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October, igiy 


By Charles R. Eastman, American Museum Natural 
History, N. Y. City. 

Until comparatively recently nothing has been known 
of the origin of the Eastman family in this country be- 
yond the fact that the first colonist of the name in New 
England, RoGER EASTMAN, sailed for Boston in the ship 
Confidence in 1638, and was one of the original settlers 
at Salisbury in Massachusetts Bay. The new settlement 
by the Merrimac was founded largely by Wiltshire emi- 
grants, and a number of these, including heads of families 
by the names of Rolfe, Sanders, Whittier and Eastman, 
came from the parish of Downton, a few miles south of 
the sbire town of Wiltshire. What Rowley and Newbury 
in England are to their daughter towns on this side the 
Atlantic, that Salisbury, England, is to our Salisbury in 

The Downton parish register was first searched for 
Eastman records by the present writer in the summer of 
19 10, and some notes on the origin of the family were 
published in the Granite Monthly, a New Hampshire 
magazine, for December of that year and the following 
October. Thanks to the generosity of Mr. George East- 

*From the New York Genealogical and BiOj-Tiraphical Record. See 
also article on the English Origin of the Eastman Family, by Charles R. 
Eastman, in the Granite Monthly, December, 1910. 


Genealogy of the Harvey Eastman 

man of Rochester, New York, it was possible to engage 
the services of an expert antiquary, Mr. Charles H. 
Hoppin, for the purpose of making a complete transcript 
of early Eastman family records preserved in Wiltshire 
archives. From the large quantity of material collected 
by this historian a selection has been made relating to the 
direct ancestral line to which the pioneer colonist Roger 
belongs, and this is included in the present article. Much 
more space than is here available would be required to 
contain all the extant information. 

Ancestral Line of the Pioneer Colonist. 

First Generation. 

The ultimate progenitor of this line of whom authentic 
records have been preserved is John^ Eastman of 
Charleton. Following is a literal transcript of his original 
will, dated April 26, 1564, and proved May 9, 1565. 

"Achdeaconry Court of Sarum, Register 4, folio 193. 
Testa"". Johanis Est man de Downton. 

In the name of god amen the xxvi '' day of aprill in the 
yere of o"" lord god m^ccccclxiiii, I, John Estman of 
Charleton wthin the pyshe of Downton, wthin the Countie 
of wyltess, husbandman, beynge sycke in body but pfitt in 
memory, do make my last will and testament after this 
maner & forme foUovv'ing. ffyrst & principally I give and 
bequeath my sowle to almightie god my maker, redeamer 
and savior, trustying by the meyrytts of his blessed passion 
to be child of salvation, my body to be buryed wthin the 
churche of Saynt lawrence in Downton where my father 
doth lye. 

Itm, I geve to our Lady church of Sar [= Cathedral 
at Salisbury] vi d. Itm, I geve to m"" vicar of Downton 

Branch of the Eastman Family 

for my tythes forgotten xii d. Itm, I geve & bequeath 
to the Reparations of my pyshe churche of Downton 
iii* iili'^. Itm, I geve & bequeath to the reparations of 
Catheryn brydge of Downton xii"^. Itm, I geve & bequeath 
to Will™ Estman my sonne x Itie shepe, v of them shalbe 
ewes & V of them shalbe lambes, & in money good and 
lawfull V '' & ii acres of v/heate, the one lying in hoker 
linche & one half acre btwn the lyncherd & hym, & the 
other half acre by the grene thorne. 

Itm, I geve & bequeath to John, Will™, Walter & Flor- 
ence, sones & daughters to the said Will" Estman iii shepe 
apece, & to ev^'y one of [them] in money good & lawfull 
x^ a pece, and to each of them one pewter platter apece, 
& betwene the said iiii children I geve one sparked cowe, 
w'''' Cowe goeth now in the forrest, & shalbe distributed 
by the direction of. ther father, yf any of thes said iiii 
children do decease or dye before they come to pfitt age 
to make ther wills that then the legatye of them that fayle 
or dye shall remayne to them that lyveth, equally to be 
devyded betvv^ene them & go from the one to the other. 
Itm, I geve & bequeath unto John Eastman & to Will™ his 
brother, sones to Roger Estman, iii shepe a pece & to 
each of them in money good and lawfull x s apece & a 
pewter platter apece, & betwene them a blacke heyffer. 
Yf the said John or Will™ decease or dye before they 
come to the age to make ther wills that then the legatye 
of the one shall remayne to the other. 

