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Lewiston, Me : 
Printed by Geo. A. Callahan. 


Sir William 2 Fogg, of Repton, was son and heir of Sir 

Thomas 1 of Canterbury, and his wife dau. of William 

Septvans, of Ash, County Kent. 

Sir John 3 Fogge, (son of William 2 ), will proved 1490, 
married Alice, dau. of William Haute of Bishopsborne, Co. 
Kent, and his wife, Joan, dau. of Richard Wydville of Maid- 
stone, married 1429. Alice (Haute) Fogge was living 1512, 
was second wife. 

Jane 4 Fogge, (dau. of John 3 and wife Alice), married Sir 
Thomas Green, of Greens Norton, &c; died 1505. They had 
Matilda 5 Green, m. 1508, at the age of 15; d. 1532; buried 
in Blackfriars Church, London. Matilda 5 Green, m. Sir 
Thomas Parr of Kendall Co., Northampton. He died Nov. 
12, 1518; buried in Blackfriars Church. Sir Thomas Parr 
and Matilda Green had Katherine 6 Parr, Queen Consort to 
King Henry VIII, 1543-7. She was b. about 1513, being 
under 12 in 1521. She m. 1st when about 15, (as 2d wife), 
Edward (Burgh), Lord Burgh of Gainsboro, who d. 1528-9. 
She m. 2d, (as 3d wife), (John Nevill), Lord Latimer, 
(1530-43), will proved Mar. 11, 1542-3. She m. 3d, 
(within 3 months of that date) at Hampton Court, in great 
state July 12, 1513. (as 6th and last wife), King Henry 
VIII, who d. Jan. 28, 1546-7. She, like her three imme- 
diate predecessors, was never crowned. Shortly, some say 


34 days), after the King's death, she m. 4th and last, Thomas 
(Seymour), Lord Seymour of Sudeley, uncle to the reigning 
monarch, King Edward VI. She d. Sept. 5, 1548; was 
buried in Sudeley chapel in her 36th year; but 18 months 
after the death of the King, her 3rd husband. Her 4th hus- 
band survived her, but was beheaded on Tower Hill, Mar. 
28, 1549. 

The name of Fogg appears to be of great antiquity in Eng- 
land and Wales. Some of that name were from the county 
of Lancashire, near the borders of North W ales, and settled 
in the county of Kent, in the reign of Henry I., or about the 
year 1112 or 1115, or about 50 years after the Norman con- 
quest; some of whom settled in the town Ashford in that 
county, (which is about 54 miles from London,) in the reign 
of Henry IV, or about 1400. There was a Sir John Fogg, 
who founded a college in Ashford, and died there in 1490, 
his son, Sir John Fogg, resided there ; his will is dated Nov. 
4, 1533, by which he appoints Edward Lee, Archbishop of 
York, overseer of his estate. There was also a Sir Francis 
Fogg at, Ashford, who acquired the manor Repton, by his 
marriage with the co-heiress of the Valoigns; these families 
were of high standing and of much consequence for many 
ages, but they are now entirely extinct in Ashford, and per- 
haps in the county. Calamy gives an account of a Rev. Robert 
Fogg, an ejected minister in 1662, in North Wales, who 
from some traits in his disposition, we might reasonably sup- 
pose was nearly related to some (by that name) who early 
settled in this country. 



The common progenitor of most, and perhaps all by that 
name in this country was Samuel Fogg of Hampton, N. H. 

According to tradition, three brothers by the name of Fogg, 
emigrated from Wales to this country prior to the middle of 
the 17th Century ; two of them, Samuel and Robert, or 
Ralph, are said to have settled in Hampton, and the other in 
Rhode Island. Of the one settled in Rhode Island, (if there 
was one), we have no knowledge. Robert, or Ralph, is sup- 
posed to have lived and died unmarried. But Mr. Felt 
speaks of a Ralph Fogg in Salem among the first settlers of 
that town, but says that he returned to England. At what 
precise time Samuel Fogg emigrated to this country is un- 
known, but he was evidently among the very early, if not the 
first settlers of Hampton, in 1638. 

He married, 1st Anne Shaw, dau. of Roger Shaw of 
Hampton, Oct. 10, 1652. She died about 1661. He mar- 
ried his 2d wife, Mary, dau. of Robert Page of that place, 
about 1662. He died at Hampton, Apr. 16, 1672. His 
widow, Mary Page, d. Mar. 8, 1699, aged 56. He was a 
farmer, and owned a farm in Hampton on which he lived and 

He was early a member of the Congregational Church in 
that place, and pi'obably Anne, his first wife ; his second wife 
joined it May 29, 1698. 


The farm at Hampton is still in the Fogg name ; one of his 
descendants, John H. Fogg, of whom "Dow's History" says, 
"that he lives on the ancestral homestead and owns the farm 
at Bride Hill, of which there has never been any deeds. As 
a practical and progressive farmer, he keeps it in a high state 
of cultivation by the most approved methods and best im- 
provements. Though living far from the centre of the town, 
Mr. Fogg keeps in touch with public affairs ; has been select- 
man four years ; was representative to the General Court? 
1878; is treasurer of the Congregational Society; has been 
trustee of the Academy since 1880, and is often and in many 
ways connected with town interests and trusts. Mrs. Fogg 
is a lineal discendant of Robert Drake, an officer in the Rev- 
olutionary War. The homestead of 150 years, on Drake's 
Hill in North Hampton, still remains in the Drake familv, her 
brother, Joshua P. Drake, occupying the place ; having re- 
cently taken down the old house and built a new one. Mr. 
and Mrs. Fogg are members of the Congregational Church 
in Hampton, and both are lineal descendants of Rev. Stephen 
Bachiler (or Bacheler), the founder of the town." 

Will of Samuel Fogg, Hampton, N. II, 1671. 

I Sam'l Fogge of Hampton in the County of Norfolk being 
very weak and infirm in Body but of Sound Understanding 
& of a disposing Mind do make This my last Will and Tes- 
tament as followeth. 

I Solemnly Committ my Soul unto Almighty God the 
Father of Spirits and my weak and frail Body unto the Earth 
from whence it was taken to be buried in Such decent Man- 
ner as my Executors hereafter mentioned shall appoint, and 
for what Estate The Lord of his bounty hath bestowed upon 
me in This World my Will is as followeth. 

1st. I give and bequeath unto Mary my beloved Wife, 


during The Term of her natural Life as her Dowry The one 
half of my Salt Marsh which lieth on this Side of Falls River 
towards The Town The which was formerly the Marsh of 
Roger Shaw & so much of the five Acres in the Little Com- 
mon as will make up her Thirds of all the Marsh in my 

It. I give unto Mary my wife for her improvement the 
One half of Eight Acres of Planting Land in the East Field 
viz : That part that which lieth towards Wm. Sanborns Land 
towards the North and so much as will make up her Thirds 
of the Upland at the South End of my House Lott. 

It. I give to Mary my Wife The West End of my Dwell- 
ing House during the time of her Widowhood & no longer 
but if she shall remove her Dwelling from thence in the Time 
of her Widowhood Then The whole House to be let with ye 
Lands by my Execs : untill my Eldest Son shall come to the 
Age Twenty one Years and Then my Eldest Son is to possess 
it and pay unto Mary my Wife her Thirds of the Rent. 

It. I give unto Mary my Wife Two Cows & the white 
Roane Mare and what Household Stuff she hath Else where 
to be & remain To her & her Heirs for Ever. 

It. I give and bequeath To my Eldest Son Samuel Fogge 
the other Two Thirds of my Land Marshes & Meadows & 
Commonage the which He is to enter upon and possess when 
He shall Come to the Age of Twenty & One Years but shall 
not have full power of Selling & disposeing of his Estates 
without the Consent of my Executors untill He shall come to 
the Age of Twenty four Years. 

It. I give unto my Son Samuel Fogge all my Houseing & 
barn & out houseing The which He is to Enter upon & 
possess at the Age of Twenty One Years paying The Thirds 
of the Rent of the House to my Wife during The Time of her 
Widowhood and for my Stock of Cattle & other moveables & 
Tools and Implements of Husbandry not Otherwise disposed 


of by This my last Will They are to be improved & renewed 
at the Discretion of my Executors so as That the Stock may 
be maintained & not wasted & imbezzeled untill my son shall 
come to the Age of Twenty One Years & then to be & remain 
To Him at his Disposal paying these following legaci* s. 

If. I give and bequeath To my Son Daniel Fogge The 
Sum of fifteen pounds to be paid by my Son Samuel Fogge 
when Daniel shall Arrive To the Age of Twenty one years. 

//. I give unto my Daughtr. Mary Fogge One feather Bed 
& One Feather Bolster & One pillow & Two blankets One of 
Them a Bed blanket & two pair Sheets which were her 

//. To my daughtr. Mary One brass pan & 3 pewter plat- 
ters & some other pewter and Earthen Dishes which were her 
Mothers and These Goods being prised To my Daughtr. Mary 
my Son Samuel is to make up The Sum of fifteen pounds to 
Her when she shall come to the Age of Twenty one years or 
at her marriage which shall happen first. 

It. I do give To my Son Daniel Fogge the Other Third 
part of my Land which He is to Enter upon & possess at my 
\\ 'ife's Decease & within One Year after to pay the sum of 
fifteen pounds back again unto my Son Samuel Fogge if He 
hath received it before the Land fall to Him. 

//. I give To my Son Daniel Fogge my Two new pewter 
platters and a pewter Bason. 

If. I Give To my Son Samuel Fogge my Two Tables & 
One Bedsted & one great Chair and three Chests & one new 
green Rug & a Suit of Curtains & One Fowling piece and all 
the Rest of my Household Stuff I (Jive & bequeath to Mary 
my Wife and The Three Children 1 have by Her. 

I/. I Give unto my Son Seath Fogg The Sum of six 
pounds to be paid to Him by my Son Samuel when He shall 
come to the Age of Twenty One Years. 

//. 1 Give to my Son .lames Fogge the Sum of Six pounds 


to be paid when He shall come to The Age of Twenty One 
Years to be paid by my Son Samuel. • 

It. I Give unto my Youngest Daughtr : Hannah Fogge 
the Sum of Six pounds to be paid by my Son Samuel when 
She shall come to to the Age of Twenty One Years and if her 
Marriage shall happen Sooner Then to be paid at Her Day of 
Marriage. And my Will is That if my Eldest Son should 
die without Heir of his own body That then his portion of 
Land to Descend to my next son & if any of my other Child- 
ren should die without Issue That then their portion shall be 
divided amongst the rest of my Children that survive. 

