. 

" Body to be buried in church of Our Ladye at Redyng, where my ancestors lie. To said 
church iijs. ivd.. and an image of St. Michael in alabaster. To mother church of Sarum 
iijs. ivd. Residue to wife Johan, sole e.xecutri.x. Brother Nicholas Samborne. trustee ; gives 
him xs. for his trouble. To his wife Johan, manor of Sothecote with appurtenances, for one year." 

The feoffees named above were clistin(]ruished men. Christopher Urswick 
was that priest, a contidant of Henry VII, who, as Dean of Windsor, buih 
the Urswick chapel there : he refused two Bishoprics, and is buried in 
Hacknev (where Stephen Bachiler is said to have died) under a famous 
monument. Sir Thomas Fynes was of the Say and Sele family. Thomas 
Oxenbrige was Serjeant-at-Law\ 

The children of Drew and Joan Sambourne were : 

1. William Sambourne, born about 1470. Lived at Fernham, Berks. Married Anne. 
daughter of Sir Roger Copley, and granddaughter of the Lord Hoo (great-grandtather. by 
Anne Boleyn, of Queen Elizabeth). William Sambourne died Oct. 20. 1503. His L P. M. 
(Berks, 20 Hen. VH, 96) declares Drugo Sambourne seized of the manor of Fernham. who 
Jany. 20, 1496. enfeotfed thereof Chr. L'rsewyk. clerk. Thos. Fenys. kt., Thos. Oxenbrige. 
Richard Carev,', Thos. Bradbury, of London, mercer, John Rote, and John Hestwest. to the 
use of Wm. Sambourne and Anne, his wife. Doubtless this was a marriage settlement. The 
only child of Wm. Sambourne and Anne Copley was Margaret Sambourne. a considerable 
heiress; she married the second Lord Windsor, who built the house at Bradenham, Bucks, 
where his son entertained Queen Elizabeth. Ann (Copley) Sambourne survived her husband 
and married (2) Wm. Lusher of the well-known Sussex family. 

2. Sambourne, shown in Visitation pedigree as 2nd son; no further record. 

3. Henry Sambourne. shown as 3rd son. Born about 1478. of whom next. VH. 

4. Walter Sambourne. whom from his will I assume to have been a son of Drew, which, 
dated Nov. 17, 1529. is filed with Berks, wills at Somerset House. "Will of Walter Sam- 
borne of New Windsor, Berks. To church of New Windsor xxd. To Henry Samborne a 
gowne as his wife shall choose ; to Henry's wife a black furred gown. To Thos. Howgrove a 
feather bed, >.K:c. Residue to wife Johan. sole executrix. Richard Sidnor ' of the aforesaid 
college," overseer.'' Witnesses, Simon Todd, priest, Gilbert Holton, priest, Antony Wilsett. 

SOUTHCOT HOUSE, the ancient seat of the Sambournes, is but a few- 
miles t'rom Reading, Berks, and the drive from Readinrr through the beau- 
tiful Berkshire lanes to the old " moated grange" of Southcot is something 
to be remembered. The country was in the height of summer beauty when 
we took the drive, in June, 1S95. The manor house of which a view is given 
is probably only partly the older one where the Sambournes and Drews 
lived ; for about 1600 Lord Windsor sold the entire manor of Southcot to 
John Blagrave. the celebrated mathematician of Reading, who built or 
rebuilt the present house. Southcot still belongs to the Blagraves, but has 


until lately been rented to a Mr. Wastell Brisco, upon whose death the mag- 
nificent old furniture was sold at auction, — an event which brought there 
all the antiquaries in that part of England. 

On June 7, 1895, the place was undergoing some repairs, and all the 
gates were closed and locked, so that we could not get into the old house. 
It is surrounded by a moat still in water, and we drove slowly around it, 
getting charming glimpses from ditierent points. 

VII. Henry Sambourne, of Sonning, Cos. Berks and Oxon. A les- 
see of the bishop, holding the farms of Eye and Bishop's Lands. Married 

Elizabeth, daughter of Richards of Burfield (Burghfield; in Berks. 

His will, dated January 31, 1549, is given in the •' Memorials of Sonning," 
p. 203, filed in Dean Vannes's Visitation, and contains this. 

" Body to be buried in S. Andrew's Church at Sonning before Our Lady's Altar. 4s. ^d. to 
the High Altar; i2d. to poor men's cofter. Wife Elizabeth to enjoy farms of Eye and Bish- 
op's Lands so long as she is a widow. Son Thomas and his children, Harry. Jean, .Anneys, 
and Frances. Daughter Elizabeth, wife of Walter Syngleton, and her children', Tiiomas. John. 
Christopher, and Elizabeth. To son Edmund, my house in Reading and my part of the Par- 
sonage barn in Oxfordshire. To 40 poor householders at my funerall one ell of Holland cloth 
to make them vayles. ^ Or. wheat to be baked for the poor, and at my month's mind and 12 
months' mind, as much. My son Thomas to mind his farming; ^40 to be given him by his 
mother, and she not to meddle therein." 

The children of Henry Sambourne were : 

1. Thomas, of whom ne.xt. VTIL 

2. Elizabeth; m. Walter Singleton. - T 

3. Edmund, of whom see after, IX. 

SONNING we visited the same day we drove to Southcot, returning 
through Reading. It is but a short drive, and through very pleasant c^untrv. 
Sonning is an ideal English village, situated on the Thames, and frequented 
by artists and anglers. The ancient church of St. Andrew is rich in 
memories of the Barkers, but I could find none of the Sambornes, who had 
moved away from there before the Registers began. We had intended to 
dine at the old-fashioned White Hart Inn in Sonning, but Ven. Archdeacon 
Pott, a type of the old style English clergyman, and a gentleman of a sweet 
courtesy, in.sisted that we should lunch with him, in what is now the par- 
sonage, but was originally the Bishop's residence. Our day in Sonning is 
among the pleasantest memories of our English visit, — the friendly courtesv 
and kindness of the x^rchdeacon and his t'amily, the impressiveness of the 
church and parsonage, and the quaint old streets of Sonning, with their 
rose-clad houses and irregular buildings, all form a picture not easilv to be 

VIII. Thomas Sambourne, of Sonning, in Berks and O.xon, born about 
1505 '' ^ rich squire, leasing from the Bishop of O.xford several large manors 
in Sonning, Eve. and Dunsdon. In the " Memorials of Sonninjr " is some 
account of his difficulties with under-tenants. 




"'^i'-'^iar-f^s^^^ i ■'•.' ■,i: 




^^^'^:^ ?:- 

? £ 

1 ^ 
.1 - 
1 r. 

\ -j: 




.1 ^' 



Thomas Sambourne registered his pedigree in the Heralds' Visitation of 
Oxfordshire in 1566. He married (i) probably about 1540, Margaret Ven- 
nour, who died about 1549; (2) about 1550, Jane, daughter of Laurence 
Stoughton, of Stoughton Hall, Surrey, who died about 1552; (3) about 
1553, Joan, widow of Hugh Beke, of Reading, and daughter of Henry 
Polstede, of Albury in Surrey, who died 1561 ; (4) Blanche Burdett, m. at 
Engletield, Berks, 1562; buried at St. Giles, Reading, 1570; (5) Clem- 
ence, widow of Richard Stampe, of Cholsey, and daughter of Roger Har- 
bord, of Sefton, County Hereford. 

Thomas Sambourne had no issue by his last two wives. He died in 
1584, and his will, filed 12 Watson P. C. C, dated April 21, 1584, proved 
19 June, 1584, is as follows : 

Body to be buried in Church of S. Andrew at Sonning, as near as possible to the body of 
my father Henry Sainborne. To Clemence, my wife, 100 marks &c. To Mary Chandeler. 
dau. of my brother Edmund, 33s. 8d. To Elizabeth & Margaret Stampe, wife's daughters, 
gold rings. To Thomas Garnett. eldest son of my daughter Frances, /6, 13s., 4d., to be 
used towards his education in learning. Tc Richard Garnett, second son of dau. Frances, one 
bullock. Residue to Lawrence and Richard Samborne, my sons, and Katherine Samborne. nu* 
daughter, joint exrs. Richard Garnett, gent., my son-in-law, and Henry Samborne my son, 

Will of Clemence Samborne, widow, of Wallingford, Berks, who died 
June 7, 1621, filed in Berks, wills at Somerset House, and daied June 5, 
1618, is as follows : 

To Richard Samborne my daughters sonne, 20s. &c. To John Samborne his brother 50s. 
To Anne Samborne, their sister, 20s. To Elizabeth Samborne, their sister /lo. «S:c. To 
son Thomas Stampe, goods &c. To his eldest son John Stampe. To his daughter Frances 
Stampe my lirst wedding-ring. To all his other children. Residue to Richard & John Sam- 
borne aforesaid. Joint e.xrs. Overseers, my son-in-law Henry Samborne & his son Sir Henry 
Samborne, Kt. Witnesses, Thos. Stampe, Thos. Russell, Edward Byrte, John Sambourne. 

The children of Thomas Sambourne were : 

1. Henry, born about 1540, of whom see after, X. 

2. Grace, married Henry Peckham of Surrey. 

3. Frances, married Richard Garnett, and had: (i) Thomas; (2) Richard. 

4. Jean, probably died young. 

5. Lawrence, born about 1551, of whom see after, XL 

6. Thomas, probably died young. 

7. Richard, born about 1557, of whom see after, XH. 

8. Katharine. 

9. Walter, probably died }oung. 

IX. Edmund Sambourne, born about 1507, inherited from his father a 
house in Reading, in parish of St. Giles, where he lived and died. His 
will, dated November 13, 1577, proved in 1578, is filed in Somerset House 
among Berkshire wills (Archd. G 122). He left a legacy to St. Giles 
Church and to the Cathedral. "To daughter Mary my house and tene- 


I _ ) . ( 

' w(»f.'.' ,•■ 


ment which I live in : for default of her heirs, to brother Thomas Sam- 
bourne. My wife shall enjoy same during her life." Inventory amounted 
to eight pounds, eight shillings. The will of Margaret Sambourne, his 
widow, dated February S, 1584. filed in Berkshire wills at Somerset House, 
desired to be buried in the churchyard of St. Giles, and leaves a certain 
legacy to Clemence and John Chandler, children of her daughter Marie : 
the rest of her estate, after small legacies to her own relatives, goes to John 
and Mary Chaundler, executors. Witnesses : Agnes Jennyns, alias Mar- 
chaunt, Morris Symes, Richard Bennett, Thomas Simpson, Scrivener. 
From these wills it will be seen that Edmund had but one daughter, Mary, 
who married John Chandler in 15S0 at St. Giles', Reading, and had: (i) 
Clemence; (ii) John. 

X. Henry Sambourne, born about 1540, spent his early life at Sonning, 
where he is called, in 1575. " Mr. Harry Sambourne, Gentleman." He 
married, about 1565, Anne, daughter of William Barker, of Holme Park, 
in Sonning. This fine estate, now belonging to Mr. Golding-Palmer, is 
the principal residence in Sonning, and belonged to the Barkers over three 
hundred years. The Barker family is descended from William Barker, 
steward to Henry VTH. 

Henry vSambourne later moved to Moulsford, Berkshire, a beautiful 
village on the Thames above Reading, where we spent a night in the 
quaint riverside tavern, the *' Beetle and Wedge." At Moulsford we saw 
the church and manor-house. The old residence of the Sambournes, how- 
ever, has been destroyed. Henry Sambourne died intestate, November 17, 
1631. A commiission is filed in Berkshire wills authorizing his son Henry 
to make inventory of goods. The children of Henry Sambourne were : 

1. Henrj-, born about 1570, of whom see after, XIII. 

2. Katharine, married Thomas Tipping, of Woolley, Berkshire. "^ 
^. Mary, married Wm. Howe, of South Okenden, Essex. 

4, Anne, married Thomas Holmes, of Berkshire. 

XI. Lawrence Sambourne. born about 155 1, married Mary, widow of 
Richard Sandys. Lawrence Sambourne received by deed of gitt in 15S7' 
from Thomas Vachell, a considerable estate in Ipsden and Checkenden, 
Oxon. He died in 1617, leaving two daughters: 

1 . .Margaret. 

2. Jane. 

Mary, his widow, died July 31, 1625. 

XII. Richard Sambourne, born about 1557; said in the "Berkshire 
Visitation" of 1665, to have lived at Stokes Farm, near Wokingham, Berks. 
Probably this is an error for South Stoke in Oxfordshire, just across the 
Thames from Moulsford. He seems to have lived near enough to Ipsden to 

V '!OT 

■ f fv 


•" vsnt.'^T~ . 




1' -|-> i>..: M 





15 : - '^ 

> U 

J :; 


:;■■; ■ ^i^J' ■ £t ^.' \-J' ' . 


■«i iii^ I '<ifiiiii"ri(#''*i:K^"ii' 'iM^i-wft 



have taken part in the proceeding's whicli Sir Henry took in the distribution 
of ]\Iary Sambourne's estate. lie married Elizabeth, daughter of Richard 
Stampe of Cholsey, \^■hose mother was Clemence Harbord, who after- 
wards married tiie father of Richard Sambourne. His children were : 

1. Richard, born about 15S9, of wliom see after, XIV 

2. Jolin, born about 1591, of whom see after, XV ; 

3. Anne, baptized at St. Marys, Reading, 1597. 

4. Elizabeth. 

XIII. Sir IIenrv Sambourne, born about 1570. A large land owner 
; and a prominent man ; lived at Moulsford, Berkshire ; knighted by King 
\ James in 1608 ; High Sheriff of Berks and licensed to hold court leet 
' at Moulsford in 1616. iNfarried Dorothy, daughter and heir to John Stampe 
; of Aston Tirrold, Berks. Sir Henry Sambourne held important patents 
from the Crown, for the manufacture of saltpetre, having the counties 
; of Oxford, Warwick, Berks., Middlesex, and Sussex. In 1634, he 
\ was summoned by the King, the cause of complaint being that he had taken 
all the best earth for saltpetre, so that no one else could make it. In 
I default of his appearance, he was confined in the Marshalsea, but a few 
' days afterwards was released upon pa^'ment of the usual fees. (State 
; Papers, 1634.) 

Sir Henty lived to an old age arid became lord of the inanors of Mouls- 
' ford, Cholsey, Streatley, and x\ston Tirrold. He seems to have been 
I a grasping and litigious man, and got into trouble with CromwelTs 
I committees for advancing money. In 1645 (Com. for Advancing Money 
I 1643-7) his case was heard and he declared in December, 1646, that he had 
I borrowed £6,000 of the Bishop, on a mortgage on Streatle}' manor. He 
I had paid £1,000 and the manor was seized into the committee's hands. 
He declared his willingness to sell the manor, but could not tind a pur- 
chaser, because it lies near Wallingford, which the enemy held. He begged 
assistance, because he and his lady were aged and had six children to pro- 
: vide for. He claimed to have lost £S,ooo bv the King's armies. 

The Committee in rebuttal said that Sir Henry was very penurious, never 
^spending more than £300 per annum, and had an estate of £1,600 with 
' stock valued at £3,000, of which he pretends to be plundered : that he had 
I debts of £11,000, and never paid principal nor interest nor provided for his 
I children ; that he had tried to bribe Col. Forbes to v^ithdraw the prosecu- 
• J tion. The Committee ended bv savino-, that "monev can be raised bv the 
^ sale of wood on his land, but Sir Henry is not to be trusted, for he never 
I dealt honestly with anybody." In 1647, he paid a fine of £429 and all pro- 
^-cedings against him were forborne. 


[Chan. Pro. Temp. Chas. I. Bdle A A. 50, n. 140.) — 4 Feb. 1652. Christopher Alne- 
wicke of Aston Tirrold in Co. Berks, gent, complains that whereas John Alnewicke late of 
Clements Inn in Co. Midd. gent pit's ijrother an attorney at law being solicitor for Sir Henry 
Samborne of .Moulsford in Co. Berks, Knt., asked the sd. Sir Henry for £~,o to be paid out 
upon his various suits, but he refused unless pits, said brother would give him security, so pit. 
& his said brother became bound together as sureties on condition that as soon as the said 
John should have used up the said money for the said Sir Henry the bond of £^\oo should be 
cancelled by Henry .Samborne, Esq., son of the said Sir Henry. About the 22nd Oct. 1647 
the said John Alnewicke paid ^30 out of the said ^50 to the said Sir Henry. Afterwards the 
said John laid out £,^ in a suit between the said Sir Hen. & M' Haddon, £2 in a suit with 
M' Creswell Skinner, /4 in a suit against .M' Clarke, / 10 in a suit against M' Holmes, /5 in 
a suit against M"" Rawley, M"" Weston and others, (i ^5 for attending to avoid a sequestration 
of Sir Henry's estate to Capt. Carmanoe which discharged the said bond by more than ^40. 
Before the said John Alnewicke could send an account to the said Sir Hen. he died — about last 
August, & the said defts. have put the said bond in suit against pit. & threaten to obtain 
judgment thereupon although it has been fully paid. 

Sir Henry Sambourne died about 1660. His children were : 

1. Henry, born about 1610, of whom see after, XV^I 

2. William, born about 1612, of whom see after. XVII 

3. Dorothy, married Toby Sadler of Faringdon. Berks. - 

4. Anne, married William Hatton of Aston Tirrold, Berks. ; he is said to have been " an ill 


5. .Mary, married Jeremiah Hand, April 12, 1664. 

6. Martha, married White of Streatley, Berks.; a v.idow, in 1699. 

XIV. Richard Sambourne, born about 1589, lived and died in Cholsey, 
Berkvshire ; married Dorothy, daughter of Richard Comyns of Cholsey. 
His children were : 

1. Henry, born 1622, married Mary, dau. of Tery of Avington, Hants, and had 

(i.) Richard, (ii.) Henry. 

2. Joseph. 

3. Benjamin. , . _ ; 

XV. John Sambourne, born about 1591, of whom we have no record. 
It is not impossible that he was the Sambourne who married Anne Bach- 
iler, but proof is not found. 

XVI. Henry Sambourne, born about 1610, lived at Moulsford in 1666, 
when he had a law-suit about the disposition of his father's estate. We 
have no record of his marriage or subsequent life, but presume that he died 
without issue before 1697, since in that year his brother William was lord ot 
the manor of Streatley. 

XVII. Willia.m Sambourne, born about 161 2, apparently succeeded to 
the Berkshire estates on the death of his brother Henry ; died in 1697, leav- 




ing to the poor of Moulsford, certain lands in Streatley, a tablet of which 

charity is still in Moulstbrd Church. Married Mary , and had : 

I. William, born about 1650 ; with liis mother was sued in 1700 for the disposition of Sir 
Henry Sambourne's estate 


VI. Nicholas Samborne, born about 1450. He inherited from his 

; mother all her personal property, and had received from his father certain 

lands in Wiltshire. Apparently, he made his iiome at Mapledurham, 

Oxfordshire where his friends, (and perhaps relatives,) the Blounts resided. 

This famous family owned Mapledurham House, whose deer park is 

, renowned. The Blounts were Romanists, and later members were Iriends 

, of the poet Pope. 

Nicholas Samborne married Elizabeth, daughter of John Brocas of 
Beaurepaire, Hants, who is said to have sui-\'iyed him, 
and married (2) William Yong. By this marriage, the 
Sambornes were connected with the oldest families of 
Hampshire. The Brocas family trace their pedigree to 
the XI Century ; a Sieur de Brocas of France came to 
England in the XII Century, and from that time, the 
Barons Brocas of Hampshire have ranked almost with 
royalty. John Brocas, the father of Elizabeth Sam- 
borne, was Sheritl'of Hants in 14S2, and died in 1492. 
He was fourth in descent from Sir Bernard Brocas, ihe 
Chamberlain of Richard II who remained faithful to 
his ruined master, and was beheaded in 1399: his beau- 
tiful tomb is in S. Edmund's Chapel, Westminster Abbey. 
Tiie mother of Elizabeth Samborne was the second 
wife of John Brocas : she was Ann. daughter of John 
Rogers, Esq', of Freefolke, Hant|. John Rogers was 
of a good Hampshire family, and his wite was Mar- 
("•erv, daucrhter of Sir John Lisle of Wooditon, I. W. 
and Thruxton, Hants. The Lisles were perhaps the 
proudest tamily in Hampshire, and traced their descent 
to the XI Century. The direct line of the Lisles died 
out in 1542, and their estates were divided among the 
heirs. Wooditon, the ancient seat of the family, went 
to a Cadet branch of the Lisles. whose descendant was 
that Sir Thomas Lisle, the Regicide, whose daughter 
Arms of Lis. f. married the ancestor of the American Hoar tamily 

' \r\ "' ■^:■^ 



/. /'. M. Winchester, Oct. 13, 1542. " The jurors say tliat Thos. Philpott, Joanna Morgan, 
wife of Christopher Morga.n, and John S.uubornc, Esq", were the nearest heirs of tlie said 
Lady Mary Lisle, viz : — 

" Thos. Pliilpott is son and heir of Peter I'hilpott, kt., son and heir of John I'hilpott, son 
and heir of Anne, one of llie daughters and heirs of John Lysle, kt., father of Nicholas Lisle, 
father of Jolin Lisle, kt., brotlicr of Alianora, mother of the said Mary, 

" Thos. Dennys is son and heir of .\Largery Dennys, one of the daus. and lieirs of Anne Bro- 
cas, dau. and heir of Margery Rogers, dau. and heir of John Lisle, kt., &c., &c. ; also is son 
and heir of the said Margery Dennys, one of the sisters and heirs of Johanna Morgan, (S:c., &c."" 

'■'■yolin Samborne is son and heir of Elizabeth Samborne, another of the daus. and heirs of 
Anne Brocas, l^c. >S:c. ; also is son and heir of Elizabeth Samborne, another of the sisters and 
lieirs of Johanna Morgan, &c., &c." 

Thru.xton went to the Philpotts, Shanklin to the Dennys, and Timsburv, 
Som', and some Dorset estates to the Sambornes. The wite of Nicholas 
Samborne inherited also from the Rogers family. 

Chaiic. I. P. M., r4 Eliz. 144. " Before the death of John Samborne, Esq., of Tymmes- 
brow, Thos. St. .NLartin and Anne, his wite, were seized, in her right of the manor of Bury 
Blondesdon, Wilts. A recovery in 1504 settled the uses in the following feotfees : — Sir WiUiam 
Sands, Sir John Lisle, John Langford, kt., William Uvedale. Jr., Esq"", Edward Brocas, 
Nicholas Tycheborne, Barnard Brocas, Richard Colnett, John West, and John Byshoppe for ihe 
said Anne and Thomas, after to Margery, wife of Richard Copley. Jane, wife of Richard Wafer, 
and Eliz.ibeth, wife of Nicholas Samborne. daus. and heirs ajiparent of said Anne. Richard 
and Jane Wafer in 1522 conveyed away J . Richard Copby died, and his widow married 
Michael Dennys. Nicholas and Elizabetli Samborne had issue the aforesaid John," &c., .S:c. 

Nicholas Samborne's wife also inherited Hampshire estates from her 
mother, Anne Brocas. See fo.lg. Inq. P. M. 

Chan. Inq. P. J/., 8 Hen. 8 No. 16. At Winchester \\\ Co. Southants 24 April, 9 Hen. 8 
[1 5 1 7], after the death of Anne Seynt .Marten, widow, late the wife of John Brok.\s. Esq., 
deceased, who was seized as of freehold of the manor of Stcventon together with the advowson 
of the Church of Steventon : which said premises the said .\nne had inter alia of the assign- 
ment of William Brokas, now deceased, son and heir of the said John Brokas in part satisfac- 
tion of her dower. 

John Bowyar was seized of 6 messuages & 200 a of land in Basyng & Basyngstok in Co. 
Soutliants, & so seized, by charter gave the same to the'said Anne for life, with remainder to 
the said William Brokas & Anne then his wife (who still survives) & their heirs. 

The manor of .Steventon with the advowson of the Church there is held of the king in chief 
by knights service, to wit, by the 100"' part of a knights fee & is worth per ann., clear, 20 
marks. The premises in'Basyng & Basyngstoke are held of lawful men of the town of Bas\ng- 
stoke by fealty only, & are worth per ann., clear, 5 marks. 

Edith wife of Ralph Fexsall is tiie dau. & ne.xt heir of the siid William Brokas, son and 
heir of John lirokas, & is aged 22 years & more. 

The said .Anne was likewise seized bv right of inheritance of divers other lands &c.. in the 
said county, but llie jurors do not knuw the certitude or value thereof, nor of whom tliey are 


>^ -Si 

- c 

H^;^ ^^•^:.P 


y-^^-A ■ .)L:.^A^ 


The said Anne died 26 February, 8 Hen 8 [1517] ; Margery wife of Michael Denys. Esq., 

Anne wife of Wafter, gent., & Elizaijetii wife of Wilham Yong, gent., are the daughters 

& heirs of the said Anne Seynt Marten, but their ages are not known. 

Nicholas Samborne died at Mapledurham, 0.\f. His uili, proved June 
27, 1506, is filed 8 a'Deane, P. C. C. 

"Body to be buried in parisli church of Mapledurham. j{^20 for funeral, montirs mind, &c. 
To wife Elizabeth all plate and liouseliold stuff. To daugliter Anne goods to value of 100 
marks, except certain ' termys and yeres' in divers farms, whicli he leaves to Ric. Blount and 
Rob. Wodeford to dispose of. John Samborne, his son. to have all lands. >S:c., in Heyclon 
(Wilts). Son, Nicholas Samborne, to have all lands, .S:c., in Rodc!ebiirn (Rodbourne Cheney. 
Wilts). Executors, wife Elizabeth, Richard IJiouiit, Robert Wodeford." 

The children of Nicholas Samborne were: 

1. Anne, born about 1488. ' , '. 

2. John, born about 1490, of whom see after, XX 

3. Nicholas, born about 1495, of whom see after, XXI 

TiMSBURY Hou.SE, the most ancient Samborne residence in England, is 
celebrated, even in Somersetshire, that county of tine seats, for tlie beauty 
and interest of its Tudor architecture. We drove from Wells, up over the 
high Mendip hills, and hadglimpsesofentrancing English scenei-y all tlie wav. 
Timsbury lies off the direct road from Wells to Bath, and is about a moi-n- 
ing's ride from either place. The country iibounds in beautiful estates ; and 
several times we thought we saw the House, but it was farther alontr. As 
we swept to the left through. Timsbury village, with steep streets and marks 
of the colliery, we came suddenly upon a magniticent and very old house 
with mullioned windows and stained glass. The engraving gives a fair idea 
of the place, which is of very large extent, and to which an avenue leads 
past the porter's lodge and by the church. We entered a fine old hall, 
wainscoted with oak and with an enormous fire-place ; and Avere ushered 
into a spacious drawing-room filled with flowers. The t"amily were all 
kindness and hospitality : they are directly connected with America, for 
one daughter married Mr. AliVed D. Foster of Boston, Vice-President of the 
New England Mutual Life Insurance Company. The house is practicallv 
unchanged since 1542. except tor an alteration, which Maudley Samborne 
made, cutting down the height of the rooms (which are still verv high and 
spacious) to add a story between the ground floor and the second story. 
One large wing was destroyed by fire in the last century. The roof was 
originally of stone, but the late Mr. Samborne feared the enormous weight 
would injure the house, so he removed the stone, and I believe built his 
porter's lodge out of it. A few of the magnificent XVI century oak doors, 
exquisitely carved, are still left. 

. 1 (,'/■! 



The muniment chest at Timsbury is rich in old deeds, etc., and would 
well repay a careful search ; Mr. John Samborne has gone over many of the 
old papers, and is much interested in the family history. 

XX. John Samborne, born about 1490. Where he spent his early life 
is not known ; perhaps in Berkshire. By his mother's family, he was con- 
nected with the Hampshire gentry, and may have lived in that county. He 
had already inherited from his father some Wiltshire property, and at his 
mother's death, one third of the manor of Bury Blunsdon, Wilts, came to 

He married about 1525, Dorothy, daughter of 
Nicholas Tichborne of Tichborne in Hants. This 
Hampshire family frequently held the office of High 
Sheritr, and is familiar to all in connection with 
the famous Tichborne Claimant Case. Nicholas Tich- 
W W / borne, the father of Dorothy Samborne, was the 

son of John Tichborne, SheritT of Hants in 14S7. 
Arms of Tichborne. Dorothy d. April 21, 1572, at Timsbury. 

In the Probate Registry at Wells are filed the wills of John Samborne 
(dated February 26, 1571), and Dorothy, his widow (dated April 20, 
1572)1 which are as follows: 

Will of John Samborne of Tymsboro. Esq. 

Body to be buried in iny parish church cliancel at Tymsborow. To Dorothy, my wife, the 
use of five rooms in my manor-house, with wheat, barley, etc.. and the keep of seven kine. To 
John Samborne, my son and heir, a chayne of gold, value /^2o, which I will to remain to my 
Godson, Barnabas, and so to remain to the heirs of the name and family. To son John also 
my best gelding, etc. To son Francis, one cow. To daughter Gatonby, one cow. To daugh- 
ter Horsington one cow and one young beast. To son Richard Samborne £(>o, besides that he 
hath received of m.e already, and one cowe. To S within Samborne, my son, ^10 a year to 
be paid out of Blontesden until said Swithin shall have the benefice of the parsonage of Tims- 
bury, also to have one cow. To daughter Baber one cow to remain to John Baber my godson. 
To daughter Martha £\'20 and one cow. To servant, \Vm. Porter, 4 sheep. To my 
cousin, James Samborne, a yearling beast. To Joan Hall, my servant, an ewe sheep and a 
lamb. To John Sideham. my servant, one sheep. To Johra the son of my brother Nicholas 
Samborne. the reversion of a cottage in Tymslwrow, beneath the Collyers Barne, provided he 
shall use himself honestly towards my wife and heirs. Wife Dorothy and son in law Anthony 
Gatonby^ Executors; Son John to be overseer. 

Will ( nuncupative) of Dorothy Samborne, Widow. 

Body to be buried in Tymsborow church, as nigh as possible to the body of John Samborne, 
Esq., hex late husband. To son Gattonby one cow, and to his wife another, and to her 
daughter Priscilla one cow. To daughter Martha Samborne a bull and two milch kyne. To 
Mr. James Samborne one cow. To Mr. Francis Samborne's child Dorothy, one cow. To Mr. 

; "c M . \ • I 

■ :■ :> '-'^ •**' 








•. *-.i.. 


•i^- 2i-i., 

ifeiw'iur.i ■<.i-:-.i-lnw^k; - 

(Photographed by Mrs. Fosttr.) 


Horsington's wife one cow. Residue to Son in Law. .Aiitliony Gattonhy, sole Ex'r. Wit- 
nesses, Anne Gattonby ( a!s. S.imborne) and Kobt. P.ines of Ueiston. 

In Volume i of the English " Genealogist"' is a pedigree of Samborne, 
reprinted with additions tVom the " Visitation of Lotidon in 16S7."' In this 
pedigree are given the dates of the births of the children of this John Sam- 
borne (said to be " taken from an old book in the possession of Wm. Sam- 
borne, who hath subscribed this descent") as follows : 

1. John, born May 31, 1528, of whom see after, XXII 

2. Nicholas, born Juae i, 1529, probably died young. 

3. Anne, born Oct. 25, 1533, married Rev. Anthony Gattonby, Vicar of Aiidover and later 
of Goodworth Clatford. 

4. Jane, born Oct. 15, 1540, married Mr. Horsington 

5. Francis, born Marcli, 1543. of whom see after, XXII 1 

6. Richard, born May S, 1544, of whom see after, XXIV 

7. Swithin, youngest son, of whom see after. XX\' 

And the will above given also shows : 

8. Martha, never married ; died in Andover Hants 1572, leaving lu-r property to Anthony 
Gattonby; will P. C. C. 11 Peter. 

g. Elizabeth, married Jolin Baber and died in 15S8 ; her will is filed at Wells. 

XXI. Nicholas Sa.mborne, born about 1500. Apparently lived in 
Hampshire, since his son James was settled in Andover about 15S0, having 
been at William of Wykeham's College in Winchester. 

Nicholas inherited from his father, lands in Rodbourne, Wilts, and pre- 
sumably from his mother, a considerable estate in Hants. (See under VI 
the Inq. P. M., which shows that Anne, wife of Jolui Brocas as heir to John 
Rogers of Freefolke, Hants, inherited " many lands in Hants and else- 

The will of John Samborne of Timsbury, mentions his " brother Nicholas' 
son John" and his "■ cousin James Samborne." As cousin in those days 
denoted nephew, I assume the following were sons of Nicholas : 

1. John, of whom see after, XXVI n 

2. James, of whom see after, XXVII V See under "The Sambornes of Hampshire." 

3. Edward, of whom see after, XXVIII / 

XXII. John Samborne, oorn May 31,1528. Lived at Timsbury, Somt. 

Married (i) Bridget, daughter of Willougliby of Turner's Puddle, 

Dorset, who was buried at Timsbur}, February 14, 1574. (2) Dorothy 
, who survived him. All the children of John were by the tirst mar- 

The brother of the first Lord Willoughby de Brooke, was lord of the 
manor of Toner's or Turner's Puddle, Dorset, and Bridget Willoughby was 


>:{l,'i' ■ '.1>\.T, ',( M.'jT ''C; ; l.n:)!vi;n 


-^-!* 1.* 1 


his descendant, — just what the line was does not appear, but apparently slie 
was one of the heirs of her father, since Coker's Survey of Dorset states the 
heirs generalls of the \Villougl-ib\'s ot" Turner's Puddle were married to 
.Thomas Gerrard, Samborne, Hayman, Cuff, Newport, and Baynard. 

An indenture dated August 3, 1607, between Sir Barnaby Samborne and 
Sir Thomas Freke, recites that "Thos. Moollens, Esq'''^, John Cleves, 
Gent., Nicholas Meader, and Nicholas White, by deed dated Nov. 19, 1565, 
did grant to Bridget Samborne, wife to John Samborne, and to her heirs, an 
annuity of £10, issuing out of the manor of Turner's Puddle and all lands, 
etc., in Turners Puddle, Snelling and Chilbarrowes.'* 

Will of John Samborne, Esq., of Timsbury, filed 40 Carew P. C. C, and 
dated April 11, 1575, is as follows : 

The chain of gold, disposed of by my facher John Samborne's will, shall succeed to our heirs. 
To my four younger sons, Israel, Toby, Samuel. >X: Peter, during their lives, out of the rents of 
Bury Blunsden, /40 by the year. To my daughters Mary, Margery. & Elizabeth, ^500. to be 
raised out of the rents of my manors of .Maiden Newton & Up Sydling. To Mary my daugh- 
ter, her mother's wedding-ring. To my brother Richard Samborne the reversion of a tenement 
in Maiden Newton. Tu my brother Swithin Samborne, the presentation to the ne.xt avoidance 
after Richard Shepforde, parson of Tymesborov/. My said brothers to have the use and charge 
of the said legacies during my children's non-age. Son Barnabas, Exr: Edw. Baber, Esqre, 
and John Slocum, Clerk, B. D., Overseers. 

December 11, 1576, a commission issued to Richard and Swithin Sam- 
borne, Charles Smith, Esq., and Anthony Gattonby, clerk to administer the 
goods of the late John Samborne during the minority of Barnaby Samborne, 
Son and Executor: Dorothy Samborne, relict of the deceased, renouncing ; 
the Inq. P. M. of John Samborne on the Wilts estates is filed in Chanc. 
I. P. M., t8 Eliz. p. 2, No. 100. 

Children of John Samborne, born at Timsbury. 

1. Barnaby, born June 9, 1560, of whom see after, X.XIX 

2. Israel, baptised Aug. 9, 1562, of whom see after, XXX 

3. Toby, baptised Dec. 9. 1563, of whom see after, XXXI ? 

4. Susan, baptised May 6, 1565, died young. 

5. Samuel, baptised Nov. 3. 1566, died unmarried, at Bath, 1614. 

6. Mary, baptised Sept. 29. 1567. 

7. Peter, baptised Sept. 11, 1569, of whom see after, XXXII 

8. Margaret, baptised Sept. 9, 1571. 

9. Elizabeth. 

XXIII. Fraxcis SamiiOrxe, born March, 1543. Lord of the manor of 
Maiden Newton, Dorset, which was leased to him by his father for a hun- 
dred years; this lease was sold before its expiration, and in the time of 


.^■■^h .Mi 




\ T 





Bttfc^Bifl^aa^^^^^:^^-^-- ^-^■^"-Vit:^.^ 

XK^.JjS'; ^<:»: 

l.- .' — 

(Photographed by Mrs. Foster.) 

See under " The Sainbornes 


Queen Elizabeth, we find Sir Barnaby wSamborne enc^aged in a law-suit 
over its title. 

Married Margaret , who died June 27, 1605. Francis died at 

Maiden Newton, July 5, 1590. The children of Francis Samborne were : 

1. Dorothy, Liaptised at Tinisbury, Aug. 26, 1571. ") 

2. Richard, baptised at Maiden Xewton, Jan. 9, 1575, of 

whom see after, XXXIII 

3. Francis, of whom see after, XXXIV } of 

4. John, of whom see after, XXXV 1 France and London.'" 

5. Prisciiia, married Augustin .Mervyn of East Knoyle, Wilts. | 

6. Magdalen, married, .May 21, 1610, Nicholas Polden. j 

XXIV. Richard Samborne, born May S, 1544, lived at Wellsleigh 
in Parish of Wells, Somt. Married Anne, daughter of George Milborne 
(a sister of Swithin Samborne's wife), and was buried at S. Cuth- 
bert's Church, Wells, May 25, 1609. His will, dated April 29, 1609. 
filed at Wells, leaves all to wife, she to be sole executor. William Hall 
of Hornblotten to be Overseer. Witnesses, John Samborne, Grace Sam- 
borne, and Robt. Lambert. Children : 

1. Dorothy, baptised at Timsbury, April 27, 1578 

2. Richard, baptised at Timsbury, Sept. 21, 1579. 

3. Grace, baptised at Timsbury, .March 26, 1581. 

4. Alexander, baptised at Timsbury, July 22, 1382: buried at St. Cuthbert's, Wells, July 
23, 1614. 

Apparently all died young. 

XXV. SwTTHiN Samborne, Rector of Timsburv ; B. A. ofMaedalen 
College, O.xford, 1570; M. A., 1573. Married ?vlartha, daughter of 
George Milborne, whose pedigree is recorded in '■'■Somt. Visitation of 
162J.''' Swithin Samborne was presented to the living of Timsbury in 
1579; his will dated August S, 1623, describing him as clerk of Eiuho- 

rozv, Somt., is filed at Wells, as follows : 

To be buried in Chancel of Emborow Church. To poor of Tymsborow. To Son Cornelius, 
a great chest &c. To sons Ivell, Joseph, Obediah, Isaac, and Ezra. Wife Martha. Daughter 
Jennie Evans, her children Rebecca, John, Cornelius. Daughter Phebe Villis, her children 
Sarah and Phebe. Nathaniel and Martha, children of John Evans. Brother in law. Thomas 

Children of Swithin Samborne : 

1. Apollos, baptised at Timsbur)-, March 7, 15S6; buried. May 7, 15S6. 

2. Phebe, baptised at Timsbury, Dec. 2S, 15S9; married \'i;lis, and had issue. 

3. Cornelius, baptised at Timsbury, Nov. 21, 1591 ; died in 1632. 

4. John, baptised at Timsbury, Sept. 16, 1593; buried, June i, 1595. 

5. Ezra, baptised at Timsbury, Jan. i, 1399, of whom see after, X.XXVI ■ 

■■ vs' :-' ,;.J ■}>. ,;; . .; . 

.. ■>.1'.7 . -- 


6. Joseph, of whom see after, XXXVII »; 

7. Obsdiah, of whom see after, XXXVIII 

8. iNoac. 

9. }3.7it, married Jo!in Evans, and had issue — Rebecca. Jolin, Cornelius. 

XXIX. Sir Barnaby Samborne, of Timsbury, Somt., Knight. Born 
in 1561. Matriculated at Magdalen College, Oxford, in 1577. 

(Ci'Sr Roll. 28 Eli:, part j.) — Indenture made 21 June 28 Eliz. [1586] between Thomas 
Haydock of Stanton in Co. Wilts, ^ent, and Barnabe Sambourne of Timsborough in Co. Som- 
erset esq. whereas the said Ilarnabe by his indenture dated the 20th day of this present month 
has so-d to the said Thomas Haydock & his heirs two parts of the manor of Buryblonsdon 
alias Eurytowne in co. Wilts; if all the said two parts shall for ever remain to the said 
Thoraa.> .S: his heirs, clearly discharged from all former charges, sales, leases, &c. made by the 
said BATcabe or by Nicholas Sambourne esq. his great grandfather, John Sambourne esq. his 
grandr-i'.her. or John Sambourne esq. his father, or by Michael Dennys of Shinglinge Rowe in 
the Isle of Wight, esq. " or by any other ancestors of the Sambournes or Dennys " (the rents 
and services due to the chief lords of the fee, and respite of homage & other duties due during 
the nonage of the said Barnabe, i lease by the said Michael Dennys to Susan V/arncford and 
2 other leases by John Sambourne esq. to Richard Warnford excepted). 

[Civ sc Roll. 5 Jas. 1. p. 10.) — Indenture made 3 Aug. 5 James I [1607] between Sir Bar- 
nabye Srimborne of Tymsborowe in Co. Somerset, Knight, and Sir Thomas Freke of Iwerne 
Courtney in Co. Dorset. Knight, and Richard Swayne of Tarrant Gunvile in Co. Dorset, esq. 

Whereas Thomas Moollens esq., John Cleves, gent., Nicholas Meader and Nicholas White 
by deec dated 19 November [1565] did grant to Bridget Samborne wife of John Samborne 
and to ber heirs an annuity of ^10 issuing out of the manor of Turnerspuddle and out of all 
me5su."^?s. lands and tenements in Turnerspuddell, Snelling and Chilbarowes, since which 
grant !ii;ie the said Bridget died seised of the same rent which descended to the said Sir Bar- 
nabie .\> her son and heir ; these presents witness that the said Sir Barnabye in consideration 
of /irr> has granted to the said Sir Thomas Freke and Richard Swayne the said annuity and 

Sir Barnaby was the most prominent of the Timsbury Sambornes. He 
has a nne stone monument in Timsbury church, representing him in full 
armor, with his hands clasped together. His epitaph (which was bungled 
by the historian Collinson) is worth inserting in full. It is carved in a dia- 
mond-shaped piece of marble : 

Her; 3:eth the body of sir Barnaby Samborne, Knight, who lived all his days faithful to his 
Priac^. zz-d in loving artection to his country; being a zelous professor of the Trew Religion, 
and crztinued constantly in the same : of whose worth & Vertew. much might be spoken But 
he rt.-iw-r.i: from his labours. His good works follow him : who, when he had lived his years, 
in harlt ir.d peaceful manner, departed this life A. D. 1610. His body being here interred: 
His s-r-I Tvaiteth for the Resurrection to Glory. 

Ustc Thy hands I commend my spirit for Thou has redeemed me O Thou Lord of Truth. 

Sir Barnaby's nuncupative will, dated April 7, 1610, and tiled 41 Wing- 


>5'^^'?'^^«'i></ ''^. 

. ; . •■ r 



]s.'; ^5>:-*^''*=^-^-» ^*^^^y~^:,' ^_.ui;;,;if^" .^^^^^^ 

4T';'K. iiilll 


TiMSBUKY Church and Moncment of Sir Barnabv Sa.mborne. 


field p. C. C, leaves to his four yo!{7iocr sons — Thomas, William, Richard, 
and John — j.oo marks apiece, to be raised out of his farm called Peglinche 
and Woodberowe. Residue to Dame iMargaret Samborne, his wife. 

The Inq. P. M. of Sir Barnaby Samborne (Court of Wards, 17 and 18, James I, Bdl. 30, 
No. 1 16) states that " he was seized in his demesne as of fee of the m.anor of Tymesbury and 
of 30 messuages, 10 cottages, ;^o gardens, 30 orchards, 300 a. of land, 100 a. of meadow, 500 
a. of pasture, 40 a. of wood, and 100 a. of furze and heath in Tymesbury. So seized, a fine 
was levied, 42 Elizabeth (1600) between Sir Thos. Throgmorton, Kt. and the said Barnaby, 
to the use of Barnaby & Margaret his wife & their heirs male : & for default to the 
use oi the right heirs of Barnabas. The said Barnaby &. Margaret had issue Thomas Sam- 
borne who still survives. The said premises are held of Chas. Walgrave, Esq., as of his 
manor of Chewton, by fealty, & are worth per ann. clear ^15-155." This shows how Tims- 
bury came to the children of Lady Margaret Samborne. 

Dame Margaret Samborne's will, dated April 8th, 1626, and filed 62 
Skynner P. C. C, is as follows : 

To my son Thomas Samborne my wedding ring, the cup that was Sir Thomas Throgmor- 
ton's (my dear & loving Father), the bed he lies on & the "faire wrought stoole ■' that \\as my 
Mother's. I make my said son sole executor. 

To my son William Samborne ^200. Whereas my said son has a copyhold estate in 
Pooles Tenement & living, in Widow Gullock's tenement & living & in Barnabas Lie's Tene- 
ment & living, parcels of my manor of Timsborough which estate I desire may be enlarged to 
him in the 3 said livings on surrender of his said estate for 3 lives or 21 years, in reversion of 
his said estate ; and v.hereas this cannot be by me assured to him, although the estate of 
inheritance of the whole manor of Timsborough has ever since the death of my husband Sir 
Barnabas Samborne been in me to dispose of: I hereby will the same to be effectually assured 
to him. 

To my son Richard Samborne ;i^300, to be paid to my brother Sir W™ Throgmorton, my 
kinsman Thomas Baynard Esq. ^ my friend Edward Orange gent, to be by them bestowed in 
an annuity or living for the said Richard. 

To my son John Samborne /^200, to be paid to him 6 months after he attain the age of 
21 : in the meantime his brother Thomas to be careful to send him to a good school and to 

To the s'i Sf W'l Throgmorton, Thos. Baynard & Edw. Orange the ne.xt advowson of the 
church of Timsborough, to present the same to my said son John if he enter the ministry. 

To my s<^ brother Sir W"" my " bible of Paris worke." 

To my sister the Lady Dale a ring which my Lord Conawaies sister sent me. 

To Elizabeth Orange dau. of i\r Edward Orange ^30 to buy her a weddinggown & petticoat. 

To Giles Moody my servant ^10. 

To M" Margaret Robinson ^"10. 

To W"" Hayward of Farneborough 5 marks. 

To my son W'" a bed that belonged to his grandmother Lady Throgmorton. 

To my son Ric. a bed that was given him by M" Proger. 

To my son John a bowl that was given him by my cousin M"" Thomas Baynard. 

My said son Thomas to be my heir to the manor of Timsborough. , . • ' ^ <,c'. 


My s<J brother Sir W^" Throgmorton tlie 5"^ Thos. Baynard & Edw. Orange to be overseers. 

Margaret Samljorne. 
Witnesses: Thos. Samborne, Ed. Orange, \V"' Samborne. Alex' Agasman, Jane Williams. 
Geo. Harington. 

Proved 4 June, 1627. " .. • ' 

Sir Barnaby Samborne married twice. His first wife was Cicely, daugh- 
ter of Wm. Bassett, Esq., of Bitton Cheney and Ilighfield, Co. Glouc, d. 
abt. 1596, b}' whom he had : 

1. John, born 15SS: probably died young. 

2. Rarnaby, born July 14, 1590, of whom see after, XXXIX 

His second wife was Margaret Throgmorton, daugiiter of Sir Tliomas 
Throgmorton of Tortwortli, Glouc, and aunt of one of the early governors 
of Virginia. By her he had: 

3. Thomas, born 1601. of whom see after, XL 

4. William, baptised at Timsbury, .May 11, 1604, of v.hom see after, XLI 

5. Richard, baptised at Timsbury, Sept. 30, 1605. of whom see after, XLII 

6. Bridget, baptised at Timsbury, May 21, 1607, and buried Aug. 7. 1607. 

7. John, baptised at Timsbury, Feb. 19, 1608; buried Dec. 4. 1641. 

XXX. Israel Samborne, baptised Aug. 9, 1562. ^vlatriculated at 
Magdalen College. Oxford, 1577. No further record. 

XXXI. Toby Samborne, baptized Dec. 9, 1563. No further record. 

XXXII. Peter Samborne. Born 1569, a goldsmith in London. 
An indenture dated Nov. i, 1594, covers a gift tVom Barnaby Samborne of 
Timsbury, son of John, to Peter Samborne of London, goldsmith, of £20 a 
year, to be raised out of the rents of Upper Sydling, Dorset, to be paid at 
the now dwelling house (called the White Grayhound) of Peter and Anne 
his wife, at the east end of London Bridge. 

A copy of the Somerset \lsitation of 1573 at the British Museum (Harl. 
MSS. 1559, fo. S5) gives the children of Peter Samborne and his wives' 
names. In addition the will of his tirst father-in-law, Robert Hassall. of 
London, farrier, proved April S, 1606, filed P. C. C. StatTord 25, leaves 
" Peter Samborne, husband of mv dauiihter x\nne, the lease of mv dwellincr 
house on London Bridge, which cost me £230. I gave him £50 at mar- 
riage. To his eldest son Mackley and his other children." 

The will of Peter Samborne himself, dated July 26, 161 1, and filed 72 
Wood, P. C. C, is as follows: 

Body to be buried in Church of St. OIave"s, Southwark near the corpse of my late wife 
Anne. ?.Iy five children, Mackley. Elizalieth, Ellen. Ann and Benjamin. Brother .Samuel. 
Cousin John Hayman. Brother in iav,- Simon Addams, father in law Jolin Owens of Barnet. 

i! .1 

-I". ' feA»«■ ■ - ■j » '^y! »^s^W!lTCJ^■*» ' (^■^ i VJ^" y i i'J r - ! »:TJ '' '^''^y^ '^5 H'*-*'J ^ v-*ft^V^ ' ' ' ^'' * ^ ' ^-^^ 



A. "*'^^, 











Samkokxe Stukely Palmer Sa.m}!orne, Esq.. J. P. 


Mr. Bamford "a silenced minister" Father in law Mr. Monc;er. Cousin John Hcynian, 
P'xecutor; John Owen and Simon Addams, Overseers. 

Peter Samborne married twice. By his first wife, xVnne, daughter of 
Robert Hassall, he had : 

1. Elizabeth, married (i) Miles Gray; (2) Wm. Aslett. 

2. Ellen, married Nicholas Russell of London, Vintner. 

3. Mary, buried at St. Mary, Magdalen. Bermondsey, July 14, 1603. 

4. Mackley, eldest son and heir, born about 1604 ; married, but died without issue. Will 
dated July iS, 1637, tiled Comm. Ct. of London, fo. iSS, " M. S. of Bethnal Green, gent. 
My sisters, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Ellen, and Anne: poor of St. Stepliens, Coleman St.: my 
brothers-in-law, Nicholas Russell and Wm. .Aslett: my wife Elizabeth"; Witnesses Tho. 
Wheatley, Will Richbel!. Pro. Aug. 23, 1627. 

5. Anne. 

His second marriage, Nov. i, 1609, was to Mary, daughter ot' Mon- 
ger ; by her he had : 

6. Benjamin ; died young. 

XXX\^I. Ezra Samdorne, of Stowey, Somt., yeoman. Born 1599. 
Apparently never married ; at all events had no issue, for liis will, dated 
May 4, 1666, filed at Wells, divides his estate among tiie children of his 
brother Joseph. 

XXXVII. Joseph Samborne, of Stowe}', husbandman. Born about 
1600. Married Sarah, daughter of Isaac Robbins. A well-to-do man. 
His will, dated June 26, 1665, proved 1667, filed at Wells, makes brothers- 
in-law John and Isaac Robbins, trustees. ^Mentions wife Sarah, daughter 
Martha (who received a legacy from her grandfather Robbins), children, 
Richard, John, Deborah, Phebe, Sarah, and Ezra. Inventory, dated 
October, 1667, amounts to £205. 

1. Martha; married John Loscomb. ^ 

2. Richard. I 

3. John. I 

^ . , ! From these sons descended a Somerset family of 

4. DeDorah. V 

.r^, , Sambornes, whom 1 have not traced turther. 

5. Phebe. 1 

6. Sarah. 

7. Ezra. 

His daughter Deborah, spinster, of Stowey, in her will, dated Nov. 25, 
1691, proved 1692, mentions sisters Phebe and Martha, brothers Richard, 
John, and Ezra, " cousins Martha and John Loscombe." His widow Sarah 
died in 16S5, and her will is filed at Wells. 

XXXVIII. Obediaii Samborne, of Farmborough, Somt. Nuncupa- 
tive will dated Nov. 8, 1667, gave all to the poor. 

■ >).-■ 

;-• L 

; I 


XXXIX. Barnaijy Samborne. Born 1590. Son of Sir I5arnaby by 
the first wife. Left home and became a merchant in London. Inherited 
from his father only tlie entailed manors of Peglinche and Woodbarrow, 
Somt., which were heavily charged with a legacy for his brothers. 
Probably lived hrst with his uncle Peter, then with a London merchant, 
Mr. George Chambers. Apparently never married. In St. Mary Alder- 
mary Register occurs this entry : " 1619, July, died Barnaby Samborne, 
out of Mr. Chamber's house." His will, filed Parker 104 P. C. C, is as 
follows : 

All ray lands in Camerton and Wellowe and elsewhere in England to be sold within one 
year, the proceeds to be divided to allow To Richard Saml;orne now resident in Caen, Nor- 
mandy, ^300, and to each of his children ^20. To George Chamber my approved friend 
,^300, to each of his children £20. To my aunt Elizabeth Caroles in Ireland £'0. To Rich- 
ard Stanfatte's children of Bristol, ^20. To Kinswoman .Margaret Langton, /loo. To 
KitisfncH James Sa/iibonie, John Hayman and George Baynard £],o. To John Gibbs, my 
tenant, and Samuel his son. To John Saintlowe £lo. Residue to Brothers \\'illia>ii^ Richard 
and John. George Chambers Executor. James and Richard Samborne, John Kayman and 
George Baynard, Overseers. 

Court of Wards /nq^. p. in. 17 0-= 18 Jas. f Bdle 29 no. 36. At Bridgewater 12 April, 18 
Jas. I [1620] before Christopher Levett Esq. Escheator, after the death of Barnabas Sam- 
borne, gent. Barnabas Samborne was seized as of fee of the manor & farm of Peglenche, 
& of divers lands, meadows. iS:c. &c. thereto belonging, situate in the parishes of Wellowe & 

So seised, the said Barnabas made his will 21 July. 16 Jas. I [161S] & thereby declared 
that the said premises should be sold to the highest bidder & the money used to pay his debts 
& legacies. 

The said premises are held of the king in chief by knights service, but by what part of a 
knights fee the jurors know not, by the yearly rent of 28s., & are worth per ann.. clear, /j. 

Barnabas Samborne died at London 24 Nov. last past, Mackleius Samborne, gent., is his 
kini>man & next heir, to wit, son &: heir of Peter Samborne deed, brother of Barnabe Sam- 
borne Kt., father of the said Barnabie named in the writ. 

XL. Thomas Samborne, of Timsbury, Somt. Born 1601. The rich- 
est of the Somerset family. In addition to the ancestral estates, he ob- 
tained throuffh his wife, Amice, daughter and co-heir of Roger Maudlev, 
half the splendid manor of Nunney, Somt., and bought the other half from 
his brother-in-law, John Jessopp. Lived at Nunney, and is buried in 
Nunney church, where are some fine Samborne monuments of the Stuart 
period. His will, dated January 12, 1636, proved March 10, 1636, and 
filed 47 Goare, mentions daughters Margery and Anne, and son Thomas. 
To these three younger children he leaves the manor of Nunney, the 
advowson of Nunney church, and several small pieces of land. He makes 
his brother, William, overseer, and leaves to brother Richard and his wife 

-i"t ^ _njiijt w i. i w i I ijjjtf^",".m.»M '' V i j^i.-,UJ..>. i mi i ijj.; i . i t!^iM->- ' [ij, 



Samborne Stl'kelev Palmer Samborne, Esq., J. P. 

4^!S» ^ W»t^^ ' ^Wfe^j^^^ J^^ l^^^, J^V ^ !4»fc^W^' »j ^^.jy^^J^^^ 




-■» , "^ / 




The Drauing-Room at Timsblkv. 

(Photog^raphed by Mrs. Foster.) 




Marie and son William, a tenement in Newland, Glouc. To brother John, 
a life-interest in 20 acres -of land in Timsbury. 

The children of Thomas Samborne, of Nunney, were : 

1. Maudley, of whom see after, XLIII. ■, - . . 

2. Margaret, - . 

3. Thomas, of whom see after, XLIV. 

4. Anne. 

XLI. William Samborne, of Paulton, Somt. Born 1604. Matriculated 
at Balliol College, Oxford, 1624, det. 1625. Married Anne, widow of Virgil 
Vaughan, Esq.. but had no issue. 

(Chan. Pro. Before 1714. Hajnilhvi :i,2,2, A'o. 21 J— William Webb of Marshfield in Co. 
Glouc. gent, & Jane his wife, admrx of the goods of Ric^ Mogg. junior, gent, complain that 
Hen. Vaughan late of Stoneaston in Co. Somerset, gent, needing money prevailed on tlie said 
Ric<i Mogg being his near relation to be bound with him to Hen. Bull of xMidsomer Norton in a 
bond of the penalty of ^200 dated 20 May, 1641. 

The said Hen. Vaughan was engaged as a commander in the late unhappy wars & was 
seised of divers lands. 

The answer of William Samborne Esq. & Ann his wife : Defts do not know that pits were 
the administrators of Ric^ Mogge deced. They knew the said Hen. Vaughan dcced for he 
was son to this deft. Anne, & did not know what bonds he entered into. They do not know- 
that the said Hen. owed money to the said Richard. They have heard that he had an estate 
in fee-tail in Stone Easton, but do not know the value thereof. He was to have enjoyed the 
farm & lands at Paulton wherein defts. live for his life if he had survived this deft. Ann, \sho 
when she was sole made a lease to him about the year 1631 of certain lands called the Heyes 
& old mills & other grounds containing 1 1 1 a., parcel of the said farm of Paulton for the term 
of 16 years ; these he enjoyed until 1645 when going to the wars he was killed at Langporte in 
Co. Somerset. In 1637 or 8 deft made another lease to the said Henry of the residue of 
the said farm of Paulton at tlie rent of ^60 per ann., which he likewise enjoyed until his death 
when defts. re-entered the same. Defts do not know what goods the said Hen. left at his 
death except a sword, a buff coat & a mare which the soldiers took possession of. 

His w^ill, proved June 7, 1670, filed Penn 85 P. C. C, is as follows : 

To be buried in the Chancel of Tymsbury Church, as near as possible to the Corpse of Lady 

Margaret Samborne, my mother. To wife Anne, ^10. To poor of Tymsbury and Paulton. 

To Abraham Bailey. Residue to Nephew Maudley SanVoorne. sole executor. 

XLII. Richard Samborne. Born 1605 ; married Marie . Chil- 
dren born at Timsbury : 

1. William. 

2. Elizabeth, bapt. July 5, 1631. 

3. Marie, bapt. Sept. 29, 1633. 

4. Anne. 

5. Martha, bapt. Feb. i, 1641. 

6. Joanna, bapt. Dec. 7. 1647: died Nov. 13, 1677. 

7. Barnabas, bapt. April 27, 1649. 

?fi 1 1-^TH.' 

i vJ- 


XLIII. Maudley Samborxe, ancestor of the present Sambornes of Tims- 
bury, Somt. Born . 

In 1649, being sequestered, he petitioned against it. saying " lie had done nothing nor 
engaged in y* last War."' Yet doubting he may have done " some act w*^ may make hlin liable 
to sequestration he took advantage of a promise of Parliament to favour all such as voluntarily 
discover themselves, and sent in a list of his estates at Tymesborowe & Xunney: the yearly 
value of y« latter was /^i8o w^ he had in fee tayle after the death of his mother." In consider- 
ation of this " discovery"' he was fined a sixth, being on the whole estate /^2io. 

XLIV. Thomas Samborxe. Born . Lived at Xunney, Somt. 

Married and had the following issue : ■ _ . 

1. Thomas, born 1631; married, 1655, Mrs. Elizabeth Cottington, whose will, 

dated 16S2, is quoted in Crispe's " Somerset Wills." 

2. Mary. 

3. Anne, born ; married Maxon. ' • ■ 

4. WilHam. 



XXVI. John Samborne. Born about 1530. Apparently lived at 

Timsbury, since his uncle John left him the reversion of a cottage there. 

XXVII. James Samborne. Born about 1540. Studied at William of 
Wykeham's College in Winchester. Lived tirst in Weyhill, near Ando- 
ver. Vicar of Andover, Hants, from 1580 to 1603. 

James Samborne's will, dated May 18, 1603, is filed at Winchester, and 
is the on/y Samborne will filed there. It is as follows : 

In the name of Cod Amen. This xviii*'' day of .May in the yere of c Lord God 1603 And 
in the first yere of the Raigne of o"' SoVaigne Lord James the first by ye g^^ace of God nowe 
King of England Scotland Fraunce and Ireland &c I James Samborne of Andov in the County 
of South, Clarke, sicke in body but of sounde & pfect memory do thus make my last Will a: 
Testam' in manner & forme as followeth : 

First I giue my Soule to ye handes of God my heavenly father through Jesus Christ in sure 
hopes to rise againe at the generall resurrection to eviasting Life, and my Body to be buried 
in the Chauncell of the pishe church of AndoV aforesaid. It I giue all & eVy of my books to 
my sonne James Samborne. All my wearing apill I giue to my Brother Edward Samborne, 
excepting my best gowne. It all the rest of my goodes moueable &; unmoueable (my debts & 
funeral dischardged) I giue & bequethe to Elenor my wife and to Abegaell my daughter 
whome I make my joynte executors of this m.y last Will & Testam-, my overseers I appoynt to 
be my well beloved M" Anthony Gattonby of Clattord & Rowland Hopgood of .\ndovr In 
witnesse whereof I haue sett hereto my hand & seale in the p'"sence of Edward Samborne & 
John Tanner by me James Samborne. Edward Samborne, John Tanner X his marke. [L. S.] 

Proved 12''' September 1603. 

. ■ 1 

• .. ■ '. f' -' 



1 jfv^mJUJ'.^^iry^ 

- ■- .. , ' ».■ \* . ,-f- ■-■ -■' -• • V?- j 

,— • "X- 

ff.M "-.■•- V-- CSS, '%~ ^ 

2 ^^^im^i 

. . 1'?f •^■'. ,-'3. ;-•? 




I t"*T9! 


His inventory, taken Au^ 25, 1603, by Anthony Gattonby, Richard 
; Venables, Rowland Mopgood, and Wm. Barton of Andover, is very inter- 
esting (amount £91 8s.), describing all the goods in detail, covering eight 
pages, and mentioning among other things — all the books (£5), a writing- 
desk (4d.), wearing apparel (£5 19s.). 

From this it will be seen that the only surviving children of Rev. James 
Samborne were Abicail and Tames. These are the onlv ones of whom 
we have any record. 

1. Abigail, baptised at Weyhill. Hants, April 13, 1572. 

2. James, born 1576, (Oxford Register), of whom see after, L 

We spent several days in the neighborhood of Andover, the early home 
of the Hampshire Sambornes, and through the kindness of the late Rev. 
R. H. Clutterbuck, Rector of Penton Mewsey, Hants, an antiquary of 
fame, we enjoyed opportunities which few could have. ^Ir. Cluuerbuck 

• himself escorted us about Andover, and pointed out the house in which 
probably lived Julius Samborne, town clerk of Andover in 1700. For my 
church notes of Andover, however, I am indebted to my friend, Mr. George 

[ F. Tudor Sherwood, of London, whose courtesy I take this means of 


At Upper Clatford, Hants, the home of Rev. James and Rev. Thomas 
Samborne, we spent pleasant hours, and the Rector, Rev. Mr. Noakes, 
was most kind in showing me the old Registers, which a predecessor has 
preserved, though in a somewhat damaged condition. 

Upper Clatford is a charming village on the banks of the Anton ; and the 
church is an ideal country church, embowered in trees, and so old that its 
exact age is unknown. Parts of the present delightful rectory are also very 
old, and a beautiful avenue connects it with the church. 

Goodworth Clatford, Hants, is also 'a Samborne home, for there Rev. 
Anthony Gattonbv spent his life, after resigning the Vicarage of Andover 
to his relative. Rev. James Samborne. Both Gattonby and Samborne 
v/ere strong Hampshire men, and both students at Winchester College. 
Rev. Mr. Iremonger, the present Rector of Goodwoith Clatford, was very 
hospitable and fienerous in showin^r me the Reiiisters. 

XXVni. Edward Samborne. Born about 1550. The only record we 
have of him is the mention in the w^ill of his brother, Rev. James, in 1603. 
! My theory points to him as the ancestor of our x\merican family (see 
sketch pedigree.) 


'../> -'J J 

:■';>'' I 14 

.; . .•^o;rlC• 

:'.ij (; 



. L. Rev. James Samborne. Born in 1576, according to the Oxford 
Registers. Matriculated at Magdalen College, Oxford. Described as 
"son of a gentleman of Hants." Apparenth' had some family iniiuence near 
Andover (perhaps at Thruxton, where his cousins, the Philpots, held tlie 
ancient Lisle possessions). Foster says James Samborne was Rector of 
Grateley, Hants, in 1604, and of Upper Clatford, Hants, in 1610. We know 
that he was presented to the living of Upper Clatford by Arthur Swaine of 
Sarson, Hants (next parish to Thruxton). 

A long bill, tiled in Chancery Proceedings, June 13, 1664, is, in brief, as 
follows : 

Bill of Thomis Samborne, eldest son &: heir of Thomas Samborne, late of Up Clatford 
Hants, Clarke, who was eldest son & heir of James Samborne late of the same parish. About 
1610 one Arthur Swaine of Sarson, Hants, was seized of the right of presentation to p"sh of 
Up Clatford, and presented the said James Samborne to the said Rectory, who was thereupon 
instituted &c. Shortly after, Arthur Swaine died & his son Edward sold all his rights to the 
said James Samborne. About 162S your orator's father being then under 21 and a scholar of 
St. Mary Magdalen Hall in the Univ. of O.xford, the said James Samborne, being a very inti- 
mate friend of Sir Thomas Jervois, then of Herriard. Hants, did convey all his interest in Up 
Clatford in trust to the said Jervois & shortly after, died. Sir Thomas Jervois instituted one 
Hook* to the living, but your orators father coming of age, the said Hook resigned, and your 
orator's said father, Thomas Samborne was presented to the living (in 1632) when Sir Thos. 
Jervois pretended that he had paid some debts of your orator's grandfather & said he would 
retain the title to the premises until the debts were paid. But the late unhappy wars breaking 
out, and your orator's father being a person of eminent loyalty to the late glorious mighty King 
Charles I ; and the said Jervois being a person of great authority in the then pretended Parlya- 
ment, he procured your orator's father to be sequestered for a delinquent against the said par- 
lyament (and he was the very tirst minister that was sequestered in that county or in the 
whole kingdom), and so he continued during all the time of the said trouble, until the late 
happy restoration, when your orator's father being legally restored to the premises died about 
eighteen months ago. When he was so sequestered, the said Jervois came to him, confessed 
the deed to be a trust. 3c offered that if your orator's father would assert the interest of the then 
"godly & well affected party" as then called, he would not only restore him to the rectory 
but would reconvey the premises to him &c. 

As an answer, Thomas Jervois of Herriard recited the indenture of 1637. 
whereby Christian Samborne, widow of James Samborne; and 
Samborne, Clerke, deed., son and heir to the said James Samborne. con- 
veyed the said rectory, etc., for a valuable consideration to Sir Thomas 

This Sir Thomas Jervois was a prominent Puritan, a member of the 
' Rump Parliament,' and a commander in the Civil War. His descend- 

* Kev. William Hook, chaplain to Oliver Cromwell, and for a while minister at Taunton, Mass. 

■ r 











\ tlllllM 


^4 .<5*>f:v^>^: 




ants Still live at Herriard Park, the present representative bein^r Francis 
Michael Ellis-Jervois, J. P. A close intimacy existed between Sir Thomas 
Jervois and James Samborne, as can be seen from the following entries on 
the Close Rolls. 

Close Roil, May lyth 1616, 14 James I. " Thos. Jervois Co. South., Kt. for 10 s. in hand 
paid by Sir Geo. Wrotesly and James Samborne clerk, conveys in trust the manors of Poyle, 
Chelmarsh, and Nethercourt."' 

Close Roll, yutte 161/1 1623, 21 James /, " Between Sir Thos. Jervois, Herriard, Co 
Soutii., Henry Cherfield and Robert Mason of Lincoln's Inn; and Sir Geo. Wrottesley of 
Farneham, Co. Surrey, Kt. and James Samburne of Clatford, Co. South. Clerk. Whereas 
Henry Arthur of Herriard and Eliz. his wife, conveyed to Cherfield and .Mason during the 
life of Eliz. manorholds called Lee Place and lands in Herriard. Southropp and Weston Pat- 
rick in Co. South: Cherfield & Mason with consent of Jervois convey to Wrotesley and 
Samburne for ^1,000 the said premises during life of Eliz. 

Close Roll A'ovcmber Jlh 21 James /. Between Sir Thomas Jervois: and Henry Cherfield 
of New Sarum and James Samborne of Upper Clatford, Clerk, conveys in trust "Manor of 
Brilford, Wilts, and other lands in Wilts, on condition that they allow Jervois to occupy dur- 
ing life, that they pay his debts at death, residue for daughters of Jervois by Dame Lucy, now 
his wife," whose interest is also provided for. 

Sherfield was a Wiltshire Recorder, who had strong Puritan tendencies, 
and was tried for sacrilege in destroying a stained-glass window in Salis- 
bury. From the intimac}' between Rev. James Samborne and these Puri- 
tans it may reasonabh' be asserted that he was himself of their way ot 
thinking, and this would bring him near in spirit to that " notorious incon- 
formist," Stephen Bachiler. , __ _ 

Children of Rev. James Samborne : -Xt.-'OOO/*;^. r 

1. Thomas, born 1606, probably at Grateley, of whom see after, LI 

2. James, born at L^pper Clatford, April 24, 1610, of whom see after, LII ■ ■ 

3. Dorothy, born at Upper Clatford, Nov. 6. 161 1. 

4. Lucy, born at Upper Clatford, Dec. 18, 1613. Following and making part of this 

entry is the addition, apparently by the same hand at a later date, " Lucy Jervois. 
born Nov. 13, 161 3." 

5. Elizabeth, born at Upper Clatford, Sept. 14. 1616. ' • 

6. Sybil, born at L^pper Clatford. April 10, i6ig. 

LI. Rev. Thomas Samborne. Matriculated at Magdalen College, 
Oxford, 1623. Rector of Upper Clatford, Hants. Presented to the living 

b}' Sir Thomas Jervois in 1632. Married Mary , who survived him, 

and in 1664 with her son Thomas disputed the possession of the Rectory 
with Rev. Anthony Earbury. Children (from Upper Clatford Register) : 

1. Mary, born Oct. 9, 1634. 

2. Thomas, born 29, 1636, of whom see after, LIII 

■.i.r- H 

! •• K. : : -•rvyi 


.:>!.. -'.. 



3. William, born Aug. 14, 1638; died 3oung. 

4. Elizabeth, bapt. March 17, 1640. 

5. James, born July 8, 1643, of whom see after. LV 

6. Anne, bapt. Feb. 17, 1645. 

7. Richard, born ; of whom sec after, LV. 

No further Sainborne record appears in the Upper Clatford registers 
except " The Reverend Father in God, Mr. Thomas Samborne, son of Mr. 
James Samborne, Parson of Upper Clatford, died Sept. 27, and was buried 
Oct. 2, 1662." 

Lll. James Samborne. Born in Upper Clatford, Hants. Baptised there 
April 24, 1 610. A linen draper and prosperous merchant of Andover, 
Hants. BailitT in 1666, his name appears often on Andover records. In 
the tower of Andover church there is a white marble mural tablet, inscribed 
with the Samborne chevron and mullets, and bearing this inscription : 

Near this place lyeth interrd _ ' 

,. . : the body of James Samborne 

of this Town, Gent., who died ye 
19th of Sept. 1669 
•• '• '■ also 

.. '• ■ . - in ye same place lyeth interr'd 

"..'.'. •. ' : • the body of Katherine Samborne 

... . • ■ ■ _ - relict of ye sd. James Samborne 

; , - _ :..^.- .: •. who died ye ist of Nov. 


James Samborne's will, dated Sept. 18, 1669, and filed 146 Coke, P. C. C. 
is as follows : 

" Wife Catherine to have ^850 and household goods. .Son James /^Soo. Daughter .Mar- 
tha, ^300. Son Julius ^700. Dau. Christian ^400. If I die without issue ^100 to the poor, 
balance to be divided into two parts; one half to my wife; if she die. then ^40. to Sister 
Fleetwood; ^30. to sister Merriatt; ^40. to the poor: 20s. to sister Hi^^ge for a ring. 
E.Kecutors Thos. Plampian of London, Henry Kelsey of Winchester, Joseph Hinxman of 
Andover, and John Rayley of London ; ^5 apiece to them. £4. to sister Lawrence; 205. to 
Mr. Braithwaite, minister of Enham : 20s. to Philip Liddiard." 

Katherine Samborne's will, dated Dec. 16, 1710, and filed Fox, ^S, 
P. C. C. is as follows : 

"To my son James Samborne my lands in Swindon, Wilts, my household goods S: 
plate. My daughter Christian Clements. My grandchildren Richard, James, Eliz. and Kath- 
erine Samborne. My son-in-law Nicholas Flower, — my dau. .Martha his'e. My grandchil- 
dren Joseph & Hinxman. 20 s. to each of my great grandchildren. To the poor of 
Andover, New Sarum o^; Chadington." 

Witnesses, — Corn. Tirrel!, John Long, Mary Westcott. 


:- v'^v^-^ ^ --S 

'ir v>-%-!fe 









'-■' ■■if .i^iiAfo"^'>^"..if *< ".T j 


Children : 

I. Martha, born Dec. 25. 1655; married (i) Aug. 23, 1675, Joseph Hinxman of Andover; 
(2) Nicliolas Flower. 
; 2. James, born June 6, 165S, of whom see after, LVI 

[ 3. Julius, baptised at Andover, July 19, 1661, of whom see after, LVII 

I 4. Christian, baptised July 16, 1667; m. (i) Mussell : (2) Thomas Clements. 


[ LIII. Thom.^s Samborne. Baptized at Upper Clatford, Hants, Aug. 29, 

1636. The only further record of him we have is in Cliancery Proc, Rey- 
nardson, 406, when Rev. Anthony Earbury, clerk, and Rector ot" Upper 
Clatford, complains of Mary, relict of Thomas Samborne, the tormer .Rec- 
tor, and Thomas Samborne, her son, who in 1664 would not give up posses- 
; sion of the parsonage house of Upper Clatford. 

\ LIV. Rev. James Samborne. Baptized at Upper Clatford, July 8, 1643'. 

I Matriculated at Magdalen College, Oxford, 1661 ; B. A., 1665 ; M. A., 

I 1673. Rector of Merstham, Surrey (not Mersham, Kent, as stated in the 

I O.xf. Hist. Soc. Records). Married Rachel Turner of Bletchingley, Sur- 

I rey, who died before 16S6. In Chanc. Proc. Reynardson, bdl. 91, No. 

I 123, is a Bill brought by him against his brother-in-law, John Turner, of 
Bletchingley, asserting that he lent Turner £100 in Dec, 16S1, v.hich was 

\ never repaid. - . 

LV. Richard Samborne. Born, probablv, at Upper Clatford, but 
known only by his and his son's wills. A skinner in London ; lived in 
parish of S. Clement Dane's, London. His will, dated Jan. 21, 1693, filed 
Box 19, P. C. C, is as follows: 

"Estate devised to loving brother Mr James Samborne and my friend Christopher Daven- 
port of the New Inn, to be sold: To sister Pinckney and each of her children ^100. To 
brother in law, Mr. Burrowes, ^100 hoping he will make better use of it than what he has 
had. To mother in law .Mrs. Burrowes, and each of her daughters, /5 for mourning. To 
my brother Samborne ^200. To Bartholomew's Hospital ^200. To Mr. Pride £io. To 
Mr. Davenport /^lo. Mrs. Behee my housekeeper ^35. Brother Pinckney to have my lease. 
Late wife's wearing apparel to sister Pinckney. Rest to son Richard when he comes of age, — 
if he die. then ^500 to brother Samborne. E.xecutors brother James Samborne and Chr. 
Davenport, each 30 pounds. Witnesses Hussey Chapman, Thos. Lodge, Jane Pallett. 

Child: ....... 

Richard Samborne, b. ; first a clerk in the New Inn; later a cornet in a troop of 

horse; never married. His will, dated July 2, 1713, filed Fagg, 195, P. C. C, is as follows, — 
" R. S. gent, cornet in her .Majesty's Reg', of Horse under the command of the Hon. Col' 
Bland. A mortgage to James Wakefield of all my messuages in Norfolk St., Arundell St. 
and the Strand. M"" Lewis Theobald, fellow clerk with me at M' Davenport's of New Inn, — 

;• >t ::^!i 



his dau. Frances. My uncle James Samborne of Merstham, Surrey, Clerk. My cousin Ed- 
ward Fleetwood & his three dans." Pro. Oct. ig, 171 5. 

LVI. James Samborne. Born in Andover, Hants, June 6, 1658. A 
merchant of Salisbury, Wilts. In 1687 one of tiie Salisbury Common 
Council. The charity school which he endowed at Hatherden, near Ando- 
ver, I visited in 1S95 ; over the door is a memorial tablet to the founder, 
inscribed with the Samborne chevron and mullets. Died without issue. 
Will dated Sept. 2, 1725, tiled 237, Rom.ney, P. C. C, is as follows: 

"My niece Eliz. Samborne. dau. of my brother Julius ,2^2000, provided she does not marry 
a man that hath a child by a former wife. My niece Katherine Samborne _^i2oo on same 
condition. ?k[y nephew James Samborne ^1200. Nepliews and nieces named Hinxman. 
;i^iooo for charitable uses (if it can be done) to set up a charity school for the children of Wild- 
heron (S; Hatherden, co. South. South Sea stock not to be sold. Nephew Jos. Hinxman my 
cRariot &; horses. William Guydott, brother Julius Samborne & brother Thomas Clemence 
Trustees for the Charity.'' Proved Nov. 11, 1725. 

LVII. Julius Samborne. Born in Andover, Hants, and baptised there 
July 19, 1661. A prominent citizen of Andover, town clerk and bailiff 

many years. His name is often on the records. ^Married Elizabeth , 

who died in 1718, and was buried " in woollen " on Aug. i of that year. 
He was buried at Andover, Jan. 16, 1739. Will, dated Dec. 20, 1732, 
filed 42 Henchman, P. C. C, is as fol!o\vs : 

"My son James; my daughter Eliz. Samborne: my dau. Katherine Stone. Poor of Ando- 
ver. Plate equally divided among children. Son Richard Samborne residuarv legatee & Ex^■* 
Witnesses John Baker, Alex Smith, Will: Best. Codicil dated Feb. 4, 1737, provides, — 
" Whereas my mother gave my bro. James and me /400 to pay my sister Clements ^£20 
yearly, & after her death ;^ioo to my son Richard & ^300 to my son James: my son 
James having died. I give ^200 to two of my dau. Stone's children. — my executors to buy a 
stone on or near my grave with the date of my wife's, my son's & my own deaths on it." 
Proved Feb. 3, 1739. 

Children : .:.■•.. . 

1. Elizabeth, born Sept. 6, 1697; buried at Andover, July 4, 1777. 

2. Katherine, baptised at Andover, Oct. 11, 1699; m. Stone. 

3. Richard, baptised at Andover, May 5, 1703; a merchant of Salisbury, Wilts; died 

without issue, and left an additional legacy to the Samborne Charity-School at Hath- 
erden ; buried at Andover, Nov. 18, 1774. 

4. James, baptised at Andover. Nov. 26, 1707; buried there, May 20, 1736. 

.1 ,. / , . ! . . V •.! '^ 1 ,'!,'■ '-' 

■ I'l 

, I 





•^ o 






XXXIII. Richard Samp.orne. Born in Maiden Newton, Dorset; bap- 
tised there, Jan. 9, 1575. A merchant in Weymoiitli, Dorset, \vith a large 
(and I fear irret'-uhir) trade to France. Finallv moved his establishment to 
Caen, in Normandy, where he apparently lived and died. A merchant in 
a large way, who entered several Bills in Chancery for misappropriation of 
his goods by factors. The Calendars of State Papers furnish the following : 

" 1625 : Prohibited goods laden in Ireland in a ship belonging to Richard Samborne, under 
bond to land them in Weymouth, but carried thence without entry at the Custom House; sug- 
gested that R. S. be committed and give surety for /io,ooo, the value of the goods.'' 

" 1628 : Petition of Mary, wife of Richard Samborne to the illustrious Prince, George, Duke 
of Buckingham ; petitioner's husband having his whole estate in Norniandy at Caen, crossed 
the seas in June last, proposing to ship his goods to England, but the coming of the English 
fleet prevented his doing so. Prays for permission to accomplish his intent." 

He married in France, ]Marie, daughter of Rignouf ; and died in 

1642. His will, dated Feb. 21, 1631, proved July 15, 1642, and filed 94 
Campbell, P. C. C, is as follows: 

" Whereas, John Saintlow, now of London, merchant, by deed dated June 24, 21 Jac. I. by 
the name of John Saintlow of Knighton, Wilts, demised to me 2 parts (in 3 to be divided) of 
the capital messuage or farm of Pegledge als. Peglinche. and Woodberowe, situate in the par- 
ishes of Camerton and Wellow, Somt., with all the appurtenances, also all the messua£;es, 
lands, etc., sold to the said John Saintlow by John Doughty of Bristol, merchant, and Oliver 
Snell of the same, linen draper, by indenture dated June 7.21 Jac. I ; to hold for the period of 99 
years under the yearly rent of one peppercorn. And whereas also Giles Greene of Weymouth 
in Co. Dorset, gent., and the sd. John Saintlowe by deed dated 16 Nov. 2 Car. I demised to 
me the other 3d part of all the above-mentioned premises and all other the lands, tenements 
and hereditaments in Wellov.-e and Camerton which then lately descended to MacUeius Sam- 
borne as cousin and next heir of Barnaby Samborne deceased, to hold to me for 99 years under 
the yearly rent of 4d. ; Now I give all the said premises to Nicholas Polden of Puscandle, my 
brother-in-law and my cousin John Cole of Collumpton in Devon upon trust that they 
immediately after my death sell the same and distribute the money therefrom arising amongst 
my 4 sons, Michael, Richard. Thomas and John. I make the said Nicholas Polden & John 
Cole my executors." Witnesses Christopher Squire, John Byle, Wm. Hide. 

Children : .' 

1. Anne, born 1602, of whom see after, LX 

2. Margaret, married, but died without issue. ' 

3. Michael, of whom see after, L.XI 

4. Richard, of whom see after, LXII ■:. . 

5. Thomas, of whom see after, LXIII , .. • _ , 

6. John, of whom see after, LXIV ' . ','•,-'■. 


ji wc 


XXXIV. Francis Sambornk. Born in Maiden X^ewton, Dorset, about 
1577. A merchatit in London ; said in Vis. of London, 16S7, to have 
been a goldsmitli. Married at St. ^Llry Maj^dalen, Bermondsey, February, 
1606, Margaret, daughter of X^icholas Blencowe or Blincoe, gent., of Soutli- 
wark. Francis Samborne was a substantial merchant, but seems to have 
been involved in many vexatious cases at law. In Chanc. Proc., temp. 
Car. I, bdl. S 25, Xo. 39, appears the following Bill brought by him vs. 
William Clayball : 

" Orator Francis Samborne, of London, gent. ; his wife Margaret Blincoe was left by her 
father one messuage in London ; she died having borne him four children, Nicholas, Francis 
William & Richard. Six years since, your orator having about that time sent his eldest son 
Nicholas to Holland as a factor for some goods valued at ^800 sent by ship, heard that the 
ship, his son and the goods were cast away, whereupon your orator took a journey into those 
parts to be better ascertained of the said information ; and before his departure called to mind 
(as truly is) that Will: Clayball was a lessee in trust for your orator; and asked him to take 
upon himself the education of your orator's two younger sons, telling him that your orator was 
to take with him Francis Samborne, his second son, to bind him apprentice to some merchant 
in those parts. Your orator gave to Will: Clayball ^{^loo in money and clothing, and 
authorized him to receive in trust the rents of the sd. Messuage in Mark Lane where your ora- 
tor lived and of two other houses. Your orator was absent from Xov. 1627 to Feb. 1632 and 
then returned home, having found that his son Nicholas and his goods had been cast away, 
and leaving his son Francis bound apprentice in Holland, to your orator's great charges ; etc."' 
Goes on to say that Clayball had misappropriated the property left in his charge. 

In the same bundle, No. 5, appears a Bill brought by Francis Samborne 
vs. Peter George, a Yeoman of the Guard, complaining that when Sam- 
borne went abroad he left all his papers, books, etc., in the possession of 
the said George, who had embezzled them. 

Children : 

1. Nicholas, born 1610; entered at Merchant Taylor's School in London, 1618; drov.ned 

at 16 years, as has been seen above. 

2. Francis, of whom see after, LXVI '; . • . 

3. William, of whom see after, LXVH 

4. Richard, of whom see after, LXVHI 

XXXV. John Samborne. Born about 1585. Said in the Visitation of 
London, 16S7, to have been a merchant abroad with his brother Richard. 
No further record exists of him., except the title of the following elaborate 
heraldic scroll, which shows that he was living abroad in 165 1, and thus 
disposes of the theory that he was the father of the three American Sam- 
bornes, since that member of the family had died before 1632. The heraldic 
scroll of which tlie following is the title, w^s exhibited thirty years ago bv 
the late John Gough Xichols, at the Heraldic Exhibition of the Society of 

; -.-..;! 'iv; 

■!' ■ I 


Antiquaries at Somerset House ; it is mentioned in \^ol. I of the Herald and 
Genealogist, but I have betju unable to find any further trace of it. This is 
the title : 

" Genealcria, sive prosapi.i generosissimi viri : Johannis Samborne, jam in partis transmar- 
inis existentis: filii quart! Francisci Sambourne de Maiden Xeuton in Com. Dorset generosi : 
filii secundi Johannis Sambourne de Tymesburie in Com. Somt : ex antiqua stirpe Sambourn- 
orum in Sunning in Com. Derks oriundi." [Dated July 4, 165 i.j 

LX. Anne Samborne. Born in 1602. Married probably in Caen, Nor- 
mandy, France, John LeBas, of Caen. Gent., born July 13, 1607, son of 
John LeBas, Esq., and Marie, daughter of Robert Paisan. John LeBas 
was a French merchant, whose sons came to England with the Restoration. 
Children : 

1. John, born March 10, 1625, ob. s. p. . ' 

2. James, born June 26, 1627, ob. s. p. 

3. Richard, born Dec. 30, 1629, of whom see after, LXIX • 
4.' Michael, born J632, ob. s. p. - 

5. Marie, born Dec. 28, 1633; married Jeanblin. 

LXL Michael Samborne. Born about 1603. Perhaps lived in 
France, but left no issue. Living in 1676. 

LXIL Richard Samborne. Born about 1605. A merchant trading 
between France and England: probably lived in Caen, and came to Eng- 
land at the Restoration. Married and died before 1676, leaving a wife and 
two daughters. 

LXin. Thomas Samborne, of Caen, in France, and later of London. 
He and his brother John were wealthy merchants. Royalists, who aided 
in the escape of Charles H, and in his restoration in 1660. 

The Calendars of State Papers between 1650 and 1660 contain frequent 
references to these Sambornes, who appear to have been the means of 
advancing money for the King, and were prominent in the plots to restore 
him to the throne. 

" Petition dated July 1660, of Thomas and John Samborne, merchants, for the nomination of 
one of them as Commissioner in the Excise Office. They have done great services during the 
late war, in relieving persons of quality and others related to His .Majesty; they hope he will 
not forget the infinite honour he did them at Rouen on his miraculous deliverance. Statement 
of reasons why Thomas and John Samborne should be looked upon as loyal sufferers: they 
have had several commissions from the late and present King, — supplied munitions &C. to the 
value of ^25,000, were banished and sold their inheritance for fear of sequestration; on the 
King's escape from Worcester and landing in Rouen. John Samborne was the only person to 
whom he trusted the secret of his arrival, and sent him with a packet to the Queen Mother: 
he introduced to His .Majesty .Mr. Scott, who relieved him with money for Paris : and he still 

., --.'. >, 

.' . I 


preserves a part of His Majesty's disijuise as a relic. They undertook commissions for the 
King, Queen and Duke of York when none else would sail, .settling near the Queen at the 
Palais Royal. A year ago they were employed to bring the King and Princes from Paris to 
be delivered on board the z?^;'/.'///'^?/ ^y /:";/<,' A?;^/. .Man)' nobles can attest their services; they 
request the least otSce for one of them.'' (Cal. of State Papers.) 

Volume IV of Clarendon's State Papers contains many letters inter- 
changed between Lord Chancellor Hyde (Lord Clarendon) and Mr. John 
Samborne, showing the friendly relations in which Samborne stood with the 
English Court. 

Married Margaret, widow of Peter Gosfruit, a wealthy merchant of Lon- 
don. Had no issue. The will of Thomas Samborne, dated June 3, 1676, 
filed 92 King, P. C. C, is as tollows : 

" To be buried either at Somersett House or the Chapel Royal, as the religious men belong- 
ing to His Majesty's Chajjel and the Cliapel of the Portuguese Ambassador shall see fit. To 
Mr. Huddlestone, His .Majesty's chaplain, ^50; — if he die it shall go to the Prior of Somer- 
sett House for pious and charitable uses. To wife Margaret, besides ^100 a year during her 
life out of my estate of Lhvngertwth, all right and title in the lease of the house where I now 
live, in Axe Yard, Westminster; and all plate, household stuti" etc. and wearing apparel save 
what she gives to my manservant ; if more than two months elapse without payment of the 
^100, it is to be paid out of my personal estate. To eldest brother, Michael Samborne /^loo. 
To two nieces, daus. of niy brother Richard Samborne, /50 To widow of late brother John 
Samborne, ;^ioo, and to her children. To children of nephew John LeBas, /^50. equally 
divided. To nephew James LeBas /50 for his son Peter LeBas. To loving friend Lewis 
Lewis, Esq., of Penmeon in Monmouthshire', /^5o. To my wife's children Fras. Gosfruight, 
now at Leghorn ; and Richard Gosfruight of the New Exchange, £s'^- Kest to children of 
nephew Richard LeBas now living in Westminster, and Kimana his wife." Codicil leaves 
^100 more to his wife, — the jewel he purchased of the Swedish Ambassador for ;^500 to be 
sold by Richard LeBas to pay these legacies. 

(Chan. Pro. before \T\\. CoHins 60^, p. t,6, ;/. 35.) — 15 July, 1679. Richard Lebas & 
Kiffiana his wife, Margaret Lebas, Charles Samborne Lebas, Charlotte Lebas iS: Francis Lebas 
children of the said Richard & Kiffiana, being all under the age of 21. complain that whereas 
Thomas Samborne late of the parish of St. Margaret's Westminster, Esq. about the y^ June, 
1674, lent to John Vaughan of Wliitehouse in the parish of Landevaylog in Co. Carmarthan, 
Esq. j^300 in consideration whereof the said John demised to him his messuages & lands 
called Gelly Lladnais, those in the occupation of Owen St. John, the messuage called Tally 
Farme in the occ. of Richard John, the mess. .S: lands called Knucke in the occ. of W"' An- 
thony, those called Kiligadgen in the tenure of Lewis Trebery, those in the occ. of David 
Lloyd, those called Prigan in the occ. of Evan Edward, those in the occ. of Anthony John. &. 
those in the lordships of Clwin (.') in the occ. of the said John Vaughan, David John & Lewis 
John in the said par'sh of Landeveylog : To hold for 99 years, at the yearly rent ot I pepper- 
corn. The said Thos. Samborne by deed dated 28 Sept. 1674. re-demised the said premises 
to the said John Vaughan for 98 years, at the yearly rent of ^60 for the first 7 1-2 years. & 
afterwards i peppercorn. 

Thos. Haward of Fflethe'hili in Co. Pembroke, gent, in consideration of /500 to him paid 

•.>o-;/ •"■« • 1. 

1 .,. \ - y. 


by Thos. Samborne, demised to the said Thos. the manors or lordships of Fletherhill, Rud- 
baxton & St. Ismaells, &. divers messuages, rectories, mills, farms, & lands in Fletherhill, 
Rudbaxton, St. Isniaells & other parishes & places in Cos. Carmarthen & Pembroke, which 
then belonged to the said Thos. Haward or to Geo. Haward or to Thos. Haward, Esq. To 
hold for 21 years, at the yearly rent of i peppercorn. By indenture dated 23 July. 1674. the 
said Thos. Samborne demised to the said Thos. Haward all the said manors &c. : To hold 
for 20 years and 11 months, paying therefore yearly for the first 7 years ^100, &. for the resi- 
due of the said term i peppercorn. Tlie said Thos. Samborne being possessed of the said 
annuities of ^{^60 Sc £100 &: having also a considerable persona! estate by his will devised /loc 
per ann. to his wife Margaret for her life; also the lease of his dwelling house in Axe yard, & 
all his furniture, plate, pictures, &c. in the said house, worth about /looo, & after giving 
divers legacies to the children and relations of the said Margaret by her former husband, testa- 
tor bequeathed the rest of his estate to Lewis Lewis, Esq , Francis Gosfruight & RiC^ Gos- 
fruight 2 of the sons of the said .\Largaret by her former husband, whom he made executors, in 
trust for the benetit of pits., the said Kiffiana being also a dau. of tlie said Margaret by her 
former husband. About Sept., 1677, the said Margaret being dissatisfied with the provision 
made for her, while her husband lay on his death bed went into the closet where his money, 
securities, jewels, &c. were kept, & carried away a diamond jewel which cost testator ^^500, :i: 
a bond whereby M"' Pargiter was bound to pay testator ^300. At first she denied taking 
them, but afterwards confessed, whereupon a treaty was had between testator & Sir Nathaniel 
Hearne & others & it was agreed that if the said Margaret restored the said jewel & bond tes- 
tator should give her ^200 more than he had left her in his will. 

The said Thomas Samborne died about January. 1676, & the said Lewis Lewis & Francis 
Gosfruight proved his said will, but the said Ric-* Gosfruight did not prove it. Then the said 
Margaret in spite of the said agreement gave out that according to the custom of Wales she 
ought to have a third part of the said annuities of ^60 & /loo, & commenced a suit against 
the said exors. & now they are confederating together so that there may be but a faint defence, 
&; that the verdict may be given for her. The said Margaret was born in Wales & has many 
friends and relations there whereas pits, live in Midds. & are quite unable to attend any trial in 
Wales Sec. 

(No answer.) 

LXIV^. John Samborne. See account under LXIII. Married and died 
before 1676, leaving wife and daughters. 

LXV. Nicholas Samborne. Born 1610. .Entered at Merchant Taylor's 
School, 161S. Sent as factor for his father to Holland, 1627 ; lost at sea 
with the ship and merchandise. 

LXVI. Francis Samborne. Born about 1611. Lived at West Ham, 
in Sussex, where he inherited a valuable property tVom his grandfather, 
Nicholas Blencowe or Blincoe. Married Mary, daughter oi Good- 

1. Samuel, born Oct. 6, 1640; died in infancy. 

2. Mary, born Nov. 24, 1641 ; never married; died 1702; will filed 53 Heme, P. C. C, 
mentions nephew Richard Samborne and cousin .NLiry Hurdis. 

3. William, born Feb. 4, 1644., of whom see after, LXXV 

.-of 5 



LXVII. William Samborne. Born about 1613. A Norwich factor. 
Married Hester (Haynes) Clark, daughter of Robert Haynes of Bristol. 
Living in 16S7. 

1. William, died young. 

2. Mary; living in 1687. 

3. Elizabeth; living in 16S7. 

LXVIII. Richard Samborne. Born about 1615. A stationer in Lon- 
don. Died unmarried, 1643. Will as follows (Com. Ct. London, 1643, 
filed 167S) : 

" To Mrs. Esther Clarke now living at M'' John Ljames at the sign of tlie Maiden's Head in 
Corn Hill ^5 to buy her a ring. To Ursula Webb, serv' to the said Ljames 20s. To Thomas 
Rawlinson, now lying at IVP Ralph Triplett's, Distaff Lane, 20s. To Sarah Batt & Case Saun- 
der, 5s. and Bridgett Silver los., servants to Ralph Triplett. Residue to brother W*^ Sam- 
borne of London, mercli'."'' Witnesses .-Vrthur Miles. Josiah Tomlinson servt. to John Black- 

LXIX. Richard LeBas. Born Dec. 30, 1629. Lived in London ; 
assistant to Sir Charles Cotterell, Master of the Ceremonies to Charles IL 
Married Kiffiana, daughter of Peter Gosfruit, a wealthv merchant of 
London, whose wife Margaret survived him and married (2) Thomas 
Samborne of France and London (LXIIl). 

Richard LeBas became the ancestor of a considerable family of English 
gentlemen and scholars ; later members of the family were raised to the 

r. Richard. 

2. John, died young. 

3. Charles Samborne ; baptised June 13, 1675, ^" St. ^Largaret's, Westminster, and mar- 

ried July 24, 171 1, Mary, second daughter to Sir Samuel Moyer, Bart., of London, 
a substantial Turkey merchant, who is mentioned in Pepys's Diary. In Rushton 
church, Northants, is a rine marble m.onument to Charles Samborne LeBas, the in- 
scription on which is as follows : 

" Hoc sub marmore conduntur Reliquiae 
Caroli Saniborne LeBas 
Filij Ricardi LeBas Xatu Maximi 
' ', " Avus 

E Cadonis Xormanniae urbe Oriundus 

Annam Sambornensis Familiae Haeredem 

Matrimonio sibi Jun.xit 


E. Gallia in .Angliam arcessitus 

Officium Mareschalli Ceremonarium — 

I ■ ". Quatuor deinceps Principibus praestitit 



! . / /. 

, •• M ' ' 


Vir morum Gravitate Simul et Probitate insignis 
Apud exteros multum versatus 
Et rebus Agendis imprimis aptus ; , . ' , 

In super 
Pietate erga Deum ■ • 

In Pauperes Magnificentia 
Erga omnes fide et Humanitate 
Uxorem duxit Mariam 
Samuelis Moyer Baronetti Filiam 
Foeminam cgregie piam ac liberalem 
Ex hisce Nuptijs 
Filiam reliquit unicam Rebeccam 
admodum Adolescentulam 
Paternaeque Virtutis pariter ac Rei Haeredem 
Tantaeque Gentis Spem 
Quae Paternae Memoriae hoc Monumento Considuit 
Natus 13 Junii 1675 
Denatus 27 Marti] 1724." 

4. Jaquelin Carlotta. ■ 

5. Frances. 

LXXV. William Sa.aiborne. Born Feb. 4, 1644. Clerk of the Cham- 
ber of Deputies, London, 16S7, Married Elizabeth, daughter of Richard 
Brooke of Derby, Gent., wiio died between 1709 and 17 11. Her will is 
filed 153, Young, P. C. C. and mentions her son, Richard Samborne, and 
daughter, Mar}- Ange, and her children. 

1. Richard, born Nov. 29, 1683; entered at, Merchant Taylors' School; perh?.ps the one 

who is mentioned in Scattered Notes, No. D. 

2. Mary, b. , m. Ange. 


Besides the foregoing connected pedigree, I have come across the tollow- 
ing scattered links, which I cannot connect with the main line: 

A. In Foster's "London Marriage Licenses " I find the ''Feby 10, 1599. Bar- 
NABY Samborne of Paddington, Middlesex and Alice, daughter of William Blackleech of 

B. I. DAvm Samborne, probably of London, only known of by the marriage entry of his 

2. Richard Samborne, Barber, of London. In the Register of St. Peter's, Cornhili. I 
find this entry : "Feby. 15, 157S, wedded, Richard Sanborn, Barber, son of Davy Sanborn 
and Isabel Walker, daughter of Richard Walker, Carpenter. Richard Samborne was the father 
(probably) of 

■! V, 



3. Richard, l^arber Surgeon, of London. Will proved July 22d, 1615, Dean 
and Chap of St. Pauls, D. 112, is as follows, — 

Citizen and Barber Chirurgion of London, being weake of body but of good and pfect 
remembrance, I give and bequeath my soule to allmighty God my Creato'', and his only begot- 
ten Sonne Jesus Christ my Redeem and Savio'', and to the Holy Gliost my Sanctifyer. And 
my body to be decently buried at the dispose of my E.vecuters after my debts shalbe payd & 
my ffunerall chargs discharged. Then I give and bequeath y« one halfe of all such goods as I 
shall leave to Ursley my wife, and the other halfe amongst my Children Michaell Samborne, 
John Samborne, Xathaniell Samborne, Jonathan Samborne, Jone Samborne, Suzen Samborne, 
Hester Samborne and Jane Samborne, equally to be divided. And to be paid them at their 
severall dayes of maridge or age of one >Jv: twenty yeres w^'' shall first happen. 

I make my said wif Ursley Samborne Executrix. Desiring her to looke well and be good to 
my Children, and be very carefull in their Education. And I make Overseers my very loving 
flfriends Nicholas Perke John Rawlins gent and Richard Bond. RicJiard Sa7?ibonie his marke. 
Witnesses Nicholas Perke, the marke of Richard ]5ond, Beniamin Prinne, William Gepsone, 
and Raphe Hay ward. 

Children : 

i. Michael. v. Joan, 

ii. John, born Dec. 1604; entered vi. Susan. 

Merchant Taylors' School, 1615. vii. Hester. 

iii. Nathaniel. viii. Jane, 
iv. Jonathan. 

C. A fnend has kindly sent me the following entry from the Parish Register of Easton-in- 
Gordano, Somt. : "Married Robert Samborne and Agnes Phillipps, the 6t of July, 1635." 
Doubtless this was a descendant of the Timsbury Sambornes, whose line outside the direct 
owners of Timsbury is rather incomplete. Easton-in-Gordano is eight miles east of Bristol, 
abutting on the river Avon, and four miles from Portishead, where it enters the British Chan- 
neL The name still exists in the parish, my friend goes on to say, — " Hanging in the vestry 
of the church were the surplices of the choristers, and in each is the name of the wearer, on a 
piece of paper sewn upon it; one is ' Willie Sambourne,' and another, ' Herbert Sambourne.'" 

D. Chambers' •' Next of Kin'' contains a note. No. 94,812, which I find to be an adver- 
tisement for the representative of Richard Samborne, Gent., who in the year 1749, was a Soli- 
citor and one of the 60 Clerks in Chancery, residing in Bartlett's Buildings, Holborn, London. 

E. The following data, written by the celebrated artist, Mr. Linley Sambourne, shows his 
ancestry as far back as he can trace it. Mr. Sambourne is probably the best known artist 
in black and white in England, and his cartoons for Punch have been one of the features of 
that journal for twenty years and more : 

1 1 1 '(I 

• ■,) 

I S l TOJ>^%; ^^5^<y^a?^»?it?;!^-=y-"y^ 






>^ i . 



LiNLEV Sambolkne, Esq., of London. 



Ann \Vheat = Thomas Samborne. 

Thomas= Linley (of Sheffield). 

Edward Mott 
Born 23 May, 1S02, 
Easton, Penn., U. S. A. 
Died 2 Feb., 1S66. A 
London merchant. 

= Frances Linley. James Wheat. 

Tiiird dau;j;hter of Died -Aug., 1S43. 
Peter Linley and .\ barrister and 
.Sarah his wife, of solicitor. 

Norton, Derbyshire. 
Born Aug. 19. iSi i ; 
died 4 Nov., 1S92, 
aged Sl 
Edward Linley = Marion Herapath. 

Jane Ann=James PJarr. 
Born 1804. of London, a jeweller. 
Died Mar., Died 1S57, in Flor- 
1874. ence, Italy. 

Maud Frances. 
Born 5 Aug., 1S75; married 
April, 1S9S, to Leonard C. R. 

Mawdley Herapath (Roy). 
Born ig Aug., 1S7S. Educated at Eton. 
From 1S91 to 7, O.xford undergraduate. 

Mr Edward Linley Sambourne's father, uncle and aunt were born at Easton, Penn., U. S. .A.. 
There are two letters from this Thomas Samborne, or Sambourne (he added the u) to his 
uncle, James Wheat, dated Philadelphia, April 3. 1800, and April loth, 1804, explaining the 
reasons for his long silence and going somewhat fully into the state of American politics, etc., 
and the latter enclosing a power of attorney for his mother to receive a legacy due to him. At 
the end of the latter he says, "My little boy is very hearty and the verv picture of his grand- 
mother." In the former he says, " Owing to the good education you have given me I have 
been enabled to turn my hand to any line of life. I learned surveying by my own application, 
and few have been supposed better where I was knov.-n. My plannings would not have dis- 
graced Mr. Fairbanks, and 1 venture to assure you that I have never disgraced the education 
you have bestowed on me by being otherways than a gentleman. I teach music at present in 
a fev« genteel families here until I can save a few hundred pounds, which will enable me to 
retire into the Back country and follcnu my former profession of the Law, which is both the most 
lucrative and most respected here," etc. 

Edward Linley Sambourne, born January 4, 1844. Educated at city of London schools and 
Chester colleges. Intended for the engineering profession, and entered the establishment of 
John Penn & Son, engineers, Greenwich, 1S61-7. Began to draw for Punch, 1S67, and has 
contributed ever since. Now is cartoonist with Sir John Tenniel, and is well known as a 
draughtsman and designer. 

F. William Sambourne of Brimpton, Berks, was appointed overseer of the will of Walter 
Bacheller, cooper, of Tadley. Hants, — will dated July 23, 1616, and proved the same year. 
Walter Bacheller was the son of John Bacheller of Woking, and had brothers John and Ed- 
mund, the latter living in Aldermaston, Berks. This connection between the Bachellers and 
Sambornes seems suggestive, and I tried to get the entries from Brimpton registers, since I 
had been unable to lind any trace of who this William was. L'nfortunately the Brimpton Reg- 
isters were burned, so that there are now none extant dated before 1650, nor are there any Sam- 
borne entries up to 1700. 



It would be unnecessary and cumbersome to print in this volume every 
Samborne pedigree, printed and in MS., or to give the exact reference to 
all the Englisli records on which Samborne data are found. All the Eng- 
lish pedigrees of the name have contained the same errors. As examples I 
print the following : 

A. A curious old pedigree from Timsbury JNISS. of the Stuart period; apparently the work 

of some heraldic forger, since none of the earlier matches can be verified; and the 
generations just before John Samborne, who married Dorothy Tichborne, are certainly 

B. A pedigree compiled by the Heralds' College for the father of the present owner of Tims- 

bury, when the latter obtained Royal permission to assume the name of Samborne. It 
is interesting as showing the errors of the early Visitations perpetuated in the Heralds' 
work of this century. 

C. The pedigree of the Oxfordshire and Berkshire- Sambournes, registered by Thomas Sam- 

bourne of Sonning in the 0.\fordshire Visitation of 1566; shows the erroneous early 
generations, and is the foundation for all later Berkshire Sambourne descents. 

D. Sambourne pedigree in Vis. of Berks. 1623. 

E. The pedigree of the Somersetshire Sambornes, registered by the oldest son in the Somer- 

set Visitation of 1623. Shows the entirely erroneous early generation; and also shows 
ignorance of the connection between the Somerset and Berks branches, which should 
have been known at that time. 

In tracing for this voltime the Samborne descent, the correctness of which 
is undoubted, the following records have been searched, and every capital 
reference to the name extracted : 

Wills : 

The files of the Principal Probate Registry at Somerset House, comprising the most im- 
portant English Wills, from 1383 to 1750. 

The different repositories for London Wills, — The Court of Hustings, Commissary Court. 
Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's, etc. 

The files of Berkshire and Wiltshire Wills, from the earliest date to 1700, including every 
Peculiar Court, Archdeaconry Court, etc. 

The files of Wells wills from the earliest date to 1700, including all that part of Somerset- 
shire where the Sambornes lived. 

The files of Hampshire Wills at Winchester, embracing all the smaller Courts found there 
(thrice searched). 

The Lambeth Wills, including those filed in the Archl)ishops' Courts. 

Every printed Index to English County Wills, in the hope that some of our family might 
have strayed away from their original county; from earliest date to 1700. 

c.l *:) 


Parish Registers: 

Every printed parish Register, from earliest date to 1700. 

The original Registers of Upi)er and Goodworth Clatford, Andover and Winchester, 

Hampshire. (I'arenthetically, Hampshire Parish Registers are very incomplete, and the 

Bishop's Transcripts, if any, are inaccessible.) 

The original Registers of Sonning and Reading. Berks. 

Timsbury Parish Registers. 

Many miscellaneous Hampshire and Berkshire parishes, without result. 

Heraldic Collections : 

Every printed local or county History containing genealogical matter. 

Complete files of every genealogical or heraldic magazine or periodical, including County 
Notes and Queries, County Transactions. British Record Society, Harleian Society, and 
every printed Heralds' Visitation, including the rare editions, only found at the British 

The MS. Collections made by the Herald's College when granting the name of Samborne 
to the late Mr. Palmer of Timsbury. embracing every pedigree on file in the Heralds' Col- 
lege belonging to the name, as well as much miscellaneous data gathered from the private 
files ot the College. 

The Harleian MS.S. at the British Museum, including every Samborne pedigree given in 
Sims's Index, and every Samborne descent given in the very complete pedigree Inde.x of 
the MS. Dept. 

Every printed Roll of Arm.s, Ordinary of .Arms (including Papworth's invaluable publica- 
tion), as well as every one of Burke's publications. 
The MS. Heraldic collections at the Bodleian Library, at Oxford. 

College and School Registers : 

The printed files of Oxford and Cambridge Universities, Winchester, and Rugby 

Public Records : 

The published Domesday Books, including every County Domesday publication and Index. 
All tlie published volumes issued by the Public Record Commission (some 500 in all. and 
including every sort of record, from the Secret Records of the Crown to the Local Feet of 

The original Inquisitions Post Mortem, for every English county, from the earliest date to 
1700, including all the different Courts, Wards and Liveries, etc. 

Original Wiltshire, Berkshire, and Hampshire Feet of Fines (the old form of land con- 
veyance) from 1350 to 1650. 

The Original MS. Records of the Court of Chancery, t'rom the time of Elizabeth to 1714- 
The Original Close Rolls, from 1300 to 1700; these include more important grants of 
land, etc. 
All printed calendars to Plea Rolls, etc. 

4 :• 

.! , ; ; ; '( ,-. 









r: c i; c 

1> o -^ S 

5 o o o 

E-^ *^ en 

rt r-< ^ .iii 


u-i ej 1^ ^ 

(U r- - rt 


.h rt rt c 

o ^ o u 


11, ai 
, he 







en — 



















5 r. 

= i^--^ 


^ u ^ 

*j o ^ ^-^-p 

o t; o 

O rt 

C 3 Q C-— ' '-^ •— 

rt •- C . — O 

<^ 5 C o-c 5 r. 

'- tc p '-' - o :: 

o -■; — "3 MS 'z 

_;_ rt r-* C ^i^ "c ^ 





















. V 




















^ ? 


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rt — 

1^ u 



1^ X 


u CI 


■= rt 




a; »-* 




£ r= 

C"' _ en 
^ C K 

- O 3 

I ?^ 





1 = 

= 5 

-=>^ 2 
£ o 1- 

rt O 












( ) 









— tn ») 

O k. u 

. <U 1) 

"O > > 

Pi £^ 

1- 3 

— -2 
C/3 M 
















* C 














ti rt >, 

^ - 

— ^ 


1* <« 
■73 ;"" 

r^ 5 

= ct-' 

c/; -5 

rt ^ >^ 

^jw 1; 

3 ^ 


JZ i 

D C 




u- _ ca 

"c J2 



^ -^ 

n ta 


3 <a 

c ~ 




2 "5 

rt V2 V*. ^ 

iT £ 



>— i) 

< h 

.'^ rt 


3 <U 

^ 3 

«J ^ 

O ■- ^ 

< : 


S S 









£ :- 


', > fl V.lJl'l 


1- o .5 

'5 oii 



_£« V 


5 :^ 

^ y^ 

.- 6 

^ 8 

j= >r. 


'J — 

S y 

^ o 

■ "-' 1 



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1 IJ 

re g 

^ o 









:a. C 

"•J z 

e y = 

O '^ 

5 o 










= o 

■5 rt 

■^ o 
c « 



. J=. 

X U 

D C 


. "c •*- Si ^ '^ i> 

= c S ^ ^ S = 

"c ■? .y =5 ° 

;i; -^ '^ '^ u 

O C 


= = ;■? 


n o V 


- •< ri 


^ — • 

■^ rt ,^ 

"^ o 

C^ -— ^ 

-- :>.'^ 

c y 

>^ -^ 


il , 

V ■ 

- o . 

Z "^ ^ 

- r^ ■ 

-^ Jo 

1: '^"uA, 

f- t> — 



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rt< . 

















































X. U 

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-_. ^ o i - — 

_5 c ^ 


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« d c 
v: ^ — ^ 

0) "C .— • 
CO . 

"J2 ■? - '-) 
-i rt ^ f 

U i- " 

s 5 o 

O ^^ »: 



(C) SAMBORXE PEDIGREE IX VIS. OXOX. 1566— (Had. MS. 1097, fo. 9.) 

Drew Samborne 

of Southcote 

in Berkes. 




Thomas Henry==Eliz. d. to 

Samborne. Samborne I Richardes of 
of j Burfeld. 

I I 

id. I 2d. 2 

Margaret = Thomas = Jane d. to Edmond. 

first wyfie. 




.'^ am borne 
of Sonning 
in O.xon. 

Jone Poised 


nui)ta Edw. 


La\vre:!ice Stoughton 
ot SuHighton in 

u.xor P.lanche 


only son. 



eldest by Jone Poised. 















;^ C O 1) 












JZ J= 







!__E Sii 
I ^13 

o == o 
c 3 -a 

c = t- 

> = VI 



o 5-« 

rt S ^ »- 
'-/^ = • .i? 

6 1) o 

c ■- * O tn 

4^ \-^^ 











































- rt 












O 1- c o 
•^ ■"■ en "" 

^ ^ ci ■:j 
rt C £ 

gS o 


« - « 

«:-' rt 















rt 2^" ' 

— 3 

« J2 




u ■ ' .' ;■?;-?■'•'■: '•/ 



(E) SAMBORNE OP'' TIMSBURV, VIS. SOMT. 1623 (Harl. MSS. 1:41, fo. 88.; 

John Samborn of — dau. of 

Timsbery in Com. 


John Samborn of=dau. of 

Timsbery in Com. 


Sr. Barnaby Samborn of= 

Timsbery in Com. 
Somsett. Kt. sonne and 
heire ob. 1610. 

Margarett dau. of Sr. 

The. Throgmorton of 

Toiler in Com.. 

Dorsett. Kt. 

Richard 3 
aet. 15. 

Wiilm 2 
aet. 16. 

Thomas Samborn Esq.= 
sonne et heir : a-t. 
22 1623. 

John 4. 
aet. 14. 



There is no doubt that the American Sanborns are a branch of the 
ancient WiUshire family of Samborne, but the absolute proof of connection 
has not yet come to light, in spite of a protracted search in this country and 

There are several English Sambornes from any one of whom we may be 
descended. I have tabulated these various theoretical ancestors as follows, 
in order of probability : 

I. HanipsJiirc Sambornes. This seems the most probable connection 
since the life and associations of our ancestor, Rev. Stephen Bachiler, were 
much with the county of Hants. While he was living there, in Wherwell and 
Newton Stacy, there were living in neighboring parishes two of the Hamp- 
shire famil\', Rev. James Samborne of Gratelv and Upper Clatford. and 
Rev. Anthony Gattonby of Andover and Goodworth Clatford. James Sam- 
borne held strong Puritanical views, and would thus have been closelv asso- 
ciated with Bachiler. Gattonby lived even nearer BaclMler, and was of the 
same turn of mind. James Samborne himself, born about 1576, was appar- 
ently not the father of our Samborne ancestor, who married Anne Bachiler : 
but his uncles, Edward and John Samborne,. probably lived near Andover, 
and either of them may have been his father. At Brimpton, in Berks, just 
across the line from Kingsclcre in Hants, we tind a William Sambourne, 
overseer to the will of Walter Bachiler in 1616. At Basingstoke, in 1641, 
we find a Joiin Samborne, sergeant-at-mace to George Bavnard, niax'or 
of Basingstoke in that year. Baynard was a stanch Puritan and own 
cousin to Sir Barnaby Samborne of Timsburv, who was a cousin to 
Rev. James, rvly tlieory is shown by the following sketch pedigree : 



" 5 '^ i>" 
re J3 <u ■> 



















o o 

c - 

s o 

3i = 

■- D S *j 

•= t: 2 

p E 



r-' .« 

^ — -4-i 

ji ^ 


^ r— ' 





"l ^ 

■^ " ^ 



d >- 

' ^ S i-n 

t« Z 1> 

c> ■- 




r - 

■ ^1 = 

^ '^ 3 




r- i 

— - ■_— '- 

.y <D 






^ c^ 





c o = 
^^ re 



o — ' ■"■ 




c J 

\'.f./. ]■.)/: / /i '. j.-V'/ i ' ..'-f ' >'■ . ■k'" 


The best clue to our English origin seems to lie through the discoveries 
in regard to Rev. Stephen Bachiler, the grandfather of our first American 
ancestors. The account of Mr. Bachiler. given below, states the main 
facts of his life ; but for our purpose the most important point is that lie 
was first and last a Hampshire man. He lived in Hampshire from his pre- 
sentation to the living of Wherwell until he sailed for America, and all his 

Arms, Signature, and Seal of Rev. Stephen Bachiler. 

connections were with Hampshire. He was Vicar of Wherwell while Rev. 
James Samborne was Vicar of x\ndover, almost the next parish, and while 
Anthony Gattonby was Rector of Goodworth Clatford, the very next parish 
to Wherwell; atler Mr. Bachiler had been deprived of his'benefice the 
second Rev. James Samborne was successively Rector of Grateley and 
Upper Clattbrd, but a few miles further away; and as we have' seen, 
the Sambornes and Gattonby were strongly tinged with Puritanism. This 
branch of the Sambornes was essentially a Hampshire tamily, owning land 
there and m,arr3'ing Hampshire women. 

All the children of Rev. Stephen Bachiler of whom we have record mar- 
ried in Hampshire or the adjoining counties, viz. : 

1. Natlianiel. Ijorn 1590; married Hester .Mercer of Southampton, a niece of Rev. John 

PriauLx, Archdeacon of Sarum. 
ii. Deborah, horn 1592; married Rev. John Wing of O.xfordshire, Holland and London. 
iii. Stephen, born 1594; m Uriculated at .Ma-dalen College, O.xford (James Samborne's 


2. Berkshire Samboiirncs. Not so probable, since the name was difTer- 
ently spelt, and tliere is no special reason for connecting them with Rev. 
Stephen Bachiler. But 'Jolui Sanihonrne of Cholsey, son of Richard 
of Wallingford, was born about 1591, and may have been the husband of 
Anne Bachiler. 

3. London Samhorncs. I can find no member of this branch who might 
have been our ancestor. From the record of Anne Samborne's journey to 
Holland, in 1631, it is apparent that she was living "in ye strand." Per- 
haps this points to a London connection, but it is more probable she was 
staying with one of her brothers, or their families, the Mercers. 

/:«^.!/ ■ '■'"r.i v^,:iO''a/ 

■ ,,'u-' • ':' ■■ \v " -'v^.' 

.•' <^U': !0 TDO^r:::. OH ^r;. 


j« m;' 


The best clue to our English origin seems to lie through the discoveries 
in regard to Rev. Stephen Bachiler, the grandfather of our first American 
ancestors. The account of Mr. Bachiler, given below, states the main 
facts of his life ; but for our purpose the most important point is that he 
was first and last a Hampshire man. lie lived in Hampshire from his pre- 
sentation to the livincr of Wherwell until he sailed for America, and all his 

'- Arms, Signature, and Seal of Rev. Stephen Bachiler. 

connections were with Hampshire. He was Vicar of Wherwell while Rev. 
James Samborne was Vicar of Andover, almost the next parish, and while 
Anthony Gattonby was Rector of Goodworth Clatford, the very next parish 
to Wherwell ; after Mr. Bachiler had been deprived of his benefice the 
second Rev. James Samborne was successively Rector of Grateley and 
Upper Clatford, but a few miles further away; and as we have seen, 
the Sambornes and Gattonby were strongly tinged with Puritanism. This 
branch of the Sambornes was essentially a Hampshire family, owning land 
there and marrying Hampshire women. 

