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Full text of "Genealogy of the Greenlee families : in America, Scotland, Ireland and England : with ancestors of Elizabeth Brooks Greenlee and Emily Brooks Greenlee, also genealogical data on the McDowells of Virginia and Kentucky"

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WILLIAM QEEENLEE,' probably brother of Edward of West Virginia; mar- 
ried- » 


2. L John; married Jane Reynolds.+ 

3. n. Edward, born September 8, 1761; married ; married 

second Hannah Greenlee.+ 

4. IIL Jane; married Reynolds; married second Anderson.-j- 

5. IV. Frank. ( t) 

JOHN GREENLEE,* son of William Greenlee, was born in Ireland; married 
in 1788, JANE REYNOLDS; farmer and blacksmith. 


Morris, bom August 6, 1790; married Nancy E. Kimberling.+ 

Hamilton; married Frances Prewett.-j- 

John, born November 4, 1803 ; married Pantha Jane Morris. -f 

Mortimer; died unmarried. 

William ; died unmarried. 

Jane (or Nancy) ; married Jfichael Seay. She removed with her 
family, being then a widow, to Marion County, Illinois, at the 
time of early settlement of that state. Her descendants are 
numerous in that locality. 

EDWAED GREENLEE,* son af William Greenlee, was bom September 8, 

1761 in Ireland; died August 23, 1839; married ; married second, 

HANNAH GREENLEE [No. 18, Descendants of Edward of West Virginia] 
"who was born August 26, 1773, died August 2, 1849, or February 23, 1865, in 
Mason Co., West Virginia, daughter of Edward Greenlee and Anna Henry. 


















Samuel, born September 20, 1793, or 1792; married Elizabeth 

Anna, born January 4, 1795; married Bobert Jolmson.+ 

Alexander, bom March 28, 1798. 

Edward, bom January 10, 1801 ; married Margaret Holdway ; mar- 
ried second Grass. -J- 

James, born January 1, 1803, or 1800; married Emily Hart.-)- 

Robert, born November 10, 1805; unmarried. 

Francis, born October 29, 1808; married EUen V. Stephenson. -}- 

Eastham ("Esom"), born January 12, 1811; unmarried. 

Rachel, bom August 26, 1813; married James Shields. -|- 

EDWARD GREENLEE came from L-eland (or Scotland) when only five 
years of age and lived in Botetourt County, Virginia; removed from that part 
of the state to the western part of the same state, now West Virginia, at an 
early day and settled in Mason County. He had two brothers, John and Frank, 
all of them pilots on the Great Kanawha — said to have been the best pilots that 
ever made the run from Charleston to Cincinnati. He was in the Revolutionary 
war and stood within a short distance when ComwaUis suirendered [October 
19, 1781]. 

JANE GREENLEE,2 daughter of William Greenlee, was bom in L-eland ; died 
at the Salines, Kanawha Creek, just above Charleston, West Virginia ; married 
REYNOLDS; married second ANDERSON. 
























23. I. Eliza Reynolds. 

24. n. Charles Reynolds. 

25. HI. Ann Reynolds. 


MORRIS GREENLEE S fJohnGreenlee' William Greenlee > | . 

i Jane Rejnolas I 

son of John Greenlee and Jane Reynolds, was born August 6, 1790 in Botetourt 
Co., Virginia ; died in the spring of 1861, or 1864, at Allerton, Wayne Co., Iowa 
and was buried in the Cambria cemetery ; married in 1810 at Arbuckle, Mason 
Co., West Virginia, MISS NANCY E. KIMBERLING, born in 1791 at Arbuckle, 
West Virginia, or in Bath Co., Virginia, died in the fall of 1868 at Allerton, 
Iowa and was buried in Cambria. He was a farmer ; in politics Whig ; Demo- 
crat; in religion, Baptist; moved to Mason Co., West Virginia and resided 
there until 1856 when they removed to Wayne Co., Iowa. 



26. L Nancy Jane, bom November 20, 1811; married William Arbuckle 

Nelson. + 

27. XL Eliza, born December 21, 1813; married William Sullivan. -|- 

28. in. Clark, born December 28, 1816; married Day; married 

second Angaby Biims.+ 

29. IV. Morgan, born May 14, 1819 ; married Eliza Jane Greenlee ; married 

second Iilrs. Melissa Louden. -|- 

30. V. Lewis Leonidas, born August 24, 1821; married Permelia Sayers; 

married second Frances Johnson ; married third Hannah Maria 

31. VL Harriet, bom October 17, 1826; married Granvel W. Shelton.-f- 

32. Vn. Ann, bom October 15, 1831; married Samuel Kelso Rinard.-)- 

33. VilL Morris, bom November 15^ 1834; married Rebecca Lowder.+ 

- 7. 

HAMILTON GREENLEE 3 {J°hnGre^nIe€« William Greenle e' J 

son of John Greenlee and Jane Reynolds, died in Missouri; married MISS 
FRANCES PREWETT ; moved with his family from West Virginia to Missouri. 


34. L James. 

35. n. Evaline. 

36. in. Lewis. 

37. IV. Mason. 


JOHN GREENLEE 3 {JaDeBrnolde* William Greenle e ' J 

son of John Greenlee and Jane Reynolds, was born November 4, 1803; died 
September 14, 1834 twelve miles southeast of Point Pleasant, West Virginia; 
married August 13, 1830, PANTHA JANE MORRIS, who was bom in Decem- 
ber, died April 25, 1849. He was a river Captain on the Great Kanawha river 
in West Virginia. His widow married second in 1839, Warren Day Everett. 


38. I. JIaria Eliza, born ^lay 12, 1831 ; married James CaldwelL-f- 

39. II. America, bom June 15, 1833; died May 12, 1836. 

40. III. John Carrol I^Iorris, born January 14, 1835; married Polly ; 

married second Josephine Brack.-}- 




BAIIUEL GSEEIILESS fEdwardGreenlee* WUIlam Oreenle* > \ 
v.<^ ~ " ( Bannali Greenlee / 

BOH of Edward Greenlee and Hannah Greenlee, was bom September 20, 1792, 
or 1793 ; married ELIZABETH KIMBERLINQ, a siater of Nancy B. Kimber- 
ling who married Morris Greenlee. He moved from Mason Co., West Yirginia, 
to Indiana, settling on the Wabash Biver. 

4L L Ira. 
42. n. Robert 



















AHHA 0EEB1ILE3 8 { Hannlh SrllSlS ' ^"""°°''"°'" ' } 

daughter of Edward Greenlee and Hannah Greenlee, was bom Jannary 4, 
1795 ; married ROBERT JOHNSON. 


Hannah Johnson ; married Hutcheson McDamel, or McDanieL 
William Johnson-, married Elizabeth Law. 
Edward Johnson; married Sarah Law, sister of Elizabeth. 
John Johnson; married Jane Harden. 
David Johnson, bom June 26, 1829; nnmarried. 
Mary Jane Johnson ; married William Chapman. 
Lewis Johnson; married Eliza Clark in Knox Co., Missonri. 
Robert Johnson; went into the Union army in 1862; died nnmar" 
ried December 3, 1863. 


SDWARD GBESNLSES r Edward Creenlee » William Greenlee • » 

I liaDDah Greenlee / 

son of Edward Greenlee and Hannah Greenlee, was bom January 10, 1801 
at Leon, Mason Co., West Virginia, or Botetourt Co., Virginia; died in 1875 
in Mason Co., Virginia; married MARGARET HOLD WAY, who was bora in 
Mason Co., West Virginia and died when son Lewis was quite young; married 

second GRASS. He was a farmer; in politics, Democrat; in religion. 

Baptist ; resided in Mason Co., West Virginia. He had cousins, John and Tom, 
who were pilots on the Ohio River. 


51. I. Eliza Jane, bora March 23, 1821 ; married Morgan Greenlee.+ 

52. II. Rachel; married George Shields. 










Lewis, bom March 29, 1825; married Mary Lovel Thornton. -f- 
George ; married in Indiana ; had five sons and three danghters. 
Columbus, bom October 15, 1833; married Jane Bum8.+ 
Betty; married Harry Bice. . 


■■■."-■'■-. . •  • 

JAHES 6EESHLSS> i Edward Greenlee • WUllam Greenlee « l 
»«.:««-..;-.— 1=..^- -J jjjnn^ Greenlee i 

son of Edward Greenlee and Hannah Greenlee, was bom January 1, 1800, or 
1803; mai-ried EMILY HART; moved out West. They had one daughter and 
seven sons. 


FBANCI3 6SSEIILES 8 {Edward Greenle^' William Greenle e » J 

son of Edward Greenlee and Hannah Greenlee, was bom October 29, 1808, or 
1804 in Mason Co., West Virginia; died March 23, 1889; married July 18, 1833, 
ELLEN V. STEPHENSON, bora February 20, 1812 in Mason Co., West Vir- 
ginia, died October 17, 1896, daughter of George C. Stephenson and Rebecca 
Edwards; resided in West Virginia. 

CHILDREN: '■ "';:'/l/::/ "^''^V V :•'■''■ Vs^'- 

Rebecca A., born September 8, 1833; married Samuel Bamett. 
Esom, born August 20, 1835; married Nancy J. Stephenson, 
Charles, bom October 20, 1837; married Susan Elkins. 
Martha J., bom April 15, 1840; married Nelson 0. Rise. ; 
Mary C, born April 10, 1842; married Isaac S. Blakemore. 
George A., born June 16, or 6, 1845 ; married Rachel McDermitt,-|- 
Hannah C, bom December 23, 1846 ; married Samuel Oliver. 
Edward M., born May 26, 1849 ; married Martha McKinney. 
Robert F., bom December 29, 1851 ; married Elenor Selby. 
Virginia E., bom August 1, 1854; married Israel Dunlap. 

22, ■■■■■;■• -.: .;■ ■■■,.:;::■:■■ 

BACHEL GREENLEE * i Edward Oreenlee • William Greenlee » I 

I llannab Greenlee / 

daughter of Edward Greenlee and Hannah Greenlee, was bom August 26, 1813, 
or 1808; married JAMES SHIELDS. 

Children, two sons and four daughters, all dead but one: 

67. Lewis Shields; lives near Point Pleasant, Mason Co., West Virginia, 































NANfiV TANK OREENI^E ■• f Morris Greenlw • John Greenlee « 

UAOK/X tl.&n£i uaXiXiniaJZiili j Nancj E. Klmberllng Jane Keyoold* 

William Greenlee > ) 

daughter of Morris Greenlee and Nancy E. Kimberling, was born November 
20, 1811 in Mason Co., West Virginia; died July 2, 1890 at Cambria, Wayne Co., 
Iowa; married in 1830 in West Virginia, WILLIAM AEBUCKLE NELSON, 
bom September 13, 1807 in West Virginia, died August 4, 1876 at Cambria, 
Iowa. He was a farmer; in politics, Republican; in religion, Baptist; resided 
at Cambria. 


Martha Nelson; married William White. 

Marshall Nelson; married Sarah Thompson; lives at Shawnee, 

John Morris Nelson; married Sarah McCutcheon, 
Nancy Jane Nelson, born May 20, 1835 ; married Andrew Jackson 

Chapman. "1- 

72. V. Mary Eliza Nelson, born May 15, 1838; married Josephus Mis- 


73. VI. Clark G. Nelson; married Ella Taylor. He survived his mother 

but has since died. His family resides at Corydon, Iowa. 
French L. Nelson; married Mary Elizabeth Greenlee.-|- 
Elizabeth Ann Nelson ; married Joseph McCutcheon ; lives at Leon, 

Fannie Nelson; married Charles Saddoris; lives at DeWitt, Iowa. 
James Lewis Nelson, bom February 13, 1848; married Harriet 

Agnes Clark.-f- 


1ST.T5IA fIR'R'P'.NT.'F'.'R < (Morris Gre<?Dlee« John Greenlee » William Greenlee  ) 
^U±^A \xa.£j£ji.^lAj[:ji:, j Nancy E. Kimberling Jane Reynold* — — — / 

daughter of Morris Greenlee and Nancy E. Kimberling, was born December 
21, 1813 in Mason Co., West Virginia; married WILLIAM SULLIVAN. He 
was a farmer; in religion. Baptist. 


Jemima Sullivan ; married Charles Newman ; lives in Missouri. 
Mary Sullivan; married William Newman, brother of Charles; lives 

in Missouri. .Z'^^-^'" 

Guilford Sullivan; lives near Leon, West Virginia. 
Alfred Sullivan; lives at Leon, West Virginia. 
Daniel Sullivan (youngest son) ; lives at Charleston, West Virginia. 





















CIiAEK OBKSNIiSS ^ /Morris Gre^nlee" John Greenlee " William Qreenle* > I 

( Nancy E. Klmberllng Jane Keynoldi y 

son of Morris Greenlee and Nancy E. Kimberling, was bora December 28, 

1816 in Mason Co., West Virginia; married DAY; married second 

ANQABY BUKNS; resided in Mason Co^ West Virginia. 

Children, by first marriage : ' 

83. I. Julius; lives at Shawnee, Oklahoma. 
By second marriage: 

84. II. George; lives in Mason Co., West Virginia. 

85. III. Caroline (eldest daughter) ; married Alfred Sullivan of Leon, Mason 

Co., West Virginia. 


lOTDTfflATJ (iTJ'R'P'.NT.F.E 1 f Morris Greenlee' John Greenlee » William Greenlee • > 
iSlUilSrUiin UXViirji'lliiliilj iNancjE. Klmberllng Jane Keynolds / 

son of Morris Greenlee and Nancy E. Kimberling, was bom May 14, 1819 at 
Leon, Mason Co., West Virginia; married May 1, 1841 at Leon, ELIZA JANE 
GREENLEE [No. 51] born March 23, 1S21 at Leon, died July 11, 1862 at Leon, 
daughter of Edward Greenlee and Margaret Holdway; married second MRS. 
MELISSA LOUDEN who died five months later. He was a farmer; in politics. 
Republican; in religion. Baptist; resided at Leon, West Virginia, 1901, 


86. I. William Clark, born May 1, 1842; married Lucinda M. Potter; 

married second Mrs. Hannah E. Dunlap; married third Emma 
M. Ely.+ 

87. XL Leila Ann, born February 29, 1844; married Thomas T. Feni- 

Mary Elizabeth, born June 4, 1846; married French L. Nelson. -}- 
John M., bom September 29, 1848; married Luretta Sullivan. 4- 
Harriet, born March 1, 1850; married William A. Ferguson. -j- 
Flora, bom May 5, 1853 ; married Henry Sullivan.+ 
Lucetta, born February 19, 1855; died I^Iareh 11, 1862. 
Virginia, born October 15, 1856; died January 28, 1857. 
Andrew Morgan, born April 23, 1858; married Missouri Pickens. -}- 
Anna Eliza, born April 23, 1858; died March 21, 1862. 
Alice, born Jlay 11, 1861; married William J. Martin. -|- 
Willard, bom April 7, 1863; married Laura Duff.+ 
Nancy Margaret, born November 6, 1865 ; married John L. Stone. -|- 

























William Greenlee • I 

SOD of Morris Greenlee and Nancy E. Kimberling, was bom August 24, 1821 
near Leon, Mason Co., West Virginia ; married May, 1853 near Ripley, Jackson 
Co., West Virginia, PARMETjTA SAYEES who was born near Ripley, West 
Virginia, died September, 1853 aged 19 years, 8 month and 26 days, in Jack- 
eon Co., West Virginia, daughter of Squire Sayers; married second December, 
1854 near Leon, West Virginia, TRANCES JOBD>JSON, bom April 29, 1836 in 
Pennsylvania, died January 18, 1856, or 1857, aged 20 years, 8 months and 20 
days, in Wayne Co., Iowa, daughter of William Johnson; married third April 
1, 1858 at Corydon, Wayne Co., Iowa, HANNAH MARIA PERRELL, bom 
August 26, 1840, daughter of Edward Ferrell and Rosilla Fisher. 










V twins, bora in 1855 or 1856; died in infancy. 


Lydia Minerva, bom in 1855 ; died January 13, 1892 in Iowa. 
RoziUa Priscilla, bom January 21, or 17, 1859 ; married Cheirleg 
Clinton Thompson. -|- 

102. V, John Morris, bom January 27, 1860 ; married Florence Melvina 

Chapman. -{- 

103. VI. Charles William, bora March 14, 1861 ; married Rosetta 

Andrew Fuller, bora March 9, 1862; died November 17, 1863. 
Edward Warren, bora August 2, 1863; married Emma Jane 

Seth Morgan, bom September 13, 1864; unmarried (1900). 
Marshall May, bom November 22, 1865; married Ida Bell 

Mary Elizabeth, bora Febmary 9, 1867; died May 1, 1881. 
Harriet Cappatolia, bom March 17, 1868; married William 
Ulysses Crock.+ 
110. Xni. Caroline Flora, bom October 18, 1869; married Benjamin Adi- 
son Helt.-|- 
Joseph Lewis, bom March 24, 187L 

Roland Lee, bom July 28, 1872; married Malinda Ellen Guinn.-}- 
Ira Newton, bora June 17, 1874; married Frances Ellen Con- 

Matilda Jane, bom August 24, 1876. 
Guilford Glenwood, bom June 6, 1880. 

LEWIS LEONIDAS GREENLEE was brought up on a farm and received 
a common school education. He taught school several terms, and on March 
13, 1853 was ordained to the ministry by Harmony Baptist church. Since then 


























Vr:J.5« -■ 




?/) — "^ 

Sn. J!!. MoIlCAN <;itKKNI.KE- 

No. 3<i. i.Kwis <;I:^:^:^'^^:^:. 



NE'.V yo?:k V 


he has been preaching, mostly in West Virginia and Iowa, although he has also 
spent some time in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Missouri and Kansas. In the 
spring of 1856 he removed with his family to Wayne County, Iowa, and wa» 
residing at Saxon in 1900. In polities, he is a Democrat. 

'... "■■'■■■'•-., 31. ' 

daughter of Morris Greenlee and Nancy E. Kimberling, was bom October 17, 
1826 in Mason Co., West Virginia; married in Virginia, GSANVEL W. SHEL- 
TON, who died December 25, 1889. They lived ten years in Indiana; removed 
to Iowa in 1860 ; resided at Corydon, Iowa ; in religion. Baptists. 

One child: 

116. N. E. Virginia Shelton, 

St. . 

ANN OS^!ISniiSS 4 f Morris Greenlee • John Greenlee • WUIlam Greenlee > I 
»j.iji.< v«juuu^<.uji^ju ^ Nancy E. Kimberling Jane Reynold* / 

daughter of Morris Greenlee and Nancy E. Kimberling, was bom October 15, 
1831 in Mason Co., West Virginia; died May 25, 1866 at Cambria, Wayne Co., 
Iowa ; married October 14, 1858 in Clay Township, Wayne Co., Iowa, SAMUEL 
KELSO RINARD, bom June 21, 1826 near Marietta, Washington Co., Ohio, 
son of John Binard and Nancy Bea. 


117. L Nancy Alice Rinard, bom October 5, 1859; married Thomas Edward 


118. n. Hannah Jane Rinard, bom January 14, 1861 ; married Ellsworth K 


119. HL John Morris Rinard, bom May 18, 1863; married Nora A. Hol- 

land- -j- 

120. rV. Ada Ann Rinard, bom May 13, 1866; adopted by Mrs. Shelton; 

married John Baxter, a Baptist minister ; lives at Corydon, Iowa. 

SAMUEL KELSO RINARD was brought up to hard work, clearing the 
forests, making rails, cutting and sawing logs for his father, etc. He com- 
menced milling when he was a small boy, and remained at home until he was 
twenty-eight, when he went to Iowa and engaged in farming. 

MORRIS GRE'EOT.EE * / Morris Greenlee » John Greenlee • William Greenlee • 1 
.uAv.uj.i.j.r^ vrxvjujLjj.iuuu ^ Nancy E. Kimberling Jane Reynolds / 

son of Morris Greenlee and Nancy E. Kimberling, was born No\^ember 15, 1834 
at Leon, Mason Co., West Virginia; died November 24, 1S98; married April 17, 
1862 REBECCA LOWDER, born May 29, 1848 in Indiana, daughter of Hiram 
Lowder and Rebecca (or Jemima Beal). 











12L I. Leonora, born June 20, 1865; married Frank Middlebrook, brother 

of Edward ; lives near Nampa, Idaho. 
EflSe, born May 27, 1867 ; married Edward Middlebrook.-}- 
Delmar, bom December 20, or 26, 1869; married Jennie McGolre; 

lives near High Point, Decatur Co., Iowa, 
Lida Mabel, bom June 11, 1872; died April 7, 1876. 
Clyde, bom November 25, 1878; died unmarried January 8, 1901. 

MORRIS GREENLEE moved from Mason County, West Virginia to Iowa 
in 1856, and resided at Corydon. He was a soldier in the Union army during 
the Civil war, and lost his health in the service of his country. He was a 
farmer; in polities, Democrat; in religion. Baptist. 

EFFIE GREENLEE graduated from the Corydon high school 

CLYDE W. GREENLEE graduated from the Corydon high school, then 
commenced the study of medicine, and had almost completed his course when 
his death occurred. 


MARLA ELIZA GREENLEE ^ {fCh^T^lrrru JS'n? ^eTol?.' 

William Greenlee » j. 

daughter of John Greenlee and Pantha Jane Morris, was born May 12, 1831; 
died March, 1881; married October 30, 1848, JAI\1ES CALDWELL. 

Children (thirteen, four pairs of twins, one set of triplets and two others) : 

126. I. Daughter; married Zola Roach; lives at Dunlap, Iowa. 


William Greenlee > I 

son of John Greenlee and Pantha Jane Morris, was bora January 14, 1835 at 
Creek 13, Mason Co., West Virginia; died April 17, 1886 near Portsmouth, 

Iowa; married in his 20th year in Iowa, POLLY who died about eight 

years after marriage; married second September 26, 1865 at East Des Moines, 
Iowa, JOSEPHINE BRACK, bom November 16, 1846 at Lone Tree, Illinois, 
daughter of George Washington Brack and Nancy Agnes HnlL 


•f . 

127. I. Ann Eliza ; died young. 

128. II. Jennie ; died young. 

129. in. Addie Zoe, bom August 11, 1867; died October 23, 1867. 












.- ■^.■-^  , . 

91 W »^! ft! 





?■ / 


N... 411 Mil ANI> MRS .lOIIX 


(Seated. I 

X.>. l.!l. FRANK fARKlil. tJRKEX 

">.*.', •>■ , * 

/■■^-•^ s 
















Bosie Isabelle, bom August 6, 1870 ; married Robert D. Kamsej.-J- 
Frank Carrol, born November 27, 1871 at Dea Moines, Iowa ; lives 

at Lafayette, Colorado; unmarried. 
Grace Maria, bom August 27, 1873; married Albert Benning.4- 
Josepb Bruce, bom September 9, 1875; unmarried. 
Dottie Dimple, bom November 13, 1878; died July 19, 1880. 
Henry Wakefield, bom November 13, 1883; died May, 1884. 

JOHN CABROL MORRIS GREENLEE moved with his mother and step- 
father from West Virginia to Missouri. His mother died when he was four- 
teen years old and his stepfather married again. John and his half brother 
were trying to plow one day, but they were so small that they could not make & 
success of iL His stepfather came out to show them how and they proceeded 
as directed, but yet did not make a success. Mr. Everett's wife came out and 
protested, whereupon John told her that Mr. Everett was not his father, nor 
was she his mother, and be went to his mother's brother Michael and remained 
with him. On one occasion while there he was told to carry some weeds to a 
certain place, but this was too slow to suit him, so he set them afire and burned 
up a lot of com, wheat and rails. On another occasion his uncle left him and 
a cousin to cultivate a certain amount of corn, and told them if it was not 
finished when he got home he would pimish them severely. lie was not very 
long away when some other boys came along going fishing and wanted them 
to go too. The work was not finished, but John said, "A scolding don't hurt 
and a whipping don't last long." They both received the promised whipping. 
He lived there until his uncle's death, after which he wont to work for the 
Western Stage Company, his first work being to lead stock over the road, and 
afterward he drove a team. He continued at this until the company sold all 
their good horses to the Overland Stage Company. lie then drove a bus for a 
while, and in 1870 commenced farming, which he followed in Dallas and Har- 
rison counties, Iowa. In politics he was Republican; in religion, Christian; 
resided at Osceola, Iowa. . 

FRANK CARROL GREENLEE has always farmed for a living. In 1895 
he removed from Portsmouth, Iowa to Kingfisher, Oklahoma, but was not suc- 
cessful there and soon went to Colorado, where he has since been acting as 
foreman on a ranch near Lafayette. 

JOSEPH BRUCE GREENLEE enlisted in Company C, 2nd Battalion, 5l8t 
Iowa Volunteers, on May 4, 1898 at Harlan, Iowa. From there he was taken 
to Des iloines and remained there until June 5, 1S9S, having been sworn into 
the United States service a few days before, and went with his regiment to the 
Phillippine Islands. 


LEWIS GREENLEE* iFdwardOrpenlce" Kiln ard On enlw • William OreoDlec > > 

son of Edward Greenlee and Margaret Holdway, was born at Leon, Mason Co., 
West Virginia; died October 8, 1892 aged ()7 ytars, C months and 10 days at 




















Point Pleasant, JIaaon Co., West Virginia; married December 25, 1849 at 
Leon, West Virginia, MARY LOVEL THORNTON, who was bom in Botetourt 
Co., Virginia, died September 4, 1895 aged 69 years, 4 months and 17 days, at 
Leon, daughter of Edward Thornton and Wright 


136. L Martha (eldest daughter), bom September 30, 1851; married W. 

P. Smith.+ 
Claybom, bom January 11, 1852; married Maria Kimberling.-f- 
Thomton Edward, bom May 22, 1853 ; married Miriam M. Good.-|- 
Margaret E., bom February 4, 1855 ; married Harrison Bennett.+ 
Mary M., married Charles Anderson. 
George, bom in 1864 ; married Ada Riffle. 
Luretta, bom in 1866 ; married Edward Elmberling. 
Lusetta, bom in 1866 ; married Asa Condee. 
Child; died. 
Child; died. 

LEWIS GREENLEE moved with his father to Indiana and settled on the 
Wabash River, near Terre Haute. The land being low and swampy, fever set 
in and his father became dissatisfied and moved back to West Virginia. Lewis 
went on the Ohio river as boatman and remained at this work for some time, 
making several trips to Cairo, Illinois. After his marriage he commenced farm- 
ing and continued it the remainder of his life. In politics he was a Republican; 
in religion. Baptist. 


COLTJIJBUS GEEEHLEB « iTi^'""^°^'%'^J^' ,,. Edward Oreenlee • 

ww^v^.:^^.^># w..>u^>^^..u^^u< \ Margaret noldway (7) Uaanab Greealee 

WIIIUUD Oreenlec > I 

son of Edward Greenlee, was bom October 15, 1833 at Terre Haute, Indiana; 
married March, 1863 in Mason Co., West Virginia, JANE BURNS, bom in 
1838 at Winfield, West Virginia, daughter of Thomas Bums and Elizabeth 
Grass; farmer; Democrat; Baptist; resided at Debby, Mason Co., West Vir- 


Sarah, bom March 30, 1870; married Otis Mattox. 
Mary, bom April 19, 1874; married L. C. Montgomery. 
Eliza, bom June 7, 1876 ; married W. W. Shelton. 
Martha, born September 9, 1878; married Jesse RusselL 
William, bom July 25, 1879. 
Blackburn, bora February 21, 1881. 














G^OROB A. ORSBNLRE * / FTand* Greenlee • Edward Greeolee • 

MLj\JB.\»JB, a. MiuuStatjliXi \ Eaien v. Stephenson Hannah Greenle* 

WlUlam Greenlee > l 

son of Francis Greenlee and Ellen V. Stephenson, was bom June 6, or 16, 1845 
in Mason Co., West Virginia; married April 8, 1865, RACHEL McDERmTT, 
born March 21, 1847, daughter of Calvin McDermitt and Mahala Peck; r^dea 
at Ambrosia, West Virginia. 


152. I. William J., bom July 27, 1868 ; married Sarah P. Adkins. 

153. IL Charles E., bora April 28, 1873 ; died June 15, 1876. 
154 m. Georgia B., bora April 11, 1885. 


HAIJOY JANE NELSONS f Nancy J. Greenlee « Morrla Greenlee » 

i.i.£U.<«wx ii.aj.'<_i x^ujjuvxi t William A. Nelson Nancy E. Kimherlln« 

John Greenlee • William Greenlee » l 

Jane Beynolda / 

daughter of Nancy Jane Greenlee and William Arbuckle Nelson, was born 
May 20, 1835 in Madison Co., Indiana; married in Wayne Co., Iowa, ANDREW 
JACKSON CHAPMAN, born January 5, 1831 in Hancock Co., Virginia, son of 
Thomas Chapman and Rachel Griffith. He is a farmer; in politics. Democrat; 
in religion, Baptist; resided at Cambria, Wayne Co., Iowa. 


155. I. Martha Ann Chapman, bora February 20, 1856; married David 


156. n. Rachel Chapman, bom January 17, 1858; married Arthur P. 

Marilda, bora Febraary 29, 1860; married John A. Kirby. 
French Chapman, born February 4, 1862; died December, 1862. 
Frances Chapman, bom February 4, 1862; married Charles W. 

Naomi Chapman, bom April 22, 1864; married David F. Clark. 
Alfred Chapman, bom January, 1867 ; died February 25, 1867. 
Leonidas Chapman, born April 23, 1868. 

Jlilligan Chapman, bora May 16, 1871 ; died October 9, 1872. 
Edman Chapman, bora August 15, 1875. 


MARY 'R'.TI^A N^T.SONB (Nancj- J. Greenlee* Morris Greenlee • John Greenlee • 

i..ui.jn.i xj-jx^.^. xiJu^ovxi t WUlam A. .Nelson Nancy E. Klmberllng Jane Reynold* 

William Greenlee • 1 . ^ .  

daughter of Nancy Jane Greenlee and William Arbuckle Nelson, was born 
May 15, 1838 in Jladison Co., Indiana; married September 25, 1860 at Cambria, 






























Wayne Co., Iowa, JOSEPHUS MISKDIINS, bom November 2, 1836 in Ohio, 
Bon of Harvey Mi«V irniTia and Harriet ShoflE. He is a Republican; Baptist; 
resides at Oskaloosa, Iowa. 


Ursula Miskimins, born July 16, 1861 ; died September 28, 1862. 
Edward M. Miskimins, bom March 21, 1863 ; died August 13, 1863. 
Etta Miskimins, bom January 6, 1865. 
Emma Ella Miskimins, bora Febraary 7, 1867; died November 1, 

Josephus Miskimins, bom June 22, 1873 ; died December 11, 1878. 
Josephine May Miskimins, bom Febmary 14, 1879; married May 

15, 1899, August R. Becker; died May 29, 1900. 
171. Vn. Child, bom July 28, 1880; died August 29, 1880. 


JAMF.S LBWIS TTRT.SnNS f Nancv Jane Greenlee • Morris Grefnle** John Greenlee • 

0Al.yL£jO LmSUV/IO aSUl^aUa i wmiam a. Nelson Nancj E. Klmberllng Jane Keynolds 

William Greenlee  1 

son of Nancy Jane Greenlee and William Arbuekle Nelson, was bora February 
13, 1848 at Pendleton, JIadison Co., Indiana ; married January 21, 1866 at Cam- 
bria, Wayne Co., Iowa, HARRIET AGNES CLARK, born May 8, 1844 at Cam- 
bridge, Gurnsey Co., Ohio, daughter of Birdsey Hill Clark and Amelia Shoff. 
He was in Insurance business ; in politics, Republican ; in religion, Baptist ; re- 
sided at Oskaloosa, Iowa. 


172. I. Arizona Nelson, bom November 22, 1866; married Henry Williams. 
173 n. Fannie Amelia Nelson, bom January 26, 1869; married Guy W. 

174. HL Ellie Estelle Nelson, bora October 12, 1870. 


WILLIAM CLARK GREENLEE " { "-f- g-°l«  J^a°S^ci?I.T.°^^r' ing 

John Greenlee • William Greenlee " 1 
Jane Eeynolda / 

son of Morgan Greenlee and Eliza Jane Greenlee, was bora May 1, 1842 at Leon, 
Mason Co., West Virginia ; married December 24, 1866, Lucinda M. Potter, born 
June 4, 1839 at Strattonville, Clarion Co., Pennsylvania, died August 30, 1873 
at Strattonville; married second December 27, or 23, 1874, MRS. HANNAH E. 
DUNLAP, who died May 26, 1878 ; married third November 27, 1879 EMMA M. 
ELY born October 9, 1857 at Mason Co., West Virginia, daughter of Seth E. 
Ely and Lodema SchlageaL 



175. L Ora 0., born October 11, 1867; married George W. Eckard. 

176. II. Otis 0., born September 22, 1869; married Dora Q. DoflE. 

177. in. Roy C, born January 20, 1881; unmarried (1901). 

178. IV. Nellie B., born February 12, 1886; unmarried (1901). 

WILLIAM CLARK GREENLEE enlisted in the Federal army, August 8, 
1862, and served as Orderly Sergeant of Company B, 13th West Virginia 
Volunteers until November, 1864, when he was commissioned Captain of the 
same company at the age of twenty-two — the youngest captain in the service 
of the state. He participated in the battles of Hurricane Bridge, Buffington's 
Island, Lynchburg, both battles at Winchester, Berrtsville, Bolivar Heights, 
Fisher's Hill, and Cedar Creek. He was confined to the hospital once for a 
period of six weeks. He was mustered flut of the service at Wheeling, West 
Virginia, June 22, 1865, and returned home to engage in agricultural pur- 
suits. Later he became the proprietor of a flouring mill at Leon, West Vir- 
ginia. In 1866 he was elected Treasurer of Cologne district; in 1880 County 
Commissioner, drawing the four year term ; and in 1885 was appointed Deputy 
Sheriff, in which capacity he served for twelve years. In religion, he was a 


T.TITT.A ANN ftP'R'RNT.'R'R B f Morgan Grwnle* « Morris Greenlee • John Greenlee • 

X^IOjA Ana VrXirj^inioXiA i Eliza J. Greenlee .Nancy E. Klmberllng Jane Keynolda 

William Greenlee » l . 

daughter of Morgan Greenlee and Eliza Jane Greenlee, was born February 29, 
1844 at Leon, Mason Co., West Virginia; died August 2, 1873; married 
THOilAS T. PENIMORE, born August 20, 1837. 


179. I. George Fenimore, bom October 5, 1S61; lives at Allerton, Iowa. 

180. n. Laura Fenimore, born March 5, 1863; married Henry T. Hartley. -}- 

181. III. Hannah Fenimore, born March 15, 1866; married King; 

lives at Elmwood, West Virginia. 


MARY ELIZABETH GREENLEE 5 {^V^T £';::;.'«'' '^".Ll'; Q't^i^Ve'm, 

John Greenlee * William Greenlee * 
Jane Reynolds 


daughter of Morgan Greenlee and Eliza Jane Greenlee, was bom June 4, 1846 
at Leon, Mason Co., West Virginia; died October 14, 1890 at Allerton, Wayne 
Co., Iowa ; married FRENCH L. NELSON, who was born in Indiana, son of 
William Arbuekle Nelson and Nancy Jane Greenlee [No. 26]. He is a carpen- 
ter; in politics. Republican; in religion. Baptist. 