And I do by these present Appoint my loving Father in 
Law Deacon Robert Page and my loving Friends William 
Fuller and Nathaniel Batchelder to be my lawfull Execs : To 
this my last Will and Testament To See that the Same be pr. 
formed according to the true Intent and Meaning hereof. And 
if God shall take Away any of Them That if God permit They 
shall have power and Liberty to make choice of whom shall 
supply in his or Their place in point of Executorship and I. 
do appoint my loveing Brother Thomas Ward and my Love- 
ing friend Saml : Dalton to be as Overseers to this my Will 
who have the Like power to make Choice of Supply in Their 
place in Case of Death or removal. 

And my Will is that my Three Eldest Children shall be 
settled by my Executors Vizt : my Son Samuel and Daniel to 
Some good Trades which they shall most desire and to be 
placed in Such Families as may be for their Comfort and Ad- 
vantage both for Soul and body as much as can be Attained 
and I appoint that Such Wareing Cloathes as I shall leave 
at my Death shall be improved by my Execs : to fit out my 
Two Sons Samuel and Daniel to Service and to make such 
father Supply as they in their Discretion shall Judge meet. 

And my Will is that my Execs : shall take such Care both 
in the Time of my wife's Widowhood and att all Times that 


my Estate may be preserved and That the Houseing do not 
go to decay without reparation and that the fences and other 
Things do not Suffer Strip & Wast in the Time while it is out 
of my Son's hands. And my Will is Concerning my Daughter 
Mary be disposed of to Tuition of my loveing friends William 
Fuller and Frances his Wife and if God should take away 
Goodwife Fuller while my daughter Mary is in her Minor- 
ity I will and Committ her Tuition unto my Brother Benj : 
Shaw and to Goodwife Batchelder and my Will is That my 
Houseing and Lands and Stock of Cattle and other moveables 
be improved by the Discretion of my Executors for the Sub- 
sistance of my Wife and my Three Youngest Children untill 
my Son Samuel shall arrive To the Age of Twenty One 
Years and to This I Affix my hand and seal as my last Will 
this ninth Day of January 1671. 

Samuel Fogge and his 
Seal to it 
Signed and Sealed in The presence of us. 
Wm : Fuller 
Saml : Dalton 
ffrances Ffuller 

This will was proved upon Oath 
of the aboves d . Witnesses Wm : Fuller 
Saml : Dalton ffrances Ffuller 
before the County Court held at 
Hampton ye 8th 8th mo. 1672 
As Attest 

Thos. Bradbury record'" . 
Entered : the 16th Octr : 1672. 



An Abstract of an "Account of the Generation of the Foggs 
from the first coming into New England down to this present 
day. Written by Samuel 4 Fogg as followeth : " 

"Mr. Samuel Fogg 1 the first of that name who came over 
from Old England into New England, the date of his coming 
I cannot find, but he came over and settled in the town of 
Hampton and had three children by his 1st wife viz : — Sam- 
uel 2 , Daniel 2 , and Mary 2 ; and by his 2nd wife he had two 
sons viz : — James 2 and Seth 2 . 

Samuel 2 the eldest son when he came to be a man grown* 
sold his interest in Hampton, and moved to Pennsylvania and 
settled, had many children and spent his days there. Mary 2 
married at Newbury and spent her days there. James 2 & 
Seth 2 both settled in Hampton and lived there to be old men 
and had many sons. Daniel 2 the 2nd son, was my grand- 
father, born in Hampton about the 12th of June 1660; and 
when he was of age to go to a trade he was put out to a 
blacksmith where he served his time, and in 1682 went from 
Hampton to Black Point in Scarborough where he set up his 
trade and settled. 

He married Hannah Libby and had four children born in 
Scarboro' ; the first, a son, died in infancy ; the other three 
were Hannah 8 , Mary 3 and Rebecca 3 . Rebecca was born in 
1688, and in 1689 or '90 her father, which was my grand- 
father, driven off by the Indians, moved to Portsmouth where 


he had five children; Samuel 3 , b. 1691; Daniel 3 , b. Apr. 
12, 1694; Johu 8 , b. Jan. 12, 1696 ; Sarah 3 b. Aug. 1698 ; 
Joseph 8 ,b. Aug 1700 : In 1701 my grandfather bought afarm 
in Kittery to which he moved, and two sons, Seth 8 and 
James 3 , were born there. Samuel 3 , the eldest son, died 
when about 21 years of age. Hannah, Mary, Rebecca, and 
Sarah all married and settled in Kittery. John, Joseph and 
Seth all married in Kittery and then moved to Scarboro' 
where they remained. James married and settled in Kittery 
where he remained. Their father which was my grandfather 
died in Kittery, June 9, 1755, aged 95 years. 

Daniel 8 , the oldest surviving son of Daniel 2 , is my father ; 
when he was of proper age his father put him out apprenticed 
to a shoemaker, and when his time was out he set up his 
trade in Kittery where he married and had six children, 
viz : — Samuel 4 , Anna 4 , Hannah 4 , Reuben 4 , Mary 4 , and 
Ketura 4 . He bought a farm in Scarboro' and removed there 
in Oct. 1727, where he had three children, viz : — Esther 4 , 
Rhoda 4 and Daniel 4 . Rhoda died when a small child, with 
throat distemper. All the rest grew up, married and had 
children except Daniel ; he had no children. Reuben set- 
tled on the home place with my father where he remained 
until he built himself a house on the other side of the road. 
Daniel went to Machias where he married, lived and died. 
The daughters all married and settled in the town of Scarboro'. 

My father after he moved from Kittery to Blackpoint upon 
his farm, although it was hard beginning upon a new place, 
yet he built him a house, and grist mill, carried on his farm, 
brought up his family and made a very comfortable living. 

In March 1745, he took a Captain's Commission, enlisted 
a Company and went to Cape Breton ; but sometime in Aug. 
returned home to Scarboro'. Here he remained iir his own 
house until Feb. 15, 177-1, when he and mother having grown 
old and too feeble to care for themselves, were removed to 


my brother Reuben's house where mother died Apr. 15, 
1775, at the age of 80 years and 8 mo. Father remained 
with Reuben until Dec. 1, 1782, when he died at the age of 
88 years 7 months and 18 days. 

I Samuel Fogg was born in Kittery, June 1, 1716, from 
which place 1 removed with my father and his family to 
Scarboro' in 1727. In May 1728 I was severely afflicted 
with a disease in one hip, brought on I suppose by wading in 
trie water. This gave me and my parents a great deal of 
trouble until 1742 when I became stronger and quite well 
except that the afflicted limb was now shorter than the other, 
the growth having stopped with my first affliction. Being 
unable to do much out of doors, my father put me out to 
learn to make shoes, and men's clothes, and also to learn to 
read write and cipher. In August 1740 I set up my trade 
in Scarboro' to do what I could toward my support. In the 
following spring I was employed by the town to keep a school 
half the year which begun Apr. 1, 1741, again resuming my 
trade at the close of the school. I was married Jan 27, 1743, 
in the 27th year of my age, and the 20th of my wife's age. 
She was born Aug. 19, 1723. In April 1743 having ob- 
tained two acres of land I commenced to build me a house 
which I completed and moved into from my father's in the 
following November. 

But the next spring, about the 19th of May, I was obliged 
to return to my father's to garrison, where I remained all 
summer, and returned there every summer to garrison untill 
Apr. lb', 1747, I moved to garrison to the house of John 
Libby, Mathew's son, and lived there till Aug. 15, 1749, 
when I returned to my own home to remain, and went no 
more to garrison for in the year 1749 peace was concluded 
with the Indians and we could live peaceably at home then. 
In the summer of 1750 I built a small barn ; and this year 
our paper currency was called in and none allowed to pass 


in this Province, which made money so exceedingly scarce 
for several years and the times so hard it was very difficult to 
live, but I made out to maintain my family by my trade with 
a great deal of effort. 

About the year 1755 the Wars came on between the Na- 
tions which made the times still worse. 

On the 24th of March 1757, the Proprietors of Scarboro' 
chose me clerk for said Proprietors which proved to be some 
small profit to me. 

In February 1759 my children all had the measles, but 
through Devine Goodness thev all recovered their usual 

In March this year I was chosen Parish clerk for the 1st 
Parish in Scarboro', but this was of little or no orofit to me. 

In 1761-2 I erected an addition to my house, and bought 
three acres of land adjoining my two acres which I already 

Jeremy my oldest son being out of his time, came home in 
June 1765 to work at his trade, and the next year we built an 
addition to the barn that he might have the lower part for a 
shop to work in. 

On March 30th 1767, I was chosen Treasurer for the 1st 
Parish in Scarboro'. I have served my generation these many 
years by my trade, but the three or four years past, by reason 
of drowths, early frosts and the backwardness of people's pav- 
ing me, have been the hardest and most difficult times 1 have 
ever experienced, but through Devine Goodness I have 
scrabbled along and made out to support my family for which 
1 desire to to be thankful. 

On May 28, 1766, my Son Jeremy was married to Mary 
Warren, and they lived in the house with me, where George 
their first son was born March 25, L767, and died May 5, 
following. About that time my 2nd daughter Sarah began 
to fail in health, and in June the fevers set in with other ails 

History of the fogg family. 15 

so that she was very ill and July 4, 1767, she died, aged 14 
years, 9 mo, & 29 days. 

In December my eldest daughter Esther was taken with a 
fever and continued very ill uutill Jan. 1, 1768, she died 
aged 17 yrs., 8 mo. and 29 days. On the 7th of the same 
month my' 3rd son Edmond was taken ill and lay about three 
weeks, but through mercy he recovered; and on the 10th 
Anna my 3rd daughter was taken down with fever and lay 
five weeks before she could sit in a chair while her bed was 
made, and 1 did not expect her life from day to day, but in 
March she became better and soon regained her health. 

On March 8th my wife was taken down with fever and 
lay exceeding ill till the 24th when she died, aged about 44 

This is the heaviest and most grevious stroke of all, but I 
trust that God will be with me, and support me in this my 
terrible affliction. 

March 11th Edmund was taken down the 2d time but 
after several weeks confinement to the house recovered. 

On March 24, 1770, I married the widow Elizabeth 
Moody ; am working at my trade and by the blessing of God 
we are all in a comfortable state of health. In Dec, 1773, 
my wife failed in health, but recovered to be taken down 
again in Feb. 1774, when she continued very ill and died 
March 17 following. As this is God's will I desire to submit, 
and hope he will enable me to put my whole trust in Him 
for help and deliverance from all my difficulty. 