All the children of Rev. Stepiien Bachiler of whom we have record mar- 
ried in Hampshire or the adjoining coimties, viz. : 

i. Nathaniel, born 1590; mnrried Hester Mercer of Southampton, a niece of Rev. Joh-n 

Priaulx, Archdeacon of Sarum. 
ii. Deborah, l)orn 1592; married Rev. John Wing of Oxford^b.ire, Holland and London. 
iii. Stephf;n, born 159;; m Uriculated ai .Magdalen College, Oxford (James Sani!)orne"s 

J ■ - 


iv. Samuel, born 1596, a chaplain in Holland, 1620. 

V. Theodate, born 159S ; married Christopher Hussey. of Dorking, in Surrey, but a con- 
nection probably of Christopher Hussey, many years Mayor of Winchester. 
vi. Anne, born 1600; married about 1619 (John?) Samborne, who died about i628-"30. 

Thus propinquity and s}'inpathy in religious feeling would point to a 
connection between the Bachilers and the Ilampj^hire Sambornes. 

The Registers ot* Wherwell are destroyed, and those of Upper Clatford 
are somewhat injured ; the Andover Registers throw but little light on the 
Hampshire Sambornes, and there is but one Samborne will filed at Win- 
chester. One of the most important files of Winchester wills is, however, 
missing, and siiould that ever be found it may elucidate the mvsterv. 

Concerning the life of Stephen Bachiler, less is extant than of most of 
the founders of New England ; 3'et tew of the early Puritans were more 
widel}' known in their day, and none had a more checkered career. 
Bachiler, as is said of a descendant of his, " had a real genius t'or opposing 
the majority," and in consequence his character has been much maligned. 
The truth is, he was a reformer, with the strength and weakness of his 
kind. He was among the first to refuse conformity to the English church, 
and " suffered much at the hands of the Bishops." He came to America in 
his old age, hoping to find here that liberty which was denied at home ; he 
rebelled at the union of church and state which the strong Puritan covenant 
enforced ; and in consequence found himself opposed to the party in power, 
the Massachusetts authorities. After twenty years of conflict, in his old 
age he returned to England, preferring to pass his last days among the 
Puritans there, rather than in New England. His life measures the Puritan 
epoch; he was among the first clerg\-men to be ejected, and he died with 
the English Republic. 

Stephen Bachiler was born in 1560. His parentage and birthplace are 
yet unknown, — Southern England was at that time tull of Bachilers : Hamp- 
shire, Surrey. Sussex, and Kent had distinct lines, while the Channel 
Islands were the home of a Bachiler tamilv of French extraction. Probably 
this French famih", migrating to Southampton and terming an important 
part of the P^rench Protestant church there, was the ancestral line of 
Stephen Bachiler. Certain it is that his litelong connection was with 
Hampshii-tj, and he was allied to the LeMercier and Priaulx families of 
Jersey and Southampton. 

The first record of Stephen Bachiler is in 15S1, when, at 20. he was 
matriculated at the then newly establislied college of St. John, Oxtbrd. on 
Nov. 17, 15S1. Here he took his B. A. in 15S6. St. John's was tbunded 

jl^ < , i> "Ji f 






■-1 -■ 


ifc- . i. - -'-> . r.-,^ > . 




^f' > -^ y— .-'1 '*■— „ O^ .V ^ ' » 


...if i->-? f t 




'I ■ ^ *-'";c^^ 



■■ ■■'V 


in 1555 by Sir Thomas White, and is now one of the most interesting col- 
leges in Oxford, possessing the most beautiful gardens there. The scholars 
of St. John's were of various opinions, — tlie list includes Archbishops Laud 
and Juxon, and the celebrated noncontormist Calamy. 

From Oxford Bachiler entered the church, and on July 15, 15S7, was 
instituted as \"icar of Wherwell, Hants, being presented to that living by 
William, Lord de la Warr, the ancestor of the nobleman from whom Dela- 
ware derives its name. Wherwell (" Horrell ") is a beautiful village on the 
Test, and was in its most perfect beaut}' when I saw it in June, 1S95. The 
church lies a short distance Irom Wherwell Priory, the home of Mr. 
Iremonger, and a most ideal English country-seat-. The present church, 
though located on the original site, is not the building of Bachiler's time, 
and the Registers before 1624 are missing, so that 1 tbund nothing there 
concerning him. The Bishop's Transcripts at Winchester are not accessi- 
ble. In 1605 Bachiler was "deprived" of his living, — the cause is not 
stated, but it was presumably by the order of the Commission appointed by 
James I, of which Commission Lord de la Warr, a son of the nobleman who 
presented Bachiler to Wherwell, was a member. August 9, 1605, John 
Bate was appointed Vicar of Wherwell, a vacancy existing because of " tlie 
ejection of Stephen Bachiler." 

From 1605 the record of Bachiler's English lit'e is very fragmentary. In 
1610 his son Stephen was matriculated at Magdalen College, Oxlbrd, ••the 
son of a clergyman of Hampshire." In 1621 Adam Winthrop's diary relates 
that he had ''Mr. Bachiler the preacher" to dine with him. Tradition 
says that Bachiler tied to Holland ; Winthrop's History states that lie 
" sutTered much at the hands of the Bishops : " but no record of his lite in 
Holland is extant. Perhaps this suffering and flight were between 1605 and 
1622 ; for in the latter ytav we find him established in Newton Stacy, a 
retired hamlet, a mile and a half east of Wherwell. Here Bachiler bought 
lar.d in 1622 and 1629, accumulating a considerable property : he still 
preached th.e Puritan doctrines, lor we find Sir Robert Payne in 1632 (be- 
ing then of Hants) complaining that his tenants " having been ibrmerly 
misled by one Stephen Bachiler, a notorious inconformist, did demolish 
a consecrated cliapel in Xewton Stacy.*' 

In I6,^o ''The Plough Company of Husbandmen" was formed, and 
obtained a patent to land near the mouth of the Sagadahoc river, in Maine. 
They chose Bachiler as their Pastor, and he also adventured a considerable 
sum in the enterprise, selling his Hampshire property to enable him to do 
this. Through fraud or some underhand dealing the Plough Company 

Ti'.M:'? :i^-» ■ 1 .■■.? trij,.-. • iH'j.'nv .v?!>i 

,;f,r. -n ■■ , : .f. • 1' • ■ ■ 'Ml f ■ < ■ V 


failed, in 16^1- ;^2, after Bachiler had made preparations to come to New 
England and settle in Cambridge (X-ewtown). Before sailing for America, 
Bachiler and his wife, accompanied by his widowed daughter, Ann Sani- 
borne, then " living in ^e Strand,'' obtained permission to go to Holland for 
two months, " to visit his sons and daughters there." One of these sons 
was probably that Samuel Bachiler, chaplain to Sir Charles Morgan's reg- 
iment in Holland, Vho in 1625 published his " Miles Christianus," probablv 
the treatise which Bachiler sent as a git't to Margaret Winthrop in 1640. 
At this period, too, is that grant of arms to Stephen Bachiler, described bv 
Sylvanus ]Morgan in his "Sphere of Gentry," — J 'erf, a flozv in fas \ in 
base the sun rising; or.- This coat INIorgan states was granted to " Stephen 
Bachiler, the first Pastor of the church of Lygonia in New England, the 
plough to signify his ploughing up the fallow ground of their hearts, and the 
sun in allusion to his motto ' Sol Justitiae Exoritur.' " 

Bachiler married twice in England ; all his children of whom we have 
record were by the first wife. His second wite, Helen, accompanied him to 
New England, dving in 1642. 

On March 9, 1632, Bachiler sailed for New England in the William and 
Francis, landing at Boston, June 3, 1632. Winthrop in relating the fact 
states that on the ship were " Mr. Bachiler and Mr. AVelde with their t'ami- 
lies, and many other honest men." Just what tamilv Bachiler brought with 
him is not known, — presumably his second wife and his four grandsons, 
Nathaniel Bachiler, and John, William, and Stephen Samborne. Appar- 
ently none of Bacliiler's own children came. The tailure of the '"Plough 
Company" compelled him to give up his plan of settling in Cambridge, and 
he accepted a call from the church at Saugus (Lynn), where his son-in- 
law, Christopher Hussey, then resided. On June 8, 1632, Bachiler com- 
menced his ministrations, baptising four children ; it is said that when 
Thomas Newhall, the first white child born in Lynn, was presented tor bap- 
tism, Bachiler put him aside, saying, "I will baptise mine own child first," 
meaning Stephen Hussey, his grandson and namesake. 

Shortly after his arrival, Bachiler came into conflict with the authorities, 
for on Oct. 3, 1632, the General Court ordered " that Mr. Batcheler forbear 
exercising his guifts as a pastor or teacher publiquelv in our pattent, nnless 
it be to those he bronght zuith him, for contempt of authoritv, and until some 
scandles be removed."' By " scandles "' is merely meant some report of his 
utterances against the authorities. After five months this order was recalled. 
He was at the conterence of ministers Sept. 17, 1633, and again Dec. 19, 
1634. fCarly in 1635 a general convention of elders was held in Lynn to 





discuss the quarrel between Bachiler and an opposing faction in his church, 
who held that he had no true communion. The council agreed that tiiough 
not at hrst installed in due order, yet Bachiler had a Lrue church there ; 
after a time peace was restored. On May 5, 1635, he became a freeman. 
In January, 1636, he was summoned before the magistrates, because, " com- 
ing out of England with 6 or 7 persons, and having since received in man\- 
more at Sagus ; and contention coming between him and the greatest part 
of his church, he desired dismission for himself and his first members, 
which being granted he with the said six or seven persons presently renewed 
their old covenant, intending to raise another church in Sagus ; whereat the 
most and cheefe of the town beinij otTended tor that it would cross their in- 
tention of summoning rvlr. Peter or some other minister, they complained to 
the magistrates, who forbade him to proceed in any church wa}- until the 
cause were considered b\' the oilier ministers. But he refused to desist. 
Upon his appearance and submission, and promise to remove out of the 
town within 3 months, he was discharged." In February, 1636, Bachiler 
moved to Ipswich, the home of John Winthrop, where he received tifty 
acres of land, but, apparently discouraged b\' his troubles at Saugus, ga\-e 
up the active work of the ministry. This latter tact was mentioned in a kt- 
ter of the period trom a Puritan minister in Englar.d as a result of the rigid 
and bigoted spirit in New England, which deterred many from coming to 
this country. 

Earl}' in 1638, in the winter time, Bachiler tried to form a settlement near 
Yarmouth, on Cape Cod, wliere Wing grand-children afterwards lived, 
and walked there from Ipswich, But, savs Winthrop, " he and his com- 
pany being poor men, gave it over and others undertook it." In the spring 
of 1638 he removed to Newbury, where his son-in-law Hussey and his con- 
nection, Mr. Richard Dummer, were living. The latter had come into con- 
flict with the pov/ers that be, having been one of those disarmed a year 
before because of his adherence to the ibrbidden opinions of Anne Hutcli- 
inson. ' . 

Few men at seventv'-nine years of age would undertake to start a new- 
settlement in .the wilderness, especialh' after thirt^'-three years of conflict; 
but such was the determined nature of Stephen Bachiler. No better spot 
could have been chosen, comprising as it did both fertile farm lands and 
wide stretches of salt and fresh meadows. Bachiler had visited it before 
September, 1638, and in that month hod petitioned the General Court for 
leave to begin a plantation there. On Oct. 9, 163S, wridng to Gov. Win- 
throp and asking liim and Mr. Bradstreet to accompany the little band of 

^-11 > 

;il i" 


settlers, he savs, — " We were there and viewed it cursorilv and we found a 
reasonable meet place, which we shall shew you.'' Bachiler's fellow peti- 
tioners and settlers were mostly tVom the counties of Ilanipsliire and \\'ilt- 
• shire, among them are two of his old parishioners in England, but there were 
also some from Nortblk and SulTolk. 

June 7, 1639, Winnicunnet was made a town, and in th\i fall the name 
was changed to Hampton, at the request of Bachiler and in honor of the 
city of Southampton, then commonly called Hampton, witli which the 
Bachiler family was associated. Stephen Bachiler was tlius the founder 
and father of Hampton, the third settlement in New Hampshire, and for 
years the principal town in that colon}- : he received a grant of 300 acres 
from the town, gave a bell for their church, and bound up his fortunes with 
the new settlement. In 1639 Ipswicli promised him a large grant if he 
would settle with them, but he refused. About this time Hampton received 
a considerable influx of new settlers, many of them from Norfolk and Suf- 
folk, — and a Sutlblk clergyman, Timothy Dalton, was associated with 
Bachiler in the ministry, as Teacher and Curate. From this time dated a 
long period of strife in the Hampton church. Dalton was thirty years 
younger than Bachiler, educated, a sizar, at St. John's, Cambridge, and had 
brought with him many of his old parishioners. He was politic, active, and 
an earnest adherent of the plans of Massachusetts. 

But little definite record is left us of the conflict between pastor and 
teacher ; the town records are mute and the church records are missing. 
Winthrop's History contains little of value concernitig it, and is mainly 
responsible for preserving the slander which it is now thought Dalton and his 
part}' manufactured out of the whole cloth, — that Bachiler solicited the chas- 
tity of a member of his chinxh. Judge Batchelder, in rel'uting this t'alse- 
hood, calls attention to the fact that 710 dcfiule charge was ever brought, 
that the woman's name was never mentioned, and that no investijiation was 
made, although Bachiler earnestly and publicly entreated it. In Bachiler's 
letter to Winthrop he charges Dalton with " having done ail and been the 
cause of all the dishonor that hath accrewed to God, shame to myself and 
greefe to all God's people by his irregular proceeding and abuse of the 
power of the church in his hand, the main part cleaving to him being his 
countrymen and acquaintance in England. The Teac'ners' excommuni- 
cating of me would prove the foulest matter, both tor the cause alleged and 
the impulsive cause (even wrath and revenge)." Winthrop's account 
censures Dalton, •' who indeed had not carried himself in this cause so well 
as became him and acknowledged it.'' In 1643 the magistrates, to whom 

M; ,:/::ia /«':/r-v.-^ 

■ilM- ' / •■It 


r-; ,ft r/< ■■ "■ MiJ'.t; 



the case was referred, annulled the excommunication, but did not restore 
Bachiler to his pastoral office. To show the general belief in Bachiler's 
innocence, just at this time while the report was rife, two neighboring 
towns, Casco on the north and Exeter on the west, called him to be their 
minister: he at once set their calls before the magistrates, saying that he 
wished to accept neither until he had a full hearing in his case against 
Dalton. The magistrates in replv merely advised him to leave Hampton, 
and he accepted the call to Exeter ; hut as this was within the jurisdiction 
claimed bv the Massachusetts authorities, they were unwilling to have so 
troublesome an opponent within their bounds, and in 1644 the Court ordered 
the Exeter people, on account of their divisions and contentions, to defer 
gathering a church. Winthrop adds that •' Mr. Bachiler had been in three 
places betbre, and through his means, as was supposed, the churches tell 
into such dI\-isions that no peace could be till he was removed." Bachiler, 
who had declined the call to Casco, and prepared to settle in Exeter, 
remained in Hampton. The troubles were growing more bitter. Hampton 
had paid him no salarv, and he petitioned the General Court for some allow- 
ance, but thev rellised to step in, leaving him to sue through the District 
Court. July 15, 1644, Winthrop savs, "-The contentions in Hampton were 
grown to a great height, the uliole town was divided into two factions, one 
with Mr. I^achiler, their late Pastor, and the other with ?^Ir. Dalton, their 
Teacher, both men very passionate and wanting discretion and moderation." 
Just before this time, Bachiler's troubles increased ; his wife died, and his 
house and libr-uy " to the vallieu of £200" were burned. Disheartened, 
he sold his land in Hampton and moved to Portsmouth, whei"e he became a 
private resident, though still preaching occasionally. He hired a " good 
neighbour''' as his housekeeper, and in 164S, at 88 years of age, he married 
her. The match proved most disastrous; in 1650 she was convicted of 
adultery with one Rogers, and sentenced to be publicly whipped and 
branded with the letter " A". Bachiler sued for divorce, but was met with 
the atrocious order that he " and his wife shall live together as man and 
wife, as in this Corte they have professed to do ; and if either desert the 
other the marshall shall apprehend both and bring them to Boston, to be 
kept until the next Corte." The only explanation lor this order is the deter- 
mination to make impossible Bachiler's remaining in the Massachusetts 
Colony ; the attempt was successful. About 1654, accompanied by his 
grandchild and godson, Stephen Samborne, Bachiler left the New ^\ orld, 
from which he had hoped so m.uch, to end his days quietly in England, 
where Cromv.ell and the Puritans held sway. His last act was to' convey 

■• -'^-Mi' >i K» : ;:(!!'.. ' " ■ iht; r 





his American estate to his son-in-law Ilussey, — "April 8, 1673, Edward 
Colcord of Hampton, a^ed 56, and Wm. Fifield of Hampton, testifv that 
when Mr. Stephen Bacheller of Hampton was upon his voyage to England. 
they did hear Mr. Bacheller say unto his son-in-law Mr. Chr. Hussev that 
in consn the said Hussey had little or notliing from him with his daughter 
which was then married to the said Hussey, as also in cons" that this said 
son Hussey & his wife liad been helpful unto him both formerly in fit- 
ting him for his voyage, & for other considerations, he did give to the said 
Hussev all his estate consisting in cattell, household floods & debts, for 
which his gift aforesaid he also gave a deed in writing & delivered a copy 
thereof tothe said Hussey." 

In 1654, Bachiler's children and grand-children were well established in 
England, and tradition says he spent his last days in peace and comfort 
near London. His worthless wife, in 1656, spread a baseless report that he 
" took to himself another wile," but as this is the onlv source trom which 
the story comes, we may well believe it false. 

The last record of this long and stormy career is contained in the tbllow- 
ing : " The ancient Stephen Bachiler of Hampton died at Hackney, a vil- 
lage and parish in Middlesex 2 miles from London, in 1660 in the lootli 
year of his age." 

Perhaps the best proof of the striking character of Stephen Bachiler is the 
belief of many of his descendants that their abilities are derived from him. 
Daniel Webster so believed, and also Caleb Gushing, William Pitt Fessen- 
den, and William Batchelder Greene. 

r'- ) 

':■•. ^.'Jl 

LIST OF i653. 

Robert I'ike, one of the founders of Salisbury, and, in 1653, a lieutenant, petty magistrate, 
and active citizen there, at the age of thirty-six, was informed that the General Court of the 
Massachusetts colony, of which John Endicott was then governor, had passed a law making it 
penal for certain persons to teach religion, — aimed particularly, it was said, at Thomas Macy 
and Joseph Peasley, of Salisbury, his neighbors, — and was properly indignant at such inter- 
meddling with the conscience of Englishmen. Being accustomed to speak his mind. Lieutenant 
Pike declared that "such persons as did act in making that law, did break their oath to the 
country; " for, said he, " It is against the liberty of the country, both civil and ecclesiastical." 
In this he was but echoing the words of Vane and of Cromwell, then in power in England, who 
had said, " Liberty of conscience is a natural right, and he that would have it ought to give 
it." But the Massachusetts bigots held no such liberal doctrine ; and they soon sent an orhcer 
from Boston to the other side of the Merrimack, to bring Pike before them. Once there, the 
general court ordered him to pay a tine of twenty marks (about thirteen pounds sterling) and 
to be distranchised, disqualified from ever holding office, and bound over to good behavior, 
like a criminal. 

Lieutenant Pike was personally known to every rrian in Hampton, and much sorrow and 
wrath was felt there at his unjust sentence. Then, and for years after, he was intiniate with 
Christopher Hussey, the uncle by marriage of Nathaniel Bachiler, and of the three brothers 
Samborne, John, William, and Stephen. Mr. Hussey seems to have been the man who 
advised a petition to the court, asking to have Pike's sentence revoked; it may have been 
drafted by John Samborne. They and their kinsmen signed it, and also the two Daltons, 
brother and nephew of the successor of Bachiler in the ministry, Robert Tucke, the " chirur- 
geon'' of the town, Jasper Blake, Abraham I'erkins, Humphrey Humber, the Marstons, Moul- 
tons, and other substantial citizens, to the number of thirty-eight in all. A larger number of 
signers added their names in Salisbury and Newbury, and a few in Andover and Haverhill: 
but the first page of the rare old paper is given up wholly to Hampton, and the autographs of 
its planters. It is still very legible, and nowhere else is there extant a fuller list of their actual 

This moderate and numerously-signed petition made the Lords Brethren at Boston still more 
angry than they had before been. They had the prudence, however, to repeal the obnoxious 
order ''concerning public preaching without allowance; which order, we understand, is dissat- 
isfactory to divers of the brethren whom we have cause to respect and tender." But they also 
proceeded to punish the petitioners in these svords : 

The Court cannot but deeply resent that so ma-.iy persons, of several towns, conditions and relations, 
should combine together to present such an unjust and unreasonable request as the revoking the sen- 

() . 

1 1 -\ 

/ 1 J 

s -f-oM 


tence passed the last court against Lieutenant Pike and the restoring him to his proper liberty, without 
any petition of his own, or at least acknowledgement of his offence, fully proved against him ; which 
was no less than defaming this Court and charging them with breach of oath; etc. — which the peti- 
tioners call some words let fall by occasion. The Court doth therefore order, in this extraordinary 
case, that commissioners be ai)pointed in the several tosvns, — namely, [here those for the other towns] 
and Captain Wiggan for Hampton, — who shall have power to call the said petitioners together, or so 
many of them at a time as they think meet, and require a reason of their unjust request, and how they 
came to be induced to subscribe to said petition, and so to make return to the next session, that the 
court may consider further how to proceed -herein. 

This was the preliminary step. After Captain Wiggin had made his report for Hampton, 
and it appeared that Christopher Hussey and his nephew, John Samborne, would not give up 
their right to petition, in any manner and for any cause they saw fit, the Lords Brethren then 
voted (October, 1654), that those persons "who have not given satisfaction, and whose 
names are herein written, shall be summoned to give bond, in ^10 for each man, to give 
answers for their offence before the county court." It does not appear whether our ancestor 
actually gave bonds or not, — probably only in name, if at all. Thomas Wiggin, who made the 
report, was not strictly a resident of Hampton at any time ; but had taken up a large farm in 
Stratham, not yet made into a town, and was rated and paid taxes at Hampton for conven- 
ience, rather than at Exeter ; his son Andrew afterwards (1659) married Hannah Bradstreet, 
daughter of Simon, afterwards governor of Massachusetts, and his wife, the poetess, Anne 
Bradstreet, whose father was Governor Dudley, one of the strictest of the Lords Brethren. 

The Wiggin report, in 1654, was brief and suggestive: 

For Hampton, Captain Wiggin returns that those persons that gave their hands to that petition do 
acknowledge their offence, and humbly desire the court to pass it by; except two persons, who refused 
to make answer, to any satisfaction; whose names (Christopher Hussey and John Samborne) are here 

, It is probable that the uncle and nephew, as heads of the two families of Hussey and Sam- 
borne, took upon themselves the reproach that might attach to disobedience, and allowed the 
younger members to shield themselves from further censure. 

It is extremely doubtful if either William or Stephen Samborne " humbly desired" to be par- 
doned; but they were probably so reported by Captain Wiggin, who wished to bring the mat- 
ter to a peaceful issue. Still less is it likely that another of our ancestors, Edward Gove, 
then registered in Salisbury, but afterwards a citizen of Hampton (in that part which is now 
Seabrook), made many apologies for his boldness in petitioning; for he was the person who, in 
1683, headed a small rebellion against the tyranny of Cranfield and Mason in New Hamp- 
shire, and was sentenced to be hanged, drawn, and quartered for that offense. Gove was 
taken to England, but there pardoned and returned to Hampton, where he died in his bed. 
John Samborne's son Joseph married Edward Gove's daughter, and established himself, about 
1680, on the Sanborn estate in Hampton Falls, which has never since been out of the family. 
John Samborne himself was arrested in October, 16S4. at his house in Old Hampton, for not 
admitting the title of Mason to his property there; the next year he was chosen, with his 
cousin, Nathaniel Bachiler, to represent Hampton in the general assembly at Portsmouth. He 
died in 1692, and his brother William (who was drawn a juryman for the trial, of Gove, in 
1683, but did not sit), died the same year. Major Pike (he rose to that grade after 1653, 
when he was only lieutenant), paid his fine for exercising the privilege of free speech, but 
was not long disfranchised ; his pastor, Mr. Worcester, who preceded the pugnacious John 


/ f ,-' ^ — \ -> • -^ - " '2 


■^. H-:^..,J ,Kt.....^J.,..;,j 

, M .• .,v/^ 

• . - a 

: :\ .- • ..^/:-./-^: >;>.>'■ s:^.;^: ';::;; v^'- • ^■{■'" 

■.'.c:..;' f>^.: ;i-'0 ^•"'*- *- 

^S^c:^^^ U.,A 

C^* " 

4^ ^fk 





J- . 



^\^r^' ■rr::"-n^<yU' .^-r^,^^--^^^- t^^wiyJ^riC- Lj.m.t^'*'-^ 


V -^ J'l -i.Ji.-^- 



^> . /-./ -i 

The Pike Petition. 


Wheelwright as minister of Salisbury, petitioned the general court in Pike's favor, and the court 
voted October 23, 1657, to revoke his sentence. He was soon after elected representative from 
Salisbury, and took his seat at Boston, May 10, 165S. At the same session, but without 
Pike's vote, a second severe law was passed against the Quakers, of which sect by this time 
were Thomas Macy and Joseph Peasley, at whom the law of 1653 was aimed. Macy soon 
went away to Nantucket, of which he and a son of Christopher Hussey were founders, and 
where Pike was one of the landowners. King Charles II, in 1661 revoked the law against the 
Quakers, after several of the sect had been hanged in Boston, and others flogged in other 
towns, — two women, in particular, having been sentenced by Major Waldron of Dover to 
be flogged, in 1656, all the way from Dover to Ipswich, at the cart's tail. When they reached 
Salisbury, Major Pike, through Walter Barefoot, released them, and forbade their whipping 
in his jurisdiction, as the tradition goes. In 16S2, notwithstanding his liberal opinions, he 
was made an assistant, that is, a councillor, of the governor of Massachusetts, and continued in 
that office till he was eighty years old. Transcribed into legible English, but preserving the 
antique spelling, this interesting document of 1653 reads as follows : 

To the Honnered General! Court 

Nowe assembled at Boston, 
The humble petticion of 

the inhabitants of Hampton, 

Salisbury, Newbery, Haveral, Andover, Sheweth : 

That Wheareas, our Loueing freind Leaftenant Robert Pike of Salsbery hath by occasion, as it is wit- 
nessed Against him. Let fall som words for w'h this hon'rd Court hath bine pleased to censuer him. 

Wee haueing had Experiance that he hath beene A peaceable man and a usefull instrument amongst 
us, Doe thearefor humbly desier this honnered Court that the sd. sentance niaye be Revoaked and that 
the sd. Leaftenant Pike bee Againe restored unto his former Libertye. See shall wee still praie, etc. 

Christopher Husse, Robert Tuck, Richerd Swaine, John Samborne, ffrancis Swaine, Wiiliem Sam- 
borne, Stephen Saniborne, Moses cox, william Fifield, John Redman, Thomas Fletcher [}], Jeffery 
mingay, Eliakim W'ardeil, John ^^'edgwood, Thomas Marston, The T Mark of Willim Mastoii, Phile- 
mon Dalton, Samuell Dalton, Robert y/ Page, the marke of Will. Moulton, Sainuell fogge, Nathaniel 
Bachiler, Jasper blake, Christopher Palmer, John Marston, The /^Mark of Joseph Merei, the Mark of 
Antoni Talier, The FMark of John Cass, The T Mark of John Merin [Marian], Thomas Coullman 
Thomas Philbrook, Abraham Perkins, Henry roby, The /"Mark of William Cole, nathaniall Boulter- 
Humphrie Humber, John Clifoord. 

Along the lower margin of the page is written by the clerk of the deputies: 

The deputies desier the honer'd ^L'lgistrates to declare their Apprehentions in this Case in the nrst 

WiLLi.VM ToRREY Cleric. 

No date appears on this petition, but it was signed in the years i653-'54. At this time the 
Quakers began to be troublesome to the Puritans, althoui,^h the firs: English Quakers did not 
land in Boston till the summer of 1656; and the first law against them in Massachusetts 
(v/hich still held jurisdiction in the four New Hampshire towns of Hampton, E.xeter. Dover, 
and Portsmouth), was published by beat of drum, October 21, 1636. Its savage preamble ran 
thus : 

Whereas there is a cursed sect of heretics lately risen up in the world, which are commonly called 
Quakers, who take upon them to be immediately sent of God. and infallibly assisted "oy the Spirit to 
speak and write blasphemous opinions, despising government and the order of God in church and com- 
monwealth, speaking evil of dignities, reproaching and reviling magistrates and ministers, seeking to 
turn the people from the faith, and gain proselytes to their pernicious ways, etc. 

■/ i! -; rMijJi "'^n-: .!'V!v 

,,? , 



During tliis short persecution of the Quakers, Christopher Hussey and his family seem to 
have joined the sect, which l^ecame numerous in Seabrook and Salisbury, numbering many of 
the names of Chase, Hussey, Page, Philijrick, Gove, etc. liut John Samborne and his family 
remained in the orthodox church ; they were friendly to liberty and stout in resisting aggres- 
sion, but not given to fanatical ways or strange doctrine. Edward Gove may have been tinc- 
tured with fanaticism; some of his sayings and doings look like it, and he was the progenitor 
of many Quakers, as well as of one race of Sanborns. Coth he and his daughter .Mary's father- 
in-law, John Samborne, were of the class described by Gray as 

Some village Hampden who, with dauntless breast. 
The little tyrant of his fields withstood; 

and both Samborne and Hussey had no hesitation in withstanding the more formidable tyranny 
of the bigots who then bore sway in Boston. The right of petition has seldom been more 
haughtily denied than by these petty rulers who fined Pike, and threatened his neighbors for 
raising a respectful voice in his behalf. 

An examination of the autograph signatures discloses some odd facts. While many of the 
Hampton planters use a chirography resembling Shakespeare's peculiar signature, others, as the 
three Sambornes, have a more clerkly hand, of the early seventeenth century; and still others, 
like Abraham Perkins, Humphry Humber, and Nathaniel Bachiler, write as do men of the 
present age. The latter's signature resembles his grandfather's. Rev. Stephen, as preserved in 
his letters to Governor Winthrop. 

In the same year, 1653, we have the following list of County Tax Rates. Dr. C. H. San- 
born states that he got this list in i860, from the late Josiah Page of Hampton, who made the 
locations : 


Lived uear -where 

(Christopher Hussey, no doubt.) Thayer S. Sanborn 

and James \V. Greene live. 
James D. Dodge lives. 

John W. Dodge lives. (This was Judge Greene.) 
(Said to have lived at Hampton Falls Hill.) 

1 These two places have 
Simeon K. Shaw lives. {been in family possession 

Mrs. Thomas Ward lives, fsiiice the settlement of 

J Hampton. 

Then living on their grandfather Bachiler's place, near 
where Isaac Emery and .Alvin Emery live. 

The Perkins live. 

Xudd's Landing. 

Jonathan Dow lives. 

Jonathan Dow lives. 

William IJrown lives (in Hampton). 






Mr. Hussey, 



Anth. Stanyan, 



Rh Swayne, 



Isaac Perkins, 



Henry Greene, 



Francis Swayne, 



John Cram, 


John Cliftord, 


Roger Shaw, 




Thomas Ward, 



Nathl. ISoulter, 



Will Swavne, 



Will Fuller, 




John .Samborne, 


William Samborne, 



Stephen .Samborne, 



Robert Smith, 




Tho. Philbrick, .^enr., 

1 1 

Moses Co.x, 



John H'Jggins, 



Tho. Philbrick, Jr., 



Will Fili^ld, 



John Crown, 




Saml. Fogg, 







Nathl. I'atchelder, 
John Redman, 
Enian. Hilyer, 
Henry MoiiUon, 
Wid. Tho. Chase, 
Tho. Slee[ier, 
Henry Dow, 
John Wedgewood, 
Tho. Moulton, 
Wid. Moulton, 
Chris. Palmer, 

Will Eastow, 
Morris Hobbs, 

Will Moulton, 
Tho. Marston, 
Rob. Page, 
Will Marston, Senr. 
Will Marston, Jr., 
John Marston, 
Tho. Coleman, 
Phile Dalton, 
Will Cole, 
Rob Drake, 
Nath. Drake, 
Abra. Drake, 
Henry Roby, 
Abra. Perkins, 
X John Cass, 
Giles Fuller, 
Jasper Blake, 
John Marrion, 
Tho. Levitt. 
Geo. Aborn, 
Godfrey Dearborn, 
Jeffrey Mingey, 
Ed. Coicurd, 
Anth. Taylor, 
Henry EI kins, 
Will Godfrey, 
Tho. Webster, 
Jamts Walle, 
Robert Tuck, 
James Philbrick, 
Tho. Nudd, 
Joseph .Mery, 
Mr. Fletcher, 
John Garland, 
Giles Fiheld, 
































































































Lived near where 

Moses Perkins lives. 
Opposite Adna Garland's. 

John J. Leavitt lives. 

Thos. Lane lives (Sandy Lane). 

Jesse Lamprev lives. 

Old Dow Hoiisc. 

(Probably near David Nudd's.) 

Daniel Moulton lives. 

Widow Moses Leavitt. Simon Brown, Oliver Lam- 
prey, live. 

Oliver Hobbs lives. 

Married Eastow's daughter and lived with his father- 

Jeremiah Hobbs lives. 

Jeremiah Marston. 

Josiah Page lives. 

David Brown lives. 

Lived with his father. 

Lived with his father. 

Near site of Town House. 

West of Town House. 

David Towles's field. ' 

Near site of Baptist meeting-house (Hampton). 

Son of Robert. 

Son of Robert. 

West of Baptist meeting-house. 

Near site of Tavern house. w. . • 

Near John Albert Towle's house. 

Loring Dimbar lives. 

John D. Neal lives. 

John Carroll >Lirston lives. 

John Dearborn lives. 

Col. Jona, Marston place. 

On S'orth Road. 

Moses Towle lives. 

Meshech Lane lives. 

Sleeper lives. 

Ure Lamprey lives. 

Opposite Jonathan Dow's. 

Whole sum. 




Until I carefully examined the MvSS. of Dr. Nathan and Dyer H. Sanborn 
I was not aware that any tradition existed among the American Sanborns 
concerning a coat-of-arms. In reading over tlie letters I came upon the 
facts shown in the following quotations, marked i, 2, 3, and 4. Noting 
the reference to arms preserved by the Epsom Sanborns I sent the papers 
to Gen. John B. Sanborn of St. Paul, whose answer is subjoined, marked 5. 
The letters speak for themselves ; even if they do not fj-ovc our right to 
bear the Samborne arms, they form good evidence and s\\o\\ a remarkable 
and interesting coincidence. 

1. Dr. TJio?!ias Sanborn, IVcivport, N. H , March. 1855; to Dr. XatJia)i Sanborn. " Dr. 
E. Sanborn of Anclover has requested me to forward such information as I had obtained while 
in England in 1S53. The name of Samborne is to be found in Bristol (one or two) and two 
or three in London. Their home is in Montesford K^sic') Co. Berks, Hampshire, and Somer- 
setshire. Tlie following description of the Samborne arms may be relied on as correct, — Silver 
(or plain) a chevron sable, beixvecn three mullets gules [or red). The crest is, — A ri^ht hand 
holding a sheaf of arrozos, proper. Another family shows the shield '■'■sable (another azure) a 
lion rampant, or," but I cannot learn that there is more than one crest. The arms are those 
of a Knight or Squire. Herein is inclosed a rude drawing* of the crest and shield. 

2. 7'he Same ; .Ipril 15., 1S56 ; to t/:e Same. "The knowledge I possess is already in your 
possession: altliough very meagre as relates to location, arms, change of name, etc., is from 
pretty good authority. From Burke's " General Armoury" pu'olished by John & John Bernard 
Burke I learn the Samborne family reside in Berks, Hants and Somt. and that they have two 
coats of arms : but one crest is given of which you already possess a description. The second 
[coat] is as follows, — no crest being given: Sable, a lion rampant or. No. i is that repre- 
sented generally in Messrs. Burke's " General Armoury." I regret not being able to give you 
a drawing colored : but for copy under tlie direction of 'SV Drake to the engraver the colour is 
of but little use, as certain lines or dots represent the ditTcrent tinctures, as observed in No. 3, 
the black being represented by lines crossing each otiier, the gold by dots.f 

3. Dr. iVathan Sanborn, Henniker. May 32, 1856.- to Dyer H. Sanborn. "Yours of 

•Unfortunately not preserved. V. C. S. 

fApparently Dr. Sanborn sent sketches of (i) the chevrDii and inuUets ; (2) the crest ; (j> the lion ramp.-int. 
Why did Mr. Dr.ike choose the latter .ind add nutilets to it? V. C. S. 


o°-; r.™: rx:: •^:l:::- izrz frr - r i'" -'"'- 

can be en^^h to dluM^'' ""' "'■ ^ "°'" ^°"°"- '-°"''™ ^"^ ^->-^- »'- 
copyc?r..erf™"'"';";- Tf'f •'"■ "■• ■"'■' - ''■''■ '° '^ '^"-='- Sanborn: encloses 

pa^chn-.en. w,e„ "s a 1 n , -^ = rep.-esen,a,ion of ,he Sanborn coa..of-arn,s on 

someidea of i !^ . °, """"™ P'V-">'"S- After I became old enough to >,av. 

bo h id ifn , ' 7°"'^""' ' '";'"!■•«' f" « °f ">■ grandfather Sanborn and of my mother and 

. .ad probably been lost or destroyed.^ tr^JtS'sr Z;^:;Z ^^^^ f^l; .^^ 
uninTonTatr"? ^v^ bin '''' s'T^c:"- ' '°'' "' "^ "" '""-^-""'^ '" ""' ^""^ ^ ^psom 



John, William, and Stephex Samdorxe (for so they spelt the name) 
were sons of an English Saniborne (probabh' William of Brimpton, 
Berks.) and Anne, daughter of Rev. Stephen Bachiler. 

Ann Bachiler's husband died about 1630, tor Mr. Waters printed in Reg- 
ister, July, 1891, the following extract from '^Licenses to Pass heyo7id 
Seas: " __..._■ 

" xxij Junii 1631: Steephen Bachiller aged 70 yeres resident at South Stonham. South' & 
xixor Hellen, of age xlviij yeres, Vss fflushing to visit their sons and daughters there : and so to 
return w'^-^ in two monetlis. Ann Sandburn of age "^o yeres, ivid'-yu.<e, resident in y^ Strand. 
vss vlishing."" 

The three sons of Anne Saniborne are said to have come to America with 

their grandfather Bachiler in 1632, but apparentlv their mother did not 

come over; nor l\ave we any trace of the three sons until 1639 in Hampton, 

^2. Lieut. John Samborne, born 1620 (Deposition in Xort'. Co. P'iles). 

. Probably in Hampton in 1640, since he was then granted a house-lot and 

'■ a tract of land there. In 1643 his name is signed to a Hamplori petition: 

and from this date the records contain frequent mention of him. 

23^'^ -jrd rno. 1645 (Xorf. Co. Deeds I), John Samborne of Hampton sells to Thos. Marston, 

' "for a valuable consideration, fower acres of fresh marsh, bounded by the salt marsh of John 

Cram, now in the hands of Rodger Shaw; by that of W™ Marston : by tlie upland of John 

Samborne, a highway to the north." Witness, Jos : .Mason, Humph.rey Humbc-r, .Abraham 


December 23, 1645, ^^^^ shares of the Common were granted to John Samborne. His house 
in Hampton was next to that of Stephen Bachiler, across the road from .Meeting House Green. 
■", and nearly opposite the old meeting house. 

/.-■ In 1S47 the Jury of Norfolk County presented case vs. " Will : Palmer, for challenging John 
.- ' Samboine into ye iield, — witnesses John Samborne & PIdw. Colcord."" 

In 1647 Rev. Stephen Bachiler left Hampton, and on .April 20, 1647 (Rock. Co. Reg., xiii., 
221), he made the following conveyance: 

Know all Men by these Presents that I Stephen Bachiler late of Hampton, in Co. of Xor- 
folk, and now of Strawberry Bank for Xaturall Love & Aft'ection towards my fouer 
Grand Children John Steph.en & William Samborn ,S: Xatlum'cil Batchiller all now- or 
lately of Hampton aforesaid .i to y* intent that my Hous >.^ land or (Jrcund with y^ Appurtin- 
ances of Hampton aforosi, may be estated upon y« Said John Samborn & his Posteritie as 
also in regard of Securitie by Bond X^ow hnmediately to be Giuen by y* Sd Joi'.n for the pay- 
ment of tv/entye pound- a peice to y' s'^ Stephen, William & Xathaniell to wliome I haue 

I i •' /; . 'I' 

. ^r^H 

5- s^v 


^.:.-; .- 


2 ^^ 




-^ / 



■^ ■'.- AJ 

>~ r 





V< * - ^- .'^ '^ ^" ■' - C 


i. C.t^- .f -:: <v <.S -^ 

'^ \fc 

^ V - -j *v ^ „ r' -- •. --:■ ■ i^ 

'i;. ^ "^ ^^ • •- C ■. 

■-. * '-'}r. '<: t.-i: -^^ --. 

rt ■*»'-. 


1 i 

_ ,■ ^ ■ ...^, 

Autograph Lutiek Lt. John Sammokne to Capt. W.m. Tkask., 1649. 


Appointed y« Same accordingly haue Giuen Granted Bargained Sold & Confirmed & do by 
these Pressents giue Grant bargaine Sell & Confirme unto my S'' Grand child John Samborn 
all y* my Dwelling Mous & land or Ground whether arable nicddow c^ Pasture or other Ground 
with there Appurtinances together with all the buildings Comons proffitts priuilledges & Imuni- 
tes Whatsoeuer to the Same or any part thereof belonging in any wise Appertaining ; y« 
Greater part there of being now or lately in y* tenure posesion or occupation of y'^ s<* John 
Samborn and other part thereof not yett perticuierly appointed by ye Town &c. (Excepting 
out of this Grant the land with appertinances which I formerly sold to William Howard and 
Thomas Ward.) To Haue and to Hold the s^ Hous and land vS: all & Singular Other y^ prem- 
ises herein before Granted or intended ment or Mentchened to be Granted as afores'i (Except 
before Excepted) unto: the Said John Samborn his Heirs and Assigns for Euer ; with out any 
y« lett truble or interuption of me y* s** Stephen Batchiler or any other att any tyme Claiming 
by from or under me In Witness hereof I do here unto sett my hand and Sealle this : 20"' of 
ye ood nionth 1647. Stephen Bachiler sen 

with a Sealle 

Signed Sealled & Deliuered in pressence of us. 

Tho : Waldo ' • " . 

Will Wakefield 
Abraham Walner 
William fifield 

this Writing ye within named Stephen Batchiler Acknowledged to be his actt & Deed this 
gth of ytii month : 1647 • before me Richard Bellingham 

Entered &; Recorded according to ye Oreginall y« 16'" day of .May 1723 p 9 Hunking 

On the same date (Xorf. Co, Deeds ii., J7S), John Samborne doth "scale, signe and set 
over to Willi : Samborne 6 acres of upland, lying between tlie land of John Samborne &. Chr: 
Hussey : 5 acres of fresh meadow; one share of all y Comons except y* great Ox Comon, for 
the just som of ^13, \v'^ is in consideration of a ^20 legacy given to the said William Sam- 
borne by his grandfather, under his own hand and seale, by virtue of an assignment unto the 
s^ John Samborne," wiio also promises to pay the other £7 within a certain time. Wit- 
nesses W"" Fifield, Tho. Warde. 1" I2'''- mo. 1647 (Xorf. Co. Deeds, ii., 97), conveys to 
W™ Samborne " 6 acres meadow and 6 acres upland, w'^'' was formerly given to W™ Sam- 
borne by AP Steven Bacliiler Sen"" late of Hampton, but no legal conveyance made, since it 
was included in a general conveyance to me."' Signed yc/i/! Sa.'/tborne " w'f> a seale to itt." 
Witness, Chr. Hussey. (T) mark of .Abr. Tikon. 

At HamptonCourt, 26"^ 7*-'i mo. 164S, John Samborne was plaintiff in an action for trespas 
against Robert Lord, but was nonsuited, and defendant allowed los. 6d. for unjust molestation. 
- 24"^ 2°'! mo. 1649, John Samborne was on the ''Jury of Tryalls" at Salisbury Court. In 
1650 he was one of the Hampton selectmen, g'-''- 2°<i mo. 1650, he sued Walter Abbott at 
Salisbury Court for debt of ^5. 7. 6 due tor bill assigned to him by ^P Steven Bachiller. .At 
Hampton Court, 3'''^ S*-'' mo. 1650, he, Vj Hussey & Tho. Chase were released from bond tliey 
gave for Edw. Colcord's appearance.* 

In 1651, on petition from Hampton, the General Court (.Mass. Col. Rec, iii., 253; iv., 67) 

* Coicord was a friend or relative of :iie Bachilers and Sambornes ; for full account of hini see N. H. Prov. 
Papcfb, Vol. I. •. - 

:/. >:>!(>.'/. 1 r 


orders John Samborne & Edw. Colcord to return to thi.'ir owners until they should exhibit some 
proper power of attorney, all goods &c. taken by them on pretence of being authorized by Rev. 
Stephen Bachiler. 

January, 1634, Jolin Samborne and Wm. Estow were appointed " to view the upland and 
medow on this side Strawberry Bank bounds, to ascertain wlio were the proprietors and what 
their titles were."' In this year Christopher Hussey and Jolin Samborne alone in Hampton 
refused to withdraw their petition to remit Lieut. Pike's fine; see our chapter on '■'■Civil 
Troubles in Hantptony 

February 2, 1657. John Samborne was chosen a Selectman, but exempted. March 30, 
1657, he was appointed on a committee to see to the building of a house for Rev. Mr. Cotton. 

His familiarity with the town records and boundaries led to his being chosen on all commit- 
tees to examine old grants, or to establish boundary lines. Thus in 1651, and again in 165S, 
he was chosen on a committee to "join with the Town Clerk to examine all the grants and 
appointments of lands, highways and the like; and to perfect the same in the Town Book.*' 

In 1661 John Samborne was again a selectman, and on March 16 it was voted " that Thos. 
Marston and Willi : .Moulton shall join w"' John Samborne to hire the present schoolmaster* 
for another year, pvided they shall not exceed the som of £26 for his year's wages, nor he be 
more difficult in his pay than last year."' 

In 1663 he was chosen on committees to examine the allotment of the commonage, and to 
lay out the " New Plantation."' 

April 12, 1664, at Salisbury Court he was foreman of the "Jury of Tryalls." At Hampton 
Court, October, 1664, it was voted, — " Whereas John Samborne was legally chosen by the 
Military Company at Hampton to be their ensign, — it appearing to this Corte that he is not yet 
a freeman, referred to the Gen^' Corte for confirmation."' 

Selectman again in 1665, — on June 20, he, " with Sam^i Dalton, Town Clerk, and M'' Sea- 
borne Cotton the Pastor was chosen to express to the Com" in writing the views of the people 
of Hampton and to assert their rights in the lands claimed by Mason."' 

May, 1666, John Samborne was made a freeman (Mass. Col. Rec. iv., 367). In 1666, 
1667, and 1669, ''.NP John Samborne (also called E7isicrn') with Capt. Chr. Hussey and 
M'' Sanv^ Dalton were chosen and ratified by the Court as commissioners of small causes for 
the town of Hampton. "" 

Selectman again in 166S ; in 1669 chosen as Agent by the town of Hampton in the boundary 
dispute with Portsmouth. Also appointed to look into the question of Exeter bounds. In 
1670, sells to Samuel Tilton for ^26. five acres of salt marsh on the south side of the Falls 

Chosen Selectman in 1671, and appointed a "Commissioner in behalf of the country, to 
.work with the Selectmen in making the Country Rate for the next six months according to 

"April 25, 1672, Capt. Hussey, Ensign John Samborne and M*" Dalton were appointed to 
treat with M'' Dudley and M^ John Oilman to issue all differences betwixt the inhabitants of 
Hampton and Exeter concerning land, pvided that the said M"" Dudley & M' Gilman shall pro- 
cure the like power from the town of Exeter."' 

Sept. 29, 1676. John Samborn Sen. of Hampton, Norfolk Co. for naturall affection & 

•John Barbhan', II. U. 165S. 

.•« '■ . I 



ffatherly Love for his son John Samborn of H. & for other good causes, as also in consideration 
of his marregg with Judeth }•= Daughter of Trusterm Coffin of nubery gave him upland c'v: mea- 
dows in H. which was granted & laid out to my ff.ither in Law Robert Tuck, 40 acres of up- 
land & 7 acres of meadow, 10 acres of salt marsh, i share of comonage above s^, valued bv es- 
temation to be wortii ^150. 

Selectman in 1674-5, 167S-9. At Salisbury Court, Nov. 14. 1676. John Samborne was 
Foreman of the Grand Jury. As Ensign of the Hampton Company in 1677, he signed a peti- 
tion to ALij. Gsn. Denison, asking for help. Commissioned Lieutenant of Hampton forces, 
October 15, 1679. (Mass. Col. Kec. v., 252.) 

When Charles IL decided to make New Hanipshire a Royal Province in 1679, Sir \V. War- 
ren wrote to the Lords of Trade that in Hampton the men most eminent and best qualified for 
His Majesty's Council were Sam' Dalton, Capt. Hussey, John Samborne Sc Nath' Wver. 
(State Papers, Colonial, i670-"So.) 

In the Cranfield and Mason persecutions we find that John Samborne suffered : 

" W™ Fifield &c. depose that in Oct 1684 being at John Samborne Sen-'"* house, when Robert 
Mason, Sherlock the ALarshall and James Leach came to give Mason possession, — when Sam- 
borne not opening the door. Leach broke it open and Sherlock took Samborne prisoner, when 
Mason told the people openly, — This is what you shall all come to."' (N. H. Prov. Papers, i., 


Also in Capt. Henry Dow's diary we find, — •' Bro Sarnbourne put in prison, 21 Oct. 1684. 
Capt. Sherburne & I compared a copie with the original execution ; & there was no return 
made upon it the ist Nov. 16S4." 

John Samborne's signature appears on the petition ngainst Crarfitld in 16S5. ^^ ^'"''^ ^'<^^''" 
he was a Representative, — 'At a meeting of the free holders of Hampton, Sept. 24, 16S5. 
M'' Nath" Weare, Lt. Jolin Samborne and Nalh" Bachiler Sen' were chosen to ser\-e in the next 
General Assembly. '■ (Register, vi. 56.) 

March 26, 1691. John Samborn Sen. gave his son Richard (on condition that he should 
pay 30 pounds as he (John) should hereafter order in his will) the hous where Richard dwells 
t the home lot and orchard, Richard to have the side next to Wm. bro. of John's land, John 
reserving h acre out of that end next Daniel Lamprey's: Rich, to have ^ the fresh meadow 
near the beach, the side next to Timothy Hilliard's meadow, & h of salt marsli in ye litle ox 
common, he to have Southerly end : easterly half of the barn and the Lentoes belonging cii: .^ ye 
threshing flore and in case he and they who shall be my heirs agree not hereafter about ve 
improvement of y^ said flore one shall improve itt one week and the other the other &so bee at 
equal charge of maintaining y tlores & Dores : also h niy upland, the half towards Robert 
Sm.ith's land att that end next the meadow, and that peice next }^ ffall gate y« sayi Richard 
shall divide that peice and I will choose which half he shall have ; also h niy swamp ground 
for a pasture lying between my hous lott and land some time William Fuller's bee }« Same 
more less, as itt is my heirs ; and he so fence itt and seed (?) itt together; but if they agree 
not in so doing, the younger shall divide itt and y" other choose which he will have : as also 
my grant the land in y"^ north division ; as also a share in y^ cow commons ; as also one share 
in the great Ox common. The above said Richard Samborn to enter upon and enjoy said 
dwelling hous, A of said orchard and home lott, h of fresh meadow att the beach, .\ upland 
within y"^- fTallgate, in y^ east field, one stack or the marsh belonging to one stack in y* little 
oxe common immediately, and to enter upon all the rest immediately after m.y decease; to have 


; I -!_ ':-'iL 


S A N 15 O R \ G !•: X I : A I. O G V 

free egress through any of my other lands to y'' sayd barne or any other the above mentioned, 
provided that he or they, his heirs, shall carefully shutt such gates or bars as their shall be 
occasion for. 

The witnesses were : 

William Fitleld Jun"" 

Sam" Dow 

Benj" Lamprey 

Jabez Dow 

Henry Dow 
Dow's " History of Hampton" says he served as Lieutenant in King William's War, 16S9. 
In 1690 he was appointed on a committee to wait on M^ Pike the new minister. He died Oct. 
20, 1692 ; his will is not extant, the closing words only remaining in an old copy at Exeter: 

" And for the confirmation of ail above written, I the aboue sayd John Samborne Sen' have 
hereunto sett my band & affixt my scale this 10'^ day of October in the yeare of our Lorde 
1692 &c. 

JOH.v Sa.mborxe Senior 

his marke* (Jo) and seale 
In presence of us 

Nath" Bachelder Sen' ' ■ 

Will : Marsden 
Rob : Moulton 
Henry Dow 
"A true Inventory of all y<= lands and goods of Left. John Samborne of Hampton late 
deceased upon the 20'^- October 1692. 

Imprimis the house, orchard .X; house loit, att 
About 4 ackers of swamp land 
About 4 ackers salt marsh in ye littel comon 
About 5 ackers of fresh medow at ye Beach 
3 ackers of medow & i of upland . 
Al>out 10 ackers of upland in ye East Field near the great causeway 
A track of land at ye new plantation, about 70 ackers 
'A track of land half goodman Tuck's right in a place called ye North 
devition ...... 

One share of the Cow Comon 

To 2 Oxen, £7, 3 cows, £y 

To one 3 year old steer com spring 

To one i year old & one caif 

To six sheep and lambs 

To 14 swine, great and small 

To one ffeather bed, with bad cloths & furnitur 

To a father bed in ye parlour & badcloths and furnitur 

To one chest of linning, att . 

To all his waring clothes, att 

To one great puter platter att 

To 23 peces of puter, great and small 

To a tinn dripping pann, to a tinn colender 












* Unclcubtecily he was too sick to si|^n his name ; there is no doubt he could write, as his name is signed to many 
deeds, petitions, etc. 


f ;;.,»>!l 



To iron pott.s, tramel dripping pan tonijs cob irons iS: seaverall other 
peccs of iron works ......... 

To one brass kittel, one coper kiltcl and other brass things as scillcts 

To a loggin;; chayne, 2 other chaines axes hoops for wheels & otlier 
iron work & yoaks ....... 

To 5 yards of new wolling cloth ..... 

To table chavers bedsteds tubbs cliests and other lumber 

To one gunu ji sword & belt ..... 

To a jrreat Iiible and other books ..... 


This inventory was taken & goods apprized this 2 of November 1692 by \V'" Maston. 
Nath.'i Bachiler Henr. Dow & Left John Smith. Henry Dow Esq^« & Naih'' Bachiler planter 
make oathe that tliey did appraise & take the w'- in written Inventory amounting to 
^29^. 14. 00. according to their best skill & judgement therein. 

Henry Dow 

Nath. B.A.CHILER Seu^"' 

;^ Lieut. John Sainborne married twice, — (i) MarV'. dauc^hter ot' Robert 
Tuck of Gorlston, Suflblk, and Hampton. N. H. She died Dec. 30, 166S. 
(2) Margaret (Page) iNIoulton, widow of Wm. Moulton and daughter of 
Robert Page of Ormsby, Norfolk, and Hampton, N. 11. Children : 

5. i. Jolin, born about 1649. 

ii. Mary, born 165 1 ; died 1654. 
iii. Abigail, born Feb. 23. 1653; married Ephraim Marston ; died Jan. 3, 1743. 

6. iv. Richard, born Jan. 4, 165^. 
V. Mary, borr; 1657; died 1660. 

7. vi. Joseph, born March 13, 1659. 
vii. Stephen, born 1661 ; died 1662. 

viii. Ann, born Nov. 20, 1662; married Samuel Palmer; died Oct. 4, 1745. 
i.x. Dinah, born ; married James Marston. 

8. X. Nathaniel, born Jan. 27, 1666. 

9. xi. Benjamin, torn Dec. 20. i663. y ■\ . j ,. .>ju' •'- -, 

10. .\ii. Capi. Jonathan, born .May 25, 1672. 

3, William S.\.mi;ornk, born about 1622, as appears from the record of 
his death. His is the earliest Samborne record I find at Hampton, — *' Xov. 
27, 1639, Willi : Samborne ( w''' his consent) is appointed to ring the bell 
before meetings on tiie Lord's dav & other days, for w''^ he is to have 6d. 
pr. lott of eury one liauing a lotte w'^in the towne." 

In June, 1640, a house lot was granted him on the road towards the sea, 
souib.west of his brother John's. He was selectman of Hampton, 165 1, 
1660, 1667, 167 1, 1677, 16S3. Not so prominent as his older brother, but 
often chosen 0:1 town committees. Savage savs he was Representati\"e. but 
T have found no record of it. 

Served in King P'ulip's War. (Register, xliii., 273.) 

8o sANr.oRN genp:ai.ogy. 

May 17, 1647, Wm Sainborne sold to Sery' Thos. Philbrick for £24. his Iiouse and houselot 
between those of \V'" f ifield & John Brown, 3 acres fresh marsh, and 3 acres upland ; i share 
in cow conion. (Norf. Deeds, i., 4.) 

The will of John Moulton (Xorf. Deeds, i., 12), dated 23"! i^' mo. 1649, proved S'^ i»' mo. 
1650, divides 12 acres between Samborno & dau. Ann: to son Samborne 10 acres salt marsh 
\vc'> is yet to be appointed; & 4 acres salt marsh. 

At Hampton Court, 8"i S"' mo. 165 1, W"^ Samborne took y« freeman's oath. 

April 18. 1664, Ann Moulton for divers good causes conveys 2 acres to Will: Samborne. 
(Norf. Deeds, ii., 96.) 

Thos, Philbrick for /35. sells to W"" Samborne 10 acres salt marsh, Oct. 13, 1665 (Norf. 
Deeds, ii., 96.) June 10, 1667, Nath" Boulter of Hampton nominates my "louing friend 
M''Will: Samborne of Hampton as a feoffee in trust'" for John and Hannah Souter (N''orf. 
Deeds, ii., 116). Aug. 22, 166S, Thos. Philbrick "for valuable consideration'' conveys to 
\V"i Samborne "3 acres of upland in the East tield w^i^ I sometime bought of s"^ W"^ Sam- 
borne" (Norf. Deeds, ii., 172). Mar. 31, 1673, John ffulsham of Exeter conveys to W"^ Sam- 
borne 30 acres in Hampton abutting on Exeter bounds. 

Know all men by these psents that I William Samborn Sen"" of Hampton for & in considera- 
tion of y« love and fatherly affection I have and do Bear unto my Son W'^ Samborn of 
Hampt" do Give Alienate and Confirm unto my s*^ Son as followeth viz : two acres and a half 
of upland w"^ y« House standing thereon s<* land Bound'^ on y« West w"' y« land of Abr^" Drake 
on y^ East w"^ y<^ land of Sam!' Dalton Ess^ on y« South w"' y^ Highway or Ring Swamp so 
CalH y^ s^ two acres and a halt as I bought it of Tho* Webster, as also three acres of upland In 
y* East field bound*^ on y^ north & West \v"' y« land of my Brother John Samborn ^.:on \« Suutii 
w"i y« land of W'^^ fnnelcl & other land of .niy own towards y^ East also forty acres Iny^ Bounds 
of Hampton lying near to a place Ca!l<^ Brick Hill & two acres and a halfe of fresh medo at 
y® Beach lying on y^ side next to y^ fresh medo of Jn" Redman Jun^ w"' a small River towards 
ye west & two acres & a half of marsh more or less as it is Bound'^ on }^ West w"* y« marsh of 
Henry Dow & on y« North w"' y* marsh of Sam'^ ffugg & on y- East w'^ y<= mar^h of John 
Moulton on y« South w'^^ y* marsh of Tho^ Lovit together \\^^ half a share In y* Cow Common. 
In Confirmation hereof I have hereunto set my hand & fixt my Seal this 22 of June an" Dom 
1681. William Samborn Sen'. (Seal.) 

Sign<i & Seal'^ In y* psence of 
Jno Moulton Sen' 
Abr" Drake Sen"- 

June 22, 16S1, William Samborne Sen. of Hampton for love &; Fatherly affection gave his 
son Josiah the home lott which I bought of Thos. Thirsten (deed not recorded ) 7 acres more 
or less bounded on the west with y- house lott Sometime Jesp. Blake's & southerly ^S; easterly 
with a highway with i share in y^ cow comon and ail my fresh meadow at y^ beach on y- east 
side of ye river excepting 22 acres next to John Redmans given to my son William. 

At Salisbury Court, 14"" 9"> mo. 1676, W"^ Samborne took the oath for a Constable. He 
died Nov. iS, 1692. Only a fragment of his will is preserved in the old book of copies at 
Exeter; he leaves to his wife Mary certain yearly allowances, and one half of his house. -To 
son Josiah 50 acres " in the plaine towards Exeter" and some salt marsh and commonage. To 
son William " a share in the great ox common & one cowe he hauing the resteof *'' . . To 
son Mephiboshcth, 9 acres near his house, -5 share of commonage, 8 acres of upland and 25 


' *J . • : I 



acres towards Exeter; also certain other land "after my wife's decease.'" To son Steuen my 
house, barne, orchard, lo acres of salt marsh, -i share of commonage &.C.' Doubtless the rest 
of the will dealt with bequests to daughters, but this is all that is left. 

" An Inventory of the estate of William Samborne late of Hampton, deceased the iS of 
November 1692.'' 



Imprimis, 17 ackers of upland 

To 20 ackers of medowe 

To -housing & barne 

To 4 oxen, _2{^I2, 4 cowes, ^8, 4 young cattle 

To 6 sheep .... 

To swine ..... 

To 20 loads of hay 

To 200 ackers of outland 

To one share in ye cow comon 

To corne ..... 

To 2 tleather beds, blankets & rugs 

To one couerlet .... 

To sheets table cloathes napkins cushens carp 

To chests & boxes 

To puter & earthen ware 

To iron pots, ketle tramels, cob irons, i brass skille 

To a cart plowes chaines & furniture for oxen 

To a sword & gunns ..... 

To waring cloathes ..... 

Table chavers wooden ware betel wedges axes >S;c 

Prized the i of the 10"^ mo. 1692 by us 




















N.\th" L5.A.CHILER Sen- 


William Samborne married Marv. dauL^hter of John Moulton, ot" Ormsby, 
Norfolk, and Ilafnpton, X. H. Children: 

i. Mary, born ; married Dec 17, 1662. Sergt. Jos. Dow. 

ii. Meliitabel, born : married Dec. 23. 1669, Ensign Daniel Tilton. 

11. iii. William, born 1652. 

12. iv. Josiah, born . 

V. Mercy, born July 19, 1660; married Samuel_Cass. 
13 vi. Mephiboiheth, born Nov. 5, 1663. 

vii. Sarah, born Feb. 10, 1667; married Samuel Marston. 
14. viii. Stt^phen, born Sept. 4, 1671. 

4. Stephe-V Samborne, born about 1624. In 1640 was granted a house 
lot ne.vt his brother William. In 1641 a miember of the company selected 
to build a Pound. In 1651 brought an action zs. Thos. Sleeper "for slan- 
der, saying bee lost railes and found some of them in ye s'' Steven Sam- 
borne.'s fence & v^ hee had pofe of it." Alas ! the jury tbund tor :lie 

;w(:xi/ // >i>i.'.''' '. 

■ 1 1: < 1 ,-y;.- 1. 

-,;>- :l 


Oct. 2, 1650, Christopher Husscy sold to Steven Samborne & Sam" Fogge his house and 
houselot in Hampton except what he had sold to Jolin Samborne. Witness, Steven Bachiler 
Edw. Colcord, Job: Redman. (Norf. Deeds, i., 19.) 

2nd gth mo. 1651, Steven Samborne was on Jury of Tryalls at Salisbury. 

iQth 5th nio. 1654, Steven Samborne. with Sani" Fogge. witnessed a deed from John Wheel- 
wright to John Redman. (Norf. Deeds, i., 65.) Aug. i, 1655, Nath" Boulter sells to 
W"" Moulton "the land W^^ I bought of Steven Samborne, soiiitti?ne of Ha 1/1 pi on." (Norf. 
Deeds, i., 139.) 12"^ 6"' mo. 1654 Steven Samborne " w'^ a seale "^ sells to Willi: Samborne 
for ;^6. 2^ acres of salt marsh. Feb. 6, 1654, Steven Samborne was chosen selectman; July 
28, 1654, Robert Drake was chosen to supply the place of Steven Samborne. 

From the above records it will be seen that he left Hampton about Sept. 
I, 1654. Tradition says he returned to England with his grandtather 
Bachiler; perhaps some record can be found of him there. Children, by 

his wife Sarah : 

' . i. Sarah, born June 12, 1651. 

ii. Dorothy, born March 2, 1653. 

^5. John (2) Samborne, born about 1649. Freeman, April 25, 167S. 
Married, Nov. 19, 1674, Judith Coffin, daughter of Tristram of Newbury ; 
she was born Dec. 4, 1653, and died May 17. 1724. John died Sept. 23, 


i. Judith, b. Aug. 8, 1675 i "''■ ^^c- -^ 1692, Ebenezer Gove, son of Capt. Edward of 

ii. Mary, b. July 2, 1677; m. Ebenezer Stevens; lived in Kingston. 

iii. Sarah, b. May 8. 1679. 

iv. Deborah, b, 1681 ; m. (i) Nov. 15, 1698, Samuel Fellows of Ha.mpton Falls, son 
of Samuel; (2) Oct. 2, 171 1, Benjamin Shaw of Hampton Falls, son of Ben- 
jamin. V. , 

15 V. John, b. 16S3. .. . i . . • • 

16 vi. Tristram, b. 16S4-5. '• ■- ' 

17 vii. Enoch, b. 16S5. ' . ' ■ ' 

viii. L}dia, b. Feb. 24, 16S7. ' ■ ■ 

18 ix. Peter, b. 1689. 

19 X. Abner, b. April 27, 1694. 

6. PviCHARD (2) Samborne, born in Hampton. Jan. 4, 1655: Freeman, 
•April 25, 167S. Lived in Hampton, — a soldier from there in garrison at 
Oyster River. 1696. Married (i) Dec. 5. 167S, Ruth Moulton. daughter of 
William of Hampton ; siie died Mav 3. 16S5. ]\Iarried (2; Mary ''Drake) 
Boulter, daughter of Abraham Drake of Flampton, and widow of Nathaniel 
Boulter, Jr., of Hampton. 

Oct. 28. 1712. Richard Saniborn of Hampton, farmer, gave his son John Samborn land that 
his father John S^rnLcrn beque?.thed him. Oct. 25, 1716. Richard gave his son John his 
lott of thatch grown in 3 e great ox common & h right in the cow common. 

- >: 1 


Richard Samborn of Hampton farmer for & in Consideration of y« Natural Affection and 
fatherly love w'^^ I have & do Bear unto my Beloved Son Shubal Samborn of y« Same Town & 
for other good causes & Considerations me at tiiis time Especially moving more Especially for 
y* Conditions hereafter Express"^ to be pform<* by my Son Shubal have Given him my s"* Son 
Shubal a! my Estate Except \v' is hereafter Except'' viz : al my Houses Buildings Innds meadows 
marshes Pastures Gardens Orcliards outlands Comonages Except \v' I have Given my Son 
In° Samborn by a deed of Gift I say al my lands ijc Rights to lands \v' soever or w' soever 
Exept w'- is Before & hereal'ter Except'' together with y<= one half of my Stock of cattle of 
w' kind or sort soever \\^^ y^ one half of al my Household goods not ah-eady Disposed of he my 
s** Son Shubal to Possess and Enjoy y* one half of my Houses Buildings land meadow Marshes 
Pastures Orchards Gardens and outlands Except one Share or lott In y* 3'' West Division 
Imediately & y= other half Imediately after my Decease si also y^ Remainder of al my Stock 
Chattels Household Goods & money by me left undispos^ of at my Decease unto him my s^ Son 
Shubal to have hold Possess & Enjoy y* Same to him his heirs Exe= Adm. & Assigns forever 
he my s'' Son Shubal doing & performing ye Conditions following Viz : Imp" y' half of my 
Estate well I Reserve in my own Possession if it should happen y' I sliould not be able to man- 
age it y' then my s'' Son do Improve it for me to ye best advantage Every way & Deliver me 
yearly and every year at ye Suitable times ye ful one half of al ye profits &. Income of my half 
of ye s** Estate dureing my Naturall life, cly y' he my s"! Son Shubal pay al my just & Honest 
Debts w<=^ I shal leave unp'' at my Decease w'^ al funeral Expences ; 3dly y' he my $<' Son take 
care of & Honorable maintain my Wife his Motlier \\^^ Convenient House Room vS: al other 
things necessarv for her In Sicknt^s & In Health as She shal Desire it Dureing her natural 
life. 4ly y' he pay Each of my Daughters Besides w' they have already had twenty shi!!s to 
each of them y' is to say to Marv 20', & to Ruth 20* in or as money In Convenient time after 
my Decease; & farther y' he my s'' Son Shubal lay no Claim to anything w-^ I have Given my 
Son Jn" Samborn neither y' iott in ye y^ West Division unless I leave it undispos'' if as also if 
my s"* Son Shubal should dye Before ye above Conditions be performed then they are to be 
performed by his heirs Exe<= or Adm« In witness v.' of we ye s'' Rich*! Samborn & Shuba! Sam- 
born have set to our hands & Seals this 26'^ day of Oct: 1716 In ye 3'' year of King George 

his Reign over great Brittain &c. Anno. Dom. 1716. 

Rich^ Samborn [Seal.] 

- Shubal X Samborn [Seal.] 
Sign<J Sea!'' & D'^ In psence of ye Witnesses 
Joseph Smith 
Eliz» Smith 

Children : 

i. Mary, b. Sept. 30, 1679; d. unm. in 1770. 

20 ii. John, b. Nov. 6, 1681., 

iii. Ruth, b. 1684; living unm. in 1716. 

21 iv. Shubael, b. 1694. 

7. Joseph (2) S A:\inoKNE. born in Hampton, March 13, 1659. Lived 
in Hanlpcon Fall?, on the farm now owned by his descendant, Miss Sarah 
Sanborn ',597, iii). Married Dec. 28, 16S2, Mary Gove, daughter of Cant. 


Edward of Hampton. Died between i722-'24. After Joseph's death, his 
^vidow married (2) a Mr. iMorrill of Salisbury, tVom whom she separated 
and came back to Hampton Falls to live on the homestead. 

Dec. S, 1692 John Goue of Hampton yeoman for a \'alluable Some of money p'* by Joseph 
Samborn Cordwinder 25 acres of upland Lying to ye northwest part of hampton and Adjoining 
to Mr. Daullton Farme and bordering uppon the Towns Commons ; 3 acres of marsh near 
Browns (?) Rivers mouth. 

April 4, 1694 Samuell Colcord of Hampton for 45 Shillins p^ by Joseph Samborn sold land 
S. of Tailers River adioyning to other land of ye s"! Joseph. . . 25 acres with all ye timber 
trees wood and underwood Standing growing or being upon tlie Same. 

June 15, 1722 I Joseph Samborn (his mark) of the South Parrish in Hampton farmer. 
Loue, good will and affection towards my louing Sonn Joseph Samborn of the Same Parrish 
give the other halfe of all the following perticqulers whereof the one halfe is allready made 
Sure to him by and by a Deed of Gift baring Euen date with these presents Viz. the one halfe 
of my House barn and all my buildings where I now dwell in Hampton with the half of my 
land and orchard on the easterly side of the. way that leads from hampton South Parrish to 
Exeter adjoyning to my Dweling House and on halfe of ye twenty acre lott of land in the 
Second West Division which I bought of my brother-in-law Ebenezer Goue (fio( recorded in 
Exeter^ allso the on half of my Salt .Marsh which I have not allredey Giuen unto my other Sons 
the one halfe of all the aboue said Housing Lands Salt .Marsh and Orchard I haue all P,edey 
made Share to my Son Joseph Samborn by a deed of Gift baring euen date with these presencs 
this other halfe I confirm to him . . allways referring this abouementchered halfe of my 
Estate to my Self and my wife so long as we both Shall Hue and after our decease then to be 
my .Son Joseph . . with the other halfe which I haue all Reddey giuen him l"ree and Cleear 
without any further Condition. 

June 13, 1732. Joseph Samborn (his mark) of the new or South Parrish in Ha.mpton far- 
mer, loue and atfection, beloved Son .•\braham Samborn of the Same Parrish have giuen for his 
portion of my Estate on acre of Salt marsh in the Lott Called Halls firme Lot jovning to the 
two acres which I giue to my Son Edward which acre I have all redey layed out to him which 
acre of salt marsh with what I haue all readey guien to my Said Son I do now by these presents 

June 14, 1722, Joseph gave to his son David all his right in the new town called Chester, for 
his portion of all his estate. 

June 13, 1722, Joseph gave to his eldest son Ruben, of Hampton Falls (spelled once in the 
deed Rubion) all that tract of land in Hampton between Benjamin Samborn and Jacob Green, 
easterly of Phillcman Blake and westward of Exeter road, ajoyning to the Road or way leading 
to Exeter, and a'llso an acre of Salt marsh to be taken in my Lott of marsh lying in Haiies 
farm.e so called ajoyning to Perkings Crik this L'pland and Marsh as aboue Said I guie to my 
Eldest Son Rubeon Samborn for his Dubell petition. 

Same day, June 13, 1722, I Joseph give to son Edward now dwelling in Same Parrish for 
his portion of the Estate that halfe of the lott of L'pland in ye 3rd West Division which I 
bought of Samuel Clifford ajoyning to his own land wliere his house now standeth in Hampton 
and all my right in the new plantation so called as in tlie Records of Hampton may appear and 

. '..( .A 


what satisfaction belongeth to niee for tlie higliway that Goeth to Exeter tlirew my land, allso 
two acres of salt marsh. 

Children : 

i. Abigail, b. April i, 16S6; m. Oct. 7, 1703, Kbenezer Dearborn of Chester, son 

of Dea. Thomas of Hampton. 
ii. Huldah, b. May 3, 16S8; m. Oct. 17, 1705, Jonallian Nason of Hampton Falls ; 
d. Oct. 7, 1758. 
I 22. iii. Reuben, b. May iS, 1692. ... 

; 23. iv. Edward, b. April 7, 1695. 

24. V. Abraham, b. March 10, 1696. 

vi. Mary, b. July 28, 1697; m. Samuel Prescolt, son of James of Hampton; d. 
May 28. 1757. 

25. vii. Joseph, b. July 22, 1700. 

: 26. viii. David, b. Jan. 16, 1702. , 

8. Nathaniel (2) Samborne, born in Hampton, Jan. 27, 1666. Lived 
at Hampton Falls first. One of the proprietors ot" Kin<^ston in 1694. 
Town clerk of Kingston in i6g^-g6. In 1707 served ten days in Capt. 
Jaines Davis's Co. A grantee of Chester. Married (i) Dec. 3, 1601, 
Rebecca Prescolt, daughter of James of Hampton ; she died Aug. 17, 1704 ; 
(2) Sarah Nason, born 1663, died Sept. i, 1748. He died Nov. 9, 1723. 
Will, dated Oct. 25, 1721, mentions wife Sarah, children Ricliard. Jere- 
miah, Rachel, Abigail, Nathan, Jacob, Eliphaz, Nathaniel, Jedediah, 
Daniel, — " the last six b}' my wife yt now is." 

Dec. 10, 1739, Sarah Sanbun (her mark) of Hamp'. Widow & Relict of ye Estate of 
Nathan Sanbun late of Hamp'. Dec"^ for .2{!-5o pd. or Secur^ to be pd. by Nathan Sanbun of 
H. Husbandman conveyed Peel of land in H. given to me by my s<i Husband .... ten acres 
.... Bound'i Southerly on land of Jam^» Prescut notherly on land of Deacon Sanbun Easterly 
on ye Road going from Hamp'. to Exeter & Westerly on land of Ruben Sanbun together with 
al Houses Barns Stables Buildings Orchards Gardens Trees wood way Watercourses Rights 
Prvileges Comodeties Sc appur" .... together w«^ al my moveables w"» in dores & al my Stock 
of w* kind soever Either Cattle Horse Sheep or Sv.ine & al my husbandry tools of w' sort 

Children: . . r., . . ., :-.^ , 

27 i. Richard, b. Feb. 27, 1693. 

28 ii. James, b. Aug. 6, 1696. 

iii. Rachel, b. Oct. 4. 1698; m. Thomas Ward, Dec. 4, 1718, son 01 Thomas; lived 
at Hampton Falls. 

29 iv. Jeremiah, b. Feb. 10, 1701. 

V. Abigail, b. Feb. 22, 1703; m. Luther Morgan of Hampton Falls, son of John. 
Aug. I, 1723. , . . .; :_.,... ., , , . 

30 vi. Nathan, b. June 27, 1709. 

31 "vii. Jacob, b. May 7, 171 1. • . , 

r'nCKfv:;? .t/ ;>i>j:;'^/-. 'iut 

: Ui 

.'. . V c 



32 viii. Eliphaz, b. Dec. 10, 1712. 

33 ix. Nathaniel, b. Nov. 10, 17 14. 

34 X. Jedediali, b. June 10, 1717. 

35 xi. Daniel, b. Dec. 31, 17 19. 

9. Deacon Benjamin (2) Samborne, born in Hampton, Dec. 20, 1668. 
Apparently first lived at Newbur\', since lie witnessed the will of Joseph 
Hill there in i6S7-'SS : afterwards lived in Hampton Falls, where Dr. 
C. H. Sanborn now lives ; was one of the grantees of Kingston, but did not 
live there. Was chosen Deacon of Mr. Cotton's church in 1724. Married 

(i) Sarah , born 1666, died Jan. 29. 1720 ; (2) Meribah (Page) Tilton, 

daughter of Deacon Francis Page, and widow of (i) Josiah Shaw and (2) 
Samuel Tilton. Meribah Samborn died in 1740, and Dea. mar- 
ried (3) Abigail (Gove) Dalton, daughter of Capt. Edward Gove, and 
widow of Philemon Dalton; Abigail survived Dea. Benjamin, and married 
(3) James Prescott. Deacon Benjamin Samborne died in 1740. His will, 

^gf. dated October, 1740, mentions 

u^^ 1^ \ Ty /? wife Abicrail, and children Marv 

t-^C^m^'n \ (^.^vr^ Healey, Joanna Clough, dead", 

O--^ ■ Dorothy Moulton, Theodate 

Samborne, Abigail Colby, Jemima Stacey, Susanna, unmarried, Judith 
Quimby, Ebenezer, Benjamin (who got the land). 

April 27, 1736. Benjamin Samborn of Hampton yeoman foi love and affection .... son 
Benj° Samborn of Hampton convey to him ye East End of my Dwelling House with al ye 
pvileges & appur^ belonging to ye East half or End of s'-^ House & one third of my Orchard 
Bounding on the way w^ti leads to my House and so extending Westerly til it take one third 
part and ye one half part of my land w^i' lyeth between ye country Road & ye way y' lyeth by 
my House Bound'' as followeth Westerly on ^^ Road y' leads by House northerly land of Rubia 
Sambun and Easterly by ye schoolhouse land & Extending from Rubin Sambon' land southerly 
til it take ye one half of ye s<i Peice of land belonging to me. 

Children : 

i. Mary, b. Oct. 27, 1690; m. Jan. 13, 1716, Wm. Healey, son of Samuel of 

Hampton Falls. 
ii. Joanna, b. Dec. i, 1692; m. Jan. 13, 1714, Cornelius Clough of Hampton Falls; 

d. in Kingston, 1717. 
iii. Sarah, b. Oct. 30, 1694; m. Dec. 2S, 1714, Reuben Samborne (22); d. April 

26, 1756. 
iv. Theodate, b. 1696 ; m. Dec. 31, 17 19, Jonathan Samborne (38) : d. Oct. 10. 1756. 
V. Dorothy, b. Oct. 27, 169S; m, (i) Jethro Baciiiler of Hampton Falls, May 15, 
V I?."!!, son of Nathaniel, d. May, 1723 : (2) Abraham Moulton of Hampton, Oct. 

13. '^11^^ son of John ; d. Sept. 11, 1757. 
vi. Abigail, b. July 22, 1700; m. Enoch Colby, Dec. 16, 1725. 




vii. Jemima, b. May 17, 1702; m. (i) Stacy; (2) Lord of Ipswich. 

viii. Susanna, b. Sept. 20, 1704: ni. Joshua Blake of Hampton, son of Philemon; d. 
July 21, 1776. ' • 

ix. Benjamin, b. 1706; d. young. 

X. Judah. b. Oct. 26, 170S; m. Dec. 16, 1725, Robert Quimby. 
xi. Benjamin, b. Nov. 7, 171: 
xii. Ebenezer, b. Oct. 10, 1723. 
In 1740 chose Reubet 
Samborn as his <;uar 

Reuben ^•^/^,,^^^^^^^^y^^^^^ ^^^/^ 

jardian-C- ^'^ * '^ ^"^ 

In Capt. E. Williams's company at Louisburg in 1745. His will, dated .\farch, 
1745, and pioved March 26, 1746, mentions kinsman Reuben, to whom he gave 
lands in Chichester, mother Abigail, sisters Susanna, Aliigail Prescott, &c. ; or- 
dered gravestones for father Benjamin and his wife, Meribali. 

10. Capt. Jonathan" (2) Sa.mborne, born in Hampton, May 25, 1672. 
Lived in Kingston, where he was a leading man. In 1705 petitions for the 
^ ^-/i^ » /9 re-settling of Kingston; in 1710 put in a 

y/^sr^'t/^-'^/'T^^'^^'y^ claim tor pasturing horses in King Wil- 

liam's War (not allowed). A well-known 
Indian fighter, — captain of a company in the Indian wars, i724-'25-'26. A 
large landed proprietor, owned a considerable tract in Chester, of which 
town he was a grantee. ^Married, Feb. 4, 1691-92, Elizabeth Sherburne, 
daughter of Capt. Samuel Sherburne of Hampton, whose son Henrv mar- 
ried a sister of the first Governor Wentworth, and became a Provincial 
Councillor. Died June 20, 1741. His will, dated Jan. 4, 1741. mentions 
wife Elizabeth, gives sons Samuel and Jonathan all his lands, and o-ives 
los. each to ciiildren Elizabeth, Acha, ?klargaret. Love, Sarah, and Marv. 

Aug. 16, 1718. I Capt. Jon=» Sambun of Kingstown Gent" in Consideration of love good 
will & affection w^"^ I have and do Bear towards my loving son Sam" Sambun .... of Kings- 
town yeoman .... give twenty Acres wherein his house now Stands Bordering on ye East to 
Doctor Doles land on ye South to ye highway going down to Salisbury on ye west to ye Comon 
land (S; ye north to ye s-^ Cajj' Sarnbuns own land more I freely Give & Grant to my sd Son 
Sam" twenty acres more at ye lower End of ye lott where my Barn now Stands & an acre and 
a halfe of meadow^ lying In ye Crotch of ye Brook k al ye meadow of ye maple Sv.amp & one 
Comon Right; and moreover I give to my 'sA Son Sami' y« third part of a quarter part of deep 
Brook Mill w'=^ was Burn &; is now in y^ s<i Town of Kingstown In Haverhill Road w'" a Pro- 
viso y« s'^ Sam" Sambun pay rifteen pounds current money of this land if so order<^ In my last 
Will & Testament, al of w^^ of these Psents I have delH him my Son Sanv' a Deed of Gift 
Signii w^"^ my own hand &: bearing Even Date. 

June, 1722. Cap' Jon» Sambun of Kingstown, as a free gift to his son Jonatha Sambun of 
K. land on y* East side of little River saw mill, it Being one quarter part of s<i Mill Grant ye 
mill yard Except^, & joyning to Wm. Longs land on y* Southeast on y« Xorwest to v* mill 
Brook it being twenty five acres also Eleven acres lying on y« north side of v* aboves<5 land. 

•av - vif.Afii u :■!. !i" 

'I ■ r i-i: 

■;i r: 


Children : 

i. Elizabeth, b. Dec. 27, 1692; m. (i) April 4, 17 14, John Ladd of Kingston; 
(2) 'Ihomas Webster. 

37 ii. Samuel, b. Sept. 7, 1694. 

iii. Achaicus, b. 1696; apparently never married. 
-. iv. Margaret, bap. March 20, i6gS; m. Jan. 9, 1714, Moses Sleeper of Kingston. 

38 V. Jonathan, b. April 2S, 1700. 

vi. Love, b. Aug. 30, 1702 ; m. Jan. 8, 1720, Rev. John Graham of Exetor. He 
born in 1694 in Edinburgh, Scotland; grad. of Glasgow Univ.; Hon. Deg. 
'"'^ • '"^ from Yale; chaplain in Crown Pt. E.xp., 1762; she d. March, 1725, in Stafford 

— -Sfirings, Conn. ■ 

vii. Dorothy, d. young. 

viii. Dorothy, d. young. ■ ''' 

ix. Sarah, b. April 18, 170S; m. Thos. Rollins of Stratham, son of Moses. 
X. John, b. Dec. 19, 1710; d. February. 171 1. 
xi. Benjamin, b. Jan. 22, 1712; d. 171S. 
xii. Mary, b. Dec. 7, 17 13; m. Peter Samborne (52). 

11. WiLEiAM (3) Samborne, born about 1650; freeman, April 25, 1678. 
Lived in Hampton. In garrison at Oyster River in 1694, and Exeter, 
160^-^6. jMarried, January i, 16S0, Mary Marston, daughter of Thomas 
of Hampton ; she died Oct. 11, 1686. He died Dec. 9, 1744, aged 92. 

Know all men by these presents that I Nathaniel Gookin of Hampton in New Hampsh'' 
Clark, Doe remise, release and forever quittclaime both for my Self my wife Dorothy my heirs 
Exec»» & adm" for Ever all our right or demand to the within Conveyed Land on the other 
Side to Will"^ Samborn having received tull Sattisfaction therefor In Wittness hereof I sett 
too my hand and Sea! this 27 day of November 1716. In the third year of King George his 
Reign over Great Brittalne, &c. 

I did not understand this at first, but later I think it refers to land that 
Thomas Cotton of Brookline, Mass. Bay, yeoman, only son of John Cotton. 
late minister of Hampton, sold, Nov. 27, 17 16, to \Vm. Samborn, Jr., of 
Hampton — 11 acres — which Hampton had granted to John Cotton. 


39 i. John, b. Nov. 8, 1680. 

ii. Mary, b. i6S2-'S3; d. unm. Dec. 22, 1770. 
iii. A daughter, unnamed, b. 1685; d. 16S6. 

12. Josiah (3) Samborne, born about 1654; lived in Hampton. A well- 
to-do man ; owned part of a sawmill in 1693 ; representative from Hamp- 
ton in 1695. ^Married (i) Aug. 25, 
1681, Hannah Moulton, daughtcjr 

1^ of William of Hampton, died Nov. 
6, 16S7 ; (2) 1690, Sarah ( ) 

,';!', -/tJ't;,,'!/, 

,.\ f 


Perkins, widow of Jonathan of Hampton, died Sept. i, 174S. Josiah died 
in 172S. His will, dated Nov. 2S, 1727, proved 172S, mentions wife Sarah. 
and all his children except William and Hannaii. 

Josiah Samborn of Hampton Planter as well for and in Consideration of \« Natureall alTec- 
tions and ftatherly Love w^h I have and doe bare unto my wel beloved Son William Samborn of 
j« Same Town & Province above Said with other Good Causes and Considerations me at this 
present time Especially moveing doe give Grant alinate make over and Confirm unto the Said 
William Samborn the one half of my Lott, be the one half twenty acres more or less when it 
shall be Eaqually Devided the whole of Land was Some time purchased by my Honoured 
ffather William Samborn of Hampton aforesaid Late Deceased and part of it given to me the 
said Josiah Samborn as by his last will and Testament may more fully appear and now the one 
half of my right in that place I have give unto my Son William Samborn as above Sd. the 
above mentioned Lott of Land is Lying and being within the bounds of the Township of Hamp- 
ton as above Sd in a place near, and adjoyning to the Comon Road way that goeth from 
Hampton falls comonly So called To Exeter Town Lying adjoyning to the Line between 
Hampton Commons and Exeter, the Said William Samborn to have his half adjoyning unto 
E.teter line next to the Land of Theophilas Smith and other Land of Exeter mens To have &. 
to hold .... 1st of .Aprill, 1701. Josiah Samborn. 

I Josiah Samborn of Hampton Farmer for and in Consideration of y« naturall atfection •'t 
fatherly loue which I haue & doe bare unto my Son Jabez Samborn of y^ Same Town A: for 
divers other good causes and Considerations me at this present time Especially moveing. Doe 
Giue Grant & Confirm unto m\' S'^ Son Jabez Saniborn & after my Decease the one half of that 
lott of Land where my Son William Samborn now Dwelleth being situate & Lying within y" 
bounds of Hampton above &<*, and that half of y« whole lott which I giue my Son Jabez Con- 
tains thirty or forty acres be }« Same more or less (the other halfe I haue Giucn unto my s<ison 
William as before mentioned) & Lyieth neere the Road Leading from Hampton Falles to 
Exeter: I doe Reserue only a small Peice of an acre or Something more v,-hich is an Orchard 
Lying Southward of William's Barn for euer to be at my Dispose — as allso a piece of Land of 
about three or t'ouer acres of pasture which my s'^ Son William hath cleared which my s<i Son 

William is to haue ten years, and then it shall Return to my said Son Jabez June 10, 

1713- Josiah Samborn. 

May 5, 17 18. I Josiah Samborn of Hampton in consideration of the natureal! affection and 
Love which 1 have and doe bear unto my welbeloved Grand Son Daniel Samborn Son of We!- 
liam Samborn Late Deceased of the Town and Province above said me at this Especially 
moveing Have Given .... a Certaine tract of upland Lying in the above s*^ Town of Hampton 
in a place Called Samborn's farm Vis' : one eighth part of the farm formerly William Samborns 
Deceased, being ten acres more or less as it is bounded on the West or Westerly on the Land 
formerly mine and Given by me to my Son William Samborn Deceased and on the East or 
Easterly Land of Jabez Samborn tuning over the way towards the north. 

Children : 

40 i. William, b. March 28, 16S2, 

ii. Hannah, b. 1684; m. April 28, 170S. Jacob Garland of Hampton Falls, son of 
Jacob of Exeter ; d. before 1727. 

/ .■ ■ / ' ■ Mi.. 

) ' ■ :il 


iii. Sarah, b. 1686; m. Jan. i, 1705, David Robinson of Exeter; d. at Kensington, 
Aug. 29, 1778, aged 96. 

41 iv. Jabez, b. March 24, 1691. .^ 

42 V. Keziah, b. March 15, 1693. 

vi. Rachel, b. March 13, 1695; m. Dec. 21, 1715, Joshua Brown of North Hampton, 

son of Jacob; d. Feb. 17, 1742. 
vii. Jonathan, b. April 26, 1697; d. March 2, 1757, unm. 

43 viii. Reuben, b. April 10, 1699. 

ix. Abner, b. Sept. 3, 1702 ; d. unm. at Louisburg, 1745. 

X. Richard, b. Aug. 9, 1705 ; d. unm. at Hampton, July 28, 1761. 

13. Mephibosheth (3) Samborxe, born in Hampton, Nov. 5, 1663. 
Lived in Hampton ; in garrison at D. Tilton's, 1696. Married Lydia 
Levit, daughter of Hezron ot* Hampton ; died Aug. 16, 1751. He died 
Feb. 5, 1749. 

Sept. 29, 1699. Mephibosheth sold for Fifteen &-= )iine pounds to Samuel Melsher of Hamp- 
ton carpenter fifteen acres, being one quarter part of the Tract his Father W™ Sandborn bought 
of John Foulsham of Exeter 

Nov. 16, 1702. Edmund Johnson & Peter Johnson both of Hampton for twenty pounds 
paid by Mephibosheth Samborn and John Moulton son of Henry Moulton of Hampton late 
Dec — as also for other good causes, with the consent and approbation of our hond. Mother 
Ruth Johnson sold Mephibosheth Samborn and John Moulton seven acres of upland and swamp 
ground in Hampton in a place called the carttield, .... 

Dec. 31, 1706, for about eight pounds paid by Peter Johnson (weaver.^) 60 or 70 acres, 
ivhich two shares as above mortgaged was granted to his father Wm. Samborn Sen. 

Dec. 16, 1 7 19 for fifty shillings paid by Philemon Blake, Meph. sold half a share in the Com- 
mon on y^ Falls side of the Town with all the undivided Land that belongs to half a right in 
y* Common on the Falls Part 

Oct. 30, 1742. Mephibosheth Samburn of Hampton yeoman for four hundred pounds paid 
by his son Nathan conveyed all his estate real and personal in Hampton, viz my Dwelling 
House and all my Building and my Land which layeth adjoining where my Dwelling House 
stands Bounding Northerly on the way that goes to the Beach, Southerly on upland of y« 
Browns Westerly on Land of Jabez Dows. Easterly on the way that goes from the Beach Land 
near my House to the .Marsh, Eight acres more or less as it is. And all my Land which I 
bought of Peter Johnsons which is Bounding Westerly on said way going near my Dwelling 
House to the .Marsh Easterly on land of John Moultons Northly on said way going to the 
Beach. Southly on or near the Marsh six acres more or less. Also all my land in the nrst 
Division of the five Divisions in said Hampton both on the Northly and Southly sides of Let- 
tie River, Also about one acre and a half of meadow w hich I have laying at the Eastly end of 
the East Field near the Beach, And also about one acre and a half near the Great Pond of 
Saltmarsh Bounding Eastly on ^L-^rsh of Jonathan Samborn, Westly on .Marsh of the Moul- 
tons, Northly on Marsh of Jeremiah .Moultons Soutlily on ,\Larsh of Jonathan .Moulton, To- 
gether also with one share of Thatch Ground laying on the Great Ox Common Together with 
all the priveledges .... 

/ ', >fri A'-ionrK' 



Children : 

i. Mary, b. Feb. 24, 1^95; rn. Dec. 19, 171S. Tucker Cite, 
ii. Lydia, b. June il, 1697: ni. April 21. 1720, Robert Goss. 

iii. Sarali, b. 1699; ni. Feb. 11, 1725, John French of Hampton Falls, son of John. 
44 iv. Nathan, b. Aug. 8, 1702. 

V. Abigail, b. Oct. 22, 1704; m. Nov. 11, 1736, Samuel Thorn of Salisbury. 
vi. James, b. i7o6-"o7; d. young and unm. 
vii. Rachel, b. Feb. 15, 170S; d. unm. July 16, 1736. 

14. Stephen (3) Samborne, born in Hampton, Sept. 4, 167 1. Said 
by D. H. S. to have lived in a "side-hill cave" thirty years. Lived in 
Hampton: in garrison at D. Tiiton's, i6g^-'c)6 ; at Exeter 1696; a soldier 
in 1704 and 1708. In 1704, Samuel Roby of Hampton complained that 
Stephen was, with others, concerned in a riot. Married July 26, 1693, 
Hannah Philbrick, daughter of Lieut. James of Hampton. Died June 21. 

Nov. 16, 1719. Stephen Samborn Sen. of Hampton, husbandman for y^ Love Good will 2c 
Affection for my two Sons Stephen & James Samborn together w"* y« Proviser or Consideration 
hereafter mentioned .... give them this upland & marsh bounded as followeth (\'iz') ail my 
home-Sted where I now live being by estimation forty acres, Joyning to E.xeter Road on y« 
North to y« Land of Josiah Samborn on y* East & to y* Land of Tho' Elkins on y« South & 
ab' eight acres of marsh (bounds) .... with y* Proviser or Consideration y' my two Sons 
Steplien and James do provide keep and maintain me a good & Comfortable house to Live in 
till it Please God to take me away by Death, & Pay all my Taxes or Rates for me W^^ may arise 
from year to year or yearly so long as I shall Live & yt my Son James do pay to his Sister 
Hannah five pounds on demand .... reserving one half of all to my Self as Long as I do Live 
& after my Decease all above written Ls for them & y« heirs .... E.x'' Adm» & Assigns. 

Oct. 16, 1717 Steven gave to his son Stephen si.x acres neer y^ meeting house bounded 
Westerly to y« Land of Rich^ Samborn & Easterly to y^ Land of Joseph Shaw, & three acres in 
y* East field «S: one Share in ye Ox Comon of marsh and upland & one acre of fresh meadow 
by y* Sea. 

Sept. 19, 1734. I Stephen Samborn (his mark) of PLamp in Consideration of Natural 
affection «& fatherly love for .... Sons Stephen Samborn Jun. & James Samborn of H. I give 
unto my other children five Shill* to each Son and five to Each Daughter hereafter mentioned 
(viz') to my Daughter Ann Chandler five Shill', to Son Abiathar five Shill', to my Daug'iiter 
Abigail Tilton five Shili", & to my Daugh"" Amme Samborn 5 shill^, & to my Son Zadoc five 
shill', 1.^ to my Daughter Mary Samborn five slnll" & to my Son jon* Samborn five Shill* .^ my 
Son* Steph : Samborn & James Samborn is to pay their Brother" lijc Sisters Equally Between 
them ye s'' Steph : & Jams & their heirs .... is to have — upland, 30 acres .... it one half of 
the land where I now dwel & ye other half is already given to my Sons Steph : & Jam' .... & 
8 acres of salt marsh, the other half of my salt marsh is already given to Steph : & Jam'. 

Children : 

45 i. Stephen, b. May i, 1694. •■: 

irvr: ■/./.:- •</ •■>'M:'tr'' 

••7 '■ 


46 ii. James, b. June 20, 1697. 

iii. Anne, bap. Sept. 10. 1699; m. Feb. 8, 1726, .Moses Chandler of .Andover, Mass. 
iv. Hannah, b. June 23, 1701 ; m. Feb. S, 1726, William Palmer of North Hampton, 

son of Joseph ; d. Dec. 8, 1776. 
V. Phebe, b. June 20, 1703: m. Feb. 13. 1724, Elisha Prescott of Hampton Falls, 

son of James; d. Nov. 28, 172S. 

47 vi. Abiathar, b. Feb. 25, 1705. 

48 vii. Zadok, bap. June i, 1707. 

viii. Amy, bap. Dec. 10, 17 10: m. Jacob Samborn (31). 
i.x. Abigail, bap. June 15, 1712; m. March 13, 1733, Abraham Tilton of Hampton 

X. Mary, b. July 17, 1715 ; m. Oct. 28, 1736, John Mason of Hampton, son of Rob- 
ert ; d. Oct. 25, 1778. 

49 xi. Jonathan, b. March 16, 1718. 

15. John (5) Samborn, born in 16S3. Lived in Hampton Falls in 
1710. Moved to Kingston about 1725. In 1707 went witii Capt. Samuel 
Cliesly's expedition to Norridgewock. A proprietor of Chichester. Married 
Jan. I, 1707, Mehitabel Fifield, daughter of Benjamin Fifield of Hampton, 
who was killed by the Indians in 1706. Died Jan. 4, 1732. March 4, 
1733, Mehitabel, his widow, was appointed administratrix. Oct. i, 1735, 
a committee was chosen to divide the estate of John Samborn, late of Kings- 
ton, whose five children are named. D. H. S. says he died in 1724, and 
his widow married (2) Jacob ]Morrell. 

May 8, 1716. Jolin Samborn for the Love and Naturall affection for his Son Peter Samborn 
and as a Reward to hi.s Obedience and faithfull Service gave him a certaine Messuage or ten- 
nement of housen and Lands in Hampton Containing two Shares of Land, — forty acres with 
the Wood and Timber thereon — Bounded as followeth Viz : Nortlierly by Land of Cap' Wad- 
ley and Nathaniel Batchelder and Easterly by a highway and Southwardly by s'^ Son Peter's 
own Land and Westwardly by a highway : Said Tract Lyeth in the tirst Westerly Division 

April 19, 1715. Joseph Cram of Hampton Cord-winder for divers considerations but es- 
pecially in consideration of Carpentry work done for him. about his Dwelling house by John 
Samborn Sen. sold to Peter the son of s<^ John a Certaine Lott or half Share of Land Com- 
rr.only so called that contains eleven acres. — in the first West Division — between the Lotts 
sometime Thomas Dearborns and Josiah Dows. 

Jan. 13, I7i7-'i8. I John Samborn of Hampton for Love >S: Naturall afection for my Son 
Abner and as a Reward to him for his Obedience and faithfull services, allso in consideration 
that Abner his heirs, assigns & Admiss" to maintain me & my Wife in Sickness i in Helth 
during our Naturall Lives with what our Labours Will contribute towards ye Same ; (S; to 
make provision of all Such things for us & Each of us as may be Judged necessary and Con- 
venant for our deacent and comfortable .Maintenance in all Conditions that y* Providance of 
God may bring unto us in & Dureing Naturall Life — & pa\ing all my Just depts & funeral 
Expences .... Certaine mesuage or tenement of Land .... Comonly called my homestid 

V:>C/. k r \/.-.' / v-jii/A- 

'i -I -iF.f. ;■...,.'■, .r, 

'. i) 


Containing by Estimation about fourty acres of upland EaraLIe Ground & Orchard & Pasture 
land With all y* Buildings thereon: 

allso about Seven acres of Medow or marsh Land adjoyning to s"* upland : allso about Ten 
acres more of marsh adjoyning to afores'^ Seven acres ; allso about eight acres of marsh Land 
Laying in s<i town of Hampton (alios) Sal'sbury ; allso on of my freehold Rights in y Comon 
land in Hampton (viz that which was granted to my P^athcr : with about ten acres on y« South- 
erly Side of Cock hill in Hampton lately laid out to s^ comon Right: allso about twenty acres 
in ye first Westerlv Divison .... as absolute E.state of inheritance in fee Simple: y« on half 
thereof from y^ day of y* date hereof forever and y* other Flalf thereof from y« day of my deceas 
or death.. . . . allso hereby convey to him my Son Abner and to his Sucssers all my Stock of 
Cattel of all Sorts & Kinds & all other Cretors belonging to me With all my utensils for Hus- 
bandry; & all my tooles for Carpentrey worke : & two felher beds with y« furniture belonging 
to them ; & all my Debts that shall be due to me at my Decease ; by Book bill Bond or Other 
ways Whatso Ever .... 

And allso to free s** premises from .... Incumbrances E.vcepting my Present Wifes thirds or 
Right of Dowrie .... Only with this Reserve & Proviso: that in Case he s"^ Son Abner — or 
his heirs .... Shall Neglect or Refuse to make provision of ^ to Suply me y« s-^ John Samburn 
& mv Present Wife with Such things as Shall be nesecary & Conveniant for Our Suport and 
Comfortable maintenance both in Health 5: Sickness Dureing our Natural! Lives; or to make 
Payment of any of my Just debts; owing from me at my decease that then any part of y* 
aforementioned Premises Shall be Liable or Subject to Execution for y« Supply of such Refusall 
or neglect ; & I do Reserve Liberty to Sell so much of s*^ premises as Shall be needful for our 
Comfortable maintenance in Casse my s'^ Son or his Sucksesors as afores'' shall faile in theire 
performing of ye Same. .- 

Children : 

50 i. Tristram, b. Oct. i, 1710. 

ii. Abigail, b. May 6, 1713; m. Feb. 10. 1736, Elisha Swett of Kingston: d. March 
s ID, 1802. 

51 iii. Paul. b. Feb. 21, 1715. 

iv. Mary, b. 171 7; m. June 2, 1737, Jonathan Blake of Kensington, son of Moses. 
V. Sarah, bap. Dec. 3, 1721 ; m. Aug. 29, 1741, John Dent. 

16. Tristram (5) Samborn, born in 16S4. Lived in Kingston ; select- 
man there in 1725 and after. Representative trom there in 1734, i736-'37. 
Deacon for thirty years. D. H. S. says he was an ensign. Grantee oi 
Stevenstown. His house was burned by Indians, so he built a garrison- 
house on the site. Married April 25, 171 1, Margaret, dau. of Wm. Taylor 
of E.xeter ; born 16SS, died April 3, 1771. He died Jan. 7, 1771. Will, 
dated 1753, proved March S, 1771, mentions wife Margaret; children, 
William (had the homestead), Peter, Abraham, Tristram, Jethro. 

March 16, 1763. Tristram Samborn of Kingstown, Gentleman and Margaret (her mark) 
his wife and .NLary Philbrick (her mark) of Kingstown, Widow for three thousand on hundred 
pounds old Tenor bills of credit paid by Ephraim Robinson of E.xeter Gentlemen sold him 
seventeen acres and a half in E.xeter, part of the land formerly William Taylor's of Exeter 


Deceased, one bound was land which was set off to the Widow Margaret Taylor for her right 
of Dowery on Nov. 25, 1736 Nicholas Gordon. Edw'd Oilman Carter Oilman, Joseph Thing 
& Joseph Loverein all of Exeter were appointed to divide the estate of William Taylor of Exe- 
ter; to Margaret, the widow, one third, and the remainder betwene Margaret the wife of 
Trustram Samburne, Anna Scrivener Widow. Sarah wife of Isaac Clifford, .Mary wife of Jede- 
diah Philbrick and Abigail wife of Richard Hubbard. 

Children : . . . , ; 

52 i. 'Peter, b. May 25, 1713. 
ii. Jethro, b. 1715; d. 1717. 

53 iii. ..Abraham, b. Marcli 2, 17 17. 

54 iv. /fristram, b. Feb. 2, 17 19. 

55 v., Jethro, b. March 2, 1721. 

56 vi. -William, b. May r. 1723. 
vii. Unnamed child ; d. 1725. 

viii. Judith, bap. 1729; d. 1730. 
ix. Unnamed dau. ; d. 1733. 

. 17. Enoch (5) Samborn, born in Hampton, 16S5. Lived in Hampton 
Falls; owned a mill there in 1750. In 1707, went with Captain Chesly's 
expedition to Port Royal. Married ( i ' 1709, Elizabeth Dennett, daughter 
of Alexander of Portsmouth; (2) April i. 1736, Mehitabel (Blake) God- 
frey, daughter of John Blake of Hampton, and widow of Jonathan Godfrey. 

.March 7, 1760. Enoch of Hampton falls sadc'.er for the Love Oood will & affection which 
I Have & Do Bear to ward my Leoveing Son Joh^; of Kingstown Cordwainer as also for other 
Good Causes .... land in Hales Town my fu!i Right in s"^ Tract Both in the Devided & 

i. Elizabeth, bap. 1712; d. young. 

57 ii. Ebenezer, b. July 25, 171 2. 

iii. Judith, b. Dec. 8, 1715; m. Dec. 26. 1734, John Philbrick of Hampton Falls, 
son of Thomas. 

58 iv. Moses, bap. March i, 1717. 
58a. V. John, bap. July 19, 1719. 

vi. Elizabeth, bap. June iS. 1721 : m. (i ? Z'darch 27, 1740, Alexander Salter of Rye ; 
(2) Dec. 12, 1754, John Damreli. 

59 vii. Enoch, bap. June 28, 1724. 

viii. Sarah, bap. .May 7, 1727. , » 

ix. Isaac, bap. Nov. iS, 1737; d. 1756. 

18. Peter (5) Samborn, born in Hampton in 1690. In the French 
War of 1712, served in Captain Greene"? company (N. H. P., XIV, 12) : 
was one of Hilliard's scouting partv. Lived in Hampton Falls. Married 
Nov. 29, 1716, Apphia Shaw, daughter :f"Caleb of Hampton Falls, master 
of the sloop Jlayjfozi'cr. Died in 17;^: June 3, 1724, his widow was 
appointed administratrix. She married z i Robert Rowe of Kensington, 



and in May, 1735, he was appointed guardian of her children, Lydia and 
Children : 

i. Lydia, b. 1718; d. unm. 173^. 

ii. Esther, b. March 29, 1720; m. P\^b. 3, 1737, Joshua Gilnian of Gilmanton, son 
of Joshua of Kensington. 
^^..— iii. Apphia, b. July 12, 1722; m. Jan. 10, 1739, J*^lin Sleeper, Esq., of Kingston, 
iv. Peter, b. 1724; d. 1730. 

19. Abner (5) Samborn, born in Hampton, April 27, 1694. Married 
Oct. 31, 1715, Rachel Shaw, daughter of Caleb Shaw, and sister ot' the 
wife of Peter Samborn (18). Lived in Hampton Falls. Died Jan. 18, 
1780. Will, dated 1761, proved 1780, mentions all the children e.xcept 
Judith, Jethro, Deborah, and Peter. 

May 5, 1749. Abner Samborn of Hampton falls, yeoman — affection .... .Son John Samborn 
of H. F. cord winder one acre in H. F. where John now lives — one bound was Caleb Samborn's 
land, another a way which leads to the Landing I'lace. 

Children : 

60 i. Caleb, b. July 25, 1716. 

ii. Elizabeth, b. >L-irch 5, 1718; married April 12, 1744, Joseph Smith of Exeter, 
iii. Rachel, b. Aug. 17, 1719; m. Sept. 27, 1738, Jeremiah Benneti. 

61 iv. Daniel, b. ]\Iay 19, 1721. 
62. V. John, b. Jan. 9, 1723. 

, vi. Judith, bap. Nov. 8. 1724. (D. H. S. says she married Perkins.) 

63 vii. Abner, b. Aug. 3, 1726. 

viii. Jethro, b. and d. 1728. • ■ ' 

\ ix. Deborah, b. 1729; d. 1730. 

X. Peter, b. Sept. 13, 1731 : app. d. young. 

64 xi. Timothy, b. June 9, 1733. 

xii. ^Llry, b. July 5, 1735; ""■• (O Ephraim Philbrick of Hampton Falls, son of 
Zechariah ; (2) July 18, 1776, William Blaisdell. 

65 xiii. Coffin, b. Dec. 17, 1737. 

20. Ensign John (6) Samborn, born Nov. 6. 1681, in Hampton. 
Bought a lariie tract of wild land in North Hill, atlerv.-ards called North 
Hampton, and made of it a fine farm. A soldier from Hampton in 170S ; a 
sergeant with thirtv-one men / — > 

under him in Lovewell's ^^ ^"^ j^^r-C^ ^^iTl "^/"^Z ^ -^ ^^^^ 
(1724) ; afterwards an ensign. <^^ y ,^3* ^ 

A grantee and large landholder in Chester. Selectman of Chester in 1724- 
'26. Married Aug. 8, 1701, Sarah Philbrick, dauglUer of Lieut. James o\ 
Hampton, and sister of the wife of Stephen Samborn (14). Died Sept. 3, 
1727. Will, proved 1727, leaves his Hampton lands to sons Daniel and 

>iiy h> 

;Ui i 

, ; "M :.. 

\ 1 

= 1-. VI 

, I ' '. / 






Benjamin ; his lands in Chester to sons Richard, Nathan, and Elisha. En- 
sign John's widow m. (2) Lieut. Thomas Rawlins of Stratham, and died 
May 30, 1 761. 

Children : 

66 i. Daniel, b. Feb. 17, 1702. 

67 ii. Benjamin, b. Nov. 8, 1703. • ■■ . 

iii. Phebe, b. Feb. 6, 1706; m. Nov. 4, 1725, Nathaniel Pease of E.xeter. 

68 iv. Richard, b. May 29, 170S. } ~ . 

' \ Twins. 

69 V. Nathan, b. May 29, 170S. ) 

70 vl. Elisha, b. April i. 1710. 

71 vii. Ebenezer, b. March 4, 171 2. 

viii. Sarah, b. .May 22, 1714: m. (i) Ford: (2) Matthias Weeks of Gilford. 

i.K. Abigail, b. Oct. 24. 1716; m. Thomas Sinclair of .Meredith. 

X. Ruth, b. March iS, 1719; m. Joseph Bean. 

-xi. John. b. May 5, 1721, 
xii. Hannah, b. Feb. 3, 1723; m. Jan. 6, 1745, Deacon Stephen Dudley of Gilman- 

ton, son of Col. Stephen. 
xiii. James, b. April 5, 1724. 
xiv. Mary, b. .March i, 1726: m. William Mead of Meredith. 

Shubael (6) S-AMBORX, born in Hampton in 1694. Lived in 
Hampton. ?klarried June 7, 1716, Mary Drake, daughter of Abraham of 
Hampton. Died May 3, 1759, ^^ apoplexy. 

Children : 

74 i. Shubael, bap. June 2, 1717. * 

ii. Mary, bap. June 19, 1720; m. Benjamin Page of Kensington, son of Lieut, Sam- 
uel Page of Hampton, and brother of Rev. Solomon Page (H. U., 1729). 
H iii. Betsey, bap. 1723; d. young. 

iv. Elizabeth, bap. Dec. 27, 1724; m. Jan. i, 1746, Joshua Towle of Hampton, son 

of Joshua. 
V. John, bap. July 7, 172S. 

vi. Sarah, bap. Sept. 3, 1732; m. (i) James Levet, son of James of Hampton; (2) 
Benjamin Tucke of Hampton, son of Deacon Jonathan; (3) Aug. 18, 1791, 
Jeremiah Towle of Hampton, son of Caleb, 
vii. Nathaniel, b. 1739; d. unm. 1756. 

22. Reuben (7) Samborn, 
born in Hampton Falls, May 
^ iS, 1692. In 1712, one of 

■'^''V*'^^^/'Z_- Hilliard's scouting party in 
the Indian War. Lived in 
Hampton Falls, on tiie place 
where Dr. Charles H. San- 
born now lives. A grantee 
of Chester. Married Dec. 



f ;>oj A i /ii-^ii >; Jioav / 



28, 1714, Sarah Samborn (9-iii), who died April 16, 1756. Reuben died 
April 22, 1756. Will, dated April, 1756, mentions all his surviving chil- 

Children : 

i. Anna, b. Nov. 17, 1715; m. Oct. 25, 1733. John Lovering of Hampton Falls, 

son of Ebenezer of Ipswich and Hampton Falls. 
ii. Mary, b. 17 19; d. young. 

iii. Sarah, b. May 7, 1721 ; ni. Nov. 24, 1743, Edward Sargent of Hampton Falls, 
son of John of Newbury. 
76 iv. Reuben, b. Sept. 22, 1723. 

V. Mary, b. Aug. 9, 1725 ; m. Aug. 12, 1746, Edmund Brown of Ipswich and Hamp- 
ton Falls : afterwards keeper of the prison at Portsmouth, 
vi. Dau. named Abigail; d. young, 
vii. Dau. named Abigail: d. young. 

viii. Abigail, b. April 22, 1731 ; m. Dec. 13, 1750. John Cram of Hampton Falls. 
ix. Phebe, b. 1733; d. young. 

X. Phebe, b. Jan. 13, 1736; m. Jan. 3, 1758, Samuel Philbrick of Seabrook and 
Weare, son of Abner; d. March 5, 18 16. 

23. Edward (7) Samborn, born in Hampton Falls, April 7, 1695. 
Lived in Hampton Falls. A grantee of Chester. Served in Captain 
Green's company in the French War of 1712 (X. H. P., XIV, 12). Mar- 
ried Xov. 21, 171S, Dorothy Roby, daughter of Ichabod of Kingston. 
Edward died about 1727 ; since, on Sept. 24, 1727, his children were bap- 
tized as children of '-Widow Dorothy Samborn," and on Feb. 26, 1727, 
his widow was appointed administratrix. She at'terwards married Hon. 
Benjamin Prescott of Kensington. 

Children : 


i. Huldah, b. 17 19; d. young. 

ii. Meribah, b. 1721; m. Feb. 28, 1738, Bradbury Green of Hampton Falls, son of 


iii. Dorothy, b. 1723; d. young. 

iv. Mary, b. 1726. 

i, iii, and iv died in 1735, within three weeks of each other, of throat distemper. 

24. Abraham (7) Samborn, born in Hampton Falls, March 10. 1696. 
Lived in Kensington. Called "• Hon." by D. H. S. Jan. iS, 1722-23. 
sold land in Hampton to Elisha Prescott. ^Married Jan. 22, 171S, Dorothy, 
daughter of J-ohn Smith, died Jan. 11, 17SS. Died Sept. 2, 1757. 

March 4, 1756. I Abraiiam. Samborn of Parish of Kensington Gent'' for /27, 10 shillings 
pd. by Samuel Dearl)orn of K, husbandman, two acres the southerly end of the lot I purchased 

:-iH r 

tv I 

f . • - t 

* • - '; \ ■ 



of Abner Saniborn. (Abrah"' of Yi, yeoman bought this land [10 acres, for ;/^37] in 1743 
from Abner of Hampton yeoman alias house Carpt;nter) In 1753 Abraliam called himself 

Children : •" 

i. Theophilus, d. young. . . ' • 

ii. Joseph, d. young. 
iii. Abraham, d. young. 

iv. John, d. young. ' - , 

T'] V. Daniel, b. May 28, 1728. 

vi. Theophilus, bap. July 12, 1730; shot by Indians near Saco, Me., Sept. 30, 1749. 

78 vii, Joseph, bap. March 31, 1732. 

79 viii. Abraham, bap. Dec. 28. 1735. 

80 ix. John Smith, b. Nov. 6, 173S. 

X. Dorothy, b. and d. 1743. 

25. Joseph (7) Samborn, born in Hampton Falls, July 22, 1700. 
Called Lieut. Joseph. In 1724, served under Sergt. Jonathan Prescott, 
and again under Captain Weare. In 1746, was allowed £8 for thirteen 
men under his command on a scouting party. A grantee of Chester. In 
1743, built on the homestead place the house which is now owned by his 
descendant, ]Miss Sarah Sanborn. Married (i) Jan. iS, 1722, Lucy, 
daughter ot'James Prescott ot" Hampton Falls, — she died March 9, 1723 ; 
(2) Susanna James, daughter of Benjamin of Hampton Falls, died June i. 
1761 ; (3) Dorothy (Robv) Hilliard, widow of Benjamin Hilliard. Lieut. 
Joseph died Jan. 26, 1773. 

July 21, 1761. Joseph of Hampton Falls, Gen^ for /4,ooo old tenor pd. by my son .Abra- 
ham of Brentwood yeoman sold land in B. where sd. .Abraham now lives, 52 acres. 105 rods, 
bounded W. on a highway, S. on land of David Sanborn, X. on land supposed to be Antipas 
Gilman's in part .... E. on a Range way in part .... 

July 21, 1761. Joseph of Hampton Falls Ycovian {or £2>oqo old tenor pd. by m.y son Joseph 
(residence & business not given) sold land in H. F. beginning at the middle of my dwelling 
house & runing ea*' on Road which leads to Lieut. Joseph Batchelders so far as my land runs 
Northerly thro' the s'^ Dwelling house at the west end & on Land of Reuben Sanborn at y« 
east end until it Contains 12 acres together with y<= East half of my dwelling house «& y* North 
half of my Barn, also land in H. F. beginning at y*" Pepperrage Bush standing in the fence by 
ye Road wich leads from H. F. to Exeter . . . . S acres 

July 21, 1761. Joseph of H. F. yeoman for ,^3,000 old tenor pd. by my Son Benj. sold 
him land in H. F. where sd. Benj. now lives, bounded, easterly on Highway which leads from 
Hampton to Exeter .... 20 acres. 

Nov. I, 1764. Joseph Samborn of Hampton Falls, Gent, and Dorothy (her mark) wife of s^ 
Joseph and lately the Widow & Relict of Benjamin Hilyard late of Hampton Falls, for two 
hundred pounds paid by David Batchelder sold sd Dorothy's Right of Dower in sd. Benjamin 
Hilyard's real estate in Hampton Falls. 

.1. .f. ''M. .v: 

■ ;r\ -.y.i 

I ' , j 



\-ix~\ J' ■■■-■ -^ , ^'■'■i.• .. ■'» 

"'- . ^ I— ' ' - • - ; - 1 . ? ' ■ re t '■ >•■■•»- V 

^ -i ^ t i— " 






13 =^ 


Children : .. ' •; .. 

'J • 
i. Lucy, b. Jan. i6, 1725; m. Jolin Samborn (62). 

81 ii. Joseph, b. May 14. 1726. 

iii. Susanna, b. April 28, 172S; m. Capt. William Prescott of Hampton Falls and 
Sanbornton, a captain in the Re%olution ; son of Samuel of Hampton Falls, and 
grandfather of the antiquarian. Dr. William Prescott. 

82 iv. Benjamin, b. Feb. 2, 1730. 

83 V. Abraham, b. May 25, 1732. 
vi. John, b. 1734: d. young. 

vii. Mary, b. Mav 23, 1736; m. Deacon Jeremiah Lane of Hampton Falls, son of 

Deacon Joshua. 
viii. John, b. Dec. S, 173S ; d. June 26. 1761. 

26. David (7) Samcorx, born in Hampton Falls. Jan. 16, 1702. In 
1722, served under Maj. John Oilman. Lived first in Hampton Falls, then 
in Barnstead, where his will is dated, June 7th, 1775. Inherited land in 
Chester tVom his father, but sold it. D. II. S. says he died Jan. 16, 1777. 
at Shaker Village, in Canterbury, X. H. Married March 2, 1727, Abigail 
Glidden, who died at Shaker Village, Jan. 15, 1S05. David and his first 
son were baptized the same day, in 1728, at Hampton Falls. 