182. L William Nelson ; married Cora Martin. 

183. n. Mina Nelson, bom at Cambria, Iowa; Uvea at Allerton; ia s 

teacher; unmarried (1901). 

184. EEL Edward Nelson. 

185. IV. Morgan Nelson. 

186. V. Otto Nelson. 

187. VL George Nelson. 

188. VIL Otis Nelson ; dead, 

189. VnL Vernon Nelson. 


jnmt fi fl'B'RT?.'fJT.T7.'K B f Morgan Greenlee « Morris Greenlee • John Greenlee » 

4U£Ln M. Uaj^Laa f li rt P i j eIIiJ J. Greenle* Nancy B. Klmberlln« Jane BeTSOldS 

WUIIam Greenlee > I 

son of Morgan Greenlee and Eliza Jane Greenlee, was bom September 29, 1848 
at Leon, Mason Co., West Virginia ; married October 7, 1869 at Leon, LUBETTA 
SULLIVAN, bora August 5, 1853 at Leon, daughter of William Sullivan and 
Rachel Thornton; farmer; Republican; Baptist; resides at Allerton, Iowa. 


190. I. Clarence Marshall, bora July 18, 1870; married Minnie B. 


191. IL Lona, bora December 11, 1871; married George Everett Van 


192. III. French, born September 29, 1873; married Dora Colman. 

193. IV. Walter, bora November 1, 1875 ; unmarried. 

194. V. William Morgan, bom November 8, 1877; married Carrie Jenson. 

JOHN M. GREENLEE enlisted in 1863 in Company G, 13th Regt in West 
Virginia; served till the close of the war; was in the Lynchburg raid; also in 
ten hard fought battles under General Hays. 


fJAVTLTF.T CiV.V.V.TTt.V.V.i /Morfran Greenlee* Morris Greenlee • John Greenlee • 

£Laja,£4iLiX \t£U£i£i£iIa£iCi j Eliza J. Greenlee Nancy E. Klmberllng Jane Reynold* 

WlDlam Greenlee > I 

daughter of Morgan Greenlee and Eliza Jane Greenlee, was bora March 1, 
1850 at Leon, Mason Co., West Virginia; married December 5, 1867 at Leon, 
Iowa, WILLIAM A. FERGUSON, born April 23, 1848 at Buffalo, Putnam Co., 
West Virginia, son of Ferguson and Rebecca Gividian. He is a car- 
penter; in politics, Republican; in religion. Baptist; resides at Leon, West Vir- 
ginia. He was a soldier in the civil war. 



195. L ESa Savannah Ferguson, bom June 1, 1869 ; married Ira K Cher* 


Mina Ferguson, bom October 4, 1870 ; married Dr. D. A. Sayre.-|- 
Minnie Ferguson, bom October 4, 1870; married Emory Oreen; 

lives at Bed House, West Virginia. 

Jennetta Ferguson, bom June 17, 1872; married B. P. Sayre.+ 
Orville Orion Ferguson, bora July 3, 1878; lives at Parkersburg, 

West Virginia. 

200. VL Rose Evelyn Ferguson, bora Novemb«p 16, 1883; lives at Qalli- 

polis, Ohio. 

201. Vn. Claride Cecil Ferguson, bom November 17, 1887; lives at Leon, 

West Virginia. 










BT.O'EtA *3T1T?.T3'MT.'R'R B ( Morgan Greenlee  Morrl» Gr««nlee • John Greenlee • 

e-ltfJM^ UiAijiji'^liUQ lEUia J. Greenlee Nancj E-Klmberllnj Jane Beynolda 

WUlam Greenlee 'I 

daughter of Morgan Greenlee and Eliza Jane Greenlee, was bom May 5, 1853 at 
Leon, Mason Co., West Virginia; married February 29, 1871 at Leon, West 
Virginia, HENRY SULLIVAN, bom September 10, 1852 at Leon, West Vir- 
ginia, son of WiUiam Sullivan and Rachel Thornton. He is a farmer ; Republi- 
can ; Baptist ; resided at Point Pleasant, West Virginia. 


Ada Sullivan, born January 10, 1873; married H. T. Calhoun. 

Bessie L. Sullivan, born June 25, 1875; married James Carr. 

Sallie J. Sullivan, born Febmary 22, 1879. 

Warren Sullivan, born December 24, 1882. 

Norma L. Sullivan, born August 10, 189L . ' . .  



John Greenlee' William Greenlee  1 
Jane Reyoolda I 

son of Morgan Greenlee and Eliza Jane Greenlee, was bom April 23, 1858; died 
July 10, 1900; married MISSOURI PICKENS. 

Children; all live at Leon, West Virginia: 

207. L Otmer. 

208. n. Guy. 

209. in. Truman. 












96. . 

AlACVL GfiKSNI.EE * / Morgan Greenlee  Morris Greenlee • John Greenlee • 

Mi»ijjj«»jiua ^ gij^ J creeniej Nancy K. KlmberUnr Jane BeTiiolda 

William Greenlee '1 

daughter of Morgan Greenlee and Eliza Jane Greenlee, was bom May 11, 1861 
at Leon, Mason Co., West Virginia ; married about 1886 at Leon, WILLLA.M J. 
ILLRTIN, who was born in 1859 at Pt. Pleasant, Mason Co., West Virginia, 

son of Martin. He is K. & M. Roadmaster ; in politics, Republican ; in 

religion. Baptist; resides at Leon. 


210. L Bertha Martin, born May 12, 1887. 

211. 11. Gertrude Martin, born September 6, 1891. 


WTT.T.A11D GR'RENT.'EE 6 / Morgan Greenlee ' Morris Greenlee • John Greenlee  
" '"""" ••" "•"'•^•E'i'i'J^-e* lEIlza J. Greenlee Nancy E. Klmberllne Jane BeynoltU 

William Greenlee • ) 

son of Morgan Greenlee and Eliza Jane Greenlee, was bom April 7, 1863 at 
Leon, Mason Co., West Virginia ; married June 10, 1885, LAURA DUFF, bom 
October 4, 1866 at Leon, West Virginia, daughter of William Duff and Martha 
Grant; farmer; Prohibitionist; in religion, United Brethren; resides at Leon. 


212. L Willard Vance, born March 20, 189L 

213. n. Aubrey, born March 13, 1892. 

214. m. Daisy Maybell Florest, born May 28, 1893, 

215. IV. D wight L., born January 5, 1897, 


rlorgan Greenlee * 

Nancy E. Kimberllnff 

NANCY MARGARET GREENLEE" f Morgan Creenlee • Morris Greenlee • 

( Eliza J. Greenlee 
John Greenlee ' William Greenlee  ) 
Jane Reynolds / 

daughter of Morgan Greenlee and Eliza Jane Greenlee, was born November 
6, 1865 at Leon, Mason Co., West Virginia; married December 25, 1895 in 
Mason Co., West Virginia, JOHN L. STONE, born October 11, 1871 at Charles- 
ton, West Virginia, son of Hiram Stone and Nancy Ellen Martin. His occupa- 
tion is railroading; politics. Democrat; religion, Baptist; resides at Kenova, 
West Virginia, She was a schoolteacher for two years, 


216. L Lucille Eizabeth Stone, born December 9, 1896. 

217. II. Kenneth Lue Stone, born September 16, 1898. 

218. HI. George Washington Stone, born June 22, 1900. 



» ii^u-wiiiiio. wiamiriiiiii-iin \ iiannah M. Ferrell Nancy EL Klmberlin( 

John Greenlee • WlUlanj Greeale« » I 
Jane Befoolda — — ^ / 

daughter of Lewis Leonidas Greenlee and Hannah Maria Ferrell, was bom 
January 21, 1859 near Saxon, Wayne Co., Iowa; married June 14, 1882 in 
Wayne Co., Iowa, CHARLES CLINTON THOMPSON, bom January 6, 1858, 

son of Joseph O. Thompson and Nancy . He is a farmer; in politics. 

Democrat; in religion. Baptist; resides at Saxon, Iowa. 


Joseph W. Thompson, bora March 22, 1883 ; died August 14, 1883. 
Merle M. Thompson, ilarch J8, 1884. 
Nancy F. Thompson, bom October 14, 1885. 
Carrie M. Thompson, born November 24, 1886. 
Lula E. Thompson, bora April 10, 1889. 
Lewis L. Thompson, born September 22, 1890. 
Julius C. Thompson, bora September 21, 1895. 
















JOHN MORRIS GREENLEE 5 |Jf"'*t-M''p°'^i' l-°"'^9'Z^,°^^'u 

I Ilaonab M, Ferrell Nancy E. KlmberllnK 

John Greenlee » William Greenlee * \ 
Jane Beynoldj / 

son of Le%vis Leonidas Greenlee and Hannah Maria Ferrell, was bom January 
27, 1860 near Saxon, Waj'ne Co., Iowa; married July 7, 1881 at Harvard, 
Wayne Co., Iowa, FLORENCE :MELVINA CHAPMAN, born June 1, 1865 at 
Corydon, Wayne Co., Iowa, daughter of Henry F. Chapman and Jane Ringler. 


226. I. Cora Edith, bom January 18, 1883. 

227. II. Dora Viola, born June 10, 1886. 

228. IIL Jessie Owen, born ilarch 20, 1890 ; died September 3, 1890. 

229. IV. Oscea Opal, born April 20, 1893. 

230. V. Perry Perca, bora January 4, 1895. 

JOHN MORRIS GREENLEE started out for himself when he was about 
twenty-one years of age. He engaged in farming in Iowa for seven years, 
then followed the same pursuit in western Kansas for three years. After this 
he went into business in Blakeman, Kansas, and after spending eight years 
there, he spent one year in R:ley, Kansas, then accepted a position as salesman 
and collector for a tirm in Kansas City and spent eighteen months travelling. 
He afterward went to Colorado where he is operating in gold mines. He is 
a Democrat; Baptist; resides at Eldora, Colorado. 




John Greenlee • William Greenlee • 1 
Jane Eejnoldi / 

son of Lewis Leonidas Greenlee and Hannah Maria Perrell, was bom March 14, 
1861 near Saxon, Wayne Co., Iowa; married October 16, 1884 near Riley, Riley 
Co., Kansas, ROSETTA WALTERS, bom in Riley Co., Kansas, daughter of 
Daniel Walters; farmer; Baptist 


EDWAED WARREN 6EEENLEE" {^.'^•.^l^reliSi* Kl'S'SSlSlr'un. 

John Greenlee » William Greenlee • \ 
Jane Bejnolds / 

son of Lewis Leonidas Greenlee and Hannah Maria Ferrell, was bom Angust 
2, 1863 near Saxon, Wayne Co., Iowa ; married January 1, 1896 in Stephenson 
Co., Illinois, EMMA JANE CROCK who was bom in Stephenson Co., Dlinois, 
daughter of Reuben Crock and Elizabeth . He is a physician; Demo- 
crat ; Baptist. 

One child: 

231. I. Elizabeth, bom, 1898. 


MARSHALL MAY GRT5ENLEE B I Lewis L. Greenlee * Morris Greenlee • 

IfiiUtorLAIjlj au\.l KfRXiSiL-iljUJlt \ Uannah M. Ferrell Nancj B. Klmlwrllnc 

John Greenlee • William Greenlee ' \ 
Jane Reynolds J 

son of Lewis Leonidas Greenlee and Hannah Maria Ferrell, was bom Novem- 
ber 22, 1865 at Corydon, Wayne Co., Iowa ; married October 4, 1888 in Wayne 
Co., Iowa, IDA BELL SNOWDEN, bora June 12, 1871 at Vermont, Fulton Co., 
Illinois, daughter of Simeon Snowden and Drusilla Dewitt; farmer; Democrat; 
resides at Saxon, Iowa. 


Minnie C, born July 16, 1889. 
Blanch L., bora September 12, 1891. 
Vina D., born December 17, 1895. 
Son, bora November 21, 1898; died, 1898. 
Eva E., bom March 27, 1899. 


HARRIET CAPPATOLIA GREENLEE » { hrnlfa^^.Te"r'r7u* i?^'^^^.T.°nl^rl.n. 
John Greenlee • William Greenlee * \ 
Jane Reynolds > 

daughter of Lewis Leonidas Greenlee and Hannah Maria Ferrell, was bom 
March 17, 1868 in Wayne Co., Iowa ; married December 24, 1896 in Wayne Co., 












Iowa, WILLIAM ULYSSES CROCK, born in Stephenson Co., Illinois, son of 

Benben Crock and Elizabeth . He is a Democrat; Baptist; resides at 

Saxon, Iowa. 

One child: 

237. L Reuben Leonidas Crock, bom March 4, 1898. 

GAEOLmS FLOEA GSSENLESi IIi*'^'«V£«™'««,* ^'>"^'S'^t^'.. 

( BaniiaD M. Ferrell Nancr B. Klmberllnc 

John GreeQiee • William Greenlee • 1 
Jane Bey nolda / 

daughter of Lewis Leonidas Greenlee and Hannah Maria Ferrell, was bom 
October 18, 1869 in Wayne Co., Iowa; married February 4, 1892 in Wayne Co., 
Iowa, BENJAMIN ADISON HELT, born December 28, 1869 in Wayne Co., 
Iowa, son of George Helt and Rachel Bateman. He is a Democrat; Baptist; 
resides at Lewisburg, Wayne Co., Iowa. 


Edna Ethel Helt, born June 12, 1893. 

Ina Chrome Helt, born November 22, 1894. 

George Leonidas Helt, born March 6, 1896 ; died July 23, 1897. 

Everett Rea Helt, born July 16, 1898. 


■ROT.ANT) T.'RK O'R'P'.TI'NT.'P.'R B (Lewis U Greenlee* Morris Greenlee * John Greenlee • 
RyjlxAUU AUb^j Uit£.£.rtJxEili t Hannah M. Ferrell Nancy E. Klmberllng Jane Reynold. 

William Greenlee > J 

son of Lewis Leonidas Greenlee and Hannah Maria Ferrell, was bom July 23, 
1872 near Lewisburg, Wayne Co., Iowa; married March 6, 1895 near Lewis- 
burg, MALINDA ELLEN GUINN, bom in Wayne Co., Iowa, daughter of 
Thomas Guinn and Emma, or Rachel, Daniels. He is a farmer; Democrat; 
Baptist; resides at Humeston, Iowa. 

One child : 

242. I. Stella Marie, bora July 16, 1896. 


IRA NEWTON GREENLEE » ( Lewis L. Oreenlee • Morris Greenlee • 

XOM. xixivrxvxi vrA£ii:ij.i±j£jj:i 1 Hannah M. Ferrell Nancy E. Klmberllng 

John Greenlee • William Greenlee * \ 
Jane Reynolds  — J 

son of Lewis Leonidas Greenlee and Hannah Maria Ferrell, was bora June 17, 
1874 near Saxon, Wayne Co., Iowa ; married January 22, 1896 at Big Springs, 










Wayne Co., Iowa, FRANCES ELLEN CONWELL, born in Clark Co., Iowa, 

daughter of Lot Conwell and Mary Jane -. He is a farmer; Democrat; 

Baptist; resides at Saxon, Iowa. 


243. I. Brent Greenwood, bom February 9, 1897. • 

244. n. Harley Earle, bom December 30, 1898. 


WAWnV ALTfiti! 'RrN'ATiT>8 (Ann Greenlee* Morris Greenlee • John Greenlee • 

riBJ^il/X .aiiXl/JQ aia^JilJ | Samuel K. Rlnard Nancy E. KlmberUng Jane Eeynoldf 

William Greenlee » ) 

daughter of Ann Greenlee and Samuel Kelso Rinard, was bom October 5, 1859 
at Cambria, Wayne Co., Iowa ; married THOMAS EDWARD GARTON, bora 
September 18, 1853 at Cambria, son of Allen D. Garton and Caroline Kimber- 
lin. He is a farmer; Democrat; Baptist; resides at Cambria, Iowa. 


Granville D. Garton, bom July 11, 1880. 
Alva E. Garton, born October 9, 1882. 
Claude C. Garton, born October 12, 1885. 
Edith A. Garton, born February 3, 1888. 
Lester R. Garton, born February 19, 1890. 
Bertha B. Garton, born September 15, 1892. 
Lura E. Garton, born July 26, 1895. 
Henry R. Garton, born January 15, 1899. 


HANNAH JAliE RINARD 6 i^''°^Yl°'S7: ^ ^°"^^ S^lP^^f^ ' John Greenlee • 

(Samuel K. Itlnard Nanc;- E. i^imberllng Jane Bej-noldt 
William Greenlee > 1 

daughter of Ann Greenlee and Samuel Kelso Rinard, was born January 14, 
1861; deceased; married ELLSWORTH E. DENT. He is a merchant; resides 
at Corydon, Iowa. 

Children, three: 

253. I. Myrtle Dent, born about 1887. She is the only one living. 


JOHN MORRIS RINARD » |5'"'°!"Twr' ., """'^ Creenlee • John Greenlee! 

( Samuel K. Hlnard NaDCf E. Kimberling Jane Reynolds 
Wlllam Greenlee ' 1 

son of Ann Greenlee and Samuel Kelso Rinard, was bom May 18, 1863 at 
Cambria, Wayne Co., Iowa; married April 5, 1893 at Lacrew, Lee Co., Iowa, 

















— s>. 


No. 130. noPA iKAHKi.r.A (ikken- 



 f-. .: 

lln reuliT. DihiTK not Greenli-i-K.] 


NORA A. HOLLAND, born April 27, 1873 at Lacrew, Iowa, daughter of 
Charles B. Holland and Mary Jane Saxe ; farmer and photographer ; Bepubli- 
can ; Presbyterian ; resides at Clearfield, Iowa. . . > 


254. I. Rolland Shelton Rinard, born June 7, 1894. . • : : : 

255. IL Erma Luella Rinard, born May 12, 1897. . ' 


122. - . 

EPPH? G'R'F'.'R'NTJHS 8 (Morris GreeDlee* Morris Greenlee • John Greenlee * 

.crxjxi vrxiJjBillxiCiai | Eebecca Lowder Nancy E. Klmbcrllng Jane Reynold. 

William Greenlee » I 

daughter of Morris Greenlee and Rebecca Lowder, was born May 27, 1867 at 
Corydon, Wayne Co., Iowa; married Noveipber 25, 1887 at Corydon, EDWARD 
MIDDLEBROOK, born July 24, 1861, or 1862 at New York City, son of Ed. 
Middlebrook and Alice Noble. He is a stock raiser; Republican; Methodist; 
resides at Nampa, Idaho. 


256. I. Laverna Middlebrook, born August 26, 1891, 

257. II. Fred ]^Iiddlebrook, born February 20, 1893. 

258. HI. Iris Delphine Middlebrook, born April 11, 1899. 

ROSA ISABELLA GREENLEE* H""" ?,- ^ .p/A""^ * ^°';,?h?r°^'^,*. 

t Josephine brack rantba J. Morrli 

John Greenlee * William Greenlee ' 1 
Jane Ileynolds I 

daughter of John Carrol Morris Greenlee and Josephine Brack, was bom 
August 6, 1870 near Des Jloines, Iowa; married July 24, 1890 at Harlan, Shelby 
Co., Iowa, ROBERT D. RAMSEY, born October 22, 1865 near Iowa City, Iowa, 
son of William Ramsey and Nancy A. Brown. He is an engineer; Democrat; 
resides at Portsmouth, Iowa. 


259. I. Harold Beryl Ramsey, born November 14, 1892; died March 7, 1893. 

260. II. Xenia Orba Ramsey, born March 18, 1894. 

261. III. Helen Josephine Ramsey, bom June 16, 1899. 


GRACE MARIA GREENLEE* ( John C M Greenlee- John Greenlee • 

( Josephine Brack lantha J. Morrli 

John Ooenlee ' William Greenlee ' 1 
Jane Reynolds  — I 

daughter of John Carrol Morris Greenlee and Josephine Brack, was bom 
August 27, 1873 at Van Metre, Iowa; married October 18, 1893 at Harlan, 


Iowa, ALBEBT BENNING, bom November 20, 1868 at Cleveland, Ohio, son 
of John Bennlng and Sophia Folker. He is a farmer; Bepablican; Methodist 
Episcopal ; resides at Harlan, Iowa. 


262. L Freda Marie Benning, bom February 13, 1895; died January 28, 


263. n. Ruth Benning, bora August 17, 1896 ; died August 29, 1896. 

264. HL Donald Dale Benning, bom Febraary 24, 1898. 


TkTATlTTrA GSSEITLEE* /Xvewls Greenlee* E^dward Greenlee * Edward Greenlee • 

iiUiiSAilJA %;ixs^SiX*i^ija 1 Mary L. Thornton Margaret Holdway Hannah Greenlee 
WUllam Grenlee » I 

daughter of Lewis Greenlee and Mary Lovel Thornton, was bom September 30, 
1851 at Leon, Mason Co., West Virginia; married October 5, 1871 at Leon, 
West Virginia, W. P. SMITH bora August 11, 1843, son of Henry Smith and 
Rachel Gordon. He is a farmer ; Whig ; Presbyterian ; resides at Leon, Iowa. 


265. I. William C. Smith, bora August 2, 1873. 

266. n. Everett E. Smith ,bom Jiuie 22, 1877. 

267. III. Honer H. Smith, bora March 1, 1881. 

268. IV. Sarah Smith, bora June 28, 1886. 

269. V. Cora B. Smith, born December 25, 1893. 


CLABORN GESENLEE^ (Lewis Oreenlee* Edward Greenlee • Edward Greenlee • 

vxjxujvxkxi wx:>u^j.ijux.uj t Marj L. Thornton Margaret Holdway Hannah Greenlee 

William Greenlee » I 

son of Lewis Greenlee and Mary Lovel Thornton, was bom January 11, 1852 
at Leon, Mason Co., West Virginia; married December 21, 1881 at Leon, West 
Virginia, MARIA KIMBERLING, born December 10, 1854 at Bufifalo, Mason 
Co., West Virginia, daughter of Elisha Kimberling and Sarah Henley. He is 
a farmer ; Republican ; Baptist ; resides at Arbuckle, Mason Co., West Virginia. 


Annie Eliza, bom March 19, 1883. 
Mace, bora May 21, 1884. 
Ira Moss, bora March 24, 1886. 
Amytis Grace, born May 14, 1888. 
Bettie Ann, bora November 30, 1890. 
Lewis Reece, born May 29, 1893. 
Leonidas Virgil, bora April 29, 1896. 
Edgar Thane, bora August 17, 1899. 



















THOEirrON EDWABD C TfH^.WT.'F.lg » f Lewis Creenlee* Edward Greenlee • 

^r^ T^ , .^L,,.r^r "■»''=^»-*»*'^ \MiuyL. Thornton Margaret Holdway 

Edward Greenlee • WUllam Greenlee » 1 = -* 

Hannah Greenlee / 

BOD of Lewis Greenlee and Mary Lovel Thornton, was bom May 22, 1853 at 
Leon, Mason Co., West Virginia; married November 30, 1876 at Red Hoose, 
Putnam Co., West Virginia, MIRIAM M. GOOD, bom December 21, 1855, or 
1857 at Red House, daughter of George Good and Nancy Harmon; farmer; 
Democrat ; Baptist ; resides at Arbuckle, West Virginia. 


278. L Eva Blanch, bom November 5, 1877. 

279. n. George, bom October 30, 1880. 

280. m. William, bom June 26, 1882, or 1883. ' ' 
28L IV. Martha, bom May 26, 1889. 


MARGARET B. GREENLEE » r LewU Greenlee • Edward Greenlee • 

I Mary L. Thornton Margaret Uoldwaj 

Edward Greenlee • Wlllam Greenlee ' 1 
Hannah Greenlee J 

daughter of Lewis Greenlee and Mary Lovel Thornton, was born February 4, 
1885 at Leon, Mason Co., West Virginia ; married November 15, 1885, HARRI- 
SON BENNETT, bom July 31, 1845 in Pittsylvania Co., Virginia, son of Mc- 
Cager Bennett and Ann Bayes. He is a farmer; Republican; Baptist; residci 
at Arbuckle, Mason Co., West Virginia. 

One child: , 

282. L Charles C. Bennett, bora March 6, 1888. 


T.ATTRA VPIfnTTOTilil 6 /Leila A. Greenlee* Morgan Greenlee • Morris Greenlee • 

X1A.UZU1. X £iJ:^il.lVJn,a tThomas F. Fenlmore Eliza J. Greenlee Nancy B. Klmberlln* 

John Greenlee • William Greenlee ' 1 
Jane Reynolds / 

daughter of Lelia Ann Greenlee and Thomas T. Fenimore, was bom May 5, 
1863 at Leon, Mason Co., West Virginia; married May 12, 1889, HENRY T. 
HARTLEY, born September 14, 1864 at Cottageville, Jackson Co., West Vir- 
ginia, son of Thomas Hartley and Lydia Tomlinson. He is a farmer; Republi- 
can ; in religion. United Brethren ; resides at Huntsville, West Virginia. 


283. I. Lucy Hartley, born October 5, 1889. 

284. II. Ruth Hartley, bora December 17, 1894. 

285. in. Edna Hartley, born November 18, 1897. 


CLASENCEMAESHALL.GEEENLEE* { i»„^,?ttt s JSIJilT ' eu2j!g?^!S* 

Morris Greenlee • John Greenlee » William Greenlee > \ 
Nancy E. Klmberllng Jane Bejoolds J 

son of John M. Greenlee and Luretta Sullivan, was born July 18, 1870 at Leon, 
Mason Co., West Virginia; married March 19, 1891 at Allerton, Wayne Co., 
Iowa, MINNIE B. WIDDUP, born December 25, 1864 in Morgan Co., Dlinoifl, 
daughter of Thomas Widdup and Martha Lumsden ; resides at Clio, Iowa. 


286. I. Gertie Virgil, bom March 29, 1892. 

287. II. Emery Alfred, bom April 1, 1894. 

288. III. Dewey Waldo, bora March 1, 1898.  

289. IV. Lawrence, bom December 8, 1899. 


TAUA P'P'B'1<''NT VR' 6 f John M. Greenlee • Morgan Greenlee « Morris Greenlee* 

IjUriA UAfjibiiuxii:! t Luretta Sullivan Eliza J. Greenlee Nancj E. Klmberllng 

John Greenlee • William Greenlee • 1 
Jane Reynolds / 

daughter of John M. Greenlee and Luretta Sullivan, was bom December 11, 
1871 at Leon, ]\Iason Co., West Virginia ; married December 23, 1893 at Aller- 
ton, Wayne Co., Iowa, GEORGE EVERETT VAN MATRE, bom November - 
29, 1870 at West Columbia, Mason Co., West Virginia, son of Perry Van Matre 
and Delila Grinn ; school teacher ; Baptist ; resides at Clio, Wayne Co., Iowa. 


EFFA SAVANNAH FERGUSON* ( Harriet Greenlee • Morgan Greenlee • 

iiJSrii. OAV.H.ili'(ii-tl xjjXVV»Ub3WJ.i t William Ferguson Eliza J. Greenlee 

Morris Greenlee " John Greenlee ' William Greenlee 'I 
Nancy E. Klmberllng Jane Reynolds J 

daughter of Harriet Greenlee and William A. Ferguson, was bora June 1, 1869 j 
married IRA E. CHERRINGTON, His occupation is timbering; residence, 
Gallipolis, Ohio. 

One child: . • 

290. L Edison I. Cherrington- 


IVriNA FETiG-USON • / Harriet Greenlee » Morgan Greenlee ' Morris Greenlee • 

iuxj.m xjLjxvvrwwvxi t William Ferguson Eliza J. Greenlee Nancy E. KImberllns 

John Greenlee • William Greenlee ' 1 
Jane Reynolds / 

daughter of Harriet Greenlee and William Ferguson, was born October 4, 1870; 
married D. A. SAYRE. He is a physician; resides at New Haven, West Vir- 













- 198. 

JEJUISTTA FEEGUSON* / Harriet Grcpnlee» Morgan Greenlee  Morris Greenlee • 

wj<u<^^j;jA.i.xi. cjjju,v>wMv» t William FereuBon Eliza J. Greenlee Nancy B. Klmberlln* 
John Greenlee • William Greenlee > I 

Jane Be; nolda J 

daughter of Harriet Greenlee and William Ferguson, was bom June 17, 1872; 
married R. F. Sayre. He is a conductor on O. R. Railroad ; resides at Parkers- 
burg, West Virginia. 


293. L Fawcett Sayre. 

294. n. Carl Sayre. 


The following families have not been connected with any of the foregoing 
branches. They have been arranged under four divisions, viz.: SCOTCH 
FIED. Each division is arranged in alphabetical order according to the name 
of the earliest known ancestor of each family. Only those marked + bave 
been given individual numbers, and further data on those families will be 
found under their respective numbers. 


According to the register from the "Book of Kintyre and ESntyre Club," 
some of the settlers from the lowlands from 1660 to 1688 bore the name of 

It is thought by some that they came from Lochwinnoch or vicinity. The 
family is thought to have been located in the parish of Lochwinnoch at least 
from the sixteenth century, first as farmers, and then engaging in the manu- 
facturing trade, weaving, etc. They have no Celtic blood, but are pure low- 
land Scotch. 



2. I. John ; married Jane Moore.-f- 

n. Thomas. 

in. Edward. 

rV. William. 

V. David. 

VI. Robert. 

Vll. James. 

VIII. Elizabeth. 

IX. Mary Ann. 


JOHN GREENLEES, son of Arthur Greenlees, died April, 1866; married 
JANE MOOEE, who died March 20, 1866. He was a mechanic; in politics. 
Conservative ; resided at Glasgow, Scotland, 

426 . 



L Thomas, bom January 22, 1847; married Margaret MacDonald Mae- 


n, William. 

m. David- 

IV. John. 

V. Jane. 

VL Robert 

THOHAS GSEENLEEa {j^S^SS^re'^' Arthur Greenlee . J 

eon of John Greenlees and Jane Moore, was born January 22, 1847 at Glasgow, 
Scotland; married April 24, 1866 at Glaajjow, MARGARET MACDONALD 
MACGILLIVRAY, bom August 22, 1842 at Glasgow. He was a rabber mer- 
chant; in politics. Conservative. 

Children, bom at Glasgow ; 

I. Christina; married Robert Lang, 

n. Thomas. 

III. David; married Helen Lamont. 

IV. Robert. 

DAVID GEEENLESS died at Baltrees, Lochwinnoch, Renfrewshire, Scotland; 
married MARGARET EWING who died at Beltrees. 


L William. 

n. John. 

5. III. David ; married .-|- 

6. IV. Robert; married Janet ConnelL+ 

This family is near of kin to the family headed by Joseph [No. 91]. 


DAVID GREENLEES, son of David Greenlees and Margaret Ewing, 
was born at Lochwinnoch, Renfrewshire, or Beith, Ayrshire [Beith and 
Lochwinnoch are only four miles apart] , Scotland ; married . 











James, born in. 1806; married Fulton. (T)+ 

John, born in 1808. 

Janet, bom in 1810 ; never married. 

Thomas, born in 1815 or 1816; married Mary Gilmoor.-j- 

Margaret, born in 1817 or 1818; married James Watt.+ 

BOBEBT GBESNLEES, son of David Greenlees and Margaret Ewing, 
was born at Lochwinnoch, Renfrewshire, Scotland; died at Lochwinnoch; 
married JANET CONNELL, who was bom at Laightrees, Renfrewshire, Scot- 
land. He was a farmer and resided at Beltrees, Lochvnnnoch, Renfrewshire, 


10. I. Thomas, born September 15, 1803; married Elizabeth Morrison.+ 
n. Jane. 

HI. Margaret. 
IV. John. 

11. V. "William, born in 1805; married Mary Middlemas.-}- 


JAMES GREENLEES | Davld_Greenlee. D|^^G'j^°J^ } 

son of David Greenlees, was born in 1806 ; married FTILTGN. ( T) He 

went to Australia about 1864 with his wife, two sons and one daughter. His 
son James was a teacher in the public school, Aldings, South Australia. 

THOMAS GREENLEES | PaVa Greenlee. D»^^0/j^°Jf^| } 

son of David Greenlees, was born in 1815 or 1816 at Lochwinnoch, Renfrew- 
shire, or Beith, Ayrshire, Scotland; died February 2, or April 3, 1886 at Beith; 
married April 21, 1846 at Beith, MARY GILMOUR, born in 1820 or 1823 at 
Beith, died January 3, 1889 at Crockham Hill, Kent Co., England, daughter of 
James Gilmour and Jane Jackson. He was a farmer; in politics. Conservative; 
resided at Gree Farm, Beith, Ayrshire, Scotland. 


I. Jane Jackson, bom in 1847; married James Alexander; lives at 

Home Farm, Eynsford. 
II. David, born in 1849; married Jessie Cochrane Wilson; lives at 
Broughton Farm, Oxford. 










James, bom in 1851 ; married Annie Lang ; dead. 

Thomas, born in 1853; married Mary Andrew Crawford; lives at 

WiUiamsbridge, New York. 
John, bom August 1, 1857; married Emily Croskery.-f- 
WUliam, bom August 31, 1859; married Isabelle Liawrenee.-|- 
Mary, born September 8, 1864; married Henry Stevens; lives at 

Horst Farm, Edenbridge. 



Darid Oreenlees 
Margaret Ewing 


daughter of David Greenlees, was bom in 1817 or 1818; married JAMES 
WATT. Their daughter married John Stevenson and lives at Howood, in the 
parish of Lochwinnoch, Renfrewshire, Scotland. 




Bobert Greenleeg 
Janet Connell 

David Greenleos 


son of Robert Greenlees and Janet Connell, was bom September 15, 1803 at 
Lochwinnoch, Renfrewshire, Scotland; died July 24, 1884 at Lochwinnoch; 
married June 28, 1842 at Lochwinnoch, ELI2LVBETn :M0RRIS0N, who was 
bom about 1810 at Bowmore, Islay, Scotland, died February 25, 1873 at Loch- 
winnoch, daughter of Neil Morrison; resided at iliddleton, Lochwinnoch, 


14. L Robert, bom April 3, 1843; married Ann Anderson. -|- 
IL John, bom December 28, 1844; married Elizabeth McPhee. 

m. William, bom April 3, 1847; died. 

IV. William, born June 29, 1S48; married May Ann Dryburgh, 

V. Thomas, bom July 3, 1850; died. 

VI. Neil, bom July 11, 1852; went abroad. 

VIL David, bom January 2, 1855; died. 

15. VIEL Thomas, born December 5, 1855; married Mary Russell; married 

second Margaret McDonald Lochhead.-}- 
IX. Catharine, born February 20, 1858; married Angus Kennedy. 

X. David, bom June 7, 1860; died. 
XI. Janet, born January 17, 1862; married G. Muir. 
XIL James, bom January 17, 1862. 
XIU. May, born May 3, 1866; married N. J, Campbell, Argyle, Manitoba. 



f RoJrf»rt Greenleca 
( Janet Connell 

Darid GreenteoB 

David Gre**Dlee« 

Mar;;aret Ewlng 


son of Robert Greenlees and Janet Connell, was bom in 1805 at Lochwinnoch, 
Renfrewshire, Scotland; died at Lochwinnoch; married JIARY MIDDLEMAS, 


wbo was bom at Lochwinnoch, daughter of William Middleman and Janet 


16. L Robert, bom October 8, 1845; married Mary McMillan.-}- 

n. Janet. 

HL Jane. 

IV. Maiy. 

V. William. 

VL John. 