Now I have stood Proprietor's clerk, Parish clerk, and 
Parish treasurer from the first to this March 1776 when I 
dropped them and settled with the Parish, and in April I let 
my house and land to Mr. Lancaster in order to move away to 
New Gloucester, for I had bought 60 acres of land there with 
the intention of moving to that place. My eldest daughter 
Anna had been my housekeeper from the time my wife died 


till Feb. 8, 1776, when she was married and soon after moved 
to Papoodoc ; then 1 was left with none but Rachel to keep 
my house, Ethoda having gone to New Gloucester, but by 
Divine Providence I made out to keep house although with 
some difficulty. 

1 have lived or made it my place of residence in Scarboro' 
since 1740 when 1 first set up my trade which I have fol- 
lowed with other business till June 3, 1770, when I moved to 
New Gloucester, I intended to build a house. I lived with 
my son Enoch in his house till mine could be made ready 
for me; hut the times came on so very difficult, and every- 
thing so dear, that I was persuaded to put off building till 
times were better and things cheaper; but instead of growing 
cheaper everything changed from bad to worse, and money 
sunk so low that what little 1 had by me I lost good part of 
by shrinkage, and 1 was obliged to live in Enoch's house 
with a good deal of difficulty, being two families in one room 
which made it very difficult, but by Divine assistance we 
have made out, for we have enjoyed our health very well ever 
since I have been here, s> I have been enabled to do some- 
thing toward my house. 

Sept. 1st Samuel was taken ill with bloody fiux from 
which he suffered about three weeks, but recovered. 

On the 7th of the same month Louis, Enoch's wife, was 
taken down with the same distemper, and on the 18th inst 
it pleased God to take her away. All three of her children 
were ill of the same distemper when their mother died, and 
it was difficult for Rhoda and Rachel to take care of them 
and the housework, but through mercy they recovered. 

In April, 1779, I raised my house frame, and during the 
summer boarded it, and made bricks for the chimneys which 
1 put up in November and on the 20th of this month moved 
into my new house, hiving lived in Enoch's about three 
years and a half. In the Winter of 1779 I kept school in 


my western room, and in March my son Edmund moved his 
family from Pearsontown (Standish) into my Western room 
where he lived till Sept. 1780, he moved into his own house. 
I lived in my house till March 27, 1782, when I moved again, 
having lived here with a good deal of difficulty by reason of 
the war, and the land proved so poor for Indian corn that we 
could scarcely raise our bread on the lot. Samuel was so 
discontented to live here that we got another lot further into 
the woods joining to Edmund's lot to which we moved in 
March 1782. We made our abode in an old log house which 
was on the place, and the summer following took down my 
house and chimneys and rebuilt them on the new spot in the 
woods, and in August 1783 moved into my house again. Here 
we find good land, have built us a barn, done some farm 
work, and have our health pretty well. 

Tuesday, Aug. 3, 1784, I started to travel to Black Point 
and went to Enoch's and stayed that night, on Wednesday I 
went to North Yarmouth and called on Daniel Staples where 
1 remained till Friday, then I went to brother Staples' at Pre- 
sumpscot and stayed that night ; Saturday I went to Falmouth 
by water, got over the ferry and went to brother Marriner's 
and stayed with them that night ; Sunday I went to meeting. 
Monday the 9th I went to brother Dyer's and stayed round 
there till Wednesday, when I traveled to Black Point to my 
brother's and about there till Wednesday the 18th I rode in 
a chaise up to Morrise's, and traveled from there down to 
Jeremy's and Joseph's and stayed till Friday the 27th. I 
went from here to sister Hanscom's, stayed that night, Satur- 
day to Oak Hill, Sunday to meeting, and to my brother's 
again, and about Black Point till Monday the 13th of Sep- 
tember, I traveled to Poupudok again, Thursday I returned 
to brother Staple's, Monday the 20th I went to Danl Staple's, 
Wednesday to Enoch's and Thursday Sept. 23, I reached 
home where I renew my routine of farm work and whatever 



I r,m do at my trade of mending and making clothes and 
shoes. July 3d 1786 1 went over to John Chandler's and 
stayed a day or two, then returned home and to my garden 
work, among my tobacco, beans, and cabbage plants, gather- 
ing them in, thrashing the beans, and working about the 
corn till Winter when I could not get out much. 

June 27, 1787, I went over to John McGuire's and John 
Chandler's four or five days, then home to my garden work 
again till Winter and so on. 

March 15, 1788, my son-in-law John Chandler died. The 
summer of 1789 I raised but little tobacco, beans etc., it 
being so very dry and such a multitude of grass-hoppers that 
seemed to destroy all before them. Trouble and difficulty 
still increases with my decriped old age, so I am brought 
very low. 

For these last few years I cannot do much but walk about 
and read and mend my own clothes. 1 have a troublesome 
cough with my other difficulties and cannot expect to continue 
long, but I desire to praise God for all his goodness to me, 
and beg that when my life is ended here He may receive me 
to Glory for Christ's sake, Amen. 

This 12th day of June 171)3 I am 77 years old." 



Samuel Fogg of Exeter,England, came to America in 1630 
settled at Hampton, N. H., 1638, says one authority, others 
6ay he came from Wales, England. 

He married first, Anne, daughter of Roger Shaw, Oct. 10, 
1652. She died about 1661. 

He married second, Mary, daughter of Robert Page, about 
1662. She died March 8, 1699, aged 56. 


He died at Hampton, April 16, 1672. 
His children were : — 


(2) 1. Samuel (29), b. about 1653 ; m. Hannah Marston, 

Oct. 19, 1676, d. 1760, aged 107 years. 

His wife was dau. of William Marston ; four of 

his children were — Samuel, Joseph, Rebecca, 


(3) II. Joseph, b. about 1655, d. young. 

(4) III. John, b. about 1656, d. young. 

(5) IV. Mary, b. 1658, m. at Newbury and spent her 

days there. 

(6) V. Daniel (29), b. Apr. 16th, 1660 ; d. at Kittery, 

June 9th, 1755, aged 95. 
By his second wife the children were : 

(7) VI. Seth, b. about 1665, d. 1754, aged 89. (29) 

(8) VII. James, b. about 1668,(29)died in 1760, aged 92. 

(9) VIII. Hannah, b. about 1670. 

Seth Fogg (7), Son of Samuel (1), settled in Hampton, 
was admitted into the church there Jan. 17,1697. His wife was 
Hannah (Sarah) Shaw, dau. of Benjimin Shaw; his wife d. 
Apr. 10, 1755, aged 88. He d. in 1754, aged 89. Their 
children were : — 


(10) 1. Benoni, baptized Mar. 17, 1697 ; settled in Scar- 

borough, Maine; m. 1st, Abigail , 2nd,Mary 

Griffin. Their children were : — Sarah, Abigail, 
Benoni, Enos, Mary, Hannah, Jeremiah, David. 

(11) II. Hannah, baptized March, 1697, m. Elkins 

and has descendants. 

(12) III. Seth, baptized March, 1697, m. Meribah, dau.. 

of John Smith, June 17, 1714. Lived in 


Hampton and d. there May, 1745. His child- 
ren : Jabez, John, David, Jonathan, Seth. 

(13) IV. Sarah, baptized May, 1697. 

(14) V. Esther, baptized May 1697, first m. Dear- 

bon, and second Wadley. 

(15j VI. Samuel, baptized March 7, 1700, m. Abigail 
Fowl, Nov. 29, 1747, settled in Hampton. 
Children were : Samuel, Stephen, Mary, Josiah, 
Ephraim, David, Theodate, Phineas, Hulda. 

(16) VII. Simon, baptized Dec. 13, 1702; settled in 

Hampton and d. there in 1749. 

(17) VIII. Abner, baptized Feb. 19, 1705; m. Bethia, 

dau. of Samuel Robie, Dec. 10, 1730; settled at 
Hampton and d. there Aug. 27, 1788, aged 82. 
Children were ; Abner, Abigail, Elizabeth, Sam- 
uel, Seth, Bethia, Samuel. 

(18) IX. Abigail, baptized Sept. 17, 1707, d. young. 

(19) X. Daniel, baptized March 19, 171 0; m. Esther 

Elkins, Dec. 5, 1734; lived at Rye and d. there 
Aug. 7, 1757. He was the father of Rev. Dan- 
iel Fogg, Episcopal minister of Brooklin, Conn. 

(20) XL Jeremiah, b. May 24. 1712; graduated at Har- 

vard College in 1730 ; m. Elizabeth, dau. of Rev- 
Joseph Parsons of Salisbury, Mass., July 17, 
1739 ; was settled as first minister of Kinsing- 
ton, N. H., Nov. 30, 1737; d. there Dec. 1, 
1789, aged 77. His widow d. in 1800. Their 
Children : — 


(21) I. Elizabeth, baptized May 1, 1740; m. Hon. William 

Parker of Exeter, N. H., and d. Nov. 7, 1816, 
leaving children. 


(22) II. Sarah, baptized June 24, 1742 ; d. Dec. 29, 1799. 

(23) III. Mary, baptized Jan. 17, 1744 ; d. Nov. 28, 1823. 

(24) IV. An infant son, b. Aug. 3, 1746 ; d. same day. 

(25) V. Jeremiah, baptized Oct. 22, 1749 ; d. May 26, 


(26) VI. Joseph, baptized Apr. 22, 1753 ; d. Apr. 17, 1822. 

(27) VII. William, baptized May 4,1755 d. Aug. 17, 1817. 

(28) VIIL Daniel, b. Apr. 6, 1759, was a physician in 

Braintree, Mass ; d. there Apr. 23, 1830. 

(29) IX. John, baptized Feb. 26, 1764 ; d. Mar. 5, 1816. 
James (8), son of Samuel (1), settled in Hampton, N. H. ; 

m. Mary Burrin. Their Children : — 


I. Mary. 

II. James. 

III. John. 

IV. Sarah. 

V. Enoch. 

VI. Hannah. 


John 3 , son of James (8), m. Meribah dau. of Samuel Til- 
ton ; lived where Samuel (1) did in Hampton. Their Child- 
ren were : — 










John* . 









John 4 , son of John 3 , m. Elizabeth, dau. of Samuel Drake. 
Their Children were : 


















Mary. J 






John 5 , son of John 4 , m. Abigail, dau. of Henry Blake. 
Their Children were : — 

I. Susanna. 

II. Abraham. 

III. Elizabeth. 

IV. Abigail. 
V. Meribah. 


Abraham 6 , son of John 5 , m. Mary, dau. of Jonathan 
Robinson. Their Children were : — 

I. Jeremiah, R. 

II. Mary A. 

III. JohnH. 

IV. Rebecca. 

V. Susan E. 

VI. Sarah J. 


John 7 , son of Abraham 6 , m. Drake, descendant of 

Robert Drake, lives on the place first settled by Samuel (I) 
in Hampton, N. H. 