Children ; . 

i. Edward, d. young. 

ii. Jeremiah, d. young. 

iii. David, d. young. 

iv. Elizabeth, bap. in Hampton Falls, May 6, 1733; m. John Muggett or Mudgett. 

V. John, bap. April 6, 1735; '^ young. . 

vi. David, bap. 1737; d. young. 

84 vii. Edward, bap. April i, 1739. 
viii. Abigail, bap. 1741 ; d. young. 

85 ix. Jeremiah, b. June 27, 1744. " ■ 

86 X. John, bap. Aug. 24, 1745. 

87 xi. Joseph, bap. Jan. 10. 1748. 

27. Richard (S) Samborn, born in Hampton F^.ls, Feb. 27, 1693. 
I/ived in Kensington. In 1712, one ot' Hilliard's scouting party in the 
Indian War. In 1722, served under Maj. John Oilman. Married (i ) Jan. 
21, 1713, Elizabeth Batchelder, who died in 1753, aged 55; (2) Judith 
(Gove) Prescott, daughter of Ebenezer Gove, and widow of Capt. Jonathan 
Prescott, who died at Louisburg in 1746. Died Sept. 14. i773- ^'^ '^■' 
dated April 8, 1772, mentions wife Judith : children, Jeremiah (dead), David 
(dead), Mary Clough (dead) , Jonathan, Moses; and these children ot 
Jeremiah, — David, Jeremiah, Abigail, Rebecca, Hannah. 

• i -it ;.,, / 


1761, Jan. 26. Richard Sanborn of Kensinj^ton husbandman for affection for son Richard 
Jun'' of K, Labourer granted him 68 acres in Chester, one bound land which I formerly sold 
my son Jeremiah. 

Nov. 5, 171 7. Nathaniel Sanburn of Hampton for ^^30 sold his son Richard of H 22 acres 
in H, bounded on the nor"' to the Land of Caleb Swain, to the south with the Land of John 
Derborn and a highway at each end, Lot No. 1 10. 


88 i. Jonathan, b. Feb. 18, 1714. 

89 ii. Moses, b. July 12, 1717. 

iii. Rebecca, b. Nov. 11, 171S; d. unm. 1735. 

90 iv. David, b. June 9. 1721. 

V. Mary, b. Jan. 22, 1724; m. May i, 1753, Benjamin Clough of Kensington, an 

ensign in Capt. William Prescott's company in the Revolution. 
vi. Abigail, b. Oct. i, 1725 ; m. July 9, 1744, Richard Currier. 

91 vii. Jeremiah, b. Jan. 16, 1730. 

viii. Richard, b. 1732; d. 1735 of throat distemper. 
ix. Betsey, b. 1734; d. 1735 of throat distemper. 

92 X. Richard, b. Feb. 23, 1737. 

28. James (8) Samborn, born in Hampton Falls, Aug. 6, 1696. Lived 
in Kensington. In 1722, served in Captain Sherburn's company. Mar- 
ried Jan. 18, 1720, Elizabeth Levet, daughter of Aretas of Hampton; she 
died May 2, 1770. He died after 1772, for his will is dated in that year, 
and mentions children Henry and Elizabeth. 

Children : 

93 i. Henry, b. .^L1y 27. 1721. 

ii. Elizabeth, b. .ALiy 7, 1726; m. Capt. Jethro Sanborn of Sandown {SS)- 
iii. Ruth, d. young. 
iv. Joseph, d. young. 
V. James, d. young. 

29. Jeremiah (8) Samborn, born in Hampton Falls, Feb. 10, 1701. 
A grantee of Chester. Probably died young, as no further record is found 
concernincr him. .> ■ — 

June 2. 1722 J. S. of Hampton weaver sold Reuben Samborn of H. farmer i share in tp. of 
Chester except the home lot. 

30. Nathan (S) Samborn, born in Hampton Falls, June 27, 1709. 
Lived first at Hampton Falls, and had five children born there. Moved to 
Epping : there in 1747. Married in 1733, Catherine Sattalee, born Feb. 
21, 1710, died in Sanbornton, Feb. 16, 1810. aged almost one hundred. 
Signed the Test Act in Epping. Will, dated July 6, 1775, Proved April 
21, 1784, mentions wife Catherine and children Xathan, Hannah Cass, 
Mary Dow. 

<r:-)r, -y^ 

A :l -.1 .ic^-i 

1 o : 


Oct. 25, 1739. ^'atlian Samljon of Hamp' for £-j2 pd. by brother Jacob Sanbourne of 
Exeter sold him 100 acres in Exeter which he purchased of Cornelius Conier of E. 

Children : 

i. Sarah, b. Feb. 15, 1734; d. young. 

ii. Hannah, b. Dec. 17, 1735; m. Joseph Cass as his 3d wife. Joseph uas the 
grandfather of Hon. Lewis Cass, and lived in Exeter. 

94 iii. Nathaniel, b. Dec. 17, 1737. 

iv. Mary, b. Oct. 29, 1746; m. Ebenezer Dow of Epping. 

95 V. Nathan, b. Feb. 22, 1749. 

31. Jacob (8) S.vmborn, born May 7, 1711. Lived first in Hampton 
Falls and Kensington; moved about 1741 to Epping. Married Dec. 29, 
1731, Amy Samborn (14-viii). 

March 17, 1741. J. S. of Epping yeoman for ,,^40 sold to Jont. Prescott 1-6 of right of 
land in Chester granted to honored father Nath' Samborn of H. F. 

Dec. 13, 1740. Jacob Sanbun of P^xeter yeoman for ^150 sold Elizabeth Wood of Chester 
Spinster one home lott of 20 acres in Chester, which was laid out to the orig. right of Nath' 

March 27, 1752. Jacob SamJDorn of Epping Husbandman for ^330 old tenor sold John 
Carr of E husbandman, nine acres and seventy rods, part of my homestead I now live, 
bounded S. on land of sd. John Carr, W. upon Nottingham L, N. upon the land oi Nathan 
Samborn and E. upon my own land 

Children : 

i. Amy, bap. April 3, 1733, in H. F. ; m. McCrillis of Dcerfield. 

ii. Abigail, bap. in H. F. June 13, (736; m. T. James of Kensington, probably son 
V of Israel of same. 

iii. Jacob, bap. in H. F., July 30, 173S; d. young. 
I 96 iv. Jeremiah, b. in Kensington, Aug. 18, 1741. 

97 V. Joseph (possibly Josiah), b. 1743. 

98 vi. Daniel, b. 1745. 

vii. Hannah, b. 1747; m. Benjamin Sinclair of .Meredith, son of Thomas Sinclair. 
viii. Huldah, b. 1749; m. July 23, 1776, Constantine Sinclair of Sanbornton, brother 
of Benjamin, above. 

32. Elipkaz (S) Samborn, born in Hampton Falls, Dec. 10, 1712. A 
blacksmith. Bought land in Chester, Dec, 1737, and setded on it. His 
name is found on the Chester records. Said by D. H. S. to have died 

Dec. 16, 1745, for /loo, sold Edmund AUit of Amesbury 25 acres in Chester "part of 
additions showl lot laid out to original right of Nath" Samborn." 

July 3, 1752 for ^400. sold Josiah Hook of Salisbury 60 acres in Chester: Elizabeth Sam- 
born made her mark. ":■■' ■ . • . . . o'.j * ,' 

'XY.f.a 'i/.ji,:.: '■ ! ■»( 

1 :;. ,■ J 


33. Nathaniel (8) Samborn, born in Hampton Falls, Nov. 10, 17 14. 
Said by D. H. S. to liave lived in Chester. 

34. Jedediah (S) Samborn, born in Hampton Falls, June 10, 1717. 
Lived first in Newbury. Married in Hampton Falls, June 2S, 1737, Mary 
Rogers, "both of Newbury." Moved to Wethersfield, Conn., where his 
name appears in the town records. According to the record ofF. G. San- 
burn of Knoxville, III., he married a second wife in Wethersfield, whose 
name, however, is not given. 

Children : • 

i. Mary, b. ; m. Mr. Kelsey of Middletown, Conn., a mill owner. 

ii. Patty, b. ; m. Mr. Burnhani. 

Hi. Lois, b. ; d. unm. 

By second wife, and born in Wethersfield : 

iv. Sarah, b. Dec. 10, 1755; d. unm. 

99 V. Nathaniel, b. Feb. 6, 1757. 

35. Daniel (8) Samborn, born in Hampton Falls, Dec. 31, 1719. 
Probably never married, and died young. D. H. S. says he lived in Ches- 
ter, but I doubt it, since on Feb. 27, 1749, the parish of Hampton Falls had 
charge of the property of Daniel Samborn, late of Hampton Falls, and 
Benjamin Hilliard was chosen to look after it. 

36. Benjamin (9) Samborn, born in Hampton Falls, Nov. 7, 1712. 
Lived in Hampton Fulls. Married (i) Dec. 27, 1733, Hannah Tilton. 
daughter of David of Hampton Falls; (2) Oct. 25, 1736, Dorothv (Tilton) 

^-»< ^ f\ Prescott, daughter of Jethro Tilton of 

'y^f ^1/ ^ i(.Li iiS3^^^^^^ ^'^^mp^on Falls, and widow of James 

• Prescott of Hampton Falls. Died in 

Hampton Falls in 1752. Will, dated 1748, proved Dec, 1752, mentions 

wife Dorothy (who was with child), and children Molly and Dudle}'. 

Children : 

i. Benjamin, bap. Nov. 16, 1735 ; d. young. 
ii. Molly, bap. Feb. 26, 173S; m. July 15, 1756, Jonathan Stanyan of Chichester. 

100 iii. Dudley, b. May 22, 1742. 

loi iv. Theophilus, b. June 19, 1747. 

37. Lieut. Samuel (10) Samborn, born Sept. 7, 1694, in Hampton. 
Lived in Kingston ; there in 1727. In 1724, served in his father's com- 
pany. Probably the Samuel Samborn who was at Louisburg, in 1745, in 

JJapt^ir> Light's company. Married (i) Aug. 19, 1718, Elizabeth (Fol- 

V,l. 1 

I .■ 

1 i - : -; i ; ■ ', r ; i 

7 , '■ 


som) Colcord, daughter of Peter Folsom of Kingston ; she died April 8, 
1756; (2) Aug. 4, 1757, Elizabeth Pettingiil of Kingston, who died Oct. 
16, 1762. He died April 8, 1765. 

Aug. I, 1748. Samuel Sanborn of Kingston yeoman for _;^ 5 00 old tenor pd. by his son 
Benjamin Sanborn of K, cordwainer sold him 20 acres in K, it being part of 30 acres laid out 
to right of Jacob Gilman. also 3 acres laid out to right of John ffifield 

Aug. 7, 1749. Samuel sold his son Benj. several pieces in Kingston .... one tract was i 
of what now remains over & above what I sd. Samuel with my brother Jonathan Sanborn sold 
to Jonathan Sanborn Jun. of Kingstown. 

Children : 

102 i. Benjamin, b. May 20, 1719. 

ii. Dorothy, b. May 3, 1721 ; m. (i) Aug. 10, 1741, Thomas Dearborn of Chester, » 

son of Ebenezer of same ; he d. 1754, and she m. (2) Samuel Emerson, Esq., •' . v; 
of Chester. ^/'-c-',*. /\ '--- 

iii. Elizabeth, b. April 7, 1723; m. April 11, 174S, John Mudgett. ., ''^o-, , ■'' ■', ' 

''' '' ' -^ -<■-><. 

38. Jonathan (10) Samborn, born in Kingston ; baptized there April 
28, 1700. Lived in Kingston. Married (i) Dec. 31, 1719' Theodate 
Sanborn (9-iv) ; (2) Nov. 8, 1757, Hannah Griffin! Will, dated May 7 
and proved June 25, 1760, mentions wife Hannah and children Timothy, 
Samuel, Wooster, Jonathan, Love Clough, and Joanna Crafford. 


103 i. Timothy, b. Aug. 15, 1720. 

ii. Sarah, bap. Jan. 20, 1723; d. 1738. 

iii. Unnamed child ; d. 1728. 

iv. Love, b. June 10, 1726; m. Dec. 5, 1744, Reuben Clough. 

104 V. Samuel, b. March 12. [730. 
vi. Jonathan, b. 1732; d. 1735. 

105 vii. Worcester, b. June 3, 1734. 

viii. Joanna, bap. July 3, 1736; m. April 10, 1755, Robert Crawford. 
ix. Unnamed child ; d. 1738. 

106 X. Jonathan, b. Nov. 23, 173S. 

39. Hon. John (ii) Samborn or Sandborn, born in Hampton, Nov. 
6, 1680. Lived in Hampton; a wealthy and influential man. Representa- 
tive from Hampton, i722-'3-'4, 1727, 1732-3-4-6. 1745-7; speaker ^ro 
leju., 1745 and 1747. An intimate Iriend of Gov. Benning Wentwortii, and 
an original proprietor of the town of Sanbornton, which was named in 
honor of him. Married Dec. 10, 1701, Ruth Roby, daughter of Samuel 
of Hampton; she died April 19, 1753, aged 74. He died Oct. 30, 1767. 
Will, dated 1760, proved 1767, mentions sister ^Liry, heirs Josiah, Jere- 


v: H^f.i'/.,.,y. 'r!/. ' ,.,r ;1 V 1 ' '■, ;-i H T 



miah (wlio had homestead), and his sons John and Jeremiah, widow Ann 
Dearborn, Ruth, wife of Ebenezer Samborn, and her son John. 

Children : 

107 i. Jeremiali, b. Feb. 12, 1703, 

ii. Anna, b. May 27, 1705 ; m. Sept. 30, 1724, John Dearborn of Hampton, son of 
Deacon John of .same. 
loS iii. Josiah, b. Aug. 19, 1707. 

iv. John, b. June 14, 171 1 ; d. unm. 1732. 
V. Ruth, b. Aug. 15, 1715; m. May i, 1735, Ebenezer Samborn (71). 

40. William (12) Samborn, born in Hampton, March 26, 1682. 
Lived in Hampton Falls, near Exeter ; there in 1709. Married Dec. 20, 
1704, Elizabeth Dearborn, daughter of Henry of Hampton and great-great- 
aunt of Maj. -Gen. Henry Dearborn of the Revolution. Served in Captain 
Green's company in the French War of 17 12 (X. H. P., XIV., 12). Died 
April 3, 1718 ; perhaps shot by the Indians, lor in the records of Rev. Mr. 
Cotton appears " Eliz. Samborn bapt., dau. of Wm. Samborn, just after 
his awful death." March 4, 1719, Elizabeth, widow of William Samborn, 
was appointed administratrix. 

May 21, 1735. I William Sambon of Exeter yeoman for thirty pounds pd. by John Weare 
of Ham.p' yeoman sold six acres of marsh in Salisbury, Mass* Bay with al I'onds, Creeks 
Thatch ground Flatts Islands .... appertaining untoj-^s'i; .... and I Ezekiel Samborn of 
Exeter — In y Parish of N — Market yeoman for divers good causes .... and more especially 
on an agreement \v"» my brother y<' above nam \V™ Samborn confirmed to Jn° Weare — al 
Right in y^ marsh as y« marsh was my father Samborns. William Sambon and Ezekiel Sam- 
born signed the deed. 

Children : 

109 i. Ezekiel, b. April 4, 1706. ' ' 
no 11. Daniel, b. Oct. 8, 1708. 

111 iii. William, b. Oct. 31, 17 10. 

iv. Hannah, b. Jan. 4, 1713; m. June 14, 1731, John Folsom of Exeter. 

112 V. Joshua, b. March 16, 1715. 

vi. Elizabeth, b. April 30, 1718: m. May 12, 1737, Capt. Jonathan Oilman of Gii- 
manton, son of Maverick. 

41. Jabez (12) Samborn. born March 24, 1691. Lived in Hampton 

Falls, near Exeter. Married (i) Abigail ; (2) Dec. 29, 1715, Abigail 

Marston, daughter of Ephraim of Hampton, brewer. Died Xov. 19, 1761. 
Will, dated 1760, proved 1761, mentions wite Abial, children Ephraim 
(dead), Josiah, Marston, Tristram, Mary Cram, Phebe, Abial, Hannah 
Conner, and Abraham. ' . ^ 

; . ■^ 5/ , , '.::.' ./. ; ■?-•/ t- 

.1 > \ 



Apriell 3, 1739. J'^bez Samljorn (liis mark) of Hampton yeoman for ^25 pd. by \V"i Sam- 
horn of Exeter sold him two parcells of Land in H. on Peice contains two acres, begining at a 
Stake standing on y^ Westerly side of }<" Cuntrey Road which Leadeth from Exeter to Hamp- 
ton falls & Standeth aboute seventeen Rods & five feet Northerly from yc South East corner of 
sd Wra Samborns Dweling House >!s: from thence Runing South aboute seventy four Degrees 
.... South east of y South East corner of Wm.'s Barn .... to aforesd Cuntrey Road .... to 
a stake standing by \'' South side of Wm"s well of water. The other piece contains 14S rods 
to be taken out of the 3 acres 5: 120 rods which was laid out to Josiah Samborn at west end of 
his land next to Exeter line for satisfaction of y'' Cuntrey Road going through his Land. 

Sept. 21, 1746. Jabez Samburn (his mark) of Hampton Falls Parish yeoman .... for affec- 
tion for Son Ephrim Samburn of H. F. yeoman gave him land in Exeter, 37 acres. 

Children : 

i. Sarah, bap. June 20, 1714; d. young. 
ii. Mary, b. March 20, 171 7; m. John Cram of H. F., son of John. 

113 iii. Ephraim, b. April 20, 1719. 

iv. Abigail, b. Sept. 11, 1721 ; m. Joshua Samborn (112). 

114 V. Josiah, b. .March 21. 1723. 

vi. Phebe, b. Jan. 10, 1725 ; m. (as his 3d wife) Ensign Enoch Samborn (59). 

115 vii. Jeremiah ^Lirston, b. March 25, 1727. 

116 viii. Abraham, b. April 7, 1729. 

ix. Hannah, b. April 6, 1734; m. Conner of Exeter. 

X. Sarah, bap. April 11, 1736; d. young. 

117 xi. Tristram, bap. Jan. 15, 173S. 

42. Kezi.\ii (12) Samborn Hookley, born March 15, 1693. Lived 

in Hampton ; died there May 19, 1785. Married Hookley. Betbre 

her marriage she had an illegitimate son (lather's name not given). 

Child : 

118. i. Winthrop, b.. March 15, 1718. 

43. Reuben (12) Samborn, born in Hampton, April 10, 1699. Lived 
first in Hampton ; moved to Epsom in 1750. Married Margaret . 

Children : 

119 i. Reuben, b. Dec. 25, 1728. 

120 ii. Eliphalet, b. July 28, 1730. 

iii. Lydia, b. June 12, 1732; m. .March 14, 1751, John Page of Epping, son 01 

Samuel of Hampton. 
iv. Sarah, b. March 19, 1734; m. Dec. 20, 1753, John Fletcher Nason of Portsmouth 

and Epsom. 
V. Abigail, b. Aug. 9, 1736; d. unm. 1749. 
vi. Margaret, b. Aug. 9, 1738; m. Dec. 28, 1758, Barzillai French of Epping. 

>. >{,' ' y 

.1 ^M 


44. Nathan (13) Samborn, born in Hampton, Aug. 8, 1701. Lived 
in Hampton ; signed the Test there. Married Nov. 14, 1753, Anna Moul- 
ton, daughter of John of Hampton. No children. Died April 25, 1784, 
leaving his property to wife's nephew, John Moulton. 

45. Stephen (14) Samborn, born in Hampton, May i, 1694. Lived 
in Hampton. Married Nov. 30, 1721, Ruth Levet, daughter of Aretas of 
Hampton; she died rsLay 30, 1776. He died May 30, 1778. 

Children : 

i. Hannah, b. Sept. 14, 1722: m. Chandler; d. 1807. 

121 ii. Amos, b. June i, 1726. 

122 iii. Joseph, b. Aug. 4, 1731. 

iv. Ruth, b. May 12, 1735; '" ^754 ^'^^^ illegitimate child, Samuel Drake Samborn; 
m. Feb. 2, 1762, Ezekiel Moulton of .Moultonborough, son of Ezekiel of Hamp- 

46. James (14) Samborn, born in Hampton, June 20, 1697. Lived in 
Hampton, jNIarried (i) Oct. 25, 1727, Sarah Towle, born i6S9-'9o, daugh- 
ter of Joshua ; (2) May 3, 1757, Esther Shaw, daughter of Roger of Hamp- 
ton ; died April 29, 1796. James died Aug. 4, 1767. Will, dated June, 
1767, proved 176S, mentions wite Esther, son and heir James. 


123 i. James, b. Sept. i, 1760. 

47. Abiathar (14) Samborn, born in Hampton, Feb. 25, 1705. In 
1724, served under Sergt. Jonathan Prescott. Lived in Greenland and 
Epping ; moved late in lite to Parsonsfield, Me., and died there. Married 
Mary , who was admitted to the church in Greenland in 1740. 

Children, all baptized in Greenland: 

124 i. Abiathar, b. 1732. 

125 ii. William, bap. 1739. 

iii. Elizabeth, bap. 1739. ' ■, ■ ' • 
iv. Sarah, bap. 1739. 
V. Dorothy, bap. 1741. 

48. Zadok (14) Samborn, born in Hampton, June i, 1707. Lived in 
Brentwood. r»*Iarried Sarah . Died in 1733. 


126 i. Zadok (posthumous), b. April 19, 1733. • . ' 

/ • ,.:-i;' />HT '•■''. / 

■) ij . . . ■ ■ 

<v ': 

1 ', J •' ' I ' 


49. Jonathan (14) Samborn, born in Hampton, March 16, 171S. 
Lived in Hampton ; signed Test there. Married Priscilia Bryant, who 
died Oct. 12, iSoi. He died Feb. 13, 1804. 

Children : • . 

127 i. Jonathan, b. April 20, 173S. 

ii. Anna, bap. March 23, 1740; m. Eiisha Towle of Hampton, son of Elisha ; d. 
Jan. 16, 1S24. 

128 iii. David, bap. May 23, 1742. 

iv. Priscilia, bap. July 29, 1744; m. Nov. 22, 1764, James Watson of Durham, X. H. 
V. Josiah, b. and d. 1746. 
vi. Sarah, bap. Sept. 13, 1747; m. Oct. 31, 1765, .Andrew Watson of Newmarket, 

N. H. 
vii. Nathaniel, bap. Dec. 30, 1749; d. unm. Nov. 5, 1774. 
viii. Phebe, bap. Oct. 15, 1752: d. 1754. 

50. Tristr.vm (15) Sanborn, born Oct. i, 1710, in Kingston. Lived 
in Kingston. Married Dec. 17, 1730, Abigail Blake, daughter of Moses 
of Hampton. 


129 i. John, b. Nov. 25, 1731. 

ii. Deborah, b. Jan. 27, 1734: m. Nov. 8, 1753, John Tucker of Salisbury, Mass. 

' iii. Lydia, b. Aug. 15, 1736; d. unm. Nov. 27, 1757. 

iv. Hannah, b. Aug. 12, 1740; d. 1743. 

130 V. Moses, b. July 17, 1742. ' 
vi. Simon, b. Dec. 20, 1744; d. 1750. . 

vii. Elisha, b. Dec. S, 174S; d. 1749. 

131 viii. Simon, b. Feb. 2, 1752. , ' 

51. Paul (15) S.anbor.x, born in Kingston, Feb. 21, 1715. Lived in 
Kingston. Married (i) Dec. 14, 1737, ]NLiry Fifield : (2) Dec. 9, 1746, 
Betsey Currier. Moved to Cumberland, Me., and died there in 1778. 

Jan. II, 1747-8. Tristram Sanborn, Jan. of Kingston, yeoman for ^25 pd by Paul San- 
born of K, yeoman land in K, the compleat six Part of one half of the homestead of Mr. John 
Sanborn, late of K, on the Easterly side of the homestead. 

Sept. 22, 1755. Paul Sanborn of Kingston yeoman for /550 pd. by Elisha Sweet of K, 
Gent" land in K, it being half of the easterly half of the home stead of my honi^ father John 
Sanborn, late of K, dec'd. 

Children : - 

132 i. Jonathan, bap. in Kingston. Feb. 4, 1739. 

ii. , b. apparently at same time as 132. (twin) d. 1740. 

iii. Hannah, bap. Sept. 27, 1741 ; d. 1742. 


\>i . 

v. «0»»i^A 


'j]-f'ul r;!^;i'J 

,.'/: ..!• 


133 iv. John, b. Dec. 28, 1743. 

V. Paul, b. Dec. 9, 1745; d. 1746. 

134 vi. Benjamin, b. Aug. 31, 1747. 

vii. Mary, b. Oct. 26, 1748; m. June 5, 1769, Peter Sleeper of Kingston. 

135 viii. Paul, b. Dec. 21, 1752. 

ix. Tristram, b. and d. Nov. 2, 1756. 

52, Peter (16) Sanborn, Esq^, born in Kingston, May 25, 1713. 
Lived in Kingston. ^Married Dec. 14, 1732, ^Nlary Sanborn (lo-xii). 
Representative in Third Provincial Congress (1775) from Kingston. Died 
Jan. 15, 1810 (walked twent}- miles the day before his death), aged almost 

Children : 

i. Daughter, d. April 9, 1733. 

ii. John, b. March 10, 1734; d. 1735. 

iii. Peter, b. June i, 1735 ! d. 1735. 

iv. John, b. Sept. 20, 1736; d. 1737. — ' 

V. Mary, b. March 10, 173S; m. July 12, 1756, Joseph Kimball of Exeter. 

136 vi. Benjamin, b. Dec. 26, 1739. 

vii. Sarah, b. March i, 1742; m. Feb. 9, 1767, Samuel Philbrick of Kingston, 
viii. Unnamed child, b. andd. 1744. 

137 ix. Tristram, bap. April 20, 1746. 

138 X. Peter, b. Jan. 27, 1748. ,. - 

139 xi. John. b. r^Iarch 26, 1750. ,. ,, '' •" 

140 xii. Enos, b. April 7, 1753. 

53. Abraham (16) Sanborn, born in Kingston, ]March 2, 1717. Lived 
in Kingston. Signed the Test there. Married Jan. 6, 1737, Abigail Clif- 
ford, daughter of Samuel of Hampton ; she died Feb. 19, 1797. He died 
Feb. 21, 17S0. 

Children : . 

141 i. Joseph Clifford, b. Nov. 30, 1737. 

ii. Sarah, b. March 26. 1739; d. 1743. ' 

142 iii. John, b. Feb. 19, 1741. 
iv. Deborah, b. Jan. 8. 1743. 

V. Sarah, b. 1745; d. 1746. 

vi. Sarah, b. Feb. 8, 1747. 

vii. Judith, b. Nov. 30, 174S. . , 

viii. Shuah, b. Feb. 11, 175 1. 

143 ix. Isaac, b. March 6, 1752. 

X. Abraham, bap. May 28, 1756; m. Hannah Ouimby; no issue: d. Dec. 14, 1S46. 
She d. Feb. 16, 1849. The estate of Abraham was inherited by his nephew 

•Vfl."./ ^. 

1 -.'< 


54. Tristram (i6) Sanborn, born in Kingston, Feb. 2, 1719- Lived 
in East Kingston. Married Sept. 28, 1742, Hannah Stevens, daughter of 
Major Ebenezer of Kingston. Died Oct. 17, 17S9. Will, proved Nov. 18, 
1789, mentions daughters Hannah Fitield (dead), Eliza Filield, Mary 
Stevens ; John, son of John, and his grandson. 

Children : 

144 i. John, b. July 30, 1743. 

ii. Hannah, b. June 7, 1745; m. June 4, 1765, John Clifford Fifield of Kingston; 

d. before 1789. 
iii. Betsey, bap. April 16, 1749; m. Joseph Fifield of Kingston. 
iv. Mary, b. June 6, 1751 ; m. Samuel Stevens of East Kingston. 
V, Stevens, bap. Nov. 6. 1757; d. young. 

55. Jethro (16) Sanborn, born in Kingston, March 13, 1720. Lived 
tirst in Kingston ; followed the sea, and became a wealthy ship-captain. 
One of his descendants now has a gold watch which Capt. Jethro bought 
in London, in 1765, for fifty Spanish milled dollars. Al"ler retiring from 
the sea, Capt. Jethro settled in Sandown, and became one of the principal 
inhabitants. During the Revolution, he gave $20,000 to buy shoes and 
blankets for the soldiers at Valley Forge. He was often moderator at 
town-meetings, selectman, etc. Married Sept. 14, 1745. Elizabeth San- 
born (2S-ii), who survived him and married (2) Smith of Salisbury, 

Mass. Capt. Jethro died April 25, 17S1. 

Children : 

i. Unnamed child, d. stillborn or only a few days old. 
ii. Unnamed child, d. stillborn or only a few days old. 

iii. Margaret, bap. Nov. 25, 1748; m. (i) Rev. Amos Tappan, Harvard University, 
1758, the third settled minister in Kingston; he d. in 1771, and she m. (2) 
Rev. Jonathan Searle of Salisbury, N. H. ; d. Jan. 24, 1792. 
• ' iv. Elizabeth, bap. June 3, 1753; m. Dr. Flagg of Sandown ; d. April 20, 177S. 
V. Jethro, bap. June i, 1755 ; d. an infant. 
vi. Unnamed daughter, d. an infant. 
vii. Peter, bap. June 2, 1759; ^- young. 
viii, Sarah, bap. at Sandown, March 17, 1761. 

56. Lieut. William (16) Sanborn, born in Kingston, ^vlay i. 1723. 
Lived in Kingston ; signed the Test there. Married ( i^ Xov. 6, I75^* 
^L^ry Sleeper, died Oct. 17, 1773; (2) June 3, 1774, Betsey Weare ; (3) 
Oct., 1788, Widow Elizabeth Chase of Sandown, who died at Chester, 
Dec. 19, 1811. He died May 23, iSio. 

■•^. XUci 


!'• / 'f, ••utT 



Children : .: ,, ^. - 

i. Margaret, b. Nov. 2, 1751 ; m. Stephen F:f.t'.l cf Candia; d. Nov. 30. 1835. 
ii. Huldah, b. Dec. 15, 1752; m. Jan. 26. i~~S. To5tph Hoit of Stratham, N. H., 
who was one of tlie original proprietors 0: Sj^'zorr.lon, and d. in K.veter. 

145 iii. Jethro, b. Nov. 15, 1755. 

iv. Mary, b. Jan. 13, 17 58 ; m. Ebenezer Flreld c:' Readneld, Me., and d. Feb. 1S39. 

146 v. Tristram, 1). Oct. 13, 1759. 

147 vi. Noah, b. Oct. 15, 1761. 

vii. Dorothy, b. Oct. 12, 1763; d. unm. in K-rigstcr;, Feb, 19, 1847. Motto on her 

gravestone is : " She did all she couid." 
viii. Joseph, b. April 3, 1765; d. infant. 

148 i.x. Benjamin, b. April 3, 1765 (twin to Joseph). 

149 X. Peter, b. Aug. 13, 1766. 

150 xi. William, b. March 13, 1769. 

57. Ebenezer (17) Sanborn, born in Hampton Falls, July 25, 1712. 
Lived there all his life. Married June. 1740, Mr^riha Salter of Newcastle. 
Died Sept. 27, 1755. She died April S. 1S06. 

Children : 

i. Elizabeth, b. May 8. 1741. r~\ 

ii. Anne, b. Jan. 25, 1743 ; m. May 19, 176S. G^:r^e ?.^nd of Rye, N. H. ,\A\ ^ \^ 

151 iii. Ebenezer, b. Oct. 15, 1745 

152 iv. John, b. Nov. 23, 1747. 

153 v. Mark, b, March 4, 1750. 

154 vi. Enoch, b. March 15, 1752. 

155 vii. Richard, b. Jan. 5, 1755. 

58. Moses (17) Sanborn, born in Hamp::n Falls; baptised there, 
March. 31, 1717. Lived there and in Kens:".;::-. Married Jan. 7, 1742, 
Elizabeth Mitchell. Died June 8, 1S02. 

Children : 

. ' i. Dorothy, b. Feb. 25, 1744; m. Nov. 23. i~ij. r^^^ie Blake of Kensington. 

156 ii. Henry, b. March i, 1746. 

157 iii. James, b. Dec. 6, 1748. 

iv. Moses, b. Oct. 25, 1758; d. unm. 1777. 

158 V. Jesse, b. Dec. 10, 1764. 

58 A. John (17) Sanborn, baptised Ju'y iz. -Z-P- Married (i) >Lir- 
garet Clitiord, who died Feb. 18, 175S : (2 , Tul"-- if- -764, Elizabeth Bart- 
lett. Lived in East Kingston ; died 1795. '/.":_!. dated Feb. iS, 1791, 
proved Oct. 16, 1795. 

Child, by second wife : 

i. Elizabeth, b. ; m. Enoch Sanborn (irz^. 

: t 

M ; 


59. Ensign Enoch (17) Sanborn, born in Hampton Falls: baptised 
there June 28, 1724.. Said by D. II. S. to have been an ensign in tlie 
British army at the capture of Cape Breton. Lived most of his life in 
Hampton Falls ; moved from tiiere to Epping, and then to Machias. Me. 
Married (i) Dec. 3, 1747, Mary Morrill, died 1752; (2) Nov. 27, 1752, 
Sarah (Greene) Sanborn, widow of Ephraim of Epping (113) ; (3) Phebe 
Sanborn (41-vi) ; (4) 1772, Widow Hannah Day, who died April 4, 1S24. 
Enoch died in 1778. 


159 i. Daniel, bap. Nov. 13, 1748. 

ii. Apphia, b. Nov. 19, 1749; m. 1767, Jacob Palmer of .Machias, Me., son of Chris- 
topher of Hampton. Shed. Nov. 27, 1832. 

iii. Mary Morrill, bap. March 28. 1752; m. Aug. 17, 176S, Abijah Sanborn (1S3) of 
Sanbornton ; d. Nov. 16, 1793. 

iv. Jabez, bap. Aug. 27, 1756, at Epping; m. Mary Rundlctt of Greenland, N. H., 
and lived in Hampton. No issue. 

160 v. Enoch, b. May 30, 1764. 

161 VI. John, b 1767. 

162 vii. Richard, b. 1769. 

viii. Phebe, b. ; m. Enoch Palmer. 

163 ix. William, b. Oct. 8, 1773. 

60. Capt. Caleb (19) Sanborn, born in Hampton Falls, July 25, 
1716. A wealthy and prominent man in his town; town clerk for many 
years. In 1746, sent his apprentice to Louisburg. In the Revolution 
(1777), on a committee of field otli- y-yy^ /f/? /7 1 

cers at Hampton to arrange for the //l^yj%^^ ^'tiX^.^i^li.^^^.^ 

defence of the coast. Married, Feb. // 

14, 1740, Mehitabel Weare, daugh- ^ 

ter of Nathaniel of Hampton Falls, and sister of the Hon. Meshech Weare. 

Died July 4, 1794. 


i. Susanna, b. March 5, 1741 ; d. unm. 1761. 
ii. Judith, b. Sept. 13, 1743; d. unm. Nov. 20, 1S25. 
iii. Elizabeth, b. Nov. 2, 1745; d 1748. 

iv. Rachel, b. Aug. 22, 174S: m. April 29, 1769, Joseph, son of Joseph Lamson of 

V. Molly, b. Aug. 27, 1751 ; m. Stavers or Stevens. 

vi. Meshech, b. Sept. 18. 175S ; m. Hannah . who m. (2) D. Nason. Children: 

"^ (i) Sophia, m. Nathaniel Chase; (ii) Harriet; (iii) Charlotte. See Appendix 
for Revolutionary service. Died Feb. 9, 1797. 


6i. Daniel (19) Sanborn, born in Hampton Falls, May 19, 1721. 
Lived in Hampton Falls; moved early to Standish, Me. Married Dec. 3, 
1746, Jane Moulton, daughter of David of Hampton Falls. 

Children : 

i. David, bap. Dec. 13, 1747; ni. Miriam Elder. Had one child, .Miriam, who d. 

young. Lived in Standish, Me., and d. there in 1S23. 
ii. Stephen, bap. March 26. 1749; m. .Molly Shaw, dau. of Ebenezer of Hampton. 
' Had one child, Jane, and d. 1779 or 17S1. Lived in Standish, Me. 

ill. Jane, bap. May 26, 1751. 
iv. Jeremiah, bap. ^Larch 25, 1753; never married. See Appendix lor Revolutionary 

service; d. in Standish, i8i3-'i4. 
V. Molly, bap. Dec. 22, 1754. 
vi. Dorothy, b. Ma.y 10, 1757; m. Theo. Mussey, Esq., of Standish, Me. 

164 vii. Simeon, b. July 5, 1759. 

viii. Ebenezer (twin to Simeon), probably d. youno;. 

62. John (19) Sanborn, born in Hampton Falls, Jan. 9, 1723. J^ived 
in Hampton Falls, Falmouth, and Standish, Me. ^Married (i) Jan. 2S, 
1748, Lucy Sanborn (25-i), who died Sept., 1775; (2) 1784, Mrs. Betty 
Pierce, who died July, 1812. He died Dec. 6, 1S02. 

Children : , 

i. Lydia, b. March 12, 1749; d. unm. Sept., 1775. 

165 ii. Peter, b. July 9, 1751. 

iii. Susanna, b. Aug. 13, 1753; m. (i) Nov. 19, 1791, Enoch Linnell ; (2) John 
Pierce; d. IVLarch 25, 1S40, in Standish. 
\ iv. Lucy, b. Oct. ig, 1755; m. Feb., 1783, Joseph Dow of Standish, Me. Died 

Sept., 1836. 
166. V. John, b. Oct. 15, 1757. 

vi. Rufus, b. Feb. 5, 1760; d. 1762. 

vii. Rachel, b. July 19, 1762; m. April 25, 1785, Rev. Benjamin Ayer, a Methodist 
minister of Standish, Me., and Unity, Me. 

All the above were born in Hampton Falls; the next two at Falmouth, 

Me. • „, , , . ,,„^ ■ 

167 viii. Joseph, b. Oct. 8, 1764. 

168 Lx. Moses, b. July 21, 1767. 

6^. Dex\con Abner (19) Sanborn, born in Hampton Falls, Aug. 3, 
1726. Lived in Hampton Falls. As selectman of Hampton Falls, signed 
the statement of men fit for service in 1775. ^Larried June 12, 1746, Lucy 
Lowell, daughter of Joseph of Hampton Falls, who was baptised March 31, 
1728, and died April 21, iSii. Deacon x\bner died April 18, 181 1. 

.' ■, 1 : . • r 



Children : 

i. Sarah, b. May i, 1747; m. (i) April 16, 1765. Jacob Satterly; (2) Jan. 27, 

1780, James Mann. 
ii. Rhoda, b. May 27, i;49; "i- Feb. 22, 1770, Dea. Jonathan Perkins of Pittsfield, 
' • son of Moses of Hampton. 

169 iii. Lowell, b. June 30, 1751. 

iv. Phebe, b. 1753 ; d. 1757. ^ ' \ 

170 V. Levi, b. Dec. 15, 1757- ' ' " - 

171 vi. Theophilus, b Feb. 8, 1761. . 

172 vii. David, b. May 11, 1763. 

;^\ viii. Phebe, b. July 16, 1769; m. Samuel Brown. 

64. Timothy (19) Sanborn, born in Hampton Falls, June 9, 1733. 
Lived at Exeter, Chichester, Nottingham, and T^Ieredith. See Appendix 
for Revolutionary service. Married July 6, 1766, Elizabeth Leach, who 
died Jan. 13, 1829, aged eighty-six. He died June, 1813. 

Children : 

i. Mollv, b. Nov. 4, 1767; ni. Jeremiah Prescott of Epsom, son of Col. Jeremiah. 

173 ii. Timothy, b. Oct. 8, 1769. 

174 iii. Charles Leach, b. April i, 1771. 
' 175 iv. Abner, b. July 29, 1773. 

V. Betsey, b. Sept. 3, 1775- 
vi. Judith, b. Dec. 8, 1777. 

All the above were born in Exeter ; the next two in Chichester. 

vii. Hannah, b. Jan. 13, 1780. 
viii. John, b. Feb. 20, 1782 ; d. young and unm. 

65. Coffin (19) Sanborn, born in Hampton Falls, Dec. 17, i737- 
Lived there many years, but moved about 1785 to Fremont, and later to 
Sanbornton. ^Larried Jan. i, 1759, Hannah Hilliard, born 1741, perhaps 
daughter of Joseph Chase Hilliard. 

Children : 

176 i. Joseph Hilliard, b. Oct. i, 1759. 

ii. Mary, b. Oct. 27, 17617 m. (i) Jonathan Marston of Brentwood, N. H.. son of 
Winthrop, — he d. 1814; (2) Thomas Roberts of Brentwood, d. 1S21; (3) 
John Brown of Hampton Falls, grandson of John and Ruth Kelly. She d. 

iii. Abner, b. June 9, 1764; m. Susanna Tucke, Oct. 18, 1789, dau. of John of Ken- 
sington. Lived in Brentwood, Sanbornton, and New Hampton. No issue. 

iv. Rachel, b. July 29, 1766; m. Dea. John Tucke of Brentwood, brother of Susan 
above; d. 1852. 

177 v. Coftin, b. Dec. 20, 1768. 

vi. Jonathan, b. May 3, 1771 ; no issue. 

.!/• ■ y : -ji'..' 'I ': 

t ' ' -;' 



vii. Hannah, b. April 12, iTJ})', ni. Moses Sanborn (477). 

viii. Elizabeth, b. July 20, 1775; m. Joseph Gale of Upper Gilmanton, son of Bar- 

178 ix. Levi, b. July 31, 1777- 

66. Deacon Daniee (20) Sanborn, born in North Hampton, Feb. 17, 
1702 ; a wealthy and prominent man. Lived in North Hampton ; was a 
grantee of Sanbornton. Married Jan. 14, 1725, Catherine Rollins ; died in 
1786. Will, dated 1764, proved 17S7, mentions all his surviving children 
and his wife. 

Children : 

i. Phebe, b. Dec. 13, 1725 ; m. Reuben Gove Dearborn of North Hampton, son of 

Joseph ; died 1797. 
ii. Anne, b. Feb. 21, 1727; m. Elisha Thomas of North Hampton; d. May 4, 1771. 
iii. Catherine, b. June i, 1728; m. Foss. 

179 iv. Daniel, b. May 17, 1731. 

V. Sarah, b. 1733; d. 1742. 

vi. Rachel, b. April 25, 1736; m. (i) Griffith; (2) Gideon Piper of Stratham 

and Sanbornton. 

180 vii. Thomas, b. May 17, 1738. 

181 viii. Moses, b. June 8. 1740. 

182 ix. Aaron, b. Feb. 8, 1743. 

X. Sarali, bap. Feb. 24, 1745; m. Jewett. - 

183 xi. Abijah, b. March 4. 1748. 

67. Benjamin (20) Sanborn, born in North Hampton, Nov. S, 1703. 
Lived in Newmarket. Married Elizabeth Oilman of Exeter, born Oct. 3, 
1707, died Feb. 4, 1804. I have not been able to trace her ancestry. 
Benjamin died Aug. 17, 1744. Will, dated July 20, and proved Aug. 29, 
1744, mentions vvite Elizabeth, brother Daniel, and all his children. 

June I, 1734. Benjamin Samborn of Exeter in y« Parish of New Market husbandman for 
£,\\$ pd or by bond secured by Daniel Samborn of Hampton conveyed 14 acres partly in H. 
and partly in Stratiiam it being al y« land & meadow y' was part of y* Estate of our Hon"^ 
father Jn" Samborn late of H. deced, y' is to say al y' part of land w*^** he y<^ s'^ Jn'^ Samborn 
gave to his son lienj .... only reserving to y*^ s'i Benj Samborn y^' one half of our mothers 
thirds w'*^ Belong to y« s'' Benj° Samborn at her Decease w^*^ is to say al yt y* s*^ Benj° hath 
not Dispos** of Before & y*^ thirds w^'^ is excepf^ 

Nov. 30, 1733. Benj. of Exeter in Parish of Newmarket husbandman for £ll, pd. by 
Dan" of Hampton wever sold him meadow in H. — 5 acres, 9 rods w'^'^ our Hon'^ father Jn° 
Sanbun of H. bo. of Jon* Taylor y' is to say y>^ one full third part of y'' above s"^ peice of 

Same day (Nov. 30, 1733) Benj. (as above) for ^100 pd. by Nathan Sanbun of Hampton 
house carpenter 10 acres in H., being one full third part of y^ home seat where y= old House 
Stand."? y' was our Hon''J father* Jn° Sanbun late of Hampton Dec'd. lying on y-' north side of 



yc Road y' leads from Ilainp' to Stratliam .... y' if one third part should take in y* dueling 
house y' Daniel Sanborn lives In then there to leave one rod on y" East end & twenty feet on 
the Back Side of s'' House y' s^i Nathan takeing land Back so as to make one third part of y* 
above s"^ peice of land. 

Aug. 6, 1733 Benj. Samborn sold land in Exeter, his wife Elizabeth signed the deed. 

Children : 

i. Mary, bap. March 16, 1729; m. Benjamin Fox of Nottingham. 

184 ii. John. b. July 16, 1730. 

ill. Elisha, a blacksmith, b. 1732; d. 1756, on an expedition against Crown Point, 
unm. Will, dated 1755, proved 1756, gives ^100 Old Tenor to his affianced, 
Rachel Sanborn (66-vi) ; and mentions his brothers and sisters and his cousin 
Daniel. He lived at Epping. 

185 iv. Benjamin, b. 1734. 

V. Israel, a blacksmith, b. 1736; killed on the Plains of Abraham, Sept. 13, 1759, '^ 
the battle between Wolfe and Montcalm. At the request of their mother, John 
(184) had accompanied Israel to the French War. In Israel's will, dated April, 
1758, proved 1759, he mentions brothers Benjamin and Joseph, and adds, — '• If 
my brother John comes home, and I do not, I give to him all that was willed to 
me by my Honored Father ; if not, I give it to my Honored Mother, now the 
wife of Folsom.'' Israel was unm. 

186 vi. Joseph, b. Jan. 14, 1738. 

68. Richard (20) Sanborn, born in North Hampton, May 27, 170S. 
Apparently lived first in Greenland, where his children were most ot'them 
baptised ; later in Epping, where he was in 1747, and where his children's 
births are recorded on the town records. A blacksmith by trade. ^Nlar- 
ried Anna Pearson, perliaps a sister ot^ Elizabeth, wife ot' Nathan (69) ; died _*' 
in i763-'64, administration being granted Jan. 30, 1764, to sons John Pear- *"' 
son and William. D. H. S. contuses this Richard with (12-x), who died 
in Hampton in 1764, apparently unmarried. 

Dec. 20. 1738. Richard Samborn of Greenland Blacksmith sold Jethro Person of Exeter 
yeoman land, in E. 

Nov. 16, 1747. Richard Samborn of Epping yeoman for a tract of land in Epping from Na- 
than Samborn of Epping yeoman by deed bearing equal Date with these Presents convey to 
him Nathan land in Epping, it being part of my Homestead at a place commonly called Red 
oak Hill — 20 acres. 

Oct. I, 1751. Richard Samborn ot Nottingham Blacksmith for .z^'oo old tenor pd. by Na- 
than Samborn of Epping Gen'° about \ acre, being all my part of the House Lot as it was laid 
out in a Divisional Deed or articles of Agreement between sd. Richard & Nathan & all my part 
of the Dwelling House on the land which Nathan now lives in. (The division was made in 
X743, when Nathan was called Housewright.) 

June 4, 1751. Richard Samborn of Nottingham Blacksmith for .2^^250 old tenor pd. by 
Nathan Sanborn of Parish of Epping Gen»° land in Parish of Brentwood Township of Exeter, 
38 acres. (Brentwood was set off from Exeter in 1742.) 


■..OlCn/l/f >T/ 31»T.i»''/. -IHT 

^U•^/ S^ ,■<. I ,.^ 


Jan. 22, 1761. Richard Samborn of Nottingham Blacksmith forj/^1550 old tenor bills of 
credit pd. bv Jean Samborn wife ot John Pearson Samborn of Not. sold her 15 acres in N. 
one bound King street one bound line between N. and Epping, with house & barn on it: 

April 14, 1761. Rich, of Not. l)lacksmith for ^1500 old tenor pd. by John Person Sam- 
born of N. blacksmith sold part of my home place, 25 acres begin, at n. e. corner of the 15 
acres I sold to the sd. John Pearson Samborn 

Same day (April 14, 1761) Rich, of N. blacksmith, for ^1300 old tenor pd. by my Son \Vm. 
Samborn of N. yeoman sold him part of my home place, containing 38 acres, one bound King 
St. another Oueen St, 

Feb. 7, 1 761. Ricli. of N. blacksmith for _;;/^Soo old tenor bills of credit pd. by son Ricliard 
Samborn of Epping yeoman sold 22 acres in Epping 

Jan. 10, 1764. Anner Samborn (her mark) Widow and John Pearson Samborn, William 
Samborn, Daniel Kelley and his wife Jane (her mark), being heirs to estate of Richard Sam- 
born late of Nottingham, dec"d, in consideration of a quit claim to all the estate the sd. Rich, 
died possessed of granted by Richard Samborn of Epping being also an heir of sd. Richard 
quit claim to sd. Richard all right to that parcel of Land belong"? to sd. estate and laying 
together on the southeasterly side of Conner's mill brook and adjoining thereunto — 60 or 70 

Children : 

i. Jane, b. Feb. 9, 1730; bap. 1731 ; m. Daniel Kelley. 
ii. Jonathan, bap. 1733; d. young, 
iii. Anne, b. Feb. S, 1733. 
• 187 iv. Richard, b. Feb. i, 1736: bap. 1736. 
V. John, b. 1737; d. 1738. 

188 vi. John Pearson, b. Feb. 28, 1738. 

vii. Jonathan, b. 1740; probably d. young. 

189 viii. William, b. Feb. 11, 1743. 

69. Nathan (20) Sanborn, born in North Hampton, May 27, 170S, a 
twin to Richard (68). Lived first at North Hampton; a housewright in 
1736. Moved to Epping in 1736. In 1743, divided land which he and 
Richard [68) owned together. Married Dec. 16. 1731, Elizabeth Pearson, 
probably a sister of the wife of (68). Died in Epping, June 6, 1760; 
administration firanted to son, Lieut. Nathan. 

Children : 

i. Elizabeth, bap. Dec. 31, 1732; d. 1736. 
ii. Abigail, bap. June 23, 1734. 

190 iii. Nathan, bap. Nov. 9, 1735. 
iv. Elizabeth, b. and d. 1737. 

V. Hannah, bap. in North Hampton, Oct. 22, 173S; m. Benjamin Page of Epping. 
vi. Betsey, bap. March i, 1741 ; d. young. 

191 vii. Joseph, b. 1742. 
191. A viii. Benjamin,!). 1743. 

ix. John, b. 1745; m. Rachel Rundlet, — no issue; d. at Kensington. 
X. Thomas, b. 1747; d. young of throat distemper. 

:• ).iA:r»'' '•' '''-'. "</ '''■ 

:1. -l '■ 

:n : r-fjij;'. •■"; ,> :»c 


70. Elisha (20) Sanborn, born in Nortli Hampton. April i, 1710, 
A housewright, living in Exeter in 1736; sold land in Chester. Moved 
early to Brentwood, then but an unsettled part ot" Exeter ; became a promi- 
nent man there, — agent for the parish of Brentwood in 1742 : clerk of Brent- 
wood in 1764 ; representative from there in Third Provincial Congress, 
1775. Married June 4, 1733, Lydia Gordon, daughter of Alexander of 
Exeter. Signed the Test at Brentwood; died there Dec, 22, 1786. His 
widow died June 2, 1787, 

Children : 

i. Sarah, b. 1734; d. 1735. 
' ii. Sarah, b. April i, 1739; ^- unm. 1776. 

192 iii. Elisha, b. July 22, 1741. 

iv. Lydia, b. May 8. 1744; d. May 12, 18 14, unm. 
193- V. John, b. Feb. 16, 1747 (Exeter record says June 28). ' . ;: 

194 vi. Edward, b. May 7, 1749. 

71. Lieut. Ebenezer (20) Sanborn, born in North Hampton, March 
4, 1712. Lived in Hampton and North Hampton. A prominent man. — 
town clerk, selectman, sheriff. D. H. S. says he held a lieutenant's com- 
mission in a troop of dragoons in the French War. By trade he was a 
tanner and book-binder. Runnels says he was a ver\' large and powerful 
man. A grantee of Sanbornton. ]\Lirried May i, 1735, Ruth Sanborn 
(39-v), who died July 20, 1804. He died April 9, 1794. 

Children : 

195 i. John, b. Jan. 28, 1736. 

ii. Anna, b. March 26, 1737: m. Aug. 19, 1756, Simon Dearborn of Monmouth, 
., Me., son of Simon of Hampton, and brother of Maj. -Gen. Henry Dearborn of 

the Revolution. 

196 iii. Josiah, b. Aug. 21, 1738. 

iv. Ruth, b. Sept. 24, 1740; m. Benjamin Leavitt of Hampton, son of Capt. John; 

d. June 21, 1S21. 
V. Elizabeth, b. Feb. 22, 1745 ; m. Gen. Moses Leavitt of North Hampton, brother 
of Benjamin above; d. April 3, 1822. 

197 vi. Benjamin, b. July 16, 1746. . 
vii. Ebenezer, b. ; d. young. 

198 viii. William., b. Jan. 8, 1753. : ■ 1 

199 ix. Ebenezer, b. April 15, 1755. 

72. John (20) Sanborn, born in North Hampton. May 5, 1721. Lived 
in Newmarket. Married Sarah Oilman, probably daughter of Israel of 
Newmarket. Died 1785. Will, dated Jan. 21, proved June 24, 1785, 
mentions wife Sarah, and children Israel, John, Jeremiah, Joseph, and 

{ : : T 

'iv . .•'':; 

y ■ ^ '<!•.; /. 

Ji:' jl 

fM;l -v:!] 



June 5, 1749. I John Samborn of Durham cordwainer for ^85 pd. by Ebenezer Samborn 
of Hampton cordwainer sold him 10 acres in H on north side of the road from H. to Strat- 
ham which my brother Nathan Samborn late of H. carpenter, April 30. 1739 conveyed to 
Ebenezer; which Ebenezer conveyed to John aforesd, Dec. 9, 1743; also another tract in 
H. (which Ebenezer had mortgaged, apparently). 

Children : 

200 i. Israel, b. April 12, 1773. 

ii. John, b. 1775; d. unm. 1815, at Portsmouth. 

201 iii. Jeremiah Gilman, b. 1777- 

202 iv. Joseph, b. 1779. 

203 V. Daniel, b. 1781. 

vi. Anna, b. 1783; m. Maj. Joseph Gilman of Tamworth, N. H. 

73. James (20) Sanborn, born in North Hampton, April 5, 1724. 
Lived first in Epping ; moved to Moultonborough Neck, N. H. Married 
Eleanor Chandler. 

Children : 

i. Chandler, b. June 20, 1750; m. Dec. 9, 1777. Sarah Tuttle ; moved to Epping, 
and d. young and without issue. 

204 ii. Jonathan, b. April 11, 1754. 

205 iii. James, b. March 15, 1757. 
iv. Anna, b. Dec. 27, 1759. 

V. Sarah, b. May 20, 1762 ; m. (r) Edward Moody of Ossipee, N. H. ; (2) Benjamin 
. • Bean of Tuftonborough, son of David. Died Nov. 29, 1839. 

vi. Abigail, bap. Dec. 14, 1765; probably d. young. Was bap. at home, as she 

was dangerously iii. 
vii. Eleanor, bap. Jan. 24, 1767. 
viii. Mary, bap. Nov. 15, 1767. 

74. SnuBAEL (21) Sanborn, born in Hampton, Jime 2,1717. Lived 
in Hampton, but apparently was a soldier by profession, at least we know 
that he was at Louisburg in 1745, and died in the army during the French 
War of 1756. Married Jane . 

^Children : ' , 

i. Deliverance, b. Aug. i, 173S; d. unm. July 3, iSoi. 

206 ii. Benjamin, b. Aug. i, 173S. 
iii. Mary, bap. April 12, 1741. 

207 iv. Abraham, b. Sept. 7, 1743. 

V. Simon, b. and d. 1746. 
vi. Jane, bap. 1749; d. 1755. 
vii. Sarah, b. and d. 1754. 

208 viii. Simon, b. June 26, 1757. 

^fi:h'.i/..i.\i^ v ; 1 V .M .': /> 


75. John (21) Sanborn, born in Hampton, July 7, 1728. Lived in 
Hampton. Married April 17, 1754, Sarali Parker. 


i. Marv, b. 1760 ; m. Ebenezer Garland of Hampton, son of Joseph. Died April 9, 
1830. ' ■ 

76. Reuben (22) Sanborn, born in Hampton Falls, Sept. 22, 1723. 
Lived in Hampton Falls, Epping, and Corinth, Vt. Married Nov. 12, 
1744, Elizabeth Sleeper. Killed by a maniac, who threw a hoe at him. 

Children : 

i. Susanna, bap. Nov. 3, 1745. 

ii. Ebenezer, bap. Feb. i, 1747; d. infant. 

iii. Elizabeth, bap. March 5, 1749: d. young. 

iv. Ebenezer, bap. April 15, 1750; d. infant. 

V. Betsey, bap. June 21, 1752. 

vi. Sarah, bap. June 9, 1754. 

vii. Unnamed child, b. and d. 1756. • - 

viii. Anna, b. Feb. 4, 1759- 

209 ix. Benjamin, b. Aug. 24, 1760. ~ 

77. Daniel (24) Sanborn, born in Kensington, 'Slay 28, 172S. Lived 
in Kensington. Married (i), Anna Tilton, daughter of Sherburne Tilton 
of Kensington, died June 8, 1759; (-) ]^h' 9' ^^7^9' ^lary or Mercy 
Collins. Moved to Fremont, N. H., and died May 25, 1812. 

Children : 

i. Dorothy, b. Nov. 23, 1748; m. Dec. 22, 1768, Moses Shaw of Kensington, son 

of Moses. 
ii. Anna, b. Feb. 20, 1750; m. Feb. 6, 1769, Jonathan Prescott of Kensington, son 
of Joseph. 
_^ iii. Mary, b. Sept. 24, 1751 ; m. Col. Peter Sleeper of Bristol. N. H. ; d. Oct. rS, 

210 iv. Theophilus, b. Sept. 24. 1753. " 

211 V. Sherburne, b. June 10, 1736. 
vi. Elijah, b. 175S; d. 1759. 

212 vii. Elijah, b Sept. 28, 1761. " ■ ■ • 
2 1 2a viii. Abraham, b. 1762. * • ^ . 

213 ix. Daniel, b. Nov. 21, 1763. 

78. Dr. Joseph (24) Sanborn, born in Kensington, ]\Lirch 31, 1732. 
Lived first in Kensington, where he was called " Doctor," though there is 
no record of his having taken anv collecriate degree of medicine. Moved 
to Newmarket some time after 1754, since he was married April 11, 1754^ 

■ '/, >l :.' 

jl v; ■ •■■/, AW r 

■M ■u-\ 


as "Dr. Joseph Sanborn of Kensington " to Sarah Towle, daughter of 
Joseph of Ham}>ton. Became a regimental surgeon in the French War, 
and was in the battle on the Plains of Abraham between Wolfe and Mont- 
calm. After hostilities ceased, he and nineteen others set out for home 
through the wilderness, in the dead of winter. He and one or two more 
reached his home in Newmarket alive ; the rest perished. 

May 8, 175S. Joseph of Newmarket Physician and as heir to the Estate of our Hon"d. 
Father Abraham Samborn late of Kensington Dec. for £is°° o'*^^ tenor bills of Credit pd. by 
my two brothers viz. Daniel Samborn and Abraham Samborn both of Kensington yeomen sold 
all claim to real Estate our Hon'd Father died seized of V'izt : the one Fifth Part of all the 
Lands and Marshes That our Said Father died Seized of In Kensington Hampton Falls Erint- 
wood or Gilmanton. 

Children : " 

i. Bradbury, b. 1755 ; a blacksmith; unm. Lived at Wiscasset, .Me. See Appendi.x 

for Revolutionary service. 
ii. Joseph, b. 1756. See Appendix for Revolutionary service. After war was over, 

went to sea, and d. in the West Indies, unm. 
iii. George, b. 175S; served in the Revolution (?), and, like his brother Joseph, d. 

in the West Indies, 
iv. Polly, b. 1761 ; m. James Cram of Newmarket. 

214 V. Jethro. b. Feb. 2, 1762. • 
vi. Sarah, b. 1764; m. Locke of Newmarket. 

215 vii. David, b. 1766. 

79. Lieut. Abraham (24) Sanborn, born in Kensington, Dec. 2S, 
1735. Lived in Kensington, near the Exeter line. See x\ppendix tor Revo- 
lutionary service. Signed the Test in Kensington. Married (i) July i, 
1756, Mary Choate Jewett of Rowley, Mass. ; (2) Mrs. Mary Parsons of 
Amesbury, Mass. (from Exeter marriage intentions). Died Nov. 26, 1S08. 

Children : 

216 i. Abraham, b. June 6, 1757. 

217 ii. Jewett, b. Oct. 16, 1759. 
iii. Unnamed child, d. young. 
iv. Unnamed child, d. young. 

218 V. Theophilus, b. Feb. 5, 1771. 

80. John Smith (24) Sanborn, born in Kensington, Nov. 6, 173S. 
Lived in Kensington. See Appendix tor Revolutionary seivice. Married 
Anna Allard ; died Nov. 20, 1815. 

Dec. II, 1760. John Smith Sanborn of Kinsington yeoman for /looo new tenor pd. by my 
two brothers Daniel and Abraham both of sd. Parish. Yeoman sold all right to real Estate of 
Hon'd. Father Abraliam Late of Kensington Gentleman. Vizt all Land and Duildings in Parish 

my-:. if 7-/: ID 


of K. and all right to the salt Marsh in hampton falls, also all my right to loo acres in Brent- 
wood — Excepting 60 acres of the sd. 100 with the buildings standing theireon the sd. 60 acres 
is to be north part of sd. 100 acres. 

Dec. II, 1760. Daniel & Abraham both of Kinsington yeomen for ^Tiooo new tenor pd. 
by our Brother Joiin Smith Sanborn of K. sold all our riglit to 60 acres in Brintwood, it being 
part of that 100 acres which did belong to our father Abraham late of K. gentlman, — the 60 
acres to be the northern part of the 100 acres, with all the buildings on the 60 acres 

Cliildren : 

i. Dorothy, b. Aug. 16, 1771 ; m. Stephen Hilliard of Chichester. 
ii. John, b. at Hampton Falls, Jan. 23, 1783; m. May 23, 1S41, Mrs. Sarah Welch, 
who d. June 18, 1S83; no issue. Lived at Pittsfield, N. H. 

219 4, iii. Thomas, b. at Hampton Falls, Feb. 5, 1786. 

81. Joseph (25) Sanborn, born in Hampton Falls, May 14, 1726. 
Called lieutenant by D. H. S., but I think this is in error for his father. 
Lived apparently in Brentwood in 1759, *°^* ^^^ children were baptised in 
Epping as of Brentwood. Said by Dr. Charles H. Sanborn to have lived 
with his father until 1769, when he sold his share of the Hampton Falls 
property, and moved first to Brentwood, and thence to Wakefield. Signed 
the Test in Wakefield. Married (i) Dec. 6, 1750, Sarah Lane, daughter 
of Samuel of Hampton Falls: (2) Oct. 17, 176S, Anna (Philbrick) Mars- 
ton, daughter of Dea. Joseph Philbrick, and widow of Elisha Marston of 
Brentwood. Died in 1S12. Will, dated 1799, P^'oved 1812, mentions all 
his surviving children. 

Children : 

i. Elizabeth, b. July 3, 1752 ; m. Joseph Woodbury of Epping. 
ii. Joseph, b. April ig, 1754; d. an infant. 

iii. Sarah, b. Oct. 4, 1755 ; m. Sept. 11, 1777, William Graves of Brentwood, and d. 
Dec. 27, 1844. He d. July 17, 1827. 

220 iv. Samuel, b. July 26, 1757. , / 

221. V. Joseph, b. July 12, 1759. ' ' - . . 

222 vi. Reuben, b. April 22, 1761. 

vii. Susanna, b. .May 2, 1763; m. Noah Rundlett. 
viii. Abigail, b. May 29, 1765 ; unm. 

223 be. John, b. Nov. 21, 1767. 

224 X. Elisha, b. July 10. 1770. . . 
xi. James, b. 1774; d. 1783. 

82. Benja.min (25) Sanborn, born in Hampton Falls, Feb. 2, 1730. 
A farmer; lived in Hampton Falls. IVLarried Feb. 12, 1755. Anna Towle. 
daughter of James of Hampton ; who died Oct. iS, 1S23. He died May 
15, 1808. 

.< -lor-'y .? v.y^iv; :"• .'iir 


April 9, 1765. Joseph Jun. of Hamp. Falls yeoman for ^1,000 old tenor pd by Benj. of 
II. F. yeoman bnd in H. F., part of the land I bought of Reuben Sanborn late of H. F. 
containing 8 acres, 39 rods bounded E. on highway which leads from H. F. to Exeter, S. 
on land of Josiah Folsom, W. on land of Dorothy Sanborn & N. on land of Henry Blake 
it being the middle of the lot that was formerly the home place of sd. Reuben, with all privi- 
leges & appurtenances: Sarah his wife made her mark. 

Feb. 21, 1769. Joseph of Brentwood yeoman for ^135 Proclamation money pd. by Benj. 
of Hamp. falls yeoman sold 12 acres in H. F. bounded Easterly on land of Lieut. Samuel 
Prescott S. on Highway which leads to the Sawmill, W. on land of my Hon"d Father Begin- 
ing before his door & runing through the middle of the House & to extend N. so far as to 
Compleat the 12 acres being of an equal Weadth at the East & West End also another peice 
in H. F. — 8 acres being part of the Lot that was my hon'd fathers N. on land that was formerly 
Jabez Smith's Esq. \V. on Highway from Exeter to H. F. to the Pepperege Bush near where 
the old house formerly stood .... both peices being that 20 acres I had of my sd. Father by 
deed of Sale out of his Home Place. Anna (her mark) surrendered her dower. 

Oct. 18, 1774. Joseph Sanborn of Brintwood & Jeremiah Lane of Hampton falls yeoman 
& administrators of estate of Joseph Sanborn late H. F. deceased, being authorized to sell 
real estate to pay debts for ^39, 5 shill pd. by Benj. of H. F. yeoman sold in H. F. 9 acres 
50 rods, bounding S. on land set off to the widow, E. on land of John Clifford & land of Jona- 
than ^loulton Esq. N. on sd. Benj's land, W. on land of Benj. & Exeter road it being the 
whole remaining part of the 5 of the land of sd. estate which lies bet. the J part set off 10 
the widow & the 10 acres sold by us to the sd. Benj. before. 

Jan. 19, 1774. they sold Benj. these 10 acres for £61, 13 shill. 8 d., these 10 acres lyes 
in a triangular form, N. on land of Nathan Brown, \V. on Benj. own land, & to extend S. so 
as to contain 10 acres in a strait line from the n. e. corner of the homeplace W. to Benj, land. 

Children : 

225 i. Edmund, b. Nov. 20, 1755. 

226 ii. James, b. June ir, 1757. 

227 iii. Benjamin, b. June 29, 1759. 

228 iv. John, b. Aug. 17, 1761. 

V. Jeremy, b. July 17, 1767; d. Dec. 19, 1786. 

83. Abraham (25) Sanborn, born in Hampton Falls, >[ay 25, 1732. 
Moved to Poplin, where he lived and died. ^Married Oct. 24, 1754, Rachel 

Children : 

i. Jonathan, b. Jan. 9, 1757; d. 1759. 

ii. Hannah, b. Sept. 5, 1759; m. May 26, 1778, John Brown of Hampton Falls; d. 

Jan. 19, 1S23. 
iii. Susanna, b. Sept. 21, 1764; m. Levi Thyng of Brentwood, son of John Thyng 

and Ann Dudley. 

229 iv. Jonathan, b. Sept. 21, 1764. ; 

230 V. Abraham, b. Oct. 4. 1766. 

231 vi. Isaiah, b. Jan. 4, 1769. " 

Vv" ;/ -i. 


vii. Rachel, b. Jan. 25, 1771; m. 1790, Dudley Leavitt Tliyng, brother of Levi, 

viii. Lucy, b. Feb. 14, 1774; ni. Josiah Robinson of Stratham and Concord, X. H. 
Died Aug. 13, 1S56. 
ix. Elizabeth, b. June 20, 1776. 

84. Edward (26) Sanborx, born in Hampton Falls ; baptised there 
April I, 1739. Signed the Test at Barnstead. No further record. 

85. Jeremiah (26) Saxborn, born in Hampton Falls, June 27, 1744. 
Lived first at Barnstead, then at Pittslield, N. H. Embraced the Shaker 
faith in 1782, while living at Pittsfield. Moved to Loudon in 17S5. At the 
commencement ot" the Shaker society in Canterbury, in 1792, they were 
gathered into it ; the father and two youngest sons joined the Enfield com- 
munity ; the rest remained at Canterbury. The father and John soon re- 
turned to Canterbury, Joseph remaining at Enfield. They were all devoted 
members and pillars of the society. Married Aug. 5, 1766, Love Xorris 
of Epping, who died at Loudon, April 14, 1787 ; b. May 23, 1746. He 
died at Shaker Village, Dec. 23, 1817. 

Children : 

i. David, b. Jan. 16, 1767; d. July 28, 1847, at Shaker Village, N. H. 
ii. Betty, b. Feb. 2, 176S; d. May 15, 1790, at Loudon. 
ill. Jeremiah, b. June 2, 1770; d. Feb. 11, 1S14, at Shaker Village. 
iv. Abigail, b. ^Llrch 28, 1772: d. Sept. 13, 1798, at Shaker Village. 
V. Lydia, b. Aug. 5, 1774; d. Jan. 29, 1861, at Shaker Village. 
vi. Love, b. and d. 1777, at Pittsheld. 

vii. John, b. Oct. 7, 1779; d. Sept. 25, 1843, at Shaker Village. 

viii. Joseph, b. June 22, 1781 ; drowned Dec. 14, 1857, in Mascoma pond, Enfield, 
N. H. 

86. John (26) Sanborn, baptized in Hampton Falls, Aug. 24, 1745. 
Lived in Barnstead; signed the Test there. Married Hannah Eastman. 
Was killed in the Revolution (D. H. S. says). See Appendix for Revolu- 
tionary service. 

Children : • 

232 i. Reuben, b. March 12, 1773. 

ii Mary, b. Oct. 3, 1774; m. (i) .Moses W. Rand; (2) .May 16, 1817, Joseph Kim- 
ball of Gilmanton. 

233 iii. John, b. March 2, 1776. 

87. Joseph (26) Sanborn, baptized at Hampton Falls, Jan. 10, 1749. 
Signed the Test at Barnstead. Fought in the Revolution, and at'terward 
moved to ^NLiine, says the " History of Barnstead." See Appendix for 
Revolutionary service. 

//^l.: .','6 


88. Jonathan (27) Sanborn, born in Kensington, Feb. 18, 1714. 
Moved earlv to Ilawke, now Danville. Called Capt. Jonathan by D. II. S. 
Qj^iite prominent in Hawke. Married Feb. 13, 1735, Mary Batchelder, who 
was born Dec. 25, 1715, and died May 18, 1790. He died May 20, 1790. 
Will, dated Sept. 30, 1786, proved May 27, 1790, mentions wife Mary and 
all his survivincj children. 

Jan. 18, 1743-4. I Richard Sambun of Parish of Ken.sington in Town of Hampton, .... 
fatherly afteclion for my well beloved Son Jonathan Sanbun Now Living in Kingstown Ejui- 
holdcr gave him land in Kingstown, in the uper Division, bound'* N. on a Highway, W. 
on a Highway, S. on a Highway, land bought of \Vm. Lang of Kingstown. 

Children : 

i. Unnamed child, b. and d. 1735. 

234 ii. John, Sept. 8, 1736. 

iii. Jethro, b. Nov. 20, 1738; m. Sept. 27, 1763, Abigail Elkins. Signed the Test 

at Hawke. No issue; d. Jan. 24, i8ri. 
iv. Unnamed child (twin to Jethro), b. and d. 1738. 
V. Phineas, bap. April 24, 1743; d. an infant. 
vi. Rebecca, b. 1744; d. 1746. 
vii. Rebecca, b. July 12, 1745 ; probably d. young. 

235 viii. Phineas, b .March 17, 1747. 

Lx. Josiah. b. 1749; d. an infant. ' ' . 

X. Josiah, b. Oct. 17, 1750; d. 1769. . - ' . 

xi. Unnamed child, b. and d. 1753. 
xii. Mary, b. Dec. 29, 1754; m. Dec. 7, 1769, Jedediah Philbrick ; d. Dec. 29, 1S20. 

236 xiii. Jonathan, b. March 4, 1760. 

89. Moses (27) Sanborn, born in Kensington, July 12, 1717. Lived 
first in Kensington, but moved to Sandown, where he signed the Test. 
Married (i) Aug, 29, 173S, Priscilla (Sherburn) James, daughter of John 
and Ruth Sherburn of Portsmouth, and widow of Edmund James of Ken- 
sington ; (2) Elizabeth Fuller. Died June 8, 1S07, aged 90. 

Children : 

i. Elizabeth, b. June 7, 1739; ^- I74i- 

ii. Priscilla, b. April 12, 1741 ; d. unm. at Sandown, 1837. 

237 iii. Sherburn, b. July 9, 1744. 

238 iv. Nathaniel, b. March 2, 1746. 

V. Abigail, b. Aug. 21, 174S; m Deacon Robert Dinsmore of Chester, N. H. 

239 vi. Joseph, b. Sept. 9, 1751. 

240 vii. Peter, b. Aug. 18, 1752. 

241 viii. Reuben, b. Sept. 8, 1754. 

ix. Elizabeth, bap. at Sandown, March i, 1761. 
x. Catherine, bap. in Deerfield, N. H., Sept. 13, 1767. 

J / '■■ ;,' ■■ 1 Y.'.' '" 

! ' :<■ 

..■■•;i( ■• 



All the above bv first wife ; by second wife : 

xi. Lydia, bap. May 7, 1769; d. unm. at Sandown. 
xii. Josiah, bap. Au_2;. 19, 1770; d. unm. at Chester, 1847. 
xiii. Sarah, bap. June 13, 1773; d. unm. in Sandown. 

242 xiv. iMoses, b. July 7, 1775. 

243 XV. Daniel, b. Aug. 14, 1777. 

90. David (27) Sanborx, born in Kensington, June 9, 1721. Lived 
in Sandown and Andover, N. H. Married Sarah Waddell. Signed the 
Test in Andover. In Captain Marston's company in the Crown Point 
expedition, 1762 (N. H. P., XIV, 25). 

Children : - 

i. Sarah, bap. Aug. 2, 1747, ^^ Kensington; d. an infant. 
ii. Benjamin, b. May 4, 1748; d. unm. 

244 iii. David, b. April 19, 1753. 

245 iv. Ephraim, b. April 19, 1756. 

246 V. Richard, b. May 23, 1759. 

247 vi. Josiah, bap. June 11, 1767. 

vii. Sarah, b. July i, 1770; m. Peletiah Corliss of Bradford, V't. 

91. Deacon Jeremiah (27) Sanborn, born in Kensington, Jan. 16, 
1730. Lived in Kensington. Married June 15, 1749, Abigail Tilton, said 
by D. H. S. to have been daughter of Samuel of Kensington, but I think 
more probably daughter of David. She died 1S16. He died Ma\' 12, 
1772. Will, dated 1771, proved 1772, mentions wife Abigail and all sur- 
viving children. 

Children : , . 

248 i. Theophilus, b. Jan. 13, 1750. 

ii. Hannah, b. Nov. 30, 1751 ; m. 1780, Elisha Swett of Gilmanton. 

iii. Abigail, b. Aug. 8, 17^4; m. Jacob Graves of East Kingston. 

249 iv. Jeremiah, b. Nov. 25, 1757. 

250 V. David, b. April 26. 1761. 

vi. Rebecca, b. April 9. 1763; m. July 26, 17S7, Jethro Brown of Gilmanton; d. 
Oct. 28, 1846. 

251 vii. Jonathan Tilton, b. May 18, 1770. 

92. Richard (27) Sanborn, born in Kensington, Feb. 23. 1737. 
Lived in Kensington; signed the Test there. Married June 24, 1762, 
Elizabeth (Tilton) Prescott, daughter of Sherburn Tilton of Kensington, 
and widow of John Prescott, born Nov. 20, 1735. Died-in 1773, tor on "" 
Oct. 9, 1773, Theophilus Sanborn was appointed executor of Richard of 
Kensington. /q -^'^'^ 

i 'f. 


Children : 

i. Betsey, b. Feb. 28, 1763; m. June 7, 1781, Parker Morgan of Gilmanton and 
Laconia ; she d. at Moultonborough, Sept. 30, 1838. 

252 ii. Hilliard, b. March 15, 1765. 

iii. Anne, b. Jan. 22, 176S; ni. (i)jul_v 25, 17S4, Thomas Cook; (2) June 25, 
1795, John Potter; d. March 15, 1832, in Kensington. 

253 iv. Jeremiah, b. April 29, 1772. 

93. Henry (28) Sanborn, born in Kensington, May 27, 1721. Lived 
first in Kensington, but I think moved to Northwood, where he signed the 
Test. Married March 15, 1744, Mary Shaw. 

June 9. 1752. David of Kingstown yeoman for /60 old tenor pd. by Henery of Hampton 
sold 1; acres in Kingstown as it shall be laid out to him sd. Henry in ye 200 acre grant in »S: 
is part of ye loth & part of ye iith Letts in Xumber, bounded easterly on land of sd. Henry 
& partly on lands of Moses Sanborn iS: partly on land of sd. David, northerly on land of Jethro 
Sanborn & S. on lands of Mr. Jon» Dow & Mr. Benj. Greenleaf. James Sanborn & Joseph 
Draper witnesses. 

July 6, 1753. David of Kingston yeoman for _j^75 old tenor sold Henery of Kensington in 
Hampton 5 acres in 200 acre Grant in King, beginning at 5 acres I formerly sold him. 


i. Joseph, b. 1746; d 1748. 
ii. Mary, b. May 9, 1748; m. Jan. 22, 1771, William Brown of Kensington, son of 

William; d. March 31, 1818. 
iii. Mercy, b. May 12, 1753. ■ 

254 iv. Jonathan, b. June S, 1755. 

V. Unnamed child, b. 1757; d. 1758. 
vi. Elizabeth, b. July S, 1759. 

94. Nathaniel (30) Sanborn, born in Hampton Falls, Dec. 17, 1737. 
Lived first in Epping, but moved early to ^Meredith, X. EL ?^Lirried at 
South Hampton, Sept. 4, 1764, Polly P>ench of Kingston. Signed the 
Test in Epping. 

Children : 

i. Judith, b. Oct. 4, 1765. 

255 ii. John, b. Nov. 27, 1767. 

' 256 iii. Asahel, b. Jan. 20, 1770. 

257 iv. Stephen, b. March 12, 1772. " ' 

V. Polly, b. 1776; m. Stephen Leavitt of Meredith. 
vi. Dudley, b. 1778; rn. (i) Susanna Swain; (2) Susan Bedee. Lived in Meredith; 

no issue. 
vii. Jane, b. 17S0; m. Nathaniel Piper of Sanbornton. 
viii. Rachel, b. 1782; m. Dr. Mark Plarris. 
ix. Hannah, b. 1784; d. unm. 



95. Nathan (30) Sanborn, born in Epping, Feb. 22, 1749. Inherited 
his father's house in Epping, and lived there at first. Signed the Test 
there. Married Betsey Fogg of Epping, and moved to Sanbornton, where 
he and his wile died at tiie town farm, — he in 1S38 ; she in 1S39. 

Children : 

258 i. Sargent, b. 1766. 

ii. Chase, b. 1775 ; d. unm. May i, 1810, in Hi!l, X. H. * 

iii. Betsey, b. ; m. Samuel Calley of Sanbornton. 

iv. Nancy, b. — — ; m. James Blake of Sanbornton. 

V. Olive, b. 1783; d. 1806, unm. 

vi. Sally, b. Oct., 1785 ; m. James Blake above (2d wife). 

259 vii. William, b. . 

96. JERE^HAH (31) Sanborn, born in Kensington, Aug. 18. 1741. 
Lived first in Epping, but earlv moved to Nottingham, N. H., thence to 
Deerfield, N. H., and Chichester, N. H. Married Betsey Beverly, who 
was born Sept. 6, 1736, and died Oct. 2, 1809. He died Dec. 18, 1818. 
Betsey Beverly, or Beverland, was a daughter of Joseph Beverland of Not- 
tingham, who came from Colerain, in County Derry, Ireland, and whose 
family intermarried with the Nealleys and other Scotch-Irish like them- 

Children: , . ■- 

260 i. Jacob, b. in Nottingham, Dec. 5, 1761. 

261 ii. Joseph Beverly, b. in Deerfield, July 4, 1762 

iii. Molly, b. 1764; m. James Prescott of Epsom, N. H.. fourth child of James of 

Hampton Falls, — he was a soldier in the War of 1812. She d. 1828. 
iv. Betsey, b. 1768; d. in Chichester, unm., 1847. 
V. Sally, b. April 30, 1770; d. unm. 

262 vi. Jeremiah, b. Feb. 11, 1773. 

97. Joseph (possibly Josiah) (31) S.\nborn, born in 1743. Married 
Paulina Chatman. No further record found. 

98. Daniel (31) Sanborn, born about 1745; baptized Sept. 4. 1757* 
in Nottincrham, bv Rev. \V. Odlin. Married Lvdia Marston, savs D. H. S. 
In 1799, Jeremiah Sanborn of Chichester was appointed guardian to Benja- 
min Sanborn, son of Daniel of Chichester, deceased. No further record 

March 7, 1787. Jacob & Daniel both of Chichester yeomen for /^go pd. by Jeremiah of 
Chichester sold land in C. Lot No. 3 in 2nd range, ist division, 50 acres which Lot was 
voted by the proprietors of C. to Jacob during his natural life & at his decease to be the right 
of his son Daniel, signed by Jacob (his mark) Daniel, Elizabeth (her mark) Joseph San- 
born was a witness. 

;i ■'- / • y ' ■.;;•! •( i .' -i - - 


99. Nathaniel (34) Sanborn, born in Wethersfield, Conn., Feb. 6, 
1757. Mayried Hannah Goold, daughter of James of Lyme, in 1783, at 
Lyme, Conn. Lived in Wethersfield until 1790, when he moved to Canan- 
daigua, N. Y. He was one of the pioneers of western New York ; on the 
journey with his wife and young children, after leaving Schenectady, the 
last house they slept in was the one log house in Utica. Thev saw none 
but boatmen and Indians in the long journey west of Utica. See Appendix 

for Revolutionary service. 

■ '' ' ' 

Children : 

i. Elizabeth, b. ; m. Granger. 

ii. Sophia, b. ; m Fellows. 

iii. Hannah, b. ; m. Jacobs. 

263 iv. John Goold, b. .March 13. 1797. 

V. Lavinia, b. ; d. unm. 

264 vi. Nathaniel. 
vii. Charles. 

265 viii. William. 

100. Dr. Dudley (^6) Sanborn, born in Hampton Falls, 'SIs.y 22, 
1742. Lived first in Hampton Falls, afterwards moved to Chichester. 
See Appendix for Revolutionary service. Called "Doctor" bv D. H. S. 
Married (i) June 9, 1763, Mary Green of Hampton Falls; (2), 1772, 
Haimah (Morrilli^oqk, of Salisbury, Mass. D. H. S. says he also lived 
in Seabrook, N. H. 

Children : 

i. Dorothy, bap. at Hampton Falls, Aug. iS, 1765. 
ii. Rhoda, bap. in Hampton Falls. Aug. 18. 1766; d. an infant. 

iii. Mary, bap. in Hampton Falls, May 14, 1769; m. 1790, John Locke of Seabrook. 
iv. Sarah, twin, bap. Sept. 26, 1773; d. in infancy. 
V. Dudley, twin, bap. Sept. 26, 1773; d in infancy. 

266 vi. Jacob, b. 1774. 

vii. Lois, b. 1776; m. 1S02, Jeremiah Locke of Seabrook. 
viii. Eunice, b. 1778; m. Moses Johnson of Deertield, N. H. • 

267 ix. Dudley, b. July 17, 1785. 

X. Rhoda, b. 17S7. 
xi. Sarah, b. 1789. 

101. Theophilus (36) Sanborn, born in Hampton Falls, June 19, 
1747. Lived first in Hampton Falls, then moved to Meredith. Married 
June 22, 1769, Anne Shaw. ■ ■ 

Children : 

i. Lois, b. Dec. iS. 1769; m. Oct., 1793, Samuel Shaw of Chichester. 

268 ii. Benjamin, b. Sept. 10, 1771. 

Y:ii) ■ / iit,;j;> 

( ' I 



iii. Theophilus, b. June 20, 1772; m. June, 1799, Patty Gale, who d. June, 1856. 
He lived in Meredith, and iiad no issue; d. Feb., 1S47. 

269 iv. Dudley, b. July 9, 1775. 

270 V. Samuel, b Oct. 12, 1777. 
vi. Newell, b. 1779; d. unni. at Meredith, Nov. 16, 1801. 

vii. Nancy, b. lune 19, 17S3; m. Nov., 1S04, Noah Ward of New Hampton, X. H. 

271 viii. Aaron, b. May 23, 1789. 

102. Benjamin (37) Sanijorn, born in King.ston, May 20, 17 19. Lived 
first in Kingston; there in 1776, when he signed the Test; late in lite 
moved to Salisburv, N. H., where he was a large landholder, wealthy and 
prominent. Married (i) April 3, 1746, Dorothy Ladd of Kingston, who 

died July 27, 17S4 ; (2) Rebecca , who died April 6, 1S25, aged 

eighty-eight. He died in Salisbury, Jan. 7, 1S06. 

Children : 

i. Elizabeth, b. in Kingston, Nov. 15, 1746. ". ' •-■ -'" ■ - ' --■'-- 
ii. Lucy, b. in Kingston, Nov. 20, 174S. 

iii. Benjamin, b. 1750; d. May 14, 1756. ^ 

iv. Dorothy, b. in Kingston, Jan. 29. 1756; m. John Call. 
V. Lydia, b. in Kingston, April 10. 1758. ' 

272 vi. Benjamin, b. in Kingston, Nov. 7, 1760. J*/ \ .- ..i' ■;.•.«•..- :'. .-•V . -' . ., '■ ,. ''-, 
. 273 vii. Samuel, b. in Kingston, Dec. 25, 1762. ',.■-.'.■..■ ''.!'' "• r , f»'" ''"--"^-''f .■ "• '""' v' 

274 viii. John. ' " .--...... 

ix. Sarah, b. : m. Marston. -"'\'^~''^^ 

. 275 X. Peter, b. . • »•""•''.• 

103. Timothy (3S) Sanborn, born in Kingston, Aug. 15, 1720. Lived 
and died in Kinn;ston, where he signed the Test. Married Mav 9, 1746, 

Alice Qj^iimby. Died March 22, 1794. Sfo- M^A- ^^'*'' "^ "^ ' 7 "2- / ^^-^<- 

Children: ^ ^ ^ '-fJTZ- /J^lS^i ■ 

276 i. Benjamin, b. May 27, 1747. "^ ' '• ^T-''-- '- ' ' ' •" ' ' ' C^'-- * 

ii. Abigail, b. Sept. 10. 1748; m. Dec. 8, 1777, James Thorn of Sandown, N. H. / }, '^\- ^ \:. ^ , 

217 iii- David, b. May 24, 1753. 

278 iv. Samuel, b. Nov. 3. 1755. 

^ V. Else or Alice, b. Dec. 23, 175S; m. Nov. 6, 1787. Joseph Tucker of Kingston. 

vi. Mary, b. March 28, 1761 ; d. unm. in Kingston, July 11, 1S39 

vii. Sarah, b. Oct. i, 1763; m. David Buzzell of Kingston. 

279 viii. John Ouimby, b. July 3, 1766. 

104. Lieut. Samuel (38) Sanborn, born in Kingston, >Larch 12, 
1730, Lived in Sandown, N. H., and signed the Test there. Married 
(i) Feb. 7, 1751, Hannah Tucker; (2) ]March iS, 1767, Mary Barnes. 

9 ^ , ^ ••..-■ 

i ^ , • , "^c, -'. tfl ^ ■ : ' , \-^ rJ/J^J^l^V rj/J^^ . 

!/..• > -.1 "y. -IT.'' ■ •• (■ 


Children : • " 

i. Joseph, b. Dec. 17, 1751 ; apparently d. young. 

ii. Sarah, b. Feb. 16, 1753; d. young. 

iii. Elizabeth, b. April 24, 1755. 

iv. Hannah, b. Dec. 7, 1761. 

280 V. Jonathan Collins, b. Feb. 24, 1765. 

vi. Nathan, bap. at Rye, X. H., Jan. 17, 1768; probably d. young. 

vii. Sarah, bap. at Rye, X. H., July 8, 1770. 

viii. Joanna, bap. at Sandown, June 19, 1774. 

105. Worcester (38) Sanborn, born in Kingston, June 20, 1734. 
Lived in Sandown and Newton, N. H. Married Oct. 26, 1756, Hannah 
Fowler, and died at Newton, N. H., April 20, 1794. Will proved May 
19, 1794. 

Children : 

i. Theodate, b. Sept. 15, 1757; m. Elijah Bagley of Ne-.vton. 
ii. William, b. May 25, 1759; d. an infant. 

281 iii. Josiah, b. Aug. 14, 1761. 

282 iv. William, b. July 30, 1765. 

283 V. Ebenezer, b. 1770. 

vi. Betsey, b. Feb. 14, 1773; m. Oct. 18, 1793^ John Ford ofTopsham, \'t., d. 
June 20, 185 1. 

284 vii. .Jonathan, b. X'ov. 3, 1778. 

viii. Molly, b. Aug. 31, 1787; m. Aaron Whittier of Newton. 

285 ix. John, b. May 17, 1785. 

The first three above born in Sandown ; the rest in Newton. 

106. Jonathan (38) Sanborn, born in Kingston, Nov. 23, 1738. 
Lived and died in Kingston, where he signed the Test. Married (i) Dec. 
15, 1760, Sarah James, daughter of Israel of Kensington, died ISLay 27, 
1767; (2) Jan. 26, 1768, Mary Swett, who died June 3, 1817. rie died 
March 20, 1782. Will proved April 24, 1782. 

Children : 

286 i. Jonathan, b. .March 8. 1764. 

287 ii. Israel, b. Feb. 3, 1767. 

288 iii. Joseph, b. Aug. 3, 1770. 

107. Jeremiah (■;9) S.\nborn, born in Hampton, Feb. 12. 1703. Lived 
in Hampton. In 1722, served under Maj. John Oilman. Deputy in 1775 
to the Second Provincial Congress ; a man of excellence and distinction, — 
called Captain. Orantee of Sanbornton. Married Jan., 29. 1730, L\ dia 
Dearborn, daughter of John of Hampton, and aunt of Maj.-Oen. Henry 

I C' T / '. •• n : » 


1 .:' ji-r'-'K 


y T'r '•■ V'- .-:::—-.• ■■. \Tr -^i 


\ \^v;: 

5^; • ■ - • 

\1 \ 

\ ^ 




Dearborn of the Revolution. Died Aug. 17, 1783. Will, proved 1784, 
mentions wife and all the children. 

Children : 

i. Anna, b. July 4, 1731 ; m. Jonathan Calley of Exeter. 
ii. Mary, b. Jan. 6, 1733; m. (i) Jonatlian Fogg of Exeter; (2) Capt. Abraliam 

Perkins of Sanbornton. 
iii. Abigail, b. March 25, 1735; m. Moses Leavitt of Brentwood, son of John of 

iv. Lydia. b. Feb. 26, 1737; m. Nathaniel Leavitt of Deerfield and Exeter, son of 

Joseph, and cousin of Moses above. 

289 V. Jeremiah, b. July 6, 1739. 

290 vi. John, b. Jan. 25, 1742. 

vii. Ruth, b. May 2, 1744; m. Dec. 14, 175S, Nathaniel Batchelder of Hampton, son 
of Samuel of North Hampton. Died .May 6, 1S16. 

108. JosiAH (39) Sanborn, born in Hampton, Aug. 19, 1707. Lived 
in Exeter. A grantee of Sanbornton ; " proprietor's clerk," or treasurer. 
Nicknamed "Josiah Dote." Married (i) Feb. 22, 1733, Theodate Drake; 
(2) April 8, 1770, Deborah Bowden or Bowdoin, daughter of Francis Bow- 
den of Exeter, and granddaughter of Michael of Lynn. Both the follow- 
ing children were by the second wife. Died Dec. 3, 17SS. 

Children : 

291 i. Josiah, b. in Exeter. Nov. ig, 1771. 

292 ii. John, b, Sept. 21, 1773. 

109. Sergt. Ezekiel (40) S.VNBORN, bom in Hampton Falls, April 4, 
1706. Lived in Exeter and Newmarket. Married June 5, 1731, Elizabeth 
Melcher of Hampton Falls, daughter of Samuel. Served in the Indian 
wars. See sergeant's commission. Died in 1757. Administration granted 
to Edward and Jonathan, Sept. 15, 175S. She died 177S. 

Children : 

293 i. Edward, b. in Epping, 1731. 

294 ii. Jonathan, b. April 13, 1733-. 

295 iii. Ezekiel, b. July 29, 1748. 

iv. Elizabeth, b. 1750; m. Nicholas Doe of Newmarket. 
V. Abigail, b. 1752; d. young. 
vi. Joshua, b. 1754: probably d. young. C_^ 

110. Daniel (40) Sanborn, born in Hampton Falls, Oct. 8, 170S. 
A farmer in that part of Exeter which shortly became Brentwood. Com- 
manded a company in the French War. Signed the Test in Brentwood. 
Married Sept. 2, 1731, Abigail Prescott, daughter of John of Hampton 


Falls; she died Dec. 21, 1781 ; he died Sept. 22, 1782. Will, proved 
1782, mentions wife and all the children ex'cept Abigail. 

Children : 

i. Abigail, h. June 26, 1732; m. Jan. 3, 1754, Ciiase Smith of Kingston; d. Oct. 
24, 1795. 

296 ii. Daniel, b. June 4, 1734. 

iii. Hannah, b. Aug. 3, 1736: m. Dea. Samuel Pulsifer of Deerfield ; d. April 15, 

297 iv. Josiah, b. Oct. 7, 1738. 

V. Elizabeth, b. Nov. 4, 1740; d. unm. Aug. 9, 1799. 

298 vi. Abraham, b. Dec. 24, 1744. 

vii. Rebecca, b. March 14, 1747; m. April 20, 1766, Moses Judkins of Kingston. 

299 viii. John Prescott, b. May 24, 1750. 

ix. Huldali, b. March 17, 1753; m. Joseph Jones of Runiney, N. H. ; d. June 5, 

. . . 1785- 

X. Lydia, b. Oct. 30, 1755 ; m. Jeremiah Dean of Hawke, now Danville, N. H. 

III. WiLLi.VM (40) Sanborn, born in Hampton Falls, Oct. 31. 1710. 
Lived at Exeter. Grantee of Sanbornton. Married Sept. 2, 1731. Betsey 
Dearborn, daughter of Henr}- of North Hampton ; she died Feb. 24. 1789; 
he died 1783. Will, dated June 20 and provtd Aug. 26. 17S3. mentions 
wife Elizabeth, and children Simon, Josiah, Elizabeth Sanborn, Hannah 
Chase, ]Mary Chase, and Anne Sanborn, 

Jan. I, 1734-5. I Daniel Sanborn of Exeter yeoman for ,2^150 in Currt. money of New 
England pd. by my brother W^ Sanborn of Exeter yeoman all right to our Honoured father 
W™ Sanborn Deceased, also that halfe right in our Honour'd Fathers* Estate that I purchased 
of our sister Hannah wife of John Foulsam Jun'' of Exeter, also that ten acres of land that our 
honoured Grandfather Josiali Sanbun Deceased, by his deed gave me with all buildings stand- 
ing thereon. 

Feb. 25, 1735-6. I Ezekiel Sanbon of Exeter yeoman for divers causes especially for the 
write my Brother William Sanborn of Exeter had in land in Stratham which he has made sure 
to me by a Deed bearing even date with these Presents I — convey all y* Rest of the land 
which was our Father, W"^ Sanborn's Either in Exeter or Else whare together with the write 
in land which our Mother purchased after our father's Decease together with my write in y« 
House which was our s'^ Father's & my pari of y* movables or Eutensels in s*^ House 

!Aprill 3, 1736. Joshua Samborn of Exeter Cordwainer for ^100 pd. by bro. W™ of Exeter 

all write to real estate of our honoured father \V™ of Hampton dec'd estate in Exeter, 

Hampton or whatsoever town with all my write & Intrist to y« moveables in y^ House which 
was my s"^ Father Sanborn's. 

Children : 

300 i. Simon, b. Sept. 28, 1736. 

ii. Elizabeth, b. Aug. 25, 1738; m. Dec. 26, 1759, Daniel Sanborn (296). 
iii. Hannah, b. March 30, 1740; m. Josiah Chase of Deerlield. 

i;^ '-'iloH/.A'j 

' / 

■<.■.' 1 

I , '.. •» 

^ ■ ; r • ■ \ 

' ■ ■ ■ . - •■-;.■ ■ .. - .^'A 

i : 

'i'* K '■AH' 



• -^^^ ■■■ -■;- ■ . • .j 

^ f«x ^f ' ''i "' • • •■-:• 

..Jtiitti. - -^jj-g^^-. ^ 


301 iv. William, b. Feb 19, 1742. ■ • ' ■■ 

V. Henry Dearborn, b. Dec. 23, 1743; m. July 17, 1769. Elizabeth Sanborn of 
Deerfield ; probably d. young and left no issue, as he is not mentioned in his 
father's will. 

vi. Mary, b. Sept. 19, 1745; m. Stephen Chase of Deerfield. 

302 vii. Josiah, b. June 19, 1747. 

viii. Sarah, b. .May 12, 1749; m. Cram. 

be. Anne, b. Aug. 15, 1751 ; m. July 29, 1782, John Sanborn {290); d. May 26, 

X. Theodate, b. 1753; d. young. 
xi. Abigail, b. 1755; d. young. 

112. Joshua (40) Saxborx, born in Hampton Falls, March 16, 1715. 
Lived in Epping. Married Abigail Sanborn (41-iv). He died Dec, 1764; 
she died Dec. 16, 1811. 

Children : 

303 1. Daniel, b. May 6, 1752. 

ii. Phineas (baptized ''Fines'"), b. Dec. 28, 1756; m. .Molly Woodman of Sanborn- 
i, ton, and d. there childless, Jan. 12, 1S35. 

304 iii. Tristram, b. Sept. 30, 1760. 

iv. Joshua (twin to Tristram), b. Sept. 30, 1760; d. an infant. 

113. Ephraim (41) Saxborx, born in Hampton Falb, April 20, 1719. 
Lived in Epping; died there Oct. 4, 174S; May 20, 1749. his widow Sarah 
was appointed administratrix. Married June 26. 1740, Sarah Greene, 
daughter of Benjamin of Hampton Falls ; she afterwards married Ensign 
Enoch Sanborn (59) as his second wife, and died 1754. 

Sept. I, 1746. F.pliraim Sanborn of Parish of Epping yeoman for ^200 in bills of credit 
old tenor sold Joshua Sanborn of Epping cordwainer 25 acres in Epping bounded as followeth 
begining at the south westerly end of that 27 acres which was given to. me by my honoured 
father Jabez Sanburn of Hampton Falls Parish, thence to extend northeasterly carrying the 
whole breadth of my sd. land until it shall contain 25 acres. 

(Epping was set olTfrom Exeter in 174 1.) 

Children : 

i. Elizabeth, b. Jan. 1742: d. young. 

305 ii. Jeremiah Marston, bap. June 30, 1745. 

iii. Mary, bap. Sept. 6, 1747; m. Sept. 12, 1765, Benjamin Moulton of Kensington ; 
d. Feb. 6, 17S3. 

114. Josiah (41) Saxborx, born in Hampton Falls. >Larch 21. 172^. 
Perhaps the J. S. who was in Captain Light's company at Louisburg in 
1745- Lived in Epping. A grantee of Sanbornton. Married Jemima 
. Died in Epping, 1770. Will, dated ^Lay 29, proved Oct. 31, 1770, 


1 1 ' ■ ' . " 1 

; \ 


mentions brother Abraham of Exeter, wife Jemima, and children as 

Children : 

i. Molly, b. Sept. i, 1762; m. Dudley Gilman of Gilrnanton, and d. 1850. 

306 ii. Josiah, b. Jul\ 8, 1764. 

307 iii. Andrew, b. June 16, 1766. 

iv. Jemima, b. Aug. 11, 176S; m. Feb. 20, 17S3, Jonathan Farrar. 
V. Rhoda, b. Dec. 21, 1769. 
May 21, 1793. Rhoda of Epping Single woman & spinster for ^5 pd. by Abraham of Exe- 
ter, husbandman conveyed all claim to estate of Jabez Sanborn late of E.xeter dec'd, my late 

115. Jeremiah Marstox (41) S.\xborn, born in Hampton Falls, 
March 25, 1727. Lived in Hampton. Went to Louisburg in Capt Samuel 
Hall's company in 1745. A grantee of Sanbornton. Xo record found of 
any issue. 

116. Abraham (41) Sanborn, born in Hampton Falls, April 7, 1729. 

Lived in Exeter. A grantee of Sanbornton. Married ^Llrv . Will, 

dated June 10, 179S, proved Aug. 23, 1798, mentions wife ^Nlary and daugh- 
ters Mary Shaw and Theodate Pike. 


i. Sarah, bap. Oct. 26, 1755 (Exeter record) : probably d. young, 
ii. Mary, bap. July 17. 1757 (Exeter record): m. Sept. 16, 1778, Benjamin Shaw, 
iii. Tristram, bap. March 20, 1763 (Exeter record) : d. young. 
iv. Theodate, b. ; m. April 6, 1 791, .Moses Pike. 

117. Tristram (41) Sanborn, born in Hampton Falls. Jan. 15, 173S. 
No record found of his marriage or death ; he was living in 1760, when his 
father's will was made. 

118. WiNTHROP (42) Sanborn (?), born in Hampton, >Lirch 15, 171S. 
illegitimate son of Keziah Sanborn. Lived and died in Hampton, at 
*' Lane's Corner." Signed the Test in Hampton. >Lirried April 4, 1745, 
Abigail Dow, daughter of Samuel of Hampton, died Jan. 9, 1S15. He 
clied Nov. 15, 1796. 

July iS, 1764. Richard of Hampton saddler for /500 new Tenor pd. by Winthrop of H. 
yeoman land where he (W.) now lives, two acres, bounding \V. on the Great Road that leads 
from Boston to Portsmouth & X. on land of Philip Towle, E. on land of John Moulton ^ S. 
on land of Widow Keziah Towle, with buildings thereon. 


308 i. .Abner, b. .May 14, 1746. 

ii. Samuel, b. July i, d. Oct. 4, 1748. 

;] 'iti .' .'V^' y/!l 





iii. Molly, b. Xov. i6, 1749; m. Sept. 12. 1765, John Hall of Salem, X. H., who d. 
June, 1789; (2) June 6, 1790. Xatlian IJlake of Hampton, son of Nathan. 

119. Reuben (43) Sanborn, born in II;iinplon, Dec. 25, 172S. Lived 
first in Hampton : deputy prison keeper in 1755 ; but moved to Epsom 
with his father. Married May 20. 1752, Elizabeth Ward, daughter of 
Abel of Hampton Falls. Signed the Test in Epsom. 

Children : 

309 i. Simon, bap. Xov. ri, 1753. •' - 
ii. Abigail, bap. Jan. 20, 1754: m. Simon Libbey of Epsom. 

iii Sarali, bap. Dec. 21. 1755: m. Nathaniel Chase of Seabrook. 
iv. Thomas Ward, bap. Nov. 20, 1756; d. Sept. i, 1757. 

310 V. Moses, b. Dec. 25, 1757. 
vi. Molly, bap. Nov. 30, 1760: m. Dea. Abraham Locke of Epsom. 

311 vii. Theophilus, b. Dec. 17. 1762. 
viii. Miriam, b. Sept. 25, 1764; m. Robert Dickey of Boston. 

312 ix. Ira. b. Oct. 18, 1766. 

313 X. Reuben, b. May 7, 1769. 
xi. Betsey, b. Oct. 29, 1772; m. Joseph Chase Wallace; d. June 2, 1861, in Con- 
cord, N. H. 

xii. Unnamed child, b. and d. 1774. 

120. Eliphalet (43^ Sanborn, born in Hampton. Julv 28. 1730. A 
constable at Hampton. Went to the French War in 1758. Moved to 
Epsom, — there in 1762; a farmer; often-held town offices. See Appendix 
for Revolutionary service. Married Nov. 19, 1761, Margaret Wallace. V)";- C' 
She was born March 13, 1744; d. April 29, 1S36. He died July 27, 1794. 


Dec 29, 1749. Jonathan Sanborn (his mark) of Hampton yeoman for love good Wiii & / ,\ ^ /^ 

Respect for my cousin Eliphalet Sanborn Son of my Brother Ruben Sanborn of H. farmer, as Y/i 

also for other good Causes assign mv Dwelling House 5: Barn & Orchard with all mv Land there , !>• / 

adjoining, also with 15 acres in the Second Division also i of a lot in the 12 shares so called ♦ ■ '• ' ' „ 

in the 2nd Division, with my marsh laying in the Spring Marsh, also one share of marsh on 

the Ox common, also all mv rii-ht in the meadow mv father Josiah Sanborn dec"d had near the v-* v. 

Beach - ^ - ^ttv^^. 


Children : .^^ 

iiA '^ i- Josiah, b. Oct. 4, 1763. ^^-^'"'^ 

— ii. Lydia, b. Dec. 24, 1765 : m. Samuel .McGaffy of Sandwich. 
^ iii. Rachel, b. April 3, 176S; m. .Moses Osgood of Epsom. 
3i5---iv. William, b. July 6, 1770. 
316 V. Andrew, b. Feb. 17, 1773- 

-^ vi. Margaret, b. May 23, i77S'i m- Stephen Sherman. 

vii. Jane, b. Feb. 24, 1778: m. Theophilus Cass of Stanstead, Canada. 
viii. Simon, b. June 8, 1780; m. Harriet Dearborn; lived in Epsom and New York 
city; had one daughter; died in 1818. 




ix. Caleb, b. Dec. 8. 17S1 ; moved to Texas, and d. there. • 

317 '- X. Eliphalet, b. Marcli 4, 1790. 

121. Amos (45) Sanborn, born in Hampton, June i, 1726. Lived in 

Hampton until 1776. then moved to Moultonborough. Married Polly ; 

died March 11, 1815. 

Children : -'■ 

i. Sarah, b. Jan. 26, 1760; m. Glines. 

c-i ii. Abigail (twin to Sarah), b. Jan. 26, 1760; m. Chandler. 

318 iii. Robert, b. Feb. 6, 1762. 

319 iv. John, b. March 20, 1764. 

V. Patience, b. June 20, 1769; m. Charles Leonard of .Moultonborough. 
vi. Rebecca, b. Oct. 6. 1777 ; m. Emery, and moved to western New York. 

122. Joseph (45) Sanborn, born in Hampton, Aug. 4, 1731. Lived 
first in Hampton, then moved to Waterboro, Me. Married May 7, 175S, 
Elizabeth Dearborn, daughter ot' John of Hampton. 

Children : 

320 i. Joseph, b- Dec. 15, 1758. 

321 ii. Paul, b. July 23, 1760. 

iii. Miriam, b. Jan. 26, 1764; m. John Blake of Epsom, son of William. 

123. James (46) Sanborn, born in Hampton, Sept. i, 1760. Called 
"Ensign " by D. H. S. See Appendi.x tor Revolutionary service. Lived in 
Hampton and Epping. Married (i) Dec 23, 1786, Sarah Dearborn, 
daughter of ■Maj. Josiah of Hampton, died May 6, 1791 ; (2) Sarah Elkins, 
daughter of Capt. Henry of Hampton, died 1S64, aged almost one hundred. 
He died in Aiiica, N. Y., Oct. 9, 1844. 


322 i James, b. July 23, 1787. . 
ii. John Dearborn, bap. Sept. 20. 1789; d. at sea, 1S13. 

323 iii Mayhew. b. I79r. 

iv. Sarah, b. 1793; m. Eastman of Attica, N. Y. 

V. Esther, b. 1795. 

324 vi. Harvey, b. 1796. 
^ 325 vii. Warren, b. 1798. 

viii. Nancy, b. ; married Sherburn Ii. Rollins of Epping. 

124. Abiathar (47) Sanborn, born in Greenland, X. H.. 1732. Lived 
in Greenland until 1780, when he moved to Gilmanton. Si^rned the Test 
in Greenland. Married Mrs. Deborah Kinniston, who was born in 1739 
and died in 1829. He died in 1S14. Abiathar Sanburne, Jr., of Green- 
land, in 1759 bought one acre in Greenland from Benjamin Mackrees, Jr. 

. >; i •>« y. ■ 



Children : 

326 i. Zadok, b. Oct. 19, 1762. 

ii. Nancy, b. April 21, 1766; m. Stephen Swain of Gilmanton, and d. Sept. 7, 1849. 
iii. Sarah, b. June 7, 1771 ; m. (i) William Nelson of Gilmanton, who d. 1801 ; (2) 
Daniel Swett of Gilmanton ; she d. Aug. 29, 1855. 

125. William (47) Sanborn, boni in Greenland, 1739. Lived first 
in Epping, and then moved to Parsonsfield, Me. Married Barsheba Davis 
of Stratliam, X. H. 


327 i. William, b. in Epping, July 4, 1764. 

126. Zadok (48) Sanborn, born in Brentwood, April 19, 1733. Lived 
and died in Brentwood : signed the Test there. See Appendix tor Revolu- 
tionary service. Married Aug. 5, 1755. Susanna Judkins of Kingston, born 
Aug. II, 1736, granddaughter of Job Judkins of Exeter. 

Children : 

i. Ruth, b. Sept. 16, 1756; m. Asahel Johnson of Northwood 

328 ii. Benjamin, b.Jan. 14, 1759. 

329 iii. Joseph, b. Dec 8. 1760. 

iv. Lydia, b. Oct. 23, 1762 ; m. Samuel Gurdy of Bristol, N. H. 

330 V. Zadok, b. Oct 9, 1764. 
vi. Sarah, b. 1766; d. unm. 

331 vii. Nathaniel, b. Sept. 26, 176S. 

332 viii. Walter, b. Feb. 23, 1770. 

i.x. Polly, b. Aug. 11, 1777; m. John Roberts of Meredith. 

127. JoNATH.\N (49) S.\NBORN, bom in Hampton, April 20, 173S. 
Lived first in Hampton, where his oldest son was born : but moved to 
Standish (now Baldwin), Me., in i763-'64, and lived there for the rest of 
his life. Signed the Test there. Married Jan. 21, 1762, Rachel Fifield, 
who died March 8, 1816. He died Dec. 24, 1809. 


333 i- Jonathan, b. in Hampton, Aug. 12, 1762. 

334 ii. David, b. in Standish, Me., June 7, 1765. 

335 iii. Daniel, b. May 20, 1766. 

iv. Rachel, b. April 28, 176S ; m. Webber Rowe of Baldwin. 

336 V. Josiah, b. June 22. 1770. - " 

337 vi. Abner, b. June 13, 1772. 

vii. Priscilla, b. June 24, 1775 : m. William Bickford of Baldwin, who moved in 1S20 

to New Orleans, La. 
viii. Mercy, b. May 12, 1777; m. Nov. 19, 1795, James Lov.ell of Bridgeton, Me., b. 

Sept. 8, 1771 ; she d. Dec. 18, 1855. at Baldwin 

..■•l'-^. to 


ix. Hannah, b. June 18, 1782; ni. Daniel, McKinney of Limington, Me.; d. 1857, 

at Sebago, Me. 
X. Mary. b. Aug. 11, 1799; '^^- Stephen Burnell of Pjaldwin. 

128. David (49) Sanborn, born in Hampton; baptized tliere May 23, 
1742. Moved to Standish (now Baldwin), Me. Married Sarah Hall. 


i. John, b. 1763; d. young. 
ii. Phebe, b. 1765: m. John Robinson, 
iii. Solomon, b. 1767; m. Rebecca Strout ; no issue. 
' iv. Patience, b. 1769; ni. Solomon Annis of Bethel, Me. 

V. Nathaniel, b. 1771 • 

338 vi. Joseph, b. Feb. 29, 1772, in Standish. Me. 
vii. Lydia, b. 1773; m. Benjamin Thorn. 

viii. James, b. 1 775. 
ix. Sarah, b. 1777; m. Isaac Kelly. 

129. John (50) Sanborn, born in Kingston, Nov. 25, 1731. Lived 
first in Kingston, then moved to Salisburv, N. H., and died in Lee, 1771- 
Will, dated 1770, proved 1771, mentions all his cliildren. ^Tarried ( 1) 
Jan. II, 1753, Elizabeth Clifford; (2) Oct. 25, 1759, Abigail Snow. 

Children : 

i. John, b. 1755 ; d. unm. in Kensington. 

339 ii. Benjamin, b. 1757. 

340 iii. Ebenczer, b. Feb., 1758. 
i iv. Anne, b. i759-"6o. 

V. Elizabeth, b. 1761. ' • 

I vi. Susanna, b. 1763. 

vii. Dorcas, b. 1765. 
viii. Abigail, b. 1767. 

The "• History of Salisbury " gives an entirely different set ot' children 
r for this John, as follows : 

f i. Elisha, b. 1755 ; d. 1772. • . . . 

' ii. Peter, b. 1757; d. 1758. 

iii. Lydia. b. Dec. 29, 1761. 
i ^ iv. Lois, b. Feb. 14, 1764. 

130. Moses (50) Sanborn, born in Kingston, July 17, 1742. Lived 
first in Kingston. See Appendix tor Revolutionary service. Settled in 

I Salisbury, N. H. Wife's name unknown. 

i Children : 

i. Abigail, b. ; m. Clay. 

ii. Sarah, b. ; m. John Barker. 

d .:''■(■:: 

1 .■-:..' I 


iii. Lydia. b. ; m. Coll^y. 

iv. Betsey, b. ; m. George. 

V. Mehitabel, b. 

vi. H-innah, b. ; m. Samuel Tandy. 

131. SiMi:oN (50) Sanborn, born in Kingston, Feb. 2, 1752. Lived 
first in Salisbury, N. H. An early settler of Durham, Me. Married ( 1) 

; (2) April 27, 1795, Anna Randall of Durham. Died in War of 


i. Peter, b. in Salisbury April 5, 1779: m. Jan. 18, 1803, Hannah Gerrish of Dur- 
ham ; moved to Litchfield, Me. 
ii. Susanna, b. in Durham July i, 1781. 
iii. Mollv, b. Oct. rS, 17S3; m., Nov. 24, 1S03, Jeremiah Staples of Topsham. Me. 

132. Deacon JoxATH.VN (51) Sanborn, born in Kingston; baptized 
tliere Feb. 4, 1739. Lived and died in Kingston. Married Sept. 19, 
1758, Lydia Severance, who died April 4, 1827. He died May 25, 1S09. 


i. Catiierine, b. May 14, 1768; m. Capt. Nicholas Nichols of Newburyport, Mass., 
and d. June 13, 1S16. He d. Sept. 28, 1831, aged 69. 

133. John (51) Sanborn, born in Kingston, Dec. 28. 1743. Moved 
to Cumberland and Sebago, Me. Married Jane Deban, and died in 1S2S. 

Children ; 

i. Mehitabel, b. 1771. 

ii. Jonathan, b 1773; probably d. young, 

iii. Lydia, b 1775. 

341 iv. Benjamin, b. 1777. 

V. Mary, b. 1779. " 

342 vi. William, b. 1781. 

134. Benj.vmin (51) Sanborn, born in Kingston, Aug. 31, 1747. 
Moved to Cumberland, Me. Was a school-teacher for forty years. Mar- 
ried (i) ; (2) Sarah Dunbar. '• ' 

Children : 

i. Rebecca, b. 1770. 
ii. Peter, b. 1772; a seaman; d. unm. in West Indies. 

343 iii. Josiah, b. I774- 

iv. Benjamin, b. 1776; d. aboard a man-of-war unm. 

V. Ebenezer, b. 177S; no further record. ■ . . - 

vi. Simeon, b 1780; no further record. . . 

344 vii. Tristram, b. 1782. 
viii. Leah, b. 1784. 

ix. Abigail, b. 1786. 

\Y:f:<t : >' ji>U'1<a ii 

,M > 


135. Paul (51) Sanborn, born in Kingston, Dec. 21. 1752. See Ap- 
pendix for Revolutionary service. Married (i^ Widow True; (2) 1795, 
Rachel Sweetser ; died 1855. 

Children : 

i. Paul, b. Nov. 6, 1777; ni. 1S07, Judith Sweetser; had seven children, who all 

d. young. He d. 1859. 
ii. Mary, b. 1779; m. (i) Elias Rideout ; (2) Capt. \Vm. York of Belgrade, Me. 
iii. Sarah, b. 17S7; m. Lemuel Tobie of Porthind, Me. 

345 iv. David, b. March 4, 17S9. 

V. Elizabeth, b. 1791 ; m. Andrew Nelson, 
vi. Seth, b. 1796; no further record. 

346 vii. Peter, b. 1798. 

viii. Deborah, b. 1799; m. Winthrop Coolidge of Liverniore, Me. 

ix. Rachel, b. 1801 ; m. Simeon Everton of Bangor, Me. - — 

X. Abigail, b. 1803; m. Seth Paddleford of Bangor, .Me. 

xi. EJiza, b. 1805; lived unm. in Bangor. 

136. Deacon Benjamin (52) Sanborn, born in Kingston, Dec. 26. 
1739. Lived first in Kintrston, but early moved to Deerfield, where he 
signed the Test. Married Dec. 17, 1761, Theodate, daughter of Jeremiah 
Batchelder of Kingston, who was born July 19, 1743, and died Jan. 5, 
1828. He died Nov. 18, 1824. 

Children : 

i. Mary, b. Jan. 25. 1763; m. Stephen Wells of Loudon. N. H.; d. Sept. 5, 1S27. 
ii. Dolly, b. Nov. 10, 1766; m. Ezra Buel of Enfield. 

iii. Huldah, b. Jan. 22, 1769; m. Rev. William Batchelder of Haverhill. Mass.; d. 
^: May 25, 1S47. 

iv. Stephen, b. Aug. 26, 1771 ; m. Sally Sanborn and lived in Enneld, N. H. ; ap- 
parently left no issue. 

347 V. Benjamin, b. Feb. 23, 1774. 

vi. Lewis, b. ALay 27, 1776; d. .May, 1847, unm. 

vii. Judith, b. June 29, 1779; m. Pettengill of Enfield, N. H. 

■ viii. Elizabeth, b. March 3, 17S2; d. Feb. 17, 1807, unm. 

ix. Hannah, b. Nov. 24, 1785; m. Gilman Greeley of Gilmanton, son of Capt. 

Samuel: d. Oct. 8, 1814. 
X. Sally, b. Sept. 3, 1788 ; m. Colby of .Madison, Me. 

137. Tristram (52) S.\nborn. born in Kingston ; baptized there April 
20, 1746. Lived first in Kingston : then moved to Deerfield, X. H., wliere 
he signed the Test. In his later vears moved to Enfield, X. H., where he 
died. Married (i) Sally Clifibrd ; (2) Molly Lyford. 

Children : . . 

348 i. Phineas, b. 1768. . - - 



349 ii. David, b. in Deerfu.-ld, 1770. 

iii. Hannah, b. 1772. • • . 

iv. Sally, b. 1774. ' ■» • I , ' ' 

V. Dolly, b. 1776. 

vi. Mary, b. 1778; d. an infant. " -' 

vii. Mary, b. 17S0. 

138. Capt. Peter (52) Sanborn, born in Kingston. Jan. 27. 1748. 
Lived first in Kingston ; moved to Deerfield in 1774 : signed the Test tliere 
in 1776. See x\ppendix for Revolutionary service. ?v[arried Anna, daugh- 
ter of John Scribner of Poplin; died Sept. 16, iSii. He died Dec. 11, 

Children : 

350 i. Feter, b. Sept. 27, 1772. 

ii. Deborah, b. May i. 1775; m. in 1794. Thomis Jenness, Esq.. of Deerfield, son 
of Judge Richard Jennes.s of Rye and Deerlield, N. H. Thoma.s Jenness was a 
merchant of lar>^e undertakings, and a very wealthy man ; the father of a large 
and influential family, among them being John Jenness, the banker of Boston ; 
Hon. Ricliard Jenness, senator from New Hampshire; Hon. Denning W. Jen- 
ness, senator tVom Oliio, etc. 