Itm, I geve & bequeath to elizabeth barrye my sunt 
[= servant] ii yewe shepe. Itm, I geve & bequeath to 
Will™ newman my sunt one yewe. Itm, I geve and be- 
queath to ev'y one of my god children iiii d apece yf they 
vv^ill come & aske hitt of my executor Itm, I geve and 
bequeath to Richard Carter pyshe clerke of Downton 
half a bs of w^heat & as mutche of mault. 

The Rest of all my goods movable and unmovable 

Genealogy of the Harvey Eastman 

herein not bequeathed, my detts and legatyes payd, I 
geve & bequeath them all unto Roger my sonne makynge 
hym my whole and sole executor, desyring Rob' Carpeter 
& Nycholas newman to be my ov'"sears, & they shall have 
for their paynes iii^ iiii'' a pece. Wytnesses to this my 
last will & testament, Richard Cockes, will"" Modye & 
Richard Gates. 

Pbat fuit test" sup^ script Johanis Estman nup de 
Downton nre Jure""^ Arctimus save defunct cara magno 
Johe James in legibz bacc Offic dni arctii sax ix° Die mes^ 
maij A° Dni m*^^ ccccc° lxv°. ac p itm appbat ac Comissqz 
fuit ec* 

The foregoing document proves that the testator had 
only six grandchildren living in 1564, all of whom were 
minors. Two of the grandsons were named fVilliam, one 
of whom belonged to the family of Roger^ Eastman and 
lived at Charleton, in the parish of Downton, and the 
other, who was son of the testator's executor, at Weeke, 
in the same parish. Concerning the family that lived at 
Weeke, it will be sufficient to note that William"* East- 
man {iniliam^, John^)^ was twice married, first in 1599, 
to Elizabeth Kempe, and secondly to Edith — , family 
name not found, who died in 16 19. Downton parish 
records give the following as his children: 
i. William, b. — ; d. 1606. 
ii. Margaret, bp. 1604. 

iii. Elizabeth, bp. 1610. 

iv. Alice, bp. 1614. 

*The Latin note appended to the will may be modernized as follows: 
"The above-written will of John Estmann, late of Downton In our 
Jurisdiction of the Archdeaconry of Salisbury, deceased, was proved 
before Master John James, bachelor of law, official of the Lord Arch- 
deacon of Salisbury, on the ninth day of the month of May in the year 
of our Lord 1565, and by him approved, etc., and [administration] was 
granted, etc." 

Branch of the Eastman Family 

Second Generation. 

The foregoing will of John^ Eastman is authority for 
giving to his son Rogcr^ of Charleton only two children 
who had been born prior to the year 1564 and were still 
minors when that instrument was made. Other offspring, 
however, must have been born subsequent to the year 
1564, for we find at the time of Roger's death, in Febru- 
ary, 1604, he, being then a widov/er, had eight children 
living whose names are known to us, and at least eight 
grandchildren. Besides these heirs, a married daughter 
of Roger,^ who had been the wife of one William Skeate, 
executor under the will of Roger," had previously de- 
ceased. Downton parish records show that Roger'' East- 
man was buried February 17, 1604. His will, dated 
January 1 1, of the same year, was proved six days follow- 
ing his death. The original will, unfortunately somewhat 
mutilated, together with the complete detailed inventory 
of the estate and administrator's bond is on file with the 
Consistory Court of Sarum, and is an important genea- 
logical document. 

The injury to the will itself is of such nature that a 
portion of the left hand margin has been torn away, or 
"perhaps eaten by rats," as suggested by Mr. Hoppin, 
who prepared an exact transcript. The names of one or 
two of the beneficiaries are unfortunately lost, having 
been contained in the missing fragment, but from other 
sources we are clearly warranted in supplying one of them 
as WilUam, who was either the eldest or second son. 
There are named as executor the testator's son-in-law, 
William Skeate, and as overseers "my well-beloved sonns 


Genealogy of the Harvey Eastman 

Walter Eastman y*" eld"^ & John Eastman," The remain- 
ing heirs, named in the order of their mention, were 
Nicholas and Roger Eastman, four Skeate grandchildren, 
and Mary, Edith and Thomas Eastman. Witnesses to 
the will were John Bebmaton, Thomas Fursley, Walter 
Eastman and John Eastman. A seal is attached, bearing 
the device of a talbot passant. 

Third Generation. 