Daniel Fogg (6), son of Samuel (1), was about 12 years 
of age at the time of his father's death in Hampton. Subse- 
quently he learned the trade of a blacksmith, and in 1682 
removed to Black Point, Scarborough, Me., where he settled 
and set up his trade, and received several grants of land from 
the town. He married Hannah Libby about 1683—4, and 
had four children born to him in Scarborough ; the first, a son, 
died in infancy ; the other three were Hannah, Mary and 
Rebecca. Rebecca was born in 1688. 

In 1689 or 90, he left Scarborough at the breaking up of 
that settlement by the Indians and returned to Portsmouth 
N. H., and tradition says settled on an island in the Piscataqua 
river belonging to that town. 

In 1701, he bought in Kittery, (now Eliot), a farm ad- 
joining the river between Frank's and Watt's Fort which is 
still in possession of his descendants. Here he resided until 
the time of his death, June 9,1755. He was one of seven 
original members of the Congregational Church in Kittery 
at its organization, June 22, 1721. His wife died between 
1730 and 1735. His Children were :— 


(30) I. A son b. in Scarboro' ; d. in infancy. 

(31) II. Hannah, b. in Scarboro', 1685; m. John Rogers 

of Kittery, May 21, 1740; has many descend- 
(32j III. Mary, b. about 1686 ; m. William Brooks of Kit- 
tery, Aug. 11, 1709 ; d. prior 1747, and has 
many descendants. 



IV. Rebecca, b. in Scarboro' in 1688 ; m. Joseph, 
Pilsbury in 1726 ; d. at her brother James's hous<*| 
about 1780 ; left descendants. 

(34) V. Samuel, b. at Portsmouth, 1691 ; d. when about | 

2 1 years of age 

(35) VI. Daniel, b. at Portsmouth, Apr. 12, 1694; ml 

Annie Hanscora of Kittery, July 30, 1715 ; had i 
six children b. in Kittery, and removed with his 
family to Scarborough. Me., Oct. 1727. 

(36) VII. John,b. at Portsmouth, Jan. 12, 1696 ; m. Mary 

Hanscom Sept. 30, 1725 ; settled in Scarboro, 
Me., and left descendants. 

(37) VIII. Sarah, b. in Portsmouth, Aug. 1698; ml 

Thomas Hanscom of Kittery, Jan. 1, 1715, and I 
has many descendants. 

(38) IX. Joseph, b. in Portsmouth, Aug. 1700; m. Sarah I 

Hill, Jan. 13, 1725. He settled in Scarborough,] 
Me., and left no children. 

(39) X. Seth, b. in Kittery, Dec. 1701 ; m. Mary Picker- 

nale, Nov. 28, 1727; settled in Scarborough, 
Me. ; has descendants. 

(40) XI. James, b. in Kittery, March 17, 1704 ; m. Eliza 

beth, dau. of Dea. James and Mary Fernald of 
Kittery, Oct. 23, 1728. She was b. Sept. 8, 
1706. They lived in Kittery, (now Eliot), on 
his father's farm, in a house built by his brother 
Daniel, and d. there, Dec. 24, 1787, aged 83; 
his wife about 1776. She is mentioned as hav- 
ing been of a remarkably mild and benevolent 
disposition. His children were : — 


(41 , I. Janus, b. June 23, 1731, (89). 

(42) 11. Mary, b. Feb. 21, 1784 j m. James Emery I 

History of the fogg family. 25 

Eliot, July 4, 1752; she d. about 1759, leaving 
three children. 

(43) III. Elizabeth, b. Sept. 2, 1737 ; m. Nathaniel Lib- 

by of Berwick in 1763, and has descendants 

(44) IV. Anne, b. March 2, 1739 ; m. John Tobey of 

Eliot in 1767 ; she d. 1789, leaving two dau. 

(45) V. Hannah, b. July 24, 1741 ; never married ; lived 

with her brother John, and d. there of an apo- 
plectic fit, Dec. 10, 1819, aged 78. 
(46; VI. Eunice, b. Nov. 12, 1743, ; m. Capt. Josiah Sta- 
ples ; settled in Berwick ; d. there and left de- 

(47) VII. Joseph, b. Feb. 12, 1745, (71). 

(48) VIII. Abigail, b. about 1747 ; d. young. 

(49) IX. John, b. Sept. 17, 1750, (48). 

(50) X. Daniel, b. Sept. 24, 1752; d. young. 

John Fogg, (49), son of James, (40j, m. Abigail, dau. of 
Dea. William Leighton, Oct. 17, 1776. She was b. Apr. 
8, 1757. He lived at his father's house and farm in Eliot, 
and d. there Apr. 8, 1827, aged 77 ; his widow d. Sept. 27, 
1840, aged 83. Their Children were : 


(51) I. Abigail, b. Dec. 22, 1777 ; never m. ; d. March 22, 


(52) II. Elizabeth, b. Feb. 27, 1780 ; m. Nathaniel Ham- 

mond, Nov. 28, 1799; d. Feb. 27, 1853. He 
was b. Jan. 17, 1775, and d. Sept. 6, 1842. She 
had 5 children, James, Abigail, Elizabeth, John 
and Susan. 

(53) III. John, b. Feb. 8, 1783 (57). 

(54) IV. Mary, b. Aug. 23, 1785 ; m. Samuel Kennard 

of Eliot, March 17, 1841. He was b. Sept. 16, 



1786. They settled in Litchfield, X. IF, and 

had 5 suns and 2 dau. viz. ; John F.. Diamond, 
Eliza Ann, in. Frooks, Samuel, James, Jos- 
eph F., Abbie,m. Leonard .Moore. 

( 55 ) V. James, b. July 21, 1788 ; d. Oct. 25, 1798, a. 10. 

(56) VI. William, b. Nov. 3, 1790, (66). The author 
of "A Short Genealogical Account of a Few ol 
the Early Settlers in Eliot :'" which includes this 
genealogy. He d. Sept. 18, 1859. 

( 57 ) VII. Joseph, b. March 3, 1793 ; lived on his father's 
farm in Eliot ; never m. ; d. Aug. 4, 1874. 

(58) VIII. Nancy, b. March 29, 1795 ; never m. ; lived 

with her brother Joseph in Eliot; d. May 21. 

(59) IX. Marian, b. Oct 5, 1797; m. Nathaniel Ken- 

nard, Dec. 26, 1825 ; d. Apr. 21, 1883. He 
was h. May 3, 1798 ; .1. Sept. 10, 1848. They 
had 2 sons and 1 dan. 

John Fogg, (53), son of John, (49), in. Mary Staph-: 
March 28, 1805. She was b. July 30, 1786. He resided 
on a part of his father's farm, where he d. Aug. 6, 1835. His 
( Ihildren were : — 


(60) I. Nathaniel, b. Dec. 19, 1805 ; d. in Cambridge, 

Sept. 29, 1830; unmarried. 

(61) II. Elizabeth, b. Apr. 28, 1808 ; d. Feb 19, 1881 ; 

unmarried. . 

(62) III. Mary Katherine, b. Apr. 22. 1810: m. Jay Wil- 

mont CJpham of Rye, X. 11.. Sept. 29. 1832. He 
was b. June 13, 1808; and d. May 11. ISM) ; 
she d. Jan. 3, 1884. They had two children, 
Jay \\\, and ( 'ai lie. 

(63) IV. Abigail Leighton, b. Aug. Hi. 1814; m. Horace 


Parker of Battery, (Bowd. Coll., 1845), Sept. 
17, 1856. They had one child, Horace Theo- 
dore, d. Nov. 17, 1857 ; a. 5 months. 

(64) V. Ann Maria, b. March 3, 1817; m. Hammond 

Libby, 1838 ; had 1 son and 1 dau., viz. : 1st, 
Frances Yale, b. May 20, 1845 ; m. Henry 
Surles, Nov. 24, 1881 ; has two children, 
Charles Willis, b. Oct. 9, 1882, and John Fogg, 
b. Feb. 24, 1884 : 2nd, Charles Albert, b. Nov. 
6, 1847. 

(65) VI. James, b. Jan. 3, 1820; d. May, 1847; unmar- 


(66) VII. Caroline, b. Sept. 17, 1822; d. Aug. 1, 1842 ; 


(67) VIII. Paulina, b. May 26, 1826; m. Dr. Lindley 

M. Willis, July 15, 1849; d. March 23, 1859; 
had one son, John Lemuel Murrey, b. Feb. 11, 
1856, (M. D. Bowd. College); m. Carrie Es- 
tellaHam, Oct. 1, 1879. 

(68) IX. Augusta, b. Dec. 7, 1828; d. Nov. 10, 1849; 


William Fogg (56), son of John (49) m. 1st, Betsey 
Deed, only child of Samuel and Rebecca Hill, June 16, 
1821. She was b. Aug. 9, 1790; d. Jan. 24, 1846. He 
married 2nd, Mehitable Plummer, dau. of Bradstreet Moody, 
Esq., of Sanbornton, N. H., Aug. 30, 1846. She was born 
Apr. 29, 1798, lived on a part of his father's farm in Eliot. 
She d, June 1.1, 1868. His children all by his first wife 
were : — 

(69) I. A son b. and d. May 16, 1822. 

(70) II. Ann Rebecca, b. Jan. 12,1824; d. Aug. 10 1843; 



(71) III. John Samuel Hill, b. May 81, 1826.. (Bowd. 

Coll., 1846), and (Harvard Medical, 1850); 
m. Sarah F. Gordon of South Berwick, July 11? 
1850. She d. Mar. 21, 1871. He m. 2nd, 
Mary Griselda, youngest dau. of Rev. Joseph 11. 
Clinch, D. U., Apr. 2, 1872. His children, all 
by his first wife, are William John Gordon, b. 
Aug. 7, 1851, Boston Latin School, 1869, (Har- 
vard Coll., 1873, and Harvard Medical, 1876, ; 
m. Ella Francis Bradlee, Nov. 4, 1880 ; settled 
in Boston; Charles Joseph, b. Oct. 29, 1853, d. 
Jan. 22, 1856 ; Francis Joseph, b. Aug. 4, 185 7, 
d. March 10, 1871. 

(72) IV. Joseph William, b. Feb. 18, 1829 ; d March 2, 


(73) V. William Ansyl, b. May 31. 1832 ; d. Sept. 19, 


Joseph Fogg (47), son of James (40), m. Mary Littlefield 
of Wells, 1771 ; settled in Berwick; he d. there suddenly, 
Sept. 30, 1807, aged 62. Their Children were :— 


(74) I. Joseph, b. Feb. 9, 1772 (76). 

(75) II. Daniel, b. Aug. 29, 1778 j m. Peggy Hodgdon, 

July 4, 1799. He settled in Berwick and d. 
there Apr. 22, 1823 ; left several children, Eliza. 
Mary, Abigail, and Ebenezer. 