351 iii. John, b. April i, 1782. 

352 iv. Bennring Wentworth, b. Sept. 7. 1786. 

139. John (52) Sanborn, born in Kingston, ^Nlarch 26, 1750- Lived 
first in Kingston ; probably he was the one who refused to sign the Test 
there. Married Alice or Elsie Lyford, who was born July 3, 174S (Dudley 
Gen.). Both John and his wife joined the Shakers at Enfield, N. H., at 
their organization there in 1782; John soon withdrew, and in 178S com- 
mitted suicide bv hanging. His widow and children lived and died at 
Enfield in the Shaker faith. 

Children : 

i. Dorothy, b. Dec. 26, 1775; d. Nov. 25, 1839. 
ii. Judith, b. Feb. 4, 1779; d. July 28, 1843. 
iii. William, b. Feb. 24, 17S3; d. May 24, 1846. 

140. Enos (52) Sanborn, born in Kingston, April 7, 1753. Early 
moved to Deerfield, where he was in 1774, and where he signed the Test. 
See Appendix tor Revolutionary service. Married Sarah Lytbrd, daugh- 
ter of Capt. Byley of Brentwood, born 1747 ; died Aug. 2, 1810. He died 
Jan. 5, 1824. 

Children : 

i. Sally, b. June 18, 1779; m. Feb 4, 1796, Lieut. Peter Sanborn (350)- 

..!■. t; ..^ I. 



353 ii. Enos, b. Dec. 16, 1785. 

iii. Betsey, b. May 3, 1795; m. Sept. 26, 1814. Hon. Francis D. Randall, a teacher, 
and for many years Reo;ister of Deeds for Rockingham county. 

141. Joseph Clifford (53) Sanborn, born in King.ston, Nov. 30, 1727. 
Settled in Hawke, N. II. (now Danville). Married (i) Dec. 4, 1761, 
Elizabeth French, who died June 8, 1776; (2) Feb. 26, 1777, Mrs. Miriam 
(Fifield) Batchelder, widow of Reuben Balchelder. He signed liie Test 
in Hawke, and as selectman, in 1775 and 1779, vouched tor the men who 
were fit for service. 

Children : 

i. Nabba, b. Dec. 21, 1762. 

354 ii. Jonathan, b. April 18, 1763. 
iii. Mary, b. April 21, 1765. 

iv. Elizabeth, b. May 26, 1769. 
V. Joanna, b. Nov. 7, 1770. 
vi. Sarah, b. Nov. i, 1772. 

355 vii. Joseph, b. Oct. 26, 177-I.. 
viii. Judith, b. June 6, 1776. 

356 ix. Reuben, b. Feb. 9, 1778. 

X. Dolly, b. Feb. 16, 1780; lived in Danville; d unm. 

357 xi. Abraham, b. Oct. i, 17S7. 

142. John (53) Sanborn, born in Kingston, Feb. 19, 1741. Settled in 
Sandown, N. H. ; signed the Test there. See Appendix for Revolution- 
ary service. ^Married Elizabeth Sargent, said to be of Scotch descent, but 
who lived in Chester, N. H. Died April 10, 1797 (D. H. S. says Dec. 
31, 1828). 

Children : '.V- 

L Abigail, b. June 29, 1759: d. young. 

358 ii. Abraham, b. June 29, 1759. 

359 iii. Winthrop, b. Jan. 11, 1761. 

iv. Sarah, b. Nov. 16, 1764; m. Benjamin Shaw of Salisbury, N. H. 

360 v. Moses, b. Dec. 10, 1766. 

vi. Elizabeth, b. Jan. 5, 1768: m. Samuel Sleeper of Bristol, N. H. 

361 vii. Jethro, b. in Sandown, Sept. iS, 1770. 

143. Isaac (53) Sanborn, born in Kingston, March 6, 1752. Lived 
and died in Kingston. Signed the Test there. Married April 4, 17S2, 
Abigail French ; died Sept. 24, 1803. 

Children : 

[ i. Eliza, b. March 29, 1783; m. Sept. 20, 1804, Sergt. John Sanborn (351). 

ii. Julia, b. Oct. 21, 1785; d. unm. 1809. 

!■ f 

^pr - rr.-.-.i- j}~.-»-^'!l 

'■'"^'TPW-'^* ■VV' 


Judge John Sanborn Conner, of Cincinnati, O. 



362 iii. Abraham, b. Dec. 25, 17S7. ' ' - - ' ' 

363 iv. .Moses, b. Dec. 31, 17S9. •' . ■ • 

364 V. Sewell. b. Nov. 5, 1791. ji 

365 vi. Isaac, b. Nov. 29, 1793. ■ * . * 

366 vii. Tappan, b. Ma}' 31, 1796. 

viii. Wendell, b. June 4, 1798; d. young. 
ix. Araminta, b. June 7, 1801 ; m. May 2, 1821, Robert French Smith, son of Dea. 
Robert of Kingston. Robert French Smith moved to Gilnianton. 

144. John (54) Sanborn, born in Kingston, July 30, 1743. Lived and 
died in East Kingston. Married (i) Hannah Fifield, who died July ^o, 
1769, and by whom he had no issue; (2) Elizabeth Hook, daughter of 
Jacob of Hawke, N. H. John signed the Test in Kingston, and died May 
5, 1793. His widow died Sept. 22, 1S35, aged eighty-si.\. 

Children : 

367 i. Stevens, b. Oct. 13. 1771. 

368 ii. Jacob Hootc, b. Jan. 2, 1773. 

369 iii. John, b. Dec. 27. 1776. 

iv. Polly, b. Dec. 21, 1778; m. May 9, 1S06, Amos Jones of Berry. Vt. ; d. April 
22, 1857. 

370 v. Peter, b. Dec. 24, 1781. 

371 vi. Phineas, b. Oct. 21, 17S4. 

vii. Hannah, b.Sept. 12, 1787; m. Jan. 24, 1808, Dr. Gideon Conner of Newbury- 
port, Mass., who moved to Cincinnati, O., the grandfather of (^i) Dr. Phine.vs 
Sanborx Conner of Cincinnati, O., a prominent physician, appointed by Presi- 
dent .McKinley on the Examining Board in the Investigation of the War Depart- 
ment; (ii) Hon. John Sanborn Conner, a distinguished jurist and lawyer of 
Cincinnati. John Sanborn Conner, the second son of Dr. Phineas Sanborn 
Conner, was born at Cincinnati, O., June 30, 1844. His father was the son 
of Gideon Conner of Newburyport, .Mass.. and Hannah Sanborn of Kingston, 
N. H. His mother was the daughter of Phineas Sanborn (371) of Kingston, 
and Keziah Pritchard of Camden county, N. C. .Mr. Conner's boyhood 
was spent principally in Cincinnati, he receiving his education in the public 
■ - schools of that city. In 1861 he went East to prepare for college, going in the 

fall of that year to the Caledonia Grammar School at Peacham. Vt.. where he 
remained until February, 1862, when he entered Dartmouth College, and grad- 
uated in 1865. In the fall of that year he went to his mother's old home in 
North Carolina, to look after the family property there, that had been in the line 
of the contending armies. Returning to Cincinnati in January. :S66, he entered 
the office of General Edward F. Noyes, the Solicitor of the City, and began ti-e 
study of law. Graduating from the Cincinnati Law School in May, 1-363. he 
immediately began the practice of his profession as a clerk and title examiner in 
the Solicitor's office, and in April, 1S69, was appointed First .Assistant Solicitor or 
the City, and held that position for four years. Going into private p.^-iciice in 


.• I ; 1S73, he continued therein until the fall of 18S1, when he was elected one of the 

1 ., Judges of the Court of Comuion Pleas of Hamilton county, Ohio, and took his 

seat in February, 1S82. After serving out his term of five years, he resumed 
• private practice in Cincinnati, and has been actively engaged therein ever since. 

On the 7th of Septemlier. 1871, Mr. Conner was married to .Miss Levietta Bart- 
lett, daughter of Dr. Levi S. Bartlett (a grandson of Gov. Jo.siah Bartlett, a 
signer of the Declaration of Independence), of Kingston, X. li., and Aroline E. 
Sanborn (372-iv). They have one child, Edna Bartlett Conner, born Aug. 6, 
1876. ; ■: „, 

372 viii. Moses, b. May 4, 1790. 

145. Ensign Jetiiro ($6) Sancorn, b(3rn in Kingston, Now 15, i755- 
Moved from Kingston to Sandwich, N. II., in I'/'jg: thence to Sutton, Vt., 
in 1799. See Appendi.x tor Revolutionary service ; was in the battles ot 
Bennington and the capture of Burgoyne. In iSoS was state representa- 
tive from Sutton, Vt. Married in 1779, Elizabeth Rand of Hampton, who 
was born at Hampton. March 30, 1760, and died March 16, 1836. He 
died Jan. 22, 1829. 

Children : 

i. Betsey, b. Sept. 7, 17S6; m. Benjamin Bowlar of Haverhill, N. H., and Sutton, 
Vt.; d. Nov. 3,- 1S36. 
■ • ii. Mary, b. Sept. 7, 17S2; m. (i) 1798, Daniel George of Sandwich, N. H. ; (2) 

April 18, 1830, Leonard Walter of Burke, Vt. 
iii. Thomas, b. Nov. 4, 17S4; m. 1S06, Polly Grover of Newburyport, Mass. Had 

one dau., Mary, who m. Levi Robinson of Nashua, N. H. 
iv. Dolly, b. May 23, 17S7; m. Daniel Goodell of Lyndon, Vt. 

373 V. William, b. May 30, 1788. 

374 vi. Noah, b. May 5, 1792. 

375 vii. Peter, b. July 5, 1794. 

viii. Ruth, b. Dec. 7, 1797; d. Nov. 30, 1S43, unni. 

376 ix. John, b. ^La^ch 2, 1799. 
277 X. Azel, b. July 14, 1S02. 

xi. Peace, b. Sept. 4, 1S04; d. Nov. 16, 1837, unm. 

146. Tristram (56) Sandorn, born in Kingston, Oct. 13, 1759. Lived 
in East Kingston. Married Dec. 31, 17S2, Patience Page, who was born 
Sept. 12, 1756, and died Jan. 7, 1836. He died Oct. 28, 1834. 

Children : 

378 i. Samuel, b. Nov. 26, 1784. 

ii. Mary, b. Nov. 28, 17S6; m. Nov. 14, 1832, Nathaniel Thayer of East Kingston, 
son of Rev. Elihu. 

379 iii. Levi, b. July 9, 17S9. 

iv. Esau, b. and d. 1793. • 

380 V. Jacob, b. Oct. i, 1793 (twin to Esau). 

■'■■ /.'■ ^■:j •■■■■■■ :("■ 


A'.- •' ■■:, 


147. Noah (56) Saxuorn, born in Kin^rston, Oct. 15, 1761. Moved 
to Danvers, Mass. Married May 2, 1793, Hannah Shaw, who was born 
Nov. 9, 1765, and died Nov. 26, 1S35. He died April 4, 1838. 

Children : 

i. Joanna, b. Feb. 2, 1794; m. Josiah Sawyer of Lee, X. H. 

38 1 ii. John Follansbee. b. Dec. 4, 1795. 

iii. George, b. and d. 179S. . " 

iv. Newliall, b. Dec. 4, 1799; d. unm. 

382 V. Russell F., b. Oct. 9. iSoo. 

383 vi. Joshua Shaw, b. Aug. 19, 1S02. 

vii. Rebecca F., b. June iS, 1S04: m. Guy Glidden of Lee. 
viii. Gilman, b. March 12, 1S06; d. unm. Nov. 8, 1829. 
3S4 ix. Arcturus Orion, b. .^La^ch 11, 1S09. 

148. Benjamin (56) Sanborn, born in Kingston, April 3, 1765. Lived 
and died at Kingston, where he signed the Test. Married (i) March 17, 
1802, Rebecca Smith, daughter of Joshua of Brentwood, born Dec. 7, 17S0, 
died June 17, 1S09 ; (2) Oct. 1810, Hannah Fifield of East Kingston, born 
1772, died Feb. 8, 1816. He died Sept. 13, 1830. 

Children : 

i. Louisa, b. Jan. 8, 1803; m. May 2, 1824, Robert Ayer, a rr.erchant and farmer 
of Kingston, N. H., and Albany, X. Y. Among their children was Hon. B. F. 
Ayer of Chicago, one of the most prominent men of that city, and for many 
years counsel of the Illinois Central Railroad. Louisa (Sanborn) Ayer died at 
Albany, X. Y., Oct. 17, 1840. 
383 ii. William Frederic, b. July 9, 1S04. 

iii. Emily ^L, b. Xov. 20, 1S06; d. unm. Jan. 10, 1823. 

iv. Clementina Franklin, b. July 12, iSoS; m. Sept. 13, 1S37. Xathaniel Bassett of 

Newburyport, Mass., who d. Dec. 28, 1837. She lives at Atkinson, N. H. 
V. Mary Eliza, b. July 22, 181 1 ; m. Dec. 22, 1834, Amos Tilton, Esq., of Maiden, 
Mass., and Kingston, X. H., who d. Dec. 25, 1S75. His widow lives at East 
Kingston, X. H. 
vi. Hannah, b. Xov. 10, 1813; m. James Pratt of Medford, Mass., and d. Sept. 16, 

149. Rev. Peter (56) Sanbofin, born in Kingston, Aug. 13, 1766. 
A Congregational minister of note ; graduated at Dartmouth in 1786, head- 
ing the list of Sanborn college graduates. Pastor ot' the Old South church 
in Reading, Mass., in 1790, and for many years. Married (i) May 26, 
1798, Polly Stimpson of Reading, born Jan. 7, 17S1, died Oct. 15, 1818; 
(2) Nov. 10, 1819, Martha Waketieid, born at Dublin, N. H., April 11, 
1788, died May 2, 1S47. Dismissed from his pastorate in 1820, after a 

!,//■/ ,1. • 


'V. .VI 


successful ministry of thirty years. It is said that tour hundred liave sat at 
the communion table at one time, and that in the whole town ti)ere was not 
a house where there was not at least one praying soul. Died Aug. 8, 


Children : '■ ' ' 

i. Nancy Chute, b. March 13, 1799; m. Feb. 24, 1S20, Samuel \V. Carter of Wil- 
mington, Mass., who d. 1S59; she d. Dec. 30, 1S67. 

ii. Angelina, b. Jan. 8, 1801 ; m. (i) Nov. 3, 1824, at Reading. Mass., Capt. David 
Thornton of Medford. who d. at New Orleans, June 3, 1S25: (2) April 17, 
1829, Joseph James of Medford. Died Dec. 30, 1S76. 

386 iii. Benjamin Coleman, b. March 24, 1803. 

iv. William Ward, b. and d. 1S05. • • . . . 

V. Mary, b. ?vlarch i, 1S07; d. unm. Nov. 5, 1828. 

387 vi. John Norris, b. Aug. 13, 1809. 
vii. William, b. Oct. 3, iSii : d. 1824. 

viii. Fidelia, b. July 12. 1S14; d. unm. Feb. 18. 1835. 
ix. Daniel Chute, b. Dec. 4, 1816; d. Dec. 31, 1831. 

388 X. Pliny Fiske, b. Oct. 25, 1S20. 

xi. Joseph Chadwick, b. Jan. 20, 1823. M. D. of Harvard University, 1846. Lived 

at Boston, Mass.; d. unm. Nov. 10, 1S83. 
xii. Martha Isabella, b. Jan. 28, 1825; m. at Reading, Jan. 30, 1849. John Noble of 
Park Hill, Canada. 

389 xiii. George Edward, b. April 16, 1827. 

xiv. Nancy Jane, b. March 3, 1832: d. 1838. 

150. Dr. William (56) Sanborn, born in Kingston, Feb. 21, 1769. 
Studied medicine with Dr. Kittredge of Andover, Mass., and read anatomy 
at Harvard University, without, however, taking a degree there. Early 
settled at Falmouth, Me., which at that time was a part of the state of Mas- 
sachusetts and included the present city of Portland. Here he soon be- 
came a physician of high repute, and acquired a large practice, which 
extended through the neighboring towns. In 1S08, he received an appoint- 
ment as suro-eon in the First Ren-iment of Massachusetts militia; this com- 
mission he held until the close of the War of 1S12. A man of judgment 
and education, he became one of the protninent men of his section, being 
always foremost in temperance movements and educational enterprises ; he 
was the means of the academy at Falmouth being founded, and was an 
active and earnest worker in the Congregational church. He married Feb. 
21, 1799, Nancv Merrill, daughter of Gen. James of Falmouth, and died 
March 13, 1S47, at his homestead in Falmouth, where most of his married 
life was spent. 

• /h i.r;i. ■)' .-^ ■ -) h 

•I .' 1- ^ ■ i- 

•i; inirr; 





S" <■ 


"^ -; 


i-.'if'^ h i-i k . M t. -^'-^'^*^^'^**^-'"^"'^-^'-''*'*'^'*"^^ 



\_ igiiii iM"** 

Dr. William Sanborn, of Falmolth. Me. 


Children : ' ■ . < • ' ;.; 

390 i. Benjamin, b. Aug. 24, iSoo. 

ii. Peter, b. March 13, 1802. For several years a merchant in Portland, Me. Came 
^ ., to Michigan with his brother James in 1836, and for ten years was in business 

with him at Metamora, Lapeer county, Mich., returning then to Portland for six 

years. In 1S52. he moved with his mother and sisters to Port Huron, Mich., 

where he engaged in mercantile and lumber business for many years. He d. 

May 28, 1890. never having married. 
iii. Lucy Ann, b. April 29, 1S04; d. Oct. 19, 1819. 
iv. Mary Jane, b. Jan. 19. 1807; m. Alvah Sweetser, Esq., of Portland, Me., and d. 

Oct. 8. 1870. Endowed the Sweetser Chair of Ecclesiastical History at the 

Chicago Tlieological Seminary. 
V. Hannah, b. May 20, 1809 ; m. Capt. Eben Merrill of Falmouth, Me. ; no children ; 

d. Mar. 27, 1876. 

391 vi. James William, b. April 20, 181 3. 

vii. Charles Henry, b Sept. 29, 1S14. After completing his education at Phillips 
Exeter Academy, he studied law and moved to Louisiana, where he engaged in 
the practice of his profession until the California gold excitement ot 1S49, when 
he, with several others, sailed from New Orleans for San Francisco, and was 
never heard from again. 

viii. Huldah iNLaria, b. April 18, 1817; d. unm. Feb. 17, 1868. 

392 ix. Frederick, b. Jan. 6, 1820. 

X. Lucy Ann, b. May 18, 1822, at Falmouth, Me. Lives at Port Huron, Mich. 

Through her kindness the portrait of Dr. William Sanborn is engraved for this 

xi. Emily Ariana, b. April 21, 1825 ; d. unm. Aug. 25, 1850. 

151. Capt. Ebenezer (57) Sanborn, born in Hampton Falls, Oct. 15, 
1745. Moved early to Haverhill, N. H., with his brothers. Derived his 
title of " Captain" tVom Revolutionary service, — see x\ppendix. Married 
Jan. 22, 1772, Lydia Way ; died Feb. 13, 1829. 

Children : 

393 i. Ebenezer, b. Oct. 13, 1772. 1 

ii. Abigail, b. Sept. 14, 1774; m. (i) Clark; (2) Carter of Lyman. N. H. 

iii. Martha, b. April 15, 1777; m. Timothy Stevens of Lyman. 
iv. Ethan, b. March 4. 1779; d. Nov. 22, 1781. 
V. John, b. March 5, 1781 ; d. unm. at Hardwick, Vt. 
vi. Lydia, b. July 20, 1783; d. April 4, 1S05. 
vii. Ethan, b. Oct. 5, 1785. Last heard of at New Orleans, in 18 16; probably d. 

viii. Edmund, b. April 20, 1788; probably d. uni 

394 ix. Elias, b. Sept. 20, 1790. 

X. Enos, b. Dec. 5, 1792; d. 1795. 
xi. Anna, b. Jan. 31, 1795 ; d. 1798. 
xii. Enos, b. April 25, 179S; d. 1798. 


1 .ft; 


152. John (57) Sanborn, born in Hampton Falls, Nov. 23. 1747. 
Moved to Haverhill, N. H., with his brothers, and signed the Test there. 
Served under General Montgomery at the siege of Qj^iebec, in 1775. See 
Appendix for Revolutionary service. Married Susanna Simpson, who died 
April 5, 1S14. John was a t'armer in Haverhill, and died there, April 4, 

Children : 

i. Mary, b. May 12, 1779; m. Israel Gillett of Hartford, Vt , and d. Feb. 29, 1S56. 
ii. Elizabeth, b. Feb. 21, 17S1 ; d. young. 
iii. Susanna, b. Feb. 16, 17S3; m. Maj. Everett Kimball, son of Amos, and d. June 

16, 1840. 

395 iv. John Salter, b. Feb. 20, 17S5. 

V. Hannah, b. Oct. 8, 17S6; m. May 15. 1807, Moses Xoyes Morse of Haverhill, 
N. H., son of Stephen, and d. Feb. 9, 1858. 

396 vi. Ebenezer Simpson, b. July 28, 1789. 

vii. Isabel, b. June 6, 1791 ; d. unm. Dec. 9, 1841. 
viii. Nancy, b. July 6, 1793; m. Cotton Clark of Foxcroft, Me., and d. Aug. 12, 1858. 

397 ix. Ezra, b. June 5, 1796. 

398 X. Cummings, b. Jan. 15, 1799. 

153. Mark (57) Sanborn, born in Hampton Falls, March 4. 1750. 
Moved to Haverhill, N. H. See Appendix tor Revolutionary service. 
Moved to Bath, N. H., where he died July 27, 1S21. Married Feb. 24, 
1778, Esther, daughter ot* Elisha Cleveland, born July 24. 1754; <^'^^^ Nov. 
22, 1796. 

Children : 

i. Sarah, b. Jan. 21, 1779: m. Sept. 7, 1802, Ezra Goodwin of Haverhill, X. H., 

and d. Sept. i ,' 1852. 
ii. Esther, b. Oct. 3, 1780: m. David Eaton of Landaff, N. H. 
iii. Tryphena, b. July 9, 1782; m. Dr. Abner Miles of Waterford. Vt., who was b. 

Feb. 13. 1780, and d. May 15, 1853. She was living in 1858. 
iv. Priscilla, b. May 15, 1784; m. Jonathan Simmons of Stillwater, N. Y., and d. 
Dec. 17, 1829. 
^ ' ■ V. Beulah, b. March 16, 1786; m. Joseph Searle of Brockport, N. Y., and d. Aug. 

17, 1840. ■ i 

399 vi. Enoch, b. July 27, 17S8. 

vii. Ruth Paine, b. July 15, 1790; m. Richard Goodwin of Conewango, N. Y., 

brother of Ezra above, and d. June 16. 1848. 
viii. Martha, b. April 24, 1792; m. (i) April 12, 1808, Charles Clement of HaverhilL 
N. H. ; (2) Jan 4, 1S44, Capt. Amos Kimball of Haverhill. Lived a uidow 
twenty-eight years after her first marriage. 

400 ix. Ebenezer Cleveland, b. June 12, 1794. 


154. Enoch (57) Sanhorx, born in Hampton Falls, March 15. 1752. 
Settled in Newburyport. Mass. Married Dec. 16, 1773, Hannah Walker 
of Rye, N. H., who died Feb. 6, 1835. He died Aug. 7, 1823. 

Children : 

i. Hannah, b. July 23, 1778; m. Dec. 16, 179S, Capt. George Williams of London, 
England, who was b. Aug. 27, 1776, and d. April 15, 1803. She d. June 18, 


ii. Enoch, b. ; d. unm. at sea. ' . 

iii. John, b. ; d. unm. at sea. ' . 1 ■ 

iv. Ebenezer, b. ; d. unm. at sea. 

V. George, b. ; d. unm. at sea. 

vi. A dau., d. unm. 

vii. A dau., d. unm. ■ . • . " , 

viii. A dau., d. unm. 

ix. A dau., b. ; m. Hervey. 

155. Richard (57) S.anborn, born in Hampton Falls, Jan. 5, 1755. 
Moved first to Haverhill, N. H., where he was a Revolutionarv soldier, — 
see Appendix. Later moved to Bath, N. H., where he married Martha 
Morse, daughter of Uriah, and died in 1S2S. 

Children : 

i. Martha, b. 1776; d. an infant. 

ii. Enoch, b. 1778; d. an infant. ' 

iii. Titus, b. 17S0; d. an infant. 

iv. Olive, b. June 6, 1781 ; m. Joseph Hadlock of Jay and Troy, Vt., son of Jona- 
than ; he d. 1 85 I. She was living in 1861. 

V. Nancy, b. July 29, 1783 ; d. an infant. 

401 vi. Benning, b. in Bath, X. H., .May 8, 1785. 
vii. Nancy, b. Jan. 2, 17S9; d. unm. at Bath. 

402 viii. Caleb, b. March 5, 1792. ■ ■ . ; 

403 ix. Enoch, b. May 7, 1794. 

X. Martha, b. Nov. 9, 1797; m. Reuben Chamberlain of Ryegate, Vt., son of Eri. 
xi. Richard, b. Dec. 19, 1799; <^- 'i" infant. 

, 156. Henry (58) Sanborn, born in Kensington, March i. 1746. Lived 
and died in Kensington ; signed the Test there. Married Xov. 22, 1769, 
Anne Blake, daughter of Jedediah of Hampton Falls. Died May 3, 179S. 

Children : 

i. Dorothy, b. in Kensington, Jan. 9, 1772 (my record says Feb. 9. 1771) ; m. 
Samuel Dow of Northwood, N. H. 

404 ii. Ebenezer, b. June 14, 1773. 

405 iii. Henry, b. June 14, 1775. 

<.aoct ■: •■ r, / / j' 

}\ i, 


406 iv. Moses, b. April 25, 1777. , >^ . 

407 V. Xeucll. b. July 15, 1779. 

vi. Polly, b. Oct. 29, 17S1 ; m. Ebenezer Sinclair of Monmouth, Me. 
vii. Betsey, b. June 16. 17S4; m. William Graves of Hariland. Me. 
viii. Ann, b. April 28, 17S6; m. June 23. 1813, Moses Dow of Epping. 

408 ix. James, b. June 11, 1790. 

409 X. John, b. Sept. 14, 1792. 

157- James (58) Sanborn, born in Kensington, Dec. 6, 1748. Lived 
and died in Kensington; signed the Test there. Married Feb. 3, 1772, 
Abigail Weare. Died Jan. 23, 1825. 

Children : 


- i. Molly, b. May i, 1777; m. March 19, 1802, Paul Greenleaf of Seabrook, N. H. 

410 ii. Moses, b. Sept. 24, 1780. 
iii. , b. 1782; d. 1786. 

iv. Abigail, bap. April 25, 1783; d. young. 

V. , b. 1784; d. 1794. 

411 vi. James, bap. Nov., 1786. 
4.12 vii. Jeremiah, bap. July 12, 1788. 

viii. Abigail, bap. July 9, 1790; m. John Blaisdel! of Kensington, who d. Feb.. 185S. 
ix. Betsey, bap. Nov. 15, 1795 ; m. Samuel Fellows of Kensington, who d. 1S30. 
She d. Sept. 10, 1859. 

158. Jesse (58) Sanborn, born in Kensington, Dec. 10, 1764. Moved 
to Loudon, N. H. Married Dec. 17, 1790, Abigail Choate. Died June 8, 

Children: ; - ' 

413 i. Moses, b. Aug. 25, 1791. 

414 ii. Jesse, b. April 21, 1794. 

iii. Betsey, b. Oct. i, 1796; m. 18 18, James Silver Batchelder, son of David of Lou- 
don, N. H. 

415 iv. Jonathan Choate, b. Aug. 26, 1802. 

159. D.ANiEL (59) Sanborn, baptized at Hampton Falls. Nov. 13, I74S' 
D. H. S. says he lived at Hampton Falls. I have thought he lived at 
North Hampton, but no further record is found of him or his descendants. 

160. Enoch (59) Sanborn, b. May 30, 1764. Lived and died at East 
Kingston. Married April 30, 17S6, Elizabeth Sanborn (5Sa-i), who died 
June 18, 1841. He died May 8, 1S41. 

Child : 

416 i. Charles, b. Nov. 12, 1S08. 

^><)j/. '. "Hi' '' n> j: /. 


161. John (59) Sanborn, born in 1767. Lived and died in Machias, 
Me. Married iii 17S6, Betsey Parker, daughter of Stephen of Machias, 
Me. ; she died 1802. He died March, 1S36. 

Children : 

■ i. Sarah, b. July lo, 17S7; m. Dec. 25, 1S06, Moses Larrabee. 

ii. Jabez, b. March 25, 17S9; m. 1813, Mehitabel Tucker, who d. 1848. No issue. 
He d. April 11, 1856. at the Maine Insane Hospital in Augusta, where he had 
been seven years a patient. 

417 iii. John, b. Oct. 16, 1790. 

iv. Parker, b. Sept. 11, 1792; d. 1818. 

V. Phebe, b. Mav 11. 1794; ni. James Conners of Machias. 

vi. Susan, b. March 21, 1796; m. William Wallace of Xarragauj^us, Me. 
vii. Enoch, b. May I, 179S; d. 1817. 
viii. Elizabeth, b. May 30. iSoo: m. (i) Timothy Callaghan ; (2) John Conners. 

ix. Nancy, b. Nov. 18, 1801 ; d. unm. 

162. Richard (59) Sanborn, born in 1769. Lived in Machias and 
Eastport, Me. A custom-house officer in 1812. ?vLarried (i) Hannah, 
daughter of John Foster of Steuben, Me., who was born in Nova Scotia, 
and died in 1797 ; (2) 1797-98, Mrs. Mary Ehvood of Machias. He died 
in 1814. 

Children : 

i. Elizabeth, b. 1789; m. Jan. 16, 1813, Col. Johnson Williams of Waterville, Me. 

418 ii. T. Coffin, b. June 12, 1791. 

419 iii. Robert Foster, b. July 8, 1793. 

420 iv. Daniel, b. March 7, 1736. 

V. Sarah, b. July 27, 179S; m. Oct. 7, 1822, George B. Coffin of Hartland, Me., 
who was b. Oct. 26, 1797. 

163. Capt. William (59) Sanborn, born Oct. 8, 1773. Lived and 
died in Machias, Me., — a .well-known man there. Married (i) in 1778; j 
Mary Crocker, born in 1774, daughter of John of Bristol and Machias. 
Me., died April 5, 1797 : (2) Nov. 4, 1798, Priscilla Mayhew, born in 
1773; died in 1846. He died March 31, 1846. 

Children : 

i. Mary, b. April 5, 1797; d. unm. at Machiasport. 

421 ii. William, b. Aug. 8, 1799. 

422 iii. Cyrus, b. Nov. 28, iSoi. 

423 iv. Alfred, b. Oct. 17, 1803. 

424 V. Lewis, b. 24, 1805. 

425 vi. John F., b. Aug. 25, 1S07. 


;)c; ■.■."'. 1'^ ^■^: 

' /, :■' \ { T 

. - y/f, 

■1 A.i] .6 ,.li.;.;r. 

^';:' ■' .-. ■, /• ,- 



vii. George, b. May 7, iSio; ni. Dec, 1S35, Hannah Gardner: d. without issue, 

July 20. 1S37. 
viii. Hannah, b. Jan. 25, 1812; d. 1813. 

426 ix. James L., b. Feb. 7, 1814. 

164. Simeon (61) Sanborn, born Jul}' 5, 1759; baptized at Hampton 
Falls, July 8, 1759- Early moved to Standish with his father. See Appen- 
dix for Revolutionary service. Married at Standish, Me., Jan. 9, 1782, 
Hannah Ward; died June 20. 1S50, aged eighty-seven. Moved to Green- 
wood and Bethel, Me., and died Oct. 28, 1832. 

Children : 

427 i. Stephen, b. Nov. 16, 1783. 

ii. Mary, b. Dec. 14, 17S6; m. Jan. 8, 1813, Frederick Coburn, a carpenter of Nor- 
way, Me., who moved to Wisconsin. 
42S iii. Joseph, b. June 14, 17S8. 

429 iv. John, b. July 2, 1790. 

V. Hannah, b. Aug. i, 1792; m. John Merrill of Bethel, Me.; d. April 27, 1859. 

430 vi. David, b. Jan. 6, 1796. 

vii. Lettice, b. Nov. 30, 1797; m. July 9, 1819, Samuel V'errill of Minot, Me. 
viii. Lucy, b. Aug. 26, 1799; m. (i) Benjamin Poland; (2) Jacob Rawlins of New- 
Gloucester, Me 
ix. Esther, b. in Bethel, Me., July 8, 1802; d. 1S14. 

The first eight children above were born in Standish, Me. 

165. Peter (62) Sanborn, born in Hampton Falls, July 9, 1751. 
Lived in Baldwin, Me. See Appendix for Revolutionary service. Mar- 
ried in 1780, Lydia, dau. of Moses Richardson ; died Aug. 6, 1827. 

Children : 

i. Levi, b. Dec. iS, 1781 ; d. 17S6. 

431 ii. Rufus, b. Dec. 22, 1784. 

iii. Levi, b. Sept. 9, 17S7; d. unm. April 14, 1814. 

432 iv. Peter, b. .May 20. 1790. 

V. Aaron, b. Dec. 27, 1792; d 1S03. 

433 vi. Benjamin, b. .March 10, 1795. 

434 vii. Enoch, b. .May 17, 1800. 

166. Capt. John (62) Sanborn, born in Hampton Falls, Oct. 15, 1757. 
Lived and died in Standish, Me. See Appendix lor Revolutionary service. 
Married Dec. 3, 1782, Abigail Jones of Standish, who died Oct. 19, 1S32. 
He died Oct. 16, 1827. * . : - :.. 

\'f"''i-'< ■<>'■ 


Children : 

435 i. Pierce, b. Sept. 17, 1783- 

ii. Mercy, b. Feb. 11, 1785; d. 17S6. 
Hi. Mercy, b. Feb. 28, 17S7; m. April 26, 18 ro, Weare Cram of Standish, Me., and 

d. Sept. 28, 1855. 
iv. Lucy, b. Sept. i, 1789; m. Dec. 23, iSio, Jabez Dow. 

436 V. Jolin, b. July 7, 1791. 

437 vi. Joseph, b. June 14, 1793. 

438 vii. Asa, b. May 5, 1795. 

viii. Abigail, b. July 31, 1797; m. April 13, 1S36, Matthias Hutchinson of Stand- 
ish, Me. 
ix. Susan, b. July 23. 1799; m. Jan. 19, 1822, Thomas Cram, Jr., of Standish, Me. 

439 X. Warren, b. May 5, 1802. 

167. Joseph (62) Sanborn, born in Falmouth, IMe., Oct. 8, 1764. 
Lived and died in Standish, ^vle. ?vlarried Nov. 22, 1792, Deborah Yates 
of Standish, who died Feb. 12, 185-4. ^e died 15, 1831. 

Children : 

i. Sarah, b. Sept. 27, 1797; d. unm. Feb. 15, 1824. 
ii. Joseph, b. i Soo ; d. 1801. 

440 iii. Joseph, b. Jan. 27, 1S02. 

iv. Abigail, b. Aug. 15. 1S05 : d. unm. 
V. Mary, b. March 17, 1809; d. unm. Feb. 3, 1842. 

168. Moses (62) Sanborn, born in Falmouth, Me., July 21, 1767. 
Lived and died in Standish, Me. Married ISLirch 12, 1792, Susanna 
Pierce, who died Aug. 9, 1852. He died Aug. 25, ^857. 

Children : 

i. Infant child, d. very young. 

ii. Infant child, d. very young. ■ - 

iii. Lydia, b. Dec. 20, 1792; d. unm. 

iv. Betsey, b. Oct. 31, 1794; m March 30, 1820, Magness Ridlon of HoUis, Me. 
V. Lucy, b. Jan. 12, 1797; m. Dec. 31, 1824, John C. Flint of Baldwin, Me. 
vi. Moses, b. 1799; d. iSoi. 
,. 441 vii. Moses, b. Jan. 12, 1S02. 

viii. (twin brother to Moses), b. and d. 1S02. 

ix. Johnson, b. Sept, 13, 1804; d. unm. 
442 X. Leonard, b. June 20, 1S07. 

169. Deacon Lowell {6^') Sanborn, born in Hampton Falls, June 30, 
1751- Early moved to Gilford, N. H., then a part of Gilmanton ; signed 
the Test there. Married July 22, 1771, Rebecca Judkins of Brentwood, 
N. H., who died July 21, 1848. He died Sept. 14, 1S23. 

1/A .'•iUT 

. ■ • s ' 


Children : i > ' 

i. Richard, b. 1772; d. young. 
ii. Richard, b. 1773; d. young. 

iii. Lucy, b. May 21, 1775; m. (i) Dec. 2, 1800, William Ranlett ; (2) Joseph Sy- 
monds of Northfield, X. H. ; d. Sept. 18, 1852. 

443 iv. Richard, b. July 13, 1777. 

444 V. Lowell, b. April 20, 17S1. , , 

445 vi. Elisha J., b. May 9, 17S3. 

446 vii. Theophilus, b. May 12, 1785. 

447 viii. Samuel Gilman, b. March 20, 1787. 

ix. Rachel, b. May 31, 17S9; m. Samuel Dustin, Esq., of Sanliornton, N. H. 

X. Rebecca, b. Dec. 27, 1791 ; m. Moses Welch Weeks of Sanbornton, b. May 17, 

xi. Mary, b. April i, 1794; m. Eleazer Davis of Alton, X. H. 

170. Levi {6t^) Sanborn, born in Hampton Falls, Dec. 15, 1757. 
Moved to Gilford, N. H. Served under Capt. William Prescott in the 
Revolution. Married Dec. 7, 17S0, Anne Kimball, \vho was born Sept. 2, 
1757, and died April 24., 1S47. 

Children: '^ " 

448 i. Levi, b. April S, 1782. 

ii. Anna, b. April i, 1784; m. Simon Mason; d. Oct. 12, 1856. 

449 iii. A..bner, b. June 26, 17S6. 

450 iv. Meshech, b. July 26, 1789. 

V. Betsey, b. Aug. 29, 1791 ; d. July 14, 1810. ' ' ' ' 

vi. Rhoda, b. Feb. 24. 1797; m. William Cliftbrd of Gilford. . ' 

vii. Sally, b. Dec. 15, 1799; d. March 11, 1S14. 

171. Theophilus {6^^) Sanborn, born in Hampton Falls, Feb. S, 1761. 
Lived and died at "The Hill" in Hampton Falls. ^Larried Dec. 16, 
1784, Elizabeth, daughter ot' Deacon David Batchelder ot' Hampton Falls. 
She was born Jan. i^), 1765 ; died Aug. 28, 1835. He died Oct. 7, 1S26. 

Children : 

451 i. Green, b. June 26, 17S5. 

ii. Lowell, b. Oct. 2, 1787; d. at Point Peter, July 2, 181 1. 
iii. Sewell, b. Dec. 19, 1792; d. 1793. 

iv. Cynthia, b. Sept. 13, 1795; m. June 26, 1817, Aaron Merrill of Hampton Falls, 
son of Aaron, a Revolutionary soldier. 

452 v. Thayer Sewell, b. Dec. 10, 1797. 

vi. Adna, b. Aug. 10, iSoi ; m. May, 1S27, Polly Barnard; lived in Salisbury, 
Mass., and d. without issue, Sept. 3, 1S32. 

172. David {62) Sanborn, born in Hampton Falls, May 11, 1763. 
Moved to Somers worth, where he lived and died. Married (i) Dec. 5, 

r ' 1 



[ 1782, Patience (Locke) Perkins, daughter of John Locke of Seabrook, 

i N. H. ; (2) Betsey Rowell. Died Sept. 6, 1841. 

\ Children : 

I 453 i. Samuel, b. May i, 1783. 

I ii. Phebe, b. July 6, 1785 ; m. Ezra Merrill of Salisbury, Mass. 

I iii. Abigail, b. Sept. 4, 1787; m. Amos Fernald of Gilmanton. 

[ 454 iv. Newell, b. June 2, 17S9. 

i 455 V. Lowell, b. Dec. 8, 1791. ~' 

I 456 vi. Perkins, b. Oct. 17, 1793- 

I 457 vii Jacob, b. March i, 1796. 

I 173, Timothy (64) Sanborn, born in Exeter, N. H., Oct. 8, 1769. 

I Early moved to Meredith, X. H., where he lived and died. Married Bet- 

l sey Cram, born in 1773. died in 1S42. He died in 1S45. 


I Children : 

I i. Elizabeth, b. Oct. 29, 1795; m. Dec. 17. 181 5. John F. Wadleigh of Meredith. 

I 458 ii. Jonathan Cram, b. March 29, 1797. 

I iii. Polly, b. Oct. 17. 1799; m. July 15, 1S38. Dea. John Batchelder of Meredith, 

I who d. Dec. 5, 1S59. 

I 459 iv. Samuel P.. b. March 4, 1S06. 

I 460 V. Thomas Jefferson, b. March 10, 1808. 

^ 461 vi. Brackett Leavitt, b. May 13. 181 3. 


t 174. Charles Leach (64) Sanborn, born in E.xeter, April i, 1771- 

I Lived in Brentwood, X. H. Married July 4. 1799, Hannah, daughter of 

f John Tucke of Brentwood ; born Dec. 10, 1775. He died July 14, 1854. 

I Children : 

i ■ 

I 462 i. John, b. March 4, 1800. 

5' 463 ii. Charles, b. March i, 1802. 

I 175. x\bner (64) Sanborn, born in Exeter, July 29, 1773. Lived in 

I Hampton Falls. ^Lirried Aug. i, 179S, Hannah (Prescott) Wadleigh, 

[ daughter of John of Epping, and widow of John Wadleigh. Died in 1S63. 

I Children : 

I 464 i. John Prescott, b. April 25, 1800. 

I ii. Sally, b. June 2, 1S02; m. March 20, 1S22, Joseph Cram of Hampton Falls, son 

i of Jonathan. 

[ iii. Betsey, b. Sept. 17, 1804; m. Jeremiah Brown of North Hampton, son of Simeon. 


[ 176. Joseph Hilliard (65 j Sanborn, born in Hampton Falls, Oct. i, 

I ^759- Moved to Candia, N. H. Married MoUv Marston, born June 17, 



1765. Settled in Sanbornton, but moved to Woodstock, N. H., and died 
in Deerfield, April 29, 1S46. 

Children : 

i. Molly, b. and d. 1785. 
ii. Molly, b. Sept. 11, 17S6: m. Asa Robinson of Sanbornton : d. Dec. 29, 1S45. 

465 iii. Jonathan, b. Nov. i, 17SS. 

466 iv. Joseph, b. Jan. 27, 1791. 

467 V. nilliard, b. June 13. 1793. 

vi. Betsey, b. Nov. 13. 1795 ; m. Marcli 4, 1812, Walter Clay of Candia. 
vii. Sally, b. Dec. 2, 179S; m. Nov. 2. 1S20, David Lang of Candia. 
viii. Dr. David Marston, b. Sept. 7, iSoi ; ni. Esther Phillips of New York. Read 

medicine with Dr. William Graves of Deerfield, N. H., and Lowell. Ma.-^s. 

M. D. at Bowdoin, 1S26. Moved to Pierceland, Md.. near Baltinr:ore. 

he d. without issue. 
ix. Martha Marston, b. Aug. 10, 1815: m. April 10, 1S26, Samuel Lang of Candia ; 

d. Sept. 2, 1850. 

177. Coffin (65) Sanborn, born in Hampton Falls, Dec. 20, 1768. 
A farmer in Sanbornton and Upper Gilmanton. Married Pollv Whicher, 
daughter of George of Brentwood and Sanbornton. Died May 31, 1S41. 

Children : 

i. Polly, b. and d. iSor. 
ii. David, b. and d. 1802. 
iii. Mary Whicher, b. June 8, 1S05 ; m. Capt. Samuel French, son of Israel of L'pper 

Gilmanton, March 11, 1S29. 
iv. Hannah, b. April 9, iSoS ; m. March 27, 1S27, James Sawyer of Belmont. N. H., 

son of Joshua of Gilmanton. 
V. Eliza Gale, b. July 27, 1S13: m. Sept. i, 1S2S, Samuel Clark of Belmont, son of 
Samuel, and nephew of Rev. Peter of Upper Gilmanton. 
vi. Phebe Esther, b. Jan. 14, 1S17; m. Sept. 4, 1836, John French of Groton, N. H. 
vii. Narcissa. b. Oct. 13, 1S22; d. unm. April 27, 183S. 

178. Levi (65) Sanborn, born in Hampton Falls, July 31, 1777. A 
carpenter; moved to Sanbornton, and then to Littleton, X. H. Married 
July 26,1798, Hannah Durgin, daughter of William of Sanbornton ; she 
died in Whitetield, N. H., March 22, 1S62. He died in Littleton, Nov. 
II, 1835. 

Children : 

468 i. Ezra, b. Nov. 13, 1799. 

ii. Mary Marston, b. Sept. 5, 1802 ; m. (i) 1S22. Asa Clark, a carpenter of Sanborn- 
ton and Boston, who d. 1S24: (2) Jonatlian Nourse, a carpenter of Lutieton, 
N. H. She d. Oct. 20, 1876. 


4^>9 iii. Amos Smith, b. Dec. 20, 1S04. 

iv. Susanna Tucke. b. Oct. 21. 1807; m. 1827, Washington George of Concord, 
N. H., and d. there, 1872. 

470 V. David Page, b. Feb. 8, iSio. 

vi. Lucy R., b. May 8. 1S12; d. 1823. 
vii. Deborah B.. b. May i , iSi 5 ; d. 1819. 
viii. Rachel, b. Nov. iS, 18 17; d. 18 19. 
i.\-. Deborah J., b. Feb. ig, 1S20; m. April 17, 1S39, Lorenzo D. Parker, a shingle 

maker of Whitetield, N. H. 
X. Levi Woodbury, b. Feb. 4. 1S24; m. Oct. 13, 1853. Mary M. Palmer. A shin- 
gle maker of Whitefield ; three years in the Union army: living in 1S81. 
xi. Hannah A., b. April 21, 1S26; d. unm. Oct. i, 1847. 

179. Sql.ire Daniel (66) Sanborn, born in Xorth Hampton, May 17, 
1731. Early connected with Sanbornton ; chosen surveyor of the town in 
1752 ; built the first mill there in 1764. In 1775, was a member of the 
Fourth Provincial Congress, and was appointed major of th.e Third Xew 
Hampshire Regiment. Held many important offices in Sanbornton : in 
1 77 1, was commissioned by Gov. John Wentworth the first justice of the 
peace there, and was for years the only one in town : was the first town 
clerk. Married Lucy Hobbs, daughter of James of Hampton ; she died in 
Sanbornton, Juh' 15, 1S13, He died July 26. iSoo. 

Children : 

i. Marah, b. .Mirch 7, 1752 ; m. Maj. Josiah Miles of Canterbury and Sanbornton. 

ii. Comfort, b. Nov. 4, 1753; d. 1754. 

iii. Lucy, b. April 22. 1755 ; m. James Cate. Jr., of Sanbornton and Wheelock, Vt. 

471 iv. Benaiah, b. June 2, 1757. 

472 V. Jonathan Hobbs, b. May 3, 1759. 

vi. Catherine, b. .March 2, 1761 ; d. unm. 1778. 

473 vii. Daniel, b. Sept. 4, 1762. 

474 viii. James, b. April 4. 1764. • 

475 ix. John, b June 12, 1766 

.X. Sarah, b. .March 15, 1760; m. Nathan Smith of Sanbornton, and Belfast, .Me. 

476 xi. Elisha, b May 17, 1770. 

xii. Anna, b. April 26, 1773; d. 1777. 
xiii. Thomas, b. Feb. 9, 1775; d. 1776. 
xiv. Enoch Ely, b. .May 20. 1777; d. unm. March 6, 1795. 

477 xv. Moses, b. Nov. 11. 1779. 
xvi. Anna, b. 1782; d. 17S4. 

iSo. Thomas (66) Sanborn, born in North Hampton, May 17, 173S. 
Lived on the homestead at North Hampton. Married Anne Marston, 
daughter of Caleb of Hampton. Signed the Test in Hampton. Died on 
'i visit at Sanbornton, Nov., 1S07. 

■y. -y-,/.h'. /.r.-\'': -^rxi 



478 i. Caleb Marston, b. 1 761. 

ii. Daniel, b. 1763 ; lived at North Hampton; m. Nancy Hobbs ; had one child, but 

d. a young man. 
iii. Lydia, b. Aug. 8, 1767; m. Capt. Ebenezer Sanborn (509). 

479 iv. John, b. Oct. 22. 1769. 

181. Sergt. Moses (66) Sanborn, born in North Hampton, June 8, 
1740. Early moved to tiiat part of Chester now called Raymond. In 
1763, his father deeded to him fifty acres there for iiis farm. Married 
Judith Brown, who was baptized in Epping in 1763, with her first child. 
Enlisted in the Revolution ; was a sergeant in Capt. John Dearborn's com- 
pany, in service against Canada, died in the army in 1778. See Appendix. 

Children : 

i. Molly, bap. in Epping, July 10, 1763 ; m. John Brown, a soldier from Burgoyne's 

army, who d. an old man at Sanbornton. 
ii. Abigail, b. April 13, 1764; m. 1788, Nathaniel Leavitt of Sanbornton. 
iii. Catherine, b. May 17, 1766; m. May, 1782, Samuel Atkinson. 

480 iv. Daniel, b. June 19, 1768. 

V. Love, b. May i, 1769; d. unm. 1787. 

481 vi. Moses, b. Nov. 10, 1771. 

482 vii. Benjamfn, b. Oct. 16, 1773. 

483 viii. John Chase, b. Dec. 11, 1775. 

484 ix. Stephen, b. Feb. 14, 1777. 

X. Anna B., b. March 12, 1778; m. March, 1800. Joshua Brown of Vienna, Me. 
Died March 12, 1862. 

182. Capt. Aaron (66) Sanborn, born in North Hampton. Feb. 8, 1743. 
Early settled in Sanbornton ; signed a petition there in 176S ; built a fine 
house there ; was a wealthy man, farmer, tanner and currier. Held various 
town offices, — as selectman, in 1775, applied for aid and ammunition. 
Ensign in 1775 ; lieutenant in the same vear. Hastened with the company 
to Bunker Hill after news of the conflict at Concord, Mass. See Appen- 
dix. Married (i) Feb. 20, 1764, Mary Barter, who was born Aug. 26, 
1742, and died Jan. 14, 1784: (2) March 5, 1784, Susanna Gale, daughter 
of John of New York, Exeter, and Sanbornton. Died Jan. 9, 1790. Will 
proved Jan. 14, 1790. 

Children: ' 

485 i. Peter, b. April 7, 1766. 

ii. Molly, b. April 26, 1769; m. Archippus Wheelock of Sanbornton, a Revolution- 
ary soldier, who was b. in Concord or Lexington, Mass. 

;.^ - .f 


iii. Anna, b. May 19, 1771 ; m. Maj. Bradbury Morrison of Sanbornton. son of David 

of Amesbury, Mass., and Canterbury, X. H. 
iv. Betsey, b. Feb. 12, 1773: m. June 7, 1791, Capt. Asa Currier of Haverliill, 

Mass., and Sanbornton. Died 1841. 
V, Phebe, b. Aug. 21, 1774; m. (i) John Sanborn (479); (2) Jesse Plumer of 

vi. Deborah, b. Aug. 15, 1776; m. (i) Ebenezer Cate of Sanbornton, son of James; 

(2) Maj. John Dearborn of Hampton. Died Jan. 6, 1S48. 
vii. Abigail, b. June 25, 1778; m. WilHam Hayes, Jr.. of Sanbornton. a soldier of 

the War of 18 12 : d. 1S30. 

486 viii. George Washington, b. July i, 17S0. 

ix. Hannah Huse, b. March 16. 1783; m. Capt. John Lane. Jr., of Sanbornton, and 

d. 1817. 
X. Tryphena, b. Aug. 30, 1785 ; m. Samuel Lane, Jr., of Sanbornton and New 


183. Abijaii (66) Saxborx, born in North Hampton, March 4, 174S. 
Moved to Sanbornton in 1773. Married Aug. 17, 176S, Molly Tvlorrill 
Sanborn (59-iii), who died Nov. 16,. 1793. He died in 1790. Will, dated 
Feb. 13, and proved June 7, 1790, mentions wife iNIolly Morrill, sons 
Enoch and Thomas, and daughters Sarah and Molly. 

Children : 

i. Sarah, b. Oct g, 1769; m. Josiah Critchett. son of Thomas of Sanbornton, and 
moved to Ohio. 

487 ii. Enoch, b. Feb. 24, 1773. 

488 iii. Thomas, b. Aug. 2, 1777. 

iv. Mary, b. Feb. 23, 1780; m. Edward Ellsworth. 

184. Deacox Johx (67) Saxborx, born in North Hampton, July 16, 
1730. Served in the French War of i75S-'59, and fought in the battle 
between Wolfe and Montcalm on the Plains of Abraham. At this time he 
lived in Newmarket, N. H., but in 1764 he moved to Gilmanton, and was 
selectman of Gilmanton in 1766; was one of the first members of the Con- 
gregational church there, and in 1776 was chosen deacon, ^^arried Dec. 
26, 1754, Marv Glidden of Greenland, who was born Sept. 6, 1732. died 
April 15, 1806. During the Revolution, he employed and paid for the 
services of a soldier. He died Sept. 4, 1812. 

Children : 

i. Betty, b. Nov. 17, 1755 ; m. Samuel Osgood of Gilmanton ; d. June 6. 1823. 
ii. Molly, b. June 11, 1757; m. Dec. 31, 1775, Ebenezer Stevens, b. at Kingston, 

Nov. 4, 1752; d. at Gilmantoi. May 11, 1829. Sr.e d. Dec. iS. 1S28. 
iii. Eunice, b. June 3, 1760; m. Richard Boynton of New Hampton. 

489 iv. John, b. Marcli 20, 1763. 

;a jf }'■.' >■'. 

Mi ■( , : - I 


V. Sarah, b. Feb. 5, 1765 ; m. Nathaniel Tilton, son of John of Gilmanton ; lived in 
Stanstead Centre, Can. 

490 vi. Benjamin, b. Nov. i, 1766. 

491 vii. Elisha, b. May 10, 1769. 

viii. Susanna, b. March 12, 1771 ; ti. Jonathan Page of Gilmanton, son of Deacon 

492 ix. David Edwin, b. June 14, 1773. 

185. Benjamin (67) Sanborn, born in 1734. Lived in Sandown. Said 
by D. H. S. to have been a celebrated teacher. Married Theodate Wells, 
and had three children, all baptized at Sandown. Aug. 20, 1768, he, with 
several others, sailed for the Grand Banks, and they were never heard 
from afterward. 

Children : 

i. Mary, bap. May i, 1763. 
ii. Dorothy, bap. Dec. 2S, 1766. 
iii. Huldah (posthumous), bap. April 2, 1769. 

186. Joseph (67) Sanborn, born Jan. 14, 1738. Moved to Gorham, 
Me., and lived and died there. Married in 1771, Esther Tuttle. 

Children : _ 

493 i. Josedech, b. Sept. 10, 1773. 

ii. Betsey, b. 1775 : m. Abram Hall of Gorham, Me. 

iii. Achsah, b. 1777; d. unm. 

iv. Sally, b. 1779; m. James Crockett. 

V. Samuel, b. 17S1 ; d. young. 
vi. Asa, b. 1783; probably d. young. 

494 vii. Elisha, b. 17S5. 

viii. Samuel, b. 1787; d. 180S. 
ix. Drusilla, b. 1789; m. Enoch Crockett. 

187. Richard (6S) Sanborn, born in Greenland, Feb, i, 1736. 
D. H. S. says that when the Revolutionary War broke out, Richai'd was 
living at Bristol, Me., but moved to Gilmanton, N. H., for greater 
safety. All his children were born in Bristol, Me. Married Abigail Kel- 
ley, who was born in 1739, and died in 1S21. Richard was drowned in 

Sanbornton Bay, and his widow married (2) Jacobs of Barnstead, 

N. H. " 

Children : 

495 i. Benjamin, b. April 11, 1762. 

ii. Jonathan, b. 1764; lived at Wheelock, Vt., apparently unm. Killed by the fall- 
ing of a tree in 1826. 
iii. Abigail, b. 1766; m. Rundlett of Gilmanton. 

i A t.i z'::^ ■ ' vi>K.'a/:>. 



iv. Sarah, b. Sept. 3. 1768; m. Abel Batclielder of Loudon and Salisbury. N. H., son 

of Jethro; d. Feb. 16, 1S33. 
V. Mary (twin to Sarah), b. Sept. 3, 176S; ni. John Sargent of Loudon, and St. 

Charles, Ills. 
vi. Anna, b. Feb. 14, 1771 ; m. Ebcnezer Record of Parsonsfield, Me.; and d. June 

30, 1854. He was b. in Bridgewater, .Mass., March 11, 1761: d. April 17, 

vii. Mercy, b. May 28, 1772; ni. Deacon Stephen Clough of Lower Gilmanton. 

496 viii. John Pearson, b. Sept. 15, 1774. 

iSS. John Pearson (6S) Sanborn, born in Greenland, in 1738: bap- 
tized by the Rev. Mr. Allen. D. II. S. says, born Jan. 28, 1738. Lived 
in Nottingham, X. H. D. H. S. says he married Jane Beverly, but I think 
his wife Jane (who died ir?'''i7S3, administration being granted to her son 
Matthew Nealley Sanborn) was the daughter of ^Matthew Xeallev of Xot- 
lingham, a wealthy Scotchman and a large landed proprietor, one of whose 

daughters. Jane, married Sanborn, savs Cogswell, the historian of 

Nottingham. This would explain her son being named for her tather. 

Oct. 17, 1765. John Pearson Samborn of Nottingham Blacksmith for /40 pd. by Wm. 
J^rtmborn of Nottingham yeoman Deliver to him in open Market According to Due form of 
Liw Three Cows one A Grisle Cow on a Deep red one a Pale red fifteen Store Sheep and 
Seven Hoggs. 

Aug. 13, 1765. John Pearson of N, Blacksmith & Jean his wife (her mark) for ^300 pd. 
by Wm. of N. yeoman, sold 120 acres in N. beginning at Ringe's corner, then runing E & by 
S. as the line bet. Epping & N. runs to Coner's Mill Brook, with all our right to our Hond 
Father Richard Sanbon's estate late of N. west, with all building 

Children : 

497 i- Matthew Nealley, b. June 28, 1759. 

498 ii. Jonathan, b. 1760. * 

iii. Richard, b. 1762; lived for some time at Northfield, N. H., and then moved to 

parts unknown. 
iv. Anna, b. 1764- m. William Whicher of Northtield ; d. Sept., 1833. 
V. Jane, b. 1766; m. David Rundlett of Lee, N. H. 

All the above were born in Xottingham. /' - 

189. William (68) Sanborn, born in Epping, Feb. 11, 1743. Called 
Captain by D. H. S. Lived and died in Xorthheld, X. H. Married Jane 
Harvey, who was born July 10, 1742, and died March 7, 1S38. He died 
April 14, 1S07. 


i. Jane, Feb. 26, 1767; m. John Clark of Franklin, N. H. 

ii. Nancy, b. Oct. 16, 176S; m. Dearborn. 



499 iii. Francis, b. in Xorthtield, Nov. 4, 1770. 
499a iv. William, b. in Northheld, Dec. 15, 1780. 
V. Richard, b. Oct. 13. 17S4; d. unni. iSio. 

190. Capt. Nathan (69) Sanborn, born in North Hampton ; baptized 
Nov. 9, 1735. Probably lived first in Epping, but earlv moved to Deer- 
field, N. H., where he lived and died. Was a captain in the Revolution, 
and served in several hard-fought battles; in 1776, was attached to Colonel 
Tash's regiment, serving in New York; in 1777, under Stark and Benedict 
Arnold, was engaged in the Saratoga campaign, and on Oct. 4, 1777, at 
the battle of Bemis's Heights, or Stillwater, while leading his company in 
Colonel Evans's regiment, was shot in the shoulder, a wound which dis- 
abled him for the rest of his life. In 17S5, "Nathan Samborn of Deer- 
field, Gentleman." a captain in Col. Steven Evans's regiment in 1777, peti- 
tioned the General Court of New Hampshire for a pension, stating that at 
the battle as above he was wounded by a musket ball in his shoulder, and 
was then (in 17S5 ) unable to get his livelihood. Signed the Test in Deer- 
field. In 1776, and again in 1782, was a selectman of Deerfield. and on 
the committee for raising soldiers. Married Jemima French, who died at 
Daniel Clough's in Gilmanton. He died Aug. 13, 1S17. . - — 

Children : 

i. Betty, bap. Aug. 10, 1760; m. Farrar of Meredith. 

ii. Anna, bap. Oct 16, 1763; m. Stephen Prescott of Monmouth, Me., son of Abra- 
ham of Deerfield. 
iii. Rachel, b. April 6, 1766: m. (i) Samuel Williams of Deerfield, b. Oct. iS. 1765 : 

(2) Oct. 8, 1809, Daniel Clough of Gilmanton ; d. 1S5S. 
iv. Abigail, bap. March 27, 176S; d. unm. at Campton, X. H., in 1S57. 
V. Hannah, b. I/70; m. (i) 17S7, Nathan Philbrick of Monmouth, Me.; (2) 1S47, 
William Gile of Mt. Vernon, Me. Died 1S57. 

All the above were baptized in Epping. 

191. Joseph (69) Sanborn, born i^ Epping. in 1742. Lived first in 
Exeter; a carpenter. Married (i) Sarah Ladd, daughter of Josiah. Set- 
tled next in Canterbury, N. H., where he owned the farm now called 
Shaker Village. Married (2), 1774, Deborah Gilman of Newmarket, 
daughter of Israel and Deborah Thing, granddaughter of Gov. Simon 
Bradstreet and Gov. Thomas Wiggin, and great-granddaughter of Gov. 
Thomas Dudley. Both Joseph and his second u ife joined the Shakers in 
1782, but he left in 178S. receiving one half the value of his property, the 
rest being retained tor the benefit of his familv still remaining. Deborah 
and her ciiildren stayed in the Shaker taith, she dying Feb. 26, 1S09. 

.,,■> r' • 


joscpli moved to Loudon, N. II., and married (1,) Eunice Tucker of Lou- 
tion ; moved finally to Starksboro', \'t., and died there in 1803. Eunice 
married (2) Morrill, and moved to Ohio. 

Children : ' ' ' 

i. A child, b. 1770 in Exeter, d. an infant. 
ii. Sally, b- Jan. 27, 1776; d. Feb. 25. 1850. 
iii. Israel, b. Jan. 30, 1778 ; an officer for many years in his community; d. Feb. 27, 

iv. Joseph, b. March 19, 17S0; d. June 17, 1S41. 
V. Peter Warren, b. 17S2; d. 1784. 

499b vi. Nathan, b. Dec. 12, 1802. , 

499c vii. James, b. July 6, 1803. 

(ii, iii, iv, and v all lived and died at Shaker Village, X. H.) 

I9i.\. Benjamin (69) Sanborn, born in Epping, in 1743. Lived at 
Portsmouth, N. H. ^Married Sarah Sherburne ; died in early manhood. 


500 i. John, b. 1766. 

192. Elisiia (70) Sanborn, born in Brentwood, July 22, 1741 . D. H. S. 
says he was a soldier in the Revolution. Signed the Test at Brentwood. 
.^I^rried Elizabeth Smith. .^ . 

Children : ' ' 

i. Deborah, b. Feb. 21, 1764; d. unm. April i, 1804. 

ii. Phebe, b. Feb. 15, 1766 ; m. Simeon Page of Danville, X. H. ; d. Dec. 24, 1804. 
iii. Samuel, b. Dec. 4, 1767; d. Dec. iS, 1770. 
iv. Samuel, b. 1771 ; d. an infant. 

V. Sarah, b. June 6, 1772 ; m. John Cate of Allenstown, N. H. ; d. May 30, 1814. 
vi. Anna. b. .May 3, 1774: d. an infant. 
vii. John, b. and d. 1776. 

viii. Elizabeth, b. Aug. 6, 1777; m. Josiah Pike of Brentwood ; d. Dec. 15, 1S51. 
ix. Lydia, b. April 23, 1779; m. Dea. John Ladd of Brentwood ; d. May 6, 1843. 
X Anna, b. .April 4, 1781 ; d. 1788. 
xi. Elisha, b. and d. 1784. 
xii. Susanna, b. Oct. 3, 1785: m. (as second wife) Dea. John Ladd, who m. for his 
first wife her sister Lydia. 

'9.V Capt. John (70) Sanborn, born in Exeter, Feb. 16, 1747. Moved 
'•> Loudon, N. H., where he took up the tarm now in possession of Joseph 
* • ^. inborn. Took an active part in the organization of Loudon, and tor 
many years held office, — doorkeeper, tithingman, and member of the Com- 
fmttee ot Safety. A surveyor, — called so in old Loudon records. Signed 

K ■•■rr 

4 . ; 1 ; ; ) . 1 

•.i'T V-:- 

5 r 


the Test there. See Appendix for Revuhitioiiary service. A man of con- 
siderable wealth and prominence; in 17S0, i^ave a }-oke of oxt- n for sub- 
sistence of our troops. Married Oct. 27, 1774. Ruth Rand, daughter of 
Thomas of Hampton and Deerfield ; she died Dec. 27, 1852, aged one 
hundred years and six months. He died Sept. 23, 1S26. 


501 i. Elisha, b. Nov r, 1775. 

ii. Lyclia, b. Nov. i, 1777; m. Capt. John Ladd of Loudon. 
iii. Betsey, b. March 24, 1779; m. John Beverly, or Peverly, of Canterbury, N. H. 

Died June 24. 1849. 
iv. Thomas, b. June 8, 1781 ; d. unm. July 5, 1807. 
V. Sarali, b. July 17, 17S3; d. unm. Nov. 20, 1803. 

502 vi. John, b. Aug. 29, 17S5. 

503 vii. Edmund, b. July 21, 178S. 

viii. William, b. June 5, 1791 ; d. 1803. 

194. Edward (70) Sanborn, born in Brentwood, IMa}' 7, 1749- Li"^'t?rf 
and died on the homestead in Brentwood. Signed the Test there. See 
Appendix for Revolutionary service. Married Dec. 10. 1773, Isabella 
Rand, daughter of Thomas of Hampton and Deerfield, and sister ot Ruth, 
wife of Capt. John (193) ; she died Feb. 14, 1S30. He died Feb. 2, 1S29. 

Children : 

504 i. John, b. July 31, 1780. 

ii. Elisha, b. April 15, 1782; d. 1789. 

■ iii. Sarah, b. .May 17, 1784: m. Samuel Woodman of Kingston ; d. Feb. 14. 1S64. 

iv. Edmund, b. May i, 1786; d. unm. in Farmingdale, Me., Nov. 30, 1S5S. 

505 V. Levi, b. Sept. 24, 1790. 

vi. Richard, b. and d. June 26, 1792. 
vii. Nathan, twin to Richard, b. and d. June 26, 1792. 
viii. Betsey, b. .Aug. 4, 1793; d. unm. 1874. 

All the above were born in Brentwood. 

195. Sergt. John (71) Sanborn, born in Hampton, Jan. 28, 1736. 
The first permanent settler of Sanbornton, — built the first frame house there, 
in 1765, having before this lived a short time in Epping. Served in the 
French War, and under Capt. Jere. Clough in the Revolution. See 
Appendix. Selectman of Sanbornton in 1775, and the first representative 
from that town under the new Constitution. Married Dec 21, 175S, 
Tabitha Page, daughter of Jeremiah of Hampton and Epsom. She di.d 
June 15, 1826; he died Aug. 29, 1814. 



i. Daniel Tiltoii, 1j. in Nortli Hampton, June 20, 1760; served in the Bennington 
campaign in the Revolution, and d. as the result of that campaign, Nov. 8, 1777. 
See Appendix. 

506 ii. Jeremiah, b. in Epping, Nov. 12, 1764 

507 iii. Ebenezer, b April iS, 1767. 

iv. John, b. Sept. 25, 1772; d. 1774. 

196. Col. Josiah (71) Sanborn, born in North Hampton, Aug. 21, 
173S: an early settler of Sanbornlon, a tanner and shoemaker there. 
See Appendi.x tor Revolutionary service: lieutenant in Capt.John Moody's 
coiDpany, and marched under Washington to Xew York in 1776; in 
Ebenezer Smith's company in the Ticondcroga expedition ; alterwards 
commissioned a colonel in the New Hampshire militia. Signed the Test 
in Sanbornton. Married (i) Jan. 22, 1762, Anna Dalton, who was born 
Nov, 5, 1734, and died July 27, 1797; (2) Nov. 21, 1799, Mrs. Prudence 
Haines of Canterbury, N, H., who was born in Greenland, N. H., May 
20, 1753; died May 27, 1S43. He died Jan. 19, 1S09. 

Children : 

i. John, b. Jan. 2, 1764, in North Hampton; d. Sept. 16, 1777. 

508 ii. Josiah, b. in North Hampton, Nov. 2, 1765. 

509 iii. Ebenezer, b. Jan. 16, 176S. 

510 iv. Samuel, b. April 12, 1770. 

V. Deacon Christopher, b. May 9, 1772; m. Susan Mason of Tamworth, N. H. 
Deacon of the Cay Baptist church in Sanbornton ; d. without issue. May 27, 1S40. 

511 vi. Joseph Warren, b. June 25, 1774. 

512 vii Chase Taylor, b. Nov. 23, 1776. 

197. Benj.\min (71) Sanborn, born in North Hampton, Jul}- 16, 1746. 
Lived and died in Sanbornton ; signed the Test there. Second cliorister in 
Congregational church there. Married Nov. 9, 176S, x\nna Cate, daugiiter 
ot James of Greenland and Sanbornton, who died Aug. 12, 1S36. He died 
Oct. 20, 1794. 

Children : 

i. Ebenezer, b. Nov. 10, 1769; d. unm. Jan. 6, 1795. 
ii. Anna, b. April 24, 1771 ; m. Joseph Palmer of Sanbornton. 

513 iii. James, b. Jan. 14, 1773. 

iv. Elizabeth, b. Jan. 4, 1774; m. Benjamin Smith of Walden, Vt. 

V. Tabitha, b. May 17, 1776; m. Josiah Sanborn (743). 

vi. Lucy, b. Sept. 5, 1778; d. unm. Jan. 23, 1795. jf 

vii. Molly, b. May ii, 1780: m. Dea Joseph Sanborn (517). 

viii. Huldah, b. Oct. 24, 17S1 : m. James Durgin of Gilmanton. 


ix. Ruth, b. April 4, 1783: m. as his first wife Capt. John Lane of Sanbornton, son 
of John. 

514 X. Benjamin, b. April 19, 1785. 

515 xi. Abijah, b. Feb. 16, 17S7. 

xii. Hugh March, b. .May 2, 17S9; d. 1794. 

516 xiii. Jonathan, b. March 31, 1792. 

xiv. Sally, b. Dec. 13, 1793 ; m. Simeon Moulton of Plymouth, N. H., son of Deacon 

198. William (71) Sanborn, born in North Hampton, Jan. 8, 1753. 
Lived for many 3'ears in North Hampton, where his children were born. 
A tanner and shoemaker. ]Moved to Sanbornton in 1800. Married March 
20, 1774, Abigail Hobbs, daughter of Joseph of North Hampton, born 
March^5, 1754, ^'^^ -^"&- 9' 1S29. He died Sept. 27, 1820, from inhaling 
steam from the nose of a teapot. 


i. Joseph Hobbs, b. Dec. 16, 1774: d. 1775. 

ii. Anna, b. Nov. 2, 1776; d. unm. June 15, 1795. 

iii. Ruth, b. Sept. 2, 177S; m. Lieut. Benjamin P. Sanborn (520). 

iv. Abigail, b. Sept. 11, 17S0; m. Aug. 28, 1806. Phineas Dearborn of Sanbornton, 
son of Phineas of North Hampton. 

517 V. Joseph, b. Nov. 5, 17S2. 
vi. John, b. and d. 1785. 

vii. Deborah, b. Aug. 8. 1786; d. unm. 1871. 

518 viii. Josiah Hobbs, b. Jan. 16, 1789. 

519 ix. John L., b. Dec. 6, 1791. 

X. Ebenezer, b. and d. 1794. 

199. Ebenezer (71) Sanborn, born in North Hampton, April 15, 
1755 ; married June 13, 1775, Huldah Philbrick, daughter of Benjamin of 
Hampton and Sanbornton, born July 4, 1754, died Dec. 14, 1S41. He 
moved to Sanbornton directlv after his marriaoe ; signed the Test there. 
Died Sept. 6, 1S20, from a fall from his horse. 

Children : 

i. Sarah, b. April 13, 1776; d. 1790. 
ii. Ruth, b. May 9, 1778; d. unm. Aug. 29, 1819. 

520 iii. Benjamin Philbrick, b. Oct. 21, 1779. 

iv. Hannah, b. June 6. 1781 ; d. unm. Oct. 17, 179S. 
V. Betsey, b. Aug. 5, 1784: m. James Cate of Sanbornton, son of Jonathan, and d. 

vi. Nancy, b. .May 5, 17S6; d. unm. Sept. 9, 1855. 

vii. Abigail, b. .\Lirch 27, 17S9; m. Feb. 17, 1812, Joseph Philbrick of Sanborn- 
ton, son of Joseph ; d. 181 7. 

- ■,'}T 

■■,:»■ ii,»!l 

-( . ' ■;•{ 


jji viii. Natlian, b. March 7, 1791. , ■ 

322 ix. Simeon, b. Oct. 8, 1793. 

200. Israel (72) Sandorx, born in Newmarket, April 12, 1773. 
IC.irlv moved to Vermont; married Jan. 5, 1794. '^^ Danville, Vt., Sally 
Cheever of Tamworth, N. H., born in Chatham, Mass., Julv 26, 1772. 
He died at East Hardwick, Vt., Aug. 22, 1S36. 

Children : 

523 i. William, b. Jan. 5, 1798. ' ' 

ii. Sarah, b. March 22, 1800; m. Samuel Patch; d. Sept. 14, 1820. 
iii. John, b. Aug. 24. 1802; d. unm. Sept. 14, 1820. 
iv. Abigail, b. July 27, 1804; m. George Goodridge ; d. Aug. 21. 1847. 
V. Sophronia, b. March 30, 1S07; m. Joshua .Morse; d. June 2, 1841. 

524 vi. Israel, b. Sept. 22, 181 1. 

525 vii. Cyrus, b. .March 6, 1814. 

viii. Maria, b. Nov. 3, 1815 ; d. 1818. 
ix. Elizabeth, b. Dec. 29, 1818; m. Nathaniel Heath; d. .March 7, 1850. 

:oi. Jeremiah Oilman (72) Sanborn, born in Newmarket, in 1777. 
.\ .saddler in Lee and Portsmouth ; later at Sanbornton. Married rvlarch 
S, 180S, Abigail Perkins of Sanbornton, daughter of George of Sanbornton. 
She died at Cabot, Vt., March 30, 1S76. He died in 1S36. 

Children : ' 

i. Lucian Lovejoy, b. Dec. 31, 1808; d. unm. 1S42. 

ii. Sarah Taylor, b. July 11, iSii : m. John Heath of Cabot, Vt., in 1835. 
iii. Mary Hutchins, b. June 14, 1813; m. Nathaniel Perkins of Walden, Vt.. in 1837. 
iv. Abigail Gilman, b. March 22, 1S17 ; m. John Cobb of Hardwick, Vt. Died 1839. 

526 V. George Perkins, b. r^Iay 26, 1819. 

vi. Charles H., b. Aug. 4, 1820 ; d. 1827. ' 

vii. Caroline E., b. Aug. 27, 1822 ; m. Samuel Goodrich of Hardwick, Vt. 

202. Joseph Oilman (72) Sanborn, born in Newmarket, Nov. 19, 
1:7s. Moved to Plattsburg, N. Y. ^vlarried Oct. 2, 180S, Elizabeth 
Coon, born July 4, 1790, died Feb. 10, 1S72. A laborer; died in New 
Vork city, May II, 18.^9. . 

Children : 

5^7 i. Daniel, b. July 6, 1S09. 

5-8 ii. Joseph, b. 1820. 

5-9 iii. John V., b. Jan. 4, 1826. 

-03. Daniel (72) Sanborn, born in Newmarket, in 17S1. Married 
• 'diy Cleveland; removed to Perry, Oenesee county, N. Y., thence to 
Kacine, Wis., and died in 1848, leaving, says D. H. S., live children. 

st ;■ Mr»- 

".- i \ 

. v^ jF fiT/r- /i 

.,' / 



204. Jonathan (73) Sanp.orn, born April 11, 1754. Lived in North- 
wood, N. II. Married Sarah Sliaw of Epping, burn April 27, 1756, died 
May 7, 1S26, He died June 19, 1796. 

Children : 

532 i. James, b. Dec. 15, 1776. 

ii. Deidamia, b. Nov. 4. 17S0; m. Jan. 12, 1809, John Whidden of Canterbury, 

N. H. Died July, 1S42. 
iii. Sally, b. June 23, 17S5; m. Nov. 23, 1809, Henry Cilley of Epping, son of Cut- 
ting of Nottingham, and nephew of Gen. Joseph Cilley of the Revolution. 

205. James (73) Sanborn, born March 15, 1757. D. H. S. says he 
lived in Epping, but the " Chandler Genealogy " places him at Moulton- 
borough. D. H. S. says he married ( i) Sarah Chandler, born Aug. 5, 
1757, daughter ot' Joseph and Lvdia. but the " Chandler Genealogy " unites 
him with Comtbrt Chandler ot^R}e, N. H., baptized Nov. 28, 1761. She 
died, and he married (2) Mrs, Christine (Paine) Rogers. 

Children : 

i. Hannah, b. 1779; ^'^- J'i"ies Oilman of Meredith. 

535 ^'- Jonathan, b. in Aloultonborough, 1781. 

iii. Anna, b. 1783; m. Bean of Tuftonborough. 

iv. Sally, b. 17S5; d. unni. 

V. Judith, b. 1787; d. unm. 

534 vi. Levi, b. in .Moultonborough, 17S9. 

vii. (By second wife.) Betsey, b. 1793; m. Jonathan Webster. 

206. Benjamin (74) Sanborn, born in Hampton, Aug. i, 1738. Mar- 
ried (i) Jane Mason ; (2) Towle ( ?). Moved from Hampton to Can- 
terbury in 1771, and died there Sept. 19, 1821. 

Children : 

535 i. Shubael, b. June iS, 1764. 

ii. Comfort, b. July 5, 1766; m. Israel Hodgdon of Xorthfield, N. H. 
iii. Sally, b. Aug. 17, 176S; m. Eiiphalet Mason of Xorthfield. 

iv. Molly, b. Sept. 3, 1770; m. Nathaniel Pallet of Canterbury, and d. .March 17, 

536 v. Abraham, b. Nov. 24, 1 771. 

207. Abraham (74) Sanborn, born in Hampton, Sept. 7, 1743. No 
further record. 

208. Simon (74) Sanborn, born in Hampton, June 26, 1757. No 
further record. 


209. Ben'jamin (76) Saxborx, burn in Hampton Falls, Aug. 24, 1760. 
I'l-obably lived with his father in Epping, and moved with him to Corinth, 
\'t., where he lived. His descendant, Mr. W. D. Sanborn of Barre, Vt., 
.says he served in the Revolution. See Appendix. Married Rhoda Fol- 
som, who died at Orange, Vt. He died at Dunstable, Can. 

Children : 

i. Reuben, b. 17S0-82; d. unm. in 1862. 

542 ii. Benjamin, b. 17S4. 

543 iii. Joseph. 

544 iv. Ezra. 

V. Susan. . 

vi. Sarah. 

210. (77) Sanborn, born in Kensington, Sept. 24, 1753. 
Lived first in Kensington, — signed the Test there. See Appendix for 
Revolutionary service. Married in 1799, Mary Sleeper of Sandown, and 
moved to Bristol, N. H., where he died March 4, 1S39. 

Children : 

i. Margaret, b. Sept. 30, 1779; m. Dec. 21, 1797, Stephen Gale of Bristol; d. 
April, 1855. 

545 ii Sherburn, b. Dec. 8, 1780. 

iii. Daniel, b. Feb. 10, 1783; d. 1783. 
iv. Polly, b. March 30, 1785 ; d. unm. Sept. 19. 1851. 
V. Ruth, b. March 6, 17S6; m. Sept. 19, 1S51, Aaron Favor. 
vi. Nancy, b. Nov. 18, 1788; m. March 5, 1807, Moses Worthen. 

546 vii. Theophilus, b. Jan. 8, 1791. 

viii. Sally, b. Sept. 17, 1793; m. Jan. 24, 1816. Hezekiah Davis. 
Lx. Catherine, b. Nov. 11, 1795; d. 1797. 

547 X. Daniel, b. in Bristol, N. H., Aug. 23, 1797. 
xi. David, b. July 21, 1800; d. 1802. 

xii. Catherine, b. Aug. 6, 1803; m. Sept. 6, 1827, Nathaniel Davis. 

211. Sherburne (77) Sanborn, born in Kensington, June 10, 1756. 
^i-'e Appendix tor Revolutionary service. Married Molly Hoyt, daugh- 
ter of John Hoyt of South Hampton and Chester. N. H., who was born 
J'ln. 26, 1764. He died at Chester, N. H., May S, 1836. 

Children : 

548 i. Moses Hoyt, b. Sept. 22, 1783. 

549 ii. John Hoyt, b. April 2, 1789. 

iii. Dolly, b. Aug. 17, 1791 ; m. Ebenezer Poor. 
IV- Nancy, b. Oct. 17, 1793; m. Nathaniel Brown. 
>5^ V. Simon Merrill, b. Dec. 15, 1796. 

I . '. ,•'. 1 • 


212. Elijah (77) Sanborn, born in Kensington, Sept. 28, 1761. Lived 
in Kensington at iirst. See Appendix for Revolutionar}' service. Moved 
to Fremont, N. H. Married (i) Sept. 7, 1779, Elizabeth Tilton ot" Dan- 
ville, N. H. ; (2) x\pril 21, 1799, Sarah Gordon. After his second mar- 
riage Elijah moved to Burr Oak, ^Nlich., and it is said had several children 
there by his second wife, none of whose names are found on record. 

Children : 

551 i. Ebenezer, b. June 12, 17S0. 

552 ii. David, b. July 27, 17S3. 

iii. Mercy, b. Sept. i, 17S5; m. Sherburne Tilton of .Sandown, b Aug. 18, 1786; 

she d. Sept. 20, 1855. 
iv. EHzabeth, b. Dec. 27, 17S7 ; ni. Caleb Atwood. 

2i2.\. Abraham (77) Sanborn. Married Aug. 6, 1786, Deborah 
Scribner. Moved to Bridgewater, N. H. 


552a i. Abraham, b. Dec. 28, 1798. 

213. Daniel (77) Sanborn, born Nov. 21. 1763; lived in Fremont 
and Hill, N. H. Married Molly Smith. 

Children : ' " - 

i. Betty, b. Jan. 3, 17S7; m. Michael Cross of Salisbury, N. H. 

553 ii. Tilly, b. Feb. 20, 1789. 

iii. Molly, b. March 3, 1791 ; d. 1797. 

554 iv. Daniel, b. Nov. 11, 1793. 

555 V. Abraham, b. Aug. 15, 1795. 

vi. Polly, b. 1797; m. Ancel Strong of Newbury, Vt., and moved to Liberty. Mich, 
vii. Deborah, b. iSoo; d. 1S04. 

556 viii. Reuben, b. July 6, 1803. 

557 ix. Robert, b. .May 3, 1806. 

The first five b. in Fremont, the last four in Hill. 

214. Jethro (78) Sanborn,, born in Newmarket, Feb. 2, 1762. Mar- 
ried (i) Martha Ross, and moved to Webster, Me., in 1783. Lived and 
died in Webster, Me. Had thirteen children by his tirst wife, who died 
181 2-4. He married (2) Martha Owen, by whom he had two children. 
Died 1842. 

Children : 

i. Sarah, b. Jan. 5. 1786; m. James Jordan of Newport. .Me. 

558 ii. Jethro, b. Feb. 16. 17S8. 

iii. Jane, b. Jan. 28, 1790; d. in infancy. 

"^^?L^ ! ^- i»'^y "W't ' jy.-'' "-M 

1 ■/£ ' '* '"S 



' Blll|i| I III III III .' 

ra E2i,-is'*^'*' 




r- -^■' 




:^>4 ~:^ 

- ( ^ 

- 4 - 






' ;^ >1;^' ^^'i^^^5?^?<j^ :"■ 



559 iv. Joseph, b. March 24, 1792. 

V. David, b. Aug. 16, 1794; d. iSoi. 

560 vi. Bradbury, b. Dec. 19, 1796. 

vii. Robert Ross, b. Feb. 19. 1799; ^- -^^ sea, 1826. 
viii. Martha, b. July 15, iSoi ; d. unin. 18 19. 
ix. Rebecca, b. Aug. 19, 1S03; d. unin. 1S21. 

561 X. Abraham, b. Sept. 20, 1805. 

562 xi. George, b. April 11, 1808. 

xii. Jane, b. May 16, iSio; d. 1826. 

563 xiii. David, b. May 31. 1S12. 

xiv. Ann Maria, b. May 19, 1816; m. Joel Weymouth of Greene, Me. 
XV. Martha, b. Jan 28, 1819; m. George Byram of Brunswick, Me. 

215. David (78) Saxborx, born in Newmarket, 1766; lived in New- 
market. !Maniecl Elizabeth Kimball, probably dau. of Ezra. Enlisted in 
the War of 1812, and died at Burlington, Vt. 

Children : 

564 i. James, b. 1788. 
ii. Sarah, b. 1790. 

iii. Charlotte Frances, b. ; m. Daniel Sanborn (479-ii). 

216. Abraham (79) Sanborn, born in Kensington, June 6, 1757. 
Lived in Kensington and Chichester, N. H. Married Nov. 25, 1779, Mary 
Prescott, daughter of James of Hampton Falls, who was born Jan. 8, 1759? 
and died Dec. 20, 1842. 

Children : 

565 i. .Abraham, b. 1781. 

ii. Mary, b. January, 17S2 ; m. Jacob Sanborn (266). 

566 iii. James, b. April ri, 1784 . . • , ^ 
iv. Betsey, b. 17S6; m. (i) Jonathan Leavitt of Hampton; (2) Joseph Towle of 

V. Dorothy, b. Nov. 16, 1788; m. Dudley Sanborn (267). 

567 vi. Mark, b. 1791. 

vii. Sarah, b. Oct. 25, 1793 ; m. as h s 3d wife, Lieut. Reuben Sanborn (313). 

568 viii. Jewett, b. Feb. 7, 1796. 

ix. Rhoda. b. 1798; m. Nathaniel True of Chichester, son of Deacon Abrani. 
X. Hannah, b. iSoo; m. Caleb B. Haynes of Epsom. 

217. Jew^ett (79) Sanborn, born in Kensington, Oct. 16, 1759. Lived 
and died in Kensington. See Appendix for Revolutionarv service. INIar- 
ried (i) June 6, 1782, Susan Prescott, daughter of Jonathan of Kensington, 
born March 6, 1761 ; (2) Widow Chase. Died Aug. i, 1S37. ^ 


Children : 

i. Jewett, b. July 11, 1784; d. young. 
ii. Mary Choate, b. Oct. 10. 17S8; m. Oct., 1812, Levi Prescott of RL-adfield, Me., 

son of Jaiiie.s; d. May 15, 1847. 
iii. Mittee, b. July 20, 1791 ; m. 181 1, Henry L. Eastman of Exeter, N. H. 
iv. Ann Clifford, b. Jan. 11, 1794; m. Jan. 26, 1826, Caleb Searles of Rowley, .Mass., 

son of Jolin. 
V. Susan, b. .March 4, 1796; m. Feb., 1821, Sewell Wadleigh of Kensington, son of 

Jo.seph ; d. April 12, 1829. 

569 vi. Jewett, b. June 8, 1799. 

vii. Dorothy, b. May 24, 1802; m. Oct. i, 1826, Ira Blake of Kensington, son of 
John Prescott. ^ - . 

218. Theophilus (79) Sanborx, born in Kensington, Feb. 5, 1771 ; 
lived first at Kensington, then at Loudon, N. H., and finallv at West 
Charleston, Me. Married Sept. i, 1796, Ann Tilton, daughter of Caleb of 
Hampton Falls, born Feb. 27, 1773, died March 29, 1S60. He died Sept. 
12, 1S64. 

Children : 

570 i. Jewett, b. Oct. 6, 1798. 

ii. Benjamin Tilton. b. April 8, 1801 ; a merchant of Laconia. N. H. ; m. Dec. 25, 
1828, Clarissa S. French, dau. of Samuel of Loudon; no issue; d. .Mav 10, 

571 iii. Abraham, b. ^Lay 28, 1805. 

iv. Theophilus, b. Nov. 29, 1808; a farmer of West Charleston, .Me.; m. .May 29, 
1837, Caroline Tilton. dau. of Abraham of West Charleston; no i-^sue ; she d. 
at West Charleston, Aug. 22, 1869. 

572 V. Daniel, b. March 28, 181 1. 

573 ^'i- J'inies Sherburn, b. April 13. 1815. 

219. Thomas (So) Sanborx, born at Hampton Falls, Feb. 5, 1786; 
moved to Salisbury, Mass. Married Tabitha Colby. 

Children : 

574 i. Isaac Chandler, b. . .'.tr.n:. 

ii. Elizabeth, b. . 

220. Deacon S.vmuel (Si) Sandorn. born July 26, 1757. Lived first 
in Wakefield, N. H., but settled in Shapleigh, now Acton, Me., in 17S0. 
Married >Liry Veasey, who was born in Brentwood, N. H.. Feb. 13, 1760, 
and died Sept. 3, 1S34 ; ^^*^ ^^^^ ^^^.y 13, 1S42. 

Children : 

i. Benjamin, b. Oct. 8, 1784; m. Betsey .Moody, b. Nov., 17S3. Died Nov.. 1S37, 
without issue, at Acton, Me. 



ii. James, b. Aug. 23, 17S6; d. 17S8. 
57; iii. Jonathan Veasey, b. May 24, 1788. 

iv. Sallv, b. Feb. S, 1790; m. Daniel Tebbetts of Acton, Me., and d. .Sept., 1837. 
V. Mary, b. Dec. 12, 1791 : m. John Smith of Livermore, .Me. 

576 vi. Samuel L.. b. Sept. 13, 1799. 

221. Joseph (Si) Sanborn, born July 12, 1759. Livt-d first in Wake- 
field, N. H., bvit moved to x\cton, Me., with his brotht-r in 1780, Married 
in 1787, Sarah Veasey. who was born Jan. 12, 1767, and died Sept. 22, 
1837. He died July 3, 1836. 

Children : . , 

i. Jonathan, b. May 27, 1788; m. (i) Hannah Hubbard, b. in Acton, Me., Nov. 
II, 1790, d. Nov. 28. 1S55; (2) Jan. 24. 185S, Mehitabe! French of Epping, 
b. Nov. 9, 1804. He d. without issue in Acton, Me., Feb. 4. 1:59. 

577 ii. Joseph, b. Jan. 29, 1790. 

578 iii. Henry, b. Oct. 20, 1792. 

579 iv. James, b. Oct. 20, 1794. 

580 V. Samuel, b. Dec 18, 1796. 

vi. Sarah, b. Aug. 22, 179S; m. July, 1843, Capt. Joseph W. Sa.-.lom '223-iii). 

581 vii. John, b. April 18, 1800. 

viii. Ehza, b. .May 11, 1802; d. 1805. 

582 ix. William, b. Feb. 13, 1804. 

X. Eliza, b. May 22, 1806; m. Thomas Grant of Acton, Me. 

583 xi. Calvin, b. .March 25, 1809. 

584 xii. Luther, b. Feb. 16, 181 i. 

.222. Reuben (81) Sanborn, born April 22, 1761. Lived and died in 
Wakefield, N. H. Married Mary Rundlett, who died July 25. 1836. He 
died Jan. 30, 1806. 

Children : " ' i . 

585 i. John, b. Sept. 26, 1788. • ^''' 
ii. Sally, b. April lo, 1790. 

iii. Mary, b. Sept. 29, 1793; d. unm. at Brentwood, N. H. 
iv. Susan, b. Aug. 3, 1794; m. John Sanborn (409). 
V. Ann, b. May 8, 1796; m. Stephen Hutchins of Wakefield. 

586 vi. Reuben, b. Oct. 2, 1798. , 
vii. Esther, b. Nov. 26, 1805 ; d. unm. at Wakefield. 

.223. John (81) S.\nborn, born Nov. 21, 1767. Liv^i and died in 
Wakefield. Married Hannah Hall, daughter of Daniel of '''-'iVeneld, who 
was born May 24, 1772, and died June, 1841. He died Jl'. ;^. 1S54. 

Children : a • ^ ■ 

i. William, b. March 21, 1793; d. young. .' :. 

587 ii Daniel Hall, b. May 31, 1796. 




iii. Capt. Joseph W., b. Feb. 22, 1799: m. July, 1843, Sarah Sanborn (221-vi); 

lived in Wakefield, N. H.; d. without issue, Aug. 24, 1861. 
iv. Sarah L., b. April 28, iSoi ; d. unm. 1833. 
V. Susan, b. Jan. 15, 1S04; d. unm. 1840. 
vi. Anna, b. Feb. 19, 1806; d. unm. April, 1843. 

588 vii. John Oilman, b. Aug. 4, 1809. 

viii. Ezekiel. b. Oct. 7, 181 1 ; d. young. 
ix. Hannah, b. Feb. 14, 1S14; d. young. 

224. Elisha (Si) Sanborn, born Julv 10, 1770. Lived first in Wake- 
field, N. H., but early tnoved to Athens, Me. INIarried (i) Sarah Fellows 
of Wakefield, died Aug., 1820; (2) Mehitabel Drew of Ossipee, N. H., 
died 1822; (3) Sarah Philbrick of Harmony, Me.; (4) Winifred Blish of 
Sebec, Me. Died June i, 1851. 

Children : 

589 i. James, b. Jan. 31, iSoo. 

ii. Mary Ann, b. Oct. 19, 1802: m. Wentworth Gowdy of Wakefield. 
iii. Hannah Fellows, b. July 5. 1804; d. unm. at Athens, .Me. 

590 iv. Cyrus Columbus, b. May 21, 1807. 

591 V. Arthur, b. Nov. 16, 1810. 

592 vi. Isaac, b. Oct. 29, 1812. 

vii. Joseph, b. Nov. 16, 1S14; lived at Dexter. .Me., — teacher, superintendent of 
school committee, and representative; m. Naomi Dore of Athens, .Me., and d. 
without issue. 
viii. Sarah A., b. Dec. 2, 1817; m. Henry Campbell of Dexter. 
ix. Susan, b. March 15, 1S21 ; m. Josiah Gerrish of Acton. Me. 
X. Ann, b. Aug. 5, 1824; m. Hiram Leighton of Exeter. Me. 

225. Edmund (82) S.\nborn, born in Hampton Falls, Nov. 20, 1755. 
Moved first to Pittsfield, and then to Loudon, N. H. Finally settled in 
Prospect, Me. Married in 1778, Sarah French, who was born Nov. 28, 


Child: . ' 

593 i. Edmund, b. in Pittsfield, N. H., Marcfe 18, 1780. 

226. James (82) Sanborn, born in Hampton Falls, June 11, 1757- 
Lived and died in Hampton- Falls. iSIairried Feb. 6, 1782, Betty Blake of 
Kensington, daughter of Hezekiah ; she died Aug. 22, 1S23. He died 
May 26, 1826. Served under Stark at Bennington. See Appendix. 

Children : . , , . . 

i. Ann, b. May 30, 17S5 ; m. John Smith of Rye, N. H.. and d. June 17, 1S46. 
ii. Elizabeth, b. July 4, 1789; m. David Locke of Kensington, N. H., and Newbury- 
port, Mass. 

•' tl^ 


594 iii. Sewell, b. March 19. 1792. 

595 iv. Levi, b. May 7, 1794. 

V. Lucy, b. Nov. 28, 1797; d. 179S. 

vi. Benjamin (insane), b. May 13, 1799: d. unm. Sept. 25, 1842. 
vii. Lucy, b. Nov. 27, 1801 ; m. July 3, 1825, Caleb Tilton of Chichester and Hamp- 
ton Falls. . , 

227. Benj.\mix (82) Sanborn, born in Hampton Falls, June 29, 1759. 
Lived and died in Hampton Falls. Married (i) Dec. 17, 1783, Dorothy 
Blake, daughter of Hezekiah of Kensington, who died June 19, 1784; (2) 
her cousin Hannah Blake, daughter of Jethro of Kensington, Epping, and 
Moultonborough ; she died Dec. 14, 1S23, aged sixty-two. 

Children : 

j. Dorothy Blake, b. June 12, 1784: d. unm. 
ii. Rachel, b. .March 30, 1789; d. unm. May 21, 1849. 

596 iii. Joseph, b. March 21, 1792. '' 

597 iv. Aaron, b. Nov. 26, 1793. 

V. Sarah, b. April 28, 1798; m. Edward Stevens, a carpenter of Brentwood. 

228. John (82) Sanborn, born in Hampton Falls, Aug. 17. 1761. 
Lived and died on an old Sanborn place in Hampton Falls, near " Munt 
Hill." Married Jan. i, 1793, Elizabeth Batchelder, who was born Dec. 

29, 1765, and died . He died Dec. 24, 1818, leaving one daughter, 

Nancy, who never married. 

229. Jonathan (83) Sanborn, born in Brentwood, Sept. 21, 1764. 
Lived and died in Fremont, N. H. Married Sarah Clifford. 

Children : 

598 i. William, b. April 29, 17S9. 

ii. Rachel, b. March 10, 1791 ; d. unm. 
iii. Abigail, b. March 10, 1791, twin to Rachel; m. Moody Carr of Fremont. N. H. 

iv. Jonathan, b. Feb. 15, 1793 ; d. unm. Dec. 7, 1847. 

V. Sarah, b. 1797; m. Edward Rowe of Brentwood. 

vi. Betty, b. March 17, 1799: d. unm. 
vii. Hannah, b. July 24, 1802; d. unm. 

599 viii. Isaiah French, b. Nov. 18, 1805. , ^ .. . , 

600 ix. Abraham, b. Nov. 17, 1808. , . 

X. Nancy, b Oct. 21, 181 1 ; m. Stephen Collins. 

230. Abraham (8^^ Sanborn, born in Brentwood. Oct. 4, 1766. Lived 
first in Brentwood, but soon moved to Concord, N. H. Married in 17S1, 
Elizabeth Lytbrd of Brentwood, who died April 20, 1819. He died in 
Nashua, N. H., Dec. 21, 1845. 

[:■:'•. Vx f! 

. .1 

A I ■ 


Children : 

601 i. James, b. Sept. 15, 1797. 

602 ii. Abraham, b. April 4, 1792. 

iii. Elizabeth, b. April 16, 1793; m Richard Silver of Hooksett, N. H. 
iv. Isaiah, b. May 2, 1794. A sailor; m. and had one child; d. July 20. 1824. 
V. Sarah Ann, b. May 2. 1797; m. July 22. 1821, John l^hilJips of Nashua, X. H. 
vi. Mehitabel, b. April 7, 1800; d. unm. 1819. 

603 vii. Elhanan Ward, b. Nov. 25, 1802. 

604 viii. Thomas Jet^erson, b. March 21, 1805. 

605 ix. Oliver L., b. March 21, 1807. 

606 X. Henry A., b. Feb. 6, 1810. 

231. Isaiah (83) Sanborn, born in Brentwood, Jan. 4, 1769. Grad- 
uated at Exeter Academy, 1789. No further record tound. 

232. Reuben (86) Sanborn, born in Barnstead, March 12, 1773- 
Lived and died in Barnstead. Married Sally, daughter of Moses Rand. 

Children : 

i. Abigail, b. 1800. 
ii. Sarah, b. 1802. 

iii. John, b. April 20, 1804; m. Oct. 14, 1846, Mary Eleanor Weeks of Gilmanton. 
I "■ . Lived in Pittsfield, N. H. No issue. 

iv. Belinda, b. 1806. 

610 V. Timothy, b. 1808. 

611 vi. James, b. 1810. 
vii. Mary, b. 1812. 

233. John (86) Sanborn, born in Barnstead, March 2, 1776. Lived 
first in Barnstead, but early moved to Lower Gilmanton, N. H. In 1795, 
his father beingr dead, and he under age, Ezekiel Eastman of Barnstead 
was appointed his guardian. Married (i) Hannah Hodgdon, daughter ot 
John of Barnstead; (2) INIay 10, 1827, Mrs. Sally Avery. Died Feb. 9, 

Children : • 

612 i. Jeremiah, b. May 2, 1806. ./'.;■. •: ;-,• iVi i-r'' ; 'm. N-::' ." ' -•', ' 
ii. Mahala, b. Aug. 20, 1S08; m. William Marston ; d. 1856. . ' 

iii. William, b. June 16, 181 1 ; d. unm. at Barnstead. 
iv. Nancy M., b. May 5, 1814; m. John L. Lord of Xewburyport. Mass. 
V. John Hodgdon, b. Aug. 19, 1821, — an upholsterer of Cluirlestown, Mass.; d. 

unm., it is supposed, in California. 
vi. Hannah Hodgdon, b. Nov. 6, 1827; m. Samuel B. Wedgewood of Peru, 111. 
vii. Sarah, b. Sept. 16, 1S32; m. July 4, 1856. Dyer J. Merrill of Lower Gilmanton, 

son of Capt. John. 

/.' .a 

,r I 


234. John (8S) Sanborn, born in Ilawke, N. II., Sept. 8, 1736. Lived 
and died in Ilawke (now Danville) ; signed the Test there. T^Iarried Jan. 
17, 1760, Sarah Elkins. Died Nov. 12, iSoo. Will, dated Dec. 31, 1799' 
proved Dec. 9, 1800. 

Children : , . 

i. Elizabeth, b. Feb. 7, 1761. 

ii. Ruth, b. April 16, 1763; unm. _.„-' 

iii. Sarah, b. June 30, 1764. 

613 iv. Enoch, b. Jan. 20, 1766. 

614 V. Obadiah, b. Jan. 25, 176S. 

615 vi. Josiah, b. July 11, 1769. 

vii. Nathan, b. Feb. 6, 1771 ; d. an infant. 
615a viii. Peter, b. Dec. 17, 1772. 

616 ix. Phineas, b. Sept. 17, 1774. 

617 X. Nathan, b. Jan. 15, 1777. 

xi. Abigail, b. Dec. 30. 1779; m. Robert Gilnian. 
xii. Mary, b. March iS, 1782 ; m., but her husband's name is not known. 

235. Phineas (SS) Sanborn, born in Hawke, March 17, 1747. Lived 
and died there. In Captain Marston's company at Crown Point, in 1762 
(N. H. P., XIV, 25). Married March 2, 1767, :vlary Adams. Died July 
II, 1773. Will, dated July 7, 1773, mentions his "only child," Samuel 
Adams Sanborn. 


618 i. Samuel Adams, b. Nov. 22, 1769. 

236. Lieut. Jonathan (88) Sanborn, born in Hawke, March 4, 1760. 
Lived and died in Hawke, — a farmer there. In 1777, enlisted in Colonel 
Drake's regiment, but a substitute went in his stead. Married Dec. i, 
1784, Anne, daughter of Reuben Batchelder of Hawke, who was born 
March 4, 1762, and died Sept. iS, 1S53. He died March 30, 1813. 

Children: ' ' '^■■- ••• 

i. Reuben, b. Sept. 5, 1785, — a wheelwright in Danville; m. April 17, 1818, Han- 
nah M. Lane, who was b. Sept. 24, 1774, and d. March 12, 1S43. He d. with- 
out issue, Nov. 17, 1844. 
ii. Nancy, b. April 28, 1789; d. unm. Nov. 6, 1825. 
iii. Sarah, b. July 6, 1790; d. unm. Nov. 12, 1S62, in Danville, 
iv. Miriam, b. May 31, 1794; d. unm. Oct. 7, 1844. 

V. Capt. Jonathan, b. Jan. 5, 1799. A farmer in Danville; never m. ; for several 
years town clerk. 
6ig vi. Oliver, b. Nov. 16, 1893. 


v.i .: 


237. Sherburn (89) Sanborn, born in Kenj^incrton, July 9, 1744. 
Early moved to Sandown, where he signed the Test. Married Aug. 16, 
1773' Rachel Locke, who died June 16, 1S37. He d. Oct. 15, 1834. 

Children : 

i. Levi, b. March 21, 1775 ; d. unm. Sept. 30, 1850. 

ii. Priscilla, b. March 19, 1777; m. Robert Hunkins; d. June 14, 1855. 

iii. Margaret, b. Sept. 20, 1779; in. Tliomas DollotT. 

620 iv. Sherburn, b. March iS. 17S3. 

V. Susan, b. Jan. 29, 17S5 ; m. Nicholas Dolloff. 
vi. Elizabeth, b. Nov. 13, 1787; m. Thomas Hazelton. 
vii. Dorothy, b. June 14, 1790; m. Nov. 5, iSiS, Moses Page of Gilmanton. 

238. Nathaniel (89) Sanborn, born in Kensington, March 2, 1746. 
Moved to Hill, N. H. Married Jane Waddell of Chester, N. H. 

Children : 

621 i. James Waddell, bap. Jan. 30, 1774, at Sandown. 

622 ii. Moses, b. March 4. 1776. 
iii. Priscilla, b. 1779. 

239. Joseph (89) Sanborn, born in Kensington, Sept. 9, 1751- Early 
moved to Hill, N. H., where he lived and died. ?vlarried Mary Clough of 
Danville, N. H. Died ■March 14, 1S40. . ' •. 


i. Priscilla, b. Jan. 11, 1772. 
ii. Sarah, b. Feb. 18, 1773. 

623 iii. Obadiah, b. in Hill, .March 7, 1775. 
iv. Polly, b. .May 4, 177S. 

V. Judith, b. Nov. 16, 1780. 

624 vi. Joseph, b. Jan. 19, 1783. 
vii. Elizabeth, b. July 29, 1786. 

viii. Reuben, b. June 27. 1791 ; d. unm. at Hill. 

625 i.x. Moses, b. July 24, 1795. 

240. Peter (89) Sanborn, born in Kensington, Aug. 18, 1752. Lived 
first in Sandown, N. H. Moved to Kelley's Vale, Vt., where he lived and 
died. Married (i) Oct. 22, 1775, ^Lartha Dow, \vho w\as born Aug. 28, 
1753, and died ?vLarch 13, 17S4 ; (2) September, 17S4, Abigail Dow. born 
May 25, 1758, died Feb. 11, 1844. He died Dec 22, 1S32, and is buried 
in Lowell, Vt. 

Children : 

626 i. Isaac, b. in Sandown, Dec. 6. 1777. 

627 ii. Jonathan, b. March 28, 1778. 

:■ /. vf-itj/ 

I , . 'H 

i . , li-.MK 

i .•i:v)-.V^ .M. 

>. \ i'^' ) >i5A-'' 

J / 

: f; 


iii. Hnnnali, b. March i8. 17S0; cl. 1780. 

iv. Polly, b. Jan. 10, 1782; m. March i, iSoS, Sherbiirn Sanborn (620J. 

628 V. Peter, b. in Sandown, March 7, 17S4. 

vi. Martha, b. May i, 17S5; m. Eustis of Lowell, Vt. 

629 vii. Daniel, b. June iS. 1787. 
viii. Abigail, b. July 3, 1789. 

630 ix. Ela, b. in Tunbridge, Vt., Jan. 20. 1792. 

X. Amos, b. May 17, 1794; unni. ; drowned at Lowell, Vt., July, 1S34.. 
xi. Betsey, b. Jan. 28, 1797; d. unm. April 10, 1842. 
xii. Lois H., b. Sept. 13, 1799; m. Chase of Lowell, Vt. 

241. Reuben (S9) Sanborn, born in Kensington, Sept. S, I75-4- 
See Appendix for Revolutionar}' service. ?vlarried Feb. 11, 1778? Sarah 
Worthen ot" Chester, who died Feb. 9, 1839. Moved to Springfield, N. H., 
and died there Dec. 29, 1833. 

Children : 

i. Abigail, b. July 15, 1779; m. in 1800 and lived in Norwich, Vt. 
ii. Dolly, b. Feb. 9, 1781 ; m. Ezekiel Johnson of Hartford, Vt. 

631 iii. David Worthen, b. Sept. 30, 1782. 

iv. Sally, b. Feb. i, 17S5 ; m. Dec. 1809, Joseph Wright of Thetford, Vt. ; d. 1S44. 

632 V. Thomas S., b. March 31, 1788. 

633 vi. Reuben, b. April 14, 1790. 

vii. Betsey, b. May 6, 1792; m. George Harlow of Cornish, N. H. 
viii. Polly, b. ALarch 22, 1794; m. William Ouimby of Springtield. N. H. 

634 ix. Richard, b. Aug. i, 1797. 

635 x. Robert, b. May 13, 1801. 

242. Moses (89) Sanborn, born in Sandown, July 7, 1775. Lived and 
died in Sandown. Married Mary Marston of North Hampton, who died 
April I, 1831, in Sutton, N. H. He died in spring of 1S04. 

Children : 

636 i. Jeremiah, b. in Sandown, Jan. 26, 1802. 

ii. Elizabeth, b. July 21, 1804; m. May, 1833, Jonathan Roby of Sutton, X. H. 

243. Daniel (89) Sanborn, born in Sandown, Aug. 14, i777- Lived 
in Sandown. ^Married (i) Sarah Wells; (2) Nancy Wells. Drowned in 
Sandown, 1S17. . . , ■, 

Children : - , " 

i. Josiah, b. May 4, 1812; d. unm. 

By second wife : 

637 ii. Daniel, b. ALay 31,1815. ■' 
iii. Abigail, b. Jan. 2, 1817; m-. Abner Clarke. 

.. . y 


244. David (90) SAxnoKX, born April 19, 1753. Lived and died in 
Andover, N. IT. Married Sarah P^uller, born Marcli 21, 1753, died Feb. 
19, 1S42. He died March 13, 1S26. 

Children : 

638 i. Jonathan, b. Feb. 7, 1780. 

639 ii. Peter, b. Nov. 21, 17S1. 

iii. Joanna, b. Nov. 23, 17S3; m. (i) Merrill Colby; (2) Samuel Page, both of 

iv. Olive, b. July 12, 17S5. 

640 V. Josiah, b. Aug. 7, 1787. 

vi. Sarah, b. July 20, 1790; d. unm. at Danbury, N. H. 
vii. David, b. July i, 1792; d. unm. at Andover. 
viii. Hannah, b. Oct. 22, 1794; m. Simeon Graves of Andover. 

245. Epiiraim (90) Sanborn, born April 19, 1756. Moved to Brad- 
ford, Vt. Married Sarah Corliss, who was born Dec. 27, 1756, and died 
Sept. II, 1843. He died Sept. 29, 1836. 

Children : 

i. Polly, b. Nov. 3, 1781 ; m. June 17, 1807, Nathaniel Fellows, who was b. at 
Salisbury, N. H., April 19, 1783 ; lived at Andover. N. H. 

641 ii. Jeremiah, b. May 10, 1783. 

iii. Rebecca, b. July 16, 1786: m. Ichabod Roby of Plymouth, N. H., and d. Nov. i, 

642 iv. John, b. in Andover, N. H., 1793. 

246. Richard (90) Sanborn, born May 23, 1759. Moved to Andover, 
N. H. Married Phebe Page of Kensington. Died March 10, 1S13. 

Children: " . - 

i. Child, d. in infancy. 

ii. Child, d. in infancy. ' 

iii. Nancy, b. April 4. 1792 ; m. Edward Roby of Andover; d. .March, 1824. 
iv. Susan, b. Sept. 10, 1794; m. Henry Dearborn Cilley of Andover, son of Jona- 
than of Nottingham. 

643 V. Richard, b. Sept. i, 1796. 

'' vi. Phebe, b. Sept. 23, 1799; m. Levi Tilton of Andover; d. 1829. 

vii. Maria, b. June 30, 1806; m. \Vm. Earle of Lynn, Mass. 

644 viii. John Ware (twin to Maria), b. June 30, 1S06. 

247. JosiAii (90) Sanborn, born ; baptised June 11, 1767. D. H. 

S. says lived in Sandown ; no further record. 

248. Theophilus (91) Sanborn, born in Kensington, Jan. 13, 1750. 
Lived tlrst in Kensington; moved to Gilmanton in 1802. Married (i) 


1775, Mehitabel Kimball, who died Jan. 28, 1S05 ; (2) 1807, Saraii Sinilli, 
daughter of Dr. William, who died Dec. 17, 1857. He died July 13, 1S33. 

Children : 

i. Abigail, b. 1776; d. unm. Dec. ig, 1822. 

645 ii. Richard, b. March 17, 177S. 

iii. Newell, b. Aug. 10, 17S1 ; d. unm. Nov. 15, iSoi. 

646 iv. William, b. Jan. 10, 17S3. 

647 V. Samuel, b. Dec. 5, 17S5. 

vi. Betsev, b. Dec. 10, 17S6; m. Lieut. Jonathan Sanborn (649). 

vii. Jeremiah, b. Nov. 27, 1791 ; m. (i) 1S45, Abigail Bean, who d. Nov. 29, 1S51 ; 
(2) March, 1854, .Mrs. Martha Durrell, widow of John; lived in Sanbornton ; 
no issue ; d. 1862. 
viii. Jethro, b. Sept. 19, 1795; d. unm. Sept. 3, 1846. 
ix. Sarah Smith, b. Nov. 18, 1807; d. unm. Feb. 9, 1854. 
X. Julia, b. March 23, 1S09; d. 1S14. 
xi. Nancy, b. Jan. 26, 1S12; d. 1814. 

648 xii. Ebenezer B., b. Aug. 8, 1S14. 

249. Jeremiah (91) S.\nborx, born in Kensington, Nov. 5, 1757. 
Moved to Gilmanton in 1777. Married (i) Jan. 8, 1778, Lydia Tillon, 
daughter of John Tilton of Hampton Falls, who died August, 182S ; (2) 
Susan Greely ; (3) 1S33, Mrs. Huldah Avery. He died Oct. 6, 1S39. 

Children : 

i. Lois, b. Jan. 20, 1779; m. 1799, Stephen Swett of Freedom, N. H. 

649 ii. Jonathan, b. March 3, 1780. 

iii. Jeremiah, b. Jan. 6, 1782; d. March 4, iSoi. 11 • 

iv. Lydia, b. 1784; d. 17S5. 

V. Lucretia. b. Jan. 10, 17S6; m. Nov. 23, 1809, Capt. Nicholas Folsom of Gilman- 
ton, son of Nicholas; d. July 12, 1874. 
vi. Lydia, b. Feb. 8, 1788; m. Benjamin Leavitt of Gilmanton ; d. 1818. 

250. Col. David (91) Sanborn, born in Kensington, April 26, 1761. 
Lived first in Kensington, there marrying, Jan. 10, 17S4, Elizabeth James, 
born Nov. 8, 1765, died Aug. 27, 1850. Moved to Gilmanton in 1790; 
appointed a Justice of the Peace in 1S06. A military officer for twenty- 
three years, from 1794, passing through all grades to that of Colonel. Rep- 
resentative in 1812. Died Oct. 10, 1827. 

Children : 

i. Betsey, b. Nov. 28, 1784; m. William Sanborn (646) ; after her husband's death, 

in 1825, she moved to Sangerville, .Me. 
ii. Deborah, b. July 23, 1789; m. 1814, Lieut. David Chase of Danbury and Bristol, 
N. H., son of Stephen ( "Catamount") ; d. at Danbury, March 20, 1S47. 



iii. Abigail, b. March 15, 1792; m Peter Folsom of Boston, son of Nicholas of Gil- 
manton ; d. 1S67 in Indiana. 

650 iv. Joseph, b. June 21, 1795. 

651 V. Isaac B., b. April i, 1798. 

251. Jonathan Tilton (91) Sanborn, born in Kensington, May 18, 
1770. A cordwainer, — moved early to Gilmanton. Married (i) in Epping, 
Sept. 24, 1794, Lydia Page, who died May 12, 1803; (2) Nov. 3, 1S03, 
Hannah Page, daughter of Andrew of Gilmanton. He died Oct. 8, 1851. 

Children : 

652 i. John, b. April 2, 1796. 

ii. Rebecca, b. March 22, 1798; d. Dec. 11, 1S14. 

653 iii. Tererriiah Page, b. April 2, iSoi. 

654 iv. Andrew Page, b. Dec. 19, 1804. 

V. Lydia, b. Feb. 26. 1S07 ; d. 1814. 

vi. Hannah S., b. June 18, 1809; m. May 12, 1831, Henry Page of Gilmanton. 
vii. Ann Page, b. April 28, 181 1 ; ni. Dec. 7, 1837, Daniel Merrill of Gilmanton. 

655 viii. Jonathan Brown, b. April 23, i8i:|.. 

ix. Abigail Tilton, b. April 5, 1816; m. Sept. 21, 1S43, Reuben \V. Page of Gilman- 
X. Benjamin French, b. Jan. 30, 1820; m. Jan. 12, 1S45, Mary Ann Shaw ot 
Loudon, N. H., b. April 5, 1816; moved to Roanoke, 111. ; no issue. 

656 xi. Nathan Batchelder, b. Oct. 6, 1821. 

657 xii. Josiah Fellows, b. Sept. 21, 1S24. 

252. HiLLiARD (92) Sanborn, born in Kensington, March 15, 1765. 
Lived and died in Kensington, — a carpenter there. Married March 14, 
1791, Sarah Tilton, daughter of Caleb of Hampton Falls, who was born 
Feb. 21, 1766, and died Oct. 31, 185 1. He died May 20, 1836. 

Children : . ,., . 

i. Joseph, b. Aug. 8, 1 792 ; d. unm. ':' . ■ . 

ii. Oliver, b. Sept. 26, 1794; d. unm. April 4, 1843. ' 

658 iii. Caleb Tilton, b. June 13, 1797. 

iv. Mary, b. April 5, 1800; m. July 4, 1845, Joseph Spokesneld of Kensington. 

V. Betsey, b. June 16. 1802; d. unm. Oct. 15, 1843. 

253. Jeremiah (92) Sanborn, born in Kensington, April 29, 1772; 
lived and died in Kensington. Married Sept. 16, 1796, Tabitha Tuck, 
daughter of Samuel, born Dec. 21, 1777, died Jan. 5, i860. He died June 
3' 1854- ...... 

Children : 

i. Frances, b. Jan. 15, 1796; m. June 6, 1S16, Benjamin Prescott of Kensington; 
lived in Exeter, N. H. ; d. Sept. i, i860. 


<■ ' '1 



659 ii. Edward, b. Nov. i, 1799. 

660 iii. Parker, b. Nov. 6, 1S02. 

661 iv. Josiah Bartlett, b. June r, 1S04. 

V. Harriet Eastman, b. Nov. 22, 1S07; m. May 24, 1S43, Dearborn T. Blake of 
E.xeter, N. H. 

662 vi. Slierburn Tilton, b. May 6, iSio. 

vii. Sophia, b. Nov. 13, i8f2; m. June 25, 1S35, Elbridge G. Tappan of East 

Kingston and Exeter; d. Sept. 6, 1843. 
viii. Martlia Tuck, b. June 18, 1S15; m. March iS, 1839, Joseph S. Robinson of 

Brentwood and E.xeter. 
ix. Simon Rowe, b. Jan. 17, 1S17; never married, — a teacher in Hampton Falls, — 

described by one of his pupils as a wonderfully lovable character; d. young, 

Dec. ID, iSji. 
X. Jeremiah, b. Sept. 20, 1S20; d. 1822. 
xi. Harrison, b. March i, 1S25: d. unm. in Kensington, Sept. 25, 1S51. 

254. Jonathan (93) Sanborn, born in Kensington, June S, 1755. Xo 
further record. 

255. John (94) Sanborn, born (probably in Epping) Nov. 27, 1767. 
Lived and died in Meredith, N. II. Married Nov. 17, 1796, Sarah Dow; 
died July 20, 1836. 

Children : 

i. Sarah, b. Aug. 15, 1797 ; m. July 4, 1822, Joseph Sanborn (466). 

663 ii. Ira, b. June 21, iSoi. 

256. Asahel (94) Sanborn, born (probably in Epping) Jan. 20, 1770. 
Lived and died in Meredith, N. H. Married Hannah Swain. Died IMay 
14', i860. 