We come now to the generation immediately preceding 
that of the emigrant Roger, ^ and find entries in the Down- 
ton parish register for reconstructing the families of his 
uncle JFilUam''^ and father Nicholas^ as follows : 

William^ Eastman {Roger, ^ John^), born some 
time prior to 1564; died after 1622. He married (i) 
Edith — , who died in October, 1605. He married (2) 
in 1607, — (name blank or illegible in Downton parish 
register). Resided at Downton. Children: 

i, John,^ bp. March 29, 1603; d. 1663, leaving 

son John, 
ii. Richard, bp. Oct. 27, 1605; buried Nov. i, 

iii. Greenway, bp. Aug. 26, 1609; was "late of 
New Alresford in the Countie of South- 
ampton" in March, 1660, at which time his 
widow was the wife of Thomas Bone, 
iv. William, bp. Oct. 31, 16 10. 
v. Thomas, bp. June 15, 1613. 
vi. Richard, bp. May 5, 1615. 
vii. Griffin or "Griffith," bp. Oct. 31, 1619; bur. 

Aug. 31, 1623. 
viii. Hugh, bp. May i, 1622. 

Branch of the Eastman Family 

Nicholas"^ EastMz'^n {Roger,- John^)^ born probably 
betv/een 1564 and 1570; died some time after 1625. He 
married Barbara — (family name probably Rooke), who 
was buried at Downton, July 9, 1625. Resided at Charle- 
tcn. Children: 

i. Thomas/ bp. Jan. 9, 1602/3; m. Oct. 21, 

1634, Alice Sanders, sister of John Sanders 
of Weeke. He was living in 1656. 

ii. John, bp. Dec. 24, 1605; m. July 28, 1628, 
Margaret Newman. His will dated Jan. 5, 
1656/7, and proved April 4, 1657. Her 
will dated Nov. 8, 1673, ^^'^ probated Dec. 
4, 1673 ; both buried in the parish church at 
Downton. They had children : 

i. Christiana""', who m. John Noyes. 
ii. Barbara. 

iii. Alice, who m. James Barrowe. 
iv. Margaret, who m. Thomas Wheeler. 

iii. Margaret, bp. March 26, 1608; m. July 20, 

1635, Richard Howse. 

iv. Roger, bp. April 4, 16 10; d. at Salisbury, 
Mass., Dec. 16, 1694; m. Sarah — , b. 
about 1620/21; d. at Salisbury, Mass., 
March 11, 1697/8. Will extant. 

V. Nicholas, bp. Nov. 29, 161 1. 

vi. Maurice or "Morris," bp. April 26, 1 6 1 5 ; will 
proved May 8, 1669, by his executors "Wil- 
liam Rooke and Barbara his wife," desig- 
nated in the will as "my kinsmen." Bequest 
of £100 to "my kinswoman Barbara Rooke, 
the daughter of William Rooke," and £50 
to sister Mary Moody. Thomas Eastman 

Genealogy of the Harvey Eastman 

vii. William, bp. Jan. 21, 161 7/8; had a son Wil- 
liam; both living in 1669. 
viii. Alexander, bp. Sept. 12, 1620. 
Ix. Christiana, bp. Nov. 24, 1622. 
X. Mary, bp. March 24, 1625; m. John Moody. 
She was living in 1669, as were also her 
three children: Mary, Edith and Maurice 
(or "Morris"). 

As has already been stated, the earliest ancestor who 
can be directly connected by authentic records with the line 
to which Roger, the founder of the family in this country 
belonged, is John^ Eastman of Charleton who died in 
1565. A number of Eastman items occur in the Eccleclas- 
tical Commissioners' Court Rolls for the Manor of Down- 
ton, ranging in date from 14 Edw. IV to 30 Henry VIII 
(1475-1540). In these manor court rolls, under date of 
1539, is found the following entry, where mention is 
made of both a John and Roger Eastman of Charleton: 

Membrane i. 1539. 

Dounton Manor. Court held there 17 December, 30 
Henry VIII. 

Charleton : The tithingman there presents that Roger 
Estman has been sworn Into the office of tithingman; and 
that (in reckoning the pannage of pigs) Roger Estman 
has two old and six young pigs; and John Estman the 
younger, one old pig. . . . Nounton [Nunton], 
John Estman has one old and two young pigs. 