(76) III. Jane, b. May 10, 1776: m. David Hodgdon of 

Berwick, Feb. 16, 1804 : d. Apr. 10, 1847, and 
left several children. 

(77) IV. James, b. Aug. 10, 1781 ; m. Olive Hodgdon, 

Nov. £0, 1806, lived at his father's house in 


Berwick, where he d. Apr. 18, 1817, leaving 
one dau. Betsey. 
(78) V. Isaac, b. Nov. 13. 1783; m. Susannah Hayes of 
Berwick, Sept. 17, 1807. They settled in Lim- 
erick, Maine, and d. there, leaving children, viz : 
1st, Joseph, d. 1856, aged 45 ; left widow, 2 
dau., and 1 son, Almon H., of Houlton, Me. 5 
2nd, Isaac, d. aged 21 j 3rd, Edmond, d. 1877, 
left widow and 1 dau ; 4th, Hiram, lives in Ban- 
gor and has one son ; 5th, Eliza, m. Her- 

som, is a widow, living in Boston, has 1 son and 
1 dau.; 6th, Mary, d. in Bangor, 1878; left 
1 son and 3 dau. ; 7th, Abbie, lives in the West ; 
8th, Mary Ann, lives in Limerick, Maine. 

Joseph Fogg (74), son of Joseph (47), m. Phebe Hayes, 
of Berwick, Dec. 1, 1791, and settled in Berwick near his 
father's house. He was a farmer and house carpenter. He 
d. there March 4, 1827. Their Children were : 


(79) I. Sarah, b. Feb. 28, 1795 ; m. Peletiah Shorey, Feb. 

24, 1818, and settled in Industry, Me.; left 
several children. 

(80) II. Phebe, b. May 11, 1798; m. Moses Twambly, 

March 20, 1817, and settled in Berwick ; had 
several children. 

(81) III. Rebecca, b. May 31, 1800; m. Joshua Conant 

of Alfred, Me., and had children. 

(82) IV. John, b. Sept. 25, 1802; d. of consumption 

while a student of medicine, Apr. 15, 1826; 

(83) V. Jane, b. March 24, 1805, d. of consumption, 

Oct. 3, 1825 : unmarried. 


(84) VI. Mercy, b. June 16, 1807 ; d. of consumption, 

June 19, 1824; unmarried. 

(85) VII. Joseph, b. Dec. 10, 1809; d. (86). 

(86) VIII. Hiram, b. 1812; resided in China; d. un- 


(87) IX. James, b. Oct. 28, 1814, (Bowd. Coll. 1840), 

was an attorney-at-law in Boston ; m. Mary 
Fales ; d. . 

(88) X. William, b. 1817 : m. Elizabeth Perkins : was a 

merchant in Boston, and afterward in New- 
York, and d. there, Mar. 1884. 
Joseph Fogg (85), son of Joseph (74), m. Sarah, dau. of 
Dea. George Rogers of Alfred, Me., Jan. 2, 
1838. They resided in Berwick. Their Chil- 
dren are : — 

(89) I. Catherine Rogers, b. Sept. 1, 1839. 

(90) II. George Hiram, b. Aug. 11, 1843; d. in East Bos- 


(91) III. Sarah Jane, Nov. 24, 1848 ; d. May 5, 1850. 
James (41), son of James (40), m. Anne Remick in 

1756. The incidents which it is said led to their acquaint- 
ance, were somewhat romantic. She resided on what is 
called Eliot Neck, near the margin of the river. As he was 
passing in a boat up the Piscataqua one moonlight summer 
evening, his attention was arrested by the sound of the 
voices of a group of young females near the banks of the 
river , who were serenading the people as they passed on the 
river. The charms of the voice of one in particular, forcibly 
impressed his attention, who on subsequent inquiry appeared 
to be Miss Remick, at which tune a more intimate acquain- 
tance commenced, which ultimately led to their mar: 
She is said to have been remarkable in her youth fur her 
personal attractions, and in later years lor discretion, economy 
and benevolence, and all the various duties of a wife and 


mother. They joined the church in Berwick, where they 
settled, in 1781. She d. there Apr. 1783. He married 2nd 
widow Mary Twambly, about 1800. He d. in Wolfborough, 
N. H., while on a visit to his dau. in 1805, aged 73. His 
children all by his first wiie, were : 


(92) I. Mark, b. in Eliot, July 15, 1757; m. Eunice Fer- 

nald, March 23, 1785, and 2nd, Mary Keay ; he 
settled in Wolfborough, N. H. He had by first 
wife, 3 children ; Anne, John and Mary, and 5 
children by 2nd wife. 

(93) II. Anne. b. Jan. 28, 1761 ; m. Stephen Randall of 

Berwick, Dec. 19, 1781 ; d. June 1, 1792; left 
three children. 

(94) III. James, b. Sept. 12, 1763; m. Sarah Keay, and 

settled in Lebanon, Me. ; d. there Jan. 9, 1799> 
a. 36, leaving children ; Sally, Peter and James. 

(95) IV. Elizabeth, b. Apr. 26, 1765. d. in 1778 ; un- 


(96) V. Joseph, b. Feb. 8, 1767; m. 1st, Mary Hammond 

of Eliot, March 10, 1791; 2nd, Lydia Keay of 
Berwick ; he settled first in Wolfborough, N. 
H., and then in Eastern Maine. He had 2 
children by his first wife; Sarah, who m. Will- 
iam Weymouth, Esq., of North Berwick, and 
Mary ; and 5 by his 2nd wife. 

(97) VI. John, b. March 7, 1765 ; was drowned in Union 

River, Me., in 1781. 

(98) VII. Susannah, b. Apr. 29, 1771 ; m. Aaron Chick 

of Berwick, July 25, 1793 ; had 2 children and 
d. Dec. 28, 1797, aged 26. 

(99) VIII. Mary, b. Oct. 12, 1773; m Love Keay of 


Berwick, and settled in Wolf borough. N. II., 
and d. there Sep . 14, 1811, aged 38, leaving 5 

(100) IX. Simon, b. Feb. 8, 1777 ; m Lydia Felch, and 

settled in Limerick, Me ; has 10 children. 

(101) X. Elizabeth,!). May 27, 1779; m. James Brack- 

ets and had 2 sons and 3 daughters. 

(102) XI. Levi.b. March 2, 17S3 ; m. Mary Perkins, and 

settled in Brunswick. Me., and has five children. 

Fogg Family : Following a branch through Emigrant's 

son Daniel. 

Daniel Fogg 3 , son of Daniel' 2 , son of Samuel 1 , was born 
in Portsmouth, N. H., Apr. 12, 1694 ; m. July 30, 1716. 
Annie Hanscom of Kittery, (now Eliot ,. Me. He built him- 
self a house on a part of his father's farm, and lived in Kit- 
tery, till Oct. 1727, when he removed to Scarborough with 
his family ; 6 children having been born to him in Kittery. 
He bought a farm in Scarborough, built him a house and 
grist-mill, was a farmer and shoemaker. Three more child. 
ren were born to him here. In March, 1745, he accepted a 
Capt. Commission and enlisted a Company and went to Cape 
Breton ; but sometime in Aug. returned to Scarborough, 
where he remained until his death in Pec. 1, 1782, aged V s 
vis. 7 mo. 18 d. Anna, his wife, was b. Aug. 16, 1694 ; d. 
Apr. IS, 1775, aged 80 years, 8 mo. His Children were : 


I. Samuel, b. June 1, 1716; m. Rachel Maniner. 

II. Anna, b Feb. 16, 1718; m. Aug. 24. 1738, John 


III. Hannah, b. Nov. 12, 171!); m, Sept. 8, 1743. Will- 

iam Hasty. 


IV. Reuben, b. June 1, 1722; m. May 15, 1744, Marga- 

ret Elder. 

V. Mary, b. July 28, 1724 ; m. Nov. 13, 1746, George 


VI. Keturah, b. Feb. 5, 1727 ; m. Dec. 3, 1753, Elisha 


VII. Esther, b. Oct. 15, 1729 ; m. Feb. 9, 1748, Elisha 


VIII. Rhoda, b. Mar. 15, 1733; d. 

IX. Daniel, b. Dec. 5, 1735 ; m. Sarah Scott of Machi- 

as and d. Feb. 7, 1766, at Machias, killed by a 
falling limb, while cutting down a tree. No 

Samuel 4 , son of Daniel 3 , b. in Kittery, June 1, 1716 ; m. 
Jan. 27, 1743, Rachel Marriner, b. Aug. 19, 1723 ; d. Mar. 
24, 1768. He m. 2nd, Nov. 12, 1770, Elizabeth Moody, 
widow, b. 1716; d. Mar. 17, 1774, aged 58 years. He re- 
moved to New Gloucester, June 3, 1776 ; was a school teach- 
er and tailor ; d. Oct. 30, 1798. His Children were : 


I. Jeremy, b. June 11, 1744; m. May 28, 1766, Mary 

IE. Enoch, b. May 28, 1746 ; m. 1st, June 4, 1772, Lois 

Nutter, who d. Sept. 18, 1778; 2nd, Nov. 1, 

1779, Joanna Staples. She d. Sept. 26, 1826. 

He d. Sept. 29, 1827. 
HI. Edmond, b. Mar. 28, 1748; m. Aug. 6, 1772, Sarah 

Warren, who d. Apr. 25, 1803. He d. Apr. 25, 


IV. Esther, b. Mar. 29, 1750; d. Jan. 1, 1768, a. 17 

yrs., 8 mo., 29 d. 

V. Sarah, b. Aug. 6, 1752 ; d. July 4, 1767, a. 14 yrs., 

9 mo., 29 d. 



VI. A son, b. July 2, 1754; d. July 3, 1754. 

VII. Anna, b. Nov. 29, 1755; m. Feb. 3, 1776, Joseph 


VIII. Samuel, b. Apr! 26, 1760; m. Nov. 28, 1782, Sa- 

rah Snowman, b. Apr. 22, 1756 ; d. Feb. 26, 
1804. He d. Mar. 16, 1819. 

IX. Rhoda, b. Apr. 26, 1762 ; m. Mar. 6, 1783, John 

Chandler ; he d. Mar. 15, 1788. She m. 2nd, 
Joseph Allen, Jan. 28, 1790. 

X. Rachel, b. Sept. 12, 1764 ; m. Dec. 14, 1786, John 


Children of Jeremy and Mary Warren Fogg, b. in Scar- 
borough : — 

George, b. Mar. 25, 1767 ; d. May. 5, 1767. 

Sarah, b. June 20, 1768. 

Jeremy, b. Oct. 30, 1770. 

Betty, b, Dec. 11, 1772. 