Children : 

i. Polly, b. Jan. 26, 179S; m. Smith Leavitt of Meredith. 

ii. Sarah, b. Nov. 10, iSoi ; m. June, 1823. David Edgerly of New Hampton, N. H. 

iii. Ruth, b. Feb. 19, 1805; m. March 18, 1852, John Ranlett of Meredith, 

iv. Moses G., b. Aug. 11, 180S: d. unm. Oct. 22, 1850. 

664 V. Salmon H., b. .May 7, 1S12. 

vi. Asahel, b. April 20, 1818; m. Nov. 22, 1853, Mary Ann Collins of Mereditli; no 

vii. Hannah, b. Oct. 23, 1821 ; d. unm. in Meredith. 

257. Stj^phen (94) Sanborn, born in Epping, >Larch 12, 1772. Lived 
and died in Meredith. A mechanic there. Married Esther Thompson. 

Children : 

i. Lieut. John, b. May 8, 1795 • ^^- unm. in Maine in 1839. 

665 ii. William Thompson, b. April 8, 1799. 

.i' ) 

r: . ur 


666 iii. Natlianiel. b. June 5, 1801. 

667 iv. David, b. April i, 1S03. 

V. Simeon T. \V., b. March i, 1S05 ; d. unm. Sept., 1827. 
vi. Eliza, b. Aug. 15, 1S07; m. Allen Dickey of Maine. 

668 vii. Moses, h. Aug. 15, 18 10. ■ 

viii. Judith, b. June 22, 1813 ; d. unm. Aug. 12, 1844. 

669 \x. Richard, b. Aug. 25, 18 15. 

258. Sargent (95) Sanborn, born in 1766. Lived and died in San- 
bornton. Married July 15, 1S02, Polly Thomas, daughter of Joseph of 
Sanbornton. Died July 29, 1812. 


670 i. Jeremiah Smith, b. Oct. 21, 1803. 

671 ii. Charles Thomas, b. Jan. 17, 1805. 

iii. Olive, b. Dec, 1S07; m. Dec. 24, 1835, Joseph Gould ofTopsheld, Mass. 

259. William (95) Sanborn, born -^ . Lived in Sanbornton : 

moved to New Hampton, but returned to Sanbornton. Married Feb. 12, 
1817, Dolly Buzzell of New Hampton. Died March, 1S33 ; widow mar- 
ried (2) \Vm.. Weeks. 

Children : , 

672 i Hezekiah. 

673 ii. James. 

260. Jacob (96) Sanborn, born in Nottingham, Dec. 5, 1761. Moved 
to Boston, Mass. ^Married (i) April 7, 17S5, Deborah Page, daughter of 
David of North Hampton and Chicliester, N. H., born June, 1763 ; died 
Sept. 25, 1794; (-) Sept. 17, 1795, at Epsom, Anna Pearson of Newbury, 
Mass., born Feb. 28, 1764. 

Children : 

674 i. David, b. Dec. 10, 17S5, at North Hampton, 
ii. Unnamed twin, b. and d. 1787. 

iii. Unnamed twin, b. and d. 1787. 

iv. Christopher Page, b. at Chichester, N. H., Sept. i, 1796; d. 1798. 

675 V. Silas, b. at Chichester, June 4, 1798. 
vi. Betsey, b. Oct. 19, 1800. 

676 vii. Christopher Page, b. Feb. 8, 1803. 

677 viii. Jeremiah, b. Aug. 18, 1805. 

The last three were born in Springfield, N. H. 

' 261. Joseph Beverly (96) Sanborn, born in Deerfield, N. H., July 4, 
1762. Moved to Campton, N. H. Married at Hampton, Nov. 3, 17S5, 
Molly Locke, daughter of John of Rye, N. H., born May 7, 1764; died 
April 24, 17S7. He died July 21, 1S35. 


!')* . 

j W^ ii ijV ''' iyj ' *"t ' y. " VT ' *;j<,f. i wJW i Jiijy ! y- ' ?.,ji i Pf! *' '^'» 


^': > • 'U 


..>^ ./ 


Col. Georgk .Mavhhw .\{(.illto.n, of Chicao 
2d Ills. \'olunteers. 



i. Betsey, b. Dec. 23, 17S6; m. March, iSii, Rev. Benjamin Sargent of Pittsfield. 

N. H.; d. Sept. 14, 1846- 
ii. Nancy, b. Jan. i, 17S9; m. Josiah Emery of Dover, N. H. 
iii. Anna, b. June 22, 1791 ; m. May, 1812, Jonathan Batchelder of Loudon. N. H., 

son of Abraham ; d. 1S13. Hem. (2) Lois Wells, 
iv. Mary Locke, b. Oct. 23, 1793; m. Nov., 1818, John Whitehouse of Pembroke, 

N. H.; d. Nov. 9, 1828. 

678 V. Jeremiah, b. Dec. 3, 1795. - 

679 vi. David Locke, b. Jan. 15, iSoi. 

vii. Emeline, b. March 10, 1805; m. Dec, 1843, Robert Wilson of Loudonville, O. 
Died in an asylum. 

680 viii. Joseph Beverly, b. March 6, 18 10. 

262. Jeremiah (96) Sanborn, born Feb. 11, 1773. Lived and died in 
Chichester, N. H. Married June, 1792, Martha Lake, daughter of Capt, 
Thomas Lake of Chichester, who was born March 21, 1773, and died Dec. 
27, 1839. 11^ ^'^^^ F^^- ^-' '^^3^- 

Children : 

i. Anna, b. Aug. 18, 1793; m. Dec. 13, iSio, James Sanborn (566). 
ii. Eunice, b. June 27, 1794; m. Abraham Staniels of Chichester. 

681 iii. Matthew, b. June iS. 1796. 

iv. Betsey, b. June 25, 1799; m. Jan. 13, 1S26, Jacob Tilton Moulton of Chichester ; 
d. Feb. 17, 1879. Grandmother of Col. George ^L .Moulton. 

Col. George Mayhew .Moulton, commander of the Second Regiment of Infan- 
try, Illinois National Guard, is one of the most enterprising and successful busi- 
ness men of Chicago. His life story, both in its business, social, and military 
aspects, is a remarkable record of indefatigable energy and progress. Colonel 
Moulton, son of Joseph Tilton .Moulton and Jane .Maria Babcock, was born .March 
15, 185 1, in Read.sboro, Bennington county, Vt.. and came, at the age of two, 
with his father's family to Chicago, where he has since lived. He graduated 
from the Central High school in 1868 and joined his father in his business, that 
of building the high grain elevators. Every detail of this important business he 
learned, and also the trade of carpenter. In 1870, he accompanied his father 
to Duluth, and aided in the construction of the first grain elevator in that sec- 
<- tion. When the elevator was completed, he engaged with the owners to ope- 

rate it for a year ; but before that period had been transferred to superintend the 
erection of an elevator at Stillwater. Ever since then. Colonel Moulton has 
been engaged in the building of those immense and soaring edifices, the "agri- 
cultural banks," wherein is annually hoarded the country's wealth of corn. 

The excellence, both in design and construction, of the elevators put up by 
J. T. Moulton & Son soon became widely known. The building contracts of 
the firm extended from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and its reputation and busi- 
ness grew so that it stood without a peer in this special line of archiiecti'.r.T.l 


^. J ■- "J J ••; ; r ' ■ 

.;■. '- .1;:! .; ^ ■; >'•,;/:» -li. 'M 


i86 SANBORN genp:alogy. 

work. In Chicago, tlie famous Illinois Central A. with a capacity of 1,000.000 
bushels of grain, and Illinois Central 13, with a capacity of 1,600,000 bushels. 
are lofty monuments of the building ability of Moulton & Son, and their ele- 
vators also stand in New York. Baltimore, Detroit, Minneapolis, Kansas City, 
Buffalo, St. Louis, East St. Louis, Toledo and East Toledo. O., Portland, Me., 
Norfolk, Va., Tacoma, Wash., Washburn and West Superior, Wis., Galena 
City, Union City, and other places,— affording in all, capacity for 44,800,000 
bushels of grain. With all this, George .M. Moulton has by no means confined 
himself to the business of building elevators. His enterprises have been many 
and various. In 1877, he began with George H. Johnson the manufacture and 
application of fireproof material for buildings. Three years later the company was 
organized and incorporated, and now the Pioneer Fire-proof Construction Com- 
pany, as it is called (it was originally the Ottawa Tile Company), owns the largest 
clay-manufacturing establishment in the West, with Colonel Moulton as president 
and leading stockholder. The Colonel is also president and leading stockholder 
of the Moullon-Starrett Construction Company (organized by him under another 
name in 1894) ; it contracts for the construction of large buildings, of which it 
has erected several, including the fine Fisher building in Chicago, the Guaranty 
building in Buffalo, the Onondaga Savings Bank building in Syracuse, and the 
Columbus Union StiUion in Columbus, O. Colonel .Moulton was also president 
of one of the largest cold storage companies in Chicago, and somehow found 
time to be ofikially and financially interested in the River Bank Coal Company, 
the Chicago Deposit Vault Company, the Commerce Vault Company, and the 
Medinah Temple Company. 

As to his military record, .Mr. Moulton was in 1SS6 commissioned major in the 
Second Regiment, I. N. G. He resigned his commission four years afterwards, 
when Colonel Wheeler (at whose solicitation he had entered the service) retired 
from command of the corps; but in February, 1894, he was unanimously elected 
to the command of the regiment, which is the largest in the state, and which has 
attained a high reputation. Colonel Moulton commanded it during its duty out- 
ing of July and August, 1894, occasioned by the trouble arising from the railroad 
strike, and also in the Spanish -American War of 189S. He still holds the com- 
mand. His deep interest in the corps and his close application to the duties 
of his office have highly increased the efiiciency and the soldierly appearance of 
the corps, and both men and orficers hold him in high esteem. 

In his club relations and society affiliations and attainments Colonel Moulton 
is, in a manner, a marvel. He is a member of the Union League Club, Chicago 
f Athletic Association, the Buffalo Club, .Miltona Club. Sons of Vermont, Chicago 

Art Institute, Field Columbian .Museum .Association, and Illinois Society of the 
Sons of the Revolution, being a member of the state board of managers of the 
latter society. He is a specially- enthusiastic Mason, and has taken the follow- 
ing degrees in Masonry : 

Raised a Master Mason in Covenant Lodge Xo. 526. F. & .A. M., Feb. 26, 1S75 : 
exalted a Royal Arch .Mason in Corinthian Chapter Xo. 69, May 17, 1S75 ; 
greeted a Select .Master in Siloam Council Xo. 53. Aug. 7, 1S75 ; afterwards 



dimitted to Chicago Council No. 4, R. &: S. M. ; created a Kni;^lits Tenijjlar in 
St. Bernard Comniandery No. 35, Sept. I, 1875 - created Sublime Prince of the 
Royal Secret thirty-second degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite in 
Oriental Consistory, June 4, 18S0. He was crowned a Sovereign Grand Inspec- 
tor General, thirty-third and last degree for the Northern Jurisdiction, U. S. A., 
Sept. 20, 18S7. He was created Knight of the Red Cross of Rome and Con- 
stantine and Guardian Knight of the Holy Sepulchre, in the Grand Council of 
the State of Illinois, Oct. 25, 1S75, afterwards affiliating with St. John's Con-- 
clave Premier of that Order. He also holds membership in Queen Esther Chap- 
ter, Order of the Eastern Star, and Medinah Temple, Ancient Accepted Order 
of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine. Nor has he been an idle member of these 
various bodies; on the contrary, he has been an almost constant, faithful, and 
efficient office bearer, serving with fidelity in many of the humbler official posi- 
tions, and with distinction in many of the most important in the gift of Masonrv. 
Among the stations he has filled are the following : In the Lodge, Senior Dea- 
con, 1877, Junior Warden, 1S78 and 1S90, Senior Warden, 1S91, and Worship- 
ful Master in 1892 ; in the Chapter, King, 1S84 and 1885, and E.xcellent High 
Priest in 1886, receiving the Order of High Priesthood, October, 1SS6; in the 
Council, Thrice Illustrious Master in 1884; in the Comniandery, Captain-Gen- 
eral, 1877, Generallissimo, 1878, and Eminent Commander in 1SS3; in Cl.icao'o 
Council, Princes of Jerusalem, sixteenth degree. A. A. S. R., Sovereign Prince 
Grand Master in 1884 and 18S5 ; in the Consistory, S. P. R. S.. thirty-second 
degree, A. A. S. R., Second Lieutenant Commander, 1S85, 1SS6, and 18S7, 
and First Lieutenant until January, 1SS8, when he became the Illustrious Com- 
mander-in-Chief. In the Illinois Council of Deliberation of the A. A. S. R., 
Grand Standard Bearer for three years from 18S5 ; Minister of State and Grand 
Orator, 1S90 to 1892. Second Lieutenant Commander, 1893 to 1895, and First 
Lieutenant Commander. 1S97 to 1900. In the Grand Lodge of Ancient Free 
and Accepted Masons, Junior Grand Warden, 1896 and 1S97, and Senior Grand 
Warden in 1897. In the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons, Grand Master 
of First Vail, 1888; Grand Master of Second Vail. 1SS9; Grand Royal Arch 
Captain, 1890; Grand Principal Sojourner, 1891 ; Grand Captain of the Host. 
1892; Grand Scribe, 1893; Grand King, 1894; Deputy Grand High Priest, 
1895, and Most Excellent Grand High Pnest, 1S96. In the Grand Council of 
Royal and Select Masters, Grand Conductor, 1896; Deputy Grand Master, 1SS7 
and 1888, and Most Illustrious Grand Master in 1889. In the Grand Com- 
mandery of Knights Templar, Grand Sword Bearer, 1885; Grand Standard 
Bearer, 1886; Grand Captain General. 18S7; Grand Generallissimo, iSSS; 
Deputy Grand Commander, 1889, and Right Eminent Grand Commander in 
1890. At Washington, in 18S9, he was appointed Grand Standard Bearer of 
the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar, U. S. A., for the term endincr 
August, 1892 ; elected Grand Senior Warden at Denver for term ending August, 
1895 ; and at Boston was elected Grand Captain-General for term ending Octo- 
ber, 189S. He is a stockholder in the .Masonic Fraternity Association of Chi- 
cago. In 1S84, he became one of the incorporators of the Knights Templar 
and Masons' Life Indemnity Company, a fraternal cooperative insurance com- 

V ^-Mftif-r-i 


pany, of which he was vice-president until 1S90, when he succeeded the late Dr. 
Allen as president, retainin;^ that office at the present time. Managed with 
ability, this company has now twenty-five millions of insurance in force, and has 
enjoyed a steady growth that is a source of much pride to Colonel Moulton. In 
1885, he became one of the incorporators of the Illinois .Masonic Orphans' 
Home, and was elected president of the association, filling that office until 1S90, 
when he retired voluntarily, remaining, however, on the board of trustees. 
During the presidency of Colonel .Moulton, the association acquired a property 
which is valued at $50,000, and is practically free from debt. The Home is in 
practical operation, and affords a delightful protection to a considerable number 
of dependent orphans of deceased .Masons. 

Colonel Moulton was married .March 12, 1873, ^0 Miss Anna Florence Gar- 
land. They have two children, Dorothy Edith (m., 1898. John H. .Murphy) and 
Arthur Garland. They live at No. 21 19 Calumet avenue, on the site of the old 
homestead property of Gen. John A. Logan. 

682 V. Josiah, b. March 21, 1803. 

683 vi. James Beverly, b. May 27, 1807. 

vii. Emma, b. April 27, iSog; m. Fowler of Salisbury, or Amesbury, Mass. 

684 viii. William, b. Feb. 10, 1812. 

685 i.\. Jeremiah, b. March 8, 1814. 

686 X. Lowell, b. Jan. 12, 1819. 

263. John Goold (99) Sanburn, born in Canandaigua, N. Y., March 
I3» 1797- Came to Illinois in 181S, but returned to New York the follow- 
ing year. In 1825, he came again and settled in Illinois, establishing him- 
self in Vandalia with his brother Nathaniel in business as land agents. 
About 1830, moved to Knox county, Illinois, then unorganized and without 
a town. He was secretary of the meeting of citizens to take the necessary 
measures to organize the county ; also recommended as a proper person to 
act as Clerk of the Circuit Court, and received that appointment. For some 
years a merchant, and also dealt extensively in land ; for many years City 
Clerk of Knoxville, Ills., and Assistant Assessor of Internal Revenue ; also 
a member of the board of trustees of Knox College, of St. Mary's School, 
and Senior Warden of St. John's (Episcopal) church at Knoxville. Mar- 
ried Althea Owen, Nov. 3, 1831, in Knox county, Illinois. Died at Knox- 
ville, April 14, 1865. ''j 

Children : 1 

i. Elizabeth S., b. Feb. 19, 1833; m. Fitch of Cleveland, O. 

ii. Mary L., b. Oct. 23, 1835; m. .May 6, 1857, Phillips of Galesburg, 111. 

687 iii. John H., b. Jan. 8, 1S38. 

688 iv. Charles W., b. Oct. 13, 1840. 

689 V. Francis G., b. Oct. 4, 1843. 

vi. Althea Owen, b. Oct. 27, 1S46; lives in Centerville, la. "-2- 

690 vii. Walter G., b. .May 23, 1849. 

, i S > 



~>~: y-<"*^ 


-- .>A-i* 7s-';/ {. ■ , J, '.>-• .-•• ^< ''i"^ 





264. Nathaniel (99) Sanp.l-rn, born in Canandaigua, N. Y., March 
251 1795- Moved to Illinois in 1S15, and opened the first land otTice in 
the state, at Vandalia, 111. Married in 1S21 at St. Louis, Mo., Archange 
Duibrelle. Died at Maquon, 111., April 17, 1867. 

Children : 

i. Charles, lives (if alive), in Calif. (Family not known.) 
ii. Sophia, m. Henry Farey, lives Calif. 
iii. Emily, m. C. L. ILiscom ; lives .Salt Lake City, 
iv. John Goold. Hay Fork, Trinity Co., Calif. (Family not known). 
V. Randolph, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. (Family not known.) 
vi. Mary, m. Josiah Jones, Maquon, III. 

vli. William, d. at .Maquon, 111., leaving children, Charles, Elizabeth, and John M. 
(Residence not known.) 
viii. Martha, m. Burton, Peoria, Kan. (Family not known.) 

265. William Sanburn, born in Canandaigua, X. Y., Nov. 22, 1803. 
Married Mary Gibson, July, 182S ; moved to Knoxville, 111., 1S34, ^vhere 
most of his subsequent life was spent. Died near Cromwell, Iowa, Jan. 
26, 18S0. 

Children : " - 

i. Elizabeth G., m. Rev. W. T. Bartle ; d. near Cromwell, Iowa. 
ii. James, d. at Villisca, Iowa, leaving childr&n, Henry, James, Edward, and two 

daughters, names not known (Villisca, Iowa). 
iii. Mary J., d. unmarried. . • 

iv. Bishop, d. unmarried. 

V. 'Nathaniel, lives in Kansas ; m. ; children not known. 

vi. William, d. unmarried. 
vii. Herman K., d. in infancy. 

266. Jacob (100) Sanborn, born in 1774. A farmer in Chichester, 
N. H., where he lived and died. Married March, 1800, Mary Sanborn 
(216-ii). A selectman of Chichester for many years. Died April 4, 1S48. 

Children: .. • ' . - 

i. Eunice, b. iSo t . . • 

693 ii. True, b May 7, 1S03. 

694 iii. Newell, b. Nov. 20, 1805. - "• _' 
iv. Lois, b. Oct. 4, 1807; m. Andrew Langley of Deerfield. 

V. Cynthia, b. Aug. 31, 1809; m. Col. True Edmunds of Chichester. 
' 695 vi. Cyrus, b. 31, 181 1. . • 

696 vii. Alvin, b. 1814. 

viii. Mary Ann, b. 18 19; m. Madison Bailey of Chichester. 

697 ix. Ira, b. March 4. 1822. 



267. Dudley (100) Sanisorn, born in Chichester. Jul}' 17, 17S5. Lived 
and died in Chichester, — a tarmer there. Married Jul}' 16, 1805, Dorothy 
Sanborn (216-v). . 

Children : 

698 i. Hiram, b. Nov. 15, 1806. 

699 ii. Calvin P., b. Jan. 19, 1812. 

iii. Vienna, b. Nov. 5, 1813; m. Aug. 8, 1843, Samuel Wiggin of Epsom, 
iv. Julia, b. May 19, 1S16: m. (i) Hollis Pinkham ; {2) Samuel Priest. 

700 V. Dudley, b. March 24, 1 8 19. . ,, 

701 vi. Charles, b. Aug. 19, 1821. ,, 

702 vii. Herbert T., b. July 22, 1827. 

268. Benjamin (ioi) S.vnborn, born in Hampton Falls, Sept. 10, 1771- 
Lived and died in Meredith. ^NLirried (i) Hannah Bean of Gilmanton, 
who died Nov. 4, 1S02 ; (2) Polly Chase ot' Sanbornton, who died in 1848. 

Children : 

i. Nancy, b. June 18. 1802 ; m. .Asa Ladd of Gilford. 
ii. Mahala, b. Sept. 19, 1804; m. Nathaniel Calley of Sanbornton. 
iii. Sally, b. Sept. 26, 1S06; m. (i) Alvah Graves; (2) Job Batchelder of Meredith. 
iv. Hannah, b. Feb. 8, 181 1 ; m. Joseph Wadleigh of Sanbornton. 

703 V. Luther, b. June 8, 18 12. 

704 vi. Newell, b. Nov 3. 1S14 ' ' 
vii. Benaiah, b. .March 16, 1817; d. unni. April 23, 1S39, 

viii. Eliza L., b. Xov. 12, 1822; d. unm. April 7, 1848. 

269. Dudley (ioi) Sanborn, born July 9, 1775. Lived and died in 
Meredith. Married (i) June, 1799, Polly Fox, daughter of Dea. Edward 
of Meredith; (2) April 15, 1803, Polly Sanders, daughter of John of San- 
bornton, born Oct. 5, 17S3, and died April 20, 1S53. 

Children : 

i. Mary P., b. Dec. 18. 1803; m. (i) July 3, 1827, Noah Folsom of Sanbornton; 
(2) March 27, 1842. Dea. John Batchelder of Laconia ; d. Sept. 15, 1879. 
701 ii. Warren, b. Aug. 26, 1806. 

iii. John, b. March 19, 1809; d. young. 
iv. John M., b. Jan. 16, iSio; d. unm. 
V. Electa J., b Jan. 31, 1S18; d. April 25, 1S49, unm. 

270. Samuel (ioi) Sanborn, born Oct, 12, 1777. Lived and died in 
Meredith. Married >Lirch 30, 1803, Deborah Gale of Sanbornton, who 
was born Aug. 20, 1782, and died May 27, 1S5S. He died Sept. 18, 1839. 

Children : i . . 

i. Hannah, b. Dec. 15, 1803; d. 1807. 

ii. Louisa, b. Dec. 22, 1S05 ; m March 7, 1833, Capt. Josiah B. Batchelder of San- 
bornton, son of Carter. 


' .;.»■■■■ (■ 

- i'J 

:.^U' .1' 

.':A '! 


706 iii. Tlieopliilus S., b. Feb. 16, iSoS. 
iv. Samuel, b. Oct. 27, 1810; d. iSio. 

707 V. True, b. Dec. 17. 181 i. 

vi. Dcborali, b. Jan. 26, 1814; m. Nov. 23, 1S38, Lieut. Daniel Robertson, a dealer 
in stone, in Boston. 

708 vii. Samuel, b. Dec. 10, 1816. 

viii. Lavinia, b. March 2, 1S19; m. Sept. ig, 1S52, Duelly Turner Smith, a merchant 
of Bath, N. H., and Boston. 

709 ix. Jonathan R., b. Au^. 14, 182 r. 

271. Aaron (roi) Sanhorn. born in Meredith May 23, 17S9. Lived 
and died in Meredith. Married (i) Sept. 11, 1S13. Lydia Woodman, 
daughter of Thomas of New Hampton, who was born July 3, 1793, and 
died Oct. 8, 1839; (-) ^^S- 4» 1S46, Sarah Jane (Tilton) Abbott. 

Children : ... -v . . 

710 i. Levi W., b. Nov. 17, 1814. 

711 ii. Noah \V., b. Dec. 16, 1816. 

iii. Ann \V., b. Aug. 15, 1819; m. William Batchelder of .Meredith, son of Solomon. 
iv. Arvilla, b. Dec. i, 1822; m. Nov. 28, 1844, Benjamin C. Batchelder of Sanborn- 

ton and .Meredith, son of Samuel. 
V. Belinda, b. July 20, 1831 : m. .A.lonzo Lane of Frankfort, Me. 
vi. Lydia Ann. b. June 8. 1S48. 

272. Bp:njamin (102) Sanborn, born in Kingston, Nov. 7, 1760: 
moved to Salisbury, tor we find he enlisted t'rom there in 1778 in a Massa- 
chusetts regiment. Perhaps the B. S. who married and died in Washing- 
ton Co., N. Y. See Revolutionary Appendix. 

273. Samuel (102) Sanborn, born in Kingston, Dec. 25, 1762. Set- 
tled in Salisbury, N. H., but moved to New York, and died at Fort Cov- 
ington, N. Y., in 1840. 

Children : 

713 i. Benjamin, b. 17S9. j ,,_, ... ;., . i,,..- ■ .. ,,^ . , , ,^ . ' - 

714 ii. Samuel. . 

715 iii. Hiram. v 

716 iv. Peter. . , . . . 

v. Nancy. 

vi. Betsey, 
vii. Mary. 
viii. Dorothy. 

274. John (102) Sanborn, born . Early moved to Salisbui-y, 

N. H., where he became a prominent man. Ardent in the temperance 
movement. Married (i) Dorcas Nelson, who died Feb. 20, 1834; (2) 

1 .'.• , 


Sarah Pepperell Avers of Canterbury, N. IL, who died Sept. 24, 1875, 
aged 82- He died May 5, 1853. 

Children : 

i. Dorcas, b. ; m. John Hancock, a wealthy tanner of Salisbury, X. H., and d. 

Feb. 17, 1869. 

717 ii. Stephen. 

718 iii. Benjamin. 

iv. Abigail, b. Oct. 11, 1806; m. .May 17, 1826, Edward Wyatt of Franklin, N. H.; 
• d. 1879. 

V. Rebecca, b. : m. Willis Russell of Quebec. 

275. Peter (102) Sanborn, born . Married Abigail Morrill and 

moved to Bridgewater (N. H.?), and became a hotel manager there. 

276. Benjamin (103) Sanborn, born in Kingston, May 27, 1747. 
Moved to Sandown, N. H., where he signed the Test. Married Hannah 
Thorn, and died in 1782 ; will proved 1782. 

Children : 

i. Hannah, b. Oct. 9, 1773; d. unm. in Gilford, N. H., Feb. 23, 1S22, a few days 
before the date fixed for her wedding. 

719 ii. Benjamin, b. Sept. 14, 1775. 

iii. Alice, b. Feb. 21, 177S; m. Thomas Boyton of Washington, Vt. (His second 

720 iv. James, b. May 21, 1780. . 

All four above were born in Sandown. ' ''' ' '■■■'■ • ■ - 

277. David (103) Sanborn, born in Kingston, May 24, 1753. Lived 
and died in Kingston, where he signed the Test. Married March 25, 
1779, Dolly Oilman, who died Oct. 2, 1S49, aged 96. Her ancestry I have 
not been able to trace. He died Sept. 22, 1S17. 

Children : 

i. David, b. July 3, 1780; d. unm. in Kingston, June 26, 1866. 

721 ii. Benjamin, b. March 10, 1782. 

722 iii. John Oilman, b. June 26, 1784. 

iv. Dorothy, b. March 9, 17SS; m. John Page of Danville. X. H. 
V. Joseph Calef, b. 27, 1794; d. unm. April 27, 1S20. 
vi. Sarah, b. Sept. 8, 1797; m. Jan. 29, 1822, Joseph Garland of Kingston. 

278. Samltel (103) S.VNBORN, born in Kingston, Nov. 3, 1755. Mar- 
ried Abigail Hobbs, and moved to Springtleld, N. H. 

279. Deacon John Quimby (103) Sanborn, born in Kingston, July 
3, 1766. Lived and died in Kingston. Deacon of the Congregational 


church there for twenty-seven years. Married June 30, 1785, Elizabeth 
Kimball. Died June 30, 1S40 ; wife survived him. 

Children : 

724 i. Timothy, b. .April 24, 17S7. 

ii. Polly, b. Feb. 14, 1791 ; m. June 12, 1S09, James Bean of Kingston, who was 
b. Feb. !7, 1786. 

2S0. Jonathan Collins (104) Sanborn, born in Sandown, Feb. 24, 
1765 ; lived and died in Sandown. Married Dec. 29, 1790, Molly Hun- 
kins. Died Dec. 27, 1S40. She died April 25, 1852. aged S3. 

Children : 

725 i. Joseph, b. Dec. 20, 1791. 
ii. Rebecca, b. and d. 1793. 

726 iii. Ariel, b. Oct. 8, 1794. 

727 iv. John, b. Aug. 26, 1796. 

V. Betsey, b. April 29. 1798; m. David Pressy. 

vi. Molly, b. May 8, iSoo; m. Enoch Johnson. 

vii. Sally, b. March 31, 1802; m. James Bean. 

viii. Rebecca, b. April 27, 1S04; m. Enos Colby. 

ix. Cyrus, b. April 26, [S06; d. 1818. 

281. Josi.-VH (105) Sanborn, born in Sandown, but moved to Warner. 
N. H. Married Susanna Waldron and had two children, D. H. S. says. 

282. William (105) Sanborn, born in Newton. N. H., July 30, 1765. 
Moved to West Topsham, Vt., and married Lois Elliott. Died July 30, 
1852. She died April 20, 1S2S. 

Children : 

i. Hannah Fouler, b. Sept. 7, 1787; m. Aug. 29, 1806, Reuben Gleason of Dor- 
chester, Mass 
ii. Judith, b. 1790; m. Jonathan Co.x of Bath. X. H. 
iii. Dorothy, b. 1797; m. Eliphalet Cleveland of W. Topsham. 
iv. Theodate, b. 1799; '-^- unm. 1S29. 
V. Betsey, b. Aug., 1801 ; d. unm. April 18, i860. 
vi. Lois Elliott, b. April 3, 1804; d. unm. Jan. 27, 1S52. 
729 vii. William, b June 3, 1810. 

Of the above, the first was born in Plaistow, N. H., the next three in Warner, 
N. H., and the last three in West Topsham, Vt. 

283. Rev. Ebenezer (105) Sanborn, born in Xewton, N. H., 1770. 
Lived in West Topsham, Vt. Married (i) Feb., 1792, Elizabeth Ferrin ; 
(2) Nov. 14, 1826, Abigail Farrington, who died Dec. 14, 1S60. He died 
Nov. 26, 1845. ■ . 


M ' 



Children : 

i. Hannah, b. Jan. 6, 1793; m. Oct., 1812, John Andrews of Topshani, Vt. ; cl. 
Feb. 16, 1833. 

730 ii. Worcester, b. 1795. 

iii. Jonathan, b. 1796; d, unm. Dec. 9, 1S29, in Topsham, Vt. 

731 iv. Ebenezer, b. Dec. 24, 1799. 

V. Elizabeth, b. March 22, 1S03; ni. Dec. 26, 1S50, Benjamin Wallis of Corinth, Vt. 

732 vi. Moses, b. Jan. 10, 181 1. • 

284. Jonathan (105) Sanborn, born in Newton, N. H., Nov. 3, 1778. 
Lived at West Topsham, Vt. Married April, 1799, Mary Andrews. 

Children : 

733 i. Aaron, b. April 6, 1800. 
ii. Mary, b. Oct. 13, 180 1. 

734 iii. Jonathan, b. Oct. 28, 1804. 

iv. Eliza, b. Dec. 23. 1808. . • 

V. Sophia, b. May 18, 1812; d. 1814. 

285. John (105) Sanborn, born in Newton, N. H., July 11, 1791- 
Lived and died in Newton. Married Jan. 21, 1815, Hannah Hoyt, who 
was born May 17, 1785. He died May 27, 1859. 

Children : 

i. Hannah, b. Nov. 4, 1815; m. Nathaniel Levering of Newton. 
ii. Molly Hoyt, b. Jan. 17, 1818; m. Simeon Rowell of Newton. 

286. Jonathan (106) Sanborn, born in Kingston, March S, 1764. 
Married April 25, 1787, Mary Morrill, who was born Oct. 9, 1754- ^"^ 
died March 17, 1845. He died June 28, 1843. Moved to Gilford, N. H. 

Children ; 

735 i. Jonathan, b. Nov. i, 1787. 

ii. John, b. Sept. 21, 1790; m. July 6, 1S20, Joanna Gilman, dau. of Cornet Win- 
throp Gilman of Gihnanton. Died without issue, at Gilmanton, Feb. 28, 1854. 

736 iii. Joseph, b. June 28, 1792. 

737 iv. Jacob, b. Nov. 20, 1795. 

287 Israel (106) Sanborn, born in Kingston, Feb. 3, 1767. A car- 
penter; moved from Kingston to Gilford, N. LL, in 1798. Married Nov. 
II, 1788, Patta Morgan, and died Dec. 19, 1843. 

Children : 

i.- Sally, b. Aug. 16, 17S9; m. June 9, 1809, Josiah Osgood of Loudon, N. H., and 
; Walden. Vt. ; d. July 3, 1852. 

•' ii. Polly, b. April 29, 1791 ; d. unm. June i, 1846. 

iii. Simeon, b. Jan. 4, 1793; d. 1793. ... * 


■ h 


iv. Lydia, b. Dec. 26. 1795; ni. April 7, 1S15, William Thompson of Gilmanton; 
d. Oct. 23. 1845. 

738 V. John B., b. May 26, 1798. 

vi. Simeon, b. Sept. 8, 1800; d. 1803. 

vii. Abigail Morgan, b. Feb. 17, 1804; m. Rev. John A. Knowles of Gilford: d. May 
22, 1849. 

739 viii. Levi Morgan, b. Xov. 27, 1806. 

ix. Eliza Weeks, b. Oct. 21, 1S08; m. Rev. Elbridge G. Knowles of Loudon, X. H. 

28S. Joseph (io6) Sanborn, born in Kingston, Aug. 3, 1770. Moved 
to Gilford, N. H. Married Oct. 27, 1794, Sally Thing, who was born Oct. 
27, 1774. He died INIarch 7, 1846. 

Children : ' 

i. Hannah Dudley, b. Jan. 26, 1796; m. Nov., 1816, Samuel Leavitt of Gilford; 
d. May 9, 1817. 

740 ii. Morrill B., b. May 5, 1809. . , 

289. Jeremiah (107) Sanborn, born in Exeter, July 6, 1739. Lived 
first in Hampton, where he signed the Test. IMarried Nov. 8, 1764, at 
Hampton, Miriam Dearborn, daughter of John of Hampton, born May 5, 
1742, and died Dec. 18, 179S. Moved to Sanbornton in 1778-9, and pur- 
chased several hundred acres there, — owned a sawmill and grist-mill there. 
Run over by a loaded sleigh and killed, Feb. 13, 1823. 

Children : 

741 i. John Dearborn, b. Sept. 14, 1765. , . 

742 ii. Jeremiah, b. Jan. 5, 1767. 

iii. Mary, b. Jan. 18, 176S; d. unm. Oct. 2, 1852. 

743 iv. Josiah, b. Jan. 31, 1770. 

743A V. Joseph, b. April 11, 1771. • ' 

vi. Anna, b. April r. 1772; d. 1773. .:,.:■- 

744 vii. Amariah, b. May 28, 1773. |,', ' 1, •, ., . . '. .,.: 

745 viii. Levi, b. Dec. 31, 1774. 

ix. Ann Wadleigh, b. June 16, 1776; d. unm. Feb. 12, 1799. 

746 X. David, b. Feb. 4, 1778. 

xi. Dearborn, b. Oct. 23, 1779; ^- ^'ov. 4, 1S02, Abigail Moody of Sanbornton, 
who was b. July 19, 1775, and d. Aug. 17, 1849; he d. in Sanbornton. without 
issue, Dec. 22, 1843. 

747 xii. Jonathan, b. July 14, 17S2. 

748 xiii. Tristram, b. Sept. 5, 1793. 

xiv. Lydia, b. April 30, 1786; ni. Dec. 31, 1807, James Sanborn (322). 

290. John (107) Sanborn, born in Hampton, Jan. 25, 1742. Served in 
the Revolution. [See Appendix.] Lived in the old mansion-house, at 
"Bride Hill," just on the Hampton and Exeter boundary line. Married 



(i) Lydia Rollins, daughter of Jonathan ot" Stratham, X. II., wiio was born 
Aug. 2, 1745, married Jan. 13, 176-}; and died Jan. 8, 1776; (2) Mary 
Green, a widow, who was born Feb. 11, 1751, married April 14, 1779, and 
died March 29, 17S2 ; (3) August, 17S2, Anna Sanborn (iii-ix), who died 
May 26, 1802. He died Oct. 26, 1831. 

Children : 

i. Hannah, b. Sept. 6, 1765; d. 1766. 

ii. Theodate, b. Jan. 16, 1767; m. Feb. 20, 17S7, Jeremiah Sanborn (506). 
iii. Hannah, b. April 22, 176S; m. Peter Smith of Exeter and Sanbornton, N. H., 

and Cincinnati, O. 
iv. Josiah, b. Jan. 19, 1770; d. 1772. 

749 V. Jesse, b. Aug. 27, 1771. 

vi. Lydia, b. Feb. 27, 1773; m. Dea. Josiah Perkins of Meredith, father of David 

Page Perkins of .Manchester; d. 1SG7. 
vii. Ruth, b. Feb. 14, 1775; m. (i) Simeon Stevens, who d. 1S03; (2) Benjamin 

Carll : (3) John Barker; lived in Maine and moved to Ohio, 
viii. Molly, b. and d. 17S2, 
1 ix. Nancy, b. June 7, 1783; m. Nov. 27, 1S05, William Sanborn Chase of Deerfield. 

! ■ N. H. 

i X. Molly, b. Nov. 17, 1784; m. Simeon Towle of Gilmanton ; d. Oct. 4, 1S60. 

750 xi. John, b. Feb. 16, 1787. 

751 xii. Jeremiah, b. July 6, 1790. • . '. . 
i 752 xiii. William, b. Nov. 13, 1793. 

xiv. Betsey, b. Dec. 25, 1795; d. 1S02. 

The ancestral mansion on Bride Hill, where John Sanborn lived and 
died, stands on a farm, taken up on the first settlement of this country, and 
which has passed by inheritance ever since, never by deed. The frame of 
this ancient house is of white oak ; the plan is square, a door in the centre 
leading into a capacious hall, on each side of which is a room twentv teet 
square. A door from each room leads into the kitchen, in which there is a 
j vast fireplace, the chimnev being built of bricks brought over iVom England. 


I 291. Josiah (108) Sanborn, born in Exeter, Nov. 19, 1771. Lived 
first in Sanbornton, then moved to Belfast, Me. Married Feb. 4, 1794, 
Olive Fogg of Exeter, who died Aug. 13, 1S56. He died at Waldo, Me., 
Nov. 12, 1856. 
Children : 

i. John, b. in Sanbornton, Dec. 24, 1794; m., but left no surviving issue; d. March 
27, 1872. 

753 ii. David, b. Nov. 18, 1796. 

754 iii. Peter, b. May 30, iSor. . 

755 iv. Josiah, b. in Waldo, Me. • 







. ..' O 

... V X 






292. John- (108) Saneorn, born in Exeter, Sept. 21, 1773. Lived first 

in Sanbornton. Married Bagley, who died Sept. 26, 1804. After 

his wife's death, he moved " down East," and went to sea. 

Children : 

i. Sarali Shaw, b. in Sanbornton, Sept. 8, 1797. 

756 ii. Orlando B.iijley, b. Oct. 8, 1799. 
iii. Dolly Wood, b. Feb. 7, 1802. 

293. Edward (109) Saneorn, born in Epping, in 1731. Lived first in 
Epping,— signed the Test there. Moved to Dorchester, X. H., and died 
there. Married Elizabeth Rundlett. 

Children ; -- - , .- 

i. Abigail, bap. June 11, 1758; d. young. . ' . 

ii. Jonathan, bap. March 16. 1760; d. young. 

757 iii Ezekiel, b. Nov. 26, 176 r. 

758 iv. Edward, bap. Dec. 25, 1763. 

V. Rachel, bap. Oct 27, 1765; m. Thomas Blaisdell of Epping. 
vi. Rhoda, bap. Oct. 4. 1767; m. John Winslow of Dorchester, X. H. 
vii. Priscilla, b. 176S; m. Daniel Sanborn (303). *^^ 

759 viii. Josiah, bap. Aug. 27, 1769. 

760 Lx. John, b. Jan. 15, 1774. 

761 X. Jacob, b. Sept. 15, 1777. ' 
xi. Elizabeth, b. 177S; d. unm. at Dorchester. 

xii. Anna, b. 1780; d. unm. at Dorchester. 
. :• xiii. Polly, b. 17S2; d. iSoo. . ■ . 

xiv. Sally, b. 17S4; m. Stephen Flanders of Dorchester. 

294. JoN.\TiiAN (109) Sanborn, born in Newmarket, April 13, 1733. 
Lived and died in Newmarket. ^Larried Anna, daughter of Ephraim 
Marston, born Dec. 22, 173S, and died Feb. 6, 1792. He died Oct. 11, 
'"'1^9' .. , ;., , ... - , .-.; - :.: ^- ■; ■-■ 

Children : 

762 1. Jonathan, b. May 17, 1769. 

ii. Mary, b. Aug. 11, 1770; m. Moses Dalton ; d. 1856. 
_ . iii. Samuel, b. June 12, 1773; d. unm. at Newmarket. Oct. 17, 1S47. 

, iv. Anna, b. June 30, 1775 ? m- Parker of Pembroke, N. H. ; d. May, 1S56. 

V. Asa, b. and d. 177S. 

vi. Sally, b. April 25, 1782; m. (i) Jacob Tilton ; (2) William Blaisdell, both of 
Epping; d. Dec. 10, 1852. 

295. Major Ezekiel (109) Sanborn, born in Newmarket, July 29, 
1748. Married Abigail Burleigh, born Nov. 16, 1762 ; died Dec. 28, 1S30. 
Moved to Brookfield, N. H., and died there Dec. 19, iSiS, 


Children : 

763 i. Jacob, b. 1772. 

764 ii. Ezekiel, b. April 27, 1774. 

765 iii. Jonathan, b. Feb. i, 1777. 

766 iv. Asa, b. 1779. 

V. Abigail, b. 17S1 ; m. John Wingate ; d. in Canada, 1855. 
vi. Betsey, b. 1783; d. 1785. 

767 vii. John, b. March, 1785. 

viii. Mary, b. Feb. 12, 1795 ; d. unm. at Portsmouth, N. H. 

296. Daniel (no) Sanborn, born in Brentwood. June 4, i734- Lived 
first in Brentwood, where he signed tiie Test. Married Dec. 26, i759) 
Elizabeth Sanborn (11 i-ii). Moved to Tamwortii, wliere he lived and died. 
D. H. S. says he also lived in Wakefield, N. H. Died Jan. 19, 1S03. 

Children : 

i. Theodate, b. Feb. 23, 1761 ; m. Moses Chase of Deerfield, N. H., and d. March 

23, 1824. 
ii. Elizabeth, b. Dec. 10, 1762; m. Joseph Chase of Deerfield, N. H., brother of 

Moses above. 
iii. Sarah, b. and d. 1766. 

768 iv. William, b. March 15, 1769. 

V. Hannah, b. Aug. 22, 1773; m. John Chase of Tamworth, brother of Moses and 
Joseph above; she d. Dec. 15, 18 17. 

769 vi. Daniel, b. Sept. 13, 1776. 

vii. Anna, b. March 26, 17S1 ; ni. Benjamin Gardiner of Wakefield, X. H. : d. 1852. 

297. Deacon JosiAii (no) Sanborn, born in Brentwood, Oct. 7, 1738. 
Lived in Brentwood, Deerfield (i772-'7S), and Rumney, N. H. Married 
in 1764, his cousin, Mary Prescott, daughter of James of Kensington, who 
was born Dec. 31, 1734- He died Dec. 5, 1S09. Josiah was a blacksmith 
by trade, and I think he was the Josiah Sanborn who refused to sign the 
Test in Deerfield. 

Children : • 

770 i. Josiah, b. 1765. 

,- 771 ii. Solomon, b. 176S. 

iii. Mary, b. 1771 : m. John Doe of Pembroke, N. U., and settled in \'ermont. 

298. Deacon Abraham (no) Sanborn, born in Brentwood, Dec. 24, 
1744. Lived first in Brentwood, but early moved to Deerfield, X. H., 
and thence to Unity, N. IL, where he ended his days. Married Nov. 10. 
1768, Deborali Wilson, daughter of Humphrey of Exeter, died Aug. 3, 
1839. He was for many years a deacon in the Baptist church of Unity, 
and died Oct. 5, 1820. 


'' 1 ,■■-■ 


Children : 

i. Polly, b. July 16, 1769; m. Samuel Xeal of Newmarket, and settled in Unity, 
where she d. Jan. 17, 1855. 

772 ii. Abraham, b. Oct. 14, 1772. 

iii. Isaac, b. Oct. 21, 1774; d 1774. 
iv. Deborah, b. Sept. 17. 1775; d. 1778. 

V. Abigail Prescott, b. Dec. 5, 1777; m. May 23, 1803, Jeremiah Wilson ofGilman- 
1, 1 ton ; d. June 12, 1S54. 

vi. Nancy, b. Feb. 14, 1780 ; m. 181 1, John Gale of Marlow, Vt., and d. Sept., 1S65. 
vii. Deborah, b. March 15, 1783; m. June 2, 1818, Andrew Royce of Sharon, Vt. 

773 viii. Isaac, b. June 10, 17S5. 

774 ix. Jacob, b. May 16, 1788. 

299. John Prescott (ho) Sanborn, born in Brentwood, May 24, 
1750. Settled in Deerfield, N. H., Married Anna Rowe of Candia, X. H., 
who was born Aug. 17, 1750, and died May i, 1835. He died April 15, 

Children : _ 

i. Abigail, b. Sept. 19, 1777; d. unm. Aug. 5, 1822. 
ii. Anna, b. June 5, 1782 ; m. Francis Sibley. 

775 iii. John, b. June 8, 1785. 

776 iv. Daniel, b. July 20, 1787. ; ^ 

300. Simon (hi) Sanborn, born in Hampton, Sept. 28, 1736. Lived 
and died in Hampton, — signed the Test there. Married Dec. 10, 1760, 
Mary Cram of Hampton Falls. Died July 11, 1808. 

Children : 

i. Sarah, b. and d. 1765. 

777 ii. Jonathan Cram, b. Dec. 28, 1763. 

iii. Mary, b. Jan. 26, 1766; m. Noah Hobbs of Kensington. 

778 iv. VVilliani, b. Nov. 27, 176S. 
V. Elizabeth, b. 1772; d. 1773. 

779 vi. Simon Dearborn, b. Jan. 17, 1774. ' •' ' '!''■■' i»'^ '• ■.■>.■ 

vii. VVoodbridge, b. 1776: d. unm. 1815. -';)• (•''''> 

780 viii. Nehemiah, b April 10, 177S. , ».,,(), • ' 

301. William (hi) Sanborn, born in Hampton, Feb. 19, 1742. Moved 
to Deerfield, N. H. Married (i) Feb. 4, 176S, Mary Moulton ; (2) Eunice 

• Died in i'j'ji-'j2. Will, dated 1771, mentions wife Eunice and 

daughter Mary Moulton Sanborn. 

Child: • . - 

i. Mary Moulton. . ' . ' 


/A". .'■ • '.J r\ .'■; '/ /. .?;(".' 

i:-. • . ■ r.M - 

. i . ! 

,i •;- ■ . '■ \ J . 1 

(If' .'mill .1; . .';\ ' .' 

[ i ■// ii ■ 


* 302. JosiAH (ill) Sanborn, born in Hampton, June 19, 1747. See 
Appendix. Probably the Josiah who enhbted as a private in the Revolu- 
tion, in 1781. See Appendix. Moved to Sanbornton, — hved and died 
there. Married April S, 1768, Lucy Swain of Exeter, sister ot" Ichabod of 
Sanbornton, who died Jan. 9, 1822. He died May 7, 1817 ; will proved the 
same year. 

Children : 

781 i. Josiah, b. June I, 1769. 

ii. Abigail, b. Aug. 2, 1770; m. Benjamin Johnson of Orange, \'t., and d. April 10, 

iii. Sally, b. June 4, 1772 ; m. (i) Marcli 6. 1S20, Robert Morrison of Wheelock, Vt. ; 

(2) May 3, 1825, Samuel Rogers of Xorthfield, N. H. 
iv. Elizabeth, b. Sept. 12, 1773; "i- --^pfil 5, 1824, Zebulon Smith of Sanbornton. 

782 V. William, b. Feb. 23, 1775. 

783 vi. Simon, b. Sept 23, 1776. 

vii. Anna, b. March 30, 1778; m. Samuel Calef of Sanbornton : d. June 6, 1850. 

784 viii. Henry Dearborn, b. Nov. 2, 1779. 

i.x. Ebenezer, b. Nov. 4, 1781 ; d. 17S3. 

785 X. David, b. June ^o, 1783. 

xi. Nathan, b. Marcii 12, 17S6; d. July 9, 17S6. 

303. Daniel (112) Sanborn, born in Eppinrr, May 6, 1742. Lived 
and died in Epping, where he signed the Test. rvLarried (i) Hannah Foi- 
som of Newmarket; (2) Priscilla Sanborn (293-vi) ; (3) Nabbv Giles of 
Epping. ■ •■ ■■ 

Children : . 

i. Polly, b. 1762; m. June i, 1783, Ezekiel Clough of Loudon, X. H. 

ii. Isabella, b. 1764; m. Lyford of Cabot, Vt. 

iii. Betsey, b. 1766: m. Henry Thorn of Sanbornton. 

786 iv. Daniel, b. Sept. 15, 176S. 

787 V. Jonathan R., b. 1772. m' N. . . ■ ■ ' • ., 

788 vi. Tristram, b. March 12. 1774. 

vii. Joshua, b. March 27, 1776; m. (i) Lois Whittier; (2) Priscilla .Murray ; lived at 
East Concord, X. H., and d. without issue Xov. 25, i860. 

All the above by the first wite ; by the second : 
viii. Priscilla, b. 17S6. 

304. Tristram (112) Sanborn, born in Epping, Sept. 30, 1760. Moved 
to Canaan, N. H. Married Jan. 25, 17S0, Comfort Dalton, who was born 
Aug. 31, 1760. 

Children : 

i. Abigail B., b. 1782: m., as his 3d wife, Josiah Sanborn (761). 
ii. Sally, b. 1784: m. Peter BlaisdelJ of Canaan. X. H. 




789 iii. Tristram, b. 1786. 

iv. Dorothy, b. 17S9; m. Josiah Lary of Canaan. 

V. Mary, b. 1793; m-. as his 2d wife, Josiah Sanborn (761)- 

■ vi. Mohitabel, b. 1798 ; m. Sanborn Blaisdell of Kumney, N. H , and d. Sept. 4, 1S67. 

vii. Betsey, b. Jan. 29, 1800; m. Dec. 25, 1820, Isaac Sanborn (152S). 

790 viii. Joshua Homer, b. 1802. 

791 ix. Daniel, b. Aug. 26, 1S04. 

Of the above, the first four were born in Epping ; the rest in Dame's 
Gore (now Canaan), N. H. 

305. Jeremiah Marstox (113) Sanborn, born in Epping, June, 1745. 

Married Mary , but had no issue. A prosperous man in Epping. 

Will, dated 1812, mentions kinsman Jeremiah Moulton, son of Benjamin 
Moulton of Kensington ; rvlolly, daughter of Benjamin Shaw of Hampton, 
and Dinah, his black maid. Wile Mary got all the estate. 

306. Josiah (114) Sanborn, born in Epping, July S, 1764. Lived first 
in Epping: served from there two years in the Revolution, in Captain 
Ambrose's company. See Appendix. Settled in Sanbornton. Married 
Hannah Rundlett of Exeter, who died Sept. 4, 1S22. He died Jan. 24, 1S41. 

Children : 

794 i. Josiah, b. 17S5. 

795 ii. Tristram, b. 1787. 

iii. Mary. b. Sept. 9, 1790; m. William Carr of Northfield. 

796 iv. Jeremiah, b. March 4, 1793. , 

797 V. John Rundlett, b. May 24, 1795. 

vi. Jemima, b. 179S; m. Feb. 5, 1824, Ira Taylor of Sanbornton, son of Col. William. 

798 vii. David, b. May 10, 1800. 

viii. Warren, b. 1S08; drowned in tub of water when 18 months old. 

799 i.\. Oilman, b. 1810. 

307. Andrew (114) Sanborn, born in Epping, June 16, 1766. Settled 
in Sanbornton. Married Oct. 5, 1794, Elizabeth Piper, daughter of Stephen 
of Stratham, N. H., who died May 14, 1S57. He died Oct. 16, 1S43. 

Children : 

1. Polly, b. Sept. 23, 1795, d unm. June i, 1S23. 

ii. Andrew, b. March 4, 1797; m. Nov. 28, 183S, Mehitabel Coffin of Alton. X. H. 
Lived in Franklin, X. H. Xo issue; d. 1863. 

800 iii. Xathaniel Piper, b. Jan. 4, 1799- 

iv. Sally, b. Feb. 2, 1801 ; m. July 3, 1S28, Reuben Darling of Sanbornton. son of 

Ebenezer; d. Sept. 3, 1857. 
V. Harriet, b. Jan. 30, 1803: m. July 4. 1826, Daniel Darling, brother of above. 
vi. Rosilla, b. Oct. 9, 1804; d. unm. June iS, 1S48. 
vii. Asa, b. Jan. 27, 1S07 ; never m. ; lived in Franklin. 



viii. Josiah, b. and d. 1809. 
801 ix. J'iper, b. Aug 23, iSio. 

X. Elizabeth, b. March i r, 1S13 ; m. Jan. 8, 1837, Lullier Osgood of Franklin, N. H. 
xi. Abigail \V., b. .May 27, 1818; d. 1820. 

308. Abner (118) Sanborn (?), born in Hampton. 'Sla.y 14, 1746. 
Lived and died in Hampton. Served in the Revolution. See Appendix. 
Corpora! in Captain Elkins's company in 1775 ; private in Colonel Moul- 
ton's company in 1777-78. Married (i) Feb. 24, 1763, Eunice Brown, 

who died April 2, 1777 ; (2) May 31, 177S, Sarah ( ) Johnson, widow 

of James of Hampton. Signed the Test in Hampton. 

Children : 

i. Ebenezer, b. and d. 1769. — 

ii. Samuel, bap. in Hampton, Nov. 18, 1770. Probably never married. Died in 
Hampton, March 13, 1825, " of intemperance."' 

■ 802 iii. Ebenezer, bap Nov. i, 1772. 

■ 803 iv. Josiah, bap. Sept. 11. 1774. 
804 V. John, bap. July 23. 1780. 

: ' 805 vi. James, bap. Nov. 9, 1783. 

1 vii. Sally, bap. May 27, 1787. 


' 309. Simon (119) Sanborn, baptized Nov. 11, 1753. Served in tiie Revo- 
lution. See Appendix. Enlisted in 1775 in Captain Dearborn's company 
and was at the battle of Bunker Hill. Corporal, April 23, 1775 ; sergeant, 
Dec. 5, 1776. At the expiration of his service he died of small-pox, unmar- 
ried, in Epsom, N. H. 

I 310. Moses (119) Sanborn, born in Epsom, Dec. 25, 1757. Eived 
first in Epsom, but early moved to Stratford, Vt. Married Sarah Marden 
of Epsom., N. H., who died May i, 1837. H^e died Marcii 14, 1812. 

Children : 
i i. Sarah, b. Aug. 21, 1780; m. Aug., 1798, William Lyon of Heart Prairie, Wis., 

j and d. May 20, 1851. ' .-, • 

; 806 ii. Simon, b. July 21, 17S2. 
I 807 iii. Ebenezer H., b. Oct. 10, 17S5. 

iv. Polly, b. Aug. 25, 1787; m. May i, 1809, Benjamin Preston of Strafford, Vt.. 
and d. March, 18 17. 

808 V. Joseph Marden, b. July 9, 17S9. 

vi. Betsev, b. March 5, 1792; m. .March, 1817, Samuel Chamberlain of Glen's Falls, 

N. V. 
vii. Rebecca, b. May 11, 1794; m. Oct., 1S19, William Rollins of Hinesburg, Vt. ; 
d. May 24, 1854. 

809 viii. William, b. Feb. 10, 1797. 

ix. Melinda, b. Oct. 12, 1799; m. June 7, 1825, Nathaniel Bean of Salisbury, N. H., 
and d. March 11, 1S37. 

J . .-.•,-: I 

/ / 

1 ■. ';:i/. VI 

. I ><"• <". I . ; 


311. TiiEOPHiEus (119) Sanborn, born in Epsom, Dec. 17, 1762. 
Moved to Vermoiit with his brother Moses, and settled in So. Straflbrd, \'t. 
Married Mehitabel Haskell. Died in So. Royalton, Vt., aged nearly 100. 

Children : ' • 

i. Isabella, b. 17S8; d. an infant. 
ii. Betsey, b. 1790; m. Andrew Cheney of So. Ridge, O. 

810 iii. Thom:is Haskell, b. 1792. , . , 

81 1 iv. Simon, b. 1794. 

V. Mehitabel, b. 1796; m. Thos. Clogston of Strafford. 

812 vi. Theophilus, b. Dec. 25, 179S. • 
vii. Noah, b. 1800; d. an infont. 

viii. Abigail, b. Feb. 6, 1S02 ; m. Aug., 1834, Ambrose Holden of Kingsville, Ohio. 
ix. Marjor Reuben, b. Oct. 26, 1804; m. Dec. i, 1837, Harriet Albee ; lived at Straf- 
ford ; d. without issue, Sept. 14, 1818. 

813 X. Ira, b. Xov. 10, 1806. 

xi. Sarah Chase, b. Jan. 31, iSio; m. John Thayerof Conneaut, O. : d. Sept. 4. 1S42. 

312. Deacon Ir.\ (119) Sanborn, born in Epsom, X. H., May 14, 
176S. Lived and died in Epsom. Married Polly Page of Kensington, born 
Aug. 12, 1769. Died 1846. 

■ Children : 

i. Child, b. 1792; d. young. 

ii. Reuben, b. June 16, 1794; m. Lucretia Tarlton : d. without issue at Epsom, N.H. 
"814 iii. Benvolio, b. July 10, 1797. 

iv. Drusilla, b. July g, 1799; d. unni. ■ •' 

313. Lieut. Reuben (119) Sanborn, born in Epsom, May 7, 1769. 
A manufacturer in Epsom. Lived and died there. Married (i) April 28, 
1796, Abigail Arnold of Boston ; (2) Oct. 7, 1S13, Pamelia Bowen of Ports- 
mouth, N. H. ; (3) Jan. 26, 1S25, Sally Sanborn (216-vii). He died April 
5» 1830. ■ 

Children: . ■'-'-'■'''••''■' •'•^ m^ ;,: ft .,:,.;,.;. ;;n^ ^,^.. 

815 i. John Jutau, b. March i, 1797. 

ii. Mary Ann, b. Jan. 8, 1799; m. Reuben M. Richardson of Nottingham and Man- 
chester, N. H. 

iii. William, b. and d. 1801. 

iv. Elizabeth, b. Aug. 26, 1S02; m. Joseph Flanders of Sutton, N. H., and Haver- 
hill, Mass. 
v. Abigail, b. Sept. 24, 1S04: d. 1S05. 

vi. Jane Maria, b. Aug. 7, 1807; m. Daa. Shadrach Batchelder of Northwood, N. H., 
and Haverhill, Mass., son of Samuel ; d. 1SS2. 

816 vii. Benjamin F., b. July 14, iSio. 

817 viii. William Arnold, b. April 8, 1S13. 




ix. Abigail, b. May 21, 1814; m. John S. Pike of Xewburyport, Mass , and So. Ber- 
wick, Me. 
X. Sarah C, b. April 12, 1S16; m. Amos Redlon of Boston, and d. Feb. 19, 1854. 

818 xi. Rufus Slocum, b. Dec. 9, 181S. 
xii. Albert, b. Aug. 8, 1S21 ; d. 1S39. 

xiii. Ciiristiana McPherson, b. Oct. i, 1825; m. Samuel Wiggin of Epsom. 

819 xiv. Charles J., b. June 5, 1829. 

314. Hon. Josiaii (120) Sanborn, born in Epsom, Oct. 4, 1763. 
Lived and died in Epsom. A prominent man there; did much town busi- 
ness; was a Justice of the Peace for many years; representative most ot 
the time from 179S to iSio, and state senator tVom i8io-'i2. Married June 
15, 17S7, Anna Locke, who was born March 9, 1760, and died Aug. 18, 
1838. He died June 14, 1842. 

Children : ' 

820 1. Frederick, b. Oct. 27, 1789. ■ ' 

821 ii. James, b. Nov. 17, 1791. 

iii. Nancy, b. Nov. 9, 1793; m. (i) John Perkins; (2) John Nealey of Hopkinton, 

N. H. 
iv. Rachel, b. Jan. 5, 1796; m. John Locke of E. Concord, N. H. 
V. Hannah, b. Feb. 8, 1798; m. Benjamin Towle of Epsom. 

822 vi. Josiah, b. May 3. 1800. 

vii. A son, b. 1802; d. an infant. 
viii. A daughter, b. 1804; d. an infant. 

i 315. Deacon William (120) Sanborn, born in Epsom, July 6, 1770. 
A farmer; early moved to Norwich, Vt. ]\Larried Elizabeth Cass, who was 
born August, 1777, ^"^ died at Rochester, N. Y., September, 1850. Before 
moving to Vermont, he settled in Lebanon, X. H., where for several years 
he was Deacon of the Congregational church. Died 1832. 

; Children : , C , 

822A i. Levi, b. ; moved to Emerald Grove, Wis., and left no surviving issue. 

ii. Eliza, 

i iii. Lydia. . , :■- '■■■•■ ■' ^' •''^'^•• 

iv. Rachel. _ ' : 

V. Mary. 

823 vi. William, b. 1816. - • ' < : ' 

824 vii. Simon, b. 1824. 

316. Andrew (120) Sanborn, born in Epsom, Feb. 17, 1773* Moved 

D Norwich, Vt. Married Feb. 10, 18 10, by Rev. John T. Kirk land, 

.Vesident of Harvard College, to ]Mrs. Sarah (Hewes) Etheridge, daugh- 

-iir of Solomon Hewes of Boston, and widow of Capt. Alexander Etheridge. 


Children : 
825 i. Solomon Hewes, b. Jan. 24, 1802. 

ii. Nathaniel Noyes, b. June 4, 1S04; d. June 8, 1854. 

317. Eliphalet (120) Sanborn, born in Epsom, N. H., March 4, 
1791. Moved to White Pigeon, Mich., married, and had several children. 

31S. Robert (121) Sanborn, born in Hampton, Feb. 6, 1762. Settled 
in Sandwich, N. II. Married (i) Mary Glines, who died December, 181 2 : 
(2) Betsey Emery, who died Sept. 12, 1S32. He died Feb. 24, 1S51. 

Children ; 

i. Anna W., b. in Moultonborough Sept. 2, 1785 ; d. unn:i. in Somerville, Mass. 

829 ii. Benjamin Towle, b. July 5, 1788. 

830 iii. Nathaniel Ambrose, b. Nov. 23, 1790. 

iv. Mary, b. Aug. 25, 1792; m. John Keser of Northfield, Vt. > 

831 V. David Ambrose, b. Feb. 14, 1795. 

832 vi. Robert, b. Sept. 9, 1799. 

833 vii. Amos, b. Nov. 16, 1801. , • . 

. viii. Sarah, b. March 31, 1814; m. June 26, 1836, Richard S. Roberts, a mason of 
E. Boston, Mass. 

834 ix. Solomon, b. in Sandwich, N. H., May 6, 1819. 

X. Grace, b. in Sandwich, N. H., May 22, 1817; m. June 26, 1S34, John Duncan of 
Lowell, .Mass.; d. April 23, 1838. 

835 xi. John, b. in Holderness, N. H., March 31, 1823. 

319. John (121) Sanborn, born in Moultonborough, March 20. 1764. 
Lived and died in Moultonborough. Married Nov. 13, 1797, Sarah Cas- 
well of Portsmouth, N. H., who was born June 2, 1765. He died Dec. 17, 
1831. . . V ' . . , 

Children : 

836 I. Stephen, b. July i, 1798. 

ii. Adna P., b. Oct. 14, 1799; d. unm. 
iii. David Webster, b. Sept. 24, 1S02; d. unm. 

837 iv. John, b. Sept. 3, 1S04. 

V. Batchelder Brown, b. July 26, 1806; d. unm. 

320. Joseph (122) Sanborn, born in Hampton, or at least baptized 
there. Born Dec. 15, 1758. Married Betsey Hill; lived and died in 
Waterboro', Me. 

Child: • ''"^ ' '•' ■ ■ " ".' 

838 i. Daniel, b. Aug. 5, 1795. 

321. Paul (122) Sanborn, born in Hampton, July 23, 1760. No 
further record of him, unless he is the Paul Sanborn of North Yarmouth. 
Me., who was in the Revolution in 1775. 

' . f. 

■ •• .18 


322. James (123) Sanborn, born in Hampton, July 23, 1787. Moved 
to Webster and Franklin, N. H. Married Dec. 31, 1807, Lydia Sanborn 


i. Sarah D., b. Alarcli 23, iSio; d. unm. Dec. 4, 1830. 

842 ii. James F., b. July 21, iSii. 

iii. John D., b. Aug. 27, 1S12 ; d. 1813. 

iv. Mary, b. June 30, 1814: joined the Shakers at Canterbury, .March 3, 1827. 
V. Miriam, b. June 6, 1816; joined the Shakers with her sister, but left in 1848. 
Lived at Webster, N. H. 

323. John Dearborn (123) Sanborn, born in Hampton; baptized 
there Sept. 20, 1789. 

323.\. Mayhew (123) Sanborn, born in Hampton, 1791. Married May 
22, 181 1, Polly Thomas. Moved to Michigan, and died there. 

324. Harvey (123) Sanborn, born in 1796. No record of him. 


843 i. Harvey. 

325. Warren (123) Sanborn, born March 3, 1805. Early moved to 
Attica, N. Y., — a grocer there. ?v[arried Dec. 15, 1830, Amanda M. East- 
man, born Nov. i, 1S13 ; died March 19, 1892. He died Feb. 29, 1875. 

Children : 

844 i. Warren F., b. Nov. 23, 1831. ^ ; , . " 

845 ii. Henry P., b. Jan. 24, 1833. 

iii. Phebe A., b. .May 2, 1S35 ! ^- Andrew T. H. Brewer of Onondaga. 

846 iv. Rhodolphus H., b. May 22, 1837. 

V. Mayhew, b. .March 31, 1840; d. 1844. ■ ' 
vi. Harvey T., b. 1S42; d. 1845. 
vii Josephine P., b. and d. 1844. 
846a viii. James .M., b. March 23, 1850. 

847 ix. Geo. A., b. Nov. 20, 185 1. 

326. Zadok (124) S.\NBORN, born in Greenland, N. H., Oct. 19, 1762. 
Settled in Gilmanton, but moved to Sanbornton in 1819, — a tanner. Mar- 
ried Jan. 31, 1788, Abigail Tilton of Epping, who was born Aug. 23, 1766, 
and died Jan., 1857. He died Feb. 17, 1836; will proved same month. 

Children : 

i. Polly, b. Jan. 28, 1787; m. John Blake of Sanbornton, and d. Sept. i, 1S72. 
ii. Deborah, b. Oct. 17, 1789; m. (i) Gilman Clifford of Gilmanton. who d. iSiS; 
(2) David Cutter of Pelham, N. H. She d. in St. Louis, at the home of her 
son-in-law, Oct. 22, 1877. 


iii. Joseph G., b. Nov. 25, 1791 ; d. unm. 1S26, in Sanbornlon. 
848 iv. Walden, b. in Gilmanton, July 2, 1794. 

V. Sylvia, b. June 2, 1797; m. Capt. Joseph Fellows of Gilmanton; d. in Meredith. 
Sept., 1S42. 

327. William (125) Sanborn, born in Epping, July 4. 1764. Settled 
in Parsonsfield, Me. Married (i) Abigail Mudgett ; (2; . 

Children : 
S49 i. Abiathar, b. April 22, 17S1. - ' 

850 ii. Joseph, b. May 2, 1783. 

85 1 iii. John, b. 1785. 

852 iv. Samuel S., b. Nov. 9, 1792. 

By the second wife : 

V. Stephen, b. 1794; probably d. young. 
vi. William, b. 1797; d. unm. Dec. 24, 1S59. 

853 vii. Isaac, b. 1800. 

viii. Sarah, b. Aug. 15, iSoi ; m. Dec. 5, 1822, Josiah Perry of Monroe, Me. 

328. Benjamin (or Benaiah) (126) Sanborn, born in Brentwood. Jan. 
14, 1759. Lived in New Hampton and Bristol, X. H. Married Lvdia 

Children : 

854 i. William, b. 1786. 

ii. Susan, b. 1789; m. March 23, 1809, Josiah Fellows, Jr.; d. in Bristol, July 3, 

iii. Anna, b. 1791 ; m. Smith Powell of Bristol. He d. young, and she moved West. 
iv. Ruth, b. 1793 ; m. Nathaniel Smith. 

329. Joseph (126) Sanborn, born in Brentwood, Dec. S, 1760. Moved 
to New Hampton, N. H., where he lived and died. Married Polly DollorT. 

Children : 

i. Betsey, b. 178S; d. an infant. 

855 ii. Levi, b. 1788. 

856 iii. Joseph, b. 1790. ;.-. ',,:'.,■ 
iv. Polly, b. May 6, 1792 ; d. unm. in New Hampton. 

v. Betsey, b. 1794. 
vi. Rhoda, b. 1796. 

857 vii. Parker, b. 1798. 

858 viii. Plummer, b. 1800. 

859 ix. Asahel, b. 1802. 

330. Zadok (126) Sanborn, born in Brentwood, Oct. 9, 1764. Moved 
to New Hampton. Married Aug. 2, 1784. Marv Blaisdell of Hampton 


Children : 

i. Abigail, b. Nov. 7, 1784; m. July 6, 1802, Ebenezer Carter of New Hamilton, 

b. 1779. 
ii. Cynthia, b. Jan. 8, 1789; d. 1808. 

860 iii. William, b. Aug. 17, 1791. 

iv. Nancy, b. April 20, 1793; m. Oct. 3, 1814, Samuel Wallace, b. Aug. 10, 1793. 
., Lived in New Hampton. 

V. Sarah, b. June 27, 1794; m. July 18, 181 7, Samuel Chapman of Browning- 
ton, Vt. 

861 vi. Shepard J., b April 28, iSoo. 

vii. Hannah, b. July 7, 1S06; m. John K. Blake of Springfield, Mass. 
viii. Mary, b. Dec. 3, iSii ; ni. (i) Solomon Lewis; (2) Watson. 

331. Nathaniel (126) Sanborn, born in Brentwood, Sept. 26, 176S. 
Lived in New Hampton and Alexandria, N. H. Married (i) Anna Pow- 
ell ; (2) Comfort Dow; (3) Phebe Chase. ■ [ ■' 

Children by the second and third wives : . ' 

862 i. Jacob B., b. Feb. 19, 1801. 

ii. Comfort D., b. Aug. 11, 1802; m. Thomas Huckins of Holderness, N. H. 

863 iii. Ebenezer C, b. Aug. 19, 1S04. 

iv. Sarah B., b. April 23, 1807: m. Frank Gilbert of Hooksett, N. H. ; d. July 30-, 

The first tour by the second wife ; rest by the third wife : 

864 V. John ^L, b. April 2, 1S13. , ., ' . , • 

865 vi. Calvin D., b. Sept. 30, 1814. 

866 vii. Daniel, b. April 20, 1818. 

867 viii. Smith (twin to Daniel), b. April 20, 1S18. , ; , : ' >■ '• ■ 

332. Walter (126) Sanborn, born in Brentwood, Feb. 23, 1770. 
Moved to New Hampton, — lived and died there. Married Jane Chase ot 
Sanbornton, who was born April 3, 1775. 

Children : 

i. John, b. Jan. 20, 1803 ; lived in New Hampton, N. H. ; m. Polly Kelly; no issue. 

868 ii. Eliphalet, b. Aug. 25, 1804. 

iii. Susanna, b. March 15, 1S06; m. March 26, 1832, Perrin Prescott of New Hamp- 
ton, son of John. 

869 iv. William Chase, b. Nov. 10, 1807. .,r" •. . , • 
V. Phebe, b. Aug. 11, 1809; d. unm. 

vi. Jane, b. Aug. 12, 1815; m. Noah B. Brown of Sanbornton. 

870 vii. Moses, b. Oct. 29, 181 7. 

333. E.vsign Jonathan (127) S.vnborn, born in Hampton, Aug. 12, 
1762. Lived in East Baldwin, Me. Served in the Revolution. See Ap- 

. I ,01 . '. IJ 

f^.r: : 

! 7/ on 


; .r.-i 

,1 i)f.'. 

I 1'! i , 

,! , ;.', CI'!:.' .V 

:<•. .ij»Vm-i 

7/') /I I.;! i 
1 <t 

!ii<:7. U; .' . . ->'!^' 't' 

a /: iv-: '.!, ,, ;i V,' : n 

' .: . ■' 

!j / /. '' ' 


pendix. Married Dec. 25, 1795, Betsey Thorn, who died in 1S46. He 
died in Sebago, Me., March 2, 1S40. 

Children : • 

871 i. John, b. April 6, 1797. 

ii. Mary, b. Aug. 15, 1798; m. Oct. 10, 1847, Josiah Milliken of Sebago. 

872 iii. Lewis, b. Nov. 15, iSoo. 

iv. Abigail, b. Aug. 10, 1802; d. 1803. - - , . 

873 V. Stephen, b. Nov. 15, 1S04. 

vi. Sarah, b. May 26, 1S06; m. June 15, 1S21, Robert Martin; d. at Sebago. 
vii. James, b. April 19, i8o8; d. unni. June 9, 1832. 
viii. Jane, b. April 19. iSii ; d. unm. Aug. 26, 1853. 
ix. Eliza, b. April 18, 1813; m. May 17, 1829, Daniel McKenney; d. 1885. 

334. David (127) Sanborx, born in Standish. Me., June 7, 1765- 
Lived and died in East Baldwin, ]Me. ^Married Oct. 28, 1793, Lucy Kelly 
of Scarborough, ]Me., born Feb. 11, 1775. He died March 22, 1829. 

Children : 

874 i. Daniel S., b. Feb. 15, 1795. 

ii. Jonathan, b. July 11, 1797 ; d- unm. Aug. 15,1855. • 
iii. Anne, b.andd. 1799. 

iv. Fanny, b. March 24, 1802; m. ^lay 24, 1829, Theodore Graffam of Baldwin, 
Me.; d. 1875. .,.,. ' , 

875 V. John B., b. March 31, 1S04. 

vi. Anne, b. Sept. 4, 1806; m. Dec. 5, 1827, Lyman Darling. 
vii. Sewell L., b. Nov. 7, 1808; d. unm. in Baldwin, 1874. 
*■ viii. Peter, b. July 18, 1811 ; d. unm. in Baldwin, 1881. 

ix. Mehitabel, b. Nov. 25, 1S14; m. Nov. 16, 1833, John Sanborn (871). 
X. Lucinda, b Feb. 25, 1818 ; d. unm. 1889. 

335. Daniel (127) S.\nborn. born in Standish, Me., May 29, 1766. 
Lived and died in East Baldwin, Me. Married (i) Nov. 8, 1784, Miriam 
Lowell of Bridgton, Me. ; (2) June 6, 1805, Mary Hardy of Cornish, Me. 
Died May 15, 1S46. , , , , ... 

Children : 

i. Rachel, b. June 28, 1795; m. Sept. 8, 1811, Eleazer Thorn of Baldwin; d. 

March 25, 1845. 
ii. Lucy, b. May 5, 1796: m. Peter Kelly of Baldwin, Me., and Waltham, Mass. 
■ 876 iii. David, b. April 15, 1798. 

877 iv. Abner, b. June 2, 1800. 

878 V. Daniel, b. Jan. 3, 1S02. . - 

879 vi. Moses L., b. Oct. 31, 1804. 

vii. Miriam, b. Oct. 13, 1S06; m. James Harnden of Wilmington, Mass. 
viii. Anna, b. May 17, 180S; m. Daniel Cole of Cornish, Me. 





ix. Dolly, b. March 3, iSio; ni. Graffam of Buxton, Me. 

880 X. Amos, b. Nov. co, 181 2. 

xi. Mary, b. Oct. 29, 1814; m. Walker of Portland, .Me. 

xii. Jane, b. Oct. 4. 1816; m. Stephen Mclntyre of Fryeburg, .Me. 
xiii. Eunice, b. 1818; m. Paul Leavitt of Chatham, N. H. 

236. JosiAH (127) Sanborn, born in Standish, Me., June 22, 1770- 
Lived and died in Baldwin, Me. Married Dec. 22, 1791, Abigail 
McKenney, died in West Baldwin, 1S65. He died June 2, 1S16. 

Children : 

i. Esther, b. Nov. 15, 1793; m. April 15, 1815, John Roue of I5ald\vin ; d. March 

26, 1852. 
ii. Martha, b. Dec. i, 1795 : m. March 15, 1815, Seth H. Dow of Baldwin, 
iii. Hannah, b. March 14, 1797; m. Feb. 8. 1833, Thomas Wentworth of Baldwin. 
iv. Betsey, b. May 16, 1799; m. Oct. 20, 1837, Eli Jackson of Baldwin. 

881 V. Josiah F., b. July 7, i8or. 

vi. James, b. June 7, 1803 ; d. unm. in Baldwin, March 23, 1882. 
vii. Mercy, b. June 18, 1806; m. Oct. 19, 1829, John Warren of Hiram, Me. 
• viii. Abigail, b. May 20, 1809; d. unm. Feb. 9, 1S28. 

ix. Phebe, b. Jan. 25, 1812; m. Nov. 28, 1833, Aaron McCorison of Baldwin. 

882 X. Luther T., b. March 31, 1815. 

337. Abner (127) Sanborn, born in Standish, Me., June 13, 1772. 
Lived and died in Baldwin, Me. Married Betsey Lowell of Bridgton, 
Me. Died June 14, 1800. .,^, 


883 i. James, b. 1798. 

338. Joseph (12S) Sanborn, born in Standish, Me., Feb. 29, 1772. 
Lived and died in Baldwin, Me. Married (i) Lydia Kelly, who was born 
in Scarborough, ]Me., July 22, 17S0, and died Jan. 3, 1S32; (2) Sarah 
Graffam. He died Feb. 3, 1844. 

Children: • " 

i. James, b. Sept. 14. 1800; d. in the United States service, in Baldwin, Me. 

ii. Elizabeth, b. April 13, 1803; m. (i) Philip Tewksbury; (2) Edmund Munion of 

New York, 
iii. John, b. June 2, 1805 ; a mariner, d. at sea. 
iv. Lot, b. Aug. iS, 1807; d. 1S16. 

V. Sarah Jane, b. Feb. 18, 1809; m. David Kelly of Bridgton, Me. 
vi. Ai, b. Oct. 4, 181 1. 

884 vii. Levi, b. Oct. 8, 18 15. 

885 viii. Lot D., b June 16, 18 17. 

ix. Joseph, b. July 9, 1819 ; d. unm. ALay 13, 1838. 

886 X. Job Pratt, b. Sept. 21, 1821. 

xi. Almira, b. Nov. 14, 1823; m. Simeon Sanborn (1634^. 


339. Benjamin (129) Sanborn, born 1757, — we do not know wliere. 
I have already shown tlie haze that rests over this brancli of the family. 
The will of John of Lee mentions the children whom D. IL S. has ascribed 
to John (129), but no further record is found. 

340. Ebenezer (129) Sanborn, of whom we find no further record. 

341. Benjamin (133) Sanborn, born in 1777. Lived and died in 
Sebago, Me. Married xVbigail liobbs of Harrison, Me. 

Children : 

i. Mary, b.1799; ni. Ebenezer Phinney of Gorliam. 

ii. Levi, b. 1806; lived in Harrison, Me. ; m. Mrs. Ruth Johnson of Cornish, Me. 
iii. Miriam, b. 1S09; m. James Fliinney of Gorham, .Me. 
iv. Benjamin, b. 181 1. 

V. AIniira, b. 1S13; m. Charles Stubbs of Portland, Me. 

vi. Rev. Augustus P., b. May 28, 1819: m. Sept. 25, 1845, Sarah P., dau. of John 
Pierce. Rev. A. P. Sanborn was for many years an itinerant preacher of the 
M. E. Church; in 1S59 a local preacher at Hiram, Me. 

342. WiLLi.AM (133) S.vnborn, bom in 17S1. Lived and died in 
Sebago, 'Me. Married ]Miriam Hobbs of Harrison, Me., a sister of the 
wife of (341). She died Oct. 9, 1S33. He died Jan. 25, 1834. 

Children : . , ' 

i. Robert A., b. Feb. 18, 1805 ; m. (i) 1832, Sally Woodman of Sebago, Me., who 
d. 1849; (2) 1850, Betsey Paine of Baldwin, Me., who d. 1851; (3) 1S57, 
Margaret Fogg of Bu.xton, Me. 
■^, ii. Reuben, b. 1808; d. 1809. 

iii. Jane, b. Feb. 24, i8ro; m. 1830, .Andrew Wiggin of Siiirley, .Me., and d. 1S4S. 
> iv. William, b. March 29, 1812; m. 1S34, Miranda Earl; lived in Holiis. Me., and 

d. there 1852. 
^ ,^ V. Reuben, b. July 25, 1815 ; m. Dec, 184S, Lydia Chadbourn ; lived in Sebago, Me. 

vi. John, b. Oct. 15, 181 7; moved to .Manchester, N. H. 
vii. Miriam, b. Aug. 16, 1S21 ; m. 1849, Samuel Sargent of Orford, N. H. 
viii. George, b. March 30, 1823 ; no further record. 
ix. Charles, b. Sept. 10, 1S25 ; went to California in 1854. 
X. Huldah, b. 1828; d. 1830. ■ -' - 

343. Capt. Josiaii (134) Sanborn, born in 1774, probably in Cumber- 
land, Me. Said by his nephew to have been mate of the United States 
sloop-of-war Wasp when she captured the British sloop Frolic. Oct. iS, 
1812. Lived in Cumberland, Me. No record of his marriage. 

344. Hon. Tristram (134) Sanborn, born about 1782. Lived in 
Cumberland, Me., and died while a member of the Maine legislature. 
No record of his marriaire. 

. . f, 

^ . .1 

. I., I 



545. David (135) Samjokn, born March 4, 1789, in Cumberland, Me. 
Lived in Weld, Me. Married (i) Dec. 7, 1S13, Keziah Stockbridge ; {2) 
Dec. 17, 1S38, Mary Butler. 
Children : 

i. Mary, b. May 31, 1815; m. (i)July, 1S40, Peter Thomas : (2) Jacob Mott o 
Wilton, Me. 

ii. David Porter, b. Sept. 6, 1S18; m. April 7, 1S49, Martha Jones. Lived in 
Weld, Me. 

iii. Abner True, b. May 3, 1S21 ; ni. Feb., 1S47, Sophia J. Talbot. Lived in Phil- 
lips, Me. 

iv. Paul, b. July 29, 1824 ; m. Dec, 1S50, Caroline .A. Prescott. Lived in Weld. Me. 

V. George D., b. Dec. 7, 1S26; m. 1S54, Lucinda Simmons. Lived in Wilton, .Me. 

vi. Hezekiah, b. Nov. 11, 1828. 
vii. Andrew X., b. Aug. 25, 1S30; lived in Weld, Me. 

All the above by the first wife ; by the second wife : 

viii. Emilia A., b. May 15, 1839. 
ix. Melinda C, b. Dec. 11, 1S45. 
X. Sarah E., b. Aug. 12, 1S51. 

346. Peter" (135) Sandorn, born 179S. Said to have died in Penn- 

347. Capt. Benjamin (136) Sanborn, born in Deerfield, Feb. 23, 1774- 
Lived and died in Deerfield, on the farm which his father took up. Mar- 
ried in Deerfield, Feb. 16, 1814, Sally, daugiiter of Daniel Fellows of 
Deerfield, who was born Oct. 13, 1789, and died Sept. 26, 1881. Captain 
Sanborn died in Deerfield, Dec. 4, 1S53. 

Children: . -' ' ;' •' " '■ ' '' ' ' 

895 i. Gustavus Milton, b. Nov. 8, 1S15. 

896 ii. William B., b. June 28. 1818. 

iii. Hannah E., b. Sept. 14, 1S21 ; m. Oct. 11, 1843, Trueworthy Hill of Deerfield. 

897 iv. Benjamin J., b. Oct. 8, 1823. 

898 V. Peter Hale, b. Feb. 14, 1826. 

vi. Sarah J., b. Sept. iS, 1S2S; m. June 19. 1S51, Thomas Stevens of Nottingham : 
d. April 21, 1878. 

348. Piiineas (137) Sanborn, born probably in Deerfield, in 176S. 
D. H. S. says he early moved to Corinth, Vt., where he married and had 
a son and daujrhter. No further record of him. 

349. David (137) Sanborn, born in Deerfield, in 1770. Moved to 
Chelsea, Vt. ^Larried Hannah Marston of Deerfield, who died at Mont- 
pelier, Vt., Jan. 24, i860. He died March 9, 1840, aged seventy. 

THE amj:rican saxhorns. 213 

Children : 

i. Sally, b. Nov. 9. 1793; m. Wiilard Moore of Chelsea, V't. 
ii. Stephen, b. Dec. 29, 1796; lived at E. Montpelier, Vt. No issue, 
iii. Marston B., b. March 28, 179S: d. unm. in Chelsea, Vt., Oct. i, 1829. 

900 iv. David, b. April 24. iSoo. 

V. Betsey, b. May 2, 1S02; m. (i) Feb. 11, 1823, Leonard Di.x : (2) Nov. i, 1S29, 
Shubael P. Short of E. Montpelier. 

901 vi. Ira, b. April 17, 1S04. 

vii. Melinda, b. Oct. 28, 1S07; m. Nov. 21, 1834, Lewis Thompson of Chelsea, Vt. 
viii. Twin, b. Sept. 5, iSoS; d. in infancy. 
ix. Twin, b. Sept. 5, 1S08; d. in infancy. 

X. John, b. Sept. 11, 1809; m. May 12, 1841, Matilda Mclntyre. Lived in Chel- 
sea, \'t. No issue. 
xi. Louisa, b. Dec. 6, iSii ; m. .March 27, 1837, Patrick Courtney of Chelsea, Vt. 
xii. i\Lary, b. Dec. 20. 1S14, m. Levi Thompson of Hanover, 
xiii. Gilbert, b. Jan. 6, 1818; d. 1826. 

xiv. Orrin R., b. May 9, 1819; lived in Dover, N. H.; m. Mary .^L Swett of Pitts- 
field, N. H., and had two children; both d. young. He d. Feb. 25, 1864. 
XV. Leonard Harvey, b. Nov. 30, 1821 ; lived in Chelsea, "Vt. ; m. Lucy D. Mclntyre 
of Middlesex, Vt., who was b. Jan. 11, 1826. 

350. Lieut. Peter (138) Sanborn, born in Kingston, Sept. 27, 1772. 
Lived and died in Deertield. Married Feb. 4, 1796, Sally Sanborn (140-i), 
who died Jan. 15, 1857. He died Feb. 8, 183S. 

Children : 

905 i. Lyford, b. Feb. 4, 1796. 

ii. Angelina, b. Feb. 11, 1801 ; m. (i) Nov. 4, 1822, John L. Bartlett ; (2) Jan. i, 

1832, Benjamin B. Thompson of Deerfield. She d. Jan. 7, 1842. 
iii. Sally, b. April 8, 1815; d. 1S16. 

351. Sergt. John (13S) Sanborn, born in Deerfield, April i, 17S2. 
Lived and died in Deerfield. ^vlarried Sept. 20, 1S04, Elizabeth Sanborn 
(143-i), by whom he had all his children, and who died Aug. 10, 1S31 : 
(2) Hannah, daughter ot" Dea. David Haines of Deerfield, born Nov. 15, 
1790; died Oct. 25, 1863. Sergt. John was a farmer in Deerfield, and 
died there Oct. 20, 1864. 

April 6, 1818. Thomas Jenness, Debby Jenness, Peter Sanborn and Benning Wentworth 
Sanborn all of Deerfield, for Si pd. by John Sanborn of Deerfield yeoman quit-claimed all 
right to the farm that sd. John Sanborn now lives on, & all right to a farm in Raymond that 
tny Hon. Father purchased of John Scribner Esq. of Poplin dec"d. 

Children : 

1. Hannah Susan, b. Jan. 24, 1806; m. 1S26, William Buzzell, and d. Nov. 5, 1842. 
ii. Isaac N., b. Oct. 28, 1S07; m. Nov. 2, 1828, Clarinda Buzzell; moved to Par- 
sonsfield. Me., and d. June i, 1836. 


, < . • " / ; «' 


iii. Louisa L., b. July 2g, 1810; m. (i ) Oct. 30, 1S2S, Sumner Fifield ; (2) Jonatlian 

906 iv. John Wendell, b. July 12, 1S12. 

V. Sally E., b. Dec. 26, 1S15; d. unm. Aug. 22, 1831. 

907 4'i. Quintus Columbus, b. June 29, 1824. 

352. Benning Wkntworth (13S) Sanborn, born in Deerfield, Sept. 
7, 17S6. A prominent man in Deerfield; often Iield tlie otTices of repre- 
sentative, selectman, and justice of the peace, ^vlarried Pollv, daugliter 
of Hon. Ricliard Jenness, and sister of the husband of Deborah Sanborn 
(i3S-ii). He died in Deerfield, June 30, 1S44. 

Children : 

908 i. Peter, b. Oct. 9, 180S. 

909 ii. Benning \Vent\^orth, b. Sept. 18, 1813. 

910 iii. Richard Jenness, b. Aug. 20, 1S15. 

iv. Mary Jane, b. May 16, 1S18; m. Joseph H. Haines of Manchester, X. H. 
V. Major Joseph Woodman, b. Nov. 9, 1820; a merchant and militia ofhcerin Deer- 
field; moved to Lowell, ?iLiss. ; d. unm. Nov. 9, 1S43. 

911 vi. Josiah Butler, b. Jan. 27, 1S28. 

353. Enos (140) Sanborn, born in Deerfield, Dec. 16, 17S5. A 
farmer in Deerfield, where he lived and died. Married Nov. 30, 1814, 
Sally Matthews of Deerfield, who was born in October, 17SS, and died 
July 24, 186S. He died Jan. 26, 1S44, in Deerfield. 

Children : 

i. Sally Lyford, b. Sept. 22, 1815; d. unm. March 17, 1S51. 
. ii. Polly T., b. Sept. 6, 1815; m. Nov. 26, 1857, Edwin Kimball of Pembroke, 
N. H., son of William. 

912 iii. Thomas Wilson, b. Feb. 5, 1823. 

iv. Elmira, b. Oct. 31-, 1825 : d. in infancy. 

V. Elizabeth A., b. Jan. 6, 1828; m. H. Nutting of Manchester. N. H. ; d. March. 

913 vi. John Weeks, b. Feb. 6, 1832. 
vii. Augustus, b. 1836; d. in infancy. 

354. JoN.\THAN (141) Sanborn, born April 18, 1763. Moved to 
Springfield, N. H., and married Bett}^ Smith, Nov. 16, 17S6. Died in 
Springfield in 1S40 ; a farmer there. 

Children : 

i. Susanna, b. Aug. 26, 1787; m. Dec. i3, 1805, John Hogg. 
- ii. Eliza, b. Jan. 9, 17S9; m. Feb. 14, 1814, Currier George. 

914 iii. Israel, b. Feb. i, 1791. 

iv. Joseph, b. Sept. 12, 1792; no further record. 
V. Jonathan, b. Aug. 10, 1794; no further record. 





-^ vi. Reuben, h. Nov. 18, 1797 ; no further record. 

915 vii. Abram, b. Feb. 26, 1799. 
viii. Mercy, b. Sept. i, 1803. 

916 i.\. Smitli, b. Jan. 11, iSor. 

917 X. George Wendell, b. Sept. 19, 1S06. 
.\i. Jasper, b. Sept, 27, 181 1. 

355 Joseph (141) Sanborn, born Oct. 26, 1774. Moved to Springfield, 
N. H., and married, June 5, 1797, Abigail Smith. 

Children : 

i. Eliza, b. Nov. 25, 1798. 
ii. Sally, b. May 21, 1800. 
iii. Abigail, b. Dec. iS, 1801. 
iv. Lydia, b. Sept. 20, 1803. 
V. Chase Smith, b. March 6, 1S05; m. .April 26. 1827, Elizabeth Stocker, and had 

(perhaps besides others) John Stocker. b. Jan. 13, 1S29. 
vi. Oilman, b. and d. 181 1. 

vii. Gilman French, b. Feb. 26, 1812. - 

viii. Elias, b. Jan. 24, 1S15. 

356. Reuben (141) Sanborn, born Feb. 9, 177S. Lived and died in 
Danville, N. H. Married July 21, 1802, Mary Judkins. Died Dec. 20, 

Children : 

i. Issachar, b. Nov. 11, 1805; d. young. 

918 ii. Moses, b. Dec. 17, 1807. 

iii. Levi, b. Jan. i, 1809; m. Oct. 18, 1836, .A.urelia P. Wood; lived in Brentwood; 
had two daughters, Emily, b. Aug. 28, 1837, and Sophronia Wood, b. July gr, 

iv. Mary, b. June 5, 1817; m. Nathan Brown of Brentwood. 

357. Abr.\ham (141) Sanborn, born Oct. i, 17S7. Moved to Spring- 
field, N. H., and married Sally Emerson, July 11, 1811. 

Children : i .. ,. ,^ - 

919 i. Hiram, b. July 14, 18 12. '' ■ ■ ••" ^ : - 
ii. Lovina, b. Oct. 31, 18 14; d. unm. 

iii. Alvin, b. June 22, i8i6; a deaf mute ; d. unm. 

iv. Emily, b. Sept. 3, 18 18. . - 

V. Caleb, b. Oct. 9, 1S20; prob. d. unm. 

920 vi. Fifield, b. Nov. 9. 1822. 

vii. Clarissa, b. Oct. 24, 1824; m. Morrill and moved West. 

921 viii. Ira, b. Feb. 25, 1830. 

358" Capt. Abraham (142) Sanborn, born in Sandown, N. H., June 
-9» ^759- Served in the War of 181 2. Early settled in Salisbury, X. H., 



— a large land-owner there. Married (i) 17S3, Lois Taylor of Xolting- 
ham ; (2) 1S07, Sarah Lovering, who died x\ug. 29, 1859, aged 82. He 
died in Salisbnry, Aug. 25, 1S43. 

Children : 

922 i. Reuben, b. Sept. 7, 1784. 

923 ii. John, b. June 6, 1786. 

iii. Sarah, b. May 16, 17S9; m. Nathan Sargent of Chester. 
iv. Moses, b. .May 21, 1791 ; d. unm. June 8. 1S16. 
V. Eliza, b. March 18, 1793; m. and d. in Salem, .Mass. 
vi. Polly, b. May 5, 1795 ; d. unm. April 8, 1S17. 

924 vii. Sewell, b. Oct. 16, iSor. 

925 viii. Samuel L., b. Sept. i, 1S07. 

ix. Mehitabei, b. Feb. 20, 1S09; m. John Sanborn (929). 
X. Lois, b. Oct. 22, 1810; m. Hazen Heath of Franklin, N. H 

926 xi. Abraham Sargent, b. June 29, 1812. 

927 xii. Isaac, b. June 4, 1814. 

xiii. Jacob, b. Dec. 8,1817; d. unm. Nov. 3, 1843. 
xiv. Moses, b. Dec. 25, 1819; d. unm. July 24, 1834. 
XV. Aaron, b. Jan. 7, 1822; d. .Aug. 2, 1834. 

928 xvi. Benjamin Franklin, b. Oct. 18, 1824. 

359. WiXTHROP (142) Sanborn, born in Sandown, Jan. 11, 1761. 
Early moved to Salisbury, N. H.,— a farmer there. Married March 6, 
17S7, Betsey Fitz, who was born Jan. 26, 1766, and died in Salisbury, 
N. H. Winthrop moved to Burton, 111., where he died Feb. 24, 1843. 

Children : 

i. Elizabeth, b. 1788; d. in infancy. 
ii. Elizabeth, b. May 11, 1790; m. Stephen Hobbs of Wilmot. 

929 iii. John, b. July 22, 1797. 

iv. Ira, b. Nov. 8, 1798; m. and moved to Bainbridge, Ga. Became wealthy, and 

returned to Salisbury, where he died. 
V. Sarah, b. Oct. 7, 1802; m. George Shaw of Salisbury. 

vi. Daniel, b. Feb. 3, 1804; m. Clarissa Heard, and moved to Iowa or Michigan. 
vii. Winthrop Sargent, b. Dec. 22, 1808; moved to Georgia, but left no children. 

360. Moses (142) Sanborn, born in Sandown, Dec. 10, 1766. Mar- 
ried Hannah Fitz, and settled in Chester, X. H., afterwards moving to 
Corinth, Vt. D. H. S. gives no further record of him. 

361. Jethro (142) Sanborn, born in Sandown, Sept. 18, 1770. Lived 
and died in Sandown. Married in 1790, Hannah, daughter of David Foss 
of-Chester, who was born Sept. 26, 1770, and died ^Larch 7, 1S4S. He 
died March 28, 183S, in Sandown. 



i. Eliza, b. Dec. 30, 1792; m. William f'rench of Danville, N. H.. who settled in 

ii. Nancy, b. Jan. 20. 1794; d. unm. in Haverhill, Mas.s. 

iii. John. h. Jan 12, 179S,— a farmer in Chester: m. Fanny Fitts of Sandown. Had 
two children,— (I) Sarah, b. Jan. 30. 1S26. d. June 3. 1S52 : (2) Frances Olive, 
b. March 23, 1S36, m. Rufus Choate of Derry, X. H. 

932 iv. Rufus, b. June 5, 1801. 

V. Polly, b. March 2S, 1806; d. unm. June 10, 1824. 

933 vi. Isaac, b. June 5, iSoS. 

vii. Cyrus, b. March 4, 181 1 ; m. (i) Mary Ann Moore of Chester; (2) Mary George 
of Goffstown. Had three children by the first wife, who all d. young' in Man- 
chester, N. H. Had by the second wife: (i) George Henry, (ii) Ewl Frances, 
(iii) Henrietta, (iv) Julia Maria. Moved to Illinois. 

362. Abraham (143) Sanborx, born in Kingston, Dec. 25, 17S7. 
Married in Epping, Sept. 16, 1S12, Rebecca Lyford of Brentwood, who 
died Sept. 16, 1S15. He died in Kingston, Feb. 3, 1S33, apparently with- 
out issue. 

363. Moses (143) Sanborn, born in Kingston, Dec. 31, 17S9. Set- 
tled in Exeter, N. H. Married May 3, 1818, Deborah, daughter of Joseph 
Hoyt of Stratham, Sanbornton, and Exeter. He died Oct. i, iSiS ; she. 
Aug. 12, 1857. 

Child : 

i. Moses Hoyt (posthumous), b. Feb. 28, 1819: lived in Exeter; m. Louisa Hovt, 
; ■' ' ' and had four sons. 

364. Sew'ell (143) Sanborn, born in Kingston, Nov. 5, 1791. Early 
moved to Sebec, Me., and married Anna Sands, who died in 1S25. He 
died in 1828. 

Children; '' ' '^' 

i. Eliza, b. 1S21 ; m. Gen. .Mark Trafton of Sebec. h .. - . •, ' 

ii. William, b. ; no further record. 

iii. Isaac, b. ; no further record. /.,,. > 

365. Deacon Isaac (143) Sanborn, born in Kingston, Xov. 29, 1793. 
Lived and died in Kingston, inheriting the homestead of his uncle, Abraliam 
(53-x). Married in Kingston, Xov. 25, 1S34, Plooma P., daughter of John 
Stevens of Gilford, who was born Dec. 8, 1800, and died Feb. 2. 1S61. 
Deacon Isaac was a farmer in Kingston, a member of the Congregational 
church, and a Republican. He died Oct. i, 1S62. 

, •, 1 , ■ 

. •^KI' 

.: M!Mi-: 


Children : 

i. Abraham, b. March 5, 1S37 : served in Co. A, 9th X. H. Volunteers in the Reb-.:!- 
lion, and d. at Falmouth, \'a., Jan. 26, 1S63. 
940 ii. John H. S., b. Feb. 5, 1839. 

366. Tappan (143) Sanborn, born in Kingston, May 31, 1796. Mar- 
ried Lavinia, daughter of John French, and moved to Sutton, X. H. 

Children : 

i. Eliza Ann, b. Aug. 28, 1S22; m. Lyman Cheney of Sutton. 
ii. Israel Peasley, b. Aug. 24, 1824; m. Lydia S. Putney, and d. July 23, 1848. 
iii. Lavinia, b. Dec. 24, 1827. 

iv. Julia Annette, b. July 20, 1S29; m. George Putney of Cambridge. Mass. 
V. Ezra Edmunds, b. Aug. i, 1831 ; a tin and stove dealer in Omaha, Neb., says 

D. H. S. 
vi. John W., b. Sept. 16, 1834. 
vii. Mary Frances, b. Jan. 31, 1837. 
viii. Alma Adelaide, b. Jan. 11, 1840. 
ix. Everett Tappan, b. Jan. 16, 1844; Co. F, nth N. H. Infantry; living in Cheney, 

X. George Richardson, b. Dec. 25, 1847. 

367. Stevens (144) Sanborn, born in Kingston, Oct. 13, 1771- Lived 
and died in East Kingston. Never married, but apparently adopted a son, 
as shown below. Died Oct. 12, 1828. 

Child : 

945 i. Tappan Stevens, b. in Candia, N. H.. June 11, 1S04. 

;^68. Jacob Hook (144) Sanborn, born in Kingston, Jan. 2, 1773. 
Lived and died in Kingston, Married Jan. 13, 1S07, Betsey Hoyt ot 
Exeter, N. H. Jacob was an inn-keeper in Kingston, and died Jan. 4, 1S4S. 

Children : 

i. Mary H., b. Dec. 19, 1807; m. May 14, 1S39, Dr. Benj. Taylor Prescolt of Bos- 
ton ; d. Sept. 27, 1S46. 

ii. Elizabeth, b. Oct. 6, 1810; m. Edmund S. Chadwick of Exeter, N. H., and d. 
July 2, 1833. 

iii. Emily, b. Jan. 9, 1813 ; m., as his 2d wife, Edmund Chadwick above. 

iv. Sarah B., b. Oct. 25, 1816; m. May 14, 1838, Dr. Cyrus Magoun of Woodville, 

V. Charlotte Frances, b. July 10, 1S19; m. Luther D. Peaslee of Kingston ; d. May 
13, 1848. 

vi. Almira Amanda, b. June 20, 1S27 ; d. unm. at Concord, N. H., Sept. 7. 1S43. 

369. Capt. John (144) Sanborn, born in Kingston. Dec. 27, 1776. 
A farmer and tanner in East Kingston, — a prominent and influential man 

• :•( 

i ;. "^ 


there. Married Abigail Rowell, wlio died Feb. 6, 1866, aged 88 years, 
2 montiis, 12 days. He died April 23, 1S68. 


i. Eliza, b. Nov. 27, 1798; m. Jonathan B. Moulton ; d. June 26, 1851. 

ii. John, b. June i, 1800. In 1832 went to visit hi? uncle. Dr. Gideon Conner, in 
Virginia, in the Dismal Swamp ; remained South until 1837. In 1840 moved 
to Amesbury, Mass., where he ran a tan- and lumber-yard. In 1S42, Aug. 16, 
m. Mercy E. Morrill, but had no issue. Spent the last years of his life mainly 
in travel, visiting Europe and the Holy Land. Died in Amesbury Mills, Mass.. 
Feb. 19. 18S9; his widow still survives him. 

iii. Abigail, b. April 25. 1S02; m. Feb. 26, 1S24. Jacob Gove of Milford, N. H. 

iv. Sally, b. Feb. 25, 1804; m. Feb. 26, 1S24, Winthrop True of Salisbury, Mass. 

945 V. Stevens, b. April 17, 1806. 

946 vi. Jacob Hook, b. April 17, 1S06 (twin to Stevens). 
vii. Washington, b. July i, iSoS: d. young. 

viii. Hannah C, b. Dec. 14, 1809; m. Oct. 4, 1S32, Ira Clough of Lowell, Mass. 
ix. Mary Ann, b. Jan. 9, 1812; m. Oct. 14, 1832, Chas. L. Rowell of South Ames- 
bury, Mass. 
X. Myamia, b. Sept. 27, 1S13, m. Nov. 26, 1835, Alden B. Morse, and d. Sept. 22, 

947 xi. George W., b. Aug. 2, 1815. 

948 xii. James Monroe, b. Aug. 2, 1S19. " 

370. Peter (144) Sanborn, born in Kingston, Dec. 24, 17S1. Mar- 
ried in iSoS, Sarah, daucihler of Peter Fifield of Kingston, who was born 

July 14, 17S4, and died . Peter moved to Readfield, Me., and died 

there, Nov, 17, 1824. . , . ; .... 

Children : . " 

949 i. Peter Fifield, b. Dec. 22, iSio. 

950 ii. Joseph Appleton, b. in Readfield, March 7, 1S14. 

iii. Ruhamah Stevens, b. July 23, 1818; m. Jan. 30, 1850, Charles C. Vosmus of 
Readfield, Me. 

371. Dr. Phineas (144) Sanborn, born in Kingston, Oct. 27, 17S4. 
Moved South, tirst to Camden County, N. C, where he married, in 1S14, 
Keziah Pritchard of that state. She was born Oct. 10, 17S7, and died Feb. 
14, 1826. Dr. Phineas was a physician and planter, and is said to have 
accumulated a large property, and to have owned many slaves. He died 
Jan. 20, 1840, in Yalobusha Co., Miss. 

Children : 

i. Eliza Angelina Fair Pritchard Hook. b. Nov. 18, 1S16; m. Phineas Sanborn Con- 
ner of Newburyport, Mass., and Cincinnati, 0., and d. April 3, 1891. 

951 ii. John Stevens, b. Aug. 4, 1820. 


372. IMosES (144) Sanborn, born in Kingston, May 4, 1790. A man 
of ability and enerfiv, a tanntr and tarmer, wlio bv his own eflbrts accumu- 
lated a large property. lie held many important ofilces, representing the 
town of Kingston tor many 3'ears ; was also a director of the Exeter bank. 
He married (i) Jan. 7, 1813, Betsey Stevens, daughter of Edward of 
Kingston, who died Juh' 6, 1849; (2) Mrs. Mary Kimball Green. "Squire 
Moses died in Kingston, Aug. 2, 1S57. 

Children : 

i. Seraphina S., b. Jan. 11, 1814: m. July 27, 1840, Hon. Samuel H. Stevens of 

Concord, N. H. 
ii. Serena E., b. Jan. 23, 1S16; d. 1S20. 

iii. Major Edward Stevens, b. Nov. 19, 1819; d. unm. in Kingston; founded San- 
born Academy in Kingston. 
iv. Aroline E., b. Aug. 15, 1825 ; m. Dec. 3. 1844, Dr. Levi S. Bartlett of Kingston, 
a descendant of Hon. Josiah Bartlett, signer of the Declaration of Independence. 
V. Alcina Eveline, b. April 19, 1827; m. Dec. 26, 1S53, Hon. Nathaniel Gordon of 
Exeter, N. H. 

373. William (145) Sanborn, born in Sandwicii, X. H., May 30. 
17SS. Lived in Sutton and Burke, Vt. Married April 3, 1S17, Mary 
Wilder of Leominster, Mass., who was born Nov. 16, 17S8, and died Sept. 
14' 1S54. 

Children : 

952 i. William Rand, b. Dec. 25, 1817. 

ii. Melas Wilder, b. Sept. 19, 1821; served in the Mexican War, and d. Jan. 29, 
1846, in General Taylor's army, at Corpus Christi, Texas. 

953 iii. Jerome Bonaparte, b. July 4, 1827. 

954 iv. Loammi Baldwin, b. May 12, 1S31. .• , 

374. Noah (145") Sanborn, born in Sandwich, N. H., May 5, 1791. 
A merchant in Boston, Mass. Married in 1S21. Hannah, daughter of 
Caleb Clarke of Danvers, Mass., who was born Jan. 15, 1796, and died 
Feb. 6, 1855. Noah Sanborn was a successful merchant, a member of the 
Universalist churcii, and a Whig. He died in Charlestown, ^Llss., June 
10, 1851. 

Children : 

i. Almanda Georgiana, b. Oct. 3, 1S21 ; m. (i) .May 4, 183S, Charles DeCosta of 

Charlestown; (2) Erancis Dwinnell. 
ii. William Alexander, b. Sept. 7, 1823; d. 1823. 

iii. Hannah .Maria, b. April 7, 1825 ; m. March 9, 1S43, Theodore Deering of East 
Cambridge, .Mass. 

'M -Af. 


iv. Sarah Elizabeth Rand, b. July i6, 1837; m. Dec. 25, 1S48, James Hatch of 
Charlestown, .Mass. 

955 V. Noah Warren, b. Nov. 23, 1829. 

956 vi. William Henry, b. Nov. 27, 1831. 

375. Peter (145) Sanborn, born in Sandwich, X. II., July 5, I794- 
A merchant in Boston. Manied Sept. 13, iSiS, Sarah Proctor AViiitney of 
Boston, who was born March i. 1796, and died July 6, 1SS7. Peter San- 
born was a Unitarian and a Republican, and died in Charlestown, Mass., 
October, 1863. 

Children : 

i. Louisa Whitten, b. June 19, 1821 ; m. Jan. 26, 1S42, John G. Huntress of Straf- 
ford, N. H. 
ii. Mary Miranda, b. Feb. 19, 1826; m. Jan. Ii, 1845, Abiel Littlefield of Kenne- 

bunk. Me. 
iii. Sarah Elizabeth, b. Nov. 5, 1828; m. June 24, 1850,. Chas. H. J. Hamlin of 

iv. Henrietta Maria, b. Oct. 31. 1831 : m. Aug. 20. 1S55, Charles W. Walker of 
Halifax-, N. S. 

957 V. George Peter, b. Aug. 31, 1833. 

95S vi. Benjamin Franklin, b. Dec. 13, 1836. 

376. Hon. John (145) Sanborn, born in Sandwich, N. H., ?vlarch 2. 
1799. x\fter a tew years' residence in Sutton, V't.. he removed to Charles- 
town, Mass., where he was a prominent man, holding many public offices. 
In forty vears' residence in Charlestown, he held every office in the gitt of 
that city, serving as selectman, assessor, councilman, representative, over- 
seer of the poor, and for more than twenty years a member of the school 
committee. He married Deborah Clarke, daughter of Caleb Clarke oi 
Danvers, Mass., and sister of the w^ife of Noah (374). Caleb Clarke was 
the son of Rev. Peter Clarke of Danvers. 

Children : 

959 i- John Ale.xander, b. July 17, 1S24. 

ii. George Henry, b. June 30, 1826; d. 1S32. 
iii. Deborah H., b. Jan. 9. 1S29; d. 1S31. 

iv. Martha Jane, b. Oct. 13, 1831 ; for some years a successful teacher in Charles- 
town ; d. Dec. 5, 1853. 

V. Lewis Clarke, b. Jan. i, 1S34; d. 1S35. ' 

960 vi. James Edward, b. Feb. 23, 1836. 

vii. Jethro Rand, b. Oct. 14, 1840; killed Nov. 15. 1S52. by a fall from his hor.^e. 

377. AzEL (145) Sanborn, born in Sutton, Vt., July i.|., 1S02. A 
marketman in Boston. Married Oct. 14, 1S26, Abigail, daughter of Phineas 

■ J ; . • 1 ' 



Lovejoy, who was born April 26, 1S06, and died Dec. 15, 1868. Azel 
Sanborn died in Boston, April 21, 1S77. 

Children : 

i. Nancy Maria, b. May 15, 1827, in Sutton, Vt. ; m. Sept. 9, 1856, Charles D. 

Weston of Boston. 
ii. Elizabeth Rand, b. in Sutton, Vt., April 28, 1830; m. June 6, 1850, Charles A. 

Babcock ; d. Jan. 19, 1893. 
iii. George Henry, b. Jan. 8, 1833; d. 1835. 

961 iv. Azel Alonzo Augustus, b. Sept. 26. 1836. 
V. Abigail Georgiana, b. Feb. 22, 1S39. 

962 vi. John franklin, b. Feb. 12, 1843. 

vii. Emma Amanda, b. Aug. 4, 1S44; m. David A. Atkins of South Gardiner, Me. 

The first three were born in Sutton, Vt. ; the rest in Charlestown, Mass. 

378. Samuel (146) Sanborn, born in East Kingston, Nov. 26, 1784. 
Lived in St. Albans, Me. Married (i) Sarah Cram of Raymond, May 11, 
181 1 ; (2) Sarah Mellows. Died April i, i860. 

Children : 

i. Sarah, b. Aug. 24, iSii ; d. unm. 
ii. Hiram, b. Jan. 7, 1S13; d. unm., 1834. 
iii. Dolly, b. 1815 ; d. in infancy. 
iv. Harriet Newell, b. 1817; d. 1819. 
V. John Batchelder, b. 18 19; d. 1820. 

vi. John Batchelder, b. 1821 ; m. Harriet Butler; lived in Palmyra, Me. 
*■-•'■ vii. Samuel, b. 1823; m. Berthana Douglas; lived in St. Albans, Me. 

All the above by the first wife ; by the second wife ; 

" viii. Frances Angelina, b. 1825; m. Stephen Hall of St. Albans. 
ix. Mary, b. 1827; m. Demas Hodgdon of Levant, Me. 

X. Unnamed child, b. 1S29; d. in infancy. ' . . . - 

xi. Caroline, b. 1831 ; m. Lewis Tripp of St. Albans; d. 1856. -, , . 

xii. Ariana, b. 1833; d. young. 
xiii. Louisa Melvina, b. 1835; ^- unm. 
xiv. Charles Peter, b. 1837; lived in St. Albans, Me. 

379. Levi (146) Sanborn, born in East Kingston, July 9, 1789. Set- 
tled in Wilmot, N. H. Married Polly Carter, and later moved to Fenimore, 
Wis. Died in December, 1856. 

Children : 

i. Mary, b. 1812; m. Jonathan Pettingill ofW. Springfield, N. H. 
ii. Sarah, b. 1814; m. Samuel Clil^brd of Enfield, N. H. 
iii. Eliza, b. 1816; m Hiram Colby of W. Amesbury, Mass. 

■; ...l 

■.c'. .y-''i 

:r. V:A 


iv. Harriet Newell, b. iSiS; m. Hrngdon of Bradford, Mass. 

V. William Page, b. 1S20; m. (i) Olive Bixbee ; (2) Elizabeth Whitman; lived in 
Enfield, N. H. 
vi. Betsey Ann, b. 1822; m. Sleeper Smith of Fenimore, Wis. 
vii. Sophronia, b. 1S24; m. William Colby of W. Amesbury, Mass. 
viii. Angelina, b. 1826; m. Jeremiah 1'. Smith of Fenimore. Wis. 
ix. Joseph, b. 1S2S; m. Cyrena Pars of Fenimore. Wis. 
X. Benjamin, b. 1828; (twin to Joseph) ; d. young. 

380. Jacob (146) Sanborn, born in East Kingston, Oct. i, 1793; 
moved to St. Albans, Me., and married Judith Hanson. 

Children : 

i. William Page, b. Jan. 3, 1821 ; m. Mehitabel Weeks: lived in St. Albans, Me. 
ii. Oliver, b. 1823; m. Betsey .McKenney; lived in Stetson, .Me. 
iii. Ann E., b. 1S25; m. Sylvester Pierce of Rockport, Mass. 
iv. Clara, b. 1827; d. unm. 1848. 

381. John Follansbee (147) Sanborn, born Dec. 4, 1795. Married 
Dec. 3, 1827, Hannah Sawyer of Lee, N. H. Lived and died in Kings- 
ton ; died April 12, 1858. 

Children : 

i. John Porter, b. Dec. 11, 1832 ; lives in Plaistow, N. H. 
ii. Luella, b. Sept. 23, 1839. - 

Two more died young. 

382. Russell F. (147) Sanborn, born in Kingston, Oct. 9. 1800. 
Moved to Charlestown, rvLiss., and married Deborah, daughter ot' Ralph 
Richardson of Charlestown, She died Oct. 30, 1S60. 


i. Angelina M. ; b. 1840; m. Charles D. Shepherd of Boston. 

383. Joshua Shaw (147) Sanborn, born in Kingston. Aug. 19, 1S02. 
Married (i) June 7, 1832, Mary Kimball, born Nov. 14, 1799, died Sept. 
28, 184'!: ; (2) Mav 26, 1S44, Lydia Ann Davis of Gloucester, born June 
30,1815. A dealer in wood, coal, and lumber in Gloucester; quite 

Children : ■ 

i. Mary Louisa, b. June 2, 1833; d. 1836. !- - - 

ii. Anna Elizabeth, b. Jan. 20, 1S34; d. 1840. 
iii. Augusta, b. May 6, 1835. 
970 iv. George, b. Aug. 31, 184 1. 

V. Henry Russell, b. Dec. 8, 1845; d. 1849. 
vi. Webster, b. April 28, 1852. 

. ill -) .:■;,■!:' ; /' :' i : ■ 

d . Ii,J/. 

r "I 
1 ; '• 1 

.;:- '//•/ .iv 


384. xVrctl'rus Orion (147) Sanborn, born in Kingston, March 11. 
1S09. A mason ; living now (1897) in Boston. Married July 9, 1S37. 
Abigail Cobb Harrington of South Boston, born July 27, 1808, died 1S65. 

Children : 

i. Eveline Bradford, b. Sept. 25, 1S39; d. 1S44. 

ii. Caroline Louisa, b. March, 1842 : ni. Wheeler of Boston Highlands. 

iii. David Orion, b. Oct. 27, 1843 ; d. June 10, 1S57. 
iv. Eveline Bradford, b. Eeb. 11, 1S47; d. 1847. 

V. Arcturus, b. Sept. 27, 184S; d. 1S49. 
vi. Abigail Anna, b. July 27, 1S52; d. unm. 18S4. 

The first five born in South Boston ; the last in Dorchester, Mass. 

385. William Frederick (^148) Sanborn, born in Kingston, July 9, 
1804. A farmer in Kingston ; for many years a prominent man there, 
holding the offices of selectman, representative, and postmaster. Married 
Dec. 31, 1S34, ^^^^^O' Ann Rowe of Kingston, born May 12, 1806, died 
June 24, 1SS9. He died Nov. 30, 1S88. 

Children : 

971 i. Benjamin Frederick, b. May 7, 1836. 

972 ii. Joseph Rowe, b. Dec. 2, 1S37. 

iii. Garafilia M., b. Nov. 5, 1S39; m. Charles Wilson of Topeka, Kan., Nov. 2;^, 

973 iv. Everett Francis, b. April 19, 1842. 

V. Eveline Francena, b. April 19, 1842; (twin to Everett) ; m. August, 1S62. L. H. 

Pillsbury of Derry. N. H. 
vi. Mary Elizabeth, b. Aug. 21, 1847; m- Sanford Whipple: d. March 28, 1S94. 
vii. Martha Ann Peaslee, b. Oct. 24, 1S47; living unm. in Kingston, 
viii. Nella Josephine, b. Jan. 19, 185 1 ; m. Daniel J. Bakie of Kingston. 

386. Benja.min Coleman (149) Sanborn, born in Reading. Mass., 
March 24, 1803. Lived in Medford, Mass. Married Sept. 9, 1824, 
Lucinda Temple of Medford. Died July 24, 1S82. 

Children : • ' • ; 

974 i. David Thornton, b. Jan. 9, 1S26. 

ii. Lucinda Maria, b. Dec. 25, 1827; m. Talbot T. Fowler of Medford, .Mass.; d. 

Oct. 21, 1852. 
iii. Mary Jane, b. and d. 1830. 
iv. Garafilia Mohalba, b. Sept. 18, 1831; m. (as his second wife) Talbot T. Fowler 

of Medford, Mass. 
V. Thomas Haven, b. July 15, 1839; moved to Los Angeles. 


3S7. John Norris (149) Sanborn, born in Reading. Mass., Aucr. 13, 
1809. Married March 20, 1S32, Elizabelii Carter of Wilmington, Mass. 
Lived in Reading, Mass. Died Jan. 26, 1S92. 