Vn. Margaret 


3tYfrtt nP'15!T?'NT TSTSS (Thomas Greenlees David Greenlees David Greenlee* 1 
^ViXa UlULLini^riJCiO JMaryGllmour Margaiet Ewlng / 

ion of Thomas Greenlees and Mary Gilmour, was bom Angnst 1, 1857 at Loch- 
winnoch, Renfrewshire, Scotland; died at Okeldon, British Guiana; married 
June 13, 1883, EJIILY CROSKERY, born March 26, 1865 at Kingarton, Jamaica, 
daughter of Hugh Croskery and Sophia Hall ; resided at Patrick, Scotland. 


I. John L., born February 22, 1886. 

WTTTTATyT GREENTiEES f Thomas Greenleee David Greenlees David Greenlees I 
" """•^^*- uixjJiJA-" »» 1 Mary Gilmour Margaret Ewlng J 

son of Thomas Greenlees and Mary Gilmour, was bom August 31, 1859 at 
Lochwinnoeh, Renfrewshire, Scotland; married May 16, 1894 at Fordham, New 
York, ISABELLE LAWRENCE, born January 20, 1865 at Fordham, daugh- 
ter of Benjamin Horton Lawrence and Adeline Lily. 


L Child, bom March 1, 1896; died. 

II. Marion Isabelle, bom February 17, 1898. 

WILLIAM GREENLEES went to Lochwinnoeh parish school until he was 
fourteen years of age, then he spent two years on the farm with his father. 
After this he learned the trade of joiner and worked at that in various places 
until April 3, 1885, when he sailed for New York. Here he worked at his 
trade until July 1, 1889, when he started in business for himself, as carpenter 
and builder. 


BOBEST GBEENLEES {if.X'ifSI^Jjf^n f^ViS'^"" u^r^eT^w^ } 

son of Thomas Greenlees and Elizabeth Morrison, was bom April 3, 1843 at 
Lochwinnoch, Renfrewshire, Scotland; married March 10, 1868 at Glasgow, 
Scotland, ANN ANDERSON, bom October 16, 1844 at Glasgow, daughter of 
William Anderson and Jane White. He is a fanner; in politics, Conservative; 
resided at East Comhill Farm, Bishopbriggs, Glasgow, Scotland. 


L Robert, born May 17, 1870. 

II. Thomas, bom September 14, 1871. 

m. William Anderson, bora May 28, 1873. 

rV. David Anderson, bom August 4, 1825. 

V. Jane White, bom June 20, 1877. 

VI. Ann Anderson, bom June 14, 1881. 

15. .'■ 

THOTS/TA8'.T'lNT.'R'RS ( Thomas Greenlws Robert Greenlees David Greenlee* I 

i.a\JaiM.S3 vraauJCiWAjJUJCiO 1 EUza>->th Morrison Janet Connell Margaret Bwlng / 

son of Thomas Greenlees and Elizabeth Morrison, was born December 5, 1855 
at Lochwinnoch, Renfrewshire, Scotland; married June 3, 1886 at Busby, 
Renfrewshire, Scotland, MARY RUSSELL, bom July 10, 1862 at Patterton; 
died July 28, 1892, daughter of Allen Russell and Mary Rpmsey; married 
second September 13, 1894, MARGARET McDONALD LOCH.^EAD, daugh- 
ter of James Lochhead and Margaret Craig; in politics, Conservative; resided 
at Glasgow, Scotland. 


I. Thomas, born Febmary 25, 1889. 

IL Allen, born December 14, 1890. .. " / "^ 

in. May Ramsey, bom July 13, 1892. 

IV. Margaret Craig, bom August 11, 1897. / - '1 . 

V. James Lochhead, bom November 15, 1899. 

16. . :\V\- 

ROBERT GRSENIiSES fWllllam Greenlees Robert Greenlees David Greenleet 

1 Mary MIddlemas Janet Conwell — — 

David Greenlees 1 
Margaret Ewlng j 

son of William Greenlees and Mary Middlemas, was born October 8, 1845 at 
Lochwinnoch, Renfrewshire, Scotland; 'married MABY McMILLAN, bom 
December, 1842 at Flat P. E. Kilbride, Renfrewshire, Scotland, died March, 
188 — at Roodhead, Renfrewshire, Scotland, daughter of Alexander McMillan 
and Grace McUbbin. He is a lime merchant; in politics. Liberal; resides at 
Newhouse, Lochwinnoch, Scotland. 



L Marj-, born June, 1S69; died. 
n. 'William, born March, 1S72; died. 


GAVIN GEEENLEES was born in 1769 at Southend, Argyleshire, Scotland; 
died December 31, 1846 at Glasgow, Scotland; married MARTHA "WILSON, 
bom in 1784 at Southend, died August 27, lSo5 at Glasgow. He was a cooper; 
resided at Campbelto^vn and Glasgow. 


I. John, bom December 20, 1804. 

n. Martha, bom December 20, 1S07. 

III. George, bora March 14, 1810. 

IV. VTilliam, born June 2, 1813, 

V. Mary Ann, born July 4, 1S17; died tmmarried. 

VL James, bom October 2, 1818. 

Vn. Agnes, bom May 14, 1819. 

18. VUL Gavin, bom August 12, 1823; married Jane Gossman.-[- 

IX. Thomas. 


GAVIN GREENLEES, son of Gavin Grecnlees and Martha "Wilson, was bom 
August 12, 1S23 at Campbeltown, Argyleshire, Scotland; married July 5, 1849 
at Glasgow, Scotland. JANE G0SS:NL\N. bora May 12, 1820 at Dunfermline, 
Fifeshire, Scotland, died Februarj- 24, 1S?5 at Glasgow, daughter of Richard 
Gossman and Jane Kirk; resided at Glasgow. 


I. Jane, born June 17, 1852; married October 8, 1S86. John Kenneily ; lives 

at Glasgow, 
n. Gavin, born April 7. 1854: died April 13. 1860. 

III. Robert Richard, born October 23. 1857: married July 11, 1888, Helen 

GinUles Smith: lives at Glasgow. 

IV. Clara, born September 21, 1859, 

V. Catharine Gossman. born April 16, 1861: died April 17, 1869. 


HUGH GREENLEES was bora in Scotland; died March 9, 1863 at Palmer, 

"Washington Co., Ohio; married ANN H.\RVEY, daughter of Harvey 

and Johnson; farmer; in politics. Whig; in religion, Presbj-terian. 



20. L John, bom June 4, 1S18; married Elizabeth Fullerton.-f- 

2L n. Robert, bom December 11, 1821 ; married Agnes McFarland.-}- 

HL Ann; married Daniel McQuaig, or McQoid. 

IV. Janet; married Robert Donlop. 

V. Catherine; married Duncan Drain. 

VL Hugh; married Vesta BelL 

Vn. Mary. 

Vin. James. 

IX. Nancy; married Edward Breckenridge. 

X. Martha. 

XL Margaret. 

JOHN GREENLEES, son of Hugh Greenlees and Ann Harvey, was bom 
June 4, 1S18 at Campbelto^m, Argj-leshire, Scotland; died Jlay 13, 1847 at 
Barlow, Washington Co., Ohio; married June 11, 1846 at Barlow, Ohio, ELIZA- 
BETH FULLERTON, bora March 10, 1818 at Campbeltown, Scotland, died 
September 1, 1S96 at Barlow, Ohio, daughter of James P\illerton and Elizabeth 
Fleming. He was a farmer; in politics, "Whig; in religion, Presbyterian; re- 
sided at Barlow, Ohio. 

One child: 

22. I. John Fnllerton, bom May 28, 1847 ; married Hannah S. Fleming.+ 


ROBERT GREENLEES, son of Hugh Greenlees and Ann Harvey, was bora 
December 11, 1821 iu Argyleshire, Scotland; married August 30, 1841 at Bar- 
low, Washington Co., Ohio, AGNES McFARLAND, who died December 2, 
1854 at Barlow, daughter of Walter McFarland and Janet Reed; farmer; Re- 
publican; Presbyterian; resided in Palmer Township, Washington Co., Ohio. 


I. Mary Ann, born October 20, 1848; married Andrew Ferguson. 

II. Janet, born March 3, 1550; married John Milligan. 

23. III. Harvey H., born August 13, 1852; married Lydia J. Green. -}- 
IV. Walter, born August 14, 1854. 

JOHN FULLERTON GREENLEES -' i'^;J"'f''^!*Si'^' . Hugh Gretmiee. » 

"''"•■" * ** ii»j.wt^ v<^«.u.uj.<.uu.ui># , Klltabfth KuUertoD .VnQ Harvey f 

son of John Greenlees and Elizabeth Fullerton, was bom May 28, 1847 at 
Barlow, Washington Co., Ohio; married November 12, 1877 at Barlow, HAN- 


NAH S. FLEMING, bom June 1, 18— at Barlow, daughter of David P. Flem- 
ing and Sophia Bell ; farmer ; Republican ; Presbyterian ; resides at Barlow. 


I. William Fleming, born October 2, 1878. 
II. David Raymond, bom October 24, 188L . • 

IIL Sophia Elizabeth, bom September 29, 1886. 


HAEVEY H. GEEENLEES / ««»»« Greenleeg Hogh Gref nle€» I 

^^^^ •— *~-«^*.— *-~ I Agnes McFarland Aon Harrey / 

son of Robert Greenlees and Agnes McFarland, was bom August 13, 1852 at 
Watertown, Washington Co., Ohio ; married October 25, 1877 at Barlow, Wash- 
ington Co., Ohio, LYDIA J. GREEN, bom June 12, 1854 at Watertown, daugh- 
ter of William Green and Mary Lilley; farmer; Republican; Presbyterian; 
resides at Watertown. 


I. Robert W., born October 14, 1878; married Mary Leget. 
II. Mary A., born July 14, 1881. 
III. James W., born September 3, 1883. 


JAIidES GREENLEES was bom at Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland; married 


I. James; died unmarried. 

25. II. John, born August 6, 1861 ; married Marion Ferrie Hodge.-)- 

III. George. 

IV. Hannah Agnes Lang. 
V. Alexander. 

VI. Robert. 

VII. William. 

Vrn. Arthur. 

IX. Fred. 

X. David. 

XI. Emest. 

XII. Harry. 



JOHN GEESNLEES, son of James Greenlees and 3Iary Dickson, was bom 
August 6, 1861 at Glasgow, Scotland married June 16, 1887 at Gourock, Een- 
frewshire, Scotland, MARION FERRIE HODGE, born October 13, 1866 at 
Glasgow, Scotland; shoe manufacturer; in politics. Liberal; resided at 3>file- 
bom, Gourock, Scotland and Glasgow. 


I. James, born August 18, 1888. 
II. Alfred Mitchell, born June 28, 1893. 
ni. George Dickson, bom September 15, 1894. 

JAMES GREENLEES was bom in Argylshire, Scotland; died near Campbel- 
town, Argyleshire, Scotland; married in Argyleshire, JLARY CLARK, who 
died October 20, 1850 aged 86 at Argyle, "Winnebago Co., Illinois; farmer; 
Presbyterian; resided near Campbeltown, Scotland. 


I. Elizabeth ; married John Clark ; James Clark, a descendant lives in 

n. Martha; married Alexander McLain; a descendant, Peter McLain, 
lives in Scotland. 
III. Ellen; married William Ralston; a descendant, Mrs. Margaret 
Brown, lives at Rockford, Illinois. 

27. IV. Peter, born in 1800; married Martha Ferguson. -f- 


PETER GREENLEES, son of James Greenlees and Mary Clark, was bom in 
1800 near Campbelto\vn, Argyleshire, Scotland; died in 1876 at Argyle, Win- 
nebago Co., Illinois; married in 1824 at Campbeltown, Scotland, MARTHA 
FERGUSON, who was born in 1797 or 1798 at Campbeltown, Scotland, died 
in 1863, daughter of James Ferguson and Mary Jlitchell. He was a farmer; 
Republican; Presbjierian ; resided near Campbeltown, Scotland and Argyle, 


I. Mary; died unmarried May 30, 1877 aged 51 years. 

II. Agnes; died unmarried February 21, 1848 aged 20 years. 

28. III. James, bom September 8, 1829; married Margaret A. Picken.-f- 


IV. Hugh; died umnarried July 10, 1864 aged 30 years. 
V. Martha; married Archibald Smith; died April 7, 1S97; daughter. 
May Smith, lives at Argyle, Illinois, 
VL Peter; died unmarried, November 23, 1861 aged 23 years. 
VIL William ; died unmarried, January 10, 1869 aged 28 years. 

PETER GREENLEE left Scotland for America in 1842, sailing on the 
Gleaner from Campbeltown, the first ocean vessel which ever left that port. 
They weighed anchor on the 4th of June and reached New York on the 4th 
of July. They went directly to Illinois by the most expeditions route then 
known, via river, canal and lakes to Chicago, thence with team to "Winnebago 
County. In those early days they were compelled to haul their grain to Chi- 
cago, a distance of ninety miles, there selling or exchanging it for necessary 
provisions, clothing, lumber, etc. Although like all early settlers of the Scotch 
settlement, he was very poor, by hard work and economical methods he became 
the owner of three large farms, which are now owned by his sons. He helped 
organize and build the first school house in that part of the country, and was 
also interested in the founding of the Willow Creek Presbyterian Church. 

28. . • 

JAMES GREENLEES { T.^.^.f^^^^.n l^r//S{IT'^ } . •. 

son of Peter Greenlees and Martha Ferguson, was born September 8, 1S29 at 
Campbeltown, Argyleshire, Scotland; married January 1, 1S57 at Argyle, Win- 
nebago Co., Illinois. MARG.\RET A. PICKEN, born April 10, 1S29 at Camp- 
beltown, daughter of David Pickcn and Marion Howie; farmer; Republican; 
Presbyterian ; resided at Argyle, Illuiois. 


29. I. David P.. bom October 29, 1S57 ; married Jlartha Ellen Greenlee.+ 
II. Peter, bom March 26, 1S59; married Elizabeth A, Greenlee; re- 
sides at Argyle, Illinois. 

30. rn. James, bora October 14, ISGO; married Elizabeth Greenlee. -|- 
IV. Martha, bora October 11, 1865. 

V. Jlargaret, bora August 9, 1872. 
VI. Mary Agnes, born March 24, 1874 or 1873; married Hugh Reid. 


DAVID P. GREENLEE • James aretnl«>3 IVt.rCreenlo-g James (;ro<>nl«-i ) 

i Marj;:ir>'t .\. I'irken Martha KtTfcnis*>n Mary (.'lark J 

son of James Greenlees and Margaret A. Picken, was bora October 29, 1857 
at Argjle, Winnebago Co., Illinois; married September 6, 1894 at Belvidere, 
lUinois, JIARTHA ELIiEN GREENLEE, born February 15. 1868 at Argyle, 


lUinoiB, daughter of George Greenlee and Martha Greenlee [No. 55]. He is an 
electrician ; in politics, Independent ; in religion, Presbyterian ; resided at Bel- 
videre, Illinois. 


I. George Wallace, born September 19, 1897. 

JAMES GRESNLSE / J?"*'* ^^'^THtf^ lyterGwnleei James Grwnlcet J 

wt^-i-^^^s^ '"'■' '**^i-t»* I Margarei A. Mcten Martha Ferguson Mary Clark J 

son of James Greenlees and Margaret A. Picken, was born October 14, 1860 at 
Harlem, "Winnebago Co., Illinois; married November 21, 1895 at Caledonia, 
Boone Co., Illinois, ELIZABETH GREENLEE, born August 31, 1871 at Cale- 
donia, daughter of James Greenlee [No. 112], and Margaret Jane Brown. He 
ia a farmer; Republican; Presbj'terian ; resides at Argyle, "Winnebago Co., 


I. Mary Laura, born March 27, 1S97. 

31. ■;:-■■ 

JAMES GREENLEES was born in 174S at Campbeltown, Arg>leshire, Scot- 
land; died April 3, 1S30 at Campbeltown; married JANET WATSON, bom 
in 1745; died December 1, 1830 at Campbeltown. 


L Dugald, born October, 1771 ; died. . 

U. "William, born July, 1772; died. 

32. III. Archibald, bom July, 1775; married Helen Templeton.-J- 
rV". Agnes, bom October, 177S; died November 13, 1864. 

Y. Susanna, born February, 1750; married Johuston; emi- 
grated to America. 

33. ^^. James, born January 6, 1782; married Catherine Galbraith.-}- 
VIL Isabel, born March 5, 1784; died March 31, 1874. 

34. VIII. John, born October 1, 1786; married Mary nuie.+ 

IX. Jean, born November, 1788; died November 13, 1856. 

32. ... ^. <^ 

ABCHIBALD GREENLEES, son of James Greenlees and Janet Watson, was 
bora July, 1775; died June 12, 1846; married June 1, 1798 HELEN TEMPLE- 



I. James, born July 14, 1799. 
11. Thomas, born January 2, 1801 ; emigrated to America July 25, 182L 


JAMS3 GRSSNLEES, son of James Greenlees and Janet Watson, was bom 
January 6, 1782 at Campbeltown, Argyleshire, Scotland; died March 6, or 5, 
1848; married CATHERINE GALBRAITH, bom May 16, 1788, died abont 
1880; in religion, United Presbyterian. 


I. Janet, bom January 13, 1811 ; married Samnel Mitchell 

35. n. Samuel, bom December 9, 1813; married Agnes Andrew Greenlees; 

married second Isabel RaIston.-|- 

m. Susan, bom February 21, 1815; married James McNair. 

rV. James, born August 29, 1817; married Flora Clark. 

V. Robert, bom August 7, 1819. 

VI. John, born April 8, 1822; married Jean SlitchelL 

VII. Robert, born February 27, 1824; married Margaret Greenlees. 

Vin. Catherine, bora August 8, 1826. 

IX. Catherine, bora October 18, 1828, or October 16, 1827; married 

John MitchelL 

X. Martha, bora April 12, 1830; married Robert Weir. 

36. XI. Archibald, born January 5, 1833; married Mary Greenlees. -|- 


JOHN GREENLEES, son of James Greenlees and Janet Watson, was bora 
October 1, 1786 at Campbeltown, Argyleshire, Scotland; died Febraary 5, 1866 
at Campbeltown ; married June 3, 1823 at Campbeltown, MARY HUIE, bora 
February, 1797 at Campbelto^vn, died July 16, 1855 at Campbeltown, daughter 
of James Huie and Jean Ferguson. He was a farmer. 


I. James, bora March 31, 1824; died June 19, 1850. 

37. II. John, born December 26, 1826; married Mary JIcMillan.-|- 

38. III. Archibald, born July 31, 1832; married Mary Holding.+ 


SAMUEL GREENLEES |i^?!f''P'"T,"',?'», . James flr<^nlee. » 

( Catherine Galbruilb Janet Watson / 

son of James Greenlees and Catharine Galbraith, was born December 9, 1813 at 
Campbeltown, Argyleshire, Scotland; died May 11, 1886; married AGNES 



'^'■' ''. 



'■ ,r 











^^.^j*^- v-y.-T^-^-.-— 







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MALCOLM <;i:kkxlkes. 



ANDREW GKEENLEES, born April 3, 1811, died AprU 25, 1853, daughter 
of William Greenlees [No. 135] and Agnes Andrew; married second ISABEL 
BALSTON, born August 16, 1827, died January 14, 1897. -. - 

-. • ..■-■■."^ CHILDREN: r-',,-? '^^^ :'^^'.^-'' V'' ■:-:'rV-;^ 

L William, born September 29, 1841; died September 30, 184L ''■'■' 
n. Agnes Andrew, bom August 31, 1842; died December 23, 1893. 
HL Catherine Galbraith, born June 26, 1844; married Thomas Mills 

IV, William, bom June 28, 1846 ; died January 19, 1848. 

V. James, bom July 6, 1848; married Jessie ; two children; 

Nancy and Malcolm. Resides in London. 
39, VL Samuel, born October 29, 1850; married Jessie Eliza Weir.4- 
VLL Margaret, born July 11, 1862; maiyied George Rome. 
VnL Martha, bom November 27, 1864 ; married H. W. Bush. 
IX. Isabella, bom March 19, 1866; married D. N. Weir-London. 
X. Janet, born May 29, 1869 ; married George Findlay. 

SAMUEL GREENLEES was a man of great energy and force of character, 
and the foUowing record of his busy life shows how much a man possessing 
such characteristics can attain in a lifetime, even in a small community. He 
was bom at the farm of Greenland and was the oldest but one of a family of 
eleven children. lie received his early education at Peniver School, and after- 
ward attended the Campbeltown Grammar School, then under the able rector- 
ship of the late Mr. Brunton, LL. D. When his school days were over he com- 
menced business in the town, and entered into partnership with Jlessrs. Mat- 
thew and Daniel Greenlees, distillers, in Longrow, the site of the works being 
now occupied by the offices of Mr. James Weir, builder, and the present ma- 
chine room of the "Argyllshire Herald" in Reform Square which was then 
used as a malt barn by the firm. Increasing business, however, in the course 
of a few years necessitated extended premises, and a site was taken at the 
head of Longrow whereon a new work was erected in 1845, capable of pro- 
ducing double the quantity of the old one. This work has been gradually ex- 
tended until it has become the largest distillery in the town, known as the 
Hazelbum Distillery. In 1840 Mr. Greenlees married the sister of his partner, 
Daniel Greenlees. His two sons are partners in the well known and successful 
firm of Greenlees Brothers, Glasgow and Loudon. In 1853 Mr. Greenlees in 
conjunction with his partner became proprietor of the farm of Moy, a connect 
tion which continued until 1881, when Daniel Greenlees retired from business 
and the partnership was dissolved. Samuel Greenlees then purchased the 
whole, both the estate and the distillery and carried them on almost to the day 
of his death. He always took a great interest in agricultural work, influenced 
no doubt, by tlie power of early associations, his father being a farmer; and 
since his purchase of the estate in 1881 he carried on extensive improvements 
in the way of draining, watering, fencing, etc., so that the Moy is now in the 
best possible condition. He also turned his attention to the raising of cattle. 


and the stock of bullocks and sheep fed on the Moy were eagerly picked np 
by good buyers, and the best prices readily obtained. 

Eegarding ilr, Greenlees' more public career first and foremost must be 
mentioned the active interest he took in the volunteer movement and his special 
interest in the Artillery Volunteer Corps since its formation. He was among 
the first gentlemen in the town to encourage the movement and was present at 
the first meeting called by the Town Council on October 31, 1860, for the pur- 
pose of promoting the formation of an artillery company in the town. At this 
meeting he was appointed convener of the committee elected to proceed with 
the organization of the corps. From this point Jlr. Greenlees threw his whole 
energy into the matter, and it was chiefly owing to his enthusiasm and his 
power to infuse something of his spirit into others that the Artillery Corps was 
established ^vith great success. He undertook the greater part of the work 
connected with getting up subscriptions; and in the diflSeulties that at one time 
seemed to threaten and ahnost extinguish the infant corps, in obtaining a site 
for a battery, Mr. Greenlees' indomitable zeal and energy maintained the 
flagging spirits of his co-promoters, until at the darkest hour Dr. Russell gen- 
erously came forward and offered part of his ground for drill and battery. In 
all the ensuing years Jlr. Greenlees' interest in the corps has never abated; and 
the corps in return has never been slow to acknowledge their debt of gratitude 
to him. On the official organization of the corps in 1861, he was recommended 
as Captain to the Lord Lieutenant of the country, receiving his commission 
in Februarj' of that year, a position which he held until his retirement in 1870; 
and when the guns were got into position at the battery at Kilkerran his prom- 
inent share in their establishment was recognized by his daughter Catherine 
firing off the first cannon. In 1863 when the corps was successfully established, 
his services were publicly acknowledged by a complimentary supper in the 
Town Hall, given by the members of the corps. The late Provost Beith was 
chairman on the occasion, and a short extract from his speech which was pub- 
lished in the "Argyllshire Herald" is here given: he "only needed to mention 
the name of Captain Greenlees to call forth the applause of the gentlemen pres- 
ent, and in doing so he would congratulate the members of the corps on the judi- 
cious selection they had made of a commanding officer. The Company need not 
be reminded how entirely their Captain had devoted himself to the interests 
of the corps — of the indefatigable efforts to procure a site for a battery, and 
the personal labour which he bestowed during its erection. He might go fur- 
ther and remind them that he did not grudge incurring personal expense and 
lessening the same to the public by means of his workmen, and the gratuitous 
assistance which by his influence he was able to procure. The volunteers were 
well aware that in all their operations Captain Greenlees took the lead. He 
well merited the approbation to which their meeting that evening gave expres- 
sion, and it would not be otherwise than gratifying to him to witness the sense 
entertained by the corps of his valuable services, in which he, the chairman, 
entirely concurred." A few years after this ^Ir. Greenlees got up a bazaar 
to raise funds which were necessary for the corps, a rather daring undertaking 
in those days for bazaars were then in their infancy, and Campbeltonians were 
not so enterprising in matters such as these at that time as they are now. The 
bazaar, however, having Captain Greenlees at its head was a success. A num- 


ber of years later the present hall in Argyll Street was built for drill, and it is 
needless to state all that Captain Greenlees did for this enterprise also; suf- 
fice it to say that he entered into this project ^vith his usual heartiness and did 
all in his power for its promotion, both by his means and LnSuence. On. his 
retiring from the corps in 1870 he was presented by the oflScers and men with a 
magnificent sword, Mrs. Greenlees at the same time being presented with a 
handsome epergne. The sword bears th following inscription: "Presented to 
Captain Greenlees by the members of the 6th Argyll Artillery Volunteers as a 
token of respect, and to express their appreciation of his services in connec- 
tion Avith the corps since its formation, A. D. 1870." The Captain was very 
proud of this sword. The attachment which the corps maintained toward their 
Captain was evinced when the 4th and 5th batteries met in the drill hall for 
parade, in terms of order issued. There was a full muster under Lieutenant 
M'Pherson, the oflScer in command. As the oflScers of the corps considered 
it due to the memory of the late Captain Greenlees to dismiss without going 
through the intended parade. Lieutenant M'Ph'erson called upon the Rev. Dr. 
Russell, chaplain of the corps, to make this intimation. Dr. Russell said "Com- 
rades: we meet this evening under the shadow of a great bereavement. You, 
I am sure, accept as seemly and suitable the decision of your ofiicers not to pro- 
ceed further with your intended parade tonight. To Captain Greenlees, who 
was called to his rest yesterday, and whose loss we deplore, this corps has been 
under the deepest obligations. Some of you only know from the report of 
others what he did for it at lis formation ; all of you know the deep interest 
which to the last he continued to take in its welfare and eflRciency. It is no 
exaggeration to afBrm that it was he who, a quarter of a century ago, founded 
and consolidated the corps; and those of you who were members then know 
the enthusiasm with which he embraced the volunteer movement, and the zeal 
and energy he threw into the work of the corps. PYom his very nature he 
could not have done otherwise, for he did nothing feebly or by halves. The 
oflBcers who had done most for the corps will acknowedge that to his energy 
and public spirit the high state of efficiency to which it was so early brought, 
and which it has so uniformly maintained, is greatly due. I know I rightly 
interpret your feelings when I say that we sincerel}' mourn the loss of our old 
and honored Captain ; and that we are moved with heart-felt sympathy and 
condolence with Mrs. Greenlees and family in their deep sorrow ; and that we 
hope and pray that they may be sustained and comforted in their heavy 

As a town councillor, in which capacity he served altogether for a term of 
nineteen years, Jlr. Greenlees took great interest in municipal affairs. He was 
first elected on November 4, 1858 and served his term of three years. On the 
death of Mr. John Colvill, he was elected to the Council Board ad interim, 
October 17, 1863, and on the election coming round in November, 1864, was 
re-elected. He remained a member of the council until November, 1879, but 
bad given up attending the meetings some time previous, the last occasion on 
which he was present being Jlay 22, 1878. As a director, and several times 
chairman, of the Campbeltown and Glasgow Steam Packet Company, he was 
greatly interested in the progress of that company, and did all in his power 
to promote its fortunes. He was also a member of the Parochial Board, and in 


1862, took an active part in the change from means and substance to rentaL 
The Building Company of the Town was another institution in which he was 
much interested becoming a large shareholder, and trying to bring it to success 
in many ways. He was a member of the Bontyre Club since 1860, and was ap- 
pointed corresponding director in 1877, which year was a flourishing one for 
the club, the number of new members secured in that year having far sur- 
passed any previous one. He was also Justice of the Peace. 

Mr. Greenlees was connected with the United Presbyterian Church, and took 
a great interest in all its affairs, subscribing liberally to its schemes and the 
support of the congregation. He was appointed manager in 1846, continuing 
in that ofBce until 1883, and was preses of the congregation from 1863 to 1865. 
When the present beautiful edifice was built for the Longrow congregation he 
took such an interest in the matter as only one of his energetic temperament 
could; and to him, along with a few other gentlemen — notably Mr. James 
Stewart, Craigbank — is due the chief credit of having the handsome structure 
reared and clear of debt on the opening Sabbath, by their handsome contribu- 
tions, their exertions to secure subscriptions, and the influence of their exam- 
ple on others. 

In politics Mr. Greenlees was always a robust Liberal. He did not, however, 
agree with the policy of Mr. Gladstone's present Irish Bill, and his last pub- 
lic action was to attach his signature to a petition of the Liberals in the Burgh 
against the Bill, to be forwarded to Mr. R. F. F. Campbell, M. P. 

Mr. Greenlees was a man of remarkable force of character. He threw his 
whole heart and soul into whatever he undertook, and pursued his aim with in- 
defatigable energy and perseverance, generally to ultimate triumph. These . 
traits of character doubtless did much to secure the success which crowned 
his business undertakings. As a man of business, he was very prompt and de- 
cided. He quickly formed a decision and abided by the result, and no persua- 
sion could turn him aside, the result generally proving him in the right. He 
was reliable and honourable to the last degree. No one who trusted his word 
or expressed promise had cause to doubt that these would not be fulfilled to the 
utmost. In manner he was outspoken and fearless, quick to point out a wrong 
and when occasion required to upbraid the wrong-doer, but never, when the 
occasion had passed, continued to bear a grudge. 

During the latter part of 1876 an illness of severe character manifested 
itself, which he endured with great patience. He recovered and was in com- 
paratively good health until six months before his death. His energetic nature, 
however, could not be conquered and he continued to go about until four 
days before he died. He was buried in Kilkerran Cemetery, a large number 
of townspeople gathering to pay the last tribute of respect to him whose 
familiar form has passed from their sight. The officers and men of the Artil- 
lery Volunteers, and the staff of the 6th Brigade, Scottish Division, R. A., also 
attended. During the day the ships at the quay carried their flags at half- 
mast, and every token of respect was paid to the memory of one who had lived 
a long and useful life. 



AECHIBALD GEEENLEES { JX^r^TGibraith janeo?-inSlr } 

BOD of James Greenlees and Catherine Galbraith, was born January 5, 1833 at 
Peniver, Argylesliire, Scotland ; married March 25, 1863 at Campbeltown, Scot- 
land, MARY GREENLEES, bom February 15, 1836 at Campbeltown, daughter 
of Daniel Greenlees [No. 136] and Mary Colville; manufacturer; in politics, 
Liberal ; in religion, Presbyterian j resides at London, England. 


I. Mary Alice, born April 10, 1864; died July 19, 1870. . 

II. Archibald, born September 12, 1865. 

in. Kate, born June 30, 1871. 

IV. Daniel, bom June 7, 1873. 

V. James Charles, born April 1, 1875. 


JOHN GREENLEES {it°^uT'^ jknlfwauor" } 

son of John Greenlees and JIary Huie, was bom December 26, 1826 at Camp- 
beltown, Argyleshire, Scotland; married December 26, 1854 at Campbeltown; 
MARY JleJIILLAN, born July 5, 1820 at Campbeltown, daughter of Alexander 
Me]\Iillan and Mary JlcConechj'. II*" was a fanner and resided at Calliburn, 


L John, bom March 30, 1858. 
II. Mary, bom March 7, 1861. 
m. Alexander, born March 20, 1863. • 


ARCHIBALD GREENLEES I {^ha C.roenle^a James Oreenlee. I 

**■"*' ***"'^ v.^u-i.u^<.u^.i.u>i# I Mary Hule Janet Walson J 

son of John Greenlees and JIary Huie, was bom July 31, 1832; died December 
28, 1878 at Greenoch, Scotland, MARY HOLDING who died March 22, 1896 at 
Sydney, Australia. They had a son John who lives at Pyrmont, Sydney, 


SATVTTT'RT. fJRP.'RNT.'P'.KS ( Sanuicl fIrifnItN'a .lames Crpfnleei James Oreenleea 1 

OAlUUXiij ^JlViiXiWljrjriO | Asnes Andrew Greenleea latlierlue Ualbralth Janet Watson / 

son of Samuel Greenlees and Agnes Andrew Grceulees, was born October 29, 
1850 at Campbelton, Argyleshire, Scotland; married JESSIE ELIZA WEIR, 


bom June 5, 1858 at Campbeltown, daughter of Walter "Weir and Elizabeth 
Lamb; distiller; in politics, Conservative; religion. Church of Scotland; resided 
at Qlenadale, Campbeltown, Scotland and London, England. 


L "Weir Loudon, born December 26, 1882. 
n. James Walter Samuel, bom September 13, 1890. 


JAMES GREENLEES was bora in 1750 at Campbeltown, Argyleshire, Scot- 
land ; married ANDERSON. Their son 

41. I. Alexander, born August, 1780; married Mary Colville,+ 

41. - 

ALEXANDER GREENLEES, son of James Greenlees and Anderson, 

was born August, 1780 at Campbeltown, Argyleshire, Scotland; died August 
22, 1861; married in 1810, MARY COLVILLE, born February 17, 1790 near 
Campbeltown, died January 15, 1874, daughter of Robert Colville and Jean 
Mitchell. He was a distiller; in politics. Liberal; in religion, Presbyterian; 
resided at Campbeltown, Scotland. 


I. Matthew, bora in 1811; married Elizabeth Jack, 

II. Robert, born February, 1813 ; married EUen Watson, 

in. Alexander, died in India. 

rV. Ann, bora August 7, 1815 ; died April, 1885 at Liverpool, England. 

"V. Janet. 

VI. Archibald; died in 1848. 

42. VIL Mary, bom December 4, 1831 ; married Hugh Goold.+ 


MARY GREENLEES i Alexander CreenleeB James Greenlees 1 

( Mary Colville Anderson / 

daughter of Alexander Greenlees and Mary Colville, was bora December 4, 
1831 at Campbeltown, Argyleshire, Scotland; married July 9, 1851, HUGH 
GOOLD, bom March 4, 1818 in Lanarkshire, Scotland, died January 18, 1894, 

son of Hugh Goold and Grace . He was in civU service; in politics, 

Liberal ; in religion, Presbyterian ; resided at Liverpool, England. 



L Hugh Goold, bom Jane 21, 1852; married Edith Meredith. 
n. Alexander Greenlees Goold, bom March 31, 1854; died Maj 31, 1885. 
TTT. Mary Colville Goold, bom January 28; married William Eeid, 
IV. William Henry Goold, bom September 16, 1857; died Febroary 7, 

V. James Stuart Goold, bom December 12, 1859; married Annie Boll; 
married second Madeline Adams Williams. 
VL Matthew Henry Goold, bom September 9, 1862 ; married Edith Thom- 
VIL Grace Goold, bom June 11. 