Esther, b. Feb. 24, 1775. 

Anna, b. Oct. 2, 1777. 

Lois, b. Oct. 9, 1779. 

George, b. Jan. 12, 1784. 

Children of Enoch and Lois Nutter Fogg, b. in New 
Gloucester : — 

Elizabeth, b. Mar. 17, 1773. 
Sarah, b. June 29, 1775. 
Daniel, b. Dec. 4, 1777. 

Children of Joseph and Anna Fogg Robards of (Papooduc). 
Cape Elizabeth : — 

Jeeepk- R. Ou iim, rt. O ut . - tft^tTm r 
Joseph Robards, d. Oct. 12, 1798. 
Joseph, b. Mar. 5, 1777. 
Samuel, b. June 1, 1779. 
Rhoda, b. Nov. 27, 1782. 


Raohel, b. July 13, 1785. 

Anna, b. Mar. 17, 1789. 
Children of John and Rhoda (Fogg) Chandler : — 

Polly, b. Dec. 25, 1783 ; d. Oct. 26. 1784. 

Rachel, b. July 12, 1785. 

Samuel, b. Feb. 10, 1787. 
Children of Joseph and Rhoda (Fogg Chandler) Allen: — 

Joseph, b. Oct. 19, 1790. 

Abigail, b. Mar. 15, 1792. 

Eunice, b. Mar. 18, 1794. 

A dau. b. Aug. 24, 1795; d. Sept. 1, 1795. 
Children of John and Rachel (Fogg) McGuire : — 

Sarah, b. Oct. 4, 1787; d. Dec. 4, 1793. 

Samuel, b. Nov. 10, 1789. 

John, b. Oct. 4, 1791. 

Polley, b. Dec. 27, 1793. 

Samuel 5 , son of Samuel 4 , married Sarah, dau. of and 

— Snowman. Their children were : — 

Esther, b. Oct. 3, 1783 ; d. Nov. 25, 1844. 

Daniel 6 , b. Feb. 3, 1785; m. Priscillla Ray- 
mond ; d. Mar. 16, 1858. 

Hannah, b. July 13, 1786 ; m. Geo. Fogg of 

Sarah, b. Mar. 10, 1788; d. Apr. 28, 1803. 

Lucy, b. June 15, 1790; d. Aug. 9, 1791. 

Samuel, b. July 2, 1793 ; drowned in Royals 
River, May 20, 1808. 

Elizabeth, b. Apr. 25, 1795 ; d. Oct. 16, 1810. 

Lois, b. Mar. 10, 1797., m. Peleg Haskell. 
Children of Daniel 6 and Priscilla Raymond Fogg. 

Mary Raymond, b. Dec, 1810 ; m. Lyman Has- 

Lucy Snowman, b. May 1, 1813 ; m. Winthrope 


(7) Lemuel Raymond, b. June 25, 1816 ; m. 
Sally Woodman. 

Samuel, b. Mar. 16, 1819 ; m. Lucy A. Stevens. 

Henry Albert, b. Dec. 1822 ; m. Mary A. Cobb- 

(7) Daniel Augustus, b. June 3, 182- ; m. Su- 
san Rogers. 
Lemuel' Raymond Fogg m. Oct. 2, 1842, Sally Wood- 
man. Their children : — 

Charles Nelson, b. July 17, 1846 ; m. Dec. 23, 
1869, Fannie E. Richards, have 1 child. 

Reul Williams, b. Oct. 4, 1853 ; married. 

Sarah Melissa, b. July 8, 1858 ; married. 
Daniel 7 Augustus, m. Susan Rogers. Their children : — 

Abbie Susan, b. Feb. 15, 1853. 

Priscilla, b. ; d. 

George Augustus, b. May, 1857. 

Priscilla Lincoln, b. 

Alice Rogers, b. Feb. 17, 1864. 

Winthrop Cobb, b. July. 

Edmond 5 , third son of Samuel 4 and Rachel (Marriner) 
Fogg,b. Mar. 28, 1748; m. Aug. 6, 1772, Sarah (Warren), 

dau. of and Warren, b ; d. Apr. 25, 1803. He 

d. Apr. 25, 1801. He removed from (Pearsrntown), now 
Standish, Me., to New Gloucester, Me., Mar. 1780. His 
children were ; 

(1) Mary, b. June 11, 1773 ; m. Jan. 3, 1795, Jacob Ran- 

dall, of Freeport, Me. 

(2) Rachel, b. Mar. 21, 1775 ; m. Thomas WarfF, son of 

Thomas and Sarah (Lufkin) WarfF of New- 

(3) Edmond, b. Mar. 31, 1777- m, Dec, 24, 1804, Han 

nah York. 


(4) Walter, b. Feb. 15, 1779; m. Mar., 1803, Dorethy 


(5) Anna, b. June 13, 1781. 

(6-7) Samuel and Sarah, twins, b. Aug. 10, 1783 ; Sarah 
d. Feb. 1800. 

(8) Willliara, b. Apr. 23, 1785 ; m. Esther Moody. 

(9) Elizabeth, b. Mar. 24, 1793 ; m. Giles Merrill. 
Mary, dau. of Edmond and Sarah (Warren) Fogg; m. 

Jan. 3, 1795, Jacob Randall of Freeport, Me., son of 

and — —Randall ; b , d. She d. Their children :— 

Benjamin, b. 

Jacob, b. Jan. 18, 1802, at Freeport, Me., re- 
moved to East Livermore, Me, m. Feb. 4, 
1830, Lucy Hamilton, b. Oct. 13, 1802, on 
Great Chebeague Island, Me., d. He d. 
Their Children were : — 

Charles Wesley and Margaret Ann, twins, b.- — ; 
the former married and resides at East Liver- 
more, a farmer. The latter married 

Baldwin ; resided at first in Penn. ; now in 
New York. Mr. Baldwin is engaged in the 
Oil Business. 

William H., b. , resides in Duke Centre 

Penn. ; has been Justice, Notary Public and 
Postmaster. Now engaged in driving Oil 

Edward H., b. ; m . ; settled on the 

home farm but d. May 26, 1876. 

Ambrose H., b. ; educated at "Kent's Hill 

Seminary"; went to California in 1804 ; is 
Principal of the State Normal School of Cali- 
fornia. Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Randall were 
prominent members of the Methodist Church, 
having become members at the ages of 20 and 


Rachel, dau. of Edmond and Sarah (Warren) Fogg; b. 
Mar. 21, 1775 ; m. Thomas Warff, son of Thomas and Sarah 
(Lufkin) Warff, b. Apr., 1770; d. Feb. 15, 1864. She d. 
Mar. 10, 1826, at New Gloucester. Me. Their Children 
were : — 

(1) Sally, b. Feb. 23, 1800; m. David Bennett. 

(2) Eliza, b. Aug. 14, 1802; m. Joseph Lom- 

(3) Rachel, b. Apr. 22, 1804; m. Steadman 

(4) Catherine, b. Feb. 22, 1806 ; m. Nathan 

(5) Moses, b. Mar. 15,1808; m. Sarah J. Chip- 

(6) Betsy, b. Apr. 9, 1810 ; m. Sylvanus Cobb ; 
d. Feb. 1, 1892. 

(7) Amasa, b. Apr., 1812 ; m. Lydia Eveleth. ; 
d. May 8, 1864. 

(8) Charlotte, b. Apr. 16, 1812; m. ; d. May 6, 


(9) Mary Ann, b. May 11, 1816; m. Edmond 

(10) Charles Henry, b. June 14, 1818; d. Jan- 
29, 1892, Sally H., his wife, d. July 14, 
1895 ; aged 76. Thomas H., son of C. H. and 
S. H. Warff; d. Aug. 5, 1850; aged 1 yr. 
6 mo. 

EDMOND, son of Edmond and Sarah (Warren) Fogg b. 
Mar. 31, 1777 ; m. Dec. 24, 1804, Hannah, dau. of Samuel 

and Hannah (Hoit) York, b. ; d. . He d. . 

Their ( Ihildren : 

(1) Charles, b. Jan. 12. 1807; m. 1st, Susannah Fogg, 

dau. of ami Fogg, b. 1800 ; d. Dec. 10. 

1837 : 2nd. Thankful, dau. of Caleb and Mar- 


garet (Morse) Dunham; b. Apr. 26, 1819. 
Their Children : — 

Susan Frances, b. Dec. 3, 1841. Charles War- 
ren, b. Mar. 3, 1846 ; d. June 22, 1879. 

(2) Edmond, b. Nov. 1, 1808 ; m. Oct. 31, 1837, Mary 
Ann, dau. of Thomas and Rachel (Fogg) Warff, 
b. May 11, 1816. He d. Mar. 16, 1850 ; his wid- 
ow m. Aug. 5, 1857, Calvin Stevens, b. , 

1812 ; d. Feb. 16, 1881 ; one son by second m., 

James Stevens, b. ; June 17. 1883, Etta M. 

Royal, of North Yarmouth Me. ; Their Child- 
ren : — 

Charles Edmond, b. Jan. 14, 1840, at New 
Gloucester, Me., m. May 13, 1860, Ruth R. 
Wilbur, b. Jan. 27, 1841, dau. of Jacob and 
Ann Wilbur of New Gloucester, Me. No 
John S., b. Nov. 7, 1841, at New Gloucester 
Me., m. March 9, 1867, Abbie Frances Cum- 
mings of Portland, Me., resides in Conn. No 
Harriet A., Fogg, b. Mar. 8, 1850, at New 
Gloucester, Me., m. Mar. 8, 1870, Samuel 
T. Snow of Pownal, Me. Their children : — 

Mary E. , b. ; m. June, 1889, Dr. Tenny, 

d. Nov. 27, 1889, leaving 2 children ; Arthur 
C, b. Aug. 10, 1889. Percival H., b. July 
19, 1897. 

Nellie Florence, b ; m. Oct. 30, 1895, J. 

B. Clark, 2 chldren ; Carroll H., b. Oct. 6, 
1897; Lealie W., b. July 30 1899. 
Fred L., b. 1887, resides with his parents at 
Pownal, Maine. 


(3). Elliot York, third son of Edmoncl and Hannah 
(York) Fogg, b. Oct. 31, 1810; m. Dec. 6, 
18-40, Adiline, dau. of Jonathan and Hannah 
(Harris) Bennett, b. May 23, 1814; d. Feb. 
23, 1892. He d. May 7, 1889; 1 dau. Harriet 
Newell 1). July 24, 1848; m. Dec. 14, 1871, 
William Henry Harris, son of Jesse C. and Eliza 
(Toothaker) Snow ; b. Oct.l, 1840 at Harps- 
well, Me ; 2 sone, George Elliot, b. Sept. 12, 
1873 ; d, Jan. 9, 1875 ; Irwin Fogg, b. July 11, 

Walter. Fogg 2nd, son of Edraond 5 and Sarah (Warren) 
Fogg, b. in Standish, Me., Feb. 15, 1779; came with his 
father to New Gloucester in March, 1780. He m. Mar.' 