Children : . ' 

i. Eliza Jane, b. April 2, 1S33; d. 1S34. 
ii. John Norris, b. Jan. 23. 1S35; m. Sarah E. Ilrooks of Reading; d. Nov. 17, 

1867. One child, Etiie May, b. April 20, 1866; m. EUie E. Pierce of North 

Reading: d. April 14. 1892. 
iii. Daniel Chute, b. Sept. 15, 1S36; m. {[) Helen A. Emerson. Oct. 7, 1862, who 

d. Jan. 18, 1SS4,— one cliild, Kirke P. Daniel Chute m. (2) Oct. 25. 1887, 

Julia Parker. 
iv. Benjamin Carter, b. Sept. 30, 1838; never married; served in Co. D, 22d Mass. 

Vols., and d. Feb. 11, 1S63. at Washington, D. C. 
V. Unnamed child, b. and died 1840. 
vi. Otis Scott, b. July 29, 1S41 ; never m. ; served as corporal, Co. D, 33d Mass. 

Vols., and d. Oct. 22, 1862, at Alexandria, Va. 
vii. Elizabeth Carter, b. Sept. 9, 1843; m. at Reading, Mass., Nov. 4, 1863, Orlando 

M. Brooks; d. Oct. 25, 1890. 
viii. iMary Angelina, b. Sept. 28, 1845. 
ix. Almira Burgess, b. Oct. 5, 1847. 
.X. Ella Maria, b. March 15, 1850. 

388. Rev. Pliny Fiske (149) Sanborne, born in Reading, Oct. 25, 
1820. A Presbyterian clerfrvman ; crraduated at x\mherst in 1840, and at 
Windsor Theological Seminary in 1S44. IMarried May 20, 1844, at South 
Egremont, Mass., Caroline Sophia Goodale, born July 29, 1S27 ; died Feb. 
23, 1895. Settled at East Granby, Conn., in 1S46, and tor titty years was 
engaged in the gospel ministry. Died at Elmira, X. Y., Jan. 14, 1894. 

Children : 

i. Unnamed son, b. and died April 22. 1847. • 

\\. Chester Goodale. b. Oct. 2, 1848; d. 1849. 
iii. Charles Griswold (twin to Chester), b. Oct. 2, 1848; d. 1849. 
iv. Mary Elizabeth, b. July 7, 1850; m. Sept. 5, 1872, William Cox Dalzell of South 
Egremont, Mass. 

975 V. George Granby, b. Oct. 15, 1852. 

vi. Caroline Sophia, b. Feb. 17, 1856, at Nunda. N. Y. ; m. June 6. 18S3. Dr. Geo. 
B. Packard of Denver, Col. 

976 vii. Frederic William, b. April 12, 1S59. : ^> • . 

977 viii. Henry Kendall, b. July 28, i860. 

389. Rev. George Edward (149) Sanborne, born in Reading. Mass., 
April 16, 1827. A Congregationalist clergyman, now residing at Hartford, 
Conn. Graduated at x\mherst in 1853 ; at Andover Theological Seminary 


■y.j.'^ii ■■. 

( ^ 

',.•,'.-■1 ' 

, r ■; VM ;•'. .•/J 

, ■: ,1-. > 

( ■; .•;;:/ '/'■ :\ n.:.i' ■';' ■ • 


in 1856: ordained at Georgia, Vt.,Jan. i, 1S57. Married June 10, 185S, 
at Portsmouth, N. H., Anna E. Knowlton, daughter of John Knowlton of 

Portsmouth. No children. 

390. Dr. Benjamin (150) Sanborn, son of Dr. William Sanborn and 
Nancy Merrill, his wite, was born in Falmouth, Me., in Aug., iSoo. He 
received his academic education at Frveburcr, IMe., and was jrraduated Irom 
Bowdoin College in 1S24. He studied medicine and practised in hospitals 
of various cities, including New Haven and Philadelphia. He also spent 
several months in travel in this country and Central America. 

In 1830, he began the practice of his prot"ession in Belgrade. Me., where 
he met and married Emeline Pitts, daughter of ^Maj. Thomas Pitts ot Bos- 
ton, and niece of the Hon. John Pitts of Belgrade, with whom she was then 
living. She was a descendant of Judge Simon Lynde (Massachusetts 
Superior Court), James Bowdoin, and James Pitts of the Kings Council. 

In 1836, Dr. Benjamin Sanborn removed to Falmouth, Me., where he 
practised his profession as long as his health permitted. He died Feb. 27, 
1846, after a long and painful illness, leaving a widow and seven children. 

Children : 

97S i. John Pitts, b. July 13, 1833. 

979 ii. William, b. Nov. 2, 1S34. ' ' ._ 
iii. Thomas, b. .March, 1836: d. 1S4S. 

980 iv. Peter Bowdoin. b. March 12, 1S38. 

981 V. James .Merrill, b. Aug. 13, 1S40. 

vi. Nancy Merrill, b. March 6, 1843: lives with her brother John P. It is owing to 

her kindness tliat the portrait of Dr. Benjamin is reproduced for this work, 
vii. Emeline Pitts, b. 1S45; d. 1S46. 

391. James William (150) S.vnborn, born at Falmouth, Me.. April 
19, 1813, was the son of William Sanborn, ?vl. D. In youth he gave evi- 
dence of great energy of character and keen powers of observation. 

He chose for his first venture a seafaring lite, and made trequent voyages 
to the West Indies, and also crossed the Atlantic ocean repeatedly. He 
went to Michigan in 1S35, ^^^ i" company with Abner Coburn (afterward 
governor of Maine), Charles Merrill of Detroit, and Joseph L. Kelsey. 
located 25,000 acres of pine land in St. Clair and Sanilac counties. Mr. 
Sanborn, then but twentv-two years old, was lelt in charge ot the invest- 
ment. In 1S36, he established himself in Metamora, Lapeer county, Irom 
which district he was elected to the legislature in 1S3S and again in 1S46, 
and in 1S53 trom St. Clair count}' ; and in 185S he was chosen commis- 
sioner of the state land otiice. 

pry^-/rrv^"^-<~p>rr^-^ t 



Dr. Benjamin Sanborn, df Falmouth. .Me. 





^^::>^ / , ^ oZ-^i^i^^^-i 



In 1845, he associated with himself in business, as co-partner, his brother- 
in-Liw, Alvah Sweetser, also of Maine. Thev purcliased large tracts of 
pine land on the Saj^inaw and Muskegon rivers and their tributaries, the 
Au Sable and Pine rivers, on Thunder Bay and ilie Upper Peninsula. In 
1S47, thev removed to Port Huron, and under the firm name of Sweetser &. 
Sanborn carried on an extensive business in lumbering, merciiandise. and 
real estate until the death of Mr, Sweetser in 1S64, after wiiich, with Mrs. 
Sweetser as partner, the business was carried on in tlie name of J. W. San- 
born & Co. until the death of both during the year 1870. 

As a legislator, Mr. Sanborn evinced the same habits of industry and 
faithfulness which so eminently characterized him in private life. In busi- 
ness matters he had a quick perception and was far-seeing, always com- 
bining promptness with caution. Just in his dealings, he expected and 
exacted the same trom others. Strong in his likes and dislikes, he never 
failed in proving the sincerity of his feelings to those he once recognized as 
friends. He numbered among his intimate associates many young men. 
who were indebted to him tor friendly counsel as well as for substantial aid 
in their business undertakings. ' ' ■ - ' 

Earnest in politics, as in other matters, and originally a AVhig, Mr. San- 
born stood among the foremost organizers of the Republican party. He 
represented his district as a delegate to that convention whose proceedings 
"under the oaks at Jackson" have been accorded a page not only in the 
annals of state, but also of national history. To this party he ever atter 
gave active allegiance and support. 

He was constant in attendance upon the worsJiip of the Congregational 
church, of which he was a member and trustee, contributing largely to its 
management and support. He married (i) 1839, Hannah Maria Rossman. 
b. 1821, d. Oct. 2, 1853); (2) June 27, 1855, Charlotte Fish, widow of 
Cummings Sanborn (39S), d. Sept. 10, 1859; (3) Feb. 18, 1861, Mehita- 
bel Davis, b. Feb. 21, 1830, still living in Port Huron. Mr. Sanborn died 
April 13, 1870, at his home in Port Huron. 

To very few men is it permitted to exert so large an influence on a new 
and vigorous state. 

Children : 

i.» Nancy, b. June 23, 1S41 ; d. 1S46. 
ii. William, b. Dec. 15, 1S44; d. 1853. 
iii. Nancy Ariana, b. Jan. 9, 1S51 : m. May 6, 1875, W. F. Botsford of Port Huron, 

Mich.; d. Sept. 21, 1S87. 
iv. Frederick Davis, b. Oct. 28, 1865. 
V. William Henry, b. .March 13, 1S6S: d. unm. July 21. 1S92. 




392. Frederick (150) Sanborn, born in Falmouth, Me., Jan. 6. 1820. 
After receivinjT a tlioroiifrli education, he enrraired in teachinfr? and lectur- 
ing on scientific subjects in several states. He went to Port Huron in 1848, 
remaining there until his death, June 17, 1S49. He made liis home with 
his sister, and never married. 

393. Ebenezer (151) Sanborn, born in Haverhill, N. H., Oct. 13, 
1772- A farmer in Jay, Vt., to which town he moved early in life. Mar- 
ried March 5, 1795, Mary, daughter of Richard Child of Jay (see "Child 
Genealogy"). Died Oct. 28, 1839. ■ ' 

Children : 

i. Matilda, b. March 2, 1796; m. Enoch Sanborn (403). 
ii. Louisa, b. Nov. 26, 1797; ni. Nahuni Downs of Bath, N. H. 

982 iii. Lanson (twin to Louisa), b. Nov. 26, 1797. 

iv. Henry B., b. Dec. 19. 1799; d. unm. ^Larch 17, 1825. 
V. Anna B., b. Nov. 2, 1801 ; m. Adna Crandall of Jay, Vt. ; d. July 7. 1856. 
vi. Hannah B., b. Nov. 29, 1803; m. Stoddard Meeker of Holland, Vt. ; d. Nov. 
29, 1842. 

983 vii. Bradley B., b. Dec. 2, 1805. 

viii. Mary B., b. April 14, 1808; d. 1810. 

984 ix. Edmund, b. April 6, 181 2. 

X. Martha B., b. May 28, 1S14; m. William Williams of Jay. 

394. Elias (151) Sanborn, born in Jay, Vt., Sept. 20, 1790. Moved 
to Morrisville, Vt., and married xVnnis White. In a letter from E. C. 
Stevens, dated Dec. 4, 1856, said to be then living in Morrisville, Vt. 

Children : 

985 i. Seth, b. (probably in Morrisville) Oct. 24, 18 18. 

ii. Lydia Way. ' ; . ' ^ 

iii. Daughter (name unknown). 

One of these daughters married Charles Fisher of Woodstock, Vt., and 
is now (1897) living in New York cit}^. 

395. John Salter (152) Sanborn, born in Haverhill, N. H., Feb. 20, 
1785. A farmer in Haverhill, where he lived and died. Married (i) Nov. 
17, 1808, Clarissa, daughter of Stephen Morse of Haverhill, born Sept. 28, 
1788; (2) Feb. 21, 1841, Hannah Hogins. Died July 2, i860. 

Children : 

i. Harriet, b. Sept. 28. iSi i : d. unm. Feb. 20. 1857. 

986 ii. Stephen Morse, b. Jan. 29. 18 13. 

iii. Susanna, b. March 8, 1815 ; m. John G. White. 

.; I- ,:. ! -V 


iv. Elthea Ann, b. May 20, 1S17 ; m. Horace Evans of Wells River. Vt. 
V. Mary Bailey, b. Sept. 5, 1818; m. Thomas E. Barron, 
vi. Clarissa, b. Feb. 15, 1821 ; d. unm. Oct. 5, 1841. 
vii. John, b. Oct. 2, 1823: d. March 4, 1824. 

987 viii. John Ouincy Adams, b. July 11, 1825. 

988 ix. Cummings, b. Jan. 6, 1829. 

989 X. Joseph Franklin, b. March 22, 1832. * 

396. Deacon Ebexezer Simpson (152) Sanborn, born in Haverhill, 
N. H., July 2S, 1789. Married Hannah Morey, Dec. 3, 1812 ; lived first in 
Coos county, N. H., then moved to New York state, and settled in Massena, 
St. Lawrence county, N. Y., where he was for many years a farmer and a 
deacon in the Conn^regational church. He died in Louisville, X. Y., July 
14, 1849; ^"'^s wii^Q died Nov. 5, 1S54. "" 

Children : 

i. John, b. in Coos Co., X. H., Oct. 16, 1813; m. Dec. 27, 1835, Olive Hammond, 
who was b. in Alburgh, Vt., July 18, 1812. In i860 living, a farmer, in New- 
bury, Geauga Co., O. 
ii. Susan, b. March 22, 1S15 : m. July 7, 1831, Samuel Shoen of Louisville, X. Y. 
iii. Rev. Israel M., b. Dec. 2. 1S18 ; never m. ; d. in Bainbridge, O., April 25, 1846; 
a Congregational clergyman. - , 

990 iv. Simpson Ebenezer, b Oct. 24, 1821. 

V. Cummings, b. Jan. 7, 1S24; a hotel-keeper and farmer; m. Feb. 28, i860, Martha 

A. French of Cavendish, Vt., b Oct. 25, 1822; d. 1872. He was for several 

' ' years connected with the water-cure at Saratoga, and is now a real estate dealer 

and notary at Manchester, la. No surviving issue. 

vi. Elizabeth Hall, b. May 28, 1826; m. Aug. 28, i860, Frank Brown of Chagrin 

Falls, O. 

991 vii. Moody Morey, b. April 18, 1829. 

397. Ezra (152) Sanborn, born in Haverhill, N. H., June 5, 1796. 
Married Jan. 10, 1819, Hannah, daughter of Daniel Bartiett, born June 24, 
1800. Moved to Port Huron, Mich., where he was a land inspector. A 
prominent man in Port Huron. Died Nov. 2, i860; his wife died July, 

Children : 

i. Hannah Bartiett, b. Oct. 20, 1820; d. unm. 1S42. 
ii. John, b. 1822; d. in infancy. 
iii. Mary Ann, b. Feb. 15, 1823; m. in 1846, David Bryce of Port Huron. Mich., a 

wealthy citizen. Mrs. Bryce is now (1897) living in Port Huron. 
iv. Daniel Bartiett, b. in Haverhill, X. H., Jan. 22, 1S25 ; never married; now 

(1897) living in Red Biuff, Cal. A carpenter by trade. 
V. George Little, b. 1827; d. young. 


39S. Cu.MMiNGS (152) Sankorn, like SO many of our kinsfolk, had 
lor his birthplace a New England farm. He was born at North Haver- 
hill, N. H., Jan. 15, 1799; and there he worked with his father until he 
arrived at man's estate. Although thus circumstances seemed to declare in 
favor of a plain and iiomespun existence, his genius carved out a different 
career. He was a bright scholar, and, according to Mrs. Evans, his niece, 
now living at the age of 80, — " he earlv showed that teaching was his forte : 
and he knew how to make his instructions valued. His discipline was 
admirable, and yet always pleasantly enforced. His pupils loved him, 
and," IMrs. Evans says, " he was the most gentlemanly man I ever saw." 
After having taught at Staten Island and other places, in 1S33 he moved to 
Michigan, and at once entered upon his profession as a teacher in that new 
country. Almost at once, however, his quick and energetic mind saw the 
great opportunities in the future ; he placed the money earned by teaching in 
the Carleton district school during the winters of i833-'34. ^" "^^^' ventures. 
Mr. Timothy Barron of St. Clair, Mich., says: " In the fall and winter of 
1835, ^^''- Sanborn built the water sawmill on Pine river, six miles north of 
Vicksburg, now Marysville, Mich., also a store in ^^arysville ; he ran the 
mill two or tliree years, then he sold it with the adjoining land, taking his 
pay in lumber and the sawing of lumber. In the early forties, he moved his 
store of goods to Port Huron, and invested in pine lands near there ; built 
a steam sawmill there, and was a pioneer in the lake transportation busi- 
ness ; he associated with himself in business his nephew, Martin S. Gillette, 
and his brother-in-law, Allen Fish, Jr. : he afterwards built the steam mill 
on the lake shore, three miles below Lexington. Nov. 14, 1S39, ^""^ married 
Charlotte, widow of Thomas Robertson, and daughter of Allen Fish. His 
ability and perseverance early met with their reward ; he earned the con- 
fidence of his tellow-citizens, and was by them chosen as state representa- 
tive. He served as postmaster of Port Huron trom 1S46 to 1S49. The 
Port Huron Herald says: " He was full of business activitv, and widelv 
known as an honorable and upright man." He was over six t'eet in height, 
of splendid proportions, straight and handsome. He carried himself 
proudl}', with no stoop ; and was always well dressed. 

Mr. Sanborn's undoubted ability brought him substantial returns in a 
worldly sense: he accumulated a large property, and was one of the most 
prosperous and influential men in Michigan. After years of successful 
enterprise in the new lield, he made a visit to his New England birth- 
place, in 1S52. Beiore he lett Port Huron, he made his will, disposing 
judiciously of his large estates ; amongst other bequests was one to the pub- 

id ..- .< •■ i-ih 



CuMMixGS Saxhorn, of Port Huron, Mich. 



lie library of Port Huron, thus helping in giving a start to what is now a 
fine collection. It was an example of public spirit and generosity, wliich 
has not alwa^-s been shown by the wealthy and prosperous. He died in 
North Haverhill, N. IL, Sept. 17, 1S52, a comparatively young man, and 
in the prime of life and strength. Identified as he was with all that was 
best in Michigan of that time, he was mourned by a wide circle of friends, 
and his loss was felt by all who knew him. 

Children : 

i. Ada Isabel, b. March 3. 1S4S; d. Aug. i. 1848. " % 

993 ii. Herbert Cummings, b. Dec. 13, 1S49. 

399. Enoch (153) Sanborn, born in Bath, N. II., July 27, 178S. Mar- 
ried Lois Elliott and moved West : had three sons and two daughters : died 
near Painesville, O. 

400. Rev. Ebenezer Ceeveland (153) Sanborn, born in Bath, X. H., 
June 12, 1794. Early moved to South Pekin, N. Y. A minister of the 
M. E. church. Married (i) April 20, 1S15, Almira Smith, born Oct. 7, 
1799, died Feb. 10. 1S2S : (2) April 29, 1830, Elizabeth Randall, born 
January, 1796, died Sept. 22, 1S73. He died April 20, 1867. 

Children : 

i. Myra Ann, b. April 3, 1816; m. (i) June 6, 1S3S, Eleazer O. Sanford, son of 
Alonzo of Coventry, Ct., d. Oct. 17, 1839; (2) March 15, 1846. Ira G. 
Sanborn (995). 
ii. Ruth Paine Goodwin, b. in Bath, X. H., Oct. 7, 1818; m. April 7, 1S40. in 
'■^ Haverhill. N. H., Capt. Corliss Roberts of Haverhill, X. H., and Ouincy, 

: \,-, iii. Henry Hancock Lang, b. July 30, 1821 ; d. unm. in Whitefield. X. H., Jan. 2, 
iv. Salina Huntington, b. July 30, 1821 (twin to H. H. L.) ; m. March, 1841, Eben- 
ezer Stevens of Frycburg, .Me.: d. 1884. 

993 V. Israel Giiman Smith, b. March 12' 1824. 

vi. Josiah Fisher Wilson, b. May 18, 1826; never married; a teacher in Grant 
county, Mich., now (1897) in Center Point, la. 

994 vii. Lee Randall, b. Aug. 8, 1831. 

viii. Francis Emery, b. May 22, 1834; d. 1S39. , 

401. Benning (155) Sanborn, born in Bath, N. H., May 8, 17S5. 
Married July 8. 1806, ^Nlar}-, daughter of Tyloses Hall, born July 22, 1786, 
and died at Lyman, N. H., July 9, 1845. Benning was a farmer and lum- 
berman, and a flat-boat builder on the Connecticut river; he built twenty 
flat-boats for himself, and many tor others. In Mav, 1S52, he moved 

\\;\ I 


to Q^iiticy, Adams county, Wis., and in 1S67 owned a farm one mile 
north of Q^iincy village. 


i. Richard, b. Dec. 29, 1S06; d. unm. in Boston, Mass., December, 1843. 
ii. iMoses, b. Feb 25, 1S09; a mariner; m. April, 1S35, Mary Ann Dick, and is said 

by D. H. S. to have had one child. 
iii. William, b. Feb. 27, iSii ; moved to Wisconsin, and then to Kansas. 
iv. Mary, b. March 5. 1813; d. 181S. 
V. Dorothy, b May 22, 1S15; m. Dec. 15, 1835, Moses Chase, son of Samuel of 

Bath, N. H., a lumberman in Ouincy. 
vi. Rosana, b. May 7, 1S17; m. (i) Winthrop Hadlock ; (2) Jesse Niles. 
vii. Lucy, b. April i, 18 19; d. 1S22. 

viii. Mary, b. Nov. 10, 1S20: m. Asa Lindley of North Dana, Mass. 
ix. Lucy, b. March iS, 1S24; d. unm. January, 1849. 
X. Amanda, b. April 12, 1S27; m. 1S44, Alpheus King of Springfield, Mass. 

402. Caleb (155) Sanborn, born in Bath, N. H., March 5, 1792. 
Married Phebe, daughter of Elijah Hall, born June, 1797, died May 30, 
1852. Lived in Monroe, N. H., where he died in 1S57. 

Children : '■ 

i. Phebe, b. and d. 1S15. 
995 ii. Ira G., b. June 3, 1S17. 

iii. Susan, b. June 6, 1819; m. Christopher Chase of Monroe. N. H. 
iv, ALirtha, b. Nov. 3, 1821 ; d. unm. in Monroe, N. H. 
V. Jane, b. .May 6, 1823; m. Wilder .Mead of .Monroe, N. H. 
vi. Phebe, b. 1825; m. .A.lden .Mead of .Monroe, brother of Wilder, 
vii. Renet, b. 1825 ; m. .Moses Cross of .Monroe, N. H. 

403. Enoch (155) S.anbor.n, born in Bath, X. H., Mav 7. 1794. Moved 
to North Troy, Vt. A farmer there. Married Matilda Sanborn (393-i) in 
1817. Living in i860. 

Children : 

i. Jane, b. Nov. 6, 1S18; m. Abraham Reuter of Porter, P. O. 

ii. Horace, b. Jan. 4, 1821 ; lived in North Troy; m Harriet Hatch, Jan. 27, 1S50. 
iii. David, b. 1834 ; d. young. 

iv. Chester, b. Nov. 29, 1S27; m. .May, 1866. Philena Walker; lived in No. Troy. 
V. Lodora .Ann, b. Nov. 27, 1S29; m. .March 9, 1S53. John S. Bacon of Hatlev. 

P. Q. 
vi. Emeline. b. i83( ; d. young. 

vii. Orrin, b. .May iS, t833; lived in Lowell, Mass.; m. 1S59. Jane Currier. 
viii. Julia, b. June 9, 1833 : m. 1S55, Solomon Elkins of North Troy. 
ix. Almira, b. Oct. 23, 1S38; m. 1S66, Is. Harris of Piermont. N. H. 



404. Ebenezer (156) Sanborn, born in Kensington, X. II., June 14, 
1773. A farmer in Brentwood, X. II. Married Lydia Fitield, who was born 
Jan. I, 1774, and died Sept. 21, 1S54. ^^*^ <^^^^'^^ March 13, 1S54. 

Children : 

i. Betsey, b. Sept. 7, 1797; m. Jonathan Robinson of Brentwood ; d. Feb. 8, 1845. 

998 ii. David F., b. Aug. 7, 1799. 

iii. Lydia, b. Dec. 13. 1S04; m. Samuel Morrill of I^rentwood. 
iv. Ebenezer, b. Nov. 8, 1S06; lived unm. in Brentwood. 

405. Henry (156) Sanborn, born in Kensington, X^. II., June 14, 
1775. ]Moved to Epping, X"^. H. ; a farmer there. Married (i) Feb. 8, 
1798, Ruth Xorris ot" Raytuond, X^. II. : (2) April 4, 1808, Sarah J^add, 

daughter of Samuel Greenleaf of Haverhill and Epping; (3) ?vlrs. 


Children : 

999 i. Henry, b. May 2, 1799. 

ii. Mary, b. Oct. 26, 1802 ; m. Caleb French of Nashua. N. H. 
iii. Samuel Greenleaf, b. April 27, 1809; m. (i) Polly S. Sanborn (410-iii), d. July 3, 

1838; (2) Mary A. Walker. Had a son, Samuel H., b. 1833, d. 1854, and a 

daughter, Angeline G., b. Sept. 17, 1S35. 
iv. Rufus H., b. Oct. 16, 1S14; d. Jan. 27, 1859. 

406. Moses (156) Sanborn, born in Epping, X. H., April 25, 1777. 
Moved to Wales, Me. ; a farmer there. Married March 18, 1801, Xanc}-, 
daughter of Major Josiah Fogg of Raymond, X. H., born July 11, 177Q. 
and died Feb. 23, 1838. He died April 12, 1852. 

Children : 

i. Clarissa, b. July 18, 1S02 ; m. Parker Dow of St. Albans, Me. 

ii. Sarah, b. June 9, 1804; m. Bullard. 

1000 iii. Henry, b. Feb. 18, 1808. 
looi iv. Dudley F., b. Dec. 5, 1S20. 

407. Xewell (156) Sanborn, born in Kensington, X. H., Julv 15. 
1779. ?^Ioved to ^Monmouth, Me. Married Betsey Sinclair; died July 9, 
1827. ' ^ , / 

408. James (156) Sanborn, born in Kensington. X'. H., June 11, 1790. 
Lived tirst in Epping. Married (i) Xov. 11. 1813, Hannah Stevens of 
Epping, who was born Jan. 2, 1795, and died July 30, 1838; (2) March 
20, 1839, Lydia x\ndrews, who was born in Wales, Me., Sept. 7, 1795. 
Moved to Monmouth, Me., where he lived and died. 


Children : 

i. Hannah Jane, b. May 19, 1815; m. May iS, 1S37. Samuel D. Shaw of Win- 

throp. Me. 
ii. Henry Blake, b. June 18, 1818; m. Sept. 4, 1844, Zoaii M. Cram; lived in 

Litchfield, Me. 
iii. Olive Ann, b. Jan. 2, 1821 : m. Nov. 14, 1840, Henry Roby of Monmouth, Me. 
1003 iv. James M., b. Aug. 7, 1S2S. 

V. Sumner R., b. Oct. 29, 1831 : m. Nov. 17, 1855, Hannah \V. Davis of Lisbon, 
Me. Lived in Monmouth, Me. 

409. John (156) Sanborn, born in Kensington, X. H., Sept. 14, 1792. 
Lived in Brentwood, N. H. Married Jan. 19, 1S19, Susan Sanborn 

Children : 

i. Mary Ann, b. Feb. 24, 1823. 

ii. Orrin S., b. June 17, 1S28. . . * 

iii. Maria L., b. June 25, 1831. 

All this family were living in Brentwood in 1S57. 

410. jNIose.s (157) Sanborn, born in Kensington. X. H., Sept. 24, 17S0. 
A farmer in Kensington, — lived and died there. Married (i) in 1S05, 
Mary Sherburn, who died Feb. 4, 1S09 ; (2) I\Iay 20, iSio, Lvdia Sher- 
burn. Died May 11, 1S33. 

Children : 

i. Lucy Green, b. Sept. 12, 1806. 

ii. Joseph Sherburn, b. July 17, 180S. ' . 

iii. Mary Sherburn, b. Nov. 29, 1812. . • 

iv. Lydia Olive, b. Nov. 28, 18 14. 
V. Jeremiah Blake, b. Jan. 16, 1817. 

vi. Abigail Ann. b. June 21, 18 19. - • - 

vii. Susan Dolbee. b. Feb. 14, 1823. " , 

viii. Eunice Lane, b. Oct. 7, 1824. 
ix. Catherine Elvira, b. Aug. 31, 1827. 
X. William Henry, b. Oct. 25, 1S30. 

411. James (157) Sanborn, born in Kensington, baptized there N'ov., 
1786. Lived and died there, — a farmer. Married Jan. 29. 1S06, Sarah, 
daughter of Jonathan ^Nlelcher ot" Kensington, who was born in 17S2, and 
died Jan. 12, 1846, in Seabrook, X". H. He died Sept. 23. 1S59. 

Children : 

i. Betsey, b. .March 14, 1S07; d. unm. Sept. 20. 1831. 
1008 ii. William Henry, b. June ii, i8oS. 

iii. Jemima, b. .March 8, 1810; m. 1832, John Collins of Kensington. 



iM-r -t V- ■■■'<< IVJ i^.jiynnj T W-f * i-ir, »,JMjiy^_ ii ny^y, « ^ . y.y g^ 

a . 




-i f 

liii" ' j'l M iir ^ III I I tiMlijlili r ^.i>r;£jgu^:-;^\.jt-:. ■<--;'^pgg;-iiVif>-:^-<^,^'. 
Moses Sankokx, of Clevelaxd, Ohio. 




I ^^' 


1009 iv. James, b. June 10, 181 2. 

V. Capt. Charles H., b. in Hampton Falls, Sept. 3, 1817; m. Emily, dau. of Na- 
thaniel Gove of Seabrook, a sea-captain: d. 1896. His widow still (1S97) 
lives in Seabrook. 

412. Jeri:miah (157) Saxi;orn, born in Kensin<^ton, N. II., baptized 
there July 12, 17SS. Lived and died in Exeter, N. H. Married May i, 
1813, Estlier Smith. D. H. S. says he had two daughters. 

413. Moses (158) Sanborn, born in Kensington, Aug. 25. 1791. Lived 
in Salem, Mass., Newark, N. J., and Cleveland, O. A tanner by occupa- 
tion, — in a large way ot' business. Married in Salem, April 20, 1815, 
Esther, dauiihter of William Kinsman of Salem, who was born in Hamil- 
ton, Mass., July i, 1793, and died Oct. 14, 18SS. Moses died in Cleve- 
land, May 17, 1870. 

Children : 
• • i. Esther, b. and d. 1816. 

ii. William, b. and d. 181 7. 
loio iii. William Moses, b. Jan. 15, 1819. 

iv. Esther Ann, b. Dec. 10, 1820; d. unm. May 8, 1868. 

V. Henry, b. Nov. 18, 1S22; d. 1826. "^ 

vi. Charles, b. Dec. i, 1824: d. 1825. 
ion vii. Henry, b. Sept. 15, 1826. 

1012 viii. Charles, b. April 17, 1828. 

ix. Mary Jane, b. Dec. 6, 1829; m. George H. Smith of Cleveland, who d. Oct. 6, 
1865. His widow still (1897) lives in Cleveland. 

1013 .\. George Leonard, b. Nov. 16, 1831. 

xi. Caroline Augusta, b. Dec. 13, 1S33 ; m. Dec. 27, 1S59, Judge John Cushman 

Hale of Cleveland. 
xii. Harriet Matilda, b. Nov. 18, 1836. A teacher, living (1897) in Summit, N. J., 

with her sister. 
xiii. Evelyn, b. Nov. 22, 1838 : m. Dec. 16, 1862, Edwin C. Jewett of Summit, N. J., 

where he and his wife now live. 

414. Jesse (158) Sanborn, born in Kensington, April 21, 1794. A 
farmer in Loudon, X. H., where he lived and died. Married Silva Batch- 
elder, who died Aug. i, 1848; he died Oct. 9, 1826. 

Children : 

i. Abigail C, b. Jan. 27, 1816; m. Sept. 3, 1S36, Oliver L. Perkins of Pitts- 
field, N. H. 
ii. James Silver, b. Nov. 30, 181S ; a farmer in Loudon; m. June 12, 183S. .Mary S. 
Clifford of Chichester, N. H. Had (i) Adaline Nancy, b. May 26, 1839: (ii) 
Clara F. C, b. June 22, 1845. 
1014 iii. Ambrose J., b. March 6, 1S20. 

J. I 


415. Jonathan Ciioate (15S) Sanborn, born in Loudon, X. II., Aug. 
26, 1802. Married in 1824, Eliza Sanborn C50i-i). A farmer in Loudon, 
N. H., where he lived and died. His wife was born Nov. 11, 1802, and 
died Jan. 9, 1837; he died Jan. 17, 1833. 

Children : 

i. Elisha, b. Ma}- 5, 1826; moved to Alton, la., where he was living in i860; m. 

May 2, 1855, Esther Ann Sawyer, dau. of John. They had in i860 but one 

child, Herman Elisha, b. July 19, 1S59. 
ii. Sarah Ann, b. Dec. 20, 1827; m. Jan. 6, 1856, Joseph B. Sanborn (1176). 

416. Hon. Charles (160) Sanborn, born in Salisbury, jNIass., Nov. 
12, 1808. A prominent man, — representative, two years state senator, and 
four years an officer of the Boston Custom House. Married Ma}" 21, 1830, 
Betsey Page Brown, born June 7, iSoS ; died Sept. 5, 1861. Hon. Charles 
Sanborn died in East Kingston, ]March i, 1882. 


1015 i. George Williams, b. Feb. 23, 1836. 

417. John (161) Sanborn, born in rvlachias. Me., Oct. 16, 1790. Lived 
and died in Machiasport. Married (i) in 1813, Hannah Berry, who died 
about 1837 ; (2) • .3/<a •^i-r;>^;?'v' Tt?^, /--/rXT 

/ 3'^" Children : 

i. Eliza A., b. March 17, 1814: m. Rufus Thompson of .Machias ; d. Dec. 2, 1851. 

ii. Jane, b. Jan. 17, 1S16; m. William Robinson of Machias. 

iii. Lucinda, b. and d. iSiS. . , 

iv. Charles, b. Aug. 31, 1819; d. 1S20. 

V. John, b. Sept. 24, 1S21 ; m. Elmira Jay of ?»Iachiasport. 

vi. William, b. Aug. 23, 1S25; d. unm. March 25. 1852. 

vii. Stillman, b. March 19, 1S27; d. unm. March 25, 1S50. 

viii. Francis A., b. Dec. 18, 1S29; d. unm. Dec. 20, 1851. 

IX. Cyrus P., b. March S, 1S33 ; m. Helen J. Sanborn (425-ii) ; lived in .Machiasport. 

X. Nancy, b. July 21, 1835 i ™- Ellery Watts of Jonesport, Me. 

xi. Mary H., b. Oct. 27, 1841. .... 

xii. Edward P., b. Nov. i, 1843. 

418. Tristram Coffln (162) S.\nborn, born in Machias, June 12, 
1791. Served as quartermaster-sergeant. Thirty-fourth L'. S. Intantry, in 
the War of 1812, taking part in the Battle of Plattsburg. Drew a pension 
for many years. Settled in Bouckville. N. Y., and held the office of Justice 
of the Peace for along period. Married Dec. 16, 1827, Abigail Edgerton, 
born March 9, 1806 ; living in 1S60 in Bouckville. 

I , ' »' 


Children : 

i. Eliznbetli W., h. Oct. 2, 182S; m. (i) Jan. 10, 1849. Jesse Brici^'e, Jr., of 

Bouckville ; (2) Feb. 6, 1S36, Josepli Forward of Bouckville. 
ii. George Coffin, b. Sept. 7. 1S30; m. Dec. 16. 1854. Marietta Richardson of 
Bouckville; lived in East Saginaw, Midi.; liad (i) George B., d. in infancy; 
(ii) Kate, d. in infancy. 
iii. Catiierine A., b. May 30, 1S33: d. Sept. 5, 1848. 
iv. John Edgerton, b. April 29, 1S35; m. Jan. 3. 1S57, Rhoda Jane Bennett of 

Bouckville; lived in Bouckville. 
V. Abigail L., b. Nov. 28, 1S40; d. 1841. 
vi. Josephine A., b. Dec. 17, 1S41. 
vii. Abigail Eloise, b. Sept. 11, 1845. 
viii. Alice B., b. Aug. 9, 1849. 

419. Robert Foster (162) S.\n'EOrn, born in Steuben, Me.,JtilyS, 
1793. Lived and died in Waterville, Me. iNIarried Dec. 21, 1820, Eliza- 
beth Temple, born March 30, 1800. He died Sept. 15, 1844. 

Children : 

i. Robert, b. May 13, 1822. 
ii. William D., b. Aug. 5, 1824. 
iii. Richard D., b. Jan. 27, 1826; m. Dec, 31, 1850, Theodosia Taylor; lived at 

Kendall's Mills, .Me. 
iv. John W., b. Aug. 8, 1S2S. 
V. Mary Ann, b Feb. 2, 1S32. 
vi. Edward, b. Sept. 11, 1834; d. 1834. 
vii. James Temple, b. Nov. 12, 1S36. 
viii. Eliza Jane, b. March 20, 1839; d. 1842. 

420. Capt. Daniel (162) Sanborn, born in Steuben, Me., March 7, 
1796. Lived and died in Rockland, Me.; a sea captain. Married (i) 
Aug. 5, 181 7, Mary Henderson of St. George, Me., who died June 6, 
1846; (2) Oct. 17, 1S48, Mrs. Lucy H. Ulmer. 

Children : 

i. Eliza Ann, b. Dec. 8, 1818; d. young. ' 

ii Sarah C, b. June 2, 1820. •' •<"^-- ^li-' 

iii. Capt. Marion Williams, b. March 5, 1822; "master of the brig Angostura, which 

sailed from New York for Ireland, Jan. 4, 1856, and was never heard from. 
iv. Mary N., b. Feb. 7, 1824. 
v. Ellen Elizabeth, b. March 6, 1826; d. young. 
vi. Charles Henry, b. Feb. 7, 182S; d. young. 
vii. Elizabeth, b. Jan. 6, 1830. 
viii. Charles F., b. Dec. 7, 1832. 
ix. George C, b. Sept. lo, 1S34. 

D. H. S. says five of this family were living in Boston in 1S60. 


■; »•■ 


421. William (163) Sanborn, born in Machiasport, Me., Aug. 8, 
1799. Married in Machiasport, March 31, 1S22, Hannah Toby, who was 
born Nov. 14, iSoi, and died Oct. ?2, 1S46. A carpenter by trade. Moved 
to California and amassed considerable property. Died in Watsonviile, 
Cal., Oct. 14, 1864. 

Children : 

1025 i. Charles Webber, b. April 20, 1823. 

1026 ii. Lucius, b. Oct. 19, 1S24. 

1027 iii. Franklin, b. June 3, 1S26. 

iv. Priscilla Mayhew. b. April 22. 1828; m. May, 1S47, Dr. Hezekiah Fletcher of 

Minneapolis, Minn., and Watsonviile, Cal.; d. Aug. 13, i860. 
V. Newman Day, b. Aug. 16, 1833: d. unm. Dec. 24, 186S. 

1028 vi. Edwin Forrest, b. .May 6, 1S35. 

vii. Ann .Maria, b. Dec. 22, 1S40; d. 1841. 

1029 viii. William Augustus, b. July i, 1843. 

1030 ix. Alvin, b. April 9, 1S46. 

422. CvRUs (163) Sanborn, born in Machias, Nov. 28, 1801. Lived 
first in East i\Iachias, Me., where he married, Sept. 11, 1823, Susan Gard- 
ner, who was born April 30, 1804. Probably moved to New York city. 

Children : 

i. Hannah, b. Jan. 26, 1S25 ; m. Frederick Talbot of New York, and d. Jan. 27. 

ii. Mary C, b. April 13, 1S27 ; m. Charles Talbot. 
iii. Susan L., b. Aug. 3, 1832; d. 1S32. 
iv. Sarah A., b. Sept. 17, 1S33; m. John C. Ames. 
V. Susan Gardner, b. May 29, 1S36; m. Frederick Talbot of New York, as his 

second wife. 
vi. Thomas M.. b. Dec. 31, 1838; living (1897) in E. Machias. 
vii. Caroline L., b. Aug. 31, 1841. 
viii. Francis A., b. Dec. 5, 1843; living (1897) in E. .Machias. 

423. Alfred (163) Sanborn, born in Machias, Oct. 17, 1803. Lived 
and died in Machiasport. Married April 3, 1831, Mary F. Berry ot' 
Machias, who was born Sept. 3, 1813. 

Children : 

i. Sarah B., b. Sept. i, 1833; m, Charles Robinson, 
ii. Georgiana W., b. Jan. i r, 1836; m. John P. Jewett. 
iii. Adaline M., b. Nov. 19, 1S39. 

424. Lewis (163) S.\nborn, born in Machias, Aug. 24, 1805. Lived 
and died in Machiasport. Married Feb. 27, 1827, Anna B. Buckman, who 
was born Oct. 19, 1800, and died Feb. 6, 1S47. 



Children : 

i. William B., b. Feb. 23, 182S: d. 183S. {, |^ ' ' 

ii. Miranda O., b. Sept. 28, 1S29: ni. Jan, i, 1859, Judah Drisco. 

iii. Anna J., b. April 1 1 , 1S33. 
1033 iv. Eugene B., b. Feb. 19. 1S35. 

425. John F. (163) S.vnborn, born in Machias, x-\ug. 25, iSo;. Lived 

and died in rvlachiasport. Married Dec. 23, , Jane J. Toby, who was 

born May 6, 1809. 

Children: 1,/^cJe 

i. Elizabeth M., b. Feb. 7, 1S33; m. Dec. 15. 1858, George Wade of Machias- 

ii. Helen J., b. March iS, 1S35 ; m. Cynis P. Sanborn (4i7-i.\-). 
iii. Julia A. L., b. July 2, 1S37 : d. 1852. 
iv. Laura L., b. Jan. 5, 1839 ; d. 1855. 
V. William H., b. June 28, 1842. 
vi. John F., b. June 2, 1847. 
vii. Julia E., b. April 25, 1S51. 

426. James L. (163) S.vnborn, born Feb. 7, 1S14. Lived and died in 
Machiasport. Married Pamelia A. Small, who was born Dec, 25, 1815. 

Children : 

i. George M., b. April 5, 183S. 

ii. Cordelia, b. May 9, 1S40. - ■; . - . 

iii. Olive, b. July 4, 1842. 
iv. Gilbert, b. April 12, 1S44; now (1897) living in .Machias. 

V. Jame.s, b. Feb. 28, 1847. 
vi. Ellen, 5. March 6. 1849. 

vii. Ira, b. March 19, 1S51 ; now (1897) living in .Machias. 
viii. Pamelia, b. April 16, 1853. 
ix. Syrena, b. Jan. 11, 1S57. 

427. Stephen (164) Sanborn, born in Standish, Me., Nov. 16, 17S3. 
Lived in Xorwav and Greenwood, Me. Married in 181 1, Sally Longley, 
who was born in 1790. Died Dec. 15, 1854. 

Children : 

i. John, b. Aug. 20, 1814: m. and had two children. 
ii. David, b. Feb. 13, iS[7; ni. Lydia Cordell of Oxford. Me. Lived in Bethel. 

Me., and had two children. 
iii. Mary Longley, b March 8', 1S18: m. John Merrill of Paris, .Me. 
iv. Capt. Merrill, b. Dec. 7. 1S20. .^Laster ofa v.hale ship; lived in New Bedford. 

Mass. ; m. Eliza Cranston. Had two children. 
V. Lucy, b. Nov. 28, 1822; m. Charles S. Robbins of Norway, Me. 


vi. Rebecca, b. Sept. 25, 1823; m. Jolm lirackett of Harrison. 
vii. Francina, b. July 16, 1825: ni. Gilman Kendall of lietliel, Me., and moved to 

viii. Esther C, b. Oct. 10, 1S29: ni. William Kimball of Biddeford, .Me. 
ix. William Dunlap, b. Feb. 19, 1S30; m. and settled in Berlin, X. H. 
.\. Charles Carroll, b. Sept. 19, 1832: d. unm. 

428. Joseph Coleman (164) Sanborn, born in Standish, Me., June 
14, 17SS. A farmer in Betiiel, Me. r^Iarried Lucy Verrill of Minot, Me. 
Died Sept. 9, 1856. 

Children : 

i. George W., b. July 11, 1823; m. Mary Barker; lived in Georgetown, Mass. 
Had five children. — (i) George, (ii) Melvina, (iii) Albert, (iv) Mabel, (v) 
unnamed son, d. in infancy. 
1040 ii. Lewis Atwood, b. Oct. 8, 1827. * 

iii. Mary Melvina, b. Dec. 5, 1S31 ; d. young. 

iv. Laurana Emerson, b. April 6, 1834; m. Elijah P. Searle of Haverhill, Mass. 
V. Jerome, b. March 31, 1837; m. ("History of Bethel*' says) Emily E. Holt: 
( L. A. S. says) Carrie Stevens; lives in Bethel, .Me. Three children, — (i) 
Fannie, m. Eugene Prescott, (ii) Ada, (iii) Grace. 
vi. Marcia Ann, b. June 14, 1S38; m. Bannister Grover of Stoneham, Me. 
vii. Drusilla, b. and d. 1841. 

429. John (164) Sanborn, born in Standish, Me., July 2, 1790. 
Lived and died in Bethel, Me. ^Larried Oct. 23, 1823, Naomi Barker of 
Newry, Me. 

Children : 

i. Sylvia, b. July 27, 1824; m. William F. Brown of Bethel. 

ii. Mary A., b. March 11, 1825 ; d. unm. 

iii. Frances, b. Dec. 16, 1827; m. Charles E. Swan of Bethel ; d. April t2, 1S56. 

iv. David P., b. Dec. 8, 1829. 

v. Simeon, b. Sept. 9, 1S31. '^ ■ ' ' ' ' "' '"'^ 

vi. Ellen M., b. 1S36; d. 1S38. 

vii. John Oscar, b. Dec. 10, 1S40. 

430. David (164) Sanborn, born in Standish, Me., Jan. 6, 1796. 
A farmer in Bethel, Me. Married Feb. 12, 1833, Virtue Barker of Newry, 
Me., born April 15, 1804; died Dec. 31, 1S83. He died 'Slay 7, 1868. 

Children ; 

1042 i. John Ward. b. Feb. 4, 1833. 

1043 ii. Robert Wiley, b. Oct. 31, 1835. ' ' '" " 

iii. Abigail Augusta, b. Feb. 15, 1837. -■ 

iv. Ellen M., b. March 9, 1839. 

1044 v. Calvin L., b. Jan. 22, 1845. 

V--' ••.: ' '!.■ •:':• v.:<4<-Hy. 

(; -'..Iii^ 




431. RuFus (165) Sa.vborx, born in Standish, Me., Dec. 22, 1784. 
A I'arnier in Baldwin, Me., where he lived and died. Married Nov. 13, 
1806, Sarah, daughter of Joseph Cram of Baldwin, who was born in 17S7, 
and died Oct. 6, 1S48. He died Sept. 25, 1859. 

Children : 

i. Eliza, b. March 5, 1807; m. Jonas Brown. 

ii. Cynthia, b. Oct. 21, iSoS; m. .May 15, 1834, Charles Atkinson, 

iil. Sarah, b. Sept. i, iSii ; m. Nov. 15. 1838, Samuel Stone, and d. Oct. 4, 1848. 

1045 iv. Aaron, b. Dec. 25, 1S15. 

1046 V. Rufus X., b. Aug. 6, iSiS. 

vi. Alnnira, b Jan. 11. 182 r ; m. Oct. 6, 1844, Samuel J. Marr, and d. Oct., 1893. 
vii. Mary, b. Feb. 21, 1823; m. Dec. 25, 1843, Samuel C. Roundy. 

1047 \'iii- George W., b. July 12, 1827. 

ix. John .M., b. Dec. 30, 1833. 

432. Peter (165) Sanborn, born in Standish, Me., ^Nlay 20, 1790. 
A farmer in Baldwin, Me., where he lived and died. Married Sept. 20. 
1813, Phoebe Bintord of Baldwin. Died Jtdy 13, 1S61. 

Children : 

i. Lucinda, b. May 16, 1814; m. (i) Dec. 22, 1831, Mark Morrill of Baldwin ; (2) 
David Allen of Falmouth, Me. 
1049 ii. Levi, b. March 25, 1S16. 

iii. Mary A., b. June 25, 18 18; m. June 26, 1842, Peter Stewart. D. H. S. says 

she m. (2) Leonard Hathaway of Garland, Me. 
iv. Phebe, b. .March 29, 1820; m. April 15, 1844. Leonard Hutchinson of Falmouth 

and Buxton, Me. 
V. Peter, b. Aug. 10, 1822; d. 1824. 
vi. LydiaJ., b. Feb. 2, 1S26. 
vii. Peter Morrill, b. June 14, 1S29; m. May 20, 1855, Susan E. Graves; lived in 

Lynn, Mass. 
viii. Laurana E., b. March 7, 1S31 : m. J. P. Parrott of Lynn, Mass. 
ix. Almeda M., b. Sept. 21, 1834* d. 1838. 
X. Foresti, b. Oct. 10, 1836; m. Sarah Burnell ; lived in Baldwin. 

433. Benj.vmix (165) Sanborn, born in Standish, Me.', March 10, 
1795. A farmer in Baldwin, Me. Married April 17, 1817, Abigail Cram 
of Baldwin. 1 ; ,, 

Children: , • ' ' ■"• '• ; 

1052 i. Eli, b. Jan. 29, 1S18. 

ii. Susan P., b. Jan. 24, 1821 ; m. Xov. 10, 1842. Aaron Berry of E. Sebago. 
iii. Sybil F.,b. Oct. 21, 1823; m. Dec. 27, 1846. Peter G. Cram : d. .Mar. iS, 1S56. 
iv. Lydia, b. Jan. 10, 1826: m. Dec. 31, 1847, John W Roundy; d. .NLarch to, 1851. 
V. Emeline. b. Dec. 26. 1827: m. Sept. 30, 1847, Geo. Burnell ol W. Baldwin. 


vi. Benjamin A., b. Aug. iS, 1S30; m. May 3, 1S51. Eliza Wiggin ; iiad (i) Adelia 

P. J., b. Dec, 1853; (ii) Laurana K., b. Dec, 1S56: Iv;,'. in Belleville, N. S. 

vii. Horatio J., b. July 8, 1S33; m. June 7, 1S57, Eliza Burnell ; bad one cbild, 

Arra A., b. Oct. 12, 1857; Ivg. in E. Hiram, Me. 
viii. Abigail M., b. Nov, 9, 1S35 ; d. 1S36. 

i.x. Almon, b. April 15, 183S ; m. Cynthia Sanborn (1046-i) ; Ivg. in Franklin, Mass. 
X. Lorenzo, b. Jan. 21, 1841 : a harness maker in Boston; m. Jan. 21, 1 87 1, Lizzie 
M. Pike, b. 1849, d. 1S97. 

434. Enoch (165) Sanborn, born in Standish, May 17, iSoo. A far- 
mer in West Baldwin, where he lived and died. ^Married Nov. 13, 1623, 
Elizabeth Flint. For many years Enoch Sanborn was postmaster at West 
Baldwin. Died July, 1873. _ 

Children : 

i. Sarah F., b. April 7, 1825. 

ii. Elizabeth, b. iMay 4, 1S27; m. Feb. 20, 184S, Cyrus F. Burnell of West Bald- 

iii. Alcina, b. and d. 1831. 

iv. Roscoe Enoch, b, Dec. 28, 1832; m. and lived in Lynn. 

1053 V. John S., b. April 30, 1837. 

vi. Peter Warren, b. Sept. 29, 1839; lives in Auburn. Me. 

435. Pierce (166) Sanborn, born in Standish, Me., Sept. 17, i7-3- 
A farmer in Baldwin, Me. Held a commission in the War of 1S12. ?*Iar- 
ried July 27, 1807, liuldah Paine, who was born in Welllleet, Mass., Feb. 
15, 1780. Died May 5, 1834. 

Children : 

1055 i. Albert, b. May 21, 1808. 

ii. William, b. Feb. 11, 181 1 ; d. unm. July 25, 1853. 
iii. Darius, b. Nov. 28, iSii ; d. 1828. 

1056 iv. Lyman, b. Nov. 20, 1S13. 

V. Phebe, b. Feb. 7, 1816. ^ ' '; 

1057 vi. John. b. Oct. 14, 1818. • " ' - ^ ;. * - - 
■ 1058 vii. Lorenzo O., b. Nov. 27, 1820. 

436. John (166) S.\nborn, born in Standish, Me., July 7, 1791. A 
shoemaker by trade; early (1815) moved West, and married at Marcellus, 
N. Y., Clarissa Smith, wMio died in 1835. John was a Portsmouth soldier 
in the War of 1812, Settled in Middleport, N. Y., and died there in 1S54. 

Children : 

1059 i. Edwin Hiram, b. Sept. 16, 1S27. 

ii. Pamelia, b. ; m. Hon. Isaac Atwater of Minnesota, an attorney and a prom- 
inent man; Mrs. Atwater is still (1S97) living in Minneapolis, and is a lady of 
unusual talent and attainments. 


iii Warren, d. in infancy. 
iv. Hugh, d. in infancy. 

437- Joseph (i66) Sanborn, born in Standish, Me., June "14, 1793. 
Moved West with his brother John : settled first in Middleport, and then 
went on to Michigan, where he is said to have died in 1857. 

438. Asa (166) Sanbor.n, born in Standish, ?vle., May 5, 1795. Lived 
and died in Baldwin, Me. ; a farmer there. Married Jan. 18, 1825, Abi- 
gail Brown, and died Nov. 23, 1857. 

Children : 

i. Alden, b. Aug. 12, 1826; d. 1S29. 
ii. Annette, b. Feb. 13, 1830. 

1062 iii. Alden B., b. Jan. 24, 1834. 

iv. Esther Fiavilla, b. Sept. 7, 1S37. 

V. Susan C, b. April 15, 1840. 
vi. Matilda, b. Oct. ic, 1S43. 
vii. Marius, b. Nov. 17, 1846; d. 1847. 

439. Capt. Warren (166) Sanborn, born in Standish, Me., iSIay 5, 
1802. A farmer in Standish, where he lived and died ; a prominent man. 
Married Jan. i, 1S22, Jane W., daughterot" Samuel Warren ot'Standish, born 
June 22, 1S07, died xMarch 17, 1S75. He died March 20, 1844. 

Children : 

i. Aravesta D., b. March 14, 1S30; m. Henry P. Waldron of Limington, Me. 
ii. Melintha S., b. April 28, 1832; m. John H. Davis of Standish. 

1063 i'i- John Warren, b. March 21, 1835. 

1064 iv. Bigelow Thatcher, b. July 17, 1S3S. 

V. Orville Scott, b. May 31, 1S41. 

440. Joseph (167) Sanborn, born in Standish, Me., Jan. 27, 1S02. 
Lived and died in Standish. ^Married Dec. 14, 1836, Catherine R. Irish. 
A prominent man in Standish ; served for twelve years as selectman, 
assessor, and overseer of the poor. .,.,.. ^ ^, 


i. Joseph Ralph, b. Oct. 30, 1S37; d. 1844. 

441. Moses (16S) Sanborn, born in Standish, Me., Jan. 12, 1802. 
Lived and died in Baldwin, Me. jNLirried June 23, 1829, Susan Hopkin- 
son of Hollis, Me. Died Jan. 7, 1850. 

Children : 

i. Mary Augusta, b. June 28, 1S32; m. June 23, 1855, SewallE. Sibley of Standish, 
Me., who was b. Dec. 22, 1832. 

1/ .rf^'' 


ii. Francinn E., b. June 2, 1S36. 
iii. Oliver Johnson, b. Jan. 27, 1840. 
iv. Caroline Matilda, b. June 2, 1S44; d. 1S51. 

442. Leonard (168) Sanborn, born in Standish, Me., June 20, 1807. 
Lived and died in Standish. Married Oct. 14, 1841, Caroline O. Cram, 
who died Aug. 26, 1852. 

Children : 

i. Henry Clinton, b. Aug. iS, 1842. 
ii. Edwin G., b. April 25, 1S46. 
iii. Franklin, b. Aug. 18, 1S52. 

443. Richard (169) Sanborn, born in Gilmanton, July 13. i777« 
Lived and died in Gihbrd, N. H. Married Elizabeth Osgood, who was 
born Dec. 19, 1772, and died Aug. 10, 1857. lie died Dec. 9, 1849. 

Children ; 

i. Apphia, b. Oct. 2, 1801; m. Dec. 29, 1823, Caleb Marston of Gilford. 

1070 ii. Lowell, b. Dec. 3, 1802. 

iii. Eliza, b. May 22, 1805 ; m. June, 1840, Capt. Dudley G. Thyng of Gilford. 

1071 iv. Philip Osgood, b. Jan. 16, 1809. 

1072 V. Richard, b. Jan. 11, iSii. 

vi. Rebecca R., b. May 9, 18 15 ; m. Peter B Ames of New Hampton. 

444. Lowell (169) Sanborn, born in Gilmanton, April 20, 1781. 
Lived and died in Gilford. Married Molly ^NLarden of Rye, who was born 
March 20, 1779, and died April 10, 1850. He died May 8, 1848. 

Children : 

i. Hannah Marden, b. in Rye, N. H., July 11, 1802; m. Mark Adams of Alton, 

N. H. 
ii. Lucinda, b. July 11, 1804; m. Jonathan Thompson of Gilford. 
iii. Rebecca, b. Aug. 2, 1806; d. 1806. 
iv. Nancy, b. Aug. 2, 1S06 (twin to Rebecca); m. (i) William D. Calley: (2) 

Joseph Brown of Sanbornton. 
V. Mary D., b. Nov. 28, 1808; m. Nathan Adams of Alton, N. H. 
vi. Sally S., b. Jan. 2. iSi i ; m. John Locke of Loudon, N. H. 
vii. LucyR., b. Nov. 5, 1S13; m. Samuel Locke of Tamworth. N. H. 
viii. Benjamin Marden, b. June 5, 1816; teacher and merchant in Gilford: m. Sept. 
21, 1S39. Martha P. Mclntyre of Tuflonborough. N. H., who was born July 
12, 1819. Had (i) Martha Ann, b. Sept. 23, 1841, m. Joseph B. Batchelder 
of Lebanon, N. H. ; (ii) Carrie Lucinda, b. Sept. 17, 1855. 
ix. Rebecca Judkins, b. Sept. 11, 1S18; m. William Marden of Loudon. N. H. 

445. Elish.\ Judkins (169) Sanborn, born in Gilmanton, April 9, 
1783. Lived and died in Gilford. ?vlarried ^^lary Blaisdell, who died in 

M .» 


Gilford, Dec. 25, 1838, aged fifty-seven years, two months, nine days. He 
died Sept. 7, 1845. 

Children : 

i. Judith, b. Feb. 19, 1S03; ni. John Wilkinson of Gilford ; d. May 21, 1S65. 
ii. Isaac W., b. March 3, 1S05; m. Elizabeth Thurston; lived in Great Falls and 
Farmington, N. H. ; d. Dec. 4. 1S48. His son is Edgar W. Sanborn of 
Farmington, N. H. 
1073 iii. Levi Blaisdell b. Sept. 26, 180S. 

iv. William R., b. Sept. 4, 1S15 ; m. Lucy Wheeler ; lived in Liberty, Me. ; d. Sept. 
19, 1S66. •;.,,, 

446. THEoriiiLus (169) Sanborn, born in Gilmanton, May 12, 1785. 
Moved to Salem, Mass., where he married Lydia, daughter of John 
Eustace or Eustis of Salem. Died Dec. 13, 1S60. 


i. Elizabeth, b. ; m. Glover. • ' . 

ii. Benjamin. 
iii. George, 
iv. Lydia. b. Sept. 24, 1821 ; m. Dec. 31, 1843. George Russell of Salem, Mass. 

V. Frank T., b. : m. Abigail Hoyt ; lived in Salem. 

vi. Caroline, b. ; m. David Kimball of Boston. 

vii. Osgood, b. ; m. Elizabeth .Mack West. 

447. Samuel Oilman (169) Sanborn, born in Gilmanton, March 20, 
1787. A farmer in Gilford, where he lived and died. Married Oct. 22, 
1809, Sarah, daughter of Samuel B. Mason, Esq., of Gilford. 

Children : 

i. Winborn A., b. Dec. 13. 1810; lived in Gilford,— representative several terms; 
m. Oct. 20, 1S35, Lavinia Hoyt. Had (i) Ellen E., b. March 24, 1S3S; (ii) 
Willis, b. July 7, 1844, d. young. ,. , 

ii. Sarah, b. Jan. 10, 1815; d. young. 

1077 iii. John G., b. Feb. 21, 1S16. 

1078 iv. George, b. Oct. 27, 1820. 

V. Freeman L., b. Oct. 21, 1S25 ; m. (i) Maria Rich; (2) Anne S. Stevens of 
Newburyport, Mass.; d. July 6, 1853, in California. Had (i) Sarah ^L. b. 
Sept. 2, 1S48; (2) Ella F., b. April 26. 1852, m Parker of Newbury- 
port, Mass. 

448. Levi (170) Sanborn, born in Gilmanton, April 8, 17S2. Married 
Sarah Cram. Died Nov. 13, 1S21. 

Children : 

i. Green, 
ii. Anna, 
iii. Lavinia. ■ ' 

■,; > 


449. Abner (170) Sanborn, born in Gilmanton. June 26, 1786. Moved 
West, and settled tinally in Monrovia, 111. Married (i) Mary Scribner ; 
(2) 1825, Mary Lindley* born Dec. 6, 1S02, in Cliatham county, N. C. 

Children : '■ . _ 

i. Mary Jane, b. ; d. unm. 

ii. Elizabeth Caroline, b. May 27, 1827: d. 1S29. 
iii. Fhebe Ann, b. March 12, 1829; d. unm. 1850. 

iv. Cynthia Persia, b. Sept. iS, 1S30; m. July 21, 1S48, Robert Lindley. 
V. Daniel Webster, b. July 22, 1832 ; a deaf-mute. 

vi. Ruth Temperance, b. May 21, 1834; m. May 30, 1S52, Passmore Lindley. 
vii. Aaron Levi, b. and d. 1S3S. 

viii. Lucretia Josephine, b. June 10, 1839; m. Auo;. 5, 1859, David D. Farmer, 
ix. Henry Clny, b. Dec. 10, 1S41 ; d. 1S50. 
X. Mary Harrison, b. April 2, 1S44. 

450. Meshech (170) Sanborn, born in Gilmanton, July 26, 17S9. 
Lived and died in Gilford, — a farmer there. Married (i) Nov. 27, 1816, 
Rebecca Morrill, born June 30, 1795, died Jan. 6. 1837 ; (2) Feb. 15, 1838, 
Susan Potter, born Aug. 20, 1791. 


i. Nancy, b. Feb. 27, 1819; m. April 3, 1S44, John J. J. Morrill of Gilford. 

ii. Mary Dudley, b. Dec. 31, 1S22; m. June 7, 1S47. Albert G. Weeks of Gilford. 

iii. Sarah Jane, b. April 20, 1825 ; d. unm. Aug. 7, 1843. 

iv. Caroline Elizabeth, b. Sept. 26, 1S29; m. Joel Johnson. 

V. Philena Morrill, b. Aug. iS, 1832. 

451. Green (171) Sanborn, born in Hampton Falls, June 26, 1785. 
A sea-captain ; lived first in Bangor, 'Me., and then in Newburyport. Mass. 
Married July 8, 1814, Harriet, daughter of Benjamin Harrod of Newbury- 
port, Mass. A relative writes of the family thus, — "When I was two 
years old, my mother took me to Green Sanborn's farm in Bangor, 
we stayed some time. They moved afterwards to Newburyport, where I 
often visited them, and went with them to spend Thanksgiving at Grand- 
father Sanborn's (in Hampton Falls), where we had a great pitcher of 
egg-nog passed around before breakfast. Green Sanborn was a tine man. 
and at one time quite rich. He was subject to epilepsy, and had to leave 
his ship on tiiat account; he died in Newburyport, and is buried in Oak 
Hill cemetery there." He died Jan. 21, 1S36. 

Children : > - . : [ ■ 

i. Harriet, b. Sept. 11, i8ig; d. 1819. "; .--, / .y'-. , 

ii. Harriet Harrod, b. Dec. 6, 1S25; d. unm. July 8, 1S43. 

■I'.) ?. .. 

M V ba:) 

' ■• 'i. 

fl- .!' 


452. Thayer Sewall (171) Sanborn, born in Hampton Falls, Dec. 
10, 1797. Lived and died in Hampton Falls, — a prominent man there. 
Married Sept., 1S22, Deborah, daughter ot' Thomas Ward of Hampton, 
who was born March 10, 1S04, and died March 23, 1858. He died Aug. 
9, 1874. . . . . 

Children : 

1082 i. Haniet Ward, b. Jan. 22, 1823. 

1053 ii. Thomas Lowell, b. June 7, 1826. 

1054 iii. Joseph Thayer, b. April 21, 1S2S. ■ . • - • 
iv. Marcia Ward, b. Sept. 16, 1834: d. unm. 

V. Elizabetli Helen, b. Nov. 11, 1837; d. f>b. 13, 1855. 

vi. James Henry, b, June 28, 1S43. ^o- I- '^'- ^- Inf-. — wounded at Gettysbi:rg. 
Lived and d. in Hampton Falls: m. Hannah (Green) Sanborn, widow ot T. L. 
Sanborn (1083). Had Lilian T., resides in Hampton Falls. 

453. Samuel (172) Sanborn, born in Somersworth, N. H., May i, 
1783. Lived and died in Meredith Bridge, N. H. Married (i) Hannah 
Davis ; (2) Sally Edgerly. 

Children : 

i. Jacob, b. June 16, 1808; m. Ann Marsh; lived and d in Exeter, N. H. 
ii. Nathaniel, b. Aug. 7. iSio; m. Nov. 26, 1835, Hannah Dow; lived first in Gil- 
ford, then in Lake Village, N. H 
iii. David, b. Aug. 7, 1810 (twin to Nathaniel); ni. (i) Nov. 27, 1S33, Arvilla 
Dow; (2) Nov. 2, 1848, .\LTry Jane Smith; lived and d. in Lake Village. 
Left one son, — George A. Sanborn of Lakeport, N. H. 
iv. Betsey, b. Aug. 3, 1812 : m. John S. Towle. 

V. Maria, b. Aug. 10, 1816; m. Philip O. Blaisdell of Gilford, son of Eliphalet. 
vi. John S., b. July 29, 1820; left home when a boy, and was never heard from 
again. . ' 

454. Newell (172) Sanborn, born in Chichester, N. H., June 2, 17S9. 
A shoemaker by trade. Lived and died in Loudon, N. H. Married (i) 
Polly F. Shaw, who died Sept. 13, 1846; (2) Nov. 8, 1846, Betsey Ten- 
ney. Died May 21, 1S65. 

Children : 

i. Harriet N., b. Sept. 20, 1817; d. unm. June 17, 1846. 

ii. Lucy L., b. Oct. 24, 1S20; m. Nov., 1841, E. Robinson of Meredith, N. H., 
and died Oct. 26, 1884. 
1087 iii. John Shaw, b. Nov. 10, 1823. 

iv. William Tenney, b. .May 2, 1825; d. 1829. 

455. Lowell (172) Sanborn, born in Chichester, Dec. S, 1791. Lived 
and died in Gilford, N. H. Married Sept. 16, 1S14, Mary Ann, daughter 
ot Daniel Tucker of Gilford. 



Children : 

i. James, b. Nov. 20, 1S15 ; lived and d. in Upper Gilinanton, X. H. : m. Lydia C. 

Stevens, dau. of Geo. K. 
ii. Lowtll. b. Jan. 13, 1819; a farmer in Upper Gilmanton ; m. June 27, 1S50, 

Sarah Augusta, dau. of Moody Bean of Sandwich, X. H. 
iii. William, b. Nov. 27, 1S20; a farmer in Upjjer Gilmanton: m. April 8, 1862, 
Amoretta Osgood of Gilford. 

456. Perkins (172) Sanborn, born Oct. 17, 1793. A farmer in Gil- 
manton, where he lived and died. Lancaster's " History ol' Gilmanton " 
says he fell from his sleigh on his return from town-meeting, and instantly 
expired, ^vlarried Susan Smith, and died March 10. 1S23. 

Children : 

i. Susan. ' . ' 

ii. Mary Ann. 

457- Jacob (172) Sanborn, born ^Nlarch i, 1796. Lived in Exeter, 
N. H. iMarried Ahi<iaii Smith, and D. H. S. savs he had three children, 
but does not give their names. 

458. JoNATH.\N Cram (173) Sanborn, born in Meredith. X. H., ^L^rch 
29, 1797. Moved to Orford, N. H. Married (i) Serena Wadleigh, who 
died March 4, 1859; (-) ^^^J 3^' 1S60, I\Lary A. Goss. 

Children : 

i. John \V., b. Sept. 17, 1822; m. Miss Willard. 
ii. Julia Maria, b. April, 1833; m. Mann; d. Nov., 1S61. , 

459. Samuel P. (173) Sanborn, born in Meredith, March 4, 1S06. 
Lived and died in Meredith. Married June 25, 1843, Sally Prescott. 

Children : 

i. Charles Leach, b. Feb. 23, 1844. 

ii. Timothy Brackett. b. July 9, 1S46; living in Holderness, N. H. 
iii. Mary Elizabeth, b. Jan. 23, 185 i. 

460. Thomas Jefferson (173) Sanborn, born in Meredith, X. H., 
March 10, 1808. Moved to Tuftonborough, X'. IL Married March 10, 
1831, Martha Ann Leavitt, daughter of John W. Leavitt of Tul'tonborough, 
N. H. 

Children : • ' • 

1095 i. Alexander A., b. Feb. 13. 1833. 

ii. Alfred, b. Oct. 25. 1834; d. 183S. ' ■; ■ . .. ; • : 

iii. Mary E., b. April 18, 1836; d. 1S3S. 

iv. Mary E., b. 25, 1S38. 





V. Alfred C, b. Oct. 21, 1S40. l-^nlisted Co. G, 12th N. H. Inf. ; wounded. 
1096 vi. Caleb L., b. Jan. 12, 1S43. 
vii. iMartlia E., b. Oct. 27, 1S47. 
viii. Harrison T., b. June 21, 1S50. 

461. Brackett Leavitt (173) S.XNP.ORN, born in Mereditli, X. H., 
Ma\' 13, 1813. A tailor in Meredith, X. H., where he lived and died. 
Married Aug. 17, 1S46, Martha Dearborn of Plymouth, X. H., who died 
May 25, 1SS7. He died May 11, 18S7. 

Children : 

109S i. Frank Wyman. b. June 14, 1847. 

ii. Julia Vincent, b. June 16, 1S57; d. unm .March, 1S85. 

iii. Martlia Susette, b. .May 11, 1861 ; d. in infancy. 

462. John (174) S.vnborn, born in Brentwood, X. H., March 4. 1800. 
A farmer in Brentwood, where he lived and died. Married in 1822. Mary 
Tuck, born Jan. 19, 1803 : died Dec. 26, 1843. He died Aug. 10, 1826. 

Child : 

i. Hannah M., b. April 7, 1S23; m. Nov. i. 1843, George \V. Carter of Brent- 
wood, who was b. June 3, 18 16. 

463. Charles (174) S.A.Nr,ORN, born in Brentwood, X". H., March i, 
1802. A farmer in Brentwood, where he lived and died. Married June 
17, 1825, Mary L. Wilde of Braintree, Mass., who was born in 180S. 

Children : 

i. Mary Ann., b. Jan. i, 1S26; m. Aug. 3, 1S45, Alpheus W. Strickland of .\ndo- 
ver. Me. 

ii. Charles Austin, b. July 17, 1828. 

iii. Valentine T., b. June 8, 1831 : d. unm. Nov. iS, 1S55. 
iv. Laura Frances, b. Jan. 5, 1835. 

V. Juliet W., b. Sept. 12, 1S37; d. Dec. 15. 1S54. 
vi. Georgina E., b. Feb. 5, 1840. 

464. John Prescott (175) S\nborn, born in Hampton Falls. X. H., 
April 25, 1800. A farmer in Hampton Falls, where he lived and died. 
Married Jan. 22, 1824, Sally, daughter of Jonathan Cram of Hampton 
Falls, born Oct. 2, 1803, and died ?>Iarch .j., 1896. 

Children : 

i. Rhoda Elizabeth, b. Dec. 14, 1S26: ni. Dec. 7, 184S, Cyrus Dearborn Wad- 

leigh, son of Sewall V/adleigh of Hampton Falls. 
ii. Hannah .Maria, b. April 10, 1S31 ; m. Samuel Batchelder; d. June 12, 1872. 
1099 iii. John Chandler, b. .April 20, 1835. 

iv, Sarah Isabella, b. Jan. 27, 1S3S; d. Sept. 6. 1854. 
V. Harriet Cram, b. June 30, 1344; d. 16, 1854. 

! ( i : ; 


465. JoxATHAN (176) S VNBORN", born in Sanbornton, Xov. i, 1788. 
Lived and died in Upper Gilmanton, N. M. Married Salh' (Whitcher) 
Taylor, daugbter of George Wliitcber of Sanbornton, and widow of Benja- 
min Taylor of Upper Gilmanton. Died Sept. 3, 1S65. 

Children : 

i. Julia, m. Charles Randlett of Pittsfield, N. H. 
ii. Fanny, d. aged 21, unm. 

iii. Lovina Taylor, b. April 28. 1S27; m. in 1850 Jeremiah S. Kimball of Upper 
Gilmanton, son of Matthias. 

466. Joseph (176) Saxborx, born in Sanbornton, Jan. 27, 1791. Mar- 
ried July 4, 1S22, Sarah Sanborn (255-i). Settled in Columbia, N. H., 
and died in Woodstock, N. H., Jan. 12, 1S72. His wife died Sept., 1S71. 

Children : 

i. John M., b. Dec. 17, 1822; d. Dec. 1839. 

ii. Joseph .M., b. June 18, 1S25 : m. Judith Toule ; d. Dec. 10, 1S55. 
iii. Sarah A., b. Nov., 182S; m. Sylvanus Woodbury. 
iioo iv. David, b. July 5, 1832. 

467. HiLLiARD (176) Sanborn, born in Sanbornton. June 13, 1793. 

Married Comfort Evans, and moved West. I. S. Lan<i of Candia savs he 

died in Ohio- 
Children : 

i. Nancy, 
ii. John. . . 

468. Ezra (17S) Sanborn, born in Sanbornton. Xov. 13, 1799. A 
carpenter; lived in Dalton and Whitefield, N. H. Married Lucy Whit- 
man of Troy, Vt., Jan. 19, 1825. 

Children : ' 

i. Lucy Ann, b. Oct. 9, 1825 ; m. Thomas W. Montgomery of Whitefield : moved 
to Wisconsin. 

1 102 ii. Asa D., b. in Littleton, N. H., Sept. 16, 1827. 

1103 iii. Edmund B., b. in Dalton, N. H., Sept. 20, 1S31. 
iv. Eliza S., b. Sept. 13, 1835 ; m. and d. in 1S61. 

V. Harriet Wliitman. b. Dec. 3, 1S3S; m. George Smith Roberts of Meredith, a 

carver and inventor, 
vi. Lavinia A., b. Jan. 25, 1S42. 

vii. Charles F., b. May 25, 1S44; d. 1846. » . . 

viii. Frank E., b. Jan. 8, 185 i. 

The last five were born in Whitefield, N. H. 


469. x\mos Smith (178) Sanuorx, born in Sanbornton, Dec. 20, 1S04. 
A carpenter ; lived in Bethlehem, Whitefield, and Littleton, N. H. Mar- 
ried Dec. 21, 1825, Deborah C, dauf^^hter of Jesse Phillips of Bethlehem, 
N. H., who was born in 1S02. Died in Littleton, Sept. 16, 1S74. 

Children : 

1 104 i. Levi Page, b. Dec. 29, 1827. 

ii. Caroline E., b. May 27, 1S42 ; m. William B. Gleason, Jan. 24, 1871 ; lived in 
Lisbon and Whitefield, N. H. 

470. David Page (17S) Sanborx, born in Sanbornton, Feb. 8, 1810. 
A plane maniit"acturer ; lived in Littleton, X. H. Married Oct. 12, 183,0, 
Naomi H. Dow. Died in Littleton, March i, 1S71. 

Children : 

i. Amelia B., b. Feb. 20, 1833 • ^- unm. 1853. 

1 105 ii. Francis D., b. Oct. 22, 1S34. 

iii. Laura D., b. Aug. 27, 1836; m. (i) Albert T. Johnson of Lancaster, N. H., (2) 
John Smillie of Newbury, Vt. 

1106 iv. Luther D., b. Dec. 12, 1841. 

V. Ellen J., b. March 24, 1S46; m. Minot Weeks of Bath, N. H , Oct. 23, 1S66: 

d. 1869. 
vi. Emma E., b. March 16, 1S49; ^^- Charles C. Ball, 1868. 
vii. Jenny L., b. and d. 1833. 

471. Dr. Bexaiah (179) Sanborn, born in North Hampton, N. H., 
June 2, 1757. Read medicine with Dr. Moore of Bolton, IMass., and com- 
menced practice in Sanbornton in 1779. A strong character, and a man 
much loved. Possessed keen insight into the details of his profession, and 
also unexcelled energy. ^Married ^L1rc]l 15, 1781, F^uldah, daughter of 
Dea. Christopher Smith ot North Hampton, who was born Jan. 20. 1760, 
and died April i, 1858. Dr. Sanborn died Aug. 30, 1841. 

Children : , 

1 107 i. Christopher Smith, b. Oct. 29, 1782. 

ii. Molly, b. Oct. 19, 17S4; m George W. Sanborn (486). 
iii. Abigail, b. Nov. 29. 1786: d. 1792. ' ' ' 

iv. Comfort, b. .May 2, 1789; m. John B. Perkins of Sanbornton, son of Lieut. 

Jonathan Perkins. 
v. Huldah, b. July 6, 1791 ; m. Thomas Eastman of Laconia. son of Thomas of 

Meredith, N. H. 
vi. Abigail, b. .May 6, 1793: d. 1803. 
vii. Esther, b June 20, 1795; a teaciier and milliner; unm. 

1 108 viii. Daniel, b. Sept 13, 1797- '' ' 

ix. Anna, b. Jan. 9, 1800; d. 1803. 

) D 


X. Almira, h and d. 1S03. 
xi. Pamelia (twin to Almira), h. and d. 1803. 
xii. Capt. Benaiah, b. March 22, 1S05; lived in Sanljornton ; m. July 12. 1829, 

Hannah H. Perkins, dau. of Capt. Chase Perkins of SanLornton ; d. 1833, 

leaving no issue. 

472. Jonathan' Hobbs (179) Sanborn, born in North Hampton, May 
3, 1759- Served in the Revolution. See Appendix. Moved to Wheelock 
and Danville, Vt. Married in 17S1, Sarah Miles, who was born May 26, 
1760, and died in Ellensburgh, N. Y., in 1S40. 

Children : 

1 109 i. Jonathan, b. Sept. 25, 17S2. 

ii. Sally, b. June 21, 1784; m. Jan. lo, 1802, in Danville. \'t.. Miles Randall; 

lived in Wheelock, Vt. 
iii. Polly, b. Aug. 8, 17S7; m. 1S07, Levi Whitcher. 
iv. Hannah, b. June 28, 1789; m. 1804, Thomas Chesley. 
mo V. Daniel, b. July 26, 1791. 

vi. Patience, b. June 2, 1793; m. Timothy Chesley. 
vii. Affy, b. Aug. 28, 1795 ; m. David Dow. 
viii. Benaiah, b. Nov. 6, 1800; m. Polly Randall. 

473. Daniel (179) Sanborn, born in North Hampton, Sept. 4, 1762. 
Lived and died in Sanbornton. Married Sept. 4, 17S3, Hannah, sister of 
Josiah Miles of Sanbornton. Died Dec. 6, 1789, of consumption. 

Children: ' ' " 

■ i. Elizabeth, b. Dec. 25, 17S4; m. Abraham P. Hunt of Gilmanton ; d. 1S65. 
ii. Hannah, b. and d. 17S7. 

474. James (179) Sanborn, born in North Hampton, April 4, 1764. 
Married Elizabeth Moore. Served in the Revolution. See Appendix. 
Re-enlisted in the United States service, went West, and was never heard 
from a<rain. 

475- John (179) Sanborn, born in Sanbornton, June 12, 1766, — the 
first child born in Sanbornton. Married Jan. 4, 17S5, Delia, sister of Josiah 
Miles of Sanbornton, who was born in Canterbtiry, N. II., Nov. 2, 1765, 
and died in St. Johnsbur}', V^t., July 6, 1854. First lived in Sanbornton; 
had a sunstroke, and moved to Wheelock, Vt., where he became a school 
teacher; then settled in Danville, Vt., where he died June 22, 1811. 

Children : . - 

i. Anna, b. Oct. i, 17S6; d. unm. in St. Johnsbury, Oct., 1S37. 
ii. Elizabeth, b. March 30, 1788; m. Jonathan Cate of Franklin, N. H., son of 
Jonathan of Sanbornton. 


iii. Catherine, b. July 14, 1790; in. Paschal E. Waite of Wheelock, Vt. Died at 

Hartford, Vt., Dec, 1827. 
iv. Daniel, b. April 26, 1792 ; moved South ; living at Frederick and Weverton, Md.. 

and then at Harper's Ferry, \'a., — a ferryman there. Moved to St. Louis, 

Mo., where he d. unm. 
1 1 1*3 V. John, b. July 14, 1794. 

1 1 14 vi. Josiah Miles, b. Oct. 11, 1797. 

vii. Frances, b. Oct. 11, 1797 (twin to Josiah Miles) ; m. Aug. 28, 1817. Ephraim C. 

Ellis of Windsor, O., son of Ephraim of Woodstock, Vt. 
viii. Dr. Benaiah, b. June 15, 1799; a physician of St. Johnsbury, Vt. : .M. D. at 

University of Vermont, 1S27; m. Lovina Harrington, of East St. Johnsbury; 

died leaving no issue. 
ix. Sally, b. Feb. 27, 1802; d. unm. Oct. 28, 1820. 

1 1 15 X. Anson, b. July 22, 1S04. 

1 1 16 xi. George Washington, b. Aug. 8, 1S07. 

476. Elisha (179) Sankorx, bora in Sanbornton, May 17, 1770- 
Moved to Wheelock, Vt. Married Agnes Moore. Died in Wheelock. 
May 25, 1841. 

Children : 

i. Lucy, b. Jan. 9, 1791 ; m. Oct. 31, 1813, James Folsom. 
ii. William, b. Dec, i, 1792; d. 1795. 

iii. Thomas, b. Dec. 25, 1794; m. and settled in Rochester, N. V. 
1 1 18 iv. Daniel, b. Dec. 13, 1796. 
iiig V. Benjamin, b. Oct. 16, 179S. 

1 1 20 vi. William, b. Nov. 18, iSoo. 

1 121 vii. Elisha, b. Jan. 2, 1S03. 

viii. Mary, b. Oct. 24, 1805; m. Capt. Daniel M. Hoyt of Jetferson, Wis. ; d. Oct.', 

ix. Elmira, b. Jan. 16, 1S09: m. April 18, 1829, Stephen Morgan of Wheelock, Vt. 

1122 X. Jonathan ^L, b. Aug. 31, iSii. 

xi. Anna T., b. Sept. 19, 1813 ; d. unm. April 28, 1836. 

1 123 xii. Charles, b. Aug 8, 18 17. 

477. Moses (179) Sanborn, born in Sanbornton, Nov. 11, 1799- 
Married Hannah Sanborn (65-vii). Lived in Upper Gilmanton and Lit- 
tleton, N. H. 

Children : 

i. Isaiah, b. Jan. 26, 1800; a teacher; d. unm. June, 1823. 
ii. Abner, b. April 2, 1802; d. 1805. ;, 

1 1 24 iii. Benaiah, b. Aug. 20, 1S06. 

478. Caleb ^L\RSTON (iSo) Sanborn, born in North Hampton about 
1761. Married (i) Hannah Hobbs of North Hampton: (2) Judith Ingalls 
of Canterburv ; settled in Sanbornton, and died there. 



Children ; 

1125 i. Caleb Marston, b. Aug. 22, 17SS. 
ii. Hannah. 

479. John (iSo) Saxdorn, born in North Hampton, Oct. 22, 1769. 
Lived and died in North Hampton, iniieritini^ the farm of his grandfather, 
Daniel Sanborn (66). Married Phel)e Sanborn (182-v), who died March 
28, 1840, after having- married (2) Jesse Plumer of Meredith. John died 
June 7, 1S13. , 

Children : ' 

i. Mary, b. Aug. i, 1794; m. (i) William Foster; (2) John Shepard. 
ii. Daniel, b. April g, 1796; lived in Campton, N. H. ; m. Charlotte Frances San- 
born (21 5-iii). 
iii. Aaron, b. and d. 1799. 

iv. Sophronia, b. 1799 (probably twin to Aaron) ; m. Francis Geward. 
V. Rev. Thomas, b. 1800; lived in Effingham, N. H.; m. Lydia Taylor; d. Dec. 

25, 1857. 
vi. Melinda, b. Sept. 14, 1S02; m. Benjamin Adams. 
vii. Anna, b. July S, 1S04; d. unm. April 29, 1824. 
viii. John, b. and d. 1S06. 
ix. Charles, b. Feb. 2, 1S07. 
X. James Madison, b. .March 4, 1S09. 

xi. Phebe, b Jan. 9, 181 1 ; m. James Dexter: d. Dec. 22, iSgi. ' • 

xii. Lydia, b. April 2, 1S13; m. Phineas Sawyer. 

480. Daniel (181) Sanborn, born in Raymond, N. H., June 19, 176S. 
Lived and died in Warner, N. FL, — a farmer there. Married Oct. 20. 
17S7, Betsey, daughter of Jacob Whitcomb of Warner, who was born in 
1771, and died in Warner, May 4, 1S50. He died April i, 1854. 

Children : 

1 128 i. Jacob, b. April 8, 1788. 

ii. Moses, b. June 17, 1791 ; d. Dec. 10, 18 17. "'■ ■ ' :' ■ ■ i- ' ^ 

iii, Daniel, b. April 16, 1794; m. Hannah Hardy; lived in Warner, N. H.; d. 

there Sept. 16, 1S29; widow m. (2) Capt. John W. Hoyt. 
iv. Sally, b. July 28, 1796; m. Samuel .Morse; d. Sept. 30, 1837. ■ ' ■ ' 

V. Betsey, b. May 23, 179S: d. unm. Oct. 23, 1817. 

1 129 vi. John, b. Dec. 6, 1804. ' 

vii. Stephen, b. July 21, 1S07 : lived in Warner; m. (i) Dec. 6, 1831, Lois 
Colby of Hopkinton, b. Aug. 21, 1S06, d. .April 26, 1850; (2) Jane Abbott 
of Concord, N. H. ; b. Sept. 15. 1S05, d. Nov. 30, 1S91 : he d. July 23, 1S69. 
Had (i) Laura J., b. Feb. 3, 1833 ; m. June 12, i86o, Franklin J. Colby of Sun- 
apee, N. H. ; d. April 17, 18S3; (ii) Eliza, b. April 23, 1S37, at Henniker; 
lives in Henniker. 


4S1. Major Moses (iSr") Sanborn, born in Raymond, X. il., Nov. 
10, 1771. Early moved to Vienna, Me., where he lived and died. Mar- 
ried in 1794, Jane, daughter of Patten Simpson. Served in the War of 
1S12. Died Nov. 7, 1S32. 

Children : 

i. Jane, b. March 15, 1795: m. Levi (ireeley of Vienna, Me. 

1 130 ii. Stephen, b. June 10, 1796. 

1 131 iii. John, b. .May 31, 1798. 

iv. Betsey, b. Dec. iS, iSoi ; m. Nov., 1S19, Capt. David Gordon of Hermon. Me. 
V. Nancy, b. April 24. 1S03: d. 1S05. 

1 132 vi. Moses, b. June iS, 1806. 

1 1 33 vii. James, b. Nov. 22, iSoS. "^ 

viii. Nancy, b. June 17. 1S12 : m. May, 1S37. Benjamin Philbrick of Mt. Vernon, Me. 
i.x. Polly, b. Jan. 31, 1815: m. Oct. 24, 1S61, Aaron Fellows of Chesterville, Me. 

482. Benjamin (181) Sanborn, born in Raymond, N. H., Oct. 16. 
1773. Moved to New Portland, Me., where he lived and died. Married 
in 1800, Lucy French, and died July 4, 1S56. 

Children : ^ . , , , 

; i. John Chase, b. Oct. 15, iSoi ; m. 1S29, Susan Murray; lived in Readrield, Me., 

and had three children, 
ii. Hannah, b. Jan. 9, 1S04; m. June 7, 1829, Joseph Knowlton of New Port- 
land, Me. 
iii. Mary, b. Sept. 28, 1S07; m. Nov., 1S53, Daniel Hutchinson. 

483. John Chase (181) Sanborn, born in Raymond, N. H.. Dec. 11. 
1775- Moved to Barnston, P. Q^. where he lived and died. Married (i) 
Nancy ; (2) Phebe Almy ; (3) Sally (Bugbee) Blanchard. Appa- 
rently all the children were by the third wite. 

Children : 

i. Nancy, b. about 1S06; m. (i) Benjamin Corey; (2) Hiram Aldrich ; u. March 

15, 1843. 
ii. Ehza, b, Sept. 5, 180S; m. Cyrus Burbank ; moved West; d. July 3, 1S41. 
iii. John, b. Aug. 6, 1812; m. Nov. 10, 1S32, Phebe Daniels ; moved to Wisconsin. 
1135 iv. George Sears, b. June 9, 1814. 

V. Carlisle, b. Aug. 3. 1816: m. Nancy Hoegg: moved to Wisconsin. Had three 

daus., but all d. before 1S58. 
vi. Praxa. 

484. Stephen (181) Sanborn, born in Raymond, N. H , Feb. 14. 1777- 
Moved to Vienna. Me., where he lived and died. Married (i) Lydia York : 
(2) Mrs. x\nne Dolloph. Died Aug. 9, 1854. 


\ ■■■.'A '.(■ Ir 

i : : I ; ' 

! ■?: 

;v)7/ l-.v/. 

,r. ,f.Mi:.i .>: 


Children : 

i. Abigail, b. May 30, 1S03; m. StillinAn Hazelton of Manchester, X. H. 
ii. Sally, b. June 16, 1805 ; m. Stephen Hazt-ltun of Iloston. 
iii. Daniel, h. July 19, 1S07; cl. July 19. 1S56, in New York, 
iv. Lydia, b. 1809; d. young. 

V. iMary, b. Jan. 3, 1814; m. Levi Russell of Grantham, N. H. 
vi. Nathaniel, b. July 14, 1S15; d. unm. Vienna, Me. 
vii. Joshua, b. Sept 15. 1S17; d. unm. \'ienna, Me. 
viii. Nathan, b. Jan. 15. 1S20; d. unm. .Mt. \'ernon, Me. 
ix. Olive, b. Oct. i, 1821 ; d. unm. 

X. Huldah, b. Oct. 14, 1S23; m. Jesse Gordon of New Sharon, Me. 
xi. Anna, b. Nov. i, 1825; d. 1826. 

xii. Lucy B., b. Nov. 20, 1S27 ; m. Isaac C. Alden of Vienna, Me. ; d. July 22, 1S53. 
xiii. Louisa, b. June 11, 1830; d. unm. 
xiv. Nancy, b. Dec. 6, 1832; m. Elbridge G. Bent of New Sharon. 

485. Capt. Peter (1S2) Sanborn, born in North Hampton (probably), 
April 7, 1766. ]\Ioved to Maine, living in Windsor and Knox, Me. First 
lived for a time in Sanbornton, N. H., on his father's place. Married Jan. 
9, 1787, Olive, daughter of William Thompson of Sanbornton, who died 
March 6, 1832, at Windsor, Me. He died Jan. 29, 1849. 

Children : 

i. John Sullivan, b. Jan. 24, 1789; lived in New York city; ni. in 1S15, Eliza 

Stokes ; d. at sea, Feb. 15, 1 8 1 7 ; no issue. 
ii. Polly, b. Sept. 2, 1790: m. .May 4. 1813, Timothy Richardson of Knox, Me. 
iii. Benjamin Franklin, b. July 21, 1792; m April 7, 1825, Anne Hadley, who d. 
■' April 19, 1837; he d. in Corinth, Me., .May 20, 1837. 

^ iv. Sophia, b. Nov. 18, 1794: m. Nov. 19, 1819, .Moses Kelsey of Knox, .Me., and 
d. Dec. 30, 1849. 
V. Lydia, b. March 23, 1797: m. Nov. 19, 1S18, Benjamin Severance of V\'indsor. 

486. George Washington (182) S.vnborn, born in Sanbornton, July 
I, 1780. Married Molly Sanborn (471-ii), who survived him and married 
(2) James Stimpson of Xew Hampton, X. H. ; she died in 1S33. He 
served in the War of 1812, and died on the Canada line in service, in 1813. 
By a mistake, his name appears as Revolutionary pensioner in the list com- 
piled by the U. S. government in 1S34-5. 

Children : 

i. Benaiah, b. and d. 1803. 
1136 ii. Elias Hasket Derby, b. .May 23. 1804. 

iii. Abigail, b. April 24, 1S06; m. Nov. 7, 1826, Eliphalet Ordway. Jr., of Sanborn- 
ton and Freeport, III., son of Eliphalet of Sanbornton. 

:,;ii;) jii' : 1 I 

'!,( -fi; ■'. 


iv. Anna Carr, b. Aug. 9, 1808; d. unm. .May 27, 1839. 

1137 V. Leonard Cummings, b. Xov. 10, 1810. 

vi. Mary Belinda, b. Jan. 28, 1813; m. .Marcli 16, 1831, Obadiali Eastman of San- 
bornton, son of Thomas of same. 

487. Enoch (1S3) Sanijorn, born in North Hampton, Feb. 24, 1773. 
All the record we have of him is that he married Mary Boynton and moved 
to Vermont. 

488. Thomas (183) Sandeorn, born in Sanbornton, Aug. 2, 1777. 
Married (i) Mehitabel Oilman; (2) Polly Higbee, dau. ot" Daniel and 
sister of Rev. Edward Higbee, rector of Trinity church. New York. 
Moved to New York state ; died in Allen, N. Y., July 25, 1842. 

Children : 

i. (By first wife) Abijah : moved West. 
ii. (By second wife) Gihiian. 

1138 iii. Edward, b. July 17, 1806. 

iv. Justus, b. Dec. 4, 180S: m. Temperance Smith Ingham, b. June 8, 1812: had 
(i) Josephine A., b. June 9, 1843; m. (i) Jasper Davis; (2) Jephtha Bald- 
win; (ii) Rosalie .Marie, b. .May 12, 1849; "'• Orlando W. Pettit of Grand 
Rapids, Mich. 
V. Lodema. 

vi. Julia. 

1 139 vii. Enoch, b. June 30, 1816. 
viii. Mary. 

489. John (184) Sanborn, born in Newmarket, N. H., March 20, 1763. 
Moved to Parsonsfield, Me., where he lived and died. He was a man ct 
strong and marked character, and was prominent in his community. The 
"History of Parsonstield" tells much about him; he held many otiices of 
trust, and was a member of the convention to prepare a State Constitution 
when Maine was admitted into the Union, in 1820. He married (i) Jan. iS. 
1789, Hannah, daughter of Benjamin Batchelder of Hampton, who vsas 
born July 15, 1766, and died Dec. 30, 1814 ; (2) April 13, 1S15, Mrs. 
Miriam Burbank of Ossipee, N. H., who was born July 28, 176S, and died 
April 28, 1838. He died Oct. 21, 1825. 

Children : 

i. Unnamed child, b, and d. 1789. 

ii. Mary, b. July 20. 1791 ; m. Nov. 29, 1810, Col. Bartlett Doe of Parsonsfield. 
Me., and d. May 22, 1863. 

1 140 iii. John, b. April 22, 1793. 

iv. Hannah, b. .March 31, 1795; rii- Oct. 12. 1815, Ira Chadbourn : d. .March 4, 



• ') 


1 141 V. Benjamin, b. Feb. 22, 1798. 

vi. Sally, b. April 23, 1800; m. Nov. 30, 1826, John .Moore of Limerick, .Me,; d. 
July, 1839. 

1 142 vii. Luther, b. April 30, 1803. 

1 143 viii. Ira Edwin, b. .Marcli 4, 1S06. . ' . 

1 144 ix. Amzi, b. Jan. i, 1809. 

490. Benj.amin (1S4) Sankorn, born in Gilmanton, Nov. i, 1766. 
Settled in Gilford, N. H., where he lived and died. ^Married June 8, 
1792, Judith, daughter of John Tilton of Gilmanton, who was born Aug. 
22, 1770, and died Nov. 11, 1853. He died May 20, 1831. 

Children : ' ^ 

1 145 i. Benjamin, b. March 3, 1793. 

1 146 ii. John Tilton, b. .March 17, 1794. 

ill. Nathaniel Tilton, b. ^Lay 26, 1795 ; m. .Aug. 7, 1831, Hannah Somers Herrick, 
who was b. May 11, 1792. Lived in Garland, Me. 

1147 iv. Abiel, b. Nov. 2, 1796. 

V. Judith, b. Aug. 20, 179S; m. Geo. Thompson; d. March 30, 1832. 

1 148 vi. Isaac Smith, b. April 21, 1800. 

vii. Sophronia, b. Jan. 9, 1802; m. Simon Marston of Parsonsfield and Biddeford, 

viii. Lucinda, b. June 5, 1S04; m. John Howe of Meredith, N. H. 
ix. Elmira, b. Oct. 19, 1S09; m. James Tank. 
X. Arthur v., b. May 26, 1812: d. 1815. 
xi. Mary Stevens, b. Nov. 10, 1815; m. Dea. Eliphalet Blaisdell of Gilford, N. H. 

491. Elisha (184) Sanborn, born in Gilmanton, ]May 10, 1769. Set- 
tled in Bethlehem, X. H., where he lived and died. Served as a cavalry- 
man in the War of 1812. Married (i) Nov. 6, 1795, Sally Bean of Gil- 
manton, who was born Oct. 4, 1773, and died March 14, 1814; (2) 1817, 
Lucinda (Kenney) Blandin, who was born 1790, and died Aug. 31, 1S66. 
He died April 5, 1856. 

Children : 

i. Isaac, b. July 31, 1796; d. 1796. 

ii. Joanna, b. Oct. 19, 1797 ; m. .Major Ezra Hale of Bethlehem. 
iii. Elisha, b. Sept. 10, iSoi ; d. March 4, 1S15, of spotted fever. • . 

iv. Sarah, b. Nov. 6, 1803; m. Lot Woodbury of Bethlehem. 

1 149 V. Darius, b. .April 19, 1S08. 

vi. Unnamed child, b. and d. 1810. ■ 

vh. Jerusha, b. Sept. 26, 1817; m. Geo. Pierce of Lowell. Mass. 
viii. Mary Ann, b. Aug. 19, 1819; ni. Isaac Kenney of Wiiitetield. 
ix. Elisha, b. Sept. 3, 1S21 ; moved to Lowell, .Mass.. where he was drowned, Feb. 
9, 1847; m. a short time before his death, but wife's name not given, nor 
were there any children, apparentlv. 





. V';,^ 


X. Verona, b. April 13, 1S24; m. John Ouimby of Bethlehem, 
xi. Rosan, b. Dec. 29, 1S30: Ilvinj^ in Lowell, Mass., 1859. 

1 150 xii. William Edwin, b. Oct. 19, 1S35. 

492. Lieut. D.wid Edwin (1S4) Sanborn, born in Gilmanton, June 
14, 1773. Lived and died in Gilmanton, where he taught school seventeen 
terms, mostly winter schools. Served frequently on important town and 
society committees ; was superintendent of schools, and collector of the 
direct tax under the elder Adams's administration; but, says D. H. S., he 
declined all civil offices in the gift of his town. ]Married (i) Sept. 17, 
1798, Hannah, daughter of Captain Dyer Hook, born in Chichester, N. H., 
March 22, 177S, and died Oct. 2, 1S27 ; (2) Sophia, daughter of Deacon 
Eliphalet Wood of Loudon, N. H. He died Feb. 24, 1834. 

Children : 

1151 i. Dyer Hook, b. July 29, 1799. 

ii. Levi Bartlett, b. April 26, 1801 ; d. 1803. 
iii. Julia Byron, b. Sept. i, 1803; m. (i) June 29, 1S26, Oliver Carpenter, son of 

Rev. Josiah Carpenter of Chichester, who was born Aug. 18, 1804, and d. 

Sept. 25, 1830; (2) Sept. 28, 1831, David Lake of Loudon. N. H., who was 

b. July 3, 1808, and d. 18S3. She d. 1885. 
iv. Sarah Ann, b. Dec. 8, 1S05 ; m. Jan. 17, 1S26, Oliver Locke of Bradford, Mass. 

1152 v. Edwin David, b. May 14, 1808. 

vi. Hannah Ann, b. Aug. 28,iSio:d.i8ii. 
vii. Hannah Almeda, b. Nov. 22, 1812; m. Dec. 25, 1834, Dr. Richard Tenney of 

Pittsfield, N H., son of Dr. William Tenney of Loudon. 
viii. Rebecca Story, b. Dec. 17, 1814; d. unm. Nov. 9, 1835. 

1153 ix. John Sewall, b. Jan. i, 1819. 

493. JosEDECH (186) Sanborn, born Sept. 10, 1773, in Gorham, Me., 
where he lived and died. Married in 1795, Martha March. 

Children : 

i. Esther, b. Feb. 10, 1796. 
ii. Achsah, b. Feb. 22, 1798. 
iii. Ann, b. April 18, 1800; d. unm. 1822. 

iv. Betsey, b. Oct. 20, 1802 ; m. George March of Portland, Me. ; d. 1825. 
V. Sally, b. Aug. 3, 1804; m. Rev. King Atkinson of Eaton. X. H., where she is 
still (1897) living, aged 93. 

1 154 vi. John, b. June 30, 1806. 

vii. Rebecca, b. Oct. 12, 1808; m. John Odell of Conway, X. H. 
viii. Samuel Burleigh, b. Feb. 12, 1S12; d. 1848 in the Mexican War. 

1 155 ix. Caleb, b. April 12, 1814. 

X. Joanna, b. Dec. 23, 1S16; m. David Davidson. 
xi. Mary, b. April 12, 1818; m. John Harvey of Deerfield, X. H. 
xii. Martha, b. Feb. 20, 1S20: d. 1822. 

'■• ', li: , '. : 


494. Elisha (186) Sanborn, born in Gorham, Me., about 1785- Car- 
ried Eunice Hanscomb. No further record. 

495. Benjamin (1S7) Sanborn, born in Bristol, Me., April 11, 1762. 
Lived first in Limerick, Me., probably where he married (i) Polly Mason, 
who died before 1S04 ; moved tiience to Cherry field. Me., where he married 
(2) Nov. II, 1S04, Hannah, daughter of Nathaniel Dorman, who was born 
about 1773, and died in Millbridge. Me., Oct. 23, 1857. Benjamin moved 
to Millbridge, Me., some time before his wife's death, and died there Oct. 
9, 1850. 

Children : 

i. Benjamin, b. Feb. 6, 1787; m. Mercy Irish of Gorham, Me., and settled in Lim- 
erick, Me. 
ii. Richard, b. Aug. i, 1789; d. 1791. 
115S iii. Joseph, b. Sept. 15, 1791. 

1 159 iv. Jonathan, b. Aug. 25, 1793. 

V. Polly, b. July 17, 1795 ; m. David Ricker of Limerick, .Me. 

1160 vi. Daniel, b. July 30, 179S. 

vii. Lorana. b. Sept. 11, 1799; m. Robertson Cook of Otisfield, Me. 
viii. Nathaniel Dorman, b. Feb. 18, 1806; a carpenter; lived first in Cherr}-field, then 
moved to Boston; m. in Cherrytield, Dec. 24, 1833, Janet Patten .McKay, who 
was b. Jan. 14, 1S05, and d. .May 26, 1883. Nathaniel d. in Boston, Oct. 28, 
' ■ •-■ 1883, leaving only one child, Mary Ann, b. Sept. 5, 1835, who m. George \V. 

Lang, and is now (1S97) living in Dorchester, .Mass. 
Lx. James Godfrey, b. Dec. 17, 1807: lived in Cherrytield, .Me.; a goldsmith; ap- 
parently never m. ; living 1837. 
1 161. .X. Rufus. b. Dec. 25, 1809. .-. . 

-xl. Anna, b. June I2,i8i2:d.i8i3. ''.' 

xii. Lydia, b. July i8,i8i4;d. 1S15. 

496. John Pearson (1S7) S.anborn, born in Bristol, Me., Sept. 15, i774- 
Lived in Lower Gilmanton, N. H., where he married (i) Betsey, daughter 
of Jonathan Gilmari, and granddaughter of Col. x\ntipas^Gilman ; she died 
in Dec, 1804, and he married (2) in 1805, Polly S. Leighton of Gardiner, 
Me. Served in the War of 1812, and died in New York, in 1815, on his 
return from the war. 

Children : 

i. Martha, b. May 24, 179S; m. Daniel Stiles of .Muscatine, la; living in i860, 
ii. Pvichard, b. .May 25, 1800; a farmer; m. (i) April 3, 1S23, Eliza N. Whitcher 

of Norlhfield, N. H. ; (2) Elmira (Whitcher) Euer, sister of ist wife; she d. 

Sept. 19, 1854. 
iii. John H., b. April 20, 1802; m. Emily Story of Rockport. Mass., and d. 1S49, 

leaving five children, — Eliza, George, .Mary Frances. Clarissa, and Rcxana. 


T - 


iv. Nancy L., b. Feb. i6, 1806; m. Asa Dow of Hallowell. .Me. 
V. Rev. Ezra, b. April 17, 1808; a minister of the .M. E. Church; settled in Thorn- 
aston. Me. ; m. Feb. 26, 1835, Elizabeth Plaisted of Gardiner, .Me. ; no issue. 
vi. Deborah P., b. June 4, iSio; m. Ai)ril 28, 1836, Edwin C. Kimball of Belfast, 

Me., son of Luther; d. May 5, 1SS4. 
vii. Lydia K., b. Oct. 10, 1S12 ; m. April 10, 1836, Abraham Lord of Gardiner, Me., 
who d. April 16, 1S52. 

497. Capt. iMattiiew Neaely (iSS) Saxborx, born in Nottingham, 
N. H., June 28, 1759- ^^^^ Rev. Appendix. Cleared a farm in Xorth- 
field, N. II., by the side of his Uncle Richard's, and lived there many 
years. When the War of 1S12 broke out, he ofiered his services to the 
government, and was appointed a captain in the 40th U. S. Infantry, de- 
tailed on recruiting service. At the end of the war, in 1S16, he removed 
to Solon, Me., where he died, x\pril 21, 1853. His daughter, Mary Jane, 
of Solon, Me., writing to D. H. S. in 1857, says, — "• My father was called 
in service for his country at the age of sixteen, and was in the whole war, — 
was non-commissioned officer, or drill-sergeant; I don't know how many 
battles he fought, but certainly ten or twelve — one at Monmouth. He was 
present when Cornwallis surrendered; I have heard him speak of that and 
of General Washington, whom he was familiar with. Father was a captain 
in the last war, 1S12 ; he was a recruiting officer, collected companies in 
many towns — Portsmouth, Salisbury, etc., and marched his company to 
Boston ; I think he delivered it over to General Dearborn." Capt. Matthew 
Sanborn married (i) in 17S5, Phebe Roby, born July 27, 1767, in Deerheld. 
N. H., and died April 24, 1809: (2) in 1811, Elizabeth Barnard of Deer- 
field, N. H., born Jan. 5, 1776, died Sept. 21, 1S50. D. H. S. says she 
was daughter of Col. Barnard. , . , . 

Nov. 16, 1792. Mathew N. of Northfield yeoman for £^2, 2 shill. pd. by Wm. of N. Gen- 
tleman sold 18 acres in N. part of Lot No. 35 in the second hundred acre lots in Canterbury. 
laid out to the original right of John Smith, being the land 1 bought of Wm. Sanborn. Phebe 
signed the deed. Francis Sanborn was a witness. 

July 23, 1812. Mathew N. of Deerfield, Gentleman for $300 pd. by Samuel R. of North- 
fild. Physician sold land in Northfield, a part of the 100 acre lot No. 51 in 2nd division of 100 
acre lots in Township of Canterbury now Northfield Drawn to the original right of N^athanie! 
Randall, & is all the lot except what I have heretofore Deeded to my son John P. 

Feb. 28, 1S12. Mathew N. of Northfield Gentleman for S200 & love & attection to my 
son John P. of N. Husbandman sold him land in N. part of lot No. 51 .... 55 acres with 
buildings and improvements thereon excepting the school house and a two rod highway which 
if the public make use of said highway as a public road, then I do hereby agree with sd. John P 
that he shall have 55 rods from sd. highway. Wife Eliza made her mark. 



Children : 

i. John Pearson, b. July ii, 17S6: lived in Xorthfield. N. H. ; m. Sally Gile ; d. 

Aug. 24, 1859, leaving one dau., Sopliia Gile, b. Oct. 26, 180S, who never m.. 

but lived in Solon, Me., and Xorthfield, N. H. 
ii. Sarah Roby, b. July 6, 17SS; ni, John Molony of Xorthfield, X. H., for many 

years deputy sheritT; she d. in Belvidere. 111., Jan. 17, 1S4S. 

1 163 iii. Samuel Roby, b. Feb. 3, 1791. 

iv. Mary Jane, b. Oct. 28, 1812; d. unm. March 2, 1858. 

1164 v. Matthew Xeally, b. April iS, iSiS. 

498. Jonathan (iSS) Sanborn, born in Nottingham, N. H., in 1760. 
Lived and died in Northtield, N. H. Married May 15, 17S5, Lovina 
Thomas, apparently of Northfield, who had a brother David and sisters 
Mary and Elsa. Died in 1826. 

Children ; 

i. Jane, b. Feb. 26, 1786; m. John Hanaford of Xorthfield. 

1 165 ii. Joseph Thomas, b. Sept. 3, 1787. 

iii. Mary Glidden, b. May 6, 17S9: m. Eben Lovejoy of Concord, X. H. 

1 166 iv. Jonathan, b. July 26, 1791. 

V. David Mason, b. June 6, 1793 ; left town young. 

1 167 vi. John Pearson, b. Sept. 25, 1794. 

vii. Alice Glidden, b. July 3, 1796: m. Rev. Reuben Allen of X'orth Scituate, R. I., 

and d. 1817. 
viii. Matthew X'eally, b. May 14, 1799; ^ dry-goods merchant in Boston. 
ix. Greenleaf Cilley, b. Oct. 4, 1800: m. Hannah Micham: had one son, John. 
X. Andrew Xeally, b. May 17, 1S02 ; d. young. 
xi. James Roby, b. Aug. 28, 1803 ; m. Xov. 23, 1826, Hannah Ouimby of Sanborn- 

ton ; lived in Andover, X. H. ; had (i) Alice, (ii) Frank, (iii) James. 
xii. Daniel Cilley, b. April 9, 1S05 ; m. Mrs. Abiah Wilson of Sandown, X. H. 
xiii. Josiah Ambrose, b. July 8, 1810; m. Emeline Douglas; lived on the homestead 
in Xorthfield, X. H. ; had (i) Alice, (ii) Love, (iii) Martin. 

499. Francis (1S9) Sanborn, born in Xorthfield, X. H., Xo%-. 4, 1770. 
A farmer in Gilmanton, X. H., where he lived and died. Married (i) 
Ruth Smith, born Sept. 10, 1767, died March 25, 1828; (2) in 1829, Mrs. 
Olive Furber of Northwood, N. H. Died April 26, 1S4S. 

Nov. 17, 1792. Francis of Xorthfield Husbandman for j^6o rec'd of his Hon'd Father Wm. 
quit all his right to his father's estate all the demand whatever in regard of his potion. 

Xov. 19, 1792. Wm. of Xorthfield Gentleman for ;^ioo paid by Francis of Xorthfield. 
Husbandman sold 1-3 of the homestead where I (Wm.) now live, sd Estate contains about 
100 acres & is equally divided through all my farm and 1-3 of my buildings thereto belonging. 
1-3 of my orchard & 1-3 of all privileges belonging to my estate. Mathew X'. was a witness. 



Children : 

1170 i. William, b. Sept. 13, 1792. 

1 171 ii. Jeremiah, b. Oct. 16, 1796. 

iii. John G., b. June 20, 1800; lived in Gilford; m. Eleanor, dau. of Noah Weeks 
of Gilford; d. Jan. 19, 1S32, leaving one son, John W., b. Jan. 25, 1827, d. 
Sept. 20, 1852. 

iv. Jane Ann, b. April 28, 1S02 ; m. Samuel Rowe of Gilford. 

V. Harriet, b. Nov. 20, 1S03; d. unm. Nov. 15, 1852. 

499A. William (189) Saxkorn, born in Xorthfield, N. H., Dec. 15, 
1780, Lived and died in Nortiifield ; a farmer there. Married Peggy 
Cross of Salisbury. 

Children : __ 

i. Persis, b. Jan. 27, 1S03; m. Isaac R. Bodwell of Sanbornton, N. H. 

1 172 ii. Amos Cogswell, b. Nov. 16, 1S05. 

iii. Martha Ann, b. April 10, 1S07. . •' 

1 173 iv. William, b. Feb. 5, 1812. 

499B. Nathan (190) Sanborn, born in Starksboro', Vt., Dec. 12, 
1802. A merchant in Starksboro", where he lived and died. Married 
Sept. I, 1828, Susan Wadley of Starksboro', born April 19, 1802, died 
April 25, 1849. He died Oct. 15, 1846. 

Children : 

i. Emily E., b. April 27, 1S30; d. unm. Jan. 17, 1862. 

ii. Marcia A., b. April 15, 1833; m. Sept. 12, 185S, Simon P. Greene, an insur- 
ance agent in Starksboro", and Buftalo, N. Y., at which latter place he and his 
wife are still living. 
iii. Joseph E., b. Aug. 22, 1836; d. 1837. 
iv, Nathan Henry, b. June 19, 1839 ; went West and not again. heard from. 

499c. James (190) Sanborn, born in Starksboro', Vt., Julv 6, 1S03. 
A mechanic in New Haven, Vt. Married April 26, 1824, Susanna Wiiite 
Burnham of Monkton, Vt., born in Stratford, N. H., May 4, 1S04, died 
July 15» 1863. He died March i, 1861. 

Children : 

i. Delia Ann, b. March i, 1S25 ; d. unm. Feb. 11, 1841. 

ii. Dr. George Riley, b. in Monkton, Vt., April 25. 1S27: m. July 11, 1S50, Cyn- 
thiaette Eaton of Monkton, \'t., b. Sept. 15, 1826; still living, a physician in 
New Haven, Vt. ; had (i) Edna L., b. April 13, 1851, d. 1S53; (_ii) George 
Fred, b. Aug. 11, 1S55, d. 1857; (iii) Frank Qinton, b. May 26, 1S5S, living 
unm. in Los Angeles; (iv) Jessie Maud, b. March 2, 1863, d. 1S65 ; (v) 
Georgie, b. and d. 1865; (vi.) Kate Eaton, b. Feb. 13, 1S71, living unm. in 
New Haven, Vt. 

■ ' .■■■* 

264 ' SAXBORX gem:alogv. 

i iii. Clark Howe, b. Nov. 3, 1826; m. and liad one dau.. Minnie: both d. 

[ iv. Augusta S., b. Marcii 22, 1832; d. unm. Auj;. 20, 1856. 

I V. Charles Alonzo, b March 15, 1837; m. and d. witliout issue. 

I vi James Henry, b. March 7, 1843; d. unm. 

I vii. Francis Asbury, b. July 28, 1845 ; d. unm. 

I 500. John (191) Sanborn, born in Portsmouth, X. H., 1766. Ilis 
daughter, Catherine F., of Westboro', ]\Iass., writes to D. H. S. : " Alter 
my grandfather's death my father lived with a grandmother, Mrs. Miriam 
Satridge, until he was thirteen years old, when she died, and he was under 
the care of an uncle who was a Sliaker ; he was placed by his uncle as an 
apprentice, I think, in Exeter, to a tailor, but was not satisfied to remain 
with him, and ran away and came to Westboro'. I conclude that he stayed 
some time with this tailor, as he went into business for himself after he came 
here. My father was not inclined to speak of his relatives, and probably 
for some reason did not wish to communicate with them, as he never did ; 
he felt a great deal of bitterness toward Shakers in freneral, and was much 
dissatisfied with his uncle."' He married (i) ?vlarch 28, 1793, Elizabeth 
Fessenden, who was born 1767, and died Sept. 26, 1S14 ; (2) May 16, 
1815, Sarah Forbes, who was born in Westboro', Mass., Oct. 13, 1782, and 
died Oct. 12, 1851. He died Sept. 21, 1S22. 


i. Sarah Elizabeth, b. June 14, 1817; m. June 9, 1838, Albert Jones Burnap of 
Medway, Mass. 
I ii. Catherine Forbes, b. May 6, 1819; d. unm. in Westboro". 

1 * iii. Miriam Satridge, b. Sept. 15, 1820; d. 1828. ; 

501. Elisha (193) Sanborn, born in Loudon, N. H., Nov. i, 1775. 
Lived and died in Loudon. Married (i) Pollv Ladd, who died Oct. 18, 
1832 ; (2) Hannah Brown, who died Aug. 6, 1855. He died July 26, 1846. 

Children : 

i. Eliza, b. Nov. 11, 1S02; m. 1824, Jonathan C. Sanborn (415). 
ii. Sally, b. Aug. 5, 1804; d. unm. April 19, 1827. 

1 1 74 iii. Nathaniel L , b. Aug. 6, 1805. 

iv. John, b. Aug. i, 1807 ; m. Sally Batchelder: lived in Loudon. 
V. Mary Ladd, b. April 30, 1809; d. unm. Jan. 27, 1832. 

1 175 vi. James Henry, b. Sept. 19, iSii. 

vii. Ruth, b. June 20, 1813; m. John C. Ordway of Loudon. 

502. John (193) Sanborn, born in Loudon, N. H., Aug. 29, 1785. 
Lrived and died in Loudon. Married iSii, Judith Blake. Died Aug. 2, 


Children : 

i. Stephen, b. Marcli 19, 1S12; d. 1S40, at Point Coupee, La. 
ii. Judith, b. May 31, 1814; m. Cyrus Rowell. * 

iii. Sarah J., b. Dec. iS, 1815; m. .McConnell .Moore, 
iv. Edmund, b. Sept. 11. 1S17. 
V. Elmira, b. April 15, 1S19; m. Geo. W. Peverly of Canterbury, X. H. 

1 176 vi. Joseph Blake, b. July 22, 1821. 

503. Edmund (193) Sanborn, born in Loudon, N. IL, July 21, 1788. 
A miller and farmer in Loudon, where he lived and died ; a prominent man 
there. Representative in 1857-S. ^NLarried Ruth R. Griffin of Xorth- 
wood, N. H., who was born Nov. 24, 178S, and died Jan. 8, 1S65. He 
died May 17, 18S0. 


1 1 77 i. William, b. Oct. 5. iSio. 

ii. Sally, b. Feb. 20, 1812: m. April 30, 1833, Capt. Theo. Elliott of Concord, 
N. H.; d. 1893. 

1178 iii. Daniel Ladd, b. Oct. 2, 1S15. 

iv. Clarissa M., b. June i, 1S18; m April 11, 1S39, Capt. Harmon E. Batchelder 
of Loudon. 

1 179 V. James S., b. Sept. !i, 1S20. 

1 180 vi. Jeremiah C, b. July 17, 1822. 

vii. Eliza J. E., b. March 22, 1S25; m. Aug. 18, 1S50, J. O. A. Batchelder of Dan- 
vers, Mass.. who was b. .March 10, 1S26. son of Joseph. 

1 181 viii. John, b. July 17, 1S27. 

1 182 ix. True H., b. Nov. 17, 1S29. 

504. John (194) Sanborn, born in Brentwood, N. H., July 31, 1780. 
Lived and died on the old homestead in Brentwood. Married in Atkinson. 
N. H., Feb. 8, 1815, to Lois, daughter of James Thorn and Abigail San- 
born (103-ii), who was born May 24, 1782, and died Jan. 12, 186S. He 
died June 29, 1861. 

Children: " • \ ' ^'I' - 

i. Joanna, b. June 2, 1S16: m. Dec. 26. 1852, Dea. David C. Bean, b. 1818. d. 

Feb. 12, 1893; no children; she lives (1897) on the homestead in Brentwood, 
ii. Mary Abigail, b. Jan. 11, 1S20; never married; lives on the homestead; this 

lady was most indefatigable in furnishing Brentwood records to D. H. S.. and 

has also kindly furnished me with data. 

505. Levi (194) Sanborn, born in Brentwood, X. H., Sept. 24, 1790. 
Married Nancy Welch of Andover. N. H., who was born April 22. 1797. 
Earlv moved to Canaan, Me., where he lived and died. 