VllL Robert Greenlees Goold, bom May 10, 1867; married Elizabeth Mc- 
IX. John Colville Goold, bom June 8, 1871; married Ellen McQrady. 
X. David Colville Goold, bom August 18, 1S75, 

JOHN GREENLEES was bom at Campbeltown, Argyleshire, Scotland mar- 
ried JEAN JIAGILL; farmer; in religion, Presbyterian. 


44. L Hugh; married Mirren Keith. -)- 

n. Mary; married Neil Jlatheson. 

HL Margaret; married Duncan Stewart. 

IV. John; married Janet ilcMillan. 

V. James ; married Anne Colville. 

VI. Thomas; married Mary Keith. . 

HUGH GREENLEES, son of John Greenlees and Jean Magill, was bom at 
Campbeltown, Argyleshire, Scotland ; died in 1838 at Campbeltown ; married in 
1833, or 1829, JIIRREN KEITH, born in 1810 at Campbeltown; died in 1883, 
or 1874, daughter of Archibald Keith and Mary Kelby; farmer; Presbyterian. 


45. I. John, born August 24, 1834; married Anne Galbraith.+ 
IL Jean, bom in 1836. 


JOHN GREEWLEES j Si/^i^K^ti^ j^mISu"' \ 

son of Hugh Greenlees and Mirren Keith, wos bom August 24, 1834 at Campbel- 
town, Argyleshire, Scotland ; married February 24, 1862, ANNE GALBRAITH, 
bom ilarch 21, 1841 at Gigha, Argyleshire, Scotland, daughter of John Galbraith 
and Effie Witkeson, of Macquilken; farmer; Presbyterian; residence, Gigha, 
Scotland. No children. 


JOHN GEBEKLESS, son of William ( T) Greenlees, was bora about 1715 at 
Southend, or Campbeltown, Argyleshire, Scotland; died about 1800. He was 
married twice. He was a farmer; Presbyterian. 


I. William- 
n. Gavin. 

[William and Gavin were half brothers of George and much older 
than he.] 
47. III. George, bom in 1750; married Martha Wilson-+ 

IV. Agnes. , 

V. John (3rd son). 
VI. James. 
Vn. Thomas. ' 

VIIL Mary. 
IX. Edward. 


GEOBGE GEEENLEES, son of John Greenlees, was bom in 1750 at Campbel- 
town, Argyleshire, Scotland; died in 1832 at Campbeltown; married in Scot- 
land, MARTHA WILSON, bom at Campbeltown; died about 1825; farmer; 
Presbyterian; resided at Campbeltown. 


Martha, born about 1781 ; married George Ferguson. -j- 
Mary, born about 1784; married Archibald Picken.-)- 
Ann, bom about 1787; married Archibald, or James Armour; had 

son, George Armour, Sr., of Chicago, Illinois (deceased). 
John, bom August 16, 1791 ; married Helen Brown. -f- 
Isabel, bora in 1796; married John Ralston.+ 












MARTHA GSEENLEES ] g^X°wii°8l>^' •^"""""^"'^ } 

daughter of George Grtenlees and Martha Wilson, was bom about 1781 ; mar- 
ried GEORGE FERGUSON, bom at Campbeltown, ArgylesMre, Scotland; 
Presbyterian; resided near Canapbeltown. 


I. Andrew Ferguson, 

n. George Ferguson. 

m. David Ferguson. 

IV. John Ferguson. 

V. Martha Ferguson. 

VI. Elizabeth Ferguson. • 

Vll. Jane Ferguson. 

52. Vm. Mary Ferguson, bom in 1818; married Matthew Howie. -f- 

MARY GREENLEES {gl''/t|t^';[f^'n'° JohnCreenlee. | 

daughter of George Greenlees and Martha Wilson, was bom about 1784; died 
at Caledonia, Boone Co., Illinois; married November 19, 1803 at Southend, 
Argyleshire, Scotland, ARCHIBALD PICKEN, bora September 21, 1780 at 
Southend, died in Scotland, son of John Picken and Mary Reid. 

Children, born at Southend : 

I. John Picken, born November 3, 1804. 

53. II. George Picken, born July 11, 1806; married Jane Brown. -)- 

III. Archilbald Picken. 

rV. Mary Picken, born August 19, 1808. 


JOHN GREENLEE / Georse GreeDleos John Greonlees ) 
<ivxii.i VTAJLjJCjiiJjiJfi t Martha Wilson • / 

son of George Greenlees and Martha Wilson, was bom August 16, 1791 at South- 
end, or Campbeltown, Argyleshire, Scotland ; died December, or January 30, 1882 
at Belvidere, Boone Co., Illinois; married about 1820 at Southend, or Camp- 
beltown, HELEN BROWN, bom August, 1804 at Southend, or Campbeltown, 
died March 18, 1865 at Argyle, Winnebago Co., Illinois, daughter of Charles 
Brown and Elizabeth Ralston. 










Martha, bom in 1823; married Francis DeRighter Parker.+ 
Elizabeth, bom December 27, 1825; married Charles Jay Tayler; 

lives at Omaha, Nebraska. 
George, born January 1, 1828; married Martha Greenlee. -}- 
Charles, bom April, 1830 ; married Barbara Smith ; married second 

Helen Ferguson. -j- 

57. V. Jannette, bom December 17, 1832; married James Orlando Greg- 


58. VI. John, bom July 4, 1835 ; married Elizabeth Brown.+ 

59. VIL Helen, bom June 29, 1838 ; married James Ralston. -|- 

60. VIII. Anna, bom February 6, 1842; married James Tumer.-f- 

JOHN GREENLEE left Scotland in a sailing vessel in 1836, reaching New 
York after four weeks on the ocean, and, going directly to Illinois, settled 
first in Ottawa, where his nephews, George and John Armour, were then liv- 
ing. After remaining there a short time he went to Winnebago County and 
made claim to government land in what is now Harlem Township, becoming 
the first permanent settler in the locality known as the Scotch Settlement of 
Winnebago and Boone counties. He experienced all the privations and hard- 
ships of pioneer life, such as come to those who locate on the frontier. He 
was very poor when he first settled there, but industry and good management 
were cro'wned with success, and he became the owner of three highly improved 
farms. He lived upon his first claim until 1870, when he removed to Belvidere 
and spent the remainder of his life in retirement. He was one of the founders 
of the Willow Creek Presbyterian Church and served as ruling elder for many 
years. In politics he was a Democrat. 


ISABEL GREENLEE I ?/<"'t* 'ffff"''''^ JohnCrconlees » 
{ 3lartBa \\ llson i 

daughter of George Greenlees and Martha Wilson, was bom in 1796 at Camp- 
beltown, Argyleshire, Scotland; died February 14, 1879 at Caledonia, Boone 
Co., Illinois; married Ln 1819 at Campbelto^vn, JOHN RALSTON, born in 1790 
at Campbeltown, died February 14, 1865 at Caledonia, Illinois. He was a 
farmer; Republican; Presbyterian. 


I. Alexander Ralston; married Margaret KerraL 

II. Martha Ralston ; married David McDonald. 

61. III. George Ralston, born June 22, 1825; married Margaret McPhaiL+ 

rV. Janet Ralston ; married Robert Boyd. 

V. Mary Ralston ; married Alexander Ralston. 

VI. Belle Ralston ; married Duncan McDonald. 

VII. Jane Ralston; married Thomas Ralston. 

VIII. Ann Ellen Ralston; married John ilcEachran. 

IX. Elizabeth Ralston; unmarried. 

IWW- -■-■-■-'■ - 

s ':;•;■ 

L _ 

:' " >. 

■"'■■ ' ' ' ----. ' 

( y^'^ / 

/ V\ 

I-  /'^> ■ii\ .-w 



" :'v 



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> • -3i 

' '\ 

\ ,  ' -t 

- if - ^ 

.-.., ,— . J' 

- '^.'.' ^^ 

/.■■r :/.■ 

I _.yjji.;.,.^\ _ -,:> 



W ""^ — ~ - 

i .-"7 ' / ^-^''^ 

• ' • : 

" fm 







'?>-•- ". 




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\. ..jJt-^'^]:'.] 

"^■iii- ■,v."-<=^'";'^"*"^ 

-i- "■  -.■-  

_'.:.;-j^.. '..■•• 

- -J 1 :, . ■• 


1. MKS. .I,^.MES <:iri:i:NI,KES. 










' "r#r;v5^;5,j^^«^^i*:# 


No. 5«i. Joiix (;i;ke.\i,ebl 




'PUBLI' L'BRArtY ;'. 

; (' 


52. -v.'-- 

MARV T?'RTifHISON f Martha Greenleca George GrwnleeB Joho Greenleea 1 
JXLaj&z cxiauuouxi t George Ferguson Martha Wilson / 

daughter of Martha Greenlees and George Ferguson, was bom in 1818 at 
Campbeltown, Argyleshire, Scotland; died in 1842 at New Castle, Ontario, 
Canada; married MATTHEW HOWIE, born in 1811 at Campbeltown, Scot- 
land, died in 1872 at Argyle, Winnebago Co., Illinois. He was a farmer; in 
religion, Presbyterian. 


L John Howie, bom in 1833 ; married Jane Ferguson, 
n. Martha Howie, bom in 1835; married Andrew Ralston. 
62. IIL David Howie, bom January 4, 1840; married Mary E. McKerral.+ 
rV. Matthew Ferguson Howie, born October, 1842 ; married Linna Sweet ; 
resides at Slayton, Minnesota. He is'a Presbyterian minister. 

53. , , _ ^ 

fi'ROTJflTI'. PTHTfRW f Mary Greenlees Georee Greenlees John Greenlees 1 
UJliUAUJJ X-lursJUlU | Archibald I'lcken Martha Wilson / 

son of Mary Greenlees and Archibald Pieken, was born July 11, 1806 at South- 
end, Argyleshire, Scotland ; died November 19, 1875 ; married JANE BROWN, 
born December 20, 1811 in Argyleshire, Scotland, died March 10, 1895, daugh- 
ter of Charles Brown and Elizabeth . He was a farmer. 


I. Elizabeth Pieken, born December 10, 1830; married John Ralston- 

II. Mary Pieken, born July 18, 1832; married James Brown. 

III. Janet Pieken, born JIarch 22, 1834; married David Ralston. 

IV. Archibald Pieken, born April 9, 1836; died. 

V. Charles Pieken, born April 20, 1838; married Grace Morrison. 

VI. Martha Pieken, born May 13, 1840 ; married Thomas Ralston. 

VII. Jane Pieken, born June 15, 1842; married Hugh Brown. 

Vni. Archibald Pieken, bora September 8, 1844. 

63. IX. George Pieken, born June 4, 1846; married Elizabeth McGeachie.-f- 

X. Helen Pieken, born May 19, 1848; married Andrew McDonald. 
They had six children : 1. Mary Ellen, married March 21, 1907 
at Caledonia, Illinois, John Thompson, son of Robert Thompson 
and Jlary McMillan. 2. Bessie. 3. Abbie. 4. Jane. 5. George. 
6. William. 

64. XI. John A. Pieken, born May 30, 1850; married Jane Andrew. -(- . 
XII. Margaret Pieken, born July 15, 1852. 

Xin. Sarah Pieken, born April 10, 1855; married John McEachran. 
Two children : 1. Grace, married James McEachran. 2. Wilbur. 




MAETHA GEEENLEE { [,°J}°A^'o^'r Man"^ wu^'r* ff^'f!^ } 

daughter of John Greenlees and Helen Brown, was bom in 1823 in Scotland; 
died in 1843 at Eockford, Illinois; married FEANCIS DeBIGHTEE PARKER. 


L Amasa P. Parker, bom in 1841 ; lives at Chicago. 

65. n. John W. Parker, born August 15, 1843 ; married Rebecca A, Mayer.4- 

IIL Teresa Parker; died aged two years. 

IV. George A. Parker, born March 4, 1847 ; lives at Council Bluffs, Iowa. 

FRANCIS D. PARKER and his sons Amasa and George were soldiers in 
the civil war for about three years. He and Amasa were both wounded at 
Petersburg, Virginia. He was a farmer; Republican; Presbyterian. 


GEORGE GREENLEE ( fi»i;°„«37own' Sr»fawZ.'r' JohnCr^nlee. } 

son of John Greenlee and Helen Brown, was bom January 1, 1828 at Camp- 
beltown, Argjieshire, Scotland; died April 6, 1906 at Belvidere, Illinois; mar- 
ried Januarj' 15, 1857 at Argyle, Winnebago Co., Illinois, MARTHA GREEN- 
LEE, bom INIay 15, 1838 at Campbeltown, Scotland, daughter of William 
Greenlee [No. 102] and JIartha Harvey. 


L William, born November 10, 1857; died August 19, 1874. 

n. Ellen, bom October 23, 1859; died December 2, 1862. 

IIL John, bom September 1, 1861 ; died October 5, 1864. 

rv. George, born July 26, 1864 ; married June 1, 1898, Aletha Porter. 

V. Martha Ellen, born February 15, 1868; married David P. Greenlee. -j- 
[No. 29.] 

VI. Elizabeth Jane, bom March 26, 1871 ; married E. J. Watkins. 

GEORGE GREENLEE came with his parents to America when eight years 
of age, and settled in Winnebago County, Illinois. He engaged in agricultural 
pursuits, in which he continued until 1876 when he removed to Belvidere, II 
linois and engaged in the hardware business with his brothers John and 
Charles. This firm continued business until November, 1890, when his son, 
George Greenlee, Jr. succeeded to the interest of John and Charles. In 1893 
Mr. Greenlee retired from active business. 


CHASLSS 6RKSNLSE i J"'"' Greenlee George Grjenlees John Greenleea I 
» wr«jjjji»iuuiJ ^ Helen Brown Martha Wilson f 

son of John Greenlee and Helen Brown, was bom April, 1830; married BAB- 
BAKA SMTH ; married second April 2, 1867 at Harlem, Winnebago Co., Illi- 
nois, ELLEN FERGUSON, born October 26, 1846 at Argyle, Winnebago Co.. 
Illinois, died November 25, 1882 at Belvidere, Boone Co., Illinois, danghtei 
of William Ferguson and Ellen Picken; farmer; Republican; Presbyterian; 
resided in Scotland, Ohio and Illinois. 


I. WUliam 6., bom February 14, 1868; is a banker at Belvidere, Hlinoia. 

II. J. A., born December 25, 1870. 

in. Ellen J., bom July 12, 1872; married April 27, 1893, W. F. McKay. 

IV. Addie May, born December 30, 1880. 


JANNETTE GREENLEE f John Oreenlee George Greenleeg John Greenlee. » " 

) Helen Brown Martha Wilson / 

daughter of John Greenlee and Helen Brown, was born December 17, 1832 at 
Campbeltown, Argyleshire, Scotland; married April 19, 1855 at Argyle, Win- 
nebago Co., Illinois, JAMES ORLANDO GREGORY, bora January 4, 1821 at 
Delhi, Delaware, son of Aaron Gregory and Mary Bailey. He is a hardware 
merchant; Republican; Methodist; resides at Rockford, Illinois. 


I. John Aaron Gregory, born July 1, 1856; married Florence Whelan; 

died April 18, 1884. 
II. Mary Bailey Gregory, born March 3, 1858; died March 19, 1866. 
in. Martha Helen Gregory, born September 16, 1859; lives at Manistee, 

rV". James Wilbur Gregory, bom November 18, 1861; married Sarah Col- 
cord ; lives at Manistee, Michigan ; is a banker. 

V. Elizabeth Greenlee Gregory, bom May 16, 1865. 


JO£[N GREENLEE f JobnOreenlee Georce Grecniocg John Greenleea I 
1 Helen Brown Martha Wilson  > 

son of John Greenlee and Helen Brown, was born July 4, 1835 at Campbeltown, 
Argyleshire, Scotland ; married October 24, 1864, ELIZABETH BROWN, born 
in 1845 at Cincinnati, Ohio, died October 27, 1870, daughter of Edward Brown 

and Elizabeth ; bank cashier; Republican; Presbyterian; residence, 

Belvidere, Illinois. 



L Helen, born February 20, 1867. 
n. Elkabeth B., born NoTcmber 2, 1869. 


HELEN GEEEHLSS i Jphn Creenlee Gcor« Greenlee John Greenlee* » 
*'"'»"■■ ■■•■•'^'^'" \ Helen Brown Martha WUson / 

daughter of John Greenlee and Helen Brown, waa bom June 29, 1838 at Argyla, 
Winnebago Co., Illinois; married December 25, 1856 at Argyle, Dlinois, JAJSIES 
RALSTON, bom March 17, 1826 at Campbeltown, Argyleshire, Scotland, died 
Febmary 19, 1898 at Rockford, Illinois, son of William Ralston and Helen 
Greenlees. He was a farmer; Republican; Presbyterian; resided in Harlem 
Township, Winnebago Co., Illinois. 


L Martha Ellen Ralston, bom June 24, 1858; married Gavin Ralston; 

resided in Argyle, niinois. 
IL Margaret Ann Ralston, bom June 15, 1860; married James A. Brown; 
lives at Argyle, Illinois. 
IIL William Andrew Ralston, born February 18, 1862; married Jane Ral- 
ston ; resides at Belvidere, Illinois. 
IV. John Greenlee Ralston, bom October 26, 1867; married Sfargaret 

V. James Earl Ralston, bom March 19, 1876. 


60. \ 

ANNA GREENLEE / John Grccnloe Georce Greenlees John Greenleea 1 
I Helen Brown Martha Wilson — ^— . / 

daughter of John Greenlee and Helen Bro\vn, was bom February 6, 1842 at 
Argyle, Winnebago Co., Illinois; married April 6, 1861, JAMES TURNER, 
born April 26, 1834 at Campbeltown, Argyleshire, Scotland, son of Niel Turner 
and Janet Culbertson. He is a retired farmer; Republican; Presbyterian; re- 
sides at Rockford, Dlinois. 


I. John Greenlee Turner, bom April 6, 1862. 

IL Janet Culbertson Turner, born July 8, 1864; married September 7, 
1882, Charles Picken Ferguson, 
ni. James A. Turner, born August 2, 1866; married June 13, 1895, Mary 

Bell Brown. 
IV. Ellen Brown Turner, born July 24, 1868; married March 16, 1893, 
George Henry Warren. 
V. Hector Duncan Turner, bom September 6, 1871. 




-^ -' : 

'■r -*■ i- -. • -' 


'-'"I- ■■/ 


 ? j 

; ■'..'•--> 

 "• ■" ' '-^._' ' 








J -.--•' 


'V-... . 

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;. ... 




. " " 


^- T "-^ 

iSL-i/tsSfei.'-i ?i^ 






WBkM ' 

-^ 1 ' 

3V i. -■;-',■ ■■- 



• '■ . ^ 


. ■«■:., .•-.-""- • 

. •;■ ?d 

^^^-.. , :-^h. 

: - ^.-^ 

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m^-^-',::- ^?: 


Svi- " -■."^- ■- •■. 

_>,■■,■ • :'■■ 

   ' v'- ' 

fe^v :  ^l"" 




. .^T*^^:^..„ -, 











Ti'irxKi: S1STKHS. 

X... <;<>. ANNA <;iii:i:ni,i:k TiHNEn. 


VL Norman Niel Turner, bom June 22, 1874; married March 8, 1899, 
Tessie Ivola Worthington. 
VII. Ann Lena Turner, bom May 5, 1876. 

VIII. Elkabeth Katherine Turner, bom January 20, 1878; married June 
6, 1900, Edward Henry Balston. 
IX. Godfrey Allen Turner, bom June 7, 1880. 

" «L , -: 

fi'RnTifJI''. T?AT.STON t Isabel Greenlte George Greenlee* John Oreenleei I 
WJCiVXbU^ xu^^oxvxi I John Ralston Martha Wilson • / 

son of Isabel Greenlee and John Ralston, was bom June 22, 1825 at Campbel> 
town, Argyleshire, Scotland; married January 14, 1869 at GuiLfrod, Winne- 
bago Co., Illinois, MARGARET McPHAIL, bora June 9, 1833 at Campbeltown, 
Argyleshire, Scotland, daughter of Alexander McPhail and Margaret Andrew; 
farmer; Republican; Presbyterian; resided at Cal^onia, Boone Co., niinoia. 


L Margaret J. Ralston; unmarried, 

n. John Ralston; unmarried. -> 

III. Isabel M. Ralston; unmarried. 

IV. Mary E. Ralston; unmarried- 
V. George A. Ralston; unmarried. 

DAVTTI TTft'Wm? / Mary Ferpison Martha Grcenlci's George Greenlees John Greenlee* 1 
uuvu^ xiv/Tirxxi t ilatthew Howie George Ferguson Martha Wilson / 

son of Mary Ferguson and Matthew Howie, was bom January 4, 1840 at Camp- 
beltown, Argyleshire, Scotland; married January 16, 1868 at Polo, Ogle Co., 
Illinois, MARY E. McKERRAL, bora November 12, 1846 at Toronto, Ontario, 
Canada, daughter of Hugh McKerral and Margaret Reid; commercial traveler; 
Republican ; Presbyterian ; resides af Rockford, Illinois. 


I. Mary Ferguson Howie, born December 24, 1869. 
II. William H. Howie, bora November 1, 1873; died June 8, 1892. . 

(iV.Cift {iV. PTmrii'.N ) George Plcken Mary Greenlees George Greenlees John Greenleea 1 
UJiiUAUU rxyjCLJUa ^jaoe Brown Archibald ricken Martha Wilson / 

son of George Picken and Jane Bro\vn was bora June 4, 1846; married ELIZA- 
BETH McGEACHIE ; resided at Rockford, Illinois. They had a son, George 
Raymond Picken. 



JOTTNT A PTPTfRW * George PIcken Mary Greenlpes G«>rge Greenleei John GrevB:cies I 
tfWXUi tx. I^l.\jJaj£ia j jane Brown Archibald IMi:ken Martba WUson f 

son of George Picken and Jane Bro\vn, was born May 30, 1850 at Caledonia, 
Boone Co., Illinois; married June 10, 1880, JANE ANDREW, bom iaij 29, 
1854 at Arg>le, Winnebago Co., Illinois; farmer; Republican; Presbytoiaii; 
resides at Argyle, Illinois. They had a son George Matthew Picken, bora July 
13, 1882. 


JftSTM VSF PAWKT'Tl j Martha Greenlee John Greenlee Georpe Greenleea Jobn Greoileca » 
rfujcxn rt. r nia . n .^Jo. ^ Krnncls I>. Tarker IlelenBrown Martha Wilson  / 

son of Martha Greenlee and Francis DeRighter Parker, was bom Octoli« 15^ 
1843 at Rockford, Illinois; married May 15, 1867 at Rockford, REBECCA A. 
JLiYER, bom January 6, 1844 at Piqua, Jliami Co., Ohio, daughter of Wil- 
liam Slayer and Margaret Elliott. 


L John L. Parker (Dr.), bom October 17, 1870; lives at Charles City, Iowa, 
n. Charles W. Parker, bora Jenuary 15, 1875; married Grace D. Allison; 
lives at Waterloo, Iowa. 

JOHN W. PARKER'S mother died when he was but six years of age, and 
his grandfather Greenlee took him and his brother George and gave them a 
home. On September 17, 1S61 he enlisted in the Washbume Lead Mine Regi- 
ment, kno^vn as the 45th Illinois Volunteer Infantry, and was discharged from 
the service Jnly 12, 1865. At RajTnond, Jlississippi he was slightly wounded 
in the calf of the right leg, while at the same time he received a severe wound 
in his left foot. In 1872 he went to Floyd County, Iowa, where he engaged in 
farming until 1893. He was a Republican in politics. On January 22, 1S97 he 
was appointed sheriff bj' the Board of Supervisors to fill a vacancy; and was 
elected to the same office for the short term, November, 1897, and again elected 
for second full term in November, 1S99. Of his grandparents, Mr. Parker says: 
They were a grand, noble couple, and all that I am today I feel that I owe to 
them. They watched over me with as much care as if I had been their own 
child, and when I was wounded and a prisoner neither time nor money was 
spared to reach and care for me. Mr. Parker is a Presbyterian; resides at 
Charles City, Iowa. 


JOHN GREENLEE was born in Scotland ; died in Somerset Township, Wash- 
ington Co., Pennsylvania; married in Scotland, JANE , who was bom 

in Ireland. 













Alexander; died tminarried. 

James, bom about 1782; married Mary ("Polly") McIlTaine.+ 
John; married Margaret Dougherty.+ 

Elisha, bom June 3, 1794; married Eunice West; married second 
Rachel Witherow,+ 

Margaret; married Noah Grant; no children. 
Joseph ; married Elizabeth CampbelL+ 

JOHN GREENLEE came from Scotland and settled on Pigeon Creek, near 
Bentleyrille, Washiagton Co., Pennsylvania. Several brothers came with him; 
one or two settled in Pennsylvania, the others on the Ohio river and elsewhere. 
One whose name it is thought was James, settled in the east. He was a farmer; 
Presbyterian. ', 


JAMES GREENLEE, son of John Greenlee and Jane . was born about 

1782 at Bentleyville, Pennsylvania; died April 24, 1857 aged 75 years at 
Clarksville, Pennsylvania; married MARY McILVAINE, born at Bentleyville, 
Pennsylvania, died February 18, 1864 aged 76 years at Clarksville, Pennsyl- 
vania, daughter of Greer Mcllvaine and Elizabeth Jlorrow; farmer; Republi- 
can; Presbyterian; resided at Clarksville, Pennsylvania. 


71. I. John, born February 22, 1814; married Mary Ballentine; married 

second Eliza Jane (Rinehart) Coin.-)- 
II. Greer Mcllvaine, born November 29, 1816; married Lucinda Bot- 
tenfield (or Bottomfield). 
III. James, born September 29, 1818; died young. 
71a. IV. Elizabeth, born November 29, 1820; married David Rose.-f- 

V. Jane, born February 19, 1822; married John Arnold Greenlee.-j- 
[See No. 75 Descendants of Michael] 
VI. Mary Ann, bora July 28, 1826; married Jacob Rose. 
VII. Margaret, born August 7, 1828; married Rev. William Ballentine 

of Mansfield, Ohio; living (1898). 
VUI. Eleanor, born September 28, 1830; died young. 


JOHN GREENLEE, son of John Greenlee and Jane , was bora prob- 
ably in Scotland; died March 4, 1832 at Washington, Washington Co., Penn- 
sylvania; married in 1814, MARGARET DOUGHERTY, who died January 21, 
1854 at Antrim, Ohio; farmer; Whig; Presbyterian; resided in Washington 
Co., Pennsylvania. 











CMldren, all born in Washington Co., Pennsylvania: 

Jane, born April 1, 1815; married Israel Zentz.-|- 

William, bom August 3, 1816; married Margaret Henry.-f- 

Mary, bom October 18, 1819 ; died unmarried aged 23 years. 

John, born July 5, 1822; married Jane McDvain.-!- 

James, bom February 12, 1825; married Elizabeth Weygandt.-}- 


ELISHA GEEENLEE, son of John Greenlee and Jane , was bom Jane 

3, 1794 in Scotland, or VanceviUe, Washington Co., Pennsylvania; died Feb- 
ruary 3, 1869 at Bentleyville, Washington Co., Pennsylvania; married Novem- 
ber 22, 1827 at Monongahela, Pennsylvania, EUNICE WEST, bom December 
25, 1807 in Washington Co., Pennsylvania, died January 12, 1843 at Bentley- 
ville, daughter of Samuel West and Eunice Carroll ; married second RACHEL 
WITHEROW (WITHERALL, or WOODROW), bom in Pennsylvania. He 
was a farmer ; Republican ; Baptist ; resided in Washington Co., Pennsylvania, 
near Bentleyville. 


Newton, bom August 15, 1828; married Julia A. Mills; dead. 

John, bom March 3, 1830; died. 

Samuel West, bora January 25, 1832; died. 

Joseph, bom February 1, 1834; married Caroline Amelia Lytle.-f- 

Jane, born March 8, 1836 ; married Henry, or Henderson Eckley.-f- 

Elmira, bom March 8, 1836; married Joel Carson.+ 

William, born June 4, 1838; married Hannah Farquhar.-j- 

Lueinda, born August 10, 1840. 

Albert, born April 28, 1842; married and left one son. 

Ann, born April 28, 1842. 


JOSEPH GREENLEE of Washington Co., Pennsylvania, son of John Green- 
lee and Jane , died November 28, 1863 at Delaware, Delaware Co., Ohio; 

married MISS ELIZABETH CAMPBELL, who died November, 1885; farmer; 
Republican ; Baptist. He moved to Delaware Co., Ohio when daughter, Jane, 
was about 18 or 19 years old. 


79. I. John, bom February 28, 1835; married Naomi Bishop.+ 

n. Jane ; married Joseph JIasin, or Main. They had a daughter, Eliza- 
beth, who married J. Phineas Shirley and lives at Delaware, Ohio. 
HI. Robert; married Harriet Main. 
IV. Martha; married Cornelius Main; dead. 
V. Margaret; dead. 

















JOHN GEEENLEE ] igJI^jf/irvX j^^^I^^ } 

son of James Greenlee and Mary Mcllvaine, was bom February 22, 1814 at 
Clarksville, Greene Co., Pennsylvania; died August 9, 1896 at Clarksville; 
married November 28, 1838 at ClarksviUe, MARY BALLENTINE, who was 
bom ia Scotland and died September 20, 1855 at Clarksville, Pennsylvania, 
daughter of James Ballentine, or Ballantine; married second KTJZA JANE 
(EINEHAET) COm, bom Febmary 12, 1824, living in 1899, daughter of 
Arthur Kinehart and Sarah Groomes; farmer; Eepublican; Cumberland Pres- 
byterian; resided near Canonburg, Washington Co., Pennsylvania. 


L Mary Ann, bom September 11, 1839* married Alexander Burson. 
80. n. James, born November 2, 1841; married Mary E. Amold.+ 

HL Margaret, bom January 9, 1844; married Thompson, or Thomas 

IV. Juliet, bom March 15, 1846; married David Williams. 

V. Eliza Jane, born May 8, 1848 ; married William Lytic, or Little. 
VL Sarah, bom July 24, 1850; married Joseph Painter. 
VlL Emeline, bom June 17, 1852 ; married Whitfield, or Witfield Lever, 

or Leaver. 
VIIL John Gary, bora September 23, 1854; died September 22, 1865. 
IX. William Alexander, bom June 28, 1857; married Ella Black. 

X, Calvin Cox, bom August 10, 1860; died October 11, 1865. 
XL Charles Fremont, bom May 10, 1862 at Clarksville; married; lives 
at Jefferson, Pennsylvania. 
XTT Henrietta, born November 8, 1867; married Albert C. or James 

He has nephews, S. A. Greenlee, living at Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, and 
A. G. Greenlee, Lincoln, Nebraska. 


ELIZABETH GREENLEE { ?faTMc1fva'"e Jghg Creenle c j 

daughter of James Greenlee and IMary ^Icllvaine, was born November 29, 1820 
at Washington, Pennsylvania; married DAVID ROSE; lived at Clarksville, 


8L Martha J. Greenlee (T) Rose, bom July 18, 1841; married Adam H. 




JANB GREENLEE ^ i£?°^«'eTDo"ghert, iSS??!^" } 

daughter of John Greenlee and Margaret Dougherty, was bom April t, or 
15, 1815 in Pennsylvania; died February 16, 1874 at Kirkville, Wapello Co., 
Iowa; married ISRAEL ZENTZ, born AprU 8, 1816 in Pennsylvania, died 
Januaiy 12, 1896 at Kirkville, Iowa. He was a fanner; Republican; Presby- 


81a. L John Greenlee Zentz, bom August 31, 1847; married Mary Alice 
IL Ebenezer Graham Zentz. 
TTT Leander Zentz. 
IV. Elizabeth Jane Zentz. 
V. Finley Hephill Zentz. 


WILLIAM GREENLEE {Ji'^-«-/°l,-^^^^^^^ iliSe^I!!^" } 

son of John Greenlee and Margaret Dougherty, was bom August 3, 1816 in 
Washington Co., Pennsylvania; died March 21, 1885 at Winfield, Kansas; mar- 
ried March 31, 1842 at Monongahela, Pennsylvania, MARGARET HENRY, 
bom in 1815 at Monongahela, died January 8, 1875 aged 60 years, at Win- 
field, Kansas, daughter of Joseph Henry; farmer; Republican; Presbyterian. 

Children, first four bom in Washington Co., Pennsylvania: 

L John H., born May 7, 1843; dead. Pjeu,,-,.-l', rO X 

IL Mary E., born August 11, 1845; lives at East^Watcrlo(^,-Iowa ; un- 

III. Joseph H., born August 1, 1848; lives at Winfield. 

IV. Elmira Jennie, born June 16, 1851; married ^"^'^^ Pryor; lives at 

South Orange, New Jersey. 
V. Hannah M., born December 5, 1853 at Antrim, Ohio; dead. 
82. VI. William Jfark, born August 14, 1856; married Belle Lowrey.+ 
He has a granddaughter, Mira Greenlee, living at Independence, Kansas. 

WILLIAM GREENLEE removed from Pennsylvania to Ohio where he 
remained about twelve years; Ihen moved to McLean County, Illinois, and 
nine years later removed to Winfield, Kansas where he spent the remainder 
of his life. 



No. 71a. ELl/.AltKTH UltEE.NLEE 

ROSE. -••• ^..- 

gfts.hi«'^ ! *^.-*r-^ ' 'W^ ' -- ' ">' '' .'-''.'i'.''?..j''-i'''^.'fl 


/v v., 

Daughter of 72a. 



JOHNGESENLEE { it^gaTerSl^ghert, iSS?^!!!^" } 

son of John Greenlee and Margaret Dougherty, was bom Joly 5, 1822 in Wash- 
ington Co., Pennsylvania; died December 15, 1880 at Otta\ra, Franklin Co., 
Kansas; married November 27, 1849 at Kammerer, "Washington Co., Pennsyl- 
vania, JANE McILVAIN, bom October 13, 1825 in Washington Co., Pennsyl- 
vania; (living, 1899, with daughter, Nettie), daughter of Greer McDvain and 
Jane Campbell, a sister of Elizabeth Campbell; farmer; Republican; Presby- 
terian; resided at Urbana, Ohio, Bloomington, Illinois and Ottawa, Kansas. 


L Mary Bell, born October 4, 1852; died aged 3 yeara. 

n. Fannie, bom October 16, 1855; died aged 7 years. 

HL Byron, bom May 4, 1858 ; died aged 5 years. 

83. IV. Nettie, born November 11, 1863; married Frank W. Benjamin. -|- 


JAMES GREENLEE {it:.«/-S'o';!g,,rty Itl'^^I!!!!}^ } 

son of John Greenlee and Margaret Dougherty, was bom February 12, 1825 
in Washington Co., Pennsylvania; died August 8, 1892 at Constantine, Michi- 
gan; married October 18, 1849 at Beaver, Pennsylvania, ELIZABETH WEY- 
GANDT, born April 25, 1827 at Beaver, died December 13, 18S3 at SheU Rock, 

Iowa, daughter of John Weygandt and Elizabeth ; farmer; Republican; 

Presbyterian ; resided at Beaver, Pennsylvania. 


L Mary J., born December 12, 1850; married Carl M. Wyant; lives at 

Waterloo, Iowa. 
II. Elizabeth S., born March 10, 1854; married Burnham H. Sevi- 
son; lives at Constantine, Michigan. 
ILL William A., born December 16, 1856; married Miss Jlary A. Crail; 
lives at Janesville, Iowa. 