In conclusion is offered a copy of Eastman items taken 
from the vital records of Romsey, Hampshire, not previ- 
ously published: 


Branch of the Eastman Family 


8 Aprill, 1596. Elizabeth the daughter of John 

13 Aprill, 1598- Roger the son of John Eastman. 
3 Aprill, 1599- John the son of John Eastman. 
I February, 1600. Margaret the daughter of John 

20 October, 1602. Anthony the son of John Eastman. 

6 October, 1602. John Eastman. 


Genealogy of the Harvey Eastman 

4. Roger Eastman, bom at Charleton, near Downton, 
In Wiltshire, England; baptized April 4, 1610; 
died in Salisbury, Mass., December 16, 1694. He 
married Sarah Smith (?) born In 1621; died at 
Salisbury, Mass., March 11, 1697. Roger East- 
man was a house-carpenter by trade. He came 
from Downton, county of Wilts, and sailed from 
Southampton in April, 1638, in the ship "Confi- 
dence," John Jobson, master, bound for Massa- 
chusetts Bay Colony. Salisbury is one of the old- 
est towns in Massachusetts. It was incorporated 
in 1640 and Roger Eastman was one of the 
pioneer settlers. Children: John, Nathaniel, 
Philip, Thomas, Timothy, Joseph, Benjamin, 
Sarah, Samuel, Ruth. 


In the name of God Amen ; the twenty Six day of 
June Anno Dom^: Sixteen hundred ninety one I Roger 
Easman of the town of Salisbury in the County of 
Essex in Massachusetts Colony of New-England 
Carpenter: being weak in body, but of Sound & p''fect 
memory, praised be God : doe make & Ordain this my 
last will & Testament: in manner & form following. 
Viz. Imp I bequeath my Soul into the hands of All- 
mighty God my maker, hoping through y^ meritorious 
death & passion of Jesus Christ my onely Saviour & 
Redeemer to Receive free Pardon & forgivness of all 
my Sinns. And my body to be buried in Christian 
buriall at the discretion of my Executrix hereafter 
nominated ; and as for that Worldly Estate as y^ Lord 
in mercy hath lent me my will & meaning is y*^ it be 
disposed & bestowed as in this my will is hereafter 
Expressed. Imp : I doe give & bequeath to my Sonne 
John Easman twelve pence. It: I doe give & bequeath 
to my Bonn Nathaniel Easman twelve pence. It: I 
give & bequeath to my Sonne Phillip Easman twelve 
pence: It: I doe give & bequeath a certain debt, of 
about three or four pounds y' my Sonne Tho: Easman, 


Branch of the Eastman Family 

now deceased owed unto me, Unto Deborah y*^ 
Widdow & Relict of mj^ S'^ Sonne Tho: Easman. It: 
I give unto my Sonne Tymothy Easman twelve Pence. 
It: I doe give k bequeath unto my Sonne Joseph Eas- 
man twelve pence. It: I doe give unto my Sonne 
Benjamin Easman twelve pence. It: I do give & 
bequeath to my Son Sam": Easman twelve pence. 
It: I doe give & bequeath unto my daughter Sarah 
Shepherd twelve pence. It: I doe give & bequeath 
unto my daughter Ruth Herd a Certain meadow lott 
being two Acres more or less lying in the Tide meddow 
between M"" John Sanders & Tho: Rowells meddow, 
w'^'^ I Esteem & Vallue to her at twenty pounds; & 
having allready given to her & payd twelve pounds 
thirteen shillings; I doe now allso give & bequeath 
unto her my S*^ daughter Ruth Herd Seaven pounds 
& Seaven shillings. Also my will & meaning is y' y^ 
affores*^ Legacies be payd by my Executrix in ordinary 
Country pay & at ordinaiy prizes amongst us here ; 
within one year after my decease. And all the rest of 
my Estate undisposed of by this my Will I doe give 
& bequeath unto my beloved wife Sarah Easman ; with 
power to sell & dispose of as her necessity may require 
or as she shall think meet : & make her Sole Executrix 
of this my last will & Testament; revoking all other 
wills & Testaments, in Witness whereof I have here- 
unto set my hand & Seal this twenty Sixth day of June 
Anno Dom. sixteen hundred ninetj' one. 

Roger "7 Easman 
Signed, Sealed & declared by (seal) 

Rodger Easman to be his last 
will & Testament 
before us 

lames AUin 

Rachill Allin March 27, 1695. 

Anna Allin M'' Jaines Allen made Oath 

Anna Allen made oath y*^ 
she Sett her hand as an 
Evidence to this will. 

Essex County Probate Court, Docket 8, 488. 

Genealogy of the Harvey Eastman 

Joseph Eastman, born in Salisbury, Massachusetts, 
November 8, 1650; died April 4, 1692. He was 
a weaver by trade. Joseph Eastman married 
Mary Tilton, who was born February 8, 1649. 
She was the daughter of Peter Tilton, a man of 
note and influence. After the death of Joseph 
Eastman, his widow married Joseph Guensey and 
moved to New Jersey. Children: Joseph, Mary 
and Peter. 