; f!.. :,'"i!li^> 

t '. .1 


Children : 

i. Miriam T., b. Nov. 25, 1817; m. July 21, 1836, John Penny of Lawrence, Mass. 
ii. Sarah W., b. Dec. 6, 1S19; m. July 21, 1836. Ezekicl Hayes of Epsom, X. H. 
iii. Ohve T., b. Jan. 30, 1821; m. March 2, 1841, Stephen Wing of Canaan, Me., 

who d. May 20, 1S49. 
iv. Edmund Rand, b. Sept. 2, 1823; m. May 29. 184S, Almira Whittredge : lived 

in Canaan, Me., and Concord, X. H. 
V. Levi, b. Sept. 9, 1824; d. 1S27. 
vi. Silas Moores, b. Sept. 9, 1834; m. March 15, 1855, Abby Weymouth ; lived in 

Canaan, Me., and Concord. X. H. 
vii. Mary Elizabeth, b. March 4, 1S38; m. June 21, 1856, Leonard S. Yeaw of Gil- 

manton, N. H. 

506. Lieut. Jeremiah (195) Sanborn, born in Epping, Nov. 12, 1764. 
Lived and died in Sanbornton. See Rev. Appendix. He held many 
important offices, — selectman, representative (iSi4~'i5), etc. Married (i j 
Feb. 20, 17S7, Theodate Sanborn (290-ii), who died Oct. 21, 179S; (2) 
Sarah, daughter of Lieut. Jonathan Page of Pagetown (North Hampton), 
who was born Dec. 17, 1764, and died Aug. 28, 1S34. Lieut. Jeremiah 
was chosen in 1S12 to carry the vote of New Hampshire for president to 
the senate at Washington. Died March 5, 1S37. 


i. Unnamed son, b. and d. 1788. 

1184 ii. John, b. Feb. 26, 1789. 

iii. Ruth, b. July 10, 1790; m. (i) Sept. 25, 1808, Samuel Jaques of Sanbornton; 
(2) James Clay of same : d. 1843. 

1 185 iv. Matthew Perkins, b. May 25, 1792. 

1 186 V. Jesse, b. Feb. 19, 1794. 

vi. Lydia, b. June i, 1796; m. May 24, 1S21, William Hayes of Sanbornton. son 

of John P. 
vii. Tabitha Page, b. May 26, 179S; m. Aug, 22, 1822, Josiah Thompson Sanborn. 
viii. Polly, b. Aug. i, 1801 ; d. 1803. 

1 187 ix. Jonathan Page, b. Aug. 4, 1803'. 

X. Theodate, b. Aug, 7, 1805 ; m. Sept. 25, 1845, Capt. Simon Towie of Hampton, 
son of Amos. 

507. Ebenezer (195) Sanborn, born in Sanbornton, x\pril iS, 1767, — 
the second child of Anglo-Saxon parenta^^e born in that town. Lived and 
died there. A prominent man, and an ardent Cliristian ; organized the 
first Sunday-school there, and burned with his own hands all the intidel 
works in the Sanbornton town librar}'. ?vlarried (i) Nov. 7, 1793, Huldah, 
daughter of Col. Peter Elkins of Sanbornton, who was born ]NL^rch 10, 1762, 
and died Sept. 27, 1798: (2) Patty Heath of Canterbury, N. H., who was 
born July 26, 1770, and died April 14, 1S59. ^^ died July iS, 1S53. 



i. Daniel, b. Aug. 19, 1794; d. unm. April 11, 1S66, in Sanbornton. 
118S ii. Peter Elkins, b. March 28, 1796. 
1 189 iii. Page, b. Jan. 30, 1798. 
I rgo iv. Eastman, b. May 30, 1800. 

V. Huidah Elkins, b. Jan. 3, 1802; m. .April 7, 1861, George Woodward of Brad- 
ford, Vt., son of Harvey. 

vi. Martha, b. Jan. 10, 1804; d. Sept. 7, 1S21. 

508. Deacon Josiah (196) Sanborn, born in North Hampton, Nov. 2, 
1765. Lived and died in Sanbornton. See Rev. Appendbc. "' His- 
tory of Sanbornton " says he served three months before he was sixteen 
years old, and re-enlisted as soon as that term was out. His coat was 
stolen, and he wore a " tow frock" all one winter. Was entitled to a pen- 
sion, but would not declare his property worth less than $500, and so did 
not get it. Deacon of the hrst Baptist church in Sanbornton fortv vears. 
Married March 21, 1790, Dorothy, daughter of William Thompson of Strat- 
ham and Sanbornton, who died April S. 1S50. He died May 15, 1S38. 

Children : 

i. Anna, b. Oct. 4, 1790; d. 1792. 
ii. Catherine, b. Feb. iS, 1792; in. Feb. 18. 1S20, Jeremiah Swain, Jr., of Wolcott 

and Hardwick, Vt. : d. 1S63. 
iii. Anna, b. Oct. 11, 1793; m. Nov. 11, iSii, Taylor Clark, Jr.. of Sanbornton: 
d. June 16, 1820. 
iigi iv. vVilliam Thompson, b. .March 24, 1795. 

V. -Ruth, b. April 2, 1797 ; m. .Aug. 12, 1841, Alvin Cobb Leavitt of Xorthfield, X. H. 
vi. Chase, b. June 2. 179S: d. 1799. 

1 192 vii. Josiah Thompson, b. .May 3, iSoo. 
viii. Olive, b. .March 18. 1802; d. 1803. 

ix. Chase, b. Oct. 3, 1S04; m. (i) 1831, Susan, dau. of David Shaw; (2) Oct. 4. 
1841, Hannah Stearns; d. without issue .April 3. 1S53. 

509. Capt. Ebenezer (196) Sanborn, born in North Hampton. Jan. 
16, 1768. Lived tirst in Sanbornton, then moved to New Hampton. N. IL 
Captain in the militia. A tanner and shoemaker ; served ten successive 
years as selectman of New Hampton. Married in 1790, Lvdia Sanborn 
(iSo-iv), who died June 7, 1S34. ^^ ^^^^ Nov. 17, 181S. 

Children : 

1 193 i. Josiah, b. .March 4, 1789. 

ii. Nancy Dalton, b. Dec. 7, 1790; d. unm. in New Hampton, Nov. 4, 1S73. 
iii. Abigail .Marston. b. Oct. 26. 1793; m. John Sanborn (750). 

1 194 iv. Caleb .Marston, b. Nov. 22, 1795. 

:-:';■ » 



V. Lydia, b. Sept. 6, 1798; m. Jan. 27, 1820, Capt. Abraham Ward of New Hamp- 
ton ; d. April 25, 1838. 

1 195 vi. Joseph Woodman, b. March 10, 1801. 

1196 vii. Thomas Jefferson, b. Aug, 24, 1803. 

viii. Hannah Hobbs, b. Jan. 8, 1806; m. (i) Ebenezer Howe of New Hampton; (2) 
Daniel Andrews of New Hampton. 
ix. Lavinia, b. Dec. 16, 1807 ; m. Gordon Demeritt of Nottingham, N. H. ; d. 1874. 

1197 X. John Langdon, b. Aug. 3, 1813. 

510. Samuel (196) Sanborn, born in North Hampton, April 12, 1770. 
A blacksmith in Sanbornton, where he lived and died. Married March 28, 
1791, Theodate, daughter of Abraham Perkins of Sanbornton, who was 
born April 13, 1770, and died Feb» 20, 1845. He died Nov. 8, 1853. 

Children : 

i. Anna, b. and d. 1792. 

ii. Anna D., b. Aug. 31, 1794; d. unm. Nov. 2, 1863. 

iii. Jonathan Perkins, b. Aug. 11, 1796; lived and died in Sanbornton; m. Mrs. 
Abigail (Swain) Weeks of Sanbornton; d. Feb. 5. 1849. Had one dau., 
Martha, b. March 27, 1S21, who m. Person C. Shaw of Hill, N. H. ; and one 
- adopted son, Charles, b. May 9, 1S34, who was. in 18S0, a section-hand liv- 
ing in Andover, N. H. 

iv. Mary, b. Dec. 16, 1798; m. Dec. 21, 1S2S. Joseph F. Blodgett of Plymouth, 
N. H., and d. Feb., 1S72. 

v. Joseph, b. Jan. 31, 1801 ; d. 1S02. 

1198 vi. Christopher, b. Feb. 18, 1803. 

vii. John Taylor, b. March 25, 1805; left home at 22; moved to Massachusetts, 
then to Ohio and Illinois, — a farmer there : last heard of in California. "His- 
tory of Sanbornton" says he m. and had three children in Illinois. 

viii. Mahala, b. July 3, 1807; m. March i, 1S40, Russell Cheney of New Boston, 
i.x. Edna Kimball, b. April 21. i8ior m. Daniel H. Clement of Haverhill, .Mass., 
and Sanbornton. 

■511. Joseph Warren (196) Sanborn, born in Sanbornton. June 25, 
:i774. Lived in Sanbornton. — a farmer there. ?vlarried Nancy, daughter 
of David Burley of Sanbornton. Died Feb. 26, iSoi. ,,,. .. . . 

1200 i. John T., b. 1800. 

:5i2. Chase Taylor (196) Sanborn, born in Sanborntonj Nov. 23, 
:I776. .Lived first in Sanbornton, then in Campton, N. H. Married Dec. 
^3, 1804, Martha Haines, who was born in Canterburv, N. H., Sept. 13, 
1786, and died June 30, 1S42. He died May 13, 1S62. 


Children : 

i. Chase, b. and d. 1806. 
ii. James Brackett. b. Aug. 3. 180S; d. Jan. 21, 1826. 

1201 iii. Thomas Jay, b. May 23, 1S12. 

513. James (197) Sanborn, born in Sanbornton, Jan. 14, 1773- A 
plough maker and wheelwright in Sanbornton, where he lived and died. 
Married Jane Gibson, daughter ot" Ensign James Gibson of Sanbornton, who 
was born April 20, 17S0, and died Sept. 13, 1S44. He died Sept. 30, 1841. 


1202 i. James Gibson, b. Feb. 20. ijgS. 

ii. Nancy, b. April 9, iSoi ; m. Nov. 13, 1828, David Moulton of Sanbornton. son 

of Simeon ; d. 187S. 
iii. Lucy, b. Aug. 14, 1S03; m. Jan. 15, 1824, Charles Jaques of Sanbornton: d. 

May, 1878, in Tilton, X. H. . 

1203 iv. Ebenezer, b. May 14, 1S07. 

V. Rufus, b. Dec. 28, 1S09; lived in Sanbornton, — a man of great worth: m. Oct. 
16, 1840, Mercy W. Mason, daughter of Rev. Lemuel .Mason of Sanbornton; 
d. without children, Jan. 31, 1S71. 
vi. Jane, b. July 20, 1813; m. Feb., 1S44, .\sa Woodward of Fairlee, Vt., and d. 

Sept. 13, 1844. 
vii. Martha, b. Aug. 2. 1816; m. .\Liy 25, 1843, George Woodward of Eradford, Vt., 

son of Harvey, 
viii. Elizabeth Ann, b. June 22, 1823: m. Thomas P. Sanborn. {1216). 

514. Benjamin (197) Sanborn, born in Sanbornton, April 19, 17S5. 
Lived and died in Sanbornton, — a carpenter by trade. Married Abigail 
Svvasey of Gilmanton, who was born July 18, 1793, and died Feb. i, 1S39. 
He died June 19, 1851. 

Children : 

i. Mary Swasey, b. July 14, 1S15; d. unm. May 17, 1838. 

1204 ii. John Swasey, b. Dec. 4, 1S17. 
iii. Solon, b. Sept. 3, 1S24; d. 1837. 

iv. Benjamin Mason, b. .March 13, 1831 : d. 1835. 

515. Abijah (197) Sanborn, born in Sanbornton, Feb. 16. 17S7. 
Lived and died in Sanbornton. A corporal in the War of 181 2. Married 
Dec. 30, 1809, Sarah, daughter of Shubael Page Philbrook of Sanbornton, 
who died Nov. 17, 1S64. He died May 22, 1S74. 

Children : ■ : j.-t ; •■ 

i. Livina, b. June 13, 181 1 ; m. John S. Sanborn (1254). 

ii. Hannah, b. May 6, 1813 : m. 1S32, Lemuel S. Wallace of Thornton N. H., and 
d. June 19, 1854. 


iii. Louisa, b. Sept. 6, 1S14; m. John T G. Sanborn (1442). 

iv. Benjamin Page, b. Dec. 3, 1S16; killed in a runaway, 1S22. 

V. Sarah, b. Aug. 17, 1S19; m. July 3, 1S42, Charles J. Lane of Sanbornton. 

1205 vi. Luther, b. Feb. 12, 1S21. 

1206 vii. Nathan, b. Aug. 23, 1S25. 

viii. Ruth Ann, b. Oct. 4, 1S27; m. Horace Moulton of Sanbornton, son of David : 
d. 1S60. 
ix. Matilda, b. Dec. 3. 1S32; d. unm. Oct. 31, 1S72. 

516. Jonathan (197) Sanborn, born in Sanbornton, ]March 31, 1792. 
Lived in Sanbornton and Thornton, N. H. Married Nov. 9, 1S14, Lucy, 
daughter of Shubael Page Philbrook ot' Sanbornton, who died March 11, 
1875. They were the "handsome couple" of their day. He died Jan. 
18, 1868. 

Children : 

i. Eliza, b. .May 29, 1816; m. (i) Dec. 3, 1S39, Enoch Oilman of Thornton, 

N. H. ; (2) Horace L. Thurston. 
ii. Lucy Anna, b. July 24, iSiS ; d. Dec. 16, 1S43. 
iii. Cynthia, b. Sept. 7, 1S20: d. unm. Aug. 7, 1841. 

iv. Horace, b. April 9, 1S23 ; m. Feb. 14, 1S49, Laura Bell, daughter of Dudley Carl- 
ton of Newbury, Vt. : a machinist in Lowell; went to California, but returned 
to the farm in Tilton, X. H., and has served as selectman, i87g-"8o. Had 
the following children: (i) Luthera Wilson, b. Sept. 24, 1S57: (ii) Carlotta 
Sarah, b. Dec. 28, 1S59; (''") Horace Herbert, b. July 19, 1S61. 
V. Sarah, b. Oct. 27, 1S25; d. 1S34. 
vi. Benjamin Liba, b. Dec. 28, 1S27; m. Tabitha J. Sanborn (1202-i) : moved to 

Maine. Had one child, who d. in infancy. He d. . 

'"" vii. Edwin L., b. Aug. 27, 1830; a carriage maker in Lowell, Mass.; m. Nov. 28. 

1853, Mary S. Sanborn (iio8-v). Had the following children: (i) Harriet L.. 
b. March i, 1856; (ii) Alice M., b. July 3, i860. 
viii. Jonathan .Mason, b. Dec. 20, 1832 ; a singing-teacher in Manchester and Nashua. 
N. H. ; m. Electa A. Co.x ; no children. 
Lx. George Sumner, b Aug. S, 1835 ; d. unm. 1869. 
'•' X. Albion, b. March 22, 1838; m. Oct. 17, i860, in Lowell, .Mass., Maria C. Mor- 

gan, b. in Surry, .Me., 1835; ^ carriage-body maker; lived in W. .-Vmesbury, 
Mass., until 1S74, then moved to Benicia, Cal., for his health. Had children: 
" (i) Grace A., b. 1S61. d. 1862 : (ii) Annie L., b. June 22, 1866. 
'• xi. Ellen Young, b. June 6, 1841 ; d. 1842. 

517. Deacon Joseph (198) Sanborn, born in North Hampton, Nov. 5, 
1782. Lived and died in Sanbornton, — a farmer there. Deacon ot the 
First Conrrregational church there for twentv vears, — a man of sterling 
integrity. Married in 1S04, ?vLary Sanborn (197-vii), who died April 28, 
1852. He died Nov. 2, 1855. ■ ■ 

f I ' 


Children : 

i. Benjamin, b. Aug. 22, 1805 : d. Jan. 29, 1822. 

ii. Abraham Bodwell, b. Oct. iS, 1S06; lived in New Hampton and Sanbornton, — 
blacksmith ; selectman in both towns, and often moderator at town-meetings : 
deacon in Congregational church; m. Oct. 17, 1833, Sarah B., dau. of Nicho- 
las M. Taylor of Sanbornton ; d. without issue, April i, 187S. 

1207 iii. Ira, b. Dec. 17, 1S07. 

1208 iv. Abijah, b. Jan. 4, 1809. 

V. Alvah, b. Feb. 22, iSro; d. 181 i. 
vi. William, b. Sept. 28, iSii ; m. Salome Belden of Burke, \'t. ; no issue. .Moved 

West, and was drowned, with his wife, near Milwaukee, in 1S55. 
vii. Julia, b. April 20, 1813; never m. ; a nurse in Lynn and Sanbornton: d. in 

Concord, N. H., Feb. 11, 1879. 
viii. John, b. May 4, iSi5;d 1816. 
ix. Mary Belinda, b. March 21, 1S17; m. William T. Wells, a farmer of Bristol, 
N. H., and Canton, Conn. 

1209 X. Joseph Lane, b. April 11, 1S20. 

518. JosiAH HoBBS (198) Sanborn, born in North Hampton, Jan. i6, 
1789. Lived and died in Sanboi-nton. — a house-carpenter by trade. A 
soldier in the War of 1812. Married Hannah, daughter of Reuben Phil- 
brick of Sanbornton. who was born July 12. 1792, and died June 19, 1S78. 
He died April 23, 1862. 

Children : 

i. Anna, b. June 23, 1813; m. (i) George Morse of Andover, Mass., and Buda, 
111. ; (2) David Fuller of Buda; living 1S97. 
I3IO ii. Reuben Philbrick, b. March 17, 1817. * 

121 1 iii. Jacob Philbrick Brown, b. May 24, 1821. 

519. John L. (19S) Sanborn, born in North Hampton, Dec. 6, 1791. 
D. H. S. says he died on a prison-ship in the War of 1812, but the " History 
of Hampton " savs he married Mar}-, daughter of James Tuck of Hampton, 
and had one daughter, Nancy, who married Charles H. jNIoore of Boston. 

520. Lieut. Benjamin Philbrick (199) Sanborn, born in Sanbornton. 
Oct. 21, 1779. Lived and died there, a farmer. Married Aug. 29, 1S05. 
Ruth Sanborn (198-iii), who died Jan. 22, 1864. He died Feb. 28. 1S5S. 

Children : 

1. Daniel Staniford, b. Aug. 12, 1806; lived and d. in Sanbornton: m. Jerusha, 
dau. of Simeon Moulton of Sanbornton ; d. March 2, 1S59. leaving one son, 
Harlan Page, b. April 8, 1837. Enlisted in Co. H, X. H. Vols., and came 
home in 1863, to die of dysentery. 

ii. Joseph Warren, b. Sept. 15, 1808; d. unm. ' ' ' * 


\ ' <>: 


; i*'.'! :■' f ! 



iii. Arthur^ '; . A 

:-'■ :' :?io; d. nnm 1S37. 

hr. llarda 1 

.'. - ." :^. I?f2 : d. "2™™. 

T. Jesse, - , 

: _ :.;_ =-..-' ::^ 

VI. Julia \ji.z.=z. 1 

-----■:---" -^■-- ■-'■ 

521. Dr. Xath..: 

-■ -\\ ^ -"-.'-. '--_:-. 

He tnav ve.. r- : 

: ~ \ . - 1: .\ -...- ■ 

1. 1873- 

is to r.i: ur.rr :"-"-■-".■-. r _- .;-::r5 ". . 1: we owe the corr.i'.rit .t::: :- . .tz. :rs 

says :: :..:.--.-.. •• .-. :. t; .: : ~ : - r. : 
with bleeding .. r r st r 33- cong 

^: unsocial 5:v.r :: ir: .: s.-rl . - : : ndency, uii£: ::r ~ir.ui. j.r 
ual labour. ::::- : ::rr r :- v ': . H'r. Sir "- 

there ::r ~:rr :.~:;r. :;::'.■ veirs. _"rri'.." z-,.-z~. :-7-~ r.irired as phy5:;: in 
arc citizen: i::~ - r!! ci.-=~. : r : i :r:r ;ri :r:tg-':; . "5 15 

and in iS;^ rcceiv::i :nr -jree :fM. D. :r:n- ::::n:_n Cilrgr. 'He 

Sicic:.' ::r rsir.' '. : was als-. ras: a:s:r:;: aer-:' ^rana n:a5:er :: 
:he Grana L ; a_- : ;" Xr'^' Hampshirr . F:r n^ rn:;"-5r' rn vt^rs 'r - " 1- a 
memarr ;:":.r C : r _rr jan :nal chii7c;i c; Hrnrivr'. :ai a :;a5:an: .arra- 
an: ^: ra:!: „na 5;::ai n eeiin^s when his : ^a a in a a_aes aer— ar 

A~:ngaii bis other occupations. Dr. S_na;rn ~ an aged 10 ar :.t a ::n- 
sia.rra: r anaount of time to his t'avorite study, a r >anr:rn szz.zy- 
Lar_:ra.- ':y /.js efforts, the Saicbom Family Ass; j. an : r. „5 :,: a. ra a; :-5_*. 
and he aeaa~e hs rr::ra:a- secretarv. :d him tc a_ a. :::r: a. 7 ::5>: :: 

way in .■•aija ::;ey are aira ::-aa"". made the ^v:r^ :: a:;;. :.. ::.r Ta:ra:. 
We may we ii vraarr a: a: :r n:aa i a " :ar :: :-ajf : a::a a r an 
when aided as ar v ai zy :ar iairi i_::n: „:a ;: a: ay >,:a-a ;a .a a ree 
years Dr. Sanborn and Prof. Dver H. Sanborn had arTani;ra aarir :i 

rf t<: ' 

• , i '■' 1 < » 

^^^"■- • 

'^ 4 

Dr. Nathan Sanborn, of Henniker, X. H. 

"The father of the Sanborn Genealogy." 



seven Sanborn generations, which did not assume to be an exhaustive study 
of the family, but was the beginning of a more important work. Tliis 
tabulation was printed in the " New England Historic-Genealogical Regis- 
ter" for July and October, 1S56, and was afterwards reprinted in pamphlet 
form. Whitmore, in his "American Genealogies," commends it for its 
sj'stem and clearness. 

To the completion of a larger genealogy Dr. Sanborn now bent his best 
energies. Dyer H. Sanborn, his collaborator, says of him: "He prose- 
cuted the work during the last years of his life with unremitting ardor, and 
had arranged nearly 2,500 names in consecutive order for publication, hop- 
ing to send the book to press in May or June, 1S59. He much regretted 
that this labor, the favorite idea of his life, could not have been linished 
while he was still living, but a wise Providence ordered it otherwise. A 
spirit of calm resignation pervaded his mind, and he met death with com- 
posure and Christian resignation. His last words were, ' It is well, — 
well, — well.' Dr. Sanborn had been a great sufferer tor more than twenty 
years, and had been on the confines of the grave more than once. He was 
in the railroad accident at Xorwalk, Conn., in 1S54, when the train fell into 
the river and fifty passengers were killed, among them Drs. Pearson and 
Bartlett, his intimate friends. He was also in a serious collision at Lake 
Village, N. H. At a post-mortem examination, it appeared that almost 
every inch of the lungs' surface adhered to the pleura; the profuse hemor- 
rhages to which he was subject were caused by occasional separation ot 
these, causing intense suffering."' 

Besides his "Sanborn Genealogy," Dr. Sanborn was also the author of 
a volume of" Occasional Poems," published by his children. He married 
Oct. 2, 1816, Sens, daughter of Thomas Lancaster of Sanbornton, who was 
born May 29, 1797. Dr. Sanborn died in Henniker, N. H., Dec. 15, 185S. 

Children : 

i. Unnamed child, b. and d. 1817. 
ii. Unnamed child, b. and d. 1818. 

iii. Sarah, b. May 24, 1819; m. Aug. 29, 1842, Dr. Jesse A. Sanborn (1822). 
iv. Paulina, b. May 28, 1821; m. James W. Sargent of Warner, N. H., and St. 

Paul, Minn. 
V. Alden Winslow, b. July 11, 1823; m. Dec. 27, 184S, Elizabeth H., dau. of 
Aaron Abbott of Manchester. N. H. A carriage manufacturer in Manchester, 
N. H. ; now living in Maiden, Mass. One child, Mary Farley, b. May 8, 1853 : 
m. Fred C. Sanborn (S96-iv_) ; living in Maiden, Mass. ; is an authoress of 
some note. 
1212 vi. Nathan Perkins, b. June 25, 1825. 

■ .' i; ; 

i '' 

y.H /■' 

/\ ■■'■■< I 

■ !!:>f 

1, 'J . ' 


lb (in J M 

'■•■:.: ''' /i. 

. ,i-.,!l. 


1213 vii. George Granville, b. Jan. 5, 1828. 

1214 viii. Henry Mead, b. Aug. 16, 1832. 

12 1 5 ix. Thomas Lancaster, b. Jan. 4, 1836. 

X. Matilda Childs, b. .March 17, 1S39; d. ^ug. 21, 1854. 

xi. Emma Willard, b. Aug. 15, 1842: m. May 18, 1S66, Rev. Rockwood .McOues- 
ton, principal of the Baldwin school, at .Minneapolis; now living in Glen 
Cove, L. I. 

522. Simeon (199) S-\nborn, born in Sanbornton, Oct. 8, 1793- Served 
in the War of 1S12. Lived in Sanbornton until 1S48, when he moved to 
Plymouth, N. H. Spent his last years with his son Charles, in Campton, 
N. H. Married Dec. 3, 1817, Lucy S., daughter of Joseph Palmer of 
Sanbornton. Died Sept. 9, 1876. 

Children : 

i. Abigail, b. April 2, 1820; d. unm. May 3, 1839. , .,. 

1216 ii. Thomas Prentice, b. Nov. 17, 1823. 

1217 iii. Charles Edwin, b. Aug. 16, 182S. 

523. Hon. Willi.\m (200) S.\nborn, born Jan. 5, 1798. Lived in 
Hardwick, Vt., where he was representative and justice of the peace many 
years. Married Phylabe Grow of Hardwick. Both husband and wife 
moved to Colorado, making their home with their son, Corydon W. San- 
born. He died in 1S86, and she in iSSo. ^ . , ">K •— 

Children: I,.\- ." . . ■ ■ ' 

i. Betsey S., b. June 26, 1825; m. 1844, Reuben Perkins of Walden, Vt., and d. 

Dec. 23, 1854. 
ii. William L., b. Oct. 3. 1827; d. 1828. 
. , iii. Marvin G., b. Nov. 3, 1829; d. unm. Dec. 15, 1854. 

iv. Lamoille W., b. June i, 1831 ; m. John Dawley, who moved to Wisconsin in 

V. John F., b. Oct. 9, 1834; m. Oct. 17, 185S, Jerusha N. Davis of Thompson. 
Conn., and had (i) Burton D., b. Nov. i, 1859; (ii) Eleanor E., b. Dec. 14, 
vi. Mary C, b. -Aug. 12, 1837; d. 1841. 
vii. Corydon W., b. March 6, 1840; d. 1841. 

1 2 18 viii. Corydon W., b. June 5, 1843. 

524. Israel (200) Sanborn, born Sept. 22, iSii. Lived and died in 
Hardwick, Vt. Married Polly Burton. Died Nov. 26, 1S41. 

Children : 

i. Gusta\-us Burton, b. ; unm. in New Orleans, 1862. 

ii. Lydia Ann, b. ; never m. ; d. in Ashland, Ky. 

iii. Juliet, b. ; living in 1862 in Ashland, Ky. 


525. Cyrus (200) Sanborn, born March 6, 1814. Lived and died in 
Hardwick, Vt. Married Chastina Wilson Foss, who was born Nov. 17, 
1817, and died Jan. 12, i860. He died Xov. 17, 1846, and his death scat- 
tered the family, so that the record is not very good- 
Children : 

i. Charles \V., b. '■; ser\'ed in Co. A, nth Vt. Inf. in the Civil War, and d. 

in Washington. March, 1S63. D. H. S. says he was m., but had no issue, 
ii. Martha Ann, b. Aug. 5, 1838; m. (i) Darwin A. Currier, b. 1833, d. Oct. 4. 

18S7; (2) Mr. Chilson; now (1897) living in Albion, Neb. 

iii. Israel Franklin, b. . D. H. S. says m. 

iv. Sarah, b. : d. Jan., 1S58, unm. 

V. Lucian Lovejoy, b. ; m., but had no issue: living in Barton's Landing, Vt. 

Served in Co. L, 6th Vt. Inf. ; was wounded in the head in the Battle of tiie 
Wilderness, May, 1864, taken prisoner, and confined in Andersonville prison 
more than si.x months. He writes me: "I am almost blind from a gunshot 
wound in the head, received at the Wilderness: the ball entered my jaw half 
way between the right ear and eye, and came out under the left eye, entirely 
destroying the sight of the same, and injuring the right eye so that I can't read 
at all, and have to use a powerful magnifying glass to write." 

vi. Mary, b. ; never m. 

1220 vii. George A., b. Oct. 31, 1844. _ 

viii. Ellen, b. ; d. in infancy. 

526. George Perkins (201) Sanborn, born May 26. 1819. Married 
Oct. 20, 1854, Frances H. Rublee. Lived in Chelmsford, >Lass., and later 
in Boston, where he founded the firm of G. P. Sanborn & Co., No. 4 
Chatham Row, dealers in canned goods and pickles. 

Child : 

i. George Otis, b. Nov. 13, 1S35 ; in business with his father, as above. 

527. Daniel (202) Sanborn, born in Plattsburg, N. Y., July 6, 1S09. 
A tinsmith in Somerville, N. J. Married Jan. 21, 1836, Jane Bolmer, who 
was born Oct., 1807, and died April 18, 1890. Now (1897) living in 
Somerville, N. J. 

Children : ,,-.,.,., 

i. Aaron, b. Oct. 11, 1837; d. before 1897. 
ii. Garret Bolmer, b. Aug. 21, 1839; living in Somerville. 
iii. George Washington, b. July 10, 1844: d. before 1897. 
iv. John Talbot, b. Nov. 8, 1847; d. before 1897. 
V. William Craven, b. Dec. 5, 1849; li'^ing in Somerville. 

528. Joseph (202) Sanborn, born in 1820. Now (1897) living in 
Scranton, Pa. 

') ? r : 

' '. ill 


V'! ,A 
! Jur.'- 




Child : 

i. Joseph P. Sanborn, b. ; now living at 1332 Penn Ave., Scranton, Pa. 

529. John V. (202) Sanborn, born in Washington's headquarters, 
Nevvburg, N. Y., Jan. 4, 1S26. A metal dealer in Brooklyn, X. Y. 
Married April i, 1S50, Mary Woodruff. Both he and his wife are now 
(1897) living at Flatlands Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Children : 

i. John \V., b. Feb. 27, 185 i ; now living in Brooklyn. * 

ii. William Henry, b. Sept. 6, 1852; a clerk at 1649 Broadway, Brooklyn: m. 
Mary F. Reimer, b. Aug. 14, 1854. Have had the following children: (i) 
Laura E., b. Aug. 27, 1877; (ii) William Thomas, b. July 14, 1880; (iii) Ida 
May, b. June 22, 1883; (iv) Harriet J., b. Sept. 14, 1887. 
iii. Benjamin F., b. Aug. 16, 1854; living in Brooklyn. 

532. James (204) Sanborn, born in Northwood, N. H., Dec. 15, 1776. 
Lived in Epping, N. H. Married Oct. 22, 1797, Sarah Avery, who was 
born May 15, 1772, and died March i, 1840. He died Dec. 30, 1S05. 

Children : 

i. Nancy, b. March 6, 1799; m. April 20, 1817, Sherburne Rollins; d. Dec. 28, 

ii. Lydia, b. April 22, 1801 ; m. Feb. 6, 1820, John Stevens of Chester, N. H. ; 

d. March 24, 1875. 

1225 iii. Jonathan, b. Aug. 7, 1803. : ■ ■ ■- 

1226 iv. James, b. May 11, 1805. 

533- Jonathan (205) Sanborn, born in Moultonborough, March 6, 
1788. Lived in Orfordville, N. H. Married Dec. 17, 1812, Susan, 
daughter of Davis Batchelder, who was born Nov. 30, 1793. Died. Nov. 
27' 1857. 


i. Comfort, b. Dec. 29, 1S13; m. Ammi Clough of Washington, Vt. 
ii. Arabella, b. June 4, 181 5 ; m. F. S. Clough. 
iii. Susan, b. Sept. 22, 1817 ; m. Amos W. Paine. 

iv. Levi Eastman, b. July 4, 1820; lived in Orfordville; m. Sept. 17, 184S, Caro- 
line L. Newell ; three children. .■ . 
V. Pamelia, b. March 15, 1823: m. Warren W. Blake of Tunbridge. Vt. 
vi. Mary Ann, b. March 17, 182S ; m. T. W. Savage. 
vii. Judith, b. May 10, 1832; m. John R. Wright. 
viii. James Chandler, b. Jan. 30, 1S36; lived in Orfordville; m. .M. A. Bailey. 

534. Levi (205) Sanborn, born in Moultonborough, about 17S9. 
Married Hannah Fullerton, and moved West. No further record. 


535. Shubael (206) Sanborn, born in Hampton, June i8, 1764. 
Lived and died in Canterbury, N. H., — a farmer tliere. Married Jan. 21, 
1790, Phebe, daughter of Jacob Smith of Sanbornton, who was born Sept. 
30, 1771, and died Jan. 24, 1S52. He died IMay 6, 1S42. 

Children : 

i. Betsey, b. Dec. 18, 1790; m. David Morrill of Canterbury. 

1228 ii. Benjamin, b. Jan. 16, 1793. 

1229 iii. Smith, b. July 22, 1795. 

iv. Hannah, b. Feb. 28, 179S; m. Dec. 2, 1820, Levi Perkins of Wheelock, Vt. 
V. Polly, b. April 13, 1800; m. Abraham Dearborn of Xorthfield, N. H. 
vi. Shubael, b. March 14, 1802; m. Mary Newton; lived in Ro.xbury, Mass., and 

d. Jan. 24, 1843, leaving the following children: (i) Mary, (ii) Harriet, (iii) 

Frederick A. 

1230 vii. Abraham, b. May 19, 1804. 

1231 viii. Jeremiah, b. Aug. 29, 1S06. 

1232 ix. Joseph, b. Jan. 14, 1809. 

1233 ^- Hazen, b. Oct. 15,1811. 

xi. Phebe, b. Dec. 22, 1814; m. Joseph C. Harper of Loudon. N. H. ; d. Oct. 12, 

xii. Sylvanus, b. Aug. 26, 18 r8; m. ^— Mudgett ; d. in California; left one dau., 

Jennie M. 

536. Abraham (206) Sanborn, born in Canterbury, N. H., Nov. 24, 
1771. A teacher of long standing and excellent reputation. Married July 
II, 1794, Hannah, daughter of Jacob Smith of Sanbornton, who was born 
March 4, 1774, and died March 27, 1844. ^^^ ^^"st settled in Lyndon, Vt., 
and moved thence to Jetierson, Wis., in 1846, where for several years he 
taught school with good success. He died in Jefferson, March 10, 1S50. 

Children : 

1234 i. Abraham S., b. June i, 1795, in Plymouth, N. H. 

1235 ii. Isaac Mason, b. Jan. 31, 1796. 

iii. Phebe, b. March 18, 1799; m. Levi Smith of New Hampton, 
iv. John, b. 1801 ; d. young. ,,,,,, , , i,., ..■ r; 

V. Joshua, b. 1803; d. young. '. 

vi. Jacob, b. July 10, 1804; m. Olive Greenleaf; lived in Holderness, N. H. 
vii. Mary, b. Aug. 3, 1806; m. Orrin Green of Lyndon, Vt. 

viii. Sally, b. Jan. 19, 1809; m. Kimball Hoyt of Lyndon, \'t., and Milford, Wis. 
ix. Betsey, b. April 3, 1812 ; d. 1816. 

Two others, names and dates not given. 

542. Benjamin (209) Sanborn, born about 1784. A laborer in Orange, 
Vt. Married Mary Rier, and died in October, 1865. 

Children : 

.■ r 1, 

." ■..'•* 

.' r I 1 • , 

'.' 7 ,■ '■ 


■, -■. ^,- > 

.'II'. ' ■ ' 

,!.'cl .-7 

iM'ii"' :'■ 

■0.7, . 

vj-)V > 


1240 i. William D., b. Sept. 15, 1819. 

ii. Daniel F., b. Oct. 8, 1822; m., and d. leaving two sons, Edgar and Herbert, 

who live in E. Orange, \'t. 
iii. Sarah D., b. Sept. 14, 1824. 

543. Joseph (209) Sanp.orn, born about 1786. No further record. 

544. Ezra (209) Sanborn, born about 178S. Lived in Chelsea, Vt. 
Married, and left several children, who live in or near Chelsea. 

545. Sherburn (210) Sanborn, born in Sandown or Bristol, X. H., 
Dec. 8, 1780. Lived and died in Bristol, N. H., — a farmer there. Mar- 
ried June 24, 1802, Sarah Worthen. Drowned April 20, 1807. 

Children : 

1245 i- Martin Luther, b. Jan. i, 1803. 

ii. Laura \V., b. Sept. 5, 1804: m. March 11, 1824, Rev. William D. Cass of Ply- 
mouth, N. H. 

546. Theophilus (210) Sanborn, born Jan. 8, 1791. Married Sept. 
7, 1815, Fanny Cross, and moved to Hartsgrove, O., afterwards to Ash- 
tabula, O. 

Children : " ' 

i. Hannah Dustin, b. Oct. 5, 1816; m. Feb. 26, 1840, Joseph Brooks of Harts- 
grove, O. 
ii. Jonathan C, b. Feb. 13, 1819; m. Jan. i, 1857, Ophelia Porter ; lived in Michi- 
gan City, Ind. 
iii. Rebecca Dustin, b. July 30, 1824; m. June 8, 1847, Fitch Andrews of Trum- 
bull, O. 
iv. Mary, b. Dec. 13, 1825; d. April 14, 1836. , . , . . 

V. Lorain H., b. Oct. 6, 1829; unni. 

547. Daniel (210) Sanborn, born in Bristol, N. H., Aug. 23, 1797. 
Lived and died in Bristol, — a farmer there. Married (i) Oct. 22, 1818, 
Hannah Worthen ; (2) JNIrs. Jemima W. Blake. Died July 29, 1S54. 

Children : 

i. Plumer W., b. Feb. 15. 1821 ; postmaster at Candia \'illage, N. H., for many 
•' years; m. May 30, 1844, Sarah F. Dearborn ; one son, Clarence D., b. 1847 ; 

d. 1850. He d. in 1893. 

1247 ii. Charles H., b. Feb. 23, 1824. 

iii. Jane M., b. Dec. 10, 1826; m. Jacob Martin: d. Aug. 7, 1859. 

1248 iv. Luther B., b. March 16, 1829. 

V. Hannah W,, b. March i, 1S31 ; m. Dec. 2, 1854, Lewis B. Rock of Milwaukee, 


548. Moses Hoyt (211) Saxborx, born in Poplin, N. H., Sept. 22. 
1783. A farmer on the homestead in Poplin, now Fremont, X. H., the old 
place now being owned by Alvah Sanborn. Lived and died there. Mar- 
ried Sept. 20, 1801, Susanna, daughter of Jonathan Brown of Fremont, who 
was born in 1785, and died May 15, 1850. Moses died April 27, 1864. 

Children : 

i. Sarah, b. Oct. 14, 1801 ; m. Ariel Sanborn (726). 

ii. Asa, b. Jan. 30, 1803; lived and d. in Fremont; m. (i) Dec. 31, 1825, Farrena 
Gilman, who d. March 20, 1841 ; (2) Oct. 27, 1 841 , Abigail Sanborn (615-iv.) 
Had (i) Farrena, b. Oct. 4, 1S43, d. 1S47 ; (ii) Ruth A., b. June 4, 1845. 

iii. Farread, b. July 15, 1804; m. James Sawyer of Danville. 

iv. Moses N., b. Jan. 9, 1S06; m. Dec. 13, 1S27, Cyrene Tucker, daughter of Ben- 
jamin, b. 1806; selectman in Fremont, where he lived and d. Had (i) Amos, 
b. Jan. 27, 1830, d. in infancy; (ii) George, b. Feb. 19, 1S37, d. in infancy; 
(iii) Susan N., b. March 25, 1840; (iv) Huldah T., b. Oct. 20, 1845. 

1249 V. True Glidden, b. Jan. 8, 1808. 

1250 vi. John L., b. March 8, 1810. • 

1251 vii. Jonathan B., b. Oct. 12, 1811. ' 
viii. Nancy, b. May 2, 1813; d. 1814. 

ix. Sherburn, b. Dec. 18, 1814; m. Dec. 12, 1839, Elizabeth Sanborn (551-v) ; lived 

and d. in Fremont. No children. 
X. Nancy, b. May 2, 1818; d. 1824. 
xi. Lewis, b. July rS, 1819: m. Oct. 18, 1842, Abigail F. York; lived and d. in 

Fremont. Had (i) Elizabeth A., b. Feb. 13, 1847, d. 185 1 ; (ii) Mar}- F., 

b. Aug. 17, 1849. ' ■ . 

xii. Alvah, b. March 6, 1822; d. 1825. ■ 

1252 xiii. Alvah, b. Dec. 31, 1823. ^ . ■ 
xiv. Nancy, b. Sept. 14, 1825; d. 1841. 

549. John Hoyt (211) Sanborn, born in Fremont, then Poplin, x\pril 
2, 1789. Lived in Bristol, N. H. Married March 21, iSio, Olive Sawyer 
of Danville. Died March 17, 1849. 

Children : - > > 

i. Adeline, b. Oct. 22, 1812; m. Sept. ig, 1841, Parker B. Roberts of Lawrence, 

ii. Luella Bartlett, b. Sept. 30, 1814; d. unm. Jan. 22, 1836. 

iii. John Washington, b. in Fremont, N. H., April 21, 1816: ni. June 24, 1S41, 
Mary C. Bennett, dau. of Daniel L. Bennett of New Hampton; lived and d. in 
Bristol, N. H. 
iv. Sherburn Sawyer, b. .March 31, 1818; d. 1818. 

V. Betsey A., b. June 27, 1819; m. April 13, 1841, Stephen L. Gordon of New- 
Hampton and Alexandria, N. H. 
1253 vi. Sherburn Sawyer, b. March 29, 182 1. 

. ■:. : ) 



vii. Mary H., b. July 6, 1833; m. (i) Oct. 24, 1844, Daniel M. Elliott; (2) June i, 

1857, Capt. Isaiah Sanborn (1254). 
viii. James Templeton, b. June 28, 1825; m. Feb. i, 1S46, Sarah W. Moulton, dau. 
of Natiianiel of Concord, Me. ; lived in Bristol, N. H. Had (1) John H., b. 
May 10, 1847; d. 1S53; (ii) John H., b. Oct. 6, 1854, d. 1855; (iii) Kate, 
b. Nov. 16, 1856. 
ix. Sarah Jane, b. July 8, 1S27; m. Feb. 5, 1846. Augustus S. Bunker of Lawrence, 

Mass.; d. April 25, 1850. 
X. Abram Jackson, b. Aug. 6, 1S29; d. 1851. 
xi. Caroline Matilda, b. Aug. 27, 1831 ; m. Sept. 21, 1850, as his 2d wife, Aug. S. 

Bunker, husband of Sarah above. 
xii. George Warren, b. April 13, 1834; d. Nov. 3, 1853. 

550. Simon Merrill (211) Sanborn, born in Bristol, N. H., Dec. 15, 
1796. Lived and died in Chester, X. H., — a cooper and farmer; accumu- 
lated a considerable property. Married (i) 1820, Roxana Mills, who was 
born Oct. 11, 1796, and died Aug. 20, 1846: apparently he was divorced 
from her before 1835, when he married (2) Belinda West, who was born 
Oct. 20, 1817, and died Aug. 11, 1857 ; and he married (3) ^Tary West. 

Children : 

i. Mary A., b. Dec. 10, 1S19 ; d. 1S24. 

1254 ii. Isaiah, b. Jan. 24, 1821. 

iii. Horace, b. Nov. 9, 1822; m. March 19, 1850, Chastina M. Sanborn (726-iii) ; 

lived in Chester, N. H. ; d. there without issue, June 19, 1852. 
iv. Luther M., b. Jan. 15, 1824; m. Dec. 16, 1845, Nancy J. Sanborn (726-ii) : 

d. in Chester without issue, Oct. 27, 185 i ; widow m. (2) Henry \V. Ouimby. 
^ V. Mary A., b. Oct. 10, 1825; m. Sept. 23, 1846, David T. Sleeper of Sandown, 

N. H. 
vi. Sarah J., b. Jan. 16, 1827 ; d. unm. May 7, 1847. 

1255 vii. John Collins, b. April 20, 1828. 

viii. Sylvester, b. July 13, 1829; lived first in Chester; now (1897) a wheelwright in 

Amesbury, Mass.; m. (i) June 5, 1855, .Mrs. Chastina M. Sanborn, widow 

of Horace above, who d. Jan. 23, 1856; (2) Nov. 16, 1856, Almira Fassett of 

Kingston, b. Nov. 15, 1839. No issue. 

ix. Alvira, b. April 23, 1831; m. 1851, Elijah Sanborn (551 -viii). 

X. Clarissa, b. Dec. 18, 1S32: m. Aug., 1S56, Elijah Sanborn, husband of Alvira 

xi. Laura, b. Sept. 4, 1834; d. 1838. 

xii. Harriet, b. March 26, 1836; m. John S. Kelley of Sandown. 
xiii. Mark, b. Oct. 21, 1839; m. June 20, 18S9, Martha J. Marden of Chester,— a 

carpenter in Chester, still living; no issue. 
xiv. Harrison, b. July 2, 1843; d. Feb. 19, 1862. He was a member of Co. D, 7th 

N. H. Inf., and died in New York. 
XV. Frank, b. Nov. 17, 1S46; d. 1852. 

'/;-'.;.//■->::'■■• >'>■ •♦i--"'''- 

-..•>i: ..'■.'■) ' 

1 ,»'•■ ' 

).'■ "■ ■. -■'- 

( '' ' 

;1 7:1' ..• ,IW--V;i-: . 


- xvi. Laura J., b. March 14, 1848; m. Jolm M. Haines of Sandown N. H. 
I256xvii. Daniel Tilton, b. Jan. 12, 1850. 

xviii. Maria Ellen, b. July 27, 1851 ; m. S. S. West of Raymond N. H. 
xix. Lucinda, b. Feb. 13, 1853; d. 1854. 
XX. Frank, b. Aug. 8, 1854; d. 1854. 

551. Ebenezer (212) Sanborn, born in Danville, N. H., June 12, 
1780. Lived and died in Fremont, N. IL, — a farmer there. Married Jan. 
7, 1799, Lydia, daughter of Jeremiah Bean of Danville, who was born Sept. 
10, 1780, and died in Raymond, June 23, 1S58. He died in Fremont, 
Aug 9, 1857. 

Children : 

i. Mary, b. Aug. 6, 1799; m. March 21, 1839, James Sleeper of Sandown. 
ii. Daniel, b. .May 8, 1802; m. (i) Xov. 25, 1830, Lucina, dau. of Benjamin Row- 
ell of Fremont, who d. Nov. 28, 1S44; (2) July 24, 1S45, .-\lmira, dau. of 
Capt. Benjamin True of Chester. Had (i) Lucy Ann, b. June 2, 1S32, m. 
April 9, 1S52, Isaac A. Brown of Brentwood ; (ii) Daniel Laroy, b. Oct. 15, 
1S43; served in Co. K, 15th N. H. Inf. ; now (1S97) living in Chester. 
iii. Amos, b. and d. 1804. 

iv. Alvina, b. April 2, 1807; m. 1824, Jonathan Tandy; d. Nov., 1829. 
V. Elizabeth, b. Aug. 21, 1809; m. Sherburn Sanborn (548-ix). 
1258 vi. Ebenezer, b. April 7, 1812. 

vii. Lydia B., b. May 4, 1815 ; m. Oct. 23, 1856, Worthen Fuller of Danville. X. H. 

viii. Elijah, b. April 27, i8ig; m. (i) 1S51, Alvira Sanborn (550-ix), who d. Sept., 

1855, had two children, who d. young; (2) Clarissa Sanborn (550-x) ; (3) 

; (4) , by whom he has one child, Gertrude, b. Sept., 

1877. He is still living, a farmer in Raymond, X. H. 
ix. Calista, b. May 30, 1821 ; d. unm. Aug. 10, 1850. 

X. David, b. Dec. 31, 1S29: m. 1852, R. Jane, dau. of Nathaniel Fitts of Sandown. 
Had one child, who d. young. He is still living in Fremont, N. H. 

552. David (212) S.vnborn, born July 27, 1783. Lived in New Hamp- 
ton, N. H. ^Married Sally Foote. Died April 24, 1S62. 

Children : 

i. Elizabeth, b. March 16, 1807 : m. Oct. 28, 1856. Morrill Dickerson of Hill. X. H. 

ii. Hannah F., b. Jan. 31, 1809; m. June 12, 1828, John L. Sanborn (1250J. 
iii. William F., b. March 23, 181 1 ; drowned June 3, 1836. 
iv. Nancy, b. Jan. 29, 18 14; m. Jacob Heath of Franklin, X. H. 

V. Otis, b. Aug. 20, 1816; m. Aug. 22, 1841, Lucy Ann Tilton of Fremont, 
vi. Gustavus B., b. Jan. 12, 1819; m. June 19, 1842, Sophronia Smith of Bridge- 
water, N. H. ; d. .May 10, 1845. 
vii. Julia M., b. March 3, 1822; m. June 19, 1842, Daniel Kelley of Xew Hampton. 
viii. Elijah, b. June 21, 1824; m. Xov. 16, 1S49, Mahala Hight of Xew Hamptn. 
ix. David, b. Nov. 11, 1829, m. June i, 1S52. .Araminta Gordon of Xew Hamptoi. 


552A. Abraham (2I2a) Sanborn, born in Bridgewater, N. H., Dec. 
28, 179S. Moved first to New York, where he married Hannah, daughter 
of George Gilbert: thence he moved to Ohio, and died in Carthao-e, Ham- 

o - o 

ilton, county, O. 

Children : 

i. William, 
ii. Charles. 
1 261 iii. Abraham, 
iv. Joseph. 
V. Emeline. 

vi. Jane, m. Andrews. 

vii. Sarah Belle. 

viii. George, now living in Carthage. O. 

553. Tilly (213) Sanborn, born in Fremont, X. H., Feb. 20, 17S9. 
Moved to Salisbury, N. H., and then to Massena, N. Y. Married in San- 
bornton, Jan. 19, iSio, Rachel Nelson of Salisbury, N. H. Living in 1862 
in Massena, N. Y. . 

Children : ' . 

i. Mary, b. in Salisbury, N. H., Dec. 9, 181 1 ; m. May 3, 1832, in Newbury, Vt., 
Cyrus Bayley ; d. in Massena, N. Y.. Jan. 4. 1S48. 

ii. Stephen, b. in Salisbury, N. H., March 7, 1S12 ; m. June 22, 1S31, in Newbury, 
Vt., Hannah Pike; lived in Massena, N. Y. Had (i) Horatio, b. Sept. 16, 
1834, m. Jan. 25, 1857. Lydia Huntley of Hanover, Mich., res. in 1862, 
Eaton Rapids, Mich.; (ii) Sarah Ann, b. Oct. 8, 1836, m. July 4, 1S57. 
Daniel Tompkins of Liberty, Mich.; (iii) Almon. b. June 8. 1838. d. 1S42: 
(iv) Almon, b. Nov. 9, 1840, in Pierpoint, N. Y. ; (v) Aldora, b. Nov. 12, 
1842, d. 1845 ; (vi) Aldora, b Dec. 26, iS4S,d. 1S53. 
• . iii. Abigail, b. in Salisbury, N H., March 9, 181 5 ; m. Col. P. Johnson of Brandon. 

Vt. ; d. Nov. 28, 1852. 

iv. Daniel, b. in Salisburv, N. H., Oct. 5, 1817: d. 1820. 

V. Rachel, b. in Newbury, Vt., Jan. 20, 1821 ; m. Sept. 7, 1843, Samuel Stafford 
of Louisville, N. Y. 

vi. Daniel, b. in Newbury, Vt., March 31, 1823; m. April 4, 1840, Margaret 
. . vii, Betsey, b. in Newbury Vt., Jan. 19, 1826; m. Rev. Peter D. Gorrie, presiding 

elder of ^L E. cliurch, at Potsdam, N. Y. 
viii. Jane, b. in Newbury. Vt., June 20, 1829; m. Jan. 17, 1S56, Hiram H. P. Lang 
of Massena. N. Y. 

5C4. Daniel (213) Sanborn, born in Fremont, N. H., Nov. 11, 1793. 
^7o record of him, except that he moved West. 


. -l .")' 

.! 1 . U ''. 

m-k' v^i. 

:vv./- -i •; .ivUiu<' '■■■ 

.'1 (■' ^.-r'v-f ./-• 

.. -ri 


555. Abraham (213) Saxborx, born in Fremont, N. H., Aug. 15, 

1795. Married Sept. 5, 1816, Sarah Dearborn, who was born May 8, 

1796. Moved to Springport, Mich., — a farmer there. 
Children : 

i. Dearborn, b. in Salisbury. N. H., Jan. 23, iSiS; m. May 12, 1836, Judith Pike. 

A farmer, in Danby, .Mich. ; eight ciiildren in 1862. 
ii. Mary E., b. Sept. 20, 1820, in Salisbury, N. H. ; d. 1S24. 
iii. Sarah .M., b. Feb. 14, 1822, in Newbury, Vt. : m. Nov. 20, 1839, John Chittle 

of Orleans, Mich. 
iv. Tilly B., b. March 14, 1S24, in Nenbury, \'t. ; m. Oct. 17, 1855, Clara Mills; 

a farmer in Liberty, Mich. ; three children. 
V. Mary E., b. June 29, 1826, in Louisville. N. Y. : m. (i) Abraham Sanford ; (2) 

Ezra Huntley, 
vi. Daniel F., b. Oct. 24, 1S29, in Louisviile, N. Y. ; d. 1841. 
vii. Martha A., b. March 20, 1S32 ; m. S. A. Fuller of Brooklyn, .Mich, 
viii. Abraham C, b. May 9, 1834; m. Nov. 23, 1S36. Mary E. Silsbee, who was b. 
May 17, 1S39; a farmer in Springport, Mich. : two children. 

556. Reubex (213) S.\XBORX, born in Hill, N. H., May 3, 1S03. Lived 
in Louisville, X. Y. Married Nov. 10, 1825, Juliet Allen. 

Children : 

i. Mary, b. June 18, 1828; d. 1S30. 

ii. Azariah, b. Nov. 18, 1833: d. 1834. 

iii. Ezra, b. Sept. 10, 1835 ; lived in Dane, Wis. ; m. Aug. S, 1S57, Marilla South- 
iv. Edwin, b. March 20, 1847. 

V. Mary, b. April 19, 1849. 
vi. Reuben, b. Jan. 22, 1852. 

557. Robert (213) Saxborx, born in Hill, N. H., May 3, 1S06. 
Moved to Jackson, Mich. Married (i) Cassandra W. Stevens of Hill, 
N. H. ; (2) Emeline Calhoun. 

Children : 

i. Elbridge, b. ; m. Esther Shattuck ; lived in Eaton Rapids. Mich. 

ii. Henry, b. ; m. .Mary Jane Cooper, lived in Rockford. 111. 

558. Jethro (214) Saxborx, born in Webster, Me., Feb. 16, 17SS. 
Lived and died in Newport, Me. ^Lirried (i) April 5, 182 1, Ann M. 
Miles of Epping, N. H. ; (2) Jan. 4, 1830, Betsey E. Lord of Parsonsfield, 
Me. Living in 1862. 

Children : 

i. George, b. .March 11, 1821 ; d. unm. Feb. 2, 1S46. 
ii. Rhoda, b. Aug. 24, 1823 ; m. July 17, 1S53, .Alonzo A. Goodwin of Lincoln, Me. 

! } 


iii. Charles, b. March 4, 1S25: d. unni. June 23, 1853. 

iv. Martha A., b. Aug. 20, 1826; m. Geo. V. Laws of Bangor, Me., \Yho d. April 

27, iS6q. 
V. Isaac L., b. Jan. 22, 1834; m. May 12, 1861, Lydia H. Jones of Woodstock, 

N. B. 

vi. Joseph, b. Sept. 30, 1835. 

vii. Lydia L., b. July 16, 1S37. 

viii. Clara G., b. June 18, 1839. 

ix. Elizabeth B., b. June 18, 1841. 

X. Abraham, b. May 4, 1843. 

559. Capt. Joseph (214) Sanborn, born in Webster, Me., March 24, 
1792. Lived and died in Webster, on the homestead which his father took 
up. Married in Lisbon, Me., Elizabeth Cowan, b. Feb. 20, 1799; died 
May 19, iSSi. Died Dec. 24, 1864. 

Children : 

i. James Madison, b. Oct. i, 1822; never m. : went to California, but was lost at 
sea returning from there on the Cetitral Atnerica, in 1857. 

ii. Rebecca, b. March i. 1824; m. June 6, 1842, Henry Car\-ilJ of Lewiston, Me., 
and Watertown, xMass., who was b. July 3, 1820, and d. Nov. 25, 1894: she 
is now (1897) living in Watertown. 

iii. Jethro, b. Sept. 15, 1825 ; d. unm. April 29, 1S49. 

iv. Diana S., b. Sept. 26, 1827 ; m. May 9, 1855, Edwin riL Stone ofTopsham, Me. 

V. Dora C, b. Aug. 4, 1829; m. John C. Tewksbury of Portland, Me; d. March 
16, 1856. 

vi. Rufus W., b. Aug. 13. 1831 : m. in Topsham. Me., May 13. 1S55, Angelia H. 
Getchell, who was b. March 9, 1835, and is still (1897) living. He d. in Lew- 
iston, Me., May 4, 1890, leaving the following children : (i) George C, b. Feb. 
18, 1856, now living at Leete's Island, Conn. ; (ii) Edwin S., b. Sept. 7, 1859, 
now living in Branford, Conn.; (iii) Charles M., b. July 17, 1863, — a farmer 
in Sabattus, Me., living unm. in 1897. 

vii. Caroline H., b. Sept. 8, 1833; d. unm. Oct. 18, 1852. 

viii. Ellen Josephine, b. Jan. 20, 1836; m. June 24, i860, Charles R. March of Port- 
land, Me., d. July 7, 1865. . - 
1270 ix. Joseph, b. April 12, 1838. 

X. Anna Maria, b. July 11, 1840; m. Josiah Haley of Lewiston, Me. 

xi. Elizabeth Jane, b. Aug. 31, 1842 ; d. unm. May 5, 1S65. 

560. Bradbury (214) Sanborx, born in Webster. Me., Dec. 19, 1796. 
Married Jan. i, 1822, Rhoda Noble, who was born March 21, 1796. A 
farmer in Etna, Me. ; living in 1862. 

Children : 

i. Bradbury, b. March 21, 1823: a cabinet maker in Sacramento, Cal., in 1862: 
m. Sept. I, 1849, Melinda H. Stuart, b. March 12, 1828, and had (i) Charles 
Howard, b. Jan. i, 1S50; d. 1S56. : 


ii. Robert Stuart, b. Aug. 9, 1824; d. 1826. 
1271 iii. Joel A., b. April 21, 1826. 

iv. Adoniram Judson, b. March 12, 1828 ; a machinist in Sacramento. Cal., in 1862 : 

now (1897) living in Los Angeles, Cal. 
V. Robert, b. .April 5, 1830; in 1862, unm., in a periodical depot in New York city. 
vi. Abraham, b. Jan. i, 1834: d. 1835. 

vii. Almira Jane, b. Dec. 25, 1S32 : m. May 7, 1855, Daniel .M. Jacobs of Bethel, Me. 
viii. Eliza Ann. b. March 6, 1837 ; m. May 27, 185S, De.xter Sanborn (852-vi). 

561. Abraham (214) Sanborn, born in Webster, iNIe., Sept. 20, 1805. 
A farmer in Newport, Me. iMarried Nov. 8, 1835, Clymena Rowe, born 
in Newport, Me., May 26, iSiS. 

Children : 

i. Rosetta R., b. June 3, 1S37; m. Dec. 15, 1859, George Keyes Stetson of New- 
port, Me. 
ii. Rose A., b. April i, 183Q. 
iii. Clymena, b. July 22, 1844. 
iv. Mollis R., b. Sept. 23, 1847. 

562. George (214) Sanborn, born in Lisbon, Me., April 11, iSoS. 
Lived in Lincoln, Me. >Lirried April 5, 1840, Sarah Lord. Died Jan. 
30, 1855. 

Children : 

i. George Henry, b. June 28, 1841. 

ii. Ann Hayward, b. Jan. 28, 1842 ; a teacher, 

iii. Abby Frances, b. April 15, 1844; d- April 18, 1861. 

iv". Elizabeth Gates, b. June 29, 1846. 

V. Helen Augusta, b. July 21, 1851. 

563. David (214) Sanborn, born in Lisbon, Me., May 31, 1812. A 
fanner in Newport, Me., where he was living in 1862. Married Jan. 10, 
1841, Betsey Ross, born Oct. 25, 1816. 

Children : 

i. Marietta, b. March 13, 1843; d. 1857. . . ■ 

ii. Franklin, b. May 31, 1849; ^- 1852. 
iii. Augusta M., b. July 17, 1850. ■ ' ■' ■ 

iv. James M., b. April 27, 1856. 

564. James (215) Sanborn, born in Newmarket, N. H., about 17SS. 
No further record of him. 

565. Abraham (216) Sanborn, born in 17S1. Lived in Pittsneld, 
N. H., — a farmer there. Married (i) Susan Ring of Chichester, N. H. ; 
(2) in 1831, Abigail, daughter of Jeremiah Brown of Loudon, N. H. (his 
cousin). Died in 1846. 


Children : . 

i. Susan. 
ii. William, b. about 1S07; d. young. . > -, • ^ . '" 

1275 iii. Abraham, b. Dec. iS, 1809. . 
-iv. Olive Ann, b. about 181 2 : d. young. 

V. George, b. 1S14; d. young. 

566. James (216) Sanborn, born in Chichester, N. H., April 11, 1784. 
A shoemaker in Salem, Mass. IMarried Dec. 13, 1810, Anna Sanborn 
(262-i), who died Dec. 3, i860. He died in Chichester, N. H., Sept. 30, 


1276 i. James, b. April 7, 181 1. 

ii. Harriet, b. Aug. 27, 1813; m. Oct. 21, 1S73, Mr. Melcher ; d. Oct. 3, 1S94. 

1277 iii. Albert, b. April 18, 18 16. 

iv. Hannah Ann, b. Oct. 21, 1831 ; m. Nov. 24, 1852, in Salem, .Mass.. to Geo. 
F. Tyler of Andover, Mass.; now (1897) living in Salem, Mass. 

567. Mark (216) Sanborn, born in Chichester, N. H., August, 1791. 
Moved to Salem, Mass., where he lived and died. Married April 2, 1818, 
Christiana, daughter of John McPherson ot' Salem, who was born June, 
179S, and died August 7, 1869. He died Nov. 13, 1873. 


i. Elizabeth, b. and d. 1818. 

ii. Elizabeth, b. 1818; m. Elliott; living in Salem. 

1278 iii. Joseph White, b. April 19, 1819. 

iv. Mark, b. ; killed Aug. 4, 1846, by falling from a building in Providence, 

R. I. 
v. Washington T., b. ; m. Alvina D. , who survived him and is now liv- 
ing in Salem. 

vi. Mary P., b. ; m. Lunt of Maiden, Mass. 

vii. Lucy, b. : m. Fairfield of Salem. 

viii. Christiana, b. ; m. Bunker of Chicago, 111. 

ix. Jane, b. . 

X. Caroline W., b. ; m. Shepard of Salem. 

568. Jewett (216) Sanborn, born in Chichester, N. H., Feb. 7, 1796. 
Lived in Upper Gilmanton, N. H. Married Judith, daughter of Abraham 
Batchelder of Loudon, N. H., who died March iS, 1S48. 

Children : y - / 

i. Alfred S., b. Oct. 24, 1814; lived in Maiden, Mass. 

ii. Ambrose S., b. July 4, 1817; lived in East Cambridge, Mass.; m. 1824, Eliza- 
beth Boardman. 


iii. Sarah A., b. June 7, 1S19; m. (i) Sept. 28, 1843, Jacob Kelley Sanborn (649- 
viii) ; (2) March 11, 1S50, Nathan Chase of Upper Gilmanton, son of Zaccheus. 
iv. True B., b. Au^. i, 1S21 ; m. Sarah B. Eaton. 

V. Franklin H., b. Feb. 7, 1S23 ; m. Elizabeth Ann Goss ; Hved in Lynn, Mass. 
12S2 vi. Abraham B.. b. Aug. 10, 1825. 

569. Jewett (217) Sanborn, born in Kensington, N. H., June 8, 
1799. Lived and died in Hampton Falls. Married May, 1S17, Betsey, 
daughter of Joseph Melcher, who died Oct. i, 1827. He died Dec. 20, 
1825. _ : r >■;; ,-' , ; . ., 


1. Eliza, b. Aug. 4, 1817; m. J. A. Morrill of Hampton Falls. 

570. Jewett (218) Sanborn, born in Loudon, N. H., Oct. 6, 1798. 
A farmer in West Charleston, Me. Married (i) Jan. 18, 1824, Polly Gib- 
son of Loudon, N. H. ; (2) April 13, 1843, Susan L., daughter of John 
Eastman of Bradford, Me. He died Oct. 15, 1S68, at Atkinson, Me. 

Children : 

i. Ann, b. July 22, 1823, at Charleston, .Me.; m. March 2, 1843, (i) Lewis Den- 
nis; (2) at Charleston, in 1852, Richard Foss ; living in Charleston Center. 
ii. Jewett. b. Feb. 17, 182S, at Charleston, Me. ; m. at Dover. Me.. April 23, 
1852, Date Crommett; had (i) Anna A., b. June 21, 1854; (ii) Maurice J., 
b. Oct. I, 1859. 
" ■ iii. Benjamin Tilton, b. Nov. 29, 1S30: m. Nov. 22, 1S56, Lydia O. Wing, who d. 
; • r in Charleston; he is living in \V. Charleston, and has (i) Caroline T., b. Dec. 
6, 1856; m. Nov. 5, 1876, Maynard E. King; (ii) Anna Tilton, b. July 18, 
i860; m. March 5, 18S1, Roscoe H. Hammons. 
iv. Milliard Tilton, b. April 9, 1836. 

V. Ambrose, b. Nov. ig, 1844; m. (i) Sept. 16, 1866, Ellen Wentworth of Orne- 
ville, Me.; (2) Sarah Trott of Atkinson, Me. ; had (i) Susan, b. Feb. 17, 1S68. 
vi. John E., b. June 23, 1S4S ; m. March 3. 1875, Ellen H. Blake of Dover, Me. : 
had (i) Effie, b. Nov. 10, 1875 : (ii) Millicent, b. March r, 1877; (iii) Lewis 
J., b. March 28, 1S79; (iv) Susan E., b. Jan. 11, 18S4. 
vii. Abram, b. Feb. 5, 1853; m. Feb. 23, 1879. Mary Frances Beebe of Minneapo- 
lis, Minn.; had (i) Ralph Roscoe, b. Nov. 4, 1879; (ii) Harriet Lavinia. b. 
Jan. 3, 1882. 
viii. Theophilus, b. Jan. 21, 1856. 

571. Hon. Abraham (218) Sanborn, born in Loudon, N. H., ^lay 
28, 1805. An attorney and counsellor in Bangor, Me., where he lived and 
died. A man of ability and prominence. Married (i) Feb. 4, 1834, 
Emily S. McClellan of Bloomfield, Me. ; (2) Sept. 18, 1839, Maria Saw- 
tell of Norridgewock, Me. He died Feb. 7, 1885. 

.i'iJA .1' 


Children : 

i. Helen A., b. March 4. 1835 ; living unm. in Skowhegan. 

ii. Emily McClellan, b. March g, 1S37 ; m. March 24, 1871, Gen. Samuel F. Hor- 
sey ; living in Bangor, Me. 
iii. Richard S., b. Oct. 31, 1843; living unm. in Bangor. 
iv. Henry C, b. Oct. i, 1845 i ^- unm. at Bangor, April 22, 18S9. 
V. Widie S., b. Aug. 15, 1S55; m. March 14, 1878, Henry A. Appleton of Bangor. 

572. Hon. Daniel (21S) Sanborn, born in Loudon, N. H., March 
28, 1811. Served as Judge of Probate for Penobscot county, Me. During 
President Buchanan's administration he was an officer in the Boston Cus- 
tom House; afterwards an attorney in Bangor for many years, dying there 
Jan. 30, 1882. 

Children : . 

i. Daniel Frost, b. March 24, 1S39; d. 1839. 

ii. Clara French, b. in Waterville, Me., Feb. 13, 1841 ; m. (i) Aug. 10. 1863, 
George W. Emery of Bangor. Me.; (2) in St. Paul, Minn., Sept. 21, 1866, 
F. C. Howes; living in Los Angeles, Cal. 

1285 iii. George Getchell, b. Oct. 15, 1843. 

573. James Sherburn (218) Sanborn, born in Loudon, N. H., April 
13, 1815. A farmer in West Charleston, Me. Married Nov. 29, 183S, 
Charlotte, daughter of William Hammond of Charleston, who was born 
Dec. 10, 1815, and died in Minnesota, May 10, 1882. He died in Maine, 
Dec. 20, 1894. 

Children : 

i. Charles H., b. Oct. 18, 1839, in Charleston, ^I^- ") ^- ^" Crystal Lake, Minn., 
Sarah Josephine Gates : had (i) Charlotte H., b. Aug. 19, 1882 ; (ii) Florence. 
b. Oct. 2, 18S3, d. 1884; (iii) Mabel, b. Jan. 3, 1S86. 
ii. Frank Atherton, b. June 16, 1841 : d. unm. in St. Anthony, Minn., Jan. 19, 

1286 iii. James Arthur, b. March 13, 1846. "^ '' *'^ 

574. Isaac Chandler (219) Sanborn, born in Salisbury, Mass. No 
further record. 

575- Jonathan Veasey (220) S.\nborn, born in Shapleigh, now 
Acton, Me., May 24, 1788. Lived and died in Acton. Married Dec. 25, 
1810, Phebe Tebbetts, born 1792, living 1858. He died Aug. 5, 1846. 

Children : . - 

1287 i. Jesse \V., b. Feb. 17, 1812. 

ii. Joseph S., b. June 3, 1814 ; d. 1S17. 
iii. Unnamed infant, b. and d. 1S17. 


iv. Mary, b. 1820; d. 1S23. 
V. Joseph D., b. April 3, 1S23 ; m. June 15, 1845, Louisa \V. Russell, b. Jan. 26, 

1821 ; living in Acton in 1858 ; no issue. 
vi. Frances, b. 1S25 ; d. young. 

vii. Frances, b. Sept. 2, 1S29; d. unm. Nov. i, 1849. 
viii. Fidelia A., b. Sept. 2, 1829 (twin to Frances) ; m. 1856, John Lord. 

576. Samuel L. (220) Sanborn, born in Acton, Me., Sept. 13, 1799. 
Moved to Somersworth, N. H., where he lived and died. Married (i) 
Oct, 3, 1821, Asenath Brackett, who died December, 1839; (-) Sept. 15, 
1S40, Lucinda Brackett. 

Children : 

i. Samuel T., b. July 10. 1822. 

ii. Albert J., b. Aug. 19, 1824. 

iii. Josiah L., b. Feb. 27, 1S27; d. 1828. 

iv. Augi.:stine L., b. July 6, 1S31. 

V. Mar\-, b. .March 25, 1S34; d. 18.41. 

vi. Martha B., b. Dec. 20, 1839; d. 1840. 

vii. Susan R., b. Oct. 25, 1841. 

viii. Emma Josephine, b. Aug. 19, 1848; d. 1849. 

ix. Emma Francena, b. Sept. 26, 1850. 

577. Joseph (221) Sanborn, born in x\cton. Me., Jan. 29, 1790. Lived 
and died in Acton, ^le. Married Jan. 30, 1814, Sally Farnham, born Aug. 
21, 1789. Both living in 1858. 

Children : 

i. Caroline, b. Nov. 18, 1814; d. unm. 

ii. Abigail, b. May 30, 1817 ; m. Nov., 1851, Tristram B. Curtis of Conway, N. H. 

iii. Ivory, b. Jan. 23, 1819; moved to Lexington, Mass., where he was living in 

1858; m. April, 1842, Harriet Merritt of Lexington. Had (i) George A., b. 

Oct. 26, 1843; (ii) Elmer, b. Oct. 4, 1849. 

iv. Joseph, b. May i, 1821 ; moved to W. Milton, N. H., where he was living in 

1858; m. Aug. 13, 1844, Abigail Varney of Milton. Had (i) Isabella G., b. 

Feb. 8, 1845 ; (ii) Almeda, b. Oct. 30, 1848. 

V. Ambrose, b. June 15, 1S23; m. Oct. 18, 1854, Betsey Linscott of No. Berwick, 

Me., b. June 10, 1824; living in Acton, Me., in 1858. 
vi. Olive, b. Nov. 4, 1826; m. March 2, 1850, George W. Stephens of Great Falls, 

N. H. 
vii. Sarah, b. June 25, 1829; m. Nov. 16, 1852, Nathaniel Johnson of Tamworth, 

N. H. 
viii. Paul, b. Jan. 26, 1832; m. Jan. 12, 1857, Henrietta Simpson, b. Nov. 5, 1827. 
Had (i) Ivory E., b. Jan. 4, 1858. 

578. Henry (221) Sanborn, born in Acton, Me., Oct. 20. 1792. A 
farmer in Acton, where he lived and died. Married in Alfred, Me., Jan., 



181S, Elizabeth G. French of Epping, born April 30, 1794; died Feb. 24, 
1S69. He died in Acton, Oct. 2^, 1856. 

Children : 

i. Ezra, b. Sept. 14. 181S; m. June 7, 1842, Sarah Remich of Portsmouth, X. H. 
Had (i) Henry Isaac, b. .April 28, 1843, now living at Faulkner Station, .Mass. : 
(ii) Lydia E., b. Aug. 29, 1846. 

1292 ii. John Gilman, b. May 30, 1S22. 

1293 iii. Steplien M., b. Feb. 13, 1824. 

1294 iv. Henry V'easey, b. Jan. 10, 1826. 

V. Mary E., b. June 27, 1S30; d. 1832. 
vi. Jonathan H., b. July 5, 1833; d. Sept. 12, 1849. 
vii. Mary E., b. Jan. 25, 1836. 

579. James (221) Sanborn, born in Acton, Me., Oct. 20, 1794- A 
farmer and mechanic in West Milton, N. H., where he lived and died. 
Married Dec. 5, 1820, Sally Witham of Milton, N. H., born Dec. i, 1794. 
died Oct. 22, 1847; (2) Sept. 12, 1849, Mary Wentworth, born Sept. 4, 
1798. Died June 21, 1877. 

Children : 

i. Eliza v., b. July 30, 1821: m. Dec. 25, 1847, Albra Wentworth of Waketield, 

N. H., who died June, 1S75. 
ii. Reuben, b. March 14, 1823; a carpenter in Union, X. H., still living: m. Feb. 
13, 1848, Caroline P. Cook, b. April 10. 1S22. Had (i) James Xewton, b. 
March 13, 1850, m. Oct. 22, 1874, Ella A. Champion, and d. Sept. i. 1882; 
(ii) Ida E., b. May 15, 1858, m. Sept. 26, 1891, Charles Z. Garland, and d. 
March 19, 1896. 
iii. Lucy A., b. Aug. 3, 1827; m. April 11, 1S48, .Adna P. Keith; d. in Bridge- 
water, Mass., Feb. 10, 1857. 
iv. Sarah M., b. Jan. 7, 1829; m. Enoch E. Sanborn (587-v). 
V. "Clara M., b April 24, 1831 ; m. March 29, 1853, Russell Flathaway of Fall 

River, Mass. 
vi. Emily, b. April 4, 1833; m. Jonathan Gentleman; d. Xov. 29, 1854. 
■ \ vii. Martha, b. May 20, 1S35 ; m. .May 20, 1856, Joseph Gentleman. * 

viii. James Xewton, b. Feb. 17, 1840; d. 1849. 

580. Samuel (221) Sanborn, born in Acton, Me., Dec. 18, 1796. 
Lived in West Milton, N. H., and North Ber^^ick, Me. Married (i) Feb. 
10, 1822, Agnes Brackett of Acton, Me., born Oct. 25, 1798, died Dec. 14, 
1848; (2) Sept. 29, 1S50, r^Irs. Huldah Cutts of North Berwick, Me., born 
Aug. 17, 1802, died Sept. i, 1857 ; (3) Nov. 5, 1S58, Mrs. Mary M. Pink- 

Children : • , 

i. Unnamed infant, b. and d. 1824. 1 

ii. Mary, b. April 30, 1825; d. Sept. 11, 1S29. 


iii. Joshua Brackett, b. April 11, 1827; m. Feb. 15, 1849, Esther Applebee, lived 
in Acton, Me. 

iv. Mary, b. Aug. i, 1830; m. 1850, Hatch of Kennebunk. 

V. Martha, b. June 28, 1834; d. June 16, 1844. 

581. John (221) Sanborn, born in Acton, Me., April 18, 1800. Lived 
in Brookfield, N. H. Married Dec. 23, 1824, Mehitabel Witham, born 
Nov. 5, 1803. 

Children : 

i. Josiah, b. May 9, 1827; d. 1828. 

ii. Mehitabel, b. April 17, 1S30; m. Oct. 20, 1855, Andrew J. Lang of Brookfield. 
iii. John Newton, b. Jan. 20, 1833; d. 1834. 
iv. Love, b. Aug. 18, 1835. 
V. Eliza E., b. Aug. 3, 1839. 
vi. Almira (twin to Eliza), b. Aug. 3, 1839. 

582. William (221) S.\nborn, born in Acton, Me., Feb. 13, 1804. 
A farmer in ^vlilton, N. II., where he lived and died. Married Feb. i, 
1827, Sally Crockett of Acton, Me., born March 11, 1806. 

Children : 

i. Benjamin, b. July 5, 1828; m. Jan. 21, 1854, in the state of Georgia ; living in 
1858 in Alabama. 

ii, Eliza Ann, b. ]May 18, 1830; m. Nov. 15, 1853, Charles Bragdon. 
iii. Hannah, b. May 18, 1832; m. Feb. 27, 1854, Albion Goodwin, 
iv. Abigail B.. b. Sept. 11, 1834. 

v. Sarah J., b. Sept. 26, 1836: m. Aug. 7, 1854, Joseph G. Rhines. 
vi. Joseph v., b. Jan. 22, 1838; d. 1847. 
vii. Mary A., b. March 18, 1841. 
viii. William H., b. June 7, 1843. 
ix. Louisa, b. Dec. 19, 1845. 

X. Susan H., b. Dec. 24, 1848; d. 1850. 

583. Lieut. Calvin (221) Sanborn, born in Acton, ]Me., March 25, 
1809. Lived in West Nevvtield, Me., and gave D. H. S. much informa- 
tion in 1858-59. Married Oct. 14, 1832, Sarah Xason of Acton, Me., 
born Aug. 22, 1808. 

Children : .•' " 

i. MaryE., b. May 12, 1833. ,, , 

:, . ii. Martha L., b. April 14, 1S35. 

iii. Charles B., b. Oct. 17, 1836; d. 1836. ■ - • 

iv. Charles P., b. July 3, 1841! 
V. Alonzo D., b. April 30, 1844. 

584. Luther (221) Sanborn, born in Acton, Me., Feb. 16, 1811. 
Lived in Acton, Me. Married Nov. 20, 1833, Abigail Berry of Milton, 
N. II., born Nov. 20, 1808. 


I I ni 

, I ■...■. . J. 

1' ■ U 

.h\ .;.,[■ 

... : I. ;wi.i'l ■ .! 

'./ ,■ 7 1 - t: 


Children : 

i. Mary A., b. Sept. 28, 1835. 
ii. Sarah E., b. Sept. 11, 1S38. 
iii. Luther M., b. Feb. 11, 1844. 
iv. Unnamed son, b. and d. 1847. 

5S5. John (222) Sanborn, born in Wakefield, N. H., Sept. 26, 1788. 
D. H. S. says he lived in Eastport, ?vle. No further record. 

586. Capt. Reuben (222) Sanborn, born in Wakefield, N. H., Oct. 
2, 1798. Lived and died in Brentwood, N. H. Married (i) March 7, 
1821, Margaret Graves, born Aug. 24, 1801, died June 19, 1844; (2) Nov. 
6, 1845, Hannah Dalton, born Jul}- 24, 1800. 

Children : 

i. Mary G., b. April 19, 1821 ; d. 1825. 

ii. Nathaniel G., b. July 2, 1822; d. 1823. 
iii. Unnamed son, d. in infancy. 
iv. Unnamed son, d. in infancy. 

V. Unnamed son, d. in infancy. 

vi. Mary O., b. Jan. 7, 1S36; m. Dec. 26, 1S52, George D. Bartlett of Brentwood, 
N. H. 

587. Daniel Hall (223) Sanborn, born in Wakefield, N. H., May 
31, 1796. A farmer in W^akefield, where he lived and died. Married in 
Acton, Me., in 1821, Lydia Dore, born June 18, 1796 ; died INIarch 2, 1854. 
He died Sept. 25, 1872. 

Children : 

1300 i. John W., b. Jan. 16, 1822. 

1301 ii. Joshua H., b. Oct. 6, 1823. 

iii Hiram A., b. April 29, 1825 ; d. 1S28. 

iv. Hannah B., b. March i, 1827; d. 1828. . t • • 

V. Lieut. Enoch E., b. Sept. 6, 182S; m. Sarah M. Sanborn (579-iv) ; d. in Wake- 
field, N. H., April I, 1858, leaving one son, Oscar, who lives now in Port- 
land, Me. 

1302 vi. Daniel Washington, b. Feb. 27, 1834. 

vii. Lydia, b. Aug. 12, 1837; m. Dixon; living in So. Eliot, Me. 

588. John Oilman (223) Sanborn, born in Wakefield, N. H., Aug. 4, 
1808. Married Deidainia Young, and moved to Manchester, N. H. No 
further record. 

589. Deacon James (224) Sanborn, born in Wakefield, N. H.,Jan. 
31, 1800. Moved to Maine in 1822, settled in Kenduskeag, Me., where 
he lived, — a cooper, and deacon of the Universalist church. Married (i) 

>)'■; :n-^'j O ■^■' 

I:>hw,r' r 

I ■■ , . > r .!. 

ri. -.' ,, -.M 


Mary Hanson of Ossipee, N. H., Jan. 31, 1S21, who died June 22, 1832 ; 
(2) Mrs. Sophia Fuller of Bangor, Me., who died Feb. 2, 18S5, in Ban- 
gor, Me. He died in Brewer, Me., March, 1878. 
Children : 

i. Sarah, b. July 26, 1821 ; d. unm. 
ii.' Unnamed child, d. young. 
iii. Unnamed child, d. young. 

iv. Mary, b. Jan. 9, 1828; d. unm. May 10, 1845. 
V. Eleanor, b. 1830; d. young. 

vi. Eleanor, b. Oct. 16, 1S39; m. George \V. Whiting of Bangor. 
vii. Elisha, b. Oct. 11, 1S41 ; m. and had a son Frederick, now (1S97) living in 

Bradley, Me. 
viii. Frederick A. H., b. Aug. 24, 1845; now (1897) manager W. U. Tel. Co. at 
Brownsville, Tex. 
ix. Andrew J., b. Jan. i, 1846; enlisted in Co. B, 22d Me. Inf., Sept. 11, 1862, 
and served through the war; enlisted for three years in G Co., 6th U. S. Cav- 
alry, at the close of the war, and was honorably discharged in Te.xas, 1868; 
since then has lived in New Orleans, La., an engineer and submarine diver; 
has been in Southern and Central America; m. June 10, 1870, Elizabeth Lally 
of New Orleans, b. Dec. 11, 1854. 
X. Eugene B., b. April 29, 1S49; m. and living in Bangor, Me. 
xi. Mary E. B., b. May 21, 1851 ; living in Brownsville, Tex. 
The last four have no issue. 

590. Cyrus Columbus (224) Sanborn, born in Wakefield, X. H., 
May 21, 1807. Moved to Winslow, ]Me., where he lived and died. Mar- 
ried Dec. 28, 1835, Phebe A. Hodges, born Jan. 19, 1812. Died March 

Children : 

i. Isaac, b. Nov. 19, 1836. 

ii. Mary Ann, b. July 21, 1838: m. Dec. 31, 1861, Anson Crosby of Albion, Me. 

iii. Cyrus Harrison, b. March 26, 1840; m. and d. in Bangor; left two sons, Her- 
bert and Henry. 

iv. Phebe Hodges, b. Jan. 12, 1S42; m. May 15, i860, David Foster Guptill of 
Winslow, Me. 

V. Christopher Columbus, b. Sept. 18, 1843; enlisted in 7th Me. Inf., in the Civil 

vi. Sarah, b. July 9, 1S45. 

vii. Susan Elvira, b. Dec. 15, 1849. 

591. Arthur (224) Sanborn, born Nov. 16, 1810. Lived and died 
in Athens, Me. Married Betsey T. Lord of Harmony, Me., who was born 
about 1809, and died in Feb., 1S95. He died about 1870. 

Children : 


i. Joseph Julius, b. April 22, 1S36 ; ci. unm. about i860. 

ii. Arthur Augustus, b. Sept 2,1838; dyer and chemist ; lived in Lawrence, Mass. ; 
m. Nov. 3, 1 861, Lucretia Fitzgerald of Dexter, Me., b. Feb. 17, 1840, and 
still living in Lawrence, Mass. He d. Aug. 16, 18S2, leaving one child, Flora M., 
b. in Foxcroft, Me., April 30. 1863 ; now living in Lawrence. 
« iii. Marcus Manlius, b. Sept. 14, 1840; d. without issue. 

iv. William Webster, b. Oct. 19, 1842; living in Lewiston, Me. 
V. Henry Howard, b. Oct. 5, 1S45 ; d. without issue. 
vi. Francis Frederick, b. June 17, 1846; d. without issue. 
vii. Lavinia Emeline, b. Sept 8, 1851 ; living in Lawrence. 

592. Capt. Isaac (224) Sanborn, born in Wakefield, N. H., Oct. 29, 
1812. Settled in Orono, Me., where he married (i) Lucy A. Mahoney, born 
in 1817 ; died jNIay 15, 1845. Moved to LaGrange, Me., where he mar- 
ried (2) Thankful E. Coombs. He is still living in North Bradford, Me., 
but has had a stroke of paralysis, and cannot write. 

Children : 

i. Mary, b. Feb. 5, 1837; d. 1839 
ii. Warren, b. May 23, 183S; d. 1839. 

1305 iii. Joseph Warren, b. Sept. 5, 1840. 

iv. Isaac, b. April 4, 1842; a lumberman in Red Oak, la.; m. Aug. 3, 1S75, Til- 
lie L. Watt of Pittsburgh, Pa., b. Sept. 8, 1850. Have one child, Mattie 
Clark, b. in Red Oak, la., July 2, 1883. - 

1306 V. Edmund Ring, b. Jan. 21, 1844. 

vi. Lucy A., b. May 7, 1845 ; ^1. 1846. . 

vii. Llewellyn, b. July 13, 1847. 
viii. Frederick A., b. Oct. 22, 1850; d. 1851. 

. 593. Edmund (225) Sanborn, born in Pittsfield, N. H., March 18, 
1780. Moved to Prospect, Me., where he lived and died. Married May 
6, 1805, Betsey Wallis, and died May 19, 1846. She died Aug. 5, 1845. 

Children : 

i. Lucretia, b. July 31, 1807. 1. 1 

1307 ii. Gilman, b. July 31, 1809. • ■ ' '•' ' 
iii. Green, b. Oct. 10, iSii. 

iv. Betsey, b. Jan. 19, 1816. 

V. William, b. Oct. 10, 1820; d. unm. Jan. 19, 1858. 
vi. Nancy, b. May i, 1822; d. 1822. 

594. Sewell (226) Sanborn, born in Hampton Falls. N. H., March 
19, 1792. Married Betsey Towle of North Hampton, and died July 13, 

Children : . , , . , 


i. Jonathan, b. Aug. 13, 1S19. 

ii. Mary S., b. Sept. 3, 1828. 
iii. James, b. Nov. 4, 1S36. 
iv. Unnamed child, b. and d. 1S3S. 

595. Levi (226) Saxborx, born in Hampton Falls, May 7, i794' 
Lived and died in Hampton Falls, — a farmer there. Married Aug. 13, 
1827, Mary Berry of Pittsfield, N. H., born Oct. 7, iSoo; died ^Lay 9, 
18S2. He died April i, 1S6S. 

Children ; 

1309 i. Albert James, b. Aug. 21, 182S. 

ii. Mary Berry, b. May 16, 1S31 : d 1S36. 

1310 iii. George Berry, b. Feb. 12, 1833. 

iv. Levi Thomas, b. March 2, 1836; m. and left one son, Charles R., now living in 
New York. 

131 1 V. John Newell, b. Feb, 4, 1843. 

596. Joseph (227) Saxborx, born in Hampton Falls, N. H., March 
21, 1792. Lived and died in Hampton Falls, — a farmer there. Married 
Bettv, daughter of Lieut. Jonathan Cram of Hampton Falls. Died Dec. 8, 

.Children : 

i. Rufus Chandler, b. 1815; never married; lived in Hampton Fails; a great 

ii. Mary Ann, b. 1S21 ; never married ; still living (1S97). 

597. Aaron (227) Sanborn, born in Hampton Falls, Nov. 26. 1793. 
Lived and died on the homestead in Hampton Falls, a farmer there. 
Served as a town soldier in the War of 1812, marched to Portsmouth. 
Town clerk for six years, i83i-'36. Noted for his fine success as an 
orchardist. Married Lydia, daughter of Thomas Leavitt, Esq., of Hamp- 
ton Falls, surveyor, farmer, and justice of the peace for many years. 
'Squire Leavitt was the leading Democrat in his part of New Hampshire, 
and was a man of strong character. Aaron died March 30, 1S66. His 
widow died in 1883. 

Children : . -. \ i 

i. Jeremiah, b. and d. 1819. 
1312 ii. Charles H., b. Oct. 9, 1821. 

iii. Sarah Elizabeth, b. at the old homestead, which she now owns. May 23. 1S23, 
and educated, like her brothers and sister, in the Hampton Falls schools. She 
became a teacher early, and had schools in Kensington and Concord. N. H.. 
and in West Newbury, .Mass. ; upon her brother's taking the private school at 
Concord, Mass., she became his assistant there for several years. In 1S63 she 

■I ■! ■>. <..i 


became confidential clerk to the Secy, of the Mass. Board of State Charities, 
and continued in the service until 1889, — residing in Boston from 1S63 until 
1 891, when she retired to the homestead. 
iv. Helen Maria, b. at the homestead. March 17, 1830, and educated in the town 
schools, where she afterwards taught, and was for years one of the school com- 
mittee, — having among her pupils the authoress, Alice Brown, and the 
ingenious artist and naturalist, William Cram. She has usually resided at 
Hampton Falls, having taken charge of the household as her mother became 
infirm, but devoting herself much to reading, and to social and neighborly 

1313 V. Franklin B., b. Dec. 15, 1831. 

1314 vi. Lewis Thomas, b. Oct. 11, 1834. 

1315 vii. Joseph Leavitt, b. Oct. 31, 1843. 

598. William (229) Sanborn, born in Fremont, N. H., April 29, 
1789. Lived in Poplin. Married in Epping, Oct. 10, 1816, Abigail 
Rowe of Brentwood. No further record. 

599. Isaiah French (229) Sanborn, born in Fremont, N. H., Nov. 
18, 1S05. A farmer in East Kingston and Kensington. Married Alma 
Woodman Gordon, born iSii, died Jan. 19, 1S71. He died in Kensing- 
ton, Aug. 12, 1S92. 

Children : 

i. Laroy Sunderland, b. in E. Kingston, March 28, 1S41 ; a farmer in E.xeter, 
N. H.. still living there; m. Nov. 10, 1S64, Ellen M. Stevens of Lowell, 
Mass., b. Jan. 17, 1836. Had (i) Frances S., b. Sept. 18, 1866, living in 
Providence, R. L; (ii) Amy G., b. June 4, 1S68, m. J. T. Phinney of 
Brockton, Mass. 

600. Abraham (229) Sanborn, born in Fremont, N. H., Nov. 17, 

1808. Moved to Newport, Me., and married Miles. No further 

record. . . •■ . 

601. Ja.mes (230) Sanborn, born in Brentwood, Sept. 15, 17S7. Was a 
shoe manufacturer and dealer in Concord, N. H., where he died Jan. 18, 
1840. Married in the Friends' meeting-house in Weare, N. H., Mary 
Houghton, a Qj.iakeress, of Bolton, ^Nlass., who died in Concord, N. H., 
Feb. II, 1880. . ^ 

Children : 

i. Nestor Houghton, b. Feb. 26, 1816; m. Lydia Macy, of New York, and removed 
to California. Had (i) Nestor H., in banking business in New York city; has 
f, . a family; resides in Brooklyn; (ii) Annie, d. young. 1 

ii. Charles Warren, b. April 24, 181S; d. Sept. 15, 1S19. 


iii. Sarah Elizabeth Houghton, b. Sept. 19, 1820; m. Col. Lucius R. Handerson of 
Concord, N. H., who d. at Concord in October, 1887. Shed, in 1868. . Had 
(i) Charles H., resides in Canaan, N. H , and has a large family; (ii) Ada E., 
d. in Concord in 1863. 

iv. Marianna Maria, b. Oct. 21, 1822; m. Alonzo Downing of Concord, N. H., who 

d. July 3, 1877. She d. Aug. 27, 1859. Had one child, d. in 1859. 
V. Caroline Amanda, b. Aug. 21, 1824; ni. Timothy A. Harraden of Concord, N. H., 
who d. in 1865. She resides at Hanover, Mass. Had (i) Mary L., d. young; 
(ii) Frank S., b. May 27, 1847, rector of St. Andrew's Church, Hanover, Mass., 
who m. (i) Lizzie H. Carr of Concord. N. H., d. March, 1891 ; (2) Eliza S. Syl- 
vester, of Hanover, Mass.. No children. 

vi. Charles Henry, b. June 30, 1826; m. Lydia Badger of Concord, N. H., who d. 
April 15, 1859. He lives in Concord, N. H. Had (i) Mary H., d. in infancy; 
(ii) Marianna Downing, b. March 13, 1852; m., Nov. 2, 1874, Charles F. 
Adams of Concord, N. H. ; two children, — (i) Enid Houghton, b. Feb, 19, 1S79 ; 
(ii) Arthur Greenleaf. b. May 25, 1883 ; — (iii) George H., d. 1865 ; (iv) William 
E., d. in infancy. 

vii. George Augustus, b. Sept. 5, 1828; d. Oct. 30, 1829. . 

viii. George Augustus, b. Dec. 19, 1830; d. March 16, 1832. ^ '• 

ix. John William, b. March 27, 1831 ; d. Jan. 3, 1848. . • 

602. Abraham (230) Sanborn, born in Brentwood, April 4, 1792. 
Settled in Concord, N. H., a farmer there. Married Mary K., daughter 
of Daniel Rogers, born 1797-8, died in Cambridgeport, Mass., August, 
1883. ^^e ^vas drowned in Concord, June 26, 1823. 

Children : 

1317 i. Sulvilyer Harris, b. in Concord, N. H., Dec. 11, 1819. 

ii." Alonzo, b. Feb. 7, 1822; a baker in Salem, Mass.; m. Jane Murphy; d. 
March 17, 1857. 

603. Elhanan Ward (230) Sanborn, born in Concord, N. H., Nov. 
25, 1802. A shoemaker in Portsmouth, N. H. Married Nov. 25, 1828, 
Mary Ann Trickey, born 1803, died August, 1858. He died April 23, 

Children : 

i. George W., b. Dec. 7, 1833 ; lived in Boston. 

ii. Mary Ann Maria, b. Aug. 15, 1835. ' " ' * '• 

iii. Margaret Jane, b. Nov. I, 1846. 

iv. Emma, b. Nov., 1850. 

V. Frank, b. 1852. . 

604. Thomas Jefferson (230) Sanborn, born in Concord, N. H., 
March 21, 1805. He was a book-binder by trade and a prominent Free 
Mason. He resided in Concord, N, H., where he died, unmarried, in 1875. 




605. Oliver Lyford (230) Sanijorn. born probably in Bow. X. II., 
Aug. 12, 1S07. A publislier in Portland, Mc Boston, and Concord, 
N. H. Married Nov. 4, 1829, Mary Josephine Sherburne of Concord, 
N. H., born Feb. 24, 1S08, died March 11, 1894. He died in Ayer, 
Mass., March 13, 18S1. 

Children : 

1319 i. George H., b. July 30, 1830. . 

ii. Joseph Sherburne, b. July 30, 1S31 ; settled in New York, and d. there June 21, 

iii. Mary Sherburne, b. and d. 1835. 
iv. John O., b. and d 1S37. 

V. Mary Elizabeth, b. Oct. 28, 1841 ; d. July 10, 1866. 

vi. Oliver Lyford, b. in Portland, Me., Jan. 31. 1845 ; a teamster in South Boston, 
living in 1S97; m. Oct. 10, 1S69, Ellen C. Woomell, b. Oct. 10, 1S46. 
Have one child. Lizzie Gertrude, b. in Ayer, Mass., Feb. 20, 1877. 
vii. Charles Edward, b. i\Lay 26, 1851; d. 1S51. 

606. Henry A. (230) Sanborn, born Feb. 6, 18 10. Moved South, 
and settled in Greensboro'. Ala. Married jNIehitabel Redfield, and D. H. 
S. says had five children. 

610. Tlmothy (232) Sanborn, born in Barnstead, N. H., about 1808. 

611. James (232) Sanborn, born in Barnstead, about 1S12. 

612. Jeremiah (233) Sanborn, born in Barnstead, N. H., May 2, 
1806. Lived hrst in Barnstead, but early moved to Loudon, N. H., — a 
farmer there. Married (i) Dec. 30, 1826, Nancy Ann Sinclair Pickering 
of Barnstead, born Feb. 28, 1807, died ^vlay 6, 1S60 ; (2) Mrs. Climena 
Pearsons of Epsom. He died Feb. 14, 1890. 


1. Woodbury Page, b. April 24, 1827: m. April 30, 1854, Mrs. Leonora (Fuller) 

Mosher, dau. of Capt. Fuller of Wilton, Me. ; living at Weymouth, Mass. 
ii. Rosetta Jane, b. Dec. 11, 182S; d. unm. Feb.. 1867. 
iii. Hannah Ann, b. July 21, 1S30; d. unm. July, 1865. 
iv. John Sinclair, b. Feb. 4, 1S32 : d. 1833. 

V. Amanda Maria, b. Nov. 11, 1S33 ; m. (i) Jan. 2, 1S54, Joel E. Cook; (2) Jan, 
I, 1857, Andrew Locke of Loudon Ridge, N. H. ; living in 1897. 

1321 vi. John Henry, b. Aug. 19. 1835. . , • ■ 

1322 vii. Jeremiah Lyford, b. April 7, 1S37. 

viii. Albert Burns, b. Feb. 14, 1839; "■>• '^ 1863; living in Weymouth, Mass. 

ix. Laura, b. Aug. 19, 1841 ; m. E. E. Ma.xrield of Gilmanton. 

X. George Hodgdon, b. Sept. 20, 1S45 ; m. 1S63 : living in Milton, Mass. 

xi. Charles, b. Feb. 13. 1S47 ; m. in 187S; living in Watertown, .Mass. 



613. Enoch (234) Sanborn, born in Hawke, now Danville, X. II., 
Jan. 20, 1766. .A tailor by trade. Settled in Poplin, now Fremont. X. II., 
and married (as her second husband) Huldah (Hoyt) Taylor, daughter of 
Benjamin Hoyt. The probate records at Exeter show that in 1794 admin- 
istration of Enoch Sanborn, late of Poplin, was granted to Willoughbv 
Taylor of Sidney, Me., and in 1797 the same Taylor was appointed guar- 
dian of Peter Sanborn, son of Enoch, late of Poplin, tailor; in 1797 Taylor 
was living in Lincoln, Me. The will of John Sanborn (234) made in 
1799, leaves a bequest to his grandson, Peter Sanborn. 


1325 i. Peter, b. Nov. 4, 1790. , . . 

614. Obadiah (234) Sanborn, born in Hawke, now Danville, N. H., 
Jan. 25, 1768. Lived and died in Danville. Married Miriam, daughter 
of Reuben Batchelder, born Nov. 21, 1769, died Aug. 30, 185S. He died 
June 29, 1850. 

Children : 

1326 i. Levi, b. March 3, 17S9. .^ ■ 
ii. Frances, b. April 3, 1795. 

ill. Uoroth\", b. Jan. 9, 1805 ; m. Sept. 14, 1S24, Dudley Gordon. 

615. JosiAH (234) Sanborn, born in Danville. July 11, 1769. Grad. 
at Exeter i\cademy 1789. Lived and died in Poplin, now Fremont, X. H. 
Married Abigail Smith, born Sept. 4, 176S, died May 23, 1816. He died 
Dec. 10, 1842. 

Children : , 

i. Dr. James, b. Dec. 5, 17S9; m. June 9, 1S2S, Eliza, dau. of Joseph Hook of 
Seabrook, N. H. ; a teacher thirty-live ye:irs, teaching district schools with great 
success; studied medicine, but never took a collegiate course ; a trouble with his 
right knee lamed him for life, when he was but ten years old. Had (i) John Sum- 
merfield, b. in Seabrook, July 14, 1831; a bookkeeper, prob. father of J. S S.. 
M. D., Harvard, 1872; (ii) Abigail F., b. in Salisbury, .Mass.. Aug. i, 1S33; 
m. Sept. 21, 1851, Robert L. Emery of Portsmouth, son of Thatcher Emery of 
Portsmouth; she was a writer of some note, living in Xewburyport in 1S61. 

ii. Enoch, b. July 24, 1794; lived unm. in Fremont, N. H. 

iii. Abraham Smith, b. Sept. 22, 1797; m. Oct. iS, 1S41, Betsey S. Wadleigh ; 
lived in Fremont. Had one son, George L., b. .April, 1S43. 

iv. Abigail, b. Sept. 24, 1801 ;' m. Oct. 27, 1841, Asa Sanborn (54S-ii). 

v. Ruth, b. Oct. 28, 1805; m. Oct., 1836, Timothy Tilton of Fremont, and d. 
Nov, 25, 1846. 

1 n-.W. 


6i6. Phineas (234) Sanborn, born in Danville, Sept. 17, 1774. 
Lived and died in Danville. iNIarried Nov. 24, 1796, Patience Fellows. 

Children : 

1327 i. Peter, b. Nov. 17, 1797. 

ii. Rachel, b. Dec. 20, 1799; m. Feb. 24, 1820, Henry Collins of Danville. 

iii. Love, b. Jan. 8, 1S02; m. William Willey. 

iv. Jane, b. Feb. 14, 1804; m. Charles Collins. 

617. Nathan (234) S.vnborn, born in Danville, Jan. 15, 1777. Grad. 
at Exeter Academy 1795. D. H. S. says he married Elizabeth Durgin, 
moved to Sanbornton, and had one son. 

618. Samuel Adams (235) Sanborn, born in Danville, N. H., Nov. 
22, 1769. No further record. 

April 5, 1 79 1. John, Jethro, Jonathan all Husbandmen of the Parish of Hawke (now 
Danville) for £34 pd. by Samuel Adams Sanborn of East Kingstown yeoman quit claimed all 
right to two peices of land in Hawke which our Hond Father Jonathan late of H. dec'd. gave 
to sd. Samuel Adames Sanborn in his last will & Entailed the same to each of us Provided the 
sd. Saml. should Dye and leave no lawful issue one peice lying S. E. from Hawke .Meeting 
house, about 10 acres, the other piece being i square acre in N. E. corner of the lot Xo. 14 in 
in the 200 acre grant with a barn on the same. Obadiah Sanborn was a witness. 

619. Capt. Oliver (236) Sanborn, born in Danville, Nov. 16, 1S03. 
Lived and died in Danville, — a cordwainer there. Married March 30, 
1853, Dorothy J. Sargent, born Oct. 20, 1S20. 

Children : 

i. Salma Ellen, b. March 6, 1854. 

ii. Mary Jane, b. March 31, 1858. • • 

620. Sherburn (237) Sanborn, born in Sandown, N. H., March' 18, 
1782. Lived and died in Sandown, — a farmer there. Married March i, 
1808, his cousin, Polly Sanborn (240-iv), who died Aug. 17, 1S44. Sher- 
burn was a man of some local prominence, served as selectman several 
years, and died Feb. 8, 1862. 

Children : 

i. Julia, b. Feb. 19, 1809; m. Nov. 27, 1834, Ephraim Bickford of Moulton- 

borough, N. H. 
ii. Rachel, b. Feb. 25, 1810; m. Elisha Smith of Londonderry, N. H. 
iii. Nathan, b. May 31, 181 1 ; d. 1815. 
1330 iv. Robert, b. Dec. 2, 1812. 

V. George, b. April 5, 1815 ; d. 1816. 
" . vi. Priscilla, b. April 30, 1817; m. Sept., 1837, Stephen Corliss of Haverhill, Mass. 
vii. Nathan, b. Aug. 27, 1819; d. 1825. , , , . , 

I ■ .■ ■' I 



^h\' '■ 


viii. Jane C, b. Oct. 28, 182 i ; m. Jan. i, 1845, Col. Cyrus Sanborn. (i433)- 
1331 ix. George, b. June 19, 1823. 
X. Sherburn, b. and d. 1S27. 

621. James Waddei.l (23S) Sanborn, baptized in Sandown, N. II.. 
Jan. 30, 1774. -^^^ further record. 

622. Moses (23S) Sanborn, born in Sandown or Hill, N. H., March 
4, 1776. D. H. S. has no record of where he lived, but says he had a son 
John and four daughters. 

623. Obadiah (239) Sanborn, born in Hill, N. H., March 7, 1775. 
Lived and died in Hill, — a farmer there. Married 1798, Sally :Moore, 
born April i, 1776, died Sept. 4, 1855. He died March 31, 1805. 

Children : 

1333 i- Tappan, b. Jan. 24, iSoo. 

1334 ii. Moses, b. Sept. 10, iSoi. 

iii. Obadiah, b. Jan. 6. 1S05 ; m. Sarah Bean of Sanbornton ; d. June 20, 1855, in 

624. Joseph (239) Sanborn, born in Hill, N. H., Jan, 19, 1783. 
Married Sally Pearsons of Tewksbury, Mass. Lived and died in Hill, — a 
farmer there. 

. Children : 

i. Cynthia, b. Jan. 27, 180S; m. 1824, Hosea Ballou of Alexandria, N. H. 
ii. Mary, b. April 10, 1810; m. Alexander Walcott of New York. 
iii. William, b. March 20, 1812: m. Aug., 1833, Joanna Wells; lived in Hill 
iv. Reuben, b. Dec. 27, 1813; d. 1824. 

V. Oilman, b. April 5, 1816; lived in Hill; m. Sept., 1835, Elizabeth Badger of 
Nashua, N. H. 

625. Capt. Moses (239) Sanborn, born in Hill, N. H., July 24, 
1795. Settled in Salisbury, N. H., where he was living in 1858. Married 
(i) Lucy Wells; (2) Betsey Stevens. All his children were by the first 

Children : 

I. Cyrus, b. Sept. 20, 1820; d. young. 

ii. Mary Jane, b. April i, 1822; m. Ebenezer Eaton of Bristol, N. H. 
iii. Rosiila, b. March 2, 1825 ; d. unm. 1840. 
iv. Eliza Ann, b. June f4, 1832 ; m. Oscar S. Morse of Bristol. 
'■ • V. Catherine T., b. March 17, 1835; d. 185 1. 

626. Isaac (240) Sanborn, born in Sandown, N. H., Dec. 6, i777- 
Moved to Tunbridge, Vt., where he married Jan. 26, 1804, Nabby Hibbard 

, -^1 i v.- 



of Royalton, Vt., born Aug. 13, 17S5. Settled in Peru, N. Y., and died 
in Barr}', ]Mich., June 23, 1834. 

Children : 

i. Isaac, b. Oct. 31, 1806: lived in Peru, N. Y. ; m. March 27, 1831, Mary Ann 
Goodrich of Swanton, Vt., b. Sept. 26, 1810. Had (i) Harriet, b. .May 5, 
1835 ; m. July 3, 1856, George D. Kellogg: (ii) Franklin, b. Oct. 29, 1841. 

1338 ii. Ira Sleeper, b. in Minot. Me., Dec. 20, iSoS. 

1339 iii. John Hibbard. b. in Tunbridge, Vt., Jan. 5, iSio. 

iv. William H., b. in Peru, N. Y., July 17, 1813; lived in Peru, N. Y. ; m. Jan. 

10, 1841, Laura Ann Goodrich, b. in Swanton. Vt., Jan. 23, 181 5 ; d. Jan. 7, 

1846, leaving one child, William, b. Sept. 14, 1843. 
V. Daniel, b. in Peru, N. Y., Sept. 11. 1S15 ; m. in Keesville, N. Y., Louisa Ann 

Barber, b. in Peru, N. Y., April 9, 1S15; an otificer in the Clinton prison 

seven years. Had (i) Frederick, b. July 14, 1845; (") Agnes, b. Feb. i, 

vi. Sarah H., b. Dec. 23, 1817 ; d. unm. Jan. 6, 1S50. 
vii. Silas A., b. Sept. 11, 1S20; d. July 10, 1846, unm. 
viii. Mary Ann, b. June 30, 1824; m. Elisha A. Bigelow of Peru, N. Y. ; d. May 4, 

Lx. Jane M., b. June 16. 1S2S; d. May 14, 1854, unm. 

627. Jonathan (240) Sanborn, born in Sandown, N. H., March 28, 
1778. A farmer in Chester, N. H., where he lived and died. Married 
(i) Betsey Fowler, born June 28, 1780, died May 18. 1836; (2) Mav 5, 
1840, Margaret Crawford, who died July, 1847. He died r^Iay 3, 1849. 

Children : 

i. Charlotte, b. July 18, 1808; d. unm. Feb. 17, 1825. 
ii. Betsey, b. May 17, 1808; d. unm. 
1341 iii. Alfred, b. Jan, 4, 1S12. 

iv. Mary Perkins, b. Oct. 19, 1S19; d. 1825. 

V. Josiah S., b. April 13, 1S22 ; m. April 29, 1863, Martha A. Doland, b. Aug. 15, 
1833 ; lived in Londonderry, and left a son William. 

628. Peter (240) Sanborn, born in Sandown, N. H., March 7, 1784. 
Settled in Plattsburg, N. Y. Married Phebe Jaynes. Died July 17, 1849. 

Children : 

. r ., i. George Washington, b. 1827; d. unm. March 31, 1S49. 

ii. Benjamin Franklin, b. 1830. 

629. Daniel (240) Sanborn, born in Sandown, X. H.. June iS. 17S7. 
Settled in Lowell, Vt., but I believe moved to Medina, O. Married Dec. 
29, 1809, Freelove Farnham, born April 13, 1787. 

Children : 



i. Permelia, b. Nov. 3, 1810; m. Aug. 3. 1S34, James Houston of Troy, \"t. 
ii. Delia, b. Nov. 27, 1S13; m. Aug. 27, 1848, Samuel Griffith of Darien, \'t. 
iii. Albert, b. Jan. 31, 1816; m. April 20. 1S3S. Leonora Lamb; lived in Critten- 
den. N. Y. 
iv. Arabella, b. March 11. 181S: m. Oct. 19, 1845, Alvin Cory. 
V. James, b. May 3. 1S20; m. Oct. 29, 1850, Melissa Smith; lived in Lowell, Vt. 
vi. Achsah, b. Nov. 25. 1822; m. 1S52. James .AL Little of Lowell, Mass. 
vii. Phebe, b. May 16, 1825 ; m. April 20, 1849. J"'^'^ ^^- Jones, of Rochester, N. Y. ; 

d. .\Lirch 25, 1S55. 
viii. Candace. b. July 12. 1827; m. July 11. 1855 (his second wife), John H. Jones 
of Rochester, N. Y. 
ix. Nancy, b. Jan. 27, 1830; m. Oct. iS, 1855, Reuben Ash of Newport, Vt. 
X. Herman, b. Sept. 30, 1833; lived in Lowell, \'t. 

630. Ela (240) Saxborx, born in Tunbridge. Vt., Jan. 20. 1792. 
Lived in Washincrton, Chelsea, Tunbridtre, and Waterburv, Vt., and finallv 
moved West, to ^Medina, O. ^Married (i) 1815, in Waterbury, Vt., Lau- 
rana, daughter of Kittredge Davis of Wilbraham, Mass., born there in 1796, 
and died Nov. 11, 1S22 ; (2) her sister, Clarissa Davis, Aug. 22, 1823. 
He died April 6, 1856. 

Children : 

1344 i. Jesse Kittredge, b. Feb. 4. 1818, in Washington, Vt. 

ii. Clarissa Davis, b. Dec. 4, 1S18; m. Ransom Towne of Medina, O. 
iii. Judith Ann, b. Feb. 18. 1820; m. Flam Loomis of Waterburj-. 
iv. Mason, b. and d. 1822. 

V. Enos, b. Feb. 27, 1S24; d. unm. Nov., 1848. 
vi. Orleans C, b. May 18. 1S25 ; d. April, 1841. 
vii. Laurana Davis, b. 1826; unm. 

viii. Harriet D., b. 1828: m. Brown of Brunswick, O. 

ix. Wealthia P., b. 1832; d. 1844. 

X. William Penn, b. Feb., 1834; d. Jan.. 1S52. 

1345 xi. Ela Penniman, b. 1836. 

xii. Marcia A., b. Jan., 1S39: m. H. L. Davis, Sept., i860: d. 1861. 
xiii. Marion, b. Jan. 1S39 (twin to Marcia) : d. unm., 1854. 

631. David Worthex (241) Saxeorx, born in Sandown, N. H.. Sept. 
30, 1782. Moved to Xewfane, Vt., where he married, lived, and died. 
Married Jan. 2, 1820, Sally H. Knowlton ; died Sept. 7, 1827. 

Children : 

i. Myron Holley, b. Nov. 23. 1S20; m. June i, 1854, Emily Westover : lived in 

Montreal, P. O. ; deputy sheriff there. Had Julia, b. May 4, 1S57. 
ii. Luke Knowlton, b. April 27, 1S22 : living in 1857 in Chicago, Iii. 
iii. Julia, b. Nov. 15, 1S23; m. July 15, 1847, William Dampier, and moved to 



632. Thomas S. (241) Sanborn, born ?vlarch 31, 178S. Moved to 
Patton, Ont. Married in 1S12, Susan Hovey of Troy, Vt. Drowned in 
Patton, July 19, 1S14. 

Children : 

i. Reuben W., b. ; a blacksmith; moved to Columbus, O. 

ii. Thomas, b. ; a blacksmith ; moved to Ohio with his brother. 

633. Rev. Reuben (241) Sanborn, born April 14, 1790. A Presby- 
terian clergyman. Moved to New York state, and settled in Painted Post. 
Married INIary A. Wood of Windsor, N. Y. Died about 1830. 

Children : 

1. Mary J., b. ; m. Henry T. Sanborn (634-iii). 

ii. Sarah Elizabeth, b. ; d. before 1857. 

634. Col. Richard (241) Sanborn, born Aug. i, 1797. Lived and 
died in Springfield, N. H., — a prominent man there, selectman, justice of 
the peace, and representative. Married Alice S. Collins. 

Children : 

i. Thomas Henry, b. Sept. 11, 1820; d. 1825. 
1348 ii. Richard Freeman, b. June 21, 1824. 

iii. Henry Thomas, b. July 26, 1S29; Co. F, nth N. H. Inf. ; lived in Springfield. 

N. H. ; m. Nov. 24, 1853, Mary Jane Sanborn (633-i) ; died 1892. 
iv. Reuben Collins, b. Aug. 16, 1831 ; lived in Haverhill, Mass. ; m. Nov. 24, 1853, 

Martha A. Cole. Had Harriet .Alice, b. Aug. 21, 1S51. 
V. Abner Johnson, b. Aug. 26, 1833; lived in Manchester, N. H. ; m. June 11, 
1854, Martha E. Kelsey of Westville, N. Y. ; d. Jan. 3, 1857. Had Fred P., 
^ b. Dec. 31, 1856. 

vi. Lydia Alice, b. July 15, 1838. 

635. Robert (241) Sanborn, born May 13, 1801. Lived first in 
Springfield, N. H. Married Aug. 6, 1825, Esther Collins. In 1S35, 
moved with his family to Sharon, Vt. 

Children : 

i. Enos C, b. Sept. 26, 1826; d. 1S27. 
ii. Sarah A., b. May 6, 1828 ; d. 1831. 
iii. Nathaniel Collins, b. Oct. 30, 1831. 
iv. David Worthen, b. Jan. 13, 1834. 

V. Sarah A., b. March 20, 1836. 
vi. James B., b. June 6, 1838. 

6^6. Jereml\h (242) Sanborn, born in Sandown, N. H., Jan. 26, 1S02. 
Married May 18, 1831, Eliza C. Tucker of Salisbury, N. H. Moved to 
Sutton, N. H., — a farmer there. 



Children : 

i. Mary Ann, b. March ii, 1832. 

ii. Jane E., b. Oct. 27, 1S33. 

iii. Andrew J., b. Jan. 30, 1S36: lived in Sutton, N. H. 

iv. l.ucinda M., b. March 25, 1838. 

V. Frank J., b. Sept. 2, 1840; Hved in Sutton, X. H. 

637. Daniel (243) Sanborn, born in Sandown, May 31, 181 5. Mar- 
ried White. No further record. 

638. JoN.VTHAN (244) Sanborn, born in Andover, N. H., Feb. 7, 1780. 
Moved to Danbury, N. H. Married Dolly Huntoon. Died Feb., 1S19. 


i. Julia, 
ii. Daniel, b. ; m. and lived in Danbury, N. H. 

639. Peter (244) Sanborn, born in x\ndover, N. H., Nov. 21, 1781. 
Lived and died in Andover. Married Ruth Nichols, who died March 20, 
1859. He died Feb. 26, 1858. 

Children : " "■ ^ "" 

i, Abigail, b. April 25, 1S02; m. Silas B. Tilton of Andover, N. H. Died in 

Canaan, N. H., Jan. 13, 1862. 
ii. Joseph, b. Jan. 25, 1804; lived in Tunbridge, V'.t. ; m. Eunice Moss; d. Nov. 

29, 1856. 
iii. Peter, b. Dec. 12, 1806. 

iv. Betsey, b. July 12, 180.7: m. Chester Spaulding of Sutton. 
V. Sarah, b. .May 4, 1809. 
vi. Stephen Smith, b. March 3, 1811: in. (i) Mary Shepardson ; (2) Mary Jane 

Ware; lived in .Andover, N. H. 
vii. William, b. Aug. 19, 1813; m. Elizabeth Rogers; lived in W. Newbury, .Mass. 
viii. Isaac, b. May 25, 181 5: d. 1818. 
ix. Ruth Maria, b. .March 23, 1817: ni. Francis Fisher of Worcester. Vt. ; d. Jan. 

18, 1862. 
X. Caroline, b. Sept. 7, 1S19; m. Thomas Colby of Thetford. Vt. 
xi. Merrill, b. Oct. 5, 1S21 : m. Lois Gould; lived in W. Newbury, .Mass. ; d. 1S53. 
xii. Albert, b. July 28, 1823; m. Elbra Varrington ; lived in Orford, N. H. 
xiii. Mary, b. April 14, 1825; d. unm. 1S57. 
xiv. Mercy, b. Feb. 3, 1827; m. Albert Brainerd of Hanover, N. H. 

640. JosiAii (244) S.\-NBORN, born in Andover, N. H., Aug. 7, 17S7. 
Married June 11, 1818, Sophia, daughter of Benjamin Cilley of Andover, 
N. H., born June 19, 1797; died in Strafford, \^t., June 24, 1836. He 
died in Taunton, Mass., Feb. 23, 1857. 


Children : 

i. Harriet K., b. in Andover, X. }!., Feb. 26. i«23; ni. June, 1S37, Asa B., son 

of Jabez Ciiley ; moved to California, 
ii. Sarah, b. in Andover, N. H.. Sept. 8, 1826; m. .May 12, 1851, Eben Hazeltine, 

Jr., b. in Bradford. Vt.. Nov. 5, 182S; lived in .Middleboro', Mass. 
iii. Isabel H., b. in Tunbridge, Vt., Feb. 14. 1S32; m. .March 16, 1852, Barnard 
Gurney Sellca, or Cille}-, son of Barnard Sellea of Saco. Me.; lived in Rox- 
bury, Mass. 
iv. Charles H., b. in Stratford, N. H., June 22, 1835. Living unm. in Franklin, 
N. H., in 1862. Co. C, ist N. H. Inf. 