84. IV. Emma A., born December 18, 1859 ; married John J. Stears.-f- 

V. Flora, born March 13, 1861; married Everett V. Axtell; lives at 
Waterloo, Iowa. 
VI. James Elmer, born September 23, 1864; married Miss Mary B. 
Parmenter; lives at Janesville, Iowa. 
Vn. Charles W., born August 23, 1S67; lives at Los Angeles, California; 

Vin. Margaret C, born March 2, 1870; married Fred W. Fitkin; lives at 
Minneapolis, Minnesota. 
IX. Maud D., born April 13, 1873; married William W. Badger; lives 
at Chicago, Illinois. 



JOSEPH GREENLEE ) EIS^^^"* John Creenle * J 

Bon of Elisha Greenlee and Eunice West, was bom February 1, 1834 at Monon- 
gahela, Washington Co., Pennsylvania; married July 3, 1862 at Henry, Mar- 
shall Co., Illinois, CAROLINE AMELIA LYTLB, bom November 10, 1837 at 
Washington, Pennsylvania, daughter of Samuel Lytle and Elizabeth Aston; 
farmer ; Republican ; resided at Henry, Illinois. They had a son, Charles, bom 
January 14, 1864 ; married Elizabeth Dnke ; lives at Henry, Illinois. 

JANE GREENLEE {^I^JA wl«'" j^ °"^" } 

daughter of Elisha Greenlee and Eunice West, was bom March 8, 1836; mar- 
ried HENRY (or HENDERSON) ECKLEY. She is dead. 


L Albert Eckley. 

IL Elmira Eckley. 

HL Elmona Eckley. 

IV. Melissa Eckley. 

V. Elisha Eckley, 


ELMIRA GREENLEE { iJ,'^f^*^^^|^°'" J°bg Creenle e J 

daughter of Elisha Greenlee and Eunice West, was born March 8, 1836 at 
Bentleyville, Washington Co., Pennsylvania; married February 11, 1853 at 
Brownsville, Pennsylvania, JOEL CARSON, bora in 1824 at Bentleyville, died 
October 25, 1897 at Chrisman, Edgar Co., Illinois son of James Carson and 
Dorcas Neblock. He was a farmer; in politics. Republican; in religion, Metho- 
dist ; resided at Danville, Illinois. 


I. Louella Carson, born September 4, 1863 ; married George Scholea. 

n. Charley Carson, bom October 15, 1865; married Emma Smith, 

nL Jennie Carson, bom October 25, 1868; married Ed Brown, 

IV. Dora Carson, born January 9, 1874; married Fred Mitchell 

V. Jeff Carson, bom July 2, 1879. 


WILLIAM GREENLEE /Ell»haGr«.n!« John Greenlee ) 

( Eunice W est Jane / 

son of Elisha Greenlee and Eunice West, was bora June 6, or 4, 1838 at Bent- 
leyville, Washington Co., Pennsylvania; died September 18, 1871; married 


NoTemb«r 14, 1861, HANNAH FARQUHAR, bom February 9, 1838 at Cen- 
treville, Wasliington Co., Pennsylvania, daughter of David Farquhar and Han- 
nah Shsir; fanner; Hepnblican; Methodist; resided at Bentleyville. 

. CHILDREN: ^'■'''^:^\\ :'.-\'' • X, ■".:\: _:'::■ 

85. L Joseph Elisha bom September 1, 1862; married Elizabeth Newkirk; 
married second Julia A, Milla.+ 
n. Charles Eli, bom December 23, 1864; died in his 11th year. 
HL Eunice Irene, bom October 28, or 27, 1867; married Joseph Carson. 
IV. "William, bom November 8, 1871 ; married Elsie Crouch. 

JOHN GEESNLEB IJsr^P,iFJ??°''*. ,. John Gre«ii«« > 

VW.11.U.1 *" ■•" \ Ellzabetli Campbell Jane / 

son of Joseph Greenlee and Elizabeth Campbell, was bom February 28, 1835 at 
Monongahela, Washington Co., Pennsylvania; married October 23, 1856 at 
Delaware, Delaware Co., Ohio, NAOMI BISHOP, bora October 8, 1836 at Dela- 
ware, daughter of James Bishop and Sarah Cole. He was a ranchman; in 
politics, Bepnblican; in religion, Methodist; resided at Marfa, Texas since 1878, 

CHILDREN: ]■' :■■■':'/;{■] A. 

L Daughter, bom March 18, 1858; died the same day. 

n. Daughter, bora April 1859; died in 1864. 

TTT, Daughter, horn April, 1862; married A- B. Main. v- . 

IV. Daughter, bora May, 1867; died, 1895. 

V- Son, bora in 1869; died, 1869. 

VL Son, bora in 1870; died, 1870. :;^V -^ V;t-  v : • y:'^'-- ' :/!.■;> 

■.■■■.'■ ^ " sa '"'■■"' ■■-■■:''"■■'■■:•;;:: "> J.: ■-.:■; ::y:' 

TATVTPS RPP.F.NT.'R'E f John Greenlee James Greenlee John Greenlee ) 
JiUSUU^ \3SS.SjijUlxLi£M I Mary Uallantlne Mary McUralne Jane / 

son of John Greenlee and Mary Ballantine, was born November 2, 1841 at 
Clarksville, Greene Co., Pennsylvania; married January 10, 1871, MARY E. 
AKNOLD, born December 27, 1847 at Washington, Pennsylvania daughter of 
Michael Arnold. He is a farmer; Republican; Cumberland Presbyterian; re- 
sides at Clarksville, Pennsylvania. 


L John C, born June 15, 1872; died December 11, 1872. 
n. IdaV. 



MAETHA J. GEEEHLEE EOSE {^^f^^^^'^'^^ UtrV^cml'^o JSSS^I!!^**} 

daughter of Elizabeth Greenlee and David Eose, was bom July 18, 1841 ; died 
November 1, 1891; married ADAAT H. EOSE, born July 30, 1830, died An- 
gost 14, 1884. 


L Mary A. Rose, bom July 14, 186L 
n. Margaret A. Eose, born September 29, 1863; married William Hupp; 
has daughter Martha May Hupp. 


TATTM fDTFWNT VB. TTPfJTT f Jane Greenle* John Greenlee John Greenlee 1 
iOaa triLELQMI'JUS Z^IUMX^ i Israel Zentz Margaret Dongbertj Jane / 

son of Jane Greenlee and Israel Zentz, was bom August 31, 1847 at Dunning- 
viUe, Washington Co., Pennsylvania ; married March 17,- 1875 at Kirkville, 
Wapello Co., Iowa, MAEY ALICE HOUSE, bom June 27, 1849 in Bourbon Co., 
Kentucky, daughter of ^Vlvin House and Belinda JIahanney. He is an engineer; 
in politics. Democrat; in religion, Christian; resides at KirkviUe, Iowa. One 
child, Lora Dell Zentz, bom August 23, 1876. 

WILLIAM MAEK GEEENLEE. | ^':',l^7e?li^u^r Mart^^'mEo^gherty 5fn^£l!!!i^ } 
son of William Greenlee and JIargaret Henry, was bora August 14, 1856 in 
Guernsey Co., Ohio, near Antrim ; married November 29, 1890 at Graphic, Ar- 
kansas, BELLE LOWREY, who was bom April 23, 1860 in Georgia, daughter 
of Dr. E. :M. Lowrey and .Julia Ann Cantrell; farmer; Republican; Methodist; 
residence. Fry, Creeks Nation, Indian Territory, 


L Cari Lowrey, bom April 26, 1892. 
n. WiUie, bom November 23, 1894. 
IIL Hazel, bom October 22, 1896. - 


U & "> " !' I ft * OWWlCMTTPli! (John Greenlee John Greenlee John Greenlee > 
X4£iillB liJKJ2iEr<ljiiE ijaneMcIlvaln Margaret Dougherty Jane ■- i 

daughter of John Greenlee and Jane McHvain, was bom November 11, 1863 at 
Lexington, McLean Co., niinois; married Febmary 23, 1888 at Bloomington, 
McLean Co., Hlinois, FRANK W. BENJAMIN, bom January 30, 1858 at 
Bloomington, son of William Benjamin and Martha Kingsley. He is a farmer; 
Republican ; Presbyterian ; resides at Bloomington. 




L Ralph Greenlee Benjamin, bom January 10, 1889, 
n. Paul Kingsley Benjamin, bom September 14, 1892. 


EMMA A. GSSSNT^S / James Greenlee John Greenlee John Greenlee 1 
 ""* • " ' '^ -^ uaiii^'^iiL.Jii I Elizabeth Wejgaodt Margaret Dougherty Jane f 

daughter of James Greenlee and Elizabeth Weygandt, was bom December 18, 
1859 at Washington, "Washington Co., Pennsylvania; married February 16, 
1882 at Constantine, St. Joseph Co., Michigan, JOHN J. STEARS, bora May 9, 
1852 at Constantine, daughter of Thomas Stears and Ann Jackson. He is ft 
fanner; Democrat; Protestant; resides at Constantine. 


L Bessie Stears, bom October 28, 1883. 

n. Harry J. Stears, bom August 6, 1885. 

HL Arthur E. Stears, bora August 1, 1889. 


J0SI3PH ELISHA GREENLEE > S'""'"? [;■•''<■■' '<-^ g'Isha Croenlee John Greenlee J 
^^^^^ '-"^"■•^—-^ ■^■^"■-'^■•."^'^■^ I Hannah Karijuhar Eunice « est Jane- J 

son of "WUliam Greenlee and Hannah Farquhar, was born September 1, 1862 
at Bentleyville, Washington Co., Pennsylvania; married June 8, 1887, ELIZA- 
BETH NEWKIRK, born September 7, 1861 at Bentleyville, died May 14, 1893, 
daughter of Isaac J. Newkirk and Hannah Thompson ; married second JULIA 
A. illLLS ; farmer ; Republican ; Presbyterian ; resides at Bentleyville. 


L Hannah Ethel, bom March 17, 1888. - . 

XL William Russell, born November 24, 1889. 
TIT. James Clinton, bom November 26, 1892. 


JOHN GEEENLEE3 died July 17, 1844 at Ayr, Ayrshire, Scotland ; was mar- 
ried probably at Campbeltown, Argyleshire, Scotland to MARGARET RAL- 
STON, who was born probably at Campbeltown, and died June 6, 1854 at Ayr, 
Scotland. He was a master mariner and resided at Ayr. 


I. ^largaret, bom December 26, 1796; married Young; died 

March 9, 1843. 


n. Daniel, born November 7, 1798; died March 7, 1804, 

in. Helen, bom May 20, 1801; died February 6, 1855. 

87. IV. Gavin, bom September 11, 1804; married 

V. Mary, bora July 26, 1808 ; married Sergeant Robert McCrindle. 

88. VL Daniel, bom April 28, 1811; married Margaret Maitland.-)- 


GAVIN 6BSENLSSS, son of John Greenlees and Margaret Ralston, was bom 
September 11, 1804 ; married and had a son, Daniel who lived at Pieterraaritz- 
bnrg, NataL He (Daniel!) had a number of sons and daughters throughout 
South Africa, where they were all bom. 


DAinSL GREENLEES, son of John Greenlees and Margaret Ralston, was 
bora April 28, 1811 at Ayr, Ayrshire, Scotland; died April 9, 1864 at Galston, 
Ayrshire, Scotland ; married at Ayr, MARGARET IMAITLAND, who was bora 
at Ayr and died Febraary 5, 1888 at Ayr, daughter of John ]\Iaitland and Mary 
McLatchie. He was a watchmaker and resided at Galston, Scotland. 


I. Gavin, bom about 1842; died aged 10 years. 
n. ]\Iary ]\Iaitland, born about 1844; lives at Ayr; unmarried. . 

89. in. John, born June 14, 1846; married Kate Patersoii--|- 

IV. Daniel, bom April 18, 1848; married Rachel Hopkins; lives at Wal- 
lacetown, Ayr. 

90. V. Allan, bora April, 1852 ; married Margaret Pringle.+ 
VI. Robert, born about 1855; died in infancy. i 


JOHN GREENLEES iPanlelGreenlecs John Greenlees 1 

(Margaret Maltland Margaret ItaJston / 

son of Daniel Greenlees and Jfargaret JIaitland, was bom June 14, 1846 at 
Ayr, Ayrshire, Scotland; married at Airdrie, Lanarkshire, Scotland, KATE 
PATERSON, daughter of Johnstone Paterson and Catherine Muirhead. He is 
a portioner ; in politics. Conservative ; resides at Ayr. 


ALLAN GREENLEES ,'P,*°'*"^i't1''lfr' h m "" *^Tg'?*. - \ 

\ Margaret Maltland Margaret Ralston / 

son of Daniel Greenlees and Jlargaret Maitland, was born April, 1852 in Scot- 
land; died at Ayr, Scotland about two months after the birth of his son; mar- 
ried at London, Ontario, Canada, :\IARGARET PRIXGLE. Shortly after his 


marriage he returned to Ayr. After his death, his widow returned to Canada 
where her parents lived. He left a son, John, who was bom at Ayr; married 
and has one child ; lives at Dondas, Ontario, Canada. 

JOSEPH GSESNLEES, brother of William [No. 135] was bom about 1750 at 
Loehwinnoch, Renfrewshire, Scotland; died about 1835; married ELIZABETH 
LEITCH, bom at Loehwinnoch, Scotland. He was engaged in weaving Paisley 
shawls by hand. Three generations had been in that business. In politics, he 
was a Liberal ; in religion, Presbyterian ; resided on a farm between Kilbarchan 
and Loehwinnoch, Scotland. 



L Joseph; has descendants living. 
. n. Peter. 
UL John. 
IV. Walter. 
92. V. David, bom August, 1795; married Jean Gilmour; married second 
Ann SteeL4- 
VI. Elizabeth. 

DAVID GREENLEES, son of Joseph Greenlees and Elizabeth Leitch, waa 
born August, 1795 at Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire, Scotland ; died August, 1873 at 
Loehwinnoch, Renfrewshire, Scotland; married about 1817, JEAN GILMOUR, 
who was born at Loehwinnoch, and died in 1848 at Loehwinnoch, daughter of 
John Gilmour and Martha Bullock; married second in 1854, ANN STEEI^ 
who was bom in 1810 at Houston, Renfrewshire, Scotland, living August, 1899 
aged over 90 years. He was a weaver; in politics. Liberal; in religion, Pres- 
byterian ; resided at Loehwinnoch. 


93. I. Joseph, bom December 6, 1818; married Jean Mann Aitken--|- 
n. Jean; married Alexander Allan; dead; had one daughter who 

died immarried. 
93a. HI. John, bom in 1820; married Elizabeth Greenlees. -|- 
IV. Elizabeth; died unmarried. 
V. David ; drowned at sea about 1856 ; unmarried. 
93b. VI. James; married Agnes Bullock.-}- 

VII. Helen; married James Millar; had daughter Jean. She died cross- 
ing to America and was buried at sea. 

94. VIII. Martha; married Thomas Peacock. -f- 




JOSEPH GEEENLEES {?»;"Vfi|-'r &beS.Te11?h' } 

son of David Greenlees and Jean Gilmour, was bom December 6, 1818 at Loch- 
winnoch, Renfrewshire, Scotland; died in 1902 at Glasgow; married in 1847 
at Paisley, Scotland, JEAN MANN AITKEN, born May, 1826 at Port Glas- 
gow, Renfrewshire, Scotland, died February 2, 1892 at Glasgow Scotland daugh- 
ter of James Aitken and Janet Cochrane. He was a cotton manufacturer; in 
politics, Liberal; in religion, Presbyterian; resided in Lochwinnoch, Glasgow 
and Canadft. 


L Mary, bom April 18, 1848 ; married, 1870, James Barrie. 
n. David, bom in 1850; died in 1873. 
TTT. Jean, bom in 1853; died in infancy. 

IV. James, bom August, 1856; married Agnes Simpson who died about 
1895; four daughters, Isabella, Jean, Agnes and Janette. He was 
a shipbuilder on the Clyde. 
V. John, bom in 1858; died aged about 9 years. 
VI. Helen, bom in I860; died in infancy. 
Vn. Joseph A., born December 29, 1862; unmarried. He was educated 
at Glasgow High School, thence proceeded to his degree of M. A. 
in philosophy at Glasgow University. At the completion of his 
course he came out under the auspices of the Colonial Committee 
of the Church of Scotland to engage in the ministry of the Pres- 
byterian Church in Canada, synod of Nova Scotia. He is Clerk of 
the Presbytery of Sidney, Nova Scotia, and minister of St. Marks 
in Sidney. 
Vlll. Janet, born July 3, 1864; married Chirstopher Fisher; lives in New- 

93a.   - ' . ■•■ •■ 

JOHN GR'RKNT^'R'RS rnavid Grcenleeg Joseph Greenlees ) 
J\ja.a \jXlSU£.nijJU£.0 jjean cumour Elizabeth Leitch / 

son of David Greenlees and Jean Gilmour, was born in 1820 at Lochwinnoch, 
Renfrewshire, Scotland; died in 1903 at Lochwinnoch; married about 1840, 
ELIZABETH GREENLEES, born at Lochwinnoch; married second about 1850 
or 1851, MARY JIORGAN who was living in 1906 at Lochwinnoch. He was 
an elder in the Catholic Apostolic Church. 

CHILDREN, all by first marriage: 

I. Catherine (eldest) ; married "Wallace Grant. 
II. David; married and has a family; is a clothier. 

Xo. 74. .TAMi:s r.i!i:i;xi.KE. 


IiaiiijIiitT of X.>. 74. .Inui.'s «ireenlt?e. 



A«;K ok !r.' VKAltS. WIIMIW OF N". "r 

i>AVii> <;i!Ki:m,ki;s ok i.ocinjiN- 

NOCIl: A.NI> No. !i:< JOSKI'll <:IIK1',N- 






 ■- : A.-^-/.--.^:!^ 

.Si>. 113 




HL James; went to Pennsjlvania and married tberei no children; died 
in Pennsylvania in the 'SOs. 
94a. TV. John; married Kate Gregory.-f- 

V. Jean; married John Diinn; lives at Loehwinnodt; has children. 


JAISES GEEENLEES {ft^^^^^Z"^^' iSS^uHSl?? } 

son of David Greenlees and Jean Gilmour, died about 1896 at Snnderland, Eng- 
land; married AGNES BULLOCK, who was bom at Kibnaeolsn, Scotland. He 
was a weaver but left the trade and served an apprenticeship in a ship-building 
yard on the Clyde. He afterward went into a ship-building establishment near 
Durham, Sunderland, England. He was a very noted man in his way and s 
preacher for Plymouth Brethren. 



I. Margaret (eldest); married Joseph Currie; settled in north of Eng> 
land ; had children. 

n. Thomas (eldest son); married Annie ; has s«hi, Ernest James, 

born in 1880, who is in the postoffice in Belfast. 
TTf. James; married and lives near Yorkshire; no childrai. 


MARTHA GREENLEES {JeYa'Jf.mour' g^fiSH^llSr } 

daughter of David Greenlees and Jean Gilmour, was bom abaat 1830 at Loch- 
winnoch; died in 1897 at Ayr, Scotland; married THOMAS PEACOCK; resides 
at Memphis, Tennessee. 


I. David Greenlees Peacock (only son) ; lives at MemphisL 
II. Maggie Peacock; married John, or James, Bennett. He is with Coats 
Thread Company, managing business in Spain. 


iryaJI CTtli'l?'}^ VVt (John Greenlees David Greenlee* Joseph Greenlee* 1 

JUMM liiCiliJdjX^ljajJ^O i Elizabeth Greenlee* JeaaGUmoor EMiabeth Leltch / 

son of John Greenlees and Elizabeth Greenlees, was married when he was 19 
years old to KATE GREGORY. • 


I. Gregory (eldest son), 
n. John. 


JOHN GREENLEES was a hand loom weaver. He went to Glasgow when 
he was thirty years old and had an establishment of his own. In his old age 
he retomed to Lochwinnoch and boaght np old property and spent his days in 
repairing his property. 


MATTHEW GREENLEES was bom at Campbeltown, Argyleshire, Scotland; 
married . They had a son. 

96. L John, bom in 1842; married Grace Poison, -j- 


JOHN GREENLEE, son of Matthew Greenlees, was born in 1842 at Paisley, 
Renfrewshire, Scotland; died January, 1896 at Paisley; married GRACE POL- 
SON, daughter of William Poison. 


97. I. Matthew, bom March 17, 1868; married Maude Wilson, -}- 
n. Grace. 

m. Evelyn. 


MATTHEW GREENLEES i John Greenlee* Matthew Greenleei 1 

jGracelolsoD j 

son of John Greenlees and Grace Poison, was born March 17, 1868 at Paisley, 
Renfrewshire, Scotland; married April 19, 1898 at Glasgow, Scotland, MAUDE 
WILSON, born July 20, 1877 at Liverpool, England, daughter of Harry Wil- 
son; manufacturer; in politics Unionist; resides at Paisley, 


L Eileen Celia, bom May 2, 1900. 


ROBERT GREENLEES was born in Campbeltown, Argyleshire, Scotland; 

married . 


I. Archibald. 

n. William. . 

III. Robert. 

IV. Thomas. 

99. V. David, born March 16, 1808; married Nancy Breckenridge.+ 
VI. James. 
VII. Jane. ' 



DAVID GSEEIILEEB, son of Eobert Greenlees, was bom March 16. 1808 at 
Campbeltown, Argyleshire, Scotland; died October 19, 1892 at Watertown, 
Washington Co., Ohio; married in 1833 at Watertown, Ohio, NANCY BRECK- 
ENRIDGE, bom October 19, 1815 in Scotland, died July 7, 1891 at Watertown, 
Ohio, daughter of Andrew Breckenridge and Sarah Templeton. He was a far- 
mer; Presbyterian; resided at Watertown, Ohio. 


I. Sarah, bom October 16, 1835; unmarried. 
100. II. Andrew, bom April 28, 1838; married Maggie Andrews. -|- " 

in. Jane, bora January 8, 1843; married William Andrews. 

rV. Robert, bom November 17, 1844. 

V. Thomas, bom June 11, 1846. • 

100a. VI. Agnes, bom November 30, or 9, 1849 ; married Joseph A. Arnold. -J- 


ANDREW GREEKLEES (David Green lees Eobert Greenlees \ 

\ Nancy Breckenridge J 

son of David Greenlees and Nancy Breckenbridge, was born April 28, 1838 at 
Watertown, Washington Co., Ohio ; married August 17, 1865 at Neto, Washing- 
ton Co., Ohio, MAGGIE ANDREWS, born August 7, 1848 at Palmer, Wash- 
ington Co., Ohio, daughter of William Andrews and Elizabeth Breckenbridge; 
farmer ; Republican ; Presbyterian ; resides at Neto, Ohio. 


I. Nettie, born September 5, 1866; married September 16, 1885, M. C. 
II. Eva S., bom September 7, 1868. 
in. David E., bom February 11, 1872; lives at Chicago, Illinois. He is a 

IV. William C, bora March 21, 1875.  

V. Dean H., bora December 15, 1888. 


AGNES GREENLEES f David Greenleeu Robert Greenlee* I 
fiuxi.uw vf.u,j.uj.i.i w \ Nancy Breckenridge / 

daughter of David Greenlees and Nancy Breckenbridge, was bora November 
30, or 9, 1849 at Watertown, Washington Co., Ohio; married May 28, 1874 at 
Watertown, JOSEPH A. ARNOLD, born Jlay 12 1846 at Watertown. He is a 
farmer ; Republican ; Presbyterian ; resides at Watertown. 

I. Ella V. Arnold, bora June 20, 1882. 















EOBEST GEEENLEES was born at Campbeltown, Argyleshire, Scotland; 
died at Campbeltown, Scotland; married at Campbeltown, SARAH TEMPLE- 
TON, who was born at Campbeltown and died in 1820 at Campbeltown, daugh- 
ter of John Templeton; farmer; Presbyterian; resided at Campbeltown. 


"William; married Martha Harvey. -|- 

Robert, bom August, 1799, or 1800 ; married Mary Mitchell -)- 
Thomas, married Jane Muir.-f- 
James, married Miss Colville. 
David ; married Miss Drair. 
Hugh ; married Miss Philips. -|- 
Jane; married Hugh Mitchell. 

Matthew; married Miss Muir. He was in business in Paisley 
manufacturing the famous shawls. 

[From other sources we have the following data: 

ROBERT GREENLEES married JANE MITCHELL, daughter of Archibald 
Mitchell and LangwelL 

CHILDREN: ' ;- '' " ■^'■^ \> ; ■> :; : ^ ^ - ' ' 

L John. 

II. Archibald. ' . ' ' : 

in. William; married Martha Harvey. 

IV. Robert ; married Mary Mitchell 

V. Thomas; married Watson. ',. 

VI. Matthew; married Watson. 

VH- Hugh. -/_[■■ 

Vin. Jane; married Hugh Mitchell.   

IX. David. '■■■■■''' ^'  T 'y'V:-'- '.'- '---'^ 

X. James. ■:■■■:-■,■; 

From the similarity of names we infer that Jane Mitchell was the first 
wife, and Sarah Templeton the second wife of the above Robert Greenlees.] 


WILLIAM GREENLEES, son of Robert Greenlees and Sarah Templeton, was 
bom in Argyleshire, Scotland; died March, 1848 in Argyleshire; married MAR- 
THA HARVEY, who was bora in 1797 in Argyleshire, and died in 1879 at 
Charles City, Floyd Co., Iowa, daughter of James Harvey and Agnes Mitchell. 















James; died in 1883; unmarried. 

Robert; married Mary Montgomery.+ 

Jeanne; married James Wy lie. + 

William; died in 1894, unmarried. 

Agnes; married Robert Smith.+ 

John, born June 21, 1836; married Jeanne Smith.+ 

Martha, bom May 15, 1838; married George Greenleea [No. 55.) 

Janet ; died. 

WILLIAM GREENLEES resided near Campbeltown, Scotland. After his 
death his widow with her seven children emigrated to Rockford, Illinois, in 
1850. Later, she, with her four sons, went to Charles City, Iowa and took np 
government land. « 

'. '- 108. '  - 

ROBERT GREEOTlEES, son of Robert Greenlees and Sarah Templeton, was 
bom August, 1799, or 1800, at Campbeltown, Argyleshire, Scotland; died May 
14, 1869 at Caledonia, Boone Co., Illinois; married in 1824 at Campbeltown, 
Scotland, MARY JIITCHELL, born September, 1S03, or 1804, at Campbeltown, 
died November 10, or 6, 1SS3 at Calendonia, Illinois, daughter of James Jlitchell 
and Ann Porter. He was a fanner; Republican; Presbyterian. He came from 
Scotland in 1850 and resided near Caledonia. 


Sarah, born January 25, 1825; married Neil McMichaeL-f- 
Robert; married Marian Montgomery. -}- 
James; married JIargaret Jane Brown. -}- 
Hugh, born March 19, 1831 ; married Jane Smith. -f- 
Ann; married Robert McNair.+ 

Thomas, bom April 17, 1835; married Margaret Andrew.-f- 
Mary; died young. 
Mary ; married John PickeiL 

Jean, bom August 29, 1841; married John Johnston Smith.+ 
John ; died young. 

William; married Jlarion ColviUe; married second Janet Drayen; 
married third !Mary Mc]\Iillen. 
117. XII. Helen, bom October 15, 1847 ; married Duncan S. Kelly.4- 


THOMAS GREENLEES, son of Robert Greenlees and Sarah Templeton, was 
bom at Campbeltown, Argyleshire, Scotland ; married JANE MUIR. 





















L Sarah. . , 

IL Margaret. • " 

m. John- 

rV. Robert , 

V. Thomas. 

VI. Jane. 

118. VII. Matthew, born February 21, 1844 ; married Wilhelmina Alexander 
Campbell -)- 

Vni. James William. 

IX. Elizabeth Mary. 

X. Alexander. 


HUGH GREENLEES, son of Robert Greenlees and Sarah Templeton, was 
born at Campbeltown, Argyleshire, Scotland; married MISS PIIILIPPS. He 
was a manufacturer of shawls and a distiller ; in religion, Presbyterian ; resided 
at Paisley, Scotland. 


119. I. Robert, born May 17, 1825; married .+ 


ROBERT GREENLEES { STr'JS^i^^.^T" s^^.^'T^piltTn } 
son of William Greenlees and Martha Harvey, was born in Campbeltown, 
Argylshire, Scotland; died October 3, 1882 at Charles City, Floyd Co., Iowa; 
married April 11, 1S61 at Rockford, Illinois, MARY MONTGOMERY, bom 
August, 1835 in Scotland, daughter of James Montgomery and Jennie Cald- 
well. He was a farmer; in politics, Republican; in religion, Presbyterian. Re- 
sided at Charles City, Iowa. 


I. William, born July 22, 1863; married Jennie Hurst; residence, 

Rockford, Illinois. 
II. Jeanne, bom December 13, 1865 ; resided at Charles City, Iowa. 

120. III. Mattie A., born August 20, 1867 ; married Alfred A. Colgrove.+ 
IV. James, bom April 27, 1873 ; resides at Charles City, Iowa. 


JEANNE GREENLSES i Winiam GreenleoB Rolxrt Greenlee* \ 
OSjAIiaXM UAJuXini^ZiZiO t Martha Harvey Sarab Templeton I 

daughter of William Greenlees and Martha Harvey, was born in Scotland; 
married JAMES WYLIE ; resided at Toledo, Ohio. 



L Harvey Wylie. 

n. Jeanne Wylie. 

m. Martha Wylie, 

IV. Isabelle Wylie. 


AGNES GRESNIiHES f Wllllam Greenlee* Robert Greenlee* 1 

AUD^O U.tujjjil«±ii:iiji9 I Martha Harv^ Sarah Templeton J 

daughter of WiUiam Greenlees and Martha Harvey, died in 1896 at Ar^ie, 
Illinois; married ROBERT SMITH; resided near Argyle. 



William Smitk 



Andrew Smith. 


Agnes Smith. 


Mary Smith. 


Martha Smith. 


JOHN GREENLEES / WUllani Croenlces Robert Greenlee* I 
■IU£in UltCiJCiA^laiiJCjO j Martha Uarvey Karah TcmpletoD / 

son of William Greenlees and Martha Harvey, was bom June 21, 1836 near 
Campbeltown, Argyleshire, Scotland; married JIarch 22, 1864 at Rockford, 
Illinois, JEANNE SMITH, bom April 28, 1836 in Argyleshire, Scotland, dangli- 
ter of Daniel Smith and Mary Montgomery; farmer; Republican; Presbyter- 
ian ; residence, Charles City, Iowa. 


I. Marcia, bom February 5, 1865. 

II. Daniel, bora in 1867. 

IIL William, born in 1869. 

IV. John, born in 187L 

V. Mary, born in 1874 

VI. Florence, born in 1878. - 

Daniel Greenlees and his brother William are proprietors of Greenlee Broth- 
ers Livery, Charles City, Iowa. 


SARAH GREENLEES {^''^^.^^l^^^^lT' ^^.^TeTXrol } 

daughter of Robert Greenlees and Mary Mitchell, was bom January 25, 18^ 
at Campbeltown, Argyleshire, Scotland; married February 17, 1859 at Cale- 


donia, Boone Co., Illinois, NEIL McMICHAEL, bom February 27, 1826 at 
Campbeltown, Scotland, son of Hugh Mcilichael and Agnes McDougaU He wa« 
a farmer ; Republican ; Presbyterian ; resided at Caledonia, Illinois. 


I. Agnes McMichael, bom December 15, 1859. 
XL Robert McMichael, born December 10, 1862. 

111. ' 

BOBEBT GRSENLSES / P,°'*'1.9'"l''°.'.*«' Rol*rt Greenlee. I 

( Mary MluheU Sarab Templetoa { 

son of Robert Greenlees and Mary Mitchell, was bom in Scotland; died Feb- 
ruary 7, 1874 at Argyle, Winnebago Co., Illinois; married MARION MONT- 
GOMERY, daughter of James Montgomery; farmer; Republican; Presbyter- 
ian; resided at Argyle, Illinois. 


I. Elizabeth Ann; married Peter Greenlee. 

II. Mary; died in childhood. 

121. III. Robert, born March 23, 1866; married Nettie Ralston.+ 

IV. James C, born March 6, 1867. 

V. John Thomas, born August, 1873; died in childhood. 


JAEDSS GREENLEES i ^^'^,9,"^°^'^^' ?°^^.p"^^^r* \ 

I Mary Mitchell Sarah Templeton / 

son of Robert Greenlees and Mary Mitchell; married MARGARET JANB . 
BROWN, born August 27, in Ohio, daughter of Edward Bro^vn and Elizabeth 
; farmer; Republican; Presbyterian; resided at Caledonia, Dlinois. 


I. Mary Ann, born April 23, 1866 ; married James Smith. 

II. Edward Brown, born March 30, 1868; married Annetta Andrew. 

III. Elizabeth, born August 31, 1871; married James Greenlee [No. 30]. 

IV. Margaret Jane, bom July 28, 1874; married John Kelly, 
V. Robert James, born Febmary 12, 1878. 


HUGH GREENLEES { S'^/'m^^T "i-" ^"^^■p^ltH } 

son of Robert Greenlees and Mary Mitchell, was born March 19, 1831 at Camp- 
beltown, Argyleshire, Scotland ; married February 21, 1867 at Rockford, Illi- 


nois, JANE SillTH, bom December 31, 1853 at Campbeltown, Scotland, 
daughter of James Smith and Martha Johnston; farmer; Democrat; Presby- 
terian ; resided at Bockf ord, Illinois. 


L James S., bom June 24, 187L 
XL Nellie, bom January 19, 1873. 
m. J, Herbert, bom Febmary 23, 1877. 


AHIf 6BEENLES3 l?,°^1.?'^^'^,*" ^^^^S^^f^ \ 

.i^^,„ »•■- ,,»*juuji» ^ Mary Mitchell Sarah Templeton J 

daughter of Eobert Greenlees and Mary Mitchell, was bom at Campbeltown, 
Argyleshire, Scotland ; married July 4, 1861, ROBERT McNAIR, who was bora 
at Campbeltown; in religion, Presbyterians. 


L Robert McXair; died July 27, 1892. 

n. James McNair. 

HL Annie ilcNair; married in 1894; resides at Redwood Falls, Minnesota. 

IV. Mary McNair. 

V. Sarah H. McNair. 


THOIilAS GREENLEES / ?,°^^,9,'"Sf °,'.*^* g^^x^r* Greenlee. ) 
^^^^^^^ ■"■-'"■^■^'^''-^-'' \ Mary Mitchell Sarah Templetoo / 

son of Robert Greenlees and Mary iMitchell, was bom April 17, 1835 in Argyle- 
shire, Scotland; married February 24, 1876 at Argyle, Winnebago Co., Illinois, 
SLVRGARET ANDREW, bom December, 1847 at Argyle, Illinois, daughter of 
John Andrew and Mary Brown; farmer; Republican; Presbj'terian ; resided at 
Caledonia, Boone Co., Illinois. 


I. Robert M., born September 6, 1877. 

n. John A., born October 13, 1879. 

HL Mary E., bora August 11, 1881 ; died August 28, 1882. 

IV. Margaret 'SI., born August 29, 1883. 

V. Thomas M., bora May 29, 1885. 

VL Lizzie A., bora August 2, 1887. 