Peter Easfman, born in Hadley, Massachusetts, 
January 20, 1686; married Mehitable Root of 
Deerfield, November 28, 1708. There is no 
record of his death or of the number of children 
born. According to tradition there were twelve 
sons and some daughters. Peter Eastman prob- 
ably settled in Suffield, Connecticut, at that time 
in Massachusetts, as we find in the records of that 
town the birth of five children. From Suffield 
Peter removed to New Jersey some time between 
the birth of his son Hezekiah and son Benjamin. 
He returned to Connecticut and located in New 
Fairfield in the thirties. The history of that town 
says he built the first house there. Children: 
Peter, Mary, Peter, William, Hezekiah, Benja- 
min, Azariah, Joseph, Mehitable. 

Joseph Eastman, born in New Jersey, September, 
1724; died in Marshall, New York, September 2, 
1802. Married October 12, 1746, to Phebe 
Hendricks, vv^ho was born in 1723,. and died March 
4, 1812. Childrtn: Hezekiah f Nathaniel, Joseph, 
John, Peter, Abraham Dayton, Experience and 


Branch of the Eastman Family 

Hezekiah Eastman, born September i, 1748; 
married October 17, 1774, to Hannah Porter and 
died September, 1831. Hannah Porter Eastman 
born March 29, 1751, and died August 12, 1820. 
After the death of his wife Hezekiah Eastman 
married again. The second wife's name was Sarah 
but we have been unable to find her maiden name 
or the date of her birth, marriage or death. Heze- 
kiah Eastman was a Baptist minister and was 
ordained October i, 1781, at the house of Stephen 
Calkins. He was the first settled minister of 
Danby, Vt., and the first pastor of the first church 

The following story is told by a nicee, 
Saphronia, v/ho was living in Canandaigua, New 
York, at the age of ninety-four (1900) : 

"At the time Danbury, Connecticut, was burnt, 
Joseph Eastman, father of Hezekiah, lived a few 
miles north of that place, and he, with his three 
sons, Nathaniel, Joseph and Hezekiah, were 
called out with the militia to repel or capture the 
"Red Coats," who had succeeded in burning Dan- 
bury. A Tory family lived nearly opposite the 
Eastman house and they opened their house and 
made preparations to welcome the British v/hen 
they came ; but not so with the Eastmans. Abra- 
ham Dayton, the youngest, was sick at home with 
his mother, who, fearing harm, saddled the family 
horse, hitched him to the back door, put up some 
provisions and things she would need, intending 


Genealogy of the Harvey Eastman 

to get the sick boy on to the horse and start for 
the hills as soon as the "Red Coats" came in sight. 
Soon she saw a single horseman coming, who in- 
formed her the raiders had been captured and 
there was no more danger from them. The Tory 
family across the way shut their doors, closed their 
windows and were seen no more that day." 

Hezekiah Eastman moved to New York and 
settled in Marshall, Oneida County, where he died, 
and was buried in a little plot of ground taken off 
the original farm on which he settled. Children: 
Harvey, Buell, Joseph, Hezekiah, Sarah, Phebe, 
Hannah, Saviah. 


Branch of the Eastman Family 





Genealogy of the Harvey Eastman 


9. Harvey Eastman, born July 8, 1777; married 
July 4, 1797, to Anne Rundell and died July 8, 
1829. Anne Rundell Eastman born April 9, 1777, 
and died March 25, 1847. Harvey Eastman re- 
sided in Marshall, New York. Children: Rhoda, 
Lucy, Martin Luce, Joseph Porter, Horace Have- 
land, Almon Russell, Mary Ann, Erastus Harvey, 
Clarissa and George Washington. 

10. Rhoda Eastman, born in Marshall, New York, 
December 9, 1799; died in Kingsville, Ohio, April 
19, 1890. Married Ephraim McBride on Decem- 
ber 24, 1 8 17. Children: Mary Jane and John 
Jerome Bonaporte. 

II. Mary Jane McBride, born in Waterville, New 
York, October 27, 1818; died in Girard, Pa., 
July 12, 1 9 10. Married James W. Lov/e, 
January i, 1840. Children: Mary Elizabeth 
and Emma Jane. 

12. Mary Elizabeth Lowe, born in West 
Springfield, Pa., April 13, 1841. 

12. Emma Jane Lowe, born in Jamestown, New 
York, June 3, 1862. Married Monroe 
Joseph Hall, born July 23, i860; on Octo- 
ber 12, 1880. Emma Jane Lowe Hall died 
December 20, 19 16. One daughter: Llelen 
Lowe Hall. 