1803, Dorathy McTntire, dau. of and Mclntire, b. 

June 30, 1783; d. Mar. 20. 1868. He d. Mar. 4, 1852- 
He moved with his family to Greene, Me., sometime between 
Feb. 1804 and June 1805, where he bought land of Abner 
Brown; deed given Aug. 13, 1805. Took up and improved 
a part of Lot 218 ; deed given Sept. 3, 1814. The place is 
still known as "The Old Fogg Place." He afterward moved 
to the southwestern part of the town, where descendants of 
three of his sons now live, known as Fogg's Corner. He 
was a farmer and shoemaker, a man who intended to pay his 
lawful debts and keep square with the world judging from 
his papers and accounts. His Children were : — 


I. Edmond, b. Feb. 24, 1804. 

II. Sally, b. June 23, 1805; d. Dec. 21, 1841; unmar- 


III. Mary, b. Apr. 25, 1807; d. Aug. 31, 1876; unmar- 



IV. Benjamin, b. Aug. 2, 1810. 

V. Samuel L., b. May 23, 1812. 

VI. George, b. May 10, 1816. 

VII. Joan, b. Oct. 23, 1819 : d. June 21, 1895; unmarried. 
All but Edmond b. in Greene, Me. 

Edmond 7 , son of Walter and Dorathy Mclntire Fogg, b. 
Feb. 24, 1804; came with his father to Greene, Me.; m. 
March 9, 1830. Abigail, dau. of Wiswall, and Abigail 
(Bradbury) Seabury, granddaughter of Benj and Ellinore 
(Fellows) Bradbury, and great-granddaughter of Moses and 
Abigail (Fogg) Bradbury, b. in Auburn, Oct. 29, 1870; d. 
Jan. 19, 1874. He d. June 14, 1882. Their Children b. 
in Greene were: — 


1. Evelenah Merriman, b. Dec. 28, 1830; m. Nov. 21, 
1850, Cyrus B. Howe, son of Ephraim Sherman 
and Lydia Barker Howe, b. March 25, 1826 ; 
d. Apr. 6, 1861, at the Battle of Pittsburg 
Landing, in service of the U. S. A. Their 
Children were : — 


(1) Emma Lydia 9 , b. Aug. 16, 1853 in Maine, d. Feb. 

24, 1855, at Mount Morris, Wisconsin. 

(2) Ella Cassandana, b. Mar. 4, 1854, at Mount Morris, 

Wis., m. there Dec. 20, 1873, to James P. 
Campbell ; b. 1853. She d. at Elkhorn, South 
Dakota, May 19, 1887, leaving 7 Children:— 

(1) Annie Bell, b. Nov., 1874 ; m. Giles; 

two children. (2) William H., b. Sept. 1876; 
(3) Sidney C, b. Dec. 1878; (4) Fred Gor- 
don, b. Jan. 15, 1881 ; (5) Eva Viola, b. Mar. 
8, 1883 ; (6) Ora Ella, b. Mar. 30, 1885 ; (7) 
Ralph Campbell, b. May 18, 1887. 


(3) Edmund Sherman 9 , b. Mar. 15, 1860, at Mount Mor- 

ris, Wis., m. Jan 15, 1896, Georgia, dau. of 
Edward and Salina Young, b. Dec. 21, 1871 ; 
have one son Clarence Sherman, b. Feb. 13, 1901. 

(4) Abbie Viola 9 , b. Aug. 21, 1861 ; m. Jan. 1, 1881, 

George A. Works, son of Jotham and Huldah 
Works of Abbott, Me., b. Mar. 14, 1857. Their 
Children:— (1) Bertha Viola, b. Feb. 8, 1884; 
m. Oct. 28, 1901, Fred H. Gamage, son of 
Howard and Emiline Gamage of Greene ; one 
son, Elwin Harvey, b. Oct. 27, 1902. (2) 
Huldah Evelina," b. June 5, 1888, at Abbott. 
(3) Clayton, b. Feb. 5, 1898, at Greene, Me. 
II. Georgianna Gray, b. Dec. 21, 1832; m. Jan. 5, 1850, 
David N. Moulton, son of Henry and Roxellana 
Moulton, b. May 15, 1826. She d. March 19, 
1884. Their Children were :— 
Clara A., b. July 19, 1851 ; m. Nov. 26, 1874, 
David Race of Abbott, Me.; b. Apr. 12, 
1832; d. Jan. 28, 1893 ; no children. 
William Otis, b. Nov. 8, 1852; m. Dec. 5, 
1881, Abbie C. Cole, of Monson, b. 1854; 
have one son, Irving C, b. Feb. i4, 1889. 
Edmond Fogg, b July 19, 1854; m. Apr. 2, 
1883, Vesta Ann, dau. of Samuel and Marg- 
aret (Rounds) Fogg, b. June 13, 1857 ; have 
one dau., Georgianna Grey, b. Dec. 10, 1884. 
Charles Ellery, b. Sept. 2, 1858. 
Jennie Ellen, b. Jan. 6, 1867; m Feb. 12, 
1889, Harold E. Race of Abbott, b. Aug 11. 
1871. Have two children: Ruby C, b. June 
12, 1890; Beula E., b. June 10, 1901. 
III. Mary Cummings, b. Oct. 3, 1835 : never married. 


IV. George Ellery, b. Sept. 3, 1837 ; m. 1st, Octavia El- 

len, dau. of Dea. Samuel and Sally (Drake) 

Maloon of Leeds, Me., b. ; d. Oct. 13, 

1866. He m. 2nd, Sept. 27, 1872, Lucretia A. 
dau. of George and Huldah H. (Cole) Fogg ; b. 
Oct. 15, 1843. His Children by 1st wife are : — 
Edmond Linneans, b. May 11, 1862; ra. Jan* 

11, 1884, Carrie A., dau. of Ephriam and 

Atwood of Buckfield, Me. ; b. May 3, 1860; 
1 child, Grace Emily, b. March 28, 1886. 
Hampden Allen, b. Sept. 1, 1863 ; m. Vesta 
Linscott, dau. of Europe Jones of Turner, 

Me. ; b. ; no children. 

Almon Winfield, b. July 4, 1865 ; m. June 30, 
1897, Alice E., dau. of John and Emma 
Knowls, b. Nov. 5, 1871. Their Children:— 
George Ellery, b. Apr. 22, 1898 ; Edmond 
Linneans, b. Apr. 29, 1900 ; d. Apr. 1, 1901. 
Ethna Lucretia, b. May 23, 1902. By 2nd 
wife, Merton Alston, b. Dec. 1, 1873; m. 
Sept. 2, 1897, Annie Leora, dau. of Charles 
and Leora (Upton) Richardson of Greene ; b. 
Nov. 21,1875. No children. 

V. Emily Bradbury, b. June 6, 1839; m. Nov. 1859, 

Albion K. P. Moulton, son of Henry and Rox- 
ellana Moulton; b. Oct. 15, 1834. She d. June 
15, 1888; one child, Florinda, b. June 27, 
1862; m. 1st, Oct. 15, 1880, Fred E. Butler 
ot Bingham, Me. ; 2nd, Samuel M., son of Ivory 
Adams of Greene, Me. ; one child, b. Sept. 28, 
1901. ^yfi-e^^w^t^ £^~*-^ty 

VI. Mandana Augusta, b. Aug. 10, 1840; d. Jan. 18, 


VII. Harriet Ellen, b. Jan. 23, 1843; m. Aug. 18, 1861, 


Thomas F. Stevens, son of Aaron and Olive 
Cummings Stevens, b. Feb. 4, 1836. She d. 
Feb. 8, 1893. Their Children were :— 
Arthur Edgcomb, b. May 4. 1862 ; m. Jan. 3, 

1889, Lillian Bell, dau. of James and 

Skillings of Saco ; b. Dec. 25, 1864; have 2 
children ; Hazel May, b. Aug. 19, 1889 ; 
Everett Allen, b. Oct. 19, 1901. 
Charles Almon, b. Dec. 26, 1863 ; m. March, 
1894, Velma, dau. of Charles and Wey- 
mouth of Lewiston, Me., b , 1 son, Charles 

Thomas, b. Aug., 1894. 
Herbert Allerson, b. Oct. 1, 1865 ; m. Oct. 27, 
1888, Myrtie M., dau. of John and Mary 
(Tompson) Parker of Greene; b. Nov. 18, 
1869 ; three Children :— Pearl L., b. May 
17, 1889; Parker Francis, b. Mar. 26, 1894; 
Allerson Waldo, b. June 25, 1903. 
Leilia Ellen, b. Jan. 11, 1867; d. Oct. 18, 

1890 ; aged 23. 
Annie Maria, b. June 19, 1879; m. June, 
1897, Ernest Fields, son of David and 
Dorcas Fields, b. of Auburn,Me. ; 2 Child- 
ren; Orlando Hampden, b. May 27, 1899; 
Mirriam Dorcas, b. May 11, 1900. 
VIII. Charles Allerson, b. Nov. 20, 1845; m. May 1, 
1866, R. Josephine, dau. of Hezekiah and Eliz- 
abeth (Warren) Murry of Greene, b. July ffS,2;% 
1849 ; was member of Co. A., 30 Maine IT. S. 
Vol. Their children were: — George Morrill, b. 
Oct. 17, 1867: m. Dec. 31, 1892, Alice M., 
dau. of A. B. and Annie Maria (Mower) Donell 
of Greene; b. Feb. 2, 1871, 1 child : Elmer D., 
b. June 7, 1894. 