Vn. James R., bom April 6, 1890. 



TPAW mtTf^JIJ WH < Robert Greenle** Robert Greenlee* 1 
J£lfl-K UKEi5r*lj£15» JMaryMltcheU Sarah Templeton / 

daughter of Eobert Greenlees and Maiy Mitchell, was bom August 29, 1841 at 
Campbeltown, Argyleshire, Scotland; married April 28, 1859 at Caledonia, 
Boone Co., Illinois, JOHN JOHNSTON SMITH, born August 13, 1833 at Camp- 
beltown, Scotland, died July 15, 1894 at Winnebago, Illinois, son of James 
Smith and Martha Johnston ; in religion, Presbyterian ; resided at Winnebago, 


I. Mary Johnston Smith, bom June 26, 1860. 

II. Jessie Langwill Smith, bom February 28, 1862; died November 30, 
TTT Sarah Jane Smith, born ]March 25, 1865; married Clarence P. Cool- 

IV. Robert Greenlees Smith, bora July 5, 1867. 

V. William Gay Smith, bora January 15, 1871. '" 

VI. Thomas Andrew Smith, bom September 30, 1874. . 
Vn. Nellie Smith, bora Jlay 4, 1877. 
Vm. John Mitchell Smith, bora September 14, 1879. 


HELEN GREENLEES { Sa^;!^?,^^ ^ saJ^S*T^eL"p?^to^S } 

daughter of Robert Greenlees and Mary Mitchell, was born October 15, 1847 
at Campbeltown, Argyleshire, Scotland; married February 9, 1871 at Cale- 
donia, Boone Co., Illinois, DUNCAN S. KELLY, born May 8, 1839 at Camp- 
beltown Scotland, son of John Kelly and Mary . He is a farmer; Re- 
publican; Presbyterian; resides at Caledonia, Illinois. 


I. John S. Kelly, born P'ebruary 12, 1872; married Jessie McNeilage. 

II. Robert G. Kelly, born December 20, 1873 ; married Cora EUworth. 

III. Duncan M. Kelly, bora September 12, 1876. 

rV. James T. Kelly, bom September 28, 1880. 

V. Ethel Kelly, born January 22, 1886. 


MATTHEW GREENLEES iThomnsOreenleea Robert GreenleeB { 

a±A±±ajun \iiV£iij±iiiJJXjfi» j j^ne Mulr Sarah Templeton / 

son of Thomas Greenlees and Jane Muir, was bora Febniary 21, 1844 at Pais- 
ley. Scotland; married August 27, 1873 at Bradford, Yorkshire, England, 
WILIIELMINA ALEXANDER CAJfPBELL, bom April 27, 1851 at Edin- 


burgh, Scotland, danghter of Rev. James Robertson Campbell and Elizabeth 
Alexander. He was a manufacturer and resided at Glasgow, Scotland. 


I. Muir Campbell, bom July 16, 1874 

n. Elisabeth Campbell, bom August 19, 1875; died August 20, 1875. 

in. James Robertson Campbell, bom December 14, 1878. 

TV. Margaret Campbell, bora May 29, 1880. 

V. Gladys Campbell, bom December 26, 1883. 

VI. Janet Campbell, bom Jlarch 28, 1886. 


EGBERT GREENLEES {^^!^«Jf,^,^|;^, ^^^A'TeZ^ti^ } 

son of Hugh Greenlees and Miss Philipps, was born May 17, 1825; died Jan- 
uary, 1879 at Campbeltown, Argyleshire, Scotland ; married . 


I. Daughter; married David Colville, Jr. 
II. Daughter; married Henry Becks. 
III. Daughter; unmarried. ' 

ROBERT GREENLEES received his education in the Campbelto^vn Gram- 
mar School, and in early life was apprenticed with David Colville, writer, as 
clerk. lie afterward joined his father in business as a distiller, having been 
taken into the firm of Colville, Greenlees & Company, Argyll Distillery. His 
father soon retired and the business was carried on by the junior partners, and 
eventually by Robert Greenlees. lie retired in 1887 when the distillery was 
sold to the neighboring firm of Greenlees & Colvill. Mr. Greenlees took an 
active part in the work of the Longrow United Presbyterian Church, of which 
he was a member. He was prescs of the congregation for a number of years, 
and was Church Treasurer for over twenty years. His .sympathies were not 
confined to church organizations, however, but extended to all charitable in- 
stitutions in the town, and his charities, although numerous, were unostenta- 
tious. He also took an active interest in public affairs. He occupied a seat 
on the old Parochial Board for a number of years and was vice-chairman of the 
House Committee, but did not seek re-election to the Parish Council when the 
new administration took the place of the Parochial Board in 1895. lie was 
director of the Campbeltown and District Savings Bank, and a director of the 
Campbeltown and Glasgow Steam Packet Company. He was a man of the 
most gentle and unassuming character — a man of good deeds, rather than loud 
profession, whose quiet, consistent Christian life was an example to many and 
gained for him the love of all who knew him, or even slightly came in contact 
with him. 



MATTIS A. G£ESin>SES / Ro'*''' Greenlee» William Greenlees Robert Greenleea I 

•^^ ■^^^ I Mary Montgomeir Maxtlia Harrej Sarali Templetoa J 

daughter of Robert Greenlees and Mary Montgomery, was bom Angnst 20, 
1867 at Charles City, Floyd Co., Iowa ; married December 24, 1895 at Fatdkton, 
South Dakota, ALFRED A. COLGROVE, bom October 17, 1856 at Painesville,  
Lake Co., Ohio, son of Ebenezer Colgrove and Margaret Hall. He is a farmer; 
Republican; Methodist; resides at Painesville, Ohio. 


Margaret L. Colgrove, bom September 8, 1897. 


ROBSRT GREKNT.'RES / Robert Greenlees Robert Greenlee* Robert Greenlee* I 

avDSnax yxa^Eiai^ll^o t Marlon Montgomery Mary Mitchell Sarah Templeton { 

son of Robert Greenlees and Marion Montgomery, was bom March 23, 1866 at 
Argyle. "Winnebago Co., Illinois; married February 15, 1894 at Argyle, Illinois, 
NETTIE RALSTON, bom August 8, 1865 at Argyle, daughter of Robert Ral- 
ston and Lizzie Andrew; farmer; Prohibitionist; Presbyterian; resides near 
Winnebago, Illinois. 


I. Esther E., bora Febmary 17, 1895. ' 

n. Gladys C, bom April 10, 1897. 
m. Clark M., bom March 7, 1899. 


EGBERT GREENLEES was bom September, 1761 probably at or near Camp- 
beltown, or Southend, Argyleshire, Scotland; died September 27, 1838 near 
Larne, County Antrim, Ireland; married in 1783, ELLEN RALSTON, bom 
January 17, 1762 at Campbeltown, Scotland, died Febmary 26, 1833 near 
Lame, Ireland. 


1. Robert, bom June, 1784 ; died Jlarch, 1812. 
II. Daniel, bom June, 1784; died October, 1813. 
in. Jlargaret, born May, 1786; married November, 1814, Patrick 

Moore; settled near Beekmantown, New York about 1819. 
rV. Isabella, bora Augiist, 1788; married April, 1810, William Rca; 
settled near Beekmantown, New York about 1819. 


V. William, bom August, 1730; married June, 1818, Margaret Dia- 
mond; settled in Canada; died leaving one son; she married 
second, Lyaes. 

YL Elizabeth, bom August, 1792; married July, 1812, Andrew Mc- 

Vn. Mary, bom Aagost, 1794; married September, 1815, George Gor- 

123. Vin. Andrew, bom October, 1796; married .-)- 

IX. John, bora October, 1796; died November, 1800. 

X. EUen, bom Marcls, 1799; married January 12, 1824, John Brown. 

124. XI. John, bom March, 1801 ; married Agnes Semple.-|- 
Xn. Edward, bom Angnst, 1803; died December, 1803. 

ROBERT GREENLEES went to Ireland about 1802 or 1803, and settled in 
County Antrim. He was a Presbyterian in the membership of the Secession 
Church. A small congregation was formed at Lame,^and he was chosen as one 
of the Elders and retained that office until his death. He was a man of sterling 
integrity and highly esteemed by the commimity. 


AKDHEW GREENLEES, son of Robert Greenlees and Ellen Ralston, was bora 

October, 1796; married in 1834 . He went to the West Indies 

in 1822, afterward to the United States, settling in New York. He settled at 
Ottawa, Illinois at an early date. Had a son, William, who lived at Ottawa; 
also daughters. 


JOHN GREENLEES, son of Robert Greenlees and Ellen Ralston, was bora 
March, 1801, at Campbeltown, Argyleshire, Scotland; died November 28, 1872 
at Larne, County Antrim, Ireland; married January 18, 1825, AGNES SEM- 
PLE, bom AprU, 1797 near Lame, Ireland, died October 27, 1872 at Lame, 
daughter of John Sample and Jenny Laird (T). 


Robert, bom May 16, 1826; died April 10, 1858, 
Janet, born August 16, 1828; married Hugh Sample; died Decem- 
ber 30, 1896 ; had a son, Robert Hugh Semple. 
John, bom May 3, 1830; married Jane Stewart.+ 
Andrew, born September 25, 1831 ; married Lucy EUen Powers.-J- 
Helan, bom September 6, 1834; died Febraary 16, 1897. 
Agnes, bom November 28, 1836; died May 15, 1875. 
William, bom April 4, 1839; died August 25, 1853. 

JOHN GREENLEES %vas ordained in 1825 as an Elder in the congregation 
in which he had been brought up, and for forty-seven years filled that oflBce 











acceptably. In 1830 he formed a fixed resolution neither to use ardent spirits 
nor to entice others to use them. He was an earnest temperance reformer, and 
started a temperance roll, but was much discouraged by one after another fall- 
ing away from it. At the same time, men under the influence of liquor tried to 
hide from him. He formed a temperance roll for his own family, and father, 
mother and children all signed it. He taught diligently in the Presbyterian 
Sabbath school for nearly fifty-sLx years, and visited the district assigned to 
him as elder, conducting weekly prayer meetings in his district for thirty-six 
years. Though busied in an agricultural life, he found time for reading and 
studying theology and kindred subjects. As a token of respect for his mem- 
ory, a large concourse of ministers and laity of all Christian denominations in 
the neighborhood accompanied his remains to the grave. In politics he wa« 
Radical. He resided at GljTin, County Antrim, Ireland. 

ROBERT HUGH SEMPLE, AL A., grandson of John Greenlees, had a very 
brilliant career both at school and at college, carrying off a great many 
prizes, scholarships and University honors. He is a distinguished graduate of 
Queen's College and also of Cambridge University. On August 3, 1891 he 
was ordained as a minister of the Downpatrick congregation, and in 1895 
he was transferred to Limerick. He is an able preacher and much beloved by 
his people. 


JOHN GREENLEES ( John Greenlees Robert Greenlee* ) 

JUnil UAJIiHiiXruZiXiO I Apnea Semple Ellen Kalston / 

son of John Greenlees and Agnes Semple, was bom May 3, 1S30 near Lame, 
County Antrim, Ireland; married November 2, 1S59 at Ballycarry, County 
Antrim, Ireland, JANE STEWART, born October 29, 1829 at Larne, daughter 
of Thomas Stewart and Mary Service. No children. 

JOHN GREENLEES was dedicated by his parents to the ministry of the 
Gospel, should God in his gracious providence open up the way. He entered 
Queen's College, in Belfast, in 1S50 and was a distinguished student, gaining 
a junior scholarship each year of his undergraduate course, and a senior 
scholarship in his fourth year. He took the B. A. degree in Queen's University 
in 1853, and his ^I. A. degree in 1854. He also took scholarships in his theo- 
logical course. In May, 1856 he was licensed to preach, and labored for a short 
time in Connaught, then was called to the Scot's Church, Ramelton, where he 
was ordained December 7, 1857. He resigned this charge in 1866. ha%-ing ac- 
cepted a call to Belfast, where he was installed over a new congregation in 
Academy Street, February 28, 1866. This congregation was transferred to a 
new building called Ekenhead Church in 1867, where he still continues to 
minister with acceptance to the people. 


ANDREW GREENLEES |JohnGreenlee« Robert Greenlee. t 

xix<vxi~u II VIXVUAJJ.1U.UUW I Agnes Semple Ellen Ralston J 

son of John Greenlees and Agnes Semple, was born September 25, 1831 at 
Larne, County Antrim, Ireland; married September 25, 1856 at Ottawa, Illi- 


nois, LUCY ELLEN POWEKS, bom December 8, 1838 at Ottawa, daughter of 
John Powers and Nancy Ford. He was a farmer; Republican; Congrega- 
tionalist ; resided at Lame, Ireland ; came to this country when he was 19 years 
old and has resided at Troy, New York, Ottawa, Illinois and Silica, Kangag 


127. L John Robert, born July 28, 1858 ; married Mary Ida "Wolt+ 

n. Mary Agnes, bom March 3, 1861 ; married Arthur Tollis Yielding. 

IIL Charles Andrew, bom July 13, 1863; married Henrietta BolL 

rV. Lucy Ellen, bom July 6, 1872 ; married Henry Chase. 

127. . 

JOHN ROBERT GEESNLEES / Andrew Creenle*. . John Greenlee* 
"*^^^ *»w**^.»»* ^.^•^^.L^^A.^^^^.M^m, \ Lacy Ellen Power* A^ea Semple 

Robert Greenlee* I 
Ellen BAlston / 

son of Andrew Greenlees and Lucy Ellen Powers, was bom July 28, 1858 at 
Ottawa, Lasalle Co., Illinois; married April 4, 1884 at Chase, Rice Co., Kansas, 
MARY IDA WOLF, born March 4, 1861 at Salem, Lee Co., Iowa, daughter of 
Christopher A. Wolf and Emma C. Clark. He is a shipper; in politics. Republi- 
can; in religion, Congregationalist ; resides at Lawrence, Kansas. 


I. Agnes Mary, bom July 16, 1885. 

IL Ellen Louise, bom June 14, 1889. -\. ;:' ' :^^ ; . • 

IIL Charles Robert, born November 7, 1892. 

IV. Lois Anna, bom December 8, 1897. . . 

128. ■■■::[, 

WILLIAM GREENLEES of Jlaehribeg [Parish Records] was bora June 13, 
1776 in Argjleshire, Scotland; died in Argj'leshire ; married April 22, 1808 at 
Southend, Argyleshire, Scotland [date and place from Parish Records], JANET 
PICKEN, bom Febmary 18, 1785 at Southend, Scotland, daughter of John 
Picken and Jlary Reid. He was a Presbyterian and resided in Argj'leshire. 


129. L Archibald, born March 2, 1809; married Margaret ilontgomery 
TT Anna, bom March 6, 1812; married Colin Telfer; married second 
William Houston. 
HL Mary, bom July 8, 1817; married James Martin. 




AECHIBALD GEEENLEES, son of William Greenlees and Janet Picken, was 
bom March 2, 1809 in Argyleshire, Parish of Southend, Scotland; died July 7, 
1881 at Cincinnati, Ohio; married June 3, 1836 at Edinburgh, Scotland, MAR- 
GARET JIONTGO-AIERY McGECHY, born March 29, 1812 at Campbeltown, 
Argyleshire, Scotland; died JIarch 15, 1869 at Cincinnati, Ohio, daughter of 
James McGechy (McGeachy or JIcGeachim) and Mary Montgomery. He was 
a shoemaker; Republican; Presbyterian; resided at Cincinnati, Ohio. 


L William, born January 13, 1837 at Edinburgh; died iinmarried 
July 17, 1866; served in Quartermaster's department during 
the Civil war. 
II. James, born September 13, 1839 at Edinburgh ; died May 10, 1840. 
130. III. Archibald, born June 4, 1841 ; married Leonora ^Matilda Agnew.-f- 
IV. James Martin, born November 1, 1843, not in Argyleshire but 
near it, at a place called Salt Pans, now included in Argyle- 
shire; married Annie E. Winters; served in Quartermaster's 
Department during the Civil war; died in 1876 at Cincinnati. 
Colin Telfer, bom June 23, 1846 ; married Mary Joanna Wheeler.-[- 
Thomas, bom March 15, 1849; married Sarah J. Sloan. -|- 
Mary Janet, born February 14, 1852; married Charles Sherman 
VIII. Joseph Taylor, bom June 24, or January 27, 1856 at Cincinnati, 
Ohio; married Susan B. A. Allen. 


ARCHIBALD GREENLEES / Archibald Oreenlees William Greenlee. ) 

xuvw^Lxj-uxixjx^ VIJ.VJJJJJ.1XJJJXJU I siarfe-aret M. McGechy Janet Picken / 

son of Archibald Greenlees and ^Margaret Montgomery McGechy, was bom 
June 4, 1841 at Salt Pans (now included in Argyleshire), Scotland; married 
November 25, 1869, LEONORA MATILDA AGNEW, bom March 26, 1849 at 
Cumberland, Maryland, daughter of John Park Agnew and Matilda Elizabeth 


134. I. Margaret Agnew, bom September 26, 1870 ; married Cleland Nelson 
n. David Agnew, bom September 26, 1875; unmarried. 
HI. Annie de Courcy, born January 16, 1879, or 1880 ; unmarried. 

ARCHIBALD GREENLEES was a coal shipper; Republican; Presbyterian; 
resided at Washington, D. C. He served in the Civil war as a Lieutenant in the 
Quartermaster's Department. 







, SCOTCH FAillLIES. 483 


COLIN TELFEE GEEENLEES ( t"^^^^?S^^.''l^^\ Wllllam Greenlec \ 

ww.-._^i ^^.>u.^.ui v^^u^i-i^u^uw I Margaret M. McGechy Janet FIcken J 

son of Archibald Greenlees and Margaret Montgomery McGechy, was bom 
June 23, 1846 at Salt Pans, now included in Argyleshire, Scotland ; died in his 
57th year at Walnut HUls; married at Cincinnati, Ohio, MARY JOANNA 
WHEELER, born June 9, 1853 at Cincinnati, daughter of Wilber Bacchus 
Wheeler and Elizabeth Morgan. He was a bookkeeper; Republican; Presby- 
terian; resided at Walnut Hills, near Cincinnati. Served during the Civil 
war in the Quartermaster's Department. 


L Ada Sherwood, bom June 19, 1873; married Elra A. Berdan, who is 

the New York advertising representative olE the Times-Star. 
II. William Houston, born September 12, 1875 ; travels for an eastern firm, 
in. Carrie Wheeler, born October 17, 1881; married George H. Meyers 
who represents another Cincinnati newspaper. 


TTimVrAt! nPTi'VNT 'PT'S f Archibald GrecDlees William Greenlees 1 

lliUJVlAb liKi;iiI.JNljJ:iJ;iS { Margaret M. McCechy Janet IMcken / 

son of Archibald Greenlees and Jlargaret Montgomery McGechy, was bom 
March 25, 1849 at Greenock, Scotland; married SARAH J. SLOAN, born 
January 20, 1857 at Pomeroy, Meigs Co., Ohio, died August 17, 1895; daughter 
of Duncan Sloan and Maria Harris; grocer; Republican; Presbyterian; re- 
sided at Cincinnati, Ohio. 


I. Joseph Clifford, born February 27, 1880. 
II. Percy Sloan, born August 20, 1882. 
III. Colin Raymond, born June 16, 1885. 


MARY .TANTIT OREENUEF.S (Archibald Greenlees William Greenlees 1 

mAJiX JJ\£i£il UlUSjiliniiJCjJCjO j Margaret M. McGechy Janet Plcken / 

daughter of Archibald Greenlees and Margaret Montgomery McGechy, wa« 
bom February 14, 1852 at Cincinnati, Ohio; married February 7, 1878 at West 
Wainu'C Hills, Ohio, CHARLES SHER:\IAN YERKES, born July 13, 1850 at 
Covington, Kentucky, son of Reuben S. Yerkes and Harriet A. Martin. He is 
in insurance business; in politics, Democrat; religion, Congregationalist; re- 
sides at Oak Park, Illinois. 



I. Reuben Archibald Yerkes, bom January 11, 1880. 

IL Leonora Agnew Yerkes, born July 27, 1883; dead, 

in. Alice Agnew Yerkes, bom November 29, 1885; dead. 

rV. Mary Agnes Yerkes, bom August 9, 1886. 

V, Charles Greenlees Yerkes, bom December 6, 1888. 



William Greenleei I 
Janet Plcken / 

daughter of Archibald Greenlees and Leonora Matilda Agnew, was bom Sep- 
tember 26, 1870 at Cincinnati, Ohio; married July 14, 1890, CLELAND NELSON 
OFFLEY, bora June 8, 1868 at Washington, D. C, son of Holmes Edward 
Offley and Mary Cleland Nelson. 


I. Archibald Nelson Offley, bora April 23, 1891. 
II. Margaret Andrew Offley, born November 10, 1896. 

CLELAND NELSON OFFLEY is a Lieutenant in the United States Navy. 
During the war with Spain he was first assistant engineer on the Oregon on 
her long voyage round the Horn and during the naval battle of July 3rd. He 
is a Presbyterian and resides at Washington, D. C. 


WILLIAM GREENLEES, brother of Joseph Greenlees [No. 91] was born at 
Southend, Argyleshire, Scotland; married AGNES ANDREW. 


I. Matthew; married Miss Ferguson. 
136. II. Daniel, born April 14, 1796; married Mary ColvilIe.+ 

III. Agnes Andrew, born April 3, 1811; married Samuel Greenlees [No. 

rV. Robert; died young. 

WILLIA]M GREENLEES was a ship master. His wife was a woman of 
strong character, universally respected and distinguished for her godliness — 
the spiritual training of her children being the mission to which she felt she 
was called. 



Sod of No. 130. 




  ;■ "■'-■- 







'-S^^ *?-- -■. 




'"'■'-■- ,« 

— ~ 

V i 





]>''-. . 





/i^-w.hi-i ii-^. 



No. 1.16. D.WIEI- fJKEKNl.EES. 

Wife of Kunli-I <;ri'enle<'fi. 

SCOTCH FAillLlES. 485 

DANIEL GREBNLEES, son of 'William Greenlees and Agnes Andrew, was 
bom April 14, 1796 at Campbeltown, Argyleshire, Scotland; died June 25, 
1892 at Campbeltown, Scotland; married February 17, 1824 at Campbeltown, 
MARY COLVILLE, born March 6, 1801 at Campbeltown, died March 15, 188S 
at Campbeltown, daughter of Charles Colville and Janet Dimlap. 


L Margaret, bom December 11, 1824; married Robert Greenlees; 

lived at London, England. 
n. Agnes, bom June 30, 1826; married James Blackwood, a South 
African merchant. 
m. Janet, bom June 11, 1828; died April 5, 1847. 
137. IV. Charles Colville, bom November 4, 1830; married Jessie Col- 
V. "William, born February 18, 1833; married Annie Robin. 
VL Mary, born February 15, 1836; married Archibald Greenlees 

[No. 36].+ 
VLL Catherine, bora September 2, 1839; married A. L. Bruce; lived 

at Edinburgh. 
VHL Daniel, bom August 16, 1844; died December 22, 1847. 

DANIEL GREENLEES was a partner in the firm of Greenlees & Colville, 
Hazelbum Distillery, along with Samuel Greenlees, his brother-in-law, with 
whom also he jointly held the estate of Moy, but left the business in 1881, and 
since that time lived a life of well-earned leisure. Early taking an interest in 
the welfare of his fellow citizens, he took a prominent part in the Reform Bill 
agitation of 1832, and a year later was elected a member of the Town Council, 
which honorable duties he faithfully discharged, with an intermission of one 
year (1841-2) till 1860. During this period of 27 years he served as Bailie from 
1836-1841, and from 1848-1854. A useful member of the Council, he was con- 
tented with his wellknown title of Bailie Greenlees, notwithstanding that the 
Provosiship was frequently pressed upon him — an office which he lived tx> 
see filled by his son, Charles, for many years. During his servitude in the 
Council he had the superintendence of the repairs of the South Side of the 
Old Quay, and the town property in Bolgam Street was secured under his 
administration. He was also one of the promoters of the Gas Company, and 
was early connected with the Steamboat Company of which he was a director. 
Mr. Greenlees was initiated a member of St. John's Lodge of Freemasons on 
the 18th of May, 1819, and was thus the oldest living Freemason in Scotland, 
his connection with the craft extending over a period of 73 years. An earnest 
churchman, he was a member of the Longrow United Presbyterian Church, 
and was ordained to the eldership in 1832, and gave with a warm heart and 
liberal hand to all its schemes. He was convener of the Law Committee of the 
Church during the great Smith ease (well-known in church history), which 
was carried to the Court of Session and won by the congregation. Rev. Mr. 


Smith, minister at that time, attempted to carry the congregation with all the 
church property, out of the denomination and into the Established Church- 
The isolated position of the towTQ, far from the seat of Presbytery in Glasgow, 
the system of proprietors by which the church was held, and the fact that the 
constitution of the Relief Denomination and the rules of procedure had not 
been very carefully formulated, helped to facilitate the step ilr. Smith waa 
taking. For a time the congregation was deprived of the use of the church, 
the first Sabbath on which they were shut out being a cold, snowy day in the 
month of December, when the congregation worshipped in the Kirk Close, as 
near the church as they could get, the minister, Rev. Mr. Harvey, of Glasgow, 
standing in a door of a grain loft, preaching the Gospel to the women and 
children accommodated within the loft and to the men without crowding the 
close. It was clear that there was to be a law case that would be decided by the 
Court of Session, if not the House of Lords, iluch, it was felt, would depend 
upon an active, energetic and wise law committee, and such a committee was 
appointed, Mr. Greenlees being unanimously appointed convener. His work on 
that committee abundantly justified the confidence the congregation exercised 
in him; and when after years of litigation, the congregation had its property 
restored to it by the decision of the Court of Session, there were two men to 
whom it was felt by all that very special thanks were due — one was the Rev. 
Dr. Stnithers of Glasgow, who was unwearied in hunting up documents, min- 
utes, and precedents for the instruction of the law agents in conducting the 
case, and the other was Mr. Greenlees, who as convener of the la%v committee, 
did whatever could be done to help the right to prevail, and to cheer the con- 
gregation when prospects were darkest. Regaining possession of the church, 
the congregation pursued its work with new ardor and in every departure of 
congregational usefulness Mr. Greenlees took a warm and deep interest, thor- 
oughly sympathising and co-operating with the minister in all his efforts to 
promote the spiritual progress. He was one of the ciders who gave the late 
revered Dr. Boj-d his call to Campbeltown. As long as he was able to attend 
church he did so with perfect regularity, when unable to hear in his ordinary 
seat coming as near the pulpit as possible. Though so far advanced in life he 
never allowed himself to live in the past or to get out of touch with the pres- 
ent. He continued to read to the end of his days. The range of his reading 
narrowed as the years advanced and the eyes became dim, and was confined 
to three lines — his daily newspaper, by which he kept him.self acquainted with 
politics, not of his own country only, but of other countries as well, especially 
France; his second line of reading was a massive volume of devotional divinity; 
and his third line of reading was his bible. As his infirmities increased his 
newspaper had to be given up; after a time his volume of divinity had to be 
given up ; but his daily bible portion he continued to read to the last. Touch- 
ing it was to see the brass fingermark pointing out the chapter and verse he 
had reached in his regular reading, and to notice the progress he had made 
through the bible. In his earlier j'ears he was connected with the fishing in- 
dustry, and always took a keen interest in the fishermen of the town. This 
interest he continued to the last and nothing pleased him belter than to watch 
them from his windows getting their skiffs in order and going out to their 
nightly toil. He and his wife celebrated their golden and diamond weddings. 


No. 131. 





-. .1-. ";-^^s.v-;/iSp 



He was buried in KUkerran Cemetery. The flags on the steamers and shipping 
in the harbour were lowered to half-mast, and the various town and church 
bells were tolled at intervals. At the Parochial Board meeting, Ex-Provost 
Colville referred to the deceased in the following terms: "Gentlemen, I can- 
not take this place today without reference, in a very few words, to the absence 
of our Chairman. We all sympathise with him and his family circle in their 
bereavement. When one of so notable age as that to which Mr. Daniel Green- 
lees has reached is taken away — one all whose unblemished life has been passed 
in this community — it seems like the closing of an epoch. And, gentlemen, 
although it has not been customary for us of this Board, in exactly similar cir- 
cumstances, to record our emotions in the minute book, still I am confident 
that you will allow me to express our feeling of sincere condolence on this 
occasion, and that you will join me in asking the Inspector to convey these 
sentiments to Mr. Greenlees our Chairman. If you agree with me in this we 
may fittingly show our acquiescence and respect by standing." The request 
was universally complied with. - • 


CHAELES COLVILLE GKEENLEES { St?}.* cSivnfe"" A^lllnlr'^w""' } 

son of Daniel Greenlees and Mary Colville, was bom November 4, 1830 at 
Campbeltown, Argyleshire, Scotland; married JESSIE COLVILLE, bom July 
16, 1841 at Campbelto'wn, Scotland, daughter of John Colville and Janet Gal- 
braith. He resides at Dunara, Campbeltown, Scotland. 

One son: 

Daniel Colville, born March 5, 1869; married Mary MacneaL 

CHARLES COLVILLE GREENLEE went to Glasgow in 1847 and entered 
a West India House that traded at Hayti. He afterward became a partner in 
the firm — W. D. Roberts & Company. In 1858-59 he visited Hayti and America. 
He joined the Volunteers in August, 1859, as a member of the Glasgow 
University Corps, and was present as one of the Guards of Honor to her Majesty 
Queen Victoria at the opening of the Loch Katrine Water Works. He returned 
to Campbeltown in 1860, owing to the illness of his father, where he has since 
resided. A Volunteer Corps was formed in Campbeltown in 1860 and he 
joined as Ensign, and continued a volunteer for twenty-seven years, retiring 
with the honorary rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He was present at the two 
reunions in Edinburgh, 1861 and 1881, and was Captain of a Guard of Honor 
to her Majesty at Inveray, and to the Princess Louise at Campbeltown. Mr. 
Greenlees was Provost of Campbeltown for six years, was Chairman of the 
Parochial Board and Parish Council for about twenty years, and also Chair- 
man of the Burgh School Board. He is Justice of the Peace for the County, 
and also Hon. Sheriff substitute; a banker; in polities. Liberal; and an Elder in 
the United Presbyterian Church. 


GEEEWLEES, daughter of Greenlees of Bishopton, married 

JOHN B. McCALLUM. She is the only survivor of the Greenlees family of 
Bishop town. Her grandfather's people came from Lochwinnoch. 


GREENLEES bom 1600, was from Lochwinnoch, Renfrewshire, Scot- 
land. By occupation, miller; in religion, Covenanter, escaped persecution by 
going to Kyntire. Came to Campbeltown about 1650-1660. 


Son, lived at Blasthill farm, S. E. Kyntire, represented by Charles C. Green- 
lees, Campbelto^vn, and Rev. John Greenlees, Belfast. 

Son, lived at Machribeg farm, S. E. Kyntire, represented by Gavin Green- 
lees, and John Greenlees who founded the Argyle settlement in Elinois. 

Daughter, married John Cordiner, lived at Rutchachan farm, Kyntire, 
great-grandmother of Gavin Ralston, represented by Miss Greenlees, 

Son, lived at Tangy farm, Kyntire, represented by John Greenlees, draper 
in Campbeltown. 

Son, lived at Greenland farm, represented by Samuel Greenlees, Camp- 
Son, lived at Campbeltown. Descendants live in Glasgow and Australia. 

Son. . .- 

This family was originally from Saxony, went into England, then Fife, 
then Argyleshire, Scotland, and from there scattered into the North of L-eland, 


-. A^"^ - .-^ >" ■; '^■^; .t>'^y^ L- '-V'. ->^ r ':^.^ ' jr I 


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»it»r, Uno) »"<) Tlldsny 

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\>^ 1909 



ASTHUS GSESNLEES was born in County Antrim (t), Ireland; married 
. He was a farmer. 


140. I. John; married Elizabeth Greenlees.-j- 

n. Alice ; no trace of her after coming to America about 1840. 


JOHN 6EEENLEES, son of Arthur Greenlees, was born in County Antrim, Ire- 
land; married his cousin ELIZABETH GREENLEES from Renaldstown, 
County Antrim, Ireland, who died July 15, 1879 at Ballycraigy, Ireland; 
farmer; Presbyterian. 

Children, all died before 1899. 

I. Edward ; married ^lary I\IcClelland ; married second Mary Barron. 
II. Arthur, born in 1834 ; married Mary Kirkpatrick ; died in 1874. 

141. III. William, born March 29, 1837 ; married Mary Hanly.+ 

rV. Anne, born December 12, 1839; married John (T) Kane. - 

V. Elizabeth; married James Agnew. 

VL Martha; died in 1867. 

VIL John. 


WILLIAM GREENLEES {^EtzlhJtb Grantees f!^^!!!!!!« } 

son of John Greenlees and Elizabeth Greenlees, was born March 29, 1837 at 
Belfast, County Antrim, Ireland; died October 20, 1893 at Brookland, D. C; 
married January 29, 1861 in County Antrim, Ireland, MARY IIANLY, who 
was born December 18, 1839 at Belfast, daughter of William Hanly and 
Margaret McKelvy Lyle. He was a manufacturer of brick and terra cotta; 
in politics. Republican ; religion, Presbyterian ; resided at Brookland, D. C. 


I. Anna J., bom April 10, 1863 at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania; un- 



142. n. Thomasine, born July 14, 1865 ; married James Erastua Price.+ 
IIL Mary Elizabeth, born May 14, 1867. 

IV. Ida Agnes, bom September 2, 1871; married Russei J. Thompson; 
lives at Cleveland, Ohio. 


THOMASINE GEEENLEES f jymiam Creenlees John Greenlee. Arthur Greenleet 1 
*.u.v.uxfub>x^iu va.u..u^^i.ui.fji.ix \MaryHanly Elizabeth Greenlee J 

daughter of William Greenlees and Mary Hanly, was born July 14, 1865 ; mar- 
ried October 28, 1894, JAiAIES ERASTUS PRICE. Had son Donald Greenlee 
Price who was born September 10, 1895. 


HUGH GSSENLEES was born in Belfast, or Lisbrun, County Down, Ireland; 
married ISABEL McGOWIN, who was bom in Coimty Down, Ireland. 


144. I. John, born May 11, 1797, or 1796; married Isabelle Dickson.+ 

145. IL William,* born July, 1800 ; married Mary V. Allen.+ 

146. IIL Joseph ; married Hester Aim Busby ; married second Leah Wig- 

rV. Jane ; married Breathwith ; moved to Arkansas in 1851. 

•William Greenlees had half brothers, Robert Calvert, James Calvert, Wil- 
liam Calvert and Hugh Calvert. 


JOHN GREENLEES, son of Hugh Greenlees and Isabel McGowin, was bora 
May 11, 1797, or 1796, at Dublin, Belfast, or Lisbrun, County Down, Ireland; 
died September 2, 1855 at Painesville, Sumter Co., Alabama; married Novem- 
ber 28, 1819, or 1820, in Ireland, or Painesville, Alabama, ISABELLA DICK- 
SON, bom July 21, 1797 at Lisbrun, County Down, Ireland, died May 18, 1859 
at Painesville, Alabama, daughter of David Dickson, or Dixon, and Mar- 
garet . 