Branch of the Eastman Family 

13. Helen Lowe Hall, born in Girard, Pa., 
March 27, 1883; married Frederic 
Gorham Luce, June 26, 1907. Frederic 
Gorham Luce born March 21, 1884. 
No children. 

II. John Jerome Bonaporte McBride, born May 
27, 1820, and died January 27, 1857. Married 
Helen Bridge of Ohio in 1841. No children. 

10. Lucy Eastman, born in Marshall, N. Y., October 
8, 1801; married Horace Luce, March 9, 1826, 
and died February 25, 1877. Horace Luce died 
March 13, 1877. Children: Harriet A., Helen 
A., Cornelia F., Martin E., and Mary J. 

II. Harriet Amanda Luce, daughter of Lucy 
Eastman and Horace Luce, born February 6, 
1829; married John R. Hatch, October 17, 
1 861, and died November 17, 1875. Children: 
Elmer M. and Anna K. 

12. Elmer Martin Hatch, born January 22, 
1863 ; married Anna B. Littlehaies, Decem- 
ber 28, 1893. Children: Mildred L. and 
Josephine E. 

13. Mildred L. Hatch, born March 3, 1897. 

13. Josephine E. Hatch, born May 31, 

12. Anna K. Hatch, born April 22, 1870; mar- 
ried Fred M. Canfield, January 17, 1891, 
and died January 18, 1907. Children: 
Earl L. and Ralph. 


Genealogy of the Harvey Eastman 

13. Earl L. Canfield, born January 4, 1 893 ; 
married October 17, 191 1. 

13. Ralph Canfield, born November 5, 

II. Helen Arminda Luce, born November 17, 
1830; died October 7, 1851. 

II. Cornelia Francis Luce, born November 6, 
1832; married James W. Haines, December 
17, 1852 ; died September 22, 1853. 

II. Martin E. Luce, born March 22, 1840; mar- 
ried Laura K. Wilson, July 10, 1883. One son. 

12. Wilson E. Luce, born October 2, 1885. Un- 

II. Mary Josephine Luce, born March i, 1845; 
married Cassius M. Robison, April 15, 1880; 
died December 25, 1901. No children. 

10. Martin Luce Eastman, born September 8, 1803; 
died at Huron, Ohio, August 12, 1847. 

10. Mary Ann Eastman, born February 8, 1 8 1 1 ; died 
November 14, 18 1 1. 

10. Erastus Harvey Eastman, born September 3, 
1812 ; died at Waverly, Ohio, September 22, 1839. 

10. Joseph Porter Eastman, born in Marshall, N. Y., 
May 28, 1805; died October 8, 1888; married 
March 18, 1829, Phoebe Caroline Addington, 
born in Paris, N. Y., November 9, 1809, and died 
October 12, 1888. Children: Charles Carol, 
Henry Addington, Emmeline C, Almon R., Porter 
G., Caroline A., and Mary E. 


Branch of the Eastman Family 

1 1. Charles Carol Eastman, born April 24, 1830, 
at Marshall, N. Y., died in Kingsville, Ohio, 
April II, 1901. He married Mary L. Stone 
Perkins on December 19, 1855. She was born 
in Cooperstown, N. Y., June 28, 1831, and 
died in Kingsville, Ohio, June 20, 1907. Chil- 
dren : Frank Webb, George Addington, Henry 
Andrew, Jay Porter, Harry Walter. 

12. Frank Webb Eastman, born April 9, 1857, 
at Kingsville, Ohio, died September 19, 
1883, at Briarfield, Ala. He married Emma 
L. Webster, September 13, 1882. She died 
at Kingsville, Ohio, March 9, 1888. No 

12. George Addington Eastman, born March 
24, 1858; married Ada Lewis of Boston, 
Mass., on December 29, 1887. George Ad- 
dington Eastman, being divorced, married 
Mildred Messenger Caton, January 7, 
1908. No children by second marriage. 
One son by first wife. 

13. Noel Morrison Eastman, son of George 
A. Eastman and Ada Lewis Eastman, 
born October 31, 1888; married Novem- 
ber II, 19 1 2, to Hazel Lois Belmont. 
No children. 

12. Henry Andrev^ Eastman, born April 14, 
i860; died December 28, 1905. Married 
Vornie R. Hart, October 22, 1879. She was 


Genealogy of the Harvey Eastman 

born In Kingsville, Ohio, October 24, 1858; 
died July 10, 1906. Children : Mary Grace, 
Anna Winifredi and twin sons who died a 
month after birth. Born November 27 
and died December 27, 1880. 

13. Mary Grace Eastman, born September 
6, 1882; married Caldwell W. Price, 
January 10, 1904. Children: Sherman 
Sadler and Ralph Eastman. 