Walter Charles, b. June 17, 1868; m. Aug. 17, 
1892, Minnie A., dau. of John and Alice 

Garner of Lewiston, Me. ; b. . Their 

Children :— Marion B., b. Apr. 25, 1896; 
John Garner, b. May 5, 1900 ; reside at Port- 
land, Me. 
Clara Josephine, b. May 22, 1871 ; m. Sept. 28, 
1889, Charles W. Covill of Lewiston ; d. Apr. 
1, 1893, leaving 2 children ; Florence May, 
b. Jan. 7, 1890 ; Clara E., b. Apr. 6, 1892. 
Alice May, b. Oct. 2, 1873 ; m. June 21, 1893, 
Josiah Greely Penley, son of Ferdinand and 

Eliza Jordan Penley of Auburn, Me ; b. ; 

d. June, 1898 ; instantly killed by falling from 
the G. T. R. R. bridge between Lewiston and 
Auburn, in attempting to ride across on a bi- 
cycle ; 1 son, Ferdinand J., b. Aug. 9, 1895. 
IX. Addison Washburn, b. June 30, 1848 > 
X. Dennison Ambrose, b. June 30, 1848 £ 

twins, never married, live in Greene, Me. 
Benjamin 7 2nd son of Walter and Dorethy (McIntire)Fogg, 
b. Aug. 2, 1810; m. Oct. 1845, Nancy, dau. of Jude and 
Nancy Crawford Hydes of Bath, Me., b. Mar. 9, 1818 ; d. 
Nov. 2, 1884. He d. Oct. 26, 1847 ; 1 child, Mary Ellen ; 
b. Jan. 18, 1847 ; m. Nov. 7, 1872, James S. McGillivary 
son of Alexander McGillivary, D. D., of Inverness, Scotland, 
and Elizabeth Skinner, dau. of Dr. James Skinner, reside at 
Chelsea, Mass. ; James S. McGillivary, d. Dec. 23, 1902, at 
his home, 100 Washington Ave. 

Samuel 7 L., 3d son of Walter and Dorethy Mclntire Fogg, 
b. May 23, 1812; m. 1st, Abigail Chandler, dau. of Moses 
and Anna Chandler Bailey ; b. Oct. 31, 1817; mar. 1839. 
She d. May 26, 1846, aged 28 years ; 1 child, Vesta, b. 
July, 1840 ; d. Dec. 2, 1840. He m. 2nd, Oct., 1846, Mar- 


garet, dau. of William and Nancy Rounds of Gray, Me ; b. 
Feb. 26, 1816; d. Oct. 10, 1889. He d. Nov. 16, 189-3. 
Their Children : — 

(1) Moses, b. Aug., 1847 ; d. Aug. 18, 1848. 

(2) Moses Bailey, b. July 8, 1849 ; never married. 

(3) Abigail Chandler, b. July 18, 1851 ; m. May 25, 

1871, John C, son of Aaron and Dorcas Dear- 
bon Daggett, of Greene, Me. She d. Sept. 14, 
1877. He d. Dec. 12, 1902. Their Children ; 

Aaron, b. Dec. 19, 1871 ; Augusta, b. Aug. 

3, 1873 ; Walter F., b. Jan. 1875. 

(4) Walter, b. Apr. 8, 1853 ; d.- 

(5) Nancy Rounds, b. Apr. 30, 1855; m. Sept. 23, 

1880, Henry L. Caswell, son of Jedidiah and 

Priscilla Caswell of Greene ; b. ; have one 

child, Charles W. Taggart Caswell ; b. July 9, 
1883. They reside at Winthrop, Me. 
Vesta Ann, b. June 13, 1857 ; m. Apr. 2, 1883, Edmond 
F., son of David N. and Georgianna G. Fogg Moulton of 
Abbott, b. July 19, 1854 ; have 1 child, Georgianna Grey, 
b. Dec. 10, 1884 ; reside at Abbott, Me. 
jk~ George 4 , son of Walter and Dorethy Mclntire Fogg, b. 

May 10, 1816; m. July 10, 1842, Huldah Howard, dau. of 
Jeremiah and Lucy Snell Cole, b. Jan. 30, 1818 ; d. Jan. 3 ? 
1894. He d. May 28, 1892. Their Children :— 

Lucretia Ann, b. Oct. 15, 1843; m. Sept. 27, 
1872, George E., son of Edmond and Abigail 
Fogg, have 1 child: Merton Aliston, b. Dec. 1, 
1873 ; m. Sept. 2, 1897, Annie Leora, dau. of 
Charles and Leora Richardson, b. N<>\ . 
21, 1S75 : no children; reside in Lewiston, Mr. 
Almon, b. Apr. 25, 1845; d. May 7, 1864, at 
New Orleans, Louisana, aged 19 years, 12 
days. Private in Co. G., 30th Maine. 

^-^ *> j & . 


Horace, b. Jan. 26, 1847 ; m. Jan. 25, 1872, 
Ann Louisa, dau. of Forris and Marilla t_Bar- 
ker?Seabury, b. Apr. 26, 1849, in Auburn, 
Me. Two Children : — Lester Linwood, b. 
Sept. 10, 1873 ; Ireton Willard, b. Feb. 7, 
1879 ; reside at Greene, Me. 
Anna, 5th child of Edmond and Sarah Warren 
Fogg, b. June 13, 1781. 
(7) Samuel, b. Aug. 10, 1783 ; m. Mary Cushman ; re- 
moved to Guilford, Me. ; his Children : Han- 
nah, b. — ; m. — Pond ; Cynthia, b. — ; m. — Ware 
of Orrington ; Ruth, b. — ; m. — Snow of Brewer ; 
twins, b. — ; d. — ; Aseneth, b. — ; m. — Severance 
of Guilford, Me. Children : — Emma ; Sarah, 
b. — ; m. Anthony Stevens of Guilford ; Mary, b. 
— ; m. — Drake of Abbott, Me. ; Salina, b. — ; 
m — . — Witham of Abbott, Me., Giles, b. — ; m. 
Louisa — Their Children : George, Giles, Hattie, 
William, 8th child of Edmond and Sarah (Warren) Fogg, 
b. Apr. 23, 1785 in New Gloucester, Me. ; m. Esther, dau. 
of William and— Moody ; b. Dec. 9, 1780 ; d. Feb. 23, 1866. 
He d. May 29, 1828, at Hebron, Me. Their Children ,— 

(1) Charles, b. Aug. 14, 1807 ; d. Sept. 5, 1807. 

(2) Maria, b. June 30, 1808 ; m. Joseph Mars- 

(3) William, b. Nov. 5,1810; d. July 22, 1811. 

(4) Nathan, b. Apr. 17, 1812; m. Feb. 1, 
1835, Ruth Doe. 

(5) Sylvanus, b. Mar. 15, 1814 ; m. Mary A. 

(6) Esther, b. Nov. 1816 ; m. Joseph Titcomb. 

(7) Lucy Ann, b. June 12, 1819; m. Alex G. 


(8) William, b. Apr. 59, 1825; d. in 1891 or 

(9) Catherine, b. Sept. 2, 1827; d. Nov. 7, 

(10) Edmond, b— ; d. Feb. 6, 1828. 

Maria, 2nd child of William and Esther (Moody) Fogg : 
b. June 30, 1808 ; m. Joseph Marstin ; son of — and — Mars- 
tin ; b — : d. — . She d. — No Children. 

Nathan, 4th child of William and Esther (Moody) Fogg, 
b. in New Gloucester, Me., Apr. 17, 1812 ; m. Feb. 1, 
1835, Ruth Doe (or Dow) of Falmouth, Me. ; b. Mar. 19, 
LSI.'} ; married at Hebron by Elder Joseph Hutchinson (is 
living at Paris, Me., at this time, 1903). His wife d. June 
30,1903. Five Children :— 

^1) Nancy A., 1). at Hebron, Me., Oct. 1. 1836. 

(2) Sarah Jane, b. Aug. 4, 1838, at Pans. 

(3) Elsie Dana, b. Dec. K), 1839, at Hebron 
Me. ; m. Oct. II, 1862,— Bray : No Chil :— 

(4) Ruth Ann, b. Aug. 21, 1841, Hebron, 
Me.; d. Dec. 25, 1853. 

(5) Lucy Ellen, b. Feb. 4, 1850, at Poland. 
Me. ; d. Jan. 15, 1854. 

Nancy A., dau. of Nathan and Ruth (Doe) Fogg; m. 
Sept.. 1, 1753, Jonathan Everett. 

Sarah Jane, dau. of Nathan and Ruth (Doe) Fogg; m. 
3 times : 1st, William Simons; 2nd, Daniel Winder; 3rd, 
— Chesley. 

Svlvanus, son of William and Esther (Moody) Fogg; b. 
Mar. 15, 1814 in New Gloucester, Me.; m. 1837 at Baily- 
vill, Me., Mary A. Crosby, b. Oct. 20, 1812 at Yarmouth, 
N. S. He (1. in Bailyvill, Me., Nov., 1851. She d. Aug. 
30,1887. Their Children :— William Henry, b. Dec. 1, 
1838 j d. in South Carolina in 1863 ; Esther, b. 1840; d. 

3 If 77 -61 



1843, at Bailyvill, Me. ; Bathsheba, b. Apr. 4, 1842 ; m — 
Noyse ; reside at Topsfield, Me. ; George Monroe, b. Apr. 
29, 1844 ; Leonard, b. May 13, 1846 ; d. Oct. 1892 at Ox- 
ford, Miss.; Alonzo, b. Apr. 20, 1850; d. Apr. 20, 1852 at 
Bailyvill, Me. 

Esther, dau. of William and Esther (Moody) Fogg; b. 
Nov. 1817; m. Joseph, son of — and Lucretia (Johnson) 
Titcomb, b. May 2, 1830; d. Mar. 1, 1873. She d. May 
26, 1851, at New Gloucester. Their Children : — 

(1) Susan Jackson, b. July 7, 1842, at Hebron, Me.; 

m. 1st, C. W. Phelps; 2nd, Sept. 25, 1882, at 
Gloucester, Mass., Samuel C, eldest son of Sam- 
uel C. and Lydia (Adams) Douglass of East 
Gloucester, Mass. He d. Feb. 22, 1898; 
Dropped dead while ringing the church bell. 

(2) Adrianna, b. at New Gloucester, Me., 1S44 ; d. Feb. 

20, 1882. 

(3) Joseph Dana, b. 1846 ; m. Maria Derbon ; reside in 

Newark, N. J. Four Children : 0&jA^ y Edith, 
Montrose, Hortense. 

(4) Sarah Alice, b.— N. G., Me., d. Aug., 1851. 
Lucy Ann, dau. of William and Esther (Moody) Fo 

b. June 12, 1819; m. Nov. 24, 1852, Alexander G. Tur 
ner, of Hebron, Me. He d. July 8, 1886; She d. Apr. 4. 
1903. Were married in Lewiston, Me., by Rev. J. S. Bur- 
gess. Their Children : — 

Charles Gillman, b. June 16, 1854 ; d. Mar. 22, 

Adoniram Judson, b. Feb. 18, 1856 ; resides at 

Hebron, Me. 
Charles Howard, b. Dec. 12, 1862 ; d. — 1897. 
William, son of William and Esther (Moody) Fogg, b. 
Apr. 29, 1825 ; m. — ; removed to the West ; 1 dau., Aman- 
da, b. — ; m — ; resides in Mass. 

Elizabeth, dau. of Edmond and Sarah (Warren) Fogg, 
b. Mar. 24,-i##S ; m.— Giles Merrill. 







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