147. I. Jane, born November 11, 1820; married John Campbell. -|- 
n. William, bora January 31, 1821; dead. 

148. III. Hugh, born November 26, 1S26; married Mary Elizabeth Hop- 


149. rV. Isabella, born May 19, 1828; married Joseph Eakens.+ 


150. V. ilargaret Ann, bom January 8, 1830; married Absalom Farrar 


151. VI. Mary, born ilarch 6, 1832; married George Calvert. -|- 

152. Vn. John, bom [March 23, 1833 ; married Georgia Appleby.+ 

Vni. David James, bom January, 1837; married SaUie Hopper. He 
was a soldier in the civil war in the 43rd Mississippi Regiment 
of Johnson's army, and was killed at the battle of Nashville. 

153. IX. Joseph Patterson, bom December 9, 1838 ; married Sallie L. Man- 

X. Charles, bom September 9, 1839 ; died July 28, 1845. • 

JOHN GREENLEES came to America, landing at Charleston, South Caro- 
lina. He worked at his trade — machinist and painter — until he had saved 
enough to bring his family to America. In 1820 he bought land near Boligee, 
Green County, Alabama, to which he removed. After remaining there for 
ten years he moved into the adjoining county of Sumter which was then a 
wHdemess. In 1837 he sold his place to advantage and removed to Paynes- 
ville, in Sumter County, where he spent the remainder of his life. He was a 
magistrate xintil the time of his death; and was an elder in the Presbyterian 
church for years; in politics he was a true Democrat. 


WILLIAM GREENLEES, son of Hugh Greenlecs and Isabel McGo^vin, was 
born July, 1800 at Belfast, Ireland ; died June 20, or 17, 1864, or 1868, at Pine 
Bluflf, Bradley Co., Arkansas; married l^IARY Y. ALLEN, bom l^Iay 24, 1816 
at Charlotte, North Carolina, died August 14, 1898 at Rison, Cleveland Co., 
Arkansas, daughter of William Allen; farmer; Democrat; Methodist. He came 
from Ireland about 1829; resided in Sumter Co., Alabama; moved to Bradley 
Co., Arkansas in 1851. 


154. L Elizabeth, born March 28, 1834; married James C. Harrison; 

married second John G. Culpepper.+ 

II. Joseph, born in 1837; married Elvira Foster; died in 1878. 

m. Mary, bom in 1839. 

IV. Nancy, born in 1841. 

V. John, bora in 1843. 

VI. James, born in 1848. 

VII. Bell, born in 1850; married John Dickson; died in 1898. 

155. VIII. William Jacob, born June 17, 1S51 ; married Samantha L. John.+ 

IX. James, bom in 1852; married Alice Pricket; lives at Faith, Ar- 

156. X. Robert, born April 14, 1854; married Margaret Norton.+ 
XI. Jane; married Dr. Wentz. She is dead. 

XH. Charles; died. 



JOSEPH GEEENLEES, son of Hugh Greenlees and Isabel McGowin, died 
about 1880; married HESTER ANN BUSBY, daughter of Busby; mar- 
ried second LEAH WIGGINS. There were five children by first marriage, all of 
whom died before 1900, and seven grandchildren; seven children by second 
marriage ; a large number of grandchildren, two of whom are Hugh Greenlees 
and Mrs. Bettie J. Lee, both of Epes Station, Sumter Co., Alabama. 


JANE GEEENLEES { fST^.^iSrc'l^n SSI^Ii'cTo^ } 

daughter of John Greenlees and Isabella Dickson, was bom November 11, 1820 
at Belfast, Ireland; died March 25, 1870 at Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Mississippi; 
married November 14, 1844 at Painesville, Sumter Co., Alabama, JOHN CAMP- 
BELL, bom January 15, 1815 at Shelbyville, Bedford Co., Tennessee, died 
September 3, 1881 at BooneviUe, Prentiss Co., Mississippi, son of "William 
Campbell and Sophia W. Harmon. He was a carpenter; in politics, Democrat; 
in religion, Presbyterian; resided in Mississippi. 


I. William P. Campbell, bom November 5, 1845. 

157. II. Susan Ann Campbell, bora November 5, 1845; married Benjamin 


III. Albert Campbell, born December 7, 1847; married Harriet ile- 

Haffey; lived at Boonesville, Mississippi. 

IV. Martha Ann Campbell, bom August 8, 1849. , 
v. Isabel Campbell, born Februarj- 16, 1852. . . 

 VI. George Campbell, born June 28, 1853. ' • 

VII. Angeline Campbell, bom September 9, 1855. . ; .' . 

VIII. Charles Campbell, born September 28, 1857. 

IX. David Richmond Campbell, born June 7, 1861. 

• ■:■"■ :'  148. .- •;. ■:■;-:'■'. 

HUGH GREENLEES {iX^dZfclllu ll^ilI^S?^ } 

son of John Greenlees and Isabella Dickson, was born November 26, 1826 at 
Eutaw, Alabama; died October, 1904; married May 6, 1856 at Paynesville, 
Sumter Co., Alabama, MARY ELIZABETH HOPPER, born November 28, 
1838 at Greensboro, Alabama, daughter of William Hopper and Sarah Key; 
farmer; Democrat; Presbyterian; resided at Gainesville, Alabama. 


I. Rebecca Jane, bom Augiist 8, 1857; died October, 1865. 

II. Augustus Colman, born April 11, 1859 ; died September 22, 1883. 





-^:*->- sP-;-f 

^m'- - / J 




^- ITtT" ;rV TT :: -*r" '-^f^ "^^'^"va; "^"7 \\: ' '"\v^ 

V J. 




j~" -'t-vvV-- ; .'- 


- V !t ' ,  1 

Son ot Xo. US llMsli tJreonlees. 


naiijjiilfi- "f No. US, lliiitli Cnvnlees. 


Nil. u".>. I -Ai'.Ki.i.K <;i;keni,kks 


N.I. 1.-11 M.MiCAKICT ANN (iUEEN- 
l,Ki:S lUKTOX. 



158. nL John WiUiam, born February 22, 1S61; married Kate Bethune 


159. IV. Mary Ida, bom March 3, 1863; married R. J. J. Ba.yd.+ 

V. Annie Laura, bom October 15, or December 8, 1869. 

16b. VL Helen Irene, bom August 15, 1870; married Robert L H. DiaL-f- 

VIL Addie Hopper, bom August 31, 1872. 

VILL Charles Hugh, bom December 10, 1876 ; lives at Eureka, Texas. 

IX. James Thomas, bom August 6, ISSO ; lives at Gainesville, Alabama. 

HUGH GREENLEES was a soldier in the Confederate army. 
ISABELLA GSEENLEES /fol",?'^?'^ fS^r^^^'l* I 

*.»o4jjLjiiiitjjLj»» \ Isabella Dickson Isabel McGowIn 1  

daughter of John Greenlees and Isabella Dickson, was bom May 19, 1828 at 
Erie, Greene Co., Alabama ; married August 26, 1856 at Painesville, Somter Co., 
Alabama. JOSEPH EAKENS, bora May 11, 1829 at Raleigh, North Carolina, 
son of William Eakens and Ann Walker. He was a fanner. He stood high in 
his county, having served as tax collector and sheriff. Democrat; Baptist; re- 
sided at Lockhart, ^Mississippi 


161. I. Mary Lauderdale Eakens, born February 15,1858; married R. W. 


162. n, Annie Bell Eakens, born April 13, 1859; married J. W.Parker.-H 

163. III. Maggie Fannie Eakens, born June 7, 1S62 ; married T. E. Rivers. -|- 
IV. Laura Eakens, bom ilareh 4, 1S64; married J. W. Me Williamson ; 

no children. 
V. Josie P. Eakens, born October 16, 1S66; died December 12, 1867. 
VL Carrie Calvert, born April 16, 1872; married C. W. Bafley; no 
children. She is dead. 


MARGAEST ANN GREENLEES { f^t i^/aT-fcTs^a {ISaif^'^ } 

daughter of John Greenlees and Isabella Dickson, was born January 8, 1830 at 
Boligee, Green Co., Alabama; died Jlay 25, 1906; married February 6, 1849, 
ABSALOM FARRAR BURTON, bora Jlareh 19, 1823 at Yaneeyville, CaseweU 
Co., North Carolina, died October 22, 1903, son of Thomas Burton. He is a far- 
mer ; Democrat ; Presbjterian ; resides at Ramsey, Sumter Co., Alabama. 


164. I. Andrew Jackson Burton, bom December 22, 1849; married Nancy 
Jane Davenport; married second Mary Torian.-{- 


n. John Wesley Burton, bom September IS, 1S51 ; married Nancy 
Gregory. He is a local elder in the Methodist Church South and 
has been preaching for t"wenty years. He is a country merchant, 
also and a farmer; lives at Ramsey, Alabama. 
HL Thomas William Jefferson Burton, born September 14, 1853; mar- 
ried Fannie Lee Torian ; lives at Minden, Kemper Co., MississippL 
IV. Martha Louisa Burton, born December 15, 1855; married Eli Ama- 
son; lives at Ramsey, Alabama. 
V. Absalom Farrar Burton, bom February 16, 1858; died May 11, 1868. 


MASY GREENLEES { f^'-^.'fi^f.'IIS^ JlSf^i[^'li: } 

daughter of John Greenlees and Isabella Dickson, was bom March 6, 1832 at 
Lauderdale, Lauderdale Co., ^Mississippi ; died October 6, 1SS7 ; married Feb- 
mary 15, 1856, GEORGE CAL^^:RT. bora February 20, 1826 at PorterviDe, 
Kemper Co., Jlississippi ; died July 19, 1S98. He was a farmer; Democrat; 


L John G. Calvert, born, 1857; married Ida Townsend; lives at 

Calvert, MississippL 
U. W. Thomas Calvert, bom, 1858; married Lou Driver; lives at 
IIL D. James Calvert, bora, 1859; married Sudie Snowden, 
IV. Annie Calvert, bora, 1860; married Rufus Wanters. 
V. Joseph P. Calvert, bora, 1863; married Nola Walters; dead. 

VL R. Lee Calvert, bora. 1864; married Walters. 

165. Vn. Lou Calvert, bora October, 1866; married John Chisolm.-f- 
VIII. L. Cooper Calvert, bom 1868; married Ida Myers. 
IX. Eliza Calvert, bom 1871 ; married Elijah Walters. 


JOHN GREENLEES {It^^J^^^^r^, IlSg^^'^'ltS } 

son of John Greeulees and Isabella Dickson, was bora March 23, 1833 or 1835; 

married GEORGIA APPLEBY. Their daughter, Mollie Bell, married 

Barrett and lives at Lauderdale, MississippL 


JOSEPH PATTERSON GREENLEES { f 2l'^,?I^?cSJ„ Fs^L'i McHo°i'm } 

son of John Greenlees and Isabella Dickson, was bora December 9, 1838 at 
Painesville, Sumter Co., Alabama; married SALLIE L. MANNING, who was 


S<m of No. 150. 





' i^ 



.' . .-'."A 




. : ' i"=- 

.-'.. t 


■■: :-y 




i:ksii»i:n<i; mk ickv .tuhn \vi>lkv i;ruTox. 

¥W'- I 


Son of Xo. 


DanjfbltT i>f No. l."i((. 

>.;;?'. It' J\ «-■■' w " 



bom in 1844 at Arkadelphia, Clark Co., Arkansas, daughter of Grey Manning 
and Elizabeth Rogers ; farmer ; Democrat ; Baptist ; resided at Baileyville, Milam 
Co., Texa3. 


L Harry Lee., bom August 20, 1878. 
II. Ablert S., bora June 7, 1882. 
m. Walter E., bom June 7, 1882. . 

JOSEPH GREENLEES joined Captain Blunt 's Company, which went to 
Montgomery, and there organized the Fifth Alabama Regiment. He partici- 
pated in the battles of Gaines MUls, Malvern Hill, Chancellorsville, and Gettys- 
burg. He lost his right arm in the first day's fight at Gettj'sburg. 


ELIZABETH GREENLEES f WUllam Grwnlee* nuRh Grwnlees 1 

Xila^ZiAiSfiXa UAi:i£ii>XjX>£.0 ) Mary Y.Allen Isabel McGowln / 

daughter of William Grcenlees and Mary Y. Allen, was born March 28, 1834; 
married JAMES C. HARRISON; married second JOHN G. CULPEPPER, bom 
November 20, 1S21 in Anson Co., North Carolina, sou of John B. Culpepper and 
Polly Temple; in religion, ^lethodist; resides at Risen, Cleveland Co., Arkansas. 


I. William Harrison, born December 24, 1858; died. 

n. jMary Harrison, born February 2S, 18t>l ; married John Roebuck. 

III. James L. Culpepper, born July 29, ISGS; married Blanche HoshaL 

IV. Joseph Culpepper, born April 3, 1870; died. 

V. Rufus Culpepper, born Marcli 5, 1874; married Mamie Golding. 

VI. Finch Culpepper, born JIarch 4, 1876 ; unmarried. 

VII. Robert Culpepper, born November 13, 1878; unmarried. 

VIII. Thomas C. Culpepper, born November 17, 1879; unmarried. 


WILLIAM JACOB GREENLEE { CjT 2f.ra°'^^' llSa^M^'^II } 

son of William Greenlecs and Mary Y. Allen, was born June 17, 1851 at Mobile, 
Sumter Co., Alabama; married October 19. 1871 Toledo, Cleveland Co., Arkan- 
sas, SA:\IANTIIA L. JOHN, born June 15, 1850 at Irwinton, Wilkinson Co., 
Georgia, daughter of W. P. John and Martha C. Hancock; farmer; Democrat; 
Methodist ; resides at Calmer, Cleveland Co., Arkansas. 


I. John L., born November 5, 1872; married Elizabeth Black. 
II. Joseph G., born October 29, 1874; married Emma Williams. 


ni. Leona, born March 20, 1876 ; married J. H. Cope. 

IV. Jlary Alice, born March 22, 1879 ; married G. "W. Brown. 
V. "William, bom February 24, 1882. 

VI. Lucy, born January 30, 1885. 
VII. A. C, bom March 17, 1887. 
VIII. Ruth P., born November 22, 1890. 
IX. Hugh T., born January 15, 1893. . . 


ROBEET GREENLEE / W-IllUm Cre^mees HaKhGr«nl«. I 

( Marj T. Allen Isabel McGowin / 

son of "William Greenlees and Mary T. Allen, was bom April 14, 1SS4 at Pine 
Bluff, Cleveland Co., Arkansas ; married January 14, 1880, ]\L\RGIE NORTON, 
born September 23, 1858 in Johnson Co., Texas, daughter of John Norton and 
Mary Gibson ; farmer ; Presbyterian ; resides at Calmer, Cleveland Co, Arkansas. 


I. ^lary, born September 3, 18S2; married Frank Jenkins. 

II. Cas, born October 17, 1884. 

in. Lizzie, born December 8, 1886. 

IV. iMyrtle, born December 17, 1888. 

V. Charles, born March 29, 1S90. 

VI. John, bora June 29, 1S92. ' ' '■  

VII. Earl, born February 7, 1894. 

Yin. Miriam, born June 29, 1896. 

IX. Jessie, bom September 25, 1900. 


SUSAN ANN CAMPBELL H=?<" ^'^"■°J!!r ?"''.?.,?''^?'r* ■"°f'',^r^i!' \ 

I JobQ Campbell Isabella DicksoD Isal>el McG'.^tIb / 

daughter of Jane Greenlees and John Campbell, was born November 5. 1845 at 
New Albany, Pontotoc Co., Mississijipi; married May 22, 1872 at Rienri, Alcorn 
Co., Mississippi, BENJAMIN .MOORE, who was born in 1846 at Rienzi died May 
15, IS — at Booneville, Mississippi, son of John Moore. He was a farm«; Demo- 
crat; Missionary Baptist; widow resides at Booneville, Mississippi 


I. Franklin Moore, born December 4, 1873. 

II. Calvin :\Ioore, born November 16, 1876; died March 26, 18SL 

III. John Moore, born May 24, 1878. 

rV. Richmon Moore, born November 12, 1880. 

V. Yarber Moore, born September 30, 1882. 

"VI. Amy Moore, born July 12, 18S5; died September 12, 1885. 



JOHN WILLIAM G&SENLEE / ^agh Gre«oIeea John Greenlees llagh Greenleei 1 
ifUfU.1 w i li l i lHU l MsucuiiaiuCiJC, ^ Mary E. Hopper Isabella Dlcksoo Isabel McGowlo / 

son of Hugh Greenlees and Mary Elizabeth Hopper, was born February 22, 1861 
at Livingston, Sumter Co., Alabama; married December 11, 1892 at Eureka, 
Navarro Co., Texas, Kate Bethune Mahony, bom August 14, 1870 at Sumter, 
South Carolina, daughter of Henry Mahony and Carrie Harvin; farmer; Demo- 
crat; Presbyterian; residence, Corsicana, Navarro Co., Texas. 


L Mary Gladys, bom October 2, 1893. 

n. Harry Hugh, bora October 29, 1895. 

in. Richard Harvin, bom May 6, 1897. 

IV. John Thomas, bom May 18, 1899. 
V. Kate, bom November 13, 1900. 


MART IDA GREENLEE (JIuehGreenlees John Greenlee. Hush Greenlee* ) 
u.njLi>,k ^.i^a. w.uuLj^^>uuu \ Mary B. Hopper Isabella Dickson Isabel McGowln / 

daughter of Hugh Greenlees and Mary Elizabeth Hopper, was born March 3, 
1863 at Gainesville, Sumter Co., Alabama ; married December 18, 1887, R. J. J. 
BOYD, born January 11, 1S63 at Livingston, Sumter Co., Alabama, son of 
Robert Boyd and Rebecca Hopper. He is a farmer; Democrat; Presbyterian; 
resides at Livingston, Alabama. 


I. Mabel Boyd, bom November 6, 1888. 

H. Lillian Boyd, born August 15, 1890. 

m. Jesse Boyd, bom June 6, 1892. 

IV. Robert Hugh Boyd, born September 8, 1894. 

V. Anne IMay Boyd, bom March 20, 1900. 


HELEN niSN2 GREENLEE / nuKl> Greenlee. John Greenlee. Hush Greenlee. 1 
■^ " " j-i»ij*.ju u.u>.u.u.i...uju.u J Mary E. Hopper Isalx'Ila Dickson Isabel McGowln J 

daughter of Hugh Greenlees and Mary Elizabeth Hopper, was bom August 15, 
1870, or 1874, at Gainesville, Sumter Co., Alabama; married May 17, 1899 at 
Livingston, Sumter Co., Alabama. ROBERT I. II. DL\L, born February 10, 1855 
at Livingston, Alabama, son of Jaiues Dial and Kathrine . He is a far- 
mer; Democrat; Presbyterian; resides at Livingston, Alabama. 


I. Robert James Dial, born Dooember 21, 1900. - 


MAEY LAUDEEDALE EAKENS {If^i^^S^'^ l^^?^lmil^n 

Hngb GrMnlee* I 
Isabel McGowla I 

daughter of IsabeUa Greenlees and Joseph Eakens, was born February 15, 1858; 
died ; married K. W. MATTHEWS. 


L James W. Matthews. 
n. J. Morris Matthews. 
TTT. Aunie May Matthews. 

AT>r»TTT? TJ-n-TT VAfe'!P'N<t ( Isabella Greenlee* John Greenlees Hugh Greenleea 1 

AII^IE BELIj JSAiUiWO I Joseph Eakens Isabella Dickson Isabel McGowIn / 

daughter of Isabella Greenlees and Joseph Eakens, was bom April 13, 1859; 
died ; married J. W. PARKEE. 

Daughter : 
L Nellie Parker. 


■KMnnmi? TPAWTTTT? ■PATTF'Mtl ( Isabella Greenlees John Greenlees Hugh Greenlees » 
MAGGIE FAHWiiS JSAa-CiJNO | Joseph Eakens Isabella Dickson Isabel McGowln / 

daughter of Isabella Greenlees and Joseph Eakens, was bom June 7, 1862; mar- 
ried T. E. RIVERS ; resided at Meridian, MississippL 




Mabel V. Rivers. ' 


Evie P. Rivers. 


Paul H. Rivers. 


John P. Rivers. 


Tliomas A. Rivers. 


Josie C. Rivers. 


ANDREW JACKSON BURTON {i'SrmVi"rr°a?Bu«rn' I^abeUaDfcksSn 

tlagh Greenlees ) 

Isabel McGowln 

son of Margaret Ann Greenlees and Absalom Farrar B\irton, was bom December 
22, 1849 in Kemper Co., :Mississippi ; died January 10, 1900 at Layton, Jackson 
Co., Arkansas; married January 11, 1876 in Jackson Co., Arkansas, NANCY 
JANE DAVENPORT, bom December 22, 1859 in Kemper Co., Jlississippi, died 

p- - ; •. 

■:■<.-:■ - '■-. 


I . .-■ -''■"':' 

- "■ ,  J« 
-. -  J 


- ' i 

V'^.-'. -. . -  X- -^ .■ 

'. ' i i: 

fc • v~;.  

" -^ 



- ~''^-. '"- 






""■ '■-:--■. 

m... - 



' 1 









* "; 

^^' -;;/- 



'-7 .' 


No. 153. J. r. r.RKKXI.EKS AXI> SIS- 
TEK. No. l.-.o. MAi:<:Altf7r A- UVU- 


Son of No. 158. 



- 5= . 

Wife lit Ji'iin Willlnm Gret-oleP. 





January 30, 1877 in Arkansas, daughter of Henry Davenport and Martha 

; married second, January 27, 1880 in Kemper Co., Mississippi, MARY 

TORIAN, bom ilareh 30, 1858 at Boston, Halifax Co., Virginia, daughter of 
Robert D. Torian and Sarah Walker Burton; farmer; Democrat; Missionary 
Baptist ; resided at Layton, Arkansas. 

CHILDREN: (ten by second marriage, three living) 

I. Margaret Jane Burton, bom January 17, 1877; living (1901) with her 
grandmother, Mrs. Margaret Greenlee Burton. 

II. Sarah Elizabeth Burton, born May 10, 1883; died October 20, 1899. 

m. Martha Louisa Burton, born February 25, 1885. 

IV. John Kelly Burton, bora September 2, 1886; died May 26, 1888. 

V. Fanny Dean Burton, born June 2, 1893. 

VI. Patrick Henry Burton, born March 9, 1895. 

VII. Nellie Gray Burton, born January 12, 1898 ; died November 3, 1899. 


T nTT f!ATVT<!PT f Mary Greenlees John Greenlees nngh Greenleee I 
iiwu oiii.ȣixvx I George Calvert Isabella Dickson Isabel McGowln / 

daughter of Marj' Greenlees and George Calvert, was born October, 1866 in 
Kemper Co., Mississippi; married February 13, 1895, JOHN CHISOLM, born 
April, 1861 in Kemper Co., ^Mississippi. He is a farmer; Republican; resides 
at Calvert, Mississippi. 


L Ray Chisolm, August 13, 1897. 
II. Marvil Chisolm, born February 16, 1898. 


JAMES (or MATTHEW) GREENLEE was born in Ireland; died in Delaware; 
married . 


165b. I. James; married Martha Walker.-j- 

II. Prudence ; married David Colville ; lives at Wilmington, Delaware. 

III. Elizabeth ; married James Kennedy. 

rV David. 


JAMES GREENLEE, son of Matthew, or James, Greenlee, was bora in County 
Armagh, Ireland; died July 27, or August 1, 1869 at Warkworth, Ontario, Can- 


ada; married May 10, 1830 at Picton, Ontario, Canada, MARTHA WALKER, 
who was born in Ireland, died May 10, 1898 at Warkworth, Canada, daughter 
of James "Walker ; farmer ; Presbyterian ; emigrated to Canada about 1830 and 
resided near Warkworth. 

CHILDREN, bom at Newburg, Ontario : 

L Matthew; married Sarah Richardson; died; widow was living 
(1899) with her famity. 
165c. II. Charles, born October 5, 1838 ; married Matilda Long.+ 

III. Eliza ; married Amos Parks ; dead ; lived at Hords Comers, On- 

tario, Canada. 

IV. James ; married Cass Harmiston ; lives in Ontario, Canada. 

V. David; married Mrs. Helen Bush Allen; lives at Clio, Michigan. _ 
165d. VI. John G., married Minnie McKnight.+ 

VII. William ; married Jane Harmiston ; lives at Warkworth, Canada. 
VIII. Jane; married George Hart; a son, W. C. Hart, lives at Flint, 
Michigan. She is dead. 
IX. Isabella C. ; married David Daly; one child living in Flint, 



CHARLES GREENLEE { Ji'.'^t^.^^^Sl^ James Greenlee J". 

son of James Greenlee and Martha Walker, was bom October 5, 1838 at New- 
burg, Ontario, Canada; married November 19, 1869 at Newburg, MATILDA 
LONG, born October 6, 18-19 at Newburg, daughter of William Long and Susan 
Wright; moulder; Methodist; resides at Warkworth, Ontario, Canada. 


L William Harold, born March 28, 1871 ; died April 14, 1874. 

II. James Edmond, born November 19, 1872. 

in. William Albert, born September 9, 1874. 

IV. Martha Elizabeth, bom October 5, 1876; married William George 

V. David John, born January 11, 1879. 

VI. Sarah Matilda, born January 27, 1882. 

Vn. Charles, bora September 24, 1883. 

VIII. Joseph Jlatthew, bora August 8, 1885. 

IX. Ethel Carrie, born July 18, 1889. 


JOHN G. GREENLEE |-',^'°?,,'^^x5^°l^ James Greenlee I 

i Martha \\ aiker / 

son of James Greenlee and Martha Walker, was born at Newburg, Ontario, Can- 
ida; married October 16, 1870 at Warkworth, Ontario, Canada, MINNIE Mc- 


KNIGHT, bom at Warkworth, daughter of James McKnight and Katherine 
Lenox; Produce buyer; Presbyterian; resides at Davison, Michigan. 


JOHN GEESNLEES was bom in Ireland ; drowned July, 1833 at Plantagenet, 
Ontario, Canada; married MARY MONTGOMERY who was bom in Ireland 
and died May 3, 1824 at Hawkesbury, Ontario, Canada, daughter of Rev. Mont- 
gomery (High Church of England minister) ; married second about 1828 or 1829, 
McDOLE. He was a shoemaker; in politics, Liberal; in religion, Pres- 
byterian; resided at Antrim, Ireland; Quebec; Hawkesbury and Plantagenet, 
Ontario. He came to Canada about 1819. 


167. L William, bom October 18, 1817 ; married Harriet Baird.-f- 

n. Andrew, born June 20, 1819 ; married Miss Wright, 

in. Jane, born July 2, 1821 ; died July 19, 182L 

IV. Elizabeth, born June 7, 1822; married Farmer; died in 



WILLIAM GEEENLEESE [added the e to the name] son of John Grcenlees 
and Mary Montgomery, was born October 18, 1817 in County Antrim, Ireland; 
married August 2, 1842 at L 'Original, Preseott, Ontario, ILVRRIET BAIRD, 
bom May 8, 1819 in Ireland, died August 30, 1885 at Thurso, Ontario, daughter 

of Baird and Fanny Irwin. He is a farmer and shoemaker; in politics, 

Liberal; in religion, Baptist; resided at Hawkesbury, L'Original, Papincauville, 
Lochabre, Thurso and Buckingham, Ontario. He was living in 1900. 


L John Andrew, born July 31, 1843; died aged about 19 years. 
II. Richard Irwin, born January 8, 1845; married Mrs. Eraser; mar- 
ried second February 12, 1881, Jane Carey. 
168. in. Stephen Thomas, born September 13, 1846; married Mary Grey 
IV. Albert .Montgomery, born February 28, 1848; died February 22, 
V. Emily Jane, born August 29, 1849 ; married January 12, 1881, P. A. 
VI. Harriet Elizabeth, born January 15, 1851 ; married August 17, 
1S78, John Bennett; lives at Sacramento, California. 
VII. Fanny Maria, born November 5, 1853; died March 19, 1891. 
Vlll. William Baird, born July, 1855; died June 22, 1874. 


IX. George Wellington, born January 2, 1859; married March 16, 

1887, Effie Florence Fuller. 
X. Jonathan Andrew, born April 9, 1864; married October 17, 1898, 
Mrs. JIary McGillivray. 


STEPHEN THOMAS GEEKLEESE { "-^ f ef^ira""" MaV, Mo^?^er, } 

son of William Greenleese and Harriet Baird, was born September 13, 1846; 
married June 22, 1875 at Chatham, Quebec, JIARY GREY SOMERVILLE, bom 
July 9, 1848, died September 1, 1881 at Montreal, Canada, daughter of Robert 

SomerviUe and Grey; wholesale fur manufacturer and dealer; in politics, 

Liberal ; in religion. Baptist ; resides at ^lontreaL 


L William Ernest, bom Febmary 22, 1876. 

II. Mary Agnes, born February 22, 1876 ; died Febmary 23, 1876 at Aylmer, 
Quebec, Canada. 
III. Herbert Stephen, born August 12, 1877 at Aylmer. 
rV. Arthur Baird, born July 2, 1879 ; died March 27, 1892 at Montreal. 
V. ]\Iary Somer^ille, bora March 23, 1881. 


PATRICK GREENLY was born in Dublin, Ireland; died in Lancaster Co., 
Pennsylvania ; married second in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania, JIARY MOL- 
SON, "part Indian," who died in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania. He came from 
Ireland and settled in Manor Township, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania. 


I. James; married ; no children; wife was living in 

DunktT Home, Ilarrisburg, Pennsylvania, aged 99 years. 
11. Samuel; married ; no children. 

170. HI. Thomas; maiT:..-d Rebecca Spense.-|- 

IV. Geor!J:e; married Elizabeth Mol.son; lived in Pittsburg, Pennsyl- 
vania ; two daughters. 

171. V. William; married Sarah Cowns.-j- 
VI. Jfary; married William Morris. 

172. VII. Susanna, born April .30, 1781; married Thomas Spense.-|- 
VIII. Jlargaret; married Samuel Armstrong. 

• V; - lEISH FAiUIilES. 503 


THOMAS 6BEENLEY, son of Patrick Greenly and Mary Molson; married 

CHILDEEN: • ' :r^.;;;:^■|.^■"■'^■;;^^v•' /:\.''_ 

173. L Aaron ; married Matilda Dawson. 4- 

174. n. ; married Matilda C. 

175. ILL Samuel; married .+ 

rV, Mary; dead. 

V. Susan; dead. 

"VL Thomas. 

Vn. James. 


WILLIAM GREENLY, son of Patrick Greenly, died at Lewiston, Pennsyl- 
vania; married ; removed to Ohio before 1827. 


L Shadraeh. . 

IL Mesheck. ■■■.■/.'.:■;:.■; 

IIL Jesse. '/"'. -'V- " '^';'; . '■'■..! 

IV. William; killed in the Mexican war. /;.;;;■;:;;!;" 

■.^v/ ■';-V.;.^:.' , • '■•.'• " 172. '■■'■-':' ^^-^ '''-'/r {■';]■'■'' '■.- 

SUSANNA GREENLEY, daughter of Patrick Greenly and JIary Jlolson, was 
born April 30, 1781 in JIannor Towuship, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania; died 
July 20, 1866 at Harrisburg, Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania; married June 3, 1813 
in Manor Township, THOMAS SPENSE, born February, 1786 at Carlisle, 
Cumberland Co., Pennsyvlania, died February, 1848 at Harrisburg, Pennsyl- 
vania; shoemaker; Republican; Methodist; resided in Carlisle, Mannor Town- 
ship and Harrisburg. 

CHILDREN: ^ •;: ' \/^. ' H- :;' V' V-' ;'-;.':: - 

I. Samuel Spence, born April 16, 1814; died. 
II. Nathaniel Spence, bom ]\Iarch 21, 1S16; married Christiana Clark. 

III. William C. Spence, bom January 22, 181S; married Sarah Wood- 


IV. Joseph Spence, born March 19, 1820; died July 9, 1840. 

V. Thomas Spence, born November 5, 1821 ; married Juliette L. Burley. 
176. VI. Susanna Spence, bom September 19, 1825; married Henry Brad- 




AAEON OEEENLEY {'SS^1jfn°«' I''"^«k OreenI, J 

son of Thomas Greenley and Rebecca Spense, died in 1864 at Harrisburg, 
Pennsylvania; married at Harrisbnrg, MATILDA DAWSON, who was born 
January 1, 1801 at Middle Paxton, Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania, daughter of 
Michael Dawson; Methodist; resided at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; widow was 
living in 1900. 


GBJSENIiSY /Thomas Greenley Patrick Greenly \ 

«x!.jujjj.«.tiij X -J gjjiefca. Spense ( 

son of Thomas Greenley and Rebecca Spense, married MATILDA C, who 
died March 13, 1892 at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. 


I. James C. 
n. Annie R.,; married William R. Bradley. 


SAMUEL GREENLEY ipomas Greenley Patrick Greenly I 

\ Rtibecca Sj;>ense / 

son of Thomas Greenley and Rebecca Spense, married . 

I. Elijah. 
n. SamueL 



HTTQA'NTJA SPF.NCE /Susanna Greenley Patrick Greenly I OX-Xiiiv/Ja 1 Thomas Spense Mary Molson / 

daughter of Susanna Greenley and Thomas Spence, was bom September 19, 
1825 in Manner Township, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania; married December 25, 
1844 at Harrisburg, Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania, HENRY BRADLEY, who was 
born at York, York Co., Pennsylvania, died October 18, 1898 at Harrisburg, 
Pennsylvania; resided at Harrisburg. 


I. William H. Bradley; married AJinie Greenley, daughter of No. 174. 

II. Susan E. Bradley; died March, 1848. 

III. James R. Bradley; died October, 1883. 

IV. Sarah ^I. Bradley ; married J. C. Richardson. 


V. Josephine Bradley; married William B. ChOton. 

VL Thomas D. Bradley; died, 

VIL Ellwood W. Bradley ; died. 

VUL Eugene F. Bradley ; died, 

IX. Mary A. Bradley ; married D. Porter Johnson ; died April 2, 1888. 

X. Florence M. Bradley; vmmarried (1900). 












BOBERT GREENLEE was bom at Tandragee, County Armagh, Ireland, or 

in Scotland; died about 1832 at Tandragee, Ireland; married . 

He was a manufacturer; in religion, Presbyterian. He emigrated with hia 
brother from Scotland to County Armagh, Ireland, about 1770. The brother 
went to America and was there during the Revolutionary war. 


Samuel, bom about 1795; married Nancy Jamphry.-f- 
^latthew; married Bessie Sharp.+ 
John; married Sarah Johnston. -|- 

William; married Deborah; married second Jane Holland.+ 
Prudence; married John Lattinier; emigrated to America. 
Margaret; married John Vance. They have grandchildren living 
at Glen Riddle, Pennsylvania. 


SAMUEL GREENLEE, son of Robert Greenlee, was bora about 1795 at Tan- 
dragee, County Armagh, Ireland; died about 1865 at Wiland, Delaware Co., 
Pennsylvania; married about 1819 at Tandragee, Ireland, NANCY JAMPHRY, 
who died in 1844 at Tandragee, Ireland, daughter of Jack Jamphry, or Jef- 
fery. He was a linen weaver; emigrated in 1846 to Rockdale, Delaware Co., 
Pennsylvania ; in religion, he was a Presbyterian. 