14. Sherman Sadler Price, born Febru- 
ary 15, 1905. 

14. Ralph Eastman Price, born August 
31, 1908. 

13. Anna Winifredi Eastman, born Octo- 
ber 16, 1888; married Frederick A. 
Lind, July i, 1909. Two sons: Freder- 
ick A. and Albert E. 

14. Frederick Augustus Lind, born 
April 22, 19 II. 

14. Albert Eastman Miller Lind, born 
July 23, 1914. 

12. Jay Porter Eastman, born January 22, 
1862; married Perlie Estelle Thompson, 
November 15, 1883. She was born March 
9, 1862. Children: Ruth Eastman, Frank 
Raymond, Gladys Eastman and Cecil Porter 

13. Ruth Eastman, born November 23, 
1884; married Harold Curtis Root, June 


Branch of the Eastman Family 

15, 191 1. He was born February 3, 
1885, and died August 5, 191a. One 
son: Harold Eastman Root. 

14, Harold Eastman Root, born August 
22, 1912, 

13. Frank Raymond Eastman, born April 
19, 1886; married Leora Elizabeth 
Gottschalk, February 25, 19 13. One 
son : Frank Raymond. 

14. Frank Raymond Eastman, Jr., born 
June 12, 1914. 

13. Gladys Eastman, born March 4, 1892. 

13. Cecil Porter Eastman, born December 
23, 1895; died November 25, 1905. 

12. Harry Walter Eastman, born August 9, 
1869; married Bernice Case in Kingsville, 
Ohio, September 22, 1896. Two sons: 
Charles Case and Robert Reid. 

13. Charles Case Eastman, born March 30, 

13. Robert Reid Eastman, born December 
26, 1899. 

II. Henry Addington (2nd son of Joseph Porter 
Eastman), born February 14, 1832; married 
Sarah Francis Parrish at Kingsville, Ohio, 
January 19, 1864. She was born January 29, 
1838. Children: Albert Nathan and Edward 


Genealogy of the Harvey Eastman 

12. Albert Nathan Eastman, born October 
14, 1 864; married Myrta Eugenia Hopkins, 
July 17, 1889. She was born August 12, 
1865. Children : Walker Parrish and Fran- 
ces Emmeline. 

13. Walker Parrish Eastman, born Sep- 
tember 29, 1 89 1. 

13. Frances Emmeline Eastman, born 
October 9, 1899. 

12. Edward Payson Eastman, born May 17, 
1868; married Helen Baker, July 3, 1895. 
She was born February 6, 1868. Edward 
Payson Eastman died August 16, 1910. No 

II. Emmeline Clarissa Eastman (daughter of 
Joseph Porter Eastman), born March 18, 
1834; married Albert W. Webster, December 
29, 1 85 1. Albert W. Webster born January 2, 
1826; died July 9, 191 1. Emmeline C. East- 
man Webster died November 28, 1916. One 
son : Henry. 

12. Henry Webster, born July 2, 1856. Un- 

II. Almon Russell Eastman (3rd son of Joseph 
Porter Eastman), born in North Sheffield, 
Ohio, July 27, 1 841; married Cordelia C. 
Conger of Waterville, N. Y., September 5, 


Branch of the Eastman Family 

II. Porter George Eastman (4th son of Joseph 
Porter Eastman), born April 14, 1844; mar- 
ried Lena Anderson, September 10, 1866, and 
died March 9, 1898. (Date of death given as 
March 8, 1896, in Eastman Genealogy, Vol. 
II, page 802, but Mr. Almon R. Eastman 
gives March 9, 1898, as correct.) 

II. Mary E. Eastman (2nd daughter of Joseph 
Porter Eastman), born in Kingsville, Ohio, 
September 5, 1850. Married Amos A. South- 
wick, February 14, 1872. He was born April 
19, 1850. (Date of birth given as 1840 in 
Eastman Genealogy, Vol. II, page 802.) 

II. Caroline Amelia Eastman (daughter of 
Joseph Porter Eastman), born April 21, 1848; 
married Alfred Bidwell Benedict, who was 
born January 4, 1846, in Buffalo, N. Y. Chil- 
dren: Ethel and Phoebe. 

12. Ethel Eastman Benedict, born June 30, 
18S6; died April 26, 1912. 

12. Phoebe Eastman Benedict, born February 
20, 1888; married October 10, 1914, to 
EUery Earle Root, who was born October 
I, 1886. One child: Margery E. 