641. Jere.miah (245) Sanborn, born May 10, 17S3. Moved to Brad- 
ford, Vt. Married Polly Fifield. 

Children : 

i. Harriet, b. Aug. 25, iSoS; m. Jan. 11, 1829, Moses Little of Bradford, \'t. 
ii. John, b. Sept. 14, 1810; m. Dec. i, 1836, Hannah Worthley ; lived in Brad- 
ford, Vt. 
iii. Matilda, b. March 28, 1814: m. Oct. 10, 1833, Rinaldo Parker of Corinth, Vt. 
iv. Eliza, b. -March 20, 1816; m. Joseph Worthley of Corinth, \'t. 

642. John (245) Sanborn, born in Andover, N. H.. in 1793. Moved 
to Canada; lived in Ascot. P. Q^; died in Berry, P. Q^ Married (i) Nov., 
1814, Miriam Gove of Sanbornton, N. H., born in 1791, died in 1834; (^) 
Paulina Corey of Caldwell, P. Q^ 

Children : - , 

i. Joseph Goodhue, b. in Andover, 1S16; d. 1828. 

ii. Abner, b. Bradford, Vt., 1818; d. unm. 1856. 

iii. Mary, b. in Bradford, Vt., 1820: d. unm. 1843. 

iv. Rebecca, b. in Bradlord. \'t., 1822: d. unm. 1846. 
^355 ^- John, b. in Bradford, \'t., March 14, 1S23. 

vi. Ebenezer, b. 1826: living in Northfield, N. H.. in 1864. 
vii. Alonzo, b. 1828 : lived in Eaton Corner, P. O.. in 1864. 
viii. Jeremiah, b. 1830; d. in the army, 1863. 

ix. Hollis, b. in Ascot, P. O.. July 4, 1832 ; d. in the army, 1S63. 

X. Martha, b. 1834. 

xi. Adaline, b. 1836. 

xii. Emma, b. 1838; m. Munce of Guildhall, Vt. 

xiii. Edward, b. 1840. 

xiv. Mary, b. 1843. • ' ■ . ' • 

XV. Sarah, b. 1844. 
xvi., George, b. 1846. . . k • , 

xvii. Archibald, b. 1848. 
xviii, Harriet, b. 1850. 
xLx. William, b. 1832. 

'/ • ■ ,.:i,>. .- ' 

THE ami-:rican sanborns. 307 

The last eleven children were born in Ascot, P. Q^ This is the largest 
family of record in the Sanborn race. His grandson says John above was 
the father of twenty-five children. 

643. Richard (246) Sanborx, born in Andover, N. II., Sept. i, 1796. 
Moved to Bridcrewater, N. H., where he lived and died. Married Oct. 10, 
1816, Hannah, daughter of Nathaniel Pervier, or Pevear, of Chichester. 
N. H., born April 20, 1798 ; died Oct. 2, 1SS7. He was a farmer in Bridge- 
water, and died there Aug. 26, 1861. 

Children : 

i. Nathaniel Pevear, b. in Andover, N. H.. Feb. i, 1817; m. Sophia Earle, and 
lives in Wenham, Mass. 
- ii. Mary Jane, b. in Andover, April 22, 1819; d. 1S20. 
iii. Martha J., b. in Andover, June 28, 1821 ; lives in Rockport, Mass. 

1360 iv. Horace, b. in Andover, Sept. 4, 1823. 
V. Nancy, b. Oct. 13. 1826; d. 1830. 
vi. John P., b. Dec. 28, 1828; d. 1S29. 

, vii. Eliza Ann, b. in Plymouth, N. H., Nov. 13, 1831 ; now living in Rockport, 
viii. Hannah, b. in Plymouth, N. H., April 23, 1833; "o^^ living in Ayer's Village, 
Haverhill, Mass. 

1361 ix. John Pevear, b. in Andover, N. H., Jan. 28. 1S34. 

X. Richard, b. May 28, 1837: d. Aug. 26, 1861, in Manchester. 

xi. Joseph E., b. March 8, 1838, in Bridgewater, N. H. : m. Mary F. Payne; now 
living in Gloucester, Mass. Had (i) Everett J., b. 1866, killed 1888; (ii) 
Maynard E., b. 1S6S, living in W. Plymouth, X. H. ; has one child, Edna P.. 
b. 1894. 

xii. Lucy A., b. Nov. 20, 1841 ; now living in Amherst, N. H. 

644. Capt. John Ware (246) Sanborn, born in Andover, N. H., June 
30, 1806. Married Oct. 20, 1S31, ]MaryJane Locke. Settled first in Lynn, 
Mass., then moved to Chesterville, Me. 

Children : 

i. Child, d. in infancy. 
ii. Child, d. in infancy. 
iii. John Francis, b. Sept. 19, 1834; lived in Lawrence, Mass.; Sergt. in 6th Mass. 

regiment in 1861 . 
iv. Thomas W., b. Dec. 16, 1S35 ; m. Sept.. 1861, Jennie Dunkley; lived in Silver 

Creek, Minn. 
V. Philip A., b. Oct. 31, 1S37 ; lived in Chesterville, Me. 
vi. Charles R., b. Oct. 31, 1S37; moved to California. 
vii. Dearborn C, b. Feb. 24, 1839; moved to California, 
viii. Kendall, b. Feb. 7, 1841. 


645. Richard (24S) Sanborn, born in Kensington, X. H., March 17. 
1778. A farmer in Gilmanton, N. II., where lie lived and died. Married 
Nov. 24, 1802, Hannah, daughter of Benjamin Moulton. Died Oct. 21, 

Children : 

i. Jemima Moulton. b. Sept., 1804; m. Dec. 23, 1824. I.saac C. Marsh of Gilman- 
ton, son of Zebulon. 
ii. Louisa, b. Feb. 3, 1S06; d unm. Aug. 26, 1826. 

iii. Mary Kimball, b. March 17, 1S08 ; m. June 27. 1831, John Eveleth of Gilman- 
iv. Hannah, b. July 26, 1810; m. Oct. 22, 1829, Thomas J. Gale of Gilmanton. 
V. Betsey S., b. Oct. 18, 1812 ; d. Sept. 10, 1826. 

646. William (248) Sanborn, born in Kensington, Jan. 10, 1783. 
Married Betsey Sanborn (250-i). A farmer in Gilmanton, N. H., where 
he died July 22, 1825. His family moved to Sangerville, Me. 

Children : 

i. Eliza, b. June 3, 1808; m. Jan. 21, 1833, Xehemiah Lougee of Sangerville, Me. 
ii. Newell, b. June 26, 1810; m. (i) Aug. 22, 1S41, Asenath Reed of Dixmont, 

Me., who died May 22, 1S52; (2) Feb. 26, 1854, Asenath Harriman ; lived in 

Sangerville, .Me. 
iii. David T., b. May 24, 1812; m. .May, 1S44, Martha Stevens of Medina, O. : 

moved to Farmersburg, la., in 1S54. Had Mary Isora, b. July 29, 1S56. 
iv. Deborah, b. Sept. 13, 1813; m. .May 14, 1858, Willard Brigham of Sangerville. 

Me. . , 

V. Elbridge Gerry, b. Jan. 26, 1S17; d. 1820. 
vi. Julia, b. Aug. 6, 1818 ; m. James Folsom of Lynn, .Mass., son of Peter Folsom 

of Boscawen, N. H. ; d. Jan. 20, 1849. 
vii. William Sullivan, b. Feb. 24, 1823; m. Dec. 4, 1845, Sarah G. Silver of Dover. 

Me. : moved to Sangerville, Me., and d. there Dec, 1861. 
viii. Lyman J., b. Jan. 7, 1826; unm. ; living in Lawrence, .Mass. 

647. Samuel (248) Sanborn, born in Kensington, N. H., Dec. 5, 
1785. A farmer in Gilmanton, N. H., where he lived and died. Married 
Feb. 3, 1814, Lucy, daughter of John Thurston. Died April 26, 1S4S. 

Children : , • 

i. Julia Ann, b. Dec. 20, 1815. 
ii. Samuel, b. July 16, 1820; d. 1S26. 
iii. Lucy T., b. Aug. 24, 1828. 

648. Capt. Ebenezer B. (248) Sanborn, born in Gilmanton. X. H.. 
Aug. 8, 1814. A carpenter in Gilmanton, where he lived and died. Mar- 


ried Feb. i8, 1839, Sarah J. Tilton of Gilinanton, born Sept. 9, 1815, died 
Ma}^ I, 1870. He died April 6, 1867. 
Children : 

i. George A., b. July 25, 1840; d. 1869. 

ii. Edwin N., b. July 24, 1847 ; m- Etta J. Plumer of Gilmanton, N. H. ; a carpen- 
ter in Laconia, N. H. ; living there in 1897. Had (i) S. Jennie, b. April i, 
1874; d. unm. June 22, 1894: (ii) .Myrtie B., b. Oct. 20, 1876; (iii) Nettie 
M., b. June 24. 18S3; (iv) Carrie L., b. June 6, 1885. 

iii. Alvin Eugene, b. Dec. 5, 1855 ; lives in Laconia, X. H. 

iv. Orrin Monroe, b. Jan. 7. i860; d. 1863. 

649. Lieut. Jonathan (249) Sanborn, born in Gilmanton, N. H., 
March 3, 1780. A farmer in Gilmanton, where he lived and died. Mar- 
ried (i) Sarah, daughter of Jacob Kelley of Epping, N. H., died Oct. 8, 
1843; (2) May 22, 1844, Betsey Sanborn (248-vi), died June 27, 1858. 
He died Sept. 25, 1851. 

Children : 

i. Jeremiah, b. Jan. 5, 1804; m. Nov. 23. 1830, Hannah Chase; lived in Gilman- 
ton, where he d. Dec. 17, 184 1. 
ii. Sally, b. June 3, 1806; d. 1819. ■ -- 

iii. Deborah, b. June 5, 1S08 : m. Nov. 26, 1830, Asa Lamprey of Gilmanton, who 

d. 1850. 
iv. Asa T., b. Jan. 13, 181 1 ; m. (i) Feb. 27, 1833, Sally Rowe of Gilmanton, dau. 
of Samuel, d. June 20, 1S53; (2) May 8. 1855, ^'^^''S- Eliza B. Clarendon; 
lived and d. in Lawrence, Mass., where he was secretary of a loan association. 
Had (i) Delano, b. 1S33, d. 1834; (ii) Caroline E., b. 1S55. "i. Abraham yi. 
Loomis; (iii) Asa A., b. 1837; (iv), (v), and (vi) d. young; (vii) Vashti J., 
b. 1842; (viii) and (iA)d. young; (x) Frank A., b. 1850; (xi) Lizzie, b. 1856. 
V. Julia, b. Jan. 28, 1813; m. May 25. 1837, Lucian French of Sanger\-ille, Me. 
vi. Emily, b. Jan. 3, 1815; d. 1816. 
1366 vii. Capt. Jonathan W., b. Feb. 23, 1817. 

viii. Jacob Kelley, b. Nov. 29, 1819; m. Sept. 28, 1843, Sarah A. Sanborn (568-iii), 
and d. in Gilmanton, Sept. 2, 1S43: (one child, Charles Kelley, b. 1845 •) his 
wife survived him and m. (2) Nathan Chase, son of Zaccheus of Gilmanton. 
ix. Sarah, b. Aug. 6, 1824; d. unm. Sept. 2, 1843. 

X. Charles S., b. May 19, 1827; lived in Lawrence, Mass.; m. Sept. 21, 1S4S, 
Mary J. Ball of Concord, Mass., and d. March 15, 1861. 

650. Joseph (250) Sanborn, born in Gilmanton, June 21, 1795. A 
tarmer in Gilmanton, where he lived and died. Married Nov. 23, 1818, 
Lydia, daughter of Micajah Kelley of Gilmanton. 

Children : 

i. Mary Ann, b. Feb. 2, 1820; m. Sept. 15, 1841, .A.masa K. Gilman of Gilman- 
ton; d. March i, 1846. 



ii. William Henry Harrison, b. Feb. 17, 1S22; d. unm. Dec. 23, 1847. 
iii. Martha Jane. b. Sept. 26, 1826. 

iv. Charles Oilman, b. June i, 1S31 ; lived in Gilmanton ; m. Dec. 30. 1855 
Amanda J. Stockbridge. 

651. Isaac B. (250) Sanhorn, born in Gilmanton, April i, 1798 A 
^rmer in Gilmanton, where he lived and died. Married March 7, 18-1 
Deborah Rowe of Gillbrd, N. H. . ' 

Children : 

. i. Dr. Levi W., b. Sept. 11, 1822; a dentist in Gilmanton. justice of the peace 

and for many years town clerk; m. March 5, 1S61, Martha S., dau. of loseDh 
Morrill. •' ^ 

ii. Caroline E., b. April 25, 1S24; d. 1827. 
ill. Aretas R., b. Sept. 20, 1828; d. unm. Oct. 31, 1848. 
iv. James F., b. Nov. 24, 1831. 

V. I. Silvanus, b. June 20, 1834; a farmer in Gilmanton; m. Nov. 11, 1S57, Nancv 

Jane Dow of Centre Harbor, N. H. 
vi. Sareptajane, b. June 8. 1842; d. Oct. 24, 1S55. 

652. John (251) Sanborn, born in Gilmanton, N. H., April 2, 1796 
Lived and died in Gilmanton,— a farmer there. Married May 7,' 1817 
^ancy, daughter of David Page of Gilford, N. H., b. Jan. 25, 1704, died 
Nov. 21, 1869. He died July 23, 1882. 

Children : 

i. Hannah E., b. April 26, 1S18 ; m. as his second wife. Green Chase of Belmont 

N. H., and d. 1S90. 
ii- Lydia Page, b. May 28. 1820; m. March 19, 1843. Nathaniel Wig^in of Strat- 

nam, N. H., and d. in Canterbury, Dec, 1896. 
iii. Josiah B., b. April 18, 1822; d. 1823. 
iv. William P., b. June 29, 1824; d. 1826. 
V. Louisa, b. Sept. 10, 1826; d. unm. Aug. 5. 1861. 
1370 vi. Andrew Jackson, b. Jan. 10, 1829. 

vii. Ann E., b. May 27, 1831 ; d. unm. May 28, 1858. 
viii. John A., b. Feb. 20. 1834; d. unm. Feb. 5, 1854. 
ix. William H., b. Jan. 11, 1837; m. (i) Jan. 30, 1862, Mary S. Smith of Mere- 
dith; divorced in 1886; m. (2) 1891, Ada Hogue of Canada; a retired mer- 
chant m Laconia, N. H. Had one son, Herbert, b. April 2, 1S64 : d. unm 

653. Jeremiah Page Sanborn, born in Gilmanton, N. H.. April 2, 
1801. Lived first in Gilmanton, then in Laconia, N. H. ^Lirried (i'^) 
1827, Abigail, daughter of Jeremiah Graves of Kensin<Tton, and Maine 
died within a year; (2) March 30, 1831, Lavinia Gate of Gilmanton, born 
March 16, 180&, died in Belmont. N. H., Dec. 21. iSSi. He died in 
Laconia, June 7, 1888. 


Children : 

i. Thomas J., h. July 17. 1S33; m in Belinortt. N. H., Xancy M. Dean, d. Sept. 

16, 1871 ] he. d. without issue, Oct. 4, 188S. 
ii. Oliver L., b. July 29, 1S35; living in Belmont, X. H. ; m. Feb. 15, 1S62, 
Luella A. Lamprey of Belmont, b. April 25, 1843. Have had (i) Walter, b. 
March 28, 1866; (ii) Lena, b. Jan. 24, 1S70, d. unm. Sept. 21, 1888: (Vu) 
Abbie C, b. July 7, 1872, d. unm. Dec. 31, 1890. 
iii. Calvin J., b. Aug. 11, 1843; lived first in Belmont, then in Laconia, X. H. : has 
been kind in furnishing material for his family record; m. April 23, 1872, 
V. Estelle Folsom of Belmont, b. June 25, 1S45 ; both living in Laconia. X. H. ; 
no issue, ^i 

654. Andrew Page (251) Sanborn, born in Gilmanton, Dec. 19, 1804. 
Lived and died in Gilmanton, — a farmer there. Married Nov. 25, 1830, 
Louisa, daughter of Joshua Gate 6( Belmont, and sister of the wife of Jere- 
miah P. Sanborn (653), who died in Belmont in 1882. He died Oct. 27, 


Children : " . 

i. George A., b. Aug. 7, 1S33; d. 1834. 
1372 ii. Andrew Lorentine, b. Sept. 27, 1835. 

iii. George P., b. April r, 1841 ; m. Ann Sargent, and d. March 10, 1875. 
iv. Mary L., b. July 3, 1844; m. 1861, Thomas J. Moulton of Belmont, X. H.. and 
d. March 30, 1876. 

655. Jonathan Brown (251) Sanborn, born in Gilmanton, April 23, 
1814. Lived and died in Thornton, N. H., — a farmer there. Served as 
postmaster several years. Married Jan. i, 1840, Sarah A., daughter of 
Samuel Gilman of Gilmanton, N. H., and Sauk Rapids, Minn., died Sept. 
25, 1884. He died Nov. 4, 1890. His death caused by a cart falling on 

Children : ., ; r, y 

i. Charles S., b. July 13, 1841 ; Co. G, nth N. H. Inf. ; lived first in Gilmanton, 
then moved to Minn.; m. 1873, Ellen Page of Gilmanton; said to have had 
three children. 
ii. Mar>' A., b. Oct. 24, 1844; d. unm. April 14, 1862. 
iii. Sarah E., b. Dec. 16, 1847; m. Glidden of Concord. X. H.. and d. Oct. 

7, 1873- 
iv. John A., b. Aug. 7, 1850; m. in Thornton. X. H., and is running a grocen.- 

store in Penacook, N. H. 
V. Rufus E., b. Dec. 16, 1847; owns the grocery in Penacook, X. H.. with his 
brother John A. 

656. Nathan Batcheluer (251) Sanborn, born in Gilmanton. Oct. 
6, 1821. Lived in Thornton, N. H.. until i860, then moved to Gilmanton, 

!<■'•/■' ■ / 

■!'! h-.'Mj;:'.' ll'! 

■■■I'..; . • ■ \ \r'~ > /■.."■■..■; / AK I --J .- ...f, 

ii[ ,;i v: 

; ■tfyl])\',t\ 

.:!.'>.; . ■'. ' 1 


where he lived until his death. Married in Great Falls, N. H., March 9, 
1848, Ruth Ann Cousins, born Oct. 6, 1825, died April 13, 1892. A far- 
mer all his life ; ^aid by his nephew to have been " one oi the greatest 
workers I ever saw ; would do his farming nights, mornings, and rainy 
days, and work for others the rest of the time." Died March 26, 1892. 

Children : 

i. Olin Kimball, b. July 29, 1849; d. 1850. ' 

ii. Anna Page, b. April 5, 185 1 ; m. (i) May i, 1870, Aug. L. Durgin of Thornton, 

• • N. H., d. Sept. 21, 1S75 ; (2) in Middletown, Mass.. Dec. 5, 1S92, Frank A. 

Marsh of Laconia, N. H.. d. Oct. i, 1895: (3) Oct. 6, 1S96, .Moses N. 

Downing of Gilmanton. 

iii. Olive Elvira, b. Dec. 17, 1853; m. Nov. 25, 1S88, Daniel Gilaian Chesley of 

Epsom, N. H.; both living in 1897. 
iv. Orrin C, b. Jan. 11, 1857 ; unm. ; lives in Gilmanton. 

V. Frank .Melville, b. Feb. 9, i860: m. Oct. 14, 1896, Winnie M. Kenison of Iras- 
burgh, Vt. ; lives in Gilmanton. 
vi. Florence A., b. Feb. 2, 1S63; m. Frank Twombly of Gilmanton. 
vii. George Kimball, b. April 14, 1866: never m. ; lives in Canterbury, N. H., with 
the Shakers. 

657. JosiAH Fellows (251) Sanborn, born in Gilmanton, Sept. 21. 
1824. A farmer in Thornton, X. H. Married Jan. 23, 1851, Mehitabel 
L. Mason of Thornton. Died July 12, 1869. 


i. Willis .Mason, b. June 14, 1856; lives on the homestead in Thornton, unm., with 
his mother. 

658. Caleb Tilton (252) Sanborn, born in Kensington, N. H.. 
June 13, 1797. Lived and died in Kensington, — a farmer and carpenter 
there. Married April 20, 1824, Polly, daughter of Joseph Melcher of 
Hampton Falls, b. Dec. 15, 1798, died May 13, 1888. Served in the War 
of 1812. Died July 3, 1842. " -. 

Children ; 

i. George W., b Jan. 8, 1825; d. unm. Feb. 3. 1S97. 
. .• ii. Elizabeth S., b. Jan. 6, 1827 : unm. ; living in Exeter. ' ,«i 

iii. Mary H., b. .April 5, 1S30; m. .April 28, 185S, David C. Hawes of New Bed- 
ford, Mass., and Exeter, N. H. 
iv. Hiram E., b. March 7, 1S34; d. unm. .March 20. 1856. . '^ 

V. Martha J., b. Sept. 10, 1S40; unm. ; living in Exeter. 

659. Edward (253) S.vnborn, born in Kensington, N. H., Nov. 14, 
1799. Moved West, and settled in New Orleans, La., where he died Feb. 
16, 1840. Married Oct. 25, 1824, Charlotte Gove of Kensington. 


ifa. i-.^.-. . ^.■>^;.a.*t.*i. ^.af.A>iX;.v ■■ -^■ol^>■A^Li»£-r-»»^.:,- VfJnvV 


Children : 

i. Francis P., b. April 26, 1827 ; living in 1862 in Cincinnati, O. 
ii. Infant, b. and d. 1S30. • . 

iii. Sarah, b. Aug. 3, 1832; d. 1842. 
iv. Alonzo L., b. Aug. 22, 1834; d. 1837. 
V. Adriana G., b. May 21, 183S; d. 1841. 

660. Parker (253) Sanborn,- born in Kensington, N, H., Nov. 6, 
1802. Settled in Boston, Mass., where he married Oct. 31, 1S30, Sabra 
Warson of Hancock, N. H. Died May 22, 1840. 

Children : 

i. Jeremiah P., b. March 10, 1831; served as ist Sergt. in Co. C, 25th Mass. Reg. 
ii. Maria S., b. April 17, 1832. 

661. JosiAH Bartlett (253) Sanborn, born in Kensington, N. H., 
June I, 1804. Lived and died in Kensington, N. H. Married Feb. 2, 
1834, Mary B. Tilton of Kensington. Died Oct. 10, 1846. 


i. Susan, b. Aug. 9, 1835 ; d. in infancy. 
• . ii. Harvey, b. Dec. 14, 1837; m. April 3, 1861, Olive Ann Brown; lived in Ames- 
bury, Mass. 

662. Hon. Sherburne Tilton (253) Sanborn, born in Kensington, 
N. H., May 6, iSio. A prominent merchant in Boston, Mass., dealing in 
iron and tubing. Married (i) Dec. 25, 1839, Mary Ann, daughter of John 
Levering of Hampton, born Jan. 10, 1816, died Feb. 7, 1850; (2) Aug. 
II, 1851, x\chsah, daughter of Nathan Jaquith of Winchester, Mass. Mr. 
Sanborn lived in Winchester, Mass., and died at Wilmington, Mass., Sept. 
22, 1880, being killed at a railroad crossing. 

Children : 

1379 i. Charles Edward, b. in Boston, Dec. 30, 1840. ''■» > 

ii. Henry Tucke, b. Sept. 18, 1843: d. in Winchester. Mass., Oct. 26, 1S62. 

1380 iii. William Delano, b. Oct. 31, 1S47. 

662- Ira (255) Sanborn, born in Meredith, N. H., June 21, iSoi. A 
farmer in INIeredith, N. H., where he lived and died. Married Oct. 28, 
1824, Abigail Plumer, born Dec. 17, 1796: died Jan. 21. 1852. He died 
Oct. II, 1891. 

Children : 

i. Hannah, b. Jan. 9, 1826; m. J. E Mudgett of Laconia. 
ii. Nathan P., b. June 7, 1S27; d. unm. 
iii. Abigail S., b. June 7, 1S30; d. unm. July 5, 1857. 
iv. Cynthia A., b. .May 9, 1835 ; m. Dec. 2, 1S58, Edmund Copp of Xcw Hampton. 

Ci. /. ■. , '? ..■ 




• V-^' 

.' >• I i;. /•. / ■-' 

.< ' ., ,■ ' 

>r.J ('■• :■ -j'j^i,-^'.!', ■: 

:''.i T •.:/ J 


V. John Taylor, b. Jan. 12, 1S38; lived in Meredith; m. March 3, 1864, Emily H. 
Weld, b. 1839. Have had (i) Carrie E., b. and d. iS6S: (ii) Arthur Lincoln, 
b. July 14, 1869: (iii) Annie Maud. b. Nov. 2, 1874. 

664. Salmon Hibbard (256) Sanborn, born in Meredith, X. H., May 
7, 1812. Lived and died in Mereditii. Married Dec. 10, 1837. Eliza Jane 
Mead, b, Feb. 2, 1812. Died June 2, 1S70. 

Children : 

i. Almira Jane, b. Oct. 7, 183S; d. unm. Feb. 24, i860. 

ii. Evanna T., b. Sept. 3. 1S40: m. Dec., 1S70, Benjamin Perkins of Meredith Cen- 
tre, N. H. 

iii. Mary Elizabeth, b. Oct. 30, 1842: ni., and d. 18S4; no children. 

iv. Lydia Ann, b. Sept. 25, 1S45 ; m. Jan., 1S65, W. S. Smith of No. Sanbornton. 

V. Eliza Ruth, b. Nov. 17, 1847: m. Sept. 17, 1871, J. W. Mathes of Laconia. 

vi. Moses Salmon, b. April 24. 185 i ; d. 1868. 

vii. Emma Valora, b. April 9. 1853 ; living in .Meredith Centre. 

viii. Jessie Fremont, b. June 13, 1850; living in Meredith Centre. 

665. William Thompson (257) Sanborn, born in Meredith, X. H., 
April 8, 1799. '•"^ farmer; lived in Meredith, Xew Hampton, Bristol, and 
Hill, X. H. Married (i) Rachel Swain, who died July, 1843, in Bristol, 
N. H.; (2) Mary Gordon; (3) Susan Mudgett. He died in Hill, X. H., 
June 5, 1888. 

Children : 

i. Betsey, b. Oct. 29, 1825 ; d. unm. Feb. 10, 184S. 

1383 ii. William Calvin, b. Jan. 17, 1827. 

iii. Noah Robinson, b. Dec. i, 1829; no further record. 

iv. Stephen Frank, b. Nov. 25, 1834: a farmer, living in Bristol, N. H. ; m. Oct. 

30, 1859, Mary Jane Gale of Bristol, b. Aug. 24, 1841 ;. still living; no issue. 
V. Emeline Tabitha, b. .May 25, 1839; "■>• J"ly 3°- ^^S7^ Richard T. Calley of 

Hill, N. H. 
vi. Abigail Etta, b. Aug. 22, 1841 ; m. Nov. 26, 1863, Horatio T. Chase of Upton, 


666. X.\THANiEL (257) Sanborn, born in Meredith, X. H., June 5, 
1801. A farmer in Meredith and Laconia. X'. H. Married Dec. 25, 1S25, 
Sarah, daughter of Joseph Roberts of Meredith, born Dec. 8, 1807 ; died 
Nov. 25, 1889. He died in Laconia, X. H., x\ug. 4, 1873. 

Children : 

i. Mary R., b. Oct. 15, 1826; m. John T. Jewell of Laconia. 
ii. Phebe Ann, b. Aug. 7. 1828; m. J. S. Weeks of Laconia. 

iii. Olive Esther, b. Nov. 7, 1830; m. Langdon G. .Morgan of Laconia. < ' 

iv. Sarah Jane, b. Nov. 6, 1833; m. D. W. Tenney of .Methuen, Mass. • - ■ 

1384 v. Joseph Noah. b. ALarch 6, 1836. 


1385 vi. Charles Francis, b. Oct. 11, 1S38. 

vii. Wesley Curtis, b. Aug. 11, 1S41 ; m., and d. leaving a son, Irving O., of Lake- 
port, N. H. Wesley d. Sept., 1869. 
[ viii. Anna C, b. April 21, 1S44 ; m. Charles A. Davis of Fall River, Mass. 

1 I -586 ix. Frederick Milton, b. Feb. 8, 1S56. 


i 66^. D-WiD (257) Sanborn, born in Meredith, N. H., April i, 1S03. 

i Lived and died in Meredith, where he married and had one child. He 

[ died there November, 183S. 

[ 668. ^rosES (257) Sanborn, born in Meredith, N. H., Aug. 15, 1810. 

[ A stonecutter in Meredith, where he lived and died. Married Dorothy 

i Swain. Died Oct. 27, 1837. 

Child : 
I i. Emily J., b. April, 1837. 

I 669. Richard (257) Sanborn, born in Meredith, N. H., Aug. 25, 1815. 

I A stonecutter in Laconia ; now (1S97) living in Belmont, N. H. Married 
[ Mary Swain of Meredith. 

I Children : 

i. .Mary Judith, b. July 30, 1846; m. Gordon Burleigh of Laconia. 
[. ii. Stephen Richard, b. Dec. 25, 1847; works in the freight depot in Laconia; m. 

I Dec. 24, 1871, Harriet A. Moulton of Sanbornton, N. H., b. March 22, 1852. 

■ . One son, Roscoe Conkling, b. Jan. 13, 1873, lives in Laconia. 

iii. David S., b. March 7, 1850; m., and d. leaving a dau., .Mrs. E. Hov.e of La- 
iv. George H., b. June 9, 1853 ; m., and had a dau. Ida. 

670. Jeremiah Smit'h (258) Sanborn, born in Sanbornton. N. H., Oct. 
21, 1803. A farmer and cooper of Hill, Bristol, New Hampton, and San- 
bornton, N. H. Married (i) Nov. 30, 1826, Anna O., daughter of Rich- 
ard Galley of Sanbornton, who died Jan. 31, 1858 ; (2) October, 1S5S, Polly 
(Swain) Dustin, daughter of Ebenezer Swain of Sanbornton, and widow 
of David Dustin of the same place, who died July 29, 1870 ; (3) 1870, Anna 
(Peasley) Eaton of Hill, N. H. 
Children : 

i. Charles, b. March 23, 1828; m. Betsey Eaton of Bethlehem. N. H.. and had 

(i) Philip Jeremiah ; (ii) Hosea ; (iii) Phebe Ann : (iv) unnamed child. 
ii. Hannah, b. Dec. 9, 1830; m. Daniel Webster Newton of Franklin, N. H., 

1^ grandnephew of Daniel Webster, 

iii. Sarah O., b. June i, 1838; m. Ebenezer Plumer of Sanbornton, son of Stephen. 
671. Charles Thomas (258) S.-vnborn, born in Sanbornton. N. H., 
I Jan. 17, 1805. A farmer and shoemaker in Hill, N. H. Married Dec. 19, 

i 1S33, Sarah Ayer Bartlett of Hill, born June 22, 1S05. 


• ''•.( -1 


, Children: 

i. Daniel Bartlett, b. Nov. 28, 1834: unm. ; enlisted in Co. H, 4th N. H. Reg., 

and d. of consumption in hospital at Fernandina, Fla., Sept. 12, 1862. 
ii. Benjamin Gile, b. Oct. 10, 1S36; watchman in Waltham, Mass.; drowned there 

July 14, 1859. 
iii. Abigail Ann, b. May 6, 1841. 

672. Hezekiah (259) Sanborn, born about 1819. Lived in Haverhill, 
N. H., moving thence to Guildhall, Vt., about 1863. No further record. 

673. James (259) Sanborn, born about 1820. " History of Sanborn- 
ton " says he lived in New Hampton, N. H. No further record. 

674. David (260) Sanborn, born in North Hampton, N. H.,Dec. 10, 
1785. Married Nancy (Shepard) Connor of Exeter, N. H., daughter of 
Rev. Samuel Shepard of Brentwood, N. H. ]\Ioved to Boston, and died 
there about 1S50. 

Children : " 

1390 i. Alfred Shepard, b. in Exeter, N. H.. June 29, 1813. 
ii. Greenleaf. 
iii. Eveline. 

675. Silas (260) Sanborn, born in Chichester, N. H.,June 4, 1798. 
Moved to Boston, where he married July 20, 1826, Ann Connor, born in 
Exeter, N. H., Dec. 31, 1796. 

Children: * 

i. Unnamed son, b. and d. 1828. 
ii. Frarfces Ann Connor, b. June 14, 1829; d. 1835. 
< iii. Silas, b. June 16, 1835 ; living in Boston: served as ist and 2d Lieut. Mass. 3d 

Heavy Artillery, in the Civil War. 

676. Christopher Page (260) Sanborn, born in Springfield, N. H.. 
Feb. 8, 1803. Lived in Winchester, Mass. ^Married (i) Sarah Prentiss, 
born Oct. 3, 1807, died April 2, 1842; (2) Margaret Ann Houston, born 
March 23, 1818. 


i. Emily, b. April 4, 1827: d. 1831. 

ii. Sarah Elizabeth, b. April 20. 1S32; d. unm. Nov. 23, 1S53. 
'• iii. Christopher Page, b. Sept. 12, 1835: d. 1841. 

iv. George Washington Lafayette, b. Feb. 13, 1838: enl. in L'. S. Engineer Corps: 

d. April I, 1862. 
V. Edward Francis, b. July 8, 1846. 
vi. Emily Augusta, b. April 10, 1852. 
vii. Frederick William, b. Dec. 16, i860. 

; ) ■.:■'•( 


677. Jeremiah (260) Sanborn, born in Springfield, X. II., Aug. 18, 
1S05. D. H. S. says he married, but gives no further record. 

678. Jeremiah (261) Sanborn, born in Chichester, N. H., Dec. 3, 

1795. A carpenter and builder. Moved to Loudonville, O. Married 
Aug. 10. 1S26, Clarissa, daughter of Moses Smith of New Hampton, 
X. H., born March 23, iSoi, died July, 1S66. He died Sept. 14, 1846. 

Children : 

i. Gilman Smith, b. Jan. 28, 182S; a carpenter, miner, and postmaster in Yankee 
Jim's. Placer Co., Cal. ; unm. - 

1394 ii. Jeremiah Locke, b. Nov. 29, 1829. 
'395 ■'''• Joseph Haven, b. in Plymouth, N. H.. Jan. 13, 1S31. 

iv. Charles Har\-ey, b. Sept. 4, 1S32; never m. ; lived in California. 

679. David Locke (261) Sanborn, born in Chichester, N. H., Jan. 
15, 1801. Lived in Concord and Weare, N. H. Married December, 
1835, Lydia T. Tut'ts of Somerville, Mass. 


i. .Mary Elizabeth, b. May 9, 1836. 

6S0. Dea. Joseph Beverly (261) Sanborn, born in Chichester, 
X. H.. March 6, 1810. A teacher and tarmer ; served as deacon in Con- 
gregational church in' New Hampshire, and also as captain of intantry. 
■ Moved to Loudonville, O.. where he lived and died. A prominent man 
there, — ^joined the Baptist church, and served as deacon many years; also 
held the office of justice of the peace and notary public. Married March 
14, 1833, >L'\ry Jane, daughter of Moses Smith of New Hampton, sister 01 
the wife of Jeremiah Sanborn (678), who was born Sept. 16, iSio, and 
died March 19, 1870. He died March 8, 1882. 
Children : 

i. George Punchard, b. Dec. 30, 1833; d. Sept. 25, 1845. 

ii. Susan Smith, b. Dec. 10, 1S35: m. March 15, 1S60, Wm. .Mumper of Wash- 
ington, O., d. Oct. 22, 1894. 
iii. Clarissa Jane, b. March 24. 1838 : m. Nov. i, i860, Isaac Winans of Gallon, O. ; 
still living (1897). 

I iv. Sarah Lewis, b. .May 25, 1840; m. Taylor of Loudonville. O. : living in 

i 1S97. 

{ 1396 V. Joseph George, b. Nov. 8, 1847. 

1397 vi. Charles Locke, b. Dec. 28. 1S50. 

681. ^L\TTHE^v (262) Sanborn, born in Chichester, X. II.. June 18, 

1796. A farmer in Chichester. Married Jan. 4, 1821, Maria, daughter of 
Jacob Smith Moulton of Chichester, born Feb. 11, 1798. 



!.■,(!;. J./ II 


Children : 

139S i. Jacob Smith, b. March 26, 1823. 

ii. Jeremiah Beverly, b. Aug. 26, 1S25 : m. and had one son, who died at birth, in 
1852 ; he d. in the Civil War, Feb. 21, 1863. 

682. JosiAii (262)* Sanborn, born in Chichester, N. H., March 21, 
1803. A farmer in Pittsfield, N. H., where he lived and died. Married 
March 11, 1S24, Nancy, daui^hter of Jacob Staniels of Chichester, who was 
born March 13, 1804, and died Marcii 13, 1S70. He died Sept. 7, 1875. 

Children : 

i. Charles, b. ; d. young. 

1399 ii. Charles, b. IMarch 15, 1825. 

iii. Henry, b. Aug. 12, 1S27; m. Margaret P. Turner; lives in Cambridge, Mass., 
and has one child. 

1400 iv. Benjamin Franklin, b. June 14, 1833. 

68^' James Beverly (262) Sanborn, born in Chichester. N. H., 
May 27, 1807. Lived in Pittsfield, N. H. Married (i) Jan. 20, 1830, 
Martha Ann Babb of Effingham, N. H., born May 25, 1811, died Oct. 23, 
1855 ; (2) Eliza Berry. 

Children : 

i. George W., b. Nov. i, 1830. 

ii. James Francis, b. May 22, 1S33; drowned 1837. 
iii. Mary Ann. b. March 3, 1837. 

684. WiLLL\M (262) Sanborn, born in Chichester, X. H., Feb. 10, 
1812. Lived in Hampstead, N. H. ; a blacksmith. ^L^rried (i) Mary 
Greenleaf of Canterbury, born May, 1814, died Oct. 23, 1844; (2) Lois, 
daughter of James Calef, born 1822, died May 11, 1876; (3) Mary J. 
Heath of Hampstead. 

Children : 

i. Unnamed child, stillborn. 
ii. Martha, b. July 21, 184 1. 
iii. Unnamed child, stillborn. 
iv. Mary Elizabeth, b. June 29, 1851. 
V. James William, b. April 30, 1853. 
vi. Susan Emma, b. April 25, 1857, 
^ vii. John Calef, b. Sept. 29, 1863; a fruit grower in Hampstead. N. H. ; m. Nov. 

12, 18S5, Lillian R. Guffin of Hampstead, b. Nov. 7, 1864, d. May 2, 1897. 

685. Jeremlvh (262) Sanborn, born in Chichester, N. H., March 8, 
1814. Lived in Portsmouth, N. H., where he married Dec. 7, 1847, Sarah 
Morrill of Salisbury, Mass. Died March 2, 1889. 



Children : 

i. Helen Augusta, b. Feb. 14, 1849; d. 1S50. 
ii. Ellen, b. June i, 1850; d. 1S54. 
iii. Sarah M., b. Sept. 3, 1S53; d. 1854. 

656. Lowell (262) S.vnborn, born in Chichester, X. H., Jan. 12. 
1819. Settled in North Wayne. Me. Married March 10, 1842, Mary 
Flint of Wilton, Me., born Dec 11, 1822. He died Feb. 17, 1S90. 

Child : 

i. Eldora, b. June 10, 1845. 

657. John Henry (263) Sanburn, born in Illinoisjan. 8. 183S. Mar- 
ried in 1866, and had five children ; Willis H., the oldest, lives in Mitten- 
eafjue, Mass. 

6SS. Charles William (263) Sanburn, born in Knoxville, 111., Oct. 
13, 1840. A railroad agent for twenty-seven years, — now located at 
Berea, O. Married Feb. 6, 1867, Josephine L. Chamberlain of Cleve- 
land, O., born May 11, 1S42. Both he and his wife are still living (1897). 
Children : 

i. Edgar Donaldson, b. in Cleveland, Nov. 17, 1867. 
ii. George Russell, b. Feb. 15, 1869, in Cleveland. 
iii. Mary, b. April 21, 1S72. 
iv. Althea, b. Nov. 3, 1874. 
V. Elizabeth, b. Dec. 23, 1S76; d. 1877. 
vi. Emeline, b. May 25. 1S79. 
vii. Frank, b. Dec. 5, 1881. 
viii. Charles, b. Jan. 3, 1S83. 

6S9. Fi>.\Ncis Granger (263) Sanburn, born in Knoxville, 111., Oct. 
4, 1843. A bank president and prominent man in his native place, where 
he still lives. Married Aug. i, 1878, Mary H. McCracken of Knoxville, 
born Jan. 9, 1852 ; died Feb. 7, 1881. 

Child : 

i. Mary Louise, b. Feb. 6, 1881. 

690. Walter Goold (263) S.\nburn, born in Knoxville, 111., May 23, 
1S49. Living in Oak Park, 111. No further record. 

691. John Goold (264) Sanburn, born . Living in Hay Fork, 

Cal. No further record. 

692. James (265) Sanburn, born . Lived in Villisca, la., and 

had a son, Henry. No further record. 


693. Lieut. True (266) Sanborn, born in Chichester, N. H., May 7, 
1803. A farmer and mechanic in Chichester, where he lived and died. 
Married May 11, 1S25. in Chichester, Mary Woodbury Sheldon of Salem, 
Mass., born April 25, 1803 : died Dec. 14, 1S91. He died Dec. 12, 1891. 

Children : 

i. Mary Llizabeth, b. June 28, 1826; m. Sept. 14, 1844, Frederick S. Brown of 
Chichester; d. Nov. 13, 1880. 

1410 ii. True, b. July 30. 1S27. 

141 1 iii. Benning, b. Aug. 7, 1828. 

iv. Nancy H., b. Oct. 15. 1S30; d. unm. Sept. 11, 1847. 

V. Sheldon, b. and d. 1833. 

vi. Selura Hinds, b. July 8, 1S36: m. July 8, 1S56, Moses Ladd. 

vii. Martha L. , b. April 5, 1S39; m. Nov. 25. 1861. 

141 2 viii. Henry Martin, b. x\ov. 10, 1842. 

694. Newell (266) Sanborn, born in Chichester, N. H., Xov. 20, 
1805. A carpenter in Concord, N. H. Married May 9, 1836, Eliza Gor- 
don, daughter of John Prescott of Epsom, N. H., born ]\Iarch 20, iSii ; 
died April 5, 1SS6. He died Oct. 14, 1884. 

Children : 

i. Alfred Newell, b. March 2, 1837; d. young. .' -,,i.- ... 
ii. Henr)- Newell, b. .May 17. 1838: d. 1838. 
iii. Sarah Frances, b. July 2. 1839; unm. : living in Concord, N. H. 

1413 iv. John Hannibal, b. Jan. 7, 1842. 

1414 V. Alfred LeRoy, b. March 13, 1844. 

695. Cyrus (266) Sanborn, born in Chichester, N. H., Aug. 31, 181 1. 
A builder in Chichester, where he lived and died. Married (i) Polly 
Green; (2) Sarah Wells of Loudon, N. H.. who died in 1S93. All his 
children were by the second wit"e. 

When about twenty-five years of age was m?lrried to Polly Green of 
Pittsfield, N. H., who died two years later. In 1845, he was united in 
marriage to Sarah Wells of Loudon, N. H., a distant relative to General 
McClary, who fell at the Battle of Bunker Hill. From this union were 
born seven children, — two sons and five daughters — all of whom are living 
at this time. As a life work, he followed that of carpenter and builder, 
moving to Manchester when that city was a small village of a few hundred 
inhabitants, and was identified with the solid growth of the city. 

Possessed of uncommon inventive ability, he invented many useful 
appliances; — among other things, the "Sanborn Safety Car Heater,"' 
designed as a protection against fire in case of accident. This was super- 
seded by the present system of steam heat trom the engine. 

{ ' 


A' ^■^'^ V 


In 1S62, he enlisted as drummer in Co. II, 14th New Hampshire \'oUin- 
teers, served about two years, wlien lie was discharged for disability. 

In his religious life he was a Methodist: in politics, an old-time Demo- 
crat. He held no public oihce. 

Children : 

i. Henriette M., b. March 16, 1S4S; m. Augustus Sheldon. 

1415 ii. George Wells, b. .May 26, 1850. 

iii. Mary R., b. Aug. 5. 1S52 : m. John T. Philbrook of Seabrook. 
iv. Ida A., b. July 16, 1S55 ; m. Arthur A. Groves of Concord, X. H. 
V. Clara B., b. Sept. 9, 1857; ni. Hamilton .Morrill of Hooksett, X. H. 
vi. Bessie, b. Jan. 7, 1S61 ; m. John Jenkins. 

1416 vii. Joseph C, b. . 

696. Alvi.x (266) Saxcorx, born in 1S14. Lived in Manchester, X. II. 
jNIarried Lucinda Green, who survived iiim and married (2) Jeremiah Locke 
of Seabrook. 

Child : 

i. Alvin, b. posthumous; d. young. 

697. Ira (266) Saxborx, born in Chichester. N. II., March 4, 1S22. 
Moved to Eastport, Me. Married Lavinia Staniels. 

Children : ■ ■ 

i. Ada. 

ii. Jacob, d. in infancy. • ■ 

iii. Eveline. 
iv. Arthur. 

698. Hiram (267) Saxborx, born in Chichester, N. II., Xov. 15. 1S06. 
Married July 24, 1830, Mary Ann Rowell of Salem, Mass., and died in 
Cuba, March 6, 1S52. 

Children : 

i. Hiram, b. about 1S34: m. 1855, Sarah . 

ii. William, b. about 1S36; d. young. 

iii. Mary Ann, b. about 1S39. r. • < , • . . 1 • 

iv, Eugene Dudley, b. about 1S41. J •. ■ " ; 

699. Lieut. Calvin P. (267) Saxborx, born in Chichester, X. II.. 
Jan. 19, 181 2. Lived in Chichester. Married July 14, 1S36, Susan F. 
Blaisdell of Loudon. X^o issue of record. 

700. Dudley ('267) Saxborn, born "in Chichester, X. H., March 24, 
1819. Married Elizabeth Jones. Moved to Boston, Mass. Had sons 
Eugene and Albion. 

:'- V ' ■ •'.. ! •■■■ 

,t r 

-'. ■■■<> 



701. Charles (267) Samjokn, born in Chichester, X. II., Aug. 19 
1S21. Lived in Chichester. Married Sarah Munsey. No issue of record. 

702. Capt. Herbert T. (267) Sankorx, born in Chichester, N. H., 
July 22, 1S27. Co. E, 1st N. II. Ileavv Artillerv. A farmer in Chiches- 
ter, where he lived and died. Married (i) June 25, 1S50, Julia Howe, by 
whom he had no issue, and who died June i^, 1851; (2) Oct. 4, 1854, 
Mrs. Mary Ann Wheeler, born June 11, 1832. He died Sept. 12, 1890. 

Children : 

i. Mary Ellen, b. Nov. 17, 1S55. 

ii. Hettie L., b. Feb. iS, 1861. 
iii. Julia E., b. Oct. 20, 1S67. 
iv. Herbert Leavitt, b. Aug. 23, 1S75 ; a farmer in Chichester: unm. in 1S97. 

703. Luther (268) Saxborx, born in Meredith, N. II., June S, 1812. 
D. H. S. says he married, lived in Gilmanton, and died June 3, 1861. Xo 
further record. 

704. Xewell (26S) Saxborx, born in Meredith, X. H., Xov. 3, 1S14. 
Married May 3, 1S40. Lucinda Batchelder, daughter of John, born Aug. 
13, 1819, and lived in Sanbornton. Died in 1S44, leaving one child, Ode^ll 
Batchelder, born June, 1840. She married (2) Jos. B. Swain ; (2) Tohn 
Fields of Laconia. 

705. Warrex (269) Saxborx, born in Meredith, N. H., Auo-. -6, 
1S06. Lived in Laconia, X. H. Married Xov. 15, 1S32, Ann Lougee 
of Sanbornton. 

Children : , . ■ : . 

i. Mariana, b. Aug. 30, 1S33 ; m. Sept. 6. 1849, Demeritt Drake. 

u. Charles H., b. Jan. 31, 1835. 
iii. Elizabeth A., b. May 28, 183S; d. 1S50. 
iv. George Lougee, b. March 26, 1S42. - ' 

V. Sidney Frank, b. Sept. 4, 1847. 

706. Theophilus S. (270) Saxborx, born in Meredith, X. H., Feb. 
16, 180S. A stove dealer in Laconia, X. H. Married Feb. 16, 1832, 
Margaret Ann Hutchinson, born June 16, 181 1. 

Children : 

i. Amanda W.. b. July 6, 1S32. 
ii. Lyman B., b. Sept. 16, 1833 ;"d. 1835. 
iii. Horace T., b. Aug. 6, 1835 ; d. 1S46. 
■ • • iv. Onissa T., b. Aug. 6, 1S35 (twin to Horace '1\), 

V. George \V., b. Aug. 4, 1S37. - ■ ' _' 

. >/ 


VI. Jolin I\, b. Aug. 2, 1839: d. 1840. 
vii. riiebe Ann. b. July 8, 1841 : d. unni. Aug. 16, 1859. 
viii. John M., b. Sept. iS, 1844. 
ix. Onin O., b. Jan. 22, 1S47. 
x. James Allen, b. Jan. i. 1S30. 

707. Di:a. True (270) S.\nborx, born in Meredith, X. H., Dec. 10. 
1811. A stone mercliant in Prospect. Me. Married Xov. 30. 1S37. Sally 
Heagan of Rockport, Me. Died April 27, 1S50. 

Children : 

i. Uenn T., b. Oct. 10, 1S38: d. 1S41. 

ii. Sarah L., b. May 30, 1841. 
iii. Henry T., b. July 3, 1843. 
iv. .Mary Ellen, b. July 29, 1845. 

V. Annette S. b, Oct. 12, 1847. 
vi. Deborah G., b. Jan. 13, 1849. 

70S. S.\muel (^270) Saxdorx, born in Meredith, X. Ii., Dec. 10. 
1816. A farmer in Meredith, where he lived and died. Married Sept. 5, 
1844, Sylvania S. Bickfbrd, daughter of Ebenezer Bickford. Died Jan. 
5, 185S. 

Children : 

i. Frederick Glidden, b, Oct. 10. 1S46: d. 1S50. 
ii. Addie .May, b. and d. 1836. 
iii. Eugene F., b. and d. 1857. 

709. Jox.VTiLVN R. (270) Sanborn, born in Meredith, X. II., Aug. 
14, 1S21. Lived and died in Meredith. Married Sept. 25, 1S45. Emeline 
H., daughter of Ebenezer Bicktbrd, and sister of the wife of Samuel San- 
boj-n (708), who was born Oct. i, 1S23. 


i. Alma Ann, b. Oct. 20, 1846. " . 

710. Levi W. (.271) Sanborn, born in Meredith, X. II.. Xov. 17, 
1814. Moved to Frankfort, ^Nle. Married Frances Anne Rolfe. 

Children : ' 

i. Alonzo L., b. .\ug. 24, 1846. 
ii. Pllecta Jane. h. .Aug. 4, 1S48. 
iii. Alice Melissa, b. .March 25, 1S51. 

711. Xoaii \V. (271) Sanborn, born in Meredith, X. II., Dec. 16, 
1816. Moved to Xorth Prospect, Me., and married Mary Elizabeth Merrill. 

3^4 SANiiORN (;i:m:aloc;v. 

Cliildien : 

i. Eveline lielinda, b. 1S49. 
ii. Everett, b. 1S3 i . 

713. Benjamin (273) Sanuorn, born in Salisbury, X. TL, March 5, 
17S9. A lumberman and farmer; settled in New York state, marrying in 
Fort Covington, N. Y., Jan. 18, 1817 (i) Sarah Payne Skinner, born May 
19, 1796, died Feb. 19, 1826: (2) at Kingsbury, X. Y., Parthenia Catlin, 
born Dec. 14, 1802, died May 3, 18S9. He died in Redwood, X. Y., Aug, 
15, 1871. 

Children : 

i. Louisa P., b. Dec. iS, 1817; d. unni. April 18, 1833. 
ii. St. Jolin Benjamin, b. March 6, 1S19; d. Aug. 2, 1SS8. 
iii. Julia Ann, b. Nov. 17. 1S21 : m. E. D. Culver, survi\ed him and lives (1S97) 

in Great Falls, Mont. 
iv. George Perkins, b. in Fort Covington, N. Y., June i, 1S23; a merchant in early 

life; now (1897) lives in Milwaukee, Wis., having retired from business. 
V. Sarah Ann, b. Feb. 9, 1S26; d. 1S35. 
vi. Theodore C, b. Dec. 17, 1S27; d. Dec. 7, 1890. 
vii. Freeman P., b. June 20, 1832 ; living in Ouray, Col., unni. 
viii. Emma P., b. Sept. 5, 1S37; d. May 27, 1875. 
ix. Sarah E., b. July 22, 1841 ; d. Sept. i, 1S82. 

X. William Henry, b. Jan. 6. 1844; an accountant in Bakerstield, Cal.; m. Oct. 2, 
1871, Sarah A. Wright of Redwood, N. Y., b. Aug. 7, 1852. Have (i) Mary 
Elizabeth, b. Oct. 2, 1872, unm. ; (ii) Dora Louise, b. March 7, 1874. 

714. Samuel (273) Sanborn, born about 1791 ; no I'urther record. 

715. Hiram (273) Sanborn, born about 1793 ; no turther record. 

. 716. Peter (273) Sanborn, born about 1795 ; no further record. * 

717. Col. Stephen (274) Sanborn, born probably in Salisbury, 
about 1796. ]Moved to Bunker Hill, 111. Married (i) Dec. 29, 1817, 
Polly, daughter of Jabez Smith; (2) Jan. 24, 1826, Sarah, daughter of 
Lieut. Benjamin Pettengill, who died at St. Louis, June 6, 1840; (3^ Abi- 
gail True, widow of Jacob, died Dec. 17, 1876. Said to have had tour 

71S. Benjamin (274) Sanborn; born probably in Salisbury, about 
1800. Lived and died in Salisbury, — a t'armer there. ^Lirried Oct. 8, 
1822, Ursula, daughter of Stephen George of Salisbury, died March 2, 
1865. He died Sept. 20, 1849. 

: '' ■ > ■/ y^o-^ -^-f- "" 


C . 1 

I i-» : 


I 1;*'.' 

>r;:UJ « 

,■( ijv '; 


Children : 

i. Child; d. in infancy. 

ii. Child; d. in infancy, 
iii. Child; d. in infancy. 
iv. Cynthia B. ; m. July 4. 1S47, Thos. Dunlap of Concord. X. H. 

V. Amos S. ; d. in Lowell, .Mass. 
vi. Catherine; ni. Harmon Piper of Laconia. 
vii. Benjamin Franklin; moved to Cal. 
viii. John; lived in Newport, X. H. 
ix. Ursula; m. Thos. Burleigh. 

X. Charlotte; m. (i) Frank Wadsworth : (2) Cummings; (3) George Pressey. 

^.^ 719. Benjamin (276) Sanrorn, born Sept. 14, 1775. Lived in Enlleld 
/v'' and Grafton, X. II.. and tlnally settled in Thetford, Vt. Married Betsey 

Rand, who died Aug. 20, 1S55. He died Marcli S, 1837. When young. 

Benjamin \vas bitten bv an adder, which produced periodical insanity, as 
^ his granddaughter wrote D. M. S., and this broke up the home. 

Children : 

1430 i. John, b. Feb. 16, 1796. 
ii. Hannah., b. 1797, d. aged 4. 

iii. Benjamin Franklin, b. 1S03-4; M. D. of Dartmouth, 1829; m. Mary Parley of 
Entield. X. H. ; d. 1S35, leaving one dau., Harriet, who d. young; her 
mother m. again and moved to Maine. 

1431 iv. Thomas G.. b. March 9, 1S05. g^a. tc^^ r . , 
V. Nancv. b. iSoS; m. Johnson Heath of Springtield, X. H.. and d.-j-8c^. rJ^''-'--'' 

vi. Ebenezer, b. iSio, d. aged 12, in Grafton, X. H. ■ — '■ — — . ^^ 

vii. George W., b. 1S15: a house-joiner; lived in Thetford, \'t. ; m. Clementine 

Ordway of Tunbridge, Vt. : d. March 31, 1S42, leaving two daus. 
viii. Erasmus Darwin, b. in Grafton, X. H., 1S19; a teacher, — was for many years 
in a grammar school in Lowell, Mass., then taught penmanship in Manchester. 
N. H. ; m. 1S42, Olivia Woodman of Lowell, Mass.: d. 1S4S, leaving one 
dau., who d. the same year. 

720. James (276) Sanborn, born in Sandown, N. H., May 21. 17S0. 
Served in the War of 1S12. Settled in Gilford, X. H. Married 1S03. 
Polly Dimond, born in Danville, X". II., died Dec. 8, 1S32. He died July 
17, 1S29. , . 

Children : 

i. Sarah Dimond, b. Oct. 5, 18(74; ni- April 17. 1S23, Wm. \V. Webster of 

Acworth, \'t., b. March, iSor, and d. in Wentworth, X. H. 
ii. Hannah, b. April 7. 1S06; d. 1809. 

iii. Mary, b. in Washington, V't , July 31 1810; m. .March 23, 1S34, Dea. .Moses 


iv. Abigail, b. Aug. i8, i8i2; m. Sept., 1837, Isaac Buzzell. 

V. IJenjamin S., b. Aug. ig, 1820; lived in Hampstead, N. H. ; m. (i) Harriet 
Godfrey, b. July 30, 1817, d. Sept. 27, 1S55; (2) Nov. 26, 1856, Martha 
Hodge of Manchester, X. H., b. in Charlotte, Vt., Nov. 25, 1829; bed. with- 
out surviving issue, Jan. 20, 1S60. 

721. Benjamin (277) Sanborn, born in Kingston, N. H., March 10, 
17S2, — a farmer in Kingston, where he lived and died. ?^Iarried Sarah 
Fifield, died Sept. 16, 1855. ^^^ died July i, 1871. 

Children : 

i. Elizabeth Fifield, b. Nov. 3, 1S16; m. Oct. 29. 1840, Amos P. Wood of Fre- 
mont, N. H.; d. July 23, 1876. 
1432 ii. Joseph Washington, b. Feb. 22, 1S20. 

722. John Gilman (277) Sanborn, born in Kingston, N. H.. June 26, 
1784. Married (i ) Lydia Bean; (2) May 6, 1814, Louisa Meader ot' 
Epping. Died Jan. 22, 1818. 

Children : 

i. Lydia Giinian, b. Aug. 11, 18 14; m. Samuel Davis of Haverhill. Mass. 
ii. Dorothy, b. 1S16; d. young. 

724. Timothy (279) Sanborn, born in Kingston, N. H., April 24, 
1787. Lived and d. in Brentwood, X. H. Married Feb. 10, 1S07, Han- 
nah Fifield, born P'eb. 6, 17S9. 

Children : 

i. John, b. Jan. 2, 180S; m. Feb., 1834, Sophronia Martin; d. without issue, 

Dec. S, 1856. 
ii. Aurelia P., b. Dec. 26, 1809; never m, 

725. Joseph (2S0) Sanborn, born in Sandown. X. H., Dec. 20, 1791. 
Lived and died in Fremont, X. II., — a farmer there. ?^Iarried Feb. 6, 
1817, Rhoda, daughter of Stephen Colby. 

Child : 

i. Stephen Colby, b. and d. 1825. 

726. Ariel (2S0) Sanborn, born in Sandown, X. H., Oct. 8, 1794. 
A farmer in Sandown, where he lived and died. Married Sarah San- 
born (548-i). Died Oct. 7, 1843. 

Children : 

i. Susan, b. Sept. 20, 1827; d. Feb. 12, 1841. 

ii. Nancy Jane, b. Jan. 12. 1S30; m. (i) Dec. 16, 1S45. Luther >L Sanborn 
(550-iv) ; (2) Nov. ID, 1853, Henry W. Ouiniby. 


iii. Chastina M., b. Au;^. 13, 1S32; ni. (i) March 19, 1S50, Horace Sanborn 
(550-iii) ; (2) June 5, 1S55, Sylvester Sanborn (550-viiii : d. Jan. 23, 1856. 
iv. William Brown, b. Jan. 29, 1S34; d. unin. in Sandoun. 
V. Sarah, b. Aug. 17, 1841 ; ni. Nov. 3, 1S56, Enoch nuiniby of Sandown. 

727. John (2S0) Sankorn, born in Sandown, X. II., Aug. 26, 1796. 
A farmer in Sandown, where he lived and died. Married (i) Aucc- i, 
1S17, Mary Page of Danville, N. H., born 1793, died Dec. 15, 1S40 ; (2) 
Area Graham, who died May 28, 1S81. He died Feb. 19, 1S86. 

Children : 

i. Rooxby, b. May 4, iSiS; ni. Sept. 12, 1S41, John T. Locke of So. Newmarket, 
N. H.: d. Feb. 19, 1S61. 
1433 i^- Cyrus, b. Oct. 28, 1821. 

iii. Mary .A.nn, b. Dec. 12, 1S23; m. Amos W. Colby; d. Aug. 29, 1S53. 

729. WiELiAM (2S2) Sanborn, born in Topsham, Vt., June 3, iSio. 
Lived and died in West Topsham. ?^Iarried January, 1S34, Charlotte 

Children : 

i. William, b. Sept. 8, 1S35. 
ii. Edmund, b. 1S3S ; d. young, 
iii. Adaline, b. .May 24, 1843. 

730. Worcester (2S3) Sanborn, born in Topsham, Vt., 1795. Mar- 
ried Betsey Ford, and died Dec. 19, 1S30. 

Children : , 

i. George, b. July 29. 1818 ; m. April 30. 1842, Mary Church; lived in Tops- 
ham. Vt. 

ii. Josiah, b. April 20, 1822. 
iii. John, b. April 20, 1822. 
iv. Celiann, b. Feb. 28, 1825. 

V. Lyman, b. April 18, 1827; d. 1S39. 

731. Ebenezer (283) Sanborn, born in Topsham, Yt., Dec. 24, 
1799. Lived in Topsham. Married Dec. 5, 1S22, Betsey Cunningham. 

Children : 

1. James, b. Oct. S, 1S22; m. 1850, Priscilla Heath; lived in Topsham. 

ii. Hazen, b. March 6, 1S24; d. 1S25. 

iii. John, b. Dec. 3, 1825 : moved to Cal. 

iv. Stedman, b. Dec. 5, 1827: m. 1S53. Eliza Goodhue. 

V. Jonathan, b. April 24, 1831 ; d. unm. March 17, 1S5S. 

vi. Ruth, b. May 27, 1833; d. unm. Jan. 3, i860. 

vii. Abigail, b. Nov. 16, 1835; d. unm. July 12, 1S60. 



viii. Hannah, b. Jan. 8, 1S3S; d. July 27, 1S54. 
ix. Ophan, b. Feb. 22, 1S41. 
X, Lydia, b. Nov. 26, 1S42; d. Auij. 4, 185S. 
xi. Sally, b. Dec. 24, 1S43. 
xii. Emeline, b. Dec. 5, 1845. 

732. Moses (283) Sanborn, born in West Topsham, Vt.,Jan. 10, 
1811. Lived in Brookfield, Vt. Married June 11, 1S37, Almira Colburn. 

Children : 

i. Edgar, b. March 10, 1838. 
ii. Emma E., b. Nov. 10, 1S45. 

733. Aaron (2S4) Sanborn, born in West Topsham, Vt., April 6, 
1800. Said to have lived in Topsham. No further record. 

734. Jonathan (283) Sanborn, born in West Topsham, Vt., Oct. 28, 
1804. No further record. 

735- Jonathan (2S6) Sanborn, born in Gilford, N. H., Nov. i, 1787. 
A farmer in Gilford, where he lived and died. Married Sept. 6, 1S13, 
Betsey Carter of Newton, N. H. Died Feb. 18, 1852. 

Children : 

i. Mary, b. June 7, 1813: m. Nov., 1845, Richard B. Morse of Chester, N. H. 
ii. John, b. Dec. 3, 1814; m. Nov., 1836, Rosilla Davis. Had (i) Hannah Jane. 
b. Oct. 14, 1838; (ii) Mary Elizabeth, b. Sept. 27, 1841. 

736. Joseph (286) Sanborn, born in Gilford, N. H., June 28, 1792. 
Lived and died in Gilford. Married Dec. 17, 1818, Ruth Carter, born 
April 20, 1795, died August, 1868. He died Jul}' 5, 1866. 

Children : 

i. Lyman, b. March 6, 1820. 

ii. Woodbury, b. Dec. 20, 1822; m. Eliza W. Bartlett, b. July 25, 1S22. d. Dec. 

24, 1893; he d. in Chelsea, Mass., June 9. 1888, leaving one son, Marcellus 

Bartlett, b. 1846; lives in Chelsea, m. 1877, Susan A. Parker of Chelsea, b. 

Dec. I, 1856; no issue. 

iii. Joseph, b. Aug. 6, 1825. 

iv. Jonathan Morrill, b. March 6, 1S28 ; m. and left one dau., who m. Geo. Clark of 

Warren, N. H. 
V Francis Orman, b. May 16, 1S32; a farmer in Gilford. N. H.. where he is now 
living (1897) ; m. Oct. 22, 1870, Sarah E. Fish of Gilford, N. H.. b. June 27, 
1842; one son, Ornian Morrill, b. April 9, 1874, living in Gilford; unm. in 
vi. Sarah Jane, b. March 3, 1835. ' 


737. Jacoh (2S6) Saxborx, born in Gilford, Nov. 20, 1795. Lived 
and died in Gilford. Married Jan. 7, 1815, Ruth Hunt. Died Oct. 20, 


Children : 

i. William Hunt, b. Feb. 10. 1S16; m. Maria Gilman. 
ii. Enoch Hunt, b. Nov. 29, 1S22; m. Sally Dame. 

738. John Brown (287) Sanborn, born in Kingston, May 26, 1798. 
Married Dec. 2, 1S19, Sallv Wheeler of Canterbury, X. H. Died Feb. 

739. Levi Morgan (2S7) Sanijorn, born in Gilford, X. H., Xov. 27, 
1806. Deacon in Gilford lor many years. INLirried April 25, 1833, 
Sophia \V^adleigh of Laconia. 

Children : 

i. Oliver Lamprey, 1). Dec. iS, 1S33; m. Jan., 1S54, Julia Davis, 
ii. Henry Augustus, b. May 13, 1S35. 
iii. Abra Ann. b. Oct. 3, 1841. 

740. Morrill B. (288) Sanborn, born in Gilford, X. H., May 5, 
1809. Settled in Xorth Sandwich, X. H. Married X^arcissa F. Clough 
of that town, born iSio. 

Children : 

i. William Morris, b. Sept. 6, 1S33. 
ii. Joseph Eager, b. March i, 1S36. 

741. Ensign John Dearborn (289) Sanborn, born in Hampton, Sept. 
14, 1765. Lived in Sanbornton, — the first Sunday-school superintendent 
there. Also served as ensign in the militia. Married Xov. 16, 1790, 
Lydia, daughter of Abraham Perkins of Sanbornton, born April 17, 1768, 
died Oct. 13, 1853. He died Oct. 28, 1820. 

Children : 

i. Abraham, b. Aug. 31, 1791 : lived in Franklin, N. H. ; m. Sally Glines of Salis- 
bury ; d. without issue. 
ii. Jeremiah, b. Aug. 16, 1793; lived in Franklin. X. H.: m. 1817. Susan (Fineld) 

Robinson; d. without issue, Xov. 16, 1S51. 
iii. Matthew Perkins, b. July 26. 1796; lived in Laconia, X. H. : m. Betsey Bagley, 

d. May 20, 1853; he d. Sept. 26, 1S43. 
iv. Miriam Dearborn, b. Aug. 21, 1799; m. July 10, 1S23, Robert T. Crane ot 

Northfield, X. H. 
V. John, b. Dec. iS, iSoi : m. Huldah M. Slack; moved to Connecticut. 
vi. Lydia, b. Dec. 15, 1S03; d. unm. 1S70. 
vii. I'olly H., 1). June 3. 1S06; m. Xicholas Folsom of Rumney. X. H. : d. 1S71. 


viii. Sarah E., 1). Sept. 15, 1S08; m. Rev. Uriah Tracy Chamberlain of Ohio, 
ix. Brewer, b. iS 10 ; d. 1S12. 

742. Jj:ri:miaii (2S9) Sanborn, born in Hampton, Jan. 5, 1767. 
Lived and died in Sanbornton. rvlarried Sept. 16. 1793, Judith Folsom ot" 
Gilmanton, born Jan. 2, 1775, died May 19, 1S47. He died May 23, 1S47. 

Children : 

i. Miriam Dearborn, b. June 6, 1794; m. Jan. 17, 1813, Jeremiah Adams of 
Northfield, X. H., and pjoston, Mass.; d. in Boston. May 23, 1S60. 

ii. Betsey Folsom, b. Feb. 26, 1796; d. 1796. 

iii. James Folsom. b. April 3, 1797; a stone-cutter and farmer in Franklin, N. H.: 
m. Feb. 5, 1S29, .Mary E. Meserve. Had (i) Mary Jane, b. Dec. 12, 1S29. 

m, (i) William E. Fletcher, (2) Corbin ; (ii) Minerva Ann, b. Feb. 19. 

1834, m. H. H. Odlin; (iii) Helen S., b. Dec. 4, 1S37, m. Henry P. Cheney 
of Lawrence, Mass.; (iv) Clara A., b. June 20, 1S44, m. J. R. Hannaford of 
Columbia, N. H. 

iv. Betsey Folsom, b. Jan. 2, 1799; m. Sept., 1823, .McKenzie T. Durgin of San- 

V. Marijaret Cotton, b. Aug. 7, iSoi ; m. Dec. 22, 1S26, Josiah Smith. 

vi. Mary, b. Aug. 13, 1803; d. unm. July 11, 1S25. 

1440 vii. Hiram, b. Sept. 13, 1805. 

viii. Mahala, b. Oct. 16, 1807; m. 1S30. Edwin Moody of Haverhill. Mass., and d. 
in Richmond, Va., 1S74. 
ix. Emily, b. Dec. 17, 1809; m. Leonard W. Durgin of Sanbornton. 
X. Abigail Peasley, b. Aug. 23, 181 1 ; m. Isaac P. Nudd of Franklin. X. H. 
.\i. Jerusha, b. June 5, 1S13: d. unm. in Lowell, Sept. 16, 1830. 
.\ii. Thomas Prentice, b. and d. 1S17. 

.xiii. Martha Ann. b. Feb. 11, 1817 (twin to T. P.); m. Oct. 19, 1S37, Bowman 

743. JosiAii (2S9) Sanborn, born in Hampton, Jan. 31, 1770. Lived 
and died in Sanbornton. Married Nov. 20, 1796, Tabitha Sanborn, 
(197-v), born 'Slay 17, 1776, died Feb. 28, 1S67. He died July 22, 1S55. 

Children : 

i. Anna, b. .May 20, 179S: m. Christopher Moulton of Holderness. X. H., son of 
Simeon of Sanbornton. 

1441 ii. Dearborn, b. Aug. 26. 1799. 

iii. Abigail P., b. July i, 1S02 ; m. X''ov. 20, 1S23, James G. Sanborn (1202). 

iv. Miriam, b. Jan. 30, 1S04: m. Dec. 29. 1S25, .Moses Clark of Sanbornton, son 

of Satchel. 
V. Hugh March, b. Sept. iS, 1S07 ; a stone-worker and farmer in Brookline. Mass. : 
lived in Brighton and Billerica, NLiss. ; m. 1S32. Mary Grace, of English par- 
entage; d. 1875, leaving (i) Lucinda Ann, b. Oct. 26, 1833, m. Edward H. 
Chamberlain, and d. of fever contracted in hospital service; (ii) Mary Jane, 
b. 1835, unm. 




vi. Betsey, b. Sept. 4, 1807-, m. Nov. 24, 1831 , Perkins Muulton of Holdcrness, X. II. 

vii. Asa C, b. Aug. 2, 1809; d. Nov. 11, 1826. 

viii. Leonard, b. Jan. 4, 181 i : m. Almira Rollins; d. 187S, in Manchester, N. H., 
without issue. 

i.\. Benjamin J., b. Oct. 6, 1812; m. Nov. 17, i83''5. Sophia (',.. dau. of Stephen 
Clay of Sanbornton; a blacksmith in Franklin, N. H. : d. 1S40. Had (i) 
Orrin Scott, b. 1838, d. 1846; (ii) Mary Jane, b. and d. 1S40. 

X. Lucinda, b. Oct. 14, 1S14; m. Nathaniel Pulsifer of Gilnianton. 

1442 ,\i. John Taylor Goodhue, b. Jan. 6, 18 17. 
-xii. Sally, b, Oct. 17, 1820: d. 1822. 

743 A. Joseph (2S9) Sanborn, born in Hampton, April 11, 1771. 
Lived and died in Franklin, N. H. Married Feb. S, 1795. Elizabeth, 
daughter of Capt. John Dearborn of Hampton, born Sept. 12, 1776, died 
1853. He died Nov. 24, 1S54. 

Children : 

i. Dorothy, b. Aug. 22, 1796: d. 1800. 
ii. John D., b. Oct. 31, 179S; d. Feb. 11, iSiS. 

iii. Ann Wadleigh, b. May 10, 1800: m. July 10, 1S33, Joshua T. Green of Salis- 
bury, who d. Oct, 5. 1 85 5. 
iv. Dorothy, b. May 13, 1S02; m. July 12, 1824, William Durgin of Sanbornton. 
V. Joseph S., b. Feb. 9, 1S04; d. 1806. 

vi. Joseph, b. Nov. 29, 1806: m. (i) Eliza Moore of Salisbury; (2) .Mary Peters: 
moved to Iowa. liad |i) James, d. young; (^n) James; (iii) Joshua: (iv) 
Frederick Burden, 
vii. Jacob D., b. Sept., 1S08: d. 1810. 
viii. Rosina, b. Nov. 9, 18 10. 
ix. Tristram, b. Sept. 24, 1812: d. unm. Dec. 21, 1S44. 

1443 X- Jacob D., b. Feb. 6, 1S15. 

xi. Jeremiah D., b. Feb. 7, 1819 ; a farmer in Loammi, 111. ; no issue. 
xii. Mary Elizabeth, b. Oct. 2. 1S24: m. Oct. 14, 1852, \Vm. V. L. Flagg of Pier- 
mont, N. Y. 

744. Am.ariah (289) S.VNBORN, born in Hampton, ]May 28, 1773. 
Moved to Orano-e, Vt., where he lived and died. Married Feb. 20, iSoo, 
Rachel, daughter of William Huse of Sanbornton and Orange, born Oct. 
14, 17S0, died Feb. i, 1S50. He died June i, 1S49. 

Children : 

i. Miriam, b. Feb. 2, iSoi : d. Sept. 15, 1S13. 
ii. Jeremiah, b. Feb. 15. 1802: m. Feb. 14, 1832. Louisa Nelson, b. July 16, 

1807; lived and d. in Orange, \'t. 
iii. Amariah, b. Nov. 19, 1S05 ; m. (i) Feb. 15, 1S34, .-Vlma Flanders, b. Dec. 26. 
1809, d. Aug. 23, 1839: (2) Mary Moore, b. June 15. 1813, m. Fell. iS. 
1840, d. June 5, 1S49: (3) Jan. 4, 1850. Sally B. Johnson, b. Dec. S. iSio: 
he d. Dec. 16. 1852. 

33^ SANBORN" ge\i:alo(;v. 

iv. Sally Huse. b. Jan. S, iSio; d. Oct. i, 1828. 
V. Mary, b. Jan. iS, 1S12 ; m. Jan. 28. 1S41, Calvin Smith, b. Sept. 4, 1797. 

745. Levi (2S9) San]50rx, born in Hampton, Dec. 31, 1774- Married 
(i) Nov. I, 1801, Mrs. Betsey Gott of Rockport, Mass., born Feb. i, 
1759, <^^^^*^^ April 7, 1809; (2) May 4, iSio, Mrs. Sally Pool of Rockport. 
Mass., born May 21, 17S1, died Feb. 8, 1S32 ; (3) July 27, 1833, Sarah C. 
Pattee of North Yarmouth, Me., born Julv 22, 1793. He died in Rock- 
port, Mass., March 11, 1836. 

Children : 

i. Levi, b. Aug. 3, 1802; m. Dec. 25, 1S28, Lucy S. Tarr : lived in Gloucester, 

ii. Abigail M., b. Dec. 18, 181 1; m. Sept. 11, 1833, Geo. Gott, 
iii. Nancy, b. Dec. 16, 1S14; m. ALarch 4, 1834, Abraham Goldsmith, 
iv. John Dearborn, b. April i. 1821; m. Feb. 4. 1849, Laura A. Tarr: lived in 

Rockport, ^Lass. 

746. Capt. David (289) Saxborn, born in Hampton, Feb. 4, 177S. 
Lived first in Sanbornton, but early moved to Peacham, Vt., where he lived 
and died. Captain in militia. ]\Larried Sept. 21, 1800, Mary dau. of 
Wells Burbank of Sanbornton, born Sept. 2, 1784. died Nov. 20, 1S57. 
He died Aug. 3, 1854. 

Children : 

i. Elvira, b. Aug. 20, 1S03: m. Capt. Wm. Goss of Rockport, Me. 
ii. Hiram, b. Nov. 28, 1S05; d. 1813. 
1447 iii. William H., b. Sept. 15. 1S08. 

iv, Mary, b. Dec. 19, 1810; m. John D. Burbank. 
V. Augustus, b. Feb. 20, 1813; m. July 20, 1837. Sarah Uurbank, b. May 19, 

1815 ; lived in Glover, Vt. 
vi. Tristram, b. Feb. 26, 181 5 ; m. Lucinda Clark; lived in Peacham, \"t. 
vii. Harvey, b. Aug. 17, 1817: constable, representative: m. Abigail Willey ; lived 

in Peacham, Vt. 
viii. Martha, b. July 7, 1S20; m. Wm. Colby. 
1449 ix. John D,, b. July 11, 1822. 

X, Jane, b. Nov. 8, 1825 ; m. David Harriman. 
xi. David, b. Feb. 3, 1829; m. Kate Spear. 

747. Jonathan (2S9) Sanborn, born in Sanbornton. July 14, 1782, A 
cloth manufacturer in Sanbornton. >Lirried July 17, 1809, Elizabeth 
Swasey, daughter of Nathaniel Herrick of E.xeter and Sanbornton, born 
Sept. 8, 1787, died June i, 1S63. He died in Franklin. Feb. 19, 1S47. 

Children : 


1450 i. John Lowe, b. .May 10, iSio. 

ii. Natlianicl Herrick, b. March 3, 1S12: d. 1814. 
1431 iii. Jonathan Persons, b. Jan. 24. 1814. 
1452 iv. Nathaniel Herrick, b. Feb. 2, iSiS. 

V. Elizabeth Ann, b. June 16, 1S22 ; m. Dec. 20, 1849, Sain'l P. Jackson of Man- 
chester, N. H. ; d. June 10, 1856. 

748. Tristkam (289) Saxborx, born in Sanbornton, Sept. 5, IJ^S- 
Lived and died in Franklin, X. H. Married March 30, 1817, Sarah, 
daiiirhter of Nathaniel Herrick ot" Sanbornton, who was born March 22, 
1792, and died at Lake Village, X. H., Aug. 21, 1874. ^^^ ^^'^<^^ J"^}' ^°' 

Children : 

i. Amy Swasey, b. Jan. 26, 1S18; d. unm. Oct. 2, 1842. 

ii. John Jarvis, b. Sept. 20, 1820; m. Dec. 6. 1841, Clarissa B. Meserve, b. in 
Newmarket, May 19, 181 5 ; lived iirst in Franklin, where he served as select- 
man; later in Lake X'illage, X. H. ; a R. R. contractor, also owned a quarry at 
Plymouth, N. H. ; had one child, Carrie .A., b. Feb. 4, 1844, m. Nov. 8, 
1876, Capt. Stephen B. Cole. 
iii. Charles Pearson, b. Jan. 31. 1S23; d. -May 3. 1S39. 

iv. Dr. Tristram, b. Sept. 18, 1S27; m. (i) Aug. iS, 1850. Hannah L. Uarleigh of 
Sandwich, N. H., b. July 19, 183 1 : (2) Sept. 14, 1853. .Antoinette Burleigli, 
sister of his first wife; a physician in Sandwich and deacon in the Freewill 
Baptist church there; d. July 28, 1S52; had (^i) Enjraa Hannah, b. July 28, 
1852; (ii) Antoinette Burleigh, b. 1857; d. 1873: (iii) Anna Stanton, b. 

749. Jesse (290) Sanborn, born at "Bride Hill," Aug. 27, 1771. 
Lived and died in E.\eter, N. H. ?^Larried (i) (pub. Exeter, Jan. 14, 
1796) Sarah Stevens of Stratham, N. H., d. Dec. 8, iSoo ; (2) May 7, 
1801, Betsey, daughter of Col. Thomas Lovering of Xorth Hampton. He 
died Sept. 8, 1813. ' ' "' 

Children : 

7 i. Lydia, b. Aug. 6, 1796: d. young, 

ii. Almira, b. July 27, 179S; d. young, 
iii. Sally, b. Aug. Ii, 1800: d. unm. 1S88. 
1454 iv. Thomas L., b. April 10, 1S02. 
'455 V. John Stevens, b. Jan. 7, 1S04. 

vi. Simeon S., b. Dec. 8, 1S05 ; m. Hannah Poor; lived in Georgetown, Mass. 
vii. Nancy L., b. .May 3, 180S: m. (i) Joshua Short; (2) Chas. Holt of Haverhill. 

Mass. ; d. 1892. 
viii. Lydia. b. April 16, iSio; m. 1S67, Jos. L. .Marston. 
ix. Mary I-:., b. June 7, 1812; d. in infancy. 


'. ,, .! .,..■ iii' -■'* 5^ 


750. John (290) Sanborn, boin at "Bride Hill," Feb. 16, i/bj. A 
carpenter and joiner in Sanbornton, where he lived and died. Married (i) 
Nov. 23, 1S09, Hannah Chase of Deerfielcl, X. H., born 1789, died March 
7, 1826; (2) Oct. iS, 1S26, Mary, daughter of Stephen Prescott of Deer- 
field, N. H., born Nov. 19, 1791, died April 17, 1S34 : (3) Aug. 6, 1S34, 
Abigail Sanborn (509-iii). He died Feb. 25, 1879. 

Children : 

i. Mary Ann, b. Jan. 14, iSii ; m. Aug. 28, 1831, Luther Lane of Medford, .Minn, 
ii. Henry Chase, b. Nov. 9, 1812; a carrier in Concord. X. H. , m. (i ) April 26, 
1840, Caroline Spaulding of Lebanon, X. H. : (2) Sarah Marden ; (3) Mrs. 
Emily Parker. 
1457 iii. John, b. April iS, 1815, 

iv. Edwin, b. Feb. ig. 1817; a hatter in Lowell, .\Lass., and Gilmanton, X. H.: m. 
Nov. 29, 1838, Sarah H. Moore of Loudon ; no surviving issue. 
145S V. William Bainbridge, b. May 8, 1819. 
. 1459 vi. Ebenezer Leavitt, b. July 16, 182 1. 

1460 vii. Stephen Chase, b. Oct. 16, 1S23. 

viii. Hannah Chase, b. Sept. 12, 1827; m. Micajah J.Pope of Lynnfield, Mass. 

ix. Abigail Page, b. June 28, 1829; m. Dec. 26, 1852, Lewis D. Sanborn (1831). 

X. Sarah Tucker, b. March 16, 1831 ; d. unm. 

xi. Deborah Weymouth, b. Nov. 18. 1832: m. Aug. 25, 1S53, Lewis D. Sanborn 

xii. Thomas Jetterson, b. May 12. 1S36. m. Nov. 25. 1856. Julia Ann Dudley: a 
policeman in Lowell; had one son. Wm. Dudley, b. Dec. 23. 1857. 

751. Lieut. Jerkmiaii (290) Sanborn, born at '"Bride Hill," July 6, 
1790. A blacksmith in Hampton, on the old homestead, where he lived and 
died. ]Married Dec. 2, 1814, Lydia, daughter of Joseph Redman of Hamp- 
ton, died April 12. 18S0. He died Sept. 22, 1S30. 

Children : 

1 46 1 i. Joseph Redman, b. May 5, 1S17. 

ii. Sarah Ann, b. Dec. 20, 1S19; lives on tlie homestead, unm.. with her sister, 
iii. Lydia Frances, b. Sept. 7, 1823 ; unm. and lives on the homestead. 

'752. William (290) Sanborn, born at "Bride Hill," Nov. 13, 1793. 
Lived at home for some years, then moved to Holderness, N. H. ; and in 
1834, moved West. Their journey to Troy was by rail, then to ButTalo by 
canal ; at Buffalo they took boat for Detroit, and then commenced a long 
jom-ney to Illinois by wagon. They settled at Plainheld, 111., and 
remained there until 184S. William Sanborn is described as " a man of 
pure and gentle life, calm and balanced in temperament, of good judgment. 
unyielding in principle.'' His house was often a refuge lor escaping 

\r, I- 

) i . 



slaves. In 184S, he moved with his family to Atwater, Wis., where he died 
Feb. 27, 1S62. The wife of William Sanborn was Sarah, daughter 
of Moses Leavitt of Sanbornton, who dit.-/: Aug. 18, 1875. 

Children : 

i. Thomas Cliellis, b. .May 4, 1S17; liv(.rl tiist in Wisconsin, then moved to Stan- 
berry, Mo.; m. March 3, 1S44. Ehz.i A. (Freeman) I.ockwood of Plainfield, 
III. ; said to have had two children. 
ii. Albe Cady, b. Oct. 22, 1S18; a farmc." in .Minn.; m. Feb. 21, 1S47, Lavinia 
Freeman of Plainfield, 111., a sister -.0 I'ne wite of Thos. Chellis Sanborn above : 
died in Pipestone, Minn., Aug. 19, I'SSy, leaving a son, Oliver, now living 
iii. Jeremiah, b. and d. 1820. 

iv. William, b. Feb. 19, 1822; a farmer in Illinois; m. (i) July 4, 1849. Mrs. 
Catherine Taylor of Lockport. III., h.-. left no surviving issue; (2) 1SS9. Mrs. 
Kate Ludwig. 
1463 V. Moses Leavitt, b. July 2, 1S24. 

vi. John L., b. Aug, 28, 1826; a farmer ' :■ Cal. ; m. Sept. 30, 1855, Sarah A. 

Dean of Watsonville, Cal. ; now living 1 LeMoore, Tulare Co., Cal. 
vii. Sarah Ann, b. Oct. 29, 1S2S; m. M.-.rr 19, 1851, Wm. X. Ayres of Ft. Smith, 

viii. Caroline S., b. May 4, 1831 ; m. (s) :-ept. 24, 1850, Rev. Timothy D. Grow: 

(2) Sept. 1889 Liffitt; (3) Ai,^. 23, 1S94, James E. Slcan of Chicago, 

ix. Jeremiah L., b. Aug. 11, 1S33; ni. \.i\\. 20, 1859, Mary J. Wright of Chester, 

Wis. ; now living in LaClede, Fayet/: Co., 111. 
X. Simeon T., b. Oct. 12, 1836; d. 1S40. 

753. David (291) Sanborn, born in E.xeter, N. H., Nov. 16, 1796. 
Moved to Waldo, Maine, where he I.ved and died. Married 1S16-7, 
Patience, daughter of David Getchell, b. Xov. 23, 1799; d. Aug. iS, 1S75. 
He died Jan. i, 1S69. 

Children : 

i. Lydia, b. Sept. 21, iSiS; m. Cl^r.ents of Waldo, .Me. ' 

ii. Phebe, b. Dec. 9, 1820; m. Strjhenson of Waldo, Me. : d. Feb 23. 1S97. 

iii. Susan, b. Oct. 23, 1S22: m. Pa;.!. Jan. 26. 1894. 

1465 iv. George C, b. July 9, 1S25. 

V. Josiah, b. Oct. 20, 1S27; d. unm. Se.'t. 11, 1S63. 
vi. Ann E., b. .May 8, 1831 ; m. Paul of .Morrill. Me. ; d. .May 3. 1S91. 

1466 vii. Charles William, b. .May 29, 1836. 

viii. Patience E., b. Xov. 5, 1S38 : m. Wm. F. Kinney of K. Kno.x. Me.; living in 
i.x. David F., b. Jan. 16, 1S41 ; living in .So. China. .Me. 


33^ SAMJORN <;k.nkalo(;v. 

754. Pet]:r (291) Sa.\]:orn, born in Sanbornton, May 30, iboi. Xo 
further record, except that he died Aug. 20, 1SS6. 

755- JosiAii (291) Sanborx, born in Waldo, Mc, Au;^. 24, 1S08 ; the 
first male child born in that town. Married Nov. 11, 1S31, Zibiah P. Falls, 
born Aug. 9, 1S12, d. Oct. 9, 1846. A millwright in Belfast, Me., where 
he died Dec. 25, 1S81. 

Children : 

i. Moses K., b. May 3, 1S33; m. A. M. Fhipps and d. in Calit'ornia. Sept. 5. 1874. 

ii. Olive Ann. b. Oct. 17, 1836; m. J. B. i'ayson of Waldu, and d. Vth. 3, i865. 

146S iii. Eben M., b. Apr. 25, 1843. 

iv. Percy A., b. Feb. 10, 1S49; living in Belfast. 

756. Orlando Bagley (292) Saxborx, born in Sanbornton, Oct. 8, 
1799. No further record. 

757. EzEKiEL (293) Sanborx, born in Epping, N. II., Nov. 26, 1761. 
A farmer in Dorchester, N. H., where he lived and died. Married Nov. 
23, 17S6, Sally, probably daughter of Moses Dalton. Died May 18, 1845. 

Children ; 

1470 i. Jonathan, b. May 14, 17S7. 

1471 ii. Moses Dalton, b. April 4. 1789. 

iii. Ezekiel, b. April 5, 1791 ; d. unm. Dec. 7. 181S. 

iv. Sally, b. .May 21, 1793; m. Nath. L. Martin of Dorchester, X. H. : d. May 24, 

V. Mehitabel, b. Aug. 16, 1795; "''• Simeon .Martin of Dorchester, X. H. 
-s. vi. Edward, b. April 21, 179S; lived in Dorchester, X. H.: m. Sally Martin; d. 

Dec. 27, 1833; had (i) Eliza, b. Aug. 14, 1824, m. Oct. 17, 1S41, Franklin 
Holt of Lyme, X. H. ; (ii) John, b. March 8, 1827, d. 1S31 . 
vii. Joseph Smith, b. Sept. 16, iSoo; a farmer, moved to Ohio; m. Ruth Johnson. 
1473 "^'iii- John Ward, b. Sept. 29, 1S03. 

ix. Josiah, b. April 9, 1806; lived in Dorchester, X. H. ; m. Lucinda Holt. 

758. Edward (293) Sanborn, born in Epping, N. H., about 1763. 
Moved to Middleton, N. H. Married Deborah Cushing ( pub. Exeter 
Sept. 3, 1791-) No further record. 

759. Josiah (293; S.\xborn, born in Epping, N. II., July 2, 1772. A 
farmer in Alexandria, N. H., where he lived and died. Married (i) Sally 
Ladd, who died Jan. 9, 1S26 ; (2) April 19, 1S26, Mary Sanborn (304-v), 
died April 22, 1829; (3) Abigail Sanborn (304-i). He died Dec. 7, 1841. 

Children : 


i. Mary, b. April 12, 1796; m. Moses Atwood of Hill, N. H. 
ii. Jonathan, b. April 6, 179S; d. 1799. 

iii. Sally, b. April 11, iSoo; ni. Benjamin C. Sleeper of Alexandria, X. H. 
iv. Betsey, b. Marcli 11, 1802; d. 1802. 

V. Nancy, b. June 29, 1803 : m. John Ray of Alexandria, N. H. : d. April i, 184S. 
vi. Dolly, b. Sept. 19, 1805; m. Josiah Ingalls of Alexandria : d. Nov. 12. 1831. 
vii. Josiah, b. March 25, 180S ; lived in Lowell, Mass.: m. Datha Ray; d. Feb. 3. 

viii. Hannah, b. June 16, 1810; m. Abner Fowler of Medford, Minn.; d. ?vlarch 12, 

1475 i-'^- John, b. Sept. 22, 1812. 

1476 X. Ezekiel, b. Feb. 6, 1S14. 

xi. Eliza R., b. Jan. 5, 1816; m. (i) Alfred Roby; (2) John Ray of Alexandria. 

N. H. 
xii. Ira C, b. Nov. 15, 1819; d. 1822. 
xiii. James M., b. Nov. 21, 1823; m. Betsey C Nason ; d. in Groton, N. H., Jan. 

xiv. Tristram, b. April 18, 1829; d. in infancy. 

760. John (293) Sanborn, born in Epping, N. H., Jan. 15, 1774- A 
farmer in Dorchester, N. H., where he lived and died. Married (i) Polly 
Palmer, born Aug. 20, 1779? died June 22, 1821 ; (2) Lydia Piper, born 
Aug. 18, 1792, died Oct. 29, 1S6S. He died June i, 1848. 

Children : 

i. Hannah P., b. July 3, 1808; m. Nathan Shattuck. 

ii. Mary, b. June 4, iSio; m. Abial \V. Clough of Lyme, N. H. 

1477 iii. Joseph Palmer, b. P^eb 11, 1812. 

1478 iv. John, b. April 18, 1813. 

. V. Jonathan P., b. July 20, 181 5 ; m. Aimira IVIartin ; no children. 

1479 '^'i- David, b. Oct. 22, 181 7. 

vii. Sally W., b. Oct. 22, 1819; d. 1S23. 

viii. Horace D., b. April 18. 1S24: m. Mary J. Knowles ; moved to California: no 
surviving issue. 
ix. Freeman P., b. Nov. 5, 1830: m. Mary Moore; lives in Lyme, N. H. 
X. Nelson S., b. Jan. 22, 1S33; a farmer in Manchester, N. H. ; living unm. there : 

has been very kind in furnishing material about his family, 
xi. Charles T., b. Feb. 25, 1S35 : m. Celia E. Ellsworth: living in No. London- 
derry, N. H. 

761. Jacob (293) Sanborn, born in Epping, N. H.. Sept. 15, I777* 
Lived and died in Dorchester, X. H. r^Iarried Sept. 15, 1802, Eleanor 
Flanders, born March 6, 1781, died Sept. 2, 1S48. He died June 12, 1841 . 

762. Jonathan (294) Sanborn, born in Newmarket, N. H., May 17, 
1769. Lived and died on the homestead in Newmarket. >Ltrried Eliza- 


beth Dalton, born Aug. 19, 1770, died Vth. 12, 1825. lie died Aug. 27, 

Children : 

i. Sally, b. April 14, 1799; '"• ^'^^ Noble of Lee, N. H. ; d. April 15, 1826. 

ii. Jonallian, b. and d. 1802. 
1483 iii. Asa, b. April 23, 1805. 
14S4 iv. Jonatlian, b. May 10, 1S13. 

763. Jacob (295) Sanborn, born in Brookheld, N. H., about 1772- 
Lived in Wakefield, N. H. Married Sarah Richards. No further record. 

764. EzEKiEL (295) Sanborn, born in Brookfield, N. H., April 27, 
1774. A farmer in Brookfield, where he lived and died. Married Oct. 
28, 1S02, Abigail Chamberlain, born Jan. 28, 1776, died Feb. 7, 1854-. He 
died Nov. 29, 1830. 

Children : 

i. Henry, b. and d. 1S04. 
ii. John, b. Oct. 15, 1805; d. 1807. 
iii. Harriet, b. June 24. 1807 ; d. unm. in Brookfield, 1869. 

1487 iv. Alfred liurley, b. Feb. 6, 1S09. 

V. Trueman, b. Feb. 20. 181 1 ; m. Caroline J. Conant ; lived in Lowell. Mass.; 

she d. May 15, 1879; he d. Jan. 17. 1894; one son, who d. in infancy, 
vi. Betsey Chamberlain, b. Jan. 3, 1814; m. 1836, \Vm. B. Chamberlain; d. Aug. 

24, 1844- 

1488 vii. Jonathan Wallingford, b. July 12, 1817. ' • 

1489 viii. Cyrus King, b. Oct. 30. 1S19. 

765. Jonathan (295) Sanborn, born in Brookfield, N. H., Feb. i, 
1777. A farmer in Wakefield, N. H., where he lived and died. Married 
1802, Love, daughter of Col. John Wingate of Wakefield, born April 14, 
1776, died April 14, 1823. He died Feb. 21, 1817. 

Children : 

i. Eliza, b. May 29, 1804. 
ii. John Wingate, b. March 13, 1S06; d. unm. in Wakefield, May 11, 1S33. 

1490 iii. Calvin, b. May 29, 1808. 

iv. Abigail, b. Sept. 27, 1810; d. unm. May 13, 1S38. 

766. 'Asa (295) Sanborn, born in Brookfield, N. H., about 1779- 
Lived and died in Brookfield. Married Judith Burleigh of Newmarket, 
N. H. Died 1824. 

767. John (295) Sanborn, born in Brookfield, N. H., March, 1785' 
Lived and died in Wakefield, N. H. Married March 14, 1S09, Deborah 
R. Frothingham of Salem, Mass. Died Nov. 11, 1829. 

■ ,'■ i 


770. JosiAH (297) Sanborx, born about 1765. Married 1798, Rachel 
Berry of Chester, N. H. Lived in Rumney and Deerfield, X. H. 

Children : 

i. Betsey, b. 1792 ; ni. 1S15, Aaron Berry of Palmyra, Me. : d. 1853. 

1499 ••• Josiah, b. April 3, 1794. 
iii. Solomon, born about 1799. 

1500 iv. Ezra Wilmarth, b. Jan. 22, 1S02. 

V. William, b. about 1S04: no further record. 
vi. Moses, b. 1806; a shoemaker in Di.vmont, Me.; d. 1830. 
vii. John, born about iSoS. 
viii. Sabrina, b. about 1S09; d. young. 
i.x. Sabrina, b. about 1810. 

771. Solomon (297) Sanborn, born about 1768. Married Lucy 
Webster of Plvmouth, N. H, No further record. 

772. Abraham (298) Sanborn, born in Unity, N. H., Oct. 14, 1772. 
Lived and died in Unity, — a farmer there. Married Oct. 11, 1S04, Polly, 
daughter of Nathaniel Odiorne of Unity, born Sept. 29, 1775, died Oct. 15, 
1859. He died June 13, 1815. 

Children : 

i. Eliza, b. Aug. 14, 1S05 ; d. 1806. 

1505 ii. Erastus Wilson, b. Sept. 14, 1807. 

iii. Eliza N., b. July 8, 1809; m. Jan. 2, iS4f, .\bner Stowell, d. .\pril 17, 1S95. 
iv. Mary A., b. Aug. 31, 181 1 ; m. Feb. 21, 1S39, Joel Ferry; d. Dec. 29, 187S. 

1506 V. Harvey, b. Jan. 5, 1814. 

773. Isaac (298) Sanborn, born in Unity, N. H., June 10, 17S5. 
Lived and died in Claremont, N. H. Married Dec. 10, iSio, Mercy, 
daughter of Amos Gale of Marlow, N. H., born Oct. 17, 1789, died Jan. 3, 
1845. He died July 3, 1S58. 

Children : 

i. Amos, b. March 31, 1812; m. Dec. 12, 1836, Emily Nichols of Unity; settled 
in Lowell, Mass., a dealer in silverware and jewelry ; his daughter is Mrs. Mary 
Jaques of Lowell, Mass. 
1508 ii. Jacob W.. b. Oct. 25, 1813. 

iii. Josiah G., b. March 12, 1815; m. .May 20, 1841, Maria L. Dawson of Balti- 
more, Md. ; M. D. of Washington College, Md. ; settled in Carlisle, 111.; a 
physician of wide reputation ; no issue. 
iv. Caroline A., b. Dec. 19. 1817; m. Sept. 15, 1846, Enoch Johnson of Claremont, 

N. H. 
V, Elon Abraham, b. April 18, 1820 : a cotton manufacturer in Lowell, M.iss. ; still 
living (1897); married (i) Sept. 26, 1847, Mary ^L Fletcher: (2) March 19, 
1853, Rachel Kitchen. 

■ I 


770. JosiAii (297) SANiiORN, l)orn about 1765. Married 179S, Rachel 
Berry of Chester, N. H. Lived in Rumney and Deerfield, N. H. 

Children : 

i. Betsey, b. 1792 ; m. 181 5, Aaron Derry of Paimyra, Me. : d. 1853. 

1499 ''• Josiah, b. April 3, 1794. 
iii. Solomon, born about 1799- 

1500 iv. Ezra Wilmarth, b. Jan. 22, 1S02. 

V. William, b. about 1804: ni> farther record. 
vi. Moses, b. 1806; a sho'.-ni.ikor in Dixmont, Me.; d. 1830. 
vii. John, born about 1808. 
viii. Sabrina, b. about 1809; d. young. 
ix. Sabrina, b. about 1810. 

771. Solomon (297) Sa.nhorn, born about 176S. Married Lucy 
Webster of Plyinouth, N. H. No further record. 

772. Abraham (29S) Sanjjorn, born in Unity, N. H., Oct. 14, 1772. 
Lived and died in Unity,— a farmer there. Married Oct. 11, 1S04, Polly, 
daughter of Nathaniel Odiorne of Unity, born Sept. 29, 1775, died Oct. 15. 
1859. ^^^ died June 13, 1815. 

Children : 

i. Eliza, b. Aug. 14, 1805; '1. 1806. 

1505 ii. Erastus Wilson, b. Sept. IA< i^>°7- 

iii. Eliza N., b. July 8, 1809; m. Jan. 2, iS4r, Abner Stowell, d. April 17, 1S05. 
iv. Mary A., b. Aug. 31, iHu; m. Feb. 21, 1839, Joel Ferry ; d. Dec. 29, iS7<. 

1506 V. Harvey, b. Jan. 5. 18 14. 

773. Isaac (298) Sanbor.v, born in Unity, X. H., June 10, 17S5. 
Lived and died in Claremont, N. H. Married Dec. 10, 1810, Mercy, 
daughter of Amos Gale of Marlovv, N. H., born Oct. 17, 1789, died Jan. 3. 
1845. He died July 3, 1858. 

Children : 

i. Amos, b. March 31, 1812; tn. Dec. 12, 1S36. Emily Nichols of Unity; serJec 
in Lowell, Mass., a dealer in .silverware and jewelry ; his daughter is -Mrs. Mota- 
Jaques of Lowell, Mass. 
1508 ii. Jacob W.. b. Oct. 25, i«i 3 

iii. Josiah G., b. March 12, /^i; ; ni. .May 20, 1S41. Maria L. Dawson of Bal:":- 
more, .Md. ; M. D. of \V;tsiiington College, Md. ; settled in Carlisle, Iii.: a 
physician of wide reputation ; no issue. 
iv. Caroline A., b. Dec. 19. 1^17; m, Sept. 15, 1846, Enoch Johnson of Clarer.-:r:. 

N. H. 
v. Elon Abraham, b. .April i^,, /820 ; a cotton manufacturer in Lowell, Mass. : s-.H: 
living (1897); married {i ) Sept. 26. 1847, ^I'lry ^L Fletcher; (2) March i p, 
1853, Rachel Kitchen. 


vi. Hannali, b. Nov. 12, 1822; m. Nov. 11, [841, Moses Johnson; d. Oct. 13, 

vii. Otis J., b. June 27, 1825 ; d. Jan. 21, 1845. 

viii. Harriet M., b. Oct. 8, 1S28; m. March 6, 1S49, I^ayton R. Ball of Lowell, 
ix. Ursula A., b. Sept. 17, 1S30; a teacher; unm. 

774. Rev. Jacob (29S) Sanborn, born in Unity, N. H., Ma}' 16, 
1788. As a result of pious training, he early felt attracted to the ministry, 
and joined the Methodist church at iS years of age. In order to test his 
convictions, he preached one year at his own expense ; his labors proving 
successful, he joined in' 1812, the INIethodist Conference. From that time 
until 1850, he gave himself up to his life work, filling, in thirty-eight years 
of ministerial duty, many important pulpits in New England. He preached 
in Portland, Me., in Exeter, X. H., and in Providence, R. I. He was for 
four years Presiding Elder in the New Hampshire district. In Massachu- 
setts, he preaciied in manv cities. After his regular labors as a pastor had 
ceased, he continued frequently to occupy the pulpit until 1863, closing his 
ministerial career w-here he began it, fifty-two years before. As a pul- 
pit orator, he had marked ability ; a man of dignity and of noble stature, 
fine voice, clear thought, and impressive utterance. In business affairs, 
he was a model of punctuality and good faith. The soul of honor him- 
self, it grieved him much to hear of improvidence, of business dishonor, 
or even of apparent disregard of pecuniary obligations, in any one bearing 
the Christian name. By strict economy, he was able often to fill out from 
his own limited means, the inadequate salaries so common in his time. 
During all his career, he contributed to the charities of his church, and 
never, even in his old age, received any aid from them. A stalwart and 
brave relifrious teacher, he belonged to that heroic age of the New England 
Methodist church, and was prominent among the moral heroes of his day. 
He married (i) Dec. 25, 1817, Fanny Eastman of LandafT, N, H., born 
July I, 1793, died May 14, 1825; (2) June 21, 1S26, Eliza Robinson of 
Portsmouth, N. H., born June 11, 1797, died March 25, 1888. He died of 
paralysis, March 16, 1867, at Concord, N. H. 

Children : 

i. Harriet, b. Feb. 8, 1819 ; d. 1827. 

1 5 10 ii. George Wilson, b. May 11, 1S22. 

151 1 iii. John Eastman, b. Aug. 17, 1824. . ' ■ 

iv. Harriet E., b. July 23, 1S30. . " 

V. Jacob, b. May i , 1S32 ; d 1832. 

V : if. I 


vi. Joseph H., b. in Boston, .May2i, 1834; m. Hannah Moody of Gilmanton, X. H. ; 
educated at Wilbraham academy and Wesleyan Univ. ; M. D. at Dartmouth, 
1857; settled in f^lorida, but moved to Anna, 111., where he taught and also 

farmed; had one daughter, Winifred, who married Evans of St, Louis. 

15 12 vii. Jacob Robinson, b. May 23, 1838, in Xewburyport, Mass. 

775. John Prescott (299) Sanborn, born in Deerfield, N. H.,Jiine 
8, 17S5. A farmer in Deerfield, wliere he lived and died. Married Aug. 
13, 1817, Sarah Bartlett, born May 23, 1792, died June 30, 1856. 

Children : 

i. Sarah S., b. Sept. 12, 1S14; m. Nov. 17, 1836, Robert C. Bickford of Epsom, 

N. H. 
ii. Mary B., b. Dec. 23, 1816: m. March i, 1856, Henry AUard of Brentwood, 
iii. Ruth.O., b. July 7, 1818 ; m. Arthur L. Tennant of Warren. 
iv. Abraham Seth, b. Aug. 31, 1S20; m. Nov. 16, 1S4S, Keziah D. Bickford of 
Epsom, N, H., b. Nov. 11, 1822; lived in Concord, N. H. ; had (i) Betsey 
B., b. Dec. 22, 1849, (ii) Anna J., b. Feb. 14, 1853. 
V. Benjamin Franklin, b. Dec. 19, 1823; m. Julia Fales : no issue. 
vi. John Farnham, b. Aug. 23, 1825 ; d. unm. ^larch 17, 1849. 
vii. Abigail O., b. May 17, 1827; d. young. 

viii. Jonathan Muzzey, b. June 5, 1829; m. Lovina Lane of Epsom, N. H. ; d. July 
27, 1853. 
ix. Abigail A., b. June 12, 1831 ; d. Oct. 30, 1S46. 
X. Laura J., b. Dec. 8, 1834; m. June 6, 1857, Silas G. Bickford of Epsom, N. H. 

776. Daniel (299) Sanborn, born in Deerfield, N, H., July 20, 17S7. 
A farmer in Northfield, N. H., where he lived and died. Married March 
I, 1821, Polly Frye of Deerfield, b. Nov. 3, 1796. 

Children : 

i. Josiah Sullivan, b. Nov. 6, 1821 ; m. July 2, 185 1, Martha E. Forrest of North- 
field, who d. Oct. 22, 1854 ; had one son, George Sullivan, b. .March 23, 1852 ; 
after his wife's death, Josiah Sullivan Sanborn moved to Woodside, Cal., 
where he was living unm. in 1862. ^ 

ii. Braley James, b. July 29, 1823 ; living unm. in Ft. Winnebago, Wis., in 1862. 

iii. Daniel, b. Oct. 31, 1825 ; living unm. in Northfield, X'. H., in 1862. 

iv. Samuel C, b. Aug. 15, 1827; living unm. in Ft. Winnebago, Wis., in 1862. 

V. Peter, b. Aug. 27, 1822: d. June 27, 1848, unm. 

vi. John, b. July 16, 1836; went to Wesleyan University: living in Iowa, unm. in 

777. Jonathan Cram (300) Sanborn, born in Hampton, Dec. 28. 
1763. Moved to Sanbornton, where he lived and died. Married Judith 
Cram of Sanbornton, who died 1S50. He died Dec. 7, 1835. 

.ii,.- Df 

'.-■-\ \-. I..). 


Children : 

i. Folly, b. May 12, 17S6; ni. Jan. i, 1S09, Josi.ih Cram of SanI)ornton; d. Aug. 

13, 1847. 
ii. Sally, b. Nov. 17, 1788; m. Henry Dearborn Chase of Deerfield, N. H., and 
Jackson, Me. 
15 1 5 iii. Jonathan Cram, b. Dec. 21, 1792. 

iv. Hannah, b. Sept. 27, 1794; m. Charles Lougee of Sanbornton and Sheffield, Vt. 
V. Judith, b. May 25, 1797; m. James Cram of Sanbornton. 

1 51 6 vi. Shadrach, b. Oct. 17, 180 1. • ■ _ 

1517 vii. Woodbridge, b. Nov. 13, 1804. 

778. William (300) Sanborn, born in Hampton, Nov. 27, 1768. 

Lived probably in Exeter. Married (i) Lovering ; (2) Sarah Ken- 

niston. . 

779. Simon Dearborn (300) Sanborn, born in Hampton, Jan, 17, 
1774. A miller in Sanbornton, where he lived and died. Married (i) 
Sarah Davis of Deerfield, N. H. ; (2) Betsey, daughter of Josiah Emerv of 

Children : 

i. Mary, b. Jan., 1804; m. J. T. G. Emery, son of Nathan of Sanbornton. (By 

first wife.) 
ii. Daughter, d. 181S. 

780. Nehemiah (300) Sanborn, born in Hampton, April 10, 177S. 
Lived in North Hampton. Married (i) March 2, 1797, Lydia, daughter 

of Lieut. John Lovering of North Hampton, born , died Feb. 3, 1836; 

(2) July 23, 1837, ^^^^ sister Betsey. 

Children : 

i. Sally, bap. at No. Hampton, 1797; d. unm. 18S6. 

ii. Theodate, b. ; died aged 2. 

iii. Lydia Lovering, b. ; m. Joshua S. Lyford of Brentwood. 

iv. Polly Jenness, m. Horatio G. Brown of Hampton Falls. 
V. Alfred, b. and d. 1809. 

vi. Elizabeth, b. Oct. 5. 1812 ; m. Matthew Pike of Hampton Falls, 
vii. Woodbridge, b. 1815; d. 1S29. 
viii. Clarissa Ann, b. Nov. 8, 181S. 
i.x. Martha Webster, b. Jan. 18, 1820. 

781. Josiah (302) Sanborn, born in Hampton, June i, 1769. Married 
Oct. 23, 1794, Sally Shepard. Moved to Sutton, P. Q^, and died Oct. 16, 

■> ■ V i .1 


Children : 

i. Betsey, 
ii. Sarah, 
iii. Thomas. 

•782. William (302) Sanborn, born in Hampton, Feb. 23, 1775. 
Moved to Sanbornton. Married (i) Jan. i, 1800, Lois, daughter of Capt. 
Joshua Woodman of Sanbornton, died Oct. 31, 1S25 ; (2) March 16, 1836, 
Mrs. Esther Stevens of Andover, N. H. ; (3) Mrs. Eliza Jenness of Ports- 
mouth, N. H. 
Children : 

i. Mary, b. and d. iSoi. 
, ii. Philena, b. 1802; d. 1803. 
iii. Lucy Swain, b. Nov. 23, 1803; m. Nov. 29, 1S28, Joseph B. Rowe of Andover. 

N. H.; d. Nov. 7, 1838. 
iv. Anna Chase, b. Sept. 20, 1805; m. July 10, 1S31, Jacob Fifield of Andover, 

N. H. 
V. Louisa, b. June i, 1S07; m. Sept. 9, 1833, Hiram Fifield of Andover and 

Franklin, N. H. 
vi. Almena, b. April 21. 1809; m. .March 4, 1S29, .A.lpheus Seavey of Andover, 

N. H.; d. May 10, 1831. 
vii. Abigail, b. March 16, 1811 ; d. June 6, 1823. 
viii. Maria Woodman, b. Nov. 16, 1812; d. unm. Aug. 4, 1856. 
ix. Lavinia, b. Sept. 17, 1814; d. 1814. 

X. Elizabeth Dearborn, b. Nov. 7, 1816; d. unm. Aug. 4, 1856. 
xi. Stephen .M., b. and d. 1S18. 

xii. Caroline A., b. Dec. 20, 1821 ; ni. Dec. 20, 1838, Smith Fifield of Thornton, 
N. H. 

783. Simon (302) Sanborn,* born in Hampton, Sept. 23, 1776. A 
farmer in Sanbornton, Gilmanton, Franklin, and Andover, N. H. ?^Iar- 
ried (i) Nov. 25, 1804, Anna Cliase of Deertield, born May 30, 17S0. died 
1843; (2) 1843, Hannah Brainard of Hebron, X. H. Died May 6, 1857. 

Children ; 

i. Hannah, b. June 7, 1S08; m. (i) John Pike Brown of Lowell. .Mass.; (2) Saml. 

ii. Mary, b. June 7, 1S08 (twin to Hannah); m. Benj. B. Brown of E. Andover, 

N. H. 
1520 iii. Stephen Chase, b. Sept. 27, 1810. ' ' 

iv. Josiah, b. March 17, 1S13; d. unm. 1871. 
V. Ebenezer, b. July 15, 1815; a watchman in Lowell, .Mass.; m. Lydia Nute of 

Durham, N. H. One dau., name not given. 
vi. Henry Dearborn, b. July 28, 181S; m. Eunice Sanborn. Had two children, 

both dead. 

■ f 


784. Hexrv Dearborn (302) Sanborn, born in Hampton, Nov. 2, 
1779. A farmer in Sanbornton, Plymouth, N. H., and Lowell, Mass. 
Married (i) March 9, 1S04, Mary, dau;^hter of William Moore of San- 
bornton, died Nov. 8, 1817; (2) Mrs. Prudence (Oilman) Robinson of 
New Hampton, born Jan. 5, 17S6, died Sept. 29, 1841. He died Aug. 2, 

Children : 

i. Lucy Swain, b. Sept. 17, 1805; in. Nov. 23, 1826, Geo. W. Hunkins of San- 
ii. William Moore, b. Jan. '12, 1S07; m. Marcli 22. 1840, Mary Wallace; moved 
to V'ershire, Vt. 

1522 iii. Charles Woodman, b. Feb. 14, 1809. 

1523 iv. Thomas .Moore, b. Dec. 24, iSio. 

V. Mary Agnes, b. May 17. 1815 ; d. unm. Dec. 20, 1834. 

vi. Eliza Moore, b. Nov. i, 1817 ; m. July 4, 1843, Jacob B. Philbrick of Sanborn- 
vii. Joseph Robinson, b. Feb. 26, 1821 ; m. June 17, 1844, .-\chsah Baker Potter of 
Concord, N. H. ; lived in Lawrence and .Methuen, .Mass. Had (1) Ella 
Grace, b. and d. 1S46; (ii) Emma Julia, b. .March 3, 1849; (iii) .Minnie 
Jane, b. and d. 1S59. 
viii. George Henry, b. .March 21, 1823; m. Nov. 26, 1846. Sarah Ann Potter of 
Concord, N. H. ; a carpenter in Concord, N. H. Had (i) .Amos Bean, b. 
June 27, 1852; (ii) .Minnie Grace, b. June S, 1S64; (iii) Emma Gertrude, b. 
Feb. I, 1870. 
ix. Laura Ann, b. Aug. 7, 1825; m. .May 12, 1846, Thonias Potter. 
X. David Russell, b. Jan. 31, 1829; ni. Feb. 26, 1S51, Julia .Adams Potter of 
Concord, N. H. Had (i) Edmund .Milton, b. Feb. 13, 1859. 

785. David (302) S.\nborn, born in Sanbornton, June 30, 17S3. A 
farmer in Sanbornton, where he lived and died. Married (i)Jan. 23, 
1803, Sally, daughter of Solomon Copp of Sanbornton, died May 19. 1828; 
(2) Mrs. Betsey (Smith) Johnson of Laconia, born July 19, 1790. He 
died Nov. 3, 1847. 

Children : 

1524 i. John Drew, b. Jan. 30, 1804. 

ii. Abigail, b. April 12, 1S05 ; m. Jan. 25, 1828, John Durrell of Enfield. N. H. ; 
d. July 13, 1835. 

iii. Nathan, b. Nov. 5, 1807; m. (i) Feb. 28, 1827, Emily Cressey ot Hopkinton, 
N. H. ; (2) Sarah Coffin of Boston; lived in Di.xon. 111., and has a son Wal- 
ter. Nathan moved late in life to Faribault, .Minn. 

iv. David, b. July 27, 1809; m. .March 30. 1S29, Frances Cressey, sister of Emily 
, _ above; lived in .Medford and Owatonna, Minn.; d. .April 6, 1S85. Has a 
son, Benj. C, of .Madelia, .Minn. 

I '■ /I 

,', !.-> 


V. Susan, b. July 3, 181 1 : ni. Aug. 8, 1832, Alfred M. Hinds of Boston; d. July 
4, 1855. 

1525 vi. Ransom, b. May 24, 1S14. 

vii. William F., b. Nov. 8, 1816; m. March i, 1840, Lavinia Fisk of Deerfield. 

N. H. ; lived in Billerica, Mass. His daughter is Mrs. Delia Stanton of Bil- 


viii. Sarah, b. Aug. 4, 1S22 ; m. Sept., 1848, Israel Parker of Lowell, Mass. : d. 1S50. 

ix. Elizabeth, b. Aug. 4, 1S22 (twin to Sarah) ; m. Sept., 1846. Aaron Hill of San- 

X. Augusta, b. April 25, 1826. 
xi. Angeline, b. Aug. 11, 1830. 

786. Daniel (303) Sanborn, born in Epping, X. H., Sept. 15, 176S. 
A farmer in Epping, where he lived and died. Married Sally Marsh, born 
Jan. 3, 1771, died Dec. 13, 1844. He died Sept. 17, 1846. 

Children : 

1526 i. Zebulon, b. Nov. 16, 1791. 

ii. Sally, b.. Sept. 28, 1798; m. Smith Batchelder of Northwood, N. H. 

1527 iii. Jeremiah, b. April 10, 1S03. 

787. Jonathan R. (303) Sanborn, born in Epping, X. H., May 24, 
1772. Lived first in Epping, but moved to Sanbornton in 1798. Married 
Mar}' Grover or Glover, born in Epping, June 18, 1772, died 1833. He 
died Oct. 12, 1838. 

Children : 

i. Hannah, b. Nov. 15, 1793; m. Joseph Johnson of Sanbornton. 

1528 ii. Isaac, b. March 10. 1797. 

iii. Nancy, b. Oct.»4, 179S; m. Zebulon S. Johnson of Wisconsin. 

1529 iv. Joshua, b. Jan. 21, 1801. 

V. Sally, b. .March 16, 1803 : m. John Cate of Meredith ; d. 1S55. 

1530 vi. Daniel, b. April 14, 1S06. 

vii. Jonathan, b. .May g, 180S; lived in Sanbornton; m. Oct. 7, 1S32, Hannah K.. 
dau. of .Abel Brown of Sanbornton ; d. Jan. i, iSSo, without surviving issue. 
viii. Mary B., b. Dec. 27, 1S12; m. Aug. 26, 1833, Daniel Sanborn (791). 

1 53 1 ix. Andrew Woodman, b. Feb. 24, 18 14. 

1532 X. Phineas Glover, b. April 5, 1S19. 

788. Tristram (303) Sanborn, born in Epping, X". H.. March 12, 
1774. -^ farmer in Webster, X. H., where he lived and died. Married 
March 17, 1797, Abigail, daughter of Joseph Knight of Harvard, Mass., 
born May 10, 1776, died Feb. 13, 1S61. He died April i, 1S51. 

Children : 

i. Jesse D , b. Nov. 12, 1797; d. 1798. 
'533 'i- John Abidan, b. July 26, 1799. 

!:.-■'• ' . 1 ■''< 

-I. . -i^.-:f: 1 

i-,':i.i J 

■? ■. . .0 \ 

•A ■ • J