I. John, bom about 1821; married Ann Trotter; no children; widow 

resided at Wineland, Ohio. 
II. Mary Ann, born about 1823; married Robert Willis; both are 
dead; children live in neighborhood of Wineland, Ohio, one of 
whom is I\Iatthew Willis. 

III. Margaret, born about 1825; died about 1843. 

IV. Samuel, born about 1827; married Ann Jane Sinton. 

179. V. Matthew, born about 1829; married .Mary Elizabeth Colwell.-f- 


VI. James, born about 1831 ; married Sarah, or Maria, Jane Connor, 
who died about 1889. Jloved from Rockdale, Pennsylvania to 
Michigan about 1864. Has sons and daughters, all married, 
living in the vicinity of North Star, Gratiot Co., Michigan. 
VIL Thomas, bom in 1833; married Jane Caldwell, or ColwelL He 
was a soldier in the Civil war and was killed at the battle of 
Fair Oaks. Left a widow and one child, both now dead. 
VlH. Robert, born about 1835; married Sarah Bowman, or Bolman. 
He was a soldier in the civil war; died at Vanburen, Ohio. 
180. IX. Jane, born about 1837; married Robert Lewis. -|- 


MATTHEW GKESNLEE, son of Robert Greenlee ; married BESSIE SHARP. 
He emigrated with brother, Samuel, from County Armagh, Ireland to Rock- 
dale, Delaware Co., Pennsylvania about 1840 or 1846. 


I. David ; married .-\- 

II. Elizabeth; married William Caldwell. -)- 


JOHN GREENLEE, son of Robert Greenlee, was born in 1779 at Marlycoo, 
County Armagh, Ireland; died in 1852; married SARAH JOHNSTON, born in 
1779 (?), died in 1804, daughter of William Johnston; farmer; in politics, 


182a. I. John, bom in 1803; married Mary Adair.-|- 


WILLIAM GREENLEE, son of Robert Greenlee, was born at Tandragee, 
County Armagh, Ireland; died in 1830 and was buried in Jlullobrack; mar- 
ried DEBORAH ; married second in 1785, JANE HOLLAND, who was 

born in 1764 at Portadown, County Armagh, Ireland, died in 1860 and was 

buried in ^Mullobraeh, daughter of Ilollaud and Elizabeth Jones; farmer; 

in polities. Unionist; in religion, Protestant; resided at Derryanvil, near Porta- 


182b. I. James, born in 1808; married Margaret S. Rush.-f- 



MATTHEW GEEENLEE {ft^c^^j^hl" Robert Grrenle* 1 

son of Samuel Greenlee and Nancy Jamphry, was bom about 1829 at Tan- 
dragee, County Armagh, Ireland; married November, 1850 at Rockdale, Dela- 
ware Co., Pennsylvania, MARY ELIZABETH COLWELL, bora about 1831 
at Tandragee, Ireland; died May 16, 1886 aged 55 years, at Chester, Delaware 
Co., Pennsylvania, daughter of William Colwell, or Caldwell, and Elizabeth 
Greenlee [No. 182]. 


I. Sineler, bom August 3, 1851 ; died Pebraary 22, 1859. 

183. n. William, born September 19, 1852; married Mary E. Scott.4- 

184. III. Margaret Jane, bom July 24, 1854; married Jesse D. Weaver.+ 
IV. Samuel, bom September 1, 1856; unmarried; is "beamer" in a 

cotton factory in Philadelphia. 
V. Matthew Alexander, born June 18, 1858; unmarried; is a weaver. 
VI. Mary Ann, born April 17, 1860; unmarried. 

185. VII. Thomas James, born June 1, 1862; married Ellen Turner Dunn.-f- 
VIIL Eliza, born April 14, 1864; died in 1867. 

IX. Robert Sineler, born April 3, 1866 ; died May, 1867. 

X. John, bora August 30, 1867 ; drowned September 6, 1889. 

XL Prudence, bom June 17, 1869; died August 19, 1883. 

XII. David Colwell, bora August 21, 1871 ; died October 11, 189L 

Xin. Jemima, born JIarch 9, 1874 ; unmarried. 

MATTHEW GREENLEE emigrated with his father in 1846 and settled in 
Rackdale, Delaware County, Pennsylvania. He moved to Brandywine, two 
miles from Wilmington, Delaware, where he remained for two years. As the 
civil war was raging and the times hard, he removed to Canada, where he re- 
mained six months, then returned to Brandy~\vine and remained there several 
years. He afterward moved to Chester, Penns3'lvania and now resides in 
Aston Mills, Delaware County, Penn.sylvania. He is a loom boss; in politics, 
Silver Democrat; in religion. Episcopalian. 


JANE GREENLEE { .vinr Jam""S'^* Robert Greenlee J 

daughter of Samuel Greenlee and Nancy Jamphry, was born about 1837, or 
1844, at Tandragee, County Armagh, Ireland; married July 3, 1861, ROBERT 
LEWIS, born November 5, 1837 at Glasgow, Scotland, died December 31, 1887, 
son of Humphrey Le^vis and Ann Lock. He is a mechanic and resides at Knox- 
viUe. Tennessee. 



I. Robert H. Lewis, bom January 31, 1864 ; married Liz2de Cheek. 

II. John T. Lewis, born February 19, 1866. 

in. Samuel L. Lewis, bom March 8, 1873 ; married Lara Reeter. 

IV. Anna May Lewis, bom May 20, 1875 ; married J. S. Adcock. 

.. - >  


DAVID GREENLEE litesVieThS^"'" ^o**"^ Orcenlee I 

son of Matthew Greenlee and Bessie Sharp, died at Hampton, Virginia; mar- 
ried . He was a soldier in the civil war. 

Son: -  

186. I. John, born November 20, 1843; married Annie C. Hinkson.-}- 


ELIZABETH GREENLEE i "ajjhew Greenlee Robert Greenlee ) 

daughter of Matthew Greenlee and Bessie Sharp; married WILLIAM COL- 


I. Mary Elizabeth Colwell, born about 1831; married Matthew Greenlee 
[No. 179]. 


JOHN GREENLEE fJohnOrcenlee Robert Greenlee ) 

) baran JooDBton ) 

son of John Greenlee and Sarah Johnston, was bom in 1803 at Marlycoo, 
County Armagh, Ireland; died November 26, 1874; married MARY ADAIR, 
born in 1804 at Drumart, County Armagh, Ireland; farmer; in politics, Union- 
ist; in religion, Protestant. 


186a. I. William, born in 1828; married Sarah Armstrong.-)- . 

II. Margaret. 

m. Mary. 

IV. Nancy. 

V. Matty. .  

VI. Moriah. 



JAMES GEEENLEE {7^'i'e'=H°,^[SS°^ *^'*°'""^** } • : 

son of William Greenlee and Jane Holland, was born in 1808 at Ballynewry, 
Tandragee, County Armagh, Ireland; died November 24, 1898; married July, 
1843, ilARGARET S. RUSH, born in 1819 at Marlycoo, Tandragee, County 
Armagh, Ireland, died March 26, 1876 and was buried in Mullabrock, daugh- 
ter of Robert Rush and Phebe Logan; farmer; in politics. Unionist; in re- 
ligion, Protestant ; resided at Marlycoo. 


I. Mary Jane, born in 1846, 

II. Phebe, born October 19, 1849; unmarried. 

III. James William, born April 21, 1851 ; unmarried. 

IV. Robert, born March 3, 1853. 

V. Matthew, born April 3, 1863 ; unmarried. 
187. VI. Sarah Margaret, bom July 12, 1866; married Joseph Quinn.-|- 

183. ,' 

WILLIAM GREENLEE Ij;''"''^,'' Greenlee Pamuel Greenlee Robert GreenJw I 
w> .i-uu.un.4.<^ v.^i.uu^..uu... \ Mary E. Colwell Nancy Jamphry f 

son of Matthew Greenlee and Mary Elizabeth Colwell, was bom Soptember 
19, 1852 at Rockdale, Delaware Co., Pennsylvania; married Febru.iry 8, 1874 
at Chester, Delaware Co., Pennsylvania, MARY E. SCOTT, born January 10, 
1852 at Elkton, Cecil Co., Maryland, daughter of Robert Scott and Debro Hollo- 


I. David Elmer, born October 21, 1874; married Pearl Smith. 

II. William Caldwell, born July 10, 1877. 

m. Flora, born March 2, 1879. 

rV. Roy Scott, born November 8, 1885. 

V. Leonard Brown, born September 7, 1889. 

VI. Charles Raj-mond, born 30, 1892. 

WILLIAM GREENLEE left home at the age of eighteen, and went to 
Upland, near Chester, Pcnn.sylvania. After his marriage he moved to Aston 
Mills, Pennsylvania, then to South Chester, and in 1879 went to Wilmington, 
Delaware. After spending one year there he removed to Waco, Tex.ns, where 
for two years he was superintendent of tlie Waco Cotton Mills, and at one 
time lield ten lliousand dollars worth of stock in the mills. From there he went 
to Iluntsville, Texas, where he put up and started some cotton mill machinery 
in the State Penitentiary, after which he returned to Waco and helped start 
the nia<'liinery in the Sladon Brothers and Kirksey Woolen Mills. Leaving 
there he went back to Chester, Pcnn.sylvania and after a few months went to 


Hope Mills, North Carolina, where he remained four or five years, then moved 
to High Point, North Carolina, and later went to Morganton, North Carolina, 
where for several years he was superintendent of the Danavant Cotton Mills. 
He then went to Athens, Tennessee and spent two years there as superintendent 
of the North Athens Cotton Mills. He afterward removed to BJioxville, Ten- 
nessee where he owned stock in the mills, but times being hard he lost all he 
had. He has tried business several times but did not meet with success, and is 
now in the employ of the Knoxville Woolen Mills. In politics he is a Republi- 
can ; in religion, Presbyterian. 


MARGARET JANE GREENLEE {^^'.""^"^^^r S^'j^^'^Sir 

Robert Greenlee I 

daughter of Matthew Greenlee and Mary Elizabeth Colwell, was born July 24, 
1854; married JESSE D. WEAVER, who died November 27, 1887. She re- 
sided with her father at Aston Mills, Pennsylvania. Their only son died in 1885. 


THOMAS JAMES GREENLEE {Jl^t^^^e^-I^'-JJl^* Nanc^Jam'^^hl;'' ""^'^'t Greenlee J 

son of Matthew Greenlee and Mary Elizabeth Colwell, was born June 1, 1862 at 
Wilmington, New Castle Co., Delaware; married June 22, 1893 at Aston Mills, 
Delaware Co., Pennsylvania, ELLEN TURNER DUNN, born May 6, 1872 at 
Media, Delaware Co., Pennsylvania. lie is a morocea finisher; in politics. Re- 
publican; in religion. Episcopalian; resides at Aston Mills. 

One son : 

Matthew Alexander, born April 23, 1894. 


JOHN GREENLEE (David Creenlee Matthew Greenlee Robert Greenlee ) 

son of David Greenlee, was bom November 20, 1843 at Knowlton, Delaware Co., 
Pennsylvania; died August 26, 1899; married October 20, 1877 at Chester, 
Delaware Co., Pennsylvania, ANNIE C. IlINKSON, born March 7, 1849 at 
Chester, daughter of Edward E. Hinkson and Sarah Slawter. He is a plumber, 
gas and steam fitter; in politics, Republican; in religion, Methodist; resided 
at Wilmington, Delaware ; no children. 


WILLIAM GREENLEE /John Oreenlee John Greenlee Robert Greenlee ) 

( Mary Adair Sarah Johnston / 

son of John Greenlee and Mary Adair, was born in 1828 at Marlycoo, County 
Armagh, Ireland; died July 10, 1897; married in 1855 in Ireland, SARAH 


ARMSTRONG, who was bom in 1824 at Dnmmewither, County Armagh, Ire- 
land, daughter of William Armstrong and £Uen Ellis; farmer; in politics. 
Unionist; in religion, Protestant. 


I. Margaret. 

188. II. John, bom December 24, 18 — ; married Sarah Ann Stott.+ 

in. Jane. 

IV. Ellen. 

V. Annie. 

VI. William. 

Vn. Mary. 


SARAH r^IARGAEET GEBEHLEE {g^^J^insh 7^Tu«nl^" 

Robert Greenlee 1 

daughter of James Oreenlee and Margaret S. Rush, was bora July 12, 1866 at 
Ballynewry, Tandragee, County Armagh, Ireland; married May 22, 1895, 
JOSEPH QUINN, born March 7, 1874 at Tandragee; farmer; in politics. 
Unionist; in religion, Presbyterian. 


I. James William Quinn, born December 22, 1896. 

II. Joseph Quinn, born December 13, 1901. 


JOHN GREENLEE {^Z'^'^l^T^ 5'^i'^°r"" '^^"Jl^ltZu 

Itobort Greenlee 1 

son of William Greenlee and Sarah Johnston, was bom December 24, 18 — at 
Marlyeoo, County Armagh, Ireland; married in 1870 ( ?) SARAH ANN STOTT, 
who died Mar. 18, 1893, daughter of John Stott and Sarah Baxter; farmer; 
in politics, Unionist ; in religion, Protestant. 


I. Sarah Ann, born April 3, 1879. 

II. John, born April 3, 1881. 

III. William, born Jlay 8, 1883. 

IV. Maggie, bom Jlarch 12, 1885. 

V. Joseph, born December 12, 1889. 


EGBERT GREENLEE, born at Ballynewry, MarkethilJ, County Armagh, Ire- 
land, married TOMPSON. He was a farmer. They had seven children, 

two of whom have died ; two married ; one resides at Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, 


two sons and a daughter are at home in L-eland, and a son, James "William, 
bom April 28, 1867 at Markethill, Ireland, resides at Burlingame, California. 


189b. William, bom in 1794; married Deborah Coulter. -|- 


WILLIAM GREENLEE, son of William Greenlee and Sarah Johnston, waa 
bom in 1894 at Marlycoo, County Armagh, Ireland; died in 1854; married 
DEBORAH COULTER. He was a farmer; in politics. Unionist; in religion, 
Protestant; resided at Marlycoo, Ireland. 

189c. L William, bom in 1831 ; married Sarah Fergnson.-}- -. 


WTT.T.TAM GRKENLEE fWUIIam Greenle* WUIIam Greenlee 1 
WlXUjliUU UJVLiJCiniiCJj I Deborah Coulter Sarah Johnston / 

son of William Greenlee and Deborah Coulter, was born in 1831 at Marlycoo, 
County Armagh, Ireland ; died in 1894 ; married in 1854 SARAH FERGUSON, 
who was born in 1824 at Marlycoo, Ireland, daughter of Samuel Ferguson and 
Agnes Willis. He was a farmer; in polities, Unionist; in religion, Protestant; 
resided at Manordoherty and Markethill, Ireland, 


I. Samuel, born December 6, 1862. 

n. John, born December 12, 1864. 

III. William, bom November 4, 1866. 

IV. Matthew, bora November 15, 1868. 

V. James, born December 18, 1870; married June 17, 1904, Maggie 
Trotter, bom February, 1874 at Marlycoo, daughter of George Trot- 
ter and Rachel; resides at Marlycoo. 
VL David, bora November 4, 1872. 
VII. Sarah Jane, born April 15, 1874. 

WILLIAM FRANCIS GREENLEE was bora in Ireland; married 

He emigrated to Greenbrier County, Virginia, now West Virginia. 

I. William (eldest), left home when a boy and was never heard from 












19.L n. David, bom September 17, or November 14, 1809; married Lucy 
in. Jane (oldest daughter) ; married William Lunsford, or Luntsford; 

IV. Melvina (youngest daughter) ; married • — Sullivan ; dead. 


DAVID GEEEIILSE, son of "William Francis Greenlee, was bom September 
17, or November 14, 1809 in Virginia ; died January 15, 1854 aged 44 years, at 
Ironton, Lawrence Co., Ohio; married December, 1830 at Arabia, Lawrence Co., 
Ohio, LUCY VERillLLION, bom August 20, 1812 at Arabia, Ohio, or in 
Virginia, died October 14, or 10, 1861 at Ironton, or Arabia, Ohio, daughter of 
Uriah Vermillion and Elizabeth Peters; farmer; river pilot; in politics, Whigj 
in religion, Baptist ; resided in Ohio, Kentucky and Missouri, 


Jane Ann, bom March 10, 1834; married Byron JIarkham.-|- 
David, born September 22, 1835; married Annie Dean.-f- 
"William F., bom September 7, 1837; married Lucretia Darling. -j- 
Elizabeth, born May 2, 1840; married Samuel Shumate.+ 
Nicodemus, born November 13, 1842; married Jlalinda Jane Pay- 
ton. -|- 

197. VI. James Bryant, bom August 11, 1848; married IMary Ellen Lam- 


198. Vil. Nancy Virginia, born March 28, 1851; married Daniel Neal.4- 


JANE ANN GREENLEE { EuJy^'jfmnil^n ^'""«°"''-"<^'» Greenlee | 

daughter of David Greenlee and Lucy Vermillion, was born March 10, 1834 in 
Gallia Co., Ohio; married April 2, 1868 at Independence, Missouri, BYRON 
MARKIL\]\r, born October 26, 1839 in Cattaraugus Co., New York, son of Ira 
Markham and Lucy Ann Alden ; resides at Kansas City, Missouri. 


DAVID GREENLEE { P=Jj^^Jmlnl^Il Wllllam FrancU Creenlee | ' 

son of David Greenlee and Lucy Vermillion, was born September 22, 1835 ; mar- 
ried February 8, 1869 in Hiawatha, Kansas, ANNIE DEANE, born in Schuyler 
Co., Illinois, daughter of John Deane. 


I. John William, born January 7, 1879 ; lives at Rockford, Washington. 
n. Mary Elizabeth, bom March 25, 1883. 


lEL Benjamin Franklin, bom March 23, 1886. 

IV. Daniel Perley, born June 25, 1894 (?). . 
Five children dead, four sons and one daughter. 

DAVID GREENLEE was a soldier in the civil war, 4th Battery ; finished in 
44th Missouri Volunteer Infantry, Company F. He was a blacksmith; in poli- 
tics, RepubUean; in religion, Methodist Episcopal; resides at Rockford, Wash- 


WILLIAM F. GREENLEE {E^Jj^^J^SlliJn WllUam Francl. Greenle. J 

son of David Greenlee and Lucy Vermillion, was bom September 7, 1837 at 
Ironton, Lawrence Co., Ohio; married November 1, 1868 at Arabia, Lawrence 
Co., Ohio, LUCRETIA DARLING, born November 20, 1848 at Arabia, Ohio, 
daughter of Joseph Darling and Harriet Vermillion; farmer; Republican; Bap- 
tist; resided at Arabia, Ohio. 


I. Zua Eva, bom August 28, 1869; married Alonzo Shively. 

IL Bella, born February 22, 1871. 

III. Anna, born March 19, 1874; married Henry Slyh. 

IV. Fred, born July 15, 1880. 

V. Susie, born May 24, 1883. 

WILLLVM F. GREENLEE was a soldier in the civil war, 53rd Ohio Volun- 
teer Infantry. 


ELIZABETH GREENLEE {ESc'^'^Jmilnoo ^"""° ^'■^"<='" Greeoie* ) 

daughter of David Greenlee and Lucy Vermillion, was born May 2, 1840 at 
Burlington, Lawrence Co., Ohio; married February 5, 1860 near Ironton, Law- 
rence Co., Ohio, SAMUEL SHU:MATE, born June 15, 1832 in Scioto Co., Ohio, 
son of John Shumate and Agnes Lewis; farmer; in politics. Democrat; in re- 
ligion. Christian; resides at Kansas City, Missouri. . 


I. Lizzie Shumate, bom Jlay 15, 1861; married Tom Phelps. 

IL William Shumate, bom February 23, 1864; died Jlarch 8, 1886. 

III. John Shumate, born January 11, 1866; died June 29, 1899. 

rV. Charles Shumate, bom January 17, 1869. 

V. George Shumate, born January 5, 1873. 

VI. Silas Shumate, born March 22, 1875. 
Vn. Susie Shumate, bom October 1, 1879. 



NICODEMUS GREENLEE {Euci%«mlll^n «'""«'° *''•"«'» Greenlee J 

son of David Greenlee and Lucy Vermillion, was bom November 13, 1842 at 
BoUvar, Polk Co., Missouri; died February 24, 1895 at Lees Summit, Jack- 
son Co., Missouri ; married February 26, 1865 at Arabia, or Ironton, Lawrence 
Co., Ohio, MALINDA JANE PAYTON, bom July 30, 1847 at Arabia, or Iron- 
ton, Lawrence Co., Ohio, daughter of John Payton and Julia Ann Marcum; 
farmer and pilot on river; in politics, Democrat; in religion. Baptist; resided 
in Ohio until 1867, then in Kansas until 1874 when he removed to Missouri and 
resided in that state the remainder of his life. His Avidow married second, 
Harrison Shumate. 


199. L Susan Ella, born March 8, 1867 ; married Samuel Mack JIaupin.-|- 

200. II. John B., born January 9, 1871 ; married Mary E. Dickhout.-|- 
III. Julia Virginia, born November 25, 1873; married Hartman S. 

rV. Bryan W., born April 1, 1876. 
V. Fannie Elizabeth, born May 17, 1879 at Lees Summit; lives at 
Kansas City, Missouri. 
VI. Elbert R., born September 22, 1881. 
VH. William F., born June 9, 1884. 
VIII. Lucinda Janctta, born August 20, 1886. 
IX. Grace, born January 30, 1889; died January 31, 1889. 

NICODEMUS GREENLEE was four years of age when his parents moved 
to Lawrence County, Ohio. He received his education there, and at the age of 
eighteen enlisted in Battery B, 1st Virginia Light Artillery, and served three 
years and two months, being in all the various engagements in which they 
participated. After his discharge, he re-enlisted in Company F, 5th U. S. 
Veteran Regiment, Hancock's Corps and served a little over one year. After 
the close of the war he lived in Ohio for eighteen months, then moved to a farm 
in Brown County, Kansas, whee he remained three years. He afterward re- 
moved to Jewell County, Kansas. Being driven out by grasshoppers he moved 
in 1875 to Jackson County, Jlissouri, and became the owner of two hundred 
acres of land near Lone Jack. For a number of years he has been superin- 
tendent of the John W. Reid stock farm in Prairie Township. He is a member 
of the school board and takes an active interest in the advancement of educa- 

■: ^ 

JAMES BRYANT GREENLEE /pavldnreinlpe Wllllam Francis GrPentfl^f '^ 

i Lucy \ ermlllloD i 

son of David Greenlee and Lucy Vermillion, was born August 11, 1848 at 
Arabia, Lawrence Co., Ohio; married March 6, 1870 in Ohio, MARY ELLEN 


LAMBERT, born July 19, 1850 at Arabia, Ohio; died June 8, 1886 at Cnm- 
mings, Atchison Co., Kansas, daughter of Reuben Lambert and Cynthia HalL 
He was a teacher ; Republican ; Baptist ; resides at Cummings, Kansas. 


201. I. Nancy Anna, bom November 27, 1870 ; married John A. Laird.-}- 
n. Amos M., born December 20, 1872. 

m. Addie L., born November 12, 1874. 

202. rV. Cynthia J., bom October 28, 1876 ; married John CNefl-^- 

V. Lucy H., born December 29, 1878. 

VI. Bertha M., born November 28, 1880; died April 28, 1888. 

Vn. James W., born September 4, 1882. 

Vm. Edith G., bom June 30, 1884; died February 8, 1887. 

IX. Mary E., born June 6, 1886 ; died November, 1886. 


JAMES BRYANT GREENLEE was a soldier in the civil war. 


NANCY VIRGINIA GREENLEE { CuJ^^•erml^^n «""»°' FrancU Greenlee | 

daughter of David Greenlee and Lucy Varmillion, was bom March 28, 1851 at 
Ironton, Lawrence Co., Ohio ; married September 28, 1873 at Kansas City, Mis- 
souri, DANIEL NEAL, born February 28, 1S48 at Ironton, Ohio, son of "Walter 
Neal and Anna Day. lie is a farmer; Republican; Protestant; resides at Johns 
Creek, Ohio. 


I. Mary Neal, born July 1, 1874. 

II. Anna Neal, born July 7, 1876. 

III. ]Maggie Neal, born October 8, 1878. 

IV. Maude Neal, born September 24, 1883. 

V. Son, born January 27, 1887 ; died February 2, 1887. 

NANCY VIRGINIA GREENLEE lived near the Ohio river until her 
father's death, after which she moved with her mother to a farm near Arabia, 
Ohio. After her mother's death she made her home with a family living near 
Arabia, where she received a common school education. At the age of fourteen 
she went to Missouri and made her home with her sister for eighteen months, 
then returned to Ohio. Four years later she again went to her sister and 
spent eighteen months with her. Since her marriage she has made her home 
in Ohio. 

y f ^^t •^j ^ ^'^-K ' ^ f ?^ <ji ." . " J ' 1^ ■"- ' 


Son of No. 179. 

V --r9: 




Daughter of No. 179. 

3IATTHEW A. f;ilEE.Vr,EE. JR. 
!5on of No. 185. 


^g^ vQ-^X 

POBLf. ■- 



-; ;..«'" , 

IRISH FAMILIES. ; \;; 517 

, 199. ■-:y'--'^ 'y-'^^/^^'^^^ 


WUIlAm FrancU Greenlee ) 

daughter of Nicodemns Greenlee and Malinda Jane Payton, was bom March 
8, 1867 at Ironton, Lawrence Co., Ohio; married November 24, 1886 at Lees 
Summit, Jackson Co., ilissonri, SAMUEL MACK ilAUPIN, bom April 18, 
1856 at Berea, Madison Co., Kentucky, son of James Manpin and Ellen Mc- 
Bame. He is a farmer ; Democrat ; Protestant ; resides at Stanley, Kansas. 


L James H. Maupin, bom July 31, 1888. 
IL Gladys :\raupin, bom June 8, 1891 ; died June 8, 189L 
m. Lora Lee ilaupin, bora Febraary 18, 1893 ; died Febraary 24, 1893. 

.2oa • ;  

.TOTTW H frR'R'R'NT.KE fNlcodemos Greenlee David Greenlee 

ifvjxxi o. vr jvri .>ix< nr i r i ^Malinda J. Paton Lncy VennUllon 

William FrancU Greenlee 1 

son of Nicodemus Greenlee and Malinda Jane Payton, was bora January 9, 
1871 at Sabetha, Kansas ; married January 18, 1892 at Independence, Missouri, 
MARY E. DICKHOUT, bom September 2, 1875 at Lees Summit, Jackson Co., 
Missouri, daughter of Peter S. Dickhout and Eliza Sweetland; farmer; Demo- 
crat; Methodist; resided near Lees Summit until October, 1899, and at Bazaar, 
Kansas, 1900. 

CHmDREN: '//^Z-^. ;:'>^v': v.; ;^. •■■-.;.;.■. 

L John Richard, born December 20, 1892.  V . . .' V • 

n. E. Lee, born December 18, 1894. - v v' . 

NANCY ANNA GREENLEE i??"fp",^:.T°ir rnji^w:;^.";!^?- •' 

I Mary E. Lambert Lacy » ermllllon 

William Francis Greenlee 1 

daughter of James Bryant Greenlee and ]Mary Ellen Lambert, was born Novem- 
ber 27, 1870 at Ciuumings, Atchison Co., Kansas; married May 11, 1892 at 
Atchison, Kansas, JOHN A. LAIRD, born August 5, 1866 at Cuinmings, Kan- 
sas, son of James B. Laird and Marinda Martin; teacher; Baptist; resides at 
Cummings, Kansas. 


I. Homer U. Laird, born May 18, 1893. 
n. Hazel M. Laird, bora October 20, 1895. 
m. Nellie L. Laird, born June 25, 1898. 



CYNTHIA J. GREENLEE fJamesB. Greenlw David Greenlee 

VXX1XUUI. u. UX1.UUX1ULLU t Mary B. Lambert Lucj VermUlion 

William Francis Greenlee \ 

daughter of James Bryant Greenlee and Mary Ellen Lambert, was bom 
October 28, 1876 at Cirmmings, Atchison Co., Kansas; married March 13, 1899, 
JOHN O'NEIL, bom May 12, 1876 at Rushville,, Rush Co., Lidiana, son of 
Stephen O'Neil and Ellen Dee. He is a Democrat; in religion, Catholic; re- 
sides at Nortonville, Kansas. 

One child: 

L lone E. O'Neil, bom January 21, 1900. 

GREENLEES; married ; resided in Ireland. 


202b. I. Martha Ann; married John Hanna.4- 

202c. II. Jane; married Joseph Luke.-j- 

m. David. 

IV. Arthur ; lost trace of in America. 

V. William. 

VI. Elizabeth; married John Greenlees.+ [See No. 140]. 


MARTHA ANN GREENLEES, daughter of Greenlees, was bom in 

Randlestown, County Antrim, Ireland; died February 18, 1873 in her 79th year 
at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania; married JOHN HANNA. Came from Ireland to 
Pittsburg; lived for a short time in New Hagerstown, Ohio. One son, John 
G. Hanna, resides at Pittsburg. 


JANE GREENLEES, daughter of Greenlees, married JOSEPH LUPOE; 

resided at Belfast, Ireland, 


I. William John Luke; lives at Belfast. 

II. Edward Luke; when last heard from was at Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 
III. Mary Agnes Luke; married George Johnston; lives at Pittsburg. 


GSEENLEES; married • ; resided in County Down, Ire- 

land. He was a farmer. 


202e. L John; married Orr.+ 

n. Joseph; went to America when young. 
m. William; went to America when young. 


JOHN GRESNLEES, son of Greenlees ; married ORR. He was 

a farmer and resided all his life in County Down, Ireland. 


202f. I. David Orr (only son), born in 1788; married Jane Carr.-}- 

Nine daughters, three or four of whom went to the United States; 
the others are all dead. A daughter of one of the daughters 
is living (1907) in Bangor, Coiuity Down. 


DAVID ORR GREENLEES, son of John Greenlees and Orr, was bom 

in 1788 at Ilill Hall, Lisburn, Couuty Down, Ireland ; died January 18, 1861 at 
Drumbeg, County Do-ivn, Ireland; married early in 1812 at Belfast, JANE 
CARR, who was born in 1800 ( ?) at Drumbeg, died June, 1882. He was a 
farmer; in politics. Conservative; in religion, Presbyterian; resided at Drumbeg 
and Lisbum. 


I. Agnes, born, 1819; died unmarried April 1901. 

n. John, born in 1822; died unmarried. 

III. Sarah, born, 1825; married Mathew Stewart; dead. 

rV. Robert, born 1828 ; died unmarried. 

V. William, born 1831 ; unmarried. 

202g. ;;.YL David, bom April 30, 1839; married Maria Blakley.-f- 

VII. Andrew, born, 1844; died unmarried. 

Vin. Mary, bom in 1846; lives at Comber, County Down, Ireland; 
unmarried. ! 



DAVID GEEENLKBS {^^2?*^"^"" JohnCreenlee. J 

SOD of David Orr Greenlees and Jane Carr, was born April 30, 1839 at Lisbum, 
Comity Do^vD, Ireland; married July 21, 1878 near Lisbum, ]\L^IA BTjAK- 
LEY, born January 12, 1860 at Ballynahinch, County Down, Ireland, daughter 
of Johnston Blakley and Jane. He is a farmer; in polities. Conservative; in 
religion, Presbyterian; resides at Dmmbeg, Lisbum, Ireland. 


L Mary Elizabeth, bom May 16, 1880; married in 1904, Robert Simp- 
son; resides at Comber, County Down, Ireland, 
n. Jane, born Febraaiy 20, 1882; married March, 1906, John Dalton; 
resides at HiU Hall, County Down, Ireland, 
in. David, bora Augnst 3, 1884; unmarried. 
IV. Child ; died young. 
V. Agnes, bora January 9, 1888. 
VL Maria, bora January 11, 1890. 
VTL Margaret, bora June 29, 1893. 
. Vin. William, bom September 17, 1894. 

GREENLY; married and had children: 

I. Robert ; married Maria . 

n. Sarah. 


In the name of god amen. I Robert Greenly of Castlerea in the County 
of Roseeomon Jlereht. being sick in Body but in perfect mind and memory 
do make this my last will and Testament vize thats to say I Recommend my 
Soul to the mercy of Jesus Christ & my Body to be Intered in a plain Genteel 
maner in the Church yard of Castlerea near the Tomb-stone for our Family. 
I lave and Bequeath to my wife Maria Greenly Four Hundred Pounds I also 
lave her my Lease of the Dwelling House Plots & Parke in Castlerea with all 
the Household Furnitiu"e of every kind whatever the may consist of &c. I lave 
her half the shop goods whatever their amt. may be I lave to my Sister 
Sarah Greenly Five hundred pounds I also lave her my Lease of the Field in 
Knockmurry with all my stock of Cows & Horses &c as if they were mentioned 
every beast separately. I lave the halfe of the shop goods to her what ever 
amt. it may be and the Residnre of my Fortune to order or give it to the poor 
people thats Related to me & stand in need of assistance. I lave to David 





^ji^.^' -" •'iriyk.l^S^t.-^'' 

- ~-4 

Xo. -.'OL'S. I)AV1I> GKEEXLEES. FAI:MI1(>1"SE AXIl (JllOri*. 

Xo. -iwi-i. iiAviK cKEEXi.EES— cicorr. 



'-*" '_'£•'■ 

-.,■.•■■• V ■: 



. l&C^ , 







urixs OF 

OI.Il Ml II lIorSE <»X FAIIM OF I'AVIK <;i:KKN'I.Kr;s. 


if N~V'v \C,. 

'pl:ul;;- lis 


IRISH FA^illLIES. 521 

Graham of Tarmon One Himdred pounds I lave to his wife Alisha Graham One 
Hundred pounds. I lave to each of his Four Childering Fifty pounds to each 
of them separately I lave to Micky Flyn Junr. of Caher Fifty pounds & lave 
Father Owen Flyn of Ballentuber Ten pounds I lave the Revd. Mr. John Daly 
of Loughglin five pounds & the Revd. Patk. Flyn of Cloonkun five pounds. I 
lave Richd. Flyn Hatter Thomas Flyn Hatter Five pounds to be equally divided 
between them. I lave Martin Flynn Perrywigmaker two pounds & lave James 
Flyn of Ballinlough Five pounds. I lave Ferdy Gunning Merchant Ten 
pounds. I lave Hugh Higgins of Sligo three pounds I lave .Anne Parkes of 
Cloonree wife of Samuel Parke One Hundred pounds I lave Mary Flanagan 
wife of James Flanagan of Town Merchant Five pounds I lave Thomas Greenly 
son of George Greenly late of Clooncoose & his two Brothers a Guinea to each 
as I dont know their names. I lave to Robert Greenly of this Town & his Sister 
Jane (of Tarmon) a Guinea to each. I la'^e to my little Boy Peter Giraghty 
three pounds to Bind him to a Trade. I order if there is any Debts due by me 
they shall be paid I don't Recolect any. A apoint Captain George Sandford 
and Robert Young esqr. my two Executors and Request they vrill see the 
Intention of this my last wiU put into Execution as well as in their power lies. I 
lave to each of my good Executors Ten pounds as a Token of my Friendship 
I hope they will accept of Signed & Sealed this Fourth day of May 1794. 

Robt. Greenly. Seal. 
In the Presence of ns 

Fardy Gunning, 

Christopher Makens, 

Robt. Young. 

[Public Record Office of Ireland. Prerogative Court. 1794.]