13. Margery Eastman Root, born January 
6, 1916. 



Genealogy of the Harvey Eastman 

lo. Horace Haveland Eastman, born in Marshall, 
N. Y., June 27, 1807; died in Waterville, N. Y., 
June 29, 1898; married Mary A. Gridley on Sep- 
tember 29, 1830. Mary A. Gridley Eastman died 
in 1887 or 1888. Children: Harvey Gridley, 
Cornelia and Edward Porter. 

II. Cornelia, born in 1836, and died in 1858. 

II. Edward Porter, born 1841, and died in 
Chicago, May, 1866. 

II. Harvey Gridley Eastman, born October 16, 
1834; died in Denver, Colo., December 13, 
1878. Married Minerva Clark, June 5, 1857. 
Minerva Mary Clark Eastman, born October 
9, 1837, and died January 25, 1907. Children: 
Cora and Carlotta. 

12. Cora Clark Eastman, born October 16, 
1858; married Timothy Leicester Woodruff 
in 1880. Died April 4, 1904. Timothy L. 
Woodruff, born August 4, 1858, and died 
October 12, 19 13. One son: John Eastman. 

13. John Eastman Woodruff, born January 
8, 188 1 ; married Eugenie Gray Watson 
May 25, 1905. Eugenie Gray Watson, 
born January 17, 1883. Children: 
Eugenie G. and Timothy L. 

14. Eugenie Gray Woodruff, born May 
27, 1906. 

14. Timothy Lester Woodruff, born 
July 17, 1907. 


Branch of the Eastman Family 

12. Carlotta Clark Eastman, born July 7, 
1867 ; married Frederick Ussher March 17, 
1 89 1, and died October 4, 191 1. Frederick 
Beauchamp Ussher, born September i, 
1864. Children: Eastman Ussher and 
Margaret Beauchamp Ussher. 

13. Eastman Ussher, born January 12, 1892, 
and died in El Paso, Texas, June 9, 1 9 1 1 . 

13. Margaret Beauchamp Ussher, born 
May 26, 1894. 

10. Almon Russell EastMx^n, born March 18, 1809; 
married Sophia Wells Kilbourn October 12, 1836. 
Sophia Wells Kilbourn was born August 19, 1809, 
and died May 31, 1868. Almon Russell Eastman 
died April 6, 1873. Children: 

II. Amelia Kilbourn Eastman, born July 23, 
1837; married Emerson W. Peet, July, 1874, 
and died January 23, 1916. 

II. Maria Gertrude Eastman, born January 19, 
1840; died August, 1869. (Date of burial 
given August 6, 1869.) 

II. Anna Sophia, born January 30, 1843; died 
November 8, 1855. 

II. Erastus Harvey, born April 11, 1845; died 
February 16, 1846. 

II. Almon Russell, born February 21, 1847; died 
April 7, 1849. 


Genealogy of the Harvey Eastman 

lo. Clarissa Eastman, born August i8, 1817; died 
March 25, 1877. Married Barnard Nellis, May 
19, 1840. He died March 21, 1877. Two chil- 
dren: Albert Nellis and one other who died in 
II. Albert Nellis was married but have not been 
able to find out anything about him or his wife, 
except that her name was Sarah. They had no 
children and he is now dead. 

10. George Washington Eastman, born September 
9, 1 8 15; died April 27, 1862. Married Maria 
Kilbourn September 25, 1844. Marie Kilbourn 
Eastman, born August 22, 182 1, and died June 16, 
1907. Children: Ellen Maria, Emma Kate and 

II. Ellen Maria, born in Rochester, N. Y., 
November 4, 1 845 ; married George Worthing- 
ton Andrus, May 7, 1868, and died in Cleve- 
land, Ohio, June 25, 1884. George W. Andrus, 
born January 22, 1838. Children: George 
Eastman, Ellen Amanda and Royal Vilas. 

12. George Eastman Andrus, born September 
30, 1869, and died October 14, 1870, in 
Cleveland, Ohio. 

12. Ellen Amanda Andrus, born September i, 
1 871; married George Bascomb Dryden, 
June 20, 1901. He was born July 6, 1869, 
at Olmsted Falls, Ohio. Children: George 
Eastman and Ellen Maria. 


Branch of the Eastman Family 

13. George Eastman Dryden, born June 8, 

13. Ellen Marl'\ Dryden, born August 14, 

12. Royal Vilas Andrus, born March 20, 1878. 

II. Emma Kate, born in Waterville, N. Y., August 
6, 1850; died in Rochester, N. Y., December 
3, 1870. 

II. George Eastman, born in Waterville, N. Y,, 
July 12, 1854. 

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